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Eleven-year-old Licrs78 at historic OpnfBi CHEVYSAK

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Pri -A include Ml rebtes n ren~o v
JUNE 20, 2014 Florida's Best Community Newspaper Serving Florida's Best Community 500 VOL. 119 ISSUE 317

Attempted first-degree Obama

murder charges pending sending

Wo a acse n tbing edywas arguing with caded himself in the bath- If ilitary
W oma acusedin tabbMicaelLaughlin, 48, be- room as he waited for help to
cause Austin wouldn't turn arrive.
A.B. SIDIBE during a domestic incident. down the radio. When the ar- However, while Laughlin
Staff writer The Citrus County Sher- gument got heated, Austin al- was barricaded, Austin re- av sr
iff's Office said the incident legedly grabbed a large portedly continued to stab at av s r
An arrest warrant for happened shortly after kitchen knife and stabbed the bathroom door with the attempted first-degree mur- 5:15 p.m. Wednesday in a Laughlin in the back of his same kitchen knife she der is pending for a woman home in Sugarmill Woods. left shoulder

accused of stabbing a man Crystal Austin, 37, report- Laughlin reportedly barni See G/PgeU A2r a

41 oAssocia ted Press

Finding missing links for cyclists WASHINGTON -Edging back
into a military role in Iraq, President
Barack Obama on Thursday said he
was dispatching up to 300 military
advisers to help quell the rising insurgency in the crumbling nation. He
_A11 called on Iraqi leaders to govern with
a more "inclusive
agenda" to ensure
the country does not
descend into civil
Though not specifically mentioning
airstrikes, an option
the U.S. has been
considering, Obama Barack
said he was leaving Obama
open the possibility saidg no trops
of "targeted and pre- goigtIrq
'~tU 1~lI1 I tiIp~ ~cise military action" in the future. He ~II~l 13said the U.S. also would increase its HIM vi intelligence efforts in Iraq and create joint operations centers in Baghdad and northern Iraq.
When coupled with previously ancould put about 600 additional U.S.
troops back on the ground in Iraq.
The 300 military advisers he announced Thursday would join up to
275 being positioned in and around
Iraq to provide security and support
for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and
other American interests.
MATT BECK/Chronicle Mindful of what he called "the A cyclist spins along the trail bridge over the Withiacoochee River. Citrus County is creating a Trails Master Plan to deep scars left by America's war in connect multi-use trails for cyclists to use. Iraq," Obama was adamant that U.S.
troops would not be returning to
County creating Trails Master Plan Concig"We do not have the ability to sm
Co n cigcommuters ply solve this problem by sending in
CHRI VA ORMR i gap an conectits anytens of thousands of troops and comCRStf VANte mRMERi-ase adconetit. mn ANGELA MARIA DEJESUS mitting the kinds of blood and treas"hpupsistdeeoanStaff writermut-stri. ure that has already been expended
"Thepuroseis t deelo an taf wrterin Iraq," Obama told reporters in the LECANTO -The concept of interconnected multi-use trail County residents expressed excitement White House briefing room. "Ultiriding a bicycle to reach a desti- system," said Cynthia Jones, Thursday when learning that the Trails Master mately, this is something that is going
nation, such as going to work or senior planner "It would estab- Plan had moved another step toward adoption. to have to be solved by Iraqis."
shopping, got wheeled forward lish connections across the re- A fully connected trail system means that bi- Half a world away, the chaotic sitThursday at a citizens' panel. gion, build connections between c yclss yeetinhreakrdrutini rqwsudrcrdb
TheCirusContyPlnnig rysalRivr nd nvrnesas skaters, inline skakers and other non- fight for control of Iraq's largest oil
and Development Commission well as close the gaps between motorized travelers could conceivably make refinery As of late Thursday, Iraqi
(PDC) agreed after a transmit- the trail network." their way from Floral City, through Crystal forces and Sunni militants contal hearing to recommend Jones gave details of the dif- River, into Tampa and beyond on a paved trolled different parts of the sprawlComprehensive Plan amend- ferent parts of the county's road, separated from traffic. ing facility and black smoke billowed
ments to the board of county master plan, including the In- Dr Robert Brockett local oral surgeon and in the air
commissioners (BOCC) so that verness Master Plan and Crys- avid bike trail user, has been commuting to his Prime Minister Nouni al-Maliki's the county can push ahead tal River's Crosstown Trail. Se Pg 7own position was hardly assured, as
SeSe Q/Pagee A7


Hall of Fame honor State BR IE F

GOP official Morgan & Morgan law firm to
files complaint a panel that nominates judges
agaist Cist for appointment.
agaist Cist Grist made the appointment
TALLAHASSEE -A Repub- of Joseph Linnehan shortly
lican Party of Florida official is fil- before he joined the firm in
ing another complaint against early 2011.
former Gov. Gharie Grist. Kevin Gate, a spokesman
Justn Jonson exeu~vedi-for Grist, called the ethics
rectoohnpart, cted- complaint "absurd."
rectr fr th paty, ontnds Johnson has also filed two
Grist violated the state's ethics elcinomantagns
laws before he left office. Grei orhis aaneto
The complaint alleges that Mor &i Moerganc aofr
Gebris isus ed hofce n billboards and his appearance Deceber2010whe he in a television ad.
appointed a partner in the -From wire reports

Special to the Chronicle
Eleven Citrus County Fair Association board members, three staff members and three family members flV said poii workers stumwere on hand recently to celebrate Doris Graska's induction into the Florida Federation of Fairs and A M fl VA I bled on the situation when Livestock Shows Hall of Fame. Graska, at center and holding a plaque, is past president of the Florida they visited the armory
Federation of Fairs. Front row from left, are: Marlene Law; Lee Earl Stokes, fair president; Jaret Continued from Page Al this week to make sure Lubowiecki; Jessica Shaw, granddaughter; Doris Graska; Kandi McPherson; Debbie Parker; Irma Stokes; phone lines worked for the
and Lane Shaw, daughter. Back row from left: Glenn Corp, son; Hal Porter, fair manager; Margaret pose a minimal training polling equipment.
Roddenberry; Paul McPherson; Danny Parker; and Charlie Simmons. impact on what we do." Roy said this is the
The supervisor of elec- first renovation to take
________________________________________________________________________ tions office was forced to place since the armory move its Precinct 301 opened nearly 30 years stalled every quarter mile, polling place from the ar- ago. P LAN We're trying to really push McLean said. The system mory to St. Timothy's "It's been in the process
gave dispatch GPS coordi- Lutheran Church on U.S. for many years waiting on Continued from Page Al this Dunnellon gap. nates for responders. 19 in Crystal River funding," he said.
As for economic impact Elections operations The work should be The most recent devel- James McLean McLean said, "We're try- manager Maureen Baird done around May
opment concerned the with the Withiacoochee State Trail. ing to really push this __________________________Withlacoochee State- Dunnellon gap."
Dunnellon Trail connec- Panel member Kyle motorized conveyances. Having walked and rid- B N~ Austin was transported to
tor project that was pre- Chrietzberg asked about Trails usually are closed den proposed routes, STA BBIN Citrus Memorial hospital
sented at the June 12 the use of motorized vehi- at night. For safety, trails McLean said Plan B (turn- Cotne rmPg lfor undetermined medical
meeting of the Citrus cles on trails, about emer- are beginning to install a ing east on Delmane Drive Cotne rmPg issues. Officials said she
County Transportation gency response in remote 911 system. to U.S. 41) would be the will be arrested and
Planning Organization. areas and whether trails 'A lot ofpeople use those least costly to the county reportedly used to stab the charged with attempted The TPO added the proj- were closed at night. trails as transportation to and have the best eco- alleged victim with, threat- first-degree murder upon ect to the 2014-15 list of Ron Lundberg, panel go to work so there are a lot nomic impact for restau- ening to "take out" her release from the Transportation Alterna- chairman, raised ques- of people out there early in rants and businesses. Laughlin. hospital.
tives Projects. tions about the future con- the morning or late at McLean told the panel When deputies arrived Laughlin was released
Eventually, projects nection in Dunnellon, the night," McLean said. that volunteers perform at the scene, Austin was earlier Thursday from an within the county's Trails economic impact and "There is a 911 system the maintenance on the now reportedly armed Ocala hospital with nonMaster Plan will be pre- maintenance costs. that will be installed on the Withlacoochee State with a samurai sword. Of- life-threatening injuries,
sented to the newly As these questions were Withlacoochee State Trail, Trail, with tools and mate- ficers drew their weapons according to CCSO. formed Hernando/Citrus not part of the master hopefully by the end of this rials paid for through an and commanded Austin to Contact Chronicle reMetropolitan Planning plan, James McLean with year," McLean continued annual bike ride lay the sword down. She porter A.B. Sidibe at 352Organization (MPO) to be the Withlacoochee State In Hillsborough County, fundraiser that realizes complied. 564-2925 or asidibe@j
put forward for state and Trail stepped forward the 911 system was in- $20,000. According to CCSO,
federal funding as those with answers during pubfunding opportunities be- lic comment time.
come available. McLean said he had g~
Jones' list of trails worked with county staff
within and just outside to develop bicycle trail
the county included only maps.
those that were desig- "We've been working on nated as paved and multi- this project for five years, use. Many unpaved trails so I've gathered a lot of in- P E NB
exist on public lands that formation," 'McLean said.f T of Citrus County, Inc.
are not part of the master Electric vehicles for CA L Lm9
plan, Jones said in re- handicapped people are I -888-ANY-TI PS (1 888-269-8477) sponse to a question from allowed on trails if the IS
panel member James driver has authorization, www.Cri

Brooks. McLean said, but no other Fundedby the Office oftheAttrey General CrimeStoppers Trst Fund


Saturday,. iuns 1'

coo~~ PE:n Festivl Food 1endor

Bee & W81 ineaalbeFtet

Ver Registraio Boothou

Pubi & RestauatCwlBgn

WnJ Ash nin Ac kkt

S Page A3- FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014


ACOUNdThe United Way celebrates success

Four more
candidates qaify' recent Power of the Purse
quat ea Ioy AWARD RECIPIENTS fundraiser raised $4,000.
More candidates quali- Fis year fi fteCmmniy ar hrnce h a rie h a "We have been working
fied Thursday for the pri- new'jI app.T.roach Pu i Spirt ofkes the ComniyAardes bi Chtile.h" as"asd h a very hard to bring real, lastmary or election ballot as Publix Sueraktseh agstbgtm. ing change to the lives of
offcia qualifying end atoalUiedWy
yieicia resultsin support of th loa0ntdWy Employee Education Award the those in need," Meek said.
nontdyU Leadership Giving Award Duke Citrus County Chronicle. "These success stories and
Qualifying were: Energy for the "charitable spirit of 0 Board Member of the Year -Lindla the work we are doing has
0 County Commission NANCY KENNEDY their employees." VanAllen, who "worked tirelessly as Kids garnered national attention
District 2: Michael "Joey" Staff writer 0 Engaged Leadership Team Award Triathlon chair for the last two years." from United Way WorldWhite, no-party affiliation. Steve and Jewel Lamb, who UVlnerothYar-SeTyr. wide, and they have invited
0 School Board CITRUS HILLS A "passionately tell the United Way 0VlnerothYar-SeTyr. our team to conduct a semDistrict 1: Thomas Corkery. journey begins with a sin- story" to their employees at Crystal 0 First-ever "Wilson Burns" Community inar that will be shared with gle step, and last year the Automotive. Impact Award Ron Lundberg, for his other small United Way
0 Mosquito Control United Way of Citrus valuable time, advice and guidance. leaders on how they can
Board Seat 3: Michael Dias. County took the first step to 0 Innovative Campaign Committee bring this type of impact to
0 Homosassa Special change the way they meet Award Seven Rivers Regional Med- 0 Collective Impact Organization Award their local communities."
Water District Seat 4: needs in Citrus County ical Center for "infusing a new excite- The Centers, for their partnershipRaChrytogin
Madonna Ault and Rose- On Thursday, local ment around the annual campaign." in helping adult students and their UnteRay boiardh outgoi-g
mary Rendueles. United Way community 0 Employee Volunteerism Award fmledent, was given a special
Boil water notice partners celebrated their SunTrust, whose employees always 0 Collective Impact Leader Award Al recognition as he and his
first year on a new journey have their "boots on the ground." Mitchell, GED instructor at Withla- wife, Marian, move to
rescinded at the annual Spirit of the coochee Technical Institute, for his Seattle next month.
Th pecutonrybol Community awards lunch- 0 President's Award for Campaign "dedication to the real lasting change "He truly has a passion
water notice issued June 16 eon at Citrus Hills Golf Coriao e altfo h oeet"for helping others," Meek
for Constate Utilities has and Country Club. said. "Ray, your new combeen rescinded. 'As most of you know, last Way CEO Amy Meek. "This GED; a mother of three fore United Way gave him munity does not yet know
A bateroloica suvey ye ar .. we changed the way project has been so suc- completed her Patient a bicycle) earned his GED what a gift they are receivAf bacsyteioloca surey we do business to ensure cessful, so quickly, and I Care Assistant Certificate, and got a job; two GED ing in you." ofather isystfem sow thenk that those in need were not could not be more proud of got three job offers and got graduates received full New incoming officers
waeri sfet dinjust helped, but that indi- the results we have seen." off food stamps; a young scholarships to the College are: Dr Vernon Lawter, Call Jeff Schrade, certi- vidual lives could be radi- Some of the year's high- man who walked 10 miles of Central Florida; 23 fain- president; Rocky Hensley, fied operator, at 352-634- cally and permanently lights include: more than to Withlacoochee Techni- ilies became financially treasurer and Ashley
0726 with questions. changed," said local United 25 people earned their cal Institute every day (be- independent and the Merson, secretary Kitchen fire causes $10,000 in damage A stovetop fire Wed nes- Sellin' m elons
day night caused an estimated $10,000 in damage to a two-story Citrus
Springs home.
Firefighters arrived at
7:23 p.m. and quickly extinguished a small fire confined to the kitchen area of the home's first story at
3134 W. Randolph Lane. The occupants said they were frying on the stove
when the oil flashed up,
causing the fire.
No one was injured.
Precinct moves from armory to church .....
The polling place for
precinct 301 has moved. Precinct 301, formerly located at the National Guard Armory, 8551 W. Venable St., has been relocated to St. Timothy's Lutheran
Church, 1070 North Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River. Only voters who reside in Precinct 301 will be affected by this change and will receive new voter information 4
cards from the Supervisor ofA Elections Office in a few
weeks. If you need directions to the new polling
place, please call the elections office at 352-341-6740 or visit and click on 'Voter Informa- MATTHEW BECK/Chronicle
tion" then select "Precinct William Flannery waves to passing motorists Wednesday morning along County Road 490 in Homosassa while tending to his cousin's Finder." watermelon stand. The freshly picked melons are grown in Floral City, according to Flannery.
Polls are open from
7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Election Day. The primary election is Aug. 26. The general election is Knv. 4. You may, A- 6-11w -k1M1MAM AhlW WWA4k W~


Today ENTodayin

Birthday- A host of possibilities will Today is Friday, June 20, the
develop this year, but it will be up to
you to turn these opportunities into 171st day of 2014. There are 194
something viable. You are tenacious C H d days left in the year.
and talented, so follow your heart and Chelsea Handier Today's Highlight:
do whatever it takes to overcome any heading to Netflix On June 20, 1944, during World
unfavorable issues that could threaten NEW YORK Netflix is ex- War II, Japanese naval forces reyour triumph. panding its empire of original treated in the Battle of the PhilipGemini (May 21-June 20)- With content with a talk show to be pine Sea after suffering heavy
your energetic and playful way of deal- hosted by Chelsea Handier. losses to the victorious American
ing with people, you will have no trou- fleet.
ble attracting new friendships. The online TV network said On this date:
Cancer (June 21-July 22) -A hard- Thursday that the outspoken co- In 1893, a jury in New Bedford,
headed attitude will stir up trouble. If median's new show will begin in Massachusetts, found Lizzie Boryou are unwilling to make concessions, early 2016. It will update the for- den not guilty of the ax murders of
you will risk getting into a conflict with a mat of her current E! talk show, her father and stepmother.
colleague, friend or lover. "Chelsea Lately," but retain the In 1967, boxer Muhammad Ali
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Your charm comedic focus on entertainment
and charisma will attract attention. and cultural issues, Netflix said. was convicted in Houston of violatTake your place in the spotlight and No other details were provided. ing Selective Service laws by refusenjoy it. ing to be drafted. (Ali's conviction
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -Your per- Handler will end the seven- Associated Press was ultimately overturned by the
sonal life is due for an interesting change. year run of "Chelsea Lately" on Netflix said Thursday that Chelsea Handler's new talk show Supreme Court.) Greater cash flow is apparent, and it will Aug. 26. will begin in early 2016. Handler will end the seven-year run of In 1994, O.J. Simpson pleaded
come from an unexpected source. Her deal with Netflix begins "Chelsea Lately" on Aug. 26. not guilty in Los Angeles to the
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Some ex- with a standup performance pre- killings of his ex-wife, Nicole, and
periences are bound to be painful. miering Oct. 10. Based on her her friend, Ronald Goldman.
Don't obsess about your problems. tour, "Uganda Be Kidding Me," MuseuM displays Harrison Ford Ten years ago: The Arab satelScorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Major the special will be taped in s rerd lite TV network AI-Jazeera aired a
career changes lie ahead. Take com- Chicago on Friday. Warhol album covers healing after surgeryvideotape from al-Qaida-linked milimand of your future by staying in- In 2015, she will create four BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. NEW YORK Harrison tants showing a South Korean
formed and in touch with the people docu-comedy spedals on subjects A Detroit-area museum is Ford is recuperating after sur- hostage begging for his life and and tools that you need to advance.
Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) You induding NASCAR, politics, Sili- preparing to show off what it's gery to heal a broken leg suf- pleading with his government to have been dawdling long enough. Let con Valley and the NBAdraft. calling the most comprehensive fered during production on "Star withdraw troops from Iraq. (The today be the starting point for all of the The 39-year-old Handler's exhibition of authenticated Andy Wars: Episode VII." hostage, Kim Sun-il, was beheaded
alterations and improvements you planned departure from E! Warhol record covers to date. The actor's publicist said two days later.)
have been considering. (which she announced in March) Sixty albums designed by the Thursday that Ford is doing well Five years ago: Iranian music
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) For had sparked speculation that late pop-art icon will be on display after surgery and will soon begin student Neda Agha Soltan, 27, was every step forward, you will take two she might find a late-night home at CranbrookArt Museum begin- rehab. Ford was injured a week gunned down during election steps back. You can save yourself on a broadcast network. She ning this weekend. They range ago during filming of the much- protests in Tehran; her dying mosome aggravation if you put major de- swiftly dismissed those rumors. from the recognizable to the rare. anticipated sequel at Pinewood ments were caught on video and cisions on hold while you reassess "If I was going to continue There's Warhol's yellow Studios outside of London. circulated widely on the Internet,
your plans for the future.
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -You working in this industry, I knew I banana-on-white background The accident involved a making her name a rallying cry for

can lighten your load if you ask for had to do something outside the cover for The Velvet Under- spacecraft door falling on the 71- the opposition and sparking internahelp. Friends and colleagues will gladly box to keep myself interested," ground's 1967 debut album as year-old actor's leg. Ford's Han tional outrage. come to your aid if they know you are she explained Thursday. "I well as his workable zipper de- Solo pilots the Millennium Fal- One year ago: The Food and struggling. Put your pride aside. wanted to sit with the cool kids at sign for The Rolling Stones' con, which is returning in Drug Administration approved unrePisces (Feb. 20-March 20) -The lunch so I approached Netflix to 1971 "Sticky Fingers" record. "Episode VII." stricted sales of the morning-after
downside of having a vivid imagination make sure they were as cool as There are also a handful of Disney has said that shooting pill, lifting all age limits on the emeris that ideas may take the place of ac- I thought they were, and when I covers that have never been is continuing while Ford recuper- gency contraceptive. tion. You know what you want out of confirmed my suspicions, like shown in such a setting. ates. He's expected to be side- Today's Birthdays: Actor Martin
life, so go out and get it. with any other future lover, I Exhibition curator Laura Mott lined up to two months. Landau is 86. Singer-songwriter
Aries (March 21-April 19)- You made my move." says "record covers are the only Ford is one of several original Brian Wilson is 72. TV personality
don't have to be a professional to "Netflix is looking forward to medium (Warhol) worked in "Star Wars" stars returning to the Bob Vila is 68. Producer Tina Sinatra enjoy a sporting challenge. Find an
amateur activity that interests you, and reimagining the late-night talk throughout his entire career." J.J. Abrams-directed sequel. is 66. Actress Nicole Kidman is 47. test your skills. show for the on-demand genera- "Warhol On Vinyl: The Record He's joined by fellow alums Thought for Today: "A man's erTaurus (April 20-May 20) You may tion, starting with the late-night Covers, 1949-1987+" opens to Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and rors are his portals of discovery." stand out for all the wrong reasons. part," said Netflix Chief Content the public on Saturday and runs Peter Mayhew. James Joyce, Irish poet (1882Play by the rules. Officer Ted Sarandos. through March 15. -From wire reports 1941).

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Johnson, 94 Keyes, 71 are90ongeeti
George R. Johnson, 94, ALGERNON'
Inverness, died June 18, WEST PALM BEACH
20 14, under the loving care Author Daniel Keyes,
of his family and Hospice whose novel "Flowers for
of Citrus Algernon"' became a classCot e room staple that explored16
Ges ore the treatment of the menwasbor tally disabled and the ethics
on Oct. 18, of manipulating human in1919, in telligence, has died, his
Brooklyn, family said. He was 86.
New York,
to the late Keyes died Sunday of
E d wa rd George complications from pneua n d Johnson monia, said his daughter
Theresa (Mullin) Johnson. Leslie Keyes.7
He poudy sevedour First published as a
Heou ly servhed ou.r short story in 1959, and
coutryin he .S.Ary later as a novel, 'Algemrnon
during World War 11. is a series of journal enGeorge was employed by tries by a low-IQ laborers the city of New York as a named Charlie Gordon
marine and aviation auto who participates in experiengineman. He was a ments that triple his intelmember of VFW 4337 and ligence just as researchers
the Suncoast Chapter of did with a laboratory
the DAV He was very mouse named Algernon. As
prou of is rishandthe protagonist reaches the
Danish heritage, height of his brainpower
Survivors include sons the mouse's progress beGeorge (Ellen) Johnson, gins to reverse until he Associated_____________________________Press___________Hicksville, New York, and dies, a harbinger of what' s
Gary (Patrice) Johnson, to come for Charlie. Harley-Davidson's new electric motorcycle is seen Wednesday at the company's research facility in Wauwatosa,
Rosvile, aliorna; The short story won a Wis. The company plans to unveil the bike, dubbed the LiveWire, on Monday in New York. daughters Judith (Dave) Hugo Award for best short
Wingate, Hernando, and fiction and the novel won a
Cheryl Johnson, Inver- Nebula Award from the Sci- Ioflic m try l rn ol u at yp w rd rti
ness; brother John John- ence Fction and Fantasy Caifrna motrccl bran rolsutatiydoe prttp
so n ; s iste rs D e lo re s W rite rs o f A m e ric a T h eA s o i t d P e sm r c a r d rs w o l k
Rapecis and Lorraine book has sold more than 5 Asoiae Prshalfia. Bt h egwa sad
Johnson; 11 grandchil- million copies. Actor Cliff AmWU E ale -lkl er a ties w ihk
cdren. Hed was receadd Robertson won an Academy Davidson has introduced likel tcloptenewt
cideth by his wifed wth hist leading actor its first electric motorcy- tHrey chnologyat
in deth b his ife lady withhis ortraal o the cle, a sleek, futuristic bike Lvtc adh xet
and siblings Edward, Ger- book's main character in that sounds like a jet air- tcnlg oipoe
ofd Chtan burjrial wil bes "Charly" a 1968 movie plane taking off and can go teh k ha imro e
offerdta 11 ilwilb based on the soyfrom 0 to 60 mph in less ted nbt Vtcnl
of r d a 11a.m T esday, story "Wer thins.ogn t hate ten
June 24, 2014, at Our Lady H or c Thn four d in brd c n s o EV technosboof Fatima Catholic Church. si vr ,c Te ike Instd in e poubc uo v and ust o rpe
Burial will follow with mil- Sivr85toyeIntatepbinssoEVrdusoh itary honors at the Florida JAZZ LEGEND will get its first look at automtive nd ogtorcyNaioalCmeer n handmade demonstrationdeionygngtiBushonell. Thefamily wil Horace Silver, a pianist, models at an invitation- Harley-Davidson's new electric motorcycle sports a crease, and when you greet friends in visitation comos an bandele d erve only event Monday in New computerized control screen. thnk aboutrsustanal
from 9 a.m. until the pro- withsawtirelesseinventiv- York. The company willaneviom tl
cession forms for the nesis of influen gen- then take the models on the draw more people's atten- turns. So, if I put weight trends, we just see that church service at Chas. E. eradtion tiofjazzme with road for riders to try and tion to electric motorcy- low in a motorcycle, I can being an increasing part
Dav~~~ ~is FnrlHmwihsudihstitive ha bop provide feedback. Harley cles. The marketing turn faster I can drop the of the lifestyle and the Crematory sound Wehase Heowsn85 will use the information to horsepower of Harley- bike down and make requirements of riders,"
Sign the guest book at Teia WEstches Office refine the bike, which Davidson is going to be quicker moves," said Gary Levatich said.
wwwcronclenlie~co. cnfimedthatSiler ied might not hit the market for able to do things for us Gauthier, of NextEnergy, a
Wednesday in New several more years. that we can't do on our Detroit-based nonprofit To Place Your
Betty Kay, 92 RcelNwYrbt The venture is a risk for own," said Scot Harden, with expertise in electric
BEVERLY HILLS Ra oher nwforkatn Harley because there's vice president of global vehicles. "I Memory" ad,
Ha e oioter noratono currently almost no mar- marketing at Zero Motor- One hurdle Harley and I Betty L. Kay, 92, of Beverly 'Hrc ivra n f ket for full-size electric cycles, the top seller of others have yet to address Contact Hills, died on June 14,2014, the hardest swinging piano motorcycles. The millions full-size, high-powered is the limited range of- Darrell Watson 564-2917 in Inverness. Services will players in jazz, both as a of two-wheeled electric electric bikes. fered by electric motorcybe later this summer up section player and a vehicles sold each year The new LiveWire won't cles. Batteries typically North. Heinz Fbneral Home soloist," said Ramsey are almost exclusively make Harley's distinctive must be recharged after Clsn t 'tfrlcn
& Cremation, Inverness. Lewis, a pianist influenced scooters and low-powered "potato-potato-potato" about 130 miles, and that adi4bunesay by Silver "Moreover, he was bikes that appeal to Chi- chug. Its engine is silent, can take 30 minutes to pro torn ae Larry one of the finest human be- nese commuters. But and the turbine-like hum an hour Teeaeavne
Wilkins Jr., 37 ings that walked the earth." those focused on electric comes from the meshing of San Jose State Univer- dalnso oias
INVE NESS His most widely heard vehicle development say gears. Electric motors also sity police Capt. Alan CayI VER SS composition, however, was Harley has the marketing eliminate the need to shift allo helped his department
Larry W Wilkins Jr, 37, notlonehe rcgodedthim power to create demand, gears and provide rapid buy two Zero motorcycles of Inverness, died on June sl.TercgouStly and its efforts to lower acceleration and better and said officers have been
14,201. Gavsid sev-Dan borrowed a riff from cotbuild chagn sta- handling LiveWire's de- "super happy" *ith the 14,s 2014 Gryaveid erv-l Son for My Father" for tions and improve tech- sign places the engine at quiet, environmentally icres at kwa Mm rial, ong 97 i "i o'
Garen at, 204p. niday the 19ht "Rikk, Don't nology will help everyone the bottom of the bike. friendly bikes made
Jue 0,204.Inliuof~Ls htNubr"asn involved. "When you ride a mo- nearby in Scotts Valley
flowers, donations may be that remains in heavy rota- "It does validate what torcycle, it's the movemade to Larry's family tion on classic rock and we've been doing; it adds ment of the top of the bike Heinz Funeral Home & oldies stations. additional credibility to it side-to-side that gives you i
Cremation, Inverness. From wire reports It is certainly going to agility in regard to making Servn l orce ainnes

SEVIG AMLIS 6. Za__Funeral Home with crematoryP A
FO3 YERWI1 MA: Mo LE 10:30A /---%V%/)4


Spacewalkers complete Judge dismisses

tiring work at space station part of Zimmerman

_______d rcs defamation lawsuit

CAPE CANAVE RAL -A Associated Press ary 2012 death in Sanpair of spacewalking astro- ford. The case took on a
nauts managed to install a SANFORD -Part of a life of its own, with quesnew antenna and complete Alawsuit against NBC Uni- tions raised about race
other work Thursday out- versal that claims the tele- and Florida's "stand your
side the International vision network defamed ground" defense law
Space Station, despite George Zimmerman in a Zimmerman' s attorney,
stubborn equipment. 2012 broadcast was thrown James Beasley Jr, identiRussians Alexander out by a Florida judge fled not just negligent reSkvortsov and Oleg Thursday putting the en- porting by NBC, but
Artemiev spent more than tire litigation in jeopardy apologies the network
seven hour outideZimmerman's attorneys made acknowledging probsoee thour oupetde, waited too long under lems in the four broadlotne tan expec ttea Florida statute to ask NBC casts. The editing made it
puth iing anor forahotpea to retract statements in a sound like Zimmerman
asteuiigpokwrpe March 19, 2012, broadcast voluntarily told an operaThe two struggled with that they said made their tor that Martin was black.
client sound like a racist, He was actually respondbalk clmpsandlathesSeminole County Circuit ing to a dispatcher's quesons ha enna ast thderwy Judge Debra Nelson tion about the Miami teen's
spaewak gt uderayruled. Zimmerman was race. Zimmerman identiMission Control outside not at the hearing. fies himself as Hispanic.
Moscw ugedthe toThe statute requires NBC apologized on
take frequent breaks, as Qfive days written notice April 3, 2012, for "an error they panted and sighed. ALidentifying potentially li- in the production process" "Resting is most impor- Associated Press belous statements. A let- and fired a reporter and a
tant," Mission Control ra- Russian space station crew member Oleg Artemiev floats outside the International ter claiming the network producer afterward. dioed in Russian. Space Station Thursday during a space walk by two Russians to install a new antenna edited Zimmerman's 911 Beasley accused NBC of
Two of the three locks and move a cargo boom. Alexander Skvortsov and Artemiev will also switch out some call to police to make it "manipulating Zimmerclicked into place on the science experiments. sound like he was a racist man's own words." The edantenna. But the third was sent to network exec- ited recordings included
would not work right, and bolts slowed the men work wrapped up. right now," U.S. astro- utives on Dec. 4,2012. multiple deletions and rethe astronauts had to use a down. Mission Control urged naut Reid Wiseman said Three other NBC broad- moval of some of the diawire tie instead. Each Once the frame was free, Skvortsov and Artemiev to via Twitter "Two Russian casts from March 20, 22 logue between Zimmerspacewalker tugged on the Artemiev let go of it with a hurry as they wiped down crew mates are space- and 27, that included the man and the dispatcher tie to tighten it. With that gentle push, aiming away their suits before going walking but business as reference are still in ques- Attorneys for NBC also finally complete, the two from the orbiting outpost. back inside, usual for me and tion, but the judge said she argued that Zimmerman
successfully made a series The gray-and-white "I'm hungry and thirsty," @astro_alex," he said, had to do more homework was both a "limited purof connections, eliciting a striped frame -large and one spacewalker radioed. referring to German on the issues before mak- pose" public figure and an "Hurrah!" unwieldy -could be seen They also said their hands Alexander Gerst. ing a final decision. "involuntary" public fig"Slowly but surely," one tumbling out of sight, the were tired. The crew includes three The defamation case ure when the broadcasts
of the astronauts said as he newest piece of space A plastic handle, part of Russians, two Americans had been postponed occurred. Defamation law worked with the junk. a push rod, got away from and the one German. The pending the conclusion of gives news organizations
connectors. With the frame gone, them right before they Americans are supposed Zimmerman's murder wide protections when
The first-time space- Skvortsov and Artemiev at- closed the hatch. to venture out on NASA- trial in July 2012. The 30- covering public figures, walkers also struggled to tached a boom in its place The four astronauts in- led spacewalks in August. year-old neighborhood who must prove that the remove an old frame from for experiments, side kept tabs on the 260- Skvortsov and Artemiev watch volunteer was ac- news organization acted
the Russian side of the "I would like to have a mile-high action, while also have another space- quitted of second-degree with malice and knowlspace station, once used to third arm," noted one of doing their own work. walk scheduled for murder in 17-year-old edge that the allegations hold experiments. Stiff the spacewalkers as the "Pretty neat up here August. Trayvon Martin's Febru- were false.

