Florida Star

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090511_AAAACD INGEST_TIME 2009-05-11T12:42:05Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00070
FILE SIZE 217686 DFID F20090511_AAAOCI ORIGIN DEPOSITOR PATH 00007.pro GLOBAL FALSE PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 bc603655a5de6177a375cca595c51b82SHA-1 7f20e3c501177f11c9b2a85d49df74b7749f1a69WARNING CODE M_MIME_TYPE_MISMATCH conflict in mime type metadata
100968 F20090511_AAAOHG 00024.pro 1101ebf9db4b2a1e86aa69ed9660555400c9d24bbc29f69183ad55830b6a4aa030ebc5b3conflict in mime type metadata
47358 F20090511_AAAOCJ 00007.QC.jpg 840ac08fc026f25a225aaf84362478c36c67280a6c0f55510ce13d6cf579dde2bcc77a4b
43275 F20090511_AAAOHH 00024.QC.jpg 17a1b5646e82479f5eb18c0baf43d5275bb7219c5d67a616d7a26ea9950e79fd6c3adda9
25870000 F20090511_AAAOCK 00007.tif caa7f41c18eb1f86d2b7254eaaaa6ab7ab121f6c801b6fb72ccc31aad6d501ddfa7ac967
25859796 F20090511_AAAOHI 00024.tif 5b3fe56920147bd5f87b7b347b9a9f78b3b9e328e2661318dd0a740c359c5c7bb8290d96
9534 F20090511_AAAOCL 00007.txt f4baaef555db386cdcaceca5e3601ebfec695d515a141300065999015c9aedd7ca477c3e
4105 F20090511_AAAOHJ 00024.txt ba486234b0da60873912ee0720bfc5d6019bdb6ea220d0c603b2bb2544e3bac2188705bd
13254 F20090511_AAAOCM 00007thm.jpg 537746948bcb46161da7f34612fc658c7f6ff2ec863d3605f49987b81c8beae09c6a6a13
11893 F20090511_AAAOHK 00024thm.jpg 6090bc32647c077695c0af9892d7af95058012868cbec7b28d3a7a51acf5c6c81f4866f2
1487511 F20090511_AAAOHL 00025.jp2 529b53d65e523483362b0777ab6c4e50687ff2661bef546f606ba9e343775639b830b7b2
3377355 F20090511_AAAOCN 00008.jp2 3d51c1cf798462e95364b51b851c6e430197c616cde2d8b145436481c99fae917e7baffa
359842 F20090511_AAAOCO 00008.jpg 4297abe4f75019076d0efed2efb4fe23822a576b5c87d7bdd9646aaa5536354a708db227
314877 F20090511_AAAOHM 00025.jpg 73e549ca0bac1d5163b9a59ac3a7b7a11101de82feb9f7cae2d656754c4ed07cac1c4489
62562 F20090511_AAAOCP 00008.pro a0b5ad999317a4e9cf28835c3cd2dbb162482bf8572efb2a65282bcf1e46f9ae37a5fd4dconflict in mime type metadata
93121 F20090511_AAAOHN 00025.pro d24f157bd95151a695e8fd94bbb863ceb75bdbf2338e9010644ee93072c4390d5aff9274conflict in mime type metadata
41119 F20090511_AAAOCQ 00008.QC.jpg ef73d801e5bf59e75b804857ceabe5a852e7b33171b0a5eaccb7b07299b0d3e6f0193867
40781 F20090511_AAAOHO 00025.QC.jpg 842c7ce132210d60f7da7649c4500ea9997531d4d5d3676c9f075b1f12ebdca213745f02
27031256 F20090511_AAAOCR 00008.tif a0177ff44418740601a196ec90c4df331720d220ca28fdd7a7715600a2d67551e447f8b9
35715416 F20090511_AAAOHP 00025.tif 832b6c0deea5290fdfcf713ddd58c96ab8256c89ff540ac9b19b21fc0cf4e98b0855a48d
2955 F20090511_AAAOCS 00008.txt 13014e41eff491bb227670c6a0f544f202ea1bc5354130169dd183dc6980577e1a5292ed
3774 F20090511_AAAOHQ 00025.txt 70dde99eb4a35d1e1b6c567387ed7c7815389d40f46e4071f8c4d4af500bb644f15e1cfa
11306 F20090511_AAAOCT 00008thm.jpg 2b336ba7cb3e36cacb8e16df7483a492a13838fe57503fdd672f375439a1a93ac14bf866
10201 F20090511_AAAOHR 00025thm.jpg 4647388e9d4c5756c87f5c49c237898c97d6bec2479c8b5a81b83206040c202f977d72fe
1518766 F20090511_AAAOCU 00009.jp2 d0eba80530e118b9eb9246b2ae6f93148b06a82e591893b69c28d9bb89be79ad90701f78
93120 F20090511_AAAOHS 00025_archive.pro 27011592d5cea64be16e7f2be377b5261757a178b998f7d5bfb14c4a3c773c67833a8f6cconflict in mime type metadata
396010 F20090511_AAAOCV 00009.jpg 67bb59a171adaea5e52f64691982cb27474f9b5f10b29a7ae6328d92926a6bc586e4ec60
35714812 F20090511_AAAOHT 00025_archive.tif 715bc93011a33a54ced5bf2ddefe151e1f0310275d6048dce71dd8bae19d34062b41d32c
37918 F20090511_AAAOCW 00009.pro e4106c63ecf0bb6a4fdb36f70173f3aa2d6d4d7692a5d730a55abcfb7ab9b61808ac32fcconflict in mime type metadata
3656 F20090511_AAAOHU 00025_archive.txt 2861dbd9697263563fd9b1a5158041641446a9e1ef0bcd1703971b6e59cf19987d19a777
42571 F20090511_AAAOCX 00009.QC.jpg 98d3b93edf753517c45952484be6e29ae8a58d2f2c23af6a0f9758f239202799e5e83825
1648136 F20090511_AAAOHV 00026.jp2 6e0390dfd9a0344ab9e85ea1539441f6f836a65fd0a9a25141b33b6cf7a69efe6ac62a6c
36465332 F20090511_AAAOCY 00009.tif cfec4244dfeb27a35565791397c224c054c355ec88eb87c38af93839e35ba73f135bac5d
449891 F20090511_AAAOHW 00026.jpg 6c01832ca89cb3b1e3d6af1b676ad6f8d4c4a720701508af13c6a924f8c996d78954562c
1367 F20090511_AAAOCZ 00009.txt c38db5b40d9384b4586395d2f64438f65c8645924ee66509913971fe1e27353b760a7e13
291719 F20090511_AAAOHX 00026.pro 02d6ee915cf7fbcff3d30c40a8c985a96a77b92d495e402320fda3f7669eb9d729ef16e9conflict in mime type metadata
40022 F20090511_AAAOFA 00016.QC.jpg 0b757dc5a6b9bd4713b0269f4067df79e084409ce982dc076a1839f277f659e6dccd302f
44965 F20090511_AAAOHY 00026.QC.jpg 055a52ddfb610d7c8453322489ce6df2e282fca6d4a90177560ead3984217cfda69cce76
36472188 F20090511_AAAOFB 00016.tif a2ec32d76159bb3456cfb91de6fae592fde431b7ccf6755d804af832378289d962cca953
13201924 F20090511_AAAOHZ 00026.tif d00122e174f195439b450d33194a6dfa3ea6add163ad3e0e2e5d74eceefc227653588174
1175 F20090511_AAAOFC 00016.txt 03868189f3b51568a5eb204a378e5fb0d68c0da6bd5df097a914f1e993b2c807ff8a4288
9720 F20090511_AAAOFD 00016thm.jpg 8815d9578843d43ae0d2c03dcec2b3c656c1eed8eb6a5d3827e41390dcb81690bfe35108
3087149 F20090511_AAAOFE 00017.jp2 3d4276eb49086c74ecf47e7c1e9e218f97c00a0ac1186e1c5d3f795c75a117cbe777147e
416263 F20090511_AAAOFF 00017.jpg b7a65d699f410beba214a635f9f715042de40871ff96bb193290fa0e1212ab5671ab7e3e
104880 F20090511_AAAOFG 00017.pro 86088287c9694af10e4aea5fda62a007a63fe4f0729055f5815814780096540f737d6c62conflict in mime type metadata
51730 F20090511_AAAOFH 00017.QC.jpg 070b22aee9caf139c6223819f80f7ab7176dbcfc9666c8c5c7d2580ff343b49b55075f16
74105204 F20090511_AAAOFI 00017.tif 0ac16fac0851b7c7c0e9e354401a7f56a3c7ec027378775a1b5e378912304cc81be627f9
3921 F20090511_AAAOFJ 00017.txt 6123af056c9cb0cb014a6e74c969e7a1cbed74f85cc56d178b2361814ff432acd3dff483
3174814 F20090511_AAAOAN 00001.jp2 125c558133668e7e4bb27cc5f2482056731307d89810de7aaef51aacf3189d72cf1f2e1e
15650 F20090511_AAAOFK 00017thm.jpg 2b63d2d08e9afcb831e2bde626ecbdb53eea7b8bf220cb7c2d4e63b183b13c4481b6cc08
432383 F20090511_AAAOAO 00001.jpg 993d47ab123cfa68fb64e37bc6b6e2a42247a398e2214eb48043c5464ef609f386bba403
3463412 F20090511_AAAOFL 00018.jp2 4cbfaa5bfb809cf45b97dbebc42df743c5731394c402c0ed8fa95147a4cc2dfbd56a994c
168279 F20090511_AAAOAP 00001.pro 705a81ec17feda4a18cf773881975be3c669fa4a462c5d7e4c23b0dca3ea40ef8d89784econflict in mime type metadata
453083 F20090511_AAAOFM 00018.jpg a74160efafca7e7538d30ce0a7907745ed9a8abd51fc8f155b22a73a17e4cb409b94430e
53610 F20090511_AAAOAQ 00001.QC.jpg 62b6816354a174705c56ef4577c45ff97500ecf2b5878872cecd5e437b4d2ddf3fce5ec9
267921 F20090511_AAAOFN 00018.pro b46a82d6d5e8aa86129ffde140545a6b459b06548f1fe55bbd3846c3f825635110645f1fconflict in mime type metadata
76207808 F20090511_AAAOAR 00001.tif a7606fdaea8ca2cba438d13485132d602223211e25d6668ffb4d915f8d358cbeeb854fa7
52240 F20090511_AAAOFO 00018.QC.jpg f193dda12ffd890b8c5b6a4ab04a94ddde0a6f20c237b17e34f30a9a9dd4f9e0ce717962
6585 F20090511_AAAOAS 00001.txt 0ec0e142ec7282fd820101ba9d0433a873037e3df690f857c058a2441ad7e8a8e6945b9f
27720316 F20090511_AAAOFP 00018.tif 06f5c9d681463011a3eecd86348a1cff8e06a9349bedcda48c2aa1380a6f3e494cd8b8f7
16020 F20090511_AAAOAT 00001thm.jpg b9e881ad268e3166d718c774896ff47d6c633bb01466314e6a31fa5f8f3d96bd90ac8701
10060 F20090511_AAAOFQ 00018.txt 5e70823cfe5f506b6580b4e9064c4b700f1384b18947e8984a2d777e5a3e13e5f2babc97
3298324 F20090511_AAAOAU 00002.jp2 a2027b5afda90c3b745d8117b00b5fa8400bdf258c73f4019e0ae09bd2203b510355bdd6
13179 F20090511_AAAOFR 00018thm.jpg ee37d13ea0bd5dc6fd8d8f19dc32e7beed601e4570f17c9cc0f5571af65b5b4c462aaa64
382457 F20090511_AAAOAV 00002.jpg 15feaff5dc1934c7fff2de2b7680bd116a64a7ea0e8ee3b2bfb6fd0dbd08dd7c70cb45b5
3426720 F20090511_AAAOFS 00019.jp2 48339fed25d7eadc2d30a22e5d23caa4259d8f19a86609cb9f078e90e9973a0a909d83be
209210 F20090511_AAAOAW 00002.pro 497fe66a883101e1ff1c9a9a5f6b0873c41d696b7f04fe8e3c1312feb435db476c42ada6conflict in mime type metadata
448799 F20090511_AAAOFT 00019.jpg 6f2629112665f8a9446c484a10567aa25b6cfb8a7154f4e2443987aff69dc0b76800eaef
49479 F20090511_AAAOAX 00002.QC.jpg fec579def1d97e83556dbd70f842ff0a963e8f3d00e491fa4cb5d434b3e38caeefca39ff
261467 F20090511_AAAOFU 00019.pro d2e2da754af5785257ea218536dd6f6026052b4371afa67b82bc505bae40447f1b31ad4bconflict in mime type metadata
26400476 F20090511_AAAOAY 00002.tif 3e22c85a2e771d18e0738e5448b94bcaf7780dec8e70ad67b001d873e34f02c202b630b3
53919 F20090511_AAAOFV 00019.QC.jpg a461779cc1d566d71de1509045af580ba8952afddb36576c0ff006a29e039a08f240e411
8900 F20090511_AAAOAZ 00002.txt 41865455e3c38c2c229cb453ba1fcc5693b53e29616edb8c9e64889afe9d26dfcdd573d1
27426640 F20090511_AAAOFW 00019.tif d290735fac3147880a6fb3812d6d466b36b5bd470365b03b29b90dc9a504ed0bfb5d33aa
10099 F20090511_AAAOFX 00019.txt c5679e5623bd6221fbfccb52ec6c5590d373f94ebed91f7238603ff96333d2576260b94b
10500 F20090511_AAAODA 00009thm.jpg 910fee8c1015508447b9f647867651030f69f89e82b49ea3bb1c34f60411474b6f079718
13234 F20090511_AAAOFY 00019thm.jpg a273308feafd5f7933db71712b752c6917ec3cffb460b932379a5b391d982846ecba32ad
1669639 F20090511_AAAODB 00010.jp2 8a5109323bf99dbec1914114b1543b2dd06d0c757b1d1a964c1b6e77dd35e9de8265312d
3033017 F20090511_AAAOFZ 00020.jp2 6ab19df008c683b04cd0fe9d753f977bb8f422691efa1c444522cd2f2f4a22332ace917d
356200 F20090511_AAAODC 00010.jpg 5f34b3380ee288ed1f381d6bca424084622eba87ef49adb07b56fdc9baa194ead1170a88
11769 F20090511_AAAOIA 00026.txt e0a10923cb3e78bb431a5083660c69aef9794aef11c1e2f78ab658ebdd9f049502cd9344
99240 F20090511_AAAODD 00010.pro 674ae45eb016bb1e9d3830a70c1d65bea5028a43d22069e89d12a755ad103436218be80econflict in mime type metadata
9975 F20090511_AAAOIB 00026thm.jpg 7630c39ab85b29eff811ec691ed6fc87d0db627f11dede8fc786771ad6fca2f205e40805
36961 F20090511_AAAODE 00010.QC.jpg 3fb7cd1b23af78ec2f6be296e605fec59baf939d792dd285e6438c46dc9b45ffe43bccb8
1647263 F20090511_AAAOIC 00027.jp2 ca2c348aaa5a0bcc59f14786f4bc1fc6195092c72b53f3c1b2667eb0c62248622e245291
13372004 F20090511_AAAODF 00010.tif cdc2631ecdcf09bbbc95353d7ccc9ad01f261d840cd7baeceb2f8622c6ffc8a0b4fe3c72
440427 F20090511_AAAOID 00027.jpg 4696b181fa378cb2d1328c6d7be59e7a51a0a33e31d72c783b3b55d9a92ab0447f5f40ad
3816 F20090511_AAAODG 00010.txt 6903e1d71b2e2305bd3bc19c2efd98c6cac1c7689d48054060c4f65744d3ac53065b68a6
287087 F20090511_AAAOIE 00027.pro 33ac7630d998d7e5d3659ae5a0758b28f2c00e0662ad85ecbeb98234ba7edb947794aea9conflict in mime type metadata
8686 F20090511_AAAODH 00010thm.jpg 23964243399c462487c24cb36d2d4b8e7d19950e89dfc40152c10d2dd6573fa12d006c25
43955 F20090511_AAAOIF 00027.QC.jpg 6666e3219b4ebbb2277d183afb0c563d03b8721f16348f2aa2a878f194b36c76711552f2
1660056 F20090511_AAAODI 00011.jp2 03602eb7051fa894e2fee1abbdf55c0aac91cd98c1b4907a5258c3beaf7e53d2f3648709
13193856 F20090511_AAAOIG 00027.tif 5a44b0eb88a0f4a8a0358c895aecdacf8ca2a21cd563332d183d425bc006dab4288a88a7
346092 F20090511_AAAODJ 00011.jpg 32d0c28c7bf43459c470bbfc80593c95c1a0a33ce94ca046c5d2bce38d6800dd97f81b0c
11617 F20090511_AAAOIH 00027.txt 5b0835d942ba9e13a373bc3d915ae30e024f32a5e7e1169033cf047fdac888c5f4ea8e69
102201 F20090511_AAAODK 00011.pro c6fbf88c738d2a811ae6d143787e9a039145155a77ad3ef2dd7b3905635c1c99cb131764conflict in mime type metadata
9640 F20090511_AAAOII 00027thm.jpg f8e9cde27d2f018866fce6e307f4e3f0ef2f46bf5e7b8949d43ccd8770f0565f1d564583
38755 F20090511_AAAODL 00011.QC.jpg 3b62575d219bf27f4c8cd684966472d63e3df4251642d3fba03f1eafd754a14e61d447a1
1644252 F20090511_AAAOIJ 00028.jp2 b4177afb65f69f3581e67b54f55a7535af3ce232a0c7d2b61367e01ff58c9df67cce9192
13296348 F20090511_AAAODM 00011.tif 67fa7f52dcb5e58fe09e037201cfd6c81afa9b86119cb212e1023c2db0d210ce757e1fd3
343225 F20090511_AAAOIK 00028.jpg e3ee363fec78ea1df2c818e906d6c6d583f490a4823b27a9c2ddfa1c4b4eea0ce3f70b71
4468 F20090511_AAAODN 00011.txt 81e2ef432764ebd7e1c45d2efa8d295e6fc0a90e0b99ac3cc54242ebb428a184a37de1ca
111630 F20090511_AAAOIL 00028.pro 02a7497a20a1bd9702b1db2df5b2aad137886a4479cd0273967dc812171b5b2cc397f6d3conflict in mime type metadata
8947 F20090511_AAAODO 00011thm.jpg 1fe46bc078d9e19f4a89105130fe9f65fe03c94d1437c5cee1aeb57ab765a7f513441939
38673 F20090511_AAAOIM 00028.QC.jpg 522e3e7ec54570ad3d9a8a52fc6312d0f41caa3103f84392360143f64ae54eeb134bde84
1509654 F20090511_AAAODP 00012.jp2 20df3ca4c7acf30de7eedd812e48bb9870a729ee7807bb851997ad409d3cafb2d197ec7d
370085 F20090511_AAAODQ 00012.jpg f0ce9ac4d97fb8ee22cb80571fea24aa18bc4b24cffc5e85cfcf82851d900ccd5428ef78
13171272 F20090511_AAAOIN 00028.tif f8f0c636236cddee7d62eae49632280d932c6c01e5d521634766faa3719e0d7bce92940c
25799 F20090511_AAAODR 00012.pro 8696b2a05f81495f39cc17a6b2bf1829d90a21fc333a04eaad5fabf9aa9bde96d2121981conflict in mime type metadata
4280 F20090511_AAAOIO 00028.txt 25be5373618358dd93331d04c028c427c6dcb8b9d7a3e82735ba188a54e1eda394ac2cf2
39675 F20090511_AAAODS 00012.QC.jpg 4830f87719a8f91344cbc76a91c972616ba9749442a1de8b857d0084606cd9b7b5a18241
8875 F20090511_AAAOIP 00028thm.jpg c1e3b87cc4f363e292ef8c0a920a1acc81b903aa0eff350ae66f2038ef2f3084f4a87ecb
36246152 F20090511_AAAODT 00012.tif 95c4e0ad6ab4c581f2dfe68fece005e5ac66421f8a20fa71313fac1fab839f5e98633647
1594616 F20090511_AAAOIQ 00029.jp2 1aa160f528ff1ead73c81ab16e35ebc6008dca28bd3d3bacb2c85a0028cb680402d393f5
938 F20090511_AAAODU 00012.txt 6228c08dfd4019311b4cc51a2dc56bcdf7d2e7307d9c40822f8b9781cb9ee59db2ec222d
363999 F20090511_AAAOIR 00029.jpg b2e0fa185347c66842bb34b0a3a40c5beb1d9d053ea48a5dc4958903b16ab5820b324a02
10259 F20090511_AAAODV 00012thm.jpg 4bfa8d13a5668c236621bff961bb1531589e292bbd88461178099c94f97c050f62e6b348
168933 F20090511_AAAOIS 00029.pro 7bfdfaaf17b1e9003be53b6b91fbef399871afec4703eb6dc7869ef60eaf4ecd41586343conflict in mime type metadata
1436387 F20090511_AAAODW 00013.jp2 0a1e2c53867da0917afc363dc92f39b7a0ba6aeaa3050226f32ed360fce6ffdabec90b10
41766 F20090511_AAAOIT 00029.QC.jpg a65558e0208601331b18b5fa861fac1e9077675dc6454164f599e16ca16bec9048b54f7c
285460 F20090511_AAAODX 00013.jpg c1ceed5e81bc610c99099b9dafb2b7975fb14f58c4f44adaa845234c054b57027c3c3ee4
12772172 F20090511_AAAOIU 00029.tif 362f4c81f25f68016dc2fbe3f2728569919c325a90f840c20b37702cf412399d280f7fa5
23267 F20090511_AAAODY 00013.pro 35f89fe6364dd6801a3b88a14f3ed1f988bf806a129212cce43a143ff30ab4e64bdb9f6fconflict in mime type metadata
6599 F20090511_AAAOIV 00029.txt 723e0f25681b5c8fc4517f237e25c7095e351eef8b6223b0c265ffc4c7a26e1a9dc5330a
14241 F20090511_AAAOBA 00002thm.jpg 04d29af83437e3629cbbb1f65ec77eec8d40ddf92b3a10c10e48e57f3e802c6d812a78d5
37698 F20090511_AAAODZ 00013.QC.jpg c28f886c4f58479b14b4eff2108fc69170bbacce6506864df19b3422afff768c23003f41
9394 F20090511_AAAOIW 00029thm.jpg 13a8afe8e78cbec5946a88d0333afbd2b9c2f2db60cd6a6d05da78c5e16ca93a6fb02c49
347150 F20090511_AAAOBB 00002_archive.pro b73cd0a8a6ad60bdb072b74dd8e8c13313102940a787dd1c15861b1435d263943ed44e5aconflict in mime type metadata
1597263 F20090511_AAAOIX 00030.jp2 945c43e6dca39282b4c43e1f28f8a316c1854985d28f78f094806c6a57d8bd5f192d73e5
26399624 F20090511_AAAOBC 00002_archive.tif af8a29970177c52cd5a07e53c31e3f1d44d2f66bda5f484910a808207197212c6331059c
425718 F20090511_AAAOGA 00020.jpg e1675f257284121ddc1ca40ad7e915a2c60ace0698a72233b70055d16e3b8cd0a3ed0d64
430038 F20090511_AAAOIY 00030.jpg 391dbddfc1087aa0e8179fd68159269fe95cd4efe081a0a09e1690cd6d06c1f9778b393e
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52066 F20090511_AAAOGC 00020.QC.jpg 7927416f676516109fadf81b38cbb2455f2751a64fa402811ef7f8d88795270b643d1211
447048 F20090511_AAAOBF 00003.jpg 37f229f660353aface0ca8d9d97f1c80ec4b446b41f81e2a59c036b7dc55ec752dfc3086
72803988 F20090511_AAAOGD 00020.tif 13bd3a7e3b5b59d4f2f5bbcb13413c496f012fd83726c879a8b883ec0b82b6a9686a70e3
8256 F20090511_AAAOGE 00020.txt ad72f548086b43f68151bc59fe74b8ddd03c01143675e19d5e4f4e78150b5b0526c40538
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15458 F20090511_AAAOGF 00020thm.jpg 5f75f3568e74fe7cc096c933ebf7154fbe9745621c84fcad6aad22a0392cebeba32cd07e
51592 F20090511_AAAOBH 00003.QC.jpg 7786e0a260054368d389b6a7b52321952df303cdd6935b711483e1d2ea2b417878000091
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27081380 F20090511_AAAOBI 00003.tif 91658c7f0d146558eb78a10b359fc654a50fffdb73c5be93d4951861d40c80b030afbea5
72803596 F20090511_AAAOGH 00020_archive.tif 553277ffec35efc1f8159ce5f9d387c9cc145f9c68669c09f4646e0b6d720e4838bd4029
13464 F20090511_AAAOBJ 00003.txt 4a12872fc476419f922e8c7370ecc399f6d502b7d982b99facddfa30090042ba7d33f33e
9311 F20090511_AAAOGI 00020_archive.txt f67704a49f86ff5a9032826fdd28689b67ba8cd72bcf3caedd5010753e42795efc67ffe2
14445 F20090511_AAAOBK 00003thm.jpg a9bf3d923cbaadb6afcc865bb64811eaa89fc6975d4edfeed4e4dd6a29b61e4ba8125082
3071001 F20090511_AAAOGJ 00021.jp2 6648ce36486364fa3dc73c2660fc609fc28bdc3bdfcd6a9b5139205bbaec5b67cd7f5cd3
3021170 F20090511_AAAOBL 00004.jp2 c754ee24eac4ce119dff14f559a916f000adae51768bcf7c89f2deb7153b38552911d648
458861 F20090511_AAAOGK 00021.jpg ff2150ac89566272379c026dac614571d29662be3dc12ff39c9c4cc8a5713463fef723f7
461083 F20090511_AAAOBM 00004.jpg 032a17c37e6fc32875e25531dc234ddd65f65344b85e0c460db4fb80e00aa6db2010950c
118324 F20090511_AAAOBN 00004.pro 0c8b1bdba4a144cff53f37386f56a3c01e75dcdf1ae78af87f9c9f7c14787ed54f3f3356conflict in mime type metadata
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53550 F20090511_AAAOBO 00004.QC.jpg 5bf7ceca0ba65f26e5cd850876688ee30509911f5fd28e7e0aed2f0aebe1562de529bc27
54887 F20090511_AAAOGM 00021.QC.jpg e06a919b8074ce48246d251ba97e5fd1387f3cfd471f917912018a8fccebf5372147d2e0
72522792 F20090511_AAAOBP 00004.tif cb440b68cf722afe886674a51e062a52b429935bb147546b6dbdd4d1d55e3e1d0c22c9f6
73716136 F20090511_AAAOGN 00021.tif 7218960f5f346f63764acc43f5be31b3a879f439a15be66a71a72e2a03a04001206247fa
4629 F20090511_AAAOBQ 00004.txt e66301eed3d7c866121d9bc41e9b5d124a84776d375c0385438164bf6853c8cbc93f1efe
6760 F20090511_AAAOGO 00021.txt 145af5b9e461173b9d46324f5b5e14ac3dd8aa19fc078e83c042fd450cdffb7a78d42b91
16635 F20090511_AAAOBR 00004thm.jpg ab94c9728fbfe6a000748e75107e605c2b44dd979a56ab38ab2e2234c89c14fd6d01662e
15840 F20090511_AAAOGP 00021thm.jpg f8bd714f51e31e4e303001ce6cd4d809400d2c92d9d5bd32195227f0249d315e48b3e655
3130563 F20090511_AAAOBS 00005.jp2 dbf46ca1df363204fb56ee40cc9ec008496f3ea748786352bdc5fbc202b9c03ad17eee9b
3396173 F20090511_AAAOGQ 00022.jp2 41d21b897c351003eec8076dbaed33a8a0d0b899a38833b4da51521ff5eda8d28150e0cf
442274 F20090511_AAAOBT 00005.jpg 1d8d0d7669281824219cd65ab0d9c3214e55232aad73f3e25f994fba2af003142060d68d
485758 F20090511_AAAOGR 00022.jpg 49f7a1ecc022ff0664b642c7a637a8e88803b856794524a494525596e5ea721177cf1d5b
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53982 F20090511_AAAOGT 00022.QC.jpg 382ebe8d7e61a2b1579e35c9047fbed3847ced0e82927e881330b164fa428615770f4931
75145148 F20090511_AAAOBW 00005.tif 74f698533e57d8fac63a0d372ccbbc9e4dbab7234fb4aa142c449f29a84bacbcc2fa2fdd
27181340 F20090511_AAAOGU 00022.tif 42ed3cac4411757659f7d893574fae790473736a2b436a097380d5a12d42929fa81c09d9
7571 F20090511_AAAOBX 00005.txt 11aa8c4cdfbe7694b54e3c1752b12a2d7eb1bb63786bc7556fe4a99c45d040e1896be747
14786 F20090511_AAAOGV 00022.txt 3c5b4b6c8ea36ae0273659bc6308f7597c35b50addcd9f557c3474edfac8e87992c2270d
14865 F20090511_AAAOBY 00005thm.jpg a7c8d161442ae468eba0969352cca14ace64cbf09b00e929ddca5a323287aac00ab9cfac
13241 F20090511_AAAOGW 00022thm.jpg c0860352a2b1f7545ed43849c593f0c7579d2d22d63d4ef26e4340317b35c1c7ee7d000f
3421561 F20090511_AAAOBZ 00006.jp2 0c44f935eafe4260c8e1be29ba810cf48b5123fc5762bc59d75f6909eaf5864a330d7723
3440596 F20090511_AAAOGX 00023.jp2 571e21db591051f59cb4bd02a0464d6655ee5673a2a954ffaf89ef1ca30cfbf8defe3a57
453487 F20090511_AAAOGY 00023.jpg df92391c774f4b4ec6c8006a8e5fb0e16107457d1c9390b4066133608af50573c31c686c
34488516 F20090511_AAAOEA 00013.tif 977317b4e5013fa18d2758dac3e0b29c74b60f704db2f0f56ad0bf0b17a00d8c1bf2248f
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881 F20090511_AAAOEB 00013.txt 3fb59fdb8fd122368ff9c4c33d29fe69da301dc486d65c19779257116bb2b738389db158
10363 F20090511_AAAOEC 00013thm.jpg ee48bc7b3fd42eabb002979c4030472eb7e78033e2afa92f5222a34acd7844b33d262f0a
44829 F20090511_AAAOJA 00030.QC.jpg 99d686019b5adfe3ce4cd05550fcdf2f7d1e07e0102dcdc779c7b28f73f75cb61b87c95d
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12793920 F20090511_AAAOJB 00030.tif f565a453318d15fce21bf40c6f4dda60e111c2614ed9ec838f60847d8c93c3a337bc0c95
34488132 F20090511_AAAOEE 00013_archive.tif 42195b51760153955ccf9bd8d6a19c03f061fc8a0cfa66cbec92a1451b95a50aaf3b1a9d
10638 F20090511_AAAOJC 00030.txt 667918c0c1d97fa542b153df34ac2625e216d7a51cfa1d74837d8197b580d4ac6e84ab1c
3920 F20090511_AAAOEF 00013_archive.txt b95d35d1c6f69d58dfe2ddaf43c9cde4e27da40776664229c2d441006efbbff41e8d73d4
10134 F20090511_AAAOJD 00030thm.jpg 8b6bf50423ad28be47474fe07bcdbd418bfd04fc28c69eda3f38fdcd936196805c334f19
1206391 F20090511_AAAOEG 00014.jp2 49d13f0250e4dd7a9dcdb27a7734102576720f8084abd4ae3e898f8582ec45a7c35bfcba
1601556 F20090511_AAAOJE 00031.jp2 63dd117c9ef99349fd0b47336e6c07c7de8ad88ee175eab3c041805c26dbc2c361ee6158
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19772 F20090511_AAAOEJ 00014.QC.jpg fcfe261b1a8142c58a15961e09a4cb27a2badbadefc211055937ed2a98e71ee5737c41ec
12828560 F20090511_AAAOJI 00031.tif 97d95e8b8b5f4803b0a19829041cbe96aeaf1f5de99293babfbf4af9b3c185a72d58008b
12902340 F20090511_AAAOEK 00014.tif 6bc2d92bc25085d576f8d7d0e1a2bff9e209f7a0d09db790ba3b7bd6c29f87d8d31c7bc9
7960 F20090511_AAAOJJ 00031.txt 652353a84be6d7da08d8518e797d7e593ad78b90c73072391af7284a1804f5db492b3044
823 F20090511_AAAOEL 00014.txt a562b9b2cfdb780931b5118d9860fcd448570ac5290eb13af9aee3f3d04ba3028e558b21
9850 F20090511_AAAOJK 00031thm.jpg b459a5fcc826c415de5dd1ec70c1dcfbf4a9c078c424eb95bb5677fbd8687d797cafece7
6515 F20090511_AAAOEM 00014thm.jpg 2fa3839afe5fcc531f0c5a3eba7951b1f452c72634c734437fd38780a58d994f7e63603d
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12827952 F20090511_AAAOJM 00031_archive.tif 9130e66ded2e3f332a5057bd0ff1964bcc61c78b999e85c329e92b4a93aaeedfcfaf551c
12901972 F20090511_AAAOEO 00014_archive.tif 850d0e9155d133b0aea973db4b6f7ac5bc02771c377b7ffd05e9b308fabe8d0b2cf2a144
8026 F20090511_AAAOJN 00031_archive.txt 276a787c35f8af4df337b18482264ee411844af955563be46e051a94c14d098a91e0d8e8
4035 F20090511_AAAOEP 00014_archive.txt 38c3da3dcd907db14e18320c90a43a8f2987c967e00b1eda782517078ef4cdfac1f17e60
1626464 F20090511_AAAOEQ 00015.jp2 cc6bc9d287ddceec6b1347f405a7eaf9b6f0243bbba65ee47a09039f4fb8650be70d18ad
1595833 F20090511_AAAOJO 00032.jp2 31c41428e4ee606eaf89a4621c68a27baceaac225d6a0a6b186766834d6d71a4db9aaec1
379700 F20090511_AAAOER 00015.jpg 451d2e576fd32e3d144086789c7e85e6678d3cb199e59ce6cb9b885fe4d9da3102331d60
444624 F20090511_AAAOJP 00032.jpg cbe92857c5ff7b366c0cdbd98ce2a634aafbb5665bdae717e514eba94a324faa86d7227f
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38123 F20090511_AAAOET 00015.QC.jpg 37ff27faa91c9a93323c814fd83aa78a046ce1a520a9c17acae10f7dc80b2711d2a13ec4
46702 F20090511_AAAOJR 00032.QC.jpg 067823cf936bdbb4db59a7bde2586e13f4e91eaab73f839599e8caddf69a3c2a79e075b9
13027040 F20090511_AAAOEU 00015.tif 8da3f6b2051f58b175d813b1b198a4fc3407500984b8c81ac11e1058c37764e3b4239a7d
12782888 F20090511_AAAOJS 00032.tif 05bd3898eae1ce9d5b6a44ab0e5ec7bf012a0094cde405ba03b7a8c8c82c49e3e70319d9
3413 F20090511_AAAOEV 00015.txt 1747cb73530274f5926309674adf2d00856deda42693df50aadf519efc1cec58b562ca50
8912 F20090511_AAAOJT 00032.txt 5ee8c38dc520c2de6702c4117d38cda35fa5aa8b512573c808abe44f739461588a91f11b
9215 F20090511_AAAOEW 00015thm.jpg 269058e4f9537a9db87a7a6455efcb933660662aedbf36ca12ae6976ebb8b8431acfc9a4
10498 F20090511_AAAOJU 00032thm.jpg 812a8aa2616c7c1d7e133d392007865d41d648c41ca9360aa21c9a58a92ef79831561bd1
1519079 F20090511_AAAOEX 00016.jp2 ff26c50de22a815347fa51e53f4a77d2818e5c44ca6d8c3dd2c235ad833d25b993ca2b12
51941 F20090511_AAAOJV UF00028362_00070.mets FULL 7e8f7069a503962f4c328e3a77e5b172caa2c02aed0824c63583e281ca4f8aca478064dc
448341 F20090511_AAAOCA 00006.jpg eefd2028dabc4d9d5256b00982326b6791f600dbea63864704dd2876cfde009b4e51d54e
365823 F20090511_AAAOEY 00016.jpg 58446a221f764b40350247c8c980ae6b4ee6e4349e137dbc2c8b2e2777e82ee0502f531c
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52446 F20090511_AAAOCC 00006.QC.jpg cde97ea16d933b5d793ad340d38c2ebd61f7fd836625713cdd80feecce5abc7cb951f84b
68198 F20090511_AAAOJY UF00028362_00070.xml 3a337f8362162ef776755c3eadda8c42e630ea785e8e88d062effb97fc7b12ba6364467a
27384568 F20090511_AAAOCD 00006.tif 12a5dac286dbd3f193104d42ada9ffeaf33864ee9b9c9e9da79b2cdff10ed2630e3010fa
53556 F20090511_AAAOHA 00023.QC.jpg 3cbc1c06dc904039e6645857936ced04c16a8918bb1b1bb67a2850c3a5bccbeaad0076cd
11243 F20090511_AAAOCE 00006.txt d78dbb086c21e89d5637eeb6e949ded57760149ac6906e8ff4caa04151714fca8d2a274b
27537256 F20090511_AAAOHB 00023.tif 872ec6a0edc7795d0b6ae66889e596d2799f2a312dc0a35a6e629f5c33008e1396bce099
13382 F20090511_AAAOCF 00006thm.jpg df9f58eb283130a7786d63563dc345eb48520e313975ca67b67db02c847db57cfd475cad
16631 F20090511_AAAOHC 00023.txt ee8ca1936c1e6920d1229f8e4f52310adf0e35b0decbf1e3c1e8fa499e9f1ea0fbe1cdbe
3232253 F20090511_AAAOCG 00007.jp2 a53c236f5fb6300d5a893e9504eeca880813faeeea9bb0a5e2a3ab7371cd84d7f2795a4e
13534 F20090511_AAAOHD 00023thm.jpg ad840bc67ef34dee20ddd53108181e9371a37aa8d9d006c387f185e50ad80b1191907f5d
3230941 F20090511_AAAOHE 00024.jp2 b612afbd660169acb6b0a989f30587059f29ef4561702084136570e01cff5374c5f92feb
415711 F20090511_AAAOCH 00007.jpg f06dfaf65cf87cf3f5669a7f3633c1405800ce27ad57918dd8ccbc88cf6f16be2abf9042
390577 F20090511_AAAOHF 00024.jpg 362eeedc0bcec0365653af382c9f60508428822299dabf1199a07cdb0e289c94f05a4cdf

