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TheBlackChurch Red
sp1eaks-o.utobn,.Clmu tp ila
Tempora Mutantur Et Nos Mutamur In Illis
VOLUME 90 NUMBER 14 MIAMI, FLORIDA, DECEMBER 5-11, 2012 50 cents
il k"eisotrsy e'tdhiyvon'rtn
KeinMceir from.Brevard County, 45-yea-r-old fully known until testimony plays
iMichael David Dunn, pulled into out in a Duval County [the scene
the same, e1t with his girlfriend, of the crime] courtroom, What is
af ov. 23rd, just one The couple was in town for Dunn's certain is that after ant exchange
raTknowledging his love son's weddinga.They parked next to of words, Donn began shoohig
y andfiBendsJordan the four Black teens. According to with a handgun firing off eight
Jussel1).avis, 17, was sitting in reports, while the girlfriend went or nine rounds:Da~vis, sitting in
gtotohaJckovil into the store, Dunn, bothered by' the back seat, was',struck twice No
ia tioihonvenience store' the vdflrie 6of the teen,'missic, one else in the vehicle vas injured
e q~g o rmnisic along with told Davis and his friends to turn Dunn says he shot after seeing the.
friends in an SUV, As their music down. buttsof a rifle and was therefore in
ild have it, adwhite male What happened next will notle Please turn to MURDER 9A
Hve we forgotten
Trayvon Martin?
BV D. Kevin McNeir ho watch zealot George Zm en w rst w t
approached the teen i
There are. several young who was returning from
Black men whose names and a store nearby. Zimmer-
stories have become symbols man phoned police and
of racial injustice in the U.S.; said, the youth "looked
Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Os- suspicious." Despite
e. andewill fioxiua being told to back off MARTIN
on Feb. 26, 2012, 17-year-old and allow the police to fo oe
Trayvon Martin. Martin was intervene, Zimmerman pursed AMr tin shae ntcn
confronted by neighborhood Martin, forcing some kind of Anu Mtn aednatonmoe
altercation. The result was the aie t te re
411 W A shooting and death of Martin,
an unarmd by current stand your ground
an nared oyjus mies laws, there are some 32 states
with some form of Castle Doc-
"Travon arti wastrine or Stand Your Ground
defedin hiselfandhad law. Three other states are
considering stand your ground
y rh to hs laws of their own. These laws
Sr d tare often criticized
J.Please turn to TRAYVON 6A
Foster mother finally faces justice Judge asked to toss
Trial willfocus on whether FAMU hazing lawsut
defendant or DCF were at fault F h l
N By Stephen Hudak
Miami Times staff report Department of Children and F
Families [DCF] who failed to jdg wllbeasedWenesday to throw out a wrong-
Opening statements were discover that the young child fu-dah asutfieb hmther ofe FAM edrmcma
heard last week in th q trial of had been missing for more jor Rbet Champion based~l oa evi dented i
Geralyn Graham 66, who has than a year. th t hap o killing ari ci aedi
been charged with first-degree An attorney for Graham ,-l the hazingrthat killed him
murder, kidnapping and child asked for a mistrial after dis- But.lawyers fo PamelaChmin
abuse. She faces life in prison covering that one of the pros- who represents her late son's estate,
if found guilty. Graham was ecutors, Assistant State At- 1 chalenged FAMU's view that he volun-
the foster parent of 4-year-old torney Joshua Weintraub, was GERALYN GRAHAM veered to take part in the fatal hazing
Rilya Wilson, who prosecutors not technically a member of RILYA WILSON Bar was resolved. He was ,ritual, and portrayed the dru major in
say was abused for months be- the Florida Bar. Weintraub was reinstated before the judge's CHAMI|ON wrtten arguments as a victim who even-
fore being smothered by Gra- pulled from the trial last Mon- tion hours that he had taken ruling. Judge Marisa Tinkler tually yielded to overwhelming social
ham. They also allege that Gra- day until the issue some 30 but were listed incorrectly and Mendez said she would not pressures.
ham lied to workers from the required continuing educa- therefore not recognized by the Please turn to TRIAL 9A Please turn to LAWUIT 9A
Shooting exposes flaws in 'stand your ground' law
ates sho tingdea *nFord stoe. his home in Satellite Beach, Black and 17. Zimmerman, a person who believes that he's
Laets otn et nFoiaAfter the Fla., where he says he was 29, followed Martin inside the in imminent danger has "no
shows uneven justice of the law shootig, Dunn preparing to turn himself in gated community he patrolled duty to retreat and has the
waited for his when police showed up to ar- because he looked suspicious. ight to stand his or her ground
By De *ane Wickham objected to their loud music. girlfriend, who rest him. They tussled on a rain-soaked and meet force with force if the
Cops say 45-year-old Mi- was inside the The Dunn case has similari- lawn before Zimmerman shot person is in a place where he or
The latest victim of Florida's chael David Dunn fired eight store when the ties to the Trayvon Martin kill- the unarmed Martin. she has a right to be."
"stand your ground" law was or nine shots into the SUV, gunfire erupt- .ing that drew national atten- Like Dunn, Zimnmerman But that's where the simi-
buried in Georgia on Saturday snatching the life from the ed, to return WICKHAM tion earlier this year. George claims he pulled his gun and larities end. Zimmerman's at-
- eight days after the vehicle body of 17-year-old Jordan to his car be- Zimmerman, a white Hispan- fired because he feared for torney has since said he won't
he and three other Black teens Russell Davis, who was sit- fore driving off. They spent the ic neighborhood watchman, his life, which is the heart of employ the stand-your-ground
were sitting in was pumped ting in a back seat outside a night in a local motel. The next killed Martin back in Febru- Florida's stand-your-ground defense, believing that a simple
full of bullets by a man who Jacksonville, Fla., convenience day Dunn drove 173 miles to ary. Like Davis, Martin was law. The 2005 legislation says Please turn to SH!OOTING 9A
j~~~~ 90158 00100 0[l!lll

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im pactU ..... ofu un it ttoMai lrd 321 un it Station, Miami, FL 33127-0200,-305694-6210
ast week citizens of the U.S. participated in marches, Phn3069-20CEO FTHBL KPRS
rallies, candlelight vigils and other related activities to GAT .REEJ. dtr 92182wrdfo ailadntoa nagonism whn i cod oA
L ring awareness to HIV/AIDS. As we all know, Black evr esorgrdeso rcced orol his rhrAdtBra fCruain
youth and Black women, are disproportionately impacted by GAT .REES. ulse meiu ua n ea ihs a ingnoperson fing n esn
this disease but none of us are immune. It was heartwarm- RAHLJ EVS ulihradCara heBakPessrvs ohl vr enin the fimele
ing to see people of all races, ages, sexual orientations, social
classes and professions linked arm-in-arm as they marched.,i ;, {.,.......... ,
Some marched on Flagler Street downtown last Friday '!i:!iii
night, inspired by the infectious smile of Earvin "Magic" D.LS IZARC
Johnson, who encouraged several hundred Miami residents
who live with H!V/AIDS every day of their lives. OthfersG tinoH V A DSnAm r a
marched down Liberty City's 22rid Avenue in a collection of Getn zero HI / I Scases tnAei *
mtire oeng blamead fole hsba dsa se yost asosaltiheyor Dec. 1st was World AIDS Day. HIV in 2012. Therefore, one way to know if are detected between the ages of
tieommuningbaetorhwtiyisae. ssutn The theme this year highlights First, AIDS is not a death sen- you have HIV, is* to ask your 30-50. The perception that HIV
comuitour public health goal of "Get- tence. Because excellent treat- healthcare provider for an HIV is strictly a gay disease is one of
There are some things that we can all do in the battle ing to Zero" that is, zero new ment is now available, it no test. Contrary to popular be- the reasons the epidemic con-
-against HIV/AIDS. First, we can all get tested and encour- cases of HIV. We couldn't be fur- longer matters if a person has lief, HIV testing is not yet auto- tinues to ravage the Black com-
age others to do the same. We can push for more medical ther from this goal, especially AIDS. People with HIV and AIDS matic in a doctor's office like a munity. Over 50.percent of my
care and research. We can support those impacted by the in the Black community. The who are on treatment can live cholesterol or diabetes test. Al- patients are women and of the
disease and offer our love whether they are members of world has been commemorat- a long healthy life. Nowadays though the federal recommen- men, half are heterosexual HIV
our church, our co-workers or part of our family or circle of ing the HIV epidemic for nearly treating both HIV and AIDS is as dations say healthare, : provid- has begun to affect all groups in
friends. 30 years. Why, then, have I re- ,,society. We have to move beyond
fred.cently encountered scenarios in the gay 'stereotype and think of
But more than that, we can push to end the stigma that the community that highlight irt AID is no a deatenenc Beas-eclet treat II, sa.teaable-:": rnc ..... -
has long been associated with HIV/AIDS. While the numbers our lack of basic HIV education, ment is now available, it no longer matterg'fNa rson hs,' "ae iedE6~ bcuei s
continue to climb and despite significant improvements in or simple actions to address the ......Finally, no one should ever
treatment and detection, HIV/AIDS is still running rampant. epidemic like a 50-year-old male F AIDS. People with HIV and AIDS who are on treatment can die .of, AIDS. IUnfortunately,
It still kills. But it is a disease that we don't have to contract small business owner inquiring live a long healthy life. : many people arrive at my office
- not if we practice safer forms of sex, abstain from inter- if HIV could be spread by shar- i : for their first visit because they
course all together, or limit ourselves to one sexual partner. ing utensils, the high school .have become sick or begun to
Black youth tend to believe that they are like Superman student believing he is at risk simple and effective as treating ers should test for HIV, the vast show symptoms of HIV. A few
-unable to be harmed by the YZarptonite' of the world. But for contracting gonorrhea but diabetes or high blood pressure. majority, namely doctors, have have even waited until it was too
the ar wrng.Andwearejus asmuc a falt f w tech not HIV, or meeting a 73-year- I often hear concerns from com- not heeded this guidance. If you late and died of HIV. What kept
the ar wong Ad w ar jst s uchat aut f w techold female patient whose doctor munity about HIV medications have never been tested for HIV, most of these people out of my
them otherwise. Now is not the time to cast blame on one had failed to diagnose her with being worse than the disease it- regardless of your age, sexual office is the shame and embar-
group of people or another because of their propensity for HIV over 10 years ago? World self. This is no longer true. There orientation or involvement in a rassment of contracting HIV.
being diagnosed as HIV-positive. We are all passengers on AIDS Day happens once a year: are now 30 medications avail- long-term relationship, includ- This shouldn't be. HIV is a pre-
one ship'-- the human race. That means that we must care but the remaining 364 days of able to treat HIV, some of which ing marriage, ask for the test, ventable and treatable disease.
for those who are healthy and those who have compromised the year, HIV is thriving amidst are only one pill a day regimens. even if your provider says you It is certainly within our power
imune Is ystems. In the Black community, we need every- silence, denial and misinforma- Furthermore, these medications do not need one. It is better to to -address this,-?public health
one to be an advocate. Because while World AIDS Day is an rich. The community remains have few side effects. In fact, know, get treated and live a long scourge. We carwdo it., B3ut wce
annalevntfihtng orlie wenyo ar HV-osiiv i uneducated and detached from most of my patients don't have life. )i :must become eduetited,' about
annalevetfigtig fr ifewhn yu re IVpostie i this preventable and wholly side effects. These medications Third, HIV is hot a gay -disease the disease, its preventio0n'and
daily struggle. treatable condition. In honor of are a game changer. It's great or a disease of youth. treatment. :. ..;
this .... .. ..r TTS rDn,r, bere ira- rev,- for people with HIV. ally, percent of all nev-. kaSsei Dr. Lisa" ..Fitzpatkck i :s f] d i mdi- '"
portant facts everyone neecls Second, HIV usually has of HIV.are among wor'e-i," d cal director of th.tinfeib} oi -s-
Wed se v ns e s r m to know and understand about no symptoms for many years. over 50i percent of ne'w cses ease aeCenter
officials on Miami shootings
l"t was just two years ago when Miami seemed to be on T e f s a lf s......
the brink of another riot after nine deadly police-in- :. .
.volved shootings of Black men rocked our community, sc rNn7mg n ry c l I
evoking feelings of fear, frustration and especially anger. AsJ
the deaths began to pile up, several involving the shootings, Why do imaginary phantoms created by Congress in the gered if Congress cuts deficits for the vulnerable.ialan
of unarmed men, protests began to mount and tempers rose. terrify,, while real-life horrors debt-ceiling negotiations 18 too rapidly by slashing spend- gender inequity still throws
Many of our citizens, including Congresswoman Frederica seem normal? Why do our months ago. Essentially, Con- ing and raising taxes knee- hurdles in front of a majority
Wilson, asked for the U.S. Department of Justice to con_ elected representatives act in gress is threatening to blow capping an already-faltering of the country, but isn't on the
duc it ow ivesigaion sparte nd pat fom hatofways that trample the values of up the economy unless Con- recovery. Interest rates on U.S. agenda. Violence still haunts
duc it on ivetigtin, eprat ad aar frm hatofthose who elected them? gress agrees not to blow up the Treasury notes are at near-re- our streets, but receives no at-
the State Attorney or the City of Miami Police Department. Consider the current debate economy. The threat is used to cord lows. Markets investors tention. These things are real,
It seemed at the time to be a palpable solution and gave in Washington. The city is in extort agreements that would are telling us that the threat not imaginary. They exist now,
Blacks needed hope that justice would prevail. full uproar about the so-called otherwise simply be unaccept- isn't out-of-control deficits and not as phantom fears. Poverty,
The police chief under whose watch the shootings oc- "fiscal cliff" the deep cuts in able such as cutting Medi- inflation; the threat,, is slow violence and racial and gender
cured, Miguel Expsito, Was replaced by -Manuel Orosa. spending and hikes in taxes care and Social Security, the growth or worse. inequities also cost the cout-
Since Orosa's term began in February 2011, he has been scheduled to take place at the basic pillars of family security. While everyone is in hyste- try big-time. We won't put up
able to avoid a similar shooting spree fielded by his officers. end of the year. To listen to And the supposed underlying ria about phantoms, the real, with mass starvation. The un-
In ddiion Oosa ha prpoed n atio panpreumalythis debate, you would. think .threat of out-of-control deficits horrors are ignored. Record employed collect food stamps;
intnddto illustat h parents inention l oproel the end of the world will come is equally false. Deficits are numbers of Americans have the employed pay taxes. This
tere patoillustad proe dupre ts itn nt mrv if Congress and the president down, as a percentage of the already gone over the cliff with country will pay big-time for a
ther ratiesandprceursdon't reach an agreement to economy, by 25 percent since no help in sight. More than generation raised in poverty on
T he problem, however, is that we are still waiting wait- cut Medicare and possibly the depths of the Great Reces- 20 million people are in need mean streets. These are real-

It's now. or never for'Black homeowership
Homeownership rates have the housing market. .to rise and increasing col- These are among jutafwf
declined in America since the Following the housing bub- lege loan debt will become an the more obvious reasons why
start of the economic crisis in ble that precipitated the eco-- expense preventing them from home affordability and home-
2008. nomic downturn, requirements qualifying for a home loan. ownership rates could decline
Nowhere has the homeown- 'for mortgage loan programs Increases in the, popula- for Black Americans in the'
ership decline been more acute were strengthened. Generally, tion and the related "demand- near future.
than in the Black community. higher down payments and pull" inflation could drive up Given that homeownership is
In 2004, 49.1 percent of Black lower debt-to-income ratios are the cost of land. This will add a tried and true tool for build-
households owned their own required. This may increase the to the cost of new homes, the ing wealth, the unfortunate
home. In 2011, that number turn of events described herein
fell shrply to44.9 pecent. ollowing the housing bubble that precipitated the econom- potnshateBlccr-
This may be a now or nev- munity can also expect to be-
141r1 last opportunity for many 1-c, downturn,. requirements for mortgage loan programs come less wealthy over time.
Blacks to be able to buy a F were strengthened. Generally, higher down payments and Hence this gloomy future
hous andrealze te Amri lower debt-t-income ratios are required. This may increase the sgetshatis ayba
can Dream. dfiutnofosoeBaktoqaiyormrgelasnow or never moment that will
MM M. VE OOE..A DW &' I1? For a myriad of 'reasons, the difclynwfrsm.lcs t ulf o otaelas have a huge impact on gen-
A G ARN6 Of1 SHREDDED POWERBALL TICKETrs? hoewesi aefrBakerations of Black Americans to
Americans should not be ex- difficulty now for some Blacks tax rates of existing homes and come.
pected to rise anytime soon if to qualify for mortgage loans., become another factor pushing Black Americans who are sit-
ever. There are several reasons Given that many types of the overall prices of homes be- tint on the fence'- wondering
t "supporting this hypothesis; 'moderate-wage manufacturing yond the reach of more Black whether now is a good time to
... '''';'"' W TE Housing prices h-ave prob- jobs lost during the most recent Americans. purchase a home -should de-
Imams, son-BE ably bottomed, out. With then economic downturn are -not New and increased con-tcide in the affirmative.ecnm
- A costs of homes beginning to expected to reappear, Blacks cerns about natural disasters -If they can afford it, Black
" rise,' this will soon begin to who held those jobs may only such as floods and earthquakes Americans should take the
IWWWplace more and more proper- be able to find employment *in miay cause building codes to be plunge now.' Otherwise, as,
Amties beyond the financial reach lower-wage jobs.With housing strengthened by governments suming that this analysis of
of mayBlack Americans. prices on the rise, this will pr-and add to construction costs. the eo myis correct, Black
" *When the Federal Reserve- vent them from qualifying for These ne* regulatory bur- Americans may find there will
S Board discontinues measures home mortgages or even con- dens, plus new energy-s having be fewer opportunities to be-
--- --ithat have held interest rates sider some homes. mandates and the increasing come a homeowner and amass
i i i artificially low which the College-educated Blacks, co st of. energy in general, can we alth in the future.
!Board plans to do in late 2014 who traditionally were able ;o increase the cost of homeown- B.B. Robinson, Ph.D. is a
-interest rates will inevitably qualify for home loans in, the. ership to rise to a point where member of the national advi-
rise. This will also. likely price past, may soon find that col- some Black Americans out of sory council of the Black leader-
TA many Black Americans out of lege ti-ition which continues the housing market. ship network Project 21.
-- ~~Jordan Dflvis:* Another young Blck ma~fn killed
If you are like me, this latest enough. And in yet another already telling a. different story old anyone is, an-i os'
rift news has got you concerned, case, it seems, that perceived about who this young man was. know anything, but he knows
a indeed. Because here we are threat is justification enough for _According to police, Jordan and a shotgun when he sees one
! O again. It has been barely a year someone who would play judge, his three friends were sitting in because he got his first gun as
7-since the killing of Trayvon Mar- jury and executioner. an SUV at a Jacksonville gas a gift from his grandparents
tin resurrected that old angst- Jordan Russell Davis was -laid station, when Dunn pulled up when. he was in. third grade."
long buried, but always there to rest last Saturday. His father next to. them and asked them Police have found no evi-
just below the surface. You described his son as, a typi- to turn down their music down. deilce that Jordan and "his
know. that feeling. It's the one friends had any weapon .in
~that makes us hear about Tray- thi o ne idobcn
reach back across decades into n e mre. Bt as we wthhe sunodltUS. a registered gun owner, did
."0- V. our history, for the name of an- ~ ~ e ue htw otneosei odnDvswa have one. He used his gun to
o- Other boy named Emmett Till. fire eight rounds into the boys'
Then, it was a whistle at a Mihe un i ~~ ua ~n.,vehicle., Two of those bul-"
. "white woman. Now, it's a hood- -lets struck and killed Jordan
'" "ed sweatshirt or music being Davis, who was sitting in the
played loudly from a car. cal teenager, who was looking Words were exchanged. This is backseat. Dunn fled the scene.
-'But always, this one Thing has forward to staing his first job, the story Dunn's attorney, Rob- These are the facts as We
been the same -- no presump- working at McDonald's He was in Lemonidis, about why her know them today. As the in-
,'tion of innocence for young saving up to buy his first car. The client felt threatened: vestigation continues, details
Black mien., No benefit of the day'before he died, his mother "He sees that much of a shot-' will no doubt continue to
doubt. Guilt -not determined says, he gave the Thanksgiving guni coming up over the rim of emerge. But as we watch the
by what they did or said -but dinner prayer, where he gave the SUJV... and all he sees are case unfold, let us be sure,
Does the 'Standl our Ground' law give presumed to be inherent in their thanks for-his family. heavily tinted front windows while we are watching, that,
very -being. They need not wield But before Jordan could be that are up and the back win- we continue to see in Jordan
whites the right to execute Blacks? a weapon to pose a threat. Be- eulogized at'his funeral, the dows that are down, and the Davis what Michael Dunn did
cause, if you are a young, Black. defense team for the man who car has at least four Black men not -a human being, instead
JANELLE LIGHTBOUR NE 22 EVELYN DORSETT, 61 man, who you are is threat is accused of killing him was in it, and he doesn't know how of a threat.
Paapesal, tit's Retre, but the doiseita n

Advocates for kids cited as champions for children
By Michael R. Malone %" (
!'Dressed in African folk- C :, ..
Sloric fashion, the children onl...
stage beat rhythms on djembe .,.- ...." ..
drums and sang a song they'd ...... i
learned in their after:-school [
program: "Tell the world, 1 7" )a ... 5 ..
am my brother's keeper, I am ,-i
my sister's keeper." The song, < ....
performed by the "Childreno .
of Urgent Inc." a NW Miami
after-school program, cap-
tured the spirit of the day for
the close to 700 who attended
The Children's Trust 8th An-
,nual Champions for Children
Awards Ceremony on Nov. 16
at the Jungle Island Treetop4
The awards ceremony helps
raise awareness of children's, '
needs in the community ad
to recognize those individuals
'and organizations providing
the highest quality services to,
children and families. Cham- -Photos by Alex Gort, Jr
pions is among the most an- Former N BA star and spoken wordartist Ktan Thomas (1) with The children from Urgent Inc. perform a song they learned in the after-school program about be-
ticipated events of the year for honoree Emily Gunter. ing their brother's and sister's keeper.
the hundreds of organizations
funded by The Trust across Jny Blakely, a 17-year-old stand their children, nurture and knowing that it matters so-' plans to "keep at this as long one moment at a time," she
th ony hl hs r-at Coral Reef High School and them,' and create stronger fao- much?" said Gunter, emphia- as I've got breath." added," and that destiny is our
grams are available for all one of four teens who* per- ily ties, received The Trust's sizing that 'she's retired, but -"We're at a race with destiny children.',
children, they are especially formed, shared "My Grandfa- Excellence in Health, Family or
geaed o t-rskneihbr- tesHads," a moving piece Community Servcices, and Kid-
gerd oatrsknigb' hr' a
hoods and special popula- that highlighted her love and works USA, a 5-star preschool
tions such as children with respect for all she'd learned and after-school program in
special needs or those in low_ from her grandfather. Hialeah, was recognized for
income families. Former NBA basketball star Excellence in Youth Programr-
This annual celebration and author Etan Thomas was ming for School and Life Suc-
served as the occasion for on hand to sign copies of his ess.
President and CEO Modesto latest book, Fatfierhood: Ris- Emily Gunter, program coor-
E.- Abety-Gutierrez to ,an- ing to the Ultimate Challenge dinator and training manager .t)l
no~nceis etiemet. bety-and performed his own spo- at Urgent, Inc., whose young 4i -
Gutierrez has served as The ken word piece that encour- drummers and singers per-
Children's Trust's only presi- aged all children to believe formed. at the ceremony, re- fII-e Lifel a l
den sice ts reaionin 002that "you can. be anything calved the Excellence in Direct
and has a total. of 38 years in your heart desires." Service to Children and Fatal- .L
atnpublic service, much of it ad-rpeetn In addition to Dr. Alessan- lies for her selfless dedication L g t n
voaigfor and rersnigdri, the Excellence in School in the direct service of children.& Li h ng c r my
the interests of society's most Readiness Programming was Affectionately called "mutt "or (.
vulnerable citizens., awarded to S.T.E.P.S. in the grandmother in Zulu, by the
At te cremnyDr.Mi-Right Direction, a family-cen- children at the school, Gunter
Athae cremnDr recied tered organization that works is a former engineer, math pro-
the 2012 David Lawrence Jr. to safeguard children who are fessor and author of several#
Champi .on for Children Award being. raised by their grand- books. She promotes literacy
for his lifetime of achievement parents, predominantly in the in Urgent Inc.',s programs, and
and dedication to children. Hialeah and Liberty City areas uses a variety of languages
Spoken word finalists from of Mlmi-Dade County. English, Spanish, Swahili,
the Young Talent Big Dreams Catholic Charities' Strength- Zulu and Arabic and art
talent competition and Tiger- ening Families program, which and music to inspire respect -
tail Production's WordSpeak helps parents, especially Hai- for diverse cultures.
team gave stirring examples tinn-American, in North Miami- "What could be better in As a FREE Community Service Pr ogram by North Shore Medical Center, we are pleased to offer
of the power of the word. Dade County better under- life than doing work like, this the following informative event:
HEALT YLVN Lecture Series
Ko C. Chef trage dy goes beyond football 1
Sam Mellinger'. The Kan-
sas "City Star: "Jovan Belcher, :
the Chiefs, linebacker, slhot
longtirne -girlfriend -Kasandra a
Perkins,; drove to the team's
practice facility, thanked en-
era1 manager Scott Pioli and
head coach .Romeo.Crennel for
all they've done for'him, fhlen
killed himself. ... According to -
medical studies, around .6006
murder-suicide events take
place ca ch ye ar in the United
States; resulting in i,000 to ?k
1,500 deaths.. Maybe we'll