happy!)," Brockett said. "Do interconnecting bike paths find more diversity on their tourists not only to Florida, TR I Sof 20 miles for 20 years in the as recreation." Cottrell said: "I've seen River as the Trails Master
Continued from Page Al amount of gasoline I did not Brit Cottrell, a local people on the trail in the Plan will connect a trail use, road damage I did not in- recreational bike rider for mornings that use it to ride to through Citrus County that office in Meadowcrest for 20 flict, pollution I did not con- about 50 years, believes work ... It's good for the trail, would terminate at Three years. tribute, not to mention the that connecting the trails it's good for the economy; it's Sisters Springs.
"Now, I can use the (County health benefits (injuries will help bike riders get good for everybody" "I think it's great," Farley Road) 486 cross-county trail from spills/accidents notwith- safely from one point to an- Crystal River Mayor Jim said. "I think it's just one Jim Farley to avoid the highways com- standing). I'm 100 percent be- other, as well as introduce Farley believes that trail ex- more arrow in the quiver to Crystal River pletely (makes my wife very hind a plan to develop opportunities for riders to tensions will work to attract attract people." mayor.


welcome to bed'

-I Ac m o L Coo Acin
S *l t2GtMmoyFa



Kurds emerge as winners in Iraq chaos

Associated Press ditional Kurdish baggy
pants. He also wants stateMULAABDULA, Iraq- hood. "We don't want other
Among rolling wheat fields people to interfere in our
with machine-gun fire rat- affairs."~
tling in the distance, Kur- Declaring independdish fighters patrol the ence -and formally
new frontier of their aul- fragmenting Iraq -is not
tonomous region of north- easy. The United States
emn Iraq, dozens of miles and neighboring Turkey
from their official border oppose Kurdish indeIn front of them are Is- ~pendence. And the Kurds
lamic militants, behind _7 can expect constant
them is the Kurds' newly clashes not just with incaptured prize, stretches surgents but also with
of oil-rich territory Iraqi forces if they uniIn Iraq's chaos, the laterally break away and
Kurds are emerging as sig- claim the areas they
nificant winners -and g2 grabbed, said Kurdish
their victories are fueling aalyst Hiwa Osman. "If
sentiment among their the Kurds want true inpopulation to declare out- dependence, (there) has
right independence. to be a treaty," he said.
As Sunni insurgents Given that resistance,
swept over a large chunk X4_the Kurdish government is
of northern Iraq and bar- -c'pressing for even greater
reled toward Baghdad the powers of autonomy but
past two weeks, Kurdish 7 -' not full independence.
fighters known as pesh- .TeKrstrioia
merga seized territory of -h -Kugrb s tntiTh
their own, effectively ex- recognized Kurdish aupanding the Kurdish-run tonomous region -deregion into areas it has Ifined as three northern
long claimed. Most notably Associated Press provinces -effectively exthey grabbed the oil center Kurdish security forces prepare combat positions Thursday outside the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, 180 miles north of panded by 40 percent, estiof Kirkuk. And in contrast Baghdad, Iraq. As Sunni insurgents swept over a large chunk of northern Iraq and barreled toward Baghdad the past mated Gareth Stansfield, to the Shiite-led govern- two weeks, Kurdish fighters known as peshmerga seized territory of their own, effectively expanding the an expert on Kurdish ment in Baghdad, which is Kurdish-run region into areas it has long claimed for itself. affairs.
in turmoil, the Kurds are The peshmerga moved
growing more confident, and the Levant. Some if the Kurds don't share Ismail in the Kurdish area Another man pointed to into territory all along the vowing to increase oil 300,000 Iraqis who fled the administration of the city of Khazer the strength of the pesh- edges of their region, from
sales independent of the insurgent advance have and any oil revenues. The 19-year-old student merga in contrast to the near the Rabia border central government. flooded into Kurdish Still, the sense of exu- wants independence so troops of Shiite Prime crossing into Syria in the
The gains have also areas, an extra burden to berance is palpable among Kurdistan can sell its own Minister Nouni al-Maliki's northwest to the city of brought the Kurds chal- an already cash-strapped Kurds, who make up oil and have the status government, who col- Jalula in the southeast lenges barely imaginable autonomy government. 20 percent of Iraq's mostly statehood brings, like a lapsed in the face of near the Iranian border just days ago. They must And the Kurds risk a Arab population. passport, representation insurgents. The Kurds said the
defend a new, 620-mile backlash. In Kirkuk, Sunni "Now that the pesh- internationally -and a "The peshmerga and al- move was to protect those frontier against Sunni in- Arabs and ethnic Thrk- merga took back our dis- national soccer team. "If Maliki's army are as differ- areas when the military surgents, led by an al- mens -who have long op- puted areas, we should we had a Kurdish team in ent as the ground and the fled after the Islamic State Qaida breakaway group, posed Kurdish claims over have our own country We the World Cup, it would be sky," said 59-year-old captured the northern city the Islamic State of Iraq the city -threaten a revolt deserve it," said Khaled great," he said. Ahmed Omar, wearing tra- of Mosul on June 6.

officials, the 300 would The president offered U.S. troop presence. pose, timeline and all the He declared, "This is a IRAQ largely be Green Berets, war-weary Americans a ra- Speaking in advance of rest for anything like that" very serious problem, very
IR Deployed in teams embed- tionale for ongoing in- the president's announce- Pelosi told reporters at her serious."
Continued from Page Al ded with Iraqi security volvement saying the U.S. ment, House Democratic weekly news conference. Boehner R-Ohio, told forces. doesn't want the region to leader Nancy Pelosi Separately, Republican reporters that he's long
political leaders debated 'American forces will become a haven for ex- voiced concern about House Speaker John called on Obama to take his future behind closed not be returning to combat tremist jihadists "who Obama dispatching even a Boehner said he couldn't more action against terrordoors and Shiite leaders in Iraq, but we will help could use that as a base of small contingent of Ameri- tell if limited airstrikes ism, which he said has "infloated the names of po- Iraqis as they take the fight operations for planning cans to Iraq. would be effective until creased exponentially" tential replacements. The to terrorists who threaten and targeting ourselves, "I think that you have to more was known about under this administration Shiite prime minister has the Iraqi people in the re- our personnel overseas be careful sending special overall U.S. strategy. Boehner and Pelosi long faced criticism for not gion and American inter- and eventually the forces because that's a He said Obama must were among the congresmaking his government ests as well," he said. homeland." number that has a ten- craft a strategy for combat- sional leaders who met
more inclusive. Besides Asked later whether the The U.S. withdrew the dency to grow. And so I'd ing terrorism in the entire with Obama on Iraq the Sunnis, many of al-Ma- U.S. was opening the door last American troops from like to see the context, pur- Middle East, not just Iraq. Wednesday liki's former Kurdish and broader military involve- Iraq in late 2011 after
Shiite allies have been ment Obama said: "I think more than eight years of
clamoring to deny him a we always have to guard war and the loss of more I II IF
third term in office. against mission creep. So, than 4,400 U.S. lives. The
Sketching a dire situa- let me repeat what I've said withdrawal came after
tion, Obama called this a in the past: American com- Washington and Baghdadm moment when "the fate of bat troops are not going to were unable to reach anI I
Iraq hangs in the balance.", be fighting in Iraq again." agreement to extend the
He stopped short of calling for al-Maliki to resign, 050 l" -Wo
saying "it's not our job to Laminate
choose Iraq's leaders." But
he said those leaders -Tl
" must rise above their diP--Cre
ferences and come to--Viy
gether" for the sake of Fr Great Specials --Are a
their nation.
"Only leaders that can Wcshcarpetandile.comU
govern with an inclusive
agenda are going to be
able to truly bring the Iraqi
people together and help RS
them through this crisis,'
he said.
Offering a hopeful
thought, Obama added g'~ Y ~~!4E~ '
thant as th prospecMPt OfcOivil

Cimus CouN2rY (FL) CHRONICLE FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014 A9

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9 0
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Our wireless hearing aids o oa g e
work with our SurfLink@ Media
transmitter. With SurfLink Media, there's no manual pairing involved.
9. ,.-Once you plug it into your TV or stereo, you're done!
SIt automatically streams sound directly to your hearing aids when you're n transition from one device to another simple by moving from room to room.
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Enables multiple people wearing wireless hearing aids to connect to a single device. ....

Ii ....j ican~~~~ExperiencenowitmYouadueyY Can Trust.
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New Harry Potter park could keep cash flowing

Associated Press stone-and-brick facades. Services trade group.
Even the train ride be- "Disney always sets the ORLANDO Harry tween the two parks is im- bar for our industry," he
Potter fans helped in- mersive. Visitors board at said. "But during the last crease attendance by either King's Cross Station 15 years or so, Universal 50 percent at Universal Or- (built like a real Tube sta- has been coming along lando Resort in the past tion) or Hogsmeade Sta- very strong in terms of few years, and interest in a tion for a two-minute trip product adaptation and second Harry Potter park in enclosed compart- development." opening there July 8 could ments. A video screen (in- Universal is also trying to '4 keep numbers going up. stead of windows) shows a get more visitors to stay at But even if the new park passing urban landscape, its hotels, something Disney doesn't lead to the surge in then countryside, along has done well. Universalrevisitors that accompanied with Harry Potter charac- cently opened its fourth the original Harry Potter ters. Outside the car door, hotel, the Cabana Bay park, Universal's cash reg- silhouettes flit in the corri- Beach resort. With 1,800 isters will surely be ringing. dor and familiar voices rooms that include kitchThe new Wizarding from Potter movies are enettes, and half of them World of Harry Potter- overheard, suites, the park is courting
Diagon Alley has just one Attendance at Universal extended stay visitors. ride, a 3-D thriller called Orlando Resort has jumped Universal plans to open Harry Potter and the Es- over 50 percent since 2009, a Harry Potter area this cape from Gringotts to 15 million annual visitors summer at its park in (which coincidentally was- in 2013, according to Andy Osaka, Japan, and in Calin't working Thursday dur- Brennan, an industry ana- fornia at Universal Studios ing a media preview). The lyst at IBIS world, a market Hollywood in 2016. Associated Press
first Harry Potter park had research firm. "We expect Speigel called the Potter A dragon breathes fire from atop Gringnotts Bank Thursday during a preview of Diagon three rides. But Diagon this numberto climb higher parks a "once-in-a- Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. Alley has seven shops, all in 2014," Brennan said. generation" attraction, so visually stimulating that "NBC Universal's theme adding that Universal has on the "product potential." line in Harry Potter to tinue on with it for another you almost don't notice park revenue is up nearly done a good job capitalizing "There's enough story allow Universal to con- 15 years," Speigel said. you're shopping. 40 percent since 2009, much
Diagon Alley even has of which can be directly atits own currency, so guests tributed to the popular Wiz- fF can swap U.S. dollars arding World of Harry FREE HEARING AIDS
(muggles money) for wiz- Potter"
ard cash, to spend or to Brennan thinks it's "unkeep as a souvenir likely" that Universal will
The rich level of detail have the same surge from in the park, inspired by Diagon Alley, partly beJ.K. Rowling's books and cause the first park was a the Potter films, is authen- novelty that benefited tic and exciting enough to from pent-up demand for thrill hardcore fans and leisure activity as the recasual visitors alike, cession eased. There's a fire-breathing Universal won't say how dragon, animatronic fan- much it cost to build tasy animals, and "The Diagon Alley; some exMonster Book of Mon- perts have put the number sters," a tome with teeth. at $400 million. To see both There's butterbeer ice the new and original Potcream, an outdoor per- ter areas, guests must buy formance stage, and a a two-park ticket- $136 Hogwarts Express train for adults, $130 for kids that takes visitors to Uni- because DiagonAlley is lo- e
versal's original Harry cated at the Universal StuPotter area, which opened dios park, while the on the other side of the original Wizarding World park in 2010. attraction is at Universal's
Shops here aren't selling Islands of Adventure park. the typical, tacky amuse- But even if the new park ment park fare of T-shirts, doesn't draw as many visisunscreen and ball caps. In- tors as the first, the Potter stead, Diagon Alley is a attractions have helped showplace for cleverly cu- position Universal as a rated items like $250 wiz- leader in the theme park ard's robes and $35 industry, especially in the interactive wands that hyper-competitive Ormake trolls dance and light lando park corridor, aclamps. Backdrops include cording to Dennis Speigel, musty-looking books, president of the Interna-
creepy eels and cool tional Theme Park Federal Insurance pays

Tribal Sportswear total cost of 2 Miracle Ear
c tUIhb' *.Christine Alexander Digital Hearing Aids

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1: 1,959.48 Close01 959l48 ... ... Close: 16,921 .46
Change: 2.50 (0.1) ~Change: 14.84 (0.1%)
1,920 10 DAYS .....6,680 .....10 DAYS.....

20050 17200............ ..................... a ft e r la te ra lly

1~850 .Associated Press
1 ,8 0 0 .. . .. . . . . . . .. . . .
1,750 ... ....... .......................... 1,0 Investors rem ained in a
170 D F A.......1500record-setting mood
M DJF M A M J Thursday
The Standard & Poor's
StocksRecap HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD 500 index closed at an allDOW 16923.43 16858.88 16921.46 +14.84 +0.09% +2.08%o time high for the second
NYSE NASD DOW Trans. 8198.64 8163.30 8188.09 +10.06 +0. 12% +10'64%g
DOW Util. 570.12 564.51 569.84 +5-39 +0.95% +16.16% time in two days and Vo.(i u) ,7 178 NYSE Comp. 11006.18 1971.05 1003.08 +27.55 +0.25% +5.80% notched its fifth gain in
Pvs. Volume 3,029 1,817 NASDAQ 4372.18 4339.61 4359.33 -3.51 -0.08% +4.38% five days.
Advanced 1769 1176 S&P 500 1959.87 1952.26 1959.48 +2.50 +0.13% +6.01% TeDwJnsids
Declined 1325 1440 S&P 400 1423.75 1416.88 1421.77 +1.04 +0.07% +5.90% TeDwJnsids
New Highs 271 125 Wilshire 5000 20806.86 20717.80 20796.49 +28.65 +0.14% +5.53% trial average and Nasdaq
New Lows 12 27 Russell 2000 1186.78 1177.80 1184.03 +0.90 +0.08% +1.75% composite ended mixed
after drifting between
Stocks of Local Interest small gains and losses for
52W AG COEYD 1Rmuch of the day Associated Press
NAME RANGER LOHCLOSE CHYCG KM TDCH lR / DI The three key stock in- Trader John Panin works Thursday on the floor of the New
NAMETICER O H CLSE HG CHGWK O QR %HG RTN PIE DIVdexes all opened higher, York Stock Exchange.
AK Steel Hold AKS 2.92 ---- 8.47 7.44 -.16 -2.1 A A A -9.3 +114.7 dd holding on to tiny gains in
AT&T Inc T 31.74 0b 36.86 35.38 +.16 +0.5 A V A +0.6 +2.4 11 1.84 premarket trading as in- By midday, stocks points, or 0.1 percent, to
Ametek Inc AME 39.46 0~ 62.05 53.53 +.08 +0.1 A A A +1.6 +26.8 25 0.36f vestors sized up the latest veered into the red, where 16,921.46. The Nasdaq
Anheuser-Busch lnBev BUD 83.94 0 114.23 114.75 +1.42 +1.3 A A A +7.8 +23.9 2.82e data on unemployment aid they remained until composite slipped 3.51
Bank of America BAG 12.13 0~- 18.03 15.55 -.10 -0.6 A A V -0.1 +18.2 20 0.04 applications and an index halfway through the final points, or 0.1 percent, to
Capital City Bank CCBG 10.40 0~ 14.71 13.23 -.12 -0.9 V A V +12.4 +14.1 25 0.0 of economic indicators. hour of trading, when a 4,359.33.
CenturyL-ink Inc CTL 27.93 0 38.21 37.29 +.36 +1.0 A A A +17.1 +7.9 dd 2.16 The Labor Department late push elevated the S&P The three indexes are
Citigroup C 45.06 0c- 55.28 47.58 -.37 -0.8 V A V -8.7 -4.1 11 0.04 reported that applications 500 and Dow barely higher all up for the year
Commnwlth REIT CWH 21.41 0 28.23 27.99 +.09 +0.3 A A A +20.1 +30.5 dd ..for unemployment bene- on the day The string of record
Disney DIS 60.41 0 85.86 83.77 +.19 +0.2 A A A +9.6 +29.3 22 0.86f fits fell last week to "Right now we're in a highs has the S&P 500
Duke Energy DUK 64.16 75.13 73.23 +.82 +1.1 A A A +6.1 +10.7 18 3.12 312,000, the lowest in more situation where they're index running ahead of its
EPR Properties EPR 46.69 55.90 54.94 +32 +0.6 A A A +11.8 +10.1 17 3.42 than six years. The Confer- pretty boring markets, just 50-day moving average.
Exxon Mobil Corp XOM 84.79 0 103.45 102.83 -.10 -0.1 A A +1.4 +14.6 11 2.76f ence Board added to the a slow, easy grind," said That suggests it could be in
Ford Motor F 14.30 18.02 18.78 -.05 -0.3 A A A +8.7 +10.4 11 0.50 good news, saying its index Chris Gaffney, a senior for a pullback, said Jim
Gen Electric GE 22.76 -- 28.09 28.93 +.28 +1.0 A A A -3.9 +13.9 20 0.88 of leading indicators rose market strategist at Ever- Russell, senior equity
HCA Holdings Inc HCA 35.20 0 56.71 58.49 +868 +1.2 A A A +18.4 +43.7 16 0.5 percent in May from Bank Wealth Management. strategist at U.S. Bank
Home Depot HD 72.21 0b 83.20 80.44 -.27 -0.3 A A A -2.3 +6.8 21 1.88 the previous month. The S&P 500 index rose Wealth Management. RusIntel Corp INTO 21.89 0 30.15 30.09 +.18 +0.5 A A A +15.9 +21.1 16 0.90 The market began to 2.50 points, or 0. 1 percent, sell still expects the MarIBM IBM 172.19 0~- 206.09 182.82 -.78 -0.4 A V V -2.5 -8.5 12 4.40f drift lower, however, as in- to 1,959.48. That's slightly ket to move higher in
LKQ Corporation LKQ 24.46 0c- 34.32 28.48 -.31 -1.2 A V A -19.5 +1.5 24 vestors l .ooked beyond the above the prior day's coming months.
Lowes Cos LOW 38.87 0~- 52.08 45.90 +.08 +0.1 A V V -7.4 +12.3 20 0.92f economic data and fo- record close of 1,956.98. "We think the environMcDonalds Corp MCD 92.22 --- 103.78 101.91 +.58 +0.6 A V A +5.0 +4.8 18 3.24 cused instead on a mixed The last time the index ment is still favorable for
Microsoft Corp MSFT 30.84 0 41.91 41.51 -.14 -0.3 A A A +11.0 +22.1 16 1.12 bag of corporate earnings closed at a record high was equities to have an upMotorola Solutions MSI 53.62 0 68.33 87.08 +.44 +0.7 A A A -0.7 +18.3 17 1.24 from companies such as June 9. ward bias," Russell said.
NextEra Energy NEE 76.91 0 101.50 100.18 +.47 +0.5 A A A +17.0 +25.6 22 2.9 Kroger, Rite Aid and The Dow Jones indus- "It's still too early to put
PeneyJC o nc JCP 4.0 0 1780 9.0 A A A -13 48. .90 Pier 1 Imports. trial average added 14.84 the bear suit on."
Piedmont Office RIT PDM 15.83 --- 19.80 19.11 +.08 +0.4 A A A +15.7 +9.2 40 0.80
Regions Fncl REF 8.84 -0- 11.54 10.89 -.04 -0.4 V A V +8.1 +19.3 14 0.20f BusineSS BR I EFS
Sears Holdings Corp SHLD 26.62 0~- 54.69 40.98 +1.43 +3.6 A A A +3.1 +3.7 dd
Smucker, JM SJM 87.10 0b 114.72 108.80 -.03 ..A A A +2.9 +5.1 20 2.32 Turmoil in Iraq is Pushing Up Royal Bank of Canada estimated the cornTexas lnstru TXN 34.10 49.77 47.91 +.04 +0.1 V A A +9.1 +35.8 25 1.20 *Id~t~a~bined net worth of millionaires at $53 trillion in
Time Warner TWX 55.71 71.62 89.35 +.08 +0.1 A A A +3.7 +24.8 15 1.27b USg s lnepie 2013. That was up 14 percent from the year
UniFirst Corp UNEF 87.68 -~-117.91 102.15 -.22 -0.2 V A V -4.5 +6.2 17 Violence in Iraq is helping to make gasoline earlier the second-biggest increase since
Verizon Comm VZ 45.08 51.94 49.47 +.05 +0.1 A A +0.7 ..11 2.12 in the U.S. more expensive, depriving drivers the two companies began issuing wealth reVodlafone Group VOID 27.49 0~- 42.14 32.93 -.85 -2.5 A V V -17.7 +14.4 1 .82e of the usual price break between Memorial ports with comparable data in 2000.
WalMartSits WMT 71.51 -0- 81.37 75.87 +.17 +0.2 A A V -3.6 +2.5 16 1.92f Day and July Fourth. The accelerating pace of wealth accumulaWalgreen Co WAG 43.31 0 76.17 75.39 -.89 -0.9 A A A +31.3 +51.9 27 1.26 Global oil prices have risen 5 percent since tion among the affluent coincides with a
Dividend.Footnotes: a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included, b -Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e -Amount declared or paid in last an insurgency took over two Iraqi cities. Any widening gap between the rich and everyone
12 months f -Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. j Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferred. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m sustained increase in oil and gasoline prices else in many developed countries.
Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date, can damp economic growth. PE Footnotes: q Stock is a closed-end fund no PIE ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd! Loss in last 12 months.InteUShea rgepieo$36prG u eof Sec om
Interestrates NET 1YR Stocks gallon is the highest price for this time of year gains 0.5 percent in May
TREASURIES VEST PVS CHG AGO The Standard and Poor's 500 since 2008, the year gasoline hit its all-time WASHINGTON -A gauge designed to
7 33-month T-bill .01 0.01 .04 eked out a gain on Thursday high. The good news is that gasoline is not predict the economy's future health increased
6-mnt T-i-.5 00 00 0 Investors weighed disappoint- likely to spike above $4 as it did six years ago, frafut ot nMy rvdn ute v
5-wktT-bill .08 0.08 -00 .8 1 ig earnings reports against experts say. Or even cross $3.90, as in 2011 idenc afuth mth ecnoMay, isrgaining strnthev E m2-year T-note .45 0.45 .31- upbfea inconomicatr ews.en and 2012. after a harsh winter caused activity to go into
The yield on the 5-year T-note 1.69 1.71 -0.02 1.23 in May. Six of the S&P 500's 10 Tea g sto nc si rs evs.
sury rose to 2.62 1yr- nt 3.7 34-007 34 oe The Conference Board said Thursday that
1ecn Tus 0-year Trea-d 2.62 2.59 +0.073.2. etr banning fracking its index of leading indicators increased
day. Yields af- Pier 1 IprsPR DENTON, Texas Natural gas money has 0.5 percent last month, an improvement from
fect rates on NET 1YR Close: FIR6V240o -31 been good to this Texas city: It has new parks, a revised 0.3 percent gain in April. The
mortgages and BONDS VEST PVS CHG AGO Thoe:urnitureretair qu13te1% a new golf course and miles of grassy soccer strength was broadly based with positive
loahrns. uacaymeg-Brx32632 0.331 profit fell short of Wall Street expec- fields. The business district is getting a contributions from all the financial and labor
loans._Barclays _____________3.26 _3.23_+0.03_3.1 tations and it also lowered its
Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.56 4.56 ..4.56 full-year guidance. makeover, and the airport is bustling, too. components of the index.
Barclays USAggregate 2.31 2.34 -0.03 2.12 $20 ----T- For more than a decade, Denton has drawn The overall economy actually shrank at an
RATE FUNDS Barclays US High Yield 4.91 4.90 +0.01 6.12 1 8 its lifeblood from the huge gas reserves that annual rate of 1 percent in the January-March
VEST 3.25 .13 Moodys AAA CorplIdx 4.26 4.29 -0.03 4.23 16 ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 lie beneath its streets. The gas fields have quarter, the victim of a severe winter which
8 MO AGO 3.25 13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.93 1.96 -0.03 1.39 14prdcdablindlrsnmnelwath rmedcivyinaubrofra.
1 YR AGO 3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 2.98 3.01 -0.03 3.04 M A M i n proued or b hn$3illion dlasim inera weaty rme ciiyinanme faes
52-week range an pcumpdmet han $3 ilo noct cahn tells Family Dollar

Cm otes FUELS CLOSE PVS. %CHG %YTD Vol.: 11.6m (5.8x avg.) FE: 13.5 But this former farming center north of Dal- it must sell itself now
Themprices i Crude Oil (bbl) 106.43 105.97 +0.43 +8.1 Mkt. Cap: $1.5 b Yield: 1.5% las is considering a revolt. Unlike other coin- AcistnvtoCalchnsurngdThe pice o oil Ethanol (gal) 2.04 2.05 -0.15 +6.9AcistnvtoCalIhnsurngdincreased Heating Oil (gal) 3.05 3.04 +0.40 -0.8 Kroger KR munities that have embraced the lucrative count retailer Family Dollar Stores Inc. to put
Thursday as the Natural Gas (mm btu) 4.58 4.66 -1.61 +8.4 Close: $49.66A2.39 or 5.1% drilling boom made possible by hydraulic frac- itself up for sale immediately, saying its perarmed conflict in Unleaded Gas (gal) 3.13 3.10 +0.88 +12.2 The supermarket operator beat Wall turing, leaders here have temporarily halted all formance is weakening and it faces mounting Iraq intensified. Street's quarterly profit expectations fakn ste osdra riac ht cmeiin
Several metals METALS CLOSE PVS. %CHG %YTD and boosted its earnings guidance fakn ste osdra riac ht cmeiin
rose, including Gold (oz) 1313.70 1272.40 +3.25 +9 for the year. could make theirs the first city in the state to He is also calling for three of his representago1AldWat, Silver (oz) 20.64 19.77 +4.40 +6.7 p5 T---T--- permanently ban the practice. tives to be Aded to FamiyDlla's boad He

He who doesn't know anger doesn't know anything.
Page Al 2 FRIDAY, JUNE 20,2014 He doesn't know the immediate. "
Henry Michaux, "Selected Writings" (19S2).

C )PINION Richard Elliman

High tumout (wink, wink)
Gerry Mulligan .................................... publisher cou ld h u rt F la .'s G ov. S cott
M ike A rnold .............................................. editor
Charlie Brennan ........................ managing editor he geniuses running the ing to prevent sick people 2,000 GOP fundraiser Mel Sembler
Curt Ebitz .................................. citizen member Republican campaign ef- miles away from gaining legal and his wife, who have close
T ort in Florida have now access to pot. You think Adelson ties to the Bush family The
__OOWWW64W Mac Harris ................................ citizen member decided that stirring opposition is genuinely worried that rile- Semblers also bankrolled the

Founded Rebecca Martin ........................ citizen member to medical marijuana will help dicinal cannabis is a gateway to fight against legalizing mariby Albert M.
Williamson Brad Bautista .................................... copy chief Gov Rick Scott win. total legalization, and juana in Colorado.
Casino billionaire that it poses a dire Adelson's $2.5 million check
"You may differ with my choice, but not my tight to choose. Sheldon Adelson a threat to the people is by far the heftiest donation to
David S. Arthurs publisher emeritus huge donor to pro- ofFlorida? the fledgling committee. When
Scott forces, recently The man couldn't asked why the out-of-state gamOUT OF THE ASHES gave $2.5 million to a care less. He's all bling tycoon is pouring so much
new group aiming to 0 about getting Repub- money into the battle against
defeat a proposed licans elected. Amendment 2, Scott replied:
c o n s t i t u t i o n a I According to The "You'd have to ask Sheldon."
amendment that Washington Post, As if Scott has no clue what
Form er recreational would legalize Carl Hiaasen during the 2012 elec- his sugar daddy is up to. It's an
cannabis use for pa- tion cycle Adelson organized plan by Republican
tients with cancer, OTHER spent more than $92 strategists that has nothing to
hot spot has glaucoma, multiple VOICES million on political do with the medical dispensasclerosis and six races, most of it on tion of marijuana, the statutory
other serious diseases. losing candidates. He wasted a sturdiness of the amendment, Recent polls show that be- ton of dough on Newt Gin- or the ludicrous fantasy of a chance at new life tween 66 percent and 70 per- grich's flaccid presidential run, 4
cent of likely Florida voters and then dumped more on Mitt drug-free" Florida. he future of the prop- current path. favor the medical-marijuana Romney It's raw politics. The platform
erty known as Turner The site consists of 18 RV amendment, and that the sup- Now someone apparently has will be a 2 1st-century version of
T Fish Camp became a sites, a fire-damaged noncon- port cuts broadly across party convinced him that Scott's re- Reefer Madness propaganda, little clearer last week a forming restaurant and non- lines. The measure, listed as election depends on a large and the aim will be to scare disquieting proposition for conforming cabins. The Amendment 2 on the November turnout of anti-pot voters. People enough to make them go some, but a won- change in zoning ballot, requires 60 percent ap- Thirty years ago this might have vote against Amendment 2.
proval to become law been a viable strategy, but pub- Those are folks who would also
derful opportu- use will undoubt- The question is why the Re- lic opinion has shifted drasti- likely vote for Scott
nity for its new THEISSUE: edly close the publican brain trust thinks it's cally all over the country That's the GOP theory,
owners. Turner Fish Camp chapter on what a crackerjack idea to attack a The GOP isn't really scared of anyway
The Citrus many consider a popular social cause while medicinal marijuana. They're A hyperbolic media camCounty Planning c hange of zoning long, lost era of Scott is fighting tooth-and-nail paign against medical mariand Development use. Old Florida to save his job. The govern r scared that it's on the same bal- juana could easily backfire,
0 lot with Scott and their other
Commission will airboaters, pleas- will be in deep trouble if thou- candidates. They're scared motivating pro-pot voters in
recommend to OUR OPINION: ure crafts, fami- sands and thousands of mari- that more pro-cannabis voters even larger numbers. A high
county commis- Change on the lies in cars, live juana advocates show Up to will be Democrats than turnout no pun intended, can
sioners to change horizon. music, karaoke vote in November. They're not Republicans. only help Crist and hurt Scott.
the zoning on the and tiki bar exactly his core constituency, so Feeding that fear is the fact If a smart person were mak2.09-acre parcel Change is in- why get them riled? that the biggest booster of ing his campaign decisions, the
from recreational park dis- evitable, and in this case it Scotts opposition to the med- Amendment 2 is John Morgan, governor would have told Adeltrict to coastal and lakes com- will improve the dilapidated ical-marijuana amendment is a wealthy Orlando trial lawyer son to stay out of Florida's marmercial district. venue. Whether it becomes a well known. He should low-key who's a top supporter (and em- ijuana debate. Amendment 2 is
The property is now owned motel or high-priced RV the issue, except to point out ployer) of Charlie Crist, Scott's almost certain to pass, so why by Brannen Banks ofFlorida, park, it will be better than the that he has promised to sign a presumed Democratic oppo- run commercials that will only law allowing a non-euphoric propel more of its supporters to
which took ownership by de- collection of misfit buildings strain ofthe herb to be used for nent in November the polls? fault through foreclosure. now occupying the space. treating severe epilepsy in A longtime proponent of le- The result could extend AdelA fire in the early morning It was a shame to see the children and other patients. galizing medical marijuana, son's losing streak, and send hours ofAug. 15, 2011, set the fire destroy the location, but That's a humane decision, Morgan spent about $4 million Scott's re-election hopes up in once-bustling meeting, lodg- from the ashes something and it would win him votes. on the statewide petition that smoke. ing and eating destination new and exciting now has a But now comes Adelson's put the issue on the ballot.
along the lake onto its chance to rise. seven-figure donation to the Clearly he believes it won't hurt
Drug Free Florida Committee, Crist's chances in the gover- Carl Hiaasen is a columnist dedicated to defeating Amend- nor's race. for the Miami Herald.
Need pet loss may aid bay cleanup." Well, at ment 2. So the Republicans now re- Readers may write to him
the time this article was written, You might wonder why a rich taliate with the Drug Free at: 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, support group I heard nothing about the side Las Vegas casino owner is try- Florida Committee, headed by 33132.
1 want to know why there is no effects we'd all have from putpet loss support group around ting the hydrogen peroxide in.
here. I live in Citrus County. This is something we need to
There's all kinds of support find out before we destroy the TI&groups for this and that and I bay instead of helping the bay. 0

want to know why there's no pet We have to think back just a Metnorial send$ loss support group. There couple years to when we had the A powierr"I That
should be. And I've been told oil spill in the Gulf. BP came in to *Ie 71wil S" Q
that I need to start one. Well, I and was putting chemicals on terrorists at noaurLo
don't have the qualifica- the oil to make it sink to nl; &6
tions to start one. And I just taking it out of
know in Pinellas County %W ND sight, thinking that no- a
they have one and other M OP body would realize the
places they have one. harm chemicals do. As
Now there needs to be of right now, in the
one up here because I northern Gulf of Mex- ORIAL
just lost a pet and it's ico, the commercial AP
hard to handle. And fishermen are bringing NY
anybody that has a pet # in numbers of red
that lost their pet CA 0 snapper with lesions on (PAN
through death, it's the side, bringing in gat
hard. You know, it's 563-0579 shrimp without eyes
hard and if somebody and all kinds of prob-