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200070datestamp 2009-02-11setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Stardc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date May 27, 2006dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=000702261130 (OCLC)000581378 (ALEPHBIBNUM)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Floridadc:language English


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text


Florida Rel
Hall Of Fa

"Serving F
For 55 Ye
The Peo

SUNS PROMOTIONS-Friday, June 2 7:05 p.m.


1. Oe Nght reeAt Hwar Johsons- Jx O

Of The

66 II

Hurricane Preparedness Night and Scout Campout #2! The Suns help
you get ready for the upcoming hurricane season on the second night
that scouts can camp out on the field after the game and enjoy a mid-
night movie! Sponsored by First Coast News 12&25. After the game,
enjoy Friday Family Fireworks, courtesy of NAPA Auto Parts and your
local NAPA Autocare Center Dealers.



Real Topics...Real
Produced By
The Florida Star
Each Saturday
1:00 p.m.
On WCGL-AM 1360

theflo ridastar.com

MAY- 200-JN 2 I2006VO.0 6 N. 5SCNT

Memorial Day

Remember Our Deceased

Killed In 12 Months

- 14 Were Children

Jacksonville lost 114 citizens in 2005. Of that
amount, 79 died between June 1, 2005 and December
31, 2005 via homicides. To date, we have lost 65
Jacksonville residents in 2006, a total of 144 lives over
the past twelve months. Of the 144 lives lost, 92 were
black. Of the 64 lives lost in 2006, 43 are black. Since
this is Memorial Day weekend, many will visit

gravesites and pay tribute to those who died in the mil-
itary and to close relatives and will place flowers at
their graves. We join with you in honoring the dead.
We would like for the citizens of Jacksonville to take a
moment to remember those lives lost during the past
twelve months because of the high homicide rate.
Of the 144 homicides during the(continued-A7)

Operation Rolling Stone Rolled Cocaine From Texas,

With Stops In Georgia And On To Jacksonvillel

Terris Thomas Morris Jackson

.Willie Jorge
Davis Romero

^B ~teB : ;

Adrian Walker

Jose L De-Lo

Gustavo Peralta Santana Ervin Willnett Wri!
It was named ated in April, 2005 when
Operation Rolling narcotic officers
tone" when it was initi- assisted in an investi-

Robert Rushing

mld ,

)s- Fransico A.
gation of a shoot-
ing. The shooting
incident led to the
seizure of multiple
kilograms of
cocaine and
firearms from the
The first phase
of "Operation
ght Rolling Stone" led
to the arrest of
Antonio Woods and
Stanley Daugherty of

Three others arrested
were from Jacksonville
where a large quantity of
cocaine. firearms and
vehicles were seized.
With the original arrest, it
was discovered that the
organization was not
small and operated in
Atlanta, Albany,
Jacksonville and Orange
T ent three were
arrested. Cocaine .valued

Cocaine continued on A-7

One Thousand
Goes To Jail Weekly
AME and Baptist min-
isters are working
towards the same goal.
The Baptist ministers are
providing summer job
training and the AME
ministers are helping'
youth and adults find per-
manent jobs. Both organ-
izations as well as the
Jacksonville Coalition of
African-American Pastors
announced support of
each other's effort to help
reduce crime and homi-
cides in Jacksonville.
According to
Associated Press, prisons
and jails added more than
1,000 inmates each week
for a year, putting almost
2.2 million people, or one
in. every 13 U. S. resi-
dents behind bars by last
summer. There was a 4.7
percent growth rate, com-
pared with a 1.6 percent
increase in people held in
state and federal prisons.

Deaths via Homicide during
the past 12 months for lives under
18-years of age


Cheyenne Butler
Shawn Hutchinson
Ja'Quan Brown
Cedrick Williams
Anthony Webb
Damian Hughes
Adrian Smith
Ya'Quan Daise
Taishay Shanks
Jamniris Wade
Ben Christopher
Rodarius Jackson
Drevon J. Picks
Shenice T. Holes

Under 1.


3/30 06

All but one of these children was black.

Deaths via Homicide during the past
12 months that are still unsolved



Bernard Baker
John Gates
Merkel Hosea Smalls
Rosa Dupre
Jennifer Gantt
Andre Johnson
Edroy Scott
George Santa Cruz
Donald Hogan



Homicide continuedonA-7

Malcom X's Birthday Celebrated

On May 19, 2006,
Malcolm X would have
reached 81-years of age. It is
unfortunate that he was not
around to participate in the
celebration. However, black
educators, writers, historians
and students paused to cele- .
brate his life.
Malcolm was born
Malcolm Little, May 19,
1925. He was sent to prison Malcom X
in 1946 for burglary and was released in 1952. While
in prison, he studied, became involved as a Muslim and
went to Chicago immediately after his release where he
met Elijah Muhammad.
Malcolm became a great leader not only as a
Muslim but among many blacks. On February.21,
1965, he was assassinated while speaking in Harlem.
The Malcolm X Foundation plans an annual event for

Birthday continued on A-7

L o a l. .. .. I a
Prep Rap.............3
Sp o t .. .. -
Jal O B -S.... .. -
BL sin s 0 ...... -

Es 31D69 D:1 1 0

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-rnest u. Williams



'~Ullc c

(I I I I



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~-.. ~r7"~y
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r: r, 9, r
r- u '~-~?` 1

Age ''


.,,, i

YPAG A-2 .. .- --





TEL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
Serving St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Nassau,
Leon, Alachua, Flagler, Marion
McIntosh And Glynn County

The Florida Star Newspaper is an
independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

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The Florida Star,
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To reach The Florida Star
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National Newspaper
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; ig

Founded In April 1951 By Eric 0. Simpson I
First African American Inducted Into
The Florida Press Hall Of Fame

Good to Great
Marc H. Morial
President and Chief Executive National Urban League

Anniversaries have
always been a time to take
stock to give thanks for
the accomplishments, to
look ahead to the future, to
set attainable goals and
search for betterment.
Indeed, each anniversary
is a time to make the move
from good to great.
This week, as I celebrate
my third anniversary as
president and CEO of the
National Urban League, I've
been doing just that: reflect-
ing as well as looking ahead.
And to be candid, the Urban
League Movement has done
a lot of good for a lot of peo-
We've taken pride in
empowering communities
and changing lives.
Economic empowerment
- the civil rights issue in
this 21st century has been
our main focus over the past
three years. In the future,
focusing our work to
increase job training and
placement, homeownership
and business development,
we will help to close the
economic gaps that still
exist in communities of
color nationwide.
.Since 2004, our Urban
Entrepreneurship Program
has enabled more small to
medium sized businesses to
grow and to create more
jobs. The Stonehenge

Capital/National Urban
League Empowerment Fund
was created to make debt
and equity investments
available to small businesses
located in low-income com-
munities through $127.5
million in.the New Markets
Tax Credits.
In 2004, through our
partnership with the
Department of Labor we
created the Urban Youth
Empowerment Program
which has provided over
1,000 at-risk and/or adjudi-
cated men and women, 18-
21 years old, with intensive
educational assistance, on-
the job skills, and full-time
employment in fifteen cities.
They have increased their
earnings, recidivism rates
are down and 25% of partic-
ipants earned high school
credentials. A new grant will
extend the .program to 12
cities, helping 3,000 more
With 975,000 African
American men incarcerated
in America's prisons, strip-
ping communities of their
financial and social means, a
Black Male Commission
was established, to find a
national, coordinated effort
to redress the incarnation
and employment issues
affecting Black men.
Moving forward, we will
focus our work in advocat-

ing for policies and pro-
grams that create an effec-
tive prisoner re-entry strate-
gy, fatherhood support
through job development
and academic achievement
and improving early child-
hood education.
We introduced the
Equality Index to our annual
signature publication, The
State of Black America, the
most used and respected
research guide chronicling'
the status and issues facing
African Americans and
urban communities. The
Equality Index provides the
empirical evidence of the
disparities between blacks
and whites in education,
economics, health, social
justice and civic engage-
The Urban League
Census, unveiled last year,
highlighted collective. fiscal
operations, employment,
programs and tax contribu-
tions of the Urban League
affiliates to their communi-
ties is $769 million dollars
each year.
We introduced the
Katrina Bill of Rights that
became the clarion call for
civil rights organizations to
ensure those displaced by
the hurricane were afforded
every opportunity to vote,
work, recover, return, and
reclaim their land as rebuild-
ing takes place. Urban
League affiliates were on
the front lines as well, pro-
viding jobs and housing to
over 25,000 hurricane isur-
vivors. We were also at the

forefront to renew the
Voting Rights Act.
And finally, the League's
civil rights agenda has
reached out to a new gener-
ation of socially conscious
men and women under 40
years old through the cre-
ation of Urban Influence
magazine and the Influencer
Those are a few of the
initiatives that have defined
my first three years 3 years
president. And with over
2.1 million people being
touched by the work of the
Urban League Movement
each year, it's safe to say
we're doing good work.
There's a wonderful
book. written by Jim Collins
entitled, Good to Great:
Why Some Companies Make
the Leap ...and Some Don't.
In great detail, Collins
explains how an already
thriving company can grad-
ually reach even higher ley-
els of success.
During my tenure, we
have worked closely with
many organizations that
have recently experienced a
transition in leadership, ush-
ering in a new generation
with civil rights voices -
Bruce Gordon, NAACP,
Janet Murguia, La Raza, and
Michael Lomax, UNCF. We
all have a have a responsi-
bility to take that leap writ-
ten about so eloquently by
Collins. To go from good to
great one anniversary at a


o *

0 *
0 0 0




c r c

'hel' 0

021 Vl -


CD D rmiL

I- p



S *

w e

* S_





0~ 5

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Orange Park
Orange Park
Power House
611 Blanding Blvd.

