Florida Star

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090511_AAAABD INGEST_TIME 2009-05-11T08:03:19Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00060
FILE SIZE 287439 DFID F20090511_AAAGQD ORIGIN DEPOSITOR PATH 00026.pro GLOBAL FALSE PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 630913b8a157d8c4c23c4923b304fdccSHA-1 482e06a2bede50587f4f9be8e34e5a61d4eda979WARNING CODE M_MIME_TYPE_MISMATCH conflict in mime type metadata
71371 F20090511_AAAGLG 00010.pro 7ad529097d9b6813d447e99d74f6f4755e7efd5b03dc0ef7467a816f3d28bbb9936540b2conflict in mime type metadata
45210 F20090511_AAAGQE 00026.QC.jpg fbf9917d2a64ad872c5edd93b7b05472888d3154a52fd7a63e9355b7a2fa928949b300d5
35627 F20090511_AAAGLH 00010.QC.jpg 3c092ee24388b276e5477e963b4957cdd655919ed03df538caacb064388fbe23c8858594
12994704 F20090511_AAAGQF 00026.tif 26ccb3a9b1de3b1edc860d88996fae6381eb05f548186e0ffa53e42838d7f0ce7b0002ad
13163544 F20090511_AAAGLI 00010.tif 33b9d53fed8d46311daf09f60e01a9486ce9cc0514048e87bff333e93001542ef0f135ec
11467 F20090511_AAAGQG 00026.txt 8ba6d8b14977f86ac1dbf855d97fc45f0610b227b992eda3bbe3910ea0e33c68a083449d
2789 F20090511_AAAGLJ 00010.txt 9fc1c4a2f0189d255a453b0fdc7b0b009e2b2c3fffe0f9cb7d1d9af3234f704837a192e4
10249 F20090511_AAAGQH 00026thm.jpg d98490270ed45b869bb0986e9a4eaa2f67281bcb10b4812b9a7af87bfce45b4c7cc80db4
8685 F20090511_AAAGLK 00010thm.jpg fc81ed1183f4d79eef8bf5828748cc4741c6c5877ce169b97240d31014adcfde367848e2
1588611 F20090511_AAAGQI 00027.jp2 c948c1b9111b1f66e74b29817c6d41569ee5619f67b92283ea73c6fda7e9cbf911d59332
1596617 F20090511_AAAGLL 00011.jp2 49d3a7603f5a9c556048194e6ac78371ccedef8f8fd20247365a9e4199b90e8c18bf05a6
467179 F20090511_AAAGQJ 00027.jpg c0b1ae3b991ca3ae17601b0f9b3f094b84d67fbba046172aa49fa32256f9645f88c93144
274516 F20090511_AAAGLM 00011.jpg 3746c9314189f2b60760047faf2eb617d0e308492283b2a3c59ef1b5df523e092de0454b
287580 F20090511_AAAGQK 00027.pro b1876698cfc8484fd763bdeb1977f9c5d3ea3f9512ded35bfc610abeaa93df975479f594conflict in mime type metadata
126248 F20090511_AAAGLN 00011.pro 626ed278f19346c989792a28b2f01e780419ef8b5ee627d9c232fc42b0fb14b2c628be5fconflict in mime type metadata
47374 F20090511_AAAGQL 00027.QC.jpg 760c3c246a3788716b8af511fb3d1ab3853aeeddf468bc1c6e79766c60b10e2c339b1e39
36129 F20090511_AAAGLO 00011.QC.jpg 28687126f1d6f0450de1e01aa67e553d5b1b77d14af0a0e0effe5bd107c48062caa1eb76
12725128 F20090511_AAAGQM 00027.tif 59f5766b96f5d95cd5e3a64b27915f66250fec0f59c4f464ab60fa4c988a579d182bbac4
12789504 F20090511_AAAGLP 00011.tif 8841974d691203aad0f03536c1404111526c8b076966471cd75253c5f512d95905476fca
11258 F20090511_AAAGQN 00027.txt 599e43689b13f2d5f60772c10fff7b4664ea7af0db622da4f85441f2758f2b6c536271e5
5318 F20090511_AAAGLQ 00011.txt 5db2b23c824851b80e856e2c00770ce22f36b62802afa6e45b261e6e541a03870ba5f612
10530 F20090511_AAAGQO 00027thm.jpg a1c7ba8b78f1f432b844f8c170fec02458bdbadab013d13eaeee91422121b9b1c7366bf5
8594 F20090511_AAAGLR 00011thm.jpg 21433079fdb36b126dcfe2afa0c232054d26b2f0ebf107d5bcb0dd0f5e97a63790a0a49b
1489590 F20090511_AAAGQP 00028.jp2 a1e62d50a7d2b85a1047130b01b88b2cb6eba87a6b60aee95974854fed135b242442fb32
193164 F20090511_AAAGLS 00011_archive.pro 3395953de137f75659e06b3bac6eef8bb1084f127eb5f46406c7192a8a4e7b7c7cef103aconflict in mime type metadata
257693 F20090511_AAAGQQ 00028.jpg 74c5c6683dc34adf4bb7b33a56e1fbae6d171ee53b1c8c9403fa448fa66edca14d1a18bb
12789424 F20090511_AAAGLT 00011_archive.tif f4cc62a4a8cf2a1b4646dbce6cdc6a56ab2648b793aff900182e38fd5f3093c35dc4c0f6
59170 F20090511_AAAGQR 00028.pro 8e06df2cb87555edf670503819734c696b2615f7810fbecedac880561e41a55e69b6a90dconflict in mime type metadata
7621 F20090511_AAAGLU 00011_archive.txt b6411a17f5c3324d67b910c2c95e0de48f26a261b765dc66a0d9fb6fc67a3bd817b6ae69
34560 F20090511_AAAGQS 00028.QC.jpg 65527e542660fda522cf7a0affa5b07b867d388a7265147ad50e8ba6cce18bfd16408c5f
1484488 F20090511_AAAGLV 00012.jp2 5df43ccfc2e8268ccc84582d2ed22a50f80af8c819d1ab7f267299e9d4105f7c52458e4b
35766076 F20090511_AAAGQT 00028.tif 10e479e229189f6fe1980fd6aebe5319695388c8f0c98368df85a02ce42e170ec617f992
413009 F20090511_AAAGLW 00012.jpg 95328b525e642515d26b9c2b6e1aa102956b598d4639e42b63676cda3bccb5c01cf437d5
2222 F20090511_AAAGQU 00028.txt 35f1d06e462d26afe4e26a02a5d24a65b5fb5d2dd8b4f58dfaf6e71165249b507315f46a
127900 F20090511_AAAGLX 00012.pro d688e79e07564a7f1f51c71e36c9d80ebadf019c7f9a8bfd7a00e1892cc5ce8ab3e667aaconflict in mime type metadata
9694 F20090511_AAAGQV 00028thm.jpg 1b0fcc8973d0b97c9cffbee75191e370c602d7c712a1936f7ce93e5a2de3f7277a4dbc15
62875 F20090511_AAAGQW 00028_archive.pro 49b7e56bfc4075f0b74eedc30e8864d02aba4fb9ff5c18339f5e7d42ed384ba0af3bf3c4conflict in mime type metadata
49455 F20090511_AAAGJA 00002.QC.jpg ebc8a054fa634d0390212e8f7d39d2c0ac487a95c39443410b32d73d1979024d82bf05e8
49292 F20090511_AAAGLY 00012.QC.jpg 94048b4454e13bc6df68e899b71e4f54b968368e9c877e9ecd66a0338e6c01d3421d59af
35765220 F20090511_AAAGQX 00028_archive.tif 3e699f191720162c45eefbf9d90a76a4981db342ff8cdf0943793810c14b5d09c6b70e81
26133004 F20090511_AAAGJB 00002.tif 64cac98765b7ff56fac055b54e86001c5efdcd5f4777b4f0d91d51c7e74d0448fff98f9a
35643096 F20090511_AAAGLZ 00012.tif a7781981a6e7f4d8a1380d9dfb64f2037fb7a3bdc2d8ceb4d1fb9a585204075cc9987929
2451 F20090511_AAAGQY 00028_archive.txt c705ddf0aa73a09c93af838215be844c39dc3a7a6722c6f459821feea3647f56470da1d6
8276 F20090511_AAAGJC 00002.txt 4164b66ca6c5ed55222067c451aa7c72ca0785779c143e8cc3f06ac14173f0baf3dc96e2
1525321 F20090511_AAAGQZ 00029.jp2 e0c1bd956de684263179fd292ce9a9d897dffb879b1516cb9184a5de88323f91e119b2b6
14117 F20090511_AAAGJD 00002thm.jpg 486b28b71a6a45cb3b8b43e094bb054b60f3120610f097b7af76167c141e45994cfbb7d9
12945 F20090511_AAAGOA 00018thm.jpg 716e664f4a6e60b4b7a2a505aa4ef37fa1c222e55aa18d7c5a6b90a2f3c0b35d4a2f2e3f
332246 F20090511_AAAGJE 00002_archive.pro 5eb170ab22b6eea1a704d796355a4468539f092a3689096b70822722a17cfb4dd0a0a161conflict in mime type metadata
3230469 F20090511_AAAGOB 00019.jp2 70e90ce71a0296d71aa85e240d2469536865307c97dc078f6ca461c325ac7ef596b28136
26132196 F20090511_AAAGJF 00002_archive.tif 339a61ddf06b9b66d7451dc5d22d6091557ab1029903f68662b343a0d8bee4a79805e097
504644 F20090511_AAAGOC 00019.jpg 026fae7ed6458eaae313d3334c3ec767e479c16065ace9c63270d91d260c98199480b654
13339 F20090511_AAAGJG 00002_archive.txt f0dcae45e483daec16c7fb18835b53715446c9ed647600f1b655746fe15b96271f39bf5d
392431 F20090511_AAAGOD 00019.pro 1d9ed9ae15abe4684b4e33e6d641a1def98f00a451715a2127f848bc284d13132e9ee27cconflict in mime type metadata
3429161 F20090511_AAAGJH 00003.jp2 f7b836ee767240b5f820f1b7cc547f76e2f43a39061815761554ea7def0928d7e8679cc7
57870 F20090511_AAAGOE 00019.QC.jpg 4648e1739d689fc78ef271f6a532130efdae053cbda58a3d80bb328ce3d61a2d520baad0
471235 F20090511_AAAGJI 00003.jpg 4b696be68703beed35350a9c6744f2fdaac80dfe4c7fc91df97e92a3ea17dc2cebb568b2
25856388 F20090511_AAAGOF 00019.tif 39e41e6332944698eb303a65ceea66468ea9ffc025b240c9cc5b4f18e262cedd9e5a3f55
341918 F20090511_AAAGJJ 00003.pro cd8ccec28fff83e75cb5fd26976a33fcc43cfaae621b1f4a5711bcbda91fd2b88c1cd249conflict in mime type metadata
15280 F20090511_AAAGOG 00019.txt facfa57cc48c7e6d4047f6ff722e3cf84deffd668a5013b1ad3479661d18ee6042546b9c
53701 F20090511_AAAGJK 00003.QC.jpg 38686b365fe3e60adfd36801a5748a828ef88f91ce639405330ed1fad4310a4c52fab294
15014 F20090511_AAAGOH 00019thm.jpg 3d2517e793487eafb918a1b66a57a2d71fd32ea5fdcbc1b7f53cb2d751cd5b0260bebe7c
27445628 F20090511_AAAGJL 00003.tif 4835e0c6b356fecef539d759801b90fa9504893cca11a10c7dfcca4a93d81466d2c33df7
3225255 F20090511_AAAGOI 00020.jp2 2a4b131ca95a888c5f48b1bd6ddb936b477fd69d8d4ecb227e338f691bf15b2c834e7251
13614 F20090511_AAAGJM 00003.txt 9c8b858477d32a6653e7971bf68ca2cc0d945a0c930a5e31c4a24a2492e43ddb295e17b8
492268 F20090511_AAAGOJ 00020.jpg e8cf2c8035c367a56d3f8cf31e711301f59013337af1d4067d15d9b4404e917d36fdabb9
13681 F20090511_AAAGJN 00003thm.jpg 95c2067290706be8b5209974694dc286a8ce7ec869f18bb51786fd7190a497ca3b488339
332155 F20090511_AAAGOK 00020.pro 278361f5c69d3a9cc71f195630cbd1a7669d031bf5261fad7fa91bec8b51b9e5c593fc9econflict in mime type metadata
3086005 F20090511_AAAGJO 00004.jp2 724211745efb0de279277efcf259517365d18e77f64349d98bd51a58e73cd0c436cf2bcd
56028 F20090511_AAAGOL 00020.QC.jpg abcd6c15a4685b638f2080a45c25b1a1b7cec0d1ef560665db280f4fff2a2048fcef54b9
453312 F20090511_AAAGJP 00004.jpg 5a01f0a25734af394876580360ee247f9f6a3048442f9401cc2676a391b033db1127153b
25815228 F20090511_AAAGOM 00020.tif f91a8b3735cd82f396f27f2c380d9dbecf6d7fa40153cc27c92328a6d0926e8052e74177
146584 F20090511_AAAGJQ 00004.pro b596e06efb28f816b8e3b45d41efc0c9c48bfaf8a8aeec428bad9ac24ba63789bb38d353conflict in mime type metadata
13165 F20090511_AAAGON 00020.txt 0efafed72e6632dbbbf820bdb067f17c55ce39af579857d72b0cc8dd389bbeedd4c53821
54033 F20090511_AAAGJR 00004.QC.jpg 04933db702f413c536852dde2417e6a0abae1408e159b261deba7b8aec8634353b1c48fd
15015 F20090511_AAAGOO 00020thm.jpg 809a0513eebe22a1eb3b39f3a9964e266e2d16d06b95d3b8ca64030e6f591df0d182ae8d
3039135 F20090511_AAAGOP 00021.jp2 3bda504cd995560d259a9d88121632baa43d8d08ea4ea5795eec80e564671ff139578d14
74076480 F20090511_AAAGJS 00004.tif 04d71182564922cb5ecf05e51bb27143a3cd44c5644ffdcbb79592d39d21520f4e54b6ae
464880 F20090511_AAAGOQ 00021.jpg 6350636b09477d96162bd6a79d3d0b3bc5e4f94379d204fd98ca29be73bdd88fd3a66604
6119 F20090511_AAAGJT 00004.txt 7635f34d9b610264aa188211187ad59f5fcffdb7a8e6dda704f3138014a37e5c1691ae38
259731 F20090511_AAAGOR 00021.pro 2280d828b5c020616d258d66446148454cd624ea592e61117c6a09419856f71e1fdbc74cconflict in mime type metadata
15996 F20090511_AAAGJU 00004thm.jpg 57fd8d43c6bd7151add24b095145369dd4aa5bff5e6420b42584f3b273cd160a4e4ad1d3
54820 F20090511_AAAGOS 00021.QC.jpg b372e96d3c97d6e1d61634aeff76196bbebc4cd9406646ca7033797b3d8df939b0b64c45
3147184 F20090511_AAAGJV 00005.jp2 81cef73ebfac7e8f048543ebeaf755c44e1aad559537a254bfe05348f406e27a715c28d8
72950576 F20090511_AAAGOT 00021.tif f7e6210cca95f7b6ce951f9855f04f308467042a49838defba265313f8c3fab56ceb4429
10610 F20090511_AAAGOU 00021.txt 1962310a4f97132d3c602b461343f9f02506794bbe00c240cef99754b0ccfaf0d42d33b3
462595 F20090511_AAAGJW 00005.jpg 5e439eb71a950482229a425da5b7b3c5a1b65a04b0964bdffcb9e20aa8d428808e3ed1a1
15916 F20090511_AAAGOV 00021thm.jpg 0de5ec39fa6546005627f85e63043c771c7195471b352ef216df318f5f1d5d13fa2c4f46
186360 F20090511_AAAGJX 00005.pro b10f80c836df88fc73e09b0a47abd3c776af687f80aea2d466b67f74cd2c6a37e85501e5conflict in mime type metadata
3431169 F20090511_AAAGOW 00022.jp2 a984c3a6da3fa505b446b27ad11c7cb308c2f5d1a1906bddb25fa6ceacade3b292ecff14
51511 F20090511_AAAGJY 00005.QC.jpg 0fbacbee5eeff62860ab19007641749c4c06332c809e525c8b7378865ab8ebd7dfb40afd
468051 F20090511_AAAGOX 00022.jpg 87b6774f9aa2797f14e80823aff5fe6a777e20b810751195680430c0d7869630cd7fa680
75543516 F20090511_AAAGJZ 00005.tif b5a00589e4ca30887f9d2958ed1e117839023a1a58f4b1f1966b866aa57af8bedba5527f
352536 F20090511_AAAGOY 00022.pro a96e8889724f5215e363404fca69c0e0de01be82fde0a142f6eaa75339774400f18130f5conflict in mime type metadata
4914 F20090511_AAAGMA 00012.txt 77e77ebab7256cfcbf2ef2fac80d364f4e25e284ba7d380ac325edd52eb9f9afa9496a20
53700 F20090511_AAAGOZ 00022.QC.jpg 39d0dd755e2a1869e2a01516645c6789f38a5b9bed35447c3c30601a3b82b740c74e335c
11374 F20090511_AAAGMB 00012thm.jpg be4b2610b4dd347c55c8fbc7de2456118450e4fa063e85286321ade4424a116bcf307ce2
1499641 F20090511_AAAGMC 00013.jp2 2966f01ebb636d3ab94ad529e57a3ebab76e8097dc38bf7acd87be771f502786b672a140
372787 F20090511_AAAGMD 00013.jpg b89ac205090a40c69487cd6eeed2f4f7d49f8d42d6ad8a591ebd30c26f135b9ddfdd4e98
368166 F20090511_AAAGRA 00029.jpg 13855b655b5a05a22fd6b24df6cbbc9b37fa51cede807e97ce446779a99dff8b3a61c2ef
38280 F20090511_AAAGME 00013.pro 577fa4c3b0f0ccdd31b18c06c59f46bce611ef60319418753559eec876d4ccf96fd04f16conflict in mime type metadata
76609 F20090511_AAAGRB 00029.pro 9f2155bd5fb633847f8680779e3f808bffc8add60f064cbe01d352754d0031122a854012conflict in mime type metadata
40329 F20090511_AAAGMF 00013.QC.jpg b2e789192f9ab28fcc686a4887cbee9a8e3b257e5487ccb63b1a99b37bfa1828c792325b
41044 F20090511_AAAGRC 00029.QC.jpg 7d8fce2c1bb6bba9e2a5f1edd1c6c53ee875bc4f485c034f10ff20e1db78aa0903deca40
36006188 F20090511_AAAGMG 00013.tif 53c88a52fe80fc3bcca8983516b3b0e98a9bd7772b9a5fb499104541e350084e95802b1a
36622328 F20090511_AAAGRD 00029.tif 6f8fc6666765110da0996d90f77b8f558dd2ecb94da555ffe013c73b28e00a1512d7cfb3
2375 F20090511_AAAGMH 00013.txt e16feffcc81c3dc182142d4a9c1cc854fb2b19b69be38e431391f14cbfce95ed36cec347
2946 F20090511_AAAGRE 00029.txt 19319275d8df079f8385b3f7d5df596e53e6b59186a1e198f515627f40f940662ca57694
10088 F20090511_AAAGMI 00013thm.jpg ddc1fcc6e070bb2e52e85867b7872f3d8e504e40fe9b85f73d0f8722f18f10f77b29ca13
9815 F20090511_AAAGRF 00029thm.jpg 48d6a2fe14ec53b8032ffa7e0b9235a99e5a187e6fc715a06327b5f96debe6fdf9317337
1169071 F20090511_AAAGMJ 00014.jp2 a00f7b14322cf4b670d8afc3b197eb5cebc30b2165baa9d483e662103b41e2286805ce71
1628499 F20090511_AAAGRG 00030.jp2 4e299ee1d57e603732b02b70aa746f1e4951f9203edd676581c84d3c1e08af3019af1111
106451 F20090511_AAAGMK 00014.jpg 6b23114d0b8cb1fe462ec3b1cf35f3559326c827b3bf443522ee4b8dacabc5653834a31c
415495 F20090511_AAAGRH 00030.jpg c42c455572d706d81b6a631db0513a63a34da2cead8fa8400f0bedc713851a42146c0a13
18502 F20090511_AAAGML 00014.pro 5a8e21039475018d00ea42312deec3aa82a01c351fcf52c591ba1cc04d4a176074aedb37conflict in mime type metadata
238432 F20090511_AAAGRI 00030.pro cd5e4cb5877a477084eb3d75fbe03b5fd2ffdd5f95125e1cd2c1fbe3fc7978eeafe70408conflict in mime type metadata
20256 F20090511_AAAGMM 00014.QC.jpg 8b48f4d54134901e30362966c861c8bf2dc057d6f8c5a0c0baf35d6e17874c37af5c7608
43597 F20090511_AAAGRJ 00030.QC.jpg 044fd1281d6f05f33353592aede887cdcde72cd55df38558c3aa18983bcf56462f0aae0f
12885384 F20090511_AAAGMN 00014.tif 6fbfa9a63277f34c98f5d227db5435104e95fcc82d9f7f504e03363177ea5a644b27ebd2
13044468 F20090511_AAAGRK 00030.tif bde4f2fbd1daf54ae96e3c7d8e181c70db24b77b2c572f58a78d44ffc1ac40ee9ee5dfe2
10487 F20090511_AAAGRL 00030.txt fc2218851715776db987d93c5dfe68cf6f7b5029c5ae07c47e22e47992547c988c52a083
992 F20090511_AAAGMO 00014.txt 0ed42115e6cf3538db608a5a5cbcbff9249d5c8c223febaa02e0dc004f82f44cef1b2097
9967 F20090511_AAAGRM 00030thm.jpg 736e7513844b7808ffb172a768b5674e7de3a46a25a6fa7305b3f22754cf965acec413b9
6564 F20090511_AAAGMP 00014thm.jpg 5d569cb4236f5bb6b435115472168e69133fd2f52e88961318997e717b7c10bd7a83af68
1639958 F20090511_AAAGRN 00031.jp2 2aca43cd63ca9019c1722cb7a13ca9138f46d38226e4f67d71f7cfd81572e38cd25d6e14
71120 F20090511_AAAGMQ 00014_archive.pro e159a9dd60990440ca27afce979c3f245958560657f1fe17e3d8754ad2fb3734bdc6bf01conflict in mime type metadata
391592 F20090511_AAAGRO 00031.jpg 268122098aa72b6517d805ebf40754cd06ffefffd50653d1f611ac38a26a3238e465904f
12884840 F20090511_AAAGMR 00014_archive.tif 2504a9855984a80192807bde363b832a5564cdb74548d0f8851b74b4088f55ffdfbebfe8
198758 F20090511_AAAGRP 00031.pro 3f6c97a73147396134e9f727c428b98394953fa7bbf1053367d206af8bf74820f89f82d4conflict in mime type metadata
3837 F20090511_AAAGMS 00014_archive.txt 609d5bfe953b4f24ebed5c5bd7d78ebbe8617c467e3dbc99c777cac4e6e19ef4252f63e9
40819 F20090511_AAAGRQ 00031.QC.jpg d1583e8a9fb31f559653588d4b96402fb16924d7576cb8e712352c26c09a36ab5f09a4a1
1275293 F20090511_AAAGMT 00015.jp2 a3308a8de2dad461cb3b021ce82002d816fb7f2b5574e38ca94b2c467181421eb22eee60
13135928 F20090511_AAAGRR 00031.tif 7a9db1ced2aad59f7453ec066e3e7a39b69a5c761075579990605fc62f3ba9911da89ed2
128527 F20090511_AAAGMU 00015.jpg bef3a360918926a08364ef4082800d7354f6bd8e799c0fdb176fc855dfc71c1f6bd33499
7966 F20090511_AAAGRS 00031.txt a8e154a7e07f78c4f5ec681e8d47da15e580abea8953cb4726cd629eceb3df84468b3035
12110 F20090511_AAAGMV 00015.pro e694211fa39290fac4844f450e0717df5cc5a8e44bc118e9056bbdb13b6a203425fde1bbconflict in mime type metadata
9307 F20090511_AAAGRT 00031thm.jpg 979565fd3e1fefa3f64dc6d465f2a4f513100efa24eb4d8b4c108666a033c0f3e25d9016
23948 F20090511_AAAGMW 00015.QC.jpg 6f54e754e321446e5c77d6c2e7ccb5f0833f21464bf14e4f563af9c809947e3c493a5474
204890 F20090511_AAAGRU 00031_archive.pro aeba373a5f8ce535d787674cec55dd19f0caa9eac5ae5339535bacfbd0a4080fb71f6c15conflict in mime type metadata
13150356 F20090511_AAAGMX 00015.tif a3c08c532955084a2a20f61a615820880ee48ba7d23b735bfdc8b897beef5d47db3c952d
13135292 F20090511_AAAGRV 00031_archive.tif 0207cfe3ac246ba36132e4e84de421e7dc86a4c9cd239a4761e9b1685d37a8323f969106
609 F20090511_AAAGMY 00015.txt a9c490df6998208e6bc477196ee643cc48bcdd93b385686cb3f02ac2967aef9b9435f8c9
7950 F20090511_AAAGRW 00031_archive.txt fb501507bc35626f40a07f3e208baeaf8236807ab94a38f2739a842481bd22c4e454c5d2
7523 F20090511_AAAGKA 00005.txt 6a2ae877a2204d8c9481364794658c1c832ee0a6bf5c28622a678dbe437d8387434c0b7e
1649864 F20090511_AAAGRX 00032.jp2 cd2612dd1b769c3a924eef0e9bd971c75944d1508d987c20d6f866fb1e0fe0dabb973284
14435 F20090511_AAAGKB 00005thm.jpg d5a65751de6c160672ceb62e0fd82bd09ca70db039b1880a2b032cd39ce9c2c6fab25386
7345 F20090511_AAAGMZ 00015thm.jpg 961706a837951649172cbd8aa546ccad2cfa6e1767e74e0d3ebf073f937968ce72919a27
423549 F20090511_AAAGRY 00032.jpg 91b503661e91f3c723a4dfd42bf2dd09124ca3b6a888af8724cab4e09f2c76a433e27a2b
3436131 F20090511_AAAGKC 00006.jp2 f856282955e789640de6af765846933de318cdec5335e5c08389cd9583f2d7d88450cb97
27463120 F20090511_AAAGPA 00022.tif 727f694ccd5cb527c5adaf6c8e63f7ee5f3b51109cc02e94cd082a19f896038c872af4f3
229204 F20090511_AAAGRZ 00032.pro dec0826a0d89e7510e59365a7d7feeb15639ffa8ca3e42084a69c26365a8c930de513bb9conflict in mime type metadata
474552 F20090511_AAAGKD 00006.jpg 63a20d5ac25850da9046a995dde78e331b46e845c5f2be99619d646701a0eb168f994055
14141 F20090511_AAAGPB 00022.txt d1b42f464b95df138dc0d0fb54d3bf133df04acf125f46a81a6d3d046d1660a8d9c3c5d5
351630 F20090511_AAAGKE 00006.pro 63458b16794ef1b646a61b173a49a4469290f12ae73d1d579fee91d6ae0587405cc51ba2conflict in mime type metadata
13529 F20090511_AAAGPC 00022thm.jpg 1395f13972c018b8b38eed22c2e1d2d7e14256738a82c5491529162e48d21c8db27468ad
55383 F20090511_AAAGKF 00006.QC.jpg 5a5c85b987554e942b132caf54a8b422d1eeffccade3ad75c516460d0be23b6ae6172dcc
3200763 F20090511_AAAGPD 00023.jp2 c7c2aec4b030db013513184016729e6be2fe853a02208dc5fe748f2ad9b7b845799d580c
27501736 F20090511_AAAGKG 00006.tif a7644ba8ef243284c9e7c8119616d26ab5f3ab32319abcd2e91dd25a37dcf232f25bda99
480792 F20090511_AAAGPE 00023.jpg ae7875780a82552edaf72870f99f820567db03a317dd0a7c64f1f8597d27291e42fa5bf1
F20090511_AAAGKH 00006.txt a8c628a418645f86a1255fb788263a941c027eb2f5c78599b10a9116fc7c7508186415a5
407182 F20090511_AAAGPF 00023.pro e9e0c536b03b59f7709dd37cd0835f98a916b4cd85f278913c4dd253be906a45b83a654cconflict in mime type metadata
14608 F20090511_AAAGKI 00006thm.jpg 8177110f2a92791d8b7c667511188ccbb3e842fcc0756ea3c76aefa00e7c5d3afac97e8b
54195 F20090511_AAAGPG 00023.QC.jpg cef39fc5bd30331a380a64551a03a975f7c98e5e5a4c874af739e6781b4eabb681772c18
3609935 F20090511_AAAGKJ 00007.jp2 728e8b6daa9873bfe2ddad561b27c5ae2301ada95c51367d7dda618fddd3f9e7716aa9e4
25618912 F20090511_AAAGPH 00023.tif cca3604fd98916c5aa5b3c8fc05ed55d876fa4b665c833e2615e4dfe80771637a44bb324
406568 F20090511_AAAGKK 00007.jpg dfc0d60992c6dbd8b9c674a722ee55d9b19c887b1c22b59cd6d5851535e1693282a55997
16509 F20090511_AAAGPI 00023.txt 03e01e1c24a3bf461428a8268eec91f4c6ab4fc2ba86ce866e48a0ed6f60a7e4427ba95e
220277 F20090511_AAAGKL 00007.pro df4fe6e0b396af82d3ab8ea96c2885d3f0de5cd04dc5c38c76c8955c639d7ca042691facconflict in mime type metadata
14424 F20090511_AAAGPJ 00023thm.jpg f7a46e658af675e52776328191fbf3b04de8cc5fdcd1e3bbab1d3aaae0f185f67e75e3c8
47377 F20090511_AAAGKM 00007.QC.jpg c28b918e44001d9e563c71c917a1f39eef0aac835ce06affe9ad82db2d11a3fd810a6592
28891440 F20090511_AAAGKN 00007.tif 6ad71287cf4cf4a960c7285abef99699165846fa5977659a8de7c6d925c224e125d8382b
3438106 F20090511_AAAGPK 00024.jp2 a6f60bbfea7b4d87c68eed3637a808e99e1718b1a28974a6fc2c682943fc8364cc32d05f
8969 F20090511_AAAGKO 00007.txt 9022ad0b902b31e5c1f9fddbd9b3919e274f9b582599c10043cdf1a617c3fde2b25bf0d7
328443 F20090511_AAAGPL 00024.jpg a5cbc90a03634d989006bcb30d6b2d5f508a348ab8f87ff777658643854fa11453875d19
11785 F20090511_AAAGKP 00007thm.jpg a3cd64666270adef6c3b32a1bf26d6500d2de9b603e12904960e421564898b1544011d2d
67169 F20090511_AAAGPM 00024.pro 153d915b3aae39912c61025aa0ee90ab3c14b1e03ffeef84046e8ca318115871b132513econflict in mime type metadata
3260916 F20090511_AAAGKQ 00008.jp2 4ce8499f02807dba13bec309aedebff8cddbf1a24caef6ad3b8302f4c1116d32a2f73bbd
38427 F20090511_AAAGPN 00024.QC.jpg ecac70c3550e11b5af1f42e7f8f63a861dee08139303a5e921948a258fc0cfde66b6ca1e
358812 F20090511_AAAGKR 00008.jpg 7afa907171cee3edc59ef2c3fd25dbacacd68ee043889396c0c76ae7ba9b6ce500c023b4
27516708 F20090511_AAAGPO 00024.tif 568fb729337a1d800103d89e8679ac3207a3fb6519bf3237ebbd748d34f96ae62818d59c
77831 F20090511_AAAGKS 00008.pro 82906d4c9e3f28e3e77d668b4a4b34e35d487594c16cb8fbb97ef90bf987232ea1eb95bbconflict in mime type metadata
2679 F20090511_AAAGPP 00024.txt 3e254cdb50e8d66a24150fae029ac8d591cdcffa0a462a178bb9fce03642770fc744e8f2
39552 F20090511_AAAGKT 00008.QC.jpg a655ceb690a7b03fdb01bbcd474367dd818c44fa8009bf204b80355bdd338f644ddeaf15
10745 F20090511_AAAGPQ 00024thm.jpg 8863a5d3fb5690c70e99ff4120811bcfc71c52b06b8b789297d94d390f17c540a7fe7152
26099644 F20090511_AAAGKU 00008.tif 1d859f9a5219bc127a9b82ef05cff13fed24c6d3ba5483f37b9970261b38a0eb78e12ae2
1529191 F20090511_AAAGPR 00025.jp2 67d84248dd38a8f66ac99cce455a4426b252a91bc409e8c4977b4659938ca18fa510f3b3
3383 F20090511_AAAGKV 00008.txt 4e80c4cdd8b801b4582d3e747adda8f6055ad844903ba2a5a7849a1561fd501050fbf40e
314992 F20090511_AAAGPS 00025.jpg c39554a0847e929feb324132765e7ba10d27c9a4a6e27b65b08803529497893c39601509
11050 F20090511_AAAGKW 00008thm.jpg 445ba52b4370d8f94f6f374c9d071a224c9246953e6d0705f3ce4cf1db68aa12d8aa5655
83386 F20090511_AAAGPT 00025.pro 4dba6254fbedb93a8790b41518570deac92face5e4d08c7028b6e0ea1c96afebbe194506conflict in mime type metadata
38867 F20090511_AAAGPU 00025.QC.jpg a5710c9d349b7675b8a3536f85c66e0db08c7fa36fe571ef34e4c19fe59c99addf4d3322
1492960 F20090511_AAAGKX 00009.jp2 c4562fd91b0a11ceaa5e75958127c3fd46e16a229628d719fb49f94a5283cc15bf819b20
36716444 F20090511_AAAGPV 00025.tif 66906bdf3380e66441ef30d5f609f8b7d01203fcf0f8cf9fd9378b10e9bd4b662695c7c0
373965 F20090511_AAAGKY 00009.jpg 0ff57bc58c01f7f390bac2080f3f9596909d21be1b8b7b71d41521b786b4b2772a964085
3372 F20090511_AAAGPW 00025.txt 77e9c7f2256e343085ebb04652973217365dfa5158f6d6a7aff4bed12f28f414d04d1341
65423 F20090511_AAAGKZ 00009.pro feb1466dfc2fa8a66be8bfa65bb1c58f0e0397a6003fd46a3618bedae7e328745ae42cb7conflict in mime type metadata
10214 F20090511_AAAGPX 00025thm.jpg b773ba5e5784c3ef482bcf28f9e6965515268f334380fc8a5690ecc9f4abc95e34eace3e
84332 F20090511_AAAGPY 00025_archive.pro 628c3ca283160fe1fe311d254e414c96e3219031f7aa5edd1a0a2fc6debb201a354c0d85conflict in mime type metadata
60848 F20090511_AAAGNA 00015_archive.pro 375fe3d5126e6a575d97ef44af9c9c23dcf5761b0171d61ea3834b437b5cac43a2c9a9d7conflict in mime type metadata
36715984 F20090511_AAAGPZ 00025_archive.tif f255d2bca15755c308c8c46bea2307125949a48aab2206a4244dd4e4db4cf179a0364bfa
13150760 F20090511_AAAGNB 00015_archive.tif 34923869915d1c1ffd33dc97bf81b7745a9f94df03343c9e26a6940aebc6deff43331ac6
4534 F20090511_AAAGNC 00015_archive.txt 929381d5a6647c7e7fc4bffac0adaf835182954b6a9e9ce5b21e784eba0aa16ed214a10d
44760 F20090511_AAAGSA 00032.QC.jpg d7ca283fa2069b67dc35200097501ac50ab7c423b25632a66eb479a7cd21918420fe093a
875618 F20090511_AAAGND 00016.jp2 f58b77e0733e5bc7a52b877060af623edfef2f7d223a808eabcded87a1b6b00e29429d1e
13214688 F20090511_AAAGSB 00032.tif 2e3b0979aaf507b3ff8458aabc574e3456da7b40839e58859883278bcc26560120f2f8fe
113548 F20090511_AAAGNE 00016.jpg 99a41aeb0551ab9eac778ff849f069d26241373df59e8e6eb71ec3d99c4451b23cc93a8b
9021 F20090511_AAAGSC 00032.txt dc7e730a0a85525a203ee92f364599b2ccc4bcbc197114faa975e8ea0b9c7dbbd9846131
7232 F20090511_AAAGNF 00016.pro c894ef19fdff1318c5e9ee163fdc0a566fe0e48efcd2fe085b1d5b8c875b3e9cb3aaaddbconflict in mime type metadata
9607 F20090511_AAAGSD 00032thm.jpg bc914c506cd6c4acd1fad88cb5484bb26086f44bae0141dc1da93dd368e981342d86bc47
21615 F20090511_AAAGNG 00016.QC.jpg 475eef2f3fa27cf89c33217fc2ea49ffc476c96297ab54e50a81a50da8fff9c0804587f6
51944 F20090511_AAAGSE UF00028362_00060.mets FULL fddaf974e9c71435bc2482c198ed199a36a6f3af3187c53640dd33b10951eb974ac6a7b1
13098044 F20090511_AAAGNH 00016.tif 278b7067c624c50282633a79ecf87892ad99a9a8a3ea7c0c3fc5ccd001217d40864b07e4
357 F20090511_AAAGNI 00016.txt 5c458a9fc7171d900d6410e91882d33c5aaca026b3bed1cafaef053a0b0025a7eb95bd25
6965 F20090511_AAAGNJ 00016thm.jpg 9593be7a87cfaeabb1ea252eb619b1b153c85a0110e40db64238c6e2b8e0b86243beb40e
46572 F20090511_AAAGNK 00016_archive.pro 7a44e71acdfb4eac1acfc9adc5aa08f1be0dcd0d528d65fb3554b157fd0cfd1ddc9b8fc3conflict in mime type metadata
69597 F20090511_AAAGSH UF00028362_00060.xml e54aea80952087c5e5517654549e40875a46663b7032f206ac59962d431fb3867208ac4f
13098228 F20090511_AAAGNL 00016_archive.tif 6bf01459c281629447978fdae6c1772160c01e440bcd2c0e9f0ab3343a6a957f4c5f338e
2013 F20090511_AAAGNM 00016_archive.txt 706323ea36e6f95b140fe2117fd8530eccf2b5bbfc5f86354d33c2ff48677a57ae99c54e
3162978 F20090511_AAAGNN 00017.jp2 4b626c6be02762805870eb74f6fac6d97f0cb15842d78a4debd3b296542b559c2a507c67
3176578 F20090511_AAAGIQ 00001.jp2 68d19688bd5b55753e49dd10720a2f24cbad5151bd18d64521884ab5672390defb7bdffb
461094 F20090511_AAAGNO 00017.jpg f44f35955479898d669bbb812017dda7be4ba5d4a43ae897cead751287d292412a43f382
461865 F20090511_AAAGIR 00001.jpg c248f7b2422d7a28ce5cc7371df450d20b1bb783f573846c771569a3c21c34f653274350
214319 F20090511_AAAGNP 00017.pro feaab2d37e165837228f7ad2f2447aaac33732966cf2bed2cfeaeb637295cf6d83ddf4c3conflict in mime type metadata
211038 F20090511_AAAGIS 00001.pro 728124623b69c450b3f76d37f474917327ae0f642037f6d5e2536004dc0d704831d75d4bconflict in mime type metadata
54511 F20090511_AAAGNQ 00017.QC.jpg 42fcff5e0da430025ff8f8a89e0037a6739f77eb3b5c5ff60267fff33f60a44fdbf5c327
54922 F20090511_AAAGIT 00001.QC.jpg 4a74593798ffe5073392f0a055cab2e4176135721942a26fc81223f4ac2c0ee32bbbf308
75923256 F20090511_AAAGNR 00017.tif 5ba9afdb766153318abab81ad612858606024a6ed71686bf2cb57e2533002f6e62a6331a
76249500 F20090511_AAAGIU 00001.tif 40611ced726ff1b3bfbdb7e5ad4e9e5381d83b8507f1698b8f3152906000be990f6acdba
7651 F20090511_AAAGNS 00017.txt 278a1ef129df057baaefb20248c72f9d96dd0c0ee7cb6df69dc6b138744e95df24c73831
15861 F20090511_AAAGNT 00017thm.jpg 1fa770de0fa4e2db58f77589968062a1f4f0a71e635f055e42e69dbb0558d4d0fd612be8
8659 F20090511_AAAGIV 00001.txt eafab8bc8944f30d98b45f138f97a15ca4d5893c078f4416b5e6d33fd6802fcfa3bc9040
3439545 F20090511_AAAGNU 00018.jp2 27013ed7397bec550d57b1d323fa4e986aa1260da3007f59c1236281fec4676571eb8f1b
15475 F20090511_AAAGIW 00001thm.jpg a9c03292a3461df4c0a536b57c1910d4987aba9eb603100641cb96b4c8b8f4e5fc6e4783
441954 F20090511_AAAGNV 00018.jpg db87933d8daf86ff4305d5a1638487cd8e069931dd1119b7c3042e595e25f96c37a407c7
3264939 F20090511_AAAGIX 00002.jp2 1b474829c5ecf0766b60a8aee8f2de18e349fc3667cfcded0f622cef99c6fc6d1af358ab
244213 F20090511_AAAGNW 00018.pro b2e7f7f900c760cdb687afd622fa56b8a1a5a0ffca62a877362777abb0f9842c87a01785conflict in mime type metadata
385718 F20090511_AAAGIY 00002.jpg 43c3a287f480b333b20a335dc76d3ba383a3452ae6651341cd498a5ff0f3ef910f12dc81
49280 F20090511_AAAGNX 00018.QC.jpg 58025bf67812916afd28f439e613381caf6a80533da2926e7f947114fdcc17313e1debb5
196424 F20090511_AAAGIZ 00002.pro 04348b5bd96b049cdfb9bb697f39b15c01ab11b8cdcf0efa0bdcbc6fa80d41d4f7ce4cd9conflict in mime type metadata
27527776 F20090511_AAAGNY 00018.tif 96740d270ec4f57af743e3438a6633930e61c32ad1cef9a8c1f91b466a3662af788ece25
9304 F20090511_AAAGNZ 00018.txt 17a04d54cab122ef27453458eb1930a794f9183690c57cf3a83a343229bc577a9760eb91
42817 F20090511_AAAGLA 00009.QC.jpg f11dc95853e9bda94a5a1fc151f9792e4f9eb186ecdd985d91137bd7e843fde087ddad4a
35845400 F20090511_AAAGLB 00009.tif 89eb6b384de7f17ce434501875bc37b0dca700f5a7792b4bbd8214ca2e1770c1fca25a09
2742 F20090511_AAAGLC 00009.txt d0517eea34d48a4115aa9d12e7d6e5588a3da0635b5f51bc63443ae794005f23eb9281eb
3389 F20090511_AAAGQA 00025_archive.txt 2ae8062ce5d4df566da51fa09ba4e5b8dba73cb94a3ff68a03509c2c59555041768294f6
10924 F20090511_AAAGLD 00009thm.jpg c26c4346f919aff115608bff8154d35453d0ab9f3adfcd95093b6ce6eaff344f1ff37ad1
1622369 F20090511_AAAGQB 00026.jp2 eb3e803a3496a6d453daf10cdd43a62e2cfae9ea3c231396741b4d025a9326b6a5df2a4b
1643494 F20090511_AAAGLE 00010.jp2 206fb0c2e0c11a90f693b5810c98ab3e0ec6da2221dd2c780e3fd37f2e8cb377cd7309ae
452700 F20090511_AAAGQC 00026.jpg 89a99d80c19edb9f8a42368034c507b35502076b8d2cd4da53c3c93f9004c9a58d7f6d15
319755 F20090511_AAAGLF 00010.jpg bfaa76276def24edc2a468ae87b97c73125d8d2e9cdd4ad535df31cd2145ca2b99679d97

