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"Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis."
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*********************3-DIGIT 326
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P0 BOX 117007
vT7 Tempora Mutantur Et Nos Mutamur In Illis
VOLUME 90 NUMBER 48 MIAMI, FLORIDA, JULY 24-30, 2013 50 cents


Rimiie fhato V.-v' c~i

BThousands flood downtown B. Kevin McNeir a free man. He faced a lengthy jail
-kmcneir@miamitimesonlinecorn sentence had he been found guilty of
mTravy second-degree murder in the shootMiam Its been more than a week since a ing death of 17-year-old Trayvon
Says "our kids matter too" Florida court ruled in favor of the de- M Ptn. But while th E vedict h A
fense and made George Zimmerman Please turn to PROTEST 1OA

Black communities President makes
rarebut personal

to bear the brunt of~ rabuesol

County budget cuts speech on his race
By Dan Balz
Libraries, fire stations in poor aB a
noPresident Barack Obama's comments last Friday about
n the killing of Trayvon Martin were remarkable in many reMtspects, but not least because of the distance he has travMaCAROLE BOYCE-DAVI9S JEREMY I. LEVITT : eled since the equally notable speech he delivered in 2008
eCornellUniversity FAMU during the controversy about his former pastor, the Rev.
MimiDdecony ayrCals imnz astke a "relc Uiesch la s:N o Jeremiah Wright. When Obamna-then an aspirant to the
about-face when it comes to first raising taxes and then lea presidency- spoke in 2008, he sought to translate and exis bala he and witut raingr t e ure the ic plain the grievances, fears and resentments of both whites
: and Blacks concerning the volatile topic of race in America. What wl h cuts does : He spoke as a bridge builder who was trying to give somed by G c f e n 2t: thing close to equal weight to the views of
bra o ha~1 : each side. Last week, he again sought to
Snearlyriminalization l ack an Latino : calm a roiling controversy, but he spoke
libraries : as a Black who happened to be presion ~~ thyhpigbokaesxfouth on the rise in Americadetsekntoxpanwyhe't
cue trucks, which combined with the
would result in ap- By Jimmie Davis, Jr. explored during a provoca- : guilty' verdict for George Zimmerman
a o h hpigbokaesxfr-~ yuho h iei m rc dentseen to expiclainr swhay thea'no
librar Timesuwrite tive panel discussion held *
proximately 400 employee layoffs. Ac- Miami Times writer t:v pane dicsinhlacbent sdifclfosom nlak
c last weekend sponsored by :To accept. h
department faces a $20 million gap Why are Black men and the Florida fricana Studies t Throughou his initial c1Apalg..
while the fire department is $15 Mil: Black youth sentenced more Consortium [FLASC] at the : Please to :BM ::.
lion short. But here's the caveat: the: often and to longer stays in Multitudes Contemporary :
Mayor Gimenez Mayor's recommendations, at least prison that those of other Gallery in Little Haiti.
from the outside, appear to dispropor- :races? Does America's crimi- One of the panelists, Jertionately impact poor neighborhoods. For example, among nal justice system deal more emy I. Levitt, Distinguished .1i" a 5 the six fire stations scheduled to lose a truck, two are from harshly with Blacks and are Professor of Law at Florida : Florida City and Goulds two of Miami-Dade County's [M- : the cards stacked against Agricultural & Mechanical : DCI lowest-income cities. : Black and Latino youth from University [FAMU], said he :
Gimenez opted for the cuts but says he won't touch pen : the very beginning? These wasn't surprised by the jury's :
antsupie y h uy
sion plans. Readers should note that as an ex-f : and other questions were Please turn to VERDICT 1OA .
New mayor could face recall Ace atnsdascalne
By W~illard Shepard ver Gilbert. "So now is the time for BVAthn Mn
all us get together and do the job Jean n th 'm tl fmrsa d t

Miami Gardens is a city right in the middle of we should have done in the very be- anosuejbasaProfalBaccm-lcinto elctopain
trying to solve an horrific double murder and ginning."missioneto'the crime is one of the major reasons some people Arnold is very clear she wants tTINGS
say soon there will be an effort to recall the GILBERT Mayor Gilbert removed. Multiple icubnUSRe.AeeasngdentlvsnMrmrornihtwo mayor. sources told reporters that begin- hvaniteioofgtngutftewy. lives in Riviera Beachis arsdn fte2t
"Now everybody is saying I'm sorry I voted for ning last Monday, Arnold and other residents Gorpycudlaevtr'srthn laetr ohSIG O
him," resident Fanny Arnold said of Mayor Oil- Please turn to MAYOR PBA

In America: It's a boy!* In England: Eli, who cares?

The debate over the relevance of the roylL an American accent. When BBC For him, it was proper that a ],~
famiy culdquie inwak of rine Freporters went looking for Britons royal birth should hold the nafamly oul quetin akeofpinc'sbirth to gush about the new baby, they tion's focus. He would have loved
found mostly American tourists, the U.S. attention and hated the By Louisa Branson coverage of the birth of Britain's Britons tended to be more am- recent British Guardian newsnew royal prince to William and bivalent. paper column: "Will somebody
The Boston Tea Party. Paul Kate, the duke and duchess of Great Kate Wait' explain why the American media
Revere US independence from Cambridge. Kate's labor and My very British father was a is panting like wild dogs over -a Britain Did that all really hap- the new prince's birth Monday die-hard royalist from a different what some genius has dubbedpen I mgh b tmping to topdU.S. news shows. Much of era he would have turned 100 the Great Kate Wait?"'..
'a 0 I'al~l[ T'al[a[lV~l'l



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race in America

"Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago." JREio.17-920ni

With those words, President Barack Obama strode head-/ long into a post-mortem. of America's reaction to the George t .t sW
Zimmerman verdict. Amplifying earlier remarks, he gave a
speech that was at once revelatory and risky.

Risky given that detractors had trashed him for playing
the race card in previous remarks about Trayvon Martin,
as well as in the arrest of Harvard educator Henry Gates.( h i~ ~ n ra e -m T b
Click here to find out more! Ob~LLama onrc silence ma be' estL pin
We should talk honestly prefer to avoid the subject are is Black, and ended up arrest- passion about the Although critics undoubtedly would indict him for sup- about unresolved racial issues, not likely to be enticed by ear- ing the famous scholar on his verdict in the historical context posedly choosing sides, Obama boldly took the risk. In do- such as those exposed, by the nestniess. Nor do they respond own front porch. Speaking off' of 'discrimination and racial ing so, he used his bully pulpit to eloquently translate for Trayvon Martin case, but Presi- well, evidence suggests, to the the cuff at a news conference, profiling. At the same time, he
nonblaks he nge an agsttha grps anyblaksdent Obama is not the best observations and oratoryr of the Obamna said. the officer" had offered the hopeful view that over Zimmerman's acquittal. person to lead the discussion. first Black president when he "acted stupidly." The remark ''sdfiutadcalniga
Through no fault of his, own, he talks about race. It's not the way seemed innocuous to me . this whole episode has been might be the worst. The need things ought to be or the way I'd but provoked .such outrage and .things are getting better." PerObama didn't find fault with the judicial process. "In for what 'diplomats call a "full like them to be, but it's the way counter-outrage that he invited, haps this intervention 'will be a case such as this, reasonable doubt was relevant," the and frank exchange of views"~ is more productive. But Oba
president said.. "They rendered a verdict. And once the ju- obvious. Many Americans don't '- rdoes more to change racial atry's spoken, that's how our system works." even agree that there are unre- ~ mosbet mgn h u~ji ~udhv en titudes 'and challenepeu
solved racial issues, much less 'E I dices simply by' performing his
And he rightly tamped down expectations over potential that scisuspaearoeteame if the protagonists' roles were reversed -if Zim- functions as head of state and
federal charges. in George Zimmerman's acquit- ~mrman had been the victim and Marinl th eenat commander in chief. A' dozen
tal.' It's as if some of us live on speeches about the long stfrugdifferent planets.' gle for racial equality and jusThen he explained, in a way that was both personal and I find it impossible to imagine "' ice would not have the impact
universal, why the verdict seared like a hot poker in many the outcome would have been things are. The record indicates the two men to 'the White House 'of one picture of the first family blacks' souls. the same if the protagonists' that honest talk from Obama for a photo-op "beer summit" as.~ the proud, Black first famroles were reversed if Zim- about race is seen by many a way of chilling everyone out. ily walking across the White "I hik i'simprtnt o ecgnie hatth Aficn-merman had been the victim people as threatening. A classic Similarly, his factual statement House lawn. No caption necesAriI eriancommunity is looking at this issue through a and Martin the defendant. For example came just months into that "if I had a son, he'd look sary.
Amrcnpeople who want to talk about his first term, when a white po- like Trayvon" drew shrieks of Eugene Robinson is a Pulitzer
set of experiences and a history that doesn't go away." race, there are plenty of outlets, lice officer in Cambridge, Mass., accusation that 'the president Prize-~winning'' newspaper colvenues and forums more had an unpleasant encounter was -unfairly talking sides in 'umnist and th 6frmer assistant Obama connected those realities with the nation's crim- than ever, in fact, with the rise with Harvard University profes- a criminal case. Last Friday, managing editor. of ,'h ah inal justice system. of social media. Bu-t those whio sor Henryv Louis Gates Jr., who Obama tried to frame Blacks' ington Post, Wah

"The African-American community is also knowledge-BYILFETHRJ.,NPCouns able, that there is, a history of racial disparities in the ap
plication of our criminal laws, everything from the, death
penalty to Ienforcement of our drug laws," he said. "AndBlc s tilranth 'o er Aer a s
that ends up having an impact in. terms of how people in-Bl c s tilr mn h .oe 'Ae i a s
terpret the case." I was told a story the other There have been whites and rights that are not worthy of re- speaks to a dangerous in
night. Apparently on the eve- some Blacks who have argued spect, even though those same the larger 'U.S. society that we To illustrate, Obama offered an unexpected glimpse of ning of the Zimmerman acquit- that we should not be so upset 'iht ar'ntebos ignrioe only at our peril. This
his life, not as the nation' s first black president, but as just tal, in a bar in South Carolina, about the Zimmerman verdict None 'of this means that~ trend suggests, once again; that another black man in America. a group of white patrons were when there are so many ex- Black-on-Black crime is of no we' remained th'e."other,"
talking. Some of them, upon amples of Blacks killing Blacks or little importance. Black-on- 'that' is, 'a segment of the popuhearing the news, shouted that go without comment. In Black~ crime destabilizes 'our' lation'that is considered by too Bacm esoten "Tare saowed, hinleshopn in, de "Free at Last!" in celebration of other words, we are hypocritical communities and is' a reflection many' whites to be unknowpatmntstre. Tht, e ai, inluesme"the decision. One person, how- able and dangerous; a segment
ever, a white labor union activ- whose lives and experiences are
Perhaps you can rationalize that those who are thug- ist, decided that this was not m he acquittal of Zimmerman is linked to a steady shift in the ra- not worthy of any particular ingishly-dressed warrant suspicion. But should that include his gathering, and left in dis- I cial relations that we have experienced since the late 1 970s. vestigation and concern. A segthe man Vice President Joe Biden once ham-fistedly de- gust. TThe erosion of affirmative aci6,voting 'iht ment thtnussbtopi-li scribed as "the first mainstream African-American who is The responses to the acquittal ato, rihsnduto or, if we appear out of the dark,
have told us a great deal about pable police profiling and brutality, are all reflections of this change.. swatted away, as one would do articulate and bright And clean and a nice-looking guy"? the U.S. The bottom line is with an annoying pest.
that many people who knew, or This is a time for reflection,
Obama sounded nothing like an apologist for young know nothing about who Tray- for protesting the Zimmerman of the continued economic and as 'President Obamna suggested,
black males who engage in violent crime. But he detailed von Martin was have concluded acquittal. This notion actually social ravaging we have experi- but'a. different sort of reflection. black frustration when society ignores the historical con- that he was a demon and de- misses a larger point. ence 'd over the years. The fact One that really takes us into an
text that feeds suspicion when it comes to color, served death. I realize that this The acquittal of Zimmerman that this crime is frequently ig- in depth understanding of the
is a blunt comments bu: t I believe~ is linked to a steady shift in the nored or treated as inevitable continued operation of race in oferd ostuciv ugesios Povde' that it is important to cut to the racial relation's that we have ,ex- leads to despair. As a result our all features of U.S. society. Yes,
He also ofrdcntutvsugsin.Pvdemore chase. These individuals have perienced since the late 1970s. ability or capacity to respond to that discussion again.
racial-bias training for state and local -law, enforcement. decided that aggression against The erosion of affirmative ac- larger issues, is undermined. Bill Fletcher, Jr. is a senior Review state and local laws that may spur not calm a Black youth who looks "sus- tion, voting rights and unstop- Thus, we should not be pos- scholar with the Inst itute for Polpotentially deadly confrontations. Help young black males picious" (whatever that means) pable police profiling and br-u- ing the Trayvon Martin case icy Studies, -the immediate past feel valued. can be, raised to the level of tality, are all reflections of this against Black-on-Black crime president of TransAfrica Forum,
death and actually justified. change. Zimmerman's acquit- as both need to be addressed. and the co-author of 'Solidarity



Legalizing injustice: The American creed?
No matter how much some enslaved to a state *of internal massive numbers of Black and Zimmerman's atti e e
f A commentators try to spin the exile. That sin was affirmed by Latino Americans. That's also who had no authority to do
not guilty verdict of George the Constitution of 1787. After the inescapable conclusion anything, but who had a gun Zimtnerman as an example the Civil War, Southern laws of the systemic injustice that on his hip was empowered that the legal system worked and Northern customs which has followed innumerable po- to stop a lone Black teenager properly, the freeing of Trayvon had the force of law marooned lice killings of unarmed Black walking in Zimmerman's (and, Martin's killer actually under- Blacks in a vast sea of cruelty people in questionable cir- as it turned out Trayvon Marscores multiple bitter truths. for nearly another century. cumstances in recent decades. tin's father's) neighborhood. One is that for Blacks, "the law" That perspective should retanmprectr Te dtrmie tmttr wa nne tietuh sriapofig is in te debate overrca
rhas more often been predator mind us that the fundamental
than protector. The determined isu n the deaeoerrca
rests~~roiln on the hues tha mark Blckaro-npope
work of Blacks' and their allies profiling is sold as the Eurothat in the 1960s finally made Ilts purpose, likethe attempts to narrow Blacks' voting pean and African presence on
America a democracy in fact, r s in i these shores. It's the clash of
not just rhetoric, has tended r i i the opposing forces of oppresto obscure that reality because thIeir reedom a runity. sion and freedom.
it offers a more inspiring cover No matter what anyone says,
story of America's past, present That much progress has been Now, a half-century after the the truth is racial profiling rests and future. made during the past 70 years zenith of the post-World War II on the hues that mark Black
But the fact is that for most in' reforming "the law" is true. Black freedom struggle, Blacks and brown people. Its purpose, ,of American history "the law" But it's also a truism that is be- are 'besieged by retrograde Su- like the attempts to narrow O- regardless of innumerable ginning to increasingly sound preme Court decisions, and Blacks' voting rights and unhigh-toned pronouncements hollow, or worse, cynical. Republican Party-sponsored dermine affirmative action, is
and pledges of allegiance to lib- For example, the astonishing legislation in numerous states to limit their mobility their erty and justice for all was a growth of the Black prison pop- that are trying to limit Blacks' freedom and opportunity. legal injustice system. It worked elationn brings into sharp relief access to the ballot box and to For centuries, that legalizing to create, codify and maintain the fact. that the. enactment of elite college and universities- of inJustice was the real Ameniracial oppression. During the the landmark civil rights laws two of the nation's major path- can creed. And it's always been colonial and antebellum eras of the 1960s, which. officially ways to socio-economic mobil- criminal. R "the law" consigned the vast enabled people of color to fully ity. Lee A. Daniels is a longtime
majority of eight generations compete in American society, These efforts to manipulate journalist based in New York of Africans and African Ameri-, were within a decade followed "the law" to once again leave City. His latest book is Last cans to permanent enslave- by the "war on drugs" statutes Blacks unprotected are the Chance: The Political Threat to
ment, and Blacks who were not that'led to the warehousing 'of broad expression of George Black America.

Detroit going strong amidst being bro e
Dear America, 700,000 people. We're too big 13, a lot of people having their it's putting our, e
Yeah, we're broke. But we got for our numbers. We're too houses yanked away, their life wrong places.Which in this
up this morning, small for our britches, savings depleted, their compa- housing crisis, government seYeah, we're broke. But we Yeah, we're broke. Our city nies shuttered. How's your city crets, Wall Street-wins era
woke the kids Up. grew on automotive explosive- doing? Or your bank account? makes us pretty typical, doesn't
Yeah, we're broke. But we ate ness and shrunk on economic Yeah, we're broke. But it's not it? breakfast. We went to work. implosion. Manufacturing died who we are. It's not our first Yeah, we're broke. But we're Yeah, we're broke. But we or was sent away., J6bs dried name. We've been "Burning De- no different from you. Just saw it coming.. We've had an up. So did tax' 'revenue. Our troit" and "Rust Belt Detroit" maybe geographically unluckier. 4 outsider in charge for the last pension funds teetered; when and "Unemployed Detroit" and Cities rely on many things: infour months. His background the big recession hit, they fell "Abandoned Detroit" and "Ra- dustry, taxes, labor forces, local is bankruptcy. The first word of over. Other cities suffered simi- cially Divided Detroit." We're not leadership. Those things 'may his job title is "emergency." lar fates. We just took it harder. any of those.We're not "Bank- have collapsed under the weight We're broke; we're not halve. Yeah, we're broke. But we're rupt Detroit," either. of decades here, but we, the citiWe know it. We watched for not some national joke.' We What we are is a city of dogged zens of Detroit, have not. We still
years as our leaders misman- didn't "have it coming." What citizens, all races, all ages, who get up, go to work, kiss the kids, aged funds, made patchwork happened to us nearly hap- still work, pay our. bills and believe tomorrow could be better.
repairs, borrowed and borrowed pened to New York City 38 years take care of our responsibili- We 'still call this place home. and didn't pay back. ago. But were uniquely built to ties even if our leaders don't Proudly.
Does that sound familiar? handle it. We don't give up. We do the same.What we are is a Yeah, we're broke. But we're Hasn't our federal government don't start crying. Some had us city of Americans who trusted not broken.And if you know anydone the same? buried when the auto industry -Americans would buy American thing about us, you know this:
The Zim m erm an trial is over Yeah, we're broke. But we're nearly sank four years ago. cars, trusted our elected officials We're not going anywhere.
not the first or the last. It's still here. So are we. would look out for us, trusted Mitch Albom is a columnist
What's e step for Blacks? Yeah, we're broke.It was the Yeah, we're broke. But there's the U.S. economy could with- for The Detroit Free Press where
perfect storm. We were built a lot of people out there filing stand anything. a longer version of this article
JER'.LYNN ROBERSON, 60 MARGO PORTER, 32 for 2 million. We're down to Chapter 11, Chapter 7, Chapter If we were guilty of anything, originally appeared.
Miami, retired Miami, bartender

"We go back to teaching our "We need to do more protests. T
kids that we Ican get my
don't live in a family togethperfect world. er with Tray- should not be a mascot for injustice
We send our von 'Martin'skids out un- familyto pro- I am' a former Miami resident were soon joined by dozens of done when George Zimmerman our message to President Obama:
armed and test this." (Miami Northwestern Bulls/ class college. students, both Black and was found not guilty. We marched Trayvon Martin should not have
profiling is of 1964) now living in an Atlanta white. There was an awesome for the future and Trayvon was to be a national mascot for Amerreal and per- suburb. On July 16, 2013, I was shout of exaltation when they a part of our future. Some of us ica's retroactive precepts.
ception is part of a protest march for Tray- joined. Louder shouts of "justice expressed anger, others remorse
real. Some- RAYMOND DELANCY, 60 von Martin. We must have been now encouraged the uity. We while some critically challenged Frances J. Wooten
times you're New York, truck driver 1,000 strong at the start and felt that an injustice had been America's judicial system. And Alpharetta, Georgia
dead ight and sometimes
you're dead wrong, but you're "First, there shouldn't be Trial iov rbut the work for Blacksgos n
still dead." any violence. s o e o s o

SAMIRE PRATT, 18 good idea to 4It has been reprehensible involved shootings that have turn a blind eye to the unac- We need to focus on the other
Miami, hairstylist have a civil i that rather than helping to taken place during recent ad- ceptable situations, the citi- problems tiat the Black comcase against correct improper killing and ministrations in Miami. That is zens of Miami suffer daily. Why munity faces each day. Stand
"I think we Zimmerman. shooting action in the criminal not to say that all of the shoot- does the State of Florida refuse your ground is not our probshould keep We also need and civil arena, official in our ings have been unjustified to seriously investigate leads lem. Racism is the problem.
fighting for totl o u jdicial system promote it and some of them were quite valid that would help make this a And sometimes Blacks can be
what's ight kids more of- give legal advice that allows and unavoidable, but many better and more just place for our own worst enemies.
for us. We ten and let anyone, including police de- were unacceptable. While our all? As for the ZimmermanArenLs
do need jus- -them know what's going on in tectives, to find ways to justify elective officials continue to verdict, we need to respect tl iamien
tice because the street. At any given time, the many unjustified police- abandon professionalism and jury's decision and move on.Mii
the law is all our children could be the next
messed up.Tryo.
What I see the people doing on Bakadw ieisem ksp wru ttm n
the news is good. We really need BIANCA DUNN, 22 Baka dw ieisem ksp w ru ttm n
to react more to get people's at- Miami, student Thank you for making the is- I don't see color," it is a com- is a sign of life and black gives matter, the phase I don't see
tention. If we just sit home, sue of color black and white in~ pliment. In fact it is not; it is birth to all color. I never hear, color would hold no meaning.
nothing will happen." '"Voting is a good way to get the last issue. When we deny an act of aggression. I believe "I don't see colr," anywhere But the fact is it does and we
things done. color we deny ourselves and it is an active and intentional but in reference to people of all know why.
M a r c h i n g it allows others to deny us attempt to erase a difference color. To be color blind is to
RONALD LARRY, JR., 16 is good and too. For some reason, people that makes' one uncomfort- deny all of God's beauty and a Saliha Nelson
South Miami, student protesting is ,.think that when they say, "oh able. In the natural world color sign of privilege. If color didn't Miami
good, but votmedia, we ai hnge Weng Racism ain't going any where anytime soon
help of social about real
do more pro- need change Trayvon's murder pales in in the City of Miami. After each merman trial is confirmation much alive and well. We ain't
tests to get in- so that laws like "stand your comparison to what happened killing, Chief Miguel FExposito that racism which may have seen nothin' yet.
volved." ground" are invalid and can no to the seven Blacks who were patted them on the back and may have been dormant in the
longer be used as a defense in killed by non-Black police offi- said 'good shoot, justified.' minds of some whites and even Lonnie Robinson
tras"cers within seven month here The jury's ruling in the Zim- a few Blacks is still very Miami


'Stand Your Ground' at issue in school bus fight

By Jim Saunders happened on a school bus tak- Saturday's acquittal of George her ground and meet force with in the case incorrectly believed to a fight on a school bus may
ing students home from a mid- Zimmerman in the 2012 shoot- force, including deadly force if that "stand your ground" only be well taken, it is not the place Showing the breadth of Flori- dle school. In this case, T.P. ing death of 17-year-old he or she reasonably be- applied to -the defense of the trial court, or this
da's Stand Your Ground law, an had the right to assert a defense Trayvon Martin in San- lieves it is necessary to of a home or a vehicle, court, to refuse to apply
appeals court last Wednesday under (the stand-your-ground ford. Though Zimmer- do so to prevent death not on a bus, said the the plain meaning of the
said the controversial legal de- law)," the opinion said. "He was man ultimately relied or great bodily harm to appeals-court opinion, statute."
fense can be used by a juvenile not engaged in an unlawful ac- on a self-defense argu- himself or herself." In written by Judge Mar- The appeals court sent
involved in a fight on a school tivity, and he had the right to be meant, rather than the the Broward County tha Warner and joined the case back to circuit
bus. The 4th District on the bus going home Stand Your Ground law, case, a school-bus driver by Chief Judge Dorian court, where a judge
Court. of Appeal over- from school. He had no the case has touched testified that a girl, iden- Damoorgian and Judge will decide whether the
turned a Broward Coun- duty to retreat and, de- off widespread calls for tiffed by the initials A.F., Burton Conner, In fact, case against T.P. should
ty circuit judge's ruling spite the trial court's Gov. Rick Scott and the grabbed T.P.'S jacket as it (the law) is extremely be dismissed. Wednesthat blocked the juvenile misgivings, had the Republican-controlled ZIMMERMAN he started to get off the broad in its grant of the MARTN day's opinion said the
from using Stand Your ight to 'meet force with Legislature to repeal bus. The driver said A.F. right of a person to pro- lower-court judge will
Ground to seek dismiss- force' if he reasonably the law something they have pulled the boy onto a seat and tect' himself or herself in any have to consider evidence and
al of a battery charge. believed that such force shown no willingness to do. Ap- punched .him, with T.P. fighting situation where the person is determine whether the girl was
Last Wednesday's opin- was necessary to pre- proved in 2005, the law says a back. T.P. was later found guilty not engaged in an unlawful ac- the aggressor in the fight and
ion only identifies the SCOTT vent great bodily harm person who is not doing any- of battery. The opinion does not tivity and, is in a place where the whether T.P. reasonably bejuvenile by the initials to himself." The ruling thing illegal and gets attacked say whether the girl, who dis- person is entitled to be," the lieved that the force he used was
T.P. and doesn't give comes amid a national has no duty to retreat and puted the bus driver's account, opinion said. "Although the trial needed to protect himself from
his age, but it says the incident controversy about the law after has the right to stand his or faced charges. The circuit judge, court's misgivings of applying it great bodily harm.