LETTERS to the Editor

What is really democracies of the world the
United States, Canada, Great
necessary? Britain, France, Germany, Italy,
The U.S. is now predomi- India, Japan and too many
nantly in the hands of the left. smaller ones to list have adBarack Obama's pledge to fun- vanced civilized living to heights
damentally transform America not even imagined 100 years ago
is well under way But recent and probably thought impossievents have undermined the ble at the time of the French
belief in an all-powerful wise and American revolutions.
and competent federal govern- That we are taking less care
ment. Americans are tired of of our sick, our veterans, our
excuses, half-truths and cover- children and our senior citiups. Why does nothing seem to zens than we should be is a crywork well? Why does the ad- ing shame. But to our credit we
ministration ignore mountains do react when we are made
of factual evidence to the con- aware of the problems.
trary while continuing to fund To our discredit we seem to
ineffective and costly policies embrace simplistic leaders who
and programs? Here's a partial pander with empty promises
list of suspects. and refuse to make tough politiThe Department of Education, cal choices. Often it seems
created in 1979, hasrft improved there is a demand for a benevoSAT scores and graduation rates, lent emperor to take over and
but taxpayers continue to foot clear away the crooks and solve
the bill. Various job programs every problem.
benefit government administra- But we are not a dictatorship,
tors rather well, but the record countries are difficult to manfor finding jobs is poor The De- age, truth is not easy to define
partment of Agriculture contin- and nobody, not you, not
ues to pay subsidies to giant Obama, not Bush, not the Pope,
agribusinesses. The ACA stag- none of us are perfect.
gers along requiring monthly al- If you want one-man rule,
terations in order to survive. W EE
The VA is in crisis after decades _w please go to Russia and submit
of mismanagement to Putin.
Medicare and Medicaid are If you hate governments and
plagued by fraud, waste, and Joseph Thunderhorse is a Crystal River artist and cartoonist. regulations then try Nigeria or
abuse, just as they were 50 Somalia.
years ago. The IRS targets con- Consider Thomas Jefferson's essential responsibilities seize Congress, chain our chil- To our discredit, too many of servatives, employees get nice inaugural address. 'A wise and and only those essential dren to low-wage jobs at fast- us do not vote, do not investibonuses. Lois Lerner takes the frugal government, which shall responsibilities well. food outlets and force-sell fossil gate our options, do not quesfifth and nobody gets fired. The restrain men from injuring one Joseph P Ryan fuel to our homes and vehicles. tion our leaders and expect
IRS budget is more than another, which shall leave them In all of these the message is somebody else to do the hard
$10 billion per year, and Ameri- otherwise free to regulate their Homosassa the same: The sky is falling and job of running a republic with a
cans waste $500 billion per year own pursuits of industry and we are powerless to stop the democratic operating system.
in compliance costs. Mean- improvement, and shall not The doomsday panIC coming Apocalypse. To our credit, we are raising
while, cheating remains ram- take from the mouth of labor It simply baffles me how Let me say here that the last a seriously smart next generapant, and the underground the bread it has earned. This is many writers to the editor here thing anybody who knows me tion. We give generously to the economy rolls along. Any dis- the sum of good government." can see only doom, gloom and will say is that I am some "Mary Red Cross and other agencies cussion of a Flat Tax or the Fair What would he think of intru- the total destruction of the Poppins optimist." No, as a life- when disasters strike. Tax is muzzled. The Depart- sive government, a $17 trillion United States. long journalist I have ques- This nation and those other
ment of Energy has investi- debt, unfunded liabilities, class Be it that Christ has been tioned politicians and charities democracies are not fragile tea gated the Keystone XL pipeline warfare, social justice and taken out of school books or a and ordinary people in ways cups just waiting to be broken. ad nauseam; meanwhile, thou- income transfers? black man has been elected that have been called suspi- The end is not near, it is not
sands of good jobs are delayed Charles Murray writes, "The president twice or that taxes cious, brutal, brusque, negative even close to near for years. The Fed appears Founders believed that human are possibly rising or that and demeaning. Get involved, ask questions,
poised to further regulate non- happiness requires freedom 97 percent of scientists have I challenge salespeople about join organizations and fight for bank financial and that freedom requires lim- concluded that human beings products, chase door-to-door so- the country and yourselves and
institutions. ited government. Limited gov- most probably have contributed licitors off my property and slarn for your future generations.
Notice how much of the diffi- ernment means a small one, to global climate change the phone down on anybody I But if you choose to sit on the culty involves large government shorn of almost all the appara- writers find that the end is even think may be asking for my sidelines, whining and writing agencies which are too large to tus we have come to take for near, we are all doomed and money I am no Pollyanna. out circular-thinking, self-satismanage effectively Promotions granted during the past 60 that hordes of socialist troops My spouse will tell you I fying, end-times scenarios, then are often guaranteed and dis- years." will be marching into your shout "liar" and "thief" and you become not just part of the
missals are rare. When was the But do not be confused; lim- home and seizing your shotgun. "crook" and "idiot" at politi- problem but the problem itself last time you heard any politi- ited or small government does Another set of writers expects cians and salespeople on the cian advocate the total elimina- not mean weak. Rather, it is the capitalists to imprison us in television. Robert P Curran
tion of any agency or program? one which carries out its our hospital beds while they But people, please. The main Beverly Hills

Sheldon + Palmes it

suransico7e %%mbmm ff-goulum u I June 30
Auto Home Life Business

Auto Owners SAFE, SOUND & SKURE. A
That"s why your neighbors use us!
8469 W. Grover Cleveland Blvd. 1037 E. Norvell Bryant Hwy
Hornosassa, Fl. Citrus Hills
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F Comprehensive foot & ankle
care f or the entire family.

Ir ff k 1W



VA audit finds more issues Sleeping

Associated Press most VA facilities were patients who walk into a "In many communities ans seeking medical care
shorter than those on wait- clinic and get immediate or across the country, veter- at VA hospitals and clinics WASHINGTON -Tens ing lists for pending ap- quick treatment, VA offi- ans wait too long for the have to wait at least
of thousands more veter- pointments. For instance, cials said. They also don't high quality care they've 30 days for an appointans than previously re- new patients at the Atlanta reflect rescheduled ap- earned and deserve," act- ment. That's more than ported are forced to wait VA hospital waited about pointments or those that are ing VA Secretary Sloan double the 4 percent of at least a month for med- an average of 44 days for moved up because of open- Gibson said Thursday veterans the government ical appointments at Vet- an appointment in April, ings due to cancellations. The department has said last week were forced erans Affairs hospitals and the new report said. But VA officials said the two reached out to 70,000 vet- to endure long waits. clinics, according to an up- the average wait for pend- sets of data complement erans to get them off wait- Gibson called the indated audit of 731 VA med- ing appointments at At- one another, but both are ing lists and into clinics, crease unfortunate, but ical facilities released lanta was 66 days. evidence that many veter- Gibson said, "but there is said it was probably an inThursday Similar disparities in av- ans face long waits for care. still much more work to be dication that more reliable Associated Press
The updated report in- erage wait times were More than 56,000 veterans done." data was being reported by Indian rickshaw puller
cludes new figures show- found around the country were waiting more than 90 The report released VA schedulers, rather than Rajendra Shukla, 42, ing that the wait times Pending appointments, for days for an initial appoint- Thursday showed that a big increase in veteran sleeps Thursday in his actually experienced at example, don't include ment the new report said. about 10 percent of veter- wait times. push cart with his pet
monkey in Allahabad,
India. Shukla earns 5,000
to 7,000 rupees ($83 to
$116) a month.

Midwest cities on flood alert Russian buildup
seen as fighting
Associated Press rages in Ukraine

SIOUX CITY, Iowa -MOSCOW Russia is
Record Big Sioux River resuming its military buildup
flooing romped rsi-along the Ukrainian border dent in hreestats toin an apparent attempt to hurriedly prepare for the intimidate its neighbor,
rising water Thursday, ........NATO's chief said Thursday
with people lining up for as Ukrainian government
sandbags and moving mu- forces unleashed a major
seum artifacts and other offensive against proitems to higher ground. Moscow insurgents.
The fast-moving Big Russian President
Sioux has been swollen by Vladimir Putin spoke by
days of thunderstorms and telephone to German Chanis expected to crest Friday cellor Angela Merkel and
more than a foot above the French President Fra ncois
previous record level set Hollande, voicing strong
in 1969, threatening homescoerabuthUkiand businesses in Iowa, ian military onslaught. Putin
Nebraska and South sadhexctUkinn
In North Sioux City, President Petro
South Dakota, dozens of Poroshenko to immediately
National Guard soldiers launch his plan to end the
were rushing to fill sand- violence, the Kremlin said.
bags for residents of theRusahsdne
McCook Lake neighbor- .Ukrainian and Western allehood, where up to 400 gations that it is fomenting
homes were in danger of the rebellion by sending
flooding, troops and weapons into
Residents including Ash- Ukraine.
ley Caskey waited for hours Cienm uti
in a line of pickup trucks Cienm uti
that inched toward the -7blasted for giant
sandbag-filling stations. telescope
"We are just happy to getSATGOChl-As
sandbags at this point," SANTIAGO, i Chile -lasCaskey said. tooesi hl lse
Tim Webster, who lives in -~away the top of a mountain
an upstairs apartment on Thursday during a cereMcCook Lake, said he was- mony to mark the start of
n't worried about his place work on what they said will
but was helping friends, be the world's largest opti'Anybody who knows me cal telescope.
knows I've got a truck, so The 9,800-foot Cerro Arlet's do this," he said. mazones mountain is to be
This is the worst flood- the home of the European
ing the region has seen Extremely Large Telescope.
since 2011, when the Mis- du l-6-The blast to level the sumsouri River remained high mit loosened about 5,000
for months, causing tribu- Associated Press cubic meters of rock in
taries to back up and test- The flood-swollen Big Sioux River is shown Thursday at Akron, Iowa. Cities along the river were working preparation for construction.
ing the levee system. The to battle record flooding. The ceremony was
fact that the levee held for
long at that time showed Sioux City crews helped presided over by officials at
it's effective, said Jade property owners fill sand- the European Southern ObDundas, assistant city bags as a precautionary servatory in northern Chile.
manager for public works measure, he said -aThe telescope will have a
for Sioux City, Iowa. Crews were building a 71128-foot mirror, and the asThis time, the Big Sioux temporary levee that will tronomers are calling it "the
shud eircdngSt ruin acros Inte-rstate 9. It '_ world's biggest eye on the

0 Even for 0 Baseball/B2
Kershaw, 0 Scoreboard/B3
r 714 no-hitter a 0 Soccer/B4
gem./B3 Auto racing/B4


Altidore to miss World Cup

g ame against Portugal

Associated Press attack.
A 31-year-old Californian, Wondolowski led SAO PAULO Jozy Altidore will miss the Major League Soccer with 18 regular-season
Americans' World Cup game against Portugal on goals in 2010 and 27 in 2012, and tied for the lead Sunday because of his strained left hamstring with 16 in 2011. and appears likely to sit out next week's match "He can score from anything, score when you against Germany think there's nothing, no chance, and next thing
The U.S. probably needs to advance to the you know he scores," Beckerman said. "He works knockout phase if the forward is to return to the his tail off for the guy behind him. He does a lot tournament. of things that don't show up on the stat sheet."
Altidore was hurt in the 21st minute of Johannsson, a 23-year-old who was born in MoMonday's 2-1 win over Ghana, and the U.S. Soccer bile, Alabama, and grew up in Iceland, scored 26 Federation said Thursday he will not play against goals last season for AZ Alkmaar in the Netherthe Portuguese. lands.
"He's a big player for us," midfielder Kyle "Wondo is more the finisher in the box," Jones Beckerman said. "We're extremely bummed for said. 'Aron is more maybe the guy who's good him and for the team, but we bring 23 players, with the ball and tries to go one against one." and it's just a chance for somebody to step up. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann also could opt to shift Hopefully the injury's not too bad and we can see from the 4-4-2 formation he used in the opener Jozy later in the tournament." and start five midfielders.
U.S. team spokesman Michael Kammarman Dempsey has not decided whether he will wear
did not reveal the severity of the strain. The a mask to protect his nose, which was broken durAmericans have just three days off between this ing the Ghana game by John Boye's shin to his weekend's game in Manaus and their first-round face during a battle for a header finale in Recife on June 26. Defender Matt Besler, who left the Ghana
"It's bad news, but I think the team will handle match at halftime because of a sore right hamthis," midfielder Jermaine Jones said. "We have string, should be available for Sunday's game, Associated Press
to handle that." Kammarman said. The United States' Jozy Altidore is attended to by head coach JuerAron Johannsson replaced Altidore for the sec- Portugal also has issues after its opening 4-0 gen Klinsmann, bottom, as he is carried off the pitch Monday during ond half against Ghana. Chris Wondolowski is the loss to Germany Central defender Pepe was the group G World Cup soccer match between Ghana and the United other striker who could join Clint Dempsey in the See Page B3 States at the Arena das Dunas in Natal, Brazil.

Lewis holds 1-shot lead over Sixth-grader

Wie in Women's Open Lucy Li

follows Open

with ice cream

Associated Press

PINEHURST, N.C. Lucy Li showed
.her age only when she finished her historic round Thursday at the U.S.
Women's Open.
Just like any 11-year-old, she went
straight for an ice cream.
The youngest qualifier ever at the
Women's Open played a grown-up game
at Pinehurst No. 2, except for three holes
that made her 8-over 78 look a lot worse
than it was and stretched the odds of her
becoming the youngest player to make
the cut.
"She looks 11. She doesn't talk 11. And
she doesn't hit the ball like she's 11," said
Catherine O'Donnell, who played with
her in a sunbaked opening round on a
course that only four days ago hosted the
men's U.S. Open.
The sixth-grader from the Bay Area
was the star attraction, right down to her
Stars & Stripes outfit to celebrate the occasion. She wore a mid-drift shirt patterned after the American flag, with a
similar motif for a skirt, complete with
silver stars that matched the color of her
Li wound up 11 shots behind Stacy
Lewis, the No. 1 player in the world who
Associated Press opened with a 67. But one moment was Lucy Li lines up a putt on the 13th hole Thursday during the first round of the U.S. Women's Open in Pinehurst, N.C. telling.
The kid made a 7-foot birdie putt on
Associated Press over Michelle Wie when the opening were held on the same course in back- the par-5 fifth hole and headed to the
round was halted because of storms in to-back weeks. Pinehurst No. 2 was next tee, her braided pigtails swinging PINEHURST, N.C. Stacy Lewis the area. 1,064 yards shorter than it was for the with each step. The media and a large
had at least one thing in common with "It was such an easy dy," Lewis first round last week. gallery followed her right past the adjaU.S. Open champion Martin Kaymer said, referring to her game more than That didn't make it any easier cent green, where hardly anyone noticed She made it around Pinehurst No. 2 the golf course. "I played really, really Lewis, the No. 1 player in women's Lewis making her way around Pinehurst without a bogey Thursday in the solid, other that I had to make a few golf, and Wie were among five players with no bogeys. opening round of the U.S. Women's par putts. But other than that, I didn't who broke par when play was sus- Only this was more than just a Open, and that put her in the lead. put myself in too bad of spots and pended with 30 players still on the sideshow. That was about the only worthy made a few birdies." course. Kaymer led 15 players under Li missed only one fairway by less
comparison after one day of golf's Wie made four birdies on the back par in the first round last week. The than a yard. Even though she hit fairway unique doubleheader nine, and a 10-foot par save on the scoring average for the women was metals into half of the holes, she rarely
Lewis managed to keep the stress at par-3 17th hole, for a 68. 75.73, about 2 1/2 shots higher than the got out of position. Now if she could only a minimum on a steamy morning in Comparisons were inevitable for opening round for the men. take back three shots that led to big
the North Carolina sandhills for a 3- such an occasion the first time the Former Women's Open champion numbers. under 67, giving her a one-shot lead U.S. Open and the U.S. Women's Open Seee,'CE CRSee/Page IB3

Suarez gives Uruguay 2-1 win over England

Associa ted Press have now been given a major m
lift, while England's hopes of
SAO PAULO Luis Suarez advancing to the round of 16 are
scored twice to give Uruguay a in real jeopardy after its worst 2-1 victory over England at the World Cup start in more than World Cup on Thursday making half a century. an instant impact on his return Suarez seemed to revel in infrom injury to revive his team's flicting England's second .. Group D campaign. -- n
The Liverpool striker, who See NGN/Page B3N
hadn't played since undergoingW surgery on his left knee last Associated Press
month, lashed in the winner in Uruguay's Luis Suarez scores the 85th minute, after seeing his his side's second goal Thursday first-half opener canceled out during the group D World Cup
by Wye Rooney socrmac etenUrga
After surprisingly losing its and England at the Itaquerao
Group D opener to Costa Rica, Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Uruguay's qualifying chances


East Division Central Division West Division
W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away
Toronto 41 32 .562 - 3-7 L-2 20-17 21-15 Kansas City 39 33 .542 - 9-1 L-1 18-16 21-17 Oakland 44 28 .611 - 6-4 W-2 21-14 23-14
NewYork 37 33 .529 2% 6-4 W-2 15-16 22-17 Detroit 37 32 .536 % 4-6 W-1 19-19 18-13 Los Angeles 38 33 .535 5% 5-5 L-1 20-14 18-19 Tigers 2, Royals 1
Baltimore 37 34 .521 3 1 6-4 W-2 16-17 21-17 Cleveland 37 36 .507 2% 2 5-5 W-1 23-12 14-24 Seattle 37 35 .514 7 1% 4-6 L-1 17-20 20-15 Kansas City Detroit
Boston 34 38 .472 6% 4% 6-4 W-3 20-19 14-19 Chicago 35 37 .486 4 3% 4-6 W-2 21-18 14-19 Texas 35 37 .486 9 3% 4-6 L-2 16-19 19-18 ab r h bi ab r h bi
Tampa Bay 28 45 .384 13 11 4-6 L-2 15-22 13-23 Minnesota 32 38 .457 6 5% 3-7 L-5 15-17 17-21 Houston 32 41 .438 12% 7 5-5 L-3 17-20 15-21 Aokirf 4 1 2 0 Kinsler2b 4 0 0 0
Infante2b 4 00 0 AJcksncf 3 1 1 0
NATIONAL LEAGUE Hosmer lb 4 0 0 0 MiCarr lb 2 0 1 1
BButlerdh 4 02 1 V~rtnzdh 3 00 0
East Division Central Division West Division BButler h 4 0 2 1 VMrtnz h 3 0 0 0
W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away S.aPerez c 4 0 0 0 JMrstllnsz r3b 3 010 01 1
Washington 37 33 .529 - 6-4 W-2 21-15 16-18 Milwaukee 44 30 .595 - 6-4 W-1 20-15 24-15 San Francisco 43 29 .597 - 2-8 L-5 23-15 20-14 L.Cain f 4 0 0 0 Cstllns 3b 3 0 0 0
Atlanta 36 35 .507 1% 2% 4-6 L-3 20-18 16-17 St. Louis 39 33 .542 4 8-2 L-1 21-15 18-18 Los Angeles 40 34 .541 4 7-3 W-3 18-20 22-14 Mostks 3b 2 0 1 0 Holady c 3 0 1 0
Miami 36 35 .507 1% 2% 4-6 L-1 24-15 12-20 Cincinnati 35 36 .493 7% 3% 6-4 L-1 17-17 18-19 Colorado 34 38 .472 9 5 5-5 L-3 19-14 15-24 AEscorss 3 0 1 0 Suarezss 2 00 0
Philadelphia 32 38 .457 5 6 7-3 W-3 16-21 16-17 Pittsburgh 35 37 .486 8 4 6-4 W-1 21-18 14-19 San Diego 30 42 .417 13 9 2-8 W-1 17-19 13-23 JDyson If 3 0 0 0 RDavis If 3 0 0 0
Totals 32 16 1 Totals 2624 2
NewYork 32 40 .444 6 7 4-6 W-1 16-20 16-20 Chicago 30 40 .429 12 8 5-5 W-1 15-14 15-26 Arizona 31 45 .408 14 10 3-7 L-1 13-27 18-18 Totals 32161 Totals 26242
Kansas City 100 000 000 1
Detroit 000 200 00x 2
E-Moustakas (6). DP-Kansas City 1, Detroit 1.
N L LOB-Kansas City 5, Detroit 2.2B-Aoki (12),
B.Butler2(16), Mi.Cabrera(24).HR-J.Martinez
(6). S-Suarez.
Kansas City
Pirates 4, Reds 3 DuffyL,4-6 7 3 2 2 1 5
Crow 1 1 0 0 0 0
(12 innings) Detroit
Cincinnati Pittsburgh A.SanchezW,4-2 7 5 1 1 1 0
ab rhbi ab rhbi Chamberlain H,13 1 1 0 0 0 0
BHmltncf 5 1 1 0 Polancrf 6 1 2 0 Nathan S,14-18 1 0 0 0 0 3
T-2:27. A-35,715 (41,681).
Frazier3b 5 0 3 0 SMarte If 5 0 1 1 T
Vottolb 4 1 1 1 AMcCtcf 6 0 1 1 Indians 5, Angels 3
Phillips2b 5 0 0 0 GSnchzlb 6 1 2 0
Brucerf 4 00 1 JHrrsn2b-3b5 00 0 (10 innings)
Mesorc c 4 1 1 1 PAlvrz 3b 3 0 1 0 Los Angeles Cleveland
Heisey If 5 00 0 Mercer ph-ss3 00 0 ab rhbi ab rhbi
Cozartss 4 0 2 0 Barmesss-2b5 1 4 0 Clhnrf-lb-rf5 1 1 0 Bourncf 4 1 0 1
Baileyp 1 0 0 0 CStwrtc 3 0 1 0 Troutcf 3 1 1 0 ACarerss 4 0 0 0
LeCurep 0 00 0 Tabatapr 0 0 0 0 Pujolsdh 4 0 22 2 Kipnis2b 4 1 1 0
Ludwckph 1 0 0 0 RMartnc 0 0 0 1 JHmtnf 4 000 CSantn lb 2 1 0 0
Ondrskp 0 00 0 Lockep 2 1 00 H E Aybarss 3 0 1 0 Raburnrf 3 01 0
MParrp 0 00 0 Watsonp 0 00 0 HKndrc2b 4 1 1 0 DvMrpph-rf 2 00 0
Ibanezlb 3 0 1 0 Swisherdh 5 1 1 4
B.Penaph 1 00 0 Melncnp 0 00 0 Cowgillpr-rf 1 0 0 0 YGomsc 4 1 2 0
Broxtnp 0 00 0 Grillip 0 0 0 0 Cron lb 0 0 0 0 Chsnhll3b 3 01 0
AChpmp 0 00 0 Sniderph 1 0 0 0 Freese3b 4 0 1 0 Avilesl If 4 0 0 0
Cingrnp 1 00 0 JHughsp 0 0 00 JMcDnl3b 0 000
Worleyph 1 000 Congerc 2 000
JuWlsnp 0 0 0 0 lannettph-c2 000
Totals 40 38 3 Totals 46 412 3 Totals 35 38 2 Totals 35 5 6 5
Cincinnati 100 100 001 000 3 Los Angeles010 000 000 2 3
Pittsburgh 000 030 000 001 4 Cleveland 001 000 000 4 5
Two outs when winning run scored. Two outs when winning run scored.
Two outs when winning run scored .... P:' \ : ',a,
.-"E-G.Sanchez (2). LOB-Cincinnati 6, Pitts- ** a' ..E-H.Kendrick (5). DP-Cleveland 2. LOBEG.Sanchez (2). LOB-Cincinnati 6, Pitts-. Los Angeles 7, Cleveland 8. 2B-Trout (19),
burgh 14. 2B-B.Hamilton (11), Votto (12), Associated Press H.Kendrick (12), Ibanez (5), Kipnis (9). HRCozart (12), PAlvarez (8), Barmes (4). HR- Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera bats Thursday against the Kansas City Royals in Detroit. Cabrera Swisher(5). SB-Aviles (7). CS-Aybar (5),
Mesoraco (10). SB-B.Hamilton (29). CS-Fra- went I for 2, connecting on an RBI double and drawing a walk. C.Santana (1).
zier (4), Barmes (1). S-Bailey. SF-Votto, IP H R ER BB SO
Bruce. TLos Angeles
IP H RERBBSO C.Wilson 7 3 1 1 4 6
Cincinnati Jepsen 1 0 0 0 1 1
Bailey 52-39 3 3 1 5 Jgers dodge sw eep cSmith 1 1 0 0 0 2
LeCure 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Bedrosian L,0-1 H,1 1-3 1 3 3 2 1
Ondrusek 11-30 0 0 0 1 Frieri BS,3-14 1-3 1 1 1 0 0
M.Parra 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 Red-'O. D L AE IO" I AEresponded off rookie Cam Bedrosian Cleveland
Broxton 2-3 0 0 0 2 0 ot R oya AMERICAN LEAGUE (0-1). Michael Bourn drew a leadoff Masterson 7 4 1 1 3 5
B2 0Rzepczynski 2-3 0 0 0 0 0
A.Chapman 11-30 0 0 0 4 Wednesday's Games walk and took third on Jason Kipnis' Shaw 0 1 0 0 1 0
Cingrani L,2-8 12-32 1 1 3 3 4A C n t Kansas City 2, Detroit 1 one-outdouble. Carlos Santana Allen 11-30 0 0 0 2
Pittsburgh Bati6 3 m 1 ore 2, Minnesota1,10innings walked to load the bases and Frieri re- Atchison 2-33 2 2 0 1

Watson H,17 1 1 0 0 1 0 by half a gam e Chicago White Sox 7, San Francisco 6 placed Bedrosian. David Murphy flied CrocketWc -0 1-3batter 0 0 0 0 0
MelanconH,14 1 1 0 0 0 1 Oakland 4, Texas 2 out before Swisher rallied the Indians. HBP-by Masterson (Aybar). WP- Masterson.
Grili BS,4-15 1 11 0Associated Press hngton s 6, Houston 5 T-3:36. A-20,361 (42,487).
GrilliBS,4-15 1 2 1 1 0 0 AssociatedPress N.Y Yankees 7, Toronto 3 NATIONAL LEAGUE
J.Hughes 2 1 0 0 0 0 L.A. Angels at Cleveland, ppd., rain Hitting leaders
Ju.Wilson W,2-0 1 0 0 0 0 1 DETROIT Anibal Sanchez San Diego 2, Seattle 1
HBP-byCingrani(Barmes). Balk-Bailey, Cingrani. p h e apdPirates AMERICAN LEAGUE
T- 416. A30,710 (38,362). pitched seven sharp innings, and Thursday's Games PiratesA4,LRedsE
T-4:16. A-30,710 (38,362). n an Cleveland 5, L.A. Angels 3, 10 innings (12 innings) BATTING-Altuve, Houston, .329;VMartinez,
the Detroit Tigers ended Kansas Detroit2, Kansas City1 Detroit, .328; Cano, Seattle, .327; Brantley,
City's 10-game winning streak with Seattle at San Diego, late PITTSBURGH Russell Martin drew Cleveland, .323; MiCabrera, Detroit, .319; Rios,
Texas, .319; Bautista, Toronto, .312.
Brewers 4, a 2-1 victory over the Royals. Toronto at N.Y Yankees, late a bases-loaded walk from Tony Cingrani TRaBI---3 u rBatim, n58; .Miabrera, DeDiamondbacks 1 J.D. Martinez hit a tiebreaking Houston atTampa Bay, late
Diamondbacks J.D. Martinez hit a t iebre asking Houston at Tampa Bay, lat e with two outs in the 12th inning and the troit, 57; Moss, Oakland, 55; Encarnacion,
homer in the fourth for the Tigers,Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Cincinnati Toronto, 54; Trout, Los Angeles, 54; JAbreu,
Pittsburgh AChicago, 53; Donaldson, Oakland, 52.
ab rh bi ab rh bi who avoided a four-game sweep Friday's Games Reds 4-3 to avoid a three-game sweep. HITS-Altuve, Houston, 96; MeCabrera,Toronto,
Gennett2b 4 1 1 0 GParra rf 4 0 0 0 and pulled within a half-game of Baltimore(Jimenez2-8)atYankees(Kuroda4-5),7:05p.m. Devin Mesoraco hit a solo homer off 89; Markakis, Baltimore, 89; Rios, Texas, 89;
Segurass 4 1 1 0wingsss 4 0 1 0 the AL Central-leading Royals. Detroit (Porcello 8-4) at Cleveland (McAlister 3-4), 7:05 p.m. Brantley, Cleveland, 86; Cano, Seattle, 86;
CGomz cf 4 0 1 1 Gldsch lb 4 0 1 0 Sanchez (4-2) allowed five hits and Houston (osart6-5)at a Ba(Price 5-6), 7:10 p.m. Pirates closer Jason Grilli with one out VMartinez, Detroit, 86; ARamirez, Chicago, 86.
Toronto (Dickey 6-5) at Cincinnati (Latos 0-0), 7:10 p.m. in the ninth, tying it at 3. DOUBLES-MiCabrera, Detroit, 24; Altuve,
ArRmr3b 4 1 2 1 Hill2b 4 0 0 0 a walk, keeping the Kansas City WhiteSox(Noesi2-5)atMinnesota(Ndasco4-5),8:10p.m. In the Pittsburgh 12th, Gaby Sanchez Houston, 23; Pedroia, Boston, 22; Plouffe, MinKDavisl If 3 0 1 0 DPerltcf 4 1 2 0 offense quiet even though he Seattle(Iwakuma5-3)atKansasCity(Shields8-3),8:10p.m. rgnesota,22;EEscobar,Minnesota,21;AGordon,
Overay lb 3 1 2 1 C.Ross If 4 0 2 0 failed to strike out a batter Boston(Doubront2-4)atOakland(Chavez-4),10:05p.m. singled with one out and moved up on Kansas City, 21; Hosmer, Kansas City, 21;
Maldnd c 4 0 0 0 Gregrs 3b 3 0 0 1 Joba Chamberlain pitched the Texas (Saunders 0-2) at Angels (Richards 6-2), 10:05 p.m. a balk by Cingrani (2-8). Josh Harrison TRIPLES-Rios, Texas, 8; Bourn, Cleveland,
Gallard p 2 0 0 0 CAndrs p 2 0 0 0 eighth, and struggling closer Joe NATIONAL LEAGUE was intentionally walked and Clint 5; Trout, Los Angeles, 5; Eaton, Chicago, 4;
Barmes was hit by a pitch. Gardner, NewYork, 4; 14 tied at 3.
RWeks ph 1 0 0 0 OPerez p 0 0 0 0 Nathan struck out the side in the Bre a i yapth OERN-~uBlioe 2
HOME RUNS-NCruz, Baltimore, 22; JAbreu,
ninth forhis 14th save in 18 chances Philadelphia Wednesday's Games Normally a starter, Cingrani was Chicago, 20; Encarnacion, Toronto, 20; DonaldDuke p 0 0 0 0 Stites p 0 0 0 0 ninth for his 14th save in 18 chances. Philadelphia 10, Atlanta 5
Wooten p 0 00 0 Pachec ph 1 0 1 0 AMERICAN LEAGUE Chicago Cubs 6, Miami 1 Cincinnati's seventh pitcher of the game. son, Oakland, 17; VMartinez, Detroit, 17; Moss,
Wooten p 0 0 0 0 Pache ph 1 0 1 0 AMERICAN Ch o COakland, 17; Ortiz, Boston, 16; Pujols, Los AnFrRdrg p 0 0 0 0 Putzp 0 0 00 N.Y Mets 3, St. Louis 2 Brewers 4, D'backs 1 geles, 16; Trout, Los Angeles, 16.
Totals 32 49 4 Totals 33 1 7 1 Indians 5, Angels 3 Chicago White Sox 7, San Francisco 6 NATIONAL LEAGUE
Milwaukee 000 021 010 4 Cincinnati 11, Pittsburgh 4 PHOENIX Yovani Gallardo out- BATTING-Tulowitzki, Colorado, .356; Lucroy,
Arizona 000 010 000 1 (10 innings) Washington 6, Houston5 pitched Chase Anderson in seven Milwaukee, .341;Puig, Los Angeles, .325;AMcE-Maldonado (5), CAnderson (1). DP-Mil- Arizona 4, Milwaukee 3 Cutchen, Pittsburgh, .321; CGomez, Milwukee, .313;
EMaldonado (5), C.Anderson (1). DPNil- CLEVELAND Nick Swisher's two- L.A. Dodgers 8, Colorado 0 strong innings, Carlos Gomez ex- McGehee, Miami,.310;Goldschmidt,Arizona,.309.
waukee 1, Arizona 1. LOBMilwaukee 3,' Ari- SnDeo2 etl B-tnoMai 7 odcmdAi
zona 5. 2B-Gennett (18), Ar.Ramirez (7), out grand slam off Ernesto Frieri in the San Diego 2, Seattle 1 tended his hitting streak to 15 games zona, 52; Howard, Philadelphia, 47;mTulowitzki,
K.Davis (18), Overbay (7), C.Ross (4). SB-Ow- 10th inning gave the Cleveland Indians Pittsburg h 4, Ciursday's Games and the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Colorado, 45; Blackmon, Colorado, 44; Desmond,
ings (7). a 5-3 win over the Los Angeles Angels. Milwaukee 4, Arizona 1 Arizona Diamondbacks 4-1. Washington, 44; McGehee, Miami, 44; Morneau,
Colorado, 44; Morse, San Francisco, 44.
IP H R ER BB SO Swisher had gone 0 for 4 with three Seattle at San Diego, late Francisco Rodriguez worked HITS-Goldschmidt, Arizona, 89; Lucroy, MilMilwaukee strikeouts, but belted a 1-2 pitch into Atlanta at Washington, late around a hit in the ninth inning for his waukee, 89; DanMurphy, NewYork, 86; Pence,
GallardoW54 7 5 1 1 0 4 N.Y Mets at Miami, late San Francisco, 86; AMcCutchen, Pittsburgh, 84;
Duke H,6 1-3 1 0 0 0 1 the right-field seats to cap an improba- Philadelphia at St. Louis, late majors-leading 23rd save this season McGehee, Miami, 84;Tulowitzki, Colorado, 84.
Wooten H,7 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 ble comeback after Albert Pujols' two- Friday's Games and 327th career, moving past DOUBLES-Goldschmidt, Arizona, 27; LuFr.Rodriguez S,23-25 1 1 0 0 0 1 run single put the Angels ahead in the Pittsburgh (Morton 4-7) at Cubs (Jackson 4-7), 4:05 p.m. Roberto Hernandez for 14th all-time. croy, Milwaukee, 25; Utley, Philadelphia, 24;
Arizona Atlanta Minor2-4) atWashington (Strasburg 6-5), 7:05 p.m. ThSCastro, Chicago, 22; AMcCutchen, Pittsburgh,
Arizona L 6 2top of the inning. Swisher threw his MeAtlanta (Minorka 3-0) at Washington (Strasburg 6-5), 7:05 p.m. The Brewers strung together th2; FFree runs 2 FFman, Atlanta, 20; CGomez, M ilwaukee,
C.Anderson L,5-2 6 5 3 2 0 4 arms in the air when the ball cleared Toronto (Dickey 6-5) at Cincinnati (Latos 0-0), 7:10 p.m. off Anderson (5-2), who lost his second 20; Span, Washington, 20.
O.Perez 11-31 1 1 1 1 (iky65( ), pTRIPLES-DGordon, Los Angeles, 7; BCrawford,
StitO.Perez 11-3 1 1 1 10 0 the wall and was mobbed by his team- Philadelphia (Burnett 4-6) at St.Louis(Garcia3-0),8:15p.m. straight start despite pitching well. Gomez San Francisco, 5; Yelich, MLosAngelesmi, 7; 8 tieBCrawford, at 4. States 2-31 0 0 0 0 by r a p iw San Francisco, 5;Yelich, Miami, 5;etiedat4.
Putz 1 2 0 0 0 1 mates when he reached home plate. Milwaukee(Estrada5-4)atColorado(Bergman0-1),8:40p.m. had an RBI single in the eighth inning to HOMERUNS-Stanton, Miami, 20;Tulowitzki,
PUjOls'single with two outs gave the andscorUnceuma-4)atAizaCdlmenter4-4),9:40p.m reach base for the 32nd straight game, Colorado, 18; Frazier, Cincinnati, 16; Gattis, AtHBPby C.Anderson (K.Davis). Puossnl ihtoot aete Dogers(Haren 7-4) at San Diego(Kenn edyh -8), 10:10 p.m. rec aefrte3n tagtgm lanta, 16; Goldschmidt, Arizona, 15; Rizzo,
T-2:56. A-22,559 (48,633). Angels a 3-1 lead, but the Indians the majors' longest active streak. Chicago, 14; JUpton, Atlanta, 14.