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200060datestamp 2009-02-11setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Stardc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date March 11, 2006dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=000602261130 (OCLC)000581378 (ALEPHBIBNUM)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Floridadc:language English


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
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Popular Former Minnesota Twins
Outfielder Died Monday
After Suffering
A Stroke At Age 45


"Birthplace Of The
Florida Religious
Hall Of Fame"

"Serving Florida
For 54 Years
The People's




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The Florida Star
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U. CH1, M U. 1%S06 OL 5 OS14 0CET

Science Teacher Arrested

For Drug Dealing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Tracy Grant,
39,' a science teacher at Forrest High
School in Jacksonville appeared to have
evidence of a drug-dealing operation
when police raiding his Westside apart-
ment Friday.
Grant, according to police-records, had
all of the tools required to be a drug deal-
er, including a shotgun.
The narcotics unit, in searching his
apartment, found in his kitchen, a piece of
crack and more than 20 grams of marijua-
na packaged to be sold, along with glass
breakers with residue, scales, and plastic
bags, as well as some powder cocaine.
They also found a small amount of
powder cocaine and a marijuana blunt in
his bedroom.
Gr.nt in oQrtadt workinn in the DuvalT

Tracy Grant
Suspect Teacher continued on A-7

Mother Charged With

AM 7" .A

5-Year-Old"s Death

Rhonda Webb, 32, has
been charged with a third
degree felon\ for the
death of her 5-year-old,
daughter \\ ho was shot by
her .8-year-old brother

because the police report
indicated that the boy
found the gun while look-
ing for a pencil while his
mother was at the apart-
ment laundry area.

News In Brief
SBoy's death In Boot Camp
Not Associated With Sickle Cell
State Senator Tony Hill and
State Representative AudreN
Gibson were right. The 14-year
old, Martin Lee Anderson's death
was not contributed to Sickle Cell
Disease or Traits.
Dr. Charles McIntosh called
,. the presence.of sickle cell trait
S"incidental" to the boy's death and
said the death was caused from
SMartin Lee physical trauma and a lack of med-
Anderson ical attention.
The Department of Juvenile Justice Committee, Anthony
Schembri removed all juvenile offenders from the Panama
City Boot Camp Tuesday and it was reported that the camp
wouldd be "shut down" in May.

UniverSoul Circus In Jacksonville
ANw, !;m.t

Univer Soul Circus is in Jacksonville from March
rough 12. Jackson ille's is its onl Florida stop.

S t'a t e
'said Ms.
We bb
w -a s
the gun
was not Rhc


^ -I-



appear in the United States
wild birds migrate from infect
Security Michael Chertoff
Chertoff said "there will i
of a domestic fowl outbreak
with ducks, chickens and oth
cautioned against panic, no
Department has dealt with o
years. "If we get a wild bird
en that gets infected with av
able to deal with it, because
ence with that," Chertoff'sai
editors and publishers.
"I can't predict, but I cert
should be prepared for the
point in the next few month
over the migratory pathway
H5N1," he said. The H5N1 s
people since 2003, mostly i
World Health Organization, a
stocks. -Scientists are conce
mutate into a form easily spr
ing a pandemic.

Coach Bernard Wilkes Dead At 57

The Winningest Coach In Florida

Fla. Coach Bernard
Wilkes, 57, coachedbas-
ketball at Ribault High
for thirty years. He won
758 games against 159

losses during his career-
that started at Ribault in
.1976. No other Florida
coach ever won that many
games, even though Don
Wallen, who had already
won .251 games while in
Kentucky before moving
Sto Florida, actually won
two more total games
than Wilkes, when you
include his Kentucky
However, .no- other
coach won 758 games
while coaching in the
Wilkes' coaching
career started and ended

at Ribault High. He took
his teams to 16 final
fours, and won four state
The death of Coach
Wilkes was truly a shock
since it happened one
day after he returned
from the state basketball
tournament Saturday.
His team, the school, his
church and the commu-
nity will truly miss him.
The School Board
passed a resolution
Tuesday honoring the
late coach for his service
to the school system.
Wilkes continued ci A-7

Gordon Parks, An American

Legend, DeadAt 93

SNEWYORK Gcrdon Learning Tree", which
SParks, who captured the was placed on the
4 struggles and triumphs of National Film Registr of
black America as a pho- the Library of Congress.
tographer for Life The registry is intend-
Magazine and then ed to highlight .films of
.' became Hollywood's first particular cultural, histor-
Sl 'major-black director with ical or aesthetic impor-
'The Learning Tree" arid tance.
the hit movie, "Shaft," Other movies included
Died Tuesday. He was 93. "The Super Cops, Lead
S-S Parks also wrote fic- belly and Solomon
Gordon Parks tion and was an accom- Northup's Odysse.. He
polished composer. also wrote novels, poetry
Parks said in one of is and' his autobiographies
a ut o autobio graphie s, in addition to a book of
"Nothing came easy. I essays called "Born
TTTas just born with a need Black."
In U .S to explore e\er\ tool shop Gordon Parks was
of my mind, and'with born No\ ember 30, 1912

o/ I tIIsl work. I became devoted youngest of 15 children.
to my restlessness," His son, Gordon Jr. was
ly strain of bird flu could Gordon Parks covered killed in a plane crash in
in the next few nionths as everything from fashion 1979, which was very dif-
cted nations, Homeland to politics to sports dur- ficult for him.
Said Thursday. ing his 20 years at Life, His other son, Da~id
be a reasonable possibility from 1948 to 1968. But Parks, wrote a book about
k" as migrating birds mix as a photographer, he was his experience in
er birds in the U.S. But he perhaps best known for Vietnam. He also had two
)ting that the Agriculture his gritty photo essays on daughters and' two- years
their strains of bird flu for the grinding effects of ago, Fort Scott
or even a domestic chick- poverty in the United Community College
'ian flu, we're going to be States and aboard and on established the Gordon
we've got a lot of experi- the spirit of the civil Parks Center for Culture
id, speaking to newspaper rights movement. and Diversity. Gordon
Parks wrote the score Parks, photojournalist,
mainly have to say that we as well as directed his filmmaker and pioneer.

possibility that at some
is, a wild fowl will come
arid will be infected with
train has killed at least 95
in Asia, according to the
and has devastated poultry
rned that the virus could
read among people, spark-

first movie, "The

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Oscar Week

Marc H. Morial
President and Chief Executive National Urban League

Once again, the rich,
famous and most glam-
orous in Hollywood gath-
Sered for the film industry's
most stellar night-the
79th Annual Academy
Awards. It was a stark
reminder that the Oscar
ceremony still remains a
very lonely place for
African Americans in
Undoubtedly this year,
we will proudly celebrate
the Academy Award nomi-
nations received by
African American artists
like Terrence Howard for
"Best Actor" and Don
Cheadle, as one of the pro-
ducers of "Crash", a nomi-
nee for the year's "Best
Motion Picture." But,
Terrence Howard's nomi-
nation is especially
poignant because he is one
of only seventeen African
Americans ever nominated
for lead actor or lead
actress category in 79
years of Oscar.
But why should we be
Since its' inception, the
Academy Awards ceremo-
ny has been a reflection of
America's seemingly end-
less challenge and obsta-
cle-race and equity.
Throughout the 20th

century, the Academy of
Motion Pictures Arts and
Sciences has repeatedly
overlooked breathtaking
performances by African
American artists, especial-
ly in the lead actor and
director categories.
In 2000, Ebony maga-
zine reported that in the
first 73 years that Oscar
was awarded, 300 whites
had been cited for the top
acting award compared to
only 13 Blacks. At that
time, only three actors-
Sidney Poitier, Denzel
Washington, and Morgan
Freeman-had been nomi-
nated twice for the award.
Only in the 21st century
did a major barrier shatter
as two African American
actors, Washington and
Halle Berry, captured
Oscar gold as recently as
Film critics also point
to stellar performances that
were never nominated
despite both their critical
and commercial success.
Examples include Samuel
Jackson for both Pulp
Fiction and A Time to Kill,
Wesley Snipes 'for New
Jack City, Debbi Morgan
for Eve's Bayou, Eddie
Murphy for The Nutty
Professor and the creative

talents of Spike Lee for
Malcolm X and Kasi
Lemmons for Eve 's Bayou.
Lee was finally nominated
in 1998 for his documen-
tary, Four Little Girls.
Despite the odds, some
African Americans in
Hollywood have still suc-
ceeded even when their
victories were mired by
The first Black per-
former to capture an Oscar
was Hattie McDaniel in
1939 for "Best Supporting
Actress" in Gone With The
Wind. At the time, the
NAACP rightly criticized
the film for whitewashing
slavery and racism. When
the film premiered in
Atlanta, not a single Black
cast member was invited to
the three days of festivi-
Later, at the Academy
Awards ceremony held in
the swank ballroom of the
Coconut Grove Hotel in
Los Angeles, McDaniel
and her escort were shown
to a special table for two in
the rear of the ballroom.
Fifteen years later,
Dorothy Dandridge broke
through as the first Black'
performer to be nominated
in the "Best Actress" cate-
gory for her extraordinary
work in Carmen Jones.
Poitier, almost a decade
later in 1963, would
become the first African
American male to win the

"Best Actor" nod for his
performance in Lilies of the
Over the next thirty
years, small progress was
made, as nominations were
given to the deserving tal-
ents of James Earl Jones
and Freeman for "Best
Actor" and Diana Ross,
Cicely Tyson and Diahann
Carroll for "Best Actress."
Some experts argue that
the American movie indus-
try rewards actors who
have starred in big budget
films with high audience
appeal. That argument falls
flat when you consider the
success of such films as
Independence Day, which
starred Will Smith, gross-
ing $306 million world-
wide, and Murphy's
Professor, which eclipsed
the $128 million mark.
The fact remains that
25% of the movie going
audience is African
American. Sadly, Oscar
night still does not reflect
the vast talent in Black
Hollywood, nor the diverse
audience that fuels this bil-
lion dollar industry.
While there has been
progress, it's been too
slow. There should be
much greater recognition
of African American artists
by the academy for their
work in front of and
behind the camera.
It's time for a change.

