Florida star

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INGEST IEID E20090401_AAABCX INGEST_TIME 2009-04-01T13:49:03Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00113
FILE SIZE 221740 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090401_AABTUT PATH 00019.pro PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 5d6db34cd77270cb43ba82d9d5f9cefaSHA-1 c16d83f28a34dbe173f42efd4cb25eb65597c3bfWARNING CODE M_MIME_TYPE_MISMATCH conflict in mime type metadata
25270816 F20090401_AABTNG 00018.tif 5731370b60768df4f3f1aa9e43b313cea3be7dd0a4d35d3f385da0ac581454a608592917
1586722 F20090401_AABTQC 00015.jp2 ed72182e04a9080afb6bf38bf37f341fffb77e3691864fb4dea0a779b4bf215838ffc389
45053 F20090401_AABTRW 00027.QC.jpg a74b4be7a930d90c5249f6ae03fb2188119f2d2e9fd4e4cc36d270104968d4e086f900e8
25310208 F20090401_AABTNH 00019.tif f4ae2ce718cf6ec02bc1a24ee1310fe0251852151eb19b5258667228347ae1c669cdca8a
373241 F20090401_AABTQD 00016.jpg c3eccdcbde8ac5364b0f4f1658115453f451867500f200b5215960a0ba4b1339499cc532
10056 F20090401_AABTRX 00027thm.jpg dc247351ef73a364bfc1c50a8164fe661e5c19e17505891374b492f148d9e16acd05737f
202126 F20090401_AABTUU 00020.pro a3e897243c851f55b64ab4f3d59b3f44c4a03e779de18a577566469e84b8a338fd94f831conflict in mime type metadata
75830164 F20090401_AABTNI 00020.tif 3447090f95fdc420144d2c41ccde0408f5a184d4cba6f591dc4574b8f776414f68b8ef8c
42880 F20090401_AABTQE 00016.QC.jpg b328f7ecf4455944183147c1ef2ef56de079091d89832ec3974067345de84eee1675695e
12104 F20090401_AABTTA 00007.txt 9e6fa073c133d9cde0942440a5bc713a8d1ba653494541979331b3fbf683d4ff24bac121
1588509 F20090401_AABTRY 00027.jp2 971243382b9d505e211236985b5cbfd22b34eefc48ff3b5907660968a04a1911e2880c35
76426140 F20090401_AABTNJ 00021.tif 3e1d48f1a7af503b05f4683cc5aad14d804d736020271701498858c508a2ae15271b1d6a
10103 F20090401_AABTQF 00016thm.jpg 3dbb7a22571249006bb036ff5c2c290a9ada42997cb04e1e8c3f9b672aff46083e3953b0
7330 F20090401_AABTTB 00008.txt 08a8d93be765bd34c06128003f9b82c7089f777573ec8caa0f70e0eec097cf5485550a56
341122 F20090401_AABTRZ 00028.jpg b78ac61f03aaa9869199f12589449f3b6ab6ac98b54e657b352c8da2925292786da1c79a
367603 F20090401_AABTUV 00021.pro 8c6ed832f913ffc460d104f39bf6ce5741260111ecb9042b0d2c389a1e3a533c244244b0conflict in mime type metadata
25267356 F20090401_AABTNK 00022.tif 1e5721dcfd446c276f46c40a7eaf946ce87401461445c4f3d1a6818b19f2747fd2fc34e9
1612186 F20090401_AABTQG 00016.jp2 670f9b8461e7c43d9affb15428cdc9387b6bf4a39a01f288f4c017c133cb8793a6680d7c
160 F20090401_AABTTC 00009.txt 7013587ce53e893e57fe01047f7087b267211c3e5b6043dc0c332d439a8c63aec27826c0
363768 F20090401_AABTUW 00022.pro b1ccfd7e1bd4ac08f6591aabb4f21a59cb656d08ea27351e7ca42695631764a6d580bfbdconflict in mime type metadata
25388480 F20090401_AABTNL 00023.tif 0433e70d616f671642175375dee5ab6532799efe6e896916b67095993faf7b5bb6a322de
477882 F20090401_AABTQH 00017.jpg b377812ff6bbf44ef4b14e6db566b67575e194976db92bb8d13f5e4004fff659a7078e29
5741 F20090401_AABTTD 00010.txt 2fddfa75ef5e5f7e64a462214608c76db5a645aaa2b068624b7618767683cc6c33f896de
350843 F20090401_AABTUX 00023.pro 611874e9263af0798e2ee77b5e38cbfa5dd6c97a9102db80ef62961c853fa65b0ffcea1aconflict in mime type metadata
25300172 F20090401_AABTNM 00024.tif 92a47e9cf079731e96786571ad8c5b30e32b4b4749014072483524f6ad04a2988431e13c
57526 F20090401_AABTQI 00017.QC.jpg bd97f300f60ba976a4fcca26bac63b09ad3ce34372d08370201bb993c6237f944bf14ab4
6590 F20090401_AABTTE 00011.txt 307d22dcb8930d9b0d1707d8d37079022950670261aa4701aa805206d7ef84c06f13a4b3
42152 F20090401_AABTUY 00024.pro 1fc00d689dc548a3d2b420f885d26c98fd83c83238fa63b1f39a1545333130cdc2141d9dconflict in mime type metadata
38934052 F20090401_AABTNN 00025.tif 0ba1ed7229f6b7b3486b7ef4d0d6da16c3aae201362735876abdc106b8f82a828262245c
16004 F20090401_AABTQJ 00017thm.jpg 290191b88bff67be10512ca8349c93faa53e69215bc7742a64d71fdce6c738bdc5bfa3de
5168 F20090401_AABTTF 00012.txt 15a15ed3e37168ce4f7d96768eefa826f17c7a8f118e7d9fd6c432ae749a60fc963b6de7
106138 F20090401_AABTUZ 00025.pro 0cca94d9d51cdcf54a368599819944376f010513b8a5b4d4f651e9e1408466bd347dec84conflict in mime type metadata
3159090 F20090401_AABTQK 00017.jp2 e68995a17029db9710ec998cd41917e0071bd9af0c7f64e632919d745009f8618e20b9e7
5020 F20090401_AABTTG 00013.txt 4fdb4e1b171f294334202ef6ffbbb32b704c08890a9b1e47c5b85983196e4dd6d8fa49ed
13043220 F20090401_AABTNO 00026.tif 034a5cf44d401bfa6b9436622a601c8f6860138b5cdd97c94945e4a43b7f90cc0e2fbd91
475379 F20090401_AABTQL 00018.jpg 83858f7eea47c30c2fa6d894df663aa4777eee2ca1b4d4ba88fcd0400d4c2d3f43267238
3953 F20090401_AABTTH 00014.txt 373f6f94a58581f2a51eccd95d10e719d28e8622b82853f1443ecb8aa9bcbc21e000045b
12724588 F20090401_AABTNP 00027.tif d4f9bcf081ffc4105da288f9631cdae4d60cee420ad493d31bb7d8784b1d17521a587fed
55989 F20090401_AABTQM 00018.QC.jpg 2a4c6bce99068326f4186432a3a47daebc84a4703300c6d44bfad9a40ffee4e53d2790c0
6036 F20090401_AABTTI 00015.txt bc055dfbeb8752a750ab00c72eef96f2741221eac74273e7d91c6fd45a52b87d4b284b6c
12688824 F20090401_AABTNQ 00028.tif 4cbc97cf0c5145a76ee8d22d0bbead9cc9fe0038a12d07eb142d2b8efbcae5642827bb8c
15370 F20090401_AABTQN 00018thm.jpg f796886c3d213c88b732147abd7c57a4443890b6b06e027d09c96ac7cb8a10f31dc96003
6522 F20090401_AABTTJ 00016.txt f556e0abe06bfb079627e4007bf9af91b96d012835356d18c3a676065379921a60090dcb
12628192 F20090401_AABTNR 00029.tif 6738766f082644091f3faa290c68b97abd5c014a4b6dbdf3f677659f8b5d6efd962bcdf3
3157209 F20090401_AABTQO 00018.jp2 b202fd94793a8803bc76998c70a80a12408693681f9ea1f81d0882844fb93807bd056073
11154 F20090401_AABTTK 00017.txt 9c5745d67875aa5667f6f7b04d0133bef437595a47d031c421cac17375596fc52e6d36a9
12742480 F20090401_AABTNS 00030.tif 992ffd3e3030b5a57bceef68835e4af8be8f5b22deb065d4ae116b81d54802ff277398b4
454299 F20090401_AABTQP 00019.jpg d2600704ba6973ebbaa1195d7ad3df0b4bb3f04f4c41e07abb240c991f334c3c0681e450
11625 F20090401_AABTTL 00018.txt 231faeb14c3eaeab7f5c97132816a989294dfe78bd480bbdd48da5383e1bf6ccf3f76c2e
13003832 F20090401_AABTNT 00031.tif b92cff898c99976c64f1601f55628ef03d8089b3165eccda5990058fd01cb851ee152a78
54674 F20090401_AABTQQ 00019.QC.jpg f4bba7c6407193c84f5a03fb1eeb3c5c1ad64c861e9300f43c9609ac794afa4a6db84137
8587 F20090401_AABTTM 00019.txt 947fb8ec48c176c2df4b8771fc7d854f3f839b69f9b1c742b00f3ab72125520e7d7f50f5
13003904 F20090401_AABTNU 00032.tif dff61a5bd4e443dd5ca5f13cba20071476491d73fe0a6340bca937320a451fba6aa1b266
7703 F20090401_AABTTN 00020.txt 36d13704eb27df5af32779aaa7098089858c1ad0f16b993882698b705790618617704d4e
440036 F20090401_AABTNV 00001.jpg 9da7fee059db4cd28fa096130e82d7deaeb083398733b07122623b03f7647badb71d9967
15119 F20090401_AABTQR 00019thm.jpg ea5a422cc81c8de90c45fbb1cfab37b50d30ea389f9742d231bfed2ff9863c2027a15cc0
13801 F20090401_AABTTO 00021.txt b4371353e167f575a896eccf2bccc1e3b99fdc503a398f09a0642fe12c5d971ac65dd5f5
56066 F20090401_AABTNW 00001.QC.jpg 642d3a8cea84005a7914135017fb0fc068b3c6bd5ca60cc925242c231c3ffba91ca35e6b
3162162 F20090401_AABTQS 00019.jp2 64d3c750ebede41edde9ff976c831ebf15e85e99dfede95db959b9457b4d989c791b0163
14463 F20090401_AABTTP 00022.txt 1c45e08361ab7e07b080e8857e7f31855e73782799b092a63f8f77358d850b4416dab1f3
16046 F20090401_AABTNX 00001thm.jpg 89b57f5e2d8161ce0daa36b1c7d76105f7501ea2f48e6dc4a80063915fd83ebc0c78b64c
451052 F20090401_AABTQT 00020.jpg e22d7b8bc11991783be705a08f0ea9b5438ad3bd0009194394cb49c53a153634763f355c
14456 F20090401_AABTTQ 00023.txt a30703ce9729c3d3810145889d8a49684676689fcdd6964191dc856aeb0f897cc58951d1
3192429 F20090401_AABTPA 00008.jp2 3d55d95e1a51493b00521e09b2399ae91fd7f18ab9b54cbb771597d348a3dfacd5015b60
3265897 F20090401_AABTNY 00001.jp2 ca6121d302a7e9ee1b8ff8283483b54571136f309ca2fc899b67f8125be167f1b5e272b5
54762 F20090401_AABTQU 00020.QC.jpg da4a763ef5e75741c52878f277bf03c619243a5524d1884a2b21d89908bc7be7b866f461
2005 F20090401_AABTTR 00024.txt badc3e756aac3acff1a9628cfd92a70f2e2162a3a1c0ff97866d46e4e7c96178e8b7bff1
388815 F20090401_AABTPB 00009.jpg 9b642eb8fca458c0d4170a81c88aa25396177ddb6790c2845fdcd915b1f844e92cb7ed9f
361131 F20090401_AABTNZ 00002.jpg 4bb25d80c3edca4bdca19a748cb8e0691b1426227d4019f7a582adb335a0fa13f4bb871b
15963 F20090401_AABTQV 00020thm.jpg fef1d7e3a6d3e7e2d9cd4a9e5098774980c7e5a60c0417bfdf691bb648b50c1ed335d714
4063 F20090401_AABTTS 00025.txt 12ab3ed61963666f2ecfc1eb56bbbc65f0379edd0fdd6695ed9b26fd8a04b63b3f1ec612
37945 F20090401_AABTPC 00009.QC.jpg 22b03ccf41ba72cd379181bbdbb891d162bdd2aefd7ed917fdc48ab687fdfdcbdeb877ab
3159089 F20090401_AABTQW 00020.jp2 8114159989c63fdb306c49329c28f5ec21d4e4d05012cf6eab1bdad4a30eaa00893d36cb
11717 F20090401_AABTTT 00026.txt 395d324533041333bef48df831c26483470e9c932b8234e1cd3d40bedac8c0a2c5a47dec
8671 F20090401_AABTPD 00009thm.jpg 75be1c801801e73892e4eb92111510c06c66590be8a005d986f074a090f1ef4274930db1
469958 F20090401_AABTQX 00021.jpg 2395b925e135121890ba6fd3e62c80d24040a8b67ce4d2d60a84aa16d8df2c2fdd34be88
1618845 F20090401_AABTPE 00009.jp2 e392529af76a7125ba1727de325c9f69cab0b42977f7e0ceffda1bd95f4baed0a8a3b3a9
38664 F20090401_AABTSA 00028.QC.jpg 7263720953540c742ba21d43f5158bfc207531cb559bec107d0543e895e087b14eda1d9d
56823 F20090401_AABTQY 00021.QC.jpg 2840a5ba426afa7e55e9ae25004e64fa58e98588ec096d6d0b71b0730eabbc0d05dad057
11753 F20090401_AABTTU 00027.txt d70f627a5eed68c0b6dc94dc8852d3b4470f714423fce697bfdd5ce45debb25902f822d6
361493 F20090401_AABTPF 00010.jpg 9cb48dfbbd11d183e5cf89949bd3296a961cc7fdcc4d145e9ee334cd03327ff1e7f600b7
8891 F20090401_AABTSB 00028thm.jpg dab68ed92d5eb807ee92826860c15384f8f10d398b2186328bde2c5c3a63de019a6b3797
15669 F20090401_AABTQZ 00021thm.jpg 299fb1e8cc1a23c6bbb8ade37eb63f011d28f9528ad119a6d04d9386157e55f639efc05a
5114 F20090401_AABTTV 00028.txt 79cd6716e4faabbbe17795364eb99536db1d05e5e72a9c8fe86d95b7673b8a64c4a2635d
40777 F20090401_AABTPG 00010.QC.jpg 1062854b6cd065ac3a8bfa833de9a2dd3efdc10370ec0df9d2f0c6cfe1417f1e6c58b156
1584029 F20090401_AABTSC 00028.jp2 ec9a1243d3475c1d18ef91ac39937eb8eccd97f591905bb14d16a4fdbba09f6e6889baa8
2547 F20090401_AABTTW 00029.txt 4046105b078060b798bd401fff562d5efb0fc518f40d9ad6ed89dd1578cc165426605e6f
9547 F20090401_AABTPH 00010thm.jpg 987270dd1442f1ca32e2ef12b2dd42a8e3a78700b2f7867e3446b156dea11b2613f03dda
334261 F20090401_AABTSD 00029.jpg 77875c19bfee4616f19f3db49b08d104db9dabc973ba03085002c50ca00287d48dc25df5
10804 F20090401_AABTTX 00030.txt f8feb8eb4cf6b057844de78daea5d41184650a8ede91c2899a6ff9970975dfc4ee5bfc8b
1617020 F20090401_AABTPI 00010.jp2 22ca6fffaac692ce546ea6e6dd2e14cadc49c7549cf1f951229040ca10c7370adb6714ac
39679 F20090401_AABTSE 00029.QC.jpg 334bf4af02f48ab8cfcca4748434aa8487b24037caeb8afd6dbba182e483c143ffccc029
287700 F20090401_AABTVA 00026.pro e4a62e0173aa4a149dcdb452a0e34287687d55400d485e4916e2b6392f04d600bee13aaaconflict in mime type metadata
7566 F20090401_AABTTY 00031.txt 282aed3e552cd23b6cf5f3813c68043936c62b5fd63901e59fba2a3a98634492b306d403
375674 F20090401_AABTPJ 00011.jpg 2e566c8c3829089dce493fc3c0201e6724e93c0672d425bb6b4707b83276382366b66513
9142 F20090401_AABTSF 00029thm.jpg b48593696a4ef3803d750da809fab7179f1278e0e2b9b527c1f95336cc8f5ad3c12c17ca
288014 F20090401_AABTVB 00027.pro 169655a4c3b6c9d5b317f0c45037b065985a127bde25ac1fe9eccec677abd78617ae9ba0conflict in mime type metadata
7835 F20090401_AABTTZ 00032.txt 8fef9c0f67e113ab129547b3040879d0004d371fe7a97da5c98d45f7dad78a8e16cc1e17
125182 F20090401_AABTVC 00028.pro 2fcf20889cc7d4e03ff559be5714ee40210c967b85469782745bae6d7cdbcd0ae0116a38conflict in mime type metadata
42233 F20090401_AABTPK 00011.QC.jpg 859cb8490f9b27415bf96b8fd62d1051aba9cf6ab27fe07214463d42c2d1545886617107
1576351 F20090401_AABTSG 00029.jp2 13ab209dc2ae337507608603b98c187a5c2a408f8bd06927a12d4f2b629361b791f7d925
67020 F20090401_AABTVD 00029.pro b80ef574024b5eb8d14e749b730ccae47f55ea4d228865bf37c87c620930c29db5b9227dconflict in mime type metadata
394014 F20090401_AABTSH 00030.jpg 44f65acb52b3f9f401642e3b03919551139fdb35400712224f6325831338122267ee8ede
78394112 F20090401_AABTMO 00001.tif c0298931ee9579827832148b1684696c6807cbbcd65f3f032fc907e4e87a46959e155952
10036 F20090401_AABTPL 00011thm.jpg d73ac4183e83ef2999c2d42a57bbe9e757c04655cf512b5cb9000b1edb61e74579885e70
242417 F20090401_AABTVE 00030.pro 0bf4e020adc3d0ade240823b60ddb0b9ef7392e83d6637f594b56b36a581d997ccdd7f3aconflict in mime type metadata
43896 F20090401_AABTSI 00030.QC.jpg 0bd5c1c9b782f25abf4fd39f4758a63defcecc8114fcb883011a713d55a7ee593d340b51
25943116 F20090401_AABTMP 00002.tif 244cc7aac735a261ba034c55b18cad882664da0c65f22e989462eb7418dbde2b5f3e48f8
1590723 F20090401_AABTPM 00011.jp2 1074eb9df4c4afba8d5a180237f649da98f5346e56d2283b2dff75f4bf78a1da87877e62
187685 F20090401_AABTVF 00031.pro 00cedcd7ad849a4595f0b986ec3c5402fa46c2241196e5eda361ed720c4231585b45da9bconflict in mime type metadata
26455664 F20090401_AABTMQ 00002_archive.tif 030aeb43b68d2921eb6adf68623515c1662c85de3d0ee163bc5ef629b01daa407314cec4
347717 F20090401_AABTPN 00012.jpg 2716087e7ab60bd842f45864289c2a3c24746aa823471e1acc365a5a50415a11f75b4611
10101 F20090401_AABTSJ 00030thm.jpg f00e91cce9b6bd9ffb6560bc54460750456fbdb48de1bb526a53f944170c573701328a4c
196396 F20090401_AABTVG 00032.pro e0d3855ab84ecfc75f79c8676f6019c7f3ef890694d2f330ef06150feaff9224d36f715cconflict in mime type metadata
25271560 F20090401_AABTMR 00003.tif 88ac789edc9d72c95e440061fd5613f6baff4a91dd7b0a44832f3061360c0dc74cde0017
42030 F20090401_AABTPO 00012.QC.jpg 9b5c8f7ab410b27c5f3e6493422948e1660e8e546ce6bd45cf213ee77df913027e8bdf12
1590621 F20090401_AABTSK 00030.jp2 85bde825211e8c4ff51a61b5e42668e6a4ba868233e733c31b1e7e4ea0e4b261807463a3
52934 F20090401_AABTVH UF00028362_00113.mets FULL 3559846c6a98e1579d5a0be701127e754110b9929208114d967e95219790e7235d9f5f25
75500600 F20090401_AABTMS 00004.tif 3126428537d6e5838707c0d07b858eb95ed2ac0dcb3f32cf5162f503dbffb38b77269337
10126 F20090401_AABTPP 00012thm.jpg a422bf653abee03a7734556363d8e9486d9793679d1b4d28c20e74fefb43dbde06ed3ce8
373738 F20090401_AABTSL 00031.jpg 3e7858419fea60c16e5f5e5d2aa744ce8d81a56a239162092cff75aa8b8842e58ca72141
76821560 F20090401_AABTMT 00005.tif b67e78b0a8bacdb118affcd6d4dbaf5ba0e4dd11d0f1d0d45bfd14a6126c50c4158f85f8
41770 F20090401_AABTSM 00031.QC.jpg 5502039b04c3d3c7b86556b2a88c75d90f0e6f333267c3a465532425e4d595c7aef264fe
25484536 F20090401_AABTMU 00006.tif 600bec6d9b88095a18c3b8aa46e9758e277bf1936caba23e52acfea75ec5882bec0be7d3
1591618 F20090401_AABTPQ 00012.jp2 f9de44822459d95e77f32169f3fb294eaffc30593a4a0b0a342e888469a684a8ef84bd95
9687 F20090401_AABTSN 00031thm.jpg 2fa94bfce6dc919e7c7272d88120dae009df2100b8b01f28e25d9ec41ffb1bbf01e88e5d
65746 F20090401_AABTVK UF00028362_00113.xml 8ec2a75c79f9a45a42ab6684cfda80bea15c68e6db54895fc680bbf992aac7b6e7c10fff
25669440 F20090401_AABTMV 00007.tif 929fc6f8f40261a800bc9d1247bdc9488a7086865d9e17b6566fe3d0a164a14ccc4bfe35
350444 F20090401_AABTPR 00013.jpg fd82eb9ff38a266dc62e66490b9ce38028f585316822d8741f8ea8c9d32580fae7d4645f
1623321 F20090401_AABTSO 00031.jp2 0f605154728004e98e9977d1dc76550fce1a0220f5debc3d762f1fd0ba66e2f1101a432d
25551496 F20090401_AABTMW 00008.tif 9aca746519367460d4e72f2cdbfa74e382d2993d7b5d914885ce5e1713b18f9d04d74190
43138 F20090401_AABTPS 00013.QC.jpg cd03727db8669e330c7b3bbe072f57f8a73425966e06e79ad12cbac3a81f19743cc1ddaf
393447 F20090401_AABTSP 00032.jpg 214b54c03e9086a89e684ba73bb3abfce7e9bd62923fe2c220e85a2344c140b732718c22
38867360 F20090401_AABTMX 00009.tif 19a5b5b7bef94d46af6c547be632fcd55d9ab5f5657042e46df756dc96230c1150a4f08f
10539 F20090401_AABTPT 00013thm.jpg 518ae742994e3ebb6a516e44ae5499b623ccc8461bbdad1a318cf70209c4038e05f87eea
43077 F20090401_AABTSQ 00032.QC.jpg a53064ee4372085b9529687cae85a0741c3ea62003a98606fc99a1fe222bd5bebbc67c43
47746 F20090401_AABTOA 00002.QC.jpg 357fbbc7db3d122c5adbda568db57ab0e4c9700397c0a8312109087f6ddcbe7cc4dbff74
12953220 F20090401_AABTMY 00010.tif 014203b6c5b83b4b1e85861c6e48281428c5530bc452a954f7d0573d4d07729abcefd265
1544763 F20090401_AABTPU 00013.jp2 3e52a93af2f191699040557a95c17cbeb770b4c43a72a058953128c2bb3367741eed3835
9701 F20090401_AABTSR 00032thm.jpg edd81735ccce8f1895f360b8979c7a3f732a108f0e3441721109b94937d8ea0cca48fd6d
14169 F20090401_AABTOB 00002thm.jpg b0c01d7cd68ba948f12699a46007b34fcdaf609f9968df42815ffb1f5bd7ec9351e894f8
12742796 F20090401_AABTMZ 00011.tif 3411f69ddf9a3838c09ca2ae408f2b06e8ae7d7a3022cb32c14392819bbf065eabe6291f
353773 F20090401_AABTPV 00014.jpg 2c48084f5b721231c85217632657cd9c1aeef7aeb7c98a7cef09d3857bdd71927a9e66bb
1623416 F20090401_AABTSS 00032.jp2 ba29f2fa01f6e9d56ac6d500aa0310c04cf54e925df3707c2d79e7bd84376411d9e44bca
3241201 F20090401_AABTOC 00002.jp2 9b89cdf3e8c286335627c2d12d3ed3a16d21143ac9f0fe1821409427e1bd44e916b5d5f5
40645 F20090401_AABTPW 00014.QC.jpg 3a1349695a9af940c92f0a1a5c37d69c95d9600099ee8ddf9aa335377778cfb0c04d0096
452781 F20090401_AABTOD 00003.jpg 42df6adccebba7fa7f730ddcd8a49547409d36a798f5a5e2cff305dd5e4b2a15deb61dfb
9837 F20090401_AABTPX 00014thm.jpg f241117017e5926bd150430fd1abd0eaad0ea1e0858f6876d5700e0d412cc4bcac376835
8923 F20090401_AABTST 00001.txt 816f9d67fec69eff618f28ba545f213613e9c3d26a875a5baceb659aa9797fbd3246ad41
56386 F20090401_AABTOE 00003.QC.jpg 767793d8a5dd8f8922931ff408df10aeb49854a7d787e3e174186c25a49484a0bc477701
3183947 F20090401_AABTRA 00021.jp2 f4c1956da47052c2b784bbdc37a96121de7a2cd7873efde8c4c6b47426a7c34f696f1da5
1548682 F20090401_AABTPY 00014.jp2 7af05f12e9994abca08fa5fdc87cb35d602089582a5847546309ffd5d445f52acb84fbdc
8509 F20090401_AABTSU 00002.txt 2791bee2e980e1802eb6aa3eaaf62c3ad3b2806f4429e8d11ed6d5f62a022e5a4833802d
15650 F20090401_AABTOF 00003thm.jpg 86109829ecdfa1f92b79c98d6116bf9ff0320cfd041b227cb8b6204aa27d1ac90f74675b
490271 F20090401_AABTRB 00022.jpg e7515a2639d6f6065c792171ddc7b7ce17f589480860f98ecc42a12e0f269de7ed7edcd4
369064 F20090401_AABTPZ 00015.jpg e9733b1a1fc1f9da565b64df620a8c678b1a9104e447d11c1ab68d3afbaeff1f797cac5b
13147 F20090401_AABTSV 00002_archive.txt 783d37fe788885d2ca1cb1a246c906fa7234d2343ac18e616442b8e0d47950bdc9713e9a
3157271 F20090401_AABTOG 00003.jp2 fb1ecf8884f223e5f6df025019aa31a871f73c64e768f2848742ff9dfadff43fb1faa77c
58508 F20090401_AABTRC 00022.QC.jpg 1fb4ea7653f281d64d0c16da3601953564cac207d35497ed402fb716114a695828c00169
15070 F20090401_AABTSW 00003.txt 157ef729e4beb59134134c73e306d00311b156a27f8ec18acab8c2073ec0645a0a821ca4
472033 F20090401_AABTOH 00004.jpg 67b6383ff925a87cfc3096c058a0dffec483f2e88bb7d401c9e53cbca7cddb76d3609d7b
15879 F20090401_AABTRD 00022thm.jpg 1925a7a525c8a83794905650c96dde5dcfdca892f188a9903d8121f480978b243c6f2cb1
7538 F20090401_AABTSX 00004.txt 2955517f0775963ab62e9ce4528189c8a5625838fa9ce21d8b4da233a3e255387e27cb7f
55849 F20090401_AABTOI 00004.QC.jpg 9401d1d3d19caabb0a6cae6a8c3b1f34bbddcf9e9aa576bd6ad1063c73b3fbc89487b6fb
3156765 F20090401_AABTRE 00022.jp2 df612e290692cf9020147d2dfc64d65c553ce932cec4b895ccc8ca76e92115d39d867317
233784 F20090401_AABTUA 00001.pro 9fcf408c4ca2f0c6e210b46610df893b44e8d0fc0a7764d9a8c6681b1bb72e790e589560conflict in mime type metadata
14532 F20090401_AABTSY 00005.txt b48720d421e5375f5e25e0938fb9ca0062c7a58697461ab970f00f2c40a5677794a637df
16800 F20090401_AABTOJ 00004thm.jpg 013b097a985eaf98b1cb63b26fdaa3e321ce10d21df89b3702bbccc87e569aec07e46f42
405898 F20090401_AABTRF 00023.jpg 3790cd9afdd4889bb3352174c6d0e7c9155dcd193a2deff2b9e4960a05af659817b0f4b9
202629 F20090401_AABTUB 00002.pro 4c1beed65b13d28aa16331786b614058b408943d2542b640955cc7bdaef32dedae9b475bconflict in mime type metadata
13005 F20090401_AABTSZ 00006.txt f942a54c048db55f177b6fc1ef47acf20e17e89ff2f21b9bbcbed24e1fe4d38e71d2be55
3145293 F20090401_AABTOK 00004.jp2 23b5e0eca391916f160bfcf8804ae09cc81b8a1e23ccc7e902e1e3f9768dc90211a00f1a
54267 F20090401_AABTRG 00023.QC.jpg 64e206f715f90cd396e4690662b6cf8260d72b6f29b312fba28133edaf0527c3730aeee0
327349 F20090401_AABTUC 00002_archive.pro f42f44d495a7b758cd5d7bf6838257f7a42d72046e9cf35f02fd6bf1965a0c747bc2253aconflict in mime type metadata
496932 F20090401_AABTOL 00005.jpg ee48e1a96b54133f144cca7d59e68805caebb1819cd112716352d5fb2fad7a04fc7189d7
15321 F20090401_AABTRH 00023thm.jpg 57198e5092ce3b35de0dca3d6d6b1b73b9f09023bb1e6481ab5f0acd3e273cc9ee79c2f0
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58327 F20090401_AABTOM 00005.QC.jpg 1169c906d374d4db2f84a2b27e10105acaddd3a68869a489d8e67388d641fba34bb291f4
3171918 F20090401_AABTRI 00023.jp2 b604890fec8fecd89c3a19a0331d94e40674a66546749426f40ae586ecd71f2c6738e37f
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15631 F20090401_AABTON 00005thm.jpg f81d060e604a59f209bb12c58b3601066e88307fe3c4a2b3afcfab04dce53e40c11a90bf
347217 F20090401_AABTRJ 00024.jpg 8a668efc97640dc397e65509ff82f08a455f6cbd3540539d135c9b62d8f53cfecc0eeed8
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3200433 F20090401_AABTOO 00005.jp2 e1cf05f04d91dfbf425bca2c1abbb2719e7a324d94673369fa1d6b81b70dbfb99675e014
41949 F20090401_AABTRK 00024.QC.jpg 54e72edbfd6ec3fb9e2cf640f101aabf3abcf7e890e0affcedc4101c5f38e1f77313c0f0
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12606 F20090401_AABTRL 00024thm.jpg 3e357631b77544fb03726f81423115d08650fac8146e280da2d94413927c7f065feb53df
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448471 F20090401_AABTOP 00006.jpg 8f85624701123f849dc5e4e29c3a024d70abfb9e318d6d411db9851313b9d656b8e53c39
3160856 F20090401_AABTRM 00024.jp2 14322b954c697e090b2fa679289d4183adff568a7b803947788fdebd846a5af5a89000f3
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56271 F20090401_AABTOQ 00006.QC.jpg d4d0d4b033d12c619e85a4aaea27fcf25c9c2840ebe898d15e18a6a034aa0b2b0dac15c6
331108 F20090401_AABTRN 00025.jpg 84d1dabf3ca902eb5406f04b8de1cd07113c21a256e04ee281c9dba96205d3755d0bfafa
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15385 F20090401_AABTOR 00006thm.jpg 64c1aec73d6f79b0774dfbffd977b7204c105ad9a5987dc6925f46487fdab219534046bb
39245 F20090401_AABTRO 00025.QC.jpg 15e8bf38f8d87be777e6eeaaf86e84dcf47718231d245dc449222f8c9531f39e53ec5cf7
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3183957 F20090401_AABTOS 00006.jp2 9e2085d9740f3ed5a22494aba0e564a63b4b660d6be67c6e8323d898e0d171293c232f2b
9954 F20090401_AABTRP 00025thm.jpg d0e5a1c1b9cebc5c944a1435b927cd7707044a359ccc9f64b9af0d39f750e40cf6eb4b2e
164350 F20090401_AABTUL 00011.pro d52621fdd82c334911392eafa91bb57f6e2d95c4fc059f3b7216b88286721a71edaaf6e5conflict in mime type metadata
404015 F20090401_AABTOT 00007.jpg 603a3b60ed67f8c2089b0c61aa35e741a8fc7826f6d4e4b1db90d50b068ac05471a50be9
1621613 F20090401_AABTRQ 00025.jp2 ea0dd423fae8a055f8ed1e5f3f241ffb1befca3279273028773ea23a53e8ee0cebb9277e
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51791 F20090401_AABTOU 00007.QC.jpg 66877c851aa558cb4157120e42ec2ad28af95696520b014b15a6943af958f8f2335ec735
419496 F20090401_AABTRR 00026.jpg 124af6a3b29582290c2031e9c94dd7cec93831b089193e7b6e7fee91ad2f3f563c8c1184
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38213976 F20090401_AABTNA 00012.tif 616a6d43df095ced02ccd3f6ccf9b7ae158403192ee74ec91b6d94fc12eb8afa88a65e68
14715 F20090401_AABTOV 00007thm.jpg b0c266272c2e858b310ab08bc92306eb61c686c13a38bc6a73d951325cb5e27296c05c57
100819 F20090401_AABTUO 00014.pro 6ac5d3f8847f01cb3d1d81f2aab9eefc0d568445d296d73e1bb4f6c2dfbdbc1048cda93fconflict in mime type metadata
37089784 F20090401_AABTNB 00013.tif 2a1d71c32b42f3e3a105d955cb2443007d274e62a9a6b3fb9059e0e1bbed0dd988cf6961
3207128 F20090401_AABTOW 00007.jp2 678af04c5ad3d5be3d79f3696ec027f58da87e01081d51ba2aaf7215e7f765a52f17eab0
43649 F20090401_AABTRS 00026.QC.jpg 53b960bebaa1b8ace47a445cd7d9a2e2bdb4426ecbeed71f74f78cee452d37f9882675a2
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12406488 F20090401_AABTNC 00014.tif 3105e3955bb7281126369bd5839de54939a32620ec35c8bf14b429632ebd1ed51ee4a650
9913 F20090401_AABTRT 00026thm.jpg 3bde218d567fda36cdd29106ed36142668556afeca2229e94da7f514bb49a7919668a310
170777 F20090401_AABTUQ 00016.pro 17287d4ff558a921a7f666ead49c6f3f4072bbc90e30563a17b3516a3d96c30febe583bcconflict in mime type metadata
12710820 F20090401_AABTND 00015.tif deea96eb3157667531288461c777ba20c3b4d797e2b3e31ad28d776f3f0de99b29fe5fa0
321593 F20090401_AABTOX 00008.jpg f798a79dfeecd6fd6a246bcf57174c43d71b11e58cfd14c9bbd91f8a0d6cad9be9026a12
1628342 F20090401_AABTRU 00026.jp2 253b61a4bf1be9791b7900a41fad73de36bfeb909b0942ee991aed94d121bf74c8ab60e7
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38707292 F20090401_AABTNE 00016.tif d6f8776d41d43ec4f25ee1693068470f8e0a4bf5f492a1f86ea229c64597a1c817625e49
43274 F20090401_AABTQA 00015.QC.jpg 39fadb1d304943ecfbed50664fc9b192c19dd3a29e2e7fb152c6994805b3c8440c5121a9
39121 F20090401_AABTOY 00008.QC.jpg 12532ffbc274028649385b1d27c10f6f1daeb7484495e06e535e40e013a98e8c51f486d3
313170 F20090401_AABTUS 00018.pro 2c17b7c6cf534c67ad1872490fa8317bd452e9a841474a4c30b43a2548ad881e574c5a0dconflict in mime type metadata
75829748 F20090401_AABTNF 00017.tif d4791851df60def09fed300613dba9e42607e442708e39200f4e791431e05128ccbf4827
10018 F20090401_AABTQB 00015thm.jpg 1750ccd7b31ed813a15701e915e91e83a53fc970972f2bc1c06b65cbc80c001b448011ea
11708 F20090401_AABTOZ 00008thm.jpg 0aff9c196fbd727d7092180e0ed5d0037f327856d0d315d7130f42577642f204041bc203
429767 F20090401_AABTRV 00027.jpg 885d201d3dcabeef2208c9dc29aea8c97a56af35522934b86aadb7d158c0e6449c9ce5b0

