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"Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis."
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********-***********3--DIGIT 326
PO BOX 117007
Tempora Mutantur Et Nos Mutamur In Illis

VOLUME 90 NUMBER 17 MIAMI, FLORIDA, JANUARY 3-8, 2013 50 cents

Progress seen in last-minute fiscal cliff' talks

Country to suffer from partisan impasse President Barack
By Alan Fram and Julie Pace Connell said one major remaining sticking Obama acknowledges
point.was whether to postpone spending House Speaker John WASHINGTON (AP) Working against cuts that are scheduled to begin on Jan 1. a midnight deadline, negotiators for the Republicans want to replace across- Boehner of Ohio while White House and congressional Repub- the-board reductions with targeted cuts speaking to reportlicans narrowed their differences late elsewhere in the budget, while the White Monday on legislation to avert across-the- House and Democrats want to offset at ers in the Roosevelt board tax increases. least some of the so-called sequester with Room of the White
Congressional officials familiar with the revenue from tax increases. Senate talks between Vice President Joe Biden Democrats were pushing hard against a House in Washington,. and Senate Republican leader Mitch Mc- Please turn to CLIFF TA
-AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster. File

!, a m atawm ; C N Ae

n-Miami Times photo/Malika Wright TAKING A STAND: City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado (r) met with concerned citizens, business owners and City of Miami Police officials to initiate a strategy that would decrease the thefts of copper wiring, air conditioning units and electrical meters. Businesses owners say immediate action must be taken.
pCopper thefts hurting

Liberty City businesses

.Mayor commits to more police presence conditioners and electrical meters,
much to the chagrin of the hardBy Malika A. Wright- mas Regalado and police officials working businesses owners. to come up with solid strategy to Regalado has promised that protect their businesses. The own- within the next two weeks, there Liberty City small business own- ers have shops from 54th to 62nd will be a beat officer assigned as ers whose shops are along the Streets and have become frequent well as a greater police presence in 7th Avenue corridor say they've targets of criminals intent on steal- the area to reduce the thefts. The grown tired of the antics of copper ing copper that can be easily re- mayor has also scheduled a meetthieves. And to put a stop to the sold. According to Roy Brown, as- ing with other city officials to see if n thefts once and for all they recently sistant chief of the police, thieves there are funds available to replace met with City of Miami Mayor To- have also added to their list air Please turn to THEFT 7A


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prohiedgh And ci forld sametugt sptate gover t dea atn Conferee of 7
"0iie ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tt Legislatl hePrv"6il[~t I e r LmC usichse tracks theiilil bills.c Dtlt-- -oil

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In~codtinr 2013 incria Illinois motrcclst wil bew On Jan 1d as crowd of pepeosatvya. ables to "roeeid thr- ortugardlit ti th toanyar, cmre tha 400 e ws c Insec addtio to the newalaws of 2013,rd lightA failstok aN. InI Oetcyfela- ars the count ali A riltake effec a dmo tan 29,000 lawcias wrksse bysnse ownrs -D11l;Pio!wl
inmeawrwldhgrnotewidwl e psibly iiimprolie fo so ome stawt lisrates thi yegahlaid. ha rmse ht.fcmi-c ld perohbt.dilorida swmpbgr"hoawthaettegvene ts d e Pins e as T e -tn t e AW towesteeSoe t'l(ll( illoll oo
ilio-rlr t enndtecoi- Lbet it ml bsnsson rshv sosfom5t t 2dwilb aba ffcrasindas hp; e!Im,"!,w ol <1whli
er wos sop ae log h Sretsan hvebeom reuet el a agratrpoic pesnc i olJA,,iI i',!Ie 4)"l
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s a tw th yo r e f? H.E: SIGISMuND REEVS Founer,192-198lTe Blac, Pres believes that America can best lead the
GARTH yor REEVESJR,Eitor, 1 2worldfromrialandnationalantagonism whenit accods to t may be hard to believe that another year has already eve y person, reg ardles of ra ce re ..c. ii, his or her Audit Bureau of Circula.o..s
flown by but here we are walking down memory lane GARTH C. REEVES, SR.,Publisher Emeritus human andJealrigihts. Hatng no peson, fin no person,
ssesig hegoo, heba an ysth riiclos.We RACHEL J. REEVES, Publisher and Chairman the Black Press,strives to help evr oei son~ th 1e flirm beliefAtassessing the good, the as longtasdcu o sne isbel d arti bcW y A.
say ridiculous because we have witnessed how the law can be tha al ps ar h as l as anyon is h back.
twisted and manipulated to the detriment of hard-working,
well-intentioned men, women and children. And one has to
wonder just how long Blacks will be patient as we are confronted with example after example of blatant injustice.
With the White House on the line, determined citizens stood J
in long lines throughout Florida to make sure their voices are w e so
were heard and their votes counted, despite the antics of Re- If you're reading this, the Maya dar, and the inscriptions indicate there was so much hubbub over president; he dies w en publican legislators. But millions of other Blacks and His- were wrong. Rather, they would they calculated that a major time the Dec. 21 "prophecy" that a gov- ga-tsunami" sends an aircraft panics were denied access because of previous criminal re- have been wrong if they'd actual- cycle and thus, some people ernment minister felt compelled carrier crashing into the White cords. They have served their time but remain second class ly predicted the end of the world, have inferred, the world would to anriounce that the planet was House. So really, President citizens unable to vote, denied access to public housing which scholars are pretty sure end on Dec. 21, 2012. In the world in no imminent peril. In some re- Obama, the "fiscal cliff' problem and deemed ineligible for federal loans that would help them they didn't. On the other hand, if of doomsday anticipation, there's mote cities there was reportedly a could be much, much worse. further their education. This must be changed. there's nobody around to thumb simply no better source of infor- run on supplies such as candles This is the point at which I
Meanwhile, we were appalled as two Black teens were mur- through the morning newspaper mation than an ancient soothsay- and dried foods. There was report- should quote some eminent dered by white men claiming that they were "standing their if, indeed, there are no more psychologist who explains why
ground." We may not be hot shot attorneys, but it's tough scholars, newspapers, mornings his is the point at which I should quote some eminent Armagedon is such an enduror thumbs then I guess it was ing fantasy why, to some
to fathom how two grown men can 'stalk' teenaged boys and a poor decision to spend Earth's psychologist who explains why Armageddon is such an people, the prospect of sudden
then claim they shot to kill because they feared for their lives, final day in my office. A enduring fantasy why, to some people, the prospect and utter doom seems almost Are we in the business of protecting gun-toting rogues with Assuming we're all still here: of sudden and utter doom seems almost comforing comforting. But I think.n,
vigilante tendencies or our children? This must be changed. What is it that humans find so theory is as good as an ,.Yit.r:
Perhaps there's no better moment to talk about making compelling about impending boredom. For most people, one
change than at the start of a new year. Unfortunately, if we oblivion? We go out of our way er. Anything written in hieroglyph- edly a bit of panic buying in parts day is pretty much like the are honest with ourselves we probably made a long list of to to look for the most obscure and ics pretty much has to be true. of China, apparently sparked~ by next. What if something really do's at the beginning of 2012 that are still undone, were put cryptic clues that the end is nigh. But according to experts, the in- the popularity there of the Hol- big happened? What if I were Last month's scare and many scriptions in question had nothing lywood movie "2012" a what-if there to see it? How awesome on. the back burner or have simply been forgotten. But what if people, apparently, did convince to do with cosmic fate and every- blockbuster starring John Cusack would that be? You're still with we, instead of conjuring up endless wish lists that would take themselves to be scared was thing to do with local politics. For that imagines all manner of earth- me, right? Hello? Anybody out an act of God to complete, simply identified three things that based on inscriptions carved into the last days crowd, however, this quakes, volcanic eruptions, floods there? we were committed to doing differently in 2013? What if we two Mayan ruins in Guatemala. was mere fine print. While pres- and other calamities. Supposedly, Eugene Robinson is a Pulitthen remained focused on those three things every day of the The Maya were obsessed with ent-day descendants of the Maya it all has to do with neutrinos from zer Prize-Winning newspaper New Year? What a difference a day might make. time, which they saw as moving were unconcerned, there was a solar flare that somehow heat up columnist and the former asIt's time that we moved beyond the 'list making' step and in vast cycles. They developed a genuine panic in isolated parts of the Earth's core. sistant managing editor of The got down to business. You see the changes that we so often sophisticated and accurate calen- the non-Maya world. In Russia, Poor Danny Glover plays the Washington Post. call for cannot happen by rubbing on a magic lamp, clicking our heels three times or even putting a tooth under our
pillow. Real change, lasting change, significant change, only
occurs when we're honest with where we are and where we
want to go when we get real and confront our own realities. N0 ,
Because at the end of the day, change only happens one step R fl e p
at a time and the only person that we caii really ch _ai&gk is.1
ourself. When the National Rifle Asso- yet 15 people were killed and 23 million for its Successful, "Safe setst, Connecticut and New
ciation finally revealed last week injured. No political rant would and Health Schools program.
what it was willing to do to help be complete these days with- It said in one report, "The Josh Sugarmann, executive curb gun violence in schools, it out an attack on Obama. And analysis reveals that the, five director of the Violence Policy fired a blank. when LaPierre fired at the White states with the highest: per Center and., a native, of NewAs 20 innocent kids, most of House, he was again off target. capita gun death rates were town, said the- NRA's plan to F u W on them six-years-old, and six car- In his remarks, LaPierre said, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alaska, arm teachers won't work.
FA vU on ing adults were being buried last "Ladies and gentlemen, there Alabama and Nevada. Each "The NRA plan, which cyniweek, the best idea the NRA had is no national, one-size-fits-all of these states had a per cap- cally allows for the continued probation again to offer was for us to begin arm- solution to protecting our chil- ita gun death rate far exceed- sale of the assault, weapons
ing teachers with guns. That's and high-capacity ammunince again, Florida A&M University is on probation and the same feeble, ineffective "an- s 20 in0oent kids, Most of them six-years-ol, and six tion magazines marketed by its
faces the possible loss of its accreditation. If the drama swer" NRA Executive Vice Presi- s2inn kds mo st e ea adhsibs gun industry corporate donors,
sounds familiar, that's because it is, and significant dent Wayne LaPierre provided caring adults were being buried last week, thebest idea has already been tried, and it
improvements to the university won't occur until those persons five years ago after the Virginia A offer was tto.gnar teachers did not work," he said. "Now is
who claim to support FAMU demand it. Tech shootings. Instead of mak- Ao i gun. the did e t wo, h ai isas
At the moment, the school is better known for controversy ing productive suggestions in ingly lethal firepower available
than academic excellence. Hazing, the initiation ritual that led the aftermath of 26 deaths in to civilians and halt the sale of
to the death of a student and the suspension of the school's Newtown, Conn., LaPierre went dren. But do know this presi- ing thee national per capita military-style assault weapons on to blame Congress, President 'dent zeroed out school emer- gun death rate of 10.34 per and high-capacity ammunition famed Marching 100 band, continues to be a problem. So do the Obama, the media, video game gency planning grants in last 100,000 for 2007. Each of the magazines. The American peoadministrative shenanigans that have led to audits, a Florida manufacturers everyone but year's budget, and scrapped top-ranking states has lax gun ple understand that even if Department of Law Enforcement criminal probe and an order to the NRA, which thinks it should 'Secure Our Schools' policing laws and hig"i 'Iunmwnership the NRA and the gun industry return $5.2 million in federal funds that had been designated be alright for citizens to own an grants in next year's budget." rates. that helps fund it do not."
for student financial aid. arsenal of automatic weapons. What LaPierre neglected "By contrast, states with George E. Curry, former editorIt would be easy to blame FAMU's problems on 'the hazing LaPierre failed to note that to say was the Secure Our strong gun laws and low rates in-chief of Emerge magazine, is death of Robert Champion, the 26-year-old drum major who many schools already have Schools policy grants are not of gun ownership had far lower editor-in-chief of the National was fatally beaten during a band initiation ritual that went hor- armed guards on site. Colum- the only source of financing rates of firearm-related death. Newspaper Publishers Associaribly wrong. But last week, the Southern Association of Colleges bine High School, for example, school safety initiatives. In Ranking last in the nation for tion News Service (NNPA) and and Schools' Commission on Colleges found other problems of had two armed policemen sta- fact, the Department of Educa- gun death was Hawaii, followed editorial director of Heart & Soul "operational integrity" and leadership, and again put the univer- tioned in the school in 1999, tion has requested nearly $200 by Rhode Island, Massachu- magazine. sity on probation -for a second time in five years.- ,I
So once again, FAMU, the state's only public historically Black
university, teeters on academic embarrassment. The loss of accreditation would be a virtual death sentence because it would jrt c u i sT o l o s e
strip the school of all federal funding, including financial aid, [1 must
and stick students with a dubious degree from a non-accredited ,
school.When two serial snipers ter- quests for background checks certainly be the exception. If children younger
Florida taxpayers expect so much better. They've poured mil- rorized the Washington, D.C. from shoppers wanting to buy the Newtown shooter's mother have guns, and that more than lions of dollars into FAMU's operations, only to see their money area 10 years ago, using a guns on the day after Thanks- knew those risks she likely felt 40 percent of guns in homes wasted by administrative bungling and activities that border on Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle giving alone. Those numbers the same way. In fact, if her with children present are left criminal behavior. Taxpayers deserve a better return on their very similar to the one used in are not about what many people son had only used her guns to unlocked. Before your child visinvestment than what they've received of late. the Newtown shootings, one of think of as the "criminal" gun kill her or kill himself, it would its a friend or relative's home,
Sadly, FAMU has been down this road before. In 2007, the the most horrifying moments culture involving guns bought have been an outcome that do you ask? If not, it's time to school earned a six-month probation after failing to comply came after the shooters target- and sold on the streets. These would never have been nation- start. Parents need to wake up accunabliyed a child on his way to school, are the guns being sold to the al news. Instead, the weapons and take care to protect all chilwith accrediting standards that govern financial aoutblylater asserting in a note: "Your millions of Americans who are she apparently chose to buy dreni. leadership and controls over inventory and. sponsored research. children are not safe anywhere There are many more quesWeeks later, James Ammons became president, and many peo- at any time." ight now the pervasive culture of violence in America only tions: Do you buy your child
ple hoped his experience with the association would help the After this latest tragedy, reinforces the sense of threat both children and adults feel. violent video games? Why? Do
university overcome its probation status. America's mothers, grandmoth- Ryou allow your child to see vioThe probation ended, but the university under Ammons didn't ers, fathers, grandfathers and lent movies or listen to music
do enough to rid itself of the deep hazing culture or rein in its all those with a mothering spirit with violent lyrics? Why? Do
management and accounting problems. Dr. Larry Robinson is must finally stand up and fight willing and able to go through and bring into her home were you keep those things from now the interim president. If he wants to ensure the university's that truth and make our politi- background checks and follow used to kill her, her child, and your kids but still do them for future, he must do more to demand excellence, deliver solid per- cans act to fight that truth do- all existing laws and proper le- 26 other people who were all your own entertainment? Why? formance and hold the school accountable. ing whatever it takes for as long gal channels so that they can somebody else's mother, child, Why? Why? For mothers, faRobinson's first priority should be to educate students and as it takes. We must seize the either buy guns for their own or both. thers, grandparents, aunts
almiabu hesvriyo tesholsdifclte.To ay moment and say "no more." pleasure or their own theoreti- All mothers who don't keep and uncles, neighbors, teachpelen b the U"aiy"ilbleveriyo the ro bclems. asocimaed Right now the pervasive cul- cal protection. gu~ns in their own homes but ers, faith leaders and everyone
peole n te FMU famly"stil elive he robemsassciaedture of violence in America only Guns lethalize anger and de- do allow their children to visit else in America who is saying with FAMU should somehow be tolerated as part of the school's reinforces the sense of threat spair. Gun owners who know anyone else's homes should be enough, this is our moment. unique culture and history. both children and adults feel. these facts seem to either dis- aware that nearly half of Amer- Which one will we choose?
For the sake of FAMU and its future, Robinson must change This year's "Black Friday" shop- credit the research behind icans say they keep a gun in Marian Wright Edelman is the university's attitude of accepting less than its best. ping set a record for gun sales: them or hold to the belief their their home or on their proper- president of the Children's De-Sun Sentinel the FBI reported 154,873 re- own guns and families would ty, that one-third of homes with fense F'und.




RETURNS 2012: The year that the rich couldn't buy
The end of the year is often the same time, we saw many tempts at eliminating worn- power and wealth a time of reflection; a time to states pass tough new voter en's reproductive rights to they could hide from justice, process all the great lessons ID laws and other suppression halting same-sex marriage, to but the facts and the truth of the past. 12 months. While tactics like the elimination of methods of dismantling work- eventually prevailed. Most re2012 brought many challeng- early voting days. But while ers' collective bargaining and cently, we suffered an enores, it was also a remarkable those passing these, new laws organizing rights, these dis- mous tragedy in Newtown, year for progress and for the attempted to rig the election ruptive actions proved only to Conn. On the heels of other people. Whether it was our in their favor, we fought back,. further mobilize and unite the atrocious shootings like the
push back against the contin- Rallying, educating and regis- majority. No matter how many movie theater massacre in ued attacks on women, or the tering people to vote across the times they disparaged folks, at Aurora, Colo., and against the dedication of countless AmeN- country, we turned up with the end of the day, it was the backdrop of violence plagucans standing in line for hours as much commitment and men and women of .this coun- ing our streets everyday, the
to vote, we watched as the people have said enough. Depower of the wealthy faltered spite what gun lobbyists may
under the sheer will and pow- ack home, we witnessed horrendous cases like the Penn say, and despite the amount
er of the people. In conclusion, Statechild abuse sex scandal. Again, those with power of money they will invest in
2012 was simply the year that and wealth thought they could hide from justice, but the pushing for more guns, we
906M the rich couldn't buy. will remain unified and push
irP"'9i 6 '!j -j~ When the Supreme Court facts and the truth eventually prevailed. back. They may have all the
passed Citizens United and monetary backing on their
NO W opened the floodgates for un- side, but the desire of the peolimited money to influence enthusiasm as we did in '08. try that fought back either ple cannot be squandered.
Va(atIVHZJ and shape our political pro- Against all monetary odds, the through our legal system, by That is the ultimate lesson
e cess, many thought it would votes and resolve of the Ameri- demonstrating on our streets of 2012.
signal the end of the value of can people determined the di- or by the ballot. Time and time Alfred Charles "Al" Sharpour individual vote. As Su- rection we wanted this nation again, we proved that truth ton, Jr. is an American Baptist 480 per PACs poured in unregu- to go. and progress have more value, minister, civil -rights activist
lated amounts' behind spe- For much of this year, there than dollars and cents. and'television/ radio talk show
cific candidates while funding were a barrage of attacks on Back home; we witnessed host. In 2004, he wa's a candiugly campaigns against those women, unions, immigrants, horrendous cases like the date for the Democratic nomi} S they didn't support,, the peo- gays/lesbians, the middle- Penn State child abuse sex nation for the U.S. presidential
ple could not be duped. At class and the poor. From at- scandal. Again, those with election.

Bo NS, m

Cornel West criticizes Black politicians

Some are up in arms over Blacks is that the attacks are to the deaths of Black children consistent when.advo
Cornel West and his most re- reflective of the collective self- as they are to white ones; For poor, Black and brown people cent critique of the Obama Ad- esteem problem that many every child who died at Sandy in America. What also remain ministration. During the Smiley of us have had since slavery. Hook last week, there are at consistent are the forces of opand West radio show this week, Somehow, we were convinced least 10 children whove died pression coming from those West asked if Barack Obama long ago that when a Black on the Southside of Chicago who don't feel that the presand other Washington politi- man gets "a big important over the past three years. So, ervation of Black life is worth
cans would be so sensitive to job" in the White House, he is anyone who believes that there any significant investment of gun violence were it not for the somehow too important to be has been parity in the admin- political capital. I have yet to fact that the Sandy Hook kids concerned with petty issues istrative response to gun vio- see any example in which the were white. Of course West's like the deaths of Black babies, lence is as delusional as any Obama Administration has remarks were met with the taken a risk on behalf of Blacks
standard cries of "hater" that 1 he ironic thing about those whoattack West for asking (he is even afraid to grant cOrri..,.,somehow became a signifi- ln iro thn"bu hswoatakWs~o sig mutation, to drug offenders
cant part of Black political dis- our politicians sentenced under laws that
somehow~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~r becameiv aoinif tho e ol acs isel hatee thbe atcs mtto odu fedr
4 course over the last four years. MAW are reflective of the collective self-esteem problenthat have expired).. Attacking West,
Personally, I think the term many of us have had since slavery, calling him a hater, and sayshould be banned for anyone ing that you want him quiet is
who expects to be taken seri- the easy way out. The natural
ously. Using the term "hater" families who can't afford to eat card-carrying member of the corollary for such an attack on to describe every person who or millions of Black people un- KKK. Someone recently asked West is to somehow presume Critiques your hero effectively justly trapped in the criminal me, "Where were Cornel and that the beloved figures in the turns you into nothing but a justice system. I beg to differ. his criticism during the Clinton Obama Administration are dosimple-minded cheerleader The challenge to those who and'Bush administrations?" I ing all they can to support the
who follows the crowd. We need want to call Cornel West a responded, "He was right where Black community. To date, the more leaders in the Black com- hater is simple: If he's wrong, he is right now. But people ex- evidence is simply lacking. reunity, not followers. .then prove it. Show document- pected him to change his tune Dr. Boyce Watkins is a ProThe ironic thing about those ed evidence that the Obama because there was a Black man fessor at Syracuse University who attack West for asking Administration would be or in office. and author of the book, "Black
our politicians to do more for has been equally responsive West has been incredibly American Money."

Are-you afraid of rising taxes?
LESTER MCKELLER, 58 YVETTE DEMERITTE, There's no reason to celebrate Tim Scott
Little Haiti, disabled veteran Liberty City, retired
The polite side of me congratu- ing 'another Black man.' This is es the politics of the Tea Party. perience. This reality, however, "No, I have 1 "Yes, because if taxes rise I lates Tim Scott on being named a mistake that many of us have He happens to have Black skin. cannot lead us to ignore the aca fear of God .can't afford to senator for the state of South made over the years with one of For understandable reasons, we tual 'content of the character' of
and God alone. live. As a retir- Carolina. Alright, now that we the most egregious examples be- of Black America. are frequently such individuals. Whether the
Taxes are just ee I don't have have that out of the way, let's get ing the support gained by Clar- willing to give another BlaCk per- person is Tim Scott, Clarence
a part -of the an income that down to business. .Thomas, or for that matter, Sugovernment; .could combat The appointment of Scott was -* he apntetof Sttwas a move that reminded me san Rice and Barack Obama, we
if they rose, I appointmentov tat emndScottfth[-need to scrutinize their politics
wouldn't corn- taxes. The Republican choice to head the of the Republican choice to head the Republican Nation- and their policies. This means
mit suicide or cost of living is Republican National Committee a al Committee Michael Steele in the aftermath of being- prepared to challenge
anything." enough." Michael Steele in the af- Barack Obama's first election in 2008. those who, regardless of their
termath of Barack Obama~s first -face, smile, speeches, or place
DONNA PENDER, 56 PARIS JOHNSON, 22 election in 2008. The RNC seemed of birth, advance the interests of
Liberty City, business owner Liberty City, clerk to want to go out of their way to ence Thomas from too many son who achieves high office the the 1 percent over the rest of us.
demonstrate that they could put Blacks when he was appointed to benefit of the doubt. We are al- Bill Fletcher, Jr. is a Senior "I'm not "No, it is what it is. Taxes are a a Black person into a responsible the Supreme Court. Many Of us, ways concerned about double Scholar with the Institute for
afraid of any- part of life." .position now that the country naively, seemed to believe that standards and the sorts of racist Policy Studies and the immedithing. We poor had elected a Black president. In Thomas would 'do the right thing' assaults that Black elected (and ate past president of TransAfrica
people can't the aftermath of the re-election once he had the job security of a appointed) officials regularly ex- Forum.
control it, we ~'of President Obama, and the in- Supreme Court appointment. Inhave to just go .creasing support he is receiving stead we have been treated to an
with it. I have among people of color (as voting adamantly conservative justice.
to deal with it ~ .-blocs), the Republicans seem to, He has not only been of no help J {.
and survive." .once again, want to demonstrate to Black America; he has been a ,
that they are not the" party of hindrance. O e
GEORGE EBERH-ART, 63 DAVID FLOYD, JR., 54 whiteness .. well, sort of. Scott has not sided with the in-Blc reia HsA FE""-Northwest Miami, sales manager Liberty City, electrician The concern for Blacks on terests of Blc mrc.Hspol- !
this appointment is that we fall itics are not particularly different
"No, it's going to happen any- "Oh yeah. The pay scale doesn't into the trap of ignoring Scotts from outgoing Senator Jim Deway. My life- reflect the tax hike, it should be politics in the name of support- Mint. Scott essentially embrac-'
style is not go- ,. -that the more !
ing to change.,.- you make, the ..s ''
A few dollars higher your W WURt o*
doesn't matter taxes. But in The Miami Times welcomes and encourages letters oitedorial commentaries
so wat? th lon runas well as all other material in the newspaper. Such feedback makes for a healthy
-- sowhat the.lon rundialogue among our readership and the community. Letters must, however, be
the poor will ., 150 words or less, brief and to the point, and may be edited for grammar, style.
Just get poorer and clarity. All letters must be signed and must include the name, address and I
and the rich telephone number of the writer for purposes of confirming authorship. Send letwill only get ters to:' Letters to the Editor, The MiamiTinies, 900 NW. 54th Street, Miami FL =' [
richer." 33127, or fax them to 305-757-5770; Email" \,




.. :Northwestern hired new

Central football player head football coach
participated in Miami Dade High Schools Norland's star player Stephen Field, a first-time head cbach
Stepheni Field, a first-iehacoh