Florida case spurs painful talks between Black parents and kids
By John Eligon Lesley Grice, 35, who was
visiting a friend here but lives
UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. in Kirkwood, a St. Louis suburb
Tracey Wolff never had a that has a history of rocky race problem with her 19-year-old relations,. said she had asked her son's individualism: his "crazy" 18-year-old son to stop wearing hair and unshaven face. But hoodies, a request that di d not this week, his look suddenly go over so well. "He's like, That's seemed more worrying. what I like to wear,"' she said.
When she thinks of Trayvon
Martin and his cropped hair BE SMART
and smooth face, Ms. Wolff Grice, a housekeeper, said she
says, she wonders, "if that can had also told her son that when happen to the clean-cut kid who he was talking to adults, to keep looks like a good student, then his hands in place so it was what's going to happen to my clear that he was not reaching son, who dresses sloppy?" She is, for anything. considering talking to him about Christian Hayes, 24, said he reconsidering his look. did not know what he would tell
"I don't want to tell him how to his 7-month-old twin sons about
dress," she added. "He's a grown the Martin case when they were 1 R: 61
man; do what you want to do, older. For now, he described a "" DanGillforThe NewYorkTimes
but keep in mind these are the sense of being trapped in his Lesley Grice, 35, of Kirkwood, Mo., said she had asked her
things going on." own neighborhood. If someone -Dan Gill forThe NewYorkTimes 18-year-old son to stop wearing hoodies.
were following him, he said, Christian Hayes, 24, of University City, Mo., who has twin sons, A DISCUSSION ON RACE "I'm not going to run; I'm going said if someone were following him, "I'm-not going to run!' larger teachable moment for also became curious about the
On cable news programs and in to ask him what he's following ( her 19-year-old brother and historic struggles Blacks have
protests around the country, the me for." But, he added, "It just 18-year-old daughter. One of' faced -in this country. They
acquittal of George Zimmerman makes me feel like you can't do, well past his knees, but he said Cohen, a high school junior, the first things she did after researched that topic and the in the shooting death of Martin, nothing or go nowhere." he tended not to let his pants said Zimmerman's acquittal was the verdict, she said, was to uphill battle women have waged an unarmed Black teenager, in As he walked down the street sag anymore. His -mother also troubling because he believed tell her brother: "Please stay in for rights like the freedom to Sanford, Fla., has been fodder in rubber sandals on Wednesday offered some advice, he said. that "it's giving people the O.K. school; just work try not to be vote. for an intellectual discussion on afternoon, Rashaun Cohen, "Just, like, don't walk into any to do that." a statistic." "I'm going to help with the
race and justice. But for many 17, said he carried himself neighborhood like I'm hard," he Shannon Merritt, 35, said Her diu ed, M m M Mr said her
Black residents, the verdict has differently since the shooting. said. "Just always be respectful the Martin case provided a Meri "steaciled Ms oenit"Ms dueritrt ti her. spawned conversations far more His gray sweat shorts hung, and humble." personal and raw: discussions,
of sad pragmatism between
parents and their children.
The intimacy of the Martin
case for' Black Americans was
drawn into the spotlight this 4*
week when Attorney General f more nzp o
Eric H. Holder Jr. said during
an N.A.A.C.P. convention that Alexandt he had had a conversation with
his 15-year-old son about the
case, much the way his father
once counseled him about how
to interact with the police. ta
Similar conversations are
being held across the country,

bytiside ine theain caes matn vr-hig rasc.
including here in this racially ip a m e a
mixed St. Louis suburb.
On Wednesday' afternoon, ie people of various, races sat side
by side in the caes, restaurants about Martin? I at and boutiques that -line the this town's main road," blocks c tt
from Washington' University. Longtime residents said racial N tensions were not historically I'ad a problem in University City, ta ed
where just over 50 percent of to
-the residents are white. and ,41 be bo percent are Black. But some t sad
said the 'Martin case had rattled ~~~I their sense' Of security. 4]oNw
Missouri, like many. states, ,'
allows" "residents to., cay 4 tii ,permit. It also allows peopleneldwaos it to < e o'I
use deadly force in defense of Znmis ; ~ '
adt toretreat. On Wednesday, deighwt r e~~~ t p l4~ 92~l
fliers depicting a hoodie, the type crgl n h~ d n1o of sweatshirt Mr. Martin wore c idZn
on the night of his death, were !' taped to poles along the main ~e iatoeo
road. They read, "No more dead i youth no matter who's holding e aii a''rdit'k i
the gun. One love." n cih~his~ 'i'i~e'tn'~r

RACISM IS STILL ALIVE d: nntaig a polm a saoihd"
"They're still showing racism is wtintecitsthspr- MT'WPoieTneY'e
powerful and still alive," Ashley tetr hwjs owuf-ls ao rca itocre
Gaither, 22, said, referring. to. the acquittal of Mr. Zimmerman, sse n h toeae'lc fieswr cute~
who had said he was acting in h a tde.Lk to ot h rtlbaigo ~de
self-defense. Speaking of her acywhtorusiesse'Snehn..thplceof3-year-old son, Isaiah, Ms. shudhvchsngvntecrwhmudrdeaBllI- 0'1
Gaither added: "It's just sad. evdneZimra ma inahlof50ultswe
It's already going to be hard for hv engiy ept h cute n20,adn i
him being a young Black male lakoevdnethrisa otesudThidcmntf
rowing up. ustigpsiiiyta u h fie htso n ild
Her fiance, Eddie Kirkwood, iSyse, jutaloe mr rox eeae Rmr
2 4, said of their son, "I don't ,derrt ak re n t rhmwa osdouerirSoutheast Florida Cancer want to let him walk to the store thes "rts~satcigtetisya.(rhms ohr Control Collaborative
by himself, especially after that." ju:ice sytm hsi l htddntcl o it.Sem O CC JIIC EK
The whole situation, added matrs"'fsirstopots.I-om Ms. Gather, a nurse's assistant, RuetCrnel heId-wa&tecal o or e e
"would just make me skeptical ipenet dn Eey o aiuaewa ticase is
people I:bu aput him aroundd" wh the p erfect media torm. hea(blck),HlenceH


... .. .. )*.. 'Ni.:,i


'1 *

4 4


INTR.O UC.IN ... % ... a

,. T H.E L -NE. 20 .4 CH

4 .. ,,: : iL 'ii


Family seeks clues in murder
By WSVN staff report lic for anyone with informa- vising home improvements. rections for Miami, always i s w u
tion to come forward, which Just after 3 p.m. Tuesday, the put family and friends before Loved ones are issuing a would lead to the arrest of the gunmen ambushed him with himself. "That's the kind of a high o
desperate plea after a robbery people who shot him. the intention of robbing him. guy that my father was," said repots tht
took the life of a family man. Smith, was standing out- Smith was later pronounced Chris Smith, the victims son.
The family of 58-year-old side of his mother-in-law's dead at Jackson Memorial "He was loving. He was alMarcus Vaughin Smith made house at Northwest Sixth Av- Hospital. ways willing to go out of his .
a plea Wednesday to the pub- enue and 44th Street, super- Smith, who worked cor- way to help others,"'
Steak bandit arrested after fight in store. ..
Pe i[, cl~sst r Stuf StIal< inpnts, teriden r nplqz e %vt itte


Five South Florida men part of meAsectionofa-hi1, r
Woma~n wit gn hde ngntl es2 er

287y_, in di;djn
255 child sex-predator arrests -1 ":

By Brett Clarkson A total of 61 victims were Homeland Security. Investigaidentified during the course tions and the multi-agency In- a
Federal authorities last Tues- of the operation, investigators ternet Crimes Against Children T b
day confirmed the identities said. task forces across the country.
of the five suspects arrested Yglesias confirmed that the Investigators identified three t s' w 4 s
in South Florida as part of a South Florida suspects in- "significant" suspects from the
five-week operation against ac- clude former Hebrew school 255 arrests. They include a m 41 s
cused child sex predators. teacher Theodore Nusbaum, former high school cheerlead- tdaPr E %fNthjrs 2 f
Operation iGuardian netted 64, of North Bay Village, who mg coach in Puerto Rico, a
255 arrests of suspected child is. accused of having child porn 33-year-old Monterrey, Mexipredators in the continental on his desktop computer, and co, man who allegedly posed as elevto hebeen prt
U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico Thomas Edler, 48, of Weston, a teenage girl online to solicit
including 58 arrests in Florida who allegedly took pictures of pictures from minors, and a ............
and five in South Florida, said a nude boy. former middle school teacher
Enforcement's Miami spokes- custody June 18 while Edler ICE officials declined on eE t chief,

of a "dis- was arrested June 19. Both of Tuesday to release a list of the charged ith
ma etr geis. "i-ANDRES$ MORE:NO ch r e ih"Er u
The arrests are part of a those arrests were previously remaining arrests in Florida.
turbing trend" in which child announced by ICE. Elsewhere in the state, the "U.S. Immigration and Cus- Miami Times staffreport brought charges because of deadsex predators are increasingly Among the other South Flor- Orlando Sentinel confirmed toms Enforcement's Homeland lines under the statute of limitameeting kids online and in ida suspects: Jorge Berkowitz, four other Floridians rounded Security Investigations cannot The Securities' and Exchange tions. In-their complaint, the SEC some cases, "sextorting" ,them 50, and Ivan Bladimir Maldo- up in the operation: Sanford- release the names of all 58 in- Commission [SEC] recently seeks unspecified financial peninto sending obscene images nado, 24, Yglesias said.. Both based missionary Warren Scott dividuals arrested in Florida charged Miami and its former alties against the City of Miami. of themselves, according to a face numerous charges each, Kennell, Patrick Air Force Base due to potential prosecutorial, budget director with securities and Boudreaux. The agency also press release issued Monday according to Miami-Dade court employee Alan James Ender, investigative and jurisdictional fraud, saying the City misled in- charged the City with violating a by ICE. records. Daytona Beach man Thomas, concerns," Yglesias said in a vestors about its financial health 2003 SEC cease-and-desist order
"Child abusers prowl social In Broward County, Andres Mickey Turner, 65, and Kevin statement. "Cases already in- in an alleged scheme to gain banning similar conduct, markmedia looking for opportunities Moreno, 37, of Dania Beach Porter, 26, of Melbourne. cluded in the agency's press better terms on $153 million of ing the first time that the agency to force young people into sex- was arrested on June 1.8. He In a Washington press con- outreach have been vetted bond offerings in 2009. The SEC has accused a municipality of yiual exploitation through guile, faces 42 child pornography- ference on Monday, investiga- through our law enforcement alleged that Miami issued false olating such an enforcement acdeceit, and extortion," ICE Di- related charges, Broward Sher- tors said Operation iGuard- partners, the U.S. Attorney's and misleading information in its tion. The earlier SEC action came rector John Morton said in the iffs Office booking records ian was carried out between Office and the Florida State At- 2007 and 2008 financial reports in connection with a 1995 bond release. show. May 28 and June 30 by ICE's torney's Office." in a bid to mask a widening defi- offering.,
cit in its general fund and gain Boudreaux was fired as budget
higher ratings from credit-rating director in 2010. He later filed a
frms. The agency says the former lawsuit against Miami that said
o~cto~ pl adsIty f~ era co rt budget director, Michael Bou- City officials discovered a "major
Pil.ilocd. u dreaux, "masterminded" a plot budget shortfall" and directed
By Rafael 9lnieda.......phony prescriptions for oxy- prescriptions for 99.percent of iIng, he faces a maximum pris- involving transfers between two him to locate funds.
..codone,. aprolam and other the 4,481 patients he saw in on terno 10years,uptothree city funds that weren't fully. dis- "There wasno deception A Broward pediatrician is pain medications for patients the year before 'the clinic was' years' of probation and another closed to investors. But attorney .part,":he'said ini a 201 interview. facin.........................didnt need them. shut down, Prosecutors said he fine of u to $250,000..Ivan Harris, who is represent- He says others implemented the
ter pleading guilty Tuesday .to According to curt docu- earned $470,400 for his work. "He was a fine pediatrician ing Miami, called the SEC action ideas and that he was fired after conspiracy and money laun- ments, Becker did not verify Hours after he surrendered, for many years in Broward.'unwarranted." He said the SEC speaking to federal investigators. during in a pill mill case. the medical complaints of the Becker pleaded guiltyM efore County," said Becker's lawyer,
Scott' Becker, .54, surren- patients 'and did not consider U.S. District Judge William Roy Kahn. "But he got mixed .
dered at the federal courthouse other treatment options. Many .Dimitrouleas. up in this situation,'and he got S erial killer -h rge

lgdvctihargen dnfed
in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday. of the pints who obtained For conspiracy to possess himself in a lot of troubleafor it. morning to face charges stem- I the prescriptions did not live in with intent to distribute a con- He acces responsibility." ming from a 2010 investigation South Florida, and some lived trolled substance, Becker fac- Officials will conduct a press in o Clev eland m urde
into the All Pain Management out of stat.. .es a maxim prison term 'of sentencing investigation to vater oMeson lClinic at 3300 Griffin Road in.Becker began working for All fv y s to three years of advise Dimitrouleas on the af amiTies astf eport T in ld' ofean the Md na
Dania Beach. Federal pros- Pain Management in Febru- probation and at fine of up to propriate penalty. Sentencing leed victims has been identified
ecutorsDaccused him of writing ary 2010, writing oxycodon $250,000. For money launder- is scheduled for Sept;. 24 The body of a second victim of as 38-year-old- Angela Deskins.
the East Cleveland murders has The search for additional bodbeen identified as Shetisha Shee- ies has been suspended after ofPolic anve state double murder in Miami Gardens ley. Her body was found inside a ficials and volunteers scoured
n e s A e garage around Hayden and Shaw over 40 vacated homes on eve
By Willard Shepard cuted in their home," he said. these kinds of crimes that ways looking for tips. This of avenues last weekend. The identi- 'land's east side over the weekend.
Detectives say last Wednes- ought not to be in the society course is horrific. So we are ty of the third victim is still unde- Madison, a convicted sex offendFamily members on day they're pulling out all the we live in." l working day and night all termined. Michael, Madison, 35, er, remains behind bars. East
Wednesday said an elderly stops to find out who killed Miami Gardens Police dis- of our resources on trying made his first court earlier this Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton rewoman and her grandson Anderson and her grandson. covered their bodies Tuesday to bring the people who did coukns argued kinppn the orbeli that adeieson yhv foud eadinidethir om Pato Wake take abut. ate a rind ol thm hethis to justice." and murder. He waived .his right -taken a leaf out of convicted serial
were executed. .some of the details of the hadn't seen Anderson in days. Detectives are asking any- to a preliminary hearing and did killer Anthony Sowell, who killed
Relatives say they be- crime, saying both victims Tyrone 'Walker Sr. stated: one with information to call not enter a plea. ,11 Cleveland women and remains
lieve more than one person were tied up, blindfolded, "His three sisters are taking it them at the Miami Gardens His bond was set at $6M. The on death tow. killed Annette Anderson and gagged and shot. real rough. Not understand- Police at 305-474-1400.
20-year-old Tyrone Walker Jr. "You're talking about a ing why their brother and Miami Gardens pastor and woman 70 years of age," he grandmother, a community family member Virgil Walker said. An elderly woman that activist and ordained minis still in shock over the hor- you tie up and then execute. ister, would have their lives rific incident. Talking about a kid you do senselessly snatched away."
'My mother-in-law and my the same thing to. It's these "Miami Gardens Mayor Ohl- ~~
nephew was tortured and exe- kinds of people who commit ver Gilbert said. "We are al- .f/

Man allegedly shot by Aaron Hernandez o.."

gives heated testimony to grand juy

By Kevin Manahan the face mn February, causing the bullet as well.I $
him to lose an eye. "We don t know whether. (the
FALL RIVER, Mass.- The Bradley entered the Fall Riv- gunshot) was accidental or de- Li Al l* sLi =
man who says Aaron Hernandez er Tnial Courthouse in a liberate," Bradley s attor- 4 3
shot him andtleft him for dead hurry, fixing the collar on ney, David Jaroslawicz,SUSRPONUBCPTN
in a Florida alley testified last his golf shirt as he hus- told USA TODAY Sports
Wednesday before a grand jury tied up the granite steps when the lawsuit was g g** a*a
that is deciding whether to is- and through the door at fie in Junta e. "ernet
sue a murder indictment against 9:05 a.m. ET'. ..''t aeMr enne' [Z] xpthe former New England Patriots "I'm doing fine,' he told ". / testimony, perhaps he tight end. USA TODAY Sports. "It's ". ,... il.el.s.ecidn
Mfter a five-minute game been tough, but I'm OK. HERNANDEZ tally pulled the trigger or of cat and mouse with court- But I've got to get in there. I'm maybe he did it on purpose." rIEp
house doors, Alexander Brad- already late." Hernandez has yet to answer
Iey ducked into the green Nis- In his lawsuit, which seeks the complaint, Jaroslawicz said san Altima that brought him to damages of more than $100,000, Monday. Authorized____Signature_the site 7 1/2 hours earlier and Bradley says Hernandez shot Bradley was found alone andAuhrzdSgare/ 7
drove off without speaking to the him in the eye during an argu- bleeding from the face and arm Name_________________half-dozen news reporters who ment as they drove away from in a Riviera Beach, Fla., indussprinted from door to door, try- Tootise's, a Miami strip club, trial park, about an hour north Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/ ing to catch him. ''According to Bradley's com- of the strip club, police said. City _ _ _ _ __State _Zip
Bradley was ordered by a Su- plaint, he lost his ight eye and "I think he was left there beperior Court judge to testify be- has had multiple surgeries to cause they thought he would be Phone _________email _________fore the panel on Hernandez's reconstruct the area of his face dead," Jaroslawicz told USA TO- Send to: The Miami Times, 900 NW 54 St. Miami, FL 33127-1818 or character and likely was asked around the eye. The complaint DAY Sports last month. -Subscribe online at
about the lawsuit he has filed also indicates he will require fu- Jaroslawicz said Bradley had "includes Flodda sales tax
in Florida against Hernandez, ture procedures on his face and known Hernandez for several whom Bradley says shot him in arm, which he said were hit by years and had worked for him.