H.T. Smith to keynote Ble'~uuea
NASA chief uncertain
FAMU's commencementByMrK.athw
Attorney H.T. Smith will key- In the landmark case of Au- Association of Dade County, WASHINGTON -The NASA
note Florida A&M University's brey Arthur Livingston v. State now known as the Wilkie D. ommunity is used to asking big
[FAMU] fall commencement of Florida, Smith successfully Ferguson, Jr. Bar Association. questions, but none has loomed
ceremony, scheduled for Fri- persuaded the Florida Su- He served as president of thelagrirentwkshati:
day, Dec. 14th at 6 p.m. in the preme Court to reverse a death Virgil Hawkins Florida Chapter Wagriet wpee tha his: d
Alfred Lawson Jr. Multipurpose penalty case and change the of the National Bar Association ministrator Charlie Bolden?
Center and Teaching Gymna- law in Florida requiing that in and as National President of :His future -- like that of oth-
sium. The general public is in- all future death penalty cases, the National Bar Association. "er agency heads -: depends
vited. Smith, who is an alum- jurors cannot be allowed to He has devoted his entire le- on whether President Barack
nus of FAMU, began his legal separate once they begin de- gal career to "agitating" for jus- Obama wants him back for a
career as Miami-Dade County's liberations. 'He was one of the tice wherever discrimination H.T. SMITH second term. But the question is
first Black assistant public de- lead attorneys in the success- appeared. From 1990-1993, Attorney especially pertinent in Bolden's
fender and then as the Coun- ful legal challenge to Ward Smith led the successful Boy- case, as his time :at NASA has
ty's first Black assistant county Connelly's effort to pass a con- cott Miami Campaign, which year at Florida International been :marked by, several mis-
attorney. For the past 39 years, stitutional amendment outlaw- was organized after local politi- University's [FIU] renown hos- steps, including an offhand criti-
he has practiced law in Miami, ing affirmative action in public cians snubbed Nelson Mandela pitality management program; cism of Obama just before Elec-
specializing in' civil ights, per- education, public employment during his historic visit to Mi- creation of the Black Executive tion Day.
sonal injury and criminal de- and public contracting. In his ami. The boycott settlement re- Forum; and establishment of Sources inside Coges1n
fense. He is listed in The Best argument to the Florida Su- suited in signifi cant economic the INROADS/Miami program. the. administration said it's; .i?; CHARLES BOLDEN
Lawyers in America, Florida preme Court, Smith described and educational opportunities He currently serves on the wolpsibeBdn, 6, sasNS diito
Super Lawyers, Law and Lead- Connelly's so-called "Civil for Blacks, including the de- board of trustees for the Uni- at NASA into 2013 and beyond.
ing American Attorneys and Rights Initiative" as a "cruel velopment of the first Black- versity of Miami and is also the They caution, however, thatihis cused of killing NASA.
the National Law Journal rec- hoax" on the people of Florida. owned convention-quality ho- chairman of the board of direc- return is an open question, as, Bolden declined an interve
ognized him As one of the top Smith was the founding tel in the U.S. on Miami Beach; tors of the Gwen Cherry Park thee White House :remrains con-., request b ut issued :a statementsti~
10 trial lawyers of the year. president of the Black Lawyers 25 full tuition scholarships per Foundation. cerned, whether the former:::' as-that: praised :NASA's currenti
tronaut and Marine Corps major course.
general is committed to Obama's "I'm: focused on caryig out:
Sup em o rt wad s ntovaesion for tespc agency. the ambitious, bipartisan space
u p r e to a s e s"The senior White House sfaff: programagreed to by the Presi-:
S le Court ades in isaware of the [NASA] admiis- detad ogeswihen-'!
trator's inability to advace their sures America will continue :tol
concerning same-e marriage mn nascn em"si
~~seniior administration..official.not:i :The unsteady relation~ship"
By. Rihr to nine the number of states -ioe gg 0Fie:e2: between Bolden and the Whie
..... I .... ": L% :: '-- alongwiththe istrct o Co- Boldn's~ate outduthorinizeddilyo20spapoknment tsel ee
.,.: :: y,. ;;. : : where those unions are legal, ,cord. House. began even before his
WASHINGTON -The Su- aln wihteDsrc fC odnsft oldb"inf-Jl 09apitet sh
preme Court wades into a wide --.lumbia. Earlier this year, Presi- cant -for Kenniedy Space; Ce- wasn't the administration's: first
array of same-sex marriage ,f i dent Obama declared his sup- ter, which is charig a new fu-: pick. .
cases this Friday, and its selec- i.ii, port for gay marriage. ture as, amn te hns u odnhad, a po werfu
tios cul pu a exlamtin~i)",i ""2012 has already been the a launch base for :comme ial champion in U.S. Sen. Bill Nei
point on a year of unprecedent- watershed year in the history spacecraft in the wake: of the: son, D-Fla. Bo1len pilotedth
ed progress for the gay-ights :. of this movement," says Chad spc htl'r01 eieet 96sace-shuttle mission that
movement. Griffin, president of the Human Bolden :has never .fully era- Nelson flew while serig in Con-
The nine justices must decide Rights Campaign. a gay and braced: Obama's :plan to remake :gress, and :Nelson. remains an
which case or cases to consid- lesbian advocacy group. "It's NASA through heyin~vestment ardent supporter.
er from among seven on their so clear where this country's in technology,;o heie o n "When a president begins a.
plate, from the right to marry headed on this issue." creased reliance o0n commercial" second term. in 'office, "there's
in California to the receipt of The Supreme Court is close- rockets to ferry crew and cargo .always gossip about who's leav-
federal marriage benefits from ly divided, however, with five to te space station. Instead, he :ing and-who's stayi-g.Sena-,
coast to coast, ~~~~~~~conservative justices generally has been more closelyi aligned : 6 esi~tef~ t:o:~
While oral arguments and holding sway. To continue their with the development of:: abig,.: that, But he fully :expecsharliei
courti:" ruling wol b onh momentum, gay-ights groups new governent-built rce Bolden :to continue as admns-
away, just the choices made will need one or more of those capable of taking astronauts to" trator," said Dan McLaughi, a,
in Friday's closed-door confer- ........" .. ..justices to -uphold the lower the moon or Mars, a rocket that Nelson spokesman.
ence could doom California's -Sau oeb, AF/Gety naes court rulings. Organizations Congress with the adminis- Still, Bolden had a rough start
troubled Proposition 8 ban on The Supreme Court is virtually certain to take up at least one opposed to gay marriage don't tration's reluctant approval -- as NASA chief.
same-sex marriage or put the of the cases involvng the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. think that will happen. ordered be built by 2017. In spring 2010, he.appeared
federal Defense of Marriage Act defined marriage in federal nia's Proposition 8, approved .The high court's recent rul- Speculation about Bolden's to undermine Obama'S plan to
on the defensive. statutes as between a man and by voters in 2008 but since de- ings in gay ights cases "do not tenre ... .. ... spk sincede Oap-as nce moon trouble .wedCn. t:el
All lower court decisions thus a woman. That's because the clared unconstitutional by two indicate that the court is any- pealsre to undrcut ,Oi bacma's adtionssprogamtwhen h
farhav upel th fihtsoflower courts from California to federal courts. If they don't, whr ergigi F 3"0 meeting with top-level NASA of its Ares rocket .system. That
gay and lesbian plaintiffs- Rul- New England have struck down gays and lesbians in the na- rection to require government employees.: summer he got the administr-
ings that the high court refuses a key section of the law, inviting tion's largest state will be able endorsement of alternative life- "If .the president had gotten tion in hot water for :telling the
to reconsider will stand. Any it a Supeme Court decision. The to marry again, as 18,000 cou- styles," says Andrew Pug-no, hiss way, the No. It priority for. Arabic news network A1-Jazeera
schedules for early next year impact' of that section has been pies did before the referendum general counsel for ProtectMar- the agency prob0abl[yw0old hlave sithat a tp pririty: gieni o him
would have recent case law to deny fede ral assistance, such was passed. riage, which is challenging the been :.isomehig) ik'e'"technol- b.iy Obama was to 'fid ia way to
stacked in its favorataexlsosadSclS- The flurry of court action court decisions that threw out 0 itelom! Bldt: ." eahutoteu l.,
Thecortisvitull crtin curity survivor benefits, to gay comes just three weeks after "Thatiio 8."eetcaei- s. something about which Then .in September :2010,
to take up at least one of the and lesbian couples. voters approved same-sex mar- have only said that you cannot he is pas'sionate, and if you ro- Bolden was reprimanded by the
cases involving the 1996 De- Less certain is whether, the .riage initiatives in Maine, Mary- criminalize or discriminate, you tice, :it: is not onie :of-[ NASA's], White: House for violating its
S fense of Marriage Act, which justices will consider Califor 'Aand and Washington, bringing cannot target homosexuals." thee m ajor prorties" :-which ? .ethicscode when,.during armis-
are thespace sation, launching ".cussion about a NASA biofuels
a w m ak er ne Jasmerg ss Webb telescope program, he sought the opinion
L a mandc building the agency's new of Marathon Oil Corp. where
La e- uc l w m ke 'sla t ar es rocket and capsule ...... he once served on the board and
By Paul Singer force Argentina to pay-U.S. in- U.S. courts for years over the re- Fern6iLndedz de Kirchner, for re- As.jarringas Bolde n's seemin held shares wor-thup to $1 mil-
vestors more than $3.5 billion payment of the debt, and court peatedly stating that they will defianceof the WhiteHouse ws lion.
Rep. Connie Mack has about a worth of principal and inter- records show Argentina owes not payoff the bonds and ill the timing: a week beforeElec- But Bolden survived the rough
month left in his Congressional est. Argentina sold the bonds to Singer's companies more than a not be bound by U.S. court rul- tion Day and amid a :campaign, patch in part because replac-
tenure. But before he leaves, the raise capital and then defaulted billion dollars. He isn't the only ings ordering the country to do in which Obama had been ac- ing him would be difficult.
Florida Republican has sched- on therh -in 2001. The bill bars one pursuing repayment by.Ar- so.
uled a vote Thursday in the de~faultinga nations fro~m 1U.S. genti-na: Several laqrgef investors According to a briefing paper

Sence-Jones files civil rigts lawsuit 0(-c
On Monday, Dec. 3rd, Miami Rundle, Regalado and others name," said Ilann M. Maazel, FMU student victim of hate
City Commissioner Michelle engaged in a conspiracy in vio- lead counsel for Spence-Jones........ .... .
Spence-Jones filed a federal lation of the federal Racketeer "J"Now we can crimel begi nearb ga st...tion
civil rights lawsuit against Influenced and Corrupt Organi- road to accountability and jus- NacrishaCah19todWVseblivsertyefdes
MyrTomds Regalado, State zations Act (RICO). tice." adsxa retto rmtdteasut hc ethrwt
Attorney Katherine Fernandez "Politics should never play Spence-Jones is represent- cusa db us so e a ea dlp.........a olcere
Rundle, Assistant State Attor- a role in our justice system," ed by Ilann M. Maazel, Deb-. ........wet, d........ :
ney Richard Scruggs and an Spence-Jones said. "My hope ra Greenberger and Jenniferinter ...................... tudet an afiend sought:
SAO investigator. and prayer is that no one Keighley of Emery Celli Brinck- sncsa ig saino W4ndAei im adens. Af-::
The 106-page, 712-paragraph should ever have to endure the erhoff & Abady in New York
Complaint asserts 16 claims for pain, embarrassment and suf- City, Ray Taseff, Esq. in Miami trwthn ahagewt h ahe eas h oe
fabrication and concealment fering that my family and I had and Professor Charles J. Ogle- weren1' t buyig enough :merchandiseto justifty aebtcard pur-
of evidence, false arrest, mali- to endure. We continue to prayLL tree. chstesset wowsi iebhind thm eortedlyI
cious prosecution, civil rights that our stand against injus- Ift Neither Spence-Jones nor thtene h wile ioni n~~ :ig: he exaiy.Te upctte
conspiracy and violations of tice will finally have its day ini her counsel will comment fur-
the First Amendment, Fourth court." ; ther concerning the filing of maeaprhs n olwdte arotie hr ahsy
Amendment and due process "For nearly two long, lonely the complaint. State Attorney h hnpnhdhrsvrltmsi h aeadkce e
clause of the U.S. Constitution. years, Michelle fought to de- MICHELLE SPENCE-JONES Katherine Fernandez Rundle asselyoh rud im adn oiesoeman Bill:
The complaint -also alleges that fend her liberty and her good City Commissioner was unavailable for comment.
Bamfor sai inetgtr are stltiigsatmnsadwl
G u i t p ea in teen age p ro sti u tio n case returns .............. tonlte.....k h algd eak mk h
By Paula McMahan $3,500 a week for 'tricking or girl naked, as well as in lin- al oesros
selling' and asked her to call gerie and a dress. He bought
A Hollywood man is facing him if she was interested." escort service ads for the girl
up to life in federal prison after, .... The girl said that she went and used the photos to set upJugrleonmsig omscld n
he admitted using Facebook 7 on more than 100 "dates"- prostitution sessions for her, CdTre,3,wsaetdNo.2athspe nts imi
to entice a 16-year-old South mostly at a motel on Federal she told investigators. : e.Oi'
Florida girl into prostitution. Highway in Hollywood. Bak- The girl was arrested late Laks, hme.Hefacs afist-egre.mrdr carg fr te dat
Jlius Waynd "Lion, plad- er told her to charge clients last year for a crime that in-....
"aqanan"Lopla-$180 an hour or $80 for half vestigators did not name. She ple iraa hoeo ac 1adhsnvrbe o.In!
ed guilty to one count of sex an hour and demanded all of was sent to a residential cen- il 'ii
trafficking of aminor on Tu~es- her earnings at the end of the ter for juvenile offenders in brehainCcutJdeHpBisoofheuvll De-
day in federal court in Fort day. He would give her back Pembroke Pines. dec iiinrldteTre trecilde rm inith
Lauderdale. 40 percent of the money, she The day after she got out, on care! of thi aena rnpret.Te hv ens ayigwl
Baker, 32, faces a minimum said. July 2, she received another their isigmohr' arns iceVrrzs res.Deatmn
of 10 years in federal prison Baker arranged to have a Facebook message from Baker :
when he is sentenced Feb. woman pick up the girl at a and he tried to entice her back Spokewoma Tai ue a nl ad netgaoshaeCl
by U.S. District Judge William store in Hollywood and drive into the sex industry in a fol- letdeog vdnet ikCdTre otec i. iiet :Tor-il
Dimitrouleas. Baker is be- JULIUS WAYNE BAKER her to meet Baker. low-up phone call, according re a atseno uvilac aea h idrov her inivan ;ii
ing held without bond at the October 2 011 after he sent her The girl said she told Baker to court records. ;:'.................... i!!:
Broward County Main Jail be- a message on Facebook asking she was 16 during that first The girl went to law enforce- thouha ae tth HrourLie Townhoms Mach3, h
cause he was deemed a danger if she wanted to work for him. meeting, but he told her to tell ment agents, who set up re- miia a aerfudoti e !ii i th Trrz oe.Fo mnts
to the community. According to court records, everyone she was 18. He also corded phone calls with Baker. diessace aasadlks in the arabunvr reov
The girl told FBI agents that Baker asked the girl to "join assigned her a name to use During those calls, he offered i
she had worked as a prostitute his team" and told her she when she was working for him. her a slightly increased rate to :ere ar body Ciiore v:vil:! befrmly raind e-
for Baker between July and could make "as much as Baker photographed the work for him again.
Taliban attackers trained in Pakistan ah hc wsoc
By Jim Michaels about those insurgents cross- mander of Regional Command apiece, and total damage to the a nttto i im adns snwac ime cee.Poice
ing the border into Afghanistan, Southwest. base was estimated at $200 mil- si h a eidtelnmr uiesjme nwe w
The Taliban terrorists who you're going to have a critical se- "It was months in the plan- lion, according to Arizona Sen. yon e re orboeo i arn udyatroon. They
pulled off one of the most dam- curity challenge," said Mark Ja- ning," Gurganus said. "This was John McCain, ranking Repub- shtErlPat edi i wnprigltan okofrn
aging attacks of the Afghanistan cobson, a former NATO official in not a bunch of local yahoos who lican on the Armed Services
War were probably trained for Afghanistan at the German Mar- were just thrown together and Committee. He called the attack n in[g. Rescuers": :: trid t brng"ear bak oli e t e as already
the plot in Pakistan, illustrat- shall Fund. "It makes the situa- said, '-Icy let's go attack Camp "perhaps the most brazen and gone.'__...._... Per a ondda.ntemideo h cmuiypo
ing how the U.S. ally threatens tion post-2014 more precarious Bastion.'" least-reported attack this year." iiT. v..,,i !......................
to jeopardize a successful with- than it would be otherwise." Camp Bastion is part of a The dead insurgents had p ad ekpt av. Tecodkp ak ycieseetp
drawal, military experts say. Most U.S. combat forces will sprawling coalition complex in spray-paint residue on their. ketgoiga.odspedta h a ale K hdbe
The attack on the heavily de- withdraw from Afghanistan at f-Ielmand province; its security faces, suggesting they used the sho adi n broadayight
fended Camp Bastion in Hel- the end of 2014. U.S. and Af- is the responsibility of British spray as an inhalant to deaden !i
mand province destroyed six ghan officials are negotiating forces. On a moonless night, the their senses and get them high }:
U.S. aircraft and killed two Ma- over a residual force that would insurgents used seven bolt cut- for a suicide mission. Manwhomaied oa
rines on Sept. 14. One of the stay behind for counterterrorism ters to open a hole in a perimeter "They came here prepared to
attackers survived and has re- missions and support for Afghan fence. die," Gurganus said. wiepwe het espio
vealed that he received some of security forces. Dressed in U.S. military uni- More than 100 servicemem- TavesDai Tyor 7,o Mai ades wsoreedt
his training for the plot in Paki- Coalition and Afghan forces forms, they split into three bers responded to the attack, sevtwyaranthemohsifdrlpio.He ut
stan, a senior U.S. military offi- have weakened the Taliban five-man teams and used a dry using numerous weapons at the
cial told USA TODAY. The official throughout southern Afghani- streambed to creep toward the base, including a machine gun alopymrthn$520orebuslcllaefreet
requested anonymity because stan, and the group's financing flight line in sight of guard tow- taken from the rear of an Os- agnisndtxyesfrhectoflaigupTyordm-
of the sensitivity of the issue of and leadership inside Afghani- ers, armed with assault rifles, prey, a tilt-rotor aircraft. Heli- te eal rthsy rtat ewoean mied he etrwic
U.S.-Pakistani relations. stan have been devastated, ac- rocket-propelled grenades and copter gunships fired hundreds
The Pentagon has long corn- cording to NATO. However, many machine guns. of rounds at insurgents from the icueexltv-adthasagnthmefadhi family,'."
planed to the Pakistani gov- Taliban leaders remain safely in They were able to keep up a air. inOtbr21.A issnecn nfdra or nF Lu
ernment and military about Pakistan, and fighters regularly nearly four-hour firefight, de- One of the Marines killed .....
sanctuaries in Pakistan that slip cross the border to launch stroying six Marine AV-8B3 Harri- in the attack was the Harrier .........srctJde ilamZoh ged orcomn
put Taliban leaders outside the attacks. er jets, damaging two others and squadron commander, Lt. Col, htalrb ettoapio ihte aprprae~riicai ser-
reach of the U.S. military. The The attack on Camp Bas- three refueling stations, sending Christopher Rable. He helped
latest intelligence on the Camp tion displayed an uncommon flames high into the air. A coali- lead the counterattack, charging vieto"rahspyiclsutneabeadmnalelh
Bastion attack shows little has amount of planning and train- tion. counterattack killed all but th.te insurgents with only his Issues.": ;.
changed, experts say. ing, said Marine Maj. Gen. one of the insurgents. sidearm, McCain said.
"Unless the Pakistanis do more Charles "Mark" Gurganus, com- The jets cost $24 million'

B u

By The Associated Press what was consistent with his sippi, and graduated in 1963.
values, not what was fashion- Guyot received a law degree inMg
WASHINGTON (AP) Law- able. He just pushed people 1971 from Rutgers University,
rence Guyot, a civil rights leader along with him." and then moved to Washing-
who survived jailhouse beatings Susan Glisson, executive di- ton, where he worked to elect*0
in the Deep South in the 1960s rector of the William Winter In- fellow Mississippian and civil
and went on to encourage gen- stitute for Racial Reconciliation rights activist Marion Barry as
erations to get involved, has at the University of Mississippi, mayor in 1978.
died. He was 73. called Guyot "'a towering figure, Guyot worked for the Dis-
Guyot who had a history of a real warrior for freedom and trict of Columbia government
heart problems and suffered justice." in various capacities and as a
from diabetes, and died at home "'He loved to mentor young neighborhood advisory corn-
in Mount Rainier, Maryland, his people. That's how I met him," missioner.
daughter Julie. Guyot-Diangone she said. D.C. Delegate Eleanor "t
said late Saturday. She said he When she attended Ole Miss, Holmes Norton told The Post in
died sometime Thursday night; students reached out to civil 2007 that she first met Guyot h.-,
other media reported he passed rights activists and Guyot re- within days of his beating at
away Friday. sponded. a jail in Winona, Mississippi.
A Mississippi native, Guyot "'He was very opinionated," "'Because of Larry Guyot, I
worked for the Student Non- she said. "'-But always he al- understood what it meant to
violent Coordinating Commit- ways backed up his opinions live with terror and to walk :;
tee and served as director of the with detailed facts. He always straight into it," she told]
1964 Freedom Summer Proj- pushed you to think more deep- the newspaper. 0On! Friday,':!,
ect, which brought thousands ly and to be more strategic." .h caldGyt"an un- -,
of young people to the state to Olisson said Ouyot's efforts sung hero" of the civil rights i
register Blacks to vote despite helped lay the groundwork for movement.
a history of violence and intimi-
dation by authorities. He also [ -
chaired the Mississippi Free- .
dom Democratic Party, which
sought to have blacks included ..
among the state's delegates to .!, ...
the 1964 Democratic National % ..~: ,i.
Convention. The bid was re- .........-,,t,;
jected, but another civil rights 4,......
activist, Fannie Lou Hamer, ad- ..... ":<"
dressed the convention during a. ..............
nationally televised appearance. .............,. ,: l
Guyot was severely beaten: .. I
several times, including at the
notorious Mississippi State
Penitentiary known as Parch- -
man Far'm. He continued to ,[
speak on voting rights until his"",, ; I
death, including encouraging ;i
people to cast ballots for Presi-, ",,"
dent Barack Obama. ',F
"He was a civil rights field ,
worker right up to the end,"
Guyot-Diangone said. .... "I :
Gytparticipated in the 40th
anniversary of the Freedom !
Summer Project to make sure-.,
a new generation could learn ,ii'
About the civil rights movement. '
"'There is nothing like hav- {,:,,
ing risked your life with people i
over something immensely im- ;:I"
portant to you," he told The 4e7::
Clarion-Ledger in 2004. "'As,.... ;'!ii:'
Churchill said, there's nothing : *k:: ,4-