All-American Bowl improved their grades honored as Mr. Florida and former running back coach at Hampton University was selected to replaced
After a great season of displayMiami Northwestern Sr. High School ing 'his talenon the football field, Billy Rolle, who was the Bulls' head coach
Central's Donaldven Man- and Miami rol City received their first Duke Johnson received the Mr for four seasons. Field was the offensive
ning 'Icoordinator of the 2005 state championship
ning beat the odds when "B," while Southridge went up from a "D" to Florida football award, which is coordinator of the 2005 state championship
he participated in the first an "A," which was evidence that the qual- given annually by the Florida Belle GladeGlades Central football team.
AmercanBow, jinig te "hadmprved he orda ep~tmet o goite sanull th Fov ra
Annual Semper Fidelis All- ity of education in Miami-Dade schools Dairy Farmers Association
American Bowl, joining the had improved. The Florida Department of to the state's top overall
nation's top football players Education released its grades and no school football player. Johnson
that participated in the bowl. received an "F." led Norland (15-0) to
He also becamethe first in B u ps,,OOk,,,n
a perfect Class 5A., his family to. attend college state championship University president resigned
with a football scholarship at and its first perfect Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed resigned after
rginia Tech. County selected first Black season, scoring serving as the president for seven years.
five touchdowns During her tenure, Reed helped the Universupervisor for elections in a 38-0 state -sity launch its first master's degree program
Penelope Townsley made final win against in transformative leadership, earn its highhistory by becoming the first Crawfordville Wakulla est enrollment in the school's history, graduBlack woman to serve as the o .ate its largest class and improve its physical
supervisor of elections for : pft with th construction of several new
n t HeaMiami-Dade County the buildings on campus.
County with the largest
Start in private hands' number of registered voters Co t voters rejected
County Commissioners voted to turn over in the State. She was
th Head Start program for pre-K children to appointed at the end of 201 l
private, not-for profit providers. The program commissioners CRA b o ht new

was~~proe lance -natroversia plan 195wihow pump$50 illin inovth heat o
Charter reform efforts took another step
eigt-week comprehensive child develop backwards in the recent Miami-Dade Count, business to Overtown
ment programs to meet the needs of at-risk lams won g n m elections after voters once again decided not New busi esses continued to open a the
pre-school children. The County continued Gardens city council race to give county commissioners signcantpay vertown unity wh the help of Cfity
to disburse federal funds to run the program, rai exchange forearm limits. Voters
Rosa carat it a Withset of th C ommi e M e S
rthavaepeatedly rejected, proposals to raise Jones Di 5, chairprsoef theouth se e o s William Jr.rta eatontheMamie aas n r

S esGardens city council in the recent local elec e st
tions a position to which he was originally st cent sakno. But voterparticipa- Redveoitt Agead sc the gra
appointed. He said the best way 1on wa arrble out of 1,214,351 regis- Operning of Rqeof Wings andJrry &

96 90OfeW 9develop~rent and to link senior 13.82 percent. Avenu~e bu cogj~ o
czdMay- citizens withyo adu

s si Wackhi 8yHo
b; au C, nH sbuusy oele dead82 in hotel r mfae orutinc ae n pol3d e-n volv1* e d shooteuggeAte I fltetan a
beatifcaonofthe ise Mus cIcnwitey Hboutcon, FaiyrebrsoovyrMyaTylrdeeh pqat feye ar e Cty i
flike"puting lpstik on pigni11inatBveHls ht fosteom omi tro pTarhe son; an.Ev ra Smit e rgo ev aa hot so lc
Butemnne ommnity, took2 ptwudtk lot n~otltrerenreted onvele9nT e ha r es c~eo ftehotgsheinns de
deva~s ~ elomn n t ikseir-1 ,11

coroner Putse cr o ie ns rp the capag cn s t n itha
causer Spnefoe Hoso'sdah ob eieceadcosiin ovilt eeton .oic h o n re
acc4 ffeea udsfrt W ieludrownn nh codes. The inesiaors eftrs i aa orI
Tray'vicaon Martuinse mudee "efects 6ofte l tic m fastr -ttr ustfo n yowchaes in toie-nole esotng

-Libumaranan Ciy Hes nowswww th

Miami Garepns teenTrnayvon ,
Meartfatin, 17, ecae auinssymolifo allr fM ~raairOe heps e er, h~t fM
thats wr wasth thmoey UaSd wuscenucdda n e.Bso onTylr a'ubnDm oiedprmn hsbe novdi
syte whe th youngy unarmedoo.I iv fth hotns hemnshtda

Butlack y theas mueried on Feb.
2bya white neihborhod wach
mafnse Georg imerman claeteLsAneeimedudd aigad kofn xesiewr re. nFburstt~rsc

thatne'shot the teen n self efense
Marti wa visiting Sanfordc a ity
justdnorth of Oraando, when he was
confronte by Zimmermano~ whot hadgo rulsfr alr wihdts 01,Wscetdy~h tt toe

crallhe pliceon umerous ocm
sionsbecus of what hekt aleg- V lec at Liet Square
edly referred to as "suspicious re Forner executive drco for public
s ghtlng s "f Zim m rm a ano e h ousing and co m m nit d eve op m entan ing

th e high -cnt d s tan YourM
Mrnni Garhs tdefen p a I

fatrhsaese jum to 50 up from 5;sin
found higher than estimated and o r toban d p
HyV rates for Black women in many of dT
station's urbanr comnmbunities are muchcc s f rt hn e
hiGer than previously estimated -rais- erupt lk Jt has Hn the ap and to create
ing eve more ocern ab outthew.elfare; anmr
of BlackAmerica in general and tpe health rserftwe citrptvt
of Black women in particular, according toifraint oieefcr Sh~ UCS vro nctzn
the Centers fo Disease Control [CDC]. The AstdyrlesdaytermeiaSeatd Ct Hall
study, conducted by the HIV Prevention mnit of E a sw y
Trils Network, revealed tatthe current sdThe Miami City Commission
rate of HIVincdene in the US was five trdtoaublapproved a controversial plan to
times higher thn the d C believed and uhpump $50 million into the heart of
was comparable to numbers in sev- Voddbigcoe afeuetomrsenFodavrthpstsxOvertown, following two hours of
eral countries in sub-Saharan Africa yasBtntlleutosuprthmorimpassioned public testimony and
inlu ngteCng n ena aig h rdetegoud nwic hyar one another 90 minutes of tense debate.
Holms EemetarySchpi rid iam ftThe plan, drafted by Miami ComsortBelkei ashngt~ An Miarilerymissioner Michelle Spence-Jones,
-r sIorhghsholks~e eigOntRosa Parks statue placed in had previously caused a stir when
Overtwn wo en's helte give $20Mpledg downafterhe Saty~orthefdCity's anNatio alyCahedraitasabedtthceh Ovetow'sLots Hus, a inovtiv hmelss heter noncd tattheschot ha deontfaedThe Washington National Cathedral dedi- projects.
receied a 20 milion ledg fromdevelper MrtinZ. Magulie, nou8 acdemicprocatede aitnewervnarcaedgaoew cavingofrciiltrihtsoponee wihasrdfudrCntneClis hti ol uvv o tts T ermvdfotitreesau Rosa Parks in a section of the church de"gnrtost oe"Sneisoenn oeta i er g bolshdtoetsaemnae eut voted to human rights. The carving of Parks
ithstasomdtelvso vr70wmnadcide.mnsicuigeuao ultsho joins others on the Cathedral's Human Rights
imprydmnt lannngcurkbulm aignentPorch that celebrates those who struggled to bring equality and social justice to all people.


Youth painted mural Beyonce voted world's Shaquille O'Neal earned Crazed "cannibal" shot,
honoring slain Liberty City Most Beautiful Woman his doctoral degree killed during Memorial Day
teenager Earlier this year, People magazine The four-time NBA champion Weekend
has named superstar, Beyonce, as Shaquille O'Neal received his
A memorial portrait honoring 18-year-old the World's Most Beautiful Woman doctorate degree from Barry During Memorial Day
Muquelle Whisby, who was shot and killed last for 2012 The 30-year-old singer University Saturday in Miami. Weekend, local Rudy
year at the hands of a neighbor, was unveiled topped the magazine's annuL After leaving Louisiana State Eugene assaulted Ronald
on the front wall of the TACOLCY Center by list of the "World's Most University early for the NBA, Shaq Poppo on the MacArthur
their Youth Advisory Council. The mural also Beautiful" in a special went back to school to earn three Causeway During the
Beautiful" in a specialwetbctoCuwa.Drn e
included scenes illustrating how the artists double issue. Beyonce degrees. With a doctorate 18-minute filmed encounviewed their community. told People she feels in education in hand, ter, Eugene accused Pophe said he plans to po of stealing his Bible,
more beautiful than ever
after giving birth. Be- become a motiva- beat him unconscious anc
once, who is married tional speaker and bit off most of Poppo'sfac
to rapper Jay-Z, eventually attend above the beard, including
ave birth to a law school. his left eye, leaving him
blind in both. The attack
daughter, Blue
daughter, Blue ended with Eugene being
JanIvy Cary.ter, in fatally shot by a Miami
police officer.
raman backed
challengers in County race M
Miami businessman Norman Braman once .Miami Heat won theirF again put his money where his mouth was and second NBA title
backed four challengers for the county commis- e dat Jumbo's :marked the retirement
aThe Miami Heat, with their sensasion race in the upcoming August primary. tional trio of LeBron James, Dwyane rector
His dissatisfaction with the incumrtedri onhefae theer
et ht r-Wade and Chi ohdfae tec nNeour The 28th Annual Men's and
bents had been reported on Wade andhris Bosh, defeated the
ous occasions. However, none of Oklahoma City Thunder in five nono Lawrence 53, was charged
the candidates that he supported, games to claim their second retirement of beloved rector
including Alison Austin, Shirley NBA championship. After Marquess-Barry who
Gibson and Alice Pena, were able losing the previous year riwith the Rev.
to oust their res Opponents, the finals to Dallas, winning FE
re p B r the 2012 title was the team's -s co r T r r k i
Audrey Edmonson, Ba r' Vioy objective. Theym beat Kevin
Jordan and Dennis Moss. ttd his fellow Thunder .
Dordan ardannidMs hi flow Tun57 bus ness sustained extensiVe as-h 6tspaefr
121-106 in the deciding game. c m v

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Youthbwomn anhat ithepecuationswiring boutiquetiokeehealth care lawJ e acks J. e a riz si el
ingfo recession MemWisconsin V
SureMe or pedPeketOaasR e e tveCa p el

Court the Pse atre sentav Cal
" alth mgr law to a corrplex opmnthatgpv Jr. revealed that he was be- killed six people and critically wounded

_y 'three at at S ewssdearture Sunpla
r 4 -eat vicr denied IR allegations Ing treated for depression adit uring nda
T s f rsStateRepresentative Daphne Campbell gastrointestinal issues at the services before police shot him dead
receive and pay for their personal medical said in an interview with The Miami Times, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. In affattack that authorities are treatcare m the future. It upheld the mdividua that she Was hnocnof n which ended speculation f his Ing as anact of domestic terrorism.
mandate that mosdAmecansget Insurance illness and whereabouts. Several Witneses said the gunman opened

Aftera poorisow ingsi in th
.pay ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i theil, final ofe ItraReeuSevc.Sectdcmettrhaeseuadfiew n need three dates

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who* wantr e m aine e we etherit would

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"oo h nAftei* b a eohf to r claim the
Pleader attackd FL ~ .- -* Wie oue
an~~.rsdeta unprcednte moeReubicrfa

sao includived a~nt i na FMU president fired
agats onilee thet Novmbenbayo

di se ami Carvaloint fterBlack Barack Obama won the three FL HBCU's without
Be s s tt race for president lea ers

idaSuprem Court -Rd. thM-SSu rl R denuti. TYouth, women and t With speculation swirling about 'questionewsB r Prene Alberto Cavalo ent fo therm of- minority voters were the able behavior,' Dr. Henry Lewis, III was fired
S inf i l~o leaders o key to Barack Obama be- from his position as president of Florida
voessa hoghtespport his cam~pifor a $1 2B. ing reelected for a second Memorial University, after less than two yearsrt .bond referenum iat was slated term as the President at he helm.
atgndo tre to appa ontthe Ndveiber of the United States Lewis's departure put the spotlight on a
the three justices. allo. Bt lcserskpca The nation's first Black dsubn rn tHCsi lrd n
allout whehe thywolletpesdnbmato across the U.S. the difficulty of securing a
thirfreshr afe eeing very .the states he needed, in- capable leader. FMU, FAMU and B-CU, each
S little done for their children after cluding Ohio and Florida, located in Florida, were all in search of a new
a' 1 988 bond was approved. to defeat former Mas- .- president.
Central and BTWV both sachusetts Governortt
s agged state titlesRmny
Head Coach Telly Lockette and his Miami
Ctral Rockets held off prevlously undefeated Tim Scott named South Carolina senator Gun debate resurfaced after Newtown massacre
Gaiesville to win their second state champi- Former State Represenitative Tim Scott was The unimaginable massacre of 20 young school children
ohip, 37-14. The team was led all year by ~ named to replace outgoing GOP Senator Jim and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtedynamic du,o of Joseph Yearby and Dalvin DeMint, becoming the first Black senator from -town, Conneticut, was the impetus for new talks about gun
Cok who rushed for more than 200 yards in the South since Reconstruction. The conserva- control laws i he U.S. Unlike the shootings at Columbine,
tetitle game and scored two touchdowns tive Scott will have to run for the remainder of Virginia 'Tech or the Aurora theater, this shooting struck citibac. Booker T, Washington, led by QB Treon DeMint's term during a special election in 2014. zens to the core because the victims were so young just
Hris, got at revenge on J'vil Bjesia35 Only six Blacks have served in the U.S. Senate. six or seven-years-old.




gospel singer,

dies at 83.7

By Dennis Hevesi

Inez Andrews, whose soaring, wide-ranging voice from contralto croon to >
soul-wrenching wail made her a pillar of gospel music, died on Wednesday at her home in Chicago. She was 83.
The cause was cancer, said her son Richard Gibbs. "She was the last great female vocalist of gospel's golden age," said Anthony Heilbut, author of "The Gospel Sound: Good News and Bad Times" (1971), a history of that era, from the mid 1940s to the early '60s. Ms. Andrews was known as the "High Priestess, Mr. Heilbut said, ranking among the likes of Mahalia Jackson, Marion Williams, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Clara Ward. Ms. Andrews came to national attention in 1958 with the Caravans, the Chicago gospel group led, by Albertina Walker that also nurtured such stars as Shirley Caesar, the Rev. James Cleveland and Bessie Griffin. That'year she was the lead singer for what became two of the Caravans' biggest, hits.

One was "I'm Not Tired Yet," an up-tempo shout song in which she belted out, "I've been running for Jesus a long time/No, I'm not tired yet." The other was "Mary Don't You Weep" a rearrangement, by her, of the Inez Andrews
old spiritual into a rip-roaring sermonette. It was the Caravans' first big hit was a pillar of gospel music and helped make them one of the nation's most popular gospel groups. Ms. Andrews was the lead singer on other hits like "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand," "He Won't Deny Me" and her own composition, "I'm Willing to Wait." hometown: Carter's Choral Ensemble and the Original Gospel Harmonettes. "Nothing ever worked for the Caravans until Inez started whistling" hit- By the mid-1950s, the Harmoriettes were one of the nation's top gospel ting the high 'notes Ms.. Walker often said. .groups, with Ms. Andrews the understudy for the group's lead singer, DoroIn 1972 Aretha Franklin recorded what became the biggest-selling gospel thy Love Coates. It was Ms. ICoates who recommended Ms. Andrews to the album of her career, "Amazing Grace." Its biggest hit was a reprise of MS. Caravans. Andrew's version of "Mary Don't You Weep." In 1962 Ms. Andrews left the Caravans to start her own group, Inez Andrews and the Andrewettes. They toured the country performing songs like BEGAN IN IN BIRMINGHAM "It's in My Heart" and her'composition "(Lord I Wonder) What Will Tomorrow
Ms. Andrews began her career with two groups in Birmingham, Ala., her Bring?" But by 1967 she was touring as a soloist, and in 1973 she recorded her biggest hit, "Lord Don't Move the Mountain." "Lord don't move the mountain/Give me the strength to climb," she sang. The During her long career Ms. Andrews recorded for many labels, among them
Savoy, Jewel and Spirit Feel, and often performed at reunion concerts with Caravans the Caravans. In 2002 she was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame..

From a seductive, bluesy sound often singing behind the beat -Ms. Andrews could burst into an impassioned, raspy cry. "Even in songs of rejoicing, her voice has a somber undertone," Jon Pareles wrote in The New York Times in 1990, "and when she takes on supplicating songs like the midtempo 'Lord I've Tried' or the glacial minor-key blues of 'Stand by Me' both of which rise, verse by verse, to a near-scream Ms. Andrews can sound desperate, on the verge of hysteria. Hers is a gospel of 1
terror, and of the relief faith provides." Faith came out of hardship for Inez McConico, who was born in Birmingham on April 14, 1929, to Theodore and Pauline McConico. Her mother died when she was 2. Her father, a coal miner, was often out of work during the Depression.
Inez was a teenager when she married Robert Andrews. By the time they divorced, -when she was 18, she was the mother of two daughters. Working at menial jobs, including cleaning the steps of the Birmingham courthouse,
.~.. ..*she earned $18 a week. Still, she sang at church and came to the attention of the Harmonettes.
Andr-ews's second husband, Richard Gibbs Sr., died in 1964; her third husband, Wendell Edingburg, died in 2006. Besides her son Richard, who is now Ms. Franklin's pianist, she is survived by three other sons, Casey, Mark and Wendell Edingburg Jr.; three daughters, Legretta Moultry, Gail Perkins and Suzanne Edingburg; 17 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.
"For Ms. Andrews, the message had to be about God, The Chicago Tribune said in 1994.
In one her best-known solos, "Just for Me, which she wrote and recorded


*Plethora of laws passed

LAWS treatment of autism spectrum
continued from 1A disorders for people up to the
age of 21. The legislation's pasvl, "Many dealt with health care, sage continues a trend among
education, gay rights, child states that began in 2007, X safety and the Internet. Kuhl said.
In several states, includ- Other states could follow, ing Maryland, New Jersey and with similar bills, and a highDelaware, lawmakers made it er number of laws could take illegal for employers to either effect when the clock strikes require or request social-media midnight in 2014 because four passwords from job applicants state legislatures 7- Montana, !or employees. Some of those Nevada; North Dakota and laws are already in effect. How- Texas were out of session in ever, .similar bills passed in 1l- '2012.
linois and California become
-Photo courtesy of Comm. Monestime law Tuesday. Some new laws in 2013:
The new homes of DuPuis Pointe located at 3104 NW 64th Street. "My legislation protects work- Same-sex couples in Maryers' privacy," said Nora Cam- land will be able to marry.
pos, speaker pro tempore of California clergy members
New housing construction begins in District 2 the California State Assembly will not have to perform sameu and lead author of her state's sex marriages if they object.
social-media bill. "The legis- Partial birth abortion by lation is necessary because physicians and non-physiNEW HOMES U.S. Department of Housing already completed are con- program and receive pre- and there is a hole in existing law cians will not be performed in
continued from 1A and Urban Development's tracted to see and pending post-homebuyer counseling," that prevents employers from New Hampshire except to save
Neighborhood Stabilization closing. Monestime added. "This is intruding into an employee's the life of the mother.
Housing Services of South Program (Round 2). When "Through the hard work important because we want legal off-duty conduct." Sex offenders in Illinois will
Florida with funding from the subdivision is completed of Neighborhood Housing families to have the tools to She added that California not be able to dress up as Santhe Florida Community Loan there will be 27 single-fami- Services, the DuPuis Pointe stay in their homes and make could potentially be the new ta Claus or the Easter Bunny Fund, Coral Gables Con- ly homes available for pur- homebuyers were able to at- a lasting impact on their com- model for how other states or give out candy during' Halgregational Church and the chase. Each of the five homes tend a homebuyer education munities." deal with social media and the loween.
workplace. Employers in Oregon will not
Meanwhile, Alaska became be allowed to advertise a job
te3 1st state to require health opening if they won't consider
Copper thefts hurting Liberty City businesses surancethe c applicants who are unemsran c companies to coy- apiat h r nm
er the diagnosis, testing and ployed.

THEFT Brown said. businesses that have been ef- the mayor. But some business
continued from 1A The mayor says he has "total fected by the thefts attended owners, who have already spent
confidence in the police chief the meeting including: Shan- thousands of dollars replacing Ed onson discusses-safety
air conditioning units and other and staff because they are try- tel's Lounge, Sheye's of Miami stolen items, worry that they ___________discussessafet electrical equipment that have ing to do the right thing," he Learning Centers, Tropical may be hit by more vandalism. been stolen. He also addressed said. Glass and Construction Co., Juanita Walker-Kirkland, the NO BULLET perceives the role of the federal
other concerns including: as- "I was pleased with the out- Liberty City Health and Well- owner of Sheye's Learning Cen- continued from 1A government given the'recent
sisting with the demolition and come and so many. businesses ness Center, Mop City Unisex ters, has had two of her centers tragedy in Newtown, Connecticleaning of abandoned homes showing up, said Christine M. Hair Styling Center, Art Forev- robbed. She had copper wiring, campaign was initiated three cut. and helping with economic de- King, president and CEO of the er, Dave's Deli and the Martin an air conditioner and several years ago with the emphasis "I think that there should be velopment in the area by bring- Martin Luther King Economic Luther King Economic Develop- bicycles stolen. that just one bullet can destroy stricter guidelines, Edmonson
ig in investments from abroad. Development Corporation, who ment Corporation. "Well see whether or not the any party and the lives of in- said. "There is no reason for
Both the mayor and Brown convened the meeting. "We are mayor's going to honor his word nocent citizens. a person to have an assault
mentioned several crime pre- united to make a difference, see BUSINESSES TO HOLD MAYOR and provide high. visibility po- With the recent headlines weapon." vention measures that would change in the community and TO HIS WORD lice presence between 11 p.m. regarding gun control, it ap- It should be noted that last
be put into place. have this particular crime dis- King says she and other busi- and 4 a.m.," Walker-Kirkland peared as if the annual team year, thanks in part to the 'no
"I think we've done a decent placed." nesses will continue to follow said. "This is when businesses effort of Edmonson and Re- bullet campaign,' there were
job, but it's not good enough," Representatives' from several up on the promises made by 'are most affected." galado were needed now more no reported incidents of celthan ever before. Edmonson ebratory violence, according to also shared her sentiments Detective Javier Biaez, MiamiFinal verdict on "fiscal cliff' awaiting decision about gun control and how she Dade Police Department.

CLIFF his signature before taxpayers embarrassment," said Sen. Bob cuts would be allowed to expire. F,-, L- honors distinguished
continued from 1A felt the impact of higher income Corker, R-Tenn. "We still haven't Senators said disagreements re- S
taxes or federal agencies began moved any closer to solving our mained over taxing large inher- M iram ar GOP, proposalfor just a three- issuing furloughs or taking other nation's problems." ited estates. The two sides were
month delay in the across-the- steps required by spending cuts. In one sign of movement on also apart on how to keep the MIRAMAR Florida State board cuts. Sunday, Republicans dropped a alternative minimum tax from UIRAMAR awarda State
At the same time, Democrats ALL WORKERS MAY SEE demand to slow the growth of So- raising the tax bills of nearly 30 University awarded Commissaid the two sides were closing CUT IN TAKE-HOME PAY. cial Security and other benefits million middle-income families sioner Wayne Messam with a
in on an agreement over taxes. Regardless of the fate of the ne- by changing how those payments and how to extend tax breaks for 'National Distinguished AlumThey said the White House had gotiations, it appeared all work- are increased each year to allow research by business and other ni Award. He is the first alumproposed blocking an increase ers would experience a cut in for inflation. Obama had offered activities. Republicans were in- nus to receive the honor twice. for most Americans, while let- their take-home pay with the ex- to include that change, despite sisting that budgetcuts be found The award, presented by the ting r, tes rise for individuals piration of a two-year cut in pay- opposition by many Democrats, to pay for some of the spending FSU Black Alumni Association with incomes of $400,000 a year roll taxes. Unless -an agreement as part of earlier, failed bargain- proposals Democratswere push- as' the university celebrates 50 and $450,000 for couples, a con- is reached and approved by Con- ing with House Speaker John ing. years of integration, honored
cession from President Barack gress by the start of New Year's Boehner, R-Ohio, ovei a larger These included proposals to Messam for his academic, athObama's campaign call to set the Day, more than $500 billion in deficit reduction agreement. But erase scheduled defense and do- letic and business success. He levels at $200,000 and $250,000. 2013 tax increases will begin to Democrats said theywould never mestic cuts exceeding $200 bil- received the award for the first Any overall deal was also likely take effect and $109 billion will include the new inflation formu- lion over the next two years and time as a student in 1996.
to include a provision to prevent be carved from -defense and do- la in the smaller deal now being to extend unemployment ben- The university recognized a spike in milk prices with the mestic programs. Though the tax sought to forestall wide-ranging efits. Republicans complained the commissioner, who is a new year, extend unemployment hikes and budget cuts would be tax boosts and budget cuts, and that in effect, Democrats would first generation African-Amer- WAYNE MESSAM benefits due to expire and pro- felt gradually, economists warn Republicans relented. pay for that spending with the
tect doctors who treat Medicare that if allowed-to fully take hold, tax boosts on the wealthy. and, athletic scholarships to pany m
patients from a 27 percent cut in their combined impact the so- MORE DEAL MAKING NEEDED "We can't use tax increas- andU aletic sorhips tospany.
called fiscal cliff would rekin- There was still no final agree- es on anyone to pay for more FSU, playing for the NFL's Messam was elected to the fees. Cincinnati Bengals, and start- Miramar commission in March
Despite the movement, Sen- dle a recession. ment on the income level above spending," said Sen. Kay Bailey inisn consuctiontcoi- 2011.
ate Majority Leader Harry Reid "This whole thing is a national which decade-old income tax Hutchison, R-Texas. ing,his own construction com- 2011.
warned that differences remained without spelling Fout what they were and said cooperation would be needed by both :
sides. "Negotiations are continuing as I speak,' said Reid, D-Nev.
as the Senate began an unusual New Year's Eve session. "But we
really are runnig out of time.
Americans are still ,threatened w .ith a tax hike in just a few
Liberal Sen. Tom Harkin, D- / f
Iowa, took to the Senate floor f 0SPS b I0"
after Reid to warn Democratic Its Psi l
bargainers against lowering levies on large inherited estates and
raising the income threshold at
which higher tax rates wouldkikn o B a
"No deal is better than a bad '1

like a very bad deal the way this T o )
is shaping up." !
He~ suggested instead letting .!

els that existed when the econ- 5 fl
omy was strong under Presi- WWW'
dent Bill Clinton, adding, "I ask, .A.
what's so bad about that?"*
Both the House and Senate Fa iy+ Cae r+ E cai n
were on meeting on the final day ;,
of the year, although there was.... n o expectation that a compro-nn maise could be approved by both Ao

houses by midnight, even if one of the White House and lawmakers was to seal an agreement, en- :
act it and send it to Obama for

Faith ain I


Elders honored at annual

Kwanzaa celebration

Young and old pay homage to ancestors with performances

I '[


Members of Osundara Yoruba Dance Troupe danced in celebration of African heritage.

