Florida star

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1608559 F20090401_AABWGK 00011.jp2 88a4be587ca698ff0c9ca9b726cbea2b9be217f9ad49515f91839944247dfc970b9f4dd9
368165 F20090401_AABWGL 00012.jpg a9b6e8b7f254982d1ecbd71f2072b451e48353fb7f58d47d7604d1a208066388d0f4bfc5
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27102 F20090401_AABWGY 00015.QC.jpg 2f6d3fd713b6f6c504cac5cfb9ad7276f3d98c0408196803d15c7adf83f79944aaffc883
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7291 F20090401_AABWGZ 00015thm.jpg 23648a2d345f4cd58b386a8e84be2fb518d4083d22dfd8717ecf6951b627a4b25552f772
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1598688 F20090401_AABWJA 00028.jp2 0a4584c55c55a554d24af73a1aea006b77c89bda4e1f5b00b40c63080d95e99bbff72657
25460264 F20090401_AABWED 00019.tif 15b6c4e88a2286b518bd42d75ed3b4f854e5b9a040d510b3e3dc084e3a3c858893a552f9
327016 F20090401_AABWJB 00029.jpg 20d857d12e15c620c6d1d9316e2eabc344945f624a6f3e93084ecc6574228d53952e4447
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37613 F20090401_AABWJC 00029.QC.jpg 65882acb1ce82da250fe97a5a2e110498e7e3044b703b27b8b454d2b6c70a5404b3ae220
76661924 F20090401_AABWEF 00021.tif 37f39b0b771888a57eef9dfe67ea65ba55ebc086fd10e53976f0ae77af448b451854b083
9351 F20090401_AABWJD 00029thm.jpg a7bb468799ca739215a924e178d611f557d15c907de3a6a304c14ab58611e31427d8bae9
25431140 F20090401_AABWEG 00022.tif 51ceda5014ae31a18367c6b0688071fb9d0f1db2332e5be676318820fd64cdbc0121fce7
1589326 F20090401_AABWJE 00029.jp2 b3c4132e3476e4544341dd152eaf383525f96fd70ff1d8a745595b4edf75f7fe3c96e3bd
25402960 F20090401_AABWEH 00023.tif 0700db74ec3df34ca3ba2903f5cc7b89f57e48737ec3e15c6d5a23e264e8eb3c12febf75
398220 F20090401_AABWJF 00030.jpg 66cac77e9528de46827f330df50e6769153f63f5baff0d0a122db800da5031e1ff2ba31f
25402924 F20090401_AABWEI 00024.tif be3b9b84ed7d5d8e900f053cd11afcb762e75068d160fba1c3f61d5f499376d7882b8801
43814 F20090401_AABWJG 00030.QC.jpg 97a8fca73be48d6e320bf54c4daa318647cf3c2ee0511c98d52fb08a72e30268c907df70
25406508 F20090401_AABWEJ 00024_archive.tif 1ea8c43a68cac21bbb66560f7d3d8a2e05bb5cf97a135b1715cf20d6bf44ca71152256d9
39507708 F20090401_AABWEK 00025.tif 3e68f0d8c87f00986fabfa99bd6978b8e7187382a4f66373b7c55f58eb1e7ebba6546f6b
10115 F20090401_AABWJH 00030thm.jpg b6dd69065f6938628c5c9ece97bc5de858683f6c012957a5804727467849a39d36efdd09
13180400 F20090401_AABWEL 00026.tif 0d05fade0ab89d5ba79826829f1d3b9e84a459cb59945f0cc9099f9b8df5edb929cdada2
1572534 F20090401_AABWJI 00030.jp2 947c716b79a90b8e0e9c3249ab22b4cd9234e1cd99bc4b4e18bfce3a7d9ac54226286702
379714 F20090401_AABWJJ 00031.jpg a9d98ceb26ba0eee33ee546a53e25d2be6ae330dc4bfc6b4cedaf215c95926152c9e0c72
12799484 F20090401_AABWEM 00027.tif 02c2f0c596b3855e4e7399418115b514f4d14b60d63c6f5ea610add2defea1c03d22a038
42275 F20090401_AABWJK 00031.QC.jpg bd44f7fb101a71f201803b37e7b040734bbf45912cea276f459cca94d6608a980caa5331
12806240 F20090401_AABWEN 00028.tif b035738b60f734fb9b5a0277844e9af24a3ed2162c32bd9da22e7c35d7a205d1394e0357
9652 F20090401_AABWJL 00031thm.jpg ebfd414e0cb1e3469e480b621747177bdf8518bc3fd2a56842a92311afac20e5db235494
38160224 F20090401_AABWEO 00029.tif 9704c5394914618f2eb426ecf67436085748c4c9a4b09d0114e7438962629af46382a0ad
1598754 F20090401_AABWJM 00031.jp2 21782279b30771d1a516018b973c8a5f259a9f9f24501c792decfb1656f2926c2f1e5697
12597244 F20090401_AABWEP 00030.tif 5b33f0968648f919d5e6ce76c897619554cae26ea445345f108b9623f8fb37123c0b4a9a
374981 F20090401_AABWJN 00032.jpg 148f1ddf0aadab0a299cf043df45ad12aef6fdbed440a22af3bea91e921ee4dc1c61a145
12806700 F20090401_AABWEQ 00031.tif f1c0ed67ed954d10fea2ca255a18630c1cd16576b542d0201eeda823fb5a1e8b30ad7a5f
40919 F20090401_AABWJO 00032.QC.jpg 495aa0f987da9e1ab2a8414f9554bb8be6ddcac3f1ca5744c73717242d6665d858f5d0eb
12716396 F20090401_AABWER 00032.tif 409aacaa9d72b4622374c6dccfcd11247ba6bcbc92eb3fa53ca4ee3fe6271fe03f207d26
9363 F20090401_AABWJP 00032thm.jpg 5678be97274ed4c798c9c1cd5b1a185361b5b692817a7fd933cd809a7bacacfdc25d7811
12716452 F20090401_AABWES 00032_archive.tif 940a5a129da2d7cd1812a6b09c59a0cee99aee37eeb5510d94c3291d05c1ed7912061f42
1587431 F20090401_AABWJQ 00032.jp2 73ee970555bd2eb451e05e8dda54d250d58d4395b75b02e761526aca8858c274325e06c6
456013 F20090401_AABWET 00001.jpg 0c8ba1ceb5fca52fac66b68184e823b00b3ff050547e42b349bac1889f95e2f0c671a103
10973 F20090401_AABWJR 00001.txt 574e7a0310ed61faa98ba918869ce005d2ac043bda790287238359b4a085b90ba6a06c85
55767 F20090401_AABWEU 00001.QC.jpg edf7db9c41b6ffd70021d366f62778e05760d1dfb601f42d2a23ad3329b89c3a0ee85f31
9479 F20090401_AABWJS 00002.txt e3c1854c1a5f8b32d66ee6f8845fb45276299c90fe02655e7e990729ca7abd99295e49c6
15709 F20090401_AABWEV 00001thm.jpg 67d0f766c4da11b0161c2cd3ccbb945303142ec8e3ab8162693b9554e7b46eb8ea1c55ea
14061 F20090401_AABWJT 00002_archive.txt 372d6b0d611c9ff631ecea8caa210d0d6c12f1b8b60194e3f5f99fd01230ef2b0880e2d7
3307088 F20090401_AABWEW 00001.jp2 d48da52ec80bab46f44d72b58084dae675661f2a4ccdd024814e6c14bc8972bdecc6e6a1
14016 F20090401_AABWJU 00003.txt dcbafcd44c61984d266731026c1de209e4cbaf24377daa5d369bd2c0c5f389f700123a3b
373183 F20090401_AABWEX 00002.jpg 205c230f0a0be5c7987ee80fa63528d4c5d80f1046cb7114412d50abc0a807e87c838e1f
5200 F20090401_AABWJV 00004.txt dfa5e61abcf7455e1cdbdbeac5a255b11c903616577c8d04fad19f740544d62cce92f850
49777 F20090401_AABWEY 00002.QC.jpg f8e4df9dcb58e3fa39077d5b86cb2e5279f9441cbaa22c2491c6f325c4bc2d569bb4442e
5502 F20090401_AABWJW 00005.txt cc5d4cbe5672d01f4a10337945b63e304067052422643990f4b8e77b22704349cdaa030c
14762 F20090401_AABWEZ 00002thm.jpg 95e95e056f145d3293fca95f6536f27e9e56c33a73349ce2c29bb754eb64da3f91cab0b0
14311 F20090401_AABWJX 00006.txt f6d760146de5cd2b092ad4944542587561a278640de2471101a1b4accb243e7f95991874
1575619 F20090401_AABWHA 00015.jp2 49bf72b95180e15a33e064d14837a504bb9f07e589969db331bde8f81fc04fed90191747
12791 F20090401_AABWJY 00007.txt 9d6b89ce23eb859b7612fd3f85e543ebb5d17facee74e300861d1bdceae3b3f472e1cf85
350652 F20090401_AABWHB 00016.jpg 1ffda2795c4b86887a7eaaa5186771946b8c898370e064039d7907454ed77ffa4727e007
3874 F20090401_AABWJZ 00008.txt cb9fd0159761038897a1b62348507ad1f47934b8f39ddb0e23706d4279b9b212dbab8d56
40235 F20090401_AABWHC 00016.QC.jpg d7af13e77ba68af89875bbc06fe5601a78083f2a501a58f0d21e23ddb61a3a50e8b4d7af
9002 F20090401_AABWHD 00016thm.jpg ea98d1053a9da6fadca664064f41a305b023f5f105ab659ac7daf64cf88bf1a83e21c92b
331042 F20090401_AABWMA 00020.pro f3135b38b9d2d5003ae45c7605dd0ab709861b621d7d3bf30113efcfe17dffd9d0dfedabconflict in mime type metadata
1613985 F20090401_AABWHE 00016.jp2 ef7e03364a3c3fca65bbc24d00915b8d8b725f28506172f04c64fc527ae277762860dbb0
270655 F20090401_AABWMB 00021.pro 09be6a2228a4b7a8cac3c026fdbe639899501e1ed3cd4b8c856f78ac930eca7affa87b13conflict in mime type metadata
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404780 F20090401_AABWHF 00017.jpg 139ebbb459b69c450f2aef6678b505e5b7c13f85849f676608e92ad1d59eaad3f6712cfe
350655 F20090401_AABWMD 00023.pro 52e4b899f43ae0bba41ce4cb21897c3ef2e76b2ec8203d738a760ea89ba76beff8f74f6econflict in mime type metadata
51496 F20090401_AABWHG 00017.QC.jpg 4f71c66947615f5b5137f8c4f961229fea6d796d2fab4c18da081031d7d70e4e97788ca1
50029 F20090401_AABWME 00024.pro 7bbc7ad9c63b25992ab91ad275c2b05fffaa53dae0de84cdafcb82122c8b6b63359823cbconflict in mime type metadata
15431 F20090401_AABWHH 00017thm.jpg 1ef8ae581cb18899d5c604c2638f4c759ced46decb264f96cc40b4f227d3c0a2914942b8
164690 F20090401_AABWMF 00024_archive.pro d48a4cc48072338cda4df6b3efc431aa6bcdefe259971c96f6c36794d36f83997557cabdconflict in mime type metadata
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3268199 F20090401_AABWHI 00017.jp2 f66906643d7894c58f31c56c37af5d60ab330fd4adc5a082735446bd7257511d3917a14d
288618 F20090401_AABWMH 00026.pro 73ac13974757d875aa4d95f9717898f7086fe139af661df943ae0e61d21c399659e0907fconflict in mime type metadata
455733 F20090401_AABWHJ 00018.jpg a67e7109f559d72109cff54d791cacb9497ea5e8e6c1880fbac54cfb4a10bf8e09b397ca
298831 F20090401_AABWMI 00027.pro 7d892e761dbdd4a75ca050b7a30d3e18e39ad4c87de17312fd9e9e852178c52f3808b0baconflict in mime type metadata
54359 F20090401_AABWHK 00018.QC.jpg 1b934b7434dabbc834718e47f7840b47ae929ca173595e398969015800df46e994b8a30d
96003 F20090401_AABWMJ 00028.pro 478c381980069420dde4f33852aa8a4140cccc8095d961c8f83f3dc212ba46a7f1fe52e0conflict in mime type metadata
15177 F20090401_AABWHL 00018thm.jpg eded678f64a28fd61fa2863dc346cd8d6ef0a09199aa0fdb3826efeb08b86533efa4db6b
3239378 F20090401_AABWHM 00018.jp2 d22e109f96f3fa354b4ccf978fd6812d234a35d0ffb6733c1882f29ee81747cca6b35846
48958 F20090401_AABWMK 00029.pro a4bbcfe87ccc204dd50634ac91df0ccad57fdd060cb3a485a99e5b39d532db48c5b07918conflict in mime type metadata
486548 F20090401_AABWHN 00019.jpg 6142058309b290f18d31c365b5342d9bbf029e0dfef4c1576c703adf5a43ed81a0b508f5
243157 F20090401_AABWML 00030.pro 844f93daa7e84b47203c4042cd306bbbc19667ed0881b92c6e93c296e9236840c9713d08conflict in mime type metadata
58862 F20090401_AABWHO 00019.QC.jpg 265dd1c501f3f6b91473f6a4c57a553b6e06a642d6bd78277ca5ccb80a96f34ec9e51709
187844 F20090401_AABWMM 00031.pro 5347d3226860c88351a84f88c38f6c793998d8a8d80d1debeaf21684bb351e2cb7318c3dconflict in mime type metadata
15928 F20090401_AABWHP 00019thm.jpg 0c9fea894aa422c2eed8eed86198710638c3146fb54901eda4b7b3ea7b30943e0e4d4c6b
165419 F20090401_AABWMN 00032.pro 70106438de1e98af9d4355712bfd3b049986c0b123ece053df8d8ba792d41a515fb3b744conflict in mime type metadata
3180854 F20090401_AABWHQ 00019.jp2 d9913ec7c5cc814f6eff778a5e689268ca9e636ab9bf885c687d35fbdc3e6e016ba57e04
197582 F20090401_AABWMO 00032_archive.pro 6b5e7be5b5468659b49b983e20ea400d1818d2455563cfe916b117da91228ddea9460347conflict in mime type metadata
504557 F20090401_AABWHR 00020.jpg 817c3b01df996949416b160b9934a30f72b8b9060cf8ecb90ed035d36dd7d15e6d70293a
52828 F20090401_AABWMP UF00028362_00114.mets FULL 2d5b7a253349fea218cbab05a5dbd6e5b9e9cc39ce004e5bdbc48d554b514d1803a1ad9e
60779 F20090401_AABWHS 00020.QC.jpg d7d587f49e1c9f7aded2b292c5e6769ae338946bda13b9ee62cf53b60ef50447b4d5bcf2
16936 F20090401_AABWHT 00020thm.jpg c29795f19193f63401dde8e889e51c80af13cce932f934f270914a20a4b3703c15b965a7
3157273 F20090401_AABWHU 00020.jp2 085a9c8a7d03454fb2a456ace86307ac6662c4ffb36b15b84f88c67530daf73ccf68b227
69138 F20090401_AABWMS UF00028362_00114.xml 968cfc124ec0e64858a5b64ff80bed2b103df17a85b45734b7d700ff109d625afc4516c8
488550 F20090401_AABWHV 00021.jpg 1c7a31846c649f6c820fa64e0f8416a7722625014c77b1fab1c0e1369f39485a6424d563
60382 F20090401_AABWHW 00021.QC.jpg a09352a8a3c269b37696832141541f1e86a50f267d62d1eb8e3843c0a71845c18ebd34fd
16710 F20090401_AABWHX 00021thm.jpg 1c94553fb75fecaa9c135bdeb7bb5470fa7448b1f54490bae1f422d1a7e00519499069ef
3223546 F20090401_AABWFA 00002.jp2 efa6fc7cec5f77e81e1c99fe8d953f2c9a7394f4e14fba9f61f2431ecacc6d3402b8e046
3193717 F20090401_AABWHY 00021.jp2 cc3709012170e1a9b63a24925d3d0ec34dd38797e2bed1cff156973b21867a502b00ffc3
454954 F20090401_AABWFB 00003.jpg 8e738de85e58bee0523bac8b5da17dc812ab77996752047e041bf20880a0b2b0571b3562
493923 F20090401_AABWHZ 00022.jpg 6ff133f38b0a635e6ae92d7d0142923b857c0a1a172845b9c7fc9643fe27e017980f1d1b
56615 F20090401_AABWFC 00003.QC.jpg ee894a50bbcf6df76835fb564db083457da103b58d43cff8299e782ff662563b36b4640b
1466 F20090401_AABWKA 00009.txt 9c8a3a782ea21c095c1a53fb9ac053d0bc044310273fbc5eee57d3ed55e3f472a8fab1aa
5033 F20090401_AABWKB 00010.txt ec787aa392dc8be44d83ad278e9c0325b74c4f16f8cf009c0952450fce7a9583d9528683
15478 F20090401_AABWFD 00003thm.jpg fea2e99da4b41b986ec2e4aa18e20bd173c97fd2285a2eb82693ba051045fc519f30fea0
1599 F20090401_AABWKC 00011.txt 7db86e1cbb7e52fb5d1cc4849f52cc42bbece46feca79f11a80a21b895b8d34d3b5ef4b9
3247935 F20090401_AABWFE 00003.jp2 dc783bf20e43aa1344e2da98900024e1360b36777dcf12a2639f12b1b97f48d077aade86
4337 F20090401_AABWKD 00011_archive.txt f051fe4046287f9edf89ebcecde81c0939a1b067c13e77b23cb92c8af237c73debbbff2d
453514 F20090401_AABWFF 00004.jpg 3de44d367b22e60e81e08013d0f8b0cad3256b7ce7593b35834c4a6b724b648f78ee965c
4542 F20090401_AABWKE 00012.txt a5b8d67d2c9b2aa93e03db6fd7d63a8f3340070d750ed0377e0996146c48fadc95ae3218
45080 F20090401_AABWFG 00004.QC.jpg 85ddfea2e3b557d9f30f7e5288dfac676ea53de44f3ea30fc89cddaed947bd159fb032a0
12205 F20090401_AABWFH 00004thm.jpg 225f8aeb530754f26d2ff41c6e0b0187355800b0c2a00403ee356faf40547277573338e5
3638 F20090401_AABWKF 00013.txt 1291ced89ba0760c4790ba323ba5f5adc90f0e3795de10e3bfc0222fa381e72574cf851b
3212515 F20090401_AABWFI 00004.jp2 acb23fb3c157ed23a015a34efd6a6dddf02d39e58b1b52ad30aa56e0bc2520a993a86845
866 F20090401_AABWKG 00014.txt 7c36707f4d1b148c00dbc0aadef7b3368eb95f494e21105c44c94f72ce517a9a0ae982ee
450880 F20090401_AABWFJ 00005.jpg ec57af0c4a20e3868e1e6a253f93c655f901ad0e1cdbc99419dcec33f1773f38c206440a
1003 F20090401_AABWKH 00014_archive.txt c2006001614f05cb3bbabe843a694368b64a265dc24d34c94538c741885fac7a00acdcbb
44392 F20090401_AABWFK 00005.QC.jpg 962e66df9348ff43d25a14976820808398b4206d12864c437d90f74ff2af7f35da3aaeb0
11914 F20090401_AABWFL 00005thm.jpg 88ec8a21b1bd59a25f730738e50b15e89ec009c2181242bc48007cbbb1bad8a7adcc5f8b
1384 F20090401_AABWKI 00015.txt d88027d1d775d44ff80fbab6bb05ecae7889dfb60a8eea52b344b154623fec160e208fd9
3371801 F20090401_AABWFM 00005.jp2 9c0678b7602e4922dee98c282682468f0614c172f8a74bfc5b3a9d961e6b619d602214df
5044 F20090401_AABWKJ 00016.txt bdb2c8a6b5334851534e2e0e788d3ff9396667c126c17e64083a2c21f0ea538b058919fc
465330 F20090401_AABWFN 00006.jpg 8db42c72fe652675961da1b8318be28fc67f867ba19ed782aa0f9eb84dea4d0bcb548b70
6148 F20090401_AABWKK 00015_archive.txt ed3c3bc89a0eb2fb0e4c61f5b0100e3e6e713d8694e0a3c0f0f2693de086a532b0f6f4bd
55780 F20090401_AABWFO 00006.QC.jpg 583b657245bc2c2b5105329f8e54108bb1cede8a11e9e9e55262304f78dfff868681c5ff
4491 F20090401_AABWKL 00017.txt 07895b8dbda9211c269598a033da1efb8edf5374e5663db87058bb124e99053d9e1c50f1
14749 F20090401_AABWFP 00006thm.jpg 5c4055b8634d7696e3378bdb69c319fd20a4e823aa7ef38c14e1a435dbf6568c480ab49e
10392 F20090401_AABWKM 00018.txt 769ea4ad21a6cb4c79c064583c35885758ed3679359a3a37e84027b06534e3700e6b79af
3346207 F20090401_AABWFQ 00006.jp2 74c204259ba9d39b2ce24078b244ba947374c7c4cee1ee701afaec59db3f379456ccbb18
7354 F20090401_AABWKN 00019.txt cc0261fb2262128a2332d9fbda69845b5b006ccf9df8faca79f21362d64d4dde64f973a7
421624 F20090401_AABWFR 00007.jpg d98d7b3c205d9d8768ddfd57ab110c533c67a2fe664029bbc96221288d6bc86c191f1523
12438 F20090401_AABWKO 00020.txt dfa29da2981592fb64b66a36eec10a9c6782638749f0e92064e664d55352d0e8265367b8
53614 F20090401_AABWFS 00007.QC.jpg 14be12aa12f8791f936528896840fede898c12b89a5dc33818d138058e85ee0fa87371f4
10531 F20090401_AABWKP 00021.txt 6f43a3204b6ce10d1be0ade4e21a3941b018fac65a9fefd9095614e9bf89a2eae5ac977f
14836 F20090401_AABWFT 00007thm.jpg 1c72267f975f36297e957e0b8ffc5cae9f13b30831e3f0aac491567c79acabc00e500652
14398 F20090401_AABWKQ 00022.txt cdf550eb23cbc7b4af576ef4a51c7c3ea0efc8d1610f51516f3530a82954d4fe1c84041d
3212025 F20090401_AABWFU 00007.jp2 bcf4b2ab2784741bd60e9b5d13c0f598049e086783c468ae23929556a41dcc2947a6ca65
14508 F20090401_AABWKR 00023.txt 30e141f0d1a6beddcfbd4a783c8fb7b366d90bd82412ccfd58b584d33b48a95e26318426
363419 F20090401_AABWFV 00008.jpg a3500dcf3126b5457f3159b8f7211e2d583bcab286e829078cc184cedb45d636aaab3d84
2321 F20090401_AABWKS 00024.txt 29bcd9414126f679c3519c23ae985238582d1dcfbc5a01c638c52a24eecf4c1d7e9f73c8
45203 F20090401_AABWFW 00008.QC.jpg db6767f6ec9bc1b2bb72078dc20e542c3034e9c7cdc352463b8f4bbcc30ba450e0946f01
6490 F20090401_AABWKT 00024_archive.txt 4c529eff454038dfaa5614ffb69331fde4ecabd62b07b5c375c1d4bd960253b4ce7a7b2f
13445 F20090401_AABWFX 00008thm.jpg 65b14599898a9a5528fc9eb542c34ee2ad2e66eec6e772b696915a4906dc7854f5191921
4039 F20090401_AABWKU 00025.txt a1d731c39f215fcec25193827f318acfaa1a771bd2a56a57cd3dc57a8d868e2d07f73b44
3190589 F20090401_AABWFY 00008.jp2 b7d67ea768fb237adf9cd7ab9e3edfae0a6a3dafd5844ce2e76fdedd8803bed40918910c
11476 F20090401_AABWKV 00026.txt 20ff23c82e5e1d901c1f5f8b0ca027d1bd8c9c54a71908f3268cef1ba35fefa5074cc275
366086 F20090401_AABWFZ 00009.jpg 0dae0bc8de29e4a24d586a79d41d629308c368779ba405029ac06a15186681d9d09cf181
11639 F20090401_AABWKW 00027.txt f35310fc337cbab0f53f92c907b13a08502798c48852d486cc3c328454693cfda9252ca9
3808 F20090401_AABWKX 00028.txt 5532cc795e7fb9abe344f61a21463c847ce594f9b0b3f608a7fe703d8559e48d9f736209
59231 F20090401_AABWIA 00022.QC.jpg da4516fc07e5668ae69db0c9f559b40bc2cad04a515a2b8a5ad481c533fe857d24e4fbdb
2019 F20090401_AABWKY 00029.txt ba0e30b7671e120c14235d375f98c67f455c14e647ad944f338654eedc827be9f97a91cf
16015 F20090401_AABWIB 00022thm.jpg a5e5c3adc6e816c6c680331fa8dde4fc2ac8a8d9d6c58f1d21b07170cfb414772fe45159
10724 F20090401_AABWKZ 00030.txt e853360311549734382a588356ac73f058e6f7710c26734cd7f1c672caa7dcd6d8c979e3
3177263 F20090401_AABWIC 00022.jp2 7ec6219f3fc3fba1e656490d99f1f4124383c6d625a448986fa94c3ebda90b5fb7dcffaf
408465 F20090401_AABWID 00023.jpg acd3034f6be8dc71e78687eff2bc3fb04275aa5f5506369990b8a12588581cad28769e79
53764 F20090401_AABWIE 00023.QC.jpg 2757c35d4d1f03f4a1c3657eb53a1142ac213166aaeb552d6ae6225349499949ab40cf36
15354 F20090401_AABWIF 00023thm.jpg ac74a1147cc321c52af718fe1c9df148e2485522b1232a19ce9d4ec1f6a2173d88ab08e1
79381940 F20090401_AABWDH 00001.tif 6b277375f4275017e3ee2f605a1744d8a035570b75613e68826ecf81b375087db8a6eaae
25802828 F20090401_AABWDI 00002.tif ef00660511b6755cfd6df7c5674ed86f141180f0527451a361b4c718bc5ad6088cddd50e
3173714 F20090401_AABWIG 00023.jp2 0445c94b98a29f23cee448c7a9877ecc72bd1d7eca6879128d8b58597e9eff535b9b1fa4
25984292 F20090401_AABWDJ 00002_archive.tif 5046bbb219dd8b350d5d82f8648277e63d37985d596dd700343c37c8a18cf16492fa11f6
308348 F20090401_AABWIH 00024.jpg 71d9f295feaf62072b360adfb99e79488b20d7e3930d127e2d71d81068b9d954e98b01b4
25996740 F20090401_AABWDK 00003.tif 25921802d0900b896f3523784584847db3de985c4747e620597b994d76fb3e4aab31bae4
41101 F20090401_AABWII 00024.QC.jpg 6205a4bfd91f91b65ba90247c7689353fa58cd20d18733537426703f168ccadc0457c71b
25712228 F20090401_AABWDL 00004.tif c10823de6d5fb2b2ff5af3c1a6ae839788d42df5ef5666a3bdc18b5668b8126033b00ca9
12221 F20090401_AABWIJ 00024thm.jpg feb61ed2b33f6da6dc8be1835a0eeef14cc64d3635ef0dc904e9d0fe1929ee1bb8e8b7de
26986420 F20090401_AABWDM 00005.tif 4eb184a1a8ea18e3928ffb5e5b9b8ef6cecaee4a5faaf66f1db30252017efd983ca00b57
3173677 F20090401_AABWIK 00024.jp2 d55d8a3525e56d51a9bb90f3c579a678d2bc8031cd04fdac52d1271ee055edf9e7c0be1b
26782108 F20090401_AABWDN 00006.tif 2e7e18e301740e7ecb6e6a9ad11732b8def5360192df8db46c8c09a668bbbed73ff90c5e
358953 F20090401_AABWIL 00025.jpg fea631bd44efe52c25dde890f4632750b9f37c13cccf9f52ad7c01f80e5bea9d99070e61
25708768 F20090401_AABWDO 00007.tif 6bf5faec73c836b5c7becae086f928f0b2224e8ef45a95176e71d3604942320d74581c77
40257 F20090401_AABWIM 00025.QC.jpg fa2949c0e6c4619b05feeb168a4e6414187b1f1e16265b7f6b167a46ff6098990552e728
25538176 F20090401_AABWDP 00008.tif cd23572b857f9fb25c7dd95068f0867f6e37997c08a8f7bdf1f69909616bc489ddbe864e
9863 F20090401_AABWIN 00025thm.jpg da1173bab0f8064463ce006cf9b46a36851ebcbf6d315a9bf3f279d904514499d5745049
39410036 F20090401_AABWDQ 00009.tif 83fee0089937fdb9b58d969e924ea70286d14d49c7f0b7c278d319d37a78875dc23c6336
1645524 F20090401_AABWIO 00025.jp2 ac10848af2b41fc7c4919287d3f1849560d57b0c404f9b46a9629108d5ff4473e47694d4
13151240 F20090401_AABWDR 00010.tif 3e27c9d6524c4308ac1bf8ccacd47fbb345e57a6ade8a42610beab94583558f76d47799f
411550 F20090401_AABWIP 00026.jpg e2c4e66d9d8f729573cf9d9db09598338aaaf422be15da3d6c989d77d5c4f9b71c191f57
12883940 F20090401_AABWDS 00011.tif b24d8f7721df9c41df97917181e26aa7fb45a76e0a817eecd93521fda507398d6558a846
42585 F20090401_AABWIQ 00026.QC.jpg 3125df687ac961d6a718b98a7ffc554604cfda370d2449f491cb5333ec3d0f651127c9c8
13177124 F20090401_AABWDT 00011_archive.tif 78eb15400522b88cdd1cea297e18e10f571438f18c7827991f6833fc8981b9c4ed97fe73
9676 F20090401_AABWIR 00026thm.jpg 978aa2722a780763bf96c8b95444145311b767360ae146898a7017204ae1c98247f75555
38343204 F20090401_AABWDU 00012.tif 5f87edc22a907c1c010c2bb9053e3530335049f9d90e816d76ec876c89721d6d1576c6ad
1645518 F20090401_AABWIS 00026.jp2 a2951a9d48297fdb73a835b74d366adfff7b854a8db678675766078dbdf96a1ea3067ee4
37852020 F20090401_AABWDV 00013.tif 58a49ce562600012505e0acb8021490c838a244514c056a21f77e751222dd5a0a382592f
429310 F20090401_AABWIT 00027.jpg 36f036fd4a7ad2f771d935b18e39cd83a7f145413b12176aa91650f73c16a954c6bcdcb5
12807060 F20090401_AABWDW 00014.tif 6a6991a67bbb33f9a1d4fbf395767c9eb18618e4ada4812fcaef73d6aafab36a6918a0a4
45092 F20090401_AABWIU 00027.QC.jpg 5f7234adb6d994dd9ec8ad96d6e8a24b0d0f28d74b21ef3112376aa64bdbdeee8d105d5f
12569348 F20090401_AABWDX 00014_archive.tif 81e2f916018c3dd444adefc1a4681c1a4c2be7df47e24a4889fe6224d21014b0dec9a0c7
10025 F20090401_AABWIV 00027thm.jpg 0f05e2b35672ef0d6fc72dfaac0615fe39e0529a0ee70265957285e3ff3f9cbdcfee071a
12620868 F20090401_AABWDY 00015.tif 2e471cc69a33790c83183f1010c9b9d4f815219612603a7b8cf2051574fd033e611f1cbc
1597882 F20090401_AABWIW 00027.jp2 b0e0fcdfa1f869e7eae0d0df424ec9789a8e02bc5e79cc370ad891da53a9bb571e30d74f
12621504 F20090401_AABWDZ 00015_archive.tif 81b6f8f26b32dc72a00a5b4039fe922e4d3dd193caa435612233b56fa324a7d3cdfc1a99
317221 F20090401_AABWIX 00028.jpg 051f632c5ac406ebb8d1598188fb2525ac7a45a4f088c2a437258214c543868378091dd7