How -many more must die before law is repealed?
MURDER cal reason, there's nothing logical dations, their clients off despite having Bullard, are preparing legislation
continued from 1A you can say to make me think [he] But several local politicians say committed murder. It's up to pol- for the next session to counter-
was threatened ... We don't know action should be taken to protect icy makers to change the law so act the effects of the stand your
fear of his life. Authorities did not where he was or what kind of dark t others from being shot and killed things like this cannot continue ground law.
find a shotgun in the vehicle. place [Dunn] was in at that moo- J!under the guise of standing their to happen." "The way the statute currently
ment but something snapped in t ground. State Representative Barbara exists, it yields deadly conse-
WHY DID THE MURDERER FLEE? that man .. So we're not look- "We've looked at this from both Watson has been opposed to the quences, particularly for people
Dunn, a known firearms collec- ing at it as a hate crime because a legal and practical standpoint law since its inception. who were engaged in everyday,
tor who according to authorities that's not going to honor Jordan." and they all point to the need to "The report from the Gover- innocent activities like Trayvon
shot at local gun ranges, drove Dunn has been charged with repeal this law," said recently- not's task force was projected Martin and Jordan Davis," Staf-
off after his girlfriend returned to second degree murder. As his de- elected State Senator Dwight to be ready when we returned to ford said. "We want to amend the
the car spending the night at fense, he is employing Florida's Bullard. "But it stands to reason Tallahassee this week for our an- statute so that people cannot use
local hotel. Witnesses had taken controversial 'Stand Your Ground that those who fought so hard nual committee week," she said. this law as an excuse to shoot un-
down his license plate number Law.' At this point, it is unclear to get this law on the books will "Now we're hearing that it won't armed people."
and he was arrested some 159 whether or not his self-defense MICHAEL DAVID DUNN now fight just as hard to keep it. be ready until we return to ses- Davis was buried on Saturday,
miles away from the scene on claim is justified as the law itself Scott's task force concluded its This case in Jacksonville puts sion in March. I watched the re- Dec. 1st. Social media continues
Saturday morning at his home in is vague in detailing what consti- rounds of listening to public citi- added pressure on the task force, cording showing them preparing to be the most prevalent means
Satellite Beach. Why did he flee? tutes a person feeling 'threatened' zens share their views on the the Governor and policy mak- their presentation for the legisla- of public discourse on the young
"He didn't think he had harmed and therefore within their right to State's stand your ground law. ers -both those who have been ture and it appears they are still man's tragic death. Davis lived
anybody and he just thought he fire back and stand their ground. Ironically, no public hearing was newly-elected and those who are struggling over the law's wording. with his father in Florida, but
had scared them [the four youth] But there is one thing that is ever held in Miami-Dade County returning to Tallahassee. More Meanwhile, we have two similar was buried in Georgia, where he
off and he wanted to report it, but crystal clear: Another unarmed the home of Trayvon Martin than anyone, those who have cases where young Black boys was born. His mother lives out-
he didn't want to go in a sense Black teen has been murdered at whose killer, George Zimmerman, supported stand your ground have been senseless murdered. side of Atlanta.
throw himself to the wolves, in a the hands of a gun-wielding white remains out on bond as the time in the past were clenching their We have given private citizens a And in other news, Miami
strange city without representa- man who claims that he fired be- of his hearing approaches. *De- teeth, hoping this new vigilante license to kill without being held Dade College student James
tion," said his attorney, Robin Le- cause he was in fear of his life. spite phone calls and e-mails to [Dunn] would not try to use the responsible for their actions. they Arauz, was in court on Friday,
monidis, both Scott and Lieutenant Gover- law as a means of his defense. It can hide behind this law and it's Nov. 30, in the first day of his
Davis' mother, Lucia McBath, MURDER PUTS FLORIDA nor Jennifer Carroll, we have been doesn't matter whether he does unfair to the victims and to their trial. He stabbed to death his
states that while she doesn't know BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT unable to ascertain when the Gov- or not. What matters is we have families." mother's employer and is seeking
what the youth or Dunn said to Davis's death comes just a few ernor will review the task force's a law that gives people a loop- State Representative Cynthia immunity under the stand your
one another, that there's "No logi- short weeks after Governor Rick findings and make his recommen- hole. It gives lawyers a way to get Stafford says that she, along with ground law.
Civil defendants argue that Champion willingly participated
LAWSUIT walked onto Bus C to be hazed -w.: ercion." He pointed out that rule in FAMU's favor and toss
continued from 1A Nov. 19, 2011, by band mem- -- FAMU band members had the lawsuit if there are disput-
bers after the Florida Classic been critically injured in haz- ed issues of fact about Charn-
Pamela Champion, who ear- football game in Orlando. ':.. 2 ings before Champion died. pion's participation.
lier this month rejected Flor- They cite a provision in state ;I:. .i ."What if FAMU neglects to, "It would appear to me that
ida A&M University's offer of law that says, "It shall be a de- enforce its anti-hazing codes there is enough [disagree-
$300,000 to settle legal claims fense to any [civil] action for . and student pledges: Is FAMU meit] here for the judge to
against the school, also has damages for personal injury still automatically absolved say, 'I'm not going to end this
sued Fabulous Coach Lines, or wrongful death ... that such from all liability if a hazing case now,' he said.
which owns the bus where the action arose from injury sus- death occurs during a school- If unable to persuade the
hazing took place, and the bus tained by a participant during sponsored outing at which it judge to rule in .its favor,
driver. the commission or attempted knows hazing has occurred for FAMU wants the judge to set
While Robert Champion's re- commission of a forcible felo- -AP Photo/John Raoux decades?" Bell wrote. aside the civil case until the
luctant participation in the rit- ny." They also insist Champi- Robert Champion, S, left, Pare Champion, center, and attorney A friend and fellow drum criminal cases are resolved.
ual, known as "Crossing Bus on was participating in a forc- Chris Chestnut, Oct. 22 in Orlando. major, Keon Hollis, told sher- Two former band members
C," is irrelevant in the on-go- ible felony: hazing. iffts detectives that he and pleaded no contest to felony
ing felony hazing prosecutions In court documents, lawyers pensation from the state or its tuus hazing." Champion, 26, had hoped to hazing and were placed on
of 10 members of FAMU's for the Champion family took agents," attorney Kenneth Bell Although FAMU staged man- win the percussion section's probation by Judge Marc Lu-
Marching 100, the issue could issue with that position. said in the filing. "FAMU knew datory anti-hazing workshops respect by submitting to the bet for relatively minor roles in
be pivotal in the civil case. FAUessentially argues that serious injury and death and required band members to hazing. Champion's death. Ten others
In court filings, all three civil that its student, Robert Chamn- were likely outcomes of haz- sign no-hazing pledges, Bell ar- Joseph Little, a law profes- are awaiting trial.
defendants have argued that pion, was a criminal accom- ing. At the very least, FAMU gued that a deeply entrenched sor at the University of Florida Champion's lawyers also
Champion willingly assumed plice to his own death and, as long facilitated and tacitly en- hazing culture at FAMU was a who has followed the case, said the criminal cases have
a dangerous risk when he such, he is not entitled to corn-. dorsed its famous band's infa- "form of institutionalized co- said the judge is not likely to delayed fact-gathering efforts.
Whois to blame for Rilya's death?
TRIAL sister, were both given over to authorities doubled the reward
continued from 1A state care because their moth- for information on the where-
er, str-uggling with drug addle- abouts of Rilya to $50,000. She /
grant a mistrial and ordered that tion and often homeless, was was first reported missing on
the trial continue. deemed unable to properly care April 25, 2002. " a s
The Wilson case was head- for them. It was Harris, then. Graham contends that some-
line news here in Miami and DCF supervisor, who moved Ri- one claiming to be a DCF work-
repeatedly on the front page of lya to the Graham home after er took the child for neurologi- d i 5 g
The Miami Times. In May 2002, getting a call about the terrible cal testing but there were never
a former DCF counselor, Debo- living conditions Rilya was fac- any records to confirm such ac- o g Ur it o es o ra e
rah Muskelly, spoke exclusively ing in her home with Kendrick. tions. The case led to sweeping
with our reporter and said she As for Graham, the former changes within the DCF and the
had spoken with Graham in caregiver now facing charges, eventual passage of The Rilya ~ g d g l ~
both August 2001 and Febru- her past was not without blem- Wilson Act [July 20031, which l
ary 2002 and was told on each ish. Authorities say she used makes it mandatory for chil-M y k d he l y a d uce
occasion that Rilya was doing 47 different aliases and had 10 dren in DCF custody to attend
fine. Muskelly felt that she had different driver's licenses when school. An absence puts proce-
been unfairly cast as a scape- she was arrested. It is believed dures in motion to immediately
goat for the shoddy administra- that her domestic partner, Pa- locate the child. Congresswom-
tive work of others in the De- mela, will testify and seek a an Frederica Wilson, from the hl
partment., plea deal in order to avoid jail earliest days of the child's dis- Join me, and let's empower our chilren
Muskelly and her supervi- time. The case may hinge on appearance, has been an advo-tosa aw yfmALOL
sor, Willie Harris, each of whom the testimony of several less- cae for her and other children t tya a rmA O O
subsequently resigned, were than-credible witnesses, in- facing similar challenges. I
targets. of bot the Iei --nd eluin -_gtm crmia "hntesaermvs Aw lndoh r r

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I #

The Miami Times
BV Valika A. Wright Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, 1. Members of the deaconess ministry led'
urch95 attendees were educated about HIV/
AIDS by learning the alarming sta- 2. Gale Rembert, a member of Mount Calvary Mission-
fight against "I am living" and "I am not afraid of tistics and hearing the two powerful ary Baptist Church, sang along with congregation at the
you, anymore" those were the mes- testimonies that were shared. The-, evenL
H fV/A D n sages that the two speakers living event was held as an observation of
115 J *ILF with HIV/AIDS proclaimed to the World AIDS Day. 3. Men participated in service.
world and to the church on Dec. 2. "I was not diagnosed to die," Denise
At the "100 Women in Red: Stand Up Deshazior said. "I was diagnosed to 4.Those in attendance praised and worshipped God.
You Can Live" event held at Mount Please turn to HIV/AIDS 2B -MiamiTimes photos/craig Uptgrow
Those in attendance
can expect to Shirley Caesar
experience a "spiritual t i
explosion" and 'an I c o I 1 t 0
evening of great
worship... Mrra na
Gospel legend says show will be a blessing
By Malika A. Wright
To some, she's Pastor Shirley Caesar, who co-pastors
Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church and leads the church's
outreach ministry in Raleigh, North Carolina without ever
missing more than three worship services a year.
But to millions of others, she is the "Queen of Gospel
Music," who has blessed the Christian community with her
musical gifts for more than 40 years. The 11-time Grammy
and 13-time Stellar Award winner is seen as a Gospel leg-
end, who has successfully balanced many titles for decades,
including songwriter and actress.
With the releasing of 40 albums, she has made a major
contribution to Gospel all while spreading the Word of God.
On Dec. 8, Caesar will be performing in South Florida at
the Miramar Cultural Center I Artspark at 8p.m.
Please turn to CAESAR 3B
Why some conflicts of faith bleed
And some do not? Look to the U.S. with poorly. There are "insiders" and tion separates church and state
"outsiders" when it comes to and provides religious freedom
its diversity and religious jireedoms freedom and power. for all. We won't know the extent
You know the story in Sudan. of their commitment to religious
By Oliver Thomas in the South where "diversity" For years, the Muslim major- freedom until substantial num-
meant you are Baptist, Method- ity persecuted the Christian mi- bers of non-Christians join their C omn t shw
Look around the world at our ist or Presbyterian. But intro- nority in the south. Now, after ranks. O 1 1 I 1 y SHW
bloodiest conflicts, and more duce just one sizable minority a protracted civil war, the new Then, there is Iraq. After de-
often than not, they have some- into the mix, and things change. Republic of Southern Sudan is cades of rule by the Sunni mi- a r e''ov, ,-"
thing to do with religion. The The truth tS that most nations trying something radically differ- nority, the Shiite majority is now a p e i t o o
most recent violent clash be- handle religious differences ent. Their provisional constitu- Please turn to FAITHt 2B1
tween the Jewish state of Israelcl s i am uc
and Hamaes, the militant Islamic e- I RS ICIall SI
fundamentalist organization in'
Gaza, is a prime example. H m ton House sponsors
Here in the United States, too,.
some of our most intractable so- ClaSSical and jazz concert
cial conflicts abortion and gayByMikA.Wgh
marnage are grounded in dif-ByMlkA.Wih
ferent ways of seeing the world mwright@miamitimesonlinecom
So how is it that some nations Imagine going to a Chnstmas Gospel concert and hearing
such as the U.S. handle reli- some of the best and most dedicated singers, musicians and
gious conflict sensibly while oth- conductors in South Florida. You could probably envision
ers -- like Iraq and the Sudan, the room filled with lovely voices and stunning talent. You
an onre n h ideEs would undoubtedly hear heavenly harmonies and beautiful
- bleed? melodies that glorify the birth of Jesus Chnst.
For starters, some nations The "Bridging Classics of the Past with the Classics of the
haveit esie whe itcome toFuture" concert, sponsored by the Historic Hampton House
naeoitin eigious ifeenc -st Community Trust, Inc., will be just as musically uplifting
es. Everyone is alike. Think of "Ywith the genre of music more classicial.
Catholictl majorities eioir Saudi eAra- :, ,i~~ Church on Dec. 16 at 4p.m., seeks to bridge the gap between
bia with its Sunni Muslims. ,? .,: ;,: ,:classical and jazz music. Melton Mustafa, a well-known Jazz
--PhotoSaitlhatib, AFP/Gettylmages trumpeter, composer and educator will be performing time-
PERSONAL EXPERIENCE In Gaza, Palestinians protesting an anti-Islam film in September burn a picture of President less jazz pieces.
I experienced this growing up Obama and American andl Israeli flags.PlaetrtoON RT2

School's he Ad finds a formula for drop-out students
Data-driven approach helps St. Louis ? ) ...., ,,; Louis are emblematic of gains noting that sustained progress
", : il :,< ,; :5co[in uba districts around the happens only in districts that
become latest system to improve grades i ;:i cuntry. While rising testscrsfuso qaitinruin
, in Washingtonj D.C., New York and quality 'leadership at every
By Stephanie Banchero million in debt. Attendance is '[: and New Orleans have gotten school.
up and misbehavior is down. "--- .....attention, the quiet turnaround Overhauling low-performing
ST. LOUIS Five years ago, State test scores are still pain- .... .in St. Louis is more typical Of districts sometimes gets bogged
students in the public-school fully low about three-quar- ._. ,,[p 7; ~ the unheralded progress in cer- down by fighting between union
system here were almost, as ters; of elementary-school stu- ,.-...ranpceilungBso, ndititlaesrpsh
likely to drop out as earn a di- dents can't read or do math dt tai- places,.. in ldn Bostto, and Saniieg c t lema re s and pomu -
plom. Shoo-bord eetngs.grde eve bu th prgres "]" "A study released in Febru- nity activists. In Chicago, for
routinely devolved into shout- on tests was enough to per- / iary by the Council of the Great example, Mayor Rahm Emanu-
ing matches, with a board suade state officials last month City Schools showed -that ur- el's efforts to overhaul schools
member once pouring a pitcher to grant the district provisional J* ban schools are improving more led to a two-week teacher strike,
of ice water over an administra- accreditation. rapidly on national elementary- and sparked continuing dem-
tor's head. The turnaround is grounded school math and reading exams onstrations against proposed
Then, the state of Missouri in using data to drive every de- than the nation as a whole. school closings.
stepped in, stripped the dis- cision and getting the best lead- : They still post test scores far Adams, coming in under the
trict's accreditation and in- ers and teachers in 'schools. --enfr"lerr o TeWl tetJunl below national averages, but, authority of the state takeover,
stalledife aivbrr noreh boall toee Journaldns o tk sa dad between 2003 and 204j, urban had strong backing from the'
Schoolsta.ed Thatw baobard hiredr Kel-he zedtudntdatmath anderedireading-exasexamsuissStolschieuKesinAdasooetswithhiefan ditritsnutAteiracheveentstae-apoinedicholmbard
vin Adams, an unpretentious three times a year, and Adams agement team this fal to review such data as the number of. daistthu thers achieen statio e-descined hool orelnsi
leader who had spent the re- insists principals craft propos- students expelled or truant. by about a third. with the unions as a "marriage,
vious 18 months as the chief als -delivered to him that where I sometimes have to sleep
of staff of the New Orleans Re- detail plans to boost scores in to improve. decided to become a teacher at- GAINS ARE REAL on the couch."
covery School District, ,which, each classroom. He holds prin- ter mentoring teenagers while Steve Tozer, an education Byron Clemens, a vice presi-
had been created by the state cipals accountable for the re- RIGHT KIND OF FOCUS in college. Sitting in a sparsely professor at the University of II- dent With the St. Louis teachers
to transform the hurricane-ray- Sults and has replaced more "Students can do well in this furnished room in the district linois at Chicago and director Of union, said Adams made clear
aged schools., thanhalf. He also worked with district with the right kind 'of offices, part of his efforts to trim the Ischool's program in urban "that decisions would be trans-
,Since taking over here, Ad- teacher-union leaders to cre- focus, direction and oversight," a bloated bureaucracy, he said, education leadership, said the parent, collaborative and based
ares has lifted the high-school ate a mentoring program that said Adams, 56 years old, a New "There is still a lot that needs to giswr elbt"edt eo aa esi dm e o
graduation -rate b y,18 per Icent- aids teachers who struggle, Orleans native who dreamed of get done." gepin coer Te re sut a al, auob n d natoa nsi onam letders
age' points and eliminated,$25 but dismisses those who fail becoming a defense lawyer, but The improvements iii St. kptea inprnet qiy"The sad calad 'ntilurniton Mladers
Online pub'i* high schools sped U.S. is diverse in religions'
milion inadsto ttr ct tud ntsFAITH So if America'is religiously
continued from 1B. diverse and passionate. about
milo ns i a st tta tsuden sour faith, how have we avoided
By Greg Toppo ligh thing rods for critics who say II l months of 201i2. at the helm. And while the new the bloodshed?
their operators are profiting from The analysis is based oh ad Irq9osiuingaate h ecig fAei
If your local public high school students', "'dissatisfaction with ADS ADD UP buys and rates compiled by Kan- the "full religious rights" of all cans' dominant faith may
has mpt setsthedisric neihbohoo scool, bt dn'tincluding the Sunni minor- have something to do with it.
has mpt seas, he dstrct eighorhod shoos, bt dfft Ad spending by biggest profit tar Media, a New York-based pro- iya ela hitasadToa efro necle
mihtla 6ftechrs f t' o-produce better results. Support- online school operators, in rider o"mda and mein g Jews -it fudges. Islam is es- the teachings of Jesus "the
erated by K12 Inc., the company ers say the schools, operating in millions' intellished, but the official are most sublime and benevolent
will take out an ad on CNN, the more "than 30 states, oare giving only estimates. In an interview, oofItesaannolwcode of morals which has ever
Cartoon Network or VampireF- kids and families second chanc- 200701 .8 K12 spokesman Jeff Kwitowski 9'haiontract the t teahn gs bee ofeelawa,"adh and fill those seats. es. wouldn't say whether the e 5tha ofnIs am it may teig bepse.Ta ae offered t een, andhe
An analysis by USA TODAY Nationwide, about 275,000 20080 $3.5 mates are accurate lor provide mean Islammyeo pse th a rn be etial. tig even gt
finds that online charter-schools K-12 students attend school on- actual K12 figures. But he said
hae pntmilon i axayrline fullie corigt h 2009 tecmaysgrmnswih ment power --most likely, a. turned on their heads in the
havespen milion in axpaer -ime accrdin tothehheicmpan'stgreeentswitiShiteucgetsto:decieo-sch.aandtof.ea Julot. Jutnsosd-
dollars on advertising over the Evergreen Education Group, a local school districts and charter
past five years, a tend that shows Colorado consulting firm. Many 2010 scolatoiesrqieK2t questions. :'er the Crusades, Inquisitions
schol uthrizrsreqireK12tO Of course, -there is no, reli- or Salem Witch trials.
few sighs of abatingThprmy virtual students are formerhm- 21 $94 publicize its programs, often over iu.cnessnAera. M bstnwrasohw
and high schools -- operated on- schoolers taking advantage of the large geographic areas. i Touth consensu, in miateU. Shaavierlgou
linibby for-profit. companies but schools' public funding-=virtual 2012-1111111111J "We try our best to ensure that: T t crIuy Wersy e the bldhe d .hs avoied eious'ed
with local taxpayer support- are schools typically get most of the all families know that these p.-
buying TV-, radio, newspaper and per'-pupil. allowance that- a local S-ouehUAuTDA. ayisofKnssMei tions exist," Kwitowski said. "It's ~ino at.Js osdr ei mrc' raetgf
Soure: SA ODAanaysi~f anss Mdiamy little tribe the Baptists. to civilization. The framers of
nternet ads to attract students," school does' estimates fr 100f the largest-cmpanies really about the parents' choice At one time, both Jesse Jack- our Constitution gave us the
even as brick-and-mortai public The USA TODAY analysis fin ds they're the ones that make the son and Jesse Helms were Perfect civic framework for
schoolsin the districts they serve that 10 of the largest for-profit 2007. The largest, Virginia-based decision about what school or Baptists. Ditto for Bill Clinton enabling citizens I-such as
face budget crunches. operators have spent an esti- K12 Inc., has spent about $21.5 program is the best fit for their and Newt Gingrich. The same those in south Sudan and Iraq
Virtual schools have become mated $94.4 million on ads since million in just the first eight child."tolvtgehrwhtei
Robertson. And that's just one religious differences without
: of America's hundreds of reli- going for the jugular.
P al! grups.Our foreign friends have
Poll.: H ig sc ho o h iiL ngd c negAlisogrunlike our European figured'out- the' importance of
, ". "counterparts, we cling to our putting. those ideas into the
By Cathy Payne every tw'years: esty and character," Joseph- religious beliefs passionately. law. Is it too much to hope for
HAV YO CHETE Students who said they son said. And America's critics of reh,- that countries in Middle East
A survey, from the Joseph- D RN ATEThad cheated on an exam in The survey found boys are gion appear equally passion- could learn to live by them,
son Institute of Ethics finds AtheO 'aty a l n e r m m r i eyt a il oe -ate. Turn on the Simpsons or too?
that, th.otin....ih.,,9 ~cnti Oliver Thomas is a mem-
i /~~~~~ ~~~ teprin'fhg59prcnin21Oto 51 per- gage in dishonest conduct. purchase a ticket to The Book
school students Who admit OVEAL cent in 2012." -:. Forty-five percent of boys be-' of Mormon and you'll see what bier. of USA Today's Board of
!dheafing ly~ing o ste~g: ".: The number of -stud ents, lieve that "a person has to. lie I mean. Our religious satire i otiuosadato fi
dr~pped-n 2012 or the irst: "saying they told a s ignifi- and cheat at least occasion- withering.ThnsYuMistrW tso
time in a decade. 24%__ cant lie to a teacher ,in the ally so metimes in order to Tell You (But Can't Because He
ST1he reasons aren't known, -, 28% patya elt 5pretsucceed," compared -ih 28 PASSIONATE DIVISIONS Needs the Job).
but the results of the'poll of ,in 2012, fro m 61 percent in percent of girls.
.23,000 high. school students [MALET iii 2010. Boys might also be more ag- "M e s a "t e f a u e
givre leaders, f thie rganz-] 1. In 2010, 27 percent ad- .gressive and competitive, said". a "te f a u e
tion hope.! l2 mitred to' stealing. from a David Walsh, a developmental
Thesurvey is "a pretty good 2 /01. store during the past year. In psychologist in Minneapolis.
sign that things may be turn.2 28% -2012, 20 percent, said' they ""We want our sons: to be CONCERT sing to audition to be soloists
iri around," said Michael-s had abe o hane,%,enrg continued from 1Binteccr.
mg~~~~~_ ar 1!- a:al ocanlttteeg This year, two Florida Memo-
....~P=K A I'': 1= fo n r and_ FE AL O re so for the e ln in I po itv diecio ,' said.