Kershaw adds no-hit gem to remarkable resume

Associated Press Young Awards, three ERA titles uary a record for a pitcher.
and a pair of strikeout crowns He gave Los Angeles sports
LOS ANGELES Seeing his shut downapretty good team, too. fans their second memorable
best friend only one out away The Rockies began the night moment in a week.
from pitching a no-hitter, A.J. leading the majors in batting av- The Kings won the Stanley
Ellis got a bit teary-eyed. erage, hits and on-base percent- Cup at home last Friday night,
Not that Ellis could get too age, and topped the NL in runs then brought the shiny trophy to
emotional, though. The Dodgers and homers. Dodger Stadium on Tuesday for
catcher still had to call the "I started tearing up out there a pregame ceremony. In late
pitches for Clayton Kershaw to in the ninth inning, just sitting January, the Kings played a
finish off the gem. out there catching and watching game at the ballpark.
Kershaw added to his most re- him throw after he got those first A night after the trophy
markable resume Wednesday two outs," Ellis said. showed up, Kershaw dominated.
night, throwing his first no-hitter "To do it here at Dodger Sta- "When you talk to our guys,
and striking out a career-high 15 dium and do it with my best nobody deserves it more than
as Los Angeles beat Colorado 8-0. friend on the mound means the him because they know he
Only one batter got on base world to me. It's a game I'll works hard every day, he does
against Kershaw Corey Dick- watch on replays with my kids everything the right way and
erson reached on a throwing error forever," he said. Associated Press he's a great teammate," manager
by shortstop Hanley Ramirez Kershaw thrust his arms over- Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw celebrates his Don Mattingly said. "It's just so
leading off the seventh inning, head after fanning Dickerson for no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies after the last out on Wednesday nice to watch someone like that Kershaw struck out a swinging the final out. He was mobbed by in Los Angeles. Kershaw struck out a career-high 15 batters. get it."
Dickerson to end the game. his teammates and joined on the majors this season some tickets at a discounted $22 Rockies star Troy Tulowitzki
"I guess I haven't really fieldbywifeEllenforseveralhugs. 'As far as individual games, for Kershaw's next scheduled went0for3, dropping his major
thought of the ramifications of Kershaw joined Sandy Koufax this is pretty special," the three- home start, on June 29 against league-best average to .356.
throwing one of these things, but and Bob Gibson as the only time All-Star said. "I'll remem- St. Louis. "When there's a special moit it's definitely special com- pitchers to throw a no-no as a ber this for the rest of my life. Overall, Kershaw's next start is ment for someone, you want to
pany," Kershaw said. reigning Cy YoungAward winner Getting to do it at home, it's even set for next week at Kansas City. watch how a guy responds," Tu"I don't take for granted the Koufax pitched four no-hitters better. Beckett told me he was Kershaw upped his record to lowitzki said. "It was nice for me
history of this, or what it means. for the Dodgers, and the Hall of going to teach me how to do that, 7-2 in a season that was inter- to see how much it means for I definitely understand all that. Fame lefty has befriended Ker- so I have Josh to thank." rupted five weeks because of a him."
But as far as individually, it's shaw over the year Overall, the Dodgers franchise muscle strain in his upper back "If something can bring tears
right up there with winning Kershaw's 107-pitch effort now has 22 no-hitters the after his season-opening victory to someone's eyes, it means you
playoff games and all that stuff. came 3 1/2 weeks after team- same number that Kershaw has over Arizona during the Dodgers' really care and he cares a lot
It's pretty cool," he said. mate Josh Beckett pitched a no- on his jersey two-game trip to Australia. about this game. He's one of the
The 26-year-old lefty with the hitter at Philadelphia those On Thursday, the team an- Kershaw signed a $215 mil- best pitchers in this game, if not
big, bending curveball, two Cy are the only two no-hitters in the nounced a promotion to offer lion, seven-year contract in Jan- the best," he said.

Cimus Couivm' (FL) CHRONICLE FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014 B3

the fifth hole -along with some tough
Fo t e re o d-C CREAM par saves. The best came at the 426World Cup Glance yard eighth hole, when her 5-wood
FIRST ROUND Continued from Page BI from 198 yards went long and over a
GROUP A FloriJ LOTTER steep slope right of the green. She
Brzi 1 0 1I 3A 14 "It was a lot of fun. I kind of strug- lofted a pitch perfectly, and it rolled 6
Mexico 1 0 1 1 0 4 gled today, but it was great," Li said, feet by the cup. This is the same hole
Croatia 1 1 0 5 3 3 Here are the winning numbers selected pausing to lick her ice cream between where John Daly putted off the green
0hu2sa0,0Jn 5 0 Thursday inthe FoiaLottery. answers. "I mean, it's 8 over It's not so many times in 1999 that he
tSao, Jaune 12S in Florida bad. But I was 7 over in three holes, so whacked the ball with his putter when
Atzi Sa3Pul CASHti 1043ery that' s 1 over in 15 holes. So yeah,' I just itwas still moving and rang up an 11.
Friday, June 13 CS 3(lt)need to get rid of the big numbers." "Give her that shot again and she
Atic NatCarazil 0 3 -2 -9 Li had the same score as O'Donnel can't do that another 50 times, probaMexco1,Camron Natalie Gulbis and Jessica Korda, a bly," O'Donnell said.
AtuFrea,Bral PLAY 4 (early) two-time winner on the LPGA Tour Along the way in aS5 1/2-hour round,
Brazil 0, Mexico 0 4-3-3-7 this year There already were 11 Li often plopped to the ground in the
Wednesday, June 18 PLAY 4 (late) rounds in the 80s. shade and sat until it was time to hit,
At Manaus, Brazil 2-7 -0-9 Perhaps most remarkable about her one time munching from a cup of
Croatiy4, Caereon 3 round, besides the 13 pars and two fruit.
Mondrayii, June23 Due to early deadlines, birdies, was how she bounced back "I normally sit down even more
Brazil vs. Cameroon, 4 p.m. Fantasy 5 numbers were from mistakes. than tht"she sigiggling as alAt Recife, Brazil unavailable "That's what I was so happy about ways.
Croatia vs. Mexico, 4 p.m. in my round," she said. "Because after Kaymer last week used the putter
GROtUPlnd B FG t ensa' h igu br n aous I got doubles and triples, I was able to exclusively when he was just off the
xNtelns 2 0 0 8 3 6 get it back. Like I made a good stretch green. Li chose to chip because that's
x-Chile 2 0 0 5 1 6 Powerball1: 6 9-29 -52 -59 Lotto: 10 -15 -21 -25 -26 -36 of holes after the double on the first what made her more comfortable. She
Australia 0 2 0 3 6 0 Powerball: 7 6-of-6 No winner hole. And after the triple, I birdied won the driving and chipping portion
Spain 0 2 0 1 7 0 S-of-S PB No winner 5-of-6 25 $4,762 No. S. And I got a lot of pars after of the Drive, Chip & Putt Champix-advanced to second round
Friday, June 13 No Florida winner 4-of-6 1,427 $61 that." onship two months ago atAugusta NaAt Salvador, Brazil 5-of-S 1 winners $Million 3-of-6 26,527 $5 Li left a tough angle for her third tional.
Netherlands 5, Spain 1 No Florida winners shot on the par-S 10th hole and came That was for kids. This is for grownAt Cuiaba, Brazil Fantasy 5:1 18 19 -21 30 up short and into a bunker The sand
Chile 3, Australia 1 5o- 4winr$5,4.1 Paeshulvrfyshot looked reasonable until it ketups. She fit in just fine.
Wednesday, June 18 S-fS 4wnes$6553 lyr hudvrf et "She's so much more mature than I
At Porto Alegre, Brazil 4-of-S 269 $135 winning numbers by rolling off the back of the green. Shecolpsibymane"adJsia
Netherlands 3, Australia 2 3-of-S 9,787 $10 calling 850-487-7777 chipped with her wedge (a pink shaft) Wac possiblyrimagie," si Jeia
At Rio de Janeiro or at to about 8 feet and missed the putt to Walc, h terpae i hi
Chile 2, Spain 0 __________________________ take double bgygroup. "She's a lot better than people
Monday, June 23 Another. bogey veycpblhnti
At Curitiba, Brazil Aohrdouble bogey came on the glouht She vlery capabe one this
Spain vs. Australia, Noon _____ te450-yard 16th hole when her cors.Shilaedlkeseye
ASaPalOnteAIRWAVE____ flonagol out here. And it was a real
At aoPalometal went into a bunker some 20 lngsue Netherlands vs. Chile, Noon yards short of an elevated green, leavW LT G GAPt TODAY'S SPORTS ing a shot so hard even the best men The youngest player to make the cut
x-Colombia 2 0 0 5 1 6 AUTO RACING would have a tough time. Her bunker was1-erodM lneBurwh
Ivory Coast 1 1 0 3 3 3 8 a.m. (NBCSPT) Formula One Racing Austrian Grand Prix, shot was not strong enough, and she tied for 14th in 1947. That was the secJapan 0 1 1 1 2 1 wound up missing a 7-foot bogey putt. ond U.S. Women's Open, and Baeur
Greece 0 1 1 0 3 1 Practice. Ase ohv n wn ak whose married name was Hagge
x-advanced to second round 3 p.m. (FSI) NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Toyota Save Mart Akdt aeoesigbci Saturday, June 14 35,Patc.Fo ooaRcwyi ooa ai.would be the wedge on the short third became one of the founders of the
At Belo Horizonte, Brazil 630, Pracm. From NSCnoaRaprintCu Sisooa C ave hole. She went left of the flag, and it LPGA Tour
Colombia 3, Greece 0 63pm.(S NSASpitCpSre:Tya-Sve trickled off the turtleback green -the It was a long day for Lucy Li, and
At Recife, Brazil Mart 350, Final Practice. From Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, signature of this Donald Ross course part of her was glad it was over She Ivory Coast 2, Japan 1 Calif. -and into a bunker She blasted out also was looking forward to another
tursa, June19 1:30 a.m. (NBCSPT) Formula Off-Road: Detroit Belle Isle over the green, chipped on to 18 feet chance Friday
Colombia 2, Ivory Coast 1 Grand Prix. From Detroit. (Taped) and three-putted for triple bogey And what will she do in the meanAt Natal, Brazil BASEBALL But she made a pair of smooth time?
Greece 0, Japan 0
Tuesday, June 24 3 p.m. (ESPNU) College Baseball NCAA World Series birdies -a 6-iron to 15 feet on No. 1, "Eat some more ice cream," she
At Cuiaba, Brazil Texas vs. Vanderbilt. Game 11. From Omaha, Neb. and a wedge to a right pin position on said.
Colombia vs. Japan, 4 p.m. 3pm WNA L itbrhPrtsa hcg us
At Fortaleza, Brazil 3pm WNA L itbrhPrtsa hcg us ____________________________________Greece vs. Ivory Coast, 4 p.m. From Wrigley Field in Chicago.ItiinEgadweeSrzhs GROUP D GG t 7 p.m. (FSNFL) MLB New York Mets at Miami Marlins.EN L N stepped up a level and powered in the
Costa Rica 1 0 0 3 1 3 7p.m. (MLB) Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees or goals that saw him voted the Premier
Italy 1 0 0 2 1 3 Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians. Continued from Page BI League's best player last season. And
Uruguay 1 1 0 3 4 3 7 p.m. (SUN) Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays. despite lacking sharpness at times, he
England y 0un 2124 0 8 p.m. (ESPN) NCAA World Series TBA vs. Virginia. Game successive loss in Brazil, having been still managed to recapture the scoring
At Fortaleza, Brazil 12. From Omaha, Neb. punished twice by the country's Foot- form that helped Liverpool finish secCosta Rica 3, Uruguay 1 3 a.m. (ESPNU) NCAA World Series TBA vs. Virginia. ball Association for misdemeanors, ond last season with 31 goals.
Italy 2, England 1 Gm12FrmOaaNe.(m-dyTp)serving bans for racism and biting in Suarez was in the thick of the action
Thursday, June 19 GOLF the opening minutes against an
At Sao Paulo 5 a.m. (GOLF) European PGA Tour Irish Open, Second Of Uruguay's six efforts on target, edgy England side. Goalkeeper Joe
Uruguay 2, England 1 five were from Suarez -including the Hart's first save came after Suarez's
Friday, June 20 Round. Rory Mcllroy, Graeme McDowell, Victor Dubuisson, two that beat goalkeeper Joe Hart as cross-shot was deflected off the head
At Recife, Brazil Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington are expected to com- Enln' lc eedn a X- of Gary Cahill.
Ctu say, Juone2 pete. From Cork, Ireland. Egadslckefnigwse "Quite frankly, for long periods of
TeNaa, Brazi 10am2GL)EroenPATu4rihOeScn ploited.
ANoonl Round10a~. GL)E raem VGorIit OreScn "I dreamt this," Suarez said at the the game we kept him very quiet,"
Uruguay vs. Italy, NoRun.Rory Mcllroy, GreeMcDowell, VitrDubuisson, Itaquerao Stadium in Sao Paulo. "I 'm Hodgson said. "We are normally used
At Belo Horizonte, Braziltosenhimuh oracven
Costa Rica vs. England, Noon Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington are expected to com- enjoying this moment, because of all I tod seein hiouch moalyrea tactive GROUPIE pete. From Cork, Ireland. suffered, the criticism I received. So, sad armodaorpnatyra"hnw
W L T GF GA Pts 12:30 p.m. (GOLF) PGA Tour Champions: Encompass Chain- there you go." swhmtdy
France 1 0 0 3 0 3 Fis on.Paesepce ocmeeicueB aighsWrdCptlyt ie When Suarez did break forward,
Switzerland 1 0 0 2 1 3 pionship, FrtRud lyr xetdt opt nld ytkn i ol u al ofv huh ewsara eae
Hondur 0 1 0 3 0 Brhr Langer,To Lehman,Coi Montgomerie,Roc goals,Surzesedta Rooney' Suarez's first goal came in the 39th
Sundays Jun 1500 Mediate and Kenny Perry. From Glenview, Ill. first-ever goal in 10 matches on foot- when Diego Godin picked up possesAt Brasilia, Brazil 3 p.m. (ESPN2) U.S. Women's Open Championship, Second ball's biggest stage was in vain at his Sion on the halfway line and sprayed Switzerland 2, Ecuador 1 Round. From Pinehurst Resort and Country Club in Pinehurst, third tournament. it to Edinson Cavani on the left.
Anc 3,odras 0lgerzlNC Rooney tapped th alhm rmSuarez easily evaded Phil Jagielka to
Franc 3, onduas close range in the 75th minute after head over Hart, seizing on defensive Friday, June 20 3 p.m. (GOLF) PGA Tour Travelers Championship, Second connecting with Glen Johnson's pass. lapses just as Mario Balotelli did in
At Salvador, Brazil Round. Jason Day, Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, Matt
te Cu.ritiba, Brzi Kuhradpub asormxece.ocmpt.Fo Having also lost against Italy, England Italy's win.
At CritbaBrail uchr ad BbbaWatsn ae epeced o cmpee. romnow faces the prospect of not advanc- Although after several chances, Ecuador vs. Honduras, 6 p.m. Cromwell, Conn. igfrom the group saefor the first Ronyended his World Cphoo
Wednesday, June 25 SOCCER ingsnc 95.i stag Re dre Cupigls bydo
At Manaus, Braziltiesne15.iwa redrdm nngssb
Switzerland vs. Honduras, 4 p.m. 11:30 a.m. (ESPN, 62 UNI) 2014 FIFA World Cup Group D "We are a team that is making Suarez's devastating final touch.
At Rio de Janeiro Italy vs. Costa Rica. progress, but results decide every- Suarez's Liverpool teammate, EngEcuador vs. France, 4 p.m. 2:30 p.m. (ESPN, 62 UNI) 2014 FIFA World Cup Group E thing and both results have been neg- land captain Steven Gerrard, tried to GROUP F
W L T GIF GA Pts Switzerland vs. France. ative," coach Roy Hodgson said. clear a long punt by Uruguay goalArgentina 1 0 0 2 1 3 5:30 p.m. (ESPN, 62 UNI) 2014 FIFA World Cup Group E "Where does it leave us? I don't keeper Fernando Muslera, and the
Iran 0 0 1 0 0 1 knwIdntqieko"ball glanced off the head of midfielder
Nigeria 0 0 1 0 0 Honduras vs. Ecuador. ko o' ut nw
Bosnia-Herzegovina 0 1 0 1 2 0 4 a.m. (ESPN2) 2014 FIFA World Cup Group E Honduras Group D leader Italy and Costa and back toward his own goal. Suarez
Sunday, June 15 vs. Ecuador. (aedyTape) Rica, who both have three points, ran onto it and beat Hart with a rightAt Rio de Janeiro (aedymeet for their second group game on footed shot from about nine yards.
Argentina~~~.1 2,BsF-ereora1 ENSHiday Uruguay now has three points, "If this was a movie, people proba-


Sprint Cup Hendrick rampaging through Sprint Cup Points
xa n-nr Keselowski won the
x-non-points race E r ar t u o
Feb. 15 -x-Sprint Unlimited (DennyHamlin) Earnhardt, Cup championship for Sprint Cup
Feb.20 x-Budweiser Duel 1 (Matt Kenseth) o 1 Penske in 2012, so he's Through June 15
Feb. 20 x-Budweiser Duel 2 (Denny Hamlin) JohnSOn and among the drivers best po- 1. Jeff Gordon, 537.
Feb. 23 Daytona 500 (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) sitioned to challenge Hen- 3. Dale EarnhardtJr, 514.
March 2- The Profit on CNBC 500, Avondale ,
Ariz. (Kevin Harvick) 500, Avndle rick's impressive group. 4. Matt Kenseth 513
March 9-Kobalt400, LasVegas (Brad Keselowsl) After two straight second- 5. Brad Keselowski, 490.
March 16 Food City 500, Bristol, Tenn. (Carl, place finishes, he was 6. CarlEdwards, 462.
Edwards) team s w in fs third at Michigan. 7. Joey Logano 454.
March 23- Auto Club 400, Fontana, Calif. (Kyle 8. Kyle Larson, 454.
Busch) Although he expects 9. Kevin Harvick, 447.
March 30- STP 500, Ridgeway, Va. (Kurt Busch) Associated Press Hendrick will continue to 10. Kyle Busch, 446.
April 7 Duck Commander 500, Fort Worth, have the best engines, that Nationwide Series
Texas (Joey Logano) BROOKLYN, Mich. N. doesn't mean all hope is
April 12- Bojangles' Southern 500, Darlington, The NASCAR season is lost for everyone else. 1. Regan Smith, 485.
S.C.(Kevin Harvick) 40e, Rac aonn, V "I think the way this 2. Elliott Sadler, 471.
April 26 Toyota Owners 400, Richmond, Logano) ready it is fair to ask if year's package has kind of 3. Chase Ellioft 465.
May4 -Aaron's499,Talladega, Aa.(DennyHamlin) anyone can catch Hen- come together, where we 4. Ty Dillon, 450.
May10- Kansas400, Kansas City Kan.(JeffGordon) drick Motorsports. Associated Press are right now is where 5. Trevor Bayne, 435.
May16 x-Sprint Showdown, Concord, N.C. After five straight Kasey Kahne and team owner Rick Hendrick pose with the we're going to be for the Camping World
(Clint Bower)CoaCl60 trpyM y2,21,iCnc dN .
May17-x-NASCAR SprintAll-StarRace, Con- Sprint Cup victories- in- Coca-Cola 600 trophy May 27, 2012, in Concord, N.C. remainder of the year You Truck
cord, N.C.(Jamie McMurray) eluding three by defend- tell the whole story of'how of'course, has been the se- might see some small Through June 14
May 25 Coca-Cola 600, Concord, N.C. ing champion Jimmie dominant the team was. ries' dominant driver in gains from some teams 1. Johnny Sauter, 261.
(Jimmie Johnson) Johnson Hendrick now Kasey Kahne, points recent years, with six Cup but I don't see anything 2. Matt Crafton, 251.
June 1 Dover400, Dover, Del.(Jimmie Johnson) 3. Ron Hornaday Jr., 248.
June 8- Poecn 400, Long Pond, Pa.(Dale holds the top three spots leader Jeff Gordon and titles to his credit He won significant coming," KeEarnhardtJr.) in the points standings, Dale Earnhardt Jr also the championship last selowski said. "I think NHRA
June 15 Quicken Loans 400, Brooklyn, Mich. and even rival driver Brad finished in the top seven year and has surged back right now the Penske cars Through June 15
(Jimmie Johnson) Keselowski concedes that for Hendrick. into second place in the are probably the best Top Fuel
June 22-Toyota/Save Mart350, Sonoma, Calif. when it comes toengines, Even other Chevrolet standings with three wins when it comes to balanced 1. Doug Kalitta, 902.
June 28- Quaker State 400, Sparta, Ky. 2. Antron Brown, 782.
July 5 Coke Zero 400, Daytona Beach at least, nothing is likely to drivers also benefited in the last four races. track to track. The Hen- 3. Shawn Langdon. 751.
July13-CampingWorldRVSales301,Loudon, change. from using Hendrick mo- Gordon, meanwhile, is drick cars are probably FunnyCar
N.H. "We all have got a little tors. Kevin Harvick (Stew- atop the standings at age the best where it takes 1. Robert Hight, 905.
July 27-The Brickyard 400, Indianapolis. bit of work to do because art-Haas) and Kyle Larson 42, and Earnhardt has two power to run." 2. John Force, 640.
Aug. 3- 400, Long Pond, Pa. 3. Tommy Johnson Jr., 627.
Aug. 10 Cheez-lt 355 at the Glen, Watkins it's pretty obvious that the (Chip Ganassi) finished victories this season, his Michigan may have been Pro Stock
Glen, N.Y Hendrick engines are way second and eighth. four-year winless stretch a sign of things to come 1. Erica Enders-Stevens, 908.
Aug. 17- Pure Michigan 400, Brooklyn, Mich. ahead of everyone else," "I think we were a little from 2008-12 now a distant Johnson, Gordon and 2. Jeg Coughlin, 753.
Aug. 23- Irwin Tools Night Race, Bristol, Tenn. said Keselowski, who off early in the year, and memory Earnhardt in contention, 3. Allen Johnson, 704.
Aug.31 Atlata 00,HamponGa.Pro Stock Motorcycle Aug. 31- Atlanta 500, Hampton, Ga. drives for Roger Penske. we've been kind of click- "I just know our cars with Keselowski and the 1. Andrew Hines, 406.
Va. "Usually that's not some- ing here lately," owner are fast," Johnson said. rest of the drivers doing 2. Eddie Krawiec. 382.
Sept. 14- Chicagoland 400, Joliet, lll. thing you catch up with in Rick Hendrick said. "The cars are all pretty their best to keep up. 3. John Hall, 285.
Sept. 21-Sylvania 300, Loudon, N.H. one season. As far ahead as "Everybody is really put- equal aero-wise with what "Rick gives us all the IndyCar
Sept.28- AAA 400, Dover, Del. they are right now, they're ting out a lot of effort right the rules are from tools to go out there and Through June 7
Oct. 5 Hollywood Casino 400, Kansas City,
Kan. probably a full season now, and it's paying off." NASCAR, but I'm not good do our jobs and to have 1. Will Power, 370.
Oct. 11 BankofAmerica 500, Concord, N.C. ahead of everyone." This is the third time enough to pick it out and everything so fast and so 2. Helio Castroneves, 331.
Oct. 19-GEICO00,TalladegaAla. Johnson's victory at Hendrick has won five tell you that we've got peo- good, you want it to last 3. Ryan Hunter-Reay 310.
Oct. 26 Goody's Headache Relief Shot 500, Michigan on Sunday was straight races. The team ple beat in just one area. forever," Johnson said. "We Formula On
Ridgeway.,Va. the fifth in a row for Hen- accomplished the feat It's a team effort. Our en- know that it won't, but it's Through June 8
Nov. 2 AAA Texas 500, FortVWorth, Texas 1. Rico Rosberg, 140.
Nov. 9-Quicken Loans 500, Avondale, Ariz. drick in a points-paying twice in 2007, including a gine shop is very strong. just a good time to sit back 2. NewisHamilton 118.
Nov. 16-Ford EcoBoost400, Homestead Cup race, and that doesn't six-race streak. Johnson, We've always known that." and reflect and enjoy it" 3. Daniel Ricciardo. 79.

Around the TRACKS

NASCAR two at Sonoma and five atWatkins Glen. CAMPING WORLD Rosberg won the season-opening race in Australia, fin- point lead over Antron Brown inTop Fuel. Kalitta has
Next race: Quaker State 400, June 28, Kentucky ished second behind Hamilton in Malaysia, Bahrain, one victory this season, and Brown has three.... EnSPRINT CUP Speedway, Sparta, Kentucky. TRUCK China and Spain, and then won in Monaco. ders-Stevens, a three-time winner this year, tops the
TOYOTA-SAVE MART 350 Next race: British Grand Prix, July 6, Silverstone Cir- Pro Stock standings. Andrew Hines, a two-time winner,
Site: Sonoma, California. NATI ONWIDE Next race: UNOH 225, June 26, Kentucky Speedway, cuit, Silverstone, England. leads the Pro Stock Motorcycle points race.
Schedule: Friday, practice (Fox Sports 1, 3-5 p.m., Sparta,Next event: Route 66 NHRA Natonals June 2629
6:30-8 pnm.); Saturday, qualifying (Fox Sports 1, 1:30- GARDNER DENVER 200 Sparta Kentucky.6NRANtinls un 6-9
Sal p :3 Elkhar R Lake, Wiscons. Last week: Darrell Wallace Jr. raced to his second ca- NHR.A DRAG RACING Route 66 Raceway, Joliet, Illinois.
3 p.m.); Sunday, race, 3 p.m. (TNT, 2-6:30 p.m.). Site: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. reer victory, holding off German Quiroga at Gateway in Track: Sonoma Raceway (road course, 1.99 miles). Schedule: Friday, practice; Saturday, qualifying Madison, Illinois. NEW ENGLAND NATIONALS INDYCAR
Race distance: 218.9 miles, 110 laps. (ESPN2, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.), race, 2:45 p.m. (ABC, Site: Epping, New Hampshire.
Last year: Martin Truex Jr. snapped a 218-race win- 2:30-6 p.m.) FORMULA ONE Schedule: Friday, qualifying; Saturday, qualifying(ESPN2, Next races: Grand Prix of Houston, June 28 and 29,
less streak to give Michael Waltrip Racing its second Track: Road America (road course, 4.048 miles). AUSTRIAN GRAND PRIX 7-8 p.m.); Sunday, final eliminations, (ESPN2, 10-4 p.m.). Streets of Houston, Houston. straight victory at the track. Clint Bowyer won in 2012. Race distance: 202.4 miles, 50 laps. Site: Spielberg, Austria. Track: New England Dragway and Motorsports Park. Last race: Owner-driver Ed Carpenter won at Texas Last week: Six-time series champion Jimmie Johnson Last year: AJ Allmendinger won for owner Roger Last year: Courtney Force beat father John Force in MotorSpeedway on June 7, holding offTea Penske's
wonatMicign Itenatonl Seewayfo hi tirdPeske hldng ffJusinAllair o te scod a- da~ pactce(NCSSorseNtwrk,8-LasFyar:Cortny orcrbattaterJoh FrceinMotrpeedatnsueNhol n ofrTam enke
won at Michigan International Speedway for his third Penske, holding off Justin AIgaier on thes 9:30 a.m.); Saturday, practice, qualifying (NBC Sports the Funny Car final. Spencer Massey won in Top Fuel, Will Power in a two-lap shootout. victory 8-930 a.m.); Sunday ace,8in (NBC Allen Johnson in Pro Stock, and John Hall in Pro StockOTHEReRACES
Fast facts: Race winners get first priority for the 16- Last week: Sprint Cup driver Paul Menard won at Network, 8-9:30 a.m.); Sunday, race, 8 a.m. (NBC Motorcycle. OTHER RACES
driver Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup as long as Michigan. Sam Hornish Jr. was second. Sports Network, 7:30-10:30 a.m., 2:30-5 p.m.). Last week: Defending Top Fuel champion Shawn ARCA RACING SERIES: Akona 250, Saturday (CBS they are in the top 30 in the standings and attempted Fast facts: The race is the first of three road-course Track: Red Bull Ring (road course, 2.69 miles). Langdon raced to his first victory of the year, beating Sports Network, 9-11 p.m.), Elko Speedway, Elko, Minto qualify for every race. Johnson leads the series with events. In August, the series will race atWatkins Glen Race distance: 190.1 miles, 71 laps. points leader Doug Kalitta at Bristol, Tennessee. nesota. his three victories. Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick and Mid-Ohio. Allmendinger, also the winner last year Last year: No race. Tommy Johnson Jr. won in Funny Car final, and Erica WORLD OF OUTLAWS: Sprint Car: Friday, River and Joey Logano each have two wins, and Jeff Gor- at Mid-Ohio, is racing in Sprint Cupfor JTG Daugherty. Last race: Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo won the Cana- Enders-Stevens topped the Pro Stock field. Cities Speedway, Grand Forks, North Dakota; Saturdon, Brad Keselowski, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, AlexTagliani is driving Penske's No. 22 Ford. ... Regan dian Grand Prix on June 8 for his first F1 victory, end- Fast facts: Robert Hight, a four-time winner in the first day, 1-94 Speedway, Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Denny Hamlin and Kurt Busch also have won. Gordon Smith leads the standings, 14 points ahead of Elliott ing Mercedes' season-opening winning streak at six. nine events, leads the Funny Car standings 265 U.S. AUTO RACING CLUB: Sprint Car: Friday, Amsoil leads the standings. ... Gordon has a Cup-record nine Sadler. Fast facts: The series last raced at the track in 2002. points ahead ofteammate and owner John Force.The Speedway, Superior, Wisconsin; Saturday, Deer Creek
road-course wins, five at Sonoma and four atWatkins Next race: John R. Elliott Hero Campaign 300, June ... Mercedes' Nico Rosberg leads the season stand- 65-year-old Force won the season-opening Winterna- Speedway, Spring Valley, Minnesota; Sunday, Angell Glen. Tony Stewart has seven road-course victories, 27, Kentucky Speedway, Sparta, Kentucky. ings, 22 points ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton. tionals for his record 139th victory. ... Kalitta has a 120- Park Speedway, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Colombia tops Ivory Coast 2-1 Ilonen shoots record
Associated Press