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200113datestamp 2008-11-13setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Star. March 31, 2007.Florida Star.dc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date March 31, 2007dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=00113000581378 (ALEPH)2261130 (OCLC)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 31, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
March 31, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Table of Contents
    Section A: Main
        page A 1
    Section A: Main: Editorial
        page A 2
    Section A: Main: Church
        page A 3
    Section A: Main: Lifestyle
        page A 4
    Section A: Main: State
        page A 5
    Section A: Main: National
        page A 6
    Section A: Main continued
        page A 7
        page A 8
    Section B: Special
        page B 1
        page B 2
        page B 3
        page B 4
        page B 5
        page B 6
        page B 7
        page B 8
    Section C: Local
        page C 1
    Section C continued
        page C 2
        page C 3
    Section C: Regional
        page C 4
    Section C: Sports
        page C 5
    Section C continued
        page C 6
        page C 7
        page C 8
    Section D: Entertainment
        page D 1
        page D 2
        page D 3
        page D 4
        page D 5
        page D 6
        page D 7
        page D 8
Full Text

:1; ~ ~TEy J1 ,, -


IL6'~"oUB 8u~B~7Ji~E~l i~rZ~~ a~r~lp,8~~


Turning 56.

on April 15th!



Tues and Thur
from 8:30 to 9:00 pm
The Florida Star and
Impact Striving to
Make a Difference!


Muslim Elected President Serious Domestic Abuse Public Threatens Life of Suspect

of Jacksonville's SCLC

The Board of Directors of the Jacksonville Chapter of
the Southern Christian Leadership Conference unanimously
elected Desmond Muhammad as its President on February
16, 2007. This action made history in the organization cre-
ated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One goal of SCLC is
"Interfaith Advocacy." The other goals include improvement

,. ,ul I


Student's Murder Gruesome

Neighbors and friends
says the relationship
between Timothy Wayne
Shepherd and Tynesha
Stewart had not been a
happy one for her. She was

Desmond Muhammad and Family

in civic, religious, economic, educational and cultural condi-
tions in the world. The Jacksonville Chapter made an impact
in the world of SCLC and the community at large with this
presidential election.
The Board Chair, Dr. Juan P. Gray said "Its time for us to
make Dr. King's words a reality when he said we must learn
to live togetheras brothers or perish together as fools." The
organization decided to work with religious groups in its
efforts to address and rectify the disparities surrounding all
of usn.Jackson\ ille. Florida The Nation of Islam was will-
mg to join with the SCLC to confront the many social prob-
lems which exist in our community.

Minister Desmond Muhammad was born and raised in
Manchester, Georgia. He is a graduate of Morehouse College
in Atlanta, Georgia, with a Bachelor of Science in Business
Management. Minister Muhammad is married to Fatima and
they have five children. Shaheed, Anisah, Aliyyah, Jalai and
Elder Donald Foy, President of MAD DADS,
gathered members of the Jacksonville communi-
1 ty in a prayer circle on behalf of Randy J.
Brooks, a 44-year-old mechanic who grew up as
Elder an ophran and had a heart for helping. The
Donald Good Samaritan stopped to help a couple who
Foy was having car trouble on Lem Turner Monday
and was shot in the head by gunmen in an apparent robbery
attempt. MAD DADS pledged to help find these vicious
killers and continue working to stop the violence.

Luther Ingrams

"If Loving You Is Wrong'
(I Don't Want To Be
Right), Ain't That Loving
You'. are just two of the-
soul hits by Luther Ingram.
He died last week after
years of kidney trouble in
St. Louis, MO. Luther was
69-years-old and is sur-
vived by his wife, two
sons, a sister and five
brothers. When you lis-
tened .to his .DnID., you felt
no love could be wrong.

Venessa Williams
Gets Hollywood

Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams was the
first black Miss America.
After bad publicity, she
gave up her crown but not
her ambition. She has
starred on television, in
movies and made several
albums. Now she has been
awarded a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Timothy Wayne Shepherd, 27
Murder Suspect
an engineering major at
Texas A&M, trying to reach
her goal of success.
Timothy at the time, was
unemployed. She was 19
and he is 27.
Tynesha had returned to
Houston for spring break
and did not want to see
Timothy but somehow, they'
got together and on March
15, 2007 she disappeared

and on March 19, she was
reported missing. The
Houston Sheriff's
Department spent hours
looking for her and after
Timothy had spent hours
talking with them, he met
with a Houston leader in the
Muslim community and told
him that he had killed her
and had thrown her in a
dumpster in the area where
he lived. What he did not
tell Houston activist Quanell
X is that her body had been
dismembered and burned in
two barbeque grills on his
apartment patio.
Neighbors said they saw the
heavy smoke and observed
that Shepherd had been
using the grill, non-stop for
at least two days. There was
a loud oder but no one
would have ever dreamed of
what was happening. In
fact, the neighbor who
owned the second grill was
told by Shepherd that he was
cooking for a wedding.
The' community is so out-
"raged that Shepherd's fami-
ly literally begged the court

Tynesha Stewart, 19, Texas A & M Student, Victim

to not let him out on bail
because it was too unsafe.
Approximately 95 per-
cent of the, victims of
domestic violence are
women. Such also occurs in
gay and lesbian relation-
ships according reports and

there are women who have
been known to abuse men.
All members of the popula-
tion should recognize the
common behavioral traits of
violence that are used such
as threats, intimidation,
mental and Continued on A-7

Woodbine Man Accused of

St. Mary's Fatal Stabbing

Darius E. Brewer, 24, of
Woodbine, Georgia, was
arrested Saturday for the
stabbing,death of Jermain
Jordon of Hilliard, Florida.
According to records,
Brewer stabbed his victim
once in the chest and then
left the scene.
Jermain Jordan was taken
to Camden Medical Center
where he later died.
A manhunt was institut-
ed for Brewer. He was locat-
ed, taken into custody and
charged with one count of

Darrius Brewer, Suspect
felony murder.
The arrest was made
without incident. A hearing
date had not been released at
the time of this writing.

Mother Leola Brown Sams,
born June 23, 1905, passed
on March 19, 2007. Her late
husband, Thaddeus Sams of
Jacksonville prececeded her
in death in 1958. They had
no children but she became a
.surrogate mother to her neice
when her sister died. Mrs.
Sams was an cdui.ifli, a vol-
unteer and provided much
community services to the
city of Starke. Slic was a
faithful member of Divine
Destiny Church of God in
Christ, Elder David Taylor,
pastor, for 26 years.
Mrs. Sams received many
honors from the Starke com-
munity and leaves to mourn
her nephew and caregiver
Willie Brown and a host of
family and friends. She was
laid to rest at the St.
Matthew's Cemetery,
Hazlehurst, GA.

White Dolls

Black girls still prefer
white dolls, according to a
study done by a 17-year-old
high school student, Kiri
Davis. Davis reported that
she sat with 21 black kids
in New York and found that
16 of them liked the white
doll better.
This is similar to the test
done by Dr. Kenneth Clark
in 1954, with similar
results. "When will this

News Briefs
Ebony Magazine's Lerone Bennett, Jr. Honored in Mississippi

Lerone Bennett, Jr. was honored by the Mississippi Senate. "I'm 78 years old, I
thought 1 would die before I saw this," said Bennett. He is retired from Ebony and is
highly acclaimed for his writings. He is from Clarksdale, MS, the same small Delta town
that actor Morgan Freeman is from.

Free Screening for Fairway Oaks Residents

After learning that some 85 residents of the Fairway Oaks community have experienced
skin rashes with a common complaint of itching, the Duval County Health Department
said they will provide free screenings to residents in the area in an effort to identify the
rash as well as the cause. The Department said that the residents should come in for a
test even if they are not experiencing the problem. The screening will tke place at the
Fairway Oaks Leasing office. After March 31, new dates will be offered in the event
some were not aware of the testing.

205 SMA UNIV OF FL (.1.08O
PO BOX 117007


Starke's Mother Black Girls
Sams Dies at 101
Still Prefer

'C; h
'14,1ket y I e- ............ A
S tbl -A-
I'A idel t t
r'eiip',', Rap.

wB &.0af

ewr-*r*r~u~lla~mrs~u~r~rwmr.rr~;;m~n~ \


I -rr 1-111

~I~c~:al 8ad ra~~ Irl idk~oa B M Ilo~;h-~ll~~`rF-~ 1L IIW P~:.LI1PP~b~l~Lt~a'~
rldB~~lslll~;Q~-~$BXell MYYP~lllrpcr)-`1FBIBII L'~'!
~d aar ;4h~F~ iB i~ ~ i~LP~sg I I r ~cIcr4 a rle~p~ ?1 ~l~ycg-~(1B~L?
~~R; B~;~R~B$k~i~r;lt~BI~'IsV_~ It: as~hi~lrp ~BdT~t:f;uF: ~~
~E~i~P~F87~ a $Qg 8~


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Women's History -
Still Being Written

Martha Burk

Advocates of women's
rights have a lot to celebrate
this Women's History
Month. Here and abroad,
women are making strides
on terrain both old and new.
This March, leaders of
the nation's women's organ-
izations concurred that the
month dedicated to history
made by women needs a
name that reflects not just
the landmarks of the past,
but the ongoing achieve-
ments of women as we
advance toward equality.
This year, we celebrate the
third month of the year not
as simply "Women's History
Month," but "Women
Making History Month."
In the history books of
tomorrow, 2007 will doubt-
less be designated a land-
mark year, beginning with
Nancy Pelosi's election in
January as first Speaker of
the U.S. House of
Representatives. Harvard
University named Drew
Gilpin Faust its first woman
president in the school's
371-year history, and
Frances E. Allen became the
first woman to receive the
highest award in computing
in February. This country's
very first public space dedi-
cated to feminist art
becomes a reality on March
23, 2007 when 'the
Elizabeth A. Sackler Center

for Feminist Art opens in the
Brooklyn Museum The
Center provides a perma-
nent space for Judy
Chicago's legendary work
"The Dinner Party," honor-
ing women throughout his-
Across the pond, the
Wimbledon Championships
-- the oldest Grand Slam
event in tennis -- will finally
join the United States Open
and the Australian Open in
granting equal prize money
to female and male competi-
tors. In France women are
looking forward o the like-
ly election next month of
S6golene Royal as the
nation's first female presi-
dent next. If elected, she
will join Michelle Bachelet
of Chile her nation's first
female chief executive,
elected last year.
Amid the progress, there
are also setbacks. With the
re-emergence of the Taliban,
women in Afghanistan are
back in the burqa, the head-
to-ankle garment, and gen-
erally purged from public
view. And women in Darfur
with fewer resources than
men and primary responsi-
bility for children, continue
to bear the brunt of the
ongoing genocide and rapes.
Here at home, the pay
gap between women and
men working full time

(year-round) in this country
remains a stubborn 24 cents
on the dollar, and women
are still the largest group of
elderly poor. There's not
much good news on the
executive front either. A
recent report from Catalyst,
an independent research
organization, says it will
take another 47 years for
women to reach parity with
men as corporate officers in
the Fortune 500. That's
more than a full career span
in anybody's book.
National women's
groups in the U.S. aren't
waiting for history to catch
up with fairness. They're
planning a national
Women's Equality Summit
March 26-27 in Washington
D.C. to honor legislators
who have done the most for
women, and educate
activists from around the
country about areas where
women are still left behind.
Those activists will, in turn,
lobby their members of
Congress for faster results
enacting measures that ben-
efit women and their fami-
lies. Summit participants
will also hear from presi-
dential candidates. It will
be interesting to hear how
many of them will address
the pay gap, cuts in child
health funds, the woeful
lack of child care in this
country, and why the U.S.
hasn't ratified the interna-
tional women's human
rights treaty And, oh yes --
the 900 pound gorilla --

ending the war. Polls show
that women in both parties
are far more anti-war than
men, and we've known for
years that nobody can be
elected president without
women's votes, even if they
garner 100 percent of male
Speaking of gorillas, my
favorite recent females-
making- history story comes
from the animal kingdom.
Seems researchers in
Senegal have established
that chimps can and do fash-
ion spears from sticks and
use the tools to hunt small
mammals. They say the
landmark observation sup-
ports the notion that
females, who do most of the
crafting, are the main inno-
vators and creative problem
solvers in primate culture.
Could be true in the human
realm as well, but we won't
know till women are equal
to men politically, economi-
cally and socially. So let's
cheer these small steps for
womankind, and hope that
future steps will be giant
Martha Burk is Director
of the Corporate
Accountability Project for
the National Council .of
Women's Organizations a
nonpartisan, nonprofit
umbrella organization of
over 200 groups that collec-
tively represent more than
10 million women across the
United States

$111 & 4








"0 0



' "*,Z !
4, .






: .

