Florida star

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472200 F20090401_AACDFR 00018.jpg 0992824a1a2651ed9832ce0e80fcef4ddb1cec225367dd11bd448a12ded1f819a3075199
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57525 F20090401_AACDFS 00018.QC.jpg 69d36810fa2b8f1dfd6a162fa877f3f2eade9410afc383db3f9db1f0cb528ba63040e18f
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441090 F20090401_AACDFV 00019.jpg 8ea6349a7480131935a80b8443237cc19281a366ae96ddaa4f715804b2e8c82ad98a95fc
135658 F20090401_AACDKT 00029_archive.pro 4c61c3153d0a1aa82b4dad3455af1e4e67f97c211ab222b8fe0de95a28fb6ce9ffb8e210conflict in mime type metadata
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12877944 F20090401_AACDDA 00032.tif af4009b61b2e7ecb4dae145b73500be7b9fcf9212145a2a6ac7436c9078b8aeb332ea0cc
3140473 F20090401_AACDFY 00019.jp2 0007558c54af1331f6624b49bd636a0c8db28603a9ec10d5dc3f17ea5e6d7713ddc5e061
52925 F20090401_AACDKX UF00028362_00117.mets FULL 59762b08dc1fbf0fdb6f9b2f5b3fc2dc75930f96d6bc10b065fae8d30559aca0c9f09a50
474640 F20090401_AACDDB 00001.jpg e6c3b44d8ad87a95fe96aba4c3ff721fb84209f41ff519612e9e7a8fba614dda7dbbd272
299348 F20090401_AACDFZ 00020.jpg a1ca77ae745a8ee219ecc302565468196ffa6cee2597d3ddd29d3637aa1ce89edfad564e
59146 F20090401_AACDDC 00001.QC.jpg 93fcc70d01afa2d67a9579cbf7e2083c9d016d07b0363e1fa89051648c7e7c51d320bc70
8709 F20090401_AACDIA 00002.txt b801e291491f88db013293bd4f62cd5b72c7ccdae655b6f519a4b70c33cc6aeb3393a110
16831 F20090401_AACDDD 00001thm.jpg 1eb7c86a9a0775e2af9b5e9892ecf9ece671b17c7ed3ce0cea09efbe899f4403d9b838a4
13339 F20090401_AACDIB 00002_archive.txt 7b7b27c71d58a748e4fba336423ff4db07d196996b8c3b31942d7b2b266d783c288ba012
3177282 F20090401_AACDDE 00001.jp2 9dcd40e0d71f7d80b3064ba1f1d5802143ac340d3f12ed211ce5c050975e529eb5b86179
16560 F20090401_AACDIC 00003.txt d35f7bab1a251e97e437438546542e6a103f154bcde75da06a5e8222fcd7653889ba34fa
356648 F20090401_AACDDF 00002.jpg ac4ae99c952f7cc55864b8a55e7157e5eca63ac61247b0011796b819920067f0f3f89164
6155 F20090401_AACDID 00004.txt 9f0a6ecea72a7927763e0545f40694196291930b168115395ce8afcc88a907d5b0873a7a
47420 F20090401_AACDDG 00002.QC.jpg 7919a204f12eaf5778bd19135028c126393369e0f4b57b6b7409cdc2eee324548bd25852
14225 F20090401_AACDIE 00005.txt 2b47e7d73568fc88943962ac19d1ea32fa210032e4f3aa05ec80ccdfdfec6b9a605da7a1
14446 F20090401_AACDDH 00002thm.jpg 8f66e88fd523a52fff07173abae5263e24d8c1b6c1967e1e0b78f9768201f6f90a96a3ad
7793 F20090401_AACDIF 00006.txt 4581df448a79ef9e0a4170650cbe81238d50426a7cfaaae5b85c44150e8f2f215ecb6406
3177200 F20090401_AACDDI 00002.jp2 c389e58d0b48f0bc4c19212ef42cfe49c12e9d48d464ad340cd42a238f28f117c9ce6871
13095 F20090401_AACDIG 00006_archive.txt ad6d12cc2a8f62cbe1f94e99d56ed929a702053104a7ac6ac4daeb28f949798cf31bf8ff
478901 F20090401_AACDDJ 00003.jpg a53e52568ac3eb02b947696fd4f5d556b1919bc67c39956c06ffb8a18c79f6652879cc06
7762 F20090401_AACDIH 00007.txt fcaa80d33e6c708d8b3b47d7f1ddf78bb64fd4d615e4bc2d0521a066ab34079dcb1eb012
57964 F20090401_AACDDK 00003.QC.jpg 4898fdce08010d364d000fc07225ec041ba1aaa56169f210575f5f03f18a9ca7d1575d13
4730 F20090401_AACDII 00008.txt 8353439905df753d1eb27efaf0b805c6bdd31fbd72915c7fb7caaa55efb2d6e23543cf9f
15358 F20090401_AACDDL 00003thm.jpg 0436a5ab66713f1741dca44ae1a953e893b459d0a49f7b06a74e60c91163c030021dd66b
1468 F20090401_AACDIJ 00009.txt e7596aed974a6e74a00963a89ecc76c682ac2932ca46fa1d3e4342dd41a4852553f2a35e
3220531 F20090401_AACDDM 00003.jp2 dccff9623d7f17110cc0effed0929955e615b3a4c056932690fcb64670479881f1dc75fb
913 F20090401_AACDIK 00010.txt 8d2b071f85272640b185052a24207511404c1fda359d5edf92f04286b278dc43c9340bcb
488141 F20090401_AACDDN 00004.jpg 3d3aa9fb441777a68d0683c335340a55f626ee2a3f53a6e333659ab2a211547f85575955
5141 F20090401_AACDIL 00010_archive.txt a11c55b1894b2b968a0fca8bd4c198cd9f9c19961ccb2958a8b20e6fcdea7ff4bde4d142
57477 F20090401_AACDDO 00004.QC.jpg 4a5484602a13897694b9ea11b38245ebc75660fb7b924b1f83a97c20eb00a4669e23eb0e
5378 F20090401_AACDIM 00011.txt f9abb79ca05dc38e5ed2be89b11c03f9d6f76c57829da2f94f2762eaa1b7b489623881ef
16674 F20090401_AACDDP 00004thm.jpg a2f6da8a56b7f3e79e1930dceb197e868c16af027c7d083d792c63fff923e89ebca93560
3167042 F20090401_AACDDQ 00004.jp2 01eb29965efeee2ba1fa0c81e51a887ac173ab63030b463efd687b2cc677a759698637cd
620 F20090401_AACDIN 00012.txt 92f50b57fa6f5e3903836fc154ecb43e0d917e5f9aca33a0472fd18e79573bd80133dbaa
487018 F20090401_AACDDR 00005.jpg 61b32ac17678aaabff761a8f48efc930c11cfd296121e4f430200b997e293f4ecc36e510
4631 F20090401_AACDIO 00013.txt 7ec7ef9ad5e4744223e31f6b37d1572c49ceb9e336a72d1f7f41705b760e58b7255e9649
59368 F20090401_AACDDS 00005.QC.jpg ab57fd0775770eb9274cccd392e91fefee7d2f09c5bc03a1dfd808ae731c12dc1960df57
1261 F20090401_AACDIP 00014.txt 5244898ee237c01a6030c8464b24ca0ea9173006bd87b05ae58988dd13cd9d5f85b3a014
16491 F20090401_AACDDT 00005thm.jpg e5be5140fc27d3fb0bbfc591117efac3206975ff4e25a43f59cf00ffaf8ef0ebe07d22a1
1858 F20090401_AACDIQ 00014_archive.txt 9dc34d8176a0ae4d25d678cabbdf934e54b5610d275122add0bfafbddabed41f865d179e
3143550 F20090401_AACDDU 00005.jp2 9dba8e2e35d4fdc63477170c248e1a3d9f401f97ca9ff68a797d02f43d40573fe61cb539
5310 F20090401_AACDIR 00015.txt 8be8023b348a58d4d077d8a8f4ca06e31bdae006091c1e182293007a9fac511cf631e621
3605 F20090401_AACDIS 00016.txt dbc2c11bf921f657ad29295cad92dea7e666e37e9f7ba2a5d2376bd2a42e4c739a0b016c
355555 F20090401_AACDDV 00006.jpg e9b558111c3c060e9559923f092ecbfe779658091451a4d6eacfa1abdf6b723168d28eb7
6944 F20090401_AACDIT 00017.txt 478437bd380be5380611d3a68e9d168e14664aba03ac377b5106314e23d8fbb26e03518b
48190 F20090401_AACDDW 00006.QC.jpg 89e468f50a8b805a3a723f73870d5fa97ef63f5c47ee4b96ee4e774af4c9ab2a7890c565
12799 F20090401_AACDIU 00018.txt 32c206defb5c58926d6a9c5ab1b70553c764f7529341172ee084ac45684900a69f562ef4
13522 F20090401_AACDDX 00006thm.jpg 48a8c0a404753ea559be3c44fa1d5d2e5b14378c904f47468bfc60378b93690366a79706
12232 F20090401_AACDIV 00019.txt 4b6a309d8959a83f70de5413c82a0a73ff952717349c63c513167ea8210fec96dad3da82
3249180 F20090401_AACDDY 00006.jp2 ae98b801b86044439d3d58b6cf4dce8e34589e26fe169b0c852325a1b08f2acc4398dac1
7750 F20090401_AACDIW 00020.txt 7e613b9793247d83e51d21a3a73522a28ba389f87742d802e8cb34473b182776b31b00a1
387588 F20090401_AACDDZ 00007.jpg 40f0bd500a8fe9f1ff2745a95fd11d37fc00bc6dc0ed3b354267765e5170282ca1d87154
12898 F20090401_AACDIX 00020_archive.txt ac41028f6bcafcc7ca0446cf021b4b5ba4400537dbaa73e65b4849b463ca38c89ae161c1
13204 F20090401_AACDIY 00021.txt 22c57a27098b9250ac2acb388198ae97fa1290056b13353c289d24911e4436eec805221d
43067 F20090401_AACDGA 00020.QC.jpg 1f17d57e2b1bbd4311a46a6c00a8230ae80f9327f676c14aea413e371be0c7ede0d82850
14183 F20090401_AACDIZ 00022.txt b9699a415d8eb9a93b52920cf1b9094385329af65b1b10353ee40d33c2dcf002a8b54a37
13032 F20090401_AACDGB 00020thm.jpg 0c04e055930d717ffeaf8f79ce81e3c1864335019094d05f9f56aa32b65eb17097397401
3173707 F20090401_AACDGC 00020.jp2 7f12a59e39c2074cdbc9b988f61111d821b23132acd68e09176130d007e2fbd8337681b5
69234 F20090401_AACDLA UF00028362_00117.xml 90963e3407901f2d1dabfc0aef377665d50f422bb4d1894aa3332ee4f36f46e9712e84e5
463169 F20090401_AACDGD 00021.jpg e83aa44e55cf5369dcca60dc4abe100ebd9cc369e436533991d66ccef6bfdaeb4ebcd4b7
56185 F20090401_AACDGE 00021.QC.jpg f86813f1fd8e713599b2d6d39f1830da921b7b75eb52f55341246e798a9e24f97f5432a7
15248 F20090401_AACDGF 00021thm.jpg 92b2d70d9f80792c5df14bef59164019dc9de3c4fcd72e402331a6f2dfb5292f584a6849
3232137 F20090401_AACDGG 00021.jp2 b87f56bfaaf4fcff762df0486e24b18e7dbfb7a4d9b494225a4a6e5e257f1083c1438426
465719 F20090401_AACDGH 00022.jpg d5402f95b5eb710852f6fed4c68832681eaa709b5c334addcb26658dab3385ef1a1cd252
56037 F20090401_AACDGI 00022.QC.jpg 0cfc55c3aebf3eb626fabac0debd04bf30fa2f90b5c6e77c7ad9ba1017cbaae92bde89c6
15335 F20090401_AACDGJ 00022thm.jpg ac9180900a627cfd4f3de605b5aaaeaaf3f043588da7658af06728eef102f97d82263e10
3242998 F20090401_AACDGK 00022.jp2 66a1d38e677757750643c4efd26dbf6fd40ebced0e6030c8272ebe5f260ab1f8b8f39b8d
411470 F20090401_AACDGL 00023.jpg 0e60aedd548693185bb07b764d494b71e5968f7f1a4ca061f050d5b69f1ffc1edfe48612
53352 F20090401_AACDGM 00023.QC.jpg 0118fbe6aed25e36c961dd7edae79d01f0040228858d33a75b52b97f3c7397fc8978198f
76267256 F20090401_AACDBP 00001.tif 0ac802d84ab3e4bd8038a2a0d889b8f2645c0babd080045f9bcac503a9da83d257bea25d
14894 F20090401_AACDGN 00023thm.jpg 72c0431b5f10b790b0a419a0947d1470768a50d71e99346667538d760bb9ab37aa794d1d
25431724 F20090401_AACDBQ 00002.tif 9940a469dfd2b0a208309774c530ab0ce6b80363bd719c131360023182cc3a85894af878
3167036 F20090401_AACDGO 00023.jp2 1780c50dc47a79218b60288ebac764aded6b91a95a82b36913f139ced01824e566db3f3e
25431464 F20090401_AACDBR 00002_archive.tif 64e018800402ee42a6cb087e671696cbbefe2e041320e2166277ad76348cd176279ec168
327109 F20090401_AACDGP 00024.jpg 7a7985b6f2482f585ee15390179027819012b517b8728d4101e681bc5643fb5a99b936a5
25777328 F20090401_AACDBS 00003.tif 733ae6ac3f5d7b3c9bd7386c9d270bd0c4dc07f51aeb2075ff89dcbc3328115235262a96
41067 F20090401_AACDGQ 00024.QC.jpg 02e790f632839396a5be6ebbdf7d2ac7a4d3660f94922149ea916363b5ba04bb415c2e81
12633 F20090401_AACDGR 00024thm.jpg 8e146b965d8ac683d67468721f1d65cca7191156e63ea6a0bf0591ffeafdfb10223d4a8d
76021592 F20090401_AACDBT 00004.tif 8e7627d96dd2712a05f20c47449a15abf9e149e576bc63a4ec4cd734a41a68c6d1c8756c
3212468 F20090401_AACDGS 00024.jp2 15b5003f1daf24c9f3c23c813628ac30b727025771fa7ce81f10118c75b7ac6d1d53215a
75456536 F20090401_AACDBU 00005.tif ef38606d2e605175507f6af6ad29030843a93321101c31797db368851035c11eed9fbc97
304783 F20090401_AACDGT 00025.jpg a36e2791151147b5497c61e4e79aea06c4e3829e32ad19fe3ec77869c46b2d31f9ccb12a
26007104 F20090401_AACDBV 00006.tif b0967d796caf2398deaa1ff5cc5b11d909fb35f85a0cb6465b0e1430189e4152d5f5a332
36257 F20090401_AACDGU 00025.QC.jpg 4f93ea62881807f75da17dbd6266ae527bc671c560c2855cdb1a760e073b2806a76189fd
26391956 F20090401_AACDBW 00006_archive.tif 311e7e972325968dac075c29dfbea6621ca7c0ec6a30f38840c9b9b0b7b4080819f532dc
9000 F20090401_AACDGV 00025thm.jpg b5dcebb40ab6feef013e12f9c740bc29f5ade964e09b264060e93097541731523db36656
25228164 F20090401_AACDBX 00007.tif 7f45cb1b51cec19665353919ff04ebb6be765eb9d4ae157af8a73515aff9c4a794169f35
1639403 F20090401_AACDGW 00025.jp2 9e125e98597ff475c044b4730f3079897f2968c4dd2e07439f3e31a083d574641a9cbcd1
26173016 F20090401_AACDBY 00008.tif f3271bb37c3b505c88c5d1a9777eb1dee1f3b7f9796c7c06f5b0c9b1cd5c31827fee715a
420934 F20090401_AACDGX 00026.jpg 0b39db961bf94a78cc82a00ca1bb47b068cba6264b940ef891e1fb298c7e1f7311f31331
39257160 F20090401_AACDBZ 00009.tif 16ffd2c8c351d388b808dfd603e40570b1408117141ba25477247058b286e73358beac81
43793 F20090401_AACDGY 00026.QC.jpg a5768396db66f40dd23c1c20e56c7a709457905b0e5c4e663c28d3171c7d6a80b48c751f
48306 F20090401_AACDEA 00007.QC.jpg 4954e591ddeef35f7ddce687cc509be7f217e5c42fed45878acec5be76ba4c718f68f694
10006 F20090401_AACDGZ 00026thm.jpg 2e54d04f0b682880727c003783d1076212837235938a4536a1cf73f74b8088d48974854e
13843 F20090401_AACDEB 00007thm.jpg 663636b08f232b1ba5a66c753cbcec3f9c3f6cb74149835e1ef5a5508a6aa4bee5233860
3151896 F20090401_AACDEC 00007.jp2 a12a4f10806dd33a1d20e1ad4e22b7f1c6e8aeb157544e19f4db0c54c7ddf80381110c10
15392 F20090401_AACDJA 00023.txt 280eb0082fb1afa35f2a6ea83a395549c776da8d648bd74e1eb0a182dc932de387d6e99a
390624 F20090401_AACDED 00008.jpg 6c44b27145abd46d75c7c25c97cc964327febc897d34362d3fb32b5ce274f99458242200
3590 F20090401_AACDJB 00024.txt f94ed8bcbb9b4e411b5c7e2c4c76d407a97295b050afa47f1f787e5a52dbc35fcac8fe6f
50139 F20090401_AACDEE 00008.QC.jpg 4ec3345349e794fdbb6a9bfb24f4f08fe7b863f505b279342f4bf0ea6693c2290c656e43
2305 F20090401_AACDJC 00025.txt 1480d3704075633ecb40e08367acd295b2dc5f8d74cf0a7c383dc2d892834abaa68cb1af
14587 F20090401_AACDEF 00008thm.jpg fdfa6136be49a9511f157e63acbdae8b09ee2e7666f3d47aab8671c261159c51149af720
11427 F20090401_AACDJD 00026.txt 8985287dc6b2a425d1f3ba2a8db19c7e97f48d1d1cc733223e138b34a3af5e696b792327
3269983 F20090401_AACDEG 00008.jp2 f44573c476682d8ed66535c8d3dee58a4f39a05148016678d69155017f6e2ed609ef0720
11616 F20090401_AACDJE 00027.txt 04b5ff928528c7b7e7b2bce83d83935f78ee1c67b94cfde1f5b92ccd4be8b0f99fb498d1
296637 F20090401_AACDEH 00009.jpg 69e88c2eb100b83a62137e0efb6d55867fc0d3ec780382f9f2815f56a2fdac8f5c7bcf44
3638 F20090401_AACDJF 00028.txt 4bc676ba43e07e81b179f9f30651078fe7915340ab3f019cf29391a27cb6865574d42fa9
33772 F20090401_AACDEI 00009.QC.jpg 4f9233050ea14b8f09a9fda29a4c77e580ebe046d5dfd00cd32ed9625e68693554e83906
851 F20090401_AACDJG 00029.txt 085161f482ef52cbd90bf4b613c589c81dab0ab006d32163112a287eeeb20ec0bbc7bbb9
9152 F20090401_AACDEJ 00009thm.jpg 98f5f7a848d55804867a088ab0e5e544361ea4519366fb8a837c89067a27bf8655bfd783
5342 F20090401_AACDJH 00029_archive.txt 81b8ca244d1d241f22fdb86769af08c1468f4138d98ba2d268489af13ccac9b647cf3a09
1635075 F20090401_AACDEK 00009.jp2 d54e06d04e987028614aed1ddae7ce2d737441a58594bbe3ca67a9eb87dcb28d79106e63
10541 F20090401_AACDJI 00030.txt ad289ed119573551d0a916d916bed99d7c60db9671026f28eecf46a57f70b42eb80b71e0
113593 F20090401_AACDEL 00010.jpg bbb828b0c55a1c8e95fe530c9ec7665f121137695de54e9e103c707c450a6578d8fc997f
7596 F20090401_AACDJJ 00031.txt 3b92cc1d3eddc2ddce1071d448210f8420f048103a1bd8620b924e0e939e79c7b9616cfc
20474 F20090401_AACDEM 00010.QC.jpg bea641c3a89b0bee075836ab885255f1100474be7b43f2bb031149b9f5f217309a3b2344
7578 F20090401_AACDJK 00032.txt a0aa27ca307d4c5fbeee4ce3f72ffd2dbf68a5810e0fe7544b3faaade27e15a2fdd97e19
6059 F20090401_AACDEN 00010thm.jpg 0e030b400182f0febfc38d4128976173039e77d193cbb4d99707706c610880d955ef16bd
249074 F20090401_AACDJL 00001.pro caa77dee62467894aa9b1e22ee6d08b26b480c7d077d03d7c3f708e21cc94cd4bb424605conflict in mime type metadata
1639513 F20090401_AACDEO 00010.jp2 4f4b47286b90e8427be578c61ced8e8428ce8f124792afc8806d4c647a2a19dea0f21b0c
211169 F20090401_AACDJM 00002.pro f134671f958b90d71b92ef4ae984e7c9df93d7f969de7d9dd785170396f20519f12912fcconflict in mime type metadata
317711 F20090401_AACDEP 00011.jpg 967b80682b0ac12b4d541332eaa947a40bdf8b8a321ad0e973f0f485523ccc55cf080c31
331143 F20090401_AACDJN 00002_archive.pro 23ea15f7d796f7d856388d8010b9c04dcc5420968c89b264ae898c45bc9e3fff3901dfb8conflict in mime type metadata
39490 F20090401_AACDEQ 00011.QC.jpg 522dba19efb312701e1dc33062900a31da6c0f3d56a2299eff5e13dcd8ffeaca2005d9eb
404079 F20090401_AACDJO 00003.pro 7cd68ea8c193dc0efa3734ef25406a817619519aa4b3dc665515d8ed9e7cb0f15b9a4ab5conflict in mime type metadata
9335 F20090401_AACDER 00011thm.jpg 3e796fe1de7b814d60205990110a289a421b90f417070388b9355d4810e17891aedaa8df
152063 F20090401_AACDJP 00004.pro 0f48fedf530c4f85046c2c4c20ff0c5963eee9c99d006373f6c94bcf11becf69f9f0706dconflict in mime type metadata
1631966 F20090401_AACDES 00011.jp2 a75446f9a44ad31ba055b38c6ef920b72b4dbd092d35c4163775d0b23c2de3de05258c52
357993 F20090401_AACDJQ 00005.pro 050685d67039d5df1ec178d2661cc844faac6af5c64b33bb56787224eeab4125f130adf9conflict in mime type metadata
231393 F20090401_AACDET 00012.jpg 7d350a594a13bd67f9c61ebed003a0215addfafee3b251da582718f0638490c1cca0b0f0
187797 F20090401_AACDJR 00006.pro 439b2d8e69d602befe2581c4595a1f5c8f3f2b1ee94ff803b2bb9b5e6d41cb17a7f8ab20conflict in mime type metadata
27074 F20090401_AACDEU 00012.QC.jpg df980d91390c463612b55752c73cb15587825ca37e1c19ca9b62aa61512863a95835b461
347766 F20090401_AACDJS 00006_archive.pro 4a4e6b38e88a9cd5e9d8d9c3bced9b0e69ab4c52d7b27b11fb5e493334a9997e25ffa7b8conflict in mime type metadata
7542 F20090401_AACDEV 00012thm.jpg 13f0cddaa05a001425e73c3d52ad0fdf869fbe8580303e87f5c47e1760c8056b4fbe602e
152001 F20090401_AACDJT 00007.pro 548d85d1d16cb24e7bc03e044519a1fb4779b85ed9028299eef027ab68b67f65d1518df1conflict in mime type metadata
89786 F20090401_AACDJU 00008.pro bac5548b28002d13bbe3ed232f38cfec59ac94c25dac04d789bcab793ba1c09ee7468c19conflict in mime type metadata
1630163 F20090401_AACDEW 00012.jp2 409c827730bebefe2cfde82a3915c12e276e3b3c933a259952c30823d10c793dc59e012e
39420 F20090401_AACDJV 00009.pro 94f3295aa6fe4cc697a430066e063928b26cabfec39f813af2eaeee2dae411da59772f11conflict in mime type metadata
339752 F20090401_AACDEX 00013.jpg e063883895baf61836f973a46fa25452b4eef6ec274ae545c029efa2da19c213f0a02463
20788 F20090401_AACDJW 00010.pro 8fad493bb28eb29ee66a20a81e477f982264560aaa4c74e313275149751e804600e2d990conflict in mime type metadata
13131896 F20090401_AACDCA 00010.tif 775ba94046ef5b3ec10b2592e5fddcd51640e4a49193fa4e54222d7fcc6933658431515e
42328 F20090401_AACDEY 00013.QC.jpg a0fc0729c7d302d9fbf978cfa7c974aeadfe1d712b7aa27af076bbfef30dfc31d8182493
133862 F20090401_AACDJX 00010_archive.pro 03a1c56233e3bde137aaa73466cd3344e8a2d3a7fe55099a75230f709c00de3109fbc34dconflict in mime type metadata
13468396 F20090401_AACDCB 00010_archive.tif 526f428f012d9ec8d31b09cd6ac817eebf174e16eaeeb55178a3ec257e25cb0b8572e9a9
10200 F20090401_AACDEZ 00013thm.jpg bc9c6960e7d197aee812b17a32a07f9f482ff1c92ebf1a7f611549592348c53c6fad6f13
138127 F20090401_AACDJY 00011.pro 8422815d4bb6b14b53c2cd8fa61a661e80ee197837e2c57f07d9477bb0b6fbc92d306cfeconflict in mime type metadata
13072060 F20090401_AACDCC 00011.tif b467a16ac5e8003f662040f63330777f79d592694a67425fd9f5cfadd86685b54d72f60c
16590 F20090401_AACDJZ 00012.pro 64eefe05f5ebe2c467ae6dc2cec3e2b48ac9725b64f679c800d96bcd4a5b6e5e3a45344aconflict in mime type metadata
39137172 F20090401_AACDCD 00012.tif 27c490eed9e16e1948b200a427583515693ce699e1218dca3b3c467b2ca356bd99829367
1636027 F20090401_AACDHA 00026.jp2 db998926e80f89b34aee21f7e41a17d0f1ebfe67cba28a6430e218082d79234d64659621
38890616 F20090401_AACDCE 00013.tif 5bddf31c1c8ed7dad7997e04bf888bedfc3ad53175ffa6407ea5e04806c8175fc7c3da66
423370 F20090401_AACDHB 00027.jpg eee74621d6d7a51c069349c1a21ba7feae87bd885f82e5840ccd17ab1c09c30c3c7f2853
12487444 F20090401_AACDCF 00014.tif e9a4ec26f450f7f6a8eb2a93b206633cd8aae382f5deb1d8609822c655c6c55da2aedd21
43514 F20090401_AACDHC 00027.QC.jpg 933a5086164e8b6abc498afe133777099456fa6703e8210fdcaa720488381b7d71a21836
12467104 F20090401_AACDCG 00014_archive.tif f525539dba4597c7a494d517eea8987666923ea271a03d55dd04b1b9cce523cbf41fe8b3
9675 F20090401_AACDHD 00027thm.jpg 827613be8ea19f78a57392dd6a4d4b69da130b0a317ddf01e55bbfaf52f7e67d12371472
12568184 F20090401_AACDCH 00015.tif c18769621f6f93136ccc4a585010a15b8944b61188d10845784af71ab3ed4c3e258c30ef
1629268 F20090401_AACDHE 00027.jp2 394bcfff47328c1f8db915fa7fffe848c71317888c8af75729ab353ae27eea95fa19dc95
38977732 F20090401_AACDCI 00016.tif d0862e68a54d73559a63e4b788a756ec92fcbefb8ebbf2ab225f37a10c2502726e98e4b3
324728 F20090401_AACDHF 00028.jpg 83f73a1cb10646f0ba4de6b6628fbaa1d821d4dd3b0da27b3a7f2b5a7e44e150efbf4ea1
76576012 F20090401_AACDCJ 00017.tif 426c2119ce641d30334ff05dcff6cd4f86aa29d8687e452fee2fc2947d812a2d4ec0ef07
38138 F20090401_AACDHG 00028.QC.jpg b0ccd6199627c82e68ea610a9810fea4f9a5c7da95a87fbb7e6d79a921d95f96127fe170
25673452 F20090401_AACDCK 00018.tif 823cf043a3838d4b17c0ee8bc261e8f31deacc383b78849aa077367f5c8db59e9f1a51be
9046 F20090401_AACDHH 00028thm.jpg 063eef9061de202a9ab2a509a6cd28cf1a219f903c2145490f483856a4c92efb3154bfdf
25135884 F20090401_AACDCL 00019.tif eab322a110d889000b32b3a39b4351e15016265b74fbcb905067a415300065fbbf82f4d2
1628353 F20090401_AACDHI 00028.jp2 dd297e2fca84e2076f73a5a5da8add30cd9ded6ba50147814eed0c0ffe3eff57fc558450
25402644 F20090401_AACDCM 00020.tif 89794cbf328efcc0486125f5a9c320f0971f7d81c9ccb2ca5880ebeaa58f08c967f3204f
211948 F20090401_AACDHJ 00029.jpg 838e4b1e989bcce44b578407536c6a74065db1f86d12ce8f785e6780b202c90a04b7933c
78163120 F20090401_AACDCN 00020_archive.tif 732b6db67a749f92377fd0eb75dd7efd6201a498e4c1b542c537658c3842f6d04c0b536d
30494 F20090401_AACDHK 00029.QC.jpg 619373b1ccef8978bfbc90849efa8d3519848f67753409da6f3e7ecacfc72c6a679c0e53
25870336 F20090401_AACDCO 00021.tif 48afe500b1c3006d502ca13bbfd1fa807b95a688f0f0152d7384313cdcc6a74d40ee0af4
8407 F20090401_AACDHL 00029thm.jpg 32d5d335c987a5e1abb0ec0c8f9225c9a48cd36b2686a01fd8d20908441b109a76c4e592
25956632 F20090401_AACDCP 00022.tif 5da7a730766a4c47d0307b47626b76ef8ef5a1761902523e4e99afb5b057d516d4658102
1575590 F20090401_AACDHM 00029.jp2 66930e7e0d2c13fc39818a91f0f53584606aacf7f44070b814d261f90f651d558084de78
25349228 F20090401_AACDCQ 00023.tif 2027b366c1e966b5417eacfb409aec9183e7d45d798f6be1ed1e1ab12dff901a51ab1478
384223 F20090401_AACDHN 00030.jpg 9d25c27f2763399e26a7586a0a5bafc191cab48057d5987b7877ae55300a3fb094f8fc27
25712880 F20090401_AACDCR 00024.tif 322f2ef38fa434c87e344067c34ea046d768c092c3a7e9f4783aa6ffa81fa100bf18ac76
42541 F20090401_AACDHO 00030.QC.jpg e27d6bad5f57d2648c686922ac93b41425722d1dbdee582b98a6bd6faa4c88ef946e6e3e
39365680 F20090401_AACDCS 00025.tif 1211898500275b1f9f9447f79f3a812f0bb95dff5ee14d9f0f3c61663ed07bff753e8c58
9730 F20090401_AACDHP 00030thm.jpg 074bae70ee4b23ba15485e8eb5db1be0c9043c6ac0de018dc467e3a10174ed21cf0200db
13104224 F20090401_AACDCT 00026.tif e8bb62e9e93efca6596d96f69fd9437f4f6dc15832696f201bc35c07b1d1d668dbc9a1ff
1601827 F20090401_AACDHQ 00030.jp2 9f9f6d78f55f812212f3c726e152ebdde743bdc798358aa44851a9433e64e457915bdfff
389203 F20090401_AACDHR 00031.jpg 54bce074b54f0abae047717546df7053704d15f123412282374da236708d64adb2a45767
42891 F20090401_AACDHS 00031.QC.jpg 6dbc2e4d34013464b67b8e6f5452292ad0b835deec05cfa63b2d92951a63799ab2dfcac1
13050336 F20090401_AACDCU 00027.tif 85da22f78c994e9b98af0d5ec12ef0aeda4de0a60370b8ccd0021a33826b15abbb6e2cef
9894 F20090401_AACDHT 00031thm.jpg f2aaf321b7502eaa578ef3d89d950692975ff0f9248b44d718f9ee1e2aea935d2e08f1e7
13043216 F20090401_AACDCV 00028.tif a8c236deb4aadd851c33886ae26a5e366061f0f5ae525558b5f23b26b8edb9d6ec6d84f5
1579954 F20090401_AACDHU 00031.jp2 c37404ff9970a5d2ae5e21ab42932e61e62e523489e0e06ea87311c5ca662a4d3f81dbb2
37830020 F20090401_AACDCW 00029.tif bfb735754ca20c74d8c34a3f9ba98903beae1b4304aec7df0ffdf288d93b74ecfed3f7c0
385201 F20090401_AACDHV 00032.jpg 886dc38a8ecd8cfd47356a291e4d343e91d28cace4d3eaa55deb2262fd0efaead6aa8b02
37829964 F20090401_AACDCX 00029_archive.tif 9c178e242ae82b80676df5f85bb31191c62bd9dbcbe4251217de6d298ec80f4e61d03911
43043 F20090401_AACDHW 00032.QC.jpg 85e7aea6a4a1a7d4172576ecbf942195f02444039b819cb5e5f0a4a3eee9dabd1438e666
12831652 F20090401_AACDCY 00030.tif e3dc04663c0a1e5152c8bdb98be6a686bea0bcd3c9c61b44a6eb9628a8a02138d9d8c6fb
9829 F20090401_AACDHX 00032thm.jpg e6013eaca192467537c7985f009b08b6ace83f98d635660d3d969418dba9d65b6358e530
12657060 F20090401_AACDCZ 00031.tif 80df6001ebad357511878033e7204fa1c6fd7c552a78d15cdd12d9b0871fcd8108613b11
1607683 F20090401_AACDHY 00032.jp2 d99a378516cf9d665f0dbe5e3e8335ff3137224b82f49906195627b8a22af7c2c8360256
1619807 F20090401_AACDFA 00013.jp2 03ec3719ac69051c96849b99ceb8c45b0dd1b943781bce0aed8d3bd7b3480930303df703
265060 F20090401_AACDFB 00014.jpg 4f909252e1ca76a2969c77587eed0cfa4543c2afc6c91c027c887281f099363a50d4bd4d
9535 F20090401_AACDHZ 00001.txt 37d0059596a99cf8ada77d2c75e6f661915ff662995d992a098a05d91daf0a4045c8bb38
33086 F20090401_AACDFC 00014.QC.jpg a66e589c0a1cb488db75089f403eeca5387fbb740f59b27410f85efd8afda26f95bdfad4
8978 F20090401_AACDFD 00014thm.jpg 79ae70572bcf3717b6b8cd418e503787389884c4d3219884cd070dec465001b7ae517a6e
118423 F20090401_AACDKA 00013.pro 345ba594bbce0ca207e5d8d92129c20dc4dc08626ab07a2bf0bf7f8787b3cdfb87746c13conflict in mime type metadata
1558836 F20090401_AACDFE 00014.jp2 13999771ae29afb389930f60f7911750496cbe0650af98cd2e4ede9470d48da0cd51110b
31467 F20090401_AACDKB 00014.pro 02a2be311cfbccfa905bcba8a9fd75f4113ea723709a2f9a9e325e1f35d0541c83d761ddconflict in mime type metadata
340989 F20090401_AACDFF 00015.jpg b54b8f80a2d5d197815430590cbe4c83500191ce1b60cb65d6cce674ff3156be21c580a6
47584 F20090401_AACDKC 00014_archive.pro 8163267d6606f1ed7442dc903a7c94fd628b866a9f4141cb3cdae88c46e248516d5ac808conflict in mime type metadata
39043 F20090401_AACDFG 00015.QC.jpg 90a13fa81abc74b22d5c47036c70805d077a848e9f9c98b01f40676401ab6727560e1b7c
137706 F20090401_AACDKD 00015.pro 4dea1842358226e0d7a7ae532f9bd67d536ca7c91d4f68c4766d429c1e1eb8bbc0c3349cconflict in mime type metadata
9316 F20090401_AACDFH 00015thm.jpg 171e18f3c3baee9956ba69084c06e57a4743512e282abd1e6e9599525df1baaee98b37d1
90508 F20090401_AACDKE 00016.pro ad5b1cdb43dc3e7a5aa8dd66b29a51fa26dbc9b71a9b4af0d238a01de4cd67a04cebf18bconflict in mime type metadata