Ci~miTTJ I -


c -


MAY 27. 2006


S A f2 rV A


Faith In Our Community
-Schedule of Events and Services-

The Abundant Life Chorale invites the public to a night of
praise and worship as they celebrate their 15th Anniversary
on Saturday, May 27. The celebration begins promptly at
7:00 p.m. at Southside C.O.G.I.C., 2179 Emerson St. where
Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. is Pastor. Special guests
include The Heavenly Voices of Mt. Moriah, Recording
Artist Javon and Jeremy (The Dynamic Duo), guest from
South Carolina and others. For more information contact
Bro. Michael Mitchner at (904) 254-8222.
DUAL DAY- Dual Day will be observed Sunday, May 28 at
West Friendship Baptist Church, 945 Carrie St. Services
begin with Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Sis. Geneva Cotton,
General Superintendent in charge. Sis. Laurice Wilson of
Emanuel Baptist Church is the Guest Superintendent. Other
participants include Dea. Cornelius Williams, Rev. Alfred
Derrick Cotton, Sr. and Dea. Maurice Wilson. Morning
Worship begins at 10:50 a.m. with the Rev. Dr. Richard L.
Wilson, Sr. and Rev. Timothy L. Cole, Presiding. Rev.
Walter Johnson, Pastor of Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church
will be the speaker for the 4:00 p.m. service. Sis. Dawn W.
Cole and Sis. Queen E. Wilson, Presiding. Sis. Sylvia
Johnson of Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church is the speaker.
Chairpersons for the occasion are Sis. Avie Johnson, Sis.
Patricia Kendricks, Dea. Roderick Johnson and Bro. Randle
Jackson. Honorary Chairpersons are Sis. Mary Killian and
Dea. Roosevelt Fedd. The public is invited to attend.
LADIES IN WHITE-The Ladies of Community Revival
Center Church. presents the ladies "Showing Love For
Jesus" on Sunday, May 28, 5:00 p.m. at the church. Mrs.
Denise Cotton, Pastor A.D. Cotton's wife, is the speaker.
The church is located at 805 Baker Ave.. The public is invit-
ed to attend.
PASTOR'S ANNIVERSARY-Mt. Bethel Missionary
Baptist Church, 1620 .Helena St., will observe its 140th
Anniversary and the 10th Anniversary of the Pastor, Rev.
Robert E. Herring, Sr., June 7-11.
Kingdom Outreach ministry invites the public to participate
during the 2006 Serious Praise Service at 3:45 p.m. on May
28 at the Father's House Conference Center located at 1820
Monument Rd. The Prais-cisers, under the direction of Ms.
Kenshela Williams, will perform. Speakers are Rev. Mattie
W. Freeman, Sword and Shield's Founder/Pastor, and Dr. Pat
Holliday, Ph.D of Miracle Outreach Ministry.
CELEBRATION-Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary
Baptist Church, 1953 W. 9th St., is celebrating its 61st
Church and the 31st Pastor's Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Percy
Jackson, Sr. The culminating service is scheduled for May
28 at 4:00 p.m. For more information or directions, contact

, .W Ao.B COLEMANfortE
Words Of Comfort

Grief is an intensely personal
process, but caring friends and co-
'. workers canr be, an important help in
a time of bereavement
When a friend is grieving, it's
natural to reach for words you hope
SII provide some comfort.
But it's important, grief experts
-.i\. io steer clear of cliches and plat-
itude.I- that. i ile well-intentioned,
m3) cause .addatonal pain.
It's better to say nothing at all
than to say the wrong thing.
Grief is an intensely personal
experience, she said, but people in
the bereaved person's life, such as
friends and co-workers, can play an
important. role in helping him
through the pain.
Knowing what to say or do is
something that people tend to-strug-
gle with more now than in previous

There are many phases of grief,
and people often experience a range
of emotions, including shock and
denial, anger and guilt.
It's important, for friends to
understand that such feelings are
normal. Just allow them to feel
whatever they are feeling. there are
no definite "right" things to say
because people grieve differently.
Simply saying that. you are
sorry for the person's loss can be
enough. And it's always appropriate
to tell the person that if they ever
need to talk, you would be happy to
sit and listen. But hold your tongue
before saying you know just how the
,person feels.
"OurAim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd.*
Tel: 768-0507

the church office at 904/354-0145
EXTRAVAGANZA-The Male Chorus Ministry of Mt. Sinai
Missionary Baptist Church, 2036 Silver St., invites the pub-
lic to attend the Male Chorus Extravaganza, Saturday, June
17, 5:00 p.m. in the sanctuary of the church. Deacon Ronald
Smith, Chairman. the Rev. R.L. Gundy, Pastor.
PRETTY HAT TEA-A Pretty Hat Tea Deaconess
Fundraiser will be held Sunday, May 21, 4:00 p.m. at West
St. Mark Baptist Church, 1435 W. State St. Sis. Patricia
McGeathey of St. Stephen A.M.E. Church is the speaker.
Wear your prettiest hat and earn a chance to win some great
prizes. Sis. Alice Jones, Deaconess President. Rev. Willie
Jones, Pastor.
Dance and Baton Company, a Christian Emphasis Company,
presents Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus, their first dance
recital, on Saturday, June 3 at 4:00 p.m. at William Marion
Raines High School.

Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to:

Louisiana Churches

Cultvating Diverse Diversity

Through Worship Services

(UMNS) The pastors of
Warren and Oak Park
United Methodist church-
es say their churches are
getting a glimpse of what
God's kingdom looks like
after- a series of events
triggered by Hurricane
Rita last fall.
Warren Church is an
historic, urban church
composed of 30 African-


ALFORD-Dorothy, died May
15, 2006. A.B. COLEMAN
BENNETT-Frank, died May
20, 2006. A.B. COLEMAN
BROWN-Miracle Angel, died
May 11, 2006.
BROWN-Rosa, died May 19,
CARTER-Michelle Y, 41, died
May 18, 2006.
COHEN-Addie, 89, died May
18, 2006.
COLBURN-Jesse Howard,
died May 18, 2006.
ECCLESTON-Ajai\ I Antonio,
died May 17, 2006.
EVANS-Rosa Mae, 86, died
May 21, 2006.
FREEMAN-Thelra, 70, died
May 18, 2006.
HARRIS-Ruth Stukes, died
May 11, 2006. ALPHONSO
HENRY-Alvin L., died May 15,
JOHNSON-Alice, died May
21, 2006.
JONES-Vivian W., died May
19, 2006. A.B. COLEMAN
KING-Carla D., died May 16,
MOBLEY-Emma, died May
20, 2006.
PITTMAN-Oscar M., died May
20, 2006.
ROBINSON-Kathleen, 59, died
May 19, 2006.
May 19, 2006.
SEIDEL-Isabelle, died May 19,
SIMS-Louise, 77, died May 20,
SIRMONS-Madeline, died
May '21, 2006.
SMITH-Leila, 56, died May 17,
STARKS-Robert, died May 17,
THOMAS-George H., died
May 19, 2006.
THOMPSON-Adrian Todd, 44,
died May 21, 2006.
THOMPSON-Geneva R., 92,
died May 20, 2006.
THOMPSON-Lillian, died
May 21, 2006.
THOMPSON-Mary, died May
17, 2006.
McKinnies, died May 21, 2006.
WILSON-Rosa, died May 23,

American extended fami-
lies and led by the Rev..
Simon Chigumira. Oak
Park has served a white
congregation in a residen-
tial part of the city since
1951. The church is led
by the Rev. Roger
The members: of
Warren Church now or-
ship at Oak Park each
Sunday morning because
their sanctuary, built in
1920, stands in ruins after
Rita's Sept. 24 landfall.
"After Hurricane Rita
hit, the city was basically
empty for two and a half
weeks due to a mandatory
evacuation," said
Chigumira, a Zimbabwe.
native. "When allowed to
come back, ,we were faced
with'the reality: that our
beautiful church building
was destroyed. Our' con-
gregation was in shock,
but there was too !much
need in our community to
stop and feel sorry for
The church immediate-
ly began the operation of
a supplies and food bank,
which served storm vic-
tims in the area.
"Many of the families
surrounding the church
are impoverished," he
said. "The children of the
,area, have witnessed
crimes and drug dealing.
The residents are definite-
ly at risk." He said he
hopes the Warren parson-
age, which is still usable,
will be converted into an
outreach center that can
continue to serve the
Respecting differences
Templeton invited
Chigumira and the Warren
congregation to use the
Oak Park sanctuary for
worship services in mid-
October. After a few
adjustments, the current
Sunday morning worship
schedule is 9:30 for Oak
Park and 11 for Warren.
"I also pastor Fairview
United Methodist Church,
a smaller congregation in
the area," Templeton said.
"While Simon leads wor-
ship for the Warren
church in Oak Park's
sanctuary, I head over to
conduct services for
Fairview's congregation
at 11 a.m. each Sunday."

The Church Directory

"Come and Worship With Us"

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208

Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
-Sunday Afternoon Bible Study
(Except First Sunday) 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School Review 8:00 p.m.
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Joe Calhoun
(904) 764-5727 Church
(904) 768-0272 Home



Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
(904) 354-7249 Church
Bible Power Enrichment Hour
Sunday School 9:15- 10:15 a.m.
Sunday Praise & Worship 8:00 a.m.
Baptism-Praise & Worship
(Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
S Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
t Fellowship Hall 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service...................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Youth Bible Study & Activities

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453
"Christ died for our sins...was buried and Rose again" (see I Corinthians 15:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a.m.
Sunday School i 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
International Sunday School.....9:00 a.m. and5:00 p.m. Saturday on WYMM AM 1530
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

"The Church1 I Ihr En ertbodi Is Soni.ebor"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575; Jacksonville, Fla. 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: 1904~- 35S-8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
JeJjda\ Prj,er lMeerin & Bible Srud .' 00 p m.
TliursdJ ....Joy Nighi."' .i p m.
"Email: Gospell75@aol.com
\\ebsite: Greaterelbethel.org

CrossDai y.com

Take your worries to God
in Prayer

~------- 111-
Eyan el

Assc' in bt / o j U Gd, .

~Revival On The First Coast.
Sunday, May 28th

8:15 a.m. 3 Songs
10:30 a.m. Full Concert
6:00 p.m. Jim Ralcy
& The Crabb Family


... ... ...

5755 Ruinlmna Blvd,, Jacksonville, FL, 322205
(904) 781-9393

rlJnu.l I; L'.j i Igelte1 nplcw i'nle( v.inge.~le pItC.Ii1 >ng
I f.*-I. 1.m. vwclier Innterpreled fur flaf nff Cofiml CompuIN


MAY27. 2006

"There's Always Something
Happening On the First Coast"
Old School with the Bold City Links
The Alltel Terrace Suite was a place of merriment, excite-
ment, amusement, enjoyment, exuberance, coolness with
interesting costumes and exceptional cuisine for the annual
Bold City Links fundraiser! From fur coats, short shorts,
bobby sox to 60's and 80's hairdos; the Bid Whist and dance
contests; door prizes; not to mention the fried fish, barbecue,
hush puppies, biscuits, greens, and potato salad, it was a fun-
filled event!
The Bold City Links led by Dr. Norma Solomon White
as president, really know how to put on a party! If you
weren't there you need to make sure you're on the invitation
list next year, starting now!!

Sunday Brunch with The Taylors
The Bold City Links- event for The Taylors could only
mean bringing their dearest childhood friends from home,
St. Louis, MO, that is, along with their connections in
Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC for a weekend that began
on Thursday for some. From Kansas City, MO came Ms.
Cheryl Bevel with her fiance Andy Williams; from
Louisville, KY, The Wayne Davises; from Savannah, Mrs.
Safronia 'Saffi' Ingram and guest; from Charleston, The Al
Cheeks and The Rod Rutledges; from St. Louis, Mrs. Judy
Wood-Williams joined by First Coasters The Reynoldses,
The Lyonses, The Davises and Mrs. Ethel Ray Rogers.
The weather was perfect for the Sunday Brunch that
began at 11 AM and continued until close to midnight. And
if you've been to a Taylor gathering, you know it's impossi-
ble to just eat and leave, especially when you're enjoying
The Taylors fantastically incredible hospitality and the lus-
ciously splendid dishes prepared by Chef Pete Smith!
Monday morning came and everyone was packed and
ready to fly back to their respective homes.
Now that's what friendships and good times are all about!
Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming events.
Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me direct-
ly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777 or fax
(904) 285-7008.

See you in the paper!

The Mickels were the Bold city Old School Event dance
contest winners, of course! (Photos by J. Carl Davis, Sr).

The Mitchells (Bold City Connecting Link and Bold City
Links members) with Jacksonville Links member Mrs.
Marguerite Baker Warren. (Photo by J. Carl Davis,Sr.)

KAS's with their 'Silhouettes' were The Codys and
Chandlers. (Photo by J. Carl Davis; Sr.)

Bold City Links member Mrs. Madeline Scales-Taylor with
Sam Hall. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.

Dr. 'Mena' Speights and The Wendell Holmeses (Mrs.
Holmes aka 'Angela Davis') '
9M- ***.
"" 05= """-

: Arnold 'Butch' Grant, Jr. with his sister Bold City Links
; member Mrs. Pamela Grant-Adams. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.
*^ -1 '

Jacksonville Links members at Bold City Links event
were: Mesdames Johnetta Moore, Ava Cole, Esq., Dr.
Gerri Smith and Betty Asque Davis. (Photo by J. Carl Davis Sr.)

The Hintons(Mrs. Hinton aka 'Lt. Uhura' with official Star
Trek 'Trekky' I.D.)

The Andersons take time for a photo after winning the
costume contest, of course at the Bold City Links Old
School Event! (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

The Holloways with DOR staffer. (Phot by J. Davis, r.)

The Holloways with DOR staffer. (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

Taking a brief break to pose with their par excellent
Brunch Buffet are Chef Pete Smith (formerly of
Restaurant Medure) and Mrs Sfcbryna Smith. Photo by
J. Carl Davis, Sr.

Columnist Betty Asque Davis with out of town guest of
Bold City Links member /Mrs. Madeline Scales-Taylor:
Dr. Dee' Cheeks, Charleston, SC, Judy Woods-Williams,
St. Louis, MO, Ethel Rutledge, Charleston, SC, Evelyn
Ray-Rogers and Madeline Scales-Taylor of Jacksonville,
FL, Safronia 'Saffi' Ingram, Savannah, GP and Sharon
Davis, Louisville, KY. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.

J. Carl Davis, Sr. on the deck at the Howard Taylor
Sunday Brunch with St. Louis born men Howard Taylor,
Wayne Davis, Chuck Reynolds, Andy Williams, Kansas
City, MO and Dr. Rod Rutledge, Charleston, SC. Photo
courtesy of J. Carl Da s, Sr.

l A i' A A

FA CrE -4.1 .1


Keith Tribble Is New Athletic DirectorAt UCF Study Shows Religious

UCF President John Hitt introduced Keith Tribble, right,
as UCF's new athletics director during a news confer-
ence. (Photo: Jacque Brund)

Keith Tribble has been
named athletics direc-
tor at the University of
Central Florida
Since 1993, Tribble, 50,
has served as chief execu-
tive officer of the Orange
Bowl Committee in Miami,
where he directs daily oper-
ations and is responsible for
promotion, marketing and
production of nearly 75
events, including the FedEx
Orange Bowl.
Tribble, who manages all
business affairs for the
Orange Bowl and a $35 mil-
lion operating and reserve
budget, also is responsible
for negotiating ;contracts
with corporate partners,
radio and television, stadi-
ums and other game-related
Tribble will direct UCF's
intercollegiate athletics
department that includes
nearly 600 student-athletes
in 17 varsity sports, more
than 150 coaches and other

staff, and a $22 million
budget. Tribble also will
help guide the construction

and operation of a 45,000-
seat on-campus football sta-
dium and a 10,000-seat con-
vocation center scheduled to
open in fall 2007. He will
start June 5.
In the past several years,.
Tribble has been named
among the "Most Influential
Minorities in Sports" by
Sports Illustrated and one of
the "Most Powerful Blacks
in Sports" by Black
Enterprise magazine.
Before joining the
Orange Bowl, Tribble was
the senior associate athletics
director from 1992 to 1993
at the University. of Nevada,
Las Vegas, where he man-

aged daily operations of the
athletics department and
directed football, men's and
women's basketball, athletic
development and baseball.
He also developed construc-
tion plans for an $8.5 mil-
lion athletics complex and a
$1.4 million baseball stadi-
Previously, Tribble
served as executive director
of Sunshine Festival
Football in Fort Lauderdale
from 1990 to 1992 and as
director of event manage-
ment for Raycom
Management Group in
Charlotte, N.C., from 1989
to 1990.

New Inductees

Students celebrate after the Induction Ceremony of FMU's PRSSA Chapter recent-.
ly with (from I to r) Jordan Fickess, Director of Communications for Johnson & Wales
University; Dr. Jong-Ebot, Humanities chair; Dr. Salva-Ramirez, chapter adviser; Mark
Sell, APR, President of Mark Sell Communications; Cynthia A. Stafford,
Communications Director for Sonshine Communications; and the chapter's profes-
sional adviser, Bob Ross, APR, President of Bob Ross & Associates, Inc. Chapter
President Esther noted several' of the activities of the chapter during her speech.
These included ongoing fundraising, assisting the Florida Memorial Steelband with
their production "Beat Yuh Drum An' Dance". "As a still new organization we have
shown tremendous growth over the last two years, and the prognosis for the future is
"undoubtedly positive,"
I H said Fraser.

The Station "Where Christ Gets Lifted" i

VictonryAM O360IWCGL


Orientation Influences

Elderly Fear Of Death
GAINESVILLE, Fla. --As they approach death, the
churchgoing elderly are likely to find little solace in religion
if they had little personal commitment to God during the rest
of their lives, a new University of Florida study finds.
In fact, talking about religion to comfort people who are
not very spiritual can actually increase their fears of dying
and what might lie beyond, said Monika Ardelt, a UF soci-
ologist whose research appears in the March issue of
Research on Aging.
The study of 103 relatively healthy older adults and 19
hospice patients in North Central Florida, all of whom were
older than 60, found sharp differences between people who
are "intrinsically" and "extrinsically" religious. Those with
an "intrinsic religious" orientation dedicated their life to God
or a higher power and reported they were less afraid of death
and experienced greater feelings of well-being than people
who fit into the "extrinsic religious" category of using reli-
gion for external ends, such as a way to make friends or
increase community social standing, Ardelt said.
"I think the take-home message is that if you cannot com-
mit your life to God or a higher power, it is better to be non-
religious than to be religious for the wrong reasons," she
said. "Extrinsically religious" people are more vulnerable at
the end of life than non-churchgoers because they might be
reminded in church that their lives have not been morally
perfect, Ardelt said.
"Being exposed to the doctrines and teachings of their
church, they knew what they were supposed to do, but they
may not necessarily have been doing it," she said. "So they
may be more afraid of the payback when they die than peo-
ple who don't believe at all."
Another reason personal commitment may be important
is that church fellowship tends to decline in old age, Ardelt
said. Elderly people in poor health may end up in nursing
homes or assisted living facilities and be unable to travel to
their old church, having to substitute it with an unfamiliar
congregation that is ph\sicall\ closer or attended by their
relatives, she said.
The srud\ underscores the need to distinguish between
"intrinsic" and "extrinsic" religious orientations when look-
ing at the effects'of religiosity on people's attitudes toward
death and feelings of well-being, Ardelt said. Past studies
have relied on measures such as what denominations people
belong to, how frequently they attend church and how they
rate the importance of religion in their lives; with little
research done on hospice patients, she said. ''.. ,
-- ---


1020 Beckner Ave-Jacksonville, FL 32218-.904-751-4500--info@mamadacademy.org

Are Concerned that Your Son or Daughter
NMay Have to Repeat a Grade?

Have You Been Contacted by Your Child's Teacher
Concerning a Possible Retention?

If you answered YES to either of these questions then you are in need of an
Educational Consultant. An Educational Consultant will meet with you concerning
your child's academic progress this school year AND attend your Parent-Teacher
Conference with you; to ensure that your child's best interest and rights are being

*First S 5inutttes: of thge Consultation are! Free!
*Family Discounts
bite ie i Appointments

EL e mse iottSomation c please call Monday-Friday 8am-6pm 751-4500, ask fEo Mts, B,
Payment Options Intlude;: Cash. Money Order, Visa. MasterCard. a d Discover


M .
,i ,,.



MAY 272006


Rep. William Jefferson Under

Investigation For Bribery

William J. Jefferson
The FBI revealed
Sunday that Rep. William
Jefferson, under investiga-
tion for bribery, was video-
taped accepting $100,000 in
$100 bills from an FBI
informant whose conversa-
tions with the lawmaker also
were recorded. Agents later
found the cash hidden in his
freezer, according to a court
document released Sunday.
Rep. William Jefferson,
D-La., has denied any
wrongdoing over allegations
that he tried to bribe a
Nigerian official to close a
business deal in that country.
Jefferson has not been
charged and denies any
wrongdoing. At one meeting
captured on audiotape,
Jefferson chuckles about
writing in code to keep
secret what the government
contends was his corrupt
role in getting his children a
cut of a communications
company's deal for work in
As Jefferson and the
informantt passed notes
about what percentage the
lawmaker's family might
receive, the congressman
."began laughing and said,
'All these damn notes we're
writing to each other as if
we're talking, as if the FBI is
watching,"' he told the busi-
nesswoman, who was wear-
ing an FBI recording device.
The government says
Jefferson got the money in a
leather briefcase last July 30
at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in
Arlington. The plan was for
the lawmaker to use the cash
to bribe a high-ranking
Nigerian official -- the name
is blacked out in the court
document -- to ensure the
White Kenyan Again
Charged With Murder
descendant of Kenya's first
'white settlers, whose free-
wheeling ways inspired the'
book "White Mischief," was
charged with murder
Wednesday in. a case that has
exposed deep resentment
about British colonialism in
East Africa.
Thomas Cholmondeley
pleaded not guilty to killing
a black Kenyan on his
100,000-acre property in the
fertile Rift Valley -- a region
once dubbed "Hap.p
Valley" because of the deca-
dent lifestyles of its colonial
When asked to answer to
the charge of murder.
Cholmondelev replied: "Not
true." Cholmondele.1, 38,
could face the death penalty
if convicted in the case,
which marks the second
time in just over a year that
he's fatally shot a black man
on the vast, largely ungated
, farm that's prone to frequent
intrusions. He carries a rifle
for safety, as is common in
rural Africa.

success of a business deal in
that country, the affidavit
All but $10,000 was
recovered on Aug. 3 when
the FBI searched Jefferson's
home in Washington. The
money was stuffed in his
freezer, wrapped in $10,000
packs and concealed in food
containers and aluminum
Two of Jefferson's asso-
ciates have pleaded guilty to
bribery-related charges in
federal court in Alexandria.
One, businessman Vernon
Jackson of Louisville,. Ky.,
admitted paying more than
$400,000 in bribes to the
lawmaker in exchange for
his help securing business
deals for Jackson's telecom-
munications company in
Nigeria and other African
Jefferson is now serving
is eighth term as a Member
of the United States House

of Representatives.
Representing. the 2nd
District of Louisiana since
1991, he is the first African-
American to be elected to
Congress in Louisiana since
Reconstruction. Jefferson is
an active and senior member
of the powerful Ways and
Means Committee and its
subcommittee on Trade. He
is also a member of the
House Committee on the
Budget. He serves as Co-
Chair of the Africa Trade
and Investment Caucus as
well as the Congressional
Caucuses on Brazil and
Jefferson's lawyer,
Robert Trout, said in a state-
ment that the prosecutors'
disclosure was "part of a
public relations agenda and
an attempt to embarrass
Congressman Jefferson. The
affidavit itself is just one
side of the story which has
not been tested in court."

