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12D IC --5C
- .t Tempora Mutantur Et Nos Mutamur In Illis
VOLUME 90 NUMBER 15 MIAMI, FLORIDA, DECEMBER 12-18, 2012 50 cents
SCity officials ac (i
Teto Harsangi o edln
-Reuters i
HORRORS: (Crosses mark graves at a cemetery at Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida. Investigators have O R HP Ol"H
said they had found at least 50 graves 19 more than officially reported on the grounds
Dozier School for Boys Police and preachersgoontheoffensive fo
Show evden e of98 eat s "By D. Kevin McNeir On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 2, Peart
S o s e i e cof 9de t skmeneir@miamitimesonline'com ws shot and iled water goin ho lhe
secon stat aik uoncert ws enghldi
By Ldia arre 20 0 finest atio : By all accounts, Miami Gardens car up by several armed robbers at his
BynLyiaoWrren2010inetit ei inmmof9 wash owner, Errold Peart, 59, was one popular NW 191st Street car wash.
Scietist havfoud eidene of98 da In ttaldsen tist bge l ro iev ao mi-nimumwof 96lt of the good guys. He helped people Miami Gardens police, activists and
Scientsts hae foun evidnce of98 deahs chldren aged rom sietoc1-mandiwo adutsnintheycomunitywheneteyynededmclrgy frm ttheCity hvewnowjoine
and more graves than they previously thought died between 1911 and the 1973 at the infa- .money to pay their utility or rent bills, forces in a proactive move to end the
at a Florida boys' reform school, where students mous school, with many of the burials going :distributed food to those who were recent crime wave that has besieged
were allegedly brutally beaten, raped and mur- undocumented. And there could be even more hugr adhrdtoewhcimnl their community.
dered. Researchers from the University of South victims: Researchers do not have access to re- reodepcal yuh htswy "We all have a responsibility here be-
Florida in Tampa found at least 50 grave shafts cords after 1960 because of privacy laws and hi recemrdsperl juth fiehay's befor cashssorhoebtifewn
at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Flor- overgrowth on the grounds has hindered them hi brhaisotgcanhrdreal success, we're going to have to get
id."9mr ha a enietiidb h rm accept both for his family and his to the root of the problem," said Alfred
Florida Department of Law Enforcement in a Please turn to SCHOOL 11A many friends. Please turn to PROBLEIM 11A
-MiamiTimes photo/Craig gptgrow
The resurrection of liberalism
BV DeWayne Wickham to be honored with a Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., resurrection of liberalism as to
$100,000 prize "for his and Perry and Glad- toast Jealous. The youngest
When Benjamin Todd Jeal- unwavering dedica- ys Rosenstein, whose .person ever to lead the NAACP,
ous stepped on stage last week tion to civil and human Puffin Foundation has this nation's oldest and largest
to receive one of the ideological rights." When Jealous championed more lib- civil rights organization, Jeal-
left's most prestigious awards, arrived, he found hint- eral causes than Al ous was touted for his support
he was greeted with thunder- self in the midst of a Sharpton. of same-sex marriage, opposi-
ous applause from the assem- fawning crowd of lib- But these people and tion to the death penalty and
bled audience, a collection of eral icons that included the others who filled Please turn to LIBERALISM 6A .'
this nation's most unrepentant former TV talk show WICKHAMd the small ballroom in
liberals. host Phil Donahue, New York City's Flat- NACPrsdnadCE
Jealous came to the Na- Nation magazine publisher iron district this night were NAPPeietadE :
tion Institute's annual gala Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Sen. there as much to celebrate the Benjamin Todd Jealous ne:::rondareft ,
Isa es1a89 158 0 0

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CensoringN 0739f-0319)!, 7 percent sales tax for Florida residents
Censoringi m y el Publishe Welat90N54hSrt,;r:;;; Periodicals Postage Paid at Miami, Florida"r
Miamii Floid 33127-1818- ,'-; .... Postm aster: Send address changes to The M iam i Tim es, P.O Box 270200 -
for success Bun it tto,imilori!da 33127 !i!! Buena Vista Station, Miami, FL 33127-0200.- 305-694-6210 :
H ere is a story about fame. I heard it first as a fable CRD OF THE BLACK PRESS :l'92 : i
in Somalia, before living it out in America. H.E SGAtISMN REEVES Founer, 12-96 heBac Pes eiee tatAerc cn et ed h
H The fox, they say, once had an elegant walk, evr eroreades frce reco il' hi rhe ui Bra o icuain
frwihteoerniasovdhmOndahsaprophet striding along and decided to improve on what was tht llpesos rehut s on a ayoe s el bck
already beautiful. He set out walking but could not match
the prophet's gait. Worse, he forgot his own. So he was left
with the unremarkable way the fox walks today.
Right now, the pressures of the music industryencourage
me to change the walk of my songs. When I write from the
depstpr of my hatmyavsrsaIeinpoleTis the season for consumers to be careful
too much of Somalia, which I escaped as a boy. My audience .
is in America, so my songs should reflect the land where I Okay, I'II admit it. I am truly age American will spend about cent, walk on by. you have ever known ask ing
have chosen to live and work. the Grinch who wanted, to steal $900 this year on Christmas Scruffy little children will for end of year contribution. In
They have a point. A musician's songs are not just his own; Christmas. It takes me until gifts and toys, but that means come to your door this time of the middle of all this drama, the
he shares them with an audience. Still, Somalia is where my about December 23 to get in the that half will spend more. 'Tis year, asking for money for their purpose of the holiday is swal-
life and poetry began. It is my walk. And I don't want to lose spirit, and I only feel obligated to the season to be careful. church, for magazine subscrip- lowed.
it.Orstileit.Orcenoritin henam o makeinfind gifts for children and close Some of the biggest scams tions, for all form of causes. I am weary of seeing frenzied
it.Orstileit.Orcenorit n he am ofmaketng family. I like to give, which is come from charities. They will You may want to.slip the child faces anxious for the next sale,
I first saw censorship as a child in Mogadishu, walking into why I share with a few chari- reach you through email, snail a few pennies, but please know or children (and grown folks) de-
my home's courtyard one day and hearing a radio hushed ties that are close to me. I like to mail, and even text mail. They they aren't going to make more fining their worth by what good-
nearly to silence. The adults hovered around, listening to a connect, which is why I have a may ask for a little or a lot. than that with the magazine ies they pick up. I am weary of
song. And I asked why one song had to be played at a whis- greeting card ritual. But all this You've got to ask where your subscription scare, or with the the folks who go into crazy debt
per while another could blast through the house. crazy frenzy after Thanksgiving, money is going. Some organiza- church solicitation. In fact,, to prove a point, to buy affec-
A war was going on, I was told, and some songs had mean- before Christmas sale stuff tru- tions take as much as 80 per- most churches r-un their own tion, to shower folks with gifts
ings the government did not want deciphered. Those "anti ly repels me. And while I don't cent of your gift, which means solicitations, so maybe ask for when they should shower them
want to put a damper on any- that the people you want to the name of the church and call with love. Can we be careful
songs" were different from love songs, or folk songs. You body's sprit, I want to say that help get just 20 percent of your them before you make a don- with our wallets and open with
had to take care in dressing the words. In love songs, words this is the season to be careful. money. Before you send a pen- tion. our hearts?
could preen in bright colors; in anti songs, they attacked in After all, we live in a consum- ny, ask the right questions. Too I suppose I am the Grinch be- I hope that we will all remem-
camouflage. And from that, I got a hint of the power of lyrics er-oriented society. When we many charities lean on this time cause I am dismayed that our ber and embrace the meaning
-to encapsulate magic, or to spread alarm. spend, other people get paid. of year to make their money, but holiday season that supposedly of Christmas and not the crass-
Now I have recorded three albums. A few days before I was When we spend other people if the whole truth is told, they celebrates the birth of the Christ ness of consumerism.
to record the third, which was released in October, I received are blessed. But if you spend are really leaning on this time child has turned into a commer- Julianne Malveaux is a Wash-
a hn alsyn yrcr ae atdaltl ak-b-what you don't have then you of year to make a living. Check cial orgy with people shopping ington, D.C.-based economist
a pon cal ayng y ecod abl wntd alitl tak e-are sliding down your own fis- these folks out online, and look for a full five weeks. It has also and writer. She is President
fore the songs were written. (I like to write in the moment.) cal cliff, and you won't have a for their annual reports. If their turned into a solicitation orgy Emerita of Bennett College for
For the first two albums, there were no such talks. But that pillow to protect you. The aver- overhead is more than 15 per- with almost every organization Women in Greensboro, N.C.
was before my name was familiar. So let me start my story
there. ;' '
In 2005 1 found cheap recording space and sang about the BYJMS LNMNNP.olmit
killing ground of Somalia:
"We begin our day by the wayof the gun... you don't pay C s i g i h o e b l L o e y
at the roadblock you get your throat shot... I walk with three C a h n n on th o e b l "Lt ry
kids who can't wait to meet God lately, Bucktooth, Mohamed
and Crybaby." "I remember when I was about racket, primaril run in Black they had a feeling or a certain pay out one-tenth, moive on Lo
In 2008, with a recording budget, I went on my own to seven or eight years of age, thxe. neighborhoods, arnd turned an il- dreams, or saw a certain num- the next week, and draw 10 once
JaaiatoBo areys ldsudoan sn o aloeltwo elderly ladies who lived down- legal activity into a legal game of ber somewhere. The funniest again. I am sure some of those
doomaica youn forie: l tdiadsn o oey stairs from my family would give chance, called the Lottery, which thing was the folks in line with highly paid "Lootery" directors
dome yun fied:me a ladies' handkerchief tied has evolved into what I call the their sheets of paper and their can figure it out.
"Fatima Fatima, I'm in America, I make rhymes and I make in a knot with some coins and a "Lootery." The few coins in the long list of numbers to play each My point is this: If we are going
'ern delicate, you woulda liked the parks in Connecticut ... piece of paper inside. They would handkerchief and the hopes of week. When they got up to the to have $500 million as a prize,
Damn you shooter, damn you the building, whose walls hid have me walk up the street and winning $25 or so have changed counter they would almost whis- why not intentionally spread that
the blood she was spilling, damn you country so good at kill- give it to another lady about two to monthly shell-outs of hun- per the number to the clerk. I of- prize to more people. I would love
ing, damn you feeling, for persevering." or three times a week. Of course, dreds of dollars by individuals ten wondered why they would do to see 10 winners of $50 million,
Tha wa mytr-estvoie -my ontnen's ngs ina pr-I would get a piece of candy or with hopes of winning millions of that; I attributed it to a scarcity or even 100, $5 million winners,
sona wstory trest Iceng my cotinewon't' gst n ar- a nickel for doing so. Little did dollars. The only thing that has mentality and the fact that some rather than one winner, or even
sonl sor. WenI sng myaudene wuln'tjut harI know at the time that I was not changed among many Black of us don't want our brother or two splitting a $500 million pot.
music; they would see geography. And yes, it made me well playing the numbers" for them. folks is the dream book that tells sister to prosper, thus, we keep Think about that when you're
known. Back then it was a game of what number to play if you hap- our winning numbers to our- standing in the next line of
Which brings me to our little chat. Over breakfast in SoHo, chance that involved a few pen- pen to dream about death, or selves. "Lootery" hopefuls and dream-
we talked about how to keep my new American audience nies bet on a number, which I the sky, or a trip, or a meal, or Here's my solution to making ers. Who knows?t Maybe there
growing. My lyrics should change, my label's executives believe came out each day in the a new job, or a car, or a truck, or the Powerball "Looter3y' at least can be some changes made in
said; radio programmers avoid subjects too far from fun and newspaper business section. I, the devil, or God, or you name it. a bit more palatable and the how the prize money is allocat-
sel-asortin.think it had something to do with Whatever the dream, there was a chances of winning a bit higher. ed, and you will have a better
sef-bsrpiothe closing number on the stock corresponding number attached When the total gets to $100-mil- chance of winning. Oh yeah, re-
And:,f b.he frttmIflthaflcinosu s. Whn exchange or something like that. to it. lion, let the drawing be for 10 member a brother when you hit.
I walked 4way from the table, there were bruises on the I can hear the older folks who are ...The lines formed at the stores winners of $ 10 million each. As Jim Clingman, founder of the
un-heard lyrics of my yet-to-be-born songs. A question had reading this article saying exact- and folks started spending mil- the pot increases, the individual Greater Cincinnati African Ameri-
raised its hand in the quiet of my soul: What do you do after ly what it was and how the win- lions and billions on "the num- amounts for the 10 winners in- can Chamber of Commerce, is the
success? What must you do to keep it? ning number was retrieved. I am ber," all in an effort to "hit crease proportionately. I am no nation's most prolific writer on
!,fifthis wa esrhp huhi a e d- n uetey remember. it." Many folks would use their mathematician, but it seems economic empowermentfor Black
Fast fo rard to the early 19Q70s, last dollar, their rent money.- ,simple enough to me: just have people. He is an adjunct profes-

Child protection bettr because of Rla
Rilya Wilson did not suffer mediate uploads of client data governmental, bureaucracy Rilya, today, Flrd' om-
and ultimately die in vain. Her from the field into the system run system to a completely nity-based care is widely re-
sad life and tragic disappear- of record, privatized, community-driven, garded as a great success. Re-
ance sent shock waves through Because of Rilya, today po- child-focused system resulting cently, an independent study
our community and our state. tential caregivers are thor- in significant changes. After of our nation's child welfare
: ~~Leaders asked in disbelief, o'gl cendi dac, the privatization of Florida's systems, ranked Florida's as
lm"How could this happen?" At the time Rilya was discov- foster care system a decade the fourth best in the country.
Some asked, "Could it happen ered missing, there were 240 ago, services began to be deliv- The "Right For Kids Ranking"
WEIADJ. UNI.E. again?" children in Miami that were ered by local agencies through- was the first time there was
Because the right people a comparison of states' child
asked 'tough questions dra- wefr eformance. Because
Spenee-Jones in a fight a~~ematic improvementtef ste have ben ":n the 10 yrssince Rilya's disappearance, Florid a's child o iy~ihualthshpee o
he care system. |~~~~~~~~~welfare system has been= transformed from one of the-worst Rlad pk oteigs lalawr~n
to clear r name ~ ~ In the 10 years since Rilya' -"-to spok to us, clearly andt easeo iyl;isaese
t cla he na eIdisappearance, Florida's child It n'o h ainsbs.Bcueo iy',kd r en loudly and stirred leaders to
The big news at the City of Mi- The State Attorney Office rep- welfare system has been trans- every 30 days and these home visits are verified with technology. take decisive action. By chang-
amhi, at the courthouse and in resents the People of the State of formed from one of the worst ing laws, .replacing old, anti-
Miami-Dade County in general is Florida and should only bring a tooeo h ainsbs.B-quated systems and bringing
that Michelle Spence-Jones, City criminal charge against a person cause of Rilya, kids are seen also missing. Because of Rilya, out Florida with local account- cutting edge technology to the
of Miami Commissioner, has filed if there is a good faith, belief that every 30 days and these home protocols for reporting, track- ability -not by bureaucrats daily practice, we are leading
a lawsuit against State Attorney they can prove their case beyond visits are verified with tech- ing and locating missing and in Tallahassee. Because of national change. Today Flori-
Katherine Fernandez Rundle, a reasonable doubt. If the State nology. In 2007, Miami's new runaway children were dra- Rilya, community-based care da is a large-scale example of
Prosecutor William Scruggs, In- Attorney's Office knowingly child welfare agency, Our Kids, matically improved. Because agencies are family-centered how the protection of vulner-
vestigator Robert Fiedler and charges an innocent person of a piloted cutting edge technol- Of Rilya, today the number of and accountable to their own able children can be improved.
Mayor Tomas Regalado. Spen- crime,' then this is a clear breach ogy. Encrypted smart phones missing children in Miami- communities for their actions, Sandy Bohrer is chair of the
ce-Jones contends that the of the office's. duty to the public. equipped with customized soft- Dade -has dropped dram .ati- decisions, performance and Board of Trustees of Our Kids
three criminal charges brought It puts into question the integrity ware to track which children cally. While even one missing outcomes. Because of Rilya, a of Miami-Dade/Monroe Inc.,
against her were fraudulent and of our criminal justice system. If were due for a home visit were child is bad, our performance group of concerned commu- the non-profit lead agency for
trumped up by her political en-, prosecutors abuse their power deployed to the workforce. The here in Miami-Dade, which nity leaders came together in foster care and related services
ermes, who did not want her on and bring frivolous cases against phones allowed for a photo to continues to improve, is among the wake of the scandal deter- in Miami and the Florida Keys.
the dais as a City Commission- innocent people, then the entire be taken. Our Kids was the the best anywhere. Because of mined to create a system that- Frances P. Allegra is the CEO of
er. Normally, I reserve my com- justice system Js undermined. It first in the country to pilot a aftra, our state transitioned would never allow this tragedy Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Mon-
ments about a pending lawsuit, brings into question whether for system, which allowed for ira- from a Tallahassee-based, to happen again. Because of roe, Inc.
because anybody can make any mer Congressman David Rivera
allegation in a lawsuit,, and that was not prosecuted because he,
does not mean that the allega- was a politically-powerful Cuban ,,
tions are true. However, in this, politician. stbrns no usto
-instance, it is public knowledge whether former Commissioner
thtto prscto ins e e was going to be ub ic n drvigan thsw onerlto
former Commissioner Barbara accused and could not take R p b i a sare d i i g i h r n i e to
Carey-Shuler and Armando Co- the prospect of undergoing the
dina, both feel that they were damage to his reputation and I am constantly amazed by the Mitt Romney camp. of eligible voters. Even worse, the figure Iwas 15 ilin
misled by prosecutors. The law- therefore killed himself. How the lack of any meaningful, in-. This is what the so called ex- only seven percent vote'. The Each group alone was larger
-suit contends that the State At- many people have been falsely sightful post-election analysis perts are missing: According Hispanic population of eligible than the Hispanic electorate.
torneys's Office misled witesses accused? How many politicians on the various media outlets. to the Census Bureau, there voter is smaller than any oth- As you know, Hispanics are
in order to create a case against who should have been charged You would think that every- are about 50 million Hispan- er group (VAP). The VAP for an ethnic group, not a race.
Spence-Jones. How can you were not because they were so one is hanging out at the same ics in the Uf.S. Approximately Whites is more than 77 per- And they can. self-identify as
bring a case on the basis that powerful? places because all the analysis 12 million are believed to be cent, for Blacks 67 percent, either Black or White. Even
Michelle Spence-Jones forged a I know that being prosecuted seems to be the same: "Repub- in the country illegally. So, and for Asians 52 percent. in reaching out to Hispanics,
letter to get County funding with- and facing the prospect of go- licans have to find a way to some GOP handlers are ig-
out Carey-Shuler's knowledge, ing to jail will turn anyone's garner more of the Hispanic eBakvt srrl etoe sbigiprat noing the fact that there are
when the file from the Commis- life upside down. Spence-Jones vote." heBakvt s aeymninda en motn Black Hispanics
sioner's office clearly contained went from winning her district So, iflI am to believe these so-l to ei ther party. Democratic analysts treat the Black vote So, all the hype about the
drafts of the letter edited by Car in a landslide election to being called analysts, the Black vote |majutagen BckwiloeDmcri.Thre- power of the Hispanic vote is
ey-Shuler in her handwriting? accused of being a criminal. It is irrelevant and non-existent. foe hr sn edt ics hm nohrwrs hyae jst that hype. But, the big-
How can you state that Spence- hurt her reputation, it hurt her fore there ist no needl ton disus message In othe wordubeyicanJ
Jones took a bribe from *Codina career, it cost her a lot of money Thoed Bak voeing irtarmn- taken for granted. Prt mesag Sto tRp bing anu
based on fake fundraiser, when and ft impacted her family life. to either party. Democratic demographic groups to be your
the fundraiser took place, was She is a woman of modest means analysts treat the Black vote that leaves 38 million Hispan- Approximately 69 percent of flavor of the month. Go after all
attended by hundreds of individ- and had to come out of pocket as just a given -Blacks will ics who are Americans. Of the Black VAP and 58 percent of the votes in earnest. And while
uals and the funds were in the to pay her lawyers. The fact that vote Democratic. Therefore, 38 million, approximately 40, Hispanic VAP are registered to they are at it, pay more atten-
Dade Community Foundation she has been found innocent will there is no need to discuss percent are voting age popu- vote; there are more than sev- tion to the. Black vote. It's sim-
bank account? How can you be, never remove the stain, because- them. In other words, they are lation (VAP). Therefore there en million people in each group ple arithmetic.
accused of taking a bribe when every time someone googles her taken for granted. On the Re- are about 15 million Hispanics of VAP who are not registered Raynard Jackson is president
YOU never touched the money the charges ill come back to publican side, the Black vote is that are eligible to vote. to vote. According to the Pew & CEO of Raynard Jackson &
and never controlled the money? life. simply ignored and considered Hispanics are approximately Hispanic Center, more than 25 Associates, LLC., a Washing-
a waste of time as I was told in 16 percent of the nation's pop- million Blacks were eligible to ton, D.C.-based public' rela-
no uncertain terms by some in ulation, but only 10 percent vote in November. For Whites, tions/government affairs firm.
Is the lottery a scam by die government to
feed off of low-income people's dreams?
Painter, Allapattah" Unemployed, Liberty City -h should Blacks always be asked to sacrifices?
"I dnt"Ys t ntbigusdfrth hnth ra ecsin weclaortdo atoa epbias.sml o o n mnoyh

