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"Florida's favorite Colored weekly."
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"Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis."
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Editor: H.F. Sigismund Reeves, <Jan. 6, 1967-Dec. 27, 1968>.
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Tempora Mutantur Et Nos Mutamur In Illis

VOLUME 90 NUMBER 47 MIAMI, FLORIDA, JULY 17-23, 2013 50 cents


Zimmerman verdict confirms the racial divide

The time for ignoring blatant

racism in America has long past
By D. Kevin McNair lists say they are prepared to confront this nation's longtime
sickness racism and how
~'Stunned is the word that race negatively impacts Blacks Might best describe U.S. citi- within the confines of the crimi'4, zens, particularly Blacks, af- nal justice system. Thus, the
ter a six-member jury, follow- battle has shifted from a Semi. ing two days of deliberation, nole County courthouse in San...... 71j le found George Zimmerman not ford, Florida to the U.S. Justice

,, ,:: .... Acossth conty, r oess ,s ur n

no en iNt nd r -Bb t L s m r e njam iin Crump el i
Angelesand Oakand. ovr 10itie mil Satrda y,
gultsi the shotinget of Departae's Juli2th kcies for th10
3kitles henhe ws sot b Gerge immrman7 ear-and comnit Martin. 'feeaseovernm to takeIC A.
Acrossl thert country repolicetoin
.. . . i*- i:

gilty h in thems hootin deth oDepraten wosit cie forit
17-year-old v n t Ta

kmcnei~miamtimesoline~om Thenvestgatis here insiMiami tandnin GSouth vesmagate..possible..civil....ghts
,After a Dade County, to property de- vola Mtion ma hie agasntt
struction and assaults on in-.vonuMartinsbydhiseacquitted
lesdisfnignocent bystanders in both Los murderer, vigils will be held in Angeles and Oakland. over 100 cities next Saturday,
As the reality of Zimmerman's July 20th, all kicking Off at 10

ternal ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ aquta setsigsin in, civcilvove Lin.I.adtoterprpitt.OFTIQFHOI r a hris am.cnsotu p ofliclan
seven-year-old protester eats Skittles at a demonstration in Washington, D.C. Trayvon Martin had gone to buy a bag of asva A tu of loC A Skittles when he was shot by Geonrge Z imm erm leaders.and scommnityoctPv- Pleas.urnt ..DIT.
.............. ........................................... .....................................................................

Federal re Miami police

guilt of using excessive forceL

Investigation to continue in mul *ple shooting deaths of Black men
By 0. Kevin McNair or accountability. ff and tactics.
kmcneir@miamtimeesonneicorn The investigation was Assistant Attorney General Thomas
prompted by a sees E. Perez said m a released statement,

.!] ,!:"Had, th shotn invstgalen bueen une nsm- Ciyfrasraeyssin
After a 20-month investigation, the of requests from Con- 'Hadthed pasting ti gt ion ve.e
U.S. Department of Justice recently re- gresswman Frederica .
leased its findings in a sweeping federal S. Wilson and several aprevionstd he been ta ean mayet n

actiiii:ii~iiiii i on col hav been take part may Yt he[ col l 'eT : proactve N n to kee our review of the City of Miami Police De- community rgz oves greeted h ta rl es oT IN i
partment [MPD]. The report indicates tions after the deaths McNEIL fro Gofces reeae shotng. that police officers have indeed used of seven Black men in excessive force often using sloppy in- a seven-month period due to MPD ac- SEN OE B M rc eternal investigations of police-involved tons. In. addition, the report points to ONE-THIRD OF SHOOTINGS shootings that have dragged on for a dysfunctional department with imad- Included in the Department's 13-page v i he a o i e years without any disciplinary actions equate firearms training, supervision Please turn to REPORT 6A Preach r anSolc

m"dunite to keep peace

lo ai we H i wo By a Kie mae ordained minister, met with his
-uight ne ion tso a iplascor fellow clergy at Peaceful Zion Mis-oldbo ru ti o himmel as g net-ot-an tisehsanl siona y Baptist Church in Liberty

Lon SoueaFoiajr aksret faSnod l. y ecune iho-alfe ikt th orid a hs r-chamb erstoen, Jr. sacid.
fondGerg im erannoeihbrho oe th obe th Blac- teen, Whad i64e e m ent hi :ayr a ned retvl peaceul ia threy meat Zinoera tot obe _git-fmrdrn ryon .ino 9- oprao becus Flrd la -st~ l and heir client : u e in g part ofei lec- prtn sao ctive ad tor kee g o ro
Mati, 'dgie o jstce h bel ieved t e o s oe ofy tpresse d to ixsse ~~o ao~ t le t ntart-tives efor ts o i ode asMri Cnits adtens snafe.'prevaling n thi ae ws toe"pns h "alway ie frae- n he soin o chutest ~eause he Bapst M ineis t wr uci hos aih rehatin mod e andgha esiitc ee th uh te a a" w th rime T h ott' efd ....... .. oigtefs fih .iami La w eih ek was te ng Fo- t l d s tu o pheyol be

facts eemedclear:the amed, immermn, a 9-yearold fnse satute avPattersonAM awhonsisecalsoteangePAtatEMatiN Pleasee P turn t tontPEACEI 6A
i i! !. .. .!!1!11

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only Black and white exist Pho0-94-6210ACPR$ '.>.' ~''~" JY'
HE S101$MUND REEVES, Fo~under, 1923-1 )6 The Black Press believes that America can best lad the' O ur readers may be.. wondering what has hap-A rC vE J.Edtr 17-2 world f rem racial and national antagonism when it accaords to. A
pened at The Miami Times or more accurately, every person, regrlkess of race, creed orclr hso e
0 what happened to all of the color. In this edition, GARTH C. REEVES, SR. Publjihe Emeritus human and legal rights. Hating no person, featrn no personi, RACHEL J. REEVES, Publisher and Chairman the Black Press strives to help every person in thir~m beie from front to back, you will see that every page is print- I f A-'t~~l eso~ehr slnga~rehl S
ed in black and white. We have made this change in or----der to make a statement. Like the world in -which we live, *.
our readers are accustomed to seeing bold, vibrant colors oN wegnrbl$nwsntnptOr .
BY~~~ EUEERBNOIgie~b~ioQ sigops~oenhance' the pages of our publication. But what if there ,'''
were no colors, no rainbows, no gardens with a plethora of /
pinks, oranges, red, blues and purples? B a ka er g tb
What if we woke up tomorrow and found that the only Bakboys aed enied rg tto beyoung
colors that existed were black, white and shades of both Justice failed Trayvon Mar- on trial. But the chance of dis- initiated the tragic encounter alone on a rainy nifla ml colors combined gray, that is? tin the night he was killed. We passionately and definitively es-, was enough to establish, at a izmng they were being followed.
We contend that given the outcome of the George Zim- should be appalled- and out- tablishing what happened that minimum, guilt of manslaugh- We know how torn they would merman murder trial, that our country has shown just raged, but perhaps not sur- night was probably lost. The~ ter. The six women on the jury be between a'child's fear and a
how divided. we are on the issue of race. Whether we want prised, that it failed him again only complete narrative of what disagreed. child's immature idea of manly
to admit it or not, we are still stuck in a world where only Saurday night, with a verdict transpired was Zimmerman's. Those jurors also knew that behavior. We know how they two olos eist blak ad wite Wht's ore ths tialsetting his killer free. Our soci- Jurors knew that Zimmerman Martin, at the time of his death, would struggle to decide the twocoorsexst:blck ndwhie.Wha'smor, histralety considers young Black men was an overeager would-be cop, was just three weeks past his right course of action, flight or and the verdict rendered by the jury, indicate that many to be dangerous, interchange- a self-appointed guardian of 17th birthday. But Black boys fight. And we know that a skinpeople are only able, or perhaps only willing, to see things able, expendable, guilty until ny boy armed only with candy,
in two ways in black or in white. proven innocent. This is the no matter how big and bad he
In Malcolm X's autobiography, he talks about the many conversation about race that we *f anyone wonders .why Blacks feel so passionately about this tries to seem, does not pose a negative connotations associated with the word 'black .' desperately need to have but Icase, it's because we know that our 17-year-old sons are mortal threat to a healthy, adul For example, black propaganda, blackball, blacklist, black probably, as in the past, will try I boys, not men. It's because-w know their adoles.c Ient bravura man who outweighs him by 50 sheep and black mark. Over the centuries, black has been our best t .o avoid. 'pounds and has had martial.
assciaed it dethevl ad volnce Incotrat, he George Zimmerman's acquit- is just that -an imitation of manhood, not the real thing. arts training. We know that the asoitdwt etei n ilne ncnrstetal was set in motion on Feb. boy may well have threatened
word 'white' has been associated with innocence, perfec- '26, 2012, before Martin's body the man's pride but likely not
tion, -the good, honesty, cleanliness and neutrality. Angels was cold. The police did not ar- the neighborhood who carried a in this country are not allowed his life. I-ow many murdersare white devils are black. rest him or test him for drug or loaded gun. They were told that to be children.~ They are as- by-sidewalk have you. heard
But consider that in the -world of science, neither of these alcohol use. They. conducted a he profiled Martin young, sumed to be men, and to be full of recently? Or ever? Trayvon colors can. exist alone. For while black is the result of the less-than-energetic search for Black, hooded sweatshirt as of menace. If anyone wonders Martin was fighting more than absence of or complete absorption of light, white is the forensic evidence. They hardly a criminal. They heard that he why Blacks feel so passionately George Zimimerman that night. color thehumneese hni ok tlgtwihcn bothered to look for witnesses. stalked Martin despite the ad- about this case, it's because we He was up against prejudices
eyesee wen f ook atliht hih cn-Only a national outcry forced vice of a 911 operator; that the know that our 17-year-old sons as old as American historytains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum, at full 'authorities' to investigate the stalking led to a confrontation; are boys, not men. It's because and he never had .a chance. brightness and without absorption -white has no hue. killing seriously. Even after six and that, in the confrontation, we know their adolescent bra- Eugene Robinson is a Pulitzer
Said another way, in the natural world, white and black weeks, evidence was found to Zimmerman fatally shot Mar- vura is just that an imitation ,Prize-winning newspaper colcompliment one another. Each has a role that is equally justify arresting Zimmerman, tin in the chest. To me, and to of manhood, not the real thing. umnist and the former assistant as important as its opposite. They are inextricably bound. charging him ,with second-de- many who watched the trial, the .We know how frightened our managing editor of 'The WashPerhaps one day humans will understand that universal gree murder and putting him fact that Zimmerman recklessly sons would be, walking home ington Post. notion as well and live accordingly. '%.*

B Y G E R G E C U R Y N P A o lu~ niistL

Do he"Tryvns oftoayCriminal inj ustice system failed TrayvonL

r al ha eac a c ?.Watching television Saturday nal justice system." I don't say lawyer's knock-knock joke they are 37 ecno Ts
WW hen Trayvon Martin went in search of an eve- night, I sat in stunned silence this out of any bitterness over this is no laughing matter. arrested for drug offenses; alIIas. fhe Ljury returned its not the failure of the jurors to con- American Progress, the Wash- though Black juveniles are
nin sackwhle istin te qie ciy f Sn-guilty verdict for George Zim- vict Zimmerman for murdering ington, D.C.-based think tank, approximately 16 percent of VV ford, he could not have known that it would be merman in connection with the Martin. Yes, I thought Zimmer collected some interesting sta- the youth population, 37 perhis last night alive. But because he was."armed" with his shooting death of 17-year-old man was guilty of murder or, tistics and published an article cent of their cases are moved hoodie, cell phone, City Swagger and blackness he had to Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. at the least, manslaughter. But titled, "The Top 10 most star- to criminal court and 58 perhave been an opposing, menacing sight. Then, I was jolted by a com- as much as it pains me, I must fling facts about people of col- cent of Black youth are sent to
At least that's what people like George Zimmerman would ment made by Prosecutor Ber- adult prisons; Blacks are twice
say. It was that kind of narrow-minded, stereotyping hog- nie de Ia. Rionda:.. We live as likely to be arrested during
in a grea country hat has blacks are twice as likely to be arrested during a traffic stop atafcso hnwie n wash that prompted Trayvon's eventual murderer to con- i great c nal y justice sysm It arafiso than whites andfortmsa
dlude that he and his pristine, gated community were in is not perfect but it is thfe best BJof force during encounters wihlie to eprence the use o fouraslie toin en
trouble and that something had to be done. We all know in the world and we respect theconeswtpli. .
the outcome. Zimmerman got out of his car, pursued the jury's verdict." .~.,News coverage and commenyoung teen and then took out his gun and shot with deadly L'In what country does de Ia also acknowledge that the State or and criminal justice in the tary on the Zimmerman trail intent after finding himself on the losing end of an old- Rionda live? Surely, he couldn't of Florida did a poor job pros- U.S." Consider: People of color demonstrated the toxic state of fashioned fistfight. be referring to the U.S.? Grant- ecuting Zimmerman. make up about 30 percent of race relations in the U.S., de-If Zimmerman were an anomaly a unique specimen ed, making the prosecutor Trayvon's death is a cold re- the U.S. population, but 60 spite having a Black president
prove his or her care against minder that the Black homicide percent of those imprisoned; in the White House. Has anyon ur trets- henitmigt e esir fr s t seepata defendant is a great idea. rate is more than six times that once convicted, Black. offend- thing really changed?
night. But in truth, there are far too many people who look So is 'the notion of being pre- of whites. Richard Pryor used to ers receive sentences that 10 George E. Curry, former ediat young, Black men and instantly criminalize them not sumed innocent until proven joke that criminal justice in the percent longer than White of- tor-in-chief of Emerge magazine, because of what they are doing but because of Ihow they guilty. But when it comes to U.S. means "just us." Although fenders for the' same crimes; is editor-in-chi ef of the National look,' what they're wearing, the kind of music they listen to Blacks, this is by no stretch of the comedian usually evoked although Blacks comprise 14 Newspaper Publishers Associaan hwthy oete maiato get rmi alug ulieZimemn ecet-freuardrgusr, io ew erAc NNA

W. Ma"MP,


'Conservatives comment on not guilty verdict
By Project 21 George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin another first. In this case, it felt as if our'
by his own adm-ission. He has to live with very country were on trial for racial prejuCHRISTOPHER ARPS that, and I believe God will judge him for dice. The not guilty verdict should make us
"Although George Zimmerman was ac- that action. But the jury decided that ac- reflect on what it means to give the benefit quitted, there are no winners in this tragic tion did not rise to the level of manslaugh- of the doubt before judging harshly and decase. A teenager is deceased and a young ter or murder. I accept and respect that. We ciding one's actions are racially motivated.!' man's family is mourning. Zimmerman will all should, whether or not we agree with it." Fritsch is a member of Project 21, as well
/\ ~ ~never have a normal life again. I call for all Coby Dillard is a founder of the Hampton as a tea party activist, author and talk radio
BY RGNAL J, NE, SO,,sids to respect the verdict reached by a Roads Tea Party in southern Virginia, a reg- host.
fAami ~~ Tiiscln*srccyee~lrn jury of his peers and honor Trayvpn's mem- ular columnist for the Norfolk Virginian Pilot ES E
\\ory by letting paeprevail intestreets." and a Navy veteran. HUGHEYNESM
> Arps is a managing partner of a digital "Everything about the verdict can be
Did Trayvon M artin media and political consulting firm and a EMERY MCCLENDON wapdu ycnieigteps-edc
cofunder of the Black political networking "We must stop looking at issues from a' comments of Zimmerman's attorney Mark website racial context and stand together as one .O'Mara.
receve ustceAmerica with God as our strength. To While many may feel that O'Mara s comSixty-seven percent of Ameri- seeking justice that we have. DERRYCK GREEN use a familiar phrase these days, let's not ment about charges not being filed against
cans polled do not believe that In my mind, justice is served To celebrate justice rendered in this stay 'stuck on stupid' and move on to heal Zimmerman if Zimmerman were Black may, a jury verdict of not guilty is if a person has a fair judge, case is not an admission or an articulation our land. We have so much to be thank- seem insensitive and oblivious, his subsejustice for Trayvon Martin. This an unbiased jury and compe- .that Trayvon Martin deserved what hap- ful for. For too long, people such as the quent comments about the need for a civil means that'across race, gender, tent. counsel. In that instance, pened to him that fateful night in February NAACP's Ben Jealous and Al Sharpton and rights discussion in regards to Black males age and geographic location,' whatever the verdict is, it is of 2012. As' most will acknowledge, it's a Jesse Jackson have spoke out in hate and are timely despite his feeling it is irrelevant most Americans do not believe justice that means one had sad and unfortunate thing that Martin lost ignorance and found placement in the me- to this case. This gets us no closer to solvthat Martin received justice. a fair trial and the chips fell as his life and that his, parents had to bury dia. It's time to stop the madness. We must ing the problem at hand." However, the concept of justice 'they may: .Itheir son. The jury ruled -.considering the turn the tide. If we put as much time into Newsome, a Project 21 member, is a finanin America in our court system At the. outset of the Trayvon evidence presented rightly in my opin- restoring our Constitution as we did into cial. expert and also the Washington repreis not always understood. Martin incident, I thought .the ion. George Zimmerman is innocent of the the Zimmerman trial, America would be a sentative for the Move-On-Up. org Black poFor instance, a person in legal system was failing him filed charges against him. Despite the con- better place for all of us." litical organization. a rear end collision, who will and his family because George, siderable emotion surrounding this case,, McClendon is a Project 21 member anid tea suffer pain for the rest of their. Zimmerman seemed to be not justice has been served. It is not justice for party activist. Project 21 was formed in 1992 when the
-life may be paid only'$ 10,000, subject to prosecution in a case T rayvon.' Nor is it 'justide for George.' It is riots following the verdict in the Rodney
while 'a woman who puts hot where prosecution was war- simply justice." L1SA FRITSCH King case revealed a need to highlight the
cofee eteenherles wilerated .Derryck Green, a student, has a M.A. in "Despite a not guilty verdict, we must diversity of opinion within the Black comdriving is awarded millions by The absence of a fair trial was Theological Studies and is currently pursu- remember that George Zimmerman is not munity. a jury. The rear end' accident akin to no justice. As the trial ing his doctorate in ministry. truly free. This trial will forever remain For over 20 years, the volunteer members victim'was paid the full policy \continued, it became clear to ,in his mind for his remaining days. Our of the Project 21 Black leadership network
limits of the defendant's insur- me that a "not guilty verdict" COSY DILLARD hope should be that this trial and verdict have provided 'conservative and free-maraneadso whl $1"0 swsasrn osblt e The justice system did what it is sup- will unite the Florida community and this ket perspectives that, until that time, were
not complete compensation for cause the standard is "beyond posed to do get to the bottom 'of what country and be a healing testimony to what largely unknown or ignored by the establife long pain, it is a fair pay- a reasonable doubt." Zimmer-. happened. Agree or not, our system works. happens when we think the 'worst of one lishment media. ment from a person who has no *man had excellent defense
financial resources other than counsel who obtained excellent "i\
a 10/20 insurance policy. In experts and a parade of wit- YON
was 'awarded millions, the real- doubt. In addition, Zimmerity is that she was not paid as man's physical demonstrated Time to protest thee ev ryd yijsie
much as the jury 'award after that a physical altercation took e y q in u t c s.......
appeals and a reduction in the place which would support self As I spent Sunday listening the prosebiutor's main witness. the country a robust supply of but no one marche t protest award by the judge. As a lawyer, defense. In contrast, the police to everyone -pontificate their And we wonder what led to the Black lawyers to fight the very the fact that FAMU, the only I take a much more conserva- investigation was not as strong theories about how White rac- verdict?' It'd be tough for even injustices we complain about? I public HBCU in the state and five view *of justice. I have seen as I would have liked and criti- ism led to George Zimmerman's an all-Black jury to give her'tes- heard countless commentators the largest HBCU in the councases where people have won cal. prosecution witnesses were acquittal, it struck me how yes- timony any credence. point out that a white judge try, is currently threatened with that no one thought they could not as credible or strong as terday's and today's protests Why wasn't there a crowd on presided over the case and the loss of its accreditation? win and cases where someone could be hoped. While you may are a dollar short and a day the steps Iof the Miami-Dade team of lawyers trying the case So, while all of the media voiclost that no one believed they ,not like the outcome, Martin re- late. School Board building protest- were all white. But they failed to es do a brilliant job describing
should have lost. No matter ceived a fair trial, before a fair Saturday night after the ver- the injustices meted out to our
how well you present your evi- judge and he 'had experienced 'dict was read, hundreds of people through a racist and bidence, the jury can accept, re- counsel and justice was served. Black people gathered in the o Black lawyers equal no Black judges, which means the ased criminal justice system, I ject or just completely misun- Ultimately, the system worked front of the Florida Gover- cniuddsateramntorlaesadpnis" would encourage. this chorus to
derstand what you presented. even though it rendered an Out- nor's Mansion to protest the N otne diprt ramn u laesadpnis pend a little more no, a lot
And jury instructions are often come that is hard for everyone oucm.SvrlNforbs-all described in the media the last several days shouldn't moestm rtetn h v
confusing and a myriad of fac- to accept arid the life of a young known "leaders and pundits" be a surprise, eryday injustices that inevitably
tors come into play when a jury man has been lost forever, hit the media outlets to express lead to verdicts like the one isreaches a verdict. Still, in an Reginald J Clyne is a partner terotae n ayo sse audyngt
imperfect world, the jury sys- at Clyne and Associates, P.A. of Tweeted/Facebooked/Insta- ing the fact that Black and La- call-out the historical and con- If we are not going to protest temn remains the best means of Miami/Fort Lauderdale. grammed ourselves to sleep tino boys are nearly four times 'tinued funding cuts to schools, everyday injustices such as
seething in disbelief. Even our more likely than their white such as the Florida A&M Uni- educational disparities, I don't r n rndear president decided to prof- counterparts to be suspended versity School of Law, that are see the point of jumping on the
LU 1I ~fer an official statement safe- from school for the same infrac- responsible for creating diver- bandwagon to protest the natu(0.,RNERly expressing his concern at the tion? After all, if Trayvon hadn't sity in the justice Isystem. No ral result of those disparities.
outcome. But why all the pro-' been suspended from school, he Black lawyers equal no Black My grandmother used to alR1t RJIUA(!Mrl4 iN vi naz mzo C MM tests now? wouldn't have been in Sanford, judges,. which means the con- ways tell me to be on the lookWhy weren't these people and therefore couldn't have tinued disparate treatment our out for the people who cry the standing in the front of the been killed there that night. "leaders and pundits" all de- loudest at the funeral; they are Governor's Mansion raising Why didn't our anointed ."lead- scribed in the media the last usually the ones who did the hell when the state of Florida ers and pundits" use their me- several days shouldn't be a sur- least for the deceased while he educated a young woman' for dia platforms to protest the dis- 'prise. Why is it that there were or she was alive... 12 years in its public school parity in funding to HBCU law hundreds of people marching JonyCTalrJ.ispesystem who admitted she schools the very institutions on the Governor's Mansion in dent and CEO of the Thurgood couldn't read cursive? She was that'have historically ensured Tallahassee, Fla. for Trayvon, Marshall College Fund.

C. i" ~ "to'e


S 11 Town hall meetings

: r- aimed at warding

off violence

7Community leaders seek other

waysto respond to George

Zimmerman verdict

By Jimmie Davis, Jr. information. We want peace
Miami Times writer not violence."
Speakers added that with
Even before George Zim- the rise in the social media merman was found 'not networks such as Facebook guilty' in the second degree and Twitter, MDPD has estabmurder of Trayvon Martin, lished dialogue with residents leaders from Miami were in- to ensure the right informa2 tent on keeping the public in-, tion and not myths is being formed and calm. forwarded to the community.
"The Community Relations "We need to build bridges in & ,Board [CRB] has been keep- our community by expressiag their fingers on the pulse ing ourselves in a respectof the trial," said County able way," said
-Photo courtesy Ryan Holloway.

Playground dedicated for Liberty Square youth

Miami-Dade County [M-DC] Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson, in partnership with the Liberty Square Resident Council and M-DC Public Housing and Community Development, recently cut the ribbon on a new playground at Liberty Square [1415 NW 63rd Street].The playground is for children ages five- to 10-years-old living at the Liberty Square public housing development which was built more than 75 years ago. Funding for the playground was provided by M-DC public housing community Commissioner Barbara Jor- the Rev. Eddy development block grant funds. dan during the CRB's com- Gervais, senior
munity briefing last week.' pastor of Com"Many of us are afraid but munity Christian Church regardless of the verdict we Church of God. "We have must remember how digni- to prevent -any physical atFA IU alums continue to raise bar fled Trayvon's parents have tempts to destroy our com
reacted throughout this ter- munity. We have to pick up w ithin the Florida. rible ordeal." the torch and take advantage
Several members of the of the legacy of non-violence." Miami-Dade Police Depart- Resident Lionel Lightborne
Miami Times staff report '> \ had at Florida A&M University ment [MDPD] I attended the asked Professor Tamara Lawi is paying off not only for the CRB briefing to let the com- son, St. Thomas University
Florida A&M University University but for the constitu- unity know that it's okay to of Law, if Zimmerman had
[FAMU] alumna Sen. Arthenia ents we serve," Williams said. voice one's opinions, as long broken any laws by following
Joyner, D-Tampa, recently made 1" "I believe we are a continuation as it's done in a non-violent Martin after the 911 operator
history when she became the of the great leadership that has fashion. told him not to. Lawson's refirst Black woman to ever serve come from FAMU alumni for the "My prayer is for non-vio- ply was that he did not.
as the leader of the Senate Dem- P past 125 years." lence and peace," said Juan Thomas Battles, regional
ocratic Caucus. She will only be Additional FAMU grads in the J. Perez, MDPD deputy di- director, U.S. Department of
the second woman to ever serve Florida Legislature are: Sen. rector. "We are not looking to Justice, said he was confiin this position. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami; Rep. provoke violence," said Del- dent that while there may be
The Florida Conference of Mike Clelland, D-Lake Mary; ma Noel Pratt, MDPD Chief demonstrations, he anticiBlack State Legislators recently Rep. Mia Jones, D-Jacksonville; of North Operations Division. pated them to be peaceful.
elected Rep. Alan Williams, D- Rep. Shevrin Jones, D-West "Our main concern is that "I don't anticipate problems
Tallahassee, as chair of the Flor- Park; and Rep. Bobby Powell, D- residents are given the right here in Miami." .
ida Black Caucus, an organiza- Riviera Beach.,
tion dedicated to championing
issues and legislation of importance to the Black community As a FREE Community Service Program by North Shore Medical Center,
throughout Florida. we are pleased to offer the following informative event:
"It's an awesome experience SEN. ARTHENIA JOYNER REP. ALAN WILLIAMS
to lead what is the third largest
bipartisan caucus in the Florida selection as Democratic leader active on legislation and issues Legislature," Williams said. "As designate for 2014-2016," she affecting the state, as well as, we live in the age of the (Barack) said. "Growing up in a period of guaranteeing everyone is truly Obama presidency, I believe our emerging civil rights activism, I benefiting from the "Florida ex- .. ) 'i
caucus has the unique position was aware of the critical impor- perience." to champion many of the ideas tance of engaging in the political "I hope our many constitu- -> ,
and policy initiatives of the pres- process as a means of achiev- ents will say that they are better \Q \i:isF;:<
ident here in Florida." ing equality and opportunity served because of the work we \.5' ':.,i"
An attorney, Joyner was first for everyone. The values I devel- do each and every day as state. .. I\ ', 'A ...\%
elected to the Senate in 2006, oped at FAMU, and the lessons representatives and senators in -. and served as minority leader I learned, have stayed with me the Florida Legislature," he said. "">:>K"
pro tempore in the 2010-2012 over the years, guiding my work Williams graduated from legislative term. She also served on behalf of the communities I FAMU with a bachelor's degree in the Florida House of Rep- represent and issues for which I in 1998 and a master's in busiresentatives from 2000-2006. continue to advocate." ness administration. in 2003
Joyner received her undergradu- from the FAMU School of Busiate and law degrees from FAMU. WILLIAMS A RELATIVE ness and Industry.
She has been practicing law lon- NEWCOMER There are currently seven
ger than any Black female attor- Williams was elected to the FAMU alumni in the Florida Legney in the'history of Florida. "My Florida House of Representa- islature a'feat Williams says seven years of study at Florida tive's in November 2008 and is a result of the University's imA&M University shaped me and represents parts of Leon and pact on the state. directed my career path to public Gadsden counties. He says he is "Having so many Rattlers in service, including my election to looking forward to transitioning the Florida Legislature' shows the Senate, and, ultimately,, my the Caucus to being more pro- that the preparation that we F OO0T C A RE FO0R T HE D IA B ET IC

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~Thursday, July 25t

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American Heritage Month Toregister, please call
Miami Times staff report 1-80-984-3434

On the evening of June 20th, Miami Parking Authority [MPA] hosted a community reception to cel- A"-
ebrate June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month. The gathering counted with the pres- N 0 R T H S H 0 R E ence of members of the Consular Corps, as well as a distinguished group of community leaders who Medical Center0 came together to commemorate the achievements of Caribbean Americans in Miami.



WHY WASZimmerman



Public protests unduly influence most

prosecutors cases often lead to acquittals.