New Study Reveals Psychosis Triggered
By Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal
Psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff an expert in the effects
of psychiatric drug treatments has stated in an upcoming sci-
entific paper accepted by the journal Medical Hypotheses that
"problems [including psychotic reactions] that occur after
withdrawal of psychiatric drugs may often be related to the
process of withdrawal of that medication, rather than the natu-
ral course of the underlying condition."
According to the paper, psychiatric drugs are able to gen-
erate symptoms of insanity on withdrawal, purely as a mecha-
nism of the withdrawal, and this drug-induced insanity can
then be interpreted as a "relapse" of a mental "disorder" and
used tojustify putting the person back onto the drug. The three
stages of this drug-induced insanity, known as "supersensitivi-
ty psychosis," were first described in a 1980 paper in the
American Journal of Psychiatry by Guy Chouinard and Barry
,D. Jones. According to that paper, the stages range from a few
days of psychotic symptoms to the unimaginable condition of
being driven permanently insane as a result of the effects of the
drugs. The fact that psychiatric drugs can cause permanent.
derangement of brain cells that control the body has been
known to psychiatrists for decades but withheld from the pub-
lic. For more information on this subject click here.

Foundation To Provide Up To $1.2 Million Grant
To NUL To Help Educate, Provide Foreclosure
Prevention Counseling For African Americans
The National Urban League and the Homeownership
Preservation Foundation are joining forces to reduce the num-
ber of home foreclosures in African-American communities,,
where increases in foreclosure rates are threatening the recent
progress made in minority homeownership gains.
Through the launch of a new partnership, the:
Homeownership Preservation Foundation will provide up to
$1.2 million to the National Urban League over a three-} ear
period to provide free foreclosure prevention counseling and
education focused on reaching African-American homeowners,
in Houston, St. Louis, and Philadelphia, where minority fore-
closure rates are high and rising. The program includes mort-
gage default counseling and post-purchase education.
The new grant will enable the National Urban League to,
provide more assistance for foreclosure prevention in the
Urb4n League affiliates in Houston and St. Louis in 2006, and
in Philadelphia beginning in 2007. The programs will consist
of default counseling, involving face-to-face meetings with-
-homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure, and post-purchase
Shomeownership classes that will cover such topics as budget-
ing, property and school taxes, debt management, home main-
tenance and repair.
Retailer Also Returns for Second Year as Presenting
Sponsor For The American Black Film Festival
BENTONVILLE, Ark.-- Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is pleased to
announce the Voices of Color(TM) (VOC) Film Series on Tour,
an expansion of the retailer's sponsorship of television pro-
gramming and events that celebrate African-American life in
film., As a part of the VOC Film Series on Tour, Wal-Mart will
sponsor and. participate in three dynamic film festivals: the
American Black Film Festival (ABFF) -- for a second consec-
utive year --; the'Urbanworld Vibe Film Festival; and the
African-American Women in Cinema International Film
Festival (AAWIC). The ABFF, which will be held in Miami,
FL, July 19th-23rd, showcases a myriad of talented independ-
entfAfrican-American filmmakers. The Urbanworld Vibe Film
Festival will be held in New York City, NY June 21st -25th.
The event is the largest international competitive festival of its
kind and will mark its 10 year anniversary in 2006. The
African-American Women in Cinema International Film
Festival (AAWIC), which will take place October 26th-28th in
Ntw York City, NY, features the works-f prominent minority
women filmmakers.

lie Li

come find out where you vote at the

I on
Friday, June 2, 2006 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.
SSat., June 3, 2006 10:00 4:00 p.m.
any of our fourteen early voting sites:

Argyle Library
Beaches Regional Library
Bradham-Brooks Northwest Library
1 Graham Library
Highlands Regional Library
Mandarin Library
Murray Hill Library.
Pablo Creek Regional Library
Regency Square Regional Library
S. South Mandarin Regional Library
Southeast Regional Library
University Park Library
Webb-Wesconnett Regional Library
S i West Regional

Please Note: You should have already received your new Voter Information Card
with your new polling place listed. If not, please contact our office at 630-1414.

(904) 630-1414 http://duvalelections.coj.net



poetry & Son's Sho


N 'VV!, 'T. H R U`M ..0NDAY,-MA, ":Y: .-.. :.
NO H M 29
'** : .'. ..- -'. "

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. .. ; i
-, <' "

.- '., ,


MAY27, 2006



i~i ~
: *;
1: i

MAY 27, 20060 A -

David McKeller
Josh Allen
Donald Lewis
Herman May
Marilyn Tate
Timothy King
Richard Cummings
Melvin Lewis
Jermaine Jones
Francine Dickens
Cedrick DeonWilliams
Deandrew Grier
James King
Michael Barner
Chris Aligada
Tiffany Satchel
Daniel Wenk
Arrion Bryant
Ernest Williams
Floyd Kirtsey
Derrick Small
Chekel Simpkins
Anthony Webb
Shawn Kelsey
Gerald Matthews
Michael Mahone
Donte Chapman
Erin Oglesby
Charles Booker
Denise Manning
Trayonis Allen
Gary Williams
Joe Harrell
Luke Grimes
Jennifer Miller
Jose Malagon-Vega
Curtis Higginbotham
Ferronte Hampton
Armando Vega
Jermaine Taylor
Jose Lau
Jason Johns
Terrance Johnson
William Starkes
Demetrius Jones
Michael Stafford
Ben Christopher
Chiquita Meddler
Kerry Robinson
Reginald Lee Mack
Rodarius Jackson
Desiree C. Barritt
Frank Maddox
Fernando Hernandez
Edward R. Hopkins
Greaorio C. Ortega
Patricia A. McCollum
Drevon J. Picks
Robert W. Coates
Shenice T. Holmes
Randall E. Griffin
Ladarius D. Johnson-
Joseph A. Lloyd


Homicides during the past 12 months

James Johnson
Jeremiah Robinson
Shawn Hutchinson
Ja'Quan Brown
Roland Burke
Jerriod Thomas
Taresha Ellis
Lasserio Lang
Tashiks Johnson
Paul Williams
Marcus Hall
Albert Porter
Virginia Bailey
Adrian Smith
Ya'Quan Daise
Taishay Shanks
Shinita Harris
Jamaris Wade
Karoon Bloodworth
Dejuan Battle"
Hubert McMillian
Ykesha M. Robinson

Under 1



1/2/06 .


that have been solved'

2/10/06 ,
4/18/06 .









CALL (904) 766-8834
$ S '

Homicide continued from A-1
,, p a st
....... ; of the

SA4 -" homi-
S George R. Jermaine Cedric Merkel H. c i d e
Santa'Cruz Jones Williams Smalls rate
Many organizations, city officials, ministers and caring citizens
have made pledges to help stop the killings through jobs offerings,
Hubert McMillan educational tutoring, and more. Whatever contribution you may be
able to make, including making an anonymous phone call tip, please do so, 1-866-845-8477.

Cocaine continued from A-I
at $1,500,000.00 was seized as well as $157,000.00 in cash, twelve firearms, ten
cars and other 'miscellaneous items valued at $75,000.00.
Arrested: Jose Luis De-Los-Santos, 37; Francisco Alberto De-Los-Santos, 38;
Gustavo Peralta, 28; Jorge Ocampo Romero, 29; Willie Gene Davis, 30, Georgia;
Robert James Rushing, 25, Georgia; Adrian Kanon Walker, 29, Georgia; Willnett,
44, Georgia; Santana Latwan, 30, Georgia; Morris Jackson, 27, Georgia; Nathaniel
(NMN) Brown, 29, Jacksonville; 'Terenzie Williams, Jacksonville; Hezkiah L.
Humphries, 33, Jacksonville, and Terris Thomas, Jacksonville. Two other suspects
from Jacksonville are still at large.

Birthday continued from A-1
his birthday.
Of Malcolm X, Conrad Worrill, director of Inner City Studies for the Carruthers Center,
Northeastern Illinois University, according to columnist Michael H. Cottman, said, "All
young people who are caught up in the criminal justice system should read Malcolm's auto-
biography because he was an example of how he turned his life around and uplifted his peo-
ple. Malcolm engaged in activity that was counter to his people, but he turned his life into
positive action. His legacy serves as a role model for young people today."


AOL did a survey on "the hottest man on TV.
And who do you think led the list? Dennis
Haysbert You're In Good Hands" '
Beside his movies and his "Allstate commer-
cials, Haysbert is playing Jonas Blane on CBS's
military-drama series, 'The Unit.'
Second place winner was actor Shermar Moore..

Local ABA Group To Host Bridge Tournament

The Gate City
Duplicate Bridge Club,
members of the American
Bridge Association, Inc.
(ABA) will host their
annual Grade "A" bridge
tournament at the Airport
Clarion Hotel Conference
Center ,from May 26
through May 28, the
upcoming Memorial holi-
day weekend.
The ABA is the.Black
counterpart of the
American' Contract
Bridge League (ACBL).
SThis is the club's 30th
anniversary and Mrs.
Demetral R. 'Wester is
tournament chairperson.
This event will bring
Duplicate players from
i within the Southeast
* Section of the country and

include Gergia, ten-
nessee, Alabama,
Arkansas. Florida and the
Grand Bahamas.
Players from other
locations in the country
are expected to be in
attendance as well.
The event will include
individual, pairs, and
team games which will
result in the awarding of
merit points and/or tro-
phies as prizes, including
door prizes for amuse-
ment; levels of competi-
tion range from novice to
advanced. The tourna-
ment director will be
Andrew Echols of
Macon, GA and ABA:
members as well.
The ABA was founded
in 1932 and hosted its.




1:00-1:30 p.m.





Most Heated

Radio Talk Show!

North Florida's Best
Daily Talk Showl a

AM 1530
2-6 P.M.

CALL IN PHONE: (904) 786-2400
O (904) 568-0769
OR http:/lww.wymml530.com

first national tournament
in 1933.
Its membership
includes all 50 states with
tournament levels ranging
'from Grade "C"-through
national events.
The national president
is Henry Irwin of Austin.
TX: the vice president for
the Southeast Section is
Dr. Gwen Middlebrooks
of Atlanta. GA and the
local president is Mrs.
Marion A. Gregory.
The organization is
headquartered in Atlanta,
GA where the ABA
Summer National
Tournament will convene
from July 27 through
August 5 of this year.

Have you lost a job
in construction or
landscaping due to illegal
workers being
hired preferentially?

Ifso, cal your Senators
and let them know.
Senator Martinez
at 398-8586.
Senator Nelson
at 1-888-671-409.

Let,them know
that this is wrong and it is
hurting you!

about our unguarded
national borders
allowing illegal drugs
to come into the United
States and destroy your
community, friends and

Has someone you know
lost a job in construction
or landscapingto to
illegal workers being hired
If so, join us, the Florida
Minutemen Corps. We are
dedicated and
are committed
to securing our border for
the sake of ALL
CALL 904/399-4225.
We look forward
to hearing from you.

J, ,.I1 4 i



. A TY 11% f Is A In Ir

.i -.-. ~..-;.



"hdad~mgingoanart & idea"


* A day of reflection,
renewal, a pride-filled

* A day on which honor
and respect is paid for
the sufferings of

* We come together
young and old to
listen, to learn and
refresh the drive to

* A day when we all
take one step closer
together to better
utilize the energy
,wasted on racism.

* A day that we pray for
peace and liberty for


9:00 3:00
Magic City
4750 Soutel Dr.
.lapkennvill FIT flR

Live Entertainment including Gospel
Choirs, Step Show, Poetry Readings,
Music, Food and FUN for the Entire

For Vendor, Volunteer and Entertainment Information:
Contact the FCAACC Office 904-358-9090 (p) / 904-358-8729 (f)
1817-A North Myrtle Avenue -.Jacksonville, FL 32209

WIN $300 !
vvJ|.l^( jJ W e

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The Problems We Are Facing
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What Can Be Done To Stop
The Murders In Jacksonville?

State Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill Needs Answers. He is committed
to pay for the best essay on the subjects above.
You have until July 31, 2006 to write and mail
your essay no more than 300 words to:

Essay Contest
Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill
The Florida Star Newspaper
P. O. Box 40629
Jacksonville, Florida 32203

Sponsored By:
Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill, The Florida Star,
And Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. (Theta Phi Chapter)
________ ________ ___ _

*1 -^ ;..' "- q
..' ..* 2- .,*^ .
. .::-. n, &.-
' t '' I


Eats flies. Dates a pig.

Hollywood star.

Pass It On.


www. f(orbetqerl ife. )rg




MAY27. 2006

!-: :.
r-- .1
~; 1.' '-
--- iS
""; -r
'` '
i.: r .P ~ :LB
''i ;'
i. .r.

ii....i..._...l.l. .. _~i.



First Coast High School Holds

Sixteenth Annual Commencement

First Coast's Sixteenth Annual Commencement stepped off as graduates marched in to "Pomp and
Circumstance" performed by the First Coast High School Band, directed by Reginald Johnson.

.... : :: ~ ,..., .. .. .. im ..e* ?i :- .

LEFT FRAME: Kandis Evans' family gathers with the proud First Coast High School graduate following
the ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Arena. From left are. Dan Evans (father), Vashti Evans (sister),
Kandis Evans (graduate), and Janre Evans (mother). RIGHT FRAME:From left are graduates Nicole
Waldburg, Brittani Spellers, Kandis Evans, and Hadiotou Diallo.
Proud parents and relatives filled the veteranss Mlemorial Arena on NMonday. May 22 and joined faculty, staff.
and Duval County School Board members celebrating the hard \work and academic achievements of First Coast
High School's Class of 2006.
"Nothing we do changes the past: everything w\e do changes the future" \\as the motto for the school's Class
of 2006 many of whom will enroll in colleges and universities throughout the United States. The White Lily was
the Class Flo\ er. Silver and Black \ere the Class Colors, and "Here's To The Night" by E\ e 6 \ as the.Class Song.

Graduation cIontnued on E-2

ill -

Pageant Looking For The World's Most Talented Teen

Esonica Veira, a sixteen-year-old dancer from the US
Virgin Islands, was crowned the most talented teen
in the world on July 30, 2005, and Miss 2005 Hal
Jackson's Talented Teens International, at the
Scholarship Program's 35th anniversary competi-
tion, held at the Royale Casino Theater in St.
MartinlSt. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles on July 30,

Calling violinists, balleri-
nas, gymnasts, singers and
actresses. If you can hold
a note, dance like a diva or
feel that you are a future
Oscar winner, then Hal
Jackson invites you to
enter this year's Hal Jack-
son Talented Teens
Scholarship Competition.

Broadcast legend
Harold "Hal" Jackson,
group Chairman of Inner
City Broadcasting and
founder of Hal Jackson's
Talented Teens
International Scholarship
Program, is looking for the
world's most talented teen
to win his annual contest
which will be held during

- .. '^ .

Veira performed a thrilling tribute to Michael Jackson
in a specially choreographed dance number set to
several of his hit tunes, raced away with. the title,
beating out 34 other young ladies, ages 13-17, who
flew in from various parts of the -Caribbean, Canada
and the continental United States to compete for
such prizes as college scholarships, a diamond ring,
and trips abroad to Europe and the Caribbean,

the week of July 22-30, in
New York City. This
year's theme is
"Phenomenal Women">
Contestants for HJTTI
must be between the ages
of 13 and 17 and must
have a youthful appear-
ance, public speaking abil-
ity and have a performing
talent which can be show-

(Continued From Cover)

The evening was highlighted by performances from the schools Combined
Choruses and Band. The Combined Choruses, directed by John Larsen, performed
"Seasons of Love" buy Jonathan Larson. The band, directed by Reginald Johnson,
performed "Symphonic Overture" by Charles Carter.
Valedictorian Martin Justin Lee and Senior Class President Jennifer McRee
addressed the graduates. Program participants also included Gabriel Bennefield
*Program Director, Class of 2006), Dr. Crystal Sisler (Principal), Mrs. Cathy Barnes
(Vice Principal), Dr. Joseph Wise (Superintendent, Duval County Schools)

cased within two minutes
during the competition.
Although the current
reigning queen, Esonica
Veira hails from St.


Thomas in the U.S. Virgin
Islands, many of the win-
ners have lived in
California, New York and
New Jersey.
Now in it's 36th year,
Hal jackson's Talented
Teens Scholarship
Program has offered thou-
sands of women an oppor-
tunity to receive educa-
tional scholarships and
trips abroad while sharing
their gifts of talent on a
professional stage.
Before they were stars,
Vanessa L. williams,
Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jada
Pinkett Smith were part of
the Hal Jackson's Talented
Teens family.
Not all of Hal
.Jackson's Talented Teens
have made a career in the
performing arts; many
contestants have moved
into careers such as medi-
cine, politics, education,
law and finance.
All have continued to
pursue the arts as a hobby,
and many continue to give
back to the community by
participating, as volunteers
to the international pro-
For more information
regarding HJTTI, visit the
website www.talented-
teens.org or call Debi
Jackson, 212-592-0413.







904/ 766-8834

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page 13-2/May 27, 2006

Early Lessons In Healthy Living

(NAPSM)-America's waistlines, particularly those of African Americans, are expanding at an alarm-
ing rate and it's not just adults who are contributing to the extra inches.
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the percentage of overweight youth has more
-.., than tripled since 1980. This means that nearly nine million children and teens (ages 6 to 19) are at
S higher risk for developing a number-of health complications, including high blood pressure and heart
S.Fortunately, the federal government is taking action against this national epidemic and has recently
S introduced legislation in a majority of states mandating time for recess and physical education, as well
as nutrition education, particularly in elementary schools.
Teaching healthy behaviors to young children is an effective strategy for promoting healthy lives for
the future. Check out the following tips from Healthy Steps for Healthy Lives, Nestle USA's in-school
nutrition curriculum for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and establish a lifetime of healthy living for
your kids.
Reward with family fun. Instead of offering food as an incentive for good behavior, reward your child with a special activity, such
as a visit to the local zoo or neighborhood playground.
Avoid "good vs. bad" talk. To reinforce balance, variety and moderation, teach kids to think of foods as "everyday" and "some-
times" foods. Everyday foods are foods such as grains, vegetables and fruit, while sometimes foods include treats like cookies and
Teach their taste buds. Encourage tiny tastes of at least one new food item, such as broccoli or brown rice, per week. Although it
may take up to eight tries before children accept the new food, this process exposes their taste buds to different flavors, making them
more likely to continue healthy eating patterns as they grow older.
Turn the TV off. It's easy to let the television occupy your kids while you're busy with other things, but try to limit their television
time by setting a viewing schedule of only a couple of their favorite shows.
Practice what you preach. According to a survey conducted by the American Dietetic Association, kids rank parents as their top
role models. So be sure to incorporate healthy eating and exercising habits in your own life. -
For other healthy living suggestions, visit VeryBestKids.com. The site contains a variety of kid-friendly activities and recipes that
will keep the entire family moving toward a healthier lifestyle.
Physical activity and good nutrition are the source of healthy living.

Teens With Cancer Get Help Online
(NAPSM)-A new source of hope is now available online for teens struggling with a serious disease.
Si A Web site has been created to empower teens who have cancer by connecting them with other
i 'young peoplewith the same condition to help them find hope and support.
jI Developed by The Wellness Community, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people affected by can-
.! cer, the Web site-called GroupLoop.org-provides a free, safe, professionally supervised, online envi-
ronment of support, education and hope.
S 'The site also offers professionally facilitated, online support groups for teens and parents and edu-
S;,'" rif ',' national resources at no cost.
SI il For more information, visit www.GroupLoop.org.
--....i A Web site is available to teens with cancer where they can connect with others facing the same
SS ^ challenge.


CONTACT US TODAY AT 904/766-8834

The Florida .Star/Prep Rap

Page B-3/MAY 27, 2006

Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Selects 2006 Debutantes

Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Nu Chapter of Jacksonville has selected it debutante Coterie for 2006. These young ladies will be introduced on
Saturday, June 3, at the Bethelite Conference Center.
The Debutante Coterie includes; Erica Pinkney (Ribault Senior High School), daughter of Rhonda Holt and Clarence Pinkney; Taila McClain
(Englewood Senior High School), daughter of Margaret Patterson; Brenn Smith (Englewood Senior High School), daughter of Sherolyn Smith;
Destinee Alexis Home (Ribault Senior High school), daughter of Terrence and Pamela Home; Sydney Janae James (Ribault Senior High School),
daughter of Tanzy Porter James; and Venus Howard Mitchell (A. Philip Randolph), daughter of Timothy and Jaada King, and Calvin Mitchell,
III. Eta Phi Beta is a business/professional sorority.

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page B-4/May 27, 2006

Father And Son Recognized During
Biscayne Elementary School Graduation,

Biscayne Elementary School held it's 2006 Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony, Tuesday, May 23. '"Graduates Armored For Success" was
the theme. LEFT FRAME: Jonathan Louine (third from left) is all smiles. He received a Superstar Award and was recognized for Perfect
Attendance and service on the school's Safety Patrol. Young Jonathan also received a Special Principal Award from Principal Crystal
Lewis for being the All-Around Best Student. RIGHT FRAME: Jean Louine, Jonathan's father, Jean Louine, was congratulated by
Principal Lewis for being a good role model.
Take A Picture. Help Prepare Your Family

"Copyrighted Material
SSyndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

The Florida Star/lPrep Rap

Page 13-5/May 27, 2006

Page B-6IMay 27, 2006 The Florida Star! Prep Rap

Clean Kids Jokes

%4&O- e O
F f*.0 0

- t.-


* *e- -

- w-

...or -....,

- r U o q p

S. -
o r4

- *~. *~.

: ~: I --

- -
I -

* .

L- .

* ..c



j %


"Copyrighted Material

------Syndicated ContentC:."

Available from Commercial News Providers"
*' --

.- .

- f. M

40fwa 1,0Ut

* S ~.* ~ ~

* __ ___ ~





The Florida Star/ Prep Rap

B-6/May 27, 2006

a -- am 0.



OE o .00




Time Magazine Names Daddy Yankee Among

The 100 Most Influential People In The World

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--Time magazine has
proclaimed Daddy Yankee as the "Reigning Champ
of Reggaeton" and featured the artist as one of the
100 most influential people in the world in its May
8, 2006 issue and on its cover. For Daddy Yankee,
born and raised in the rough-and tumble barrios
outside San Juan, Puerto Rico, the honor is a trib-
ute to his .talent and his work ethic as well as his
fans. For them, and to help introduce him to others
who will soon be fans, Daddy Yankee's El Cartel
Records and Interscope Records will release his lat-
est album, "Barrio Fino En Directo," as a CD only
on June 13.
Originally issued last December as a CD/DVD
package, "Barrio Fino En Directo" will be released
at a lower price and will now be accessible to an
even greater audience. As a bonus, Daddy Yankee
replaced the original version with a remix of his hit
"Rompe" which now also features Lloyd Banks and
Young Buck.
"I wanted my fans to be able to buy the CD part
of 'Barrio Fino En Directo' on its own," said Daddy
Yankee. "But I also wanted to give them something
new, add something they can't get anywhere else to
keep the momentum while I work on my new
In- its CD/DVD form, "Barrio Fino En Directo"
charted Top 25 in Billboard Magazine's top 200 and
#1 Latin for 13 straight weeks and spun off the
original mix of "Rompe" which peaked Top 25

Pop, Top 20 Rap and #1 Latin. "Machucando" reached #2 Latin.
The CD's other studio recordings are "Gangsta Zone," featuring hip-hop icon
Snoop Dogg, a reinix of the club anthem "Machete" with Houston's latest sensa-.
tion, Paul Wall, and "El Truco." The 15-song collection also boasts 10 electrifying
live performances--among them renditions of the Daddy Yankee hits "Lo Que
Paso, Paso," "Corazones" and the international phenomenon "Gasolina"--before
tens of thousands of screaming fans at massive arenas across North and South
"Barrio Fino En Directo" is the live-and-more companion piece to 2004's
groundbreaking "Barrio Fino," which spearheaded the emergence of the reggaeton
movement by making Daddy Yankee its first platinum-certified star.
He has since produced and starred in the motion picture "Talento de Barrio,"
which will be released this year in the continental U.S. after having premiered in
Puerto Rico in 2005, and become host of a weekly two-hour nationally syndicated
radio program, "Daddy Yankee On Fuego," which airs Saturday nights on ABC
Radio Networks. He has also become a spokesperson for such companies as Pepsif
and Sean John. On May 23, he launched DY, his own footwear, clothing and acces-
sory line for Reebok.
On the awards front, "Barrio Fino En Directo" was named Reggaeton Album of
the Year at the 2006 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Daddy Yankee also took home
Billboard awards for Latin Albums Artist of the Year and Reggaeton Song Of The
Year ("Mayor Que Yo" from Baby Ranks, Daddy Yankee, Tonny Tun Tun, Wisin
YYandel and Hector "El Father").
At the recent ALMA Awards, which celebrates Latinos in the entertainment
world and will be telecast on ABC on June 5, Daddy Yankee was honored as
Outstanding Musical Performer (Male).