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200117datestamp 2008-11-13setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Star. April 28, 2007.Florida Star.dc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date April 28, 2007dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=00117000581378 (ALEPH)2261130 (OCLC)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 28, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
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Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
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"Florida's statewide black weekly."
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Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

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EARY The Florida Star
VOTINGCelebrating 56 Years
MAY 13 |- See the May 5, 2007 Issue
MI 13
(B^B^!eBB ^p" II"^"W?-"""-W--- -,-"


rT 'HE




Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:30 to 9:00 pm
News, guest, ques-
tions and answers -
The Florida Star and
Impact, Striving to
make a difference.

www.thefloridastar com

Married? You're

in the Minority

Why are couples not get-
ting married or not staying
married? For the past few
decades, there has been a
decline ini the number of
married households and
now, according to an analy-
sis done by The New York
Time, only 49.7 percent of
American households in
2005 were made of married
couples, with and without
children. Five years earlier,
52 percent of the nation's
households were married.
The state with the largest
number of married couples
is Utah, where 61.5 percent
of the population is married.
Washington, D. C. has the
smallest number of married

households where only 21.8
percent are married.
The state of Florida is
number 43 on the list with
47.9 percent married cou-
ples and Georgia is number
35, with 49.5 percent of the
population being married.
Of the 51 states, the two
with the lowest percentage

of married couples has a
dramatic difference. New
York is number 50 in the U.
S. with 44.9 percent mar-
ried couples and
Washington, D. C. has the
fewest percentage of mar-
ried couples where only
21.8 percent are married.
Louisiana has the next
fewest number of married
couples with 45.9 percent
not married.
Following Utah with
the most married couples is
Idaho with 56.3 percent,
New Hampshire with 54.3
percent and Hawaii with
53.4 percent. According to
the report, while the num-
ber of single young adults
and elderly widows are
both growing, many cou-
ples decide to live together
for many reasons but say
that the social and econom-
ic implications are pro-

Policemen Indicted Pleas Guilty

in Shooting Death of 92-Year-Old

It was November 21, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, when three officers, utilizing the "no-
knock" law, entered the home of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston claiming that an informant
had described purchasing drugs from a dealer at the home. When the officers entered the
lady's house without warning, she fired at them, only once, through her door, but did not
hit either of them. The officers fired 39 shots, striking Ms. Johnston five or six times,
which included a fatal wound to her chest. Officer Smith, 35, said he is sorry, and plead-
ed guilty. Former Officer Junnier, 40 also pleaded guilty, both to the charges of manslaugh-
ter, violation of oath, criminal solicitation, making false statements and perjury.

Democrats Hold Debate

At South Carolina HBCU

Eight Democratic candidates -
kicked off what will be the
longest presidential campaign in
history Thursday night.
The first debate of the 2008
campaign' was held at South
Carolina State University in
The debate coincided with the
Senate joining the House in voting to
require the start of troop withdrawals by
Oct. 1, setting the tone for what is certain
to be a polarized campaign.
"The Congress has spoken, and now all
we can do is hope that the president will lis-
ten," said Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of
New York.
All of the candidates were posturing in
an effort to differentiate themselves from the
others without appearing too radical.
There were no surprises. Those with the
most experience in political situations

Democratic presidential candidates gather on stage
before the first Democratic debate of the 2008 elec-
tion at South Carolina State University in
appeared the most polished. Joe Biden.
Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd came off
experienced and polished. Barack Obama's
enthusiasm came through while John
Edwards came across with a sense of humil-
ity. South Carolina Democrats scheduled the
debate, the earliest ever in a U.S. presiden-
tial campaign, nine months before their
presidential primary.

Eleven Year Old

Was First of a Grouo of Children Killed"

Two of Three Convicted in Murder

of Eleven Year Old Honor Student

December 2005 was the beginning of an eight month period
when four children were killed in Jacksonville. They were all
children with good school records and exemplary behavior.
Damien Hughes, 11, 4 fourth grade honor student, just wanted
to go with his sister, when she made a decision to sneak out of
the house to pick up one of her friends. It was just a few days
before Christmas, (December 19, 2005) so why not?
Headed home, they stopped behind a car at a stop sign at 26th
and Fairfax when another vehicle slammed into the back of
their car and three masked gunmen came to them and ordered
them to get out the car. When she was too slow, one of the
masked men began to shoot, according to her testimony. The
Raines High School teenager said in her effort to get away,
she .crashed into a ditch where she and her brother got out of
the vehicle. She said
that she tried to get.. .
him to come with her

Damien Hughes, age 11,

but he was crying and -"
holding his chest, and e
made her realize that
he was unable to go so
she ran for help.
When she returned
with help, her little d r ,
brother was dead.
The t Kesario 'Ric' Johnson Raymond Lakes Frank Cam
The first of three
trials on this attempted carjacking-murder case started with Kesario Leonard Johnson, 21.
Johnson confessed to the attempted carjacking about a month after it happened. His attor-
ney said that Johnson made the confession because he was told he may be able to not be a:
part of the murder case. However, he was the first to go to trial for first-degree murder,
attempted armed robbery, shooting a deadly missile and the attempted murder of Kenitra`
Bright, Damian's 16-year-old sister. Jurors deliberated for about five hours and returned
with a conviction of first-degree murder, attempted armed robbery, attempted second-
degree murder and shooting deadly missiles. Johnson is facing a mandatory life prison
The second trial began on Tuesday for Frank Cam, 21, also for the same charges.
He is the second of three men to stand trial for Damian's death and is said to-have been the
driver of the car they used in the attempted carjacking. On Wednesday, a jury found Frank
Carn guilty of first-degree murder.
The third person to go on trial for the death of Damien Hughes is Raymond Lakes,
22, who is accused of being the primary shooter in this case. Lakes' trial is scheduled for
May 29, 2007. Kesario Johnson and Frank Cam will both appear in court again on May 2;i
2007 and are facing a possible life sentence.

Suspect Apprehended in Northside Stabbing
L. C. Collins, 72, died after being stabbed several time in the
1500 block of Florida Avenue. Collins died at the scene. .
Catherine Robinson, 42, was also stabbed and is now in stable
condition at Shands Jacksonville.
Robinson's estranged husband, Christopher Robinson, 48, was
arrested for the Stabbing of his wife and the death of Collins, wxho -
had gone to give Catherine a ride to work. Because the couple had&
marital problems, according to reports, she was living with her sis- 1 i
ter. Christopher Robinson

News Briefs

New Way To Track Kidnappers and Sex Offenders
The system is called LexisNexis and it is designed to provide a quick and more accu-
rate method to track down sex offenders. If a child is in a certain zip code, the system
allows a very quick method to identify all offenders in the immediate area since time is
very critical in locating these children.

Gladys Knight to be Honored
Gladys Knight will receive the 16th Annual ELLA Award from the
Society of Singers for her musical success and her dedication to chari-
table and humanitarian causes. Knight found a diabetes research char-
ity and named it after her mother, Elizabeth Knight.

New Pot is Stronger and More Dangerous
There is a new marijuana being sold across the country that is stronger and more harm-
ful to its users. It is called 'Pot 2.0'. It has been reported that about 242,200 hospital
visits to emergency centers were reported in 2005 by people smoking Pot 2.0.

Looking- fo'llr cust om~rs,,lRdT- patrd1Yr Jziw Your

busin-rss oir utilize v oUe serSvic F '44"
y r ouLrill~


205 SMA UNIV OF FL (1.1.08
PO BOX 117007

-I ~~RYI-IT-~~ (Lcl~~bZ

-1~__11-- -~II-

_ _--I -- I, ----I -------ll-~---rr


ArI .L zuu/

I(1lVj t1-t

- SR





Cause of Death: Bureaucratic Failure

Marian Wright Edelman
President, Children's Defense Fund

For too many of the nine
million uninsured children'in
America, the lack of health
coverage can literally mean
the difference between life
and death.
Children are dying
because their health coverage
under Medicaid or the State
Children's Health Insurance
Program (SCHIP) ran' out,
was not renewed in a timely
manner or simply does not
cover the services a child
needs. Some of these deaths
occurred because attempts to
gain access to health care are
ensnarled in red tape. The
impact of this oppressive
bureaucracy on children is
tragically illustrated by the
death of Devante Johnson of
Houston, Texas.
Tamika Scott, Devante's
mother, didn't plan to rely on
government supported health
insurance to protect her chil-
dren. At 29, she managed
raising three boys while pur-
suing a career, buying a house
and completing a college
degree. Then her doctors told
her she had Multiple
Sclerosis and strongly urged
her to leave her job for health
reasons. She and her sons lost
their private health insurance
and she had to cash in stocks
and use money from her
401(k) retirement fund to pay
bills. Fifteen months later, the
family sank even deeper into

financial difficulty when her
oldest son, 10-year-old
Devante, was diagnosed with
Wilms tumor, an advanced
kidney cancer. Because of the
family's reduced income, the
six months of chemotherapy
Devante received were cov-
ered by Medicaid. At the end
of the treatments, the doctors
pronounced him cured. But
six months later the cancer
returned. Devante and.his
mother were told that a new
three-year course of
chemotherapy, radiation and
constant monitoring were
critical to Devante's recovery.
Undeterred by this rever-
sal, Devante proceeded with
the new treatment with high
hopes and the unwavering
support of his mother. Two
months before the expiration
of the Medicaid coverage that
was essential to the health-
restoring care Devante need-
ed, Tamika submitted an
application for renewal to the
Texas Department of Human
Services. She was confident
that there was more than suf-
ficient time for the applica-
tion to be processed to allow
her child's health care to con-
tinue seamlessly. One month
before the cutoff date, she
became concerned when she
hadn't received notice that the
application had been
approved. There was still
time, she thought; Tamika

TEL: (904) 766-8834
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independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

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Scott submitted two more
completed applications,one
of them through the Texas
Children's Hospital. She fol-
lowed up with dozens of
phone calls and faxed infor-
mation. But time ran out and
Devant's health coverage was
A month passed, then two.
She inquired on numerous
occasions as to the status of
the application, but never got
a satisfactory answer. For
four months, no one in the
Department of Human
Services told her the applica-
tion was lost in the system
and had never been
Devante's growing tumor
become a visibly protruding
lump on his back. His pain
increased and walking
became difficult. He. lost
twenty pounds. Yet Devante
didn't give up. He never com-
plained and was a comfort to
his mother. He remained an
honor roll student who took
advanced classes and looked
after his younger brothers.
In desperation, Tamika
Scott appealed to her state
representative. Through his
intervention, Devante's health
coverage was restored in one
day. He was transferred to the
University of Texas M.D.
Anderson Cancer Center
where he received first rate,
comprehensive care. All too
late. This courageous 14-
year-old died on March 1,
2007. The cause of death was
complications from advanced
cancer. But perhaps other
causes were the obstacles and

delays involved m navigating
Devante's renewal applica-
tion through a complicated
bureaucratic system.
We must not let Devante's
death be in vain. We need a
national solution to the urgent
child health problem. The
Children's Defense' Fund
endorses the All Healthy
Children Act (H.R. 1688),
introduced by Congressman
Bobby Scott (D-VA). The
measure would consolidate
Medicaid and SCHIP into
one fully funded single pro-
gram with guaranteed, com-
prehensive health and mental
health benefits for all chil-
dren and pregnant women
with family incomes at or
below 300 percent of the fed-
eral poverty level ($61,950
for a family of four in 2007).
Under this measure, 5-6 mil-
lion children currently eligi-
ble for Medicaid and SCHIP
won't fall through bureaucrat-
ic cracks. Enrolling unin-
sured children in health care
programs,and keeping them
covered,would be stream-
lined with an automatic
enrollment process and other
Extending health cover-
age to every child in America
can be achieved in 2007. We
must stand against those who
say we can't afford to cover
all children this year. We
must also stand against those
who seek to phase in health
coverage for all children over
many years. To help, go to

IrU -

C *L. wo


*~ e I cd





*s >

"( .o


The Act i'mtects Your'

wan.L In fact, in aifl decisibim

i1 1ainst the laow to cmidher We, Cei, lor utIi(-l .' '- s. ,
or i statu If yu thbiO yk en o bben denied
please, -. us, Fair Housing. It's not an option. It's the law.

9 Y'


Founded In April 1951 By Eric O. Simpson
First African American Inducted Into
The Florida Press Hall Of Fame


, .\



lx, : i'

I, 0.flilt jr/- 1 I/ 1V,

'"' :' :' 7': 1 :
'',a:: ;-. ~
"" :::;


*. ";
.. i


;i; .;

* rent!, sales, or



~t ..

..A "



Faith In Our Community

Schedule of Events and Services

A FAITH WORKS CONFERENCE will be held at Greater
Works Ministries, located at 4020 Wylly Ave., Brunswick, GA,
Rev. Mark Baker Pastor. May 2nd 4th at 7 p.m. nightly. Guest
speakers; Bishop Wiley Jackson, Jr. of Gospel Tabernacle
Deliverance Center, Atlanta, GA, and Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
of Crenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles, CA. For more
information call (912) 262-1115.
PENTECOSTAL EXPLOSION presented by the Pentecostal
District of the Florida Central 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of
the Church of God In Christ, Elder W.F. Robinson,
Superintendent and Elder Edward Robinson, Sr., Bishop.
Conference Dates: May 8th 12th, 7:30 p.m. nightly at the
Southside C.O.G.I.C. located at 2179 Emerson St., Jacksonville,
FL. Youth Night, Tuesday, May 8th; Women's Day, Wednesday,
May 9th at 9:30 a.m. for breakfast, day session 11a.m. to 1 p.m.;
Superintendent's Night, Thursday, May 10th, 10 a.m. to 12
p.m.; Bishop's Night, Friday, May 11th; and Family Fun Day,
Saturday, May 12th from 10 a.m. to 4 pm.
place at Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk Hotel located at 1515
Prudential Dr., Jacksonville, FL, Tuesday, May 8th at 7:27 a.m.
For more information call (904) 358-8866.
The Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church and the Daughters
of Zion Women's Ministry invites all men, women, boys and
girls to the 3rd Annual Pre-Mother's Day Breakfast and
Fashionatta, Saturday, May 12th at the Wyndham Riverwalk
Hotel located at 1515 Prudential Drive from 9:0am to 11:00am.
S Featuring Couture Designer Andrena Meeks Morgan of Duluth,
Georgia. For more information call Minister Scott at 608-2962.
ni workshop, "A Clarion Call to Alumni for Rededication and
Renewal: Appreciating What's Good about FAMU" is planned:
Book signing will be held for 10 authors who are FAMU alum-
ni; A step show hosted by the "Stomp the Yard" writer, producer
and director; The weekend will conclude with the April 29
Spring Commencement Exercises at the Tallahassee-Leon
County Civic Center, State Rep. Curtis Richardson will be the 9
a.m. speaker. Florida Sen. Al Lawson is scheduled to speak at the
1 p.m. ceremony. Greg Anderson, James Denmark, Rob Hardy
and Will Packer will receive Meritorious Achievement awards.
For more information call (850) 599-3861 or visit the website:
RETURN2ZERO will join the members of The Jacksonville
Children's Chorus in their Annual Spring Concert this year.
Entitled "Stars, Songs, Faces,"' on April 29th at 6:00 p.m. in the
Jacoby Symphony Hall of the Times Union Center for the
Performing Arts. For tickets and information or to audition for
the Children's Chorus, call (904) 346-1636 or visit: www.jax-
GOSPEL JAMBOREE 2007 presented by The Pastor's Aide
Board at Greater New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist
Church, located at 1953 W. 9th St., Dr. Percy Jackson, Sr.,
Pastor; and Dr. Percy Jackson, Jr., Co-Pastor, April 28th, at 6:00
p.m. Featuring; The Inspirational Daughters of Joy, Gainesville,
FL; Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Male Chorus,
Monticello, FL; Elder Robert Jackson and The New Spirit
Travelers; Golden Clouds Gospel Singers; Sunny Rose Gospel
Singers; and many more. For more info, call Sis. Rose Kirkland
ant 713-9183.
Replenishing the Oil 2007 Tour Women's Conference, Saturday,
April 28th, at the Hospitality Inn, located at 7071 103nd Street,
starting at 2:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. Closing Services @ 7:00 p.m.
Conference Host is Prophetess Dr. D. Miller, Th.D., Pastor of
Prophetic Word Ministries. FREE. For more information, call
(407) 408-5225 or (904) 777-5700.
at 5527 Redpoll Ave., Jacksonville, FL with Pastor A.L. Jordan,
Sr.is having Sister Ruthe Grant to present the "Bride Groom
Cometh," Sunday, April 29th at 4:00 p.m. Featuring Sisters;
Bessie Brown, Amanda King, Charda Cherry, Doris Bess, Debra
Rasheed, and Jackie Brunson. For more details, please call Sis.
Renee Jordan at (904) 768-1100.