.......... so
-:5k ...
..... ..... .....
. . . .....
. . . . . .......
m Am,
Y T%! .Q' F 71
gzgg I -P

Macy's holiday gift to shoppers: Staying open 48 hours straight
NEW YORK Macy's an- the benefit of the great deals that were open 24-hours and For last minute shoppers, Beginning December 13, 'GIFTS UNDER' $50
nounced the expansion of and value they count on from in 27 locations that offered Macy's has introduced a new customers can shop for a va- Marc Jacobs 3-piece Roller-
its annual last-minute shop- our One Day Sale events." extended hours. This year, "short list" of great 'gifts un- riety of presents within their ball Fragrance Set
ping marathon to stores na- Macy's began the tradi- select storest will continue der' $100, $50 and $25 dur- gifting budget including: Initial Gold-plated and
tionwide. Last-minute cus- tion of keeping its doors open this tradition and stay open ing the last few weeks lead- Silver-plated Pendants with
tomers can find great deals 24-hours with Macy's Queens beyond the One Day Sale ing up to Christmas. Whether 'GIFTS UNDER' $100 Crystals
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up to Christmas. Beginning store hours in 14 locations $100, $50 & $25 sticking to a budget. Polaroid Headphones.
at 7 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 21
through 7 a.m. on Sunday,ii
Dec. 23, last-minute shop-A
pers can check off their lists
any time of day or night at
Macy's stores 'nationwide.
Though the One Day Sale of-
fers will conclude at 7 a.m.
on Sunday, Dec. 23, Macy's
stores will stay open for busi-
ness for the remainder of the
day most until midnight*.
Additionally, for shoppers
Who need a little extra help
with their gift list, Macy's will
make it easier for customers
-Photo: Business Wire
Macy's 'Gifts Under' $50,
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thing for everyone this sea-
son, even at the last minute.
Macy's 'Gifts Under' $50, A
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tals, available be ...
"For the first time ever,
Macy's will keep most stores
open around the clock for theAA
last weekend of holiday shop-
ping, an expansion of our
successful marathon that be-
garn at select stores in 2006," k
said Peter Sachse, Macy's
chief stores officer.*"We hope
to make it easy for our cus-
tomers across the country to
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time of day or night, and with
is Pantone's top WW 1 F
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Lonel 1h1_oidays have Cometo visit usaanMiramar man ran domly stabsa
L~eyn ]a su a an. woman todetinbodaygh
By Arthur Lee Hall, Jr. tion of what they ex- slavery, family mem- spite of the fact that mistakes Mia rpoceresdEmlLonegh,24lstTsayn
perience during this bers of those prison- have been made, -there is a first degree murder charge in the killingof Shuneeque Shawvntreil
I'm willing to bet any joyful time of the year. ors are still able to some good still left in us all; dns3,fiaaAcrig0SN ~e a akn on
amoun of mney tat Mi Of curseits ned- look back at happy and just like every other hu- resieta aa amDiei uubnBoadls odyf
chael Sterling, the R&B sing- less to say that prison memories with nostal- man being who has feelings sienil a al PamDrvxpeuuraBoa atedndy f
er from way back in the day, is designed to keep gic fondness, wishing and emotions, it is terribly terln00n whe wtnesses sySenghor unexetdyjumped her from
has been to prison before,' men and women who they could be together difficult for prisoners to revel behind and prcededtsabhrwhreaelyihknv' ',-
because he was able to give were convicted of again throughout the in the holiday spirit without ehadMimar police and fire rescue responding tomultiple 911i
a perfect description of the crimes away from so- HALL holiday season. having someone to love and te~gd
pain and sorrow that most ciety for an allotted period, Some prisoners are not even receive love from in return. calls arrived toabloody:scenRe,!W; wheeiii!i' Jon s~i a sonponune
prisoners go through dur- holidays included. Exclusion remotely thought of, though Anyway, here's another dead.iil Segorws takenn ]itcstd trat hor ( i ti es established
ing the three major holidays from mouth-watering turkey and they receive no love from crazy bet. that I'm willing to { jii ;di i~~] !i~~!i ~i il
when .he so affectionately dinners, Christmas gather- the outside, riot even in the make and, it has nothing to a rane adyis( fily no~itif;0iead official of hiisgi~ whrebot. Uponi
crooned the lyrics "Thanks- ing and New Year celebra- form of a greeting card. Some do with Michael Sterling verfigwtesdciponadevecelkngSgh ote
giving. Christmas. Crying on tions are all part of the pu- have no friends or family at I'll put two dollars up against scene, polic aprehended him without indcI dent. iRecors !show Sen-i
titled Holiday. Even df he has only prisoners but friends in this world, while others of my brothers and sisters ghor is being held at the Broward County aJail u nwithout iiv rces fecigno l adaecopeel ln ec neo ousta sm .. ,
never spent time in the joint, and family members as well. have been totally abandoned in blue would like for me to
we at least know for a fact When a very special loved by everyone, perhaps because send out a heartfelt mes- Stripper setn d to i15
that he delivered the song one is shipped up the road of what they are incarcerated sage on their behalf to those e' ftrIdils-
well enough to make prison- to serve time in prison, like for or the people they once who they love and cherish yer....hghsed hs
ers feel in the bosom of their many African families who knew have simply decided to the most, which is: Seasons Brittany Mies a 3ya- xtcdncer :has bensentenced
hearts that it was meant to were forever separated from move on with their own lives. greetings and happy holidays ;to 15years frahg-pecastatltamorylitddand
be an emotional represents- each other to be forced into Whatever the case may be in to you and yours.aF0i I .. ~
had b een coice ofatmtdmre.Ised h igemter
Ex- m ayor's m istress still owes $85 ,' oo fleeing t d. Acrn ocurt reors Miewssopen:d!
By Tresa Baldas i Beatty, who resettled in Geor- ance, $500 worth of clothing, arrestedI bytePsoConthrfiDprmn o h onn
gia following the text message $250 worth of jewelry, $2,200 of May 1.0 fo rvn ne h nlece hl etdi h ako
Christine Beatty was forced to scandal, is nearly $400,000 in in household goods and a 2011 apto aMlswgldoto n fhrh'duf'n ece
pay $100,000 in,restitution to 1 debt. Ford Explorer with 74,000 aPto aii
th it s atofhr la elShe owes $60,000 in federal miles on it. She still owes through a wiino an pndte or h he armt e poic
in a text-messaging scandal taxes, roughly $220,000 in $28,150 on it. tlsr(0ti ies
involving former Detroit mayor mortgage debt, various medical Beatty's attorney Janel cuise ohr20 og a n hr' euie pursuediles
Kwame Kilpatrick. bills, and a $95 parking ticket Bowles was unavailable for, ina ihtml:hseutlMie'pcupsehruhardih n
Bankrupt or not, Christine I in Dallas, which is a 20-mile comment. slammd int a otryce pliesad
Beatty is not off the hook for drive from Kilpatrick's subur- In. 2008, Beatty pleaded guilty i:i !::
the nearly $85,000 in restitu- ban home. Court records do not to two felony obstruction -of jus-. i ;c.g
toshstlowstectofshow when or exactly where the tice charges after the Free Press Man:; in wheelchair allegedly !
Detroit stemming from the text- CHRISTINE BEATTY parking ticket was issued. published text messages that kilswoan' n a satonshotn
message scandal involving her caei an ony"si According to Beatty's Oct. 26 showed she lied under oath An" elelymn pne ir na oanate ercraein 'ito;::
former lover, ex-mayor Kwame caei an ony" sadA- bankruptcy filing, 2012 has about her affair with Kilpatrick i~~ i' !
Kilpatrick. sistant Wayne County Prosecu-. been a rough year. The self- during a police whistle-blower cottwihis'trzewelhartacnrlGogasrve
That's what the Wayne tor Maria Miller. employed consultant has made trial. ,st[at~ionuhoiissadWdesday. Sh didsotyatrad ata
County Prosecutor's Office says Beatty and the married Kil- $34,300 so far this year, a dra- As part of her plea deal, she hspt faroi
in light of news that Beatty, patrick both served jail sen- matic drop from the $102,250 served 120 days in jail and hopia despite th efot facodo epet ie ...
Kilpatrick's former chief of tences for lying, in court about she made in 2011, and the agreed to pay $100,000 resti- Police sadLnaHniutt,; 65 wa~s dingotthgapupbay,
staff and mistress, has filed for an affair following the text-mes- nearly $77,000 she made in tution to Detroit. According to of th evcsaini acon~at: abou 1I at usdywen :
bankruptcy in Georgia, saging sex scandal. A federal 2010, records show. the prosecutor's office, her last hl......... J: i
.Beatty's restitution is not corruption trial for Kilpatrick is In her court filing, Beatty lists $500 monthly payment washeBucLcrnadte ooiz welarbmp.Hniut
dischargeable in bankruptcy, so ongoing in Detroit. few assets, including: A check- received Nov. 5. As of Nov. 30, .stepe ou fhrvhce n h a ntemtrzdwelhair.
it really has no impact on her According to court records, ing account with a zero bal- she owed $84,816.80. puld angn n ftll ho'er it olc soesoa :Jami:
Commissioner Spence- Jones se eks justice paac atVendy n u'oiissi ewsbighl
SUIT tried in the court of Public opin- lated the law for years," he said. of them weeBlack. Some were without bon on a mure chrea hB onyJ i
continued from 1A ion. I believe this case will show "We need someone to stand up to Cuban-Americans -- others were .. ., -,i;: ,!:
that there has long been an un- the state attorney and say we will white. But I think that because
"I cannot discuss all of the balanced approach taken by the no longer tolerate, this in Miami- there are so few of us [Blacks] A fail reno htaloted i udertlyi
details-of the ca se but I can State Attorney's Office when it Dade County. The actions of her that when one of us is charged or WhnAtvosMln,1,o eligoFaacdnal a
state .that I am confident that .comes to the treatment of Black office basically led Teele to corn- even accused of wrong doing, it's inohs srnedfte, rheMaoe no.9 tere were no'!
tecswil.poetaas politicians. Don't get me wrong mit suicide. But Michelle is a lot natural that we are placed in the /
tecswilpoetaasnot all Black politicians have stronger. What'amazes me is that spotlight. In Miami we are a true hg.Ised h engralgdyfrda es orsosa i
prosecutors we did what was been innocent. The point is that we haven't seen any challenges minority. I know in the 19 months fae,, wora p h tre' le h bles.Ter a immed.-
fair and appropriate," she said. we should be held accountable like this before. The state attor- that I served while there were four'}t i,:
"That said, we- will leave this mat- and treated the same. It's unjust ney's 'office has manufactured Cuban-Americans and one white attesobtwnthtohihtredhn tvoubmp,
ter for the courts to decide." to turn a blind eye to the crimes charges time and time again and and one Black [me] on the city hi a nte hudr nokn rhe f-aac. ersodd
Prominent defense attorney, of others, like .some of our Cuban- betrayed the people of the State of commission, I was the one that :
Roderick Vereen, who ran'against American politicians, but to go af- Flori~a. Those who are proven to was always in the news. It was re- b mcighssn'i h ae
and lost to Fernandez Rundle ter Blacks. This ,won't be an, easy have conspired and used the of- ally a sense like you were always Atta pit Atvou et h iuo tre et ohs a n
in the recent election for Mianrii- case [for. Spence-Jones and her ice falS el y and for personal gain exposed to the public. There's thtswe ealgdy tre iigtegn thsdd h upc
Dade County State Attorney, says attorneys] however, because there, should be required to spend time a tremendous amount of scru- i~!
he has read about,40 pages of the is a higher burden of proof placed in jail." tiny that goes on as it relates to todplietath in' ie"h hosadjuthar hm hnh
lengthy lawsuit. on the prosedution when one is Rev. Richard Dunn, who was .Blacks in public office here. Even' wasutide Neetelsh wsarst hagda a dl
"She [Spence-Jones] has .gone sui ng individuals. But the strate- first appointed and then won President Obama has had to face i!:i0)aier b l
aftethm.gidivdualyhathe gyisntatoheny suesueindividu SpnceJone'seitycommssinesat. utitjus ca'tmillsheter orhatemtedfirs-dereemurdrcadnpssesionof firarhbyr
than as a municipality, state, als they have a more difficult time .seat during her legal problems .the number of cases filed against Flrd dlnut.HreasathePmBacCotJil,'her
etc.," he. said. "If she's successful, of hiding behind the corporate veil and absence, says it is very dif- Blacks versus those of other rac- he wa okdls rdy
it will cause a chilling effect on -that is hiding behind their of- ficult to be a Black politician in es is evidence that there's a sys- ?!:.
those that seek to falsely accuse ice." Mliami or in Miami-Dade County.. tern of injustice at work." ....
politicians like Michelle Spence- "I could name other politicians

Bahainas Senate president to'tN
speak at FMU commencement
The Honorable Sharon R. create bright futures here at Wilson and Company law firm Mcel b m
Wilson, president of the Sen- South Florida's only histori- in 2000. The longtime-a'ttorney
ate of the Commonwealth of cally Black university. She can was elected to the FMU Board .
the Bahamas, is set to return shr e elho xeineof Trustees in 1987. Her ram- h n l en
to Florida Memorial Univer- and commitment to excellence ily also funded an endowment
sity [FMU], her alma mater, to with our graduates." for Bahamian students at the peiet
deliver the keynote address at Wilson, a 1971 FMU gradu- institution. In 2002, Wilson
the fall commencement cer- ate, enjoyed a successful ten- wAs appointed president of the
emony. The event is scheduled ure as an educator and head Senate of the Bahamas, and
for Saturday, December 15 .of the English Departments at served until 2007. She was re- W
at 8:30 a.m. in the A. Ches- 15rince William Baptist.-High appointed to a non-consecutive
ter Robinson Athletic Center. School and St. John's High second term as the chamber's
FMU "will also present Wilson School, both in the Bahamas. chief in 2012. i !:
with an honorary doctorate of The Bahamas-native studied The graduation ceremony ByA aL vchl o enehtn n h is
Humane Letters. law in the Bahamas under will be preceded by a 6 p.m.LayaWht Hosof
"At FMU, we offer our stu- the articles of the Firm of baccalaureate service onCol Mih le ba afcalt lsN w ekh i
dents a quality instruction Seligman Maynard and'Com- Friday, Dec. 14. The service b h etPei eto h h is ayd enth -,
and a competitive learning party and became a practicing, is a spiritual send-off for the :U nied tts el cod "h e p r m n o h
community," said Dr. Mary A. member of the Bahamas Bar graduating class. The Rever- ingt aulL ako, cntn ~.ta o ni
O'Banner, the institution's act- in 1983. During her illustrious end Dr. George E. McRae, pas- I
ing president. "Senator W il- legal career, she served as a tor of Mount Tabor Missionarywh t v rs e an .In nBu Mi eleO r ac n
son, a faithful FMU alumna, magistrate; chair of the Rent Baptist Church in Miami, will' ineve"ihN ws ekd a ihth ocle
is proof that the students can Control Board ofthe Bahamas; deliver the baccalaureate ad- Jak nsy,'htsmy sseh shdt elwt
develop their promise and and established the Sharon dress. H ON. SHARON R. WILSON. epelv eSecnb t enal~vra h a
onteSees out adeFrnlspiey Austing
e'shorymoushllsta herflusbnd Mihel cash
hitr becausrasheois so hldhrnkSe hols capag
i rowly lost has g raised from caaign Sepot desn'
' ~ vel was haig repnoe sbieand whlrer ti scha
i": ::',jfst during thelebrti20ds hut ho gt the la on fi-n S h the
. i:.:..... .... he ampigCnta h e i oln th 3rdpairsbot it after thea
: ........: i spend i ll., election Nethr anenr i
"- Newt r campaig ianre- capost noul e rehe fri-
:-P~ooutm~anHo a n, Jamsfi e s wi blT- th e l Seer loo d ay: ,tth it ,o
ecst o i e aetha $1.9 ofCongres fnrmBor anddjLita
M on st me ea s t e ay n ist ic 2 le n u mllo frh aiOnC. Stuhes cpaleacfhonthies whowa
No.-which n ash useefetd-atrsedn1.
exactly wnat the rated oun runn5 iing for president oe her
Commission Jea Mon-. andfromNW 79h Stret t parkand preadnew snd o clea and reenisconrsfemtaneoeris/7,aswthscampig aneceivdninrheanrther Pal
recetly onduted lage- his taffrdNFL laye Khail arkrehailitted he asebll or U.S.e Repget OAwol.netaiedtipts-eletiughat pervotepThtedosn'tcounfth
scalecommuity cean-u in Jnes ad repesenttivesfrom iamon and ut a resh oat Dring his eent, hibroghtdpior fnansereporsTtha weremillins ofdollas dorsspen
munity~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~fs duringose wre FlriaeoiedMoastmedu20i ddualitesi tofco-whodinDitrct2. pigseypcalyhientei r-ndtic Mrpyyot h thri
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rehablitatd, vaant lts wee ingthe eent; olunters rom mnity nd heped Newt campaignstiefsaiaheeopes-o thedeadlne.copendigbheledathmewinthei
cleare, mor than130 tees Faily Ipressons Funds- n theneig'-Photo courteusycateRyan Holloway porttBured in18epaesidetilingpartynomintdons
wereplante erolnarkstie c and t mssioer Je an 13trest le clan oted in Mieamis ofhiDistrict Ectio omcmpisin showd; Westh wsptenly4. membern
beautiied ad an nsafestruc am; SrviceCorpsalso oined througout teWeartttook -infutmoretuthanro$the.weksfjstobefresno couning otsidespend
turew sdmoishd.T e eve as the wfotay in reutDftistr c "Ce2UpW clan unestme aNovd hc en ahwsdfae after AdmHseothsig'nh sending narrowl
.targeed th areasfrom W At rcola ark, olunters Gren-Up even, anehaourf a4/7a,,aseethempcampairgCngrescisvondwon hehelction hithn16,2l5
Commisinu e r JN 7Aea n u and fower aroun 7 th e "eepar n spra co n ityo cleanundt, gren isad oneotmya bpuro ch e clima Boeach Thatin St.k Luci t o2.0
estime, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ams joined week after,10 Re- 103r Stetvhote. o o.Conywr-tp roiis"Moe ad
Cogrsioa canrriatgs case 18t Cogrsiacesrit
fro vi ou od n t ag nis ath at Rpre ent h fe era goven- toave s t bal go als P o. th co m ntwaset olu etie n p s-lci n c m ervt .T a os o n h
recntl oce la rge thida StforNrningKailprk ehbliae the basrried ouupleseves ands in SprmeCut to renerakfna
Supreme financ reprt thatnc weree milion allo dolay marrage spentnt
wheter c m uit y i ll ea n-u two m Jo nftejies a d o rer sttrives ron Tdeaower adout r s cis o at D rnnsseet ebogt u t te fdrl eetos onhsbhl yotieitr
"Csestan-p coldhen a swee- Ci tiz e disor wille roh a tion aentoer.thpea voutes t ge tetoip vean gh r- ag sty clyfle hir e- P rck M p ybth ad r-
inimpactvont thoue s eefnto o F liaff join c oup eshoma rry i Kedy up lit te ci t ingm odi itic seetoialyjs eoe mr onets o eo h
reabiatevcnltgee ing the eUiedSaes saet. Veolnizesaese rom deisio an hee Colanoreeadot siehoeo I
claed mor thane 130uples igt aupialy.M impsornstly, i the ay eighborhod. oe, co u plctrtsscesu vettedaln.'pnin epdte ihi
wareare pned n rcolaPrea the ohe copeIcinc luin analereater Mibhn10ees erpanted ame ote ra"fhsdsrc n Bren8pgsdtiigprynmntos
coueautfie ad exprt pponsaf t ax breaks and Soia0eurt cam aig couples Murph speen illeall million,
twoi ofte stem s ieyS ervi eorpnei sn aorind throgldout fo ergdsc rimi an the futre -: _.! -' _, -. ___

.... llU
, IS
By~ ~ ~ ~~~/- Gu tewtran osfty vnu
-So oi Mile eas ftesvr aaefo
.... Dori Miller iwoeof B a s waerl ain. ors the an vronte was erd o aandonhi.Evu
lives is foreer.ech. West Virginia. He had volunteered as a room Of the 1,541 men on West Virginia during
, --' *=',. -in stone because of his steward and made an extra five dollars the attack, 130 were killed and 52 wounded.
Moment of crisis. duty officers, as well as doing their laundry, meddby teSecretaryofteNvFrn
shining their shoes and making their beds. Knox on May 27, 1942. He was presented
Though his time on When the alarm for general quarters was the Navy Cross by Admiral Chester Nimitz,
t Erthwasshotsounded, he headed for his battle station, the Commander in Chief for the Pacific
Earh ws sort the anti-aircraft battery magazine amidship. Fleet on board the aircraft carrier USS En-
history has remembered Unfortunately, the ship was under attack by, erprise for his extraordinary courage in
him for his valor and the Japanese and a torpedo had d4 st~r0)ed- battle.
his dedication to his his battle station. Because of his, size and "This marks the first time in this conflict
strength he was ordered to run across the that such high tribute has been made in the
? :country. deck to retrieve injured shipmates and carry Pacific Fleet to a member of his race and I'm
Them to safety. He was next ordered to come sure that the future will see others similarly
to the aid of the injured ship's Captain, honored for brave acts," said Admiral Ches- .'
..... Mervyn Bennion. He rushed to the bridge to ter W. Nimitz. .
' attempt to carry Bennion to safety but the On November 24, 1943, during the
Captain refused to leave his post (Bennion the Battle of Tarawa, a single torpedo from E=
" iMiller was next ordered to help Ensign Liscome Bay, escort carrier near the stern.
Victor Delano and Frederic H. White load The aircraft bomb magazine detonated a few i,.
the # 1 and #2 Browning .50 caliber anti- moments later, and the warship was sunkr
Aircraft machine guns. Delano expected within a few minutes. There were only 272
"Miller to load ammo into both guns but survivors and the rest of the crew was listed4"I
when he looked back around he saw that as "presumed dead". On December 7, 1943,
White had loaded both guns and was exactly two years after his courageous effort
'i. shocked to see Miller manning one of the during the Pearl Harbor attack, MViller's par-
, :''." guns and firing into the air at dive-bombing ents were notified their son's death.
= : Japanese planes. -;... In February, 20 10, the United States -
Despite having no training in operating Postal Service issued a commemorative
the big guns, he bravely jumped into action. stamp in his name and on June 30, 1973
SMiller later recounted: "It wasn't hard. I just the USS Miller (FF-109 1), a Knox-class frig-
pulled the trigger and she worked fine. I had ae, was commissioned in his honor.
. : <. ] :'i watched the others with these guns. I guess
'.] :: ,I fired her for about fifteen minutes. I think I