Page 13-7/May 27, 2006

The Florida Star/Prep Rap




He's Got Spirit! How About You?

Isaiah Rice is his name and helping school children cross the road safely while going to and from
school is his game. Rice performs his duties with tact and compassion. When he's not helping stu-
dents across Kings Road and Cleveland I l
Street he stands on the side of Simpson .
Memorial United Methodist Church waving !;S:
and smiling at- passing motorists. He'll
wave and smile even if motorists won't
wave back at him. His acts of kindness
often melt the heart of motorists and
-passers by who may have had a rough day. i--- ,
His actions also cause motorists to be alert .-.,
and observe the speed limit in the school
crossing zone. Not seeing Rice at his "
familiar spot across from the general Mail
Center on Kings Road will be a sure sign
that school's out for the summer. Have a
great summer Mr. Rice. Thanks for all you I
do to make our world a little brighter each
day. l

Page B-8/May 27, 2006

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

7Ir l Z./DA TPG C iu

The Jacksonville Links Inducts New Members

.. ..
a *



2006 Jacksonville Links Inductees Mesdames Catherine
Mitchell and Stephanie Scott with Celebratory Cake fol-
lowing their induction at the Deerwood Country Club.
(Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

2006 Jacksonville Links Inductees Mesdames Catherine
Mitchell and Stephanie Mitchell. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

2006 Jacksonville Links Inductees'with Inducting
Officers: Mesdames Patricia Bivins-Southern Area Vice
Director; Stephanie Scott-2006 Jacksonville Links
Inductee; Catherine Mitchell-2006 Jacksonville Links
Inductee, Gloria Dean-Jacksonville Links President; and
Betty Cody-2006 Jacksonville Links vice president.
(Photo by Betty Asque Davis)
~ ,~ -

n '- i
(pb i.

The 2006 Jacksonville Links Induction was a family
affair for Mrs. Stephanie Scott (center) shown with her
aunt Mrs. Elizabeth Downing a charter member of the
Jacksonville Links and Dr. Shellie Holder Thompson, a
charter member of the Bold City Links. (Photo by Betty Asque

A family affair for 2006 Jacksonville Links Inductee Mrs.
Catherine Mitchell shown with her Mother Mrs. Betty
Eubanks of the Martha's
Vineyard, MA Links.

Jacksonville Links members (standing)Mesdames Terri
Stepter,Gloria Dean, Dr. Kia Mitchell, and Patricia
Mitchell; (seated) Mesdames. Patricia Bivins-Southern
Area Links Vice Director, Phyllis Hamilton and Hester
Clark. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

Crusin' Fried Chicken





*Soul Food


1040 Golfair Blvd.

Phone: (904) 924-8887 (904) 924-8063

Jacksonville Links members (seated) Mesdames
Thelma Lewis, Bessie Canty (Jacksonville Links charter
member), Joan Spaulding, Pamela Seay; (standing)
Marguerite Warren, Lydia Dwight Wooden and Dr.
Barbara Young. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

; ? y ..~~--NP. ".. .

.'*.-. ., .

1 ,' :"..: *i"v.: '. .

The Deerwood Country
Club was a 'sea' of white
roses and beautiful ladies
dressed in white 'on Sunday
afternoon when the
Jacksonville Links inducted
two new members:
Mesdames Catherine
Mitchell and Stephanie
Scott. Recognizing the
wardrobe needs of female
parolees wanting to become
gainfully employed, these
lovely ladies during their
provisional period, collected
and presented business suits
for the women.
Links continued on C-3


Go w:, '',e- Sta y here.

Howard Johnson Inn and Suites
4300 Salisbury Road North, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 904-281-0198

Planning a family reunion?

Get your family together in style with the Reunion
Package at the Howard Johnson Inn & Suites. When
you have more than 15 family members stay
overnight, they'll get to use our meeting space,
breakfast area or Outdoor Pool area as a gathering
place free of charge.

A lot goes into planning a reunion of any kind.
Attention to detail, organization and good planning
are key to making your family reunion a successful

We specialize in helping you make your family
reunion memorable and enjoyable, rather you have
a large or a small family reunion.
Call us today at 904-281-0198

Great Family Reunion Package -
Pool Side PARTY, Music & More -Call us for more details!


ec I I 18




MAY 272006



Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based sub-
Dear Deanna!
My fiance cheated before we were married and I recently
learned that he's still seeing the woman he cheated with. I
want to get out of the relationship but feel we should go to .
counseling. I find it hard to forgive him because I'm scared
he'll do it again. What should I do about this?

Anisha (Washington, DC)

Dear Anisha:

You had your warning signs before you got married and you knew what you were get-
ting yourself into. Most women that are in tune with their relationship know when their
mate is cheating. You should seek professional counseling not only for your marriage
but yourself as well. If it doesn't work you'll be able to breathe instead of sharing your
spouse or walking around being scared and worrying about a man.

Dear Deanna!

I'm over 50 and dated a guy for six years but we split due to his financial problems and
issues. I left his house and moved on. We were separated for two years and recently got
back together. He has proposed and now I've learned that he's cheating, lying and doing
the same things that led to the initial split. My adult kids despise him and are trying to
talk me out of this relationship. What do I do?

J.C. (Inglewood, CA)

Dear J.C.

You're a hot mess and you know it. At your age you don't need to appear desperate as
if you have no options. You broke up for a reason and obviously you didn't build any-
thing with this man so why be a fool and go back. You're setting yourself up to pay all
the bills, a lot of heartbreak and exposure to sexual diseases. Avoid being pathetic by
listening tb your kids who also confirms this man is a loser.


Aim for your goals and work at making them successful. In other
words...teach yourself to live as if you're dying and make your goals,
heart desires and aspirations- come true.

Have a Love, Life, Faith or Relationship Issue?

Write Ask Deanna! Email: askdeannal@yahoo.com or Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega,
Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Visit her Web site at www.askdeanna.com.--

No sales tax will be charged from May 21st

through June 1st on the following items:

Please make sure that you start getting your hurricane supplies.

(a) Any portable self-powered light source selling for $20 or less.
(b) Any portable self-powered radio, two-way radio, or weatherband
radio selling for $50 or less.
(c) Any tarpaulin or other flexible waterproof sheeting selling for $50 or
(d) Any ground anchor system or tie-down kit selling for $50 or less.
(e) Any gas or diesel fuel tank selling for $25 or less.
(f) Any package ofAAA-cell, AA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt, or 9-volt batteries,
excluding automobile and boat batteries, selling for $30 or less.
(g) Any cell phone battery selling for $60 or less and any cell phone
charger selling for $40 or less.
(h) Any nonelectric food storage cooler, selling for $30 or less.
(i) Any portable generator used to provide light or communications or
preserve food in the event of a power outage selling for $1,000 or less.
(j) Any storm shutter device selling for $200 or less. As used in this
paragraph, the term "storm shutter device" means materials and products
manufactured, rated, and marketed specifically for the purpose of preventing
window damage from storms.
(k) Any carbon monoxide detector selling for $75 or less.
(1) Any blue ice selling for $10 or less.
(m) Anhy single product consisting of two or more of the items listed in
paragraphs (a)-(l), or other tax-exempt items, selling for $75 or less.

Micah and Heidi Stampley
Gospel artists and
parents of five

"I'm a nurse, songwriter and mom
of five active kids-four boys
and one girl. Another baby?
Well, you never know. That's why I
take steps to stay as healthy as I can.
Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Being physically active.
Never smoking or using drugs.
Need help getting healthier,
talk to your healthcare provider."
Heidi Stampley

For more information,
S call 1-800-444-6472.

With almost half the workforce being women and many being expectant moms, for
this mother's day the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) suggests that
employers and workers be aware of significant physical changes and workplace solu-
tions to help assure a safe workplace for pregnant women.
For instance, when a woman is pregnant, her balance, reach distance and lifting capa-
bility changes. Additionally, hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy affect lig-
aments and joints, which can cause postural problems, backache and impairment of
dexterity, agility, coordination and balance. Pregnant women may be more affected
by some ergonomic hazards such as awkward postures, heavy lifting, repetitive
forces and limited rest periods. As a result pre-term delivery, low birth weight, spon-
taneous abortion, and stillbirth could occur.
As a pregnant woman's size increases, her reach distance is affected causing addi-
tional stretching, which can affect the arms, shoulders, and lower back. This can
make lifting tasks particularly hazardous resulting not only in greater back pain, but
having to carry the load farther from the body.
"Heavy lifting tasks can also cause the flow of blood in the body to be altered which
can affect the fetus," ASSE member and Practice Specialty Administrator Linda
Tapp, ALCM, CSP, of Cherry Hill, NJ, said in her report titled 'Maintaining the
Safety and Health of a Diverse Workforce.' "Intra- abdominal pressures are also
increased during heavy lifting. Hormone disturbances as well as nutritional deficits
can also occur."
Excessive standing during pregnancy can also cause concern, Tapp said. Standing for
long periods of time can cause lower back pain. Prolonged standing can cause seri-
ous risk. For example, standing more than 36 hours a week or more than 10 hours a
day, can lead to a variety of problems, Tapp noted.
Occupational safety, health and environmental professionals can help employers
implement good workplace design principles and programs to help make the work-
place safer. Although there is no one-size-fits-all-solution there are ways to increase
safety for all and for expectant working mothers that include:
-- using material handling equipment whenever possible and practical --
material handling equipment reduces the need to lift, lower, push, pull
or carry heavy materials; forklifts and other powered trucks should be
used to eliminate manual handling of heavy bags, pails and other
materials; carts, conveyors, ball castertables and hand trucks should
be used to eliminate carrying materials greater than 20 feet;
-- reducing the weight of objects that must be handled not only make the
task easier for older and women workers but make the job safer for
-- the risk of handling materials can be lowered for all workers by
ensuring good housekeeping practices are followed; floor surfaces
should be kept dry and free of debris, clutter, oil, chemicals, water
and other slippery materials; pallets should be in good condition
without broken boards or protruding nails;
safety/ergonomics training on material handling techniques that covers
body mechanics and preferred postures should be ongoing; and
-" providing a workplace with features that can be adjusted to accommodate
the physical needs of all workers.
Workplace controls implemented for expected mothers protect them as well as the
child. These controls include: assigning less physical tasks, restricting lifts, adjusting
work and breaks, and varying the employee's tasks if possible; using foo rests when
standing and sitting helps with circulation; removing obstacles, which are more dif-
ficult for a pregnant employee to see, at floor level; arranging work so that it is kept
close to the body; and, encouraging the use of good support for the back.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 the 20 occupations with the
highest percentage of female workers are: preschool and kindergarten teachers; den-
tal assistants; secretaries and administrative assistants; dental hygienists; child care
workers; word processors and typists; receptionists and information clerks; speech-
language pathologists; tellers; licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses;
medical records and health information technicians; registered nurses; payroll and
timekeeping clerks; teacher assistants; bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks;
dietitians and nutritionists; medical assistants and other healthcare support occupa-
tions; billing and posting clerks and machine operators: switchboard operators.
including answering service; and, paralegals and legal assistants.
Foundrd iin 19I1, the De PlaInei. llinois-bhaed 4SSE i rhe oldest and largest projesional safety socitrn dand is committed to protecting peo-
pl., propcrn and rilthe .en onientl. Ir~ 3?,000 members managee, supcrvie and con ult on safely : health and environmental issues in all indus-
tries, government, education, labor and insurance.http://www.asse.rg.
.... A... .:.

-:._-.-1 ... .... = .) '

cw kidi to build s LrtsLtl
ft can scIIncms. J'W&A' O-
rrmmt~~flmr Ctr~,,3;B~
~rwnlI~ kvrses Wk ipmo? V ir

IN : Iu~i -rsi
dI lb:tlryew4 '

know what to do for life.
. Sponsored by the U.S. Oepartmnt of Health and Human Servlcos. Office of MIno H oalth I,
SwwW.healthgap.omnhnr.gov Ha

Deadline for Ads:

Tupsdays @ 5 p.m.


MAY27, 2006




City To Observe Memorial Day On May 29

City government will be closed on Monday, May 29, in
observance of the Memorial Day Holiday.
City Hall (117 W. Duval St.), the City Hall Annex (220
E. Bay St.), the Courthouse (330 E. Bay St.) and the Yates
Building (231 E. Forsyth St.) will be closed.
Residential solid waste collection schedules will not
change for Monday, May 29. The TrailRidge Landfill (5110


(Continued From C-1)

.. ... :

Shellie Holder Thompson (Bold City Links); (seated) Ms.
Jacksonville Links members (standing) Mesdames
Anest Schell McCarthy, Catherine Mitchell, Betty
Eubanks (Martha's Vineyard), Stephanie Scott, and Dr.
Shellie Holder Thompson (Bold City Links); (seated) Ms.
Gwendolyn Leapheart-A Platinum Links member) and
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson Downing (Jacksonville char-
ter member). (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

The annual event

continues the

The David H.
D\\ight. Sr. Memorial
Committee For
Scouring \\ill host its
20th Annual Memorial
Banquet on Friday,
SMay 26, 7:30 p.m. at
the Prime Osborn
Con mention Center.
\ork of the late David H.

Highway 301), mulch facilities (West Yard Waste Facility on
Imerson Road and South Yard Waste Facility on Phillips
Highway) will maintain regular hours on May 29. The
Household Hazardous Waste and Appliance Drop-off
Facilities (2675 Commonwealth Avenue) will be closed on
May 29.The business offices of the JEA, JEA Plaza, 21 W.
Church St., the Office of the Tax Collector, including all Tax

Jacksonville Links members (standing) Mesdames
Marjoria Manning, Wanda Montgomery, Dr. Brenda
Simmons, and Betty Cody; (seated) Dr. Evelyn Young,
Jolita Simmons and Ernestine Hester. (Photo by Betty Asque

D%%ight. Sr. (1882-1959) by providing
supplemental funding to expand the a\ail-
abilit- of the Scouting program.
., .Da\id H. D\Jght. Sr. i1882-1959)
S \\as a pioneer for the development and
-;.- organization of Scouting among Blacks in
Kenneth Jacksonville. For his work, in 1936 he
Reddick became the first black person in America
to recei e Scouting highest council
award. the Silver Beaver. The committee feels it can best ful-
fill the \ vision of Mr. D\vight

City Council Meeting Start Time
In accordance with Ordinance 2006-192-E, the start time of regular City Council meetings will
change to 5:00-p.m., effective June 13, 2006 However, Comments from the Public will not begin
before 6:00 p.m. Additionally, the Order of Business, unless altered by the discretion of the
Council President, will be taken up in the following order.

1. Call to order
2. Invocation and pledge of allegiance
3. Roll call of the Council Members
4. Approval of the minutes of previous meetings
5. Communications from the Mayor
6. Other miscellaneous communications and presentations
7. Quasi-Judicial actions
8. Consent agenda
9. Action upon resolutions on third reading
.10. Action upon ordinances on third reading
11. Comments from the public
12. Action on resolutions, emergency action
13. Action on ordinances, emergency action
14. Scheduled public hearings
15. Action upon resolutions on second reading
16. Action upon ordinances on second reading
17. Introduction of new resolutions
18. Introduction of new.ordinances
19. Unfinished business
20. New business
21. Addition of addendum to agenda
22. Adjournment

A copy of the Council Agenda my be obtained, on the Friday before a meeting, from the
Legislative Services Division, in City Hall (Suite 430) located at 117 West Duval Street, or online
at'. www.coj.net.

Please contact Legislative Services at (904) 630-1404 for additional information.

by pro, hiding Scouts the
opportunity. skills and adven-
ture that \\ ill have a positive
and lasting effect to carrt
them through manhood.
The 2006 honorees. w'ho
\\ill be recognized for their
dedication and commitment
to the youth in the Scouting
program are Willie Cars%%ell,
Scoutmaster of Troop- 179 at
Bethel Baptist Institutional
Church: Johnnie McCra\.
Past Scoutmaster at Second
Missionary Baptist Church.
and Kenneth Reddick.
Michael D. Stew\art.
Jacksonville Airport
Authority' Director of
External Affairs, is the ban-
quet's Master Of Ceremony.
For ticket information call
1904) 388-0591. All proceeds
are used to: provide Bo\
Scout Summer Camperships.
Cub Scout Day Camperships,
Registration for underprivi-
leged3 outh to enter Scouting
Leadership training. Savings
Bonds to Eagle Scouts recip-
ients in the Baden-Powvell
District, and funding for spe-
cial a\\ards and programs.

Collector branch offices; and the Property Appraiser's Office
will be closed.
Public libraries normally open on Sundays will be closed
on Sunday, May 28. All public libraries will be closed on
Monday, May 29..
The offices and clinics of the Duval County Health
Department will be closed on Monday, May 29.

Jacksonville Links members Mesdames Dana
Cunningham, Betty Asque Davis, Kathryn Massaquoi,,.
Barbara Brigety (standing) and Ms. Maretta Latimer



.A1nnouniceiints. nmeetlngs., happemnigs. and comniumnir'
i'tlls Lhei ldudi ill Jlacksonvile alnd Ihcl surrounding area
2006 MEMORIAL DAY CEREMNONY-The 2006 Memorial
Da\ Ceremony w ill be held on MondaN. May 29. 10:00 a.m. at
the Veterans Memorial Wall located on the wvestside of Alltel
Stadium. John Pe.ton. Nla. or of Jackson\ ille. Dan McCarthy,
Director of Veterans Affairs, Margaret Weitzel, Assistant
Director of Veterans Affairs, and Hallie Williams-Bey. newly
swom-in Chairman of the Northeast Florida Veterans Council.
%iill be joined b% U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and Dr. Mac
Bronson. Pastor of the First Baptist Church. Thirteen names
will be added to the wall, in remembrance of "Fallen Heroes".
Three additional names w ill be added to the Korean war panel.
GALA PLANNING MEETING-Current class leaders of
Old Stanton. Stanton Vocational. New Stanton and faculty and
staff of that era w\ ill meet Monday. June 5 at 6:30 p.m. in con-
ference room, second floor of Bethel Baptist Institutional
Church IFirst Street entrance to discuss plans for the first
"'Annual Gala". For more information contact Kenneth
Reddick at 764-8795.
MUSIC FESTIVAL -The Cir\ of Jackson\ ille will welcome
Rob Thomas \ith special guest Anna Nalick to Metropolitan
Park for the annual Spring Music Festi\al on Saturday. Mla
27. Gates open at 5:00 p.m. and admission is free on a first-
come, first-served basis. A \ariets of food and beverages \will
be available for purchase inside Metropolitan Park. No out-
side food or beverages %\ill be permitted. Other prohibited
items include: bags, backpacks or fanny packs larger than 8
':" x 11". coolers, picnic baskets, still or video cameras of any
kind, roller skates or roller blades, bicycles, pets. or umbrellas.
Blankets and lawn chairs are encouraged for general seating.
Strollers, diaper bags, and chairs "in a bag" will be permitted,
but are subject to search. Patrons are encouraged to arrive
earlN, as the park will be closed if it reaches capacity.
LUNCHEON-All area ladies are invited to attend the
Mandarin Christian Women's Club June Luncheon "Jump-
Start a Life!" will be held from 12:00 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday,
June 6 at the Ramada Inn in Mandarin. Doors open at 11:30
a.m. Char Ahlstrom, American Red Cross Instructor, will
demonstrate the new procedures for CPR and other first aid
information. Barbara Moss of Melbourne Beach. Florida will
present "Detours and Destinations". Information on luncheon
cost and reservations for lunch & FREE nursery can be made
by calling Cande at 908-5609 or Char 287-6814 or by email at
sweetleespoiled.'i''comcast.net Please make reservations by
Thursday. June 1st. Come and invite a friend! She'll be glad
you did!
CLASS MNEETING-Northwestern Jr. Sr. High School class
of 1962 will have a meeting on Mlonday, June 12.2006 at 3731
Roger Ave. 6:30 p.m all members are encouraged to attend.


You Need To Know About Predatory Lending Practices.

If you financed the purchase of your home or ,Call for a free consultation regarding your

refinanced with NationsCredit Financial Services legal rights.
Corporation, you may be entitled to compensation ATTORNEYS

from the lender.
Predatory Lending Practices Can Involve:
*Credit insurance on the loan JACKSONVILLE
*Overcharging for credit insurance
eCharging-very high interest rates, fees or costs (904) 279-7122

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based

solely upon advertisement. Before you decide, ask us to send you free

Written information about 9ur qualifications Ond experience.

David H. Dwight, Sr. Memorial Committee

For Scouting Sponsors 20th Annual Banquet












MAY 272006




The Williams Celebrate Their Silver Anniversary

Twenty-five Years of Love and Pleasure

Marvin and Prudence Williams renewed their oos on Saturday, May 20, 2006. Brother Willie "Pete" Jackson of Westside
Church of Christ officiated and Brother Charlie McClendon of Northside Church of Christ provided the prayer. The bridal party
consisted of Regina Channel, Victor Simpkins, Yvette Sanchez, and Frank Young. Staci Saxton, Matron of Honor, Jerome Hill,
Sr., Best Man, Anthony Campbell, Ring Bearer, Dr. Kia Mitchell and Haraka Jenkins, Flower Ladies. Justin and Jaysen Williams
made the Tribute to their parents. Photographs by FM Powell Photography

One in Six Americans May Feel Impact of 2006 Hurricanes
The AccuWeather Hurricane Center, led by Joe Bastardi reported that an active hurricane season appears
imminent and could have major repercussions for the U.S. economy and the one in six Americans who live on
the Eastern Seaboard or along the western Gulf of Mexico. ."The 2006 season will be a creeping threat," said
Bastardi; "Early in the season--June and July--the Texas Gulf Coast faces the highest likelihood of a hurricane
strike, possibly putting Gulf energy production in the line of fire. At the very end of the season, southern Florida
also faces significant hurricane risk." "There are few areas of the U. S. East Coast and Gulf of Mexico that will
not be in the bull's eye at some point this season," said the director of forecast operations for AccuWeather.
However, "the region that was hammered the hardestr last year--the central and eastern Gulf Coast--has one of the
lower probabilities of receiving another majqr hurricane strike in 2006."
Reaves added, "This is not to say that hard-hit New Orleans has nothing to worry about. Because the city's
defenses have been so comprised by Hurricane Katrina, even a glancing blow from a hurricane elsewhere could
spell trouble for the city."
The names assigned for 2006 storms are:

Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce,
Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie and
According to Mayor John Peyton, Jacksonville is one of the most prepared cities in the U. S., ready to
face the new hurricane season.


Learn th' morning signs at
StrokeAssociation.org or 1-888-4-STROKE.
SAmeritcn Slnak
(nmrlt ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kr: Vl ~ *"" xr ?**> o -ia.oBm

, % ,,:-*



( D

Advertising Deadline:
TUESDAY @ 5 p.m.
To place an ad:
CAII: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673

AARP REPORT Highlights Ways to Protect Older Americans in Disasters KATHERINE DUNHAM, A SALUTE
13 Million Americans Over Age 50 Anticipate Needing Evacuation Assistance

WASHINGTON With hurricane season fast approaching, a new report from AARP finds that in disasters, older adults face
challenges that are different from the rest of the adult population. The searing images of older Americans during Hurricane
Katrina made this very clear and revealed significant weaknesses in how prepared we are to protect our most vulnerable cit-
To help decision makers at all levels better understand how to better protect this population, AARP released a report:
We Can Do Better: Lessons Learned for Protecting Older Persons in Disasters. The report focuses on three broad areas
including planning and communications, identifying who needs help and what kind of help, and evacuating older people.
The report is being released in conjunction with the start of hurricane season and National Hurricane Preparedness Week.
"The recent tragedies are reminders that disasters imperil us all, but are especially serious threats to older Americans
and people with disabilities," said AARP CEO Bill Novelli. "Let's act with resolve now to minimize the needless loss of life
when the next disaster strikes."
One of the overarching conclusions of the report is that integrating the needs of vulnerable older people and people
with disabilities in existing emergency planning efforts is paramount. The report also dentifies critical challenges that need to
be overcome. They include:

More clearly defining, "who should do what when" among to the array of organizations that have responsibilities dur-
ing a disaster situation.
Providing education and preparedness information to older people and those with disabilities appropriate to their needs
and in accessible formats.
Building relationships among organizations before disaster strikes to improve coordination and communication in
emergency situations.
Improving identification and tracking methods of both people and health information.