Sc '' '

S. SUNDAY April 29nd
8:15 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.

.uslur <.,
at Eivugel Temple ,

Jimr Rale | I
Reviv:il Sr vice F ,J
6:)0 p.m.

Souihwi~~es Campus Clay County

Looking lFor A Good Church llomnr
... Bring Your I-'mlily...
S' "You Won't B'l Disap' oi, edLi! ;
tt' Mu.minjn W'\.snp Ill'l"- m \wnilnrl' Ni'u .Il inm
^B|^^ New Sl Man', Sanlllilc C.ampus !

of 0 (.1 aI I I I t d ac1, j -% 1 I I 2 2(?.


Pastor, will be held on April 28th at 6:00 p.m. at Mt. Herman
Baptist Church located at 5527 Redppole Ave. with Rev. A.L.
Jordan, Pastor. Featuring just a few: Gospel Spiritual of
Brunswick, GA., Willie Williams & Sons of Temple of
Brunswich, GA, Florida Gospel Travelers, C.E.Laney Gospel
Choir, Min. L.D. Murphy & the Miracles, Rev. Robert Jackson
& the Spirit Travelers, Gospel Caravans. For more information,
contact Bishop Lela Laney at 713-9548.
experience the awesome power of God by joining them Sunday,
April 29th at 7:00 p.m. at the Jesus Christ Deliverance Center
located at 5933 Flicker Ave., Rev. C.C. Kyle, Pastor. For more
information, please call 333-9025.
Deacon Henry Simmons, Saturday, May 19 at 8a.m to be held
at the St. Thomas Missionary Baptist Church located at 2119
Rowe Ave., Jacksonville. Rev. Ernie L. Murray, Sr., Pastor. For
more information, call (904) 768-8800.
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to: info@thefloridastar.com
I| Ii

Dr. Beatrice House, Pastor
(All services are held at Hospitality Inn)
7071 103rd St., Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904) 778-7651
Sunday Celebration Service ........................ 10 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
Thursday ............. Word Service .................. 7 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
Youth Service ............. (Third Thursday) .... 7 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
"You are invited to join us for a time of celebration and exaltation of
our God and King. The word is rich, the fellowship refreshing and
the presence of God mightily manifested. "
"Helping Others Pursue Excellence and Eternity"

John Eric Prince, born Nov. 9, 1962 to Mr.
John and the late Mrs. Betty Prince. Graduate
of J. Ribault Senior HS, class of 81. John was
a family man with a deep and lasting love for
God. He was employed by Teph Seal Inc. as
SManager and was previously employed by
Simmons Mattress Co for 20 yrs. He founded
the Prince and Princess Baby Mattress Co. On
April 20, 2007, John was called home to be with his Holy Father.
He leaves behind a wife of sixteen yrs, Mrs. Tynia Renee Prince,
his daughters, Erica and Alexis, father, brothers and sisters,
mother-in-law, and a host of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews,
cousins and many friends. John's funeral service will be held on
Saturday, April 28th at 10 a.m. at St. Paul Missionary Baptist
Church, 3738 Winton Dr., Jacksonville, FL. with Pastor John
Gunn officiating. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to
Vystar Credit Union, P.O. Box 45085, Jacksonville, FL 32232,
Acct # 702688535 for his children. Thank You.

---c -r ~

Almighty God, Father of all mercies and giver of all
comfort Deal graciously, we pray thee, with those who
mourn, that casting every care on thee, they may
know the consolation of thy love, through
Jesus Christ our LORD.


AYER, James W., died April 22, 2007.
April 22, 2007. McINTIRE, Garrett J.,
BARNEY, Constance J., died April 14, 2007. A.B.
died April 18, 2007. Coleman Mortuary.
Alphonso West Mortuary. MURPHY, Ernestine,
BENJAMIN, Carnell, died April 20, 2007.
died April 17, 2007. PREYER, Freddie, died
BERRY, Lena K., died April 19, 2007.
April 22, 2007. PRINCE, John, died
BLADEN, Dorothy, died April 20, 2007.
April 16, 2007. A.B. RIGEL, Carol, died April
Coleman Mortuary. 16, 2007. A.B. Coleman
BREWER, Joseph, died Mortuary.
April 20, 2007. SISTRUNK, Lula Mae,
BROWN, Gregory, 49, died April 17, 2007.
died April 16, 2007. SMITH, Mary McNeal,
CAMBLESS, Wallace died April 23, 2007.
B., died April 20, 2007. Alphonso West Mortuary.
A.B. Coleman Mortuary. STACY, Sandra D., died
CANNON, Leslie, died April 20, 2007.
April 19, 2007. A.B. STEWART, Virginia,
Coleman Mortuary. died April 21, 2007.
COTTON, Leartis, died TAYLOR, James O., Jr.,
April 20, 2007. died April 21, 2007.
GRANT, Louis, died Alphonso West Mortuary.
April 15, 2007. WALLACE, Julia F.,
JONES, Donna K., died died April 20, 2007.
April 19, 2007. Alphonso West Mortuary.
LEWIS, Marva M., 46, WILLIAMS, Barbara,
died April 17, 2007. died April 21, 2007. A.B.
LEWIS, Terry L., Ji., Coleman Mortuary.
died April 20, 2007. WILLIAMS, Tamika,
LITTLE, Queen E., died died April 22, 2007.
April 21, 2007. A.B. WOODARD, Jeremiah
Coleman Mortuary. I., died April 22, 2007.
LUDAWAYf Arthur, died

The Church Directory

"Come and Worship With Us"

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208
Sunday School .....................................9:30 a.m .
Sunday Morning Worship .......................11:00 a.m. ,
Youth Church 2nd & 3rd Sundays
(Old Sanctuary)...................11:00 a.m. .
Tuesday Prayer Meeting............. ........ 7:30 p.m. r
Tuesday Pastoral Bible Study ............ 8:00 p.m. i'
Rev. Eric Lee, Pastor I
Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus*
(904) 764-5727 Church ...

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
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Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
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Bible Power Enrichment Hour
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(Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
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Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service...................6:00-8:00 p.m.
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Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 am.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
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Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach.......... 3rd and 4th Saturdays
"Call or Write Mt. Charityfor FREE Sunday School Outlines"
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

"The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
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"Jesus Loves Sinners Church Folk Don't"
Elder Joseph Rice

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
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Bible Study Tuesday & Friday----- 7:00 p.m.

(912) 267-6395 (912) 996-4864 Cell
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*U I\^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

U I"To every'-
thing there
is a seasonI
w i and a t ime
to every purpose under the heav-
en. A time to be born, and a time
to die. "--Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about
death and funerals. Too depress-
ing. Unfortunately, death is a fact
of life and there simply is no way
to avoid it. For indeed there is a
"time to be born and a time to
You may want a traditional
funeral service with visitation
and a member of the clergy con-
ducting services at a church or a
funeral home. Would you want
an open or closed casket? Maybe
you want a special friend to do
the eulogy or family members to
read scripture passages or poetry.
Any favorite hymns?
First, you should shop
around and talk to a few fimeral
directors. Yes, let your fingers do
the walking-comparing prices
for such things as casket.
embalming, ant the cost for pro-
fessional services.
Resist one-stop shopping,
which can include such :li-iinip

pra er cards. thank-i)ou noles,
and guest reiisters-thel add up
quickly MalanN opt tor the funer-
al home in their neighborhood
for personalized services.
Decide ort body disposition.
Burial or cremation? If earth bur-
ial, a cemetery plot should be
purchased; if above ground, a
mausoletun crypt. If cremation is
the choice, plan disposition of
the ashes. Do you want them
stored in a columbarium niche or
buried? Maybe you prefer to
have your ashes scattered?
An option some people take
is to donate organs and tissues to
a medical school (have a donor
card and check on requirements).
If you would rather have a
memorial service express that
wish! That means a service in the
funeral home or a church where
the body is not present. A com-
mon misconception is that when
the body is cremated you don't
hold a funeral. You can hold a
funeral before cremation.
"Our Ainm Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd.
Tel: 768-0507


pAl?)' 4T SAR 22

Happening On The First Coast"

The Holy Spirit truly led a mutual friend to intro-
duce her two friends to one another. One friend lived
in Atlanta, the other in Cleveland, Ohio. Voila! When
the two friends met, there was a connection. They
became closer in spite of the distance. Their relation-
ship grew via e-mails, telephone calls and weekend vis-
its. The couple decided that they wanted to be together
forever and on a lovely Saturday afternoon at Historic
Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church Ms. Delia Ray McIntyre and
Vincent Wade Carter exchanged their wedding vows
in resplendent order before a host of family and friends
that traveled from far and near to share the moment.
Following the brilliant ceremony officiated by the
Reverend Brian C. Campbell the Reception was held
at the Five Points Theatre. Did you know that the old
theatre has been transformed into a dazzling Club with
valet parking? Awaiting the wedding party was a boun-
teous Buffet featuring Chef Harv6's well known cui-
The bride is Vice President of Interactive
Communications for the Atlanta, GA Arthritis
Foundation. The groom has relocated his Mortgage
Brokerage Company to Atlanta. The happy couple is at
home in Atlanta, of course.
Florida Commission on the Status of Women Elects
The Florida Commission on the Status of Women
(FCSW) has for its 2007-2008 officers Mrs. Norma
White, L.H.D., Chair; Mrs. Claudia Kirk Barto,
Vice-Chair; Ms. Susanne Hebert, Treasurer; Ms.
Thelma Crump, Secretary; Ms. Laura McLeod,
Member at Large; and Mrs. M. Flore Lindor-
Latortue, Member at Large. The FCSW is a nonparti-
san board consisting of 22 members appointed by the
Governor, President of the Senate, Speaker. of the
House, and members of the Florida Cabinet, statutorily
created in 1991 and administratively housed in the
Office of the Attorney General Bill McCollum. The
Commission is dedicated to empowering women in
achieving their fullest potential, to eliminating barriers
to that achievement, and to recognizing women's
Dr. Norma White, of Jacksonville was appointed
2000 by Commissioner of Insurance Bill Nelson and
received her second appointment in 2004 by President
of the Senate Jim King. Commissioner White worked
in the Duval County School District for 37 years, serv-
ing as band director, assistant principal, magnet coordi-
nator and music supervisor. Commissioner White was
the first female member of the famed FAMU
"Marching 100"-as well as the first female to direct
that band. Ms. Claudia Kirk Barto of West Palm Beach
is Executive Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
of West Palm Beach. Ms. Susanne Hebert of Tampa
serves as a corporate executive with Macy's Visual
Merchandising in Tampa. Ms. Thelma C. Crump is a
Regulatory Supervisor Consultant for the Florida
Public Service Commission. Ms. Laura McLeod of is
the President of McLeod & Associates Governmental
Consulting firm. Ms. Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue of
Miami is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Leadership and
Higher Education Administration and works for
Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.
Additional information on the Commission is avail-
able from its web site at http://www.fcsw.net.

More on Reverend Hugh Chapman
Following last week's news of the Reverend
Chapman's induction as the new Rector at St. Phillip's
Episcopal Church on Page C-4/Regional News we
wanted to continue in this week's column with photos
of his family and the lovely choir that traveled from the
U.S. Virgin Islands to perform for the former pastor's
Again a spirited welcome to Reverend Chapman and
his lovely family!
Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming
events. Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777
^ or fax (904) 285-7008.
See you in the paper!

Newlyweds-Vincent Wade and Mrs. Delia Ray McIntyre Carter

S. '..'.. "".
The families of the newlyweds-Vincent Wade and Mrs. Delia Ray
McIntyre Carter.

Members of the Carter-Mclntyre Wedding rarty: Ms. Melssa
Flentroy, Ms. Chelsey Carter, Robert Marable, Jr. and Norman

The Reverend Chapman introduces St. Ursulas Episcopal Church,
U.S. Virgin Islands.

S. i

by J. Carl Davis, Sr.

Mrs. Norma White, L.H.D., Chair; The Florida Commission on the
Status of Women (FCSW) presides at the commission's meeting.

Bridesmaids ofthe Carter-McIntyre Wedding with the bride and
groom: Mses.Taffye Hazel Starks,Monique Anderson, Melissa
Flentroy Tennant,Adrienne Mitchell, Ruby Ware,Caron Bolton,
Synedra Johnson, and Chelsey Carter.

The Florida Commission on the Status of Women (FCSW) officers for
2007-2008: Norma White, L.H.D., Chair; Claudia Kirk Barto, Vice-
Chair; Susanne Hebert, Treasurer; Thelma Crump, Secretary; Laura
McLeod, Member at Large; and M. Flore Lindor-Latortue, Member at

Mrs. Daisy Hicks and The Ken Hendersons.

Ki"ds under 4'9"'

are under-protected.


Mesdames Jacqueline Tymes, Alabama House of Representatives,
Tiffany Webb, Atlanta, GA and Barbara Lenoble, Atlanta, GA


I Or'

L 4 1 Il. cj'

i t f '

Groomsmen with the bride and groom of the Carter-Mclntyre
Wedding Party: Bishop Carlton Hill, Geoffrey Warren, Norman
Pennycqcke, Victor Alan Carter, Michael Sniiiiler.i.Siii Wilson, and
Robert Marable.


APRIL, 28, 2007

PA F A-d4

AP11 2k 2007 TkE STA PAE-

Sonny's Gets Healthy;

Eliminates Trans-Fat

It was just a matter of time. Sonny's Franchise Company
announces that all Sonny's Bar-B-Q restaurants will convert
their cooking process to a Zero Trans Fat Cooking Oil.
According to reports from the American Heart Association
and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Trans Fats
cause many health related issues including high cholesterol
and hardened arteries. In response to these reports, the FDA
recommends that consumers keep consumption of Trans
Fats at a minimum. Sonny's has chosen the healthier alter-
native of Soy bean oil. Jeff Yarmuth, President and Chief
Operating Officer of Sonny's Franchise Company, explains,
"The health of our guests is important to us.
We have eliminated the unhealthy Trans Fats from our
food while continuing to provide the same great tasting
'Feel Good' Bar-B-Q".
Sonny's didn't change the cooking process for everything
on the menu. The garlic bread, a guest favorite, was already
Trans Fat Free.
Floyd "Sonny" Tillman founded Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-
Q in 1968 in Gainesville, Florida. Today, Sonny's has more
than 145 restaurants in nine southeastern states.

State News Briefs
Callahan, Fl A 30-year-old Callahan man was
killed Wednesday when he was thrown out of his car
after it hit a tree, and then he was struck by a tractor trail-
er. John E. Ryder was driving south on U.S. 1 when he
lost control of his car.

Senate Approves $5mil

in Boot Camp Death

A Senate committee
Tuesday approved a $5 mil-
lion settlement between the
state and family of a teenag-
er who died after being
roughed up by juvenile boot
camp guards, sending it to
the chamber floor for a vote.
Lawmakers, though,
could still consider cutting
the settlement by half, as
recommended by a pair of
lawyers who reviewed the
case on behalf of the House
and Senate, while the
claims bill (SB 2968)
moves through the
Gov. Charlie Crist had
proposed the $5 million set-
tlement with the parents of
14-year-old Martin Lee
Anderson, who died a day
after guards kneed and
struck him and forced him
to breathe ammonia at the
boot camp in Panama City

last year. It was all caught
on videotape by a surveil-
lance camera.
"This vas a black eye in
the history of our state and
it was quite embarrassing,"
said Sen. Mandy Dawson,
who sits on the committee.
"I'm really happy that our
governor recognized that
we needed to move on and
ensure this is just not com-
mon practice.".
An initial autopsy
report blamed the death on
complications from sickle
cell trait. A second autopsy,
though, found Anderson
died from suffocation due
to being forced to inhale
the ammonia.
The bill would pay the
remaining $4.8 million of
the proposed settlement.
The camp, although run by
the Bay County Sheriffs
Department, was part of a

state program under the
Department of Juvenile
Victor Crist, a Tampa
Republican,withdrew an
amendment that would have
cut the remaining payment
to $2.3 million, as recom-
mended by the legislative
It was clear, though, the
amendment would have
been defeated because the
two other committee mem-
bers present, Dawson, D-
Fort Lauderdale, and Sen.
Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa,
favor the full settlement.
The Legislature appoint-
ed lawyers Jason Vail, rep-
resenting the Senate, and
Stephanie Birtman, for the
House, to hold a hearing on
the claim. While the settle-
ment was unopposed, the
lawyers, known as special
masters, recommended cut-

ting it in half
Vail told the committee
they assumed, based on a
study of other wrongful
death cases, a jury might
have returned a verdict of
$10 million. They then
decided the state was only
25 percent at fault.
They concluded the
sheriffs office, the seven
guards who were involved
and a camp nurse who stood
by without intervening
should shoulder the rest of
the blame. The guards and
nurse are facing manslaugh-
ter charges, and the sheriffs
office has separately settled
with Anderson's parents for
$2.4 million.
Benjamin Crump, a
lawyer for the teen's par-
ents, said he disagreed with
the special masters'
assumption. "We think a
verdict of much higher than
$10 million would have
been returned. "If you are
going to make an assump-
tion, we hope that you
would give the benefit of
the doubt to the victims."
The family had original-
ly sued for $40 million.

New Smyrna

Man Goes Down

in Pot Bust

Firearms and 118 mari-
juana plants were seized
this morning during a raid
just west of New Smyrna
Beach at the Timber View
Drive home of Oscar
The 55 year-old was
found outside his home hid-
ing in bushes with night
vision equipment, accord-
ing to the Volusia County
Sheriffs Office.
He is facing several
charges, including cultiva-
tion of marijuana, and was
booked at the Volusia
County Jail in Daytona
Beach on $10,500 bail.
The East Volusia
Narcotics Task Force agents
had been investigating
Peatross for two months.
In addition to the plants
and firearms, agents found
2.7 pounds of cultivated
marijuana divided into plas-
tic bags, approximately
$4,500 in cash, growing
equipment, scales, hypoder-
mic needles and several
marijuana growing maga-
zines and handbooks.

13 Students

Injured in

Bus Rollover

Speed was a contribut-
ing factor in the crash of a
school bus Tuesday morn-
ing in Navarre, according to
the Florida Highway Patrol.
Thirteen of the 40 mid-
dle school students on board
the bus at the time were
transported to a hospital, the
FHP said. All of the injuries
were reported to be minor,
except for one student who
was admitted to Sacred
Heart Hospital in Pensacola
in guarded condition.
The bus was traveling
west on Shoni Drive when
the driver failed to negotiate
the curve due to the speed of
the bus, the FHP reported.
The bus overturned onto its
right side.
The FHIq said that
"charges are pending."

Blues Lose an Angel

Last Fatality Was in 1999 in Georgia -

Jacksonville NAS Was 1st Home to Angels -

Lt Cmdr. Kevin Davis lost his life doing what he loved to
do. He was a Blue Angel.
Lt. Cmdr. Kevin J. Davis' flag-draped casket was return
to NAS Pensacola this past Wednesday, at approximately
2:30 p.m. aboard "Fat Albert,"
The Blue Angels' C-130 transport aircraft. Members of
the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron will be on hand to
render full military honors.
Davis, 32, the No. 6
Blues pilot, was killed
Saturday when his F/A-18
Hornet clipped the top of a
pine tree and crashed during
an air show in Beaufort, S.C.
"The spirit of the pilot is
in the arms of a loving God,"
said Rob Reider, a minister ,
who was the announcer for .
the air show. .
The crash happened as
the team was performing its
final maneuver Saturday
afternoon during the air
show. The team's six pilots \
were joining from behind the
crowd of thousands to form a triangle shape known as a
delta, but Davis' jet did not join the formation.
Moments later, his jet crashed just outside Marine Corps
Air Station Beaufort, with debris hitting homes in a neigh-
borhood about 35 miles northwest
of Hilton Head Island, S.C. Eight
people on the ground were injured,
and some homes were damaged.
Davis, a decorated pilot who
joined the Blue Angels in 2005, had
.previously served as an announcer
for the air shows, Reider said. He
also handled celebrity flights, and
flew with stars such as Kelly
Clarkson, actor James Franco and
University of Oklahoma football
coach Bob Stoops.
His parents were in the crowd The squadron's Trans
when the plane crashed, said Tom aircraft, affectionately
McGill, a former neighbor in is the only Marine Co
Davis' hometown. nently assigned to su
The last fatal Blue Angel crash squadron.
was in 1999, when a pilot and crew-
mate died while practicing for air shows with the five other
Blue Angels jets at a base in Georgia. Saturday's crash was
the 26th fatality in the team's 60-year history.
The Blue Angels are unique from other jet aviators
because they don't wear the traditional G-suits that most jet
pilots use to avoid blacking out during maneuvers that exert,
strong gravitational forces. The suits inflate around the
lower body to keep blood in the brain, but that could cause a
pilot to bump the control stick a potentially deadly move
when flying inches from other planes.
After the deadly 1999 crash in Georgia, the Navy's air
training chief ordered the Blue Angels to insider wearing
G-suits. An investigation determined that the most likely


cause of that crash was that the pilot was momentarily
impaired because of a prior rib injury. Pain from the rib
injury might have kept the pilot from tensing his abdominal
muscles during a turning causing him to suffer tunnel vision.
The Blue Angels have a close tie to Jacksonville and the
Southeast. At the end of World War II, Adm. Chester W.
Nimitz, the Chief of Naval Operations, ordered the forma-
tion of a flight demonstration
team to keep the public
interested in Naval Aviation.
The Blue Angels performed
their first flight demonstra-
tion less than a year later in
June 1946 at their home
Base, Naval Air Station
S(NAS) Jacksonville, Florida.
Flying the Grumman F6F
ow. a Hellcat, they were led by Lt.
S Cmdr. Roy "Butch" Voris.
Voris selected two fellow
instructors to join him Lt.
Maurice "Wick" Wickendoll
and Lt. Mel Cassidy, both
veterans of the War in the
Pacific, and the three spent
countless hours developing the show. The group perfected
its initial maneuvers in secret over the Florida Everglades so
that, in Voris' words, ".. .if anything happened, just the alli-
gators would know." The team's first demonstration before
Navy officials took place on May
10, 1946 and was met with enthusi-
astic approval.
On June 15 Voris led a trio of
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcats, specially
modified to reduce weight and
painted sea blue with gold leaf trim,
through their inaugural 15-minute-
long performance at their home
base at Naval Air Station
Jacksonville (NAS Jax), Florida.
The group, known simply as the
"Navy Flight Exhibition Team,"
ort C-130 hercules thrilled spectators with low-flying
known as Fat Albert, maneuvers performed in tight for-
is aircraft perma- nations, and (according to Voris) by
port a Navy "...keeping something in front of the
crowds at all times. My objective
was to beat the Army Air Corps. If
we did that, we'd get all the other side issues. I felt that if we
weren't the best, it would be my naval career."
The "Blues" continued to perform nationwide includ-
ing one year, 1949, in a blinding all-yellow scheme with blue
markings. At the start of the Korean War in 1950, due to
.a shortage of pilots the team was disbanded and its mem-
bers were ordered to combat duty.
The Blue Angels were officially recommissioned on
October 25, 1951, and reported to NAS Corpus Christi,
Texas. Lt. Cdr. Voris was again tasked with acisembliing the
team he was the first of only two commanding officers to
lead them twice.

About the


The McDonnel
Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
is a carrier-borne fighter
and tactical strike air-
craft capable of flying
up to 50,000 feet at
speeds in excess ofMpach
1.7. Power for this flying
machines comes from
two F404-GE-40 turbo-
jets that can develop
over 16,000 lbs of thrust.
The Hornet incorpo-
rates a quadruple-redun-
dant digital fly-by-wire
flight control system, the
first of its kind to be
installed in a production
aircraft. It works by hav-
ing stick and rudder
inputs being directed
into a computer which
interprets them and
issues the appropriate
commands to the various
control surfaces.
The FBW system
will not allow the pilot
to overstress the air-
frame. The system oper-
ates by the principal of
majority vote. In the
unlikely event of all four
systems failing, there are
electrical backups for all
control surfaces.
There is even a direct
mechanical backup for
the horizontal tail sur-
face which will give the
pilot some degree, of
pitch control in an
extreme emergency.
The dorsal spine of
the Hornet houses the
aircraft's main fuel tanks
containing almost 1400
gallons of fuel.
The Hornet had
always been intended as
a single-seater, so a lot
of attention was paid to
reducing the pilot work-
load by the extensive use
of automation. The
Hornet has what has
become to be known as a
"glass" cockpit, with
many of the dial-type
instruments being elimi-
nated and the informa-
tion that they provide
being displayed on cath-
ode-ray tubes similar to
computer monitors.



APRIL 28. 2007

PA t y Ai( TUF -R 2)A8, 2007Ap

Earth Day Attracts the Juanita Millender-McDonald lEI
A aft L&neSMAh0& bih

Candidates & Opinions

One of the things that made the first Earth Day stand out
was that it cut across political lines. On that April day in
1970, Republicans and Democrats alike spoke out on the
importance of confronting major environmental problems
head on without political bias.
In today's political environment that bipartisanship may
seem foreign or as a minimum, an outmoded relic of the
Today we see this political backdrop looming like a

Even President Bush...


edged the threat in his 2007 State-of-the-
Union address.

black cloud over the battle to enact realistic climate change
treatys and legislation.
While environmentalists issues of the past were confined
to the Democratic left and the environmental movement, cli-
mate change has entered the mainstream of American poli-
This change is evidenced by greater extremes in weather
prolonged heat waves, record droughts, rising sea levels,
melting polar ice caps, retreating glaciers, and the threat of
stronger storms.
Even President Bush who spent the first six years of his
administration down-playing global warming, acknowl-
edged the threat in his 2007 State-of-the-Union address.
On this Earth Day political candidates and environmen-
talists alike are painting a picture much worse than envi-
sioned less than a decade earlier.
Many believe that global warming and climate change is
the biggest environmental threat humanity will face in the
21st century. Caused by an overabundance of the heat-trap-
ping gas, carbon dioxide, in the earth's atmosphere, global
warming has caused changes in climate worldwide as well
as disruptions and dislocations in habitats and wildlife..
The concern is not just America. French President
Jacques Chirac has stated "Our*house is burning down and
we are blind to it. The earth and humankind are in danger
and we are all responsible. It is time to open our eyes.
Alarms are sounding across all continents. We cannot say
we did not know! Climate warming is still reversible."

Edwards Courts

Black Votes at

Benedict College

With most black voters focusing on the campaigns of
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama for the
Democratic presidential nomination, former U.S. senator
and vice presidential nominee John Edwards is making a
strong push to attract support from African Americans.
Edwards' populist message as a fighter against poverty
and inequality resonates with millions of low-income
African Americans. On his campaign Web site he features
blog entries on the crisis in Darfur, AIDS in Uganda, and the
continuing plight of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Recently, Edwards took his campaign to Benedict
College, the historically black educational institution in
Columbia, South Carolina. There he called for increased aid
to education in African nations. Edwards said the United
States must be "committed to the long-term interest of
humanity" regardless of whether it doesn't "seem to be in
our short-term interest." Edwards also touched on the issue
of the Sudan and AIDS in Africa during his Benedict
College speech.
What apparently pleased the crowd most was his call for
the federal government to make a college education more
affordable and to ensure that students do not leave school
with "crushing debt for years and years and years."
Edwards' poll numbers have increased since it was
announced that his wife is once again undergoing treatment
for cancer.