Conversation turns to hot topics from the 8os

Photojournalism exhibit highlights According to Plans, most
newspapers' shots in.the 80s
Miami's colorfl past. were done in black-and-white
Miami's....l.............because color was more diffiBy Gigi Tinsley of the 1980s with their cam- cult to do and because "photogMiami Times writer eras. Special guests included: raphers felt they could get more Rick Hirsch, 30-year veteran depth, the nitty-gritty."
of The Miami Herald and the "It was an exciting time in
Sixteen 80s-styled televisions managing editor since 2011; Miami's history," Steber added.
lined three sides of the room Major Delrish Moss, who joined "Nothing compares to it."
where the "FLASHBACK: Miami the Miami Police Department in O'Dell, a former reporter,
1980s" reception was held last 1974 and has since been pro- producer and anchor for NBCThursday at the Miami Dade moted to major; Maggie Steber, WTVJ, said "Being journalist
College [MDC] Freedom Tower. a veteran documentary pho- in the 80s was fun. It was an
Each screen showed pictures tographer; and Ed O'Dell, cor- incredible time. My best works
of criminal activities that took porate director of media rela- were done in the 80s and there
place in Miami during the 80s. tions and community outreach, was always something exciting
Panelists were also on hand to Jackson Health System and a ,%. to write about."
describe their individual expe- 33-year newsroom veteran. 4 :'Hirsch, who won a Pulitzer
riences from that same era. Controversial issues. cap- Prize for his reporting on the
The conversation was mod- tured on camera TALKING 80s: Participants in theFLASH BACK exhibition and panel discussion included:Alexia aftermath of Hurricane Andrew
erated by Jeremy Mikolacjak, Among the photographs on Fodere (seated, I-r), Donna Natale Planes, Charles Trainor, Jr., Major Delrish Moss (standing I-0,called it a "gritty time." MDC Museum -of Art and de- display were scenes from the P arr "Trying to compare the Miami
sign executive director/cura- McDuffie Riot; the "Cocaine Maggie Steber, Rick Hirsch, Ed O'Dell and Jeremy Mikolacjak. Photo courtesy Ann Robbins-Udel. of 1982 with the Miami of totor. Panelists included photog- Cowboys," Neville Johnson's day is like night and day," he
raphers Alexia Fodere, Charles murder and the disturbance nals to Miami on the Mariel into someone's home in Over- "That happened before I be- said. "If you were hiring someTrainor, Jr and Donna Natale that followed; and the influx Boat lift. town to wash tear gas from his came a police officer but it was one, you had to apologize for
Planes who captured the vio- of Cubans when Fidel Castro Major Delrish Moss was re- burning eyes while the home- a deciding factor in my becom- the lack of class found here in lence, excitement and essence emptied his jails sending crimi- minded of how he had to run owners beat on. him. ing one," he said. Miami."

~~~~~~~~~~~.. ........................................................................................................................a rn g c o nf r m a io n
Black lawmakers rap Rubo in deli
By Alex Lery vis for the U.S,. ,District Court (krassley quaestioned state- the Pleasant surprises of this "We have no idea,' Rep. FredAllenfor the Middl District,' wh em Davis made in the mid job is the quality of individuals erica Wilson, D-Mami, said in
WASHINGTON U.S. Sen. 'otRubio m eintcd at his confir- 1990s, including suggesting who offer themselves for public an' interview. "When there's
Marco Rubio is holding up the a wmaion hearing, and Thomas Joycelyn Elders was forced to service, and the quality of in- just absolute silence; you can't
confirmations of two African- for the U.S District Court for resign as US. surgeon general dividuals who we've been able think of anything but political
o American judicial candidates, tthe Southern District, a Mi- because she is Black. to forward tothe president, to gamesmanship,"
drawing fire from the Congres- aoeiDade Circuit Court judt Davis said he made the corn- the White spouse today being The complaints from the
sional Black Caucus, hi h N m f who is openlya gy. ments in a speech about rac e xception,"...........Congressional Black Caucus
held a news conference last Both made it throw toey.......... for c Tomae s iaisi, broader than Florida. n
Wednesday blaming him foi- erhs Federal judicial Noini-.............t y A cor h s io tem te r yd

"We would like our sena- f t s en that makes, reconind actions resolved," Rubio said in an in- which a man was given asen- dicial nominees pending contor to step up to the plate and to the state's senators. The terview Wednesday afternoon. tence of just 364 days in jail urination in' the Senate are
put away wsehatevler games hie 'senators, who met with the BLit in, May 2012, Pubio for the hit-and-run deathof a' A frican-Ameriican"
is playing said Rep. Corrine candidates sent letters to the glowed about Davis and a- cyclist. The group said, that, out of
Brown, DJacksonville. White, House supporting the the r bagsmiin.e kring e -eMd87 federal .otion.only 95
But Florida Democratic S- 'President Barack Obma then atJudiciary Hearing. aOns of members are in the da oerk. a re held by Blackjudges,
Bill Nelson isn't pressing f nominated the men. He
ward on one of the 'candidates,. SN tOfUBI Rubio nowx says' h(e shar. _______________________________William.nL. Thomta., eithe.t 'He. conlcerns abotDvi that'
is awaiting the outcome of a ateJudiciary couittlat a.ereraise d last year by Sen. background check byu the Sen- The nominees are Brian. Di- Chtuk Grasley, R-ioa.
______________ Are you keping

Allen West headed to New Hampshire

By Anthony Man Majority dinner at. caucuses, anytime your cart happy
Calvary Chapel in Z4 soon. "Not in the
Former U.S. Rep. Allen Fort Lauderdale, I winter," he said.
West, who travels the coun- asked if that's why 1 West served oneMetyuMam-deCnyrcclgcr.

H EA De STA RT Mim-and rCnycle cl-1-1 rst.
try as a public speaker and he's headed to the "'term in, Congress Reidnt haebe&epnhercrshpyoe
ou o ffcepliiclfiurGranite State. 'representing Bro- thpatfvyer.HwsBfedntem oe
isn't shedding too much light "No. They invited ,ward and Palmthpatfvyer.HwsBfedntem oe
on a forthcoming trip to New me for dinner. I'm'- Beach counties, than 288,500 tons of newspaper,
Hampshire, the state that hungry. I'll go wher- bu lothsbdVo-lsi0gas fe adauiu
holds the first primary for ever they give me a second term lastitmaltobreyed
the 2016 Republican presi- free food," West said. Allen West year. He's alwaysitmaltobreyed
dential nominating contest. But the appear- had a nationwide /~
He's attending the Nashua ance gets people atwitter. following in the tea party .- u o vrtigbig ml
Republican Committee's an- "They invited me to go, so movement, and he's re- ut yor ereying arg No plsmice
nu's "Sea o t e month.i I'm going to Igo. I've. never mained involved in a range bags, packing foam or garden
It' on ofthemajr fndris-been to New Hampshire. I of political activities as a for-hoe.Tsecnbruedr ing events in New Hampshire was in Vermont, Rhose Is- mer member of Congress. Hehoe.Tsecnbruedr politics, prompting renewed land and Massachusetts last also hosts an Internet-based placed in the waste bin.
Internet chatter about a pos- summer, so I figured New talk show and is a political sible presidential run. Hampshire this summer."' commentator for Fox News,
Before h aperdte Is he planning to go to.Iowa, the favorite channel for Reother day at an American site of the first presidential publicans.

Countyfaces, cuts GIVE YOUR CHILD THE T epyu athpy
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thefl CtGnezibaknH E D S A TWWW.miamidade gov/publicworks.
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in erice I ition :i to, retrofit work. :ii -' :'
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Trayvon s parents 'devastated' by not guilty verdict
Say more education needed on gun laws gions. We need to come together across the nation.
as God's people. We need to start 'It'm not just about the Trayvon By Katie Kindelan learning each other, understand- Martin case," Fulton said. "Now
FAMILY CALLS FOR ing each other. You can't just it's about your kids. It's about
The parents of Trayvon Martin CHANGE IN GUN LAWS judge a book by its cover. Some- other ids. What do we tell our
felt "shock" and "disgust" when a "I think moving forward we thing is wrong in so many ways sons?"
Florida jury ruled last Saturday need to educate ourselves as a to say that someone is suspicious
that George Zimmerman, 29, was community on the gun laws, on just because you don't know -Miami Times file photo D. Kevin McNeir.
not guilty in the shooting death the laws, on the statutes," Martin themV
of their son. said. "We need to come together p. ~ o Fulton says the outpouring of, Sybrina Fulton, Attorney Ben
"I really didn't believe that he more as a whole, not individual support the family has received
was not guilty, Sybrina Fulton people, not individual races, reli- shows the effect the case has hadMartin.
said recently on "Good Morning America." "My first thought was shock, disgust."A* '
Zimmerman said from the beginning that he had shot Martin ;~~~
in self-defense but many ques- .
toned his account of the inci- ........
"I think people are forgetting that Trayvon was a teenager so he probably thought as a teenager, Fulton said. "I really do believe he was afraid because he did Y.
call George Zimmerman creepy. So he was afraid and if you are 17-years-old and you are afraid, you may not know what to do."
The verdict from the all-female '",
jury of six had been met with a wave of public outcry, including protest marches across the country.
"As parents understanding Z'
how they reached the verdict, I'll never grasp that concept," .'
said Martin's father, Tracy Martin. "Just as loving parents and -.
God-fearing people, we just continue to pray that whatever was in their heart was what they intended to do. But we didn't feel it was fair and, of course, it was devastating. I wish they [the jury] really knew Trayvon for who he .
was and knew that he was a kid. They didn't know him as a human being a very decent hu- ~
man being, a fun-loving kid. He .,
loved kids. I just wish they had *,.
an opportunity to really knowA33 who Trayvon was and to put that :
in context with what their decision was." .,
Zimmerman has gone, into hiding since the verdict, but in aniintetrview last week with ABC News, his parents,, Gladys and Robert Zimmerman Sr., said that if they had the chance, they would tell Trayvon's they are truly sorry about what happened the night
-their son fatally shot the young WMA
teen. When asked whether he was comforted by the Zimmermans' apology, Martin called it a "hard and fair question."
"There's no winner in this situation," he said. "Obviously, we are devastated more. But we continue to pray that we'll find peace and strength to be forgiving parents."
Martin and Fulton have started a foundation named after their son and say they hope his death and the trial can serve as a catalyst to bring the country together.

Trial over but

legal fights

not over yet
By Rene Stutzman

Moments after the six-member jury found that Zimmerman did not commit a crime when he killed Trayvon Martin, Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson told the former"m lcp e esil lel
neighborhood watch volunteer: SImpy op (HMqO SNP) (Hmplyleve
"You have no further business with the court." But Nelson has two issues yet $0copay on prescription drugs for Tiers I & 2 Up to$10AX00 prescription drug benefits
to decide: how long to keep juror names a secret and whether to fine $0 copay for primary & specialist doctor office visits $0 copay on prescription drugs for Tiers 1-3
prosecutors for behavior that de--o ~frdco
fense attorneys say was unethical $0 copay fo Swmply Aide" (care at home-post discharge) $0 cpay primary & specialist dotroffice visits
Two other judges are overseeing i L ~ f'1 L$0c ayornp ielhsptiz in
separate civil cases spawned by $0 er month in 0ver-the-C~ounter (0 C beneits $ oa o nain optlzto
the shooting, one by Zimmerman, who accuses NBCUniversal Media .of defaming him, and onie by his former bodyguards, who allege he owes them $27,0D0. There also is m hy
the perjury case pending against ~ A L T DY t e o
Zimmrma's ifeShelieTheidenifis o thesixwomn Simply Healthcare can simply benefit you.
who served as Zimmerman's jury '""8 8'
ar asere' hakstanrerhealthcare 1-88-577-0212 /TTY: 711
by the judge. How long they will '
remain so, however, is an openyO ,, t !: i
question. Defense attorney Mark Where yorhealth simply comes first ., o @
O'Mara has asked for a six-month extension.
A debate over whether prosecutors should be sanctioned for 5l- Miami-Dade County. Simply Healthcare Plans is a Coordinated Care plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Florida Medicaid program. The benefit information
legedly failing to give defense attorneys damaging evidence from provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact the plan. Benefits may vary by plan. Limitations, copayments and restrictions
Trayvon's phone provided some may apply. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium and/or co-payments/co-insurance may change on January '1 of each year. This plan is available to anyone who
riveting moments just before the has both Medical Assistance from the State and Medicare. Premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles may vary based on the level of Extra Help that you receive.
etr bea. h a saystte pros- Please contact the plan for further details. This plan is available to anyone with Medicare who has been diagnosed with Diabetes. Eligible beneficiaries can enroll in the plan

rect criminal contempt," prompt- at anytime. Please contact our member services department at 1-888-577-0212 (TY" 711 ). From October 1,2012 until February 14, 2013 our hours of operation are from 8 a.m. ing the judge to halt the hearing, tO 8 p.m., 7 days a week. From February 15, 2013 until September 30, 2013 our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. After hours, on weekends and
sayose oul toakoter itupafter the holidays you can leave us a voice mail message and we will return your call the next business day.' trial She is expected to set a hear- ',H5471_COMPLETELEvELAD_MD Accepted 12/12/2012
ing soon.


Marissa Alexander stood her ground, got 20-year sentence
i the prosecution of Zimmerman
Zimmerman case brings new focus to one woman's it also tried the case against AlBy Morgan VAhitaker shooting what she described FL'S HARSH SENTENCING exander, and defended the senas warning shots into a wall GUIDEUNES tencing at the time.
The issue of self-defense during a confrontation with Alexander's sentencing fell "When she [Alexander] dbs
played a central role in Zimmer- her husband. Alexander's law- under the guidelines of what's charges a firearm in the direcman's not guilty plea and his yers claimed self-defense in the known in Florida as the "10- tion of human beings, the legdefense's argument against the case and said her husband had 20-Life" law, which set certain islature says it's dangerous,"
second-degree murder charges. a history of abuse in their re- mandatory minimum sentences Corey said, according to Florida
Now his acquittal is drawing lationship. They invoked Flori- for crimes committed with a fire-- Times-Union. "And one of the
comparisons in the media to da's "Stand Your Ground" law, arm. According to the Florida reasons is because the bullet
the verdict of another high-pro-. which gives people the right to Department -of Corrections, the went through the wall where
file Florida shooting incident: use lethal force if they feel their law enacted in 1999 requires one of the children was standthe case of Marissa Alexander. life is threatened. However, the that any crime committed with ing. It happened to deflect up
Alexander, a Black Florida jury ultimately sided with pros- a gun earns the perpetrator a convicted will receive a 20-year anyone, the minimum sentence into the ceiling, but if it had dewoman, was sentenced to 20 ecutors in deciding Alexander's minimum 10-year sentence. If minimum sentence and if shots is 25-years to life. flected down it could have hit
years in prison in 2012 for actions were not in self-defense. the firearm' is discharged, the fired from the gun injure or kill Angela Corey, who oversaw one of the children."

Robert Malone, Jr. kicks off bid for city commissioner
By D. Kevin McNeir candidates are hedging their are reflective of rises in taxes, ment change in their behalf." with Black and Latino bets and waiting for a three- that can bring opportunities to Malone, a graduate of Miami men at Miami Northwestern
judge panel in the Third Dis- District 5's huge number of un- Edison where he was a star and Miami Jackson Senior
Miami native Dr. Robert trict Court of Appeal to rule employed men and women and basketball player, has degrees High Schools in their "FreshMalone, Jr., 45, knows some- on whether Commissioner Mi- that can be held accountable from the University of ,Florida, man Experience Program.'
thing about running a politi- chelle Spence-Jones can run given the long legacy of debt Florida State University and What does he need to win?
cal campaign, having run and for another term, Malone says incurred by the City'and bad Ph.D. in Education from Flori- Decent voter turnout, he says.
lost in a bid for District 109 he cannot afford to wait any policy decisions made by previ- da A&M University [FAMU] A The City of Miami mayor's
state representative and then longer. ous commissioners" he said. I former legislative aide for Sena- race will draw some people to
falling short in a nine-man It's believed that a ruling will think I'm unique in that I don't tor Larcenia Bullard, Malone the polls and that's good news,"
race for City of Miami commis- be rendered in the coming days. bring a lot of baggage with me. has worked as a counselor at he said. "There are about
sioner. Now he hopes that the "I don't have the endorsement As the president of the Hadley the Belafonte Tacolcy Center, a 40,000 registered voters in Disthird time will be the charm of lobbyists and developers but I Park Homeowners Associatioh, college recruiter for FAMU and trict 5 and we're hitting every
as he kicked off his campaign do have a cadre of ordinary citi- I have come to understand the most recently as an interven- community' Midterm elections
earlier this week for another zens that are looking for some- needs of people on the Upper tion specialist for M-DC pub- are known for poor voter turnrun at the city commission. He one that will help to reduce Eastside, in Liberty City and in lic schools. In that role, which out. But we hope to energize
says that while other potential crime, improve services that Overtown. And I want to imple- DR. ROBERT MLONEJR. ended last June, he worked voters."

Senator Hastings faces rare challenger

HASTINGS 2012 when no one ran against Enright, 58, said she expects of South Florida, the state, and
continued from 1A her to win. "If I felt that I was not this nation as a whole."
Hastings, first elected to Con- going to win, I would not get in Assuming Hastings, 76, wins Congressional District. Living gress in 1992, hasn't had seri- the race." re-election, other politicians are
outside the district is legal. The ous competition in years. But Enright hasn't made a formal ready to run when he decides to Constitution requires a member he's exceedingly well-known announcement of her plans. In- retire. of Congress to live in the state, and popular among Democrats stead, she quietly signaled her The 20th District with 68 not the district, who would determine the win- intentions this month in a fil- percent of the voters in BroHastings said he'd use the ner of the August 2014primary. ing with the Florida Divisions of ward, 30 percent in Palm Beach campaign to talk about issues The district is 66 percent Dem- Elections. County and 2 percent in Hendry
important to his constituents ocrat, 13 percent Republican, Hastings' first line of defense: County takes in all or parts and how his experience benefits and 21 percent independent/no an endorsement of his re-elec- of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano ti South Florida. He declined to party affiliation,.: virtually guar- tion from U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, Beach, Sunrise, Tamarac, Lake
criticize his challenger who he anteeing the primary winner the D-Fla., and all of Florida's Dem- Park, Riviera Beach, West Palm ,said has contributed financially seat in-Congress. ocratic members of the House. Beach and the Glades commue to his campaign in the past. "I State Sen. Chris Smith, D- -The endorsers include U.S Rep. nities of Palm Beach County.
know Jean Enright," he said. Fort Lauderdale, the Democrat- Debbie Wasserman Schultz Under provisions of the federal "She's a pleasant lady." ic Party leader in the Senate, of Weston, chairwoman of the Voting Rights Act, the boundEnright hasn't had a competi- called Hastings "a beloved figure Democratic National Commit- aries were drawn to include as tiverace for theport commission in the community" who would tee, who typically avoids taking many Black residents as poss ince her first election in 2004. be difficult to beat. "I would sides in party primaries. sible. The goal is to increase the
She returned to office without put my money on Congressman His colleagues called him "a odds for aBlack member of Confacing the voters in 2008 and Hastings." true champion for the people gress.

-n thewakh Zr-, Miami protestors flood downtown to support Trayvon

PROTEST ite We realize that our family
continued from 1A has become a conduit for
people to talk about race
been rendered, thousands of in America this country
stormy da a U.S. citizens continue to voice has some difficult issues to
their disgruntlement and frus- face."
tration with our justice sys' 9 tem by taking to the streets in SLOW PROCESS FOR
mostly peaceful protests. CHANGE PREDICTED
Here in Miami, an estimated CCongresswoman Fred' crowd of 1, 100 participated in erica Wilson, clearly emoZimmem ter S. es still a "Justice for Trayvon" rally -s"tional, urged Blacks to be
au le and prayer vigil on the steps -Miam lTimes photos D. Kevin McNeir patient in their quest for
and prayer i of the Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. Miami makes demands for justice justice as federal officials
U.S. Courthouse last Satur- continue to investigate the
'day. The rally was one of close obedience, you can be sure that them with us as we protest in the Martin case.
to 100 held in urban cities across we will be part of it." streets. As for the verdict, we are "It's going to take the U.S. Justhe country facilitated by the Na- disappointed but it just shows twice Department a long time to
BABY times. Is it too high? Should tional' Action Network [NAN]. The NEXT STOP FOR PROTESTERS: that there is more work to be peel back the onion skins of what
continued from IA Britain, a democracy, have an Rev. Victor T. Curry, NAN's South TALLAHASSEE done. We need to follow the ex- really happened between George
unelected monarch as head of Florida president, said, 'We will State Representative Cynthia ample of Tracy [Martin] and Syb- Zimmerman and Trayvon Marbest of both worlds. After 237 state? And what about those ar- no longer stand idly by while an- Stafford says it will take the en- rina [Fulton] who have handled tin," she said. "What we cannot years of independence, they are chaic traditions? other one of our children is shot tire community working together themselves with true dignity." allow is for our Black boys to confree to view the royal family as The birth of the new prince, dead in the streets." to bring about effective change. Martin spoke to the crowd and tinue being attacked, beaten, arreal-life Downton Abbey char- who is third in line for the "We have prayed today, we have "We've been led by prayer today then to reporters about his famo- rested and even illed because of acters. King George IIr's unfair throne, could be a crystalliz- protested today and next week we and we'll need it if we are going ily's reactions to the verdict, the stereotypes -just for being plain taxes are faded memories. ing moment. For three decades, will begin to plan," he said. "We to change the landscape of this protests that have followed and old Black."
Not so for Britons. For Brit- the lives of Britain's royals have salute the courage of our presi- country," she said. "Now we must the recent comments of President As the crowd dispersed, Ronaim, too much royal family ad- played out as soap opera start- dent, Barack Obama, for taking turn our attention to Tallahassee Obama. ald Fulton, the uncle of Trayvon
ulation can be harmful to its ing with Princess Diana who a stand in support of Trayvon and make the Legislature under- "We are determined to fight Martin, had this to say: "This is health. That's because Britons flouted royal rules and tradi- Martin and for helping the world stand that' Black boys are not for the legacy of our son and of a magnificent day and our faroare grappling with just how tions, spoke out about her iun- understand the unique, Black targets but citizens." all our sons," Martin said. "T'he ily is encouraged because of the
the royal family fits its nation-' happy marriage' and finally experience in America. We also Stafford added that she was crowd today shows the love and continued support of Americans al identity. A bubbling debate divorced Prince Charles. The salute the courage of those like disappointed that none of Mi- support that we have from the Black and white. I believe peoasks such questions as: How opposite is true. (Sorry, Dad.) Stevie Wonder, Mary Mary and anmi's high-powered, influential people of Miami. We have to show ple are tired of injustice and are relevant is Britain's ceremo- The popularity of Diana "the other entertainers who say they athletes showed up for the rally. America that our [Black] children prepared to fight for change. But nial monarchy in the early 21st people's princess" shocked won't perform in Florida until the "Tweets from sports figures are just as important as whites. that change must first begin in century? The cost of the royal the royal family into reassess- laws are changed. As for econom-' and entertainers are nice but As for the president's remarks, one's home before it can be takfamily's palaces, trips and so ing and beginning to modern-" ic boycotts, if Blacks are going to they don't bring about signifi- his words gave our family great en to our cities, states and naon, is high, particularly in hard ize. engage in such acts of civil dis- cant change," she said. "We need strength and touched our hearts. tion's Capitol."
Blckscolrscieonhstryo inutice inA erica drng co o"o panel talk

cotiue ro' A 'al?" _ol Bye-aves orel nivr-nt haVe: been in ZimmermanS THE AUDIENCE -Weewr tepie?
Levtt as oind b oter ityfrcan Stdie, wo-aso wn.a.kar Has the Martin/Zimmerma Phyllis Baker, a Miam resiman case Asia an asicedto weighin on te, of FLSC. "Thy ares-alt-exam take nd a bigonedatthatrwherdindiviualsetha identiy dtionssiven thedeath o drayo"Wace, o ih'witee'yelevniphnoendouaclrlaiostnhleat te seofexesiv fteiowsnoigsorseon-dgrens eihbrho wtceofiiasoarin Hr epewwa oas

ily/ Levtt sid. "Firt an for-, te suseqent ot giltyverdct Jltl~ Mcla'wrnceEsq; al manlaugtrrsheretheydidnt auienc paticiantswantdrto uthritis orthe ommuity most wat we ave t rememer forZimmeman~ te youn man' Fort auderdle-blaterimnThat'avs thatrove'ill1illaoespiteullicnw.t"Woacrietfor nte fmot

is tht roectos ae heons onessdmree, olwo efnea neysy poe net ewudhv bee fa- 'Wa type of neighbO d) er wose! children have been

tnetoBakmls.: So:::! wyplc-novdsotings: and thycagdZmemnwith: man allowed to once again walk asked Darrell Davis. "Why did us?" ,' ...
wol hywn osnd i-~ dethsfsve B a men may- seoddge udr He aliso ithe streets." he feel so comfortable walking ---erjuleda's81@ raail, com


Reclai-ming the

r~Mi e

FUniting for Pu'blic School's


hepn l h~e r a,- aei dran ~ana-heeule

A high-quality public edcation, for all children is an econrni necessity, an anchor of &-emocracy, a moral imperative ?,nd-.-a-aax fundamenta civil right, without which none of our othe ig~tsa can be MiIy ~ ---- aa~).~;a.Vaaa

IMrs tbn.e to -atnu the prmise of public kada" l5p ?
not as it s today as it was in. the past, butas we imagine itaa for pur- chitdrrn-to fulfill our collective oblig'tion to he~ alala-a
chiIldren suce-ed. - - - - - - - -~ ~ /~a#aa47

Re iflig the'promise is abo ut f19in' a-r n 'ghbo ao/apublic schools that are safe, welcoming places for t-aaaa
teaching and learning, "a"a

>Recliigtepoiei about ensuring that teachers"~a

The Miami Times

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-Pcto courtesy: New Mount Olive Baptist Churchi

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Naio a Actio Network9- NA.1 is999-'9 999999CiilRiht
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The Christian witness of Trayvon 11
MtNt .i Allen Chapel AME Ave. Call 305-297-7041 or
Church will recognize the 786-278-9382.
Martin's mother inspires all of us enioh izen once78
Senior Citizens Concern
Group, Inc. for 27 years of M Second Chance MinSybrina Fulton Testament book of Proverbs: community service on July 28 Istries to host a Bible study
S F t"Trust in the LORD with all at 10a.m. meeting. Call 305-747-8495.
leans and trusts your heart and lean not on
leans and trusts our own understanding; in St. Agnes Episcopal U A Mission With A New

on the Lord in all your ways submit to him, Church will host the second Beginning Church Women's
Sand he will make your paths CommunitS Fun Day/Back Department provides comdarkest hour ;ta d to School drive on August munity feeding. Call 786e h ur 7 Fulton made sure everyone 10 from 11 a.m.- 3p.m. Call 371-3779.
By Elizabeth Diaz knew that Christ was the cen- 305-624-6822.
kie o ter of her focus, and that she n Bethany Seventh Day
If there is one person who would trust him even though Mt. Olive Primitive Adventist Church will host
has sustained Sybrina Ful- it meant walking through the Bapti st Church will hold a a bereavement sharing group
ton through her son Trayvon valley of the shadow of death. revival Aug. 5-6, and a back- at 3 4:30 p.m. every 2nd
Martin's death, it has, without When the court revealed the to-school event on Aug. 11 at Sunday. Call 305-634-2993.
question, been Jesus Christ. not-guilty verdict, Fulton's 11a.m. Call 305-836-8554.
Tragedy tends to have aL po- profile picture went black. It M Running for Jesus Outlarizing effect on a person's could have been simple sign Mt. OlivetteMissionary reach Youth Ministry will
faith people often run from of solidarity with the social Baptist Church will observe host a "Youth Summer SemiGpd or cling to God when their media profile "black out" pro- Sr. Saints Day on July 28 at nar." Call 954-213-4332.
worlds shatter and Fulton tests over the verdict. 10:30 a.m.
has used her undesired posi- But the brief message she i First Baptist Church
tion in the public spotlight to SYBRINA FULTON tweeted suggests something' Valley Grove Mission- of Bunche Park will host its
witness to the God she serves, just the beginning. :she was suddenly given. She even deeper-for Fulton, pro- ary Baptipt Church is spon- annual men's gospel program
Her Christian testimony start Fulton, an active member openly prayed "the blood of test for justice and hope soring their annual commu- on August 25 at 4p.m. Call ed before George Zimmerman, of Antioch Missionary Bap- Jesus over this courtroom," a amidst grief, ultimately gains nity health fair on Saturday, 305-621-1991. was even arrested. tist Church in Miami Gar- Christian expression for ask- true strength from God. July 27 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Last March she turned: dens, tweeted a miniature ing for God's grace and healing "Lord during my darkest U Holy Ghost Faith MinTravyon's hoodie, a sign of prayer almost every day of presence in difficult circum- hour I lean on you. You are all Gra'ce and Truth Out- istries will be having a testiprotest, into a spiritual sym- Zimmerman's trial, stances. that I have," she wrote. "At the reach Ministries will host monial service September 13
bol. "He's in heaven with It was .a profound choice She shared, her favorite Bi- end of the day;, GOD is still in 2nd annual LibertyFeston at 7:30 p.m. Call 786-452God-and he has on a hood- given the extreme attention. ble verses, and multiple times control." Her message of hope August 17 at 67020713. ie. He has on a heavenly hood- surrounding the case and the pointed followers to her fa- was retweeted over 12,700 ie," she told TIME. That was platform for political activism vorite passage from the Old times.

Talk show host judged

London's Black churches fight for Christian religion

By Marcia Dixon what a suitable place for wor- We hope that by highlighting Ch and say Oh YOU shouldn'
ship should be. the problems thattey he ByChristine Thomasos and say 'Oh you shouldn't .be
A new Being Built Together The report lists a number boroughof Southwark and on wearing that skirt."'
report, compiled by the Univer- of recommendations to help a rgional scale, the GLA, the Angela Simmons, the 25-year- The 106 & Park host spoke
sity of Roe-Hampton, has inves- churches in Southwark over- new Black-majority churches, d aer of the famed-Rn her response to. those
tigated problems Black Chris- come these problems, including and the churchas a whole will DMC rapper-turned- reverend people who judge her.
tians in the London borough of a call for the Greater London take on board our report's rec- known as Rev. Run, recently "And I just say 'why not?' I'm
Southwark have experienced in Authority (GLA) to address the ommendations to work towards opened up about the 'judgement not doing it distastefully, and
