Florida star

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FILE SIZE 12809384 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090401_AABFXI PATH 00014_archive.tif PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 49c6ade6cc1cebe25b5e963ed65c5428SHA-1 13b6d5a6ebe6967d73c464ba9e42e0dd0be0e92f
16381 F20090401_AABGEG 00023.txt 46ba9316de0d4253a57a22543842ca901da2c7693f4d2a7277234787a2fb207e284f9abf
13069828 F20090401_AABFXJ 00015.tif f718c51d39527f031c27ebafd71750b0962e8a13e3ac45a1b3741629916a21b569d23088
1586 F20090401_AABGEH 00024.txt 51ca412a20bec14e2497587b528dd16f7946b324c0584dea7fa9176f5546631651f12957
13121600 F20090401_AABFXK 00015_archive.tif e5aa40f60d313471db07dcd6b9ccc3869fc1bc69ba8664da7ec5a238b72d1529e995964a
4496 F20090401_AABGEI 00025.txt ae6de749285e75d373c990445bd1fdced752c2a57eb0f2bc1539ed03957841f8d4403177
39095364 F20090401_AABFXL 00016.tif fe410ff8be955d54d11df9bf5324d94bfa12637d7a688ab4f64c5cade0f49b8dbe200309
11712 F20090401_AABGEJ 00026.txt 1318dff76e105aab54f1513b60962be704e342d3916882f4422fd2ef888515c853551f66
75658820 F20090401_AABFXM 00017.tif b64cd036a9b8468b75e9550360b43746a9cef8c5cdec7749848d272e998e328a9ccba58c
11681 F20090401_AABGEK 00027.txt df35492c20d5fc0f64f36841c44a05e0649f1e858560eb06c7e8dfd07d47e1f708862f0d
25591424 F20090401_AABFXN 00018.tif 7063124c4ad2c6535b4c2f10cd3de9d6dd6fccc36bbfaf6523d5f9e92504f46340e4d97f
2767 F20090401_AABGEL 00028.txt 558d975a4afdba64478f9986cfd7d54ff0cfa4b8201ff1e1f6f01af2df83d6996202a4d0
25591432 F20090401_AABFXO 00018_archive.tif c37d69d9e6af521bfc1f8c94ab3d8d9955461cb8f321d2588d319378c1da2cbc9dad7b14
926 F20090401_AABGEM 00029.txt a959d94b4202434307942eb202ab86a80ed4274c41cf1e300bf7f66cf4e33c07f2216b7c
25299860 F20090401_AABFXP 00019.tif d1ed611456b12bc1bdb37c336d015b1516dd7c94fd605afbe63e34157d9a70ba6b7f846d
3615 F20090401_AABGEN 00029_archive.txt 9169f349a83dac87ab1259ab085a8c4f380df4aba3a7db575c9cb2c9b6e976844f8d6c60
10960 F20090401_AABGEO 00030.txt ee05d2dc48fed03e1d4c5c9c15a0826c9c3d716c182fd6c908260d3fcaeebee1b429e777
25299796 F20090401_AABFXQ 00019_archive.tif 00002528ab253c9ba73065b98623a73d1f76a6e15c4aff4a2abb2ece59993b0c6b3b09d5
7354 F20090401_AABGEP 00031.txt 1d0f5144601ab46166ce5d18b61a8a4c076991749febb7268be4b4872cdef013259da092
75659076 F20090401_AABFXR 00020.tif 90f52547a99b5e430aeba193b11d0584d97438efedd71033dd406e44698068b2d1aa4fb9
7590 F20090401_AABGEQ 00032.txt cc05c205cf543352e4cb426c69bb1fd84c38ff2bd0e74959676a9509b614e298a8cd09f1
75713308 F20090401_AABFXS 00021.tif 6296750629462893aa89cad5991f69972807f0d7bf2f64f2dad38ad5828a23be666f5c87
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25213912 F20090401_AABFXT 00022.tif 0fec9424db82276f9a05590f9ea71d1a17b8246ad1284cc6c9a5215cbbaf6ae6cd1eea0f
25552152 F20090401_AABFXU 00023.tif 9b54c58dfaf6061fdc8e73b09518c1ab4a61e04b38fde000926a3eadbdf44d9d4a8725cc
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25189656 F20090401_AABFXV 00024.tif 989230f8687d0d4d83cbbade6f428e5a2718ed9b11fd662b9e060430aaf206a85c393f71
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39322824 F20090401_AABFXW 00025.tif 5790d9dc374002235f072596a9eee32deb16dcf7c9becfeb6d10732a384da767776610d3
326189 F20090401_AABGEU 00003.pro ebda4a890f7d183a0eb42af8729728f3cb0f3c224c5d5d3c7884e2cfef12f69aa57afaa2conflict in mime type metadata
12960152 F20090401_AABFXX 00026.tif a855a3e11ceeaa8324eec4f63e0ff2fa4e4ca34095ce1a9ab3274080fe58880ba2c05505
146433 F20090401_AABGEV 00004.pro f61c9a865b570687abeea427822181eff41a6f5a4f135b8771bd9679cdabbeda7fb5b6c3conflict in mime type metadata
12770520 F20090401_AABFXY 00027.tif ff330f003f6130c8e51e7ce0d59ce45105eebd0d6176a8c7465748ea3fc60290489b6b6a
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38460236 F20090401_AABFXZ 00028.tif c177ee8761dc3222184dcf70ae948b2c7a1863a4ef1232d8a44689e0b493b2444b9bde0f
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1637822 F20090401_AABGCA 00025.jp2 6e876716d7d7e1c9855db2b7366309d027e61773b61735a90c7f414d56fe9bf6ce10467e
213663 F20090401_AABGEY 00007.pro c5d0e7b60844fa9b9d925284e6e3e9c2b67b832924a3e6a6f9d89e68471ffda69451647aconflict in mime type metadata
419582 F20090401_AABGCB 00026.jpg db5006cf481bd4491161a2016d7caa826e6bac49290757711df69a68b2bb01db935ee858
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43791 F20090401_AABGCC 00026.QC.jpg d0b8d854592e797d3acd8a5b58aa86519fff41985aa8aa8594552ab932cb68f36beb5404
9831 F20090401_AABGCD 00026thm.jpg f031080760bacdb14173e6a88447396fd8bc08629f6383777733a4dc51401e42c955ed0d
1617937 F20090401_AABGCE 00026.jp2 b2372c50283daa49be65e5550e20c5aba85bd74149ff2f5d923ba1fa3717c6e4b608fd1c
424967 F20090401_AABGCF 00027.jpg bcbf8e8adbaf3f265b03e78511b9bace79c8658c78736d35cdd49f875fed29cfa6c87762
44079 F20090401_AABGCG 00027.QC.jpg 762e4ef6ec7035ece0c4c91962a69060fb650e7de2e3e0d75e6319938845b1b987d63908
9877 F20090401_AABGCH 00027thm.jpg 349ec08ec492b2b27f5a89d3392f4abaedb1105bebb3df004d539d0193a620facbf919bf
1594259 F20090401_AABGCI 00027.jp2 04ad7b1aab29fe39cdcc542be99fd0222912b3825a74b9d2fcf72c59a10c303342b549dd
304166 F20090401_AABGCJ 00028.jpg 8a0d8fa1804e815e99f332c5ef2bc5cbdb5b8f867581ea8cb78d100c14d92bb4231b00ab
37826 F20090401_AABGCK 00028.QC.jpg 1a104bf8a0933d768f59edfe57a36e990af3075c0034944772db5b53d65cb96f81dd8150
9486 F20090401_AABGCL 00028thm.jpg e736f79f892b5ecc37369f0402caf8cd7a6c6fcd0830bc881dc79f3463fc875ffdc749fe
1601885 F20090401_AABGCM 00028.jp2 30150be470bc3e4b8c0548d3fc578afe5db73057c2f985f018432540ab7ea0ff349ece5c
218395 F20090401_AABGCN 00029.jpg ec0c219ccd55a3d51bdb82519cc0d7bf2be11b4fc816448de4b18254dca90b85d7218206
29195 F20090401_AABGCO 00029.QC.jpg e048a7cce5962e8a9e35a6742c53302b9d16a7eca705e82612ac936114578e3565086157
7626 F20090401_AABGCP 00029thm.jpg e512e865f641743877a7c6d544ad14505c664d2e0f4aac00590a1e6626cf00490c98a8b5
1594135 F20090401_AABGCQ 00029.jp2 9cd682ce458a12be0ac8c0e36106d91a84b607a25e3c3df2c3afc0a38c1fa86eb2117dd0
381460 F20090401_AABGCR 00030.jpg b9f9addfac172a61dfcec97b1494241d098e3152bf632f42dde463bb3579aaf15cc860c6
42018 F20090401_AABGCS 00030.QC.jpg 98a474b240a90d398c7a3de233f8b4b57a6a4968e80c62cfb6a8688616c5aaa086da018f
9825 F20090401_AABGCT 00030thm.jpg 8a8fc90edae8927cfd912cb58418d7b56c84a6a5a507a9d9117956f9067895368b216f1e
1601864 F20090401_AABGCU 00030.jp2 483e1a9ab4f353c55e880110798935c6cf1d45796eec870af1c905e9a3342def9c4220d7
365388 F20090401_AABGCV 00031.jpg 102a3b5f7a4bb88b4494a073d4e22c00ebe87563baff6bb3f00623ba6bec0ef0e47a7467
40270 F20090401_AABGCW 00031.QC.jpg 8802569db1f0c065c15ad8e0c233602f3b3488e7eb51eff414bee99273f36478b3db7d2b
9079 F20090401_AABGCX 00031thm.jpg 21f5e0316c1f9e1f179dc6eb57bab510d91cb79d6661a4d0b7e3825c9c50d550994aab51
12770324 F20090401_AABFYA 00029.tif 6f04d4888d3023fed84a7370572829d95c56052ac26c48bd630003815f13e9a7dd0d0e00
1596899 F20090401_AABGAA 00012.jp2 c4853cb5ca665644a70b0840366ae8c9d3e5d8c216446a4d595d4d2e1596aa1e297ef457
1622507 F20090401_AABGCY 00031.jp2 d9563cbe0a64a61df8fd40f91679a04eba8b2789adaef3b8fe04af20dff1fa84f17b04b3
12421908 F20090401_AABFYB 00029_archive.tif ba8ef6d4ab74c1a08d3975c8354fd2999c7d0ad811da51b72f1444c825e442cc34e64ea2
301386 F20090401_AABGAB 00013.jpg e106d5c67bdd1663bec863992347f293c301fa274926e7087aedda6bcc6894faa0617c58
382344 F20090401_AABGCZ 00032.jpg 34eae5956f7ccb5ae81384d478dc41c4169d450be6429c54b63bddfed4cc075ba4011f7b
12831364 F20090401_AABFYC 00030.tif cfc3ff131b45c407009c59c6ace1d0ae16551b115f4d474ba5b77267fce2b3a5f061259f
36706 F20090401_AABGAC 00013.QC.jpg 96d260e54d1b6fcb3e1b3ee1f9c0622ecc816415d21418ffb4657c342840cc3c62d63cf6
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12996024 F20090401_AABFYD 00031.tif 0dc89778e61005bff2feb552f99236ee057bdd017d12b01f495967bcc96a8b87c5121ffd
9682 F20090401_AABGAD 00013thm.jpg be10beec853f3b90a13c127e22ea9df9abbbd6c4a12baf512f89e85c53d793ee4ae795ce
108900 F20090401_AABGFB 00010.pro 4b027d455e83a1e1f1f9388bd90fda041041b6253e46e3546b481a0736b0a80dedfe3c68conflict in mime type metadata
13050828 F20090401_AABFYE 00032.tif c1ac587fafa700f53298135b32649fe1e59c8c40abe226570eb8a8708316906939550932
1599189 F20090401_AABGAE 00013.jp2 995c2526b22c32db977da458f5a8edc9e9ee6e4dbbb25c8ee300311800781f27a5efba11
54091 F20090401_AABGFC 00011.pro 5c603e8f4a591f7923842023f086253e4710143e19d2b02d24645861c682bcc008e5a4f9conflict in mime type metadata
470718 F20090401_AABFYF 00001.jpg 3d81eee34dbb1fdb803f82b8d9c56279e50660d04c5292c1d6b7df1d69c15f317ac6c8ac
217643 F20090401_AABGAF 00014.jpg b5da178a9dc5a99a7dc635ed9af72fd90eddfbee16cab53be0e01f8f53509e67b55bc02a
111147 F20090401_AABGFD 00011_archive.pro 9435c95300c43b81e504664429a78d18284a2338e1fd75d078e5ed2022db9d7ee2ba3b38conflict in mime type metadata
57791 F20090401_AABFYG 00001.QC.jpg c5c6d787a01490de58b7437af7c0620b9316271f9ad06b336ffe8c8cf5e78ffcf2ccdfa7
30016 F20090401_AABGAG 00014.QC.jpg e51ee0a11870328ec89eac8b59d892849696684ea3202c4009f0a4cdfdd8b150d38f86a5
28992 F20090401_AABGFE 00012.pro dfc1905398f79f8c0733cf14f2e2408723202e2d198cf3ee5a0157eebf2e1d0759858cecconflict in mime type metadata
7813 F20090401_AABGAH 00014thm.jpg dca50158afa9f07d67baf969c08cd772158294297df5020e212f97378a02cc5eacfa32cb
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16487 F20090401_AABFYH 00001thm.jpg df10718d8e304463b065a0b7b09a5ae391bbce90955b9c5caf75b79eaa65fc2a2d5a5dae
1599146 F20090401_AABGAI 00014.jp2 5bafa3c4ccacdbf42f3047ffb28ee479c5c5cc3816ccf85af1d2e4862082b17478435414
75932 F20090401_AABGFG 00013_archive.pro 6670c17b6105bb95aba3be6a0097d526160035c47fc78d2837ff83d35418c9f3a7843b3econflict in mime type metadata
3254187 F20090401_AABFYI 00001.jp2 004a01415c78ff6909eb4ce205f43c5c224a649171b020ea58a62a2c2e88efc257d8a4cb
101600 F20090401_AABGAJ 00015.jpg 368f724b14e50a4339ac3da334c29fb5c01e2743ddf4f1b37b73102ad9e7b91d9abf0886
48934 F20090401_AABGFH 00014.pro 821a7e5eda13be4e5c636932c2abc1c75694d3dc522334cf4b11eb0742083ef04dfc4717conflict in mime type metadata
356242 F20090401_AABFYJ 00002.jpg b45622f9299cdfbcfa566056ff394fc9cadb493c827496884681d56ca0431551035a27fa
18814 F20090401_AABGAK 00015.QC.jpg 650c8beb97ee681ff0497f57cb1b114408ad09a90544497951ab8e6e57de48c802c49ae6
59539 F20090401_AABGFI 00014_archive.pro 0596399335b41e6b7ecd5e7271d975933cb9dfe09f73ac42cf6483bf53debe326a087d61conflict in mime type metadata
3229062 F20090401_AABFYK 00002.jp2 5e5a67a70e3f4d0f07141947796b179fcfe9fdc2b9f6beb129c9c801e8b6264ef0eca3b3
5493 F20090401_AABGAL 00015thm.jpg 1afaf5d959b01cc789cd44b80a1bdbbb5fba7bae971a742c4d98d76f9f8dd62b273e0b27
6776 F20090401_AABGFJ 00015.pro e7a844a1914ecacdb80914b32d6abff659261dd52c1b055b10b520c53a49dedf316d4816conflict in mime type metadata
48436 F20090401_AABFYL 00002.QC.jpg 049f0edc3008b0178fea7aa51d8858ec3777943c25361ad5828848f09b1aa87def9311e8
1558539 F20090401_AABGAM 00015.jp2 a4db8e9871d555bd95a825f1c873daf303c21f50f59718c520d9df40604b56295580a081
80831 F20090401_AABGFK 00015_archive.pro 6e7bec3719d0b05fe4e62a22ed34a6ede318d325bf0b371c12a2956fccb836861ddf88f4conflict in mime type metadata
14360 F20090401_AABFYM 00002thm.jpg c91c2e638541c051f32e59259813e926695a9d0a6ccb8fb81390c19f4ab13b66ffe4a666
291585 F20090401_AABGAN 00016.jpg 8e54a15730121cbb3db8962e19511d8d8215ca9e5cbd8e679b8ed3b440d94379b8b65582
88951 F20090401_AABGFL 00016.pro 8ea7c005e91ea0ece532522ef458f83b6d2d8ad88f2a1d1b18df90dfd7dc72f6ab4e5fddconflict in mime type metadata
462250 F20090401_AABFYN 00003.jpg 1da68e89cee30a2e5754711dae2e6ba5dc7d31eaee33517a4d516271e23753e70abeb615
267721 F20090401_AABGFM 00017.pro 27fe55949bf9e6e77e3810a33d0be4b55c915dcccd5e51d6c59595428f1705481661de07conflict in mime type metadata
57139 F20090401_AABFYO 00003.QC.jpg c207130b1390767c3563055068987b5174005931a2a76b2ee3e01977b2bf3ae1318d576e
37168 F20090401_AABGAO 00016.QC.jpg ac8e82963eaf01327390a993122088447be9e66f6edd89adb331f3adc89e49f2b4ff33be
195163 F20090401_AABGFN 00018.pro 3d6efa9c5111639c6d231e90e41e7b3bed0346cedb29add2355dc265f890f7b95ed3453bconflict in mime type metadata
15343 F20090401_AABFYP 00003thm.jpg ccc782868ba16c0e432b1760a071acc57e02b69bbf95ef169f13725ce6b90d793634a73d
9377 F20090401_AABGAP 00016thm.jpg 57074a4fc133d4051ddb19db3c9c5332b5bd26d595c4be7ed2874844e100c368d5d7ae29
293403 F20090401_AABGFO 00018_archive.pro 65131eef65b3404b21a916a707a3456ee6f2f6d120a488bfab83f8519e2e81ef0ecdd840conflict in mime type metadata
3207129 F20090401_AABFYQ 00003.jp2 ee417d9e5ccefcebbbcad84004074083937be5cfc565dbc1ddbb15f1baa17bd17c7a8a66
1628362 F20090401_AABGAQ 00016.jp2 94246c111ae7f3aae93117db68f39253811b73f685f8eb8a02e41be126f0f77a9f14c418
265016 F20090401_AABGFP 00019.pro 76048178fd80819be4b193188de3b7e96df439fff7729eadcf58aa61947cd9cc294384e5conflict in mime type metadata
417228 F20090401_AABFYR 00004.jpg a95d41a7dd1595691a67477ef5463639f1aa1108ca93039e72741ea5dce5aaacbd62ddf7
465059 F20090401_AABGAR 00017.jpg 969abc8272a8f73bfd5e8fd75c34fb03474085ec5c792fda2fc57d3aeaa9cda4fe84277d
52367 F20090401_AABFYS 00004.QC.jpg b798ab4469f78762257126cf824413c219dc6197c4393a6650950760eb34af34edb707be
56464 F20090401_AABGAS 00017.QC.jpg d99315579bc3558c18f187581ad7a3547a7dcdf61bb5f08b01cd226de90e5da6a1fea297
285574 F20090401_AABGFQ 00019_archive.pro 4a8e99931adbe4c0699689de9e2453a01396b91710aee65900d332a9649770cd07c42a1fconflict in mime type metadata
15484 F20090401_AABFYT 00004thm.jpg 393796d697344ae15321fab525b3c0ec2b507a0282baf26bdbcaa654ca416556a0b14d7d
15945 F20090401_AABGAT 00017thm.jpg 82cd5ab9c588e28bdebb7be1c1a4400c53917639c901f666ccd2bc07496aeda43aa0d020
250476 F20090401_AABGFR 00020.pro 5aa000aa197cc4f54c217912a315555d67264b9b2c72ed610d6b4d769606512c360b60e0conflict in mime type metadata
3261400 F20090401_AABFYU 00004.jp2 127ca27032e890dc6e7257044b96a0e90c0f72945129fc105866bbb2a0d7d294b699dea0
3151957 F20090401_AABGAU 00017.jp2 4cc62f3ff30a5a34ebf0dd46c90520242e6f5729cd3655c1bd993ee25ca98d2ab85e3206
282265 F20090401_AABGFS 00021.pro 994463906a76e467f49542d8a9bbb5048b2a9b74abc98f18162aee822438334c39c8a888conflict in mime type metadata