National News Briefs

Washington, DC Israel will name a forest in
northern Galilee after Coretta Scott King as the country
replants thousands of trees destroyed during last year's
war with Hezbollah.
The Coretta Scott King Forest will comprise at least
10,000 trees and be a living memorial to King's legacy of
peace and justice, Israel's U.S. Ambassador Sallai
Meridor said Thursday at a Washington ceremony
launching the initiative.

London, U.K. Hugh Grant has been arrested for
allegedly throwing a container of baked beans at a pho-
tographer, London police said.
The Metropolitan Police don't identify suspects who
haven't been charged, but said a 46-year-old man was
arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of assault and
released on bail. No charges have been filed, police said.
Grant's lawyers weren't immediately available for com-

- .r

Seven-Term Calif. Rep. Dies

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the U.
S. Congress are mourning one of its own this week as House
Administration Chairwoman and CBC member Juanita
Millender-McDonald (D-Calif.) died of colon cancer
Saturday. She was 68.
"Juanita was not only our colleague; she was a woman of
supreme character, a devoted
leader and a dear friend,'
Congresswoman Carolyn
Cheeks Kilpatrick, chair of the
Congressional Black Caucus,
says in a statement. "History
will record her as the first
African-American woman to
.chair a full committee in the
United States of House of
Representatives; our hearts will
revere her as a fearless leader Juanita Millender-McDonald
who vowed to enhance our local Democratic Rep. California
and global communities
through tireless service and timely advocacy.'
McDonald leaves a legacy of 'firsts'. She was the first
African-American woman to serve on the Carson City
Council; the first African-American woman to render the
national Democratic response to President Bush's weekly
radio address; the first to be named honorary curator of the
Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach; and the first
Democratic chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's
'Juanita Millender-McDonald was a trailblazer, always
advocating for the full participation of all Americans in the
success and prosperity of our country,' House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. 'The dignity with which
she faced her illness was an indication of the determination
with which she always served the people of her district.'
Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald also
fought avidly for election reform in the wake of voting irreg-
ularities and voter disenfranchisement.

IN %eon"bh o. "


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8:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

WCGL 1360 AM
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Yvonne Brooks

.. i re l! 1A1-."1--ommoll"l

APRIL 28, 2007


PA r.GE A6_-



* ^



FL~-~~~"~~ ~

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r1/ijL1 ,--,/

Health Advisory

Jacksonville, FL The Duval County Health Department (DCHD) would like to'
caution residents of the possible health effects associated with wildfire
Smoke from wildfires is a mixture of gases and fine particles from burning
trees and other plant materials. Smoke can irritate your eyes and respiratory
system, and worsen chronic heart and lung diseases. If you have heart or lung
disease, smoke might make your symptoms worse.
Smoke can cause:
* Coughing
* Scratchy throat
* Irritated sinuses "'
* Shortness of Breath
* Chest Pain
* Headaches
Stinging Eyes "
* A Runny nose
Smoke may also worsen symptoms for people who have pre-existing respiratory
conditions, such as respiratory allergies, asthma, and chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD), in the following ways:
* Inability to breathe normally
* Cough with or without mucus
* Chest discomfort
* Wheezing and shortness of breath
Children, the elderly and people with preexisting health conditions are at '.
higher risk and should limit their time outdoors until the smoke dissipates. o ",'.

For more information about the effects of wildfire smoke, call the DCHD ,',,
Epidemiology Program at 904-630-3246, or visit www.bt.cdc.gov, or call the CDC.
public response hotline at (888) 246-2675 (English), (888) 246-2857 (espafiol), or :,
(866) 874-2646. ,,

$80 Billion. That's how much money
Federal Student Aid awards each year in
grants, low-interest loans and work-study
to students in colleges, trade schools and' -
professional schools.
You and your family may be eligible. So go .
online and learn how Federal Student Aid,
part of the U.S. Department of Education, can
help you begin to realize your dream of an "
education after high school. ... -- o
... Fatherhood
.... www.FederalStudentAid.ed.gov
g.' 1-800-4-FED-AID SUC TO DA
DOWN TO BUSINESS CALL (904) 766-8834
Most Heated Florda
Radio Talk Show! Star

North Florida's Best FILL OUT THE The Florida Department of Transportation has
Daily Talk Show! FORM BELOW TO unveiled a Business Development Initiative
SUBSCRIBE TO designed to increase competition, lower prices,
3-6 PM AM 1320 THE FLORIDA OR and increase support to meet its contracting
WJGR THE GEORGIA needs over the next 10 years. As part of the
3-5 PM AM 1240 Initiative, the two projects below will include five
WFOY (5) preference points that will be given in the
W EKDAYS Call Liz! technical proposal evaluation to primes who
WE DAYS She will set you up. commit to subcontracting a minimum of five (5)
CALL IN PHONE: (904) 266-1320 percent of the contract dollar amount to small
FOR MORE INFORMATION: (904) 766-8834 businesses that have not been awarded a con-
(904) 568-0769
OR www.downtobusiness.org sultant contract with the Department in the past
12 months. The USDOT definition of a small
business is being used and can be found in 49
LET THE POST OFFICE Code of Federal Regulation Part 26.65 and at
TO YOU http://www.dot.state.fl.us/equalopportunityoffice,
I want a One Year Subscription to The Florida or Georgia Star! Please donate 10% of my paid under Business Development Initiative.
Subscription to the church or non-profit organization listed below.
Please send my Subscription to: The following two (2) projects have been identi-
fied for this Initiative: a District-wide Public
NAME Transportation Systems Planning project,
CITY Professional Services Financial Project
STATE Zip Code #213945-1-12-01, and 1-95 From US 1 to J.
Name Of Organization: I Turner Butler Boulevard, Professional Services

A TRADITION OF Financial Project #213217-5-31-01. The Letters
EXCELLENCE of Response for both projects are due 05/25/07.
o -$20.00 More details about this project can be found at
() 6 Months -$20.00
the FDOT website:
() Year-$35.00 () 2 Years $67.00 the FDOT webste:
SEND TO: http://www.dot.state.fl.us/procurement/, under
The Florida/Georgia Star Professional Services Advertisements.
The Florida/Georgia Star
P.O. Box 40629
Jacksonville, FL 32203-40629
Cash, Check, Money Order
or Credit Card Accepted.
I.-------------------;; ------------------ --------

117E j ~ 1ii

,-12 *tA J.O. z,(IU/r

JII 1lL" ,4(i, UuItu

Gale PAlroleum

Sunday May 13.. 2007 M"RT AN ,AST0

SL 773 l llsoelL il S t il
oalerai Pllroleum d .()de "lM",Lr

Bradhliarn-BrooIs Northwesr Library, 1755 Edgevood Avefule West, JaclKiville Take Your First tep a.
Take Your First Step Today.
Gialarnam Libraiy, 2304 North Myrtle Avene Jacksonvill T yourathcarprovider
Highlands Library. 1826 Dunn AveiLie, Jacksonville AfricAmericanswho are
SManddarnLiSday, 3330 Kori Road, Jaksoil le ovTehareat Hh skfor
". in DUUL COUNTY at t -eveioplq type 2 iabe sittese
SMLIiay Hill Llibrary 918 Edgewood Avenue South Jacksonville L a small
3 "PaLblo Cieek Regional Library, 13295 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville weigt by 3rmnates
Regency Square Library, 9900 Regency Square Blvd., Jacksonville Tofpysica l c tys r e
S:' Southeastils Library, 10599 Deerwooc Par Blvdi, Jacksonville rweekarnd eathywc
,'!' "help Oprevent diabetes,

SPalo C e eUriveisity Park Library, 3435 Lniversity BBlvd. North, Jacklsonvllle t,

Sto VOTSquE ABSENTEE IN THE ELECTION (abseite ballots For more information about
mm""Southeast Libay, 10 y,9 De68r71ood PaSi Bird, Ja l,1.so!i ville ,:.. ah

Ust be received by the Supervisor oo f Electons Office diabetes preventioncall
...;' r toelp pPra vet Diabetes"
NM of" Souath MaTdann Library, 101048-. San anose aslk., Jclsorvll e

Sest Regional Regioal Lbrary 1425 Chafee Road Sout, Jasoille

SHours are Monday through Fridy from 1 0 iga. until 60

JERRY HOLLAND www.ndep.nih.gov
Yoiipu cahn alsoh request an ab3setee ballot b* May 9, 2007 .........

DUVAL COUNTY SUPERVISOR OF ELECTION llots For more information bout
SSt(904) 630-1414 re e e S*www.duvalelections.com f c diabetes prevention, call

no ltkids to build strerTgth and stay
healthy. Unfortunately. it can some-
times lead to injury.
Broken bones require

Sbut what about sorevt

s ent m ore than 300,000 high school
injuries can become
students to Florida. colleges on Brightei;ronic later in
Futures Scholarships; contributed more ~child gets hurt. visit -
than $17 Billion to education statewide; 1i.0ieg or natt.r.,
IN\tstPractice prevent ion an..d give. a ll.

and helped build, renovate and maintain uPrieas tpro e n ate n d tion
600 public schools. We couldn't do it without
# 1
ileyou, our players. When you play, we all win.

Florida Lotteryq,

supporting education in your county I
students to Florida colleges on Bright

Advertising Deadline:
TUESDAY @ 5 p.m.

To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673

D:= IM=WLs



'..,L* .4




A/B Honor Roll student Aaron Bracy and father
Aaron attends Lakeshore Middle School.

, -:- -;

A/B Honor Roll student Errol Laster: Errol
attends Englewood Middle School.

VOL. 12 NO. 56
Published Weekly
By The Star
April 28, 2007

A/B Honor Roll student Steven Brooks.
Steven attends Darnell Cookman Middle

('Co .Arl of lair B:arber Shop continues to
recognize their clients that made A B honor
roll. These are the student., that made the A B
Slonor Roll for tihe 3rd semester.
E\ern nine weekss Cox's clients that made
the A and or B luonor Roll will receive a gift
cerlilici 1 their oul.standiinlg job. lhi-; is
Mr. I thert (. ox', \;i\ a o eneohirinr... \otn1i
people to stay focused in school.
lie ctntinues to challenge other barber
shops to g et i nvaoled r
with the youni meni that 3,
arc their clients, because
lie kno\\s that 'd//u imn

HONOR ROLL continued on 84

SCIENCE EXTRAVAGANZA 2007 .................................................................................. B 5
JUST FO R KIDS! ............................................................................................................ B 6

r~' ~ ~



Page B-2/April 28, 2007,

The Star/Prep Rap

am -oon as NOWv ~w

A. -W or *1-OS1 LS

@Mp dam_ dboh MW af a fo__b WWW_ ___ft MO

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3 L
I. -
___ r -

- ar-


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- aa.. S
I a- -

- Nh

Q el, d lll 4t

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-r -~- 3

-.10 -- .


L r,

o lb


The Star Page B-3IApriI 28, 2007

Parental Tools For Your Child's Graduation

Countdown to Commencement and

These suggestions are to make the
graduation process easier and less
stressful for families of graduating sen-

1. Visit your child's school regularly
to check on their accumulated and need-
ed graduation credits.
2. Talk to your child's teachers) to
monitor behavior to make sure that ritu-
als and routines are followed.
3. Make a point of knowing the
graduation countdown calendar for
deadlines Prom, Senior Class trip and
other activities.
4. Talk to the school guidance coun-
selor about applications for school (col-
lege, trade school, etc), financial aid
and scholarship availability.
5. Cooperate with your child or
negotiate travel arrangements for Prom
and graduation trips/events. If there
is drinking, who will be the designated

6. Prepare for FCAT retakes if nec-
essary. Find out when FCAT retesting
will be given in your respective coun-
ties in Florida. Search for tutors if you
suspect there maybe problems.
7. If necessary, talk to your child's
teachers) about any necessary make-up
or extra credit work needed for passing
8. Make any hair, nail or beauty
appointments now before May gets here
to avoid the rush and cost increase.
9. Remind your child of the two
institutions that want their attendance
Correctional (Prison) and Instructional
(Higher Education). Make sure they
understand the difference.
10. Check your child's academic
(Cumulative) folder for items that may
delay graduation or entrance into col-
lege, trade school or the military.
11. Make sure all deposits and fees
are paid in full before graduation.
12. Know your child's GPA. Is it
weighted or un-weighted?
13. Make sure your child takes the
SAT and the ACT. Many HBCU's

accept ACT scores and SAT. Use
whichever gives you a better chance of
getting into college.
14. Work on your child's Marketable
Skills to obtain a job this summer.
Saving money for school to purchase
incidental items.
15. Set Academic, Professional and
Career goals now so your child will
have a flexible plan.
16. Stay involved in your communi-
ty Volunteer hours to help others.
17. Search online and inquire with
local businesses about summer intern-
18. Join local business organizations
like Chamber of Commerce's to gain
marketable skills and get a jump on
career goals.
19. Participate in your church events
and activities.
20. If possible during the summer
visit the school environment to make
sure you are familiar with the area.

William Jackson, Duval County Public
Schools, Edward Waters College

What Are Some Resume Writing Tips? I

How To Write An
Effective Resume
From Teens4Hire.org and

Before you start your
resume, take time to do a
self-assessment on paper.
Outline your skills and abil-
ities as well as your work
experience and extracurric-
ular activities. This will
make it easier to prepare a
thorough resume.
Then get started on the
following ten steps:
1. Contact information
Put your full name at
the top of the resume and
provide your full address,
telephone number, and
2. Objective

Here you want to state
why you are sending your
resume to this 'particular
3. Education
Name your school,
grade level, GPA if you are
an above average student,
and names of any particular
challenging classes you
may have taken.
4. Employment
If you've been
employed, list your
employers here starting
with the most recent. State
name of employer, your job
title, dates of employment
and your main duties.
5. Other work experi-
If you've worked for
yourself doing odd jobs, list

them here.
6. Volunteer or com-
munity service experience
If you have any non-
paid experience, list it here.
7. Special talents and
Name any special tal-
ents or skills you've
acquired that might be use-
ful to an employer. Include
any special projects you
may have done.
8. Honors and awards
Name any specific
recognition you've
received for academic, ath-
letic, or community service
9. Extracurricular
Name any clubs or
associations you belong to

as well as activities outside
of school including your
hobbies and interests.
10. References
Be prepared to name at
least two people list (name,
company, address, phone or
email and their relationship
to you) who will speak
favorably about you. Make
sure it's OK with them
before you give out their
names. You want your ref-
erences to be prepared to
give you the best recom-
mendation they can when
they are contacted by a
potential employer.
After you've written
your resume, take time to
have it reviewed and cri-
tiqued by someone. Get a
friend (an English major

would do nicely) to do a
grammar review. The more
people who see your
resume, the more likely that
misspelled words and awk-
ward phrases will be seen
(and corrected).

The Star

Page B-3/April 28, 2007

HONOR ROLL continued from front cover

A/B Honor Roll student Jordan Dawkins. Jordan attends Hendricks
Avenue Elementary School.

A/B Honor Roll student Jalen Pierce and
Grandmother. Jalen attends Mandarin Oaks
Elementary School.

(above) A/B Honor Roll student Devontaid Martin with his
Mother and Sister. Devontaid attends Matthew Gilbert Middle


(to the right) Barbers at Cox Art of Hair Barber Shop; Mr.
Hubert Cox, Ms. Gloria Turner, Mr. Marcus Cox, and Ms.
Ozell Gertman.

Pagbe B-4t/April 28, 2007

The- Star/Prep Rap

, ,-, ..


Andrew Robinson Unveils NEW ENGINEERING LAB and Presents

Science Extravaganza 2007 1' \ S 'v

Duval County Public
School Superintendent Joe
Wise, Duval County Public
Schools Board Members,
Mark Morley, P.E.,
President, The Ohmega
Group, teachers, parents
and students attended the
ribbon cutting ceremony
for Andrew Robinson
Elementary's new engi-
neering lab.
The engineering lab
features interactive stations
where student teams com-
plete missions and learn to
think in creative ways.
Families were invited
to explore and discover
student projects, Mrs.
Cue's Science Show and
over 20 exciting exhibits
and activities at the
school's Science
Extravaganza later that
Andrew Robinson
Elementary enables stu-

dents to explore math, sci-
ence and pre-engineering
concepts in the classroom.
This year's Science
Extravaganza will provide
Jacksonville families with
the opportunity to experi-
ence over 20 exhibits and
interactive activities
exploring the wonderful
world of science.
The school is proud to
announce the completion
of their new engineering
lab. The lab is the only one
of its kind in Northeast
Florida for primary stu-
dents. The ribbon cutting
ceremony took place on
Thursday, April 26, 2007,
at 2 p.m., before the
Science Extravaganza that
evening, at 6:30 p.m.
Both events were held
on the campus in Historic
Springfield, 101 West 12th
Street, Jacksonville, FL in
the Multi-Purpose room.

Andrew Robinson is
one of seven newly revised
Inspirations magnet pro-
grams. Duval County
Public Schools' magnet
programs began in 1991,
and are nationally
acclaimed as a school
choice program. School
choice programs serve
more than 30,000 students

offering options that
include charter schools;
special academic pro-
grams; career academies
and the magnet programs.
The magnet themes offered
by schools range from avi-
ation to visual and per-
forming arts.
Four magnet high
schools consistently rank

among the nation's "Top
100" by Newsweek maga-
zine. For more information
grams.com/> www.mag-
netprograms.com and


f, -" "- ,.'

The Annual Chandra
Cheeseborough Track
Meet pays tribute to their
former educator and track
coach, Ms. Gwendolyn
Maxwell. Ribault sur-
prised her with a prayer.
Breakfast was given in
her honor before the start
of the meet events.

During the interview
with the legendary Coach
Maxwell, Chandra
Cheeseborough was
standing by her side (who
Coach Maxwell helped
coach into greatness).
Coach Maxwell has been
named the Hall of Fame
Girls' Track Coach of the

Year five times, the
Florida nominee for
National Coach of the
year three times, and
selected as National High
School Athletic Coaches
Association Region III
Girls Track State
Committee. Ms.
Maxwell, who has been


retired for the past 11
years, said that she was
very, very, very surprised
by the turn of events
today! Most of all, on
April 7, 2007, Coach
Maxwell was inducted
into the FHSAA High
School Hall of Fame and
Ribault High School's
Wall of Fame!
When Ms.
Cheeseborough was
asked how she felt about
honoring her former high
school coach and mentor,
she responded by saying,
"Oh, man, it's a given,
you know, when someone
pours out a gift to you,
it's easy to give back. But
Coach Maxwell was
unselfish, she gave a lot
of her time.
Ms. Cheeseborough
has been at Tennessee
State as the Ladies Track
and. Field Coach for 13

years and their program is
going well. chandra is
also a two time Olympic
Gold Medalist. .
Coach Maxwell also
coached basketball, vol-
leyball, tennis, cross
country, as well as what
many believed to be her
specially sport, track and
field. Maxwell also
coached Olympic gold
Medalist, Dannette
Long time athletic
director and legendary
Girl's Basketball Coach,

Alfred Austin says that
Coach Maxwell deserves
everything that she has
received. She has done so
much for the school, her
name is still ringing in the
school's hallways. Also
in her honor, Ribault has
named their track after
coach Maxwell.

The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-5/April 28, 2007

Page B-6IApriI 28, 2007 The StarlPrep Rap

I Tic! Tac! Toe!

~I Silly! Silly!

Why did the woman take a
loaf of bread to bed with her?
To feed her nightmare!

What city cheats at exams?

What makes the leaning
Tower of Pisa lean?
It doesn't eat much!

Why is Alabama the smartest
state in the USA?
Because it has 4 A's and one

Who invented fire?
Some bright spark!

Have you ever seen a

Yes it's the same as an
English "s"!

What followed the dinosaur?
It's tail!

Did you hear about the mad
scientist who put dynamite in
his fridge?
They say it blew his cool!

Would you like a duck egg for
Only if you quack it for me!

I've got a wonder watch. It
only cost fifty cents.
Why is it a wonder watch?
Because every time I look at
it I wonder if it is still work-

4 %o* r PS

m em-m



- -

Color This

- o W -

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Syndicated Content
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U -.- ,? -~ -

m -

*. -a 0. *

o q --, .-. 40 .

es .m

Page B-6/April 28, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

The StarlPrep Rap Page B-7IApriI 28, 20Q7

High School



Is Coming -

Are You

To the class of 2007:
Seniors, the- time is
winding down across the
state for your anticipated
graduation ceremonies in
the spring. Your family's
hopes and dreams are
building with great prom-
ise for this anticipated
commencement in cele-
bration of your great
accomplishments. The
accumulation of not just
four years of high school
education, but also the
amassing of 12 years of
education designed to
prepare you for the work-
ing world or higher edu-
cational opportunities.

Many parents had per-
sonal questions when you
entered into kindergarten;
have I, as a parent, pre-
pared my child for public
education, are the teach-
ers qualified, how will my
child interact with other
children, will their
instructional needs be
administered to? During
your elementary years a
foundation was being
laid, just like the founda-
tion of a house. A strong
house that will last for
years has a strong founda-
tion. As Master
Homebuilder, Michael

Thornton of "Skies the
Limit Contractors" stated,
"a home is built on a
Footer that is made from
concrete and rebar". Your
foundation is built on the
C.O.R.E. academic areas
of Reading, Writing,
Arithmetic, and Language
Arts. These are based on
State Standards that are
the guidelines of class-
room instruction. Without
this foundation you may
have faced deficiencies in
academic preparation,
frustration, and this may
have lead to potential dis-
ciplinary characteristics.
Author, Salome
Thomas-El (I Choose to
Stay) wrote about his
experiences as an educa-
tor with over two decades
in education as a teacher
and administrator. He
attributed his success
with children stating, "I
think the key is that most
of the time I've never
given up," he stated. "I
have high expectations
for everyone. Every child,
if we believe in them
enough even when they
don't believe in them-
selves, eventually they
realize. they can be suc-
cessful-success breeds
success". Parents should
understand that despite
our children's challenges

whether they are academ-
ic, behavioral or social,
we must never give up on
children and consistently
encourage success, pro-
mote a constant thirst for
learning. Thomas-El sup-
ports the firm belief that,
"children learn more from
watching us than from lis-
tening to us. Eighty-five
percent of communica-
tion is nonverbal". This
being said we as parents
model for our children.
The adage, "Do as I say
and not as I do", does not
work and is contradictory
to educating our children
the right way. If we drink,
statistically our children
will drink, if we smoke,
they will smoke, but if we
read, they will read, if we
watch the news and read
the newspaper, they will
do so as well. We have to
be consistent in our posi-
tive actions and include
our children with us in
these positive activities.
Modeling successful
behavior must be com-
mon practice not just for
show. Children will see
past the facade of "good
behavior" and further
damage will be done by a
loss of trust and respect.
August 2006 was the
time high school seniors
should be serious; in

preparation and prayer for
various assessments that
determine their future;
They will be administered
various graduation tests at
their high schools, ACT
(American College Test),
and SAT (Scholastic
Aptitude Test). These
along with a good GPA
are precursors to entry
into college, trade school
or vocational school, the
military has their own
assessment ASVAB
Exam. Statistics (U.S.
Census Bureau 2002)
states that, "those with
higher degrees make up
to 60 percent more than
those without". The other
alternative is a grim pic-
ture painted by findings
from Harvard University
and the U.S. Census
Bureau. There are esti-

mates that 5 million black
men are in the United
States between the ages of
20 and 39. These men are
faced by a variety `bf
social challenges that aim
to deprive them of educa-
tion, employment and a
happy life that non-
minorities take for grant-
ed. Among many finding
(U.S. Census 2002):
About 16 percent of black
men in their twenties whio
were not college students
were either in jail or in
prison. Almost 60 percent
of black male high school
dropouts in their early
thirties have spent time in
prison. In 2000, about 65
percent of black male
high-school dropouts had
no jobs, either because
they couldn't find wor!or
because they were in jail.
These are the realities that
must be addressed by our
parents, supporting our
youth is imperative to
their success. We cannot
consistently rely on com-
munity/political leaders
who are in political
offices with glass ceil-
ings. Ask our seniors (eld-
erly) when a representa-
tive (political) personally
asked them their opinion
about education, crime,
health insurance and
unemployment when it
was not an election year.

READY? continued on B8



Page B-7/April 28, 20Q7

The Star/Prep Rap

ARE YOU READY? continued from B7

Our Black politicians
and religious leaders are
charged with helping to
bring quality services to
4...sist our youth to take
the correct road to excel-
lence, not the road to
poverty, crime and unem-
ployment, but as parents
we should be their first
teachers and role models.
Yes, our children's first
teachers are their parents,
but parents need help too.
Parents need tools to keep
learning a family affair
tlat encourages everyone
in the household to gain
knowledge of and change
their views on the impor-
tance of education.
Education enables our
young people to come to
the table and compete, not
just show up to grasp the
remaining crumbs of min-
imum wage or welfare.
Despite the dire circum-
stances presented by the
media there is still hope.
As Harry Holzer, a pro-
fessor of public policy at
Georgetown University
states, "solutions will be
rooted in education and
employment. I think we
need to emphasize three
broad approaches: a range
of education, training and
youth development, espe-
cially in middle school
and high school, to pre-


vent boys from discon-
necting and to prepare
them for the labor mar-
ket." Holzer further
explains, "The girls are
graduating more, but it's
almost as if these young
boys look down the road
and sense a bleak future
and they disconnect early
a self-fulfilling prophe-
cy." So I ask, the Seniors
of 2007, what !is your
mental state and what
direction are you working
towards? This does not
have to be questioned
with continued and deter-
mined parental participa-
tion in our children's
lives. What will it take to
get more graduating suc-
cesses from our high

we accept this travesty to
a culture and let someone
determine our future.

incarceration for the
young Black men and
women. What kind of role
model is someone for you
that promotes profanity,
racial slurs, and sponsors
ignorance and violence?
How does this help you,
especially with your
preparation to' take the
SAT and ACT assess-
ments? We are a village
of educators; all of us
have something to bring
to the table either from

formal education or life
experiences. Let's use it to
elevate our children's
educational radiance not
diminish their potential
through sexually sugges-
tive dancing and a thug
mentally that may lead to
a life of crime, violence
and incarceration.
High School Seniors
what is your mental state
and what direction are
you going in???