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200114datestamp 2008-11-13setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Star. April 7, 2007.Florida Star.dc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date April 7, 2007dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=00114000581378 (ALEPH)2261130 (OCLC)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 7, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
April 7, 2007
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African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
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Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
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Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
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"Florida's statewide black weekly."
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Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

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University of Florida
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______ ELnl~l _~~I __* *~'* _'' :L *y._____Y I: Iili W ,WK1'' JLLtI i IaJ~a A1 JLI
flX..N ~ w. ..... ..~ ~ ~~~M~EO~U5 H

UMB~LblMI ~ UintliL~J'~ ~L.Un L~~i.' r~' t i ~LO3; ~~ei~hir~S1


rl, HE




Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:30 to 9:00 pm
The Florida Star
"The People's Choice"
Striving to Make a


Cease the Fear

Obama Is Here

Raises $25 Million for Campaign
mns. M angr / '

Isaiah Rumlin, President, Jax NAACP with
Senator Baraka Obama. Photo by David Williams

Many are wondering how Senator Obama was able to raise
$25 million. Well, Samantha Giggetts is seven years old.
She has her own bank account that she barely withdraw
money from. Her attitude is, "Let the money in the bank
stay. I will use current funds on hand if I want something."
However, when it comes to Senator Obama, her attitude is
different and she told her parents to withdraw $100 from her
savings account "to give to Obama so that he can win."
If giving donations to a candidate is indicative of the pub-
lic's desire than the first quarter reporting is making a strong
statement for the the presidential candidates. Senator Hilary
Clinton, the former first lady, has raised only one million
more than the person who is considered as her strongest
rival. She reported contributions totalling $26 million while
Senator Obama reported $25 millions. However, she has
transferred $10 million from her Senate account. Behind
Clinton and Obama is Senator John Edwards with $14 mil-
lion. The Republican candidates with the largest amount are
Gov. Mitt Romney with $23 millions and Mayor Giuliani
with $15 million.
Dorothy Pitman Hushes was hostess for one Obama's fund
raising house parties and has organized a group called the
Democratic Rappers. When Obama was in Florida and
heard the group, he said, "I like that." Her desire is to have
the rappers tour throughout Florida.
Jacksonville Native New President of
Florida General Baptist Convention

The Rev. James Sampson

It was not an easy contest
to acquire the Presidency of
the Florida General Baptist
Convention Inc. especially
since his major opponent
was the former president,
the Reverend Dr. Henry
Lyons, but Jacksonville
native, The Reverend Dr.
James Sampson came
through and was elected
WedinesdaN as the new pres-
Dr. Samson is pastor of
First New Zion Missionary
Baptist C(huici located in
the 48001. bloi k of Soutel
Driie. Hi- has served as
pastor ,iinc 1o86 '.'.hene lie

was ordained.
Dr. Sampson said that he
has surveyed the landscape
of the Florida General
Baptist Convention and it is
"vividly clear that it is time
for a new direction." He
added that his "proven lead-
ership abilities in the area of
Evangelism, Christian
Education, Foreign and
Home Mission, Economic
Empowerment, Social
Justice, will provide our
Convention with Strength,
Structure ad Stability."
Dr. Sampson is a graduate
of Stanton High School and
received his honorary
Doctorate of Divinity in
2000. He is married to
Sheila Nelson Sampson and
they have one daughter,
three sons, and three grand
children. He is affiliated
with many organizations and
serves on a number of
boards. He is founder and
president of HOPE Inc. of
First New Zion boast many
programs, including HOPE
Inc., a Christian Academy
'and an Enterprise Center

Five Arrested in

Shooting of Teen Girls
Two teen girls, one 14, the other
16, met 17-year-old Jonathan
Johnson and 19-year-old Bruce
Allen Black on a chat line and had
run away with them, prior to the
afternoon of March 24 assault and
shooting in the 3500 bldck of
Ribault Scenic Drive. It was later
Bruce Black learned that the girls were waiting
for Black and Lee while they went
into a store but decided to take the
truck while they were in the store.
This decision angered the two
males. The girls went back to the
original meeting place near the river
on Ribault Scenic Drive and there
Ontario Napier were two other men with Johnson
and Black, Ontario Napier 23, and
'It Alex Lee when the girls were
assaulted and shot.

Alex Lee
Alex Lee

Antonette Johnson- Lee

Jonathan Johnson

Gwen Yate.

Black is chargedwith child abuse
for beating the girls; Napier is
charged with attempted murder for
reportedly shooting the girls several
times. Alex Lee and Jonathan
Johnson were arrested for weapon
and drug charges and Antonette
Johnson, 36, mother of Jonathan,
has been charged with accessory
after the fact. The girls were not
charged with a criminal act and are
now out of the hospital and recover-
ing from the injuries received. One
had been shot in the stomach, back
and shoulders and the other one was
shot in the face and arm. '
The girls are thankful that someone
passing through the area saw the
incident and contacted 911.
After the incident was reported the
man made plans to leave
Jacksonville with the help of

S Janelle Wilson,

Mayor of Former
Columnist for The
Jacksonville Florida Star and

S*. The Times Union
Dies at 86

City Councilwoman
Gwen Yates

The week of March 12,
City Councilwoman Gwen
Yates became the Mayor of
Jacksonville for two days.
As acting mayor she was
able to conduct business and
has historical evidence of
her power through a signed
mayoral proclamation
which proclaimed Thursday
"Individual' Mediation
How did Yates become
mayor? She was appointed
by the next in line after the
first five in line after the
mayor, was not available.
Yates is presently in her
second term as District 8
representative on the City

Janelle Wilson

Janelle "Jan" Wilson,
known for her column in The
Florida Star and The Florida
Times Union, "Jottings by
Jan", died on March 31,
2007. She was 86 years of
Ms. Jan was a 'self-taught'
journalist and her column
was well-received. She did
much for the community
including being a founding
member of St. Gabriel's
Episcopal Church. Her
funeral was Thursday, April

Felon Rights Restored

Can Vote, Serve on Jury,Get Occupational
Licenses, Hold Public Office No Guns

Florida is no longer one of the five Southern states that ban
felons' rights to life, leaving behind, Alabama, Georgia,
Mississippi and Kentucky where such law was activated after
then Civil War to keep African-Americans who may have been
incarcerated from voting. During his campaign, Governor
Crist committed to make a change and on Thursday, approval
was given that will allow more than 600,000 felons in Florida,
automatic restoration of their civil rights. Such a move did not
meet the approval of the state's Attorney Gereral Bill
McCollum and many law enforcement entities, including
Sheriff Rutherford, who wanted each felon to wait at least five
years to prove themselves 'ready.'
There are three levels of approval.
Level One will have an expedited restoration of civil rights.
This level includes ex-offenders who have committed less
severe crimes and have never been convicted of: murder,
attempted murder, attempted felony murder, manslaughter,.
DUI manslaughter, sexual battery, attempted sexual battery,,
lewd or lascivious battery, attempted lewd or lascivious bat-
tery, molestation, conduct or exhibition; lewd or lascivious
offense upon or in the presence of an elderly or disabled per-
son, attempted of the above; sexual performance or attempted
sexual performance by a child; failure to register as a sexual
predator or sexual offender; computer pornography, transmis-
sion, buying or selling of minors; kidnapping, attempted, false
imprisonment or luring and enticing a child; aggravated and
attempted aggravated battery; armed or attempted armed rob-
bery, carjacking, home and attempted home invasion; poison-
ing or food or water; abuse of a dead human body, first degree
or attempted first degree burglary; arson or attempted arson;
aggravated assault, stalking, battery or aggravated assault on a
law enforcement officer; first degree trafficking in illegal subs-
Restoration Continued on A-7

-News Briefs

Tattoos and HIV- Is There a Relationship?