Colombia scored twice in
six minutes in a lively sec-
ond half to beat Ivory Coast Associated Press nen said. "Maybe the
2-1 at the World Cup on good golf is there but then Steele shoots a
Thursday and move to the CORK, Ireland we still have a long way to 62 to take early
brink of the knockout stage. Mikko Ilonen of Finland go."
James Rodriguez's pow- carded a course-record Tied for second on 5 lead at Travelers
erful header from a comer 7-under-par 64 while under were Germany's CROMWELL,
in the 64th minute was crowd favorite Rory Marcel Siem and the Conn. Brendan
quickly followed by a low McIlroy finished 10 shots Swedish pair of Robert Steele opened the Travfinish by substitute Juan behind in the first round Karlsson and Magnus elers Championship on
Quintero, securing the of the Irish Open on Carlsson. Thursday byshootingan
South American team's Thursday McIlroy hit just eight of 8-under 62, two shy of
second straight win in Ilonen birdied five of the 14 fairways and took the ours d.
Group C in front of a parti- Associated Press his closing seven holes in 30 putts in a round of e course record.
san pro-Colombian crowd. Colombia's James Rodriguez, center, dances with team- superb scoring conditions 3-over 74. He's in a lowly The 31-year-old CaliGervinho reduced the mates in celebration Thursday after scoring during the to end the daywith atwo- share of 1 25th place in the fornian started his round
deficit in the 73rd with a Group C World Cup match between Colombia and Ivory shot lead on the Fota Is- 156-player field. with an eagle, holing out
superb run and shot inside Coast at the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia, Brazil. land course. "I've still got a little from 129 yards in the
the near post, but the Ivory crowd roared with relief at WithYayamoure seemingly Ilonen had just 26 putts bit of jet lag, for sure, rain. He went on to birdie
Coast could not find an the final whistle, with anonymous and Didier on the occasion of his coming from the U.S. six of the next 12 holes,
equalizer despite a strong theirteam in touching dis- Drogba again starting on the 300th European Tour Open," he said. "I wasn't but closed the bogeyfinish. tance of the second round bench, Ivory Coast threat- event. It added up to a able to do much the free round with five
A point against Japan in of the World Cup for only ened onlythrough long-range record on a course made Monday, Tuesday, because straight pars.
its third game will deft- the second time. shots in a first half marked over since the last Irish the clubs didn't arrive "On 14,1I started to
nitely seal qualification for All this without star by a comic moment when a Open at Fota Island in until yesterday, as well, so think 59, which is probaColombia but it could be striker Radamel Falcao, large inflatable ball bounced 2002. that was a little bit bly whylIslowed down a
secured before that, depend- who is missing the tourna- onto the playing surface, The Finn, a three- frustrating more than little bit," he said.
ing on the result of Japan ment through injury causing a brief stoppage. time winner on tour, anything else.
vs. Greece later Thursday However, at halftime, Juan Cuadrado lit up a wasn't surprised at the "But I did a really good Steele, who has two
Ivory Coast still may the noise coming from the cagey opening to the second fifth course record in his practice session on the top-10 finishes this seaneed to beat Greece if it is stands was not so fierce, halfbybringing down along career range last night after the son, didn't qualify for last
to progress from the group with Ivory Coast holding pass, shimmying past his "I lost out in a playoff to pro-am, and was feeling week's U.S. Open. He
stage for the first time at a relatively firm --except marker and rifling a pow- Sergio (Garcia) in the good going out this instead watched from
World Cup. for a golden chance erful shot that was tipped Qatar Masters this year, morning. However, I just the stands as his favorite
There was a sea of yel- spurned by Teofilo Gutier- onto the crossbar by goal- and recently in the couldn't really put it hockey team, the Los
low shirts throughout the rez in the 28th. keeper Boubacar Barry Nordea Masters I felt my together as I was very Angeles Kings, won the
Estadio Nacional as Rodriguez's left-wing Inside a stadium named game was good despite sloppy with the scoring Stanley Cup.
Colombia fans arrived en cross fell perfectly for after 1960s World Cup star finishing 32nd, which is clubs, wedges, the short The course record at
masse to the Brazilian cap- Gutierrez just outside the Mane Garrincha, it was a still a mystery how I fin- game, the putting. All that River Highlands is 60,
ital, giving it the feel like of six-yard box, but he mis- piece of right-wing trickery ished 32nd that week as I was just a little off. set in 2011 by Patrick
an intimidating away cued his volley and it that even the Brazil great was hitting my best shots "Hopefully, that is my Cantlay as an amateur.

game for the Ivorians. The skewed wide. would have enjoyed, of the week there," Ilo- poor round for the week.

Scoreless battle keeps Japan and Greece alive

Associated Press victory, but ultimately the main avoided any critical mistakes time to preserve the draw and side in the 30th minute,
objective was survival and both Japan pressed the attack after the point for Greece. Mitroglou collapsed to the
NATAL, Brazil --Reduced to achieved that with one match halftime and had several Greece was determined to ground. He got up and walked
10 men after captain Costas Kat- left in group play Japan would chances to score. turn around its dismal scoring off under his own power but
souranis was sent off in the 38th have been eliminated with a loss. The best came in the 68th minute history in the World Cup --18 soon determined he couldn't
minute with his second booking, Once Katsouranis was sent off when Shinji Kagawa played a goals conceded against just two continue and was taken off for
Greece held on for a 0-0 draw with after a rough challenge on long pass over the top to Atsuto scored --inserting Kostas Theofanis Gekas in the 35th Japan on Thursday that kept both Makoto Hasebe, Greece with- Uchida, who sent it back across Mitroglou up front. But minute.
alive in Group C and sent rival drew into a defensive setup and the middle to Yoshito Okbo, who Mitroglou's best effort was an Thingsgot worse for Greece
Colombia through to the knock- held firm. Greece surrendered blasted the volley over the net. early volley that spun off his foot just moments later when Katout round of the World Cup. three goals in a loss to Colombia, Greece goalkeeper Orestis and he didn't even make it to souranis was sent off. Greece reBoth teams inserted new strik- but even short-handed was bet- Karnezis also was forced to halftime. treated into its half of the field
ers in search of goals and a first ter organized against Japan and make a diving save in injury After taking an elbow in the for most of the second half.

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Learn more about
Citrus Resources
n o T1191yCitrus County Council's Environment and Natural Resources Committee will host
Tipping Points, a series of presentations
Invenessto oo W p th B1pertaining to the environment and vanishing water supply, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturand R ck te Co ntryday, June 21, at the Central Ridge Library in and ockthe ountryBeverly Hills. this weekend Jon Brainard, education chairman for the
Suwanee-St. Johns Sierra Club, will share a
Chroncle taffPowerPoint presentation, followed by a disCbronc~c taffcussion. The presentation will focus on INVERNESS seven important issues, from the value of
Whether you're a little Alltrees to climate change and springs/water
bit country or doo wop'sisu.
yourthig, nveresshasFor information, call Roger Dobronyi at both this weekend. This Fri- 352-726-7473 or visit www.CitrusCounty
day, beginning at 5 p.m., down
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nostalgia with its popular Doo Purple Heart chapter
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Thunder, with a classic car show to do poker run
and "Times to Remember" Doo act: The Military Order of the Purple Heart
Wop music with Sam Kistner. 2013 Aaron Weaver Chapter 776 will host the
Then on Saturday, Inverness Cooter Idol "Past, Present & Future Run For Charity'
goes country with "Rockin' Coun- winner singer onStraJnV1
try on Pine" featuring Nashville songwriter Signup begins at 10 a.m. at VFW Post
recording artist Jamie Davis per- Keith Crisp. 8698 at 520 State Road 40 E., Inglis.
forming country and Southern Prior to the Kickstands go up at 11 a.m. Stops will be at
rock beginning at 7 p.m. Opening free outdoor con- VWPs 08 t27W e ae
Beverly Hills, Giovanni's Pub, 3451 E.
and 1 dt thLouise Lane, Hernando; Vicious Cycles, Concert Saturday adpub crawl card at te 5164 S. Florida Ave., Inverness; and Heads
in Crystal River town streets, stopping in at & Tails Lounge, 9211 S. Florida Ave.,
The City of Crystal River Sum- the participating eateries and Foa iy
mer Concert Series presents pubs. Completed cards will be Entry cost is $5. Plates of food are $5
Music in the Park at 6 p.m. Satur- eligible for prize drawings. each. Proceeds benefit charity. There will be
day, June 21, featuring New Day Festival food vendors raffles, a 50/50 drawing, door prizes and live
with special guests In The Light will also be on hand, and music.
"We are so excited to continue beer and wine will be Everyone is welcome.
our music in the park series for available street side. the summer," Leslie Bollin, spe- "This is the third Jamie Davis Head to market in
cial events coordinator for the Pine Street Jam -pre- dw tw nens
city of Crystal River, said. "Con- vious events were with Big En- city to give exposure to all our dw tw nens
certs at Kings Bay Park have a gine, Jimmy Buffett tribute and merchants. Location, Enjoy the Inverness Farmer's Market from
vibe unlike any other in Citrus this time it's rockin' country," said location, location -and let's 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Inverness
County It's a great place to kick Sharon Skeele-Hogan, city of In- face it, we've got a diversity of Government Center, 212 W. Main St.,
back by the water while enjoying verness events director. "Both our unique venues." Inverness.
some great music!"The event is events on the square and Pine Also, Breakroom Billiards on The market is always held on the first and
held at the King's Bay Park Street jams are rocking street Tompkins Street, across the third Saturdays of each month, featuring
Bandshell, 268 N.W Third St., concerts. Pine Street jams take parking lot from the Inverness local and fresh products with more than 40
Crystal River place on North Pine Street when Government Center, will be vendors.Choefmbauilgatsp,
Admission is free. Bring a we shut down the street and put having its ribbon cutting at local honey, handmade jewelry, essential
lawn chair; refreshments will be up our main stage 5 p.m. Saturday oils, custom signs, doggie treats and people
available for purchase. between Coach's and Brannen For information, call the city treats cookies, cupcakes, breads, jams,
Bank. We move events all over the of Inverness at 352-726-2611. jellies, produce and smoked salmon.
For more information, call market manager Eric Hansen at 352-423-4408.
The eyes have it Bunco Bash to help

spay/neuter pets
SnippetCitrus will host a Bunco Bash
Sunday, June 22, at the Citrus County
Resource Center, 2804 W. Marc Knighton
Court, Lecanto.
A From 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. there will
be snacks, Bunco Bags Auction and Share
the Wealth. Bunco will begin at 12:30 pm.
There will be help for those who do not know
how to play, as well as snacks, prizes and
fun. Everyone is welcome.
The person who registers the most people
will win four free reservations for the next
Bunco Bash. Entry is a $12 nonrefundable
donation. All proceeds will benefit
SnippetCitrus, a group of concerned Citrus County citizens seeking to reduce the
homeless population of dogs and cats in
Special to the Chronicle Citrus County. The Bunco Bash will raise


$20 per class. If not prepaid, $25. i Photos from the Suncoast
BU ZZ Artist donates to CASA Bring drawing materials and draw Sentinel, exhibit at the Coastal
Continued from Cfrom weekly still lifes or your own Heritage Museum. Photos span peSpecial totheChronicle photos, etc. Instructor specializes in rinod from 1961 to 1971; donated by
Inverness artist Sandra color pencils. Register through the paper's former publishers. 532 N.
0 Manatee Haven Decorative Copenhaver has donated Florida Artists Gallery, 352-344- Citrus Ave., Crystal River. 352-795Artists chapter of the National So- $1,253.70 to the Citrus 9300. 3 people minimum. 1755.
ciety of Decorative Painters, meets Abuse Shelter Association, 0 Complete an oil painting on a 16
second Saturday monthly at North Inc. through her project, Art by2O canvas with Carol Basso on Music
Oak Baptist Church, 9324 N. Elk- for the Homeless. Art For The June 22, noon until 4:30 p.m., all
cam Blvd., Citrus Springs. 352-270- Homeless began three years supplies included for $55. Register 0 The Country Sunshine
3256 or dynamite71 or ago, and each year has through the Florida Artists Gallery, Band, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. increased its charitable 352-344-9300. days, East Citrus Community Cen0 Community Needleworks contributions funded by the ter, 9907 E. Gulf-to-Lake Highway
Crafters meet at 10 a.m. first sale of Copenhaver's
paintings. Her work can be Festivals (State Road 44 East), Inverness.
Wednesday. All quilters, knitters sent tHer Foran rti. Call Annie at 352-465-4860.
and crochet rafters are welcome. seen at the Florida Artists 0 Pre-screening for participation 0 John Thomas traditional
acrcecrfesaewlo .GallerTern at6352-746-1973.h in the 10th annual Artisan's BouCall Terri at 352-746-1973. historic Knight House at in oe bth GFWC country music show and jam. 6
0 Florida Artists Gallery. open 8219 Orange Ave. in Floral tique sponsored by the GFWC p.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays. Oxford
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a City. For more information, Woman's Club of Inverness is Community Center, 4027 C.R.106,
week. call 352-344-9300, visit under way. Area artisans who Oxford (west end of The Villages).
0 Art Center of Citrus www.floridaartists would like an opportunity to sell Admission $5; entertainers get in
County's regular gallery hours are, or find it on their work in a unique setting are in- free. Coffee, other drinks and finger
1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. Facebook. vited to call any of the three follow- food available. 352-560-7946.
The Art Center of Citrus County is ing persons for more details: Sandy 0 P.D. Smith, classical guitar, 11
at 2644 N. Annapolis Ave., Her- Purzycki, 352-746-6168; Pat a.m. to 2p.m. Saturday at the Munando. 352-746-4089. come; completed piece every 0 Learn to design and create Skoglund, 352-344-1275 or Susan seum Caf 10466 Yulee Ave., Ho0 DownStairs Art Gallery and week. Classes every Saturday in sterling silver jewelry, 1:30 p.m. to 3 Hnat, 352-746-2889. Purzycki is mosassa. 352-628-1081. Studio, at 611 N. Citrus Ave., is Crystal River Mall, 352-382-4911. p.m. Saturdays in four-week inter- chair of this year's show and open. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Art Quilt class, 7 p.m. to 9 vals. $140 for four weeks. Materials Skoglund and Hnat are co-chairs.
Monday through Saturday and 1 p.m. Tuesdays at Whispering Pines and use of tools included. 352-564- The Boutique will be Friday and Dance

a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday. Pottery les- Park community building. Instructor 2781. Saturday, Oct. 10 and 11, at the
sons available. 352-249-6170 or Karol Kusmaul. Complete land- 0 Voice lessons. Ages 10 to GFWC Clubhouse in Inverness. c Beginners' line dancing, scapes, portraits and still lifes. $80 adult, by appointment. $15 per les- classes. 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday
for eight weeks. 352-344-0779. son. 352-564-2781. Museums ter, 2804 W. Mark Knighton Court,
Lorna Jean Gallery is at 6136 W.
Art Classes 0 Lorna Jean Gallery art Gulf-to-Lake Highway, Crystal 0 "An epic struggle: Florida's Lecanto. $3. Instructor Cher
0 Photo Safari On the Ho- classes: River. 352-564-2781. Seminole Wars," an exhibit in the Mason. Closed-toe shoes premosassa River. June 21, from 8 0 Learn to Draw for ages 6 to 0 The Florida Artists Gallery, Floral City Heritage Hall Museum, ferred. 352-527a.m. to noon, lunch included. Cost adult. $15 for group lessons. Ages historic Knight House, 8219 Orange 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Friday and 5993. is $75. Professional photographer 6 to 11, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Wednes- Ave., Floral City, offers art classes. Saturday in the old fire station at 0 Social ballroom dance Rebecca Pujals-Jones will lead a day and 11 a.m. to noon Saturday. 352-344-9300. Floridaartists- the east end of the Floral City Town classes with June Queripel, workshop through one of the most Ages 12 to 18, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Center on Orange Avenue/County Wednesdays at the Central Citrus
beautiful rivers on the Florida Na- Thursday. Adult classes 11 a.m. to 0 Painting with Oils, 1 to 3 pm Road 48. 352-860-0101, fchc@hot- Community Center, 2804 W. Marc ture Coast. For information and to noon Tuesday and Wednesday. every Tuesday. Instructor, Connie or Knighton Court, Lecanto. Dance register, call Rebecca at 352-208- 0 Watercolor Painting for Begin- Townsend. Individual instruction, 0 "The Ferris Years: From Cit- basics at 1:30 p.m. and advanced 8711 or Franklin Anderson Gallery ners, 1 to 3:30 p.m. Tuesdays and beginners to advanced. $15 per rus Groves and Ferris Wheels to at 2:45 p.m. $5. 352-527-5993 or at 352-697-2702 Wednesdays. $15 per session. session. 352-400-9757 or Connie Livestock and Berry Fields" has 352-795-3831.
0 Watercolor classes with in- Four students per session. 352- returned to the Floral City Heritage 0 Sunday Night Dances every
structor Pat Sistrand, 9 a.m. Tues- 564-2781. Painting with Acrylics, 1 to 3 pm Hall Museum by popular demand. week at Knights of Columbus, 2389
days, Citrus Springs Community 0 Art & craft classes for children every Friday. Instructor, Connie W. Norvell Bryant Hwy., Lecanto. Center. $10., click ages 6 to 10, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Townsend. Individual instruction, 0 Coastal Heritage Museum Doors open at 6 p.m. Music starts on Parks & Recreation to register. Saturdays and 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. beginners to advanced. $15 per tours, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday at 7 p.m.
352-465-7007. Wednesdays. Ages 11 to 16, 4 p.m. session. 352-400-9757 or Connie through Saturday, Coastal Heritage 0 Country Line dancing
0 Pen and ink with oil roug- to 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays. $60 per Museum, 532 Citrus Ave., Crystal classes, 9 to 11 a.m. Thursdays,
ing and watercolor batiks. In- month. Materials included. Classes 0 Drawing classes to all levels to River. Extended hours 10 a.m. to 5 Beverly Hills Recreation Center. $3 structor Lois Owens. $20 plus limited to eight students. 352-564- with John Romaine, instructor. p.m. the second Saturday monthly. nonmembers. 352-746-4882 or
some materials. Beginners wel- 2781. Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to noon. Prepay Free. 352-795-1755. 352-527-3738.


Hwy.40 ivUeerr

Citrus Avenue BEE us S 0
In 1986, Michael Lu HIL.
opened Mr. Wangs and CRYSTA AM,
immediately provided his RIVER
patrons with the best .
authentic Chinese food and KingsBayDrive SR
the friendliest service in Citrus Opt,,iCounty. we
The family-oriented restaurant offers i R Npol.
what Lu regards as the best Chinese cook who not only I Tu
Stump k
provides a variety of Chinese dishes, but also provides Ozenorai Ku,
specialty orders at the request from patrons, cooked the way 2 CR

they want it, and to their total satisfaction, knowing that 4
making their patrons happy will keep them coming back for Hail -ver Grover Cleveland INVERNESS 1
Keeping those patrons coming back is vital for Mr.Wangs as

Michael Lu anticipates and is focused on the future of manyIFO I
more years of Chinese food offerings to the Citrus County HOMOSASSA CT
Mr. Wangs is located at 3906 5. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa.
Call 352-628-6366. esWa n o 's


CULL LIQUOR IbAR I eersnfkt_opn MoSrn-Paa(ein .e' f~i 96SuncoAM-tP ,Id Toal OFF: Chicken S meri. Wd S -8* pm
Sunpe06 NSoaWM: ri314vdI.
2:0m H~~aSprings Dlz t~idH,, In*, m Tota Pucase
S.&Tel. (552) 62A-6 6 iDrink spcals exclded ............
P~~~ax: (52) 628-99+6 I Epi...../4
S.R. 200 on the Wihhlacoochee River
352-854-2288 _____________________therFnest SEAFOOD AT ITS BEST! HIGLADSRFml
Serving Try Our Fisholicious Specials RGH ANarnt

1 Freshest e odr BREAKFASTe, LUNCHh ,DINNER_______wihb.upo Liv $50C OB0CP'WlTJ 4Th OE ALL DAY '
All You Can Eat Catfish-*Shrimp ~ MieLbtr~LNHSE~lS$2
Florida Gator Frog Leg s Oystel ANew England Clam Chowder l Dan's Famous i M l-3pm Include~oup & Potato

And Citrus County's Best Open Flame Grill Clam9Ne EngladerFO .
hc uc tas ~kCosDine In Coupon Requied. Dine In Only. Coupon Required. Includes 2 Sides & Dessert
Tender Chicken Breasts l LM Epes3 4~ xpires 6/30/14 FISHEV R D Y
S Come vstour second locationo0 n ..... t 2 LOCATIONS FRYEV R D Y T
square in Historic iOwniown Inver s- 7364 Grover Cieveiand Bivd. Homosassa Cl lwadFec re
Tiwda-Sunday I2:00pm-k00pm 352-628-9588 __ole__ Slaw__ and__French___Friessue-72-22y2D Highway 44, Crystai River Open 7DaysaWeek: Mon,-Sat.7am-8pro,Sun 7am-2pro 241 *2fl2fl
...... ..MONDAY 352-795-9081 3066 S. Florida Ave. Inverness, FL 34450O 1 IO UVOJV


Special InterestMuiOUOFC NT

upcoming events at rehearsals 0 Hernando HarmoDadeBatlefeld istricnizers, part of Men's BarStae arkinlud:U Second Sunday opens doors at 6:45 p.m.
0 Patriotic Family Fun Sunset Drum Circle, two and starts rehearsals at
day: July 5, from 4 to 8 p.m. WANT YOUR EVENT IN THE BUZZ? Email and in- hours before sunset, Sun- 7 p.m. Mondays, Nativity
0 Nature Day Camp: clude the name of the event, the time, date and place, tickets prices, a contact person's days, Fort Island Trail Lutheran Church fellowJuly 14 to 18, from 9 a.m. name, phone number and email address and any other pertinent information. In the sub- Beach Park, Crystal River, ship hall, 6363 Commerto 3 p.m. Cost is $75/child, ject line of the email, type 'Attention Buzz." Photos need to be high resolution. Identify at far end of beach. Circle cial Way, Spring Hill. ages 8 to 12. Lunch and the people in the photo and the event. Please include a contact name, phone number begins an hour and a half Written arrangements, T-shirt provided. Each day and email address. Deadlines for the Buzz submissions are 5 p.m. Friday for the follow- before sunset. Bring training techniques and features a different ing Friday's edition. The Chronicle reserves the right to edit notices. For more informa- drums and percussion in- professional direction proAnimal/Plant theme from tion, call 352-563-5660. struments. Chair neces- vided. 352-556-3936 or
snakes to plants. Lots of sary; beverages optional. 352-666-0633. BASS
hands-on activities each day. 352-344-8009 or 352-746- harmonySingR@aol .com.
0 College of Central 0655. 0 Summer Springs
Florida International Film 0 Citrus County chap- Sweet Adelines Chorus
Series at Building 8, Room ter of "Chorus of the invites women to rehearse
110 of the CF Ocala Cam- Highlands" Barbershop from i to 3:30 p.m. Monpus, 3001 S.W. College Harmony Society, 6:30 days in Ascension
Road, Ocala. Free. p.m. every Tuesday in In- Lutheran Church, 5730
0 Crystal River Preserve verness. 352-382-0336. 28th Street at Baseline
State Park boat tour, 10:30 0 The Nature Coast Road, Ocala. Membership
a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Mondays, Community Band, re- not required. Carpool
Wedesaysan FrdasDance hearses from 6:30 to available from Inverness.
Crysal ive Prsere Sate8:30 p.m. Tuesdays at Nella at 352-637-5162 or
Prar Viitr Cetere $12.501 greeters First United Methodist summerspringschorus
adults; $10 children ages Paul and Debbie Church Fellowship Hall, .Com.
7 to 12; free, children 6 and Piotte, Spirit of Citrus 3896 S. Pleasant Grove 0 Nature Coast Festiyouge. Tckts n aleinDancers treasurer and Road (County Road 581). val Singers' rehearsals,
Preserve Visitor Center one secretary are always 352-746-7567. nccom 7 p.m. Mondays, Nativity
hour prio todprur;arv at the door to greet Lutheran Church, 6363
hou pio t dpatue;ariv ., ,/-dancers as they arrive, or naturecoastoommunity Commercial Way (State
no less than 15 minutes prior All dance parties are Road 50), Weeki Wachee.
to departure. 352-563-0450. open to the public. UCtu omnt 5-9-25
crystal riverstate pa Special to the Chronicle Ccrs Comi y
0 Chapter 156 of Theherea7pm.Te- Coleeerssfm
National Association of d___________________________________harse at 7at uhra:5t p.m. TusMCoraed a s fro
Watch and Clock Collec- civil dialogue with facilitator urday Village Market, in- 0 Circle Square Coin- daysrat Faloith uHal 6:45 teorg 9ApgmlMonaysa
tors (NAWCC) meeting, Kathy Bird. 3:30 p.m. Free, cludes a variety of street mons Farmers' Market Chucho Felwmeshi Hal, theorge, Anglican28t
8 a.m. fourth Sunday at VFW but reservations recoin- vendors, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. first summer hours, 9 a.m. to Lelcnto Newitmembes Cthedrcal,. 5-46S28th9
Post 4781, 9401 S.W. 110Oth mended. To sign up, call Saturday monthly, Dunnel- 1 p.m. Thursdays. Fresh welnnmen t adtio be0 .5- Stoca 352- 3 21796
St., Ocala. 352-527-2669. 352-344-9300. 8219 Orange Ion's Historic District on West seasonal produce, flowers, ginnig1at6:3 35- o 352-537-0207al.o
0 The First Florida Chap- Ave., Floral City. florida Pennsylvania Avenue, Cedar plants, fresh-baked goods, 212-1746. hoal 0Th wayne trmoalaFlorgda
ter of the Historical Novel and Walnut streets. 352-465- handmade soaps, delicious rehgarrm Ch0ol Maste Cenra Floidaon
Society meeting, 1 p.m. first 2225. pies and more. Circle Square reheam.hrses y fro 6:30 to Matr Chloircis, adtionbetrda meting focuse n0Fr es akt Market Day with Art & Commons is adjacent to On room 102 of the Sunday larly tenors and basses.
nanciaeinfomati on f FaInverss Fares Treasures, an outdoor event Top of the World Communi- School building at First Rehearsals at 7 p.m.
nacil nfrmtin or0 nvrnssFames' with plants, produce, arts, ties at 8405 S.W. 80th St. in United Methodist Church Tuesdays at Countryside
writers. Central Ridge Li- Market, about 30 vendors, crafts, collectibles and more, Ocala. 352-854-3670. Circ- of Homosassa, 8831 W. Presbyterian Church, brary, 425 W. Roosevelt fresh produce, homemade 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. second Sat- leSquareCommonsFarmers- Bradshaw St. smchorale 7768 State Road 200, in
Blvd., Beverly Hills. 727-945- crafts, baked goods and urdays on the grounds of 201 352- Ocala. 352-615-7677.
1064 or Decem- more, summer hours are Heritage Village, 657 N. Cit- 0 West End Market at the 634-2688.
ber's guest will be Beverly 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., first and rus Ave., Crystal River. 352- Crystal River Mall, 9 a.m. Gentry of the Fort Cooper third Saturdays, Inverness 564-1400. to 3 p.m. the fourth Saturday
chapter of the Daughters of Government Center parking 0 Saturday at the of every month. Features
the American revolution, lot. 352-726-2611. Market, farmers' market, fresh produce, plants and 0 b,
speaking about Christmases 0 Herry's Market Day, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays other local food-related items 0 Ir~
past. 8 a.m. to noon, last Saturday weekly, in front of the historic as well as handmade arts
0 The Sunshine State of the month at Hospice Courthouse, downtown and crafts. Air-conditioned.g g
Romance Authors Inc. Thrift Shoppe, 8471 W. Peni- Brooksville. 352-428-4275. 352-795-2585.
meetings, 10 a.m. fourth Sat- winkle Lane, Homosassa
urday monthly, 4100 S. (behind Wendy's, east of
Grandmarch Ave., Ho- U.S. 19). Herry's Market Day.
mosassa. 352-726-0162. is offering free vendor space. Y n is Rta rt
0 Community Conversa- Space is limited. 352-527tion Series, a monthly pro- 2020.
gram aimed at encouraging 0 Dunnellon's First Sat- = 0 V W

4 % Featuring
I IN~TE FEFresh Maine..
LOU SUILIEA T Pies You Can't Beat!
Wednesday-Saturday 3pmn-9prn e Sunday 8amn-7pmn
Closed on Monday &Tuesday
kSUNDAYS And special guests...
IL Serving Wonderful Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

TUVEA EDNESAYN EN SUDA -6PM 3pm-6pm Sun. Noon-6pmn
STEA NIH $1199DA % 1YOURNX VSI Half Price Wine & BeersLI H
SEeAK NIH $ B111 PF NEX eVISIT Entrees served with choice offresh homemade soup
Vegeao Mth I ...1 ROPUNRQIE X.63 or crisp house salad and yes, fresh complimentary dessert!6 5
SFriday: Traditional Cod Fish. *

1NT I~ -N~f se e *

Maoi og choice of bacon or 0t~~TI
astserve GRAB A BITE sausage or combo, or- Hspice to show movie
Macghetti ange juice and coffee or
Join the Dunnellon tea.
Masonic Lodge for a For information, call Hospice of Citrus and former wonder and
three-course spaghetti lodge on Orange Dinner is $7. Music by 352-897-4899. the Nature Coast will glory.
dinner from 3 to 5:30 Avenue, next to the Debbie G is from 6 to present the June Hospice of Citrus and
p.m. Saturday, June 21, library. 9 p.m. Call 352-344-3495, Vets'breakfast Monthly Movie Matinee the Nature Coast's
at the lodge, 20751 Pow- On the menu are pan- or visit "We Bought a Zoo" at 2 Monthly Movie Matinees
ell Road in Dunnellon. cakes, eggs your way, for in- on tap June 22 p.m. Monday, June 23, at are presented to the enTickets are available sausage, biscuits and formation about all post Inverness Elks Lodge 8471 W Periwinkle Lane, tire community at no at the door for $8 for gravy, grits, toast and events. 2522 announces its next Suite B, Homosassa. cost. They offer support
adults and $4 for chil- beverage for a $6 dona- veterans' breakfast will "We Bought a Zoo" for individuals dealing
dren. tion. Enjoy ancakes be from 8 to 11 a.m. stars Matt Damon and with grief and loss in a
For information, call After Saturday, there Sunday, June 22. They Scarlett Johansson and supportive environment.
Ann Morin, 352-446- will be no fish fry until with Lions club will serve eggs to order, is the true story about a Discussion time will fol4928. September The Beverly Hills bacon, sausage, single dad who decides low "We Bought a Zoo"
Lions Club will host its omelets, pancakes, tea his family needs a fresh and popcorn and snacks FC Masons to Roasted chicken pancake breakfast from and coffee. start, so he and his two are available to all.
8 to 11 a.m. Sunday, All veterans and ac- children move to the For more information
serve breakfast dinner on tap June 22, at 72 Civic tive-duty personnel, eat most unlikely of places: or to make reservations,
Floral City Masonic The public is wel- Circle Drive. for free. Donations are a zoo. With the help of call Jonathan Beard at
Lodge No. 133 will serve come to join the VFW Cost for adults is $4 accepted for other an eclectic staff and 352-527-2020. Visit Hosits monthly breakfast Post 4337 family for a and children younger guests. with many misadven- pice of Citrus and the
(third Saturday of every roasted chicken breast than 12 eat for $2. This For more informa- tures along the way, the Nature Coast on Facemonth) from 8 to 10 a.m. dinner from 5 to 7 p.m. includes all the pan- tion, call the lodge at family works to return book or at www.hospice Saturday June 21, at the Saturday, June 21. cakes you can eat, 352-726-2027. the dilapidated zoo to its

C I T R U C 0 U N T Y


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AA Tile Floor Cleaning Pet Odor
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& Then Present This Ad For An continuing to vote u 1 HALLWAY RECIR CA
W OF U :::: REEf (with purchase .. a
EUm $100 OFF oF RooF iv, Best of the Best! LM T DEprs73111Exie7/14cuhlosat
(Must present ad at timeofsinin9contract) Fro,2009thru2013 LIC./INS CCC057537 1 (4328)352-794-0270 www.aaaroofingflorida.corn 563-0411 e 726-8917 CR-C057844
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Irrigation Repairs & Mr. Tile Cleaner
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Wayne 1. Webb 352-564-4114 352-400-1442 352.726.228 C0ny n 20
00011N Licensed & Insured :,Lcne nue

C ~Page C5 -FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014



to host ioci ceter Ci~trus choristers abroad

There will be a presentation
given by Shirley Hall Stoeff at Local singers treo Franc0 tr 170th anniversary observances
7 p.m. Saturday, June 2 1, at 10156 illf't &l4I.LJl4155VI 34I
E. Norvell Bryant Highway
(County Road 486) Hernando, Special to the Chronicle The husband of one of the singers, French village to be liberated during the
across from Dollar General. 87-year-old James Shirk, is a veteran of invasion. The Cathedral of Bayeux is the
Stoeff is a published author On Sunday, June 15, about 20 members the D-Day landings, and it will be his first site of the final concert on June 22. medium and channeler and will of the Citrus Community Concert Choir return visit since that day He was a ma- Upon returning, the choir will resume talk about colors and energy med- departed for France to participate in 70th chine gunner on one of the landing craft, full rehearsals for its series of summer itation to empower people. anniversary celebrations commemorat- and on its second trip to the beach, his concerts featuring the music of
Everybody is invited to attend; ing the June 6, 1944, invasion of vessel was destroyed by German artillery Burt Bacharach. no RSVP required. Normandy by Allied forces during Although seriously wounded, he As of now, the concerts are scheduled
For more information, call World War 11. survived, for Friday Aug. 1; Sunday, Aug. 3; Friday,
Aviva at 352-419-7800. The program, titled 'A Salute to Valor" The choir's first concert was presented Aug. 8; and Sunday Aug. 10 (during which
and will be performed by almost 100 in Paris at La Trinite Church during the will be the presentation of scholarships
Brit American Social singers and four musicians under the di- afternoon of June 19. The second per- to the 2014 recipients).
rection of the noted American composer formance will be the evening of Saturday, Locations and performance times will Club to end season Ed Lojeski. June 21, in Sainte Mere Eglise, the first be announced later
The British American Social
Club will have its last meeting of
the season at 7 p.m. Monday, June Irish Am erican S h l r h p
23, at the Crystal River Women's S h l r h p
Club, 320 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal I'sl na w
River This meeting will be a AMERICANIRISmH
purely social gathering for mem- '
bers to get together and discuss their plans or the summer while *'
enjoying sub sandwiches, ice A
cream and camaraderie.
The club meets the fourth Monday monthly and provides a social
venue for those of British heritage, culture or history to meet in
a friendly atmosphere. There is a
wide program of activities, out- '
ings and dining excursions
throughout the year
For more information, visit or call Dave ,;~$
Jones at 352-382-3418.