,- S 'iJfi ( L'jJ1 J' is 0 I

SGot Fashion? n?

0 H

We as a culture
(Blacks) have always
supported education and
excellence, but within the
last 6 years many of our
children have embraced
the negativity that is
reflected on us from the
entertainment industry, do
we push forward to
inspire our youth to the
greatness that they are
destined to become or do

Standardized assess-
ments should not stop us
if slavery, segregation and
racism can't. Seniors, you
are the class of 2007, use
positive role models to
promote education and
excellence in your quest
for greatness, not the
entertainment industry
that promotes degradation
of your sisters, humilia-
tion of your mothers, and
a preconceived notion of

~ ~ ~~~;~~
:~ ~ 1
i :

The Star/Prep Rap

,Page B-8/April 28, 2007


Local News Briefs

Jacksonville, FL The Jacksonville Sister Cities Association is presenting on May 8
the 2007 Global Trade and Commerce Expo, an event bringing together those interested
in trade with Jacksonville's six Sister Cities: Nantes, France; Port Elizabeth, South
Africa; Bahia Blanca, Argentina; Murmansk, Russia; Masan, South Korea; and Yinkgou,
China. The event is open to the public. It will be held Tuesday, May 8 from 5:30 p.m. to
8 p.m. at the Haskell Building at 111'Riverside Ave.

Tallahhssee. FL Saying that her confirmation by the Florida Legislature would be
"unlikely," Florida A&M Trustees chairwoman Chalis Lowe today withdrew her name
from consideration for another term on the board. Notification of her decision came in
a letter today to Carolyn Roberts, chairwoman of the Florida Board of Governors which
oversees the state university system and to whom all BOTs report.

Jacksonville, FL. Join the City of Jacksonville and Sail Jacksonville, Inc. this com-
ing weekend as they celebrate Jacksonville's maritime heritage with Sail Jacksonville.
Jacksonville's riverfront will come alive with the beauty of tall ships from around the
world. The three-day festival will include a variety of activities that feature our scenic
riverfront, including in-the-water events, such as the Pirate Battle for Treasure, land-side
demonstrations and events including boat building, seamanship demonstrations, live
entertainment, children's activities at the Lil" Mates Play Dock and more!

Jacksonville, FL. Mayor John Peyton was today joined by City Council Member
Pat Lockett-Felder and Capt. Dick Norman, son of the late Richard E. Norman, for a
news conference to unveil plans to renovate Norman Studios; an historic silent film stu-
dio complex in the heart of Old Arlington. The property contains four buildings which
were once the home and creative center of filmmaker Richard E. Norman.
Starting in early May, the buildings will undergo significant renovations to enhance
their aesthetics and restore structural integrity. Enhancements will include selective
masonry repairs; re-roofing; lead abatement; repair and/or replacement of historic exte-
rior finishes; repair and/or replacement of windows and doors, etc.

St. Augustine

Debates Old

Trees Future

The charm of St.
Augustine is that there so
many old things: old build-
ings, an old fort, old streets.
old bridges and even old
Many of the old trees
along Sevilla Street in

downtown St. Augustine are
over 100 years old.
They are now becoming
the center of the City's
attention not because of
their age but over a question
of safety.
Flagler College's Stu-
dent Center is being built
right next to them.
St. Augustine City
Manager Bill Harriss said
there is some concern that
during the construction of
the college's student center,

FCAT Scores Show

Improvements in

Writing Statewide

The percent of Florida students meeting
state standards for writing on the Florida
Comprehensive Assessment Test increased
slightly from last year, according to reports
released by the Department of Education on
Statewide, 78 percent of fourth graders
met the goals, compared to 76 last year; 86
percent of eighth graders met the goals,
compared to 83 last year; and 79 percent of
tenth graders met the goals, compared to 78
last year.
Writing scores have been gradually

some of the trees' roots may
have been cut.
City commissioners ini-
tially voted to cut the trees
But, due to the public's
outcry, city commissioners
have reconsidered their vote
and have chosen to hire an
independent arborist who'll
inspect the trees. The goal is
to see if it's safer to chop
them down and replant or if
it's okay to allow the old
giants to remain.

improving over the past few years.
Typically, schools do best on this part of the
test. The writing scores will be used, along
with reading, math and science, to calculate
school grades.
Duval County fourth- and eighth-graders
improved slightly and .10th-graders
remained steady. These results reflect the
statewide trend for their peers.
The proficiency rate for Baker County
fourth- and eighth-graders declined from
last year. Those scores continue to lag far
below their peers statewide.
A staggering 94 percent of Nassau
County eighth-graders scored proficiently
on their essays. No other county's eighth-
graders scored higher..
In two weeks reading and math scores
will be released.

Pough Ashanta-Barker Exchange

Their Wedding Vows in Jacksonville

On Saturday, March ., ..
24, 2007, Tracie S.
Pough, daughter of '
Ruby and .Charles
Pough will wed
Terrance L. Ashanta-
Barker, son of LaVerne -
Carter (Cincinnati, OH), :'
at Shiloh Metropolitan
Baptist Church.
Tracie, one of : I
Jacksonville's own pro-
t6g6's, graduated from
Ribault High School,
attended Rollins
.College and received
her Master's degree
from Florida State
University. She is cur
rently living and work-
ing in Washington, DC as The Bride and Groom
Chief of Staff for U.
S. Representative /
Debbie Wasserman
Schultz (D-Fla.)
It was in
Tallahassee that she
met her fiancee',
Terrance. He was
doing post graduate
work at FSU's
College of Law.
Terrance is currently
an associate in the
Business and Finance
Department of Taft,
Stettinius & Holiister
LLP, Cincinnati,
Tracie and
Terrance chose
Jacksonville to host Pough Ashanta-Barker Wedding Party
their weekend wed-
ding celebration,
"Southern Elegance in
Spring". Over 200 guests
were treated to a delightful
Welcome Reception on
Friday before the wedding at
the Omni Hotel, a Garden
Brunch Reception at The
Club Continental on the St.
Johns River, following the
marriage ceremony on
Saturday and a Gospel Jazz
Farewell Luncheon at the
Ritz Theatre & La Villa
Museum, on Sunday.
Stephanie Pough, the
bride's sister, was her Maid of .
Honor and Adrian Barker, the
groom's brother, is the Best
Man. After a trip to the
Caribbean, the couple will
reside in Cincinnati. Beautiful Wedding Cake

If you or a parent of a High School Senior

WVho Failed the FCAT

There Is An Alternative

Call YRTI-WMndsor br more information at



V (i,



APRIL 28, 2007

I .


riAGU CRAp-i 2...200

GOD Goes Shopping
by Ester Da\ is

I am still constantly amazed at the many \\ays :,;;
God's blesses: the "\\hat's-best-foi-you" things, the
big things, the impossible things, the seen things. .
the unseen things. the clear choices. But ii is the lit- Y t:
tie things \\ith purpose, diversity and sensibility .
that are etchlled in the corners of \-ourr heart. gi\ ing .-
lyrics to your song.
Take shopping. I don't discriminate when it comes to shopping. Ijust like to
shop. I shop anywhere. No real allegiance to any fashion designer. No special store.
No certain label. New, resale, garage, Salvation Army, Thriftown. What I like, I
like, irregardless of what the magazines or fashion week say is in vogue. Like most
of America, I am not hot'on shopping malls. They have had a long honeymoon peri-
od and we are now looking for greener pastures. After visiting Korea, and being
able to shop all night with the rest of the world, malls close too early in America.
Texans tell newcomers, if you don't like the weather in Texas, you haven't been
here long enough. Texas has this crazy weather pattern. We have no season where
the weather does as expected. We have all kinds of weather in all seasons some-
times in just one day we will experience winter, spring, summer and fall. Very sim-
ply, if you do not listen to the weather the night before, you will regret it the next
day. Which is what happened to me recently. The weather was forecasted for 30
degrees at 7 a.m., 70 degrees by noon and back to 45 degrees by the 10 p.m. news.
Well, by 11 a.m. it was hot and time to shed the 100 percent wool, even with the air
conditioner on. So the closest thought was to visit a quaint little vintage shop con-
veniently located since I had about an hour or so before my next people meeting.
Clotheshorse or mule, stylist or stubborn, stuffy or suave, everyone with a clos-
et is aware of what is in it. So, when shopping you automatically go through the
process of elimination, association and harmony. Meaning, too much black, my
'"fat" clothes, Sunday-go-to-meeting, etc. And ideally, according to the experts, this
is the way you organize your closet. Your clothes are your signature. You make a
statement with every appearance.
Once in the store, browsing and all, I surmise this is not my day. I am not find-
ing anything I cannot live without, no "wowville," no awesomenesss," no "this-is-
sooo-cute" in sight. In most stores, on your way to the dressing room there is a rack
of clothes to be placed back. Scanning through this now full rack, I see and pass
over this little black sheer sleeveless top. "Too much black in your closet, forget it,"
uttered to myself. The second time passing this rack, a heaping helping of the
clothes are gone and "sheer sleeveless" is now more prominently displayed. My
thoughts are the same.
Third pass and now running out of time, little black sheer sleeveless is hanging
all alone. I envision growing possibilities: I can wear it in or out, it's washable with
a lined ribbed neckline making it easy to pull over my head, capped sleeves. I love
the spirit of the fabric. Perfect for my 9-inch pearls. It can go under a wool suit, silk
suit or alone without a jacket. Dressing down, it would compliment a pair of black
blue jeans with heels or shorts and sandals. And right now, it's sold. "I won't need
a bag, I'm going to wear it," I said to the saleslady. Sure its black, but I can wear it
all year.
Dressing with a purpose is a lot like living with a purpose. Just like the rest of
us mere mortals,, I don't know what the will of God is, but I sure do thank him for
the little things.

Ester Davis is a celebrated host/producer of a No. 1-rated show on PAX-TV, Channel
68, every Saturday from 5 to 6 a.m. Visit her website at: www.esterdavis.com "The
Ester Davis Show" copyright 2006 by Ester Davis

Business Development Initiative

The Florida Department of Transportation has
unveiled a Business Development Initiative designed
to increase competition, lower prices, and increase
support to meet its contracting needs over the next 10
years. As part of the Initiative, the two projects below
will include five (5) preference points that will be given
in the technical proposal evaluation to primes who
commit to subcontracting a minimum of five (5) per-
cent of the contract dollar amount to small businesses
that have not been awarded a consultant contract with
the Department in the past 12 months. The USDOT
definition of a small business is being used and can be
found in 49 Code of Federal Regulation Part 26.65 and
at the FDOT website:
under Business Development Initiative.

The following two (2) projects have been identified
for this Initiative: a District-wide Public
Transportation Systems Planning project, Professional
Services Financial Project #213945-1-12-01, and 1-95
From US 1 to J. Turner Butler Boulevard, Professional
Services Financial Project #213217-5-31-01. The
Letters of Response for both projects are due 05/25/07.

John Peyton,
Mayor of Jacksonville

This May marks the one-year anniversary of Seeds
of Change: Growing Great Neighborhoods, a city ini-
tiative that encourages collaboration between residents,
neighborhood associations, businesses and community
leaders. Seeds of Change is making neighborhoods
across Jacksonville more safe and livable by focusing
on beautification and infrastructure, increased home- .
owner investment and public safety including reach- a-"'"
ing out to young people.
In the inaugural year of Seeds of Change, we launched a number of successful youth
initiatives, including a summer jobs program. This summer, the City of Jacksonville
will again offer the "Mayor's Seeds of Change Summer Jobs Program," a student
employment and training program that matches students with jobs.
The city will hire 200 students for a five-week work program. Additionally, we are
calling on the business community to create 300 more positions for students. I encour-
age private businesses to consider partnering with us to create a student summer job pro-
gram. It is an excellent way to keep young people engaged while school is out, teach
them new skills, lay the foundation to steer them away from crime and provide viable
alternatives for the future and it helps fill a need in the business community.
We have made the process simple. The city has partnered with WorkSource to match
students, ages 16 to 21, to a business' specific needs during summer months. Just go to
www.worksourcefl.com to find a pool of eager students who have applications on file.
Local businesses, neighborhood organizations, government and individuals are all
playing a role in changing our city for the better through their work on the Seeds of
Change initiative. By working together, I know we will make Jacksonville the best and
safest city in America.
Anyone interested in applying for a city or private business position may do so by
attending the "Mayor's Seeds of Change Summer Jobs Program" Hiring Fair from 8 to
11 a.m. on May 30 at Jacksonville University's Kinne Center. Students unable to attend
the fair or private businesses interested in hiring students for a summer job program may
visit the WorkSource Web site at www.worksourcefl.com or contact Tameka Bridges at
798-9229, extension 2206 or tbridges@worksource.

MENT Joint effort will help low-income Floridians maintain essential telephone
TALLAHASSEE Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Lisa Polak
Edgar and Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) Secretary Bob
Butterworth today joined Representative Juan Zapata, and other state leaders to
announce the launch of automatic Lifeline enrollment. The PSC and DCF developed
the process to better serve the number of low-income Floridians who can receive a
monthly credit on their telephone bills.
"The Florida Public Service Commission is committed to increasing participation
in the Lifeline program," said Chairman Edgar. "The new automatic process will
enable more eligible consumers in Florida to receive assistance with their telephone
Under the federal Lifeline program, telephone consumers who participate in certain
public assistance programs are entitled to receive a basic telephone service discount
of at least $13.50 per month or more than $160 per year from the federal Universal
Service Fund. Currently, only about 12% of Florida households that are eligible to
receive this federally funded discount are receiving it.
Launched April 4, 2007, the new enrollment process encourages DCF customers
applying online for other public assistance programs to sign up for Lifeline assistance.
The applicant is required to respond during the DCF application process as to whether
he or she is interested in receiving the Lifeline discount. Certified DCF applications
will be forwarded to the PSC on a weekly basis for processing with the customer's
telephone company.
"This partnership between the Department of Children and Families and the Florida
Public Service Commission makes perfect sense," said Secretary Butterworth. "Many
of the people who apply for benefits through the Department struggle to make ends
meet; even put food on the table. You can imagine the difficulty of paying a month-
ly phone bill. The Lifeline program will provide low-income consumers with afford-
telephone service and we're proud to be part of it."
Eligibility through the automatic enrollment procedure is determined by participa-
tion in one of the following programs:
Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)
Food Stamps
Consumers may also apply for Lifeline assistance through their phone companies
by faxing or mailing an application available on the PSC website. Last October, the
PSC launched an automated online application on its website. This process allows
consumers to enter their information and submit an application online, eliminating the
need to print, fill out, and mail or fax a request for the benefit to their telephone com-
The PSC is committed to making sure that Florida's consumers receive electric, nat-
ural gas, telephone, water and wastewater in a safe, affordable and reliable manner.
The PSC exercises regulatory authority over utilities in the three key areas of rate
base/economic regulation, competitive market oversight and monitoring of safety,
reliability and service.
For more information, visit www.floridapsc.com

Proposal Number: 07-12-26101
Employee Medical and Dental Benefits
for the
All Proposals must be submitted in accordance with Request For Proposal Number
07-12-26101, which may be obtained after 8:30 AM (Local Time) on April 23, 2007 from:
Jacksonville Aviation Authority Procurement Department
14201 Pecan Park Road, 2nd Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32218
(904) 741-2355

A MANDATORY Pre-Proposal Conference will be held at 10:00AM (Local Time),
May 3, 2007, at the JAA Administration Building, 2nd Floor, 14201 Pecan Park Road,
Jacksonville, FL 3.2218. All interested Proposer's must attend this meeting as a prerequi-
site to the submittal of a Proposal. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of RFP.
Proposals will be received by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) and
Jacksonville Port Authority (JPA) until 2:00 PM (Local Time), on May 31, 2007, at which
time they will be opened at the JAA Administration Building, 2nd Floor, 14201 Pecan
Park Road, J.A4.Soi~ illk, FL, for Employee Medial and Dental Benefits.

More details about this project can be found at the
FDOT website: http://www.dot.state.fl.us/procure-
ment/, under Professional Services Advertisements.

April 28, 2007i~


n A iV C7


2007 FCAT Writing Scores Improve in Duval County Elementary
and Middle Schools High school writing scores remained the same.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 23, 2007 --The Florida Department of Education
announced today the results of the 2007 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT)
Writing+ exams taken by students throughout the state. Duval County's results, which
include the test performances of students in grades 4, 8 and 10, reflect an increase in the
percent of elementary and middle school students who scored 3.5 (on a scale of one to six)
or higher on the essay portion of the test administered in February. Duval County high
school students maintained the same score as the one in 2006.
The FCAT Writing+ results for students in grades 4, 8 and 10 include the traditional
essay scores and the newer Writing+ scale scores. An essay score of 3.5 is the standard
score used in assigning accountability grades of schools, announced each summer by the
Florida Department of Education.
Dr. Wise is at best ambivalent about the FCAT writing results delivered to Duval County
Public Schools this morning. "Although I am incredibly proud of a number of our schools
at which our students exceeded state-wide expectations, I am deeply concerned that not all
schools evidenced the growth we have targeted-and expect. I am looking forward to going
over all th6 data-and discussing the strategies that have been working and not working-with
teachers and principals," said Dr. Wise.
Below are the percentages and scores by grade levels -
4th Grade 73 percent of students scored 3.5 and above, an increase from 71 percent
last year and up from 24 percent scoring 3.5 and above in 1999. The average essay score
is 3.7.
8th Grade 84 percent of students scored 3.5 and above, an increase from 82 percent
last year and up from 59 percent scoring 3.5 and above in 1999. The average essay score
increased from 3.9 in 2006 to 4.1.
10th Grade 79 percent of students scored 3.5 and above, which is the same score as
last year and up from 66 percent scoring 3.5 and above in 1999. The average essay score
remained the same as last year's at 3.9.
For the first time ever, FCAT Writing+ scores are being reported in terms of five achieve-
ment levels as adopted by the State Board of Education in January. The achievement lev-
els are based on the total FCAT writing score, which combines multiple-choice questions
and the essay.
4th Grade 52 percent of students scored at or above grade level (Level 3 and above)
on writing skills.
8th Grade 42 percent of students scored at or above grade level (Level 3 and above)
on writing skills.
10th Grade 48 percent of students scored at or above grade level (Level 3 and above)
on writing skills.
Parents may view their students' scores via the FCAT Parent Network www.fcatparent-
network.com ) using the secure login and password
provided by their school.

1. Generate water that is good for the body.
2. Eliminate active oxygen and acidic contaminants in tap water.
3. Supply minerals and vitamins in regular drinking water.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare October 8, 1965.


o Strong Kangen Water
1- -
o Kaingen Water

o Clean Water

o Acidic Water

o Strong Acidic Water

LeveLux DX II

o Acid Reflux o Cancer o Fibromyalgia o Migraines
o Aids o Cataracts o High Cholesterol o Obesity
o Arthritis o Constipation o High Blood Pressure o Stomach Problems
o Asthma o Diabetes o Lack of Energy o Stroke
OR ANY OTHER CONDITION Then you MUST attend this presentation.
" Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Drink Kangen Water and experience
energy. Kangen water is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any dis-
" FMI CALL: Lizzie Jenkins 352/495-2197 or Rosemary Christy 352/372-6576
Meet Us for This Presentation: 6:00 PM, MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2007
Phone: 352-372-1004

Melody Gayle Patterson Jackson

cordially invites you to join her and special guests
for the release of her new CD

Special youth guest: Flutist Miss Jasmine Brown
of New Bethel AME, Tyler St., Jacksonville, FL

The Bell South Tower 41uliorium, 2nd Floor
on Bay Street in Downtown JachsonvillH, FL
4, yApril 28, 20~ at 4:00 p.m. .
f ^ ? ^ ,,I



Announcements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

CLASS OF 1967 NB FORREST HIGH SCHOOL is having their 40th
Reunion, July 20-21, 2007 Crowne Plaza Downtown/Riverplace Tower.
Contact: Reunion Classics: (904) 269-5471 for registration info.
2207 East Seventh St., Charlotte; NC by invitation only. Boys and girls ages
10 19 are eligible to apply. Players from 50 states and 17 foreign countries
attended the 2006 camp. College basketball scholarships are possible for play-
ers selected to the All-American Team. Camp locations include: Glassboro, NJ,
Prescott, AZ, Thousand Oaks, CA, Sterling, CO, Babson Park, FL, Atlanta,
GA, Champaign, IL, Ypsilanti, MI, Hickory, NC, Mitchell, SD, Lebanon, TN,
Commerce, TX, and Blacksburg, VA. There is also a Summer Camp available
for boys and girls ages 6 18 of all skill levels. For a free brochure on these
Summer Camps, please call (704) 373-0873.
MOTHER/DAUGHTER PROGRAM (for 10-12 year old girls) will be
from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and FATHER/SON PROGRAM (for 12-14 year
old boys) will be from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. both to held Sunday, April 29th
at the St. Vincent's Hospital, Seton Hall of Bryan Auditorium, located at 1851
King St., Cost: $20 per family. Registration deadline is April 23th. For more
information, call Lorraine Allaire at (904) 308-7474 or register online at:
pleased,to announce a FREE lunch and lecture series at Carrabba's Italian Grill
on Monday, May 14th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Guest speaker Stanton
Longenecker, M.D., speaking on "Gender Knee Fact or Fiction." For reserva-
tions, call (800) 741-4008 x231 no later than May 7th.
are the best way to protect children from many childhood diseases. The week of
April 21-28 is National Infant Immunization Week. This is a good opportunity to
check with your child's doctor or nurse to make sure your child is up-to-date with
his or her shots. If you don't have a health care provider, call the Duval County
Health Department's Immunization off ice at 359-3814.
an evening of fine wine, spectacular food and good times benefiting Children's
Home Society of Florida will be held at Matthew's of San Marco, Sunday, April
29th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Guest will delight in an intimate setting with fine
wine as they sample some of.Chef Matthew Medure's most exclusive menu items.
They can also bid on exciting silent auction packages and enjoy a wonderful social
setting where they are treated to the elegant sounds of a harpist. Limited space,
please call to reserve your tickets by contacting Nanette Vallejos at 493-7739.
GUEST ARTISTS RETURN2ZERO will join the members of THE JACK-
SONVILLE CHILDREN'S CHORUS in their Spring Concert this year entitled
"Stars, Songs, Faces." The performance will take place on April 29th at 6:00 p.m.
in the Jacoby Symphony Hall of the Times Union Center for the Performing Arts.
A dinner reception and silent auction featuring local artists will be held prior to the
concert at 4:30 p.m. For tickets, additional information or to schedule an audition
for The Jacksonville Children's Chorus, please call (904) 346-1636 or visit the
website at: www.jaxchildrenschorus.com
for Parents and their Children about Growing Up (the emotional and physical
changes of adolescence). These affirming and God-centered programs will both be
held April 29th in the Bryan Auditorium on the campus of St. Vicent's Medical
Center at 1851 King St. in Jacksonville. There is a $20 registration fee for either
program. Register by April 23rd on line at www.dcfl.org or call (904) 308-7474.
p.m. Nightly. Views are: Fundamental Principles; Deeper Revelation; and
Valuable Insight. Guest Speakers are: Bishop Wiley Jackson, Jr., and Dr. Frederick
K.C. Price; with Pastor Mark Baker as Host Pastor. For more information, please
call (912) 262-1115 or GreaterWorksFamily.org
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Florida Community College at Jacksonville North
Campus, located at 4501 Capper Rd., Jacksonville. Low-cost food, games; free
entertainment. Craft item prices vary. For more info call (904) 766-6553.
To improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthri-
tis and related diseases. To be held at Carrabba's Italian Grill, Monday, May 14th,
in Jacksonville from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Guest speak Stanton Longenecker,
M.D. For reservations, by May 7th, call (800) 741-4008 x231.
Over $100,000 in prizes will be awarded this year in the International Open Poetry
Contest. The deadline for the contest is June 30, 2007. The contest is open to
everyone, whether previously published or not, you can be a winner. To enter, send
ONE original poem, any subject and any style to: The International Library of
Poetry, Suite 19925, 1 Poetry Plaza, Owings Mills, MD 21117. The poem should
be 20 lines or less, and the poet's name and address should appear on the top of
the page. Must be postmarked or sent via the internet at www.poetry.com by June
HOME SOCIETY OF FLORIDA -.at the Jacksonville Public Library down-
town, Saturday, May 5th at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Guest will enjoy tea, light lunch and
fashion. Due to space limitations, call Nick Geinosky at (904) 493-7738 to reserve

your ticket. Tickets are $30 per person. For more information about the local divi-
sion, log on to www.chsfl.org/buckner.
SUMMER CAREER ACADEMICS Duval County Public Schools and Florida
Community College at Jacksonville have partnered to help prepare Jacksonville
high school students for life after high school by offering "Summer Career
Academics," a month-long exploration of career and education opportunities.
Weekdays, June 4th to 29th to explore seven career fields at seven FCCJ campus-
es and centers from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Parents and students are encouraged
to visit www.fccj.edu/summeracademics to complete admission applications and
summit as directed to via fax or postal mail.
^ ,A ,. .,^ ^ ^,-... ,-. .. T -^

a Z'.A4JL V--T ... ..

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Ruind Mai I~uu Wskkdr

RIctks on %I Tsc Trad

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wa go mbS. mm
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FIq 1S Bwdoom

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Man With Two Guns

Arrested in Car at USF

The University of South Florida police arrested a 47-
year-old Palm Harbor man they say was found sleeping in a
school parking lot just before 4 a.m. with a 38 caliber hand-
gun next to him. Police also recovered a shotgun, several
different types of ammunition and a survival knife.
Cloal Lang Leatherman was charged with one count of
possessing a weapon on school property. Leatherman has no
affiliation with the school and it was unclear what he was
doing on campus, said USF Police spokeswoman Lt. Meg
"Preventing what happened at Virginia Tech is difficult,
but we are prepared to handle anything that comes along,"
Ross said.
Aside from the Rossi .38 caliber handgun found next to
him, Leatherman had a Snake Charmer .410 shotgun, eight
shells, other ammunition and a survival knife with him,
Ross said. Leatherman is being held at the Orient Road Jail
on $2,000 bond, according to jail records.