finding suitable places to wor- issue of premisesand planning finding innovative and lasting she receives for being a Chris- I'm nmot being oldisrespectful,"t.
ship. for faith groups at a regional solutions to address these is- tian. Simmons told Rolling Out.-host of I have my relationship with
The borough, which includes level. sues. Simmons, the new co-host of "I have my relationship with
the areas Peckham, Camber- While the'report acknowledg- Pastor Lincoln Serwanga, BET music video God so therefore I
well and Dulwich, has experi- es Southwark'Council efforts to from Liberty Christian Fellow- countdown show don't feel like anyenced a surge in the number of help the Black faith communi- .ship in Camberwell, welcomed 106 & Park, spoke one should judge
new churches being formed in ty, it highlights that it needs to the report's recommendations: about people be- me. But it's life, and
the area in recent years. take note of the problems that PASTOR LINCOLN He said: "The Being Built To- lieving she is not people are going to
It's estimated that over arise when there are a signifi- . SERWANGA gether project has enabled all a fun person be-judge.
20,000 '' congr gati at ''n nu hfBlak jo iity lb Chshn Fellowsp in the various churches to come cause of her Chris- Simmonsw controke
.......' ..hi ...... v 'b -....... Crsanbeellowhpi together and have a meaningful tianity. about how controwithiiiSouthcwak eve wlt ch es (BlVICY next to "busi- -Camberwell together and have a meaning
worship in approximately 240 nesses or in residential areas. It conversation about how we can "Well I think with versial religion can
different churches. also calls upon BMCs to build of London. But the pressing is- exist and worship, both togeth- religion, people are "Adthr'ss
Due to the increased need closer ties with their neighbor- sue of finding suitable places in er and side by side. just judgmental off "And there's so
for places and the lack of suit- hood and raise awareness of which they can worship can put We all new churches and the bat," Simmons SIMMONS much controversy
able buildings, many Black the good that they do:. them at loggerheads with plan- old need to learn from each said in Rolling Out'. surrounding relichurch leaders have .estab- ning committees and the local other and acknowledge our mu- magazine. gion, so I just eat it," she told
lished churches in inappropri- SUITABLE communities in which they are tual strengths and weaknesses. "They feel like if you have a Rolling Out.
ate settings, such as industrial The report's author, Dr. An- based. The report should help us to de- relationship with God and Je- "At this point, it is what it is,
buildings and find that their drew Rogers, said: "The new The situation in London is not velop plans for working together sus Christ, then you're not al- but I know who I am ... and places of worship don't fit the Black majority churches are a unique, though it is perhaps at to build God's church in a last- lowed to have any fun." God knows my heart, so I don't local authority's definition of gift to the church and the city its most intense in Southwark. ing and harmonious way." Simmons said some people take it any further."
may judge her for things that While the minister's daughter
she wears as a Christian. was only recently named the
Pastora community to"take action I think that's just wrong official co-host of 106 & Park,
Pastor encourages commu to take acion when people judge others . she took to her Twitter account
especially when you're not sup- to let the world know that her TRAYVON for the country, the justice sys- We Must be Peaceful," the event to help change happen. David- posed to judge anyway. But I faith was in tact.
continued from 12B tem, the youth, the state, their ended with a closing prayer son said many times pressure deal with it all the time," Sim- "Thank you God," Simmons
community, the Martin family and the congregation singing is placed on the president to mons told Rolling Out. tweeted on the heels of the anDavidson explained that it was and the Zimmerman family. "Lift Every Voice" and "We Shall deal with all societal issues, but "People will come up to me nouncement of her new job. essential for the rally to focus "As believers, we have the re- Overcomre." he believes that taking action
on seeking God. pponsibility to pray for every- Davidson .described the event at a local level can also make a -"E' .' ut
"I ktew that there were people body, even those that we dis- as part one of.other plans for difference, which includes par- empowering our out
who were heartbroken to the agree with, who hurt us and his church to take action. ticipating in the mid-term elecpoint that they needed spiritu- harm us," Davidson said. He said there needs to be con- tions.
al strength to get through," he "We know with the verdict we versations about racism, reser- "We can't just sit by and think said. are not satisfied, but we have vations and disparities that we that change is going to happen," A candid conversation with local youth will be hosted by local
At the rally, the "power of to respect the courts decision, see in the judicial system. He Davidson said. "We have to be a pastors at Miami Central Senior High [1781 NW 95th St J on Monprayer" was used throughout the even if we disagree with it." also wants to encourage other part of making the change hap- day, July 29th at 6:30 p.m. Topics for discussion Will include: the entire event. The clergy prayed After Davidson spoke on "Why clergy members to be proactive pen." race factoI, the res iity factor ir T
event will be coordinated bythe Rev r Carl Johnson, pastor

The importance of having love for one another 9
_______________JohnnyL BadrerII, pastor Mt. Sinai Missioary Bptit Churchb. GLOVER graduating from FAMU, Glover church leader, it is important are they doing here?"' ..
continue from 12B returned to South Florida, and to know what the congregation He explained that hatred .
the Hallandale congregation is thinking, and not to assume causes us to act out of fear, ISlamic month recognized said even we are to love our assigned him the role of its that everyone agrees with him and he believes the whole situenemies." first youth minister. Then he on certain issues. ation was caused because of RAMADAN, prepared for .iftar that include
"We think it's unnatural be- was chosen by the congrega- Glover agreed with one fear.
cause it is unnatural, but it is tion to succeed Bro. Bernard church member who thought Glover said that even now continued from 12Bcourse alaand desserts a main spiritual," Glover said. "In or- Smith, the former senior min- if there was love present that after the incident, we have to on these middle-eastern fruits. 5. Eid Al-Fatur is the day that der, to love the way the Lord ister after he passed. On July night, Zimmerman would have love each other and try to get If dates cannot be found, water follows the last day of Ramadan. wants us to love, we cannot 14, the day after the George approached Martin differently. past this. He said we have to is a no be ondte r This holiday oferamadan. look at things from the natural Zimmerman verdict' was an- "If we loved one another as find out what to do going for- Fam gondingoie is o t eeroon the
eyeor he atual an' pe- nuncd, he allndae ,e oghtthat situation would ward to eliminate the fear, ste-' 4. Family bonding time is arrival of the new moon the day eye, or the natural man's per- nounced, the Hallandale we ought tasiuiowul wrdoeimnethfase-cherished and looked forward to after Ramadan ends. Eid celspective. We have to become Church of Christ respectfully have never occurred," Glover reotypes and distrust, we have in the month of Ramadan. ebrations begin with the recitaspiritual. We have to allow the discussed Zimmerman and' added. If [Zimmerman] loved of each other. Everyone's busy schedules tion of the prayer Salat al-Eid
Spirit of God to dwell in us." Trayvon Martin, the verdict, [all] people as much as he "If we from a community aryone bus shedles ton f th faye and loed
He explained the spirit of and the importance of having- loved his community, he would standpoint, loved one another are put on hold as they get to- and visits with family and close God is received through bap- love for one another. have perhaps asked [Trayvon] as the Lord commanded us gather around the dinner table friends. Homes are decorated
tism, referring to Acts.2:38. Glover said he encouraged 'in a loving manner...I think to, it would eliminate a lot of to share the first and most im- festively with lights and banGlover has been a member his members' to discuss it in that's where love comes in the fear that we have [towards] portant meal of the day. Typi- ners. Also, gifts of clothes or of Hallandale Beach Church of a respectful and intelligent handy as opposed to looking each other as people and as. call, large amounts of food are money are exchanged. Christ, since he was 13. After manner, adding that as a at somebody and saying, 'what human beings," he said.
NAN sponsors a revival

We did not and cannot win using violence NAN were included in a recent press

CAAP guide of how to deal with ra- hurt. He urged people to not in response to the Zimmer- continued from 12B relies outrageous ruling puts
continued from 12B cial injustices today. fight physically, but to use man verdict, at 5:45p.m. Worship services African Americans, other mi"We suffered several hun- the system, the courts and Owens said he hopes that will be held after the discus- norities, the poor and all opstories and our voice to ad- dried years, but we did not win different legal means to get the Black community will sions at 7:30 p.m. pressed groups now at the
dress society's problems," through violence," he said. justice. come together and discuss There will be a youth ral- mercy of state governments, yet
Owens said. "There is no way we could Owens said he encouraged ways of dealing with racism. ly on July 24th beginning at agam.
Owens, who was a Civil win through violence today." pastors, who are a part of He believes it is important 5:45pm. Rev. Al Sharpton views It's as if we're in pre-1965
Rights marcher at his college, Owens said he doesn't CAAP to preach a message of for young people to know how on the voting rights act ruling, America," Sharpton said. reflected on those times as a want to see young people get peace, love and forgiveness, to deal with racism, also.

Heath Okins
iO l 1-l

Sponsored by North Shore Medical Center
"Once You Know, It's Where To Go"


Sign up for Cancer, chemo

Obamacare linked to vets'
0 a m acare,..................

while the lower risk of

supplies last Alzheimer's
By Karen Weintraub
With deadline near for buying new
policies, BOSTON Military veterans diagnosed
policies, little is being said about with most forms of cancer were less likely
doctor shortage. to develop Azheimer disease and those
treated with chemotherapy got even more
By Paul Howard .protection, finds a study released Monday
at the Alzheiner's Association International
On Oct. 1, the uninsured can start sign- Conference here
ing up for coverage under ObamaCare. But The study of 3.5 million veterans found
should every policy be sold with an asterisk: an inverse relationship between Alzheimer's
Guaranteed access to care ... while supplies and most types of cancer not prostate
last? Forgetting appointments? Having trouble finding your way home? New research warns to and melanoma, which are largely detected
Maybe. The unpleasant truth is that we through screening rather than symptoms i
don't have enough doctors to offer qual- pay attention to incidents like these. If they develop into worrisome patterns that disrupt Agrssivei screening of veterans might .
ity care to a growing number of Americans, daily life, they could be very early signs of Alzheimer's. find cancers that would not otherwise have
never mind the nearly 30 million uninsured caused problems, said research er Jane
who'll begin to gain coverage under Obam- Dr.ive.r, in explaining why those cancers
aCare starting in 2014. might not share the same reationship with
ObamaCare didn't cause America's physi- VAlzheimer'se.
cian shortage. Changing demographics and MRMorethan 82,000 of the veterans develperverse reimbursements are the main cul- N M ped Alzheimer s during the five years of the
prits. But the law didn't do much to address study, 24 percent of whom were previously
the underlying problems. Estimates vary, but I I diaised with cancer When co ipred ith
the Association of American Medical Colleges prections for the general population, the
predicts the U.S. will be short 130,000 doc- risk of Alzheiner's was 51 percent lower
tore across all specialties by 2025. In fact, .than expected in liver cancer, 25 percent
about one-third of all doctors plan to retire in reduced in lung cancer and 13 percent lower the next decade. in leukemia, according to the research.
Other cancers' reduced risks seen in the
LACK OF ACCESS pancreatic, 44 percent; esophageal,
LACK OFACES.,Ohr acesreue nk se i h

Today, nearly 20 percent of Americans lack 33 percent kidney, 22 percent; myeloma, 16
adequate access to primary care because percent; lynphona, 19 percent; head and
there aren't enough physicians. About 30 having trouble following the niieWck 15 percent
percent of doctors won't accept new Medicaid plot of a TV program or book, There waI no significant correlation bepatients. About one-third of ObamaCare's or a sense that your memory twen Alzheimer's and colorectal, bladder,
insurance expansion will come through ex- is worse than friends the sae s omach, g enitl, hroid, rcoma orrain
panding Medicaid age, said Rebecca Amariglio, a caceri Cancr patients who had chemoIn a new report, Yevgeniy Feyman and I By Karen Weintraub time someone forgets his car clinical neuropsychologist at therapy lowered their Alzheimer's risk by
tried to gauge the effect of ObamaCare on the keys, he should worry he's Harvard Medical School and 20 percent-45 percent for all cancers except
primary care physician shortage. ObamaCare BOSTON An older person's headed for Alzheimer's. All Brigham and Women's Hospi- prostate, the study showed. (Melanoma parelies on primary care providers to coordi- own sense of mental decline people forget more often as tal. (The Alzheimer's Associa- tients aren't typically treated with chemo.) nate care in the hopes of lowering costs and may be the first sign that they they age, the researchers said, tion has a list of 10 such early Other research also supports this inverse improving outcomes. will eventually slip into demen- admitting to their own memory warning signs, below.) relationship, including an Italian study reAfter adjusting for population growth, aging tia, according to a panel of ex- lapses. ."People should trust what leased lat(e last weekthatfound that those
and demand for care created by the newly perts at the Alzheimer's Associ- More serious, and possibly they observe about them- diagnosed i eie ran a 43 percent insured, we estimate that by 2025, the U.. ation International Conference, predictive of eventual Alzheim- selves," she said. Lower risk of developing cancer than those will face a shortage of 30,000 primary care concluding here Thursday. er's in those over 60: getting Doctors should also take without the disease, and people with cancer Please turn to OBAMACARE 16B That's not to say that every lost in familiar surroundings, Please turn to DEMENTIA 16B Please turn to ALZHEIMERS 16B

Have smokes, will travel difficult New surgical knife can
The cigarette habit getsever how difficult traveling must this random stuff ahead of intently detect be for cigarette smokers. time," Best said. "You think, can cer
harder to take on the road That's not to say it 'I need to be as close to the
shouldn't be difficult; sec- elevator as possible and on
By Josh Noel who spends much time in ondhand smoke is unpleas- (the) lowest floor possible By Maria Cheng sue to a lab and wait for the results.
hotels can attest, the num- ant and dangerous. But it if I want to leave the room Associated Press Zoltaondon suspecTakats of Imperial College
The first major smoking ber of smoke-free hotels does mean one-fifth of the during the night to smoke."' London suspected the smoke proban went into effect on U.S. also seems to be on the rise. population struggles to sat- He'11 drive or take the train LONDON Surgeons may have a airlines 25 years ago, and Ditto rental-car fleets. isfy a legal addiction while when possible. On a recent new way to smoke out cancer. A knife can help surgeons it was considered a victory Though most travelers traveling, train trip, the conductor for An experimental surgical knife can make sure they removed
by anti-smoking advocates, probably would endorse Robert Best, a spokes- one leg of the trip was sym- :help surgeons make sure they've all the cancerous tissue, It restricted smoking only these growing prohibitions man for The Smoker's Club, pathetic and told him when removed all the cancerous tissue, to flights longer than two -.the ever-waning percent- a smokers' rights advoca- he had time to hop off for a doctors reported last Wednesday. doctors say. hours. age of cigarette smokers in cy group, said keeping up smoke. But on another leg, Surgeons typically use knives that
Of course, that's laugh- the United States was down with his pack-a-day habit the conductor wouldn't let vaporize tumors as they cut, produc- duced during cancer surgery might able now. to dn all-time low of 18.9 requires forethought most him get off the train at all. ing a Sharp-smelling smoke. The new contain some important cancer clues.
Smoking on commercial percent last year, according nonsmokers can't imagine. If taking a long flight, he knife analyzes the smoke and can in- So he designed a "smart flights seems unthinkable to the .U.S. Centers for Dis- "It's kind of like travel- intentionally will book a stantly signal whether the tissue is knife hooked up to a to most of us. ease Control and Preven- ing 'with children, where layover in an airport with cancerous or healthy. refrigerator-sized B
Meanwhile, as anyone tion it struck me recently you have to think about all Please turn to SMOKES 16B Now surgeons have to send the tis- Please turn to CANCE ,6

Survey: Most parents say legal age for pot should 1e 1
By Cathy Payne organization formerly known About half of both mothers and 94 percent of dads say About 88 percent of
as the Partnership for a Drug- and fathers said they had used the legal age for marijuana use moms and 90 percent Even parents who support le- Free America. It reached 1,603 marijuana. The number saying should be 21, the survey found, of dads say marijuana galization of marijuana expect adults, 1,200 of whom are par- so in Colorado was 62 percent. Other findings. advertising should be
strict regulation of its avail- ents of kids ages 10-19. About Voters in Colorado and Wash- About 95 percent of moms banned. ability to kids and teens, says a 35 percent of parents favored ington state made marijuana and 96 percent of dads -say About 90 percent of moms survey out today from a group legalizing marijuana for recre- use legal last year. marijuana should be prohibited and 85 percent
that studies teen drug abuse. ational use, 46 percent said it But despite those numbers, in public places where smoking of dads agree The nationally representative should be decriminalized, and sentiment in favor of strict reg- is banned. About 92 percent of' that marijuana
online survey was done for the 70 percent supported legaliz- ulation to reduce the appeal to Colorado parents and 96 per- can have strong Partnership at, a ing marijuana for medical pur- kids and.teens was apparent. cent of Washington state par- negative effects on the New York City-based non-profit poses. About 90 percent of moms ents agree. Please turn to POT 16B
/ /


Exercise in a pill? The search continues

Scie tiss an reearherswan tomice loose on little treadmills, Scientists and researchers they ran "significantly longer
see omp undeffectson ork utsboth in time and distance" than see compound effects on workouts .untreated animals, the authors
By Gretchen Reynolds Unexpectedly, the treated wrote, even though they had
mice also began using more not been training beforehand.
Two newly published studies oxygen throughout the day and The drug "certainly seems to
investigate the enticing possi- expending about 5 percent more :::act as an exercise mimic," said bility that we might one day be energy than untreated mice, A co-author Thomas Burris, now
able to gain the benefits of ex- even though they were not mov- the chairman of the department
ercise by downing a pill, rath- ing about more than the other of pharmacological and physier than by actually sweating. animals. In fact, in most cases, ological science at St. Louis
But while some of the research they were more physically lazy University School of Medicine.
holds out promise for an effec- and inactive than they had It is not inconceivable, he adds,
tive workout pill, there remains been before the injections. The that at some point in the futhe question of whether such a drug, it seemed, was providing ture, such a drug might allow
move is wise. them with a workout, minus people, especially those who are
The more encouraging of the the effort. disabled or can't otherwise exnew studies, which appears Intrigued, the Scripps sci- ercise, to enjoy the health benthis week in Nature Medicine, entists, in conjunction with efits of endurance without the
expands on a major study pub- researchers from the Pasteur exertion.
lished last year in Nature. In Institute in France and other But that time is still far disthat study, researchers at the institutions, set out to see what It's still unknown, for example, whether increasing levels of REV-ERB in healthy people is tant, with many questions unScripps Research Institute in their compound might be doing possible. answered. It's still unknown,
Jupiter, Fla., reported that a inside muscles to provide this anti-athletes. One of the hall- diminished endurance, with a out far more REV-ERB. Those for example, whether increasing compound they had created ersatz exercise. They knew that marks of regular aerobic exer- maximal oxygen capacity about cells, subsequently, began cre- levels of REV-ERB in healthy
and injected into obese mice their drug increased the po- cise is that in muscles, it in- 60 percent lower than normal. eating large numbers of new mi- people is possible, and whethincreased activation of a pro- tency of the REV-ERB protein, creases the number and vigor They reached exhaustion on tochondria and strengthening er athletes could use the comtein called REV-ERB, which is but no one yet knew what REV- of the mitochondria, the cel- treadmill testing long before the existing ones. pound to dope. "I have been
known to partially control ani- ERB actually does in muscles. lular structures that help to their unaffected labmates. Finally, the scientists injected told" by other scientists who mals' circadian rhythms and in- So they began by developing a generate energy while consum- But when, in a separate part of their compound into sedentary have published data about poternal biological clocks. The in- strain of mice that could not ex- ing oxygen. But these animals' the experiment, scientists add- mice, stimulating their produc- tential exercise pills "to expect jected animals lost weight, even press very much of the protein muscles contained woefully few ed their compound to isolated tion of REV-ERB beyond what some weird phone calls" from on a high-fat diet, and improved in their muscle cells. mitochondria. muscle cells from the deficient would be considered typical. athletes and their support crew,
their cholesterol profiles. Those animals proved to be As a result, the animals had mice, the cells began pumping When they set the sedentary Dr. Burris said.

Obama touts rebates sent to healthcare policyholders
WASHINGTON U.S. Presi efits of the law are starting to customers if they don't spend said, flanked by' families who provide healthcare for workers
dent Barack Obama said the become more apparent. the majority of premium 4 o- received a refund because of or pay a fine. The RepublicanAffordable Care Act is helping "You're getting better protec- lars on medical care and im- the ACA. led House passed a pair of bills
middle-class Americans, and tions," he said. "You're getting proving healthcare quality in- "' "Our broken healthcare sys- Wednesday one to codify the
blasted Republicans for at- more value for each dollar that stead of administrative costs or tem threatened the hopes and delay in the employer mandate
tempts to block its implemen- you spend on your healthcare." overhead. the dreams of families and and the other to delay the intation. As an example, Obama said in- "If the folks who have been businesses across the country dividual mandate. Both bills
"Generally speaking, what surers must spend 80 percent trying to make political hayout who feaed that one illness or passed with Democratic supwe've seen is that healthcare of every dollar collected" on of this thing, if they had some one accident could cost them port.
costs have slowed drastical- efforts to benefit policyholders better ideas, I've already told everything they'd spent a life- Obama criticized House Rely in a lot of areas since we through efforts such as low- them I'm happy to hear them n time building," Obama said. publicans for relitigating 'the
passed the Affordable Care ering premiums or providing But I haven't heard any so far," "And step by step, we're fixing issue.
Act,". Obama said last Thurs- better coverage. He said $3.4 Obama said. "What I've heard that system." "This is a big "Despite all the evidence that'
day at the White House. "We billion in rebates were mailed is just the same old 'song and country and we're just steadily the law is working the way it
have a lot more work to do, from insurers to policyholders dance. We're just going to blow working through all that stuff." was supposed to for middlebut healthcare inflation isn't last year because of a provi- through that stuff and just The president's remarks class Americans, Republicans
skyrocketing the way it was." sion of the Affordable Care Act, keep on doing 'the right thing came after the administration in the House of RepresentaNoting that there are still many commonly known as Obam- for the American people. The announced the delay of one key tives voted for 'nearly the
who are "rooting" for the law's care, that requires insurance upshot is the American people' part of the law the require- 40th time to dismantle it,"
failure, Obama said the ben- companies to mail refunds to deserve a fair shot," Obama BARACK OBAMA meant that larger employers Obama said.

Painkiller- addicts at limits

for their Medicaid spending

""i toxification without continued
Patients may die because ofsharp medicinal treatment results in

limitations on access to treatment high rate of relapse. Without
..t t s on access to treatment the medicine, addicts return to
By Michael Ollove age strengths. The study was drug use.
done by the substance abuse Yet, most state Medicaid
To Mark Publicker, a doctor research firm Avisa Group. agencies have found ways to
in Portland, Maine, who prac- By any measure, there is an reduce access to these drugs in tices addiction medicine, it's epidemic in the misuse of pre- an effort to cut costs.
a clear case of discrimination. scription drugs, most of it in- "A stigmatized illness"
You wouldn't deprive a diabetic volving abuse of opioid pain- Carol McDaid, co-founder of of insulin, killers such as OxyContin or Capitol Decisions, a consultYou wouldn't stop giving hy- Percocet. ing firm that specializes in
pertension drugs to a patient The Centers for Disease Con- substance abuse policy, said with high blood pressure af- trol and Prevention reported it's common to those who draft ter successful treatment. You that 12 million Americans ac- state budgets to target this wouldn't hold back a statfn knowledged using prescription treatment first "because it is a WIDESPREAD PROGRAM: An Indian cook distributes free school lunches to children at a gov- from a patient with high cho- painkillers for nonmedical rea- voiceless, under-represented ernment-run school in Patna, India, on Wednesday. lesterol.
Yet Publicker's patients
face severe limitations on the
2 2 c i d e d i f e r e t n cines they take to fight their l:~imitations ion the amount and duration:::i

Dm m mAnd the consequences of of medicine they take to fight theirad
S privateth~se Pp!vate insurers are eciat leastas .dictions to pain pillS.: ::: .::f:.

By Indrajit Singh after that," Savita said in an in- police vehicles, dire as they would be for those
Associated Press terview at Patna Medical College Sahi said a preliminary in- with other serious ailments iff
Hospital, where she and many vestigation suggested the food they were denied proven treat- sons in 2010.. constituency."
PATNA, India -- At least 22 other children were recovering, contained an organophosphate ments, he said. While opioid addiction is on "It's a chronic illness just
children died and more th'n The lunch, part of a popular used as an insecticide on rice "People will die," Publicker the rise in the United States, like diabetes and asthma, but two dozen others were sick after national campaign to give at and wheat crops. It's believed said. so too are the opportunities for people with those diseases ofeating a free school lunch that least one daily hot meal to chil- the grain was not washed be- Many private insurance treatment. In January, when ten don't commit crimes. But was tainted with insecticide, In- dren from poor families, was fore it was served at the school, 'companies and state Medic- major provisions of the Afford- that's another reason why dian officials said Wednesday. cooked in the school kitchen, he said. aid agencies across the courn- able Care Act go into effect, 37 these treatment drugs need to
It was not immediately clear The children were rushed to a However, local villagers said try impose sharp limitations million currently uninsured be fully funded. how chemicals ended up in the local hospital and later to Patna the problem appeared to be with on access to medications used Americans will be enrolled in Addiction experts are hopeful food in a school in the eastern for treatment, said state official a side'dish of soybeans and po- in the treatment of the addic- health insurance plans, an es- that the federal Mental Health state of Bihar. One official said Abhijit Sinha. tatoes, not gain. Children who tion to prescription painkillers timated 11.2 million of them in Parity and Addiction Equity Act
the food may not have been In addition to the 22 children had not eaten that dish were known as opioids. Medicaid. will even the playing field beproperly washed before it Was who died, another 25 children fine, although they had eaten A report commissioned by The CDC says that the num- tween opioid treatment drugs
cooked. and the school copk were in the rice and lentils, several vil- the American Society of Addic- ber of overdose deaths from and other medications.
The children, between the hospital undergoing treatment, lagers told the AP. tion Medicine found that Med- opioids tripled between 1999 The law says that patients
ages of 5 and 12, fell ill Tuesday P.K. Sahi, the state education Sinha said the cooked food icaid agencies in just 28 states and 2008, when it reached with mental illness and subsoon after eating lunch in Gan- minister. Three children were in and kitchen utensils have been cover all three of medications 14,800 deaths. stance abuse issues are endamal Village in Masrakh block, serious condition. seized by investigators. "Wheth- that the Food and Drug Ad- That is more than the num- titled to the same level of care
50 miles north of the state capi- Authorities suspended an of- er it was a case of negligence ministration has approved for ber of overdoses from heroin as those with other illnesses or tal of Patna. School authorities ficial in charge of the free meal or was intentional, we will only opioid addiction treatment: and cocaine combined. Re- conditions. immediately stopped serving scheme in the school and reg- know once the inquiry has been methadone, buprenorphine search has shown successful It could take years and lawthe meal of rice, lentils, soy- istered a case of criminal negli- conducted," he said. and naltrexone. treatment reduces the rates of suits before the law removes
beans and potatoes as the chil- gence against the school head- India's midday meal scheme is The study also found that disease associated with illicit the restrictive policies on medidren started vomiting, mistress, who fled as soon as one of the world's biggest school most state Medicaid agencies, drug use, including HIV/AIDS cines used in opioid treatSavita, a 12-year-old student the children fell ill. nutrition programs. State gov- even those that cover all three and hepatitis. ments.
who uses only one name, said Angry villagers, joined by erninents have the freedom to medications, place restrictions It also reduces crime while In the meantime, addiction she had a stomach ache after members of local opposition decide on menus and timings on getting them by requiring enabling addicts to join the specialists are focusing on eating soybeans and potatoes parties, closed shops and busi- of the meals, depending on lo- prior authorization and re-au- workforce and resume their making the case that these and started vomiting. nesses near the school and cal conditions and availability thorization, imposing lifetime roles within families. medicines work, and limiting
"I don't know what happened overturned and burned four of food rations. limitations and tapering dos- Research also shows that de- their usage makes no sense.


Public relations battle over health care heats up

legislative achievement coming days, lawmakers on both sides
1 ite Iouse, GOP Obama used a speech that was of the aisle will step up their outreach