I; ,. -
. ** V. 1
4 i ;
,. '

A. c, t : your right to where '
want. In fact, in any decision .. rental, sales, or lending, it
is the aw to consider race, color, '.i. '.r ,.:, sex,
', ';;,. r .. .':. if you '. you've been denied housing,
please call us Fair Housing. It's not an option. It's the law.
.'.. 4, \, '


-1 1 d LYA "A

wo -,w AUF& I


[a dp -Im

lIII Ul L, Jl. l4 /




MARCH 31, 2007

Faith In Our Community

Schedule ofEvents and Services

WILLIE KIRKLAND April 1, at 6:00 p.m. at the New Spirit
Full Gospel Church, located at 4511 Soutel Dr., Jacksonville,
FL, with Pastors Forest and Wilheimenia Gilbert. Featured
Guest are: Rejoice, royal Spirituals, New Creation, New Spirit
Travelers, Alston Sisters, Touch, C.E. Laney Choir, golden
Clouds, Gospel Tones, Mighty Voices of Judah, and Rev.
Norman Clarey & Morning Star Mass choir of Monticello, FL.
For more information contact Deacon Kirkland at 713-9183.
1319 N. Myrtle Ave., Jacksonville, FL, announces its ANNU-
HUNT, Saturday, April 7, 2007 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
There will be games, Easter bags and refreshments. For more
information contact Elder Lee Harris, Pastor at 904-355-0015.
3552 Moncrief Rd., with Rev. C.E. Banks, Pastor, is honoring
the late Sister Fronnie Fudge at their ANNUAL EASTER
CONCERT, Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. Special Guest:
Tony and The Magnificent Voices of Durham, NC and on pro-
gram: Lil Jessie and The Miracles, Gospel Caravan's, The
Singing Trumpets, The Golden Clouds, The Gospel Tones, Dea.
Kilpatrick and the Soul Savers, and God's Spiritual Gift.
CHURCH will be celebrating Palm Sunday with a Palm
Sunday Re-enactment Parade, Sunday, April 1, 2007 at 9:30
a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The parade will begin at the intersection of
New Kings Rd. and Soutel Dr. and proceed down New Kings
Rd. to St. Paul AME Church. For more information, call Rev.
Kennetta Carter at 645-0634.
The Pastor's Care Ministry of MT. SINAI MISSIONARY
BAPTIST CHURCH located at 2036 Silver St., will be cele-
brating Pastor's Appreciation, Rev. R.L. Gundy, April 15, dur-
ing their morning worship service. Come and make it happen.
ST. PIUS V CATHOLIC CHURCH, located at 2110 Blue
Ave., Jacksonville, FL, is inviting you to walk with them'in a
prayerful remembrance of Jesus' sufferings, called "Stations of
the Cross" in the Neighborhood. Friday, April 6, at 1:00 p.m.
at 3328 Moncrief Rd., Jacksonville, FL with Bishop R. L.
Dixon, Pastor, is having a HEALTH FAIR, April 21, 2007 at
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Shands Jacksonville, Blood Pressure,
Cholesterol, Diabetes Screenings, Dr. Ronald Way,
Chiropractor, Walter Morrison, HIV Lecturer, Sheriff Dept.,
Stranger Danger & Kids Finger Printing, Healthy Start, Sickle
Cell Foundation, Independent Living, Resource Center, Deaf
Services, Supervisor of elections State of Florida Pregnancy
Adolescent Center, Duval County Health Dept, Project Moses,
Body and Soul, River Region HIVMobile Testing Unit.
FIRST A.M.E. CHURCH is inviting the public for an Easter
Celebration, beginning Sunday, April 1, 4 p.m., in a free Pre-
Easter Concert; Maundy Thursday, April 5, 6 p.m., with the
proclaimed Word by Presiding Elder Joseph Sanchez and in
sharing a seder meal that is free to the public.. Good Friday,
April 6, 12 p.m., "The Seven Last Words of Christ," will be pro-
claimed by the Rev. Jeffery Deyoe, Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian
Church, Palm Coast; Bro. Brian Bernard, the Rev. Woodrow
Leeks and Evg. Faye Dadzie of First A.M.E.; the Rev. Billy
Wight, Pastor, Palm Coast Community Church; the Rev. Walter
Lassister, Pastor, New Bethel A.M.E. Church, San Mateo; and
the Rev. Dr. George L. Champion, Sr., Pastor, Greater Bethel
A.M.E. Church, Gainesville. Sunrise Service, Sunday, April 8,
6 a.m., will be "An Easter Love Story, Part 1," proclaimed by
the Rev. Dr. Gillard S. Glover, Senior Pastor, First A.M.E.
Church; 7:30 a.m., a free breakfast feast for visitors;
Resurrection Celebration, 10:45 a.m.,"An Easter Love Story,
Part 2," by Pastor Glover. All services will be held at First
A.M.E. Church, 91 Old Kings Rd North in Palm Coast. Both
the sermonic and musical presentations will be available for
purchase immediately following their presentation. For more
information call (386) 446-5759.'
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to: info@thefloridastar.com



Assembly of God, Inc.
(Lane Ave. & 1-10) t".l'
April 1st PI "
"The Power of the Cross" .
8:15 a.m. 10:45 n.m.
6:00 p.m. I
,t-,,tl..r f e .. a .i.nlt, ,I L.....i.
Cood Friday Service
Noon 3 p.m.
Good Friday Dinner
Theatre 7 p.m.
"Living Last Supper"
$8.00 per Person
(Hwy. 218, across from Wtikinson .r. nHigh)
Saturday, April 7th
10:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m.

Games Balloons
Snow Cones Candy
Hot Dogs 4 New nikes
To Be Given AwaY!
Paslor Cecil ami Sunday School 9:45 n.m. Pastor Garry U aid
Pauline Wiggins Morning Worshi p 10:45 a.m. Kin .. ...
Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m
rey *"* *-"** *

* i-\.V ST. AI.RYS S AT l .I 1I*1, t" \%lIB'I IS
T'hursdays @ 7:00 p.m.
5755 Ramona Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32.15 (904) 781-9393
X.cbsie.:; www.evaiwgeltesnplega.o'gI
I'. ma1:il: evangellteriple@cevaingeltei)leag.o)rg
S10:45 a.m. Service Interpreted for Deaf at Central Campus ,

II11,1I110ill G. J t'llrjil, al 1 W.- I;: Ph .011 j ail;

:~Oh I I i 'F; [.I;. OPQ11;: ;

"p a. L ,

BARTLEY, Raymas, died
March 24, 2007.
BELCHER, Elizabeth, 79,
died March 23, 2007.
BENNETT, Odessa, died
March 24, 2007.
BENTLEY, Baby James
T., died March 24, 2007.
BURFORD, Dorothy, died
March 24, 2007. A.B.
Coleman Mortuary.
BURGESS, Dixie, died
March 22, 2007. A.B.
Coleman Mortuary.
COQULLIAN, Thee, died
March 23, 2007.
DIEAS, Jacqueline, died
March 24, 2007. A.B.
Coleman Mortuary.
ELSEY, Gail Elaine, died
March 22, 2007.
GALLMAN, Alfonso, 74,
died March 21, 2007.
Alphonso West Mortuary.
GRIFFIN, Raymond, died
March 22, 2007.
JACKSON, Bernice, died
March 25, 2007. Alphonso
West Mortuary.
JORDAN, Jermaine D.,

died March 23, 2007.
Saundra, died March 26,
MACK, Elizabeth, died
March 26, 2007.
MARTIN, Jeannette, died
March 22, 2007.
MAUZON, Sarah, 48, died
March 21, 2007.
SERMONS, Ivory J. died
March 21, 2007.
WALKER, Darryl, died
March 21, 2007.
WHITE, Amos, died
March 21, 2007.
died March 21, 2007.
WIGGINS, Arnett, died
March 23, 2007.
WILSON, Billie, died
March 20, 2007.
William S. Sr., 99, died
March 24, 2007.
WOODROW, Lillie, 67,
died March 21, 2007.
WRIGHT, Lucille B., died
March 23, 2007.




Yvonne Brooks
Real Topics! Co-Host
Real Issues!

WCGL-1360 AM
Tuesday & Thursdays
8:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

Dr Beatrice House, Pastor
IAll ser ices are held at Hlospiailirt Inni
70"l 103rd Si. Jackson\ille. FL 3221'
i904 78-7T65.I

Sunday Celebration Service ........................... 6 p.m. 7:30 p.m.
Thursday ............. Word Service .................... 7 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
Youth Service ............... (Third Thursday) .... 7 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
"You are invited to join us for a time of celebration and exaltation of
our God and King. The word is rich, the fellowship refreshing and
the presence of God mightily manifested. "
"Helping Others Pursue Excellence and Eternity"

8967 Lem Turner Rd
(Between Broom and Grand)


u i ltI-,-d long, and is kind
1 Corinthians 13:4

"The Mortuary We Trust",

(904) 764-4434 (904) 598-9808

^ ____^j

The Church Directory

S "Come and TTrship JTith Us"

New Bethlehem \Mivsionatr Baptist Church
1824 Proppect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208
Sunday School .................................... 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship .......................11:00 a.m.
Youth Church 2nd & 3rd Sundays
(Old Sanctuary).................. .... ..........11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting.............. ........ 7:30 p.m. '. .
Tuesday Pastoral Bible Study ................ 8:00 p.m.' .
Rev. Eric Lee, Pastor 1'
Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus .
(91141 764-5727 Church

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
(904) 354-7249 Church
Bible Power Enrichment Hour
S Sunday School 9:15 10:15 a.m.
'. Baptism-Praise & Worship
(Sanctuary) 10:30 am.
Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
Fellowship Hall. 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service...................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Youth Bible Study & Activities

1417 North Laura St.' Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453
"Christ diedfor our sins.. was, buried and Rose again" (see 1 Corinthians 5I:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a-m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
"Call or Write Ml. Chario, for FREE Sunday School Outlines"
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

"The Church Where Eveybody Is Somebody"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575, Jacksonville, Fla. 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: (904) 358-8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study,7:00 p.m.
Thursday Joy Night.7:00 p.m.
"Email: Gospell75@aol.com
Website: Greaterelbethel.org

Pentecostal Church of God
"Jesus Loves Sinners Church Folk Don't"
Elder Joseph Rice

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Worship 12:00 Noon & 7:00 p.m.
Bible Study Tuesday & Friday--- 7:00 p.m.

(912) 267-6395 (912) 996-4864 Cell
2705 MLK Blvd., Brunswick, GA 31520

Decie O TheTyp Of erIon.
I ^*^^^^^^^^^H

Slahing there
is a season
and a( time
to every purpose under the heav-
en. A time to be born, and a time
to die. "--Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about
death and funerals. Too depress-
ing. Unfortunately, death is a fact
of life and there simply is no way
to avoid it. For indeed there is a
"time to be born and a time to
You may want a traditional
funeral service with visitation
and a member of the clergy con-
ducting services at a church or a
funeral home. Would you want
an open or closed casket? Maybe
you want a special friend to do
the eulogy or family members to
read scripture passages or poetry.
Any favorite hymns?
First, you should shop
around and talk to a few funeral
directors. Yes, let your fingers do
the walking-comparing prices
for such things as casket,
.Ilnl'ilningi. ant the cost for pro-
fessional services.
Resist one-stop shopping,
which can include such 'hiim; as

pra er card; thank-\ou notes.
and guest registers-the:. add up
quickly. Malni opt for the funer-
.a home m their neighborhood
for personalized services.
Decide on body disposition.
Burial or cremation? If earth bur-
ial, a cemetery plot should be
purchased; if above ground, a
mausoleum crypt. If cremation is
the choice, plan disposition of
the ashes. Do you want them
stored in a columbarium niche or
buried? Maybe you prefer to
have your ashes ,..ainietd'
An option some people take
is to donate organs and tissues to
a medical school (have a donor
card and check on requirements).
If you would rather have a
memorial service express that
wish. That means a service in the
funeral home or a church where
the body is not present. A com-
mon inisco:nception is that when
the body is cremated you don't
hold a funeral. You can hold a
funeral before cremation.

'Our Aim Is Not to Equal, But Exce"
5660 Moncrief Rd.
Tel: 768-0507





AI r I lzU THE STARI[AAAA, -,A,2007

"There's Always Something

Happening On The First Coast"

Women of Distinction 2007
There were beautiful pink roses for Ms. Ava Parker,
Esquire who was one of the very special 2007 Women
of Distinction Honorees. Ms. Parker, president of
Linking Solutions, Inc. and a partner with Lawrence &
Parker Law Offices earned both the journalism and law
degrees from the University of Florida. She is chair of
the Facilities committee and Executive Board for the
State of Florida Board of Governors, Secretary for the
Jacksonville Transportation Authority and Executive
Board member with Cathedral Foundation of
Jacksonville, Inc. and Wayman Academy of the Arts
Charter School. Ms. Parker has served as President of
the Virgil Hawkins chapter, National Bar Association
and the D.W. Perkins--Bar Association. A very active
First Coast community servant, Ms. Parker is a Charter
Member for the Jacksonville Housing Commission and
the University Of Central Florida Board Of Trustees,
Leadership Florida Class 21, the Jacksonville Chapter,
Links, Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the National
Association of Bond Lawyers and the Mt. Pisgah
A.M.E. Church.
There is not a doubt that my dear Link Sister, Ms.
Ava Parker, Esquire is indeed a Woman of Distinction!
As always, it can be busy but it was indeed a lovely
day for each of the ladies and the attendees at this annu-
al event. Girl Scout supporters as always filled the
Grand Ballrooms at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville
Hotel to honor six outstanding women of the First Coast.
Others honored were: Former Girl Scout member Ms.
Victoria B. Robas, Director of Marine Operations for
the Jacksonville Port Authority's Blount Island and
Dames Point Marine Terminals. Among her many
boards, Ms. Robas serves on the board of directors for
Girl Scouts of Gateway Council; Mrs. Marcia C.
Morales who came to the United States from her native
country Cuba, taught Spanish for many years at San Jose
Episcopal School. Later earning her Real Estate
Broker's license she was elected President of Morgar
Realty, Inc. She recently retired and is focusing her
efforts on giving back to the community; Former Girl
Scout member Mrs. Peggy Cornelius earned the high-
est honor in Girl Scouting. After an accident left her
unable 'to continue artistic painting she returned to
school and created Cornelius Construction, a
design/build firm. Homes designed and built her can be
found throughout the Jacksonville Beaches and Ponte
Vedra area and she is very active on many boards; Mrs.
Helen Lane, a Carter G. Woodson Pass Program volun-
teer is a Jacksonville native and the recipient of many
awards that include the Carl Weinhardt, Jacksonville
Historical Society, Outstanding Philanthropists of the
Year and the Eve Award for Lifetime Awards; and Mrs.
Susan B. Towler, the first executive director for the
Blue Foundation for Healthy Florida, Inc., established in
2001. She is also Vice President of Community Affairs
for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Actively
involved in the philanthropic sector, Ms. Towler serves
on a number of community non profit boards.
Congratulations to each of these outstanding honorees!
2007 Amelia Island Concours d' Elegance
"For the past twelve years, an automotive 'Field of
Dreams' has been arrayed on the greens at The Golf
Club of Amelia Island at Summer Beach, making a
name for itself as a more laid back, relaxed concourse
than Pebble Beach and some of the other biggies," states
the publicity information.
The racing cars and customized vehicles were all
there. The cars were simply GRAND! Instead of a sin-
gle marquee being honored, recognition was given to all
veterans of the great Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Isle of
Man Tourist Trophy, and Carrera Panamericana open-
road races, and on the cars piloted by racing legend
Derek Bell. With General Motors as a very generous
sponsor and so ably represented by Edward Welburn,
General Motors vice president of global design, made
possible a great collection of road-racing greats along
with Corvairs. With modified cars for movie legends the
2007 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance was an
absolute blast!

Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming events.
Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777
or fax (904) 285-7008.
g See you in the paper! t/

Mrs. Lana Oubre, sister of honoree, sister-in-law of honoree, Mrs.
Shirley Parker, Honoree Parker, Esq., and sister-in-law of honoree,
Mrs. Michelle Parker. Photo courtesy of Ms. Ava. Parker, Esq.

2007 Women of Distinction Honoree Ms. Ava Parker, Esq. Photo cour-
tesy of Ms. Ava Parker, Esq.

S 7. 1.1~1

Jacksonville Links members Mesdames Kenyonn Derips and Dr. Kia
Mitchell were among the members sharing the joy of their fellow Link
sister Ms. Ava Parker, Esq. being honored. Photo courtesy of Link mem-
ber Mrs. Geri Williams Smith.

Honoree Parker, Esq.with local Gateway Council Girl Scouts. Photo
courtesy of Ms. Ava Parker, Esq.

K '-- 7.' '

Jacksonville Links members Mesdames Marjoria Manning and Dana Jacksonville Links members Mesdames Anest Schell McCarthy and
Cunningham. Photo courtesy of Link member Mrs. Geri Williams Smith. Elizabeth Thompson Downing (a charter member of the local Links
chapter). Photo courtesy of Mrs. Geri Williams Smith.

The leadership of the Jacksonville Links: Mesdames Betty Cody, vice
president and Gloria Dean, president. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Geri
Williams Smith.

Car show judges Dennis Adler, author, photographer and editorial
director of Car Collector magazine along with Edward Welburn,
General Motors vice president of global design. Photo by Michael

Ms. Gwen Gilliam, Production Stage Manager fog Three, MO' Tenors
who took time out for the 12th Annual Amelia Island Concours
d'Elegance was salivating over a lime sherbet Packard of the 1930s.
Photo bvMichael Phelts.

Jacksonville Links vice president Mrs. Betty Cody and Southern
Area'Vice-director Mrs. Patricia Bivins. Photo courtesy of Mrs.
Geri Williams Smith.

Mrs. Karen tMcGuiar, who along with her husband Barry, president,
CEO and third-generation owner of McGuiar's Inc. a major sponsor
or the Car Show. Photo by Michael Phelts.

Local Athlete Heads to Cleveland for the Final
Four Women's Tournament

Erica White (Ribault) helped lead her team to the final four of
the NCAA women's basketball tournament. Her Lousiana
State University Lady Tigers upset powerhouse University of
Connecticut Moncdty night in a stunning 73-5t upset.



MARCH 31 2007

ii I



Nigerian Inter et can get an attorney to draw
up papers proving you are
Scams Incrfeasing the next of kin. The repre-
sentative of the bank claims
Acro S l th State he will split the money with
r e S a eyou as long as you give him
your bank account informa-

"First, I must solicit your
strictest confidence in this
transaction. This is by virtue
of its nature as being utterly
confidential and 'TOP
SECRET' You have been
recommended by your
Country's Chhmber of
Commerce, and they have
assured us in confidence of
your ability and reliability to
prosecute a transaction of
great magnitude involving a
pending business transac-
tion requiring maximum
confidence. I am among the
top officials of the Federal
Government Contract
Review Panel who are inter-
ested in importation of
goods into our country with
funds which are presently
-trapped in Nigeria."
Sounds a little strange,
doesn't it? Or maybe it
sounds familiar. Maybe
you've received a similar
email or letter from an
"international banker," "a
foreign government offi-
cial," or the "relative" of a
former leader of another
These advance fee
scams, usually called 419

Scams or Nigerian letter
scams after the country in
Africa where they originat-
ed, have been around for
years but remain one of the
most common types of
fraudulent schemes on the
internet. The pitches change
from time to time to include
current events, but most all
of them are awkwardly
worded letters or emails sent
from overseas by someone
who pleads for your help
getting millions of dollars
out of his or her country. All
you have to do is provide
your bank account number
so the funds can be trans-
ferred. For your trouble,
you'll be provided with a cut
of the money. But if you
take the bait, the only cut
will be from your bank
account. The money
involved will be your own.
One of the latest twists is
a letter from someone with a
foreign bank claiming that
an Iraqi general deposited
millions of dollars in the
bank and he and his family
were killed, leaving no next
of kin. The letter writer asks
you to give him your per-

These offers sound too
good to be true because
they are. Once the scam-
mers get your bank account
number, they quickly drain
it rather than filling it with
their imaginary millions.
These scams can find
victims in all walks of life.
earlier this year the long-
time treasurer of Alcona
County, Michigan was
accused in an embezzle-
ment scheme in which he
may have served as both
perpetrator and victim,
sending up to $1.25 million
in county funds and his own
life savings to con artists
after falling for one of the
notorious online Nigerian
banking frauds.
If you get any version of
these letters, faxes or e-
mails, don't respond. When
you respond to these
entails, you also confirm
that your email address
works and you may even
get other fraudulent emails.
If in doubt about an
email, -remember the old
adage; "There is no such
thing as a free lunch."

NRA Battles Business Over Gun

The National Rifle
Association won the first
round Tuesday in a two-
year fight with Florida's
*business lobby over
whether employees should
be allowed to keep guns in
their cars when they go to
The early victory has
many business lobbyists,
who. managed to block the
controversial idea just one
year ago, worried that the
NRA will be much tougher
to stop this time around.
"I would think that right
now the bill stands a good
chance of passing," said
Sen. Jim King, R-
Jacksonville, moments after
the Senate Criminal Justice
Committee voted 7-1 to
approve the measure that
would make it illegal for
businesses to prevent people
from keeping guns locked in
their cars when they park on
company property.
It was a surprisingly
one-sided vote on an issue.
that split the Republican-
controlled Legislature last
year, pitting two typically
GOP-friendly interest
groups against each other.
Gun-rights advocates
argue that businesses
should not be allowed to
force people, to give up their
Second Amendment rights
when they come onto a
company's property, as long
as the firearm remains in
their, car.
Marion Hammer, the
NRA's Florida lobbyist,
called it a matter of self-
"Think about women
who work late hours as
cashiers at supermarkets,
about employees at all-
night facilities, nurses, lab
technicians who work late
nights, drive to and from
work through dangerous
areas, or a woman who's
being stalked," Hammer
' said. "And soine anti-gun

and Property Rights
business owner wants to tell Backers of the measure
her that she can't have a gun agreed to insert a clause into
in her car for protection the legislation requiring that
when she's traveling to and the property stored in the
from work?" car be out of sight stored
But businesses counter in a glove box or trunk, for
that the measure tramples example. But Aronberg said
on private-property rights, there still were problems.
robbing property owners of "Even though you're try-
the ability to decide who ing to get at guns here, this
and what they want to allow is much, much broader,"
on their land, threatens said Aronberg, who cast the
workplace safety and sole vote against the bill.
undermines a business's Five Republicans and two
Srighi to negotiate the terms Democrats voted for it.
of employment with their The legislation faces a
workers. number of hurdles this
Dozens of lobbyists spring. The House has yet to
turned out to oppose the schedule a hearing on the
measure Tuesday, repre- measure, and several promi-
senting companies from nent leaders including
Harris Corp. to Walt Disney House Speaker Marco
World. Joining the NRA in Rubio and Gov. Charlie
support of the measure, Crist have publicly side-
however, were the AFL- stepped questions about
CIO labor union and a trade whether they support it.
group for trial lawyers. "It's a challenging
"It is the most anti-busi- issue," Crist said. "If it finds
ness piece of legislation that its way to me, then I'll take
has been filed in recent his- a look at it."
tory of the state of Florida,"
said Randy Miller, a lobby-
ist for the Florida Retail, Florida New B
This year's legislation is Duval County, FL -
much more far-reaching County Superintendent I
than last year's bill. Dubbed habits at his previous posii
the "Individual Personal in the best interest of the ti
Private Property Protection Wise came to Duval Cc
Act of 2007," it would for- district. An auditor there
bid an employer from stop- because he said Wise had i
ping workers or customers
from storing any "lawfully Bradenton, FL A jud
possessed" product in their Bradenton man to two yea
cars when they park on a five years of sex offender 1
company's property. It contest to a charge of at
would also make it illegal molestation on a 6-year-ol
for employers to search an Hirum Croxall, 48, of.
employee's car. deemed a sex predator. WI
The vague wording drew dent, Croxall said he "acci
criticism from Sen. Dave neighbor, while he was tak
Aronberg, D-Greenacres,
who said the bill would cre- Miami, FL Police h
ate many problems. As an within an hour of each oth
example, he said, it would a robotic device to examine
become illegal for a Jewish up, leaving a dark smudge
organization to prevent nothing explosive in the
someone from displaying suitcase was reported a
swastikas in their cars on the Comforter. Again, the robot
organization's property.' "

44,000 square of competition space to be hi-tech

Disney's New Jostens

Center To Open in 2008

Officials from Disney and Jostens Inc.. multiple events happen simultaneously."
will announced the construction of a The Jostens brand will become a visible
70,000-plus square-foot arena this week as sight with the deal. The company will offer

part of 10th-
anniversary celebra-
tions for Disney's
Wide World of
Sports Complex.
The Jostens
Center, which will
house more than
44,800 square feet
of competition
space, will contain
six basketball
courts, 12 volleyball
courts, two roller
hockey rinks, four
locker rooms, two

The baseball quadraplex associated
with the Disney Wide World of Sports.
Each field is constructed on native soil,
which consists of eight inches of root-
zone mix, the finest Tifway 419 Bermuda
turf commonly used in major league

conference areas and two officials' rooms.
The venue is scheduled to open in fall 2008.
Disney officials said events at the
Jostens Center would be comparable to
those that take place at the Milk House, the
complex's current indoor facility that holds
30,000 square feet of competition space.
The Jostens Center is expected to host
basketball tournaments, volleyball tourna-
ments, cheerleading events, wrestling
matches and other events that have become
staples of the Milk House's schedule during
the past decade.
"It will more than double our ability to
host sports events," said Reggie Williams,
vice president of Disney Sports Attractions.
"The Milk House is booked 50 out of 52
weekends a year. Now, we will be able to
book another facility as frequently as the
Milk House and, more importantly, have

and other products.
"The additional

custom memory
books and. Internet
services for athletes
competing on the
The company al-
ready offers a similar
service for Disney
World's theme-park
patrons. Plans for the
arena include a
Jostens "Hall of
Fame," where the
company will promote
Super Bowl rings, ath-
lete memory books

venue offers us a lot

more flexibility," said Alex Vergara, Disney
Sports. manager of sports marketing and
"If an event would come to us and we
only had one venue, you put them in that
space and you customize the venue specific
for the event. Now with the Jostens Center
coming aboard, it will provide us an alterna-
tive that might be a better fit for a specific
The 220-acre complex, which hosts
more than 180 events a year, has seen more
than 1.5 million athletes come through the
"It's a part of the continued expansion of
our facility," Vergara said.
"It will continue to enable kids in arena-
facility sports to compete at our site."

Stephanie Evans, is an
Assistant Professor of
Women's Studies and
African American Studies in
the College of Liberal Arts
and Sciences. But she never
went to college until her
mid-20s. Her background
makes her uniquely quali-
fied as the author of her
recently released book
"Black Women in the Ivory
Tover, 1850-1954: An
Intellectual History."
The book chronicles the
stories of African American
women who struggled for
and won access to formal
education, beginning in
1850, when Lucy Stanton, a
student at Oberlin College,
earned the first college
diploma conferred on an
African American woman.
In the century between
the Civil War and the civil


An investigation into Duval
Dr. Joseph Wise's spending
tion allege that he did not act
)unty from a Delaware school
Asked for an investigation
mismanaged money.