Hospice to show movie ~

Monday in Homosassa
Hospice of Citrus and the Na-ture Coast will present the June
Monthly Movie Matinee "We
Bought a Zoo" at 2 p.m. Monday,
June 23, at 8471 W Periwinkle A
Lane, Suite B, Homosassa. L**
"We Bought a Zoo" stars Matt
Damon and ScarlettJohansson
and is the true story about a sin--_gle dad who decides his family
needs a fresh start so he and his A
two children move to the most unlikey ofplacs: azoo.WiththeSTEPHEN E. LASKO/for the Chronicle help of an eclectic staff and with Receiving the 2014 Irish American Scholarship award May 20 at the Irish American Club in Homosassa are Barbara Stewart, left, many misadventures along the standing in for Halley Hargis, and Connor Duke, Abigail Mattingly and Richard Cernich. Presenting the awards is club president
way, the family works to return Chuck Kowalski. the dilapidated zoo to its former
wonder and glory
Hospice of Citrus and the Na wmn
ture Coast's Monthly Movie Matinees are presented to the entire Do youkn w as e i0
community at no cost. They offerkn w as e ilom?
support for individuals dealing
with grief and loss in a supportive
environment Discussion time Nominations open for Citru County's 'Women oflmpact -2014'
will follow and popcorn and
snacks are available to all.
For more information or to Special to the Chronicle selves businesswomen and ac- women who truly have made a Chronicle by 5 p.m. Friday,
make reservations, call Jonathan tive community participants, difference in the community. July 11. Nominations may be
Beard at 352-527-2020. Do you know a woman who each year select the Women of Nomination format delivered to the Chronicle ofis so good at what she does Impact from nominations sub- Nominations may be typed fice in Meadowcrest or the ofthat you'd like to see her hon- mitted from the community. or handwritten, no longer than fice in Inverness, or mail H sienesored publicly? Those chosen will be fea- one 8.5 by 11 page. nominations to: Chronicle,
volunteer courier This is the time to nominate tured in a special section of More than one woman may 1624 N. Meadowcrest Blvd.,
her for recognition as one of the Chronicle on Aug. 27, and be nominated, but each nomi- Crystal River FL 34429. Hospice of Citrus and the Na- the county's Women of Impact honored at the annual Altrusa nation must be on a separate Nominations may also be ture Coast is offering a volunteer -2014. awards dinner on Sept 4. sheet faxed to the Chronicle at 352courier opportunity For the 18th year, the Citrus Who should be nominated? Nominees must be Citrus 563-5665 or emailed to
Volunteers are an integral part County, Chronicle and Altrusa Altrusa is looking for County residents. womenofimpactqchronicle
of Hospice of Citrus and the Na- of Citrus County Inc. are spon- specifics on the quality of each Include the following infor- onlinecom. Submit via online ture Coast and getting started is soring the program to honor nominee's contributions. Why mation for each nomination: form at http ://bit ly/lsculMu.


FRIDAY EVENING JU NE 20,2014 C:Comcast, Citrus B: BrightHouse D/ ComcastDunnellon &Inglis F:OakForest H: Holiday Heights North 06-20-14
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i (WMI FOX 13 7 7 Simpsons Simpsons Big Bang Big Bang 24: Live Another Day Gang Related'14' FOX 35 News at 10 TMZ'PG' Access
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* "Hannibal Rising" (2007, Suspense) **' "Shutter Island" (2010, Suspense) Leonardo DiCa rio, Mark ** "Angels & 55 64 55 Gaspard Ulliel, Gong Li.'R' c Ruffalo. A 1950s lawman hunts an escaped murderess. '' Demons"(2009) 'PG-13'
T52 35 52 19 21 reehouse Masters: Treehouse Masters (In Treehouse Masters (In The Pool Master (In Treehouse Masters (N) The Pool Master (In PHILLIP ALDER ( 52 35 52 19 21 Out on a Limb 'PG' Stereo) 'PG' Stereo) 'PG' Stereo) 'PG' (In Stereo)'PG' Stereo) 'PG'
Newspaper Enterprise Assn.
106 & Park"Top 10 The Message 'PG' ** "Fat Albert"(2004, Comedy) Kenan Thompson, Kyla Outkast Think Li.- ComicView ( J 96 19 96 Countdown" (N 'PG' Pratt, Shedrack Anderson Ill.'PG' c Relo. Man
AV 254 51 254 *** "Speed" (1994) Keanu Reeves. **' "The Fastandthe Furious"(2001) Vin Diesel. "The Fastandthe Furious" Hesiod, an early Greek poet, said, "Observe
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FX 30 60 30 51 Howl I Met How I Met How I Met Howl I Met **' "lron Man 2" (2010) Robert Downey Jr. The superhero must forge *' a "lron Man 2" partner would remember that he had not im327 67 320 5 Cetrl GATornew alliances and confront a powerful enemy.'PG-i1' (2010) 'PG-13' mediately made a two-heart overcall. North
(IF) 727 67 727 Central PGA Tour Golf Travelers Championship, Second Round. PGA Tour Golf
The Waltons The The Waltons "The The Waltons "The "Remember Sunday" (2013, Romance) Alexis Golden Golden cue-bid two spades to show a strong hand and 59 68 59 45 54 Beginning"'G' Pearls"'G' Victims"'G' c Bledel, Zachary Levi.'NR'c Girls Girls ask his partner to bid no-trump with a spade
h 1 "White Noise"(2005) Michael Game of Thrones (In Game of Thrones Dany must face Real Time With Bill Real Time With Bill stopper (Five clubs can be defeated after a S 302 201 302 2 2 Keaton.'PG-13' c Stereo) 'MA' harsh realities.'MA' c Maher (N)'MA' m Maher'MA' c trump lead.)
*' "Broken City"(2013) Mark The Last Week ** "The Purge" (2013, Suspense) True Blood "Turn! Turn! True Blood (In Stereo) East beats four hearts if he shifts to the dia303 202 303 Wahlberg. 'R' cc Leftovers To. Ethan Hawke. 'R' cc Turn!" 'MA' 'MA' E
IIIV 23 57 23 42 52 Property Property Hunt Intl Hunters Love It or List It Love It or List It'G' Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl mond queen at trick two. This gives the deMysteries of the American Pickers (In American Pickers (In American Pickers (In American Pickers (In American Pickers"Back fenders the tempo to collect one spade, two i 51 54 51 32 42 Freemasons'PG' Stereo) 'PG' c Stereo) 'PG' c Stereo) 'PG' c Stereo) 'PG' c Breaker"'PG hearts and one diamond. But that is not clearWife Swap Avery- Celebrity Wife Swap (In Celebrity Wife Swap (In Wife Swap "Envy/ Little Women: LA "The To Be Announced cut. 24 38 24 31 Lamb/Martin"'14 Stereo) PG' c Stereo) PG' c Loudon"'14'c Ex-Factor"'14' If East tries to cash a second spade trick,
If East tries to cash a second spade trick,
i 50 119 ery* "Vows of Deception"(1996 Suspense) AnR Evtn She Ever Wanted A woman's taste for high society has dangerous conse- South should ruff and be willing to give the de50 119 Cheryl Ladd. NR' [quences. '14, D,IS,VN South should ruffand be wilng to give the de32 3 "Identity Thief" (2013) Jason *** "Pitch Perfect" (2012, Musical Comedy) **' "The Devil's Advocate" 1997, Suspense) Keanu fenders one spade and two hearts. He should 320 221 320 3 3 Bateman.'NR' c Anna Kendrick. (In Stereo) 'PG-13' c Reeves, Al Pacino. (In Stereo) R c ignore the trump finesse and cash his top
MSNl) 42 41 42 PoiticsNation (N) arda wt unrs A In with unris Hayes i Ne Hachel Maddow LocKup LocKup hearts. Then he turns to the clubs and gets his
Access 360 "St. When Aliens Attack Fighting back in case of an Science of Science of Ice Holes Ice Holes Science of Science of diamond losers away in time. 109 65 109 44 53 Petersburg" (N) 'G' attack. 14, V' Stupid Stupid (N)'14' (N) 14' Stupid Stupid
i 28 36 28 35 25 Web Sam & "Mr. Magorium'sWonderEmporium"'G' Full H'se Full H'se Full H'se Full H'se Friends Friends
W) 103 62 103 Police- Dallas Police- Dallas Oprah: Where Now? Oprah: Where Now? Oprah: Where Now? Oprah: Where Now? -0 THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME
(X 44 123 ** "House Party 2" (1991) 'R' c ** "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail" (2009) c "Madea Goes to Jail" Aby David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
(ll~iW) 340 241 340 4 "Between Us" "Deep Impact" (1998, Drama) Robert n** "A Case of You" (2013) Justin Nurse Penny Dreadful (In nscramb these ou umbes
(2012) 'R' cc Duvall, T6a Leoni. (In Stereo) PG-13' Long. (In Stereo) R' cc JacKI one letter to each squar toda e w you benm
'my "Coming to America"(1988) Eddie Mur hy An "TradingPlaces"(1983) Dan Aykroyd. Two men's lives "Eddie to form four ordinary words. omee ys gn toon
37 43 37 27 36 Cousin" African prince and his royal sidekicK come to ueens. are altered by a bet made between tycoons. Murphy" / I still have ,
**' "Before n "Hostaqe"(2005, Action) Bruce Willis, "White House Down" (2013) ChanningTatum. Power CNIWE 1 m- to doin
(STHI7J 370 271 370 Midnight" (2013) 'R' Kevin Polla. (In Stereo) 'R' Paramilitary soldiers take over the White House. c (iTV)'MA'- t eegy
Florida Rays Live! MLB Baseball Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays. From Tropicana Field Rays Live! Inside the Inside the Graham 36 31 36 Insider (N) in St. Petersburg, Fla. (N) (In Stereo Live) (N) Rays Rays Bensinger 014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
Defiance Dominion Alex Lannon learns he is WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) (In Stereo) Continuum "The Dying Dominion "Pilot"'14' All Rghs Reserved. ( 31 59 31 26 29 14' destined to lead humanity. '14' 'PG'c Minutes" (N)'14' DIDYG
fl 49 23 49 16 19 Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Fam. Guy Fam. Guy [Fam. Gu Fam. Guy Funniest Wins Funniest WinsI ,
"The Private Life of MGM Parade **' "Against All Flags" (1952) ***Y "Captain Blood" (1935, Adventure) Errol "The Sea 169 53 169 30 35 Sherlock Holmes" Errol Flynn.'NR' Flynn, Basil Rathbone.'NR' a Hawk" I I
Deadliest Catch (In Siberian Cut "Russian Siberian Cut "Age Old Chrome Underground Chrome Underground Chrome Underground ( ) 53 34 53 24 26 Stereo)'PG'c Roulette"'PG' Enemies"'PG' IN (N)'PG' I PREETX
(L 50 46 50 29 30 FourWeddings'PG FourWeddings'PG' Say Yes Say Yes SayYes |Say Yes Gown |Gown SayYes SayYes "
350 261 350 "Java ** "Man on a Ledge"(2012) Sam **' "Dark Skies" (2013, Science Fiction) Keri **' "Django Unchained"(2012, Western) 5,F. PL.AN TO
350 261 350 Heat"'R' Worthington. PG-13 a Russell. (In Stereo) PG-13' c Jamie Foxx. (In Stereo) 'R' WOHK IN LANN P TON
Cold Justice'14' c Cold Justice'14' c Cold Justice'14' c Cold Justice (N) '14' c "From Paris WithLove"(2010, Action) ) UNTIL- 5HF --tiiD 48 33 48 31 34 John Travolta.'R' c(DVS) CEMAAR IL
(D4 38 58 38 33 Teen Gumball Adven Regular King/Hill |King/Hill Cleveland Cleveland American |American Fam. Guy Fam. Guy -7 1 Now arrange the circled letters
(I) 9 106 9 44 Bizarre Foods Food Food Bizarre Foods Monumental Myster Mysteries-Museum Mysteries-Museum Ige to form the surprise answer, as
(i 25 55 25 98 55 Most Shocking Pawn Pawn Pawn IPawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn suggested by the above cartoon.
( 32 49 32 34 24 Walker |Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan'sl Island'G' Boss Boss King King King King Answer Y" "
NCIS"Phoenix"'PG' Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Playing Playing here:
47 32 47 17 18 N (DVS) Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family House House (Answers tomorrow)
Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot Camp: Mystery Millionaire (N) Marriage Boot Camp: Jumbles: CABIN ARBOR AFLAME ITALIC
(D 117 69 117 Reality Stars '14' Reality Stars Reality Stars 14' Reality Stars (N)'14 Reality Stars'14' Yesterday'sI Answer: Thecost to change his flightwas goingto be
W 18 18 18 18 20 MLB Baseball Funny HomeVideos Mother |Mother Mother Mother Mother |Mother Mother |Mother $600. He didn'tthinkthatwas -"AIR-FAIR"

ACROSS 38 Lah-di- Answer to Previous Puzzle earAnnie: My hus- haven't a clue. Any sugges- do make it easy on a family
1 Coffee holder 39 Not very band of four years in- tions? -Fluffy's Competition that is grieving. This is a
4 Tummy strong
4 m 41 Chromosome N SED V ILA sists on keeping a Dear Competition: We stressful time, and those who
7 muGorillaes unit I R E N E ACTED picture of his cat as the agree that this seems to be an tried to make us play guess10 Memorable 42 Thin cookie L O A D ED AT TE N D screensaver on his cellphone. unusually close attachment ing games only made it
decade 44 Showery mo. C' Shre
decade 4 Sho' m W R EC KS MD Occasionally, he'll switch it The screensaver is the least harder
13 Weed out 47 Almost free AGA BU out for a photo of one of his of your problems. The fact Also, if you have a story you
14 Kids' card (2 wds.) kids, but the cat al- that your husband want to share, please rememgame 52 Wheel rod ways comes back would rather con- ber that the time for the visi15 Ad award 53 Disarray as the "top dog." sole his cat while tation is limited. Instead,
1' Mdm 5 rous NEl B O LE PANSY It's never a picture you are undergoing consider calling a week or so
17 Mischief- 55 Mock EDS D ISC Z EUS of me. a seven-hour sur- after the service. I'm lonely
maker 56 Town near E "Fluffy" also en- gery indicates now and would love to hear
19 Madrid 57 Not ju s U FT 0 [F C IAL joys the top prior- skewed priorities, your remembrance. -R.
20 Dustcloth 58 Arbor, C I TR IC FL E S ity in other areas of And the "bonding Dear R.: Thank you for re21 Orlando Michigan AT IN DA LA I our life. For in- time" in the bath- minding people that a forthattraction 59 e by AT MS ASSET stance, the day I room is raising all right and simple approach is
26 Vikings 60 Sixth sense 4 Aluminum 8 Fern or moss had major surgery, kinds of questions. best. People often become
28 Reuben bread company 9 Ticklish my husband What, exactly, are awkward and uncomfortable
20 overactor DOWN 5 Deli staple Muppet dropped me off at they doing in there when confronted with those
30 Marble blocks 1 Cat calls 6 Use a letter 12 Also-ran the front door of that you cannot use in mourning and sometimes
34 Clitfside 2 Europe-Asia opener 13 Scrub, as a A I '
34 dde 2rane- 7 deor 1 ubh the hospital and ANNIE'S the room? In any blurt out insensitive things.
36 After taxes 3 Big steel town companion 18 Halter then took Fluffy to MAILBOX event, your hus- DearAnnie: I read the letWant more puzzles? 22 Discreet the vet and spent band is more at- ter from "Feeling Helpless,"
Check out the "Just Right Crossword Puzzles" books summons the day with her I tached to Fluffy whose friend screams at her
at QuillDriverBookseom ]23 Rollover subj.
"-2 3 8 s 6 9 24 Do Easter am not ranting about some than he is to you and values husband nonstop. That could
eggs minor grievance. I was in sur- her companionship more. have been me. I yelled at my
o- -- 25 Always, to gery for seven hours, so this This is unlikely to change. husband at the top of my
__ __Byron
1. 27 Old Dodge was serious. Dear Annie: We recently lungs because he made me so
model The cat gets better treat- buried my mother and held a angry and frustrated. The
1s -. 29 Roll-call cry ment than I do and a lot more service in celebration of her reason was that he would
22 3 Lemon cooler affection. If it weren't for my life. There was a visitation check out every woman he
33 That yacht allergies, Fluffy would be one hour prior to the service, saw. It didn't matter that his
23 21 2b 26 2 35 Chancier sleeping with us. Even so, I've I cannot count the number of teenage children were with
e 37 Went by, as awakened to find the cat's people who came through the him. I finally survived by ig: .830 i 32' 33 time ,
40 Good smell rear end next to my face. I line and said, "I bet you don't noring his behavior I just
: -- I 41 Watchdog's find this disgusting. I even know who I am" or "I know considered that he was a jerk
I .. _warning have to wait to use the bath- you remember me" and then (and still is). Hope for the
39 40 II I I 434kGraee cor Fred room to get ready for work, stood there grinning while Helpless
4 as - 45 Out of style because my husband and they waited to see whether I
.. 46 Where Fluffy are having "bonding could guess their name. Annie's Mailbox is written
Tijuana is time." Annie, my sister and I live out by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy
-. .. .. 48 Verne captain
52 53 b4 49 Woodwind I do not feel this is normal of state and hadn't seen these Sugar longtime editors of the
.instrument behavior I think it's an un- people in more than 20 years. Ann Landers column. Please
50 Gehrig and healthy relationship with a When I couldn't recall their email your questions to
-s 51 Lawmani pet. I have attempted to dis- names, they acted hurt.,
... - Wyatt cuss this with my husband Please, folks, at a memorial or write to: Annie's Mailbox,
6-20 CSi 2014 UFS, Dist by Universal Uclick for urs several times without suc- service, just put out your Creators Syndicate, 737 Third
cess. He has had Fluffy for hand, introduce yourself and St., Hermosa Beach, CA
six years and obviously say how you knew the de- 90254. To find out more about
WANT MORE PUZZLES? prefers interacting with her ceased. You are precious to Annie's Mailbox visit the
Look for Sudoku and Wordy Gurdy puzzles in the Classified pages. to spending time with me. come and pay tribute to any- Creators Syndicate Web page
Why he needs a wife, I one who has passed away, but at


Peanuts Garfield

210F04 &NA-t& I'M EXHAVMI! :ioORF wk. NO, SOT qoU GOT FOCRZ IITE fM~ RMNiCe 0C
DAE~Nt A RUN Pfl A4ILEE .Y5 K -__A

M'M;4t E4 m'.. Cn .C r LK

C, ITT., L *

Pickles For Better or For Worse

W1AT~ Q19 Y0 go A1TACI4EP rf MAYBE WE'LL B~rRC~i AD L l IO IZE R ~caBaNVnSj
MIA -rAATao tof ~ 10OG~OE'S &CLrE.-VIPEOF tOD -so I wpmrNT1H o -. kHRTSLEF-P

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G-206:7- .. ...

Dilbert The Grizzweiis


The Born Loser Biondie


Kit 'N Carlle Rubs DenistheMenac The Family Circus


.~ .21 .PS .n .- I think we might need to buy
N--. some TV advertising."
DisIribu-d by Un.meisaE Uwick for urs _____________________________" JUST 4114K, 30E4, I'Va EEN A lOP

Doonesbury Classic

r7- -11r Betty

AMfF_ a4aWAl R41t; =I / &%1r ~ O AmW FaJD4N A A 150T WHO YOUMI' IREWRPNG;m M IRI
;5u 7M MrV*~ C t t 4tI m

Big Nate rnkX rtz


Review: More is less in overstuffed 'Think' sequel

FRANK S CHECK uations that it's exhaust- on such cliched plot eleThe Hollywood Reporter ing simply trying to keep ments as the men relucup, is no less so. Director tantly joining an amateur
LOS ANGELES (AP) Tim Story and screen- male stripper contest in
Based on Steve Harvey's writers Keith Merryman an attempt to make
best-selling, comic rela- and David A. Newman enough money to pay for
tionship advice to me seem mainly intent on the hotel suite much
'Act Like a Lady," "Think exploiting the Vegas set- to the surprise of their
Like a Man," was a box- ting to the nth degree, women who have venoffice hit two years ago, with the proceedings tured to the club for a
so ifs not surprising that practically coming across bachelorette party.
it's been accorded a se- as a paid advertisement There's also the requiquel. Featuring the en- for Caesars Palace. site comic shopping
tire original ensemble, Hart is clearly the montage, and a faux
including Kevin Hart, as dominant presence with music video in which the
well as several new addi- his motormouthed line distaff castmembers liptions to the cast "Think delivery and manic phys- sync to Bell Biv DeVoe's
Like a Man Too" is a icality, but while he 1990 hit "Poison." The
frantic, overstuffed fol- scores plenty of laughs, expected celebrity
low-up that, with its Las he's also forced to per- cameos include Drake
Vegas setting, more form such embarrassing and boxer Floyd Mayclosely resembles a Associated Press scenes as a Risky Busi- weather, with the latter
"Hangover" sequel than This photo released by Sony Pictures shows, from left, LaLa Anthony as Sonia, Mea- ness parody in which he making Mike Tyson seem
its relatively restrained gan Good as Maya, Taraji P. Henson as Lauren, Regina Hall as Candace, Gabrielle frenziedly dances a comic genius by compredecessor. While the Union as Kristen and, rear, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Tish, in a scene from Screen around his hotel suite in parison. Kelsey Gramfilm seems poised for Gems' "Think Like A Man Too." his underwear The rest mer also shows up for a
major box-office success, of the action is divided couple of scenes, to little
it mainly squanders the (Jerry Ferrara) and Kris- in his old stomping impaired lothario now between so many charac- effect.
talents of its talented ten (Gabrielle Union) are grounds as "Zeke the on a trial separation ters that few of the per- "Think Like a Man
cast and is bound to test at odds over her desper- Freak." from his shrewish wife, formers manage to make Too," a Sony Pictures rethe patience of more dis- ate desire to get preg- Also on hand are the Gail (Wendy Williams) much of an impression, lease, is rated PG-13 by
criminating audiences. nant. Lauren's (Taraji P group's dorky friend who mistakenly assumes with the exception of the Motion Picture AssoEach of the first film's Henson) and Dominic's Bennett (Gary Owen) and the role of Michael's best Lewis as the domineer- ciation of America for
four couples are again (Michael Ealy) relation- his fashion-challenged man for the wedding and ing mother who enjoys a "crude sexual content infacing relationship is- ship is threatened when wife, Tish (the reliably impulsively books a lav- one-night stand with the eluding references, parsues. Mama's boy she receives a lucrative amusing Wendi Mclen- ish hotel suite, complete suave, smooth talking tial nudity, language and
Michael (Terrence J) and job offer that entails don-Covey); Mya's best with a private British "Uncle Eddie" (Dennis drug material." Running
single mother Candace moving to New York. And friend, Sonia (La La An- butler, that he thinks is Haysbert). time: 106 minutes.
(Regina Hall) are about Mya (Meagan Good) is thony); and Michael's for- $4,000 a night but actu- Making a token nod to MPAA rating definition
to get married, much to unable to get over her mer fraternity brothers ally costs 10 times that. its literary inspiration for PG-13: Parents
the consternation of his discomfort with Zeke's Isaac (Adam Brody) and If that description with relationship-ori- strongly cautioned. Some
overbearing mother, (Romany Malco) reputa- Terrell (David Walton). seems overwhelming, the ented narration by Hart material maybe inapLoretta (Jenifer Lewis). tion as a player, espe- And of course there's film, which juggles so that barely makes an im- propriate for children
Newlyweds Jeremy cially when he's greeted Cedric (Hart), the height- many characters and sit- pression, the film relies under 13.

ITo place an ad, call 563-5966

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r and



N II .The Time

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Trdig NMn CWDr Hernanco Open Thursday PET ADOPTION 6 2 3 9 5 7 8 1
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person to Liquidate CslaFhu 880 N. Trucks Ave, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Veouaptb
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Floral Print Inverness _______ Please Fax Resume NE EDIRCA'S
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__ 32 9-05LOST PUG llllllll________ & HHA'S IN
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bed/bunks. Outside Springs area. Reward "'ap irha CNA's with Hospital,
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4 58 2003 27' walk around H' I)'. Only $28.50 Send Resume to:
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Tra-bsy-327-487 & Citrus Springs 10:00 AM. till 1:00 busy medical office. Accountant!
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fWWW E or your cars or trucks RECORDING ARTIST on vaccines for age person yahoo.comn meet deadlines.
.=-,%also biggest U-Pull-It RUDY MICELLI appropriate. HpyBirthday Requirements
with thousands of vehi- Phone 352-613-1629 with a classi- ____________ include a B.S. in
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2 KITTENSDY ,880 N. Trucks Aye, Conant. Call our Hourly & Live-in, Resumes may be
*SidingSoffit ,FasciaSkirtingRoofoversCarports ,Screen RoamsDecksWindows OorsAditians 1male, 1 female Henno L nLo o h ilsiidD p LexIle sC E.fra edt w ~dacdlmn m firsc m black, 3 weeks old June 21 at 7:00 p.m. white building with for details LVNCAEkokeefe@
wwavneaunn m firscm(352) 220-0237 Everyone welcome, the bright paw prints. 352-563-5966 (352) 860-0885