billed.b........ an opportunity with a more personal touch.
trade barbs, beef to tout one of the early successes of On last Friday, Rubio will attend a
his health care law more than eight roundtable with business owners to
up opposing views million Americans will receive $504 discuss the impact it will have on their
million in rebates from their insurers .V. companies.
By Aamer Madhani as a result of a provision in the law Mark McHugh, the president and
to make the case to Americans that CEO of Gatorland, a theme park and
WASHINGTON The public rela- the GOP was doing little more than .., wildlife preserve that will host the
tions battle over President Obama's making "political hay" with their con- roundtable, said in an interview that
signature health care law has, sim- tinued opposition. he remains concerned that the law will
mered long past the point when it be- "We've got a lot of problems in this lead to a spike in premiums. McHugh,
came law more than three years ago. country and there's a lot of work that whose family owned business covers
But in the days and weeks ahead, a Congress needs to do.. .and yet we're 80 percent of .health insurance costs
critical deadline looms for implemen- re-fighting these old battles," Obama for full-time employees, said uncertation of the law, and the battle for said. "Sometimes I just try to figure tainty about costs has led him to put
public opinion is heating to a boil. out why. Maybe they think it's good off new hiring.
As the Obama administration nears politics." "It's getting to the point where we
the Oct. 1 deadline to establish health But implementation has been can't bringon any new employees, becare exchanges in all 50 states, the marked by bumps. The latest hiccup cause we'don't know what premiums
White House and Republicans are ex- came a little more than two weeks af- will be," 'McHugh said. "It's hampering
changing barbs and revving up out- ter the White House announced that -Photo:MarkWilson our growth plans."
reach efforts to make their case to the it would delay until 2015 the require- President Obama speaks about his health care law at the White House on Satuirday, Del. Donna Chrispublic in the most highly partisan pol- ment that businesses with more than tensen, a non-voting Democratic
icy battle in the president's 4/2 years 50 employees provide health insur- ofl July 18.House member from the U.S. Virgin in office. ance to their workers or pay a penalty. he lamented that his health care over- because Obamacare is a disaster," he Islands, will host the first of an eightLess than 24 hours after the GOP- And the landmark legislation. has re- haul is facing the same sort of politi- said. state outreach effort sponsored by
controlled House voted to delay both mailed largely unpopular with Ameri- cal resistance that Social Security and Both Democrats and Republicans the Congressional Black Caucus to the individual and employer man- cans. In an NBC News/ Wall Street Medicare two broadly popular pro- are gearing up their constituent' out- discuss the health care changes with dates of the law a move that has Journal poll published last month, grams today faced when they were reach on the issue. constituents.
no chance of passing in the Senate 49 percent of respondents said they introduced. Supporters, including the pro- Christensen said that both DemoObama went on the attack Thursday thought the health care overhaul was Not long after Obama spoke, Sen. Obama group Organizing for Action, cratic lawmakers and the White House to plug some of the early successes of a "bad idea," while 37 percent said it Marco Rubio, R-Fla., took the Senate have aired commercials trumpeting have fallen short on plugging the benhis health care overhaul, while slam- was a good idea. floor to rebut the president's pitch. the rebates, small business tax cred- efits of. the law and were outflanked
ming GOP lawmakers for continuing Obama didn't speak directly to the "Well, Mr. President, the reason why its and free preventive care visits that by Republican "misinformation" in the their efforts to repeal his landmark delay in the employer mandate, but this issue is still being talked about is have been spurred by the plan. In -the public relations battles.

Smokers: It's difficult when you re traveling Parents wat regulation

SMOKES He's frustrated that it's more (73 percent). hotel industry giving the public durin adoklescence has been
continued from 14B difficult to find smoking rooms Matt Maloney, director of what it wants. ii4 B associated with disorders,
in hotels but understands that health policy for the Chicago- "The hotel industry is meeting sca niyjpto
a smoking section beyond se- too. based nonprofit Respiratory the market demand," Maloney till fads izoprei
curity so he can light up. When "It's really frustrating being Health Association, said the said. hood .
booking a hotel, he'll try to get a treated as a second-class citi- nation's hotels simply are re- "The dangers of secondhand "Th tlife #te oi
room with a balcony. zen, but I realize to them it's a sponding to their customers. smoke are well known." is that PLrets in the s'ev, says the
If that doesn't work, he'll book business decision," he said. In Chicago, for instance, city. Which isn't to say he is corn- O c w ho sass mr
motels so he can just step out- According to the Dutch web- law mandates that a hotel have pletely without sympathy for ririS Y side his front door for a smoke. site, at least 75 percent nonsmoking traveling smokers. and teCt p1et
Interestingly, he doesn't be- 42.4 percent of U.S. hotels are rooms. "We understand the addiction kid n en, a'v Stv marun a tht Mo~e likely
grudge airlines for going smoke- "smoker-friendly." That's., just But I had to call seven hotels of smokers, and that's why, pre- n free. about in the middle of global before finding one with smoking when we do smoke-free adtivi- t i a t
"I don't want to smoke and pack, between United Kingdom rooms and it wasn't down- ties, we're always trying to as- "hs far 'Tht s te ia
have it blown into a bunch of Oust 11.7 percent of hotels are town. sist with smoking cessation," he ....... r bicta
families and kids," he said. smoker-friendly) and Austria Maloney said it is simply the said: isbin imthe "' adolscence to (evel
j'iaaisle1aQ~xo *nn ii adito 0;i d~p
mor nedsto be_ donie toi) Of 'the parents' su'~rcycd,
Modest provisions will help improve access
p rove accessprotec(t the( htealth ol our chilF.20 live in Colorado and 200
live' in Wahink'in
OBAMACARE care shortages; provides new medical students are leaving that can deliver high-quality ,air of er W, PIS ...i..
continued from 14B funding for nurse education school with crushing debt. services. These rules protect Adolescent Substac Abuse 6g
and training; and grants in- We need an all-hands-on- incumbent providers but hurt at Bostonhldrn' thColoado U-d shingto
physicians, nearly 5,000 of creases for two years in reim- deck approach, starting with patients. i.. t, ', 'S fnnirijUanl USef 9PB.'
which are attributable to the bursements for primary care a new Medicare payment for- I ObamaCare's focus on ex- ....
expansion of insurance under providers in Medicaid to Medi- mula for doctors. To his credit, panding health insurance left C"
ObamaCare. care levels, which is still well President Obama recommends many of our biggest accessObamaCare does contain short of what private insurance this in his 2014 budget. We to-care challenges. untouched. N ew___ signs for p e i
some modest provisions to im- pays. should also pay nursing prac- Get ready for Health Care Re- i a i i
prove access. titioners the same as doctors' form 2.0, starting next year, DEMENTIA
For instance, it allocates $1.5 INADEQUATE STEPS when they provide the same when many of America's newly conutinudfrom,14B Ifarab people<' i ani
billion for the National Health But these provisions are in- services, encouraging more to insured realize that they have identif j thrnselvs, reearch
Services Corps, a scholarship adequate. Medicare grossly enter the field. to get in line to see a doctor Y coe ('Kt5 il have a:n easier time
program for students commit- underpays primary care doc- Finally, the Federal Trade when they need one. pipining 'of "e 'lofding subcts to> sudy and
ted to providing primary care tors compared with specialists Commission should challenge Paul Howard is a Manhattan s a pa"'wi m rme u 'Will effetive
in communities with doctor and pays nurse practitioners anti-competitive state regula- Institute senior fellow and di- Frank Jessen, a professor of medications sooner, ,Aiashortages; allows unused resi- 85 percent of what it pays doc- tions that limit new business rector of the Institute's Center clinical dementia research at rigliaid Once there isa dency slots to go to areas with tors for the same services. And models, such as retail clinics, for Medical Progress. hie Univcrity of Bonn a '
_____________________________________________________ the Gex'rman Centet>{o 0e~< o ~ kW ~~e
roc -rertieDiseae. "We to~ ideritif ple wh hol
Study: Puzzling links among cancer, Alzheimers sahfirst. m ndre other

ALZHEIMERS highly toxic, merely to reduce generation. targets and therapies and iden- there isn't : nuch medicine ed results of new:stu.dies that
continued from 14B their risk of Alzheimer's, but People with Alzheimer's suf- tify people at increased risk." cando t reduce',the chances unid a connection' Itweeii
the link suggests that it may be fer loss of memory, decreased Another study released this thata patient's early warning 'self-reported mex4 o decline. had a 35 percent lower chance possible to develop medications thinking and language skills, morning showed that diabet- signs Will turnintofull-blowin and eventual braindisease. of developing Alzheimer's. That to address both diseases. Cer- and behavioral changes that ics who take the drug Metfor- 'disease some years later. Arariglio found brain study, in the journal Neurol- tain chemotherapy drugs may can make caregiving challeng- min seem to be better protected '-'But thi i: i s !iB 'know~ledge ,! !~i ..... / /'' ogy, did not look as closely at turn out to be more protective ing. Current treatments do not against Alzheimer's than those tiemeiy useful ,for research! he it ,:ajdntswi individual cancers or treatment of the brain than others, she address underlying symptoms taking other diabetes medica- il~ro ! :k i g:toid[tif people Ierpwise ornl b i differences, though it did find a added, so it may make sense to or stop progression of the fatal tions, including Sulfonylurea. 'high r:!:i~i;isi!iikTide.. i ng Al-'i );w:re'co :cerned ....t..e weaker link with prostate can- prescribe them more often, disease. Nearly 26 million Americans zh;.:: im:: et's:.:::: ::::::::' ''riie:;xy or 'higher-level: t:iinl:cer and melanoma. Although it doesn't suggest "We're starting to really un- 'have type 2 diabetes, which Drug trials of patients 'witl! ii i! gi:huiET .c.n..of........
Driver said chemotherapy any immediate treatments for derstand what are the differ- is largely associated with life- hi mers ave cn istely pe0 inos arou idi3'74 'ears'.;! may offer extra protection be- Alzheimer's, the apparent con- ent pieces of. the puzzle that style factors. Roughly half of f..iled.....s.ggesting..... reerh""ld hs h rire os
cause it reduces inflammation nection with cancer is "one make someone at increased or those witth diabetes develop .......a.... th..t.. mdicat:: inwl'meoy ha hi hod'
and may prevent brain cells more puzzle piece" in help- decreased risk," said Heather Alzheimer's as they age, so wr nyi ie al ii"mr eaayod rti
from trying to divide. In Al- ing researchers understand Snyder, director of medical and finding a drug that is also pro- the disease::. -.years "o 'e:asoiaed'wih.'-:.emes zheime's, bain clls oten ty thememor lossand bhavio scienific peratons fr theAl- tctiveagaint Alzeimers isecdes, eforetomeoe scoes in'thei 'bran! 'tan' a'corn to divide when they shouldn't, changes from Alzheimer's, a fa- zheimer's Association, the ad- immensely important, said re- pooryo aOgniative test. But pnihsoni grup a: ida people leading to the cells' death, she tal disease that affects an es- vocacy and research group that searcher Rachel Whitmer, an ': it's 'been impOSaible' to iden- who said they were slpig :iii said. timated 5.2 million Americans runs the international confer- investigator with the Kaiser tiythose people, apartfromn ilso-called. "eecutive jiitioxi"
She said no one should take and is expected to strike nearly ence. "Understanding the piec- Permanente Northern Califor- ::a small group with a knownV skills such .as prioritiin chemotherapy drugs, which are three times more over the next es will help unlock additional nia Division of Research. 'i: genetic mutation, who are be2 an:d organzig

New cancer smart knife uses smoke to detect tumors for treatment

CANCER moved the tumror, surgeons "(The new knife) looks fabu- for cancers involving solid tu- and stomach, to slice into slabs of pig's liver.
continued from 14B now send samples to a labora- lous," said Emma King, a head mors is removing them in suar- That was then used to ana- Within minutes, the room was
tory while the patient remains and neck cancer surgeon at gery. In the U.K., one in five lyze tumors from 91 patients; filled with an acrid-smelling mass spectrometry device on on the operating table. Cancer Research U.K., who was breast cancer patients who the smart knife correctly spot- smoke comparable to the fumes
wheels that analyzes the smoke It can take about 30 minutes not connected to the project. have surgery will need further ted cancer in every case. that would be produced during from cauterizing tissue. to get an answer in the best The smoke contains broken- operations to get rid of the tu- The study was published last surgery on a human patient.
The smoke picked up by the hospitals, but even then doc- up bits of tumor tissue and "it mon entirely. Wednesday in the journal Scismart knife is compared to a tons cannot be entirely sure, so makes sense to look at it more Scientists tested the new ence Translational Medicine. Takats said the knife would library of smoke "signatures" they often remove a bit more carefully," she said. knife at three hospitals, in be- The research was paid for by eventually be submitted for regfrom cancerous and non-can- tissue than they think is strict- .The new knife and its accom- tween 2010 and 2012. groups including Imperial Col- ulatory approval but that more cerous tissues, information ly necessary. panying machines were made Tissue samples were taken lege London and the Hungarian studies were planned. He added
appears on a monitor: green If some cancerous cells re- for about 250,000 ($380,486) from 302 patients to create government, the knife could also be used for
means the tissue is healthy, main, patients may need to but scientists said the price tag a database of which kinds of At a demonstration in Lon- other things like identifying tisred means cancerous and yel- have another surgery or under- would likely drop if the technol- smoke contained cancers in- don on Wednesday, doctors sues with bad blood supply and low means unidentifiable. go chemotherapy or radiation ogy is commercialized. cluding those of the brain, used the new knife which identifying the types of bacteria
To make sure they've re- treatment. The most common treatment breast, colon, liver, lung resembles a fat white pen present.




e Infectedd" she said. "Soon there were places "Young people don't remember how
m rrn like Liberty City where more brothers and
sisters were picking up HIV- and the num- people looked back in the 80s when tVanessa Mills is a bers kept rising year after year. Poor people
5 parent Black woman weren't getting treated, if they even knew they contracted the virus. w one is an adult, the other their status. By the time they did seek mediorida A&M University in the cal care, many of them had already devel#ia manages several proper- oped full-blown AIDS." ,
SLerty City where she and her family so reridiAhd, she's been HIV-positive STAYING IN THE TRENCHES TO for over" 20 years. But rather than la- OVERCOME APATHY
pver the decisions she made in Mills warns Blacks men and women, past that put her in jeopardy of straight or gay to protect themselves at A tingthe-vis, Mills chose to all times. She says she takes her message iproai become an advo- of knowing your status and always usi a
ct women of color liv- condom wherever she goes.
in ih JV/AIDS. "Don't be fooled by the latest states(
In 't mid 1990s, Mills, a that says things are getting better," she sai e by profession, was "There has been a dip in the perce ge on a survey for a of women testing HIV-positive so the ubic, health class that numbers have decreased. am 'ed the level of care But Black women still represent the lion's was then available share of infections. In other words, thef or women of color living of AIDS is still Black. Condoms still prev with HIV/AIDS. The sur- infection but folks don't want to use"the vey indicated that in the As for young Black males who have se' late 1990s, the options other Black males, their infection, were very limited. So Mills, bers have, risen to dangerous propoi along ,ith her best friend, We have to find a way, to convince th Petca Johnson-Hobson, change their sexual practices and ton was also HIV-positive, better choices."
ip with a brainstorm. Mills says. she has recently seen'14 that since Blacks young clients who feel that HIV/ weren't being prop- nothing more than an annoyancewin, that they would lives. But as a nurse and a woman.wh h organization. Before lived with the virus for over 20 years,1 Empower 'U', Inc. was says it's still one of our country's h Mills serving as its ex- health challenges. director a position she still "Young people don't remember how s today. Tragically, Johnson- looked back in the 80s when they coni obson would suciumb' to an AIDS- the virus they don't remember how related illness" shty after the agen-' ly people died or how painful their cy opened it,4o& But for Mills, the were," she said. "They think they can' mission w inue. few meds and forget about it. But the
I of this epidemic, new strands of HIV that.have recent ou educated, gay white pe-red and we're not sure if the current r
rs becoming meant of medication can fight them."



Yo hav thASwr*...

Mae you tdap

Your hav the poeteakd.coie

For more information call

1-877-777-7871 1 TTY 711

Medicaid: Options: 1-888-367-6554 i

www.clearhealthallIiance.comdidt nt

www.medicaid ,


Nat'l Baptist Convention

Board of Evangelism

Regional Cofrence Death
93rd Street Community Announcement
Baptist Church, 2330 NW
-93rd Street, Miami, Flonida, ELAINE A. READY
Rev. Dr. Carl Johnson, pas-. tor/teacher will host National PaeIleave with you, mny
Baptist Convention Board of peace I give unto you: not
-Evangelism Regional Confer- as the world giveth, give I
A reasonable student would not objectively perceive that ence, July 25-27, focusing on unto you. Let not your heart
Encinitas school district yoga advances or promotes religion." "The Ministiy of Evangelism." .:be troubled, neither let it be Rev. Dr. Carl Johnson was afraid." John 14:27
Judge: Yoga in schools promoted to Regional Director
of Evangelism Department. Elaine AUmatha Bullard
0 National guest speakers are Thompson Ready of Miami,
notte ch ng re ig onO.K. Patterson, Chairman and Florida, daughter of the late A
Wilia Alfredn BulardgJroan
Dr. Clearance Moore,
ByMryGaa udteEcntssho i- al President. Other local and Almatha "Baby" Bowe Bullard, Subin Oliver Thompson; four
tric Mat rhms e re thenits schoolThi- national pastors will speak at transitioned to the -home great-grandchildren, Amber
Yginapbiscolsftri dealer this Bryea the this event. of her heavenly Father on Rebecca Godet, Alyssa Avery
Yesoga m n e ao pulimshol'nft lawye'sruDeng Bryls, aid thea Workshop Overview: 9 a.m. REV. DR. CARL JOHNSON Friday, July 5, 2013. A native Thompson, Devin Alexander noescprogamlden amion juodes ruinwas a t ofrsta 4 p.m., Thursday and Friday, of Manhattan, New York, she and Hannah Eva Galle
to eacin chlden elgio boadr iasagins Crisi- all day workshops. Thursday All services will be held at moved to Miami in 1952. Roque; two brothers, Edward because despite its roots in anity. evening worship service 7 pm. 93rd Street Community Bap- Elaine was employed in Jerome and Nigel Alfred
Hindu philosophy it is part of Yoga "is religious and has re- Friday Night Banquet 7 p.m., tist Church. All are welcome numerous businesses. and. -Bullard; two sisters-in-law, American culture, a California ligious aspects," Broyles said. at Alonzo Anderson Fellowship and invited to attend! For positions. throughout -Miami Helen and Jackie Bullard; judge ruled on Monday. "There is a consistent anti- Hall. Workshops and baptism more information, please call and retired .as a Deputy five step children, Sir Burton
The ruling denied a request Christian bias in these cases, 9 a.m. -1 p.m., Saturday. 305-836-0942. County Clerk and Supervisor Hall (Camille), Christina
by a family in a San Diego and a pro-Eastern or strange of the Marriage License Thompson-Russell, Dr.
suburb to ban the local school religion bias."IIIIIIIIIBueuith a-iDd WnyTopnNcls
M othrc Burea nluin thea Miai-ad Wendyna Thompson Nicholas
disric fom ncudig oga Thenaionl ebaetnhrli Estella County's. Office of the County Thompson and Nathan
in physical education, argu- gion in public schools includes Cek Seas a ogTopo Kly;adahs
ing that it violated the First student-led prayer and wheth-iNIe sClr.SeaowsalngTmpn(Kly;ndaht Amendment and separation of er science instructors can M elscelebrates time member and secretary of nieces, nephews, grand
of the Arcola Lakes Park nieces, .grand nephews,
church and state. teach alternatives to evolution.Avsr orTeRdHtcuis n te orwn
"Yoga as it has developed in The lawsuit, which had not 104 years Society adcte memeroftrelative. and ftriesrown
the last 20 years is rooted in sought monetary damages, Come join Saint Mark Mis- AARP. As were her wishes, Elaine
American culture, not Indian objected to eight-limbed tree sionary Baptist Chti~ch as we- Elaine was predeceased willi be cremated. Memorial
culture," San Diego Superior posters the Sedlocks said were wish Mother Estella Mells a by her new born son, Artis Service 10 a.m., Monday,
Court Judge John Meyer said. derived from Hindu beliefs, the Happy Birthday, Sunday, 11 x Ready, Jr. and her brothers, July 29 at. the rChurch of the
"It is a distinctly American cul- Namaste greeting and several a.m. The church is located at William Robert, Lionel Clyde, Incarain 185NW 54
tural phenomenon. A reason- of the yoga poses that they 1470 NW 87 Street, Miami, FL and Garth Maxwell. Bullard. Street, Mi ami, Florida, 33 142able student would not objec- said represent the worship of -33147. She leaves to mourn 'one 3065. Disposal of her ashes
tively perceive that Encinitas Hindu deities. The speaker will be Sister .son, Cyril Oliver Thompson ill take place in Georgetown,
school district yoga advances Encinitas schools superin- Pauline Scott. (ChunCha); Irone daughter, 'Exuma. In lieu of flowers, the
or promotes religion." tendent Timothy Baird said he God's Grace has been my Psil neeaTopo aiyrqetta oain
Stephen and Jennifer Sed- expected the ruling t o be ap- strength and provider. (Ralph Alexander Godet); be made directly to The
.lock and their two children pealed. -II Corinthians 12:9 MOTHER ESTELLA MELLS tregadhlenDeied Curch of .the Incarnation so
Bostwick' Godet (a/k/a that the church's m ission to
~A .Steven iAlexander. Roque) our community can be fulfilled.
Sidney vv. McCray 1IIductLkin.... (Stephanie Roque), Wihwaht May her soul rest in peace
On July 13, Sidney W. of the Rho Sigma Chapter of Inc., the community, state, ~''.Oliver Thompson and Gavin and rise with Christ in Glory.
McCray was inducted into the Phi Beta Sigmia Fraternity, Inc., and nation._________________________Distinguished Service Chapter and a Past Southern Regional The Distinguished Service of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Director as well as a. two-time Chapter and its. members........~
Incorporated, during the Past International First Vice- stand' as beacons, guiding fraternity's 2013 Conclave in President. all of Sigma down a path of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Distinguished Service righteousness and public held at the downtown Marriot Chapter Award is the highest service. Hotel and Conference Center. level of recognition that the Sidney is married to, his wife McCray, a 46-year member fraternity can bestow upon of 39 years, Mabelline McCray,. of the fraternity was initiated a Brother who has made and has three sons, Orien, at Florida Memorial College outstanding contributions and Cedric and Marcus.. (University) Beta Pi Chapter in given extraordinary service V*
1967. He is currently a member. to Phi Beta'Sigmia Fraternity, SIDNEY W.: McCRAY

ChuIi VI i 01artnll

9. 9w I. 0_10 ow"

rmll L MIT n/1,1M1


Hadley Davis MLK Hadley Davis Royal In Memoriam Happy Birthday In Memoriam
ERNEST McINTYRE SR., 84 Miami Gardens CYRIL L. DAVIS, 83, landscaper,
died July 17 DENNIS ALSTON, 65, retired died July 21 at In loving memory of, In loving memory of, In loving memory of,
at University c o ns uIt a nt, Vitas Hospice.
Of Miami. died July 18 Service 1 p.m.,
Service 2 p.m., at Memorial Saturday at First
Saturday in the HospitaIBaptist Church
chapel. Servic1pm. of Bunche Park,
Saturday at 15700 NW 22
Jordan Grove Avenue, Miami

Baptist Church. Gres L
17. Services DOROTHY M. REED, 86, ANDERSON, 69, community
were held. rece pt io n ist, activist, died July 16. Service m6
died July 16 at 11 a.m., Saturday at Antioch I
North Shore Missionary Baptist Church of Miami

11 a.m., Saturday at Antioch aka "SCRAPPY" aka "SPACE" 0412611955 07/23/2008
Missionary Baptist Church of Miami 07/07/1984 07/23/2012 07/2 .6/1971 04/10/2013
LINDA DEANTIGNAC Gardens. Fv er a oeb n
DAEPR,5,de uy1. GLORIA GANT, 58, cafeteria God's Angels took you on a You are greatly missed. ive ers hase one yerad
Julyce 17r atld Richardsone trip one year ago and you are It's been less than four you were here with us.
Jack 7 tRihrsonNotEANS C.KOL,89 really missed. months since you went away You will forever be missed.
MARY ALICE JOHNSON, 54, JcsnNrhER STCKOW S,8, We, your mother, father, to your new home in heaven. From your loving husband,
died July 9. Services were held. H o s p i t a I carrier, died brothers, sister and most of Love always, Vanessa and Jessie; loving daughters, SenService 11 July 16. Litany all three lovely daughters, all James Faulk. eca and Rhiana; loving parHERBERT RAYMOND am., Saturday 7 p.m., Friday .miss you. etEwr n laJa
BOWLEG, JR., 65, died July 11. at Mt. Calvary at St. Agnes We knowr anat Goda haeeouSmth
Serviceswreheld. Mssionarybeating drums for the heav-InM oia
Baptist Church. -Service 10 a.m., enly choir.In Mra
HUMBERTO ROSALES, 54, Saturday at the We see you leading anglesInM m ra
died July 14. Services were held. WILLIE PEARL CONNOR, church. on your motorcycle. In loving memory of,
81, home maker, died July 12 at we will forever cherish your In loving memory of,
Memorial Pembroke Hospital. memory.
Wright and Young Services were held. ELLA MAE McINTOSH, 70, The Bright and Morgan
NORAN IMBOUH, R., GEOGEBERARDDAVSdied July 15. Arrangements are Families.
77, MA reired,,R, GEREBENR DVS incomplete.
died Julyr14. 43, laborer, died July 16 at Jackson j
de Juy1.Memorial Hospital. Services were C r fT ak nM m ra

daughters, Thfaiyotelt, In loving memory of,
Ruth, Caren, Hall Ferguson H4ewitt h aiyo h ae
Marion, and QUEEN MCCOY, 64, dispatcher,
Eleanor; son, '~died July 13
Norman, Jr. at Aventura
Viewing 10 a.m. 6 p.m., Thursday Hospi
at Wright and Young Funeral P rac ed ed N
Home. Family hour 4 p.m. 6
p.m. Service 12 p.m., Fridaya her in death, ~
hr daughter, .ROE LTWSIGON
-New Way Fellowship Praise and hrROEETWSIG Worship Center, 16800 NW 22 Lorine Adams. 073/ 5 72/01DELLA FIELDS POITIER
Avenue, Miami, FL 33056. S u r v i v o r s 01/29/1940 07/26/2011
include: sister, Happy Birthday.
TAMOYA JOHNSON, 28, died Lottie Lewis; brother, 'Bobby We love and miss you. Two years ago you went
Jul 11at ~rt Mcoy sos, ame DeeritAndre, and grandkids. away and we had to part.
Shore Hospital. -, Algernon McCoy, and, Anthony God eased your pain, but
Services were McCoy; .like a son,, Lawrence I rk yhat
held. Burns; fourteen grandchildren and InMemoriam Your husband, Rodney E.
three daughters-in-law. Viewing 1 THORNTON JACK SPICER MAGGIE DROWN Poitier; Poitier, Fields and
P.m. -8 p.m., and memorial service "tTJ" 01103/11938 07/17/2008 In loving memory of, Robinson families.
6 p.m.- 8 p.m., Friday at 1900 NW
54 Street, Miami, 33142. Service 11 would like to express deep You are in our hearts forev- In Memoriam
a.m., Saturday at Zion Hill Baptist thanks to the Mitchell Funer- er and we love and miss you. SENT IT-CILAChurch, 2385 NW 60 Street. al Home, Rev. Carl Johnson Your loving daughter, son, In loving memory of,
SEA T.PITSMCILLANand the 93rd Baptist Church grandkids and great-grand,e JlaborerTE BAK'O, 1 family, relatives, neighbors kids.
diedJul 15.ANNTTE BALKOM, 71, and friends during our time
Arrangements .retired, died July.........fbraeet
areincmplte17.Serice11The Spicer family. Card of Thanks
a.m., Saturday
atr New iso In Memoriam The family of the late,
fo Ch stri st

JANRTEFR,5,13650 NE 10th In loving memory of,
died June 25 at University ofAv. Not
Miami. Survivors include: her son, Miami,,FL.
Kenneth Brown; four brothers, JN DAVID JAMES MCGRUDER
George Breedlove, Clayton, Manker051/90-72302
Jerome and Lester Rutherford all051190-72302 of Miami, FL; three aunts, Dorothy, Gcho E eaerDW,, 0 r Your death left a heartacheA
Beauty and Mae and a host of died July 11 tha ao memorynhalt ove ALEXANDER JAMES
relatives and friends. Service ats Meora 04/0/197 tha 07/2/201
3 p.m., Saturday in the chapel, can steal.041192-72102
15332 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, FL' R e i on a Your imprint on our lives is




. . . .. .. ........... ......... ......... . . .... . . .. .. .. ......

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. . . . . . ...................... .


AR W V. tP.9.,9

9 3-9~ MUM. w 9


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. . .0 ...... .0. .

... .....





S w

By Edna Gundersen
Jay-Z's chart-topping Magna Carta Holy N
Grail isn't just a personal triumph for the
hip-hop baron. It's another victory lap for rap. The genre is on a hot streak this summer.
Magna Carta sold 528,000 copies its first ~
week, according to data from Nielsen SoundScan. For the first time, four different rap albums have consecutively held the No. 1 spot.
Kanye West's Yeezus was the first, followed .
by Wale's The Gifted and J. Cole's Born Sinner.
Before Jay-Z's arrival, rap made history
by holding the chart's top three positions for
three consecutive weeks. try in 2012 album sales, is gaining ground
"Rap is on axampage," says Keith Caulfield, over other genres. Billboard's associate director of charts/re- "Sometimes we just see a weird pileup of tail, noting that rap could extend its reign if albums at the end of the second quarter or Jay-Z clings to the summit for a second week. the end of summer," Caulfield says. "If you're a fan of.hip-hop, it's been a great One reason rap may be thriving: creative month." rollouts. West's anti-promotion strategy built .:,., % i
But the bumper crop of hot releases doesn't buzz. Jay-Z's Samsung deal to market Magna 'NN
mean rap, which trailed rock,.R&B and coun- Please turn to JAY-Z 3Ci


Lead acre 'Scandal'
AN t

Those who have talked to Washing- V. '
7! ton over the years kn ow how appre- .
c : iative and deeply polite the actress o rauain!TnTunrhsm redIgiebyfed wiBa ,
is. And after racking up an iErnryCogauain!TnTunrhsmridlgtebyfedEwnBc. fnomination for her hit show, she's as grace-wa vr i a Tr e a r e
"For us, it's such a family affair. It really is Tinat m Turn e marwies ac
4 ,---N ~ ~ N ,N

the love that goes into making the show. I'm
biased but I think we haverthe most amazing
cast and crew. Evern sionate and
daiean epypolie the sates lontltos aTrnrhsmridlntim e boyfien Erwin Bach

so committed to each other and the workmm she i Nsays She heardthe news when she was about
to get on a plane. y was aa t the airport. Th rried her German record
thelov tataoesino mkin teasow.I'

And so I was on a short flight and about to executive beau, atr over 20 years ofd tin .
~~~board the flight, and (mu publicist) calls .. :
me. It was good. I had to keep my ...... loaffcas
composure and pretend everything By Chiderah Monde Tlrner eo rtedilynied10gusst
Swas normal," she sa~s. So not even What's love got to do with it? celebrate with her at the couple's manor
a celebratory cocktail? ~ 'Enough to make Tina Turner walk in Switzerland this weekend including
"No! It was so early in the morn- down the aisle again at 73 years old, big names like Oprah and David Bowie.
ing. I barely drink anyway," says apparentl~rl The "Proud Mary" diva began her reWashington, 36. It's been a huge year for the actress, who The music legend has married her lationship with Bach in the 1980s, after
pulled off the seemingly impossible by secretly marrying longtime lvrcr xctv ri pitn rmmscprnradhs
NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. "1 will just say thank you and Bach, 57, and is planning to celebrate band Ike Turner in 1976. Of course, one
leave it at that," she says when congratulated., with a lavish Buddhist ceremony on of Turner's most famous songs, "What's
Netitsbc ote fiefrWsigon Ims ap eSunday, the AFP reports. Love Got to Do with It,' came after the
haexthi itasblead.I'tetthof erallyhgtmyonaifm andW The exchange of nuptials happened "a singer left her abusive husband.
hanevestbrye. I'lgtt.elyhu ySadla n few days ago" in a discreet civil ceremony She moved to Switzerland in 1995, and
thak veron."in northern Switzerland, according to recently became a citizen.

