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"Florida's favorite Colored weekly."
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"Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis."
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Editor: H.F. Sigismund Reeves, <Jan. 6, 1967-Dec. 27, 1968>.
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S16 P1
T.Ij3RnKy OF FL-0. I5y Or.
po BOX 117007 ,i,70'lflmora Mutatiur Et Nos Mutamur In lis

VOUME 90 NUMBER 46 MIAMI, JULY 10-16, 2013 50 cents

U.S. may speed up Afghan pullout

Zero troops after '14 is also an option
Local By Mark Mazzetti pean officials.
and Matthew Rosenberg Obama is committed to ending
America's military involvement in
doesn't let WASHINGTON Increasingly Afghanistan by the end of 2014,
frustrated by his dealings with and Obama administration offi- President Hamid Karzai, Presi- cials have been negotiating with
him dent Obama is giving serious Afghan officials about leaving a
consideration to speeding up the Please turn to PULLOUT 1OA
withdrawal, of U.S. forces from
Afghanistan and to a "zero op- President Obama listens as Afghan
tion" that would leave no Ameri- President Hamid Karzai speaks durcan troops there after next year, Ing a joint news conference in the
according to American and Euro- East Room of the White House.

top trustee Obama rewards funders with posts
weighs-in Campaign allies get nominated to diplomatic slots Nearly 30 percentaof
Ca pagnObama's first-term ma
on bond By Fredreka Schouten Seven of the new ap- nated to posts in Western sadors were political ap
pointees raised at least Europe, the United Nations, pointees in line with his guest WASHINGTON- A third of $500,000 for Obama's re- Asia and the Caribbean. predecessors. More ambasthe 24 ambassadors nomi+ election, and an eighth, Obama has named other sador announcements are
nated in June by President Rufus Gifford, ran the fun- close political allies to diplo- likely soon. Posts in EngObama played a fundtais- draising operation that col- matic positions This week, land and France trad ing role in is re-election lected more than $715 mil- he tapped Patrick Gaspard, tionally reserved for top continuing the long-stand- lion for his 2012 campaign. a former White House aide fundraisers still remain ing presidential tradition of Gifford was nominated to and executive director of the unfilled. rewarding financial backers serve as the United States' Democratic National Corn- "It seems to be an acceptwith plum diplomatic posts, top envoy to Denmark, Oth- mittee, to serve as ambas- able practice by both parties
Stars got a USA TODAY tally shows er fundraisers were nomi- sador to South Africa. Please turn to POSTS 1OA PATRICK GASPARD
to shine h
on The Did Jeantel help or hurt the prosecution?
Casting Why did s t-;)4, r Roderick Vereen, spoke shot by a Miami Gardens
ouch withshe have to t wit The Miami Times, and policeman. He says repretwo days? was highly critical of the senting Jeantel was a last
defense's 'character as- minute request that he felt
IC B .KvnM~f oa fHiindset sault against Rachel." compelled to accept.
krncneir@mianmittesonline.cotn who grew up speaking Cre- Vereen, a well-known "Someone from her
ole and Spanish, and ma Black lawyer in Miami- church reached out to me
Last Monday marked the the last person to speak Dade County, lost a bid and after speaking with
second week in the George to Martin before Zimmer- for state attorney last No- her, I realized that she
Zimmerman trial but many man shot and killed him vember Since then he's re- didn't understand the magare still talking about the in February 2012, may turned to basics, represent- nitude of what she was getCRIME SCENE ....... 6A star witness of week one have damaged the state's ing several Black men that ting involved in," he said.
Rachel Jeantel. Some case more than she helped. were shot by City of Miami "She was unaware of the
BLACK HISTORY .............................. BA wonder if the 19-year-old Her attorney, Miami native RACHEL JEAIIrNL Police officers and another Please turn to JEANTEL 10A
HEALTH & WELLNESS .................. 14B
CHURCH DIRECTORY ................... 18B
EDUCATIO N .................................. 4C
CLASSIFIED D................................... 11D
SPO RTS .......................................... 12D.

Morsi's misguided effort to replace military

Ousted leader cared less about democracy than solidifying power demonstrations that led to his most prominent Sunni Muslim
ouster. In that trial, Mubarak cleric; and Pope Tawadros II,
By DeWayne Wckham the campaign barred candi- November 2012, Morsi pulled got a life sentence that left head of Egypt's Coptic Chrisdates some of them front off another coup of sorts, this open the possibility of an ap ans.
What the events that led runners -- from the race, time against the basic idea peal, Morsi sought to uniidter- I suspect al-Sisi acted more
to the ouster of Mohammed Egypt's parliament, dominated of democratic government, ally block such a legal review, in defense of the military's
Morsi make clear is that he by religious fundamen- Confronted with a con- But when tens of thou- financial business interests.
cared less about the democra- talists who were elected stitutional crisis and sands of protesters took to the which extend to virtually eveiy
cy movement that hoisted him a year earlier in the street demonstrations, streets to challenge his decree, sector of Egypt's economy,
into Egypt's presidency than wake of the Arab Spring he issued a decree giv- Morsi rescinded much of it than the concerns of these
he did his misguided efforts to uprising that chased ing himself dictatorial --though not before lasting minority groups. The militmt.,'s
replace the country's military autocratic President powers and making his damage was done to the no- holdings are threatened by
dictatorship with a civilian Hosni Mubarak from decisions immune from tion that he was the guai dian the country"s instability. But
president who ruled by fiat. power, barred anyone judicial review, At the of Egypt s democracy move- in stripping Morsi of his ofFor more than half a centu- who worked for him WICKHAMJ time, an aide explained dent, As it turned out, he ice, al-Sisi -- at least for now
ry, Egypt was led by a succes- from seeking the coun- lamely that this power wasn t. has again made the armed
sion of presidents culled from try's presidency, grab was needed to get Moirsi 8 failure to share forces the r'biter of the politithe ranks of its omnipotent Once in office, Morsi pulled Egypt through its rocky tran- power with the sizable minori- MOHAMMED MORSI cal course Egypt will follow,
mltr.Tachnelat off a stunning coup of his sition from military to civilian ty that opposed his presidency Ousted Egpinpeiet And in the tinder box that
year when Morsi, an Islamic own. He forced into retirement rule. sealed his fate. Al-Sisi, a ca- steMdl at tbe
fundamentalist, won that na- the top leaders of Egypt s mili- With this unfettered au- reer soldier more loyal to the In the hours leading up to autocratic Egypt is much tion's first democratic elec- tary, replacing the country s thonity, Morsi suspended stability that Egypt s military the coup, al-Sisi met with more desirable there, and in tion for the presidency of that longtime defense minister with Egyptians' protection against has long provided the country a broad array of opposi- the political chambers of the North African nation. Qen, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the double jeopardy, In an effort than the rough and tumble of tion leaders, including Nobel United States, than the faux
To be sure, that contest was head of military intelligence, to get a harsher sentence, a fledgling democracy, saw the Peace Prize winner and former democracy that Morsi failed to an imperfect act of democracy. That choice would eventually he ordered that Mubarak mounting protests as his way United Nations diplomat command.
The election commission cre- lead to his undoing, be retried tom his part in the to ireassert the military s domi- Mohamed E1Baradei; Sheikh DeWayne Wi'ckhan writes on
ated by the military to oversee Three months later, in brutal attempt to suppress the nance over Egyptia politics, Added el-Tayeb, the country s Tuesdays for USA TODAY.

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e beat will go on at FAMU. But administra- CREDO (1P1kACK PRIM
I tors must ensure that the beatings do not. They a !tm !n ....i..... t
tos mut enure hat he batins donot.They H.E. SIGISMUND REEVES, Founder, 1923-190 The Slack Press bll ~ tht0~ can etla h
*GARTH C. REEVES, JR., Editor, 1972-182 world from racial and national sgnlarmwhen It acoide to P3
have finally implemented anti-hazing policies to eve ayp r regr I eor'I h
prevent the kind of tragic death that Robert Champion GARTH C. REEVES, SR,, Publisher Emeritus human and legal rights. Hating no parson, fearing no person,
Jr. met at the hands of band mates in the strutting, tiI r ar
Jr. et t th hads o bad mtes n te stuttng, RACHEL J. REEVES, Publisher and Chairman the Black Press strives to help ei~ry parson in the firm bellef'
gyrtig arcin 10.that all persons are hurt as long as anyone Is hold-back. O
gyrating Marching 100.......i

The famous band will be allowed to take the field ... ... nPosto
again in the near future. It was suspended almost two
years ago after some members beat, paddled and pummeled Champion, 26, so brutally while on a bus trip in
November 2011 that he died. I don't believe government log of many and perhaps all ed leaking the agency's secrets. know that permiss I
officials when they say the Na- of our domestic phone calls. By what authority does the surveillance was granted by one FAMU President James Ammons resigned. tional Security Agency's surveil- In a recent letter to the intelli- government collect data on our or more judges of the Federal
lance programs do not invade gence committee, Clapper said private communications? Sec- Intelligence Surveillance Court. our privacy. The record sug- he thought Wyden was asking tion 215 of the Patriot Act al- We don't know what argument It's stunning that it took Champion's death for the uni- gests that you shouldn't believe about the content of domes- lows the FBI to seek warrants the government made in seekversity's administrators to finally get serious about the them, either, tic communications which "requiring the production of ing permission to conduct this
dangerous tradition. Ten years earlier, trumpet player It pains me to sound like some the NSA says it does not col- any tangible things (including kind of vacuum-cleaner surveilMarcus Parker won a $1.8 million lawsuit against other Rand Paul acolyte. I promise lect *wittingly,* for what that's books, records, papers, docu- lance. I accept that the adminismembers of the Marching 100 after he was paddled so I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat tration officials, JusiceDepartmhdiedn or scanning the leaden sky for mexit lawyers, federal'judges,
severely that he suffered renal failure. But that didn't Black helicopters. I just wish s we've learned from former NS analyst Ed d FBI agents and NSA' Jnalysts
seem to get anyone's attention. our government would start Snowden, Clapper's answer was patently false. The involved in the phone call surtreating us like adults more cance and other programs
After Champion's death, Gov. Rick Scott had to step important, like participants in gny essentially, lg are acting in good faith. The
t democracy and stop lying. of many and perhaps all of our domestic phone calls. same is true of membersof the in to ensure that the remedial process was transparent We can handle the truth. House and Senate intelligence
and not carried out behind closed doors as a task force The starkest lie came in committees, who are supposed
misguidedly sought to do. March at a Senate intelligence worth rather than about the ments and other items) for an to be providing oversight. But
Hazing, at FAMU and many universities in Florida and committee hearing, when Sen. metadata. *Thus, my response investigation to protect against honorable intentions are not
across the country, is an initiation rite into a fraternity, Ron Wyden, D-Ore., asked Di- was clearly erroneous,* Clapper international terrorism or clan- enough especially when. we rector of National Intelligence wrote, *for which I apologize.' He destine intelligence activities." know that much of what these sorority, club or, like at FAMU, the band. Sometimes, James Clapper a simple ques- sounded like the cheating hus- Seizing records that pertain to honorable officials have told us
it involves a dare to do something silly or dangerous in tion: 'Does the NSA collect any band, caught in flagrante by his an investigation is not the same is false. The bigogat lie ofall? order to be considered worthy of inclusion. At FAMU, type of data at all on millions or wife. Clapper's defenders say thing as compiling a compre- That the Ameicanpeopl..don't however, initiates endured a sickening mashup of hit- hundreds of millions of Ameri- Wyden unfairly asked a ques- hensive log of billions of domes- even deserve to be told -what
cans?' Clapper replied, 'No, tion that he knew the director tic phone calls. How has the their laws mean, mu0wlessbow ting, beating, pummeling and paddling, all just to be sir.' could not answer. Also untrue law been stretched I mean, those laws are being used.
one of the guys. As we've learned from former is President Obama's assertion interpreted to accommodate Bugene Robinson-is a Pulitzer
NSA analyst Edward Snowden, that the NSA surveillance pro- the NSA's wish to compile a re- Pri....... lg. ,Vqpq cl For years, students, officials and otherwise proud Clapper's answer was patently grams are *transparent.' They cord of our contacts, associa- urdriit'andthe r l
almirmindmmad okdte te a.false. The agency collects meta- are, in fact, completely opaque dions and movements? The gov- mnanazg4 eck&i of The-VishWorse, hazing was tacitly encouraged by irresponsible data essentially, a detailed -or were, until Snowden start- emment refuses to tell us. We ington Post .
adults who should have known better.

Last week, President Larry Robinson announced that\ Ilk, he was lifting the suspension on the Marching 100. At ton u e
the same time, he announced policy changes that he says will prevent, or uncover, hazing violence: FAMU I shake my head in disap- haves vs. have-nots powder keg. about the Zimmerman case, I Then there are'w
has installed a compliance officer and a special anti- pointment and disgust that Personally, I do not bear witness nonetheless find that I am often think I will reject Zimmerman's
hazing assistant who reports to the president; people in the 21st century so many to anything I have not seen with asked about it because I am an assertions of innocence because
can anonymously report incidents on an anti-hazing people are still blinded by big- my own eyes. Likewise, I do not outspoken Black conservative. I share a cultural identity with
otry. vouch for anyone with whom I Some assume that I would be the victim, Trayvon Martin.
website; every student must sign an anti-hazing pledge; And nowhere is this bigotry have not experienced adversity, on the side of George Zimmer- This is code for the fact that
and, in order to be recognized by the university, every more apparent than in the feel- Along this same line of thinking, man simply because I am a con- Trayvon and I are both Black. student organization must be educated in anti-hazing ings and assertions about the I will not let the media deter- servative. For some odd reason, These people, the most likely
practices. There have been anti-hazing town halls and case of George Zimmerman, on to scream racism, are the ones
a panel of national hazing experts will meet on campus. trial for the death of Trayvon who apparently believe racial
Martin. T hat would seem to be a tragic shooting that occurred solidarity can trump the rule of
What would seem to be a I1 in Flolda early last year has morphed into a simmer- law.
Band members must be full-time students at FAMU. tragic shooting that occurred Ignorance would appear to
Before, band members also came from Florida State in Florida early last year has abound in all directions. I pry
University and Tallahassee Community College. Mem- morphed into a simmering that justice is true and that
source of racial tension that God's will be done whatever
bers must maintain a 2.5 grade-point average; the band gips our nation. mine how I respond to the Zim- these people think that my re- decision is rendered by .the jury
will be about one-fourth its previous size. At its largest, Zimmerman is Hispanic and merman case or related events. spect for the rule of law means in the Zimmerman case. the Marching 100 had about 400 members. Rehearsals Martin was Black. So? Those I do not want to make a snap that I must also automatically Stacy Swimp is a member of
will be closely supervised by music-department staff. who seek to exploit the situation judgment about the case as so side wih smeode 'who might tf ~ati adv ,i ic*
have now essentially turned many others have done. While eventually be judged to be an the' ftect 21 'Blaceters.hui
These changes will make for a leaner, more struc- the case into a white vs. Black, wanting to keep my own peace out-of-control vigilante." netwOrk.
tured band and higher-quality graduates from among
the Marching 100. However, the cultural shift from an
institution that tolerates hazing to one for which there
is zero tolerance will take time -two sororities were
suspended recently. Young men of colo: rAericasvila ?

Administrators must relentlessly make clear that haz- Too many people in America take place. We need to talk about most subtle of apparent threats. who havecom
ing incidents on or off campus are unacceptable and are burdened with a presumption this problem in the United States. When a police officer or a police acts, including vilentatsa difof guilt. Their race, their ethnic- The police in Miami have not department has such a relation- fcult job that merits outr deepest back it up with appropriate punishment, including ex- ity, their religion, their national- articulated any legitimate basis ship with a community, t:tag> pprecation, However, the compulsion. Champion was killed on a bus trip with band ity and sometimes their poverty for jumping on 14-year-old Tre- can go bad very quickly. The'i "plexit of their joh c not be a
mates. Other incid( nts took place at a staffer's home. is seen as an indicia of danger, maine McMillian, throwing him police will feel suspicious of ev- license to prey on people Who r
~a basis for distrust or suspicion to the ground, placing him in eryone even a 14year-old kid minorities r to victimize. 0ople
TheMarhin 10 i abutto esue is inetrai-that marks them as someone to choke hold, terrorizing him until with a white puppy onabeach -'. unfairly. Police .must contend The arcing100 s aoutto rsum it fin trdi-be feared, someone to be closely he urinated on himself. The as- and presume guilt for something with persons who have committion on the field. It should never return to the shameful monitored. sertion that he gave the officers because they feel threatened by ted criminal acts, includigviooff-field tradition of brutality. --Miami Herald If you're Black or brown, f "dehumanizing stares' or looked the way these people look, the lent criminal acts. Police officers
you're Muslim or Arab, if you're at them umenacingn is insupport- way they talk, the way they act, should not be trawling for ,0pLatino or foreign-born, you know able and even if he did what he's the way they move. portunities to arrest people who what I'm talking about, The accused of would not provide a No community, no person, no happen to question how a police WVHEN THE NEWS MATTERS TO YOU presumption of guilt generates proper basis to throw him the group, no religious minority, no officer is cting or who happen to
TURN TO YOUR NEWSPAPER suspicion, staring, distrustful ground and arrest him. Prose- racial minority wants to feel that glance at a police offcerin a way
glances when you're in a store, in cuing him for a felony makes a the police are their adversaries, that the officer assumes to be :an airport or in a neighborhood bad situation worse and is a mis- The police deserve respect. But "dehuanizng.
:'. that's not your own. Many Blacks guided effort to legitimate, inde- they are not people to whom any- The police department'e behav~have been coping with this bur- fensible and discriminatory mis- one of any race or creed has to ior in the McMillian case urnd ~den for generations. Our parents conduct by the officers involved, kowtow like a supplicant. They mines the integrity of our criminal taught us not to do certain things Not immediately dismissing these are r ptivi~ged elite wvho, if justice system and contributes to that were perfectly appropriate charges deepens the injuries that provdked even 'intthe slightest the con,, t, ed 4 trust of law for our non-minority friends but this child, his family and commu- way, have the ifight to lash out enforcement ,th at t'ilrady too were not safe for us. nity must suffer, violently without justification. :prevalent. in flimy communitieS.
Being presumed guilty is frus- The known facts surround- The police, are pu~,lic servants We all suffer when police are letrating, burdensome and ex- ing the Tremaine McMillian case charged with protecting public 'tiately' tqft as villains wvh9 hausting. In the criminal justice suggest that the police officers in- safety, a very difficult job. We hrass and terrorize innocen t system it can also be dangerous volved are people who feel threat- need them to reduce tensions in people with impunity, especially
and life threatening. When po- ened, who feel on the defensive, communities and resolve con- young men of c!or,
... ......lice, prosecutors or judges pre- who feel at-risk and vulnerable, flicts between people. We rely on Bryan 'Stevensn is the execuSJJ4e trwIamI e.imfe% sume someone's guilt, lives are and who arc looking to respond them to manage dangerous situ- tive director, of the eqal Justice
o n. P Iy h,,)n Dgo,d e,0,d o, n, 1923 destroyed and horrifc injustices disproportionately even to the ations and contend w ith people Initiative.




Race relations and the U.S. Supreme Court
V In its latest affirmative action neutral alternatives do not suf- Protection Clause perpetuate considers race a oneo
NO ruling, Fisher v. University of fice." racial supremacy." ous factors in its undergraduTexas. at Austin, the Supreme In other words, universities But that is precisely what has ate admissions process. Race is Court, ruled the same way it are free to consider race only taken place. Right-wing groups not itself assigned a numerical had in its Bakk6 decision in after seeking solutions that do have used the Equal Protection value for each applicant..." 1978 and a pair of University, not involve race. Clause of the 14th Amendment, Justice Blackmun observed
of Michigan affirmative action In his concurring opinion in which was specifically passed how differently race is treated rulings in 2003 one uphold- Bakke, Justice Harry Black- to protect former slaves from in college admissions. ing the law school admissions "It is somewhat ironic to have
14 program (Grutter v. Bollinger) us so deeply disturbed over a.
and one striking down the un n order to get beyond racism, we must first take account program where race is an eledergraduate admissions pro- U of race. There is no other way And in order to treat some meant of consciousness, and yet
cess (Gratz v. Bollinger). In Uto be aware of the fact, as we
". each case, the court declared arepersons equally we must treat them differently, that institutions of higher
*omplpinthat state universities have a learning, albeit more on the uncompelling interest that could dergraduate than the graduate
justify the consideration of race mun noted the absurdity of that mistreatment, to assert that level, have given conceded prefin college admissions because approach. whites are victims of the major erences up to a point to those
7 of the benefits that flow to all "I suspect that it would be im- victims of racism. possessed of athletic skills, to
.......... students from having a diverse possible to arrange an affirma- In its "Brief of Opposition," the children of alumni, to the
student body. tive action program in a racially the university said: "The un- affluent who may bestow their
However, all of the court's de- neutral way and have it suc- disputed evidence demonstrat- largess on the institutions, and cision on affirmative action in cessful. To ask that this be so ed that Fisher would not have to those having connections higher education were consis- is to demand the impossible," been offered fall admission in with celebrities, the famous, tent with Justice Anthony Ken- he wrote in words that ring true 2008 even if she had scored a and the powerful," he said. nedy's opinion in Fisher, when today. "In order to get beyond perfect '6' on her PAl the por- George E. Curry, former editorhe wrote for the 7-1 majority: racism, we must first take ac- tion of the admissions process in-chief of Emerge magazine, is . Strict scrutiny imposes count of race. There is no other where race is considered as 'a editor-in-chief of the National on the university the ultimate way. And in order to treat some factor of a factor of a factor." Newspaper Publishers Associaburden of demonstrating before persons equally, we must treat As Justice Kennedy noted tion News Service (NNPA.) He is turning to racial classifications, them differently. We cannot in his majority opinion, "The a keynote speaker, moderator, that available, workable race- we dare not let the Equal University of Texas at Austin and media coach.

MWc NG Court right on voting, affirmative action

Last week liberal Blacks and What I did find troubling that a minority could be more court said was, it's L St
Whites went crazy after the Su- about this case brought by qualified than she for admis- century, so we think you might .. preme Court issued its ruling White high school student, Abi- sion to the school. In written need to change the fabric used
on affirmative action and the gail Fisher, was her assertion submissions to the court, the in your suits. You can still voting rights cases. Well, I hap- of "white privilege.' She is from school stated that even without have whatever suit you want,
pen to agree with the court in Sugar Land, Texas, one of the the issue of affirmative action, you simply need to update the both decisions. Now, before you wealthiest communities in the Fisher did not meet th school's material you are using to one 02 6fAM A or- start calling me a "sell-out, Un- state. She sued the University standards for admission. She is that is more appropriate to the
# MCM 'XP.R T cle Tom," or Republican," turn times. Again, I find this very
off your emotions and listen to reasonable.
reason. In the Black community, the mere mention of revisiting any So, to civil rights icons like
In the Black community, the civil rights program automatically elicits cries of "Jim Crow, John Lewis and Julian Bond,
mere mention of revisiting any 16" is Jn ck t" c-h-i-l-l o-u-t If you listen to
ii! ... 'i, .... vl "htsro m atomtiacis, or 0"turnig bac the clock. ...
civil rights program automati- them and the liberal media, you
cally elicits cries of "Jim Crow,', would have thought the Su"racism,' or "turning back the preme Court put Blacks back
clock." Despite protestations to of Texas at Austin after she was "white privilege" personified. in chains. the contrary, in a 7-1 decision, denied admission to the school Civil rights leaders totally We must approach these deci:H WTNA the Supreme Court actually up- in 2008. According to her, "it lost their minds over the Vot- sions strategically, not emotion1 held the use of affirmative ac- was because she was white and ing Rights Act case, though ally. In a weird kind of way, I
t tion. They simply stated that that she was being treated dif- the court upheld the status am very optimistic that RepubFM institutions must prove that ferently than some less-quali- quo. The court simply said that licans will step up and play a
they have exhausted all other fled minority students who were Congress needed to redo the constructive role in facilitating remedies before they resort accepted.' formula that determines which a thoughtful discussion of these
to using race in their admis- Of course, she has no way of states should remain under the two important court. decisions. sion decisions. In light of the knowing that since the admis- supervision of the Department Raynard Jackson is president progress we have made in this sions process is confidential. of Justice. & CEO of Raynard Jackson &
country on the issue of race, I But, she just assumes that Let me explain it this way. In Associates, LLC., a Washington, find the court's decision very because she is white and from the 1960s and 70s, polyester D.C. -based public relatibns/govreasonable. Sugar Land, there is no way suits were in vogue. What the eminent affairs firm.