By Malika A. Wright tors. They remembered the names of In the spirit of Kwanzaa, the grandmothers, grandfathers ard other dara Yoruba Dance Troupe danced,
loved ones who have paved the way. the libation ritual was performed, the One-byone each person in the roo This was how the 23rd Annual Mary symbols of Kwanzaa and the N zo One-by, each person in the room: &U.>
stood and spoke one name aloud. They Williams Woodard Legacy Kwanzaa Saba (the seven principles of Kwanzaa)
s to o d -lo u d.s WT hd a r L eg a cy o fwa n z a a
proclaimed the names of those that 'Celebration, began. The event, spon- were explained. The Black family pledge they loved and whose examples they sored by the Miami-Dade Chapter of the by Maya Angelou was recited. The pride hey loved and whose examples tlhey. red... b h,im now follow. The young and the old Florida A&M University [FAMU] Nation- of Florida A&M University was evident boldly spoke the names of those,men al Alumni Association and Community among the attendees who included I. -Builders Holistic Development, empha- graduates of the 1960s and FAMU curnd women whOse conttbutioni1have Bpf Members of Osundara Yoruba Dance Troupe danced in celebraimpacted their lives. They calledtheir sized the importance of elders, African rent students. Members of Osundara Yoruba Dance Troupe danced in celebraelders, their role models and their men- heritage and Kwanzaa. Please turn to KWANZAA 9B tion of African heritage.
...............q............................................... .........................................................................

Epiphany holiday

celebrated on Jan. 6

Mostly observed by Orthodox,
Catholic and Episcopal Christians

By Malika A. Wright Through Christ's existence, Christians learned that God was Accepting, giving, tolerant and : Epiphany means revealing and loving, according to Barry. showing forth something that During the Epiphany celebraSwas previously hidden. In fact, tion, there is also an emphasis Revelation is exactly what the on the coming of the three wise SEpiphany holiday is all about. men who visited Jesus after his Each year 12 days after Christ- birth, bearing gifts of gold, franki "mas, on Jan. 6th, many church- incense and myrrh.
Ses throughout South Florida arid "With the coming of the three KthCry all around the world celebrate kings; Jesus had shown to be the Epiphany. It is mainly ob- not 'only the Savior for the Jews
-Photo courtesy Keithy served by Orthodox, Catholic but the Savior for the Gentiles as
Faith Community Baptist Church Men's Ministry, M.A.F.I.A., Men Of Faith In Action, pose acknowledged Episcopalthat Cthrough Jesus'T eSt. Agnes' Bar celebrates the holiwith e iK r D n.4 birth, many mysteries about God day with a candlelight service. It
rig Wdre revealed. St.. Agnes's Epis- symbolizes that Christians are to
Du n: M e a iung mh u p c; ::pal Church isone local church be the light of Christ in the world
.E U II*. V ~ lL.Z L L~i p a that focuses on this important (Matt. 5: 17), says Barry.
snehtokveapatrFihIAco)metevr :day on the Christian calendar. "Epiphany is the manifestation
Mentakt o nw as" since he took nver as pastor Faith In Action), meets every ,"In Jesus Christ,, God revealed and the showing forth of God's four years ago. Monday at 7 p.m. to keep himself in the flesh," Father unchanging nature in the mix
better fathers and husbands "In most cases, our Black' each other sharp and hold Barry of St. Agnes Episcopal of a very puzzling and uncertain
women have been strong each other accountable. Ac- Church, said. "He made known world," he said. "That's the good
By Malika A. Wright filled with countless women and held our families togeth- cording to Dunn, its goal is to us what was not known be- news. Even though our and very few men. er," Dunn said. "It is not very to help men develop an au- fore." stances are unsure God is sure."
But Rev. Richard. Dunn,' often that Black men come thentic walk with God and "Why Men Hate Going to 52, senior pastor of Faith together and talk about real- become a positive force at Church?" is the name of a Community Baptist Church life issues in terms of mak- home, at church and in the book that posed a very in- and former commissioner of ing a commitment toward community. teresting question in 2005.' Miami, is proud of the strong family and children." "They are people who are Many people may still pon- male presence in his church. Faith Community Bap- really committed to doing
der over this question, as The family-oriented: church tist men's ministry, which the right thing," Dunn said. they look at their churches has 'shown a lot of growth is called M.A.F.I.A. (Men As '." Please turn to DUNN 9B

Why New Year's resolutions may not work
When most people share ter "me." Though they may ly explained away-"I know than just not keeping our
their New Year's resolu- seem to be mere matters of I' should do this, but I have vows. The bigger problem is tions, they tend to talk about behavioral modification, the failed to do it this year. I want that we're not very good at dothings that point indirectly fact that we always fail to to set a new goal, try harder ing what we know is for our to their character: "I want to keep them seems to point to a next year and succeed." own good. This should reveal eat healthier . I want to deeper problem. But wait; didn't you say the that, lurking subtly behind
pay off my debt... I want to If you think about it, an ad- same thing last year, and the bad eating habits, persistent read through the entire Bible mission of a character flaw is year before? Perhaps this is a debt and slacking spirituality,
Our resolutions reflect almost always built into a New good indicator that we have a are character flaws that are
our hopes of becoming a bet- Year's resolution, then quick- bigger problem on our hands Please turn to NEW YEAR 9B :Three Wise Men


Family and heritage, celebrated Dunn discusses calling of God
DUNN came the youth pastor at Faith would mean nothing if my
KWANZAA continued from 8B Community Baptist Church. family was crumbling right becontinued from 8B "That was the crowning mo- fore my eyes."
"They're men coming together ment of my ministry because Along with his great passion The night focused on the im-' to talk about how they're going many times the hardest tes- for his family and pastoring,
portance of heritage, culture, to improve in their walks with timonies are the people who he also has a calling in polifamily and principles and was' God. If you have strong Chris- know you best," he said. "In tics. He says he will run for
hosted by Chief Nathaniel B. tian men, you'll have strong spite of my huinanity, my fail- city commissioner again in
Styles, Jr., the executive direc- Christian families." ures, my struggles and my 2013. And while some may betor of Osundara Yoruba Dance Keith Curry and Ralph Pre- challenges, my son saw some- lieve that church and politics
Troupe. sley, both deacons at the thing in my walk with the shouldn't mix, he thinks othThe principles of Kwanzaa church, lead the ministry. Lord." erwise.
(Nguzo Saba) were recited as the Family life, ministry and pol- Dunn and his wife Daphne "There's nothing unscripturKwanzaa Kinara (candle) was itics have been married 26 years al or sinful about ministers belit. They are Umoja (unity), Ku- Dunn adds that he's also ex- and have two children. ing in politics," he said. "If you
jichagulia (self-determination), cited about the church's youth "I've been able to keep my don't have Godly leadership,
Ujima (cooperative economics), ministry. His son, Richard family together and that means anything goes. Righteousness
Nia (purpose), Kuum'ba (creativ- Paul Dunn III, 24, answered more to me than anything," he exalts a nation, but sin is a reity) and Imani (faith). God's calling this year and be- said. "All of my achievements proach to many."
Imir Hall, 18, a FAMU freshman and recipient of the Mary
oWilliamshinWodard Undationehent -MiamiTimes staff photo R esolutions reveal hidden problem i
Scholarship, said it was his first Standing tall: Members of Osundara Yoruba Dance Troupe re ea
time attedin theorin eyen and _______celebration._Pictured
celebrating Kwanzaa. He said afterperformingattheKwanzaacelebrationPictured WYEAR These changes we like to see in that,, but, quite literally, to be
he'enjayed learning the mean- are: Diamante Stephenson (1-r), Kaden Bowden, Miguel Rus- continuedfrom 8 our lives and vow to make are this or that.
ings of the symbols. sell, Randall Walls, Kamili Nilata, Katherine Cespedes, Vincent changes we want to see for the Whatever we resolve to do in
"The celebration is important Elagweyo Onokurte, Andrew Zupisich and Prince Emmanuel not essentially behavioral but rest of our lives, not just for a the upcoming year, we should because it helps you keep in Abiodun Aderele. existential. Our failures have year. resolve to be that for the rest of'
touch with your heritage so that less to do with what we do and And that's probably what our lives.
you won't forget," Hall said. Africa and America," he said. them with others," she said. more with who we are. most of us intend when we What we really need are lifeArthur Woodard, 84, called Nivia Woodard, FAMU gradu- Vanessa Woodard Byers, who Who would consider it a set down our resolutions. But time resolutions because if his late wife's name Mary Wil- ate and granddaughter of Mary directed the event, said she was "meaningful" endeavor to suc- if the change is not in our be- it's truly worth doing, -it's probliams Woodard, who started the Williams Woodard, attended the pleased with the impact that ceed. in eating healthy for one ing, the change will never 'be ably worth living for. celebration 23 years ago, when event with her grandfather. She the event had on her commu- year, only to ruin their health in permanent. Maybe this is what But we must address another he stood to name an elder. He said the event was educational nity. subsequent years? Who would Gandhi meant when he said tempting misconception.
smiled as he reflected on his and enjoyable as always. "We never rehearse, but it is consider it "responsible" to (supposedly) that we ought to 'Lingering behind the excite-' wife's involvement in the past "It's important to our fam- always good when people come pay off a large amount of debt "be the change we want to see." ment of welcoming the new Woodard Kwanzaa celebrations. ily because we strive to live together and do something pos- in a year, only to accrue more Perhaps he didn't mean by this "me" is the rather misguide&' "It's an outstanding tribute to by these principles and share itive," she said. debt in the years to follow? that we must simply do this or confidence in our own ability.

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Falling TVs can kill, few parents aware of risk

By Kim Painter worst years on record for such bedroom dressers and play- says John Drengenberg, direc-" Safe Kids Worldwide, a non- Chicago area made national
tragedies. And 18,000 people room shelves. tor of consumer affairs at Un- profit advocacy group that news earlier this year.
Falling TV sets have killed a year, mostly children, are "Children will climb up on derwriters Laboratories,.which surveyed 1,000 parents in Few parents said they had
more than 20Q children since treated for.injuries from falling furniture to try to turn the sets safety standards for TVs September with funding from taken steps to prevent the
-2000, but-parents remain TVs, the commission says. TV on and there goes the and other products. a company that makes TV injuries: Just three percent
largely unaware of the danger, It's happening despite the heavy television as well as the But flat screen TVs are fall- mounts. "But this is entirely ,.had secured traditional cathsay reports out today., widespread switch to lighter piece of furniture;" says Inez ing on kids, too, and a new preventable." ode ray tube TVs to was or
An update from the U.S. flat-screen TVs. In fact, safety Tenenbaum, chairman of the survey shows few parents are The group found just 27 furniture; just five percent
Consumer Product Safety experts say. the switch may commission. The TVs alone, installing those in the safest percent of parents, had seen had secured flat'screen sets to
Corission shows 29 people, be making the problem worse weighing 50 to 100 pounds, way. media reports about the furniture and-just 28 percent
,mostly children, were killed by as consumers take old, heavy can crush a child, she says. ""Every three weeks a child danger. That's despite the fact had attached them to walls, falling TVs in the USA in 2011 sets out of their family rooms "These TVs are on shelves dies" from a tipped-over TV, that a cluster ofTV tip-over which Carr says is the safest alone, making it one of the and put them atop unstable never designed to hold them," says Kate Carr, president of deaths among children in the choice.

Television viewing: Making 95 perent0o

choies fr y ur c ild American babies
smart choices for your child watch television.

By Sharon Rechter babysitter, I think it's impor- "should children watch TV," but
tant to understand that as with rather, "what are they watchThe issue of children and many other activities, television ing, how much and under what television viewing has been de- can actually be used as an im- conditions?" Content is absobated for many years, including portant tool to enhance the de- lutely key. If it's appropriate, whether they should be allowed velopment of our kids. It starts educational and non-violent, to watch at all. As the mother with parents doing research on children can learn and have a of two young girls myself, I un- what is available, and seeking very positive experience.
derstand the challenge of de- out the kinds of shows that are It's also important to vary the termining at what age they can designed by developmental ex- types of programs your kids be first exposed to TV, as well pets. watch. The younger the child
as what types of programming. According to the Kaiser Fam- (especially babies), the greater can provide the most benefit to ily Foundation, 95 percent of will be their natural tendency them. American babies watch tele- to gravitate toward their favorWhile some may regard tele- vision, so from my practical items. Be sure to continually revision simply as an electronic perspective, the question isn't fresh the content- you select,

Getting out in nature help clears mind Fewercancer

Brain function p

improves by 50 U 6

percent by50..after video demo

By Wendy Leonard By Andrew M. Seaman variety of cancer patients at
four medical centers in MasIndividuals were studied dur- Dying cancer patients are sachusetts, New York and
ing various four-to-six-day less likely to want aggres- Tennessee
Outward Bound backpacking. sive end-of-life care if they All of the patients who
expeditions held in Alaska, Col- watch a short video about agreed to participate in the
orado, Maine and Washington CPR than if they simply hear study were read a standardin the summer of 2010. People ,.about it, according to a new ized description of CPR
who had been submerged, in study. described as pressing on,
the outdoors four days scored "These are huge difference their chest and using an
higher on the test than those es. You wil d ~e er differ-' electric shock to "get your
who had yet to begin their trips, leading researchers to believe than f yoU don'te-said Dr. stops."
that nature has a profound ef- / Angelo Volandes, the study's The description also said
fect on the brain. lead author frm Bostons CPR does not revive m6st
"Three or four days in, you Massachusetts General Hos- patients with advanced canchange into a different state ,,.. cer, and the patient would
and let all the stuff at the of- "A.ll' .:V aAl these patients had likely be put in the ICU with
fice slide away and you're in the a terminal condition. It's a breathing machine if it
moment, you're in the present, A step into nature is a step away from stress. not like there was another worked.
you're not ruminating about the treatment theywere tryirlg... The researchers then
past or anticipating things. from sity of Kansas believe he's right. effects," said David Strayer, He said that something about So (CPR) was prolonging the randomly selected 70 of the the future." "We think it is part of a gen- University of Utah professor of the sights, sounds and smells dying process," he said. patients to watch a threeDavid Strayer, University of eral phenomenon of getting out psychology and co-author of a of nature allow a person to. put The researchers found in a minute video demonstration. Utah professor of psychology in nature and disassociating ,study. published last Wednes- aside the regular stressors of group of 150 cancer patients, In the group that was and study co-author yourself stepping back from. day in PLOS ONE, an online life and think more clearly and who were thought to have only told about CPR, about
And researchers at the Uni- technology and all of a sud- journal sponsored by the Public more creatively, less than a year to live, 48 half of the 80 patients said
versity of Utah and the Univer- den, you get these restorative Library of Science. Please turn to NATURE 1 1B percent wanted CPR after be- they wouldn't want doctors'
ing told about it, compared or nurses to revive them.
to 20 percent in the group That compared to179 perWeg tl s s r e y a n tc m a diabetes who also 4 watched a video ,'centof the patients Who also
W e g t o sm a or a showing compressions on a. watched the video. "
dummy and the inserting of Nine out of every ten pa/, surgery do not experience a re- relatively short, lasting under regardless of whether they re- a breathing tube. tients who watched the video
Gastric bypass mission of their disease, and two years., gained weight.
"Its one of the most im- also said it was helpfulul"
not tvlely" to hod of those that do, about a third The latest 'study tracked "Some people are under the .portant issues in American
redevelop diabetes within five thousands of diabetics who impression that you have sur- me&dimenetoday. People are PART OF A BIGGER
off remission years of their operation. had gastric bypass surgery for gery and you're cured," said Dr. getting medical interventions 'CONVERSATION
The findings contrast with the more than a decade. It found Vivian Fonseca, the president that, if they. had more knowl- Volandes told Reuters growing perception that surgery that many people whose dia- for medicine and science for edge, they Would simply not Health that the video may By Anahad O'Connor is essentially a cure for Type II betes at first went away were the American Diabetes Associa- want," said Volandes. reinforce the information padiabetes. Earlier this year, two likely to have it return. While tion, who was not involved in 'The new study builds tients usually get from their Weight Iosas 'surgery, which in widely publicized studies re- weight regain is a common the study. "There have been a off previous research with doctors. recent years has been seen as ported that' surgery worked bet- problem among those who un- lot of claims about how wonder- similar findings by the same "People aren't clinicians. an increasingly attractive op- 'ter than drugs, diet and exer- dergo bariatric surgery, regain- ful surgery is for diabetes, and I group. The earlier research, They don't have clinic experition for treating Type 2 diabetes, cise in causing a remission of ing lost weight did not appear think this offers a more realistic however, was only conducted ence to understand what this may not be as effective against Type 2 diabetes in overweight to be the cause of diabetes re- picture." with brain cancer patients at looks like," he said.
the disease as it was initially people whose blood sugar was lapse. Instead, the study found The findings suggest that one medical center. Dr. Susan Gaeta, an assisthought to be, according to a out of control, leading some ex- that people whose diabetes was weight loss surgery may be For the new study, pub- -.tant professor at The Univer-' new report. The study found perts to call for greater use of most severe or in its later stag- most effective for treating dia- lished in the Journal of sity of Texas MD Anderson that many obese Type 2 diabet- surgery in treating the disease. es when they had surgery were betes in those whose disease is Clinical Oncology, the re- Cancer Center inHouston, ics who undergo gastric bypass But the studies were small and more likely to have a relapse, Please 'tu~rn to DIABETES IIB searchers included a wider Please turn to CPR liE


Outdoor activity can help clear the mind Obesity hurts diabetes

NATURE item creativity test the morn- and let all the stuff at the office Strayer said in order to whol- DIABETES earlier intervention."
continued from 10B ing before they began their slide away and you're in the ly connect with nature and continued from 10B One of the strengths of the
journey, and 32 took the test moment, you're in the present, reap the benefits it provides to new study was that it involved
Strayer said the physiologi- on the morning of the trip's you're not ruminating about the soul, one must set aside not very advanced, thousands of patients enrolled
cal and emotional benefits of fourth day. the past or anticipating things reminders of daily life in our "What we're learning is that in three large health plans in
being out in nature begin after People who had been sub- from the future," Strayer said. somewhat fabricated urban not all diabetic patients do as California and Minnesota, alabout 30 minutes, but con- merged in the outdoors four One critical aspect of the settings. well as others," said Dr. David lowing detailed tracking over
tinue to compound up. until days scored higher on the test study, however, is that partici- "The pace of life has in- E. Arterburn, the lead author of many years. All told, 4,434
about three or four days, when than those who had yet to pants agreed to put away their creased, we're multitasking at the study and an associate in- adult diabetics were followed
decision-making and creativity begin their trips, leading re- cellphones, laptop and tablet ever-increasing rates," he said. vestigator at the Group Health between 1995 and 2008. All
skills are acutely tuned. searchers to believe that na- computers, and all other tech- The concern is that the artifi- Research Institute in Seattle. were obese, and all underwent
Individuals were studied ture has a profound effect on nological devices that might cial environment humans have "Those who are early in diabe-' Roux-en-Y operations, the most
during various four- to six-day the brain, serve as a distraction from na- created for themselves, using tes seem to do the best, which popular type of gastric bypass
Outward Bound backpacking The results indicated a near- ture. all kinds of technology, may makes a case for potentially procedure.
expeditions held in Alaska, ly 50 percent improvement in Thomas said his group usu- actually stress the brain. The
Colorado, Maine and Washing- brain function post-hike. ally carries cellphones, but accumulative effects, then, are
ton in the summer of 2010. Of "Three or four days in, you they're packed away for use in believed to cause even higher
the 56 subjects, 24 took a 10- change into a different state an emergency. levels of stress and arousal.
CPR She added that the question
continued from 10B should not be, "Do you want
this?" It should be, "Is this
told Reuters Health she likes medically appropriate based on
the idea of using the videos, but your goals and values?"
said they need to be part of a Volandes said their collection
H bigger conversation, of 25 videos on various top"What we're trying to do is to ics, including CPR and breathhave conversation with patients ing tubes, are used by over 30
$i 999 on what their goals and values healthcare systems across the
7 P .... are," said Gaeta. country.
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9:30an.m Sunday Schuci NBC 10:05an.m. Mi.vke ra ensa' church, home, prison .IlehStudy,ThursdayV7:30Op.m.
Tuesday 7 p.m. Bible Study orhp1 ~.Wrhp4pmMission and Bible furPweNonDyra r P' Bx422i'YuhMisy
6:30 pgm Prauyer Meeting Clasa Tuesday 6:30 pm. Ee, u W1 rhp.m- p.m. eating .... (Taos.) 7 p.m. iMiami, FL 33147-2426 "Mon.-Wed. 6 p.m.


New Birth Baptist Church, The Cathedral of Faith International Pembroke Park Church of Christ Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
2300 N.W. 135th Street 3707 S.W. 56th Avenue Hollywood, FL 33023 140 N.W. 58th Street
Order of Services I5',, 0---* Il$l$

11 n.m., 7 p.m. 305-685-3700 Sunday: Bible Study 9 n.m. Morning Worship 10 a.m. B our of Prayer 6:30 n.m. Early Morning Worship 7:30 n.m.
SudySho :0nm a 0 8 75Evening Worship 6 p.m. xi'Sunday School 10 a.m. Morning Worship 11 n.m.
SudyShd93 ~. Fx 0.8.75Wednesday General Bible Study 7:30 p.m. Youth Minislry Study, Wed 7 p.m. Prayer/Bible Study, Wed 7 p.m.
Tuesday (Bible Study) 6:45p m. www .Television Program Sure Foundation 'Noonday Altar Prayer...(M-F)
i Wednesday Bible Study My33 WBFS/Comcast 3 Saturday- 7:30 n.m. Feeding the Hungry every Wednesday ....11 a.mA- p.m.
10:45 n.m.

A VAA' -~A .'' ~ '~AA New Way of Life Int'l Ministries 93rd Street Community
A ' '': 285 NW 199 Street j Missionary Baptist Church
:;! ..... ...... Miami, FL 33169 2330 N.W. 93rd Street

A P A IOrder of Services Order of Services
;w :i iSunday 9 a.m.. Sunday School 7:30 n.m. Early Morning Worship
.. . : unday 10 am.- Church Service 1 I1a.m...Morning Worship
... Eveing Worship
W lst&h3rdSurday 6p.m.


Wright and Young Hadley Davis MIK Hadley Davis Tranquility ilatnG B r esd s
60, roofer, died housewife, died LENA EASON, 76, medical December 31 at home. Service Paterson, .XjS trips to Europe an -d Brazil.
D e ce m ber December 22 assistant, died 10 a.m., Saturday at New Home Rather than fight each
24 at home. at North Shore December Missionary Baptist Church, frtBlack count Banrpedd~l~
Service 11 a.m., Medical Center. 22 at home. Hollywood. frtm y r to tax *evasion and mail fraud.
Thursday in the Service 2 p.m., Service 11 am., By Nick Clunn At sentencing, U.S. District
chapel. Saturday in the Saturday at St. JAMES THOMAS, died Judge William G. Bassler recae.Mary Catholic ~ 'December 27 at North Shore State Assemblyman Ben- marked that Barnes seemed
Chuch.Hospital. Service 10 a.m., Saturday jie Wimberly said he learned entirely unrepentant and
in he hapl.the news from Barnes' family promptly gave him the maxichael.and a city funeral home. Wim- mum 37-month sentence,