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MARCH 1. 2006f

v ;f A -



MARCH 11, 2006

Missionary Baptist Church will
host its Annual Revival during
the week of March 13-17, night-
ly at 7:00 p.m. The theme is
"Restored By God". Pastor
Michael Walker of Pleasant
Grove Primitive Baptist Church .t -,
is the Evangelist for March 13- .
14 and March 16-17. Dr. Mary P
Domes, Pastor/Prophetess of l ilii"
The Chosen of God Christian ilI'il '.,
Center and GC War-E I11 I
International Ministries,Inc. is Pastor
the Evangelist for March 15, Levi Washington
which is designated as Ladies
Night. The church is located at 742 Franklin St. (five min-
utes from Altell Stadium). The public is invited to come and
hear a "fresh" word from God and be healed in HIs presence.
For more information and directions call the church at
904/355-9258. Pastor Levi Washington, Host and Pastor.
ISIS BREAKFAST-The ISIS Breakfast will be held at Saint
Paul AME Church, located at 6910 New Kings Rd. from
9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 11, 2006. During
this health initiative gathering, women will be advised of the
kinds of tests that can be performed by their doctors, to
determine susceptibility to a specific type of cancer.
SNUmerous health issues relative to wellness and prevention
will be discussed in-depth. Member of the African
Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, The Christian Methodist
Episcopal Church and The African Methodist Episcopal
church have registered for this historic event. Dr. Dorothy
Jackson Young, Episcopal Supervisor of Missions of the
African Methodist Episcopal Church of Florida and the
Bahamas Islands was instrumental in bringing this seminar
to Jacksonville. Persons interested in attending may register
at Saint Paul AMEC by calling (904) 764-2755.
Reservations are limited to the first 250 persons registering.
There is no cost for the registration. All women are invited
to attend.
RITZ VOICES IN CONCERT-The Women's Progressive
Club of Saint Paul AME Church, 6910 New Kings Rd., will
sponsor the renowned, melodic and golden voiced Ritz
-Voices In Concert on Sunday, March 12, at 4:00 p.m. The
group \\ill perform in the Chapel. Mrs. Barbara Presha is the
president of the Women's Progressive Club. ,For more infor-
mation contact the church office at 764-2755. Rev. Marvin
C. Zanders, II, Pastor.
Baptist Church of East Springfield, Inc., 1553 East 21 St.,

SAsk us about Our

If There had been a death
in your family yesterday,
what would you be doing

.^^-t*^.y '

, ....,; ; y ,:-


d. "- -" .




will host a Women Conference March 16-18. A Night of
Praise will begin at 7:00 p.m. on March 16,. a Night Of
Feasting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on March 17, and a Brunch
and Spiritual Rejuvenation with powerful speakers begins at
9:00 a.m. on March 18. These activities will lead to the
Women's Day Celebration scheduled for Sunday, March 19
at 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The theme is
"Commissioned And Committed To The Work Of Christ".
Sis. Janice Austin, Chairwoman; Sis. Deirdre McDowell-
Sutton, Co-Chairwoman. Sis. Antoinette Owens,
Conference Coordinator and Sis. Buena Reed, Conference
Co-Coordinator. Rev. John J. Devoe, Jr., Pastor.
FAMILY AND FRIENDS DAY-Greater Grant Memorial
AME Church, 5533 Gilchrist Rd., will host its annual
Family and Friends Day on March 10- 12, under the leader-
ship of Rev. Tony DeMarco Hansberry. "Engaging Family
and Friends to Prepare for the Harvest" is the theme. An old
fashion Gospel Camp Meeting with a fish fry will begin at
5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 10. Rev. Ernie Murray of St.
Thomas Missionary Baptist Church is the speaker at 7:00
p.m. Family and friends Fun Day will be held on the church
ground on Saturday, March 11. The day includes food,
games, activities for kids, and fellowshipping in Christian
love. Two services will be held on Sunday, March 12. Rev.
Charletta C. Robinson of Mother Midway a.M.E. Church is
the speaker for the 7:45 a.m service. Bishop Adam Jefferson
Richardson, Presiding Prelate of the Second Episcopal
District AME Church, is the speaker for the 11:00 service.
Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 4835 Soutel Dr., will host
"Evangelism Explosion" an Evangelistic. Revival,
Conference and Workshop, March 16-18. Services begin at
7:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday night. Saturday's work-
shops will be held 9:00 a.m.-12 Noon. Rev. Carl Johnson,
93rd Street Baptist Church (MIami,Fla.), will be the guest
Evangelist. Rev. Fred Young, Mind for Jesus Ministries
(Jacksonville) will be the guest lecturer and workshop
leader. The public is invited to participate. Rev. Dr. James B.,
Sampson, Pastor.
WHITE ELEPHANT SALE-The Inspirational Choir of
First A.M.E. Church of Palm Coast will host its annual
White Elephant Sale on Saturday, March 11, 8:00 a.m. to
2:00 p.m. Old and new items, clothing, housewares, elec-
tronics, jewelry, jazz albums, CDs, model cars and more will
be featured. The church is located at 91 Old Kings Road
North in Palm Coast, Fla. For more information, call the
church at (386) 446-5759. Rev. Gillard S. Glover, Pastor.
TAKE IT TO THE STREET- The public is invited to par-
ticipate in St. Luke Missionarl Baptist Church Outreach
Ministry's Third Annual "Take It To The Street-I Need You
To Survive event on March 18. Participants will line up at
9:30 a.m. At 10:3() a.m., participants will leave the church
and walk to Oakland Park (Union and lona Streeis) for a
service. The day includes a clothing gi\ea\\a\. light refresh-
ments, and other activities. Evangelist Alfreda Cra\\ford
Telfair, Outreach Ministrr Director. Rev. Levi Washington.

Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to:

iv, w ori-IOLIS illns lbOLlt IL0.10,1~l~
01'1514r fh, fho ilrk"ed hIPIIIv qrowr
drn, -'r' trif rit hcrl rdo -cy piri




4409 Soutel Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32208
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Deborah West


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Alphonso West


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, R .. ,. i-)'., ,'..
-.^-K,. '. ', <- '; .'. i 'i '



ALEXANDER-Berinell, died
February 28, 2(006. A.B COLE-
ALLEN-James Allen, died
March 3, 2006.
BROOKS-James, died February
28, 2006. A.B. COLEMAN, Inc.
CANADY-Sheila, died March 3,
CARLWELL-Manuela Yvonne,
78, died February 28, 2006.
GAMBLE-Baby Radel, died
March 3, 2006..
HAYMON-Charles, 58, died
March 2, 2006.
HOLLIS-Elizah, 70, died
February 27, 2006.
HOLMES-Frances D., died
March 6, 2006.
JACKSON-Clifton Edward, died
February 28, 2006.
JACOBS-Elease Brown, died
February 28, 2006.
JAMES-Lillian M., died
February 28, 2006.
JOHNSON- Patricia, 52, died
February 28, 2006.
JONES-Theodore R., Sr., 52,
died March 4, 2006.
NESMITH-Calvin, died, March
4, 2006.
NEAL-Milton, 53, died February
26, 2006.
PERKINS-Andrew P., died
March 6, 2006.
ROBINSON-Berthena, died
March 3, 2006.
SLATER-Alice, died March 7,
SALTER- Annie M., died March
2, 2006.
SHEPHERD-Gato, 25, died
March 1, 2006.
TURNER-Edward, Sr., died
March 1, 2006.
WILKES-Bernard, died March
5, 2006.


Death is difficult no matter what
the circumstances. An elderly woman
does not want to hear that it is natural
for the husband to go before the wife
and that she should have expected it.
She doesn't want to hear that he's in a
better place. The best place is with her.
"I'm so sorry for your loss," is the
generic line and is perfectly accept-
able. "I'm here for you. Any time,
night or day, call me," is comforting.
The person who is mourning needs to
remember that when people say insen-
sitive things, they need to be forgiven.
They are only trying to help.
Friends want to help but often are
frustrated because they just don't
know what to say, so they say whatev-
er comes to their mind that they think
might be a comforting thought. Allow
the mourner sufficient time to grieve.
Too often, -well-meaning friends wor-
ried about the bereaved person say
things such as, "You need to get over

it," or "It's time to get on with your
life." Rushing through grief can be
very harmful. Grieving is an individ-
ualized process, and it may take some
people a long time to complete that
process. The average grief time for a
spouse is 1 year for every 5 years of
marriage. As the widow or widower
goes through the grieving process he
or she needs to start developing a life
as an individual, and needs to start
thinking in terms of "me" instead of
"we." Be sure to continue to include
this now single person in your activi-
ties. Don't hesitate to send an invita-
tion because you are concerned he or
she may be uncomfortable, or that the
event may remind him or her of the
'loved one.
"OurAim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd.*
Tel: 768-0507

5 755 Raunona Lvd.. .Jacksorn ille, FL 32205
904-7"81-9595 i
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l .- .. Ji- *,l J..,, l .. LL'. ',I i. .n

The Church Directory

"Come and Worship With Us "
-i 'DirectorY>. '''


New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208

nday School 9:30 a.m. ',r
iday Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
tday Afternoon Bible Study
:cept First Sunda) 4:00 p.m. -
esday Prayer Meeting 7:30 p.m. "
iday School Review 8:00 p.m. I, ":0p
Pastor: Rev. Joe Calhoun .
(904) 764-5727 Church
(904) 768-0272 Home

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453
"Christ died for our sins...was buried and Rose again" (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a.m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
International Sunday School.....9:00 a.m. and5:00 p.m. Saturday on WYMM AM 1530
SA Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Sunday -
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
(904) 354-7249 Church
Bible Power Enrichment Hour
Sunday School 9:15- 10:15 a.m.
S Sunday Praise & Worship 8:00 a.m.
Baptism-Praise & Worship
S(Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
Fellowship Hall 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service....................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Studk, Youth Bible Study & Activities

Evan el

Templ e
.k ,' 1 ,l .- t! I i C. / .I-.

Central Camopums
Sunday %. AMarci. ILr:li
Kiel.,ol vI1
350 V). i,,ue,
CouingBAl;r CaGd
,-, jllclu %, n, 6.00 P.111
cmlb.; ned ( Sarstpul.
Revii lServ.ice,

Nc'~~ SOILE t I~~~'Lt ~En~P LIs

NI... -Ir I..4. ".'* ''ll"iC; VrlC *I%111
IN U 30 .11 12 llI I
.I ~ A a .1 Llr S, C-I I;rC

-rhrii-N. 7 .30 pji~m. 73ibit Sixiiri




,,VUL ,,,



t~f~i: "

...... ,.,J


MARCH 11. 2006

Socially Speaking
Betty Asque
"There's Always Something
Happening On The First Coast"

Phenomenal Women's 20th Celebration
All roads led to the UNF University Center
Wednesday morning. It was the 20th Anniversary of
theWomen's History Month Breakfast. With Ms.
Charlene Shirk, Weekend Anchor First Coast News
as Mistress of Ceremonies, it was quite a celebration!
Returning again as the speaker for the occasion
was Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum Executive
Director, Mrs. Carol Alexander. Donning a gorgeous
black chapeau, Mrs. Alexander immediately captured
the attention of the audience with her dramatic oration
of poet Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman. The
audience was spellbound! And she didn't stop there.
She shared the transitions she had personally endured
since, she was the featured speaker the last time. And
she paid homage to her dear late friend 'The Beach
Lady' Ms. Marvyne Betsch showing the film, Beach
Joining Mrs. Alexander and Ms. Shirk on the phe-
nomenal program were: Mesdames Joann
Manning, Reverend Davette Turk, Teneese
Thomas, Tressa Kirilloff, Marsha Oliver, and
Vanessa Boyer. They were joined by Mayor John
Peyton and former Mayor Hans Tanzler.
The 2006 Women's History Month'Honorees were:
Ms. Susan Hamilton, chief diversity and EEOC
officer for CSX Transportation who has always been
'driven' to improve the communities in which she
lives. Her community involvements include: the first
chairwoman of the Toyota Gator Bowl Board of
Trustees, United Way Board, Downtown Rotary Club
and Girls Scouts of Gateway Council.
Ms. Gwendolyn Leapheart, retired public and
civil servant and educator began her career as a
teacher and later worked for the National Youth
Administration, the United Service Organization,
Hampton University and the New York State Civil
Service Administration. Upon her retirement she was
the first woman, elected countywide to the
Jacksonville Ci\il Service Board. Her community
involvements include Boylan-Haven Alumni
Association, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, St. Gabriel's
Episcopal Church, Board of Trustees. Talladega
College, Ritz Chamber Players Guild and the
Jaclsonville Links.
Dr. Sherry Magill, president of the Jessie Ball
DuPont Fund, under her leadership the private grant-
making foundation boasts assets of $280 million and
an annual grants budget of $14 million. Dr. Magill is
an alumnus of Leadership Jacksonville, past president
of the Jacksonville Women's Network and several
other local affiliations.
Mrs. Marcia Morales, a 30-year community vol-
unteer was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. She has
taught Spanish and is a Real Estate Broker. Her com-
munity activities include St. Vincent's Foundation,
Sat. Vincent's Special Events Committee, Wolfson's
Children's Hospital Foundation and countless other
Mrs. Karen Wolfson is "BEAMing" with the spir-
it of volunteerism. She is an integral part of BEAM
(Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry), a non-
profit dedicated to helping less fortunate families in
the beaches area. She initiated a program at BEAM
that provides thousands of children with back-to-
school and dental programs. She has been honoree by
other entities for her long-term volunteerism.
Kudos to the Mayor's Commission on the Status of
Women chaired by Mrs. Joann Manning, they put on
a fantastic event!

Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming
Events. Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail social-
ly@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me direct-
ly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777 or
fax (904) 285-7008.
See you in the paper! l

Women's History Month Honoree Ms. Gwendolyn Leapheart as she
accepts the 2006 honor. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

Mesdames Dolores Shaw, Kenyonn Demps, Gloria Dean and Betty
Cody join in congratulations to their Jacksonville Links sister Ms.
Gwendolyn Leapheart. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

F. ;

Local Interior Designer Mrs. Jacqueline Williams unveils the 2006 2006 Young Woman of Vision Honoree Ms. Leslie Lowe with Mayor
Women's History Month Poster. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis) John Peyton. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

2006 Young Woman of Vision Honoree Ms. Lauren Grissett with Charles Owens v ith his author wife Mrs. Otis Owens were among the
Mayor John Peyton. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis) many guests of Poster Honoree Ms. Gwen Leapheart. (Photo by Betty
Asque Davis) ,

Past \Women's History Month Honorees Mrs. Joyce Couch (standing), Dr. Lois Gibson (at left) with NIses. Vanessa Wilson, Gerre Walker and
Audrey Stripling. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis)

Mesdames Mozella Raines, LaTisha Thompson, Eleanor Gay and Seated, The Fieldses (Mrs. Fields is the goddaughter of Poster
Shawnee Kereenyahy. (Photo by Betty Asque Davis) Honoree Ms. Gwen Leapheart), standing, Mesdames Linda
McKenzie, Dolores and Dannette McQueen..(Photo by Betty Asque

Mesdames Flora McClendon Parker and Ernestine Rutledge Hester. Mses. Mary O'Neal and Joanne Thayer. (Photo bi Bern .4 quy Davis)
(Photo by Betty Asque Davis)
Call: 766.8t34
Semaif" irIzfeflori;dastar cOr." _

rDAf' A A-

FAU A4 llLfvxLxm -1- I.-1 --


Crist, Legislators Push

Public Safety Measures
TALLAHASSEE Attorney General Charlie Crist
joined legislative sponsors in calling for passage of Anti-
Murder legislation to protect innocent Floridians from
violent offenders who violate the terms of their proba-
Crist and the lawmakers also urged the passage of
other important public safety legislation, including a
measure to safeguard abuse victims residing at domestic
violence shelters and another making it illegal for citizens
to provide misleading inforiiation-to law enforcement
officers investigating certain crimes.
Crist and the legislators said the common-sense pro-
posals would make law-abiding Floridians safer, and
urged the Legislature to_ gLe the measures speedy
approval. Joining Crist were SenatorsPaula Dockery and
Mike Fasano, Representatives Joe Negron, Jennifer
Carroll and Michael Grant, Florida Department of Law
Enforcement Commissioner Guy Tunnell and State
Attorney Willie Meggs representing the Florida
Prosecuting Attorneys Association, as well as representa-
tives from the Florida Sheriffs Association, the Florida
Police Chiefs Association, the International Union of
Police Associations, the Police Benevolent Association,
the Fraternal Order of Police and the Florida Coalition
Against Domestic Violence.
"Our government was formed, first and foremost, to
ensure the safety of itscitizens, and public safety must be
our highest priority," said Crist. "We cannot accept any-
thing less than an unyielding stand against those who
would tear apart innocent lives, families and communities
by their criminal actions."
The Anti-Murder legislation, sponsored by Sen.
Dockery and Rep. Negron, would make certain that vio-
lent offenders who violate probation are returned to jail
until a judge finds that they do notpose a danger to the
community. The bill creates a list of crimes that qualify a
person as a Violent Felony Offender of Special Concern,
ensuring closer scrutiny under the new law. Crist praised
'last \ ear's Jessica Lunsford Act as an important first step
toward protecting Florida's children, but said the addi-
tional provisions of the Anti-Murder legislation would
make children even more safe from sex offenders .and
Another priority piece of legislation emerged from the
Investigation into Jessica Lunsford's disappearance,
\vhich tragically ended in the disco er\ of the young girl's
body not far from her home.

Extradited Israeli Drug Lord

To Be Arraigned In Ft. Lauderdale

Karen P.
T a n d y
D r u g
b n Enforcement
SR. Alexander
Acosta, United
States Attorney
for the Southern
District of
Ze'ev Rosenstein (right) is escorted Florida, and Mark
by federal agents as he boards a plane R. Trouville,
bound for the United States. Special Agent in
charge, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Miami
Field Office, announced that defendant Ze'ev Rosenstein
made his initial appearance in federal court today after being
extradited from Israel on March 6, 2006. Rosenstein is
charged by Indictment with conspiracy to distribute Ecstasy
and conspiracy to import Ecstasy. If convicted on these
charges, he faces a term of imprisonment of 20 years as to
each count. At the initial appearance, the United States
requested that Rosenstein be held in pretrial detention. A
hearing on the government's motion and arraignment has
been set for March 28, 2006, in Ft. Lauderdale, before
Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow.
A significant part of the, case against Rosenstein is based
on the seizure of approximately 700,000 Ecstasy pills in July
2001. The Indictment also covers a two year period during
which Rosenstein headed a sophisticated drug trafficking
network whose operations, spanned four continents and
involved the shipment of well over one million Ecstasy pills
to the United States. The July 2001 seizure occurred after
one of Rosenstein's co-conspirators sold a sample of the
Ecstasy pills to a confidential source in New York.
The next day, investigators with the New York Police
Department executed a search warrant and arrested two
Israeli nationals who subsequently stated that prior to dis-
tributing any of the pills they would receive instructions

from other co-conspirators in Israel.
Law enforcement officials later determined that
Rosenstein was one of the individuals responsible for financ-
ing the shipment of the pills to the United States.
It was also determined that one of the main brokers con-
necting potential buyers with potential sellers was also pass-
ing information to Rosenstein through another co-conspira-
tor. In essence, all decisions about the sale of the pills were
run through Rosenstein, placing him at the center the con-
Mr. Acosta noted that this case would not have been pos-
sible without the extraordinary joint efforts of the United
States and Israeli authorities, including the Israel Ministry of
Justice, the Israel National Police ("INP"), and the INP
office at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. For nearly five
years, the prosecution of Rosenstein has involved the close
and full cooperation of the Tel-Aviv District Attorney's
Office and the Tel Aviv Central Unit of the INP.
In addition, Acosta commended the efforts of Michael F:
Walther, formerly Deputy Chief, of the Narcotic and
Dangerous Drug Section in Washington (NDDS), for his
leadership in coordinating the U.S. side ofthe case. In addi-
tion, Mr. Acosta expressed his gratitude to Roslynn R.
Mauskopf, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of
New York, for her Office's aid in the investigation, which
included detailing Jed Davis. an Assistant United States
Attorney in her Office, to assist NDDS and the Souther
District of Florida.
Mr. Acosta also commended the efforts of Trial Attorney
Blair Berman of the.Office of International Affairs; DEA
-Special Operations Division; .DEA Foreign Operations
LDivision; DEA-Nicosia; the Miami-Dade Police Department
Narcotics Squad; the Glades Counth Sheriff's Office: the
Hialeah Police Department, and the Ne\' York Police
Department Queens Narcotics Major Case Squad. The case
is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys
Benjamin Greenberg and Michael Sullivan. and DEA
HIDTA Group 44.

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The Station "Where Christ Gets Lifted"




MARCH 11, 2006



Hampton University To Host

Annual Black Family Conference

HAMPTON, VA.-- Hampton University will host the
28th Annual Conference on the Black Family on March 15
-17 with the theme "Rites of Passage: The Past, Present and
Promise of the Black Family.".
This year, the leading and most comprehensive national
forum on issues of race and family will explore many of the
issues that plague today's black community and examine
ways that future generations can move towards improve-
The HU School of Liberal Arts and Education will pres-
ent the conference this year. The conference will consist of
several breakout sessions held in HU's McGrew Towers to
discuss such topics as HIV/AIDS as a pandemic in the black
community, domestic violence in the home, black fathers as
single parents, re-instilling the value of education, eating and
exercising habits, and disaster and the black community.
The session "They Closed Our Schools: 1959-1964" will
focus on the former act of "massive resistance" by Prince
Edward County, Va., which closed its public schools rather
than desegregate after the Brown v. Board of Education rul-
ing. For the session, HU welcomes Carl U. Eggleston,
Henry Cabarrus and Ada Booth, Prince Edward County stu-
Sdents affected by the school closures.
Speakers will include Stephanie Nixon of FEMA; Phil
Wilson, founder and executive director of the Black AIDS
Institute; Marissa Nightingale of the National Campaign to
Prevent Teen Pregnancy; and Jeion A. Ward, president of the

S Hampton Federation of Teachers and a
representative in the Virginia House of
Delegates. Other events include:
March 15, 7 p.m. 9 p.m.:
& Opening Plenary Session
f Held in Ogden Hall, Judge Dana
LaMon, an African-American adminis-
trative law judge with the California
Judge Dana Department'of Social Services, will.
LaMon open the confer-
ence. Blind since
age 4, LaMon earned the title of World
Champion of Public Speaking from *
Toastmasters International in 1992.
This event is free and open to the pub-
Maych 16, 4 p.m. 5:30 p.m.:
Youth Forum Held in the Student Dr. Jawanza -
Center Ballroom, the conference's Kunjufu
Youth Forum welcomes Jawanza
Kunjufu, renowned educational consultant and president of
African American Images, to focus on the theme
"Challenges, Choices and Identity: Changing the Way We
Do Business in the Village." Kunjufu has also authored
numerous books on black youth including "Developing
Positive Self-Images and Discipline in Black Children" and
"State of Emergency: We Must Save African American

Secretary Jackson Awards Over $5 Million

To 16 Universities To Help Rebuild Gulf Coast

Housing and Urban
Development Secretary
Alphonso Jackson
announced 16 universities
will receive over $5 million
through an innovative new
program that draws on the
expertise of these centers for
higher learning to help
.rebuild communities
throughout the hurricane-
ravaged Gulf Coast. The
funding is provided through
HUD's new Universities
Rebuilding America
Partnership (URAP) initia-
Jackson announced the
funding in New Orleans
while touring Xavier
University and said the
funding is designed to tap
into young, bright minds to
help devastated Gulf Coast
communities to rebuild.
"I want to inspire and
empower students and facul-
ty to get involved in one of
the most important rebuild-
ing efforts in our country's
history," said Jackson.
"These institutions of higher
learning have a unique
opportunity to partner with
devastated communities
and, together, help :to
breathe new life into these
HUD's URAP initiative
was created through an
existing design program that
benefited schools of archi-
tecture and planning and a
grant program that assists
' Historically Black Colleges
and Universities.
Nine URAP grants are
being awarded to
Historically Black Colleges
and Universities and .seven
grants will assist other
schools for community
design and planning.
Working with, local, state,
and national organizations
URAP will provide an
opportunity for groups of
college and university stu-
dents, faculty, and staff to.
develop creative solutions to
respond to the disaster.
In addition to the grant
funding, HUD will also pro-
i vide a'URAP Toolkit, a step-

Alphonso Jackson
by-step guide on how to

select and arrange service
projects in the Gulf Region,
and what to expect. And, in
conjunction with the
President's Council on
Service and Civic
Participation, URAP has
established the Uni\ersities
Rebuilding America Honor
Roll and Awards Program to
recognize higher education
institutions for their contri-
butions to the recovery and
rebuilding efforts.
HUD is the nation's

housing agency committed
to increasing homeowner-
ship, particularly among
minorities; creating afford-
able housing opportunities
for low-income Americans;
and supporting the home-
less, elderly, people with
disabilities and people living
with AIDS.
The Department also
promotes economic and
community development as
well as enforces the nation's
fair housing laws.