454740 F20090401_AABFYV 00005.jpg f8f1291e53c693702768191fda0063d93815a3b7e70f506cf0fd0e05957dca33515541ed
386756 F20090401_AABGAV 00018.jpg 506354e188bb71ada72dd459f4938ba6724e8f14eb60504c3df10bb61e5ab8819ed2f10d
54873 F20090401_AABFYW 00005.QC.jpg 7fcc319d220bcc433c36eeba51d55cc3688e3595e003d6591cc415869bacce63165c586e
49446 F20090401_AABGAW 00018.QC.jpg ca8400ca3fe3f8007ce52bc8b28efb4c961df7b84ebea2d7ad93a6e8b4b23f628d2d079d
418189 F20090401_AABGFT 00022.pro 70623ef11629505e4c5dc4ec83c0a8de56fd22c59f166cd61f4fc9c8aaac9895756238f1conflict in mime type metadata
15569 F20090401_AABFYX 00005thm.jpg 9abc654c2c43d2647ff5efdeb139fc8bec6805f645c76e6c948aec545af41e5ad57c4e4b
14199 F20090401_AABGAX 00018thm.jpg 4033d90cea7c562a9b0dbcdc5648d4a6ba080c7b5eac8228367a3203c37220f50dbb99b6
402174 F20090401_AABGFU 00023.pro 3f7d5be99e5ef114b13d541ac270a0fc495b7bc99d6aefaa5931c5aa13ae1418620be998conflict in mime type metadata
3199109 F20090401_AABFYY 00005.jp2 2ab4b70791292a920f44ef685337709a3f0789d3f759361cda6673a74b77ef7f1974fc6c
3197174 F20090401_AABGAY 00018.jp2 c25d984ca8c99bb31a79b74b0e5cf12ed3bfc16e1d3a5666d26deccdce92fb485a0dc37f
34978 F20090401_AABGFV 00024.pro efd879f39d29c67e19a9341482fe6b6e9f873af6ca2d18dcf491011d873b74ee7877f4f1conflict in mime type metadata
440212 F20090401_AABFYZ 00006.jpg 267320dbdf844313407b646d16b2c4acfbe2d445a3be5005f0633b3d98849d08fbdff6a5
400524 F20090401_AABGAZ 00019.jpg e41973f3008d21b8a3e42c158cb9a5ecbcdf4b55f6edcdccd380d064b34899e115bdf5de
116829 F20090401_AABGFW 00025.pro 771297ddf1d45b207952afc0e561b047b91e40c5ab2de6556ce2c0154d4e017d4f145f1dconflict in mime type metadata
287394 F20090401_AABGFX 00026.pro a8ea44d60c03200e34c83088cafefbdc2286d6cafce04adf078f788274f00d532e160427conflict in mime type metadata
42742 F20090401_AABGDA 00032.QC.jpg 7a5537a526d46eb8ea79813a8105d9b5b45f9a68fa80f2180c9181082f6db71cb2393e90
292914 F20090401_AABGFY 00027.pro 745c1c8f617bfe778cf98228a7a98cdf71e644bfaa4f84b9b34a019d55e66664dfeac156conflict in mime type metadata
9857 F20090401_AABGDB 00032thm.jpg d50a52cf1d227753ec8bdb68238d8d50e25760aba9891bfb7ab2380eb7392a37e64e1e4a
70108 F20090401_AABGFZ 00028.pro d634d3542665b3172d96b46689b26e823ae803daf98cc8e61997bcfb1046729d4821d5a8conflict in mime type metadata
1629252 F20090401_AABGDC 00032.jp2 a3124af99219b509a97b11cf6c6ea93ad052f467cc7366c2cd37323a332d60a876f031a4
11792 F20090401_AABGDD 00001.txt 9ae2e717f69faad28e29617c1a157ab13de7e2d3514af862feb10045b034f42e0bb2ca17
9477 F20090401_AABGDE 00002.txt 522ae98a7dbb229e97c4a2f650ed86c1b83d3b22e576782419634d0ba7251dc0631271d2
14565 F20090401_AABGDF 00002_archive.txt a668b6eea1525728573b2eab398b0b9d23090d11fb6ffaa302ca778850e52c3fabe2f60c
13148 F20090401_AABGDG 00003.txt bb5708ff322b36650e9eea0fb443e4c374be66453140f557283a9cb96e83901ff3a2de32
5707 F20090401_AABGDH 00004.txt 24f1a21a2a3325394de4d15a29f2daab4c17fdeecc19ac913085dc3ca1eb19b43148cbc3
11116 F20090401_AABGDI 00005.txt 68372b5e32fd18af373886fb51204fbaf31001402f59b27e31287196bc4005e55e58c62c
8593 F20090401_AABGDJ 00006.txt f458d552958cf822e6ae5f9b31a6f0fa0618acf42f71dc675aab5726a6dcd8c597b24016
9240 F20090401_AABGDK 00007.txt f4affcbb35059e0d242dcbb031727b1d7efd3030e98e0d0c0ba234eab3d785a996708e89
574 F20090401_AABGDL 00008.txt 5d7528c2123c71ee8aeaeb15ee3c60a9cb51f17220b812dca65277b8bac335d726916256
1372 F20090401_AABGDM 00009.txt 84101ff395a5acf62350fcb575973090bfbe3a43705ff87c1797e24f1a70ccfaa7d08bf0
4783 F20090401_AABGDN 00010.txt b72b9f8103b0c04bf889b5d4f191dc16c66cb2af716f806c56446fe2dc47da80e65ae4e4
2489 F20090401_AABGDO 00011.txt e86a582b779da6cc27388b09dc4f02217070822cce584b67e121b0126decb35b7e43bcf4
4468 F20090401_AABGDP 00011_archive.txt 062c8c797f128f040831890d0d6b36f7bd5f0bef671efb4ad8e9b80b60b9e1fe5435d49a
78113184 F20090401_AABFWR 00001.tif 3d52d77e6a43024cbc799ff06e2f493cf6e80dd8fc20001d74359beb0875951e8f3e3646
1211 F20090401_AABGDQ 00012.txt e0c75124711c15efde9cd68850592a9c6810b2e3a22182497e65ba1de083cd09e5d64978
25845908 F20090401_AABFWS 00002.tif 530672330cebcd38213b66d3006da666158dd47e921ce4607c410dc0af99e0026c685229
25845900 F20090401_AABFWT 00002_archive.tif a4795bbe1f47f339d8ee7559e50e784e8e2724a088ccf5eefb542d16bac317f85a91e475
376 F20090401_AABGDR 00013.txt 4a1ccb32d651938db8b4bab0ffe3c7de8b88012287ac7df766e2e66fb5d6e2f891a5a0ec
25670164 F20090401_AABFWU 00003.tif 070ea99d58c5d68f93fefc3eceaa9ef6da101929fa23fd0eef52490ae7414b71d8543f40
2877 F20090401_AABGDS 00013_archive.txt bb703ec4fee1b676bc8460891df0b465a172d0a7b7a57a02090190831778f6c7d0c55061
78286952 F20090401_AABFWV 00004.tif 1e90df8030adc54260af3bdb8e84a13985cd91b97423dc307c0f7728a09a6e68ca30acd0
2045 F20090401_AABGDT 00014.txt b2ff296f6b25b47964662f8f3ac1bde4b973164e0afb129ed6ed621b4c4c8afac68d4c5a
76789980 F20090401_AABFWW 00005.tif 52b2f46dd7d14d289fef6295e87f029a68afe6359c6abb9bc1eafcd58f232224010e0026
2397 F20090401_AABGDU 00014_archive.txt cb9c649258e97647ab7a9dd05bf2a8b7dab33cfda6ae8299b1462d2b4464ce9368dedc4c
25509784 F20090401_AABFWX 00006.tif 6e4cfef45593e9f2528698ca883239f51177de16ef98005d88e7da1498b985c32ef6b702
305 F20090401_AABGDV 00015.txt f6922d822578906505727d31b0a71f8b04a44359efa358ac265383a809d88fb9587cce70
25869844 F20090401_AABFWY 00007.tif 1c92018012dce169073c702ec008a698b87f45c028c3061ae8d76987278980b83861166a
3463 F20090401_AABGDW 00015_archive.txt 1a036e59898d22cedca9e30cf6cafe93af1d2bc16b85b4371bdc27ee12b6e9439d83e171
26011896 F20090401_AABFWZ 00008.tif 93b497e4492dc024e3fc9b0418b9ac841bd5a246027a871d6b7c85d156901e6890021ff4
3674 F20090401_AABGDX 00016.txt 38f790f613713777db34169a9a7532ac54ed0a052ae2412927646002fb656be0f7205760
10156 F20090401_AABGDY 00017.txt c2594be16cd360410272ec01131a75a229fdcedb43634e216d947734fe88728a3c934b83
54249 F20090401_AABFZA 00006.QC.jpg 2c91b5d8e2dff3499677fe91a8092ac8cb2aa133251d5505d79d793f1b2d16ad513bcc3e
51498 F20090401_AABGBA 00019.QC.jpg 9f2f374702d6bd4417a8d3acf949930f1e04d55b3eefc922ef8c79fcf56969bce1289aed
7512 F20090401_AABGDZ 00018.txt 75a44f81ee4f4a8e49631a45ed53e77266a253089e203a122166ce252caf06617f13bff4
15279 F20090401_AABFZB 00006thm.jpg 121e2ba9a0252583c40007f84b723b484f577d7ea5a459c4e19e3c25402408bef269a89c
14597 F20090401_AABGBB 00019thm.jpg 9e47a97d71496dfa5a830260f546a61e1b16488a327dbe58141a35d495cca3968013435a
3187030 F20090401_AABFZC 00006.jp2 a96d371643247a33130a2dea0345e67731e6e9720ca92716afb891dada5c86535e69c8d1
3160867 F20090401_AABGBC 00019.jp2 1de793050d273d58a37f4054b993ba285658842105124f3a4134b1f97a09a9f7698365e9
19965 F20090401_AABGGA 00029.pro 587d40f43a4c1c15d9533f07986a7353a542475d632ed99557d38689c0241048e42b36daconflict in mime type metadata
347258 F20090401_AABFZD 00007.jpg 798aae0057d10de5edb9afd897ccd9f3bb48d4e7f09670579fe7a4f9060b5127e6ac97c1
447072 F20090401_AABGBD 00020.jpg 0e5436a630e3fb6788c8501a3de07c2a86d74818c6c5fdbe3c0c264518162870e5058ce8
89830 F20090401_AABGGB 00029_archive.pro 93f287c299d784c765befa6936247d6371838e83feb40f62b60ccee403090a4f4dd4cf13conflict in mime type metadata
47396 F20090401_AABFZE 00007.QC.jpg 26bf8fb139ae383f2043a0ebfea3630f9017651adb57c4ee9392660151064105b5d33c79
55404 F20090401_AABGBE 00020.QC.jpg 7db3e20958c1b19e6d58b958c6d85db5a41354a442e838946a6f3b18683e002066a40c76
245714 F20090401_AABGGC 00030.pro 5e3985201a86f14d7b3a4bc105671f0de992be8791e4ff55acb43e1c6cd382bc34da9f93conflict in mime type metadata
13527 F20090401_AABFZF 00007thm.jpg a92070d509678836c60486a9f39d532a9a5688394ef1e638213504ef1ad44941cce586eb
16346 F20090401_AABGBF 00020thm.jpg 40db21017cb55567f8e1ee73b41589a7eecf6c4b23e26ada9f4c6741fe8aba2451b56f1d
187629 F20090401_AABGGD 00031.pro e7dc41a55822aee1288224ba8f54b28c57a025a49e9fcf7641a7c636a85423e2ae1757edconflict in mime type metadata
3232126 F20090401_AABFZG 00007.jp2 1d61c34e3598b3daf9720376921d7785f1d3b112db5379a273d3aa6a94df15080d64123e
3151966 F20090401_AABGBG 00020.jp2 4878b2ea118cf7a6ba4d51a3f2c19c2e635d5450e228d0f7c70c18f131249045497862ad
193970 F20090401_AABGGE 00032.pro 039415326d195422289e6bf95ccc07a0a0deca164152aff62f9261e027a0ff5f14c0d418conflict in mime type metadata
420189 F20090401_AABFZH 00008.jpg 2c7ebd7b52f8d0cf53bc4d04cf084eefa47bd7ba96d774e06f4b10b84f11cdfe85a4ddb8
487117 F20090401_AABGBH 00021.jpg b95074a26f1a84a861d17dbb472e61e7277646eb33af83f69ee02ca2433aee2dbd5506db
52940 F20090401_AABGGF UF00028362_00108.mets FULL f9df29c8a479a2865d4ceace624632f7f2d1cf0e718e443d49cbf4568190cb2a0c719d9f
58519 F20090401_AABGBI 00021.QC.jpg e9374f6a8a9f956cefe9b29a7cfc1f0de33b38f890ea214e69bcbb8203e77cec4daca70f
50247 F20090401_AABFZI 00008.QC.jpg b69255f306674de0e4d1b2206e40dfec432e838f673a569726b2ba998c93b3f5fba544e4
16724 F20090401_AABGBJ 00021thm.jpg 7e4295aae91bab2b4a42cc334cf52439abacf17ccc14fd4b7712bd423489504a0644ef6c
14784 F20090401_AABFZJ 00008thm.jpg 7ce5d3f1e70d856628f3c68258d27568c3b4c847e7c91ecbe31ac3616a5c9f180948f63e
3154221 F20090401_AABGBK 00021.jp2 47f2db5bcf37a71ae29807132825767e9b0d6a3ae645e13215725bf2067ccf84b8285a1a
70637 F20090401_AABGGI UF00028362_00108.xml d570ee58b210396a316f0aeea324ae2e2efbcdf9464f79fac3d4175b8082ad0528c8175f
3249745 F20090401_AABFZK 00008.jp2 db6af61227528ecf6e209caf81b5a34eb686657f1f8ff56d6d629fcc737991b296e58840
512115 F20090401_AABGBL 00022.jpg 6c513c23ad5df5c1044632e04311bc0b6f617ad29fd4594707a3cea29dd6f6820b097f16
297884 F20090401_AABFZL 00009.jpg 573c9730bfd878d30388d82545d5271d2daa8bc8ea423de98ec8861ab204c9f4f71e745b
59336 F20090401_AABGBM 00022.QC.jpg e8a5835f10ddcf35f8d0a683977039d27e39214b211dea8ed89fc78a2951b59ccc76a0bb
34281 F20090401_AABFZM 00009.QC.jpg 1366e953cc67adfe64eb27b78ccf5bc4ba580e159a910c9323d4b79fb479d4ae92653ac3
15927 F20090401_AABGBN 00022thm.jpg b2b82249565a62452cbbef7909d8fc1afbd7f7f351917f95fa926631b1cb042da371a46a
9014 F20090401_AABFZN 00009thm.jpg b7bc7a513622009dbc54584c2ed2de65e8fc1b51ef97bf5de1ee34d91ecd83ae50434fef
3150157 F20090401_AABGBO 00022.jp2 b1af1b6a480afe974e87cda8321c1f3b604a58d558611a6ade10ab13a20eb73472405b2d
1641896 F20090401_AABFZO 00009.jp2 06125e2798e00f9f033643d3aa67fd63db1fafe9c1c16e9fd49ab1f89195e92e6e1f09b0
289913 F20090401_AABFZP 00010.jpg b005484295160105b7b892a5ba68f033fb20558828162a5367f763df7fea855390e6eb1a
407517 F20090401_AABGBP 00023.jpg 9666bc63ec6cacfba4f39dc2aaae6fc87804c7e4107ba7f5f303ebb938825aed458dd80b
36745 F20090401_AABFZQ 00010.QC.jpg caf0aef7f1b0244480dbb86cde72db8b4147a69fab1c2af422ff646b58ba42792b3c517f
53688 F20090401_AABGBQ 00023.QC.jpg 0ae422ee1b63f215d119f34dda2e813900427436f984477522dac09ddaddfa9c5347c552
8853 F20090401_AABFZR 00010thm.jpg a95a8b9f8b90a45441705d9a3c388a91292906e0aa2eef0791c7c79637d29b6fc4c5f8b3
15258 F20090401_AABGBR 00023thm.jpg 7023743e53986aa5a2f8a7af012e6f77a4b475a796f681e78bd2e4b06cfc5e8b8f3951ce
1637817 F20090401_AABFZS 00010.jp2 b8c2cc8be472f55073a729d47a6dc9d7e1647cd57f3176bf662c219971082ae6d2f88e7e
3192424 F20090401_AABGBS 00023.jp2 92c45413a58a422ff1d176126acab53fec984bb1baeaf96fab3f39b6411338daf32df3d7
212276 F20090401_AABFZT 00011.jpg 7847e822382ad17690ae836d712f7f99ecc40d654ed351e09ca3ba083fb6b3ee6880c2bb
384889 F20090401_AABGBT 00024.jpg fe3a0654ad76137eac8514576fea3455da1f98014f331cc4d0869067ff341dc906ef54d9
29318 F20090401_AABFZU 00011.QC.jpg 7cc166e360b3bb0f108c56bc5b7b08cdb55d8e08c4923cc86d11764881eabe8e2600b602
43581 F20090401_AABGBU 00024.QC.jpg c18fb1ad72fd47ab668bed9fb39d004dd07b42d53c16f7c6d159bb3a0112d18e577dd1a8
7778 F20090401_AABFZV 00011thm.jpg 6f76ccf2f489b410239ffab83c1938657d613d8dba1409a4fa146e2c8abf4e59f3588698
12746 F20090401_AABGBV 00024thm.jpg 218e7778842347704d91c246f26a8c45d80625fc087981f7b0a8ea4b00bffbd8c6569d49
1588482 F20090401_AABFZW 00011.jp2 159d3eabf9ed1593a08f3293f009906cd73c08d3655ef2f5b81c95faf30ce96e82f2d562
3147095 F20090401_AABGBW 00024.jp2 b5c3ec4f4eaeab8cb1398976457540d3970b14583f05b3d4f3ee63f82bf6aa2b192c9319
273670 F20090401_AABFZX 00012.jpg a80c77c6bc89eda85268f9b4178a556af1610c56c912b7875d9fa4ed814f367f72ea3ca9
348459 F20090401_AABGBX 00025.jpg aadfa09442c9532ff6d2faf005b7c312a7c7126197a38e65defda788a78a903ab616cb7f
39419916 F20090401_AABFXA 00009.tif 6f4a171c2cbd65769781b1787888e170486035e158f377d2d8766d5a3070179bd24f3c8a
32898 F20090401_AABFZY 00012.QC.jpg 8f5ee041db1194d6befdca327b61f245f60160e90698abd3d6f567669e7f40201d6e7b47
40227 F20090401_AABGBY 00025.QC.jpg 5352e61c318155330ca60716d67f5e99455ebfa05f01d6b4f8f8a6d47ea8d6f69ec95c45
13117920 F20090401_AABFXB 00010.tif f027a90530b40b091dbb4c84b41da99f458c5b589bfaf103ff121ffa7486bfa91fb847d5
8667 F20090401_AABFZZ 00012thm.jpg e09fb0d5489465522ce647f5fd200c38574ee610cac7e6a0627d348a5787dd72cae353fd
9555 F20090401_AABGBZ 00025thm.jpg c20f11d2061eace552b6d1155374663ab699d5155ef0334e0cf2e20135af05cf0b3b109b
12723744 F20090401_AABFXC 00011.tif 7e1dc93c9c07b47fadf5250288e40e94f1e9933210bd22bfad7a9ecc3e800a278e0299ee
12723668 F20090401_AABFXD 00011_archive.tif d103ddf66c53d3efabc2a1f626cbc3f76c3ee6f45f5624c02199e88e7273870b20eb696d
10953 F20090401_AABGEA 00018_archive.txt 9c0e2fc769710b3cf6cb1c4863ea32392ab67398cad3a1c89473bb338196310186d7427b
38341516 F20090401_AABFXE 00012.tif f28eb49e188708fe40d7ec26a7d57698f71f10753a9fe235cd4472a3c279ee2692d7e1a1
9922 F20090401_AABGEB 00019.txt 62de8e36e1af10be1be7b909245bff4bb4c18d13e67dc26c3bd82d84385631ecb18c0d1b
38397384 F20090401_AABFXF 00013.tif 8c4ee444f54616198fe364b74638aef07940efd1a24fdee17e2d2025e89ef3cdde8e47a3
10654 F20090401_AABGEC 00019_archive.txt 4c1c56a88227cd49fa8c04fddff98d8fb142ce96817c35459b7e7ef6387e2ca5072f31e5
10411 F20090401_AABGED 00020.txt 5a9339e47214f21db48831ae6103192658a3dd3fa9b118a85502b7297bab06215df80b83
38397140 F20090401_AABFXG 00013_archive.tif 1f6259f8eee97209dd760b5232c6fc8d8afa06dad8e2ed880b26439e13d580cc69e3f3d4
10763 F20090401_AABGEE 00021.txt cf57d3706fbf13ec8a89ba5526998003a44f4183a52197e0365a08dc2af85baf8e419992
12809104 F20090401_AABFXH 00014.tif d1169abb3425ebe8c4f0bf6deb6241d59c90306303580d148bd5ff5e79b95c6d410ad97d
15915 F20090401_AABGEF 00022.txt a6e807c75bd76280534963daa3397b4079a5a64a2650c0e03400ec24a62c25bb0cd93745