I Ira

The Supreme Court shows its true colors
Last week, the Supreme State University, received far stead, like the notorious 1896 self with Thurgos .
Court's conservative faction less media attention than the Supreme Court decision in and the Civil Rights MoveR 0 UNP revealed 'more clearly than other'cases. 'Plessy v. Ferguson, they hide menit, some 60 years later to
.ever before its true colors. But, like them, it under- their intent to shore .up white characterize the 8-to-i major.. .. It' showed that in the politi- scores the fact that, albeit the privilege behind sham notions ity opinion as one in which
7 'i t:w! cal war over America's future progress forged in protecting of "color-blindness.' "the curves of callousness and
/7' t.L it supports those who want individuals' rights, discrimi- It's worth remembering that stupidity intersect at their re77,MU.I WUJl' to return to the exclusionary spective maxima.'
"" "."' policies and practices of the 'Professor Black's words fit
N~~.past. I Ihe conservatives' opinions of last week have as much to both the radical views of the
Tat hi isgudinpincpl ~ do with establishing "fairness" as the court's infamous Citi- court's current conservative
: '}.E.of Chief Justice John Roberts Izens United decision of 2010 had to do with "free speech" overt breaches of profession";'/"7"i and Associate Justices Anto. /'' '77'7 7 /! nin SaaClarence Thomas mut-ilo-olral decorum of three of them.
and Samuel Alito is. no sur- From Thomas' refusal to ask
prise. But their contempt for questions during cases' oral
~using the law to right injustice nation especially against in the Plessy. era, a rhetorical arguments, to Scalia's racist
S .and expand the fraxlchise of people of color, White women, allegiance to color-blindness and homophobic comments
democracy has never before and gays and lesbians re- was central to racists' asser- on and off the bench, to Alito's
,' been so nakedly displayed mains a constant in large and tion that the doctrine of "sep- misogynistic behavior toward
The conservative justices' small ways. rate but equal' was a fair Justices Ruth Bader Gins, __ -" posture was apparent not'just The conservatives' opinions ordering of American society. burg, Sonia Sotomayor and...
: W -[1 411WI I1 in the decisions narrowing af- of last week have as much to Such a notion effectively Elena Kagan, they've shown
COWi -11 T firmative action and eviscer- do with establishing "fairness' the law of the land for the next that, in fact, they have little
IF---"ating the key "pre-clearance' as the court's, infamous Citi- six decades was not only respect for tradition and pro4 4 provision of the Voting Rights zens United decision of 2010 profoundly undemocratic but, priety.
"L .Actof 1965.It showed itselfhad to dowith "free speech" foroperationally speaking, non- Lee A. Daniels isa longtime
-as well in the court's deci- multi-billion-dollar corpora- sensical. That the Plessy court journalist based in New York
~sion properly striking down tions. On the contrary, it was accepted it provoked Charles City. His latest book is Last
.... the federal Defense of Mar- merely the smokescreen for L. Black, Jr., the white legal Chance: The Political Threat to
..... ........riage Act and in upholding freeing the conservative elite scholar who had allied him- Black America.
1 i a lower court's ruling invali- to spend billions of dollars to
dating California's anti-gay defeat President Obama in the M|44 I[j ii
araePooiin8 n 02peieta lcin h Ma i Tie ecmsadencourages letters on its editorial commentaries,
... i '' finallyl, these justices' callous Similarly, an oily pretense as well as all other material in the newspaper. Such feedback makes for healthy
conservatism was at the heart saturates the conservatives' dialogue among our readership and the community. Letters must, however, b i !150 words or less, brief and to the point, and may be edited for grammar, style
i !of the court's limiting workers' positions in the Vance, Vot- and clarity. All letters must be signed and must include the name, address and
Protections against harass- ing Rights, and affirmative ac- telephone number of the writer forpurposes of confirming authorship. Send let .ment in the workplace. That tion cases. They have nothing ters to: Letters to the Editor, The Miami iTes, 900 N.W. 54th Street, Miami, FL
..latter decision, Vance v. Ball to do with racial fairness, In- 33127, or fox them to 305-757-5770; Email:


North Miami 7i

cops win big at

Police Olympics 0

North Miami Police Officers won several gold medals in
the 2013 Florida Law Enforcemenrt Games (Police Olym- e P
pics) held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last month.
Members of the North Miami Police Department won
medals in the following games:
Gold medals: 10K run, 5K run, 4x400 relay, sprint
medley relay, triathlon, 9.11 miles run, and Toughest 0? Cop Alive. Silver medals: Toughest Cop Alive, 3,000 meters run, 1,600 meters run and 800 meters run. Bronze
medal: 400 meters run

North Miami Police Chief Marc Elias, Jr.(I-r), Sergeant
Angel Rivera, Major Robert Bage, Detective Sergeant Angelo Brinson, Officer Jonathon Aledda, Detective Raymond
Maycock and Assistant Chief Larry Juriga.

Fourth of July brings celebrations coast-to-coast

nations 23 birt with foods and crafts you bring to
your new country," U.S. Sen.
Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., told
fireworks, barbecues and other summer activities as thethem.
Statue of Liberty reopens Theortsmou ceremony
was one of more than 100
By Larry Copeland Ala., canceled the city's anu- Wearing a Statue-of-Liberty such naturalization ceremoal Fourth of July parade, and crown and all smiles, Rick nies around the country this
Americans celebrated Inde- the city's fireworks show was Perkins, 45, of Little Rock was welcoming more thannat800
pendence Day last Thursday postponed until September. one of the first off the ferry is welcoming more than 7,800
with the reopening of Lady Lib- Rain also forced rescheduling at Liberty Island last Thurs- new citizens, according to the
erty,.one of the U.S.'s premier of some fireworks shows in At- day morning. Perkins, said Department of Homeland Semusic festivals, swearing-in lanta. he, his wife and two children curity.
ceremonies for brand-new citi- The Peachtree Road Race, a had been planning to come At the Nathan's Famous
zens and a hot-dog eating con- 10-K run that bills itself as the to New York City for at least Fourth of July International
test. largest road race in the coun- eight months and were only Hot Dog. Eating Contest in
The day's events also includ- try, went ahead as planned. dimly aware that the Statue of New York, Joey "Jaws" Chested a somber fireworks tribute About 60,000 runners corn- Liberty had been closed all of nut, 29, of San Jose, Calif.,
to 19 firefighters who died this peted in the event in Atlanta. that time. Having the reopen- slammed down 69, hot dogs to
week while fighting a wildfire The race sponsor, The Atlanta ing coincide with their vaca- top his personal best of 68 and
near Yarnell, Ariz. Journal-Constitution, report- tion turned out to be perfect set a record while winning the
In the nation's capital, mem- ed it was the first time the timing. or event for a seventh straight
bers of the military and their race had been run in the rain "One of the first things time.
families were welcomed to since 1994. we wanted to do is go to the -Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images
the, South Lawn of the White In New York, the Statue of Statue of Liberty," Perkins House as President Obama Liberty, which had been closed said alongside his family, all Independence Day fireworks
continued a tradition of hon- for repairs since Superstorm wearing the green felt crowns. are seen over the U.S. Capitol
oring the nation's armed forc- Sandy slammed the 12-acre "This is something we've al- and Washington Monument in
es on the Fourth of July. island where it stands, re- ways wanted to see." the nation's capital.
In a holiday radio address, opened in a ceremony attend- In New Orleans,, thousands Obdam said the men and ed by New York City Mayor Mi- gathered on the banks of the women of the military have chael Bloomberg and federal Mississippi River for the openplayed "a vital role in the story officials. People waited in lines ing day of the three-day. Es- As a FREE Community Service Program by North Shore Medical Center, of our nation" and the history several blocks long for a boat sence Festival, which has *we are pleased to offer the following informative event:
of the globe? from Battery Park in Manhat- become a bucket-list event,
"People in scattered cor- tan to Liberty Island. for many since its inception'
ners of the world are living in The opening came with plen- in 1995. This year's roster of peace today, free to write their ty of patriotic fanfare, includ- nearly 50 acts includes Doug own futures, because of you," ing a small marching band E. Fresh, Beyonce, Jill Scott, Obama said. "We are grate- clad in Revolutionary War-era Maxwell, New Edition, LL Cool ful for your service and your uniforms, members of Con- J and Brandy. sacrifice, especially those still gress and Interior Secretary In Portsmouth, N.H., offiserving in harm's way and Sally Jewell. cials from the U.S. Citizenship
your families here at home." Bloomberg said the Statue and Immigration Services adSoggy weather put a damper of Liberty was "at the heart ministered the Oath of Alleon celebrations in other parts of what America is really all glance to 125 people from 57 of the country. Fireworks dis- about." countries at Strawbery Banke
plays and parades were re- "Thank God we have people Museum.
scheduled or canceled in parts like the French," he added in a "You come from diverse culof the Southeast. nod to the statue's history as a tures, and this will enrich our
'Groups in Montgomery, gift from France in the 1880s. cultural lives with the music,

Palm Beach teachers score 10 percent
By Scott Travis let go in 2012, she said. uation has also been a source of
And teacher discipline issues, contention since not all teachThere were no bad teachers in such as reprimands or suspen- ers have students who take the the Palm Beach County School sions, are not in the evaluations test. For example, students in District last year, at least ac- but can be used to fire teachers, kindergarten and second grade F RD A E I
cording to their evaluations. Of the 11,039 teachers rated don't take the test. Electives FOOT C:ARE ORT4E D A E I
Although more than a third in 2011-12, 27 percent were such as art, music and physiof the district's students aren't judged "highly effective," while cal education aren't measured reading on grade level, no 73 percent received "effective" on th FCAT, making it difficult When you have diabetes, your feet need extra care teacher in 2011-12 received a, scores. Other ratings include to measure a teacher's impact. and attention. Diabetes can damage the nerve
less than an "effective" rating. "developing," which, can ,be In those cases, the district endings, and blood vessels in your feet, making you
In comparison, 3 percent of given to struggling teachers in has used schoolwide perfor- less likely to notice when your feet are injured. 'teachers statewide got subpar their first thre9 years; "needs mance, but the union has arratings. The evaluations are improvement," which can gued it's unfair to hold teachers Diabetes can also interfere with your body's ability to the first in a system created to be given to more established accountable for students who fight infection. If you develop a minor foot injury, it determine which teachers get teachers; and "unsatisfactory," idre not their own. The district could become an ulcer or develop into a serious merit pay, which starts in 2014. which can be given to any poor- and union are still trying to de- infection. With good foot care, you can-.prevent most The district said it delib- performing teacher. velop a fair system 'when FCAT
erately rated all teachers as Two major components go scores might not be applicable. of these problems.
meeting standards because of into the evaluations: classroom The Broward Teachers Union. complaints of inconsistency be- observations and Florida Coin- 'has also complained about eval- Join Dr. Davis for a FREE lecture as she discusses foot tween administrators. No deci- prehensive Assessment Test nations. More than 99 percent care and the steps you can take to help keep your sion has been made yet as to scores. *of those teachers all but 120 fethaty-MZ ARA AIDM B
whether it will happen again in But both aspects have been received good evaluations. fe elh.IAEMRA AI,9M B
the 20 12-13 evaluations, dis- controversial. Teachers union But the 'BTU is also argu- Medical Director, Wound Care Center
trict spokesman Jason Shock- and district officials agree that ing that the observations were ley said. training on how to do the obser- inconsistent ,and that manyTh rd y Juy 5t
Debra Wilhelm, president of vations was insufficient the first teachers were being held acthe Palm Beach County Teach- year and resulted in inconsis- countable for student perfor- 6 :0 0 p. m. 7: 00 p. m.
ers Association, acknowledges tencies and unreliable results. mance in subjects they don't N or th S ho re Med ical Center Au ditor iu m
it's not helpful to the public or Geoff McKee, principal at teach. (Oftemilob ar)
the teaching profession to give Boca Raton High School, heard The union filed a formal griev-(Oftemilobara everyone good evaluations, stories where entire schools ance in December, but the issue : ,= :i :' .i- ' 'i "' '
"But it's not helpfull either to received "innovative," the top hasn't been resolved, said Gary pes
have an evaluation that's not score in the classroom observa- Itzkowitz, a field staff represen- To registerpes call
fair. And if it's not fair for one, tion tool developed by education tative for the union. then it's not fair for anyone," researcher Robert Marzano. "We're not opposed to having ,
she said. "I don't think that's an accu- teachers rated on what they deStill, the evaluations do not rate application of the instru- serve," he said. "But that's not provide job security, Wilhelm ment, if you're just checking off the case here. We are opposed 'said. Teachers in their first things and putting them in a to having teachers rated inac- I NO0R T H S HORE ..
three years do not have to be re- computer," he said. curately or inappropriately, too I Medical Center
hired, and more than 100 were The FCAT portion of the eval- high or too low."


Elected officials' finances now a few clicks away
advantage of their positions tion to take a few days to apDisclosure forms to receive taxpayer-funded pear because of the amount
jobs and blocks lawmakers of reports coming-in at one
add transparency from lobbying state agencies time and the need for staff to
for two years after they leave redact information, such as
i Flrd-CNoffice. Social Security numbers from
Dan Krassner, executive di- income forms.
By imTurerrector of the public-advocacy The disclosure forms are
Group Integrity Florida, said due within five days of July
Eletedoffcias, udgs ad last Tuesday the online ac- 1, and a good amount of the
certain state employees have cess gives the public a greater paperwork remains outstandstarted to send in their annu- chance to "hold government ing.
al inacia diclsur foms ffcials accountable for po- As of last Tuesday afterthat for the first time are be- tential conflicts between their noon, more than 8,000 forms
ing posted on the Florida SEN. JOHN THR IASHER SEN. ANITERE FLORES JENNIFER CARROLL priateiaciinterst and had ye to44 arrive cdng
Commission on Ethics web- pbi eiin. 0 fte144eetdcn
site. erty in St. Augustine, Orlan- nifer Carroll, who was paid ed online by the commission, And the information should stitutional officers, Stillman
Without having to request do, Orange Park, Green Cove $145,517 last year before which has been given a little become better. Krassner said said. the documents, anyone can Springs and .Sky Valley, Geor departing in March, reported more teeth to make all 38,000 that an electronic filing sys- For those who missed the see that state Attorney Gen-, gia. her net worth dropped from people who are required to file temn that must still be created five-day deadline there is still
eral Pamn Bondi's net 'worth Or that state Sen. Anitere $554,421 in 2011 to $476,504 to do so., will improve disclosure accu- plenty of time.
now t4Tnds at $780,O 1871, up Flores (R-Miami) who is often for 2012. Previously, the public had to racy in future years. The commission can't begin
from $472,696 in 2010 when rumored to be on the short A majority of the individual request the information from The law was signed May 1 issuing fines, $25 a day, up she was a candidate for state list of lieutenant governor reports still have not been the state agency, specifically by Gov. Rick Scott and the to $1,500, until September 1. office. .possibilities, has a net worth posted. asking for* each individual's commission quickly scram- Krassner said the LegislaOr that state Sen. John of $198,000. Flores, who has Most will become available records and then wait for the bled to prepare the website ture in 2013 should consider Thrasher (R-St. Augustine) is three property mortgages in the next few days, said paperwork. for the paperwork drop. "firming up the July 1 disworth $6.35 million. Thrash- worth a combined $672,000, Commission on Ethics Opera- The change was part of the "Now it's a matter of trying closure deadline by having
er, who is chairman of the is an attorney and president tions Director Kerrie Stillman. Legislature's ethics overhaul, to keep up," Stillman said. late filing fees begin on forms powerful Rules Committee, is of Doral College. This. is the first year the dis- SB 2, this year that also bars Visitors to the site should postmarked on or after July
an attorney who owns prop- Or that former Lt. Gov. Jen- closure forms are being post- elected officials from taking expect most of the informa- 2."

Parental involvement key to our children's education

BDr. Dorothy I &> ducation, speak at these events, giving. tibn, trict 2 to be well informed. It
..Bndrss~lindingaII I agree with this seniment them the opportunity to ex- Futeroe I encourage is very important to stay enSchool Board nemnber, Ml-DCPS b ecause I believe that there press themselves to their as- parents to become a mem- gaged in the matters within
'~~needs to be a stronger pres- signed district School Board ber of the 'Educational Excel- each school district. Parents Int the June 19th 'editorial ence of parents in regards to member. Even though each lence School Advisory Coun- can start by building relationtof The Miami Times entitled, educational issues. Part ftedsrc ersnaiecnb i ESC.Ti rga ships with their child's teach'Parents need to join the District's responsibility is to4 reached via phone, letter, or e- focuses on bringing together ers, guidance counselors, asPTA, instead of listening to keep the community involved mail, these events openly dis- the community and involving sistant principals, principals
the grapevine," your editorial K on school-focused decisions., cuss the educational concerns everyone on decisions which and regional directors. Setboard spoke on the increas- "~'\~\ Parental involvement can not of the public. Also, becoming a affect school 'instruction and ting appointments with these
ing need for more parental in- .' only give us' a perspective' member of the Parent Teacher the delivery of programs. It individuals will keep parents
volvement in the educational from the community's point Association [PTA] strength- allows parents to sit on the updated on the school's proglives, of children. Such non- of view, but can also help us ens parental influence. These school committee in represen- ress on future activities. Our
involvement may lead to comn- reach better solutions to con- members gather on a monthly tation of the broader school students deserve high quality
mation and passing it along their voices are heard and health, and social issues rel- tees provide reconunenda- the relationship between
to others. It supported its swf decisions are made, evant to each child's school, dions to school staff, which schools and parents that this
viewpoint by mentioning the and Holm es Elementary, say- There 'are many ways to stay.This allows parents' to share in turn.provides those rec-.happens. Even though I am strong parental response to ing that it provides evidence involved. One includes atten- 'their intake on current the board a great advocate for "the' com.the false rumor regarding .the that the community needs to ing the m 'onthly-held Schoo ters at hand and network'xwith' members, who later vote on 'munity, I am an even greater closing of two public schoolss' get 'miore involved on issues Board meetings& All prents teachers and other parents on the proposed 'changes. advocate' with the parents'. 'Charles R. Drew Elementary pertaining to their children's have the ability to sign-up t the same interest of educa- I want 'the parents of Dis- participation of District 2.

Guns come with responsibfiities,
By Gabrielle Giffords .You've heard me say often that checks continue to be popular
92 percent of Amenicans support with significant majorities, even July 4 gets the parades and the this simple, fair solution: back- in states with high percentages of celebrations, as it should. But ground checks for all potential gun owners and across all party I'm going to start my celebration gun buyers. But it has been a affiliations.
of American independence early. while since our Senate failed to For example, in New Hampshire, Days before we celebrate our Dec- pass the measure when it first 93 percent of Democrats, 79 perlaration of Independence and the voted 'on the legislation. Some cent of Republicans, 82 percent of values that make our nation great, might think we've moved on, or gun owners and 60 percent of NRA I am taking this week to pay trib- wonder whether we've become households support background ute to the Second Amendment cynical. checks. The data show that gun
both the rights it bestows and the Neither. From Nevada to New owners can support gun safety, responsibilities it requires. Hampshire and everywhere in .and Americans without guns can Some might consider me an un- between, expanded background support gun owners.
likely advocate for gun rights because I sustained terrible injuries
in a violent shooting. But I'm a WETHANK (LI)FOR,
patriot, and I believe the right to UT
our merian hritae. 'n E IAMIT.ME
bear arms is a definitive part of
For centuries, that right has Without The Miami Times the black voice and concerns come with the responsibility to use..
our uns afey an enure hat would not be heard. It is pass time for us to appreciate what
our amiles, ur cmmuntiesand we have left in Miami. F~or the past 15 to20 years black flight \'
our children are protected. Gener- from Miami has left a void in the aspiring professionals'needations of gun owners have taught ed to sustain and move forward in a diverse multi cultural city their sons and daughters that it lieMaM
takesas muh patence ndskll k Cimig.pi im ehdasneo nt norQmu
to b a oodsho as t des o b a nty.50 ear agoin verown we ad ur wn heates es-"0,


Wife ldlls husband, cops say
of and her husband ran into the High court overturns death 'penalty for Broward man
Accused stabbing him over text knife. Shortly after, she admit- The Florida Supreme Court last Wednesday overturned a death penalty sentence for
mes ted stabbing him once, accord- a Sunrise man convicted in a 2005 crack cocaine-fueled triple murder spree.
r essag es ing to the police report. Ralston "Jay" Davis was found guilty in 2009 of the killing of Myosha Proby, a
B Erika Pesantes ing last Friday, she was ordered Her husband was taken to 28-year-old mother of two, who he shot with 20 bullets from an AR-15 rifle. He later
held without bond. Broward Health Medical Cen- faayshtwotrnestanabyExntti.
A Plantation woman stabbed Tyra and Michael Holmes ter, where he was pronounced fatally shot two strangers at a nearby Exxon station.
her husband to death after married in Fort Lauderdale in dead. He received life sentences for the second and third killings, but the jury opted to
waking him at night and con- August 2011, records show. After the stabbing, Tyra give him the death penalty for Proby's death. Davis' attorneys used an insanity plea
fronting him about text mes- The couple's argument un- Holmes asked her sister to take and Davis took the witness stand during his trial to say he had been driven by the Holy
sages she thought proved that folded in their apartment in the her son, because she was afraid Spirit, a sixth sense and voices. He said when Proby, who he had known for less than a
he cheated on her, police say. 200 block of Northwest 135th of losing custody of him again, month, called him on his cellphone, he believed she needed to be eliminated.
The text messages showed Avenue, police said. the report said. "I believed that was God talking to me," Davis said.
on Michael Holmes' cellphone Michael Holmes was sleep- Court records show Tyra The court agreed 8-0 to uphold Davis' murder conviction, but split 6-2 on vacating
near midnight last Wednesday ing when his wife, next to him Holmes had a pending court the death penalty.
while he and Tyra Holmes were in bed, noticed the messages case involving her three chil- The two justices who disagreed with the decision to overturn the death penalty arin bed. She grew enraged, sus- showing on his cellphone, the dren and had been accused of gued that they believed Proby's murder was "cold, calculated, and premeditated," and
pecting the messages were from police report said. Tyra Holmes ''"'I neglecting them last August. therefore, jurors acted appropriately in giving Davis the death penalty.
other women, police said. tried to call one of the phone ran upstairs, but she followed In that prior case, Tyra The case will now return to the trial court for re-sentencing.
As the pair fought, Tyra numbers from the text messag- him with the knife concealed Holmes allegedly left a 3-yearHolmes stabbed her spouse in es, but was unable to contact behind her leg, police said. old and a pair of 2 1,/2-monththe chest, a Plantation police anyone, the report said. Investigators said Tyra old infants alone at home while Arrest made in fatal shooting in West Park
arrest report said. He told her, She shook Michael Holmes to Holmes told them she could not she went to the Seminole Hard A drug dispute is the motive behind a shooting death in West Park, according to the
"You stabbed me," the report wake him. Upon waking up, he control herself as she threat- Rock Hotel & Casino, according Broward Sheriff's Office.
said. The couple said their "I became angry and pinned Tyra ened to hurt her husband. She to a Coral Springs police report. Dallas Seymour, 51, of Hollywood, is charged with second degree murder for the
love you's," and he later died at Holmes against a wall, the re- said Michael Holmes tried to 'She was gone for at least '1 death of Darryl Keith Hardnett, 52, investigators.said.
a hospital. port said. She broke away and embrace her as she got to the 1/2 'hours before police were It happened around midnight on May 26 on the 1700 block of Southwest 57th Avenue
Police arrested Tyra Holmes, ran to the kitchen, where she top of the stairs and raised the contacted, and she told inves- where Hardnett was sitting on the front porch of a home where he was staying.
26, last Thursday on the charge grabbed a knife as her husband knife next to her ear, police tigators that she had left her The homeowner, who often rents out rooms in his house, told detectives he heard
of 'first-degree murder in her chased her. said. children in the care of a friend, the shot and ran outside, where he found Hardnett.
35-year-old spouse's death, re- When Michael Holmes noticed Initially, Tyra Holmes told de- But, police said, that friend was Detectives said Seymour approached Hardnett and the two got into an argument
cords show. At her court hear- his wife had a knife in hand, he tectives that she blacked out non-existent. over crack cocaine when Seymour pulled out a gun and shot Hardnett in the head.
Hardnett later died at Mem6rial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.
Dallas was'being held without bond at theBroward County dail last Wednesday

M an forced woman into prostitUti because his bond hearing was delayed a day.
Broward Judge John "'Jay" Hurley wanted to speak with Seymour's attorney by
y EriaP nt"....i for himself, the reportsaid, with a john., phone but Seymour could not remember the number. He asked the judge if he could
& Mellhar Lenor In sex trafficking cases, per- At some point, while Lewis retrieve it from his confiscated cellphone.
petrators zero in on vulnerable slumbered, the homeless w6m- The judge'agreed and reset the bond hearing for the Fourth of July.
While he slept, a. woman es- victims and offer to take care of an was able to break away and
caped from the man who was $!' their needs financial and ba- call police. Three suspects charged in Pembroke Park carjacking
forcing her to engage in prosti- i sic ones, such as food and lodg- Unlike Lewis' alleged victim, A 18-year-old man and two juvenile co-defendants were accused if cracking a
tuition in hotels in Dania Beach ing, said Sheriffs Sgt. Giuseppe some may not be able to leave
and.Hollywood, authorities Weller. their perpetrators, Giuseppe woman at gunpoint in Pembroke Park and then using her car in an armed robbery in
said. "These pimps, this is how said. Miami-Dade County, authorities said.
The sex-trafficking victim was they pull them in. ... That's how "That's how the victims be- Benjamin Harrison of Opa-locka, lastTuesday was ordered held without bond in Brohomeless in Tampa and, about it all starts,' he said. come victims, and are incapa- ward Countyjail. He was charged with carjacking with a firearm in the May 24 incident
a week ago, met Jesse Lewi 8, According to the Sheriffs Of- ble of leaving the pimp. .... He About 2 a.m. that day, Harrison and two co-defendants ages 16 and 17, approached
27, who" offered her a place to fice report: tells them; 'You're mine, you Martina Louis outside her home in the 3700 block of Southwest 52nd Avenue and
live, officials said. While in Tampa on June 21, will be mine forever. And if you forced her give up her car keys, according to a Broward Sheriff's Office report.
Lewis, who had his first- Lewis drove the woman to a do anything I don't like you will A .357 Magnum revolver was pointed at her face as Louis threw her belongings and
.appearance court hearing last Hampton Inn and advertised be choked or beat even more se- keys to the ground and the trio took Louis; white 2003 Toyota Matrix, theSheriff OfFriday, is accused of traffick- her and another prostitute as merely,' he said. fice said. Harrison allegedly served as a lookout and supplied the firearm used in the
ing the homeless woman arid JESSE LEWIS escorts in an online ad. When According to the report, Lew- carjacking, the report said.
pimping her using online ads charged with human traffick- no customers showed interest, is talked to detectives and de- On.June 4, Miami-Dade police officers located Louis' car andfound Harrison's two
on He also al-, ing, procuring for prostitution drove the women down nied any physical abuse. He juvenile accomplices as well as another minor and 18-year-old Roobins Delphin in the
.1egedy choked and slapped the a li off te ea gs to, Hollywood, where he rented told them that he tends to find .Th ae
woman intosubmission, offi- a prostitute. Since m ofing a room at a La Quinta hotel in girls who are promiscuous, but ca ia-Daiey euonthecmrix, the a med robbery
cials si..... ..... the woman.Lewis was able to the 2600 block of North 26th doesn'tgetinvolvedin howthey in'Miami-DadeCountywhile usingtheToyota Matrix, the reportsaid.
Accordi g to a B'd Sher- prAostitue her appoximately Avenue. make money, the report said. Delphin and the other juvenile were not tied I'to the armedcarjackinginPeinbroke
iff's" Office report, Lewis o 10 ties on dates' that drew Most of the "dates" took place During Lewis' couitt hearing, ,Park, the report said.' .
forced the woman to look him between $80 to $150 each, the there, but 'the alleged victim, his girlfriend, Valentina Loin the eye'and call him" ddy" Sheriff's Offic said. was moved to the Sheraton Fort pez, defended him. "He's a lovduring the ordeal. Lewis allegedlywaited outside Lauderdale Airport Hotel in ing person. He's not that type Fourth m an arrested in G a.
Lewis,' of Dania Beac, was the hotel room door during the the '1800 block of Griffin Rqad, of person," she said after the arrested last Thursday and "dates" and kept all the money where she had one encounter hearing. jy
.......: ..... ... : .....dats nd~ep al fh oeyjew elry store arm ed robbery