Ige this afternoon sentenced a
ars in jail, to be followed by
probation, after he pleaded no
tempted lewd and lascivious
d girl.
55th Place West, will also be
hen questioned about the inci-
dentally" touched the girl, his
ing her off his knee.

ad to blow up two suitcases
er at two church. After using
e the suitcase, officers blew it
on the church wall. There was
suitcase. Another suspicious
t the Church of the Holy
otic device was deployed.

rights movement, a critical
increase in black women's
educational attainment mir-
rored the growth in
American education. Evans
reveals how black women
demanded space as students
and asserted their voices as
educators despite such
barriers as violence, discrim-
ination, and oppressive cam-
pus policies contributing

in significant ways to higher
education in the U.S.
She argues that their
experiences, ideas, and
practices can inspire con-
temporary educators to cre-
ate an intellectual democra-
cy in which all people have
a voice. Among those Evans
profiles are Anna Julia
Cooper, a slave who ulti-
mately earned a doctoral
degree from the Sorbonne,
and Mary McLeod Bethune

Author Stephanie Evans
founder of Bethune-
Cookman College. Both
women's philosophies
raised questions of how
human and civil rights are
intertwined with education-
al access, scholarly research
pedagogy, and community
service. This first complete
educational and intellectual
history of black women
traces quantitative research,
explores black women's col-
legiate memories, and iden-
tifies significant geographic
patterns in America's insti-
tutional development.

gff&eaw Office 4

Datdj ieaw q~3cWU xe.

h ;.#*

Di)atl. 'hUIt

Jk'lsonal lqeIjwy

I Ell!1 /ai

Oe~dicated te S.eki'bin j
(. ri .~ft,1L:~IY

U of F Author's Black Women in the

Ivory Tower, Shows History of Black

Struggle for Women's Education



AIARCH 31. 2007


Anglicans Celebrate The

Abolition of Slave Trade

The leader of the world's Anglicans led more than one
thousand people through London to mark the 200th anniver-
sary ofthe last week.
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, and his
deputy in the Church of England, Archbishop of York John
Sentamu, blessed the crowd with a short prayer before the
procession set off from the Whitehall government district.
At the head of the marchers was a banner reading:
"March of Witness, Remembrance, Repentance,
Restoration" while some bore wooden crosses,, according to
an AFP reporter at the scene.
The march, which included people of all ages, Britons
and foreign guests, including
many from Africa, passed the .
Houses of Parliament in
Westminster, where the law
banning the trade in slaves
was passed on March 25, '
On the banks of the River
Thames, a wreath with the
inscription "2704" the .
number of British boats that
left from London docks to
transport slaves across the j
North Atlantic Ocean was
placed on a boat.
The wreath was taken to
the docks before being Archbishop of Canterbury
the docks before being Rowan Williams
returned up river for a bicen-
tenary service on Tuesday at Westminster Abbey.
Williams said in a prayer: "We command to (God) all
those who died as a consequence of the slave trade in
raids, in convoys of captives, in the holds of prisons and of
slave ships, in labour and in loneliness."
The Church of England, which itself had slaves on plan-
tations in the Caribbean, made a formal apology last year for
its involvement.
Nearly three million black people are thought to have
been shipped across the North Atlantic Ocean in British
slave boats between 1700 and the start of the :19th century.
Trade in black slaves was banned throughout the British
empire by the 1807 law, imposing a fine of 100 pounds per
slave found on any British boat.
Slavery was completely outlawed in British colonies in
Among the walkers were a group who walked 250 miles
in yokes and chains from Hull, the parliamentary seat of the
abolitionist MP William Wilberforce.

Annual Breast MRIs Urged

For Women at Cancer Risk

The American Cancer
Society is issuing new
guidelines today that urge
annual MRI exams every
year to try to catch more
tumors at their earliest,
most treatable stages for-
women at high risk because
of a strong family history of
the disease, a genetic pre-
disposition or other rea-
sons. As many as 1.6 mil-
lion women in the United
States fall into this high-
risk category.
The more sensitive MRI
exams can pick up small
tumors that mammograms
frequently miss. "The goal
here is to do a better job of
finding breast cancer early,
when they are much more
likely to be treated success-
fully," said Robert A.
Smith, the society's director
of screening.
The guidelines stress
that the exams are not a
replacement for the tradi-
tional mammograms and
regular physical exams.
While many patient
advocates and breast cancer
experts welcomed the
guidelines, others ques-
tioned whether there is
enough evidence to justify
the recommendation.
Echoing the debate over
mammography, they noted
that detecting cancer early
does not necessarily trans-
late into saving lives and
can subject women to
unnecessary tissue biopsies
and other treatment and
"You can find a lot of
cancer, but that's not the

AIDS on Increase Among Women

The National Minority AIDS Council
(NMAC) has honored the second annual
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS
Awareness Day, sponsored by United States
Department of Health's Office of Women's
Health. "The need to raise awareness about
the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS
on women particularly women and girls

of color cannot be
overstated," says Paul
Kawata, NMAC's
Executive Director.
Though AIDS
cases in the U.S. have
decreased by 50%
over the past two
decades, the Centers
for Disease Control

proportionate impact of AIDS among
women and girls of color stems primarily
from a lack of access to health care services,
a situation that is all too common in minor-
ity communities.
This means women and girls of color are
extremely vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. They
are in poorer health overall, and experience
disability and death far
earlier than their white

Minority women account
for 80 percent of all women
estimated to be living with
AIDS in the U.S. today

and Prevention (CDC) reports that the inci-
dence of AIDS among women continues to
increase. Minority women account for 80
percent of all women estimated to be living
with AIDS in the U.S. today, with African-
American women alone making up 64 per-
cent of the total number of U.S. female
AIDS cases.
Damon Dozier, Director of NMAC's
Government Relations and Public Policy
Division (GRPP) recently noted: "The dis-

NMAC has spear-
headed a number of
initiatives to mitigate
this trend, most
notably GRPP's

Women of Color
(WOC) Advocacy
Institute training program, which empowers
minority women to become leaders in the
HIV/AIDS advocacy movement.
Geared primarily to African-American,
Latina/Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander and
Native American women impacted by
and/or living with HIV/AIDS, each session
teaches participants a variety of advocacy
tools, including: policy writing; grassroots
organizing; coalition building; and media

National News Briefs

New York, NY- Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has secured the endorsement of
Billie Jean King, the longtime tennis star who made history in 1973 when she defeated
Bobby Riggs in the famed "Battle of the Sexes" match.

San Francisco, CA Sons born to women who ate a lot of beef during their pregnan-
cy have a 25 percent below-normal sperm count and three times the normal risk of fer-,
tility problems, researchers reported Tuesday. The problem may be due to anabolic
steroids used in the United States to fatten the cattle

Calvert, Md. -Toby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, saw his owner choking on a piece
of fruit and began jumping up and down on the woman's chest. The dog's owner believes
the dog wastrying to perform the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life.

Washington, DC President Bush and Congress lurched toward a veto showdown
over Iraq on Wednesday, the President demanding a replenishment of war funding with
no strings and Speaker Nancy P losi counseling him, "Calm down, take a breath."

same thing as helping peo-
ple live longer or better,"
said Russell Harris of the
University of North
Carolina. "It's unclear how
many women really will be
helped and how many will
be hurt by over-diagnosis
and overtreatment."
Breast cancer strikes

Cancer Society endorsed
annual MRI screening for
women whose risk is about
20 percent above average
for any of several reasons,
including testing positive
for one of the known breast
cancer genes; having a close
relative mother, sister or
daughter who has tested

The study of 969 women in 25 centers
found that MRIs detected 30 tumors that
had been missed earlier

more than 212,000
American women each year
and kills more than 40,000,
making it the most common
cancer and second leading
cause of cancer death in
women, after lung cancer.
Routine mammography
has helped cut the death
rate, but mammograms,
which are X-rays of the
breast, can miss small
tumors. MRI uses magnetic
fields instead of radiation to
create images after patients
are injected with dye.
After reviewing re-
search on MRI since 2002,
a panel of experts assem-
bled by the American

positive for one of the
genes; having at least two
close relatives who have
had breast cancer; or having
had chest radiation for
Hodgkin's disease.
For those women, MRIs
plus mammography can
double the number of can-
cers found, the panel said,
detecting them in 6 percent
of high-risk women
screened, compared with
about 3 percent for mam-
mograms alone.
MRI tends to produce
false positives at about
twice the rate of mammog-
raphy, forcing more women
to undergo repeated tests

Sex and violence are
what many parents fear
their children will consume
too much of on television.
But a new study finds that
food is the top product
served tp to kids and teens
on screen.
It finds that "food is the
number one product adver-
tised to kids, followed by
media such as music, video
games and movies," said
Vicky Rideout, VP of the
foundation's Program for
the Study of Entertainment
Media and Health. Rideout
directed the study, which
was conducted by Indiana

The study found that
more than a third of com-
mercials targeting children
or adolescents are for candy
and snacks often high-
fat, sugary foods that are
likely to fuel the on-going
childhood obesity epidemic.
"The study is really
important," says Margo
Wootan, director of nutri-
tion for the Center for
Science in the Public
Interest, a consumer advo-
cacy group. "Itg the first
time in over a decade that
anybody has looked at tele-
vision advertising aimed at

and sometimes biopsies and
subjecting them to anxiety,
distress and discomfort. But
the panel concluded that the
benefits outweigh, the
downside for those at high
"In.a population of
women who are at signifi-
cantly high risk, there is a
high priority on finding
breast cancer," Smith said.
"They are willing to put up
with more."
The New England
Journal of Medicine moved
up by one day the release of
the first large studyto eval-
uate MRIs in such women.
The study of 969 women in
25 centers found that MRIs
detected 30 tumors that had
been missed earlier, effec-
tively doubling the number
of cancers detected.
"MRI without question
can identify cancer that is
invisible to the mammo-
gram," said Constance
Lehman of the University of
Washington in Seattle, who
led the study.
In addition to allowing
women to treat more tumors
earlier, MRI can also reas-
sure women that their other
breast is cancer-free,
enabling them to avoid a
double mastectomy, an ago-
nizing choice some women
make just to be safe.
"This will give women
some peace of mind,"
Lehman said.

children. And it's the first
time ever that anyone has
looked at such a huge sam-
ple of ads."
To conduct the study,
researchers analyzed 1,600
hours of television pro-
gramming broadcast from
late May to mid July in
2005, with additional sam-
pling in September.
Half of all the ads shown
during children's shows are
for food. Of all the ads in
the study, 34% marketed
candy and snacks, 28%
were for cereal and 10% for
fast foods.
Some companies, in-
cluding Disney and Kraft,
have begun new efforts to
promote more active
lifestyles and healthier food
to children.


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Kids, New Study Shows


MARCH 31, 2007


I ri ki-1'J1J /

Student Murder Continued from A-1
physical abuse which includes name calling, isolation from family and friends, withhold-
ing money, actual or threatened physical harm, sexual assault, etc. all to coerce and con-
trol. This type of violence takes many forms and can happen consistent or sporadically,
according to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Offices on Women's
The facts on domestic violence:

*A woman is beaten every 15 seconds.
*Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between ages, 15 and 44 in
the United States, more than car accidents, mugging and rape combined.
*Battered women are more likely to suffer miscarriages and give birth to low birth-weight
*63% of young men between the ages of 11 and 20 serving time for homicide have killed
their mother's abuser.
*One in five women victimized by their spouses or ex-spouses report they had been vic-
timized over and over again by the same person.
*Domestic violence does not occur only in poor, urban areas. Women of all cultures,
races, occupations, income levels and ages are battered.
*22 to 35 percent of women who visit medical emergency rooms are there for injuries
related to ongoing partner abuse.
*One in four pregnant women have a history of partner violence.
*Women who leave their batterers are at a 75% greater risk of being killed by their batter
er than those who stay.
*In the United States, 50% of all homeless women and children are on the streets because
of violence in the home.
*There are nearly three times as many animal shelters in the United States as there are
shelters for battered women and their children.
Check List For Leaving An Abuser

Identification for yourself and your children
birth certificates, social security cards (or numbers written on paper if you can't find the cards)
driver's license, photo identification or passports, welfare identification, green card
Important personal papers
marriage certificate, divorce papers, custody orders, legal protection or restraining orders,
health insurance papers and medical cards, medical records for all family members
children's school records, investment papers/records and account numbers, work permits
immigration papers rental agreement/lease or house deed, car title, registration, and insurance
cash, credit cards, ATM card, checkbook and bankbook (with deposit slips)
house, car, safety deposit box or post office box
A way to communicate
phone calling card, cell phone, address book
at least 1 month's supply for all medicines you and your children are taking, as well as a copy of the
A way to get by
jewelry or small objects you can sell, if you run out of money or stop having access to your

Things to help you cope
pictures, keepsakes, children's small toys or books




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Next NAACP President Must Lead on

the Crucial Issues In Black America

By. Hazel Trice Edney
NNPA Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON (NNPA) The weighty issues now facing Black people in America indi-
cate that the next NAACP president must be an aggressive, energetic leader focused on civil
rights in the 21st century, says veteran civil rights advocates.
"I'd think they'd be looking for a relatively young person with vision and vigor who
understands the mission of the NAACP to work to achieve social change, to work for
increased economic opportunities for African-Americans, to fight discrimination at every
level, to seek empowerment' economic, political, and social empowerment for Black peo-
ple' to find ways and means of hitting a level of global consciousness, to help organize our
people in local communities around these issues, and to rise to a new level of dynamism and
activism," says the Rev. Joseph Lowery, 85, known as the dean of the civil rights movement.
Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Dr. King in
1957, says by 'young person,' he means someone who may have been born inside or outside
the civil rights movement, but who is able to vigorously deal with the high level issues of
inequality now facing America.
"I mean people who are energetic intellectually as well as physically energetic," he says.
The nation's oldest civil rights organization, about to celebrate its 100th birthday in two
years, is once again without a president after the controversial resignation of Verizon exec-
utive Bruce Gordon after only 19 months.
Citing irreparable differences with the 64-member board, Gordon resigned amidst a con-
flict over whether the organization should follow his lead in doing more social services or
its stated mission, fight for social justice. Board Chairman Julian Bond insisted that he focus
on the latter.
Lowery and other civil rights stalwarts interviewed by the NNPA News Service appear
to agree with Bond "that the organization needs someone who can not only run the organi-
zation, but also, give strong voice to the crucial issues at hand."
NAACP general counsel Dennis C. Hayes currently serves as interim president as a
search committee is formed to seek a permanent leader.
"I think the next leader will have to embrace the absolutely critical agenda of civil rights
and racial justice; at the same time, develop new strategies to create enthusiastic interest in
the organization among the Hip Hop generation and those who consider themselves out-
siders," says Harvard University law professor, Charles Ogletree, known for his civil rights
That person should also be able to attract like-minded people from the grassroots as well
as other leaders back to the organization, Ogletree says.
"The biggest challenge is going to be to convince all of our professional organizations '
fraternities and other groups to understand that membership in the NAACP is not a lux-
ury, but a necessity. We have to be both lawyers and active NAACP members, both doctors
and active NAACP members, both teachers and active NAACP members."
The organization, cannot afford to stray too far from its roots, says Dorothy Height, pres-
ident emeritus of the National Council of Negro Women. She recalled people who would
work for the organization mainly because of the cause rather than for prestige and.big salary.
"To tell you the truth, I think in the civil rights arena, money can't be the first thought,"
says Height. "You have to move forward primarily to serve. And you have to begin with
somebody whose primary concern is to move forward our largest civil rights organization."
The NAACP has a history of conflict between the executives who execute the policy and
the board members, who make them. Lowery says the president must be a social justice
leader, but the huge board must also make some concessions.
"I think the NAACP needs to, in my opinion, streamline its board and make sure it under-
stands its mission in terms of making policy and the distinction between policy-making and
program execution and to clarify those lines so that they don't get in the middle of the stream
and find that they are not singing in the same key,' he says.
Without change, there will be consistent public doubt, says Ron Daniels, president of the
Institute of the Black World 21st Century, an Africa and African-American-oriented think
"I do think that there is some lingering concern that people in the civil rights communi-
ty might have, including myself, about the ability of anyone to really lead the NAACP.
While some people are saying that Bruce wanted to impose a sort of corporate method on
the NAACP, I think there were also problems with Mfume.'
Gordon's predecessor, Kweisi Mfume, resigned after 10 years, saying it was simply time
to rest, deal with personal matters, and pursue new endeavors. However, it was later con-
finned that he too had departed amidst conflicts with Bond.
Whether or not the organization finds someone conciliatory enough to get along with the
board, it must get someone who is strong enough to deal with the opponents ofjustice, rights
activists say.
"Now, more than ever, we need someone who is very assertive and linked up to a civil
rights agenda, particularly in terms of continuing to fight for whatever vestiges of affirma-
tive action are still there," says Daniels. "But, also to resist the kind of work that [conserva-
tive activist] Ward Connerly is doing to obliterate affirmative action all together. I think there
ought to be an effort to make sure there are not more elections stolen, certainly a critical
piece of work to push the notion that institutional racism and individual racism still exist.'
Gordon left the NAACP three weeks ago, saying one of his greatest contributions had
been increasing the membership from barely 200,000 to nearly doubling it. Perhaps the
greatest asset a new leader could bring would be the ability to enlist even more members to
fight alongside him or her, says Ogletree.
"Given what our communities, our children and our families are facing in the 21st
Century, we don't have the luxury of saying no to the NAACP," he says. "We have an obli-
gation to stand up and be counted among the ranks and file and to help the organization meet
its mission for the 21st Century."

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\ a


Published Weekly
By The Star

Look Inside For More Black Women In History Stories...


Henriette Delille
(1813-1862) is founder
of the Sisters of the Holy
Family. The order was
founded in 1842 and pro-
vides services for Blacks
that includes religious
and academic education.
It also provided a home
for the aged, orphanages,
and a day-care center for
working lower income
Delille rebelled
against Black women
becoming concubines of
wealthy white men and

Flo(rynce Rae)
Kennedy Biography
(1916- ) Lawyer and
activist, born in Kansas
City, Missouri, USA. After
working at various odd jobs,
she moved to New York
City (1942), earned her BA
at Columbia University, and
then graduated from its law
school (1951). Her New
York practice included
Billie Holiday (and her

challenged the belief that
women of color were not
capable of practicing
celibacy or being a nun.
When Delille became
of legal age. she sold all
of her property with
hopes of founding a com-
munity of Black nuns,
separate from the
Ursulines, to teach in a
school for free girls of
color and in 1842, she
and Cuban-born Juliette
Gaudin (1808-1888)
were given permission
from the diocese to begin
their new order in St.
Augustine's Church,
property earlier donated
by the Ursulines.
Primary and second-
ary religious and aca-
demic training continues
to be a major goal of the
Sisters of the Holy

estate), Lnariie rarKers
estate, and H Rap Brown,
and she became increasing-
ly disillusioned with the
racism she saw in the justice
system. Broadening her
approach, in the 1960s and
1970s she spoke out force-
fully in many forums on
behalf of not only African-
Americans but women, the
poor, homosexuals, prosti-
tutes, and minorities of all
kinds. To fight racism in the
media she founded the
Media Workshop (1966)
and she formed the Feminist
Party when she grew impa-
tient with the National
Organization of Women. In
the 1970s she became par-
ticularly active in promoting
women's right to abortions.
Noted for her often outra-
geous outspokenness, she
published her autobiogra-
phy, Color Me Flo (1976).


Amanda Berry Smith
(1837-1915) (picture)
Evangelist Amanda
Berry Smith won interna-
tional acclaim as a leader
of the holiness revival.
The evangelist had a forty-
five year missionary
career, travelling on four
continents, spreading
social and religious reform
across racial lines.
Evangelist Berry Smith
was born a slave on
January 23, 1837 in Long
Green, Maryland. In 1940
her father bought his fam-
ily's freedom and the
moved to southeastern

Motley was born September
14, 1921 in New Haven,
Connecticut and learned
Black history through
Sunday School lessons.
After graduating from high
school, she worked for the
National Youth
Administration because she
did not have the funds to
attend college. However,
when a local businessman,
Clarence Blakeslee heard
her speak at the New Haven
Community Center he won-

She was

the oldest daughter of
eleven children and was
denied an education. She
married at seventeen and
cave birth to two children.
Her first child died. Her
husband's drinking prob-
lems led to marital prob-
lems and they separated.
He joined the Union army
and died fighting in the
South. She then moved to
Philadelphia and married a
local AME Church dea-
con, James Henry Smith.
This too was an unhappy
marriage where three chil-
dren were born but died
during infancy. Her work
consisted of washing and
ironing for others and in
1869, the same year her
husband died, she
launched a preaching min-
istry and began conduct-
ing revivals at AME
churches in New York and
New Jersey.
In 1872 Evangelist

dered why the facility was
not being used by Blacks.
Blakeslee had built the
building. When he asked
the young lady why she was
not attending college, she
advised him that she did not
have the money and she also
wanted to go to law school.
He offered to pay for her
college education.
Motley graduated from
Columbia Law School in
1946 and married Joel
Wilson Motley, an insurance
Motley's first job was at
the NAACP as a law clerk.
Thurgood Marshall inter-
viewed her and hired her at
Over the years, Motley
argued ten civil rights cases
and won nine. She helped
write the briefs for the
Brown v. Board of
Education. During one of

Smith took part in the first
ANME Church general con-
ference in the south where
they mounted the Fisk
Jubilee Singers. She
became a charter member
of the Women's Christian
Temperance Union and in
1878 she started a 12-year
mission to England.
Scotland. India. and West
Africa. She spent eight of
those years in Liberia,
teaching women and chil-
dren and preaching holi-
ness and temperance
In 1893, Berry-Smith
settled in Chicago and in
1899 she opened an
orphan home and industri-
al school for Black chil-
dren in Harvey, Illinois.
After a series of strokes,
she died February 24,
1915. The home burned
down in 1918 and the
orphans were placed in
private homes.

her cases, Ramsey Clark,
who was at that time, the
Attorney General, heard her
argue the case and told
President Lyndon Johnson
that he should appoint her to
a federal bench. In January
1966, President Johnson
submitted her name for con-
firmation and was con-
firmed in August, making
her the first Black woman
judge in the federal district
court system.
mm, "' -

Page B-2/March 31, 2007

The Star/Black Women In History



SON Born in New
Orleans, LA. in 1911, she
was the third child to John
Jackson, a barber and
preacher, and Charity Clark,
who died at the age of 25
when Mahalia was four
years old. In 1916, her
father sent her to live with
her aunt Mahalia "Duke"
Paul. She didn't allow secu-
lar music in her house, but
Mahalia's cousin would
sneak in records. Even at a
very young age, Mahalia
had a booming voice and

The Star

she would sing hymns and
old-time gospel tunes
around the house.
Mahalia Jackson is
viewed by many as the pin-
nacle of gospel music. Her
singing began at the age of
four in her church, the
Plymouth Rock Baptist
Church in New Orleans. Her
early style blended the free-
dom and power of gospel
with the stricter style of the
Baptist Church. As a teenag-
er, through her cousin's aid,
she was influenced by such
famous singers as Bessie
Smith, Ida Cox, Enrico
Caruso and Ma Rainey, and
her own style began to
emerge into a more soulful
Throughout the 1950s,
Mahalia's voice was heard
on radio, television and con-
cert halls around the world.
She sang for President

Dwight Eisenhower and at
John F. Kennedy's inaugural
ball in 1960.
She was very prominent
in the Civil Rights
Movement. Very close to
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
she often performed at his
rallies--even singing an old
slave spiritual before his
famous "I Have a Dream"
speech at the March on
Washington in 1963. She
also sang at his funeral five
years later.


Jackie "Moms" Mabley was
a true comedian. She was
born in Brevard, North
Carolina in 1897 as Loretta
Mary Aiken, one of seven
children. She was told by
her grandmother that if she
wanted to make something
of herself, she had to leave
home so, she left at thirteen
years of age and joined a
minstrel show, advising
them that she was sixteen.
Loretta's grandmother
died at the age of 104 and
many people thought that
"Moms" Mabley had to be
well over a hundred when
she was on stage because of
the way she dressed, walked
and talked.
Her stage name was origi-

nated through a relationship.
She had been engaged to a
Canadian named Mabley
and even though they never
married, she used his last
name as her last name and
added Jackie because it
sounded good to her.
Jackie "Moms" Mabley
performed before many
audiences and was the lead
for such musicians as Duke
Ellington, Louis Armstrong,
Count Basie, Benny
Goodman, Cab Calloway

Nancy Wilson, many times
before a mixed audience in
such places as the Howard
Theater in Washington, D.
C. Her career stretched
from minstrel shows to the
Harlem Renaissance to
movies, records and televi-
sion. Her first record,
Moms Mabley: The
Funniest Woman in the
World, sold more than a mil-
lion copies.
Moms Mabley died in 1975
at the age of 78.


Page B-3/March 31, 2007

lr ICmusic

JacKie Joyner jersee
1962 The First Lady of
Track and Field Jackie
Joyner-Kersee is often
regarded as the best all-
around female athlete in the
world. She has won three
gold, one silver and one
bronze Olympic medals. At
23 feet nine inches, she
holds the American record
for the long jump. With her
score of 7,161, she was the
first woman to earn more
than 7,000 points in the hep-
tathlon, and has held the
heptathlon world record
since 1986.
A strong-willed competi-
tor, Jackie Joyner-Kersee
comes from a family of tal-
ented athletes. Her father,
Alfred, was a hurdler and
football player in high
school, and her brother Al
was also an Olympic ath-
lete. Al's wife was Olympic

sprinter Florence Griffith
Jackie Joyner was born
into the Joyner family in the
mean streets of East St.
Louis, Ill. As a baby she was
named Jacqueline, after
President John Kennedy's
wife, because, as her grand-
mother said, "Some day this
girl will be the first lady of
"She's the greatest multi-
event athlete ever, man or
woman," said Bruce Jenner,
an expert on multi-events as
the 1976 Olympic decathlon

LEONTYNE PRICE Legendary Leontyne Price by
Jack Mitchell. 1981Mary Violet
Leontyne Price born February 10, 1927)
is an American opera singer (soprano).
She % as best known for
other Verdi roles, above all
Aida. a role that she is
said to have "owned" for
almost 30 years. Her rise
to international fame in
S he 1950s and 60s was a
highly visible triumph over institutional racism, and she set a
standard for quality and longevity that has been equaled by
few American sopranos.
In an exciting generation of sopranos that included Maria
Callas, Renata Tebaldi, Joan Sutherland, and Birgit Nilsson,
Price was a leading interpreter of the lirico spinto (Italian for
"pushed lyric", or middleweight) roles of Giuseppe Verdi and
Giacomo Puccini, as well as of roles in several operas by
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She sang with rich, sensual,
sometimes husky timbre, glowing high notes, and expressive
phrasing. Her voice ranged from A below Middle C to the E
above High C. (She said she sang high Fs "in the shower").
She is a quotable woman whose wit has entered opera lore.
Once, when discussing whether she would sing in Atlanta as
Minnie, the cowgirl lead in Puccini's La Fanciulla del West, the
Met's general manager Rudolf Bing warned her she wouldn't
be able to stay in the same segregated hotel with the company.
She looked at him and said, "Don't worry, Mr. Bing, I'm sure
you can find a place for me and the horse."
Because of her exceptional technique and great care of her
voice, she gave recitals across the U.S. and in Europe long
after her retirement from the opera stage. Among her many
honors are the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1965), the
Kennedy Center Honors (1980), the National Medal of Arts
(1985), numerous honorary degrees, and 19 Grammy awards,
including a special Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989,
more than any other classical singer.