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200108datestamp 2008-11-13setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Star. February 24, 2007.Florida Star.dc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date February 24, 2007dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=00108000581378 (ALEPH)2261130 (OCLC)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 24, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
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Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
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Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

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University of Florida
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Florida star
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Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
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February 24, 2007
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African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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- --,, .-- t',...rk" ...pa~plB .'. ,rr,9 t a .- A.' w.w p m,.a.,, ..m lr..N W. .a ..S 0.a .W,.,,.O 1

t~~iB~~~ -Ti -p -B:Y" 'I



In Norheast loridaby 'Jaksonvile Busness Jurnal.

FsM u H o BJ k nl0 -Of
WtTealAa0o0 0 Fauloeg







Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:30 to 9:00 p.m.,
WCGL-AM-1360 -
News, guest,
questions and answers
- The Florida Star and
Impact striving to
make a difference.

iiotner Keleases injormanon oj ner Non s Beaiing

Man Severely Beaten in Jail After Testifying

.. '' On May 30, 2005, Mrs. Millie Witt-Surrency said herlife, the life of
I '" her family and several other family lives changed. At that time, she did
not realize the extent of the change. But, on that day, she said, her son,
S- Brandon along with his two best friends, Amber and Kenneth, were out
joyriding and stopped at a BP station on Phillips Highway. Brandon
used the bathroom while Kenneth approached the counter to make a
S: purchase but when he returned to the car, he told Brandon and Amber
:; ^ that he could not make the purchase because he had lost his ID. Amber
:'- told him that one of the white guys picked up something when he exit Kenneth Worthen,
Brandon Witt, witness, ed the store so, Kenneth instructed her to follow them. received 40-Years for
with swollen eyes, ears According to Brandon and Amber, they were able to flag the car down Murder.
and face.
and Kenneth got out of the back seat, asked Brandon to get out with him
in the event he was needed because there were two of them in the car.
When Kenneth asked the men iPthey had picked up his ID they said no,
but had picked up a $20 bill and gave that to Kenneth, thinking it may
have been his $20. Even though the money did not belong to Kenneth,
he accepted it, reached in his pocket and stabbed the driver, piercing his
S heart. When he returned to the car, he grabbed a towel and wiped the .
blood off of the knife. When Brandon asked him what had he done, he
replied, "I gutted the MF." Brandon asked "Why, over a few dollars?'" Terrance D. Mabry,
', Kenneth replied, "He tried me." beating suspect in
Man Beaten Continued on A-7
Teen Arrested for Attempted Love and Kisses Promoted by

Murder of Police Officer U. S. Postal Service

Courtney Hendley, 16
Murder Suspect
There was a basketball
game at Paxon Middle
School and several teens
attended. A fight broke out
among the teens and some
of the teens were removed
from the gym but the fight
continued outside and gun-
shots were heard.
School Resource Officer
Green heard two shots and
attempted to detain
Courtney Hendley, 16,
Brent Gordon, 18 and
Tranx once Brewer, 18.

Handcuffs were placed on
Brent Gordon and
Courtney Hendley was
ordered to lay on the
ground. Tranvonce Brewer
ran and jumped over a
fence into the woods. The
officer began to chase him.
Witness say that Gordon
had dropped a gun. When
the officer left to chase
Brewer, Hendley, who was
laying down, got up and
picked up the gun, stating,
"I'm gonna kill Officer
Green." He then fired
Teen Arrested Continued A-7

The Post Office proclaims
Wednesday, February 28 as
'Kiss and Make Up Day,"
two weeks after Valentine's
Day. The Hershey's
Kissmobile will be at the
.h Pottsburg Post Office,
located at 10700 Beach
Boulevard from 11 am to 1
p.m. Wednesday.
Participating. in the event will be the Kissmobile
Chocolate Ambassadors Kelli and Ana along with Post
Office spokespersons, passing out free chocolate, giving
everyone a reminder that kindness is a choice, not just a
feeling as they present the new "Love and Kisses" stamp.

States With Highest Black

Murder Rates

According to the most recent data released by the FBI,
which is their first analysis banking the 50 states according to
their Black homicide rates, the ten top states with Black
homicides per 100,000-are: Pennsylvania, 29.52; Louisiana,
29.48; Indiana, 29.20; California, 28.95; Missouri, 28.63;
Michigan, 28.2; Maryland, 24.64; Minnesota, 24.45;
Nevada, 23.67 and Arizona with 21.54.
The study found that firearms, usually handguns, were the
weapon of choice in the homicides.

Neighborhood Rallies to Family's Support! Man Arrested
Fire Leaves 9-Year-Old In Shands Burn Center for Murder

Nathaniel Murphy, 9, is
on life support in critical
condition at the burn ward
of Shands Gainesville after
a fire swept through his
home, consuming the entire
structure on Sunday.
But, within 24-hours of
the tragic fire, the hearts and
pocketbooks of the entire
neighborhood opened up to
help young Nathaniel and
his family.
A fundraiser organized
by a nearby church kicked
into action Monday morning
and by early afternoon the
corner of Myrtle and
Moncrief Road was filled
with food, games and peo-
ple wanting to help the fam-
ily. According to JFRD, a

rapid moving fire consumed
the entire structure. Eight
people were inside when the
fire started.
"When our church heard
about it, our congregation
raised an offering for them,"
said St. Matthews Baptist
Church Rev. George Price.
"Trustees decided to make a
donation of $1,000 to the
family and then when we
meet the family, we'll decide
what more can be done on
their behalf."
But the burnt remnants
of furniture and the frame of
the house is all that remains
of the Murphy's home onW.
22nd Street. "When the fire
started the father was trying
to get the children out of the

house. Nathaniel was the
only individual injured dur-
ing the incident," said Sgt.
Andre Ayoub.
Investigators do not sus-
pect foul play. Individuals
or organizations widhing to
assist the family may con-
tact Mr. Jeremy Holcomb at
The North Main Street
Baptist Church, Telephone:

Arnold Perry, 60
Murder Suspect
Arnold Perry has been
charged with the murder of
Tommy Munford, 70, who
was shot and killed on
December 22, 2006 in his
own driveway. His wallet
was missing and his pock-
ets had been searched.
Perry was linked to the'
murder because he had a
gunshot wound to his eye
that had been fired by
Munford's gun, which was
left at the murder scene.

Fire At Edward Waters College
The building is owned by
Edward Waters College,
located at the corner of
Russia Street and Kings
Road, across from the old
ABC Liquor store. It was
once a fresh meat market.
On Thursday, around 4:51
p.m., it was observed that
smoke was coming from
.-. the building and the JFRD
S S. was called. No one was
S injured and the cause of the
fire is unknown.

Spike Lee Wins Polk Award
S Director, Spike Lee won the annual
George Polk Award for his documentary
on life in New Orleans after Hurricane
Katrina "When the Levees Broke: A
Requiem in Four Acts," along with its
producer, Sam Pollard, which show the
poor performance of the government.

The Last People With

Anna Nicole Smith

Taz, Anna's nurse and
wife of Big Moe.

-. I .. .

S- '

,\ ^
Big Moe, the body
guard and closest

Anna Nicole
Smith died on
February 8,
2007 while
staying at the
Hard Rock
Hotel in
Florida. She
was 39 years
of age.

Anna Nicole Smith's nurse was in the room with her and
realized that something was wrong, her mouth was open and
there were patches of purple on the top of her body and on
her face. She called her husband, who is a registered para-
medic, advising that Anna was not breathing. They tried to
save her but to no avail. The world is still waiting to see the
cause of death and what will happen to Anna's daughter with
three men stating they are the father and a grandmother
wanting to share in this innocent child's life. Big Moe said
that Anna Nicole was a very loving mother. She had serious
love for her son, Daniel, 20, and was still having difficulties
getting over his sudden death. Her only relief, according to
her bodyguard and her former assistant, was when she was
with her daughter Dannielynn.
After being advised that the former Playboy Bunny's body
was deteriorating and that she must be buried by Saturday,
the judge gave permission for her burial.

News Briefs
Project Reach Helping to Reduce Crime
Headed by Reginald Brown, Project Reach will be hosting
a celebration on Saturday, February 24, for the FCAT train-
ing program called Project PASS (Parents and Students
Succeeding). The 6-week workshop is held every Saturday
from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and is committed to empow-
ering the families of Jacksonville to live a life of excellence;
affording them tools to be successful.
Agreement Reached For James Brown's
James Brown's six children and his living partner, Tomi
Rae Hynie have finally agreed upon a burial place for the
award winning singer who died on Christmas Day. He
was 73.
Brown's present resting place is still confidential but the
manager of the funeral home who handled Brown's funer-
al said that he does a constant check on Brown by opening
his gold casket to verify he is doing fine.
The children and Tomi Rae Hynie had asked the court to
appoint a special administrator to oversee Brown's trust
since they believe the present trustee is mismanaging
Brown's estate. The judge agreed to do so.

Si D6 .9 D I I

a l ... ; ................ A -
hurch .................... A -
ifestyle ................. A -
ta te ............... A -
ational ...................... A -
V Guide/Entmnt .............
oca' ..........
rep ap .......................
ports ................ I C
oroscopes. ..; ........... c
FLS, Network ........... C-

buinssorutlize yourII~ services? If youI ~i
ansere0IY0S thn ou eedto0lae a a

in Th0Foid. ta!CAL90/66834t
plac you adTODA..i

PO BOX 117007 08

Friends Arrested Also

Brent Gordon Tranvonce Brewer
Arrested, 18 Arrested, 18

- Il'C 1


Ii'I "KI A Y 24. 2OU /



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Obama Doesn't Get The Anna Nicole Smith
Rev. Barbara Reynolds
NNPA Columnist


Have you noticed how
the vulnerable, exploited,
dysfunctional Anna Nicole
Smith, has been elevated in
death to a blond American
goddess worthy of 24-hour
cable worship. In life, she
pursued wealth and fame at
all costs and became a media
darling through her promis-
cuous, hip shaking, bosom
busting antics and accusa-
tions of being a gold-digger,
yet I doubt anyone asked if
she were "White enough," or
"lewd enough" or even
screamed "enough already,
sit down."
In the current political
soap opera, we have U.S.
Senator Barack Obama, a
presidential candidate,
whose father is a Black
African. In 1991, Obama
graduated from Harvard Law
School where he was the first
African-American president
of the Harvard Law Review.
With' that on his resume he
could have commanded big
bucks from the prestigious
corporate law firms. Instead
he opted to work at a church
based community center for
$10,000 yearly in a Chicago
And now some Black
pundits are handing White
pundits a club to beat the jun-
ior senator from Illinois over
the head by their stereotypi-
cal critique that Obama who
championed the causes of the
impoverished, maligned and
marginalized in the Illinois
state legislature is "not Black


If you are blond Anna
Nicole Smith, you are deified
for doing a lot about virtual-
ly nothing. But if you are like
Barack Obama you are deni-
grated for doing much about
a lot that should make folks
What does "Black
enough" mean? Who should
decide who is in and who is
out? Black Ebonics-speaking
students often deride those
who speak standard English
as "not Black enough."
Does the term mean as
New York Daily News writer
Stanley Crouch wrote that
"other than color, Obama
does not share a heritage
with the majority of black
Americans, who are descen-
dants of plantation slaves."
Can you see that standard
being applied to Whites that
none could run for president
unless they could prove they
were descendants of slave
masters? Do you rule out
Blacks who were indentured
servants or were rescued
from slavery by Native
Americans? What about the
millions of Blacks whose
parents or themselves were
immigrants from Africa, the
Caribbean, Australia or other
parts of the world, such as
Shirley Chisholm, Gen.
Colin Powell or Sidney
Portier? Are their contribu-
tions invalid?
When the Rev. Jesse
Jackson ran for president, he
was disliked for being "too

* &. h



0 '
) *


O (








f go

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sths., e Aae rad f*b -

Black" because he had the
audacity to raise issues criti-
cal to people of color, farm-
ers and others locked out of
the system.
What is the heritage of
Black Americans? Surely it
is victimization, but it is also
bravery, fighting in many
wars, even as we were treat-
ed worse than the enemies;
of being the moral compass
of the nation and dying for
freedoms that helps define
this nation as a democracy. Is
there anything about Sen.
Obama that disqualifies him
from that heritage?
Moreover, when you look at
people like Tiger Woods,
Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey,
CNN's Soledad O'Brien,
they are mere reminders that
we are seeing the rise of a
blended America. In the last
decades the growth of ethnic
so-called minorities in
America has been phenome-
nal. Since 1980, the Asian
American population has
almost tripled, Hispanic
Americans more than dou-
bled, Native Americans
increased 62 percent, and
African Americans
increased 31 percent, while
the non-ethnic population
has remained almost the
Obama's life experience
may have intrinsically pre-
pared him to represent a
multi-racially, spiritually
diverse America more than
any other national candidate.
He spent much of his child-
hood experiencing the cul-
tural diversity of Hawaii and
Indonesia with his Kansas-
born Caucasian mother
before he moved to Chicago
and soaked up the daily

MS 180 C Chain Saw


" "'" rt'L 1c '"' -"S

IrA ~ rA -6 A-,-1-

indignities of being Black
enough in America to be
denied a cab ride home.
Actually, I think the ques-
tion of blackness addresses
the issue of context more
than culture. Every since
Clarence Thomas, the
paragon of self-hatred, was
hi-jacked to the WSupreme
Court, lacks have been right-
ly jittery about accepting
Blacks that Whites like too
much. Yet, no one is accus-
ing Black corigresspersons
who are supporting Hillary
Clinton over the junior
Senator from Illinois as sell-
Equally as important, as
Sen. Obama being a bridge
for embracing cultural and
racial diversity is his ability
to help the hapless
Democrats talk about reli-
gion and values. For decades
Obama has worshipped
along with his wife,
Michelle, at Trinity United
Church of Christ in Chicago,
where under his pastor,
Jeremiah Wright, social jus-
tice and reforming society
are not only preached but
also. practiced.
Questions of blackness
and spiritually are not irrele-
vant. They should be asked.
But when "blackness"
becomes a codeword for
wrong and whiteness does
not suggest' wrong even
when wrongdoing is over-
whelming, we can see the
negative consequences of
double standards and stereo-
typical thinking.
Barbara Reynolds, is. an
ordained minister, a profes-
sor at Howard University
and author of several books.

C r~

I I .IA.I/i ,'l l/Il

...... .

" 114

FEBRUARY 24, 2007


JFaith In Our Community

Schedule of Events and Services

located at :606 San Diego Rd., Jacksonville, FL. Celebration
of their 127th Church and 14th Pastor Anniversary, Sunday,
February ;5 Sunday, March 4, 2007. Rev. Dr. Richard W.
Jackson, astor. Theme: We are Striving to Build a Strong,
Steadfast, Partnership With Christ!
CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST with Dr. Nassir Saddiki
of Tulsa, (OK, Sunday, February 25th Wednesday, February
28th. Sunday services 11:30a.m. and 6p.m. Monday,
Wednesday i, at 7:30 p.m. Wisdom Center in Tulsa, OK.
98 (on Ad lphia) in Brunswick, GA and surrounding areas
every Mor day, February 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th at 8:00 pim.
- 9:00 p.m Call (912) 267-6448 for more information.
NATION)AL, INC. located at 2971 Waller St., Jacksonville,
FL. On tie celebration of our 13th Church and Pastor's
Anniversay! Wednesday, February 21, and ends Saturday,
February '!4. Nightly at 7:30p.m.,With Bishop Phillip O.
Thomas oj'Highview Christian Fellowship, Fairfax, VA.
810 Third Ave., South, Jacksonville Beach, FL, Rev. Dr.
Marvin A. McQueen, I, Pastor. Annual Women's
Conference -, to be held Wed, February 28 through Fri, March
2, at 7p.m. and 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services on Sun, March 4.
ISTRY will be held at the Father's House Conference
Center, 18 20 Monument Rd, Jacksonville, FL, Bldg 2; 2007
Serious Praise Service, February 25th at 3:45 p.m. Rev.
Nelson Williams, Pastor of Tabernacle International of Faith,
Jacksonville, FL will bring the message. Rev. Mattie W.
Freeman, ] ounder/Pastor. Admission is free.
extends an invitation to all of our many friends in and around
Jacksonville to a history making occasion. We will be enter-
ing our ne v worship center on Sunday, February 25, 2007 at
4:00 p.m. with Pastor James W. Henry. The new location is
690 W. 20 h St., Jacksonville, FL.
located at 1319 N. Myrtle Ave., Jacksonville, Fl., will cele-
brate 14,y ars of service by Pastor Elder Lee E. Harris. On

Ask Us About Our

If there h id been a death
in your f mily yesterday,
what wou 'dyou be doing

H.. .,







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SLIn., I

t q F It i s "' 7 '''*


I) ). "S L '' c 'I .1

Sunday, February 25th. Church School at 9:30 a.m., Morning
Worship at 10:50 a.m. and Afternoon celebration at 4 p.m.
All are invited. For more information call Deacon Birnett
Gee at (904) 768-7308 or the church at (904) 355-0015.
Moncrief Rd., with Rev. Harold LeGree, Pastor invites you
to attend the Deacon Joseph Crews 38th Soloist
Anniversary, February 25th at 7:00 p.m. Appearing are:
Gospel tones, God Spiritual Gifts, New Creations, Dea.
Willie Kirkland, Ponder Singers, Rejoice, Sweet
Inspirations, Golden Clouds, and other Groups of the City.
For more information call Deacon Joseph Crews at 335-
be March 4th at 5 p.m., to be held at 1553 E. 21st St. Rev.
'John DeVoe, Jr., Pastor. Special Guest: Rejoice Gospel
Singers, Golden Clouds, New Creation, Bro. AlAndres, C.E.
Laney Choir, Shirley and the Sons of Harmony, Sister of
Praise, Jessie and the Miracles, God's Spiritual Gifts, Perkins
Gospel Singers, Ponder Singers, Jerry Cannon and the
Caravans. Open Door. For more information call Sister
Claudia Campbell at 708-4776.
TOR JEFFREY K. RUMLIN Sunday, February 25th dur-
ing the 10 a.m. worship service. The location is 5654 Dunn
Ave., Jacksonville, FL. Rev. Mack Devon Knight of
Jerusalem Baptist Church of Woodbine, GA will be the guest
preacher. At 4 p.m. Rev. Leofric Thomas and the Open Arms
Christian Fellowship family will be the guest church. For
information call 764-0303.
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue, Email
submissions preferred. Send to: info@thefloridastar.com

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Youth Service .............. (Third Thursday) .... 7 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
Leadership Meeting ............ (Fourth Saturday) .............. 6 p.m.
"Helping Others Pursue Excellence and Eternity"

In Loving Memory of

February 24, 1982

Still missing you.
you're always in our
hearts, and will
never be forgotten.
Love Always!

December 18, 2004

Ms. Harriett Ellis,
Mannie Mixon, Jr:,
Tank, Boo, Boo-
Boo, Breyanna, and

Mannie Mixon, 111
a/k/a "Ru-Ru"
Happy 25th Birthday!



ALLEN, Remus James,
died February 13, 2007.
BAKER, Bessie, 89, died
February 16, 2007.
BLANTON, Donald W.,
died February 14, 2007.
BROOKS, Eloise, died
February 17, 2007.
BROWN, Elbert, 80,
died February 18, 2007.
CARLISLE, Cassandra
L., died February 13,
GAMBLE, Elliott, died
February 17,.2007.
GAVIN, Robert E., 51,
died February 13, 2007.
GUNDY, Willie Bell,
died February 18, 2007.
JAUDON, Hardie, 71,
died February 18, 2007.
JOHNSON, Reginald R.,
died February 18, 2007.
JOYCE, Claudia, 88,
died February 18, 2007.
Ethel, died February 15,
2007. A.B. Coleman
Lee, died February 19,
2007. Alphonso West

MEADE, Annie, died
February 16, 2007.
MENCER, Winona, died
February 17, 2007.
D., died February 19,
2007. Alphonso West
PERRY, William, died
February 13, 2007.
POOLE, Larry Lenon,
46, died February 19,
M., died February 13,
2007. A.B. Coleman
STEPHENS, William,
died February 15, 2007.
WAYE, Johnnie, died
February 13, 2007.
WILLIAMS, Lucille,
died February 16, 2007.
WILSON, Buck I., died
February 13, 2007.
WOODARD, Julia, died
February 16, 2007.
YANCEY, Ethel, died
February 16, 2007.
YOUNG, Walter, died
February 18, 2007

The Church Directory

"Come and Worship With Us"

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208

Sunday School .....................................9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship........................11:00 a.m.
Youth Church 2nd & 3rd Sundays
(Old Sanctuary)....................................11:00 a.m .
Tuesday Prayer Meeting................... 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday Pastoral Bible Study ................ 8:00 p.m.
Rev. Eric Lee, Pastor
Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus
(904) 764-5727 Church

I --

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
(904) 354-7249 Church
Bible Power Enrichment Hour
Sunday School 9:15 10:15 a.m.
S Baptism-Praise & Worship
S; (Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
Fellowship Hall. 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service...................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Youth Bible Study & Activities

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453
"Christ died for our sins...was buried and Rose again" (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a.m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
"Call or Write Mt Charity for FREE Sunday School Outlines"
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

"The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575, Jacksonville, Fla. 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: (904) 358-8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study,7:00 p.m.
Thursday Joy Night,7:00 p.m.
"Email: Gospell75@aol.com
Website: Greaterelbethel.org

Lah 7 Decide
"To everything there is a season
and a time to every purpose under the
heaven. A time to be born, and a time
to die. "-Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about death
and funerals. Too depressing.
Unfortunately, death is a fact of life
and there simply is no way to avoid it.
For indeed there is a "time to be born
and a time to die."
You may want a traditional funer-
al service with visitation and a member
of the clergy conducting services at a
church or a funeral home. Would you
want an open or closed casket? Maybe
you want a special friend to do the
eulogy or family members to read
scripture passages or poetry. Any
favorite hymns?
First, you should shop around and
talk to a few funeral directors. Yes, let
your fingers do the walking-comparing
prices for such things as casket,
embalming, ant the cost for profes-
sional services,


Pentecostal Church of God
"Jesus Loves Sinners Church Folk Don'ft
Elder Joseph Rice

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Worship 12:00 Noon & 7:00 p.m.
Bible Study Tuesday & Friday------ 7:00 p.m.