VILLA RICA, Ga. (AP) Au- town Atlanta.
uenlrw i authorities say a fourth man has Officials have said the men
Suspect in death charged murder been arrested in a fatal shooting used hammers to break through
By Ihasvani Rodriguez Reading from an arrest report a decade. and armed robbery a glass display case
Friday, Broward Court Judge After pinpointing Delorme's at a jewelry store in and 45-year-old store
Nearly 10 years after a Hallan- John "Jay" Hurley said Toney and whereabouts in Haiti, the agents western Georgia. owner, Mitch Mobley,
dale Beach man was gunned down Delorme got into physical alterca- teamed up with the Drug En- U.S. Marshals was killed in the inin tion and Toney "ultimately got the forcement Administration and spokesman Gavin
his killing is finally answering to u- pper hand." extradited Delorme on federal Duffy says 21-year- Police have already
a murder charge, authorities say. Delorme left the scene but al- drug charges ih December 2012, old Cranford Phelps *. arrested 20-yearEdwin Delorme, 34, appeared l ,egedly returned to shoot Toney Golden said. was arrested Tues- old Gregory Clifton,
in a brief bond court hearing last multiple times in front of witness- pleaded guilty to co- day morning in 23-year-old RaFriday after authorities found him es, according to the report. caine distribution charges in April southeast Atlanta. '. phael Rucker and a
last year hiding out in Halti. Shortly after the shooting, Hal- and was sentenced to 60 months Phelps is accused of CRANFORD PHELPS 16-year-old boy on
Authorities suspect that Delo-ilandale Beach Police asked the in a federal prison in Georgia, re- being involved in a charges of murder
rme fled the U.S. after shooting public to help them track down cords show. That same month, robbery and shooting and armed robbery.
and killing Glen Dale Toney, 22, Delorme. local officials formally charged June 26 at a store in Villa Rica It's unclear if the men have atoutside a Hallandale Beach du- Last year, agents with the U.S. Delorme with murder. about 35 miles west of down- torneys.-.
plex,in 2003 following a fist fight. Marshals Service learned DeToney was killed Nov. 30, 2003, EDWIN DELORME lorme was in Haiti, said agency
after playing video games at a cor- fiancee and -baby daughter, but spokesman Barry Golden. He ner market in Hallandale Beach was back in town visiting rela- said Delorrhe's family remained 'Toney had moved from South tives, according to previous re- uncooperative during the man-a Florida to Cocoa Beach with his ports, hunt that stretched nearly 5~i


July is Smart irrigation Month, so it's a perfect time to know how much water your

landscape actually needs before you set your sprinkler. *

Too much water can be damaging to grass and is often the underlying cause of ,o' o s4 3 2

lawn failure. Learn to transform your yard into a model of water efficiency ., I1),FO R, 1 2-M ONTH SuO"cRIMTI N
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Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian
demonstrators gather outside the'
presidential palace in Cairo during
a protest calling for the ouster of
President Mohamed Morsi on June 30.

oEgypt coup did of thin air

Elliott Abrams, National Review: which themilitary movedto repress Middle East, and there are close ties "The removal of an elected president by the Muslim Brotherhood in the imme- between the U.S. military and the the army is a coup Itwas not, how- date aftermath ofWednesday's events Egyptian armed forces. In recent ever, something that came out of thin suggests a high degree of premedita- days, the Obama administration has ,N
air. It was the product of misconduct tion and coordination. Consumed by distanced itself from Morsi..On Mon- '

on the part of President Mohammed their euphoria, the anti-Morsi move- day, President Obama said that the Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. ment has failed to see the dangerous U.S. commitment to Egypt 'has never He and the Brotherhood knew full well path that lies ahead. . Among the been around any particular individthat they had lost the support of most lessonsof the firsttransitional period ual or party' an unbjectiknable Egyptians and that Morsi had been was that people power, while poten- statement in the abstract but likely
elected in a 51-48 vote, not a land- tially the ultimate arbiter of the rev- to be seen in Egypt as a signal that -- slide. Instead of seeing that as reason olution, is also mercurial. When the the United States wouldn't protest too "- W
to rule by compromise and collabo- dust settles on a mass protest move- vehemently if Morsi were overthrown. VY /1
ration, they saw it as reason to rush ment, it is the political entities whose We hope that wasn't the president's ,. toward seizing more and more power. democratic credentials are very much intention." v
Many opponents of the regime in doubt that are poised to determine Amy Davidson, The New Yorker: / / R
including liberals, moderates, Chris- the shape of the Egyptian state." "The question isn't only what sort of I tian Copts and democrats believed Los Angeles Times, editorial: "For leader Egyptians want now but wheththat another year of Brotherhood rule the U.S., the convulsions in Egypt er they want voters or the military to be e pt.
would have done too much damage to posed a perplexing dilemma. This the ones with the 'roadmap.' The mili- Someexc.lusion' aply4 Th -oTls h4 lbletophlo purchae ...r
or commercial orders ,~tTnld l~ tax and shippig. '
Egypt. It is fair to second-guess them country sees itself as a champion of tary keeps talking about the will of the Thef0%discountcannot bo use6 gothercouponoroffer
Mt Ian y,, ITe =opoI ff

in our private conversations, but we democracy, and as recently as April, people, and the crowds are giving it afshould be modest in substituting our the U.S. ambassador to Egypt pub- firmation. But was installing a military judgment for theirs." licly said that 'military intervention junta the reason why people danced
Abdullah Al-Arian, Al-Jazeera: "The is not the answer' to Egypt's politi- and cried in Tahrir Square two years alarming speed and efficiency with cal crisis. But Egypt is an ally in the ago?"A



Mary Jane McLeod Bethune (July Cookman School. Its quality 10, 1875 May 18, 1955) was an far surpassed the standards .A American educator and civil rights of education for Black stuleader best known for starting a dents, and rivaled those of school for Black students in Day- schools for white students. tona Beach, Florida, that eventually Bethune worked tirelessly to became Bethune-Cookman University ensure funding for the school, and for being an advisor to President and used it as a showcase 'i~
Franklin D. Roosevelt. for tourists and donors, to ,
Born in Mayesville, South Carolina exhibit what educated Blacks she was the fifteenth child to parents could do. She was president of Black people with the Roosevelt tional Historic Site, and a sculpture who had been slaves. Having to work of the college from 1923 to 1942 and administration while spreading Roo- of her is located in Lincoln Park inA in fields at age five, she took an early~ 1946 to 1947, one of the few women sevelt's message to Blacks, who had Washington, D.C. D.C. in Logan Circle interest in her own education. With in the world who served as a college been traditionally Republican vot- is preserved by the National Park Serthe help of benefactors, Bethune at- president at that time. ers. Upon her death columnist Louis vice as a National Historic Site and a "x
missionary in Africa. When that did clubs, and her leadership in them hope as if they were pills and she Park in Washington, D.C. not materialize, she started a school allowed her to become nationally some sort of doctor." Her home in Mary McCloud Bethune words ~
for Black girls in Daytona Beach. prominent. She worked for the elec- Daytona Beach is a National Historic to live by: "Faith is the first factor in From six students it grew and merged tion of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, Landmark, her house in Washington, a life devoted to service. Without it, with an institute for Black boys and and became a member of Roosevelt's D.C. in Logan Circle is preserved by nothing is possible. With it, nothing is eventually became the Bethune- Black Cabinet, sharing the concerns the National Park Service as a Na- impossible."

a g a A a"A'~'\ ,'. A. ~ "'d


S U IIlk



INTRODUCING. TH AL-E 201 CHEVROLET.I.PAL Sophsticted nd oulfl wih a oden ede: Tis i th visRNObhin John Legnd's latst album Love inthe Futr, a elah



Can FMU's president restore confidence, stabili t?
challenges. Yes,we worked
Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis shares her vision hard to recruit and retain our

as her official start date approaches nursing faculty, but it was
just too little, too late."
By D. Kevin McNeir the themes that has been con- As readers may recall, sistent, whether that's been tis was one of the three finalfrom faculty, staff or alumni, ists in November 2010 when
As her July 15th start date has been that there is- great FMU was last looking for a
quickly approaches, Dr. Ros- potential at FMU and that president. Artist says she relyn Clark Artis, the recently- they want to see it realized, moved her name as a candiappointed president for Flori- We have excellent program- date before the final decision
da Memorial University [FMU], ming and a committed group was made by the FMU board
says she's already been doing of employees who all seem to of trustees.
her homework all in at- believe in this University. My "I was supposed to come to
tempt to reduce the learning role is to provide direction -Photo courtesy FMU campus for my final interview
curve when she officially sets and to prioritize our goals so The members of Florida Memorial University's board of trustees welcome their new president, but when I was made aware up shop and assumes the that we can reach our fullest Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis, who officially takes over on Monday, July 15th. Board Chairman Charles of the problems facing our
helm at South Florida's only potential." George (second, left) and his team are all smiles as Artis (third, left) participates in the ceremonial nursing program, I contacted
Historically Black College and signing of her contract. the chair and withdrew, my
University [HBCU]. Artis took CAN FMU REGAIN THE name," she said. '"Some may
a few moments to speak with PUBLIC'S CONFIDENCE? stability from the top down. stantial debt." to new locations. One would question my decision, but I
The Miami Times earlier this Like Howard University, In terms of finances, many of Artis was candid about her assume that things were go- wanted to remain at Mounweek, while meeting with the ,whose trustees recently an- our students are fully depen- previous employer, Moun- ing well as we started 2010. tain State and do whatever executive team at FMU, about nounced that the historic col- dent on financial aid which is tain State University, and the Then we found out that there I could to turn the situation the challenges she faces and lege faces the double-edged the case for a lot of students problems it faced first los- was a problem with our un- around." how she plans to bring much- sword of dwindling finances that attend HBCUs. We must ing its accreditation and then dergraduate nursing pro- "Now that I'm here, I want needed stability to the Univer- and a lack of leadership, FMU do a better job in terms of edu- undergoing financial chal- gram. We had a sufficient people to know that this is sity. has had its recent problems. casting our students about ex- lenges. number of adjunct profes- not about supporting my vi"I'm hoping to makenper- Artis believes that FMU can ternal scholarship opportuni- "Mountain State came sors but we did not meet the sion it's about supportsonal contact with as many adequately weather the storm. ties so they are not forced to though its most comprehen- mandate for the required ing the students, faculty and people as possible this Week "We have changed leader- borrow the entire amount of sive accreditation process in number of faculty with doc- staff that represent Florida and have gotten quite a bit of ship a number of times in the money they need in order to the fall of 2009," she said. "At toral degrees. I was appoint- Memorial University," she documentation that will bring past few years so the first step pay for their education. We re- that point we were granted ed as the University's chief said. "It doesn't matter who's me up to speed in terms of is stabilize that situation," alize that they may have to get a full 10-year accreditation, academic officer in January at the helm this University FMU's history and recent turn she said. "That's where we are federal aid but we don't want added master's and doctoral 2010 and my first day on deserves the public's supof events," she said. "One of today beginning to bring them graduating with sub- programs and branching out the job I learned about these port."

Major findraisers for Pres. Obama get highly-prized ambassadorships

POSTS apartment posts during the Americans from all walks of Only three openly-gay am- Fund. Sixteen years after the Horcontinued from 1A Obama administration after life." bassadors have previously President Bill Clinton was mel fight in the Senate, Hagel
the agency's inspector general, In one departure from his served, according to data main- the first president to nomi- serves as U.S. Defense secreto auction off em assies,- issued reports criticizing their predecessors, Obama has in- tained by the Gay and Lesbian nate an openly-gay ambas- tary. This week, he presided said Ronald Neumann, a for- professional conduct, Neu- creased the number of openly Victory Fund and its non-prof- sador, picking California phi- over the Pentagon's gay pride mer U.S. ambassador to Af- mann noted. gay men picked for diplomatic it institute. The groups work lanthropist James Hormel celebration and announced
ghanistan, who is president "We recognize that there posts nominating five. All to increase the number of gay, in 1997 for the post in Lux- plans to make military benof the American Academy of are highly-qualified politi- were named in June. lesbian and transgender indi- embourg. The move caused efits available to same-sex
Diplomacy. During Obama's cal appointees," he said, but Three Gifford, HBO ex- viduals in government, public uproar. Then-senator spouses "as soon as possifirst term, Neumann's group the critical internal reviews ecutive Jim Costos and James "The community, is quite Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., spoke ble" in light of the Supreme unsuccessfully urged the should show Obama "that at "Wally" Brewster participat- pleased with the president out against an "openly, ag- Court's ruling Wednesday White House to limit political least some of people you were ed in campaign fundraising. and what he's done for LGBT gressively gay" man repre- that struck down part of a law appointees to 10 percent of appointing weren't well quali- Obama named Costos to serve rights while he's been in of- senting U.S. interests abroad. that denied federal benefits to ambassadorships. fled." as ambassador to Spain; Brew- fice, and that's reflected in After Republicans blocked legally married gays and lesFour political appointees, White House spokesman ster, an executive with a brand support for him and support the nomination, Clinton gave bians. including three ambassadors, Eric Schultz said the adminis- strategy firm in Chicago, was for him financially," said De- Hormel, an heir to the Hormel "It all speaks to how fast the have resigned from State De- tration seeks "the most quali- picked for the Dominican Re- nis Dison, a spokesman for Foods fortune, a recess ap- winds have changed on LGBT fled candidates who represent public. the Gay and Lesbian Victo pointment. issues," Dison said.
o .... ...........

Vereen: West attacked Rachel Jeantel

JEANTEL cause the judge allowed it. As
continued from 1A to the outcome of this trial, I
don't see it as a molotov cockdynamics of the courtroom and tail waiting to explode. The
I was brought in to watch over entire county has had the opher." portunity to view the trial from
Vereen says that when he got the start. Due to the length of
to Sanford last Monday, the the trial, emotions are not as
day that Jeantel was sched- high as they once were. Things
uled to appear on the stand, he seem really quiet in Saford
sensed some hesitancy from and other than members of
the prosecution in his working Trayvon's family and a few mewith the young woman. dia, there haven't been many
"I didn't want to touch or al- Blacks inside or outside of
ter their strategy or even try to the courtroom. In fact, not a
coach her before she testified, lot of people seem to be talkbut I knew that given her back- ing about the case in Sanford.
ground and .upbringing, that People have to understand that
she was going to give them raw in the U.S., one is presumed
testimony. Her relationship innocent until proven guilty.
with defense attorney West Attorneys employ strategies
was already a negative one. He that .are well-calculated and I
had been quite hostile to her think the public is seeing that
when she gave her deposition. play out in the trial. I've been
He basically ridiculed her and frustrated by some of things
turned a one-hour witness RODERICK D. VEREEN I've Seen but believe that in
into a two-day witness." the end, well accept whatever
srosy"he said. verdict the jury renders. As for
WAS JEANTEL TREATED seius iltly, rtntoheJeantel, one has to remember
LIKE A PAWN BY DEFENSE? stand before the case's conclu-tatsewsntariedw,
Vereen says that West's use sion? ness and that she risked a lot
of a knock-knoCk joke told "I believe she's done testify- to come out of her shell and during opening statements ing but the defense has kept testify. She really did not want was "shocking." her under subpoena and oath bt ge cas wing t spoiht"I've never seen anything like that's to keep her from talk.-bushwawilntodwathat and have to wonder if the ing to the media. Nothing can ever was necessary to help her. defense even takes this case be done to change that be- friend, Trayvon. '

U.S. considers early Afghan departure

PULLOUT ficials with knowledge of it. ment, the officials said.
continued from 1A Karzai, according to those The option of leaving no
sources, accused the U.S. of troops in Afghanistan after small "residual force" behind. trying to negotiate a separate 2014 was gaining momenBut his relationship with Kar- peace with both the Taliban tum before the June 27 video. zai has been slowly unravel- and their backers in Paki- conference, according to the ing, and reached a new low stan, leaving Afghanistan's officials. But since then, the after an effort last month by fragile government exposed idea of a complete military the U.S. to begin peace talks to its enemies. exit similar to the American
with the Taliban in Qatar. Karzai had made simi- military pullout from Iraq
Karzai promptly repudiated lar accusations in the past. has gone from being considthe talks and ended negotia- But those comments were ered the worst-case scenario
tions with the U.S. over the delivered to Afghans not and a useful negotiating long-term security deal that to Obama, who responded tool with Karzai to an alis needed to keep American by pointing out the Ameni- ternative under serious conforces in Afghanistan after can lives that have been lost sideration in Washington and a.A
20 14. propping up Karzai's govern- Kabul.
A videoconference between
Obaina and Karzai designed

to defuse the tensions end- i' Im~YY~Y~A~ITW i~I*l]k ~I~~S
ed badly, according to both ________________________American and Afghan of-


1 N

0!,_-M Tm FIi D/,


By/ Doreen. Hemlock Feeding South Florida and other local groups district nationwide. dropped to 5.7 percent this May, down from 7.4
concede. The report found that South Florida's four percent a year earlier.
South Florida's economy is improving, but not "We have more and more people stopping by, counties Broward, Palm Beach, ,Miami-Dade Indeed, Florida as a whole continues to face fast enough to stem hunger and food insecurity' for help," said Terrence Smalley, an executive and Monroe need $445 -million per year to some of Ither country's most acute problems with in the. region, a new study shows. with The Pantry of Broward, a food bank that provide 154 million meals for residents who now food insecurity. The state is fifth-worst among
A total 17 percent of South Florida residents helps seniors on low, fixed incomes and grand- lack proper nutrition. the 50 states in food security. One in four chilor 949,9 10 people go hungry or lack compo- parents raising their grandchildren. The non- Just 71 percent of those "food insecure" resi- dren in Florida lack proper nutrition, compared nents to make nutritious meals. Children are profit launched five years ago to serve "the for- dents now qualify based on their income for food with one in five children nationwide, the reamong the hardest hit. More than 24 percent gotten generation" and now feeds more than 900 stamps and other federal nutrition programs, search found. of children'in the area, or 296,600, lack proper people every month, handing out about 24,000 while 29 percent do not qualify and rely solely on To help meet the need, Feeding South Florida, nutrition, according to the updated study by pounds of food monthly. food banks, nonprofits and other local groups for the local affiliate of Feeding America, last year
nonprofit f~od-bank Feeding America. Feeding America conducted its annual study help, the study found. handed out about 30 million pounds of food. But
Worse yet, programs that aim to help the with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and The Palm Beach County has the highest portion the nonprofit would like to distribute at least area's hungry remain short of cash, food and Nielsen Company to quantify food insecurity of food-insecure individuals who do not qualify 50 million pounds yearly to serve more people, othei resources to Aill the need,; executives from and related, costs by county and congressional for food stamps and other federal nutrition according to Paco Velez, chief executive of the programs: 39 percent. Broward has the highest Pembroke Park-based group. percentage of children lacking nut 'rition who do "It's really about engaging the community
D e r h o w tz te p in o Snot qualify for the federal programs: 39 percent, individuals, companies, everyone- ad raisD e s oi z t p n o S the report said. ing awareness that there are nearly one.million.
The 2013 tally shows little change in South people in our area struggling to put food on the F L s eio r c d e cs Florida from last year, when 938,2 11 residents* table. We can help feed them and help lift them
were considered food insecure. That's despite from poverty," said Velez. "With increased help
F L e n i r a r a d e c s e .economic growth and more jobs in the area. The from the community, we can put a dent in these
Miam la fi m g ts hlp n sit ounemployment rate for Broward, for example, numbers."
Miami,~~~~~~~ la imgt epi utt

overturn state law'
Mr ralhtb: col be 'p*"k)layed in a machine,,

-cates 'ancl senor'a.aes rge ht i'th~e amendedd sweeptoj reoe rgi ingpr Sstakes( statte allows *only nationapparlye s' over, and those ally advertised sweepstakes wa to. kee those low-staes cutting into the freedom of all local E 1
gaie aebogti high- businesses,:, not just Internet castakes lawyer.,: fegirt0.0ffer, prizs for-purchases.

7r/ That, theyRsayC Violatesthe FirstNT 0LFNOUTHFHLOITD
c o en lock ofe Amendme Feit.n o lawmakers said both were an i se- tcao drp thMr

sococd e Last spring a federal and state gal expansion of gambling. seatngh ostem hner ad probe intoan Internet ca i corn- TrThe Kuger Kaplan firm conA otal th l hat was masquerading as a acted Dershowitz immediately afof ae ba iternet m hari relin57 indictments te the state passed the law, and nwulybeothrimerfd whoe. five children nationwide, the refeso ted the hrreibaoion of Lt. Gov. sifted through potential clients to ofchildrenth carea, opr2 ac pnnifer Carholla who had previ- represent. utrwt backer tontheued 'sy by poudsno foo mThey had previously worked
a l Ioop Ian in A eompa y ed Veterans. with ershowitz on other constioate- resor'esyto InU thenee e e ws urred the Florida tutional cases, and together they a percntag of children lackingre to nquicloy outlaw the read through the law. Dershowitz,commu
nothqaliyfora hed, prrprs rougo : 1,000 cafes pi-the state 74, has been a Harvard law pro-r
"ep1 I Yor.V fessor-since he,was28, hasrp ;
D e rs h o w~~~4itz, a s, ii te p senin to, show litecagrnSuh pepeieuprasrggigt u odo h

f8 oingoghout Saeuth resented Jim Bakker, Mike Tysonoemli
F.onda from lastb year, when 93821 present table Weee c and authored such books as "The
cF sen o arcades case eooc g amido joff in things arake CaseT fFor Moral cClarity: Israel,
wcos bed food insecure. That's det cards. Arcade'aowners Hamae and Gaza."icade ousting "games ofcac"an rtsed 'that they should "not be "le'Sjhe maxi, said 'Justin Ka-" lose*
Mrsiain leawon frmoets lup in suit toer rateafforbuBrowardo ffor texampleas numbers.'

a mlayedbag mah"
IJ gg$0Dr ,Utz alog i th~e i-swihc~s he !!
byo4r14 n nilWbmof. Klgr Kapt.lan, tr h ifeec mut o ; '":
te ..~p s n ,'arae argue thatB ter aendied dswp-lasvnso oeta 4mlini
tor~e'f~r mng-ao stakes statute losol 30penatn-s hvn telweae
appartly first ver evad thatos e ~a gared swepsakes ce- Welbao loare opy .. wchang in 2eptse low-s,.. tae h cuttng into the freofalln lhoal m oat bnsst i- ]
ganie hgvte 'a bogn pa0 high- businesesotjt f trc e t elba-iethttckwhi.Bt adr stiesayrd.e~ fesC'miy; -( to loffer ispries. fo pr hases.rRchr Kpa, hs
ran eh~wtzthauhor/TVdi~ Tat they picur, viaes drthed irst e up aL $352000HoWusiTZ.! < '" .,iti .. I, ,.
eomiltat/Hcngashl i ofe-ame: ndmcnty, siOaanPrk elamars audbotere anse-dII .. ..
faser~~g~fs.mteanter n"et caf pb.winto ah nthe cany. omb- cethe cogemplan firm ch on-t... "i'.... ... = .. "
ch eierin, te cndltualieve ~ that onceSasuerdrng as actated Dershowit...... immediately.. af-z;
ofziale a ning cinte rtnce. charly repantdrning, intmnt ter then statero pas fied tlaan
a~i&4q~~t~e, heirowndisosa padthces areignironmof tll gov. sife though pen citents ito
:- ba>ker. cosdrd ouny and~ aee consutan fofr- Tey haud pesreiousKalyn workd. htitrsigptwl o id hnyucnet dp
ac lofhledat ay~oit W jhee cip y elie d Ven uteratns. Wt Maershoeit ons ote consi-g
l abrti sbiiIrnt iiof j ,,a Tl.he nws pvuredth loida tuto a sge s, an dnt ogether theyr
......rahr hn lyiga l~ l.segisate euicly outlawvetheheread pthrough the-Dlaw.AnierSeowiczs Ma ........ ln forprze ouhl 1i',00cfsi theater 74,k habeen a havrd law prow .ea dc~eI b~ pppi4cntacseern e s sincenhr was 8,h a s rchoe
m de' uii troghu SutlesntdtiyBkkrnMkeTyo
fo ',t i~ "f4I iidaseat offeredblowt~ae SuBen and auhre he oksas "The
c ie.. d d",' b;gtH pai ofi n thng liked a Fort Morallarity: Isrel,-IllC
restrictin the famot o ners in terd- W ith ternet caf48es, butpano fle thear suvit ast Feridy

ciB ro w ard to chreadnBgroun ty cit ehaso b rce ak egr~~:,< ,Vi ="=" I :I ,3P!!:5EEYI

4:c~g tht hseW'eaa 432 pert rte areednes- aaorit the differc counts f U, \4'/' L 4 4. 4A GVAI L
cor i dispfohr abu 'a'6tn'' o-'bu0 percent Bea.Ec.aemreta hr fSiuhest angche Lowderdrate...
-oefirst time they'veduc had that of, l& thn ttagaba.9 anyta cd- Wy-he-eaebralok Pagr tayd
Tciti~.:e.ophas ipssies had been partoy 6- meiio n g tha For Welar- isbr hat tch .Bu udr