JAMES ALEXANDER BASDEN LARCARVIA GAMBLE, 11, 18, CALVIN ELFORD, died berly, who began his career in plus 200 hours of community
BKA "TONY", student, died JOYCE TAYLOR, 82, December 28 at Plantation government under the Barnes service upon his release, and
died December December 28. dressmaker ,. Hospital. Service 11 a.m., Saturday administration, said he did told him to cooperate with
28at home. Sevc 2pmdied December in the chapel. not know the cause of death, the Internal Revenue Service
Memorial 7 Saturday in the 25 at MemorialBanse rgdi pyngbc
p.m., Friday chpl from the city's pub- taxes.
at the church. 1illic housing and Bans recor
Service 11 a.m., UService 2 p.m. Marcel Cremations once appeared as mayor helped
StraatS.Saturday in the VINCENTE MANUEL TOLEDO. headed far beyond redeem his repPu ...cae.68. Services were held. the eight-square utation among
Church, Miami. miles of the Silk some in the city,
CHRISTINE DAVIS, 70, died PAIGE ELISABETH LEFLAR, 3 'City. including politiBARBARA D. SMITH, 48, December 25 JAL.. REGINALD HARDWICK, died December 12. Arrangements H enrdpoicalaeswh
teacherat home. Ar- 48, general are incomplete, tics as a tenant ac- continued to seek
assistant, died rangements are manager, died tivist, and over the his advice until
D ec em b er incomplete. December 25 WALTER L. MALLORY, 69, truck years would play MARTIN G. BARNES Barnes left with
29. Survivors: at Memorial driver, died December 24 at home. both sides of the his family for
husand Dna rrngeent ae icoplee. political aisle. As a council- Pennsylvania several months
Smith; mother, Ho sp it al. man, he championed rent ago.
Christa DE; Holday control. As mayor, he de- Gregory Barnes, his
son, Omar p.m., Satuda Happy Hoias nounced rough police tactics 45-year-old son who had
Stanley; two a Reotthat marked the war on drugs worked as a city police offisisters, Gwen (Conroy) Kerason DONNIE SMITH, 74, laborer, International Faith Ministries. nloigm orofinThe mi-10s. fdrliicer, srece ntl suffed awt ser
and Pamela (Reggie) White; died December Te4ont fhttopedeBrl s int str and hmodein ithahi
five brothers, Gary (Cherry) 31 at Jackson MAYCO SIMON, JR., 30,mn httpldBre n fte n i ohr in
Evans, Shaprio Doyle, Isarel Health System. laborer, died 2002 accused him of accept- Barnes, Wimberly said.
Doyle, Chris (Ann) Doyle; host Arrangements December 24 ing $200,,000 worth of lavish Wimberly said he was hired
of nieces, nephews, family and are incomplete, at University of gifts from private contractors by Barnes to lead city recrefriends. Service 1 p.m., Saturday Miami Hospital. who did business with the ation in 1996 and oversaw a
at Peaceful Zion Baptist Church, Service 12 p.m., city. The gifts included expen- department that was greatly
2400 NW 68 St. Saturday in the sive clothes, a swimming pool expanded by Barnes, mostly
chapel. for his Ridge Terrace home to provide more programs for
DEACON LEVI A. LAWRENCE, and many all-expenses-paid children.
JR., 68, retired ANNIE MAE ROBERTSON, 87,
Army veteran cook, died Deand civil service cember 26 at NATASHA THROWER, 41, Death Notice
worker, died Jackson Plaza nurse, died
December 27 Rehabilitation D ec em b er PAMELA YVETTE WALTON
at Miami VA Nursing Home. 27 at home. was born March 20, 1971 in
Medial Hospital. Arrangements Service 10 JcsnilF.Gdgae
Survivors: a are incomplete. a.m., Saturday RUBY MAakonilEL odgae
Pam to use her gifts and talloving and at New Shiloh CHEEVER RUCKER ents toHisevcathear
devoted wife, Clarice Lawrence. M i s s i o n a r y 10/22/19 18 08/22/2011 of s threeiwen sthe ery
Viewing/memorial service 6-8 p.m., Baptist Church. age othewn.sebegan
Thursday at the church. Service FRAK ARERfJ.,65 Thank you for always be- singing in the youth choir
10 a.m., Friday at St. Matthew pAN died ER Deeb R at5ort ing there, showing your love, at Mt. Olive AME Church in
Missionary Baptist Church. Shontr.diServicemwer held KRatE MARHAL,23 showing you care. For always Jacksonville, Florida in 1974.
Sholabrer divcswr hl.KITPed ASAL 3 showing me what was right. That marked the beginning of
JAVON TERRELL BROWN, 20, lENCa.JSEH 1 eboer 22.d For taking care of me, when I an unrelenting willingness to
student, died. hmmkrdidDcme21a Arng etsgot sick at night. For allowing loeGdadsreHm
Service 11 a.m., UM Hospital. Services were held. are incomplete, me to be your son, and never Paemnattede Apoo ialae
Saturday in the feeling second to none; now ElseentFar Schoolin Tarsl raca-Gseladxr
chapel. JEANETTE RENELUS, 81, re- you have a great grandson. haseetr FL oo and Miami hor s erh i the ospe and er
---- tailer, died December 12 at Jack- When I think of you, my heart EL.e teny Scoti Miami Miisthrygfsintewrko.h
son North. Services were held. ~~always feel glad! F.Seatne ot im iity
Son forever Sevie saye thanlyou Middle School and graduated Pam is survived by her mothGod, Mom, and Dad! from Northwestern Senior High er, Margaret McCrary (widow
By Jimmie Cheever School in 1989. Pam received of the late Jesse J. McCrary,
E.H. Zion a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jr.); two sisters, Jessica McRoyal NATHANIEL WASHINGTON, Range Psychology from Spelman Col- Crary Campbell (Donovan)and
GLRAJMSFR,6,securityCORINE BRYANT, 82, retired Det oielege in 1993 and a Masters de- Bonnye McCrary Fields (JackGOirIA JAMroleS FOR, f6, ie cr, ied environmental Det oiegree in Social Work from Barry ie); grandmother, Salle Zimreird onrole ~didservices for University. mon; aunts, Dorothy Williams
from Miami December 24, JacksonThroughout her young adult- (Samuel) and Connie Fountain
Dade Colee in Washington hood, Pam utilized her gifts (Donald) and a host of many
died December D.C. Service 2 Services, died wholeheartedly at New Birth loving relatives and friends.
24. She 1p.m., Saturday DecemberBpitCuhnt ol- Pamela describes herself
leaves behind: at Faith Crusade 24. Survivors ing back anything from God's as "just a humble servant of
a devoted fr Cisinclude his service. She taught in the E. God".
daughterMiami, FL. d au gh te r s, V. Hill Bible College and also In lieu of flowers Pamela's
Feii odNena Sanders, Pearl Bryant, and taught Youth Sunday School family humbly asks that conJones (Rufus); sisters: Carolyn SELMA R SMELLE, 56, died and Bible Study. She sang in tributions be made to the ALS
J. Scott, Vera Harding (Gary); December 22 at Lenoris Bryant, and Willie Sanders; the Cathedral Choir and as- Association in honor of Pamebrother, L. V. James Jr.; Aunts, Jackson North. many grandchildren; a host of other sisted with the Youth Choir. la's life. ALS National HeadNeva Turner, Catherine James, Service 12 relatives and friends Service 11 She participated in the Prayer quarters, 1275 K Street NW,
and Fannie James and a host of p.m., Saturday amFiyintecpl.Warriors and Nursing Home Suite 1050, Washington, DC
nieces, nephews, cousins, other at First Baptist Ministries and was coordina.- 20005.
reltiesan fieds.Viwig huch ofELIZABETH ALSTON, tor of South Florida Evaluation Wake 6 p.m., Friday, Janu-

The Miami Times

Lifestyle Entertainment


South Florida musicians to perform inaugural parade

and that more are being
Local members ofLesbian and invited so all 50 states are
Gay Band Association gear upfor The Lesbian and Gay Band
t Association's application
January 21st event was supported by U.S. Reps.
A1cee Hastings, D-Miramar,
By Anthony Man area and rehearsal space and Debbie Wasserman
and now to get a group of Schultz, D-Weston, who is
Musicians from South Flor- 250 musicians to gel when. chairwoman of the Demoida are headed to the nation's they haven't been practicing cratic National Committee.
capital next month where together. Hastings said in a statethey'll perform in President They do know what they're ment Wednesday he expects
Barack Obama's inaugural performing since the Presi- the gay and lesbian band to
parade, even though no local dential Inaugural Committee put on a "spectacular show"
band is marching. required an advance-list of BARACK OBAMA REPS. ALCEE HASTINGS REPS DEBBIEWASSERMAN while it represents "the
The eight South Floridians the songs. The numbers are President D-Miromar SCHULTZ, D-Weston tremendous diversity of our
are'part of the Lesbian and Rapper Pitbull's song "Give country.
Gay Band Association, which Me Everything (Tonight)," band marches past Barack er. It holds an annual confer- The Lesbian and Gay Band DeRosa said gay and lesdraws members from across Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory'," Obama,,it will perform Leon- ence, which is scheduled for Associatioh also appeared bian marching bands started
the nation. In the thick of and a mashup of "Battle ard Bernstein's "Tonight" Fort Lauderdale in 2014: in Obama's 2009 inaugural in the 1980s as gay pride
the organizational details is Hymn of the Republic" and from the musical "West Side Oni Jan. 18, they will gath- parade and DeRosa said the parade organizers couldn't
Adam DeRosa of Fort Lau- "Simple Gifts," a Shaker tune Story." er in Baltimore for a weekend band was committed to ap- find bands to participate.
derdale, a French thorn player adapted by folk musicians. The individual musicians of intense rehearsals for the plying to appear in the 2013 "To have a parade without and the national group's Pitbull, a Cuban-American around the country who will Jan. 21 event, DeRosa said. parade regardless of the elec- a band is very difficult," he
president. rap artist, appeared in Hol- make up the band are now Though Obama officially tion results. As of Wednes- said. Today, he said, it's
Among the things he and lywood two days before the rehearsing on their own. The begins his second term on day the inaugural committee about "music, visibility and
other leaders of the group election at Obama's final group has experience bring- Jan. 20, that's a Sunday, so reported 42 groups are ap- pride... A lot has changed have to worry about: accom- Florida campaign rally. ing together musicians who inaugural festivities will take pearing in the parade, out of politically, but there's still a
modations in the Washington When the gay and lesbian then quickly perform togeth- place the next day. more than 2,800 applicants, long way to go."

On the move Black female .

tattoo artist Imani K. Brown z

Member of a real minority speaks the Lines explores the small,
yet rich Black community of
on racism in the body art world tattoo artists and piercers
o rai ,i e dya wolthrough one-on-one in.terBy Patrice Peck female artist, 66-year-old views throughout the country.
Jacci Gresham of New Or- Misconceptions about her
One of the oldest and most leans, upon watching the new capabilities are notnew to prevalent cultural practices documentary Color Outside Brown. Although drawing has across the globe,, tattooing the Lines, by Black tattoo art- always been a passion for the has become increasingly ist Miya Bailey and filmmaker former art student, it was a popular in. the Black com- .. .
munity. Yet while this group *
has demonstrated a growing affinity for receiving tattoos, the number of licensed
Black artists practicing the :
profession is much smaller by comparison. Add gender
to the mix, and the number dwindles even further. .
"I want to believe there are -Photo/Virginie Drujon-Kippelen
more of us [women], but so A mural by an Argentine artist, Hyuro, was taken down in September.
far, there are very, very few,"
Black tattoo artist Imani
totortistnow Outcry brings down murals
K. Brown, 32, said. 'I know:Oucyb ig do n m rl
about two in'Detroit. That's
it."in Being a Black tattoo profes- in urb Atl a
sional has placed the artist in a strange caste. By Robbie Brown
"Peoplethink we're ono
the darker side of life," said
Brown, referring to miscon- ATLANTA Two murals
intended to spruce up blighted
ceptions about her line of intended to spruce up blighted
work. "That we're all rock- IMANI K. BROWN neighborhoods in Atlanta have
.been painted over after some
stars and worship the devil." been painted over after some
Yet, Brown is a trained Artemus Jenkins. Brown is racial insult'that prompted residents complained that they artist who hails from Wash- also featured in the film. Brown to take her love for tat- were confusing at best, deington D.C.'s Pinz-N-Needlez Discrimination in the in- toos (of which she has at least monic at worst. Tattoo one of the few Back- dustry 20) to the next level in 2005 The sprawling, outdoor
owned and operated shops in Black tattoo artists such by going pro. : paintings were made for Living
the country. To add further as Brown continuously face "It wasn't until a white Walls, an annual gathering distinction, she is' document- discrimination and general dude, my tattoo artist at the of street artists from around ed as only the second licensed ignorance of their history time, told me he wouldn't ap the world who paint on walls Black female tattoo artist in and presence in the predomi- prentice a Black person, let and buildings. The project has the U.S. She recently learned nantly white male profession. alone a woman," Brown been praised as brightening -Photo/Kendrick Brinson
of the first accredited Back To counter this, Color Outside Please turn to BROWN 3C up a city struggling with one
of-the nation's highest foreclo- State transportation workers on Tuesday painted over 1 sure rates. a mural by a French painter, Pierre Roti. Residents had
a But it has also prompted an complained that the murals, part of a city wide art project,
M ichael Jackson musical The outcry. Some residents have weredisturbing oroffensive.
.'. raised concerns that too much weedsubnorfesi.
M of Atlanta has become a can- Tuesday, Georgia Department "The best thing you could
M0 h it V egas in fall 2013 : vas, and some find the works of Transportation workers say about the alligator paint* disturbing or offensive. painted over another mural ing was that people didn't
If you're planning a trip of a manager of the derella fable that : One mural depicting a nude of an alligator-headed man understand it," said Douglas
tIyo'reg pnlannn parip ofFl a managerMichael Jackson woman was taken down in with a serpentine tail that Dean, a former state represento Vegas in later part of Fall artist. Mihae ackson September after residents neighbors said confused them tative from the largely Black
2013, yourmay be able to <"We want this executive pro- .caldipongah.Onndwsosbydenc. PaetunoOU RY3
enjoy yet another fascinating project to be a duced before his :ed t ri s
eno e nte acntn rjc ob ue beor hi called it pornographic. On and was possibly demonic. Please turn to OUITCRY 3C
show during your visit. Key compelling, gritty, death. Greenberg "........................
persons who worked with entertaining tale, was president of
"The King of Pop" have come that tells the story Jackson's record : *
together to create a musical of the price of fame label jointly
honoring his career titled in a new way," said owned bySony. .gd
"The Man." Producers are Lamica, who served JACKSON Music for 11 : Terry Glover, the managing .- serving as a senior editor for
referring to the musical as a as a partner with 'SN years. Krashna editor of Ebony magazine, has the website for three years.
cross between "Goodfellas" 'the late Frank Dileo, who is another Dileo partner who died of colon cancer at her Chi- Editor-in-Chief Amy DuBois
and "Dreamgirls." was Jackson's manager. "The also worked with Jackson. : cago home. She was 57. Barnett says Glover was "the
Producers Mark Lamica, Man," with a book by Lamica Via a statement, Lamica : Ebony announced on its heart and soul" of the magaQuincy Krashna, Jerry and Grammy Award-winning referred to the musical as an website that Glover died last zine's team and will be missed.
Greenberg, Raymond Del composer Hart, will have "epic, music driven dramatic : Monday. Her husband, Ken- Ebony is published by
Barrio and Larry Hart all original music and will work" and said he is drawing : dall Glover, told the Chicago Chicago-based Johnson Pubare presenting the musi- chronicle the superstar's rise widely from personal expe- : Tribune that his wife had been lishing Co. Johnson Publishing
cal, which is a fictional from the 80's to 2005. The riences. "This is a fictional : fighting cancer for about two Chairwoman Linda Johnson
show inspired by the rise of producing team previously template and story that, with : years. Rice says Glover was passionJackson, Elvis Presley and worked together to create some variation, fits a num- Terry Glover joined Ebony ate about her work and made
Whitney Houston. The story "Larry Hart's Sisterella," a ber of global celebrities," he in 2006 and was appointed innumerable contributions to
will be told through the eyes pop-rock update of the Cin- added. : managing editor in 2009 after TERRY tLOVER Ebony.



H-lost a holiday party that's simple and festive with a ..LLcombination of pre-made and homemade delights from the celebration experts at Wilton.
For starters, a cookie pan does double duty for holiday-shaped homemade Crispy Cheese Crackers. Serve these aromatic rosemary treats, made into Christmas trees, snowmen and< stockings, alongside a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables and made-from-scratch fire-roasted jalapeiio dip.
"Guests will think you spent hours baking in the kitchen when you wow
them with a seasonal selection of hand-decorated gingerbreads," says Nancy Sler, vice president of consumer affairs at Wilton.
Easy to assemble with all the trimmings included, there's a ready-to-decorate gingerbread kit to fit any yuletide gathering. Complete with pre-baked gingerbread, each kit contains decorating accessories like candies and icings to personalize your own mini village, Christmas tree, gingerpop cookies and more,
For another fun twist on a traditional gingerbread house, Suler recommends getting the kids involved. They'll love the marshmallow-y Holiday House
Treat made of cinnamon toasted oats cereal. Once the house is built, watch the kids decorate their yummy creation with a variety of gumdrops, licorice, icings and candies.
To cater to a more sophisticated palate, Suler suggests Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups. A lavish blend of vanilla pudding, crisp-cooked bacon and whipped cream is flavored with caramel ice cream topping and piped into edible, dark cocoa Candy Melt cordial cups. They're bite-sized holiday bliss.
Don't forget eggnog. This year, .give your favorite prepared
eggnog a chocolate kick and serve Eggnog Hot Chocolate 4
garnished with peppermint Candy Curls.
For more holiday recipe project and decorating ideas, or to purchase gingerbread kits, visit

H oliday House Treat
Makes about 12 servings
6 cups cinnaMon-flavored toasted oats cereal
4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) bitter
1 bag (10 ounces) mini marshmallows 1-1/2 teaspoons ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Assorted Tube Icing, Decorating Gel,
Sprinkles, Colored-Sugars, Icing
Decorations and other favorite candy
Prepare Wilton Stand-Up House Pan with vegetable pan spray.
Place cereal in large bowl. In large saucepan, melt butter; IE NETI N
add marshmallows, ginger and cinnamon. Cook and stir constantly until melted. Pour over cereal and mix well. Spread cereal mixture into prepared pan. When cool to touch, remove from pan; secure to foil-wrapped cake board with Icing. Deco- Fire Roasted Jalapeflo Onion Dip ote: For spicier dip, include seeds from peppers. from mold.
rate as desired with icing, sprinkles, sugars, icing decorations Makes about 1-3/4 cups dip In medium bowl, combine pudding, bacon and 1.
and candy. 4 .-apfopepr Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups tablespoon ice cream topping; mix until thoroughly
4 jalpenopepprs combined. Fold in whipped cream. Refrigerate at least
1 package (5.7 ounces) onion soup mix Makes about 24 filled cordial cups I hour.
1 cup sour cream 1-1/2 cups Dark Cocoa Candy Melts Candy Using tip #33, pipe filling into candy cordial cups.
EgngH tC ooae1/2 cup mayonnaise 3 containers (3.2 ounces each) vanilla Drizzle with additional ice cream topping and sprinkle
Makes about 4 servings 'Preheat broiler. prepared with sea salt.
2 cups milk Place peppers on non-stick cookie pan; broil, pudding
2 cups prepared eggnog turning 1/2 cup finely chopped crisp-cooked bacon
1 cup Dark Cocoa Candy Melts Candy at least once, 6 to 7 minutes or untiI. blackened.. Let 1 tablespoon caramel ice cream topping plus
1 teaspoon vanillaa extract stand 10 minutes, Remove stem and seeds; coarsely additional for drizzling Follow instructions on package of each,
Whipped -cream chop. 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped kit:
Candy Curls In large bowl, stir together onion soup mix, sour Sea salt
crea an maonnase.Fol in epprs.Refrgerte. Deluxe Gingerbread Kit In large saucepan, cook milk and eggnog on medium heat cra andmynas.soditeprs ergrt Fill cordial cup candy mold 1/3 full with melted m Gingerbread Tree Kit
until the mixture is hot; turn off heat. Whisk in Candy Melts at leas candy. Using a decorator brush, paint the candy up m inebredBoCokeDcrtnKi
candy and vanilla extract. Continue whisking until candy is* Serve with cucumber and zucchini slices, celery, that nieof ght can d be tee thog tesell Refigeat mlsoingerpops Cookie-Kit melted and mixture is smooth. carrot sticks, sliced bell peppers and other favorite uhntilim t ab sentruhteshl.Rfieae Gingerbread Mini Village Kit
Por nt mgs grnshwih any urs.vegetables. 5 minutes. Repeat if needed. Carefully remove shells

IMF M ..



Invitations for the King of Reed, Stephanie St. Come, D Clubs Black & White Gala, Christine M. Jabson, Breon A.
Ch tt rTh t a te sFrda an 1,ar eigWilliams n JamesB.u e o a o sp r s
mailed. For more information Congratulations go out to
By D d please call Dr. Astrid Mack some of Dade County Northeast
at 1-954-435-1072. The affair Regional Transportation Center By Cavan Sieczkowski The Celebration of Christmas celebrates twi convene at the Double field operation specialists in
began with Omega Psi Phi "movers ana Tree Hotel & Spa in downtown being recognized for years of You only live once and, in
Fraternity, Inc., last week, at the shakers" of Dade. Among Miami. service. Among the recognized: this lifetime, Drake wants to
Pembroke Pines Country Club. those featured was Dr. Enid C. Bethany Seventh-Day Ulysses Richardson, 40; Linda see royalties from companies
Credits go out to Stacy Jones, Pinkney who was recognized Adventist Church was filled Mashack, 37; Clifford Brown, using the acronym "YOLO." coordinator; BaIjean Smith, for her work with the African- last Sunday for Handel's 33; Rose Ivey, 23 and Saundra "YOLO" is an acronym for president; all brothers and American Committee, the Messiah and Jazz Masterpieces Gause, 23. "you only live once" and is
female guests that represented Lemon City Cemetery and "Bridging Classics of the Bernard Thomas, assistant typically used as rationale or the deceased brothers. Others the Hampton, House Trust. Past with Classics of the band director at Miami Central, endorsement for impulsive or in attendance were: Odessa The magazine also devoted Future". Kudos go out to died on his way to the State irresponsible behavior, acand Carlis Cook, Verna Lewis, a page and a half to display grant writer Enid C. Pinkney Championship football game. cording to Oxford DictionarEdna and Leo Tompkins, Pilot Bernadette Poitier, Maude and Charlayne Thompkins, Glen Ekienburger and other ies. The term was popularized Eddie and Wanda Kimbrough Newbold, Jaquan Cannon, coordinator, for their effort band directors paid tribute in Drake's 2011 song, "The and Jesse Lewis. Abdias Armenteros, Kenneth in show-casing Conductor to him for his dynamic career Motto," which appears as a boOlga Vieirs, the president Curtis, Rev. Jesse Martin and Nelson Hall, with 100 voices at Jann Mann, Central, nus track on his album. "Take of the Dade Heritage Trust Rev. James McPhee. If you and 20 orchestra violins, Northwestern and the Psi Phi Care." In "The Motto," Drake
and Editor Becky R. Matkov, would like to ha-re a copy, call Melton Mustafa, TreKiece Band. He. will be sadly missed. sings: "Now she want a photo, DRAKE
released their magazine 305-358-9572 or 305-638- Douglas, and soloists: Denise Prayers also go out to the Aaron you already know, though/ Preservation Today, which 5800. Anderson, Cynthia "Chelle" Johnson family.. You only live once: that's the ther live or dead in the United
motto n***a; YOLO." States..."
nchained getslaveh is o rt On Tuesday, Drake up- Drake is not credited with
D Django geyloaded two photos of items the first utterance of YOLO in
DUIIL iE Ie s a., his or ight.? emblazoned with. "YOLO" from popular culture.
Walgreens and Macy's and On "Lord Knows," another
By Anthea Butler who had money and power asked the stores to either cut track from Drake's "Take
ruled over all, black and white
the YOLO merchandise or cut Care" album, Rick Ross raps:
Django Unchained is Taran- alike. Violence was at time the him some checks.Whether or "You know I love this YOLO/
tino's skewed Christmas gift to only way to get 6ut of it slavery, not Drake has right to YOLO you only live once,' notes
America a movie designed along with guile. As a person profits is still up for debate. Noisey, Vice's music blog.
to reVeal the chains of slavery who teaches about slavery on "It's unclear if Drake has a atthat continue to haunt Ameri- a regular basis, I 'can tell you trademark for anything and/ tributes the first reference
ca, while introducing the horror that many of the scenes of vio- or everything YOLO or if he of YOLO to Adam Mesh from
with unrelenting violence. It is lence and torture were real. The just expects people to send "The Average Joe.' Mesh
also a cross between spaghetti chains, neck irons, the hot-box him checks when they print reportedly used the acronym
western, Shaft's Big Score and and whippings were only a few clothing," writes Gawker's during the NBC reality show
the Mandingo films and books of the physical tortures inflict- Jordan Sargent. "Of course, in 2003 and then developed a
of the 1970s. ed on slaves. Focusing in on the he's not the only person in the YOLO clothing line in 2004.
Tarantino combines all of violence, and the use of the n- United States looking to horde Drake may be hoping for
these elements to create an word misses the point of what all the YOLO cash to himself some YOLO profits, but Mesh
epic story, emulating the Ger- 'Tarantino is doing mocking al there are over 100 YOLO just wants to forget the word
man lore of Nibelung that Djan- -Photo: The Weinstein Company everyone watching this movie, trademark applications ei- altogether.
go's liberator, Dr. King Schultz That memory is tainted by a national memory. Many Ameri- or to use his terminology, he's (played by Christoph Waltz) particular fantasy: that yen- cans including Blacks have no f**king with you all. to
tells after finding out Django's geance is satisfying and heroes idea how horrible it was, or the Spike Lee is right; slavery $hawL to t i r show
wife's name is Broomhilda. are always cowboys. The mem- extent to which it consumed was not a spaghetti western. Y y
Django Unchained is not just ory he gets completely right is America in the 19th century. It was a holocaust. I disagree, By Grio staff .a love story or a violent thriller, the violence of slavery. By em- Tarantino has a simple com- however with his assessment of it is an epic that borrows from bedding Django's story in a mentary about slavery em- Tarantino's film Oxygen is set to premiere
each genre. Tarantino uses a western, Tarantino inserts his bedded in this\ movie. That When the nation cannot talk a new one-hour special variety of music to set the tone, Characters into a complicated message, spoken by Waltz's about the holocaust of slavery called, All My Babies' Mamas, with a James Brown/Tupac story of complicity and evil. character, a German dentist productively, recasting the sto- starring ATL rapper Carlos
mashup capturing the essence That story is understood in our turned bounty hunter is "I knok ry in our epic movie language "Shawty Lo" Walker, his 10 of the movie. Additionally, the nation's most commonly recog- Americans.' Indeed. Ameri- can play a positive role. I also baby mamas, and their 11 film is violent, overwrought and nized figure: a cowboy. cans won't remember a story do not presume to speak for my children.. long. Buit operas and epic sto- Making Django a freed slave unless it is coated in violence ancestors. That would be disre- The title is still up in the air ries have a purpose: to remind turned bounty hunter cowboy and schmaltz. Schultz is the spectful. I do, however, want to but its a revealing look into a a people of their shared memo- searching for his wife makes trickster-teacher in the movie, at least remember their strug- young man's world with all of ry and the heroes they worship. the movie romantic. Without the person who wants to use gles. his children's mamas and their
the romance, most, moviegoers Django, but also respects his Django Unchained may be a army of children. HAS AMERICA SANITIZED would be appalled. Love is the humanity. What does the epic flawed, violent story of Ameri- According to Shadow and
THE STORY OF SLAVERY? only emotion for many that is film say? Even though it is a re- ca's history of slavery, but it is Act, "it captures the highs and
In this case, America's shared worth shooting up the world imagined 'history of slavery, one a movie that perhaps will spur lows of this extreme 'blended memory is slavery. Django is a for; Slavery is not good enough. point remains true: slavery was curious moviegoers to examine family' that is anything but particular depiction of slavery Remember Lincoln? Slavery, an evil, violent business. Black their 'position to the reality of ordinary, while also showing SHAWTY LO that tugs at the memory of the not the romance, is the real sto- bodies were maimed and de- the violent history of slavery in the drama and the passion timate look at unconventional so-called "peculiar institution." ryline of the movie, our shared stroyed. Life was cheap. Those our nation. behind life's most unexpected. families with larger than life
situations.' personalities and real emotionBanking on the popularity al stakes," says Cori Abraham,
of 'shows like Love & Hip-Hop Senior Vice President of DevelRescue Me singer Fontella Bass deAd at72 Atlanta, the heads at Oxygen opment, Oxygen Media. "All My
By Associated Press Mitchell said. "She had Bass was born church's choir at age six. Her in- are preparing to launch the Babies' Mamas will be filled
a very big personality. into a family with terest turned to R&B when she premiere in the spring, taking with outrageous and authentic
Fontella Bass, a 'U.S. soul Any room she entered deep musical roots. was a teenager. She eventually viewers into the life of the "Dey over-the-top moments thatour
singer who' hit the top of the she just lit the room Her mother was auditioned for Chess Records Know" rapper. young, diverse female audience
R&B charts with 'Rescue Me" in up, whether she was on gospel' singer Mar- and landed a recording con- "Oxygen will give fans an in- can tweet and gossip about."
1965, has died. She was 72. stage or just going out tha Bass, one of the tract. Her duet with Bobby McBass died last Wednesday to eat." Clara Ward Singers. Clure, "Don't Mess Up a Good Arseni H to night
night at a St. Louis hospice of "Rescue Me" has been Her younger broth- Thing," reached No. 5 on the Halls return late
complications from a heart at- covered by many top er, David Peaston, R&B charts and No. 33 on the
tack suffered three weeks' ago, artists, including Linda BASS had a string of R&B Billboard Top 10,0 in 1965. By Grio staff you close your eyes and listen
her daughter, Neuka Mitchell, Ronstadt, Cher, Melis- hits in the 1980s She co-wrote and later that really listen- you can still
said. Bass had also suffered a sa Manchester and Pat Benatar. and 1990s. Peaston died in Feb- year recorded "Rescue Me,' We're finally getting our first hear the pulse-pounding, hairseries of strokes over the past Franklin eventually sang a form ruary at age 54. reaching No. 1 on .the R&B look at Arsenio Hall's highly- raising, spine-chilling sounds
seven years. of it, as "Deliver Me" in a Pizza Bass began performing at charts and No. 4 on the Bill- anticipated return to late of... the Wolfman."
"She was an outgoing person," Hut TV ad in 1991. a young age, singing in her board pop singles chart. night television, and it looks The unidentified girl enters
like he's reviving one of his what appears to be an abansignature bits from his early doned warehouse, where she is
90s hyday.confronted by an ageless Hall
Black female tattoo artist Imani speaks out 90s heyday. cnrne yngls~l
k t In a brief, horror film styled and a bevy of cheering fans.
teaser trailer, a voiceover in- The comedian corrects the
BROWN known for her diverse portfo- client's skin], have. to be complete packages tones as a damsel in distress narrator, calling himself the
continued from iC lio and quirky love of Japanese Her advice to a Black female and be able to hold' down our runs through city streets: "Woofman' in reference to the
pop culture. She often speaks tattoo artists looking to get into shops and hold oulr own. So if "Some say he never existed classic fist pumping and 'woof' recalled, "[that I took] it 'serious- out on the false notion about the game? '' you can't bring 150 percent, 'at all. But others swear that sound his audience famously
ly and decided to pursue it with the difficulty of tattooing dark "You've got your work cut out then don't come. Otherwise, put when night grips the city, if indulges in. more meaning." skin [she says you have to know for you and you better bring it,' your game face on and grind it
After gaining her focus, the what you're doing] and ad- she said. "As Black female tat- out! It's a lot like being in a wife,
past seven years have seen vises people on the dangers Of too artists, we do have some- mother and bread-winner type Rihanna donates 1 .75M to hospital
Brown emerge as a reputable "scratchers' [unlicensed tattoo thing to prove so it's not enough of situation. You have to step up body artist in the industry artists that Often butcher their to just be able to tattoo. We to the plate in every aspect'" By Contactmusic4