(912) 267-6395 (912) 996-4864 Cell
2706 MLK Blvd., Brunswick, GA 31520
iB!a^^-sT^B^H^ a-i^aM

Realst one-ltop shopping, ,'hiTh
can include such things as prayer
cards, thank-you notes, and guest reg-
isters-they add up quickly. Many opt
for the funeral home in their neighbor-
hood for personalized services.
Decide on body disposition.
Burial or cremation? If earth burial, a
cemetery plot should be purchased; if
above ground, a mausoleum crypt. If
cremation is the choice, plan disposi-
tion of the ashes. Do you want them
stored in a columbarium niche or
buried? Maybe you prefer to have your
ashes scattered?
An option some people take is to
donate organs and tissues to a medical
school. (Have a donor card and check
on requirements.)
If you would rather have a memo-
rial service, express that wish.
'Our Aim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd.*
Tel: 768-0507



?r. I .I

lix IT



TNrti s-i nr lr

Socially Speaking

Betty Asque

"There's Always Something

Happening On The First Coast"

An Evening with Juan Williams
In celebration of Black History Month, WJCT invit-
ed the First Coast community to "Enough Is It Time?
An Evening with NPR's Juan Williams." Williams, a
most respected NPR correspondent, and I might add, a
most congenial and gracious person spent a day the
First Coast sharing his thoughts about his book and
where we are as a people since the Brown vs. Board of
Education. Earlier in the day, before appearing in the
WJCT Studios to discuss his latest book Enough, and to
lead a discussion with local community leaders about
issues facing the First Coast community, Williams
spoke to a luncheon group of community leaders at The
Ritz. Theatre & LaVilla Museum opening of the Brown
vs. Board of Education Exhibit.
A prolific writer, Williams' latest book Enough is a
'must read'. Williams' other books include the biogra-
phy Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary. He
also authored the best-selling Eyes on the Prize:
America's Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965, and co-
authored This Far by Faith: Stories from the African
American Religious Experience, companion volumes to
two critically acclaimed PBS series that have aired on
WJCT-TV. Articles by Williams have appeared in mag-
azines ranging from Newsweek, Fortune, and The
Atlantic Monthly to Ebony, Gentlemen's Quarterly, and
The New Republic.
Williams's speech at WJCT was outstanding. He
asked the question, What Would Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr. if he returned from the grave? Williams spoke
of what is being shown on Bet and MTV, the social
issues that exist on the First Coast and our country as a
whole. It wasn't what Dr. King envisioned since his "I
Have A Dream Speech." Williams pointed out there
have been some strides. However, based on our new
'bling idols', we have lost sight of the dream.
Following Williams speech, he was joined on stage
by community leaders to answer questions he posed to
them regarding issues on the First Coast. Among the
panelists were: Mrs. Adrienne Conrad, Esq.
McGuireWoods LLP; Florida Times Union Editor
Phillip Yack; JEDCO president Cleve Warren;
Circuit Court Judge Brian Davis; and OneJax
Executive Director Mrs. Bobbie O'Conner.
It is quite obvious as to why Juan Williams is listed
among this country's leading journalists. To hear him
speak it is clear that he is a master of his craft. A senior
correspondent at NPR, he also serves as a political ana-
lyst for the Fox News Channel, and a panelist on Fox
News Sunday. His knowledge is unquestionable along
with being a very charismatic speaker. We've seen him
on appearances on "Nightline," "Washington Week in
Review,'" "Oprah," CNN's "Crossfire," and "Capitol
Gang Sunday." His career includes a stint as host of
NPR's "Talk of the Nation," twenty one years at The
Washington Post, an Emmy for documentary writing,
and a number of critically, acclaimed books. (Being a
political talk show 'junkie' I first became of Williams

during appearances on the television program

"Agronsky & Co.")
The lecture provided for a thought provoking
evening. Kudos to WJCT and their supports Blue
Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Haven Hospice, JTA
and VyStar Credit Union for sharing such an outstand-
ing speaker to the general public.

Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming
events. Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777
or fax (904) 285-7008.
See you in the paper!

Photos by J. Carl Davis, Sr. unless otherwise noted.

$4 :

Juan Williams and Jacksonville Sheriffs Office (JSO) Candidate
Reginald Davis.

OneJax Executive Director Bobbie O'Conner, Alton Yates, The
Honorable Mrs. Gwen Yates and Ms. Brenda Kelly before the Juan
Williams speech and panel dialogue.

Mrs. Adrienne Conrad, Esq., with hubby Jarik Con'ad, VP Jacksonville
Are Chamber of Commerce and the Honorable Brian Davis, Circuit Ms. Lee Lomax with a local journalist.
Court Judge, share thoughts before the WJCT Juan Williams event.

From right: Mesdames Tinye Dawkins, Lydia Dwight Wooden, JEA Staffer Greg Owens with JSO staffer.
Charlotte Dwight Stewart, Camilla Perkins Thompson and Ruby
Newman waiting with anticipation to hear Juan Williams for the sec-
ond time that day.

NPR's Juan Williams and community panelists listen as Mrs. Adrienne
Conrad, Esq., takes her turn at responding to a Juan Williams question.

WJCT CEO Michael Boylan thanks the TV audience for the support-
ing the stations program as the community panelists listen in the

-lu I mfl Im- ... ..-- --I...
EGreg Owens share thoughts with Juan Williams as he autographs
his latest book "Enough" for Owens.

Columnist Betty Asque Davis with Wyman Winbush and Michael

Mesdames Janine Jones and Ann Hurst assessing the morning ses-

Jacksonville Mayoral Candidate Ms. Jackie Brown listens to the
response to her question to the panel.

TUESDAY @ 5 p.m.

To place an ad:
call: (904) 766-8834
fax: (904) 765-1673
e-mail: ad@thefloridastar.com
'-!r-a-. i ~ call:a (904)u~~ ~P~Pl766-8834



D A 17 A -

A--E'DYTA" DE Z4,1 'f I-IF .I PAGE"A-S

Top Executive: Merging Companies Can Profit from

Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

By George E. Curry,
NNPA Editor-in-Chief

Companies involved in
multi-billion dollar acqui-
sitions and mergers can
strengthen their bottom
line by carefully crafting
and maintaining a diverse
workforce, which in turn
will better position them
for dramatic demographic
changes in the future, a
top corporate executive
The official, Rick Bradley,
Executive Vice President,
AT&T Wireless, in an
interview with the NNPA
News Service: "Merging
cultures is hard work. I
think on a lot of levels, it's
harder than merging infra-
structures and sales
processes because there
are subtleties and nuances
in these relationships."
Bradley knows that first-
hand, having been at the
helm of the human
resources organization
responsible for the inte-
gration of two companies,
Cingular. Wireless and
AT&T Wireless, once the
merger was approved in
November of 2004.
Combining those two
companies resulted in the
largest wireless provider
in the U.S., with more
than 60,000 employees.
Bradley's experience with
that merger will come in
handy as Cingular, an its
two parent companies,
AT&T and BellSouth,
become the new AT&T.
On December 28, 2006,
the Federal
Commission gave final
approval for AT&T's $85-
million merger with
BellSouth, which also
meant 100 percent owner-
ship of Cingular. The
company quickly

announced the three com-
panies, ,once merged,
would operate under a sin-
gle brand, AT&T. The new
AT&T will employ more
than 300,000 employees,
a result of the integration
of the former AT&T,
BellSouth and Cingular.
As an increasing number
of companies integrate
corporate operations and
cultures, some more suc-
cessfully than others,
Bradley says it's impor-
tant that top executives
keep a sharp eye on the
composition of their new
"Each company, AT&T,
BellSouth and Cingular,
has earned a strong repu-
tation in the areas of
diversity and inclusion,"
Bradley said. "We have
begun to identify the best
practices within each
company which will
ensure our process and
decisions have diversity
as a natural part of the
Following the previous
merger, for example, even
though Cingular and
AT&T Wireless both had
stellar reputations for
employee diversity,
Bradley said, certain steps,
had to be taken to make
sure that people of color
and women did not suffer
in a new corporate config-
"In deals this size, you
have a lot of overlap,"
Bradley explained. "You
have at least two, three,
and sometimes four peo-
ple doing duplicative
work. Right now, as we
did in the Cingular
Wireless AT&T
Wireless merger, we are
focused on the same crite-
ria. Who has the right
background for the job?
Who has the right per-

-~;~ .3~

formance? We will look at
recommendations from
the boss. We will look at
education. .
. "We wanted to make the
right decisions and make
sure that no group was
adversely impacted peo-
ple of color or women .
Diversity comes in a lot of
And, according to
Bradley, the new AT&T
has not lost any flavor.
"At the end of the day, if
you look at our structure,
today people of color and
women are well represent-
ed in the organization."
He said that in Cingular,
the AT&T wireless com-
pany, 43 percent of its
65,000 employees are
people of color and 52
percent are women. It has
done approximately $1
billion in business with
suppliers who are women
or people of color. While
total spending in this area
has reached $25 billion,
company officials
acknowledge they have
room for improvement.
Bradley says Cingular has
created a working envi-
ronment that is unrivaled
by most companies.
He credits Cingular's
CEO Stan Sigman for
allowing such open
"I just think it was Stan
picking the people he
thought could do the job,"
Bradley says. "Every day,,
you walk in with him, you
have to prove yourself. All
of us are making our con-
tributions to making the
business move forward."
In 2005, under the
Cingular brand, the wire-
less unit had revenue of
$34.4 billion, earned from
serving more than 58 mil-
lion customers. Until
recently, Ralph de la Vega,

a Latino, served as chief
operating officer. And he
reminded managers that
there is a direct link
between making money
and having an inclusive
"The top leaders must
demonstrate their own
dedication in a consistent
and forceful manner," he
stated. "They must reflect
the marketplace; encour-
age fresh ideas and critical
thinking from many
sources; connect with cus-
tomer segments by having
a representative work-
force; and look like the
And that community is
During the first half of the
21st Century, non-
Hispanic Whites will see
their share of the U.S.
population shrink from
69.4 percent in 2000 to
50.1 percent in 2050. In
the following decade,
Whites will become a
minority in the U.S. for
the first time.
But African-Americans
will increase their percent-
age of the population from
12.7 percent to 14.6 per-
cent in 2050. Hispanics
(of any race) will see their
share almost double from
12.6 percent to 24.4 per-
cent. Asians will go up
from 3.8 percent to 8 per-
cent of the population.
Numerically, non-
Hispanic Whites will go
from 197.7 million in
2000 to 210.2 million in
2050, a gain of 7.4 per-
cent. The African-
American population will
expand from 35.8 million
to 61.3 million (71.3 per-
cent), Asians will grow
from 10.6 million to 33.4
million (212.9 percent)
and Hispanics will almost
triple, jumping from 35.6

L d

We have some solutions that might be easier
than you think. We're the National Endowment
for Financial Education, a nonprofit foundation
with nothing to sell and a lot to tell. For over 30
years, we've helped people just like you get smart
about their money. Come to us for sound advice
and practical information on how to start achieving
all your financial goals. For everything from
getting out of debt to managing your money wisely
to saving for the future we're here to help.
,w w w ma artaboutmoney o r g
It'\ time to get smart about your money.

Not if
wecan help

It. ,:;::...........

Tuesday, February 27
Location: Election Center, 5200-2 Norwood Avenue
Schedule of Events: 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Public Logic and Accuracy Test of voting machines
Friday, March 16
Location: Election Center, 5200-2 Norwood Avenue
Schedule of Events: 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Public inspection of unopened absentee ballots received prior
to March 16
9:00 am to 10:00 am
Logic and Accuracy testing of voting machines
10:00 am
Opening and machine processing of absentee ballots
Saturday, March 18 through Tuesday, March 20
Location: Election Center, 5200-2 Norwood AvenUe
Schedule of Events: 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Public inspection of unopened absentee ballots received Friday,
March 16 through Tuesday, March 20
10:00 am
Opening and machine processing of absentee ballots
Tuesday, March 20
Location: Election Center, 5200-2 Norwood Avenue
Schedule of Events: 7:00 pm
Tabulation and canvassing of precinct and absentee election returns
Wednesday, March 21
Location: Election Center, 5200-2 Norwood Avenue
Schedule of Events: 9:00 pm
Logic and Accuracy testing of voting machines
After Logic and Verification and tabulation of provisional and
un-scanned ballots Accuracy Tests
Thursday, March 22 (if required) and thereafter until all provisional ballots are
Location: Election Center, 5200-2 Norwood Avenue
Schedule of Events: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
O Verification and tabulation of provisional and un-scanned ballots

(904) 630-1414 www.duvalelelions.com
I [ I I I I I I I ] 1 11 11 11 I I I r.. .. .. ... . .

7r ..



LVEnD r A ,D fA n7/1n7

- f.
* ,,.
I" J'-


Rick Bradley, Executive Vice President, AT&T Wireless

million to 102.5 million
(187.9 percent).
With 60 percent of its staff
35-years-old or younger
and a high-profile Latino
COO, who recently
accepted another corpo-
rate position with AT&T
in San Antonio, it is not
surprising that what is
now AT&T Wireless dom-
inates the youth and
Hispanic markets.
Some African-Americans
are concerned that while
the Black population con-
tinues to grow and spends
disproportionately on tele-
phone services, AT&T
Wireless may not be
spending enough with
Black media outlets and
Bradley, said AT&T
Wireless doesn't mind
disclosing what the com-
pany spends with disad-
vantaged communities,
but will not make public
its figures for each group.
Even so, he said, the com-
pany will continue to
explore ways to better
interact with people of
color, including the Black
Press. He cites a list of
honors the company has
received for its work with
vendors and its overall
diversity efforts.
He said that while much

of the material used in
telephones are manufac-
tured overseas, AT&T
Wireless has been innova-
tive in other ways, such as
requiring outside law
firms it hires to assign a
certain percentage of bill-
able hours for Black
lawyers on their staffs.
The company recently
began an initiative with
several historically Black
colleges, which it hopes to
expand, that could lead to
permanent employment.
Additionally, Bradley
said, AT&T is partnering
with the National Urban
League to find employees
in various cities.
He said the company is
looking forward to doing
even more.
"We need to be sure that
communities that we're
doing business in and that
we live in are prospering,"
Bradley said. "And that's
what minority- and
women-owned business
spending does. It drives
cash into the community
that will make it a more
robust community that
will hopefully become
customers of ours."

PAGE A-6 THE STAR February 24. 2007

AL QAEDA GAINING STRENGTH Nation of Islam Leader Readies Last Address

Is this the Time for US
to "Cut and Run?"
Senior Al Qaeda leaders
operating within the national
borders of US "ally?"
Pakistan have taken
back formidable control
over worldwide terror oper-
ations, according to a break-
ing New York Times article.

According to the Times,
"American officials said
there was mounting evi-
dence that Osama bin Laden
and his deputy, Ayman al-
Zawahri, had been steadily
building an operations hub
in the mountainous
Pakistani tribal area of
North Waziristan. Until
recently, the Bush adminis-
tration had described Mr.
bin Laden and Mr. Zawahri
as detached from their fol-
lowers and cut off from
operational control of Al
Commenting on this
topic during Talk Show'
interviews is independent
reporter Michael Payne, a
Vietnam era veteran who
has just returned from
embedded missions with
U.S. Troops in Iraq and
Michael Payne shares
with your audience just what
is at stake in Iraq and how if
we "cut and run" as some
suggest we do that our
efforts to liberate the people
of Iraq will have been in
vain. He goes on to say that
our war and peace effort
Iraq is much more complex
than what most of us hear on
the news. During your inter-
view, he shares numerous
accounts of positive
advances we have made in
the region, many of which
have not been widely report-
ed by the mainstream U.S.
news media.
Michael is saddened
that while on one hand he
and our U.S. soldiers risk
their lives daily, dodging
improvised explosives made

by our true enemies in Iran,
our fighting forces in Iraq
have to see anti-war protests
on the news, as well as an
increasingly anti-war con-
Payne believes the next
few weeks will be key to the
future of Democracy in the
Middle East and stresses
that America must not be
swayed by emotionally-
charged public demonstra-
tions opposing the war.
Payne gives a compelling
argument that US soldiers
are gaining ground and that
premature withdrawal could
trigger a full-blown civil
war in Iraq, resulting in the
formation of a new terror
mega-state, with Al Qaeda
running the show.
During your interview
with Michael Payne, he
gives sobering realities of
exactly what is at stake at
this historic military and
civil crossroads but he does-
n't just paint a rosy picture
of war; he also discusses the
matter of Post-traumatic
Stress Syndrome suffered by
many of our soldiers.
Said Payne, "The
President has brought forth a
sound plan to finish the job.
The continued criticiz-
ing and calling for troop
withdrawal now has actually
encouraged the enemy and
given them the incentive to
step up efforts to kill our
soldiers (often with Iranian-
made weapons) and Iraqis at
a vicious rate to break
America's will and turn pub-
lic opinion against the war,
just as they did during
Michael is insistent that
there has been solid
improvement in the quality
of Iraqi soldiers and within
the Iraqi police force over
the last two years and that
Iraqis are continuing to gain
control over the final strong-
holds, leading to a totally
liberated country.

After a life-threatening
surgery and nearly seven
months in seclusion, Nation
of Islam leader Minister
Louis Farrakhan is expect-
ed to give his final address
this weekend in Detroit, a
speech that observers say
will urge stronger unity
among Muslims and signal
the next era of leadership for
the religious movement.
For the larger African-
American community,
regardless of faith,
Farrakhan's speech repre-
sents .a significant moment
as the last chance to see and
hear a leader who so clearly
defined black empowerment
in America. Many black
Chicagoans are planning to
travel to Detroit for the
speech or listen on the radio.
"There is a deep sense
that this is a historic

moment, not just for the
Nation of Islam, but for the
people of the black commu-
nity, in general, who view
Farrakhan as an influential
voice," said Zaheer Ali, a
Columbia University
researcher who is conduct-
ing an oral history of the
Nation of Islam.
Since last September,
when the ailing 73-year-old
minister handed leadership
of the Nation of Islam to an
executive board, observers
have been speculating
whether he would name a
successor. Leaders of the
Nation downplayed the idea
that Farrakhan would name
someone this weekend, pre-
ferring to focus on his recov-
"He didn't leave us, so
we're able to handle the day-
to-day operations and we

have him to consult with for
all matters," said Minister
Akbar Muhammad, interna-
tional representative for the
Farrakhan's speech,
scheduled for Sunday after-
noon at Ford Field football
stadium, is the closing event
of the Nation of Islam's
annual Saviours' Day
Convention, which began
Wednesday and commemo-
rates the birth of Wallace D.
Fard, who founded the
Nation in Detroit.
Though Saviours' Day
gatherings have been held in
Chicago in the past, leaders
chose Detroit this year as a
homecoming for the move-
ment and an appropriate
stage for Farrakhan to take
his final bow.
Minister Jamil
Muhammad, national

General Daniel "Chappie"

spokesman for the Nation of
Islam, said from Detroit that
he believes Farrakhan will
discuss a deepened spiritual-
ity in his speech, titled "One
Nation Under God."
"When a person has
been under an extraordinary
trial and when God pulls that
person out, that person never
comes out the same," he
said. "They come outdeep-
ened and broadened and
enlightened. His life is now a
witness to us of the incredi-
ble healing power of God."


Chapter of The Tuskegee Airman
Black History Month Celebrations
by Yvonne Brooks
Mr. Noel Harris, an original member of the Tuskegee Airman was the featured speaker at a Black History.
Month Celebration held locally on Thursday, February 15, 2007. The Tuskegee Airmen were dedicated, deter-
mined young men who enlisted to become.America's first black military airmen.
Mr. Harris spoke of their bravery in the midst of adversity knowing they had to be better than white pilots as
well as the joys, trials and tribulations faced to graduate. In the end it was all well worth the efforts to become a
Tuskegee Airman.
Mr. John Gay, Chapter President of the General Daniel "Chappie" James chapter, Orlando, Florida also attend-
ed this event.

q.... ____-_a ii T The Tuskegee Airman in Red Jackets from left:Mr. Noel
Joe and the Rockettes at Black History Month Celebration Harris, Darnell Smith- Senior Vice President, Blue Cross -
Blue Shield of Florida, John Gay, President of the Gen.
Chappie James Chapter.


V.*. x

"~,~",I"~~X;F. ~
i ': e''

i'7 rl i.

C:i i~ t
I ~: : .
1 '''3 ..
I -?,,:SC~:' "

..,. ~X
.. .i






Joe and The Rockettes featured at celebration : Joe Simmons of The seniors dance group "Joe and The Rockettes "were recently featured at a
local company event celebration. Joe and The Rockettes danced to "Rock around.the clock". The members present pictured from left to right
are: Mary Collins, Olivia Elis, Yvette Ridley, Evelyn Focd, Joyce McCall, Joe Simmons, Emma Lovett, and LulaA3rooks. A

I --I --- -,




Februrary 24, 2007


i i

,al~t l~ u iII LLA tI(r-iu, -

Man Beaten continued from A-1

Brandon and Amber said
they were shocked because
the incident made him real-
ize that his friend was a
murderer. He therefore
called his mother who
advised him to report the
The mother said now that
the trial is over and
Kenneth has been sen-
tenced to 40 years in
prison, "my son is in a
prison of his own for the
rest of his life and so is the
rest of his that were all
effected by this one act."
The mother said that
Kenneth was in a gang and
Brandon has been warned
that there is.a price on his
head "for doing the right
thing." The price includes
his family and his girl-
friend. His brother's house

friend's house have been
fired upon and the family,
including the mother and
father, have received
numerous threats.
The mother said that
Brandon has had problems
with the law; violated his
probation on December 15,
2006 and has been incarcer-
ated since.
On Tuesday, his belong-
ings were taken and a fight
was ensued. It was then
learned that Brandon was
placed in an area that the
judge had forbidden him to
be placed since he had testi-
fied as a witness.
Mrs. Witt-Surrency said
that on Wednesday at 8:30
a.m., "my son called me and
before be could finish
telling me what happened I
fell to the floor gasping for

air and asking God to
please spare my son and
protect him." Brandon had
been attacked from behind
by Terrance Mabry and oth-
ers with instructions from
Kenneth Worthen to des-
troy him. This is the inmate
who was once Brandon's
friend and has been sen-
tenced to forty years for a
senseless murder.
Brandon has a broken
nose, his earlobe has been
bitten off, he has a severe
eye edema and a cracked
jaw, "for sending our dog to
jail." Brandon and his fam-
ily have been advised that
he will not walk out of jail
alive. Her prayer is that the
justice system will place
him in a protective area
besides solitary confine-
ment in Jacksonville.