Exp. Pet Stylist Housekeeper & APPLIANCES, like new PNEUMATIC TOOLS
PITnCURCH Exp.Pet tylis Houekeeer &washers/dryers, stoves, DRILL AND BUTTERFor Upscal t Laundry Person fridges 30 day warranty FLY RATCHET $10
SECRETARY/ For Upscale Pet Swim to Success trade-ins, 352-302-3030 EACH OR $15 BOTH
OFFICE Resort In Lecanto Experience Preferred #1 Pool Franchise JOHN 419-5981
Must be flexible, No Phone Calls in Florida call Pat Kenmore Washer
MANAGER nurturing, experienced Applv In Person 1-813-230-7177 or Dryer, Lg. Capacity
(352) 513.4817 614 NWHwyI9 ptsufka@msn cor White, Very Good inI'IW tereo3
Must be computer BEST WESTERN _n $300. both
multitask in a fast Experienced BSUMMER (352) 795-3825 after $5
paced office. SUMMER WORK Buy/ 12 noon before 8pm 352-419-4464
Send resume to: Service Plumber LG FRONT LOADING TV APEX 20" WITH
CC Chronicle, 1624 Full-time, must have Immediate FT/PT $250ea. Reliable, & REMOTE $50
N. Meadowcrest own tools. openings, customer Clean, Great Working 352-613-0529
Blvd., Crystal River, Billy the Sunshine sales/serv, will train, Condition paid $1500 TV STAND for
FL. 34429 Plumber conditions apply, all new LCD/LED TV w/Glass
16085 Commercial ages 17+, Call ASAP a C pasolovers@hotmail.
Way, Brooksville, FL ..352-503-4930** corn or call 875-8442 Shelf for AN equipment
34614 _$35. Call 212-2961
Local Respiratory Framers/ $15 hr Citrus Hills has RESTAURANT WHITE 30" WIDE $70 352-613-0529
opportunities for 3100 Sq. Ft. 352-613-0529 326-09
company seeks a (Ocala) part-time Fully equipped SMITTYS APPLIANCE B
highly motivated telemarketers wth liquor license. REPAIR. Also Wanted
person to call on Seeking experienced to cultivate large Possible lease to Dead or Alive Washers
Hospitals & framers, start immedi- prospect database. qualified party. & Dryers. FREE PICK 5v Crimo Roof Metal
Physicians. ately $15 an hour and Evening and week- (352) 212-4382 UP! 352-564-8179 used, 16 foot HERMAN
Applicants must up depending on expe- end hours with flexi- TOASTER OVEN, $8.00 each 6-20 LaughingStock Licensing Inc., Dist. by Universal Uclick, 2014
have excellent rience & knowledge. ble schedules. Must COFFEE MAKER & 352-447-5560
communication skills We offer benefits to be personable, ELECTRIC MIXER $30 "Pretend you're a purse snatcher...
& an outgoing include health, dental, enthusiastic and "r ed o'sn c r
personality, vision, 401 K, life computer literate. Swim to Success 352-613-0529 wanna something."
*Great entry-level insurance. We have E-mail resume to: #1 Pool Franchise Washer, Kenmore I try
position. full time work nanc@ctrushils in Florida call Pat $100. Dryer, Kenmore, HP 21" PC MONITOR
*Flexible Schedule available. Please .com or drop in 1-813-230-7177 or $100. Good condition, w2207H Flat Panel,
*Hourly rate plus come in and fill out an to complete an Can deliver $70 Call: 352-527-0868
commission application at: application at for a fee. PRINTER HP
PLEASE CALL FOR 2531 NW 35th Street 2400 N. Terra Vista SH (678) 617-5560 Printer wireless, $25. t
INTERVIEW. Ocala, Fl. 34475. Blvd, Hernando, FL TO R F- 352476-8744 Printerwireuler 16 Ars of S
352-344-9637 Between 8am-Spm. STORE 't352.o76-8744
Drug free workplace Established 4yearsFr
must pass drug test. TURN KEY, $29,000.
d (352) 447-1244 DESKCHAIR quip ent REMT
Black, Swivel Armchair Fod Dese Tacto
LAWN CARE fully adjustable EXC Model 2000
APPRAISER & AIRLINE JOBS Dunnellon with Bush Hog Finish
FIELD APPRAISER Experienced only, START HERE Get $25. 352-465-8495 Mower $6500. CONSTRUCTION CORP.
Dependable trained as FAA ALL STEEL FAX MACHINE (352) 726-8336
obtain an app. at & pass Drug Test certified Aviation exmak fax phone 352-601-1447 Technician. BUILDINGS copier. In good shape. Furnitu
click on employ- Financial aid for $25. 352-476-8744 in. .
ment tab for info qualified students. FAX MACHINE 2 Light Oak Swivel Bar
N Housing and Job Lexmark fax, phone, Stools warms,
placement assistance. copier. In good shape. never used, bought
Call Aviation Institute $25. 352-476-8744 from Town & Country
5of Maintenance PROFESSIONAL MAN- $175. (352) 860-1519 aqe,
844-210-3935 ICURE TABLE, lamp, 3 Pc. Floral Couch Set,
stool w/back, 5 drawers. $150.
i i 25 x 30 x 9 (3:12 pitch) 203-509-7638 (352) 527-4484 Picklewood Color Rear Engine Riders FOR T
Help, apply AREAS MEDICAL BILLING, Roof w/Overhang, BEIGE ITALIAN $225 OBO 30" cut, $300 ESTATE SALE
Hel t hinp ad5n ACCOUNTING 2-9 x 7 Garage Doors, LEATHER SOFA, (352) 503-2823 Snapper w/ Wisconsin Fri. 20 & Sat. 21 8a-3p
Fat Boys BBQ NS OR 4 nre e -LOVE SEAT AND ENTERTAINMENT Robin Eng. 33" cut 12480 S. Fern Point
Crystal River 2pnted and aly SERVICE, NO 4" Concrete Slab. CHAIR $300. CENTER $350 (352) 507-1490 Info & pics. at: www.
......E EXEIEC delivery ofSTLME Telephone Oak finish. Holds 27in or
NEEDED. HS/GED 30 x 30 x 9 (3:12 pitch) 352 746 9321 54in TV. Very nice. BOLEN LAWN
Chri oe r NEEDED TO APPLY. 2-9 x 7 Garage Doors Beige, wicker, $100 352-344-5311 TRACTOR 15HP Good HERNANDO
n for Sullivan and 1 Entry Door, 2 G-vents 4-drawer Chest $325 ENTERTAINMENT (352) $4 MOVING SALE
Trades/ home delivery Cogliano Training 4" Concrete Slab China/Gun Cabinet ENTER IT (352) 382-5816 I n Sa
S ilcutmr.Centers. Ch na/Gun, CabinetF) I CENTER WHITE Fri, 6/20 ad Sat. 6/2
1-800-451-0709 40x4x12(12pc DUDLEYLE Walnut Finish $75 WASHED WITH ELEC. HEDGE 8 am to 3pm
f40x40x2 (3:12 pitch) DUDLEY'S (352) 344-0101 LIGHTS $40 CUTTER BLACK & 1101 W. Stafford Street
Mstj have Roof w/Overhang, _= I Beveled Glass Table 352-613-0529 DECKER 24" HEDGE
Averitt Express i.r TRAIN FROM HOME 2-10 x 10 Roll-up Doors THURS 6-19 Estate white base, 3526132 HOG.EXC.COND.$35. HERNANDO
New Pay increase reliale-vehile 1 Entry Door, 2 G-vents Auction @Hall 3:00 w/4 padded chairs FURNITURE o 352-746.4160 SAT ONLY 8a to 2p
for Reginal Drivers. MEDICAL BILLING, 4" ConcreeSlab O de auepddchis Corner Dining Nook35-4410 ISTOL8ao2
forReina Dives!MEDCA BLLIG, 4" onret Sab Outside treasures, on casters, $1]00 Dresser /Armoire MTD, 38" New Deck off E8 Ban tn
40 to 46 CPM + A ACCOUNTING $27,995 Installed boxes of household $125. obo $150. Email for Photos: off 426 Benjamin St
Fuel Bonus! ASS'T, CUSTOMER A local Fl. Manufact. & tools 5:30 four (352) 465-2237 miaali49am. Part #983-04283-0637
Also, Post Training B SERVICE, We custom build- Estate vehicles BwSal(5422-3261 $250.
Pay increase for i to iday NO EXPERIENCE We are the factory 06'Acura MDX '96 Brown Sofa, 6f, (352) 422-3261Call (352) 433-1800
Students! Bars m NEEDED. HS/GED Meets & exceeds Lumina Van, 12' $100. CallV(5243-1800 THIS OUT!
(Depending on NEEDED TO APPLY. 2010 Fl. wind codes. Ford Fiesta, 06'Suzuki Wood 2 level coffee vFTHIS OUT! SHOVELS
DomiSullivan and Cogliano Florida Stamped" C-50,'0 Estate & table $50. 4 Shovels $15 ea. or IGH-ENDFURNITURE
G omle Training Centers. engineered drawings Designer Furniture, (352) 560-6108 HIGH END FURNITURE 4 for $50 3 heavy duty SALE*, 2ND TIME
Get Home carr iers are TriigCnes ngnee rwns DsinrFriue]dan AON EAE
EVERY Week + 1-800451-0709 All major credit Collectibles, + items- COMFORTS OF HOME SALE*, 2ND TIME scoop shovels & 1 drain AROUND RESALES
Excellent Benefits ___________, r_____ cards accepted several estates USED FURNITURE AROUND RESALES spade. 631-353-1731 270-8803, 2165 Hyt 491
cl-A Reie cMETAL Structures LLC FRI 6- 20 FOUR Real comfortsofhomeused 270-8803, 2165 Hy 491 Troy-Built lawn edger,
888-362-8608 866-624-9160 EstartuAsION HOME HOBBY TABLE Like New $ 100 OBO
ApplyLic # CBC1256991 10:00: 7825 E ***3527950121*** 36 x 59 folds to 36 x 13 (352) 637-5795 State Certified Stagecoach Trail, DAY BED in excellent condition HOMOSASSA
Equal Opportunity JumOstart your Career Building Contractor Floral ty4/2on Like new* $75 OBO 352-382-7115 68 o sCrce
Employer in Healthcarel m 3.5+/- acres Rarely ever used. King Sz Tempurpedic -bDAYSFemales, minorities, 4 wk CNA prep course 12:00: 215 S Buckley Reasonably priced Mattress & Foundation 18th thru 22nd
protected veterans & $150. (352) 503-7131 Pt Inverness 2//2 $70 (352) 527-9632 gently used, $995. CITRUS HILLS LOOK for the big tent!
indivdiuals with waterfront. DRESSER, negotiable
disabilities are Manate Tour11100: 66 & 68 nut finish, $125. (352) 746-6258 Fri, Sat, 9am to 1 pm Contents of long term
encouraged to apply. N. Sheltering Oks wal sports, tools, household resident and former anCaptain Wanted AntiqeaD r Dr. Inerness Sofa Bed & Matching New Queen Size Pillow 1327 N Man 0 War Dr. tique dealer being sold.
S014101Love Seat, Top Mattress Set Items from barn and out
pay is 4 drawer w/ wheels 2 building lots Green floral Print $275. with Frame CITRUS SPRINGS buildings include
$80. per tour $300. 2.0:6075 N. Call 352-344-0101 $175. ESTATE SALE* LOTS of Antiques
25 ton Masters NOW Antique End Table Darlington Dr. Citrus LOTS o4 Antiques
352-777-1796 ENROLLING w/ Lamp $100. Springs building lot (352) 423-4456 Fri & Sat 9am-po Furniture, glassware,
Call 352-344-0101 SAT 6- 21 TWO Queen Bed Evertina Mut.Go! Art, collectibles,
Cosmetololv 3 3 0ON-SITE & 1 Real ITHRS OUT! $150 2132 W. Magenta Dr. toolsEstate jewelry,
Casmetolog Estate AUCTIONS i/ THIS End/Coffee Tables CITRUS SPRINGS Store fixtures, lawn
: Day & Night School 9.00 ON SITE REAL ******* $60 Fri. 20 & Sat. 21 8a-2p mowers, & much, much
ESTATE & CONTENTS LAUREL RIDGE Lots of tools, lawn more being pulled out
Barber 3096 W. Ken Ct. (352) 527-4484 equip. & Hshold Items daily!
ELECTRICIANS Night School BASEBALL CARDS Dunnellon, 3/2 pool GENERAL RECLINER LARGE 8756 N. Sandree Drive -Dealers WELCOMERESIDENTIAL CITRUS MAIDS Massaae Over 1100 Upper Deck home 2.2 acres w/ MERCHANDISE Light Brown Well made
NEW Do 93 series baseball cards barn, 2 utility buildINVERNESS
CONSTRUCTION Day& Night School $25s631-353-1731 ngs OnT 9 SPECIALSII no pets or smoking. CRYSTAL RIVER 26 N ARCHWOOD
Exp. preferred. CLEANING PERSON $25 631-353-1731 wings CONTENTS; 98 $100. 352-628-3507 Fri June 20, 9a- I 8
Motor Home, 05 High Fr ue2,9-p FRI/SAT 8a-lp, Moving
Rough, Trim. Slab PIT leading to F/T Nail & Skin Care BOOKS, CD'S, DVD'S Country 5th, ******* Sofa, Love Seat Resident Yard Sale sale, bow flex, etc.
Lintel, Service Day & Eve's avail Day School Have Many! Pick any Furniture, Big safe, Floan CARE CE
Employer paid lic./vehicle. Exp. a Starts Weekly 10 for $10. Mix & Match! 100+ newcustom Floral Print CARE CENTER INVERNESS
benefits, paid hol plus. Leave message Inverness Off Croft RD wheels (Rims) 40' 6 lines $135. (352) 795-8832 *FINAL ESTATE SALE*
day & vac. /EOE (352) 257-0925 .-Introducina (352) 613-5818 steel, scaffolding, 10 days (352) 795-1015 700 SE 8TH AVENUE 3911 S. LINWOOD TER
APL 2A:QQ ON SITE ESTATE up to 2 items TRADE IN MATTRESS Fri& Sat 8am-1 pm
4042 CR 124A Retail Manager Night School ROCKING CHAIR & 36" Riverbend Rd * * * Starting at $50. Full house of furn., items, Washer/Dryer
Wdwo Mn-Tues-Wed 5P-9P Winnie Pooh $100.00 Dunnellon, FI con- King, Queen, Full, Twin tool waser/dryer, Evervthina Must Go!
Wanted for SKIN 3525271399 tents of home, guest $1 $200.. Very good condition Mens& Womens (352) 344-0101
Labels-Crystal River Night School house, barns & $11.50 352-621-4500 Clothes, Camping INVERNESS
Mall-resale clothing Mn-Tues-Wed 5P-9P COLLECTIBLE ART more. Tools furnitureINVER
Mal-res lotin WORKS, 3 rare piee T nit u re $201 -$400.. Twin Bed, Complete, Gear, lots of Kitchen Fri, Sat. 8am to 2pm
store for teens & with headboard items, 8am Thur-Sat. MOVIN SALEI
EXP. MECHANIC young adults. Camus Locations, including The Beatles $16.50 and footboard, ALL ITEMS MUST GO.!
/BOAT RIGGER Experience working NEW PORT RICHEY Can send photos by call for info 637-9588 $401-$800.. $125. includes Singing Forest MHP tools furn, household
with junior brand SPRING HILL email. All for $275 firm $21.50 Extra Free bedS. Lot 31MH 5701 Leonard Ter
Apply in Person at clothing a plus. BROOKSVILLE (352) 726-1076 4000 S Florida Ave 352-726-6197 Evergreen Loop INVERNESS
Homosassa Marine Apply in Person (727) 848-8415 WICERSELveerie&a$801-$1500.. 8
3120 S. Suncoast Key Training Center, HUALAPAI TRIBE (U41)WICKER SET Love Fri. Sat. a- 2N
Blvd Homosassa, 5399 W. Gulf to Lake INDIAN DOLL. From Ab1667 10% bp $26.50 seat, 2 chairs and a ta- FLORAL CITY Most Items $1, DVD's,
Fl. 34448 or Hwy. Lecanto FL STARTA CAREER Nevada. Very beautiful. cash/ck. 352-563-5966 ble. Text for pic. $100 Moving 6/20- 6/30. CD's, Books & MISC.
Mal. 3444INA YEAR Text for pics.$60 Maine-ly Real Estate
Mal Resum EOE 203-509-7638 #381384 ** ** * White, blue edging. All must go. Singing Corner of Scottie
203-509-7638 Forest MHP Lot M-18 & Independence

REPAIR. Also Wanted ROB'S MASONRY & FREE Est., Lic. & Insured Alum Enclosures, re- PET SITTING Plant*Sod*Mulch All Int./ Ext. Painting Attention Lic. & Ins. Lowest
Dead or Alive Washers CONCRETE Driveways ,** 352-422-7279 **r modeling, Inspections "Weed*Trim*Clean Needs. Lic. & Ins. FREE Consumers Rates Free est.
UP'rs 352 E 564 K 8179 L u trcto #146 r26 k55 OWENS QUALITY CRS Contr 414-8693 lc/ins 352-465-3086 EST (352) 586-2996 Please make sure you (352)860-1452
_____________ FNC G LL YPS _____________NTEIOIEXEROR are using a licensed All Tractor & Tree Work
Fee5-6-87 i.#47,7665 FEsCommAL YPS Re T T I NT E&IODD ETEJOB.3yR a nd insured service Land Cleared, Hauling
352 628e 4002omRe.& J OS Huchc Li/s professional. Many 1 time Cleanup, Drive(352) 726-9998 service advertisers ways (352) 302-6955
WnAFFORDABLE LAW N7are required by state
*Cinderella's Home**LASIIM L Comfort Works, Inc. CARE Cuts $10 & Up law to include their
& f~elallu&Ai Conditioning and Re Cm Lc estate license
Ho~metCmnons AIIAROUND TRACTOR nt etech pa Heating Service, Res/ 563-9824, 228-7320 number in all adverRelax We'll Take Care Land clearing, Hauling CInstall resth Vepny Coin (352) 400 -8361 _______of you! 352-746-7760 SitePrep, Driveways lenSasVy l Lc# CAC1817447 D & R TREE SERVICE tisements. If you
Lc/ns 352795-575 Capet Lamnent Lc. Lawn & Landscape CALL STELLAR BLUE don't see a license
Care Giver Available #4857 Mitch, 201-2245 (352) 270-4672 Specialist. Lc. & Ins. A lnt./ Ext. Painting number in the ad, you
n-home health care, Free Est. 352-302-5641 Needs. Lic. & Ins. FREE should inquire about it
dcosaptr- Helpin HadGasMn ET 32 8-96 and be suspicious Bruce Onoday & Son
doctor appt e Had Gras Man ST (32) 58-2996that you may Fe siae
rands, companion, ih] Cneea'Hoe Cut-Clean-Mulch-Edge HANDYMAN be contacting an un- Trm &Emovmale
hskping, Former EMT **Cinderella's Home**FREE ESTIMATES! SERVICES licensed business. Ti eoa
ref's (843) 469-3204 #1 A+TECHNOLOGIES &QtLRMD & Kitchen looking tired? Russell 352-637-1363 Lic# 39477 The Citrus County 352-637-6641 Lic/Ins
AiCmltRea Al Home Repairs. Home Comoanions Re-Face not Replacei 32 6-78Crncewnst udEcvtn
A- opeeRpis AlTVs I nstalled Relax We'll Take Care KITCHEN SOLUTIONS~ MOWING, TRIMMING (3246-78Crncewtso aE ggis
Pres. Wash, Painting lc#5863 352-746-3777 of you1352-746-7760 **(352) 79-74" MULCH AND MORE THE KLEEN TEAM eue that oeure adin T reWok clerings
(Int/Ext) 25 yrs, Ref, Lc __________ Local AND Affordable RidnalC m eemh.eur- hulnrc rvs
JEFS #39765, 352-513-5746 *ABOVE ALLtt CLEANING BY PENNY 352453-6005 Reieta/omTents of the law. demo, bushhogging
JEFSM & W INTERIORS Residential Only Lic., Bonded, Insured Beware of any service Lamar 352-400-1442
CLEANUP/HAULING Handyman services Wkly., Biwkly., Mnthly. *Mr. B's Lawncare (352) 419-6557 advertiser that can not D & R TREE SERVICE
Clean outs/Dump Runs COUNTY WIDE Northern Quality 352-364-1773 & Maintenance LLC. provide proof that Lawn & Landscape
Brush Removal. Lic. DRY-WALL25 yrs exp. Southern prices! All Tractor & Tree Work free estimates, lic & ins they are licensed to Specialist. Lic. & Ins.
352-584-5374 lic.2875, all your drywall (352) 537-4144 HOME CLEANING Land Cleared, Hauling Brian (352) 535-3602 do business. Free Est. 352-302-5641
needs! Ceiling & Wall ANDREW JOEHL reliable & exp. ic/ins 1 time Cleanup, Drive- THE KLEEN TEAM For questions about
Repairs. Pop Corn HANDYMAN. needs based, ref's ways (352) 302-6955 Residential/Comm. [j business licensing, DOUBLE J
j j jRemoval 352-302-6838 Gen. Maint/Repairs Bonded- 352-613-8137 AIIAROUND TRACTOR Lic., Bonded, Insured All chases of Tile please call your city Tree Service
____________ Pressure Cleaning. Primary Cleaning LLC Landclearing, Hauling (352) 419-6557 Handicap Showers, or county Stump Grinding, bulk
CRAPEL052132620 Liesd&Isrd Site Prep, Driveways Safety Bars, Firs. government offices mulch, lic/ins 302-8852
Yardscape, Curbing, AfodbeH 324697 Lic/Ins 352-795-5755 1422-2019 Lic. #27131 RGTTE evc
Flocrete. River Rock Afodal'anya (352)476-674 Budd xcavatinaCOUNTY WIDE RRTre RSevalc (32 364-2120 V"FRAB10%Eur THE KLEEN TEAM & Tree Work, cleaning DR-AL5ysepreRmvlic 32 6-10 "FoDBE lic.2875, all your drywall Trimming.Is&L.#
#1V' RELIABLE. Free Est Residential/Comm. hauling, rock drives, A-I Hauling, Cleanups, nesCilg&Wal 0256879 352-341 -6827
#1A+TECHNOLOGIES *r 352-257-9508 *r Lic., Bonded, Insured demo, bushhogging garage clean outs, epas. C rn RONRWBallre
--S All Hosmnale d ffor dalanya (352) 419-6557 Lamar 352-400-1442 trash, furniture & misc./ Reoalrs 352-302-6838 ServIce Traee&
All Home RIs. Affordable ____ HadmnMr 32 8 -077Rmvl323263 ev~ rm hplc56327637 vFS*0%ur '"LN EVCS Remve, Lic/Ins Free
__________ VAFFoRDABLE LANDcLEARING, DIRT JEFF S Floorswals Tubs to est. 352-628-2825
RELIABLE. Fee Est ______ WORK, DUMP TRUCK CLEANUP/HAULING shower cony No job
DU-IT LETIC *35-57908*SERVCE AND MORE. Cean ousDump Runs 00o bgor mall Ph:
Since '78/ Free Est. Affordable Handyman CRAURiOFOTc35)0.24, ush2Rmo8a- 52373E4# 4
lic EC 13002699 9 FAST 100% Gua. __Rofig Sstes, 44-556 Rihar
#1Emnpioynment 35-2620 AFFoRDABLE ,a I j A Aum Enclosures, re-.. Water Pump Service
11 orc s. RELIABLE Fee Est modeling, Inspections & Repairs- al makes&
sorei..* 325790- CURB APPEAL CRS Contr 414-8693 models. Cal anytime!
f lHANDYMAN ' Yardscape, Curbing, vASAP PAINTING
Lic# 39477 Reseals & Repairs. 30 yrs. Exp. Excel Re.
FENCE PRO, all types (352) 464-3748 Lic. (352) 364-2120 Insured 352464-1397 Comolete Tree Serv.
g painting, repairs, Mr. 'Lawncare D & R TREE SERVICE A-1 Complete Repairs MAC S MOBILE RV TREE REMOVAL & THE KLEEN TEAM
gates, free estimates & Maintenance LLC. PETS STTING/WALKING Lawn & Landscape Pres Wash, Painting REPAIR & MAINT. STUMP GRINDING Residential/Comm.
choco eo *veteran owned** free estimates, lc & ins Exp. Reliable, Excel Specialist. Lic. & Ins. Int/Ext) 25 yrs, Ref, Lic RVTC Certified Tech 55ft. Bucket Truck Lc. Bonded, Insured
lic/ins (352) 563-8020 Brian (352) 535-3602 Ref. (352) 274-4138 Free Est. 352-302-5641 # 39765, 352-513-5746 352-613-0113, Lc /ns. 352-344-2696 Lic/ns. (352) 419-6557



311 Pssm out Re MntCodiio. Citzen Quartz dress Male, Weeks old, ONERIG vryase s hmn
317LEC O C Only ed 2 Hours.700 watch $80 Good marks, BIk/Wht Home for Sale 1. Not many gush forth (1) Eve answers a rhyming
LECANTO Cash 352-344-9449 631-353-1731 (302) 632-9163 4/3 on 1.25 acres, pair ofwords (like FAT CAT
Fri, Sat & Sun. 8o-2p 3- on 145ice
3912 W. Featheredge MOBILITY SCOOTERS WOMAN'S WATCH Chihuahua's paved rd. fenced LL and DOUBLE TROUBLE), and
Pride Legend XL 4 Swiss Army Watch with 1 Cream Color Male yad wok shop& 2he 3-t iu the delrir
PINE RIDGE Wheel Red with brown leather band $35 12 wks old 2.7 b utty shed Fordo 23 world map deep exploration (1) squa.The erter
Fri, Sat. 8am to 4pm Umbrella Attachment. 631-353-1731 $275. room, deck on back rditotlyuhwa squares The number after the
lift chair, rugs, mor! Mn. Cod$01ah1,o o r & front concrete L..................1...L..I...LJ definition tells you how many
or H M nt C o nd $9 00 C ash ITa n M a e v e ry sm .
5140 N Wayne Drive 352-344-9449 3.25 Ilbs. 1 yr old $225. driveway with car- 3. Will beneficiary's jackrabbits (1) syllables in each word.
Sell orSwaprM. Only $79,900. One Standard 1 Black & brindled tan TAB 14,000 down only I2014UFS, Dist. by Univ UcickforUFS
Wheelchair, Female, very sm. Tab, beautiful young $648.92/mo W.A.C. ILILI LJ 0 1 1 1 1 1
2nd is a lightweight 4.91 Ibs. yr old $275. Hound/Pit mix, fawn Call to View 4. Far-from-major black eye (2)
portable wheelchair, 0 1 Red, over sized male coat, chocolate 352-621-3807
American Trading both for $150. obo 2 yrs old. brown eyes, shy 4 _____ _________Post Has been Hired (352) 746-1305 free to good home first, warms up Quiet area in I I I 1 units (2)
to Liquidate PHOENIX SCOOTER (352) 628-7504 quickly & is very af- Lake Panasoffkee 5. Actor Arkin's four-quart units (2)
10 PALM DRIVE S35010, good shape, Cute Chihuahua/ fectionate. Best 3/2 Doublewide
YANKEETOWN asking $250. Pomeranian Mix with female dogs & on corner lot 4 acre
Fri, 6/20 & Sat, 6/21 (352) 344-9580 Puppy $60. children 9 years old mol, nice storage 6. Willowy one on a shopping spree (2)
8am to 1pm WALKER Leave Message & up. No cats. shed big oak tree
collecti- Blue w/Basket (352) 364-3009 Excellent leash off CR 429
turn, tools, collecti- training, UTD shots, Lake Panasoffkee
bles, households $75 OBO fee $30. Reduced to $54,995. 7. Medieval landworkers' birthday gifts (2)
and MUCH MORE- (352) 637-5795 Call Loci @ SELLER FINANCING
-CREDIT CARDS** SL FA I__ __ __ __ __ __ 352-212-8936 or Call 352-726-4009
Tell that special Laci.hendershot@ SNHS3[[d SINVSVad 'L 1[UN[dS [UN3'IS 9 S O'TL SNV'IV
NEW" 6TNperson .EEQ 4 UHNIHSHoNIN1 SHHVHSHT HE 990197 Ak~dSA~d
I"J[ "NW" 6STRING "Happy Birthday"
BANJITAR or GUJO wit a classified_ WESTWOODACRES 6-20-14 SH[ASNV
WEDDING GOWN MIRROR MAHOGANY ad under Happy L 3 bdrm 2 ba 3/2
Size 10 Worn once then FINISH,NICE!$100 Notes., ON 2AC-1768 SQ
dry cleaned & preserved 3526016625 Only $28.50 FT-MORE INFO AT
nbox Ca o no NEW FENDER includes a photo Berkshire Piglets ZILLOW.COM 9515W
photo8 weeks od MIDLAND LN CR
$100 516-978-2644 ACOUSTIC Call our Classified Healthy $65,000. TERRYAT
FSH FULSIZE,$75 Dept for details $100 352-697-1218
FINISH 352606625 352Lilly, gorgeous (352) 522-0214 or
352-601-6625 352-563-5966 Terrier/pit bull mix, (352) 270-6285
"NEW LUNAGYPSY 1 1 2-6 y.o., wt 50 Ibs,
S215/65 R16 SPAED MAPE gentle lady, sets ex- Coastal Hay-Fresh CutF Tn9st To loltl11We'reFUL1HSglEllor
Realy beautu ead GRAND CONCERT ample of good be- 5/21, sq. bales $525
only $70 for the pair! havior, good Rolls $56., Horse qual 3 Bedrm., 2 Full Baths aIi l iUmbliitJU Workers"Comp
(352) 857-9232 $100 352-601-6625 oher dog, gra- -ity. In Barn, Delivery 55 + park, glass encl.
*225/65 R1 LAP STEEL, WANT TO BUY HOUSE cious & friendly, Avail. (352) 748-5924 Fl. Rm 91/2 x 38 ft.,
Really nice tread! Only STUDENT/TRAVEL 34 or MOBILE Any Area, takes treats gently, DOWNSIZING newer washer &
$70 for the pair!! (352) S EETRCEton or Stuotion always grateful. Bred Cows for sale dryer, all new SS
857-9232 FECT FOR LEARNING FRed 3527269369 Walks nicely on Angus & Club calf applrs, new AC/heat O HE
LT 275/7 ROR $45 326-2 352-72-leash, loving & at- breeding. Weened pump, fresh ext. paint, 13EST
--- LT 275/70 R18 --- $45 352-601-6625 tentive, minds man- calves For Sale. Lot rent $255. month
Really great tread! Only
$80 for the pair!! (352) Microphone Stand ners. Call Christina (352) 302-0204 $24,000 (352)513-4570
857-9232 $10". @352-464-3908. (352) 501-0517
352-41q9-4464 ___________M_2 FLY RODS WITH REELS- 8 ft. fiberglass ROGUE RESONATOR
2 pc. rods, $25 ea. GUITAR, Dobro Lop rrR n o aeFrSl
(352)628-0033 Hawaiian. Sunburst BRING YOUR Lecanto, Fl.
finish, great sound. FISHING POLE! BRENTWOOD
WHEEL WALKER- Played few times only, ATown Home, 3/2.5 b. well
seat, basket, hand due to health. Deluxe All Ammenities In- zoned Eterm for
brakes & wheel locks, lined case & floor RENTAL MANAGEMENT cluded (352) 613-4459
folds for storage, Ex., stand, $300. REALTY, N &septic are in.
$50. 628-003f3 (352) 726 0. REALTY, CIRU HIL Call 850-492-0553
5 Boxes White Wall Tile Sheet Music tand 352-795-7368 CITRUS HILLS 850-288-1888
4"x4,910 pcs pr bo an2/2, w/carport, $750. 4'x4', 160 pc's per box$5. HOLLY WOLF QUEENIE CRYSTAL RIVER m., 600 Gilchrist OAK VILLAGE
covers 90 sq.ft, $200. mo2-16004 5Gilchristlen
for all. 3 Boxes 6"x6" 352-419-4464 Queenie, 4-y.o. Brin- $615 W Ceveland (352) 422 2798 SUGARMILL WOODS
Red-clay Floor Tile STUMPF FIDDLE custom Urban Suburban die terrier mix, very INVERNESS, FL 21/1 -Over 1,100_sq.ft. OPEN HOUSE
42 pc's per box, hand made from Hair Studio sweet, loving, $1000 11770 W. Sunnybrook June 22 1OAM-?
covers 31 sq.ft. $60. olden days. One of a Holly Wolf friendly, housebrkn, 55 park on lake w 3/2/2 partially furnished hmencanal 35 CALENDULA
(352) 465-1892 kind, plays greot. Wos Stylist/Owner good w/other dogs. 5 p n wCOURT
featu re t. on s Te nistooe Wightd 60 lbs. Taks piers, clubhouse and HOMOSASSA DEB $209K OBO
10eFT.RADId on TV even- Invites you to come Weight 60 Ilbs. Takes much more! Rent 520 1 .CryP.Te SN4/3/2 3000+ SQ FT
10 FT. RADIUS ing news & Citrus meet our Friendly treats gently from incl. grass cutting $2000 15 S HOMOSASSA THOMPSON
CASTING NET- Chronicle, $200 firm Knowledgeable your hand, loves ad gra Beatnful 2 stay Pool herewith 5 bedr00ms 25 NEW CARPET, APPLI20 ft. diameter, (352) 726-1076 Staff! belly rubs. Likes to and your water 1300 6 Oxhorn C. L 21 Duplex $525 m. One call away for ANCES, PAINT
1/2" mesh, Ex., $50. play with a ball, & bedroom, bath Nice pheinSugarll Wdsaval. st.& Sec, non smoker your buying and WASHER/DRYER,
(352)628-0033 SX LAP STEEL JUNE SPECIAL loves to be with her $450. $800 4876 S. Driftwood Way Pets-? 352-212-4981 selling needs. FENCED YARD
21 Boxes Floor Tile W/GIGBAG "ALMOST C L human frie* 2 bedroom, 1 bath 3/2/2,1584 sq. ft.
Wiewgastek NEW"&FREE POW- $60 COLOR human fried Realtor that you can REFER A FRIEND OR
NEW"&FREECPOW-en$6 $475. $525. refer to your BUYER IF THEY
Whit w/ra st pereakx ERED SPEAKER/AMP & CUT Coil Christino @ Pets considered and HERNANDO family and friends. CLOSE
252 sq. ft p150. $100 352-601-6625 352-464-3908. section 8 is accepted. $600 7096 Dawson Dr. C *Service with a smile YOU RECEIVE $1,000
(352) 465-1892 VOCALPERFORMER 826 US Hwy 41 Call 800-747-4283 212 Mobile in Hill & Dale subdivision seven days JOYCE @727-243-7333
36" CURVED RIDGE USED DIGITECH W/ Inverness, FL For Details! $615 6315 N. Shorewood Dr CRYSTAL RIVER a week.$$$$
FOOTSWITCH & 352-637-0777 Cozy 2 bedroom on waterwilh dock $$$$$$$$
$25.00 POWER SUPPLY 1600 215.Meyanle Studo Effcency Parsley Real Estate
352-62-0033 $50 352-601-6625 211, $400./mo Pet OK. 4farm.poolhomeinTerraVistaongolfcourse w/equipped ki All Deb Thompson
AEROBEDTWIN Rent to Own For More List i on u cabe In erne & 352-634-2656 PUBLISHER'S
AEROBED TWIN L352) 422-3670 cleaning p Ided, NOTICE:
ELECTRIC PUMP B RoBAeFun $649 mo 352-586-1813 and All real estate
ADJUSTABLE $40 PR, S AC Furniseda1 advertising in this
634-2004 2 PIECE 55+ Park, A/C & Heat newspaper is subject
APPLIANCES, like new BROILER/ROASTING $585mo. 352-344-1380 rurnished to Fair Housing Act
washers/dryers, stoves, PAN $15 LIKE NEW REBBY which makes it illegal
fridges 30 day warranty INVERNESS 419-5981 Rebby, 2-y.o. pit bull CRYSTAL RIVER to advertise "any
trade-ins, 352-302-3030 CUISINART FOOD mix, UTD shot HW Fully Furnished preference, limitation
BOAT OARS- pair, PROCESSOR $50 negative, neutered, Studio Efficency or discrimination
Feather Brand, 60 MODEL DLC1O-E WITH wt 40 Ilbs, likes most HUGE!! 4/3 w/ equipped ki Al based on race, color,
inches long, black 4 BLADES E-MAIL dogs, good w/cats. $87,489 Land & Home ul cable, Internet, & religion, sex, handiwith oar locks, Ex., $40. PHOTO 419-5981 Walks well on leash, READY TO MOVE INI cleaning provided. Hernando cap, familial status or
(352)628.0 0 Natalie Hill good in car, loves Owner Financed w/1Ok $ 352-586-1813 Lake Cottaaes national origin, or an
(352)628-0033 TABLE TOP IRON Urban Suburban the water, healthy, to 20k down! MUST I bd/I ba, beautiful DUDLEY'S intention,
COMP. SPEAKERS BOARD Never used, Hair Studio friendly & happy SEE (352) 795-1272 FLORAL CITY old Florda cottages ___ to make such preferCyber Acoustics still in plastic. Text for 352-637-0777 Best with older chil- LAKEFRONT 1 Bedrm. $550. (352) 341-2724 THURS 6-19 Estate ence, limitation or
CA-2.2, Brand New pic. $20 203-509-7638 MOVE IN NOW AC, Co No Pets (352)_341_2724 Aui @ Eate discrimination. Fa$5 (352)465-1616 TWO 4'LIGHTED SILK "From Cutting Edge dren, quick learner. MOVE IN NOW AC, Clean, No Pets Auction @Hall 3:00ncludes
Folding Pet LIGHTEDSILK "FromCuttingEdg Call Sue @ Nice Home on /2 AC (352) 344-1025 Outside treasures, milial understhclude
Folding Pet Crate CHRISTMAS TREES w/ to Care Free" 352-270-9008 fenced yard, 1500 sf HOMOSASSA Watson's Fish Camp householdof 18 living with
excel. condition stands, very pretty. In- or 412-445-2107. 3/2 Home in new HM AS W a Cmp & tools 5:30 four
Hardly used $30 door or outdoor. $25 for REDKEN TRAINED cond., Drywall with IBR, apprs & until. Incrd. 55+ Rental Community Estate vehicles parents or legal cus(352) 860-1519 both. 203-509-7638 Upgrade your look 2 x 6 construction. $600. month + sec., (352) 726-2225 06'Acura MDX '96 todians, pregnant
FOLDING TABLE w/ 30 Foils & Cut $75 New appliances, 352-628-6537 Lumina Van, 12' women and people
5 FT BROWN WOOD Color & Cut $60 carpet, paint, decks, Ford Fiesta, 06'Suzuki securing custody of
$30 352-613-0529 Equipmene & cero INVERNESS C-50, 6:00 Estate & children under 18.
$30 3 2-6130529(With Natalie) &c rmic tile floor- _L.0 Estate &.Iv res This newspaper will
ing. Financing ovail- Sm place, S. Inverness, Designer Furniture,
Electric Treadmill Come in and check able only $69,900. for single person. Very Collectibles, + items- not knowingly accept
Crosswalk TS3 out our Referral ($450/mo.) W.A.C. prv. Ut incl. Prv prkg, LECANTO several estates any advertising for
$400 Proaram Call (352) 6219183 $500/mo. CalC Black Diamond Villa FRI 6- 20 FOUR Real real estate which is in
(352 We isout Hir 0~ 727)19-119 BokDoodVlo FI62 ORRa violation of the law.
(352) 249-4475 We Disount Hair 3/2/2, lawn, pest, Estate AUCTIONS ouade ae
ELLIPTICAL P u SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, water, basic cable 1.=0: 7825 E. her redsat
GENERAL Gold's Gym, about 6 $3,000-$11,000 on included, $1,100/ mo. Stagecoach Trail, hereby informed that
MERCHANDISE years old, not used a our huge lot model a 352-613-3014 Floral City 4/2 on all dwellings adverREDNECK s n ._3/tised in this newspaSPECIALS whole lot. Redneck, Stafford- Onper are available on
$100 lot. 35476-7shiremi ol Me BEVERLY HILLS Pt Inverness 2//2 an equal opportunity
SPEIAS!! $oo 3246-844shremix, Taylor Made Homes basis. To complain of
ELLIPTICAL 1-y.o.,friendly, Call (352) 621-9181 1 Room Efficiency + waterfront. biscmain of
Gold's Gym, about 6 housebrkn, playful, New Homes from Kitchen, All Utilities, .: 66 & 68 HUD toll-free at
yrs old, Good condition, eager to please, $40.00 per sq. ft. Cable incd. $525mo N. Sheltering Oaks1-800-669-9777.
6 lines $100. 352-476-8744 takes treats gently, ft' Pet ok 352-228-2644 BEVERLY HILLS Dr. Inverness 1-00-669-9777.
10 days METAL WEIGHTS very trainable, quiet 2/1 + Florida Room, 2 building lots The toll-free telephone
up to02 items 200 lbs of 4-251bs and Robbie Ray patient. Loves 0 CRYSTAL RIVER 55 S. Columbus, $550. 2:30: 6075 N. number for the
(10)-l0lbs plus be w/people, know I Lg. 2/1, W/D Hookup, mo. 352-422-2798 Darlington Dr. Citrus hearing impaired is
1 * * 2 Curl Bars $75- Urban Suburban the sit command, water, trash & lawn. Springs building lot 1-800-927-9275.
CALL 631-353-1731 Hair Studio beautiful unique 3/2 WATERFRONT, included $590 mo.+ SAT 6- 21 TWO
$1 $200.. 3526370777omarkings. Could be DOUBLEWIDE Security, 352-634-5499 ON-SITE & 1 Real
Multi-Station Gym 352-637-0777 your best friend. $75.900. Estate AUCTIONS
$11.50 Bio Dyne, yor Cind. 10480 S. McClung Lp. INVERNESS 9:00 ON SITE REAL o
$201-$400.. Dyn Pak F10 "From Cuttina Edae 352-560-7455. OWNER FINANCING 2/1 with Patio in quiet *INVERNESS* ESTATE & CONTENTS
$16.50 excellent condition to Care Free Agent (352) 382-1000 area. $525/mo + $525 LAKE FRONT HOME 3096 W. Ken Ct.
$700. Sec; 352-344-0238 o h
$40 1-$800.. (3274-30Mk-vr, ispcos322 // unlo /2ol
4 (352) 746-7330 Make-overs, 727-446-5871 $750. (908) 322-6529 home 2.2 acres w/
$21.50 Color, Foiling, barn, 2 utility build- r W
$801-$1500.. Precision Cuts, ings CONTENTS; 98
$26.50 0od0 Avant Garde 4/2 Doublewide IjJ me t HERNANDO Motor Home, 05 High
hairstyles and on 1 Plus Acres, MOL Watson's Fish Camp Country 5th, SELL YOUR
2 SETS OF MEN'S GOLF updo's. Fireplace Glamour 55+ Rental Community Furniture, Big safe, HOME
CLUBS, Complete, Bath, large walk-in (352) 726-2225 100+ newcustom IN THE
* * *_ Hogan & Wilson Paul Mitchell closets all bedrooms, wheels (Rims) 40'
Excellent Condition Certified. off US 200 steel, scaffolding
BOAT ANCHOR- (352) 795-5146 I $89,995 I Watson's Fish Camp CONTENTS 11305 N.
tines, 6Oft of 1/2" line, 50 hp Mercury Robbin, 1.5 y.o. SELLER FINANCING I ,55+ Rental Community Riverbend Rd
Ex+, $60. Propeller- 11 spline male Hound mix, Coll 352-726-4009 Acpig(352) 726-2225 Dunnellon, Fl con(352)628-0033 Windshield 18' walk beautiful white INVESTOR OR HOME cepigtents of home. guest CLASSIFIEDS
POD TOUCH 32GB. thru. Steering mechan- coat, speckled ears, BUYER!! 2s snglewide Applications for _________ house, barns & SPECIALI
Wht.NwCniin sm, cable and HW-negative, had MH's w/land for sale. 1&2Bdom more. Tools furniture
Whit. Nw Coditon. & Bedoomantiques++
$99.99 Aqua EZ Pool steering wheel for a rough start in life, Each 2/1, both need mi Apartments ...........
Cover Reel in Box, Evanrude $75. ea. still as friendly as nor TLC. Asking30 ay
$85. (352) 513-5482 $200. for all can be. Eager to $17kleach or $33k both. Rental Assistance k... call for info 637-958830Dy
(678) 617-5560 please, learned Buy 1 or both. 21313 Available dudleysauctioncom $;58.50
MINN KOTA ENDURe Robin Long basic manners Campbell Dr & 21335 CallMonday ThoghFia 4000 S Florida Ave
ELECTRIC TROLLING BOWLING BAG Cults Urban Suburban quickly, walks well Canal Dr/ both Damac 8amn 12pmn & ,pm 5pr CRYSTAL RIVER (US41S) Inverness
MTd3otrvst, Newtw ball ag. W$0ase Hair Studio on leash, should be Estates Brooksville Fl. (35)489-1021 Beautiul Home with Ab1667 10% bp It's Easy
rvsdEx, $9sligfr$0BO 352-637-0777 only pet in the Not a park, own MH TO 0 5 71 Room for Rent $500 cash/ck. Call Today
$100. 352-628-0033 Linda 423-4263 hom.DCrisino@9w5an-toethr1 mo/Includes everything Maine-Iy Real Estate
NEIMAN MARCUS Club Cor Golf Cort "From Cutting Edge 352-464-3908. 352-346-3173 Eop t354481#184(2)6-96
DESIGNER IPAD Good condition to Care Free" ________CASE New in box-S30 Good batteries,
OAK ROCKING DOLL Asking $1,000 obo Body and Curl $45
CRADLE $49 HAND- (352) 564-2756 Add a Cut & Style
CRAFTED E-MAIL Concealed Weapons for $15
419-5981 DAN'S GUN ROOM WED- SAT ,
PLANAR COMPUTER (352) 726-5238 Appointments Avail.
thru the end of June
Good condition, black, Marine Redken Educator RYDER
$50 (352)465-1616 6 Gallon $35.00 20+ years Ryder, possible
SAFEWAZE CLIMBING 352-382-3298 experience, shepherd, possble
YARD- excellent 2013 Nike VR Pro Ltd neutered male,
condition, $65. MRH 10.5 Diamana appears housebro(352)628-0033 Reg EXC-Dunnellon ken, medium in size,
TRUCK TIRES $75 (352) 465-8495 very sweet nice j
Grunhwgmu ruk OF ROSdog, very gentle School District Budgets Local Tax Changes
tires 38" x 16.5" set of 4 Adams Idea MRH #7 & wiothe all, od
$250 OBO (352) #8 Graphite new grips w/thrdosinc
: 02-3903 or 563-1265 $15ea/$25pairon leash, does notPrp utinPu cerng
302-3903 or 563-1265 $l~ea/$2spair pull. About 4-6 yo.roe utos ulcHaig
UNIVERSAL #2 MEAT Dunnellon 465-8495 Coll Cindy @
GRINDER $10 EXCEL- MARINE RADIO 727-410-1418. Adoptions
LENT CONDITION HAND held $80 .________E-MAIL PHOTO 352-382-3298 Schnauzer Pups
JOHN 419-5981 Yaaa2 male, Born Nov. 14
WINDOW TREATMENT 2000 Golf Cort Shih-Tzu Pup ,4
Custom Cornice, New battery Red with 1 male Born Jan. 21, "u o,
12"x72" Beige, pleatedwih5_2_56iig r3.0 eouef and windshieldoldwn270vylalARO 352-795-5896 Day m H)
l' todoy. 352-621"-3678 Barlow, 2-6 Y' 5-9-28or a htAoal, =O erh" niel l J uI I t i