The Miami Times

Fai th anmlIy


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Yot vo t lv I

huch fetue 54 SOS -i
of I tr wh wlli protect disus sew th o r chlrn
"Lmoe + is.' pat ient.' thir son and ++ da g tr f or and--: the le rbo ti i n t
S ,_. .,5i S
Thi wa on of mn puiy prpitl fro relt 5. .0 5
0.5l~l,"- 0 I'Pt II tII -'- SO 'B' I >........ +-. lm -I 1-.i"
l.5n hlt the T, ae1. so we h o a ddress

memral ceroLocal filmmaker al commt Three faith leaders awarded

t doesn't let g e honorary doctorate degrees

sto whid aMayor Myra Tayl a g
Mali Jamono wonreeh

sMiami Tmes staffreport Embassy of Praise, Rev. Erik
-y a-l ashso nCummings of New Life Bap12_n"Growth and development ist Church and Bishop Linell
on behalf of the Lard was Sanders of Calvary Holiness
d production company celebrated at he Jacksonville Chutch of God.
Ss .Baptist Theological Semi- Taylor said she was honBy BMalika A. Wright '. nary's 20th Annual Coin- ored to receive thae degree,
.. mwright@miamitimesonlinecom m mesnt Ceremony held which recognized her effis
for more than 30 students, as a leader in her church and I
+ ."My name is Aaron Johnson, I'm the CEO of in Miami, a couple of months the community.
Aaron Johnson Productions. I just so happen to ago. Those efforts include,. servbe free this summer, and I was just wondering. bThe ceremony was the first g as: first lady of her church
.p" the local 12-year-old filmmaker, said, when to be held locally, giving fain- home, a chairperson of the he calledB Tyler Perrya Studios, to ask about an ly and friendsthe opportuni- women's ministry, a Sunday internship earlier thissummer. ty to share th n h school teacher, a musician M L TAYLOR
The Pe Studios staffomember who hespoke graduates. for the choir, an instructor of
w"th seemed to be very impressed and encour- Among the graduates, were Bible school, executive irec- "I am grateful for the Honaged Aaron to send Perry an e-mail. He plans on three veryBishop Assembly of orary Doctor of Divinity dedoing so. 1 community leaders, who were South Florida and amotiva- green Taylor said. "It gives
Perry, along with Spike Lee and others, is one awarded the Honorary Doctor tonal speaker at conferenc- me the opportunity to teach, Teof Aaron'S favoritefilnmakers, of Divinity degree for demon- es. She is married to Bishop pass on knowledge and enAaron has been interested in filmmaking, since strafing "unwavering service John H. Taylor Sr. Taylor up- lightenthe lives of the saints ..' he was nine years old. to mankind." Those honor- holds those duties in addition and Christians who want to
"One of the messages that I'm trying. to send ees included: Lady Myra L. to serving as the mayor of know more."
Please turn to JOHNSON 14B Taylor of The New Beginning Opa-Locka. Please turn to DEGREES 14B

a a,~j mFfl -rL..m. Organization continues

a ~a-' tosreyouth, elder
or !
~ imDlyHoeer meicn ,lae, w'orked epoesfeel they nf m i e s ,
amayas 175 milo avail- can't take time away. Summer is officially here, able vacation days unused in The unfortunate result is...
an long with it traditionally the typical year. CNN Money more and more Americans Ayu a mpov
comes a season when many reported that "about 57 per- are making do without timeshepnte fiis take time to vaca- "'cent of working Americans of rest and relaxation. But lives o h n esre
reru ndetgteto et haunsdvctotiea GoHislmoeehe, have some fun. the end of 2011, and most importance of rest for us I By Malika A. Wright; ventions, dru4 testmin'
~Tadtina~y' ecus sch ofthm ef a aergeof Genesi ,w e l Ado cid neglect eventsi'
a~a '. a* .. ~ ~ .family empowerment ..
~ mng ~ uI~I~a~~ T -'a~aAyuda means help and teen success: ..
assistance in Spanish. "Our seryice aTs e And in the past 36 the only assistance I + -years, the Miami non- family receiVes,'" saim, j
profit orgniation that De~nne Connolly Gracarries the name, has ham, chair of the exe, -{ S aa fulfilled its meaning by tive board. "Manylo6c
a a ~ ~ < helping improve the lives agencies turn to us fO: a
a / ~~~O V~~~r~a a of underserved or at-risk help with their cases' -"~U~~ajftI(Ianc ov,-~~ ~ a a children and families in cause of the broad rax$
i a a: ~South Florida through of services we provide
a ~ '' aa'aa'~aa2 education and life skills [and] our consistent qual-i
'a '~~~ aa'A~i~*training programs that ity of service.. L
~ a'a ~ 'aa$~4aaI'~-aa'/-a~Its services includes, yearlong programs to providing:~ food, shle, serve faiis.aj
-- -'a-...+,: :.:,+.' domestic violence inter- Please turn to AYUDA 14B1


Sherri Shepherd:

Husbands spanking

............................wives not biblical

By EEW Magazine News

There are many bizarre
things people do i { the name
of God, but this oine just might
take the cake. There is a growing movement called "Christian
....................................................Domestic Discipline" which
says the husband, as the head
of the household, must enforce
his authority by spanking his
wife. Essentially, 'it is submission run amuck.
~ ~ '~ "He has the God-given right
4;, n '\' to spank his wife if she misbehaves," explained Whoopi SHRIHE ED
~~I~~~J ~~Goldberg on a recent episodeCohsofTeVw ( 1 1of ABC's "The View." ohsofTeVw
n t e rOutraged, Christian co-host "That is not even biblical. In
Sherri Shepherd chimed in, the Bible there is a scripture
By. Donnie Smith taught my step daughter how to was to have a hot chocolate at and then after they view a "I just want to put out there, that says 'spare the rod, spoil
play "cartoon freeze tag" a game the diner. He learned his direc- new movie or play a new video that is not a Christian move- the child," Shepherd pointed There is always a huge rush that is just like reguar tag tions (north vs. south), how to game, have them write and ment. First of all, I get, so out, although this. is inaccufor summer but then less than except you have to scream out ask for~help and how to use upload or publish their own tired of people, just because rate. Actually, though this is a week into it the kids start a cartoon character to be "safe" public transportation. review. You can use a site like they say they're Christian and often attributed to Christian bickering and screaming your from being frozen. You can even Go hiking. Find a local trail Fandango to upload the review they have this movement [it scripture, the popular quote name every 10 minutes. Here do "Red Light Green Light" or and go for a hike. There is or e-mail it out to your friends is a Christian thing]. That is was first written in a poem by are ten activities you can do to "Duck Duck Goose." For the something about nature that &family and ask for their feed- not a Christian.movement, so Samuel Butler in 1664. Howcure the boredom blues: older ones you cain teach them encourages conversation and back. .we're not owning that." Ephe- ever, there is a biblical verse
Write stories to' Iether. You how to play a mnore complicated reflection. .Volunteer. Whether it is your sians 5;25 NLT says, "For hus- in Proverbs 13:24 that says,
caurchase empty storybooks bol~ game. Study a culture outside local homeless shelter or even a bands, this means love your"Wovrsaethrdhts
bi Le 41 at y:'our local teacher SendheM' on a scavenger of your own. Spin a globe .daycare in the neighborhood wives, just as Christ loved the. their children, but the one who Supply store. Write and il- hunt. When my stepson turned and pick a country. Find out,. have your child volunteer their church. He gave up his life for loves their children is careful lustrate age-level appropriate 13, my husband and I sent him as much as you possible can time at least once, her."L to discipline them."(NV It
,stories together. on a scavenger hunt around the about that country. Perhaps Teach them how to set Nowhere is husbands ad- don't say 'spare the rod, spoil
Read a book of your child's city of Chicago. It was a sort of there is a historical society or a goals. Teach them how to set ministering beatings to their the wife,' Shepherd continued. choice together. The little .rite of passage. We identified museum in your area that can short and long term goals and wives for misbehavior found in "That is. not biblical at all. So, ones love story time, but that *.key places around the city all help. You 'teach your child re- check in weekly to determine scripture. that is not a Christian thing."
doesn't have to end once your places that we had been before, search skills while also teach- progress made. Create a visual child gets literate. Read the lat- and he had to reach'each place ing them how to appreciate poster of the goals. est young adult literature. with .on his own, take a photo on diverse cultures. Interview an elder familyA.
your, child and meet regularly to his phone and text it to us and Write a review of summer member. Have them create Ap y wo s hr
discuss the characters, the plot finally get an artifact from the TV shows, movies or video interview questions and then and the style. place. There is a diner that we games. First, you should have interview an elder in your fainTeach them how to play a L'love that serves .amazing hot your child read reviews of their ily. Either record it or'have tes L Lo gay m arriage ,
game you played as a kid. I chocolate, so one of his tasks favorite movies or video games them transcribe the script. 67al th.onixteo a arae-adtee~
plenty in the,'wake 'of this week's historic Supreme Court
lng -the issue can also easilybe simplifiedin acomTips XVien ran pare ts ave lzh irrir's mon-sense way. As the debate moves forward, just zero in
By Orh Wifnsqton Offer comfort and support on~ one central question.: Who 'is hurt.
Provide opportunities for Who is hurt by ga arriage? And who is hurt b anning Alzheimer's disease impacts ~ >*them to express their feelings it?
family life.. Take the time to talk Let them know their feelings I' etta ok o ayise n n hi ai~
*with the children and teens in are normal mtsSpeeCutJsieAtoyKney h or'
your family so that they under- Educate them about the dis- mteSur eCotusienhnyK ndytecut'
stand what is happening to the ease adecugethem to swing vote on gyrghsiue dathrotereet5person with Alzheimer's. ask questions decision requiring the federal government to treat all legally
The degree to which children Respond honestly to ques- married couples equally,
and teens, are affected by the 'Kenniedy's opinion is passionate in its detailed description
disease depends on who has On the positive side, re- of the harm done by the now-invalidated core of the Defense
it a parent or grandparent, searchers believe exercise, a of Marriage Act.
relative or friend. Other factors healthy diet, and taking steps '0
include how' close the child or to keep your mind active (like 'Most directly, the plaintiff in the case lost a $36300
teen is to the 'person and where ~"doing crossword puzzles) may inheritance tax benefit available to other married people.
the person lives (in the' same help delay the onset of Alzheim- Social Security benefits, visitation rights and a host of other
home, assisted living or nursing er disease. benefits were similarly affected. Blut Kennedy saw much
home, out-of-state, etc.). Activities that can help and wider impact:
If you. visit a loved one who be done as a family are listed m lwipsd" iavnae eaaesau n
has Alzheimer disease, try to be below:Thlaimoe'adsvntgasLprt ttuad
patient. Remind your child that -Stock photo Go for a walk so a stigma" upon same-sex couples.,
he or she may have good .days 'Worried that the disease is person Do household chores togeth- It "demeans the couple, 'whose m~oral and sexual choices
and bad days. It. can be sad if. contagious and that. they will Jealous and resentful be- er, such as folding laundry, the Constitution protects," you no longer are able to have get it cause of the increased amount raking leaves or washing dishes It "humiliates tens of thousands of children now being
fun in the same ways together. Worried 'that their parents, of time and attention that is Listen to music, dance or sing rased by same-sex couples" while also doing them financial
Children. and teens may might develop the disease '~given to the person with Al-. Look at old photographs harm.
feel: Angry and frustrated by the zheimer's Read a favorite book or news- The very purpose of the law, Kennedy said, was "to harm
.Sad about changes in a loved need to repeat activities' or Embarrassed to have friends paper one's personality and behavior questions or other visitors to the house Create a scrapbook or photo a politically unpopular group."
Confused or afraid about why Guilty for getting angry or Here are a few ways to help album about the person
the person behaves differently 'being short-tempered with the children and teens cope: Make a family tree >It's fair to question whether Congress' motives in passing
DOMA were as malicious as K~ennedy describes., Justice An-


True Love Waits ceremony for youth ,rk

PURITY I N Allen Chapel AM.E. from July 15 July 19. Call
continued from 12B Church announces it's "Free 305-635-8329.
she has participated in the in Him" revival on July 10 and
ceremony over the past three 11 from 7-9p.m and a gospel M St. Peter's African Oryears, and every year is a new concert on July 12 at 7p.m. thodox Church Nurses'
experience. Call 786-566-8332. Guild will sponsor a yard
She said there have been at the church on July 13 at
different speakers and she U New Beginnings Bap- 8a.m.- 4p.m. Call 305-310has learned something new tist Church of South Miami 0855.
hach learnd will host two gospel concerts,
each year. featuring Ebenezer Zion AME. U Running For Jesus
stinent until marriage, to live Church Male Chorus and oth- Ministry will host a youth

God's way and wait for the ers on July 13 at 7pm and awareness praise celebration
right person," Pleasure said. July 14 at 4p.m. at St. John on July 14 at 2pm They are
She added that teenagers AME Church in South Miami. seeking group or solo particishould not make decisions Call 305-303-2805. pants. Call 954-213-4332.
based off of the peer pressure they encounter in high 0 Dayspring MB Church N Second Chance Miniss oo v will be celebrating its Mission tries to host a Bible study
school to have sex.
anniversary Sunday July 14, meeting. Call 305-747-8495.
Mali Jakso, 17 grdu-2013 at 4p.m. Call 786-326ate of Stranahan High School, 6688.
said the event was great and it_6688. E A Mission With A New
taught the youth even the Beginning Church Womtt Mt. Olivette MBC will en's Department provides
take care of themselves. celebrate the pastor's 34th community feeding. Call
There were several speakers pre-anniversary on July 14 at 786-371-3779.
at the event, including Rev. 3p.m.
Dennis Jackson II, Anthony Bethany Seventh Day
Taylor, Richard P. Dunn III, U First Baptist Church Adventist Church will host
Dr. Jeffrey Swain and Jenevie of Bunche Park will host a bereavement sharing group
Clark of Planned Parenthood Dennis Dalton presenting his daughter Taelor Dalton, age 14, with the token cross to seal their its annual men's gospel pro- at 3 4:30 p.m. every 2nd of Florida. gram on August 25 at 4p.m. Sunday. Call 305-634-2993.
Jackson said his favorite p promises to one another. Call 305-621-1991.
of the event was when the par- I N Running for Jesus
ticipants received purity brace- need to take to God, you can let diseases, what people will say -everything is OK. N, Kingdom Insight De- Outreach Youth Ministry lets and their parents spoke it go," Jackson said. to persuade others to have sex "We're in a society where liverance Embassy ,w il[ will host a ",Y.16th Summer
with their children, encourag- Robyn Jolly, has participat- and the youth's views on sex. right is wrong and wrong is host an-apostolic summit on Seminar" C ing and letting them know that ed in the ceremony with her "Some of the parents were right," Jolly said. "Society is July 17-19 at 7:30 nightly. 4332. they would be there for them 11 -year-old granddaughter, for really surprised to hear what glorifying things that do not Call 888-871-4493 during their journey of purity. the past three years. the little ones have been told need to be glorified." in Holy Ghost Faith MinJackson said he also enjoyed She said the panel of speak- [about sex] from their peers," She said the panelist en- 0 Antioch Mission- istries will be having a testhe "Let It Go" ceremony, where ers told the youth that it is not Jolly said. couraged the youth to refrain ary Baptist Church of timonial service September
participants released balloons, necessary to give up them- Technology and media plays from listening to all of the neg- Brownsville will host its 13 at 7:30 p.m. Call 786which was symbolic for letting selves so freely as it is depicted a big part in youth getting ex- ativity that is out there. annual vacation bible school 452-0713. go of the pressures of life. in movies and TV shows. posed to things earlier than "We're just trying to keep our
"If there is something hold- The guest speakers also dis- they used to, she said, adding kids as close to the Lord as we ing you back or something you cussed sexually transmitted that the music tells youth that can," Jolly said. Co l y b. .
Could you be pimpin God?

Pre-teen looks to work with Tyler Perry It can be easy to worship God when times axe good and ew

JOHNSON "I would just sit there and erything flows as we think it should. But when our situation
continued from 12B if I can't think of anything, I'll turns ugly, when times are bad, when we find yourselves flat
pray," Aaron said. "I'll say 'Jesus on.our butts, no prospects in sight, no way to pull ourselves
out is you're never too young I really need your help with this up, will we praise him then, too? If we only praise or worship
to follow your dreams," Aaron one.'" God when our situation makes it easy to do so, then we are
said. 'No matter how young Presently, Aaron has filmed probably not worshiping God, but our emotions. We worship
you are, you don't have to several music videos and com- him if we feel like it We come to church only when things are
always be dictated because mercials for companies, local
always o catart it artists and churches. He is hired gn w fus. Otherwise we are M.L.A.
oIf we don't "get into" Sunday morning worship because the whenever you need to." for several projects each month choir or the band di't pay our g" or we don't enjoy the
Aaron is the son of Rev. Da- and is currently writing a film corrthbadintpy"urogrweontnjyh
sha Johnson, senior pastor of and play script. style of the music, or the preacher's technique, then we are
Alpha International Ministries Aaron said hisgals are probably worshiping our preferences or perhaps our culture,
and First Lady Takela John- become one ofthe-biggesten 'deGb The5p ause'o
son. producers hi_"o-uth: lorida'fthen God with''J' '' l lause His filmmaking career began TYLER PERRY' SPIKE LEE expand] and to one day work ad perhaps even a ll.eljah" otwo, wheni my week or my
when he stayed up one night, Now he works off a Mac com- Aaron said. "It's like when I'm with Tyler Perry. season wasggod. And when it wasn't... .My attitude was, "Well
helping his mother, make a puter using Adobe After Effects, sitting there, I'm making the Johnson said they are looking htei iei' ] afI hve sulked through praise and worship, video for their church. He began Final Cut, Hit Film and Movie video mine. The editing and film- for a company or a person that ikin get this over, so I can heart watching videos on YouTube of Plus programs. ing. I just enjoy everything about Will assist Aaron in grohingas don't feel like rejoicing." And there have certainly been times
how to do it, and was inspired Takela Johnson said after it." ahe lmker alt he't has lieve to be runninglte, so that I didn't
by other youth who were very being encouraged by another Aaron has taught himself able to attend certain filmmang ha to sit h yet one more song from the choir, worskilled -in making videos, pastor and friend to invest into everything he knows. He has abl toratte rtipatin cermmaking "It made me want to be a part their son's interest, they have. learned a lot about editing from Ischools orparticipate in age, I ....... b I!uderstand. But let othtctgr.Imaemfelcontests because of his age, I o a ~ y~eiy n nesad u e
of that category. It made me feel They spent about $10,000 on a YouTube videos and has learned both Aaron and his family, are.' me J5 ..... .'... rltohip
like, if they're this age, I know I h Ao a W i i ofour relations with
can do something with my time camera, lighting, green screens, about filming from reading determined for him to grow as.a God? If we're only in it fowiatt we cni get from him, then and my passion." microphones and other filming books. filmmaker. we are just pimpin' him, ight? As who, sees our hearts,
and editing products for Aaron. Aaron said in times of diffi- For more information, visit -he is riot fooled. Johnson started with Win- "I just love sitting there and culty when it is hard to focus, he Aaronjohnsonproductions.con. Our purpose for living e., uiedup. in t
letting my creative juices flow," turns to God, Love God" Love' not 'Use not x6plot"not "pimp." The most
... ......of d ,' .. d&d jetic, self-existent
s ip -no, n, which
certainly" 7Ne prie u h ~sln.Teol
Leaders efforts are recogniz-ed by seminary propepla: The .oi

DEGREES humility. Whe wu e r rer, t is c'lea "e ihav ourselves it
continued from 123 !!.~i we ci~an our!i~ hi n:I i 4 n with

In 1980, Bishop Linell .... i:!;i: !!ii:i::7 i accolmplishinet4o ucess; vna;ioc $i
Sanders built Calvary Holi- ; !greatness. "All we a &is. o:i W onthv :to
ness Church of God from the [fr una to worship ii in q:< or'i "ii ground up, and for the past our Ev:0 es. wilt be a1 to @!t
33 years, he has served as th. ling fails, if no~hxg roi #sit,~wl i llielbvt
senior pastor of the church. itheL ,O0D "m, &dP. :!!" He also serves as a bishop .... ..
over seven other churches. '; .... -: ..... ."ii!: ..
At Calvary, he is mainly.' L aF t ". ..inls ..
responsible for the spiritual :
the congregation. "- said.
Sanders explained that he continued from 123 Other programs include: Parwas called to ministry at a ents Now, Family Empowerverycong aend beftore, he Early educational scholar- ment and Here For You an
becmin seior asto heel ofs is iSa program that pro- elderly services program.
hiiyas re inal eels ofe sipes infants and toddlers early Graham said one of the things
minisry a atmeberdet-on through progres- she enjoys most about the procon, trustee and a licensed isive preschool instruction, early. gram is the TALL program.
As an overseer of his i technology education, develop- "Teenage years are already
chuchhe as rdaneda i' mental screenings and inclu- a challenging time, but-for
chrh ehsodiepreacher, deacons and Ii- ~ -~sion programs for special needs teenagers dealing with drug
censed ministers. children. abuse, domestic violence and
Sanders church is involved All graduates are photographed at Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary's 20th Annual Teens Are Lifelong Learnei-s poverty, these challenges are in many community service Commencement Ceremony. ..[TALL] is a program aimed at much more difficult," Graham
actviteswhih i se uptoyouth grades 6th through 11th, said. 'T.A.L.L. helps our teens accommodate about 40 stu- a recipient of such recogni- phasizing worship, evange- Prior to becoming seniorca seeking tottempowerif slandtinedu": ui'derstandsf_.epc, '" the importancefal.s omaf dents between the ages of tion by the Jacksonville Bap-. lism, discipleship, ministry pastor of New Life, he has iaen hmgihsif.kil trh y s-,epecefl cofaitreslumpathree and six. tist Theological Seminary." and fellowship, served as assistant and 'ing s. ndrtdth thy pancefuil coinfict rslutiOnr
Sanders is married to Over the past 12,- years, He also serves as a church youth pastor of the church. "Yuh nesadta nadctcltikn kls u
Mother Sarah Sanders. Rev. Erik Cummings has planting strategist for the Cummings accepted his AYUDA they have a "home away teens have responded remarkBefore being awarded with served as senior pastor of Florida Baptist Convention, call into ministry in 1992 from home" and that they can ably well to this program. We
the doctorate degree, Sand- New Life Baptist Church of where he recruits and iden- and became ordained into reach out to any counselor at see a marked difference in their
ers said "it was a blessing Carol City. tifies potential church plant- the Gospel ministry on Nov. any time and come back for behavior, and we are getting
and an honor to even be con- As pastor, he has provided ers in the South Florida re- 24, 1996. He is married to support, no questions asked," very positive feedback from parsidered as a candidate to be spiritual leadership by ema- gion. Dr. Monique Nichol. Diana Susi, CEO of AYUDA, ents as well."

SECHealth Wellne s

Sponsored by North Shore Medical Center
"Once You Know, It's Where To Go"


Miami-Dade wants $830 million for hoptlsse

By Zachary Fagnson bling facilities at the Jackson million overhaul of operating the uninsured. century; that's the only way years of losses. The system,
Health System, 'the, operator" rooms and other upgrades. "We've allowed ,it to deterio- we're going 'to .be able to comn- which includes the 1,550-bed,
Miami-Dade County' legisla- of the third-largest UT.S. pu~blic. Local leaders say the improve- rate," said, Commnissioner Au- pete."~ 95-year-old Jackson Memorial
tors last Tuesday passed a No- hospital. ments are vital to drawing pri- dre y Edonson, who spon- The'9-to-1 vote came as the Hospital that treats many of
-vember, referendum that will If approved, the general ob- vately insured and cash-paying soared the bill authorizing the publicly owned network of six south Florida's poor and uninask voters to approve $830 mi- ligation debt would fund $129 patients, who defray the costs bond referendum. "The hospi- hospitals and thousands of em- sure, lost $428 million from lion of bonds to~ revamp crum- million of new software, a $65 of caring for poor people and tal has to come up to the 2 1st ployees begins to recover from Please turn to $830M 173

Jackson's trustee chair Important

xplai bond requ

Miami Times staff report embarking upon this campaign now, to
ask for public financing to upgrade and
Last Tuesday, the Miami-Dade improve Jackson Health System? stalled
County Board of County Commission- Sharpton: Health care facilities across
ers approved a measure to call a special the county are already preparing for the election in November, asking voters to healthcare challenges of the future. This '
approve new bonds for modernization, modernization effort is long overdue at BUS IN S s S A
upgrades and renovations to Jackson Jackson. The system cannot wait; we
Health Systems [JHS] facilities. Newly- cannot stand still and be left further be- YEAR TO UPDATE
appointed chairman of The Public Health hind. Private hospitalf definitely are not Trust Board of Trustees of JHS, Dar- standing still.
ryl Sharpton, spoke to The Miami Times
DARRYL SHARPTON about some of the highlights of the MT: What are some of the projects that
request. Jackson needs to undertake?
Miami Time6 [MT]: Why is Jackson Please turn to JACKSON 18A

By David Morgan

W algreens pushed pill sale D says The Obama administration said last Tuesday it would not
require employers to provide health insurance for their workCame during height of oxycodone crisis toning how they could evex a bevy of internal information ers until 2015, delaying a key provision of the president's
store so many bottles but about Walgreens' practices. : healthcare reform law by a year, to beyond the next election.
By Amy Pavuk tion. corporate supervisors, accord- DEA documents obtained by The move raised questions about the future of other proviThe action came at a point ing to the DEA, apparently did the Orlando Sentinel through sions of the law, including the mandate for individuals to
Corporate officials at Wal- when the prescription drug nothing. a Freedom of Information re- : obtain health coverage in 2014, and followed widespread
greens created bonus, programs problem was reaching epidemic When the DEA issued a sus- quest said that at a time when complaints from businesses and their lobbyists about reportthat gave their pharmacists the proportions in Florida. pension order on the distribution seven people a day were dying in : ing requirements for employers with 50 or more full-time
incentive to sell oxycodone and A manager at Walgreens' dis- center in September, banning it Florida because of prescription workers. ignore "red flags" that custom- tribution center in Jupiter raised from dispensing controlled sub- drugs, Walgreens was pushing Retailers and other business interests welcomed the ers were abusing the popular concerns about enormous vol- stances to its stores in Florida its employees to sell even more change, which analysts said could stymie a main avenue of painkiller, according to the U.S. umes of oxycodone ordered from and the East Coast, the federal, oxycodone. attack on Obama's signature domestic policy achievement
Drug Enforcement Administra- its Florida pharmacies ques- drug agency was armed with Please turn to PILLS 18B Please turn to INSURANICE 1SB

f AObamacare requires

most insurance plans

tackle obese patients

Insurance plans vary what they offer
By Nanci Hellmich cover obesity screening and treatment
if they haven't changed their overall
There's new hope or heavy people coverage since 2010 when the law was desperate to lose weight. Many insur- passed.
ers are stepping up their coverage of So, for the plans that have to cover obesity. obesity, if a health care provider screens
Some insurance companies have a patient's BMI (body mass index, a
helped obese patients fight fat for years. number that takes into account height They've offered weight-loss and wellness and weight) and determines that the programs at businesses, schools and in patient is obese, then the provider may communities. Some have paid for pre- offer initial weight-loss guidance and re* --scription obesity medications and even fer the patient to a professional service.
covered expensive bariatric surgeries, Plans vary widely in what they will do.
-* -including gastric bypass. Some insurers are offering telephone
*- -But now most insurance plans are re- counseling; others cover visits with a
*- ** -- -quired to help obese patients try to lose health coach, and some cover group
-* --.weight under President Obama's health sessions that offer lifestyle advice. Some
** -care law. Exactly how they do it is up to are even referring patients to Weight
-* -*----the individual plans. Watchers.
-Screening and counseling for obesity Insurance coverage for the treatment
-- *has to be covered with no patient cost- of obesity was back in the headlines
sharing (co-payments, co-insurance or recently when the American Medical As-- deductibles) by most insurers under sociation, the nation's largest physician
* -- *. -- -the preventive services benefit of the organization, decided to recognize obeeS 6 S ** *Affordable Care Act, says Susarn Pisano, sity as a disease that requires a range of
** * -- -* -a spokeswoman for America's Health medical interventions for treatment and
em ---aInsurance Plans, the national trade prevention. Previously it referred to obeC - 6- 0- -- -association representing the health sity as "a major public health problem."
-- *- -- .. -insurance industry. Medicare is already The medical group has no official say
-- -covering this service, on what insurance companies cover,
5S 0 e e -It's a part of the law that many plans but the group's announcement put the
* -- -have put into action aleady and more spotlight back on the debate on how
-will continue to add by January of insurance companies can help fight the
52014. Under a provision of the law, obesity epidemic that's taking a huge
some grandfathered plans don't have to toll on this country.