Teen Arrested Continued from A-1
two to four shots (number varies from witness) at the officer while the officer was looking
for Brewer. After firing the shots, Hendley fled on foot northbound. Gordon advised that
Hendley gave him the gun as they were walking away together. He said he placed the
gun in his back pocket and that while he was on the ground handcuffed, Hendley took the
gun from his back pocket. He said he did hear several shots afterwards but he did not see
Gordon was charged with possession of a firearm on school property and disturbing the
peace at a lawful assembly.
Brewer was charged with three misdemeanors trespassing on school grounds, disturb-
ing a lawful assembly and resisting an officer without violence.
Hendley was not immediately apprehended but his mother, according to reports, saw on
the news that he was sought and convinced him to turn himself in for safety reasons.
Therefore, Hendley was arrested at his home after his mother advised the officers to come
and get him.
Hendley admitted to firing the gun but said he only fired it in the air, not at the police
officer. He has been charged with four accounts, including second degree attempted mur-

The G ia Star
The G-i





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You are invited to be our special guest at the official


"The Mortuary We Trust"
Charity suffered long, and is kind
1 Corinthians 13:4

Contact: (904) 764-4434 or (904) 598-9808

Manson Construction Co., an equal opportunity employer, requests bids from
qualified Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business Enterprises (JSEB) subcon-
tractors and suppliers for the following project.

Jacksonville Port Authority
Tallyrand Marine Terminal
Rebuild Berth No. 3
Contract No. C-1139

Bids due: March 15, 2007

Manson Construction Co. intends to seriously negotiate with qualified JSEB
firms for project participation in all applicable disciplines.

Scope of work includes: Asphalt Pavement Removal and Replacement,
Stormwater Drain, Structural and Miscellaneous Steel, Concrete Pipe and Misc.
Concrete, Electrical, Sanitary Sewer, Bollard Supply, Demolition.

Manson Construction Co.
1720 East Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone # (904) 358-9929
Fax # (904) 633-2039

Plans and Specifications are available for viewing in our office or they may be
downloaded from Jacksonville Port Authority's website.

Mayor's Neighborhood
Matching Grants Program

To continue the City of Jacksonville's efforts to improve neighborhoods,
the Housing and Neighborhoods Department, Neighborhood Services
Division announces the opening of the 2007-2008 Mayor's Neighborhood
Matching Grants Program.

Funding is expected to remain at $305,800 for next year. However, the
amount is subject to change, if the mayor or City Council authorizes a dif-
ferent amount.

Any neighborhood association, civic organization or other community
group that has been in existence for at least six (6) months prior to the
application date and is located in Duval County is eligible. The maximum
amount is $5,000.

Application forms are available at the Neighborhood Services Division,
214 N. Hogan Street; 8th Floor. Proposals will be accepted until April 30,
no later than 5 p.m. or postmarked by 5 p.m.

Matching Grants Pre-application Workshops are scheduled as follows:
March 6, 6 7:30 p.m.
March 13, 10 11:30 a.m.
March 22, 6 7:30 p.m.
March 29, 10- 11:30 a.m.

All training workshops will be held at:
City Hall at St. James, 117 W. Duval St., Renaissance Room (Lobby),

Workshops will include an overview of the application process, proj-
ect eligibility and assistance with application preparation.
Please remember: No applications for fiscal year 2007-2008 will be
accepted without a representative of the organization attending
one of the technical assistance workshops.

Call the Neighborhood Services Division at (904) 630-7398 to reserve
a seat at the workshop of your choice.

John Peyton, Mayor

Kerri Stewart,

Housing and Neighborhoods

WhteIlai~ &ia

A1 'p





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She will set you up.

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-rLt.r, /I-/

1 tL k it 1IjK

nrr' nr r 64 i /. /ZIll /


'' f


-f^ Saturday. March 10th. 2007
Doors open @ 6:00 pm Worship Begins at 7:00 pm Free Event

Victory Way Christian Center
4058 St. Augustine Rd.
Jacksonville, Florida
Bishop James Swinson, Pastor

1.904.391.0002 1.313.999.9459

LCk Vk

live for

FEBR"RYHY24, 20066


PdA-,H A-X

' ~



,J r





Cox Art of Hair
Barber Shop is proud to
recognize the following
Honor Roll Students
for The Second >Nine
Weeks of School.
Report cards are
issued every nine
weeks during school.
During that time, some

kids are afraid to show
their report cards due to
the low grades that they
have received. Mr. Cox
feels that it is necessary
to reward his clients
that are A&B Honor
Roll students in his bar-
ber shop to encourage
them to continue to do

well in school and
maybe it will encour-
age other kids to want
some of that same
The FL/GA Star'are
proud to cover stories
such as this. Children
are the future and it is
rewarding to know that

they will have bright
futures because of car-
ing people such as Mr.
Hubert Cox.
After the reports
cards have been
reviewed, and the ones
with the A and/or B
Honor Roll are con-
firmed, each student

HONOR ROLL continued on B4

Al Bell, "A" Honor Roll The Potter House Jaylen R. Bell, A&B
Christian Academy. Christian Academy.

Steven Brooks, A&B Honor Roll, Darnell Rajah Buchanan, A&B Honor Roll Garden
Cookman Middle School. City Elementary.


Page B-2/February 24, 2007

How to Proactively Manage Your Asthma
Many women with asthma
become overwhelmed by it and let it
control the way they live their lives.
Dr. Monica Kraft, Director of Duke
i university Allergy, Asthma and
S Airway Center, who will be featured
in an upcoming television special
entitled Breathing Easy: Women and
SAsthma talks about effective ways in
which women with asthma can
accomplish goals and live the life
they want.
One of my patients decided that
she wanted to start running-at the age
of 48, but after a quarter mile she was wheezing and coughing, says Dr. Kraft.
Together we worked on ways to enable her to run. She now has a goal of com-
pleting a 10k running race.
In the show Dr. Kraft advises that if you have asthma, its important to put
yourself first and not let asthma control your life. You have to find the right
doctor with whom you can build a long-term relationship because on-going fol-
low up is the key to managing your asthma. Then you have to describe your
symptoms and how often you are using your fast-acting inhaler. Tell your- doc-
tor how these symptoms keep you from doing what you want or need to do.
Your doctor can help you set goals- whether its running or gardening with-
out getting out of breath- and let you know that such goals do not have to be out
of reach. You must learn to recognize your symptoms and their triggers.
There are many ways that you can help control your asthma. The most
important step is talking to your doctor about ways to manage asthma. If you
believe your asthma is starting to control your life, Dr. Kraft offers the follow-
ing tips on how to help your doctor best serve you:

Find out what you can about asthma so you can identify the symptoms
and how it might be affecting your life. There are many great informational
tools out there including websites like HYPERLINK "http://www.asthmaware-
nessedu.com/"www.asthmawarenessedu.com or the television show Breathing
Easy: Women and Asthma that can help women identify goals and find ways to
talk to their doctors about asthma management.

Think about your rescue inhaler use- do you use it more than twice a
week? Do you use it at particular times?

Try to identify the specific environments or situations that trigger symp-
toms such as shortness of breath, chest-tightening, lung burning, wheezing and

Identify what you feel if and/or when you wake up at night.

Identify what you feel when you first wake up in the morning.

Whatmedications have you taken in the past that are or aren't related to

What medications are you currently taking?

With the right tools and medications and the knowledge of how and when to
use those tools, you can control your asthma.

900 Bears Collected and Still

FL- Students at
Presbyterian Day
School are known ',
for being academi- -
cally bright, polite
and kind-hearted.
Of course,
they're not perfect
angels all the time.
But when it comes
to helping others,
they were confi- S
dent the school -.
would shine.
The students in the rush of excitement.
Riverside, though, actu- The kids and,teach-
ally surprised them- ers collected 900 bears!
selves. We're wrapping up
They rallied to col- our bear drive this
lect bears for our new week. If you'd still like
Buddy Bear project. to donate new bears just
We're looking for new drop them off at First
bears to give to Coast News.
chemotherapy patients Soon we'll
fighting any type of announce the grand
-cancer. Chemo patients total collected. Our vol-
just light up to receive a unteers are still count-
bear. ing but I'm told the

RPDS students fig-
ured they'd collect sev-
eral hundreds bears.
When the total came in,
though, you could feel

number will be incredi-
ble. We already have
enough to give to
Hospice patients, as

Advertising Deadline:

To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834 or


The Star Page B-3lFebruary 24, 2007

School Library Book To Get A Second Look

Jacksonville, FL A
book available in the
Mandarin High School
library has a family
questioning the books
literary value in a public
school setting.
The book is called,
"Vegan Virgin
Valentine" and was writ-
ten by Carolyn Mackler.
The author describes the
book as a racy tale of
two 17 year-olds trying
to find themselves.
Some parents found
the book of marginal
value saying, "They use
the "F"word everywhere
else. That's unaccept-
Parents are request-
ing a review committee
at a district level .pass
judgment on the appro-
priateness of the book.

Mandarin High prin-
cipal, Dr. Crystal Sisler,
says she encourages par-
ents to know what their
children are reading.
She points out in an
academic setting some
profanity can be found
in books saying, "There
are college level classes
and there's work the
College Board has
selected for the literary
Parents feel at a min-
imum the book should
require parental permis-
sion to be checked out.
One of the parents
says, "We understand
parents are going to have
different values. We
understand that, but this
definitely crosses the
Every year the Duval

County Schools reviews
a handful of books fol-
lowing a complaint or a
request for review.
A committee of
media specialists com-
bined with parents will
read the book and dis-
cuss its value.,
What follows is a
whether or not a book
should be restricted.



. ". .- )

- -

-n 0 4.

0 E
L- O


I"t, ni \ ,I% liv e.

.-iL .L t .. J>l. lt.. tlJ l t.,r, A1l,. tJ:,
Go to www.povertyusa.org and get involved.
Si Catcoin Ca rpaiga
"IR PIP..JF. ,

, .





The Florida & Georgia Star
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t`~l I r

The Star

Page B-3/February 24, 2007

''"~ "

%W &* oftame % 4

The Second Nine Weeks of School Report Cards

at Cox Art of Hair Barber Shop

HONOR ROLL continued from front cover

received a gift certificate
for their outstanding job.
The children look
forward to another nine
weeks of school so that
they can possibly be rec-
ognized again and again.
They like the challenge
that goes along with it,
which gives them that
extra push.
Mr. Cox doesn't stop
there. He knows that he
can only reward the few
that he comes in contact
with, so he continues to

challenge other barbers
to get involved with the
young men they serve
and challenge them to do
well in school, because
"Education is the key to


Jordan Dawkins with mother, A&B Honor Roll -
Hendricks Avenue Elementary.

Alon Haywood, A&B Honor Roll The Potter House
Christian Academy.

f.r^ .C

Malcolm Mercer with grandmother, A&B
Esprit De Corps Center for Learning.

Devontai Martin, A&B Honor Roll Matthew Gilbert
Middle School.

Edward Watkins, II, A&B Honor Roll Paxon
Advanced Studies.

The Star/Prep Rap

Page. B-4/February 24, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap Page B-5/February 24, 2007
''~~~ ~ ~ ;- .-.' !*!- .. i''. ^C~ P^ J ,' .* *
*'~c v :-*^ *! *^ V 5 / Y'" ;. '

- I

"Copyrighted Material .-

SSyndicated Content" v oN

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- --- ---- ---

---- ph

Page B-6/February 24, 2007


School Jokes!
A math joke
Teacher: What's 2 and 2?
Pupil: 4
Teacher: That's good.
Pupil: Good?, that's perfect!

A history joke
Why did the knight run about shouting for a tin
He had a bee in his suit of armour!

A history joke
Teacher: Who can tell me where Hadrians Wall is?
Pupil: I expect it's around Hadrian's garden miss!

A history joke
Why were the early days of history called the
dark ages?
Because there were so many knights!

A math joke
Teacher: How much is half of 8?
Pupil: Up and down or across?
Teacher: What do you mean?
Pupil: Well, up and down makes a 3 or across the
middle leaves a 0!


The Smothers brothers'
father's mother's brothers
are the Smothers broth-
ers' mother's father's
other brothers.

Jack's nap sack


Terry Teeter, a teeter-tot-
ter teacher, taught her
daughter Tara to teeter-
totter, but Tara Teeter
didn't teeter-totter as
Terry Teeter taught her

wish to wish, I dream to
dream, I try to try, and 1
live to live, and I'd die to
die, and I cry to cry but 1
don't know why.

LEA BrIDr 2J 20

*I 9

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Alaska who?
Alaska my friend the question then!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Abe who?
Abe CDE F G H...!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Ada who?
Ada burger for lunch!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Aida who?
Aida lot of sweets and now I've got tummy ache!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Al who?
Al give you a kiss if you open this door!

Color This

*0 .


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Syndicated Content
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* *

0 0

0 0 0 0 .


* 0

61* *

00 a GE

0* *

S*g *

o O

* 0


Me" "

Page B-7/February 24, 2007

Nc\ j".ISiyr Fun '

Fishing Fun'

-l a

a _

a.~ ~r -

"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

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* 0 ~



The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-8lFebruary 24, 2007 The StarlPrep Rap

NOAH continued from B5
children of color look at
Themselves in a more
positive way. Noah was
a preacher of righteous-
ness and our role mod-
els should be our
Biblical patriarchs.
Every detail was taken
into consideration to
make sure that it coin-
cides with what is writ-
ten in the Bible," he
The free artwork
project is being
launched during
February 2007 in honor

New Zealand Fishermen Catch Rare Squid

of Black History
Month. For a limited
time, 8.5 x 11" fine art
reproductions of Noah
and his family will be
offered FREE to every-
one who visits our web-
site at www.christia-
There is a small postage
and handling fee of
$4.44, which represents
the four angels holding
back the four winds at
the four-corers of the
earth. Revelation 7:1.

Zealand A fishing crew
has caught a colossal squid
that could weigh a half-ton
and prove to be the biggest
specimen ever landed, a
fisheries official said
The squid, weighing
an estimated 990 lbs and
about 39 feet long, took
two hours to land in
Antarctic waters, New
Zealand Fisheries Minister
Jim Anderton said.
The fishermen were
catching Patagonian tooth-
fish, sold under the name
Chilean sea bass, south of
New Zealand "and the
squid was eating a hooked
toothfish when it was
hauled from the deep,"
Anderton said.
The fishing crew and a
fisheries official on board
their ship estimated the
length and weight of the
squid: Detailed, official
measurements have not
been made. The date when
the colossus was caught
also was not disclosed.
Colossal squid, known
by the scientific name
Mesonychoteuthis hamil-
toni, are estimated to grow
up to 46 feet long and have
long been one of the most
mysterious creatures of the

deep ocean.
If original estimates
are correct, the squid
would be 330 pounds
.heavier than the next
biggest specimen ever
"I can assure you that
this is going to draw phe-
nomenal interest. It is truly
amazing," said Dr. Steve
O'Shea, a squid expert at
the Auckland University of
Technology. If calamari
rings were made from the
squid they would be the
size of tractor tires, he
Colossal squid can
descend to 6,500 feet and
are extremely 'active,
aggressive hunters, he

The frozen squid will
be transported to New
Zealand's national muse-
um, Te Papa, in the capital,
Wellington, to be pre-
served for scientific study.
Marine scientists "will
be very interested in this
amazing creature as it adds
immeasurably to our
understanding of- the
marine environment,"
Anderton said.
Colossal squid are
found in Antarctic waters
and are not related to giant
squid found round the
coast of New Zealand.
Giant squid grow up to 39
feet long, but are not as
heavy as colossal squid.




aavl" &r

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P.O. Box 40629, Jacksonville, FL 32203

Ph (904) 766-8834

info@thefloridastar.com www.TheFloridaStar.com


I P1W -.- Q

Page B-8/February 24, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

S ...


Cmdr. George Thompson,

First African American

Named C.O. Of Navy Band

Former Director of Navy Band
Southeast here in Jacksonville

Cmdr. George Thomp-
son has been selected as the

t-'.- ,. A M
Cmdr. George Thompson

first African-American
commanding officer of the
Navy Band in Washington.
"It's amazing that in the
21st century, year 2007, we
still are able to achieve
some type of first as
African-Americans," said
Thompson, head of Navy
Music Program (PERS-
4014) at Navy Personnel
Command. "I feel extremely
proud and I know I'm very

According to Lt. Cmdr.
David Hodge, who coordi-
nates Navy bands nation-
wide for the Navy Office of
Community Outreach
(NAVCO), Thompson
career and achievements
makes him the right person
for the job.
"The Navy couldn't have
made a better pick to lead
the Navy Band in
Washington, D.C.," said
Hodge. "Cmdr. Thompson
started out as one of the best
pianists in the Navy,. rose
through the ranks and
became known as one of its
finest musicians. His entire
career as a bandmaster has
focused him, toward this
milestone. We're all certain-
ly proud of him!"
Both of Thompson's par-
ents had musical talent and
sang in the choir at the
church they attended in
Philadelphia. One day after
Sunday school, Thompson,
to his parent's amazement,
sat down at the church's
piano and started playing

simple melodies he had
heard in church. They saved
and budgeted to get him a
piano and private lessons.
He was commissioned in
1990 and reported to the
United States Navy Band in
Washington as the officer in
charge of the ceremonial
unit, giving him his first
taste of playing national-
level events. In June 1994,
he became the 7th Fleet
bandmaster, U.S. Fleet
Band on board the USS
Blue Ridge (LCC 19) in
Japan, and then went to
Jacksonville, Fla., as direc-
tor, Navy Band Southeast.
He later became the execu-
tive officer of the School of
"One of my most memo-
rable times in my career was
when I was the director of
the 7th Fleet Band and I per-
formed for former President
William Clinton during his
visit to the USS
Independence (CV 62) in
Japan," recalls Thompson.
"It was an honor to have
him come over and shake
my hand after the perform-
"1 would encourage all
young Sailors, regardless of
their ethnicity to take
advantage of the education
provided by the Navy," said
Thompson. "The only per-
son who can hold you back
is you."

Patricia Russell-McCloud is guest speaker

AIDS Summit Draws

Large Capacity Crowd

The 2007 AIDS Summit was held on
Friday, February 16th, at the Holiday Inn on
Commonwealth Ave. The Theme was stark
and to the point CRISIS: Silence is Death
HIV/AIDS In Duval County.
The conference room where the event
was held was filled to its capac-
ity and many more listened
from outside the conference
room.. In the morning, Ron
Henderson of the Florida Dept.
of Health spoke on the state of
AIDS in Florida. Rev. Moses
Johnson of Simpson Memorial
United Methodist Church
delivered an uplifting messages
well. After the main presenta- Patricia RuE
tions, small groups met for
round table discussions of issues related to
Patricia Russell-McCloud, author of A is
for Attitude, was the guest speaker for the
luncheon. The theme of her presentation was
"If you can't face AIDS, you can't fix it."
Her inspiring speech was peppered with
many quotable lines. "People want to know
that you care before they care what you
know. Being a man or a woman is a


matter of birth. Being a person who makes a
difference is a matter of choice. .. Good
intentions will never suffice when a back-
bone is required. It's on us to get
involved or to stop complaining. The
time to act is now. No man is an island. And
guess what? No woman is
r either... Duval County, what
will you do?" she asked. The
appreciative audience gave
Ms. McCloud a standing ova-

Numerous awards were
presented to people who have
been making a difference in
our community. Deadra Green,
ell-McCloud who was the Chairperson for
the AIDS Summit for five
years, and who recently passed away, was
memorialized for her work as an activist in
the fight against HIV/AIDS. This years'
AIDS Summit was sponsored by The
Minority AIDS Coalition, Duval County
Health Dept., Edward Waters College,
Florida A&M University School of
Pharmacy, Interfaith Based Advisory Group,
and River Region Human Services.

Big John Prepares for Retirement!

After nearly 40 years of service to America and the U.S. Navy the aircraft carrier USS
John F. Kennedy (CV 67) will be decommissioned on March 23 at Naval Station Mayport.
Named in honor of the 35th President of the United States, the ship's keel was laid in
October 1964 at Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Newport News, Va.
In May 1967, 9-year-old Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late president, broke the tradi-
tional champagne bottle on the ship's bow, christening her USS John F. Kennedy. "Big

AIDS Summit Attendees; (I-r) Ron Henderson (Fla. Dept. of Health). Pat Alexander (City of
Jacksonville), Dr. Robert Harmon (Duval County Health Dept.), Derya Williams (River Region
Human Services), Rev. Richard Curry (St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church), Rev. Moses
Johnson (Simpson Memorial United Methodist Church), Rev. Leon Seymore (Tabernacle Bible

Six JSO Cruisers Respond to

Police on Police. Confrontation

Jacksonville police
swarmed a Westside resi-
dence on Wednesday after
receiving a call that there
was an officer in need.
When a signal 34 goes
out over police dispatch it
gets officers attention
because it means one of
their own needs help. The
call is taken very seriously.
That's why a half dozen
police cruisers rushed to The
Preserve at Cedar River
Apartments in the 4200
block of Confederate Point
The officer who lives at

the apartment complex was
fighting with his former
girlfriend, who is a police
Neighbors said they
heard screaming, and then
sirens. They told Channel 4
they are very familiar with
their neighbor and his ex-
However, the neighbors
said on Valentine's Day their
kids were scared when they
heard the fight. They said
the incident was not the first
time police were called to
their building regarding a
domestic issue between the

two officers.
Police initially said they
were responding to a
domestic issue between two
officers and that no one was
However, on Thursday,
the Jacksonville Sheriffs
Office released a statement
saying, "This was an inci-
dent involving two police
officers ... it is now an inter-
nal investigation and we do
not comment on those cases
until they're complete."
Normally, a police report
is filled out whenever an
officer responds to a scene.
In this case, however, a
report involving the incident
or any other possible inci-
dents between the two offi-
cers was not available.