By David Jackson From the time President Truman recog- lence in Gaza, the byzantine politics of the
nized the new state of Israel in 1948 over Middle East has challenged every modern
Like budgets and taxes, the Middle East the objections of his Secretary of State, U.S..president.
is an inevitable part of any U.S. presi- George Marshall to President Obama's
dent's agenda. efforts this week to cope with renewed via- Some recent examples:
Unitr Ailins flght175, en Demonstrators pack Tahrir Square
rout frm Bsto to os ngeesin Carlo in 2011.They were demand--
near th souh twerof te WrldIng President Mubarak leave office.
A! Barack Obama
.The current president made
-Phoo/A RecerPpepr o l or, aPoA US.A Geosrgnt Clio watche (201209 better relations with the Muslim
lfPeietCatradIreiMarine on a stretcher after an explo- PidetBs a sebe Yitzhiak Rabin, left, and Yasser Arafat world fon fop/ priority Nowsth
CDai d nSp.7 8 Beirut in 1983. fro uwi t White House. .phac!truottheiil
sive vent: the9/11terroist ling with fallout frompoica
Jim y artr, Ronald Reagan Ge rg HW Bus Bill, Clinton atcsadBs' ae eiinuhaa hogotteMdl
to 981-891 a,, war9w3.200raq. East, including a revolution that
Th Catramnsr insw Violence irn Lebanon and Libya Th istPeidn us u As President Citnlooked Bus auhrie mltraci in Egypt, the U.S./NATO mili-
marked the Reagan years.-The, agans Afganita forintonr
tw ivtl vnt n idl as hrie tefis Ia w r Atr on, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak tary action in Libya t Ihat,toppled
hisor, ne oo ad oe ad resident dispatched U.S, troops .to Sada Husi' nvso f Rabin and P~alestine Liberation igOaabnLae: n h Gadlhafi, and, now, the violence in
The ood th Ca p D vidAc- Leb nonasrartofizpecekepig bedarga izaionChaiman erser ]-azdateroritaoganzatoniGaz .estmasvbgget ovctoyii
" fe~ 92ivainb IreiArafat shook hands on the South Te20 naino rq
crsthladak97pec inpurlsuit of Palestinian militants. On an inentoacaiinta the region Was oideiing the 2011
tray ewenIrelad gp. c.23, 1]983,. a terroristdrivin~g iLawn of the White House and disodid Hussein Pakiatan con-ile:
a 0mb-[adon truck crashed into i signed a tentative peace accord frvriladcnrbtdt n
U.S. Marine barracks at the Beirut on Sept. 13, 1993. The peace did credasade frictio beine theden.
aiport, killing 24 !:servicemembers. not'last. (Two years later, an Israeli an h ulmwrWrh T his week, Obama dispatched
tochss180 efetyIny dnalcacuseoI Lbyaaditatr assassfr miwattasdhenanowiasthe assssintedRbn.)In 000,the U.S prsid ntttocaltfr cealon Cintnotker a7brokr aaIecasefir
Regnin Gdhofi of authorizing tlhe bombing Gulf Wa osatanwpaei last year of h~is presidency, ClintonofasprtPleinnsae,
~~fa West Berlin disco that killed two i! between Israel and Hamas,,the
h e a d d d e a e f c o f i tU S s l d i e s a n d w o u n d e d d o z e n s ; p e c t l s e w e n I r a l a n h s o u g h t a fin a l s ta tu s a g re e m e n t" p r vi e th e a t o o l P a le s tin ia n fa c ti n th a t c o n tro ls
between-~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Isl mi fud m nait eg nreaitd wt isrke n P lsiinsari ihac ne-'between the Israelis and Palestin- co mtt eaeu"oeisec a a
anheWstiy.n i1aewila Sd en in Madid ians but was unsuccessful. witaza.el
As a FREE Community Service Program by North Shore Medical Center, we are pleased to offer
the following informative event:
HEALTHY LIVING Lecture Series,
Congolese flee the town of Sake, west of the city of Goma, Sunday. Thousands of people have

The all-new ATS is backed by the most comprehensive suite of owner benefits
offered by any luxury automaker in the world. Cadillac Shield includes
impressive benefits like Premium Care Maintenance, which covers select
routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations for 4 years or
50,000 miles.' Add in exceptional handlingwith the lightest chassis in its

Community leaders vow to take back Miami Gardens
PROBLEM grams and going into the schools ; __ year at Peart's car wash business.
continued from 1A to give our children the tools they She recalls that she was always a
need so they can say no when in- bit apreesie
Lewers, Jr., operations manager vited to join these gangs and to # bTheprehwr e wns i mesha
for the City of Miami Gardens Po- therefore begin a potential life of smoetidt o i n n
lice Department who said he was crime. But we've also got to pro-I" tmsoenevnflwdhi
speaking on behalf of the City's vide opportunitie& for folks when tim s; omen, ve n followedu heim
police chief, Matthew Boyd. they are released from prison so hon, h[ad Bth a
"We have moved from investigat- that they don't feel like their only s tgoing s lie newn.a
ing crime incident-by-incident to a option is to return to criminl c I think the people that shot and
more geographical strategy. We're tions in order to survive." killed him must have caught him
looking at the places where crimes City Manager Danny Crew ad- off guard. I still don't understand
are being committed. What we're mits that Miami Gardens does why. When we were in Jamaica
asking is that different partners, have problems with gangs buthewsaayhlpnpol.
including the faith-based commu- points out that his City is not 'H pndtecrws o h
nity, share their talents and time alone.. H(' ae opeaned tohe p ds forth
with the police. We have over100 "There are rising gang problems .--aiimspt0CigUtoweven adultswohdncbeni
churches in Miami Gardens all over South Florida yes, we Mourning the death of Errold Peart and advocating an end to violence in Miami Gardens are: Ulysses trouble. They listened to him and
that means we have many hands have them too," he said. "But the Havr lrfre iycucla;Dw artPatscommon-law wife; Vicki Peart, daughter-in-law; he showed them that he cared."
--hands that are sorely needed ovrhlignme fmresand the Rev. Eric Readon."M dawaalysapce
right now." are among people who knew each maker," Dameion said. "And
Lewers points out that things other. In the case of Errold Peart, break the law we will catch you. feed the community and provide Readon's efforts. while I knew he was a wonderful
are getting better for the 107,000 it appears he was murdered by That involves placing more offi- hope to our people," he said. "We "There are too many deaths and father, what has surprised me the
citizens of Miami Gardens, even in strangers. We are in the process cers on the streets, greater com- .areon to have to go door-to- too many young people who have most is the number of people that
light of an FB =aIp a ;fQ,4T oficers m.? unty invo[lvemen anen 'rg dodri tour comrtUnty know access to and our using guns, keep telling me how he helped
report [2010 Llu 'wasS rla,- ndhic124k street pa- ":our clergy. We understand that that we refuse to be held hostage' he said. "Far too many innocent them. He would take guys right
in Augu~st 2011, whic h s aid tha R trols. But We've still been unable if we are going to truly address, by criminals. But it's going to people are losing their lives.. We out of jail and give them a second
the City was 42 among the topr te'n to get.a handle on the murders. crime that it must be done from a take' everyone getting involved. must go out into the streets and chance when no one else would.
Florida . ..cties in major crime cat- I'm not, sure anyone in Florida .holistic perspective. We must break the code of silence demand. an end to the violence. ..Even the way he died I mean
egories. [St. Petersburg was # 1I has. We are facing perpetrators that is protecting those who want,. We can make a difference. We wil he sacrificed hislife for someone
M~~~ami~ vec a 3 rdMn ihaery different mentality" MANY HANDS NEEDED TO to rob, kill and destroy our corn- make a difference." "else. He would even help strang-
was #51. Criminals cross city and coun- CURB THE VIOLENCE. munity. During our Block the Vi- ers and would give you his last
"Since we started' policing ef- ty lines, to commit crimes so I .. ...-The Rev. Eric Readon, pastor of olence Pay we're going to let the 'MEMORIES OF ERROLD PEART dollar. That's the kind of man he
forts in Miami Gardenis we have think you have to, view what's New Beginnings MBC, has been citizens of Miami Gardens hear iDawn Barrett, Peart's common- was."
seen a 40 perce nt decrease in happening here in MimiGar- meeting with other miniters, the from the families of some of the .law wife and longtime companion I have cried until I cannot cry
crime, he added. 'That's the dens a s a regional problem in police and,,,community leaders. victims so they can understand .met Errold Peart while both were anymore," Barrett added .
good news. But we know that South Florida not as a municipal He believes that working together how painful it is to lose a loved inm their homeland of Jamaica. To- Funeral services for Peart will
gang activity is on the rise. We one," said Miami Gardens-Mayor they can stem the tide of volence.. one especially so senselessly." gether they raised two children: be held at 16800 NW 22nd Av-
hav .... ntified25 gangs with Oliver Gilbert. "We are really try-' .. "We are holding aBlock temi-. Rev. mminy King, pastor of Dameion, 32 and Mishka, 24. enue at New Way Fellowship
about 400 members. Now we're ing to create an, environment lence Day at our church on Dec. First Baptist Church of Bunche : Barrett, 53, says there were often Church, Miami Gardens, on Sat-
goin after funding for coppr wherecrimninals know that if you 3 1st during which time we' pfaT to Park, has pledged his support to problems around this time of the urday, Dec. 15 at 11 a.m.
'are' ..... n oudso Dozier School fo~r Boys
SCHOOL House. this site where the 31 graves are for misbehaving boys. The boys adults died in a fire and influen- be buried in an unspecified lo-
cotne rm1 marked with white crosses, but that were sent there were al- za outbreak in the early 1900s, cation than the white boys, the
onnudfo1 Dozens of Black boys killed, researchers believe they do not legedly forced into hard labour, while others were reported to report found. Former students of
Th oriyngfndnswith buried in unmarked graves correspond with actual burial while others were beaten, raped have suffered from I health or the Dozier School, now aged 60
expectations of still more to Following the claims, research- sites. or killed. Dozier's own records* physicaltraurnas, orodr have told horror stories
come raise troubling questions ers at, the University of South "We anticipated finding about show that more than 50 children In January, the researchers of how they were beaten as boys,
for the now-shuttered school, its Florida ifi Tampa used ground- 25 to 30 grave shafts," said were buried on the grounds, will return to the south of the in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
staff and the state. penetrating radakrl and soil sam- Christian Wells, an assistant while more than 30 other bod- campus, where..the white chil-
Previous investigations and ples aria now believe there are professor of anthropology who ies were sent elsewhere to be dren lived. They said they ex-
lawsuits have been brought by ma ny more :bodies buried there led the anthropological ,work, at buried. But the school failed to pect to find more graves here,
the 'White House Boys' so ..; .thari., ieviouslyreported, the site. "But in fact we found a record burial locations for 22 with the boys also segregated in
called because much of the The largest graveste s on the minimum of S." other children who researchers death.*
abuse took place in an 11 -room north side of the campus, where Dozier was opened as a state learned died on the site. Black children at the school
building known as the .White Black boys were buried. It is at reform school in, Januaryi 1900 Some of the children and two were three times more likely to 7
The: Chabe ....... celebrated *THE* event of the season.. o fy1t reS o ra s
Wit o. n echatingreven f lnr dacngadu thr wa goo ieoo
The,- 7th Annual. Holiday GolII, themed 'Seven DegreesiofEhpowerment. : ?
prvded thesevn tools b Isinesses need to succeed.. And expectations wereexceeded indeed. k d /~ d ~
Hsted by Actor Boris Kodioe and WTVJNBC6 Anchor Sharon Lomn,The Gota provided a starstuddedI lin-up seon to none,
Performances by the legendary hip-hop deply, Rob Base, kept up the energy and excitement in te plce, b i s e lh a d d uu
i]|IJoin me, and le'emo r our children
to s t away er K H L

A Wf ... .. .
wl 64 go-'* 0 Noe*
W A#
W. #4
.. ... ............
ddLL-.6 -
- M4 g .. 7o
J1. -
Your holi'day wish granted.
4 A
10: 10
......... .........
1' Y ,)
............ . . . . .
,4 Y11 f3oo_ :t Mobile
. . . . . .

The Miami Times
faith am Iy
--Photos by Craig Uptgrow
A A member of Urban GreenWorks cuts cane for buyers.
-Pto~ by Craig Uptgrow
> Community members select greens.
A dam s -says he V Roger Horne of Urban GreenWorks teaches Youth'
Lead members some business aspects.
was called to
. Local. Farmer s
work mn South
Florid Markets, sell
healthier foods
iBishop James Dean Adams members *
driin a $5,00cae rl~r~sdi
$2,0 si for lower prices
without enough money to buy a. sandwich.
In hi homeown of San Francisco, California,
Adams had realty investments: and great financial success,
untilhe economy Residents are encourage to heir greens or any last minute additions of their Sunday
"Hr ie a i nbd, esi."u mats. dinners right on the church's property.
timony that you can get bacup.. God has been with me support their community markets This has all been made possible, thanks to the opening
at some of the lowest times of my life only to lift me out of of The West Little River Farmer's Market, located behind
them." By Malika A. Wright the Arcola Lakes library on Saturdays from noon-3p.m.,
But now Adams life has turned around. and the St. Phillip-Neri (Farmer's market) Youth Stand on,
For the past three years, he has successfully pastored Sundays from 1 la.m.-lp.m., sponsored by Urban Green-
over St. John Institutional Missionary Baptist Church in While walking out of the library on a Saturday, Liberty Works, The Liberty City Trust and Youth LEAD. This is
Overtown His diffic ult times have helped him value the City residents no longer have to settle for just a good book. the third year that the Urban GreenWorks will be opening
church's surrounding community. They can also get a lesson on health. markets in Liberty City.
"I feel that Overtown is full with potential and hope be- sAt another location, local community members and In addition to these two local markets, The Liberty City
causleI know if God can turn my life around, he can turn members of St. Phillip-Neri can now conveniently purchase Please turn to FOODS 2B
Please turni to ADAMS 2B
Organization will provide
convictt resolution skills
Authnti~a oca Chistin rp goup poe atther abumrelase art onDec8.Pc-
ture ar: E-anScipe, erg, Prspet, Bg Mke ad MI.C
Lo a h i t a a r u tdnslsee ssekesdsusdyuhvoec.-htsyreh'oa
Authentikfor strengthiheilnguideroyou issanaimportantlcontributorpa"Aylot ofcthesePissues go
caled Gro:E-ans bpe efrge Glrtroughktit,"MBigMikeI.a mem As th..oecei.tecm.t.yuh.ilecinldig bakt eleenar schol
ByoM alWrgtotmrsesndCrsin s Christianseeytig adruliganpiarpn oruaeyghrrresmorae"sidAntaphms
Jsn SoBraaaneja.anrvy"Posettdeudrjetamirrngoit. Lstelng brin speardicsed ongth Rolck."oetiehea'
hristian scbadb hes rapersa ealsse Chitasparetoigy ear, 8,0I dns wres othl andechinoeota voenebllhtey'rin
Lieoee a ers album llwhbe released on the fehadpobly r inmdlekan h.Wight schol, elith coni st Thos sidh at meranblyinof
Hundesotonhhi- tnso e.1.loeajb utteend, wcrigtoamthmesbureu oft Soiwok nhtrpriseinc. theyuhmtt e what thoen ey
tin elbaewtfu- Atetioebessi st e gh hetha Jeus ist jou stc ttitcorsho a nn-prfiorantionuo see at home Aleso, ishuesai it
thna ll Crisans ra essge thery" wateplo i e backe, a wewlme rmen aey nadtota a rvddmaigu shre olv ecflyi
grup a teyreese tei tkeawyfrmhealumi wi themi grown dayd. a srvey fromece the rcncorn lit olution ancldin ecn solmenghborhooln
first lbum,"Groas Befre tht livig lif as aChrisian i Thostinpatendanesenjyed JsticeDeparmentihsefouddcilationat.BrwnsvileeMidle stdentsdon'twanttohloo
Glory ." nrgtot alway seasy.e theist a lbums Creeiase paeryadth at 1o4kisaebled Scoline20,sstrngr"soft" ad ontha tauhtato
Thewroup perfrmesongs "Thins may getfore inldi- cnoint Thure alsood adbuligi provesy tatd motntly terschoolmet laetr o8E2
from thei alundo sought ficutrthan their iniallym, Plea turn tmton AP 2Br *,0 tdns ee yuhadtahigte htee el o h hyr

Fo he por, 'rcvr'is a mirage
Record 4Min U.S. getfod stams
By Marisol Bella a former stay-at-home mom
working a temporary minimum-
TROY, Ohio The rise in pov- wage job, who says she had t~o j
erty here is evident in the mass choose between exhausting her
of people who crowd the waiting paycheck on rent and utilities
room of the free health clinic ev- or living in her 1990 pickup. i
cry Thursday night so many She chose the truck.r--n
that the volunteer staff turns This rural community, 221.......
away about half of them. miles north of Dayton, has seen ED -"i
It is marked by the bare an explosion of poverty in the "'-....i
shelves of the food pantry at past four years that is among ,,
Richards Chapel United Meth- the highest increases in the na ...
odist Church, a one-story sanc- tion. Last year, 16,000 people ..-
tilary where dozens of laid-off lived in poverty in Miami Coun-
factory workers, retirees and ty -one of every six residents, ..
:~~~~-ht -rdi/T Wright.... ,/ .= crdtT Wrhooiedt/yhrih
' Aniy Hal, lftplas wih hr sster Mileni.Damian Hall Jr. rides his Big Wheel as Jamie Wetzel watches
from the porch.
Suffered in poverty here. tured in statistics or healed by "Minimum wage stays the at Miami *University. "They face
The recession hit the Miami political promises. As lawmak- same, but the price of food goes one incident an illness, job
Valley hard, squeezing the life- ers in Washington grapple with up h rc fgsge padls and it's harder to recov-
blood of the local economy: the the "fiscal cliff' and Americans the electric goes up," says Scott, er."
4C auto industry and manufactur- do their holiday shopping, thou- 51. "How do' you pay a6llyour In Troy, empty storefronts
j;.ers that shed thousands of jobs.,- sands of people in Miami Coun-' bills with 40 hours a week at $8 blot the main street and shop-
Families living on the margins ty are managing on little or no an hour?" ping centers, butthere are signs
...jof poverty found themselves income. The federal minimum wage is of recovery. At least eight corn-
catapulted irto its misery. $7.25 an hour. Ohio sets it at paris are building or expand-
This pain has festered even LIVING ON ABOUT $7.70. ing, which is expected to create
as the circumstances for many $8 AN HOUR -Miami County lost 2,234 jobs more than 500 jobs, says J.C.
Americans have improved. Al- With a population of 103,000, since 2008, according to the Wallace, president of the Troy
though the U.S. poverty rate Miami County has seen a par- Census. The 11-county area of Area Chamber of Commerce.
hovers at a daunting 15 percent, ticularly sharp inrease in pov- the Miami Valley lost thousands The county's most recent un-
economists agree a slow recov- erty among children and the un- more in the past four years as employment rate was 5.8 per-
-Phtocrdi/T Wigtcry is afoot. Housing prices are -employed. The number of poor major companies including GM, cent in October, down from its
-Pot cedt/y~igtstabilizing, manufacturing is re- children in the county increased DHL Express, Kodak and NCR 2011 average of 8.7 percent.
m anly ranshealtl bu o pytei onigadls ekscn from 1,900 in 2008 to 6,000 in closed plants or shrank their Indeed, the county 'rate is low-
motlybllsumer confidence index reached 2011, according to the Census, workforce. er than the state of Ohio's 6.9
the highest level in five years. "which estimates a quarter of the "There's an inability of work- percent unemployment and the
young parents with children fill the Census says. Four years But for people in Troy -and county's children live in pover- ers to find new jobs, and those national rate of 7.9 percentmi
the dining hall daily for a free ago, just as the Great Recession the tens of millions of Ameri- ty. The number of unemployed that do are not making as much nique. But that's done little to
lunch. was taking its grip on the na- cans like them the daily who were poor increased from as before," says Janice King- lift those who live below the
And it is lived by Nancy Scott, tion, one in 16, or 6,000 people, hardships of poverty aren't cap- 711 in 2008 to 2,200 in 2011. horn, an economics professor Please turn to POOR 6B3
Job Israel'takes the word Workshops to decrease violence
SRE to use one of the tactics that the Brownsville on Dec. 7 will focus
in t m a y F o idr s n continued from 1B organization teaches. Some of on anti-bullying, by educating
into m an Fl ri a pri onsthe strategies include peacefully students on bullying behaviors
fight if someone hits them or resolving conflict, peer media- and strategies of dealing with
one of their siblings. "tion and anger management. bullies.
R ligio sla e Although the tactics don't al- Thomas said the practices
Re ou lad rIS THE COMMUNITY ways work, there'are times when help the youth when they are at
spreads. his faith I, NFLUENCING VIOLENCE. yot h ere fighting and Brownsville Middle but in order
IN SCHOOLS? were enemies end up walking for them to sustain anti-bully-
with others }.";.:i i' Some youth even attempt to out of her office holding hands, ing and non-violent behavior
Miai Tmesstaf rpor :. :i; J efrin romfigtin, bt teywhen' she uses conferencing, they must have a strong family
Miami~~~~ ...... staf reor reri fro fihtnute
- feel that the fights are some- circles, peer mediation, Kingian support system.
If ob srel~oud, e oul "times inevitable. Non-violence character building "If -they don't have a good
vIf srta eiso uld ever uda.[ "sThm ,I'telnyo and many other conflict resolu- family support system, many
fact pro oarcetat-4 when I go home in the neighbor- tion practices, she said. times once they leave here, it is
fact,, pito doen' wok, reen aut- The monthly violence preven- over and they fall through the
mobile accident, he was doing ti" metig tha started hood ctrdoantors."t
just that. He says his corn- 4. &} *:, dent said'to Thomas after trying to etnsta tre tcak.
mnitment stems from having -....M r esofrh at yslcin
once been incarcerated him-...... 2.:
self, serving time from 1990 M ak t ofer he lhy
to 1999, in part because of ''" ... : .......
his religious views. He says : "\.......... FOSchurches, according- to Horne. healthy meals.
it helped him better relate to ) .....continued from 1B The young people of Youth Local chefs and Horne will
othe me in, prsn LEAD, an organization'that en- perform cooking demonstra-
He has visited 47 of the 144 GenMrtlceda598courages young people to adopt tions. He said he will show
prisons in the state of Florida -Miai'im Iht/Ml Wih NW 7th Ave., will open on Jan. healthy, sustainable behaviors people how to make meals in
and plans on visiting them all BROTHER JOBI$RA]E/Lim~mshtMlkwih 5 from 10a.m.-3p.m. and advocate for food and en- 15 minutes. .
someday. The markets will offer fresh, vironmental justice, created A "The excuse is no longer that
"I was an innocent man in with conspiracy after refusing es a message of peace to the locally produced fruits and peg- survey, which found that the fast food is faster," he said.
noetol prison, an hr r ohe to ign ahwehumen thatw"tl wor l aiy o etables; cottage goods; cooking products are a lot cheaper than The Liberty City Green Mar-
innocen peoplein prisn," he lie 'o YahwehBen Yaheh"moWererallons;lyfoodGodaemonstrtions;poooduamles;othdproducsgsold tkbigwillke bewllobe mresresientaan
said. "There are also people his spiritual leader. It was made us all. fr omr off4, blood," refreshing juices and smooth- permarkets like Whole Foods, community driven according
there who are guilty and want then that he started, teacht- he 4)aid. "God said s~ow love ies; live music; health and nu- Publix and Winn Dixie. to Horne. There will be more