The art and canvas of Atlant a's busy streets$.5eoyO~lyafabd~e aegadhsia

OUTCRY to Atlanta on his own budget partment of Transportation Monica Campana, the found- mTher Daolly. nerwa
continued from iC and spent 11 days on the mu- spokeswoman, Jill Goldberg. er of Living Walls, worried that devastated when her beloved
ral, said he found the reaction It was a matter of proper per- stricter rules and vandalism granny Clara 'Dolly'.Braithneighborhood, in southwest confusing. He intended the mits, not' artistic value. But would frighten ayrtsswaite lost her cancer battle .
Atlanta. "It absolutely did not mural as an allegory about she added that the state's pub- who come each Auguist from i ue21 n iie h r-epresent what people want to the brutality of capitalism, not lic art policy prohibited works countries including Brazil, rinouer21and viitedt t see on a busy street every day.' a statement on religion or de- that "include any content that Canada, Italy and Spain. Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Most of the 64 murals have mons. could potentially divide a comn- "The artists are really wor- Bridgetown, which is to be
been less controversial. Many "It has left me speechless,' munity.' nled,' she said. "Especially renamed the Clara Braithcontain bright, surrealist' ima- Roti said. "But if the~ commu- "We are not angry at Living when artists are traveling from waite Centre for Oncology and in 2010, has grown in scope Living Walls paintings are lation if they meet require- painted over.' anrd Dolly's husband Lionel to
and recognition, and sponsors done with the owners' permis- merits.' But she said the group did make the generous donation. all done to save lives or at least
include a prominent law firm, 'sion and permits from three Before they were painted not want to limit artistic ex- She told E! News: "This .extend them.' the Museum of Design Atlanta city departments. City Council over, both murals were vandal- pressioni. "We want to put out was my way of giving back to Rihanna is spending Christand the W Hotel. members say a public art or- ized. The nudes were spray- provocative, challenging, but Barbados, in a form of philan- mas in her native Barbados
The mural of the woman was dinance requires approval of painted with profanity arid Mr. riot offensive art,' she said. thropy, by assisting the QEH with her family and was
done by an Argentine painter, the full Council, which Living Dean, the former state repre- "We don't think' we have to in its continued modernization recently spotted supporting Hyuro, and the alligator paint- Walls did not receive. senitative, personally blotted paint a rainbow and butterflies program. .. I believe that this local businesses by picking up irig was by a French painter, That is why the alligator mu- out large parts of the alligator to make art that represents a will have'a huge impact on the trinkets in a number of small Pierre Roti. Roti, who traveled ral was removed, said a De- painting, community.' people of Barbados. This was shops on the Caribbean island.





The magazine fronts top ouve? i Kds
model for 'All Black Issue" FASHINPAR nmaha
L I4R AS d
By Danica Daniel L UCAR
In honor of being named the number-one model
in the world by Vogue Brazil, the 24-year-old model graces the cover of the January 2013 issue. Shot by photographer Henrique Gendre, the Puerto Rican A model wears all black for the front of the magazine's "Black Issue." Smalls has made quite the name
for herself in the past year- becoming the host of MTV's recently-resurrected'television show House of Style, nabbing a coveted spot in the Victoria Secret's fashion show, and becoming the first Black model in four years to coyer Vogue Italia. Smalls recently appeared onMTV's "Big & BestOf2012: A Year End Celebration brought to you by T-Mobile" to reveal herm most memorable moments of 2012.

Be'sidesbeing the face of coveted high-end brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder, Joan Smalls adds Versace onto that list.
For the Spring 2013 Versace womenswear print
campaign, supermodel Joan Smalls is'joined by fellow models Kate Moss and Daria Werbowy in anA epic battle of prinfit, lace and billowy chiffon on the grounds of a dark and beautiful desert buit when the tlade wmnsucm toa thehotess ladies meet the sexy and nearly naked gladiators of the land, the women succumb to the hotness.
Shot in London by famed photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, the pictorial features gladiator sandals, statement jewelry and plenty of eye candy. "To have three glamorous and iconic women like Kate; Daria and Joan in one campaign Js not an easy feat," said Donatella Versace in an official statement. "Mert and Marcus really outdid themselves. Each image is composed like a work of art."

Beyonce to cover Vogue's March issue

By Ellie Krupnick early as February).
So a March cover makes perfectt sense for
In what has become a time-honored tradition, Beyonce and for Vogue. While it would only news rumors concerning who will cover the be Beyonce's second time covering the glossy next coveted issue of Vogue have arrived. (and the first outing didn't exactly go off withThe New York Daily News "has learned" that out a hitch), Bey and Anna Wintour are clearly Beyonce will be covering Vogue's March issue, a good fit. We got used to seeing both on the citing "sources" who say that Annie Leibovitz campaign trail for President Obama this past just wrapped up the cover shoot last week. year: each threw fundraisers in his honor; reAs the Daily News notes, the timing would corded videos of support; and worked together Sbe just right: Beyonce is set to perform at the on Wintour's Runway To Win fashion collecSuper Bowl halftime show on Feb. 3, right tion, the proceeds from which went entirely to before the March'fashion mags debut. She also Obama's reelection campaign. is directing a documentary about who else? Basically Beyonce and Anna Wintour are two
herself that debuts on HBO on Feb. 16. On peas in a very chic pod. But does that guarantop of that, Bey's got an as-yet unnamed album tee Bey the coveted March cover? We'll have to droppingin 2013 (although probably not as wait and see.

Designer Tracey Reese take on fashion
By Kerry Folan it's hilarious how spot-on it is.
Aside from your own, what
As the end of the year approach- was the e-commerce site you
es, we've been checking in with : shopped the most in 2012?
our most fashion-savvy friends to You can find
hear their thoughts on the best anything you need And they have
and worst of 2012, as well as their fashion, too!!
predictions for 2013. Now, were What national chain do you
checking in with Tracy Reese, who make a point to visit in all cities
has had a banner year thanks to a you travel to? ,
little help froni a certain Michelle I always like to stop into William *
Obama. Below, she gives her take Sonoma. They always have the cool- Jason Boldena and Lala Anthony
on the year behind us and what to est gadgets for the kitchen and the *
expect from the one ahead. store smells amazing, no matterLaLa Anthony to launch line

trends of 20127 What was your favorite new
So many beautiful trends to beauty product or beauty collabo- By Julee Wilson Mercer. The contemporary collection is
choose from, but the one that ration of the year? sold exclusively on and
stood out to me the most was bro- I may be slightly biased, but I love LaLa Anthony has come a long already has a star-studded following.
cade. The colors are so rich and the newest Tracy Reese and Cli- way from her days as a MTV VJ. The Gabrielle Union, Tamar Braxton and
deep and perfect for winter. nique collaboration. 33-year-old wife of New York Knick LaLa's bestie, Kelly Rowland, have all
What was your personal favor- What was the craziest thing baller Carmelo Anthony and star of been spotted rocking 5th And Mercer's
ite purchase of 2012? that happened in fashion in VH1's "LaLa's Full Court Life," is prov- sleeveless jumpsuit.
I purchased a pair of red Val- "2012?. ing that she is more than a glorified The line "encapsulates everything
entino pumps that I wear with How the press created a rivalry basketball wife. we love about New York the chic
everything. They have this effect between Hedi Silmane and Raf Lala has become quite the business- toughness of downtown and the rewhere they can immediately spice Simons. woman. Beyond building her acting finement of uptown," Lala told BET.
up any outfit! Describe 2012 in fashion in one resume with a role in this year's hit The VJ-turned-entrepreneur joins
Any breakout style stars this word. : film "Think Like A Man" as well as a growing group of reality show stars
year? Bold. guest appearing on VH1's "Single jumping into the fashion game. Of
Hailee Steinfeld has so much Style advice for 2013. Ladies," the New York native also de- course there are the Kardashians,
pizzazz and style for a 16 year I saw so many stunning pieces buted a line of beauty products called who shill just about everything, Draya
old. She carries herself with such on the 2013 runways and women Motives. Next up? LaLa's foray into Michele from "Basketball Wives LA"
grace and confidence, shouldn't shy away from them. fashion. who recently launched a clothing colFavorite fashion video of the As always, wear your clothing The star has teamed up with her lection and Nene Leakes collaborated
year? with confidence and you will look stylist and friend, Jason Bolden, to with ShoeDazzle for the company's
"Shit Fashion Girls Say" I think DESIGNER TRACEY REESE great. create a clothing line called 5th And Celebrity Shoe Design Program.


Black Educators Caucus-'to address tensions

Summit to address ethnic discord several young students, but their schools and surround- gang member has beef with Emmanuel Jean Baptiste, 20,
leaders in the Black commu- ing communities minimize the another gang member, let's is of Haitian descent. Accordbetween Black and H-aitian gangs nity are setting up an infra- tension between Haitian and not have them run back to ing to police, he he feared
structure to help make sure Black gangs. the gang; let's talk it out with for his life after he had been
By Attiyya Anthony pen in Palm Beach County," the violence stops or at the On Jan. 14, the caucus will counselors and people that can in several altercations with
said Ronald Leonard, a retired very least stays outside the form outreach groups, which help." African-American gang memIn the aftermath of the Palm Beach County educator classroom, plan to go to schools and It was a very public and vio- bers. Baptiste is charged with
Sandy Hook Elementary trag- and leader of the Black Educa- As part of a two-day summit mentor at-risk students and lent display between Black and killing two African-Americans, edy, educators in Blackand tors Caucus. "The tension is in January, the Black Edu- students already in gangs. On Haitian gang members that Antonio Marvin Hinds, 17 and Haitian-American communi- bubbling between these two cators Caucus of West Palm Jan. 15, there will be a teen- gave birth to this effort. Andy Joseph, 16.
ties are trying to calm ethnic groups this is a preventative Beach has invited educators, only meeting, which aims to At a Sweet 16 party in Riv-* In January, at the South tensions to make sure gunplay measure, what we, don't want is community leaders, fraternity encourage teenagers to talk iera Beach in September, two Florida Fair, two teens were doesn't overflow into some of the violence in our community and sorority members, minis- about stress and mental health teens were shot dead and -six shot because of underlying the county's most at-risk aca- to spill over into our schools." ters, activists, students, gang issues, people were injured after a gang tension.
demic centers. IA long-standing discord members and concerned resi- "We want to open up an av- Haitian gang member alleg- Police arrested a 17-year"I don't want the same between Haitian-American and dents to the Inlet Grove Coin- enue in the community wh~re edly fired his gun in a crowded old Palm Beach Gardens high
thing that happened in Sandy Black gafigs'.n Palm Beach miinity Highschool in Riviera gang members can speak," room. school student in connection

Hook, Connecticut, to hap- County has taken the lives of Beach to discuss ways to help Leonard said. "If a student The accused shooter, Rijkard Please turn to EDUCATORS 6C

Asians:.Too smart for their own good?

"' 1fBy Carolyn Chen Consider that Asians make up vague qualities like "charac lamity if those numbers were ing that their children will be
anywhere from 40 to 70 per- ter," "vigor," "manliness" and reversed? outmatched. Many whites who
At the end of this month, cent of the student population "leadership" to cap Jewish en- As the journalist Daniel can afford it flock to private high school seniors will submit at top public high schools like rollment. These unofficial Jew- Golden revealed in his 2006 schools that promote "progres their college applications and Stuyvesant and Bronx Science ish quotas weren't lifted until book "The Price of Admis- sive" educational philosophies, begin wai ting to hear where in New York City, Lowell in San the early 1960s, as the sociolo- sion," far more attention has don't "teach to the test" and ofthey will spend the next four Francisco and Thomas Jeffer- .gist Jerome Karabel found in been devoted to race-conscious fer programs in art -and music years of their lives. More than son in Alexandria, Va., where affirmative action at public (but not "Asian instruments,"
they might realize, the out- admissions are largely based Elite colleges have universities (which the Su- like piano and violin). At
come will, depend'on race. If on exams and grades. **preme Court has scaled back some of these top-tier private
GOV. RICK SCOlT~ you are Asian', your chances of In a 2009 study of more than implicit quotasjust as and might soon eliminate, schools, too, Asian kids find it
getting into the Imost selective 9,000, students who applied to they once did for Jews. altogether) than to the special hard to get in. colleges and universities will selective universities, the soci- preferences elite universities' At highly selective colleges,
ED UCATI ON almost certainly be lower than ologists Thomas J. Espenshade afford to the children of (over- the quotas are implicit, but
if you are white. and Alexandria Walton Rad- his 2005 history of admissions whelmingly white) donors and very real. So are the psyAsian-Americans constitute ford found that white students practices at Harvard, Yale and alumni, chological consequences. At
R F R.5.6 pretof tenation's were three times more likely to Prneo.For middle-class and af- Northwestern, Asian-American
R F Rpopulation but 12 to 18 per- be admitted than Asians with In the 1920s, people asked: fluent whites, overachieving students tell me that they
P O O A S cent of the student body at Ivy the same academic record. will Harvard still be, Harvard Asian-Americans pose thorny feel ashamed of their identity
PROPOSALS League' schools. But if judged Sound familiar? In the with so .many Jews? Today questions about privilege and that they feel viewed as a
on their merits grades, test 1920s, as high-achieving Jews we ask-.will Harvard still be power, merit and opportu- faceless bunch of geeks and scores, academic honors and 1egan to compete with WASP Harvard with so many Asians? nity. Some white parents have virtudosos. When they succeed, FALLFLATextracurricular activities prep schoolers, Ivy League Yale's student population is 58 reportedly shied away from their peers chalk it up to "beAsian-Americans are under- schools started asking about percent white and 18 percent selective public schools that ing Asian." They are too smart By Aaron Deslatte represented at these schools, family background and sought Asian. Would it be such a ca- have become "too Asian," fear-~ Please turn to ASIANS 6C

higher tuition for arts de- dd
grees to race-based stan- T t U T
Flrda nevotersesa- Gun gopoffers training for Utah teachers
Foiavtrarad- By Paul Foy posely shooting classmates, teachers roam the halls" lookmantly opposed to education reforms floated by The Associated Press 0 "It's a terrible idea," said Car- ing for an armed intruder, said
Fl~idapolcyakes tatol Lear, a chief, lawyer for the Clark Aposhian, chairman
essentially treat students WETVLE IY th-Utah Office of Education. "It's of the Utah Shooting -Sports
differently. .Jessica Fiveash sees nothing a horrible, terrible, no-good, Council,' the state's biggest
*Gov. Rick Scott: and law- wrong with arming teachers. rotten idea." gun lobby. "They should lock
*makers could debate a raft She's one herself, and learned AKristen Rand, the legislative down the classroom. But a gun
of reom thsspig- i- Thursday how to safely use her director for the Violence Policy is one more option if the shoot* rfors tis in 9 m Ruer itha lsersigt.Center, a gun control advocacy er" breaks into a classroom.
cuigconsidering higher 9m ue ihalsrsgt
tuto rae for research "If we have the ability to stop organization,; said to believe The group waived its $50
schools, and charging more something, we should do it," that a "teacher would be suc- fee for the training. Instrucfor liberal arts and less for said the elementary school cessful in stopping someone tion featured plastic guns and
math eninerin orsci. tachr, ho lon wih nar-who has made the decision to emphasized that people facmath, degieerin or s200 te teacher ho alngw tahr engage in a shootout is just not ing deadly threats should anButth Qinipactook six hours of free gun rationale." nounce or show their gun and
tranin ofere bythestae's"No teacher is ever going to take cover before trying to
University survey found triigofedbthsae'
voters opposed to 'most of leading gun lobby. 4 be as effective as a trained shoot. They cautioned teachers
the idas byIt is among -the latest ef- -Pht/RcBamrlaw enforcement officer," Rand about the liability that comes
mrgis, ovewhlmig, forts, to arm or train teachers .lr .psinPeieto thSotn pr ou said. Even trained police of- with packing a gun in public.
*Among the results, voters to confront assailants after ficers don't always hit their "I'. on obeahsl.I'
opposed, 66-to-26 per- a gunman killed his mother cii, demonstrates with a plastic gunf during concealed-weap- targets, and arming teachers another responsibility. You
cent, the idea of charging and then. went on a rampage ons training for 200 Utah teachers Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012, could put innocent students at can't just leave your gun lying lower tuition for students through Sandy Hook Ele- in West Valley City, Utah. risk of crossfire, she said, around," Aposhian said. "Not
majoring in' math, science, mentary School in. Newtown, Gun-rights advocates say for a minute."
engineering and computers, Conn., killing 20 children and cator in each school to carry a proposal would keep kids and teachers can act more quickly The teachers at the basic and higher tuition for lib- six adults before killing him- gun. whether it would be economi-' than law enforcement in the gun training applied for a conerl rt mjos cosierd self. The moves to train teachers cally feasible, critical first few minutes to cealed-weapons permit, subless employable." ~ In Ohio, a firearms group come- after the National Rifle Some educators say it is dan- protect children from the kind mitting fingerprints and a mug
The' governor and GOQP'* said it was, launching a test Association proposed placing gerous to allow guns on cam- of deadly shooting that took shot for a criminal background


On the path 4 Frank Ocean: A sea

of a next- change for R&B world
'Channel Orange' moods and tempo and speaks
rising star 'Channel.Orane in metaphors in songs about
drew critical praise, love, disillusionment, deca a
signed fewetryaldence' social status, drugs and
ignited afew ~' betrayal.
A rapperfashion model, cultural debates Breaking the mold hasn't
stopped him commercially:
Kilo Kish is leveraging Channel Orange ranked No. 2
By Steve Jones in its first week on Billboard's
her talent into a album chart. With 405,000
b oA steady drumbeat of praise copies sold, it compares favorblossoming career greeted the arrival of Frank ably with releases by more
Ocean's debut album, Channel established R&B stars such
By Ben Detrick Orange. He's up for six Gram- as Chris Brown, Usher, Trey
my Awards, including best new Songz and Ne-Yo.
The invitation to HBO's "In Vogue: The -Evan Sung artist, album and record. Or- Ocean's low-key but inEditor's Eye" party had arrived, but Kilo KILO KISH range won a Soul Train Music tense performances on tour
Kish was lacking adequate formal wear. field, whether it is as a musician, D.J, dropped out after one year because of Award for album of the year this summer enhanced the There was a time when she might have visual artist or jewelry maker. financial-aid problems, and has piled lup mentions on positive perception of him. He
gone in her street clothes say, a vintage "My entire New York experience has Unwilling to retreat to Orlando ("Once numerous best-of lists, practically stole the show at
tank top with an image of Marvin Gaye, been pretty lucky," Ms. Robinson said on you've left the nest, it's impossible to go The R&B singer stirred MTV's Video Music Awards in
stonewashed jeans and socks patterned a recent evening in a Greenpoint, Brook- back," she said), she took a sales job at debate just before the album's September, offering a serene
with marijuana leaves. lyn, recording studio, where she Was eogia, a Manhatta nsalon that special- release by acknowledging via performance of Thiunkin Bout
But that was before the young rap- sprawled on a gray couch. "It's nit such a izes in atural hair care. "I Was poor," she Tumblr that his first love was You before a simulated campsaid. "We ate noodles so many ways." a man. It was a courageous fire that stood out amid the
Her ramen period was brief. She was (and, he has said, liberating) program's usual bombast. For
"discovered" on the street by Coacd, a move, considering the genre's many, that was their true indowntown casting agency, and modeled in perceived homophobia. Yet troduction to Ocean's artistry.
campaigns for birands like Penguin and it was the music itself that Although Channel Orange
Levi's. She waited tables at La Esquina would hold everyone's inter- is Ocean's major-label debut, and Miss Lily's after coming under the est, pointing R&B in a differ- the widespread acclaim comes