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy
John," as the ship would become known, was commissioned and officially entered naval
service in September 1968 marking the beginning of an illustrious career.
A veteran of 18 deployments to the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East, Kennedy
amassed more than 260,000 arrested landings on its flight deck while operating virtually
every tactical aircraft in the Navy's arsenal.
In 1989, two of the embarked air wing's F-14 Tomcats shot down two Libyan MIG-23s
that were approaching the battle group in a hostile manner. Kennedy also participated in
numerous other campaigns including Operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi
Freedom, and was sortied following the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
Homeported at NS Mayport since September 1995, Kennedy most recently served as a
training platform for naval aviators to obtain their carrier landing qualifications. Its final port
call will be to Boston, Mass., March 1-5.
JFK is one of the two remaining fossil-fueled aircraft carriers still serving the Navy.
Following the decommissioning, only USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63), homeported in Yokosuka,
Japan will remain as the Navy's last conventionally-powered aircraft carrier. Kitty Hawk is
Scheduled to return to the United States .nd be decommissioned in 2008.

Truck Hits



School Bus

A 14-year-old student
named Walisha Green
remained hospitalized
Wednesday night after being
hit by a pickup truck after
she got off a school bus ear-
lier in the day on the

Walisha Green was
struck near the intersection
of Blanding Boulevard and
Shirley Avenue.
"She had just got off the
school bus. She flipped
three times, and ended up at
the ATM, said Walisha's
aunt Stephanie Bradford.
"Blood was everywhere
and she was hollering,
scared and screaming. "She
started calling on Jesus. She
said she was scared but she
was calling on Jesus the
whole time," Bradford said.
Walisha was rur l .1 to

Medical Center, where she
was later upgraded from
serious to fair condition.
The impact of the crash
left a dent of the hood of the
truck police said hit Walisha
as she crossed the street.
Police said she was not
in the marked crosswalk and
did not have the right of way
when she was hit.
The driver of the truck
involved in crash has not
been chai.I -g with a crime.




FEBRUARY 24, 2007

A~~~~ A APl~ ---mg -I

Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based
Dear Deanna!
I was in a marriage for 3 years that didn't last. I am now legally
divorced with no strings attached and I want to live my life. I'm
very responsible but my family accuses me of being an unfit par-
--... .. l .1 .... ... .1.- ... ...|. + I~ la.F | a* a .|a a aA rl t

em. MIy chluiliren are oII eougU tI Le icu I UI IU 1ome aU an l i o L
bring my relationships in front of them. I don't want to enter
another serious relationship and wish everyone would leave me
alone. Does it matter what 1 do as long as my family is taken care


(Omaha, NE)

Dear Marissa:
As a parent, you have moral obligations you must adhere to whether you want to or not. There's
nothing wrong with having fun, recreational dating and enjoying the rush of single life. Double
check your actions in regards to your parenting skills and the care arrangements for your chil-
dren while you're out and about. You may not want a relationship, but you want to be careful
and not fall into the category of a garden tool.
********* ********

Dear Deanna!
I'm a Christian and there are things that I do that people don't agree with. I feel as if I can drink
wine, enjoy music and wear what I want to wear. Don't get me wrong, I love the Lord and do
what I'm supposed to do. My life is fine but other people don't think so. 1 don't like being
judged when other people at church do the same thing but pretend to be super holy. Do I need
to go ahead and change churches because these people aren't going to change?
Honest Christian (Charleston, SC)

Dear Honest:
If you were as rooted and tooted in your faith as you pretend to be, you wouldn't worry about
what other people think. You need to put your stones away and come out of the same glass
house that everyone else is in. You're just as guilty because you just so happen to know their
business they way they know yours. Do yourself a favor and mind your business, live accord-
ing to God's word and seek to receive growth and understanding in your worship instead of
human acceptance.

Dear Deanna!
My wife and I are having financial troubles because she won't stop spending money. We live
on a budget but she keeps breaking the rules. It's at the point where our bills are late, my cred-
it rating has become poor and we don't have money to do simple things. I don't mind her
spending here and there, but she makes major purchases without my consent, goes on trips and
gives money to her family. How do I let her know, this is killing our marriage?
Dan (Long Island City, NY)

Dear Dan:
You should bear the responsibility of eliminating her access to cash, bank accounts and credit
cards and pay all the bills yourself. Your immediate goal is to stabilize the finances and your
credit rating. The next step is to physically give her a budget and if she messes up, leave her to
fend for herself. Once this is done, encourage your wife to get some counseling and stick to the
budget you give her or you'll both be looking at each other in the poor house.

Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email:
askdeannal@yahoo.com or write: Deanna M., 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeanna.com.

Pancakes and Other Good-Luck Foods
B\ Ester Dai i
Religion... ndSpiritualit:. coin

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Black History
The Florida & Georgia
(904) 766-8834

Februatry 24, 2007



Some traditions need an overhaul. The first da\ of the
ne\\ year. tell me, \Ohat did you eat and \\h\? I simple\ -.
cannot resist this next question. And \ hal is the eating ,.4 i
significance of the remaining days of the year? ".
In many countries, it is believed that a person can
prosper throughout the coming year by eating a certain "
food the very first day of the new year. So, as a result of God's grace, a new year can
confront us every year. It is common for folks around the world to celebrate with fam-
ily and friends and welcome in the new year with gaiety and a celebrated tradition.
It was once believed that the first visitor on the first day of the new year would
bring either good luck or bad luck the rest of the year.-You could particularly count
your blessings for the new year if the first visitor happened to be a tall, dark-haired
Traditional foods are the main ingredients for a good luck year. Many cultures
believe that anything in the shape of a ring is a good luck charm, because of its con-
tinuous circle. The Dutch believe that eating doughnuts will bring good fortune when
eaten on New Year's Day.
Throughout the South in the United States, the new year is celebrated with black-
eyed peas, the conventional favorite. Cabbage and collard greens too, are "good luck"
vegetables a symbol of prosperity, a bit of wealth. They are representative of fold-
ed money in some areas.
Champagnes are the chosen glamour bubbly worldwide. Worldwide! Finally, we
agree on something. Lobster eaten on New Year's Day represents a setback because the
lobster moves backward. Fish is a popular feast, however. The Italians eat baccala
(dried, salted cod); the Poles pickle their herring.
In Puerto Rico evil spirits are thrown out the window at midnight. Pails of water
are the objects used to carry out the mission. This tradition should make the new year
powerfully interesting.
In Bolivia, families hang beautiful dolls outside their homes to bring good luck. In
France, a stack of pancakes are eaten for luck and good health. While cabbage and col-
lards are bon appetits in America, the Danes have stewed kale and the Germans enjoy
their sauerkraut.
In Switzerland, the belief system of good luck comes from letting a drop of cream
land on the floor on New Year's Day. Spain counts grapes for good luck in the new
year. At the stroke of midnight, people eat 12 grapes, one grape representing prosper-
ity for each month of the new year. In northern Portugal, children go caroling on New
Year's. Going from home to home, they are given coins and/or treats. The songs they
sing are to bring good luck to the doorsteps all year.
Regardless of what you eat on the first day of the new year, you certainly have to
eat on the other 364 days of the year. But good luck does exist all over the world. Just
another chance for good health and the opportunity to live on this good earth.
An overhaul may be too drastic. Adoption may be the key. So let's see, which of
these traditions do I want to adopt for future good luck? My tradition did not work last
year. I think I will try somebody else's. Maybe a stack of pancakes and grapes.

Ester Davis is a writer and a television host/producer. She can be reached at
host@esterdavis.com. copyright 2007 by Ester Davis





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4ow MEM
-1 4h,40a


Calvin Buckholtz
Lawrence McCray
Johnny Nelson
Phadarius Taylor
Stacey Poole, II
Dominique Waters
Shaquille Johnson
Chris Summers
P.J. Gaynor
Corey Roth
Chris. Gray
Ernesto Trowers
Eric Yi
Chris Jordan

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson
- Wolfson
- Raines
- First Coast
- R.E. Lee
- Ribault
- Mandarin
- Sandalwood
- Englewood
- Ed White
- Stanton
- Paxon


Shawn Blaylock, Chris Rozier, Adrian Hodges, Chris Ammons, Ronnie
Weston, Quentin Ragland, Edward Wells, Jevaughn Turner, Cedric
Simmons, Sean Bryant, T.J. Williams, Akeem Washington, Ramon Byers,
Pievva Blackshear, Randy Jones, Damain Cooper, Steven Roundtree,
Antonio Wright, Chris Holmes, Alex Smith, Curtis Robinson, Eric Pickney,
James Webb, Shawn Leftwich and Arthur Grigoryn

Because ministry to the sick is an important
component of pastoral care...

Community Hospice of Northeast Florida presents Shoulder-To-Shoulder,
a conference designed for clergy to help them better understand end-of-life
care and the services provided by Community Hospice.

Topics covered include:

Hospice Overview: It's Your Community Hospice
Faith and End-of-Life Care: Does accepting hospice care mean giving
up on faith?
Cultural Sensitivity in Hospice Care: What do clergy need to know when
ministering to people from various backgrounds at end-of-life?
Church-Hospice Liaison Program: How can Community Hospice help
minister to those in need of end-of-life care?

Tours of the Earl B. Hadlow Center for Caring, a Community Hospice inpa-
tient facility, will be available at the conclusion of the conference. A complimen-
tary lunch will be served.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: To RSVP call 904.407.6790 by Wednesday,
March 8, 2007. Seating is limited to the first 100.
Established in 1979 as the first hospice program in Northeast Florida,
Community Hospice of Northeast Florida provides compassionate care to more
than 1,000 patients daily in Baker, Clay,. Duval, Nassau and St. John's counties,
through the support of more than 700 employees and nearly 1,000 volunteers.
The nonprofit organization has served more than 43,000 children and adults-at
home, in long-term care facilities, hospitals and through its three inpatient facili-
ties in Jacksonville.
Community Hospice Foundation generates philanthropic and community
support for unfunded and under-funded programs, including indigent hospice
care, programs and services through the Charles M. Neviaser Educational
Institute, and Community PedsCare, a pediatric palliative and hospice program.
Care is available to all patients who need it, regardless of their ability to pay.

welcome Elder Donald Foy as the March keynote speaker at their meeting to be held at
River City Brewing Company on March 8, 2007 at 11:30.
Elder Foy will address community-based plans to alleviate the growing violence in
Jacksonville. He is President of Mad Dads, a well known community activist and Vice
Chairperson for the Duval County Republican Party.
Elder Foy, an African American, was elected during the annual meeting of the Duval
County Republican Party Executive Committee in December of 2006.
This is the first time since the Reconstruction Period, an African-American has been
elected to a major leadership position in the Duval County Republican Party since
Republican, Elder Joseph E Lee, who represented Duval County in the House of
Representatives from 1875-1881.
"It is an honor for Republican women to host such a true conservative and visionary as
Vice Chairman Donald Foy and to help spread his message of hope and community
The only way we will end the violence is this community is through every responsible
and able citizen getting involved in the solution. The members of the RWCDF are commit-
ted to this cause,' said Cindy Graves, President of the Republican Women's Club of Duval
Also giving remarks will be various Republican candidates running in the Duval
County elections to be held March 20, 2007. The public is welcome.
The cost of the luncheon is $25 with advanced reservations. Call 904/910-3533 to make
Ja reservation oglog on to the website: rwndf.org

SNEWdW v 0 40 w Go w4dow ..Wpw 4M..W-


TUESDAY @ 5:00 P.M.
Call: (904) 766-8834
or EMAIL: info thefloridastar.com

9 '

FEBRUARY24, 2007





- Im

. b. 4

. ft 4m



Announcements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

Chapter Annual African-American History Celebration presents Singers: H.
Alvin Green Memorial Chorale & J. W. Honeysucker Community Choir of
Jacksonville; Speaker, Minister Toby J. Johnson, Youth Minister of Greater
Payne AME Church and Performers; Spirit and Truth Mimes, Youth Group of
First Timothy Baptist Church. Will be held February 24th at 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
at the St. Pius V. Catholic Church Hall, located at 2110 Blue Ave,
Jacksonville, FL. Call (904) 765-4509 for more info.
GREATER MT. SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH located at 2235 Moncrife
Rd will be sponsoring a GOSPEL MUSICAL PROGRAM, Saturday,
February 24th at 6:30 p.m. Guest groups are: The Alston Sister of
Jacksonville and Special Guest The Brother of Harmony of Alachua, FL.
Price is $10.00 at the door. Contact Ms. Lucy Banks at (904) 765-3237.
ning will meet every Wednesday beginning January 31st through May 2nd
from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the City Hall, St. James Building, First
Floor, Committee Room A, 117 West Duval Street, Jacksonville, FL.
GOSPEL DIGITAL TUNES presents "The Bible Experience" Event,
Saturday, March 31, 2007 at the Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum in
Jacksonville, FL. The New Testament is brought to life in "The Bible
Experience" by all-star cast of some of Hollywood's greatest actors and musi-
cians including Blair Underwood, Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson, Bishop
T.D. Jakes, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Forest Whitaker, Kirk
Franklin! Experience the Bible and re-energize your faith with one of the
most anticipated audio recordings in years! Call (904) 224-2231 for more

McDonald's Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour Provides Food For
The Soul

Music...moves the mind, lifts the spirit
and nourishes the soul. McDonald's serves up
a healthy serving of soul-stirring music with a
new concert series that kicks off February 28,
bringing a powerful message of inspiration to
eight U.S. cities from February through April.
The McDonald's Inspiration Celebration
Gospel Tour features Grammy Award-winner i'm lovin' it
Smokie NorfuI and fellow EMI artists Gospel
Music Hall of Famer Vanessa Bell Armstrong
and rising gospel star Kierra "Kiki" Sheard for an unforgettable celebration of
African-American heritage expressed through gospel music. The tour begins on
February 28 in Dallas with a free concert at the 6000-seat Nokia Theatre. Other
tour cities include Richmond (March 22), Philadelphia (March 23), Baltimore
(March 24), Detroit (March 29) and Chicago (March 31), Atlanta (April 4), and
Houston on a date to be announced.
"I am humbled and honored to share my music as a way of partnering with
McDonald's and their community outreach," says Smokie Norful who headlines
the tour. "It's important that we realize giving back is the true way to keep our-
selves and others uplifted, empowered, and encouraged."
McDonald's partnered with leading Gospel label, EMI Gospel and music mar-
keting/concert producer, Revolver Marketing Group (RMG), along with Urban
Ministries Inc. (UMI), the nation's leading publisher and distributor of education-
al materials for African-American churches, to produce the series. This marks the
first year that McDonald's is sponsoring the Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour
but is not the company's first foray into supporting gospel music. Independent
franchisees have created gospel-themed restaurants in Merrillville, Ind., and
Chicago. McDonald's and franchisees from New York to Seattle have also part-
nered with other organizations to bring gospel and other music festivals to their
"Music is an important part of African-American history and culture," said
'Carol Sagers, marketing director, McDonald's USA. "Through this sponsorship,
McDonald's celebrates the rich, musical heritage of the African-American com-
munity and gives consumers an opportunity to take a break from life's routines
and be inspired."
For tickets and tour information, go to www.smokienorful.com\mcdonaldsin-




Walter 0. Evans

Collection to run

through April 17

Black History Month is a chance to cele-
brate and .learn about a specific part of
American history that is often left out books.
The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is
bringing to life the artwork of some African
Americans. More than 100 pieces are part of
"The Walter O. Evans Collection of African
American Art."
Jeanette Toohey, Chief Curator at the
Cummer, calls this a phenomenal collection.
"This collection is known for its quality,
depth and breadth." It spans the achieve-
ments of African American artists working
in all media from the mid 19th Century to
the late 20th Century (this is from the 1840's
- 1980's).
The collection consists of paintings,
drawings and sculptures. But what really
makes it unique and different from the trav-
eling show is the Cummer has work from
Dr. Evan's personal collection that relates to
Jacksonville. For example, there are many
pieces that feature James Weldon Johnson
and his brother J. Rosamond Johnson (They
wrote the National Negro Anthem "Lift
Every Voice and Sing.), Mary McLeod
Bethune, Zora Neale Hurston and August
Savage (She was a sculptor born in Green
Cove Springs who taught and mentored stu-
dents during the Harlem Renaissance.).
Toohey says, "It's been exciting to have the
additional loans."
There is another piece of work inspired
by the collection. You see it before you walk

Dr. James H. Ammons

Picked to Lead FAMU

Walter Evans, born in Savannah,, in 1943,
was the youngest of the five children of
Willie Mae Rakestraw Evans and Fred
Benjamin Evans. The family later moved to
Beaufort, South Carolina. Walter spent his
boyhood days in Savannah and Beaufort,
where history and tradition were their life

into the galleries. It is a 30 foot mural drawn
and painted by fifty 9th graders at Douglas
Anderson. McMath says, "What's so great
about it is the kids did the painting, and they
had to do their research and study."
Each panel depicts a person, place or
concept that connects Jacksonville to the
Harlem Renaissance. But McMath feels
what truly makes this special is where it will
end up. It will go the Clara White Mission.
It is located in the heart of the historic
LaVilla District on Ashley Street. McMath
says, "The mural brings our history to the
"The Walter O. Evans Collection" runs
through April 17, 2007. The cost to see the
collection and get into the museum is $8 for
adults, $5 for students, military and senior
citizens and kids under 6 get in free.

African-American Heart-Attack

Survivors Feel a 'Wake-up Call'

The board of trustees of
Florida A&M University,
the historically black educa-
tional institution in
Tallahassee, has voted to
offer the presidency of the
institution to James H.
Ammons. Ammons current-
ly serves as chancellor at
North Carolina Central
University in Durham. The
board had narrowed the
field of candidates to three
and approved the Ammons
nomination by a narrow
vote of 7-6. Behind him was
Thelma Thompson, who
received six votes.
Ammons, a FAMU grad-
uate and former provost and
professor, is "a perfect
match with what we're look-
ing for," said student body
president and trustee Phillip
"A positive vote from
this board for me will send a
resounding message to
Florida and across the coun-
try, that you can turn off the
porch light. Our son has
come home," Ammons said
in an emotional conclusion
to his session with the
James H. Ammons, a
native of Winter Haven,
Florida grew up in the heart
of Florida's citrus belt, grad-
uated cum laude in 1974
with a bachelor's degree in

Ammons, a FAMU graduate and former provost and pro-
fessor, is "a perfect match with what we're looking for,"
said student body president and trustee Phillip Agnew.

political science from
Florida A&M University.
After being awarded the
Minority Graduate Fellow-
ship from the American
Political Science Associa-
tion, he earned the master's
degree in public administra-
tion in 1975, and the Ph.D.
in Government in 1977,
both from FSU.
Ammons spent 18 years

at Florida A&M as a faculty
member and administrator.
In 2001 Ammons was
provost and vice president
for academic affairs when
he left to take over as chan-
cellor of North Carolina
Central University.
He will finish the aca-
demic year in North
Carolina before assuming
his duties at Florida A&M.

African Americans who
have suffered heart attacks
consider their experiences to
be a "wake-up calls" that
leads to reevaluating priori-
ties, growing closer to faith
and recognizing the impor-
tance of strong heart health
While a majority of those
surveyed view their heart
attack as a second chance at
life, the results surpris-
ingly indicate that near-
ly 30 percent of Blacks
state they are not doing
everything they can to
avoid another heart
attack. In fact, 27 percent of
African-Americans do not
even take their heart med-
ications exactly as pre-
scribed. by their physicians
after their heart attack.
Approximately half of
the -heart attack survivor's
surveyed report there is not
enough information avail-
able about preventing future
heart attacks or what to do
after having one. Overall,
the survey finds that while
African-American heart

attack survivors look at their
heart attack as a wake-up
call, they lack information
to prevent a second incident.
"When we look at the
percentage of the African-
American population that
suffers heart attacks and the
resulting death rate, com-
pared to other ethnic groups,
we see a clear disparity that
illustrates significant need

Made them realize how mu
hey want to see their children,
and grandchildren grow up.

for education and support
initiatives for heart health
within our community,"
stated Albert W. Morris, Jr.,
M.D., president of the
NMA. "Through the
'Heartfelt Wake-Up Call'
campaign, the NMA hopes
to create a community
among survivors, provide
additional information to
those survivors, embrace
and support their efforts to
live a heart-healthy life after
a heart attack, and prevent

another one from occur-
The survey of more than
500 African-American heart
attack survivors taps into the
emotional impact of heart
attacks. A majority indicate
their heart attack forced
them to face their mortality
(62 percent), they now
spend more time with
friends and family (66 per-
cent), are motivated to
S accomplish goals (62
S percent), and are trying
to move closer to God
and their faith (67 per-
cent). A majority of
heart-attack survivors say
the experience made them
realize how much they want
to see their children and
grandchildren grow up (68
Additional information,
including tips sheets, sur-
vivor stories and heart-
healthy recipes, should be
available from your cardiol-
ogist and is also available on
the web at either
or www.mendedhearts.org/

Miami Baby Believed to be first to Survive

Gestation Period Less Than 22 Weeks
Amillia Taylor is over 18 weeks old and
going home from the hospital in a few days
for the first time!
Sonja and Eddie Taylor's baby girl has
earned a lot of nicknames during her four
months in intensive care -- Queen B, Princess,
Miracle -- but none is perhaps more perfect
than her given name, Amillia.
"We were looking through the Internet and
it meant fighter, resilient," Sonja Taylor said.
Amilia Sonja Taylor was born on October
24th and weighed just under 10 ounces. She
was just 9 1/2 inches long.