By Jonathan Turley above public pressure, her pros-ecution decisions suggested oth- By D Lit
The acquittal of George Zim- erwise. Her prosecutors chose to a ., i
merman in the death of Tray- interview critical witnesses with
von Martin was not minutes old Martin's family present, a highly '
when an. outcry was heard over unusual and improper practice. b the crimi- s
racial injustice and demands for The prosecutor was accused n c
yet another prosecution by the with justification of withholding
Obama administration. There evidence from the defense until 1 .
was even a call for President shortly before trial. -Rick Wilson, AP mains op, And g
Obama to address the nation However, the widespread pro- Florida Attorney Angela Corey and assistant state attorney
from the Oval Office to promise tests and anger over the shoot- Bernie de la Rionda after verdict. C1! a1 i der L c
action to quell projected violence. ing seemed to have its greatest
With the verdict, the Zimmer- impact on Corey's decision to third-degree murder based on jury to assume the worst facts i the 0hP*tng dth f man case entered the realm of charge the case as murder in the child abuse. against Zimmerman without any 1 e o .. M
legal mythology -- a tale told by second degree. This was clear- objective piece of evidence. That ti i
different groups in radically dif- ly a challenging case even for SOME QUESTIONS is the opposite of the'standard of f the Justice tt u a
ferent ways for different mean- manslaughter and the decision UNANSWERED a presumption of innocence in a Dept c i action--. f Mr.
ings. Fax machines were acivat- to push second-degree murder Ultimately, it was the case and criminal trial. d il rvew e ZFyvon
ed with solicitations and sound (while satisfying to many in the not the prosecutors that were Even for manslaughter, the bites long ago programmed for public) was legally and tactically weak. jury had to find that Zimmer- Florid crmnalt4< w
this moment. The legal stan- unwise. The facts simply did not The fact is that we had no bet- man intentionally committed an J Deamt i natatent
dards long ago seemed to be lost support a claim beyond a reason- ter an idea of what happened act or acts that caused the death Sunday in a wrtte state- "Yet there til. to the social symbolism of the able doubt that Zimmerman act- that night at the end of this trial of Martin. ptni f
case. ed with intent and a "depraved than we had at the end of that The jury instruction on deadly Z m
Criminal cases make for per- mind, hatred, malice, evil intent fateful night. Jurors don't make force states in part: "A person is L n t
fect and often dangerous vehi- or ill will." Had Corey charged social judgment or guesses on justified in using deadly force if w voluntecr in bougtabtbv
cles for social expression. They manslaughter, the case might verdicts. While many have criti- he reasonably believes that such a g twnhose -von
allow longstanding social and have been closer but would have cized Zimmerman for following force is necessary to prevent im- c'Yti San-u v fracial issues to be personified in still been a challenge. Martin, citizens are allowed to minent death or great bodily ily mebers and
villains and victims. We simplify Many people were highly criti- follow people in their neighbor- harm to himself." That lesser an k T a
facts and characters -- discard- calof the prosecution for putting hood. That is not unlawful. It charge still brings the jury back o Feb. 26, 2012, -har es.
ing those facts that do not fit on what seemed like a case for was also lawful for Zimmerman to the question of who started as he. rtur...d........................r n ..our narrative. We pile meanings Zimrferman. The prosecution to be armed. The question comes the fight and how the fight un- hom f on the outcome that soon make clearly made its share of mis- down to who started the fight folded. s
the actual murder secondary to takes such as leading its case and whether Zimmerman was The prosecutors never had evi- n store Zim movie dea icul
the message. Zimmerman and with the testimony of Martin's acting in self-defense. dence to answer that questions is m h IW
Martin became proxies in our friend, Rachel Jeantel. Jeantel Various witnesses said that in a reasonably definitive way. H c cratie tart for
national debate over race. There was a disastrous witness who Martin was on top of Zimmer- The jury had no serious alterna- he shot the un- a deah
was itte paiene ornee fo thehadto amitto yingp amed frian-suit, saidRandvwas little patience or need for the had to admit to lying previously man and said that they believed tive to acquittal. That does not niceties of rules of proof and ad- under oath and produced con- that he was the man calling for mean that they liked Zimmer- A t R a criina
judication. flicted testimony. She also stated help. He had injuries. Not seri- man or his actions. It does not i WILSON de a
Before the case is lost forever that just as Zimmerman was ac- ous injuries but injuries to his even mean that they believed E i -k- -'
to the artistic license of social cused of calling Martin a deroga- head from the struggle. Does Zimmerman. It means that they f p e r A
commentary, a few legal obser- tory name, Martin called Zim- that mean that he was clearly could not convict a man based wl d whether the etm
vations should be considered, merman a "cracker." the victim. No. It does create rea- on a presumption of guilt. a p onlyfr a
even if unpopular, before con- The prosecution consistently sonable doubt on the question of Of course, little of this mat- vi of ay o
demning this jury. overplayed its hand in a des- the struggle. ters in the wake of a high-profile t
perate attempt to overcome its A juror could not simply as- case. The case and its characters civil tt w
STATE ATTORNEY'S MISSTEP own witnesses. Even after being sume Zimmerman was the ag- long ago took on the qualities of our dto a in ciil
First, many of us from the first criticized by many experts for gressor. Zimmerman was largely legend. People will make what whetherfederal psecu- court e. day of the indictment criticized overcharging the case, the pros- consistent in his accounts and they will of the murder trial of d pf pevais he
State Attorney Angela Corey for ecution proceeded to make a de- his account was consistent with Zimmerman. However, this jury s overcharging the case as sec- mand at the end of the trial that some witnesses. After 38 pros- proved that the justice system b coie
ond-degree murder. While Corey the jury be able to convict Zim- ecution witnesses, there was remains a matter not of legend s o publicly proclaimed that she was merman on a different crime: nothing more than a call for the but law.

Media got coverage of shooting wrong
The story wasjust c

too good to let the Fl

details interfere \ f
By Rem Rieder te face o u

It's complicated. .:r S:: : :: it r
Life is packed with nuances S an
and subtleties and shades of
gray.thfotalsaan oiStranihontepBut the news media are often $hty of s
uncomfortable in such murky c
terrain. They prefer straight- &
forward narratives, with good ages rahrtauih prpit oseGog
guys and bad guys, heroes and Q*-. mt Zm a te we w
villains. Those tales are much H vs
easier for readers and viewers to Photo: Handout via AP
relate to Early media images of a -Jack rubber .
Which brings us to Trayvon young Trayvon Martin helped Jourdin Robinson, 12, of Detroit, joins others in Meridian Hill ~ ~ ~
Martin and George Zimmerman. shape coverage. Park in Washington, D.C., to show support for Trayvon Martin.
The story of their tragic confrontation on February 26, 2012, a question when he mentioned But there was much more to law enforcement officer gunning Justice system 'worked, in Sanford, Florida, was framed the teenager's race. The network the story, as the obvious weak- down the helpless child was too early on. Zimmerman, then 28, apologized for the error., ness of th rsct on' ase good to chc.It's aloantert prosecutors blei t
was the neighborhood watch Similarly, ABC News broadcast .against Zimmerman and the example of how groupthink can D ti
captain/"wannabe cop" who ra- a story reporting that a police jury's not-guilty verdict make shape news coverage. cially profiled and ultimately surveillance video showed no evi- abundantly clear. There was evi- A healthy dose of skepticism We asked our Twitter killed Trayvon, .an unarmed, dence that Zimmerman suffered dence that Zimmerman decid- should always be part of the jour- followers: What do you hoodie-clad Black teenager out abrasions or bled during the con- edly got the worst of it during the nalism process. And in this case think of George Zi m- i~d' ,
on the streets of thle gated comn- frontation with Trayvorn. Shortly struggle before he shot Trayvon. there was a particularly strong merman being acquitmunity Retreat at Twin Lakes thereafter, it "clarified" the situa- Trayvon was an athletic 17-year- reason for caution. While some ted of murder'/ Cornsimply because he wanted some tion, reporting that an enhanced old, not necessarily a helpless residents of the complex saw ments 'are edited for ~ Skittles. .version of the video showed Zim- victim. Zimmerman may well some parts of the conflict, only clarity and grammar: ~..
The storyline quickly took merman with "an injury to the have been acting in self-defense. two people knew, really knew, !i1 i S!muei! gundlpi
root, amplified by the nearly back of his head." -This is hardly to suggest that *how it went down. And one of bO shoc ; ~ii:kediii ..hen.... iiJV t1| i:' :i,
ubiquitous images of the two: a When it emerged that Zim- Zimmerman is a candidate for them was dead. Under those cir- If i wtnd | iihadn!it.,i ten i 6 aninw O sweet-looking photo of a several- merman's mother was Peruvian, canonization. This is on him. It cumstances, certainty was elu- ii hi:i: asif! hei!! se~jc}i andil! ICW0 $ -e years-younger Trayvon released some news outlets took to refer- was his reckless behavior that sive. werei aledy :ity: : iiVik heei It
by his family, and a mug shot of ring to him with the rarely used set this tragedy in motion. If he Back in 2006, the nation's me- iThe Juy.wsfree i time to change :ti: Zimmerman from a previous ar- phrase "white Hispanic," which had stayed in his vehicle as he dia gave huge play to "a saga in :Inluenc. .: :
rest in which he looks puffy and is kind of like calling President was told to do by the police, Tray- which three Duke University la- : :i: i :11 g0i ii leIk! Downcast. The contrasting imag- Obama "white black." von Martin would be alive today. 'crosse players were charged with :;;.:!! ..............SO9... .@.X:lue.hies powerfully reinforced the im- Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's As more details emerged, so, raping a stripper at a team party. : G ege .i..ra........ !.:: !i .;,:::.:::): '.: :
ages of the menacing bully and lawyer, was brutal in his post- too, did a fuller picture of the But the case collapsed, the pros- can be:: i.bist :friends!i Resnable*i ::doubt the innocent victim, acquittal comments about the events of Februar 26, 2012. But ecutor was disbarred and many with. Ceaey: Anthony.icn* watral
Some of the media's major mis- press' treatment of his client, by then the popular view of what news organizations looked ser- and... O..-.Smp, takes stemmed from stories that Hard to blame him. After the had happened had hardened. ously foolish. n- :ipo) !!!i:~ ::ta|i
fit neatly into that widely accept- Sanford police originally declined Conservatives see this episode Asked what had gone wrong n::ow.e y ... all .!o ~:i hae hp ie n ed narrative. NBC News edited to prosecute Zimmer-man, State as yet another manifestation of by journalist Rachel Smolkin no ; tahFlpin c,;omv: ,; .................... tel bli-,,.,' :
Zimmerman's"- comments dur- Attorney Angela Corey charged the pervasive bias of that dread- for a' reconstruction of the epi- .. ... ..... ..... ... -' sto ..... A, ; ,: 0 ,, ,,:
ing a phone call to inaccurate- him with second-degree murder ed liberal media. But there's sode in American Journalism "...
ly suggest that -he volunteered in the wake of the flurry of news something else at play. Journal- Review, Daniel Okrent, a former Prosecution blew .it wIith :sec dgre,,, that Trayvon seemed suspicious coverage, street protests and a ists are addicted above all else to New York Times public editor, re- 4er osrge A 1| k|!.9,!l':, ..u.. || lty of ,,: 1hi '"
because he was black. In fact, powerful campaign on social me- the good story. And the saga of sponded: "It was too delicious a awa. wit k'lli" ..... :' llew" h:: Vl? "''" In Zimmerman was ndig respondingoed tosraedwoud-e, stry' dia. .....the.. .bigoted,.........frustrated...........would-be.... story.". '


Juror says Zimmerman never should have left car
. A juror in the George Zimmer- viewed the evidence, the jurors did have the right to carry his pretty much happened the way about it," she told CNN. "It's a with truth." man trial said Monday that the came to believe Zimmerman pistol. "I think it's everyone's Zimmerman described it. tragedy that this happened." "The Justice Department
neighborhood watch volunteer truly feared for his life when he right to carry a gun" as long She also said she didn't think Meanwhile in Washington, shares your concern. I share never should have gotten out of pulled the trigger, as they use it responsibly, she the attack was racially motivat- Attorney General Eric Holder your concern," Holder told Delhis car the night last year when The juror known as B37 was said. ed. Instead, Zimmerman simply called Trayvon's death "unnec- ta Sigma Theta.
he shot and killed young Tray- not identified but she is plan- The juror said she thought thought of Trayvon as a suspi- essary" and vowed to proceed Holder said that "this tragedy von Martin. ning to write a book. She told Trayvon threw the first punch, cious character. with a civil rights inquiry after provides yet another opportuniIn the first juror interview CNN's Anderson Cooper she and she believed Zimmerman's She said the. laws they had to the Zimmerman's acquittal on ty for our nation to speak honsince Zimmerman was acquit- wanted to remain "cautious" recount of what happened that consider were "very confusing," charges of second-degree mur- estly about the complicated and
ted Saturday night, the juror and that is why she didn't want night. "I think George was pret- so they took their time to think der and manslaughter. emotionally charged issues that also said the initial division her face shown. ty consistent and told the truth through it all carefully. Holder told a convention of this case has raised."
among the six-woman panel She said Zimmerman was "a basically," she said. Then, after they gave the bai- the nation's largest black soror- He urged calm in recognition
when they began deliberating man whose heart was in the She said that though there liff their decision; they cried. ity that the federal government of Martin's parents, "who have
was three for acquittal, one for right place," but he went too far could have been "some fabrica- "It was just hard thinking is "determined to meet division lost the most." Holder will adsecond-degree murder and two and did not use good judgment. tions"',and "enhancements," she that someone had lost their life and confusion with understand- dress the NAACP's national confor manslaughter. As they re- She added that Zimmerman believed the evening's events and nothing else could be done ing and compassion -- and also vention in Orlando' on Tuesday.

Wecan no longer .ig.nore the impact of racism on Blacks and whites

VEDCFonlIy identifiedas Juror B37, ap.' used the law to give 'him t'heK ne, King, Arthur Mopiuffie and~
coptinued from 1A feared on Ci with Anderson dighot to profile Trayvon Matin. now George Zimmerma case
Cooper at M'a OvMira Blacks had been as O'Marateach us that. when force is an
nional freec iheyd bytie She said tnhat wlne hen ry wa e robberies ini the area and tpissu in a cmi triiaI anod
Rev fA forisfedent initially split, t l so that's Why he thought Try- Blacks ar excluded from th
g_o i hebttr of himc-. to a b d t so, SUV' to o a a threat. But if police' jury makingt the a

tohae en wnnncaamIsea th eliese at toie Vusic giv Mati -impgortanditredre hejryo
aent, founderma' ffenl Aconetrd h o a nwi tn isgon ntefc fsxwmn
team ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r accot allrtin to profil and decisid about hn inemns hetnn e- Ihpdtatbak ol
rsoilfh ow dth crying fo r "'help heard on 9l1 guior o in-i
Justice e daon igil. In hi taps ws that of iem an prfy they auy wat Zimmermao in this merman' lori.
dhac thatm the dbted te lea allowed to do so? Black parent America is reluctantao dit
Tibiity of Rahel< Jeantl, a k iy" ocence? deserve somei answers here. Is cuss race because of the pain
U.. Cth ose goin N. o- in s feprscion to profile our children and shame it brings toa white
am v. wre Biho Vito oerc 'ee h im because of what they're wear- American,- to have to' acknow1l
Tiu, as oth oid attrneythat w as called in g he a4gdng? We need to know. Like i medge the tihumane tretment
violer resident, w il preside, day befor minute? to Sybm'ne [Flton said, we haves wof Blacks for hundred wa ears.
'Ti i u %ae-pclla to roll utp our sleeves anid 'get The Zimmerman~ verdfrct was a
Blc onmm_'"Cr% ad aln writhe hi lent las Nloeri& back to work lbecau-se w~estill~' disheartening setba. Btnow,
d i ct s hour ren hha dant her Morgan Wi for have a long d ato go. it's hptime o get off our knecs
~ ~"o~r~'ddi~tedentwly oK Iht challenge 'w,,cface 'is' rac' "pm'a-ng for justice.. We muti
t eea th "as". ism~4~ itsel arid ou reuclance pr-ess the Juistice Department
kUa nrmdBak e ot raise theirerlt~ toiee and~ sigsa theMLK train staltion ,s atsee Zimmerman' re
"Yucnt vlok h X0to takabout it. O.nce we ad- to investigate n~mnsi"
'nd -og that ii it!7, "mit that it e^ 'ss -md thiat w t -is !a a ciiit a civilrigh"
members ~ ~ ~ ofte uythtaqut iddlc of< the room," Veren ht e woe an neHspncted a di,"eiviceto their witnorss. are racist, theni eu have to do.vication anrd ted immemanate i to said How the j ory caya thatQ oa al bu te mur~dero "There was a clearcultural tts- something~ about it. It' "c h in" federal court. in spite of the

rac ie 'fb wit mran"'n
p e i e t this edd not involve flack bo&yy a n a it en her and the jurY law -o.nce yoknow the law process we'%;(-nadein he
'd ..Du ca. trete t
noe t~h e jurybeled tha somethig I 'imply \don' "'n- nee ose ae fta' asn tiem omsudrtndydt be igino over the past 50erwa we.
race p arolein 4"the shoot- drs~d\ Maybe not in its to- true, thenthey rea id not her......ant. You have to do yoiu see this e a is tht ithe lives.
.or talitv butcertainly fo the : As far aschel is Bjan Crump, the Martin to obey.'. " s t ..-"'

OBAM deathta of Martinm. Tin Ih ing det fTavnlVtMri potnt as"h ded : fie hii,:aidi:aSmlpn~eo Douglack men; wla py., still holdf ....
cwose frmwasidden a1 A caption the isste of race gwa c nered, I fault th e r," .Te Jsi Dpt mindernt HT. Smith l ngtime Mi- lessa %alube thaniithose ofwhite
ea\> sid that Ho ad ivet ommit- sand the ruin, smermn of attorney said, "The Rod-piople* mailer ',fnmal

The real victims: Trayovon Martin, Black youth

VICTIM the chance to It was the guy. he get back into his car and the man who relentlessly huntcontinued from 1A who decided to lie in wait," de- drive off? If Martin was hiding ed him? t
fense attorney Mark O'Mara behind some bushes as OMara "I had hoped for a different
Zimmerman free if they believed said in his closing argument to believes, isn't it possible he was outcome, but logically I should he feared for his life when the the jury. there because Zimmerman had have known better," Al Vivian,
Black youngster he pursued Martin had four minutes gone from stalking him in his president of Basic Diversity, etir
got the better of him. to run away but didn't do so, SV to pursuing him by foot? Inc.,, a diversity training firm
Ironically, in what seems O'Mara said. And in that situation, doesn't in Fayetteville, Ga., said of the
to have been a winning argu- Instead, the defense attorney justice give Martin the right to verdictPrendered by the jury of meant, Zimmerman's defense conjectured, the boy lay in wait stand his ground in the face of six women.
team accused Martin of being and jumped Zimmerman when Zimmerman's threatening be- I hoped that blacks would
responsible for his own death he walked by his hiding place. havior? not have been kept off of Zimbecause he didn't retreat when This is where justice and by How did the victim in this merman's jury. I worried thatCV he had the chance. that I mean the idea of legal case lose his presumption of without this balance, the panel
"The person who 'decided fairness took its worst beat- innocence? How did Martin's might be convinced thpt Tray- \0'\3 3\
that this was going to con- ing. right to use deadly force when von Martin's killer was the real wei ii ineDRl ak ts P.- new
tinue, was going to, become a What was Zimmerman doing he allegedly slammed Zimmer- victim in this case. And sadly, Revn of Plresoil sper with reporecrs
violent event, was the guy who in those four minutes? Why man's head into the sidewalk we now know, that's just what erim p n apologize fo th ero .
didn't go home when he had didn't he go home? Why didn't get lost in thea murder trial of happened. T r w o k p 3" Of"

PEC "A lo ofwa eseo o
Wilson: We need more police tbattlook likeus cnin" fo 1A" ci;i rtia sn tob tr

REOTtwo shootings involved a~n tin- the ~ Department's th jur-y rukc th~iami terpotanI
continuc\d' fro 1A 11M' motorist wh ece r.ntignwan h-t e -ol e rtepla of are fu~eled b 'ki"ror rte

~letter thtwsadrse to an~dan earned man who shot wil occur. tokconf'ld h tro hat bhe witite
City .of Miami Mayor Tomas'' into> a crowd before attempt- ~ n"~~rmrt "~t~nsy ...Miami-D'ade Police DepartRegalado, and MPD Chief Mani- .ing'to 'escape in his autorno- I th MP in 200 "plwill need' to rele'ase their' inent, we have our own< fact.
Uel. Orosa, was the fact that bile'" foi the same~ syst""'i preck emotins aridtvet ntv fh
"the department had only fully iWilson says the report is a lem, ftr uror, -iio traioins butita e1: "d"n' wre avaiae o thed mablce As
investigated 24 of 33 shooting positive, stop forward -but me wt themi "l th U.S fowad m dvc
incidents from 2008 to 2011,. just a beginning. Atone, li sad "This ha~s riot been eayfor" is ta wermancutos
allow ing "multiple investiga- "Seven' deadly 'shootings in "Th inomto thatwe the Black "community antd Buit I don't believe thathere
tions to remain unfinished 'for seven mnrths is not only a ase on ot police crimes we uneerstaid that whe will be "any real problem n.
'three years' or longer.' ~ horrendous tragedy bu.als a and" shooting reutte&i 1 \peopleare hurting' oar an-~ Miami."..
.1-10 of tho sep-olice-involved.'tremnendous breach of trust," NT officers ben inice g'v"'they ncdt aesf Rev, Jonn Brbr.1


Zimmerman verdict taps into a deep vein of distrust

By.".....'..r remains that had Zimmerman than the color of their skin.
Z stayed in his truck, as advised Consider New York City's
To many who closely followed by the police, Martin would be "stop and frisk" policy, which
the trial of George Zimmerman, 1__ alive today. allows officers to search anyone
Saturday night's verdict of not Zimmerman's successful they see as suspicious: In 2011,
guilty was surely disappointing, self-defense plea depended on 87 percent of those stopped
but it should not have come as : getting jurors to focus on just were minorities, a trend that
a big surprise. Zimmerman's the final moments of Martin's held even in predominantly
attorneys managed to cast rea- y!: life suggesting that Martin white neighborhoods. Or the
sonaleoubton.he poseu-+ +I: L] AR1 punched Zimmerman, that shooting of three Black men
sonable doubt on the prosecu- pu-n(ched: ; ...
tion's narrative that their client TR, } Martin was winning the fight who did nothing more than
was the aggressor who followed h D iTh and that it was Zimmerman venture into a white New
Trayvon Martin and killed him 11W who screamed for help. Who Orleans community days after
with no justification. And the t }.: screamed for help remained in- Hurricane Katrina Or try to
prosecution which had the conclusive, as did much about find an African-American man
burden of proof was unable the actual confrontation. And who hasn't been stopped for
to effectively refute Zimmer- those were the sorts of holes "driving while black" or eyed
man's story of self-defense. that likely led to the legal find- suspiciously. in a department
ing of not guilty. store.
Reaction divides Almost from the beginning The fate of the man who
along familiar on Feb. 26, 2012, the shoot- shot Martin was determined
racial.lines ing and police's initial failure where it should have been, not
racial lines "to charge Zimmerman has in the court of public opinion
But somewhere between Mar- 0,plc..OOr, struck a deep vein of distrust but based on the evidence, in
tin's death 17 months ago in a in the Black community a court of law. Those who are
gated community near Orlando, 'A I 4 African Americans saw this upset about the verdict should
Fla., and the verdict, the sto- case in a way that the jury of take their cue from Martin's
ry line that matters the most .six women, five of them. Cauca- father, who called on everyone
largely got lost. Emotions run strong one day after a jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering sian, probably couldn't. to "stay peaceful" when the trial
It's a tragically familiar story unarmed Black teen Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26,2012, in a racially charged trial. Despite all the nation's began.
of snap judgments by strang- gavel coverage in the first place. wanna-be, instantly profiled was doing nothing wrong; he progress in burying its racist Just because a verdict is ers, racial profiling and a black The verdict deserves to be re- Martin as a "(expletive) punk" was coming back from a snack past, minorities are commonly legally justified doesn't make teenager's untimely death. And spected. But the fact remains who "looks like he's up to no run at a convenience store, stopped by authorities or it morally palatable. Trayvon it's the reason the trial attracted that Zimmerman,- a neighbor- good." heading for the house of his viewed by strangers as "up to Martin's death remains an
national attention and gavel-to- hood watch volunteer and cop The fact remains that Martin father's girlfriend. And the fact no- good" for no other reason unnecessary American tragedy.

Rei Stoitstigates hate crimee in Trayvon s death
y ric that tithuas feckless that was requirement that al victin."had
me Martn, 1 ligent, :does not thiet that to be engaged in a fedeatLly
t standard. We have to shnv protected ativity like voting
WASHINGTO Th JI Thee f er n sc r ge Tho nepaltrunnt sts a highSr
TAeDepatment said hnthe longera toHlbobar Such a. pection. thatn o the Vwas specific intent or-oing to school. u
w th ia heart t s Vin es o ll 9 veJte De- to do t cine wth the requi- nut the .Ob rd ainist
tiainit h 02sot erfeun~ bu oa patment offiils >wo onice -site state of miund. tion's Justice De: partment has
igt dathf T M e on T.wrked two the, depa Cri'inal charges -under fed- been cautious in its use of the
ta hens p se e t Civil Rights Diion, whch ecra hate crime law have i expanded law. Ind i2010 t fir
Schate crdie sr aion is hrMdli the inquiry said E creased significantly ,nduig example, it turned dowe cal
Geoe i mmonterman. to n sud Sunay that the federal govb the Obara administration. by civil rights leaders to fi-e
r m ermante e neighbo haef ow ap o c .e h nmtent muscle a ories of Between 2009 and 2012, the charges in New York Cityn
ood -tc vol u e gh the s ootnig a difficult lgh foit Justice Departmient pros- the 2006 death of h an Be
shotd Martinmulas qued of ableowthla-potenialeo colds moveto inTdit WA I N' oe ecuted 29 percent noreasuch a 23yeatr-ol Blactk man who
llcaes by edea offiiate ato nachistaets pcl tonty e n S a case, than in the previous fatll -sv shot by police uticeDearmet said "It is nteogift'jutthree fiscal Years. Last munth.ficr outside a- Queens club
pove h anges to voinuiawi Hsatnow tat t ari mr- affigt that qesticledhis cti inSm eattlcon for election Jameite.nd ust hours before heads to eas startd oti t ftethe nial was overt Lwoiuld Samiel een w ug Lharsonti, 49. p adedg o .ve ie d
last-va bt t coinu its exmi-to t il 2011 ~ served as the princ- ATTORNEY GENRAL fcdcral hate crime charg11es \-~-hr r~tta
bee deayewhlethe stte o th cicmtne in th al~ deputy assistant att e ERIC 'H. HOLDER JR. that he beat a cabdriver, w ho.thcst2 cases, anid itKis nt bemintrial ino discridain was son gep. ereevdaanetralinzed S iizeon, "The tr ey Gt enae d.r oal Ericcitzwa s from loriai das er cas oer nmenvtin sno
............a g hlder' Jr, hnted at th.ose. ing a turbian............................a
under prae was bein-g r.......
.ed' after ciil r s l s wyon reasonable ....... l yar. The oh e nah Lorm

-. wi: ::!W::iU:Y? <:We t9 rovetr s, heh- at ae ; it i
clled 'o)n the J ic Depart e te evidence revl a ps the defendant actedwl have to.......the hgh-. f the, tth o tf i, J ice epr
meno reeamin thecase cuale violain of; ay- of with a seriously culpable state e t stndard inthelaw," l ca rd in JhC s go rd-r Htc nt:t Civil Riohts Divs
.he ledr adSna ht the j liied eeral- ciial -of mind" -to violate T~ii' er s~i a~t a. news confereceK Cm-, Prvnto Act "It is< ve ifcult to~ establih
thev ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~K reandcnicdta ii ihssaue ihn u ii ihs in> April 2012.'Somethin 2d in~ 2009, wiuiih rumoved -'a deda.ti's state of mind.Rick' Scott's voting purge effort go-es full steam ahead

Gov rno reume co tro ersal ~\HE efforts stalled a few weeks be- .rolls and anticipate doing so
00 fore the 2012 general election. with plenty of time to prepare
poliy tat lim nats v ter The thrust of the lawsuit was for the next general elettion."
--that the state began remov- Howard Simon of the ACLU of
By Steve Bousqujet a review known as preclear- ing voters without first obtain- Florida, which sided with the
ance. The federal scrutiny no ~ a. ~ a 'ing federal preclearance under plaintiffs, says the Supreme
TALLAHASSEE When the longer applies to Hillsborough >' K- Section 5 of the Voting Rights Court decision wiped out .a
U.S. Supreme Court struck and four other Florida coun- -Act, but that argument became layer of legal protection for mdown the heart of the Voting ties-: Monroe, Collier, Hardee m\Fe Se rh pointless after the Supreme nority voters. "Our job has gotRights Act two weeks ago, it and Hendry. -Court's decision. Scott's chief ten harder, and it means the
cleared the,way for Gov. Rick A Hispanic advocacy group, elections official, Secretary of burden of defending the right
Scott's administration to re- Mi Familia .Vota Education #* State Ken Detzner, filed a notice to vote will fall more heavily on
sume its controversial effort to Fund, sued last year on be- '3in U.S. District Court in Tampa voting rights organizations," Siremove potential noncitizens half of two Tampa voters, call- -' \on Wednesday formally ask- mon. said. "The main tool in the
from voter rolls. ing the state's list of suspected ~'ing a'judge to dismiss the suit. toolbox, Section 5, has been
Thehig cort n Jne 5 i- on-.S.citzenvotrs nrei-"Florida's five counties are no removed." The court-ruling has
vlTed aig formulaue for de-. able, it zea poteunia l i- GOV. RICK SCOTT HOWARD SIMON longer subject to preclearance," immediately affected' voting
cades by federal officials to ap- enfranchise voters, especially letter from the county elections suit alleges. sarkd Detze' spokinesn, toNrigh issuesin severa staes
prove changes to voting laws in Hispanics and African-Amer- office that, questioned his citi- Some county election super-MakAd"W fulinedt NohCrlnAabmis
states and counties to protect icans such as Murat Limage, zenship, even though he was visors also questioned the accu- continue our efforts to remove sissippi and Texas are considminorities fro diciiain 45 of Tapa He rcId a. a naurlie U.S ciizn th rac of th stt dt Reoa nncriti7ens% fromn Flori da's voter ering new voting laws.