wing of Serge Becker, the night-life don ent direction, away from the not so much as a surprise as whose establishments are incubators for conventional club hookups and a fulfillment of promise. The young creatives. He found her an intern- late-night booty calls. New Orleans musician born
ship at Salvor Projects, a clothing com- Ocean certainly has a pen- Christopher Breaux got critics "/ pany, which further stirred her interest in chant for radio-friendly lyrics, talking with his 2011 mixtape
fashion. (She graduated from the Fashion having written for Beyonc6, Nostalgia, Ultra, and his vocals , Institute of Technology in May and plans Brandy and Justin Bieber. His on No Church In the Wild. (from
to build a loom in her Fort Greene apart- own music is more nuanced, Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch meant ) empathetic and emotionally the Throne) made him someone
Meanwhile, Ms. Robinson began fiddling resonant. Fusing neo-soul, who would bear watching.
with music. Sherecorded parodies of Lil hip-hop, electro-pop, jazz-funk Now everyone will be watchWayne songs in a roommate's studio and and psychedelic, he shifts ing to see what he'll do next.
played them at the beauty salon. To her
surprise, people liked what they heard. 1
"I was still joking up until last year," she
Her sound stands out. Feathery and
conversational, her cadence wends through fizzy, warm production. It sounds FAT JOE AD TAX E
per with the springy curls landed on cutthroat place that people don't want to like a spacey version of spoken-word The rap artist "Fat Joe" pleaded guilty to failing to pay taxes on nearly three
the cover of The Village Voice, amassed help you." poetry from the late 1990s, but without million dollars in income he earned over two years for performances and music
16,000 Twitter followers and ascended Any advice for wide-eyed transplants? "I self-righteousness. royalties. The entertainer entered the plea in federal court in Newark because
into that ever-shifting niche of next big think the key is not sleeping with people," Last spring, she self-released her first some of the companies he earned money from are incorporated. in New Jersey. things. So she called a friend at Elizabeth she said, laughing. EP, "Homeschool," and is now record- The 42-year-old Miami Beach, Fla., resident entered pleas to two counts covering
and James (the fashion line of Mary-Kate If Ms. Robinson appears to have a ing a promotional LP with Nick Hook, a years 2007 and 2008. His s will take into consideration the government's
and Ashley Olsen), and a black"dress was charmed life, that isa recent twist. Born producer and engineer. who worked with initial allegation that he failed to pay income taxes foryears 2007 through 2010.
wFederal prosecutors said thetotal tax loss to'the f o
on its way .. i in Orlando, Fla., she spent most of her life Azealia Banks, another young rapper to y4rs
Kilo Kish (rhymes with "qtiiche) is no in Central Florida. Her mother worked-in come out of New York. "Azealia was the was $718,038. The judge bil at $250,000 and released' Cartagen until his stranger to hookups. A rising rapper and computer services at the Postal Service, biggest phenomenon I've ever been a part sentencing. He could face up to two'years in pnson and 6 fine of up to $200,000, fashion model, she's a downtown habitue but went on disability after a car accident. of," Mr. Hook-'said. "It was like a forest plus penalties fromthe Internal Revenue Seric ''" who, at 22, has figured out how to lever- Her father struggled with drug addiction fire. Kish is on a more steady incline. It's age-her talent, looks and superweb of and slipped out of the picture before she not a dangerous hype." J.LO'S EXTORTION LAWSUIT GETS TOSSED
connections into a blossoming career. was in her teens: While online buzz is crucial for artists Jennifer Lopez just lost the first round in a court case with a former employee.
In recent weeks, she performed, at a At the time, Orlando was a factory for without record labels, she dislikes being TMZ is reporting that the singer's $20 million extortion suit against her ex-limo
Spin magazine party during Art Basel Mi- manufactured bands like the Backstreet wedged into illusory nanogenres. "I get, driver has been dismissed. An attorney argued that Lopez's lawsuit was meant ami Beach, an RxArt fund-raiser at Milk Boys,.'N Sync and O-Town; and Ms. offended sometimes when people are like to punish the driver for filing the original lawsuit,alegitimate employment action
Studios and the Brooklyn Night Bazaar'in Robinson formed an all-girl ensemble that 'You're Tuniblr-Wave music,'" she said, against her. Finally, last Wednesday, a judge sided with Manoukian, and threw Williamsburg. performed Christina Aguilera songs at referring toIa rap strain coined by blog- out the extortion claim. The originaI lawsuit Manoukian filed against Lopez is still.
She was featured in the video for A$AP karaoke parlors. "I was the least musi- gers. "Yeah, I have all these fans, but is pending. Ferg's "Work" (her manager, Justin Scott,. cally inclined one in the group," she said 'it just part of some fad?" She added, "I'm is the D.J. fo# A$AP Rocky) and, on the of her kiddie crew called D'Angelz. not one of those Internet people." LIL FLIP ARRESTED ON DRUG CHARGES AND GUN POSSESSION
modeling side, has appeared in the pages It was design, not music, that first With her studio session finished, Ms. Last Wednesday, Lil Flip, 31, was'arrested near Shreveport, La.; after deputies
of Lucky, Vice and Vogue magazines. brought Ms. Robinson to New York. At 16, Robinson headed into the dark corridors found a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle and marijuana in his 2010 Dodge ChalLike M.I.A. and Maluca before her, Kilo she enrolled in Pratt University's precol- of industrial Brooklyn. In discussing lenger. Flip was pulled over after being clocked doing 86 mph in a 75 mphzone. Kish (whose real name is Lakisha Robin- lege architecture program. ("I realized it's evening plans, she revealed another con- This was Flip's third suchoffense dealing with possession of marijuana, as he was son) is one of those charismatic, preter- not that creative until you're like Zaha spiratorial strategy: "It's always good to also booked on charges of possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled. naturally cool women who are part of the Hadid," she said.) After high school, she take people where you can drink for free," dangerous substance and spending. Flip's associate Olanza Sanders, who wa ridscene first, then transition into a creative returned to Pratt to study'fine arts, but she said. ing shotgun in the car, was also arrested and charged with illegal possession of a
firearm by a convicted felon. Flip was booked into Shreveport's DeSoto Detention
Center in on $35,300 bond. ....
______ ______ _____ self-defense/karate classes,' '
for children and. adults. Call a Solid Rock Enterprise, FRANK OCEAN'S FATHER IS SUING HIM FOR $1M
305-757-7961 or 786-306-, Inc. Restorative Justice Recently Frank Ocean took to Twitter to reveal that father allegedly wants to sue
6442. Academy offers counseling him for one million dollars. "Father wanna sue me-for a million," he wrote. "Like
services for youth. Call '786 I owe him back child support. Weak individual bought me a'swiss knife at [sixa Miami Northwestern w Booker T. Washington 2 Alumni of Raines and 488-4792. years-old] then dipped on me." Hisinitial tweet has since been deleted, however
Class qf 1967 class meeting Class of 1967. meets New Stanton Sr. High of the "Thinkin' Bout You" singer left this one up: "I got his DNA though,maybe I
will -be held Jan. 10th, 'at 7 monthly. Call 305-333-7128. .acksonville will cruise in U Evans County High inherited some of his karma too." Ocean first mentioned his father's absence in
p.m., at 870 NW 168 Dr. Call "May 2013 for a joint 45th "School Alumni is creating a his track "There Will Be Tears" from his 2011 mixtape nostalgia,Ultra; and back
305-891t-1181. Seed" of Hope class reunion. Call 305-474- South Florida Alumni contact in June tweeted about his estranged father. "Just found out my absent father's
Community Outreach, 0030. : .. ... ro~ter. Call 305-$ 29-1345 or',; been cyberstalking me, hi dad," he wrote. There's no word as to what his father
'U The Alwayz Lady Irnc,. offers free, weekly ...... .:,' 786',. .. ,o-514,-4912 w,- ... ,' ...2 is suing him for.
Like Foundation will host coUnseling Session. Call 305- pad fo iJstice assists!i .. .
a free private viewing of 761-8878. non-custodial parents with SA.V; (Survivors
documentary Very Young child support matters. Call 'Against Violence) to meet Sum t o {LLa --Lg n s
Girls, J]an. 4th, at 11 a.m.'at U The National Coalition 786-273-0294. with young people weekly. Su
O'Cinema,. 90 NW '29th St. of 100 Black Women Call 954-548-'4323.m i to ar e g n s
Contact Kia at 954-903-7054. Greater Miami Chapter Resourcesfor Veterans
accepting applications for Sacred Trust offers 'U Urban Greenworks EDUCATORS hands, not gangs. It's more
U Miami-Dade National Just 'Us Girls Mentoring affordable and supportive hosts a Farmers' Market continued from 5C dangerous now.
Pan Hellenic Council invites Program. Call 800'-658- 'housing assistance for low- every Saturday until April Now, gangs fight Over terniyou to their Step Show, Jan. 1292. income veteran 'families 8th, from noon to 3 p.m. at with the crime. He was part of tory, respect and heritage.
20th at 6 p.m., at 15800 NW facing homelessness. Call Arcola Lakes Libirary, 8240 teMnoHighsPseatesmeclrbuno
42n Av. Cll 05-88-736 ang Pak ffes fee 55-78-411NW th vene.Black gang in Riviera Beach. the same culture. Here we are
42dAe.al357823. RnePr fesfe 5-7-41N t vne While gang members may fighting for our Haitian culture
share the same skin color, they and the other side is fighting
b e n s o tc a ge ?don't share much else. for the same thing," Kennetth
A re A si n s u d e ts"The differences in culture Joseph, 22, a Haitian from DelAre sia stdent beng horthan edplay a big part," said James ray Beach who is now a Florida
___________________Leger, 37, a Haitian immigrant A&M student.
ASIANS inheriting their parents' work their successes to overzealous ing blacks, Latinos, American and president of 1600 AM Hai- Haitian-born Zuerry Jean,
continued from 5C ethic and faith in a good educa- (and even pathological) parent- Indians and Southeast Asian tian News Radio. 22, of Delray Beach won't
tion. How self-defeating. ing rather than 'individual ef- Americans and low-income stu- When he was a student in. speak much of his past, but
and hard-working for their own To be clear, I do not seek to fort. 'dents of all backgrounds. the American school system says his gang-banging ways
good. perpetuate the "model minor- Some educators, parents and But for white and Asian mid- more than 20 years ago, he got did land him in jail before he
Since the 1965 overhaul of ima- ity" myth Asian-Americans students worry that if admis- die- and upper-income kids, the into several fights with Black graduated high school. Now he migration law, the United States are a diverse group, includ- sions are based purely on aca- playing field should be equal. It students because of how he has turned to his music, and has lured millions of highly ed- ing undocumented restaurant demic merit, selective universi- is noteworthy that many high- dressed. on his latest mixtape he raps
ucated, ambitious immigrants workers and resettled refugees ties will be dominated by whites achieving kids at selective pub- "In the Haitian community about how to get a GED. from places like Taiwan, South as well as the more familiar and Asians and admit few lic magnet schools are children we dress up like we're going to He also raips about the vioKorea and India. We welcomed doctors and engineers. Nor do I blacks and Latinos, as a result of working-class immigrants, church when we go to school, lence between Blacks and Haithese immigrants precisely be- endorse the law professor Amy of socioeconomic factors and an not well-educated profession- and I used to have to defend tians and says the problem will cause they outperformed and Chua's pernicious "Tiger Moth- enduring test-score gap. We still als. Surnames like Kim, Singh myself just because of the persist until the two groups overachieved. Yet now we are er" stereotype, which has set need affirmative action for un- and Wong should not trigger clothes I wore," he said. "But learn to understand each othstigmatizing their children for back Asian kids by attributing derrepresented groups, includ- special scrutiny, still we used to fight with our er.

The Miami Times

Business K"


ART IN Gun buyback program

WORKPLACE in Opa-locka sets record
Residents get rid of weapons in wake
LESSON: IT'S ofSandy Hook tragedy
By Huffington Post rid of them."
The program, run by OpaA gun buyback event in Opa- locka Police and the Florida
A LL A B O U T locka, Florida Saturday set a Highway Patrol and sponsored
new record in the wake of the by local churches, aims to
massacre at Sandy Hook El- ,curb the city's gun violence by
ementary. School. removing weapons from circuTEAM W ORK Officials exchanged more lation. Officers asked no ques
than 100 weapons for cash, no tions about any of the guns
By Doreen Hemlock questions asked. It. was nearly turned in, only handing over up
double the number of fire: to $50 per handgun and $100
For some employees, the idea sound- arms turned in last December, per rifle.
ed weird: decorate a piece of a puzzle reports NBC6, and the highest. Six of the weapons collected
that would be assembled into a single -Photo/Mike Stocker turnout in the program's five- had been stolen, according to
work, reflecting how each person sees Artist George Gadson, standing, helps Panthers employees Steve Brauner year history. Local 10. And at one point, ofhis role, the mission and the organiza- and Dan Gwynn. Gadson worked with 300 employees at the Panthers arena Accoiding to LocallO, only 58 ficials even ran out money and
tion. to develop a collective piece of art as part of a team-building exercise and guns were turned in at a buy- ,had to temporarily halt collecArt in the Workplace venture, back event in June. ', tions until more cash could be
"When you are working Resident Karen Petersen obtained...
"It's exciting to see how your piece local artists, promote collaboration and said the Sandy Hook shooting "People have arenewed with art, everyone is on the will fit intq the whole puzzle," said encourage creativity on the job, orga- prompted her to turn in her awareness of the damages that
Afex Sant., 33, an account executive nizers said. gins. guns can cause in the wrong
same page." for group sales at Sunrise Sports & "When you are working ivith art, "Especially with what hap- hands, and many of us know
Lois Martino, Art Entertainment Group, which hosted everyone is on the same page. It doesn't pened last week, we really there are guns in our household in the Workplace the exercise. matter what level in the organization wanted to get the guns out of that we should not have there,"
coordinator Art at work is a-concept still new you are," said Lois Marino, 46, execu- the house," she told WSVN. "So said Opa-locka assistant manfor many workers and employers, but tive director of Business for the Arts of this was an excel ent way to gt:.,, ager David Chiverton. But.after cutting, gluing and making a year-old program of thenon-profit Broward and coordinator for the Art in .
collages with colleagues Friday, even Business for the Arts of Broward is the Workplace program.'"That creates Wai i fa:
many skeptics said the art project was melding the two more frequently. Its good team-building environment." viz in a iiia is am ong
fun, a nice break from the daily routine Art in the Workplace program brings Randy Moller, 49, a' former Florida'' and a chance to get to know their co- .sculptors, drummers and other artists Panthers hockey player and now a workers better., into workplaces to expose employees to Please turn to TEAMWORK 8D Forbes'list 0f top earners
By Carrie Healey'
Forbes has released their anH~mles vterans increaSing lihtn

Homeless '!. es increasing .."nual "30 Under 30" list, highlighting the top young stars
Norhelp with housicover housing costs, health in fifteen categories, including
Nn-profit groups.can offer helpwithhousing care, child care, transporta- Art & Style, Music, and Sports.
ByGreggZaroya less the department is aware ues to draw down its ranks. tion and training. Several young Black tastemakof. About 307,000 are likely to Anne Murphy, a Salva eswr mngtoecoe fr
About ers were among those chosen for
nTumber of Iraq and Af- The increse arrives as leave the military each of the tion Army program director
rains who are President Obama's goal of next four years. in Los Angeles, says she's At age 25, rapper Wiz Khalifa
eess or at ris f losing eding homelessness for all Obama vowed in 2009 to helped an Army veteran of was chosenas Forbes featured

a~ roof over their heads ha~s ve1rans is showing some end veteran homelessness multiple combat tours who music artist. He has earned $20
mor thn oubedin he results. by 2015. The numbers have was living out of a car with- mli~ vrte attoyas
....e tha double in, the. .,0 5 tl i be sh v million over the past two years,I
past two years, according to The VA attributes the in- declined, though not at a his family of six to get into and is now preparingto release
government data. *creasepartly to more aggres- pace to meet the president's' a hotel, and the program a new album and marry his
sive efforts to identify and goal. Using an annual one- will allow her to help get the anee Through te en of ep-fiancee Amber Rose. te-ber, 26,531 of them were assist this younger genera- night count; the'tally has family a permanent place to A few names accompanying WIZ KHALIFA
living onthe streets, at risk tin of veteran. .fallen from 76329 in"2010 to live. Khalifsin themusic category Sports list, along with LeBron.
otloig hirhmesty' ,. T e a yser aSef-' 62,619.i oi. -- Khaqifad Ainhthestcnegory
department sas f 6261 in 2012. wl '. Iraq and Afghanistan. vets are: Frank Ocean, 25, Kendrick James, 28,and Washington
ing in temporary housing or fects of the two wars on The VA insists it will meet are different from other vet- Lamar, 25, and Rihanna, 24. Redskins quarterback Robert
receiving federal vouchers to. them, such as posi-trau- the goal, particularly with a erans, she says.' Toppingte"0UdrGifnI,2.
P~r ce~ g i~r s~ isa ... "' "The're yo ng r m uch : p ig the ",30 Under. Griffin III,* 22.
parent, the Department of matic stress disorder, and a program instituted in 2011 30D sports list is Broklyn London-born fashion designer,
Veterans Affairs reports slow economic recovery have that provides community more savvy and' they )don't Nets' point guard Deron Wil- Carly Cushnie wAs chosen as
That's up from 10,500 in contributed to0their home- non-profit groups with cash necessarily like to ask for. ams. Before the 2012-2013 the featured artist foi the Art
2010. The VA says the num- lessness. .'. to help keep troubled veter- help," Murphy says. "But NBA season began, Williams Style list.
bers couldbe higher because The issue is particularly ans in housing or get them there are a lot of them out decided to say with the Nets in- At the age of 28, Cushnie's
they include only the home- acute as the military contin- off the streets. E"eses can there." stead of signing with the Dallas' designs have been, seen on Ri..Mavericks. hanna, Jessica Alba, and even
Choosing to stay with the First Lady Michelle Obama.
Holne prices continue to escalate Nets paid off for Williams, who .Cushnie and partner Michelle
signed a five-year, $100 million' Ochs teamed up to form their
contract. Olympic gold-medal- label, Cushnie et Ochs, which
ists Usain Bolt, 26, and Gabri- grossed about two million dolEx Relle Douglas, 17, are also on the 'lars last year.
By Julie Schmit dipped 0.1 percent in October from a month earlier.
Home prices rose in 7of 20 That was expected given that Minimum wage. increase
cities surveyed for the Case- home prices tend to be lower
Shiller index in fall and winter than in hits Florida and others
'in the 12 months ended in Year-over-year trends are !--- '- By Dave Jamison raise, according to the Economic
Prices rose 4.3 percent spring and summer.
October more meaningful. In 19 of Policy Institute. EPI estimates
Only New York and Chica- the 20 cities surveyed, an- -- kiNew Years' Day will bring a that another 140,000 people will
go showed prices down 'from nual returns in October were small pay bump' to some of the benefit indirectly from the wage
a year ago higher than September, the lowest-paid American workers, hikes, due to pay scales being
'Home prices rose 4.3 per- data show. I'with 10 states set to hike their upwardly adjusted.
cent the 12 months ended in "It is clear that the hous- -.mnmm ae or21.Th ass ilb bten1
October, according to a wide- ing recovery is gathering mnearly age ilofow-wage. and 35ices piler hourean wil
lywachdsuve, upain trngh, ai Dvi lizeworkers will see their earnings translate into an extra $200 to
analyst expectations and chairman of the home price "rise because of the increases, $500 pe year for minimumunderscoring a strengthen- index committee. most of which come courtesy of wage earners a not-insignifing housing recovery. He also says it's clear that third-quarter GDP showed three percent of GDP. state cost-of-living adjustments icant sum for workers bringing
Still, the Standard & Poor's housing is now contribut- that housing represented 10 Chicago and New York that account for inflation. Wash- .home $15,000 per'year or less.
Case-Shiller index of 20 ing to the broader economy. percent of the growth while were the only two cities with ington State will once again Jen Kern, the minimum wage. major cities, out Wednesday, Last week's final revision to accounting for less than Please turn to HOME IOD havethe highest minimum wage campaign coordinator at the Na________________________________________________in the nation, at $9.19 per hour, tional Employment Law Project,
after a raise of 15 cents for the an advocacy group for low-wage
1:11.11 ~I I.cIThV A : ~ V I inew year. The other states rais- workers, said the rising wage
ing their wage floors are Arizo- floors in those particular states
S mahhi~ll bu i e si c n i e e d dna, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, are a reminder of the power of
S111 bu i e si c n i e neeLedMontana, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode "indexing," or the tethering of a
Island and Vermont. 'minimum wage to an inflation
By William~ Reed 'havior. Instead of a member of their first Black mayor in 1973 The federal minimum wage index so that it adjusts annuNNPA Columnist seeking and sup- family, lounges and served in that capacity remains $7.25per hour, with no ally. All those states, she noted,
porting candidates 'there for life. Ex- for 20 years. By the time he cost-of-living adjustment, and have indexing written into their
Again this year, Blacks and platforms to "amples are Black left office, Detroit had lost prevails in 31 states that do not minimum wage laws, with the
placed higher priorities on improve the finan- ''voters in dhlicago, half its population. During mandate a higher state mini- exception of Rhode Island,
participation in politics than cial status and, ''' Detroit and New his tenure,, Detroit became mum wage. The last raise to the which normally raised its minithe pursuit of capitalistic wealth-building York City. They the world's "murder capital," federal minimum came in 2009, mum wage through legislation
and business development through private should be award-, arson capital and America's after a series of increases signed this year.
initiatives to improve their and public sector ed the "Colman most dangerous city.. The into law by President George W. Kern said that without a costeconomic conditions. Their programs, the fol- Young 'I Stayed poverty rate zoomed to the Bush. of-living adjustment, the miniprimary motivation is to use lowing abhorrent Too Long' Po- highest in the U.S. Unem- For roughly 855,000 low- mum wage tends to erode every
"the vote" to get what they political behavior REED iitical Empower- ployment rose to more than wage workers, the new state year in much of the country,
want and need. In 2012, occurred among ,ment Award." The 24 percent and Detroit be- minimum wages will be higher making it harder for families
Blacks continued todisplay Blacks. Once a Black i8 award has dubious val- came a lawless pocket of than their current wage levels, dependent on low-wage eai'ners
dysfunctional political be- elected to high office, they or ue. Young became Detroit's Please turn to REED l0D translating into an immediate to get by.


PostChrstma saes bmpTake some dread out

Consumers spend of your electric bills

more with gift yDailVsuz"What an incredible change it
t made in our comfort and monthly
cars, etunsif you are dreading your next bill," she said.
electric bill as much as your credit Thermostat and lighting police:
Bn yeO't.nJehn card bill this holiday, you need Susan Kapela of Delray Beach
andJaye ODonellhelp. dutifully turns up the thermostat
And Florida Power & Light is when she leaves home and turns
Sales made in the post- here to offer assistance, as well off all lights when she leaves a
Christmas rush to redeem as fellow South Florida custom- room.
retail gift cards or return ers who have found useful ways to Alvaro E. Escobar of Browarct
items could help an other- reduce energy usage and high County replaced outdoor light
wise lackluster shopping bills, switches with timers so he doesn't
season meet rosy estimates A couple of months ago, FPL be- have to risk leaving them on all
for holiday sales. gan asking its customers to share night accidentally. He also keeps.
energy- saving tips that don't just doors and closets closed in rooms
TheInternational Council sound good but are practical in the that have no air-conditioning
of Shopping Centers said real world. events to maximize his unit's outWednesday that retail sales Each of the following tips were put and changes AC filters every
for the week ended Dec. 22 received recently by FPL and have month.
were up just 0.7 percent, but been vetted by its experts, said Unfortunately FPL could not p'rothe group says it's sticking Kristy Kennedy, a spokesperson for vide information about how much
to its forecast for a 3 per- the state's largest rate-regulated each customer saved on monthly
cent increase in sales for the ,.power company. bills.
whole holiday season. Water heater maid: Ana Iglesias But you get the theme: Little
The ICSC estimate is in of Fort Lauderdale dutifully turns things count when it comes to savcontrast to the 0.7 percent -soitdPe/RnalBnoff her water heater during the ing money and energy.
sales increase MasterCard day, flipping it on about 10 min- IIf you want a& better idea of how
Advisors research chief Mi- Shoppers fill the Westfield Galleria shopping mall in Roseville, Calif., on W ednes- utes before taking a shower and much your old AC or dryer is costchael McNamara said it saw day,. The final week of December can account for about 15 percent of a store's then turning it back off after. To ing you each month, or to get a
in the two months leading monthly. sales, and the day after Christmas is typically one of the biggest shopping hedge her bets, Iglesias also dries personalized energy-saving plan, up to Christmas. Master- days of the year. clothes outside when possible and visit and use the free OnCard's estimate is for sales re-insulated her attic on her own. line Home Energy Survey.
using cash, checks and all* dence so far this holiday sea- she says the store had sold according to a Consumer credit cards in key holiday son has been evident, but we out of the items she hoped -to 'Reports poll. And their sales categories. still believe we are on pace buy. "Their stock had been aren't counted until they areVI
sales th week after Christ- NRF CEO Matt Shay says. found, other things," Posen Cashing in gift cards and
percent of holiday sales, at the Lansdale, Pa., Kohl's When sho ppers redeem day after Christmas has d ie or.e i r
so that could brighten the, store on Wednesday, where gift cards and return or been a tradition for Kelsey picture. And the NRF is she hoped to find items exchange gifts, they often Heinze, 25, and her sister 1" T hard, play by the rules, pay your
sticking to its estimate that on sale that she'd seen on spend far more than the Sarah, 23, since they were C an dt/rItaxes and you 'will have~ a Social holiday sales will be up 4.1 Saturday. Despite a spate of value of the gifts or cards. old enough to drive. On si'fts ot Security check ini your twilight
percent. .inclement weather keeping Gift cards are the most Wednesday, the crowds at %1 U~scss- years to stave 'off pvy.~Andf
'"Consumers' mixed confi- checkout lanes wide open, popular last-minute gifts, the King of Prussia Mall, By Jerry N~adler that Social Security check will
be adjusted' so inflation doesn't 1
Am id'the ongoing debate on. cut down its woqrth.',
how to address our long-term Amn toa' 6mlinbn
Chea er oun erf it rod ctsfederal debt, Republicans have eficiies -icludig seiors,
Ch a e cou terei products an tebaft e hlde lta
1.~programs that provide desperate- support them the average~
no oidavs can nave nign costs ly needed benefits' to the neediest beneficiary receives a m~odest
Americans. ~ ~ ~ $14,00yal rmtepo
By Arelis R. Hernfindez Nationally'. the number of land seized scores of parcels In thsbde-rss Rpb rm o h majority of snos
conefiigrltdarss TIPS FO N IE adesdt odr ht licans' are seeking to score a -'.this represents more than halfof<
Buying knockoff purses and seizures has quadrupled SHOPPERS contained P9OX, Zumba and callous political win by forcing -their annual income, which; Eeror pirated DVIs may seem since 2009, data from the Disney DVDs. Border-sur- Democrats to use a different sys-' ages' $22,000.
harmless for some .holiday government's Intellectual A Coach purse for $99 is rendered the merchandise tem of measurement "chained ~'Switching to chained CPI shoppers, but money spent Property Rights Coordination togood to be true. Prac- to authoriti .es' And said he 'CPI" to determine Social Se- '.doesn't save any money; it. on counterfeit items can end Center'show. tic oo mnsns.n had no other orders pending 'curity cbst-of-living adjustments, shifts costs onto seniors and
up funding organized crime Federal officials seized c ticeoiia compeneant when they confronted him at' that would result 'in decreased the disabled. Seniors already in the U. S. 'and around the more 'than 130 website do- althorinlc payo his Central Florida home. payments to seniors.;' struggle to afford their costs 'As
world. And the products mains during a coordinated check whether the seller is But three days after the '.Perhaps Republicans hope "'" they age. Between rent, grocer- 4 themselves can mess up your enforcement operation before an authorized dealer. interview, agents seized two 'we will bu.y their argument ies,, transportation and medical computers and steal your Cyber Monday this year be- more boxes destined for Bor- that seniors are wealthy and costs -yes, I said~ medical costs,
identity. .cause they were selling pi- If the website has incor- ders' home. that were labeled. don't need so much from Social because as every senior knows,
The United Nations calls rated goods, said 'Carissa Cu- rect grammar or punc- "Teaching materials" and Security. Perhaps they hope Medicare is not free, costing counterfeiting and piracy trell, an ICE spokeswoman. tuation, terms such as "Learning materials." we will be convin'ced that these 'an average $4,600 annually in'
of intellectual property a "Orlando businessman Dale. "discount" or "cheap" and "Honestly, they know what benefit cuts seem so' small that out-of-pocket costs -seniors too "plague"' that has explod- Borders' website was one of misspell ings, question its thyr on, arn ad we ignore how this cut comn '- often are just scraping by'."
ed globally in the past few several targeted because it lgtmc.of counterfeit sellers. "They pounds over time -because, Famfilies of'Social Security
yer, n edrl'gnie ffr he"os ogl f e giiay have huge profit margin, and with the chained CPI, the longer 'beneficiaries would lose as 'well.
are stepping up their efforts, items at the lowest possible Be suspicious of sites that they don't hide it." you live, thie more benefits you Blecause ,of more cost shifting, to combat it because of the prices." dontpoieacnatBorders was found to have lose. Perhaps they hope we will these families, many of whom,
threats it poses to consum- Borders sold counterfeit dnoter prvide acntactr more than 2,200 boxed sets forget that Social Security is self-. 'already provide their-aging loved ers, domestic security and copies of Beachbody's "P'~ nme.Tytenme' of the' DVDs. Beachbody financed and does not contrib- ones with financial support to ~
the nations economy. exercise DVDs he imported before completing a trans- charges about $120 to $330 'ute to the-deficit. Perhaps they cover the ir uinmet needs, will be'
The U.N. estimates coun- from overseas, complete with action. '- in separate payments per believe we will accept depriving 'forced to do even more.
terfeit goods generate $250 a forgery of the company's boxed set, depending on the seniors while they refuse to ask We are nickel-and-dimning
billion annually for criminal trademark on the box, feder- Most authorized vendors type of kit. the wealthiest to pay one penny seniors and their families' to ~
organizations. 41 documents allege. use PayPal or some other Gelfand said companies more. death. We have to stop looking '
Locally, the Orlando office Counterfeit items like secure-and well-known such as his spend a fortune But I don't buy it for a second. to America's most vulnerable to
of U.S. Immigration and Cus- these have been known to financial service. If the in court and investigative Social Security is a promise sacrifice 'even' more and to expect, toms Enforcement- office has destroy personal computers transactions are in cash costs to stop criminals, and 'made many decades ago. Work even less. We all deserve better." targeted flea markets and and send personal informa- only, be careful or don't -it cuts deeply into Beachmail facilities to intercept ev- tion to remo te computers make a deal. body's profits '- about $80
erything from fake contact that record online activity. 'million in losses, he said.
lenses to software that can Beachbody shut down Bor- Borders pleaded guilty to AC -