The question of being at risk for HIV when getting a
tattoo, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the
answer is no even though there are some tattoo artist that
will ask if you are HIV positive and if you answer "yes"
they will not take you as a client.

S Whitney Houston Wins Daughter

SIt was ruled Wednesday that Whitney Houston, when her
divorce to Bobby Brown is finalized at the end of April,
that she will have custody of their 14-year-old daughter.
Whitney did not request spousal or child support.

Study Links Child Care to Behavior Problems

A recent study showed that the more a child spends in
child care, the more likely the sixth grade teacher will
experience behavior problems with that child and, chil-
dren who received quality child care before kindergarten
had better vocabulary scores in fifth grade.

Tomi Rae Hynie Prepares for Paternity Test for
Alleged James Brown's Son ,
Tomi Rae Hynie, who said she was legally married to
James Brown, has selected a special guardian for her son
Sas a first step toward determining the child's paternity.
Last month, Brown's trustee filed a motion asking the
judge to order DNA from Tomi's son.
James Brown died on Christmas day, 2006 and his body
was finally placed in a crypt at the home of one of his
daughters in March.

I-u-- U~

_'205 SM-I IuN '.I OF FL (1 1 .Cs
P.". BO' ) 1 700


: i

';. 5. "i :,.5 '*? [i,: I ,


~ui~suy ~,,~


I- I -





I finAI f-Al L .- .-IlI.. -


TEL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
Serving St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Nassau,
Alachua, Flaglqr, Mhrion
McIntosh, Camden And Glynn County

The Florida Star Newspaper is an
independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

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The Florida Star,
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Founded In April 1951 By Eric O. Simpson
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The Florida Press Hall Of Fame




Beating the Odds-Something to Cheer
Marian Wright Edelman, President and Founder
Children's Defense Fund
If you want to hear about and state offices select and
a drug crime or armed rob- recognize four or five high
bery by a teen, listen to the school seniors for their hero-
11:00 p.m. news on most ic achievements while tri-
nights or go to the Metro umphing over immense
section of most newspapers. challenges. Each honoree
But if you want to hear receives a cash scholarship
about exemplary or and a new laptop computer.
ennobling behavior by Houston, Texas and
young people, you may have Minneapolis and St. Paul,
to do some searching. It is Minnesota held Beat the
unfortunate that so many Odds celebrations in March.
images of our youth in pop- Since 1990, CDF has recog-
ular culture are negative- nized and encouraged
objects in rap videos or approximately 570 Beat the
young people just behaving Odds honorees to become
stupidly, leaders and professionals in
The truth is that many a.variety of fields, as well as
children and teens are living advocates for children and
positive and productive champions of social justice.
lives. Some are prevailing in Beat the Odds honoree
the face of unimaginable Mohamed Ibrahim
adversity. To recognize and Mohamed was forced to be a
celebrate the achievement of child soldier in Somalia by
just few outstanding young warlords who also stole his
people from a pool of many family's land. After five
who are nominated or apply, years, he escaped and
the Children's Defense Fund walked for a month toward
started the Beat the Odds the Kenyan border. After a
scholarship program in 1990 miraculous reunion with his
as part of the Black family, his father was killed
Community Crusade for by Somali warlords and his
Children. Our goal then as mother by bandits in Kenya.
now has been to affirm the At 16, Mohamed became
success of teens who are responsible for his five
overcoming tremendous younger brothers. Since his
obstacles in their lives while uncle arranged for them to
working hard, demonstrat- come to the United States
ing academic excellence, less than a year ago,
and contributing to their Mohamed has strived to
communities. master English, has taken
Each year, CDF national extra courses at school in
_Minneapolis and has found
time to tutor younger stu-
S dents. He has been accepted
to St. Cloud University and
plans to become a heart sur-
geon. Eventually, he aspires
to expand education and
S"" health care in Somalia and
work to bring an end to the
S* use of child soldiers in

Tanya Allen, a high
school senior in St. Paul, has
prevailed against crushing
poverty, a violent alcoholic
father, the stress of her
mother's recurring brain
tumor and the death of her
grandmother, who nurtured
her as a young child. She
was also molested by a non-
family member. Tanya rose
above these daunting diffi-
cilties to excel in school,
maintaining a 3.77 grade
point average. She has a
number of part-time jobs
and volunteers at her church
and with the Girl Scouts.
She holds a black belt in
karate and conducts a Kung
Fu class for younger chil-
dren. This summer, she will
travel to Europe as a People
to People Ambassador.
Tanya will enter the
University of Minnesota in
the fall and plans to become
a dentist.
When Anosha Azeemi
was 14, she, her mother and
three siblings fled
Afghanistan after the
Taliban murdered every
male member of her family.
She had no formal schooling
for six years because girls
and women were barred
from education. When she
came to the United States
five years ago, she spoke
four languages, but no
English. Adjusting to her
new life was difficult.
Classmates taunted her, and
her brother was beaten up on
his second night in Houston.
She began her freshman
year at the YES College
Prep School with a third
grade education. Having
been denied schooling for
years in Afghanistan,
Anosha spent every spare
minute studying to catch up
while working 40 hours a
week at a shoe store to help
support the family.
Other equally inspiring
honorees this year are Fanny

















~.VA. -M

- Cu




I -ek& 00w AI


I l.JlullAIl 01.,11l

/IrIL /. ZIIU/

*2*U J. e*-1-

Briceno, Cortney Gee, Ngan
Ho and Zachary Menk in
Texas; and Jacqueline
Bonilla and Choua Yang in
We all know young peo-
ple who are thriving aca-
demically, contributing to
their communities and serv-
ing as role models to
younger children. They
deserve our active encour-
agement and support. We
must be mindful, however,
of the many others who find
the conditions in which they
live overwhelming. Too
many young people come
from poor families who are
struggling to meet their most
basic needs. They may wit-
ness or experience violence
in their homes and have no
one to protect or nurture
them. They walk to school
through dangerous neigh-
borhoods only to arrive in
classrooms where teachers
have low expectations' for
their success. These young
people often have no place
to feel safe or be smart--and
their calls for help are
ignored. We must support
them as well, by fighting to
provide opportunities so
they can bloom with excel-
lent schools and health care
facilities and effective child
service agencies.
But for now, if you're
depressed about the "if it
bleeds, it leads" 11:00
o'clock news, tell your
media leaders to stait report-
ing on hope. And take solace
in the knowledge that young
people all across the country
are beating the odds. And
that's something we can
stand up and cheer about!
For more information on
CDF's Beat the Odds
Scholarship Program, go to
eat the odds.

" 6

APRIL 7, 2007

Faith In Our Community

Schedule of Events and Services

sincere welcome to friends and the public to share in the care-
fully planned Easter/Resurrection worship services and activi-
ties. April 8, Easter SONrise Worship at 5:30 a.m., First Service
of Light at 7:30 a.m., The Holy Lamb of God at 9:45 a.m. and
Praise and Worship at 11:00 a.m.; April 9th 14th, The Hour of
Prayer at 6:30 p.m.; and April 16th 18th, The Spring Revival
(Bishop John Bryant) at 7:00 p.m. Saint Paul is located at 6910
New Kings Rd. Please call 764-2755 for additional info.
ISTRY invites you to share in their 2007 Serious Praise Service.
When Praises go up, Blessings come down! The Rev. Mattie W.
Freeman will bring the message April 8th at 3:45 p.m. in the
Father's House Conference Center located at 1820 Monument
Rd., Jacksonville, FL, Bldg. #2.
1319 N. Myrtle Ave., Jacksonville, FL, announces its ANNUAL
Saturday, April 7, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There will be
games, Easter bags and refreshments. For more information call
3552 Moncrief Rd., with Rev. C.E. Banks, Pastor, is honoring
the late Sister Fronnie Fudge at their ANNUAL EASTER
CONCERT, Sunday, April 8, at 6:00 p.m. Special Guest: Tony
and The Magnificent Voices of Durham, NC and on program:
Lil Jessie and The Miracles, Gospel Caravan's, The Singing
Trumpets, The Golden Clouds, The.Gospel Tones, Dea.
Kilpatrick and the Soul Savers, and God's Spiritual Gift.
The Pastor's Care Ministry of MT. SINAI MISSIONARY
BAPTIST CHURCH located at 2036 Silver St., will be cele-
brating Pastor's Appreciation, Rev. R.L. Gundy, April 15, dur-
ing their morning worship service. Come and make it happen,
at 3328 Moncrief Rd., Jacksonville, FL with Bishop R. L.
Dixon, Pastor, is having a HEALTH FAIR, April 21, at 10:00
a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Shands Jacksonville, Blood Pressure,
Cholesterol, Diabetes Screenings, Dr. Ronald Way,
Chiropractor, Walter Morrison, HIV Lecturer, Sheriff Dept.,
Stranger Danger & Kids Finger Printing, Healthy Start, Sickle
Cell Foundation, Independent Living, Resource Center, Deaf
Services, Supervisor of elections State of Florida Pregnancy
Adolescent Center, Duval County Health Dept., Project Moses,
Body and Soul, River Region HIV Mobile Testing Unit.

Ask Us About Our

If there had been a death
in your amiily' yesterday r.
what would you be doing

-. ',- -

:. ~

r-. : .
~7c. ci
a. 7~,

I t i:;-F;i







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Iii .1111.1
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i.fi1 11,


tolitd I rida) Su'rv'ic
'(..~,id tI ,ida% i~ ~nzir I lit alic- I h mng I-'.a..l 1apptT'
(II)IJ I -illl\ Jll pll N -.:11l ,.I Jill -11 5(PP I
III 1l'' 1 ~ ~. III 1 )I' I 1
April III I NICv1r l.gg 11 1

.South\ elt C.-a-min Clay County
.- -1-10 .." Ir .11 \ 11 1 1 ) 11.0ii1

V- hi l~ll
4L %% S N1.1 I N: I r I I 11 i Ca I I I p I I, 11

IV I, -,1 .1
it I.- im 111 'I-. ii iC. I
I c\ *l 1 1 11.rli r :111 1
9(f..7 I -9395r II 1

I1.( 11,1 '11 .111 'l ~ I '
1;11 I".llr l l 1\ 1 II i,

CHURCH Mass choir and dance ministry to perform excit-
ing morning worship celebration. The mass choir and dance
ministry of Historic Mount Zion AME Church presents "Lift
Up the Cross," a special Easter worship service on Sunday,
April 8, 2007 at 10:30 a.m. in the main sanctuary of the
church. The Easter message of mankind's salvation will be
delivered through song, dance and praise in this stirring per-
formance. Also, the church school will present their annual
Easter program at 9:15 a.m. in the church lower auditorium.
The church is located downtown at 201 E. Beaver St. at the
corner of Newnan and Beaver St. and Rev. F.D. Richardson,
Jr. is the pastor. Everyone is invited to attend. For more infor-
mation call (904) 355-9475.
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Emaill
submissions preferred. Send to: info@thefloridastar.com

Fi .--ri-- '
-1- I-

Almighty God, Father of all mercies and giver of all
comfort: Deal graciously, we pray thee, with those who
mourn, that casting every care on thee, they may
know the consolation of thy love, through
Jesus Christ our LORD.


died April 3, 2007. A.B.
Coleman Mortuary.
died March 30, 2007.
died March 28, 2007.
BRICE, Baby Boy
Thomas, died March 28,
BROOKS, Randy J., 44,
died March 26, 2007.
CLARK, Janet Marie,
44, died March 30, 2007.
died, March 28, 2007.
died March 27, 2007.
GILLIS, Eloise, died
April 2, 2007. A.B.
Coleman Mortuary.
died April 2, 2007.
HAWK, Zodeidah, 43,
died March 28, 2007.
HAWKINS, Maceo, died
April 1, 2007.
HAYES, Samuel, died
April 2, 2007.

HUFF, Janie Mae, died
March 30, 2007.
IVEY, Francina T., died
April 2, 2007. A.B.
Coleman Mortuary.
JONES, Carolyn, died
March 30, 2007.
JONES, Robert, I., age
72, died March 28, 2007.

MANNS, David,
March 28, 2007.
REED, James,
March 27, 2007.
ROSS, James,
March 24, 2007.




SIMS, Helen, died April
SMITH, Charles A., died
March 25, 2007.
STOKES, David, 77,
died March 30, 2007.
TARVER, James,- died
April 1, 2007.
WHITE, Daisy, died
March 29, 2007.
WILSON, Janelle, died
March 31, 2007.
YOUNG, Mallean, died
March 27, 2007.


s Tt


ria '4v "i#.'"s'.'.'." .

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"You are invited to join usfor a time of celebration and exaltation of
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"'fllping Othe'r' Pursue Excellence and Eternity"



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Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 am.
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.. F "To everr-
Sthing there
I". "' is a season
Sand a time
to every purpose under the heav-
en. A time to be born, and a time
to die. "-Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about
death and funerals. Too depress-
ing. Unfortunately, death is a fact
of life and there simply is no way
to avoid it. For indeed there is a
"time to be born and a time to
You may want a traditional
funeral service with visitation
and a member of the clergy con-
ducting services at a church or a
funeral home. Would you want
an open or closed casket? Maybe
you want a special friend to do
the eulogy or family members to
read scripture passages or poetry.
Any favorite hymns?
First, you should shop
around and talk to a few funeral
directors. Yes, let your fingers do
the walking-comparing prices
for such things as casket,
embalming, ant the cost for pro-
fessional services.
Resist one-stop shopping,
which can include such things as


praJer cards. ltank-lou notes.
and guest registers-the\ add up
quickly. Man) opt for the funer-
al home m their neighborhood
for personalized services.
Decide on body disposition.
Burial or cremation? If earth bur-
ial, a cemetery plot should be
purchased; if above ground, a
mausoleum crypt. If cremation is
the choice, plan disposition of
the ashes. Do you want them
stored in a columbarium niche or
buried? Maybe you prefer to
have your ashes scattered?
An option some people take
is to donate organs and tissues to
a medical school (have a donor
card and check on requirements).
If you would rather have a
memorial service express that
wish. That means a service in the
funeral home or a church where
the body is not present. A com-
mon misconception is that when
the body is cremated you don't
hold a funeral. You can hold a
funeral before cremation.
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I i

4YEcI Al-4 AI .0I 7. .. -".

Preparing a special holiday dinner does not
have to be complicated and time coisuminy.


For a 6-8 Ib semi--boneless fully cooked ham (12-16 servings)
prepare ham following recipe instructions; begin the ham
about 2-2 1/2 hours before you would like to serve.


About 1 hour before your ham is done, rinse swvee-t -:iates.
Fierce several times with a fork, and wrap in fo:I. Pia-e !r oren
directly on oven rack, with ham If your family and gues:: are
hungry, prepare some appetizers w'th Publ': Deli Art:cnroke
and Spinach Dip served on Nabisco crackers.



Even with a busy day

and guests on the way, Easter

can be joyous and easy.


P U 8 L I X

A604L.1d 1957
..* "' ^ ^**

Publix Semi-Boneless Ham Half .....1.49b
Or Whole, Hickory-smoked and slow-cooked using our
exclusive recipe, Publix Semi-Boneless Ham makes a
delicious option for your Easter meal Plus, it's convenient,
too: This ham comes fully cooked and ready to eat.

Potato Rolls, 12-Count..............1.79
Soft, dense and nch in flavor, our potato rolls are baked
fresh daily in the Publix Bakery. Heat them in the oven
for a minute or two, and everyone at your dinner table
will be thnlled, 18-oz pkg.

Sweet Potatoes....................496
Along with their fluffy texture and delightful flavor, sweet
potatoes add a lot of nutritional value to your Easter meal:
They're excellent sources of vitamins A and C-and also
naturally fat- and cholesterol-free.
,.. ., i .' r

Family and guests will love
this simple and flavorful ham.
Log on to www.publix.com
for more Apron's recipes.

,- g ;': .

, .'.

: -,_ -

: Ham
"* Prep and
(Makes 12


th Pineapple
I Sauce
ok. 2 hours, 45 minutes
6 servings)

1 semi-boneless fully cooked ham hall (6-8 Ibs)
aluminum foil
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons pre-diced onions
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
1 cup water
8 ounces pineapple tidbits in juice (3/4 cup, well drained)
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
1 packet pork gravy mix (about 1 ounce)

1. Preheat oven to 325F. Remove all packaging and wrap ham
in foil, place in shallow baking pan. Bake about 20 minutes per
pound or just until internal temperature at center of ham is
at least 130'F Use meat thermometer to accurately ensure
doneness. Remove ham from oven and let stand 10-20 minutes
before slicing (temperature will rise dunng stand time to 140F)
2. While ham stands, prepare sauce Preheat medium saucepan
on mediurn-high 2-3 minutes. Place butter in pan, swirl to coat.
Add onions: cook 4-5 minutes, stirring often, or until onions
begin to brown.
3. Stir in remaining ingredients and bring ri 4. Reduce heat to low; cook 10 n minutes, stirring often, or until
sauce thickens and fruit softens. Sauce can be blended smooth
with a stick-type hand blender or potato masher, if desired
Slice ham and serne with sauce. (Ham makes 12-16 senings,
sauce makes about 12 servings.)

Happy Easter
In observance of the holiday, all Publix stores
will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 8
To all our customers celebrating
during this special time, we wish you
a blessed and joyous Easter.

*.." '

Follow these easy st
to serve a perfect
ham this Easter.


Publix Artichoke & Spinach Dip ...................
With Asiago Cheese, Serve With Crackers or Tortilla Chips, Also Great
Tossed With Cooked Pasta, For Fast Service, Grab & Go!, 16-oz cont.


Nabisco Baked Snack Crackers..............3 FR6.00
Assorted Varieties, 6.75 to 10-oz box
(Nabisco Easy Cheese, 8-oz can ... 2/6.00)
SAVE UP TO 3.57 ON 3

Dixie Crystals Sugar......................... OR00
Golden Light Brown or Dark Brown;..
Old Fashioned or Confectioners Powdered, -16-oz box

Dole Pineapple ..... ......................... ... .99
Assorted Varieties, 20-oz can



Set the oven temperature to 325 F.
Remove all packaging and then wrap
die ham in foil; place the wrapped
ham in a shallow baking pan. Allow 20
minutes per pound for an approximate
heating time. If ham is over 10 pounds,
allow 15-18 minutes per pound.




4* ;.

4, ,

,,,.'i..7. k- ,

Use a meat thermometer to check the
temperature in the center of the -
ham (not touching bone or fat). When
the internal temperature of the ham
reaches 130F, remove from the oven.


APRIL 7200?

rA j ,( r V A4

1 ir


AIP J l /? THE / .A -- I A--

Remove your ham from dte oven when your meat
thermometer-inserted into the thickest part
(not touching bone or fat)-reaches at least 130F
(temperature will rise during stand time to 1400F).


After you've removed your ham, transfer it to a carving
board. Let it stand 10-20 minutes before slicing.
Use the residual heat in the oven to keep your
sweet potatoes warm and to warm your
dinner rolls and apple pie.


While the ham stands, prepare the Pineapple Mustard Sauce
and the Asparagus Amandine following recipe instructions.
Add some butter and a little brown sugar to the sweet
potatoes. Toss the fresh salad blend with your
favorite dressing. Slice the ham and serve.


Whether you're cooking for family or hosting a get-together with friends,
Publix can help you have a great holiday. From useful tips to the
perfect items and prices, we've got everything you need
for a simple and exceptional Easter meal.

*' ,


Turning Leaf Wine..................5.99
Nothing makes a meal more complete than the nght
wine-and this Easter, it's Tuming Leaf Pinot Noir.
Smooth and mild, this fruit-driven and medium-bodied
red wine pairs perfectly with our semi-boneless ham,
750-ml bot.

Asparagus .............................1.99i
A good source of vitamin C, fresh asparagus makes
an elegant addition to Easter dinner. Try qur recipe
for Asparagus Amandine, a perfect side dish
to serve with ham.