Congressman Meek Elected

Chair Of CBC Foundation

Kendrick Meek
Congressman Kendrick B.
Meek of Florida has been
elected Chairman of the
Congressional Black Caucus
Foundation (CBCF).
Meek, 39, and ii his second
term in the U.S. House of
Representatives, is one of
the youngest chairmen in the
CBCF's thirty-year history.
Meek began his three-
year term as Chairman on
March 1, 2006.
S"It is both an honor and a
privilege to serve as
Chairman of the CBCF,"
Meek said. "I look forward
to working closely with the
CBCF Board and Executive
Committee, other friends.
and stakeholders to build
upon and expand the incred-
ible work being done
through this organization."
Meek pointed out that
the CBCF's strengths
include providing educa-
tional opportunities for
young people through the

organization's scholarship,
internship and fellowship
programs, the Annual
Legislative Conference and
sponsorship of health aware-
ness, home ownership and
other empowerment events
in local communities.
,"So many of the CBCF's
programs are critical to our
communities," Meek said..
"Every dollar we can
raise is another dollar we
can commit towards a col-
lege education for a young
student, combating the
health disparities impacting
our communities or helping
our constituents achieve the
American dream of owning'
their first home."

SCongressman Meek rep-
resents Florida's 17th
Congressional district,
which includes portions of
northern .Miami-Dade and
. southern Broward counties.
Meek serves on the
House Armed Services
Committee as well as the
Committee on Homeland
Security, where he serves as,
Ranking Member on the
Subcommittee on
Management, Integration
and Oversight.
The CBCF was estab-
lished in 1976 as a non-par-
tisan, non-profit, public pol-
icy research and. education

March 17, 8:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.: Town Hall Meeting.
Held in Ogden Hall, the conference host a town hall style
meeting that will focus on Michael
Eric Dyson's book "Is Bill Cosby
SRight? Or Has the Black Middle Class
Lost its Mind?" HU will host a debate
over comedian Bill Cosby's comments
and criticism of low-income African
Americans, featuring political com-
mentator and columnist Armstrong
Michael Eric Williams. Daily Press columnist Wil
Dyson LaVeist will moderate.
March 17,
Noon 2 p.m.: Closing Luncheon
with Susan Taylor
Held in the Student Center
Ballroom, the conference will conclude
with a closing luncheon featuring
Susan Taylor, editorial director of
Essence magazine, as the keynote
speaker. Taylor oversees the editorial Susan Taylor
operations of the magazine and writes the popular "In the
Spirit" column each month. She is also a member of the
National Association of Black Journalists and the American
Society of Magazine Editors.

Puckett's Death Brings Attention to Stroke Risk
ENGLEWOOD, Colo., March 6 /U.S. Newswire/
National Stroke Association sends its deepest condolences
to the family of Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame baseball .
player, Kirby Puckett. Puckett's untimely death at the age
of 44 is just a testament to the fact that stroke can happen
to anyone, anytime'and anywhere.
National Stroke Association wants all Americans to ,.
understand the risk factors, signs and symptoms of stroke.
Stroke is the third leading cause of death in our country, but
research has shown us that 80 percent of strokes are prevent-
able. In addition, early recognition of stroke 'symptoms and
calling 9-1-1 when someone is suffering a stroke, can be the
difference between life and death. African Americans are at
a higher risk for stroke than any other race and that is why it
is important to recognize and understand how to control risk
factors. Controllable risk factors include:
SHigh Blood Pressure -- having high blood pressure
increases stroke risk 4 to 6 times. It is the single most impor-
tant controllable risk factor -- optimum blood pressure is
120/80 or lower High Cholesterol -- keeping both LDL and
HDL combined levels under 200."
Smoking -- smoking doubles the risk for stroke:
Weight & Exercise -- excess weight puts a strain on the
entire circulatory system and increases the risk for people, to -
have high blood pressure, his cholesterol and diabetes.
Diabetes -- increases stroke risk.
At trial Fibrillation -- when you have an irregular heart-
beat stroke risk is increased 4 to 6 times
Alcohol -- drinking more than two drinks per day may
increase your risk for stroke by half
TIA -- if you have had a transient ischemic attack or
mini-stroke your stroke risk increases significantly.

Experts Say Africa May Have More Droughts
LONDON.- Africa may be entering a period of "persist-
ent famine" with drought striking more often, and aid agen-
cies 'urgently need more money to combat the scourge,
according to U.N. officials.
"There is a change in the world's weather pattern that dis-
proportionately affects Africa," James Morris, director of the
World Food Program, told reporters in London. Although
disasters have struck from the Asian tsunami to the Pakistani
earthquake to flooding in Latin America, "the toughest
issues are in Africa, there's no qtiestion," Morris said.

Majority of Americans Say Religious

History Should Be Taught In Schools

FAIRFIELD, Conn., March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Religious
history belongs in the public school classroom, say a major-
ity of Americans in a national poll conducted by the Sacred
Heart University Polling Institute. Additionally, textbooks
should include religious history and traditions -- presented
accurately -- according to a majority of those surveyed.
Respondents were asked to think about public school
textbooks and their presentation of religious history in the
United States. Researchers asked respondents if they agreed
or disagreed with the following statement: "Textbooks
should include our religious past and religious traditions in
order to understand the present." A large majority, 79.7%,
strongly (51.3%) or somewhat (28.4%) agreed.
Similarly, 79.1% suggest it was very or somewhat
important that religious history be taught in public schools
throughout the United States.
-- Among African-Americans, 89.0% suggest that teach-

ing religious history is very or somewhat important. Among
Hispanics, the figure is 77.8%.
According to.June-Ann Greeley, Ph.D., assistant profes-
sor of Religious Studies at Sacred Heart University, ."As
much as the art, literature, political structure, and language
identify essential truths about a people and a nation, so do
the religious beliefs and traditions, according to a majority of
Americans-and to ignore such traditions is unsound scholar-
ship. For better or worse, we reveal our essential humanness
in our religious beliefs."
Over one-third of all respondents; 36.8%, believe pub-
lic school textbooks frequently misrepresent their own reli-
gion when discussing its history. Another 26.6% suggest
such misrepresentation does not happen or seldom occurs.
Some, 36.6%, are unsure. --Among Catholics, 34.6%
believe textbooks misrepresent their religion while 35.8% of
Protestants believe the same.



MARh 1.(/jO LRD iRPG -

Teacher continued from A-i
substitute teacher and became full-time in 1993. He is facing three felony charges
and one misdemeanor. Grant taught science and also helped coached the girls' bas-
ketball team.

Brief continued from A-i
New $10 Bills Beginning In March
The new $10 bill fea-
S.... ', "* tures shades of orange,
S,,, n, yellow and red in an effort
:. to stay ahead of counter-
i "' -: feiters. The new bill joins
: ... colorized, versions of the
j : ..,.,, ., :... $20 and $50 bill.

Tyler Perry's Film Still Number One
Tyler Perry's "Madea's Family Reunion" was number one again in its second
S weekend, bringing its two-weekend total to about
$48.1 million. And they said it couldn't be done..

Emergency Birth Control Pill
Now Available At Wal-Mart ::
Officials of Wal-Mart said the stores will stock the .
emergency contraception pills in all of its pharmacies
) effective March 20. The morning after "Plan B pill .
contains a higher dose of the hormones in regular '
birth control pills and is reported to cut the chances of / '' :
pregnancy by up to 89 percent if used within 72 hours --.r
of unprotected sex. The earlier taken, the more effec- Tyler Perry as Madea
tive, said reports.


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The Florida Star

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Wilkescontinued from A-i
In addition, it temporarily waived its policy to allow Ribault High School to hold a
memorial service on campus.
It was reported that Wilkes suffered a diabetic attack in his sleep, went into a coma
and passed away on Sunday.
A memorial service will be held Saturday at 1:00 P.M. for this basketball legend at
the New Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church at 10325 Interstate Center Drive near
Broward Road off 195 where he served as a member and took many of his players. The
community can also attend visitation on Friday at Holmes-Glover-Solomon Funeral
Home on Brentwood Avenue in Jacksonville.

Mobilizing Mighty Warriors


* .. ..4. .
~~; l
E l*a

," ',,r I

-lope Chapel Ministries will celebrate its 33rd Year of Ministry with a week-long cele-
bration beginning.March 19. The Pastor, Dr. Jeanette C. Holmes and the Hope Chapel
family (shown above) are focusing on the theme, "Mobilizing Each Other For Ministry
to become Mighty Warriors for the Kingdom Of God". A Pre-Praise Celebration will
be held March 13-17. The celebration officially kicks off with a gala opening on
Sunday, March 19 and continues all week with festivities and celebrations represent-
ed by the various branches of the armed forces. On Wednesday, March 22 a
Founder's Banquet will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, Baymeadows. A
Western Carnival will be held on Saturday, March 25 and closing ceremonies will'be
held on Sunday, March 26.

Knowledge Is Power In Fight

Against Identity Theft
(ARA) In the movie Firewall, Harrison Ford pla\ s Jack Stanfield, a bank security
officer who is forced to carry out a crime he would never commit once his identity is
stolen and his family is put in grave danger. This movie, which opened February 10
nationwide, demonstrates that identity theft can happen to even the most security-savvy
individual, and we must all take necessary steps to protect ourselves.
According to the Federal Trade Commission, 58 million consumers experienced
unauthorized access to their personal information in 2005. In this era of data breaches,
phishing, and dumpster diving, consumers must become their own advocates and devel-
op a personal data protection plan to secure one of their most valuable assets their
The serious crime of identity theft can have far-reaching consequences and hinder
the victims' ability to secure credit, insurance, housing and even a job. The following
steps can help you develop an action plan to protect yourself from identity theft.

Know the Enemy

Learn more about how fraudsters commit identity theft in both the online and offline
world. Understanding their methods will help you identify areas where you may be vul-
nerable and alert \ou to signals that might indicate that your identit- has been stolen.
Many excellent educational resources exist including the Federal Trade Commission
Web site at www.consumer.go\ 'idtheft. and the Equifax Identity Theft Protection Kit at
www.equifax.com/idtheftprotectionkit/idtheftprotectionkit.pdf. These materials define
identity theft, as well-as discuss ways to defend against it and how to respond if it hap-

Take Defensive Steps

Identify specific steps to take to protect your personal data. A few examples include:

Shred pre-approved credit card offers and other mail displaying your name and
personal information before throwing them in the trash.

*Store sensitive account information (e.g.. bank accounts, credit card accourits) in
a secure location.

Protect your online information by keeping virus protection updated and using a

If you currently are not taking any, protective measures, start now before you
Become a victim. You are probably taking some precautions today; resolve to take more
: steps to keep your identity as safe as possible.

; .Watch for Evidence

* S
* 0



For 54 Years

*0 ;





* Unfortunately, identity theft is rot entirely preventable. Pay attention to billing
: cycles; a missing bill could mean an identity thief may have taken over your credit card
account and changed your billing address. Credit monitoring services such as Equifax
* Credit Watch can serve as an early warning system to alert you to. potentially fraudu-
: lent activities.
S Equifax offers Equifax Credit Watch Gold with 3-in-l Monitoring, which notifies
Syou of key changes to your credit file from all three nationwide credit reporting com-
Spanies. With wireless alerts available via cellular phone and round-the-clock dedicated
Customer care, this service is a convenient way to stay informed about your credit'
* health.

Act Quickly

S Victims who respond to identity theft quickly can reduce time and money spent on
* recovery.. If you discover you have been a victim of identity theft, contact one of the
three credit reporting companies Equifax, Experian or TransUnion and place a fraud
Alert on your file.,
* The company you contacted will inform the other two firms so they can also add a
Fraud alert to your file. Call local law enforcement and request a police report which
can be invaluable in your discussions with creditors. And finally, continue to monitor
* your credit report for unusual activity.
For more information about ways to protect yourself and your family from identity
Theft, visit www.equifax.com. Equifax also offers a new resource at www.mjcredited-
ucation.co'm, featuring helpful advice and tips on identity theft protection and credit
* Visit http://firewallmovie.warnerbros.com/ to view the preview and for additional
* information about Firewall.

%Courtesy ofARA-Content




........... 7


r.-.' ,-







Never underestimate 'just a few.'
Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

They help community groups like the PTA, your church, clubs, even
your employer organize resources and focus them where they're
needed most. Especially fighting to keep kids away from drugs. If
you're in a community group, ask if you can do more by teaming
up with' a community coalition. It's really simple. Just go to
www.helpyourcommunity.org or call 1-877-KIDS-313 to
contact a community.coalition in your area. They'll tell you exactly
how your group can help. You'll be surprised at what you have to
offer And how much you can accomplish.

U.S. Department of Transportaon
U.S. Department of Transportation

* org


Offle of Norionol Drug Control Policy


-r-- T- -lii-- --
.~ w*1 ,

7-Bone Chuck Pot Roast
Publix Premium Certified Beef, USDA Choice. Beef Chuck (7-Bone-i
.A J* A

Florida Strawberries, ..3 I5.00u
Premium, High in Vitamin C and Folate,
A Good Source of Fiber. 16-oz pkg. (32-oz pkg. .3.29);

Key Lime Pie, 9-Inch ....... 649
Made Wrth Publix Original Recipe, Real Key UmeJuice
Mied With Sweetened Condensed Milk ft a Graham
Cracker Crust. From the Pub& Bakery. 34-oz size


Giund Coffee.......... .499
10 Coounrtban. Goumnet
Supreme. Classic Half Cf Caffr ld .
Breakfas Blend or Classic. French
or Special Roast. 34.5 or 39-oz cnst.
(Cassic Decaf, 39- st. .... 5.63)

PrkIs effectie ThwsdmryL: Muc 9 tsIE ougb Wsmwesda, Mkch. 15, 2006.
Ook it OwanW, Smi~, DwaL C* Nassau. P ,Fbge-tr. St Jolsm ,
Ce~ w"A wg LemNkJoa, Maoion and A~ Couawfes irn F1, Qu Rfts WtResemecd.

General Mills Ken's
Cereal................ 24,0 Steak House C
hes. 1525 to 16-oz box Dressing........... w .ar rO3M
or Total, 14.75 to 1-o box Assorted Varieies, 16-mo bot.
SAVE UP TO 3.98 ON 2 (Limit two deafs on seected
advertised varieties.)


'i Vt


Publix Deli
20 Pice
Hot & Spicy
WmngS,.. ... .... ..... 739
hao or Fresh Ohtaled. each bom

IL Nik vilon" .-vzvlxAvn


The "It's Only Another Beer"
Black and Tan

8 oz. pilsner lager
8 oz. stout lager
1 frosty mug
1 icy road
1 pick-up truck
1 10-hour day
1 tired worker
A few rounds with the guys

Mix ingredients.
Add 1 totalled vehicle.





c~ .

'' ii '

Randolph Students Excel At Health

Occupations Students Of America Meet

Five students from A. Philip Randolph Academies of
Technology earned first-place honors at the regional
Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) conm-
petition held laIs month in Orange Park. Fla.
First-place \\ liners are-

Ismarie Sostre-chapter newsletter

Reginald Thomas-dental spelling

Martha Kleinik-know ledge test on human
growth and development

Rachelle Ignacio-dental terminology

Andrew McLaurin-medical assisting/clinical

Three students also earned second-place honors.
The\ are:

LaQuasia \\right--nursing assistant

Tanika Delifus--medical spelling

Ismarie Sostre--healthcare issues exam

All seven \\ inners will advance to the state com-
petition in Daytona Beach in April. Students \vho
received first-place honors are eligible to apply for
trvo-\ear scholarships to Florida Comrunnity College
of Jackson\ille (FCCJ).
"We are so proud of these students." said Principal
Lorenda Tiscornia. -Randolph has the only high
school HOSA chapter in the county They are contin-
uing our tradition of excellence in preparing for
careers in healthcare and in representing our school at
the highest levels of achievement."
Randolph is a career and college preparatory
school focused on providing a rigorous academic cur-
riculum for students interested in information tech-
nology. constriction, health. public safety and cosme-
HOSA promotes health career training amoug sec-
ondary and post-secondar- institutions.

Simmons Pediatrics Hosts 4th

Annual A/B Honor Roll Banquet



66 ;

N 4L :

'UN, U;

Vx I

Y 1


Dr. Charles E. Simmons. III and Dr. Michelle Bell celebrated their 4th Annual A/B Honor Roll rewarding
students who made excellent grades. The banquet was held earlier this month at Dave & Busters where
the youth feasted and enjoyed an afternoon of games. "Once again we appreciate the efforts and goals
you have achieved this year. Continue to reach for the stars and always aim high," said Dr. Simmons



_. .-..
. =; :*i ".*:_ s:

,i ii,.



~'~ '~~'~ ~ '

I~ a

N ~s-

I ."



* .^:


-'-c-- --1--

" X ---;

;.. i
~~ ~r


Youthful Praise

West Union Missionary Baptist Church celebrated their 106th Year Anniversary during the month of February. Over the Valentine's week-
end the church held its 3rd Annual Anniversary Banquet at which time, the pastor, Rev. Leroy C. Kelly's second anniversary was also
celebrated. The youth of West Union are shown here with their sponsor, Mrs. Sandra Cummings Thompson, making presentation to
Pastor Kelly expressing their appreciation for his much welcomed encouragement and support.

Organization Offers Help Locating College Tuition Assistance

A conservative esti-
mate of college costs for a
full-time student runs from
$10,000-$30,000; high
cost colleges can run from
Most parents and stu-
dents think that scholar-
ships are only for the stu-
dents with excellent
grades, low-income fami-
lies, or the athletically
A small example of the
numerous scholarships
available to students
include: handicapped
Student Scholarships,
members of a Church
Scholarships, Scholarships
for "C" Students, Veteran
Children's Scholarships,
Scholarships for
Minorities and more.
Though the majority of
scholarships are from the
federal Government. and
are merit and/or need-

based, millions of dollars
are available to students
from private sector schol-
S Much of private sector
financial aid goes unused
because the parents and
students do not know how
or where to apply.
There are organizations
that have spent hundreds
of hours in research locat-
ing scholarship sources.
The u.S. Commission
for Scholastic Assistance-
College Bound is such an
organization and supplies
the public with over 1,000
different private scholar-
ships sources.
The scholarship list
include the scholarship
names, addresses, applica-
tion deadlines, summaries
about the scholarships and
the amount the scholarship
will pay the student.
Many scholarships pay

the entire tuition; others
can be applied towards
tuition, living expenses,
and/or other fees.
Most scholarships can
be used at junior colleges,
career and vocational

schools, four-year col-
leges, graduate schools,
medical and law schools.
For information on
obtaining these scholar-
ships lists, send a self-
addressed, stamped,

business size, #10 enve-
lope to: The U.S.
Commission for
Scholastic Assistance, P.
O. Box 650067, Potomac
Falls, VA 220165-0067.





__904/ 766-8834

U~ -- -- --' -- -

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page B-2/March 11, 2006

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page B-3/March 11, 2006



By Rose Rennekamp

Start Looking Now
For Summer Fun
It's not even time for
spring break, yet spots in
summer camps, enrich-
ment programs and sum-
mer school are already fill-
ing up.
The deadlines are
looming for many of the
summer activities that can
entertain and educate your
children from grade school
through high school.
When I think about
summer camp, my memo-
ries take me back to Camp
Hantesa. We learned
crafts, how to make dinner
over a campfire and lots of
great songs. You can still
experience places like
Camp Hantesa, of course,
but there is a huge variety
of camps available today.
The summer before
sixth grade my son spent a
week at an entrepreneurial
camp sponsored by the
Kauffman Foundation and
hosted by a local universi-
By the end of the week,
he and his buddies had
business plans that really
'made lot of sense.
My son not only.
learned the basics about
starting a business, he also
developed a new mindset
and still considers starting
his own business as one of
many career options.
Summer activities can
be much more than a way
to keep the kids occupied
while they're out of school.
They can help younger
children discover new pas-
I know an eighth grad-
er who spent a couple of
weeks last summer taking
a web design class through

a program at a local col-
He then took some
computer classes during
the school year, and has
since decided that he may
be interested in pursuing a
career in some kind of
computer programming or
information technology.
Students who need
help in specific subjects in
school could benefit from
intensive learning over the
By looking over your
student's grade reports and
standardized test scores,
you can see what areas
could use some more in-
depth study.
Summer school may
not be the way most stu-
dents dream of spending
their summer, but the pro-
grams and classes offered
over the summer are often
a lot more "fun" than the
classes offered during the
traditional school year.
They usually allow stu-
dents the chance to get out
of the classroom and apply
the skills they learn.
One high school soph-
omore I know spent a
month at summer school
last summer, earning an
extra science credit. She
tells me, "I wouldn't do
summer school for just
anything, but this was real-
ly cool."
Normally not a big fan
of science, the chance to
spend a week on the beach
in Texas, and another
week camping and hiking
in the desert at Big Bend
National Park pushed her
to check out the ecology
SWhile her favorite part
of the session was the free

time on the beach, she had
to admit that taking the
class allowed her to better
understand what she'd
learned in her freshman
biology class.
Summer programs can
also help high school stu-
dents decide on a college
or a major. I recently
spoke to a high school sen-
ior who spent a week last
summer at a university as
part of an engineering
enrichment program for
high school students.
She said that living in
the university's dorms,
walking around campus
and interacting with stu-
dents and professors
helped her decide that was
the college she wanted to
attend. She's been accept-
ed to that university and
plans to attend in the fall.
While many parents
and children would never
give up the weeks spent at
camps like Camp Hantesa,
summer classes and pro-
grams that help students
when they return to school
could be just as benefi-
Talk to the school's
counselor to find out
what's available for stu-
dents in your area.
And maybe your stu-
dent will come home
ready to start a business
that will pay for college,
not only the best s'mores
recipe he brought home
from camp last year.

Rose Rennekamp is
the vice president of com-
municationsfor ACT She
is a mom and has a mas-
ter's of education in guid-
ance and counseling. For
more college and career-
planning information,
visit www.actstudentorg.
Have a question you want.
answered in a future col-
umn? Send a letter to this
newspaper or e-mail Rose
atAskRose@act org.

Tne L*o#y TVKC

For 0NW Vaccn-

- Qb

-~ .-

- U


__ 0 -

3 k

-O -* 0




.-M .

I _d

- "-o



S.- -

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41@ -
4M. -


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--f -Ow0.b

.a-b -


S p-

.0e S.

- -

- .

I -

... ..A.A.AAA A .i...AA .AA....... ....* A.. ..A. j

4h. ,

- 011



. O

.2. M.

. .

Bill Cosby Helps Raise $1,351,410

For MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation

Bill Cosby talks to Jacksonville kids behind stage at
The Florida Theatre.

Bill Cosby, one of
Anieridas most esteemed
comedians and entertain-
ers, performed in
Jacksonville last Thursday
to help raise funds for the
MaliVai Washington Kids
Foundation (MWKF).
The show was held at
the Florida Theatre where
Mr. Cosby performed in

front of a packed house.
The event raised
$1,351,410 in campaign
pledges, sponsorships and
ticket sales.
All proceeds from the
benefit show go to support
MWKFs Capital
Campaign to build a Youth
Tennis & Education
Complex in one of

Jacksonville's most
impoverished areas.
Cosby has had an
unparalleled career in tele-
vision and is well known
for his support of charities
around the 'country.
Cosbys success in front of
and behind the, camera
truly place him in a class
all his own.
His presence here in
Jacksonville is sure to
have a lasting impact on
the lives of many local
youth that need it most.
This foundation saves
lives, said Cosby in an
interview before the show.
They really support and
promote the student in stiu-
dent athlete. That is very
important. If they just sup-
ported the athlete, I proba-
bly wouldn't be here.
The MaliVai
Washington Kids

Foundation (MWKF) was
established by 96
Wimbledon finalist
MaliVai Washington to
introduce tennis as a tool
to develop positive life
skills and encourage aca-
demic achievement in
youth who otherwise
might not be exposed to
the sport.
MWKF runs a compre-
hensive five-day-a-week
after-school program in
Durkeeville and has intro-
duced tennis into the lives
of more than 14,000 local
"I could not be more
pleased that Mr. Cosby,
would take the time out to
recognize our efforts to
support the youth in our.
community," said MWKF
Founder and President,
MaliVai Washington. We
really appreciate him

donating his time and tal-
ents to our cause. We
could not have asked for a
better event.
The Youth Tennis &
Education Complex (open
Fall 2006) will serve as the
central home for all
MWKF' programs and
services. It consists of
nine tennis courts and
additional recreational
A 9200- square-foot
academic and enrichment
building offers four class-
rooms, a multi-media cen-
ter (including computer
labland lending- library),
multipurpose room,
kitchen, teen room, fitness
room, locker rooms and
For more information
about programs, events
and/or activities visit

Applications Available For TYDI's Florida American

Pre-Teen And Teen Scholarship Competition

" .

Maya Woods, 10, of New Jersey is LaSade Hobson, 17, of Detroit, MI is
the 2005 TYDI National Talented Pre- the 2005 TYDI National Teen
Teen. Princess.

Talented Youth Development, Inc. (TYDI) invites all Florida
talented youth to compete for the title of TYDI's Florida
Talented Pre-teen, Talented Teen, and Teen princess 2006 in
sunny Orlando during the Third annual TYDI's Miss American
scholarship Program July 6-9. The coronation will be held at
the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Universal Orlando located at
5905 Kirkman Rd.
An informational session will be held on Monday, April 3.
For more information and application, please call 492-0946 or
register online at www.TYDI.org Florida winners may win up
'to $1,5000 in scholarships and automatically become eligible
for the national title to be awarded the very same night.
Delegates from as far away as Washington State and New jersey
are also heading to the sunshine state t compete for the nation-
al title. '
The three-day competition allows female d legates ages 8-
18 to. compete in self-expression, poise and pre entation, com-
munity service, interview, and the performing arts. A non per-
forming arts category is also available. Three national titles to
be awarded include TYDI's American Talented Pre-teen,

Talented Teen, and Teen Princess.
Delegates and their families will enjoy a visit to a Walt Disney theme park, welcome luncheon, etiquette and self-esteem workshop, pizza party,
and fun production rehearsals. Past participants include singers and actors with Broadway credits from Walt Disney's ."The Lion King" and film,
"Cookout." TYDI is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization providing scholarship opportunities to youth gifted in academics and the performing
arts. Since 2000, over $20,000 in scholarships and prizes have been awarded to participants through its programs and affiliations.

A, .1

The Fflorida Star/Prelp Rap

Page: B-4Q/March 11, 2006

Hip Hop Under The Big Top!

S ---UniverSoul Circus, the only African-
VAmerican owned circus in the United
S, ... .at Norwood Shopping Center, 5290
.,Norwood Ave. Ticket prs

^---^ Top" extravaganza on March 8, per-

.the Caribbean Dancers. A juggling
.team displays their talent in the mid-
and z, ke ._.. e w.