4 V

Ten things yod6*ver knew aboutN

-the prosperous Caribbean nation '~~

By Elizabeth Pears It is the childhood home of Sir SidneyReoddhsrybgnin19,w n
Poitier the first Black man to win Best Christopher Columbus landed on the island of
The history of the Bahamas begins Actor at the Oscars and boasts one of
with the earliest arrival of humans in the the world's largest barrier reefs. But there Gaaaia sadkona a avdri
islands in the first millennium AD. The are plenty of other fascinating things .the Bahamas, on his first voyage. first inhabitants of the islands now knowni about this Caribbean nation that you as The Bahamas were the Lucayans; an should know.
Arawakan-speaking Taino people, who
arrived between about 1500 and 800 from 1. The Bahamas gained independence world whose official names begin with 6. Thanks to its idyllic backdrop, the the islands of the Caribbean. Their ances- on July 10, 1973, with Lynden Pindling 'the.' "The other is The Gambia, in West Bahamas is one of the world's most used tors came. from mainland South America, (1930-2000) becoming the country's first Africa. Gambier, same sound but differ- film locations. Six Bond films have been where Arawakan-language peoples were Black prime minister. Under his leader- ent spelling, is also the name of one of filmed there including Thunderball, The
-present in most territories, and especially ship, the Progressive Liberal Party [PLP] the oldest villages in the Bahamas on the Spy Who Loved Me and Casino Royale. Pialong the northeastern coast, stayed in power until 1992. Pmndlmng re- island of New Providencel. It dates back to rates of the Caribbean, Jaws and Silence ~<
Recorded history begins in 1492, when ceived a knighthood from. Queen Elizabeth the early 1800s and was set up by liber- of the Lambs also featured the nation. -,Christopher Columbus landed on the in 1983. His policeman father, Arnold, ated Africans including Elijah Morris, who 7. Pop Queen Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz
island of Guanahani, an island known was a Jamaican migrant. led the largest slave revolt in U.S. history. and actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry
as San Salvador in the Bahamas, on 2. The archipelago, made up of a chain The group were en route to New Orleans are just a few famous names who have
his first voyage. The' earliest permanent of more than 700 islands and cays, takes to be sold at auction, but overpowered family ties to the Bahamas. Beyonce's European settlement occurred in 1647 on its name from the Spanish 'baja mar' the ship with the intention of sailing to maiden name Knowles is one of the most the island. During the -18th-century slave which means shallow seas. Its waters are Liberia. With limited supplies, they settled common Bahamian surnames alongside trade, many Africans were brought to the generally no deeper than 25 meters. How- in the Bahamas and were granted their surnames like Bain, Bethel or Bethell, Bahamas as laborers. Their descendants ever, the tongue of the ocean a trench freedom. Johnson, Kemp, Rolle, Newbold, Fawkes
constitute 85 percent of the Bahamian that separates the capital Nassau from 4. According to its 20 10 Census, the and Adderley, which is presumed to be an population. The Bahamas gained inde- Andros, the country's largest island is population of the Bahamas stands at Anglocized version of the Yoruba Adele. pendence from the United Kingdom onr up to 2,000m deep. It borders the 142- 353,658. The majority of the popula- 8. The highest point in the Bahamas July 10, 1973 40 years ago. mile long Andros Barrier Reef the third tion 85 per cent are descendants of is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island, which
largst n te wrldaftr te GeatBarierblack Seminoles from Florida, freed slaves .is a mere 63m high. Mount Everest, the UMrL.ICOnMN f9. Reef in Australia and another in Belize. from the U.S. and liberated Africans world's highest peak, is 8,848m.
WIT THE BAIN 3. It is one of only two countries inthe from West Africa, Angola and the Congo 9. It is believed that the lost city of Atwho were dumped in the Bahamas from lantis described by Plato could be off the
-~ A ships after the transatlantic slave trade coast of the. Bahamas. In 1968, scientists- -~ ~- ~was abolished. Between 1807 and 1865, discovered huge limestone blocks lo- ~ ~ -,-~hundreds of captured Africans settled in cated off the coast of North Bimini which
-. '~'~ ~ ~different parts of the Bahamas including are neatly aligned and cover a half-mile
~ ;- K~-Andros which is home to the Congo Town stretch. They appear to form an undersea
~K'4 ~K''~ -\settlement and Congo Town International road, which is why some believe they are
--- -~-- Airport. relics of the old kingdom. kK'
5. One of the most influential figures 10. The Bahamas first competed in the in the Garvey movement in the U.S. was Olympics in 1952 and has sent a team Baham-ian-born Frederick Augustus -to the Summer games every four years
Toote. Following Marcus Garvey's move except for 1980 when they boycotted the\< back to Jamaica, Toote was the second Moco event. With a total of 12 medals ma n~zto serve as the Peit G-en~eral of~U including fve gold -,h Baams th nie Ner Vnpovmn As(a o of th mos successful Ot mi na
S-~~ ~- ~~ ti -Ks 4 JNTA] tions~9 if>'K' measured9K'VK>9 per capita.

The Miami Times

Faith uimuy




e ret of the Zimerman trial meeting were also ured to

Leaders dicussed cos .. e cs
verdict. share the message wih oth
trial and peace "Somebody's going to be di-, specifically through social
,appointed with the outcome of media,
"We /Wvanl evrel-one topo
after verdict this trial," said Walter Rich- NW ateeyn opo
arson, chair of the Miami- mote the message of non-vioMiamli inesstaffreport Dade County Community Re- lence Jude Bruno, the chair
nations Bord, which hosted of the Miamni-Dade Youth ComOn July 9, nearly 300 peo- the meeting. mission, said.
ple came together to listen to "It's alrighat to be vocal, It's Brunmo encouraged attend1i b W
faith-based leaders, attorneys wrong to be violent, We already ees to use the hashtag #KeepEand the police's call fr peace lost one soul,' Richardson CalmforTrayvon when they
response to the approach- continued. aie thr eistagramnming

ing Geor Zimmerman trial In the ms ting, leade di or using any other social netverdict. Attorneys alse css hoathe county is in a works to discuss the trial.

communit embers more i ar more ature place since avon Martin's couin
sight on the trial through their than it wa: in the 1970s and started a Facebook pagewhere
explanation of legal issues and 1980s when several court deci- she continues t o urge others to
procedure, sons led to violent reactions,, rmipaceful in their proThe meeting was held at such as t e acquittal of four tests.
North Dade Regional Library Miam-i-Dade Police officers in "Poob~tecc If the case doesn't go how

in Tray o on utin's hometown the death ofAuthur MDuffie we want it to go, hae a peace

Bish pCommunity aftr embrerTagddri n h etn.
of Mii Gardens, which was While enraging the com- raly, have a praer, Tina Owdescribed as an event 'to in- munity to voice their concerns police identified "First Ameund- Local churches also will open Police said they are also pre- ens, Martin's cousin, said.

form, empower aid protect and emotius in a safe envi- mets zones throughout the their doors for community fo- pared for violent flare ups. But a rio? That's not hat our community" in prepara- ronment, Miami-Dade have county for protest, if needed. rums to take place. Those in attendance at the my family is about."

George Zimmerman found 'not guilt':

Faith community across U.S. reactstr2ad By EEW Magazine News

When the verdict came back "not guilty" in the George Zimmerman case, shockwaves ripped through the nation, leaving Trayvon Martin supporters heartbroken and simultaneously befuddled. Many are asking, "How could this gross miscarriage of justice have played out in America in 2013?"
Such dismissiveness of the overzealous neighborhood watchmen's reprehensible actions, resulting in loss of a 17-yearold's life, seems hard to imagine. No doubt, Zimmerman got away with murder something the Christian community reacted strongly about on Twitter.
Some members of the faith community reacted online:

T.D. JAKES: Sometimes things happen KIERRASHEARD: It's preposterous!!!
in life that even leave communicators Soooo done with it!!!! #TrayvonMartin oedgag

amds oviusags. retth m atoe stEtT-RwCa sidDoN Ir dn, whasEmet Tiladte*:i;i:ii!a::!:ii~ipe
E. DEWEY SMITH I ty believe that DEITRICK HADDON: on't care what
Zimmerman acted either maliciously or tthe system says. A 17-year-old kid withtmh
irresponsibly & caused a kid's death. He's a bag of skittles did not deserve to die!!
guilty of something! #Justice4Trayvon Pastor found God

JAMAL BRYANT: Tonight RIOT in DONNIE MCCLURKIN: How does walking while serving tim e
prayer.... LOOT heaven for every ounce of HOME doing NO wrong except WALKING 2 whr o m ntyo h p
cBURN self hate to the cause a stranger who saw him dd NOTHING
S grouind!i a e him follow, scare, harass and KILL and mission
d it ly Malika A. Wright gave him a Bible.
"gwighyt m iamiimeonlncom n 't m telhig you the word
*--- of God was just jumping out

Bishop W alker says after the Trayv n While being confined in a and speaking to me," Hakianepeg orteCt n vocftree sces ot e mhscmuit n oreonthan20cyearsaoiandtega tahelptey.n
Martin verdict, "get involved and pray" fqth a wo er the Ce Sa

By Bishop Joseph Walker III from Bishop Joseph congregation's obvi- real anger. There are people e rdgiy akHkma vrtenx i otsi
Walker III, the recent ous dismay regarding who stereotype and make as- lood y uto athe elling an jlakiin a s ier iei
This morning, pastors Full Gospel Baptist Cncl munilast evening's 'not sumptions about Blacks. This cried d comm ien oJesu to turn
around the country were Church Fellowship guilty' verdict. cynicism still exists today and "Gdifyo're reaL Jesus his lieond This men
compelled to shift the atmo- Presiding Bishop .2,2 "The Bible tells us is a blatant wake up call. Race 2if you'reT rel.Pe s el wallongawy from~ hisL~ ol
sphere of anger, disbelief and Elect, who also pas- in Ephesians 4:26, is a real issue, and we can- me, he sred hs testion lifstleasagngmebe
shock over the Trayvon Martin tors the 28,000 mem- 'Be angry, but do not not ignore 'it, especially in the ont rips tand Boadatin nte m du der wo as
vrdict. aes Fof thee ber Mt. Zion Baptist sin and do not let the church. It's more important Network tiso rhow anle bafey vind alen e o. i
faced with the bold task of Church in Nashville, sun go down on your now than ever to know our 'oly t hroras ltenr e PAtrn rel 2 frE2EO
maintaining peace and unity TN. Walker delivered wrath.' No matter history Learn about Medgar 2a tran sfedt another ~ prn Hakian stat~edOi) to>
amidst obvious angst. Great an impassioned state- what side you are on, Evers, Emmett Till and the unand s~~e4oo awter. asor Peae n, toi HAIMIAN 10B"2
guidance and wisdom came ment to help focus the WALKER we cannot skirt over Please turn to WALKER 10B '''

Miami Gardens leaders adopt no tolerance pledge initiative

** of the information gathered :3 our residents. This pledge is positive learning activities and
Stiet n a c aeya dq aiy came as a result of the Meet '> a way of placing your name to working more closely with the

of life at further reducing violence ionaspnamiihsmthCIde kec etop ePid0p
Miami imes staff report sponsored by Councilwoman community members every ~ .paign calls on residents to violent crimes.
Felicia Robinson, Seat 4, takes second Monday each month 2<~take a stand, by adopting their Through the campaign, comRecently, the City of Miami effect immediately. for discussion and feedback >22own No Tolerance pledge. The munity members will be able to
Gardens Council members Acknowledging too many regarding resident concerns. pledge form asks supporters apply to serve as a patrol of the agreed to adopt a No Toler- lives have been lost to gun "I grew up in this community. to make a family commitment community to participate in
ance pledge for the City and violence, future success lost I love this community and I 2 to noth-violence, to provide the safety.
residents aimed at further to school drop-outs and the know if we really want to have for adequate supervision of For the Children Sake is the
reducing violence, illegal activi- disruption of communities due a safe and prosperous com- 2 -youngsters at all times, becom- latest in a series of City initiaties and promoting increased to illegal drug activity, Council- munity we have to be a part of i ng more involved in commu- .tives responding to calls from
involvement in community woman Robinson responded to it," explained Councilwoman 2 '' nity groups and organizations, the community to enhance the
programs. The For the Chil- calls from community mem- Felicia Robinson. "I'm going to FELICIA ROBINSON partnering with church and/or safety and quality of life issues dren Sake campaign, which is bers to take a stand. Much continually do things to engage Councilwoman school programs to encourage Please turn to PLEDGE 10B


Revival celebrates the freedom of
l in IN Razor Sharp Ministries unity health fair on Saturday,
will be feeding the communi- July 27 from 10 a.m. til 2
living Christ-likein our daily lives ty breakfast every first Satur- p.m.
day. Call 786-3713779
p Second Chance MinGospel concert praise and worship had help African Orthodox istries to host a Bible study
ro Paul and Silas' break out of Synod celebrates 91st an- meeting. Call 305-747-8495.
stressed God's prion, God can help us to bust
-out of any situation that we're niversary at St. Peter's Afrio omOrtanceu ho yug thei p rai e can Orthodox Cathedral July N A Mission With A New
Through their praise and 17 at 7p.m. Farewell service Beginning Church WomBy Malika A. Wright worship they received their July 21 at 10.a.m. Call 305- en's Department provides
6099612. community feeding. Call freedom, Ambeau said. 371-3779.
On Thursday, Reed spoke A The 59th Street PenteWhere the spirit of the Lord from John 4: 21-24. He a costal Church of God ush- Bethany Seventh Day
is, there is freedom, according sured the members that they
to 2 Corinthians 3:17. don't have to Wait until tomor- er's ministry will celebrate Adventist Church will host
This was the theme of the row or next year, but they can their annual anniversary on a bereavement sharing group
"Free in Him" revival and gos- be excited about what God is July 18 at 7:30p.m. Call 305- at 3 4:30 p.m. every 2nd
pel concert, which was held by doing in our lives right now. 4942121. Sunday. Call 305-634-2993.
Allen Chapel AME Church on The gospel concert, which
July 10-12. was held last Friday night, was 0 Kingdom insight De- a Running for Jesus OutThe event, which was held, described as an opportunity to Iiverance Embassy will host reach Youth Ministry will
not that long after the 4th, ac- see how God is involved in our an apostolic summit on July host a "Youth Summer Semiknowledged that Christians -MiamiTimes photos/MalikaWright lives in song and dance. The 17-19 at 7:30 nightly. Call nar." Call 954-213-4332..
have a different kind of free- Rev. Anthony Reed, the guest speaker, prayed over those music mentioned relatable is- 888-871-4493 dom, according to Rev. Vensen who came to the altar. sues that allowed attendees to 1 Firot Baptist itc
Ambeau, pastor of Allen Cha- feel comfortable enough to wor- 0 Antioch Missionary of Bunche Park will host its
pel. Ki:2K 9?-K........... ship God freely, according to Baptist Church of Browns- annual men's gospel program
% uville will host its annual va- on August 25 at 4p.m. Call
"Our freedom is not that peo- A u:. cation b bible school from July 305-621-1991.
pl ett igtfru n as Performers included: Hasan o15n July 1. Cal 305-635 pie went to fight for us In wars, : 15 July 19. Call 305-635-.
but our freedom is in who God G Green, Call to Worship, Allen
says we are," he said. "We tried Chapel Praise and Worship 8329. U Holy GhostFaith Minto take the [holiday] that we team, Johnnie Harrell, and Valley Grove Mission- iste will be having a testicelebrate nationally and just 1 oleen and Jamel Walls. a y Grv ission- a 7:30 p tm. 13
kind of make it more for the Ambeau said the event ul ary Baptist Church is span- at 7:30 p.m. Call 786-452church." mately was held to help others scoring their annual commu- 0713.
The three-day event featured get closer to God.
ev. of "We know a lot of people areP so sr p nd t riMemorial AME Church, located struggling and dealing with Pastors
in Richmond Heights. 4 some things and we want to
On-Wednesday, Reed spoke be bold and daring enough to
from Acts 15: 24-26 about the say we've got the answers to MARVIN SAPP: I'm amazed by this verimportance of praise and wor- what you're going thru and its dict.... #Speechless
ship. He explained that just as Congregation praised and worshipped God. through Christ."

Bishop urges: Get involved in your community LV. HILLIARD: Was anybody really Sur
prised? God bless America... Still have a
VERDICT civil rights and the Civil Rights rise up as the Kingdom of God ceived a Bachelor of Arts de- long way to go.
continued from 9B Movement.. get involved and pray. At the gree from Southern University,
"And please, don't let the sun end of the day, whatever side a Master of Divinity degree from, many others in our historic leg- go down on your wrath. Every- you fall on you cannot always Vanderbilt University and a Docacy. It could've been you walk- body' who doesn't have your trust the judgment of man, but tor of Ministry degree from Princing home from the store. skin color is not your enemy there is a judge who will have eton Theological Seminary. ANIL.
"Take the anger you might be and everyone that does have the last say. He recently replaced Bishop DIANNA HOBBS: Tonight, pray for the
feeling and connect it to advo- your skin color is not your My thoughts and prayers are Paul S. Morton, founder of the family of Trayvon Martin.
cacy. Get involved in the com- friend. This is not the time to certainly with Trayvon Martin's F'ull Gospel Baptist Church Felmunityl look at people in distain. We are parents and family." lowship, as its presiding bishop
Teach your children about all brothers and sisters. Let's Bishop Joseph Walker, III re- elect.

Ipct Miami strives to grow and expand Southern FL Jurisdiction

HAKIMIAN> wan pCoplt diet pavo n a c COGIC Holy Convocation

""Look mn, I want you to in- hlisi rii~tkyTheir c.Kist& A The South Florida Jurisdicban with his -wig agin. Btleave' right now," the gang passon for urban culture, of e independent hion Church of God in Christ
it wasn't lo after that he leader, Ld in response. e c diverity and a coab theisto cordially invites the community
took a. stand fr Gd."I took is offer really quick,- orative organic approach for also see the spritala so- to its 15th Annual Holy ConvoThe ang leader told hill, kian said. the n atn of Miami transformtion of'Miai cation July 22nd-28th at Gamand other iitrmbers to kill inn is 'evdent is mrnany of'~ th~ ofi the revive gang FHAKIMIAN PASIONATELY church ts, which znlvd w citv l a 43 Street, where Bishop Julian
"God wouldn'tC.e appy, LEASIMPACT MIAI kids surrzner 'amp, C s aner C Jackson is Senior Minister
Hiakimian respoxndtd. The' Two decades later,' Hiia ight on'T "days., Worshp Th church has a von and host pastor.
leader said well a show' is not{ known because ofwho nights on0about100 The convocation will comyou,". i. t .Hs aorn- tia Nightlub on Fidlys nlr)s. > r mence with a musical extravaother rooi an corning hack' again Christian mar- Couples Grouip on 4th SUn_ owns a % ds c p ganza Monday night at 7:30
fiith f cd dd aO'N o ae bl s p.m. Tuesday through Satur~'Tin ju~st giving this advice~ has posted linip.-ct MiamiL' last $a-ttrdvs is" 1ildtng an Onin f01UowV day, evening sessions will begin because I don't want tem to Churich for the pasttwo years. The church's vision is to ing with hispocast .calld at 6 p.m. with vacation Bible go o ll,"' he' said, rith his> Pakirnian and'........e, grow inqatt"n in qiu.- The Jack'Iiakimian Shw,his~ Classes and Enrichment worhanids tip, "I don't want tbhem Jhael, both her o' alt t hog vneii ind uuhe. videos and 1hle cr- ship services at 7:30 p.m.
topend ift in prisoI don't move to Miamiom o An nurture g healthy Christias" ti&n of Sunday services will be held
'~at Church- of God by Faith, BISHOP JULIAN C.
16969 NW 23 ave., Miami Gar- JACKSON
dens, FL. Bishop Julian C. Jackson will
Sunday School will begin at deliver the official day sermon.
,Join Bishop Victor T. Curry, President of the 9 a.m. and the official morning For additional information
worship service at 11 a.m. call 305-821-3692 or 305-757N 6 NationalAction Network South Florida Chapter The Jurisdictional Prelate 6620.
l i in support of the NAN national campaign as we A Memorial Service in Honor

k. pray and rally for Trayvon Martin and his family of Overseer Della Williams
4 in front of federal buildings inThrwilbaMeoalSJ&S1 CE t.o' 10O0 cities across the country vice in Honor of Overseer Della
Williams for her long and dedi-\\ ReverentiAl Sharpton, cated service to God's Ministry
President and God's people.
T $ r Bishop Victor T. Curry, Join us for this wonderful cel. NatiOnal Board Member, ebration Saturday July 20th at
Southeast Regional Director and 12 noon.
SSouth Florida Chapter President The Body of Christ National
.......Convention will be held at The i~iiii:;New Beginning Embassy Of
...............Praise, 2398 NW 119 Street,
.....For more information contact, Y Evangelist Miriam Smith 786970-8804. OVERSEER DELLA WILLIAMS

I0:O0a.m. For The Children Sake

:,= ...PLEDGE Miami-Dade Office of the State
::::=: .. .= : continued from 9B Attorney, the Miami Gardens
:/ .. Police Department is credited
.... D.....r u o ,~.UntdSae a for Miami Gardens. Mayor Oli- with an aggressive campaign
l ')!!;,iie D.F r s n rUntdSae ourthouse ver Gilbert, in his 2013 State to get weapons off the streets
"!=: ==;:: lof the City Address, outlined and is actively engaged in sev: :::: : 400 North M iami Avenue, M iami, FL 33128 plans to enhance City parks era Community Policing pro. offering state of the art educa- grams. Combined efforts show
tional and science programs a 40 percent reduction in crime
For more information, please contact the NAN office at 786-362-5746 or by email at for youth and seniors. Forging since the Department was esstrong partnerships with the tablished in 2007.

Heath, 11elI 0

Sponsored by North Shore Medical Center
"Once You Know, It's Where To Go"


Get prepared for 2013 hurricane season
Time could be of EMERGENCYTELEPHO NUMBERS Fight the temptation to go
N M Routside during the "eye of the

the essence .9-1-1 Life-threatening emergencies only storm." There's only a brief peMiami imes staff report riod of calm before hurricane
3-1-1 Government information service force winds return.
The 2013 hurricane season is Toll free outside Miami-Dade County Keep animals safely in their
already here [June 1 Nov. 30] 1-888-311-3233 carriers at all times.
and with the unpredictability of TTY/TDD: 305-468-5402
the weather, it would be wise AFTER A HURRICANE
to prepare now should a .strong Miami-Dade County Department of Emergency Management Remain inside until local austorm hit South Florida. The 305-468-5400 thorities say it is safe to leave. If
Miami-Dade "County Office of 305-468-5401- fax you must go outside, watch for
Emergency Management [OEM] 305-468-5402 -TDD fallen objects and downed elechas released a hurricane guide trical wires.
that provides information on Continue to monitor the
hurricane preparedness oe, Federal Emergency ManagementAgency radio or TV for advice and/or
during and after a storm hits. 1-800-621-3362 instructions from local governYou can also visit the OEM's. Charley English, GEMA and Homeland Security director 1-800-462-7585 -TDD ment. Call 3-1-1 or visit www.
website at www.miamidade. for information
talks with Students as hurricane season gets closer. on waste collection services and
gvhri.etgeth'a-American Red Cross hurricane debris pickups.
est information on the current age, assuring that it's safe to
getnovhrmin tonge the uret- 305-644-1200 .. .. .*- Inspect your home for damstatus of all County emergency stay there. Check for gas leaks,
preparedness plans. Florida Pqwer and Light if applicable.
Obey all curfew and, emer" BEFORE THE STORM 1-800-468-8243 gency orders when issued.
Purchase an extra box of Do not operate charcoal
non-perishable food and other grills, propane camping stoves
supplies in order to make a Miami-Dade Animal SerVices Department or generators indoors.
hurricane kit during each trip 305-884-1101 Do not drive or walk through
to the grocery store, making standing water. It may be much
use of coupons and sales when deeper than you realize and
I available. Properly prune trees and instructions from public safety there may be hidden hazards.
Combine resources with shrubs before a hurricane ap- officials, Stay away from downed
family, friends and neighbors to proaches in order to reduce de-. Stay indoors, preferably in a power lines and report them to
save money by buying in bulk, bris that may become airborne room with few or no windows. Florida Power and Light. then divide the items up. during a storm. Proper pruning Take your emergency kit Place piles of debris on the
Fill containers 2/3 full also increases the likelihood and disaster supplies with you right-of-way, away from fences, with tap water and keep them that a tree can weather a storm. if you move from room to room. mailboxes, drains, power lines Students collected some of the items to build their Ready in your freezer for ice after the If you lose power, turn off all and low-hanging wires. Do not
kits, they were also learning how those items can help them storm. DURING A HURRICANE major appliances, place debris in vacant lots or in
during a storm or other type of natural disaster. Make bed rolls from your ex- Monitor your radio or tele- Use flashlights, not candles front -of commercial properties,
isting comforters and blankets. vision for weather updates and or kerosene lamps, as your light nurseries or farmland.

Mental decline at age 90 is

lessthan it was a~ decade ago
Bef 4 is e t.dav'Iw the sren' c.rwork N:v. .on.ct, ,<,e nal The ... etN

Stune have raise conv live Non-e 90s toaNhwi- adds~ld ypol,
ealebtthy sot aie compared t
cerns:,::. ig about sc sciv Uninersity ofia. Iit

dones on children._ ability Lui SouhernN~ Demakin ad
group born a decad

Studies ave aisd co- atiStu dy:l Dietgn soda do snth l

ya(-,oul lose i or1 maita ne wteaeigcht a
C InI I Pnl BySarhildrehelnntr.icese h Tetkehm
stil prfrme hete inth likihgondithats als person i ll hsatadfnto D...iet. soda urnsot, mayi ov eret, ga in e adth en msa is fut copae o

INugCH L Desnts tht pane,: for weight develo -ogte healthoin, prob-wo vr br 0
er fatorssuchas ntrit on lare study ounshd that es tr oETA 4

obst to dialete to hear non-di:Det soda thersfound
sensation on: both: sides of her.or wose Istad thteeig sgr"onepr.hdtieters fdvlp

hel. when the... romwsdrk n mrgnyro,i: whr: ed o scoogclsine napecro:ocrivsua

headces. He h yscleam Iadeokeprasa "head- agnosis m,'ii.:::.d:::igrie, and' mohr tdisloknga wehr uprsngy sm oh

thersymptom sude lci~~iiiii ihaahscmhwlnteyPaetuno HEADACHES 14B

go ., .i~ 0 .. 0 S-
~.:::::::: / 55"Cu P'I S tuld:Dltsdaoi 'tS


Happy souls have healthy hearts.
By Nick Tate ture research into the interactions between mind and body
A smiling face can mean a may offer clues.
healthy heart. That's the key For the study, Yanek and
conclusion of new research her colleagues analyzed inforshowing people with cheerful mation gathered. from 1,483
temperaments are significantly healthy siblings of pople who
less likely to suffer a heart at- had heart problems before the
tack or sudden cardiac death. age of 60 and who were followed
The study; by Johns Hopkins for up to 25 years.
researchers, is the latest to as- Study participants were sur- .eaC .h us e
sociate a positive outlook with veyed about their mood, health,
better health and a lower risk of anxiety and energy levels, and equals less fitness tim e
premature death. overall life satisfaction. Over
Previous research has shown the course' of the study, 208 By Newsmax health mobile devices allows "on the
depressed and anxious people heart attacks and other cardiac go" communication, the more
are more likely to have heart at- .., problems were reported among Perhaps not too surprisingly, students used their devices,
tacks and die from them than the participants. spending copious amount Of the more sedentary they were,
those with brighter disposi- "'Those individuals who report- time hovering over your mo- the report said. Plus those who
tions. But the Johns Hopkins ed a generally positive outlook bile phone texting, 6mail- spent more time on their moresearchers say their study is Over the course of the study, 208 heart attacks and other were a third less likely to have ing, gaming, or watching vid- bile devices were more likely among the first to indicate that cardiac problems were reported among the participants. heart problems; that rate rose eos doesn't do much for to engage in other sedentary a general sense of well-being to 50 percent for those who your fitness, Reported in Run- forms of entertainment, such
feeling cheerful, relaxed, ener- R. Yanek, an assistant profes- sult." Some health experts have scored the highest in terms of ners World on last Thursday, as playing video games or getic, and satisfied with life sor at the Johns Hopkins Uni- suggested people with a posi- life satisfaction. Kent State University found watching films.
actually reduces the chances of versity School of Medicine who tive outlook are more likely to The findings held true regard- that university students who Low-frequency users, :on the a heart attack. led the study, published in the take better care of themselves less of whether the participants spent large amounts of time other hand, "were more likely
"If you are by nature a cheer- American Journal of Cardiol- and have more energy to do so. were white or African-Ameri- on their phone as much as to report being connected to ful person and look on the ogy. But Yanek emphasized that the can, men or women. a truly obsessed 14 hours per active peer groups through
bright side of things, you are "A happier temperament has mechanisms behind the protec- The study was funded, in day were less fit than those their cell phones and to cite
more likely to be protected an actual effect on disease and tive effect of positive well-being part, by the National Institutes who spent around 90 minutes this as a motivation for physifrom cardiac events," said Lisa you may be healthier as a re- remain unclear, adding that fu- of Health. a day. While the concept of cal activity."

Midedged wo men dying from drug overdo sing
cause prescribedshigher fee pAients think of ajtr. Soic expert-, -aid the iBy u d painkiller vetdose death s e; and to use paii drugs nativee tretments for vhrnnic cease in pscptFi carb
Mostr.than men. Some re- pain, and conutstte drug traced tot isawactanal earBy ked cto n campaign wer e a ded e his et yh es er e t rris om e C (r r
Fore innY decad es, the o ft d 1 9pts, bto t amngelshop h heget painplfm b inoniti paink tis de eti fiaes w h
halty d h in t more men still di seral physicians, CDC onffi-e The vast repot focuses on soaise htin Spe
are~ risi= fastest amon- mid- dos deth. weemnkle rmoedss fpikl,,r i ad precrciption opiaids like Vico- dLIgS were not ideicedin cv.dle-a-ed wo(.n an thei by heoi or coc ine. Bu y n ther drugs; there wtcrc zBut many doctors .may not' din' and 0.,.-yContin and their~ cry deai. I other, a omidru fc hice i lpr wm about 23,0 such deaths is c tze wthesi facts about generic forms, aa ben f dgs
scriptiofl 'pamillrs, \the 'ov- ~'- moto hmmddle-age 200 compared with' abou wme,i~d Jo hn Eadie, di'- a powerful newer .drug c~alled. such as palikiller-, takenihx
percent e e reentlen ok sio l women. Men tenr c of a Brandeis university pana orymorphon uilizrs
"Mortrtther, .S fromn su lrescdg to take more risks with drugs program that tracks prcscnp- ".These are dangerous medi- CDC officials think Mre
Saute nart d.eingatt tes Sfyoecting femalear tha women, ind often ar r tiod..g mirin.g efforts nations and ihv should be re-than percent of the ovcrose me have ever w b dosen eth bs mo oe wproe to the kintd of work acr..........served fr situatios like severe deaths-wern tional
.for, said Dr. Thomais Fi4c4crn, 6(-deto ~\a boom in the o .>-a pae inzjuries that lead to their "' t ". report hilghlights the cacrpain,' Freden said. Hfe One striking finding: The directornf the C ectrs fris- useo Ipre p i n f 'a m e che.e".added that the-re bs nobeen increase in drug ....

has comegreater warenessave tradition- a ; : death..
-a e C oe al, doctors, hc a comparable i c'. in d c .... d ...... in
which compiled the data. fi.................. ... d h t te, has dbeenai L tu ofrug.abuie as melted A the ages 45 through S4, ad

mots fliee '...:: ....
*The problem is one of the few, trn hsbenmoyid~mai ro'wi;%i rtil.' a me I~ s problem,~ he said. That U.S. public tha~twould explain 'through6-1. The rate for each f"
hth issues the CDC is work- aong St.udies suggest that wo..... means doctors..uld coide .th.e iereerp s eiD thogA..m... e thanetrAld
g that are clarly getting The Com fund ythat the a ore likely to havhronic p t tlasit 0 FI 'years bteen 1999 and 20 10.'