....E Medicare
The Congressional Bud-
" :. get Office, CBO} announced
~an added benefit Thursday:
J Cheaper drugs means more
people taking their medica-
atient save tion, reducing long-term med-
!patients s av. e ical costs. For example, when
$5B~~~ in du s atibiotic to prevent further
'T infection, they save the gov-
" ernment money by stabilizing
$ 5, i d rg their illnesses and avoiding
Emergency hospitalizations.
"Using the revised methodol-
D~en ,-/ -/ h o~fccare law is saving money forogCOetmeshate
en .,o people with Medicare," HHS net cost of implementing the
boost unnecessary Secretary Kathleen Sebelius provisions closing the cover-
said. age gap will be $51 billion,
i use, critics say In 2012, Medicare coverage rather than the $86 billion es-
ends when total prescription timated prior to the revision,"
By Kelly Kennedy costs top $2,930. Drugmak- the CBO reported.
. ers participating in Medicare Michael Cannon, director of
Since passage of President agreed to give the government health policy. studies for the
-APPhtoJi Wbe Obama's health care law in a 50 percent discount on pre- Cato Institute, a libertarian
--A~ht0Ji~eer2010, 5.8 million Medicare mium drugs and 14 percent think tank that has opposed
Elizabeth Saint Victor winces as she gets a free flu shot from LPN Jean Buck courtesy of patients have saved five bil- on generic drugs as part of the Affordable Care Act, said
Baptist Healthcare in Memphis,Tenn., at the Central Library .on Oct. 30. Health officials say flu lion dollars through prescrip- the health care law, arnd to that as "politicians arid lob-
season is off to its earliest start in nearly 10 years and it could be a bad one. tion-drug discounts, and the extend those discounts to byists" expand drug benefits,
government can now predict seniors who have exhausted more people who don't need
aso four percentof doctor visits lower health care costs based their coverage and are paying them use them, and "health
G e or. were for flu-like illnesses. on increased use of these for the drugs themselves. care spending rises."
G e or so "Elevated" levels of flu-like ill- cheaper drugs. Because of these discounts, "It's an attractive story: New
nesses have already been found The savings are a continu- in the first 10 months of 2012, government subsidies lead
in five of the USA's 10 regions, ation of the law's attempt to Medicare beneficiaries saved more people to take their reed-
ac es n i s .cording to, the CD'sFugiw close the "doughnut hole" $1.86 billion 'on prescription icine, leading to lower health
Z ues ni s survey. prescriptiondrug coverage drugs, compared with $1.51 care spending," he sai. "Prob-
Alabama, Louisiana, Missis- expenses that Ikick in once billion in the first 10 months lem is, iti.s almost never true."
sippi, Tennessee and Texas ex- Medicare coverage runs out. of 2011, according to HHS. Cato has also argued that
a r -y a n a d perienced high flu numbers, the The Department of Health The last months of the year lowering the prices of name-
eCDC said. Much of the Midwest and Human Services (HHS) tend to have higher savings brand medications will steer
e a l n a d also has elevated numbers'. plans to announce -those as* people run out of coverage seniors away from generic
No special reason for those savings today.. -"The heal th aLnd enter the doughnut hole. drugs and drive up costs.
Mid est So th cent match for the circulating areas, Wharton said: "Weather
Mid est Suuth strains. "So we're particularly is sometimes a possibility, but
dy igh encouraging people who haven't I think the relationship isn't
already see hih been vaccinated to do it," he clear."
number of cases si- Natiornally, the percentage of
The prime flu season is Oc- respiratory tests found to be
By Elizabeth Weise tober'through April. It usually positive for the flu virus during
peaks after the new year in the week ending Nov.. 24, the
This year's flu season is start- January, February or later latest report, rose to 15.2 per-
ing earlier and 'hitting harder said Melinda Wharton, who di- cent -higher than usual for.
than it has in almost a decade, rects the CDC's National Center this time of year, the- CDC said.
the Centers for Disease Control 'for Immunization and Respire- A CDC survey found that 6.3 ,KOKU
and Prevention says. tory Diseases. percent of all people who died.
"This is at least a month ear- IOne sign the flu season has that week had the flu or pneu-
lier than we would generally see been launched: 'More than 2.2 monia !-.belowv what the CDC
the beginning of the uptick," percentof all visits to the doctor considers an epidemic rate ofHI
CDC Director Thomas Frieden are for flu-like illnesses. In non- 6.7 percent. No- children died
said Monday. flu months, about one percent that week; there have been two
Worse, the flu strains circu- of doctor visits are for flu-like pediatric flu deaths this season.
lating in the United States this illnesses. The nation reached So far, 112 million Americans
year, especially the N3N2 ver- the 2.2 percent threshold 'last have been vaccinated.
sign, tend to cause more severe week, said Scott Epperson of Frieden said that expected
disease, he said. .the CDC's influenza division.,. production of 135 million doses
The good news is that this in some of the hardest-hit of vaccine means there shouldn
year's flu vaccine is a 90 per- states in the South, as many not be any shortages.
South African clinic progress.
made .in HIV/AIDS fight
By Associated Press .
early '90s when South Africa's
Themba Lethu clinic could only
treat HIV/AIDS patients for
opportunistic diseases, many .
would come in on wheelchairs290BsanBld150AtnRd
and keep coming to the healthMimF317MaiBecL319
center until they died.30.6373053160
Two decades later thae clinic
is the biggest anti-retroviral, ryln0:0r -p
or ARV, treatment center in Thur 12:0p | oApon-r
the country and sees between
600 to 800 patients a day fromMotFi0:am p

Sponsored by North Shore Medical Center
"Once You Know, It's Where To Go"'
Health program aim:
Better care less cost
By Mary Agnes Carey Hope, a local cancer center. For and no problem," says Saave-
and Sarah Varney as long as she can remember, "We have to think dra. "Now, it's a huge problem." Juan Cameros, a 34 year-old disabled architecture student
Saavedra, 53, a former caf- about the fact Saavedra is one of a large from South Los Angeles, was shifted from Medi-Cal into a
PICO RIVERA, Calif. It is eteria worker who suffers from group of disabled Medicaid en-
usually after the mail arrives bone marrow cancer, has been that- people's lives rollees in California who have managed care plan.
that Della Saavedra comes un- insured through Medicaid, the been moved out of traditional The California experiment, patients into managed care.
done. joint federal-state program for are at stake*" fee-for-service health coverage now in its second year, has na- Twenty-five states have applied
That's when she sits in her low-income people. For most of Kevin Prindiville, lawyer with the Na- into a managed care plan. Of- tional significance. Federal of- to be part of the managed care
living room in this struggling that time, she could go to any tional Senior Citizens Law Center ficials hope to learn if the tran- ficials have begun to roll out experiment for so-called "dual-
Los Angeles suburb and sorts doctor willing to take her, but sition provides this vulnerable a similar, but larger effort re- eligibles," people who qualify
through the latest round of let- last year, the state revamped population, which has complex quired by the Affordable Care for both Medicare and Medic-
ters from her health plan, each the program and assigned her Her oncologist is not on its ros- medical needs, better medical Act. That program will move up aid. All dual-eligibles are poor,
rejecting her appeal to stay with to a managed care plan with a ter. care while saving the govern- to two. million ,of the nation's two-thirds of them are over 65,
her trusted oncologist at City of restricted network of doctors. "I -have been sick for years ment money. sickest and most expensive Please tarn to CARE 71B
H toprrevent the. flu
It's nice to'give gifts to family mem- cal conditions, such as congestive flu season, individuals living in nurs-
FIBROMYALGIA besand friends, They appreciate heart failure, asthmi-a or diabetes. The ing homes or long-term-care facilities,
your thoughtfulness and you feel good flu spreads when an infected person people with chronic health conditions,
Fibromyalgia is a little-under- about sharing your time, talents and coughs, sneezes or speaks, and the vi- health care workers who have direct
stood disorder that causes painefrswt oe ns u hr srsge into the air and other people patient contact, and care givers of
anidother symptoms throughout one "gift" that is best not given to oth- inhale it. children lessthan six months old.
the body. ers, although it is sometimes unwit- Every yeaf about 10 to 20 perCent of The best way to prevent passing the
The website tingly passed along the flu. Americans get sick from the flu. Most flu along to your loved ones and oth-
offers these suggestions for better Influenza, also known as the flu, is recover in one to two weeks, but ap- ers is to get an annual flu shot. The flu
living with fibromyalgia: a contagious virus that can cause se- proximately 200,000 people end up vaccine protects against the three vi-
*Get pierity.of sleep. vere illness arnd even life threateriihg being hospitalized with the flu and ruses that are expected to be the most
* Exercise as much as you can. complications. Pl viruses cartcause 36,000 die because of the flu and common each year and usually be-
Try to bephysically active as much high fever, headache fatigue, dry complications. Those most likely to comes available in theay be0
as possible if fibromyalgia pain cougl, sore t rda runtiy nose, an develop flu implications are children given either as a shotio spray,
prevents you from exercising. body aches. Complications may in- between te ages of six months and depending on the person's age and
*Make adjustments at work to clude bacterial pneumonia, dehydra- 19 years of age, adults age 50 and old- any existing health conditions. You
1elp you better manage fibro-: tion, and aggravation of chronic medi er, women who are pregnant during Please turn to FLU 7B
myalgia; Exaniples could include
reducing your hoursoiswitching .............. .......
to a less demanding job.
Eat a nutritious, balanced diet.
o.. obuy Grapefruits paired with
"Seek emotional support from P
friends aid fainily members.
IBOWEL CONTROL -medication are deadly
Bowel cot ro blems (also fruit fruit can 'cause serous damage came to market
.calledO fecal incontinence) can. Natural chemical inf u each year, bringing the number from 17 to 43.
ocur at any age, although theynare (Altogether, more than 85 drugs that might interact
morItcommon in older adults. amps drug 'concentration wit grpfri exsbtsm uhitractiorks,
i' ccu a a~~ae~iltoug~t'eYar co cewith grapefruit exist, but somesuhm
The .S. National Digestive Dis- aren't likely to cause serious adverse
eases Information Cearinghouse By Jennifer LaRue Huget effects.)
says common cases of bowel Chemicals in grapefruit
control problems include: The number of medications that interact with called furanocoumarins
* Having diarrhea. grapefruit, with potentially serious results, is on change the way these
* Having damage or weakness the rise, new research finds. medications are metabo-
in sphincter muscles or nerves. In a study published last Monday in the Canadi- lized in the gastrointestinal
* Having al.inability of the an Medical Association Journal, the team of Cana- tract, dramatically increasing
rectum to stretch properly dian researchers.who 20 years ago discovered that concentrations of the drug in the
* flaving hemorrhoids., grapefruit interferes with the body's metabolism bloodstream. Those chemicals are
*! Getting older, due to changes of certaiti drugs reports that the number of such also present in other citrus fruits such
in muscles and tissues. drugs on the market has increased substantially in as Seville oranges the kind often used to
* Sustaining damage to the recent years., make marmalade and limes and pomelos,
pelvic floor muscles after giving They found that between 2008 and 2012, about the study notes, but not in oranges.
b irth. six new medications whose interactions with grape- Please turn to GRAPEFRUITS 7B
shcosmpio ayhatashm n abe
for wwb rnsage si mo ths "Inroddtinoffshbtwen dcin fih ito abis' iets Atfisintenetsimorths Boton wh

Prescribe teens Plan B before they have' sex
By Amina Khan 44 percent between 1991 and can do better,"
2010, to 34.3 births per 1,000 It's a pressing issue, Breuner
Doctors should give under- women, the CDC reported. But added, because babies born to
age teenagers prescriptions for that's still about five times the teens have been shown to fare
emergency contraceptives like teen birthrate in France and two poorly compared with their
Plan B before they start hav- and a half times the rate in Can- pes mn te rbes
ing sex instead of waiting until ada, according to United Ha- peeyr Among otey poboewos,
a young patient's "plan A" goes tions data. It also is higher than tnhol a mor ffiely tongoingrse-
awry, the American Academy the rates in China and Russia. hinrchoolemsd suffe ongin trea-
of Pediatrics says in a new pol- cando erlem suca tacty
icy statement. It says doctors MORE EDUCATION Emndereny sexualacetivsity.
should also counsel teens on Rates of sexual assault are evonorge treptie liketi
the various options for emer- highest among teens and young three to five days, can prevent
gency birth control as part of an adults, according to the Justice pregnancy by stopping the ova-
overall strategy to reduce teen Department's Office on Violence ry from releasing an egg or by
pregnancy. Against Women. And all in all, stopping sperm from fertiliz--
The academy is issuing the nearly 80 percent of teen preg- 8,iga gg h rgsaeao
new position paper, published nancies in the U.S. are unin-Ii thought to change the uterine
online Morlday by the journal tended, occurring after unpro-,! lining, thwarting a pregnancy
Pediatrics, as physicians and tected sex or "underprotected" ..... that might otherwise take hold,
other health experts struggle to sex when the contraceptive ..according to the National Li-
reduce the nation's high birth-' method of choice fails. brary of Medicine.-
rate among adolescents. "That's tragic, really," said J l
Teen pregnancies in the U.S.. Dr. Cora Breuner, a physician 17 OR OLDER
have declined over the last 20 at Seattle Children's Hospital But emergency contracep-
years, but the incidence is still who helped write the new poi- tion pills are most effective
the highest in the developed icy statement as a member of when they're used within the
world, according to data re- the academy's Committee on first 24 hours after unprotected
leased this year by the Centers Adolescence. "We really can do sex, Brue sian en
for Disease Control and Preven- better.. By providing more edu- ar : e moreuniely usae temens
tion. cation and improving access to :, ii they're readily available. That's
The.birthrate among Ameri- contraception and more educe- The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends prescribing teens emergency contracep- why it's imperative to give teens
cans ages 1 to 19 dropped tion about family planning, we tires in advance to help reduce teen pregnancies. Please turn to SEX 6B
Child "inJuries rise on bounce houses 'r""
Byi Janic loyld ,cy departents, the report iThe kinds of injures report- iThesuraeintassf si
.... ::sas. he~umero~mjnesed resmilar to thos 1f.d aok:mt y.Thrpt 1A Mission With A New Cure: HIV and AIDS Gospel
Tertofijretochil- increased from: 702- in1995. trampolines, but: trampoline: :did not specify safety sugges-: Beginning Church Worm- Extravaganza on Dec. 15 at
'dr~en on in:flatable bounc- ,to 1I1,311 in 2010. :Falls were :injures.are declining, Smith %tions, but Smithsays he would: en's Department provides 6 p.m. Call 305.-635-7413.
1995g to 200!ccrigoalwed by stunts and collisions. juries from infatables is "as-; thanix ;to play on inflatables:. 786-371-3779. N] The. City of Miami,
reotls oda nteju-Smaller children are agreater (tOuing."IH lo eomns dl u P.U.L.S.E. and WMBM will
n iatrics ris. ,;, i:?! National safety gudelines :periso and rul: n~ii:es prevntn Press, Point Media sponsor South Florida's Best:
The ~ ~ ~ ~ mona slides. .... Als amon th fidns exist. formoi. The re- rog-osn orstunsuc Concepts will host a "Luau The Third Annual youth choir
bounc houpsesti~ 'aree 0tca {fr dlnefrme:!7as;l r:po i s:k, 28 percent of th chlde por calls. for.... gudlie fo ....... as.. flips or .... erSa ha for the Lord",Praise Party at and liturgical "dance group
eneranmnt t ougchl undr age 1.8S were treated at Ratable :bouncers, sang it ,is iica damge rce ina cor'd, Finnegan's River on Dec. 14 contest on Dec. 15 at 7p. m.
drns itha aris ndhsitafor frace~s.!,::: "c, lea atis tie.", whe thii~!i~ e chi'i ladsonte- from 7p.m,-ilp.m.
c ria uttetl hyar 7prethd, strains or, :IParents can ,ak re cau- back:: of:, his;, neko ed Cohen Temple will host
taigo h on s"p- pan.toswhen alowngchildren ei don't{ wattob aam 0JrdnGov isin a community empowerment
dehi," say ledato ay 1 ecn a edadt s nltbesys Stae itpret edt bal-: ary Baptist Church will event on Dec.. 17 at 7 p.m.
St, dieco of th etr ekijres aok fteUS onsue e theiss withtheben hold their Annual Christmas Call 305-441-8492. -'
for Inur Reeac adPlc' Dtfoth std'wr PrutSfeyCmision eit, Smit sas." ened Program on Dec. 15 at 5
atNtowd hlrnsHs bandfo h a ionlTeaec reomenids an encouraged kis oge ff p. m.. Ebenezer United
ial in Coubs ho lcrncIjr uvelac c1 oi nfaabeproductstei couch; andi:w>. ave .... ivel Methodist Church will have
In 01 aone 3 cilrenSyte, perte1bEthenezenrprvetignldeteilreMliesyl,-btaarntCcartkes0Ebeezr niervit-ceChismaosrvie encec
ai;;day, : were trae o heeCnu routSft fo upn t hsm im nomdsep omk h odist Church will have their 23 at 8:45 'a.m. Call 305- hopia ....rn yone hlde.bucers safer.":. 10th Annual Hope, Faith, 635-17413..
Organic peanut butter may
be very scarce in the future PMAorhShr
Largest producer dling, uncleani equipment and keep for a year, she said. 1190 N.W. 95th Street, Suite 310, Miami, Florida 33150o
positive salmonella tests that In the Seattle area, PCC Nat-
shuts down, after the company ignored. ural Markets anticipates that
The company said in a writ- demand will exceed supply.
illness outbreak te tatement on Nov. 1,"At "We ave ntbe otce
no time in its 24-year history by our organic peanut butter
By Elizabeth Weise has Sunland Inc. released for suppliers regarding a short-1
distribution any products that age but expect that will be the
Could the United States be it knew to be potentially con- case in the near future," said
facing an organic peanut but- tamninated with harmful micro- Diana Chapman,' the natural
ter shortage? The New Mexico organisms." food market chain's director of
processor that owns 90 per- The agency's ability to close sustainability.
cent of this year's organic pea- the plant -without a court order Some stores are probably
put harvest has had its pro- was part of its new authority feeling the pinch already, Said
duction license revoked by the under the Food Safety Modern- Leslie Wagner, executive di .
Food and Drug Administration. ization Act, which became law rector of the Souther"n Peanut
Now supermarkets are bracing in January 2011. "" _
fora ossleshotae. it ths ears rgaicV.- "'We'eesetaly-1cO N Rd O Oh V