UniverSoul Circus, the only African-
American owned-circus in the United
SStates, is in Jacksonville March 8-12
Sat Norwood Shopping Center, 5290a
Norwood Ave. Ticket prices range
from $10 to $26. Before the circus
-.. .3~r opened it's "Hip-Hop Under The Big
_""A Top" extravaganza on March 8, per-
(1 former gave Jacksonville children a
. sneak preview. In the top left frame
N, R "Myoungsters take center stage with
the Caribbean Dancers. A juggling
". team displays their talent in the mid-
: ,`. .die frame at left. In the bottom left.,
,,-frame are Jacksonville City Council
i.% vi persons Reggie Fullwood, Mia Jones
PY- and Pat Locket Felder with Zandy
"Zeke" Charles Assistant Ring
SMaster. Shown in the bottom right
frame, "Zeke" presents a pair of cir-
cus tickets to a lucky kid.


The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page 13-5/Mlarch 1'1, 2006

PaeB6_rh11 06TeFoid tnPe a

Clean Kids
*4W % %4 '%

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Wim -M 11 ue M -.611


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Q- 41k

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cwf o ft aro
p ~ 7AVW


a f

~a S ~* S ~-e ~-


The Florida. Star/ Prep Rap

Page B-6/March 11, 2006

- 411 -

memo 41b 4M 40M 40

-ICYI r-IE~tl

TLIe 11 ('\DflAn QTaP -/AC 120 3

f 9 '


A -S *

I o f

.*.f *

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- U



** w quo __ -
emp o w

H. .
-~~~ --m



-~~ ~ (2yr
0- -

4L&. S



I c 1 l I. I\Ii I I

B-7/MARCH 11. 2006



0 9

0 8


B-8/MARCH 11, 2006

--r -~ .v

S --


m ,
qmo -

4 *
S -
me &

S- r


a so

smo fAe a', IA

p*e 4Nvqvwm
aslbAIIN b

e- .. 3 m 5 I

.% bee.$ as"* I
1e 60940 0 fl





West Union Missionary Baptist Church

Hosts 3rd Annual Anniversary Banquet

Deacon Emory Jackson, Miss, the granddaughter of Rev. James W. Henry of
Summerville Missionary Baptist Church, give a standing ovation to West Union
Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Leroy C. Kelly.

LEFT FRAME: Rev. Leroy C. Kelly (left) presents Valerie Redmon (right) with the first
Ruth Cummings Solomon Outstanding Church Member of the Year Award for going
the extra miles in service to the Church. RIGHT: Mrs. Ruth Cummings Solomon (seat-
ed) a 91 year member of West Union Missionary Baptist Church and daughter, Norma
Solomon White.
By Marsha Dean Phelts were sponsored. hand.

Members of the West
Union Missionary Baptist
Church celebrated their
106th Year Anniversary dur-
ing the month of February.
Throughout the month pro-
grams from various church
groups and organizations

Over. the Valentine's
weekend they held their 3rd
Annual Anniversary
Banquet. Chairman of this
event for the last three years
has been Sister Lillian
Smith. Hundreds of church
members along, with their
families and friends were on

The Pastor's Rev. Leroy
C. Kell's second anniver-
sary was also celebrated.
Rev. Kelly has been a life-
time member of this church
that he was called to lead
August of 2003. The Theme
for the celebrations was
"Keep the Fire Burning."

Seated from left are, Altamese Kelly Powell, Kelly Scurry, Regina Kelly-Scurry with
West Union Organist Gloria taylor and Mrs. Eva C. Lamar.

LEFT FRAME: Deacon and Mrs. Andre (Deborah) Bell and their daughter, Kyla. RIGI
FRAME: Mrs. Lillian Smith, Chairwoman of the3rd Annual Anniversary Banquet.

Rev. James W. Henry, Pastor
of Summerville Missionary
Baptist Church was the ban-
quet speaker.
The banquet was held in
the elegant facilities at the
Philippian Hall. The stand-
ing pillars of red and white
floral arrangements dis-
played throughout the large
hall added to its splendor.
Red and white arrangements
in crystal and gold draped
vases were centerpieces for

each table.
The delicious and filling
food was prepared and
served by Phillipian's
Catering Service.
The Anniversary
Banquet was presided over
by Deacon Andre'Bell. Rev.
Leroy Kelly thanked his
church members and family '
for their support and pre-
sented Sister Valarie
Redmon with the Ruth C.
Solomon Outstanding

Church Member of the Year
Award. He also paid a trib-
ute to Mrs. Solomon for the
support that she has given to
him and the church through-
out her lifetime. She has
been in this church the entire
91 years of her life. Other
presentations were made to
Mr. Fred Andrews and Mrs.
Marva Rozier Love. The
youth groups of the church
made a presentation to Rev.

Innovative Educational Program Offered At Ribault High School

Jean Ribault Senior High School has embarked on a new
program to increase the academic rigor on the campus. The
Early College High School Program as its name suggests
affords students the opportunity to obtain their high school
diploma and college credit simultaneously.
Students can earn college credit as early as 9th and up to
60 hours (equivalent to an AA degree) by 12th grade. The
program was. designed to raise achievement levels among
students of color, students with low socioeconomics, and/or
students that are first generation college attendees.
The learning environment is to be purposeful, challeng-
ing and relevant to the world at large. Such preparation will
make the transition to full time college students in the 11th
and 12th grades, and ultimately the transfer to a university at
the end of the fdur year high school career, a smooth one.
The program's intended purpose is to prepare students aca-
demically during their high school tenure in order to increase
the likelihood of students completing their college educa-
The program of study was developed by the Duval
County School District in conjunction with Florida
Community College at Jacksonville, North Campus. -The
program meets requirements for both high school graduation
and an Associate of Arts degree for use in a parallel program
at the university level. All of the courses in the high school
portion are honors (advanced) level classes. The college
program portio;of the program was deve ped by identify-

ing courses that 1) meet dual enrollment courses for high
school graduation, 2) meet AA degree requirements, and 3)
are university parallel program prerequisite requirements. In
the first year of the program students start as full time high
school students. Over a two-year period students.progress to
all college courses. In the 11th grade students are enrolled in
about 9 hours per semester of college courses and at least 12
hours per semester in the 12th grade. The program also
Summer bridge activities taken before students enter.
the program. Summer bridge activities and/or course
work to keep students on track for graduation.
Instructional support activities for 9th and 10th
grade students when high school is in session and college is
not in session. *Organized academic support for students
beyond the regular school day.
Mentoring, monitoring and counseling for students
on the college campus until high school graduation. Focus
on students meeting requirements for Florida Bright Futures
Scholarships. Required capstone activities.
For students who earn a C or better in their college course
work all tuition and textbooks are provided at no cost to the/
students. Transportation during the 3rd and 4th years, activ-
ity fees and incidental expenses are the only financial
responsibilities of the students and parents.
The classes of the program are small learning communi-
ties. The enrollment goal is ultimately 400 to 500 4udents

within the high school. High academic and behavioral
expectations are imperative to student success and are non
negotiable at Ribault and on the college campus setting; con-
sequences for actions below the expectation are strictly
enforced. Except for a small number of required 9th grade
elective courses (Health, Personal Fitness, and Physical
Education), all high school courses are taken with Early
College Staff only. Students move exclusively between the
staff members. A variety of instructional delivery methods
are used, including lectures, note taking, and cooperative
learning. Students share common areas on the Ribault cam-
pus (i.e. restroom facilities, cafeteria, library, and computer
labs); They may also participate in sports and any extracur-
ricular activities that do not require class time during the
school day, such as high school ROTC, art or music.
For the student that wants to get a "jump start" on his/her
college career, the Early College High School at Ribault is
the avenue to achieve that. The Early College High School
Program not only prepares students for college, but provides
them with an opportunity to assimilate into a college setting
as early as 9th grade. The Early College High School as
Ribault is paving the road to early and future success.
/For more information or to schedule a tour of the facili-
ties, contact: Jewel A. Johnson, Director, 3 7 0 1
Winton Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32208, Johnsonj21@educa-
tioncentral.org email, or (904) 924-3092, ext. 136 office
(904) 982-3185 cellular


sA Dez1 77 3nnX


PAGEC-2 1" vui, M H.120

Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based sub-

Dear Deanna!
As a mother, I've found myself in the middle of a feud ",
between my daughter and her high school friends. A few girls
have teamed up and they beat her up. I didn't say much. The
drama is brewing again and rumors are going around about ; ''
another fight. I've decided that if they jump my daughter ,-
again, I'm going to help her fight these girls. Should I let this
happen or do I need to get their parents involved?
Patricia (New York, NY) ';:

Dear Patricia :
You should talk to the parents and authorities first and fight these children second.
Give the parents an opportunity to intervene and help with the prevention. From that
point, if they don't respond, document your actions and step in as needed. As an adult,
you should make the attempt to talk to these girls and get to the root of the problem. If
that doesn't work, get ready to fight a gang of girls to protect your daughter and keep it

Dear Deanna!
My boyfriend has lost his mind. He made the decision that he wanted to date 3 women
and still have a relationship with me. He's a truck driver and is away all the time so it
would make sense because I don't have much time with him anyway. He told me things
wouldn't change and I should respect him for being honest. Is it wrong for me to give this
a try or should I leave him?
Anonymous (Charleston, SC)

Dear Anonymous:
You're silly if you stay. This relationship would include a total of 5 people, which
magnifies your chances of sexual diseases, HIV and more. If you're not enough woman,
for him then you need to send him packing. He's had several women from the time he
met you and decided to share before he gets caught. Leave him high and dry because you
deserve more than what this buster is giving you.

Dear Deanna!
I'm having, a hard time dealing with my wife and I'm thinking of divorce. We've had
financial problems, trust. issues and differences for 3 years of our 5-year marriage. We.
married in a hurry because she got pregnant but I would've proposed regardless. I've tried
counseling, sacrificing, and everything. I'm stressed out and now taking medication.
What can we do before we hurt each other or before one of us has a nervous breakdown?
Preston (Milwaukee, WI)
Dear Preston:
You got married too fast for the wrong reasons and didn't have time to start things the
right way. Out of all.your complaints, you haven't mentioned prayer, faith or together-
ness. It takes two for a tangle and if your wife is part of the burden, you need to bring her
in for the solution. Make the ultimate sacrifice and try again with your wife fully involved
and you'll see you can work things out together in stead of killing yourself to do it alone.

Write Ask Deanna! Email:, askdeannal@yahoo.com or Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega,
Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Visit her Web site, at www.askdeanna.com.

Churches Step up AIDS Campaign this Weekend

By Hazel Trice Edney, NNPA Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON (NNPA) Seventeen years ago, some pastors were actually
afraid to get into the same baptism pool with people who had AIDS. The deadly dis-
ease and its causal virus, HIV, were taboo conversations even in the pulpit.
Now, thousands of Black ministers are not only addressing AIDs in their sermons,
but for the 17th year an increasing number will actually participate in a seven-
day annual conference March 5-11 to pray for the healing of AIDS around the world
and to educate themselves on dealing with it in their communities.
"There is a lot of good news to report in terms of how far Black ministers have
come on the subject of HIV and AIDS. We have really some serious models of HIV
ministries in Black churches today," says Pemessa Seele, founder and chief execu-
tive officer of the Balm in Gilead, Inc., now 17 years old. "But, certainly there are
far too many Catholics who are still not addressing the issues. But we can certainly
point to some AIDS ministries with denominational leaders who are actively giving
their voice to HIV. There's movement. There's major movement among the Black
churches on AIDS and HIV."
That movement has been gradual over the past 25 years since the first cases of
AIDS were reported in the U. S. in 1981.
"I think the major drawback is that people can not move from their belief that
AIDS is a homosexual disease," says Seele. "And the issues around people's feelings
and beliefs regarding homosexuality has stopped them from getting educated."
Church leaders interested in getting involved can visit the event's Website at
Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson, senior pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Mount
Vernon, N.Y. agrees that stigmas have stymied AIDS education.
"Suspicions, misinformation, interpretations of God's vengeance for sin corrupt-
ed the church's ability to have an appropriate response,".says Richardson. "But over
time, information has gotten out on HIV/AIDS, how it is passed on. Light has helped
disperse the darkness."
Richardson will be just one of the prominent voices at the conference this year.
When Seele held her first Balm in Gilead conference in New York in 1989, only
50 churches participated, This year, she is expecting between 15,000 and 20,000
Black church-based AIDS ministry teams.
Some of the most prominent voices from America's Black churches have commit-
ted to attend. They include: Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram, president, Council of
Bishops, African Methodist Episcopal Church; Bishop George W.C. Walker, senior
bishop, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; Bishop Marshall Gilmore, senior
bishop, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church; Rev. Stephen John Thurston, presi-
dent; National Baptist Convention of America; Rev. Dr. Major Lewis Jenison. pres-
ident, Progressive National Baptist Convention; Rev. Dr. William J. Shaw, president,
National Baptist Convention, USA; Rev. Dr. Arlee Griffin, president, American
Baptist Churches, USA; and the Rev. Canon Nelson Pinder, president, Union of
Black Episcopalians.
"Education is the most important key in eliminating this dreaded disease," says
Walker, senior bishop, AME Zion Church, in a statement. "And the church is certain-
ly one major medium through which this can be accomplished over a period of time."
The focus of discussions about the cause of AIDS has changed over the years and
broadened outside of the homosexual community to involve the majority of church.
congregations, says Seele.
"Eighty percent of all women affected with HIV in this country today are Black
women. And they're getting it from heterosexual sex," she says. "Where Black
women are affected, children are affected, where the family is affected, the commu-
nitylis affected."
Whereas the taboos used to be about homosexuality, there are now reservations
about the cause of the HIV growth in Black women, says Seele.
"We are dealing with multiple sex partners with men who are married, men who
are in the church," she says. "We are talking about bi-sexual men, men who are mar-
ried, who are in the church, who are deacons, who are pastors. So, we're not just talk-
ing about, you know, the negative 'down low brother.' We're talking about the real-
ity of life. Just the gentlemen who are the leaders in our community."
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that AIDS is the fourth-
leading cause of death among women ages 25-44 in America; the leading cause of
death among African-American women ages 25 to 34; the fifth largest leading cause
of death for people 25-44 years old in the United States, and the leading cause of.
death for African-American men ages 35-44.
Even as thp statistics are well saturated in the community and the Balm participa-
tion numbers have increased, there is still not enough education in the Black church,
says Richardson.
"Still, the place where we are today is not where we need to be," he says. "It's a
place of more knowledge, but it's still a place of apathy. And also still a place of
whispering, a place of discrimination, that helps .to foster and add to the
nrumbers...Transparency, speaking out about it will help cut back the affect of


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MARCH 11, 2006


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MAMA D Academy
Doreszell Nash, her students call her "Mama D",
has always wanted to be an educator, but because she
i-- was a teenage mom, many thought that dream would
be unreachable. mama D is now a certified teacher in
the areas of K-6. She holds a Master's degree in
.: .Curriculum and Instruction and is pursuing her doc-
torate in psychology.
S, .',' Mama D will use her creative and innovative tal-
S*:' =" ents to educe (bring forth) the intellect of the students
S, in her care. she is a nurturing mother of five children
S. with varying academic abilities. This experience had
Senhanced her natural ability to interact with and edu-
S cate children of many diverse backgrounds.
Nash. says, "Educators and mentors should be
>;: .. careful not to misinfluence the youth from his or her
career/purpose in life just because the child has made
,- ,a few mistakes. Through determination, persever-
ance, and the will to survive there is always success."
Doreszell Nash Mama D uses National Education Standards
Doreszel Nashinstead of the Florida Sunshine State Standards, which
all public schools in Florida use. Nash feels that the National Standards better prepare the
student to enter college, the goal for all of her students.
"Instruction that is guided by National Standards allows students the opportunity to learn
what their peers throughout the country learn; thus, empowering the students to compete in
this global society, on a collegial level," said Nash.
According to Nash, when the government's public schools haven't benefited your child
by providing him or her with a well-rounded education, full of experiences that will guide
him or her to a successful/purposeful life, then Homeschool is the key. "this is your right, as
a parent, to take control of your child's education; even if you have to teach him or her your-
self!," says Nash. ,
Families that need assistance with this delightful duty or who may simply want their child
to have a highly qualified educator as their child's teacher, there is tutoring available to assist
your family in this new school, better known as Homeschool.
Mama D offers homeschool services and tutoring services for students in grades K
through 9th that include, but are not limited to: 30-minute seminars on establishing your
child as a homeschool student,-small group and One-on-One instruction in the areas of
English (i.e., reading, writing, grammar, listening/viewing/speaking), math, science, social
studies, and black awareness (i.e., African traditions of love and acceptance and Black
Special packages are available for families that receive tutoring in more than one subject;
as well as, families that have multiple students.
Mama D plans to open a private school in the near future using African/African-
American Histor as a foundation for her curriculum.
For more information about Mama D and her services call (904) 751-4500: or visit her
website, www.mamadacademyorg

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church

Celebration Continues Through July

Historic Mt. Zion challenged the membership
African has been located at to demonstrate the faith and
the corer of Beaver and work necessary to maintain
newman Streets since 1866. the sanctuary and the min-
The church recently istries it shelters.'
launched a six observance of The second 'observance
its 140th anniversary with a of the 140th anniversary will
review of its origin, take place on Sunday, March
To kickoff the obser 12 at 10:00; a.m. The pro-
vance the Blanche R. gram will focus on the role
Coleman Club, the oldest of Historic Mt. Zion in the
club in the church assisted establishment of Boy
by Dr. C. B. McIntosh, Scouting for black boys -in
Chairman Pro Tem of the Duval County.
Trustee Board, presented an The first charter for a
informative pictorial narra- Boy Scout troop for minori-
tive of the Romanesque ties was granted to Mt. Zion
architectural design and as a result of the vision and,
stained glass windows of the efforts of the late David H.
sanctuary. Dwight.
The deep '-vaulted :The influence of Mt.
Romanesque ceiling of the Zion on Boy Scouting in the
main sanctuary is acousti- region will be a-component
call prescribed for the zm. of the annual observance of
zp, zmoller pipe organ, Men's Fellowship Day.
installed in .1908. The celebration of the
The organ is the only 140th anniversary will con-
manual pumped leathered tinue through July. Each
bellowed blower organ in program will feature a min-
t he ci ty. istry which influenced the
The 450 pipe instrument development of educational,
has not played for worship cultural, political/civic insti-
service since 1960. The. tutions and programs in the
organ has been restored local community.
nearly to completion and Following is a list of
should be in concert order programs;
by the end of the 140th year March: The Role Of Mt.
'celebration. : Zion in the establishment of
S. The theme for the 140th Boy Scouting in the African-
anniversary observance is : American community.
Faithfully Filling Our April: The History of
Legacy. Edward Waters College
The review of the origin Affiliation with Mt. Zion.
of the magnificent structure' May: Significant
reminded the membership of Historical Contribution by
Their foremothers and Women of Mt. Zion.
fathers who in truly 'hard June: Contributions and
times erected this, sanctuary.. Civic Involvement of Mt.
S The openingbservance Zion.

J.ul): Pipe Organ Concert
featuring the M.P. Moller
Organ installed in 1908.'
The Rev. Frederick D.
Richardson, Pastor and
members of It. Zion invite
the public' to join the.
anniversary celebrations.


Jacksonville Prayer Breakfast

Features Carla Harris

Carla Harris
-Bishop Kenny High School
alumna, national recording
artist and one of Fortune
magazine's "50 Most
Powerful Black
Executives," Carla Harris
will highlight the 2006
Greater Jacksonville Prayer
U.S. Congressman
Ander Crenshaw and
Florida Senator Tony Hill
will host the March 21 event
focusing the power of prayer
on community issues such
as murder, crime, drugs and
racial tensions.
Harris, an accomplished
investment banker and man-
aging director at Morgan
Stanley. Global Markets,
released her second best-
selling gospel CD last fall.
She recently performed to a
packed Carnegie Hall. Also
a renowned motivational
speaker, Harris was named:
by Essence magazine as one
of 50
"Women Who Are
Shaping the World." She
will deliver a positive mes-
sage of hope for those trying
to make a difference.
The Prayer Breakfast has
been organized to gather
people oil the First Coast in
prayers of thanksgiving and
unity for the peace and pros-
perity of our community.

Northeast Florida
Acquires Its First
Corneal Tomography
Introducing in Northeast
Florida for an impact all
over the world. Dr. Arun C.
Gulani. Idcal ophthalmolo-
gist .and well known Laser
and corneal specialist has
recently acquired the First
Corneal Tomography (CT)
Known as the World's
first Scheimpflug Imaging
system for use in eye sur-
gery, the PENTACAM liter-,
ally takes CAT scans of the
cornea and the anterior seg-
ment of the eye. This tech-
nology raises the safety of
patient selection and out-
com'es predictability in
Laser Vision Surgery.
The PENTACAM for the
first time can provide intri-
cate information for corneal
.surgical planning and even
understand complications in
3-Dimension reconstruction
of the entire anterior cham-
ber of the eye.
Dr.Gulani is 'applying
this technology to the whole
spectrum of refractive sur-
gery (surgery for removing
glasses) and has authored: a
book, chapter for the benefit'.
of eye surgeons all over the
He will be teaching the;
principles of this new tech-
nology at the upcoming
National meeting for Lasik
and Refractive eye surgeons
(American Society of
Cataract & Refractive
Surgery) to be held in San
Francisco, California in the*
third week of March. w

said Fr. Peter Church, one of
the event leaders.
The breakfast's diverse
steering committee is co-
chaired by local business
and civic leaders Doug
Milne and Carlton Jones.
The breakfast will be
held from 7:15 a.m. to 8:45
a.m. at the Hyatt Regency
Riverfront Hotel. Single
tickets, table sponsorships

and premium sponsorship
packages are still available.
Sponsors have made it
possible for students arid
workers in compassionate
ministries to obtain free
tickets. For more informa-
tion, please call
904.733.1382 or visit
www.greaterj axprayer.com
prayer.com/> .



.4ioutncem'ients. meetings. happenings, and commnmir'
evtcrs scheduled in Jacksonville ant d thie surrounding area.
SORDID LIVES-Florida Community College
DramaW"orks to present "Sordid Lives" A\ward-%winning
black comedy\ about white trash not for chicken-hearted
on March 30 at 7:30 p.m.; March 31 at 8:00 p.m. April 1
at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.; April 2 at 2:00 p.m. in the
Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts. Studio Theatre at
FCCJ South Campus, 11901 Beach Blvd. Please be
advised this production contains strong language and con-
tent. No one under 17 \\ill be admitted unless accompa-
nied by an adult. For reservations or more information call
904.646.2222 or 904.632.3373.
INVITED TO IMUSE.UM HOP- Jacksonville Mayor
John Pe\ton and the Jackson ille Children's Commission
invite all Ma\or Pe-ton's Book Club members to the sec-
ond annual Museum Hop, a reading celebration at four
Jackson\ ille museums on SaturdaN, March 25, 10 a.m. 2
p.m. Locations are Jacksonm ille Museum of Science and
History (NIOSH). 1025 Museum Circle:The Ritz Theatre
& LaVilla Museum. 829 N. Davis St.: Jacksonville
Museum of Modern Art JMIONIA). 333 N. Laura St.; and
The Cumnmer Museum of Art and Gardens. 829 Riverside
A\e. All families \ith current Nla\or's Book Club mem-
bers \%ill receive free admission to four Jacksonville muse-
trns. The event. which corresponds to the members'
March book. "We're Going to the Jacksonville Museums!".
\will feature literac\-themed activities, crafts and story
times throughout the day. A free trolley service will run
between each museum from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ever\ 10
minutes. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch
or purchase concessions from \endors in Friendship
Fountain Park (next to MOSH) or Hemming Plaza (next to
CHAMPS WALK- Project Reach Foundation will kick-
off its next CHAMPS Walk on April 8. 10:00 am 12:00
Noon (Orientation is from 9:45 a.m. 10:00 a.m.) at
Ribault Middle School located at 3610 Ribault Scenic
Drive. The public is invited to join Project Reach
Foundation as participants walk door-to-door and help
disseminate community resource information and encour-
age parental involvement in schools. The organization-
partners with community-based and faith-based organiza-
tions to promote education and community resources for
the families it serves. RSVP: 721-0042.
An aerial extravaganza featuring performances by top aer-
obatic pilots, classic warbirds. militant demonstrations.
and fascinating aviation displays will thrill visitors to the
St. Augustine Air Show, May 6-7. at the St. Augustine
Airport. The event brings high performance excitement to
the skies above the nation's oldest city. Aerobatics will be
featured at the sho\\. with solo performances by some of
the very best in the business.
COCKTAIL COUTURE-A"Cocktail Couture" event to
benefit Dignity-U-Wear, a locally based non-profit organ-
ization %which provides brand new clothing to those in
need, will be held Thursday. March- 16, 6:00 p.m. 10:00
p.m. at Fogle Fine Art & Accessories located at 3312
Beach Blvd.. This year. beach bags will be created To
accompany several exciting raffles, the beach bags will be
live auctioned with all of the proceeds to benefit Dignity-
LU-Wear. The event is open to the public. For ticket cost.
contact Fogle Fine Art at (904) 296-1414 for additional
YMlCA presents the inaugural Celebrate Life 5K Run and
Fitness Walk Saturday, March 25 at 8:00 a.m. The run will
take place on Edgewood Avenue to Vernon Road, 45th
Street and Avenue B. There will also be a Tot Trot, Kids
Challenge run, free health screenings, and fun for the
entire family. To register call 765-3589 or stop by at 5700
Cleveland Rd.
Professional Women's Council is co-sponsoring with the
Women Business Owners of North Florida and the
Jacksonville Business Journal to host the 20th Annual
2006 Women in Business Awards Luncheon. The event
will recognize and honor individuals who epitomize suc-
cess in the business world. The event recognizes individu-
als in a number of categories, such as entrepreneurs, fran-
chisees, corporate leaders and pioneers in the -business
community. Activities begin at 10 a.m. and continue until
.1:30 p.m. on March 29 at WJCT. For more information
about individual seats, nominations, sponsorships, adver-
tising, tradeshow participation and registration, visit
www\v.theprofessionalwomenscouncil.org professionalwvomenscouncil.org>.
S-- -