Cheadle, 48, was taking calls from gUu
an unlikely place. "lm just trying to be *
quiet because I'm on the golf course," 9.- 8.. .
he says with a laugh. .....** 3
He was excited about being able .* *
Sto bring new attention to House of
Lies. "It's great because we obvi- 6 *
Sously want to bring eyes to the
i show and get new viewers. It always helps to have a -0
reason to talk about the show, so it's really nice.'- 8A 0 .08
For me, it's rewarding because I really like this I .*--. .--character. (House of Lies) just keeps pushing the *. .. .---- -places where the character goes and the rela- -. *
tionships. I like seeing how elastic this is."


Donell Jones bring fresh lyrics to R&B Timberla'ke

By Tanya Pendleton tion album. I just go in every
..................... ..........time and try to make records
From the time he crafted that can standalnwihu p e e s
the insta-classic "Where I somebody on them. And then
Wanna Be," Donell Jones has when you do a concert, people w s n l
been among the R&B sing- expect that person to be there
ers that you loved even if you with you. And nine times outByriFeu
didn't hear as much about of ten, they aren't." I like all
him as his more publicity- three. I like writing, producing Wt h ucs fJsi
hmndediscolleubadligigcirelltanypc Timberlake's comeback almindd colleges an siging I ealy ca't ickbum "The 20/20 Experience"
A star in the 90's on the one over the other. Writing for i' la
LaFace label with Toni Brax- .me is special because I betththefrr
NSYNC member doesn't plan
ton and TLC, once the decade a chance to get off my chestonsepgawyfmth
ended, Jones found himself what's going on. But being ononsepgaayfmth
fighting for attention on his ~that stage it's beautiful to see sptihantmso.Te
new label, Jive. With R. Kelly, how what you've written af- folop LPto Ted 0/2
Usher, Anthony Hamilton fects other people. So Ill tae .Eprlened i Septede to.
and Justin Timberlake al- them all." b eesdo etme 0
ready established there, Jones CHECK OUT: Soat ad fant dor now? fit
decided to go independent, Don't Blame Me: "A lot of Ptetadwi o i is
establishing his own label, cats out there didn't' have a fa- sige4TkeBc1Te1gt
Candy~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MnMscHinethrsthylandfoth j to be released and pray that he
Cand Ma Muic.Hisnewthe sothe lerne frm te reviews new music while on tour
project "Lyrics" is the 'result of ~ .,streets. But when you really p
4P this summer and fall. 201 has
four months of work crafting understand what being a real
just the right mix' of songs for DOELJNSman, is, can you really blame defiitel ben ou good yrearifor
his fans who've remained loyal the chance to there through- when it's working. Oh yeah me for what I did? Now I really uicekottepeiw
despite his being out of the out all the stages.".Love, with 'definitely. I write whatever' understand." spotlight for a minute. all its ups and downs is fully I'm going through. It's just I Miss the King (a tribute to ~ *.
"I've just been in the lab, explored on "Lyrics." Jones, something about those slow Michael Jackson) : "My favor- ~~\ ~ ~ .,,
loving life and just had a new who says he's in love now, records that get the crowd ite artist of all time. I grew up TvrW
baby," Jones told the Tom has five children, four from a pumped up. A lot of [songwrit- listening to, all his songs. A~ Song r atio' .
Joyner Morning Show. His previous relationship and one ing] is fact with a lot of fiction. One of the first songs I
new "baby" is actually five with his current girlfriend. It's just like writing a movie learned to sing from him was years old but Jones said this The Chicago native says he some of it's going to be true, "Lady In My Life." Nobody had V~'
is the first time he's been always writes from the heart., some of it's going to be fake." done a tribute song to him- .:,T
fully involved. "With my other, "otfthsngarabu I just really feel like when youwihwsknawid-ad'~ "~'
kids, I never had a chance to my personal experiences in Put on someone's album you I felt like I owed it to him. be there, I was always on the life. want to hear them. You don't Without him, I wouldn't be U BR1

road a lot. This time I've had Love is a beautiful thing want to feel like it's a compila- who I am.".

'Ron Isley can't and won' t stop making music:~
By Tanya Pendleton that's solidified. He is said to 'reer renaissance, finding audi................ ............... the most Prolific performer ences and record deals that
Ronald Isley may not be in in music with a catalogue of much younger artists covet.
a museum but that doesn't music that surpasses even The That proves there is still a
mean he's not a national Beatles. need for authentic soul, sometreasure. The lead singer of "I heard we did 46 albums. ..~ ~ thing that folks like Isley have
the Isley Brothers has had a I've never counted them my- .,. been doing all along. His alter
storied career spanning five self. That's a lot of alburpas, ~ ~ego, Mr. Biggs, introduced by
decades and encompassing though," Isley, in true. un- ~ "~~jR. Kelly some years back, does
multiple genres of music. His derstated style, told the Tom make an appearance on this
latest release "This Song Is For Joyner Morning Show. CD.
You" showcases his uniquely 'While R&B music has ~, Starting on July 26, you can
beautiful voice while teaming taken a beating as of late, old seIlyothe road on the
him up with contemporary school -artists like isley and ~,~Bounce TV Summer Music MIAMI BEACH ~CUA
artists Trey Songz and KEM., BET Awards honoree Charlie ' '~ Festival with Frankie Beverl JACIENIINTHEAE
As far as his legacy, well, Wilson have experienced a ca- RONALD ISLEY and Maze and KEM.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... ....... .

~4' .- 0

Martavious, Robert, Tani- to back superior ratings at charm, class, discipline, ele- til Sunday. During the interyah, Tierra, Kenya, Alonna, the Florida Bandmasters As- gance and dignity. The names im, the conventioneers used A'naylan, Kendrick, Alonzo, sociation District 16 Solo and of those that stand out in- their days touring as far south Jasmine, Brittany, Laverius, Ensemble Festival at the state clude Katie Herard, Giovanni as Key West and educated
Henry Burdon, Brenda, Kala, level in Orlando last year and Ladeson, Claudia Gourdlet, the children about the 7-mile Kadijah, and Cavaryas. The. this year. With this accom- Janice Blanc, the new co-cap- bridge, touching the Pacific Traditionally, summer them were: Pa- families expressed how they plishment the Raiderettes tain Katherine Charles, and and Atlantic 'Oceans simulmonths bring on family re- .mela, Johnny, Waldrick, Lai- enjoyed their first reunion and make Edison and dade coun- the returning 3-year, captain taneously. Another event was unions and of course, Eb- cia, Clinton, Mark, Penny, have started planning for next ty popular with their positive Johnceka Simpson, Yaxsan- the singing contest where the enezer UMC provided the set- Lashawn, Lisa, Brandon, year with The Miami Times in display of musicianship. dra Perez and Ericka Cadet. singers, including children's
ting for the combination of Cedric Marcuys, Dashjia, mind. They have attended Camp Congrats Raiderettesl choirs set the room on fire and
the following families: Donald Charmea, Jakhia, Sam, Val- The Miami Edison Senior Kanye for the past 4-summers African Orthodox Synod received trophies. Sullivan,which originated in trice, Valencia, Shantrell, majorettes have impacted a and this summetr won the 2013 celebrated its 91st Annu- Chatter That Matters will be
1928; Berthena Washington, ShantrellTrevor, Jr., La- wonderful part of the his- Best Majorette Line trophy. al Synod meeting in Miami at updating the peaceful demon1949; and Henry Burdon, trell, Sade, and Jordan. Af- tory of the marching band. Their baton twirling coach St.Peter's African Cathedral, strations following the Zim1956. Sunday morning service ter the service, Berthena They are called "Raiderettes" since 2009 is none other than 4841 NW 2nd Avenue host- merman verdict last week included a quality program provided the repast at her and they have had that name Ned C. Nottage. The young ing churches from the United which inluded Delta Sigma with Dr. Joeretha Capers, palatial home. Lakyia Shan- since the late 1950's when the ladies affectionately call him States, Barbados, Canada, Theta Sorority, local fraterpastor, T. Eilene Robinson, reka, Stethanie,. Tanysha, school was still segregated. "Coach Ned". His recipe for Cuba, and cities in the state of nal groups, churches, and Voices of Praise, featuring Val Janika, Bobby, Bobbiana, La- For the past 2-years, the the single most important fun- Florida. This convention began Hip Hoppers, Jazy J and Lil Thomas and visitors. Some of tarias, Marquan, Mashawn, Raiderettes have earned back damental traits begins with last Wednesday and lasted un- Wayne.

Rev. Shedrick Gilbert, Ve- priesthood of the Reverend
ronica O'Berry, and Norman Denrick E. Rolle. CongratuCarey. lations to you.
B A Belated wedding anniver-. Our community is very proud
sary greetings go out to Rev. of Curtis Holland and his reMaria Taylor, Davis niece Cecil Newbold, and Mrs. Woodrow (Da'Nita) cent television appearances on
of Elry Taylor Sands, visited III, Joseph Hol- Jenkins on their 7th; Ted and "So you Think You Can Dance".
from West Cavina, California loway, Juanita Jackson, Bar- Donna Turner, their 14th; Curtis is the son of Edwin and and spent three weeks with bara Kee, Princess Mildred Thomas and Dyshon White, Gaile Holland and the grandher aunt and many cousins in Johnson Ogbu, Ella McKip- their 21st; and Enos and San- son of Gloria Blatch McPhee'. Miami and Coconut Grove. ney, Terri Lynn Kelly. Eliz- dra Darling, II, their 10th; Bethune Co6kman UniverContinued prayers and get abeth Mackey, Jacqueline Alonzo and Joan Ballard, sary grads are also proud of well wishes to all sick and shut Livingston, Gail Gorig, Cyn- their 10th; Alfred and Shree Fedrick Ingraham and his ins, especially: Bernadette thia Bethel, Frances Brown, Wheeler, their 21st; and Leon distinction as being the first ..
Ingraham, Gladys and Ted Pauline McKinney, Willie and Tumai Mainor, their 11th. Black to serve as president of
Moss, Louise Cromartie, Earl Neal, Hughie Nairn Sn., Jes- July 14 marked the 11th an- The United Teachers of Dade.V Marshall, Marjorie Sharpe, sie Pinder, Norma Carey, niversary of ordination to the "Let's go Wildcatsl":

'Devious Maids' does a disservice to Latino -Photo: Kevin Mar
hMariah Carey performs on stage during MLB All Star
New TV series misguided backing of Hispanic continually tells Latinas that Betty, America Ferrera played Charity Concert.
advocacy groups, which fail to this is all they are or can ever a lovable misfit. O.n both these contains sweep- recognize that Devious Maids be." shows, the lead actors por- i ; re
c nan does not represent progress for The truth is that Hispanics trayed striving, independent Inj Msi
ing stereotypes Latinas on TV. long for more nuanced, accu- characters whom audiences
rate media portrayals. Couldn't could root for. Their ethnicity
By Raul Reyes PROMOTING CLICHES Devious Maids have featured was not the focal point of the it, sling s it w ith style
In the first few episodes, at least one Hispanic profes- show.
Lifetime's new drama Devi- Devious Maids managed to sional woman? Or, couldn't Diva s dislocated while shooting a music video,
ous Maids has arrived with nail every cliche associated one of the maids be pursuing INFLUENCE OF LONGORIA turned up Saturday night at
built-in buzz. The good news with Latinas. The maids were her education on the side? Because Longoria is admired shoulder does not Central Park's Great Lawn in
is that the show features an presented as gossipy, over- Longoria told The Canadian as an actress as well as an a dazzling, form-fitting white
all-Latina lead cast. The bad sexed and subservient. No Press that maids have stories, advocate for women and immi- stop performance gown by Natalia Danilova
news is that they're all playing wonder the show has generated and that they deserve to be grants, the National Council of and matching sling. Carey had
housekeepers. Co-executive a backlash from the Hispanic told. However, that story has La Raza, the Mexican Ameri- By Elysa Gardner only recently left the hospital,
producer Eva Longoria calls community. been told many times, from can Legal and Educational but she was set to perform as
the characters "Latina heroes." On The Huffington Post, Spanglish to Maid in Manhat- Defense Fund, and other His- NEW YORK A diva may be a guest of the New York PhilShe says the show is debunk- Michelle Herrera Mulligan, tan.. panic civic groups have helped: measured not just by how she harmonic at the Major League
ing stereotypes by showing the editor in chief of Cosmo- Devious Maids is a step promote the show with special acts under duress, but how Baseball All-Star Charity ConLatina maids as more than politan for Latinas, opined that backward because there have screenings. But by blindly she dresses. cert, benefiting relief efforts for
maids. Unfortunately, Devious Devious Maids "does a tremen- been popular, well-rounded supporting Longoria, they are Mariah Carey, who dislo- Hurricane Sandy. Maids doesn't debunk stereo- dous disservice." Author Alisa Hispanic characters on TV in Please turn to MAIDS 6C cated her shoulder July 7 Please turn to MARIAH 6C
ty p e s; it rein forces th em V a ld es w rote on N B C L atin o th e p a st. O n G eorg e L op ez ......... ................................................................................................................. .................................................................................. ..............................................................................................................................
The show has drawn negative com that "there is something Lopez played a family man reactions from Latinos for good very wrong with an American who was a manager at an reason. It has also won the entertainment industry that aviation company. On Ugly

Another victory for the rap industryT

JAY-Z "The advertising and promo- ers are flocking toward now. It I
continued from IC tion broadened the scope of made you feel like you were in,
who the consumer is," Bakula the backroom with these guys."

and give away one million says. "You have people who Magna, Jay-Z's 13th No. .
downloads via a phone app, weren't rabid Jay-Z fans being 1, extends the rapper's lead .....
expected to backfire by some, exposed and getting wrapped among solo artists for the most:, '7,
apparently had no negative im- up in the story and content. In chart-topping albums. Among pact, says David Bakula, senior one widely watched NBA game all artists, he ranks second bevice president of analytics at (with a commercial that an- hind The Beatles, who have 19, ,..
Nielsen Entertainment. nounced the album and give- according to Billboard. Elvis '
Magna's tally, the year's sec- away), you're reaching a mas- Presley and Bruce Springsteen.. ond-highest sales week behind sive audience." are third with 10 each.
Justin Timberlake's 968,000 Samsung's aggressive out- Magna also set a record for for The 20/20 Experience, was reach with ads and behind-the- the biggest first week ever on higher than predicted and es- scenes videos "got fans so much digital music service Spotify, .
pecially impressive considering more engaged," he says. "And with more than 14 million al-: the freebies. engagement is what consum- bum streams.

Cover promotes an emotional stir
ROLLING STONE in the 1970s, it featured the single newsstand. ..
continued from iC groundbreaking political cover- Magazine covers are. designed =========;=ii::: ..": (::: ... ... ::
age of gonzo journalist Hunter to attract attention, and this
help, never mind that the photo S. Thompson. And, speaking of one certainly has. : ..:
has appeared everywhere, in- mass murderers, Charles Man- Editor Tina Brown estabcluding on the front of The New. son was once on the cover of lished herself as a magazine "i ;'
York Times. Rolling Stone. megastar with her buzz-gener- :i!:~i~~}; @: .: ::.: i
The comments in such venues While the full text of the an- ating covers at Vanity Fair and :::::::::::::::::: as Twitter, Facebook and Bos- tidle isn't scheduled to be re- The New Yorker. '4/ :::::;:....
ton.comn are brutal, lambasting leased until Friday, it hardly And magazine covers fre- ~i: i:!;::. i%: .
the magazine for glorifying ten- sounds like a puff piece. Here's quently stir up controversy. {i ii~ rorists and calling for readers the cover type: "THE BOMBER," Often it's because they make /3,'~j
to boycott it in the future. followed by, "How a Popular, some people uncomfortable: the .!!.:.;: ;! .Yg
But while it's understandable Promising Student Was Failed breast-feeding momn on the coy- 7 /7/7 ;.,. / ::,:,. ...
that people are upset by the at- by his Family, Fell Into Radical er of Time; a very pregnant and 7"' "." :/ /,g/ ':;/ :,>'. 2 // '/ ': .....' ..
tention to "ahar," I'm ntsure Islaman Becamea Monster very nked Demi Mooreon te ..............
Rolling Stone is guilty of any I don't know about you, but to cover of Vanity Fair; Bert and I'A nrtr C IN~ fN t IAU
journalistic a crimes, mecligsomebody a monster Ernie sugigon a ouch ashh~l~~.I 1IIW ~OIIO

d:ered: whata a maazine that fyn im. jutcson Trv (right after th ,,.,,,,,,,N/t filHUN'~D1W MIMIBMN UR oreImmner ow ooie JWsonmohteloribhya(ICoJ NI .... '...
tends to feature on its covers Rolling Stone posted five "rev- Defense of Marriage Act deci- niftunuI rlfhrin iini/ ahliinirutir

Stones is trying to tell us by website and said the author, Yorker.,,|,I["tIV fllt~lhtIIWI~lIht N
putting an alleged terrorist out contributing writer Janet Reit- And sometimes the brou- CN]f][ I]i[A[ [WAIIIJ IA!~U~IAhNrh/, there. But Rolling Stone has a man, had spent two months in- haha ensues because of jour- [ MI i [I I ,flWW~ UIIlWIiIISUII t~[l
long history of featuring seri- terviewing "dozens of sources" nalistic malfeasance, as when AA l~ILLILLIUAiIL~IIW IlMII~ CJI lfjj

rock 'n' roll. It sounds like a serious effort Simpson. ':: :IIAh:ifD:iI1I' i NIVRSA
Just three years ago, Gen. to find out what could impel a Oh, and in case you were won- EIS' I'llb llf lIfhl:lIIII!WIUILUJ '
Stanley McChrystal lost his young man to kill indiscrimi- dering: Dr. Hook & the Medi- : ii:i: ::... ....
job as commander of the U.S. nately. That's an important cine Show saw their dreams forces in Afghanistan because journalistic mission, not an ef- come true. They made the coverS T R S FD A U GT 2
of an article in Rolling Stone fort to glamorize evil, of the Rolling Stone on March S ~ ~ ~ F I A
that featured caustic comments As for the cover itself, it 29, 1973, with the caption:AGS about President Obama by the has already achieved its goal "What's-Their-Names Make The CHEC L.OCAL LISTINGS FOR THtEAT~ERS AND SHOWTIMES$
general and his aides. Back even before appearing on a Cover."