Poverty rate beckons for political attention Unionov
POOR ment," he says. "A conversation
continued from 2B about poverty does not fit into
30-second television commer-
poverty line. cials or a quick statement." New Union Grove Misionary
Dennis Sullivan, an econom- Reece says the last time pov-nvitesyou to
ics professor at Miami Univer- erty was at the top of the na- share in evening ofapprea.
sity, says older workers and tional agenda was 1964, when ton for The Revred Thomas
those with little education the poverty rate hovered at
have been hit hardest by the about 19 percent and Presi- L Smith this Sunda 4 p.m.
recession. He says they "will dent Johnson introduced his at 2905 NW 62 St_ Miami, FL
be the last, not the first, to "War on Poverty." In the short
feel the effect of an economic term, that campaign raised
recovery.' qyr 0 ; awareness of the needs of the
poor. In the long term, Reece Rev. Thomas L Smith
THE POLITICS OF POVERTY says, it created and expanded
As poverty remains high and programs that still exist, such
the gap between the highest- as Head Start, which provides Attend Presidential Inauguration
and lowest-income earners early education, health and nu-
continues to grow, the issue trition services to low-income Bus trip to 2013 Presiden- start at $70 per night. Contact
doesn't gain traction politi- children and their families, tial Inauguration in Washing- Wilhelmina at 786-277-5263;
cally, says Jason Reece, direc- -Photo credit/Ty Wright In the half-century since ton, DC; bus leaves 12 p.m., email address: heverylp@aol.
tor of research at the Kirwan Franshel Hall looks through a garbage bag of clothing. LBJ's program, the nation's Saturday, January 19, 2013 com or Ila at 786-354-3844.
Institute for the Study of Race poverty rate has fluctuated but and return 3 p.m., Tuesday, Sponsored by H.E.L.P a not-
and Ethnicity at The Ohio State vote in large numbers. The oth- "We are dancing around the never dipped below 10 percent. January 22, 2013. Roundtrip for-profit 501 (C)3 Charitable
University. One reason, he er is that poverty's causes and topic of poverty when we talk In sheer numbers, more people cost per person $250. Hotel Organization.
says, is that the poor do not solutions are complicated. about health care or unemploy- are poor today than in 1964.
Presidential Inauguration Bus Trip
Strides in treatment give hope to HIV patients a Miami Thursday, an- Sponsored by TT&KGroup. De-
Stries. n teatm-en giv ho e toHIV patintsuary 17, 2013, return Wednes- posit $150 due Monday, J..anu-
day, January 23, 2013. Four ary 17, 2013.
CLINIC ture on AIDS to $1.6 of story," Mahomed I said, 'What the hell is that?" (4) days and four (4) nights in For information or arrange-
continued from 3B billion, the highest by said. she said. the Wash. D.C. area. Packages ments contact Alice Tanner
c ieany low-and middle- But, it hasn't al- Sixteen years after her first from $394, includes roundtrip 786-302-7223 shamby03@ya-
beautiful time we're living in income country, the ways been that way.- diagnosis, she is now on anti- bus travel, deluxe hotel accom-, Jessie Tanner 832-
right now," said one of the doc- group said. In the 1990s South retroviral drugs and her life has modations/hot breakfast, and 594-4393 or Cheryl Kendrick
tors at the clinic, Dr. Kay Ma- Thembla Lethu clin- Africa's problem was turned around. She says the travel to-inaugural activities.
homed, over the chatter of a ic, with funding from compounded by clinic has been instrumental.
crowd of patients outside her the government, the years of misinfor- To handle the flow of patients, n" f r een agers
door. United States Agen- motion by President they're electronically checked
President Jacob Zuma's gov- 6y for International Thabo Mbeki, who in at reception, several nurs-
ernment decided -to give the Development and MOTSOAHAE questioned the link ing stations with partitions are SEX and Next Choice, and their
best care, including TB screen- the United States between HIV and set up to check vital signs and continued from 5B possible side effects include
ing and care at the clinic, and President's Emergency Plan AIDS, and his health minister, a new machine even helps dis- nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
not to look at the cost, she said. for AIDS Relief, is now among Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, pense medicine to the pharma- prescriptions ahead of time so and an untimely menstrual
South Africa has increased some 2,500 anti-retroviral who promoted a "treatment" of cists. that, when condoms break cycle.
the nuribers treated for HIV therapy facilities in the coun- beets and garlic. "My status has changed my or they forget to take their- Young women who are 17
by 75 percent in the last two try that treat approximately Christinah Motsoahae first life, I have learned to accept birth control pills for more or older can already get emer-
years, UNAIDS said, and new 1.9 million people. found out she was HIV positive people the way they are. I have than two days, they can get gency contraceptives over the
HIV infections have fallen by "Now, you can't not get bet- in 1996, and said she felt noth- learned not to be judgmental, the medication as soon as counter, provided they can
more than 50,000 in those two ter. It's just one of these win- ing could be done about it. And I have learned that it is possible. show proof of age and can
years. South Africa has also in- win situations. You test, you "I didn't understand, it at that God's purpose that I have this," The drugs are soldunder cover the cost, which is often
creased its domestic expendi- treat and you get better, end time because I was only 24, and the 40-year-old said. the brand names Plan B about $50, though it varies.
The MiN a i te
Apostolic Liberty City (burch New Vision For Christ Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church Zion Hope Brownsville
Revival Center of Christ Ministries, 15250 N.W. 22nd Avenue Missionary Baptist Church of Christ
6702 N.W. I1th Avenue 1263 N.W. 67th Street 13650 N.E. 10th Avenue 5129 N.W. 17th Avenue 4561 N.W. 33rd Court
Order of Services Order of Services Order of Services Order of Services Order of Services Order of Services
Wed.lntrceory Pyer Sunday MO ing 8 a.m. Ealy Sunday Worship :30 .m. SUNDAY Worship Seice Sunday Shol 9:30 .m. Lord ay Sunday St oo 9:45am
9o.m.-12 p.m. Sunday School 10ae.m. Sunday Shool 9:30 a.m. Meming10oe.m. Moming Poise/Worshipl11 o~m Sunday Meming Wedhp li ezm.
M orning Service 1 .m S u d y E e in .p und ayM om ing W orship 1 a.m Church School 8:30 .m irst and Third Sund oy S day Evening W orp 6 p .al
Sun.-Eve. Worship 1:30 p.m. ibla Een g p.unday Evening Service ...6 p.m. WEDNIES0AY evening worship of 6 p.m. Tudy light lible Study 7:30pm
;Ts. Pryer Me.eting :30 p.m. Tue. Bi e Clss 6:30 p.m. ue day Prayer Meeing :30 p.m. Feeding Ministry 12 noon P yer Meeting & Bible Study h s. Mm, Bibl lss 10 e~m.
i Bib l S ud y :30 p m Th u rs Fe allow sh p 0 a .m dnes d a Bible. 7:30 p.m .Bi l St y 7 p mT e ay 7 p .
St. Mark Missionary Jordon Grove Missionary Antioch Missionary Baptist St. John Baptist Church (.F.Y. TV ON YOUTUBE Hosanna Community
Boptist Church Baptist (hurch (hurch of Brownsville 1328 N.W. 3rd Avenue Black in America and Islands., Baptist Church
1470 N.W. 87th Street 5946 N.W. 12th Aveiiue 2799 N.W. 46th Street are the Royal Family of Christ lieb. 7:14 2171 N.W. 56th Street
Order of Services --Order of Services Order of Services Order of Services ans David Jet13:19,14:2 Order of Services
Sunday 7:30 and 11 o.m. "Early Worship 7 a.m. Charth/Sunday School 8:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. and Solomon 5/5 1:5 Sunday .hool 9:45 e.m.
Worship Servce Sunday School 9 a.nt Sunday Worship Servie 10 e.m Mornin Worship 11 o.m. Forch (.J.B. sn l Studyo yuTWrhp a 11 e .m.
9:'30 e.m Sunday School IIt BC 10 .05 onm Mi d-Week Service Wednesday's thurPraomeeprsonledtudiTursayS:30pdm
Tueuloy 7 p~m. Bible Study or ship il1o.m. Worsip 4 p.m. ior of Power-Iloon Day Prayer Prae.ndBbeStdO Box 472426 Youh Ministy
6:0pmPrayer Meing Ins .n 12 pnn Wmh.'- P.m Meeting .... (Tues.) 7 p.m. iami, L31746MnWed. 6 p'm.
fiEvenin Worship...7ptom.
New Birth Baptist Church, The Cathedral of Faith International Pembroke Park Church of Christ MnFriendship Missionary Baptist Church
2300 N.W. 135th Street 3707 5.W. 56th Avenue Hollywood, FL33023 740 N.W. 58th Street
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Sundae. SBiool Class 6:30 px: 30-8=0
Tues day hole 9:3 6:.m. Wednesday General Bible Study 7:30 p.m. Youth Ministry Study, Wed 1p.m. Prayer/Bible St, Wed 7 p.m.
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Wednesday Bible Study My33 WBFS/Comcast 3 Solurday-7:30 a.m. Feeding the Hungry every Wedneday ........11 e.m.S1 p.m.
10:45 .m. Mr pembrokeporkocbellson friendshipprayere ellso
: :New Way of Life Int'I Ministries '93rd Street Community
285 NW 199 Street I Missionary Baptist Church
Miami, FL3192330 N.W. 93rd Street

Former, drug addict beat's-cncer, aims to follow dreams
By Jon Otis gIt was just me in MY room, ." behaviors: he was told he had mission, and he is looking for-
with my drugs,- he said. depression and bipolar disor- ward to fulfilling some long-
His empty apartment had This memory is a snapshot der. "It was a henl of an awak- held dreams, like taking a
bencs in darkness. of the way Smith lived for 30 ening," he said. 'Throughout short vacation outside the city.
Forthepas 10yersTheyers;a tme efre e mdemy iffe, I knew something was To help that dream along, he
New York Times Neediest Cases amends with estranged family misn nM ol.rcivdagato 30fo.
Fudhas provided direct as- members, before ,he Muly ac- A iInt 2002, Smith entered Auro- The New York Times Neediest
sistance to children, families cepted a mental, health diag- .)l aConcept, 'a lockdown thera- Cases 'Fund to visit
and t e elderly in New York- To nosis and before the ravages of peutic community for mentally ton this weekend. The grant
celerat th 10st ampign nafilcaner.ill substance abusers in Flush- helps, as he is able to cover his
an *article :will appea daily. It was also a time before so- ig ues esae hr il ihte$,6 e ot
through Jan. 25. Each profile briery,1 for a year and, a half. After his he receives in Social Security
will illustrate -the difference "I celebrated 10 years sober g discharge, he found housing disability payments and food
that even a modest amount of, on Oct.,7, and thats a blessing," wihtehl fa gnyta tms
money can make in easing the Smith, 61, said. 'I had been on supot pepl wihmna nadifrn ahnw
struggles of the poor. a lifetime run ofdusGachl lenWoOd Smith, 61, in Brooklyn, has had depression and iles Smith lives in an apparent
Last year donors contributed, and paryn. Every night was b.ipola disorder. Smith reconnected with fam- of 'his own in East Flatbush,
$7,003,854, which was distrib- a party, every day waaparty- i ; ly in 2007; the timing was .Brooklyn, and reguarly at-,
uted .to those in need through .I did anything you came to me every day. I might have been in c ause he was 'never home." perfect. Their support proved tends support meetings. When.
seven New York charities. with that made me feel good." the same clothes as yesterday, The death of Smith's moth- invaluable after he was told he feeling lIor, he remembers a
Unpaid electricity bills, which And though. Smith spent but I always showed up." iHe er in 1972 first drove him to had a cancerous tumor in lhis mantra he learned in recov-"
paledgins th housands three decades largely in an al- said he never lost or stole any- :.experiment with alcohol and, right sinus gland, a,,result of cry, one that helps him focus
of dolr owedd in bakrent, tered state, lhe said, he always thing. -marijuana when he was' 20. his years of cocaine use. on the consequences of his old
had ledConoiae Edsn collected a paycheck. He has Smith credits his mother for Smith said his father caught "I'll never have a fril mus-" decisions. .
to shut off the light. Mayof held several odd jobs, and from instilling certain values in him. him smoking and kicked, him tache again," he 'said wryly- of Play~the whole tape,' he
his possessins ha be sold, 1979 to 1989, he worked .as a But his relationship with his out. "I disconnected with my fa the facial reconstruction sur.- said. 'Rememlberwhat hap-
though the cash was not use messenger for Chasebank father was almost-nonexistent. mily totally," .he said. gory that followed the removal .pened th~elasttie you thought
to pay delinquent bills. "I was a ,functiOnal drg ad-." My father was .a philaner- I was not until S'm"th was 49 o i pe ih a.yucudtk rn.Imd
Ye lnodSihhdaldict,, he said. 'I don't know how or," he said. "Ithouh heha that heilearned what had been Chmthrp was nx.Y umynmd that I'm not using
het eeend. Smt a lI did it, buit I made it to work a night job when I was a kid be- driving some: of his addictive Now, Smith's cancer is in re- again, no matter what."
Family's focus: 'Abetter futureI
Jennifer Hammonds relies on Jack i o .:
"If she didn't have a center
and Jill Children's Center lik Jak a ill, most likely
he would have been kicked,
By Wayne K. Roustan 70 years. out of a daycare center and
"People assume that we are she would have lost her job
Jennifer Hammonds and a daycare which is a word [t6 care for him] and there,
her four children live with that makes my skin crawl,," goes this family -that's trying
her sister's familyin a crowd- said Executive Director to break the cycle of poverty,"
ed'Sunrise home, but she Shannon Prohaszka. "We. are Prohaszka said.
dreams of',having hronnot a datycare. We are really a' Add to that the challenge
apatmet smedyfamnily,empowerment center."1 of caring for Devon, who has
Until then, the 39year-old 'The Sun Sentinel Children's autism and needs constant
single parent starts each day Fund is helping Jack and supervision.
at :30a~., et th kds ffJill fulfill'its mission to help "He doesn't talk, he wan-
to school, works as a home lowinicorle- working families ders off, he can't stand noise,"
health, care aide, picks up break, the cycle of poverty.: Hammonds said.
hr children helps there with Jordan *can't seem to, -sit She has her sights set on
homework,. prepares for the still and maintain, focus. night school to become a li-
next day and falls into bed at So he's in an early educa- censed nurse practitioner. --Photo credit: Joe Cavaretta
1 a~m:t~ionprogrm tha wfllpro- "-', iet bigi xr Jennifer Hammonds of Sunrise drops off her sonJordan Spencer, age 3, bottom, at the Jack
. ,"t~shar, bu I' getin par hi toentr th pulic mony,* ut hae t finthruandt eJall Children'sol Centernpar ithhiswayFf dingitdehrsalead Jll hilden' Ceterin F. LuflrdaegasDevnegeandsashgodbeoadhheroter ihil
me," Hammonds said. age group. "Jack and J ill .flinancially is dren Vonkeyce, age. 15, second f rom left, and Tyrses Spencer, age 11, in back look on.
But Hammonds can't meet "Our program is all about a big help to me because Jor-
"all the needs of brothers V6 n'-, elf-esiteem. s 'elf-6awareness, dan is able to get-a scholar-
7; and Jordan Spenlcer, 3. So they're going t0'learn the cog- -1IPay is within my budget,"'
she turned to the Jack and nitive skills that they need, Hammonds, said. "It's kind of
Jill Children's Center in Fort Prohaszka said. hard to buy, for Christmas for .
Lauderdale, which has been Much of Hammonds' suc- four kids and [Jack and Jill]
helping families for. the past cess is riding on Jordan's help me with that."
New managed care past tr
CARE Patient. advocates around ing closely -at the experiences
continued froin 49 the country, and some law- of patients like Saave~dra in MIE T C iT
makers in Congress, warn California to see, what -the pit-
and many of them suffer from that managed care plans -falls of the national program
multiple c hronic illnesses like some run by for-profit, pub- maybe. Health & Wellness Center
diabetes and heart disease. licly traded companies 'are "W6 have to think about the
Massachusetts and Wash- ill-equipped to deal with the fact that people's lives are at
ington, the first states to be complex health needs of those stake," says Kevin Prindiville, -
approved, will start their pro- who are elderly, mentally ill or an attorney with the National
grams April 1. disabled. 'Advocates are look- Senior Citizens Law Center. e7iW oev
Avoiding -sickness during flu sao let l, elhWln Cne
g seaon.

I%-- ~moil. N fhuy R f N111_ -I 11 R A (1 11-1S D A _1 i N ),j i THIE-IAIION1'S#1,BLRACKFNEWSN11KPIS
Hadley Davis -MLK Richardson Royal In Memoriam GlraD vopa
leader, died worker, died 76, retired bail In loving memory of,
December 6 at December bonds man, died si grWist 8
home. Service 4. Service 1 December 6 at d i s at 8
11 a.m.- Friday p.m., Saturday University of
at Jorda'n Grove at Church of Miami Hospital.
MBC. Christ Written In~evn Suayervice 1 p.m., By Margalit Fox
chapel. Gloria Davy, a Brooklyn-br
_ soprano who was the first Black
person* to sing Aida with the
GEORGE ROBERTS, 62, MATTIE PHILLIPS, 81, died ELLIS F. AYERS, 89, retired Metropolitan Opera, died on
Laborer, died December 9. VA Medical awNov. 28 in Geneva. She was 81.
December I Service I p.m., Center, died Her death., after a long illness,
a;t Villa Maria Saturday at December 7 at; was confirmed, by the soprano-
Nursing Home. Trinity Church. home. Survived Martinia Arroyo a longtime
Service 2:30 by Annie Kate friend. "
p.m., Saturday, Wilcox and, A liico-spinto (the term de-
ithchplEliAyrJ.notes a high voice that is darker
Serve 0 a~., REDDELOCHJR. and more forceful than a lyric
Saturday in the "Mr. D." spaosM.Dv efre
BURNETTA STEVENSON, 24, E Zin chapel 10/111/1931-1210712011 mainly190 oadin Europe afromeqalthe
Student, did Your presence we miss, ly fntbtenonaar-GLRADV
D e cem b er BRIAN T. ODOM, JR., 24, died Mitchell Your memory we treasure, citalist.
2 at home. December 1. RYLNODBON59WelloeyuawsIn particular, she was an in- of Verdi's "A&ida," opposite Leon-
Service 12 p.m. Service 11 deDeebrBtfgtyonvr., terpreter of 20th-century mu- ard Warren, in 1958 to her final
Saturday in the amStra7 athm.YuLoigF iyscincluding the work of Rich- performancaLenrinV-
chapel. at Rock of Age 7 at hoe You Loin vFomrisy ard Strauss, Benjamin Britten di's 'Trovatore," opposite Giulio
M.B. Church.mte, oet and Paul Hindemith. Gari, in 196 1. She also sang Pa-
moterRobrtaThough she was praised by mina in Mozart's "Magic Flute"
White Barclay; Happy Birthday critics for the beauty of her and Nedda in Leoncavallo's "Pa-
father, ohn voice, the sensitivity of her mu- gliacci" with the company. In
Waly avsSie 2row.. In loving memory of, sicianship 'and the perfection concert, she, appeared with the
MiamieGardes Serdyicte J of her pianissimos the elu- New York Philharmonic and at
Mim aresGERALDINE BROWN, 82, chiael. th sive art of attaining maximum, Carnegie Hall and Town Hall in
JAMES BRACEWELL, _70,' home health caeaudibility at minimum volume New York.
entrepreneur, aide, .died -Ms. Davy sang with the Met /Ms. Davy was married several
died December December 5 at Paradise just 15 times o Iver four seasons, times. Survivors include a son,
9 at Memorial home. Service from her debut in the title role J Iean-Marc,Penningsfeld.
West Hospital. 12 p.m., Friday PETE HUDSON, .30, died.
V I e w Ii n g at Rock of Ages. Dcme thm.Srie1
Thursay ata.m., Saturday at The Pentecostal
Hadley DaiChurch of Our Lord and Saviour"
Miami Grdens.Jesus Christ of Perrine
Service 1.1 a.m., 'M
Friday.-in'the chapel, M LK. Range W A S H AP
ANTHONY JEINSe0dfrlf proprietor, died LEROY FREDERICK
driver died N ov em ber DONALDSON, 55, construction dmJm,. = ,.e,=
N rh Bo ad27. Survivors worker died NoV.' 23. Services, i .'
Nort Broardinclude her were held. MRS. MATHREL ROZIER m =am =,,
Medical Center.soMcalA
Service 12:30 .sn ihe, We lov admssyouth
p. M. in the Finch; daughter Card of.W oeadms o h
M e C rh e Ir I e Kmost from your sons and -A == ]44] l =al =
chapel. D. Finch- Thanksgiving family. I gemn=
sister, Deloris : IIl l,~i E
Anderson; grandchildren,. Carlton In this the Season of 1114Dn] leilm
FOEC HER, 8,R. Bethel 1II, Michael A. Finch 11, Thanksgiving, we the Death Notice 87[;mmi w!I9, II
Lo RNemak e Nr Y, 83 Sterling McCall, Rachelle T Finch, fam ily Of,
died DecemberSchenille McCall, Alyssa Finch, and ..
10 at" The Alexis Finch; great grandchildren, E Ei N
Omar Wright and Inalia Jones.. CELEBRATIN
Cladidge House.Sevcswrhld
Arrangements Sriewrehl.SEV ENTEEN Y & OFSE[ VIC~E
SR.,, 85, retired 4..
Laborer, died
JR., laborer, died November 29 at include his-
Jackson. Services were held. wife, Catherine
Wright and-Young Loise "Cookie", /
EVELYN FREEMAN_ 87, Straughter, Stefanie Smith,
d o me s i cConstance Smith-Burwell, and
worker,' died Jane Lancaster; sons, Robert H., BERTHA SHARPE IRENE SPENCER, domestic
December 5 Smith, Jr., Earl. Chomondeley, JACKSON worker, died December 10 at
at Douglas and Hugh Carroll. Service 11 'North Shore Medical Center.
G a -r d e n a.m., Saturday at Myrtle Grove would like to give thanks first Service 2 p.m., Saturday,, De-
ll o Is p i t a I .'Presbyterian Church. to God for the life of our dear cember 15, in the chapel at
Survived by her love one. We pause also to Grace Funeral Home.
only daughter, say thanks to our many rela-