'~'' I.;~C':'3.~:'3,~-


~ ~'

Page B-4lMarch 31, 2007 The Star/Black Women In History




Costa County Superior
Court against Jonathan
Plummer, 32, who
inspired her best-selling
1996 novel, "How Stella
Got Her Groove Back."
The book, later adapted
into a movie starring
Angela Bassett and Taye
Diggs, chronicled the
adventures of a 40-
something woman who
falls for a guy half her
The lawsuit claims
Plummer, a Jamaica
native, married
McMillan in 1998 only
to become a U.S. citizen.
He later announced that
he is gay.

"Too many of us are
hung up on what we
don't have, can't have, or
won't ever have. We
spend too much energy
being down, when we
could use that same
energy -- if not less of it -
- doing, or at leasttrying
to do, some of the things
we really want to do. "-
Terry McMillan
Originally from Port
Huron, Terry McMillan,
with her phenomenal
New York Times best-
seller Waiting to Exhale,
has become one of the
most important
American novelists writ-
ing today.
Terry McMillan
received her B.A. in
Journalism from the
University of California
at Berkeley, and attend-
ed the MFA Film
Program at Columbia
University. Macmillan's
first novel, Mama, pub-
lished in 1987, received
a National Book Award

by the Before Columbus
Foundation. She has
been awarded a 1988
National Endowment for
the Arts Fellowship in
literature, a 1986 New
York Foundation for the
Arts Fellowship, and the
University Literary
Fellowship. She was a
three-time fellow at
Yaddo Artist Colony and
The MacDowell Colony.
She has been a Visiting
Professor of English at
the University of
Wyoming and Stanford
University and an
Associate Professor of
English at the University
of Arizona in Tucson.
Presently, Novelist
Terry McMillan is suing
her former husband for
$40 million, alleging he
tried to smear her reputa-
tion during their highly
publicized 2005 divorce.
McMillan, 55, filed
the complaint
Wednesday in Contra

Elizabeth Bebe Moore
Campbell Gordon -
Elizabeth Bebe Moore
Campbell Gordon is the
author of the New York
Times bestseller
TERS as well as YOUR
MINE, for which she
won an NAACP Image
Award for literature.
She is a commentator
for National Public
Radio and a contribut-
ing editor for Essence
magazine, and her arti-
cles have appeared in
The New York Times,
The Washington Post,

the Los Angeles Times, Today she is the
USA Today Weekend, Publisher and Editor-
Black Enterprises, In-Chief of Northeast
Ebony, and numerous Florida's oldest
other publications. African American
Campbell was born owned newspaper "The
and raised in Florida Star."
Philadelphia and gradu- In college at
ated from the University Howard University,
of Pittsburgh, where she McLaughlin pushed the
earned a bachelor of sci- school to create a jour-
ence degree in elemen- nalism program. "When
tary education. She I arrived at Howard, one
taught elementary and could not major in jour-
middle school for five nalism. So I initiated a
years. She now lives in protest for a major. The
Los Angeles with her ability to major in the
husband, Ellis Gordon field started the next year."
Jr. They have a daugh- With the media bug
ter, the actress Maia running through her
Campbell, and a son, blood, she wanted and
Ellis Gordon III. got more. "I watched TV
every day and I did
not feel it was really
AGE 56 meeting the needs of
"Writer Fought women and minorities,"
Valiantly to the End in a in aid
McLaughlin said.
Battle Against Cancer" In 1984,
McLaughlin became
the first African-
American woman to
build, own and operate
a network affiliated TV
station in the U.S. "I
didn't know I was the
first until I read it in
paper," she remarked
with a laugh.
From Texas to the
First Coast,
Clara McLaughn McLaughlin is blazing
Born Clara Frances trails. "Right now we're

Jackson, in Brunswick, focusing on the
GA, she knew at an early We want to help clear
early age that journa- the want to help clear
lism was her calling. th ob.
"I decided we need- that's our job," she said.
ed a newspaper at my McLaughlin also
high school in launched The Georgia
Gainesville, so I passed Star for residents in
out my newspaper south Georgia at the
out my newspaper
every week," said beginning of 2007.

Page B-4/March 31, 2007

The Star/Black Women In History

Th trBakWmnI itr aeB5Mrh3,20

Introduction of Andrea Giggetts

University of Florida's First Black.
Female Student Honored

Andrea Giggetts _-
Born a poor girl in
Tuskegee Institute,
Alabama and dreamed
of someday overcoming
her adverse poverty,
societal racism, and
many other obstacles
that plagued her young
life. Somewhere and
somehow, she felt that
education, hard work,
and playing by the rules
would enable her to
reach her dreams of
becoming an educator,
politician, business-
woman, and eventually
into the halls of corpo-
rate America. By all
accounts, Andrea
Giggetts fulfilled those
school girl dreams and
could have enjoyed the
fruits of her labor but
she felt that no matter
how well-dressed, well-
connected, well-paid,
and competent she was,
there was a vast majority
of others who were
struggling and were still
at society's margins.
So, it's no surprise to
many that Andrea
Giggetts has taken her
remarkable optimism,
self-confidence, work

ethic, business skills,
and practical thinking to
television. For over five
years, Andrea has shared
her expertise on human
resources, business,
workforce development,
education, and careers in
a no-nonsense fashion to
over one million view-
ers. This popular and
much-in-demand weekly
segment on WJXT's
Morning Show (Channel
4), AskAndrea, gave her
the platform to train,
educate, inspire, moti-
vate, and yes, chastise,
those who refuse to
work hard, sacrifice, or
to those who may use
victimization as reasons
for failure. More impor-
tantly, Andrea- takes her
viewers into the mine-
fields of corporate
American and provide
"little kfiown secrets"
and other practical tips
on how to navigate the
workplace, how to over-
come racism, sexism,
and the "old boy's club"
that still permeates into
the fabric of companies.
Tiring of seeing
African Americans hav-
ing the "employee men-

tality" by wanting to find
security in working for
corporations rather than
starting their own busi-
nesses, Mrs. Giggetts
launched her own com-
pany, Giggetts &I
Associates, which spe-
cializes in providing
human resources, super-
visory and managerial
training, a speaker's
bureau, and corporate
and professional con-
Andrea's passion for
workforce development
is not only seen in
Jacksonville. Because
of her professional
expertise, she was
selected to develop an
Outreach and Placement
program for the
Embassy of Jamaica.
She is frequently
requested to deliver
motivational and inspi-
rations speeches and
seminars across the
country and is often
quoted -by the local
media on various work-
place issues. She readily
assists companies on
matters and receives
requests to conduct sem-
inars and workshops for
churches, businesses,
schools, colleges and
universities, nonprofit
associations, and civic
She is married to
Nicholas Giggetts, a
retired Chief of the
United States Navy, and
is the mother of
Samantha Nicole, age 7,
and has an adult step


Daphne Duval-
Williams who in 1959
became the first black
woman to attend the
University of Florida and
one of the pioneers in the
efforts to desegregate UF
more than 45 years ago.
Duval-Williams lived
in Orlando and had sever-
al degrees from Florida
A&M University before
attending UF.
Ustler Hall, home to
UF's Center for Women's
Studies and Gender
Research, was the site of

a meeting with Duval-
Williams, who is now 100
years old, and the unveil-
ing of the photograph that
will soon hang in the
When she entered the
atrium of Ulster Hall,
Duval-Williams was
greeted by cameras flash-
ing and a hug.
."I just came in to look
around," she said with a
Duval-Richmond said
Duval Elementary School
in Gainesville was named
after her father, Charles
W. Duval. -
Shelton Davis, 58,
said Duval-Williams was
the assistant principal of
his high school,
Gainesville's old Lincoln
High, when he was grow-
ing up. Davis, who earned
a doctorate from UF in
1983, said Duval-
Williams was an inspira-
tion to him.
They wanted to make
sure that Duval-Williams-
got the credit she
"This was UF's
opportunity to say, 'Thank
you,' she said.

This was Lincoln's First Induction into the Hall of
Fame. There were seven to be inducted. The three
ladies in the middle standing are Clara McLaughlin,
author and media; Beverly Bryant, Professor at NC
Central University; and Mrs. Daphne Duval-Williams;
-sitting is Mrs. McPherson, wife of late Coach
T. B. McPherson.

T"he Star-Black W~omen In History

Page B-5/March 31, 2007

Page B-6/March 31, 2007

The Star/Black Women In History

Charity Adams Early
.was the first Black female
in the U. S. to be commis-
sioned as an officer during
World War II. She served
in the Army and was a
WAC. The Navy later
accepted Black women in
the WAVES in 1944 and
Bessie Garret was the first
accepted. The first
WAVES officers graduated
from Smith College, and
two were Black, Frances
Wills and Harriet Pickens.
S American society has

cnangea in many ways
since the days when
Charity Earley and over
one million other African-
Americans served their
country during the second
World War. Fifty years
after President Truman
signed an executive order
desegregating the military
in 1948, Defense Secretary
William Cohen led Earley
onto the stage at Norfolk
State University There he
gave commissions to 31
graduates of a historically
black college that has pro-
duced many African-

American military offi-
The Reverend Alice
Henderson became the
first female chaplain inthe
U. S. in 1974; Jill Brown
became the first Black
female pilot in military
history and in 1975 Donna
P. Davis became the first
Black female physician in
the Naval Medical Corp.
In March 1980, Hazel
W. Johnson-Brown
became the first Black
woman in history to hold
the rank of General.

Rebecca Lee-
Crumpler was the first
Black female in the U. S.
to receive a doctor of
medicine degree. She
graduated in 1864 from
the New England
Female Medical College
in Boston, fifteen years
after the first female in
the U. S., Elizabeth
Blackwell, graduated
from medical school.
The Howard
University Medical
School was charted in
1868 and by 1900 it had
graduated 552 physi-
cians, of which 25 were
Black women.
Black women physi-
cians encountered a
number of problems and
had to win over the con-



First Trained
Black Nurse

Mary Eliza Mahoney
- Born May 7, 1845 in
Do r c h e s t e r,
Massachusetts was the
first black trained nurse
in the U. S. She com-
pleted her training in
nursing at the New
England Hospital for
Women and Children in
Boston. The sixteen
month program had a
stipulation that allowed
one Black and one
Jewish student in each
After graduating and

working as a private
duty nurse she was able
to join the Nurses
Associated Alumnae of
the U. S. and Canada
which was organized in
1896 and later named
the American Nurses'
Association (ANA).
Few blacks were able to
become a member of the
ANA since they were
required to first be a
member of the state
association and the
southern associations
would not allow black
membership. Therefore,
Black nurses formed
their own organization -

The National
Association of Colored
Graduate Nurses in 1908
where Mahoney deliv-
ered the welcoming
address at its first con-
vention in 1909.
In honor of Mahoney,
the NACGN established
an award in 1936 and
even though the organi-
zation merged with the
ANA in 1951, the Mary
Mahoney. Award has
continued. Nurse
Mahoney died on
January 4, 1926 and in
1976 she was named to
the Nursing Hall of


fidence of the health
care industry.
In 1903, lonia R.
Whipper graduated


from Howard's Medical
School and later got with
a group of friends and
established a facility for
unwed, pregnant,
school-age Black girls,
initially out of her home.
In 1931 she purchased
property and opened the
Ionia R. Whipper Home
for Unwed Mothers in
Washington, D. C. with
a nondiscrimination pol-
icy as to race, religion,
or residence. Dr.
Whipper died in April
1953. In 1978 it became
a shelter for abused girls
from 12 to 21.


The Star/Black Women In History

Barbara Jordan gained national prominence for her
role in the 1974 Watergate hearings as a member of
the House Judiciary Committee when she delivered
what many considered to be the most powerful
speech of the hearings.
Barbara Jordan Hers first African American since
was the booming voice that Reconstruction to serve in
thundered across a nation- the Texas Senate and then
inspiring political leaders to the first African American
greater vision, championing woman from the South to
the underdog and fighting serve in the U.S. House of
for truth on the House Representatives.
Judiciary Cdmmittee during Always mindful of her
the Nixon impeachment humble beginnings in
hearings in 1974. Houston's Fifth Ward,
Barbara Jordan was the Barbara Jordan overcame

002mal ~ [s

Innlumeranie onstacies to
become a la\ver and \\in
elected office as the first
African American since
Reconstruction to serve in
the Texas Senate and then as
the first African American
woman from the South to
ser-e in the U.S. House of
Representatives. With her
striking oratory, chansmatic
leadership and dedication to
public service, Jordan
touched countless lives dur-
ing her years in government
and later as a professor at
The University of Texas at
Austin's Lyndon B. Johnson
School of Public Affairs.
Both as a state senator
and as a U.S. congress-
woman, she sponsored bills
that championed the poor,
the disadvantaged and peo-
ple of color. As a congress-
woman, she sponsored leg-
islation to broaden the
Voting Rights Act of 1965 to
cover Mexican Americans

in iexas anra otner soutm-
wvestern states and to extend
the law's authority to those
states \\ here minorities had
been denied the right to vote
or had had their rights
restricted by unfair registra-
tion practices, such as litera-
cy tests.
Jordan gained national
prominence for her role in
the 1974 Watergate hearings
as a member of the House
Judiciary Committee when
she delivered what many
considered to be the most
powerful speech of the hear-
Impressed with her elo-
quence and rising stature in
the party, the Democrats
chose her to deliver the
keynote address at the 1976
Democratic national con-
vention. She was the first
woman and the first African
American to do so. Her
speech, which addressed the
themes of unity, equality,

accountaoilit\ and
American ideals, %as con-
sidered b. many to be the
highlight of the convention
and helped to rall support
for Jimmy Carter's presi-
dential campaign.
Upon leaving the U.S.
Congress in 1979. Jordan
rejected offers to practice
corporate law and instead,*
accepted an invitation to
teach public affairs and
ethics at the LBJ School.

Barbara Jordan's
keynote address at the
1976 Democratic nation-
al convention helped to
rally support for Jimmy
Carter's presidential

S: u I~I~e]~T1I1

i .

Shirley A. Jackson
was the first African
American female to
earn a PhD in physics
in America. She earned
her doctorate at MIT,
the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology
in 1976, one hundred
years after the first
African American
male, Edward A.
Bouchet earned his

Ph.D. in physics from
Yale University.
There was a big gap
between men and
women earning degrees
in the sciences. The
pioneering Black
females who earned
doctorate degrees in the
sciences included, Dr.
Ruth Moore, bacteriol-
ogy, Dr. Flemmie P.
Kittrell in nutrition and
Dr. Ruth Lloyd in
anatomy. These three
women all taught at
Howard University. By
1987, Black women
earned only six percent
of all science degrees in
engineering, mathemat-
ics, and the physical
science, the smallest
percentage of any
racial/ethnic group.

viae uaroi Jemison
M.D. (born 17 October
1956) She became the first
African American woman to
travel in space when she
went into orbit aboard the
Space Shuttle Endeavour on
September 12, 1992 for a
total of 7 days, 22 hours, 30
minutes, 23 seconds.
Mae, the youngest child
of Charlie Jemison, a roofer
and carpenter, and Dorothy
(Green) Jemison, an ele-
mentary school teacher. The
family moved to Chicago,

Illinois, when Jemison was
3 to take advantage of better
educational opportunities
there. She graduated from
Morgan Park HS in 1973
and entered Stanford
University on a National
Achievement Scholarship.
Jemison graduated from
Stanford in 1977, receiving
a B.S. in chemical engineer-
ing (and fulfilled the
requirements for a B.A. in
African and Afro-American
Studies). When she obtained
her M.D. in 1981, she
interned at Los Angeles
County-USC Medical
Center and later worked as a
general practitioner.
In October 1985, Jemison
applied for admission to
NASA's astronaut training
program. The Challenger
disaster delayed the selec-
tion process, but when she
reapplied in the fall of 1986,
Jemison was one of the fif-
teen candidates chosen.
Jemison was a Science

Mission Specialist on the
STS-47 Spacelab J flight, a
US/Japan joint mission, in
September 1992. She con-
ducted experiments in life
sciences and material sci-
ences, and was co-investiga-
tor on the bone Cell
Research experiment in the
Spacelab laboratory mod-
ule. Jemison resigned from
NASA on 8 March 1993.
Jemison founded The
Jemison Group, Inc., locat-
ed in Houston, Texas, to
research, develop and
implement advanced tech-
nologies suited to the social,-
political, cultural and eco-
nomic context of the indi-
vidual, especially for the
developing world. Current
projects include Alpha, a
satellite-based telecommu-
nication system to improve
health care in West Africa,
and The Earth We Share, an
international science camp
for students ages 12 to 16,
that utilizes MR.

Page B-7/March 31, 2007

,The Dorothy Pitman-Hughes Story
continued from cover oaae

Dorothy's goal is to
give strength and power to
Jacksonville. She said that
she witnessed, at 8 years
old in Georgia, her father
being beaten almost to
death, soaked in his own
"blood and thrown on their
front porch by the KKK
because of his efforts in the
civil rights movement.
They thought he was going
to die but he was able to
get well, regain his health
and strength and continue
his battle for civil rights.
She said that at that

moment she felt strength
engulf her body and instill
in her determination to
fight for freedom, educa-
tion and economic empow-
erment for the Black com-
munity. Dorothy's present
goal is to train our youth to
educate, organize and
advocate. She said the
community belongs to us
too. "We are not asking to
be included, we are includ-
ing ourselves."

... A

- Bank On It In the years
after the Civil War,
Virginia was not an. easy
place to live. The divide
between rich and poor was

as wide as ever and the
chasm was considerably
worse for newly emanci-
pated blacks. In Richmond,
the Independent Order of
St. Luke was created, but
what started as charity'
soon became empower-
ment because of the tenac-
ity of Maggie Walker.
The daughter of ex-
slaves, Walker was born in
1867 and raised in poverty.
They lived in an alley
house supported by wages
from taking in laundry. A
gifted student, Walker fin-
ished high school at 16 and
began teaching, only to
work for the St. Luke
organization, which later
promoted her to executive
secretary. While with St.
Luke, she helped it to
establish a newspaper, a
printing press, an insur-
ance company and a col-
lege educational fund. but
at the same time, she saw
that few if any blacks knew

much about finance and
investing, and none of
them could get loans from
white-owned banks. So she
set out to convince the
community that their
money should be pooled
and lent out at a savings
In 1903, she convinced
those who would listen to
her to bring together about
$9,400 and opened the St.
Luke Penny Savings Bank,
becoming the first woman
of any race to preside over
a savings institution at a
time when only a handful
of women held power in
corporations. "We need a
savings bank," she said.
"Chartered, offered and
run by the men and women
of this order. Let us have a
bank that will take nickels
and turn them into dol-
Bank customers
deposited a nickel a week
into their accounts, and the

assets continued to multi-
ply. By 1913, the bank had
collected $300,000 in
assets. By 1920, it had
helped to purchase 600
homes. In 1929 the Great
Depression struck, crip-
pling financial institutions
nationwide. But St. Luke
Savings had enough in
holdings to absorb all the
other local black-owned
banks and become
Consolidated Bank and
Trust, holding assets of
$400,000. The bank is still
headquartered in
Richmond today.
Although, she suffered
from diabetes, which
resulted in her being con-
fined to a wheelchair, she
continued as a philan-
thropist and civil rights
activist, holding executive
positions in the NAACP
and the National Urban
League until. her death in

Ida s. Wells, (July
16, 1862 March 25,
1931), later known as Ida
Wells-Barnett, was an
African American civil
rights advocate, and led a
strong cause against lynch-
ing. She was a fearless
anti-lynching crusader,
suffragist, women's rights
advocate, journalist and
Wells was born in
Holly Springs, Mississippi,
the daughter of a carpenter.

Her parents were slaves
but the family achieved
freedom in 1865. When
Wells was 16 both her par-
ents and a younger brother
died of yellow fever. At a
meeting following the
funeral, friends and rela-
tives decided that the five
remaining Wells children
should be farmed out to
various aunts and uncles.
Wells was devastated by
the idea and to keep the
family together, dropped
out of high school, and
found employment as a
teacher in a local Black
In 1880, Wells moved
to Memphis, where she
continued teaching. During
the summer sessions, she
attended Fisk University in
Nashville. Wells held

strong political opinions
and she upset many people
with her views on women's
rights. When she was 24,
she wrote, "I will not begin
at this late day by doing
what my soul abhors; sug-
aring men, weak deceitful
creatures, with flattery to.
retain them as escorts or to
gratify a revenge."
Wells became a public
figure in Memphis when in
1884 she led a campaign
against segregation on the
local railway. In 1884, she
was asked by the conduc-
tor of the Chesapeake,
Ohio & South Western
Railroad Company to give
up her seat on the train to a
white man and ordered into
the smoking or "Jim Crow"
car, which was already
crowded with other pas-

sengers. Despite the teder-
al Civil Rights Act of 1875
banning discrimination on
the basis of race, creed or
color, in theaters, hotels,
transport and other public
accommodations, several
railroad companies defied
this congressional mandate
and racially segregated
their passengers. She
refused to give up her seat
and the conductor, who
was assisted by two other
men, dragged her out of the
car. When she returned to
Memphis, she immediately
hired an attorney to sue the
railroad. She won her case
in the local circuit court,
but the railroad company
appealed to the Supreme
Court of Tennessee, which
reversed the lower court's
ruling, in 1887.

During her participa-
tion in women's suffrage
parades, her refusal to
stand in the back because
she was black resulted in
the beginning of her media
publicity. In 1889, she
became co-owner and edi-
tor of an anti-segregation-
ist newspaper based in
Beale Street in Memphis.
In 1892, however, she was
forced to leave Memphis
because her editorials in
the paper, Free Speech,
were seen as too agitating.
1892 was the same year
that she published her
famous pamphlet,
"Southern Horrors: Lynch
Law in All Its Phases". In
1895, she published A Red
Record, which document-
ed her campaign against

IN rci I I :

PaeB-8/March 31, 2007

The StarBlack Women In History,




JSO Team Up

to Fight Theft

The Northeast Florida
Builders Association has
teamed up with the
Jacksonville Sheriffs Office
to fight construction site
The plan is to develop a
reporting system that will
ensure victims provide law
enforcement officers with
construction material serial
numbers, enhancing securi-
ty at construction sites and
enlisting the help ofNEFBA
and the First Coast Crime
Stoppers tip line, where
callers can remain anony-

mous and may be eligible
for up $1,000, to aid in
Sheriff John Rutherford
said these policies will be
part of a continuing relation-
ship between the law
enforcement agency and the
trade organization.
"It's a different way of
doing business," Rutherford
said. "1 think this is really
going to go a long way."
Concern about construc-
tion site thefts peaked after
the JSO conducted
Operation Ice Cold last year
to combat air conditioning
unit thefts from homes and
businesses under construc-
tion. Rutherford said he
found it was very difficult to
prosecute the people
responsible for stealing over

Is a Serial Killer at

Work in Ft.Myers?
The discovery of eight human skeletons
in a remote, wooded area just east of down-
town has authorities quietly wondering
whether a serial killer might be at work.
Using wire screens and keen eyes, foren-
sics experts are sifting through dirt and
debris for clues. The investigation has taken
on the look of a "CSI"-like television crime
mystery -- only it won't be solved in an hour.
A forensic anthropologist is studying the
bones and reconstructing them like pieces of
a puzzle. A botanist and an entomologist
will examine plant growth and insects at the
site to determine how long the remains have
been there. And detectives wait for answers.
Who are they? Were they murdered? And
if so, is there a mass killer on the loose?
Theories abound from a shady crematori-
um dumping bodies to an old cemetery, but

Early Morning Shots into

Home of Sleeping Family

Another Northwest
Jacksonville home was
recently the target of gun-
fire while both a mother
and son slept inside.
The shooting happened
on the 1800 Block of West
31st Street in the early
morning hours.
The mother, who spoke
to Channel 4 News asked to
only be identified as
Annette, said she wants to
know who's taking aim at
her home.
Annette said her house
was shot 11 ,times while she

$1 million worth of items
because the victims often
did not have serial numbers,
not just for air conditioning
units, but for many of their
construction materials.
Local building contrac-
tors say that Construction
site thefts go up when build-
ing materials prices increase
and in general economic
Rutherford said he also
plans to share arrest infor-
mation with local contrac-
tors and subcontractors to
ensure that employers know
when their own employees
are stealing.
"I have a sneaking suspi-
cion that they won't be hired
by anybody in Northeast
Florida," Rutherford said of
those responsible for thefts.

the most obvious, and frightening, is at the
forefront of investigators' minds.
"If it was a body dump by a funeral
home, they probably would have dumped
them all in one place, and these are not on
top of each other. They're spread around,"
said Karen Cooper, supervisor of the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement's Fort
Myers crime lab. "1 think we're more likely
dealing with a serial killer or something of
that nature. That's what's on the top of
people's minds."
The skeletons were found down a dirt road
in an area covered in scrub and brush in an
industrial section just a few miles from down-
town and several miles from Interstate 75.
The first was found last Friday by a sur-
veyor checking the land for potential devel-
opment. Authorities were called, and soon
seven other skeletons were discovered in a
200-yard radius. No clothing or personal
items were found; no flesh remained, just

have got seriously hurt,"
Annette said.
Eleven shots total hit the
home. From the outside, it
appeared most of the dam-
age was done to the front of
the home. However, some
of the bullets went through
Annette told Channel 4
all 11 shell casings were
found around a nearby tree,
which led investigators to
believe the shots were fired
from that area.
Annette said she doesn't
think the shooting was a
drive-by, speculating that
someone hid behind the tree
in her neighbor's yard and
fired the shots.
She said she wants who-
ever fired the shots to be

and her son were sleeping,
and that many of the bullets
flew right through the
"I heard a loud, 'Boom,
boom, boom,' Annette
The shots fired at the
home were so powerful that
they cracked the concrete.
She said she's terrified
to think someone \would
purposely shoot at her
home, but that she is thank-
ful no one was hurt.
"Me and my son
could've got hurt. We could

Local News Briefs

Jacksonville Two Jacksonville teenagers are facing
jail time, charged with trying to finance a surfing trip by
stealing more than $30,000 in items from boats and then
selling the heisted stuff online. The teens face burglary
charges and a charge of criminal mischief in a month-
long string of break-ins al ti\ e marinas and at least one
house, Assistant Chief Lonnie McDonald of the
Jacksonville Sheriffs Office said Wednesday.