Broward's orphans get homes, minister Tabb
ordained at
Fa ile wec m day-one of those happy days Dayspring
23' kds duing .we'll remember forever," said'
23- kid duin De Jong, a NOVA Southeastern1
-Ordination service for
AdoptiUniversity finance professor.
A o ton Day .Samuel, has been in fos- Minister Jeffery "Tabb at
By Erika Pesantes ter care since birth and with Dayspring Missionary Bap-
r the couple since he was four tist Church, 2991 NW 62
Jack De Jong cradled months old. Other children be- Street at 11 a.m., Sunday,
13-month-old Samuel in his ':ing adopted Saturday were j oin- Dembr9
Elder Michael Roan is the
arms and kissed his head ten- :' ing families at a later stage in pastor.
drymmnsbefore the boy i;:life and carried the burden of a MINISTER JEFFERY TABB..
became his son Saturday. :! difficult past.
It was asilent, nurturing act But new parents, such as Dr. G s e h w t e b e sn
tha udescredth cmmt-Lawrence Garter, were looking Go e
ment and love all adoptive par- 4ito brighten futures with trips
ents would vow forevermore. to Disney World and a party in CAESAR everyone to come, including the
Twenty-three children, whose honor of the new family mere- continued from* B youth, she said.
ages ranged from 10 months to bers. "I want to take the time to in-
1yrof n fiialemes duin arta i Pedr.iater Asociatsincianwta- "I am wonderfully blessed of vite all of my young people, all
Atofn Dyatilies du rin ;Ition, sai he notdat ic ed Asoithe grePat the Lord that He has allowed me of my teenagers," Caesar said.
Aounti Dy ur th e o ard kids tin, saidte usotd who would to continue to carry this good "I've got a word for them too,
Couty ourhoue o Saur- ;'I: : idsin tat cutod wh woldnews of Jesus Christ," she said. so I want them to cQme and be
day. ,,, ;i, ,. come in for physical exams. He Those in attendance can ex- blessed from the Lord."
"We're just making official was inspired to become a fos- pct to experience a "spiritual She said she is truly grate-
what you already have in your ', i!ter parent without intending to explosion" and "an evening futhtsewsivedbte
heoar whicit Jug Hopey, siadopt, but soon fell in love with great worship," according to Cultural Center to perform in
BroardCirui Juge op i : .siblings Alexa, 10, and Joshua, Caesar. Miramar. Tickets are $35, $40
Bristol during the opening cer-h "' nine, he said. She will be singing many clas- and $45; there are Ialso ticket
emony._.. m "I can't imagine them going sic songs that she has sung over subscription package options for
emon. an i ie Tri npac le"Grtrsi."
hae fostered chidewie Tter,. an lae ls, G rtr ai the years, including "Jesus, How other upcoming shows..
hae oserd hidrn n her -Mark Randal,,sun Sentinel house is just a house without I Love Calling Your Name" and "It feels good to me to know
Weston home for 15 years and Carney Bethel Of Miami smiles as Judge Lynn Rosenthal It- children. When you .have chil- "Sweeping Through the City." that's am still able to do it, and
alrad hve ou aultchl-dren, it becomes a home. You "I hope that they like good old- I thank God because my peers
alread nine gor aduchilno nalizes Bethel's adopti 'on of Zion Bethel-Navarro, in her arms, have a whole future to envision: fashioned Gospel singing," she honor me," she said. "I want to
their own. But they, had room in and Zion's two sisters, Lydia and Vi01eta. Bethel previously ad- weddings, grandkids. It gives said. thank God that they're honoring
their home and in their hearts o pted the children's other three siblings. Saturdays adoptions your life a purpose." .Caesar expects for the show to me and that they recognize that
for Samuel, they said. were part of Broward County's National Adoption Day event. Please turn to CH-ILDREN 6B, be a blessing and would like for God is not through yet."
Veto on female bishops leavqwwes Anglicans in crisis
EB4 Alan Cowell emergency meeting of bishops Female priests hold senior were in favor of opening the
and John F. Burns called to debate last Tuesday's positions like canon and arch- church's episcopacy to women.
narrow balloting by its General deacon, and some had been But the synod's voting pro-
LONDON -- In a signl of deep- Synod rejecting the ordination hoping to secure appointments cedures require a twothirds
ening crisis in the Church Of of women as bishops, even as bishops by 2014 if the majority in each of its three
England after. it rejected the though female priests account change had been approVed. "houses": bishops, clergy and
appointment of women as bish- for one-third of the Church of The vote represented a direct laity, The bishops approved the
ops, its spiritual leader said last England's clergy member s, rebuff to Archbishop Williams's change by 44 to three, and the
Wednesday that the church had reformist efforts during his 10 clergy by 148 to 45. The vote
"undou btedly lost a measure of -Photo by Yui Mok years as head of the church among the laity, though, was
credibility" and had a "lot of ex- The Most Rev. Rowan Wil- and a huge setback to. a camn- 132 -to 74;- six votes fewer than
plaining to do" to people who liams, archbishop of Canter- paign for change that has been the two-th~irds needed.
foud is eliertios paqe.debated intensely and often The Church of England is the
Then aritsieron opante- bury, at a meeting Wednesday. bitterly for the past decade. so-ca .lled established church,
bury, the Most Rev. Rowan Wil- of the Church of England's VIore than 70 percent of the meaning that it is recognized
hams, was speaking. after an General Synod. 446 synod votes last Tuesday Please -turn to CRISIS 7B
',D1 ~ Mmber ADo, healt screnng and aciite ortewhDf
'.es o-f; all Th aiity srM freeroe
al|XA Scenig FluU T Vacie Fou Adultssin
(D0150)wal AD30 ,'te t mor ill-i %n SA

ealth neS
Sponsored by North Shore Medical Center
"Once You Know, It's Where To Go"
The North Shore administrative team celebrates the Cuban culture at the NSMC cultural
N o rth. S h o re c e le b ra tes, Andrew (Clement) Dunlop, Angel aCharles, Kerry Emrit represents Trinidad and Tobago atorhhreClua ir
Nt S hr-eer t s teNrt hr utrlFi.-Photos courtey/North Shore Medical Center
global cultures with a
multicultural fair
Administrators, physicians, said Manny Linares, CEO of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ja-
ebae h.vros '"" 'and employees recently cel- North Shore :Medical. Center. maica, Africa and the United
ebae h aiu utrs"Events like this help to bring Stapes. :;
at North Shore Medical Center .our employees together and Emiployees" rv:epresenting!i 1
with a Multicultural Faiir. celebrate our. various cul- their, native country provided ; : ,
"The Multicultural- Fair at :tures." food samples of some of the .: >' ij
North Shorewa great op- The :successful fair h'ad most poua cuisineas wel
porunit for employees to, employees representing the as historical artifacts such as:' - We>',x;;;: ii :!j.
represent their native coun- countries of Trinidad and To0- costumes, headpieces, wood"" ]') : ;i %f i ';:
tries through an exhibition of bago, Cuba, Bahamas, Puerto .carvings, pottery, currency, ;,.:,:,,,,. .....;. .,,, ., ,ow ,, ,..,i'@ i
culture, food and costumes," Rico, Dominica, Nicaragua, music, videos and posters. Hillary Robinson, who works NSMC registration, proudly showcases all things Jamacian.
. "Is it Alzheimer's? Free memory
scr eeming may tell if it's serious
By Diane C. Lade *"pointient include hospitals,
memory research clinics and
Do you or someone you know hone health agencies in Bro-
h tave trouble remembering the ward and Palm Beach coun-
nams and faces of familiar ties.
people? Are there behavioral. More than five million Ameri-
changes, like being more an cans have Alzheimer's or eldt-
. 1 gry tian usual or making poor ed dementias, including a half-
~choices? million Floridians. While there
A free and confidential mem- is no cure for the devastating
ory screening can help sort out neur-ological disorder, experts
whether these are normal be- say early intervention an get
haviors or something more se- patients on treatments that
ribus -- and is available across can slow its progression.
South Florida this month "The intent is to start a con-
~through a national initiative versation about memory con-
, sponsored by the Alzheimer's .Memory screening tests take about 10 minutes. They are cerns," said foundation ex-
....... -Foundation of America. Loca- done on paper and adminisered by medical or socila work ecutive vice president Carol
.. .. ... ';":"tions doing screenings by ap- professionals working faice to face with participants. Please turn to MEMORY 7B3
...Rich,delicious and only 20 gram sof fat.
The holidays are frDepression impairs Parkinson's patients
- M ed ica tio n th erap y der but the num ber one prob -i. .... '" ..." kinson's patients to thrive
HO HH tH 8.lem turns out to be depres- while others decline led .the
BB->can help if-' sion," says Joyce Oberdorf, WH A I:Aot.oemll'ion foundation to launch the re-
7president of the National Par- people in the USA and five million search three years ago. There
By Craig Wilson we should reach for acarrot,' it's diagnosed kiio' onain wolwd. is no.cure.
stick instead. .By Janice Lloyd The advocacy group's long- WHAT IT IS: The neurological dis- "Some patients stay active
Now that we're heading into: ;Over the years" I have be-' term study is the largest ever- edase is char~acterized by-tremors, and can live at home rather
the thick of the holiday sea- coime quite good at ignoring Depression takes a bigger toll undertaken on the degenera- s:itiffness, slowness of ovement than go to a nursing home,"
sh o it' hardy sunrise athee Scooes bistaweek on Parkinson's patients than tive disease, she says. It affects and speech difficulties. There is no says physician Michael Okun,
t foolce ha ve sufae Iades Hath misa e ofooin the physical problems linked about one million people in the cure., co-director of the Center for
- oce gan, t BstHeath agzin -to the neurological disease and USA and five million world- DEPRESSION: 61 ~percent of 5,557 Movement Disorders and Neu-
Every year about this time, what was I thinking? and often goes undiagnosed, ac- wide, and is characterized by patients in large new survey re- rorestoration at the University
they come out, wagging their right there was the predict-, cording to early findings out tremors, stiffness, slowness of port symptoms of depression; al- of Florida. "There's a wide dis-
skinny little fingers, telling us able headline: The Five Worst recently from an international movement and speech difficul- ;most~athird of those were severe prt
that most everything we're go- Holiday Foods You Can Eat. study ties. Doctor not tha .teltdt ed to know what treatments
ing to eat in the next month Boring alternatives included. "Nealy everyone thinks of Trying to pinpoint which ~eb6U tfome ias, nt were improving quality of life
will probably kill us and that Please turn to HOLIDAYS 7B the disease as a mobility disor- treatments enable some Par- Please turn to PATIENTS 7B1

Most young people with HIV n
don't know they're infected
.: .. i y ,: ,.: : ;each month.
CDC dat shows., And while new HIV infections
cases and risks .,. .. :have leveled off among most
.. groups, they are-rising among
are on. the rise 4,4 young people, says' Kevin Fen-
By Lz Sabo' : :i!ton, who leads the CDC's office
ByLz zb on AIDS. Most of that increase is
i being driven by new HIV infec-
More than 30 years after the !," tions in young Black men who ii .. .i: l,!
beginning of the AIDS epidemn- 7 have, sex with men, he says. 'i
ic, young people are again ta!k- The finding adds to the evi- !i: dSaitpl oKyats
ink dangerous risks with their dence that doctors need to rou-h o l Desdaabi theo pillKyaClileda
lives, accordingtp e eotj tinely screen all patients for Planne Parenthood prts n Tampa.
from the Centers for the Disease .HIV, says Kenneth Mayer', medi- ....
Control and Prevention. !: '"cal research director of Boston's
About 1,000 young people ;:.Fenway Health, a community" !
ages 13 to 24 are newly infected "!. health organization that pro- h u d th i lb
with HIV, the virus that causes 2vides AIDS services. ia c
AIDS, each month, according to One of four new HIV infecti~Ons occur in young people ages Last week, the U.S. Preventivesodend
new data released for the first 18-24.While HIV was once considered a disease of big cities, Services Task Force endorsed S l i e a c no m
time. rates are now highest in the South. routine HIV testing for every- "
About 60 percent of HIV-pos- one ages 15 to 65. The CDC and L indsay Cross, Momnmy- cannot advisewomen poe-
itive young people have no idea About 12mlinAecas Both the financial and hu- American Academy of Pediatrics !ish.comn: "The nation's larg- ly about which contraception
that they're infected, according have HIV or AIDS. man costs of these new infec- also call' for routine scree Ining, 2 est group of lady doctors, the is. best for th-at, patient.Also,
to hereprtrelasd lstTues- "This is our future gnr-tions are staggering, Frieden beginning in the teen years. American College of Obstetri- teannual well exam, which:
day. ion," says CDC director To-says. The lifetime cost of treat- Yet only 13 percent of high clans andGynecologists, has is wh~ere'most young women:!
Young people ages 13 to 24 as Frieden. "That so many ing someone with HIV is about school students have been announced its support for get, their birthcontrol refill, i
account for more than a quar- young people become infected $400,000. That means these tested for HIV,'the report says. selling birth control over the would be lost.. .. We lose an
ter of the 5,0neHI fc-with HIV each year is a prevent- new infections add four million Frieden says doctors need to get counter, like condoms .. .The :opportunity :to: provide: health
. ions each tragedy.". dollars in. new healthcare costs Please turn to HIV 7B] elephant in the room of this education and the needed ex-i.
whole discussion is the same amihaftinsto ensure they. ...
eager ~ ent~ av~ buff4 tnM:n m uliple eans or m u cles one. that limited the sale o{f ~istay ~healthy.":(, :,:
Teen .emergency contraceptiorn like San: ,Jose Mercury N'ews,
Te n, a e o g tb f r u tp e m a s o u c e the morning-after pilO. deditoria: "There are medical.
over-the-counter birth: control : and cost questions to resolve,
By ihleHaydns(vrg g 4 nMn be available to teensPThe doc- but the benefits to women
Whe it. coe to body' image Chnedetirsyeretu i csura.e o mu cas a ue'brh contro- woe f q at omen
large, lean and muscular is in, boys; 62 percent of girls vs in cosrvtv comu us"it-cnto tsm
and it's "extremely common Exercised more, 91 percent i ... nities. Person ally, Iink that ime.. .Doctors disagre oin
for teenagers to turn to diet, boys; 81 percent of girls i non-parent-apiproved !birt thesafety of the pill without
exercise, protein powders or Used protein powders or i control for teens is necessary." medical screening. Side, el-
steroid's in hopes of bulking up shakes: 35 percent boys; 21 An! gela DeRosa,: inter- fects can include blood. c!ots.
and enhancing muscle develop- percent girls ni" t, on her ..... 1"OB~ an strokes patcual if.... us........ -
ment, a study finds. Used steroids: six percent ar w- sayingg birt cntrolpills: ers smoke or are overweight.
Although these techniques boys; five percent girls. should' be overthe iounlter.- But- proponents: say these
are most often seen among Used other muscle-enharnc- I!: diaresrnl-. WaIInesaehge na n
boys, in some cases they are ing substances such as cre- V, I makes me crazyis that OB/ 'wanted pregnanadhgher
nearly as widespread among atine, amnino acids, hydroxyl } GYNs are' surgeons and de-' still in chidbirth"
grssasthe study published methylbutyrate (HMB),, DHEA, -[ liver babies. They usually do Libby Anne," Patheos:
Mond, aysinPediatrics. "or growth hormones: 11" per- no rt fully understand the dif- "Birth control that requires
Asked about methods they cent boys; ix percent girls ferences of oral contraceptive male involvement i.e. con-:
haeue t nraeter Researchers di no olc pills. If,: (birt control pills) -doms is available for free in
mus Icle size or tone, 2,793 mid- data. indicating whether eating go over the counter, doctors Please turn to PILL 6B
dle school and high school stu- Please turn to MUSCLES 61
Ve PM North Shore-
11i90 N.W. 95th Street, Suite 310, Miami, Florida 33150

Adolescents build bodies, enhance muscles National Adoption Day
MUSCLES ty of Minnesota School of Medi- to achieve." parents and "physicians need CHILDREN sought her attention. The little
continued from 5B cine. "Kids really are seeing that As a result, the many good to be aware that these behave continued from 3B girl's sneakers lit up and her
as a goal." reasons for teens to be physi- iors are going on and that they pigtails bounced as she sprung
changes were healthy or un- And it's not just a behavior cally active skill develop- need to be discussed wit4 their Others, too, opened their about.
healthy nor how much or what isolated to athletes or certain ment, having fun and general adolescents, says Joel Brenner, homes to sets of siblings who "I enjoy them. They keep me
type of exercise was adopted, ttams, says Eisenberg. Stu- health and fitness run the medical director of the Sports they did not want to separate. busy. They keep me young,"
Almost 12 percent of boys and dents who said they did not risk of being overshadowed by Medicine Program at Children's Cherise Sutton, 42, became an Sutton, a realtor from Miramar,
six percent of girls, however, re- play sports also reported these the goal of looking like, some- Hospital of the. King's Daugh- adoptive parent. after fostering said.
ported using three or more of the muscle-enhancing efforts. one in a magazine ad or in the ters in Norfolk, Va., and chair of 3-year-old Actavia and her sib- During adoption proceedings,
general muscle-enhancing be- Teenage interest in re-shap- sports pages, she says. the American Academy of Pedi- lings, Eric, 5, and Jasmine, 1. new parents were reminded
haviors, "indicating a relatively ing or building thdir physiques And given greater awareness atrics Council on Sports Medi- As Sutton go before that- children would eventu-
high level of use," says the report. is nothing new. What is new, is of performance-enhancing and cine and Fitness. Broward Circuit Judge Lynn ally grow into teenagers. Light-
The findings suggest that "in- a social and cultural emphasis muscle-building substances, The use of steroids and other Rosenthal, Actavia climbed hearted laughs and joyful tears
creasing muscle strength or "not just about having a healthy teens know there are many oth- performance-enhancing sub- onto her mother's lap and were shared.
mass or tone is an important physique," but about achieving er ways to bulk up, "ways that stances is clearly dangerous
piece of body image for both the "perfect" muscular body, are not recommended and not and needs to be avoided, but
boys and girls," says lead study she says, which ultimately is safe, but may be quite effec- inappropriate changes to diet or P ill u sage sp arks d eb ate
author Marla Eisenberg, profes- "just one more cultural ideal tive," says Eisenberg. exercise can also be hazardous,
sor of pediatrics at the Universi- that young people find hard This study is a reminder that he says.
PILL young 99 percenters, may opt
continued from 5B to simply save a few bucks and
P 4 '! Hope for the best. More likely
many places . Birth control though . Planned Parent-
that is completely controlled by hood and other organizations
the female, i.e. the birth control will pick up the slack .... All
that is most effective, is gener- reclassifications are a mixed
T. . 1 U.M.1 .ally not. ... I can simply.walk blessing, a fact that offers us a
WEEKDAYS* Wiinto Walmart and buy Tylenol sobering reminder of just how
or aspirin. I cannot simply complex the business of paying
walk into Walmart and buy the for health care truly is."
w w c oo ,o "2 pill .... I understand that there Lauren Stretcher, gynecol-
*lackout are concerns with allowing any ogist, The Oz Blog: "The same
WEEKENDS* es o drug to be available over the people that say pills shouldn't
Usecode: counter, but if medical organi- be sold over the counter are of-
CNP 88
Expires 12/29/12 zations like the American Col- ten the same people that think
ALL ROOMS INCLUDE: lege of OBGYNS . think that insurance shouldn't cover con-
Color TV with 8 HBO Channels, it's safe...I'm alforit." traception in the first place.
Coffee Maker with Complimentary i Kent Sepkowitz, The Daily And that abstinence education
Coffee, WI-Flinternet,HairDryer, Beast: "Guess who is paying actually works. Or that easy
overlooking Calder Casino & Race Iron & Board, In-Room Safe. for the whole shabang? You .... access to contraception will
Course, next to Sun Life Stadium All Rooms are Non Smoking.. Private and government payers increase teenage sexual activ-
support the concept because it ity. ... The solution to lower-
means . fewer doctor visits ing .the country's high unin-
and a shift of the cost of drugs tended pregnancy rate is not
to the consumer ... Reclassifi- going to be completely solved
Nation would seem to threaten by increasing access to contra-
-BtAUTFLll P#OL to push pill use down, not up, ception, but it's a really .good
it % Isince women, many of them start."
.'BASETB-- CALL305-6 214
The Mam
~Apostolic Liberty City (burch New Vision For Christ Mt. Zion A.M.E.,Church Zion Hope Brownsville
Revival center of Christ Ministries 15250 N.W. 22nd Avenue Missionary Boptist Church of Christ,
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Liberty City ,prepares for Eunice Watson. festival TreeTop
Te cmuiyserved as ber of the Metro- missioner Michelle Spence-, on Sundays
is invited to partici- a positive Dade Commis- Jones; County Commissioner
pate in the First An- role model sion on the Status Audrey Edmonson, founder
nual Eunice Watson |for women, of Women for 14 and the executive director -of Jackson Soul Food proudly
Liberty Day Festival empower- years, eventu-,The Alternative Programs, prsnthOeMaBnd
on Dec. 8th from, 12 ng them ally being named Inc., Georgia J. Ayers; andprsnthOnMaBad
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Liberty was a de- c carge of During the Fes- Marshall Davis. on Sundays. No charge to at-
voted activist whoI their corn- ival, held atThe For more information or to
worked in the Lib- mn u n 1 t y African Heritage confirm your attendance con-, ted W1 tad3d a e w .
er-ty City communi- and "their : Cultural Arts tact The 'New Vision GospelTREOP NEANB D
ty, was responsible SPENCE-JONES lives. She EDMONSON Tommnit Ten- ONEuit MANi BANDwv
for Black History being taught was also a representative of ter, 6161 NW 22nd Ave., four or call Ate dP si nia ,g'au ra o
in the Miami-Dad~e County National Council of Negro current community leaders 'the choir's president, Ayasha At n rsd nilI a g r o
Public School System and Women [NCNW] and a memn- will be honored: City Corn- Scott, 305-620-9582.
' "Bus trip to 2013 Presidential at $70 per night. Contact Wil-
Youh u awae o th ir osiiveHIV staus Inauguration in Washington, helmina at 786-277-5263;
DC; bus leaves 12 p.m., Sat- email address: heverylp@aol.
ei o i i urday, January 19, 2013 and corn or Ila at 786-354-3844.
return 3 p.m., Tuesday, Janu- Sponsored by H.E.L.P a not-
HIV spreading the infection, Mayer By getting more, patients on Overall, 20 percent of all pa- ary 22, 2013. Roundtrip cost for-profit 501 (C)3 Charitable
continued from 5B3 says. People who know they're treatment, Frieden says, the tients with HIV are unaware of per person $250. Hotel start Organization.
HIV-positive are less likely to nation can reduce the total their status, according to the
the message that screening* is engage in risky behaviors, such amount of AIDS virus in circu-" CDC, and about one-third are T e t h tp c n p u d
essential. While the number of as sharing needles or having un- lation, which would dramati- diagnosed-late in their infection, I"e t h tp c n p u d
people who -refuse an HIV test is protected sex, studies show. cally re-duce the number of new after having had HIV for perhaps
very small, he says the number And people whose virus is infections, even if people didn't a decade. A number of socioeco- H-OLIIDAYS ing but bread and butter and
of doctors who fail to offer the under control, reduced to un- change their behavior. He adds nomic factors keep people from continued from 5B juices from the turkey and
test is great. detectable levels, are virtually that the country needs to do a getting tested, including the can possibly even poison you
"They key here is to make it .incapable of spreading the infec- better job of educating young -stigma of AIDS, poverty and lack Like a moth to the flame, I if it's cooked inside the bird.
routine screening, just like we tion to others, a finding that has people about AIDS and the need of access to care. read on. I obviousl y prefer my holiday
have cholesterol screening," led doctors to talk of "treatment to,,change their behavior. Young gay and bisexual men, I am happy to report I'm dinners with a little. edge.
Frieden says. "If someone re- as prevention." Only 30 percent "It is astonishing the level along with Blacks, are dispro- not that fond of three of the Would Aunt:Edith keel over
fuses, that is their right, but we of those with HIV have their vi- of ignorance of basic physiol- portionately affected. About 72 foods, so chances are good first, or Uncle George?
should say this is what we do." rus under control, however, due ogy that many high school and percent of new HIV infections in I'm going to live through New But I reserve my holiday
Getting tested is the first step to a "cascade" of obstacles to middle, school students have," this age group occur in menvWho Year's. On the naughty list: love for eggnog, that wonder-
to treatment, which can dramat- care, including lack of insur- Frieden says. "There is not go- have sex with men, and 57 per- mincemeat pie (477 calories a fully thick drink, that's 400
ically improve patients' health ance, poverty and other issues, ing .to be an easy, quick, simple cent occur among Blacks, 'the slice), pecan pie (500 calories calories and 20 grams of fat
a Ino also prevent them from Frieden says. solution." CDC says. a slice), and candy canes, per glass, equivalent to two
(:which are nothing but sugar glazed donuts. But better.
and 'corn syrup and boast The thing that always sur-
Condition~~n a rbe o ak snsp h nsonutrtona value. I kow. prises me about this annual
Co dto;.p obe o akn ons ain 1s Shocking. campaign against eggnog is
.I returned a candy.c ae to that the skinny-finger peo-
PATIENTS ported depression in the sur- health care service at Michael supportive therapy --do t1he ,Santa once, asking if perhaps pie act as if it's going to be
continued from 4B3 vey,: 1,192 (21 percent) had E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs best,' according to Marsh.. An- he had something else in his served at every holiday, every
minor symptoms, 1,248 (22 Medical Center in Houston. other problem associated with bag. He did not and I went month, forever. It's not.
and to *set guidelines for good' percent) had mild depression, "The more aggressively it is not treating depression: Until home empty-handed. Finding eggnog at the gro-
outcomes." and 1, 021 (18 percent)report- treated the better the disease it is addressed, she says, pa- I'm quite fond of the other cery story in February is as
The roje t in olv s 20 re- d s vere maj r impressive outcom e,'" she says. 'There's a tients m ight not want to take two item s on the naughty list, ha d s fi in C rst s
search centers and 5,557 pa- disorders. real problem with under-recog- part in exercise programs, an however: stuffing and egg- tree in March. Gone, not to
tients. Each year, patients'fill "It's not because they're sad nition and under-treatment." important therapy for the dis- nog. Yes, that's the sound of return for a year.
out a health svlrvey and the they have the disease, which Oberdorf says the database ease. my arteries closing. So drink up. It's already
information"I is "entered into they may very well be, but this analysis is showing "divergence The early findings about ef- Stuffing is, of course, noth- later than you think.
a database. The early find-'depression is related'to un- in outcomes. We're finding the fective treatments are 'Just~ni-'c n
ings on depression show the derlying changes in the brain jewels of treatment." the tip of the iceberg," says, *N ofe ae ih p
.magnitude of the problem," and for many it will occur be- Patients who receive a corn- Oberdorf. "We're committed to
says physician Laua Marsh. fore diagnosis of Parkinson's," bination of treatments for de- following this for a very long
Among the 61 percent who re- says Marsh, director of mental pression medication and time." CRISIS sharp prod."
continued from 3B Addressing the synod on
Wednesday in unusually uni-
il b t iIby representing the.of- ambiguous language, Arch-,
Freescreening tests to e available th s m oa ~ 11, ficiali,!'rbligorn,"erqjoy sp ecial, bisthop:,Willih ec!la :edj, ,,,~
privileges and is supported by have, to put it very bluntly,a
MEMORY Steinberg said. Despite the. Beach. Supervisor Shelly want to share the information the civil authorities. lot of explaining to db "
continued from "41 tile, screenings are offered. Greenberg said five of them with their physicians. Some lawmakers suggested "Whatever the motivation for
throughout- November. had results suggesting fur- Many screenings are ad- on Wednesday that the synod voting yesterday, whatever the
Steinberg. "We find Americans Participating sites use one ther medical evaluation was ministered to seniors whose vote would create a crisis of theological principle on which
just aren't talking about it." of several uniform tests avail- needed. The facility based at spouses or- family members crh-terlainscepeople acted and spoke, the
The New York-based non- able, Steinberg said. They are Broward Health North, one have brought them in be- the rejection of female bishops fact remains that a great deal
profit organization, which done on paper, handled by of 15 state-designated cen- cause they've noticed behav- contradicted national laws on of this discussion is not intel-
unites 1,6.00 partners work- medical or social work profes- ters for memory care, offers ior changes, Greenberg said. gender equality. Prime Minister ligible to our wider society.
ing in Alzheimer's disease sionals working face to face screenings year-round. But adult children whose David Cameron, already at log- "Worse than that, it seems as
ca-re and research, started with participants, and take Tests are reviewed by the parents had Alzheimer's, gerheads with the church over iffwe are willfully blind to some
National Memory Screening about five to 10 minutes. center's medical director, and along with healthy seniors the government's plans to le-
Day 10 years ago and now About 30 people were test-, participants get a letter with who just Want to keep tabs galize same-sex marriage next Cameron urges the
screens "hundreds of thou- ed last week at the Memory the results, Greenberg said. on their health, also have re- year, urgea the church authori- hrhofEg ndt
sands of people annually,," Disorder Center in Deerfield They then can decide if they quested tests. ties on Wednesday to devise a ChrhoEnldt,
way out of the impasse. 'get with the program.'
0 "I'm very clear the time is right
Keli A ams recruited to "fx is u ish osfor women bishops; it was
l id"fx M i s u is h o s many years ago," he told Par-ofterndadpirtesf
liament on Wednesday. "They that wider society," he added,
FORMULA challenges ahead in a city fac- up, he will close the schools. manager to train prinipals need to get on with it, as it were, acknowledging criticism from
continued fromrn 2A]iga1 ecetuepo- I his first two er6n o documenting teacher per- and get with the program. But withi thtth ihrc l
ment rate and a high violent- St. Louis, Adams closed 14 formance to overcome histori- you do have to respect the indi- ready facing ddig congre-
comb through budget docu- crime rate, just as there were schools, dismissed about 10 cally poor record-keeping that vidual institutions an Id the way gations has lost a broader
mens o esue one ws i Nw rlenspos-Ktrna, percent of principals ndt hasq made it tough to remove inef- they work while giving them a relevance to modern society.