Gourmet Apple Pie ................ 6.99
For an unforgettable ending tc a wonderful meal -serve our
Publix Bakery Gourmet Apple Pie. You and your family will
love its tender, flaky crust-and the rich, sweet taste of
apple slices, tossed in cinnamon and sugar, 43-oz size

'Land O Lakes Sweet Cream Butter .......... 2FOR400
Salted, Light'Salted, or Unsalted Sweet, 4-sticks, 16-oz box
SAVE UP TO 2.18 ON 2

Dole Salad Blends............................ GT FREE
Assorted Varieties, 5 to 12-oz bag or Seasonal Salad Kit,
6.5-oz bag, or Sweet Baby Lettuces,.5-oz bag
Ready-to-Eat for the Busy Lifestyle

Publix Premium Ice Cream.................. 2OR5.00
Assorted Varieties, half-gal ctn. (Including Light and Homemade.)
SAVE UP TO 3.58 ON 2

Entertaining Made Even Easier
Let Publix help you host a great get-together. We offer a wide variety of artistically
arranged Deli and Seafood platters, scrumptious salads, and decadent desserts.
Pick up our complimentary Start Something'" party planning guide and
see how successful-and easy-your next gathering can be.

SConmplemi nt your ham with; : .
y Mil 'd 6. #, 9011 :- : a s : "as ''
.. easy ad eegant'asparag .
LO`. on to.www.publix.coi r,
.,: for oe Apron's recipes. ':'

Asparagus Amandine
SPrep and Cook 20 minutes .
(Males 4 servir.gs)

1 lb fresh asparagus spears (rinsed)
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
1/4 cup sliced alm:'nds

1. Cut 1 inch from tough root end of asparagus spears and
discard. To do this quickly, group half the spears together,
align ends, and slice with sharp knife. Cut into 2-inch pieces
and set aside.
2. Preheat large saute pan on medium-high 2-3 minutes
Place butter and seasoned salt in pan; swirl to coat
Add almonds and cook 1-2 minutes, stirring often. -
or until lightly toasted and brown.'
3 Add asparagus; cook 4-5 minutes, stirring often, or
until crisp-tender. (For softer asparagus, cover during
cook time) Serne.



**, .' .

Transfer tho han to a carving board.
Let ., tand 10-20 minutes before slicing.
Thu tomrrmpatr'i will continue to rise
to the rKequiiti-,:. mr l;rrnit of 140F.


When the ham is ready fot Jllrinq,
place it on its side on th- :an.ivin
board, Use a meal l ok tij hi(.l the.
ham steady, and mako p ,rp.'dil..inl r
slices down to the l eg lboIi:r III
the desired thlic kri'-'.


Loosen the slices by cutting
horizontally along the leg bone.
Reriiove each slice with the fork
and arrange ite ham slices on
a serving platter. Se ve with
pineapple mustard sauce.

www. publix-com/

r~~~ a .^

Prices effective Thursday, March 29 '
through Saturday, April 7, 2007.
Only in O igrg Seminole, rOvard, Columbia, Len, Duval, Nassau, Flagler.
St. Jolns, Clny, Mrior, Pultinrr, Alchua and Volusia Counties in Fla.
CGustiy r;ght s areer.d.



6n I

InK ~



APRIL '"' 2007

: L i.

t L"

PH l. i


(A T SR-L 7 20

Foreclosure Rate

Increase for Blacks

Jacksonville Still Hot
Market for Minorities
Although Georgia's home buyer's mar-
ket is still affordable, the state's foreclosure
rate is among the highest in the nation, and
the percentage of African Americans own-
ing homes is just 49.9 percent compared to
76.7 percent for Whites. This conspicuous
gap is due in part to some of the fallacies
associated with homeownership including
the belief that one must have a near perfect
credit rating as well as a 20 percent down
payment in order to qualify for a mortgage.
Other myths are that candidates must have a
checking or savings account and years of
employment in your background.
Compounding these fallacies is the egre-
gious problem of predatory lending which
has relentlessly targeted minority homeown-
ers, low-income residents and the elderly for
years with the underhanded objective of
reclaiming these homes once they go into
The National Urban League has initiated
a six-point Homebuyer's Bill of Rights to
boost homeownership in the United States,
especially among African Americans.
"Greater homeownership means greater
personal wealth, which, in turn, means
greater economic empowerment, the civil
right of the 21st Century," National Urban
League President Marc Morial said in a
speech at the National Press Club in
Washington, D.C. "It is also helpful in clos-
ing the financial gap that exists between
blacks and whites in the United States."
In 2004, African-American homeowner-
ship hit a historic high nearly 50 percent,
compared to 76 percent of white Americans,
slipping to 47.9 percent in 2006, thanks in
part to increased foreclosures that are threat-
ening decades of progress.
Through six major policy recommenda-
tions, the National Urban League
Homebuyer's Bill Of Rights is designed to
minimize four major obstacles standing in
the way of more Americans owning their
own homes: 1) lack of net savings for down-
payments and closing costs; 2) lack of infor-
mation on how to shop for homes and apply
for loans; 3) lack of quality affordable units
in livable locations; and 4) lack of consumer
"It is not enough to put more Americans

National Urban League

Homebuyer's Bill Of Rights

1. The Right to Save for Homeownership Tax-Free
Recommendation Create Individual Development
Accounts for Homeownership administered by employ-
ers as matched savings plans for the future purchase of
a home.
2. The Right to High-Quality Homeownership
Recommendation Redesign of an industry-wide
system that integrates pre- and post-purchase home-
ownership education and counseling; and expansion of
HUD's budget for housing counseling from $42 million
to $80 million in FY 08.
3. The Right to Truth and Transparency in Credit
Recommendation Demystify the credit reporting
system through creation of a public education and
awareness campaign about credit scoring and its impact
on wealth creation, and establishment of a penalty
structure for credit reporting bureaus that maintain
inaccurate client files.
4. The Right to Production of Affordable Housing
for Working Families
Recommendation Cities and other municipalities-
should through zoning and tax incentives require that at
least 30% of all new market-rate construction be made
available for purchase and rental by households com-
prising the locality's working families.
5. The Right to be Free from Predatory Lending
Recommendation Elimination of incentives for
lenders to make predatory loans; a fair, competitive
market that responsibly provides credit to consumers;
access to justice for families caught in abusive loans;
and the preservation of essential federal and state con-
sumer safeguards.
6. The Right to Aggressive Enforcement of Fair
Housing Laws
Recommendation Create a HUD Task Force to vig-
orously investigate and prosecute violations of fair-
lhuu~ing laws and authorize congressional oversight
hearinii to hold HUD accountable.

into their own homes if we fail to arm them
with the tools needed to sustain homeowner-
ship. Far too many first-time homebuyers
with limited financial experience have fall-
en into the trap of predatory lending where
unscrupulous mortgage brokers steer them
into unsuitable and exploitive mortgage
products and turn their American Dream
into the American Nightmare. The National
Urban League Homebuyer's Bill of Rights
seeks to reverse and eliminate this trend."
Morial added.
Freddie Mac
"Truth is that 25-40 percent of the people
getting sub prime loans could get an A-
paper loan," said Vaughn Irons, national
director of Freddie Mac, adding that Freddie
Mac's goal was to create 2,100 new home-
owners within the next 24 months through
the 21 Step Program.
Lending stature and resonance to the
issue, Dominique Wilkins, who grew up in
Baltimore, Maryland in a single parent
household with "eight brothers and sisters',"
said he was no stranger to life's challenges
having spent much of his early life "proving
the skeptics wrong." Even today, he noted,
he knew quite a few people whose homes
were foreclosed on them, which is why, he
feels so strongly about this issue.
"This is not a singular problem in this
city," it is a problem that "crosses all socio-
economic lines," he said, adding that it
"impacts African Americans and other
minorities" in particular. "If you can spend
$1,000 a month on rent, you can own your
own home," he pointed out.
Noting that while wealth derived from
homeownership was crucial, Georgia State
Senator Kasim Reed (D-35) said that what
was most important was the wealth "trans-
ferred to children and grandchildren." To
that end, he said Freddie Mac, which was
chartered by Congress in 1970, was instru-
mental in investing $115 billion in home
loans over the past 10 years.
Improvements in Florida
Home purchase loans in 2005 for
African Americans increased at a rate 4.8
times the rate for White homebuyers for the
top 20 metro areas with at least 500 African-
American loans.
The market with the greatest growth in
African American home buying from 2004
to 2005 was Lakeland, Florida, with a 86%
increase -- 3.2 times greater than the 26.7%
increase in home purchase loans for Whites
in that metro area.
Ocala, Lakeland, Fort Myers, Orlando
and Jacksonville were all in the top ten
growth markets for minorities.

St. Augustine

Mall Tosses



The Ponce DeLeon
Mall in St. Augustineis try-
ing a new approach to
reduce theft in the mall.
They are throwing out cus-
tomers under 17 years old
if they do not have a parent
with them after 6p.m on
Friday and Saturdays,.
"It's really killed the
business," said Victoria
Williams, who owns
Wizards gaming shop
inside the mall. He said
he's lost hundreds in profits
after the mall passed the
new rules.
The gaming store isn't
the only business that is
suffering. Also feeling the
pinch is the only movie
theatre located in St.
The mall's only arcade
closed the weekend the age
restriction went into effect.
The Ponce DeLeon mall
is small by today's mall
standards. Stores in the
mall include JC Penny and

Dr. James Ammons

Ratified at FAMU

The Florida Board of
Governors have unani-
mously voted to ratify the
FAMU Board of Trustees'
selection of Dr. James H.
Ammons as Florida A&M's
10th president.
The new Florida A&M
University president said
Thursday that the school's
persistent financial and
accounting problems must
be tackled "head on" and
that he will insist on clean

Florida News Briefs

Tallahassee State regulators on Friday gave tenta-
tive approval to the first rate cuts by private home insur-
ance companies following the passage last month of a
new law giving the companies more access to the state's
backup insurance fund.

Fort Pierce A 9-year-old boy and an adult were
apparently bitten by sharks off the beaches of a barrier
island, authorities said. Their injuries were not consid-
ered life-threatehing.
The attacks happened within an hour of each other
Saturday in the water along Hutchinson Island in St.
Lucie County on Florida's east coast.

iea wuq CwfAice of.

fbaaLf Law qwup, $/J?

~Vlxtel 9 n IIXwc. L&qydid

,'A4wj o6dPm4cacc

0''111143511(11/ '~l\
kuhu LA/mi

"~!Dlcdiccedi ~.Sed'isaq ]uJIttcc:l

Prostate Cancer Risks

Higher in Urban Blacks

Jacksonville Blacks Show More
Advanced Stages than Others

Inner-city black men are almost twice as likely to be"
diagnosed with prostate cancer as whites and are four times.
more likely to be in advanced stages of the disease at diag-
nosis, according to a new study led by University of Florida
The findings, call attention to the need to screen these
men early beginning at age 45 instead of 50 and to.
offer them ongping prostate cancer education, the
researchers report.
Prostate cancer remains the second-most-commonly
diagnosed cancer and the second-most-common cause of
cancer deaths in American men over age 45. Even so,
prostate cancer mortality rates in the United States have
been steadily declining during the past 10 years, thanks to:
serum prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, blood tests and:
improved treatments.
But the researchers found a different situation for inner-
city men in Jacksonville, Fla.
"It all came about when we noticed that several patients:
we screened in Jacksonville were presenting with more
advanced disease than what we had seen in similarly sized:
settings namely Houston and Winston-Salem," said Dr.:
Charles Rosser, the study's senior author and an assistant:
professor of urology at the UofF Jacksonville. "Patients:
who presented in Houston and Winston-Salem had already;
been screened so thoroughly that they presented with.a lot:
earlier disease than what we saw here. We wanted to know:
why Jacksonville's numbers were so much higher."
Although several variables may be involved, Rosser:
thinks the cause is a lack of prostate cancer screening and:
ongoing education in inner-city Jacksonville.
"Other communities our size have had fairly large:
screening initiatives first directed to the general communi-:
ty and then directed to minorities in the inner city," he said.:
"Here in Jacksonville we didn't have anything like that until
2003, when UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville urolo-:
gists, in partnership with the Duval County Health:
Department, began offering free screenings at UF's affiliat-
ed. hospital, Shands Jacksonville."
Using the data from these screenings, the seven-member:
research team set out to assess the detection rate of prostate:
cancer and disease stage at diagnosis. Researchers collected:
and analyzed clinical and pathological data from the biop-
sies of 368 men 52 percent white, 42 percent black, 5 per-
cent Hispanic and 1 percent Asian. Because of the small
numbers, Hispanics and Asians were excluded for study pur-
Sposes. The researchers were surprised to find these men
were four times as likely to have advanced cancer, Rosser
"The chance of usually presenting with advanced disease
is maybe 5 percent nationwide," he said. "Our study sample
showed 16 percent for blacks and 3.8 percent for whites -
a statistically significant finding;"
When patients don't begin treatment until cancer is
advanced, the cure rate drops dramatically.
Annual screenings should include the PSA blood test and
an exam, with biopsy and further examination recommend-
ed for a PSA level above 4.0, Rosser said.
Education is key for these men, according to Rosser.
"Of course, we need to stress the importance of annual
screenings, but we also need to let them know why they're
being screened and explain that, as black men, statistically
they're at higher risk for the disease," he said. "Education
must go hand in hand with screening."
The study identifies a disparity in prostate cancer screen-
ing and detection among men of differing social strata that is
especially worrisome at a time when the underserved -
especially blacks stand to benefit most' from such pro-
grams, Rosser said.

What are the Symptoms of

Prostate Cancer?
There are usually no specific signs or symptoms of
early prostate cancer -- which is why prostate screening
is so important. An annual physical examination,
prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, and digital
rectal exam (DRE) provide the best chance of identify-
ing prostate cancer in its earliest stages.
The following signs and symptoms may be caused
by prostate cancer, or by a variety of other conditions.
Consult your physician right away if you are experienc-
ing any/all of the following symptoms:
weak or interrupted flow of urine
urinating often (especially at night)
difficulty urinating or holding back urine i
inability to urinate
pain or burning when urinating
blood in the urine or semen
nagging pain in the back, hips, or pelvis
As a man gets older, his prostate may grow bigger
and block the flow of urine, or interfere with sexual

function. Although an enlarged prostate gland a con-
dition called benign prostate hyperplasia may not be
life-threatening, it may require treatment with medicine
or surgery to relieve symptoms. This common benign
prostate condition, which is not cancer, can cause many
of the same symptoms as prostate cancer.

, em) -I) \

APRIL 7, 2007



tL 1/1. r uc i-

Restoration Continued from A-1
tances; aircraft piracy; unlawful throwing, placing of discharging of a destructive device or
bomb; facilitating or furthering terrorism; treason; any offense committed in another juris-
diction that would be an offense listed in this paragraph if that offense had been committed
in Florida.
Not declared to be:
Habitual Violent Felony Offender
Three-times Violent Felony Offender
Violent Career Criminal
Prison Releasee Reoffender
Sexual Predator

For Level 1: The new process (1) Complete sentence (2) Complete supervision (3) Pay vic-
tim restitution (4) Verify eligibility and no pending charges (5) Expedited Executive Order
signed by Clemency Board without hearing and (6) Restoration of rights certificate issued.
Level 2: Review and approval without a hearing of civil rights, for severe offenses except
murder and sex offenses. The process for Level 2 is: (1) Complete sentence (2) Complete
supervision (3) Pay victim restitution (4) Verify eligibility through a mid-level investigation
and no pending charges (5) Placement on Clemency Board preliminary review list (6) 30
days for approval requires vote of Governor plus two (7) If not approved, full hearing and
investigation and (8) Restoration of rights certified issued.
For Level 3: Full investigation and hearing process for murder and sex offenses, sexual
predators and those not, approved in Level 2. There is no change from the old rules for
restoration of civil rights.
These new rules will be placed immediately on Commission and Clemency Web sites.

r1 dvd rental.
redbox new releases.
automated dvd rental
per night + tax no late fees.

Introducing film and food iQ your territory McDonald's". Participating McDonald's
are now offering Redbox. Redbox is doing for the movies what ATM's did for banking.
It brings real convenience and choice all at an unbeatable price.

At participating restaurants. DVD rentals cost only $1 per night until 7pm the
next day, then $1 for each 24 hour period thereafter. If after 25 days you have
not returned the DVD, rental charges will cease and the DVD is yours to keep.
See redbox kiosk for complete details. 4, 2007 McDonald's.




Most Heated

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North Florida's Best
Daily Talk Show! .

3-6 PM AM 1320
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Why Don't Black Men Achieve As Well Academically?
by Makebra M. Anderson
NNPA, National Correspondent
WASHINGTON (NNPA) On campuses across the nation, it is becoming difficult to dis-
tinguish between all-female and co-ed universities. Often, the student government president
is female. It is not uncommon for the editor of the school newspaper to be a woman. Walk
into any classroom and the overwhelming majority of the students are females.
While unattached single males might applaud that disparity, the absence of Black men in
meaningful numbers on college campuses is troubling to many and has profound implica-
tions for the future for Black America. If this gender imbalance continues, it could impact
future family structures, the type of role models available to Black boys and the vibrancy
of the African-American community.
Why are Black males failing to achieve at the same level as females?
"Boys are much more influenced by the streets. The biggest competitors to education are
rap, drugs and sports," says Jawanza Kunjufu, a Chicago-based expert on Black males.
"When you think about it, of the number of Black males in college, what percent of them
are athletes? Sistas don't seem to be tempted by sports, rap and drugs. There is no question
that more brothas lean towards faster money."
Another problem according to Kunjufu is the lack of Black male teachers.
"We really have to look at why 83 percent of the school teachers in elementary are White
females, 6 percent are African-American and 1 percent are African-American males,"
explains Kunjufu, who heads African-American Images, a group that publishes and distrib-
utes books that promote self-esteem, collective values, liberation, and skill development.
"America has designed a female teaching style. There is a possibility that a male can go K-
8 [from kindergarten to eighth grade] and never experience a Black teacher."
That also troubles Robert Lemons, dean of the School of Education at Florida A&M
"Whenever we have the opportunity, we talk to the legislatures and school superintendents
asking them to make teaching more attractive for the male. We don't get much response,"
he says. "This has been a trend in education for a long time. Before the 1980s, most edu-
cated Blacks were in teaching. This was when we couldn't go into any other occupations,
but as soon as other occupations opened up, Black men left and went into professions they
felt made more money."
In. 2004, there was a large gap between male and female teachers, according to the
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Of the 6.2 million teachers, approximate-
ly 4.5 million (71 percent) were women and 1.7 million (29 percent) were men. Of all teach-
ers, only 5.1 million (8 percent) were Black.
"Since 1954 there has been a 66 percent decline in Black teachers," Kunjufu, who wrote
the four-book series, Countering the Conspiracy to destroy Black boys, said. The paucity of
African-American teachers hampers the normal development of Black males, Kunjufu
Derrick Lawson, a 5th grade teacher in Los Angeles has the same opinion.
"I didn't major in education during college, but I decided to go into the profession after
realizing I was going.nowhere with my job at the DMV [Deplartment of Motor Vehicles],"
Lawson said in an interview. "Once I started teaching, I was surprised at how few Black
male teachers there are in California and how much time you spend mentoring as opposed
to teaching."
Lawson, a Black man, says the responsibility of male teachers goes far beyond the class-
"When you are the only male figure some of your student see, it puts additional pressure
on you to be their teacher, friend and parent. Many of my male students come to me because
I am the only one they know that's not on the streets, selling drugs or gang banging."
Because Lawspn is the only "father figure" some of his students have, it's hard for him to
leave even though the pressure sometimes seems overwhelming.
"When I started teaching I thought that it would be a typical eight to four day and when I
realized that it was almost 24-hours I thought about going back to the DMV. What has kept
me in the profession for these past five years is my heart. I see first hand how not having a
positive male influence can destroy a child's life and I am committed to making sure that I
do all I can to ensure that these kids get a fair shot at success-even if it means sacrificing
my own wants."
Kunjufu says the lack of positive male role models-may even limit their ability to excel
personally and academically.
"Thirty-two percent of our children have their father in the home. Girls have their mother
as a role model, but more than half of boys have no one. Another problem is that many
mothers raise their daughters and love their sons. They teach their daughters to be more
responsible and more focused, he said."
According to the Census, the number of female-headed homes is higher than 32 percent.
In the Black community, 44 percent of homes are headed by a woman, 23.4 percent in the
Hispanic community, 13.2 percent in the Asian community and 12 percent in the White
In six year's the number of female-headed households in the Black community jumped by
14 percent. In 1999, 30.1 percent of households were headed by women, in 2000, 29.7 per-
cent, in 2001, 28.7 percent, in 2002, 28.8 percent and in 2003, 29.7 percent of households
were run by women.
Many feel that these numbers are a direct correlation to the achievement of Black students
and according to statistics..
In 2001, there slightly more college aged men than women. The Census reports that there
were 14.3 million men and 13.6 million women between 18 and 24 years old. HBCU cam-
puses did not follow that trend. During that year, the total fall enrollment in HBCUs was
289,985, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Women made
up 177,111 (61 percent) and men 112,874 (39 percent) of that total-a difference of 64,237
(22 percent).
Kunjufu believes that early intervention is key.
"I still believe that it's best to correct the problem K-12 [from kindergarten to 12th grade].
How are you going to feed the college community if you don't develop students before they
get to college?" he asks. "Older students could mentor younger students and plant seeds.
Most brothas don't have mentors, even on college campuses. A progressive president of a
university would make sure seniors mentor younger classmen."Lemons agrees.
"Education is friendlier to females than males. Those students that do better in school are
students that can pay attention. Females are more acclimated or predisposed to do that bet-
ter. I'm afraid that the other things outside of school have a much stronger pull on men," he
Kunjufu says there is no time to focus on what we can't change.
"We need to point out that there are 1 million brothas competing for seven full-time jobs
in the NBA, only 22 rappers are really getting paid, and drug dealers don't have a retirement
plan," he said.
Although there are currently 200,000 more women in college than men, at one time men
outnumbered women on university campuses. The census reports that in 1950 there were
almost 226,000 more men in college than women. Ten years later, that number decreased

but men still out numbered women by nearly 116,000.
In 1989 things changed. During this school year, the number of female students jumped,
surpassing men by six percent. In 1989 there were 1,051,344 students in college-559,648
(53 percent) were women and 491,696 (47 percent) were men. Since then, the gap in male
and female enrollment has continued to increase, especially at HBCUs.
According to Kunjufu, unless the African-American community embraces Black men,
their future is dismal.
"In 1980, there were 100,000 brothas incarcerated. In 2005 there is 1.5 million. The mil-
lion dollar question becomes can the Black community survive if one of three of our men
is involved somehow in the penal institution. The answer is no, so we need to start protect-
ing these brothers."