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Regional News Briefs
Nashville, Tn. This past Friday, Vanderbilt University celebrated
the 50th anniversary of the racial integration of its law school. In 1957
Frederick Taylor Work and Edward Melvin Porter Sr. enrolled at the
Vanderbilt University Law School. Both Work and Porter spoke at
Vanderbilt this past weekend during the celebration honoring their

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Yi' it lkonn I~ lo Ftiri 32'2202


By Ronald Bell News Editor
David Halberstam's coverage of the Civil Rights
movement and Vietnam reflected the very best in
American journalism.
"It was a war," says journalist/author David
Halberstam, who covered those early sit-ins as a
fledgling reporter for The Tennessean and who later
made his reputation covering the warin Vietnam
for the New York Times. "Martin Luther King was
the general, and' these kids were the foot soldiers,
the slock troops who deliberately picked out
the most dangerous places to put their bodies on the
line. They were like the airborne brigades that
dropped in on D-Day."
"And the more I looked back at it, the more I
found out about the Freedom Rides, the more
respect I had for their extraordinary couri.ge." says
Halberstam, who had been sent abroad in the early
'60s bdt returned for a short time toward the end of
the period. "Mississippi in 1964 was scarier til.m
In 1960, Halberstam wrote, "They did not ihink,
of themselves in those days as being g i lid or talent-
ed or marked for success, or for that matter particu-
larly heroic, and yet from that little .r'roiup would
come a senior U.S. Congressman (GCori i.i' John
Lewis); the mayor of a major city (Marion Barry of
Washington, D.C.); the first black woman psychia-
trist to be tenured at Harvard medical school (Gloria
Johnson-Powell); one of the most distinguished
public health doctors in America (Dr. Rodney
Powell); and a young man who would eventually
come back to be the head of the same college in
Nashville he then attended (Bernard I.&l'.lcitt of
American Baptist College)."
"These young people wei not empowered,"

Halberstam said, "they were scarcely members of
the privileged class. In fact, most of them came
from dramatically underprivileged circumstances.
Yet somehow they found the faith to make this
country \\ horli of its promises in the face of con-
stant physical danger."
His time in Vietnam was marked by several
clashes with military brass but probably the most
telling story was when Halberstam once called a
general at home to get permission to fly to the site
of a recent U.S. military defeat. At a subsequent
briefing a brigadier (one star) general scolded "piti-
ful, lowly > ,ung reporters" for having the temerity
to call a general at home.
AccordinL to Pulitzer Prize-winner Neil
Sheehan, Halberstam's response was "General, you
do not understand. We are not corporals. We do not
\ ork for you. We will call a commanding general at
home any time it is needed to get our job done."
The AP bureau chief who was in Saigon when
the city fell said about Halberstam, "The bottom
line was that David was more honest with the
Am*\n icia public than their own government."
Speaking at a recent journalism conference he
noted that the increasing government criticism of
news reporters in Iraq reminded him of how he was
treated while covering the war in Vietnam. "The cru-
eler the war gets, the crueler the attacks get on any-
body who doesn't salute or play the game," he said.
"And one day, the people who are doing the attacking
look around, and they've used up their credibility."
Journalism has an empty spot that all writers and
those who consume their work will feel for a long
David Halberstam dead at 73 in an automobile
accident if Menlo Park, California. ,

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a L -

Civil Rights and Vietnam Correspondent,

Prolific Author, David Halberstam Dies

APRIL 28,2007


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F.J. Fed(

NFL Draft Day
I am surprised that there is still a debate as to who
will be the first draft pick Saturday. If JaMarcus
Russell's stellar performance in LSU's 41-14 spanking
of Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl wasn't enough to
convince Oakland's GM Tim Dean he might have the
first pick again next year.
Detroit needs a QB as well, but they need an offen-
sive line first. I look for them to go after either Joe
Thomas the big offensive tackle from Wisconsin.
Another possibility would be a trade-down that garners
an O-line player and small drop in draft order say
Arizona or Miami.
If Brady Quinn is still there he's a Brown. They are
hurting behind the center. If Brady is gone Joe Thomas
fills their other needs.

The Seminoles had six players go in the first round
last year actually they all went in the top 20! This year
will probably be a little different. Lawrence Timmons
OLB is probably a first-rounder but he will be lucky to
get in the top 20. Lorenzo Booker RB would be my 1st
round longshot along with Buster Davis MLB. Both are
big play guys and both are physically big enough for
the next level.

The Gators have a history of not producing great pro
players. There are exceptions, Emmit Smith of course,
our own Fred Taylor, Jack Youngblood and Wilbur
Marshall to name a few. They should do much better
this year (see feature article this page) in a draft that
could well be dominated by SEC players in the first
through third rounds.

Jacksonville Suns
The Suns come home for a six-game home stand
against the Montgomery Biscuits. The Suns are tied for
Second in the Southern Division with a 11-9 record. The
Biscuits are just a half game behind the Suns so a
sweep here would be just what the Suns would like. If
you haven't been to a game yet, get down to the
Baseball Grounds and enjoy a great evening supporting
the home team.

The Players Championship
It's one week away, and it is Jacksonville's biggest
sporting event of the year without question. From the
opening day practice rounds on Monday to the final
round on Sunday its Mother Day as well it is
World Class Golf played on a World Class Course right
here in Jacksonville. If you have never been to a golf
tournament, do yourself a favor.
Look for VJ and Tiger to be in the top 5 when
Sunday's round starts. For years now we have watched
Tiger and come to believe that if he was within 3 or 4
strokes on Sunday he was the winner. The Masters was
different, what will TPC bring?

#1 Noles Take

2 of 3 From

North Carolina
Florida State held on to it's No 1 rank-
ing by taking 2 out of 3 from #4 North
Carolina this past week.
Top ranked Florida State got eight
strong innings from starter Bryan Henry
and a season-high three RBI's from Mark
Gildea to down second-ranked North
Carolina (32-8, 13-6) 4-2 Friday night in a
showdown of the ACC's top two teams.
The Seminoles recorded double-digit hits
for the 11th straight ball game, en route to
defeating the Tar Heels for the fifth con-
secutive time at home and for the 15th try
in 16 games played on Mike Martin Field.
On Saturday the Noles held on to defeat
the Tarheels 5-4 Saturday afternoon at
Dick Howser Stadium to capture its sixth
conference series in as many tries in 2007.
Jack Rye hit the game-winning, two-run
home run in the bottom of the fifth and
relievers Travis Burge and Danny Rosen
threw the final three innings to hand the
Seminoles their 15th conference victory of
the season.
North Carolina got their revenge with 'a
10-6 win on Sunday afternoon. The Tar
Heels pounded out 20 hits in game three,
the most given up by the Seminoles all sea-
son and the most allowed since May 8,
2004 at Virginia. Mark Gildea led the
offensive charge for FSU registering his
second, three-hit game of the series going
3-for-4 on S-4nday with a run, scored at4 a


SEC could dominate this year 's NFL draft with 25% of players in the first round

Gators Expected to Place 9 in

1st Three Rounds at NFL Draft

SEC Champions, National Champions, and fresh off a
dominant performance in a BCS title game, the Gators are
looking at 9 players that can realistically be taken in the first
three rounds of the 2007 NFL Draft:
Reggie Nelson, S A center field-like safety who was
a defensive leader on last year's championship squad, he'll
likely be the second safety taken on Day 1 behind LSU's
LaRon Landry. Hard hitter and fabulous in coverage. No.
Jarvis Moss, DE Generously compared to fellow for-
mer Gator Jevon Kearse, Moss busted on to the national
scene in '06 with dominant performances in the SEC and
BCS championship games. Will play defensive end at the
next level, but could play outside linebacker in a 3-4 if
taught the position. No. 20-35
Brandon Siler, LB A three year starter and former
SEC freshman of the year, Siler was the clear-cut leader of
the Gator defense in '06. Considered a solid middle line-
backer for an NFL 4-3 defense, Siler enters the NFL fresh
off a 77 tackle season. Second round
Ray McDonald, DE McDonald was the star, of
January's BCS Title Game, wrecking havoc behind the line

Suns Feature Kids Clinic on Sunday
The Jacksonville Suns return from a long road trip to
Huntsville, Ala., and Jackson, Tenn. this Friday to host the
defending Southern League Champion Montgomery
Biscuits for a five-game series at the Baseball Grounds.
The fun continues this Saturday at the Baseball Grounds
with Spider-Man Night and a Travel Hamper Giveaway.
The first 3,000 fans will get a free Suns Travel Hamper.
The Suns will also be gearing up for the upcoming
release of Spider-Man 3 and welcome interested fans to
dress as Spider-Man or their other favorite superhero for the
chance to win great prizes.
Also on Saturday night, the Suns will team up with
LoJack to honor Law Enforcement personnel throughout
our area and the Oreos and Milk Jingle Tour will be at the
ballpark during and before the game. The Suns players will
also be wearing the special 1967 throwback uniform as part
of a season-long celebration of that team of future Major
League stars.
Sunday will feature the Suns' annual Kids Clinic on the
Field at 1:30pm. All children 14 and under can come on the
field at 1:30 for an hour-long baseball clinic with Suns play-
ers and coaches.
The homestand continues with a pair of late-morning
games for the young students in the Jacksonville area. On
Monday, the Suns will honor high school baseball coaches
on the field before the game and welcome a number of high
school groups to the Baseball Grounds for a special day at
the ballpark.
Tuesday will be the final school kids field trip of the year
as thousands of schoolkids are expected to enjoy the game
and get ready for a fun summer at the Baseball Grounds.

walk. This week the Seminoles travel to
Miami for a three game series.

The Gators took 2 of 3 from Kentucky
last week. Wildcat left-hander Chris Rusin
tossed his first career complete game and a
six-run second-inning outburst powered
the Wildcats to a 9-2 victory over Florida
on Friday. Saturday the Gators squared its
weekend series with a 10-7 triumph.
Holding a 3-2 advantage, the Gators tallied
five runs in the fourth to pull away and end
a five-game slide in league action.
On Sunday, pinch hitter Chris Petrie
snapped a 4-4 tie with a bases-loaded sin-
gle in the bottom of the ninth to help
Florida (23-20/10-8 SEC) edge Kentucky
(27-12-1/7-10-1 SEC), 5-4, in front of
3,004 fans on Sunday afternoon.

The Rattlers had another winning week
with a 2 out of three series over Maryland
Eastern Shore" on the road. The Rattlers
won the first game of Saturday's twin bill
7-1 and followed up with a 5-1 win in the
U Maryland Eastern Shore pounded out
17 hits Sunday in a 14-9 win over Florida
A&M, avoiding a clean sweep.

The UNF Ospreys lost both ends of a
double headers last Saturday when they
hosted Mercer. The first game was a 10-0
shutout and the second game went 10
innings with Mercer getting a 4-3 nod.
The Ospreys came back with an
impressive 8-2 win on Sunday to prevent
an embarrassing sweep.
\ r'

NFL Cracks

Down On

Leaking Info

NFL teams will be disci-
plined by commissioner
Roger Goodell for leaking
any confidential informa-
tion from interviews with
prospective players.
Goodell sent memos to
the 32 teams on Tuesday
warning them that all inter-
views should be considered
confidential and clubs will
be disciplined for conduct
detrimental to the league if
there are any leaks.
A recent story in Pro
Football Weekly identified
Georgia Tech WR Calvin
Johnson, Clemson DE
Gaines Adams and
Louisville DT Amobi
Okoye three highly
regarded prospects for
Saturday's draft as ad-
mitting they experimented
with marijuana. That report
cited unnamed club officials
and said the information
came from videotaped inter-
views at February's NFL
Goodell also has asked
for a review of interviewing
procedures at the combine.
He has not yet determined
what sort of discipline will
be implemented fo leaked

of scrimmage for the majority of the game. An all-SEC per-
former in '06, he bounced back from an injury plagued '05
campaign to help ensure his spot on an NFL roster for '07.
2nd or 3rd Round
Marcus Thomas, DT Off-field troubles may hurt
Thomas more than they would have in previous draft years.
Though stories actually differ on the exact reason why,
Florida dismissed Thomas from the football team mid-way
through the '06 season for a marijuana-related issue. Off-
the-field issues aside, Thomas is one of the more promising
defensive tackle prospects in this draft. Just don't expect
Cincinatti, Indianapolis, or Tennessee to take a risk on him.
3rd or 4th round
Earl Everett, LB A starter in 42 of 49 games, some
draftniks think he'll actually be drafted before fellow Gator
linebacker Brandon Siler. In '06, Everett recorded 85 tack-
les. 3rd or 4th round
Ryan Smith, CB Smith's journey to Florida included
a Fiesta Bowl victory, a degree, and a graduation ceremony
at Utah. Due to a one-year only rule that also allowed Kevin
Kruger to play for the UNLV hoops team after graduating
from Arizona State, Smith a grad student at Florida in '06
- got to finish out his college eligibility under Urban
Meyer as a Gator. A BCS Championship ring later, he'll be
playing on Sundays next season. 4th or 5th round
Dallas Baker, WR Chris Leak's number one target in
'06, the sure-handed Baker caught 151 passes and scored 21
touchdowns in four years as a Gator. The nephew of former
Saints wideout Wes Chandler, Baker has the NFL in his
blood. 4th or 5th round
DeShawn Wynn, RB Long moaned about in
Gainesville, Wynn came up when it mattered most hav-
ing arguably his best game as a Gator in the BCS Title Game
versus Ohio State. Banged up in '06, his carries and stats
took a bit of a hit. Could be a solid pro in a West Coast
offense due to above average receiving skills.

A world leader in cigars and smokeless tobacco products is seeking a Production
Mechanic at our Jacksonville, Flo;ida plant. Candidates should have 2-3 years of
mechanical experience. Exposure to high-speed production equipment is required.
Must be able to work any shift.
Our company offers a good starting salary and wide range of benefits including
health/dental/life insurance and retirement plan.
Applicants should submit resume (NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE) to:


Mifksu sI Suwile't Sweef CigcMta
Attn: Human Resource Manager/Mechanic
P.O. Box 2230
Jacksonville, FL 32203

Suns HOME This Weekend!

Friday, April 27 7:05pm
Family Faith Night with AVALON! Enjoy national Christian
recording stars AVALON perform alter the game! Spon-
sored by Saturn of Jacksonville. Before the concert, enjoy
NAPA Friday Family Fireworks after the game!

Saturday, April 28- 7:05pm
Spider-Man Night and Travel Hamper Giveaway! The first
3,000 fans get a free Suns travel hamper, courtesy of
Whataburger, Comcast Spotight and 969 The Eagle.
Plus, come dressed like Spider-Man for great prizes from
Regal Cinemas. It's also Law Enforcement night with
LoJack and the Oreos and Milk Jingle Tour will be at the
ballpark all night long!

1l^^K011.IdI 1

L1 r TE TVAR AR 2 2007

(Aries March 21st thru
April 19th) Legal matters,
paperwork and
processing are
favored on
Monday, so if
you've been putting off such
things, procrastinate no
more. From Tuesday
through most of Thursday,
make a concerted effort to
understand your emotions
rather than just blindly
reacting. What's the source?
How can you address it?
Find out, and you'll be ready
for some interesting explo-
rations around Friday and
Saturday. Maybe it's career
options, maybe romantic
ones -- take a look around.
On Sunday, slow down.
Getting grounded now
makes for a promising new
(Taurus- April 20th thru
May 20th) Monday looks
busy, but carve
out some time
for yourself-- a
walk, a cup of
tea, a little reading. A little
pause can be very refresh-
ing. From Tuesday through
most of Thursday, you're
liable to be extra passionate
-- about ideas, your point of
view, a certain person. Try
to incorporate flexibility; if
you do you'll be ready for
anything. Go slow around
Friday and Saturday, when
situations and motivations
are shifting fast.
Committing too quickly
could get you in a tough
spot. On Sunday, though,
you're grounded and good to
(Gemini May 21st thru
June 21st) Though it seems
like an unlikely
day for love,
Monday's got
romance written
all over it. You're whip-
smart, too -- really the
whole package. From
Tuesday through most of
Thursday, your feelings are
evolving in reaction to the
world around you, and the
closer you observe, the more
progress you'll make. A
snail's pace is actually the
most productive now.
Expect extremes around
Friday and Saturday -- good
times, bad times ... you'll get
your share. Respond with
intelligence rather than flip-
pantly, and the former will
outweigh the latter. On
Sunday, actions speak loud-
er than words.
(Cancer June 22nd thru
July 22nd) Be ready to
clear up a little
Scation on
Monday -- the
sooner, the better. Then,
from Tuesday through
most of Thursday, your
emotional reactions are
strong, but then again, so
is your intuition. You're
just extra-sensitive, which
can be a very good thing.
If you've got tons of
social stuff planned
around Friday and
Saturday, scale back a bit;
you'll want time alone as
well (or perhaps alone
with a certain someone!).
On Sunday, get something
done that you've been put-

ting off-- even if it's a lit-
tle thing, the sense of
accomplishment will be
i great.

(Leo July 23rd thru
August 22) Friendships and
more romantic
connections are
favored on
Monday, so be sure to get in
touch (maybe literally!).
From Tuesday through most
of Thursday, if you think
somebody doesn't have your
best interests, at heart, you're
very likely right. Consider a
frank discussion about dove-
tailing your needs, or con-
sider ending this arrange-
ment. Around Friday and
Saturday, look out world,
here you come! You're
unstoppable -- and unstop-
pably hot. What's especially
sexy: your frankness and
humor. On Sunday, quiet
down and you'll hear some-
thing interesting.
(Virgo August 23rd thru
September 22nd) Do some
shopping on
Monday, whether
it's your work or
personal budget that's at
stake (or your heart -- there's
a lot out there for the pick-
ing in the online personals!).
From Tuesday through most
of Thursday, remember that
people can tell when your
attention's wandering. You'll
get bonus points for tuning
in and asking an intelligent,
engaged question or two.
Then, will you be the
responsible one or take a
risk around Friday and
Saturday? Or, better, how
about a little of both? On
Sunday, some sweet energy
comes your way. A romantic
brunch, anyone?
(Libra September 23rd
thru October 22nd) The
stars smile on
you on Monday,
so get up, get
going and make
the most of your sweet self.
From Tuesday through most
of Thursday, work, money
and material stuff may be
uppermost in your mind, but
don't lose track of your
usual lovely balance. Be
ready to reprioritize accord-
ing to your values. Watch
friendships blossom and
your network branch out
around Friday and Saturday
-- and if you've got romance
on your mind, this is a fine
time to pursue that, too. A
more serious mood comes
on Sunday. What's on your
(Scorpio October 23rd
thru November 21st)
Decisions are
'" tough on
Watch out for
getting paralyzed by the
sheer volume of consider-
ations to take into
account. If you can, wait
to choose (or at least give
yourself room to back
out). From Tuesday
through most of Thursday,
your vision's renewed and
your confidence is strong.
Don't be surprised if you
attract a new follower or
admirer now. You may be
feeling devil-may-care
around Friday and
Saturday, but don't get too
carried away. Think
ahead, at least a bit. On

Sunday, you're thinking
more clearly, not to men-
tion communicating beau-

(Sagittarius November
22nd thru December 21st)
-- You cain make a
\ter. fruitful new
contact on
S.Mo'Indai, whether
it's for business, pleasure or
a little bit of both.
Connections are less than
crackling from Tuesday
through most of Thursday;
you've got plenty going on
in your own heart and mind
to keep you busy,.and oth-
ers may just have to get in
line. Tell 'em they can cash
in their rain checks around
Friday and Saturday, when
you're ready to focus your
attention on people and
projects, lending your wit
and general wonderfulness
to any and all occasions. On
Sunday, you're artistic,
whether you're creating or
(Capricorn December
22nd thru January 19th)
You'll be
involved in the
day-to-day on
Monday, and
you'd be wise to not push
problematic issues, whether
at home or with your boss.
From Tuesday through
most.of Thursday, the right
path is illuminated by the
stars, and you're pretty
much skipping along while
whistling. Hint: The more
organized you are, the
greater your forward
motion now. That motion
may seem to be reversing
around Friday and
Saturday, but it's not as bad
as you think. Regroup and
rethink your plan. Sunday
sends great energy your
way -- you're back on track
and more.
(Aquarius-January 20th
thru February 18th) A
new friend (or
just a nice smile)
comes from an
unexpected place
on Monday, so keep your
eyes and heart open. From
Tuesday through most of
Thursday, you may be sensi-
tive about your innermost
feelings, but sharing them
with the. right person gives
you a sense of connection.
Why soldier along solo?
Look for your outlook and
your sense of life's possibil-
ities to expand amazingly
around Friday and Saturday.
New friends, experiences
and even love are at your
fingertips, so reach out. On
Sunday, rest up -- but get
some exercise to get the
blood pumping and the
mood elevated, too.
(Pieces February 19th
and March 20th) One-on-
one relationships
or meetings
"" \ could be tricky
on Monday.
Look for reasonable com-
promises and better ways.
From Tuesday through most
of Thursday, though, recog-
nize when others are being
unreasonable and set some
limits. Being passive isn't
going to cut it now -- get a
consult from a friend or
mentor if you're uncertain
about what to do. Making
the right choices is easy
around Friday and Saturday,
and you look great while
doing it. No need to toot

your own horn; you'll get
applause. On Sunday, a talk
with a friend far away is fun
and fruitful.

H From Actual Police Reports

H Did You Hear About?

was dispatched to the 1300 block of Moat St. in
reference to a domestic battery. Upon arrival he .:. ,r.
made contact with Mr. KH (victim). The victim 0
stated that he was walking north on Moat St. when.
his brother, Mr. RH (suspect) talked up from
behind him and struck him on the neck with a plas-
tic pipe. He said the suspect is always on drugs and
continuously causes problems for him. The officer
observed a minor laceration on the right side of the
victim's neck. He also observed a black PVC pipe I
with blood on it, lying in the grass. The victim refused Rescue. The PVC pipe was
taken to the property room.

but became one of the victims) An officer was dispatched to the 1400 block of
Kings Rd. regarding a male who was the victim of a battery. Upon his arrival, he
was met by Mr. JM (suspect). Mr. JM was bleeding from his upper lip and advised
the dope man hit him in the mouth and he wanted something done about it. Mr. JM
refused medical attention. The officer conducted an investigation at the 1400 block
of Grothe St. Ms. MF (victim) advised the suspect got into a fight with a local dope
dealer and was hit in the mouth. The suspect fled the area and later came back to
confront the dope dealer. The victim advised she was walking behind the suspect
attempting to talk to him and prevent him from going back and confronting the drug
dealer. The suspect obtained a beer bottle and.broke it along the side of the roadway.
The suspect then walked up to the victim attempting to cut her with the broken beer
bottle. The witness (dope man) got between the suspect and victim and punched the
suspect in his face with his fist. The suspect fled the area on foot and ran to the 1400
block of Kings Rd, where he called the police.

:T HERE Two officers were dispatched to the
-.--..... 5700 block of Brait Ave. in reference to locating
j and arresting defendant Mr. B. Upon arrival,
Witness #1, Ms. S, told the officers that the
defendant wasn't there and allowed them to
come inside and look around. While walking
down the hallway they observed witness #2
/ asleep in a rear bedroom at the end on the hall-
way. They asked Ms. S again if anyone else was
in the home, and she said no. She then opened her bedroom door and Mr. B (the
defendant) was standing in the middle of the room in the dark. Once they took him
into custody and turned the bedroom light on, the officers observed in plain view on
the dresser Marijuana and crack cocaine. Ms. S said she had no idea the drugs were
on the dresser, that they belongs to Mr. B. A box of 9mm-live rounds was discov-
ered and the 9mm gun was in the car. Mr. B was booked into the PTDF.

It's the biggest night of the year, and you've got some big decisions to
make. Thankfully,. taffeta and polyester suits are still out (unless it's an 80s
theme). But aside from what to wear, there's where to eat, what to do after- and
how to live through the whole thing without drinking, drama or tearing your
dress (especially if you're a dude 'cause that would be weird).
The point is, some people freak out so much about making prom perfect
that they end up hating it. Funny because the best thing to do is to be your-
self. Don't try so hard. Just let it happen.
Why worry? Just take a minute to THINK. And that's where THINK.Prom can
We know you think all year. Prom is time to let go, right? Absolutely. But
THINK.Prom is more than a one-time deal. It's common sense and a commit-
ment to partying sober before, during and after prom. And it means if you want
to play dress-up, rent a sweet ride or drop a few bills on a steak dinner, that's
totally cool. Just try not to look like a rookie. Here's how:
Think about yourself. You know what's up. And you know you can do this
without drinking. You just have to decide.
Think about cash. Now do we have your attention? Enter the "Party Safe.
Party Sober." Video Scrapbook Contest, and your superior wisdom and cre-
ative genius could score you $500.
Think about your friends. It seems like everybody knows that one guy or
girl who just has to cross the line. But it's all fun and games until someone gets
hurt, right? What may seem funny at first is actually really serious. So put your
buds in the back seat and make sure they get home safe.
Think about your ride. Before you go, decide who's driving. And no, that
doesn't mean the guy who thinks he's best after a few beers. Driving better
with a buzz? Do you know how messed up that sounds?
Remember, you can create, protect or ruin a reputation all in one night. So
check out THINK.Prom and make sure your prom is a great one.
Will prom be a blur or a memory? It's your call. .

-N] I I ,,,L ,~cml-- .....


Deadline for Ads:
Tuesday @ 5:00 p.m.

Call: (904) 766-8834 or email: info@thefloridastar.com

P.O. Box 40629
Jacksonville, FL 32203



APRIrL 28, 200 7




APRIL 28, 2007



Change Your Life.
Your Future.
You have the power to change
your future. And you can do it
right here at Florida
Community College at
Jacksonvile. To learn about
employment opportunities that
are available please visit our
website at Jobs.FCCJ.edu.




@ 5 p.m.

To place an ad:

CAll: (904) 766-8834

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PHONE 888-809-1476




Bulldozers, Backhoes, Loaders, Dump
Trucks, Graders, Scrapers, Excavators

-National Certification
-Job Placement Assistance


Associated Training Services www.equipmentoperator.com

==- -

#SCC 055764

Low Rates.

Want to purchase minerals and
other oillgas interests
Send details to:
P.O. Box 13557
Denver, CO 80201

To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673



,r,,,, .. & ,a in ...

Lake Oconee

Lake Sinclair Georgia

RVn, www.mrilakeoconlee.coil


What Destroys Relationships? Answer pg 446 B)u and
Read Dianecics by L. Ron Hlubbard Send $8.00 to: Hubbard
Dianetics Ioundation, 3102 N. 1Hahaa A'\ce., 'Tampa FL 33607


1 1,-I-~i. i n llrls .l ,-v 1 11 .,, ,.i ,
May 4. 10am. Prime development, beautiful home sites, mer-
chantable timber. (800)323-8388 \..~:o ,elaItjLqscti y35,
10% BP, GAL AUL-C002594.

Prime Florida Residential Real Estate; Homes. condos.
building lots. Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero. Punla
Gorda, Naples. Auction: April 28. Preview online! (866)898-
6558 www.premietrealestatcauetiions comt

Auction 164+/- acres divided. Prime farmland, cultisatable
acres, beautiful home sites. Ben Hill County, CA., Fri. May 4
@ 3pm. (800)323-8388 ?..o.,91:ci a l.ill oSt .oin GAL AIU-

Waterfront Condo AUCTION 5/Z1107 2BR 2BA w/dock,
Exclusive Nobel Point, Ponpano Beaclh, FL. Sold Absolute
at or above $290,00)0; Broker Cooperation
vwvw.fisherauction.com L. Fisher AU93; ABI100 (800)331-
6620 x16. Sale subject to all terms.