Hurricane Katrina resulted in 1,330 deaths, many of whom were elderly. In Louisiana, roughly 71 percent of the victims
were older than 60, and 47 percent of those were over 75 years of age.
A key finding highlighted in the report from a Harris Interactive Survey conducted for AARP is that about 13 mil-
lion persons age 50 and older in the U.S. say they will need help to evacuate in a disaster; with about half of these individ-
uals requiring help from someone outside of their household. This proportion increases with advancing age.
"Recent catastrophic events have taught us we have to pay greater attention to evacuating, identifying and ensuring '
the safe return of thousands of frail older adults living on their own or in long-term care facilities," Novelli said.
The report is the result of a conference AARP convened of more than 100 government officials at the federal, state, t
and local levels; emergency preparedness and response experts; relief organizations; and aging and disability advocates. The
goal of the conference was to bring together a diverse group of experts to explore strategies to protect older people in both
the community and long-term care facilities during disasters.
In addition to We Can Do Better, AARP has released a complementary guide, Dealing with Disasters, to help those J
whose lives have been affected by disaster to cope with the aftermath as well as to provide
preparedness best practices for future disasters. The information covers, among other areas, how to create a personal disas-
ter plan, ways to best evacuate when conditions warrant, methods of preventing illness and injury during a natural disaster,
and tips for returning home in the aftermath of a disaster.

A 1

l -

Ks -,
Katherine Dunham, a pioneering dancer and
Katherine Dunham, died Sunday at a
Manhattan assisted living facility. She was 96.
Ms. Dunham choreographed such musicals as
'Aida' for the Metropolitan Opera and musi-
cals such as 'Cabin in the Sky'. She also
appeared in 'Stormy Weather' and 'Carnival of
Rhythm. She received 10 honorary doctor-
artes, the Presidential Medal of the Arts and
many more honors and awards. "She said, we
did not say black is beautiful, we showed it."

You can begin as soon as you want
and earn as much as you want
throughh The Florida Star as a mem-
ber of our Sales Team. Reap the
benefits of being in the Media -
Join the Team
CaAl : Ja- 'E'. ._i. at:
(904) y.6-,5.3.; or
(9g0o) 2 1-
"The People's Choice"
Serving this community for 55
? Years. :



MAY 272006


II* tI.. .*i=.;,. $"===

..1~.. ~~.... I

M1AI. '/, Vf)UU

Jaguars Add 2 Veteran B-CC Baseball Team

Receivers To Roster

Crowned MEAC Champ


The Jacksonville Jaguars added two veteran wide
receivers Friday, signing unrestricted free agents Troy
Edwards and Randy Hymes.
.' The signing come eight days after Jimmy Smith
Edwards played for the Jaguars in 2003 and 2004, and
played in three games for the Lions in 2005. In 92 NFL
games, including three seasons with Pittsburgh (1999-
Randy 2001) and one with St. Louis (2002), the 5-foot-10, 185-
Hymes pound Edwards has 203 receptions for 2,404 yards and 11

Hymes spent all five of his seasons in Baltimore after the Ravens originally signed him
as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2002. The 6-3, 211-pound Hymes played in all 16 games
a year ago, with three starts, 11 catches for 132 yards and two scores. It 37 career games,
Hymes has caught 43 passes for 578 yards and four touchdowns.
Last week, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said the team wouldn't sign a veteran receiver to
replace Smith. "Our approach will be to develop the guys that we have and we have some
young talent at that position," Del Rio said. "I remain very confident in the guys that we have
that they're going to be able to help us be real effective."

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"We knew we were fac-
ing a good team today that
swings the bat well," stated
Jimenez. "They were red-
hot, and looking for the
Cinderella Story thing to
happen. We couldn't take

them lightly, and we knew
that no lead was safe until
the final out. We had fun,
and now we are looking for-
ward to our own Cinderella
Story in Regionals."

Watching History

Jose Ortiz-Rivera

an outstanding pitching per-
formance and superb hitting,
the Bethune-Cookman
College Wildcats baseball
squad wasted little time
reclaiming their dominance .
of the Mid-Eastern Athletic
Conference (MEAC) on
Sunday afternoon with a
scintillating 14-0 victory
over the University of
Maryland-Eastern Shore at
Marty L. Miller Stadium in
Norfolk. Virginia.
'For the 10th time in
school history, the Wildcats
6f Bethune-Cookman (30-
25) collected the MEAC
Baseball Championship. It
was also their seventh title in
the last eight years.
Jose Ortiz-Rivera
(Juncos, Puerto Rico) col-
lected MVP honors for the
Tournament, while
Francisco Rodriguez, Dustin
Blackwell (Ac\torth, Ga.),
Rob Caruso (Pembroke
Pines, Fla.), Jose Alinonte
(San Juan, Puerto Rico) and
Spencer Hill \\ere named to
the All-Tournament Team,
for Bethune-Cookman.

San Francisco Giants' Barry Bonds, center, and Oakland
Athletics' Brad Halsey, foreground, watch Bonds' 714th
career home run leave the park as fans, background,
react in the second inning of a baseball game Saturday,
May 20, 2006, in Oakland, Calif. At press time, Bonds is
now tied with Babe Ruth's second-place career record
of 714 home runs. (AP PhotolBen Margot)

NFL Guage's Bush's Interest In Running League

Gov. Jeb Bush is getting
tired of people trying to plan
his life after he leaves office
in January.
First, his brother, the
president, hinted Bush
should consider his ovwn run
for the Oval Office in 2008.
And no%\ comes the


National Football League.
whichh had an emissary
gauge his interest in replac-
ing commissioner Paul
Tagliabue, who is retiring in
July.To both. Bush's
response \\as thanks, but no.
"I'm flattered." Bush said
Wednesday of the NFL's
interest. "but I'm governor

AtffrasblB Main eanc-irsh Ihlng
With 24 hoi t3fling4.

In me h Ba31 Of IsksOW Olle's
BM flAlft m downtown..

of the state of Florida and I
intend to be governor until I
leave-- which is January
2007. And I'm not going to
consider any other options
other than being governor
until I finish.'"
He doesn't believe NFL
officials will hold the posi-
tion open until then.


i ip. nx, i o1~1

(90) 78-560* (00)43,41
60 ,Nm nSrm, kiI 'c L Y22 w~c" (idc~rg i,



"Where Quality & Service are #1"

Largest Fleet in the State
Group Charter Service
Convention & Employee Shuttle Service
Airport Transfers
Extensively Trained Drivers & Staff
Cellphone & GPS Equipped
Audio & Video/DVD Equipment




__--_ 904 355-9999
800 488-6876
American Coach Lines of Jacksonville, FL
3501 W. Beayper Street, Jacksonville, FL

.1 U i*

............ .



SrAV77 Annx


ku n'pfluiri

. li I ";. l, ^t



EDITOR'S NOTE: All suspects are deemed innocent unless proven
guilty in a court of law. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reports are a
matter of public record. The Florida Star seeks to educate the com-
munity in the hopes of keeping our community safe.
They Threw an Object Through His Window. -- An officer
was dispatched to the 4300 block of Spottswood Road North
regarding a vandalism to a residence.
Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim who stated that he
was sitting on his bed when an object shattered his window.
He jumped up, ran outside and observed the suspects running
towards their house, which is two houses east of his home. The
parents of the children saw them running home and immediate-
ly returned them to the location of the incident.
The officer asked the children what had happened. The first
one denied having any involvement with the situation. The
second one initially denied participating, Later he stated that
suspect #1 threw the brick at the house and all of them then
threw bricks at the vehicle.
Suspect #3 began telling the officer exactly what had taken
place immediately upon the officer's arrival at the scene. He
stated that his brother, suspect #1 told him that they were going
to go break the car windows. Suspect #1 had told suspect #3
that if he did not throw the brick, he would beat him up.
Therefore, Suspect #3 threw the brick at the windshield, then
the others took turns throwing bricks and rocks at the vehicle.
Suspect #3 had also urinated and defecated in a plastic cup and
threw that on the windshield as well. Suspect #1 then threw a
brick at the house and they all took off running.
Suspect #4 told two different accounts of the incident, prior to
telling the truth. He gave an account of the incident that was
similar to Suspect #3's.
The officer read the boys their rights via card.
The guardians of the juveniles were all present at the scene.
The officer observed that the vehicle had a busted windshield
as well as damage to the driver's side door frame and panels.
The bedroom window was shattered and the bed was covered
with glass. Several bricks laid on the ground near the vehicle
and underneath the bedroom window.
The victim was not injured from the broken glass.
An evidence technician was assigned to process the evidence.
The suspects were taken to the PTDF.
The case was cleared by arrests.




Woman Allegedly Hits

Two With Raid Can

ATHENS, Ala. A woman was charged with domestic
violence for allegedly hitting her husband and another
woman on the head with a can of Raid bug spray after she
found them together.
Police Sgt. Trevor Harris said a "nosy neighbor" called
the woman at work on Friday and told her that her husband
was at their apartment having an affair with another w6man,
prompting the wife to head home.
"She came, in and caught her husband with another
woman and she grabbed a can of Raid and went at it," said
another officer, Capt. Marty Bruce. "She hit the husband in
the back of the head with it and then turned on the woman
and also hit her in the head."
The woman who was struck needed stitches for a head
wound, police said, and the husband also was cut but did not
require medical treatment.
Cornelia Cottrell Smith, 26, of Athens was arrested on a
misdemeanor charge of domestic violence and released from
the City Jail after posting a $1,000 bond. No one answered a
call Tuesday at a telephone number listed for her address.



The Governing Board of the District requests that interested
parties respond to the solicitation below by 5:00 p.m., June 23,
2006. Further information is available through Onvia
DemandStar at [(800) 711-1712], or the District's website at
www.sjrwmd.com. Solicitation packages may be obtained
from Onvia DemandStar or the District by calling Leigh M.
Rion, CPPB, Sr. Contracts Administrator at (386) 312-2386.



The District is' requesting services from professional surveying
and mapping firms currently licensed in the state of Florida for
work located within the District's eighteen counties.

The estimated budget for the first term of this project is

District staff, will meet at District headquarters at 10:00 a.m.,
July 17, 2006, to evaluate and rank Letters of Interest. Staff's
recommendation will be presented to the Governing Board at
its August 8, 200.6, meeting.

Special accommodations for disabilities may be requested:
through Leigh M. Rion, CPPB, Sr. Contracts Administrator or
.by calling (386) 329-4450 (TDD), at least five (5) business
Says before the date needed. A

Your Weekly horoscopee

(MAY 27, 2006-JUNE 2, 2006)

Aries (March 21 -
April 19) Each day of this
week in the morn-
ings you should
get out of bed and
pretend you are a
newborn baby.
What I am trying to say, you
Should get up and view the
world as if you are seeing it
for the first time, and not
crawl around drooling while
trying to suck your thumb.
Be in the moment and take a
few chances. Breathe in the
air and know that you are
living in a universe where
you are being taken care of,
in a very good way. The rea-
son for this is that if you take
this approach then you'll
find out that all the things
you have on your wish list
just might come true. Think
about it for a moment;
babies and kids usually don't
worry about the outcome of
a desire and it's when'we
detach ourselves that we get
from A to B a lot faster, This
week's lucky numbers are:
4, 6, 12, 16, 22.
Taurus (April 20 -
.May 21) This week you
should try prac-
tice saying the
word "no." It's
funny how diffi-
cult that can be
sometimes, but often if we
don't, we end up stepping
over our own boundaries,
only to feel completely
drained of all energy. You
are certainly a very giving
soul and doing it might just
prove to be a task that is
almost impossible to do.
You just have to give it a try.
Start out with the small stuff
such as when a co-worker
asks you out for lunch and
once again you are going to
the deli that you've had more.
than just enough of. This
week's lucky numbers are:
8, 14, 16, 38, 44.
Gemini (Max 21 -
June 21) Now you should
try to remember
when was the last
time you really let
yourself lose? I
mean really got out of con-
trol and showed the world
your wild side? It is now
time to break free and for
you to have an absolutely
fantastic time. I don't want
you to care about what other
people are saying about you,
life is too short, arid most
likely if they decide to criti-
cize you for your erratic
behavior,. be sure that' it's
only because they deep
.inside wish they had the
courage to let go. This
week's lucky numbers are:
6, 8, 18,.24, 30.
Cancer June 21- July
22) Life is actually quite all
right now, isn't it? So why is
it that things don't run as
smoothly as you would want
them to and that situations
now and then
I -; I seem more of a
I. hassle than a joy?
We could sit here
and ponder and philosophy
over that for a long time, but
my suggestion is, why not
just let it- all be a little
bumpy and yes even a little
annoying? You are so close
to having it all and you are
certainly experiencing this
because you are letting com-
pletely go of old habits and

patterns. This week's lucky
numbers are: 6, .12, 18, 28,
Leo (July 23 August
22) You have the finger on
the pulse and everything you
touch has the potential to
turn int gold this week. You

may even don't know how
you do it. Just when it seems
like the world has
come crashing
down on you, you
emerge out of the
rubbles even stronger. So to
make a long story short, this
week success is in the air.
Two scenarios may actually
play out. Maybe you started
a project six months or six
weeks ago and now you are
going to reap all the rewards
or you are about to start a
project and in six weeks or
six months you'll be flying
high as the results come in.
It is your enthusiasm and
amazing drive, which will
bring about all this wonder-'
ful stuff, so enjoy it when it
arrives in your world. You
deserve it. This week's
lucky numbers are: 2, 10,
20, 22, 28.
Virgo (August 23 -
September 22) Whatever
it is you are doing this week,
you will have to do it with
patience, one step at the time.
Sand with both feet
planted firmly on
the ground. The
energy. is earthy
and structured so you'll be in
your element, but at the
same time you are being
watched, as you are plan-
ning. for a grander future.
Someone is eyeing you out,
because they are fascinated
by you, and who wouldn't
be? But also because they
see potential, as to what you
can accomplish. This week's
lucky numbers are: 30, 32,
36, 44, 50.
Libra (September 23
- October 23)
Someone's reach-
ing out to you
offering you his
or her guidance,
love and heartfelt expertise.
There is no certain answer if
you are in need of any of
that, but you might ask your-
self if there's an area in your
life where you could actual-
ly need some assistance. It
can often be hard to ask for
help but now and then it is
ok to admit that doing it all
on your own can be quite a
task. This week's lucky
numbers are: 4, 18, 28, 48,
Scorpio (October 24
- November 21) Life can
E be really hard!
Don't you agree?
for sure you are! I
kind of suspected
you'd buy into that and I
admit it that wasn't very nice
of me. It's just that I'm sit-
ting here and I can see that
you are coming down on
yourself way.too hard and
for no reason at all. Now!
I'm not judging your experi-
ence; all I'm trying to do is
to make you see that all is
ok. Sometimes being pre-
sented with situations that
are less than heartwarming,
can give us a chance to see
life from a completely dif-
ferent perspective. This
week's lucky numbers are:
4, 8, 26, 28, 34.
Sagitt a r us
(November 22 -
December 21)
Verbalize every-
thing you hold
close to your heart now.
Communicate it out loud
and know as you do so you'll

bring more of it into your
life. You remember the old
saying? "From your mouth
to God's ear." It doesn't mat-
ter what your spiritual
beliefs are you can manifest
just about anything this
week by speaking the word.

I personally think it's liberat-
ing to know this since it
makes you in control of
what it is that you'd like to
see a reality.This. week's
lucky numbers are: 2, 20,
32, 36, 38.
Ca p r i c o r n
(December 22 January
19)Out with the
old in with the
new! This week it
will have to be
your saying. A major cycle
in your life is about to end
and you are about to embark
on a brand new journey. A
journey that will give you
plenty of opportunities to
completely change your life.
It's time for you to go over
what in the past has worked
for you and that, which has-
n't worked. Then with clear
intention readjust anything
that needs readjustment. It's
going to be an exciting peri-
od, so take your time, then
plan and plot. This week
lucky numbers are: 24, 34,
52, 60, 72.
Aquarius (January
20 .You can be absolutely
Sure that you are
truly loved.
Whether you
kno"w this or not
do your best this week to see
where in your world this
applies. You might be sur-
prised and find out that peo-
ple you had never given a

thought actually keep you in
their minds more than you
had expected. You are so
amazing and it is not going
unnoticed. The rewards are
coming in for your dedica-
tion as a trusted friend, lov-
ing parent or wonderful co-
worker. This week's lucky
numbers are: 4, 10, 46, 50,
Pisces (February 19 -
March 20) Change is com-
ing sooner and faster than
you think. The planetary
tendency shows that you
will welcome this change
with open arms.
Look forward to
see balance
restored where in
the past it has
been rather scattered. Know
that this change is all good
and that you are looking at
opportunities to rework your
current situation to bring
more of the good stuff into
your life: Doesn't it sound
good? You are probably
going "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Now
do you believe it? Well it's
one of those fortunate cir-
cumstances, which .doesn't
require that you believe it.
All you have to do is sit back
and feel the change, take it
in and roll with it. Know that
this change is here to make,
life a little sweeter for you.
This week's lucky numbers
are: 6, 12, 14, 26, 48.

3160 Edgewood Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32209


1 Hypertension
1 Diabetes
1 Elevated Cholesterol
1 Obesity and Weight Management
1Women's Health
1 Childcare and Immunlzations /
SPreventive Care /.--* .- /.-
1 Irmpotence and erectiliFbysfupction -

Dr. Reginald Srykes. elco~ies tr.-ronya Hollinger
i to thi re C'rtice.
lie in ite you to ct ur ias your provider
of choice for let ltltcare needs.
76' 8 22
FAX: 904- 82-0373
3160 Edgewood Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32209
M-F 8 A.M. TO 5 P.M. Wed. 2 P. M. TO 5 P.M..

May 20, 2006



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but we do!



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May 27, 2006



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Your Future.
You have the power to change your
future: And you can do it right here
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available please visit our website at

Driver Dedicated Regional

Avg. $825 $1025/wk
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Jacksonville, FL Terminal
CDL-A req'd 877-428-5627

Lic. in lawn, Oriental and general
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ferred. Call: Cynt, 722-3830



#SCC 055764

Low Rates.

Curls -Ages 7-12 ONLY $29.95
Relaxer w/ Roller Set ONLY

Otis "Junkyard Slim"
on the birth of his first

May 23, 2006
81bs. 10 oz.
in Houston, TX

f R{V As seen


(800) 794 7310 S

JG, Wentworth means CASH NOW '
for Stmctured Settlements! j

Want to purchase minerals and
other oillgas interests
Send details to:
P.O. Box 13557
Denver, CO 80201

Drummer Needed
New Bethlehem Missionary
Baptist Church
Music Dept: Contact Deacon
764-7698(h) or 764-5727(ch)



Was a security deposit charged to your card
when you opened a Capital One Credit
Card account in 2001 or 2002?

Call NOWfor information regarding your
legal rights.

Toll Free

1- 8 6 6- 5O 7- I5 8

James Kaufman, Cauley Bowman
SLicensed in Florida Camcry&Wlliams
SPrincipal office in Little Rock, AR 11311 Arcade Drive Little Rock, AR72116
The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be
:based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send
you free written information about our qualifications and experience

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t N.

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Is Stress Ruining Your Relationships? Buy and Read
DIANETICS by L. Ron Hubbard Call (813)872-0722 or
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AUCTION Spectacular Home with Mountain Vistas
- Cashiers. NC 6 bedrooms, 6-1/2 baths, 3 separate levels
with distinct living areas. Atiction June 16 at 5PM. Open
I Il.n.C M s 2'8. .n lii ,,nl l6rl.nl I-4PM Photos
and details at l', .. voli, l.on. Woltz& Associates, Inc.,
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(lI4 2,iiO. iHi|i I .enint ,l 4.2'l3 ilii


I NlPI UYMli N i llldo/er. Ilackieii.-. [ ajdcl [D)umpif
Trui. r. E ,ita i! pr.. 'i pt. r' n Nillin lll, hNll hlwl. r:nllt ir -
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DIVORCES275-$350*COVERS children, etc. Only one
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s180il42.J-200iu. est ouu ist nm-7pni Alta Divorce, LLC.
r. tblihed 19"'i

INJRIL'lD HIR I .'IRIGHF ILNLD.nall I. ,i l. -cr
No.. I'4 Houij Pli, 1ac, oif l.l.dRiglil \- \--A..\ATTOR-
NEY Referral Service All Accident, Injury & Death
Claims Auto, Bike. Mall, Shopping Centers. Pedestrian.
Chlldill. I Ide rl' i 18 I 7t.-:,42

Manufactured Homes

EST in America! Modular and Manuflctured LIQUIDA-
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*Medical, *Business. *Paralegal, *Computers
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pr.r,,d.l I in il .\iJ ,f'quoilied (l il 6)858-2121
illi h lle i id: r I jI 100 ii.

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Real Estate

Resort. a private, gated community with both lake-view
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CALLTOIAY! ll I,' 24 48i'

North Carolina 10 acre Gated Equestrian Community
with riding trails. Never before offered with 20% pre-
developmentdiscounts. 90)%financingcall (828)312-1263
/ (828)312-3765.

North Carolina Gated Lakefront Community 1.5 acres
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Mountain OMAC Real Estate. cherokeemountainrealtv.com

Mountain Property! Interested in buying property in the
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MERS MILD X\ IN i I R I, Ji.. le, I Ih..ii ,\. r11 l.,i,
Cabins, Land C.\ II K RI Ri. iRll III I'RJ il""!''.
TIES www exitmurphvcom.

NORTH GEORGIA New Homes in a Gated Mountain
Community nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians.
Golf, Tennis, Lake, Pools. For info (678)232-8415 or

EASTERN TN MOUNTAINS Amazing rolling vista
views. I to 5 acre parcels from ti .I i.4 .and Oreo i-i
Event6/2 6/4 Pllirn l .h ,l.u- i Iri; IrlI- 1 hrfrom
Chattanooga. 2 hrs fromNashville. Call forappt. (866)292-

NE\:! L.IB.Ii\\i \ITERFRONT 2 h-n.r-. \lnl.i
& illt ( l ,Il l\ i i-lir..Ir li.liltl inuit .- ilti i reld lie i '
draped hardwoods. Planned clubhouse, docks, & s ore .
1/2 to 3 acres from the $40's. Minutes to historic Eufaula.
Call owner (866)882-1107.

lakefrontorview .i ir lii.. liini: hill, iild lJ rli i.: 1
over 40 acre sites Irni J-l k O.n ihe t J.i ,)i) n li I,
Nashville. Phase II selling now! Owner (866)339-4966.

VA MOUNTAINS 5 acres with frtmtage on very large
pristine creek, very private, excellent fishing, canoeing,
good access, near New River Trail State Park, $39,500,.
Owneir(866)789-8535 www.mountainsofVA,com.

NC Mounlainn. I.90 acres s "5 nil e' A. liJir'o
tIre, Finjnl a in ,uml ',.lc. lo. 'l lil1"1 .. .llled,,',' I Perl'n l
l. ,] -i:,b' in i lhi. e ,. .., t lo1 Cull i d .' 0 6140 163i| 12:!ti'
orwww.riverbendlakelure coin

GIA M)UNTAINS. [.and, Homes, Commercial & Invest-
men. I 1 I I I I IliN(i G iI i 'lli'1 i I Ii I l)"
Jane Bac, Realle. t7iJ )l '" Iol. t!iJiis:y.'.i *<:~"
ww janelpaerrealtv.com.janebaera)4alltel.net.