By Susan Tompor NO. 3: DRAG YOUR FEET. Year's resolution. Make sure IN TIME." imbursed as part of a flexible a cowboy when you were a
UNTIL JANUARY WHEN IT everyone in the house makes Buying in bulk can save spending account for buying kid* why can't you imagine
Thirteen might not be the COMES TO DONATIONS. one promise not to yell at money, say freezing butter over-the-counter medicine or that one day you'll be able to
luckiest of numbers, but 2013 Tax rates could go up in the TV during a Detroit Lions' bought on sale during the drugs retire? If you can believe it,
could be a pretty good year to 2013. So a charitable contri- game, not to forget to put away holidays. But many do not realize you can save.
get on a better financial foot- bution could be a more valu- the laundry. Put that money But "avoid overstocking that there are 32,000 services ing if you're not fussy. able deduction if you send the toward a goal. your refrigerator and pantry," and items that would be reim- NO. 11: CREATE ONE
Now 2013 is the year I will check next year instead of by said Tomika Snodgrass, a vice bursed by FSA funds and "NO-SPEND-ZONE."
finally use a 1991 calendar. Dec. 31, according to Robert NO. 6: GO TO YOUR KIDS president for RBS Citizens in do not need a prescription for One -Saturday each month,
While cleaning, I found a Lau- Shefferly III, certified public AND ASK THEM HOW TO Southfield. The mom of two reimbursement, said Nata- don't spend any money' No ra Ashley desk calendar that accountant, senior tax man- SAVE MONEY. buys only items for her weekly sha Rankin, executive direc- fair pulling out plastic.
was too pretty to use back ager for the national tax office "If the family is struggling plan. tor for the Employers Council
then. The days of the week for for Plante Moran in Sduth- economically, the kids know on Flexible Compensation in NO. 12: SAVE
1991 match up with 2013. See field, Mich. that in the household," said NO. 8: DON'T CLIP Washington, D.C. SENTIMENTAL CASH. -'
www.whencanireusethiscal- Gregory Downing, a former COUPONS. She. noted that on average Examine the serial number
e~dar.Com.. NO. 4: WATCH ATM FEES. auto dealer and author of En- This anti-coupon tip sounds people lose $138 after not il on each $1 bill. Then, save
Now, 13 other tips for '13: It you're out of town and trepreneur Unleashed: Wealth counterintuitive, because ing for reimbursements or bills that start with a special not near your bank, it may to Stand the Test of Time. so much marketing works not spending the necessary letter, like your first initial,
NO. 1: USE WHAT YOU'VE be possible to avoid ATM fees it's OK to be upfront with against it these days, said amounts in flexible spending said Samirian Hill, president
GOT. by using your debit card at older children, if your take- Laura Lee, author of Broke is accounts. Online stores even ofBudgetWise Financial SoluIt-is possible to make dinner a nearby supermarket. Buy- home pay was cut by 50% and Beautiful: Living and Loving sell items that qualify for FSA tions in Southfield. out of what's-at home at least items that you can use and you now have to buy your own the Cash-Strapped Life. dollars. one day a week. Need a use get $50 cash back or more. health insurance, said the Shoppers who peruse bar- "People think they can't NO. 13: GO OFFSHORE.
for small bottles of shampoo Kroger allows up to $250 cash Florida father of three, ages gain circulars, sign up for e- buy any products anymore," No, not really offshore. But in the closet? My husband back on a debit card purchase 17, 13 and 11. mails from stores, join Face- said Jeremy Miller, president why not bank far from home?
made a game out of regularly if you go to a lane with a clerk;. -hildren can be part of the book groups and so on are of Miller notes If you choose a financial institapping into our stockpile. the self-check lane has a $100 solution, he said, noting teens constantly bombarded with that's not true. tution that is a hike to get to,
We got about three months of limit for cash back. need to work as well, even if deals. "Buying stuff involves Check with your sponsor it could be difficult to empty
shampoo free. If instead you go to an ATM only doing odd jobs for pay. spending money, not saving about deadlines for,,spending that account, said Dorothy
that's not part of your bank, Back in the summer, my it," Lee said. and filing for reimbursements. Barrick, financial counselor
NO. 2: CANCEL A SER- you'd typically pay your bank 14-year-old son told-me to If you clip coupons, priori- A new FSA cap hits in Janu- andI group manager for GreenVICE. -: a fee of $1.57 and pay the ATM stop buying him T-shirts and tize based on your budget., ary. The maximum an em- Path Debt Solutions, a nation"I canceled cable in 2002,' owner another $2.50 on aver- hoodies. I had- gotten into a ployee can set aside is $2,500. al non-profit credit counselor.
-said Gabriella Barthlow, a age, according to Bankrate. bad habit of frequently pick- NO. 9: BUY SOME If both spouses are work- Of course, just pulling out a
certified credit counselor and com. ing up something cool and BANDAGES AND MAYBE ing, the maximum allowed is debit card from that bank
- owner of the Alpha Advisory- cheap.. Nice, but he had too A BED PAN? $5,000. would defeat the purpose.
Group. She's saved thou- NO. 5: BANK ONE much. It's been an easy way to Some rules changed in 2011 The odd thought here: Don't
sands of dollars. She waits MORE BUCK., save $5 or $10 here and there. and now you're required to NO. 10: PLAY just work for your money;
until a TV series is on DVD at Charge one dollar every --have a prescription from a MAKE-BELIEVE. work hard to avoid spending
her library.. single time you break a New NO. 7: THINK "JUST doctor if you- want to be re- If you could pretend .to be it, too.

Economist broke racial barrier at Federal Reserve
several high- ranking posi- ported the board's effort to said, according to The New After servingin the Army
In tons in Washington. He combat inflation by gradu- York Tlimes. cl during World War i1, he
worked as a staff economist ally raising interest rates. In 1974, he left the board received a bachelor's degree
onc for the Federal Reserve After Congress and Johnson to join the faculty of Harvard in economics in 1950 and a
B Bank of New York and as an raised taxes aiid trimmed Business School and later master's degree in 1951 from
expert also. taugJIh
economics professor before spending in 1968, Brim- -, taught at Michigan State the University of Washingbeing named a deputy as-, mer was one of the first Fed University and the University ton. He earned his doctorate
ByBloomberg News sistant secretary of Coin- governors to call for easing of Pennsylvania. in 1957 from Harvard. 'As a
merce under President John reThe Fed has had two Black Fulbright scholar, he studied
Andrew Brimmer, the son F. Kennedy. In later years on the board, governors since Emmett in India at the Delhi School
of a-Louisiana shaieiopper Upon nomiiiting him to he drew attention for blunt Rice and Roger'Ferguson. of Economics and'what was
who in 1966 became the fit the Federal Reserve Board,' observations on the econom-. In an e-mail, Ferguson' then known asthe tUniversity
Black member of the Federal President Lyndon B. Johnson ic-conditions of Black Amen called Brimmer a role model of Bombay.
ReserveBoard, died Oct. -7., praised~ his'-integrity, bril- i cans that included references for a generation of African In the 1990s, Brimmer
He was 86. glance and "sense of fair play to Black-owned banks as Americans who aspired to be was the first chairman of the
trimmer died at a WashL- that I believe will enable him ornaments" and to the "fal- economic policymakers. Only District of Columbia Finanington hospital after a to serve with dictincio." lacy of Black capitalism." in America could the son of a cial Control Board. For more
lengthy illness, said his During more than eight "Perhaps inadvertently" sharecropper rise to become than 40 years, he served
daughter, Esther Brimmer. years on the board, Brinmer he banks "may be divert- a-national leader." on the board of'Alabama's
An economist, Brimmer became known asa e r urces from the black\ Brimmer was born in- Tuskegee University, which
held a doctorate from Har- -on international monetary community into the financ- Newellton, a: rural village named its business school
yard Business School and policy. Ea ly on, he sup- ANDREW BRIMMER ing of the national debt," he in northeastern Louisiana. building for him.

Millions forgo foreclosure reviews M P

Homeowners don't have much -a year ago informing them com or be postmarked no NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING DATEON MIAMI-DADE
of their right to a review, but later than Monday, the OCC
time to ask for accuracy checks only 356,000 had asked for says. Answers to questions COUNTY'S PROPOSED FY 2013 ACTION PLAN WITH FUNDING
one by Dec. 13, according to can be.found on the website FOR THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT By Julie Schmit a free review required by a the Office of the Comptroller or by calling 888-952-9105.
settlement last year between of the Currency. "The (response) numbers (CDBG), HOME INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIPS (HOME) AND
Millions of homeowners federal bankregulators and Compensatibn. could range are not terribly impressive,", EMERGENCY SOLUTIONS GRANT (ESG) PROGRAMS who were in foreclosure in 14 mortgage servicers and from hundreds of dollars says Bruce Mirken of the Pursuant to the Housing and Community DevelopmentiAct of 1974, as-amended with 24 CFR parts
2009 or 2010 could miss a their affiliates. (See list be- to more than $100,000, the Greenlining Institute, a con- 91,, Community Planning and Development Programs, Miami-Dade County has developed chance to have their cases low.) 'The deadline has been OCC has said. It is oversee- sumer advocacy group. its Proposed FY 2013 Action Plan. A public hearing to consider the FY 2013 Action Plan funding reviewed for errors and extended three times due ing the settlement with the Greenlining, like other recommendations for CDBG, HOME and ESG programs is scheduled for January 16, 2013 at possible compensation if to poor response from hom- Federal Reserve. consumer groups, says bor- 9:30 a.m., in the Commission Chambers located at the Stephen R Clark Center Building, 111 NW
they don't act by Monday. eowners. Requests must be submit- rowers may still not be aware 1st Street, Miami, Florida 33128, Second Floor. The public is invited to attend and comment. The
That's the deadline for eli- More than 4 million notices ted online at the website in- of the review opportunity. public comment period shall be from December 20, 2012 to January 18, 2013. Comments may also gible homeowners to request were mailed to homeowners dependentforeclosurereview. Please turn to REVIEWS 1OD be submitted in writing to the attention of Gregg Fortner, Executive Director, Public Housing and faceookadsCommunity Development (PHCD), 701 NW 1st Court, 16th Floor, Miamh Florida 33136. A n l s s s e v l e in n e w .The Proposed FY-2013 Action Plan consists of the following sections:. eea n te udn eore

sice ts isasrou sice ts dsasrou iniial Facboo's sonsred Description of all activities that will be undertaken in FY 2013 to address priority needs By Scott Martin businesses it*iatossneisdssru nta aeoks sosrd Geographic distribution of areas receiving assistance
IPO. -public -offering and growth story ads in news feeds areHoessadthrpcilndscivis
Shares of Facebook surged -Facebook appears to havze concerns, items. that relate to people's Other housing initiatives that will be undertaken in FY 2013 to foster and maintain affordable
eight percent on the Nasdaq "friended" some Wall Street Facebook shares rose $1.94 "likes," or listed interests, housing, public housing improvements and resident activities, remove barriers to affordable after a pair of analyst up- analysts over its mobile ad to $25.94. The round of advertising housing, reduce the number of households with incomes below the poverty line, develop
grades. Analysts say Face-- prospects. Shares of Face- "As soon as they intro- optimism comes from BTIG institutional structures, address obstacles to meeting underserved needs and enhance
book's ad push on the news book surged 8.1 percent after duced sponsored stories back analyst Richard Gieenfield coordination between public and private housing and social service grants. feed is poised to boost rev- two analysts predicted the -in June, it was clear that and Bernstein Research anenue. It remains to be seen social network 's mobile rev- was how they were going to alyst Carlos Kirjner. Green- ThAcinPaIcldsteflongudngore: if users will become annoyed enue will jump. monetize mobile," Wedbush field forecasts Facebook's CDBG: $13,800,553 allocated to Public Facilities/Capital Improvements, Economic
with such ads. Still, it's the -It's the latest signal for Securities analyst Michael revenue is poised to boom in Development, Public Services, Administration and Historic Preservation.
latest signal for Facebook to Facebook to emerge as a Pachter said of the advertis- the fourth quarter because HOME: $6,555,427 allocated to rental housing, home ownership rehabilitation, homeless emerge as a steadily growing steadily growing business ing push. Please turn to ADS IOD S:housing, and tenant-based rental assistance.
S:$1,410,000 allocated to emergency shelter, homeless prevention, short and
-medium-term rental assistance and services, rapi re-housing of homeless people
dy toand administration:
D ealers read to bargain: B est deals on trucks The Proposed FY 2013 Action Plan listing the activities funded to address
By Chris Woodyard back offers and/or 0 percent been -selling a 2013 Chevro- vehicles," says Peter Greiner, high priority needs as identified in the FY 2013-2017 Consolidated Plan -wil
financing. And when the say- let Silverado pickup that lists a salesman at family-owned be available on the Public Housing and Community Development's~ website at LOS ANGELES Auto ings are tallied up, buyers for $28,610 for an average Greiner For'd Lincoln in htto:llwww.miamidade~govlhouslna/, or by contacting Ms. Suelynn Angulo at
dealers are hoping to cap can end up shaving as much transaction price of $24,683, Casper, Wyo. san oulo~miamidade.gaov or 786-469-2219 and at the following locations:
what is expected to be their as $9,000 off the price of cer- a 13.7 percent discount, ac- -And the hot discounts Miami-Dade Public Housing and Community Development,best sales year since 2007 tain models. General Motors cording to auto-pricing site aren't limited to pickups. 701 NW 1si Court, 14th Floor, Miami FL 33136 with a slew of last-minute, is especially aggressive in Those buying a 2013 Chrys- Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, 111 NWlst Street,27th Floor, Miami FL 33128
year-end deals, led by bar- moving pickups off the lots in There are cash incentives -ler 200 sedan were paying an Miami.Dade Public Library, 101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33130 gains on pickups., the waning days of this year of up to $6,500 in addition to average $22,010, a 14.3 per- SuhDd einlLbay 05 W21hSre.MaiF 38
Dealers "are swimming in because it recently revealed 0 perent financing on other cent discount off the sticker SuhDd einlLbay 05 W21hSreMaiF 38 cars," says Jack Nerad, an- an all-new 2014 line of trucks pickup models, including the price, according TrueCar. North Dade Regional Library, 2455 NW 183rd Street, Miami FL 33056 alyst for Kelley Blue Book. that will go on sale next year. 2012 Ford F-150 and the Nis- com. Good deals were also PHCDd esn discriminate basedon race'sex, ol/or raigion martal status' nateo nin. dm/abiiyacsysxual "They are still fighting tooth The discounts become most san Titan, according to KBB. available on the Ford Focus orientation age pragnancyor familial status in the accessto,'admissions to,'oremploymnent in housing programs or and nail" for every sale. apparent when comparing Dealers say buyers are tak- and luxury cars such as the activities. Ifyouneedasign language interpreter or materials in accessibe fornatfothseent, cal71869-2203a The discounts are tacking list prices to what custom- ing advantage of the deals. BMW 5 Series and Infiniti lestAve days inadvance.TDD/TYusers may cordat the Florida Reley Servic at80095871. many forms, such as cash- ers actually paid. GM has "We definitely want to move G37. . l 0 'l m C C i ~ C..-C .-l.0 CC


Broward home prices rise Return policies stiffensthis season
By Paul Owers
do so by shipping them back Among the notable return
Retailers increase restrictions on to the retailer than standing policy changes that ConsumSouth- Florida homes sold faster and for more money in November than
they did a year ago, another indication that the housing market is recov- exchanges and refundsin lines at the store. er World found:
ering from the historic collapse. StellaService CEO Jordy Target tightened its re"It's absolutely back and booming," said Terry Story, a real estate By Jayne O'Donnell proved its time to process re- Leiser says it's usually ineffi- turn policy again for comagent with Coldwell Banker. funds by six days, Sears took ciency that holds up refunds. puters (including tablets,
Broward County's median price for existing homes last month was That striped sweater or 16.7 days longer. If retailers don't provide re- netbooks and eReaders),
$210,000, a 9 percent increase from a year ago, the Greater Fort Lau- salt-and-pepper set turn you Sears spokesman Brian turn labels, for example, cameras and other electronderdale Realtors said Thursday. Broward's median price has risen on an off? Return it online to Sears, Hanover says the timing was products have to wind their ics such as game consoles annual basis in every month this year. J.C. Penney or Williams-So- "clearly nowhere close to our way through the company. and GPS units, which now
The county saw 1,212 homes change hands last month, up 24 percent noma, and you may wait lon- standards or what we have There's better news for in- must be returned in 30 days. from November 2011. The homes sold in an average of 40 days, com- ger for a refund this year. definitively tracked for that store shoppers and return- Opened items may not get a pared with 55 days last year. Sellers clearly are in command as buyers That's according to cus- metric over this time period." ers. Most physical stores have refund or exchange at all. battle for a dwindling supply of properties. tomer-service company 'Stel- He notes StellaService names kept their gift-return policies Sears shortened its regulaService, which had employ-' one of the sites the same this year, says Ed- lar return policy for many ees around the country do with the best customer ser- gar Dworsky, founder of Con- product categories from 90
online "mystery shopping" to vice last year. sumer World, and some have days to 60 days.gauge changes in the speed Williams-Sonoma and J.C. actually eased them a bit. 0 Best Buy extended its of refunds. Penney did not' respond to re- Computers, digital cam- regular return period to 60
StellaService says the tim- quests seeking comment. eras and other opened goods days for some Reward Zone

HOME which also fell severe- The supply of exist- ing of refunds got worse for The results will be impor- may come with restocking members, but Best Buy notes
continued from 7D ly during the down- ing homes for sale fell 14 of 25 of the online retail- tant for many gift recipients fees, shorter return periods the Premier Silver member turn, posted a 10 in November to 4.8 ers in the study. The speed this season. In a report last or no refunds at all, Dwor- not the gift recipient must negative annual re- percent annual gain. months, based on the of returns for Sears, Wil- Wednesday, FedEx said 36 sky says. He says that's in make the return. turns in October, Minneapolis followed current pace of sales. liams-Sonoma and J.C. Pen- percent of people expect to part to discourage buyers Toys R Us now accepts down 1.3 percent and at 9.2 percent. That was the low- ney were among those that return gifts this season. More from "renting" goods for the electronics and similar items
1.2 percent respec- Home price increas- est level in more than slowed the most since last than half of 1,000 people weekend and to help prevent for return even if the package tively, the Cae-Shiller es are being driven by seven years, the Na- year. While im- surveyed said they prefer to return fraud, was opened.
survey says. rising demand, strong tional Association
In Phoenix, which investor interest, a of Realtors reported t S m to p
has led the recovery, shrinking inventory last week. Realtors Is tine t put focus on Black businesses
home prices rose for of homes for sale and consider a six-month
the 13th month in a fewer foreclosed prop- supply to be a balrow, posting an al- erties, which tend to anced market be- REED 22nd term in the ward of $5 million The one thing that makes
most 22 percent one- sell at a discount to tween buyers and continued from 7D House of Repre- 'after resigning from a president's second term so
year change. Detroit, others, sellers. sentatives. Rep. the 'Congressional interesting is the fact that as
poverty as property values Charles Ran- seat that he held a lame duck a president can
plummeted. gel claimed vic- for nearly 17 years, do things he couldn't before
Why did voters reelect tory for District immediately after because he no longer has to
V value of Facebook ads rises 83-year-old John Conyers, 15's seat despite he'd won another please everyone to get their
Jr. to his 25th term in the his, diminished term. The voters votes. This opens the door for
the consensus company became a U.S. House of Representa- status in the gave him 65 percent Obama to do what he really
ADS percent fth bil-en s Vegan-lce t fives'" As Detroit has de- House. Ran- of the votes even wants to do with his power
continued .from 9D estimate for eight bil- Las Vegas-like strip of teirtd oyr a e e rvdshsthough he was bed- as .president. A new initialion dollars. flashing ads ;that an- teriorated, Conyers has re- gel provides his tog ewsbd speiet e nta
lGreenfield expects noyed users. peatedly been sent back to c on s t it u en t s ridden and never tive the Obama 2 adminismore ads are appear- GreefCongress since 1965. He's 'little clout since RANGEL made campaign ap- tration should be about is
ing in the mobile news that such news feed In September, Face- become a fixture on Capi- he was censured appearances, a "White House Conference
feeds on its app. ads will be Facebook's book unleashed its tol Hill and is the second- by Congress in 2010 and The "I'll Be Sweeter to You on Minority Business" to adFacebook analyst main driver of revenue Gifts service. The tea- longest serving incumbent stripped of his chairman- Tomorrow than I was Yes- dress the lagging economic Kirjner agrees with growth. ture, which lets peo- member of the House. But ship of the powerful Ways terday" Award goes to Black growth in minority com-the premise, saying "Facebook prob- ple send gift cards, his wife, Monica, is a former and Means Committee. voters across America who munities. Blacks stumble
Facebook is on track ably can increase the could unlock new d Congres- gaye Barack Obama 95 per- through elections not knowto beat consensus number of ad impres- -revenue. Starbucks, Detroit city councilwoman In Illinois' 2ndCnrs gaeBac bm95p-thoheltisntkow
etiats fornsevsu s umer of adipre- day evenolia Baeryan who has been imprisoned sional District, a political cent of their ballots in the ing the cure to their lack of estimates for rev- sions per user per day Magnolia Bakery and since pleading guilty to con- enclave that covers most of 2012 elections despite high opportunities-and growth is enue over the next with limited chance of 1-800-Flowers were
two years. For 2013, seeng material dete- among Facebook's spiring to commit bribery. Chicago's South Side and unemployment rates and to foster Black-owned busitwyer forcast the rior in user expe- 100 launch partners. In the 2012 elections, Har- nearby suburbs, Jesse Jack- being on the wrong end of nesses which should be the Kirjner forecasts the rioration lem's scandal-scarred "Lion son, Jr. caused a special American wage and educa- source of jobs and wealthcompany will report rience," Kirjner said in Monday, Facebook nearly $7 billion in a note to clients, added iTunes digital of Lenox Avenue" cruised to a election that could cost up- tion disparities. building. revenue, nine percent For Facebook us- gifts.'
higher-.than the $6.4 ers, that means a Shares of Facebook
billion consensus es- continued onslaught have been slowly BCPJT timate. of ads in their news gaining ground from a
For 2014, he expects feed. That could rub 52-week low of $17.55 Facebook will hit reve- members the wrong on an improved advernue of nearly $8.7 bil- way. The downfall of rising outlook for the
lion, besting by seven MySpace came as the company.

Foreclosure reviews ignored BUIN

REVIEWS in which regulators sure errors, includ- $ II
continued from 9D found significant ing excessive fees,
weaknesses in fore- wrongly denied loan i K ILL IO N
Notification. materi- closure processes, modifications, misals including the including improper applied payments
four million letters foreclosure docu- or wrongful foreclo ... ...
may have been ig- meant preparation. sures... .
nored because they To meet regulators' Borrower restitu ..-.. ". .
were .written in legal deadlines, the GAO tion will vary by case A dv erti Prs -u rged
jargon, were hard to noted that servicers and financial harm, read and looked too had just 60 days to the OCC says. It's
much like those used develop outreach provided no cost esti- B l c more
in foreclosure scams, materials. That mate to servicers.
says James Carr, a didn't leave time to No one has yet re- the Selig Center for-Economic
senior policy follow test them with focus ceived restitution, Growt Tt the University of Georgia.

with the Opportunity groups, one servicer says OCC spokesman Note to market at dun srkts rerasora
Agenda, a non-parti- representative *told William Grassano. not postracial.on In part that: is ringuspomrkts oreasor

That's the message that a newly formed con- nat a t' is bu

san think tank. the GAO. -The requested re- otu of the counters largest African-Am r metm drama on a mainstream channel
A Government About 95 percent of views are in addition sortium d outlets wants to send to Market- pt Ntoo, a
Accountability Of- the letters were suc- to 159,000 reviews icon media Debrla sed L ma i. Lee, chief executive at BET e
rcerf ers, who have largely shunned black media in will reach some black consumers, too, said
echoed those' con- the 0CC has said. the same settlement, favor of placing ads on general outlets. wobrs. "Any whef eetveloe ma plan shoul
The settlement fol- tended to address a by the servicers, prise, Johnson Publishing (the publisher of include both," Ms. Lee said. "Black media has

lowe a edeal pobewid rage o foecl- Grs~ao sys.Ebony and Jet magazines), the Nationl- As- a special connection to black audiences."
sociation of Black Owned Broadcasters and BET, a unit of Viacom, has had a particu! others Will join with mediabuying agencies to larly strong ratings run in recent years, often ) introduce a campaign intended to educate ad- beating cable channels like CNN and Bravo. advertisers about the importance of black media "The Game," an original series that started
and its increasingly deeppocketed audience. on the CW network and moved to BET, broke Called #inTheBlack (using the Twitter hash cable sitcom records with 7.7 million viewers Ciy f iaitag), the campaign will begin with print ad- for the premiere of its fourth season in Januvertisements in major newspapers (including ary 2011.
Ciy f iaiThe New York Times) and trade magazines At the same time, that audience is getting
Notice of Bid Solicitation like Broadcasting & Cable and Adweek. It will richer. Black household earnings grew 63.9
expand to a long-term joint effort that includes percent, to $75,000, from 2000 to 2009, acTite: EACM ROJCT RE IMROVMENS PHSE 1The initiative comes at a time when advert's- #1nTheBlack is the first industrywide effort
B-30699 T o:1-31esciae m oedi a n y ire totreah- market cord itoin an Niselng ovtudy. ai on
TV ad rdioin n efor toreah te gow- A. Coleman, chief executive of Global-ue, a No PWe.Bid Conference Has Been Scheduled For This Solicitation er inmawHsaihaveP puedimonegey ino ele'adecs ofiuturl h pin advrisng verdluesaid Dom"t' endte

despite projected buying power of $1.2 trillion budget allocated to the African-American aulLast Da o F': Friday, January 11, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. by 2015, a 35 percent increase from 2008, dience," Mr. Coleman said.

Bids Due Date: Friday, January 25, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. -New York Times June 25, 2012

For detailed information, please visit our Capital Improvements Program webpage at: www.miamigov.comcaoitalimorovements/Dages/ProcurementOpportu__ites/__eault__as__Are you getting your share?