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Notice: Post Office Positions Now Available. Avg. Pay $20/
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lUDU 1OMES! 4BR/2B1A $19S/mo! Stop Renting! 5''dw.20
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PALM 1HARBOR HOMESCertiiled Mlodular& Mobile I lome
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A 5/UR IllD! S39,9110! Only $317/Mo! Won't Last! 5%
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Land For Sale

*LANI) ACTION* 200 'rops Mustl e Sold! Low Down /
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)l y.ANdALLQm1.Oit.l1 NRLI. Elast:AB12509,
Bulziulk:AU3448, .lohnston:AUl3449, Mauk:AU3447.

AUCTION 2.711+/- Acres Divided. Sat., May 5, 11:00 a.nm.
Atkinson County. GA HIere is the perfect recreational prop-
erly bfr the serious hunter or serious lard investor. This
unique property sells divided into 3 tracts from 634+41- to
945+/- acres. 2.630 acres in Wetland Reserve Conservation
Program, extraordinary hunting and fishing, There is 81 acres
not in conservation program. perfect for cabin or lodge. Pay
20% down, 101% buyer's premium. Call for information
(80 0)479-1763. GAL#2034. Auction conducted by John
Dixon & Associates ,w.iolixn.c

So. Central Fl. Private Gated Lakefront Community was
$179,900 NOW $79,900 I to 3 acre lake access. Owner inlst
secl. Call (888)320-8399 x 1242.


DIVORCES275-S350*COVERS children, etc. Only one sig-
nature required! *Fxcludes govt. fees! Call weekdays'
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tablished 1977.

AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation
Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if
qualliied Job placement assistance. CA..L Aviation Insti-
lule of Maintenance (888)349-5387.

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. Medical, busi-
ness. parinlegal, computers criminal justice, Job placecient
assistance. Financial aid and computer provided if qualified.
Call (866)858-1212 wvww.,nlineTidowtalcrTclt.com.

SISPENDERIS will patented "No Slil Clip" ..Liflime Guar-
auice, Fil1:I catalrg (800)700-4515 W WyaYapds&o.

WANTED: 10 HI)1OMEST' Shlow OfiOturNewLil.limc e xtle-
rior Paintl. Cl('tl Now to see iflyour homnoc qtualilies. (800)961-
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Real Estate

AAII! Cool Mountain Breezes! Murplhy. North Carolina
AlTordable Land. 1 loes. Mountain Cabins, on Lakes, Moun-
tains & Streams. I RLI BIRO)IIHUE (877)837-2288 Lxit
Realty Mountain View\' Propertie at aui.cti y t.cn.

W ES fERN NC MOI INTAINS FREE Color Brochure& In for-
mation MOUINTAIN PROPIRRTIElS with Spectacular views,
Homes, Cabins, Creeks. & Investment acreage. CHEROKEE
cherokeemountainrealt coin Call for feie brochure (800)841-

Lake- $169.900 I1) AC- Tug Hill Lake- $69,900 88 AC-
Wildlife Pondi Trout Stream S159.900 25 AC- Lakerti'nt
Central NY- S129,9010 Coming Soon- Largest Adirondack
River lotsiv'\,watertills.C (llI CChlsunas& Astsciates(800)229-
7843 w\\wtlandandcamps coin.

NC Gated Lakefront Communl ity. Pleasaitly mild climate
1.5 acrs. 90 miles ofsahoreline. Neverloffered before with 20%
pre-development discounts, 90% financing. Call (800)709-

GotNorth GA Mountain Fever? We Have TheCure...Wecaun
Ielp You Find The Perfect Place Here. Sales and. Rentals.
Toccon Wilderness Realty & Cabin Rental, LLC.
t.k\3:a,i.m.oC\i\0.iJdCcRuE 1yiIaad.C.^idBi.9JikkLI
(7061t32-2606 OR (706)435-8735.

Land for Sale by Owner. South EastGeorgia. Private Financ-
ing. No Credit Check. Starting $198.00 monthly. (912)278-
7108 itw\\wb.lackwai enstsrv.eom.

NC: Best buy in mountains! Owner inatncing. two acres
with spectacular view, paved road. restricted, Bry'son City.
545.000, $9.000 down. Call owners (800)273-6213.
w\ww,wtildcalknob coarn.

C()O l.01)H. I )t .\ IIU .; _'L -.-'-,i .. 'i.
sun5 ,.l ii 4I Ii .. tA I ,,4 4.,,, ,4.4 l
Call owner today! ....... '2595.

LAKE PROPERTIES Lakefront and lake view hones And
parcels on pristine 34,0001 aice.,Norris Lake in E. Tennesse .
Call Lakeside Realty' (898)291-5253 Or visit
www.lak~k iderealv-ts-cons.

GA/ FL Border HugeSavings! 23.55 AC, oily $99,9003 (was
$124.900) Coastal region. Wooded, loaded wl/wildlife. Easy
drive to St. Simons i. 1' ']I-dI ....-I. potential! CA I.
NOW (8(00)898-4409 X 1178.

JUST S195.22/ MONTH* 1+ acres with FRIEl Boat Slips!
Nicely wooded lake access property in brand new premier
dev0topmnent on spectacular 160,000 acre recreational lake!
Prime wateirfronts available. Call (800)704-3154, x 1113.
Price $34,900, *20%" down. balance financed 30 years. 7,5%
mixed, OAC

Coastal Gcorgia N\ew, Pre- construction Golf Communtity.
Large lots & condos w/ deepwatcr. marsh, golf. nature views.
Gated. (Golf, Fitness Center, Tennis. Trails, )Docks. $70k's-
$300k. (877)266-7376. ,vav.coonersnintcom.

Coastal GA. 57.92 acres $199.900)! iGA! FL border. Mature
pines, abundant wildlife. Only an hour fiom Jacksonville. 1F1
CALL.NOW (9041206-5100 1195.

loll on 5 acre mnountaintop overlooking great big trout stream
neur New River State Park and (ialan. must sell $299,500
onvner (866)78'>-8535.

North Georgia Mountalin Properties. Foryour fi guide call
(877)635-6461 or to sec entire book. visit

Steel nBliililgiis

STEEL BUILDINGS FACTORY Sale- As low as $3.89/
square foot. Straight Wall Commercial Gtrade. 2.400 to 1100.000
square feet. Garages, Shops, Strip Malls. Warehouses, Mini-
Storages, etc. Factory Erection available. (800)720-6857.

/A f%4 [


~~1-- ''-.tt't

I r~~~l; I ~~. TT mfMII11Ri "N.- .-

-- a~ v W ith 22

Lake Frontoge


1-888-291 5253

Auction Date -:- Saturday -:- April 28 -:- 10 a.m.

Bidder Awareness Seminar Seminar Held at Auction Site
Free Bar-B-Q Lunch Tolar White Road-
Friday -:- April 27 -:- 12 noon Farm 1, Tract 1, Under the Tent
*Wr.r h,:;.px t Art 'I,- ,-I r I How T" P J 1 ,' 1A u.'.i)..: IJ.d:. ',. A' n ,. ,I \ethod
^ ii I I .', 4 4t'tI 4515tliL14 -i|
4, he n Ai4,'I n"- i". -
Roell real S& Aucion Co., Inc. 00-i7
5 800-323-8388 ..
AU, 9 AS, M,
R *egitrfr nLnA ucinUdt

-Saturday -:- May 5 -:- 10 a.m.

48 Beautiful Building Sites F
Plus 3 Story Low Country Home
Townsend, GA near Shellman's Bluff .
II .i : the South : r. '
Ups.ac CGated ,Commltunityr I I Cl(hhousC. ilrf

SRowell Auctions Inc.'
il ,,Ii, 80-323-838 Bid online at ,,vviv pro xhbid ,'o'11
II -' .

To place an ad:

CAII: (904) 766-8834

FAX: (904) 765-1673



Advertimi g ,i;:, ,


(Week of April 23, 2007 -
ST .

lrAr' 1 -7


FAUL C -/ IAyA"s

4 1


:' ~ 1,

0-230-4731 l 11 .1111111I

.We have thIIIII1 II 1 lI(rei ghi1I
~ .; Now,8~re




CALL 904-563-5656
Licensed and Insured



w I

APRIL 28, 2007


6 f ,


JTA is redesigning the bus system to build a better,
easier and more useful system for everyone. We want
to get your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

The Transit Talk sessions will help us better
understand your transit needs and travel habits, and
plan a better regional transportation system.

Scheduled TransitTalk Meetings:


12518 Richfield

Monday, April 30,2007
(with RTS SE corridor mtg)
FCCJ Deerwood Rm B-1204
991 I Old Baymeadows Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
(5-7 p.m.)

Tuesday, May 1,2007
Household of Faith
925 Edgewood Avenue W
Jacksonville, Florida 32208
(4-7 p.m.)

Thursday, May 3, 2007
(with RTS East corridor mtg)
Arlington Senior Center
1078 Rogero Road
Jacksonville, Florida 3221 1
(5-7 p.m.)

Anyone requiring special accommodations should contact
Fred Haley at (904) 630-3153 or e-mail fjhaley@jtafla.com.

Rr R i ,,'al Transportation Solutions

S3 Bedrooms
4 2 Full Baths
* Study/Office
* Shirley Oaks
* One Story Style
* Brick Front

Features Include:
4 2309 Sq.Ft.
* Central Cooling A/C
* Central Heating Heat
0 Electric Source Heat
4 1 Fireplace
* Asphalt Blacktop Roadway

* Attached Garage
4 Large Back Yard
4 Carpet
4 Ceramic Tile
4 French Door(S)
* Picture Window

This Beautiful Home W/Fantastic Curb Appeal Has His & Her Walk In Closeis And The Huge Mba Has His & Her
Sinks W/Roman Tub & Shower. Family Room W/Gas Fireplace; Enormous Backyard; Neighborhood of Exercisers
& Walkers; Open Airy Home W/High Ceilings On A Hill. Wireless Wired.
Seller to pab 2% of huyer's closing costs.
A $1000. gift card for a full contract brought by May 1, 2007.

For more information and/or a private showing call:
Betty Asque Davis
Watson Realty Corp
615 Higha, AIA
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Office: 904 285-6300
Office Fax: 904 285-5330
Office: 904 473-1502

q5 ,aei; IaINina ~XO

100 North Myrtle Avenue, Jacksonville Florida 32204
Telephone: (904) 630-3153 Fax: (904) 630-3168

We have some stluon, s that might be easier
S..' thanithn .youthinkl We're the, National Endowment
: for -Financipl Edu.iation, a, nonprofit foundation
:with nothing to. sell, and; a lotto tell. For over 30
years, we've helped people just like you.get smart
; about the-i nmoney;.,Come to. us for sound advice
and: practical information on how to start achieving
all your financial goalss For everything'.from,
getting out of debt to managing your money wisely
to saving, for the future we're here to help.
ww w. smartaboutmoney .onr,g

,,':: "' W tj time to get smart aQot y9'r money.

Not if .
SWcan help


I II 11(1 -




Lance Gross Tickles Your ... r

Funny Bone In Tyler

Perry's "House of Payne"

By Rych McCain,
Photos 2007 by Andre' B.
Murray/ bernagency.pho-
Tyler Perry has a
new TV comedy
series entitled "House
of Payne." It is cen-
tered on one over-
crowded household
where several over-
lapping generations
of the Payne family
are stuffed together.
The recipe is ripe for
all kinds of humorous
situations. One of the
characters is Calvin
Payne who is the only
child of Ella and
Curtis Payne. He is
played by Lance
Gross. When asked to
describe his role,
Gross says, "I play
Calvin who is a 25
year old college stu-
dent. I can't make up
my mind and don't
know what I want to
do so I'm using home
as a safety net. I'm
staying with my par-
ents, living off of
them and I keep
changing my major."
Gross was a col-
lege student in real
life but had an entire-
ly different view than
his TV character. He
says, "I went to
Howard University,
but I was very
focused on acting and
film production so I
knew exactly what I
wanted to do. I was
ready to get out of the
house and be on my

Referring back to
his character Calvin,
Gross laughs, "Yeah,
we are definitely dif-
ferent." When com-
paring Atlanta to Los
Angeles in terms of
working, Gross points
out, "You know, it's a
change of scenery. I've
only worked in
Hollywood and
Atlanta is new to me
but I'm definitely
looking forward to it.
Gross has appeared on
"The Bernie Mac
Show," "Eve" and
other shows.
It is also interesting
to note that Gross
turned down the
opportunity of becom-
ing a pro track and
field athlete to pursue
his dream of acting.
Famous clothing
designer Karl Kani
actually hired Gross
for a national commer-
cial after meeting him
in an elevator at BET's
20th Anniversary after
party. "House of
Payne" has orders for
one hundred episodes
which insures at least
four to five seasons of
airing which is a testa-
ment to the strength of
Tyler Perry's mass
marketing appeal. The
show will debut on
TBS on June 9, 2007.

Lance Gross

PageD-2/pri 28,200 TheSta

Saturday Mornina


Aoril 28. 2007

Hnamal uvemi. r.evm, raver uuuu .v.u...iy.,iei
Horseland (CC) Horseland (CC) Saturday Early Show
Paid Program Archie's Myst. Winx Club (N) Viva

inat s-naven i naras-aven nan. mrioana .sac a \,w y
Horseland (CC) Horseland (CC) Horseland (CC) Horseland (CC)

Mutant Turtles Viva Pinata (N) Teenage Mut

Chaotic (N) (CC) Yu-Gi-Ohl (CC) Yu-Gi-Oh! (CC)

3 4 Paid Program

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S2 11 12 Bob Vila (CC) Ebert & Roeper Today (N) A (CC1 Good Morning Jacksonville Saturday (CC) Babar (El) (CC) Dragon (El) 3-2-1 Penguins! VeggieTales
S12 2 Farm Bureau Rose Lee A. Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
SC 8 5 Wild Chronicles Nature (N) (CC) (DVS) Clifford-Red Dragon Tales Big Big World Joy of Painting Victory Garden Woodwright Yankee Shop Hometime i 1, Garden Home
S( 13 59 Cherub Wings Faithville (CC) Kingdom Adv. Greatest Heroes of the Bible (El) Pahappahooey Miss Charity BJs Teddy Bear Dooley-Pals Nanna Cottage My Bedbugs 0 Maralee Dawn
9 7 Paid Program Paid Program Krypto Sprdg Krypto-Super Loonatics Tom and Jerry Shaggy-Scooby Johnny Test (N) Super Heroes The Batman (N) The Batman At Xiaolin Show.
4 65 43 Paid Program Paid Program Mad TV Jjckie Cnjar guSu.i',r. Mad TV Ii C'C Mad TV CCI ** The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Ii'-.l ,,rCr Ringmaster
4 22 16 Bear in House JoJo's Circus The Wiggles A Higglytown Little Einsteins LIttle Einsleins Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse lJohnny-Sprites IHandy Manny Doodlehops i Chalie & Lola
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43 23 Paid Program Real Estate Family Matters IFamily Matters Step by Step IStep by Step Full House iCC, Full House 1C1 Boy Mts World Boy Mts World Grounded-Lite Grounded-Lile
) 2 201 ** On the Edge l(:0,l i, ICC) Wait Til Next Year *** Ever Aher tl9.?iI Drepv Barrmore. Arleric:d Husiorn II liC) The Man ii2051 Caamurl L Ji.i ...r i' IC, De La hoya
18 28 Paid Program Paid Pogram PaidProgram Pad Program PaidProgram The Bean Pald Program Paia Program Paid Program Paid Program Legacy of Fear i,':,;.' Tar, P,.:
K 42 41 Romeo! 6 (CC) Catscratch 6 LazyTown (CC) OddParents Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob SpongeBob OddParents Tigre: Rivera Avatar-LastAir |Avatar-LastAir
(E 61 37 Paid Program Paid Program Russ Dalbey Fat Burning Real Estale Paid Program ** The Terminator ili'. ArnOjl Sch,'.*.izre6 r,,jr Lind3 H;r ii!tnr World's Wildest Police Videos
117 18 Dawson's Creek ( CC Steve Harvey Steve Harvey ** Powder (19'95) Mar Sleeniturgern. Sean F'alri..- Flarner, iLC1 I Home Improve JHome Improve Dangerou.- Minds *1. ~ ~ ,
46 17 Police Chases IPoliceChases ** My Fellow Americans (r 9% .Iack Lemrarin Premiere iCCi) ** Grumpy Old Men il'A93) Jac Lemmorn 'Wialier htMmlau Cl..., i Grumpief Old Mlen l''il

64 25 Coach i' :C I Coach s iCC) Fun Fitness

The Bean

Paid Program Paid Program j, ** Breakdown I1ir9I. Su.jeFr~e Ku RusIll. J T Walsh

***Frequency 12yjij; !r.r,

Saturday Afternoon http://wwwzap2it.com April 28, 2007

ABC ( 5 10 Power Rangers Power Rangers NBAAccess Paid Program Paid Program Countdown NASCAR Racing Busch Series -- Aaron's 312 From Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Ala. (Lve)
CBS i 6 9 ** The Assignment (1997) Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland. Basketball's Great Shooters PGA Golf EDS Byron Nelson Championship -- Third Round From Irving, Texas. (Live) (CC)
FOX X 110 13 Paid Program Paid Program Mad Max (1979, Sr.n,: Fi,:1ril Mel Git'son. Joanne Samul. Week-Baseball. MLB Baseball Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees (S Live) (CC)
IND ~j 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program ISteel Dreams INASCAR Angel jWithout a Trace "Lone Star' ft
NBC 11 12 Jane-Dragon Jacob Two Two Paid Program Paid Program Auto Racing: CORR NHL Hockey C,:,niieree S;mrral Gjam 2 Teams TBA (S Live) (CC)
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PBS i 8 5 The This Old House Hour (CC) Antiques Roadshow (CC) Steves Europe Mexico: Plate Real Simple O6 America's Tst Everyday Food Gourmet Barbecue Univ. Cooking Class
TBN ( 13 59 Fun Food Adv. IFriends Heroes Bibleman El) jDavey-Goliath D's Kids Club McGeeandMe Nest Family Retro News Jacob's Ladder Christian World Praise the Lord (CC)
SCW V' 9 7 MXP. Most Xtreme Primate C-j.i03) 'Din Dreurtz. Trevor Wrinhl Homeward Bound. The Incredible Journey 119)3 Advenlijre) Dumb and Dumber 119 % Ci .e3e,.'i Jim Can-,; .leti [anril
COM 65 43 Ringmaster ,1r~99, !.srry Spring-r (CCI I*** Dogma 11999 Corriedvl Ben Aflleck. Linda Fiorenino Man Dsarmn (CC) *** The Breaklast Club 11,5) Emilo E.ri.ez. JudJ Nel,:on ICC
DISN 22 16 Lilo & Strch n IReplacements JKronk's New Groove (2L05. Com-ly) (t (CCI Kim Possible [American Drgn lAmerican Drgn Emperor New IEmperor New IReplacements IReplacements
ESPN 148 34 2007 NFL Draft From New York. (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 Sabrnna-Wtch Sabrina-Wrtch Sabrina Witch ISabrina-Wtch I* Girls Just Want to Have Fun 119851 Sarah Jessica Parkr ** Troop Beverly Hills '119r, ';Shrle, L.ng C',j T fJi l.r, C,
HBO 2 201 De La Hoya **r Dreamer Inspired by a True Story i2Cor Kur Rusll IJ CCI I** The Dukes of Hazzard 12005, Comedyl i lCCi Fracture-Look I*** War of the Worlds 12;ri- Tom Cruise
LIFE 18 28 Legacy of Fear i.,':6 i Ti- Fo i Maid of Honor 1i00F'. Su:pnricr L.na3 Purl. Lindenr Ashby ICC) Troubled Waters ?21.'06 .I-rirler Beals. Oliva Balinrlyne iCCi Alone With a Stranger 12:'lui
NICK i42 41 NicktoonsTV NicktoonsTV Nicktoons TV Nicktoons TV SpongeBob IspongeBob Jimmy Neutron Danny Phantom OddParents IAvatar-Last Air SpongeBob IDrake & Josh
SPIKE 161 37 Horsepower TV MuscleCar ft Xtreme 4x4 Trucks! C (CC) Bullrun 6 World's Wildest Police Videos World's Wildest Police Videos World's Wildest Police Videos
TBS 17 18 ** Dangerous Minds, i'?) i:hgei Pelf-r CC) First Knight I 19d A, dvenlure) !PA) Sean Co'nnery. Richard Gere iCCi Jurassic Park III 12lir.l i IPA'i Sam NeilI WiliSam H Ma),' :i"CI
TNT 46 17 Grumpier Old Men i I\i1 '* Down to Earth 12i'l ClornI Co r,, r.io R. ICC JNBA Pregame INBA Basketball Ead'.err. C:.on!,r.r-., F Fri Runri jamj. P:lrn.a M,.~r : INBA Basketball
SUSA 64 25 *** Frequency ii0j- C'inris. Ouild CC, j The Saint li9-7 Su5speri; Vl Kilmer Elidibeth Shue. Rade 5ertedzIaj I( I* Unbreakable i2C)01 Bruce nllis, Sdmuel L Jack;wr, BCCri

Saturday Evening http://www.zap2it.com April 28, 2007

ABC 25 5 10 ABC Nevs News iCC 24 it iCCi Pearl Harbor 12001. War) PA) Ben Afilerc. Josn Hannen it (CCI News IC3 [2J. i CCi
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FOX %3j 10 13 MLB Baseball American Idol Rewind (N) Cops (N) Cops (N) America's Most Wanted News (CC) News (CC) Mad TV (N) f (CC)
IND 14 3 4 News (CC) The Insider Griffith Griffith Alias (CC) CSI: Miami "Recoil" (CC) News (CC) News (CC) Da Vinci's Inquest (CC)
NBC R 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Dateline NBC f (CC) Law & Order: SVU Law & Order 0 (CC) News (CC) |Sat. Night
ION 21 12 2 Morris Cerullo Helpline Another You (1991 Conmedyi Richard Pryor. A Cage Rage 21: Judgement Day (Taped) BodogFight t (CC)
PBS M 8 5 Lawrence Welk Show Antiques Roadshow (CC) Keeping Up IKeeping Up Time Goes Time Goes Served IServed Doctor Who Doctor Who
TBN 59 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) The Coral Ridge Hour In Touch (CC) Carl Baugh New Life Billy Graham Classic Theater Travel Road
CW 3 9 7 Fresh Pr. Will-Grace My Wife Jim All of Us (N) IGirlfriends The Game Hates Chris The Shield "Posse Up" Smallville "Cyborg" (CC)
COM 65 43 Scrubs iC,-. Scrubs iCI-:, Scrubs iCC(r Scrubs 1i.C Joe Dirt 120011 Div'jr Spad.-e. Dennis Miller. (CC' Jackass: The Movie (20021 Joclnir y Knoxville.
DISN 22 16 So Raven So Raven So Raven So Raven K. Possible JDragon JKronk's New Groove (20 051 i tCCI Replace ISuite Lile ISo Raven
ESPN 48 34 2007 NFL Draft From New York (Live\ (CC' NBA Basketball: First Round -- Spurs at Nuggets NBA Basketball: First Round
FA-I 43 23 *- Sleepover r20j'l041 Ale '.Veta Mil- Er.'rnr, iCC. ** Uptown Girls .,2003) BriEany Murpnt 11iCCl Lovewrecked 2.0131 Ararnda Bvnas (CCi
HRO 2 201 War World I** The Man i.;'005r Samuei L jcrvs)n The Hills Have Eyes i20o06i, Aaron Sitansrd ICCI Boxing Ju3n Dia.- ,aA- /.iinr. Frirns De La Hoya
LI.-E 18 28 Alone With a Stranger The Staircase Murders i1.r7, Treal Williams ICCI A Life Interrupted i2007i Lea Tho-irpsorn iCCI Medium iS (ICC
NICK 42 41 School IOddParents OddParents ISpongeBob ]School INaked Drake IMr. Meaty Cosby Cosby. Cosby ICosby
SPIKE 61 37 Wildest Police Videos ** Fight Club (1999. SuJpenrsel Brad Pirt Edward Norton. The Ultimate Fighter 44 TNA Wrestling Impact!
TBS 17 18 *** Shanghai Knights i '.ii', PAl 13:l -Cian ICC] MLB Baseball lairl.nir Br.a'-i, at C;.i-.rab] Rocre,:. Fr.'nri Cc-iars FIlel in Den'rr *** Sleepy Hollow IPA.
TNT 46 17 NBA Basketball: Firi Fnrun-. *. Cavialer.. -i .'.izir.]i The School ol Rock i201031 Jac-.. B13ck Premiere (CCI A Knight's Tale iU00I1) CCI
USA .64 25 ** Kiss the Girls 11997, I.-lra3n Freernan Ashler Judoa a CC ** The Bourne Identity (2002, Suspense) Matt Damon [CC) IHouse -Acepian..e i

enterprise rip.
Words of Light
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Town Hall
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PBS 71 8 5 Read. Ramnbow Comly Couch Thomas Jakers!-Winks Curious George Clifford-Red Arthur i I Eli Design Squad Cyberchase Capitol Updale Florida Roadlrip Week-Review
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DISN 22 16 Bear in House JoJo's Circus The Wiggles 6 Higglytown Little Einsteins Little Einsteins Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Johnny-Sprites Handy Manny Doodlebops 4 ICharlie & Lola
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FAMR 43 23 Paid Program Real Estate [Family Matters Family Matters [Step by Step Step by Step Full House (CC) Full House (CC) Boy Mts, World Boy Mts. World Grounded-Ufe Grounded-Life
HBO 2 201 Tourete's The X-Files (1998. Science Ficionl David Dij,:horny. GilliaiiAnerrs i n il CC) Real Sports n i (CC, Madagascar ,20:1r:. '".I;.:- i :i-rl -.'ir 1s Madagascar
LIFE .18 28 Get Thin Paid Program Dr Frederick K. Price Hour ol Power iC I Paid Program Health Corner Love in Another To;n r; '',:.:rn ri -lnr -i. ,r:,n P:..;r '.C,
NICK 42 41 Rugrats ICCI Calscratch is LazyTown iCCi OddParents Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob ISpongeBob OddParenls OddParents Avatar-Lasi Air Mr Meaty ii
SPIKE 61 37 Real Eslate Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Trucks' cs (CC. tTrucks! (i'C'i Horsepower TV Horsepower TV Horsepower TV IMuscleC r iF
TBS .17 18 Bloopers' 1 l Mars Attacks! 11996, Comedy) IPA) Jack rNCiNiclson. Glenn Cloi,.i. ICCI *** Signs li'02 Susnp-.ni Mel ,l-:i:,r. J',ioij PIh.o-r\i, iCCi *i Jurassic Park III :'.",P'
TNT .46 17 LAPD. On Beat Most Dramatic Police Chases Dead Presidents i1'95. Drama) Larenz Tatl, V rth David CC ** All C'001 Will B'rh s-d Di thl 1-. -r:-;, ... l.--j L",'L.., 1.i-a'u ,r',rji
USA i64 25 Coach ,CCLi Coach ls lC I FunFltness Changing-World]Ed Young TV Joel Osteen Monk 'CC J The Jackal iiY'. e '':Irll.: r:ldrl Sre ICC. 'CO'.5,