"Mwmm:" =g~%b~~ii~s~

SfAnf'lj 11 nIINK


FAUE U-4 rlulvil- 01/11--

CIAA Commissioner Plays Race in Charlotte

By Cash Michaels, Special "[Jaymes] is very com-
to the NNPA from the portable with the quote," his
Wilmington Journal editor told The Wilmington
RALEIGH, N.C. After six years of growth
(NNPA) Leon.Kerry, the in Raleigh that saw the
commissioner of the Central Division II tourney attract
Intercollegiate Athletic more than 110,000 specta-
Association, was in tors and generate upward of
Charlotte recently, basking $12 million for the local
in the glow of the 61st annu- economy in 2005, the CIAA
al CIAA Basketball chose Charlotte as its host
Tournament, but what he city until 2088, beginning
was quoted as telling a this week. Twelve histori-'
Raleigh newspaper about cally black institutions
why city leaders here lost make up the CIAA, and its
the popular event to the basketball tournament is the
Queen City has made jaws nation's third most popular.
drop. As part of its Charlotte
"They took us for grant- deal, the CIAA gets free use
ed because we're an of the new Charlotte
African-American compa- Bobcats basketball arena,
ny, Kerry is quoted as and more than $1 million
telling The News & dollars from the city for use
Observer in its February 27 for scholarships.
edition. In its bid to retain the
"They think we don't tournament, Raleigh not
know what's going on, but only virtually matched
this is a business." Charlotte dollar-for-dollar,
That racially-tinged but also offered to build
accusation flies in the face both a CIAA headquarters
of what has generally been and Hall of Fame, in effect
reported, and what those making the Capital City the
who worked hard several CIAA's new, and hopefully
years ago not only to bring permanent home.
the CIAA Tournament to When the decision to
Raleigh, but help nurture it take the Charlotte offer was
over the past six yeafs into made in December 2004,
one of the premier colle- Commissioner Kerry said
giate sporting events in the nothing about being "taken
nation that it is today, recall. for granted" by Raleigh as a
"I am shocked that that reason, and in fact, had
would be said," Raleigh never uttered/such a charge
Mayor Pro-tem arid City in the entire six years the
Councilman James West, an games were played here'.
African-American, said. "- "We wanted to keep the
"We [bent over backward] CIAA competitive," Kerry
to do everything that we told The News & Observer
could to support the com- then. "We didn't want this
missioner and the CIAA. thing t- become stale."
We thought [of the CIAA Regarding the allure of.
Basketball Tournamnent] as a Charlotte a city consid-
jewel anda golden-opportu- ered to b&the banking capi-
nity,, and I know, being on tal of the Southeast with
the inside and just observing both an NBA and NFL fran-
Mayor Carles Meeker, and chise, but also a city. beset
his genuie and sincere with severe crime problems
efforts todo everything pos- and a resegregated public
sible not\only to keep the school system Kerry,was
tournament, but do it in a starry-eyed.
very respectful way, that "This town is a happen-
there's no question in my itig town, and we want to
mind that [tle city] did not treat it that way," he boasted
take [the C AA] for grant- to the Charlotte Observer a
ed." year ago.
"West added, "The Like Raleigh, officials
record speaks for itself." are crossing their. fingers
.Before presstime, that a good experience for
Commissioner Kerry was the over 100,000 CIAA fans
contacted by phone at the expected in Charlotte this
CIAA Tournament in week will bode well for the
Charlotte. When. asked tournament staying in the
whether he indeed said that Queen City well beyond
the league was taken for 2008.
granted by Raleigh officials "If [Charlotte] does what
because "we're African- ;it always' does, when we.
American company," he ;have conventions, we can
railed. keep it forever," Johnson C.
S "No, no, I didn't say it Smith University President
was because .we're an. 'Dorothy Yancy. As enticing
African-American compa- as the prospect for growth in
ny: I said they 'took us for 'Charlotte is, Kerry made it
granted." Kerry said. "I did- : clear last year that part of
n't say it was because \ve the Ireasoning for being'
are Black." .' : there is to attract some of,
Because the sports 'the small Division II Black.
reporter \who wrote the schools .in neighboring
I N&O story, Jaymes Powell South Carolina and Georgia
Jr., was in Charlotte cover- ":to join the CIAA, especially
ing the CIAA Tournament/, since NCCU and Winston-
: his editor was contacted." Salem State University have

already made it known that
they're jumping ship to the
If that happens by 2008,
observers say don't be sur-
prised if Kerry entertains
moving the CIAA basketball
tourney to Atlanta, Ga., an
even bigger, and more cos-
mopolitan city than
Charlotte, with a distin-
guished history of Black
leadership in both business
and government, not to
mention a top media market.
Indeed, no one blames
Commissioner Kerry for
having big dreams for the
CIAA. But here in Raleigh,
they're still shocked that.he
chose to leave even a bigger
bad taste in the mouths of
loyal supporters here by.
alleging that the CIAA was
"taken for granted" because
of race.
"I don't agree with the
commissioner," Wake
County Commissioner
Harold Webb told The
Wilmington Journal. "The
Raleigh City Council and
Wake County
Commissioners, in good
faith, put up a real good
Webb, who is one of the
leaders in bringing the
MEAC Basketball
Tournament to Raleigh,
added that none of the pres-
idents from the Triangle's
three historically black
CIAA schools -St.
Augustine's College,' Shaw.
University and North
Carolina Central Uni\ ersit'
- ever voiced any discontent
with Raleigh or Wake
County efforts to promote
and enhance the CIAA tour-
"They were all pleased-
with the [RBC Center] arena
and everything else. I have
no idea why [Kerry] would
come up with that," Webb
said. "It shocked everybody,
and I've talked with several
In fact, when the CIAA
Steering Committee a
group commissioned to
raise over $300,000 in spon-
sorships to fund scholar-
ships to all twelve CIAA
member schools -would
fall short in their goal, both
the city'and the county, for
the entire six-year period
from 2000 to 2005, would
make up the difference in
taxpayer dollars to make
sure the Black. schools
weren't shortchanged.
Though the Raleigh City
Council and Wake
Commission Board took
some heat for this practice,
both bodies always coun-
tered that the revenues gen-
erated by the weeklong
CIAA Tournament ,more
than made up for the tens of
thousands of dollars that had
to be allocated to make sure
the scholarship commit-
ments were met.
Another reason why any
charge of racial bias towards
the CIAA is suspect,

observers note, is that the
point man for the city with
the CIAA was Raleigh
Assistant City Manager
Lawrence Wray, an African-
American. And many of the
members of the steering
committee were also
African-American, includ-
ing Stanley Green, a vice
president of Mechanics and
Farmers Bank, a Black
"What our community
did with the CIAA for the
past six years in terms of
helping it to grow to unbe-
lievably record levels, and
the bids we put on the table
for the first two times we
retained it and the bid we
put on the table last year
when it went to Charlotte, I
think that is more than
enough evidence to prove
otherwise regarding
[Commissioner Kerry's]
comments." Scott Dupree,
director of sports marketing
for the Greater Raleigh
Convention & Visitors
Bureau told The
Wilmington Journal
"I can say with absolute
certainty we never, in any
way, took the CIAA for
granted, and did everything
we could within reason to
retain it."
Kerry's comments, in
part, were criticism of the
deal the city of Raleigh
made with the Mid-Eastern
Athletic Conference, com-
prised of eleven Division 1
historically black universi-
ties throughout the South
and East Coast, the closest
to Raleigh being NC A&T
UniversitN in Greensboro
(though current CIAA mem-
bers North Carolina Central
University and Winston-
Salem State Uni\ersity will.
reportedly be moving to the
MEAC within the next few
years) to bring its less
renowned basketball tourna-
ment to the Capital City for
three years, beginning next
The winner of that tour-
nament usually goes on to
compete in the 64-team
NCAA Basketball
Tournament. along with
UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke
University and NC State
The N&O story, written
by staff sports reporter
Jaymes Powell Jr., has
Kerry charging that the
MEAC got a better deal -to
come to Raleigh than the

b ,-r. '

', ,- .4'

. ," ,, ..' : 1 ,' ,




a m

CIAA got to stay.
In his exclusive inter-
view with The Wilmington
Journal Wednesday about
the controversy, Kerry
became angry, using pro-
fanity at one point as he
insisted that Raleigh offi-
cials tried to take advantage
of him and his league.
"They took us for grant-
ed, and let me give you
proof," Kerry said.. "You
look at the hotel rates they
gave to MEAC, you look at
everything they gave them
versus what they gave me,,
and, not until I 'left, they
were playing hardball, man.
And when I left, they gave
the whole show to the
MEAC just to get them in
there. OK?"
"M1y hotel rate at the
Marriott was $144. The
MEAC rate, is $95. They)
reduced the rate at the
Embass) Suites, [Hotel].
Their parking is free,
They're doing a whole lot
of different things. They're
doing [now] what I asked
them to do as far as parking.
They just take us for grant-
"But you know, I'm past
that maria an irate Kerry
continued. "I said they took
us: for granted man.
Somebody else added
'...the African-American
company,' but if you want
to put that there, fine. They
took us for granted, that's
no lie, they took us for
When asked why didn't
he make the "being taken
Sfor granted" charge last year
when Raleigh was negotiat-



B s


.~1 Ir.


s i


ursday Friday
- 8 p.m.
.- 6 p.m.

ing to keep the CLAA tour-
ney, a frustrated Kerry
blasted back, "I said that
last year. man. Somebody
:keeps bringing this s--- up. I
said when I left. You look in
the paper.. .this is not a new
quote, man."
When told this was the
first time anyone has ever
heard. it,. Kerry replied,
"I'm sorry; do your
This is not a new quotee"
Scott Dupree. director of
sports marketing for the
Greater Raleigh Convention
& Visitors Bureau told The
Wilmingont- Journal after
'Kerry's quotes which h \\ere
taped, were read back to
him. that the proof of
Raleigh's sincerity, is in the
The CIAA was offered
$1 million in cash to stay in
Raleigh for the next three
years. Dupree says. The
MEAC was offered, and
accepted, $565,000 to come
to Raleigh.
In addition to the mil-
lion, the CIAA was also
offered $100,000 to offset
any expenses brought on by
"parking at the RBC Center.
But the CIAA turned the
entire' package down in
favor of Charlotte's $1.3
million deal.
"We didn't leave on any
bad terms, and I don't know
why the commissioner
would be saying those kinds
of things," Councilman
James West said.. "I don't
think that's good for any; of
us.because we're all trying
to do the very best we can."


,' /. wi .:*:%*
++ 290 /V+urwicht S tree'

MA4RCH 11, 2006


PArC- dA




Pro Baseball Remembers

Hall Of Famer Kirby Puckett

Jimmy Smith To Be

Inducted In Bob Hayes

Hall Of Fame For 2006

Kirby Puckett

FORT MYERS, Fla. The Minnesota Twins paid trib-
ute to Kirby Puckett when they played Wednesday, March 8

Tiger Wood Streaking

Towards Masters

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods won the
Ford Championship at Doral
in unlikely fashion Sunday,
making bogey on his last
two holes to turn a seeming-
ly comfortable situation into
a one-shot victory, making
him the first player in 25
years to win back-to-back
on the Blue Monster.
Woods closed with a 3-
under 69 to hold off Toms
and Colombian rookie
Camilo Villegas, giving him
three victories worldwide in
his first five tournaments of
the year.
Woods won the

Amrerican Express
Championship last October
when John Daly missed a 3-
foot par putt on the second
playoff hole. He won the
Buick Invitational in the
second hole of a playoff
when Jose Maria Olazabal
missed a 4-foot par putt
down the slope. And he won
in Dubai in a playoff when
Ernie Els hit into the water
and made bogey.
He enhanced his reputa-
tion as golfs best closer by
improving to 34-3 on the
PGA Tour when he has at
least a share of the 54-hole
lead, and he's 20-0 when his
lead is at least two shots
going into the final round.
Woods finished at 20-
under 268 for his 48th career
victory on the PGA Tour,
and the 13th time he has suc-
cessfully defended his title.
After his third victory in
five starts this.year, Woods
was asked about his confi-
"Pretty high, considering
I've put myself there in vir-
tually every event," he said.

Culpepper Seeks Release

From Minnesota Vikings

Quarterback Duante Culpepper has asked the Minnesota
Vikings if he could speak to interested teams on his own
behalf. He said Minnesota denied his request.
He said he appreciated that the team's new owner, Zygi
Wilf, was willing to pay him a $6 million bonus due later this
"However, because of the fundamental differences I have
with management regarding the approach to my personal
and professional life, I think it is the best business decision
for both parties to go our separate ways," Culpepper said.
He softened his message slightly by saying that if the
team didn't honor his request, "then I intend to fulfill my
contractual obligations to the Minnesota Vikings."
A Vikings spokesman said the team would not comment
on the e-mail. Culpepper's status with the team has been in
question ever since a boat party scandal on Lake Minnetonka
in September. He was charged with several misdemeanors
for lewd conduct; Culpepper has said he is innocent and will
fight the allegations in court.
Further complicating Culpepper's situation is his contin-
ued recovery from a knee injury. Culpepper missed most of
last'season after tearing three ligaments in his right knee dur-
ing an Oct. 30 game against Carolina, calling into question
.vherher he will be ready for the start of the 2006 season.

at their spring training home for the first time since the Hall : '- *'
of Famer's death. .. ,_, ,."..
Puckett died Monday, March 6 a day after a stroke. The
popular outfielder, who led the Twins to World Series titles
in 1987 and 1991, was 45. "
Stricken early Sunday, March 5 at his Arizona home,
Puckett died at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in .
Phoenix, where friends and family had gathered. Puckett, .
who was divorced, is survived by his children, Catherine and -'"...
Kirby Jr. He was engaged to be married to Jodi Olson this ..' .
summer. Funeral arrangements were pending.
The grounds crew stenciled Puckett's retired uniform No. ..
34 in red in front of the third and first-base lines. Flags flew '50- ,. -:
at half-staff, and players and fans observed a moment of .. ",. -' :"
silence before the Twins' 3-2 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. : .
A Reds player touched the "34" just as he hopped out of
the dugout.
Center fielder Torii Hunter, who served as an apprentice Jimmy Smith
to Puckett while Hunter was in the minor leagues, hung a Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver and NFL pro
Puckett jersey next to his locker and said he will bring it with. bowler Jimmy Smith will be among the athletes to be
him when the team breaks camp and heads back to inducted into the Bob hayes Hall of Fame. The 7th
Minneapolis. Annual Bob hayes Hal of Fame Banquet and Induction
Some of the Twins players and coaches will make the trip Ceremony will be held at 7:00 p.m. on March 16 at the
to Minneapolis on Sunday to attend a memorial service for Terrace Suite at Altell Stadium.
Puckett at the Metrodome. Reds manager Jerry Narron was In addition to Smith the 2006 honorees are: Shirley
the catcher for the California Angels when Puckett made his Crowder Meadows, 1960 Olympics (Tigerbelles,
major league debut on May 8, 1984. Puckett had four hits Tennessee State University); Martha Hudson Pennyman,
that day. 1960 Olympics (Tigerbelle, Tennessee State University);
Puckett's post-retirement weight gain over the past. Isabella Daniels Holston, 1956 Olympics (Tigerbelles,
decade concerned friends and family, who were saddened Tennessee State University); Barbara Jones Slater, 1960
but not shocked by his stroke. Olympics (Tigerbelle, Tennessee State University); and
The youngest of nine children born into poverty in a Alfred Austin (Teacher/Coach, 1959-63 Florida A&M
Chicago housing project, Puckett was drafted by the Twins University Track Team).
in 1982 and became a regular just two years later. He got "This is a pivotal year because we will recognize the
four hits in his first major league start and finished with accomplishments of an active NFL player and former
2,304 in only 12 seasons. Olympians as well," said James "Coach" Day, Director of
Puckett had 207 home runs and 1,085 RBIs and won an the Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet
AL batting title in 1989 and was considered one of the best (BHITM). A signature component of the BHITM, the
all-around players of his era. His esteem and enthusiasm for Hall of Fame Banquet was created to salute the outstand-
the game factored into his Hall of Fame election as much as ing achievements of Track and Field Olympic medalists,
his statistics and championship rings. NFL players, sports administrators, and officials.

NFL Players' Union Deal Approved By Owners

After two days of meetings
NFL owners agreed to
accept a deal adding close to
a billion dollars to the play-
ers' pool in return for six
years of labor peace
The agreement will add
$850 million to $900 million
to the player revenue pool,
contributed each year on a
sliding scale by the 15 teams
that earn the most from
non-television and ticket
The deal will carry the
NFL through the 2011 sea-
son. Two low-revenue
teams, Buffalo and
Cincinnati, cast the only
votes against.
The agreement increases
the salary cap from $85.5
million last season to $102
million, saving some veteran
players who would have
been cut and providing more
money to free agents --
either with new teams or by
re-signing with their old
It's $7.5 million higher
per team than the $94.5 mil-
lion they would have had in
the final uncapped year of
the current contract if they
had not accepted the union's
last proposal.
The league's free agency
period, put off twice by pro-
tracted negotiations, will
start Saturday to give teams
additional time to get under
the newly elevated salary
The cap will increase to
$109 million in 2007, which
would have been an
uncapped year that would
have widened the spending
gap between teams even
"We want teams to get
additional money to re-sign
players, rather than cutting

them," commissioner Paul
Tagliabue said.
The deal was put togeth-
er by nine teams who began
on different sides of the rev-

enue debate, including such
high-revenue teams as New
England and Dallas. The
Patriots and Cowboys, who
are in the top five money-

makers along with
Philadelphia, Houston and
Washington, were both
involved in putting together
the deal.

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MARCH 11, 2006




EDITOR'S NOTE: All suspects are deemed innocent unless proven
guilty in a court of law. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reports are a
matter of public record. The Florida Star seeks to educate the com-
munity in the hopes of keeping our community safe.
VIOLATION OF JAIL RULES On March 7 at 8:00 a.m.
the officer came in contact with the Correctional Officer
assigned as the Disciplinary Hearing Officer at Montgomery
Correctional Center. The officer had determined that the
inmate's behavior while incarcerated has resulted in excessive
disciplinary reports. This constitutes a violation of FSS
951.12(11). The inmate had received twelve (12) disciplinary
reports totaling 20 violations of jail rules between the dates of
9-24-05 and 3-07-06. The violations consist of: (1) 7 counts
of disobeying a verbal order, (2) 2 counts of failure to comply
with roll call, count or assembly procedures, (3) 1 count of
consumption of intoxicants or intoxication (positive urine test
for marijuana (4) 1 count of possession of tobacco/tobacco
products, (5) 1 count of fighting (6) 1 count of failure to pro-
ceed directly and promptly to and from designated area, (7) 1
count of destruction of city property, (8) 1 count of failure to
answer or answering for another (9) 1 count of participating in
or inciting a minor disturbance, (10) 1 count of refusing to
obey institutional rules and regulations, (11) 1 count of being
in an unauthorized area, and (12) 1 count of failure to maintain
personal hygiene or dress appearance.
The inmate was rebooked with this additional charge.
The inmate was read his Miranda rights and case was cleared
by arrest.
ed that while he was driving in the 8000 block of Atlantic Blvd.
(Lighthouse Bay Apartment) he observed a green 1995 Nissan
Maxima. The vehicle was backed up to the A building.
Upon running a check on the tag, the officer was advised that
the tag was reported stolen on 10-10-05. The officer then made
contact with the suspect who revealed he was the registered
owner of the vehicle. Officer advised that the tag on the car
-had expired on 10-21-05. The suspect was advised of his
rights. The suspect then advised the officer that he got the tag
from an unknown male in the complex after inquiring if any-
one had a tag that he could get for his car. /
The suspect was arrested and transported to jail.
RECORDINGS The officer responded on Tuesday to the
700 block of College Street in regards to two black males sell-
ing cd's out of the back of a marrbn Cadillac. Upon arrival, the
officer observed the suspect's vehicle along with the suspect
standing at the rear of the vehicle with his truck open. He was
surrounded by 6 to 8 individuals dressed in nursing attire who
appeared to be employees of the nursing home. As the officer
pulled into the parking lot, the suspect closed the truck of his
vehicle and all of the individuals standing around him walked
away from him and back into the business.
The officer approached the suspect and asked him for his iden-
tification, and he complied. He asked him who the vehicle
belonged to and he stated that it belonged to him. He was then
asked to reopen the truck of the vehicle and he did so. Inside
the trunk was cd's, a song list, and business cards. The suspect
was asked what was on the cd's and he replied, music that he
downloaded. The suspect was then given a miranda warning
and placed under arrest. Post miranda, he stated that he was in
the parking lot selling cd's to the employees of the nursing
Upon searching the suspect, nine counterfeit $20 bills were
found in his rear left pocket. When asked about the bills, the
suspect stated, "Where that come fr6m?" He later stated that
he got the bills from customers. The bills were. neatly folded
in his rear pocket and separate from the rest of the money he
had on his person. The suspect further stated that he paid $50
dollars for the 9 counterfeit bills.
The suspect was arrested and transported to jail.










AT 904/766-8834

I II llil .' fl i i .. a 1 h 1 ., B.. r I

Your Weekly Horoscope

(MARCH 11, 2006-MARCH 17, 2006)

Aries (March 21 -
April 19) The energy of
the week Venus in
your sign and
ready to go retro-
grade is a perfect
time to discover
your inner understanding of
who your soul mate should
be and how you resonate to
love. You can find love in all
the right places when you
put a perspective on what
can you give as well as what
you can receive. Intuition is
your guiding force in love
this week. Sense what is
important and move in spite
of the denial of logic.
This week lucky num-
bers are:4, 12, 16, 18, 22.
Taurus (April 20 -
DI 1[Ma) 21) Your
sensitivity is high
at this time. You
are a person of
extreme sensuality and the
energies of this week may
have you exploring some of
your deeper desires as Venus
goes retrograde. Opening up
some wounds from the past
may actually allow you to
release a past love which has
kept you from manifesting
your wanted connection
with your soul mate. The
coming full moon will bring
you powerful energies in
finding the answer that you
This week lucky num-
bers are: 2, 8, 10, 16, 22.
Gemini (May 21 -
June 21) The look of love
could seem blind
this week as you
and your beloved
may be in a zone
of complete
denial of any problems.
Perhaps this is a good tactic
because what problems that
do exist will be moving but
of your lives soon: The
opening up of new avenues
of communication, so that
you can discover the soul
mate in your current rela-
tionship 'is featured this
week. Be open to sharing
your deepest fears and your
highest hopes.
This week lucky num-
bers are: 6, 14, 32, 36, 56.
Cancer June21- July
22) Learning to be inde-
pendent while still having an
intimate relation-
ship is the lesson
of this week as
you touch into
your soul mate energy. You
may find that the heat of
romance seems a little cool-
er than you would like but
you can warm things up with
some concentrated tender
loving care and special
attention to the' idea that
food shared is a bonding
This week lucky num-
bers are: 4, 6, 18, 40, 46,.
Leo (July 23 -
August 22)
Lessons in the
magic of love will
astound you this
week if you get in ,touch
with your generous and
sharing nature. The back-
ward movement. of Venus
may have you taking the.
. position of being the pur-
sued in the dance of love.
Open your heart to the
dynamics of sudden com-
munications and short trips
' with your beloved. You may

find yourself connecting in a
very intuitive level with the
energy of this coming full
This week lucky num-
bers are: 2, 4, 10, 32, 34.
Virgo (August 23 -
September 22) You are in

the realm of spiri-
tual connection at
this time. You can
bring a great and
wonderful unfolding to you
and your beloved if you are
willing to let the magic of
the earth and moon lead you
to new mysteries being
revealed. The healing of a
partner or loved one will be
strengthened by your will-
ingness to release the past
and to let go of out worn
expectations. Share your
spirit of love this week in an
unconditional manner. Save
all criticism for movies.
This week lucky num-
bers are: 12, 14, 36, 42, 44.
Libra (September 23
October 23) The power
of love continues to grow
and deepen for you at this
time. The ret-
rogradation of
Venus will enable
a deeper level of
with you and your mate. You
may find that the energies of
the coming full moon will
reveal some past life con-
nections with you and your
beloved. Perhaps it is time
that you realized that your
soul mate may be the person
you see every morning.
This week lucky num-
.bers are: 12, 16, 18, 28, 42.
Scorpio (October 24
November 21) The
Buddha wrote: Train your-
self in doing good
S that lasts and
Springs happiness.
Cultivate gen-
erosity, the life of peace, and
a mind of boundless love.
This pretty much expresses
your world of love and con-
nection this week. It is a
time to cultivate kindness in
your relationship and to
praise the joy that comes
from love. The full moon
will vibrate the friendship
energy between you and
your beloved.
This week lucky num-
bers are: 2, 10, 16, 22, 26,.
S a gitt a r u s
(November 22
December 21) Your sense
of, inner connec-
tion will thrive
this week as
Venus goes retro-
grade in the sign of Aries.
The power of Mars in your
sign along with Pluto gives
you the transformational
energy that you need to
express your love in deeper
levels of 'spiritual c9nnec-
tion. These energies are
wonderful for the beginning
practice of Tantra with your
beloved. Shared energy
Simplifies your love connec-
tion this: week. The full
moon can be used as tran-
scending energies and get-
ting back to more earthy
connections with your
This week lucky num-
bers are: 6, 8, 30, 38, 50.
(December 22 January
19) You are in the
.- : romance zone this
week as Venus
creates a.wonder-
ful tension that could. lead
you to new discoveries of
what you value in love and
relationships.-The grounding
energy of the full moon will

allow you to let go of false
expectations 'for your
beloved and allow you to
center and focus on what it
really means to have a soul
mate. Give yourself the free-
dom to have fun with your
This week lucky num-

bers are: 12, 18, 24, 28, 34,
Aquarius. (January
20 February 18) Magic is
afoot in your relationships
at this time and you may
find your mate may feel a
certain jealousy
because of your
expanding charis-
ma. Heal these
fears with an overwhelming
return of love and joy to
your beloved. It is time to
take the direction of your
relationship back under
your control and direction.
Teach your beloved what
you need to be happy and
love will flow. Honesty will
win the most frightened
This week lucky num-
bers are: 2, 8, 22, 26, 32.

Toilet Paper Dispute

Overflows Into Fight

CHARLESTON, S.C, An argument over toilet paper
overflowed into a fight, sending one motel maid to the hospi-
tal and another to jail.
The maids at the Siesta Motor Lodge in North Charleston
armed themselves with a plunger and mop after accusing each
other of taking toilet paper from each other's cleaning carts.
North Charleston police said..
Deloris Smith, 47, is charged with assault and battery of a
high and aggravated nature. A magistrate set her bail Friday at
The argument began about 9:40 a.m. Thursday in the
motel's laundry room.
The 52-year-old maid wounded in the scuffle said Smith
grabbed a niop and hit her on the arms. She was taken to a hos-
pital with minor injuries, police said.
Smith said she was defending herself from her co-worker's

3160EdgewoodAve. Jacksonville, FL 32209

*Elevated Cholesterol
*Obesity and Weight Management
*Women's Health
*Childcare and Immunitzaions /
*Preventive Care [. "" /
*Impotence and erectile Dysfunction ---/
"* -. "
Dr. Reginald Syirwelse-otr es r.-Tonya Ho//linger
Sto th erptice.
fWe invite you to lec u\las your provider
of choice forced lhcare needs.
FAX: 904. 82-0373
3160 Edgewood Avenue*Jacksonville, FL 32209
M-F 8 A.M. TO 5 P.M. Wed. 2 P. M. TO 5 P.M.