THIS SOLICITATION IS SUBJECT TO THE "CONE OF'SILENCE" IN ACCORNo. 009137. ~Johnny Martinez, P.E., City Manager 9 0 N \5 t te t*P o e 0 9 2

CClassif ied


W Health care law may mean less hiring

5200 NW 26 Avenue 490 NW 97 Street MIAMI GARDENS AREA
A-amns Under New Management. One bedroom, one bath, Spacious four. bdrms, two By Paul Davidson must track their schedules or cut the hours of full-timers,
One bedroom, $600, two $750 monthly. 954-430-0849 baths, plasma TV included. for three to 12 months prior 'says Rob Wilson, head of
1 NORTHEAST AREA bedrooms, $700, and three 521 NW 67 Street No credit check, Section 8
Section 8. One and two bedrooms, $900. Renovated Two, bedrooms, one bath, welcome! Others available. Many businesses plan to to 2014 meaning many are Employco, a human resource
bedrooms. $199 security, apartments, secure gated appliances. Section 8 305-834-4440 bring on more part-time work- restructuring payrolls now or, outsourcing firm. Many, he
786-488-5225 building, on sight supernatant welcomed. 305-751-7151 NORTH MIAMI BY 441 ers next year, trim the hours will do so early next year. says, will hire more temporary
11ACvcCneArat anager. Right' nextdito 6250 NW 1 Avenue Five bedrooms and half, of full-time employees or About a quarter of .business- workers, whom they won't
Two bedrooms -starting Browmnsvier megt rail stto One bedroom, one bath three bathrooms, family, curtail hiring because of the es surveyed by consulting firm have to cover. $800 monthly. One bedroom Call about our New Years $650. Free water/electric, dinng living, ande laundryecrdo' ferhat o ery afo rties
starting at $725, if you Special. Contact Ms. Alice 305-642-7080 room. Section 8 okay! $1950 nehalhcrlwumn Mcrdo'ofrhathoyNalyafofeairs
qualify. Appliances, laundry, Gervin at .monthly. Call 305-992-6496. resource firms say. erage to employees who work restaurants and hotels will be
FREE WATER AND VERY 786-718-6105. property LIBERTY CITY AREA NW 65 STREET Their actions could further at least 30 hours a week. Half affected by the law, according
QUIET. Parking, central air. maae.Four bedrooms, one bath. dampen job growth, which of them plan to make changes to Mercer. They employ large
Call 786-506-3067 Two bdrms, one bath, first, $1250 monthly. Section 8 already is threatened by pos- so fewer employees work that numbers of part-time and
1545 NW 8 Avenue .60 NW 76 Stee and security. 305'-244-6845 welcome. Call 305-926-9273 sible federal budget cutbacks many hours; seasonal employees, includOne bedroom, one bath, ~ . $550. 'Appliances and free Efiiece Behind,. in Your Rent? 24, resulting from the tax increas- The health care law will igmn h okaot3
1150 NW 1 Place water. 305-642-70'80 Hour notice. Behind in Your es and spending cuts known particularly affect compa- hours a week.
One bedroom, one bath,
$395. 305-642-7080. 69NW1Avne411 NW 37 Street, Mortgage? 786-326-7916 as the fiscal cliff. nies with 40 to 45 workers Since such low-wage workOne1 bedroomvoneah Studio $395 monthly. All "It will have a negative im- that plan to expand and hire. ers are widely available, it
121 NW Avnue$45 35-62-780 pplancs nclded Cal ~ J?'>. 3 1 pct n jb reation" in 2013, Many are holding off so they often hasn't been cost-effective
One bedroom, one bath, Joel 786-355-7578, N o r says Mark Zandi, chief econo- don't cross the 50-employee or necessary for employers to
$400. Appliances. 729 NW 55 Terrace 'mist of Moody's Analytics. threshold, says Christine Ip- offer them coverage. Providing
30-4-00One and two bedrooms, one LITTLE RIVER AREA ~ 'Under the Affordable Care polito, principal at Compass' them benefits could be costly
bath. Ms. B Iell 786-307-6162 Furnished or Unfurnished At uiessta mly WrfreSltos ua eas mlye utpy
1215 NW 103 Lane 73 W5 tet $150 weekly, cable, air. 1312 NW 68 Street. Atbuiesshaemly WrfceSuioahmn bcueepoesmsta.
Two bdrms, gated security, One bdrm one bthFree762729 Owner Financing at least 50 full-time workers resource consulting firm in no more than 9.5 percent of
tile, $750 mthly, $1000 to wate r $5onth. Fre767-70Low down payment~ or the equivalent, including Melville, N.Y. their wages in insuranc ie premove6-66 ini-uaiy Call 789~-328-587$ FunsedRos Morey to0choose fro part-time workers must of- Ernie Canadeo, president of miums, forcing employers to
305696766 Y. Mlly30~54 -255 fer health insurance to staff- EGC Group, a Melville-based contribute significantly more
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FIRST MONTH One and two bdrms. Section $550 monthly, first and last to 3421 NW 213 Street ers whopwor tat 30dours adersng andh 4emarkyen thanrtey ofosige-wg
MOVES OU IN 80K. 05-75-7776 move in. 305-525-9758 Two 'bedrooms for sale, a week mlyr htdnt aec ih4 mlye, wres
On brmon bth $00 ARNAGADE 1950 NW 60 Street completely remodeled. New provide cove age must pay a planned to add 10 next year hn'o a e m
Oneb nebah.$50, REA AREN Matur adults only kitchen and more. Try only $2;1000-per-worker penalty, *but now says he may add ployees with fewer hours as a
mthly. Two bdrms, one bath, Move in with first month rent aue aut 1900 down FHA and $498 ecuigtefrt3 mly ee oh' o ujc ote cneune"sy el~at
$600 mthly. Free 19 inch FREE BASIC CABLE. Handicapped accessible.exldnthfis30epo- ewrsh'sotubctote cneqnesasNlruLCb TV. Joel, 786-355- Remodeled efficiency, Free cable. $100 wkly. 786: monthly. We have others. mnae tlh as el en iepeieto h
75~8 onetwo, three drms, air, 366-5930 Dee or 786-419- NDl Realtors Office, 290 NW ees. mnae tlh as el en iepeieto h
75 oetothe__________13Stee.30-65170_hes-clldemloe eventually have to hire more National Retail Federation.
appliances, laundry, gate. 2000 Jerry. 18 Stee.30-65170te oaler epltoyer- wrestogw."fb ins Thtynepcntf a1245 NW 58 Street From $400. 100 NW 11 St. .29 05 NW 57-Street "**ATTE"nON'*r mnaet fe elhcve- wrest rw I uies hryoepreto rn
One bedroom, $395 305-374-4412. Small furnished room, $285 Now'You Can own Your' age doesn't take effect until demands that I hire, then I chisees surveyed recently by
monthly, all appliances CAPITAL RENTAL monthly plus $100 security Own Home Today Jan. 1, 2014. But to deter- have to'hire," he says. the International Franchise
included. Free 19 inch LCD AGENCY deposit, first and last. $670 to -*WlTH*** mine whether-employees work Others already over the Association said they plan
TV. Call Joel .'move in, -FREE CASH GRANTS enough hours on average to 50-employee threshold plan to pare staff to get under the
786-355-7578, 305-642-7080 305-1989-6989, 305-638-8376 UP TO $65,000
Overtown,' Liberty City, 1 3042 NW 44 Street On Any Home/Any Area receive benefits, employers to add more part-time workers 50-employee threshold.
stet Opa-Locka, Brownsville. Big rooms, air, $115 wkly, FIRST TIME BUYERS,
1250 'NW 60 Stet Apartments, Dpes, move in $230. 786-262-6744 Need HELP???
One bedroom, one bath Houses. One, Two and 33NW23Trae058-31
$525. 305-642-7080 Three Bedrooms. Same day Hos 335 NW23oerae30-9281
approval. Call for speials. Gated community, Hos ofHmsRealty Retailers recall 150,000 baby'recline rs
,131 NW2 Avnue Free water. 305-642-7080. refrigerator, microwave, TV,
One bNdroomnebah www. capital rentalagency.. free cable, air and priate YJ. ~ By Associated Press tions. The agency said the prod- foam recliner were recalled in
$375. 305-642-7080. com .bt.Cal946896. uct poses. a substantial risk of July 2010 after the agency beGRAND OPENING 342 NW 11 Street RUEDI RS Four national retailers agreed injury and death to infants, came aware of one death and
1348 NW 1 Avenue NECREASQAEloly $007 We are seeking drivers to to recall more than 150,000 The four retailers Amazon. 22 reports of infants hanging
One bdrm., one bath $375 Walk~ing distance to school 211 NW 1206-Street deliver. newspaper to 'retail Nap Nanny baby recliners after com, Buy Buy Baby, Diapers. out or falling over the side of the
*'305-642-7080 from $400. Remodeled, 21N'2Stet outlets in' Broward and .
efficiencies, one, two, three Miami Dade. at least five infant deaths and comn and Toys R Us/Babies Nap Nanny, even though most
35.bdrms; two baths. Central air, 4220 NW 22 Court Wednesday Only dozens of reports of children R Us agreed to voluntarily of the infants had been placed
15NW 18 Stee laundry, gated. Office 1023 $85 'weekly, free utilities, You must be available nearly falling out of the reclin- participate in the recall of the in the recliner's harness. Since
First Mvonth Moves You In .NW 3 Ave. 305-372-13863 private entrance, one person. between the hours of 6 erte CosmrPdutNp anybcseis au-'hnhegnylandofor
Two bedrooms,' one bath. 30-44-16____heCosmePoucNpNanybcaseis____thntegeclareofu
$500 monthly. Free 19 inch LIBERTY CITY/ 0-7-16a.m. and 3 p.m. Must have SaeyCmisosadTus fcrrisnblornwlng oeeth.F rwreikd
6800 NW 5 Place reliable, insured vehicle and aftComsinsiThr- fcueisualornwlng oedah.Fureelnkd
,LCD TV. Call Joel .OVERTOWN Clean $360 monthly current Driver License. day. to participate, the government' to the first versions of the re786-355-~7578 MOVE IN SPECIAL 786-359-7279 Apply in person at: The recall covers Nap Nanny agency said. cliner, .and one Ito the newer
One or two bedroom, qualify 83 Street NW 18 Avenue The Miami Times Generations One and Two, and The manufacturer, Baby Mat- model.
'To140 NW 13 Street the same, day. 305-603- Clean room. 305-754-7776 900 NW 54 th Street Chill model infant recliners. All ters of Berwyn, Pa.,tl h ietosn a an
Tobedrooms, one bath,- 9592 or visit our office at. odTe Fv hosn a an
$475, four .bedrooms, two 1250 NW 62 St Apt #1. NORTHWEST MIAMI AREA SOUTH DADE were sold between 2009 and Associated Press earlier this Generation One and 50,000
baths,' $875. 305-642-7080 Overtown 305-600-7280, Rooms with home privileges. 2012. The Nap Nanny month that it had gone out of Generation Two models were
or 305-236-1144- Prices range from $110 to ROUTE DRIVER sind.t inctecreofbsns.Athtmtecm- olbtwn209ad aINW 14 Ave near 59 St $125 we ,ekly. 305-696-2451 We are seeking a driver to sind'om icteursofbies.Athtmtecm- olbtw n209ad a140NW1Avne Nice large one bdrm in small Room In Christian Home deliver newspaper to retail a baby car seat, 'elevating an pany's website carried a state- ly 2012. About 100,000 Chill
One5 NWdr1oAvnebah 'quiet bldg. Air. Water free. "Call NA at. 786-406-3539 out lets in South Dade. infant slightly' to help reduce menit from owner and founder models have been sold since One Ms berl#13 oerah References. 305-751-4604 'Senior Citizens welcomed. 'Wednesday Only reflux, gas, stuffiness or other Leslie Gudel that the company ,January 2011.
$45-s.P2al7038o OPA LOCA AREA .You must be available problems. didn't believe the CPSC com- The CPSC advised consum-'
One drmone bat. Spcia Houes-between the hours of 6
'305-642-7080 30Oe 5dr, 7nebat.6peia84 a.m. and 4 p.m. Must have The CPSC warned parents plaint had merit and its prod- ers seeking more information
$495.N 305-17-684e reliable, insured vehicle and and caregivers that, the Nap ucts were. safe when used. as about, the recall to review the
152'N 1Avnu SANFORD APTS.. 1025 N.W. 106th Street current Driver License. N
'One bdrm, one~ bath. $45,.ToBr.Ra osNny otisdfcsi isisrce.rtr oiiso h ealr
free water. 305-642-7080. 1907 NW 2 Court ..ToBr.Ra os, 'Apply in person at': nycnan eet nis isrcertr oiiso h ealr
Efficiency, $370 $800 per month, first, last and The Miami Times design, warnings and instruc- The first two versions of the participating in the recall.
12NW1Pae One bedroom, $410 security. 305-681-3236. 900 N.W. 54th Street'
1525t mnW 1oe Placen Two Bedrooms, $470 10360 SW 173 Terrace
One bedroom, one bath, 305-665-4938, 305-498-8811 $1495 Applians, nenbta
tw$bt,$00 monthly. Trebrs 19.Apinecfta Strategies: What's ahead for small business
$400monhly.Thre bdmsair. 305-64,2-7080
Free 19 inch LCD TV. Call GENE AND SONS, INC.
Jol763577..2761 NW 131 Street 115s Street AREA Custom-made cabinets for By Rhoanda Abrams by 2014. *A smaller paycheck. withhold from employJol78-5-77.Three bedrooms; two and half Three bedrooms, two baths, kitchens and bathrooms at That's when the indi- As part of the econom-. ees' paychecks for inbaths, appliances. Section 8 Lakeside $1500 monthly. Call affordable prices. IEvery- year brings vidual mandate of the ic sti *mulus package, come tax. 1801 NW 1 st Court welcome. Deposit negotiable. 1-267-205-2502 or 14130 N.W. 22nd Avenue.
FIRST MONTH Shauna 267-909-7621 Call 305-685-3565 change for small busi- Affordable Care Act Social Security taxes The Bush tax cuts,
MOVES YOU IN] 786-512-6775, 12220 NW 13 Avenue Handyman Special' nesses: new laws and requiring everyone to were reduced by 2 per- which lowered taxes
First month moves you in. Three bedrooms, Section 8 Carpet cleaning, plumbing, taxes, new challenges, have health insurance cent, but that benefit on all Americans, exTwo bdrms one bath. $600 Dulxsonly. Beautiful. Dee doors, water heater, lawn opportunities, and takes effect. .And if disappears on the last pire at the end of 2012.
monthly: Free 19 inch LCD 786-263-1530 service. 305-801-5690 concerns, yours is a fairly good- day of 2012. 'President Barack
TV. Call: .133 St and NW 18 Ave. New Orleans Trip The coming year size business with So beginning Tues- Obama and House
Joel 786-355-7578 1226 1/2 NW 1 Avenue Three bedrooms, two baths. presents even more more than 50 full-time day, your employees Speaker John ,Boeh1801 NW 2 Avnu Twobdrs,6ne2ath040. 0-5-76' NwOastiFbur changes. and uncer- equivalent employees will have a two percent ner, R-Ohio, agreed
Avne.35-4~001430 NW 71 Street .24-March 2. $590. Contact tainty because of laws such as 100 half-time higher bite taken from to maintain the lower'
MOVE IN SPECIAL! Two bedrooms, one bath Loretta 305-624-1683. aray pse n okr einn hi acek.E- txso ital l
-First month move you iln. 137 NW 118S Street $795. Appliances. thread poetalsfisca d cliffr in 2014,in yo'lhls ect, somcecs copli- tameris, bvrutal facTobdomoebt. Two bedroms on bat+h 30-64-78 ---,I 1 .- : fl .'l-- __ -



Top prospect Jabari Parker chooses Duke

By Associated Press clear with one highly anticipat- It's not too far away. Coach K,, program next season will lose
ed oral commitment. that's one of the best coaches two key frontcourt players
Jabari Parker still had just Michigan State, Florida, ever, and I wanted to be able to seniors Mason Plumlee and
about everyone guessing. Then, Stanford and Brigham Young : experience the things that he Ryan Kelly from a team that
he pulled out that blue T-shirt also made his top *five and has next year." earlier this week rose to No. 1
with a white "D," and, finally, it caps from each school lined a Parker said he might play for the first time since Februbecame clear. table next to the podium. But two or three seasons in col- ary 2011.
The prized prospect from he said it really came down to lege. Either way, he vowed to Parker figures to fit right in
Chicago's Simeon Career Acad- three schools, with the Gators get a degree. He also said he on a talented group of playemy, one of the most highly and Spartans right, there with didn't decide on a school until ers that will include Quinn
touted recruits in years, is the Blue Devils. about two hours before the an- Cook, who's expected to be in
headed to Duke to play for In the end, he chose to play nouncement and he apparently his second year as the starting
Mike Krzyzewski. Parker made for Krzyzewski for at least a kept his parents, in the dark point guard, and returns pure
the announcement in front of year before making-what many until just before he made his shooter Andre Dawkins, who's
a national TV audience last believe will ultimately be a decision. expected back after redshirting
Thursday, in his high school jumpto the NBA. His mom Lola said Jabari this season.
gym, surely delighting Blue "Duke is always going to be ',- | whispered, his decision 'to her Turning down the other proDevils fans. a team in the tournament," he and her husband, 'Sonny, as grams, particularly Michigan
A six-foot-eight forward with said. "You can't go wrong at the they were walking into the State, wasn't easy, particularthe ability to nail jumpers from program and most importantly, gym. A few minutes, later, he ly after coach Tom Izzo's final
just about any spot when he's the long-term investment. I feel pulled out that Duke T-shirt, pitch recently.
not throwing down -vicious like if I go there, I can get a good drawing a standing ovation Simeon coach Robert Smith
dunks, Parker can't sign his degree. I can also stay close to Photo Credit: Phil Velasquez from the crowd packing the was so impressed he said, "If
letter of intent until April 17. home where it's easily acces- Simeon's Jabari Parker announced he would be heading bleachers behind the podium. he was recruiting me yesterday, But he made his intentions sible to my parents, my family. to Duke. Parker committed, to join a I would have committed."'

Expectations- increase with payroll

Nets fire Johnson after $83.5M
team starts season 14-14
By Sam Amick swapped Brown for Mike . I'I
D'Antoni in early November, Thetop fe Iv Atea
What do Avery Johnson when they/took all of five aMars .
and Mike Brown have in games todecide an upgrade
common beyond being the was needed for the $100 mil- .1 L $10OVM
first' two NBA head coaches lion, so-called Super Team $ 84 Tiger Woods, once considered the ultimate closer in golf, posted
to be fired this season? that is more expensive than'or r nd n
Theyb e he $ his worst major scores on weekends in 2012.
hard way what it'% like to A higher price tag means -.Kis $7
work for the league's bigger increased pressure. And
spenders. since and the fact that 5 is $
The Brooklyn Nets and coaches are easier to change AVERY JOHNSON Falling apara t
their Russian owner, bil- than players, means they'll j 0 'Spt ech' 0
lionaire Mikhail Prokhorpv, almost always take the fall around the league.
showed Johnson the door for an underachieving team. Still, Nets general man- it, you evaluate it based on g e h a lf h t
Thursday, deeming a 14-14 The question in the case of ager Billy King insisted the what you're going through at
start and recent slide (10 the Nets, though, is whether Johnson decision wasn't just the time. I just don't think losses in the past 13. games) expectations met reality, about the need to get more we were playing the way we By Bill Pennington Woods answered by going three
unacceptable for a team that Despite Prokhorov pro- out of the roster because of had played. And I couldn't over par in his first seven holes
made major offseason moves claiming early last month the price that was paid for put a finger on why. Tiger Woods came off the 18th holes he had played in three under
(re-signing Deron Williams, that a successful season it.' "Were ,we as good as 11-4? green after- his second round in during the first two rounds.
Gerald Wallace and Brook could mean- reaching the "I think each situation -I don't know. Are we as bad the 2012 P.G.A. Championship at Woods was not just off his game,
Lopez and trading for Joe Eastern Conference finals, is different, and it's not as 14-14? Now I don't know Kiawah Island tied for the lead. he was having trouble keeping the Johnson) and has an $83.5 the view that the Nets could just,how much money you But I think we're somewhere Again. ball in play. With a 15th career mamillion payroll, No. 3 that be'the East's second-best spend," King told USA TO- in the middle there, and we It was the third consecutive ma- jor on the line, he yanked tee shots ranks third in the league. team is hardly the prevailing DAY Sports by phone Thurs- weren't playing up to that jor championship that Woods was onto adjacent holes, hit one shot The Los Angeles Lakers sentiment among executives day evening. "Being inside of potential." in or near the lead at the halfway into the crowd, flew the green on
point, a par 3 and, at one point, hit three
This had once been a familiar consecutive, dreadfully wayward
Bla k ofen iveasist nt oac essight -missing maybe for a couple shots.
of 'years, but for more than a de- In the final round the next day,
Bffac~ as itn co ache s .sih-misnmabfoacupeht.
cade before, the golf world knew Mcllroy shot a 66 to win by eight
exactly how Woods looked in com- strokes. Woods. shot a 72 and setmand of a big tournament. And tled for llth. Who would have ever
face roadblockson way to the to fais worldwide knew the frequent thought Tiger Woods would settle
outcome: 14 major victories. for anything iTn ,a championship
By Michael Silver "Really, the reason why But 'in 2012, as good as Woods moment?
there aren't a lot of guys could sometimes be, there was one "I've got to just keep putting myBlack offensive assistants calling plays is that you have Woods on the weekdays of major self in a position to win, and if it
encounter roadblocks to be- to have people ascending to tournaments and an altogether happens often enough, then I will
coming NFL head coaches quarterbacks coach and jobs different Woods on the weekends, win," Woods said' afterward, utTwo Sundays ago, nearly that lead to coordinator posi- especially the last three. tiring a line that sounded as if
an hour after completing a tions. And that's simply not His average score in the fist two it came from an up-and-coming
dubious debut as the Bal- happening," said Cincinnati rounds of this year's majors was rookie waiting to break through on
timore Ravens' offensive Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. 70, while his average score in the the PGA Tour.
coordinator, Jim Caldwell "There are a lot of good final two rounds was 72.9. It was Except Woods turns 37 on Dec.
waited outsidethe visitors' coaches who aren't getting worse than the statistics indicated 30.
locker room at M&T Bank those opportunities." no weekend round under par This is not to say that Woods will
Stadium, hoping to get a few Right now, 'the NFL's sole and three rounds of 74 or higher. not win another major. He may
words with Peyton Manning. Black offensive coordinator In the final three majors, Woods's win two in 2013 and two more the
When the Denver Broncos' is the Buffalo Bills' Curtis average weekday round was even year after that. It is certainly more
future Hall of Fame quarter- ." Modkins, ,who doubles as lower (68.8). His weekend average promising for him that he came
back learned that' Caldwell, .the .team'srunning backs was 72.8. close three times in 2012, which
his close friend from their Ravens' offensive coriaoJim Caldwell 'coach. However, Bills doach 'This was Tiger Woods, golf's ulti- was a departure from his middling.
decade together with the coriaoChan Gailey is the team's mate closer? performances in 2010 and 2011.
Indianapolis Colts, was in [ideal] position.., he and defensive backgrounds. And de facto offensive coordina- Not insignificant, it was notable But the cracks in the armor are the hallway, he had a team Cam are very tight. though the number of Black tor and primary play-caller who stole the show from Woods on breaches apparent to all at this
official escort the 57-year-old "He's a great football starting quarterbacks is Only two Blacks, the Hous- the final days of the P.G.A. As the point. Even as he finished the seccoach into a small, adjacent coach. I guarantee you, roughly the same (currently: ton Texans' Karl Dorrell and third round began at Kiawah Is- ond round at the P.G.A. Championroom, where the two men when some of these head Cam Newton, Robert Griffin the Minnesota Vikings' Craig land in early August, Rory Mcllroy ship in August with a chance to
spoke for nearly 15 minutes. jobs come open this year, III, Russell Wilson, Michael 'Johnson, are quarterbacks birdied five of his first nine holes. take the outright lead what did Afterward, as he walked Jim Caldwell ought to be a Vick, .Colin:Kaepernick 'coaches, the position-coach Well aware of Mcllroy's fast start, Woods do? to the team bus outside the 'head coach, in my opinion." and Josh Freeman), only job which most frequently stadium, Manning talked In the meantime, as the Caldwell is truly running an leads to offensive-coordinaa outhawkward posi- Ravens 1-) rpr for a F offene tor opportunities.y n s a byD u l si
tion into which Caldwell fifth consecutive postseason "We are very, very con- "This is the biggest tray- G m a tG b y D u l si
,had been. placed. After appearance under coach scious of this issue, and esty that's taking place in athl
Baltimore suffered consecu- John Harbaugh, Caldwell it's something that 'needs this league, and every Black AP sf m ler oft ey a
tive defeats to slip to 9-4, is a man bucking a trouble- to be addressed," said John coach is well aware of it," offensive coordinator Cam some trend: He is the lone Wooten, the chairman of the said one anonymous Black When Gabby Doug- London, the first Black
Cameron was fired, report- minority to serve as an of- Fritz Pollard Alliance, an assistant for an AFC team. las allowed herself to gymnast to claim the
edly at the urging of owner 'fensive play-caller for an NFL organization charged with "They don't promote you dream of being the sport's biggest prize.
Steve Bisciotti. And though team. 'promoting equality of job from running backs coach or Olympic champion, She also was seCameron's replacement had Though there has been opportunity in NFL coach- receivers coach to offensive she imagined having lected The Associated
been the head coach of the tremendous progress during ing and front office staffs. coordinator. When guys do a dinner with fain-i Press' female athlete of
Colts' 2009 team that lost to the 21st century in' terms of "We have alluded to it and get coordinator titles, they ily and friends to cel- the year, edging swimthe New Orleans Saints in diversification of job oppor- spoken to it 'directly, and we have to be position coaches ebrate.~ Maybe she mer Missy Franklin
Super Bowl XLIV, Caldwell tunities traditionally domi- feel our only course of action at the same time, and they would make an ap- 48-41 in a vote by U.S.
had never called plays on nated by Caucasians, the is to push more people up don't get paid as much as pearance here and ,editors and news diaylevel,, offensive guru pool is almost the pipeline." other coordinators, because there. GABBY DOUGLAS noeFriay.asan
"That'-is not easy to do," exclusively white. 'Complicating matters for they're not the play-callers. "I didn't think it wasnondFray
Manning said, referring While five of the league's Wooten and the legions of And in a lot of cases, guys going to be crazy," the to have to change." Recently, swimming
to Caldwell's Week 14 job 32 head coaches are Black aspiring minority offensive believe they're really there 16-year-old Douglas Douglas has become icon Michael Phelps change. "Jim's the most loyal and the Panthers' Ron Rivera coordinators is that the for locker-room reasons, to said, laughing. "I love a worldwide star since was honored as AP coach I've ever met. I can is Hispanic, all six of those pipeline is also dispropor- 'take care of' the minority it. But I realized my winning the Olym- male athlete of the assure you that is not the men come from primarily tionately dry. players." perspective was going pic all-around title in year.