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FOX 3) 10 13 One on One One on One Scrubs (f (CC) NASCAR Racing Nextel Cup Aaron's 499 From Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Ala. (S Live) (CC)
IND ( i 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program PaidProgram IPaidProgram IPaidProgram [Paid Program [In the Heat of the Night ( (CC) Without a Trace "Transitions" tC
NBC 12 11 12 National Heads-Up Poker Championship From Las Vegas. (Taped) NHL Hockey Conference Semifinal Game 2 -- Teams TBA (S Live) (CC) Barbaro: A Nation's Horse (N) 6t
ION 5 i12 2 PaidProgram Paid Program PaidProgram IPaid Program Paid Program IPaid Program Paid Program IPaid Program PaidProgram IPaid Program Wayman Chap. IPaid Program
PBS 7 i 8 5 America's Ballroom Challenge America's Ballroom Challenge America's Ballroom Challenge America's Ballroom Challenge America's Ballroom Challenge Globe Trekker "Greece" ) (CC)
TBN i' '13 59 Love Wortrh A R Bernard Bishop Evans Il is Written Bayless Conley [Paula White King Is Coming [Bishop P. Cornerstone iCi) Bayless Coniey Gregory Dickow
CW T 9 7 Best Friends (2005, Suipenje) Megan Gallagher. Claudelle Mink Blank Check 11994, Conmed Brian Bonsali Karen Dufty *e The Real Howard Spitz 11998, .:Comedl Kel;y Grammer
COM 65 43 ** Dogma 11991 Ben Atfipe: I** Coming to America .1988, Comedy) Eddie Murphy Arseni Hall. (CC) ** Detroit Rock City il 9 C..iriomc-./ Edward Furi-ng ICC) Joe Dirt ICC
DISN 22 16 Lilo & Stnch i IReplacements *t Cadet Kelly 120021 Hilary Dut. Christy Carlon Romano i (CC) IZack & Cody That's-Raven INaturally. Sadie Phil o Future Cory in House Cory in House
ESPN 148 34 2007 NFL Draft From New York. (Live) (CC)
FAM 143 23 Sabrina-Witch ISabrina-Witch Sabrina-Witch ISabrina-Wtch IGilmore Girls ( (CC) Gilmore Girls Cs (CC) IGilmore Girls ) (CC) |Gilmore Girls ) (CC)
HBO 2 201 Real Time With Bill Maher ICCI ** Kindergarten Cop 11990 Arrold Schwarzenegger 6' CC) **The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drft i20061 |* Necessary Roughness 1 i1il, S -a Ba .J3 i
LIFE 18 28 Caught in the Act i20:r Dra.mal Lauren Holly. Ma r Martini ICCI A Life Interrupted 12)7 Docuoraia Lea Tnompsion (CCI Judicial Indiscretion 2'':1? Anne 4%r.her Mi.rhaeIl Stanvr..- i.C
NICK 42 41 NickioonsT NicktoonsTV NcNickoons TV NicktoonsTV SpongeBob SpongeBob [Jimmy Neutron Danny Phantom OddParents Avatar-Last Air SpongeBob IAmanda
SPIKE 61 37 Xlreme x44 t Trucks' i1s 'CC Trucks' U CCi ** Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (19851 Mel Gibson. Tina Turner a ** Fight Club l' y'- ESusper-,L Prid Prt EaW.aid Njorl.ri
TBS 17 18 ** Jurassic Park III 120) IPAJ *** Shanghai Knights 2003i IPAj Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson (CCi JMLB Baseball Ailar-ri Bra'! e a COl:h.d't Rl':. F''. Fir...m C, 'r Fitl.l r in DLer.er i' u.'er 1r elji: 1 uI
TNT 46117 ** The Art of War i2.',: Su:ensel Wesle'' Srnpes, Anne Arl.nr iCC(D !IVSI [* Bait (20001 Jamie FoA An inveslgalcor uses an ursuspecllng perlv :nmrinl as tadl I ** Bad Boys (19951 iCT i
USA 64 25 ** The Jackal ** Kiss the Girls (1997. uspenrse) Morgan Freerran Ashley Judd. Cary Elwes ICC) ) Primal Fear (19l ) Ricnard Gere A hoishori an..mey ilelenrJi an allar roy. accused o murder iCCj

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FOX 10 13 Frasier (CC) Seinfeld A King of the Hill (N) (CC) Simpsons Simpsns Family Guy Amer Dad News (N) News (N) Seinfeld t News Sun.
IND. T I 3 4 News (N) Edition Entertainment Tonight 6 King King CSI: Miami "Vengeance" News (N) News (N) Alias (CC)
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ION (- i12 2 Battlestar Galactica (CC) Battlestar Galactica (CC) ** The Getaway (1994, Drama) Alec Baldwin. t ION Life 6 Live From Liberty 6
PBS I 8 5 Doctor Who 6 (CC) Nature (N) (CC) (DVS) Nature (N) (CC) (DVS) Masterpiece Theatre "Bleak House" (CC) (DVS) Jackie Onassis-lntimate
TBN (I 13 59 Jakes Meyer By Force IHayford Joel Osteer JAuthority Believers IChanging Praise the Lord (CC)
CW I17 9 7 Fresh Pr. Will-Grace 7th Heaven 6 (CC) 7th Heaven (N) A (CC) Next Top Model The Shield "Safe" (CC) Friends ft Friends 6
COM 65 43 Joe Dirlt ,, 'i :..-iirj SrJad. ICC) ** Coming to America 119881 Earji- Murphy. Ar-,enio Hall ICC) Mencia Reno 911! South Park Halfway
OISN 22 16 Suite Life ISuite Life Mlontana Suite Life Cow Belles 12006~ Alyson Michalka 6f iCCi Phil Sadie Suite Life So Raven
ESPN '48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) Baseball Tonight (Live) MLB Baseball Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals. (Subject to Blackout) (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 1 43 23 Gilmore Girls 6 (CC) Gilmore Girls 0 (CC) Gilmore Girls 0 (CC) Gilmore Girls 0 (CC) Gilmore Girls 0 (CC) Gilmore Girls 0 (CC)
HBO 2 201 Necessary [ The X-Files .199-Pi David Ducio'.ny. Gillian Anrderson. Is iCC) The Sopranos Ill, IC.Ci Entourage IDe La Hoya Fast and Furious-Drift
LIFE 18 28 *** Mystic Pizza .J 1'J8 Julia Ruberns. ICCI ** Jersey Girl 120041 Ben Aflleck. Premiere iCCt Blood Ties i:rrr- C(-id Grey's Anatomy t1 :CC'i
NICK 42 41 School INaked Drake IJust Jordan Zoey 101 IPlay Cosby JCosby Cosby [Cosby Cosby ICosby
SPIKE 61 37 *** Fight Club (19,';)i CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn [* Die Another Day `200C2 A.lic-rn Pi rc-r Bro:snan. Halle Berr!, Tobvy Sephenri
TBS 17 18 *, Sleepy Hollow 1i9991 IPA) Johnn, Depp ICCi *** The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (20,) li PAi Elilah W0cod (CC. 1*** Signs
TNT I46 17 Bad Boys 11,i5, [Pregame INBA Basketball: Firs Rournd RPplrs~ at lNeis [NBA Basketball: F!'if Round

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_641 25 The Bourne Identity (2002,2 Susp.nsej Mart Danion (CCi

i* The Bone Collector t1999iDrenze 'IV Fliinartoii iC:C,

[Law & Order: SVU

By RcL II M cCain/ edd baC k- Sean Paul, Rob Thomas and
r)Ichdsb globaL.net Justin Timberlake all took
homPe t~ awxarxr FAr the cAm- a a

plete list of winners, please

ruma guava%' '

Congrats are in order for publi-
cist Cassandra Butcher who is
reaching the top of the Hollywood
publicity game. Kudos also goes
out to the Williams Brothers
Oren and Zachary who will
shoot the pilot for their own TV
show "Calvin and Freddie's
Cosmic Encounters." Their par-
ents Rugg Williams and Sabina
Cabe along with Troy Rowland
are the producers. The Pilot also
stars Chelsea Tavaras
(Unfabulous), Sammy Fine
(Kicking and Screaming), Cole
Evan Weiss (The Sandlot 2) and
Wes Robinson as the universe
protector Milo. The Williams's
brothers and Chelsea Tavaras are
proud members of Rych
McCain 's Personally Hand-
Picked Family of Spiritually
Cho ten Child/Teen Actors.
Over 850 songwriters, record-
ing artists and music industry
leaders gathered at the 24th
Annual ASCAP Pop Music
Awards held on April 18 at the
Oscar famed Kodak Theatre in
Hollywood. EMI Publishing was
named Publisher of the Year for
their 26 award inning songs for
the fifth consecutive year. This
marks Iteiir tihreenth time win-
:i:".g in this category in the 24-
e "-r h!,.-1-. of :he awards show.
_hcliFsa Etheridge won the
.ASC.-iP Fioiituders Award and
The -. 4-.ilmeriLan Reiects \ulled
in the ASCAP I nrguard Award.
Johnta' _4ustin and Jermaine
Dupri won six awards each
includir.. s:arir.' the coveted
Songwriter of the lear Award.
Other mrutiii a'.?.. rd winners
included Kelly Clarkson, Green
Day, Mikkel Eriksen, Tor
Hermansen and Tinmbaland '. ;tl
three awards each; The All-
America Rejects. Tyson Ritter,
Nick Wheeler, Beyonce', Danger
,lMouse. The Fray's Joe King,
Isaac Slade. Sean Garrett, LRoc,

v i s i t
On The Streets Promotions
Announces the 2007 Global
Mixx Confab that will take
place in Chicago from July 19-
22, 2007, at the Hotel Sax (for-
merly House of Blues Hotel).
This "must attend" event will
feature informative panels,
workshops, networking events
and screenings for the music
and film industry. Last year's
event hosted music artists
Kanye West, Common, Lupe
Fiasco, Ludacris, Method
Man, Twista, Shawna, Rich
Boy, Biz Markie, Eightball &
MJGC Obie Trice, Once
Chance, Young Capone, Boss
Man, Consequence, Sa Ra,
GLC, and Farnsworth Bentley.
Industry participants included
13 of the top DJ coalitions and
major record labels such as J
Records, Jive, Universal, Def
Jam, Interscope, Atlantic, Bad
Boy, Disturbing Tha Peace
and Virgin. For more info call
Jonnice Slaughter at 404-551-
3447 or e-mail her at jon-

Social A ctivison:
Stomp The Yard writer/cre-
ator Gregory Anderson has
started a "Save The Schools
Campaign," which is a move-
ment to bring support and
awareness back to the schools
that made movies and TV
shows like Drumline, School
Daze and "A Different World"
a success. Anderson will tour
campuses and deliver speeches
etc., to raise attention to issues
=.ith fi.undin and accreditation.
Th, oie%:
Waitress stars Keri Russell,
N\atlhant Fillion, Cheryl Hines,
Adrienne Shelly, Eddie
Wassup cont'd on D-8

I www.weprevent.org I

The Star

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ii b*.;*r, 41*i1 E ERTAINMENT -

mji 4 -1IIII~ 1 I

"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

I Mike Tyson Doc
Sun. 4/29 -i: 9 pm EST
Reliv.=e t.-like Tson's
r-,ic st memorable
fights-., boIth in and out
of the boxing ring.

Eric Benet Guest Stars
Sat. 4/28 i 11 pm
Listen to the soulful
s cournds of Eric Ben.'t on
the n e *::t ".Torn ,Jo.n e r
SSk:. y *-'how."


The intimate one on one interview specials, with today's
hottest talents such as Steve Harvey, Mo'nique, Star Jones
Reynolds, Evander Holyfield and Pebbles.

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ABC 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) A Dancing With the Stars (S Live) (CC) The Bachelor: Officer News (CC) Nightiine
CBS 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond How I Met IChristine Two Men King CSi: Miami "Burned" (N) News (N) Late Show
FOX 3 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 Drive "The Extra Mile" 24 (N) 0 (PA) (CC) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld t Frasier (CC)
IND [ 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr. Phil 6f (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The insider
NBC ( 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Deal or No Deal (N) (CC) Heroes "String Theory" Real-Crashers News (N) Tonight
ION J 12 2 Moral Court f (CC) To Be Announced WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
-PBS '7 8 5 Capitol JBusiness News-Lehrer Antiques Roadshow I`) The Mormons M:.rmrn past. science, doclrine-s iN ** Okie Noodling '2172il
TBN E5 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Cameron Jakes Dino Chironna Kingdom Duplantis Praise the Lord (CC)
CW 9T 9 7 Friends 0 lWill-Grace My Wife Jim Hates Chris All of Us (N) Girlfriends The Game Friends My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 ** Majoii eague (1989) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's South Park Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 So Raven ISo Raven Montana Suite Life Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time (2003) So Raven Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) MLB Baseball St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers. (Subject to Blackout) Baseball Tonight (Live) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 71h Heaven P iCCi Falcon Beach T;..Al r.J, Kyle XY ICCi A Cinderella Story t200:iJ Hilary Dutf (CCI The 700 Club 'CC'
HBO 2 201 ** U.S. Marshals ( i98) i- ICCi Fracture Real Time The Sopranos fi iCCi [De La Hoya j* The Hills Have Eyes ( 0061 0 iCC
LIFE 18 28 Reba (CCi Reba !CCi Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba ICC) Reba (CCi Glass House: The Good Mother (20i06) Premiere Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Funniest Home Videos tRoseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Detectives hunt.for a serial killer. CSI
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld ) ISeinfeld f Raymond IRaymond Friends ( Friends f Friends ( (Friends 0 FamilyGuy Family Guy ICommercials
TNT 46 17 Charmed 0 (CC) Charmed "Cat House" NBA Basketball First Round -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball: First Round
USA 64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU IWWE Monday Night Raw (S Live) (CC) _Law & Order: SVU




_ I I I




Tuesday Evening http://www.zap2it.com May 1, 2007

ABC 2 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) 0 Lopez Lopez Dancing With the Stars Boston Legal (N) 0 (CC) News (CC) Nightline
CBS (71 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond NCIS "In the Dark" (N) The Unit "Freefall" (N) 0 CSI: NY "Raising Shane" News (N) Late Show
FOX 0) 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 0 American Idol (CC) House "Family" (N) (CC) News (N) INews (N) Seinfeld A Frasier (Os)
IND i 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King 1Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 0 (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC M2 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Dateline NBC 0 (CC) Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU News (N) Tonight
ION E 12 2 Moral Court 6 (CC) Amen 0 Alice 0 Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr BodogFight 0 (CC)
PBS I 8 5 Capitol ]Business News-Lehrer Nova 0 (CC) (DVS) The Mormons (N) 0 (Part 2 of 2) (CC) (DVS) Independent Lens (CC)
TBN 19i 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Dr. Baugh Wheaton Awakening iMeyer John Hagee IJoy-Music Praise the Lord (CC)
CW i~) 9 7 Friends IWill-Grace My Wife Jim Gilmore Girls (N) 0 (CC) Veronica Mars (N) (CC) Friends IMy Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 I'm Gonna Git You Sucka Scrubs iCCi Scrubs iL'Ci Daily Show IColberl Chappelle's South Park Mencla Mencia Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Phil ISo Raven Montana Suite Life Up, Up and Away (2000 Comredy ICC) So Raven Life Derek Phil Suite Life ISo Raven
ESPN 48 34 SpoitsCenter (Live) (CC) NFL Live SportsCenter Special Contender Challenge Baseball Tonight (Live) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 7ih Heaven S3mmo.ng ISmallville Phc,.rn.'. CCI ** Bicentennial Man (1999i Robin Williams, Sam rielll Fremrner- ir.C, The 700 Club '-.. -
HBO 2 201 ** Matchstick Men 2003j Nicolas Cage aI iCC) ** Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) Brad PIt 6' (CC lThe Sopranos 41 iC'i. Entourage IDe LC Hoya
LIFE 18 28 Reba (t-C Reba CCI Still Stnd Still SInd Rebai Ci, Reba iCC) Nora Robert' Angels Fall i 1007 H.-rlh.cr Lr.::i.,-. Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParenls OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Funniest JFunniest Home Videos jRoseanne Fresn Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn UFC Unleashed Bullrun (N) 0 The Ultimate Fighter 6
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld i Seinfeld 0 Raymond (Raymond Raymond !Raymond Sex & City ISex & City lFriends i Friends f Sex & City ISex & City
TNT 46 17 Law & Order "Identity" Law & Order "Blaze" 6 NBA Basketball First Round -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball: First Round
USA 64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU Patch Adams (1999, Robin W'liirnm, ILaw Order: CI

Wednesday Evening http://www.zap2it.com May 2, 2007

ABC 5) 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (GC) Extra (N) 0 Jim Underbelly Lost "D.O.C." (CC) Lost "The Brig" (N) (CC) News (CC) Nightline
CBS 7 i 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond Jericho (N) 0 (CC) Criminal Minds (N) (CC) CSI: NY "Cold Reveal" News (N) Late Show
FOX 30 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld Bones (N) 0 (PA) (CC) American Idol (CC) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld f Frasier (Ct
IND 3 4 News(N) News (N) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr. Phil 0 (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The insider
NBC 2) 11t 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Thank God You're Here Crossing Jordan (N) (CC) Medium "Head Games" News (N) Tonight
ION E 12 2 Moral Court 0 (CC) Amen A Alice 0 Mama IMama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS fj 1 8 5 Capitol IBusiness News-Lehrer Secrets of the Dead (N) American Masters (N) 0 (CC) A Hot Dog Program (CC)
TBN 59 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Clement IJeffrey Bible IVan Impe Praise the Lord (CC)
CW 17 9 7 Friends Will-Grace My Wife Jim Next Top Model One Tree Hill (N) 0 (CC) Friends 0 My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 ** If Lucy Fell (1996) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's South Park South Park Halfway Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Montana ISo Raven Montana Suite Life Get a Clue (2002) Lindsay Lohan 0 Life Derek Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) MLB Baseball Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves. (Subject to Blackout) (CC) Baseball SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven 0 (CC) |Smallville "Extinction" ft j** Dennis the Menace (1993) Walter Matthau. (CC) Whose? Whose? The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Just My Luck (2006) Lindsay Lohan. Heart [Entourage Real Time The Sopranos 0 (CC)
SLIFE 18 28 Reba ICCI Reba (iCC Still SInd Still Stnd Reba ICC, Reba ICCi Intimate Stranger 120061 Kan Matchell CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Videos [Videos Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSt: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: NY "All Access" t
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld f ISeinfeld 0 Raymond lRaymond Raymond IRaymond Raymond Raymond King IKing Seinfeld 0 [Seinfeld 4
TNT i46 17 Without a Trace A (CC) NBA Basketball First Round -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball First Round -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC)
USA 164 25 Law Order: CI Law Order: CI [Law & Order: SVU ILaw & Order: SVU ILaw & Order: SVU ; Law Order: Cl

Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 04/16/07
1. American Idol, Wed. FOX
2. American Idol, Tues., FOX
3. House, FOX
4. Grey's Anatomy, ABC
5. Dancing with the Stars (Monday), ABC
6. CSI:Miami, CBS
7. America's Top Model, CW
8. Shark, CBS
10. Dancing with the Stars (Thursday), ABC

Source: Nielsen Media Research

8 p.m. on
Next Top
Model: It's
the swimsuit
d issue times
two in the
new episode
"The Girl Who Blames the
Taxi Driver." The contestants
are in beachwear for this
week's photo shoot, which is
a twofer: sexy looks for a
men's magazine and more
subtle poses for one directed
at women. Tyra Banks hosts
and mentors the models.

10 p.m. on
Law & Order:
Special Vic-
tims Unit: Oh,
Olivia. When
will you learn
to keep yourT
work and per-
sonal lives separate? In the
new episode "Florida," Benson
(Mariska Hargitay) gets in-
volved in investigating her half
brother (Michael Weston), get-
ting her caught between Capt.
Millfield and Special Agent
Porter from the FBI and putting
her career at risk.

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The Star



64 25 Law Order. Cl

Law Order: CI

Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU

IMonk (CC)

House Il (CC)

Wassup cont'd from D-4
Jemison, Lew Temple,
Jeremy Sisto and Andy
Griffith. This movie is
lovingly dedicated to this
film's writer/director the
late Adrienne Shelly who
was tragically murdered
by a construction worker
after confronting him
about the noise he was
making while fixing an
apartment under hers in
Greenwich Village, New
This movie is about a
small town waitress
Jenna (Russell), who is
an expert in baking pies.

She hates her life with
her control freak, bully,
overbearing husband
Earl (Sisto) and is preg-
nant by him with their
first child that she does-
n't want. She has an
affair with her OB-GYN
Dr. Pomatter (Fillion)
and receives encourage-
ment to leave Earl from
her two co-working
waitress buddies Becky
(Hines) and Dawn
(Shelly). The pie restau-
rant is owned by grumpy
old Joe (Griffith) who
also eventually supports
Jenna's quest to leave

Earl and start her life
This film does not
have blockbuster hit
tagged onto it, but it is a
sweet, feel good film
that the whole family
can see barring one soft
sex scene. It's a good
rental prospect if you
would rather wait.
Hit me up at
Maat-Hotep t

I 1 I _

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ABC 2 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) A Ugly Betty (N) 0 (CC) Grey's Anatomy "The Other Side of This Life" (N) News (CC) Nightline
CBS ( 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond Survivor: Fiji (N) ( (CC) CSI: Crime Scn Shark (N) (CC) News (N) Late Show
FOX ~ 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld You Smarter? Trading Spouses News (N) News (N) Seinfeld Frasier (CC)
IND D 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 6) (CC) News (N) INews (N) News (N) The insider
NBC (Q 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Name Earl The Office (N) 6 (CC) IScrubs (N) ER I Don't" (N) a (CC) News (N) Tonight
ION (I 12 2 Moral Court ( (CC) Amen ) Alice ) Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr WonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS ( 8 5 Capitol IBusiness News-Lehrer The This Old House Hour Antiques Roadshow (CC) The Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color
TBN ( 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Majesty M. Youssef Jakes IThis Is Day Praise the Lord (CC)
CW ( 9 7 Friends IWill-Grace My Wife Jim Smallville "Noir" (N) (CC) Supernatural (N) 6 (CC) Friends f My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's South Park South Park Spade Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Suite Life ISo Raven Montana Suite Life Model Behavior (2000) Maggie Lawson. 6i (CC) Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter ILivei ICC NFL Live Contender Challenge IContender Challenge Baseball Tonight (Live SportsCenter ILivei (CC.
,-FAM 43 23 7th Heaven Sland Up ISmallville -Slumter" 4 Raise Your Voice (2004) Hilary Duff, Oliver James. (CC, jWhose? The 700 Club ICCi
HBO 2 201 *** Lackawanna Blues (20056) (CC) Sopranos ** Rebound (2005) Martin Lawrence. IDe La Hoya IBig Love Evction' ICC) Real Sex 27. Slippery
LIFE 18 28 Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CCI Reba (CC) *** The Accused (1988, Drama) Kelly McGillis (CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 142 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Videos jVideos Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn TNA Wrestling Impact! The Ultimate Fighter iNI UFC Unleashed
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld i, ISeinfeld f, Raymond IRaymond Friends 4l [Friends (0 Friends 6 IFriends i, ** Deep Impact (1998. Drama) Robert Duvall (CC)
TNT 46 17 Without a Trace (' (CC) Without a Trace f' (CCj NBA Basketball Firsl Round .. Teams TBA (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball: Firsl Round
USA 64 25 Law Order: Cl Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU ILaw & Order: SVU Law Order: Cl ILaw Order: Cl

Friday Evening http://www.zap2it.com May 4, 2007

ABC ( 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) f4 Grey's Anatomy "The Other Side of This Life" (CC) 20/20 (CC) News (CC) Nightline
CBS 4 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond Ghost Whisperer (N) (CC) Close to Home (N) (CC) NUMB3RS (N) 0 (CC) News (N) Late Show
#FOX @ 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 House "Distractions" Bones f (PA) (CC) News (N) News (N) Seinfeld i Frasier (CC)
IND 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr. Phil 4 (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC QD 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Dateline NBC ) (CC) Law & Order "Captive" News (N) Tonight
ION ( 12 2 Moral Court f (CC) Amen Alice f Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS W 8 5 Capitol IBusiness News-Lehrer Wash Wk Review NOW (N) )1 McLaughlin Bill Moyers' Journal (N) Secrets of the Dead 4f
TBN 1 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Bible Primary Behind Hal Lindsey Joel Osteen Price Praise the Lord (CC)
CW ( 9 7 Friends A lWill-Grace My Wife Jim WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) 0 (CC) Friends t My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 *** Nurse Betty (2000) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's IMencia Presents Presents Alex Reymundo: Live
DISN 22 16 Life Derek ISo Raven Montana Suite Life Montana Cory High School Musical Suite Life Suite Life Suite Life ISo Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) NBA NBA Basketball First Round Game 6 -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball: First Round Game 6
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven 6 (CC) ISmallville "Perry" (CC) ** Scooby-Doo 2: Monste r Unleashed (2004) (CC) Whose? Whose? The 700 Club (CC):
HBO 12 201 *** Clueless (1995) Alicia Siverslone A (CC) De La Hoya De La Hoya De La Hoya IDe La Hoya Entourage Entourage Real Time
LIFE 18 28 Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Uke Mother, Like Daughter (2007) Michelle Stafford."' Desperate Housewives
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron Nicktoon Nicktoon Nicktoon INicktoon Videos Videos Fresh Pr. iFresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn UFC Fight Night 0
'TBS ,17 18 Seinfeld ISeinfeld op Raymond [MLB Baseball Los Angeles Dodgeis at Ananla Braves (Subject to Blackouli IRaymond ** Corrina. Corrina (CC)
TNT .46 17 Law & Order Pnrbl Law & Order (CCI iDVSSi*** Men in Black (1997) Tommy Lee Jones. (CC) I*** Men in Black (1997) Tommy Lee Jones. (CC)

The Star