March 4, 2006

Crime doesn't pay
but we do!
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No Names...
No Faces...
No Hassles!

Pisces (February 19
- March 20) Magic is defi-
nitely on your side this week
in the realm of romance. The
hidden energies of Venus
going retrograde
will put you in
touch with all the
special feelings
that you have
been avoiding. Mars gives
you the energy to continue
to pursue your beloved.
However, remember a lover
can get tired of being on a
pedestal which is but anoth-
er way to distance oneself
from real intimacy. The full
moon energy can reveal
your soul mate connection
in wonderful new ways.
This week lucky num-
bers are: 18, 32, 36, 48, 56.


MARCH 11, 2006 .-





..... L.

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.AMIOLLiFE.% LICflON. -ii,.LwiI.. 1.0111,'0. 1 I U'Il 'I., d C '.lld,
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i'rl. Inri,,Iliu. ,I I (A61 2l D t i, l1Irn1r-wlI'I.eiILm It,dirn cni
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ALL C'ASH CANHIRU HTEI E DO W Ou .TIOu' 'Ill 1 ) -';U 10 ,,lr.L',
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will 1.11 11 ilnrdruill

Vitrn %lS dnil)I Nowrliiig N'u iruakoo oc 1,r% i35'J ,iP.imidelm i ) u 14ullU
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proincalon. 11% Inypl A[ sIL M3%Iii rim to I I nllngcnniplmn) Irtickbilt] hansll In
KILliaterrwrong I oodenc l p.nikllII rI. iirgod drlK Ing Ii %Iory unfLi cIr 'loru
I1d1el rniuylrool 'lnrida ilo Ri 1(io Rwrtiltor19,',inmo,, Cort Io tIl
1485ti1-060wtSN w OJfntua UtllIlilum Lart Ici L NlV .D,%

UrIhur- NOW IIIRINC Q ALlF ILI) 3DRVI'R'L IS brCual l'orldi.
I xcnl& NalilnnnIOTfR lpniriwr. o'Idlde ionkJU. foluhll,'.l1 plmlpl.
grewin airelis. ctilputlilsa pu) 'to.' equlpinuta. Noul d2u >ii ucpe-
rlcacO. Call Spvidriu'rorarrbilr lor 'racqr po.rnoli) lntrd.!

Drlars C DL A. TIwe Lase to uvIrI pn1ilnam. Lu. purmienrsa holrtn
farm vletia Acg %I r I.'ml 1 p1w tel %utCIUrhCd. hNo IlurnUr iNu Iorcid
dibpapirioiI L I i-I rmpalrivlwin 8M6lI64 UAnI2

Urlerr. CDL A. Sirrlal iiivia4llJt tn 16) Iu(14. 'laULCl l N.I
Hume Wukandirlbl (ileul Pau %& Rar.,Alml Paid TeInir. r nSmllnl
Urulal C Tprotl c I rod, I no. in,.irw o cerai1-Ilnlki cuul
(988R)8ti-5 il-16

ALERIC 'VS DRJN'INC. AC.(DFN1',SlU n vnu. dri% ingeane' I lite. -
in. tvorr m CUI. A & 13 (Ine IU1110.1 fee? P1-Jrl.% I j5 rnentupilur., No
i-gitrlralon rl (%Ai$iCI 01-59-1l io., i urrmencmt-1,I. 1cdU,,3l).CM11

1i5.000,YR'I'ili.riInuIm Sailrnr n I-t18 t ti, hr Uefie 1 S, VLld I rrlr'ln
nid %oCoIIC'lli N,,P~pc.rlrncr irer iIl(,i y I. I RI aSiq-IvL'

Ihprn Ur Icf lC1,11 WIJEKLdVlI11) P4n88 I..-I',1t% jle um em urur P1 N .
Iirhcrlenrcr Cull IdJVPIIi~nlJ,41Ii.~IYH 'II ..luCLIIeuIU tn'.0tJ


5600 Kings Road Suite #4
(Opposite Flowers Bakery)
L -

Florida Office
(727) 641-9521

14202 60th Street N.
Clearwater, Florida 33760
or MerchantlnventoryFinancing.com

"We Give You Money!"

11am- at-March 25

#SCC 055764

Low Rates.

Curls -Ages 7-12 ONLY $29.95
Relaxer w/ Roller Set ONLY

Want to purchase minerals and
other oillgas Interests
Send details to:
P.O. Box 13557
Denver. CO 80201

Beauty Shop 3
"March Specials"
SRelaxer- $45
:Curls $45
SScrunches/Waves'- $30
:Wash & Set- $30,
:Weaves (per row) $10
SSee Designers for More Specials
S Marie- 446-3103 S
* Ernestine 910-4364
* 6050 Moncrief Rd.
': 768-7128
... Walk-ins Welcome

,Tuesdays @ 5 p.m.
To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673

Idiill -1i'
High, 'I Ill ie,

311 River Ranch Lots
Offered in 14 parcels Ten parcels include road frontage on Highway 630


Call J.G. Wentworth's
Annuity Purchase Program




Provided by 3StepDivorce.com
Learn more at our website or call us at 1-800-680-9052

Complete & ready for filing only $299 only C e)
100% guaranteed or your money back! (flat fee)


Builders Lots Available in the

Fastest Growing Areas in Florida


c.,:-nfairild .pp.ilr'rofai 11, t, i: i L,.o ir .6 o Cull C.lr. rin n'.


HLINl f t~l.l I.J u '.' l,,ilcul n.l Fulu 1. lid ti'.,r i n. r
1 I'% i', ,'r~~c1 l~.114I' A'1, v pi.. Ir., icd.,,% No'.Ci nc 'N.'

HLINT DorrR. TRlKE%'. 1jL)1.%L ;omi.3.ldej hnl 1..'.
ina llu- i l ir.4rl 'u 3rion R ihrro% '..0UiIU l ai. l id o4 IX,'..nlk"l
Ra~l1 Ii 4 0RTw

Legal Services

DI l'lHCIL'.'%2', L' 61 l5ULl'L 1INIidldwoN (I nl. o4 l glnsm',av rLo
tirvdl N F prR 1 i c IClll 4 I Call N' L &L ) i, I)W6 21)[10 em 6(m

KRLC'il EMA 1101minallkh-m vi ul wi c!l~rrlrIIVi, ~elII
F~,l~sl('~lyd. F l- t-,mon~lhll nol T.C411, li~lJlii i n6j~r.,.diolh'c


FARNu kdRF rC online ftiIi home. *Wkl. *Bmulltas, 01parlyga.
"Cu~lipwerri ( rmInnl lu.liou lnb Il',IeIan'a1lI C. Imp ler pin dod Ii
olmliIilill uIl dIt lC Iirlly J866111.5921I 211%%, %ujilliaIu1tIwICI In i llLcciio


- ANn Dh..-C T ION 21AT Prr.... hiuI.ie ha I c- I,'D. 0'

Fi.ridu,.n. n .,e,..,,n~i 14oiluln,,.'i1.Waraicl h.ti...jrli..'l B..ldlr,1
I'll 1 i i Ida Il Il C60. Il.,Mr(. I. .. i "i.r T I. I:.j

IN% riI rt LNT,.r rCRI7 TIONU !"If~rMIL-1111111Mi %U111 II

lwu ,aic Rural I laliring I illuhrr 6dn3 222 2.,..~,. 12' i/,kmr~. 'Nlrikr~i,'.

I.mTNCFo TO OV.'N I IC)' IO .l It, i~ral '.ieJ..' rlir..,i1lir,,
vc,-rol r~. I -I IV I I wt-. luart 111. 1- NM u~dni '-- N L iril

ei R I. rc t, ell, '.i ul .I d ilrptn-v w ILr- -.ulo d ,z ,' L

N m. I liN 1 AIN% I iu.t I rc .s n r-e l, m .i.: I., 1-if. 1 ,4 ..1 l. blt l '..IRCM

LI rl 1 1 Mii2.ll.- LI17, 1
Pur Sale Huml IIFUIIlbi n Yfing I l linbur land 22.'lll III1I~II' I1
k~urfLepnCalf oo 3a33 0o,(34 hJ.1-

!I'N WA'nRrRON' MOUN'I'AiN PROPISry SeanlyllInuultsuhmlr-
'h1,IIIC.l JI N'jyltlll o NM.0lIrlleC 'IW fld.'.pe.iiilIlll ii.C I Ian In' Lr,.l I

jIcN1(JhIOMICSI'rrrh'.\ll'AN UNOWI t.~rcNL KiNc4I lla ASHET'ILLLi.NC AIILAA(Ilk:A(.rE I'~1.1 i'lrJ 14,iednrnl~li l.'.nnra--
011.6 l. l 1 dJ PillM P oll i&l.30I.Ig nd l'0nlr r I t lll r14'. f, pilh I rll I NIt)%NIrII IllI, uv T I inlle .1 I .I r iorI'. I I cr l a ra, ITru IIII 11 111 I lI I I lRm Il II
$1I( ulii tOOII3487i01 Ri ll. L',LI I f. I Al I 1,I P I. Ibit, I.ngl I C % IiCi.'41 l (.l4llr i II II Ii .% c. il nI .rIrwin 'l1An m rl ujlrsIi, k ni -
t M W 1, v. lair Ii l le

Real Estate

S 1I061l rIF' IOW illn III N0191 Ar tinmah la~uI-,0, l1111 1 301 l di JJCe 1,1,M
)I Irr V I ILI Ir o ?(h l III ,76:IL I l

-I. IN i lJits .' %fidibl1 IIr1r96, A & nrnrlnJ O ClitrI I0. I w I. Al I I 1
ML I.BRUCHI IRP0L771il7.22hiil[XI I RVtA I Y l flIN rI'nN N 1 l.W

Nurlh CarollniiCattod LtilwhontC.'ammunlfy I .l5 rca'Bp~lIalN, rntlesor
lohowlinj Nutucur honlrdolle-cd -111 2Uk ~m pre-dolp110d nOP U~nem
ltrt, 1 Near I- ll .rllr 20% roa Panr tIIlr OI11I Ur3t5

IhuoIintoa%,,fi.'ivmIto Norr IL.ulla Cull I *k C C ldelliII ,It 1(42 3'lr2r'i2'iA
0 1 q II j;MI iI~kC% IdqC~Y dll( -111 L 0 0 1

Ni JlhT :l i Hi-HI NLI I-ll11 11' AlIt Il IAN01 INFAINO(FI WV's'1
L RNN~'hlDuN I'AIN.S.1 lumo.t C birib. 9ikcllqc& iiLuslinuwlr L Itur,
ccO InIuntblii Rauh') Ohl 6C IRel tia1t1u hitirph)
howkelmmmala nw~dl.om Call fo, Fice Lrr8hure

WATERFRONTIARGAINSISLakeAcesfffrom$202/montil* Direct
Lakeftninittariingiat99,9001ONEDAYONLY LANDSALEI SATUR-
DAY, MARCH 25, 2006 Just20 minutes from Aagusta, OA excellent t
flhiinicIl'available Call today for an early appoitnmenll (888)LAKE-
SALE x 1030 *Basedon purchase price of$39,900 w/10% down, lixed
raule 1f6 'A ,r' .r )r,. I 5-.o w ri a 'i illA i-. l oirr 5 rI ,d,, 1 e d '.nr
,f )rj I diffid lMl E t ,u .lnit |iCuW lI.rIrl, e ,ill lt.:.i rilC'e V.'ol. tlsllter.
Pr.loniblicd h. luI.

Nr.U TONI \1RKF TI F-PT IP II I IIilN.1-ulh.Af.ll-) ,i.l.nled,.i5 i
cilc' ,l'II .2. I.,et .1 ul r1iu hnll. rr I.run Ut 11 iaii )llr .) Cr. 'k, in
RFi'0l-l. i'll.',il,. i l J.cp'dalcrlinrid.,' .kahc.lid.iiJllrc: i.,rp 'ldp. ,il',
1..'.,0 ,1IiA S. i hiv ,.l.I&r i .r. l',, ihh I. .',]1h1, "7'? .9 2,.-H2 8, 7

CGOIr(JIA IIL'.IH-iv'l.I.r Ild- NUICI II ILjI.URlUutcu.
WE'I '(I' it I If Ill ,I I 'l N M Y11.1) 0011 Itiiwt Rvi Ifr I If, "45-226lr .
I liln~all)0I-7l1 I I dulIUll~l~l~l OlrD III'1t, J rrridia~laliIelC 1Ia

Wa~oi ii l ,c ocie 'lCIb. ,,r~i.2 *.'ulrli ill, 1141U 1iUhiJl le ln. lrJIi
0olluI10 11. pit llexicll Rld Ir-LI. 101-2 Ii lIr. '1ru hit$l I ll u COW2kit
bn,,i, I t o,,I tr rlkg ldliI. lllyIflif. ll Il '.r ii P1Ie,.l Il3rv MtIh. alo~lrlo.
II, IOl)'l-l'l 0 llaiif NAN1 IR6I)biJ6-2II24

(0ArIl'AI. NC V.A II IRFRN rt1I 1, Aure-141'i'l.1 llII I.uli..l3
%nll3.-,110. gr l cc',. p I',lna ;lmr,'rlli& ie. ll hri'J1,lrOrGilI, i I F rl irb)
IQ At I Ila 16 1 lllni l lcutII llAl 03:4 6 I nrr l.l0
lel(IIfrirl;fl Loll 1100. IIiIJI12t.l '11510B~lIlOl~lulU (DI
THIRUL'(IF. ll)IR~l.ICEDHO~~IeIr~ll. r' BIH.I'i0,(64 Ilh i~nl twlrllurirUI nollo
1'e Ii1V 11 qltcI Cr6illr Iljr r'u! 1 IirrNYCI Cull now (877)90.526(i3
lil 'IMP-ucOfi'nril 1hlf'h~Ill: rd ".11

Steel Buildings

BUILDING SALEI "Seat Nexi IncreoBul" '20x26,Now $4200. 25200
$580. 30x40$9200.40,6rI4.9oo. Esleirol veeu9leoi0n0i mode Ilodtls.
Fronl end optional. Plonuer(800i668-5422.

Vacation Rentals

DtSTtN. FLORIDA. Diiectly on the1Water, NEW Boutique Hotel.
I Ifl1N"Ri!JL~l I'll-I ;, c ps to Finest Restaurants. Minutes to Gjulf, Glf,
'slpillI,.Ca Ilirmirnr. -, ulle. ww'IN'.lnandoninosriIlrtrbooro

t~ekANF 20q6
'eek of March 13,

Q rOwerminancingAvailable
For further information:
uS 0itrwwt higgenboth3m.com


ONLY 11 Units Lett! Starting at $168,000
/ Rental History ALailbble Possible Olwner Financing

. i'^. Call 1-866-774-0215 lor more Information
A. www.tlmbertopsrealestate.com
a'. See www.yourcabin.com flrr a list orl minarged properties

I lo(. i( i '1 i public '.n',prJi ind ilic rl larg -,r uppb.r i-f S.-,mminmg
I. I Up FFpb. & cu,pmrnLrt h.- nL'd tirr pc-marincn & wcmpur'an CDL drnvrs
Si i ]I II .\i.\l' I.nIur.,rcm .-rir .ir a SCP rind Sup,:in,., branches CIndiidntcs
n 11- bi N' .ih lilt Ill p. urnid usiII.j J ll. PI .i-i L ,iini.ici branchli' ihrecd:' tfor
SCainesille 3o-')l r .. .
Jacksniille 904-?739-'. 1 \
Pensacola i85u-i-4-544 -l '4S5.-76-3200
S A.ugusin im0-'-li-432
Tallahassee (0-Y942-4' li
P.airnmad iti Rruch 850-233-3266
i'.:.l.lcnt BE'ncif1.' & il.,rrmprciidi P.- I-1.) M\,..l\D ind D uig-Frc

As irme worla s busiest trucling company.
Scn.lneaer Nailonal's business is growing and. .-
we re nilring ---
Experience rewarded oul not required
SCompany-pala CDL training for qualfiea candidaiae
S$34,500-557,500 (dependinq on expenerce) "*,-S..*
Teams can earn more lhan 125,0 yr
SImmediale benera- for expeinerced drivers
SSigr,.on Cronus mriay apply
Apply Online @schneiderjobs.com
Or call 1.800-44-PRIDE 11.800.447-7433)

The Waggoners Trucking-Established 1951
Now Recruiting drivers for our SE Auto Transport Division.
Drivers must have a valid Class A CDL,
1 year and 100K verifiable.OTR miles.
Stable work history and clean MVR is a must.
Great Pay, Great Benefits,_Matching 401K.
Contact Susan or John at (866) 413-3074 EOE

Jamaican West Indies Father Samuel

Known around the world as the Best! If I can't help
you, it can't be done. Specializingin court cases, Jinx
removal from the body, restored health, peace, happi-
ness, love and finances. Remember, "With God all
things are possible." If you truly want to be delivered
meet me at 2121 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando, Florida.
Please call (407) 841-2787 for more information.

SATURDAY @ 1:00 P.M.


AM 1360


Big Al Lovely
(813) 758-9896



k Classic
hb. F 10
P, Llorida

MARCH 1,1, 2006


Dt A 1"-^ 17 d"


Ii- lm~irrrc


S '-1,


Asthma Therapy
Pain Rplief

All About Kids is the premiere pedi-
atric facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
We are dedicated to providing chil-
dren with the highest quality of
health care. Our doctors are Board
Certified Pediatricians with years of
Pediatric Emergency Room experi-
ence. With flexible hours, we are
able to accommodate the needs of
families with busy lifestyles. Come
see why so many parents trust All
About Kids Pediatrics with their chil-
dren's health.

Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and
have pediatric ER experience.



12086 Ft Caroline Rd. Suite I
Located in the new Hidden Hills
Caroline and Monument Rd.)

Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Testing
Mono Screening
Rapid Strep Screening
Sport and School Participation
Well visits/Immunizations

EMR Technol6gy
Our Electronic Medical Record System
enables us to be more efficient with
less paperwork and allows for:
Direct Pharmacy Link for fast and
convenient prescriptions
Check-in/Check-out process made
quick and efficient
Medical record history inquiries
and transfers that are concise and
easy with electronic database
Prompt subspecialty referrals

9:00 6:00 M-F; weekend and after hour
care available
All Insurances Accepted

Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225
Executive Park (near the corner of Fort

This lovely, adorable well maintained, upgraded home located
on golf course w!many extras. 4 BR, 2 BA, 2,034 sq. ft.

'S few', Riis ,- ,: ..w,?

Email: badavis@WatsonRealtyCorp cor


105.7 FM E
www.whj biz


Thank you for



9550 lRqgcy Square Blhd. Smite #2WJaclvFoilfe, l 322sL25 Off1 4)681f50 Fax (94) 6 51 -
;w.futamabrakde oifl ,-.

Office: 904-285-6300
Direct: 904-473-1502
Fax: 904-285-5330
Toll Free: 800-288-6330


MARCH 11, 2006



Always Working Hard For You.
Don't Keep Me A Secret
Betty Asque Davis


60O North Alhamb ra Lane
Innlet Beach

615 Highway AIA
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

arch ID u~N %RI --
'March 171-1,R~

The 37th NAACP Image Awards, An Elegant Evening

With Pizzazz
Photos: Q2006 by Andre' B. Murray/ "Burn" Agency Photos

By Rych McCain

The 37th NAACP
Image Awards telecast,
hosted by Academy
Award winning actor
Cuba Gooding, Jr., was a
smashing success! The
ceremony took place at
the famed Shrine
Auditorium in Los
Angeles, California and
aired on the Fox network,
Friday, March 3. Special
Honorees included
Musician Carlos Santana
(NAACP Hall of Fame
Award); The Neville
Brothers (NAACP
Chairman's Award) and
Susan L. Taylor (NAACP
President's Award).
Alicia Keys led the
individual winners pack
by swooping up three tro-
phies i.e., Outstanding
Female Artist;
Outstanding Music
Video, "Unbreakable"
and Outstanding Song,
"Unbreakable" (J
Records). Pulling behind
Keys with two awards
each were actress S.
Epatha Merkerson,
Outstanding Supporting
Actress in a Drama Series
"Law and Order"
(NBC) and Outstanding
Actress in a TV Movie,
Mini-Series or Dramatic

Special- "Lackawanna
Blues" (HBO) and actor
Terrence Dashon
Howard, who continued
his hot award show streak
taking home the big
prizes for Outstanding
Actor in a TV Movie,
Mini-Series or Dramatic
Special for "Lackawanna
Blues" (HBO) and
Outstanding Supporting
Actor in a Motion Picture
- "Crash" (Lions Gate
Films). "The Bernie Mac
Show" (FOX-TV), was
the top winner in the tele-
vision category with three
statues for Outstanding
Actor in a Comedy Series
- actor Bernie Mac;
Outstanding Supporting
Actress in a Comedy
Series actress Camille
Winbush and
Outstanding Directing in
a Comedy Series -
Millicent Shelton.
The red carpet arrivals
were ebullient with a sea
of flashy, elegant gowns,
showy suits, eye-catching
hairstyles and plenty of
bling! The excitement
and electricity from the
crowd staifding around to
view the limos pulling up
to empty their famous
passengers remained at
NAACP cont'd on D-4

Wa 0ol 000oo

By Rych McCain
Niecy Nash, star of
"Reno 911" and host of
Style's popular home
make over series, "Clean
House," celebrated her
birthday via an all-star
celebrity bash at the
White Lotus Club in
Hollywood, California.
Superstar guitarist
Carlos Santana and his
lovely wife Deborah

were honored at The 3rd
Annual CRLA Tequio
Awards, held at the
Beverly Hilton Hotel in
Beverly Hills, California.
The Santana's were being
honored for the unselfish
and dedicated work that
they do through the
Milagro Foundation they
created in 1998 to benefit
underrepresented and
underprivileged children
around the world in the

areas of health, education
and the arts.
The BET and MTV
Networks held a festive
bash to celebrate the
launch with Direct TV of
BET's new "BET J," a
new music, culture and
lifestyle network born
from the best program-
ming of the popular BET
Jazz channel. The bash
was held at the Direct TV
News continued on D-5


-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

.ay F& u =y, er_ -Pv%, ;. A. ;%_ -"Ch. Z..