A'nwlagesapl o 40 ... V:~ !
Study More babies getting

flat heads from lyingon backs

sulting~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~otiu too plac infnt offreson '! :: i:i...........:ii
Placing newborns on their backs can
their backs to sleep, while
c e..aoaincorporating repositioning
.te strategies, including:
Most infants (63 percent) fant is awake and supervised. ,q" " s 2 ~ 2
An education campaign were affected on the right side This not only helps prevent ",,, ....
launched in 1992 to have of the head flat spots, but it also helps the
healthy babies sleep on their The vast majority of cases head, neck and shoulder mus- O Uhv m s
backs is credited. with a 50 can be corrected with physical cles get stronger as part of norpercent decrease in the infant therapy and non-invasive mea- mal development.
mortality rate in the U.S. from sure, according to the AAP. Changing the direction that Sudden Infant. Death Syn- If the condition appears to the infant lies in the crib from drome. s be worsening by six months, one week to the next.
But along with the decline
has come greater awareness t'
f a condition called positional B t
plagiocephaly, in which an in- fmto
faint's head is flattened or mis- ph
shape, from too much time mo r
the back position in the first rRichard A. Grant, DDS, PA
months of life. General, Cosmetic, Implant Dentistry
Othe stdie hae pt te 'Member: ADA, FDA, SFDD and AGD

ratebe cceted
(ponunedplyeeu-SE .SM TI DN- I1


Brain stimulation may slow memory decline,

Su iss o th t life span were associated with hobbies that they enjoy, suich
Su isso th t slower cognitive decline, the as photography and quilting.
rotec-iti brain study found. Intellectually stimulatingac
~IILLL~LI~JMental activity explained tivities involve processing and
powei~r means about 14 percent of the differ- using information. Examples
LWIences between people in how are reading a book and then
re digwrtig uh their memory and think- predicting what will happen
ing skills declined, next, as well as watching a
By Cathy Payne The finding supports the hy- movie and then comparing it
pothesis of cognitive reserve, 6.with other films, says Judy WilIt's never too early to start which describes the brain's lis, a neurologist based in Sanprotecting your brain power, a ability to cope with disease or ta Barbara, Calif.
new study suggests. damage. According to the hy- -U Willis says doing a variety of
Reading, writing and partici- pothesis, mental activity helps cognitive activities appears to
pating in other brain-stimulat- delay the cognitive conse- b oepoetv ftecg
ing activities at any age may quences of disease. nitiv 1, : -. e mrespertve o th cus gprtetyormemory later in Neuroimaging research sug- 7. n hnevnsmtiglk
life, according to the research. gests that cognitive activity can y lyn hss.
The study, which tracked 294 lead to.changes in brain struc- <~ > "More research is needed to
individuals, is published online ture and function that may en- look at how much time should
in the July 3 issue of Neurol- hance cognitive reserve. be devoted to an activity or
ogy. intellectuallyy stimulat- learning a skill and how* of"Our study suggests that ex- ing lifestyle helps to contribute "A ~ ten it should be revisited," she
ercising your brain by taking to cognitive reserve and allows adds.
part in activities such as these you to tolerate these age-re- Wils wh was no.nv.e
across a person's lifetime, from lated brain pathologies better 2in the study, agrees that the childhood through old age, is than someone who has had a activities should be motivated
important for brain health in less cognitively active lifestyle," <~~'~by pleasure.
old age," said the study's lead says Wilson, a neuropsycholo- ""Frigyusltodsme
author, Robert Wilson. gist at Rush University Medical r thing takes a lot of mental efAfter adjusting for signs of Center in Chicago. fr, h ds I o r
brain disease, higher levels of He recommends that people -LeighTaylor something and don't like it, try
cognitive activity across, the have cognitively stimulating Reading now may protect your memory later in life, a new study suggests. .something else."

Study: inverse link betwee*acr Alzheimer's

By Karen Weintraub derlying symptoms or stop the which can't reproduce die ington University School of
progression of the fatal disease. off too quickly. She is currently ~ ~~ Medicine, says fellow scientists
In a small bit of good news for "Alzheimer's is a disease that developing potential drug can- laughed at her in 2005 when her
people with terrible diagnoses, is going to dwarf every other didates that increase or reduce own research first suggested a
having cancer appears to pro- disease, 'in terms of cost, in activity of a gene, PIN 1, which link between Alzheimer's' and
tect against getting Alzheimer's terms of effect on people's lives, seems to be involved in both cancere. Roe said she was able
disease and vice versa, and we're not as far ahead as diseases.
Wat began as ahunch by a we should be," says Jane A. The interrelationship also toe follo pthat rsudychen a
handful of researchers is con- Driver, an epidemiologist, on- raises questions about drug the Alzheimer's Association Infirmed in a study published to- cologist and geriatrician at the development. If someone found ~. ternational Conference, .who
day in the journal Neurology. VA Boston Healthcare System a drug to effectively treat Al- became her collaborator.
People diagnosed with Alzheim- and Brigham and Women's zheimer's, might it cause can- Roe says she's- excited that
er's .were found to have a 43 Hospital. cer? .. the new study has confirmed
percent lower risk of developing No one knows for certain why "htisoeinweavtoher earlier findings and that cancer than those without the Alzheimer's and cancer are in- think about," Driver says. more scientists will now take
disease, and people with cancer versely related. Not all cancers seem to offerthcontinsruly
ran a 35% lower chance of de- "It could open avenues of inveloping Alzheimer's, according vestigation that people haven't
to the study of 25,000 residentsevntogtfytshsa. of the Italian city of Milan. om cacrmaprtcagisAlhmesdsaec- "They've been looking at the
Thi iners rlatonsip e-cording to a new study. usual suspects for so long."
tween cancer and Alzheimer's
will be one of the key topics
discussed at the Alzheimer's dd
Association International Con- Massimo Mu~sicco, the lead the same protection against Al- H ow faith can affect therapy
ference in Boston, beginning author of the new paper, says zheimer's. Prostate cancer isn't this weekend. The conference he thinks that the two are sim- protective, according to the By Ashley Taylor only two had high expectations faith on treatment outcomes
is expect toinclde mre py diferet faets f agng. f nfortdthed otreatment.h, ormaye beatant.importantmporagoal.l
tha is 50 ex eearicle frmor py hifferoe faets of gng, Ifu newug studyendisthe researchers Can belief in God predict "It's one of the first studies Most Americans believein cthn45riesachversucs frm6 oae ne sotae ognedis, yo*thuh cetit ae'tsr how someone responds to I've read that actually looks' God 92 percent, according
coutris, ndcovr sbjctsarelielyto ak on dieae w13r mental health treatment? A at perhaps a mechanism" for to a 2011 Gallup poll, though
such as Alzheimer's risk fac- pathway as you age; another set The new study answers crittors, early detection, imaging of genes will direct you along a ics who had thought the inverse recent study suggests it might. "why we see some correla- the percentage among mental and treatment. different route, he says. relationship could be explained Researchers at McLean Hos- tion between the strength of health professionals may be
Alzheimer's is projected to ti- Driver, who was not involved simply: Someone with cancer or pital in Belmont, Mass., en- religious commitment or the considerably lower. One study ple over the next generation and in the new study but has led Alzheimer's might not live long rle 5 e n oe n srnt fsiiulcmi- fo 03fudta 5pr
become'a huge -social arid fi- similar. research, says she enough to get the other. But cognitive behavioral therapy ment and better outcomes," cent of psychiatrists said they nancial burden. People with Al- thinks the two conditions are the new research found that is program that involved, on sadD. arilyn Baetz, a believed in God, compared with
zheimer's suffer loss of memo- likely caused by opposite genet- not the case. The cancer diag- aerage, 10 daylong sessions psychiatrist at the University of 77 percent of other physicians. ry, thinking and language skills ic activity. Cancer is essentially nosis rate was lower for people of group therapy, individual Saskatchewan who studies the Previous research has assoas well as behavioral changes a 'disease where cells reproduce who were later diagnosed with counseling and, in some cases, effects of religion and spiritual- ciated church attendance with that can make them extremely too much and refuse to die, in Alzheimer's and vice versa, Mu- medications. About 60 percent challenging to care for. Current Alzheimer's and related diseas- sicco says.. of the participants were being
treae o ersin hl
treatments do not address un- es like Parkinson's,'brain cells Catherine Roe, of th e Wash- otehad o a dresioe,hl
anxiety or other diagnoses.
All were asked to rate their
Y 1 ~ J tspirituality by answering a
'Tipsy'o 'am r d ?M n snl question: "To what extent do you believe in God?" ''\'~&
The results, published in The .
Journal of Affective Disorders, .......'> ---------ivoinen uescri~~e urin~ing revealed that about 80 percent \f'"\y \ KK>
By CthyPaye ~N of participants, reporters somei-


Are sodas really good for you anyway? Sexes views on booze

SODA regularly consume these sweet- But research, such as that zation said in an emailed state- DRINKING women downplay intoxication
continued from 1 1B eners. done by Swithers, suggests ment. "Low-calorie sweeteners continued from 13B to, fit expectations about how
While research indicating that tactic could backfire and are some of the most studied much women should drink,
studies suggested diet soda may that diet soda might not be a that there -could be serious and reviewed ingredients in Research Institute on Addic- Levitt says. be just as bad for our health as health food has been around long-term health consequences the food supply today. They are tions at the University at Buf- When drinking heavily, womnon-diet. a few decades, in the past 25 to regular consumption of diet a safe and an effective tool in falo,' State University of New en may be negatively perceived
"Are diet sodas worse for you years, Americans' consumption sodas. weight loss and weight manage- York, and his colleagues had by their female and male peers,
than regular sodas? I think of these drinks have skyrock- In scientific terms, Swithers' ment, according to decades of 145 undergraduate students according to the study. that's the wrong question," said eted, among a proliferation of piece is a review study, one that scientific research and regula-, participate in a survey. in 2007. Levitt says previous research Swithers, who is also a member options and concerns. over obe- looks at many different studies tory agencies around the globe." Participants read vignettes de- suggests that college men overof Purdue's Ingestive Behavior sity. to reach a conclusion. Many organizations, includ '- scribing people who had been estimate how much alcohol
Research Center. "It's, 'What Such thinking has driven The American Beverage As- inig the American Diabetes As- drinking, their male peers consume and
good are sodas for you in the many schools and hospitals sociation, the traae association sociationand the Academy of "Results supported previous how much they are expected to
first place?' to stop offering sugary sodas for the non-alcoholic drinks in- Nutrition and Dietetics, support research by showing that mod- drink. It may be a case of thinkThe studies included drinks in their cafeterias and vend- dustry, described it a different the use of -low- and no-calorie erate intoxication terms such ing, "'Hey, I'm wasted and that's containing aspartame, sucra- ing machines in an effort to way. ,sweeteners to help maintain a as 'tipsy' were applied to female OK because that is what is exlose and saccharin. About 30 improve the health of their pa- "This is an opinion piece not healthy weight, the trade in- vignette characters more than pected,"' he adds. percent of American adults trons. a scientific study," the organi- dustry statement pointed out. male characters, even when But there are real-world imfemale characters were heavily plications for how people es-.
*intoxicated," Levitt says. "Fe- timate intoxication levels, reEld~erly mental health continues to improve male participants applied these searchers suggest.,'
_____________________------ -- .terms more than male partici- "Clinicians such as psycholoMETLWo1ie born in 1915, wer~ as- o ad word fluencey. erge test scores than ths pants." gists and counselors could use
continued~ ~ ~ ~ ~ frm11 esen2 1 hntey were Reslts shwed that te*Tborn in 1~905, and a subtan By contrast, among men, this knowledge to work with
\~NNN K''ages > 94 t 95 chanej of surviving to aee 93 tiaily higher proportion achieved '"heavy intoxication terms such men to help correct notions that
erirritonlY wer moeLv N n-ws xlddfrom the yea was 28 percent higher maximm scores' on cognition as 'wasted' were applied to being 'hammered' is both typin~gtoa hghr ge bu tey tie#s based nOI heath, resi among those born in 19 15; their tests, even~ togh they were male vignette characters more cal and acceptable, and with
'tai>~c frahng9~a 2 odr'tth ieo etn-- than female characters," Levitt women to-increase awareness
tesr savs Mienital or pyica adicap >prthigher,--------leading to~ the suggestion that says. "Male participants applied about the potential dangers of th D)aiisb. Civ,.i Reg-' prvne a\ patcpn r The two groups performed more people are living to older these terms moeta eaeunderestimaigterono
\sc Svtm Chitne an epnig(bu 0pretequally on tests measuring ages with better overall, fuc participants." others', degree of intoxication,"
colausietfedalnn-srei-welse answered 'oa isi phyiclpefoirmance, btthose tioning, The difference in language says Mark Wood, professor of
,nraS Tn inDnak oher behalf.,-,, botrn in, 1915 otperformed "If this development were to, may reflect gender and social psychology at the University of
atthtm tthy wee con-> Aona withi an inteviw, those born i 1905 in activities contne thefutrefuntion-_orms._nepossbilityisthaRhodeIsland
d cinteig' re7s tal the asessmen~t cnite fo dailyr living such as walking .'al 'problems and care needs -of T r n t h ors Pt r
of226 e an onnbr Phesical tests (ixncluin gip inside and ousde petig u vey elderly people might be less T r n t hors Pt r
in10 eeasse n929q stegh chafi san an gait' C ha le Jr n aevrn tpadta r ntcptdo h a
whnLe eeaI sed -n ontv esr-down stairs. si of the pesenit-day burden of JonuatTeL e

Joinus a TheTrinity .CME
Church of Miamni,* 511 NW 4th
Headche: M ny auss, itererewit scoolStreet, as we honor our leader, ,,*
Head che: M ny auss, itererewit scoolPastor Marvin Charles Lue, Jr.,

HEADACHES' the shadow of a terrible diag- a huge group of children who Who does need ferif or Chislast bring us cler
continued from 1 lBnosis lurks in the corner of the each saw a doctor at least twice ing? Doctors worry about a se- to f evnho:Fihu
darkened room where a head- with. headaches but had no vere headache that gets worse, .,"7 p.m., Saturday, for
had been worried the girl might achy child is lying with a cool head injury or trauma. and about any abnormalities on our fellowship banquet and 10
have had a brain tumor. cloth on her brow. More than 25 percent of those the physical exam or changes am., Sunday, for our celebraHeadaches re common Sometimes, children with children got CT scans, the re- that suggest a pathology in the to nwrhp
in children, interfering with headaches need neuroimaging searchers found. brain. These changes can range Our guest proclaimer for
school, with activities, with life brain CTs or M.R.I. 's. But Children who brought their from disturbances in gait or eye Sunday's worship will beN in general. Many children get recently several large studies aching heads into emergency movements to confusion and Rev. Dr. William Holmes
migraines, evensome too young have raised concerns about CT rooms were more likely to-get lethargy. Though nausea and Robinson, senior pastor of The : to describe their symptoms: scans done on children because s .cans than children visiting vomiting commonly go along Olivet Church, Fayetteville Sometimes they hit themselves the radiation from these scans their regular doctors or neu- with migraines, vomiting can (Atlanta), Georgia. Fore more in the head in 'reaction to the can increase the risk of eventu- rology clinics. "However, even also indicate increased pres- information, please contact us pain. Other children get "ten- ally developing cancer, though outside the emergency room, sure in the brain. It can be a at 305-373-7162 or by email at PASTOR MARVIN
sion-type" headaches, some- that overall risk is still very the use of CT scans was quite danger sign in a child who has CHARLES LUE, JR.
times related to muscle tight- small. high,' said Andrea DeVries, a recently had a concussion.
ness or to stress. Doctors are being 'asked to director of research at Health- Pyinptoms like these quickly Pastor's Care celebrate their 63rd Anniversary
Children's headaches can be follow guidelines for judicious Core, a subsidiary of the in- push a headache into the realm related to ailments', from'i aller- use of these scans, but many surer WellPoint, and the lead of a neurological emergency. The Pastor's Care of the Historic St. John Institutional Missionary gies to ear infections to sinus parents' remain unaware of the author of the new study. About Headaches that wake children Baptist Church will celebrate their 63rd Anniversary this Sunday. problems, and most of the time risks and guideliness. A study two-thirds of the children who from sleep or occur on just one, The Rev. Dennis Jackson, pastor of New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, they don't indicate a dangerous published this month in the received CT scans did not visit side also may be cause for con-' will be in charge of the service. illness.' -But for many parents, journal Pediatrics looked at an emergency room, she noted. cern. St. John is located at 1328 NW 3rd Avenue in Overtown.

Mej~ Miami Pmes

El \N1111M1 1~ OEM'


Hadley Davis MLK Hadley Davis Carey Royal Ram'n i'k'
DAVENPORT, WILLIE PEARL CONNERS, 81, 25 at home. Blues m usi i Te.
56, social home maker, Service 10:30
worker, died died July 12 a.m., Friday at
July 11 at North at Memorial Jordan Grove
Shore Hospital. P e m b r o k e MJohnny Brown, dies A
Service 10sa.. H o s p i t a I Baptist Church.
Saturday in the Arrangements
chapel. are incomplete.
soime of the best.
MARY ALICE JOHNSON, 54, MONICA D. BARRETT, 73, i the business
house wife, ANNIE MCSWAIN, 79, died July 10
died July 9s uper vis or, at Jackson iii!~
died July 9 1 t Jako during his career~'~
at Jackson died June 21 Health Systems.
M e m o r i a I at Memorial Service 10:30
H o s p it a I. West Hospital. a.m., Friday at BI IlleyornmgStar
Service.12 p.m., Service 11 a.m., Jordan Grove i
Saturday in the Saturday at Missionary John Riley $Brw,'cw betchapel. Shekinah Glory Baptist Church. tr known as Texas John, y
Ministries. Brown, who was oneof the
first blues mnusicians to perHERBERT RAYMOND MATTHEW COMBS, 68, retired, form at Hari ngen's blues on
BOWLEG, IVAN SCOTT, 80, died July 3. died July 12 at home. Services thie 1il and returned to perJR., 65, school Services were held. were held. firm several times died at'
crossing guard, his home inHouston Monday
died July 11 at EARNEST EVANS, JR., 23, died VIRGINIA SHUFORD, 64, evening friends said. He was
University of July 2. Services were held. homemaker, died July 15 at home. 85Z
Miami Hospital. Arrangements are incomplete. ' Service 2 p.m., DEACON ALVIN BARTHELL, o sxdce.
Saturday in the 67, died June 28. Services were H played si d ecde di
chapel. held. Eric L. Wilson virtual who's who of the
BRENDA MCNAB, 71, died July K blues world, including Amos "
HUMBERTO ROSALES, 54, FANNIE ARNOLD, 87, died July 15 in Lauderhill, Milbirn, Ruth Brown, Bobby T J BROWN
driver, died July 3. Services were held. FL. Service "Blue"' Bland,, Junior Parker, ,, , ,.
FL. Service Lavelle White, Buddy Ace and The Houston-based, musi- its not b ieab' ti ItillU h
14 at Jackson FA CSOLIR 5:30 p.m., i, il ;:::' ?i i
M mo ia ~FRANCES COLLIER 5:0oem, Hinton. cian was back in Hlarlingen something to say,"h _add
H o s pit a I. FLEMMING, 56, died July 6. Monday, Julys22 i song 'Two Steps From toplayhecit's1i0thannual IoA .. as you h, r:oo
Arrangements Services were held. at House of God :"is a blues classic. blues 'on the Hill concei se- stoo
are incomplete. NMiae Revival His CD "Nothin' But the ries in front of hundreds from song'
-M Fllowhip Tuth"on his own Choctaw' all over the Rio Grande Valley, Bro)wn's life stony sounds
Richardson c h u r c h e.. ek Recordswasninated In a July 2007 interview ike soo of a bI
MARY NELOMS, 52, medical Hollywood, FL. fot a W.C. Handy blues Award with the Star, Browi said l g rid. His father was blnded
assistant, in 1999 for Comeback Album" songwriting doesn't sget any 'whle~ working fo rilroad.'
KERRY SIMPSON CONLEY, died July 9. KYMANI LEE, 1 year old, of the Year easier as the years go by, From then on, they i
44, died July 2. Service 11 died July 14 In a June 2010 interiew You don't want toi repeat by fonto'Atown
Services were a.m., Thursday at Broward Val ....l.e...y Morning Star, yourself,"said the blues vet- with their dog Carburetor and
held. at Antioch MB o w n e r a I whQ at makes eran. "But you're also trvyin!gp' blues on street cor
Church of Carol Hospita good blues. He simp replied, to keep the flavor ofwhat ouirsi TI
city. ie 2 p ....n.holv fake m music is all about," BN o
Service 12 pvm., -i aiiii ii!iiiiii ~ ~ me-ii
NatNw gon4 blues m~usic." The trick is to make te ui nd A forers e
saturday at New CAESAR WILKINSON, died July Lauderdale, FL. h hokd to blueso da N ig th i b
9. Service 11 age 'I'th 'oil song" b e s John Funeral N g er
ANNIE GRACE PIERCE, 7 a.m., Saturday H Flatched onto,"hesaid. Brown hesaid. NN enin
died June 18. at Freewill Hall Ferguson Hewitt
Services were* C I r i s t i a n FLORENCE JOHNSON-MORheld. Center. RIS, 89, died
July 10. She is Card of Thanks U.S. Representative
survived by her
son, Raph E. NThe family of the late, 13
Morris; daughter, Gale R. P y a
Range Morris. Service By David Giambusso
2 p.m., Friday in i ...B ai imus
ELIJAH THOMPSON, 88, died LAWRENCE ADAMS, JR., the chapel, 305July 2. Services were held. 55, roofing 6 8 U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, the
estimator for 633-0688. elder statesman of New Jersey's
W.A. Robbins congressional delegation, died N
Wright and Young Construction Mitchell after a months-long battle with
Company, Inc. colon cancer today, according
RUBY H. BROWN, 100, retired, died May 20 in BARBARA ANN SMITH, 67,
to his office. The longtime polidied July 10 Hoso ea.homemaker,
at Mt. Sinai Housto rxs died July 11 at tician was 77. The state's first 7
Medical Center. include: his home. Viewing NNNN iand before his death its only
Survivors daughter, Ashley Paris; grandson, 12p.m.-4 p.m., ,,, Payne headed one of Newark's
include: Delta Dereon Edwards; Father, Lawrence Thursday at h d
(Roger) Ellison Adams Sr.; Stepmother, Carolyn Mitchell Funeral
and Sahmadi Stanford Adams; sister, Linda Home, .8080 .; ties. His son Donald Payne
Cason. Viewing NW 22 Avenue. Jr. is the Newark City Council. REP. DONALD PAYNE
CAdams Ornburn (Stephen); brother, ELDER FRANK CONY, SR. president, as well as an Essex of the Garden State," said U.S.
11 am i 8 p.m., Harold Adams (Consuella) and a County Freeholder. His brother Rep. Bill .Pascrell, whose 8th
FridaY in the chapel. Service 11 host of other relatives and friends. would like to send a sincere and lifelong political partner, district shared parts of Monta.m., Saturday at Bible Baptist Service 2 p.m., Saturday at Church Grace thanks to the Sunshine De- William, is a. former state as- clair, South Orange and West
Church, 9801 NW 24 Avenue. of the Open Door. Donations may liverance Temple CCHUTL, semblyman. "Michelle and I Orange with Payne. Payne was
be made to Belafonte Talcolcy DEACON ALFRED DEAN, 59th St. Pentecostal Church were saddened to hear about recognized in Congress for hayTAMOYA JOHNSON, 28, died Center, or S.T.E.A.M. Academy co 92, retired of God, Greater Faith Temple the passing of Congressman ing the most supportive record
July 11 at North Churchmaintenance CCHUTL, Bishops, Elders Donald Payne, Chairman of on issues regarding the NorthShore. Service C11F huirch of theio Ope Dor Adte worker died f "Q
SoeSevc Church of Christ. wre; dd 9'ANand many saints, friends and the Congressional Black Cau- ern Ireland peace process. He
11 amJuly, 9. Viewing l oved ones for all your expres- cus Foundation and former helped win passage of a resoSaturday at ANNN 7 8:30 p.m.,J sions of love shown during Chairman of the Congressio- lution declaring the Illing in
Peaceful Zion ~ 'Manker Friday at Temple our time of bereavement. nal Black Caucus." President Darfur genocide and he auMB Church. '" SHIRLEY CAPOZZI, 65, nurse, M i s 5 i o n a r y Also a special thanks to the Obama said in a statement. thored the Sudan Peace Act,
didJlB1a a pt erice 11uacm. Wright & Young staff. "By any standard, Don lived a facilitating famine relief efforts.
home. Service ura tFrom First Lady Evangelist full and meaningful life." Payne Warned off a 2009 fact-finding
11 a.m., in the Sauda tthe church. Mildred Coney and family. was up for re-election this year mission to Somalia by PresiTREVINO BOSTIC, 26, hpl and facing a primary in June. dent Obama's administration,
ComputerForest Lawn Despite his condition, he vowed Payne, the senior Democrat on
Techoloist ~ ,. JAES MCK,79,retredto run again only last month the Foreign Affairs Committee's
diedhJulg 11st, JAME' labo suprvso 79reid Card of Thanks and refused to take a leave of sub-panel on Africa, ignored
hoe evc j ,. ..died July 12.lbrsuevsr absence. A former teacher, Pru- concerns about his safety. He
homae.,rviNeSevied Ju~ .Tefmly ofth2lte dential executive, city council- said solving problems in SomaStra atDNY TRQUIST, 61, SaudytNePARELW.LXNDR man, and Essex County free- lia was key to solving problems
Antioch of Carol DANNY UnionST, 61 Gat rov e NARC LWAEX holder, Payne's lifelong dream throughout the continent.
Uniconsructionwas to become a congressman. The militant group al-Shabab
.A'worker, died M..Cuc.gratefully acknowledge your In 1988 he finally achieved that fired mortar shells at his plane
Jackso Not at ,. kindness and expressions of goal and was returned to Con- when it took off from MogadiLILLIE JOHNSON, 73, retired Meacnteor.h love during our time of be- gress 11 times by some of shu airport, missing the airCNAididlJulynter ,reavement. Your prayers, the widest margins in New Jer- craft entirely, but injuring 19
15A, atMeial Jul' Service 2 p.m., cards, flowers, monetary do- sey congressional history, locals.
HosptaISaturday in the ~ 'NParadise nations and words of comfort While in the House of Repre- From his days as the first
HospitaIchapel.,"~~ OKRTJHSOJ eeapeitd sentatives, Payne was known black president of the National
Service I66, died July 9 at Homestead We would like to give 'spe- as a tireless advocate for- his Council of YMCAs in 1970, to
p.m., Saturday ', Hospital. Service 10 a.m., Saturday cial thanks to the Holy Tem- constituents, a champion of his many trips to Africa as a de
at Peace "'Gregg 1, Mason ,at Covenant Missionary Baptist ple Worship Center family, education and a de facto am- facto U.S. ambassador, educaM i ssio na ryMOTHER LINDA E. RUSSAW, Church of Homestead. Bishop Dr. Joseph B. and bassador to Africa. He helped tion was the central issue of
Baptist Church. N f 69, died July Evangelist Cynthia D. Hunt- secure $100 million to help Payne's political career. A grad10 at home. IDA ROSS, 96, died July 10 at er, the Senior Groups, the Mi- prevent and treat malaria and uate of Barringer High School.
ANTHONY JERVI$, 23, died Viewing 5 p.m. home. Services were held. ami-Dade Police Department, HIV/AIDS, mostly in sub-Saha- and Seton Hall University,
Juy7a rwr eea.Srie-8pmFia Antioch Missionary Baptist ran Africa. Payne preached the importance
12l p7. atrayd atneSt. Maric M.B at pmissFinay Church, Royal Funeral Home New Jersey has lost one of of education here and abroad.
ChurchStrdyatS ak.. EangeistsCn-ry, Jecusack and friends, its greatest leaders in the fight 'Education and training get
ter, 1766 NW 95 ~. N MRS. CORINNE DUNN, 95, May God bless and keep for equality and fairness for you jobs. Jobs get you your
MACON HARRIS, 78, truck Street. Service house wife, died July 13 at home. you always. all Americans, and one of the housing, health care and other
driver, died July 15. Arrangements 2 p.m., Saturday '' Service 11 a.m., Monday at Calvary The Law-Alexander family. greatest advocates for families needs," Payne said in 1991. incomplete. at the Church. Temple of Praise.______________


The Miami Times has won six national awards
from the National Newspaper Publishers Association [NNPA]








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:althare rfo M....%'-"tou s o ,, ,-; f ll 1 % f B ac m te st .................................YOUN.......WO.... ... :


Liestyle ntertuinment


i cshe quickly developed a business acumen as

want to ake he W ole Born and raised in Dublin, Georgia, Hunt's
wat her kete hl family is well known and respected, recently
world '-'~"'marking the fourth generation of success-. '\\\ ~ Afully managing a farm, a popular soul food
"....: By D. Kevin M "Neir restaurant and the earlier mentioned nightSkrncneir@rniamiitimnesonilinie.comn club: Hunt's musical aspirations would take
... --- her from Georgia to the University of Miami
a oc n hn o oaSuhatr oBy the time Shenita Hunt was three- where she studied music, business and classiyears-old she says her mother already mte'induao.
\~Wknew that she was destined to be a mse' neuain
Y, ~ < singer. By four she was taking piano One can already see that this woman is far
*>~\~~~lessons, at 12 she began directing choirs~ from ordinary. So, while she mentors and in'~~'at hurc an becuseherstructs students at American Senior High owne a ighclu tht he grndprens .Please turn to HUNT 3C owe a nihtlb ht e parents managed,



Lord during my darkest hour I lean on you. You are all that I have. At the end of the day, GOD is still in control. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will love you forever Trayvon!
SIn the name of Jesus!!!