The Miami Times
Lifestyle Entertainment
Free concert will alsofeature DNA
MusicBoyz, S.LG.N. and R.A.LN.
_By D. Kevin McNeir road again next year." Cooper, 41, is well known in
Miami, first as an organist at his
The Miami Mass Choir is back father's church, Cooper Temple
- headlining a concert of holiday COGIC, then as the founder of the
favorites as part of the Free Gospel gospel group Marc Cooper and
Sundays series this Sunday, Dec. Friends-and most recently as the
16th at 4 p.m. and back in the pastor of a fast-growing church,
studio completing the finishing Upper Room Ministries. He's also
touches on their fourth CD. And if played for some of legends in gospel
things go according to God's plans, music. But when he talks about the
says founder and director, Rev. choir that he both founded [1995]
Marc Cooper, "we'll be back on the Please turn to CHOIR 3C
Artists from the Afrithn Diasor shwaed
Musc, xhiitins nd anes sot -Afrian Diaspora: during'the 2nd Annual Art Africa Miami Arts
the ariey o Blak n rratves'I'he-exhibit was housed in an 8,000 square foot tent next to
llh,,-v~':'ri~t 6f lacknarativs the historic Lyric Theater in Over-town. The exhibition featured
over50artistsrepresenting, Black Americ T r
Miami Ties staffreport Hiti and Barbados. Their contribution s stimulatedilou
among other professionals gand viewersalike. It goes,witho 'ut-
There's -much to 'be said about- the amazing art and artists synththeior and what these artists bring to the art:
who'swoop'down on iMiami each year during Art Basel. But in wol rofcicaimrtcenthonigsruleftoe
Mae8r's past, Black artists haven't been given the kind of expo- who are niembers of the African Diaspora.,
siure.that their colk~agties from other cultures and countries "South .Florida temporarily transforms into an art Mecca dulr-
he. ththat oiamin, TerbaColciv ing Art Basel and we *anted to give people the opportu-nity to
4tidtheCityof iam, SEPW RAlearn and experience the unique culture of our local, Diaspora
teamed uip for the second year to artists'" said City Commissioner Michelle Spence- Jones
present e qually-outstanding, conitem- "Art ;and sustainable design are powerful agents for

veTy eTrr
H oliday parties should be fun -so why notPrpTm:3 miue
Serve up some tasty appetizers with a creative
seasonal twist that will be sure to spice up your
gathering? 12cpbreu ac
These clever bites start with versatile party favorites 1cn( ucs ergrtdcecn og ol
Hillshire, Farm Lit'l Smolkies -and then the fun
begins. Start off 'with an impressive and edible. REINDOGS
wreath for the centerpiece and serve with a cranberry- Yield: 20 servings
.,becue dip. Next, dress up' Your cocktail links with Cmiecabrysuendabcesueinamllacpn; Prep Time: 30 minutes
so01me, de licious fare: simmer yo.Iur Smokies in a- zesty. haovrlwhtsiinutlsmthndo. ckTe:2o3.iue,
Unrol dugh searat atperoraions cratig 4rectngls. res1 package Hillshire
sauce; wrap them up in crispy bacon; make a splash Fr i!Soe
with pineapple and edible 'flowers,; dip and fry to make leghieit tis aigattlo 2srp.Pretzel twists
your own mini corn dogs; and turn them into tasty Kerp1srpo og rudeahsuae lc rset utchup
reindogs. With these fun-tastic appetizers, not onlyHetsuasacodntopkgedrtos
Will you give guests plenty of food to eat, you'll give Br eak a small pretzel twist in half. Stick a pretzel half
them plenty to talk about. Crflyrmvwrahotsevn pltridsrd.G nshinto both sides of sausage to resemble antlers.
wreah wth ellpeper srip tofor a owand hery tmat havesUse 2 small drops of mustard for eyes and a small
For more recipes to add merriment to your do fkthpfrtens
celebrations, visit -abcesue

vice; Kishasha B. Meet face-to-face with special area was set Frade; Rev. George
Sharp, second vice; hiring managers in Fort aside to accommodate W. Sands; Rev.
e a Darryl K. Sharpton, Lauderdale. Freeman parking of over Father Samuel J.
CPA/ABV; D'Juana will also be able to 300 members of Browne; Rev. Father
C. Miller-Brown, assist you in preparing the community to Terrence A. Taylor;
assistant treasurer; a professional resume. witness the outgoing Dr. Gershwin Blyden;
The National Action "support base" and Traci E. Boyd- Call 305-757-2199 or of Reverend Canon Congresswoman
Network [NAN] was founded in around family Smith, secretary. visit 8400 NE 2nd Ave. Richard Livingston Frederick S. Wilson;
1991 by the Rev. Al Sharpton and community "before" an Elder Marietta Under the slogan Marque ss-Barry Sen. Oscar J.
and became effective at New emergency occurs relative to Freeman, director CURRY "Thou Art a Priest and the incoming BARRY Braynon, II; Rev.
Birth Cathedral International civil rights issues. Current of New Birth Forever," The Historical of Reverend Father Dr. Carl Johnson;
in August, 2012. Your officers include: Bishop employment services has Saint Agnes' Episcopal Denrick E. Rolle. James H. Smith, Jr.; Rev.
membership will help to Victor T. Curry, president; employment opportunities Church had their changing Some of the participants Dr. Glenroy Deveaux and
build an organizational Rev. Alphonso Jackson, first in a field you would enjoy. of the guard last weekend. A included: Rev. Leopold Rev. Samuel S. Thomas.
Katt Williams retires from comedy
By Henna Kathiya "I'm just gonna ing his bloody knuck- waters with his family. Katt *
go ahead and an- les and admitting his told a KOMO news photogra-
Katt Williams' troubles seem nounce my retire- knees were "busted up" pher that he wanted to offer On December 1st and 2nd B a n nist e r,
to just keep on coming. The ment from standup, during the interview. $301,000 in cash for the up- the celebration of a new Clarance Clear,
comedian was asked to leave a I'm kinda done," Williams didn't say for-auction Washington State ministry and! the institution Sr., Donzaleigh McKinney,
Seattle hotel late last Monday Williams said. "I've why he was asked to Ferry Rhododendron as a new and induction of Reverend Wilhelmina S. Welch,
night, just hours after he was discussed it with leave the Courtyard place to stay. Not to mention Father Denrick Ephriam Veronica Bynoe O'Berry,
released from King County my kids, I wasn't Marriott Hotel late last that he wants to sue Seattle Rolle, M. Phil., took place at Naomi Allen Adams, Jackie F.
Jail following a dispute at a gonna do in the Monday night. Police for defaming his character. -St. Agnes Episcopal Church. Livingston, Princess Lamb,
bar. Now, the spiraling come- middle of a Seattle were present when "I can stay [on the ferry], and Father Barry said to his Maureen Bethel, Ernestine
dian says he's ready to retire. street, I was going Williams was kicked my family can be there, and successor, Fr. Rolle, "Welcome Ross-Collins, Grace Heastie-
In an interview with KOMO to go to Los Ange- WILLIAMS out of the hotel but my dogs can be there, and my to the golden ghetto." May you Patterson, Henry Newbold,
TV the stand-up comedian les and do it in the he wasn't arrested. whole staff can be there, until enjoy us as much as 'we will Fredericka Dean Wanza, Kim
announced that he was can- offices of ICM or LiveNation." According to Williams, the we get done suing Seattle for enjoy you, sir. B. Wright, Arcie Ewell and
celing his tour and taking a Although he wanted a more Courtyard Marriott was the this $50 million that I want for Brenda Hepburn-Eaddy Iris Paramore.
break from comedy. Williams official announcement of his fourth hotel that kicked him crippling my reputation as a and her son Roderic Knowles Ahappyweddinganniversary
was scheduled to play Hous- retirement, his recent troubles out in recent days. father, and a Black man, .and returned home last weekend greeting goes out to Theodore
ton last Friday, New Orleans in Seattle have shown that the Given his recent string of as a taxpaying citizen, and as from her adopted home of and Gladys Moss, celebrating
last Saturday and Mobile, Ala- 41-year-old comic is slowly bad luck in Seattle, the come- a person who is not a convict- Burlington, North Carolina to their 56th, Dec. 8th.
bama the following Sunday. unraveling. Katt was show- dian just wants to take to the ed felon," he said. visit her mom, Joyce Major- Congratulations to our
Hepburn and her brother local basketball star Lebron
Shane Hepburn. James who has been named
Get well wishes go out to "Sportsman of the Year" by
all sick and shut-ins: Gloria Sports Illustrated.
Frank Ocean nominated
for best new artist
GRAMMYS rary album.
continued from 1C "Of allof the categories to be
nominated for, that is the one
year nod. Drake, Rihanna and that means the most to me just
Nashville residents Swift, Kelly because I just, I miss great al-
Clarkson, Jack White and best bums.- That's a huge compli-
new artist nominee Hunter ment to say that your entire
Hayes were among 16 nomi- body of work was the best of the
nees with three nods. year," he said. "I don't know.
In many ways the nomina- That's the one that means the
tions reflect a singles-driven most to me. I'm really hoping
year when no album rose to the maybe, just maybe."
levell of acclaim as Adele's "21" He'll find out when the 55th
Art Africa returns for a second sensationalyear or West's "My Beautiful Dark annual Grammy Awards take
Twisted Fantasy," which domi- place Feb. 10 in Los Angeles.
nated the Grammys last Febru- Trophies will be handed out in
ART ing the 50th anniversary of Jamaica's independence; a, mu- ary. 81 categories.
continued from 1C sical honoring the great Mambo King; performances by The
Mi am Jaz Scity;liv muicby opkz Mmt an cutin -The best new artist category The 5-year-old nominations
Miami Jazz Society; live music by Rockaz Mvmt; and cutting is a great example of this year's show was held outside Los
positive transformation in our communities," said Neil Hall, edge designs by celebrity barbers at the Next Level Barber- diversity. From the minimal- Angeles for the first time and
owner of TheUrbanCollective. "We see the .change happening shop. ist R&B of Ocean, the, pop- showcased Music City for its
throughout South Florida. The UrbanCollective and Art Africa It should be noted that TheUrbanCollective through varied influenced sounds of fun. and growing role in the music in-
Miami plan to be a part of that transformative narrative for partnerships has added to its outreach efforts by assisting fe- Hayes, the soulful rock of Ala- dusty. The Bridgestone Arena
years to come." male artisans and providing smalliloans so they can build and bama Shakes and the Ameri- marked the largest venue the
Also featured during Art Africa: a special celebration mark- maintain art- or craft-based businesses. cana swing of The Lumineers, show has been held in and it
there's little resemblance be- may have been a dress rehears-
Gos elch ir p ttertu ho hoia cls cstween the acts. al for a chance to host the main
G o pe ho rsp t he rto c o h h ay cl sMcgel: alo hdhm ind on .awad show sometime in the
bum. Nominated in the major LL Cool J returned as host,
CHOIR selections to the SLIday COI- category of song of the year for sharing duties with Swift,
continued from 10 cert that have a Christmas "Adorn," he said in a phone in- whose hit song "We Are Never
i theme but also fit within the terview from New York that' he Ever Getting Back Together"
and directs, the Miami Miami context of the more popular was most excited about another earned a nod in the jam-packed
Mass Choir, one can'hear the : "Sunday morning format." category -urban contempo- record of the year category.
"' "We plan to have a great
do some four- and five-part
harmonies. For the Christmas
concert, we'll be the featured
group and that's pretty special
for us. But then, we'll be joined
by some other great, local tal-
ent too so we know it's going
to be a wonderful afternoon of
praise.' Florida's most talented voices. the songs are relatively
Joining the Miami Mass And you can't just show up for simple and easy to pick up.
Choir will be DNA MusicBoys, rehearsal. All of the members But if you go back in gos-
R.A.I.N. and S.I.G:N. [Singing must audition., pel music history, you'll hear
in God's Name] the local Changes in the gospel scene songs that are much more in-"
winners of the Arsht Center's We asked Cooper about the tricately written. That was one awad wnni
inaugural "New Gospel Talent direction of gospel music to- of my challenges earlier in my Peeal /' ager,.
Search." day. He says that part of the career -I was writing songs syemyane rr ncan,.wdy, sees
The Miami Mass Choir made challenge as a director is find- that were jazz-based, had a nere adwe
its debut in Oct. 2010 as the ing music that fits his choir's Caribbean vibe or were writ- 9505-07 059-76
resident choir for the Arsht abilities and the needs of the ten for singers and musicians ;2
Center's Free Gospel Sundays community. that were very talented. The dr semnetadeT smon ou rgrays d
and has gained a reputation "It starts with great song music was demanding andI 2on esyresoryyrurerea @
as one of the area's finest, writing," he said. "Music in it just didn't fit the Sunday / ".
multicultural gospel choirs the gospel industry has moved morning format." 04 73
representing over 50 of South to a Sunday morning format Cooper promises to bring ":1

-- *
C r e t o r o S ta n sfo"T h e d l a k I y sE v e n t D J c o z ie s u p t o f e l l o w s h o p p e r .
prject TispGumbs (left and Joshuas Kissifth pright).ino
Stre teEtquete adnreduo g Muaoel postelint Designeart ouay Teaspusied colec arp 1ob611hbu tque
launchlie vs h rthlinaohe 'i'sadpisonar cer. eesMam Aorvt eonecio uT l wilbedin oew es ig neorthtmers"
The,,~ shirtas are'n baedo teramo urnad'msclegsuhas aborwas, Tesaid sthe elyFr-adedlowihtertm
a 4 01S The?, pastm decade has see tabhshe a clsoeatosi
is quckly aking4neiny es cat iaenn for vaos band shme d se. a i s iweuc
dyosm infoot Bini sm Desogne Osonum Temassint. tasu
Joshua ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ isr Kiasi and Trvsrti~ites rnie ex bracktiheUlvrity of prvddtnechnoloy fxo a H DREST OUIOE Dress. to Kilbutqu
umsate ap e dudeth s in estil adeto in ,n ,is I cve. woeng there galry pube mrants-,oagee nterloaes0te- getshow off .'th at~estselecin po
t behind t wesit StetEthlg? e- ent in20,IhdcetdmOene rt kf in hebouiqe, henewrote
"' iquet te ael een busyin- wit tha saids ftraorm Preto r ti sdtum T ema own umettn tye "or o ft dno qoesignstes e ii t ofahll, Ma-Jing, WoingSai
wn tIpsb 'll, b on in acari- SEAfea lance therhnsi e mar edlche hern tehqe el uded focuseing Tpc sget- nthn.
gisns ad atrowioera bote thrads Johu and BE avNI whlel Pls-a isn" aid on hugh-waisted drvese and m ert ofu i es acurig Moeta ntig7~
ovtnks iont ar e thei 2010 new Srt s a lr 0d atoteber. anauvekrts beae hroer dexpsurignd nprsn Cetvt i atc epe ob nprd
poto e Thear of1ac .vy cotAto mad rin Athe IL s wu o a "workdfrm ugis aoud the curves".no ntligne' i to isat
Ngafow s Jloshua and tv -is n ld eit tewo imi e edi ShGer lau nedh er sin "th a sL nust- a if Bas l W ieionlosy ep "Iam s ellie1 a og
Threfrn Blcack iviy's itmstun g and afrdabl holorida gift, m ade a go&od decyis tho n d i t celbregnigf- thert ist ndrso olar o an,
fppers Back collhe etr iy hagest ndte Lk many msucc eu gedt te get me c the t st "My cae onuttioe is e tip to h losy'htdvlp 'p ad
prpp st l f d y o e b o g rs ts nc os et ew enIw sg o m p I ny b u h lt e .It k
by, ut ffeed frsh wis SE guy expndig teir paied e tat di nothav th chnt hrogh hostI
to tdays saggr sekin brnd eyon th wesit a hoic ofclohesI cold rocss f ho totak cae o
gent. Te nw to-yer-od Tis ast umm? Jsht wea, bt hd t mak do theseles.
prjetatratd o uh n Tavs.asotllboa wt watvr iz asavi- h 2-ya-od eige
attetio tht Th Ne Yok edwit Soudo to i~ a ble, Tea sid aid t ws al abut elerat
imes called thKuEthVarotecman sgaIN heRAS teenage years grow in-"umUadbobsIbtSo
mos prmientpulicfaes ur esadills. ngup n damage, sall beng rahy" Botiue wnr Atoia Toi" oussant