Tallahassee $150,000 in a suicide prevention
money that Duval County suicide advocates consider
key to helping the county lower its high number of sui-
cides is under review by Gov. Crist. The Governor said
Wednesday he will reverse his decision last week to
eliminate the proposed program within the state Office
of Drug Control.

Duval County The County may stop holding back
middle and high school students solely because they read
poorly on standardized tests. State law requires third-
graders who score in the lowest level on the FCAT to be
held back and high school students must pass the math
and reading tests to obtain diplomas.
\ I

Harbor Pilot Avoids Disaster

Under The Sunshine Skyway

St Petersburg Harbor Pilot Tobias Rose
was navigating the 378-foot freighter
Antilles 11, filled with more than 10,000
metric tons of phosphate and heading
toward the Sunshine Skyway bridge
Wednesday when the ship's power and steer-
ing suddenly failed.
At that moment, the
Antilles II was roughly
2,000 yards from the
Skyway, where 35 peo-
ple died in 1980 after a
608-foot ship rammed .f..l. Lw*w,

So Captain Rose
decided to run the ship
aground rather than let
it veer toward the
Skyway, said Allen
Thompson, executive
director of the Tampa
Bay Pilots Association,

ing the supports.
Second are the islands of rocks built
around the biggest bridge supports in the
channel. These are designed to make a ship
run into the rocks before it could strike the

The Antilles II, a freighter carrying phosphate, is tugged away from a
sandbar near the Sunshine Skyway.

who spoke to Rose after the incident early
Wednesday. Harbor pilots guide about 5,000
large ships in and out of the Tampa port each
The Florida Highway Patrol closed the
bridge to cars and trucks early Wednesday
as a precaution, backing up traffic for miles.
It reopened it in less than two hours.
"The key thing was that he realized some
evasive action was necessary," Thompson
said. "I think he felt the only action was put
the vessel aground or risk a worst-case sce-
But another worst-case Skyway tragedy
seems unlikely, officials say.
After the May 1980 Skyway accident, a
new bridge was built, designed to try to
make sure the tragedy could not. happen
So was the bridge in danger of collapsing
again on Wednesday?
"The answer to that is that we have a sys-
tem of protections in place to prevent such a
disaster," said Pepe Garcia, an engineer with
the state Department of Transportation.
Garcia pointed to two key features:
First are the giant concrete and wood
disks called "dolphins" placed around
bridge supports. These are supposed to act
like bumpers, preventing ships from reach-

No Oil/Gas Offshore

Drilling in 250miles

Says Senate Comm.
Florida doesn't want oil and gas drilling
off its shores, and that is the message the
Senate sent to Washington when the com-
mittee unanimously approved a constitu-
tional amendment to prohibit drilling within
250 miles of the coast.
Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton, sponsor
of the bill, acknowledged that Florida only

Garcia said it's still good news the ship
did not hit either of these features, because
they could have damaged the ship and
harmed the protective features themselves.
"I'm glad that no one got hurt as far as I
understand," Garcia said. "No one in the
ship or anywhere."
A Coast Guard investigation is ongoing.
Many will remember the tragic events of
the early morning of May 9, 1980. It was
during a blinding spring squall, that the
freighter Summit Venture rammed into the
Sunshine Skyway and knocked out a 1,200-

A lone vehicle sits perilously close to the edge
after the 1980 tragedy.

foot length of the bridge across the mouth of
Tampa Bay. Thirty five people -- most of
them in a Greyhound Bus -- plunged 150
feet to their deaths.
The rebuilt bridge opened in 1987.

controls territory up to nine miles into the
Gulf of Mexico. Congress has ultimate
authority over much of the territory in ques-
tion where oil and natural gas companies
want to drill. The companies argue that
expanded drilling is necessary to alleviate
surging demand and stagnant supplies
around the world. They also said the technol-
ogy is available to make sure drilling doesn't
have a negative environmental impact.
Bennett said lie believes drilling can be
done cleanly, but thinks the emphasis takes
away from exploring alternative energy

--s--7"-crrr-(qr~ ap --- ..-


;Cohiost 'i-:!!

) 4*







8:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m.
ghlinthe Web: ww.WCGL com
st Or the Web: www.WCGL1?60.com.


a~li82i~l$l(aMinls*Fcac~a*src8nsnsap~a~l '1~1~X~PBBE~kre- ?a~JBl~rrm~s~$sl~l~B~-"



MARCH 31, 2007

PAGE(7-2ThE TARMarc 31,200

Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based
Dear Deanna!
The weather is getting warm and I find myself in a new situation.
I have never been in a relationship during the summer because I
know I'm not faithful. I've been dating someone for almost a year
but I want to end the relationship now with the possibility of
resuming the love after the summer. My girlfriend is going to be
heartbroken but I would rather do this than cheat on her as I know
I will. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?
Honest John Online-Reader

Dear Honest John:
Why don't you be faithful instead of acting like a dog in heat just because the weather gets
warm? Other than being rude and immature, there is no excuse for your actions. However,
you're being true to your nature but your girlfriend deserves better. If you know you're
going to be unfaithful, respect her and end the relationship and don't go back after you've
played in the streets. You should really try to turn a new leaf and keep your current love and
let it bloom.
* #***** ***** **l*

Dear Deanna!
I can't tell you how tired I am of watching my sister go out with bad guys. She seems to
have a magnet on her head that attracts unemployed men, drug dealers and guys that look
shady. She has access to decent men in her circle. I don't understand it. My sister has a col-
lege education, a good job and nice friends. You would think that after a while, she would
be tired of financing men, getting abused and dealing with drama. How do I get through to
Carl (Portland, OR)

Dear Carl:
Some women will overlook good guys because they seek excitement, good sex and thrills.
These relationships often crash and burn after a financial wipeout, unplanned pregnancy or
a few fights with other women. You can help by introducing her to quality men, exposing
her to positive relationships and social networking opportunities. The choice is up to her
and if she continues the "choke me, pull my hair" lifestyle, then support her and be there
when she falls.

Dear Deanna!
I'm the babysitter for my neighbor and the kid's father is starting to make hints that he
wants a relationship. He has given me flowers and we shared a bottle of wine when his wife
was out of town. He's putting pressure on me to be intimate but I don't feel comfortable in
his house. I need to talk to him to see what he wants from me and what his plans are for his
marriage. How do I have this discussion?
Stressed Babysitter (Charleston, SC)

Dear Stressed Babysitter:
The only discussion you need to have is the one asking for your check from his wife and
ending your services. This man only wants you for sex because his wife is away working
and he sees a willing babysitter. Don't be flattered by the wine because that was part of his
game to get you to give it up. You don't need to discuss anything with him except the fact
you're not interested and he needs to find another babysitter and keep it moving.
Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email:
askdeannal@yahoo.com or write: Deanna M., 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly
Hills, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeanna.com.

By Amy Caiazza, Ph.D.
Some are calling this the "new year of the woman." We have already seen one
woman, for the first time, occupy the Speaker's chair during a State of the Union address
and another emerge as the frontrunner for her party's presidential nomination. Indeed,
for women leaders in U.S. politics, things have been looking up in the last decade.
We've seen an increase in the number of women governors and the second woman to
serve as secretary of state. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice have
given us new inspiration to think about what the world might be if women were in
In large part, this debate has focused on what women's leadership might mean for
policy: Would we have universal child care? Higher quality education and universal
health care? Paid family leave? If women were really in charge -- that is, if women's
leadership, lives, and concerns were fully included in politics from the local to the
national level -- we could see even more earth-shattering change. We might see our
country pursue a set of values that would shift the focus of political debate altogether.
Women have the potential to push America to embrace values of mutuality, shared
responsibility, and concern for the weakest and most disadvantaged. America needs the
kind of leadership that women can provide.
We, as a nation, can look to myriad examples where we have fallen short: Hurricane
Katrina's aftermath, increasing levels of economic inequality and hardship, a messy
health insurance system.and the war in Iraq. Women have a long, historical, lived expe-
rience that speaks to the new perspectives and values that they can bring to these issues.
For all of the talk in recent years about "family values," it's been women who have tend-
ed to the values of our families, caring for one another and recognizing our responsibil-
ity to people other than ourselves.
We understand that self-interest and individual rights are important but cannot be the
only values that define our lives. This perspective is not'essential to being a woman, or
even exclusive to us, but it is shaped by centuries of living out our historical roles,
passed down, generation to generation, and is still often evident in how many women
talk and think about politics. While women have historically applied these values pri-
marily to our families, homes, and in service to our communities, we know on some
level that they are equally applicable, relevant, and profoundly important in public life
at its highest levels.
Now, as women take political leadership in increasing numbers, we hope to be taken
seriously in the ways we discuss and consider our policies and practices. This is a moral
vision worth aspiring to. We need women's leadership to translate it into the practice of
politics. Women can use their values to rethink policy and government in ways that
acknowledge a sense of shared responsibility and recognize that people do not have con-
trol over all aspects of their social and economic lives. This should lead a rich nation to
help its people, out of respect for basic dignity, when they have few choices in their
quest to keep body and soul together.
It's not hard to imagine what America, under the kind of women's leadership we
envision, might look like. Communities torn apart by disaster would get the resources
they need to rebuild. Schools would have the resources they need to truly ensure that no
child is left behind. We would not constantly toil to implement more tax cuts for the
wealthiest. And we would not wage war against people who are not attacking us. This
is a moral vision that could pull us together rather than tear us apart and build empathy
rather than hatred. It has very little to do with how politicians usually talk about moral
values, but may be closer to how most of us live our lives --. and how most of the
American people would have our government and politicians lead the country.
When politicians return to the mantra of moral values, we hope that women are at
the forefront of those conversations. In the 2006 congressional elections, women voters
led the call for fundamental change. Their voices should be heeded. We believe that an
infusion of women's political leadership carries the promise of refraining our policy
debates in ways that bring new and fresh ideas about the values we pursue as a country.
We believe that, given the chance to lead, women just might hold the country to a new,
and higher, moral standard.

The End of the Job
by Ester Davis
Downsizing, restructuring, buyouts, mega-mergers.
Whatever happened to laid-off, fired or not hiring? The
new language of business jargon is intriguing.
Downsizing means right-sizing. Buyout means some-
thing was wrong-sized. Jobless means de-jobbed. And
there is a genius, aka corporate hatchet man, who finds
meaning, millions and accolades for cutting 20 percent
of the workforce..(Warning! This probably will be edit-
ed out.)


It is very important to remember that there was once a time when the person was fired
and the position was kept. Today the worker and the job are fired. The job leaves home and
picks up a hitchhiker. Think of the '80s and '90s. Now, half of those jobs are gone forever.
Poof: Hocus. Pocus. Gone! And they are not coming back.
My day normally starts and ends with reading. And all that I miss, a homebound retired
pilot who reads newspapers from around the world fills in the gaps. They also have a well-
attended web prayer session at 5 a.m. every morning. Thank God!
Verizon Communications, the second-largest U.S. telephone company, and five Asian
phone companies said recently that they will build a $500 million undersea broadband
cable network that links China and the U.S. To grasp the scope of this undersea network,
you need a large atlas. The project's capacity will be more than 60 times that of the current
network, supporting the equivalent of 62 million simultaneous phone calls. So who else is
investing in this venture? Let's see, there are China Telecom, China United
Telecommunications, China.Network Group, Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom and South
Korea's KT Corp.
AT&T, of course, is not going to be left out of this competitive sport. It also is plan-
ning to expand its cable network in Asia. It is in talks with Telekom Malaysia and
Singapore's Starhub to build a cable link between the U.S. and Southeast Asia.
Now, you can see that this article is painting a picture with an antique road show frame,
worth diamond pennies for your thoughts. Realistically, the downsizing, buyouts and de-
jobbing are limited absolutely to one part of the world, don't you see? When communica-
tions move, aviation moves. When aviation moves, corporations move. When corporations
move, leisure travelers move. It's a simple global mix master without 18-wheelers.
The jobs that we have been taught to seek the jobs from which we have been con-
ditioned to expect lifetime employment, benefits, retirement packaging no longer exist.
Today, the largest private employers in the U.S. are not General Motors, General Electric
or any of those guys. The correct answer is temporary services, i.e., Manpower and Office
Duly note that while the job as we know it is disappearing, opportunities abound and
are exploding like never before. But do not look for a roadmap, textbook or dictionary. The
world and increasing technology are moving too fast to stop and write it down for you. Let
me tell you what to do. Find a machete. A what? OK, find one, and clear yourself a path-
way through this dense but profitable and ever abundant new free-enterprise jungle. Oh,
while designing the machete, don't forget that investment club.
Ester Davis is a celebrated host/producer of a No. 1-rated show on PAX-TV, Channel
68, every Saturday from 5 to 6 .m. Visit her website at "The Ester Davis Show."
copyright 2006 by Ester Davis

It IIl MI.I II N I (1 I 0I 1 IM-%]I ON,I.0 I V1I0 V H O'1SV C 140ICC ,.OHC. LH I K I I I I C... t 149.67.).

March 31, 200 7



TI'fARI-I 1.200 APG

LaVilla School of the Arts Dancers Perform at Walt
Disney World
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla The LaVilla School of the Arts Dancers became
stars of their own Disney show on March 17 when they took the stage at Magic
Kingdom Park. They traveled from Jacksonville, FL (using Straight A Tours) to the
Walt Disney World Resort to take part in Disney Magic Music Days.
Dance groups from throughout the country apply to perform each year as part of
Disney Magic Music Days. Once selected, ensembles are given the opportunity to
perform at the resort for an international audience of theme park guests.
Disney Magic Music Days is part of Disney Performing Arts Programs, which
offers band, choral, dance and auxiliary performers the opportunity to learn, perform
and compete at the Walt Disney World Resort. For more information visit
www.DisneyPerformingArts.com or call 1-800-603-0552.

Makeisha Lee is an African American health columnist, author, and lecturer. She is a
heavy researcher in the field of alternative health, with her expertise focusing on detoxifying
and cleansing the body.
Lee has received extensive training from the Longevity Medical Center in southern
California where she worked very closely with licensed Natural Health practitioners. She has
also received training from the world's top. nutritional supplement formulators.
She writes weekly columns for BlackNews.com, BlackDoctor.org, and hundreds of
African American newspapers nationwide. She also appears regularly as a guest on urban
radio stations. Lee is available to discuss popular topics amongst African Americans, such
as: 1) How to Lose Weight This Spring; 2) How to Overcome Seasonal Allergies; 3) How to
Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body; 4) What Foods To Avoid For Good Health; 5) How To
Minimize Your Risk for Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer. Makeisha Lee is based in the
Columbus, OH area. She also has a presence online at www.CleanseFormula.com,
www.GuideToCleansing.com, and www.NoMoreFadDiets.com

'let's talk about the money'
"Top 39 Ways to Make Money"
a pocketbook by Ester Davis, 2nd Printing
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The Ester Davis Show
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send those cards, letters, orders to:
Ester Davis Show
P.O. Box 222111, Dallas, TX 75222
(214) 376-9000
UPI Columnist
Thanks for making us #1



Announcements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

GOSPEL DIGITAL TUNES presents "The Bible Experience" Event,
Saturday, March 31, 2007 at the Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum in
Jacksonville, FL. The New Testament is brought to life in "The Bible
Experience" by all-star cast of some of Hollywood's greatest actors and
musicians including Blair Underwood, Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson,
Bishop T.D. Jakes, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Forest Whitaker,
Kirk Franklin! Experience the Bible and re-energize your faith with one of
the most anticipated audio recordings in years! Call (904) 224-2231 for more
THE TOTAL WOMAN CONFERENCE 2007 would like to invite you to
their FIRST ANNUAL WOMEN CONFERENCE of the Northeast Florida
Diocese Women Council. Please join us on March 31st at 5p.m. The confer-
ence will be held at Faith Temple Fellowship Ministries, 2133 Wishart St.
Please R.S.V.P. by March 24th with Elder Diane Taylor at (904) 564-9346 or
(904) 424-5792.
15 at 6 pm, Craig Hall. Free and open to the public. L. van Beethoven:
Razumovsky String Quartet No. 3. Graduation Exercises: CEW String
Program, Linda Minke, director Gustav Holst: Hammersmith Suite. Guest
Artists: Navy Band Southeast Wind Ensemble. Church of the Good
Shepherd, located at 1100 Stockton Street, Riverside Jacksonville, FL 32204,
Phone 904-346-0373. The Rev. Gerald G. Alexander, David Bowen, MM,
CLASS OF 1967 NB FORREST HIGH SCHOOL is having their 40th
Reunion, July 20-21, 2007 Crowne Plaza Downtown/Riverplace Tower.
Contact: Reunion Classics: (904) 269-5471 for registration info.
"BLOOMS GALORE and MORE" 2007 The Garden Club of
Jacksonville,Inc. is holding its second annual garden festival, "Blooms
Galore and More," the second weekend in April. This wonderful event raised
more than $8,000 last year for the club's community outreach goals, as resi-
dents from throughout the Jacksonville area came to learn about the joys of
gardening. It will be held Saturday, April 14th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Sunday, April 15th from 12 4 p.m. Admission is $3 per adult and children
under 16 get in free. Garden Clubhouse is located at 1005 Riverside Ave. For
more information, please call 904-355-4224 or email: gardenclubofjack-
be held April, llth at 10 a.m. I p.m. in the Library Courtyard, located at
3939 Roosevelt Blvd. Job seekers are invited to meet and interview with
local employers. Space for employment recruiters is on a first-come, first-
served basis and reservations are.required. Free and opened to the public. For
more information call 904-381-3594.
2207 East Seventh St., Charlotte, NC by invitation only. Boys and girls ages
10 19 are eligible to apply. Players from 50 states and 17 foreign countries
attended the 2006 camp. College basketball scholarships are possible for
players selected to the All-American Team. Camp locations include:
Glassboro, NJ, Prescott, AZ, Thousand Oaks, CA, Sterling< CO, Babson
Park, FL, Atlanta, GA, Champaign, IL, Ypsilanti, MI, Hickory, NC, Mitchell,
SD, Lebanon, TN, Commerce, TX, and Blacksburg, VA. There is also a
Summer Camp available for boys and girls ages 6 18 of all skill levels. For
a free brochure on these Summer Camps, please call 704-373-0873.
April 2nd Boys and Girls Clubs of Noetheast Florida will offer Summer
camp at 11 Clubs throughout Duval, Nassau and St. Johns counties. All clubs
are open from 9a.m. to 6p.m., Monday through Friday during the Summer.
Summer camp begins May 29th and ends on August 16th. Prices range for
each club location. Early bird drop-off is available from 7-9 a.m. for a fee of
$10 per week, per child, for more information visit BGCNF web site at
www.bgcnf.org and click Summer Camps 2007 or call (904) 396-4435.
COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR At the Greater Refuge Temple, located at
1317 Rowe Ave. Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There
will be FREE Screenings for: Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol,. BMI,
Crdiovascular Disease, HIV/AIDS, Glaucoma & Visual Acuity and
Osteoporosis. FREE Education: Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Sickle Cell,
Asthma, and Stroke. FOOD and Nutrition: A certified Nutritionist will pres-
ent a cooking demonstration and lecture on healthy eating. BLOOD DRIVE,
*FREE Physician Consultations and FREE Lunch. For more information, call
(904) 768-4009.
THE MISS TEEN CHRISTIAN PAGEANT is in it's 6 year and all ladies
between the ages of 15-19 are welcome. Their will be a Meet and Greet meeting
at the Regency Branch Library located at 9900 Regency Square Blvd on April 21,
2007. The time will be from 12:30 2:00 p.m. For more information and appli-
cation Please contact Shenita Johnson @ (904) 241-9529


To Place An Ad:

CALL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673



MACHRFJ 31.20670


FAMU Grad Named to the

School's Board of Trustees

An Tallahassee lawyer
with roots at Florida A&M
University was appointed to
the FAMU board of trustees
Tuesday by Gov. Charlie
Governor Crist has
appointed Daryl D. Parks of
Tallahassee to the Board of
Trustees, Florida A&M
"Daryl is an energetic
and hardworking person
who cares a great deal about
the future of Florida A&M
University," said Governor
Crist. "He approaches life
with a great attitude and will
carry his enthusiasm into
this position."
Daryl Parks, 38, is an
attorney with Parks &

Crump, LLC. He serves on
the Board of Directors for
the Florida A&M

; t

Daryl D. Parks

University Foundation and
the Florida A&M
University Boosters. Mr.
Parks graduated from
Florida A&M University

Creative Mailing Concepts
can handle from 5000 to
15000 pieces, let us help you
save time and money.


Addressing. Tabbing .Inserting
Handwork Folding Presort
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Business or Name List
Resident or Specialty Lists


and Florida State
University College of Law.
He will succeed Jesse
Tyson and is appointed for
a term beginning upon con-
firmation by the Florida
Senate and ending January
6, 2011.
"I appreciate Governor
Crist allowing me the
opportunity to serve the
university in this capacity,"
said Mr. Parks. "I will work
with the other members of
the -board of trustees to
ensure that Florida A&M
remains one of the premiere
universities in our state."
The Board of Trustees,
Florida A&M University, is
charged with adopting nec-
essary rules for the proper
operation of the university.
The board implements rules
in accordance with or in
addition to rules recom-
mended by the State Board
of Education.

For more details contact us
Tel (904) 384-1340

"- ,
~~ ~~ ,. "..... ,'.

From Buckets to Business

Shaq Remains a Big Winner

Following in the foot-
steps of Dave Bing, Magic
Johnson, Michael Jordan
Sand other athletes-turned-
entrepreneurs, Shaquille
O'Neal already has inter-
,ests that run from athletic
shoes and clothing to a
chain of fitness clubs and
even two-dozen coin-oper-
ated car washes in Florida.
"I didn't do it for the
change," he says of the lat-
ter, "1 did it for the proper-
ty, and I'm making a
But his most ambitious
venture to date is taking
shape outside the restau-
rant's window, which looks
out on to the same water-
way through which Miami
Vice's Crockett and Tubbs
once raced their speedboats
in pursuit of drug traffick-
Along its shores are,
glass and steel condos,
including the skeleton of
one Metropolitan Miami
that O'Neal's new prop-
erty company is erecting
with a local developer.
When it is completed, the
$1bn project will have
1,143 condominiums in two
towers anchored by a gour-
met grocery store and a 24
Hour Fitness Shaq Sport
Club. It will also include
office space and a hotel.
O'Neal will not say how
much money he has con-
tributed to the project, but
he is quick to brush aside
recent talk that Miami's
property bubble is about to

burst. "The property busi-
ness is where it's at because
you can't make no more
earth," he says.
It turns out that he began
on a small and sentimental
scale, buying and renovat-
ing "fixer-uppers" (proper-
ties in a bad state of repair)
more than a decade ago in

those early extravagances
and his bold public image,
Shaq-the-investor turns out
to have a surprisingly con-
servative streak. One of the
first things he did when he
entered the league after
clearing up his parents' debt
was to buy government
bonds. Then he bought

his native Newark, New
Jersey. "When I was grow-
ing up, it was the most
beautiful place in the world.
Now it's entirely different,"
he says of the rusting town,
which was once an industri-
al hub but is now better
known for its spiralling
murder rate.
O'Neal graduated to
building strip malls when
he moved to Los Angeles to
play for the Lakers, then on
to apartment buildings and
now the multi-tower devel-
opment down the street. He
announces with trademark
bravura that his plan "is to
be one of the biggest devel-
opers in the world a la my
good friend Donald
In fact, when he struck
the deal, O'Neal says
Trump called him to offer
congratulations: "He said:
'Dammit, Shaq! We're
friends, but now we're
While he might share
Trump's ego and ambition,
O'Neal tells says that he did
not grow up \ itlh money.
His father was an army drill
sergeant who had to take
odd jobs, such as cutting
grass and driving trucks, to
help make ends meet. Like
other star athletes, O'Neal
had to manage the sudden
transition from humble
background to immense
"For the first three or
four years I had fun," he
says, admitting that he
bought dozens of cars and
other toys. "I didn't really
lose any money, I just wast-
ed a lot." But in spite of

annuities for himself and his
siblings. "I said to myself:
'In case I do get crazy and
get out of control, let me get
this insurance with these
annuities and then, when I
turn 40, I can still get a
check,'" he says.
Through it all, O'Neal
says, his guiding principle
has been never to get in over
his head, and to surround
himself with knowledgeable
professionals. "You've got
to have a Dwyane Wade
lawyer, a Kobe Bryant
accountant, a Tracy
McGrady developer," he
says, naming three of the
NBA's best players. "I've
always done that, and that's
how I've been smart."
Surely there must have
been one business blunder, I
.insist? The closest thing he
will admit to was a plan to
sell sneakers on the internet.
The idea was that con-
sumers would be able to
customize their footwear
online, choosing their own
colors and styles. It did not
really pan out. "We broke
even, but I realized that
when I first considered the
project, I didn't think it all
the way through because
not everyone has a comput-
er and not everyone has a
credit card," he says.
But even that experience
had a silver lining, accord-
ing to O'Neal, because it
brought him into the arms
These days, the world's
largest retailer moves a high
proportion of the roughly
nine million pairs of Shaq-
branded sneakers sold each

Regional News Briefs

Seminole, FL In a mixed ruling for Florida's trans-
gendered community, a state circuit judge Wednesday
dismissed a Seminole man's request to halt alimony pay-
ments because his ex-wife had a sex change.