SEPH-EN HILL, BET President of Programming 'WHOOPI1 GOLDBERG
Ubleal.But OK. Zimmerman has My heart is with Trayvon Martins family
ONE more Judge to get through ... Good tonight, so my focus on them. No one else
luck. #PearlyGatesClosed really matters.

BEN JEALOUS, NAACP PresidentSPHANLO We are outraged and-heartbroken over Nite folks. God bless @SybrinaFulton & her
toda's erdit. e wil prsuecivl rihtsamily. We are so sorry for your loss. There
chdargs weict he wilpOJ eciirgt is a higher justice. Zimmerman's knee too ALLEN TOUSSAINT
chares wth he DJ1.will bow.

Is: this not what our ancestors, grandfathers The Trayvon Martin verdict doesn't surprise 1h n r
and fathers fought for .. ? N f ill beeduat: me. Stanford, FL never wanted Zimmerman leaders in~peaarts
ing for my son. ?NwWl fih-arrested. Now he's free to kill another child. i a e s in t e a t

.:.and humanities
DIDDY "#myTruth I am blessed to have 6 RIHANNA
beautiful kids. I'm hurt and I'm mad as hell! Ti is tahe. sd news I ev! B D n le Se .r il v e unI I.e he said.
9 ,iAmong those receiving a NaMy heart goes out to the family. He fol- #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily th oleaof
lowed him! (Expletive) That!" u.. ei Descib .i the s tach-tn tion edal oftsieed Herbzii:::

lowe him! .... That!"r miami ni ers, President Barack Obama Alpert, the musician behind 'said last Wednesday that two the Tijuana Brass phenomdozen recipients of national enon and co-founder of A&M d medals for contributions to records; filmmaker George TRACY MARTIN the arts and humanities have Lucas and the, Washington
created works that will last for Performing Arts Society, of Even though I am broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY Washington, D.C.
White House ceremo- Recipients of the
Ag. ny, Obama awarded oiy ..i.National Humanimedals to 23 singers,. ties Medal included JENNIFER HUDSON ROYCE REED dancers, poets, pro- author Joan DidI can't help but think of what my mama- Florida does it again... .first Casey Anthony ducers, playwrights, i on, sportswriter
14 1. at;-i, c h nid ;Ito+ her grandparents .scholars and others, Frank Deford and
on....."ivi" ....t er ar ts oranization m e rs edinto r and: .

reciientIforusinSH A R ENES NewMorkNevie


Widin..... is friles ltrinmdaivest welomrI ea ThyuYuae jury ina anfor out mayen othae uday upmnsadnorsOolcDinso oe nlddi it:eanntobehumanadmc-fondeJoftheNatona
Gos. sverdict reached inhthncourt oflpublicoopinionwhatait meansrto bewanlAme-vYoung rtseFoundationnan

ST"WeEcelebrateEpeopleilike ourPnestammiGainesOBlackOautEor
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Lie ou arnfths fount Black ma head towards afhaiigh ey wee tnord, i~eewnothCmeral, Wenwshader dabe hrn Mytoolearetas
justice for anshoienhtyugag.f1.tinste i astdNohesfe teenag yarwer c i sildd.m hng ee yyugstwl egaut
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kid iplingtht.omeowthttpeah lovrtyteig- etbeoreyoruurdrnadtthewon plcevadeIpaduhescholannony eciveem PeasstrntogtoVn 3


Breakfast Taco Bar Servings: 7 to 10
14 6-inch Mission" Super Soft Tortillas
flour tortillas
2 12-ounce packages Johnsonville
breakfast sausage links, cooked
12 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper V
2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded
2 medium tomatoes, chopped
Other toppings, such as sour cream, 0
salsa, chopped avocado
Warm oven to 200'F. Prepare all condiments of your ch6ice for the tacos: cheese, tomatoes, avocados, etc. Cover and set aside.
Wrap tortillas in foil, place e in oven to warm through.
Cook sausage according to package directions. Transfer to baking dish, cover and keep warm in oven.
In a large bowl, whisk eggs, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper. In a large skillet over medium heat add oil. When oil is hot add eggs and allow to cook until the bottom is just set. Pull edges to center and allow uncooked eggs to flow to bottom and continue cooking ~
until done but still moist..Transfer eggs to a baking dish, cover and keep wr, until ready to serve. To assemble, fold warm tortilla in half and fill with a M, 41
spoonful of scrambled eggs, two sausage links, top with cheddar, and toppings of your choice..

Chipotle Monterey Jack Cheese Sausage \*'.
Servings: 6
12 8-inch Missiong Super Soft Tortillas A
flour tortillas
1 package Johnsonville Chipotle Monterey
Jack Cheese Chicken Sausage, chopped
1 red bell pepper, finely chopped
3 *green onions, chopped
3 cups Colby Jack cheese, shredded
Salsa, optional
Place three tortillas on large, greased baking sheet. Sprinkle each with sausage, red pepper, green onion and cheese. Top each with a tortilla. Place baking sheet on center oven rack. Broil for two minutes on each side or until golden brown. Cut into wedges.
Repeat with remaining ingredients. Serve with salsa, if deired.Breakfast Taco Bar

Amazing Muffin Cups In a, bowl, combine hash browns, butter,
Servins: 12salt and pepper. Press mixture onto
Sevns bottom and up sides of greased muffinS ED KS
cups shredded hash browns, cups. Bake at 400'F for 12 minutes or
thawed until lightly browned.
1/8 teaspoon salt to package directions; cut into 1/2-inchB AK T
1/8 teaspoon pepper pieces. Divide sausage among muffin
1 12-ounce package Johnsonville cups.
original breakfast sausage Combie eggs, cheese and bell
6ik pepper. Spoon over sausage. Sprinkle ONYSCHOOL
eggs with chives or green onions. Bake for 13
2 cups shredded 4-cheese to 15 minutes or until set. E
Mexican blend cheese
1/4 cup red bell pepper, chopped- -W ELL-FED
Fresh chives or green onions,

--- ----- --- -- -............ ...... ................................. ..... .... .......................... .................... ....... ...... ...... ...... .................... ............................. ................................ .. .....


visit with President taria Wither- stance, chil- versity. Clarke-Artis
Barack Obama and spoon, and dren Edward brings a wealth of
a a a ~First Lady Michelle. ua o-J.adTnknowledge and mean------ Gay is also an inter- ten. Also, and friend Dr. ing to Florida Memo. ia national artist. Sa- enjoying the William Aris- rial University. She is a
die Marshall for- holiday was tide attended graduate of Vanderbilt
The fourth of July found lina Bell of At- sook her restaurant Retired Lt. the Jazz Festi- University where she
many chatter readers celebrat- lanta, Dr. Edwin T. Demer- duties and cooked a Col Eldridge val in New Or- earned a doctorate in
ing the day with family and itte, Claudia Slater, Lonnie meal helped by her W i I I i a m s leans. Robin- higher education; ajufriends, and Eleanor Coleman, Fefra oldest daughter Lisa B. OBAMA who drove his M. OBAMA son sat in with DEMER|TE ris doctorate from West
Margie and James Fayson and Nelson Jenkins, Heleni Walton. Her other '60 corvette in several musi- Virginia University;
entertained at their palatial and Ransom Hill, Sharon daughters Jelecio Marshall a parade and also celebrated cans who were proud to play and a degree in political scihome decorated with red, white and Maatk, Anne and Seward and Devonnia Mejia, did the his 95th year. Closing out the, with such a fanstatic key- ence from West Virginia State and blue miniature American Rogne, Olivia Coleman, 01- house cleaning and finishing fourth of July celebrations was boardist as himself. The com- College Institute. She will be flags, and balloons. The guests loia Hudson, and Shalequa touches. Enjoying all the fun Dr. Edward G. Robinson, lead- rnunity welcomes Dr. Rosalyn joined by Charles Rogers, started arriving at 3 p.m. and Gay, who .incidentally took were Londe Joyne, Kamer- er of the Fatal Atraction Band Clark Artis as interim presi- trustee chair, and Dr. Barbara included Pastor Fred and Ma- time to elaborate on her trip to on, Jazmine, Khaill, Shan- who along with his wife, Con- dent, Florida Memorial Uni- Edwards, vice president.

m > to Miami from Houston for a knew and loved her. May she:
visit with his mother Leome S., rest in peace.
ICulmer, sister, Angela Cul- On Sunday, July 7, new ofB A -- mer and other relatives. He ficers of The Episcopal Church .
worshipped at The Historic St. Women, St. Agnes, were in- ,..
I am elated to once again be who are hospital- Agnes and paid a tribute to his stalled by the rector, Father
back at my home desk" and ized, recuperating late father, The Ven. John E. Denrick Rolle.
write this column. I would like at home or in a facility. You are Culmer im commemorating the They were sponsored and to send love and thanks to wished the best of health. 50th anniversary of his death presented by the outgoing ECW all of you who thought of me, Robin Moncur, chair and June; 18,1953. president, Vennda-Rei Harris
called, sent flowers, visited, Elestine Allen co-chair, invite In Rochester, New York last Gibson. and prayed for and with me. all of you to come to the "Junk- week for the Knights Temple The new officers are: Janelle Very special thanks to my fam- anoo" Island dance which is Grand Encampment were Hall, president; Gwen Thomily and cherished friends; my one of the St. Agnes' Episco- Chauncey Edgecombe, Henry as, vice president; Constance beloved St. Agnes' Church fam- pal Church, Episcopal Church E. Puyol arid Cleveland Mor- Blackman, recording secily and Father Denrick Rolle, Women sponsored events ben- ley. Another visitor was Jeffrey retary; Elestine Allen, corDeacon Doris Williams and all fitting the Calendar Tea. Swilley who spent time with responding secretary; Joan S -,r Ii 'A o Auer
of my loving and loved sorors Winners of the annual church parents Jack and Leona Swil- Ballard, treasurer; Allen Nichof Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. raffle will be announced. The ley, sister Leah Watts, nephew olson, financial secretary; JaAll of you will forever be in my dance will be held on August Seen and other relatives and nis Sanders, parliamentarian; K eys headline Global Fest
prayers and I cherish these re- 2nd. These ladies have been classmates. Rev. Doris Williams, chaplain;
lationships to no end. working and planning assisted Many BTW Torihadoes are Carolyn S.Mond, historian; By Chris Talbott Global Poverty Project, says
Happy birthday greetings to: by committee members: Torin saddened at the news of the Kim B. Wright, Church Peri- .. the festival's nonprofit partAlfred Barr, Sr, Byron Fos- Wallace, Karen Butler, Flora death of Rose Marie Johnson odical Club( CPC) coordinator; Stevie Wonder, Kings of ners pledged $1.3 billion in ter, Jaron Johnson, Dorian Brown and Mildred McKin- Gooden. Rose Marie was a Antoinette Gordon, United Leon, Alicia Keys and John new fundraising commitments
Postell, God bless all of you. ney. beautician for many years and Thank Offering (UTO) coordi- Mayer have volunteered their last year and nearly 70,000
Get well wishes to all of you John E. Culmer, II returned will be sorely missed by all who nator. time to attend the second people took more than 700,000
Global Citizen Festival in actions through the project's
.............................................................................................. ................ ...... ...... .... .. ....................................... ...............................................................................t................. l b aoCti e n F s t v a iaat o ndtr o g h t earo e c '
New York's Central Park, and website. Neil Young and Crazy
organizers hope you will, too. Horse, Foo Fighters and The
Celebrities respond to verdict via Twitter Tickets are again free for the Black Keys headlined the first
Sept. 28 event, but must be year. Evans said he and the
LUPE FIASCO ACTOR CHRISTIAN KEYES earned through acts meant organizers who help him pick
''"The case should have never been televised If I tweeted what I hope happens to Zim- to help end extreme poverty a lineup approach the-task
as the potential to antagonize US race rein- they'daround the world. The fes- with goals in mind.
s in myrdumbopiniontoorisky& murerer S Iy'lok be ut aetival is designed to coincide "We write a big list and we
tions too risky & murderer... So I'll be quiet with the UN General Assem- think, 'Who will effectively repunnecessary. bly meeting and put pressure resent the cause of ending exon world leaders to address treme poverty in the way they
'CHAD JOHNSON : CLAUDIA JORDAN : ': the needs of the world's poor. perform and the way they're
Fans can earn points toward involved, and who would also
George Zimmerman is a free man but is Have a nice LIFE George Zimmerman.... tickets through simple tasks inspire a generation of people
heyou lived.., he died Hope you feel good like sending letters to political to take action?" Evans said.
about that. #PrayersForTrayvonFamily leaders or reporting informa- "We're fortunate that this year
tion through social media. some extraordinary people put
-------'. ... . ... .. ... .. ... ....... Hugh Evans, the 30-year-old up their hands to perform for
JOHN LEGEND MICHAEL STRAHAN RICK ROSS CHRIS BROWN Bullshit! chief executive officer of the free."
My heart hurts In shock over this.... Wow! Just wow! My condolences continue to go the Martin family..... ..

How do I explain this to my young boys???? George Zimmerman no jail time. Plaxico Burress
......................................................................................................................................................................... s r e 2 y a s fo s h ti g im l A e ic M :
served 2 years for shooting himself. America!
A N IK A N O N I R O S E ................................................................... ....................... ................... ...............
Zimmerman found not guilty. I'm done here. CHRIS PAUL Wow, Prayers out to the Martin Family. 1! '< ..
.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ...........................................

Singer takes her career to the top

HUNT can reggae star Bigga. here, like Nicole Henry, Maryell
continued from IC "It was my introduction to Epps, Leesa Richards, and oth- ...'
reggae and was a real eye- ers who are full time performSchool by day, by night she is opening experience," she said. ers. What I needed to do was a solo artist who can not only '"It was an organic type of island build up my clientele and desing and play several instru- soul to which I had never been velop my brand. But more than ments but has taken to writing exposed. I had to learn patois that, I had to stop depending her own music then produc- and I had to learn the culture." on other people to be the voiceI ing and engineering her own Hunt would later form her for my career. My parents and .
recordings. own international entertain- teachers prepared me for this 1
ment production company, journey. Now I have taken my I MESSAGE, IN THE MUSIC Rolls Voice Entertainment, career into my own hands."
"While I was at UM, I joined a Inc., which she runs with her To hear her is to know that band called Instant Attraction business partner Richard Mil- Hunt's voice is anointed. It has and among our members were homme. They say that Miami is depth, beauty and soul and two of Ramsey Lewis's sons," a great place for artists. needs no bells or whistles to she said. "It was my indoctrina- "I am beginning to see the embellish it. Close your eyes tion to jazz standards and the fruits of my labor and because and you'll hear echoes of Etta music was so powerful because of the Internet, we're able to James, Natalie Cole and Whitof its poetic nature. But I don't market our business and my ney Houston in her mnodulalimit myself. I' can sing any talents with relative ease," she tions, arpeggios, crescendos 'style of music: classical, jazz, said. "For the past few years, and resolves. As she says, "you inspirational gospel, R&B, soul I've been doing well with gigs can't replace fingers on strings|
- even country. County has from corporations -some- or the human voice."~ been part of my DNA forever times going to the Caribbean For more information, go to after all, I'm from a small town and Europe. But then I decided www.rollsvoiceentertainment. in Georgia." to take a year off from travel- coin. Look for her on Sept. 1st : :':
During the. 80s, Hunt be- ing and focus on performing at the American Legion Hall on ":
gan traveling the country as a locally here in South Florida. NE 7th Ave. for the Love Fest :
backup singer for the Jamai- There are some female artists' Concert Series. ...

Dear Trayvon:" From D.L. Hughley

TRAY VON as a father and a human be- was always wanted to be." I am
cotnnued from IC ing. I'm sad that the world will sorry that you will never get to
never know what you would say the same thing. My sincertelevisions shows, radio shows have become. Your parents will est wish is that if I am lucky I tf I I
and in AugustlIwill release my never get to experience the joy andl1live the rest ofmy life in a first book. I have traveled the of watching you graduate from way that warrants God's grace, lll' I llI I I I
world, become a wine aficio- high school or college. I might run into you at some I II
ndo, a golf lover, an avid Lak- They will never get to see you point and tell you how won- i Il III II lII111 .I
ers fan, met important heads come into your own as a man. derful it is to finally meet you. HII IIIl I
of state, and I've seen a Black Perhaps you would have grown For now all I or anyone else I, ll I'
man inaugurated as the 44th into a "thug" or a "criminal." I touched by this tragedy can do I'
President of the United States. am not naive enough to be un- is to live for you to make sure II.-**III
I have lived, and thrived in aware of the myriad of possi- that your name does not fadeI ways I couldn't imagine when bilities. into the night.
I was a teenager. I cannot help But you had every right to P.S. This letter to you was but wonder how people would grow up and make those de- written in part by the daughter B S F I A JL "1
have remembered me had my cisions for yourself and that I would have never had if 'my TMTR D E iI lM M 1
life been cut short at 17. right was taken away from you life had been taken from me at5 g *IU F UEI, m ULIi
I feel a profound sense of loss the Same night your life was. 17. when I think of you, Trayvon. I once heard a man say, "I am This letter was first written CHECK IOCIAI. I.ISTINGS ilR I"HEATERlS AND! SHIDWIIMES
Not only as a Black man but the man now the little boy I in April, 2012 ',....... ........


...... .... .. ... ..

FAMU STEM students get $ioK scholarships

Miami Times staff report was ecstatic when the univer- munication skills and a corn- ...
sity called with the news that mitment to completing daily
Two students at Florida A&M she was selected. tasks," he said. "I am grateful
University [FAMU], Teayair "This scholarship will help that the Harris Corporation
Harrison and Jamie John- me realize my ultimate goal to believed that I represented
son, have each been awarded become an aerospace engi- these qualities with enough
Harris Corporation Endowed neer," she said. "After I gradu- excellence to receive this
Scholarships for the upcoming ate with my bachelor's degree I award." ......
2013-2014 academic year. Both plan to attend graduate school After graduation, Johnson will receive $10,000 to contin- to study aerospace engineer- plans to acquire a leadership ue their studies at the univer- ing." role in the information techsity. For more than 20 years, Johnson, a graduate student nology industry.
the Harris Corporation has from Miami, is studying corn- Applicants for the Harris N
partnered with FAMU to sup- puter information systems with Corporation Endowed Scholarport education programs that a 3.3 GPA. He credits receiv- ship must be at least a college help produce a state workforce ing this award and his future sophomore with a minimum ..
proficient in science, technol- success to demonstrating five 3,0 GPA and currently major- i:...... i::
ogy, engineering and math. qualities. ing in either computer inforproficient ~ ~~ "T insineatcnl u cee s esan fie- P n uretymjr
Harrison is a sophomore me- "To achieve success, a per- mation systems, computer .
chanical engineering student son must maintain integrity, science, or electrical, mechani- -Photo courtesy Florida A&M University
from Jacksonville with a 3.5 respect for others, leadership, cal, computer and biomedical/ Teayair Harrison and Jamie Johnson (I-r) will each get $10,000 scholarships to continue grade point average [GPA]. She good verbal and writing corn- informatics engineering, their studies in FAMU's academically-challenging STEM program.
..........................................................;............................. ..................................... ...................................................... ........................ ....................... ................................. ............................. ......................................................................... .......... ...................................... .............................................. ..............

Myia White receives READY ACCESS

award for service TO PLAN B
Miami Times staff report PILLS IN CITY

Myia White, a college and career counselor at Miami Carol
City Senior High School, was
the recipient of the General By Anemona Hartocollis
Colin Powell Service Award and Michaelle Bond
during "Our Community Sa- ~ ..
lutes" ceremony held at Miami She was only 16, with big
Beach Sr. High School, .a few dreams too young, she
months ago. "Our Commu- thought, to have a baby. Yet she
nity Salutes" is a nationwide, had had sex without protection,
non-profit, grassroots effort and she could see those dreams
designed to honor high school A evaporating. Terrified, she found
seniors who have made the her way to the basement of her
bold decision to enlist in the Ischool, Abraham Lincoln High
U.S. Armed Forces. School in. Brooklyn, where the
White is the second recipient nurse's office was tucked away.
of the award in Miami-Dade ........First the nurse weighed her and
County School district, which checked her blood pressure. Then
is for top educatorsand she relayed the information to a
counselors who have serviced MYIA WHITE doctor and made sure it was all
seniors towards enlisting or every student at Miami Carol
possible careers in the mili- City Senior High School are -Photos coorteoy Miami Dolphins
tary. White has been employed ready for post-secondary life, Miami Dolphins Tight End Michael Egnew at Hollywood Branch (FL) Library as part with Miami-Dade County Pub- whether its college life, vocalic Schools for 13 years. White tional education, workforce or og currently strives to ensure the military. q
..................................... ...................................... ............. .................................... .. ........................... .......................................................... .. .

M-DC principals get ..

performance bonus
Just three months ago, Mi.
ami-Dade County [M-DC] Public Schools rewarded its high- -anaPaskova
performing teachers with more Dr. Angela Diaz, director of
than $14 million in performance pay. Last week, it was the Mount Sinai Adolescent
the principals'and assistant Health Center, said some
principals' turn, with more parents tacitly condoned the
than half a million dollars dis- conraepiv-pogambe
.,>..:: .\. contraceptive program betributed to the district's highperforming school-site admin- cause it was so hard to talk
istrators at a ceremony in the to their children about sex.
School Board Administration *'' :
Bcoln B or Miai right to give the girl Plan B OneDadisthonly sdi strium.Mimict Step, the morning-after pill. The
Dade is the only school district
inth tae oreareahesp arents had returned the opt-out and school-site administrators i i:!: :form that was supposed to have
for their performance under a ABRO A AHO 'gone home at the beginning of the
U..Raretent of Educgain A eritendentLH Miami Dolphins Offensive Lineman Andrew McDonald at Miami Lakes (FL) Library yea. They had not, so she was
Raceato he ToptRTTTuaglnt.eSuprinPendntm. asfree to take the pill. Superintendent A-berto---.-unds, equaling $350 m part o M t l e ai P m
AlbetoM eqalin$35milionTaking a pill out of a locked Carvalho chaired the Gov- for school districts across thel l" I'e, cabinet, the nurse handed it over
ernor's oig~roulpthat state. Funds for the awards to D o pi s v is i ithaupfwteanwatefo
developed a memorandum of administrators who lead and erit atpo f wallwterl aed.o
understanding and a success-. inspire teachers to accomplish AftL er thsallo fitt, the girl caled
ful application that resulted the goal of educating students r e d t whF L ym P ln BOa.scool twoorthre
in Florida's receiving more are made possible through the o~F w u mmore times. She said her mother
than $700 million in RTTT RTITT grant., UL Iy U I had not signed the opt-out form,
Because she had wanted to have
sex and so had never given it to
St~d nt oan dea his s ag iam Ties taf reortCounty public libraries for the summer read- her. "My mom, she doesn't even
ing program, and each year extend their sup- know they have this stuff," the
By The Associated Press loans, which doubled to 6.8 Miami Dolphins players, cheerleaders port to include funding reading incentives girl, a junior from Coney Island,
percent last week in the wake and Dolphins mascot T.D. spent time with such as posters, signed hats and footballs. said. An emerging "deal" aimed of congressional inaction. Ef- children at the Hollywood Branch Library "Players re big role models for children, Last month, the Obama adminat reinstating low inter- forts to restore those rates to in Broward County and the Miami Lakes especially in this community," said Freda istration seemingly changed the est rates on student loans 3.4 percent were abandoned Branch Library in Miami-Dade County as Mosquera, youth services supervisor at landscape of access to emergency
hit a major bump last week in favor of a new compromise part of the Miami Dolphins Foundation Hollywood Branch Library. "We have a very contraception across the country
after congressional number- that bears many similarities to Most Valuable Reader Program. Players read diverse community at the Hollywood Branch. when, in a reversal, it agreed to crunchers found it could cost a bill that House Republicans books to students and conducted a question Library, so for them, it's extremely impor- allow the best-known pill, Plan B $22 billion over the next 10 have passed and to President and answer session. The team also provided tant. They see these men that are successful One-Step, to become available to years. The news sends law- Obamans budget proposal. Un- Papa John's pizza for the attending students. and they can be like them." all ages without a prescription.
makers back to the drawing der the plan lawmakers were "It's awesome; these kids love it when you The Dolphins also gave families in need as- Until recently, only those 17 and
board,. as they try to figure considering, interest rates on come out," said tight end Michael Egnew.. sistance during a shopping event at Publix. older could buy it over the counout how to bring rates back new loans would be based on "That's the biggest reason why we do it -- "I've always been a guy to give back be- ter. down, after Conigress missed a the 10-year Treasury note, .just to see how happy they get when we walk cause I came from that kind of situation and But New York City had long ago July 1 deadline, causing rates plus an additional percentage in the room." I know how hard it is to come up," said safety coetancom dtinwh
todul.Teunexpected topyframnsrtv ot. The Dolphins are the first team to part- Reshad Jones. "I was raised by my grand- oe toe ta il accmoatong with3
cost estimate was unlikely to The proposal includes a limit ner with the entire State of Florida Library mom and granddad, so I know what it takes or 14 should have easy access to end talks among lawmakers on how high rates could climb, System for the Summer Reading Program. to get here." the pill.
about how they might reduce a demand Democrats said was The Dolphins also partner locally with the All of the children that participated were Through a patchwork of nurses' rates on subsidized Stafford a deal-breaker. Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Lee from either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Please turn to PILL 6C


Author comments on gay marriage

By Lindsay Deutsch Wk Harper Lee, author of the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird,
Here's a look at what's buzz- filed a lawsuit earlier this year
to get back the rights to the
Orson Scott Card on gay: Pulitzer Prize-winning clasmarriage: Ender's Game sic. Lee, who is now 87 and in
author Orson Scott Card has failing health, was allegedly
issued a statement to EW in "duped" into forfeiting rights
response to fans planning to and royalties to her literary
boycott the upcoming movie C" agent. The August issue of "'i
adaptation because of Card's Vanity Fair documents the
public opposition to same-sex tragic but fascinating case, 4- AMR
marriage. "With the recent and an excerpt is available
Supreme Court ruling, the gay online.
marriage issue becomes moot " .. E-books over Apple: In
Card writes. "Now it will be other legal news, a judge has
interesting to see whether the ruled thatApple conspired ,.
victorious proponents of gay with'bo,,ok pulshrt i
wt bo. pbihrtofx POTUS and FLOTUS in 1992, posted on Michelle Obama's
marriage will show tolerance e-book prices, siding with the
twdtswoi e DInstagram page. But all else about the picture is a mystery.
toward those who disagreed 1:. 1A :,..: Department of Justice in the
with them when the issue was -summit Entertainment case of price manipulation.
still in dispute," the statement Screenshot from the first trailer for'Ender's Game.' Orson The government had already M i h 1 O af up
continues. Ender's Game the Scott Card, the author of the book, has released a state- reached settlements with the ihel le Obam a ires.
movie, adapted from Card's meant about his anti-gay-marriage stance. five publishers involved in the l
1985 sci-fi novel, is due Nov. 1. case. latest hash trend A M .
Book abandoners: What do Yet again, controversy has cornerstone of your future and More Mr. Darcy: The 12you do when you just can't get sparked a book deal. Susan happiness will be inextricably -foot statue of Colin Firth as By Maria Puente pregnant, even though Malia
into a book? Social reading site Patton, better known as the linked to the man you marry, Mr. Darcy that's now emerg- wasn't born until 1998.
Goodreads has a nifty info- "Princeton Mom," will write and you will never again have ing from a lake in London is First lad Michelle Obama But the mystery of the photo
graphic charting "The Psychol- SMARTEN UPI Words of Wis- this concentration of men who pretty cool (and, some would may be new to Instagram and remains because no one i the ogy of Abandonment," visually dom From the Princeton Mom are worthy of you. Here's what say, creepy). But it's cer- other social media, but she East Wing was talking about showing everything from the for Gallery Books, due next nobody is telling you: Find a thinly not the first ode to Jane seems to be picking up on the the what, where or why of it, top five most abandoned books spring. Patton found Internet husband on campus before you Austen's beloved leading man latest hashtag trend just fine, although her spokeswoman (yes, Fifty Shades is on there) fame in March when she wrote graduate." The book will ad- from Pride & Prejudice. Click Or at least someone on her confirmed it's from 1992. to deal-breaking "points of no a letter to the newspaper at dress challenges of adulthood. through Flavorwire's gallery of staff is. Nor was there much il1umireturn." Princeton extolling wisdom 'To steal a mockingbird': the best Mr. Darcy fan art- Trns out she has nodding nation from Instagram, which
'Princeton Mom' returns: such as, "Formost of you, the What would Atticus Finch do? work. familiarity with "Throwback was super excited about the
Thursday," or #tbt, when post and instantly rushed
I110Llpeople with nothing better to to promote it, even as they
O fl do post old pictures of them- puzzled over basic details
Amey h b are on selves on their online spaces. about it.
Kyle"""~~~. ''-"" .. .~ Have DJ" ama jj cotiu .:"fo On Thursday, Mrs. 0 posted But judging from the com___________ ':*at i he leends re on her new Instagram page ments posted in response to
srothe younger legends looking a two-decade-old photo of the photo on Mrs. Obama's
eto ceent their legacy, the herself and Barack Obama, page, such as "What a great
au...........nt :t6t' : ,. possibly from around the time couple" and "Beautiful," mayFr now] has been tupen- in 1992 that they got married, be the point wasn't complicate a He looks pretty much the ed and mission accomplished.
inhe "tril 0.G B of same; she looks a lot like their So take a look for yourself
Sinedfame, coigns ram's 15-year-old daughter Malia. and see if you can figure out
bec n hb sentint aboutthisbein They look like they're stand- the story of this picture. And
aspe l s r as e 'S ing in some kind of junk yard. marvel at how well they've
ani r an y It's probably a photographic aged, even after five years in
goin sn illusion, but she also looks the White House.