II N,,\ I I( N #I B I,( K \E\WS PA II-R 5C THE MIAMI TIMES, DECEMBER 12-18, 2012
Teachers union 04-
agist new i
At a newsCONTRAC
Rating based on students' FCAT conferne ..1V .
pefrmance deemed unfi daron
~~~~ing, shortly .... "
By Brandon Larrabee continuation of a long-running, before the..."?
battle between the Florida Legislature "f
The state's largest teachers Education Association and convened for" l
union is pushing for lawmak- state officials over whether and its orga-
era and Gov. Rick Scott to how to pay teachers for their nizational SCOTT Teachers at Paul Robeson High School protest on the first day of the Chicago Teachers'
delay a new system of teacher performance. The union has session, Uinsrk
evaluations, saying the formu- repeatedly stressed that it is teachers talked about how they Uno.srk
la for measuring teachers' per7 not opposed to accountabil- think tlhe "value-added model" represent their work. aren't in their classroom for rated based on the scores of
formance is flawed and could ity but that the systems the which relies on test scores Several teachers talked example, third-graders do not other students at the school -
wreak havoc on their careers. state has designed so far are to help measure a teacher's about being evaluated based take the FCAT, so third-grade and not on the work of the kids
In some ways, the fight is a flawed or unworkable. impact on students doesn't on test scores for students who teacher Margaret Goodwin was, Please turn to TEACHERS 6C
.............. ............. ............. ............. ............. ......e...... ............. ............. ............. .. .......... .............
Obama's education plan to be tested
Some skeptical
about proposed
By Lucy Madison i
ready begun to sketch the "
outlines of an ambitious "
second-term agenda, tout-
ing his mandate on tax .I . ..
rqtes and making compre- . ..
hensive immigration reform Duncan signaled a broad Race to the Top program, organizatiostose new ,i i .)
a top legislative priority. commitment to building a $4.35 billion competition solutions AtOi ldtonlngstanding i,: :'"
But when it comes to educa- upon the administration's designed to spur innova- challenges in duaton
iion reform, looming battles previous efforts in the com- tion and reforms in state "We will continue to pro- :
over politics and funding "ing years. and. local K-12 education, vide incentives and support Dr. John Silvanus Wilson, Jr., 11th president, Morehouse College.
threaten to leave students "Our basic theory of ac- and waivers exempting for states and districts to en-
and educators nationwide tion is not going to change," states from the controver- gage in systematic changeohS o W l or-n-
in the lurch -.and could Duncan said, according sial "No Child Left Behin d" and expand their capacity nw
deril he resden's egay t hi prpard rmarslaw, which Congress has yet to boost student achieve-
on an issue he's long touted "The real work of improv- to reauthorize. The presi- ment and close opportunity e- o s se -~l
as paramount to his vibioni ing schools doesn't happen dent has also pledged to .gaps," Duncan said recent- Mrn
for governing. in Washington. Our job, in'" hire 100,000 new. teach- ly. "We're going to continue Mre o se pr s de t
The Department of Edu- a second term, is to support ers, and ( the Department to provide incentives and
cation declined to comment the bold and transforms- of Education has pushed support for states/ and dis- to of.eacher oueIntatv
on the administration's tional reforms at the state programs like "Investing tricts to strengthen the : Seasoned teacr oteWieHueiitv
second-term agenda for and local level that so many in Education" and "Prom- teaching profession, develop :Ohi on Historically Black Colleges and
education, but in remarks of you have pursued during ise Neighborhoods," which useful systems of teacher : returns t & Universities.
recently to the Council of the last four years." emphasize cradle-to -career and principal evaluatio n, I YJ heln my admnitrute oice,
Chief State School Officers, Chief among those reforms educational programs and and recruit world-class tel- al a mater lohrogh on ouromini t ent
Education Secretary Arne include the administration's push schools and non-profit ent to our schools." Miami Times staff report to strengthen historically black
..... .... ..... .... ..... .... ; ..... .... ..... .... .... ..... .... ..... .... ..... ..n.collgesea dsun versiies, ssai
After a rigorous nationwide President Barack Obama. "I wish
searc tgra ing bega whnergJhnteretadietaesongi
W h n l ra in 'i d iz a~ n gRobert M. Franklin *announced important new role as the presi-
in.TJanry 9.0192 flint lie would dent of Morehouse College and

$]The B.T.W. class of 1961 New Stanton Sr. High of
will host its-Holiday meeting, Jacksonville -will cruise in
Dec. 15th at 3 p.m. at the May 2013 for a joint 45th class, ,:, .-
African Cultural Arts Heritage reunion. Call 305-474-0030. :J
0 Dads for Justice assists 'After a year long legal battle involving Bob Marley's half brother, Richard Booker,
a Kuumba Artists Florida's Black community [] Miami-Dade -National non-custodial parents with child Ihis widow, Rita Marley, and nine children, the legendary family has officially settled
Collective of South Florida leaders and entrepreneurs, Pan Hellenic Council invites support matters. Call 786-273- a trademark lawsuit. According to the suit fil ed on Dec. 1, 2011, Booker and several
will celebrate with the Grand Dec. 14th at 6 p.m., at Nova you to their Step Show, ]an. 0294, affiliated companies were violating copyright and trademark laws using Marleyl$ in-
Opening Reception, of the Southeastern University, 3301 .20th *at 6 p.m., at 15800 NW tellectual property to promote an annual Miami music festival without authorization.
Kuumba, Annual Kwanzaa Art College Ave. 42nd Ave. Call 305-788-2736. 0 Resources for Veterans Since then, Booker and his legal team filed a counter suit claiming the iconic musi-
,Exhibition, Dec. 12th, 7 p.m. at Sacred Trust offers cian granted him permission to use his likeliness, all of which has led both parties to
2166 NW Dr. Martin Luther King [] Tim Hardaway [] Booker T. Washington affordable 'and supportive come to an agreement out of court.
Jr. Blvd. Call 305-638-6771. Foundation and The Parks Class of 1967 meets monthly.' housing assistance for low-
Foundation of Miami-Dade Call 305-333-7128. income veteran families facing CHRIS BROW/N GETS RULING IN MIAMI INCIDENT
OThe TedLuca$ Foundation will have their first, Family homelessness. Call 855-778- Grammy-winning singerChris Brown will not face criminal charges for snatching
and the James Jones Legacy Adventure ,Challenge, Dec. i Seed of Hope 3411., a woman's cellphone when she tried to snap a photo of him outside a Miami,,Beach
Foundation will celebrate 15th, 8:30 a.m., at Tropical Community Outreach,.Inc. club, prosecutors said last Friday. A memo released by Miami-Dade County, State
academics with their All-Star Park, 7900 SW 40 Street. offers free weekly counseling 0U Solid Rock Enterprise,, Inc. 'Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle concludes there is no evidence that Brown
Holiday Weekend from Dec. 13- Contact Jessica at. 305-755- session. Call 305-761-8878.- Restorativ e Justice Academy intended to steal the phone in February or that he deleted any photos. One or the
16th. Call 305-535-7595, 7871. offers counseling services for other is necessary for him to be charged with robbery or theft. Prosecutors said that
: ]The Nation 'al Coalition youth. Call 786-8472 Brown tossed the phone from his lima and that it was picked up by Devon Blanche,
[], Florida Memoral .i Florida Memorial of 100 Black Women "head of security for rapper Tyga, who had performed with Brown at the Cameo club
University will have Its Senior University invites you its -Greater Miami Chapter M Evans County High School that night According to the memo, Blanche tried to find out if someone had~lost the
Banquet, Dec. 13th at 7 p.m. in Commencement, Ceremony, accepting applications for Just Alumni is creating a South. phone, ultimately took it with h im to.Atlanta during the rapper's tour and said he
-the Smith Conference Center. Dec. 15th at8:30 a.m. in'the Us Girls Mentoring Program. Florida Alumni contact roster. intended to find its owner.
Call 305-626-3624 A. Chester Robinson 'Athletic Call 800-658-1292. Call 305-829-1345 or 786-514-:
Center. Call 305-626-3624. 4912.E dat
X[, Florida Memorial a.Range- Park offers free Ed caton based on FCAT
University's Baccalaureate t The C 'ity of Opa-locka will, self-defense/ka rate classes a] Girls Choir of Miami
Service will take plate Dec.- 'sponsor its 11th Annual Holiday for children and adults. Call will have t heir First Annual TEACHERS "I'm shocked, shocked that a
14th t 6 p.m. at theSusie C'. in the Village Toy Give-Away, 305-757-7961 or 786-306- Holiday Extravaganza, Dec. continued from SC union doesn't want to have their
Holley. Religio us Center. Call Dec., 15th at 2 p.m. at the 6442. 20th at 7 p.m., at* Beth Davidl members evaluated on the ba-
3105-626-3624. Sherbondy Village, 215 PerviZ" Congregation, 2625 SW 3rd she teaches. sis of performance," said newly
I ICABA honors South 'Ave. Call 305-688-4611. [] Alumni of Raines and Ave. Call 305-756-5502. "The reality is that the value- elected Senate President Don
. .. .. .. -"added model has nothing at all Gaetz whe4 asked about the cam-
The~~~~~~t dougl ofpol rddshostdwith myproficiency as plaints.
The tru gle f p orl gr ded sch olsa *teacher," said 'Goodwin, who Some opened the door to con-
teaches at St. Petersburg's West- sidering a change to the value-
gate IElementary. added model, but still ruled out
GRADING the second-class education be- Most of all, though, their ef- lenice and the endless tedium Association President Andy pushing back the start date of the
continued from 54b ing provided for poor kids in forts focused on something of standardized test drilling. Ford said the new system "is not evaluations.
places like East Austin. Finally, more difficult to' quantify. I They improved the numbers, ready for prime time" and that "When you pause, you're mov-
report that 82.4 percent of 11lth the truth was out. In that sense, 'watched Coach Davis revive Mostly, they did it through pas- Scott or lawmakers should -pause ing backwards," said Sen. David
graders passed all the 'stan- Davis believed at the-time, "No the basketball team, dipping sion, intelligence, grit and love. the system until it can be over- Simmons, who chaired the Sen-
dardized tests, just a tenth of a Child Left Behind was the best deep into his own paycheck No longer "Academically Un- hauled. Under a state law ap- ate education budget panel last
percentage point below the dis- thing that happened to us." and family time to inspire the acceptable," Reagan High has proved by the Legislature in last year. "We want to hear what they
trict average. But that was hardly the case: school with an unlikely playoff started to ,reclaim its proud n21,tahr ol e hirhv osybtteewl en
In 1994, the state education instead of rallying a new na- run. I watched the principal, stature, though it still serves pay and. ability to keep their job pausing."
agency started applying its tional commitment to provide Anabel Gar za, drive around a disproportionate number of affected'by the numbers Iwithin New House Speaker. Will
boilerplate .labels, which be-. quality public education for all the neighborhood rousting -tru- poor famil-es. Davis still works three years. Weatherford also sounded open to
came shorthand for real estate children, the reform movement ants out of bed, taking parents there. So do Ms. Garza, Ms. "Florida would rather be first considering changes. But he said
agents. Reagan High was rated led to an increasingly pun- to, court and telling kids their Kaiser and Armstrong, all try- than get it right, and it~s affecting the specifics of the issue would be
"Academically Acceptable,' the tive high-stakes competition teachers loved them; I watched ig to build a sustainable pub- real people's lives at this point," dealt with by House committees
second-lowest grade., Families for standardized test scores, a chemistry teacher, Candice lic school for our neighborhood. Ford said. that handle education issues,
of means departed for the ex- shool grades and labels. With- Kaiser drive carloads of kids to Still, therqs sgicato- Frhdaleyriedhes-Wich will be appointed soon.
urbs, private schools and even- in j]st a few years,, Reagan, cheer on the basketball team,' stacle they face is the very same sue with Scott through letters; in
tually charter schools. Highfell to "Academically Un-, attend after-school Bible study myopic policy suggested by Mr- response, the governor and inter-
Even so, returning as a teach- acceptable." and make .doctors' appoint- Oibama's erstwhile opponent, im Education Com~aissioner Pam
er, Davis had high hopes for No In 2009, 1 watched the teach- ments. I watched the music, Mitt Romney, in the weeks be- S Itewart indicated they would
Child Left Behind,, the federal ers at Reagan High raise test director, Ormide Armstrong, fore the election.: we grade our move forward.
education reform legislation, scores just e .nough to stave reinvent the marching band as schools, he said, so parents Lawmakers, also said recently
enacted in 2002 with biparti- off a closure order, working a prizewinning funk outfit that "'can take their child to a school they' weren't inclined to stop the
sari support led by President against a one-year deadline. backed Kanye West. that's being more. successful." sytm
George W. Bush and Senator Teachers "taught to the test" Together, they Igave familiessytm
Edward M. Kennedy. The law and did their best to game a a reason to embrace a place
turned a powerful spotlight on broken system. long dominated by tens Iion, -vio-
i I hilaros.
~~dd Apow.,
I est filmye!

Bsiness- f/n nc
Some citizens struglgwtfodsap
S me recipients onl get.$16 a en f motiHlywd. "On a couple of SOUP LINES INCREASING
"Food stamps are sup- days recently we had over 200 Whilelthe economy has re-
motth rtgroe sssta exposed to be on the first line of "go through the soup kitchen centl gained steam in South
~~~~defense, but we have to step [each day]," said 'Michele Ven Foida"iistimrvn
By Don erk-ht month in food stamps. in to help," said Paco Velez of able, director of the agency's for the pople who are in the
"One member from my the nonprofit Feeding South social srvices, lower end," Venable said. "It'.s
Beverley Faichney of Fort church constantly helps me,' Eorida. .Only 65 people used to stop really hard for people."
Ladrae often has to rely sai the gratfu 54-year-old. On some days, the non- in for a free meal eight years .In October, anadditional
onchurch frieds andfood Faichney is not alone in profit Jubilee Center of South ago when Venable said she 17,000 South Floridians went
patisto genog food to her strlsto feed herself- Broward feeds more than fis str okngauie on food stamps, adding to
Last th ot.Fi, who Chaiis say they have -been triple the number of people it : ; Center about three years the 1.1 million already on the
iso iaiiybcueshe st wretched to feed those who- did just eight years ago at its ...ibefore the Great Recession hit.. program i Brwd Palm
has seisonygt $165a run out of food-stamps before soup kitchen and food pantry Plesase turn to STAM PS8D
Some Broward communities ::Report may be "mixed bag" as
see'double-digit price gains : fewerr are lookingforjobs
By'Pal O:r By Christopher S. Rugaber
*. Associated Press
South Florida's historic housing meltdown,
forced thousands from their homes and .WASHINGTON (AP) The U.S. economy
robbed many more of financial security. "_:added 146,000 jobs in November and the
Practically no one was spared. For, sale unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent, the
signs went up in- front of modest homes and lowest since December 2008. The govern-
millionaire mansions. The term "short sale" ."ment said Superstorm Sandy had only a
became part of the daily lexicon ais home- 'i:f:minimal effect on the figures.
owners plae with ledrst.ettemsl The Labor Department's report Friday of-
for less than the-mortgage amounts. fee a ie itr fteeooy
Even those who did hang On to their. : A National Career Fairs' job fair in October. Hiring remained steady during the storm
homes watched in dismay as plummeting :and in the face of looming tax increases.
value0 pushe 0amiliesinto foreclosure, M a n y thee s goenmn sai emlyr added
leaving a trail of vacant homes and tattered 49,000 fewer jo Ibs in October and Septem-
neighborhoods i S d o" ber than it initially estimated. And the
,uSix year-later.valuesacross,the co lt u nmo yetunemployment rate fell to afour-year low in
region are, headed back up growing evi- .*November from -7.9 percent in October 'most-
dence: of a widespread recovery and perhaps ".m" Y ly because more people stopped looking for
early signsobf 'a watershed moment'. One- Co l c u A I; n work and weren't counted as unemployed.
third of 33 communities in Broward County , The report "is something of a mixed bag
posted double-digit price gains in October ". By -Paul Davidson shtL"o 5pret n21 but, on balance, it's a positive," said Paul
compared with their previous lows, accord- ."and 2011, the study says, but Ashworth, an economist at Capital Eco-
ing to data from real estate website Zillow. About two million jobless Un se jbi- that still means about 200,000 nomics.
com. ." Americans fear they'll lose benfit people didn't claim money to Sandy's effect on the figures was much
'Prices are, rising in all corners of the .* their extended unemployment which they were entitled. smaller many analysts had predicted. The
county, in waterfront enclaves and working benefits, which" are slated to Estiatedamouts o "They're throwing the money government noted that as long as employees
class communities alike. Some areas are ; end next month unless Con- stt and fedra tnm- ou .t the window," says David "worked at least one day during a pay period
seeing bigger bounces than others. rs oe ornwte. p l |n benTefit laimed[ Fuller, an, economics profes- towesfrmstppl- its survey
Wilton Manors, a small city in eastern Their concerns make a new and unlame byligbl sor at Concordia University in would have counted them as employed.
Broward known for its immaculately mani- :* finding all the more puzzling workers in bil[[lns. Montreal and co-author of the Still, there were sign s that the storm
cured front.lawns, bottomed at $184,600 in : Many people eligible for unem- report, which analyzed Bureau : disrupted economic activity. Construction
,July 2010, but the median value there has. ployment don't even bother to 2007,I $32] $32R of Labor Statistics data. employment dropped 20,000. And weather
soared to $226,900 a 22.9 percent in- collect it. 1 I 200 $48B I[ Many unemployed people prevented 369,000 people from getting,to
-crease that leads all of Broward. The city's : In the depths of the reces- 200~. -!.i 9 $12 $10 aren't eligible for benefits be- work the most for any month in nearly
median peaked at $419,200 in December sion in 2008 and 2009, 'only 20 1- $ 126 $3 .4 cause they worked part-time two years.. These workers were still counted
2005. half of those who qualified for ----or weren't at their jobs long as employed.
Real estate agent Chip Rowand has a cli- benefits applied, a study by 2011]I $96l $1,4 6f enough, for example. In 2009, : Investors appeared pleased with the
ent under contract to sell~a three-bedroom the St. Louis Federal Reserve SO ,URCE: FEEALRSEV BN IT about three million of the .: report. The Dow Jones industrial aver-
townhome in Wilton Manors for about Bank shows. LOI, UEU FLBO TTITC average 14.5 million or so : age gained 56 points in the first hour of
Please turn to HOMES 10D ** The portion filing for benefits, Please turn to JOBS 8D trading.

Talin teh:Peer-to-peer car sharig takes off
By Jefferson Graham 1,000 cities. GMvhcl-wer a Airbnb that matches folks .who stole their cars at gun-
RelayRides isn't alone in Mveieow rsanlooking to rent their homes to point.
SAN FRANCISCO Looking pushing the concept of peer- rent out their vehicle with RelayRides travelers in pursuit of cheap Susan Shaheen, a Univer-
to bring in some extra money, to-peer car sharing, or pay- accommodations. sity of California- Berkeley
Dylan Rogers of Chicago saw ing your neighbor to borrow )tr Now that RelayRides and researcher, says the heavy use
an ad for car-sharing service the wheels for a few hours or 1112111..... QS other companies are starting of Facebook and social me-
RelayRides on Craigslist and days. Relay competes with Ge- OI have a car: to inch beyond San Francisco, die makes renting cars from
decided to give it a try. taround, another San Fran- :. o.A ,, ride sharing has gone from "friends" via an agency a safer
He offered his BMW for rent, cisco-based start-up, which *..I. ,Ms,, ,, Inniche" to "on its way to becom- transaction.
and quickly started seeing is available in San Francisco, .- Si; ............. ) ) ,,ycafhedule: "cma'., ing mainstream," says Arun "You get to meet the people
$1,500. monthly He lie he Prlad hiao anDeo rw "stwkAA Sundararajan, a professor at online, and they are reviewed
process so much he started and Austin, and several other 1 d u:ia gi:;w" e York University's Stern and rated by customerss" She-
buying other cars to rent out small start-ups that operate ,:i School of Business. heen says. Additionally, the
and add to his monthly earn- mostly in the San Francisco He projects that within the services can track the location
ings. area. They include JustSha- I need a car next three years, Peer-to-peer of the car and ID, "which helps
"The experience has been reft and Wheelz, which has an ,car sharing will be "truly prevent those types of instanc-.
awesome," he says. "I was investment from car-sharing .....SWUup fay.vks, s nrdl~" 'a tontra, once toea s" h as
skeptical at first and assumed pioneer Zipcar. hurdles are out of the way. RelayRides and Getaround
the worst, that people would But it's Relay and Getaround Schedule-'m ,,w "The advantage to consumers say no cars have been stolen
be rough with my car or crash competing the most. Earlier is that it's a more convenient from their services, although
it. But that hasn't happened. this year, Yahoo CEO Marissa and comfortable way to pick up several have been dented or
They've been great." Mayer, actor Ashton Kutcher, a ride," he says. The cultural even totaled. Insurance from
RelayRides, which is backed and Google Chairman Eric aversion to sharing the person- the rental agency no charge
by~~~~~~vrbd Winera Moos ogl' cmdt i i Invto al car, however, "is something to the renter has taken care
Google Ventures investment Endeavors firm, participated that has to be overcome." of repairs.
subsidiary and others, has in a $13.9 million investment Another is fear. Recently, several states,
come a long way since open- for Getaround. In Oakland, for instance, including California, Washing-
ing its corporate headquarters -Some 10,000 car o~vners police have reported several ton and Oregon, passed laws
iri San Francisco nearly two are using Getaround, which says company founder Jessica A SAN FRANCISCO TREAT carjackings when consumers clarifying that personal insur-
years ago. The company now differs from RelayRides in try- Scorpio. Getaround plans to Car sharing is similar to selling used cars via Craigslist ance isn't required for renters
has "tens of thousands" of ing to concentrate on specific enter at least five new cities in another San Francisco phe- ended up stranded after they who opt for peer-to-peer
members renting their cars in markets before going broad, 2013, she adds. nomenon that went national encountered potential buyers Please turn to CAR 10ID
AAA:: Stop sales of E5blend gasoline .= .....
Group itiesabout it, and the EPA is go-
Grou cites PUS F E 3 ing to know about it."
of But the American Pe-
risk vehicle itroleum Institute says a
damage three-year study conducted
. by automakers and the oil
By Gary Strauss industry found that E15 is a
consumer safety issue for a
The AAA says the Envi- A majority of drivers with pre-
ronmental Protection Agency 2012 vehicles. "Our testing :
and gasoline retailers should 0of a range of ethanol levels
halt the sale of E15, a new at 15 percent to 20 percent
ethanol blend that could .....has identified issues about
damae milios ofvehilesengine durability," API group
and void car warranties. ... '.director and engineer Bob
AAA, which issued its Grc says.;
warning Friday, says just i : Congressman Jim Sensen- J
12 million-of more than 240 brenner has proposed legis- "
million cars, trucks and l !' lation requiring the EPA to
SUVs now in use have man- -Photo: Scott Zaremba authorize an unbiased study
ufacturers' approval for El15. A gas pump at Zarco 66 in Lawrence; Kansas, where of E15, agrees with the AAA.
Flex-fuel vehicles, 2012 and -aoi "(The) findings affirm what
newer General Motors ve- E15 gaoine is sold among its blends. we have already heard-E15
hicles, 2013 Fords and 2001 causes premature engine
and later model Porsches are standard at most of the na- Bob Dinneen, CEO of the damage and voids warran-
the exceptions, according tion's 160,000 gas stations, Renewable Fuels Associa- ties, even on new models,"da
to AAA, the nation's largest spurred by federal laws tion, says E15 is safe for vir- the Wisconsin Republican
motorist group, with 53.5 and standards designed to tually all post-2001 vehicles, says. "Concerns about E15
million members. use more renewable energy based on extensive govern- are not diminishing, they
"It is clear that millions of sources and lessen the ha- ment-sponsored testing. "We are increasing. That is
Americans are unfamiliar tion's. dependence on for- think the (EPA) warning telling. When an organiza-
with E15, which means there eign oil. Pushed by ethanol label should be sufficient to tion like AAA,'a nationally Il inBrnett; Around back, meals the culinary
is a strong possibility that producers, the EPA approved n .otify consumers," Dinneen- trusted source for motorists, there's a garden school provides for
many may improperly fill the use of E15 a 15 per- says. "There are no corrosive calls out the EPA, you would From t.he outside, the first soup low-income children
up using this gasoline and cent ethanol-gasoline blend issues with E15. If there's an think the (Obamna) Adminis- Project Host may kitchen garden in in after-school pro-
damage their vehicle," AAA --i u eo e beto s i s ewt 1 d m g n rto o l it n"-look like any soup America when it grams around town.
President and CEO Robert from automakers and the oil vehicles) we're going to know Please turn to AAA 10D) kitchen in the USA. started in 1998, The new green-
But there's more according to Project house, scheduled to
going on'than meets Host Director Sally be completed in De-
Ameic ns refo egongun mplym nt the eye. Green and there's cember, is courtesy
Ame ic nsar fre oig ne plym nt The main busi- a greenhouse going of Fluor, a multina-
ness remains feed- UP. tional construction
JOBS surance. During and after But average joblessness rose strictions on when they can ing the hungry in It's all part of liv- and engineering
continued from 7D) the recent recession, the to about 33 weeks in 2010 apply, though that likely ac- Greenville, S.C. ing up to the char- company with of-
federal government has paid and 39 weeks last year as counts for only a fraction of But in addi- ity's motto: "Using ices in Greenville.
jobless people didn't qualify extended benefits beyond' the share seeking benefits non-collectors, he says. tion to the kitchen food as a tool to The project won a
for benefits. that up to 73 weeks. soared to 95 percent. Other w )rkers, he says, where more than nourish the hungry $10,000 award from
But of the roughly 11.4 The willingness of many Average jobless duration may fear that seeking ben- 100 volunteers and train the unem- the company as part
million who were laid off jobless Americans to forego has hovered near 40 weeks efits would rankle their for- take turns cooking ployed." of its celebration of
and eligible 'to collect that unemployment checks isn't this year. But it should dip mer employers, who must soup and cornbread Even in good its 100-year anni-
year,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~n~ only about -5.7_ mlinnwFrm18to21,a toaot3wekin21,pymeitoheumly ix days a week. times, Project Host versary, plus an-