1 -rJaD 1dJit

jrd-J .I-/

,e J1 ILJJ /. 9 uVV/


Florida Community College

REGISTER TO VOTE n" i and eepment
on or before
6:00 p.m. April 16, 2007
for the
May 15, 2007 Election!
For more information call (904) 630-1414,
come by 105 East Monroe Street
or visit www.duvalelections.com


State law requires that each year voters Register Todayl
must request an absentee ballot for the Who should attend?
Individuals interested in starting their own business
elections that will be held that calendar year. Small business owners who want to improve their business
Current Jacksonville small and emerging business owners who are
certified and want to earn Jacksonville Small and Emerging Businesses
To request your absentee ballot Continuing Education certification points
Small business owners who want to become certified to do business
call (904) 630-1414, or come by with the City of Jacksonville.
The Supervisor of Elections Office When:
On-going Classes Scheduled
at 105 East Monroe Street (Not too late to enroll)
OF September 2006 to November 2006
December 2006 to February 2007
(,0 a March 2007 to May 2007
June 2007 to August 2007
JERRY HOLLAND No cost to businesses that meet the City of
THE DUVAL COUNTY SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS OFFICE Jacksonville's definition of a small and emerging
(904) 630-1414 www.duvalelections.com Where:
Advanced Technology Center

We have some solutions that might be easier
than you think. We're the National Endowment
for Financial Education, a nonprofit foundation
with nothing to sell and a lot to tell. For over 30
years, we've.helped people just like you get smart
about their money. Come to us for sound advice
and practical information on how to start achieving,
all your financial goals. For everything from
getting out of debt to managing your money wisely
to saving for the future we're here to help.
w w w smartaboutmoney org
It's time to get smart about your money.

Not if
wecan help
it. p> ,..>


To place an ad:
CAII: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673

@ 5 p.m.

Arl(I'L /, -/punI

AI lllAtUx-ll 0IA/lilt

x -I jj.L yl --0




Alattie MA. Jones jlschele Jones I es ngela IIi 'lliams (I~'NF) Kaytronia 1 McDonald Deborah I il/iams
Carolln Day Tariea L. Huntler (BCC) .ost fl orshipJfu Grami/ Master Dr. Mlichael R. M.1oore 33"
KYCH presented Student-Aid .Awiards. (photo by Frank Powell)

Annie Baker, Tracy Si'aintf, -IAndrehia Spei-hl1 Lori Crohsy -Peeples Downoran Crosbh Jo/innyr .11cCra.
Maurice McCray Dennis L. Murphy II Anlionette .llurphyl Juanila .lloore (FAil') II lhitne .lloore lMos
Worshipful Grand Miasler Dr. .llichael R .Mloore 33" KI'CH presented Sclholarships. (pholo by Frank Powell)
The Most lWorishipJfl L'Uion Grand Lodge is delighted to present scholarships awarded to those
who best demonstrated both academic excellence and leadership skills. FollowA ing are the Scholarship
Recipients: Whitney N. Moore of Lincoln High has a yr. GP.\ of 4.0. She is the daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. Michael R. Moore of Tallahassee, FL. WVhitneN plans to attend Florida A&MN University on a 6-
year program. majoring in Pharmacy: Donovan Jaquay Daniel Crosby of Palm BaN High has a GPA
of 3.23. He is the son of Karen L. Cros.by Peeples of Melbourne, FL. Don\an plans on anendming
Florida A&NI Liniversity, majorinnu in Sofil\are Engmneerinm:
SCHOLARSHIPS continued on B4


.Pubi W~~~~i;0;


Page B-2IApriI 7, 2007 The StarlPrep Rap

From Mary Fairchild,
Your Guide to
Christianity General.

What do Christians
Celebrate on
On Easter
Sunday, Christians
celebrate the resurrec-
tion of the Lord, Jesus
Christ. It is typically
the most well-attend-
ed Sunday service of
the year for Christian
Christians believe
according to
Scripture, that Jesus
came back to life, or
was raised from the
dead, three days after
his death on the cross.
As part of the Easter

season, the death of Jesus
Christ by crucifixion, is
commemorated on Good
Friday, always the Friday
just before Easter.
Through his death, burial
and resurrection, Jesus
paid the penalty for sin,
thus purchasing for all
who believe in Him, eter-
nal life in Christ Jesus.
(For a more detailed
explanation about his
death and resurrection,
see Why Did Jesus Have
to Die?)
In Western
Christianity, Easter marks
the ending of Lent, a 40-
day period of fasting,

repentance, moderation
and spiritual discipline in
preparation for Easter.
Lent begins on Ash
Wednesday and ends on
Easter Sunday. Eastern
Orthodox churches
observe Lent or Great
Lent, during the 6 weeks
or 40 days preceding
Palm Sunday.with fasting
continuing during the
Holy Week of Easter. Lent
for Eastern Orthodox
churches begins on
Monday and Ash
Wednesday is not
Because of Easter's
pagan origins, and also

because of the commer-
cialization of Easter,
many Christian churches
have begun to refer to it as
Resurrection Day.
The biblical account
of Jesus' death on the
cross, or crucifixion, his
burial and his resurrec-
tion, or raising from the
dead, can be found in the
following passages of
Scripture: Matthew
27:27-28:8; Mark 15:16-
16:19; Luke 23:26-24:35;
and John 19:16-20:30.
Easter is always cele-
brated on the Sunday fol-
lowing the first full moon
after the vernal equinox.



Jacksonville, FL: On
Saturday, March 3rd, Erika
Harold, Miss America 2003
and her father, Robert
Harold, spoke to 500 atten-
dees at the Third Annual
Father Daughter Dinner
Date. "We are in a crisis
situation with our youth
right now, the record atten-
dance demonstrates our
families needing good role
models and the tools to
avoid risk behaviors," says
Dr. Pam Mullarkey, Project
SOS founder. Their speech
was heard by females
grades 6 through college
with their fathers and/or
male mentors about the
importance of avoiding risk

behavior such as drugs,
alcohol, sex and violence,
and the importance of a
father's role in helping
daughters make healthy
choices. Their message
clfallenged those attending
to stay focused on their
goals and to set high expec-
tations for themselves.
Erika spoke about such
things as girls wearing
clothes that make them gain
respect from others, focus-
ing on goals and not boys,
and the importance of dat-
ing guys who respect your
values'and have similar
ones. Her Father told Dads
in the crowd to ask for for-
giveness when you have

made a mistake, to not be
proud, be humble, and to
remember that the greatest
gift they can give their
daughters is not money or
things, but themselves. The
event was a great success
and proved to be very inspi-
rational for many in the
"Project SOS has the
recipe for success for
teenagers because they use
healthy role models to
inspire our daughters and I
want my daughter to be
around them. They have
role models from all walks
of life and all are abstinent
from sex, drugs and alco-
hol. The Project SOS staff

are who our children need
to be surrounded by," said
Lt. Commander Jim Pate,
who works at NAS. He and
his daughter Brittany, an
Orange Park High School
cheerleader, science fair
winner and class officer,
both greatly appreciated
Miss America's speech.
Brittany, who is also Miss
Capital City, is abstinent
from sex, drugs and alcohol
and will now be a volunteer
speaking to other students
about her choices.
The audience laughed
as MC Dan Hicken, accom-
panied by his Daughter,
Danielle, was crowned
"Mr. America" by Erika

Harold (see below). These
and other memories, such
as Fathers writing their
daughters special notes (see
below), will last a lifetime.
Project SOS,
(Strengthening Our
Students) is a non-profit
organization committed to
assisting our youth to make
"Best Choices" in choosing
to refrain from pre-marital
sex, drugs, alcohol, abusive
relationships, violence and
suicide. Project SOS also
provides parents with edu-
cational materials and
resources to help reduce
high risk behaviors.

What isEaster

Page B-2/April 7, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap


The Star

0 -

* ___ -

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Syndicated Content
ailable from Commercial News Providers"


Page B-3/April 7, 2007


Baskets Full of Eggs
Trace around 2 hands on green construction paper.
Cut the hands out.
Cut out a large basket shape from brown paper.
Cut out four or five egg shapes from colored con-
struction paper. (Or children, can draw, color and
decorate the eggs using crayons,
markers, glitter etc.)
Glue the hands(fingers up) as grass behind the
eggs and basket on blue paper.
Glue the basket onto larger pieces of blue con-
struction paper.
Glue the eggs into the basket

Paper Plate Bunny Mask
Using a paper plate, cut out holes for the eyes.
Draw on the nose and add felt strips or yarn for the
Draw on a mouth.
Glue on 2 pieces of Chicklets gum for the teeth.
Cut out ears from gray construction paper and glue
them on.
Attach an elastic or yarn to tie around the child's

- 4

- 4
-- -4


- -4

- -

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- Available from Commercial News Providers"

__, a

-. -4
-- -A
0 __

* .


* .~.







-.~ -


ft- -

- .0


I. Jacksonxille. FL.
SAngela is planning on
attending the Univ'ersirv
of North Florida and
majoring In Psycholog\
and Biolo-y. Her minor
is in Criminal Justice.
Each Scholarship
recipient received a
$5,00() scholarship and
ihe Srudent-Aid Awards
were lot- 50() each.
We are so very proud
*, of these outstanding sti-
dents and \e \ish each
and e\erv one of them
the best of luck while on
.their plight to reach their
,,S .I "- individual goals.

Tariea L. Huntley being presented a Student-Aid Award by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Dr.
Michael R. Moore 330 KYCH. Tariea plans to attend Bethune-Cookman College and major in
Elementary Education. (photo by Frank Powell)

Angela L. Williams being presented with a Student -AidAward by the Most Worshipful Grand Master
Dr. Michael R. Moore 330 KYCH. Angela plans to attend University of North Florida and major in
Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. (photo by Frank Powell)
SCHOLARSHIPS continued from front page Education; Myschelle

Dennis L. Murphy, II
of Wolfson High has a
GPA of 3.23. He is the
son of Mr. & Mrs.
Dennis & Antionette
Murphy, Sr., of Orange
Park, FL. Dennis plans
to attend Bethune-
C o o k m a n
College, majoring, in

Accounting; and
Andreshia Speights of
Marianna High has a
GPA of 3.21. She is the
daughter of Tracy
Swaint of Marianna, FL.
Andreshia plans on
attending Florida A&M
University majoring in
Legal Studies.

Rev. Dr. James
English Bryant
Student-Aid Award's
Recipient's are:
Tariea L. Huntley,
daughter of Carolyn J.
Day of Jacksonville, FL.
Tariea attends Bethune-
Cookman College and is
majoring in Elementary

Jones, daughter of
Mattie Jones of
Jacksonville, FL.
Myschelle attends
College and is majoring
in Biology; and Angela
L. Williams, daughter of
Mr. & Mrs. John &
Deborah Williams of

(VPK) Voluntary Pre-

The Early Learning
Coalition of Duval along
with the Jacksonville
Public Library will hold
enrollment opportunities
for the community at two
Northside branch libraries.
Dallas Graham Branch
Library on Myrtle Avenue
and Highlands Branch
Library on Dunn Avenue
will host VPK enrollment
There are over 6000
children enrolled in VPK
this school year, and the
goal is to increase that
amount for next year.
Throughout the spring and
summer, the community
will have opportunities to
enroll their eligible chil-
dren at local high schools
and branch libraries.
Children must be four-
years-old by Septemlier 1,
2007 and a resident of the
state of Florida.
Dallas Graham Branch
Library VPK Sign-up:
Saturday, March 31, 2007
Highlands Branch Library
VPK Sign-up:
Saturday, April 7, 2007
You must bring docu-
mention to support age
and residency.

The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-4/Aprii 7, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap Page B-5/April 7, 2007

SCHOLARSHIPS continued from B4
W. Myschelle Jones, after'
she received her
Student-Aid Award
presented by the Most
Worshipful Grand
Master Dr. Michael R.
Moore 330 KYCH
Giving thanks to those
who stood behind her
and encouraged her.
Myschelle plans to
attend Bethund-
Cookman College and
major in Biology.

Mattie M. Jones,
Myschelle Jones,
Angela L. Williams,
Deborah Williams,
Carolyn J. Day, Tariea
L. Huntley and Katrona
McDonald front center.

The Most Worshipful
Grand Master Dr.
Michael R. Moore 330
KYCH presenting
Dennis L. Murphy, II,
with a scholarship.
1117- .Dennis has a GPA of
3.23 and plans to
attend Bethune-
Cookman College and
major in Accounting.

Page B-61April 7, 2007 The Star/Prep Rap

mI Tic!TaC Toe!



I /I I

e a* a
i* *9

q a

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t Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers"
S ** *

P *o W e e e "
0*s *
s* *f *a **

o t

Color This

Page B-8/April 7, 2007 The Star/Prep Rap

a o

am 4e0 & -
-lf .

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Syndicated Content-

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0- o -


for the Bunny, with goodies and treats that he brings.
Easter is when we must celebrate and alleluia is the
song that we sing!
i Easter is really for Jesus, who died and then rose from the
dead. We must always remember the Love Jesus showed
and all of the things that He said.
N- So, remember this Easter when you go to Church, and this
.. Imessage you tell everyone. That Easter is all about Jesus and
the Bunny and treats are just filn!

Florida Youth Sought For Academic Research

In Space Education And Microgravity

Cape Canaveral, Fl -
Many African-American
boys and girls have dreams
of hanging out with the
stars. Denzel Washington
and Halle Berry may not
be available but with prop-
er training and preparation,
coming close to "The Big
Dipper" may not be a prob-
Minority students in
Florida and across the
United States now have an
opportunity to explore a
career in the space indus-
The Florida African-
American Education
Alliance has recognized
Space Florida for its com-
mitment to ensuring that
minority youth become
tomorrow's leaders in
America's Space Industry.
Space Florida, is the
new state agency charged
with promoting Florida's
space industry. Created by
the State Legislature in
2006, the agency has sig-
nificant authority and eco-
nomic development pow-
ers that enables the execu-
tion of responsibilities and
mission that includes pro-
moting industry related
education and workforce
development initiatives,
innovative research and
development programs and
enhancing the aerospace
business climate through
sound expansion, recruit-
ment and retention efforts.
"To have a world class
workforce," said Space
Florida President and CEO
Steve Koehler, we must
ensure that future space
and aerospace entrepre-
neurs and corporate execu-
tives reflect the diversity
of our great State. Space
Florida is committed to
developing programs that
are designed to attract
minority students to the

Recently Space
Florida joined with the
Zero Gravity Corporation
(ZERO-G) and announced
the creation of the Florida
Microgravity and Research
Center. The center is
designed to facilitate
Florida teacher and student
space education and aero-
space microgravity
research expertise.
To kick off the center's
operations, a zero-gravita-
tion flight was held at the
Shuttle Landing Facility at
the Kennedy Space Center
in Central Florida.
One of the participants
in the zero-gravitation
flight was Paula
Hoisington, Executive
Director of the African
American Education
Alliance (FAAEA).
"The Florida African
American .Education
Alliance applauds Space
Florida's commitment to
giving minority youth
opportunities to learn more
about the business of space

exploration," said
Hoisington. "Our organiza-
tion has developed a com-
plimentary program
designed to give Florida's
best and brightest minority
students in math, science
and technology first hand
exposure to jobs and
careers in the space field."
The Florida African
American Education
Alliance is a not-for profit
organization created in
response to the concern
that Florida's communities
are not fully aware of the
benefits of the education
reforms and are not taking
full advantage of what is
available within the educa-
tion system.
The Alliance is an out-
reach organization
designed to disseminate
accurate information
regarding Florida's educa-
tion reforms and to encour-
age the active involvement
and partnership of African
American students, par-
ents, and communities
toward the continued

improvement of education
in our state.
The cooperation
between FAAEA and
Space Florida will result in
increased awareness in the
African American commu-
nity about careers in the
aerospace industry.
Minorities with talent and
skills in math and science
can increase their own
knowledge and proficiency
and also mentor and tutor
other Florida students.
"The FAAEA will also
recognize the best instruc-
tors and academic prac-
tices and the best school
programs in the State of
Florida," added
Hoisington. "Space may be
the last frontier but should
be first on the minds of
many minority youth that
are interested in math and
Space Florida provides
leadership for space-relat-
ed infrastructure improve-
ments and facilitates com-
mercial aerospace ven-
tures. The agency is coop-

eratively working with
NASA, the U.S. Air Force
and a variety of other
Federal, State and local
government entities to
attract commercial invest-
ments and to position
Florida as the global leader
in the aerospace industry:-
For information about
Space Florida, contact Ms.
Sonya Montgomery, Space
Florida's Vice President for
Communications. Ms.
Montgomery is an African-
American female and is
very supportive of efforts
to attract more minorities
to Space Florida activities
and to the aerospace indus-
try in general. Ms.
Montgomery can be
reached at smont-
For More information
about The Florida African
American Education
Alliance visit their website
at www.aaedalliance.org.