the greatest summerWillow Smith: 'Recent
time for theenre? hop hitory Remember that .ii R c n
weit iTween video controversy

lestte ineinal- artists from~ Rick Ross'to L_.1 last copeo er aebe iscta has~ already
ti. Wvn(_ K the 'besime tse n in hip dropped nd wxe still got~ a By Res Hines
....... ...............! .. ........

f said and distracted te sheer Te abundance of gd At just 12-years-old, singer
produceDJDama-From ntityof solid music hit- mu m 1995t1999was 'me willx ere Willow Smith is in the midst of
Jays album toum' tirig- the airwrves during the noteworthyWe of2013rillply"a grown-up controversy.
tCoe u to Wale's hot summer months. The saw th~e emergence of th The" Draa d Bare lok- It seems many feel the
album,~ it.a..o.. ti..e. wealth of talent from so many Fugees, DMX, andeven a igfwar toit at the tween's new song and acDramamade thecomments d different artists at various ieis lyou xigPuff Daddy andcount-sametie enjying the arti i companying video, "Summer
at s ht Search f stages theircreers is, less others that createdlaes tic p s o t Fling," are far too mature for
heColdest MC event daggeiin s reminiscent for different msita "You still go DJ hailed's her. Some find fault with the
i;N~ia~i !i N!. .ii !;!::;i V> lyrics, particularly the part
the 2013 Essenceesti.val in' of pat musical eras, whien.'. thrive anid em~bracedEin lu oig hizs lyis atclrytepr
ew.diversity among ecees cee weren't stepping o where Smith sings, "It's just
Misogyny arr a great was celebrated, rather than ttoes. gonna be alotof Mua couple months, but we do it
summer for hip-hop? c.. shunned. From high end luxury thathaseto be doppe,"4 anyway."
< M'Wsogvny in~ hip' hop as jJDrama concurs. Fm rapo thought proving Bu B c Presumably "do it" refers to
o..f late ha s become a major one 'Nho speaks very highly of consciusN rapnd dope l o peopleare l the decision to take part in
tthat he istor b onk-,i.n byhda.the.s te...... a brief summer romance at
toipkic yeri ainstreamii tht space th 'ei vti o ho testeeea
.media,.due to'illadvised 11 r, culturee" said the Gaig- seething for everyone to at all, but critics feel that those WILLOW SMITH
Molyd s st Grilz CO "I think these e'jy this summer. >" it thei ow i 2013 words, when paired with
"'>',7'' idea of a "fling," is where the with those who insist the song
controversy lies. "I would have and video have strong sexual.
probably been more comfort- overtones.
able if she'd called it a 'sum- "(Willow's) at a pool party;
mertime crush' or 'puppy love,' she's jumping on a tramBy Urban Daily Staff ahead and judge. However, it something like that, as op- pln, ulrepandt
will not determine what she posed to a fling," said YouTube TODAY. "I don't think that Apparently Bobbi Kris post- does nor how she does it. Hell, user Lovelyti, who filmed a Willow Smith is talking about
ed this announcement on her it doesn't even determine who video response to the song. having sex in the summer with
FaceBook page to the shock of she does it with...clearly! "Because when I think about a some boy. I think she's talksome and dismay of others. But since we can't ask Whit- fling, I think about a one night ing about having a relationCheck it outi ney what she thinks, it's probe stand." ship or romance or a crush
'YES, we me and nick are ably correct that people should That's a sentiment shared with some boy .... I don't' think
engaged, I'm tired of hearing Nlay off that comment. Not only by psychiatrist Carole Lieber- parents need to be concerned
people say "eww your engaged .. is it insensitive it's just fiat out man, who found the "Summer about their 12-year-old sons or
mean. Fling" video, which sees Smith daughters watching the video."
was still alive would we be And even though we feel frolicking with a boyfriend who Lieberman, on the other
together or would she ap- like we were there for Whitney looks a little older than her, hand, is concerned for parents
prove of this. Let me clear up When she was trying so hard equally disturbing. specifically Will Smith and
something, we aren't even real to have, a baby and because "The video is called 'Sum- Jada Pinkett-Smith.
.brot her and sister nor is he Whitney so publicly shared mer Fling,' but it might just as "There's nothing innocent
my adoptive brother. My momn her with us we felt like Bobbi well be called 'Lolita,'" she told about this video," she said.
never adopted him. In fact, 'was ours too the reality is she TODAY "It's outrageous." "It's clearly about sex. I don't
mommy was the one who even ii':!::,. is not. She is her own young But Bonnie Fuller, from know what Willow's parents
said that she knew that we woman and she can be en-, disagrees were thinking."
were going to start dating. My gag::i;;!i::iijjii~iisese t orimarrywhomeve
mom knows me better than any she,.:.;i: :,:ii,,:,ii seesrs fit!c
of you. A l'ot of yall are say- /, : PW o' aet iei nd D r c o s G id o m rc
ing that yall are only saying ''she certainly never asked us 1f I ki
thi al ot f lve Whchisto but we do have to accept it. elects frst B ack president
bull because if that was so, all~llSo with that we say Congratu- Just a few days before the Case," "ER" and "Lost."
you would want is for me to be ..lations Bobbi Kristina Brown. Speeoutadsrisin "am rfudlhnrd
ouspy. stopl gnge my reaio- happyW hone your w jourery! the fight for gay rights, the en- to be elected president of the
osysojugnmyrlto-BOBBI K(RISTINA AND NICK GORDON hap nyu e orel tertainment industry offered up DGA," Barclay said after the
ship. Pretty sure it's my own There now that wasn't so another milestone in its leader- announcement. "The DGA has
decision who I want to be with. mayor may not agree with my make have nothing to do with hard was it? shpbelcigtefrtBak woedormetanheYes, my relationship may not relationship. You may or may you. Goodnight." We hope others will do ohpl ay irectohefrst Guld ourters fo aocentury toradbe perfect. We will have rough not respect it. Judge me, go Welp she told yall! The real- the same because if there is America president. vance the creative and ecopatches, just like every other ahead. Your opinions are yours ity is she is absolutely correct! anything this girl needs it's Em-inn ietrPr oi ihso ietr n
relationship. And we have and mine are mine. It is my life It's her choice and if people positivity and happiness. Don't is Emmclywin dirhleto Par hnoicrgtsn of k ecorwand
had our rough patches. You and not yours. The decisions I want to judge they can go right we all? episodes of "NYPD Blue," "The to continuing this strong tradiWest Wing" and "Glee," was tion of service. As the son of a
P~ k: 1ib -. i named the organization's next glass blower and a tile maker
S -ES leader over the weekend. He's from Chicago, I am extremely
been a DGA member since humbled to have the honor to
I IL 'J I!, | ] *l _T --al 1992, earning 10 nominations serve in the footsteps of the leg-.
from the group's annual hon- endary leaders of the DGA like
ors. Barclay's other credits Frank Capra, Robert Wise and
lilll I [l r~~m] li~fi Inlinclude "In Treatment," "Cold Gil Cates."


A masculine silhouette, tailored for her.
By Bridget Huber in Brooklyn. "It's not cross-,
A suit dressing for me to wear a suit,"
Mary Going, 46, a former from Saint she said. "It's cross-dressing DWAYNE WADE'S Ex-WIFE SUES OVER ENDORSEMENT DEAL
nonprofit consultant in Oak- Harridan. for me to wear a dress." Siohvaughn Funches-Wade filed a lawsut last Tuesday alleging that Wade is violand, Calif., wanted to wear a Unsure if there was enough Ling the terms of a 2008 agreement that requires his endorsement deals be fully
suit to her same-sex wedding interest in a company like deposited into a joint account they both control. The lawsuit seeks a total of $2
in 2008, but found the shop- Saint Harridan, Going used million in damages from Wade, four companies involved in endorsement deals, a
ping process demoralizing. Kickstarter to test the waters financial adviser and an attorney., ."..
Nothing fit. Sometimes there and to raise the $87,000 she
were no dressing rooms. And A needed to meet the factory
s Well, Lauryn Hill finally checked into prison last week. Hill pleaded guilty to three
salesmen looked at her funny minimum. She ended up rais- .cagsb.aln{0a$i8Ii0f0:e fa:Yafr 25t20 fhrtx i
when they realized she wasn't ing more than $137,000 in charges of failing to pay $1.8 million for three tax years from 2005 to 2007 If her tax
shopping for a son. "They just over a month from 1,108 woes weren't enough, the Grammy Award-winning singer was sued by her landlord, donors. after she allegedly stop paying rent on her New Jersey home.
didn't want to be serving me," donors.i~:
Going said. "You can feel it." In August, Saint Harridan
She soon learned that she plans to ship its first suits,.
was not alone, and in 2012, which cost. $695 to $840 and A D.C. police officer accused of making a threat against First Lady Michelle Obama
Going started an online suit are made in the United States last year has been cleared of charges in that case, but was found guilty of making
store, Saint Harridan, that from Italian wool. The site derogatory remarks on social media, The Washington Post reported. Christopher
specializes in classic men's Making the masculine look also sells ties, T-shirts and Picciano was accused of making "an alleged threat" against the first lady last sumsuits tailored for women. It pocketknives. Going hopes to mer after a supervisor allegedly overheard him saying he would shoot the first lady.
joins a fresh o on work at a lesbian wedding.Saint Harridan-designed He also allegedly pulled out his phone to displayan image of the gun he would use.
ditional fashion brands and clothing companies like Saint sweaters and trousexrs in the NFL PLAYERAOF OUt IN NEBRASKA
style blogs that cater to butch Harridan, as well as Tomboy future. Alfonz0 Dennard of the New England Patriots wasarrested Thursday and accused
lesbians, transgender men, the Tailors, a custom suit maker Putting.the idea into practice
androgynous and tomboys in San Francisco; HauteButch, brought other challenges. Un- of driving drunk in Lincoln where he once starred as a Nebraska defensive back.
underserved customers who a clothing line from Santa like traditional women's suits,
might call themselves "mascu- Rosa, Calif.; and Marimacho, which often emphasize femiline of center," a gender-studies a Brooklyn label that makes nine curves like breasts and
term for women who dress and shirts, vests and swimwear hips, Saint Harridan's suits P
act in ways traditionally as- based on 1920s men's bathing create a masculine silhousociated with men. suits. One company, Wildfan:g, ette. To do so, every aspect of
It is a group long considered in Portland, Ore., was founded the suit was re-engineered.
"tragically unfashionable," said by Nike veterans and says it Shoulders were narrowed to
Jack Halberstam, a transgen- aims to liberate men's wear, fit smaller frames, lapels were
der professor at the University "one bow tie at a time." tweaked to lie flat over the
of Southern California and the Tomboy Tailors has a retail bust, and pants designed to
author, most recently, of "Gaga shop in the Union Square area accommodate hips. JL li-Feminism: Sex, Gender and of San Francisco, but most-are look for women. Think pocket Going wants to see female --
the End of Normal." "Neither online only. Setting the trend squares, brogues and suspend- bodies in men's suits at the J i
men's nor women's clothing are style blogs like dapperQ, ers popularized by so many bank, at the wedding altar, on -: .
fits you, and the market has which positions itself as a sort men's blogs, the street, everywhere. To her, i --
absolutely nothing to make you of GQ for the unconventionally The look subverts gender it's part of a broader shift in K) look good." masculine, and Qwear, which norms, said Susan Herr, 50, gender norms. "Masculinity -Paula Lobo for The New York Times
That is changing, thanks to updates the heritage-chic the founder of dapperQ, based isn't just for men," she said. Nemcatacoa Teatro Tils troupe performing in Pelham Bay S.. ............. .... ......... .. ................... .......................................... ................ --- ----------.-Park in the City Parks F oundation's International Contem

Jay-Z and Rihanna in 'Made for Music' campaign porary Circus Festival.
By Bria Feliu Jay-Z and Ri- clothing line. yonce, Public Enemy, Kendrick T h e P ied s of
hanna both star o|Budweiser Lamar- just to name a few.
Marketing strategies must in black-and- will be sponsor- As part of the endorsement,
come easy to Jay-Z. As fans white commer- ing the "Made Rihanna's "Diamond" tour logo
begin to prepare themselves. cials directed by In America" will be features on the limited B ogota cast a sp ell
for Jay-Z's Made In America's Mark Romanek festival along edition black Budweiser can.
festival which returns to- which depict the with Jay-Z and Both ads close with the tag Nemcatacoa Teatro brings stilts to
Philadelphia on August 31 and artists briefly RIHANNIA JAY-Z Justin Timber- line, "It begins and ends with
September 1, Jay-Z is mak- rear forlake's "Legend hat you ake." ttin Playground for Children
ing sure his brand is a part of their concert and others show- of the the Fall" tour and 160 il that considering that both Budweiser's "Made for Music" casing their talent as well. Ri- other events. The "Made In artists have had extremely By Brian Seibert ties, and the Nemcatacoa stilt
global campaign in more ways hanna's spot also teases at the America" festival lineup fea- successful careers? Teach us .alkers showed no difficulty than one. Bajan beauty working on her tures big names such as Be- your ways Jayl They came for our children. r navigating its wobbly bridges
The strange, tall creatures pa- or descending its spiral slides.
0 Miami Edison Class of classes, Mon. and Wed., at raded through the playground, Their range of motion encom1973 will be celebrating their 6 p.m., at 525 NW 62nd St. accompanied by panpipes. passed occasional splits and
40th class reunion at the Contact Clayton at 305-757- First the children screamed. handstands. Their extended Miami Biscayne Bay Marriott, 7961. Then they followed, limbs, hinged high at the knee,
-i August 2-4. Contact Vickie at Even when on stilts, troupe altered relative proportions to
S305-606-4248. N] The Miami Alumni members on Wednesday man- magical effect.
0 MOCA will facilitate their the Community Room. For Chapter Tennessee State aged to navigate the park's After each stage of the paSummer Photojournalism sponsoring contact Katt at The Family University meets every Playground for All Children rade, it was the pipers who
Institute July 8th-26th, from 305-636-2227. Foundation will conduct second Saturday, 9 a.m, nimbly. signaled that it was time to
1-5 p.m., at 770 N.E. 125th their 23rd Annual AIDS at Picadilly Restaurant in It was a SummerStage Kids move on. The performers were
St. Call 305-893-6211. UM Booker T. Washington Benefit Banquet Aug. 24th, Hialeah. Call 954-435-5391. event on Wednesday morning, otherwise silent. The children
l Class of 1965, Inc. will at 6:30 p.m., at the Marriott presented by the City Parks were not. Amid the wonderful
i Island Faith invites you meet July 20th, at 4:30 Hotel Miami Airport, 1201 R The 'I.E.M. Program Foundation as part of its Inter- cacophony, voices jumped out.
to their Free Poetry Workshop p.m., at the African Heritage LeJeune Rd. Call 305-978- is open for summer camp national Contemporary Circus "That's freaky," one child said.
July 13th, at 10 a.m., at Cultural Arts Center. Contact 7100. registration for kids ages 6
Eclectic Miami, 13227 NW 7th Lebbie at 305-213-0188. and up, at M.B. Church, at '
Ave. Call 786-273-5115. X Girl Power presents 2125 NW 155th St. Contact
I a S .The Islands of the their Girls on Fire Gospel Latoya at 305-454-0265.
N Jackson South Bahamas will have a family Brunch Explosion Aug. 25th, 4
Community Hospital is and friends picnic at Amelia at 1 p.m., at The Armory 0 S.E.E.K., Inc. will feed
-offering free immunizations Earhart Park on July 20 Studios, 572 NW 23rd St. the homeless in the City attheir Backto School Health from12 5p.m: Junkanoo Call 305-756-5502. of Overtown every first
Fair ,July 13th, at 9 a.m., at Rushout at Gibson Park In Saturday, at 2pm, at 14-15
9333 SW 152nd Street. Call Overtown at 5p.m. on July U Liberty Square "Old St. and 1stiAve. Call 678/86-845-0550. 25. Project" Reunion will be 462-9794.
held Aug. 31st, at.10 a.m., at
a The Culinary m The Norwood- Arcola Lakes Park. Contact 0 Miami Northwestern
Management Company Cromartie Family Is Phillip at 305-696-1819. Class of 1979 make a
is offering a Food Manager notifying all family members connection. Call 786-399Protection -Examination for their reunion, July 26-28, U] We Sale Florida 4726.
-course starting July 15th, at in Valdosta, Georgia. Contact Homes will have their First9 a.m. Call 754-300-7756. S. Browning 678-896-0059 Time Homebuyer Workshop U] Booker T. Washington.
Chidre -U MCA il failiat thirAug. 31st, at 10:30 a.m. Class of 1967 meets every
*l Miami Chlrn [ OAwl aiiaeter3300 NW 199th St. Call third Saturday of the month, -Paula Lobe forThe New York Times
-Initiative's Christmas in Summer Studio July 29th- 305-469-3767. at 7 p.m., at the African
July" event will take place Aug. 16th, from 1-5 p.m., at Heritage Cultural Arts Even when on stilts, troupe members on Wednesday manJuly 18th, at 11 a.m., at 770 N.E. ,125th St. Call 305- U] Range Park is offering Center, 6161 NW 22nd Ave. aged to navigate the park's Playground for All Children
the Joseph-Caleb Center, in 893-6211. free self defense karate Call 305-333-7128. nimbly.

Critics argue: Plan B One- Step encouragesse esvaNectoaetOroeofsrepefr- adThyegusurundnte.

ers from Begot&, Colombia, "We're gonna die," yelled a
PILL Deborah Kaplan, the depart- metely cost Schools' Chancel- parental consent is required.) descended on the Playground boy who seemed to be having a
continued from 4C ment's assistant commissioner lor Joseph P. Fernandez his Across the United States, half for All Children in Pelham great time.
for maternal, infant and repro- job. of all school-based health din- Bay Park in the Bronx. All the Because of their makeup and
offices and independent din- ductive health, said, explaining Now, Mayor Michael R. ics are prohibited from hand- performers wore white and height, the performers could be ics operating in schools, stu- the city's decision to make Plan Bloomberg haes power over ing out any contraception, in- had whitened faces and arms, frightening. (There were some dents can now get free emer- B available in schools, as part schools, and his administra- cluding condoms, by school, streaked with black. Six of tears.) But in their manner gency contraceptives like Plan of a bigger sex education cam- Lion can make such decisions district or state regulations or them walked on stilts, they were mostly playful, graB One-Step in more than 50 paign, without public debate. Even laws, according to a survey by Their well-consideredroute cious in how they bent down
high school buildings, gener- New York is not the only city today, however, providing Plan the School-Based Health Al1i- threaded through the grass, to. give a child a high five. One ally in neighborhoods with to take Plan B right to teen- B to minors remains a sensi- ance, based in Washington. paused at a tree stump and stilt walker, Camila S~.nchez, high teenage pregnancy rates. agers; similar school-based rive issue. In the 13 schools Critics of the use of the pill then, with delightful boldness, was beatific. When she picked Girls needing the drug have health centers either prescribe where the contraceptives are have argued that it encourages headed right into the heart up a child, it seemed the act of been able to get it immediately or administer the contracep- handed out by a school nurse sexual activity among teen- of the playground's elaborate a mother. under the supervision of dec- tives in Baltimore; Chicago; after phone consultation with agers and that parents ought system of bridges and gate- Most of the children treated tors or nurse practitioners with Oakland, Calif.; and all over a doctor, parents must be nuti- to thus have a strong say in ways, stairs and slides. The the whole thing like a game of prescribing ability. School din- Colorado, among other places. fled of the program and given a whether their children should parade of performers and chil- -follow the leader. They needed ics began dispensing the pills But New York's ambitious push chance to opt out, a provision have access to it. "Teens who dren continued into a zone of no prompting to start mimickseveral years ago, and in the on Plan B is striking in light of that originated with a court are otherwise going to think built-in musical instruments. ing the performers' motions or 2011-12 academic year alone, its history with contraceptives ruling related to the condom twice about sex are going to It spread across benches and to play along with them on the about 5,500 girls received them in schools. Two decades ago, a protests in the early 1990s. (In say, 'This is always going to be chess tables and culminated park's metal instruments. By at school at least once, accord- decision to distribute condoms 40 schools where an indepen- available to me,' said Anna wittily in the spraying water, of the end, many had adopted the ing to the city's Department of in schools without parental dent, provider, which is typi-. Higgins, director of the Center the fountain, simple processional steps, so
I- alth and Mental Hygiene. consent was one of several ally a hospital or local health for Human Dignity of the Fain- This playground was de- that both they and the space
"Most teens go to school," controversial moves that ulti- clinic, provides the pills, no ily Research Council. signed for children of all abili- seemed transformed.

P IfieMiami Times

SBusiness ,nce


Miami cost of living exceeds nation "

By The Huffington Post And Miami-Dade is no exception,
where the institute found it takes
]The Economic Policy Institute nearly three times the federal pov- 4.'** has just updated their cost-of- erty line to live a modest lifestyle. a
living budgets to reflect how* much A two-parent, one-child family S ,
a family needs to earn to get by in living in the Miami-Miami-Beach- BURGESS ALVAREZ
2013. Kendall metro area needs to earn
Looking at over 600 locations $60,168 a year to cover all basic
and estimating community-spe- expenses, according to EPI. :
cific costs, EPI found that families Meanwhile the federal poverty M M = A
need more than twice the amount line for a family of three was set at
of the federal poverty line to have $19,090 for 2012. T ..K .
secure yet modest living stan- EPI's calculated budget for
dard. Miami families is also more than, ,J t I
"Our family budget calculations $10,000 over the median income U K EL
show that the real costs for fami- for Miami-Dade County; which was "
dle class lives are much higher the national average of $52,762. -- LY
than conventional estimates show The rest of South Florida proves #* o f A sin for Broward?
and virtually impossible for fami- to be just as expensive: A Broward _.lies living on minimum-wage jobs," family of three needs $55,486 to
said Elise Gould, the Economic get by and a Palm Beach house- By Matthew Haggman
Policy Institute director of health hold of the same size tops in at The federal poverty line for a family of three was.set at $19,090 for policy research. $61,021. 2012. In the wake of Miami-Dade's plummeting property tax values, will it be
Sa sign of what's in store for Broward?
The Broward commission faces a tough
fight with the sheriff to pony up part of
Report: Florida still tops in foreclosures t
ing decisions that seem in line with a
By June Fletcher all of Collier County in the firm's da- move toward higher rates: they signed
tabase, are doing better than those new union contracts that include a 3
When it comes to distressed prop- in the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area, percent bonus that becomes part of
erties, Florida is still in trouble. which includes all of Lee County. employees' permanent pay next year
Florida has jumped to No. 1 from And both are in better shape than and they renewed the lease of a library
the second spot on the list of states Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa, slated for closure in the cuts. Miamiwith the highest foreclosure activ- t which top the list, RealtyTrac said. Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez
ity, according to the latest data from Countywide numbers show the said a tax hike for homeowners is nearRealtyTrac, which tracks foreclosure of every 392 homes in ly inevitable in order to- plug a budget
filings that include default notices, N* Lee County had a foreclosure fil- hole pegged at anywhere between $350
71:million to $400 million. auctions and bank repossessions. ing, which ranks it as No. 22 out of m
The data firm shows that one out.. Florida's 67 counties. At No. 31 on It's almost impossible that we can.
of every 302 Florida houses had a 1 7 the list, Collier County was in the achieve an acceptable budget with
foreclosure filing during May, nearly -, middle of the pack: one out of every cuts aloneThere is a real possibility
three times the national average. 510 homes is in some stage of fore- : of millage and fee increases. There is
Nationally, one in every 885 hous- closure. a real possibility of millage and fee
ing units had a foreclosure filing But conditions are improving increases." Alvarez said. The county
during the month, an uptick of two faster in Lee than they are in Collier. mayor's comments come only a day
percent from April. But that is still Foreclosure filings fell 17;2 percent after County'Manager George Burgess
down 28 percent from a year earlier, in May from April in Lee; for the told commissioners that" a budgetthanks to rising home prices, same period, they rose 8.4 percent ary gap of this magnitude cannot be
Those who live in the Naples/Mar- One in every 885 housing units had a foreclosure filing during the in Collier. RealtyTrac spokesman closed through expenditure reductions co Island area, which encompasses month. Please turn to FORECLOSURES 8D Please turn to TAX lOD

Store thieves: You Cities where wages Unemployment

better watch out! are plumet benefits jump 16K

By Curt Anderson become a sophisticated and By Samuel Weigley 'the recovery is that even as Staff and wtire reports' Weekly claims for unemAssociated Press w well-organized criminal unemployment has declined ployment aid can be volatile
enterprise that uses teams The average U.S. worker nationally, wage inequal- The number of Amei- in early July because some
Federal and'Florida law of people armed with tech- was paid $1,000 per week ity has risen. According to cans seeking unemployment automakers briefly shutter
enforcement officials said nology and the Internet to as of the fourth quarter of 'a report by the National benefit the week ended factories to prepare for new
last "Tesday that they' are steal merchandise from 2012. This is, according to Employment Law Project, July 6 jumped a more-than- models and nearly all schools
creating the nation's first stores of all sizes."We are the Bureau of Labor Statis- "the increase in inequality is expected 16,000 to 360,000, are closed. Both events tertask force to tackle the not speaking about simple tics, a 4.7 percent increase because many people who the Labor Department said porarily boost layoffs.
growing problem of orga- 'onesie-twosie' shoplifters," from 2011. were unemployed during Thursday. .. However, the longer-term
nized retail theft, which Erichs told reporters. The In the vast majority of U.S. the recession have accepted The prior week's figure trend shows an ongoing
victimizes nearly every store task force, which includes metropolitan areas, Wages lower-skill and lower-pay was also revised up anid the recovery in the labor market.
nationwide and, costs retail- ICE, 'the Florida Depart- grew. In San Francisco, for jobs than the ones they pre- four-week moving average Weekly claims fojobless'
ers $30 billion in losses meant of Law Enforcement one, the average wage grew viously had in order to make a less volatile measure of aid have declined steadily
each year. The creation of and multiple police agen- by nearly 25 percent. In ends meet. claims' for jobless aid rose the past year. And compathe task force comes just cies in South Florida, will other cities, however, wages One reason wages are fall- 6,000 'to 351,750, the weekly nies have added an average :weeks after the National target the thieves, with continued to fall. Eight cities ing in' these cities may be Lalor report said. 202,000 jobs a month the
Retail Federation unveiled federal money-laundering had a decline of at least one that they are still experienc- The seasonally adjusted past six months, up from an :!::its .latest:survey looking; and: c: .dash-smnuggling lawCs percent weekly wages. In the ;ing the effects of Continued zmmeris. cosistent ith ',.):':i averae of 180,000 the prior: )i :at liossescusd y orga- ; in many cases, :Erichs said.; Anniston,tford, Ala. area, high unemployment. While sed iigadarltvl i ots
nized retal .......cime. Alysa: At. the state level, Republi- : wages fell by 2.4 percent. the U.S. unemployment low number of new layoffs. In June, 195,000 nonfarm
.D.'Erichs, special agent in can Gov.Rick Scott signed Based on the BLS' quarterly had dropped to 7.8 percent But the jobs market is still jobs were added to paycharge of US.; Immigration: into law'this year a bill census of employment and by December 2012, it was nt lid 'enough to justify rolls and 70,000 more jobs
and Customs .Enforcement's that boostS potential prison~ wages, these are the cities much higher in the majority the FederalRes'erve.sed than 'first estimated were
HmlnSeuiynvs I snnesfor organized theft with the biggest declines in 'Of these metro areas. In six ing up i~any plans to pul back :added in April and' May The
tigations office in Miami, to :a. minimum of 21 months, pay. '' of the 10 cities, the rate was on its massive monthly ibnd un~emzployment rate.was,
said retail, thievery has, 'Please turn to THIE VES SD One common criticism of 'Please turn to WAGES 8D purchases. Please turn to CLAIIMS SD


38 million have no retirement assets.,:

ByCaleeCowl a aogwokn svns" h epr "814 Ponce de Leon Boulevard [ Catastrophic injuries
househods agesfound. "These twin
As more "baby boomers" 25-64 ranges from challenges amount "Suite 210 [ 'Criminal
continue to retire, a new re- $6.8 to $14 trillion, to a severe retire- Coral Gables, Florida 33134
search report has found that depending upon the ""."" ment crisis that, if ________ [ ________ Employment Discrimination
the nation is facing a trillion financial measure : { :, unaddressed, will [ veia apatc
dlareieetsigsc-usd NRS nn i: i sis. According to the National lyzed the readiness ~~ i.. : stsequences." rav.con Fax N:o.: 305-446-324046_538 Peie iblt
Institute on Retirement Secu- of all working-age '! Financial experts ........................ Ii"'....................... [[ Probate
rity (NIRS), 38 million Ameni- households using i recommend that recans 45 percent of work- data from the U.S. : tirement assets be Email: [I T'xl tort
ing-age households have Federal Reserve. CRWEL the equivalent of Website: i aaiosljtrs
no retirement account assets. "The heart of the issue con- 8-11 times annual income to aainljre
Among all working house- sists of two problems: lack of preserve a standard of living. ...',:::Srigy~/glnesdc 1 Wrnflet
holds, 92 percent do not meet access to retirement plans Many experts also recoin- evn ori~a ed ~c 95~ Wog~ et
conservative retirement say- in and out of the workplace mend retirement fund con- egnadJ-C"n, sc.- aml
ings targets for their age and -particularly among low- tribution rates ranging from @ "

lective retirement savings lies and low retirement Please turn to ASSETS SD general nortton~ only, The Informtion pneers 0 c5 eet~la bo construed to be tnrrnal lgal advice or the fornietion ot alawyeOllen!i relatIonshtp ~~deee' sceae o


Gas prices expected to surge again during sm e

a sharp drop in oil supplies the a gallon for mid-August delivUnes in Egp n-elnngUS netre past two weeks. This is coming ery. Typically, retail prices aire
ar drvn whlsl prce up Pum prices at a time when demand is at its about 75 cents higher.
annual July peak." Gas prices have gyrated for
willsoo folow.Egypt is not a major oil sup- much of the year, rising from
~. -plier, but ongoing political woes an average of $3.29 a gallon
By Gary Straus al average of $3.52 a gallon threaten Middle Eastern ship- at the start of 2013 to $3.79 a
could climb another 15 cents or ments rand were the catalyst gallon in February, then falling
Gas prices are heading up higher over the next two weeks. behind crude oil prices rising to $3.47 a gallon last week. 'In
again. A year ago, the national average .to 15-month highs earlier this some regions of the Midwest,
Rising crude oil prices and a was $3.38. week. Benchmark West Texas where supplies were disrupted
fall in U.S. supplies are driving "It's getting ugly," says Pat- *.crude oil eased 1.7 percent to by oil refinery outages. and exwholesale gas prices up sharp- rick DeHaan, senior analyst $104.73, a barrel in mid-day tended maintenance, ,prices
ly. That has yet to be fully re- for "First and 'Thursday trading. Wholesale spiked to $4.25 a gallon.
flected at the retail level. foremost, the politicalrproblems M Agas pric res, up 30 cents to 50 "We may be on a rollercoastPrices at the pump up four in Egypt are driving crude oil Wholesale gas prices, up 30 cents to 50 cents a gallon on 'cents a gallon on some mar- er for the rest of the summer," cents the past week to a nation- prices, but there has also been some markets. kets, are now at about $3.02 says DeHaan.