Senators reach dealI on student .loans

0 The deal would offer students lower inter- Df] Senate calendar. however, recognized the potenest rates through the 2015 academic year The bipartisan agreement tial to be blamed for the added
butthe raes ereexpcte toclib aoveisexpected to be the final in costs in the 2014 elections if
butr theyae were exptet et climpov a string of efforts that have nothing were done.
whee tey erewhe sudets eftcam usemerged'from near constant The House has already
this spring, work to utido a rate hike that passed student loan legislation
took hold for subsidized Staf- that also links interest rates
By Phillip Elliott cial markets but Democrats ford loans on July 1. Rates for to the 10-year Treasury-note.
The Associated Press won a protection for students new subsidized Stafford loans The differences between the
-that rates would never climb doubled from 3.4 percent to Senate and House versions are
WASHINGTON -Heading higher than 8.25 percent for 6.8 percent, adding roughly expected to be resolved before
off a costly rate increase for undergraduate students. $2,600 to students' education students return to campus
returning college students, a Graduate students would not costs. this fall.
bipartisan group of senators pay rates higher than 9.5 per- Lwaesfo ohpr e tdnshdbroe
reached dal ednsda cnt nd arets ate woldties called the hike senseless for fall classes. Students
that would offer students bet- top out at 10.5 percent. %but differed on how to restore typically do not take out loans
ter rates this fall but perhaps The deal was described by Athe lower rates. Republicans until just before they return
assign higher rates in coming Republican and Democratic have pushed for a link between to campus and Congress had
years. aides who insisted on anonym- interest rates and the financial until they left for the August
The deal would offer students ity because they were not au- markets. Obama included that recess to restore the lower
lower interest rates through thorized to discuss the ongoing link in his budget proposal, as rates.
the 2015 academic year but negotiations by name. -Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press did House Republicans. Demo- Lawmakers and their top
then rates were expected to A vote on the agreement President Barack Obama speaks in the Rose Garden of the crats balked, saying it could aides have been tinkering with
climb above where they were could come as early as Thurs- Wht osi ahntnMy3,21,weeh aldproduce government profits on various proposals 4-nudging
when students left campus day, although it could be Wht osi ahntnMy3,21,weeh ald the backs of borrowers if rates here, trimming there trythis spring. The interest rates pushed back to the middle of on Congress to keep federally subsidized student loans continued to climb. ing to find a deal that avoids
would be linked to the finan- next week depending on the rates from doubling on July 1. Leaders from both parties, Please turn to LOANS 6C

Back to school fr less.j

Spending is

expected to be,

less this year'~
By Megan Kowalski

Despite higher -prices for
back-to-school needs, stu- ,~
dents and parents will spend
nearly eight percent less this
season than in 2012, according to a sur vey. out Thursday
from the National Retail
Parents will save by shoppingearier or ale, shp- '~A number of recent reports suggest that many college graduping online and by having at es are overqualified for their jobs.
children re-use items. bought

to-school season, the NRF.H 'dc t o
says. g e
Average back-to-school
spending will be $635, down ~
from last year's average of oe j bn o ?
$689, the NRF says. Back-. Js .Ooi oe o n j b
to-college spending also will Jade Garcia, 8, does some badck-to-school shopping Wednesday at a Wal-Mart store
shrink this year, the NRF ____________says, to an average of $837 in Chicago. Those with degrees
for supplies.- in cluding ap- increase in the cost of school ton Investment Company, shopping could increase :found lesinvested WOKRENGAGEMENT
parel, electronics and dorm supplies, fees and activi- says increasing prices offer 36% from last year if stu- lesso okes asdo
frihns-down from ties estimated by Columbus, parents a chance t o "teach dents add a midprice $300 By Share oft workrsbasdo
furnishinst yer By Maryate Bethbse Muntingto educationhw oby ale opucass ccr- ...level............. --. who agree ****, edctonlvewo ge
total U.S. spending will be Bank's annual "Backpack on a budget and stick to a ing to the Backpack Index. American workers who have that "at work I have the
$26.7 billion Index," also out Thursday. budget in one-day-in-the-life ."We are seeing the- trend of a college degree are less likely opportunity to do what I do
The back-to-school drop Belinda, Sherman, presi- example." tablet-buying become more than workers with just a high best everyday":
comes despite a 7.3 percent dent of the bank's Hunting- The cost of back-to-school Please turn to SCHOOL 6C school diploma to feel enthusi* astic about their jobs, and that's
............ ....... ............ ..........................."bad..for..the..U.S.. economy,"e UanewcoHigh"aschoolgh diplomaplo or rless
report says.
The trend holds no matter how
Stat ad its:Sch o'l rad s fl wed much workers make or how old Technical school/some college
they are, says the report by Gal- 30%
Ofiiasdeie to property values, have J......writing portion of the FCAT- lup Education, a division of the Cleegaut
become so diluted they no and mediocre performances research and polling company.
system doesn't longer serve their intended in readngand math. It's based on surveys of more 28%.
goal measuring a school's For some schools, it can be than 150,000 American adults Postgrrdat wno Wrk or degree


Work of legendary photojournalist John H. White

By Suzanne Rust says White. "It's a privilege says White. "I never look back
and an opportunity, a daily on things; I'm just running
From the first time award- divine assignment. What does with the ball. Sometimes you
winning photojournalist John -it entail? It's simple. It's being get knocked out of bounds, so
H. White held a camera, it was the eyes of others, seeing life, to speak, and you look to see
the beginning of a love affair. "7_ capturing it and sharing it." those who are there, reaching
"I was just 13. 1Ibought my White feels that what he does to help you out. All at once,
first camera with 10 Bazooka is fresh, renewing, and excit- there is kindness and supBubble Gum wrappers and ing.When it comes to staying port and you're like, wow... it
fifty cents," he says. -~relevant, White, Who is well makes me thankful. What was
When it comes to photojour- into his sixties, is on top of it. his secret for longevity in this
nalism, White is one of our na- He's not beneath shooting with industry? "It's from God. I like
tional treasures. His celebrated aniPhone. "The greatest thing to think that I'm doing his will
images -capture the heart and to capture is God's creation and I get this divine fuel for my
soul of humanity. When you in nature, both human and journey. People are asking me
see what this man has brought environmental. I get so excited what I'm going to do next, and
to the table, it makes recent when I see people happy, when I'm thinking, 'I always walk
events all the more baffling. I see the reflection. of the-sun, 'with God, I would not walk
In a shocking move that I -i a beam through the clouds, -ahead of him, but, while I'm,
took place just weeks ago, the or snowflakes dancing as they waiting for my new syllabus,
Chicago Sun-Times fired its fall. And I love the pureness -of I'm going to polish my wings. I
entire photography staff. White .children." am going to recharge, reboot,
and his colleagues, twenty- -restore, and renew -because I
eight of them, will be replaced ~-IMAGES AiS A SERENADE. will fly.'"
by reporters trained to take FO UAIY White, who has actually been
pictures and videos with ter"My favorite photographs -are working on .a book for many
iPhones. the ones that capture the pure yas ilfnlyddct
White is a very philosophical PHOTO JOURNALIST JOHN H. WHITE raw intimacy of life," he says. more time to that endeavor.
and spiritually grounded man. -"I love it so much. I love what I And his camera is always in
Everything he says and does waving, and there was a man -ing of the church, and he was vironmental Protection Agency do. It's a serenade for human- hand. "Yes, it is. Every day. is a reflection of that. I had the on that train. My dad said, fully hooked. hired White to photograph ity." -I'm not going to miss anysincere pleasure of talking to 'Johnny, that is a great man, "I am so thankful for the.- Chicago's African-American .Anyone who has spent time thing, not in this lifetime," him about his life behind the he's the president of the United journey from then until now," community for its DOCUMERI- with the North Carolina na-' he says. "Whether you agree camera, his reaction to the States.' And even though there says White. "Dreams come CA project. iekosta i ata or disagree with the Chicag
layoffs, and about all-of the- were a lot of people there, that -true when you keep them While those 'images capture -is, "Keep in flight." It's what Sun-Times' decision to rely on good things that his upbeat -man looked me right in the -alive, that's why the nutrition many vicissitudes of Black life, has helped get him through writers armed with iPhones to perspective ensures must lie eyes and waved. President of love, vision, and hope are they also capture the spirit the loss of his job. This is hist capture pictures, you must adahead. Eisenhower waved -at me. So important ingredients for the and hope of humanity. -phrase for inspiring his col- mit you cannot replace the
those early images have been a road map of life. My family He has photographed lumi- leagues. White remembers a work of a photojournalist such A FRONT, SEAT TO HISTORY part of latent phot *ography for gave me roots and wings, and names such as Pope John Paul time when occasionally the as John H. White. His spirit
"I am a photojournalist. I've me. Sometimes it takes time a four letter word called 'love.' II, Nelson Mandela, Mother publisher and the editors.- is just as strong as his shots. had a front seat to history" for those images to develop, I don't remember a time when Teresa, Muhammad Ali in his -would come out on assign- -That always came through on
-White proclaims. But his story but they are pieces of the I was with my parents and prime, and President Barack met n ihsmr epe-the page.
has simple origins, puzzle: family, friends, rela- they didn't tell me, 'We -love Obama, just to name a few. In could get a taste of life in all its "Everybody has a song, I
"When Iwas in third grade tives, and the church. All of you, Johnny.' It's an important 1982,, John H. White received terrifying variety. believe it," affirms the photoour father took us out of school -these innate images inspired ingredient, as nourishing as the Pulitzer Prize for Feature An outpouring of support for -journalist. "The idea is not to and brought us to the train me. I started using the camera water." Photography. -the master die with your potential. You're
station in Winston Salem, of the heart before I started Armed with that confidence The outpouring of support not supposed to. You have to
North Carolina. He made sure using the camera." Soon after and support, White began PHOTOGRAPHY: A DAILY that he has received in the share it."
we were standing right in that came White's first assign- building the professional body DIVINE ASSIGNMENT aftermath of being part of a How fortunate that his
front," recalls White. "A big ment. When the family church of his work at the Chicago'- The man loves what he does, masfrn ma mv'ed -this potential is forever captured
train pulled up, with all of burned down, his father asked Daily News when he was in his plain and simple. "It's never a humble and well-loved man... for the world to see in White's this fanfare, music -and flags --him to photograph the rebuild- 20s. In the early '70s, the En- -job. I never refer to it as a job," "That's what touches me most," -stunning images.

Legends of the Summer tour prove

they surely can bring g- in the heat.

By Elysa Gardner -particularly in the second
half, during a long stretch that
When Justin Timberlake opened with Pusher Love Girl
sang, several numbers into his and included a crowd-pleasing ~..,~
Friday night concert with Jay Z '~ Cry Me A River the audience --at Yankee Stadium, "It feels like failed to notice, remaining rapt.
something's heating up," he -Granted, the number that 0=
wasn't just bringing sexy back. generated the most excitement
The lyric, from Timberlake's was Jay Z's Empire State of 4Senorita, applied in the- lit- Mind but that was in part ~ 4
eral sense at the first of the -- bease of the ravishing Alicia
dynamic duo's two shows at Ke--,-- ys, who popped up to sing Kelly Rowland and her rescuer, towboat captain Noah
the venue, and the first stop ~i-the chorus, as she does on the Santos, a day after her high seas ordeal.
in the USA on their Legends -- recording. (Timberlake offered
of the Summer tour. (The trek -a loungey take on the theme
launched Wednesday in To-- from New York, New York as aK e l R oanr scd
ronto.) Friday marked the peak Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z perform during the Legends prelude.) Timbaland also made 0o tl st a e
of a heat wave that roasted the of the Summer Tour. an appearance, joining- Tim- r I
East Coast this past week. By berlake for SexyBack. Despitefr n.b a lo t tse
9:20 p.m., when the two made. ly on previous hits and crowd vor his witty wordplay. He re- the venue, and Jay Z's Brooktheir entrance, each accom- favorites. ceived their love as a matter of lyn roots, there were few other By Fran Wetzel to steer them the 30 miles back
panied by a red spotlight, the .Taking turns in the spotlight, fact, whether playfully leading nods to the Big Apple, aside to shore. The former Destiny's
temperature still hung in the they also shared it,'embellish- the crowd through an old fave from the obligatory shout-outs Kelly Rowland. had to be res- Child singer ended up spendvicinity of 90 degrees. Pros that ing and riffing on each other's such as 99 Problems or Hard to the home crowd. But the cued from a private boat after it ing 12 hours at sea and arrived they are, Jay Z (who's ditched material. Timberlake crooned a Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) stars ended the concert decked got lost at sea. back at shore around 10pm on
the hyphen, in case you haven't few bars from the Jackson 5's or fervidly selling the Magna, out like city swells, defying the The R&B star, 32, had been last Friday.heard) and Timberlake didn't I Want You Back as an intro to Carta tracks Tom Ford and F-- heat to perform an encore of whale-watching on the rented The employee of TowboatUS complain. There' was nary a Jay Z's Izzo (H.O.VA.), which -WithMeYouKnowlGotlt. Suit & Tie Timberlake's first -vessel, which was following a said the passengers were "tired
reference to the weanther, in samples the classic, while Jay His tour partner proved a 20/20 single, featuring Jay ZI commercial tour, when the cap- and thankful", adding: "They


Despite injury Mariah keeps her style

MARIAH a tiny bit of pain."~
continued from 3C But she rallied again, deliver- PRSCUO WAT CRSBRW O OT PIO
AAing her current single #Beauti- POEUO AT HI RW OG OPIO
Carey made her entrance afwful in a robust alto embellished FOR VIOLATING HIS PROBATION
miue ltlavn h Pi-wthhrtadmr olrtr The prosecutors in Chris Brown's recent hit-and-run accident are going for the
harmonic and its music direc- 1 hgh notes near the end. kill. They want Chris to go to prison for violating bhe terms of his probation. But the
tor/conductor Alan Gilbert to She again thanked the Phil- odd thing about it is that they now have another person to fight: The woman is saycool their heels after perform- harmonic, and another sup- ing that she doesn't want Chris to go to prison over the incident, so her attorney is
ing Randy Newman's suite from ~'~porting musician: her longtime puhnfoCritobleofeay
the 1984 baseball-themed film .~collaborator and former fellow
The Natural. But the singer was American Idol judge Randy LOLO JONES NOT SANCTIONED AFTER NIGHTCLUB FIGHT
gracious, noting what an honor Jackson, who was playing gui-. The U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation said it has found no reason to sanction
itw st efr ih teo-tar. Olympic hopeful Lobo Jones for her role in a nightclub altercation that involved the
chestra. The concert, which fans at- stepdaughter of one of the sport's Hall of Famers. Jones and the woman, whose
"I'm not in the best of health tnefofre-snospo- name was not released, got into some sort of argument early last Saturday and were
here," she said, pointing to her vided the funds to Sandy Relief eventually separated by bouncers at Roomers, a popular club in Lake Placid, N.Y.,
"fanciful" sling: "It was us get- -asfetrdagstper- where the federation is based.
ting creative." As a finishing ance by former New York Yantouch, she draped it in a white kees manager Joe Torre, who BROOKLYN NETS COACH JASON KIDD GETS PROBATION FOR DWI
fur stole by Gucci, no less. "Is narrated Casey at the Bat ac- Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd pleaded guilty last Tuesday to a misdemeanor
this working? Do we like it?" she copne ytePihro- drunken driving charge and was placed on interim probation a year after he smashed
rhetorically asked the crowd, ic. Other musical selections hsCdla U noauiiypl nesenLn sad
which roared its approval. '~,,nodded to baseball and/or New
Carey sang two numbers be- .~York, among them a sumptuous TYSON GAY TESTS POSITIVE FOR BANNED SUBSTANCE
fore intermission, a husky, im- piece from Leonard Bernstein's Amrcn10mt eodhlerTsnGyasetdpsivefrabnd
passioned My All and Looking On the Town and a suite from susaeriand 100-mete recultord the Tyol Gayhasmedpiosinetv fort an banne
In. She noted that the later was the recent Jackie Robinson trib- sbtneadsy ewl ulu ftewrdcaposisnx ot nMs
a more obscure entry from her ute movie 42. cow.
1995 album Daydream: "This 'ACarey, a native New Yorker
requires a bit more stability herself, wrapped the concert
thanI hae riht nw," he sidwith a song she said felt appro- Deal offers lower interest. tha I averigt ow, sh sad, CHANGE UP- Ever the professional, Mimi even managed a HeowGdbesyu".
then started in her airier voice, csuehag'ri erpfomnepriate, Hr."o ls o .......
later encouraging "people who CsueCagdrighrpfomneshe told the crowd and, not to LOANS cent and parents would be able
know it" to "sing along." her fans to "Wait for me. I love was all in black' sling included, be upstaged, exited before a continued from 4C to borrow at 6.4 percent.
Ending the mini-set in equal-* you madly, I love you madly.' "I'm sorry if I was a little emo- fireworks display brought the But if the economy improves
ly dramatic fashion, she asked When she returned, Carey tional before," she said. "I'm in evening to a close, added red ink for students and as congressional economists ........................................~~~~~~~~~~th g o v ern m ent.. alike.................................... --........................................................... ......... ........... .................................................................... t e g v r m n l k .p red ict, rates w ou d c i bn
The deal was estimated to re- coming years. The compromise
Test: P t m re ocu moe o sp tia skllsduce the deficit by $715 million reached Wednesday evening
Tess:Pu m re oc s or o sp til kilsover the next decade. would limit how high those
........................................................................Undergraduates.....lasteryearatratestyecouldesgoldalthoughugh .all
SKILL searchers judged to be a criti- suspected, but not as well re- in school. borrowed at 3.4 percent or 6.8 were higher than the current
continued from 4C cal diagnostic for achievement searched" -as the predictive "It's not like math or English, percent, depending on their fi- fixed levels.
in technology, engineering, power of math skills, said Da- it's not part of an academic nancial need. Lawmakers from both parthe professional progress of 563 math and science. vid Geary, a psychologist at the curriculum," he said. "It's more Graduate students had ac- ties met with Obama and Vice
students who had scored in the Cognitive psycl .logists have University of Missouri, who was of a basic competence. For that cess to federal loans at 6.8 per- President Joe Biden on Tuesday top 0.5 percent on the SAT 30 'long suspected that spatial not involved in the study, which reason it just wasn't on people's cent and parents borrowed at .at the White House. An outline years ago, when they were 13. ability sometimes referred was funded by the John Tem- minds when developing these 7.9 percent. of an agreement seemed to be
At the' time, the students had to as the "orphan ability" for pleton Foundation. The new re- tests." Under the deal, all under- taking shape Tuesday, with folalso taken the Differential Ap- its tendency to go undetected search is significant, he said, It is also a competence more graduates this fall would bor- low-up meetings Wednesday in titude Test. .-is key to success in techni- for showing that "high levels of associated with men than row at 3.85 percent interest Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin's
Years later, th .e children who cal fields. Earlier studies have performance in STEM fields" women. In the current study, rates. Graduate students would office yielding a final agreehad scored exceptionally high shown that students with a science, technology, engineer- boys greatly outnumbered have, access to loans at 5;4 per- ment. on the SAT also tended to 'be high spatial aptitude are not ing and m ath "are not simply girls, 393 to 170, reflecting the ......................... ........................1 ............................. ......... ....................
high achievers not surpris- only overrepresented1 in those related to math abilities." original scores of the students ~d v c sp r h s
ingly measured in terms of fields, but may. rec 'eive little Testing spatial aptitude is not in the '70s. Mobile d v c s#1pu c a e
the chscholarly s thy papersace nthey chhadad guidancey dffiint highery schooltud andd oparticularly....... difficult, and patents that underachieve as a result. (Note added, but is simply not part of ference in the levels of adult SCHOOL of college students- now own a*
they held. But there was an to parents: Legos and chem- standardized testing because achieyement, said Dr. Lubin- continued from 4C tablet,.up from seven percent in
even higher correlation with istry sets are considered good. it is considered a cognitive ski, though the women were its 2011 survey.
success among those who had gifts for the spatial relations; function the realm of I.Q. more likely than the men to synonymous with the back-to-:. Although they can be expenalso scored highest on the spa- set.) and intelligence tests -and Wvork in medicine and the so- school season than ever be- sive, -mobile devices such as
tial relations test, which the re- The correlation has "been is not typically a skill taught cial sciences. fore," says NRF spokeswoman tablets offer a functionality that
----------------------- .................................................................................1 ...........................................................................................................K a ey......for.....c o lle ge..........s tu d e n ts,........... Ksa ysrn n s
While tablets are popular, CourseSmart's Cindy Clarke.

Grad s s oul refecton tud nt a h~i~ve ent fore buying one, parents should a student's life that they prob-GRADES--- for--- bonuses. The -------ar-n--ra-e-in, rtig nmt research the rules for tablets at ably prioritize that purchase,
GRADS fr bnuss. heyParlan rel e- ig, ritng nd athportions their child's school. .or it's very high on their Christcontinued from 4C grades also can affect ~ ~tate agent Michael of the FCAT, but in recent years "Then there's also .the fact mas list," she said, adding that
property values since '~Citron. the formula has included moretatehogydscane heblvsteppuriyf
a single year and the account- many families look to ,, But Fort Lauder- subjects as well as graduation ta ehooyde hneseblee h ouaiyo
ability system should reflect move into neighbor- dale parent Nick rates, end of course exams and every few years, and- parents tablets on campuses will conwhat's on in the schools." hoods with A-rated .Sakhnovsky sees other data. ha ol reies for newi thld ech-say Tuet grw. e owih
Runcie said the current sys- schools. the change as trou- "What began as a pure grad- Grannir tercidnsa stabletg prssure notwithtem relies too much on arbi- But the number of 'bling. ing system, a pure measure, Focllg shpe'bu-21sholadolgeesn
trary cutoff scores rather than A schools in Broward "There are par- over time has become overly ges lcrnc ste biggest is different, because parents
student improvement. Last County skyrocketed ents who are bas- nuanced," said Bennett, add- gtecroIcist
year the state increased the from 12 in 1999 to 128 BENNETT ing their decisions ing he may recommend no slice, according to the NRF sur- are shopping with "cost and
passing writing score from a 3 last year. While some' or attitudes toward more than a one letter drop con.Truto aesd rom ing ptgiicaltinmndtlymre onv
to a 3.5 out of a possible 6 un- was due to better student per- a school and teachers solely on next year, which is the last year ecton alor serviestd c omn teroing spn infcilen's nd til the scores plummeted and it formance, changes in the grad- the .grades," he said. "It's mis- FCAT will be used.edctoasrvesomny hirgwnghlrn'nes
returned to a 3. This year, it's ing scale have also been a major leading to parents." ."I will hold fast this should Cus~atfud3 ecn atya.
going back up to a 3.5. factor, raising questions about Education Commissioner not and cannot be part of the -........... ..... .........
"Who's to say it shouldn't be whether an A school is always Tony Bennett said the one let- permanent accountability W~orkers less job -engaged a 3.2? What's the scientific log- a top-performing school. ter "safety net" is a transition landscape," Bennett said. ic where you put the [cutoff]?" Many families are aware the plan until the state develops a Members of the Board of Edhe asked. criteria has changed over the more permanent grading sys- ucation agreed the system is JOB tion workers were the least enThe state grades .are impor- years and "they will delve a lit- tem next year based on a new flawed, but had other ideas to continued from 4C gaged (16 percent) tant to schools, as they can tle deeper and look at school's set of national standards called. fix it. Some wanted to overhaul Among managers or execuaffect enrollment. Teachers at reputation and go online to Common Core. the whole system, which Ben- ..More than half of all work- tives, those whose education
schools that get As or which see different ratings and tes- School grades historically nett said there was not enough ers (52 percent) were not en- ended in high school diploma
see~. imrveet ar eligible tonal on -ebits l s Id ~ have been base on the A rea tim to do-- gage in -: thei jobs, inld n r less were most engagedr (41

The Miami Times

B siness, II4


giving the city a chance for a
Motown is now largest in history to fresh start, without burdens
of debt it cannot hope to fully
file for bankruptcy in U.S.pyr.
By Nancy Kaffer, Stephen .In the letter, Snyder exH e nr.MHlplained his decision by citing Henderson and Matt Helmshobbled the .............. ................ ...................... ............ .. ....................... sta t stic th t h a e h b b e h
.. i d !: .. ...,....' -city's operations:
DETROIT Detroit, the 'The city's unemployment
once-thriving Midwest me- .,ate has nearly tripled since
tropolis that gave birth to theraehsnrltipdsnc nation's auto industry, is now 2000 and is more than double
the largest city in U.S. history The oaliaerae
to fle or ankrptc. *The homicide rate is at
Kofievy for, thekrucy's ap-historically high levels, and the Keyyn Orr, the city's ap- '
pn ern g city has been named among
pointed emergency manager, America's most dangerous for
formally sought federal bank- more than 20 years. ruptcy court protection on Detroiters wait an averThursday after Michigan Gov.
Rick Snyder, a Republican, ap- age of 58 minutes for police to
RikSndr aRpulcna-respond, compared with the proved the filing, deeming the respond, core wt te
decision necessary "as a last ntia permnte.
resort to return this great city A m 0
of the city's street lights didn't
to financial and civic health for KEVYN ORR work io the iret lights dn
~. ~. ~work in the first quarter of
its residents and taxpayers." City's appointed ~ 03
a "Iknow many will see this as- b Emergency Manager 2hoto: Bil.....l 2a. Roughly 78,000 city struca low point in the city's his- :.'. .:. .
story Snyder wrote in a the foundation of the city tures have been abandoned.
yi-Photo: Bill Pulia The combination of lost auto
authorizing the bankruptcy future a statement I canfiling. "If so, I think it will also not make in confidence absent A portion of downtown Detroit along the Detroit river. Please turn to ORR 8D
................................. .......... ........ ............ ........ ............................... ........ ................. ................