Patents keeping Retail clinics carry

benefits, drawbacks

Convenience isfine, but on chronic conditions,
physicians should have an integral role
really expensive By Ke_

Doctors Warn of exclusivity in Recently I had a full schedule and was unable to see a patient for
Docto swar of xclu ivit in her cough. She instead sought medical care at a Ilocal drugstore, where
developingshe was treated for bronchitis Normally housed in pharmacies and develpingcountiesstore-~ suc~h as rget or Wal-Mart, such retail clinics have grown in'
By Asocate Pres drs'accss cmpagn."Wepopularity. While convenient for minor ailments, some of these clinics By Associated Press ders' access campaign. "We wn od oe
need the newer treatments wn od oe
Doctors Without Borders for people that hve eaust- Walgreens recently announced that its clinics would manage chronic
warned last Tuesday that ris- ed all other Options, bu at- conditions normally handled by primary carephysicians like myself,
warnd lst Tesdy tat rs- d al oter ptins, ut at-such as diabetes or asthma. Though retail clinics already monitor ing intellectual property rights ents keep them priced beyond gn
are blocking the generic pro- reach." primary care physician. Waigeens takes it a step further by having its
du.ction of newer drugs to treat Patients can be treated with nursing pra
HIV and are keeping them out a combination of three or four 0- tions themselves Competing clinics, such as those found in CVS, a
of reach for developing coun- older drugs, but those who de- considering following Walgreens'lead.
tries. velop resistance to them need
The medical aid group said the expensive newer medi- Reai 'cinics cep monut
at 'an international AIDS cines. icaic. But while expanding the scope of retail clinics improves access,
meeting here that prices of According to Doctors With- patients should be aware of the downsides.
older drugs long used to treat out Borders, the governments. Consider the population most likely to have chronic conditions:
patients have fallen sharply of Thailand and Jamaica pay Medicare patents. A New England Journal of Medicine study found
as India and other countries $4,760 and $6,570, respec- Nthat these patients already see an average of seven physicians a year.
make generics. But newer tively, a year per patient for N Seeking care ata drugstore adds anotherprovider and further fragdrugs that are more effective the new drug darunavir alone. ments care. According to Jeffrey Cain, president of the American
against the AIDS virus are too Paraguay pays $7,782 for Academy of Family Physicians, "It is more difficult to comprehensively
expensive, costing up to 15 etravirine, while Armenia pays mg
times more. $13,213 for raltegravir. In Indeed, I find managing chronic conditions more effective after devel"It's good news that the price comparison, a cocktail of older cli
of key HIV drugs continues to generic drugs costs as little as more likely to see a provider they have never met. And retail clinics folfall as more generic compa- $139 per person a year. low standardized medical protocols to abide by the American Medical
nies compete for the market, Doctors Without Borders that the pact will increase "Scaling up HIV treatment Association's retail clinipolicies.,
but the newer medicines are urged the U.S. and 11 other intellectual property rights and sustaining people on '
still priced far too high," said countries negotiating a Trans- across Asia and the Americas, treatment for life will depend MEDICAL DATA LACKING
Jennifer Cohn, medical direc- Pacific Partnership not to sign expanding monopolA .protec- on bringing the price of newer Drugstores'lack ofaccess to a patient's medical records also comtor for Doctors Without Bor- the free-trade pact. It warned tion for medicines and threat- drugs down," said Arax Boza- plicates treatment. People with diabetes, for instance, commonly also
ending cheap access to drugs. dijan, an HIV pharmacist for suffer from kidney or heart disease, and they might be on a nedicaIt said the World Health, Or- Doctors Without Borders. tion regimen fine-tuned over yeas. Without records, important details
ganization's new guidelines, The Trans-Pacific pact could be missed, or duplicate testsordered. which recommend earlier countries account for nearly Patients with chronic diseases are more challenging than those retail
treatment for adults, means 40 percent of global GDP and clinics typically see. In my oice, a diabetes followup can turn into a
aduls, mans percnt f glballengthy~visit in which a patient's recent hospitalization is discussed, that an additional nine million about a third of world trade, medication doses are adjusted, and perhaps underlying depression people in developing countries and any agreement could sig- uncovered and treated. These patients require close follow-up.
will now be eligible for treat- nificantly impact prices. Presi- F ugstore clinics could increase pharmacy revenues by
meant. At the moment, only dent Barack Obama's admin- sending prescriptions to be filled at the store. According to Consumer
about 60 percent of those who istration has said it hopes to Reports, the price of generic drugs at large U.. pharmacy chains can need the drugs are getting wrap up talks by. the end of be as much as 18 times more expensive than wholesale chains such as
them. the year. Costco.
V11 For retail clinics to be viable for primary care, they should not coinA man who is a stable patient diagnosed with the HIV virus pete with doctos by siphoningoff patients, butjoin local practices so
and who is in a support group, called an adherence club, 'that patient records can be easilyshared and follow-up care coordiholds his ARV drugs at Ubuntu Clinic in Kayelitsha town- nated. Patients should alo have the explicit option to fil prescriptions
ship, on June 3, 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. a aapic p


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Make yours today.

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Study: The later you stay up, the more you eat

By Brian Alexander calories after 1 1 p.m., far~ more nightmare" but worthwhile be- able to the effects of sleep de- cal literature, that African-Amer- pleasurable food, which could
than their bodies needed. In ad- cause it increased the power of privation. Black men gained the icans seem to be more influenced explain why we tend tp eat fattier New research published today dition, more of those 550 jcalo- the results, most weight (about 1.7 kilos or by the effects of sleep loss." food late at night. We're seeking
in the journal Sleep confirms ries came from fat, resulting in Spaeth said participants in the; 3.7 pounds), followed by Black Why that is, and why exactly comfort. But there are other facwhat scientists have been telling ~a weight gain, on average, of study could eat almost when- females and white men (both anybody gains weight with sleep tors at work, too. us for some time now: the. later 'about 1 kilo (2.2. pounds) after ever they wanted and as much justyunder 1 kilo or 2.2 pounds), loss is still somewhat mysteri- ,"We have biological mecha-. you stay up, the more sleep you five consecutive nights of limited as they wanted. Meal sizes did and white women (almost one- ous, Wright explained. In an nisms to prompt us to consume lose, the more calories you'll eat, sleep. not differ between baseline days third kilo or .7 pounds). experiment released earlier this more energy" when we're awake,
and the more weight youll gain. 'Research over the years has and the five experimental days, ."This is the first racial differ- year-, his lab found that key hor- Spaeth said. But such evolutionIn a flist-of-its-kind experi- produced similar findings, but or between the sleep-deprived ence in such a study," explained mones regulating food intake, ary adaptation does not account ment, sleep researchers from the the new Penn study is significant group and a small control group. Kenneth Wright, associate pro- like ghrelin and leptin, were for the fact that modern man in Sleep and Chronobiology Labo- because it used 225 people.. And "But [the deprived group] ate fessor in the department of inte- within normal levels in sleep de- western society no longer has to ratory at the Perelman School of because the research took place more times through the day and grative 15iology and the director prived people, but they still ate hunt down an antelope or dig up Medicine at University of Penn- in a lab, scientists were able to shifted their calorie intake to- of the Sleep and Chronobiology more. a tuber to get food. All we have
sylvania, found that when test' control for a variety of factors, ward late night," she explained. Laboratory at the University of It could be, he speculated, that, to do is open the refrigerator. subjects went to bed at 4 a.m. Andrea Spaeth, a .doctoral "The next morning they'd actu- Colorado, Boulder, "This pro- control centers of the brain "What we're doing is really overand woke four hours later at 8 candidate and the study's lead ally eat less." vides experimental evidence for i.e., willpower are weakened, compensating for small increasa.m., they consumed about 550 author,, called the logistics "a Blacks were especially vulner- what we see in the epidemiologi- causing us to seek rewarding, es in energy requirements."

Paul Smith, jazz pianist to Ella, Fitzgerald, dead at 91

By Keepnews as a jazz usician either. Early 1990s. In addition to leading the bums of the '50s and '60s and one of the few movies in which cian at 19 with the Johnny Richin his career, he told The San trio that backed her in concert, the sole musician on her 1960 she acted. ards band. From 1943 to 1945
Paul Smith, a jazz pianist who Diego Union-Tribune in 1991, "1 -he was part of the ensemble on album featuring selections from He began studying piano at age he served in the Army, where he accompanied singers like Bing could see there was more money her celebrated "Song Book" al- "Let No Man Write My Epitaph," 8, led a jazz band in high school played in a band led by the trumCrosby, Doris Day, Sammy Da- to be made in studio work than and became, a professional musi- peter Ziggy Elman.
vis Jr. and Rosemary Clooney' playing a jazz joint." And studio
but who was best known for his work took up much of his time:
long association, both on record he worked as a staff musician for
and on concert stages worldwide; NBC and Warner Brothers, and Jackson funds up for vote
with Ella Fitzgerald, died last. for many years he was the muSaturday in Torrance, Calif. He sical director for Dinah Shore')s iii$830M nation of insurance payments,
was 9 1. daytime talk show. continued from 15A poet ae n afcn
His death Was announced by But he wa s at home in the ~ \sales tax.
his publicist, Alan Eichler. jazz joints, too, and after gain- .2006 to 2011. The referendum is the latest in
Tall, lanky and rugged-ooig ineryexrecewtTmy To cut losses, the Jackson a number of big-ticket projects
Smith did not fit most people's Dorsey's big band and the guitar Health System laid off near- in Miami-Dade, the most popu-.
image -of a jazz musician. When ist Les Paul's small group in the ly 1,000 full-time employees, bous county in Florida, that vot,he was the musical director, on late 1940s, he went on to record transferring a, lot of work to ers have considered over the last
the comedian Steve Allen's Itele- dozens of jazz albums under his part-time staff, and posted its Year.
vision show in the 1960s, Allen own name, gaining a following for first surplus in five years for the In November, voters approved
told him that he looked more like "his prodigious technique and his fsa ereddSp.3,21.a$. ilo eea bia
"a ebrskaconhuker" A cn- ighheate aproah.At the end of April this year, tion bond to fund the overhaul certs, Smith 'would ,sometimes He made his most lasting mark Jackson Health System reported of Miami-Dade County's public
walk onto the stage and ask the through his work with singers,-CutsofPuSmtanAneeWarna$.milnsrps.chlteegt-agstyaudience, "Where is the piano most notably Fitzgerald, with -oreyo alSihadAnteWre 59mlinsrls'shos h ihhlretss
you want moved?" whom he worked on and off from Paul Smith with his wife, Annette Warren. He was the spark 'Ha Iving done all that, the tem in the nation, by a 2-to-i
He didn't entirely, see himself the late 1950s until the early behind many of Ella Fitzgeralds most acclaimed songs. question was, 'How do we get the margin.
hospital to be an attractive place In late May, local lawmakers
for patients with managed care approved a $1.6 billion overhaul
companies to choose Jackson of the county's crumbling water
Pope Francis tells priests to buy more 'humble' cars over other hospitals?'," said Car- and sewer system in response,
By Reuters told young and trainee priests of work, but please, choose a more pretentious trappings of los Migoya, the system's chief to an Environmental Protection
and nuns from around the world more humble one. If you like the his office and has chosen to live executive since May 20.11..Aec lwut Pope Francis said on Saturday that having the latest smart- fancy one, just think about how in a Vatican guest house rather In 2014, Medicaid "reimburse- But a bid by the Miami Dolit pained him Ito see priests driv- phone or fashion accessory was many children are dying of hun- than the lavish papal apart- ment rates ,will likely be reduced, phins, owned by billionaire real ing flashy cars, and told them to not the route to happiness. ger in the world," he said. ments. so. we need to make sure we estate tycoon Stephen Ross, to
pick something more "humble." "It hurts me when I see a priest Since succeeding Pope Bene- The ANSA news agency sai make this happen," Migoya said increase tourist taxes to fund an.
As pat of is d ivet ake the* 'or a nun with the latest model dict in March, the former cardi- the pope's car of choice for mov inaneriwwthRues overhaul of the team's privately Catholic church more austere car, you can't ,do this," he said. nal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina ing around the walled Vatican Jackson's $1.6 billion annual owned arena died in Tallahas-' and focus on the poor, Francis "A car is necessary to do a lot has avoided using some of the City was a compact Ford Focus. budget is funded by a combi- see.

Miam naive ndegoesmirculo s poma He comes from a large "I stayed in Europe for several
famly nine children in total years, coming home to visit
reco eryaft r d oppig t 65pou ds bt is the oldest of his sib- but returning to England. Over
lings that all share the same there, people were educated~'
o ut he was HIW-positive, they U.S., folks were putbtin W thei
alotnvrue proet~ion. gae im their support. heads in the sand. In Europ
Cavi Dai,4,frt I us tta pit1dd' They support me and they it was just a chronic disease
learned~~ ~ ~ ~ he wa I-oiiei ae a iln live fast understand this disease," he it was something that somie 2005. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 Heamt ta ewa n ieyug' said. "They've all seen some- people got. In the U.S. o livngthe'fstlif" eednghi Daiss tatus was con- one hey know get sick and die were stigmatized if yo were deir for plnt ofwmnad fre he ewstse y fom AIDS. This is something positive. V$hen J returned to
whoe lt f dug an rel-theVAin un 2 .Ittook tat has touched everyone in the U.S. for good, I just wantize tat"i ws jsta aterhimanthr ea before he the Black community, But our ed to get high. What's amazing of tme efoe Ibecme nfet- oul bein aldi eica- family has all become well-ed- is that once'l tested pstie ed ton B thnheha already ucae about 1{IV/AIDS and really settled down Iwsas
But tody the Mami Tl we alknow how it's transmit- facing Crohn's Disae n
4'#Ve see seea of hi fred dieve shne or kep awy pud.1~ n


DEA:Waigreens pill push was on purpose

PILLS Earlier this month,, Walgreens macies in Florida were abuig pn has placed "order quancontinued from 15B agreed to pay a record $80 mil- their DEA registration," agency tity limits" on all controlled sublion penalty to. resolve the DEA's spokeswoman Mia Ro said Fri- stances.
According to the documents, investigation into its dispensing day. According to the DEA investisigned by DEA Administrator Practices in Florida. Walgreens spokesman Jim gation, Walgreens had compenMichele Leonhart, Walgreens As. part of the agreement, the Graham told the Sentinel that sation programs for pharmacy distributed large amounts of distribution center and the top as part of the agreement with employees in which bonuses controlled substances in Flori- six Florida pharmacies in- DEA, the company has "identi- were based on the number of da that it knew or should have cluding two in Fort Pierce- are fled specific compliance mea- prescriptions filled at the phar- knw eeipoe.banned from dispensing certain sures -many of which Wal- macy.~'~
The company had an mnad- drugs, such as the painkillers greens has already taken -... to In July 2010, Walgreens corequate suspicious order re- OxyContin and Vicodin, and the provide our team members with porate headquarters in Illinois porting system that resulted in sedative Xanax, until 2014. the tools, training and support analyzed oxycodone dispensing ordering patterns that should "These administrative actions they need to ensure the appro- for its Florida stores, ranking 4 have been signs the pills were were inevitable based on how priate dispensing of controlled each pharmacy by the number being abused. the Walgreenis distribution cen- substances." of such prescriptions dispensed
ter and its top six retail phar- Graham also said the com- in June of that year. T en xt presiding bishop of

Daryl Sharpton explains bond referendum FulGoplBtitCuc
_____________________By Black Christian News social and economic enhanceJACKSON services, it's in an outdated plans for a new children's am- improvements take if the bond ment of the Nashville community
continued from 15B building that doesn't measure bulatory center. measure is approved? It's official! Bishop Joseph W. and abroad.
up to the quality of care. The proposal is also dedi- Sharpton: This is a ten-year Walker, III, will succeed Bish- Named as one of the top 20
Sharpton: Patients recover We'd like to build new ur- *cated to the vital work that bond issue. If approved Jack- op Paul S. Morton as Presiding African-American Pastors in the more quickly when they are gent-care centers for routine happens behind the scenes, son's leadership will develop a Bishop of the Full Gospel Bap- country by, Walkin contemporary and comfort- illnesses and injuries, where from buying the latest medical master-plan timeline to deter- tist Church Fellowship Interna- er sits on noteworthy national able rooms that accommodate our residents would have ac- equipment and systems to re- mine when projects will begin tional. Morton, who will retire in boards, including the board of their loved ones. This plan in- cess to Jackson medical teeirms placing aging elevators and air Some, including the renova- 201, foudedFGBCFch 20nticipate theold ericanvRedoCrossond cludes modernization of prac- in their own neighborhoods. handlers. tions of units of Jackson. Me- ao aetemc niiae od oenr pone
tically every inpatient unit at These centers could also in- The improvements would morial Hospital are already in annouement aong Jhu7and Lo- pigs o mithe Tenese Hunf Jackson, as well as operating clude specialty geriatric ser- benefit our entire system, in- the pipeline. West Wing 6 has ivie Yaogtosnso ihsCmiso.Teifun
rooms and emergency depart- vices for seniors. Everything cluding Jackson North, Jack- been completed. West Wing FGBCFI onferee ateleindvew-es t ria p er wepeka ionv
ments. We need to build a new in health care is moving rap- son South, the Health District 14 and 15 and the third and irig audience. The appointment, Church, has an international inrehabilitation hospital. Al- idly toward early detection, in- campus, as well our many oth- fourth floors of Holtz Children's which was determined by the- ternet, television and radio minithough we already have one of tervention and treatment. So er facilities. Hospital are scheduled to be- votes of the FGBCFI Bishop's istry reaching hundreds of thouthe nation's top rehabilitation with that in mind, we also have MT: How long would these gin this year.Conisdsapwrlme-snsaoudteol.
sage of trust and respect in Bishop Walker will assume
Walker, the 45-year-old proven his role during a season where
Businessesan getesfu brakinhelhdefrm pa s the church culture is wrestling
,Busnes esgtb eaknh alth ref rm____s "I'm humbled and thankful by with an array of challenges and

INSURANCE pay the Internal Revenue Ser- describing the changes within "We commend the Administra- this God-ordained responsibility negative media surrounding it.
continued from 15B vice $2,000 for each full-time the next Week. tion's wise move," said National and opportunity. I'm so grateful An astute, spiritual motivator,
employee who did not get health Retail Federation Vice President for n the ofde Bishop o- alr hashi iture traged and s
as campaigning for the 2014 coverage, beginning January 1, PRACTICE YEAR Neil Trautwein. "This one-year. tonan the iho's Counciltharsipy int 200rimp ands we
midterm congressional election when the Patient Protection and Edward Lenz, senior coun- delay will provide employers and hast Pshwning choin meran the se timo y n e 2005 hisnfir wie gets under way later this year. Affordable Care Act is scheduled sel of the American Staffing As- businesses more time to update ly, I am committed to the posi- 2007, his home was destroyed Republicans called it evidence to come into full effect. sociation, an employme nt and their healthcare coverage with- tive future of the Fellowship. I by fire; and in 2012, a flurry of that Obama's plan was a fal "This is designed to meet two recruiting industry group, said out threat of arbitrary punish- will continue to work hard each baseless and* unmerited lawsuit
-ure, while Democrats termed it a goals," Mark Mazur, the Trea- administration officials briefed ment." and every day to insure that the allegations were .filed against
demonstration of flexi bility. sury Departments assistant his organization l 'ast Tuesday af- Some analysts saw the change mission~ and vision established him. The adversities have temnWhether that flexibility opens secretary for tax policy, said in ternoon, portraying the .delay as as a responsible move to accom- by our founder is fulfilled. We pered Walker to be a leader prethe door to further changes in a government blog. "It will allow a "practice year" for businesses. modate smaller businesses. it will remain strong, committed pared to lead a~ movement. In the healthcare law is now a mat- us to consider ways to simplify "In our conversation this after- could also help the public edu- and undivided during this tran- 2009, Bishop Walker remarried; ter of debate. The law, known the new reporting requirements noon with representatives from cation campaign to persuade the sition." in 2009, Bishop Walker's home
as "Obamacare," was passed in consistent with the 2010 law. the administration, they are ex- uninsured to sign up for cover- Bishop Joseph Walker pastors was restored; and in 2012, the 20 10 and upheld by the U.S. Su- Second, it will provide time to pecting employers to voluntarily age. one of the largest churches in the lawsuit allegations were dispreme Court a year ago. adapt health coverage and re- go forward with these rules," he "It takes away one of the po- United States, Mt.Zion Baptist missed 100% by the Tennessee
"If this is negotiable, it seems porting systems while employ- said. tential sources of criticism and Church in Nashville, TN, which Judiciary. As a champion of the
like anything is negotiable," said ers are. moving toward making Trade groups representing re- .frankly negative stories that were "has grown from 175 members in faith, Bishop Joseph W. Walker, Malcolm Slee, a tax lawyer work- health coverage affordable and tailers and restaurants, among likely to materialize in the fall," 1992 to over 28,000 members III continues to carry the mesing with businesses on health- accessible." those expected to be hit hardest said Larry Levitt of the nonpar- today. Mt. Zion Baptist Church sage of love, faith and hope that
care implementation. He said the administration by the, mandate, welcomed the tisan Kaiser Family Foundation, '-is one church, with three loca- has inspired the world for more
Companies-'would have had to would publish formal guidance one-year extension. which tracks healthcare issues. tions, offering 30+ ministries for than 2,000 years.

The Miami T* ... ...

ReivlCetrc of* Chit isrisCurhotCrs

Apostolic Liberty City Church New Vision For Christ Friendship Missionary Misionar Bptistwsvll
Reia etro hitMnsre Baptist ChurchMisoayBpstCucofhrt
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Hadley Davis Emmanuel In Memoriam Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Hadley Davis MLK Miami Gardens TINA L. MARTIN, 46, childcare
DEZZIE HART, 79, factory work- ANNIE MCSWAIN, 79, supervi- worker, died In loving memory of, In loving memory of, In loving memory of,
er, died July 7 r sor, died June June 6 at North
at Kindred Hos- 21 at Memorial Shore Medical
pital. Services West Hospital. Center. Service
were held. Arrangements 3p.m., Saturday
are incomplete. in the chapel.