Hadley' Davis -MLK Richardson Royal Pete La Roca Sims, 74, postbop drummer
student, died ho me ma k er, JACKSON, 59, By Nate Chinen
November 25 in died November retired laborer,Pe e L Ro a S m ,a p w r
Miami, FL. Ser- 26. Service died November Pete a ditictiv rum moer-
vice 2p.m. Sat- 11 a.m., 28 in Miami, uan ditciv drme
urday at Jordan Wednesday in FL.. Service 11 who created the pulse for some
Grov. te cape, a~., atudayof jazz's leading figures from the
Grov. th chael. ~ m.,Satudaylate 1950s through the '60s,
at Opalockadied on Nov. 20 in Manhattan.
Church of G od. w s 4
The cause was lung cancer,
LANA SAINVIL, 57, died No- JAZIE BARNES. Service 11 MIA ADRYSE CAREY- said his daughter, Susan Sims.
vember 29 at a.m., Saturday WILCHCOMBE, With an effervescent time feel
Jackson North in the chapel. 33, health and an alert style .that could
Hospital. Ser- specialist, died tr nacmayn oeit
vice 2pmN ov e m ber a running commentary, Sims
Saturday in the 18 'at Emory was well the dyna-
chapl. Un iv e s it ymism of the postbop era.
chapel.HUsnitvalr in "He was for me very, very easy
Atlant, play with," the pianist Steve '
Atana u GAvi .'or Kuhn, a regular collaborator in f ,
include, father,' Osborne
JOHN GETER 111, 23, laborer, Wilchcombe; step-father, Everett After performing with
died November Daley; sister, Keristan (Leo) Wicks. likes of Sonny Rollins
28 at Jackson HalFruo e it No viewing. Service 9:30 a.m.,
Health Sys- ERNESTINE LINDSEY, 90, Saturday in the chapel. Respast and Chick Corea, the law.
terns. Services retired dietary immediately following at Betty
were held. service aide, Ferguson Complex, 3000 NW 199 teery16s adls ek. .....
died November S.MaiGres
St., Minm Columbia,. "His influences were what they
SC. urvio~swere, but he synthesized them.
incl u vio Mitchell His conception was unique."
inorude: sonteLaRoa
MauriceWallace BELMIN BURGESS, 85, retired, Woin .a Pee aRc,
ELISHA MIKE JR., 67, truck driv- (Nadine); step died November Sims appeared on a handful of
er did Noem-daughter, June 26a oe. classic albums of the period,
ber 27 at North Brown Wimberly (Torrance); Survived by noalIyteteo aohn
Shore Medical sisters, Easter Troy, Effie Fortson sn, Palists Sonny Rollins and Joe Hen-
Center. Service rand a host of relatives and friends. and Reginald desn Bsa"a lu ePete La.Roca,Sims performing in New York in 1997.
p.m., Saturday Service 10 a.m., Saturday at Mt. B u Lr g e s s maefrBu;oei 95
leading a quartet with. Hen- Tent, with Rollins. Part of that MUSIC OR LAW
a t M t C a lv a ry S in a i M is s io n a ry B a p tis t C h u rc h d a u g h t e r s ,d r o K h a d t e b s i t e f r a c o l e i m r i s b i t e t t e w d l
MB Church. Willie Lou droKh n h ass efrac ol eimr isbite ttewdl
BRENDA COLLIE MILBRY, 65, B u r g e s s ,Steve Swallow, is itself widely talized on Rollins's "Night at held perception that he had
maintenance Priscilla Smith and Devera regarded as, a classic. the Village Vanguard," one of abandoned music to become
administrator at Hardy; 24 grandchildren and 31 the bedrock live albums in jazz, a lawyer. The truth, he said,
ANNETTE MYERS, 51, died Bell South and great grands. Service lb a.m., GREW UP IN HARLEM though the drummer on most of was that he would have con-
Decmbe 1at wnr o Bg StudayatFirt aptstChuchIn Sims also recorded memora- the tracks is Elvin Jones. tinued to work as a musician
Claridge House Will's Ribs and Brownsville, 4600 NW 23 Avenue. bywt h losxpoiti hr a enmr p
NuringHoe higs, did !iJackie McLean,. the trumpeter JOHN COLTRANE QUARTET portunities to play the kind
ArrngmetsNvme 3.MIDE Bow,7,dd Art -Farmer, -the pianist Paul During the spririg and sum- of music he wanted to play
incmpete SrvvedbyheI ID ce mb rBley and others. His second mer of 1960, Sims worked in an -and that 6Ls soon as it be-
inopet.Srvied byeroe DeceMmer album as a leader, "Turkish early iteration of the J ohh Col- came economically feasible
sons: Sheldon, Paton and Ryan. FL. Service 1 Women at the Bath," released trane Quartet. He was similarly to balance his music and law
Viewing 478 p.m.,, Friday in the p.m., Friday at in 1967, featured John Gilmore a short-lived founding member careers, he resumed perform-
chapel. Service 1*1 a.m., Saturday First Baptist of of the Sun Ra Arkestra on tenor of Start Getz's acclaimed ear- ng.
at New Generation Missionary Brownsville. saxophone and Chick Corea on ly-'60s quartet. (His replace- He began playing semi-reg-
GEORGE. ROBERTS, 62, labor- Baptist Church, 940 Caliph Street, piano. ent in the Coltrane band was ularly again in 1979, using his
er, died Decem- Opa-locka, FL 33054. ,Peter Sims was born on April Jones; in the Getz ensemble, ft real last name and mentoring
ber 1 at 1ill 7, 1938, in Manhattan. He grew was Roy Haynes.) younger mscas oal
Maia' 'Nursing HE RSHEL H IGDON, 90, retired up in Harlem, surrounded by Though he. brushed up the saxophonist David Lieb-
Iaz hi6tpfte wsatrmhgantexeienaimfe man. And he doubled dc wn
Home. Arrange- fencemaster, -- az i tpahrwsatu-aanteprm'etlsfe
ents incom- died December Wright and Young peter, and his uncle managed a jazz held little appeal for Sims, on his stubborn adherence to
plt.2 at Aventura MARY E. COWINS, 64, retired suite of rehearsal studios. Mr. and jaz-rock even less. This, swing rhythm. The name of
pee ,,H o s p i c e head custdan Sims had his first professional combined with his growing im- his working band was Swing-
S~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ u r v i v o r s "o D a e C u ty e x e i n e a i b l l y r p a ti e n c e w it h s id e m a n w o r k ti m e ; t h a t w a s al s o t h e ti t l e o f
c h i I d r e n ,Public Sch ool.0 on the Latin dance-band cir- gradually resulted in dwindling. his final album, released on
Charles Higdon Board, died cut, where he adopted his stage opportunities. He drove a taxi Blue Note in 1997.
BURNETA STEVENSON, 24, and Frankie December 3 at surname, La Roca ("the Rock"). for five years while studying Sims's marriageg to the for-
died December Richardson; Jackson North. He transitioned to the drum law at New York University, and mer Margo Burroughs ended
at home. Ar- grandchildren, Merwin, Marlon, S urv iv o rs "kit at 17. Two years later, on thethnec eacorctlwridvre.Iadtonohs
rangements, in- Keisha and Chris; great children,' Troy recommendation of the pioneer- Bathen w"Tureisshe wmenoat te drughter, Simsues suringed by
complete. grandchildren, Lakeisha, Treyvon, Q., and Tammie ing bebop drummer Max Roach, B awsriuewtotpr-d meSmsssrvedb
Kayla, Bryce, Brock and Cameron. S. Cowins, Terra L. By rd and he played what he would later mission under Corea's name, as his son, Kenneth Harvey, and
Service 10 a.m., Saturday at Raudel E. Robinson. Service 2:30 recall as his first jazz engage- "Bliss!," he successfully'sued.) his brother, Michael Morgan.
Jordan Grove Missionary Baptist p.m., Saturday at New Birth Baptist
Church." Church East, 13230 NW 7 Avenue.
CYNTHIA DIANNE *PERRY, 58, EMA .NUEL PETERSON, SR., 52, Carey Royal Ram'n Manker Range
ROGER BRUNSON 111, 25, stu- entrepreneur, died November WILLIE LEE JONES, 51, iron WINSTON EDWARD GRIFFITH, OTHELMA L. MASON, 89,
den, /ied De-died December 27 at ho wok r, de 54, landscaper, died November died November
cember 1. Ser- 1 at .Memorial Survived by November 30 at 2 tAetr eia etr 9 uvvr
vice 12 p.m., R e- g i o n a 11 wife, Paulena; Jackson Health Service 10 a.m., Saturday at St. inld: her
Saturday at Igle-. Hospital ,in c h i Id r e n S y s t e m s.aesBarbartoicChrh. d a Mason-e r
sin Bautista LaI Hollywood. E m a n d a ,Service 1 p.m.,Brbr'Msn
HermsaService11 am. P a u I e t t eStra nte MICTORINE RAPHAEL G a r d i n e r "
Deebr15 Katrina and chapel, SEJOUR, 77, homemaker died stepson, Curtis
DecemerslmEmanueI November 29 at home. Service Mason Crumble
at rsa em Enrse to Ridc ial Vale Paie anosi oa ahlcCuc. asda o;npeCaec

The Miami Times
iestyl et
By Jocelyn Novock cheer after'belting out the final number, image of many an Ailey evening.
the infectious "Ropkai My Soul in the But a season cannot be made up
Over at Rockefeller Center they wereo graham.' alone nor should it be and for the n
Lighting the Christmas tree, and a few blocks That number was more meaningful ing piece the company turned to another
aw ay at Newr York City Center,'another than, usual: It was the last time many in reliable crowd-pleaser, "Minus 1'6" by
much-cherished holiday tradition was taking- the opening-night audience would see Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin.
Ailey dancer Renee Robinson "Minus 16," which Artistic Director
pe orm it.LE -- t R- oJust Btw tle addd o theet a st
Dance Theater's anral season. uRobinson who retires after
An issleniarpartof thattraditioh of,: the Dec. 9 performance, has been with season, is a rather eccentric piece, set
course, istoperform thielate choreogra- the company since 1981, making her its to a strange mix of music including, of
pher's masterpiece, "Revelations." The l,,ongest-serving female dancer. all things, a Hebrew counting song,
challenges; each year's opening as is to Earlier in Revelations," the dancer got often sung at Passover but not
add a little -somiething exdra. Last Wedn esday a knowig cheer-from the crowd as she usually by grim-faced dancers in:
evening, It came n the formn of a celeti floated Into view carrying h er famous black suits and hats who sud-
presenter -- he actress and white parasol from the "Wade in the Water" sequence, denly rip their clothes off and
Comedienne Mo'NW u ,and a beatific smileion her face. After all, it was throw them on the floor
three high-profile giest sing-, tlythattvirtualry everyone y
erSON thRHcavernous theater
First up wasu thdspera had seen her-do it
singerilessye Noirman, whose at least once inthe
rich soprano tones added an plactkthree decades m
intensitytio the aread s rip- 'Later she doneId the bright
ping "Fix Me Jesus" section, yelloachurch dres aand wide-
w it danced with bautful controlI bberimed hat for the rollicking
biy Linda Qeleste Sims~and -finial 's ection,
Gilen Allern vSris. where she was
Tsirtin but came the, Broadway partnered by
i viaovicef Bran th majestic
Stoes Mtc el' elieigasoulfulbtak on Ianother an xressive
An ctessrier Flaica on Roetr cmi now seo x
,bp~~t cade eae dp es asrtera~ie
ois -ola Mpi it ch"Sn e n oh gt crosan 5itn skwr re in neduig .
dag ction, whi sppoyts the w ordoorfabdi-dsroe tnorans,:ran
st /gtFnche amly fm And O a rb d R by Ja a a d
tal keep ticke salesbuzzm
.rs Bynikeu Scot Bowles yeae, whlBtedac su
Moist perdforl hnces-e v duyRevelxttr a edfiveaperc
LA -eed tonrJputed wic two moth woago, dot at
n mitsionh to ideay ssmoen ons e i evedue -hi
The war hoor Hollywood Rcar rih. h f -eene rogn si ec toha d uhrod eay in rc htaeadn neta tetr n olr fe
quaitywriin infci n o d to b sdi o i o er e whe th e erio th wereeth n a tof 11 percent, overot ot eb x fi e Pe s u n o
: t. ': By.carryshcboxofficetoeaspof athets Hungers Gamders and eniersged
cal ensemble supplivit 202 Aveng ers thru u t- w e to a 1 .
The stars of the upcoming r nsa ou, ca t indutr is d lte asuc t rce andin a
4_"MJ yr oli eo ines th e swore d whehrm t
ZRANEALEHURSTONCArDn WRIT cuid. season d e b anchiers
thle jggeruthy echet as cldshoul the industry
J as t Boe s d i t was while throisughn tDe
f n rd Nd ollywooiss ee a s to oan s eTio that
signatur. sogtes *in uptick vinsines thakstow Saniga Bnrnea Dawn eh .hmeahlu Pramdont ictur
"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~ n Museu lastTueday, seas enty oron, leadwo in euprevel'sueiln dsigndtccethuiu
WlevelShoardsmcompethatponu.efilm ptat ha series sad Par t 2mon)d in enel Wht silom
asp ions but artheirt p. Bt w the hpr tWrier- prdu i R e m
TheHustn/Wigtou- fc n petryn no mm ,eria succes s well ote uoeec au
Hurto/WrghLnostrghcorg, c n mondt olef on eclnar pefr 201. nod the to as
sttpbsdreo 491 thMuone b he thir bwi prceotl and ominaatinbt
the war dealin fo its201 foudaton re nmedin hnor* crdning ton holiday wendta screes uontile Dte 4 thokpiteo rms wl onth iedgtcu
subrsa s toAL December 10th.R ofnvlssZ RIeaeHuTo cfiures frmHly ooso, "eo'e thade quite thfrani e xpcesopoe h sar ti ekadadmr
TheLwarehoorsc are ouvn w r ehs apareu s ce aoud andvr me in racery tt a ig a
qualiydrtigine fiction dosbdin Bwie, Mdvrakn the slaprio asxt- sh omehng ofil ahya," sas bot$otebx2fie2Pes2un oJY
Theostas of, ther o mmRgme B oadw musica aoui nd Th isli ed, aa sml fligh of starsh
Motwn ecrdshaeradptc miuch e books to thea squreaish room an calmlyun checking
writersawards, bouptlistent.veysn frms that gode eraou t t fa$7medltuion feciontl caletel "sne sasi Fihtelaetmfo
au songses D ao ss visitd te otoinding ureth the "echo chamberasoluer-r u t Brando Victor
Sterso gol raerds sc ing and more -andhispary me"she waid o re theN ea

celebrated their Edward Braynon, and" Mack, Caroline Bradenton included:
t ... annual dinner at the $. Jones. White, 'James Maul: Edwin Alexander
Same venue with a Also, Dr. Herman and Alva, Fletcher and family, Mrs.
!brief meeting that Dorsett, Hartr and Paschal, III and A I e x a n d e r
involved' the alumni Carmen Dawson, Dr. Roslyn, James Emonica, Edwin,
from* classes '32 to Henry Mingo, Oscar B. Randolph, IX). Jr. Mother Inez,
Hats .off to Sergeant' New Shiloh MBC. eJ'55. They discussed and Mary Jessie,. N. -Patrick Range, Rowe entertained
Frederick Washington He spoke on the changing Norman and Estella: Arth.. ur Simms and her children: Cheryl,
and officers: LaTanya thanksgiving owed to Jesus, of the school's Cox,< Harcourt Clark, Ruth,: Dr. Arthur Lori, Andre, Arlan,-
Graham, Willie McFadden, with ,many verses related, to name to Dorsey- PRESTON James. and ,Barbara Woodard,,-. Larry RANGE -Dena, 'Johnat ban
Roy Brown, "Dana attitudes, Christianity, "N orth we st e rn Anders, Stani and. Adam's and Carolyn,: ( from Iraq), Lore tta,:
Carter and Utavia n eighborhoods and the .High with over 80 percent Sarah' Aillen, L ovonia Nelson Jenkins and Fifla, Arni |ca,: O.(scar,: Frankie,::'
Reeves-Jenkins for Promised Land. He tied favoring the change from Freeman, LaurieeHepburRnBteD..Bafr rnln rcla yee
"Miami-Dade Police his sermon with his a request made in 2002. Norma Mires, Columbus and Mable Brown.: The (Kevin, Jimmy, ; Patice
Department's Annual experience as a police Those .in supr"nldd.Sih ulySlhd Michael's.-Diner atendees Chritan i and Mirac".
Senior's Thanksgivmng officer and teaching aljanSmith, Naomi Smith, Dir. Presto Mrhlicue:RhadSith, Everyone enjoyed thetrkey
Dinner held ,at the people what to do. Tie: Glass, ErnestD.Adeobs at MackCaerJhneDvichce, ispgonpa
Piccadilly Cafeteria t tolreach heaven. Smith, ) Patricia~' Thoms evsPu rma Wila nlAlnBggs, and' rie, potato) saad yams
with entertiment Senior citizen fro Elto Davis, Theodr n elnJh n neteR .Srcalimad mor sretoom25
provided by Glenda ...REEVES Miilde and'Claude KtyBue, Earl and AliceWlimJon Tls EaDvdWlimsndgst.eDeGeetok
Foster a great Pepe Toes.Dnes Johnny ;and .Mary RbrThms a i,'egndoAnldDvis, the !time to visit Meicoan
musician from the Miami Covenant Plm.sPalmTowersais, Samuel :Jackson, ..... Doroth StwrJh'Mri oisn ary improve !on :her Spanish.
Central famous chorus and and Ward Towers weeinvitedJni e and Mary: RobinsonSaadRiPoelJrmeipkn and DarylTake advantge ofal o te!
key note speaker, Reverend as special gu.ests : Jonn Stephenson, Peter other inlue mebesofDens.dscounts n p frahR greti!
:Frank, Dean, minster -.of DorseyHig School: Aln. adn David White, Dr.: the KnofCusDrAtid.Fml mebsfromCrsms
An' other beautiful. "pin" family members.i
in ribteto r. ary is Also,, we eesdee o n etO crn m n eee
Novmbe grup -Fr, Rose< Mari anRgr als a de oeo
Bar' bi-hmnh- if "daughter o lrneMs-- unn o et crs otfletuis oOcr
.p:!m., our deaco Doi .Be tr raycpan: in(' of tihe. lat Joehai'"o erbcas o e
"Naa Day wihfiedEel, rs aaoe, Ki edding anniversry formerly o vro-r nlswsamr ieAad[n bu
ad family in-Prs alB rgt Dozaleg greetinigs wit our love and llth Terrcadneeof er l hnsewthn herself
at St ge.Tefo Ls"M~nebsfwse oout to' Orq) Mosad h Q'", asaog4,0 nsr."Adte
fwoa sutosand th r ewis. Syptyou drfla nd lervong, cln. gilbeoi0- o oo tyoref
I n0a~ sty. Ie Huhppp ini Bh am:: Iic s muc h smllr
F >raci Leis Ceeti Pasr in) the and Dianaa Brai e 11, witnssed the~ ,, i::":,:
f!Prmerlad afe an LeIo-Dna Nv 6an l Braa.ters on, elved prehFthr:, loo at yoil and
Porer ho. has :been RcadLMarquess Bary wedin anvrryon No........ phim oldmk e teyug- lsint eiu promr
named "Teacher ofl the our:ffciant, who, ene 4t ow uique. R:' olle becam ou etr oetates oee eev oeer, tis ne ein-t
Year" for Frederick Douglas a pastoral 'eainhp Wias' were :saddened Father Bary eldn h hthnr Jci opr ssclip shosthe "eat
Elementry fo h eon ihis members at: th oler f the demise: oond fatflsrat0tnneyasad2 as f the Southr Wl" star"
Get well wislhes and our Chur~ch, where he reace oe four former's0ngbid Grace and orSitAnsOcrnmneee; als o e oeti h im
prayers to all sick and shut-. his. farewell sermon last. ofor" city and Behn-Eipal Chrc members.'(i!i
insofou community: Glori Suda marningi atte 0Cok University. Ou We wilalasloeyon
Bannster Clranc, Clar, aY seri. syme0 path goes ;out to herchris:h yrfiensi. M r .Bi udfrdfutn
-" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~o $2.2er:laane million banks loan:;:L: ".:.~ih ...-'"... ::: "''.... (:...... .. ..i:i
Itsbe ad htCny butter, $2 tBiswd.comi:. :You may nemember ...Lindsay Deut)sch loves sassy .hit with a lawsuit: on :Wednes- financiala
Clark can be hard to shop when travel was a glamorous sesnl.waes..hrel.a.llgn.heGam haah
fo (Tho6ugh David iwho ,PA. Eedaor, when passngr an erso ters. Here wine ndheusband for-aheyNe
recently becam he i 6- W ohstm og lw into Idlewil adrehr" iptrpicks:fo~r tihe $2.-2 million Yr
-always nails it)Btsehs t h p tti gage ..w adre o-utr lged-i:, bakla atv. h
0' difficulty. whe it com tieo eaayithclru asta codn ocutdc- "a iyA-
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body butter,' fnormln aCew toovrhrlfOiaBkrgen). GrpicIagMris Ryavsinagmi hs