The world's most premature living baby,
Amillia Taylor, seen here in an undated hand.
out from the Baptist Children's Hospital in
Miami, will remain under medical observation
a few days longer as a precautionary meas-
ure, a hospital spokeswoman said after doc-
tors reversed an initial decision to release the
tiny girl. C

Manson Construction Co., an equal opportunity
employer, requests bids from qualified Jacksonville
Small and Emerging Business Enterprises
(JSEB) subcontractors and
suppliers for the following project.

Jacksonville Port Authority
Blount Island Marine Terminal
Stern Ramp Pier
Contract No. C-1207

Bids Dues: March 07, 2007

Manson Construction Co. intends to seriously
negotiate with qualified JSEB firms for project
participation in all applicable disciplines.

Scope of work includes: Steel Pipe Piling, Precast
Concrete Caps and Panels, Cast-In-Place Concrete
Deck, Reinforcing Steel, Fender System and
Miscellaneous Metals

Manson Construction Co.
1720 East Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32201
Phone # (904)-358-9929
Fax # (904)-633-2039

Plans and Specifications are available
for viewing in our office or they may be
downloaded from Jacksonville Port
Authority's Website.


-"" A~ 1~~---- -

FEBRUARY 24, 20077



j171 T SFRI I;2420

College Baseball

Season Underway
The FSU Seminoles have opened the
2007 season with a bang reeling off ten
straight wins to earn the number 2 slot in
USA Today's Collegiate Baseball Top 25.
The Seminoles (9-0) started the season
opening win streak posting a 9-2 \ict.,r"
over then No. 11 Tennessee on opening
day in front of 4,988 fans at Dick Howser
Stadium. Hard throwing Sr. right-hander
Bryan Henry threw six strong innings with
11 .-rikceiluti, one shy of his career-high.
The Noles went on to sweep the three-
game series with Tennessee winning the
second game with a 4-0 shutout and the
third in a 19-7 blowout.
UNC Asheville then came to town for a
3-game series and the Noles picked up
another three-game sweep with wins of 17-
8, 12-6, and 15-1, to run their season
record to 6-0 with Henry picking up anoth-
er win.
The Noles completed their third sweep
in as many weekends with 3 lopsided wins
over Hofstra 10-1, 16-1, and 11-3.
Last Tuesday saw the Seminoles take to
the road as the Seminole juggernaut visit-
ed in-state rival University of Florida
Gators in Gainesville. The cool weather
did nothing to slow down the offense
minded FSU team as they pounded out 20
hits with seven starters getting at least a
pair. the Gatorsl4-6
So three weekends into the season the
undefeated Noles (10-0) are number 2 in
the country and have outscored their oppo-
nents by a total of 127-35.

The Gators first baseman Matt LaPorta
opened his 2007 season in the way he
would like to see the season go, by going
7-for-12, in the Gators opening stand

against VMI. But LaPorta's offensive
show of strength was too little as the
Gators ended up on the short end of a 1-2
split for the three g;Ln- \ll Took the
season opener on the 9th with a 5-3 win
even though they were out hit by the
The Gators dropped the Saturday game
7-4 when VMI was able to scatter the
gators 9 hits. Finll. Sinmdi: afternoon the
Gators got their rh thlin ilit a 7-0 shutout
on 13 hits and no errors.
Valentines eve FAMU came to
Gainesville for an cl\eninL. game and
LaPorta continued his barrage by going 3-
for-5 with an RBI and a run scored in
I,.rlida's 15-1 victory Tuesday
night.Kevin Chapman got the win, his first
of the season allowing no hits while strik-
ing out 4.
Friday the No 5 (then) ranked Miami
Hurricanes came to Gainesville for a three-
game series. The Gators took the first
game 7-2 on a 3-hitter by Bryan
Augenstein, shortstop Jon Townsend had
the big bat for the Gators with 2 HRs in 4
trips to the plate. They came back with a 7-
5 win Saturday night with Patrick Keating
getting the win. Miami held off the series
sweep on Sunday afternoon despite Matt
LaPorta's two home runs that produced 5
RBIs.This weekend the Gators host Kent
State in a three game series and then jour-
ney to USF for their first road game of the

The FAMU Rattlers have struggled in
their early baseball season with a single
win against 1 losses. This week the
Rattlers will travel to Macon, Georgia for a
3-game series with Mercer.

The UNF Ospreys have yet to gain trac-
tion in the young baseball season. The
Ospreys are 0-7, most of which has been
on the road. The Ospreys are at home this
week against the Towson Tigers.

SJRCCC has winning season in 17 years. has a chance to match last
The Vikings jumped out season's Mid-Florida Con-
1st Winning on Seminole Community ference record of they can
College early and lead by as run the table. Even an 0-3
Season in 17yrs many as 29 in the first half finish, though, would leave
before easing to a 90-71 vic- the Vikings 16-14 and over
SJRCC set a milestone tory at Tuten Gymnasium. .500 for the first season
last week by assuring the SJRCC is 16-11 with since going 17-11 in 1989-
basketball program it's first three games remaining. It 90.

Gators Loss Drops Them From Top Slot to No. 3

The Streak Ends!

With 5 Games
Remaining in
Conf. Schedule

The dreams of waltzing
through the Southeastern
Conference undefeated are
over. It was not just a loss,
it was a solid 83-70 loss to a
divisional team that the
Gators will have to face
again in the Conference
The Wisconsin Badgers
quickly moved into the No.
1 spot.with Big-Ten rival
Ohio State moving into the
No. 2 spot followed by the
The Gators had become
used to digging their way
out of holes to come back
and win but Vandy's Derrick
Byars and Shan Foster kept
digging the hole deeper as
the game wore on. Both
scored 24 points, and
Vanderbilt snapped the
nation's longest winning
streak by upsetting the
Gators 83-70 Saturday. The
Gators had a season-high 22
The Gators (24-3) trailed
Alabama on Wednesday by
as many as 18 points, but
rallied to win. On Saturday,
however, the Gators could-
n't make anything happen
on offense missing seven
of its first nine shots and
shooting just 44 percent
from the field.
"We just didn't make
our shots," forward Corey
Brewer said. "Sometimes,
that just happens. But I
don't want to take anything
away from Vanderbilt. They
deserved to win."
Florida had won 17

Vanderbilt guards Derrick Byars, left, and forward Ross Neltner
trap the Gators' Al Horford as Vandy's defense holds the Gators to
shooting just 44 percent from the field.

straight games and needed a
victory to clinch at least a
share of the SEC's Eastern
Division -and the overall
league title. They also had
won seven straight against
the Commodores.
"A lot of people don't
ever get the opportunity to
play the No. 1 team in the
country," Vandy's Foster
said. "We got the opportuni-
ty and seized the moment."
Vanderbilt won its sev-
enth game of the last nine by
beating the nation's best
shooting team at its own
game, out-shooting the

Gators 57 percent to 44 per-
cent from the field. They
took the lead in the first half
and led by as much as 16
points late.
Florida coach Billy
Donovan looked at the game
from a different perspective
as he pointed out that the
Gators were the defending
national champs, had won
35 of their last 37 games and
had not lost a game since
Dec. 3 to Florida State. That
said, he didn't want this to
be the start of a trend. "We
don't want one- to lead to
two," Donovan said.

Rod Broadway Name

New Grambling Coach

Grambling State Univer-
sity has named Rod
Broadwayof north Carolina
Central University as its
ninth head football coach in
school history, said Troy
Mathieu, Director of
Athletics. Broadway was
recently selected as the 2006
"Sheridan Broadcasting
Network Eddie Robinson
Coach of the Year" and his
North Carolina Central team
was voted as the 2006
Sheridan Black College
National Champions.
"We are elated that Rod

Broadway has agreed to
take the leadership reigns of
the Grambling State football
program," said Mathieu.
"He's a proven winner as a
head coach and has had the
opportunity to, work with
and learn from some of the
most respected coaches on
the (NCAA) Division I level
over the past two decades.
We're looking forward to
him having a very success-
ful tenure as the head coach
of Grambling."
A native of Oakboro,
N.C., the 28-year veteran of

Rod Broadway, new head football coach was on 1996
Gators defensive coaching staff under Steve Spurrier
when Gators wire National Champs. .

the coaching ranks wasted
no time in putting his stamp
on the NCCU program by
posting three consecutive
winning seasons of eight or
more games after a 4-6
record in his inaugural cam-
paign. This past season,
Broadway made history as
he led the Eagles to a No. 1
seed in the NCAA Division
II's Southeast Region, a No.
1 ranking in the SBN Poll
and back-to-back CIAA
titles for the first time since
the 1953-54 seasons.
Prior to his tenure at
NCCU, Broadway honed his
skills on the NCAA foot-
ball's highest levels.
As an assistant coach at
North Carolina, Broadway
helped the Tar Heels to a
No. 15 national ranking in
total defense and an appear-
ance in ,the Peach Bowl.
While at Florida, he served
as a member of Steve
Spurrier's staff and helped
the Gators attain four SEC
Championships, six bowl
appearances and one nation-
al championship in 1996.
"I'm looking forward to
the opportunity to coach at
Grambling State University
because it's considered the
pinnacle of black college
football," said Broadway.
"I've had a good stay at
Central and met some unbe-
lievable people here that
have supported me over the
years. It's going to be hard
to say goodbye but it's time
to move on to the next chap-
ter of my coaching career.

ACC Football


Contract Gets

Extended 1.yr

The Gator Bowl
Association (GBA) and
Atlantic Coast Conference
reached a compromise solu-
tion on Tuesday to the
future of the ACC football
championship game by
adding one year to the exist-
ing contract.
Both sides apparently
were reluctant to exercise
the two-year extension
based on the anemic ticket
sales (62,850) at for Wake
Forest-Georgia Tech cham-
pionship game in
It was estimated that last
years game amounted to a
loss of over $1 million for
the GBA, The loss has been
attributed to the low fan
turn-out estimated at less
than 50,000. In weather
that fan-hostile at best by
Florida standards.
The 2005 game between
FSU and Virginia Tech,
sold nearly 73,000 tickets.
"This game staying or
leaving is clearly up to the
fans," said Gator Bowl
president Rick Catlett.
"Fans get to vote by buying
tickets. It's not their obliga-
tion to do that, but if you
don't support these kind of
things, then they dolgt come

to our city. If it doesn't
work, then it's got to go
somewhere else."
The ACC baseball tour-
nament is also held in
Jacksonville and conference
representatives have been
positive concerning the

city's ability to put on a
quality sporting event." It
was obvious that everyone
has been delighted with the
city's hospitality throughout
the first two years, as well as
the GBA's management of
the game," Swofford said.


FEBRUARY 24, 2007


PACJ' ~ H TA ERUR 4,20

I -

Your Weekly Horoscope

February 24, 2007 March 2, 2007

From Actual Police ReportsK

Did You Hear About?


(Aries March 21st thru
April 19th) They may be
nothing more
than feelings at
the beginning of
the week, but
processing them is key,
while trying to forget them
leads to trouble. Talk to a
friend and do something
cathartic -- run, dance, yell
(not at anyone, though!).
Then you're ready for a
couple of great days com-
ing your way from
Wednesday, through the
end of the workweek. Your
exuberance is a thrill, your
prowess is impressive and
you're extra-attractive.
Have your weekend fun
early, because from Friday
afternoon through Sunday,
you'd be wise to take it
easy, watch your health and
get some errands done.
(Taurus- April 20th thru
May 20th) A special din-
ing experience
at the beginning
of the week with
Sa friend or a
loved one (or a potential
loved one!) is an excellent
idea. Making it yourself
makes it extra charming.
From Wednesday through
the end of the workweek,
you may have some issues
with authority. Remember
to show proper respect --
even if you're not feeling it
-- or be prepared to deal
with the consequences.
Good times are coming
your way if the stars have
their say from Friday after-
noon through the weekend;
you may especially enjoy
nature now, and romance is
in the air. A twilight walk in
the park, anyone?
(Gemini May 21st thru
June 21st) You'll put up a
fight for what
you want at the
beginning of the
week. Make
your case logically, and
don't sully it with extra lit-
tle quibbles. From
Wednesday through the
end of the workweek, it's
more about brainstorming
with others than it is about
ideas that are in conflict.
Collaborating's fun now,
and the concepts you come
up with can become very
sweet in reality. The week-
end's perfect for concrete
accomplishments, and
crossing things off your to-
do list is extra satisfying.
Admittedly sometimes
you're all talk, but not right
(Cancer June 22nd thru
July 22nd) What's your gut
feeling? Your
instincts can
make short
work of any
uncertainty at the beginning
of the week, if you just tune
into that inner voice. The
stars favor whatever moves
you decide to make. From
Wednesday through the end
of the workweek, though,
you may be inclined to, act
on impulse when it's a bet-
ter idea to think the impli-
cations through. What you
do now could have long-
lasting effects. You're
industrious this weekend,

but you're also adept at
communicating and con-
necting, so make sure you
get out and about!

(Leo July 23rd thru
August 22) Objectivity isn't
your strong suit
as the week
begins, but your
responses tell their own
tales -- ones that are just as
valuable as logic. Exploring
your feelings takes you
important places now. Then
from Wednesday through
the end of the workweek,
the stars are sending inspi-
ration, excitement and pure
radiance your way. The
spotlight's on you --be'
ready to shine, at work and
at play (and particularly
when it comes to affairs of
the heart!). When the week-
end comes, you may be
ready for some downtime,
perhaps because you've got
something to mull over.
(Virgo August 23rd thru
September 22nd) You're a
people-person as
the week begins.
Working in
groups is fun
(and for once it's actually
more productive than just
doing it yourself!), and
socializing's favored now
too, even if it's just mellow
hanging-out time. From
Wednesday through the end
of the workweek, you may
feel like you're at a disad-
vantage of some sort, but
you've got what ittakes -- or
if not, you can figure it out
quickly. Expect everything
to get much easier starting
around Friday afternoon
and lasting through the
weekend. These are some of
the best days you've seen in
a long time -- how will you
use this great energy?
(Libra September 23rd
thru October 22nd)
Adapting to
changing cir-
cumstances is
key as the week
begins. Have your contin-
gency plan at the ready, and
actively seek out others'
input, both professionally at
in your personal life. From
Wednesday through the end
of the workweek, others are
likely looking to you for
your expertise or just your
wise perspective. Help
them see the bigger picture
rather than just issuing your
opinion. When it comes to
the weekend, you'll want to
mix it up -- meeting new
people and getting stuff
done, balanced with some
time well spent doing noth-
ing at all.
(Scorpio October 23rd
thru November 21st)
You've got both
the brains and
Sthe brawn at the
beginning of the
week -- the big ideas and
the drive to see them
through. Be sure to allow
for circumstances beyond
your control, though.
Expect some tension
between you and a certain
someone between
Wednesday and the end of
the workweek. Make a real
effort to see it from their
point of view; start by ask-
ing them more about why
they feel the way they do.
From Friday afternoon

through the weekend, fos-
tering friendships and mak-
ing future plans are favored
-- combine the two for extra
fu4. to work with!

(Sagittarius November
22nd thru December 21st)
You and a certain
someone may not
see things the
siame \\ay at the
beginning of the week, but
sorting out why doesn't
have to involve a big con-
flict. Gain understanding,
and consider agreeing to
disagree. From Wednesday
through the end of the
workweek, an infusion of
confidence and high spirits
is your gift from the stars.
Your job? Use it to explore
your world -- professional-
ly, personally, even roman-
tically. By the weekend,
though, your challenge is to
look at what's already close
to you, and look at it close-
(Capricorn December
22nd thru January 19th)
Are you feeling
social or are you
zeroed in on one
person at the
beginning of the week?
Follow your mood and
keep your options open.
From Wednesday through
the end of the workweek,
you may want to be in
charge, but there's a limit to
how much you can control.
Changing how others are is
highly unlikely; under-
standing them, much easier.
Ask questions of the open-
ended variety. You're a
master planner from Friday
afternoon through the
weekend, with a stunning
command of the details and
facts at your disposal.
Accomplishments of all
sorts are a cinch.
(Aquarius-January 20th
thru February 18th)
Feeling out of
sorts at the
S. beginning of the
week? Don't
overlook the physical part
of the equation; a little
extra exercise can get your
mind and body much more
in balance. Suddenly a
problem doesn't seem so
monumental. And you've
got the creativity to find
multiple solutions to all
sorts of issues from
Wednesday through the end
of the workweek. Set fixed
ideas aside and find flexi-
ble, workable options all
around. This weekend,
you're extra grounded and
extra perceptive. A realiza-
tion about someone you
know may change your
point of view.
(Pieces February 19th
and March 20th)You're a
real inspiration
at the beginning
of the week --
and you may be
inspiring someone in a
romantic fashion. Sharing
your own feelings when it
comes to matters of the
heart is favored now -- will
you spill 'em? Then from
Wednesday through the
end of the workweek,
watch out for getting
entangled in issues that
aren't actually any of your
business. Be neutral, espe-
cially in the work environ-
ment -- it's safest now. This
weekend, offering a help-
ing hand makes you look

like a million bucks, partic-
ularly if others are only
offering criticism.

SHE BEATAND THREATEN HIM -- It was reported as an unauthorized use
of a motor vehicle. When the officer arrived at the 1200 block of W. 4th Street, he spoke
with the victim who stated that some women just came over to the house and "jumped"
him. The victim's mother, YW, who was also the complainant on the unauthorized use of
a motor vehicle incident, arrived at the residence. She stated that the victim, VGP, had
just called her and told her that he had been jumped by two women, DYL and JCF. The
victim, VGP stated that his brother, JG and his friend, JL had just been arrested for the
murder of Reggie Payne. He stated that DYL is JL's mother and JCF is his sister.
According to the victim, the suspects came to his residence, knocked on the door and he
answered. He said that DYL said, "You need to take your MFing a-- downtown and tell
the police that my son didn't do that!" He stated that as they were talking about the mur-
der investigation, the suspects got mad and "jumped him." The officer asked him to
explain and he stated that the mother struck him across the back with an umbrella, which
she obtained from the trunk of the white Lexus that was being driven by another female
who remained in the vehicle. He said the sister of the supposingly arrested man "swung
on him" striking him on the cheek. He stated that a witness intervened and the suspects
drove off. He said as they were driving away, the sister of the arrested man yelled, "You
better watch your MFing back, I'll get your a-- in the street!"
The witness said that he was sweeping the sidewalk and observed the entire incident.
His account was similar to that of the victim except he said that when the sister "swung
on" the victim, she missed him because he ducked out of the way.
YW said that she has known the mother for years and that she would like to contact her
in person and discuss the incident rather than filing charges. The officer then responded
to the 1400 block of W. 265h Street with Ms. W and contacted DYL and LF, owner of the
white Lexus. Both said they went to the house to talk with YW and that she never swung
an umbrella and never bad one in hand. She stated that she was upset with the victim
because of his attitude about her son's arrest for the murder. LF state that she drove the
suspects to the house but told them she would leave if they started "foolishness" with Ms
W. She stated that she stayed in the car until the suspects became upset with the victim.
She stated that she saw DYL with an umbrella, however she did not see her swing it at the
victim. She also stated that she observed the daughter swing her arm at the victim back
but did not think she touche him because another male was standing between them. She
said that she told the suspect to get in the car and she drove off with 'hanging out of the
After YW and the suspect discussed the incident and pending court case, Mrs. W
advised that she did not want ti seek criminal prosecution for this incident because she
knew that the suspect was just upset about her son's arrest.
Resource Officer at Ribault High School head a loud banging noise coming from the stu-
dent parking lot and saw two males jumping on the hood of a car Mazda. As he -
approached the car, the two suspects ran off campus toward the 3600 block of Ribault
Scenic Drive (Ribault Middle School). The first suspect, "B' was caught by a witness and
it was learned that they were both Ribault High School students. He was wearing Jordan
tennis shoes, and his shoe print was also on the hood of the car. The witness stated that
he saw both suspects jumping on' the hood of the car. After observing the car, the officer
could see the hood and roof of the car had very large dents in them. Further investigation
revealed that the car damaged did not belong to the person that the suspect had had an
altercation with earlier in the, week. The suspect was arrested. The officer was unable to
identify the second suspect and the first said he did not know his name. No staff member
was able to identify the suspect with the description given. The officer stated that the sus-
pect 'B' could be released on conditions. The suspect was released to his grandmother
and a court hearing was scheduled for February.
FIGHT -- He is six feet tall and 52 years of age. She is 5'7" and 42 years of age.
Investigation revealed that they were boyfriend/girlfriend. They do not have any children
together. The problem started when ADH received her tax return the two shared hotel and
boarding rooms for three weeks. Both are homeless and their listed addresses belong to
relatives. On that morning, Ms. H awoke and discovered one-hundred ahd fifty dollars
missing from her pocket. Mr. AJ was the only person in the hotel room during the time of
the monies disappearance. When Ms. H accused Mr. J of taking the money, he attempted
to leave the room. At that point, Ms. H stood in the doorway of the room and tried to
stop Mr. J from leaving. Then the two of them began to fight. Mr. J suffered a scratch on
his left cheek. Ms. H suffered a scratch to her right ring finger. At the scene, neither
party wished to prosecute, allowed to be photographed, would not make a written state-
ment of leave the hotel room. The officer sought an opinion and was advised that the
case was mutual combat so the state would not be able to prosecute. The case was there-
fore exceptionally cleared.
SHE JUST WANTED TO TELL -- An officer, while on patrol in the 600
block of East 60th Street, observed a black male and a white female standing in the road-
way. The officer could hear a loud disturbance coming from their location in the 500
block of East 60th Street and further observed the suspect,MB running in an aggressive
manner towards the victim, WR. The officer further observed the suspect's arm go
around the victim and she fell to the ground. When the officer approached their location,
the suspect had walked back into the center of the roadway and was yelling at the victim
who was getting up from the ground in the yard. The victim stated that she and the sus-
pect live together as a family for the past three months and have been boyfriend/girlfriend
for the past eight years. She stated the suspect was arguing with her because she had spo-
ken with the police about a homicide that occurred the night before. She added the sus-
pect became angry at her pushing her to the ground and hitting her four times in her chest
and back with his fist. She stated that she got up from the ground and that is when the
police arrived.
The suspect was'advised of his rights and asked if he wanted to tell what happened and
he stated that he just wanted to know how much time he was going to get for the incident.
The suspect was transported to PMB to be interviewed by a detective. He took a crack
pipe with residue from his left pocket and gave the'crack pipe to the detective while in the
interview room. The suspect was transported and placed in the PDF. The victim could
not be reached as she did not have a telephone.