ELIJAH THOMPSON, 88, truck Manker
drve, id~ly "IVAN SCOTT, 80, mechanic,
river, died July t ANGELA LOVELL LOTT, 48,
2 at University iedula t e h maker,
oMimHoi-Aventura Hos- de uy6a
of Miami Hospi- pital. Service 11 ed July 6 at
tal. Service 12 a.m., Saturday Hea c k s o n
p.m., Saturday at Lively Stone System.
in the chapel. for Jesus Minis- Service 1 p.m.,
Mt. Arron M.B. 10/29/1951 07/01/2012 aka "Lena" ANTHONY TRAVIS
Church. 07/11/1971 11/26/2009 aka "POOCHIE"
FRANCIS COLLIER I can't believe a year has 07/12/1965 06/01/2009
FLEMMING, EARNEST EVANS, JR., 23, passed, but our love for you Happy 42nd birthday;
56, died July I a n d sc a p e r, will last forever. 42 candle lights of wishes From your mother and
6 at Jackson died July 2. Ser- Gregg L. Mason From your loving wife, displaying blessings with love family.
North Hospital. vice 12 p.m., DONALD J. REED, 60, died Mary; your number one son, and cherished memories on
Service 2 p.m., Thursday at Lo- July 1, at North Charles, Jr.; friends and rela- your special day.
Saturday in the gos Missionary Shore Hospi- lives. Love your kids and the Happy Birthday
chapel. Baptist Church. tal. Survived by family.
his daughter, In loving memory of,
Danetra Reed; In Memoriam I Memoriam
mother, Ethel I -em ria
MARQUIS O'HAIR, 21, died Reed; brothers,
June 23. Services were held. DEACON ALVIN BARTHELL, Isaac Jr., Ken- In loving memory of, In loving memory of,
67, truck driver, neth and Darrell
JOHN LEE MARSHALL, 57, died June 28 at Reed; sisters, Bertha Boze, Bardied June 26. Services were held. Jackson North bara Newton, Deborah and Sharon
Hospital. View- Reed, Cassandra Brown, Kathy
MARY LEE BORNES, 87, died ing 1 6 p.m., Reed, Katrina Dupree and Carol
June 25. Services were held. Wednesday in Reed. Viewing 3 p.m. 6 p.m., Frithe chapel. day. Service 12 p.m., Saturday in
the chapel. Interment: Dade MeSHEKITA BLACK, 36, died June moral Park.
26. Services were held.
Wright and Young FANNIE ARNOLD, 87, nurse Royal
HERSCHEL BOSTON, JR., 52, ide, died July DELORES COOK aka "MAE",
retired foreman, West Hospital. 61, retired teledied July 5 atService 10 a.m., cmmunicaEA T T NOID QUINN
Aventura Hos- Servic aM. tions opera- E TRANOID QUINN
ptl uvvr:Olive Primitiv tor, died July 07/2/169 0830/99
pital. Survivors:" Saturday at Mt. t de uy ~ 71/99-0/019
wife, Sabrina Baptist Church 4. Survivors: NEWELL FREDERICK CECIL STANLEY God has you in his keeping
Roberts Boston; three daughters, PALACIOUS NEWBOLD, SR. we have you in our hearts..
children, Tange- Fredricka, Sha- 09/03/1930 07/13/1994 10/13/1912 07/06/1988 From your loving cousins.
la and Whitney nia and Latasha. 11Fv
Boston. Viewing MARY GARDNER, 80, died June You will always Upon the 25th Anniversary In Memoriam
10 am- 8pm., Friday in the chapel. 27. Services were held. be loved and cherished. Service of his death.
Service 11 a.m., Saturday at West- 10:30 a.m., Saturday at Crooms "Rest Eternal, Grant Unto
view Baptist Church. Temple Church of God in Christ. Hie, Etrdl Gn Unto
Trinity Him, O'Lord" In loving memory of,
tomer ser- 57, roofer, died July 4 at Broward Richardson Death Notice
vice, died July Health Center. Service 12 p.m., ROSE JOHNSON GOODEN,
4. Service 11 Monday in the chapel. 77, beautician,
&m,,Saturday died July 8. Serat Faith Com- MARIE PAUL, 60, environmental vice 11 a.m.,
munity Church, services tech, died July 1 in Brook- Saturday at Mt.
10401 NW 8th lyn, New York. Arrangements are Olivette M.B.
Avenue, Miami, incomplete. Church.
Florida 33150.
MONTAE CUMMINGS, 26, porter, died June 29 at home. ArrangeFRED DOUGLAS IVY, 76, re- ments are incomplete. ALBERTHA COLLIE .... -'
tired, died July L.C. FLEMING, died July 7. Ser- PALACIOUS ..'A
vice 1 p.m., Saturday at New Provi- 07/14/1933 03/12/2013
8 at Aventura Carey Royal Ram'n dence M.B. Church
Hospital. View- deceM..Chrc. .
ing 10 am 2 PEARLINE MOSS, 88, died Our parents are reunited EW
p.m., Friday in June 25 at again after almost 20 years. .MELLA LEE WILLIAMS
the chapel and home. Service Their love withstood the IHPA B L-60 8
Viewing 4 -7 10 a.m., Friday I A test of time through laughter- 071082012
'ia;a LIAMB, 96, former JournalpmFridya in the chapel Pradise and some tears. LAS 6 omrJunl
p.m., Frmon at of time tr, ist for Miami Times died July It's been a year now.
Mt. Hermon Sadly missed by your family
AME Church. Service 10a.m., Sat- JOSHUA JOHNSON, 22, 8. She was the oldest of three The void can only be filled
AM EChuchServce 0 am.,Sat-die Juy 4and friends, but God knows
urday at the church, 17800 NW 25 died July 4..: all is good. children of the late Rose Leah through prayer and suffocaAvenue, Miami Gardens. Service 11 am., Walker Williams and Ernest tion.
Saturday at We continue to pray for Ingram born April 6, 1917 in If the Power of Love could
TASHA D. ROUNDTREE, 40, CYNTHIS BYRD, 43, homemak- Sweet Home peace, strength and unity Miami Dade County. She was bring you back, well you
as you've taught us that we born on Avenue "G" pres- know the rest. (Smile)
bus aide, died er, died July 3 at home. Services MBC. should.
Jul 6athoe.wee el. ov awasently Northwest 2nd Avenue. We thank God for Him
ervic 2 pthm. Neehedorman adine Ata Service 10 a.m., Saturday at blessing us with you and so
Satrdaicte VAEREpAROm4,hoe Norma, (any, Ariane Greater New Bethel Baptist very proud to be able to call
chapel. maker, died July 7, at Memorial and Newell (Charmane). Cuc.SrieEtutdt o u onnsse
Pembroke Hospitai. Arrangements Range Funeral Home. and friend.
are incomplete. William H.Gray TTT, pastor an am kr diesat7

Marcel's Cremations H ~,ad~a .
HERBERT NORTHRUP, 82, CIA By William Yardley selected him as majority whip in Gray had not held elected office who had once worked in Nix's ofANTHONY JERVIS, 23, died Agent, died at home. Service with 1989, the third-ranldng House when he first ran for a House seat, fice, lost by fewer than 400 votes.
July 7 at Broward General. Ar- family. William H. Gray III, a third- leadership position. in 1976, challenging the longtime Two years later, after accusing Nix
rangements are incomplete, generation Baptist minister from Two years later, Gray surprised incumbent, Robert N. C. Nix Sr., of losing touch with his district,
AIDA H. VALLONE, 92, house- Philadelphia who won a seat in many people when he resigned in the Democratic primary. Gray, he won easily. DEARREN BROWN, 84, died wife, died June 27 at North Shore. Congress in 1978 and to become president.
July 7at North Shore Hospital. Ar- Private service with fmlrose to become the high- and chief executive of -AKT
rangements are incomplete, fml.est-ranking Black law- the United Negro Col- -_JERMAINE C. WASHINGTON, maker in the country, lege Fund. He went onC AflT
minister, died June 24. Service died on Monday in Lon- to lead the nonprofit l *=*$I KlJ i
ROSE B LEIS,90 did Jly 0,don. He was 71. group to record fund-Dlied teferlhnsoyurhoe
5O at AvEnW Plaza Serie 10 with family and friends. He died while attend- raising. ll ld } lel ofyr
AMStrahtLbryCrsta RN EPSUL,6,ig the Wimbledon ten- "Bill Gray was a MVJDl frm
AMStraatLbryCrsin FAKD PA UL,0,nis tournament with his trailblazer," President
Church. property manager, died June 28. son Andrew, said William Obama said in a state- 29 UUW 8U 1 l frm
FrdHnesService in New York. Epstein, who was Gray's GRAY ment, "the first African- p 18 Gas Seasi from $96
FrdH communications direc- American to chair the
ROSETTA E. JOHNSON, 73, LORRAINE H. QUEEN, 94, tor in Congress. Epstein said that Budget Committee and to serve as [
nurse for 30 housewife, died July 4. Service Gray had not been ill and that the the majority whip." 'U lta Stsel Iai$1 E
years and was with family. cause was not immediately clear. Six years before he was elected I O|-I
loved by many, Hal~~Gray, who served in the House to Congress, Gray became pastor OY uu cakt AvIIg 3I82
died June 26 al Ferguson He5wlt from 1979 to 1991, was a persis- of Bright Hope Baptist Church in lfaI dfp fl n elnaon
at North Shore VERNELL PATTERSON, 73, tent voice for equal rights, educa- North Philadelphia, and he would Funu .. dmllliin
Hospital. View- retired, died July -tion and services for the poor, in serve as pastor for 35 years. He
ing 4 8 p.m., 4 at North Shore .the U.S. and abroad. He pressed succeeded his father, William H.
Friday in the Hospice Unit. for more economic aid for Africa Gray Jr., who preached there for
chapel, 6301 Service 1 p.m., and was a leading critic of South 22 years, and his grandfather,
Taft St., Hol- Saturday in the African apartheid, helping shape William H. Gray Sr., who served
lywood, Fl 33024. Service 11 chapel. U.S policy, including sanctions, from 1925 until his death in 1949.
am., Saturday at Cooper Temple against that country. He led the While in Congress, he would re- IifhU~U hfIII3m.....
Church, 3800 NW 199 St, Miami, 4 House Budget Committee in the turn to Philadelphia on weekends
Fl133055. 1980s, and his fellow Democrats to preach.


The Miami Times has won six national awards
from the National Newspaper Publishers Association [NNPA]








Faipptr Famlyfrrjoj "k .. ... a k P
..... ......... ...S}! !

Lifestyle i e t


4 '4,Ashley,00
'4 4' 444 44a 44,a ~
I44 Z4A i




HierbedEggplant & BeetDip BabyBeets& Olves SMART SILLY AND ACTION-PACKED..
Makes 8 servings (approx. 1/4 cup each) Makes 6 servings MSN MOVIES
Preparation Time: 30 minutes Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes 1 16-ounce jar Aunt Nellie's
1 jar (16 ounces) Aunt Nellie's Sliced Pickled Beets, Whole Baby Pickled Beets,
drained drained
2 tablespoons olive or canola oil 3/4 cup assorted pitted olives
1 medium eggplant (about I pound), cut into 1-inch pieces 1 to 2 tablespoons orange zest
1 cup chopped onion I clove garlic, minced
3 cloves garlic, sliced 1/2 teaspoon cracked black O F
Coarse ground black pepper Combine all ingredients in medium
1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt (Greek or traditional), optional bowl. Serve at room temperature or / )'
1/4 cup thinly sliced fresh basil chilled
1 to 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme leaves
Pita chips, fresh vegetables Bean & Vegetable Salad N
Coarsely chop beets.
In large nonstick skillet heat oil over medium heat until hot. Add Makes 4 servings
eggplant, onion and garlic; cook 15 minutes or until vegetables Preparation Time: 30 minutes are tender, stirring frequently. Add water, 1 tablespoon at a time, if 1 can (15 ounces) READ 3 or mixture seems too dry or begins to stick. Salt and pepper, as desired. 4 Bean Salad
Place eggplant mixture in bowl of food processor; process until 2 cups vegetables, cut into .
mixture is chopped and combined. Measure out 1/2 cup chopped thin strips* I
beets;, set aside. Add remaining chopped beets to eggplant mixture. 1/4 cup very thinly sliced red Process until dip is desired consistency. onion, optional
Transfer dip to serving bowl. Stir in yogurt, if desired., Stir in herbs Cracked black pepper
and reserved 1/2 cup chopped beets just before serving. Serve with Chopped parsley, optional
pita chips and vegetables for dipping. If not served immediately, Dressing: t
cover and refrigerate up to 6 hours. Allow to stand about 15 min- 2 tablespoons reserved bean .
utes before serving if chilled. salad liquid. F
1 tablespoon apple cider or
wine vinegar
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large clove garlic, minced '
Drain bean salad; reserve 2 tablespoons
For dressing, combine reserved bean
salad liquid, vinegar, oil and garlic.
Whisk until combined.
-In large bowl, toss together drained
bean salad, vegetables and onion, if
desired. Toss with dressing. Season
with black pepper and stir in chopped INTHEATERS AND re a
parsley, if desired. Serve at room IA
temperature or chilled.
*Cut vegetables into thin strips about ILLUEMINA!ON mL
2 x 1/4 inch. Vegetables can be one or EN 'ERt"INPcN'f .- 11despicabeme
a combination of: carrot, celery, bell
pepper, cucumber, zucchini, yellow
squash, or other favorite vegetable. CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR THEATERS AND SHOWTIMES


.. .. ii :. 'i::: 2 1 ii!

dNotheelsials acuos visitc

apublix here arByO e. to iewe deals n ekyse~l nteies))

your smartphone, scan the code.




Smother, Tarrollyn Knowles- bo" used his mechanical skills the death of Earlin Humes, his Luke and Daisy Emmers, Tucker, is a teacher at Coun- to build a small theatre out of funeral and musicianship as Norma Coes, Todine Strothtry Club Middle School. When a tent for the gang to watch a member of the famous Billy er, Barbara' Wright, Gloria school opens in the fall, Jhayla cowboys movies. However, Rolle band back in the day. Or, Linda Cummings, Dr. will head to the sixth grade, during the picture show, the George Lane was the last to Inez Rowe, Bartow and Marva where she is ready for new tent would be knocked down hire him. He will be missed by Duhart, Stan Lawson, Frank A big salute goes out to Jhay- won, she said. "I experiments and challeng- several times and the movie the musicians and those who Strother, Edward Waters, and
Ia Kirkland,, a Miami Gardens didn't know my essay was the es. She was recognized by fans had to crawl out for re- knew him. Treneise Henderson.
10-year-old who cannot pin- best one." In her essay, she Mayor Three men who meet pairs. "Sambo" took the time Gladys Smith and her Ar- The "walkers" wore their tpoint when she fell in love writes about landing a career every Thursday, at the res- to attend Yale University and cola Lakes Park Seniors "walk- shirts spelling out their idenwith science and mathematics. in mechanical engineering to taurant off of Ali Baba'in Opa completed a course in filming, ers" once again met and took tity and followed the dutchJhayla, who just completed the create her own eco-friendly line -locka are: Samuel "Sambo" photo shooting while playing the entourage to Jackson's style of paying for what you fifth grade, recently won first of cars. Harrison, Elliot "Flattop" the tenor sax. "Flattop" played Soul Food, Overtown, for a ordered. The seating capacplace in the southeastern con- The cars would be called Flanders, and Walter John- the alto sax. Walter spent his Fathers Day celebration, last ity of 125 was easily taken, sortium for Minorities, in Engi- Clarkson White and instead of son. All three of them grew time finding out who did what Friday. Some of the 25 in at- while groups of people joined neering National Science Es- using gas all you have to use up Overtown in Sister Ward's and when. tendance included Mamie Wil- them in a pleasant morning in
say Contest. "I was surprised I is white milk," she writes. Her yard on first curt, while "Sam- The topic this week will be Hams, Laverne Roundtree, Overtown.
......................................................... .. ............. ................ ..................................... ...................... .. .. . ................ ............. ............................................................ ................................................................................... .................................. ....................................................................................... ......... ..............

ASHLEY The HERLARIOUS comedy cause 'I'm a womasn, I can't be airs on the Oprah Winfrey funny. Or they think that t
contru r m mtee Network [OWN] on Saturday, only thing a comedgien an
and Chrs Rock, is someone Ju y 3 and 20. Ashley takes t do is talk about women's iswith whoe Iv always wanted othe stage on the second airing. sues. I l iogh stereotype to to worki Ashley said. "In fct, 'erortl but with professnI've often said tat ylife would CAN A WOMAN BE" als like Wanda andl someof bef complete if I got the chance AS FUNNY AS AMAN? the other women that are part to work with those three aMuz- Ashley says shei hs alays of this sbow maybe e ican eioing comedians. And asst I su had an affinity for theater and change some folks' m finds.We
pelted," Wanda is a trte profes- the ts, buet knew inher heart all want to be affnrmedfor what signal. She's'a real person too that comedy was her passion we do but I'ye had some people and working.with her and the She describes herself as a sto see my show and then tell me rest of the group was something aellerand tends to talk about after-wards, 'ow, you're futnnhe I'll never i forget" her own life during her perfor- for a woman.' Take it fro me
Last summer she got a call manes that is defitel not a comfrom Chappelle and wasrinvited .I was raised by two southern pliment to open a show for him ihs Mi Baptist preachers and raised Word is that Ashley, who ne'sota. Now she's been hand- in Opa-locka, so I' have some is married and now makes picked by Sykes herself as pt great stories to tell" she said. a small towna in Idiana her Lof an all-female comedienne "But one of the tough things home, is a comedienne w
hd also wolineup that plans to make the about'this business is Cwomb- very b t future. Watch and
-.audience laugh until they cry. en still aredi't givenl the same -.judge fo -',ourself.7k tor those counting, that makes levelr of respect as men. I hate Fortooe Eddy Tray Ashley A two of her dreams realized out toiadmlt it but it's true. Some "go to d'soluwin.rae/com
ofthree. people actually barieve thatbe- or tweet her at o uA -a e5.

Miai liMes staff report South Florida community," some of the most renowned, Kinerry W ashingtonweds Nnam di Asom ugha
said Keith, Clarke, founder upscale restaurants and ho- Huffington Post was the first to break Idaho. Washington's parents
The Miami Jazz Society will and managing director "of tells in the country, including the news Tuesday, writing reportedly served as witnesshost a ifree concert featuring the Miami Jazz Society. "The the legendary Copacabana n Quel Scandalel Kerry that they had 'just received es. legendary jazz violinist Fed- Society takes great pride in New York City. More recently, Washgton is married. Mul- news" of Washingon and "It has been recorded in the erico Britos, versatile song- bringing together a diverse Clarke has taken a great in-tiewbstsaerptngAouhsscetupas. BaeCutylrksfie
stress Yvonne Brown and Af- group of people and providing terest in her career. He introthat thol spectruml "Scan Einn and UsWel htNamiAot n
ro-Cuban jazz band Oriente. them with the opportunity to duced her to the Gary Thom- dal" star got hitched to San and, subsequently confirmed Kerry Washington Ihave b Ieen
The performances will take experience the culture of jazz as Trio, a group originally Francisco 49ers cornerback the marriage, with the lat-, married onthe 24th of June. place in the historic Olympia 'music in the heart of Miami." consisting of three University Nnamdi Asomugha on June ter citing records that show in thetown of Hailey, Ida-, Theater at the Gusman Cen- .Federico Britos, 'violin vir- of Miami music majors. 'She 24 in Blaine County, Idaho. ,Washington and Asomugha ho," a representative for the. ter [174 E Flagler St.] on Fri- tuoso, is as equally adept is currently working on a new Gsi est ee~-fldframrig ies nceksofc odU eky
day, July 12th; showtime is 8 within the world of jazz music CD and is frequently shpwP.M. as he is in the classical realm,' cased at South Florida yenThe Miami Jazz Society was and has built a solid reputa- ues. founded in 2009 in partner- tion throughout the Southern Oriente, aft Afro-Cuban ship with Sky Lounge with Hemisphere of the Americas. jazz group, was formed in

nity and showcasing superb. my Awards and is currently ist/composer Eddy Baozola. artist's at the iconic Miami involved in a new project with The band's soulful, signature O N BY THE R E AN & TO B
Tower. The Society presents Cuban guitar player Jorge sound features guitar-drivenaipa ntctfor e d
free events that are open to Garcia. N, ferocious Afro-Latin perthe public all year round. The 'Jazz singer Yvonne Brown cussion and brass, fusing Olympia Theater at the Gus- is a long time resident of Cuban roots and rhythms man Center, which opened in South Florida and has per- with blues, jazz'and Brazil1926, has hosted legend in formed throughout the U.S., ian influences. The band has the past including Luciano Canada and the Caribbean become known for its hardPavarytti and Etta James. Islands. At an early age, driving, melodic Afro-Cuban
Now the stage is set for those Brown started performing in roots fusion. 'SO
who are lovers of jazz................
"This jazz concert spans
the whole spectrum, from ''"'~~
the Americas to Africa, and is
just a sampling of the quality of musie we've offered over "
the past seven years to theCTh

Africa's answer IC d S "" R a SpaaV m

to Winfrey's

OWN channel
By Michelle Paul A A Irica."

LAots, Nigeoria to Ard womani Aranzl W / M IficalSpnsr

who coudreek- corinsier d iasT' sa Oraih-br iei ancfrin ano en-. 1 ELESS

onche c ntnth wkt l prorm Enoao 99 im
cliass itseugeonng middle aHEcustomL treatmentatEApremANerSspasE Mopsusioa o" Ateuodu antse Visiete Miamionentonst~orau-h fora moDestails aktnd ergnzticing otel piack agdeeces.
ant rsty of thegorld an.4 i"'ATC.Ah


Florida beats feds

on having healthier

school food options
By James L. Rosica

TALLAHASSEE Florida has beaten the feds to the punch sugary fruit punch, that is.
The U.S. Agriculture Department said last Thursday that for the first time it will make sure all foods sold in the nation's schools are healthier by expandimg fat, calorie, sugar and sodium limits to almost everything sold during the school day.
That means, high-calorie sports drinks and candy bars will be removed from school vending machines and cafeteria lines as soon as next year,
replaced with diet drinks, granola
bars and other healthier items.
But for the most part, that's
already happened in Florida, said
Erin Gillespie, spokeswoman for
ADAM PUTNAM state Agriculture Commissioner
N Florida Agriculture Adam Putnam.
Commissioner "Florida has long realized
that healthy. foods are key to
our children's success" she said. "That has been the standard and that is not changing."
The changes, though, affect mainly high schooners. Soda is already banned at Florida elementary schools. Stephanie Spicknall, nutrition coordinator for Pasco County's public schools, said vending machines there already serve whole-grain, reduced-fat chocolate chip cookies, and a cocoa and cherry-puree sweetened bar called the "Vertical G-force."
"The kids refer to it as the 'brownie' and we just kind of go with it," said Spicknall, a registered dietitian.
Art Dunham, director of food services for Pinellas County schools, said his district's snack offerings include granola bars and the "Fruit Wave," a fruit-infused water that comes in a cattlee," with a can top and plastic bottle base.

Kinfe Ken Redda, Ph.D. and Lt. Col. Greg Clark, FAMU National Alumni Association 1st Vice President, at the 2013 HBCU Awards.

named malenam Howard Universityi
pro)fes nmd male

SFAMU orin danger, says dean

tfacfl1ty ieirib r of the year BTer Wngkade called on Howard to severe ties with Rob
--- ----------- ------------- ert M. Tarola, an independent contractor
p --ftirict honor for me to be recognized Academic deans at HoadUiriywoserves as the school's chief financial
Research VP, Dr. Kinfe Ken Redda among the more than 100 HBCU in Washington warned in a letter tvouni- officer, who they blamed for the budgetinstitutions in the nation," said varsity trustees, reported in The Washing ary issues. "Miami limes staff report He is exactly what this award best Redda. "This award acknowledges ton Post last Monday, that fiscalmisman- 'Mr- Ta a's actions are harming the
represents." that there are good things happen- ..agement by senior adminis- University's academic pro* Florida A&M University [FAMU] Redda currently serves as an ac- ing at FAMU. It is a great achieve- traitors was "doing irreparable grams and proving detrimenProfessor of medicinal chemistry tivity leader in the Drug Discovery ment." harm" to the schools "reputa- 'tal to the University's vibrant
and Acting Vice President for Re- Core Facility (DDCF), a component The HBCU Awards-and its accom- tion and future viability." future," read the June 6 letter,
search Kinfe Ken Redda, Ph.D. of the Research Center in Minor- panying training seminar, the Na- Thecle fr ted sho' T digne s' by letter s1 dens
has been named the Male Faculty ity Institutions (RCMI) Program at tional HBCU Media Summit, were 4eans e s b
Member of the Year by the 2013 FAMU. Previously, he served as as- the culminating events of HBCU 6tor laisty is- n -ithtutyrgardefor a ere iHBCU Awards. During his 28-year sociate vice president for research Media Week, presented by Jackson financial trouble. Renee H' tion statues, and accounting
tenure, Redda has secured three (2004-2005). Redda was appointed State University and the HBCU Di- 1ri
ginboham-rooks vic chai recrds ad an inappropipatents through intensive research to serve as the Director of the NIH- gest, a daily online publication coy- ofgHowars vice car eco hdnging of researi
on HIV and Anti-Cancer agents, funded Minority Biomedical Re- ering America's historically Black warned in an lettetfunds. The
and generated more than $35.5 search Support [MBRS] Program in colleges. Organizers call the week ApdlstSIDN.R .a
Organizers call then week 'u blvduniversity is in HoadPrsdn deans pointed to Howard's dip
million from research and training 1988 where he excelled in expand- an "annual period of training, gene trouble and 'time is of in rankings among research
grant awards at the university. ing and strengthening biomedical celebration and media' outreach the essence.' institutions and its decline in
"Dr. Redda's work with HIV/ research on camripus and generated among America's 105 historically An internl memo in January fro undergaduate enrollment.
AIDS research and his develop- millions of dollars for FAMU from Black colleges and universities." Howard President Sidney Ribeau cau- Tarola responded to the deans in an ment of patents has positioned NIH during his tenure as the MBRS The HBCU Award nominations tioned staff about a "significant budget e-mail, pledging to improve communicahim as a national expert in his Director for 17 years. A prolific re- were made by a panel of HBCU challenge." 'ghememo outlined Howard's lion and apologizing for not speaking industry, and affirms FAMU as a search grant writer, Redda gradu- students, alumni, faculty, staff plans to cut salaries and change employ- wth them for almost a year. repository of national academic ated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, and supporters. Nomination merit ee benefits. Howard officials have downplayed
and research-based expertise," University of Alberta (Canada) with was determined by submitted es- Ribeau told the Post, allowing the let- claims the university is in trouble, blamsaid HBCU Digest Founder Jar- a doctorate in medicinal chemis- says and verified by leadership of ter from the council of deans, that the ingbudget problems on the federal budrett Carter, Sr. "We are honored try in 1978. After graduation, he the Center for HBCU Media Advo- Universitd is "unequivocall" not in fi- get sequester and changes to federal' That Dr. Redda has made his life's completed a two-year postdoctoral cacy, Inc. Finalists were selected :nana dagr "hr i. n id tdn iacal, aid. Howard-functons
work of scholarship and research research fellowship in "synthetic and ranked by a panel of HBCU o(f msaaeetamnsraieyo a rvt, chool, but receives. more
at FAMU, one of the nation's great medicinal chemistry" at Dalhousie presidents and administrators. finanilyta sdmgn h nvr hp or uth o oe atnfuds frm
institutions of higher learning -- University in Canada. Awards are based on the 2012- 5iy"Rba'a eea apporitionacrigt h
'historically Black and otherwise. "I am delighted and it is a dis-. 2013 academic year.Thletrfo tecuniofdas WsmtoPs.

SKey federal student loan rate doubles

.By Nick Anderson other federal loans to instead of the current
undergraduates, graduate practice, in which Congress
The interest rate on a key students and parents. fixes rates. But lawmakers
federal student loan doubled More than seven million have been unable to agree
last Monday, as expected, students are projected to on the details of such a
but it is unclear whether take out subsidized loans for switch, such as rate caps
SCongress will allow the the coming school year. and annual rate variability
increase to stand before the Lawmakers and President for individual loans.
new school year gets under Obamna sought to prevent the Many congressional way. rate hike but were unable Democrats want to extend
Federal law has' set the to reach an accord before the fixed 3.'4 percent rate for .}
rate for new subsidized Congress left Washington a year, echoing a measure ;:;:
Stafford loans at 6.8 percent, for its July 4 recess. The enacted a year ago. The .....
up from 3.4 percent. The Republican-led House passed Senate is expected to vote
subsidy means that these a bill in May to tie loan July 10 on whether to take :
loans, for undergraduates rates to the government's up such a bill, which would
with demonstrated financial cost of borrowing, but the be retroactive to Monday. It need, do not accrue interest administration criticized is likely to face a Republican While the students are in some of the provisions filibuste".
school. It is estimated that and threatened a veto. The Experts say that Congress
the rate hike would add Democratic-led Senate still has time to act before
about $1,000 in interest over stalemated. the rate hike ripples through
the life of a loan for many Like congressional the higher education system.
borrowers. Republicans and some But if Congress adjourns for1
Subsidized loans taken Democrats, Obama has its August recess without
out before Monday are proposed tying loan rates to passing a bill, the impact on
not affected. Nor are annual market benchmarks students will be significant.