Pagje B-7/April 7, 200j

The Star/Prep Rap

APRLY 7, 200fl7 TH TRPG -

The Se


Willie I
Mrs. Ha


Almost 3,000 Attended the 137th Grand Lodge Communication

Most Worshipful Reverend Dr. Michael R. Moore 330, Grand Master

.,~.' .. .. Members of the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge Most Ancient
S':"'& & Honorable Fraternity Free and Accepted Masons Prince Hall
fSk- Affiliated, Florida & Belize, Central America Jurisdiction, Incorporated
held their 137th Annual Grand Lodge Communication in Jacksonville,
Florida, March 30 through April 6, 2007. The organization is led by the
SReverend Dr. Michael R. Moore, 330. On Friday, the public was invited
to join in the gospel scholarship concert that was organized by Glorifieds
M .. Entertainment. Saturday was a day to honor the achievers and started:
%..with awarding scholarships to the youth. The Michael Moore body of
I) 'W 1"'e.. Quincy and the Lorenzo Hall of Jacksonville brought in the most new'
members for 2006 and were honored for this achievement at the Grand
Masters' Banquet Saturday night at the Wyndham Hotel.
b On Sunday morning, communion was served as it was the first Sunday
of the month. Sunday night at the Memorial Service held st Second
Missionary Baptist Church, the roll was called in honor of approximate-
ly members who died in 2006.
?cond Missionary Baptist Church Choir provided a most beautiful performance. The -speaker was Reverend Dr. Joseph Wright, pastor, Jerusalem
Missionary Baptist Church, Tallahassee, Florida.

S~ .i A. J

Tippens, Verlesia McKenzie, Carissa Simpson, Peggy Bryant WM, Sherrell Perkins, Fannie Faye Johnson, Peggy Bryant, Sherell Perkins, Beulah Babbs, Genevive Williams
ieve Williams PWM, Pandora Taylor

.. .

Rogers, Charlie Shorter, Olean Pridgen, Kirk Jimmy Jones, Keith Sutton, Daniel Borders, DDGM Arthur Baker, Leo Sins, Aaron Baker, Reahilda U. Hunter
ond, Greg & Mrs. Hammond, Emmett Kate, Greg &

Whitehead, Freddie Whitehead, Enoch Mobley, lonia Johnson, Eugene C. Johnson They stood in memory of and to honor the deceased,
Andrew Joseph, Jasmine Vinson, Russell Berry, Michael Vinson

iev''Johnny Mcray Jessie James, MWGM-New Mexraico Most

a Worshiful Grand Master Dr. Michael R Moore 33 KYCH
sWhiteheadFreddie WhitehleadEochobl, Ionia JohnsonEugene.JohTheystoodinmemoryofandtohonn Mchra Jesie James, MWMee wMexico Most

Asndrew Grand Masterm Dr.non, Russel Mich R' Moor

Rase Dv J M G F W Omh

,,,,, ,,, -., ,,,.. ~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ y k........, asvDvsJM J- AFeeickWso mh

I The me




.nnrr 7 '71/7/

m ers er ene c on.

S A -:r: '

T rIA"l. L-I


Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based

Dear Deanna!
I broke up with my boyfriend over something silly and now I
regret my actions. I thought he was cheating on me with my
best friend but they were actually buying me a gift. I said
some horrible things to both of them and they're not speaking
to me. I want to get back with him but I think he is looking
at my friend because she seems more mature than me. What
should I do if they start dating? I know it's my fault but it's
going to tear me apart.
Made a Mistake Atlanta, GA

Dear Mistake:
You obviously have trust issues if you can't feel secure with your mate or your
friends. Your foolish tongue has caused you to lose your relationship and your friend.
The only thing you can do is apologize to both parties and ask your boyfriend for
another chance. If he says no and goes with your buddy, then you learned a valuable
lesson and if they'll do this in your.face, you didn't need them anyway.
Dear Deanna!
I allowed myself to get pregnant because my boyfriend convinced me that we would
be together and we were going to get married. Now I am almost ready to deliver the
baby and he has changed his mind. He moved out of my house and now he's not
working and living with his mother. I am so upset and don't know what to do. How
do I handle this situation?
Anika On-Line Reader

Dear Anika:
You lost your sense when you decided to fall for the oldest trick in the book. There is
no way you should've become pregnant without a husband and a plan. You're getting
ready to be stuck with a baby, a bill for 18 years and a stupid looking dead beat dad.
You need to look at your resources, get your money and education together and grow
up. When the baby is born, have a DNA test, get your child support and be ready to
raise your child and keep it moving.
Dear Deanna!
My mother is being taken advantage of by her best friend. My mother is retired has
plenty of money saved up and she's enjoying the finer things in life. Her best friend
is a moocher and makes my mom pay for everything. My mother is lonely and does-
n't have any friends so she thinks nothing of it. This woman is going through her
money left and right and I know she's going to look up and one day be broke. How
do I get through to her?
Concerned Daughter Oklahoma City, OK

Dear Daughter:
Your mother is enjoying life and her friend. Before you place judgment or get in the
middle of things ask your mom if she's preparing for a rainy day. If she is, you can
rest assured that she knows what she's doing and is planning her finances wisely.
You're on the outside looking in and have no idea of their friendship. You can calm
down and chill and let your mom and her girlfriend do their thing and feel secure
knowing that if she needs you, she'll let you know.
Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email:
askdeannal@yahoo.com or write: Deanna M., 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly
Hills, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeanna.com.

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April 7, 2007

Thel LlMayor; 's* Desk


For Mega-Churches, The Next
Step Is Ticketing
Ester Davis

t '.
, I."

Several months ago I wrote an article on
mega-churches. There are about 1.100 mega-
churches in the United States, several over 20
years old. And I am quite honestly intrigued with
the imagination, depth and breadth of these awe- t
some structures and the ones on the architect
charts. Mega-churches expand and grow communities and represent anchors
for spiritual development.
Now surprisingly, one of them has decided that in order to accommodate the
regular members and the increased attendance for Easter services, ticketing is
the answer. And the buzz is thunderous. Is this 21st century-style worship or is
this a downhill threat to our church service values?
During Holy Week, there are eight services scheduled in this mega-nest.
How do you get a ticket? Really easy. Tickets are available online at the Eagle
Brook Church in Minnesota for members to reserve and print out. Members can
pick up tickets at the ticket booth, which is located next to Information Central
in the Lower Lobby. Well, what time is the ticket booth open? Good question.
The ticket booth is only open during weekend worship services. Tickets are not
available during the week. Seats are not assigned, there is no limit to how many
tickets you can pick up, nor is there a charge for the tickets. It is easy to figure
out that this church is technologically driven, status absorbed and solidly root-
ed in big playhouse confusion.
I have to agree that many regular church members have "their seats" in
church. And on these heavily attended Sundays they arrive early in order to
secure their regular seats, which in some unexplainable sense gives the optimal
experience. If they were to compromise and change seats on any Sunday in
church, it would be less than an optimal experience. This feeling of "it's mine"
is a universal trait among Christians. Anyway, it is interesting to observe that
Easter services have a larger attendance than Christmas services. Most people
consider Easter the more sacred time, the more holy of services. Some equate
it with sanctification and purification even though, sadly, we live in an age
of distrust and suspicion of religion, religious leaders and religious issues. But
successfully, religion is in the news and church attendance is slightly up.
But back to this ticketing. It is noteworthy that the public relations depart-
ment asks that, if at all possible, you should attend the service for which you
have your ticket. Make that decision ahead of time. If you change your mind,
there is an exchange booth set up where you can exchange your ticket for
another service time. I became amused at the next set of instructions. All the
services are the same, but it is recommended that you choose one of the less tra-
ditional service times, such as Saturday at 3 p.m. (Wonder who thought of that
idea?) A lot of thought and planning was put into this upstaging of normal
events. For example, let's assume nothing works in the way of your family
planning for attending Easter services and you decide at the last minute that you
are going. You can conveniently check the ticket update screen to see which
services still have seats available.
Those who just show up for Easter services will be accommodated. No one
will be turned away. But you do need to bring your ticket with you. What if I
forget my ticket? Will I be able to get in? Yes, you will still be able to get in,
just come to the service you picked up tickets for. The ticket, huh? Well, I can
honestly say this is a growing trend I can live without.

Ester Davis is a celebrated host/producer of a No. 1-rated show on PAX-TV, Channel
68, every Saturday from 5 to 6 a.m. Visit her website at: www.esterdavis.com "The
Ester Davis Shlw" copyright 2006 by Ester ~Avis I


Committee to Stop the Violence
Mayor John Peyton

We've created a Committee to Stop Violence in
Jacksonville, and I am asking every person to join.
To become a member, the only thing you need to do
is something -- as an individual -- to stop violence.
And you can start by asking yourself. a question:
"What can I do to help stop the violence?"
The answers are endless. You can call police if
you witness a dangerous situation. You can use
your judgment and influence to help someone in distress, or you can comfort a
victim of a crime. Stop a fight between your children, don't yell at your spouse,
write an anti-violence song or create art that inspires people to think about peale
- these are all ways to play a role in eliminating violent behaviors and environ-
This is not to say that citizens should take crime fighting into their own
hands, especially if their own safety is at risk. By making a call to the
Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, helping a victim until police get there, or identify-
ing a perpetrator, you have done something to help.
As mayor, I am committed to doing everything I can to stop crime in
Jacksonville, along with the sheriff, the state attorney, the citycouncil and count-
less other community leaders. Our efforts will make a difference. But imagine the
enormous impact 800,000 people working together can have on crime. If citi-
zens make a promise to stop violence where they live and work, the efforts of
government and the justice system will be multiplied.
Once you are a part of stopping violence, you are a member of the Committee
to Stop Violence. Notify the Mayor's Office of Faith and Community-Based and
you'll receive a purple hat or t-shirt that reads "Enough is Enough. Stop the
Violence." These hats and shirts are a sign of solidarity against crime in our city.
As your mayor, I am asking you do your part and become the newest mem-
ber of the Committee to Stop Violence.
For more information on the Committee to Stop the Violence, contact the City
of Jacksonville's Office of Faith and Community Based Partnerships at 630-

,,,-.:*: .-. ..- ^ F.... ^ ^^-


la ri anlrninPIAnnouncements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
AliNca, Mlicanlniencani CuiltuailI S&Musicl Fest i, in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.
'nth finniinpa'un Pnlpahrtinn Man 95.9R 9n007 ~ ~0~

Saturday May 26th
Great Kings and Queens of Africa Parade
A. Philip Randolph Blvd. -10:00 am !

Stop the Violence/Anti-Drug Youth Rally
A. Philip Randolph Park -12:00 pm-3:00 pm

Saturday ay 26th a Sunday May 27th
Main Stage Entertainment A. Philip Randolph Park
featuring local vocalists, jazzz, r & b, poetry and a soon to
be named national artist 3:00 pm 9:00 pm

Monday May 28th
Historic Tours of African American Landmarks

aP 94453 270 fo r more Information










.JA('KSO)N ILLI:.I, FL. 21071
APRIIL 1th at 7:30 PI1.
APRIL 12 14 a;t 10:30 A.M. & 7:30 P.M.
1 95 EXIT 355 (;OLFAIR

15 at 6 pm, Craig Hall. Free and open to the public. L. van Beethoven:
Razumovsky String Quartet No. 3. Graduation Exercises: CEW String
Program, Linda Minke, director Gustav Hoist: Hammersmith Suite. Guest
Artists: Navy Band Southeast Wind Ensemble. Church of the Good
Shepherd, located at 1100 Stockton Street, Riverside Jacksonville, FL 32204,
Phone 904-346-0373. The Rev. Gerald G. Alexander, David Bowen, MM,
CLASS OF 1967 NB FORREST HIGH SCHOOL is having their 40th
Reunion, July 20-21, 2007 Crowne Plaza Downtown/Riverplace Tower.
Contact: Reunion Classics: (904) 269-5471 for registration info.
"BLOOMS GALORE and MORE" 2007 The Garden Club of
Jacksonville,Inc. is holding its second annual garden festival, "Blooms
Galore and More," the second weekend in April. This wonderful event raised
more than $8,000 last year for the club's community outreach goals, as resi-
dents from throughout the Jacksonville area came to learn about the joys of
gardening. It will be held Saturday, April 14th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Sunday, April 15th from 12 4 p.m. Admission is $3 per adult and children
under 16 get in free. Garden Clubhouse is located at 1005 Riverside Ave. For
more information, please call 904-355-4224 or email: gardenclubofjack-
be held April, 11th at 10 a.m. 1 p.m. in the Library Courtyard, located at
3939 Roosevelt Blvd. Job seekers are invited to meet and interview with
local employers. Space for employment recruiters is on a first-come, first-
served basis and reservations are required. Free and opened to the public. For
more information call 904-381-3594.
2207 East Seventh St., Charlotte, NC by invitation only. Boys and girls ages
10 19 are eligible to apply. Players from 50 states and 17 foreign countries
attended the 2006 camp. College basketball scholarships are possible for
players selected to the All-American Team. Camp locations include:
Glassboro, NJ, Prescott, AZ, Thousand Oaks, CA, Sterling< CO, Babson
Park, FL, Atlanta, GA, Champaign, IL, Ypsilanti, MI, Hickory, NC, Mitchell,
SD, Lebanon, TN, Commerce, TX, and Blacksburg, VA. There is also a
Summer Camp available for boys and girls ages 6 18 of all skill levels. For
a free brochure on these Summer Camps, please call 704-373-0873.
April 2nd Boys and Girls Clubs of Noetheast Florida will offer Summer
camp at 11 Clubs throughout Duval, Nassau and St. Johns counties. All clubs
are open from 9a.m. to 6p.m., Monday through Friday during the Summer.
Summer camp begins May 29th and ends on August 10th. Prices range for
each club location. Early bird drop-off is available from 7-9 a.m. for a fee of
$10 per week, per child, for more information visit BGCNF web site at
www.bgcnf.org and click Summer Camps 2007 or call (904) 396-4435.
THE MISS TEEN CHRISTIAN PAGEANT is in it's 6 year and all ladies
between the ages of 15-19 are welcome. Their will be a Meet and Greet meeting
at the Regency Branch Library located at 9900 Regency Square Blvd on April 21,
2007. The time will be from 12:30 2:00 p.m. For more information and appli-
cation Please contact Shenita Johnson @ (904) 241-9529
TAX SEASON Tuesday, April 17, from 6:00 a. 60 6:00 p.m. at WorkSource
Gateway located at 5000 Norwood Ave. Over 50 volunteers will be on had to
help people claim their Earned Income Tax Credit, including AARP Tax Aide,
focusing on people 60 and older. Tax customers will receive free refreshments
and entertainment. Realsense works in partnership with the IRS to secure
unclaimed Earned Income Tax Credit dollars. Roughly $10 million goes
unclaimed every year in Duval County alone. For more information, call 904-
390-3200 or visit www.aboutunitedway.org
DANCE AUDITIONS to be held April 18 at 6 p.m. on campus at 11901 Beach
Blvd., in the Nathan H. Wilson Center, Bldg. M., Room 2110. for more informa-
tion, call 904-646-2361 or e-mail dance professor Rosemary Fletcher at
"GOOD" by C.P. Taylor will be held April 19 at 7:30 p.m.; April 20-21 at 8
p.m.; april 21, 22 at 2 p.m. at the Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts-Studio
Theatre. Cost is $10 general admission; $8 students, seniors and military with ID;
$5 for FCCJ students and employees. For reservations call 904-646-2222.
JEAN RIBAULT HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1987 is sponsoring a "Youth
and Old School Basketball Game," Saturday, April 21 at 6:00 p.m. in the school's
gym. They are calling all Trojans to show your school spirit by supporting the
students of Ribault High School and The Old School players. Marc Little will be
giving play by play action. Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased at,the school.
For more information, contact Rudy Jamison at 386-8926.
na -C a -



To Place An Ad:
CALL: (904) 766-8834 or FAX: (904) 765-1673
email: info@thefloridastar.com

B ~


APRIL 7 2007


-;crUv' ,


Errors in U.S. Hospitals

Continue to Increase
We have all read the tragic stories about patients dying
from the wrong medication while hospitalized. Or about the
patient having the wrong limb amputated. Well, the situation
does not appear to be improving.
Patient safety incidents in U.S. hospitals increased by
three percent overall from 2003 to 2005, and the error gap
between the nation's best- and worst-performing hospitals
remained wide, a report released this week found.
America's top rated hospitals had 40 percent lower rates
of medical errors than the poorest-performing hospitals, the
study indicated.
The fourth annual HealthGrades Patient Safety in
American Hospitals Study, put out by HealthGrades, an
independent health care ratings company, examined over 40
million Medicare hospitalization records at almost 5,000
hospitals from 2003 to 2005.
The results paint a picture of U.S. Hospital errors that
continue to rise.
There were 1.16 million patient safety incidents among
Medicare patients during the three years of the study. That
works out to an incidence rate of 2.86 percent or almost 3
out of every 100 folks visiting the hospital.

Medicare patients involved in
one or more safety incidents
had one chance in four of

During those three years, there were 247,662 potentially
preventable deaths in U.S. hospitals. Medicare patients
involved in one or more safety incidents had one chance in
four of dying.
The excess cost to Medicare associated with patient safe-
ty incidents was $8.6 billion from 2003 to 2005.
Ten of 16 types of patient-safety incidents increased over
the three years of the study, by an average of almost 12 per-
cent. The greatest increases were in post-operative sepsis
which is a serious medical condition, resulting from the
immune response to a severe infection. In the United States,
sepsis is the leading cause of death in non-coronary ICU
patients, and the tenth most common cause of death overall
according to 2000 data from the Centers for Disease Control,
and Prevention
Incidents with the highest occurrence rates were decubi-
tus ulcer; failure to rescue; and post-operative respiratory
If all hospitals had performed at the same level as the
top-rated hospitals, about 206,286 patient safety incidents
and 34,393 Medicare patient deaths could have been avoid-
ed, resulting in $1.74 billion in savings.
"The cost of medical errors at American hospitals in both
mortality and dollar terms continues to be significant, and
the 'chasm in quality' between the nation's top and bottom
hospitals, which HealthGrades has documented in this and
other studies, remains," the study's primary author, Dr.
Samantha Collier, HealthGrades' chief medical officer, said.
"But the nation's best-performing hospitals are providing
benchmarks for the hospital industry, exercising a vigilance
that resulted in far fewer in-hospital incidents among the
Medicare patients studied," Collier said.

Giuliani Favors

Coastal Drilling
Republican presidential
candidate Rudy Giuliani on
Wednesday said everything
has to be considered if the
United States wants to break
its reliance on foreign oil,
including more drilling off
Florida's coast.
Calling the energy sup-
ply a major domestic prob-
lem, Giuliani said the nation
needs to focus on nuclear
power production and

renewable energy sources.
In the meantime it also
needs to see what oil can be
"Energy independence
means everything has to be
open for discussion,"
Giuliani said when asked
about offshore drilling. "The
idea of having more oil
under our command, so to
speak, or within our orbit
probably for some period of
time is going to be impor-
tant. The ultimate goal,
however, should be renew-
able sources of energy."