% western NeMtl (% o I'n. ale 1, \;relt.r.,11.. I
views, trees, rolling hills, pastureland, wildlife, borders
BLM. Picturesque homesite at6,700' elevation. Horseback
riding, hiking, hunting. Perfect family ranch, electricity.
10(% financing. NALC (866)365-2825.

FL LAND BARGAINS. Opportunities to own your own
farm, ranch woodland or laketfont hoinestead. Old Florida
at its best! Still affordable! Call (866)352-2249 or
www filandbargains.com.

BENT TREE Golf and Tennis. Gated Community in the
North Georgia Mountains with Clubhouse, Pools; Lake.
Stables. Homes and Lots available. Craft, Inc. (800)822-

N.C. Mountain Sale No Payments Ist Year* Western NC
Mountains near Brevard/Cashiers Area. 2-1 lacHomesites.
Waterfalls, Streams, Great Views. Limited Time Offer.
McKeough Land Companiy (866)930-5263. *restrictions

Steel Buildings

20x28 Now $4200. 25x32 $5800. 30x42 $9200. 40x62
$14,900. Extensive range of sizes. Front end optional.
Pioneer (800)668-5422.

ADVHt1'WTljliG NE WORKS ClIt l i:.'

SWeek of May 29, 2006

?I iri.- )rm: !prln I ll S lllite

(888) 312-200.1

The Waggoners Trucking-Established 1951
Now Recruiting drivers for our SE Auto Transport Division.
Drivers must have a valid Class A CDL,
1 year and 100K verifiable OTR miles.
Stable work history and clean MVR Is a must.
Great Pay, Great Benefits,_Matching 401K.
Contact Susan or John at (866) 413-3074 EOE

City of Jacksonville
Invitation to Bid

SBaled bdiilaccinffle byhCityof idJa villt Deputimnartooflle naal f ityfelbl lllltillialll
mrnlalbi owi~dWnl nde ldtr i spubrl hIpd c iarcnlidaa dlm 4bllieiCoifm 1 Ctl Fl C3FIulitHlL
117Wr ist0lALSTREIl,

TpiePfl^^lsohY~ i^U^^"," '
gn R t pUN FAt oBI< ,H'

Co lluthACmL :
DOW AP) AND PRlNTEH AT mwil tj dIRWP'Chids/CBidDlefLu'p




You can begin as soon as you want and

earn as much as you want through The

Florida Star as a member of our Sales

Team. Reap the benefits of being in the

Media -- Join the Team

Call: Dan Evans at:

(904) 766-8834

(904) 248-8188





Satellite TV Installers

Positions throughout Florida
For details and to applf otne go to:





nA A f1 el '7




All About Kids is the premiere pedi-
atric facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
We are dedicated to providing chil-
dren with the highest quality of
health care. Our doctors are Board
Certified Pediatricians with years of
Pediatric Emergency Room experi-
ence. With flexible hours, we are
able to accommodate the needs of
families with busy lifestyles. Come
see why so many parents trust All
About Kids Pediatrics with their chil- e
dren's health. I

Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and
have pediatric ER experience.


877.560.KIDS 8
www.allaboutkidspeds.com /

Asthma Therapy
Pain Relief
Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Testing
Mono Screening
Rapid Strep Screening
Sport and School Participation
Well visits/Immunizations

EMR Technology
)ur Electronic Medical Record System
,nables us to be more efficient with
ess paperwork and allows for:
Direct Pharmacy Link for fast and
convenient prescriptions
Check-in/Check-out process made
quick and efficient.
Medical record history inquiries
and transfers that are concise and
easy with electronic database
Prompt subspecialty referrals

:00 6:00 M-F; weekend and after hour
are available
/II Insurances Accepted

12086 Ft. Caroline Rd. *Suite Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225
Located in the new Hidden Hills Executive Park (near the corner of Fort
Caroline and Monument Rd..)


www.smooltjaml053.com "THE PEOPLE'S STATION" w-w.iesta925.com

Thank you for

listen ing.fl,


955 Regeny SqBlule B. Saite I2 JachLiile, .F32225 Off(W) 6I050 Fax) 0151
^IwjrjMbemrWl*t; g

-:I. i,'-

Always Working Hard For YoK.
Don't Keep Me A Secret
Betty Asque Davis

8058 Denham Rd. E
Jacksonville, FL 32208
This lovely, cozy concrete, block 3BR/1BA home on a hill has many
extras that include: Sun Room; updated kitchen (a cook's dream
with over size range): 3rd BR is computer ready with additional
elect. Outlets and 2 phone lines; landscaped front and shady back
yard w/ fruit & nut trees (great for cookouts); irrigation system;
alarm system; detached all electric shed.
Directions: From 1-95 go W on Edgewood Ave to Lake Park. N on
Lake Park to Denham E on Denham to address on W side of

615 Highway AIA
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Office: 904-285-6300
Direct: 904-473-1502
Fax: 904-285-5330
Toll Free: 800-288-6330

Email: badavis@WatsonRealtyCorp.com



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What a great way to grow any business.
v' Great for restaurants, drugstores, discountstores
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V Support from sales, advertising and marketing staff
V More than 1.3 Million transactions daily, statewide
V Over $3.5 Billion in sales last year alone

Get started today.
Call -he Fiorida3 ioneriy Bu:i.irine. Deveiopmeni Depjarrieni tj
850.487.7733 or e-mail us at b2b@flalottery.com.
020C6 fi3da Lotei. There is a S100 nonrefundable appicatin fee.

When you play, we all win.

nAd-'V 1 --


MAY27, 2006


'F '-~


M a 2
?~rLO-JurneA 3
~aKFUA'2006 lt~:

Angela Bassett: A True Living Acting Treasure
Photos 2006 by Andre' B. Mzur-ay/www.bernagency.photoreflect.com

By Rych McCain
feedbaclcych@sbcglobal. net

She is a gorgeous
"sista," with an infec-
tious, sexy smile. She
is Yale educated (a
B.A. in African-
American Studies; also
completing three years
at the Yale School of
Drama, earning a
Master of Arts in
Drama). In the eyes of
many, she is revered as
a living acting icon on
a level that few of her
professional peers have
had the opportunity to
arrive at because the
business that she is in
purposely and severely
limits all people of
color. We are talking
none other than our
own Black "Queen
Mother," of young
Black Afrikan
Hollywood, Angela
This columnist is
grateful for the recent
opportunity to have
shared in a round table
interview and a one on
one photo session with
Bassett., She was
warm, humorous, seri-
ous and very down to

earth. Like me, Bassett
is very physical. If you
are close enough, she
will touch you when she
talks i.e., pat you on the
shoulder, high five or
(in my case sitting right
next to her), an occa-
sional playful grab-slap
on the knee as she
becomes dramatical
with the subjects at
hand. I've interviewed
lesser stars with nega-
tive body language, who
are stand-offish, sit back
and wouldn't touch you
with a ten-foot pole.
This made my con-
versation with Bassett
an added bonus and
pleasure. At one point
she felt like a personal
friend that I hadn't seen
in a long time.
Bassett was born in
New York City but grew
up in St. Petersburg,
Florida where her fami-
ly had relocated. Her
social worker mom
taught her strict disci-
pline and independence
while growing up.
Bassett brought up an
incident when she was a
child that brings home
the point of how she
Bassett cont'd on D-5!








mm I

0 i









n CD


0hs-u In 000yoo

By Rych McCain

Keyboard m aestro
Herbie Hancock has a 24-
date European Tour that
will begin in June and last
through August. He will
appear at the Sonoma Jazz
Fest on May 28 and debut
his road band i.e., Richie
Barshay, drums; Matt
Garrison, bass; Lili
Haydn, Violin and Lionel
Loueke. guitar at the JVC

Jazz Fest in New York on
June 23. His tour will swing
through the western part of
the U.S., before wrapping
up at the Hollywood Bowl
in LA on August 9th. Check
out his last CD album
Angeles Records artist
Mitchy Slick will go on the
road as the opener for DJ
Quik starting June 3 in Park
City, Utah. Slick's sopho-
more album Urban
Survival Svndrome will

drop August 1. Check him
out at
hyslick. Mitchy is also a
member of the Strong Arm
Steady Crew, who were just
signed to Talib Kweli's
label, Blacksmith/Warner
Brothers. Mathew Knowles
and his Music World Music
Company, had an LA show-
case for teen rapper Lil J
Xavier AKA Young Prince
of Tha South. Kurupt AKA
Youne Gotti will release his

highly anticipated under-
ground CD, "Same Day,
Different S-," on June
20th. Kurupt is currently
traveling with Tha Dogg
Pound, opening for Ice
Cube on his "Laugh Now,
Cry Later,' tour.'
For those of you who
are seriously trying to
Whassup continued on D-8
[ TV Listings



Saturday Morning http://www.zap2it.com May27, 2006

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CBS @7 6 9 Words of Light Town Hall Little Bill (CC) Blue's Clues Saturday Early Show 6 (CC) LazyTown Go, Diego, Go! Backyardigans Dora-Explorer
FOX 3 10 13 Paid Program Paid Program Sher Holmes Mayor Peyton DoReMi IDoReMi Bratz 6 (CC) Winx Club (CC) Winx Club (CC) Mutant Turtles Sonic X 0( (CC) G.I, Joe Sigma
IND C 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program 'The Morning Show (CC) Pet Keeping Wild About Awesome Adv. Exploration Paid Program Paid Program
NBC 11 12 Bob Vila (CC) Rebecca Gdn Today 0 (CC) Good Morning Jacksonville Saturday (CC) Kenny-Shark Time Warp Trio Trading Spaces Darcy's Wild
PAX P 12 2 Farm Bureau Rose Lee A. Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program PaidProgram Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
PBS 07 8 5 GED Connect. GED Connect. GED Connect. Clifford-Red Dragon Tales Big Big World Joy of Painting Victory Garden Woodwright Yankee Shop Hometime (CC) Garden Home
TBN U 13 59 Kids Like You Circle Square Flying House Cherub Wings The Reppies BJs Teddy Bear Faithville (El) Colby's Club Dooley-Pals McGee and Me Pahappahooey Knock Knock
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COM 65 43 Paid Program Paid Program Distraction (CC) Distraction (CC) Distraction (CC) Distraction (CC) Mad TV Bon Jovi. f4 (CC) Mad TV 6C (CC) Mad TV 4) (CC)
DISN 22 16 Bear in House Koala Brothers JoJo's Circus Higglytown Little Einsteins Doodlebops Mickey Mouse ICharlie & Lola The Wiggles ILilo & Stitch f Lilo & StitciT Buzz-Maggie
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FAM 43 23 Paid Program Paid Program Digimon-Digital IDragon Booster Spider-Man A TO M. irJi Spider-Man ISpider-Man Spider-Man ISpider-Man ISpider-Man Spider-Man
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LIFE i 18 28 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Beach Girls CCi
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SPIKE 61 37 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Three Stooges Three Stooges World's Most Amazing Videos Trucks! 0 (CC) Trucks! 0 (CC)
TBS '17 18 Bosom Buddies Bosom Buddies Saved by Bell Saved by Bell *** Three Men and a Baby 1i9R,7. Comned, T,.'m '-llt.: l CCI ** Only You 11 ?41 Mai31ia Tome. Rorern Downry Jr iCC)
TNT :46 17 *** Moonstruck (198;' TCher ilL.:.las Cage Viri,.aer Gjrdenir iCC **** Rain Man I i198 Duihr, -r. H ntin-ir h O)i j Lar .nn.irr lul ',l jin js l, nij n jnd hi bro i-r I'* First Knight I195) ICCi
USA 164 25 Coach iCCi, Coach iLL IPaidProgram IPaid Program Paid ProPaid Paid Program [Monk il I** Dirty Harry nij; DraniaiClini E;il.r:w: Ham, Guardino ICC)

Saturday Afternoon http://www.zap2it.coni May 27, 2006

ABC I51 5 10 Zack& Cody IPhilof Future INBAAccess IPaidProgram IPaid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program IWNBA Basketball DJt:rcll .rni:cr l C.nriec i..ii urn IL',el (CCi
CBS -*V7l 6 9 Anaconda ll'97 Suipen'-ri. Jenrinllr Lop-z I' Cut l .Io:n /i.3ghi BenHogan PGA Golf FeiE. _.I Ju i i, i. Third HJd ,. i L L L CC
FOX Aji 10 13 Paid Program Week-Baseball MLB Baseball: Rea:nonl Cover.iq,. Bra a- '1l 'uti :,: q.r 31 r ... n ...r r.lel t Fl.ar,, M~rlinJ MLB Postgame aFrasier i, rCC I Frasier i I'C I That '70s Show
IND W 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program IPaid Program IPaid Program .Paid Program Paid Program EA Sports All American Show ER The Birthday Partyf A (CC)
NBC (R2l 11 12 Flight 29 Down Golf Senior PGA Championship -- Third Round From Oak Tree Golf Club in Eamni..riJ. O~,ii t'i C; Arena Foolball: Oi, lonrl Pila:rt R-illl. i- I S.ihret.-Cj, r F:r: Or. ptrj.J,
PAX I11 12 2 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program IPald Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
PBS 171 8 5 This Old House This Old House Antiques Roadshow ir, ILC,_ Find! is ICC Daisy Cooks' Real Simple ir America s Tst Everyday Food Barbecue Univ. Jacques Pepin Barbecue Amrc
TBN '59 13 59 Wild & Wacky Miss Charity Bibleman El IDavey-Goliath Grealest Heroes ol the Bible -Eli K 10 C IEl Kirk Cameroi Christian World Ireg Laurie Praise the Lord iCCi
WB 171 9 7 Chairman of the Board 11'99 C.'rnelvi Canrm Tc ir I* Chain Reaction ri19ti I'.j-, u RV v? Motrgar Frmmrjirn ia *t Baby Boy 20i.:01, [iram.il Tyret.ie Girbtsn Tar.i P Hens',..n
COM 65 43 Mad TV r, iCCi *. Beverly Hills Cop Ill 11991i Eddile Mui-ph ..lud, e RFiiiii..ld I' CC ** The Original Kings of Comedy (20rJOd Sleve Han'P v IC.I ** Major League 198~i)c C!
DISN 22 16 American Drgn Emperor New The Other Me I.ii000 Andy La-rrr:ec Brei.nd l ..Jliersoin CC. American Drgn [American Drgn Kim Possible |Kim Possible Emperor New |Buzz-Maggie
ESPN :48 34 College Softball IICAA uiper Reqorn3l -- Tearnm TBA !CCI IDrive to the Chicago Auto Show New York Auto Show College Sofiball ,ICAA Super H-,io,,3I -- Team. TBA (Livl) (CC)
FAM 43 23 Full House (CC Full House I I Full House ICCi ** Home Alone 2. Lost in New York (19921 `1c-ulau v Culhn iloi Pe;:.i if C ** The Sandloti lqq Comeyv Dramil Torm urn, Mike Viar
HBO 2 201 ** Joe Versus the Volcano 11 901 T..m Hanks o1 o One Fine Day i1996 Mi.e Pihelle P rlin~r GE.ri Clw.ey s ICCi I** Monster-in-Law 12i'0ci Jenniler Lupez Jane Fonda i (CC) I** Spanglish
LIFE 18 28 Beach Girls ilCC) Beach Girls I,' Beach Girls ICC) Beach Girls CCI Beach Girls IC-' Criminal Intent 120051 Linda Purl
NICK 12 41 Danny Phantom Catscralch t Catscratch Steen i CCi Drake & Josh INed's School Unfabulous IZoey 101 CL I Nicktoons TV INicoonsTV ISpongeBob IDrake& Josh
SPIKE 61 37 Horsepower TV MuscleCar i1 Xtreme m4x4 i Trucks! Ni) iCCi *** Smokey and the Bandit i 19 :7 Burl Rinolds Sall; Field y Smokey and the Bandit II (1980, Ciomelvl Pun Reyno'ld.. i
TBS 17 18 ** Only You *** While You Were Sleeping (19%P Ci:mei Sandra Bullor.k Bll Pullm n iCi ** You veGot Mail '8 R:iman:e-.Co:i-edyl Tom Hanks Meg Ryan CC) I** Overboard
TNT :46 17 ** First Knight (1991 Seanr Conner; i CCi ** Legends of Ihe Fall 1194. lDramad Brad Plft 4Anrhony H.opkins Aidan Quinn CC1:) ** The Patriot 12000, Warl Mtl GiIbson, Mealh Ledger (CC (IDVSI
USA '64 25 Out for a Kill (2103 Ailonril SIr-,i Seagal, Michelle Goh (CCLI i* Belly of the Beast ?2i:i03 SAIe.e Sagal Ru-;ell WOnrg .(CLC)__ *- The Foreigner i1.'03) Steven Seagal. Harry van Gorkum (CCI

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------------- ---- I I 7
ABC 1- 5 10 ABC News FNews (CC) Extra (N) ( CC) *** Enemy of the State (1998 Aclionj Will Smith Gene Hackman. mo News (CC) 24 6 ICC)
CBS 14 6 9 News CBS News Straight Talk 2006 NCIS "Hean Break i.CCi Criminal Minds 04 (CCI 48 Hours Mystery (CC) News Raymond
FOX l30 10 13 Straight Talk 2006 '70s Show Seinfeld 0 Cops (CC) ICops(CCI America's Most Wanted News (CCI News (CC) Mad TV C' ICCI
IND I1 3 4 News The Insider Griffith Griffith Alias 'Double Agent" a' CSI: Crime Scn News News Da Vinci's Inquest (CC)
NBC (12 11 12 News CCi NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Dateline NBC EI (CC) Straight Talk Law & Order News (CCI Sat. Night
PAX Ifi 12 2 Morris Cerullo Helpline Gaither Gospel Music St It's a Miracle al ICCi Cave In (2003) Mimi Rogers. Ted Shackelford. aS Time-Music Paid Prog.
PBS 17 8 5 Lawrence Welk Show Antiques Roadshow INi Keeping Up Keeping Up Time Goes Time Goes Served IServed MontyPyth The Office
TBN (5 13 59 Praise the Lord ICC) The Coral Ridge Hour In Touch (CCI Carl Baugh New Life Billy Graham Classic Thru History Travel Road
WB 1117 9 7 Baby Boy My Wife Will-Grace Will-Grace Pepper Dennis (NI (CC) What I Like Twins CCi Smallville Run' i' (CCI Star Trek: Enterprise E)
COM 65 43 ** Major League (1989) 10 Things I Hate About You 11999; Healh Ledger *** Bad Santa (2003) Billy Bob Thornlon (CC ** Major League 1989)
SDISN 22 16 Life Derek ISuite Life Montana So Raven Heavyweights (1995i Tom McGowan. (CC) IPhil Life Derek Suite Life ISo Raven
SESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) NBA NBA Basketball: Easlern Cont. Final -- Fistons at Heal SportsCenter (Live) ICC)
FAM 43 23 The Sandlot 2 (2005) James Earl Jones. (CC) ** Scooby-Doo (2002) Freddie Prinze Jr. (CC I Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (19921 (CC)
HBO 2 201 ** Spanglish (2004) Adam Sandier. Eo (CC) ** The Perfecl Man 120051 Hilarv Duff Premiere al Boxing Jhocnny Gonzalez vs Fernando Montel. ICC)
LIFE 18 28 Criminal Intent 12005) Mafia Doctor 12003) Paul Sorvino ICC) (DVSI 1 Always Say Goodbye I1997) Joshua Beckett Engaged to Kill (2006)
NICK 42 41 Grown Up IPhantom OddParents SpongeBob School [Drake AII That E IAmanda Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr. Fresh Pr. [Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 UFC 60 Countdown Playbook MXC I Sniper 2 (2002. Suspense) Tom Berencer. <" The Ultimate Fighter 1 ITNA iMPACT! o' (CC)
TBS 17 18 ** Overboard (1987. Comedy) Goldie Hawn. (CCi *** My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) Julia Roberts. ICC) ** Sister Act (19921 Whoopi Goldberg.
TNT 46 17 *** The Patriot (20001 *** Saving Private Ryan (1998. Wan Tom Hanks. Edward Burns. Tom Sizemore ICC) ** Saving Private Ryan 11998) (CC)
SUSA 64 25 Foreigner 2: Black Dawn 12005) Steven Seagal. (CC) The Poseidon Adventure 11972, Adventure) Gene Hackman. Premiere. (CC) [Law Order: CI

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TNT 46 17 Drama-Rescues The Patriot 1 i'''1' MTl iGibion in an r an ri, -. i' n h rgh, sir s-de l- i.de n Ih ; Ri iuunainry War *** Twister (196 Acrholn HElen Hunt, Bill P.Ralrn (CCC Atomic Twister
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FOX j01 10 13 *** Ransom ii, :' .u-pe' ei M-r Gitudl. -ri Hu i,- iiu arvi SlIri Paid Program ** The Sixth Man 19'.; Marilon Wdaan-as aeema HardinjrIn NASCAR Racing: NJei. Cup
IND ill 3 4 Pad Program IPaid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program JER Thrie Errioy Pji-y 1i :CC) 2006 Straight Talk
NBC I 11 12 Endurance Goll .-nriui PC ,' Championship -- Final Round From Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmond, Okla. (S Live) (CC) Arena Football: Divisional Playoff -- Rush at Crush or Soul at Predators
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TBN 591 13 59 Love Worth Finding lC:: Bishop Evans lt Is Written Bayless Conley Paula White King Is Coming jBisnop P Cornerstone I~Ci Bayless Conley (Gregory Dickow
WB 17 9 7 ** Calendar Girl i IJI31] Jr.P3E -:'.re, G.bl l;Ci ii s 1** t Blue Steel 1940. Suspense lanile L;. Cunm- Rtrn E:ier '*t Serplco 1973. Cnrm Drmlrai Al Pacino J.Irn RandRolph i6
COM i 65 4-3 ** Big Trouble 200.i Tim Allen ** The Original Kings of Comedy 2,IiC,0 i teve Hn.re'v (iCi Bubble Boy ( C'201 C.-.,rlvl Jke Gllennaal, Swoose urt; IC) 10 Things I Hale About You
DISN 22 16 American Drgn Emperor NJew Life Is Ruff i 200 Cm.:eiv] e l-yi Mai.S',' Cral'n vWrier iZack & Cody IThat's-Raven Lizzie McGuire iEven Stevens PhilolFulure Naturally. Sadie
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter Baseball College Softball trCAa Supir R Qi.:inal -- Tiams TBA !Lie- (!CCli
FAM 43 23 Full House Ir:ci Full House 1':1 Mrs. Doubttire 1 991 RRobrn Williams An epirdraned did pose; s a rarnn ir ti" be wilt ch'i.hldren I The Big Green 119951 Steve GuTimnterg O-livi d'Abo ICCi
HBO 2 201 OveriHedge ** New York Minute i2Ci11 Ashpley JOl.S n i 1 iCC) ** Batman Begins 2 ('205 Pilioni Chrr;tian Bajl Miihaeil Caine fi Ci II** Chicken Run l2o0j) Voice: 1. Mel Gitso.n as
LIFE 18 28 Wall of Secrels i2'.3i0l CC) Cradle of Lies (2C-06 uspen;ei ,rianrnn Sturri.., Dvlin Ne-a (CCi Malpractice (-'i0l Sleprianie Zlmrnalisr GCabnele Caners (CCi Arthur Halley's Detective i2005)
NICK 42 41 Danny Phantom Catscratch a Nickloons TV NicktoonsTV INicktoonsTV NicktoonsTV NicktoonsTV |NficktoonsTV INicktoons TV NicktoonsTV NicktoonsTV Told by Ginger
SPIKE 61 37 Xtreme 4x4 i ITrucks! i C I Horsepower TV The Playbook ** Rising Sun r1993 Draraai Sean Connrry. We~~iy rnipe H Harvey Kilel i ii Scarface H1983I Al Pacino Micrhelle Pliftter ii
TBS 17 18 ** You've Got Mail 19''.31 Toum Hadn Meg Ryirn ,CCi MLB Baseball AllAiri braves .l ChicaLyo Cube Fi.m Wrilr-y Field in Cric:,a ISubl,:.:l i? Bia:i.ull [Funniest Wedding Outtakes
TNT 46 17 ** Atomic Twisler 12u2i iriar..n Lawrence +*. Romeo Must Die t.ii0 Aciori Jet Li. AadiySh l3iari Wathingi.:n. (CC) 1* Cradle 2 [he Grave 12003. Aclior) Jet LI. DMX iCCI
USA ;64 25 Monk Mor~n su'pec:l a ,~enirr ]* Half Past Dead i 00. Sitev-i ieagal Miri. Chiesliini iCCI [Foreigner 2: Black Dawn 12'05 Ar lion) Sleven Sealal. (CCi jnlo the Sun (2005, Aclonlm CC)