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"~- I-, -- ---)- I

FEBRU~ARIY24, 2007




FEBRUARY 24, 2007

* BN
L. -~


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7"- j |

I lrl L


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FEBUARY24 ,2007


The Adorable McClain Sisters From Daddy's Little Girls

By Rych McCain,
If you live in a city
where the outdoor
advertising is heavy for
Tyler Perry's new hit
movie Daddy 's Little
Girls, you can't help
but to take notice of the
three cutie-pie girls fea-
tured on the posters.
They are the endearing
McClain sisters. Sierra,
12, is the oldest;
Lauryn, 10, is the mid-
dle child and China, 8,
the baby. This colum-
nist had the pleasure of
meeting the girls and
their uplifting parents
Michael and Shontell
McClain at the press
junket for their new
movie. As I sat with the
McClain clan stuffing
my face with delicious
food at a dinning room
table in the media suite
at the Four Seasons
Hotel in Beverly Hills,
I could feel the genuine
warmth and sincere
love that this family
shares with each other.
The girls were excit-
ed, playful and of
course giggling. They
are very down-to-earth
and full of fun. They
were also very respect-
ful, professional and
serious about their
business participating
at the press day. The
family lives in Atlanta,
Georgia and flew out to
Los Angeles for this
occasion. In the movie
the girls play the
daughters of Monty
(Idris Elba), a strug-
gling garage mechanic
who looses custody of
them to their mother,
his gangsta. ex-wife
and her drug-dealing

live-in boyfriend.
China was the first of
the three to start acting.
Her debut role was in
The Gospel as "Alexis."
She also has a starring
role in Tyler Perry's TV
series "House of Payne."
Daddy's Little Girls is
her second film but is
the first for her two sis-
ters. At age 6 or 7 did
she want to act? She
lights up saying, "At
first, I didn't really think
about it. We (her sisters)
were just singing, danc-
ing and performing.
Then they called me for
an audition and I got the
part. I didn't even know
how to act but when I
started to learn how and
got tips from other peo-
ple, it was really fun."
All three girls have been
professionally trained
and are still studying
their craft.
What was it like for
this precocious child to
work on a movie set for
the first time (remember
she was six at the time)?
"On the first day of my
first film, I was so nerv-
ous my head was about
to explode," said China.
"On the second day, I
really caught up to it and
the actors that were
Baby sis did inspire
her two sisters to throw
their hats in the acting
ring. The eldest sister
Sierra puts it this way,
"We were inspired by
China when we first saw
her. We didn't really
know the acting busi-
ness. We were just into
singing and performing
for our parents. When
we first saw her and how
she was able to act, we
said 'wow' this is so
cool. \\e \ant to do this

The McClain sisters, Lauryn Sierra and China. Photo
2007 byAndre'B. Murray/bernagency.photoreflect.com

and that's how we got
into it." Middle child
Lauryn chimes in with
her version of what it
was like on the set of
"I was fine. We did a
whole lot of fun stuff.
Mr. Idris and Ms.
Gabrielle gave us a lot of
tips such as how to play
to the camera according
to the shooting angles, it
helped us."
Lauryn also describes
working with Tyler
"It was fun. We went
through everything very
quick, so it wasn't long.
He's funny and he's
nice." Sierra added,
"Everyone on the set
made us feel real wel-
come." They even called
Idris "film daddy," on
the set out of mutual
Lauryn also says that
young people who have
a desire to act profes-
sionally should, "Start
with plays, show them to
your family. singing.

dancing and get into
some acting classes and
follow your dreams."
In the film you will
also see the girls' four
year old baby brother
Gabriel who yells from
the van for attorney
Julia to leave his daddy
alone. The McClain
sisters are getting a lot
of attention with their
new film. They are in
the recording studio
finishing their debut
album being produced
by their dad. Check out
their website 3mcclain-
girls.com. These young
ladies were instantly
inducted into Rych
McCain's Personally
Hand-Picked Family of
Spiritually Chosen
Child/Teen Actors.
Stay tuned because we
will be hearing from
these three precious
darlings in a big way.


' !1", i,

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Sunday Morning http://www.zap2itcom February 25, 2007

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TBN .l 13 59 McClendon Reading-Way Rod Parsley CCi Central Messg James Merritt Ne* Life David Jeremiah Kennelh Hagin Ed Young Sr The Coral Ridge Hour 'C;
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COM 65 43 Paid Program Paid Program Mad TV i iCCi Mad TV iCC' Com -Presents Com.-Presents '* The Ladies Man iiJi'j Tif i.-ai',r'; .rvrin P.r --r :. :'.r Irignal Kings
DISN 22 16 Bear In House JoJo's Circus The Wiggles i Higgglytown Linlie Elnsteins LIttle Emsteins Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Johnny.Spries Ha-ndy Manny [Doodlebopo n Charlie & Lola
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FAM 43 23 Paid Program Paid Program Family Matters Family Matters Step by Step Step by Step Full House (CC Full House I1'Ci Boy Mts World Boy Mrs World [Grounded-Life IGrcunded-LifF.
HBO 2 201 ** Something New ~:i:El 1i ** Major League: Back to the Minors T11'98; *** King Kong 120iE. Ard-\nlreI rihorrn Watt Ja.:7 l.~. ..ir3tn Er.'..iy ; it -i' ;r 3 .a.F. A': ue' .4 :
LIFE 18 28 Paid Program Paid Program Dr Frederick K. Price Hour of Power iC: I Paid Program Healln Comner Gay, Stragh ay Str aigh Straght Guilty Heartm '":. .
NICK 42 41 Rugrats (CC) Catscratch 6 LazyTown (CC) OddParents Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob SpongeBob OddParents OddParents Avatar-Last Air Mr. Meaty
SPIKE 61 37 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Fat Burning Pad Program Paid Program MuscleCar MuscleCar 6 Horsepower TV Horsepower TV Horsepower TV MuscleCar i.
TBS 17 18 Blue Streak 199liiPA *** Total Recall (-90) PAl Amold Srhwvaieneggijr (lC Anaconda l'?'?, S' ipe.-ie'i i nr,ir;:A Ljr'p I; ,brE ~ 'C Anacondas: Humr
TNT 46 17 ** Young Guns !198,Bi ICCi Wild Wild West (1999 A:rion) Will Smilh. Kevin Hline iCCi Desperado l1~- /,ciirjn Anilrr.,:, E,3,arjr,: 'aimj Ha~'.k I C, i Once Upon a Time in Mexico
USA 64 25 Coach f (CC) ICoach 4 (CC) Fun Fitness IChanging-World Ed Young TV [Joel Osteen Psych (CC) JMonk (CC) Law & Order: SVU

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FOX 'j 10 13 One on One (' One on One i, *** Cop Land 1194' l Svesier Slalirne Harev Keiel. Ray Ui'ita NASCAR Racing -.' C .. i., o.!ur, :: F i..ri F aiiitr,,a .- ,.: ri Fc I:. *:: : .
IND (i 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program College Basketball Kentucky at Vanderbilt (Live) Alias "Facade" 6 (CC) IWithout a Trace "Bait (CC)
NBC t i 11 12 Total Health Paid Program Sports Illustrated for Kids PGA Golf WGC Accenture Match Play Championship -- Final Round From the Gallery at Dove Mountain in Tucson, Ariz. (S Live) (CC)
PAX ~ 112 2 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program IPaid Program IPaid Program Paid Program IWayman Chap. Paid Program
PBS a i 8 5 WealthTrack African American Lives 0 (Part 1 of 2) (CC) African American Lives 0 (Part 2 of 2) (CC) Oprah's Roots: African American Florida Roadtrip
TBN -5 '13 59 Love Worth A R. Bernard Bishop Evans Ill Is Written Bayless Conley Paula While [King Is Coming Bishop P. CorneslIone ICC; 1Bayless Conley Gregory Dickow
CW 7 9 7 ** Mo' Money 119i2. Comedvi Darrm.n Way/ans. .laronr Wayans [Hush i20.'5 Susperiiel Torn Spellinj '/.::iL. Prant ** L A. Confidential I I' iT, r:-rn Ipace HRuss~il Cic .e
COM 65 43 1 The Original Kings ol Comedy (2,00,i '.CCiI Rush Hour i 199i Actioni Jadie Cihan Chn" Tuiher iCCi Fnday i1.1'15 CjireJi icCu' Cu hrr Tucrer T Ir li"iiL':r' c'C **) Boomerang
DISN 22 16 Lilo & Shtch ,n Replacements I** Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (20021i i CCi IZack & Cody Tha s-Raven Naturally. Sadie Phil of Future ISister, sister Life Wrth Derek
ESPN 48, 34 SportsCenter PBA Bowling Bj,-r Clji;:: fl;'.i ^?Ci College Football All-Star Challenge (CC', omen's College Basketball iCorh rr.l;n. Du; e U.i ; (iCI
FAM 43 23 Sabrina-Witch Sabrina-Wilch jSabrina-Witch Sabrin3-Wrch Mrs. Doubtfire i1993, Robin Willidms An eilang eij ad proses- a., a nanr,; l... r: viir. i: chriiirerni Harry Poner-Azkaban
HBO 2 201 When the Levees Broke. A Requiem in Four Acts i Ti 111 Longford 20061 Jm BIrG-Jdeni Samarlha Monon 6i CC, I* Date Movie 120ro61 Aiy..,ri Hariniir. 4 ICCi .** Serenity
LIFE 18 28 ** Guilty Hearts ri. O2i Tirea-l villirr-a A murder susp-'i:c mr lress revealk their secret atair iCC-. I The Accused Ai9u8 Lirarn al '.li, McGiii, ..! d'j Fji.r t(iCC ** A Perfect Murder 'ji 'CC'..
NICK i42 41 NicktoonsTV NicktoonsTV Nicktoons TV NicktoonsTV ISpongeBob SpongeBob Jimmy Neutron Danny Phantom [OddParents Avatar-Last Air SpongeBob Drake & Josh
SPIKE 61 37 Xtreme 4x4 (N) Trucks! t (CC) Trucks! t (CC) Disorderly Conduct: Video Pros vs. Joes i Pros vs. Joes 6 Pros vs. Joes 6 Pros vs. Joes
TBS 17 18 Anacnndas Hunt ** Underworld (2%3 H'irrr~i PAi K3le Bec:in;ale. Scatl Speedrn d i CC' Reign of Fire i-.02 Fanias' i iPA Chrstiar Eadle (iC) Chronicles-Ridd
TIT 46 17 Once Upon a Time in Mexico Heat 1i'91 Al Pao:nro A hrionii.-.Je der;ioive mat:ncri wirs '-vi a cunning ao.er;ary ICC IDV'I ** Under Siege 2- Dark Territory i! .' t,4;11i.ni Sli.Er, rSedgil i-'':.
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FOX C30) 10 13 NASCAR Racing: Nextel Cup tKing of Hill Simpsons Simpsons Family Guy Family Guy News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld 6 News Sun.
IND C 1 3 4 News (CC), Edition Entertainment Tonight 6 King King CSI: Miami "Innocent" News (CC) News (CC) Alias "Facade" 0 (CC)
NBC TW' 11 12 News (CC I NBC News Dateline NBC (N01 A (CC) Grease: You're the One Crossing Jordan 0 (CC) Crossing Jordan (Nf (CC) News (CC) (Sports Final
PAX 01 12 2 Bonanza Tnei .sriiirr Kung Fu i ** Thief (1-81 Crime Dramai James Caan. Tuesday Weld WVillie Nt-.elon 6 Live From Liberry is
PBS 7 8 5 Secrets of the Dead Ci i Secrets of the Dead iCCi Nature iNi 4 I'CCI liOVl Masterpiece Theatre Prim- iu-peci (CCI IDVSi Niagara Falls
TBN 'W '13 59 Jakes [Meyer By Force Hayford Joei Osteen [Authority Believers [Changing Praise the Lord iCC
CW 1. 9 7 L.A. Confidential Reba iCCi Reba ICCi 7th Heaven is, IC-.! Beauty and the Geek ,s The Shield lri-rino Friends f'I Friends it
COM 65 43 Boomerang r 'l 9 Comrreli Eodie M.irph, iCCI ** Rush Hour (199e'. Aclionr .Jackie Chan (CCi ** Money Talks (i19 '! Chri Tucker Premiere I CC'
DISN 22 16 Phii ISo Raven IMontana Suite Life Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams i210i'2 Phil Sadie ISuite Life ISo Raven
ESPN 481 34 SportsCenter Ili.-.i iCC i NBA Live NBA Basketball .:,ran -ncrlo, Kringz -i1 Ir'nian. Pacers IriC. SportsCenter iLI i ii 'C
FAM 43 23 '** Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I-'C] *** Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2l'-li D7.flnl- Ri-.IJclfle (CCI Whose" [Whose?
HBO 2 201 *** Serenity .'j'05, tJ-,;th an Filli on a iCCi Rome Pars.-..-r iCCi IRome o.:,n ,j1 H d-:; Entourage iEntourage Longford i;r'-6i -s CCi
LIFE 18 28 ** A Perfect IMurder i** Human Trafficking i2r',05 Mira Sornino Agenis. Iri slt p the ens la,.emen ol .l w.ioL-r and ,-.hil,!rn Grey's Anatomy i-s CCi
NICK 42 41 Amanda School Drake Just Jordan [Zoey 101 Unfabulous [Growing [Growing IRoseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. JFresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 Pros Joes Pros vs Joes i ]CSI: Crime Scn 1** Die Another Day 12002j Fierce Brosnanr Halle Berr,'. iu CSI: Crime Scn
TBS 17 18 The Chronicles ofl Riddick 2n.04 IPAi Vin Diesel Van Helsing 12004i IPA) Hugh Jtickman, Kale Beck.nnsale I* Van Helsing i200ii Hugh Jac:nmar
TNT 146 17 *** Under Siege i1l-)2 c-t,:,n Slaeen Searal ,CCi Exit Wounds 120 1) S:le.en Seaqaa. DM'/ tiCC) j* Exit Wounds il20jl Sle'en Seaaal. DMX ICCi
USA 1 64j25 Law & Order: SVU JLaw & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU _Law & Order: SVU LLaw & Order: SVU [Law & Order: SVU

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PaeD4wbur 4 07TeSa

LL Cool J to Host 38th

LL Cool J will host the 38th
NAACP Image Awards,
which will air live on Friday,
March 2 (8 p.m. ET/PT) on
"We are pleased and honored
to have LL Cool J host our
first live telecast," said
Vicangelo Bulluck, executive
producer of the telecast. "His
humor, intelligence and
incredible talent will make
the awards an exciting
evening to remember."
LL Cool J has had unparal-
leled success in all media
including music, film and tel-
evision and has amassed a
number of accolades for his
work. He is a two-time
Grammy Award winner, a
NAACP Image Award winner
and is a recipient of
ShoWest's Male Star of
Tomorrow, ASCAP's Golden
Note Award and a Soul Train
Lifetime Achievement
Three outstanding individuals
will be honored during the
NAACP Image Awards tele-
cast. CNN anchor Soledad
O'Brien will receive the
President's Award; legendary
comedian, actor, author and

past Image Award winner
Bill Cosby will be inducted
into the Image Awards Hall
of Fame; and renowned
musician and activist Bono
will receive the NAACP
Chairman's Award.
Major sponsors of the 38th
NAACP Image Awards are
FedEx, Verizon and
General Motors. Additional
sponsors include Allstate
Insurance Company,
American Airlines,
Companies, Ciroc,
DaimlerChrysler, Ford
Motor Company and
Founded in 1909, the
NAACP is the nation's old-
est and largest civil rights
organization. Its members
throughout the United
States and the world are the
premier advocates for civil
rights in their communities,
conducting voter mobiliza-
tion and monitoring equal
opportunity in the public
and private sectors.
For more information on
the NAACP Image Awards,
please visit www.naacpim-

Soul Train Award host, nominees and honorees: LL Cool J, Soledad O'Brien,
Jennifer Beals, Bill Cosby

If you are an
African American,
tyou are at
high risk
for heart
This -ear alone. cE-r
S 100 ilC00 blacks vill die
from cardiovascuIar disease
The gocd news is. it's largely
preventable. Be Dh'vsiall'
actre, eat nealthy foods and
develop a prevenTion plan
witfl your aoctor
Start a :convers3at n Ic st:,,
heart disease.
To learn rnorF. :ake rre
EJ-" L.arn a-.d I y;,e Qiz iy 'i. *rir
i, 1-888-AHA-2222 or .. sr

Amerita.n Hir ei-n a
. Lt~'arii andi Li'./,

To place an ad:

CAll: (904) 766-8834

FAX: (904) 765-1673

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Hanging' with Mr. Cooper
Sat. 2/24 @ 1 pm EST
'Watch this rrarathon of
Mlr. Cooper's most
farrmous guest stars.

Comics Unleashed
Sat. 2/24 @ 10 pm EST
W'/hat do you get when
four of the hottest
Elack con-,ics get
together in one roorr?

All Of Us
Sat. 2/24 @ 7 pm EST
Durane Maartin and
LisaRaye play exes with
only one thing in
cormrnon their sor!


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TBS 17 18 Seinfeldi ISeinfeld i Raymond IRaymond Raymond JRaymond Raymond JRaymond IKing [King Laws of Attraction
TNT 46 17 Without a Trace iCC, Without a Trace (CCi Without a Trace if iCCi *** Seven 119951 Brad Piti. Morgan Freeman (CC, Without a Trace S I CC I
USA 164 25 Law Order: Cl Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU ILaw Order: Cl Law Order: CI

Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 02/12/07
1. American Idol, Tues., FOX
2. American Idol, Wed., FOX
3. House, FOX
4. Grey's Anatomy, ABC
5. CSI: Miami, CBS
8. Girlfriends, CW
9. The Game, CW
10. Shark, CBS

Source: Nielsen Media Research


a .

9 p.m. on
CW (
You say you
want a reve-
lation? Care-
ful what you
ask for. in the
new episode

"What Had Happened Was
.. Aaron and Joan
(Richard T. Jones, Tracee
Ellis Ross) run into one of
his exes, and it's awkward.
To avoid such incidents in
the future, they decide to
come clean about their past
love lives.

8 p.m. on
SThe 38th
Sage Awards:
loves "Every-
bddy Hates
Chris." With
eight nominations, the sitcom
is the front-runner in the televi-
sion comedy category at this
year's edition of the awards
ceremony honoring diversity in
showbiz and literature. Other
potential big winners are
singers Beyonce and Mary J.
Blige and the movie "Dream-
girls." L.L. Cool J hosts.

The Star

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FOX ) 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 0 American Idol (CC) You Smarter? News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld O Frasier (CC)
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HBO 2 201 ** Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005) Rome 4 iC i, Rome i, (CCI Rome "Philippi am (CCI Real Time
LIFE 18 28 Reba (CC) Reba !CC.i Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba rCC Reba iCCi Black Widower (2006. Suspensel Kelly McGillis. (CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Full House Nicktoon INicktoon Full House [Growing Growing Roseanne
SPIKE 61 37 CSl: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn Pros vs. Joes )t Pros vs. Joes ) UFC 68 Countdown (N)
TBS 17 18 Seinleld 'p ISeinfeld ft Raymond IRaymond ** Bandits (2001. Comedy) Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton. (CC) I* Eraser 11996 Action) (PA).(CC)
TNT 46 17 Law & Order Pr li.dicP Law & Order C O D *** The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Matt Damon *** The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Matt Damon
USA 64 25 Law Order: CI Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU [Monk I.() (CC) Psych (N) (CC) IHouse Clueless" (CC)

Christopher Massey Celebrates His 17th


By Rych McCain,
sbcglobal.net, Photos
2007, Andre'B.
Christopher Massey
celebrated his 17th
birthday in Burbank,
California on Sunday,
February 4. Massey
plays Michael on the hit
Nickelodeon Network
TV Show "Zoey 101."
He is the older brother to

Kyle, star of "Cory In
The House," for the
Disney Network. The
festive occasion was
well attendant by the
Hollywood teen star
segment. Of course Rych
McCain 's Personally
Hand-Picked Family of
Spiritually Chosen
Child/Teen Actors, of
which Massey is a long
time member, was in full

good time and both
birthday cakes were
gobbled up along with
more than enough food
and soft drinks. Our star
youngsters are growing
up fast!
Unfortunately, there
was a sad note for this
festive occasion. For
13yr old actress
Brittiana Henderson,
this was her final outing.
She made her transition

Everybody had a to our ancestors three

The late Brittiana Henderson is in the middle w, tan top
and bag, posing with the Massey brothers and party
days later from a three her cancer returned as
year battle with bone leukemia. Her funeral
cancer which she beat. was held Thursday,
Then six months later February 8.

Theh Star

PnaA D-SIFebruarv 24. 2007