11 1
H ost a holiday party that's simple and festive with a
combination of pre-made and homemade delights
from the celebration experts at Wilton.
For starters, a cookie pan does double duty for holiday-
shaped homemade Crispy Cheese Crackers. Serve these
aromatic rosemary treats, made into Christmas trees,
snowmen and stockings, alongside a colorful assortment
of fresh vegetables and made-from-scratch fire-roasted E N T E R T A I N I N G
Jalapeho dip. g
"Guests will think you spent hours baking in the kitchen
when you wow g--g
. . ... Piy
them with a seasonal selection of hand-decorated ... . .. .. %Ze:
gingerbreads," says Nancy Siler, vice president of consumer
affairs at Wilton.
Easy to assemble with all the trimmings included, there's 0,
a ready-to-deco rate gingerbread kit to fit any yuletide V
gathering. Complete with pre-baked gingerbread, each kit
contains decorating accessories like candies and icing to
personalize your own mini village, Christmas tree, gingerpop
cookies and more.
For another fun twist on a traditional gingerbread house,
Siler recommends getting the kids involved. They'll love the
marshmallow-y Holiday House IN
Treat made of cinnamon toasted oats cereal. Once the
house is built, watch the kids decorate their yummy creation
with a variety of gumdrops, licorice, icing and candies.
To cater to a more sophisticated palate, Siler Suggests
Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups. A lavish blend of vanilla
pudding, crisp-cooked bacon and whipped cream is flavored
with caramel ice cream topping and piped into edible, dark
cocoa Candy Melt cordial cups. They're bite-sized holiday
Don't forget eggnog. This year, give your favorite prepared
eggnog a chocolate kick and serve Eggnog Hot Chocolate
garnished with peppermint Candy Curls.
For more holiday recipe project and decorating ideas, or to
purchase gingerbread kits, visit nm ITT T # . . IFT VT K$f.r = 5 *-TTqMWTT1M, KOM 7M
Crispy Cheese Crackers
Makes 16 to 20 cracket-s Eggnog Hot Chocolatii
MakTs abcrw 4 ser )Jqggs
1/2 cup (I stick) unsalted butter, softened
314 cup (about 2 ounces) finch grated Asiago cheese 2 cups milk
ej 1P
I ounce (about 1/4 cup) toasted pine nuts, 2 cups prepared TH
finel% chopped I cup Dark Cocoa Ic*W%
1-1/2 teaspoons ininced fresh roseinary I teaspoon vanillaJ!jJjrAd .1., k-1
1/2 teaspoon garlic 1)ovvdcr Vhippcd cream
1/2 teaspoon salt Candv Curls "01 -4
1 /4 teaspoou black pepper In Jartge -saucepan. cook tlllillk. 44ii"..
1-1/2 culls all-purl)ose Hour LS hot; tum. ATRIM-i'WP
and vii Iffla extract- jit "NI'=. 4W.
Pi-chent oven to 3501. PivIxii-e I lolida\ Cookie Pall \k ith vegetable liall ',qna Co I] U48. d
III 111CL[illill hoWl, [)Clt bLll(C[', ClICese. 111"lle 11LItS, l'Oselli'LlIA, UU11-lic 11(m der, sLilt inixture is sinooth. 7
alld PCPI)el. \% ith elect[-ic Illixel- until cl-calm alld \\ell colliflill-C(l. /Vid 1101.11-, Pour inio mugs; gamish:,wit-b 0,313'
bClt Ulltil IlliXILIN looks sand', J11d holds tOlleillel- hell SLl1leCZCd ill 01.117 lIZA11d.
Pl-css into p-elvi-ed Pall, fillill" cavities I I'LlIL I%%
RLike 13 to 15 IllillLOCS 01' Ulltil Cd11cS '11-c li'-flit -,01(lcll hl-own. Cool ill liall
IllillUtCS. RC1110VC 11-oili I-)an and cooI colill)letek.
V .. ... ...
22 .S
A.. qv"
1 W .7jRT., p
t "z..s 1; _Y.. _.P TP
ry w z, _3e.'V, 'r ,Z 4 WIMP,
With all the c aims 01,1 store,,

"Tho ar a rie t f rev r" -Miami Times photos/D. Kevin McNeir
Ste Agnes' rector Fr.- Barry r'etires'lI ,..
.Afer 44 years of service as a ps, t eR v Ca io to th ,ntd Negro Colg Fud to hep sudents from Florida- '::,
Riard L. Marquess-ar reie atStra n w ohp oatn itrclyBakC lees and Universir-,t ,. i : L,
admmbers of hi cogeain h itrcS. hsmnity nfch a pnoe omny young adults! in ':
Agns'Epscpa Chrc i Oerow. Brn Nv.14194 ad her uet fr igeredcatontht e ay heha lstcont
rasd i imiBry rcs i oost heBhma.Te ehsbate rcs o ay fro ts cigth er
grduteofMimiNotweten 198)wet ntoean isB.., d rin ie minryo r ang at Virini Thegc al Semi-: .Mn.H a sre s nisrutri casoms nr heeh asteolyBakstdn nrleBar a
frmAlnat nln.H a randadao nteEis bgbe epce san osnemnwt xetoa
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'hsben m rie o h frerVrl olefo 0 ers n i ayae.lusrtieofhw eovdhei t hi om uit n
reaks enoe heifuec ismthri-lwhd nhs ie beod
an hecntnedlvead upottht hswieha ivntohm. Te e. ahe enik .Rol wsintlldSudy sf asks tha al donion n gfs ie i i nm'out ecoft gns picpl hrh
jk J
!o ....pp,.7

Young ata,'t Erica's Winter Wonderland
Museum hosts ,vJ.,,ia, Samuels ., 17th. Our smaller events con-
Muea h ssjsamuels@miamzitimiesontline.comi!,i i tinue to evolve as more people
of 'i- ; iget involved, the ultimate goal
one ofa kind For most families, Christ- bigt as smc ud
diplymas is all about spending for our kids."
time with family and opening :: While the goal to bring
By Ju',ia Samuels Otup presents. For Angela Bak- Christmas to many may seem
jsamuels@miiaiiiirtmesonilinie.comi er, it is about remembering like a daunting task, Baker
her daughter and giving back said she could think of no oth-
Whoever said that fashion to the community. Baker's er way to honor the memory of
doesn't serve a purpose never daughter Erica who was :;.her daughter.
met the young teens who com- -diabetic passed away on ; "I can't think of a better way
prise the PACE program at the March 7, 2 011. to honor Erica's life than by
Young at Art Museum. The While Baker's family is EIABKRcontinuing to help the kids
young members recently hosted forced to cope with the loss IRABK:Rshe loved so much."
and designed the clothing for daily, family members and fel- weetouched by her daugh- The toy drive will be held at
their one-of-a-kind eco-friendly low co-workers who knew Er- ter's charisma stepped out the Westin Diplomat in Hol-
fashion show, which served as ica, are celebrating her mem- and showed their support for lywood on -December 20th.
a fundraiser for the museum. ory and honoring her legacy the extensive undertaking To make sure that all chil-
of community service to local of providing South Florid- dren receive a present Baker
EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS youths with their Winter Won- ian youths with holiday gifts. said that all who attend must
Nothing was off limits for the derland toy drive and Christ- The coordinators have'been acquire an invitation to the
young designers who used all mas Pageant. fundraising and there are still event.
m anner of eco-friendly item s "W r rv n b h e people joining in to lend theirDe pt Ch i ma b in
that could'be manipulated into ories, of how Erica committed time to the noble cause. just around the corner, Erica's
a stylish ensemble. The final her life to bringing joy to as "ewl ehvn afe aiywudsilapeit
pieces that graced the muse- many kids as possible," Baker featuring a 50 inch flat screen any help that anyone is will-
um's runway wowed even the said. "She truly loved to see TV and more," Baker said. ing to offer. All inquiries can
coordinators of the event. them smile." "One of the key events is the be directed to the chair of Kids
"This year's designs were not Baker said that she noticed Miss Winter Wonderland World Inc., Nakia Harris ew-
only inspirational, but brought immediately how those who 2012 contest' on December
light to the world's environmen-
tal problems," said Hannah Selita Ebanks unofficially retires from Victoria Secret
Hausman, director of develop-
ment at Young At Art Museum. By Jenni Avins still got it," she shared Whole, Foods. When anoth-
"Garments were created from Tiana Watson, 14, student of Western H.S. modeling en- at last night's UNI- "er party reporter asked her
remnant fabric, aluminum semble made of egg cartons, earthenware, clay and garbage Before this year's Victoria CEF Snowflake Ball. what sort of foods "trigger"
cans, metallic mesh, sandbags bas Secret Fashion Show, Selita "I didn't make it," she .overeating (urn, what?),
plastic, cardboard, coffee fil- Ebanks mentioned to the Cut added, laughing. "Go Ebanks went boldly forth,
ters, wire and splatter' paint." 'the results," Hausman said. designed by our teens," Haus- that even the most famous figures" answering the question in
The entire event raised "Young at Art Museum was man. "But our favorite part was among angels still have to au- Next year, she asupingytohfl
$23,000, according to Haus- proud to organize an event celebrating the results of this dition for a slot in the extrava- doesn't even plan to EBANKS manner. "The fromage is
man. The amount,raised was that focused entirely on green unique event with our guests,. ganza. What does that entail? try out. "I've done, like -- I love that sec-
another pivotal achievement for concepts throughout, from the teens and parents. Everyone is "You have to show up in your what, five, six shows? I've ex- tion," she said. 'I just love the
the evening. d~cor to the step and repeat, just so proud and honored to panties, and you have to walk perienced my V.S. days." Which different consistencies, the dif-
"This exceeded our financial the recycled fashion accesso- be a part of such a special and and be pleasant and say hi to gives her plenty of time to hang ferent flavors, paired with dif-
goal so We were thrilled with ies and of course the dresses unique event." everyone and hope that you've out at her newest favorite place,: ferent wines and juices.
J_ U

Whiney Houston radiae str power in 'Tribute'
'Sh din'tlik archives for a similar treat- had gorgeous cheekbones and
'Shedidnt lie tomerit of the R&B diva, who a captivating smile. She wasa
but he' -died in Febr-uary. (Coinciden- beautiful girl inside and out."
hol stll"bu sh'stally, the first video St. Nicho- Houston, however, wasn't al-
sitingprttyinlas directed was Prince's Gett ways an ideal ubject.
sitingprttyinOff; the second was Houston's "It wasn't that she didn't like
13 nonrnsWoman.) .being photographed," St. Nicho-
13op otogaphs"I said I didn't want to use las says. "She didn't like to hold
Only my photographs, espe- still. She was very gracious, but
By Edna Gundersen cially since this was going to be she liked to sing and dance and
the official family tribute book,' i she was always laughing and
In Randee St. Nicholas' pho- St. Nicholas says. "I thought it talking. And at her height, she
tos of Whitney Houston on the 2" should be broader than my te- was a very busy girl. There was
set of the 1993 I'm Every.Wom-:" i lationship with her.. I wanted it a lot going on."
an video, the singer appears to span 30 years of her career." St. Nicholas says she hopes
popoe and stunnngly pret She faced challenges track- the book will remind fans of
ty, a triumph over the shooting ing down certain original Houston's enormous talent,
conditions. negativesvs arid' completing. the beauty and effervescent per-
"She was. eight and a half ia we hdtosns project within six weeks so sonality and lessen the focus on
months pregnant and we were . .f .m zn .hts Tribute -would be on shelves by sordid headlines that plagued
on the Lower East Side in New ofa aigpoo. the holidays. And she was over- her later years.
York during a brutal winter," The photo of Whitney Houston was taken by Randee St., didn't find one picture whelmed by the task of paring "There wasn't always light in
says St. Nicholas, who .also di- Nicholas, who joins 21 other' photographers in the Tribute where I said, 'Oh, the cache. her life, but she was light,". St.
rected the video. "We shot inside com pilation. she looks terrible.' "Every single photographer Nicholas says. "She was full of
building with no heat or elec-' had incredible pictures -of lie eyfcsdadloyal to
tricity. It was 10 degrees below now. the coffee-table tome con- Steven Meisel, Norman Seeff, She didn't have a bad Winy".sesy. W a al.Sers bv l h
zero. And Whitney was radiant." tains 1.30 photos curated by Kevin Mazur, Neal Pr'eston and side." thousands of amazing photos,. press about the trouble in her
Radiant could describe most St. Nicholas, whose work joins Ebet Roberts. I didn't find one picture where' life and gave so much to her
of the images in Whitney: Trib- 21 acclaimed photographers, impressed by St. Nicholas' photo book, Houston's family I said, 'Oh, she looks terrible.' fans. It's no accident that she
ute to an Icon (Atria, $40), out including David LaChapelle, 21 Nights, 2008's lavish Prince requested that she plumb her She didn't have a bad side. She mesmerized an entire world.,
761-8878. School Alumni is creatihg a
. South Florida Alumni contact. "r
a The NatioaCaltn roster. Call 305-829-1345 or ....
of 10BakWomen 786-5'14-4912.
a BWcaso19SCnatSeea78-8-accept ing applications "for -Q S.A.V. (Survivors COMITIN A '-,, :. ABADEED,.
will' take. their Seminole 3593. JutU il etrn gis ilne to AuhrTriDnlwowoe tidrthepnnme "TLORED'ness is suing
Immokalee 'Trip Nov. 3rd: Program.. Call with young people. .Perry ina federalcuaiming he oetheplot forhis 20,12movi GoDeds
Contact Lebbie at 305-213- FAl The, BTW Alumni weekly. Call 954-548-4323. "from herbook. i:
,0188., : ; Athletel Club will have a M Range Park offers :free. Empowerment Tutoring Donal alee th Mae dieco bae odDes nhr20ovel Bad
..? : :':- ... 1 banquet/induction, Hall of self-defen se/karate classes in Miami Gardens offers Apples Can Be Good Fri.Te !fiillaws~uit states that Donald sent Perry a
,a' Miami. Jackson Class Fame.ceremony Nov.' 10th for children arnd adults. Call free tutoring with trained. copy of her book ;year beoe rduction on his film began. Donald is seeking-
of 1971, will meet Nov. 3rd at the DoUbletree Hotel. Call 305-757-7961 or 786-306- teachers. ,Call 305-654- $2,0 ndmIae n loa nucinrqiigTlrPrySuist d
fro mv ie 4 p Ed at ieo naes 7 8 4 2 1 6 4 2 72 5 1 a credit fo r her book t th e o e ig a d closing credits forr m -6 p at D l es8 -4 2 "' Good Deeds .
Chlcr ete,14 W NA Landmark L ri:iearning ;1 A' lumni of Ranes a'd Ll Cli Mpa-Locka Community KATT< WILLIAMS LEADS" POLIC ON TRCYL CHASE
111th St. Contact Joann at Center Staff ,will host a New. Stanton Sr. High, of Development Corporation K1rW~iM L~~O
305-623-7991. reunion Nov. 12th at the Jacksonville will cruisein May Is ,having Free Homebuyer Comedian Katt Williams is under investigation after allegedly leading Capi -
Golden Corral, 9045 Pines 2013 for a joint 45th class Education Workshops bi tol Protection CHP officers on a hot pursuit chs in downtown Sacramento on
a N Miami Art Museum will BIlvd. Contact John at 954- reunion. Call 305-474-0030. monthly. Call 305-687-3545.' Sunday. Williams went on to ride his motorized tricycle dow nthe sidewalk and-
house the Rashid Johnson: 394-0372. when officers tried topullhm over,-he turned downastreetclosed to traffic.i
Message to Our Folks exhibit Q Dads for justice assists W- Zion Ministries, will The comedian just narrowly missedhitting pedestriansi an cntinued down the
until Nov. 7th at 101 West 0 Miami Jackson Class of non-qustodial parents with be 'holding auditions for a blocked-off street. Williams wenton to drive down(Capital, Steet at speeds upto.
Flagler Street. Call 305375- 1L982 celebrates 30 years on child support matters. Call community .drana .group at 35 mph when CHP called off the pursuit forsafety reasons. Williamsnow faces
1704. Nov. 23-25th, 2012. Contact ,786-273"0294. "13146 W. Dixie Hwy at PAN
......n~ va "r at3 5,tdo n N rh Ma i al the-possibility of felony eva sion. Williams now faces jailitime, multiple lawsuits
NhBeaBtLaba7lr21.WResources for Veterans, 305-652-9555. and an image i~nserious needof rehabilitation:: ." :
chapter -of Alpha PhiSard Tut ofs
Alpha will kick off its 75th 7-- Booker T. Washington affordable and supportive
Diamond, Anniversary ;with Class- of 1967 m eets 'housing. assistance for, low-
ia A nniversary Gala, :Nov.; monthly. Call 305-3- 7128 inco me ,veteran .families.
10lth at the TrU ,mp DoraiGolf ;- !,. :: :facing homelessness. Call e -PkL 0& AmLI
SResort & :Spa;.Cal305-358- Mia..!mi! Nortweserni! 855778-3411:;:,lD
class: metng nSet Cl Solidi Rock Eniterprise,
for) i Peace/ Candlelight :' Academy offers counseling
:Vigil' will: be held Nov. 8th 0 l, Seed o f Hope: servies for, youth.; Call 786-
iat 6..m., starting i:at,17th Community' Outreach :'488- 4792.;
;Ave., and ending; at Miami. Inc. .offers free wekly -
:Northwestern's track- field.. co unsehing session. Cal05- vn onyHg
Dr. Pre tops Forbes' neIs The "
World s.Highest-Pid" M usicians "
Beat Dr, ntwoth 110milion and, less than a year later, HTC
B e t y D r ,n t w o t PLdecided to sell back half of its ......
By James Montgomery Swift,r Justin Bieber and Kanye stake to Beats (though they ,1Join us for a
West, all of whom made the cut, still retain exclusive rights to, FREE J =z concert
Dr. Dre hasn't released an al- and was nearly $30 million use Beats Audio technology in