Tuskegee Airmen

Honored In DC

In 1939 Europe was in flames and the Nazi war machine
was marching forward. President Franklin D. Roosevelt
declared that the United States would be "Fortress
America." the last bastion of freedom for all people. We
were on the brink of entering the war, it was only a question
of where and when.
The military buildup was starting. The newly-formed
Army Air Corps was quite sure that no Black man could
learn to fly or even service a combat aircraft; however, the
Black press, the N.A.A.C.P., members of Congress and even
the White House disagreed with this position.
Under considerable pressure, the War Department relent-
ed and undertook what was called the "Noble Experiment."
It was tacitly considered to be doomed to failure especially
by those who initiated a separate and supposedly equal -
equal in rank, but not equal in privilege part of the Army
Air Corps.
This during a time when the armed forces were so racial-
ly segregated even the Red Cross kept separate supplies of
blood one for whites, another for blacks. Their distin-
guished service is credited with influencing President
Truman to desegregate the U.S. military.
From this came the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, an all-
black corps of pilots that consisted of 994 African-American
pilots and a ground support group who gained fame during
WWII for their heroism escorting American bombers in
raids over Europe and North Africa.
Their record spoke for airmen. White American bomber
crews revered them as the "Black Redtail Angels" because
of the identifying red painted tail assembly of their aircraft,
and more importantly because they never lost a bomber to
enemy fighter interdiction.
The Black Airmen won one Silver Star, 150 Flying
Crosses, Legion of Merits and Red Star of Yugoslavia, and
left 66 of their comrades buried in foreign soil. Fighting the
adversities of a segregated military from the inside and an
awesome enemy from the outside, the "Black Air Force"
became a cohesive, motivated and dedicated group,
Last week, surviving members of the Tuskegee Airmen
went to Washington D.C. to receive the Congressional Gold
Medal in recognition of their unique military achievements
and the reform of the U.S. Armed forces their accomplish-
ments inspired.

Obama Talks at Fundraisers

Jacksonville and Tallahassee

Obama, a Democratic
senator from Illinois, met
with Democratic supporters
at the Avondale
home of
Jacksonville lawyer
Steve Pajcic, this
past week
"Since I intend to
be the Democratic
nominee I want to
get here early and
often so the voters
throughout the state
are familiar with me
and my record,"
Obama said in an
interview. "I've got
a chance to learn and
listen to things that
are most important
to people in
Earlier in the
week, Sen. Obama was in
Tallahassee to attend a
fundraiser for his 2008 pres-
idential campaign. The
sold-out event was a media

"blackout," so media were
not allowed to cover it. As,
attendees though, we wit-

Senator Barack Obama

nessed the magic of Obama.
People showed up in
droves t6 support the candi-
date who many say repre-
sents th6 best chance of a

Jacksonville Natives
Vorld War II Heroe.

Newspaper Photograph of
William and Wayman Surcey
(newspaper unknown)
Tuskegee Airman
William Surcey (above
left), and his brother,
Tuskegee Airman Wayman
Surcey (above right), have
shared many common
goals and achievements
during their lifetimes. Both
are graduates of
Jacksonville's Old Stanton
High School and Alabama's
famed Tuskegee Institute.
Both trained at Tuskegee's
facility for Black Air Force
personnel and attained out-
standing military records.

The award, the highest civilian honor bestowed by
Congress, was presented in the U.S. Capital Rotunda.
Designed.by the U.S. Mint, the award medal containing
15-ounces of gold will be housed at the Smithsonian
Institution in Washington, and made available for temporary
display at museums around the country. Bronze replicas
will be stamped for sale to the public.
This during a time when the armed forces were so racial-
ly segregated the Red Cross kept separate supplies of blood
- one for whites, another for blacks. Their distinguished
service is credited with influencing President Truman to
desegregate the U.S. military.
The legislation conferring the Congressional Gold
Medal on the Tuskegee Airmen in recognition of their hero-
ism in World War II was signed into law April 11, 2006.
The full house resolution awarding the medal to the
Tuskegee Airmen can be viewed

black to date for a presiden-
tial bid. According to polls,
Obama is running a tight
race with Sen. Hilary
Clinton, wife of former
U.S. President Bill Clinton,
for the Democratic presi-
dential nomination.
After a brief photo
shoot with some local dig-
nitaries including Mayor
John Marks, commissioners
Allen Katz and Andrew
Gillum, and .City Manager
Obama stepped onto the
podium and- delivered an
eloquent address that had
the audience captivated.
"Some say I haven't
been in Washington long
enough...I've been in
Washington long enough to
know that it needs to
change," Obama said to
thunderous applause.
Obama restated pub-
licly that he was against the
Iraq War from the begin-
ning and is looking forward
to the day when all of the
troops come home. He also
challenged the next presi-
dent. to provide healthcare,
a solid education for chil-
dren, and support for our

The mix of attendees
transcended racial, -gender
and even political lines.
One man who shook
Obama's hand said he was a'
17-year Republican but
fully supported Obama's
agenda because it was an
agenda for America.

Ocala Man Sells

Stolen Supplies
on Internet Ebay
A marion County
employee David A. French.
48, of Ocala was jailed and
fired after admitting he
sold printer cartridges.
toner cartridges, digital
camera chargers and other
state-owned office supplies
on ebay. He has been
released on $5,000 bail.
Sue Livoti, spokes-
woman with the Sheriffs
Office, said that on Feb. 28
regional investigators with
Department of Children
and Families said they
believed French was not
only selling his antique toys
on ebay, but also office sup-
plies matching items
stocked at his office.
Ebay is an online auc-
tion site.

National /Regional News Briefs

Atlantic City, N.J. It's the casino equivalent of
reaching under your couch cushions and finding a buck
or so in loose change. The former Sands Casino Hotel
was closed last November to make way for a new gam-
bling hall. The 2,350machines had not been moved in the
26 years the Sands operated in Atlantic City, so workers
removing them expected to find some stray cash.
Just how much, however, was a surprise. It was
$17,193.34, to be exact.

Port St. Lucie, FI Police on Tuesday shot a naked
sex offender with a Taser gun after he allegedly ran from
the police officer, He reportedly was spotted early
Monday morning "walking around with no clothes on,"
states the police report.
L a i

Both worked for the U.S.
Postal Service after their
military service. Later,
Wayman transferred to
another branch of Federal
Service, while William
established his own air con-
ditioning and refrigerator
repair business. As young-
sters, both became scouts
and attained the highest
rank of Eagle Scout. Both
are active members of St.
Paul A.M.E. Church and
live on Jacksonville's North
side; 'Wayman with his
wife, Marilyn and William
with his wife Future. The
Surcey Brothers both con-
tinue their memberships
with the Tuskegee Airmen
The Florida Chapter is
named for the late General
Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr.
The two continue to share
common goals and still
maintain their individual
identities. Congratulations


.APRIL 7, 2007!


T. HR SAi. PiG

I llfI "' 1111'

Eddie Robinson
A dark cloud has passed over the sports world this
week. 1-.ddlic Robinson the legendary coach of
Graimbliing State University died late Tuesday night.
Eddie Robinson will cer-
tainly be remembered for his
records on the football field
sending over 200 plaN er
to the NFL along is enough to
make him a national hero.
But his true legacy lies more
in how he coached and the j
positive influence he had on
so many young men.- *
Eddie Robinson was a
humble man who once Coach Eddie Robinson
remarked that "The real
record I have set for over 50 years is the fact that I have
had one job and one wife," Robinson said.
When Eddie Robinson started coaching, he had no
paid assistants, no groundskeepers, no trainers and little
in the way of equipment. He had to line the field himself
and fix sandwiches for road trips because the players
could not eat in the "white only" restaurants of the South.
He was not bitter, however. "The best way to enjoy
life in America is to first be an American, and I don't
think you have to be white to do so," Robinson said.
"Blacks have had a hard time, but not many Americans
In the epilogue of his book Never Before Never
Again, Robinson says I'm just trying to be a good
American. Sometimes I am not sure what the definition
for that is, but when the Man calls me up to him, I want
to be ready to answer the call of "the Big Tiger" up
there, I want to hear God say, 'Eddie, you have been a
good person, a good husband and father, a good friend,
a good coach, and a good American."
I am sure that is exactly what the Coach will hear!
Gator Basketball
Before the cheers have faded away, the media is
questioning the future of basketball in Gainesville.
Billy Donovan's future along with those of jun-
iors Corey Brewer, Taurean Green, Al Horford and
Joakim Noah took center stage this week just hours
after the Gators had their names engraved on the third
national championship trophy in just one year.
Will those four unselfish young players who made a
collective decision to give us one more year move on to
the NBA?
Most likely.
Will Billy Donovan move on to Kentucky?
Less Likely.
Will the Orange and Blue field a basketball team
next year? Of course, and it will probably be a con-
tender in the SEC. Florida has established itself as a
place to play basketball. But, without question it will be
a better place with Billy back.

Lady Vols
Congratulations to Pat Summitt. After five Final
Four trips since 1998 ended without an NCAA title tro-
phy, the Lady Vols arrived in Cleveland intent on leav-
ing with a shiny souvenir. And after beating Rutgers at
its own game with a swarming defense and relentless
rebounding, the Lady Vols have the rest of the country
looking back up at ol' Rocky Top.
K 2

Noles Win 2 of 3

from Blue Devils

Lose to Gators
Top ranked ranked Florida State ham-
mered out 18 hits including three home
runs in the first two innings to top the
Duke Blue Devils 15-3 Friday evening at
Jack Coombs Field in Durham, N.C. The
Seminoles produced 11 of the 15 runs that
were scored came with two-outs.
Duke bounced back in the second game
of the series for an 8-5 win. The Blue
Devils scored six runs in the bottom of the
second and held on to hand the Noles their
first ACC loss.
FSU came back to win the third game
8-5. Tony Thomas, Jr. registered four hits
including two, two-run home runs.
STuesday the Gators slammed the Noles
16-7. Matt LaPorta banged a pair of three-
run homers and registered a career-high six
RBI to power No. 22 Florida (19-13) to its
eighth-straight victory.

Picking up a head of steam as they
move more orinto SEC play, the Gators
swept the Georgia Bulldogs on the road

Eddie Robinson
Dead at age 88

A football legend has left
us. Eddie Robinson, who
sent more than 200 players
to the NFL and won 408
games during a 57-year
career, has died. He was 88.
Super Bowl MVP quar-
terback Doug Williams, one
of Robinson's former play-
ers, said the former
Grambling State University
coach died shortly before
midnight on Tuesday.
Robinson had been admit-
ted to Lincoln General
Hospital on Tuesday after-
When Eddie Robinson's
career started coaching,
FDR was President.
His older .records were
what people remember; in
57 years, Robinson set the
standard for victories, going
Grambling first gained
national attention in 1949
when running back Paul
"Tank" Younger signed with
the LA Rams and became
the first player from an all-
black college to enter the
NFL. Suddenly, pro scouts
learned how to find the little
school 65 miles east of
Shreveport near the
Arkansas border.
He had been suffering
from Alzheimer's, which
was diagnosed shortly after
he was forced to retire fol-
lowing the 1997 season. His
health had been declining
for years and he had been in
and out of a nursing home
during the last year.

Sports Briefs

Tallahassee Add
Gov. Charlie Crist to the
list of Gator fans plead-
ing with University of
Florida men's basketball
coach Billy Donovan to
stay in Gainesville.
"We want him to
stay," Crist said this
morning of Donovan,
who is reportedly at the
top of the University of
Kentucky's wishlist as'it
looks for a new head
coach to lead its storied
basketball program.
"He's obviously a great

last weekend. Senior Matt LaPorta bashed
two more home runs as Florida overcame
a 4-1 deficit with a six-run sixth to capture
its series opener over Georgia 7-5.
Florida clinched its weekend series
with a 9-1 triumph over the Dawgs on
Freshman Matt den Dekker broke up a
2-2 tie with a home run with two out in the
1 th on Sunday afternoon to help Florida
complete its first sweep of Georgia at
Foley Field since 1993.
The Gators crushed FSU Tuesday night
here in Jacksonville, 16-7 to run their
streak to 8 games.

FAMU took 2 out of three from North
Carolina A&T this week winning the first
game 8-4. NCA&T took the second 11-7
and the Rattlers came back to win the tie
breaker 11-9.
The Rattlers will see action this week-
end against Savannah State for a three
game series with a double-header on Sat.

The UNF Ospreys won their first con-
ference series of the season with a 5-2 win
on Friday and a 7-2 win in the second
game of a double header on Saturday. The
Ospreys lost the middle game 5-2 and are
now 13-19 and 4-5 in the A-Sun.

"One more year," tihey chanted. "One
more year." The loyal voices of the Orange
and Blue echoed thr11.uuh the Georgia
The Florida Gators had just joined a
select club so unique that there were only
two members. The Gators had won back-to-
back National Chamnpioisihiips
It was the first repeat since Duke in
1991-92 and the first ever v ith the same
starting five.
It was a difficult task on several different
levels a success that will clearly] put these
Gators (35-5) on the list of the best teams
On the court, he Gators were too much to
handle again last night, keeping their title as
defending Champions of the college basket-
ball world with an 84-75 victory over Ohio
State for their second straight NCAA title.
Not even a 25-point, 12-rebound stellar
performance by Ohio State's Greg Oden
could stop the Gator five from completing
the goal they set last year.
"These guys turned their backs on mil-
lions and they came back for a reason," ath-
letic director Jeremy Foley said." This is the
reason. They played all season with a target
on their back. It was hard to do. This is quite
an exclamation point."
With the trophy presentation still to
come, the Gator fans were thinking of next
year. "One more year," they chanted. "One
more year."
Nothing wrong with a dream. The
Gator's five starters lived out their dream
this season. They postponed a trip to the
NBA and the Bank to take a shot at one
more trip to the Championship. They decid-
ed that the shear joy of playing together for
another year was something that they could-
n't put a price tag on. They let it all ride for
one mor season!.
They took a chomp out of NCAA history


Mvndav night, defeatin-g ,L:'.. t-; .:--5
for the second straight N-.: rn
Championship. That was their dream from
the time they decided to put off th :..BA
and c.llne back to college. T-he-e .:..,ng
men, against all odds, had stayed v-r:-thr
and accomplished the iimpo:,ssib. one
more year!

Corey Brewer scored 18 points and grabbed 8
rebounds in Florida's National Championship vic-
tory over Ohio State on Monday. Brewer was
named the MVP of the Final Four after his clutch

And the fans continued to chant "One
more year," they chanted. "One more year."
And about next year?
"Right now, I don't know what we are
going to do," Noah said. "I feel like it's all
about enjoying this moment right now."
One day after capturing its second con-
secutive national championship in convinc-
ing fashion, Florida was ranked first in the
final USA Today/ESPN coaches' poll
released Tuesday.


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~ P. 1~



\ '


' 'J-..1

S SSHHFrom Actual Police Reports
Your Weekly Horoscopeid You Hear Abot?
I ~Did You, Hear About?

(Aries March 21st thru
April 19th) You have a lot
---. of drive as the
week begins,
but you need to
take time and
consider your tactics -- not
to mention the perspective
of others. Make sure you're
giving as well as taking,
too, for your karma's sake.
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, you've got cre-
ative power, intellectual
prowess and a knack for
finding people you click
with. Whatever you've got
in mind for the future, it
can start right now. From
Friday through the week-
end, however, you'll want
to say 'whoa' instead of
'let's go,' Charging forth
could put you in the middle
of a real issue, so proceed
with caution.
(Taurus- April 20th thru
May 20th) You can make
ex cel lent
progress in all
of your endeav-
ors as the week
begins, but don't forget to
think big, too. Your larger
ideals come into play now
in very important ways.
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, life (and possi-
bly love) may not go quite
as smoothly. How will you
handle something or some-
one who stands in your
way? Have a strategy
rather than just a reaction
(or overreaction!). Ideas
flow from Friday through
the weekend, and the more
minds that are involved, the
better -- not to mention the
merrier. Friends, family
and community are espe-
cially fulfilling and fun
(Gemini May 21st thru
June 21st) If you've got a
partner, whether
in business or
S romantically
expect some negotiations
as the week begins. Your
aims and theirs may need
some discussion and
adjusting to work together.
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, investigate some
radically different ideas,
meet some highly unusual
people and taste some
foods you've never tried --
it's all mind-expanding and
even life-changing now.
There's a lot going on from
Friday through the week-
end, both around you and
in your own mind and
heart. Find a creative outlet
while you process it.
(Cancer June 22nd thru
July 22nd) Beware of a
tendency to
S"''.* withdraw as the
.. jP' week begins.
It's important to
stand your ground and
defend your position now,
whether it's at work or in
your personal life (or, right
now, even both). Be fair but
firm, and it'll go well.
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, fiscal matters are
in the stars -- so double-
check your numbers. If
anyone else is involved in
the finances, a frank discus-
sion may be in order. You

may be all over the place
from Friday through the
weekend, but it's in a very
good' way. Spread the love.

(Leo July 23rd thru
August 22) Who's in charge
... at the beginning
of the week? In
any circum-
stances where
you're sharing the power,
you'll need to make an extra
effort to cooperate -- or a
renegotiation may be in
order. Around Wednesday
and Thursday, progress can
be made in.all areas of your
life, but not via the tradi-
tional means. Take a holistic
approach and investigate
some unusual options -- the
obvious approach isn't the
best one. Some drama's in
the stars from Friday
through the weekend. Will
you join in or stay in the
audience, waiting for the
theatrics to sort themselves
(Virgo August 23rd thru
September 22nd)
"w Friendships and
fun can blossom
at work as the
week begins,
'blurring the lines between
labor and play in the nicest
way. (Keep any workplace
flirtation appropriate!)
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, you've got inno-
vative power that can have
you reexamining the way
you do things and even the
way you approach your
world as a whole. Give
yourself time to brainstorm,
and don't rule anything out
right away. You might as
well put aside your to-do list
from Friday through the
weekend, because getting
stuff done will be tough.
How will you react? And
what will you do instead?
(Libra September 23rd
thru October 22nd) What
..\...ia-i do you do to
beat the blues?
Have some
action steps
ready as the week begins --
exercise, time with friends,
meditation, whatever works
for you. Then the stars give
you a big boost around
Wednesday and Thursday,
both mentally and in terms
of your personal pulchri-
tude. These are fabulous
days for any romantic
endeavors -- you're brainy,
beautiful and beloved by
those you encounter. From
Friday through the week-
end, rather than kicking off
any new projects, finish off
a current one. The sense of
accomplishment motivates
you afresh.
(Scorpio October 23rd
thru November 21st)
You're both a
,. i. power player
i .,i and a team
player as the
week begins, and when it
comes to your personal
life, your skills aren't too
shabby, either. Getting
some great stuff started
now is no problem.
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, however, issues
with family may emerge.
Be ready to cultivate
mutual respect yet set
good boundaries. If
you've got romance on
your mind, Friday through
the weekend is your time -
- plan a fantastic date or, if

you're single, get out and
shop around. Your passion
and uniqueness make you
inrtsistible now.

(Sagittarius November
22nd thru December 21st)
Money might be
on \our mind as
the week begins,
but don't neglect
your creative side. After
you figure out the finances,
head out to a gallery for
some imaginative inspira-
tion. Then, around
Wednesday and Thursday,
you can generate some fan-
tastic ideas -- and if you get
some fantastic people in on
it, the stars say the sky's the
limit. Friendships expand
now, too, maybe due to
your generosity of spirit.
From Friday through the
weekend, you're in a slower
mode. Keep plans low-key
and give yourself time to
space out.
(Capricorn December
22nd thru January 19th)
You're hot stuff
S as the week
begins, and not
in that by-
chance, flash-in-the-pan
way: It's the effort you've
put in so far -- at work, in
relationships, into your
own health -- that's show-
ing so beautifully. You may
find yourself thinking of
the future around
Wednesday and Thursday,
and that's a good thing.,
Make sure a financial plan
is part of it. Then, from
Friday through the week-
end, give your practical
side a little time off. Open
your heart and your mind --
see new things, meet new
people. You'll love it, and
they'll love you.
(Aquarius-January 20th
thru February 18th) A
.----.. free-form
.,, approach isn't
S-' going to cut it as
the week begins,
whether it's at work or in
personal matters. Analyze
the situation and assess
what the best response is
(it's not the knee-jerk one).
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, however, your
intuition's right on and your
unusual ideas find many
listening (and impressed!)
ears. Capture your extra
brilliant concepts for later
use. Cultivate your com-
passionate side from Friday
through the weekend -- do a
friend a favor, volunteer
your time. It's heart-
expanding and good for
your karma, too.
(Pieces February 19th
and March 20th) Those
who consider
.: you a dreamer
might be sur-
prised as the
week begins -- you're a
real problem-solver now,
and you make it look easy,
too. It's also a good time to
tidy up your physical sur-
roundings. Around
Wednesday and Thursday,
it's your headspace that's in
some disarray, but possibly
in a good way. All these
thoughts will congeal
eventually, so give your-
self time for the free-form
part of the process. From
Friday through the week-
end, all of your best quali-
ties are spotlighted by the

stars -- including your
innate knack for all things
romantic. Hot stuff can
happen now!