India-Arie's having

a Songversation"

with you in new CID

By BlackAnzerica Web Lott

India.Anie wants to have a "Songversation" with you. So it's fitting that that's the title
of her latest recording, out last month. The
singer/ songwriter, best known for her boundary breaking songs "Video" and "I Am Not My Hair" took a 4-year break, recording another project called "Open Door," then scratched that and completed "Songversation" in 7 months. Arie says the break was necessary to heal her spirit.
"I've been through a lot of personal transformation and spiritual transformation in the last four years. And health stuff," Arie told the I Tom Joyner Morning Show during her Red Velvet Cake studio appearance for In-Studio X Jam. "And a lot of it was difficult. When I came through the other side of that, I didn't have any music to bring with me. She says*I that this album reflects her, healing on songs like "Break My Shell," inspired by a conversa- IV tion with Cicely Tyson and "This Love," where she shares her commitment to fully being herNself. "Cicely Tyson inspired the song. She told me she wanted me to break my shell and let life touch me and I remembered it, obviously. "B3reak My Shell" is probably the most impor* at song for me on "Songversation. SArie enjoys a respect within the musical I
community and her fans that was tested when accusations of skin bleaching accompanied her "Cocoa Butter" single release. On the sin-I gle cover, Arie looks noticeably lighter than in real life. Twitter, of course, went ballistic over it, sending nasty tweets Arie's way. "There are 7>
some people who still don't believe me, but then the bottom line question is why did she let it go out like that? I work with a top-notch, creative team of women and nobody saw it like that. We *didn't look at it like that. We saw a picture that was luminous and we saw a dress that was metallic and a background that was ~ metallic and skin that looked luminous.
It didn't look light-skinned. I didn't address ~ it because I thought my reputation would
~ speak for itself and it has it has died down. A
couple of weeks later, we were sitting around having a creative meeting and everyone had: the picture up on their computer. And it looked different on each person's computer, phone and W~ad. Some of them didn't look glowing. It looked like it was light. So some people are seeing it that way, depending on your device.

.... ....... .. ...... ------- ----... ....... ........ ....... ................................... ...........


Tales of the selfish and vapid

Billingsley's book focuses on a Queen Bee DUI charges dropped against Jeffrey Wright
and er fenem es'Jeffrey Wright won't have to appear in court to battle charges of driving under the influandherfrenemies "O Oence. New York police have droppedthe charges levied againstthe veteran actor, who was
By Trri Schlichenmeer even stole'Maya's boyfriend, C Opull over in April and failed a sobriety test.
Prosecutors. claim they dropped the case due to lack of evidence, though TMZ points
Mimi eswriter imagine how happy they out that they once said a sobriety test proved Wright was far over the legal limit of blood
were when the new show, alcohol content.
Have you heard about. .? Rumor Central, flopped. Wright is a very prolific actor with nearly three dozen films on his resume, including
Those are four words that To boost ratings and save C O RE RCadillac Records and Ides of March. He'll next be seen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
are music to your ears. You the show, Maya had to come
hear them, and you lean in up with some real gossip. Claudia Jordan, Omarosa's mom, getinto scuffle at BET Awards'
close because you know you're It had to be sensational According to various -reports, former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant, Claudia Jorclose boeaseintyoure ethad tb satol make dan allegedly got into an altercation with Theresa Manigault, mother of her rival Omarosa
about to hear something too something that would make Manigault, during the pre-Show. The scuffle reportedly turned physical, escalating with the
juicy to ignore, something too Miami stand up and notice. elder Manigault punching Jordan in the arm.
cool to avoid, something you Fortunately, Maya's former- Goss-ip is fun and you love eManigault revealed toTMZ, thatthe heated exchange began after Jordan started pushabsolutely must know. friends had been pretty loose ing her mother, causing Momarosa (as she is sometimes called) to file a police i'eport
Gossip is fun and you love with their lips and she knew h i -- against the television personality.
hearing it until you're on a lot of secrets. So, while a hearing i until you re "I am deeply saddened by Claudia Jordan actions at the BET Awards," Omarosa said to
the receiving end. And in the totally nerdy classmate did TMZ. "After all that my family and I been through this year. She should show at least an
new book "Rumor Central" her schoolwork for her, Maya ounce of decency and respect
by Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Morgan went on-camera and ''on the receiving end. Ahmad Brooks may face charges after allegedly assaulting teammate
one tattle-tale finds her tail in spilled Miami's hottest gossip. San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks could face charges stemming from an
a bunch of trouble. But someone wanted her alleged assault of teammate Lamar Divens.
Nobody in South. Florida to keep her mouth shut. According to court documents, Brooks got into an argument with Divens over car keys
under the age of 21 missed an Someone wanted to nix and allegedly hit him in the head with a beer bottle outside Brooks' home. Divens reportepisode of Miami Divas. the news. And for Maya edly needed three stitches and the Santa Clara County District Attorney'sOffice is debating
Starring Maya Morgan, the Morgan, payback would whether Brooks should be charged.
show also featured her friends be a...
and classmates as they Okay, I hated Maya Kevin Clash issues statement on sex abuse lawsuits
On the heels of Monday's good news, Kevin Clash has released astate ient regarding a
partied, shopped, and dished Morgan. She's nasty, judge's decision to throw out three of the four sex abuse lawsuits against him.
on must-haves for everyone self-centered, spoiled, "The Emmywinning Elmo puppeteer, who saw his career crumble after five men accused
Who was anyone. They had the obnoxious, and not very him of underage sex abuse, is "pleased" after a New York City judge ruled Monday that his
best of everything; they were nice. I've never wanted accusers' claims were filed too late and are thereby barred by the statute of limitations.
style-makers. Every week, the a come-uppance for a "Kevin is pleased by the judge's decision," his attorney, Michael G. Berger, said in a
ratings were off the chain character more than I statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "As we have maintained all along, our goal has
so it was a surprise to Maya wanted it for her. been to put these spurious claims behind him
that the show got cancelled. Hated. Her. so that Kevin can go about the business of
thtteso o acle. Htd his personiUe~'n his pro-: But the producers had Yep, Maya's a total fessional standing, whic s r
another little surprise for her: brat who only kind-of- regizone again byihe hree
recognized once again b h he
they wanted Maya to star in' almost learns .a lesson Emmyshewonlast m
a new TV program that would in this book (the first in Berger added: "The judge's decibe filled with gossip. a new series) and that sion to dismiss and close the three
They wanted Maya but "almost" wasn't near lawsuits is an important step in that
not her friends, enough to endear her direction. Kevin is looking forward to
This, of course, made Bali, to me one bit. Author a time In the near future when he can
Shay, and Sheridan jealous. Reshonda Tate Billingsley tell his story free of innuendo and false
Weren't they all for one, has made Maya just too Aso s
As of now, one suit: is pend-.
and one for all? Maya didn't selfishly incorrigible, and ing. A fifth suit was
think so. Why couldn't they it's hard to feel anything dropped byitsacunderstand that this was the for the girl but a lingering cuser several
opportunity her fabulous self distaste. i o n t h s
deserved? It was what she'd I can handle a dastardly ago.
been waiting for, -for ages. character most 'good
,Yes, her friends 'werejealous .fietio h has, at least one
-"green with envy, in. fact, but-the villainin this book
because Maya was meeting is insufferably awful. Try
and hanging with all .kinds this book. if 'you must. "'
of stars and making all kinds Give it a whirl if you have
of money. They were jealous to but to me, "Rumor
enough to try and ruin what Central" is nothing to
Maya was doing. One of them '-whisper about.

Dawoud Bey tells storiesthrough his photos

.--r ........................................ ............. ............ y ................ viwe s t oie indiida s hs Iwne h ei o icsto
IJJ~yviewed as individuals whose 'I wanted their voices to be
continued from IC lives are less rich and less part of the conversation and
complicated that there's no that just adds so much more
featured 25 black-and-white real substance to their lives. The to the photograph," he added.
photos of people' from his larger society tends to put young "My interest in young people
neighborhood. Bey wanted to people in a box and that's simply has to do with the fact that they
capture the essence of ordinary unfair." are the arbiters of style in the
people from military vets in a Bey photographed high school community and their appearance
marching band to old women on students in cities that included: speaks more strongly of how a
their way to church dressed in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, community of people defines
their Sunday best. New York City, Orlando, San themselves at a particular
Bey's photographs now Francisco and even allowed some historical moment."
command a price in "the low to write words about themselves For more info go to www.
six figures" and he has become and their photos.
known across the world as a work in the three decades since of an ordinary Black person. In
portrait photographer whose his debut at The Studio Museum this world of celebrity' chasing, works convey a feeling of self- in Harlem in 1979. I have chosen to give ordinary 31st, at 10:30 a.m. 3300 NW
awareness and profound people a place and to show 199th St. Cal,305-469-3767.
introspection. BEY DESCRIBES HIS WQRK them that their images are
Since his groundbreaking "We are all different people important enough to be shown 9 8 fre elf Ran se Park is offering
exhibition opened in 1979, Bey depending on the circumstances mn museums."fresfdeee atecshas continued his commitment and so I'm looking' to create In 1992, Bey began to focus MOCA will facilitate their Class of 1965, Inc. will meet es, Mon. hnd Wed., at 6 p.m.,
to portraiture as a means for an engagement to have on young adults using aPolaroid Summer Photojournalism In- July 20th, at 4:30 p.m., at at 525 NW 62nd St. Contact
understanding contemporary' a momentary experience camera. He says his work reflects stitute July 8th-26th, from 1-5 the African Heritage Cultural Clayton at 305-757-7961.
society. Now his work can be seen with a stranger so that we some of the things that young p.m., at 770 N.E. 125th St. Arts Center. Contact Lebbie at
at the Museum of Contemporary know that stranger through people were saying to him as he Call 305-893-6211. 305-213-0188. Ul The Miami Alumni
Art [MOCA], 770 NE 125th Street] their photograph," Bey said. traveled across the U.S. Chapter Tennessee State
in North Miami. The exhibition, "Ultimately, my goal is to reveal "Youth often feel like they Island Faith invites you M. The Norwood- University meets every secentitled "Picturing People," something from the subject's are stereotyped by the larger tO their Free PoetryWorkshop Cromartle Family is notify- ond Saturday, 9 a.m, at Picarepresents the evolution of Bey's interior self i seen in the photo community," he said. "They are July 13th, at 10 a.m., at Eclec- ing all family members for dilly Restau rant in Hialeah.
tic Miami, 13227 NW 7th Ave. their reunion, July 26-28, In Call 954-435-5391.
Call 786-273-5115. Valdosta, Georgia. Contact S.
Browning 678-896-0059 3 The LE.M. Program is
Casting Couch: A TV show for and about Blacks -Jackson South Commu- open for summer camp regnity Hospital will have their U MOCA will facilitate their istration for kids ages 6 and CASTING COUCH- ................ "The main premise has always Miami Times are still so vital Back to School Health Fair Summer Studio July 29th- up, at M.B. Church, at 2125
continued from ic been to focus on entertainment in telling the story of the Black July 13th, at 9 a.m., at 9333 Aug. 16th, from 1-5 p.m., at NW 155th St. Contact Latoya
but we also wanted to discuss community. Harrell says there SW 152nd Street. Call '786- '770 N.E. 125th t. Call 305- at 305-454-0265.
2004 and was set in a live talk social issues that affect the are plenty of surprises in store 845-0550. 893-6211.
show atmosphere. But after just Black community," Harrell for viewers. U S.E.E.K., Inc, 'will feed
a few months, the concept and added. "'hat makes the show "We taped the show at U The Culinary Manage- Ui Miami Edison Class of the homeless in the City of
the show were canned. However, unique is that it is totally different venues throughout ment Company is offering a 1973 will be celebrating their Overtown every first Satur"Officer Friendly" refused to let interactive and social-media South Florida and even went to Food Manager Protection Ex- 40th class reunion at the Mi- day, at 2pm, at 14-15 St. and his dream, die without a fight, driven." places that some consider to be amination course starting 'July ami Biscayne Bay Marriott, 1st Ave. Call 678-462-9794.
So, in 2012, he gave it another The line this season up the worst areas in Miami," he 15th, at 9 a.m. Call 754-300- August 2-4. Contact Vickie at
shot and struck gold. includes: Dr. Marvin Dunn, said. "We wanted to debunk the 7756. 305-606-4248. Miami Northwestern
This season he's back with author; Andre Gainey and Will myth that the only nice places Class of 1979 make a con neca finely-tuned version that Barnes, actors; Big Brooklyn in the city are Midtown and Miami Children mnl- U Liberty Square "Old tion. Call 786-399-4726.
featured TV award-winning Red, singer; Jon Saxx, SOuth Beach. Like the talent tiatlve's Christmas in July Project" Reunion will be
hosts like Karen Stephens, saxophonist; Teddy Harrell, that we feature on the show, event will take place July 18th, held Aug. 31st, at 10 a.m., at U Booker T. Washington
Giordan Diaz, Vanessa Jr., AAPACT founder; and Dr. there are plenty of venues that at 11 a.m., at the Joseph Ca- Arcola Lakes Park. Contact Class of 1967 meets every
Rottenburg, Lela Elam and Patrick Williams, educator and are hidden gems." 'leb Center, in the Community Phillip at 305-696-1819. third Saturday of the month,
Alisha Brooks. And to titillate classical musician. This writer The show runs for 12 weeks Room. For sponsoring contact 'at 7 p.m., at the African Heriour taste buds, Harrell has was also invited on the show on WPLG Channel 10, 'cable Katt at 305-636-2227. We Sale Florida Homes tage Cultural Arts Center,
mixed in some of South Florida's to talk about the continued channels Comcast 10 and 431 will have their First Time 6161 NW 22nd Ave. Call 305more colorful members of the relevance of the Black media and will also be rebroadcast on as Booker T. Washington Homebuyer Workshop Aug. 333-7128.
performing arts community. and why publications like The


FPL hike means $822M for cleaner air

Monthly rates to rise by less than 10 cents
By Doreen Hemlock less than 10 cents per month on a typical conditioners full blast.
household bill that now runs about $95 FPL now has 48 peaking units at three
Get ready to pay a bit more for electricity monthly. It also will seek somewhat larger power plants- Port Everglades and Dania to breathe cleaner air. increases in 2015 and 2016, when the Beach in Broward County and Fort Myers
Florida Power & Light is requesting a construction is completed, said spokesman in' Lee County. Those units use combustion small rate increase to cover an estimated Eric Hofmeyer. engines from the 1960s that emit nitrogen
$822 million investment to upgrade its At issue are replacements to small dioxide at levels beyond new tighter
"peaking units" to comply with new federal power -generating units that kick in when standards.
air emissions standards. electricity demand peaks, often in hot FPL fires up the smaller
FPL is asking to raise rates next year by summer months when Floridians run air- Please turn to FPL 8D

ByDnaGhk-ht cain analyzes hopmeowners' current "This tool will help Floridianis ~i~~ttlkt~ et.ahn~
eerg4y use. It suggests potential eni- across the state by evlatn thn hrosa a mrvrgltino
Th FordaDeatment of 4g 'erg-effciernt products, services and energy use and giving thm a v-th om' temdperatureadhmdt
rctueadCnueSevcs home improvements to help home- ,rity of optis to save en.eryi without constant monitoring r ipt7
lanhdan feeitrciewb owners save money on utility blls. their homes, said Comssoe ohfgiittady y uot~~r4
site~~~~ ~ ~~ ylrdhicnrycmThe results are then ranked by .Agriulture Adam Hj. Putnm hogotte'dyb uoaial

hoe.acontrac 1with the University of ~ ene'r gy saig ih'akitIhi peeie o srdfnd
Th /srfinl neatv pp-Foia w okt. progam~med"set pit.



-AP Photo/Jim Mane

qfl -ai ,uestions 'iV *I

on same-sex benefits

What will gay couples get? I-Miami Times Illustration/S Cie
The Supremne Court decision Szabo and Jayne O'Donnell talked By Associated Press percent), Hawaii (16.1 percent) and And the proportion of those sales that
striking down the Defense of to experts to try to answer some Oregon (15.5 percent). were "distressed" was at the lowest
Marriage Act raises a number of common questions. U.S. home prices jumped 12.2, CoreLogic also says prices rose 2.6 level in more than four years for thequestions on who in a same-sex percent in May from a year ago, the percent in May from April, the fifteenth second straight month. Distressed
couple is eligible for what federal Q: How will IRS policies most in seven years. The increase straight month-over-month increase, home sales include foreclosures and
benefits, ranging from taxes to change?, suggests the housing recovery is Steady hiring and low mortgage rates short sales. A short sale is when a
health care. A person's eligibility A: While the IRS generally has,- s ,trengthening. have encouraged more Americans home sells for less than what is owed
for benefits will depend, in some based its decisions about married Real estate data provider CoreLogic to buy homes. Greater demand, a on the mortgage.
cases, on the state in which couples on the couple's current said last Tuesday that home prices limited number of homes for sale and Home sales are expected to increase
the p erson lives or the agency state of residence, that policy rosefo eraoi 8sae.Te ee oelsrshv uhdpie in the coming months. That's because
administering the benefits. Many isn't written into law and could fell only in Delaware and Alabama. higher. Prices are still 20 percent the number of people who signed details won't be known until the be changed, says Brian Moulton, And all but three of the 100 largest below the peak reached in April 2006, contracts to buy homes 'rose in June to
Obamna Administration especially legal director for the Human cities reported price gains. according to -CoreLogic. the highest level since December 2006.
the Internal Revenue Service Rights Campaign, a gay rights Prices rose 26 percent in Nevada Sales of previously occupied homes There's generally a one- to two-month
interprets the decision and applies or-ganization. So, the IRS could j to lead all states. It was followed by topped the five million mark in May for. lag between a signed contract and a their regulations. USA TODAY's Liz Please turn to RULING SD California (20.2 percent), Arizona (16.9 the first time in three and a half years. Please turn to PRICES SD

Supreme Court delivers victories for big businesses

Rulings diminish. consumers ability to file claims such matters as defective prod- briefs.1Tecutsbins
ucts and unfair practices. Coin- The court's business rulings rulings represent By Lawrence Hurley cases, the court was split 5-4 with cast Corp and Amrerican Express represent "troubling trends that "toblntted


Gallup poll: Americans hate their J obs, even with perks,

By Kelli B.Grant The remaining 18 Nelson said. "You may keep them fortably cover their cost
percent are actively dis- But experts say com- for a while, but at some of living, she said.
If you hate your job, engaged or, as Gallup ~ ..pne ol obt on hyr on o putting together that
yo'e o aoe.Bt E JmClfonptter to focus on more leave." whole package that
youyre notne alone. Bute CEOpl JimClitonpu
having in-office ac- it in the report, roam .intangible benefits. Myesoe ahrmkspol ap.
cess to catered meals, the halls spreading dis- Teesaltorsech hnltr.hsepk- That makes for better
a pingpong table or content." Worse, Gallup out there that says, al- hunting Millennials only perks, too-ones that
free massages may not reports, those actively though it depends on stay at a given job for a employees specifically
make you any happier disengaged employees the employee, the perks little more than a year, asked for, like flexible
at work. cost the U.S. up to $550 come out as less impor- Nelson said, versus an working hours, or boJus 30perentof illon nnullyin osttant as job satisfaction," average 4.4 years for all nuses that reward proemployees are engaged productivity. .said Randy Alien, the workers. ductivity. There's some
and inspired at work, No wonder companies associate* dean of Cor- Not surprisingly, a indication that bosses
according to Gallup's have been looking for nelUiest' aulpyriecan also help. are bringing back those
201 Stteof heAme- ~ay t mae orkrsCurtis Johnson Gradu- But not by a long shot: kinds of earned perks.
ican Workplace Report, happier. ,ate School of Manage- In site data, workplace Last year, 72 percent
which surveyed more One trend that has 1K: ment. culture is a close sec- of employers awarded
than 150,000 full- and taken off is cushy office In other words, free ond in job satisfaction. incentive bonuses, acpart-time workers dur- perks, said manage- ~massages or beer on A pay raise may still not cording to salary data
ing 2012. That's up from ment consultant Bob tap in the office kitchen be enough, in the long site In
28 percent in 2010. The Nelson, author of 1,501 don't make up for hay- term, to keep workers 2010, just 53 percent
rest ... not so much. A Ways to Rewar d Em- Nearly 84 percent of people in a recent survey, if given the op- ing a boss who's a jerk, happy if there are un- did so. Hiring managers little more than half of ployees. For example, tion of changing occupations, would change their careers tomor- work tasks that aren't derlying problems, Al- have also begun focusworkers (52 percent) Google which has stimulating or a role len said. It's more likely ing more on picking emhave a perpetual case of topped the Fortune and rwthat doesn't allow you to make a difference ployees -who work well
the Mondays they're the Great Place to Work the past seven years at its Mountain View, to younger workers. "to grow. If, you don't for hourly workers who 'with a variety of people, present, but not par- Institute's annual list boasts a roller hockey Calif., headquarters. They're often looking have those fundamen- make a low wage than, rather than those who ticularly excited about of 100 Best Companies rink and nap pods, .Such benefits are at- for things they can brag tals, the perks aren't go- for higher-income work- just bring a specific skill their job. to Work For in four of among other amenities, tractive, particularly about to their peers," ing to fix it," Allen said. ers whose salaries corn- set to the table.

Florida Power & Light bills to see major increase in the coming years

FPL and cheaper_ to start of environmental ser- in Dania Beach and tally friendly, boost approve any FPL rate, the peaking units are- down the Port Evcontinued from 7D up than, 'a full-scale vices. three in Fort Myers. his city's tax base and increase. separate from FPL's erglades plant, ,its
power plant,- Hofmneyer "These units are The new units will rise create temporary con- The Florida Office of $1.2 billion project to towering red-striped units when needed to said. 40-plus years old. It's roughly 95 feet, corn- struction jobs. Public Counsel, which demolish its oil-pow- smokestacks and its
meet electricity spikes. "You don't need time for them to be re- pared with the 30 feet "It seems to be mu- advocates for the pub- ered -plant at Port Ev- peaking units July 16. Last year, the peak- them all the time, but placed," said LaBauve. for existing ones. tually beneficial to FPL li i utilit-y-related erglades and replace It will hire about 650 ing units ran during when you need them FPL plans to install. Dania Beach Mayor and the city" of 30,000 matters, has not yet it with a new more ef- people to build a new'
.145 days and only for you really need them," larger, more efficient Walter Duke heartily residents, he said. taken a position on ficient and less pollut- plant that runs on short spurts on those said Randy LaBauve, and less polluting endorses a project that Florida's Public Ser- the new rate request. ing one. natural gas, a cleanerdays, Each is faster FPL's vice president peaking units, five would be environmen- vice Commission must Plans to upgrade FPL plans to bring burning fuel.