PDrij fl..9M~arr~ 44I 9flfli

. ,, ,-,-,,,,,,, ,,,=. u I ne Floriaa star

Saturday Morning http//www.zap2it.com March 11, 2006'

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CBS U@ 6 9 Words of Light Town Hall Little Bill (CC) Blue's Clues Saturday Early Show 6 (CC) LazyTown Go, Diego, Go! Backyardigans Basketball
FOX A 10 13 Paid Program Paid Program Sher. Holmes Mayor Peyton DoReMi IDoReMi Bratz(N)(CC) jWinx Club (N) Winx Club (N) Mutant Turtles Sonic X(N) C G.I. JoeSigma
IND 0 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program The Morning Show (CC) The Morning Show (CC) Pet Keeping Wild About Awesome Adv. Exploration
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PAX 20 12 2 Farm Bureau Rose Lee A. Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
PBS .I 8 5 GED Connect. GED Connect. GED Connect. Haley's Hints 6 (CC) Haley's Hints Too 6 (CC) Play Piano in a Flash Easy way to learn how to play the piano. (CC)
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TNT .46 17 The Lost World Tin Ca- .le p *** The Nightmare Belore Christmas 119931 ** Batman Forever I i395, Advenlure) Val Kilmer. Tommy Lee Jones ICCI Crocodile Dundee In LA
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Saturday Afternoon http://wwwzap2it.com March 11, 2006

ABC 5 10 Kim Possible Power Rangers INBA Access -Paid Program PaiPaid Program [PaidProgram Program Paid Program Extra (N) 6 (CC) 124 "Day 1:11:00PM -Midnight"
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TBN 59 13 59 Wild & Wacky Miss Charity [Bibleman Ell IDavey-Goliath Greatest Heroes of the Bible iEl IK 10 C (El [Kirk Cameron Christian World IGreg Laurie IPraise the Lord (CC)
WB 171 9 7 -Miranda ( X02. Su5usenl Chnristna Ri.i., J.hnr STimm The Sight (2000. Suspense Anrrew McCanrty Kevin Tighe ( ** 101 Dalmatians (19961 Voices of Glenn Close, Jef Daniels
COM 65 43 Mad TV 1I (CC I Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams (19811 Cheech Mann (CC) Juwanna Mann (20021 Miguel 4. Nunez Jr Vivica A. Fo.x iC) Not Another Teen Movie (CCi
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HBO 2 201 Dodgeball-True [* Small Soldiers i19 Iw) i'lr ten Dunisi, Gregory Srnlh im |CCI ** Alien vs. Predator 120041 Sana3 Latnan, Raoul Bova. 6 (CCI Because of Winn-Dixie (2005, Drama) t (CC)
LIFE 18 28 Murder or Memory? Caught in the Act (2I04. Drama) Lauren Holly. Mjv Martini ICCI Hush (2125. Suspense) Tori Spelling. Vicora Pratt. (CC, ** Tail, Dark and Deadly (1995)
NICK 142 41 Danny Phantom Catscratch I, Catscralch I teen 6i (CCl Drake & Josh Ned's School IUnlabulous, [Zoey 101 (CC) NicktoonsTV INicktoonsTV SpongeBob IDrake& Josh
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TBS 17 18 Turner & Hooch P*** Planes, Trains and Automobiles i1987 C.omErndvl Slive Marin, ..jhn Candy (CCI ** Rush Hour 1998, Action) (PA) Jackie Char. Crins Tucker (CC) Armageddon 11998) 1CC)
TNT 46 17 Crocodile Dundee in LA Blue Streak 11999 Martnr Lawren.ce, Luke Wilson. (CC) (DVSI ** Shaft 12~i0) Samuel L Jackisn, Vanessa Williams (CC (DVS) *** The Negotiator (199B)
USA 64 25 Lile 119991 Eddie Murphy_ Captain Corelli's Mandolin t 0011 Nicolas Caqe, PenAplpe Cruz Premiere. (CC i ** Blow (2001. Drama) Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Jordi Molla (CC)

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[The Insider Builders Care

* wnat
Close to I
Cops iN)

Beneath (2000, Su
4( (CCI Cold
Dps (CC) Amer

Alias "Ciprer'" 'i

suspense) Hamson Ford. Michelle Pfeiffer. af News (CC) 24
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TBN 9 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) The Coral Ridge Hour In Touch (CC) Carl Baugh New Life Billy Graham Classic Thru HistorylTravel Road
WB li-.f 9 7 My Wife IFresh Pr. Will-Grace Will-Grace Charmed C, (CCI What I Like Living-Fran Smallville "Perry" (CC) Star Trek: Enterprise 0(
COM 65 43 Not Another Teen Movie Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad George Lopez: Why You Crying? (CCi Drawn Drawn Drawn Drawn
DISN 22 16 Life Derek ISuite Life So Raven ISo Raven ** George of the Jungle 2 (2003), Julie Benz (CC) Phil Life Derek Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 College Basketball: Atlantic 10 Final -- Teams TBA College Basketball: Big East Final -- Teams TBA College Basketball: Mountain West Final
FAM 43 23 Au Pair II (2001) Gregory Harnson. (CC) *** The Parent Trap (1998, Comedy) Lindsay Lohan. Dennis Quaid. (CC) Whose? [Whose?
HBO 2 201 Because |** Along Came Polly (2004) 1m (CC) White Noise (2005) Michael Keaton [Sopranos IAutopsy: Sex Dodgeball: Underdog
LIFE 18 28 Tall. Dark and Deadly Bad Seed (2000. Suspense) Luke Wilson. (CCI ** Best Laid Plans (1999) Alessandro Nivola. (CC) ** Sex and a Girl (2001)
NICK 42 41 Grown Up IPhantom Oddparents ISpongeBob Zoey 101 6'm (CC) AlIIThat i I Amanda Full House [Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr. [Cosby
SPIKE 61 37 Most Amazing Videos Pros vs. Joes El ** The Medallion (2003, Action) Jackie Chan. 0r UFC Unleashed TNA iMPACT! (N) 6i (CC)
TBS 17 18 Armageddon (19'98 Bruce Willis. Liv Tyler. (CC) ** Shanghai Noon (2000) (PA) Jackie Chan. ** Scary Movie 3 (2003, Comedy) IPAI Anna Fans.
TNT 46 17 *** The Negotiator (1993) Samuel L Jackson. The General's Daughter (1999) John Travolta. ** The General's Daughter (1999) John Travolla.
USA 64 25 Monk (CCI [Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU ]Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU [Law Order: Cl

I Sati


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March 12, 2006

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46 17 Tequila Sunrise ** Good Moming, Vietnam (1987, Comedy) Robin Williams. Forest Whilaler ICC)

* Dangerous Minds 1'9951 Mi-hellae Plrftter. George Dzunriza jCCI ** The Negotiator (19981

USA j64 25 Coach iCCI Coach l (CCI [Paid Program IPaid Program JPaid Program IPaid Program Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision (20?l Jason Scoll Lee. (CC) PGA Tour Sunday (Live) ICC)

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FOX rI01 10 13 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program [* Tomcats (2001. Comedy) Jerry O'Connell Shnnron Elizaberh NASCAR Racing r.e-lel Cup UAW DairrnlerChrydler .j 0(CC)
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NBC ( 11 12 Arena Football Dallas Desperados at Tampa Bay Storm From the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Fla. PGA Golf-Honda Classic -- Final Round Fcom Ire Counlry Club at Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
PAX 1~2 12 2 Paid Program program Paid Program PaPaidProgram PaPad Program [Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program PaPaidProgram Paid Program Prora Paid Program
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WB I 1 9 7 ** The Island on Bird Street (1997) Patnck Bergin, Jorarn Kizuk. ** Trojan War (1997. Comedy) Will Friedle 4i ** Alfie (2004) June Law. A Loridrn Lvomnanizer works a a chaurteur in New 'oirk.
COM 65 43 Juwanna Mann (20021 (CC1 Not Another Teen Movie (2001 Cnyler Leign, Cnrns Evans ICC) *** Dogma 11999 Comariyl B2n Altler.. Mart Danmon, Linda Ficrerito (CCI Sweetest Thing
DISN 22 16 American Drgn (Emperor New ** Inspector Gadget 2 (2003) French Stewart, Elaine Hendinx. Zack & Cody JThat's-Raven Lizzie McGuire |Even Stevens Phil of Future Naturally, Sadie
ESPN 48 34 College GameDay (Live (CC) College Basketball ACC Tournament Final -- Teams TBA (Livel (CCI College Basketball Big 12 Tournament Final -- T-inms TBA iCC) SportsCenter (Livel (CCI
FAM 43 23 Full House (CC) Full House (CC) Full House (CCI) Full House ICCI |** The Parent Trap (1998) Lindsay Lohan. Reunited tin girls Iry lo get Iheir parearIs bak lagether ** The Cutling Edge (1992)
HBO 2 201 Secret Window l* Catwoman (20M0, Aaion) Halle Barry, Benjamin Bral A (CC) I** The Ring Two (2005) Naomi Wans Sirron Baker. il (CCI t** Shrei 2 i2(.4ll Voices of Mike Myers ii iCC)
LIFE 18 28 Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story (2003) Annie Pons (CC) ** Haunting Sarah (2005) Kim Raver. Audrey Dwyer. (CC) She's Too Young 12004) Marcia Gay Harden. Aleas Dziern (CC)
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TBS 17 18 ** The Whole Nine Yards (2000) *** Rush Hour (1998, Action) (PA) Jackie Chan, Chns Tucker. (CC) I* Armageddon (1998 Science Fkhoin) Bruce Willrs Ahero ries to save Earth from an asteroij (CC)
TNT 46 17 The Negotiator (1998. Acton) Sanuel L. Jackson. (CC) (DVS) I** Entrapment (1999) Sesn Connery, Calherine Zea-Jones (CC) ILaw & Order Return'" l' Law & Order "Loco Parenrtis (
USA 64 25 Monk Monk suspscls a dentisil Blow (2001, Drama) Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz. Jordi Molla (CC) J** The Enforcer (1976) Clint Easvtwod, Tyne Dalv. Premiere (CC) IPatriot Games

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PBS MD 8 5 Jerry Baker Gardening Jackie Gleason: Genius at Work (CC) Broadway: The Golden Age 0 (CC) [Dr. Andrew Well's Healthy Aging
TBN i59 13 59 Jakes Meyer By Force JHayford Joel Osteen Authority Believers IChanging Praise the Lord (CC'
WB Tj 9 7 Girlfriends Girlfriends JammX Kids Charmed i' (CC) Charmed 4, (CCI Smallville Relic (CC, Star Trek: Enlerprise 6,
COM 65 43 The Sweetest Thing (2002) (CC) George Lopez: Why You Crying? (CC) Dave Chappelle: Killin Carlos Mencia: Strings Dave Chappelle: Killin
DISN 22 16 Life Derek ISuite Life So Raven So Raven ** Inspector Gadget 2 (2003) French Slewa. (CC) Phil [Life Derek Suite Life ISo Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) ESPNU Bracketology *** Through the Fire (2005) Premiere. (CC) Knight School IN SporlsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 ** The Cutting Edge The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold (2006) (CC) The Cutting Edge 2: Going tor the Gold (20061 (CC) Whose? JWhose?
HBO 2 201 Shrek 2 |b I** The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) Vin Diesel. 0 Big Love IThe Sopranos (Nl (CCI Big Love "Pilot" (N) (CC) ** The Ring Two (2005)
LIFE 18 28 Between Truth and Lies (2006) Mariel Hemingway. For One Night (2006, Drama) Raver-Symone. (CC) Cheerleader Nation (N) Face Family Face Family
NICK 42 41 6teen (CC) IDrake [School IUnfabulous Zoey 101 a (CCI JFull House (Fresh Pr. Hi-Jinks ) Roseanne Roseanne Cosby
SPIKE 61 37 ** The Medallion (2003, Action) Jackie Chan. r ** Trading Places (1983) Eddie Murphy. Dan Aykroyd. i Revenge of the Nerds (1984) 0
TBS 17 18 ** Scary Movie 3 (2003, Comedy) (PA) Anna Fans. ** Shanghai Noon (2000) (PA) Jackie Chan. ]*** Shanghai Noon (2000) (PA) Jackie Chan.
TNT 46 17 Law & Order "Justice" [Law & Order "Dazzled' ** What Lies Beneath (2000) Hamson Ford Premiere. (CC) 1** What Lies Beneath 12000) (CC)
USA 64 25 ** Patriot Games (1992) Harrison Ford. (CC) ** The Mummy Returns (2001. Adventure) Brendan Fraser. Rachel Welsz. (CC) LLaw & Order: SVU

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Page D-3/Marchp 11, 2006

The Florida Star

~((, C ii ( n3~

I . I I I I !

P- D-.41arch 11 2Te d



con 'd from D-I

an estuous le' el from beginning to
the end w ith the last limo. The tele-
cast had a great line up of talent
and presenters.
Getting back to the awards
show\, this columnist personally
enjoyed the after party because I
had the pleasure of joining the
table of the lovely Mrs. Sydney
Davis and her two gorgeous
daughters Dee Dee ("The Bernie
Mac Show") and Aree
("Everybody Hates Chris." UPN).
as \well as my personal friend. jazz
great and Oscar \viuner Herbie
Hancock. It was a great chance to
do some "catching tup" with
Herbie, have a ball \with Sydney
and "bond" with Dee Dee and.
Aree. Needless to say, ours was
one of the most happening tables
of the entire party! Many of the
other celebs m the room slipped by
our table throughout the party. It
was a memorable night indeed.



0111111 11


CD- -

All About Kids is the premiere pediatric facility.in
Jacksonville, Florida. We are dedicated to provid-
ing children with the highest quality of health
care. Our doctors are Board Certified
Pediatricians with years of Pediatric Emergency
Room experience. With flexible hours, we are
able to accommodate the needs of families with
busy lifestyles. Come see why so many parents
trust All About Kids Pediatrics with their children's
Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and have pediatric
ER experience.
9b4.5~t1i 271ds

* Asthma Therapy
* Pain Relief
* Hemoglobin/Hematocrit
* Mono Screening
* Rapid Strep Screening
* Sport and School
Participation Physicals
* Urinalysis
* Well visits/Immunizations
9:00 6:00 M-F;
weekend and after hour
care available
All Insurances Accepted

12086.Ft Caroline Rd. Suite Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225

.-, *-.: m,-" .

A 13 0 U T

D -4S

P f O A TIt I CS 5

The Florida-Star

P~nrr n~dlM~r~h 11 2nnCi

Page D-5/March 11, 2006


L.A. Mayor Antonia Villeragosa

Yolanda Adams.

Kyla Pratt. Tichina Arnold.


WEEK OF 03/04/06

TV One
(Jacksonville Concast
Channel 160)
9 a.m., "B Smith Style"
10 a.m., "Boston Public"
12 noon, "Showtime at the
5 p.m. 7 p.m., "227" &
"Amen" block
7 p.m., "Good Times"
7:30 p.m. & 10 p.m.,
7 a.m. "Sweating in the
Spirit" Get fit with
Donna Richardson"Joyner,
11 a.m. "Patti Labelle"
4:00pm "Inside the
Congressional Black
Caucus" a one-hour pub-
lic affairs program giving
you the inside scoop from
a black perspective of the

political- activity in the
nation's capital.
*Fri., 3/3, 1 p.m.,
"Tangles & Locks" -
Special: Behind the scenes
of Washington D.C.'s
Golden Scissors Black
hair show
*Sun.., 3/12, 8:30 p.m. -
"The Trumpet Awards" -
It's a night to believe,
inspire, and honor the best
and brightest: For the sec-
ond straight year, TV One
is proud to air the Trumpet
Awards, honoring African
American and minority
achievers in fields as
diverse as law, medicine,
civil rights and entertain-
ment. Stevie Wonder,
Archbishop Desmond
Tutu, and Usher, and
Vivica A. Fox were among
the honorees for the 2006
Trumpet Awards. Hosted
by Chris Tucker and
LisaRaye McCoy, the
event included special per-
formances by Kirk

Franklin, Najee; Jeff
Majors and a surprise
impromptu performance
by Stevie Wonder with
Aretha Franklin and Doug
E. Fresh..
*Mon., 3/13, 8 p.m. & 3
a.m.- "Quiet on th Set" -
Actress Regina King is
interviewed by Mary
Major in front of an audi-
ence of Howard
University students.
*Wed., 3/15, 1 p.m.-
Blacula 1972 cult classic
with William Marshall,
Vonetta McGee, Denise
Nicholas, Thalmus

Black Family Channel
Monday Saturday, 5 a.m.
- 8 a.m. & Sunday 5 a.m. -
3 p.m., "M-Power
Ministry" Your daily
dose of power and praise.
Some of the world's most
dynamic ministers bring
forth the word with bold-

Local Reigion On Television


Wfale 50.1 H6i" I)IrVP
r41sr4nary Bapists 1:hureh

Jegc'rj P'Rt Mrri1iA

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9f 6w pr4r gip

Wde' Y rPt CFe 4ral

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uvarrd Crrier, IirfeneoftM

410115pWiley Jacks"t Au nts~

Pnttorf Lornzn nHard AInranF

Teffil WOi
3igh~p I~ataH Vr61ams Yr~~fll

Dr PauimiBncfy AJ. L9FareU*

Ki1lCng6r4I6 ft LaUdioaIN

11hop ri149 [ting Llona

C1io Cf Ntli! kI*46 Paero

6r Cfreb Dim r

4A gun z 710
6A sn"4,66

FL~. trysd.~

FL guo 1000'

4A Bun 6 30o

OA 96W,008O~



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LIFE 18 28 Golden Golden ** Fifteen and Pregnant (1998) Kirslen Dunsi. Augusta, Gone (2006) Sharon Lawrence. Premiere. Frasier (CCI Frasier (CC)
NICK 42 41 School IPhantom Oddparents INeutron SpongeBob lGrown Up Full House (Fresh Pr. Roseanne IRoseanne Roseanne Cosby
SPIKE 61 37 Wildest Police Videos CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn Ultimate Knockouts 2 6 Pros vs. Joes (N) C, UFC Unleashed if
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld I| Seinfeld i' Raymond (Raymond Friends, I| Friends 6' Friends I Friends ai Family Guy Family Guy High School High
TNT 46 17 Charmed -Awakened" Law & Order Missing" Law & Order Gunplay" Law & Order iCC) (DVS) Law & Order "Amends" Without a Trace Ci (CC)
USA 64 25 ** The Mummy Retums Law & Order: SVU Law Order: CI WWE Monday Night Raw (S Live) (CC) Law Order: Cl

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The Florida Star

i I

Th lrd trPgeD7Irh1,20

I Tuesday Evenina


March 14, 2006

News ( News CBS News

ivewW lUb,) amira ki'4 I
Judge Judy Raymond

NCIS "Bait"

10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld A American I

3 4 News


Ent. Tonight Edition

211 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Joey (N) t
(1 12 2 Shop-Drop Shop-Drop Balderdash Fam. Feud Sue Thomas:

(Ti 8 5 Cliff Pup



1Li. ri tl

John Denver: A Song'

ers [Daughters Boston Legal "Stick
it "Stress' (N) A The Amazing Race
C) News (CC) News
o (CC) News News

it" News(CC)
9 (N) News

Late Show -

(CC) Next Top Model
News [The Insider

;) Scrubs (N) IScrubs (CC) Law & Order: SVU News (CC) Tonight
6 Early Edition f.(CC) Doc ( (CC) Miracle Paid Prog.
s Best Friend IAmerican Soundtrack: This Land Is Your Land (CC) Meeting

N 1i 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Dr. Baugh Wheaton Awakening IMeyer John Hagee IJoy-Music Praise the Lord (CC)
I F7 1 9 7 Will-Grace Will-Grace Friends ft My Wife Gilmore Girls 0 (CC) Supernatural "Faith" 0 Hollywood Friends Sex & City Sex & City
M 65 43 ** The Hebrew Hammer Presenls Reno 911! Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's South Park Distraction Mencia Daily Show Colbert
IN 22 16 Sister, Sis [Suite Life Phil So Raven Air Bud (I 97i Micht3el .Jller, KeviI Zeqers Dragon Sister. Sis. Suite Life So Raven
PN 48 34 SportsCenter iL.ei (CCi NCAA College Basketball- NCAA. Ti:urnramierl [Coliege Basketball: NIT Firs- Round -. Teams TBA SportsCtr.
M .43 23 7th Heaven 'Surprs.e'' Smallville Sacred ,C I [The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold (iO6O FCCi IWhose? Whose? The 700 Club (CC)
0 2 201 ** Secret Window 1200'') t* Alien vs. Predator 12f004 Sanaa Lalhan s n CCi White Noise (20051 Michael keairn Sopranos Big Love "Pilot ur ICCI

18 28 Golden


** Dying to Remember (1993 Mielsisa Gilboet iCC)

Nora Roberts' Sanctuary (2001 Melissa Gilbert iCC) Frasier (CCi Frasier ICC)

NICK 42 41 School IPhantom Oddparents [Neulron SpongeBob |Grown Up Full House (Hi-Jinks !r, Roseanne ]Roseanne Roseanne Cosby
SPIKE 61 37 Wildesl Police Videos CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn King of Vegas IN) if Videos MXC ('
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld (n ISeinfeld 6, Raymond }Raymond Friendsr I Friends ts Sex & Cily ISex & City Seinfeld e ISeinfeldi S ** Angels in the Outfield
TNT 146 17 Charmed (S (CC. Law & Order iCCi !DVi, Law & Order FI., ,i s Law & Order tCC; (['.'S) The Closer (CCi Cold Case'Look Again'
USA 64 25 Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU Bruce Almighty i2005. Corned'/ Jirr Carrey. fCC) Nashville Star INl ICC) ILaw CI

Wednesday Evening http://www.zap2it.com March 15, 2006

ABC 5 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) A George Freddie (N) Lost 0 (CC) Invasion "The Key" (N) News (CC) Nightline
CBS 4 6 9 News CBS News Judge Judy Raymond Survivor: Panama -Exile Criminal Minds A (CC) CSl: NY "Jamalot" (CC) News Late Show
FOX 3 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 Bones (N) 0 (PA) (CC) Idol IThe Loop News(CC) News (CC) Next Top Model
IND UT 3 4 News News Ent. Tonight Edition King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 6 (CC) News News News The Insider
NBC D 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardyl Biggest Loser Law & Order 4 (CC) Law & Order "Life Line" News (CC) Tonight
PAX 12 2 Shop-Drop Shop-Drop Balderdash Fam. Feud Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye 0 Early Edition "Gun" (CC) Doc "Nip, Tuck and Die" Miracle Paid Prog.
PBS T 718 5 Capitol Business News-Lehrer Tim Janis: Coastal America t (CC) Best of Pledge
TBN 159I 13 59 Praise the Lord ICCI Billy Graham Classic Clement ]Against All Authority Van Impe Praise the Lord ICC)
WB 171 9 7 Will-Grace Will-Grace Friends f4 My Wile One Tree Hill 0s ICCI Beauty and the Geek 6r Hollywood Friends 6t Sex & City Sex & City
COM '65 43 Married to the Mob Presents Reno 911! Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's ISouth Park South Park Drawn Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 Sister, Sis. ISuite Life Phil So Raven ** Tarzan i1999 Voices ot Tony Goldwyn (CCl Life Derek Sister, Sis. Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 148 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) College Basketball: NIT First Round -- Teams TBA NBA Basketball Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets. (CC) SportsCtr.
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven "Home" (CC) Smallville Lucy' 6s (CC) ** Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) Diane Lane. iCCi Whose? IWhose? IThe 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 *** Dave (1993, Comedy) Kevin Kline 4' (CCt Big Love "Pilot' o t(CC) The Sopranos f4 ICC) The Ring Two (20051 Naomi Watts. uA (CC)
LIFE 18 28 Golden Golden The Suspect (2005 Suspense) Jamle Luner (CCI Blind Injustice 12005. Suspense) Jamie Luner (CC) Frasier (CCI Frasier (CC)
NICK 42 41 School Phantom Oddparents |Neutron SpongeBob lGrown Up Full House [Fresh Pr. Roseanne [Roseanne Roseanne Cosby
SPIKE 61 37 Wildest Police Videos CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn The Shield 'Pilot' (CC The Shield "Our Gang" The Shield -The Spread"
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld us Seinfeld 4r Raymond |Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond [Raymond Sex & City ISex & City ** Blast From the Past
TNT 46 17 Charmed t (CC) Law & Order (CC) IDVS! Law & Order 'Smoke Law & Order (CC) iDVS; ** Blade 11 (2002, Horror) Wesley Snipes. (CC)
USA 64 25 ** Bruce Almighty r2003i Law & Order: SVU Law Order. Cl Law Order: CI Law Order: CI IConviction Denial' (CC)

ness including Heritage
Christian Center Pastors
James & Teressa White of
8:00 p.m., "Inside
8:30 p.m., "Pilot Central" -
This is your opportunity to
judge the next TV hit!
Which comedy, sitcom,
drama or short film will
make the cut? "Pilot
Central" is a new half hour
series that samples and
showcases new program-
ming ideas.
9:00 p.m., "BFC All
9:30 p.m., "Spoken" -
Check out an emerging

generation of 1
prolific poets,
word artists and
10:00 p.m., nCo
tainment and
8 p.m., "Gosp
3 p.m., "The 1
Dollar Bee" F
fifth grade stude
pete for their c
win cash and priz
put their spell
grammar skills tc

6 a.m.,

the most
ntrast A
d enter-

li V i;A.

Inspiration with Brother
4 p.m., "The Road Show" -
BET hits the road to vari-
ous cities and college cam-
puses across the country
for a high-energy "Battle
of the Sexes" between 15

young men and women
another for bragging rights
and prizes!
d 5 p.m., "Rap City"
fourth and
11 p.m, "In Living Color"
:nts com-
:ance to Monday-Friday 6 p.m &
chance to
Sas thy Saturdays 3 p.m. 4 p.m.,
es ast "106 & Park"
the test. Tuesday & Fridays, 10
p.m., "Comic View" -
BET's .primetime comedy
hit flips the script.
Morning side-splitting blasts from



- w



4111111- 0~

-' ~ ~ CD







E- .

o CL

= CD

Page D-7/March 11, 200e~

The Florida Star



Whassup continued from D-5
studios in El Segundo,
California. Needless to say
that when BET Sr. VP of
C o r p o r a t e
C.o mmunications,
Michael Lewellen and his
capable staff get together
ih association with Bobbie
Marcus PR & Events-it
is on!
The food and drinks
were good and plentiful
and the live performance
of master keyboardist
George Duke (the music
director for the event), and
super bassist Stanley
Clarke and band was
extraordinary. They were
} joined by Jazz vocalist

Rachelle Ferrell,
R&B/pop diva Teena
Marie and smooth crooner
Kenny Latimore who was
supposed to sing with his
wife Chante Moore,.who
was absent due to illness.
All three vocalists brought
the house down with their
individual performances
and a joint, grand finale
number. Watch for BET J
on Direct-TV.
16 Blocks; Warner
Bros. Films; starring
Bruce Willis, Mos Defand
David Morse. Directed by
Richard Donner. First of
all, when :anything is
directed by Richard
Donner, you, can expect

high tension drama with
plenty of action. He direct-
ed the Lethal Weapon
series, Conspiracy Theory,
Maverick and Superman.
This movie is about
NYPD detective Jack
Mosley (Willis), who is
assigned. to transport jail
inmate Eddie Bunker
(Mos Def), from lock up
to the courthouse 16
blocks away. Eddie is
scheduled to testify before
a grand jury. He is a wit-
ness in a case that involves
some crooked cops who
don't want him to make it
to the hearing alive.
Willis is very believ-
able in lhis project. He's a

broken down, pot gut, one
bad leg, alcoholic who has
been up all night. He does-
n't do any super stunts or
the usual Hollywood "get
shot," a million times and
still fight off a dozen peo-
ple and live. Eddie (Mos
Def) is a bit irritating in
the beginning because he
is a non-stop chatter box
with no off button. As the
film gets into the meat of
the action Eddie does form
a-bond via a weird sort of
partnership with Jack as
he tries to keep him alive.
Detective Frank Nugent
(Morse), proves to be a
very worthy and formida-
ble adversary to Jack. He

is one of the crooked cops
that Eddie's testimony
will involve. The, pace of
the film is pure Donner.
with plenty of twists and
turns. As with the rest of
Donner's films, this one
will be a top grosser. It
opened #2 at the box;
I'd love to hear from
you. Drop an e-mail to
al.net or write to PO Box
2272, Beverly Hills, CA.
USA 90213. For my pho-
tographer Andre' B.
Murray, check out his at

The Florida Star

"Paae D-8IMarch 11. 2006

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CBS A7 6 9 News CBS News College Basketball NCAA Tournament First Round -- teams TBA. I College Basketball NCAA Tournament First Round -- Teams TBA.
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TBN (N 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) ACLJ Primary Behind Great Souls Joel Osteen Price Praise the Lord (CC)
WB ijl 9 7 Will-Grace Will-Grace Friends f, My Wife What I Like Living-Fran Reba (N) t Mod Men Hollywood Friends AI Sex& City Sex & City
COM 65 43 Slackers (2002) ICC) Presents Reno 911! Daily Show Colbert Presents Presents Presents Presents South Park Drawn
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ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) ICCi Series of Poker ISeries of Poker IWorld Series of Poker Tournament of Champions (CCI
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven "Kiss. CCI iSmallville Spirit" (CC) Half a Dozen Babies (19991 Scott Reeves. (CC) Whose? ]Whose? The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 *** Path to War (2002) Michael Gambon. f" (CC) ** The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) Vin Diesel. t IThe Sopranos 6' (CCi Real Time (S Live) (CC)
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SPIKE 61 37 Wildest Police Videos CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn The Shield 'Pay in Pain" The Shield (CCI The Shield Throwaway'
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld r, ISeinfeld un Raymond [Raymond Friends t [Friends ft ** Rush Hour 2 (2001) (PA) Jackle Chan. iCC) ** Rush Hour (1998)
TNT 46 17 Charmed (a ICCI Law & Order (CCI IDVS) ** What Lies Beneath (2000. Suspense) Harnson Ford (CC) I** What Lies Beneath (2000) (CC)
ltIA Ri 93 Law OrdPr* Cl Law & Order SVU Law OrdPr- C Law & Order SVU [Monk (Nr iCCi IHouse 'flDnx' ur IC'C