Cellphones and testing have >. ,.' -. -.
It- U

blown up the dating culture Yahoo's comeback,

By Sharon Jayson -1 and move forward (or not) in
.. .I.. . . . O OILE CH NE IN HAIT a relationship. Texting has
Drew Johnson has learned created a new brand of mobile luring investors
that when it comes to asking a etiquette, and for dating, it
woman out, texting beats call- has given rise to new ways of The AssociatedPress Silicon Valley and Wall Street.''
ing every time. flirting and even defining ex- People are spending more ,a
"Most of'the girls I've hung actly what's going on between SAN FRANCISCO -Not' time on Yahoo's flagship webout with lately prefer group two people. much had been going right site. Talented engineers and
activity rather than one-on- PRACTICAL FORDATI NG A new survey of 1,500 dat- for Yahoo until it entrepreneurs are
acivt rather thans M aye-onone," says Johnson, .30, a me- WO m-bll Ito SC 1I an plan ers provided to USA TODAY re- lured Marissa Mayer coming to work for
chanical engineer from West veals how deeply mobile tech- away from Google to the company. InvesChicago, Ill., who plays bass nology has rocked the dating become its CEO last tors are adding its
in a band. "From my observa- world. The daters, ages 21 to summer. The move long-languishing
tions, the response rate on, 50, give even greater insight is shaping up as the stock to their portfoli
'Do you want to go for dinner .g3% into mobile behaviors and a best thing to happen os again. The signs of
or meet for a drink?' is very :- new range of dating questions: to Yahoo since 2005 renewed interest and
low compared to 'I'm here with Do you check your phone dur- when it invested $1 hope mark a dramata group of people. Show up if tK% ing a date? How soon must 'billion in what was ic change from the
you want to,' he says. you reply to a text? Should a then a little-known feelings of hopelessCasual, easy andnon friend call or text you to see Internet company in YERness that had envelthrateing- te smpl .how the date is going? Hear- China, Alibaba. hoped Yahoo under the
threatening the simple ... Chin.......
beauty of text messaging is ing someone's voice on the Mayer's magnetism and direction of six CEO's in the
upending American dating ] % phone is still a key element Alibaba's prosperity are now six years leading up to Mayer's
culture. Not since the dawn of I A for a relationship, yet people combining to transform Yahoo appointment.
the automobile has a tech- are increasingly more likely from a tale of woe into a come- Yahoo's reversal of fortune
nology the cellphone so to rely on the relative "safety", back story that is winning over Please turn to YAHOO 8D
swiftly and radically changed Source: and, margin of error of a text for initial contacts as
the way people interact, meet +1-2.5 percentage points Please turn to TEXTING 8D
.................................................... ........... ... Autom akers to keep rolling,

AT&T offers faster phone upgrades despite Detroit bankruptcy

By Peter Svensson The new plan is designed to satisfy AT&T says a Samsung Galaxy S4 Big Three speak of court's support.
customers who want the latest and great- phone, for instance, would 'require continued support The city of Detroit's bankNEW YORK (AP) AT&T is making est devices. The traditional two-year ser- monthly installments of $32, or $640 ruptcy filing .apparently won't
it easier for customers to upgrade their vice contracts get in the way of annual over 20 months. At that price, the By James R. Healey affect the Big Three automakcellphones more frequently, as long as upgrades. Last week, competitor T-Mobile installment plan makes for a far more ers who, along with Motown,
they're willing to pay more. US Inc. introduced Jump, which provides expensive phone than one bought for the Detroit is still 'business in made the city famous.
The country's second-largest cellphone device insurance and more frequent up- usual $200 up-front fee. the ordinary course': The city General Motors, the biggest
carrier says it's introducing an option grades for $10 a month. .A customer who trades the S4 inofDtitiedhusnso Dtrtato krhenl
called AT&T Next on July 26. Instead of Under the AT&T Next option, custom- after a year also loses money compared documents in its bankruptcy one with its headquarters in paying, for example, $200 up front to ers can trade in their phone after a year with someone Who buys the phone for case late Thursday, as De- the city, and acompany not buy a smartphone; customers would pay and get a new one, paying no upgrade or $200, then breaks the contract after 12 troit emergency manager that far removed from the monthly installments of $15 to $50 on activation fees. As an alternative, they months, pays the early termination fee Kevyn Orr builds a case that sting of its own bankruptcy top of their service plan, depending on can stop paying the installments after 20 and sells the phone to finance a new one. the city must execute a dra- filing in 2009, said, "We do not the device. months and keep the device. .Please turn to AT&T 8D matic restructuring with the Please turn to DETROIT SD

The downside of car title loans ATRESA A 'Cr1ukcien

By Charlene Crowell payments and heavyi~i -t: Let's say you find 84Pned enBuead~
regrets. 5 yourself a little short 81 oced eo olead [ Cata~trophic injured
I th neet"f on cash; but have ..Suite 210 [1
For most people, acar paid I th nestCriminal in full is a sign of financial chapter in th State I the title to your ye- .-Coral Gables, Florida 33134
freedom. When monthly notes of Lending research hicle. A car-title _______ _______ Employment Discriminat~ion
are done, household budgets series, the Center for lender is ready how- nN.[0-4634 a Medical Malpractice
gain the opportunity to re- Responsible Lending ever to offer a loan P o:354634
direct monies to savings, a (CRL) analyzed the .:. with no questions Fax No.: 305-446-3538 17' Premiace Liability
home down payment, retire- debt traps of car-title @ asked about your rbt
ment investments or other liv- loans. It's an under- credit or other finan-Prbt
ing needs. reported financial cial obligations. The Email: f' T oxic tort
That financial relief can be issue that today af- loan will always be Website:
enjoyed unless vehicle own- fects consumers in 21 states a fraction of the vehicle's full I.M Vacation lInjuries
ers take on debt that often through more than 8,100 re- market value. Just sign the. leads to repossession: car-title tail stores. It's also an indus- loan papers and ready cash Serving your legal needs since 1995 17' Wrongful Death
loans. Like other predatory try that annually reaps $4.3 of several hundred or even a -" Reginald J. Clyne, Esq. 7g Family
financial products, the .lure billion in fees on loans total- few thousand dollars is yours. .--.--.-.
of easy cash almost always ing $1.9 billion, with an aver- What car-title lenders seldom c ,ot P.A ewesc~its~oro noougthFr'okaa Miadn~e eoamoand am hes~tn Cu',as. on a Rl an Chep~ tlrngotaayriamprtaldci, t leads to nagging, long-term age loan size of only $1,042. Please turn to CAR SD ann-an n'mmaon onl rh~fra n~ '~'ntmsnd to acstr~~ ~aav of rmtta aw rea~n~~ntY'p t ~~n n0


Bankruptcy declared in Motor City Yahoo sees fortune reversal

ORR than $1 billion in estimated consultancy in the Detroit famous "Drop Dead" speech, YAHOO increasing, if ever so used most of the aftercontinued from 7D liabilities, but Orr has said area. "The fight that's taking but a last-minute bailout ar- continued from 7D slightly, after three tax proceeds to buy
Detroit's total financial re- place in Detroit is the fight rived via a $150 million in- straight years of de- back Yahoo's stock,
industry jobs and rising sponsibilities could be as that's going to take place vestment in municipal secu- will be in the spot- clime. a tactic that has funcrime rates prompted many high as $20 billion, around the country as other rities from the city teacher light Tuesday when. Despite all that, neled money back to
middle-class whites and Because of the stakes in- struggling cities and munici- union's pension fund. teSnyae ai. ae a' aete n ose h
Blacks to flee Detroit over volved, and the impact on palities come to 'grips with In April, Stockton became themSunyvaelesCalif., mayeh candit tkeYa- thempand' boednthg
thepat decades. That residents statewide, as well major financial issues." California's fourth city .to scopanyress fi- mh' rediget fok Ya r comaey erning exodus left behind an over- as 30,000 current and re- The bankruptcy isn't likely seek bankruptcy protection nancial results on teMost of the 75 percent the amount of outwhelmingly poor and nearly tired city workers and De- to spur many similar filings since the national reces- on-eraivsry ncaeintehrssadngtckYho
83 percent Black population, troit's ability -to stay in by other U.S. cities because sion's start five years ago. hn er.arvray nasbeein thienb a es~tndAin s t.08 making Detroit the nation's business, the case could be state and local laws in most There have been 36 munici- o ae' upiehsbe rvnb ne pi ih'.8
largest Black-majority city. precedent setting in the fed- cases don't allow localities pal bankruptcy filings since hirMayerom 38,.. had beeicspny' vae inf th ar ailo decstasnding
The U.S. Bankruptcy Court eral judiciary. It could also to turn to th~e federal court January 2010, according to Myr 8 a encmayssaei hrs, eraeo
a top executive, who.Alibaba Group, which 102 million, or 9~ per.
filing represents perhaps the set an important trajectory system for protection, said Governing Magazine. Two...................................rk of centfrom last ,July ..
biggest body blow yet to a for the way troubled cities Michael Pagano, dean of the proceedings, in Harrisburg, playe a evoletin. autln etwme aoosilon faded city that's now home to deal with shrinking popula- College of Urban Planning Pa., and Boise County, Idaho, from startup to. pow- and digital payment 24 percent stake in barely 700,000 down from tions, dwindling tax bases and Public Affairs at the Uni- were dismissed. erhouse.sevcsiChn. Aba. Shctr
a peak of 1.8 million during and large debts from munici- versity of Illinois-Chicago. Woodward Avenue runs Tedys ruls"erierrCnc est Aimates tht ou.
the auto industry boom years pal pension systems and gov- Cleveland defaulted on its towards downtown Detroit Tresday sxpectedr tots."hoor'sn estok-bingiatstht $oul
of the 1950s and struggles erment services, debt during the 1970s but through Highland Park on ..beayhn spcl, der Marissa has vir- bIldlion when Yahoo
to cope with the abandoned "I think you're looking at didn't go bankrupt. New York Thursday, July 18, 2013, .but that probably# tually nothing to do 'sells the rest of its buildings and decaying mu- a' very long and protracted City teetered at bankruptcy's the day that Detroit filed for .won't matter as long with what everyone Iholdings. Som.eof th nicipal services, bankruptcy," said Brad Coul- edge in 1975' after Presi- Chapter 9 bankruptcy. (Pho assa Myrcn ep~ ociates with ,Ya- money is expected to
The filing listed more than ter, a managing director at dent Gerald Ford rejected its to: Brian Kaufman, Detroit opehoo the U.S. op- come in when Alibaba
100,000 creditors and more O'Keefe LLC, a turnaround emergency aid request in a Free Press) that Yahooiisf main ertos" apaiemk neael n

u1years ofailessnaess, Schachter said. "We 'offering of' stock, 'exiMveeti ng and greeting dating style via text Since. her arrival, really haven't seen apetdbealnx.............. I ............... ........................e...h.s.......... IM Therrest r wo woul
TEXTING interested in dating; one in be ended- much quicker. ships develop. Young adults ed acquisitions, in-.the operations yet. come some time after
continued from 7D 10 expect a response instant- Palmer says men tradi- are used to being over- eluding a $1.1 billion Mayer wasn't in- the Chinese company
ly or within a few minutes. tionally make the first move scheduled and multitasking. purchase of Internet volved in the initial g-oes public..... well as keeping in touch as a More men (44 percent) .and women .respond, which They've grown up with group blogging service Turn- investment in Al- That looming 'jack. relationship develops, than women (37 percent) say she says is "very difficult" for activities and are more com- blr,. Yahoo's biggest ibaba. ..Shortly after pot is the main reaAlthough the survey was mobile devices make it easier men. "In texting, a man can fortable in packs. Experts inadedeYho' Myrcmenba.d snhtahossok
commissioned by two niche to flirt and get acquainted. -pull back quickly if he gets say it should be no surprise home page,.emiail.. however, Yahoo re- has climbed so 'much dating websites Chris- "Texting is kind of an on- rejected, and it's easier to say they're treating their roman- .and Flickr photo ser- ali zed a~ $7.6 billion during Mayer's and JDate. going conversation. It does 'no' to the guy because you're tic relationships in much the vice have albeen re-.winflbysligte.her-uha com their members did make it easier to flirt. Maybe' not -having to confront the same way not wanting to designed, and a few roughly. half. of its Al-i ocure evntog not participate. Rather, an you're talking every day," says guy." invest too much time or effort .mobile applications~ baba stake 'back to Yahoo has still been
independent research firm Alex Pulda, 27, who works Men and women are ad- in case they don't click. ~ have been upgraded, the Chinese companyy" losing ground to
conducted the survey in May. in product research in San justing to this new reality of Texting vs. talking keeps it ..helping to 'increase 'Investors have been. Ooogle and Facebook. The data illustrate just how Francisco. "It's not like text dating in a mobile-dependent casual. First dates are large-, ~use of the~ company'spleased. with .what .Inc. in the Internet ad much mobile technology has conveys a ton of emotion, but society. According to a repor It ly a chemistry check anyway, Inentsev.s AdMyrhas done with. market that generates altered dating behavior, 'comn- you are getting a little more released this.year by Nielsen and to many young adults, ---o--een- the- -ne She ha-iotote
munication and expectations -comfortable with each other." .based on actual phone bills the one-on-one time spent on Ifor romance. I of mobile contract 'subscrib- an actual date feels too much U g a e a yi o a a
Among the findings: A SAFER WAY TO FLIRT ers, about 764 text mes- like a commitment. Upg ads'e s fyu. .....~.. .7~..
-Approximately one-third Clinical psychologist Bev- sages per person were sent/ "If you're sitting down for AT&T service fees but in- they replace at' least
of'men (31 percent) and wom- erly Palmer,. a professor at received each month in the a' dinner date, that's put- toueinalmtevr16 oth.A
en (33 percent) agree- it's less California State University- USA in 2012, compared with ting way too much time out contnund ffn.P t ore' poiet, 16 cso m-~ intimidating to ask for a date Dominguez Hills, has re- about 165 mobile' calls per there for a first date. You With 'the install-: The Jump plan an- (-r would have $160' via text vs. a phQne call. searched flirting and ,non- month. don't know how it's going to......... u- onedls we s et in isalmn
-One in four say an hour verbal behavior. She says The rise of text in the go," says Adam Diamond, 29, toe as$84iz netra $10 a month pamets anid Jump
is the longest acceptable that because text doesn't af- world of dating is another a movie trailer editor in Los comer toyy$8 inul hav ans $160yens
response time to a text to ford the level of intimacy that indication of how much has Angeles. customer pays 'S 478' upgrade up 'to t-w ice a' i'n....... fes.
someone you are dating or voice does, relationships can changed in the way relation- Pecol'teacher Rachel fo' the phone anid for year. "~ person who upgrades

tion and uipgrade fees,' pay the $100:up i ye~arbenefits with
Lookat cartite lansandter s c ref llybut can mnake- about front fee' for. each. 3unp over the$300..of..that..b..c.b...'..ew' 300ho that"ackhb new hsne.Ther'insta inltlentn plan

CAR rower has neither title nor *The right to keep all of cent) .are under-banked. .selling .the 'old. phone. .a deductible of 'up. to 'but .would still pay.
continued from 7D use. For example, in 2008, the vehicle sales proceeds; Similarly, 20 percent of A & Net.osi. 16i te hni.*4..e.t~~'.~h
60 percent of New Mexico and Hispanic households are un- inate the ..hassle of 'lost, doesn't work, t-~ouTcrse of. two years,.
mention is that most bor- car-title borrowers lost their '*The ability to force con- banked and almost 30 per- ending a contract and has water damage .or......compared with keeprowers are unable to repay cars to repossession. tinued .payments on the loan cent (28.6 percent) under- finding a buyer. has a cracked screen. ing:thesame 'device
the full amount of fees and And what does the lender and fees \ until the full finan- banked. .j.T-Mobile introduced (AT&T Next does .not....for tw..o year.. That's
the loan in just a single get for his money? Let us cial obligation is met. h eotsplc eon a more comprehensive have an. insurance '$300 in up-front 'fees
payment. The typical bor- count the ways: So who borrows these mendations include: .change to its plans in component.)......for three. additional
rower, takes eight renewals Excessive loan fees that high-cost loans?' Typically 0 Limiting loan "'interest March. In effect, it. With Jump, customi- phones and $240 for on a single loan and even- -frequently total more than they are consumers who rates to 36 percent or less lowered the monthly ers break even when the cost of Jump.
tually pays $3,391 more the principal borrowed; earn $25,000 or less a year. and denying lenders excepthan three times the aver- Repossession of your Further, about half of all tions to state usury laws CITY OF MIAMI
age amount borrowed. Like Ivehicle, made easier 'by in-, car-title borrowers are un- both state legislative actions; AVRIEETFRBD
payday lbans, once loan fees stalled GPS trackers; 'banked. 0 Requiring lenders to AVRIEETFRBD
are paid, few funds are left An additional loan fee for According to FDIC, the fed- evaluate a borrower's ability Sae iswl ercie yteCt fMaiCt lr throfc oae
for other living needs and the repossession itself, typi- eral office that keeps track to repay the loan and meet Sae iswl ercie yteCt fMaiCt lr throfc oae
a turnstile of debt begins. cally $350-$450; of the unbanked, the large other expenses without tak- at City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133 for the following:
Worst of all, even if a car-title The right to sell the vehi- majority are people of color. ing out a subsequent loan;'IBN.3754IVTAONFRIDO'PLCEUFRM loan leads to vehicle repos- cle atmarket prices with- FDIC found that more than Charlene Crowell is a corn- BN.375:IVTTO O I O OIEUIOM
session the borrower must out your notification or the one in five Black households munications manager with AND ACCESSORIES
'continue to repay all monies chance to catch up on your (21.4 percent) are unbanked the Center for Responsible CLSNDAETE:10AM.USAAGST3,23 still owed even when the bor- loan; and one in three (33.9 per- Lending.CLSNDAETM:1:0..TU DYUG T1323
Detailed scope of work and specifications for this bid are available at the City
YY Y I of Miami, Purchasing Department, website at
GM says, "We're proud to call Detroit home" Telephone No. 305-416-1909.

DETROIT the Detroit city limits, through bankruptcy and today's bank- will, play a part in De- Deadline for Receipt of Reauests for Additional Information/Clarification:
cotne rom_ 7D Chrysleir headrqr- reorganization be- nrc declaration 'troit's comeback story, Thursday. Auaust 1. 2013 at 5:00 P.M.

21 T Fed survey finds growth

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bdr, nebah. 45. tuio$39 mhl. llbaths, newly renovated, kitchens and bathrooms at Three bdrms, two baths. appliances included. Free
101A CvicCener rea $75. 35-42-080 watr, ree19 nchLCDiv fenced yard, central air, gated affordable prices.
FreeA ivcV reewter, CalJol78-5577 parking, washer hook ups. 14130 N.W. 22nd Avenue. By Christopher S. grew in June for the
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welcome I Others available, whil Dpi-un ur
305-751-623 2 305-834-4440 24th day of July, 2013.' whl allas reported th pi-ueqa- But he also said the
1240 NE 200 Street ~ '~''~,,MARGO INVESTMENT, "strong" growth for terto an annual rate Fed wants to see subOne edrom rer ap., frst, CAPITAL RENTAL 4~"j~~~~' N. MIAMI BEACH AREA INC Maria A. Lee Applicant th seodscesv-f1prcent or less, sata rgesi
last month and $40.0 deposit. AEC i4 '"" Trebdomtoahs305-691-5499
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16NW5StetCUCFORET786-454-5213 on Thursday to head The report says mrofaixding at the fastest pace
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1450 NW 1 Avenue yard, washer/dryer hookup, 1388 NW 60 Street Need HELP??? TriainU o2 ek
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1266 NW 111 Street 1514 NW 74 Street .evrnetlcan mlyr aeBadCriidO Y'
167 NE 59 St-Unit #2 Two bedrooms,, one bath, Section 8 Preferred, three ,'.pion, but Republicans added an average ..Complete GYN Services
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167 NE 59 St-Unit #5 1820 NW 53 Street dryer, security bars, awnings. 30 -6 1-39
One bedroom, one bah el eoee.ToRemodeled bathroom and Call now, 786-486-7217 tions that are costly to month in the previous
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1709 NW 55 Street security bars. $900 mthly. 15321 NW 18 Avenue agedtLllwvts
TRILEXMIDLEUNI 76-29-493Two bedrooms, on ah ROOF REPAIRS- are oalwvts,.
first, last and scrt.$890.32osoenmesas("'' Cal305-986-8395. types of roofs. Call Thms so DeorasU '
quite unit, central air, free Large one bedroom, one 786-499-8708 or 786-347-dn'sqecth.,aa a
water, fenced gate, off street bah eoaeapine, 15 W8 tet 3225. Lic#CCC056999 SeaeOrdiinLffii
parking. $625 monthly. $1250 $700 monthly, $2,100 move Three bedrooms, family TONY trOOtinFINGli
to move in. 786-270-1707 i.Mk,352-70. room, utility room, washer/ 45YasEprec! .bustering, which the
1718 NW 2 Court M57.NW_.95th._Terrace dryer hookup, central minority uses to block
Onebdmon bah,$45. Two bdrms, one bath, new air, $1600 monthly. Shingles, roofing, and leak
305-642-7080 ie eto ny al7642/43- repairs. Call 305-491-4515 lfelatIon
305-205-3652 20520 NW 24 Court.,. ."ferteln
1744 254 NW 80Street Three bedrooms, two baths, ~ '~*'.gest wait in history
NW1 out Three bedrooms, one bath, air, tile. $1,350. No Section 8. .to confirm an EPA One bedroom, one bath. oe
$450. Stove, refrigerator. .apine,$0amotTryDlrsnBokrCleaner administrator, it's
305-642-7080 $2,700 move in. Mike: 305-891677 Cleaner North Miami encouraging to see the
305-232-3700 2323 NW 52 Street parking lots. Mon. Fri. 8 am 1Senate finally ending
1801 NW2 Avene 25On NW 79 Terrace .Four bdrms., 'two baths -1 pm. 305-687-9666 .tegilcbyvin vv'V'[ /1 iI V E i
181N vne Oebedroom, one bath, $1025. Appliances to cronir Gin Mc-in
MOVE IN SPECIAL! kitchen, dining, terrace, and 305-642-7080 cnimGn c
First month move you in! 'fenced. $800 monthly ROUTE DRIVERS I Crthyo or-hn
~~18400 NW 75 Place. Suite-8 118a



LeBron takes home more

gold. at the ESPY Awards

LeBron James padded his ment in Sweden. Roberts received a standing
trophy collection, receiy- Peterson and Phelps also ovation and noted'her friending three at the recent ESPY won two awards each. ship with the late Ashe.
Awards, including male athlete Jon Hamm, the star of "At this moment I'm filled
of the year for helping the Mi- AMC's "Mad Men" and a noted with such gratitude," she said. ami Heat win a second straight St. Louis Cardinals fan, hosted The Jimmy V Award for PerNBA championship. James the 21st annual show from the severance was given to fatheralso won in the championship Nokia Theatre. He joked it was, and-son duo Dick and Rick

-Miami Times photos/Craig Uptgrow

NFL pros return home

to help on Hang Out Day:

Celebrities come
out, participate in
annual game MIAMI HEAT GETS MORE HONORS: Coach Eric Spoelstra (I-r) is joined by Heat players
Dwayne Wade, Ray Allen, and LeBron James at the recent ESPY Awards where the team racked Miami Times staff report up more awards.
Last Friday at North Miami performance and NBA player "the world's.largest gather- 9
Beach [NMB] High School, categories, completing a sweep ing of people wearing sunformer graduates that have of the three awards he won glasses indoors" as the camsince gone on to play profes- last year. He shared in the best eras caught James and NFL
sional football brought a few team award. quarterback Colin Kaepernick
of their current teammates "We went through so much behind shades. And he got in
to participate in the Fourth adversity," teammate, Ray Al- some digs about former Los
Annual Stars of Tomor- len said. "We did everything Angeles Lakers center Dwight
row Foundation's "hang out we could to fight, scratch and HoWard.
day." Some 20 grads from claw to put ourselves in that "We thought it would be nice
the school returned for the moment." to honor Dwight Howard with
friendly pick up game of bas- James beat out Miguel his greatest moments with the
ketball, including two players Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers, Lakers," Hamm said as no film
from the Detroit Lions, Louis Minnesota Vikings running clips appeared on the screen
Delmas and Keith Biggins, back Adrian Peterson and behind him while the crowd
and Gene Maxwell from the NMB High School contin- skins and the Falcons. The Olympic swimmer Michael laughed.
Philadelphia Eagles. Accord- ues to have success with its Foundation's goal is to help Phelps for male athlete honors. ROBIN ROBERTS
ing to Cuthbert Harewood, graduates moving on to the develop young talent and to James mentioned his fel- ROBIN ROBERTS SHOWS
the Foundation's founder and pros. assist them academically in low nominees, then told them, COURAGE Hoyt by actor-director Ben
a longtime volunteer football We hear that two kids were their quest to become profes- "This is for all four of us, rnan, The Arthur Ashe Courage Affleck. The younger Hoyt was coach for community youth, chosen this year for the Red- sional athletes. but I'm just keeping it at my award went to "Good Morn- born with cerebral palsy and
house." ing America" co-anchor Robin is unable to use his hands and
p Serena Williams won two Roberts, who underwent a legs. His 73-year-old father
H eat awards, including female ath- bone marrow transplant last Dick pushes him in a customlete of the year. She defeated fall to treat a life-threatening made running chair, and a pair of Olympians, gymnast blood and bone marrow dis- together they have participated k id s' h health f Gabby Douglas and swimmer ease. She was off work for five in more than 1,000 endurance
Missy Franklin, ard former months before returning to her events, including 31 Boston Baylor basketball star Brittney TV job. James presented Rob- Marathons.
Griner. erts with the award; and first The winners in most categoWilliams didn't attend be- lady Michelle Obama saluted ries were determined by fan James Jones hasredycause she's playing a tourna- her via video, voting.
been featured in The Miami Times in an article that A
showed that basketball is
not the end-all for his life. I
In fact, Jones is a wonderful D
father, husband and advocate
for youth who has used his
profession to make a differ- tni
ence in the Black community.
Now, as parents prepare for By Keih Beebe in order to take .. chise into a football.
the beginning of the school the Dolphins' ,operations side run
year this fall, Jones is lending 4Looks like there's a CEO CEO position. '"by General Manager
his "star power" to ahealth position available in Miami. Per an article i j JefflIreland and a
initiative aimed at providing Last week, Dolphins CEO written by the bsies sideb th atO,
children with free immuniza- Mike Dee ann6unced that he Miami Herald's I isrnb h E,
tions. The event, sponsored by was stepping down from his Armando Sal- .Salguero wrote.
Jackson North Medical Center cretposition and taking a guero, Dee will "Both answer to
[160 NW 170th Street, North job as president and CEO of have "unques- owner Stephen Ross,
Miami Beach], will be held on -Photo courtesy Jackson Health Services Major League Baseball's San tioned power in 4 but not each other."
Saturday, July 27, from 9 a.m. Miami Heat James Jones with two of his new friends, Diego Padres. San Diego, where Early reports indito 2 p.m. Dee is no stranger to South- he will oversee D: cae that the DolBesides free vaccines for will even be a Teddy Bear Hos- will get, a chance to get a photo emn California, having previ- the business side DEphins have turned to children under 1, there will pital where children can pre- and a hug from their favorite ously worked for the Padres. of the team and also have New Jersey-based headhunter also be free screenings for tend to be doctors and nurses Miami Heat player Jones. In 2009, he stepped down baseball operations under his Turnkey Sports anid Enteradults, and plenty of games while carrying for stuffed Get more information at www. from his gig as chief operating control" The Dolphins' busi- tainment in their search for a with prizes for the kids. There bears. And then, each child officer of the Boston Red Sox ness model is to split the fran- new CEO.

wide receiver Brian Hartline in reliable tight end Dustin This was a team of fighters in we have seen in quite a while. and then scored with a nine- Keller and receiver Brandon 2012 under first-year coach, Bottom line is these guys must 'I., spot jump in the first 'round of Gibson. But Miami didn't stop Joe Philbin. And while they click on the field, they must
the draft to grab defensive end there. They made additions on were 7-9, they could have eas- come together as a team in orDion Jordan. The Dolphins the defensive side of the ball ily been 9-7 or 10-6. They were der to live up to these suddenly knew what had to be fixed and with the drafting of Jordan competitive but. missed the lofty expectations. It all starts have done a great job address- and the signing of lineback- playoffs for the fourth consec- with the quarterback, Taning those needs. The scoop ers Danne11 Ellerbe and Philip utive season the first time nehiUl. Is he ready for the next Dop i slo k lk of the offseason was wide re- Wheeler and cornerback Brent that has happened since the step? Looks like we may have
olp in lo k ik wi er ceiver Mike .Wallace, whose Grimes. Last season, the Do- franchise's first years of exis- a two-team race this year: the
Don't look now but it's that gressively went after public five-year, $60 million con- phins forced 16 turnovers, tied tence (1966-69). Many team's upstart Dolphins and the big time of year again. Yes, I will funds for stadium renovations tract was the big news in the for 28th in the NFL, but they have seen aggressive off sea- bad Patriots battling for AFC ask the question: "Are you and on the field they were just chase for free agents. Wallace allowed 19.8 points a game, sons turn into disappointing East supremacy. Strap it up ready for some football?" as aggressive in trying to im- got paid because of his game- seventh best in the league, regular seasons. The Dolphins folks; this is going to be a fun South Florida's favorite team, prove their squad. The Fins breaking speed, which is ex- and allowed 32 touchdowns, are hoping to be the excep- ride. the Miami Dolphins, appear went on a shopping spree that actly what the Dolphins need- tied for fewest in the AFC. The tion. All the off season moves The Sports Brothers, Jeff Fox to be all business going into began on the first day of free ed for Ryan Tannehil1. Young defense was not bad it just have gotten the fan base mo~e & Ed Freeman, can be heard the new season. The Fins ag- agency with the re-signing of Tannehil1 got more new toys needed a tweak here or there. excited for this season than daily on WQAM 560 Sports.