The Miami Times g
usiness Ana c
Florida aims A study of home help
to ensure its finds low worker pay
BV Steven Greenhouse
I money s wortn Nannies, caregivers and
housecled iers earn a median
By Aaron Deslatte wage of about $10 an hour,
and few receive benefits like
TALLAHASSEE Florida's health insurance or paid sick
economic-development strat- CHRIS SMITH days, according to the first-
egm for yers ha been a Democratic Leader ever national statistical study
taxpayer-finanked piggy bank ton software company,.Red- of domestic workers, which is
handing out big bucks to pine, after it took $750,000 in being released on Tuesday.
companies that made grand taxpayer cash in 2011 to open The study, based on inter-
job-creation promises and a Panama City office, then. views with,2,086 workers in
were seldom held accountable promptly closed. 14 major metropolitan areas,
for their flops. DEO scrapped its contract found substantial differences
That's been changing re- with Miami-based Sharpton,
gently slowly, painfully and Brunson & Company, P.A, an Few benefits, and
in fits. outside auditor that a state disparity based on
Last year, the Orlando inquiry determined hadn't
Sentinel reported that dur- contacted or surveyed com- race and citizenship.
ing the past 16 years, more RICK SCOTT panies frequently enough to
than 1,600 job-creation deals Governor track their performance. DEO
were signed with companies single job. wanted to take this tracking in pay across ethnicity, immi-
that promised to generate Since then, at the insistence in-house, but incoming Sen- gration status and whether the
more than 224,000 new jobs of Republican and Democratic ate President Don Gaetz, R- worker lived with her employer.
in exchange for $1.7 billion in legislators: Niceville, Democratic Leader The report found that the
tax credits, rebates and other Gov. Rick Scott's year-old Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauder- medianwage for nannies was
incentives. Department of Economic dale, and other lawmakers $11 an hour, compared with
But because Florida's Opportunity arid Enter- blocked the agency from doing a $10-an-hour median for
economic-development agency prise Florida have started so. The company is currently caregivers and housecleaners.
had done a shoddy job of implementing contracts with trying to find another outside But 23 percent of the workers
tracking their performance, "clawback" provisions to help auditor. earned less than their state's
the statecould confirm that them recapture public dollars. DEO has also taken a minimum wage, which var-
only about 80,000 jobs were when the terms of contracts tougher tone with some of the ies but must be at least the
"created and $738 million aren't fulfilled. For instance, entities it fuels with econom- federal level of $7.25 an hour.
paid out. About 40 percent of Attorney General Pam Bondi ic-development cash. For Domestic workers are generally
the deals never resulted in a is suing a defunct Washing- Please turn to WORTH 8D not covered by federal or state
minimum wage laws.
The study noted that white
* *b domestic workers generally Barbara Young, a former nanny and caregiver,, is now a
F w r, h ols train, construction wor s Please turn to WORKER 8D full-time national organizer of domestic workers.
By auDakionfewrer students are taking A
'theth ppleoneleclasses ee if thy are FI Sea clf talks a eno ab ut
minted construction, workers construction downturn
1s, drying up,, -that led to 2.2 million
Far fewer high schools job losses didn't help tax.S b tb g govern m et
and community colleges 6fo f thei
fer construe. tion programs fo rFitable emp oyment. .
bDaniel Horowitz, Re- ment at a time when itneeds g.o along with some form of,
otn "ageeais Cstruction of- buins cut id ue,,
t This imbroglios h On this core revenue increases."
Dion Whyt prspilin t 00 ove Bycl Marci they'red Thswa oo epr,
Don Whyte president of the icials sa they'reover the fiscal cliff was never', issue, Republicans like Sab JonPAvnN:Th
National Center for Con- visiting high schools ,a eal teo, ecn
said ablforeitoFou udet ending ChamblisstandeLindseyiGrastreal faul hne for Republicns
struction Educationand topique students', inter- ham for we b r in e GroF r lorun-
Research est in construction careers ~~~~~or revenue. -It is about the fun- a iewt eoit... i ewen(rvr oqit
The cus. Eis onm engandw r i on cm darrenta role of government If Democrats. would genuinely style radica s and Ronald
Tht yo u persn coge-..n .n~ rityl g t heeo m ore .. vn rising taxes on agree to a deal that would Reagan, who presided over the
tatthe richg w d b, te fa an .. wind down the welfare and bipartisan 1986 taxsimplifi-
ready, he says. courses. Workers average economically, prudent, it is the entitlement programs and cation deal by closing loop-
Meanwile, as parents too about $40,000 to a57,000
. rpg higtodo Aydi- eminate full. departments of holes to raise revenues. 'Asl
suspensionon thing tondr do Anyay ad ,
steer their kids to college, Please turn to TRAIN 8D' h
tonal rev n uewould be used the executive branch Reagn said the ,
to grow the size of govern- servatives would reluctantly
BP anpead b feds from new contracts .
By Roberta Rampton FlOnida jobless dip to. percent
-WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Ag-S thFIa cent a year ago. Palm Beach
The U.S. government tempo- OU OI Go Unemployment t rates county's jobless rate fell to
Gulf ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 Mei diatr the land perases, from point poeetarctbrccmntlegisnntnsrc
rarely banned BP Plc from new f ceo rates also, shou BROWARD COUNTY 8. 6epercner f 9 ple e nte
federal contracts last week in Sep temy In Otober ls revid P
over its."lack of business in- Oat r s aii srctiob deor ines uemmMAH a e f uwrd Iobr 2011,nalm
tegrty"on, tPhed D ieep ate ssadrsteEAsid upirofjtfe ndoh7.1the otsofjbfl ecn Beaca u- h's rate wra's .opecet.
riomn ospln 201,e mupesov. B' xsigUS oenetrfndpot ote By.arciah tHoux Pounds "Thisdl evsd pren weast a goodkporat,"it
that h ritmay hinhuleoeihasLidA saepani MkeTsmeeno-
sA colmnforceiittn sorethinkaedparcFloridsio- abl ueploymts riha thopruny ctibteitin for PrdNC financialvc
itsh entireoreUoS.h Operations edcattook ea t iorte bette/rga in a a htwrsbs o es Flonrias lwr un
Thv l eateaaeUS niomna Octobervsmet Or ol stoenuefain tou ethewen lowestot ndemplontratios. releon-
rthecto Agrey sid the levelhog m aml h sal sinc rpaeou e c08dte state so' aid SOUR E flona narteore, eesrtcig y usl o
su cie"Ibliv htwy md rtbensionri wass"standardly Friday. : Af o nomAcotumtaly "odadig This a ay cotiuigo l
practc' feollowingciinal Unemployms 'e pn telstfwcopt i 'glblient cina 'e mtig r r upo es-tport.Oa ltmh U.S.
Bugdto lerad gbutyh to BPearre frveon ew U.S.cfi gverncent eontracsad fo percnionStemaber, Rebea Rtrsaid. PeCOrmOIr-b aS Caubea ocuing On
criminal misodut aiuinngtheey rUnemployment asooudsie gis 1.aret-gh e'fr sargtion thsoad- ofo tewof tch icetitn
GufofMicdias. terfectlan lheains cnieetesp agempointtulowe thaOtoberil ic thly galns ot rub Aan"yuwn toeur
peies of $4bive po.nI theiy a cauetIfe derauid- tainits aposil a -. top st.uction sectori, whctasnt ounlety' unepoymen thra e oorebgrowthzation allyrs
London, Bhno rediprae ns standrds thnes, EP sa suppiervfe fuels ador- T h adT t areots of e job felt 7.1 perceniztom: anc up- wie Sth Fimordans bt isu
Che butaritable giv yietfing eswhor iuldr b d osdv new th af soridal gamvdcie pouwlan Frinne e m yiond
"thelor you gdeiveathe mbore thoug f miy aily h asioal-, tate tept.arer Decidvin, e h ayou'l haivesth ianial reusourcs ever stroudetucin yourselfdto
contributionvst. It's prfetlgh ethaings Icol- cn ildre tepasin may cniwastu traueor whtmouywillhink- tohewoud'tmn otherie beu Ag a yournt to makeN sur

New York is site of nation's biggest Create a giving strategy
GIVING know. whether the or- including: 501(c) (3)
driwe to unionize fast-food workers' continued from 7D ganization you choose status; IRS Form 990;
is registered and repu- or its most recent an-
By Steven Greenlyouse Witunionize fast-food workers to search for a local or- table. Several sources nual report. For local
because it was such a daunt- ganization that advo- evaluate charities and organizations, or na-
After three years of work- ing challenge. cates for success in ed- compile findings in an tional organizations
ing at the McDonald's res- "These jobs have extremely ucation. I now serve on online database of reg- with 'regional offices,
taurant on 51st Street and high turnover, so by the time its board of directors, istered organizations you can also contact
Broadway, Alterique Hall you get around to organizing where I can dedicate (see references below). your state government
earns $8 an hour and is folks, they're not on the job my time in a meaning- If you're unable to find for verification.
yearning for something bet- anymore," she said. Nonethe- ful way. a specific charity us- As you begin to set
ter. nless, she said the new effort Research your chari- ing these resources, goals for 2013, make
So when he heard about might gain.traction because ty: Giving in any form is contact the organi- sure 'creating a giv-
an unusual campaign that it is taking place in New a commitment, which zation directly to re- ing strategy is on your
aims to unionize dozens of York, a city with deep union is why it's important to quest documentation, list.
fast-food restaurants in New roots where many workers
York in the hope of raising are sympathetic to unions. *n *
wages to $15 an-hour, Hall, Jonathan Westin, orga-falls
23, was quick to sign on. nizihg director at New York
"It's time for a change," he Communities for Change,
said, "It's time to put on the a community group that TRAIN stalled bedroom doors William Rupp briskly
gloves." -Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times is playing a central role in Continued from 7D \ one day recently in a fired a drill gun around
Hall has enlisted in what Linda Archer earns eight an hour after three years as the effort, said hundreds of 5,500-square-foot co- a door frame to attach
wokpac epetssa i workers had already voiced in annual earnings, lonial home. they're it to, a wall as another
biggest effort to unionize a cashier at the McDonald's on 42nd Street in Times support for the campaign, and managers can earn building in a local sub- student pressed the
fast-food workers ever under- Square. "I feel I deserve $15," she said. called Fast Food Forward. upwards of $75,000. division under Rubio's frame to ensure it was
taken in the United States, Domino's, TacoBell ad taurants. The new campaign "The fast-food industry In Fairfax County, supervision. Senior flush.
a campaign that will be an-, other fast-food restaurants aims in part to raise low-end employs tens of thousands Va., 175 students took
nounced publicly on Thurs- across the city. wages and reduce income of workers in New York and construction-related MERA Corporation
day. The effort backed by Over the decades there inequality, and is also an pays them poverty wages,". Vocational classes in Fort Loyoon
community and civil rights have been occasional ef- uphill battle to win union Westin said. "A lot of them public school this year, AirportFood and Beverage
groups, religious leaders and forts to unionize a fast-food recognition. can't afford to get by. A lot down about 30 percent C ioOo tnitie s
a labor union has engaged restaurant here or there, but Ruth Milkman, a sociology have to rely on public as- from eight 'years ago, Concession Opportunities
40 full-time organizers in re- labor experts say there has professor at the City Univer- sistance, and taxpayers are says Chad Maclin, pro- MERA Corporation, an international leader in
cent months to enlist work- never before been an effort to sity of New York, said there often footing the bill because gram manager for trade te fooan ag intryatis seein
an nutileua the food and beverage industry, is seeking local,
ers at McDonald's, Wendy's, unionize dozens of such res- had been so few efforts to Please turn to FOOD 10D and industrial educa- food and beverage concession operators for the
tion. At'Edison High .eaecocs
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
*r *o ff *s Sool in Springfield, (FU.). MERA is committed to achieving the Air-
Experts shae views on fiscal c ff risis u port Concession Disadvantaged Business EnterI
dets n construction prise (ACDBE) program goals "established by the'
technology class are Broward Cou nty Board of County Commisk
CLIFF nately, President's Obama's great show ofs trampling on out of Norquist's pledge. But using the experience sioners (Board). The Board has assigned a 20%
continueD from 7D 'balanced', approach to re- the pledge, few of them have could this time be different? as a basis for future ACDBE participation goal. MERA invites inter-
ducing the debt attempts expressly avowed their sup- Members of Congress are careers in engineering, ested ACDBE certified firms, and firms eligible to
"We're going to close the to raise taxes far above his- port for a tax increase. Sen. now staring down the expira a reversal from 10 to be .certified, to contact MERA to discuss conces-
unproductive tax loopholes torical norms. No matter how John McCain of Arizona, tion of the Bush-era tax cuts 15 years ago, says in- sion, vendor, and supplier opportunities through
that have allowed some of high the top personal or cor- for example, said he favored and a potpourri of automatic structor Marcial Rubio. MERA's competitive bid for FLL food and beverage
the truly wealthy to avoid porate tax rates have been, closing loopholes. ... Many spending cuts that could to- About 10 stu- concession services. Interested-parties may con-
paying their fair share." . federal taxes as a percentage of these dissenters have pre- tal more than $800 billion in dents wearing tool tact the MERA ACDBE Coordinator at 305-523-
Norquist's hold on the GOP of GDP have been above 20 mised their willingness to 2013. ... The defense cuts and belts' and, hard hats 2188, or email an interest response to Norman E.
has been loosening as con- percent for only three years violate the pledge on major the expiration of the Bush-era looked smoothly pro- Taylor.& Associates, LLC at
gressional leaders recognize in all of U.S. history: 1944, reforms to entitlement pro- tax breaks could be enough fessional as they in- no later than, Friday, December 21, 2012.
that this extreme, unelected 1945 and 2000." grams, a vaguy and high bar to nudge Republicans into
activist is helping to hold a David A. GrahamThe At- that may be tough to achieve." ditching Norquist's pledge. If
balanced bipartisan deal lantic: "Some of these dis- Andy Kroll, Mother they do, it's Norquist, whose CITY OF MIAMI, FLORIDA
hostage." avowals (of the tax pledge) Jones: 'This is hardly the political currency depends on
The (Washington) Exam- may be more bark than bite first time Republicans have the pledge and its adherents, NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING.'
iner, editorial: "Unfortu- ... While the lawmakers make made noises about wiggling who stands to lose the most."
A public hearing will be held by the City Commission of the City of Miami, Flor-
*s*i*yida on December 13, 2012 at 9:00 a.m., in the City Commission Chambers at
Flo ida seeks retribution from faulty deals City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, Florida, for the purpose of waiving
the requirements of obtaining sealed bids for the sole source provision of a
Talon Gen IV Analog Conversion Kit, that will be used to upgrade the existing
WORTH ness investment entities in ing how many jobs the deals Gaetz takes the reins of the Talon Robotic Platform for the Miami Police Department's Bomb Squad from
continued from 7D Jacksonville and Orlando. were required to create, what Senate next week and is inti- QinetiQ North America, Technology Solutions Group, located at 350 Second
The Orlando BBIF stands to companies have actually mating that a broader review Avenue, Waltham, MA 02451.
instance, DEO told the Black lose about $284,000 in state done, and how much they've of Florida's economic-incen-
Business Investment Fund funds over a dispute about been paid. Although it's been tive "tools" is in the works Inquiries from other potential sources of such a package who feel that-they
of Central Florida last week how much it was charging a year since lawmakers first and that Democrats like Sen. might be able to satisfy the City's requirements for this item may contact Terry
that it was pulling its certifi- the state to administer an directed DEO to create the Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, Byrnes, Procurement Supervisor, at the City of Miami Purchasing Department
cation for state funding for a "economic gardening" small- portal, the site still has only will be central players. at (305) 416-1917.
minority-business loan pro- business job-creation pro- 288 of the 1,600 projects up This is happening at the
gram because of a "signifi- gram created under Gov. and most are ones that have same time that Enterprise AlI interested persons are invited to appear and may be heard concerning such
cant deficiency" in its book- Charlie Crist. performed well. Florida, the public-private proposed acquisition. Should'any person desire to appeal any decision of the
keeping. Lastly, the agency has As Gaetz described the arm of the state's economic- City Commission with respect to any matter considered at this hearing, that per-
This is a dispute. that has created an online portal at contents, "I'd like to tell you development effort, is hoping son shall ensure that averbatim record of the proceedings is made, including all
been going on for years be-, about the weight I lost and to ask lawmakers in the 2013 testimony and evidence upon which any appeal may be based (F.S.286.0105).
tween the state and the con- which provides information not the times I slipped off the legislative session for more
stellation of minority-busi- on incentive deals, includ- wagon." incentives. In accordance with theAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990, persons need-
ing special accommodations to participate in this proceeding may contact the
Office of the City Clerk at (305) 250-5361 (Voice) no later than two (2) business
BP barred from doing bus ess with the .S other proceeding, or at (305) 250-5472 (TTY) no later than three (3)
BP U.S. Defense Logistics risk, but of course BP a department official federal programs by Dwight S. Danie .. )
continued from 7D Agency, the Pentagon's could supply other said last Wednesday. conducting business (#19284) City Clerk
procurement arm, ac- customers if this sup- The EPA statement only with responsible
military. It could also cording to a U.S. web- ply contract is not re- did not say how long individuals or compa-
threaten BP's domi.. site "that tracks mili- newed," Molchanov the suspension could nies. Suspensions are CITY OF MIAMI. FLORIDA
nance in the Gulf of, fary contracts. said. last. a standard practice
Mexico, where it is the BP DOWNPLAYS The company will "Federal executive when a responsibility,
largest producer of oil SUSPENSION not be able to lease branch agencies take question is raised by NOTIC;E OF PUBLIC HEARING
aind natural gas and However, the sus- new exploration ter- these actions to en- action in a criminal
the largest lease-hold- pension will have a ritory in the federal sure the integrity of case," it said. A public hearing will be held by the City Commission of the City of Miami, Flor-"
er. "minimal direct finan- Gulf ofMexico, one of ida on December 13, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. in the City Commission Chambers at
BP affiliates are ma- cial impact" and will BP's biggest oil pro- City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, Florida, for the purpose of waiving
jor suppliers of fuel to not impair BP's ability duction regions glob-. the requirements for competitive sealed bidding procedures and awarding a
the U.S. military, the to produce oil and gas ally. Some 20 million CONYsole-source contract, exceeding $25,000, to purchase, for the Department of
largst single buyer from existing U.S. as- acres of offshore terri- Fire-Rescue, EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System and Accessories, from Vi-
of ol in the world. As sets, said Pavel Molch- tory was auctioned last Miami-Dade Public Housing and Community Development dacare, Corp., located at 4350 Lockhill Selma Road, Suite 150, Shavano Park,
recently as Septem- anov, an analyst with Wednesday. (MDPHCD) is seeking to establish a pool of qualified TX 78249.
ber, BP affiliates won Raymond James 8& As- The Interior Depart- lending partners to participate in Miami-Dade County's
two fuel supply,. con- sociates Inc in Hous- menit would not award 2nd Mortgage PrOgram. Please visit MDPHCO Website Inquiries from other potential sources of such a product who feel that they might
tracts with the U.S. ton. any lease to BP "unless w ww. mlamidad e. qovl housinalcommun it v- be able to satisfy the City's requirements for this item may contact Mr. Yusbel
military 'worth as "BP's supply con- and until'"thecompany development.asp for criteria and application information. Gonzalez, Senior Procurement Specialist, at the City of Miami Purchasing De-
much as $1.37 billion tract of fuels to the resolves its suspension Applications will continue to be accepted until Wednesday, partment at (305) 416-1958.
to supply fuel to the Pentagon might be at from federal contracts, December 12, 2012, by 12:00 noon
AII interested persons are invited to appear and may be heard concerning such
I~ii i ,mi, m~u~m~lllln~wn'am '~mmim,:a~,J proposed acq uisition. Should any person desire to appeal any decision of the
Jobl ss ate t i s lo estCity Commission with respect to any matter considered at this hearing, that per-
J O b eSS ate at I S lO e~tson shall ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, including all
i testimonyy and evidence upon which any appeal may be based (F.S.286.0105).
PAYiufom7 month ofmerove rity, sin. thF sord Roust LI NYin accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, persons need-
cotnefo D ya mrvmns ad lrd osn LP N ing special accommodations to participate in this proceeding may contact the
according to the Flor- starts were up 29.3 ,., ,, .Office of the City Clerk at (305) 250-5361 (Voice) no later than two (2) business
in the global economy, ida Department of percent over the year Bids will be accepted for catering service for FLI- days prior to the proceeding, or at (305) 250-5472 (TTY) no later than three (3)
particularly Brazil, he Economic Opportunity. in September the PANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nu- business days prior to the proceeding.
said. .In October, the state most recent month
"Overall, the U.S. primarily added jobs in available. Median trtotoot),an-rotoraitonoaedn
'cnm scmn u rfsina n ut oepie eeu Broward County, Florida, to provide 3986 meals. Dwight S. Danie
of the soft patch it hit ness services, food and 7.4 percent since Sep- Biswlinudsacsndhtodsperfr (#98)CyCek
earlier in the year," Te- beverage establish- tember 2011. the Afterschool Nutrition Program (ANP) at several
shome said. ments, and at outpa- 'Rust said Florida's locations in Miami-Dade and Broward County. .Bid
When compar- tient clinics. participation in the Packets and specifications may be obtained at the
ing employment lev- Construction em- labor force rose in Oc- center located at 1802 .NW 183rd Street, Miami
els to previous years' ployment has been tober, meaning more Gardens, FL 33056 and/or call 305-831-3129. Bids
numbers, Florida has boosted in recent people found jobs dur- will be opened at the above address on December
had 23 consecutive months by more activ- ing the month. 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm.

If you believe foreclosure errors cost you money, you can request a free review of your mortgage
foreclosure file by a neutral party You give up nothing by requesting a review aid waive no rights by
accepting compensation.
$125,000 PLUS EQUITY.*
Visit or call 1-888-952-9105 to
request a review today. You must submit a Request for Review Form no
later than December 31, 2012.
Don't pay for help to request a review. Federal bank regulators-the Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a bureau of the U.S. Department of
the Treasury-are directing and monitoring the review process.
For more information, go to the government websites: or
federalreserve~gov/consumerinfolihde pendent-foreclosure-review, htm
If you need free help to complete the RequesI for Review Form, contact a HUD-approved nonprofit organization that helps homeowners in
distress. Information about HUD-approved nonprofit organizations that can provide free assistance is available at or by calling 1-855-778-0855.
Si ousted habla espaflol, tenemos representantes que pueden asistirle en su idioma
para darle informnaci6n sobre la Revisibn Independiente de Ejecucibn Hipotecaria.
Assistance is also available in over 200 languages, including: Chinese, Korean,
Vietnamese, .Tagalog, Hmong and Russian.
ll" CWW Try gitip hien c6 blng tigng Viet.Anipratmsgedrceb
t-o 1r_ Pe mua co neg has ls Hoob ab ejthe Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
n'oMoHb a pyCCKoM ESKe. Available ang tulong sa wikang Tagalog. and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
*Any payments made to you If errors in your foreclosure are found may be reported to the I p[g g AI I /
IRS and may have tax implications. Consult a tax advisor to discuss those implications.INUDELPUNDIENT FOELOSR RJEviE