Zephyrhills, FL Two men have been arrested and
another is being sought in connection with the rapes of
'two Pasco women, the Pasco County Sheriffs Office
announced Thursday. Jathniel Jordan McMichael, 18, of
Zephyrhills was charged late Wednesday. A 17-year-old
who police believe was the driver during the assault
turned himself in this week at the Land O'Lakes jail.
^~ I

Shaquille O'Neal


MARCH 31, 2007



MARCH.31. 00.STA

zJi. FeCe(

It will be all over be by the time 1 sit down to write'
this column next week. The NCAA Champs will have
been crowned and everyone will be talking golf and
green jackets. So here's how I see it going down.
The schedule guys were smart to save the Gators for
the late game. The classic rematch of last year and the
best game of the tournament.
Bottom line hang-on for a'great weekend of bball,
Gators over the Buckeye's by 8 points.

AP All-Americans
I had to go back and read it three times. I even took
my glasses off and cleaned them but it read the same.
There it was, Al Horford All American.
Third Team.
I thought it was bad enough two weeks ago when the
Coaches' All-American relegated Joakim and Al to the
second team. But third team?
Could I be that far off, has Gator fever effected my
common sense, I dunno.
So I went on-line to see where the pundits and prog-
nosticators put big Al in the NBA lottery. Most sites
have Horford from 3rd to 5th with Noah at 6th or 7th.
Not surprising was that Corey Brewer was in several top
Does that mean I'm right and that Horford belongs on
the first team. No, it only means that people have differ-
ent opinions. Maybe the All-American balloting should
take place after the NCAA Tournament since the top tal-
ents usually get a chance to play with top talents.

Billy Donovan'
The top Gator University of Florida President
Bernie Machen has made it clear that a shortage of
long green will not be the problem when it comes time
to talk with Billy Donovan about a contract extension.
Machen left no room for doubt when he said "he
owes it to himself to look at the Kentucky job, if they
offer, but we're not going to lose him to anybody."
This is not "show me the money" so what does
Kentucky have to offer. The Wildcat alumni is demand-
ing to a fault. The honeymoon and UK is measured in
weeks not years. Lose 10 games in a season ard you
are a tattooed 'loser.'
Donovan can only expect one advantage in
Lexington. There would be no competition from the
football team.
If the Gators win their second straight NCAA basket-
ball title this weekend and Urban Myer only goes 7-4
next season with the Tebow Express, it won't change
things. The University of Florida is now and always will
be, a football school!
There was also the rumor this week that the Miami
Heat was interested in Billy. Maybe Rick Pitino can
offer Billy some words of wisdom about coaching at the
prima-donna level as compared to the college boys.
Maybe if Tubby Smith hadn't decided that Corey
Brewer the 6-foot-9, 185-pounds of dynamite from
Tennessee., couldn't make it as a Wildcat, we wouldn't
even be having this conversation.
SBut here we are and my bet for Kentucky is
Marquette's Tom Crean but I wouldn't recommend the
job to anyone.
The other interesting rumor floating around is that the
Wildcats are using the same search firm that brought
Tubby to Lexington and negotiated his departure -
to find his replacement.
Is that triple dipping or what!
K- 2

Gators Need Two!

Corey Brewer sat
smiling in the victori- .Gat Play U A t 8
ous Florida locker Gators Play UCLA at 8:40
room Sunday after- National Championship Ga
noon at the Edward
Jones Dome, Brewer
and his teammates
admitted the weight of
being the defending
national champion had.
been resting heavily
on their shoulders. But
as Florida celebrated
its 85-77 win over
Oregon in the
Midwest Region final,
and its second straight
trip to the Final Four, The Florida Gators celebrate after win-
the weight suddenly ning the NCAA Midwest Regional Final
seemed lessened. at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.
"I'm going to let
ya'll know we're enjoying this win," said Brewer, the junior
forward who had 14 points and five rebounds. "We're in the
Final Four. It's still a little pressure because we still got to
win two more games. But the wait is over. We're back in the
Final Four."
Florida plays UCLA in the second game Saturday in a
rematch of last year's NCAA Tournament championship.
Ohio State and Georgetown do battle in the opening game.
The Gators are the first defending national champion to
reach the Final Four since Michigan State in the 2000/2001
"I just really think about this and appreciate the opportu-.
nity that we're getting," junior forward Al Horford said.
"Not a lot of teams get a chance to do this again."
After a seesaw first half, Florida led by as many as 10
with 8:16 remaining in the second half, but had to withstand
a late rally. The Ducks made a game of it when the pulled to

Vandy's Stallings

Open to Offer

From Michigan
The Michigan search to
replace Tommy Amaker's is
underway. Rumors are that
the school has set their tar-
get on Vanderbilt's Kevin
Stallings, a Purdue grad.
Stallings has reportedly
told Michigan officials that
he's interested but he will
not go do a formal interview
process of any kind.
In other words, if
Michigan wants Stallings it
must make an offer soon
and without the circus that
would accompany a public
flirtation. Otherwise, he's
out and content to stay at
Vanderbilt. Stallings just
completed his eighth season
at Vanderbilt by leading the
Commodores to the Sweet
16, where they lost a heart-
breaker at the buzzer to

Sports Briefs

Phoenix, AZ NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hopes to hand down disciplinary
measures within 10 days of meeting with Tennessee cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones
and Cincinnati receiver Chris Henry. Jones has talked to police in 10 separate incidents
since being drafted in April, 2005 and has been arrested five times. On Monday, Las
Vegas police recommended prosecutors file a felony charge of coercion and misde-
meanor charges of battery and threat against Jones, stemming from a Feb. 19 strip club
fight and shooting. Henry is among nine Bengals players arrested in less than a year. He
had four arrests in 14 months, including marijuana possession, a weapon charge and a
drunken-driving count that resulted in a guilty plea to reckless operation of a vehicle.

Birmingham, AL This much Jeff Gordon knows for sure: His life will change dra-
matically when his daughter is born this summer. And maybe, just maybe, his NASCAR
career won't seem quite so important. "I think it's going to be one of two things: It's either
going to make me work that much harder and appreciate racing that much more and
enjoy it that much more," Gordon said. "Or it's.going to make me go, 'I don't even want
to do this.'"

Decatur, IL. Chicago Bears fan Scott Wiese is no Peyton Manning after all. Macon
County Judge Katherine McCarthy ruled this week that Wiese can't'legally call himself
Peyton Manning because it would be too confusing and might infringe on the privacy of
the Indianapolis Colts quarterback.That's fine by Wiese. The 26-year-old was only try-
ing to change his name to make good on a bet he lost when the Colts beat Ilie Bears in
the Super Bowl.

Los Angeles, CA Freshman Greg Oden of Ohio 'I.iIC and Kevin D)irant of Texas
are among the five finalists for the John R. Wooden A\ nd presented to ,IIlleL') basket-
ball's outstanding player, Oilir-. invited to the presentation al ilit Los Angeles Athletic
Club are NC's Tyler 11.iii-,litlig Texas A&M's Acie Law IV, and Wisconsin's Alando
; t TA

The Masters

Are Ready

Phil Mickelson and Tiger
Woods already have a life-
time of memories from the
Masters and there is nothing
to suggest their collective
achievements at Augusta

im Tonight For Shot At The

ame Monday Night in Atlanta

.,-" M k-M-.K-- a
Florida's Lee Humphrey holds the
championship trophy next to team-
mates Chris Richard and Al Horford

within four on a 3-
pointer by guard
Tajuan Porter with
17.2 seconds remain-
ing, but Florida hit 4
of 6 free throws to
seal the win.
Billy Donovan
said "Our guys battled
and played and it's not
always pretty just
because teams, the
way they are coming
out and playing us,
but these guys just to
continue to battle and
compete and play. I'm
very, very proud of

For much

of the

nents tried to shut down UF's perimeter with prolific 3
point shooters Lee Humphrey and Taurean Green leav-
ing the frontcourt of Joakim Noah and Horford to dominate.
The third-seeded Ducks made a critical decision to dou-
ble down on the frontcourt, which proved costly. Green and
Humphrey combined for 44 points (23 for Humphrey, 21 for
Green) and were 13-for-27 from the field and 11-for-21 from
3-point range. And while Horford was held to six points and
Noah 14, Donovan said their ability to get the Ducks' front-
court in foul trouble two fouled out and guard Aaron
Brooks had four fouls was a key that won't show up on
the stat sheet.
"I feel like we gave them too many 3-point shots in the
game," Oregon coach Ernie Kent said.
The Gators held Porter, who had 33 points Friday against
UNLV, to two field goals (10 points). Brooks had a game-
high 27.

National Golf Club won't
continue to expand.
With the field set for 97
players, the two golfers,
winners of five of the last
six Masters, are likely to be
in the hunt.
Mickelson will defend
his title this year. He has
won the Green Jacket twice

in three years.
Woods is

FSU Starts New Streak

With 4 Wins Last Week

The No. 1 Seminoles picked up where
they left off and started a new win streak
last week with a three game sweep of
Boston College at home followed by a
Tuesday night win at home over JU.
The Noles started this new streak with
an 5-1 win over Boston College in ACC
play. Bryan Henry looked strong going
eight innings and striking out 10 batters as
he improved his record to 8-0. Dennis
Guinn paced the Seminole offense going
4-for-4 with a career high three doubles.
The win kept FSU perfect in ACC play.
Saturday night Senior Michael Hyde
set a season high as he threw seven innings
allowing just two runs and no walks
upping his record to 8-0. After allowing
two runs in the top of the first, Hyde shut
the Eagles down for the next six innings.
FSU completed its sweep of Boston
College Sunday afternoon behind the hit-
ting of Dennis Guinn who came up just a
single short of hitting for the cycle.
Seminole starter Ryan Strauss carried a no-
hitter into the seventh inning picking up
his sixth win.as Florida State dowfied
Boston College 7-0.
Guinn had his second big game of the
weekend in the finale. The junior outfield-
er recorded six extra base hits in the series,
four of which were doubles, and reached
base all five times on Sunday. Guinn
slugged 1.600 for the weekend and batted
.700 on top of knocking in four RBIs.
This puts the Seminoles at 26-1 for the
season and 6-0 in the ACC..

150 miles to the Southeast, the strug-
gling Gators gained some traction and
picked up three conference wins in a 3-
game visit to Auburn.
In the Friday night game Freshman
.Cole Figueroa snapped a 7-7 tie with a
two-out RBI single in the 10th to lift

a four-time

Florida to an

winner and it's the tenth
anniversary of his historic
1997 victory when, as a 21-
year-old first-year profes-
sional, he displayed a brand
of golf that was, in a word,
Woods won by the
unlikely total of 12 strokes
with a 270 total, setting
records at every turn along
the way.

8-7 victory over No. 21

Saturday the Gators won a slugfest
using a seven-run, seventh-inning outburst
to hand the Plainsmen a 12-9 setback
before 2,917 fans at Plainsman Park.
Gator Chris Petrie had a career-high 4-
for-4 with two runs, Brian Leclerc went 3-
for-5 with a pair of RBIs and a couple of
runs. Freshman Matt den Dekker snapped
a 6-6 tie with a bases-loaded two-run sin-
gle and notched three RBIs. Junior Josh
Edmondson matched a career-high with
4.2 innings ofrelief, giving up five hits and
one earned run, to move to 2-1 on the sea-
The gators completed the sweep with a
10-3 triumph on Sunday. Matt LaPorta
went 4-for-4, drove in four runs and
launched a pair of homers for his fifth
career multi-HR game.
The Gators added a 5-3 win over
Bethune-Cookman to end their perfect
This week the Gators (14-13/4-2) jour-
ney to Athens for a weekend series with
the Georgia Bulldogs.

The FAMURattlers (1-25) continued
their slide this week dropping three to
Bethune Cookman this past week.
FAMU opened MEAC play in Daytona
Beach Saturday with a doubleheader set-
back to defending champion Bethune-
Cookman University, 17-4 and 4-2 at
Jackie Robinson Stadium.
The Rattlers team dropped a razor-thin
8-7 decision to Bethune-Cookman in the
finale of a three-game series Sunday after-
This week USF and NCA&T.

The UN Ospreys (11-18) lost 2 of 3 to
East Tennessee State this week.
They split a twin bill Saturday drop-
ping the first 5-0 and winning the backed
The ospreys came out on the short end
of a 6-0 sutout Sunday.


ALAIRCHI 31, 20077


Your ely Horo scopFrom Actual Police Reports
our Weekly HoroscpeHH ou Hear About
Did You Hear About?

(Aries March 21st thru
April 19th) The key to a
- .--. happy beginning
of the week -- a
week that's full
of accomplish-
ment? Look at the long
view, and look at your expe-
riences in the larger context
of the world around you.
Everything's interconnect-
ed, after all. Around
Wednesday and Thursday,
some time alone is time well
spent; you need to think
now. There's something
going on beneath the sur-
face, so uncover it. From
Friday afternoon through
the weekend, you're raring
to go -- anything exciting
and different will match
your mood, and meeting
new people brings great
opportunities of all kinds.
(Taurus- April 20th thru
May 20th) Keep an eye out
Sfor anything and
anyone a bit dif-
ferent at the
Beginning of the
week. A fire drill, a chance
encounter with a stranger, a
chance to try something
you've never done -- they're
all windows of potential
transformation. Jump
through! Around
Wednesday and Thursday,
remember that an important
part of relationships is let-
ting people have space and
letting them be themselves.
Offer open-ended -support,
and you'll be beloved.
You've got charm to bur
from Friday afternoon
through the weekend, and
luckily you've also got the
smarts to see who's genuine
and who's putting on an act.
(Gemini May 21st thru
June 21st) Being thrifty at
the beginning of
the week gives
you a bit of a
creative chal-
lenge, and it also gives you
a little extra for a future plan
or splurge. Make your own
lunch and make your own
fun. You're quick with ideas
and have the stamina to
carry them out around
Wednesday and Thursday.
Progress abounds! On
Friday and Saturday, watch
out for some sort of interfer-
ence -- a misunderstanding,
a busybody, something get-
ting lost in the shuffle. Be
clear and concise. Sunday's
a dreadful, bad-hair, bad-
mood day. Not really --
that's an April fools joke!
The stars send you extra
sexiness now. Make the
most of it!
(Cancer June 22nd thru
July 22nd) Your nice little
..... home environ-
ment is subject
y. *'./: to disruptions at
the beginning of
the week. For you, this can
be very unsettling, so plan
soothing activities out in the
world (like a massage or
your favorite walk perhaps).
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, hesitation isn't
wimpy, it's smart. Gather
more information, and get a
consultation from a cowork-
er or a friend. When in
doubt, just say no. Expect a
little tension between your
social life and private time
from Friday afternoon
through the weekend. There

are lots of demands on you
now; set good priorities and
take care of yourself.

(Leo July 23rd thru
August 22) The beginning
of the week may
seem like a funny
time for
romance, but
love works in mysterious
ways. Be ready to rearrange
your schedule accordingly!
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, others may be
satisfying on the surface,
but you want to know more.
Delve deeper and increase
your understanding expo-
nentially. Then, from Friday
afternoon through the week-
end, you've got the kind of
adventurous, fun energy that
makes all sorts of things
happen. Decide what you
want and go. for it -- or just
follow your own sweet
instincts. Take your time.
(Virgo August 23rd thru
September 22nd) If indeci-
sion strikes at
the beginning of
the week, look to
those you
admire and respect. (Think:
Who do I know who makes
really, really good deci-
sions?) They'll be happy to
help, and you'll be glad you
asked. Around Wednesday
and Thursday, feed your
head -- you'll be bored and
restless if you're not learn-
ing or doing new things.
Meeting new people is extra
fun now, too. From Friday
afternoon through the week-
end, life may involve inter-
ruptions and assorted
delays. Find a way to kick-
start a situation or bring a
book to while away the time
in a meaningful way.
(Libra September 23rd
thru October 22nd) Don't
put off until
tomorrow what
you can do on
Monday and
Tuesday, which look to be
terrific days for.you across
the board. You've got plenty
of energy for accomplishing
tons at work -- and after
hours, you're hot! Around
Wednesday and Thursday,
though, work issues may
occupy a lot of your atten-
tion. Keep your priorities
(more money? More free
time? Doing good? Making
a name for yourself?) in the
front of your mind. From
Friday afternoon through
the weekend, your balanc-
ing act is beautiful -- brains
and beauty, talking and lis-
tening, and much, much
(Scorpio October 23rd
thru November 21st)
You're close,
'f '' but you're just
... not quite get-
ting it at the
beginning of the week.
Whether it's a work issue
or an interpersonal matter,
you need to keep looking
to find the right solution.
Around Wednesday and
Thursday, however, you're
finding what you've
sought -- and more, if the
stars have their say. Your
personal power is peak-
ing, and all sorts of oppor-
tunities are knocking,
even romantic ones. But
watch out for getting too
caught up in something
that may be fleeting from

Friday afternoon through
the weekend. Be wise and
look at the long tenn.

(Sagittarius November
22nd thru December 21st)
Make your own
fun at the begin-
ning of the week,
and you'll make
the world much brighter for
those around you, too -- not
to mention that they'll love
you. Just be sure you're tak-
ing time with decisions
now. Around Wednesday
and Thursday, you're in a
more serious mode, and
rightfully so. You've got
something to sort out, and
the sooner the better. From
Friday 'afternoon through
the weekend, however, the
good times start rolling
again. If you throw in some
fresh scenes and fresh
faces, the momentum's
gonna get pretty unstop-
pably great.
(Capricorn December
22nd thru January 19th)
Dive in arid
S keep busy at the
Beginning of the
week. Getting
something going, whether*
at work or elsewhere, is
easy now -- just be subtle
about it. There will be plen-
ty of time for horn-tooting
later! Around Wednesday
and Thursday, get organ-
ized, both in terms of your
physical surroundings and
your headspace. Figure out
where those feelings are
coming from and move for-
ward with personal power.
You're not one to give up
easily, so avoid doing so
from Friday afternoon
through the weekend --
though you might need to
slow down to succeed. It's
counterintuitive, but it just
might work.
(Aquarius-January 20th
thru February 18th) Your
nemesis could
-. ,. become. your
best friend or
greatest ally at
the beginning of the week,
or you might find that you
suddenly like something
you've always hated. Give it
a whirl and transform your
world. Around Wednesday
and Thursday, your differ-
ent, deeper perspective may
be at odds with that of those
around you. Will you tell
them about it or keep it to
yourself? Everything's
more in balance from
Friday afternoon through
the weekend, and you'll
love parties, groups and
games now. Plan something
that puts together all three
and you'll be an all-star.
(Pieces February 19th
and March 20th) The heck
with the status
quo as the week
'. begins -- you've
got a bigger, bet-
ter idea, and it's time to
enact it. If money's
involved, however, make
sure you're not taking too
big of a risk. Around
Wednesday and Thursday,
be watchful and dig around
a little. You can find out
something now that'll really
come in handy, whether it's
work-related or interperson-
al. Speaking of work, take
time off from Friday after-
noon through the weekend -
or at least try to stay away
from your boss. Meanwhile,

when it comes to relation-
ships, consider carefully
how the things you say
come aCross.

WHY THE DOG'S HEAD? Officer S. was dis-
patched to the 5700 block of Colbert Dr. where he
met with Ms. L.(victim from last week), her
boyfriend, suspect Mr. K and a juvenile witness, son
of Ms. L. During the investigation, the witness made ?
statements that he observed the suspect, "chop off a ?
dog's head with a long kind of knife." The witness
was separated from the victim and the suspect and'
questioned. the witness.stated that some time 1st
week, the suspect took one of the dogs in the woods
next to the residence. According to the witness, he
followed the suspect into the woods but was told by the suspect to "go back to
the house." The witness started back through the woods and heard the animal
"screaming." the animal's head was positioned on a tree branch on the ground. I
was led through the wood s by the witness to the location where the incident took
place. I observed a tree branch with what appeared to be blood next to a covered
area of leaves and a blood soaked material. Animal control was called to the
scene. The dog's decomposing body was found, but not the head. Suspect Mr. K
denied killing the dog stating, "I didn't do anything to that dog." He was arrest-
ed and taken to Pre-Trial Detention for booking.

FIANCE- An Officer was dispatched to the 14500 block of Hyatt Rd., in refer-
ence to a dispute. Upon his arrival, he made contact with witness #1, Ms. M, who
advised that she answered the telephone and the caller on the telephone advised
that she is the mother of the victim's child, and she asked Ms. M. to pass along
a message. Ms. M stated that the suspect asked her to tell the victim that "he is
going to die." The officer then made contact
with the listed victim, Mr. H., who advised
K. that the suspect is his child's mother. Mr. H.
stated that the suspect was mad with him
because he found out about the suspect sleep-
ing with her cousin's fiance. Mr. H. also
advised that he and the suspect got into a ver-
bal argument over their child falling and get-
ting hurt. Mr. H. advised that he does not think
that the suspect would cause him physical
harm, but he feels that she may have a relative
or friend try to hurt hiM. The victim was given a Case Information Card.

MONEY MADE HIM DO IT An officer was dispatched to the 1100 block of
West 22nd St., in reference to a report of a battery with injury. Upon arrival he
made contact with Mr. LF, suspect. He stated that he and his uncle by blood,
were fighting at their home over money. The suspect stated that Mr. KL, vic-
tim#1 tried to run him over with a car, but he threw a branch at the car. That's
when he said the victim got out of the car and hit him in the face with his fist and
ran. Mr. LF declined all medical treatment and to have his photo taken. The sus-
pect was arrested and read the Miranda rights. While he was being arrested, he
stated that "he beat his uncle donkey-kong style."

HIS MUSIC WAS HEARD OVER 100 FT An officer observed a suspect
driving his vehicle southbound on Cleveland Rd., playing his vehicle's radio
loud enough to hear a hundred feet away. As the vehicle approached 30th St. he
drove southbound in the northbound lane.
He'almost hit another motorist. When he
tried to make a right turn onto Division, he
clipped the curb, then made a wide turn from
center of the lane of travel to a complete
stop. The officer made contact with the driV- ,
er, he, immediately noticed a strong odor of .
alcohol on the suspect's breath and an odor
of aftershave coming from the person. The
suspect's speechwas slurred and when he .
was asked to that the exercise test he said he
didn't want to take it and make a fool of
himself. He was placed under arrest and
transported to PTDF. The suspect was polite and cooperative.

RANCH SAUCE AS A WEAPON An officer was dispatched to the 700 block
of Prospect St., in reference to a simple battery and criminal mischief that
occurred at a restaurant. Upon his arrival he spoke to Victim FT. Ms. FT advised
him that she and her friends were at the restaurant when an unknown suspect
attempted to talk to her. Ms. T. advised she told him to leave her alone and that
is when he became very angry calling her a "bit-- and a wh_re." She further
advised the man spit on her as she was walking out of the door. Ms. T. stated she
threw her Ranch sauce at the man, hitting him in the neck, and that is when he
rand outside, grabbed the rear passenger window, and pulled it out. She advised
the man got into a white Buick and fled the area.

ON CAMERA An officer was dispatched
to a restaurant in the 4400 block of Rosevelt
Blvd. regarding employee theft. Upon his
arrival, he was met by the complainant/gen-
S eral manager, who stated the suspect
S /employee Mr. Harrison stole $25.00. The
Complainant showed the officer the video
tape that was taken while the suspect was
..':: taking the money and putting it in his pocket.
He was arrested and given an attorney card.
^^e *


il 4

I I :1

MARCH~31, 2007


rt A iCTM V1" 4



MARCH 31, 2007



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Attached Garage
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Gina Torres Shines in

I Think I Love My Wife

By Rych McCain,
Photos 2007 by
Andre' B. Murray/
Her striking beauty is
undeniable and her
pleasant, calm personali-
ty is infectious when you
are in her presence. Such
was the case as I sat
across from actress Gina
Torres for a recent inter-
view for her latest movie
I Think I Love My Wife.
She plays Brenda
Cooper, the spouse of
Richard Cooper played
by, Chris Rock. The
movie centers on a way-
ward husband who is
having a mid-life crisis
and his wife is the type
of woman that he can't
live without but is hav-
ing a problem living
with her.
Torres is a veteran
actress with heavy tele-
vision credits. She was
born in Manhattan, the
youngest of three chil-
dren to Afro-Cuban par-
ents. She attended both
the Fiorello H.
LaGuardia High School
of Music & Art and
Performing Arts and the
New York City High
School of Music and Art,
where she trained as a
mezzo soprano in opera.
She also sang jazz and
performed in a gospel
choir. Torres was voted
one of People Espafiol's
"25 Most Beautiful" in
2003 and People
Espafiol's "50 Most
Beautiful" in 2004. She
recently completed
shooting three independ-
ent film features i.e.,
JAM, which follows 18
travelers stranded after a
car accident; South Of

Pico, which casts her as
an emotionally isolated
waitress who witnesses a
deadly accident and the
political thriller Five
Fingers, where she por-
trays Aicha, a terrorist
Islamic woman, opposite
her real life husband
Laurence Fishburne. She
and Fishburne met on the
set of The Matrix and
were married in New
York City in September of
2002. The couple is
expecting their first child
in June.
Torres won the ALMA
Award for Outstanding
Lead Actress in a
Syndicated Drama Series
for her role in Cleopatra
2525 and was nominated
for the International Press
Academy's Golden
Satellite Award for Best
Performance by an
Actress in a Supporting
Role in a Series, Drama,
for her role as Jasmine in
Angel. Her recent televi-
sion appearances include
a multi-episode arc on
FX's "The Shield," play-
ing Academy Award win-
ning actor Forest
Whitaker's ex-wife Sadie
and a return to ABC's
"Alias" as the popular
super villain, Russian
agent Anna Espinosa. She
can also be seen in the
new Fox series
"Standoff," a hostage
negotiation drama which
casts her as the head of
the Los Angeles Crisis
Negotiation Unit.
In getting back to the
subject of cheating from
her new movie, Torres is
asked weather Rock's
character is really cheat-
ing since he never had
physical sex or contact
with Nikki (played by
Kerry Washington).
"It is definitely an
emotional affair," she

Torres at the Hair Show premiere.