Metro areas with higher declining wages Distressed properties rise

W GSand Atlantic City were hit declining wages the number of the jobs created durifig the FOELSRS week released a sepa- Nationally, CoreLogic
continued from 7D hard by the hurricane. BLS of people employed in profes- 2009 federal stimulus pack- cniudfo7Drate study that showed found that 9.7 million
chief regional economist sional and business occupa- age. that the percentage of properties, or nearly
at least nine percent. In four Martin Kohli explained that tions, for example, also fell. Based on the BLS' quarter- Daren Blomquist says homeowners who are one in five of all homes of these metro areas, the rate businesses in a variety of In the- Kennewick-Richland- ly census of employment and Ithat is because Lee underwater ,on their with a mortgage, had was over 11 percent. sectors shut down for several Pasco, Wash., metro area, the wages, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed County was "hit so bad mortgages. has been negative equity at the
Several cities on this list weeks in November. Because number of .people employed the 10 metropolitan areas 1so early" by a wave of steadily dropping in end of the first quarter. had significant increases the hourly weekly wage is af- in professional and business with the biggest declines in distressed properties the Naples/Marco Is- Florida was second in in the lower-paying leisure fected by how many hours services fell by 7.9 percent average weekly wages be- after the housing bub- land area. That area the list of states with and hospitality industry. In people worked in a week, between the end of 2011 and tween the fourth* quarter of ble burst. is down to 27 percent the highest percentage
Rocky Mount, N.C., leisure he noted that the hurricane the end of 201.2. 2011 and the fourth quarter "Now most of these in the first quarter of of underwater homes
and hospitality was the only might explain a short-term- Many of these metro areas of 2012. 24/7 Wall St. also properties have worked 2013 from 37 percent at 38.1 percent, followjob sector that grew between decline in average wage. may also have a declining reviewed changes in employ- through the system," at its negative equity ing Nevada at 45.4 petDecember 2011 and Decem- At the same time, these cit- average wage because gov- ment by job sector and un'- he says. .peak in the third quar- cent.
ber 2012. ies are losing jobs in typically erment programs are end- employment rates, both from The brightening lo- ter of 2009. Blomiquist says that
Two of these* metro areas higher-paying industries. In ing. For example, at the end the BLS, between December Cal picture is bolstered CoreLogic did not re- RealtyTrac's data in New Jersey Ocean City manyof the metro areas with of 2012 Kennewick lost many 2011 and December 2012. by data from CoreLog- lease data on the Cape shows similar moveic, which earlier this Coral/Fort Myers area. ment.

Baby boomers look at retirement s-avings..

ASSETS .all working-age house- workers make poor 2007-2010. than they previously
continued from 7D holds is $3,000 and financial decisions, Additionally, CRL gained in the pre-reonly $12,000 for those earlier research by the found that income de- cession decade.
reach adequate retire- nearing retirement. Center for Responsible Clines in communities *Without long-term ment funds. The shortage *of Lending determined of color are higher in solutions to the retire- SOUTHEAST OVERTOWNIPARK WEST
But what if there is available funds for re- that the typical house- part because of de- ment crisis, NIRS con- -CM UIYRDVLPETAEC
no retirement p lan or tirement adds yet an- hold has just $100 left Clines in over-repre- cludes, "An increas-CO M NT E VLPETA NY
option for workers? other complex dimen- each month after pay- sentation in two types ingly dependent elder In 2011, according to sion to the hope for a ing for basic expenses of employment that population will likely PLEASE ALL TAKE NOTICE that a Board of Commissioners MeetiAg of the the report, 44.5 million full financial recov- and debt payments. historically provided place increased strain Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (SEOIPW people worked for an ery. In the aftermath After controlling for stable and secure on families and social CRA) is scheduled to take place on Monday, July 29, 2013 @ 5:00 pm, at Fredemployer that did not of the worst financial 'inflation, the typical jobs: manufactur- service organizations. erick Douglass Elementary School, 314 NW 12th Street, Miami, fL 33136. sponsor a retirement crisis since the 1930s' household had less ing and construction. . American workplan. Even among full- Great Depression,' annu~L income at the These two industries ers, employers, and All interested persons are invited to attend. For more information please contact time employees, 35.2 communities of color end of 20.10 than it suffered job losses of policymakers need to the SEOPW CRA office at. (305) 679-6800.V million had no access' face financial chal- did in 2000. House- 10 and 20 percent, look closely at what we to a retirement plan. lenges worsened by holds headed by per- respectively. Blacks need to do individu- (#19350) Clarence E. Woods III, Executive Directo r
Low-wage industries, disproportionate un- sons. aged 55-65 saw who formerly worked ally and collectively, Southeast Overtown/Park West
regardless of size, employment, foreclo- the largest losses manufacturing and so that everyone can Community Redevelopment Agency
were found to be the sure-blighted neigh- in wealth. People at construction jobs lost build sufficient assets __________________________least likely to offer a borhoods and in many or nearing retire- more than twice the to have adequate and retirement plan. instances, lower in- ment lost an aver- number of jobs be- .secure income after a CT FMAI LRD
Today, the average comes and markedly age' of $90,000 from tween 2007 and 2011 lifetime of work." CT FMA I LRD
working household has less wealth than the NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING
virtually no retirement general population. CT FMA I LRD
savings. The median While, some might IYO IM.FOIANOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Commission of the City of Miami,
retirement balance for* assume that America's NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Florida, will hold a public hearing on July 25, 2013, at 5:00 p.m., located at 3500
___________________________________Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133, in order to consider the following subject NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Commission of the City of Miami, matter:
Claims see increase Florida, will hold a public hearing on July 25, 2013, at 5:00 p.m., located at TO CONSIDER A RESOLUTION OF THE MIAMI CITY COMMIS. ............................; .....................3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133, in order to consider the following SION, TO DESIGNATE 144 AND 152 SW 8TH STREET MIAMI, FIL
CLAIMS 346,000 a week in the subject matter: 33130 AS A BROWNFIELD AREA. 144 AND 152 SW 8TH STREET
cent and was at 8.2 niod since the fourth VELOPED INTO A MULTI-LEVEL APARTMENT BUILDING TITLED
since the recession be- efits the week ended PROPERTY QUALIFYING AS A BROWNFIELD SITE IS RELEVANT 376.80 SECTION 2(B), (1-5).
gan, according to c al- June 22, the lat- FOR AN INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY REQUEST FOR BROWNFIELD
culations by Joseph est data available, a AREA DESIGNATION PER FLORIDA STATUTE 376.80 SECTION The location and folio number of the proposed Brownfield Area are as preLaVorgna, chief U.S. level 23 percent be- 2(B)(1-5). sented on the map published with this notice.


Study: Youth attitudes shift in Great Recession

By Martha Irvine hit, more of the Great mv-- those who said they: tors, along with lead
AP National Writer Recession group also Make an effort to author Heejung Park,
........... ................ was less interested in turn heat down to an advanced doctoral
CHICAGO (AP) big-ticket items such I save energy: 78 per- student in psychology
Drew Miller clearly as vacation homes and / AST 4 H UG cent (1976-1978); 55 at UCLA.
remembers the day his new cars though '&' *.,r /. i (. TO FAI percent (2004-2006); Their analysis found
father was laid off. they still placed more / "---, and 63 percent (2008- that, of the three
Miller, now 25, was importance on them 2010). groups, the Great Rea freshman at an Ohio than young people Want a job directly cession group was still
college, full of hope who were surveyed in helpful to others: 50 most likely to want
and ready to take on the latter half of the percent (1976-1978); jobs where they could
the world. But here 1970s, an era with its 44 percent (2004- make a "significant"
was this "red flag. own economic chal. 2006); and 47 percent amount of money.
a big wake-up call," lenges. (2008-2010). But the authors say
he says. The prosper- Either way, it ap-, Would eat differ- that may simply be
ous years of childhood pears this latest ently to help the starv- attributable to the
were over, and his recession "has caused ing: 70 percent (1976- ever-rising cost of dayfuture was likely to a lot of young people k2. 1978); 58 percent to-day expenses, from
be bumpier than he'd to stop in their tracks "J (2004-2006); and 61 groceries to electric
expected. and think about percent (2008-2010). and gas bills.
Across the coun- what's important Psychologist Patricia In comparison, they
try, others of Miller's in life," says Jean Greenfield said the note that the Great
generation heard that Twenge, a psychology findings fit with other Recession group also
same wake-up call professor at San Diego res6 trch she's done showed a bit less inas the Great Reces- State University who that shows that people terest in luxury items
sion set in. But would co-authored the study become more commu- than the students who
............................... ...... l hntesuet h
it change them? And with researchers from nity-minded, and less were surveyed in the
would the impact last? UCLA. materialistic, when mid-2000s.
The full effect won't The analysis, faced with economic For instance, 41 perbe known for a while, released Thursday, hardship. cent of high school
of course. But a new is published in the "To me, it's a silver seniors questioned
analysis 6f a long-term online edition of the Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing Group, whichtracks youth trends, says the analysis lining," says Green- 2008-2010 said it was
survey of high school .. journal Social Psycho- fits with what she's seen in her own work. field, another of the important to own a
students provides an logical and Personality study's contribu- Please turn to YOUTH 1OD
early glimpse at ways Science. latest recession, more
their attitudes shifted Its, data comes ofthe 12th-graders
in the first years of from "Monitoring the were willing to use
this most recent eco- Future," an annual a bicycle or mass
nomic downturn: survey of young people transit instead of driv- MIAMI-DADE
Among the findings: that began in the mid- ing 36 percent in
Young people showed 1970s. The authors of 2008-2010, compared
signs of being more in- the study compared with 28 percent in the
terested in conserving responses of high mid-2000s. However, Pursuant to F.S. 98.075(7), notice is hereby given to the voters listed below. Please be advised that your eligibility to vote is in question based on information provided
resources and a bit school seniors from that was still mark- by the State of Florida. You are required to contact the Supervisor of Elections in Miami-Dade County, Florida, no later than thirty days after the date of this Notice in
more concerned about three time periods edly lower than the 49 order to receive information regarding the basis for the potential Ineligibility and the procedure to resolve the matter. Failure to respond will result in a determination
their fellow human 1976-1978 and 2004- percent of respondents of ineligibility by the Supervisor of Elections and your name will be removed from the statewide voter registration system. If you have any questions pertaining to this
beings. 2006, as well as 2008- in the 1970s group matter, please contact the Supervisor of Elections at 2700 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, Florida or call 305 499-8363.
Compared with 2010,,the first years of who said the same. AVISO LEGAL
youths who were the Great Recession. There were similar
surveyed a few years They found that at pattern s fo r other Conforme a F.S. 98.075(7), porel presente se notifica a los electores enumerados a continuaci6n que seg6n informacl6n provista por el Estado de la Florida, se cuestiona
before the recession the beginning of this responses, such as su elegibilldad pare votar. Usted debe comunicarse con el Supervisor de Elecciones del Condado de Miami-Dade, Florida, dentro de los treinta dias, a mis tardar, desde
Ila fecha de este Aviso, con el fin de que se le informe sobre el fundamento de la posible falta de idoneldad y sobre el procedimiento para resolver el asunto. Si usted no
----.....--- ....---.----- d p o r p a te d e l S u e rv s o d F l c c o n e s h o b r s .................. ....... ..............
cumple con su obligaci6n de responder, se emitird una declaraci6n de falta de idoneidad, por parte del Supervisor de Elecciones, y su nombre se eliminard del sistema TIM ... inscripci6n de electores de todo el estado' Si tiene alguna duda acerca de este tema, por favor, comunfquese con el Supervisor de Elecciones, en 2700 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, Florida, a por telifono, al 305-499-8363.
S Dapre Lwa Florid F.S.98.075(7), yap avize vot6 yo ki sou lis pi ba la-a. Nap avize w ke baze sou enf6masyon nou resevwa nan men Eta Florid, nou doute si w elijib pou vote. Yap mande nou kontakte Sipivizb Eleksyon Konte Miami-Dade, Florid, pa pita ke trant jou apre resepsyon Avi' sa-a pou nou kapab resevwa enfbmasyon sou kisa yo baze kestyon ke w pa elijib la epi pou nou w6 kouman pou nou rezoud pwoblbm la. Si w pa reyaji.epi w pa reponn a 16t sa-a, sa gen dwa mennen Sipbviz6 Eleksyon an deside ke w pa elijib epi yo va retire non w nan sisthm enskdripsyon voth Eta-a. Si w genyen ankenn kestyon sou koze sa-a, tanpri kontakte Sipbviz6 Eleksyon yo nan 2700 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, Florid oswa rele 305-499-8363.

Po el prset se daaioa a cooia Pre esn da ai s a: Ulin direc. .15 cd
Ya a s..s.. Dsy ads an ais Ya avie. a. S~y ad~ na a as

Aguirre, Gabriel A 352 NE 57Th St Jomolca JR, Angel 10876 SW 229Th St
'Alfonso, Raul 7955 SW 11Th St Jones, Barry 0 1112 NE 151St Ter
Artello, Michael J 10271 SW 227Th Ln Kellom, Keric A 19060 NW 27Th Ave #206
Bailey, Joshua J 2321 NW 174Th Ter Leon JR, Miguel A 5352 NW 4Th St
Bankston, Basil 11341 SW 155Th St Leonard, Edwin 7701 SW 117Th St
Barkley, Victoria T 1845 NW 87Th St Lieberman, Jeffrey 1602 Alton Rd #457
Barroso, Angel A 5922 W 26Th Ave Lopez, Yosdell 11199 SW 88Th St Apt J201
Barton, Martin C 1942 NW 55Th St Manghram, Prince J 18720 NW 27Th Ave #106
-Bebeto Matthews, AP Baruti, Akeem I 1257 NW 55Th Ter May, Victor R 5410 NW 13th Ave #16
Student textbooks for rent at the City College Bookstore in New Brooks, Pauline 2801 NE 183Rd St #1406 Mills, Angel R 1244 NW 64Th St
York City. Renting textbooks has been heralded as a new way for Cadavid,RodrigoH 10901 SW142NdAve Miranda,AlbertoA 14800SW80thSt
college students to save money, but rental programs have had only Castro, William A 6845 W 3Rd Ct Monkus, Ellen F 828 NW 9Th Ct
limited acceptance at major college and university bookstores.
Castroverde, Anne M 20503 Manta Dr Montano, Angelina M 15814 SW 305Th Ter
Cereceda, NicholasA 12121 SW 110th Ave Moscoso, Tirso E 15315 SW 76Th Ter
H ow to cut back on Chisholm, Martha C 5935 Turin St Moss, Andre S 14622 NW 13Th Rd
Cifuentes, Marta 10111 Martinique Dr Nivar, Anthony J 5085 NW 7Th St Apt 811
Clay, SonyinI T 20522 NW 23Rd Ct Opatich, Ermelinda 345 Ocean Dr #1104
o se co ege co sts Coney,'Tarance L 10920 SW 224Th St Ordunez, Barbara M 3300 NW 51St Ter
Cooper, Mary A 11112 SW 166Th Ter Pappas, Nita 5998 SW 47Th St
BV Megan Kowalski college taken while in high school Copeland SR, Timothy J 10250 SW 151St Ter Pass, Elizabeth A 1000 Falcon Ave
..................................................can transfer as college credits. Davis, Dennis 12700 NE 14Th Ave Apt 5 Patterson, Randy 700 NE 87Th St
College students' education Having to take fewer classes saves De La Rosa, David C 1403W 44Th St Pierre, Robert 513 NW 105Th St
expenses, including supplies and on tuition.
school-related electronics, rose 41 From Brad Wilson, founder of Elam, Juan L .9990 SW 224Th St Preston, La Tonya TL 28315 SW 141St PI
percent from 2011 to 2013, accord- and author of Do Ellington, Myrlam R 19112 SW 95Th Ave Rivera, Alfonso C 2739 NW 56Th St
ing to, which compared More, Spend Less: Femandez, Maggie
the first five months of each year. Avoid the school store. Prices :ernandez,_Maggie 182 E 10Th St Robinson, Marie A 10800 SW l43RdTer
Here are some suggestions for ways often are high because they're not Fogelman, Lille 9273 Collins Ave #305 Rodriguez, Carlos 11261 SW 24th Ter
to cool that college spending. trying to compete on price, .and GarcIa, Frankie 1280 W 54Th St #B228 Rolle, Ronald M 5607 NW 27Th Ave # 2
From Hitha Prabhakar, personal they also may have limited selec- Garcia, Jose 3615 SW 94Th Ave Romero, Luis P 12550 SW 264Th St
finance advocate for tion of items if the college has a ....._... ..__ ..... ........
Don't be afraid of used furni-- contract with a certain manufac- Gomez, Anastasia F 600 BilItmore Way #313 Rutherford JR, Micah L 2030 NW 24Th St
ture or textbooks. Find graduat- turer. Gonzalez, Arisnay 30143 SW 159Th Ct Sharpe, Kamoy L 111 NW 115Th St
ing seniors selling their furniture, Use the right type of plastic. 2480 NW 152Nd St Smith Gaines, Paulette A. 8400 NW 25Th Ave Apt 85
or check out secondhand stores For big purchases, such as lap- Graham, Ernest
instead of spending money on new. tops or TVs, consider that most Graham, Terrance E 29363 SW 144Th Ave Smith, Cynthia L 1360 Dunad Ave Apt 3
Buy used or digital textbooks in- American Express cards and a fair Hall, Darrell J 11303 SW 81St Rd Thompson, Karen L 19320 NW 41St Ave
stead of new books. amount of "higher-end cards," such Billie 17Th Ter
Spread out school-supply as Visa Signature, offer extended- Hawks, Marjorie E 561 Payne Dr Thorne,R 14422 SW 1
shopping. College students and warranty protection for using the Haywood,Melvin 3140 NW 76Th St Tinner, Andrea F 17600 SW 118Th PI
parents tend to overspend on card. That can double the store Heerns, Charles H 1231 Sharazad Blvd Apt 1 Trueba-Castro, Luis 1601 SW 20Th St
school supplies don't try to buy warranty. It can be worth getting 3608 Alcantara Ave
everything at once, and wait for one of these cards if you don't have Heath, George A 5609 NW 27th Ave Veiga, Isabel 3608_AlcantraAve
gqod sales. one you also may get a bonus for Heredla, Martha 550 E 55Th St Washington, James.E 27102 SW 138Th Ave Apt A
Share the housing expenses; signing up that could help pay for Hidalgo, Alfredo A 6914 Main St Apt263 White, Vanessa M 5603 NW 27Th Ave B
Having a roommate and splitting more college shopping.
the rent is a no-brainer way to save Use online shopping to your Johnson, Edwin 2700-D NW 87Th Ave Apt 5 Wilson, Timothy 1777 All Babe Ave 4
on housing. advantage. A "significant majority" Johnson, James R 1225 NW 95Th St Apt 311 Young, Nikesha L 13144 Port Said Rd Apt 1144
Cut out the car. data of the best deals are online, espe- Johnson, Miah L 1250 NW 60Th St 1
show college-age students can save cially with the online coupon codes
almost $200 a month from gasoline that outnumber printable coupons Penelope Townsley
expenses by leaving their car at these days. Supervisor of Elections, Miami-Dade County
home. Even for retail stores, check if Supervisora de Elecciones, Condado de Miami-Dade
Think ahead with high you can order online and pick up. Sipbviz6 Eleksyon, Konte Miami-Dade
school classes. Credit for your at the store you get the item imhigh school's Advanced Placement mediately and still may be able to
classes or credits for community, use online-only discounts..


Strategies: Target your market to gain customers

By Rhonda Abrams likely to buy and delights them. But if. the entire lock. This ing the electronic key
................ who was not. He knew they can't identify the was expensive and system and said, "No,
A while back, I what his customers, right target market time consuming. -thanks." Company ofserved as the busi- especially his best and concentrate on With electronic keys, ficials slowly realized
ness-planning expert customers, were like. those.customers, they a front desk clerk their best customers
on a panel of young He wouldn't try to get won't make sales. could change a lock in would be those buildtech entrepreneurs -a vegan to buy his j I knew someone who a minute. Clearly, this ing new hotels and
discussing their new short ribs. invested in -one of the was a big savings for changed their marketcompanies. 'It's surprising how .., "...first hotel electronic- hotels. ing.
One young man many entrepreneurs key companies years The electronic key You have to watch
spoke passionately and small-business ago. Back then, hotels company should have what people really
about his new soft- owners don't really used physical keys for had hotel owners beg- want and what they
ware. He had just one understand who their each room. ging for them, right? do.
problem: It wasn't likely customers are. ..When someone lost Nope, hotel owners And you have to
selling. They may think every- a key or took one with looked at the expense stop trying to sell your
He didn't under- one can benefit from them after checking and disruption of re- wares to people who
stand why. It was so their offerings and out, the hotel sent a moving existing locks, are not going to buy
cool and innovative, be afraid to eliminate locksmith to change buying then install- them.
In the course of his any prospects, so they
presentation, he men- don't narrow their $, ,, -,, ;
tioned that his grand- target market. ..
father had owned a Then they waste % MIAMDDE
successful small busi- their time, money and !'N.i iNN\\ |
ness, a butcher shop. enthusiasm trying to A butcher shop, like this one inside a Wegman's grocery store, To help this young sell to the wrong pros- knows its customers. And more important, it knows not to waste AIR SERVICE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING SERVICES FOR entrepreneur under- pects. resources on wooing vegetarians. Look for the customers who will MIAMI-DADE AVIATION DEPARTMENT
stand the root of his Even if they've buy your product or service repeatedly. If you're a butcher, they're
problem, I summed it identified the charac- t RFQ NO. MDAD-13-01
up this way: Don't sell teristics of their likely thThe Miami-Dade Aviation Department is announcing the availability of the above referenced meat to vegetarians. customers on paper, real concerns and come up with new a new product or advertisement, which can be obtained by visiting the Miami-Dade Aviation Department
His butcher grandfa- they often don't spend behaviors, ways to solve custom- service that makes (MDAD) Website at: and
ther certainly under- the time really getting This is especially ers' problems. The en- customers more pro- then, selecting the respective solicitation. stood what he was to know and under- true for innovative trepreneur has created ductive, saves them selling and who was stand their prospects' companies that have something wonderful money, perhaps even Copies of the RFQ solicitation package can only be obtained through the MDAD, Contracts Administration Division, in person or via courier at 4200 NW 36th Street, Building 5A, 4th
,,Floor, Miami, FL33122 orhog amal request jo .O. Box025504, Miami, rL33102u-550.

Sharehl eKerge w h Ai Apayable to: Miami-Dade Aviation Department,
SN N \ N NN N This solicitation is subject to the Cone of Silence in accordance with section 2-11.1(t) of the
By Dvid Koenig .l \ N ~the rSt gnim to C Those~ oth~ rmergers' culd seek to have A m eri- Miami-Dade County Code.
and__________ Sct Maeovtz trcnpl.' ashare- cagdthe ladcp, can anzdUirwy giv up
hodr oNN\eia Arie creating giants that mde> sometakeoff an~d landing Forlegaladsonline,_gotohttp://_egaladsmiamidadego
NEW~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ YOK('LP S prn NPCr.i hard for US Airways slots at Reagan. National
N....N..........MRN CITY OF MIAMI
Aiws ~CEO sa sshare-~N The deal is Fi(,ing re'viewed and Amrieicani to compete, Airport outside Washinigton,
holer have approvedN by ait.utrgltr t Parker said. D.C.CIYO MA I
thcproose mege with t he U,.Dprmn fJs The merger "creates a~ Parker predicted that AVRIEETFRPOOA
NAmer A oe (-)fotittr. Critics ofith mege fourth srn ADVERTISEMENT FOR PROPOSAL
in......... to ca th competiio drSow- saidedot san Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Miami City Clerk at her office Ioworld's g airline. become CEO of the com- son" why.American and US"NN cated at City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133 for the following:
D>oug Parker said Frdy Cocr about les bined carrier, which will Airways should be' foced to)
thatenotgh sareswer competitionr, and higher keep the American Airlines gieusltatRgn.FPN.392GOUBE FIHALHLN
cast~~~~ inf%>, f ~. egr ae also accompanied the name and be~ based i n Aboutl3 50 embersof heNN
togaree approval. The cn of D and Texas. S E o I ntr CLOSING DATEITIME: 1:00 P.M., MONDAY, AUGUST-5, 2013
in ws otirndi.ate orthstii00, United If the Amrican-USto Reuest additional informationclarification: 72213 at'5:00
available. jK 7< ,, nd Continental1 in 2010, N ways deal goes through, outside the buildingwhere>N (ediet eus diiniifraincaiiain 121 t5O
Owrs o. SAiras and Southwest and AirTran four airlines will control the UJS Airway
GopInc. stool, would get ji n 201 Attutreg.le;'t more .thr 80ercent of the being held. They dema~nded
28 percent of 'tje shares tors allowed all those deals 'dom~estic air-travel market. better pay for \i Detailed specifications for this REP are available at the City of Miami, Purchas in the combined company, to o through. The Justice Department ers ing Department, website at Telephone No.
.5.................................................................................................... N O .1 2 2 7 1 .
YOUTH 15- to 24-year-olds has ris- focused on a job that helps technology" to help big corcontinued from 9D en above 20 percent more her community in some way porations cut electrical us- Johnny Martinez
than double the overall rate. than in landing "a corner of- age for lighting their spaces. AD NO. 20308 City Manager
vacation home, compared "If you're 22 and trying to fice." Though it meant taking a
with 46 percent in 2004- jump-start your life right "The recession made it even small pay cut, he says hay- __"
2006. Again, both' percent- now, it's not so easy," Wells more clear that I'm not going ing a job thaf helps the en- CITY OF MIAMI, FLORIDA
ages are higher than the 34 says. to find job satisfaction from vironment was a "huge" mo- NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING
percent who said the -same As a result, various a high-paying career," says tivator. I
in 1976-1978. 20-somethings have tem- Rousseau, who's getting her It'remains to be seen, how- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Commission of the City of Miami,
These findings have a mar- pered their career expecta- MBA and works at the medi- ever, how members of this N Ill hl a publi he oJuy 25,m2013, at 00 ofaedat
gin of error of plus-or-minus tions in different ways. cal school at Florida Interna- generation wit! cope with Florida,'will hold a public hearing on July 25, 2013, at 5:00 p.m., located at I percentage point, or less. Until the economy im- tional University, which she this economic adversity. 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133, in order to consider the following
Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz proves, "I've been opting for says "improves the medical Brent Donnellan, an asso- subject matter:
Marketing. Group, which security over the. perfect care in the community." ciate professor of psychology TO CONSIDER A RESOLUTION OF THE MIAMI CITY COMMIStracks youth trends, says job," says Calvin Wagner, a "I'm proud to be part of at Michigan State University, 9ION, TO DESIGNATE 850 SW 2ND AVENUE, MIAMI, FL 33130
the analysis fits with what 24-year-old accountant in that mission," she says. has found that how parents AS A BROWNFIELD AREA. 850 SW 2ND AVENUE WILL BE DEshe's seen in her own work. suburban Cincinnati. As he Miller, the 25-year-old handle the stress of an eco- VELOPED INTO A MULTI-LEVEL APARTMENT BUILDING TITLED Many young -people, she bides his time, working for whose dad was laid off, left nomic situation affects a VISTA GRANDE APARTMENTS AND WILL CONSIST OF 89 ONE
says, are living in what she a small company with little Ohio when he couldn't find child's resilience. AND TWO BEDROOM AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNITS.
calls "millennial purgato- chance for advancement, work there in his field, elec- But so does the child's perry," unemployed or under- he's studying for the exam to trical engineering. He moved sonality. Perhaps not sur- THE CITY MANAGER WILL PRESENT FINDINGS TO THE CITY employed, working in jobs become a certified public ac- to Alexandria, Va., after prisingly, Donnellan says, COMMISSION WHICH SHALL CONTAIN A COMPLETE ANALYbelow their qualifications, countant. finding a government con- studies have found that SIS OF WHETHER OR NOT 850 SW 2ND AVENUE IS AN ACTUAL
and sometimes still living Like many of the survey tractingjob. young people who have more BROWNFIELD SITE, AND WHETHER OR NOT THE STATUS OF A
at -home with their parents. respondents, Ashley Rous- But he recently decided self-control and who do well PROPERTY QUALIFYING AS A BROWNFIELD SITE IS RELEVANT
During the Great Recession seau, a 25-year-old in Mi- to take a chance on a new in school tend to weather FOR AN INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY REQUEST FOR BROWNFIELD
the unemployment rate for ami, says she's now more company that's using "smart economic hardship better. AREA DESIGNATION PER FLORIDA STATUTE 376.80 SECTION
... ...2(B) (1-5).
M ore mileage, fee increases may loom ahead hsentedt on thea ,omap Published ohwith this notice.seBrwfedAaaeasrTAX his aim is to present a bud- ~~~hvices and cutting govern- All interested parties are invited to appear and may be heard concerning this
continued from 7D get 'to county commission- ~ N~'menit positions. But she item. Should any person desire to appeal any decision of the City Commission
ers that doesn't Compromise ,"balked at a tax-rate increase, with respect to any matter considered at this hearing, that person shall ensure
alone without seriously im- public safety in Miami-Dade '"When the economy is the that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, including all testimony and
pacting our core Services," or cut services to the point it 'Vway it is, when people are evidence upon any appeal may be based (F.S. 286.0105).
The memo accompanied a jeopardizes residents' quality ~ ~N~, "trying to save their homes, o 90 esn ed
report from the county ap- of life. .'N 'how can we talk about doing In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act o 90 esn ed
praiser's office that showed Everything is on the ta- .NN Vthat?" Sosa said. ing special .accommodations to participate in this proceeding may contact the
property tax values falling 'ble," including cuts in gov- "Every household has been Office of the City Clerk at (305) 250-5361 (voice) no later than two (2) business
9.2 percent during the past emnment services and layoffs forced to make changes, we days prior to the proceeding, or at (305) 250-5472 (TTY) no later than three (3)
year the worst year-over- of government employees, have to do the same." business days prior to the proceeding or clerks(

years. The drop marked the tained that still may not be Moss said everything must SWst ST TAMIAMI TRL
-first time Miami-Dade's tax- enough. be considered in the upcom--________________________able values tumbled since "I know I will not win a ing budget debate.
1993, when assessments popularity contest by raising People need to see the opdipped 2.9 percent after Hur- the millage rate" said Alva- tionis and what happens if we
ricane Andrew wiped out rez, but he added the current only make cuts," said Coinmuch of South Florida. budget squeeze will please DENNIS MOSS missioner Katy Sorenson, POET .........
Whether homeowners' tax few people. pecially since homeowners who is open to a tax increase. PR0SW2OP ERY
bills ultimately rise, fall or Whether it is the laid off are struggling to make ends She said there may be broad- 850imi FL 2nd AV' \.
stay the same depends on government employee, the meet. er support for an increase FOLIO #: .) ..""! .::
how much their property val- homeowner. paying higher We need to adjust and when the severity of cuts to 0.250015
ues changed and on tax rates property taxes or the person squeeze," Commissioner everything from corrections 01025-80110
set by multiple jurisdictions, who can't go to the library as Javier Souto said. "Tax in- and police to after-school For now, Alvarez cautioned much as they want. I know creases at this moment are programs are understood. no final decisions had been someone will not be happy." unthinkable." We also need to look atI"
made on property taxes. But Alvarez may get a fight with cutting commissioners' budhe said hundreds of hours commissioners on taxes. SERVICE CUTS gets," said Sorenson, who
have already been spent as- 'Some commissioners have Commissioner Rebeca chairs the budget, planning L. .
sessing the county's budget already lined up against it, Sosa said the county' should and sustainability commit- Todd B. Harmon
situation and there are few saying it's the wrong time consider consolidating de- tee. "We need to look at our (#9349) City Clerk
easy answers. Alvarez said to make such a move, es- partments, eliminating ser- .own coffers as well.'"(#