U..S ...... homes see their biggest jump in. se"ven- years Housing: 30 %..of. income

P R ICE S rates before they rise year fixed mortgage this year and end
continued from 7D further. leapt to 4.46 percent it next year if theHOSN
A survey by the last week, according economy continued-to continued from 7Dl
completed sale. University of Michigan to mortgage buyer strengthen.
One worry is that released last week Freddie Mac. That's Economists say that rentals that came to market in 2012 represent
higher mortgage found more Americans the highest in two higher mortgage rates thhiesnubrice20adafced3
rates could slow the believe it is a good years and a point more are unlikely to stifle ofthe ionst 00 larsincem2004 adas. ccd.3
housing recovery. Still, time to buy a home than a month ago. the housing recovery. ilshrrntlncaescurdinAts
rates remain low by because both rates ,,Mortgage rates A more critical issue tin Texas; Raleigh, N.C. and Bridgeport, Conin.
historical standards, and prices are just surged after Federal is whether potential Additionally, despite low interest-rates on 30-'
And increases in rates starting to rise. Reserve chairman buyers can get loans. f~ fie-rate mortgages, homeownership in.
could boost home Rates have been B en Bernanke said There are signs that communities of color remains a distant Amenisales. That's' because trending higher for lsmotththe bnsavbcmecant Dream. Today, onl. 44 percent of Blacks
many Americans may two months. And, the '''Fed could scale back more willing to extend and 46 percent of Hispanics are homeowners.
act to lock in the lower average rate on a 30- '"~its bond buying later mortgages. By comparison, white homeownership stands
r~r at,73 percent.
- ------------ .... .................. ...............-------- -------- -- .. ..... --------- oa...denial..M ort aco otrienitedco ttobteom e so e o

H 0 the racial disparity in homeownership. In 2011,
Hih court rules against consumers with mass claims..c otaeapianswr eidnal
m..rtgage... %a........................pp...................l7p re to h ie~ t wemre deantie ne a
BIG BUSINESS representing multiple plaintiffs in Ball State University catering assis- she added. ~ ecn ftetm mr hntieta
continued from 7D suits against corporate defendants. tant who claimed she W~as harassed On the same day as the employ- for 'white borrowers whio were denied at 14 per"We see a court that has in recent on the basis of race and a University ment decisions, the court also is- cent. Accountability Center, a progressive years beaten back the plaintiffs' of Texas doctor of Middle Eastern sued its ruling on whether generic In addition to these differences in homeownlegal group. bar's aggressive campaign to contort descent who claimed he lost his.job drug makers could be sued under .esiiadwatterpr oe rwn
Kate Comerford Todd, chief coun- the rules and law to serve their pur- in retaliation for complaining of bias. state law for design defects in medi- patrn of constumers spending disproportionsel for appellate litigation at the poses," she said. The rulings prompted liberal Jus- cations that already have been ap- ate amounts of income for housing. Consider
Chamber's litigation arm, brushed tice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to call out proved by the U.S. Food and Dr-ug these findings: .42.3 million families or 37 peraside suggestions that the court FINAL WEEK the majority in a statement from the Administration. cent of the nation, faced housing cost burdens
led since 2005 by Chief Justice John As is normal for the court in its fi- bench, saying they had "corralled" Justice Sam 'uel Alito wrote on be- and paid more than 30, percent of pre-tax in-* Roberts, an appointee of Republican nal week, it issued rulings in some Title VII. half of the majority that although come on housing; in California, New York and
President George W. Bush was of its most divided cases. The Chamber of Commerce filed the case "arises out of tragic circum- Nw Jersey, more than 22 percent of houseoverly friendly to business. Last Monday it issued two rulings briefs in both cases in support of the stances," the lawsuit was blocked holds pay more than 50 percent of pre-tax inCiting a popular view within the that limited the ability of employees employer. Todd said the rulings sim- as a result of the FDA's approval of ~come for housing; an~d nearly 28 percent of all business community, she said the to make harassment or retaliation ply set clearer rules for employers the drug and the warnings that ac- .,Black households carry severely cost-burdened, court was merely reining in the claims against employers under Ti- and employees alike. 'companied its sale. The ruling was a housingi.
plaintiffs' lawyers who can make tie VII of the 1964 Civil. Rights Act. "The court's Title VII cases this "straightforward application" of fed- Despite these burdens, the report found millions of dollars in a single case The court ruled against a Black week provide much needed clarity," eral law, he said. th tho eonerwcontinet market paymnenwtseo
thoeonrgs thtiexc th ae presents valu

An in-depth look at same-sex marriage Ye benefit s Io hioe
According to Eric S. Belsky, managing di-


South Florida man explores Google Glass technology

By Cindy Kent maps, pictures or video, article and for the op- Carter is one' of sev- As Carter goes about tact as regional develThe viewing cube, or tion of either reading or eral thousand people his day, people stop opment director. "It
In a world where screen which does listening to the article donning a pair of the t s usin.Cl ilb ucsfl u
Tweets fly and data not project images on being read. He slides a specs as a member of leagues at work are cu- it will change relationstreams, how much walls or larger spaces finger forward along the Google's Glass Explorer riu.ships. People are very
more in-your-face can for other people to see temple rim to page for- program. The beta-tes- The first thing people eager to give up privacy
todays real-time tech- is close only in prox- ward slides his finger ters will provide feed- ask, "Are those the new in exchange for convenolgy etimity. From Carter's up or down along the back to Google before & ogegass arter nience."
A lot more, if you're perspective, the overall same part, of the frame the product is available said. Policymakers and
South Florida Google display less than an to scroll. to the general public. "The next question I consumer advocate s alGlass beta-wearer Da- inch from the lenses is By voice command, A target launch date is get is, 'Are you record- ready have voiced conrin Carter. not intrusive to his field he can make a phone the end of the year, or ing me?"' cern over the product's
Two weeks ago, as of vision. In fact, any- .call or turn on the cam- early in 2014. There's always that potential to overstep
part of a large team thing he views displays era and take a photo or He will evalute- expected learning curve privacy boundaries. In
testing Google's lat- the same as watching a make a video. erything from fashion -ht yMr adl ihaynwdvc ahntn h os
est high-tech product, 25-inch monitor from 8 To those facing Carter and design to utility Darin Carter, Chief -Photolo y Micr frandaltenyn d edsotvieo BiWarshagtn, thac Coue
Carter began wearing a feet away. while he is wearing the and function that will inadvertently when he cus requested more inpair of "eyeglasses" that The words and pic- device, that momen- help shape future in- .m lt~ oaRtnoln iia akt was holding the glasses formation about how
appear normal ex- tures he views "online" tary brightness isn't a carnations of the de- Ing ad agency, puts on the Google Glass he is in his hand, he said. the device will work cept for the thickened are clear -and crisp,.but, twinkle in his eye, it's vice, beta testing.Buthrisagn wthGolspivc
right side of the frame sometimes not all the a notification. A closer Not -yet available eration born into this standards. Additionthat boasts a wrap- words fit on the page. look and the observer in prescription, the advertising firm in Boca ternet. technology, said Alex ally, privacy regulators
around personal mini- Maneuvering through can view a tiny screen glasses .feature two re- Raton. "It's a game-changer, de' Carvaiho, founder across the- globe are
multimedia center. the words is easy. Lik- image in reverse, movable sets of lenses .Used in conjunction for the simple fact that of the popular crowd- seeking more clarity
With a mere glance en the right arm .of the The device is still clear and tinted, for, with his phone's Blue- it's here," said Carter sourcing think-tank on what data the detoward the dime-sized glasses frame to that of lightweight, despite outdoor use. tooth technology, Cart- who was chosen from event BarCamp Miami, vice collects and how it
prism cube perched .a finger pad on a laptop being outfitted with Still, why would con- er can, perform a vani- a lottery of individuals and the networking complies with dataprojust beyond the top or a touch screen on a a camera, the prism sumers want to view ety of functions once who used Twitter to ex- group, Social Media tectio ,n laws. right corner of his glass smart phone. cube, a mini computer, media so upfront and* confined to a computer press interest in testing Club South Florida Carter has experiframe, Carter is imine- With the tip of a fin- battery and, a hearing personal? or mobile .device such out the product. It's about taking mented with video and
diately alerted to new ger, Carter taps the pad nestled on the tip "Convenience," said as accessing a weather advantage of existing taken photos of family,.emnails and social media frame *to activate the of the temple arm. Carter, chief technol- forecast, taking a pho- PLENTY QUESTIONS technology," said de outdoor scenes and conotifications. He can screen. He -taps the ogy officer at BMI Elite, to, making a video and The conversations are Carvalho, who recently workers with relative
read websites and view frame again to open an GLASS EXPLORER a digital marketing and interacting on the In- just beginning, joined Constant Con- ease, he said.

U.S. jobless about to take big hit from the sequester
-195,000 jobs while the
Unemployment benefits see a decrease unemployment- rate
held at 7.6 percent.

By Jeff Cox worked for went un- terrain, MacGregor Durin the month,
der. Since then, she's finds herself barter- -the number of workers
The 11.7 million struggled to find work ing for services at the holding part-time jobs
Americans still unein- and now has to contend hair and nail salon and -for economic reasons
ployed are finding their with less unemploy- counting on her Chris- swelled by 322,000 to
wallets getting even ment compensation. tian faith to get her the highest level since
lighter as the sequester "It's horrible, I never through. October.
federal spending cuts thought it would be like "I believe in God. I'm How that plays outkick in. this when I got let go," keeping my patience. nationally likely will deWhile the mandated she said. "I've been laid For me, that's how I get \\pend on location.
decreases have been off before and -found by," she said.. "Some- ~\ ~ --New Jersey and
slow to trickle into the a job in a couple of thing definitely needs to '- Maryland led the pack
real economy, the uin- months. I thought I'd be done." of states cutting back
employed ate feeling -be fine." The cuts have come -~on benefits at 22.2 perthe first big jolt. MacGregor joins the about as Congress de- 'cent each, followed by
As of July 1, the av- ranks of- 120, 100 un- bates how to handle the Montana (19.6 percent),
erage weekly benefit of employment insurance spending cuts mandat- Connecticut (19.2 per$289 will fall by $43 a recipients in New Jer- ed after it failed to reach cent), and Arizona and
week,,,- adding pressure -sey who will see their a deficit-reduction deal X Illinois, both at 16.8
at a time when the labor aeaecmnsto lstyr.percent.
market is trying to find drop 22.2 percent, ac- While the spending In states where the
its bearings but has yet cording to the National pullback has helped re- jobs picture is more roto generate the kind of -Employment Law Proj- duce the national bud- bust, the cuts are lower.
employment that would ect. get deficit and has had Texas, for instance,
indicate a strong recov- The current typical only incremental effect is reducing its typical
61ry. unemployment insur- on first-half growth, --PhtobyJhn Mor/Getty Images benefit by 10.2 percent.
Sharon 'MacGregor, ance check for. the Gar- economists worry that Job applicants line up to meet potential employers at a New York City job fair in this The state has a 6.5 pera 43-year-old graphic den State runs $382, the'full effect will be felt Jn202flpht.cent jobless rate w ell designer by trade, lost but will be reduced by in the final six months below the national 1evher job a bout a year $85. -of the year. ing absolutely noth- said. "They've just Some of the sequester June non-farm payrolls el-and has 118,500 on
ago when the, medical As she traverses the "They just don't care. ing to stimulate job swept this under the effects on jobs appear report, which showed unemployment insureducation company she rough unemployment The government is do- growth," MacGregor carpet." to have turned up in the the economy added ance.

Cutting the costs for-your summer cooling

BV Regina Lewis to 14 percent, according to the EPA:
Those* sizzling, sultry days of summer .i 5. -Dress thoseare upon us, causing ..... windows. Dressing
many of us to crank -,windows or shadup the AC and, un- t.. ing them with solar
fortunately, our en- screens can intercept
ergy bill as well. 'In -"up, to 70 percent of _______________________fact, according to the solar energy before it NTC FIVTTO OBDO EUS O RPSL
U.S. Department of.- gets into the house OTHE SO L BNITTOR TOF IAMI-DAE UTY FLPOOIAL
home~F 1FqH ) takes alot-onEs-anFet MIAMIDD ONY FLORIDA312


Temporary jobs becoming a permanent fixture

Emplyer ar hiin ore9111111111111111EWAW-="There's been a gen- formance.
9 erational shift toward Carr isn't counting
a less committed rela- on it.
consultants for jobs
I~ tionship between the The trend toward
By Christopher 50 percent since the firm and the worker," contract workers was
S. Rugaber recession ended four ,Harris says. *intensified by the
..... .........years ago to nearly 2.7 An Associated Press depth of the recession
Hiring is exploding million the most on survey of 37 econo- and the tepid pace of
in the one corner of the government records mists in May found the recovery. A heavy
U.S. economy where dating to 1990. In no that three-quarters investment in longfew want to be hired: other sector has hiring thought the increased term employment isn't
temporary work. come close. LAO"RAyuse of temps and con- a cost all companies
From Wal-Mart to Driving the trend are E M ~ i Ntract workers repre- want to bear anymore.
General Motors to lingering uncertainty sented a longstanding "There's much. more
are increasingly turn- and employers' desire Typical of that trend importance of having
ing to temps and to a for more flexibility in is Latrese Carr, who flexibility in the workmuch larger universe matching their pay- was hired by a, Wal- force," says Barry Asin
of freelancers, con- rolls to their revenue. Mart in Glenwood, Ill., of Staffing Industry
tract workers and con- Some employers have two months ago on a Analysts, a consulting
sultants. Combined, also sought to side- 90-day -contract. She firm.
these workers number step the new health "~works 10 p.m. to 7 Susan Houseman,
nearly 17'million peo- care law's rule that a m., helping unload an economist at the
ple who have only ten- thypoiemdcltrucks and restock- Upjohn Institute of
uous ties to the com- coverage for perma- -Photo by Amy Sancetta ing shelves. Her pay is Employment Repanties that pay them nent workers. Recent- In this Wednesday, March 11, 2009, file photo, Clairessa Mills looks over the main desk $9.45 an hour. There's search, says compa- about 12 percent of ly, though, the Obama meofno helhisrneo neswttoaidav
everyone with a job. administration de- frhlatteLbrRaytmoayepyenag cyiWreOi.Thnuotherrbenefits. ing too many employHiring is always layed that provision of temps has jumped more than 50 percent since the recession ended four years ago to nearly Carr, 20, didn't par- ees during adownturn, healthy for an econ- the law for a year. 2.7 million, the most on government records dating to 1990. In no other sector hashiring ticularly want the just as manufacturers omy., Yet the rise in The use of temps come close, overnight shift. want to avoid having
temp and contract has extended into sec- "I needed a job," she too much inventory if
work shows that many tors that seldom used nology specialists, spend freely, so temp help explain why pay Harris, global econo- says. demand slows.
employers aren't will- them in the past Temps typically re- jobs don't tend to has barely outpaced mist at Bank of Amer- The store managers "You have your justing to hire for the long professional services, ceive low pay, few boost the economy the inflation 'Since the re- ica Merrill Lynch, have said some temps in-time 'work The number of temps dlude lawyers, doctors security. That makes do. More temps and Beyond economic changes are taking nently, Carr says, de- only pay them when
has jumped more than and information tech- them less likely to contract workers also uncertainty, Ethan root. pending on their per- you need them."

Advice for near-retirees

with zero saved



By Rodney Brooks __Susan Flton, president and
founder of FBB Capital PartA new report paints a rather ners in Bethesda,~ Md, says,W
grim assessment of how pre- "Ninety percent of Americans '2A r~wra, a UF -~amm :
pared we are for retirement. will not be able to retire on say- IdsJU 1~~1 IL ~ i 1
"The Retirement Savings Crisis: ings and Social Security." The
Is it Worse Than We Think?" amount of money saved for refrom the Washington, D.C.- tirement by the average Amer-itirement Security, says the typi- she says
cal American family has only "a After that uncomfortable first "By Charles Purdy few thousand dollars" saved for conversation, what's the advice '' '
retirement.' from financial planners?'"k Your resume needs an update that is, if your resume is like that of
'We have millions of Ameni- 'The reality -is that most most people, it's not as good as it could be. The problem is language:
cans who have nothing saved for people who haven't saved can't Most resumes are a thicket of deadwood words and phrases empty
retiemet,"say' DaneOaleycath u," sys ultn. The -,cliches, annoying jargon and recycled buzzwords. Recruiters, HR folks and "eecutve 38rcto of the MIRS. can make it a little better, but / '.hiring managers see these terms over and over again, and it makes them "age hts lswod o have 38mllorwrin-te imrant tha" sad. Wouldn't you rather make them happy? It's time to start raking out
age oushols wo donothav moe iportnt hanmony."your resume, starting with these (and similar) terms. any retirement assets." 'Still, financial planners say
For people 10 years away from there are strategies to try to 1. "'Salary negotiable"
retirement, the median say- improve 'the situation. Some
ingsis 12,00."Ofthe-peole illhav to ellther hmesYes, they know. If you're wasting a precious line of your resume on this beteen55 nd 4, ne hir ad mve o acheperplaeterm, it looks as though you're padding -- that you've run out of things have't ave anthig fo re Futonsay. Oters'ned *o 'to talk about.' If your salary is not negotiable, that would be somewhat tireent" Oaleysay. fae te relit tht thy cn'tunusual. (Still, don't put that on your resume either.) 'That's not news to retirement afford to retire in the homes or 2 Rfrne vial yrqet
planners, most, of whom have areas they've lived in for years,'Seth clients with considerably more and must move to a lower-cost peeigcmetaotuncsaytrs
"assets than. the average Ameri- location.
can But believe it or not, it's~ "They need to think about3.Reonilfr__ofte nes totki peple ho hat actcs hey igh doReading this term, the recruiter can almost picture the C-average, comeforther avic. 'ne f t mae ajusmefts o teiruninspired employee mechanically fulfilling his job requirements -no the most uncomfortable conver- monthly' cash flow," Fulton more, no less. Having been responsible for something isn't something ydu
sations planners say they have says. For example, if you live in did it's something that happened to you. Turn phrases like "responsible
with clients is the one in which Washington, D.C., Fulton says -for" into "managed," 'led" or other decisive, strong verbs.


WHow the mortgage interest
Remodeled efficiency, $85 weekly, free utilities, Behind in Your Rent? 24
one, two, three bdrms, air, kitchen, bath, one person. Hour notice. Behind in Your
1212 NW 1 Avenue appliances, laundry, gate. 305-987-9710 Mortgage? 305-731-391c o u ld c h a n g e
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121 NWr10ane sOvertown, Liberty City, $400 mthly., $100 to move in. Sponsorship with 12 steps on the U.S. tax code people, while bringing ocratic White House of- need for taxpayers to
Two bdrms, gated security, Brownsville, $100 Deposit. 305-934-9327 and support services NA/AA. could dramatically alter in more tax revenue." ficial Alice Rivlin and itemize their returns.
30 7Apartments, Duplexes, 1709 NW62 TERR. Dr. Tony 786-925-6066. one of its sacred cows: Right now, taxpay- former New Mexico Re- The proposals would
305-696-7667 Aatet, Dpee, 179N 6 ER
Houses. One, Two and Newly renovated rooms. Near MIRAMAR AREA the mortgage inter- ers who itemize their publican Senator Pete limit the mortgage in1231 NW 58 Terrace Three Bedrooms. Same day bus lines. Priviledges like One bedroom, one bath, est deduction. And the deductions can deduct Domenici. 'terest covered in the
MOVE IN SPECIAL! approval. Call for specials. home, central air and heat. kitchen available, air.
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$500 monthly. Free 19 inch com 305-318-8450 H Wy a House Ways u and mortgages, plus up to...................
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Walking distance to school you in. 305-303-0156. A BOTONS- i
1245NW 8THSTRET rom$40. Rmodled216 NW49 tret (-Mich) held tax re- a'type of loan in which
from $400. Remodeled 2169 NW 49 StreetCARE CERTIFIED
MOVE IN SPECIAL! efficiencies, one, two, three New room, free cable, air, form hearings in April borrowers use the eq- LOW COST SERVICE SERVICE UP TO 8 WEEKS
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floors. Try only $2900 down the popular provision second home. A
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Reference check.
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Clean, quiet, one bdrm. with NORTHSIDE AREA the deduction in ex- mniddle-income fami- DO TO RAM O NDIssL
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A ~ rae'dropped over % n
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Tobdomoebt,$10 thySETO$750 monthly, first and last tc ONLY. 786-547-9116 HOLLY WOOD and ,Call (877) OneUnited
move in. 305-409-9454. 6728 NW 4 Coiurt WEST PALM BCH AREAS 'or(7)6 -84 uspom cde >
60 1 NWhrve u eto e m e, call b t wo T re bdrms, ando bath nEdR E
ThreW 5 v nu eo bdrlm twc a ths, t hre bdrms twdo n bath an" HARP or visit one of our branches or
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6229 NW 2 Avenue 25N 5 tetMIAMI AREA L-HOME
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Section 8 OK. 55 and older Single working,' person. Spacious four bdrms, two The APRi'nniii
preferred. 305-310-7463 Christian environment. $650 baths, plasma TV included. 'h Mkn lweAliRPail eini Lng~
6 3 NW 5Pa emthly. No credit check, Section 8 '' i of tre 'freasiu or
682N.5Pae305-948-5361 Welcome! Others available. uise Drtof
Studio $110 weekly NOT IM RA'305-834-4440 IMi amfi 3275 NW 79th Street, Miami, FL, 33147
786-286-2540 NRHMAIAE ..
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Call 786-328-5878 -.-large corner lot. Easy access QualificatiOns for HARP apply..i
:.. .to expressway. Section 8 '' "
8475 NE 2 Avenue 'Welcome. Call 305-677-3114 }
One and two bdrms. Section 11 W10Trae MAIGRESAE
8 OK. 305-754-7776 Free cable, air, appliances Three bedrooms, two baths,
ARENA GARDEN and use of kitchen. Section 8 Welcome.
Move in with first month rent 786-262-9676 '786-234-5803 i N N'%



FSU's Hamilton

gets large raise,

contract extension

Coach signs to be on board

until 2017
By Cole Harvey

As Florida State prepares to play in what
7 figures to be the most competitive men's
basketball conference in the country, the
university has extended the head coach's
Seminoles men's basketball coach Leonard
Hamilton -signed a contract extension that will
ultimately pay him $750,000 more a year than
By Dan Devine up, and he does it with ease. he made under his previous agreement.
Despite the obvious athleticism that In a news release last Wednesday, FSU
If you're an NBA fan who didn't pay enabled him to lead Conference USA in announced Hamilton's latest contract runs
much attention to NCAA hoops last blocks and post its fifth-highest defensive through 2016-17 season. According to
season, your introduction to D.J. Stephens rebound rate as a 6-foot-5 senior Hamilton's new contract, which was obtained by
probably came during March Madness, swingman, Stephens went unchosen in the Orlando Sentinel, the coach could
when the undersized Memphis Tigers the 2013 NBA draft, earning an honorable make up to $2.25 million in total
jumping jack wowed the national audience mention from YI colleague Jeff Eisenberg as annual pay by 2017. .
with his thunderous throwdowns and one of the top undrafted players available. "I am extremely thankful to
high-rising shot-blocking. His spring- It didn't take long for an NBA team to [FSU] president Eric Barron and
heeled stature only increased after a pre- decide .it wanted a longer look at the our administration for allowing
draft workout that saw Stephens turn in 22-year-old leaper, as he quickly received us to continue to build upon the
a 46-inch vertical jump, the highest ever an invitation to join the Miami Heat's Las foundation that we have worked so
measured by the NBA. Vegas Summer League team. hard to put into place
And now, thanks to international Stephens told Shandel Richardosn of inmy first 11 years
dunking concern Team Flight Brothers, the South Florida Sun Sentinel he "will do at Florida State,"
we've got even more evidence of Stephens' whatever it takes" to "prove that I belong"* Hamilton said in aups ... and this one's sealed with a kiss. with the defending champs. news release. "We
We've seen other players kiss the rim in "I understand that my role on an NBA are excited for our
the recent past off the top of my head, team would be to just be a role player, university and our
Dwight Howard and Sean Williams, come somebody who is going to play great basketball program
to mind but those dudes stand upward defensively and be able to knock down as we enter a new
of 6-foot-10. Stephens is 6-foot-5 in open shots," Stephens said. "That's fine era in the Atlantic
sneakers. That's some serious air to make with me." Coast Conference."
A two-time ACC coach
of the year, Hamilton
who had earlier stops as
the head coach at Miami
and with the Washington
Wizards, arrived in
vp hnTallahassee in 2002. Since then, he has made
FSU made four consecutive NCAA Tournament
INFO appearances from 2009-2012, a first for the'

Birth Date October 2, 1992 program. In 2012, the'team won its first
Brhae o9a ri 1 ACC tournament championship when it beat
Hometown Orlando, FL La a N o 1 48 perennial power North Carolina in the league
title game.
Height 6 ft Hamilton also had players. drafted every year
W1By Tim MacMahon measured with a 44-inch vertical between 2009-12. FSU was one of five schools
leap at the NBA combine and that could boast that distinction.
DALLAS After trading down averaged the sixth-most points as In addition to claiming ACC coach of the year twice, the Mavericks acquired a pick-and-roll ballhandler (6.4) honors at FSU in 2009 and 2012, Hamilton Miami point guard Shane Larkin in the NCAA last season. Larkin is also earned Big East coach of the year honors with the 18th overall pick. also an effective perimeter shooter when he was at Miami. He is the only coach to
The Atlanta Hawks technically (40.6 percent from 3-point range in have won coach of the year honors in basketball 'N drafted Larkin, but he will be the 2012-13). bneecs
jIi iMavs' property after the trade for The Mavs created $1,092,720 in "Under his leadership, FSU is in excellent
,Q the No. 16 overall pick becomes cap space with all of the wheeling position entering the new ACC," Barron said in a official. and dealing during the first round. news release.
E DThe 6-foot, 171-pound Larkin By moving down from the Since his contract was amended in 2011,
E averaged 14.5 points, 4.6 assists 13th pick to the 18th, the Mavs Hamilton has made $1.5 million each year in
and 2.0 steals as a sophomore for created $374,500 in cap space. total pay. That total pay included his base salary
-'Miami. He was the ACC player of Dumping 2012 first-round pick of $205,000 which was paid by the university,
!:* '!!; ~ 'year. Jared Cunnigham in the trade with and other incentives paid by the university's
It appears that the Mavs intend to Atlanta created another $718,220 athletic fund-raising group. ee arki t eastforow. If the in cap space (his 20 13-14 sHis other compensation includes $500,000 Z T"Vs nee t ate ca 'w.Ipace to in c each year for radio and television appearances,
Mavs: need :" /t crat cakspace olds ote hl)
iu Dwight Hard, Larkin could The M $630,000 for speaking engagements and
aei $165,000 as part of'FSU's agreement with shoe
"' and apparel sponsor Nike.
La'k'i ow All of that totaled $1.5 million before bonuses.
4 Hamilton's additional compensation will now
Ve pl W id be awarded on a tiered basis. While his base
Sk adRH$205,000 annual salary remains the same, he will make $600,000 in radio and television
compensation for the first year of his new
:.,::contract, which began Monday. That number. ... .' increases to $700,000 during the 2013-14 and
":' i.:20 14-15 academic years and $800,000 during
.. !:..!........ U.' .the final two years of the new deal.
c/!:iiI~i::::. : .::.'7., The speaking engagement pay begins at
'. : !,;; .... $750,000 for the remainder of this contract year, "....':.......... .,,and'goes up to $850,000 during the next two
;.!"', ", ,: ,years and $950,000 during the final two years.

idea that Howard's clownish jury, few believed he had been ful that Kobe Bryant was go- / :. demeanor could overtake the playing with the proper pas- ing to stoop to that level and
2 locker room, the Lakers' cul- sion and purpose -not the plead for Dwight to stay in LA.
ture, and had warned Howard coaches, not the players, not In his mind and the minds of SSthat he would never, ever let opponents -and those within many Laker fans, it was good
it happen. Winning is seri- the Lakers understood How- riddance.
,** ous business when it comes to ard's most rebellious weapon Despite Howard's best efthe Black Mamba, he took no 'was never confrontation, but fort to recover from hjs back K obe runs off H o'w ard butSsaf Shaq uilperformedOelon a Laughinhling bkwhennthey aretup inuyfeblevdh a "'
By The Sports Brothers "Every time you trash me championship level for the 20 points and still laugh- been p laying with the.
to teammates, it gets back Lakers and was not all smiles ing when they were down 20 proper passion j ]
One could see the writing to me," witnesses said Bry- "on the court, he was a, mon- points. Kobe Bryant like Mi- and purpose ,
on the wall earlier this sea- ant told Howard in the visit- ster -a beast between the chael Jordan is very intense, --not the 7 son for the Los Angeles Lak- ing locker room of the FedEx lines. As long as he did that winning is everything. A per- coaches, ers. This bring back Dwight Forum. "Every time you do Kobe may not have liked his ceived lack of effort is not ac- not the "
Howard thing was going to one of your impersonations clown act but he would take it. ceptable. Dwight Howard had players ".. .
become increasingly diffi-. when I walk out of the room, "Kobe talked to Dwight in a to want to be the next Jabbar, -t .,
a late January team meeting on his superstar teainmate, one had ever talked to him on in that great purple and :

in Memphis when Kobe Bry- one criticism after another, not in Orlando, not here, gold legacy. He did not want ,
ant had ripped into Howard and the Lakers coaches and. not in his life, I'm betting," that, he chose to go to the i ;
in a way that was somewhat players sat watching the two one witness in the room said. Houston Rockets where manYlthmko.Byn lnghuht i

shocking, intense, basically biggest stars in the room head "He's been coddled, and Kobe feel he fits better. Maybe so, Kobe said enough of the clown towards an inevitable collision wasn't going to coddle him." even though the Lakers had act from Dwight. Boy did he course. Despite Howard's best effort "StayDl2" banners plastered "
le i nw rathad logtogtthe to recover from his back in- all over LA, it is very doubt-