Laurence & Luina lorres I-shburne

responds. "Whether bodi-
ly fluids are being
exchanged or not, at that
stage in the game it really
doesn't matter because he
is spending time and
investing all of this emo-
tional energy with this
person. I remember talk-
ing to someone a long
time ago and they said the
definition of cheating was
who are you sharing the
stuff with that makes a
marriage special and inti-
mate? If you are infiltrat-
ing and compromising
that area of your life with
somebody, then yeah, you
are cheating."
What did Torres cher-

ish most about playing
this role? She laughs.
"I loved and wanted
the opportunity to play
something other than the
badass, capable woman.
It was incredibly intrigu-
ing and also sort of time-
ly for me to be some-
body's wife and mother,
to show a different side,
a softer side and a
woman that doesn't have
all of the answers. That
was the biggest draw for
Judging from what
we have seen so far,
Mrs. Torres-Fishbure is
definitely a force to be
reckoned with.

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ESPN 148 34 College GameDay From Atlanta. College Basketball 2007 Slam Dunk and 3-Point Contest (CC) NBA Basketball Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls (S Live) (CC) MLB Baseball
FAM '43 23 Sabrina-Wilch ISarina-Witch Head Over Heels 120011 Monica Poner, Freddie Prinze Jr (CC) ** Bring It On (2YO) Comerayi Kirsien DunlI Elia Duh.u iCui jBring It On- All or Nothing ,06
IHBO 2 201 *** Walk the Line 12005E J,,quin Pfhonix ( I** Batman Begins 12005 AcLioni Chrslian Bale. Michael Caine f (ClO; ** Just Friends 12005) Ryan Rsynolds, Amr Smin ar ('CC.
SLIFE 18 28 ** Dead in a Heartbeat 1200i Innocent Victims (1996 Drama) Rick Schroler. Hal Holbrook A condemnrie man a parents and lawyers eight save hirim (CC) [The Stranger Beside Me (19951
NICK 42 41 Nakea Brothers Naked Brothers Naked Brolhers Naked Brothers INeds School INeds School INeds School INed's School SpongeBob SpongeBob ISpongeBob SpongeBob
SPIKE 61 371H:.rsepower TV MuscleCar er Xtreme4x44 Trucks' i i ueCCi Summer Rental (1985) John Canyy. Richard Crenna i' Beverly Hills Cop I 11111994) Edde Murphy, Judge Rei~hold
TBS 17 181 ** While You Were Sleeping (1995 Sandra Buil:loc (CC) ** The Bodyguard 11992) Kevin Cosiner A byyguaid falls loi the singei-aclress he rmusi prolecil *** Erin Brockovich (20001 (CCI
TNT 45 17 *** Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 1r9991 U. Miers ** Austin Powers In Goldmember (2002) Mike Myers ICCI I ** Father of the Bride (19911 Steve Martin Diane Keaton. CCi
[USA 641 25i t O Ot of Sight ii9d85 Geire Cle r,,y Jennier L.'pez ;CC) ** Cold Mountain (2I03, Dramal Jude Law A Confederate soldier ries to reach his sweelhean (CCI *** Gangs of New York 120021

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ESPN 48 34 MLB Preseason Baseball. Indians al Cardinals Figure Skating: WNorlo Cnampionsrips ISportsCenter (Lir'el iCC
FAM 43' 23 Bring 11 On: All ** Independence Day 11996. Science Fi:tionr Will Smith. Bill Pullman (CCI ]*" Robin Hood: Men in Tights (19931 Ca,' Elwes.
HBO 2 1201 -* Take the Lead (2li06I Anionic. Banderas. Co t.CC) I Rumor Has It ... (2005) (CC) IRome 4 (rCC) ** Batman Begins if
LIFE 18 28, The Stranger Beside Me The Secrets of an Undercover Wife (20071 ICC) ILive Once, Die Twice (2C'006) Kelhe Martin iCCI Medium ')t CC)
NICK 42 41 SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob ISpongeBob 20th Annual Kids' Choice Awards ISpongeBob Full House Full House Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr.
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TBS 17 18 ** Erin Brockovich ,2(;C',) Julia Roberis. ICC; *** Something's Gotta Give (2003) Jack Nicnoleon. (CCI ** Erin Brockovich (20001 (CCI
TNT 46 17 ** Father of the Bride Part II !1995) Steve Martin. *** Mean Girls (2004) Lindsay Lohan Premiere Mean Girls 1.2004 Lindsay Lohan. (CC)
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The Star

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The Star

P D-lSrc 31 2007 The Sta

By Rych McCain/ feedback-
rych@sbcglobal. net

New Book
Yes yours truly (me, Rych
McCain), has a new book coming
out next month entitled Black
Afrikan Hair And The Insanity Of
The Black Blonde Psych! This
book will greatly aid in debunkiig
the hatred and shame that blacks
have been programmed to feel about
their natural, nappy hair, which is
the most spiritually divine hair in
the entire human family! The book
is loaded with scientific facts and
details of the physiology, functions
and spirituality of natural black hair.
More details-are forthcoming.
The case against Joe Giaco, a
co-defendant in the $22 million law-
suit brought against DefJam by for-
mer music executive, Theresa
Rossi, for allegedly tampering with
Soundscan results to distort music
charts, was discontinued by the New
York Supreme Court on February
22, 2007 after it was determined that
all claims made against Mr. Giaco
and his companies, Giaco
Entertainment Inc. and
Entertainment Marketing Services,
Inc., were not true and without basis
in fact. Ms. Rossi acknowledged
making false allegations and apolo-
gized to Mr. Giaco who said he was
happy with the apology and glad the
case was over after seven long
years. West Coast rapper Numskull
has a new album dropping at the end
of June on Ball or Fall Records You
may remember a duo call Luniz
which was Numskull & Yukmouth
who made the smash hit "I Got 5 On

Shooter stars Mark Wahlberg,
Michael Pena, Danny Glover, Kate
Mara, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra,
Rade Sherbedgia and Ned Beatty.

Mark Wahlberg is fast becom-
ing a film mega-star and his latest
offering Shooter is a testament to
that fact. Wahlberg's character,
Bob Lee Swagger is an ex-marine
sniper who had experienced
betrayal in the military when a
command was given to abandon
him and a couple of his comrades
behind enemy lines. One of his
own, a U.S. combat helicopter
even tried to kill him and he shot
it out of the air. Years later,
Colonel Isaac Johnson (Glover),
finds him and tells him that his
country desperately needs his
snipping skills and experience to
stop an assassination attempt on
the President of The United
States. Instead, Swagger is set up
by a dark government cabal with
its own agenda.
Everything is pretty tense and
believable until Swagger gets
shot twice and spends the next
day and night engaging in high
speed chases including swim-
ming from a car that he has
crashed in the filthy Hudson
River. It would take Superman to
buck the strong tide of that river
with two bullet wounds getting
soaked with every pollutant
known to man and still be able to
drive until dawn to a friend's
house two states away.
Hollywood should stop this fool-
ishness of the hero sustaining a
life threatening injury while still
pulling off incredible stunts that
an athlete in top form can barely
do. Other than that, Shooter is a
great film with plenty of suspense
and action. This should be one of
the better films of the year!
Premonition stars Sandra
Bullock, Julian McMahon, Nia
Long, Kate Nelligan, Amber
Valletta and Peter Stormare.
This is a good psychological
thriller and one of the best per-
formances by Sandra Bullock to

|'. @ : .. ,

To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
~ J

date. She plays Linda Hanson
who is a happily married
mother of two girls who has a
dream about her husband Jim
(McMahon) getting killed in
a car accident. A series of
events and more dreams fol-
lows that initial dream which
allows Hanson to see all of
the events that lead up to her
husband's death. Her close
friend Annie (Long) and her
mother-in-law Bridgette
(Courtney Taylor Burness) try
to help as best they can but
that will not alter the coming
of the enviable. This is a good
movie to see and tax your
thoughts on the phenomenon
of people seeing premoni-
Give me a holla at

If you are an

rican American,
u are at

|high risk

r heart

Shis year alone. over
100,000 blacks will die
from cardiovascular disease
The good news is. it's largely
preventable. Be physically
active, eat nealihy toocs and
develop a prevention plan
wit'n your doctor
Start a conversation to stock
heart disease.
" ... To learn more. take the
S Learn anid Lv'e QOr: by ca;irg
".. 1-888-AHA-2222 or visit

American Heart
Association.. M1
SLnfrn and Live-.

Ts i

senencd t 11fa

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The Star

African Women Writers Discuss Love in New Book

By Grace Akinrinade,
Special to the NNPA
from GIN

he struggle against
colonial and indige-
nous oppression,
poverty and disease,
is a frequent theme of
Africa's prominent
While some women
writers have lent their
voice to social justice
struggles in the patri-
archal societies in
which they live, oth-
ers have sought a
space to explore the
realm of love, says
British-based book
publisher Becky
Ayebia Clarke.
In African Love
Stories, a new book
from Ayebia Clarke
Publishers, the pain,
strife, and desires in

the heart of African
women are portrayed
through 21 narrations.
The authors in the
collection all women
- reject their tradi-
tional portrayals as
victims. '
Instead, strong per-
sonalities dominate
the narratives, fear-
lessly challenging the
norms of ageism, cul-
ture and religion.
writer and scholar
Ama Ata Aidoo, is the
editor of the antholo-
An outspoken pro-
ponent for women's
liberation in the
national and interna-
tional contexts, the
Ghanaian Aidoo is the
author of several
well-known works,
including Our Sister

Killjoy: Reflections
from a Black-Eyed
Squint and Changes
and was Ghana's
Minister of Education
in 1982.
In her introduction,
she warns the casual
reader, lest they mis-
take the work for
another 'chick lit'
book, that these seri-
ous love stories not
only address love on a
superficial level, but
"speak of the enormi-
ty of the conse-
quences of loving."
The writers' diver-
sity stands as one of
the collection's great
strengths. Seasoned
and new, young and
old, these writers,
from the Sudan,
Ghana, Kenya,
Nigeria, Uganda, and
Zimbabwe, celebrate

the African female
'Marriage and
Other Impediments'
by Tomi Adeaga
details a Nigerian
woman's struggle to

gain her parent's
acceptance of her
German boyfriend.
In 'Something Old,
Something New',
Love cont'd on D-8


Gospel Music Special
Sun. 4/_1 @c- 7 pm EST
r.iary M.4arv. Kirk F .-arklin
ar;, Tye~ Tribbef~t Fic1St
thkis qrpel rriusic
ex~ t raowra; g a n z a.

Saturday Night M4ovie
Sa t 3/311. ( 8 pm EST
Dr. .3 ~:~ier-rr

a er! r i i tha- .Ei-i-sta r

Vieek nights i'd 8: 30 pm

;'4 niclI-.ts cIrn TV C'rie.


f, jI

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FOX 0 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld f Prison Break "Sona" (N) 24 (N) Cf (PA) (CC) News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeid ( Frasier (CC)
IND C4 3 4 News(CC) News(CC) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil C (CC) News (CC) News (CC) News (CC) The Insider
NBC S 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Deal or No Deal (N) (CC) Deal or No Deal (CC) The Black Donnellys (N) News (CC) Tonight
ION Ni 12 2 Moral Court C (CC) Amen Alice fC Mama IMama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS E 8 5 Capitol jBusiness News-Lehrer Antiques Roadshow (N) American Experience (N) Terry Sanford Dinka Diaries f (CC)
TBN W 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Cameron Jakes Dino Chironna Kingdom Duplantis Praise the Lord (CC)
CW .7 9 7 Friends 4, Will-Grace My Wife Jim Hates Chris All of Us s1 Girlfriends The Game Friends (i My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65j 43 ** Rat Race (_20 l (ICC) Scrubs lGrC_ Scrubs iCCt Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's South Park Scrubs iCCi Scrubs i:--Ci Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 So Raven ISo Raven Phil Suite Life The Even Stevens Movie i2003) Shia LaBeoul Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48134 MLB Baseball SportsClr. College GameDay iLiive CCi Figure Skating WVorid Championrships Recar (Tapedi ICC, SportsCtr.
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven 1 P.-11/ )' Lincoln Heights Nl iCCi Kyle XY Pi.i- (CCI ** Love Don't Cost a Thing 12003) Nick Cannon The 700 Club I.CCI
I HBO 2 1201 ** The Big Bounce Ia The UCLA Dynasty CCi Real Time Rumor Has It... f?0051 f (CC) JBlades ** The X-Files (1998' is
I LIFE 18 28 Reba i': C Reba \CG,' Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba ICCI Reba ICC I ** Wicker Park (2 i14) Josh Hartnett. Premiere (CCI Desperate Housewives
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents lNeutron SpongeBob Drake Full House IFull House IRoseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn Predator 2 .1990, Science Ficiioni Danny Glover. Gary Bu.ey
STBS 17 18 Seinfeld i ISeinfeld is Raymond IRaymond Friends i, IFriends ai Friends if IFriends is Family Guy IFamily Guy Seinfeld at bSeinfeld ia
TNT 46 17 Charmed 6I ,.C, ** Forrest Gump (199-4 Orarma T'.m Hanks. Robin Wrighl. Gary Sinise (CCi Law & Order tCC iDVSi Law & Order ICCi IDVSi
USA 641 25 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse [Law & Order: SVU IWWE Monday Night Raw iS Livet iCCi Law & Order: SVU

6 9

A Minw

Bernie Mac

Kin of the Hill


i V I., r U
V1 _Iar Q rin or IJufk1a Lopez That 70s Show IScrubs
Jurfr- Hatchett lJud- Hatchett Ju e Lo-

RachaelRav Oprah Winfrey
A News Paid P-ram Maurv
Dr. Phil

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19 -Inrm

1 1 12 News

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ABC 25 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) 0 Lopez Jim Dancing With the Stars Boston Legal (N) 6 (CC) News (CC) Nightline
CBS @ 6 9 News News Judge Judy Raymond NCIS "Grace Period" (N) The Unit "Outsiders" (N) CSI: Miami "Deviant" 0 News Late Show /-.
FOX 3( 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 0 American Idol (CC) House "Fetal Position" News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld 6 Frasier (CC)
IND ) 3 4 News (CC) News (CC) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr. Phil 6 (CC) News (CC) News (CC) News (CC) -The Insider
NBC D 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Dateline NBC 0 (CC) Law Order: C! Law & Order: SVU News (CC) Tonight
ION M 12 2 Moral Court 6 (CC) Amen 6 Alice 6 Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr jWonderYr Bodo"Fight f (CC)
PBS ( 8 5 Capitol IBusiness News-Lehrer Nova (N) 6 (CC) (DVS) Water's Journey: River Frontline "So Much So Fast" (N) A jLens
TBN- ) 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Dr. Baugh Wheaton Awakening I Meyer John Hagee Joy-Music Praise the Lord (CC)
CW (1 9 7 Friends IWill-Grace My Wife Jim Gilmore Girls 6 (CC) Pussycat Dolls-Search Friends 6 My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 165 43 Good Advice (2001) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's South Park Mencia Mencia Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Phil ISo Raven Phil Suite Life ** Quints (2000) Kimberly J. Brown So Raven Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN ;48 34 SportsCenter ILivel (CC) NCAA Basketball Special IWomen's College Basketball: NCAA Final Tear.nr TBA SportsCenter iLi'e. I CCi
FAM :43 23 7th Heaven Ct (CCI ISmallville Skinwalkers j** The Karate Kid (19P4) Ralph Macchoi. Noriyuki "Pal' Morria Whose? The 700 Club iCC)
HBO 2 201 Tsunami, the Aftermath 12006, Docudrama) Tim Roth. Chiwelel Eliolor. ft (CC) The Sopranos "Kaisla" I ** Brokeback Mountain (2rp.5i Healh Ldger ft
LIFE 18 28 Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CC) Reba (CCI Widow on the Hill (2005) Natasha Henslridge. Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School IOddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Full House IFull House Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn UFC Unleashed Bullrun (N) 6 Bullrun 6
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld a ISeinfeld 6 Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Sex & City ISex & City Friends A IFriends t Sex & City ISex & City
TNT 146 17 Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order "Fluency" Law & Order "Hindsight" The Closer (CC) The Closer (CC). Cold Case "Sleepover"
USA 64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU ** Happy Gilmore (1996i Adam Sandler. (CC) (DVS Law Order: CI

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ABC 0 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) 0 Great American Dream Jim In Case Lost Left Behind" (N) 6 News (CC) Nightline
CBS ) 6 9 News News Judge Judy Raymond Jericho (N) 0 (CC) Criminal Minds 6 (CC) CSI: NY "Raising Shane" News Late Show ~'
FOX 30 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 Bones (N) 6 (PA) (CC) Idol I'Til Death News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld a Frasier (CC)
IND ~D 3 4 News(CC) News (CC) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr. Phil 6 (CC) News (CC) News (CC) News (CC) The Insider
NBC H 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Friday Night Lights (N) Crossing Jordan "Faith" Medium (N) 6 (CC) News (CC) Tonight
ION ( 12 2 Moral Court 6 (CC) Amen 6 Alice 0 Mama jMama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr jWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS ) 8 5 Capitol IBusiness News-Lehrer Performance Novel Reflections on the American Dream (N) (CC) Olive and Tree
TBN U 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Clement IJeffrey Bible IVan tmpe Praise the Lord (CC)
CW (, 9 7 Friends 0 Will-Grace My Wife Jim Next Top Model Pussycat Dolls-Search Friends A My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 **Back to School (1986) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's South Park South Park Halfway Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Montana ISo Raven Phil Suite Life *+** Mulan (1998, Musical) 6 (CC) K. Possible Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (L;ve) (CC) NBA NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Delroit Pistons (S Live) (CC' NBA Basketball: King; al Nujg3is
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven "Lip Seer Smallville Visage (CC) The Beverly Hillbillies (1993) Jim Varney Whose? JWhose? The 700 Club CC I
HBO I 2 201 ** 16 Blocks 12006, Action) Bruce Willis i (CC) War of the Worlds (2005) Tom Cruise. rt (CC) Real Time Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian
LIFE 118 28 Reba ICCi Reba ICC) Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CCI Reba ICCI Circle of Friends 12006. Suspense) June Benz iCC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Drake Full House IFull House Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Miami t (CC) CSI: NY 6 (CC)
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 6 ISeinfeld d Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond King IKing King IKing
TNT 46 17 Law & Order "Sheltered" Law & Order "Cry Wolf Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order "Life Line" Law & Order "Acid" 6 Without a Trace 6 (CC)
USA 64 25 Law Order: Cl Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law Order: CI

Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 03/19/07
1. American Idol, Tues., FOX
2. American Idol, Wed., FOX
3. CSI:Miami, CBS
4. Grey's Anatomy, ABC
5. Dancing with the Stars, ABC
7. Til Death, FOX
8. Without A Trace, CBS
9. Criminal Minds, FOX.
10. America's Next Top Model, CW

Source: Nielsen Media Research

8 p.m. on
'ABC 2
Ugly Betty:
An oldie but a
goodie, the
holiday y
episode "Fake
Plastic Snow"
finds Betty
(America Ferrera) organizing
the office holiday party while
looking for someone to re-
place her as Daniel's (Eric
Mabius) assistant when she
goes to work for Sofia (Salma
Hayek). Speaking of Sofia,
she's away and wants Daniel
to play to see if his feelings
for her are real.

9 p.m. on
R Raines:
Some career
changes are
harder to
make than
others es-
pecially if
someone stands to lose big
bucks when you leave the
old job. Raines (Jeff Gold-
blum) investigates the mur-
der of a young drug dealer
who was trying to get out of
the business and become a
comic book illustrator.

Page D-7/March 31, 2007"'.

The Star

Love con'td from D-5
Leila Aboulela writes
about a husband's
effort to immerse
himself in his wife's
Islamic culture for the
sake of their future
' South African
Antjie Krog writes a
unique narrative in
'Three [LOve] Stories
in Brackets' in which
the stories of three
women remind the
reader that a woman's
life story is usually
lived in secret and
told secondhand.

Sindiwe Magona
'Modi's Bride' depicts
triumph within
tragedy. An engaged
couple pursues mar-
riage despite the mar-
ital norms and taboos
that make their unusu-
al circumstance a near
abhorrence. Yet in
their faithfulness to
each other, their soci-
ety gradually accepts
them as an anomaly.
Passionately writ-
ten and without apol-
ogy for its resistance
against traditional
love stories, African

Love Stories embarks
on a new chapter in
African writing.
African Love Stories
makes for a wonderful
read for anyone inter-
ested in Global
Literature, feminist
readings, or who sim-
ply wants to enjoy a

good love story.


Anthology, is avail-
able from Turnaround
Publisher Services at


7. TT' I~~ F~~m~T; I J ~ D~T; ;YE ~111113M,r
7, n~to b
;Ilnlr C~lu~"CiJ I -uflL;2~ IM

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r.M Mmi K IJ^'a flti
ABC 25r 5 1 Iws C ABC News News iCCi Extra (INi i Ugly Betty 4' iCC) Grey's Anatomy i" ICCI October Road rili ICC News CCi Nightline
arfCBS .i' 6 9 News News Judge Judy Raymond Survivor: Fiji i( (CCI CSI: Crime Scn Shark Trial by Fire iJ) News Masters
FOX -'0 t~ 1 VSimpsons, Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 0 You Smarter? Family Guy Family Guy News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld f Frasier (CC)
IND W 3 4 News(CC) News (CC) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil A (CC) News (CC) News (CC) News (CC) The Insider
NBC (t'11 1-? ews (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! The Office 30 Rock "Fireworks" (N) IScrubs (N) Barker, P.I. Name Earl News(CC) Tonight
ION ) 12 ; Moral Court f (CC) MLB Baseball Tampa Bay Devil Rays at New York Yankees. (Live) WonderYr WonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS CY 8- ifcapitol Business News-Lehrer The This Old House Hour Antiques Roadshow (CC) Art, S. Malkoff Nova (N) 0 (CC) (DVS)
TBN J 13 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Majesty M. Youssef Jakes IThis Is Day Praise the Lord (CC)
CW 17i 9 -7 Friends i] Will-Grace My Wife Jim Smallville Labyririn i, Supernatural Hunted Friends ia My Wife Jim Sex & Crty
COM 165 43 House Party IV (2000) Scrubs (CCi Scrubs (CC) Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's ISoulh Park South Park Spade Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Suite Life ISo Raven Phil Suite Life ** Cadet Kelly (2002) Hilary Duff. 0t (CC) Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
14 ESPN '48 34 SportsCenter (Livel CC) SportsCenter Special ICC) IBaseball Tonight 'Liv) SportsCenter (Live !iCC
FAM !43 23 71h Heaven The Ring" ISmallville "Insurgence ** Center Stage (2000. Drama) Amanda Schull Premiere (CC) IWhose? The 700 Club ICCi
HBO 1 2 201 ** Kindergarten Cop (1990. Comedy) I( (CC) Take the Lead (2006) Anlonio Banderas. 'f (CC) IBig Love ft iCCi Real Sex 26: Lessons
LIFE i 18 28 Reba CC) Reba CCC Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CCI Reba (CC) ** The Perfect Nanny (20001 Dana Barron (CCI Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 142 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Choice Full House IFull House Roseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 161 37 UFC Unleashed UFC Unleashed UFC Fight Night A IThe Ultimate Fighter (N) TNA Wrestling Impact!
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld at Seinfeld fd Raymond IRaymond Friends I Friends a0 IFriends 4i Friends 1** Legally Blonde 1.20011 Reese Wirherspoon. (CC)
TNT '46 17 Without a Trace oa (CC) NBA Basketball Miami Heal at Cleveland Cavaliers. (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs (Live) (CC)
USA 64 25 Golf: The Masters Law Order: CI JGolf The Masters -- First Round. (Taped) (CC) JLaw Order: Cl

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ABC ) 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News(CC) Extra (N) f Grey's Anatomy (CC) Six Degrees (N) 0 (CC) 20/20 (CC) News (CC) Nightline
SCBS ) 6 9 News News Judge Judy Raymond Ghost Whisperer (N) (CC) Close to Home (N) (CC) NUMB3RS "Burn Rate" News Masters
FOX IN 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld A Standoff "No Strings" (N) The Wedding Bells (N) News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld 0 Frasier (CC)
IND M 3 4 News(CC) News (CC) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr. Phil 0 (CC) News (CC) News (CC) News (CC) The Insider
NBC Q 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Identity (N) 0 (CC) Raines "Stone Dead" (N) Law & Order "Bling" (N) News (CC) Tonight
ION ~i 112 2 ION Life Amen A Alice 0 Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr IWonderYr Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS C3 8 5 Capitol Business News-Lehrer Wash Wk Review NOW (N) f0 McLaughlin Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution (CC)
TBN N 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Bible Primary Behind Hal Lindsey Joel Osteen IPrice Praise the Lord .(CC)
CW 71 9 7 Friends f Will-Grace My Wife Jim WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) 0 (CC) Friends 0 My Wife IJim Sex& City
COM 65 43 Wagons East! (1994) Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CCI Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's South Park Presents Presents Presents Bill Burr
DISN 22 16 Jump In! (20071 Corbin Bleu fa (CC) Suite Life Jump In! (2007) Corbin Bleu. (6 (CC) So Raven So Raven So Raven Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) NBA NBA Basketball Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards. (CC) NBA Basketball: Mavericks at Nuggets
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven Lenmng Go I* The Sound of Music (1965. Musical) Julie Andrews, Chnstopher Plummer Premiere. (CC) The 700 Club ICCI
HBO 2 201 w For Love or Money (1993) il ICC) ** King Kong (2005) Naomi Watts. Jack Black A beauty lames a savage beasl. t (CCI Real Time
LIFE 18 28 Reba CC. Reba iCCi Still Stnd Still Sind Reba iCCI Reba ICC ]To Be Fat Like Me (2007) Kaley Cuoco (CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron Nicktoon Nicktoon Nicktoon INicktoon Full House IFull House Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
#SPIKE 61 37 CS:l Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn Pros vs. Joes 0 Pros vs. Joes a Train Wrecks 0
TBS .17 18 Seinfeld ~a Seinleld ai Raymond [MLB Baseball Ne, i'ork Mets at Allanta Braves From Turner Feilj n Allanria Raymond *** A Time to Kill 11996)
TNT 46 17 Law & Order ,nolke Law & Order (CCI iDVSI ** Cast Away (2000, Drama) Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt. Nick Searcy (CC) ** Pay it Forward (20001
USA 164 25 Golf: The Masters Law Order: Cl Golf The Masters -- Second Round. (Taped) (CC) Law Order: CI

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