FLAM An officer was dispatched to the 8400
block of Fury Drive in reference to a Con
Game/Flim Flam. Upon arrival he spoke with Ms.
LM (complainant) who stated she received a letter
in the mail from Pictet Financial with a check for
2,500 dollars. Ms. LM said the letter stated she won
50,000 dollars. Ms. LM stated she called the phone :
number on the letter and was told she needs to pre-
pay the taxes for her winnings by sending 2,500 dol-
lars by Western Union to New York, NY. Ms. LM
stated she contacted her mother who wired 2,600 dollars from California. Ms.
LM said she was told by the Pictet Financial representative to deposit the check
for 2,500 enclosed with the letter and to send 2, 300 dollars by Western Union to
New York, NY. Ms. LM stated she deposited the check and sent 2,300 dollars via
Western Union to New York, NY. Ms. LM stated she located Pictet Financial's
web site on the internet and called the number listed to verify this was a legiti-
mate company. Ms. LM stated she was told the name and number listed on the
letter was not affiliated with the Pictet Financial company. Ms. LM stated she
called the number listed on the letter and was told she needs to send an addition-
al 1,800 dollars to receive the entire 50,000 dollars. All come on!

FEAR OF RETALIATION An officer was dispatched to the 8600 block of
Vermanth Rd., due to information of a person lying in the yard cut. Upon arrival,
the officer observed the victim laying in the yard, he was unable to provide infor-
mation due to his condition. He was observed to have blood on the left side of
his body. Rescue 27 and Engine 19 responded to the scene. The victim was taken
to Shands where he was stated to have life-
-. threatening injuries, but was later downgraded
-" --.. to critical but stable. The officer then inter-
S.- viewed victim #2 who reported he and victim
#1 had been stabbed by the suspect due to an
argument over suspect's ex-girlfriend. Due to
fear of retaliation by the suspect and his rela-
tionship to the "Bloods," none of the witness-
es wanted to be directly associated with any
statements. The officer did not find the sus-
pect at his home, but advised his family to call
the police if he was to return.

HE BROKE A KEY OFF IN THE DOOR An officer was dispatched to the
7600 block of Blanding Blvd. in reference to a dispute involving a violation of
an injunction. Upon his arrival, he met with the victim, Ms. R outside of her
apartment. Ms. R stated that she has an injunction for protection against the sus-
pect Mr. D (father of her three children) for previous instances of domestic vio-
lence. The injunction stated that the victim and suspect could have contact only
to exchange the children, but that the suspect was forbidden from coming to the
victims residence. Ms. R reported that Mr. D began calling her at 10 a.m, and
continued to call her until 11:50 totaling five phone calls. Ms. R stated that Mr.
D called originally to make arrangements to meet her to get his children, but
quickly turned the conversation into whether or not she would take him back.
Ms. R stated that she ended the conversation, but he continued to call. Ms. R.
stated that she went down to her car to load her children up and observed Mr. D
pull into her apartment complex. She stated
that he walked past her and up her stairs to
her apartment where he stuck a key in the
door and broke off the key. She stated that he
then left in his vehicle. Ms. R stated that this
is an ongoing problem with Mr. D, but due
to her not having any witnesses besides her
children, the State has not proceeded with
any charges. She was issued a State's
Attorney's card. She declined to go to a safe .. -

PLEASE COME FORWARD? An officer was dispatched to the 1100 block
of Kings Rd., the U.S. Post Office, on a report of a hit and run crash involving
two mail trucks. Upon arrival he was met by the complainant, Mr. EH, an Illinois
driver for a transportation company. Mr. EH was inside the restricted and guard-
ed parking area for unloading and loading of mail trucks. He said that he had
been parked at a loading dock for 30 minutes when his truck had been struck. He
didn't notice it until he had left and went to a truck stop a little while later. He
then returned to the Post Office where he called the police. Mr. EH said that their
had been numerous trucks driving by while his truck was parked at the loading
dock and any one of then could have hit his. The officer noticed the front of the
left front quarter panel and the front bumper had some damage. The officer told
Mr. EH that at this time, there is no way to tell which truck struck his or if the
other driver even knew he had hit his truck.

AND I'LL .... An officer was dispatched to
the 1700 block of Linares Way where he
: spoke with victimm Ms. C stating that earlier
she confronted her son which h heated up into
S anr argument. When she attempted to disci-
pline her soni. he fought her back. hitting her
. in the arm. -hlere was no observable injuries.
Ms. C \\as gi\ing a domestic violence pam-
phlet and a State Attorney's card.
If &

,r~'l' .-,





APRIL 7, 2007


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as .5

I', i r .. I ',. ',, rl -- :: .
.l l rl,, :'11 lil 1,,i".

-.h l 'l ... i. l_ ',-- .' l.h '-.

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roads, utilities, soils tested. LAKEFRONT available.
Excellent financing. Call now (866)685-2562. X 1006,

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Call now (800)704-3154, X 916.

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Williamsburg, VA. area, Beautifully wooded, serene set-
ting, wide water views. Build when ready Excellent
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GA/ FL Border Huge Savings! 23.55 AC, only $99.900
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a '.Y ,.

fimt .,"
,;H : i

". :.-U

I -

*riF~.'.'.J' .'

lwII I* 'lU arAR

.. .1- -

~~U-- ,wr\a~am~,w~x ~R-~r ~xar~,arxssr~rra*ls~il vrs*~

" W- IWIIX;- 11; 14


f" fler *I X
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The Staion "WhereC Christ Gets Lifted"

Victory AM 13601WCGL

The Vidcty is in the Word & the Music

--.'.".~..- i....-::.1; -i~l


12518 Richfield

* 3 Bedrooms
4 2 Full Baths
* Study/Office
4 Shirley Oaks
* One Story Style
* Brick Front

Features Include:
2309 Sq.Ft.
Central Cooling A/C
Central Heating Heat
Electric Source Heat
1 Fireplace
Asphalt Blacktop Roadway

4 Attached Garage
4 Large Back Yard
* Carpet
* Ceramic Tile
* French Door(S)
* Picture Window

This Beautiful Home W/Fantastic Curb Appeal Has His & Her Walk In Closets And The Huge lNba Has His & Her
Sinks WIRoman Tub & Shower. Family Room W/Gas Fireplace; Enormous Backyard; Neighborhood of Exercisers
& Walkers; Open Airy Home W/Higb Ceilings On A Hill. Wireless Wired.
Seller to pay 2% of buyer's closing costs.
A $1000, gift card for a full contract brought by May 1, 2007.


For more information and/or a private showing cull:
Betty Asque Davis
Watson Realty Corp
615 Highway AIA
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Office: 904 285-6300
Office Fax: 904 285-5330
Office: 904 473-1502

If you or a parent of a High School Senior

Who Failed the FCAT

There Is An Alternative

Call RTI-Windsor for more information at







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r r

* *


Nia Long: Sensuous

Screen Star is not done yet! ,

By Rych McCain,
Photos 2007 by
Andre' B. Murray/
There are women
who attract superficial
attention with fluff, and
then there are women
who command full
attention through sheer
presence. Alluring
actress Nia Long is defi-
nitely of the latter cate-
gory. Her sharp wit,
experienced wisdom,
intellect, irresistible
charm and natural sen-
suousness wrapped in a
blanket of sexy,
superfine looks is a
package that any ration-
ally thinking, sane man
would find hard to
resist! In fact, the year
2000 proved to be her
year to bare witness to
that fact. She was voted
one of the 50 most beau-
tiful people in-the world
that year by People
magazine. That same
year savy her voted the
third sexiest woman out
of the top ten women for
Black Men magazine.
Long was born
Nitara Carlynn Long in
Brooklyn, New York 37
years ago to Afro-
Trinidadian parents who
divorced when she was
two years old. She and
her mom relocated to
Iowa City, Iowa where
her mom obtained a sec-
ond master's degree in
fine arts. They then
moved to Los Angeles
when Long was seven.
As a child, she took an
interest in acting and
studied for fifteen years
under acting coach
Betty Bridges, mother of

former child actor Todd
Bridges of "Diff'rent
Strokes" TV Show fame.
It is also a personal inter-"
est of note that our long
time photographer
Andre' B.' Murray shot
Long's first portfolio
head shots when she was
seven. She.is still fond of
that session everytime
she sees Andre' on the red
carpet and elsewhere
Long's first role
beginning in 1991 was a
three year stint -as "Kat"
Speakes on the soap
opera "The Guiding
Light." That was fol-
lowed by a regular role as
Will Smith's love interest
on "The Fresh Prince of
Bel-Air." In 2003 she
joined the cast of the
drama "Third Watch" as
Officer Sasha Monroe.
Last season Long played
Cassie, the daughter of
Irv Harper on
"Everwood." She will
make several appear-
ances on "Boston Legal"
this season.
Long's film appear-
ances have been just as
involved as her TV shows
with starring roles in
Boyz N the Hood, Friday,
Big Momma's House,
Love Jones, Soul Food,
Made in America and
Boiler Room to name a
few. This year Long is
sizzling with two movies
that are currently out-
Premonition opposite
Sandra Bullock and Are
We Done Yet? opposite
Ice Cube. In her role with
Ice Cube she laughs
about being pregnant
throughout the movie
"In the beginning of
the film, I'm not showing
so you kind of live the
whole pregnancy with
-me. I had four different

bellies. The first two bel-
lies were made out of pil-
lows which was fine, but
as the pregnancy got larg-
er, we did prosthetics and
it's made out of latex. I
would have to step into
this belly, put K-Y jelly
all over my butt and back,
then baby powder and
pull it up. It was not a
cute look. It was very hot
but I didn't mind because
it kept my waist line
When asked about the
experiences of working
with Ice Cube the many
times she has, Long's
face lights up.
"He's amazing! We

started in this business
together [remember
their roles in Boyz In
the Hood], and I
remember I used to be
scared to death of him
because he wag NWA
rapper guy with a Jheri
curl and thick eye brows
and I was like 'ooh my
God, he's scary,' he's
the real deal."
Long praises Cube's
maturity in life and in
his career. She laughs
and says with great
admiration and affec-
tion; "He's a big lovable
teddy bear and he's
scared of me now!"


___M MW
rv 1, in

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The Star

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FOX i, '10 13 A*** An Ideal Husband 119991 Rupert Everett. Julianne Moore. ** Operation Condor (19911 Jackie Chan Carol (Dodol Chengr. t* The Mighty (19'3. Drama; hir.jn St.n- E'l~rn Hrnr,.rc
IND 9 3 4 Land Sale Kevin& Debbie Paid Program IPaidProgram Paid Program IPaid Program IPaid Program Paid Program In the Heat of the Night 6 (CC) IWithout a Trace "Penitence" 6
NBC l) 11 12 Heads-Up Poker Champ, NHL Hockey Teams to Be Announced (S Live) (CC) Champ Car World Series Racing Vegas Grand Prix From Las Vegas. (S Live) (CC)
ION ( 12 2 Paid Program The Bean Paid Program IPaid Program IPaid Program IPaidProgram IPaid Program Paid Program IPaidProgram Get Thin Wayman Chap. IPaid Program
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TBN 'I '13 59 Love Worth A.R. Bernard Bishop Evans it Is Written [Baviess Conley IPaula White IKing Is Coming Bishop P Cornerstone C. Bayless Conlej Gregory Diclkoo
CW 171 9 7 ** King Ralph 1991. Comedy John iGoodmarn Peler 07 ,ole FBI: Negotiator (2005 Suspensel Elisabeth Rohm. Chiarjira West. *t Six Degrees of Separation 11'i'3 Dranrra i Slor' d Charnnin
COM 65,43 ** The Jerk 11979. Comrnavl Sitve Mann iCC) i** Napoleon Dynamite 12004) Jon Heder. Jon Gnes (CC) ** Groundhog Day (1993' Bill Murray A TV 'rweherman's Ji.aj eeip r!'pea',I r:~CC
DISN 22 16 Lil & Slitch 6 Replacements *** Alice in Wonderland (19511 Ed Wynn iCCI That's-Raven Zack & Cody |That -Raven Naturally, Sadie Phil ol Future Sister, Sister Life Wrth Derek
ESPN 148 34 SportsCenter Baseball College Baseball South Carolina at Florida (Live) PBA Bowling PBA Bowling (Drive to LA. Auto Show
FAM 43 23 Sabrina-Wlch Sabnna-Witch ** Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Rotbin Wifiams An estranged dad prx.e Is a nanny to De wiin ris children. Parenthood (I1989. Sieve Manin Mary ;;erotunrgr iCC)
HBO 2 201 ** The Big Bounce I20f'On .'.er Witi-:r.n 6 iCCi I** Rumor Has It... 12005) Jernnier Anisinor I ** The Perfect Man (2005, Hiar Duit. HEaflhr Lolear if ICCG IDreamer: True Story
LIFE 18 28 ** Leadmg With Her Heart 19991 Ellen Bujrityn. PaiC.riev CCI I ** Return to Me l'.?i0).Da'id Duchovny, Minnie Driver iCC) ** Wild Iris 12001. Diarama Geria R-viands Laura bnre Ir'CC
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USA 64 25 Notting Hill 19'991(w CCi American Wedding i2,031j Jawn Bqggs. Aion Hanrnilan (CCi I** American Pie 2 (12r1) Json Bigge, Shannon EIatelh iCCiI L* American Pie 11999 ICCi

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64 25

Law & Order: SVU

The Star

Page~WASU INI~rI 7,207 Th Sta

B1i Ri crh Af.-iin/ feedback-
rt, I th \ bcglobal.net
P,,tr-y'Spnl,.aO'lr Jl iordl
One of the world's most
deeply respected performers in
the spoken word performance
i.iiic i.e., internationally
renowned spoken word artist
MNT:ir "l;!imulhl" Joseph, made a
dynamic rare Los Angeles
appearance at the Savoy
Entertainment Center this past
If hil.%ii
Snoop Dogg's wife, Sh;inie'
Broadus and the organization she
founded i.e., Boss Lady
Entertainment will host their first
annual Boss Lady Entertainment
Easter Celebration this weekend
at Dorsey High School in South
Central Los Angeles for the chil-
dren of the KARMA Foundation.
This agency works closely with
children in foster care. The free,
fun-filled event will feature face
painting, food, arts and crafts,
video games and a big Easter Egg
hunt. Big Gun Records, straight
outta Texas, has dropped the new
single from BLAST titled "Hood
Rich" Ft. Mannie Fresh, from his
forthcoming album
"Unexpected" which will drop
this summer. Look out for the
sensational teen rap group The
LAX BOYZ representing the
West Coast out of San
Bernardino. These youngstaz can
Are We Done Yet? stars Ice
Cube, Nia Long, John C.
McGinley, Aleisha Allen and
Philip Daniel Bolden.
This is the second offering in
the "Are we,.." series of subjects

that b .aji with ithe original
Are We I hlcrc Yet? The gang is
back with a now married Nick
(Cube) and his pregniiat wife
Sii/:nnel (Long) and their two
children Kevin (Bolden),
Lindsey (Allen) and dog Coco.
The children are not obnox-
ious like they were in the first
movie. They are more mature
and responsible. Nick has his
hands full with the remodeling
of a "fixer upper" that he
bought in the, country to
escape the rat race of the city.
His nemeses is Jack-of-all-
trades and holder of all titles
i.e., relater, contractor etc.,
Chuck Mitchell, Jr.
(McGinley). Chuck gets under
Nick's skin and inside his head
in ways that irritate him to no
Even though she is preg-
nant throughout the film, Nia
Long still manages to be a big
screen turn-on with the acting
chops to match. McGinley as
Mitchell is funny and ridicu-
lous at the same time but his
performance is the glue that
holds the film together. Allen
has her first on screen crush
and gets to exhibit her budding
teen sexiness in a cute and
harmless sort of way. Bolden
also shows signs of his coming
of age as well, quite convinc-
ingly. This movie is great for
the entire family, children and
all. This is how Cube wanted it
to be and he successfully
achieved that objective.
Give me a holla; feedback-

S*. >, 8_

c-b c

If you are an

African American,
you are at
high risk

for heart
-i disease.

This year alione1 cve
1 i, Gr-, lacks .. r s die
from cardlivascuiar oCseae
The gocd rne s 5 's it' largely
prever.table Be tys:rally
active, eat nealtriy foo; and
develop 3 prevention plan
wdh your dor1.
Start a conversation tc 5too
near disease
TrI liarrn morn:,. tike ,ht,
I earn ari- Live Q Z17 h' ca'lir'
1-888-AHA-2222 onr visi

Anerican Heart
Association ,
Lt&tur and Live.

To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673

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The Star


I][' ,' w w w.' w e'T [p. [e v nt Ik i i [0 lr .

. K~a To i=_ ar mmo sue G"as fan sse,3 va; msmn zv's's opmsf !s" cssf. css r-'sesea ssV i 2 s s& W

The Sta Page D AENTER7AI2007

Bernie Mac's 'New' Family in Reality TV on NBC:
Award-winning Comedian to Host Show

Bernie Mac has
linked up with pro-
ducer Ben Silverman
("The Office," "The
Biggest Loser") to do
"Welcome to the
Family," a reality
pilot for NBC.
The project, from
Mac's MacMan
Entertainment and
Silverman's Reveille,
concerns couples in
love who are ready to
get engaged.
However, the spous-
es-to-be come have
different religious,
ethnic and cultural
backgrounds accord-
ing ot the Hollywood
The show is a real-
ity take on Mac's
2005 movie Guess
Who. (the .movie,

which also starred
Ashton Kutcher, was
itself a reworking of
the 1967 film Guess
Who's Coming to
Dinner which starred
Sidney Poitier)
Mac will narrate
"Welcome to the
Family," which will
feature couples meet-
ing each other's fami-
lies for the first time
and breaking to them
the news that they've
gotten engaged.
It's all about
falling in love, fami-
ly and learning how
to accept someone
despite cultural, eco-
nomic or social dif-
ferences, Silverman
The comedian
joined the project at

the request of Marc
Abrams and Michael
Benson, who wrote
for "The Bernie Mac
Show" and now work
for Silverman's pro-



Silverman called

the concept


intriguing and addic-
Mac can currently
be seen in the feature
film Pride. He also
appears in Ocean's



Transformers, both of
which are due in the-
aters this summer.

SA- 4/7 .6' 12 an-l FST

*aj.u -ezt lriafc,Arie.

Tv 13fl1Aicf Acce55
Sunr 4/9 :20 7 pri EST

upr the
"Pr 7-,r:,f thelatest

- A

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Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 03/26/07
1. American Idol, Tues., FOX
2. American Idol, Wed., FOX

3. House, FOX
4. NCAA Men's Basketball, CBS
5. Girlfriends, CW
7. Shark, CBS
8. America's Next Top Model, CW
9. Dancing with the Stars, ABC
10.Law and Order, NBC

Source: Nielsen Media Research

10 p.m. on
Law & Order:
Criminal In-
tent: Warning:
Historical re-
may be haz-
ardous to your
health. In "Albatross," a man is
killed in a re-creation of the
1804 duel between Alexander
Hamilton and Aaron Burr.
Goren and Eames (Vincent
D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe)
question the other participant,
who happens to be married to
a very ambitious politician with
a dirty little secret.

8 p.m. on
Georg e
Lopez: A little
hard work
never hurt
Lopez) thinks his niece -
who has a multimillion-dollar
inheritance that he controls
- could use some lessons in
the importance of hard work,
even if she'll never actually
have to work. So he gets her
a job at the factory, with con-
sequences he didn't expect.

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