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ABC f I 5 10 ABC News News (CC) Funniest Home Videos Makeover: Home Desperate Housewives Grey's Anatomy 4- iCCi INews (CCi Sports Final
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FOX 13 10 13 NASCAR Racing rexiel Cup -- Coca-Coia 6:00 From LOWe s MDior Speedway in Conco rd t.C iCC News (CCI News (CC) Seinfeld in News Sun.
IND ) 3 4 News jEdition Entertainment Tonight A I King jKing CSI: Crime Scn News [News Alias "Double Agent" f
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COM 65 43 10 Things I Hale Bad Santa 12003i (PA) Billy Bob Troriron ICC) ** Super Troopers (2001) Jay Chandraselhar (CCJ ** Zoolander (2001) (CC)
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ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) Baseball Tonight (Live) MLB Baseball Oakland Athlelic., 31 Texas Rangers iLivei CC) SportsCenter ILive) (CCI
FAM 43 23 ** Agent Cody Banks i2003i Frankie Muniz ICC) ** Big Fat Liar (2002, Comedvy Franki Miiuniz ICC) ** Big Fat Liar 12002. Comedy) Frankie Mun2z. ,CC)
HBO 2 201 ** The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 12005) Entourage lEntourage The Sopranos (CC) The Sopranos b (CCI The Sopranos i, iCCI
LIFE 18 28 Arthur Halley's Detective (20051 Tom Berenger, Anliabelh Gisr. Premiere (CCI Date With Darkness-Andrew Luster Medium (a (CC)
NICK 42 41 Drake ISchool IJust Kicks IUnfabulous Zoey 101 INews Fresh Pr. (Fresh Pr. jFresh Pr. [Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr.
SPIKE 61 37 Scarlace 11963) Al Pacino. Michelle Pleifter. Braveheart (19951 Mel Gibson A Scottish rebel rallies his countrymen against England (,
TBS 17 18 ** My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) (CC) Miss Congeniality (2000) (PA) Sandra Bullock I** Miss Congeniality (2000) (PA) Sandra Bullock
TNT 46 17 ** Out of Time (2003) Denzel Washington. ICC) Pregame INBA Basketball Play.ois -- Tearns TBA (Live) ICCi Ilnsde NBA
USA 64 25 Into the Sun 12005) (CC ILaw & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU

The Florida Star

Page D-3/May 27, 2006

TV Rolls Out a Brand New Season of 'Pimp My Ride,' June 15

Xzibit Returns To Rev Up New
Season With A New Garage

MTV announced today that the
hit series "Pimp My Ride" will
return for an all new season
beginning Thursday, June 15 at
10 p.m. ET/PT. For its new sea-
son, rap superstar and car
enthusiast Xzibit and car cus-
tomization specialist Mad Mike
take aim on the biggest clunk-
ers on the road. Joining them
for this new season, and giving
a new spin on car customiza-
tion, is GAS Galpin Auto
Sports. Together Xzibit, Mad
Mike and the crew at the shop
will create unheard of, pimped
out masterpieces in the all new
season of "Pimp My Ride."
This season Xzibit and Mad
Mike, with some help from the
guys at GAS, will take things to
a whole new level.
Accomplishing" things that have
never been done before, in this
season of "Pimp My Ride"
viewers will witness a 1988
Cadillac Limo hooked up with
a 50" plasma screen movie the-
ater, a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant
with its own white fur chaise
lounge, and a 1976 ice cream
truck that is destined to go out
of business remodeled with
some 2006 technology.
In anticipation of the new sea-
son, MTV will schedule two 4-
hour blocks of "Pimp My Ride"
episodes, each block airing on
consecutive Sundays in June,
for a total of 8 hours of pro-
gramming. The first block airs
on June 4 from 5:00 p.m. 9:00
p.m.. The second block airs on
June 11 from 10:00 a.m. 2:00
MTV.com lends its support to
"Pimp My Ride" by launching
the Pimp My Ride/Lincoln
Mark LT Sweepstakes. Each
week MTV.com users will
come to the "Pimp My Ride"
website and vote for one item
featured on that week's episode

to be added to the Mark LT. The
following week, Overdrive will
feature a package showing the
installation of the part that was
voted on that week. At the end
of the season the Mark LT will
be given away to one lucky
Overdrive will also offer view-
ers access to a segment of out-
takes and deleted scenes. Full
episodes will be available on
MTV On Demand starting July
In addition, fans with mobile
devices will be able to access
features including the "Pimp
My Ride" trailer, weekly out-
takes from current season, "best
of'-clips from previous seasons
and "Pimp My Ride" graphics
.available as downloadable
wallpapers on mobile.mtv.com.
Rick Hurvitz and Bruce
Beresford-Redman are execu-
tive producers for "Pimp My
Ride." Larry Hochberg is
supervising producer. Beth
Greenwald is creative executive
for MTV.


8 p.m. on

SEnemy of
the State:
S'. ., Bearing the
., r:'-' typically fast
pacing of
films by pro-
ducer Jerry
Bruckheimer and director
Tony Scott ("Top Gun"), this
1998 action saga casts Will
Smith as an attorney on the
run. The fall guy in a high-lev-
el assassination, he finds his
only possible salvation in a
smart, cynical security veter-
an (Gene Hackman).




All About Kids is the premiere pediatric facility in
Jacksonville, Florida. We are dedicated to provid-
ing children with the highest quality of health
care. Our doctors are Board Certified
Pediatricians with years of Pediatric Emergency
Room experience. With flexible hours, we are
able to accommodate the needs of families with
busy lifestyles. Come see why so many parents
trust All About Kids Pediatrics with their children's
Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and have pediatric
ER experience.

..K .'
* Asthma Therapy
* Pain Relief
* Hemoglobin/Hematocrit
* Mono Screening
* Rapid Strep Screening
* Sport and School
Participation Physicals
* Urinalysis
* Well visits/Immunizations

9:00 6:00 M-F;
weekend and after hour
care available
All Insurances Accepted

12086 Ft Caroline Rd. Suite Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225

The Florida Star

Pa e D-4/Ma 27 2006



Bassett continued from D-1
was reared.
"I brought home a
"C," on my report card.
I had my argument all
figured out because she
might go off. I think it
was in P.E. too. It usual-
ly was in P.E. She was
displeased with it and I
do remember saying but
mom, a 'C,' is average.
Then she yelled back, 'I
don't have average chil-
dren!' This stops, this
stops and this stops i.e.,
no phone calls, no
cheerleading, no
allowance to you name
it. The tone was that
hard-edged, but that
love was under there
and that has followed
me. The blank slate that
I was as a child; that was
written on it. I don't

have average children."
During Bassett's jun-
ior year in high school,
she went on an Upward
Bound trip to
Washington D.C., where
she saw. James Earl
Jones in a Kennedy
Center production of
"Of Mice and Men."
This inspired her to
make acting her calling.
When she returned to St.
Petersburg, she became
actively involved in a
number of local theater
productions. Upon grad-
uation, Bassett received
a scholarship to Yale.
She made her profes-
sional screen debut in
1986 with the. cult
favorite F/X. Other roles
followed such as Boyz
In The Hood, Malcolm
X, The Jacksons: An

American Dream, made
for TV movie; Waiting
To Exhale and How
Stella Got Her Groove
Back and of course her
Best Actress Oscar
nominated, What's Love
Got To Do With It.
When asked if she
gets any pressure from
being an Oscar nominat-
ed actress when being
considered for roles
Bassett responded, "No,
I don't think I get pres-
sured. The only pressure
is the pressure I put on
myself." Bassett has
maintained a level of
personal class and pro-
fessional integrity that is
an example for genera-
tions of actors and black
ones in particular, to fol-


FaX ;C

off,1 0

* y

Gospel Tabernacle
Greater 2nd Mount Olive
Missionary Baptist Church
Heritage Christian'Center

Jesus People Ministries
Master's iTu-.:rir b.mt i
ML. Olive Baptist Church
New Birth Cathedral
Prosperity Unlimited
4W0, .1 Filrifdlf il il, Cri lhrl



Bishop Wiley Jackson
Pastor Lorenzo Heard
Pastors James &
Teressa White
Bishop Isaiah Williams

Atlanta GA
Albany GA

Sun- 7:30a

Jacksonville FL Wed S5a

FL Sun-1:OOp

Dr. Patricia Bailey Alpharetta
BI, ij Ma u vIli Ft. Lauderdale

M,,iroip Eadle L.,ir-v
Min. :ar1lol Inli
Pastor Dale Bronner
Dr. Crego Dollar

Sal- 10:00a

Lithonia GA Mon- 7:00a
.Itew.. -"t GA Sun-6!00a :
East Point GA Sun. -11:30a
Co"iie.e PF.. GA M-F Sun 5:30a


WEEK OF 05/13/06

TV One
(Jacksonville Comcast
Channel 160)
9 a.m., "B Smith Style"
10 a.m., "Boston Public"
12 noon, "Showtime at the
5 p.m. 7 p.m., "227" &
"Amen" block
7 p.m., "Good Times"
7:30 p.m. & 10 p.m.,
8:30 p.m. $ingletary
$ays "$ingletary $ays"
shows everybody how
they can "live rich" in an
entertaining, humorous,
and incisive manner. fea-
turing best-selling author,
syndicated columnist, and
national radio contributor
Michelle Singletary.
7 a.m. "Sweating in the
Spirit" Get fit with

Donna Richardson Joyner,
11 a.m. "Patti Labelle"
4:00pm "Inside the
Congressional Black
Caucus" a one-hour pub-
lic affairs program giving
you the inside scoop from
a black perspective of the
political activity in the
nation's capital.
*Sat. 5/27, 2:00 p.m. -
The Lost Man Movie
(1969) with Sidney
Poitier, Joanna Shimkus,
Paul Winfield, Al
Freeman Jr., Beverly
Todd, Dick Anthony
Williams. A black leader
uses a civil-rights demon-
stration as a cover for his
planned robbery of an all-
white .factory.
*Sat. 5/27, 4:00 p.m. -
Critical Assignment -
Movie (2004) starring
Cleveland Mitchell.
Filmed on location in

Africa, the action/adven-
ture thriller "Critical
Assignment" centers on a
respected international
journalist (Michael
Power) who reports on a
global water crisis occur-
ring back home in Africa.
After discovering that the
country's ruler will be lin-
ing his own pockets while
depriving many citizens
of a healthy living,
Michael must stay ahead
of those sent to stop him
from reporting the story.
*Sat. 5/27, 6:00 p.m. -
The Riff Movie (2001)
with Antonio Fargas, Nia
Peeples, Mister Jones, and
Cameron Smith. Two old
friends who have been
apart for years are brought
back together; unfortu-
nately it's by their love for
the same woman.
*Sat. 5/27, 8:00 p.m. Mo
Better Blues Movie
(1990). Academy Award
winner Denzel

Washington stars as Bleek
Gilliam, an obsessive,
self-centered jazz trum-
peter who manages to
keep everyone at an arm's
length. Colorful and musi-
cally alive, Oscar nomi-
nated director Spike Lee
leads an A-list cast,
including Oscar nominee
Samuel L. Jackson and
Golden Globe nominee
John Turturro. A powerful
story with great music!
*Sun. 5/28, 10:00 p.m. -
"TV One Access" Guest:
Smokey Robinson.
Smokey Robinson offers
Whitney Houston person-
al advice. Hosted by
Access Hollywood corre-
spondent Shaun Robinson
and presented as monthly
one-hour specials and
daily minute-long enter-
tainment updates. TV One
brings viewers behind the
velvet rope for an inside
look at who's who in
Black Hollywood.

*Mon. 5/29, 9:00
a.m.Memorial Day
Madness Marathon -
Spend your Memorial
Day vacation watching
your favorite TV One sit-:M--
com characters go on
vacation as TV One pres-
ents the "Memorial Day
Madness Marathon." On
Monday, May 29th start-
ing at 9am, join your
favorite characters from
"Martin", "227", "Good
Times", "In the House",
and "Amen" for a full day
marathon of trips with
hilarious circumstances.-w*-
From Martin's vacation in
Hollywood to Marion's
reunion in New York, the
"Memorial Day Madness
Marathon" will have you
laughing out your seat.

Black Family Channel
Monday Saturday, 5 a.m.
- 8 a.m. & Sunday 5 a.m. -
3 p.m., "M-Power
-.cp^ 7\

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FOX 'Qi 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6t Bones i'CC I You Can Dance News ICCI News tCC My Baby's Daddy f, 1
IND t 3 4 News News Ent. Tonight Edition King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil f (CC) News News News The Insider
NBC (f1 11 12 News ICC) NBC News Fortune Jeopaidyl Dateline NBC rs CC, ** The Italian Job (20031 Mark Wahltrira iA (CC, News iCCi Tonight
PAX (21' 12 2 On Cover On Cover Shop-Drop Fam. Feud Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye ', Doc "'Wei-lrme t NY' lIt's a Miracle l iCC, Time-Music Paid Prog.
PBS 8 8 5 Clifford-Red Business News-Lehrer Secrets of the Dead (CC) Frontline "The Age of AID':' iNI (CC) Time of Fear (CC) (DVS)
TBN ( 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Clement Against All Great Souls Van Impe Praise the Lord (CC)
WB 5 9 7 Will-Grace Will-Grace Friends C ]My Wife Blue Coll Blue Coll One Tree Hill 0 (CC) Hollywood Friends Sex & City Sex & City
COM 65 43 ** Coneheads (1993 Curnedyl Dan Aykrovy ICC, Daily Show Colbert Mencia South Park South Park Mencia DailyShow Colbert
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ESPN 148 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) NBA NBA NBA Basketball: Eastern Conf Final -- Heat at Pistons- SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 71h Heaven "M Fam3anl' 7th Heaven o (OCCi ** The Breakfast Club 119851 Emmii E-levez ICCI Whose? Whose? The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 ** Monster-in-Law (2005) ir (CC) IMonster Big Love o i(CCi Big Love Eclipse' iCC) Big Love Atfair' to ICCi The Sopranos f0 (CC)
LIFE 18 28 Golden Golden Murder on Pleasant Drive (;0061 Kell Williams (CCI Acceptable Risk 1200l1i James Buillarr Premiere. Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School fPhantom OddParenls ]Neutron SpongeBob ]Just Kicks Full House [Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr. IRoseanne Roseanne Cosby

61 37 Wildest Police Videos

CSI: Crime Scn

CSI: Crime Scn

* Oul for Justice I 1991 Steven Seagal. William Forsylne s

SReal TV

TBS 17 18 Seinteld e ([Seinfeld t Raymond [Raymond Raymond IRaymond Raymond [Raymond Sex & City Sex & City Thin Line-Love and Hate
TNT .46 17 Charmed if (CC; Law & Order iCCi iDVSi Law & Order 'IM-sing' Law & Order FCCi iDUSI Homicide: Life Without a Trace 6i iCCi
USA 64 25 *** Red Dragon 12002) Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order. SVU Law Order: Cl

Ministry" Your daily
dose of power and praise.
Some of the world's most
dynamic ministers bring
forth the word with bold-
ness including Heritage
Christian Center Pastors
James & Teressa White of
8:00 p.m., "Inside
9:00 p.m., "BFC All
9:30 p.m., "Spoken"
Check out an emerging
generation of the most
prolific poets, spoken
word artists and lyricists.
10:00 p.m., nContrast A
celebrity-focused enter-

tainment and lifestyle
8 p.m., "Gospel Video
3 p.m., "The Thou$and
Dollar Bee" Fourth and
fifth grade students com-
pete for their chance to
win cash and prizes as
they put their spelling and
grammar skills to the test.

6 a.m., Morning
Inspiration with Brother
4 p.m., "The Road Show"
- BET hits the road to var-

ious cities and college
campuses across the coun-
try. for a high-energy
"Battle of the Sexes"
between 15 young men
and women another for
bragging rights and
5 p.m., "Rap City"
11 p.m, "In Living Color"
Monday-Friday 6 p.m &
Saturday 3 p.m. 4 p.m.,
"106 & Park"
Tuesday & Fridays, 10
p.m., "Comic View" -
BET's primetime comedy
hit flips the script.
side-splitting blasts from
the past mixed in with
some of today's funniest

"I"M *4mmo Gmmi
no do 411111111 -4 to

am -, 0*

0 C
cC) O

-' 0. C

(D (
o CL
(D r-10-




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FOX ( 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 '70s Show '70s Show You Can Dance News (CC) News (CC) Hates Chris Love, Inc.
IND W 3 4 News News Ent. Tonight Edition Storms Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 0 (CC) News News News The Insider
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COM 65 43 *** Married to the Mob Reno 911! Reno 911! Daily Show Colbert Mencia South Park Spade South Park Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 So Raven Suite Life Phil So Raven Double Teamed (2002) Annie McElwain. (CC) Emperor Even Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 PGA Golf SportsCtr. MLB Baseball New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers. (Subject to Blackout) (Live) Baseball Tonight (Live) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
SFAM 43 23 7th Heaven 4- iC'il 7th Heaven 0, iCC) The Waterboy 11998) Adarr Sandier ICCi Whose? IWhose? The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 Envy IT2' i- Ben Siill.r 1 iCC) lPrairie Big Love is (CCi Big Love Eviclron' IC( Big Love'Easier' tCC) Real Sex (' i(CC
LIFE 18 28 Golden Golden Ties That Bind i:2,'06i r.Iiole de Boe.r ICC I Lethal Vows t1999, M'slt-ry) Jonn Riner tCC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School Phantom OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Romeo! A Full House Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr. IRoseanne Roseanne Cosby
SPIKE 161 37 Wildest Police Videos CSI: Crime Scn |CSI: Crime Scn UFC Unleashed IThe Ultimate Fighter (N) TNA iMPACT (N) A (CC)
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 6 ISeinfeld A Raymond IMLB Baseball Arizona Diamondbacks at Atlanta Braves. (Subject to Blackout) ** Orange County (2002) Coli Hanks.
TNT 46 17 Charmed 0 (CC) Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Pregame INBA Basketball Playoffs -- Teams TBA. (Live) (CC) |lnsde NBA
USA (64 25 ** Major Payne (1995) Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU ILaw Order: Cl (Law Order: CI Law Order: CI

I Friday Evenina

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0 U rNews (UU) ~t.u News
6 9 News CBS News
10 13 Simpsons Malcolm
3 4 News News
11 12 News (CC) NBC News
12 2 Animal Tails (, 1EI1

News (t l
Judge Judy
'70s Show

-exra (ij) it runniest nome videos rope r raimn t (i,)
Raymond Ghost Whisperer (CC) Close to Home 6 (CC)
Seinleld ti ** Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (20011 Angelin3 .lole

Ent. Tonight Edition



Shop-Drop Fam. Feud

I Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 6 (CC)

Dateline NBC, (CC)

ILas Vegas 6 (CC)

Paradise Virus r2003) Melody Thom,~s Scon. ('o

NUMB3RS (iTV)ft(CC) News

'I Late

News CC) News ICCI WWE Smack.
News News News The Insider
Conviction "Denial" (CC) News (CC) Tonight

It's a Miracle 0s ICC)

Time Life Paid Prog.

I I 8 5 Cliff Pup JBusiness News-Lehrer Wash Wk Review NOW N, m McLaughlin *** The Misfits (19611 Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe.
I 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) ACLJ Primary Behind Rubin Joel Osteen Price Praise the Lord (CC)
Tif 9 7 Will-Grace Will-Grace Friends i, My Wife What I Like Twins iCCi Reba (CCi Living-Fran Hollywood |Friends 6 [Sex& City ISex & City
S .65 43 ** Married to the Mob Presents Reno 911! ** Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie (2003) (CCI Stand Up Nation With Greg Giraldo (NI ICC)
N 22 16 Suite Lile ISuile Life Suite Life Suite Life The Parent Trap 1199P) Lindsay Lohan. Derini, Quadr (CC) Even ISuite Life |So Raven
'N 148 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) NBA NBA Basketball: Eastern Conf, Final -- Pistons at Heat SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
1 43 23 7th Heaven i( ICCI 7th Heaven iCC Ever After: A Cinderella Story (19981 Drew Barrymore. ICCj Whose? The 700 Club (CC)
) 2 201 ** Sommersby 19931 Richaro Gere. is ICCi Big Love i I',L C Big Love The Baptisni. Big Love s t CC) The Sopranos it (CC)
S 18 28 Golden Golden *** Losing Isaiah (19951 Jssica Lange ICCC ** Disappearing Acts (2000) Wesley Snipes. Sanaa Latnan (CC) Will-Grace
K :42 41 School Phantom SpongeBob jCatscratch Avatar IThe X's is Phantom JPhantom Fresh Pr. JRoseanne Roseanne Cosby
E 61 37 Wildest Police Videos CS Crime Sn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn The Shield "Scar Tissue" The Shield "Co-Pilot"
17 18 Seinleld ,i ISeinfeld it Raymond [Raymond Friends s Friends is ** Road Trip 12000, Comedvi Tom Green (CC) Son-in-Law (1993) (CC)
46 17 Charmed ,o ICCi Law & Order Msratii,-n ** GoodFellas !1990) Robert De Niro, Ray Llotra. Joe Pesci Premiere iCC) ** ** GoodFellas (1990)
1 64 25 Far and Away 11992i Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU JMonk iCCi1 House sI (CCI

Whassup continued from D-1
make contact with the
music industry, you should
check out The Music
Business Registry at
www.musicregistry.com or
call 800-377-7411 or 818-
995-7458. They have four
directories i.e., A&R
Registry, Music Publisher
Registry, Music Business
Attorney Registry and the
Film and Television Music
Guide. They are not cheap,
but are worth their weight
in gold!
Oscar winner Jamie
Foxx received an all time
best, five nominations for
the fourth -coming BET
AWARDS. Busta Rhymes,

Mary J. Blige and Missy
Elliott grabbed for picks
each. This year's show will
be hosted for the first time
by comedian Damon
Wayans when it airs live
from the famed Shrine
Auditorium on Tuesday,
June 27. Singer Chaka
Khan will receive the BET
Lifetime Achievement
Award while world-
renowned actor, singer and
activist Harry Belafonte
will receive the BET
Humanitarian Award.
Featured performers will
include: Mary J. Blige, TI.,
Mariah Carey and Kanye
The Da Vinci Code;

Columbia Pictures, starring
Tom Hanks, Audrey
Tautou, Ian McKellen,
Alfred Molina, Jurgen
Prochnow, Paul Bettany
and Jean Reno. Directed by
Ron Howard, screenplay
by Akiva Goldsman, pro-
duced by Brian Grazier and
John Calley, based on the'
block busting selling novel
by Dan Brown.
The movie was a good
thriller but the content was
overloaded with historical
inaccuracies, misrepresen-
tation of the origins and
motives surrounding the
ecumenical politics during
the formative era of
Christianity. No mention or
reference was made of

Africa or the Black African
Nile Valley where
Christianity actually began
before the invaders from the
north came in.
However, the real
shocker is that the master
teachers of the Hagia
Sophia were all the black
African Coptic Melchite
Priests from Kemet (aka
Egypt). These Black
scholastic masters created
the world's first academic
institution (within the Hagia
Sophia), .for Europeans,
who at that time could not
read or write. Both Ancient
Rome and Greece were
totally illiterate until the
black African from Kemet
wrote' alphabets for them,

and taught them to read and
write. There were three
African Popes during this
period i.e., Vigilius (537-
555), Pelagius (556-561)
and John III (561-574). No
mention of them in the
This movie is typical
propaganda Hollywood.
They portray the biblical
Jesus as a white European
who was married to Mary
Magdalene. They had a
child who started a blood
line that some were for and
other against.
Hit me up at feedback-

The Florida Star

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