Event targets Miami's philanthropic community
The Miami Foundation will donors to see the mission, table gifts to local nonprof- cations at The Miami Foun- Public Housing and Community Development (PHCD) is soliciting proposals
launch the inaugural Give work and impact of each its beginning at midnight dation. "Through the Give from qualified developers to submit their qualifications for inclusion in a pool
Miami Day, a unique, online organization. Nonprofits on December 12th and end- Miami site, donors can find of developers to provide affordable single family homes. These homes will be
giing event that allows in- hope to connect with donors ing af midnight on Decem- and give to organizations sold to verylow, lw and moderate income sons as art of the County's
dividuals in the community looking to support the work ber 13th. Every donation doing the work* they believe
an opportunity to build a they do in the community. between $25 and $10,000 is best for Miami-Dade. It's Infill HousingInitiativeProgramFormoreinformation,visitPHCD'swebsiteat
greater Miami through phi- "This is a distinctive way received through the Give an easy way to support the http:llwww.mianiidade.qov/housing. For further information contact the
lanthropy. On December to introduce people to the Miami website on that day causes most important to PHCD at 7864694226.
12th the 24-hour, online do- important role of nonprof- will have a percentage of them."
nation event will ignite Mi- it organizations and help it matched by The Miami Nonprofits may go to mi-
ami to support hundreds of them learn more about how Foundation.
nonprofits making a differ- their donation can impact "Give Miami Day will help amiNP to set up their pro-
ence in Miami-Dade Coun- lives in greater Miami," us stimulate and grow phi- file now. Organizations can NOTICE OF INVITATION TO BID OR REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
ty. Nonprofits can create said Javier A. Soto, presi- lanthropy throughout the also review event details and THE SCHOOL BOARD OF MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA
their profile for. viewing on dent and CEO of The Miami community," said Nancy Give Miami Day rules at mi- 1450 N.E. 2ND AVENUE, ROOM-351, allow- Foundation. Jones, vice president for MIAMI, FLORIDA 33132
ing existing and potential Donors will make chari- development and communf- amiFAQ. Solicitations are subject to School Board Policy 6325, Cone of Silence.
For more details please visit:
Fast food workers ask for industry union
FOOID ald'S noted that most of its become involved because it is and paid sick days.
continued from 8D restaurants were owned and primarily a matter of justice," "My hope is we can all come 028-NNI0 Underwriting Services
operated by franchisees "who said the Rev. Michael Wal- together in a union without 12/20/2012
these companies are not pay- offer pay and benefits com- rond of the First Corinthian being intimidated," she said.
ing a living wage." petitive within the" industry. Baptist Church in Harlem. TCB Management, the
Westin said the campaign Even with a union, it might "We seek to protect those franchisee that operates Mr.
was using techniques that be hard to obtain wages of who are the most vulnerable Hall's McDonald's, and Lewis
differed from those in most $15 an hour, and many em- in our culture, and some of Foods, which runs Ms. Ar- -- ..- .
unionization drives, and was. ployers say they would most the most vulnerable people in cher's, did not respond to in-
still developing overall strate- likely employ fewer workers the city are fast-food workers quiries. Pursuant to Miami-Dade County Resolution No. R-979-12 and Ordinance No. 12-97 adopted
gy. He declined to say wheth- if they had to, pay that much. who work for poverty wages." Tim McIntyre, a Domino's by the Board of County Commissioners of Miami-Dade County, Florida, on November 20, 2012,
er it would pursue union- Westin's group, New York According to the State La- Pizza' spokesman, said the notice is hereby given of a Special Election on January 10, 2013, for the purpose of submitting
ization through elections or Communities for Change, bor Department, median pay few efforts to unionize its to the qualified electors residing in the proposed district, for their approval or disapproval, the
by getting workers to sign a has played a major role in for fast-food workers in the stores and drivers had fallen following proposal:
majority of cards backing a the recent uptick in unioniz- city is around nine an hour flat.
union. ing low-wage workers in New or about $18,500 a year for "It's a fairly high-turnover ooSl
McDonald's issued a state- York, many of whom are im- a full-time worker. position, so there's never Shall Ordinance No. 90-53.relating to Coventry Street Lighting Improvement Special Taong
. District be amended to upgrade the streetlighting lamp intensity from 9,500 lumnen sodium vapor
ment about the incipient migrants. In the past three Linda Archer, a cashier been a successful union ef-
to. 16,000 lumen sodium vapor and increase the number of street lighting facilities from t8 to 22,
unionization push. "McDon- months, his group has helped at the McDonald's on 42nd fort," he said. "People who are aovide or dince 12i97?
~as provided for in County Ordinance No. 12-97?
ald's values our employees win unionization votes at Street just west of Times doing this part time, season-
and has consistently re- four carwashes and six su- Square, said she wished she ally or as they work their way YES 10
mained committed to them, permarkets in New York. earned that much. She earns through college don't find NO 11
so in turn they can provide The sponsors of the fast- $8 an hour after three years much interest in member- Ballots will be mailed to-all registered voters residing within the proposed area who will be eligible
quality service to our cus- food campaign, also include there and averages 24 hours ship." to vote YES or NO for the proposal. All marked ballots must be received by the Miami-Dade
towers," the company said., the Black In- a week, she said, meaning Richard W. Hurd, a labor County Supervisor of Elections by.7:00 p.m.,on the day of the election.
It added that the company stitute and the Service Em- her pay totals about $10,000 relations professor at Cornell, This special election will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Code of
had an "an open dialogue ployees International Union, a year. said the organizations back- Miami-Dade County and other applicable provisions ofgeneral law relating to special elections.
with our employees" and al- a powerful union that is play- "I feel I deserve $15 an ing the fast-food campaign Penelope Townsley
ways encouraged them to ing a quiet but important. role hour," said Ms. Archer, 59. "I seemed intent on finding Supervisor of Elections
express any concerns "so we behind the scenes. work Very hard." She said she pressure points to push the Miami-Dade County, Florida
can continue to be an even Several 'religious leaders hoped a union would deliver restaurants to improve wages
better employer." McDon- are backing the effort. "I've affordable health insurance and benefits.
Black domestic workers earn less
WORKER study was based on in- English, Spanish, Pol- considerably less than
continued from 7D terviews with nannies, ish, Portuguese, Taga- those who were Amer-
caregivers and house- log, Mandarin, Canton- ican-born or natural-
earned more than their cleaners who now work ese, Haitian Creole and ized citizens. Nannies
black, Hispanic and in the United States but Nepali. who were citizens had
Asian counterparts, al- originally came from The researchers a median pay of $12.50
though the study said 71 countries. The in- found that domestic an hour, while illegal
that African-American terviews were conduct- workers who were ille- immigrants earned
nannies earned slight- ed in nine languages: gal immigrants earned $9.86 an hour. W ells Fargo m mortgage holders
ly more a median of
$12.71 an hour -- than
white ones ($12.55 an facing hardship have real options.
hour). Hispanic nan-
nies earned $8.57 arr
hour, while Asian ones ,Arh
earned $11.11.. -
Called "Home Eco-
of Domestic Work," the Don't miss out on a special workshop to help customers keep their homes.
.PLEASE ALL TAKE NOTICE that a Board of Commissioners Meeting of the
Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (SEOPW To date, over 812,000 loans have been modified nationwide. Join us to get
CRA) is scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 13, 2012 @ 3:00 pm,
at Miami City H-lall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133. answers and the options that may be available to you. You'll meet with a Home
Preservation Specialist, who will privately discuss your financial concems and
Ali interested persons are invited to attend. For more information please con-
tact the SEOPW CRA office at (305) 679-6800. options. To get the personal answers you need, register today. And if you can't
(#19288) Clarence E. Woods III, Executive Director make it to the workshop you can Stil get help online or over the phone.
Southeast Overtown/Park West
EUIU50% OFF SAL rdFy Community Redevelopment Agency
Exa eavy Qua Home Preservation Workshop.
50( S E December 12-13, 2012
,oese"''; -,o,= A public hearing will be held by the City Commission of the City of Miami, Flori- Miami Airport Convention Center
is sw,,,,,se ,...n, da on December 13, 2012, at 9:00 AM at City Hall, located at 3500 Pan Ameri-
on=v" assee o can Drive, Miami, Florida, for the purpose of granting e following:ORIZ-st H al n v
2X11' LovelyTeal $100 $191 LEVARD, MIAMI, FLORIDA (ALSO KNOWN AS BICENTENNIAL Register by Monday, December 10, 2012 at
12'X10' Rich Burgundy $100 $19,
..eanyor.l .. OF ELECTRIC UTILITY FACILITIES, WITH THE RIGHT TO RE- or by calling 1-800-405-8067.
CARPET ...... All interested persons are invited to appear and may be heard concerning this
.................... matter. Should any person desire to appeal any decision of the City Commis-
................... ; sion with respect to any matter considered at this hearing, that person shall en-
LAMINATE "i sure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, including all testimonyToehrellg t
TILE 69,* and evidence upon which any appeal may. be based (F.S.286.0105). TogetheroHom Mowege'llgofario o
BAMB~somoer 19,4Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. @ 2012 Wells Fargo
ABO........................... 9 In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, persons need- Bank{,N.A. All rightsereserved.NMLSR ID
ing special accommodations to participate in this proceeding may contact the 399801.As96846611/12-2/1312/12-3/13 .
DON BAILEY FLOORS Office of the City Clerk at (305) 250-5361 (Voice) no later than two (2) business
8300Isc. Blvd., Miami rays prir to the proceerding, or at 1305) 250-5472 (TTY) no later than three (3)
1483 NW7thAve. Mami business days prior to the proceeding.
2208 South State Rd. 7, Miramar
3422 W. Broward Blvd., Ft. Laud.
1283 NW 31 Ave., Ft. Laud. Dwight S. Danie
FREE SHOP AT HOME (#19286) City Clerk
Toll Free 1-866-721-7171

" |Dedicated to women and all there professional
~Gynecological & Aesthetics needs.
-SECTION D MiAMI, FLORIDA, DECEMBER 5-11, 2012 Complete Gyn services
1894 NW 74 Terrace 185 NW 75 Street MIAMI Loae in Hialeah
ARN ARE w bedrooms, one bath, Access to living room and Affordable four bedrooms, SAEFFOIA
move in with first month rent bars, fenced, stove, refrigera- kitchen, close to metro rail. two baths, Q54-707-8477. CRIMINAL JUSTICE 763464
1 NORTHEAST AREA .FREE BASIC CABLE tor, air. $750 monthly. $2250 305-439-2906. Miami Area SADRS&TANN
Section 8. One and two bed- Remodeled efficiency, one, to move in. 305232-3700 4220 NW 22 Court One, two, three and four bed- SADRS&TANN
rooms. $199 security. 786- two, three bdrms, air, appli- 1921 NW 59 STREET $85 weekly, free utilities, rooms. Section 8 ok. No ap- COMMISSION, l-e y
an.525Rces, laundry, gate. From Ready to move in. Two bed- kitchen, bath, one person. plication fee. 305-218-5151 Petitioner y
1150 NW I P lace $400. 100 NW 11 St. rooms with new carpet, one 305-474-8186, 305-987-9710 MIAMI GARDENS AREA Professional, Safe & Confidential Services
One edrom, ne bth,30-374-4412. bath, near schools and bus- 7110 NW 15 Court No credit ok. Three bdrms.,vs '
es. Large kitchen with tile Share two bdrm. house, $130 Section 8 Ok. 786-763-0981-Trintoipto2 ek
$395. 05-6427080. APITALRENTAL floor, blinds on all windows, a week. 305-254-6610 MIAMI GARDENS AREA CAGTONOIdvda oneigSrie
AGENCY NWve 2ergrtr Avenuee 83 Street NW IS Avenue Spacious four bdrms, two
121 NW Aveue305-642-7080. verse cycle air conditioning Cenro:357476 bahpsm TVicud.Case #31313
One bdrm., one bath, $395. units Cleae room.n 305754777 baths plsm TVicue.Bar0etfe B GYN's
Ovrtown Liberty City, units, thred ceilrtifiedSec
Appliances. 305-642-7080. Op-okBonvIe in ecm!$5 tl, 9121 NW 25 Avenue No credit check, Section 8 Respondent i!.0
~~~~Apartments,Duplexes, $1500 to move in. 305323- $95 weekly. $380 to move in. 305oe-83rs4-4440 f%! !lteGN evie
1212 NW 1 Avenue Houses. One, Two and 5795 or 305-653-2752. Call 305-691-2703 or 30-3-40NOTICE OF ACTION ABR I START $180 AND UP
One bedroom, one bath, Three Bedrooms. Same day 26 78NW532 NORT StreetB 441
$400. Appliances. approval. Ceillfor specials. .2%N 3Sre Furnished room in private Five bedrooms and half,1 9
30 ..4270 0 re wte.3 5-4270 0 Four bedrooms'tw06 baths. home, nice area. three bathrooms, famil, TO: CRAIG THORNTON
$975. 305-642-7080 Call 305-763-3239 dining, living, and laundry
www.capitalrentalagency. 24-7N 65StetROOMING HOUSE room. Section 8 okay! $1950 Residence Unknown------
.1229 NW 1 Court..-. orn 54 W 5Sre monthly. Call 305-992-6496.
One bedroom, one bath, .. .New rehab, appliances,' air, 8013 NW 10 Court
: : ppiaces feeGRAND OPENING bars, parking and fenced' Central air, new bathrooms !ii, ,ii, YOU ARE NOTIFIED that
$450,, ". Applanefree NWAEASUR $5 otl n euiy and kitchen, security gates =r, ,, ,; ,,, an Administrative Complaint
water:0564-7. NWakinR $950nc monhl sahoo s0e-684-0y' $135 -.$150 weekly. Call ":,',';i,., ,' has been filed against you
30-4-00from $400. Remodeled 2355 NW 95 Terace Kevin 954-825-9006 seeking tO revoke your
efficiencies, one, two, three Two bdrms., one bath, three Appointment Onlyl ou 7 CORRECTIONAL Cer-
1275 NE 136 Terrace, bdrms; two baths. Central air, bdrms., two baths, tiled. Sec- Itificate in accordance with
One edromtwobath, ar, aunry, ate.,Ofic 102 tin 8 30-205365 HosesSection 943.1395, F.S.,
tile floo, 00 ath Sec ludygtd.ffc 03tion NW38v. 305-3725-33652 3421 NW 213 Street and any rules promulgated
8ilelcor$8m the 954 ction68 LIBRT IT AveR E7-18 2360 NW, 66 Street 133 St and NW 18 Ave. Two bedrooms, completely thereunder. Economic'Opportunity
8 ecm954-33-38; IET IYAE Private home Three bedrooms, two baths. remodeled. New kitchen and Development Officer
964-32-198One and two bedrooms spe- Two bedrooms, one bath. 30-5-76more. Try only $1900 down Yuaerqie osreSlr 1135-$5,0
13150Aswa Roa #4 cal. 86-47-283 Fre I wter. irst las, and305-54-776 FHA and $498 monthly. We Y uar rqie to serv Saayour33 15,0
13150 mo nthy oad #4c ial.7844-89Fewtr.islstan 1430 NW'26 Street have others. NDI Realtors, itten oyo reoues ern
$65mnhy p ok. NORTHEAST AREA security to move in. $850 Totally updated five bdrms, 305-655-1700inetorqusahaig
nRenvated oplnce~e bedroom,inld One and5.60two bdrms. Call monthly.80.58 two baths, family room, cen- 411N- 8 tet pruatt eto 2.7 Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), the
ed, gated. Move in special.760438 tral air, tile, $1700 month]ly1.W18 tre F.S. upon Jennifer C. Pritt, fourth largest school district in the nation, is accept-
$991 Section 8 Welcome .N 14A en a 59S2 70 .W 61 tr t 305-662-5505 Fie b d o m, four baths. Program Director, Criminal
9_667 Nic lrg on brmin mal Nwl rmodle, wo drsInvestors special. As Is and Justice Professionalism ing applications for the position of Economic Op-
Ca r ext78-22-667 quiet lgbldg.oAir.bdm Water mlfree- one bath, eldappliances, rSwater, Uae140fuNbrs6C rthefulwhere is condition. $119K- PrgaFoiaDpr- portunity Development Officer. The responsibilities
O ~7NWe edoon~e t, OPA Refre c: 30575160 Sct ion 80 mthly baths, tile, central air. $1500 ers NLY R e havetors. ment of Law Enforcement, included in this position,are: facilitating, promoting
' 06beclmo ,on~b ; OPALOCKAREASecton 8okaymonthly. 305-662-5505 ere 0D elos .. Box 1489, Tallahas- and ensuring direction and leadership in the devel-
$35 30564278....... n, ah Seil 5-68-45 w 305-655-1700 see, -Florida 32302-1489,
7; 0564"780i' On brm49e5 t. Specal794-68-744 1505 NW 68 street 741 NE 137 Street on or before February 4, opment and implementation of M-DCPS' business
1348 NW I A veu OPA* i $45 -717-o84 2447 beroms 81cenrae air e bdmonl 305627-34 5 Three bedrooms, two baths, 2013. Failure to do so will growth. Other. responsibilities include accountabil-
On brm,, one bath $75r 1120 Sesame Street appliances. $950 monthly, completely remodeled. result in a default being en- ity for planning, directing, and overseeing the devel-
30-4-00first, last and security. 1580 NW 64 STREET Only $2900 down and $562 tered against you to Revoke op ntfnwbuiesadtregcateshs
, ;* 0-4 00One bedroom, one bath. 3G5-962-2666 "SECTION 8 WELCOMEr monthly. P and I NDI Realtors said certification pursuant petonwbuissadtregcateshs
$630 monthly. 786-325-8000 2452 NW 44 Street Large thre bedrooms, at 305-655-1700. to Section 120.60, F.S., and for small and Minority/Women Business Enterpris-
14 !.INW 13: Stree Two bedrooms, air, $730 two baths, $1200 monthly, ****A'nENTION*.... Rule, 111-27, F.A.C. es (M/WBE) to participate in the award and perfor-
,,'C hurc : h es: monthly 786-877-5358 c~ ta ig rg .Alm ance of Board contracts.
T: w o b d r o o ms n e b a t h : N owr a Y o u C arg e o w n Y o u
$75.7;$ 86-236-1144 or:; 2683 NW 66 Street 2480 NW 61 Street appliances included. Free No o a w or Dated: December 4, 2012
305-64!i 2-'7080ii:;i!! For more information Three bdrms, one bath, Sec- 19 inch LCID TV.,Call Joel Own Home Today Ernest W. George Minimum Qualifications: Master's degree in busi-
..... .. ....-tion 8 welcome. 786-237- 786-355-7578 -**WITH-** CHAIRMAN CRIMINAL ness administration, finance or educational field.
1450~ l0NW 1 Avenue Call 786-277-8988 1292 -FREE CASH GRANTS JUSTICE STANDARDS Leabckrudpfre;Ex rinesabs-
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house; three bedrooms, two pd. $890 monthly. Free 19'inch LCD 'TV. Call Need HELP??? Division Representative edge of strategy develo pment methods, marketing/
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you in. 786-389-1686 monthly. 305-44-7767 Two bedroom, one bath, Sec- onstrated ability to communicate effectively in both
.:186 NW 13 Street :. "ARLCIYARA tion 8 welcomed. Call CLASSIFIED ~ lC oral and written forms.
SOne bdrmone bath . ML305-490-0628. 163 W3 Pae r .[,i ,: .::i
Aplacs 30-62700ve in special, $300. 3503 NW 8 Avenue Three bdrms., maybe four ':
.Aspans:56 00- T hree and four bdrms, w.eros n ah two baths, $1150 mthly, DE D I EM-DCPS has implemented a'web-based registra-
1/ ::~955 NW 2 Courti: available, recently reno- tile, air, Section 8 preferred. $2300 move in. Availa .ble LACE hirin MiamiH t-to n plcto ol -eriig wcn
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One bedroom, one bath. Call Morris Beachfront Realty clio. NWdte 54/o Strrent eMioee.amasiue.h
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..... NW ...... rt $650 monthly. No Section 8. Newly remodeled, five bdrms,
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.210 NW 17 Street 18709 NW 46 Avenue 14.ApinefeeCl:352794 You must be available MIAMI-DADE COUNTY HOMELESS TRUST REQUEST FOR
On n e bath...5. 222 NW45 135Teraeane freeCall430-267944 between the hours of6
i ed,0nbah 0- 22NW15ercwae.305-642-7080 1851 NW67,S"rat aman3pm.MshveAPPLICATIONS FOR INCLUSION IN THE APPLICATION
......... 4630 NW 16 Avenue Four bedrooms, two baths, reliable, insured vehicle and
Oebedroom with applipinc- $995. Stove, ref rgerator, air current Driver License. TO BE SUBMITTED BY-THE MIAMI-DADE COUNTY
-:241"6NW; 22 Court: 1079 NW 100 Terrace es. $550/$625 monthly. 305-642-7080 Apply in per son at:CO TN U OF AR F RTH 202 S UD O IE
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30-4278 Tobrmoe ah $5.rooms, two baths,fenced yard ROT RVRMiami-Dade County, through the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust (Homeless Trust), is
S 305-642-7080 Two bedrooms, newly reno- requesting7 aplcain froe homeking prvdr drive otetolfe ulirpiaenn
2565 NW 92 Street vated, $1050 monthly, call 95-4-91Wpr ekn rv rt o fi entities interested in participating in the Collaborative Application to be submitted by
EXTRA CLEAN! 1243 NW 100 Terrace Ms. Harris at 954-445-7402. 20027 N.W. 32id Place deliver newspaper to retail poi
-Three bdrm one and half outlets in'South Dade. the Homeless Trust on behalf of the Miami-Dade Continuum of Care, to the United States
Lights, air and water includ- Two bedrooms, big living 920 NW 55 Terrace bath, $1400 security deposit WdeDepartment of Housing and Urban Development (USHUD) in response to its Notice of
ed. Nice neighborhood. $875 room, central air. $8.50 a Wednsday Only
monthly, $2,625 move in or month, $1700 moves you in, Two bedrooms, one bath. required. Section 8 preferred. YumFunding Availability for the Homeless Continuum of Care Program Competition. Only one
$438 i-weekly, $1 ,313 move 786-663-4963 $850 monthly. 305-219-2571 Call 954-547-9011. Yo ust be available
in 0-2-802220 NW 82 Street between the hours of 6 application from the Mamri-Dade County Continuum of Care will be submitted, and it will
1255 NW4 1tet Tobdom,0 Trr as, tilei Two bedrooms, -one bath. -a.m. and 4 p.m. Must .have include all of the projects selected through this advertised Request for Applications process
Onebedoo. oe bth 4cnn-NnSarion8-305-384-8421, 954-84-8154 reliable, insured vehicle and for inclusion. Programs currently funded through the USHUD Supportive Housing Program,

SP,% Rle
Belle Glade running.back sets
10 record with 10,68.8 yards,
Kelvin Taylor...
fnishes 192'TDs, .
two state-titles
By Dave Brousseau '
From the first time Running "ii
Back Kelvin Taylor played on i
the football field at Glades Day !!
School in Belle Glade, it was
easy to see he was something ;
His first carry as an eighth-
grader in 2008 came against
Chamnad-Madonna for 10
/ -Photo Courtesy/Chuck Bethel yards. He finished the game
Columbus senior/Running Back Daryl Chestnut (#26, center) gets blocking help from with 103 yards on 14 carriesA
teammate Fabian Guerra (#I) while Killian senior/Cornerback Cortez Benjamin (#6) and and three touchdowns.
sophomore/Middle Linebacker Bruce Davis (#12) both try to bring him down. Fi ve years later, Taylor'Is
illustrious career has come toA
Colunbu ges re empion an end after 12,019 yards and
Cou bu g t rd mpin 192 touchdowns, two state
~titles and numerous awards.
in 3619 wn ov r KilianBut Taylor, son of VFL and "
~Florida Gator standout Fred
in in ov r K iianTaylor, wanted one more state
title. So When Glades Day lost .... ,
BAkahtse itsrdmtosad ithrihdieto gusadhvtr- Chris Merritt, Colum- and commended'his mendous respect for Class 2A regional final last Glades, Day's Kelvin Tayl or, a state record.'
bus head coach. "We players. them," Johnson said. Friday, the sudden end was He has accumulated 11,801 pinpointed three games that
Killian had high came out on fire and "I .am proud of these "The 'K' is back." emotional and brought Taylor yards heading into the state will- stick with him forever.
hopes this year after our defense played to tears. semifinal against Jacksonville Two of those games came
they dd -impove, dfense orced hree 1 good enough team to win it F loridasalltm uhn sophomore in a Classl1B
their season ended Cougar turnovers all," Glades Day coach Pete, leader when he surpassed regional final, in 2010, he
last Friday at FIU- and an interception Walker said. "Kelvin was NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt rushed for 437 yards and five
South after a revenge- as Killian's passing OTHER GAME=S: distraught after the game. He Smith's record of 8,804 yards touchdowns and scored the
seeking Columbus game was limited JACKSON TURNS BACK couldn't believe it was over." in a regular-season finale game-winner on a 76-yard
defeated the Cougars to 51 yards. One of GLADES CENTRAL 33-24 Though Taylor's senior year against South Fork in 2011, run with 1:32 left to play to
3619i teRe-in th ouar ea-The unlikely state-contender Jackson topped was focused on Winning his. the University of Florida corn- beat Jupiter Christian 35-29.
3-8A finas very-gio n uhegrs lead- Glades Central 33-24 last Friday in Belle Glades tidsaette vr ad mtsi i aerws'
4-8A finals. Every- ing rushers, Jaquanat Effie Grear Stadium to put the Generals just tidsaette vr ad mtsi i aerws'
thing that could have Johnson, struggled one game away from the state championship gained was measured towards about breaking records. STELLAR CAREER
gone wrong, did for with only 26 rushing game. Led by quarterback Quinton "Winkle" breaking the national record Breaking Emmitt''s record
the Cougars. The Ex- yards. Flowers, the Generals finished with 180 yards in of 11,232 yards held by Sugar KE=YS TO. SU.CCESS he said was one of his favor-
plorelrs (9-4) jumped In the third quarter the Region 4-5A final. Land High (Texas) Running "I never really thought ite times. I was blessed to
to a 22-0 lead in the the Cougars showed The Generals (8-4) will face lmmokalee on Back Ken Hall. about my stats," Taylor said. break that record," Taylor
first half after the signs of life scor- Friday Dec. 7th at Traz Powell in their first state "I just ran the ball and had said.
Cougars missed sev- ing 13 points but semifinal since 2 000. EIGHTH GRADE' a great time with my team- "When you get a kid like
eral tackles, including they were unable TBOOKER T. SQASHESto COOrAe 41e1 WON'T COUNT mates. I never went out there him built like a man as An
one on the opening to stop an electri- feated Cocoa 41-13 in the state semifinal I's Hall said he was interested just to pile up the yards." eighth grader, it didn't sur-
kickoff returns that fled Explorer offense. Friday an d is set to return to the Class 4A state in speaking to Taylor had Taylor juist enjoyed playing prise me he had the career
put Columbus on the Despite the defeat, championship on Saturday, Dec. 8th at the Cit- he broke the 59-year record. football, repeatedly clrediting that he did," Walker said. "It
Cougars 4-yard line Kila a ohn o rus Bowl 0n Orlando at 7:07 p.m. The Tornadoes Taylor ended up with 10,688 others for his success. But did break my heart for him
and subsequently be ashamed of un-- (12-1) have a chance, to redeem themselves yards, because his eighth- during his tenure the Gators when we lost. Kelvin is a OlCe
scoring all within der Head Coach and against reigning state champions Jacksonville grade total didn't count to- went 47-19 and won two state in a lifetime guy."
the first 20 seconds of school alumnus Cory Bolles after last year's 33-25 loss. ward the national record. championships. Now he's off to college where
the game. Johnson. The Cou- Central pummeled Palm Bay High 3 18-2 in the "I don't think much about "I was very blessed with Taylor said he's ready to play
The Cougars, who gars' record improved Rein46 ia atFia nPl a.Teit," said Hall, 76. "I'm proud too many people around me," now and show what he can
defeated the Explorers froin 1-9 in 2010 to Rockets (10-2) earned 24 first half points in the of it, but records are meant to Taylor said. "I had a great do on the football field at the
21-7 in the last game, 6-4 in 2011. Johnson, one-sided battle that put them one game away be broken. It's an incentive for coaching staff and offensive Swamp.
of the regular season, who is completing from returning to the Citrus Bowl. Central will be others that play the game." line. It was a great run while "It felt like I .was dreaming
would never recover his fourth season as on the road to face Naples on Friday. Another Florida player it lasted. I wouldn't have done that I had carried the ball for
fromthe deficit. head coach, says the I ended up breaking the re- anything different and I'm, the last time, at GladesDay,",
"It's not revenge program is headed -- cord Yulee's Running Back happy to close this chapter Taylor said. "It would have
Derrick Henry in a Class 4A and off to the next." been great to break all the
&AAA6d&.regional semifinal against Piling up yards seemed to records. I was kept healthy
Taylor County on Nov. .15. come naturally and Taylor and I have no regrets."
r Cheering to a championship