If you believe foreclosure errors costyou money, you can request a free review of your mortgage
foreclosure fiesby a neutral party. You give up nothing by requesting a review and waive no rights by
accepting compensation.
$125,000 PLUS EQUITY.*
Visit or cal l -888-952-9105 to
request a review today. You must submit a Request for Review Form no
later than December 31, 2012.
Don't pay for help to request a review. Federal bank regulatorsthe Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a bureau of the U.S. Department of
the TreasuryWare directing and monitoring the review process.
For more information, go to the government websites: or
If you need free help to complete the Request for Review Form, contact a HUD-approved nonprofit organization that helps homeowners in
distress. Information about HUD-approved nonprofit organizations that can provide free assistance is available at or by calling 1-855-778-0855:
Si usted habia espaf~ol, tenemos representantes que pueden asistile en su idioma
para darle informaci6n sobre la Revisi6n Independiente de Ejecucidn Hipotecaria.
Assistance is also available in over 200 languages, including: Chinese, Korean,
Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hmong and Russian.
RA[ fgIA Tro gitip hie'n c6 being ti~ng Vitt
eol 35%& Alf- 9LI- Peb mual cov neeg hais lus Hmoob pab nej. An important message directed by
.OII~ob Ha pyCCKOM R3bl~e. Available ang tulong sa wikang Tagalog. the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
* Any payments made to you if errors in your foreclosure are found may be reported to the FORg g ggECLOSURE| g )
IRS and may have tax implications. Consult a tax advisor to discuss those implications, INDULENLEUL IREnCL ULLVILW

Casino CEO spends $39.6M ion late election effort
Donations flowed Crossroads, affiliated with Re- The flurry of filings high- 2007 by President George W.
publican strategist Karl Rove. light the Adelson's 1 lth-hour Bush.
infihal days The Las Vegas Sands CEO 0 involvement in other congres- Reese declined to discuss
also pumped $1 million into : signal contests. For instance, details of Adelson's sched-
before election a last-minute bid to unseat he donated $2.5 million in the ule and would not comment
Democratic Sen. Debbie Sta- final weeks of the elections to on his last-m'inute political
By Fredreka Schouten and benow of Michigan, according a super PAC attacking Demo- spending.-
Christopher Schnaars to the group's filings with the ciat Tim Kaine, Virginia's The final election reports by
Federal Election Commission. former governor. Kaine won super PACs to the FEC also
WASHINGTON -- Billion- Adelson's donation account- Virginia's U.S. Senate race. show:
mire casino executive Sheldon ed for more than 80 percent In a recent Wall Street Jour- Restore Our Future, the
Adelson, the biggest political of the money that flowed to nal interview, Adelson said he pro-Romney PAC, raised
donor of the 2012 elections, the Hardworking Americans, intended to increase his po- $22.1 million and spent a
and his wife, Miriam, spent Committee, which blasted litical spending in the future, $45.5 million in the Oct.
$39.6 million on failed efforts Stabenow with television corn- despite Republican losses. 18-Nov. 26 covered by the
to elect Republicans to the mercials in the final weeks of The Las Vegas-based mogul reports. In addition to the
White House and Congres 's in the campaign. Stabenow went visited Washington this week, Adelsons, other late donors
the campaign's waning days, on to trounce Republican Pe- "making stops on Capitol Hill included Oracle CEO Larry
new reports show, ter Hoekstra on Election Day, to visit with Republican con- Ellison, who donated $3
In all, the Adelsons gave winning the state by more gressional leaders arnd party million in late October, and
more than $91.7 million to than 20 percentage points. -Photo: Nicholas Kamm officials. The main purpose of former Price is Right host Bob
GOP-aligned groups during The group also funded more Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson gave $1 million in a late the trip was to accompany his Barker, who gave $174,200.
theentre 012capain, n- han$10,00 i teephnewife, who attended meetings Pittsburgh billionaire Richard
the ntie 212 ampign in thn $40,00 n tlepone effort to unseat Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.
cluding $30 million to Restore calls to turn out voters for related to her role at the U.S. Mellon Scaife, a newspaper
Our Future, a super PAC Romney in Michigan. shape presidential and con- their donors until Thursday Holocaust Museum, Adelson publisher and longtime donor
supporting Mitt Romney's bid The committee was among gressional races in the final the day post-election reports spokesman Ron Reese said. to conservative causes, do-
for the presidency. Another dozens of outside political weeks before the elections but are due to the Federal Elec- Miriam Adelson was named nated more than $400,000 in
$23 million went to American groups that scrambled to were not required to disclose tion Commission. to the museum's council in October.
More U.S. service jobs-go overseas Consulting a smart move
O fh rn issuch as handling payroll or WORK address and a website enjoy the flexibility
tr ck ng pu ch se or er continued from 7D) to promote yourself. and freedom of work-
exp cte togro J 4. mplyer typical an utAs a consultant, your ing contingently and
ex ece to ro labor costs by about 75 per- experience Iin your clients look to you for they start their own
By Paul Davidson. RTS cent, Dorr says. In recent specialty area; you detailed guidance on a businesses. Check
Thestik tatcrpped AM ] years, a growing number of have credibility and particular area of ex- sites such as Guru,
Th tiethigher-el jbhaemved your advice -is sound; pertise. Craigslist band Solo-
two of the nation's busiest overseas, such as benefits your work or research, Just as volunteering Gig for project-based
shipping ports was settled [:(aanalysis and vendor man- has been documented; often leads to employ- work. And be sure to
this week, but the trend it i;I AA i 'G~ agement, though the cost you are considered an ment, so does being sign up with tempo-
spotlghte mo theng foroffhorng hos expert in your field of a contingent worker. rary agencies such
ofspotlihedjbs- ih fshorinected positions is only about 25 knowledge; others can If you, find yourself as Kelly Services, Ag-
to continue to grow across percent.The trend took off vouch for you as refer- displaced or with- ile 1 and Manpower.
the USA. after companies began con- ences, out a job, a contin- A significant number
The eight-day walkout by -Photo: Robyn Beck tracting with programmers In. addition, consid- gent role could bridge of temporary workers
clerical workers at the ports Striking workers carry placards Tuesday at the Port of in India to help with the er obtaining a phone the income gap until have landed full-time
of Los Angeles and Long Los Angeles. The now-settled labor strike highlighted massive preparations for the ,number where pros- you find permanent employment within
Beach largely centered on the trend of the offshorilng of service jobs. Y2K computer bug in 200.0, pects can reach you, a employment. Many organizations that use
the outsourcing of their jobs says Hackett research direc- business card, mailing people find that they these temp agencies.
overseas and elsewhere in About 663,000 large-compa- Most workers are employed" tor Erik Dorr.
the U.S., says Craig Mer- ny jobs in information tech- directly by companies that "Organizations .now feel h rf l
rilees, a spokesman for the nology, human resources, previously used U.S. staff- more comfortable moving upN ega
International Longshore and finance and purchasing ers, though some work for the value chain," Dorr says,N egah rmu to cs
Warehouse Union. Shippers the category that includes outsourcing firms. Hackett noting, for example, that In-
denied outsourcing jobs, but the port workers have studied companies with at dia's education system is im AAan libitpre-201Cvy icu
the tentative settlement re- been offshored since 2002, least $1 billion in annual proving and turning out top- continued from 8D tion, especially if it's with E15 blend.
stricts the practice, accord- according to The Hackett revenue, noting they repre7 notch job candidates. later determined E15 "The same com-
ing to the Associated Press. Group. sent about 75 percent of the Since 2005, legal services The National As- is a defective prod- plaints came when 10
Yet service companies have By 2016, the consult- offshoring market. such as document review, sociation of Conve- uct orthere are prob- percent blend came in
been sending jobs abroad in ing firm estimates, another India is the largest offshor- contract drafting and regula- nience Stores says it's lems," spokesman the world was com-
large numbers the past de- 375,000 jobs in the sectors ing center. Service jobs also tory communication increas- also worried about Jeff Lenard says. ing to an end," says
cade to cut labor costs -a will be moved abroad. More have gone Ito eastern Eur ope, ingly have" been offshored, the effect of E15 on Scott Zaremba, who Zaremba, 47. "E15
trend that accelerated in the than a third of the U.S. jobs the Philippines, China and particularly to India, says station pumps and has been selling E15 burns well and has
recession and is expected to in those industries in 2002 Mexico. Greg McPolin, managing di- fuel lines. "The EPA blends at several of great performance,
continue the next few years will have moved offshore by 'In other sectors, initially rector of Pangea3, a legal says its OK to sell it, his eight Zarco 66 sta- and four people tell
before slowing after 2016. 2016. low-level jobs were offshored, outsourcing firm. but for most retail- tions in Kansas since me it gives them bet-
ers, there is too much July, says no custom- ter gas mileage.I
Gro ingtr nd f ver llhom r cov ry uncertainty related ers have complained. don't see any major
Gro ingtre d o o eral h me eco ery to consumer demand He's also fueling his issues with it yet."
HOMES in prices? A lack of homes when speculators poured un- steady $646,570 for the past NOTICE= OF INVITATION TO BID OR REQ:UEST-FOR PROPOSALS
continued from 7D for sale, mortgage rates still told millions into residential three years, records show. TESHO OR FMAIDD ONY LRD
hovering near historic lows real estate. Lenders were -more than TESHO OR FMAIDD ONY LRD
$420,000, a price tag usu- and strong demand from in- As investors bought homes willing to hand out mortgag- 1450 N.E. 2ND AVENUE, ROOM 351
ally reserved -for single-family vestors and firgt-time buyers. and quickly sold them for es, often without verifying a MIAMI, FLORIDA 33132
homes Homes priced appropriately fast profits, developers built borrower's income. To afford Solicitations are subject to School Board Policy 6325, Cone of Silence,
"I was shocked," Rowand are getting multiple offers more homes and condomini- the escalating home prices, For more details please visit: http;//
said. "But people are willing sometimes 10 or more in a ums and prices rose to record young families 'and other i z
to pay higher-than-appraised matter of a few days. levels. The median price for a first-time buyers had to take BI N MBEI IDTIL IPR- ID ONERNC
value in these desirable corn- when a North Lauderdale single-family home in Bro- out risky loans that even- OPNN DATE ti ;
munities." townhome hit the market last ward peaked at $391,100 in tually would reset to much ;';. :
Fort Lauderdale's October week for $69,900, one couple November 2005', according to higher interest rates.RP:MnfcueDictom dtyrcsig
median value of $205,900 is offered full price and penned the Florida Realtors. Many borrowers didn't AP pr-roacnferiect Comoit roen s singedfo
1A. Qecn hihe tha -its- 4 a heartfelt letter to the seller Stan Warshaw bought his understand the mortgage ADe-per2,po1sal concern as, bepaent eulfod
low ointin Fbrury 211. explain whytheywantd fur-bdroo Ligthose trms r te cosequncesandNutrtionfloctedat 742 W FlalerStret, Mami

- .........................Ad onced Gyn Clni ..........
- ....Professional, Sate & Confidernal services
2945 NW 46 Street 1243 NW 100 Terrace 7619 NE 3 Court 18NW4STETLACE FRONT TECH .
Aprm ns One bedroom, one bath, Two bedrooms, big living One large bedroom, one Now hiring. Miami Hair
$600. Call Mr. Perez. room, central air. $800 a bath. 786-286-2540 SECTION 8 WELCOME! Studio. Termination Up to 22 Weeks
NORTHEAST AREA 786-412-9343 month, $1200 moves you in, 81 25 NW 6Avenrue LagIhe eros 18 W5 tet im.k ndividual Counseling Services
Seto n n t o7 666 -93two baths, $1200 monthly, 305-757-1222 B rdC tied0 GY s
Setin8.Oe n to 30 Street 12 Avenue Area 78-6-93Remodeled one- bedroom, central air, garage. All Boar Cetiid BGY
bedrooms. $199 security. One bedroom, 305-754-7776 1255 NW 100 Terrace one bath: utilities apincsncue.Fe R UT DIV S- mpteGNercs
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110N lc n dmoebt,$4. $900. No Section 8 $600 monthly. 786-355-7578 deliver newspaper to retail
1O5e berom on Plath, ebr n a 45 Terry Dellerson Broker ONLY $500 deposit.oult inBwad ndAOT NSAR$10NDU
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. 5 steetHeihts1291 NW 57 Street Fuberostwbah. Wednesday Only
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Studio $3958 mothlyetl 1732 NW 41 Street Three bedrooms, one bath. I'l= ,. :,,.,'*:,i:
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FIRST MONTH the same day. 805-603- 3051 NW 134 Street Access to living room and One, two, three and four Professionalism Program,
MOVES YOU IN! 9592, 305-600-7280 or vi .sit Section 8 Ok! Newly kitchen, close to metro rail.. bedrooms. Section 8 ok. No Florida Department of Law
First month moves you in. our office at: Iremodeled, two large bdrms, 305-439-2906' application fee. 305-218- Enforcement, P. 0. Box.........
Two bdrms one bath. $600 1250 NW 62 St Apt #1. one bath, air., washer/dryer
included. $890 monthly. 335 NW 203 Terrace 5151 149, Tallahassee, Florida!

BTW takes state title in rematch
against Jacksonville Bolles
Tornadoes win was a standout quarterback contributed greatly to the win
himself in high school before included: Nigel Patten, a cor- "
in a rout 35-7 moving on to the University nerback who bungled a kick- N
of Miami where he earned All off return in last year's match 4
By 0. Kevin McNeir American status as a runner. UP that was a turning point in : '. Another brother, Brandon, 'ol- BTW's fourth-quarter collapse
Kent State's Oregon's Chip Kelly Georgia's Mark Richt -Northern Illinois'
-~~~~-File Darelhaeloavtoee
Last year the Jacksonville Darrell.......... Hazell $4 million (minimum $225,000 (amount heDa e o rn
Bolles got the best of Booker $0 (amount of bonus value of the automatic has secured in on-field $35,000 (amount he has
T. Washington in' the Class money tied to the Golden one-year contract exten- performance bonuses so secured in on-field perfor-
4A state final, much -to the Flashes potential par-- sion he would earn by for this season. mance bonuses so far)
dima o tei fnsan teticipation in a BCS game; adding a bowl victory to $575,000 (total of addi- $125,000 (total of addi-
teamaymofbtheir heanseandsth he gets $10O,000 for any the 11 wins the Ducks tional bonuses he would tional bonuse s he would
But his ears themselves., bowl appearance and have so far this season) earn by winning SEC title earn by winning MAC title
Butinthi ya rpea gmean additional $5,000 for and BCS title) and appearing in a BCS
between the two top-ranked winning) game)
teams, it was the Tornadoes
who emerged victorious. Scor-BI MOEON T E LE
ing 22 unanswered points in 'M
the second half, BTW (13-1)
walloped 'their opponent by BI 'Y OQTE L N.
a score of 35-7. It was their'
second state title their first tB WS MA OU E
coming in 2007. -U S E
Junior Quarterback Treon B WS MA
Harris, who led the charge lowed Tim Jr. and was part of and eventual loss, 33-25; Del-
against Jacksonville (12-2), the state title team from 2007. tr(?n Hopkins; and Matthew B tv ekwt niao ftegpbten bto fmlin fdlast
was ecstatic after th6 lopsided But this time the spotlight Thomas. and StvJ ro wiidiUtnco softshe abtn buon f s scollo s f dolast
win. And it was a family af- was on Treon. He completed Patten said he finally knows havod poclegensorts KetSae cach coangcs schols. n
fair for BTW Head Coach Tim the game, 11 of 19 passing and what it's like to be on top and Hohosacolgot ae-notarell tae achd coachsascm
"Ice" Harris, who is not only showed that he can throw long has already secured a scholar- Hwde olg otal DrelHzllhshsMd h oce'pyuscm
the coach but the father of the or connect on short opportu- ship offer from Florida State cahmkn ery$. mrcnCneec em i h omo yidicn
standout quarterback, Treon, nistic passes. In this his junior University. million put a real exclamation in contention for an elite-level rive bonuses. They are on top
who is his youngest son. season, he piled up 151 of 241 For Harris it was the second point at the end of his season? BCS berth once apparently of guaranteed compensation
.The young Harris ran for 72 passing for 2,706 yards, 35 time that he was able to cele By increasing his take to considered so unlikely that- and perks that by themselves
yards, had three touchdowns touchdowns, six interceptions brate victory with his "football mo re than six million, which his contract does not include a place head coaches -and
a nd threw for 245 yards and and ran for 819 yards and 16 family." "This is an awesome i htAaaasNc aa ou oteaheeet oetpassat mn
two more scores. His bigbroth- touchdowns., feeling as a father ... now our will do if the s,'econd-ranked Kent State athletics direc- the USA's highest-paid public
er, Tim Jr., Works with their fa- The defense dominated as goli oke uligad Crimson Tide win Saturday's tor Joel Nielsen said, "I don't employees.
thras the team's offensive co- well tallying five sacks and help these kids have a chance SotesrnC frncthkteewaaydictBlwrebuesand
ordinator. Many remember the holding Bolles to just 62 rush- to come back and do this again championship game and the reasoning behind (the absence. by, and still available to,
athetc powssof imJr wh ig ard. the payrs ha pxt ea."Bowl Championship Series of a BCS bonus) other than I head coaches of some'of this
atheti prwes o Ti Jr wo ig yrds Oherplaerstht rextyea. national title in January. know we put in a bowl pro- season's top teams. In many
Saban's bonuses which vision and then a bowl-win cases, their assistant coaches
Jac so p ay ff n d j st wold come on top of provision. There was'just no have similar, albeit smaller,
J c s n p a of ru n e d _i ls $165,000 worth of incentives other further conversation bonuses at stake.
-already reached are a frac- beyond that ... It never came On the rise: Head coach
Sh rt of st t c a m io sh option of the millions earned up in the conversations'.'about salaries average $1.64 million
sh r o t te c ap o s i and still at stake for major- Hazell's contract before Hazell Contracts from Notre Dame,
college head coaches, accord- was hired in December 2010. Stanford, Syracuse, all private
By Akilah Laster Brw ad im eta eetdN- ing to a USA TODAY Sports Hazell has earned.$35,000 schools, were unavailable. The The Generals recovered three ples 48-;33 last Friday to solidi- review of contracts. in bonuses, including $5,000 contract from Navy, whose
Immokalee fumbles butr were fy the team's return to the Class Mark Richt, who will lead for getting the 19th-ranked. athletics department is -orga-
The Jackson Generals' sea- unable to convert during the 6A state championship game No. 3 Georgia against Ala- Golden Flashes into Friday' S nized as a private, non-profit
son ended with a heart-break- emotional battle. And despite for the third year in a row. Cen-. bama on Saturday, has -a MAC title game. "organization, also was un-
ing 29-21 upset at the hands of 12 penalties, Jackson fought' tral who was down until early chance for even more bonus T heir opponent, No. 18 available.
Immokalee Friday night at Traz 'hard behind the leadership of in the fourth quarter, bounced money than Saban. After last Northern Illinois, also has These figures do not take
Powell. Tears filled the eyes of junior quarterback Qiuinton back on the timely performance season, the school gave Richt a chance to move up to a_ into 'account contingencies
players who were devastated af- "Winkle" Flowers who threw of Quarterback Keith Reid and a new contract that did not position in the final B CS that could alter, or prevent
ter a missed pass interference 186. passing yards and rushed the one-two punch of Joseph increase his $2.8 million in standings that would require payment of, these bonuses,
call near the end of the ,game for several critical first downs Yearby and Dalvin Cook. The base compensation but nearly its inclusion in one of the (i.e. academic achievement
would have put the Generals in to keep .the Generals in the Rockets (11-2) will face the doubled his possible bonuses. premier games and give by players, coach's departure
the red zone with enough time game. undefeated Gainesville Pulrple As a result, Richt has secured Huskies coach Dave Doer-en a from school). They do not
to make up the eight-point deft- Brown, who finished his first Hurricanes (13-0) on Saturday, an extra $225,000 and could $100,000 bonus. .include bonuses payable for
cit. year as head coach, took the December 15th at the Citrus get $575,000 more. The remaining games of the coach-of-the-year honors and
"It was the ending of a game, Jackson program further than Bowl at I p.m. The Purple Hutr- Big money-men: See our pre-bowl major-college football. team academic performance,
'but the beginning, of a dynes- it has been in 12 seasons. As ricantes are ranked No. 16 na- coaches salary database season @vill determine champi- tickets or perks tied to bowl
ty," said a teary-eyed Antonio he embraced a tearful player, tionally by ESPN. 'Meanwhile, in yet another ons, bowl bids and the distri- participation.
"DeLa" Brown, Jackson head Brown explained that the loss
coach. was minimal compared to the ROCI(ETS FANS CAN JOIN
The Generals (8-5), who were all-around development of his THE PARTYJO D N S MN M E B TW NAE
one game away from the Class players. Alumni and other supporters J R A AE N M U Wr AE r
5A state championship, could "I take these kids on a life can follow the Miami Central
not overcome numerous penal- experience," Brown said. "It's* Rockets to victory as part of By Jason Jordan ... '
ties and remained behind by a more than football." a bus caravan/hotel package.
touihdwri fnr the majority of And while Brown said that One- bu wll leave ndr return CHARLOTTE, N.C. Jus-