Commissioners give
30 Street 12 Avenue Area 3105 NW 133 Street 1514 NW 74 Street 3421 NW 213 Street
Apatmets One bedroom, 305-754-7776 Huge one bdrm., one bath, Section 8 Preferred, three For sale two bedrooms, one
6091 NW 15 Avenue newly remodeled, Section 8 bedrooms, one bath, fenced bath, remodeled. $1900 down
Fr01 A Civic Center Area One bdrm, one bath. $ Welcome. 786-797-7878 yard, central air, ceiling fans, and $455 monthly P&I with g
DirectTVrewter three bdrms, two baths. 3318 NW 50 Street refrigerator, stove. Washer, good credit. NDI Realtors
Free Direct IV, freewater, $750. 305-642-7080 Two bdrms, one bath. $725 dryer, security bars, awnings. 305-655-1700 Miami commission- site, and developed a
free 'parking, appliances, $5.056278 Twbdmneat.S5. Remodeled bathroom and.....
ceramic tile, laundry room, Stove, refrigerator. kitchen. $1,250 mthly. $500 ****ATTENTION**** ers agreed last Thurs- plan to resuscitate it.
central air. One bdrm, $800, 6901 NW 8 Avenue 305-642-7080 security. Call 786-218-4646. Now You Can own Your day to give a nonprofit Estefan and other suptwo bdrms, $900. Very quiet Remolded one bedroom, one Own Home Today group seeking to save porters noted that in
building. Verifiable income bath, air, $550 monthly, first 36 NW 52 Street 1851 NW 83 Street -WITH- the iconic but long- the 20 years the stadirequired. Call 786-506- and last. Section 8 Welcome. One bdrm, one bath $625, Four bedrooms three FREE CASH GRANTS shuttered Miami Ma- Um has been closed, no
3067. Call Floyd at 786-768-1614 two bdrms, one bath $850. baths, family room, utility UP TO $65,000 rine Stadium control other group has stepped
1545 NW 8th Avenue. Appliances, free water room, washer/dryer hookup, on AnySHome/Any Area
One bdrm., one bath $550. 305-642-7080. central air, $1600 monthly. FIRSTover the full surround forward with a feasible
Appliances, free water. Call 786-402-8403 Need HELP??? ing site, including park- plan to save it.
305-642-7080 4512 NW 12 Avenue 20520 NW'24 Court 305-892-8315 ing lots, so they can de- "Today we 'right a
One bedroom, one Two bdrms,'one bath. Air and Three bedrooms, two baths, House of Homes Realty velop a plan to renovate, wrong that has been
bath, $450. Stove and
refrigerator. 305-642-7080 731 NW 56 Street appliances. 786-718-8181 air, tile. $1,350. No Section 8. expand and re-open the there 20 years," Mayor
r One bdrm, one bath. Free 580 NW 95 Street Terry Dellerson, Broker Repir facility. Toms' Regalado, who
water. $500 monthly. Three bdrms, one bath. 305-891-6776 Friends of the Miami has made saving the
1215 NW 103 Lane Call 786-328-5878 $1100 mthly. SECTION 8 2140 Service Road TONY ROOFING Marine Stadium got a stadium a centerpiece
Two bdrms, gated security, ONLY. 786-547-9116. OPA LOCKA 45 Years Experiencel substantial boost from COMMISSIONER of his administration,
tile, $750 mthly.
305-696-7667 746 NW 6.1 Street 6728 NW 4 Colurt Newly renovated three Shingles, roofing, and leak singer Gloria Estefan, MICHELLE SPENCE- told commissioners afCheap move in. Two bdrms, Three bdrms, two baths, bedrooms, two baths. Section 1231 NW 58 Terrace $800. Free water, quiet Section 8 welcome, call: 8 Only. 954-713-2700. repairs. Call 305-491-4515 who spoke to commie- JONES ter the vote.
MOVE IN SPECIAL! building. Call 786-506-3067 305-343-0649 2323 NW 52 Street oyioe ia p ordotem s e
First month moves you in. 97video in support of the Commissioner Frank Fubm
One bedroom one bath. 8261 NE 3 Avenue Two bedrooms, one bath, $1025. Appliances group's efforts to save Carollo, the lone dis$500 monthly. Free 19 inch One bedroom, one unit ac, washer/dryer 305-64247080 ROUTE DRIVERS what she called "this senting vote, said he
LCD T.V. Call Joel bath. $550 monthly. All hookup, $900 monthly. We are seeking drivers to jewel in our midst." believed the proposal
S786-355-:7578 appliances included. Free hokp$00mnhy
Call 786-402-8403 2343 NW 100 Street deliver newspaper to retail She cited the 1963 should go to a public
water, free 19 inch LCD TV. Two bdrms, one bath, $825. outlets in Broward and deed that underpinned referendum even as he
1245 NW 58TH STREET Joel 786355-7578 NORTHWEST AREA Appliances. 305-642-7080 Miami Dade.
MO IN8T S EECIL! 8475e NE564270 2i AoWednesday Only creation of the stadium praised the group for
First moNh mSEI y8475 NE 2 Avenue brsSeto ba to 8dk, o 2435 NW 64 Street You must be available from a land donation doing "one heck of a job"
One bedroom, one 'bath. Two bdrms. $825 mthly. Call between the hours of 6 by the Matheson fam- in developing a plan to
$550 mthrooy F e 19bih. 8 OK. 305-754-7776 mthly, Call 305-216-2724 after 6 p.m., 786-263-8220 a.m. and 3 p.m. Must have ily, arguing that it re- save the stadium.
$550 mthly. Free 19 inch ,i reliable, insured vehicle and
LCD TV. Call Joel 786-355- CAPITAL RENTAL i ff icic >' 2520 NW 162 Street requires the entire site Commissioner mi7578 AGENCY. .. Updated two bdrms., one curren ers Lcs to be dedicated solely chelle Spene-Jones,
305-642-7080 bath, tile, central air. $1100 Apply in person at:o be d i a t sl y h e pe co s ot
1250 NW 60 Street Overtown, Liberty City, :1245 NW 58 Street mthly. 305-662-5505. The Miami Times to supporting stadium who had previously vot900 N.W. 54th Street operations. Elated lead- ed against a separate 3 ROOMS
One bedroom, one bath Opa-Locka, Brownsville. Studio $395 mthly. All 2825 NW 163 Street ers of the group said the agreement allowing the CARPET INSTALLED
$525. Free water. Apartments, Duplexes, appliances included. Free Four bedrooms, two baths, The Carter Academy vote now allows them to group to move forward WITH PAD
305-642-7080 Houses. One, Two and water, free 19 inch LCD TV. bars, air, tile, $1,400. No Now accepting applications v49 9
Three Bedrooms. Same day Call Joel 786-355,7578 Section 8. Terry Dellerson, for experience certified start raising millions of with its plan, said she approval. Call for specials.. Broker teachers. Apply between dollars to renovate the was reassured by the $4 9 9
1261 NW 59 Street Free water. 305-642-7080 2701 NW 1 Avenue 305-891-6776 the hours of 9-11 a.m.: deteriorated Virginia establishment of an es- 3 ROOMS
one bath. www.capitalrentalagency. Studio $395 per month. 'All 2935 NW 50 Street 10200 NW 22 Avenue Key stadium, regarded crow account at the Na$550 305-642-7080 com appliances included. Free. Four bedrooms, two baths, Miami, FL 33147 as an architectural and tional Trust for Historic. $
water, free 19 inch LCD TV. central air, $1225 monthly. 305-693-3555 Preservation to handle 2ED
12675 NE 13 Avenue C l11 Joel 786-355-7578 Section 8 welcome. Call Mr. engineering treasure, Peevto ohnl 9
Clean, quiet, one bdrm. with LIBERTY CITY/ "B" 305-632-875 and reopen it as a pub- money raised by the LAMINATE
central air in North Miami. OVERTOWN 0 3861NW172 Terrace n lic park and venue for group for the project. INSTALLED
y. 3 MOVE IN SPECIAL i R Three bdrms., two baths concerts, rowing re- Friends has secured
1311 NW 2 Avenue One or two bedrooms, Drive by then call $1300 gattas, triathlons and $10 million so far, inMOVEIN SPECIAL qualify the same day. 305- 1010 NW 180 Terrace v Hammond Organs S
One bdrm, one bath. $375. 603-9592 or visit our office Free cable, air, appliances 954-517-1282 B3, C3, and Al 00, community events. clouding $3 million from
305642-7080 at: and use of kitchen. mint condition. 786-290-7841 The plan would in- a county preservation 12X6 W
1250 NW 62 St Apt #1. 786-262-9676 5020 SW 26 Ave-Danla > clude some small-scale fund, and now has two 12X6
1348Overtown 305-600-7280 or 13387 NW 30 Avenue Two bdrms, one bath. S development, includ- years to raise the bal- 12X5"
1348 N~~~l~~venue ~305-375-0673 '8 wekyfreuites $1000. Appliances, central .1~ .~
One bdrm., one bath $395. airee utilities, air,free water. 305-642- ing a marine exhibition ance of the estimated ,
Two bdrms, one bath $495 kitchen, bath, one person GENE AND SONS, INC center and restaurants, $30 million it will take
305-642-7080 WEST HOLLYWOOD AREA 305-987-9710 7080 Custom-made cabinets for
Remodeled one bdrm, central 1358 NW 71 Street kitchens and bathrooms at to support the stadi- to renovate the sta- I L
air, utilities included. 5740 NW 5 AVENUE affordable prices. um's operation. About dium. The group was 6 F
135 NW 18Street a 305-751-3498 move in. 786-286-7455 Two bedrooms, one bath, 14130 N.W. 22nd Avenue. 12 acres of the 22-acre launched five years ago F
Move in Special appliances, air, fenced, bars. Call. 305-685-3565 site would be converted to save the stadium,
First month moves you in. 1709 NW 62 TERr. Call 786-953-3390 into a green waterfront which the city closed D
One bdrm, one bath. $395 Newly renovated rooms. Near
monthly, two bedrooms, One bus lines. Priviledges like 70park under the plan. down after it was dam-F
homely cenra airrandsheat. Spacious three bdrms, two pakudr&hgln.dw fe i a a
...,2185 NW 87 Street home, central air and heat. SpaciousthrThe detailed opera- aged by Hurricane Anbath. $495 m on tfly. Free 19 b a h n w y r n v t d
b. .. Contact Mr. Covington at One person $550 monthly, baths,tionaland development drew in 1992 and in- 148
inch LCD TV. Call Joel 786-285-7632 for available two people $650. fenced yard, central air, gated tiplan d slveotended to d for
786-355-7578 days. Must See. Fully 50 ar, hookplan would still have to tended to demolish for
day. us Se.Fuly305-318-8450 parking, washer hokups. S0
equipped. Utilities will be $1400 mthly plus deposit come back to the com- redevelopment. IC,.
14100 NW 6 Court included in rent. 2e 786-270-1707 mission for approval, Friends and leaders
14100 NW 6 ourt inclued in rentNo 1DepositWRequired.5 Terae140 762010--I red ofudrprvl esae h iyt
Huge one bdrm, one bath, CHURCH FOR RENT Noes Rui. $140 941 Opa Locka Blvd Friends co-founder persuaded the city to F E
with air, in quiet area, $650 moves you in. Aircable Two bedrooms, one bath, Co Jorge Hernandez told designate the stadium m,
monthly. 305-213-5013 Miami area, 5,000 sq. ft. utilities included. 786-5 monthly. No Sec. 8. the commission. Her- which engineering stud1450 NW 1 Avenue Free utilities. 786-813-1322. 1 Call 305-267-9449 the cerinedeins
14fic0enWy, 1nue Feut 7 $395. CAROL CITY AREA nandez stressed the ies determined remains
CAROL Conos/ow houses MI group will not seek city fundamentally, sound, e.
305icency on.ah.$9.211 NW 12 Street Three bdrms, two baths,' air, Cc1-*1,71-1
$400 a month, no deposit, Section 8 OK. $1250 mthly. funding or subsidies. as a protected historic
167 NE 59 St-Unit # 19213 NW 34 Court utilities included, 786-251-2744
one ath Three bedrooms, two baths, 786-454-5213c
Two bedrooms, one bath, central air ride by then call LIBERTY CITY, CT O MA
$950. Section 8 Welcome. 954-517-1282 Section 8 2169 NW 49 Street HOLLYWOOD and c CITY OF MIAMI
954-914-9166 okay. New room, free cable, air, WEST PALM BCH AREAS ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS
167 NE 59 St-Unit #5 19613 NW 29 Place $115 Weekly, call Three bdrms, two baths and
One bedroom, one 'bath, Three bedrooms, one bath, 786-234-5683 two bdrms and one bath. Sealed bids will be received by the.City of Miami City Clerk at her office located
$750. Section 8 Welcome, beautiful townhouse. Section 2900 NW 54 Street ready in July and August. at City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133 for the following:
954-914-91668 Only. 954-614-0280. Upstairs, one room, Only Section 8.
1718NW 2 Court West Kendall refrigerator and air. Call 954-786-488-7628 INVITATION FOR BID FOR VEHICLE
O305-642-7080 SW 133 Avenue Road 885-8583 or 305-318-6277 IFB 368343.
Horizons Condo. Large two 83 Street NW 18 AvenueSTRIPING bdrms, two baths, tiled, new Clean room. 305-754-7776
1744 NW I Court kitchen, patio, pool, security, MIAMI GARDENS AREA HouseJ CLOSING DATEITIME: 1:00 P.M. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2013
One bedroom, one bath. gated. $1000 mthly. S n
$450. Stove, refrigerator. 3 Side entry, airp se.3 1 5 .1861 NW 166 Street 2
305-642-7080 3 9 1 year"plu."30-5088819 For sale three bdrms one Detailed scope of work and specifications for this bid are available at the City
ul NORiH MIAMI bath, new kitchen granite of Miami, Purchasing Department, website at
c Nicely furnished room with ounters, 'new paint, new Telephone No. 305-416-1909.
MOVE IN SPECIAL! 1050 N.W. 112 St. private entrance. floors. Try only $2900 down T3
First month move you in! Government Employee 786-312-5781 and $455 mthly. P&I-new Daln _
Two bedrooms, one bath. Special. Two bedrooms, one P mtg, NDI Realtors Deadline for Receipt of Reauests for Additional Information/Clarification:
$550 monthly. Free 19 inch bath, central air, security 305-655-1700 Monday. July 29- 2013 at 5:00 P.M.
LCD TV. Call: Joel 786-355- bars, water included. Section..................... ................ .......... .........
7578 8 OKI 786-879-3312 .10360 SW 173rd Terrace yAd fncea flyn Clinic THIs BID soLIcITATIoN Is sUBJEC TOTE CN OF SIENE"I
186 NW 13 Street Two bdrms, one bath, bars $1495. Appliances, central Prolasslonal Sae&Cniela evcsNO.12271.,~ ,
'One bdrm,' one bath. $450. on window and doors, central air. :
StOve, refrigerator. air, ceiling fans, fenced 305-642-7080 Termination Up to 22 Weeks Johnny Martinez, P. E.,.
305-642-7080 yard, washer/dryer hookup,
Section 8 OK, $950. 305- \Individual Counseling Services AD NO. 004780 City Manager
190NW16 tret 389-4011 NW Sre '-Board Certified 08 GYN's___________________________________Studios $450 and one bdrm 11955 NE 12 Court Three bedrooms, two bathsleeYNSris
$500. Call 786-506-3067 Newly remodeled three $1050 mthly. 786-328-5878..'tiilt GNSrie bdrms, two baths. $1450 S TART7 $18 AN P.. I.'
1943 NW 2Court '' mthly. 786-800-8278 iI' iiH! I ............u I '
Onldm 50 w 813NW94Street 133Stan N 18 ve 6 1 39
Obdrm, $500. yqito Two bdrms, one bath. $850 Three edroos, twbaths"....... '< ', batdr bul$650. Very quiet, mthly. Free water for he 305-754-7776.........................................
gatedbuiling.Call786- first 90 days. All appliances ':>
50-367included. Free 19 inch LCD
One bedroom, one bath. Ready to move in. TWO 1450 N.E. 2ND AVENUE, ROOM 351
$450, 305-642-7080 bedrooms with new carpet, MA I LRD 33
one bath, near schools and MA I LRD 33
210 NW 17 Street .buses. Large kitchen with tile Solicitations are subject to School Board Policy 6325, Cone of Silence.
MVINSEIL floor, blinds on all windows, For more details please visit: httD:/Drocurement dadeschools, net E VEi

Section 8 Welcome! $750 WIl i TITLiilPF: 4ID i. Wii' V EMi~IIjiV E D
One 5 bdrm one ba rth $450. retmverse cycle. air. conditioning stove::. i::;.:i:: :::::,i ;:::::=;:::: i ::.:::, ___ ___.__ ___ ___ __.___ ___ ___ __One and two bedrooms. Call 323-5795 1 4 0 N 5 Pa e ut 1
2531 NW 79 Terrace Chiller Service ContractFL If1
2816 NW1 AVENUE One bedroom, one bath, A pre-bid conference has been scheduled for Thursday, [M iamih Lakes, F 3 1
'MOVE IN SPECIAL kitchen, dining, terrace, and 096-NN09 July 23, 2013 at 9:00 am., in the Training Room, located
First month moves you in. fenced. $800 monthly 9/1012013 a125N..8AvneMimFoda33.Alpr-(behindl Wendly's)
One bedroom, one, bath.$500 monthly. Free 19 inch 2541 York Street ticipating vendors are encouraged to attend. P :3 5 558-4440 Fa ;3 5 8 -9 7
LCD TV. CalI-Joel Two bdrms, one bath, $895. P :3 5 a :3 5 8 89 7
786-355-7578 Appliances, free water. Epoxy Flooring: Furnish and Install
305-642-7080 A pre-bid conference will be held on Wednesday July 23, awomanschoice1
2945 NW 46 Street 090-NN09 2013; at 1:00pmo, in the Maintenance Operations Training r
One bedroom, one bath, $600 271 NW 46 Street '816/2013 Room; located at 12525 NW 28th Avenue, Miami, Florida
bath, $750. Call Mr. Perez, appliances, free water and 317
786-412-9343 electricity, 305-642-7080., _____________________________________


Verdict: Zimmerman case stirred emotion in athletes
By Jeff Zillgitt Heat starLEBRON JAMES "The.mor Players also tweeted support
.ete ttae o* things changeethet tthey for Martin's family.
The first word out of Los photo with the words "#WeAreTrayvonMar- stay the same. #RipTrayvonMartin," Los An- Atlanta Falcons, receiver
Angeles Clippers forward Matt tin #Hoodies #Stereotyped #WeWantJus- geles Clippers guard JAMAL CRAWFORD Roddy White apologized after
Barnes' mouth: frustration. this tweet in the immediate
That was his immediate re- wrote in a tweet. aftermath of the verdict: "All
action to the not guilty verdict them jurors should go home
for George Zimmerman that tonight and kill themselves for
went down Saturday night in Former NFL linebacker SCOTT FUJITA on 7 "Not guilty!!! Wow!!!" new Clippers guard- letting a grown man get away
the shooting death of Florida Twitter: ""Who really failed here? Theprosecu- forward JARED DUDLEY said on Twitter. with killing a kid"
teen Trayvon Martin. { N Ti aBetween andeZimermanWhite followed: "I undertion? The jury? No. The laws in the state of FL BtenCsyAnthn and Zimmerman sadm we atnt a
"It just shows that youth failed. Be constructive in response. Focus on the state Casey Anthony stand my tweet last nite was
these days, no matter what' fatledsBet of Florida is looking rea extreme. I never meant for
your race, you hear day in, the people to do that. I was
day about people getting shocked and upset about the
gunned down, and now you "American justice system is a joke," Oklaho- "My Heart goes out to the Martin Family! verdict. I am sorry."
have to worry about this kind .~ ma City Thunder center KENDRICK PER- Keep the Faith! #God is in control, He's the Barnes spoke just before
of stuff," Barnes told USA and Minnesota getting on a plane in Boston
TODAY Sports in a phone KINS tweeted. one only Judge!," Vikings headed home to Los Angeles.
interview. "The streets aren't *.running back ADRIAN PETERSON tweeted. Even after hanging up, he still
always safe. Whether Zim- iaa had words spilling out.
merman got beat up or not, "Don't know where this situthe point is, he was supposed on the verdict. Miami Heat do I explain this to my young "Watched a lot of the case... Knicks guard J.R. Smith ation goes from here, but if to be in the car and let the guard Dwyane Wade tweeted, boys????" though manslaughter was posted a photo of himself there is another trial I'd love
police handle it. He didn't do "WowII Stunnedi! Saddened Wade was among members a definite Thinking about with his daughter and wrote, to team up with athletes who that and a 17-year-old kid is as a father!! Somel make of the Heat who gathered for everyone involved especially "Hearts an Prayers go out to have the same views as I do dead because of that." Barnes sense of this verdict for me a group of players wearing the Martin family," Golden T.Martin an his PARENTS! and help pay for the Martin was also among several pro right now please!! Don't worry hoodies in March of 2012, State Warriors guard Stephen Still wearing my HOOD n bout family to have the absolute athletes who went on Twit- I'll wait..." shortly after Martin was Curry tweeted. to take my baby to get an ice best representation possible,"
ter to express their thoughts He followed that with, How killed. On Instagram, New York tea n skittles!" Barnes said in a text message.

Roger Pollard becomes first

Black Gables football coach,,
By Akilah Laster .' ....-,, ""! :% J
Akilahlasterfgmailxcom A
Being the first at anything
can come with a lot of pressure. But not for Coral Gables
head football coach, Roger vw',
Pollard, who is. the first Black
coach in the program's history.. @! .
While Pollard, Who was the defensive coordinator for several
years, shies away from the race -Photo Credit: Miami Dolphins
platform, he is much more ac- Carol City Chiefs Representing Dolphins at National 7-on-7 Tournament.
cepting of being the first alumni and former player to have
garnered the position. "I look at
people As people, it's not really ? o
a race thing for me," said Pollard, class of 2000 alumnus.
"But with that I'm just hoping
that more minorities are able -Photos Credit: Akilah Laster
to see that if you do the things Coach Roger Pollard discussing workouts with assistant By Akilah Laster the end,' but it's a tough loss try now, and we are learning
that you're supposed to do, you to deal with. It doesn't feel too how to play together," Gray
can do anything. Regardless of coach. ..................................... good, but it's a good reminder said. "It's going to have good
lard said. Pollard, who worked The Carol City Chiefs football to-continue to work hard and impact on our season." This as a football graduate assistant team, who represented the Mi- not give up." Carol'City won six was the fifth consecutive year at Middle Tennessee State Uni- ami Dolphins in the NFL High hard fought games in a row, that a team representing the versity, has his own formula School Player Development before falling in the champion- Dolphins reached the champifor success, but said that he National 7-on-7 Tournament ship, beating teams on average onship game. Last year's rephopes this year's team builds at the Cleveland Browns facil- by more tlan 16 points. The resentatives, Booker T. Washon that foundation. [Going] ity, fell just short of a national Chiefs were led by quarter- ington, won the championship 3-7 this year will have us on championship title, losing a back Trayon Gray, who threw game. Miami Dolphins Youth a seat at home." Pollard said I close game 24-14 to the team 56 touchdown over the two Programs Director, Twan Rusthat getting the players to be representing the Detroit Lions. day span and wide receiver sell, said that despite the loss, enthusiastic was step one, but "The kids played the tourna- Theodore Hammonds who was Carol City represented South his hopes are to get them to meant with a lot of courage and not only on the receiving in for Florida. well. "I admire their think not only of themselves a lot of heart and represented many of those touchdown but scrappy grit and competive... I but believe in the possibilities South Florida and the Dol- also added defensively with ness," Russell said. "There was
for the entire program, which phins really well," Carol City six interceptions in the tor- never a sign of quit in them he dubbed "Cavalier Nation." Assistant Coach Andre Staf- nament. "This builds momen- and our organization cannot "Getting the kids to under- ford said. "They fought until tum because we have chemis- be more proud of them." stand that you are a part of
something that's bigger than
yourself is important," Pollard Sprinters test positive jolting track world
Gbeplyrsmewokusdevelopment of his players BMayilnSherone Simp- .. t age banned or not. The prize
championship team for de- that he believes will trans ........................ son of Jamaica, of international fame and the
which platform Pollard chooses cades. "Some of these things late to on-the-field success. Three of the top sprinters in part of the coun- ..",i riches that come with it have to stand or not stand, there is happened before my parents "Competition builds excel- trc adfelicldngtetr' lypc created a cat-and-mouse game
*no doubt about it that eyes are were born, but knowing that it lence," Pollard said. "I think tmracand fielda, nclun-h tory's dOlymic- ta hw n ino oig AmrcnTsnGy nSn odmdlwn tha Sosnoay sGy ofslowg
on him to revitalize the long has happened kind of gives you that's what we're trying to day revealed that they had ning relay team, O udy Gyakol
forgotten championship and the feeling that it can happen instill. It's not about football, tsepoivefrbnd sb- 1s teted ps- GA *edged that he was one of the
coveted program that Gables again," said Pollard, who played because 100 percent of us one tstnepsitivew foran en u- e as o r dOi g A elite athletes using a banned once was. Gables, a Class 8A at North Carolina State. Pol- day will harng our helmets up. for a sport that has had dozens to her agent. substance.
football school, has not domi- lard has had some quick suc- It's about being a successful of doping violations in recent The flurry of revelations was a "I don't have any lies," Gay miated as a program since the cess in his debut year despite man." While it may seem thatyerptiualdasiexmeofodThAscaedPssn sixties, wtchminhpina48ror.ista maethsaprahiapttito Gay, the best American the challenges athletics officials Sunday. "I don't have anything
1963, 1964, 1967, and 1968. to the, second round of playoffs losing Pollard said that there srne vrteps eaefc nsapn u oigt a omk hsse iei
While boasting legendary play-* before losing to Columbus who is no doubt in his mind that an omrwrdcp iofo h ol' igs tgs a itk.
ers like 2001 alumnus Frank would take the regional chain- Gables will be competitive. "I said Sunday that he had tested Doping in track and field has He added: "I will take whatevGore (San Francisco 49ers) pionship. It was the first time don't care if we're up 50 to zero positive. Asafa Powell of Jamai- been particularly vexing. er punishment I get like a man. and 2000 alumnus Johnathan Gables had made it to the play- or down zero to 50, you're goVilma (New Orleans Saints), offs since 2009. "They fought ing to know you played Coral ca, a former world-record hold- With 'races determined by I do realize and respect what I er in the 100 meters, said he, fractions of a second, runners put in my body, and it is my rethe program has not had a their butts off every week," Pol- Gables Senior High." too, had failed a drug test. And have long looked to any advan- sponsibility.",

a neighborhood crime-watch Some may recall last. March -some reacting harshly and believe that my son going to volunteer, of profiling Martin when members of the NBA angrily. Writing this article the store to buy candy is now
'as a criminal and following Champion Miami Heat took a I stood speechless for a long a risky proposition. President
him with a loaded gun, trig- photograph with them wear- time, shaking my head in ut- Obama said if he had a son he
*gering the fatal confrontation. ing hooded sweatshirts, their ter disbelief. I looked at my would look like Trayvon MarZimmerman maintained that heads bowed and their hands son who is nine-years-old and tin. Sadly, the way Trayvon ,,0' ,,he shot Martin in self-defense stuffed into their pockets in realized that sadly I must con- Martin looked is the reason he
after he was knocked to the a powerful salute to Martin. tinue to teach him the things is dead. The sports world has Athletes:" Sad day in America ground and Martin banged his The display of solidarity en- that I have been telling him echoed what most of us felt
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