-j m n I-Shepherd/Retriever
~~~~mix, wt 55 lbs, very.......
beautiful dog, good
Electric on leash, veryFidotautpbintiei:
Wheelchair 4x8 Utilty Toaier friendly & affection-Rdotaotpbi oie n
Pride Jet 3, Ultro al seel al lght works ate, gets along..........
$650. has sdes good ties w/most dogs, best Citrus County Chronicle
(352) 249-4475 & spare $350. no cats. Could jump
MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (678) 617-5560 4-foot fence, knows SHIH TZU PUPPIES Orsac nnit
Concentrater, 1 pair of Utilty Dump Toaier basic commands. Registered, House iop ~ ic o;e
,,ye akvalves for good conditon Coil Joonne @ Broken, Sinal size, ~nn
oxntanks, 352-795-1288taorHasgShotseAdoabe
1nebulizer & crutches. $350. obo Dreomo @ Very Reasonable Ioia ucn te ~ m
$200 Be 352-219-8312 (352) 860-1106 813-244-7324. 352-726-9189


Specializing in 4/2 E ek *ee BUYING JUNK CARS CHEVROLET
-caleziarms In Flra Ct ft *Running or Not 1975 Nova, Hot Rod, Hellbound
Acreage,Farms In Floral City **Cheao House- CASH PAID-$300 & UP many extra parts, Chopper, 11 7c S&S,
Ranches & Has Family Room 2/2 Beverly Hills FLORAL CITY (352) 771-6191 Must sell- $2,500 obo 6 speed. Very nice.
Commercial Glamour Bath Fenced cash, asking $29,600. (352) 201-0655 11 ie.$990
back yard $89,995. c a2 60 0 Waterfront. 6 adj. ( 12k miles. $19,900.
SELLER FINANCING (352) 503-3245 Lots, 3/4 acre on chain KIA Will take trades.
Ca 352-726-4009 of lakes. Huge oaks, 2003, Rio, Call 352-302-5875
CallS$52-726-4009 Your Citrus County good fishing. $110,000 Ice cold AC 1955 Starner
Beautifu Foal City Residential OBO. (352)596-2921 $4,390. 2 dr, hdtp, V8, 3 spd
3/ oliy Sales Specialist! 352-341-0018 od, fac. orig, $8900.
3/2 Doblewid 352-31-001 352-978-0658 HONDA
Con 14acremol Ciru County 1975 Goldwing, looks
glamour bath nice L great, runs good, 36K
Floral City off us 41 DUDLEY'S mi. Orig. owner $4,000
Richard (Rick) $69,995 FOR SALE 5 ACRES, Taurus _____ obo (781) 413-1825
SELLER FINANCING BETTY J. Fenced all Utilities DODGE THURS 6-19 Estate
Couch, Broker Ca 352726 POWELL 6485 S. Pine Meadow Metal 1997 Ram 1500 Auction @Hall 3:00
Couch Realty & 4009 P EAve Homosassa Recycling Best Prices Club Cab, 318, V-8, Outside treasures, HONDA
Investments, Inc. R (812) 889-2923 for your cars or trucks good tires, $2,900 obo boxes of household 1992, Helix Scooter
(352) 212-3559 H m sas Realtor also biggest U-Pull-It (614) 570-9902 & tools 5.'30 four 251k miles, good cond.
S Michael J LOT FOR SALE with thousands of vehi- Estate vehicles new tires, $1,200
Pine Ridge les offering lowest price 0 06'Acura MDX '96 (352) 746-7378 "Your Success is my Rutkowski E Paso for parts 352-637-2100
Ridg ga.MaigEasfofrin price5-6710 Lumina Van, 12'
3/2 goaT. Making (U.S. Army Retired) $22,000. Ford Fiesta, 06'Suzuki
UNIQUE & HISTORIC With Family Room Friends along the Realtor 352-422-2293 WE BUY ANY VEHICLE C-50, .'00 Estate &
Homes, Commercial fireplace, glamour way is my reward !"35-2293 W BUANVEILC5060Esae
Hoemeri d a h fireceghmor wyinyeadIn Any Condition, CHEVROLET Designer Furniture, KAWASAKI
Waterfront & Land bath quiet neighbor (352) 422-4362 Title, No Title, Bank 1996, Blazer, Collectibles, + items- 2006, 1600 Nomad
"Small Town hood in Homosassa. BUYING OR Michael.Rutkowski Len No Problem, 4 door, 89K miles several estates 36k mi. wlextras
Country Lifestyle 89,995.. L N o4 o ise t3 r
OUR SPECIALTY SELLER FINANCING SELLING Don't Trade it in. We $2,900. FRI 6- 20 FOUR Real $5k (352) 860-2070
Will Pay up to $25K 352-341-0018 Estate AUCTIONS
SINCE 1989" Call 352-726-4009 "Integrity First in all Terra Vista Lot #9, Any Make, Any Model 10:00: 7825 E.
4/3 Triplewide Aspects of Life!" Hill Side Sub. 245 Red 813-335-3794, Call AJ CHEVROLET Stagecoach Trail,
on 2-1/2 acres in 352-422-6417 Sox Path, Hernando. 813-458-0584 2005,Equinox LS Sgoac il,
on2-/2acesinFloral City 4/2 on Kawasaki Ninja
green acres in bpowell@ ERA Front on Skyview Golf power windows, locks, 3.5+/- acres 2007 250 (motorcycle)
Homosassa beautiful American Realty course, hole #6, AC, $3,990. 1JL2: 215 S Buckley Great starter bike.
wooded lot ERA American & Investments $56,500 352-322-6304 352-341-0018 Pt Inverness 2//2 Fantastic fuel econ$139,995. Realty & Investments FORD waterfront. omy $2,788. Call
SELLER FINANCING f l Ba 1:00: 66 & 68 today. 352-621-3678
Call 352-726-4009 C CHEVROLET 2003 Excursion XLT N
"LET US FIND H horses 2001, Impala V-10, 4X2 Regularly N. Sheltering Oaks
YOU Have horses or want $4,495. maintained & serviced Dr. Inverness
VIEW TO them? 4/3 Triplewide CITRUS HILLS 40HP Johnson, nice, 352-341-0018 Class IV heavy duty tow 2 building lots
LOVE" with family room and Green Briar Condo just serviced, with hitch, tow package Darlington Dr. Citrus 04 ELECTRAGLIDE
fireplace den off mas- Buying or 2 Bed, 2 Bath, light & cntrls, runs good, 11,000 lb tow capacity Springs building lot Ultra Classicw/Trailer
www fired om Buyin bright, 1st floor, tile & $800. (352) 637-3983 LOADED SAT 6-i2dTWO$9,500 low mileage trbdrowulSefn,$5,700. (352) 344-1823 SA 1TW 95060 mieg
(352) 726-6644 make for great office berber, partially turn. $ ( 4ON-SITE & 1 Real (352) 220-6303
Crossland Realty Inc on 9 plus acres mol it's time to make Asking $53,500. JEEP Estate AUCTIONS
with horse corals your move! (352) 746-5957 98 CHEROKEE 9:00 ON SITE REAL
west side of US 19 Runs well. Fair cond. ESTATE & CONTENTS PIAGGIO
Homosassa, Fl. Out DUDLEY'S $775 (352) 586-2996 3096 W. Ken Ct.
$229,995.a YAMAHA U T$ ( ) 299 Dunnellon, 3/2 pool 200750 cc shooter just
SELLER FINANCING 08 FX- SHO, just THURS 6-19 Estate KIA home 2.2 acres w/ serviced, 14,628 miles.
4 ATTN Homebuvers Call 352-726-4009 serviced, $4700. Auction @Hall 3:00 '09, Sorrento LX, 51 K mi barn, 2 utility build- windshield and battery
100% financing avail. NC MOUNTAIN 07 VX Deluxe, $3200. Oude treasures, tow package, running ings CONTENTS; 98$600
Government Program. FINAL CLOSEOUT both run perfect! boxes of household boards, warranty Motor Home, 05 High OBO 3527461661
You do not need perfect a save over 60% on low hours & & tools 5:30 four $11,600 352-746-6632 Country 5th,
credit. Call or email these properties well maintained! Estate vehicles Furniture, Big safe,
to get qualified. with waterfront, (352) 628-2711 06'Acu ra MDX 296 100+ newcustom Polaris Magnum
Ph: (813) 470-8313 stunning views Lumina Van 2'f wheels (Rims) 40' 2005 (atv) Get to the EZ access, wooded, Ford Fiesta, 06'Suzuki steel, scaffolding, woods today. Fully
Rick Kedzersk lc oan Coleen level building site C-50, 6:00 Estate & 2:00 ON SITE ESTATE serviced. Storage box.
originator.NLMS Fatone-Anderson and more! Designer Furniture, CHRYSLER CONTENTS 11305 N. And power to spare
#267854, FL#9096 Realtor 2.57acs $15,900 or Collectibles, + items- 1997 Grand Voyager Riverbend Rd $3100. Call today.
NLMS ID 149709 Cell: 1.84acs $23,900. BUY, SELL** veral estates 255,000 $800 Dunnellon, FI con- 352-621-3678
(352) 476-8579 1-866-738-5522 & TRADE CLEAN FRI 6- 20 FOUR Real 352-678-7049 tents of home, guest
email: Hurry Won't Last! USED BOATS Estate AUCTIONS house, barns &
Exit Realty Leaders Cfatone~tamnabavrr. THREE RIVERS 10:00: 7825 E. CHRYSLER more. Tools furniture
352-257-2276 com W MARINE Stagecoach Trail, 2012 Town & Country antiques++ VESPA
15.31 ACRES US 19 Crystal River Floral City 4/2 on Wheelchair van with 10" 2007, GTV250
behind ERAAmerican **352-563-5510- 3.5+/- acres lowered floor, ramp and call for info 637-9588 (scooter/motorcycle)
Wal-Mart Supercenter When it comes to Realty & 12:00: 215 S Buckley tie downs Call Tom for Single piece unibody
in Chiefland. Real Estate ... Investments "FREE 2OFT PONTOON Pt Inverness 2//2 more info 352-325-1306 4000 S Florida Ave construction. 250 cc.
$72,000. I'm there for you! Foreclosure and Boat & motor, nicely waterfront. GMC (US41S) Inverness Great around town
352-279-2401 A16 0 psotrAtmtc
The fishing is areat Short Sale Lists restored, no salt water, I.00: 66 & 68 1996,Ab667 10% bp scooter Automatic.
(32)63-383. InvlernesOas pseger Van cash/ck. With luggage box.
00200iH a r H1 owner $3 450 Maine-ly Real Estate $4,850. Call today.
1 ex20 ot,, Hwy 488, Waterfront Home I5k 637-3983 2 building lots 352-341-0018 #381384 352-621-3678
(352) 465-7795 u aKIGCAROLINA SKIFF 2:30: 6075 N.
LOOKING 19 Ft, V Series, 2004 Darlington Dr. Citrus
MEDICAL OFFICE TO SELL? 40HP, 4 stroke, galv. Springs building lot
FOR SALE tairlr low hrs. $5,600 SAT 6-21 TWO0 0
Totally renovated CALL ME 352-746-6632 ON-SITE & 1 Real
700 S.E. 5th Ter.Sute #5 T Estate AUCTIONS
Crystal River. $97K "TODAY GO DEVIL 9:00 ON SITE REAL
352-422-2293 18' surface drive ESTATE & CONTENTS 866-0620 FCRN
engine & trailer, 3096 W. Ken Ct. FORFEITURE CCSO
DesperatelyLloaded w/extras & Dunnellon, 3/2 pool PUBLIC NOTICE
Desperately low hours, call for info home 2.2 acres w/
LaWanda Wat Need Rentals (352) 726-8336 barn, 2 utility build- Pursuant to FSS 705.103, the following found items will be disposed as provided by
3/2/2 Sugarmill Woods ings CONTENTS; 98 state statue unless claimed by the owner:
$119.900. Office Open MONTEREY 19.5' Motor Home, 05 High 1. Canoe
1 Fig Court W. NOW ISA GREAT 1995 Montura 196 B/R Country 5th, 2. Apple I-phone 5
OWNER FINANCING TIME TO LIST 7 Days a Week 4.3 Volvo I/O, alum trlr, Furniture, Big safe, 3. Granite headstone with 'Arthur A. 1876-1956"
Agent (352) 382-1000 YOUR HOME VHF/FM, great cond, 00+ newcustom
LISA $5700. 352 212-1754 wheels (Rims) 40' To make claim for any of the items, contact Liz Laughlin, Evidence Custodian, Citrus
4/2/2 CALL LAWANDA VANDEBOE steel, scaffolding, County Sheriff's Office at 352- 341-7435.
OPEN HOUSE 2236 Sq. Ft., Open Split FOR A FREE, Broker (R) Owner SAILBOAT 2:00 ON SITE ESTATE
ALLWEEK plan, Spa, Built 2005, NO OBLIGATION 1974 Sailboat 26' Luger CONTENTS 11305 N. Sheriff Jeffrey J. Dawsy
Twisted Oaks Must See! No Agents! MARKET ANALYSIS! Plantation Realty on trailer. Enclosed Riverbend Rd By: Jamie Brooks, Purchasing Coordinator
Golf Course/Villa $149K (352) 613-5240 352-634-0129 cabin. Double berth. Dunnellon, FI con3/2/2 Home 352-212-1989 www.plantation Outboard motor mount. tents of home, guest Published in the Citrus County Chronicle: June 13 & 20, 2014
521 W. Hillwood Path lawanda.watt $1500 or OBO. house, barns &
Fully remodeled, 20 in 352-795-4843 more. Tools furniture
tile, Granite counters, antiques++ -ur -rs
New Maple Cabinets Century 21 Sportscraft 88 -ien -otic-s
& New Stainless Steel J.W. Morton 27 Coastal Fisher- call for info 637-9588, cabin cruiser, 870-0620 FCRN Lube Inc, 555 N Hatha- and/or all bids.
(3 Priced o Sell $7,995 813-244-39 5 4000 S Florida Ave NOTICE 0 PUBLC SALE wa Ave Brnsn 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier
(352) 746-9311 352-634-4768 (US41S) Inverness PUBLIC NOTICE 32621, phone 352-486- VIN: IGIJC524417237102
Ab1667 10% bp ADVANCE TOWING gives 2100. No titles, as is, cash 1994 Ford Ranger
DUDLEY'S cash/ck. Noti of Foreclosure of only. '88 CHEV VIN: 1FTCR1OX2RPAO4688
T' TROPHY Lien and intent to sell 1Y1SK5144JZ081112 June 20, 2014
THUR4J19Esat 200327'walk around Maine-ly Real Estate these vehicle(s) on July '96 HOND
Auction @Hall 3:00 w/ Mercury motor 250, #381384 03, 2014 ,8:00 am at 4875 1HGCD563XTA230287 877-0620 FCRN
OTOW 55 + Villa Buying or Selling Outside treasures fish finder & navigation S. FLORIDA AVENUE, IN- Interested parties, con- 7/2 Sale Ed's Auto
2-Bd 2-Ba, Lanai, REAL ESTATE, boxes of household syst, w/06 alum. trailer GEO VERNESS, FL 34450, pursu- tact State Filing Service PUBLIC NOTICE
Gar.HOA. Low 50's &tools 5:30 four $llk 352-777-6879 95 TRACKER, 2 wd for ant to subsection 713.78 772- 595-9555. NOTICE OF SALE
or Rent? Owner Let Me Work Estate vehicles parts or repair asking of the FL. Statutes. June 20, 2014 ED'S AUTO & TOWING INC
(352)873-1297 For You! 06'Acura MDX'96 WE HAVE BOATS $1000. 352 476 5639 ADVANCED TOWING 876-0620 FCRN gives Notice of ForecloMLS #406901 Lumina Van, 12' GULF TO LK MARINE reserves the right to ac- 7/3 Sale Knightly Auto sure of lien and intent to
cept or reject any and/or PUBLIC NOTICE sell these vehicles on
BETTY HUNT Ford Fiesta, 06 Suzuki We Pay CASH For all bids. NOTICE OF SALE Wednesday, July 2, 2014
REALTOR C-50, 6:00 Estate & Used Clean Boats Larry's Auto Sales 1997 CHEVROLET KNIGHTLY AUTO SERVICE @ 9:00 AM at 4610 S FLORS Designer Furniture, Pontoon, Deck & 1955 S. Suncoast VIN#2G1FP22K4V2153673 gives Notice of Foreclo- IDA AVE INVERNESS FL
ERA KEY 1 Collectibles, + items- Fishing Boats Blvd. (352) 564-8333 June 20, 2014 sure of lien and intent to 34450 (352)726-5223 pur2/1.5/2, City Water, E several estates **(352)527-0555** 257-3894(afterhours) 872-0620 FCRN sell these vehicles on suant to subsection
Sewer, New Metal Realty, Inc. FRI 6- 20 FOUR Real PUBLIC NOTICE Thursday, July 3, 2014 @ 713.78 of the Florida StabRoof & Carpet. 352 586-0139 Estate AUCTIONS 7/3 Sale 8:00 AM at 61 NE HWY 19 utes ED'S AUTO & TOWLg. Kitchen & Garage hunt4houses68 10:00: 7825 E. R '03 Lincoln Town Car NOTICE OF SALE SUITE A CRYSTAL RIVER FL ING INC reserves the right
A Must See! $69,900. MICHELE Stagecoach Trail, Presidental Series, The following vehicles will pursuant to subsection to accept or reject any
(352) 860-2554 wwwtefyhunts Floral City 4/2 on Mint Conditiion be sold at public sale, 713.78 of the Florida Stat- and/or all bids.
3/2 6-Ce ROSE 3.5+/- acres 99K mi. $8250 free of all prior liens, per FI utes KNIGHTLY AUTO 1990 Chevrolet Color: red
1/4 AcreomesM 2 ITASCA Stat 713.78 at 10:00 AM SERVICE reserves the right VIN: 1Y1SK5166LZ040386
on River Oak Lane Pt Inverness 2//2 06, 38' Sunrise,3 slides '02 Nissan Sentra on July 3, 2014 at Bronson to accept or reject any June 20, 2014
Inverness Simply put waterfront. marble floors, w/d, 4 Cyl, Auto, power 'I
Glamour bath I '11 work harder 1:00: 66 & 68 in-motion satellite windows & locks,
Eat-in Kitchen N. Sheltering Oaks clean, no-smoke or 63K mi., $5450
$69,995. 352-212-5097 Dr. Inverness pets, new cover
SELLER FINANCING "It's a isellcitruscounty@ 2 building lots $78k 352-613-8453 1999 Toyota Tacoma
Call 352-726-4009 SELLERS Market" 2:30: 6075 N. Prerunner 871-0620 FCRN
3/2 Doublewide #1 Company + Craven Realty, Inc. Darlington Dr. Citrus ITASCA 4 cyl Auto $5950 7/3 Public Hearing-CU-14-03
on 1/3 mol acre has Experienced Agent 352-726-1515 Springs building lot 09 Navion 24' Sprinter PUBLIC NOTICE
glamour bath and = SOLD! Sold! Sold! SAT 6- 21 TWO 1 slide, 21k mi. body 1983 Jeep CJ7
walk-in closets off Estate AUCTIONS tor, call for details 5 speed $2950
Turner Camp Rd 9:00 ON SITE REAL $64,900 (352) 212-9735 The Citrus County Planning and Development Commission (PDC) will conduct a Pub-- _lic Hearing on the following application on July 3. 2014 at 9:00 AM in the Lecanto
Inverness, Fl. ESTATE & CONTENTS LINCOLN Government Building, 3600 West Sovereign Path, Room 166, Lecanto, Florida. Please
$64,995. 3096 W. Ken Ct. Newmar '01, LS, 1 owner, gar- note that the PDC meeting begins at 9:00 AM, The actual time that a particular item is
SELLER FINANCING Dunnellon, 3/2 pool 96 Mountain Aire age kept, 142k hwy mi discussed will vary deoendina on how fast the PDC moves throuah the agenda.
Call 352-726-4009 home 2.2 acres w/ great cond. clean, Must See! $3,500 obo
FOR SALE BY barn, 2 utility build- newer Jasper engine (352) 345-6499 CU-14-03- Joy Barber for Michael Barber- This request is for a Conditional Use to allow
__________ ings CONTENTS; 98 49,905 mi. Engine & for aquaculture farming in the Rural Residential land use district, pursuant to Section
DE/NATN Motor Home, 05 High 6.5 Kw Generator serv- r --q 2402, Rural Residential District (RUR), if the Land Development Code (LDC).
/ OWNER REBINATIN Country 5th, iced 3/14. Ready for
(32 0-06Furniture, Big safe, the road! Reduced Property is located in Section 23, Township 17 South, Ranae 17 East: more specifica* 32 0-06100+ newcustom $23k, 352-586-8121 Ily, Lot 37, Block 4D000 of Mini Farms Unit 17, an Unrecorded Subdivsion, which adReal Estate!... wheels (Rims) 40' or 318-245-4565 dress is 8525 North Himalayas Point, Dunnellon, FL. A complete legal description of
it's what I do. steel, scaffolding. the property is on file with the Land Development Division.
CONTENTS 11305 N. 2012 Travel Trailer, Like IProoertv Location: Secton 30, Townshin 17 South, Ranae 19 East, Citrus Springs Unit 3/2'/22/2 3500 sq ft American Realty Realtor Riverbend Rd New, Slide-out Queen 15, Block 1149, Lot 26, as recorded in Plat Book 6, Pages 123-128, public records of
5,000 sf, under roof Phone: 352-726-5855 Dunnellon, Fl con- bed/bunks. Outside I SELL I citrus county, FL (Citrus Springs area). A complete legal descripton of the property
large bonus room. Cell: 352-302-8046 Listing and Selling tents of home. guest shower, awning. iYOUR VEHICLE i is on file with the Land Development Division.
updated kitchen, Fax: 352-726-7386 Real Estate house, barns & $16K (724) 813-8624 J IN THE If any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Commission with respect
w/ wood cabinets & Emaih~debinfantine@ Is my Business more. Tools furniture to any matter considered at this hearing, he or she will need a record of the proall S.S. appl's, lot size I put my heart into it antiques++ TIFFIN ('jn-g-jj .7 ceedings and, for such purpose, he or she may need to insure that a verbatim rec4.8 acres, on paved Adopt a Shelter Pet ............ 03 Allegro Bus, 37 FT. \A11L1\'J'Zfl,=.,AL ord of the proceedings is made, which record includes testimony and evidence
road. Adjoining www. 352-476-9649 call for info 637-9588 Exc. cond. Diesel upon which the appeal is to be based.
42.8 00 Acesasoaai.c0rucites1o sandra.hart@ dudleysauctioncom CatrilrL$500 ~ CASSFlIED AyproSeurn esnbeacmodto tti etn easfads
$59072-314000 S Florida Ave Call (352) 476-4402 An1yD pesnrqiigraoal comdto tti etn eas fads
Call for more Info eracom (us41s) Inverness ability or physical impairment should contact the County Administrator's Office, Citand Appointment Ab1667 10% bp WE BUY RV'S, ***3 SPECIALS ** U rus county courthouse, 110 North Apopka Avenue, Inverness, Florida 34450, (352)
ERA American cash/ck. TRUCKS, TRAILERS, I7dy$2.0 I 341-655 at least two days before the meeing. If you are hearing or speech imaGREAT Starter Home! Realty Maine-ly Real Estate 5TH WHEELS, as$65 paired, use the TDD telephone (352) 341-6580.
Sot itlnAvea -32765 5 #381384 & MOTOR HOMES 14 days $38.50
SotIttlerJne327655 Call US 352-201-6945 *30 Days $58.50 Chairman
_________________ Planning and Development Commission
2BR/2BA Single Fain. Your "High-Tech" Citrus County, Florida
Attached Garage Citrus County i r Call your
Lease or Cash PubisedintheCIRU CUNT CROICE: un 2, 01
Call For Details Realtor I Classified PulseinteCTUCONYHRILEJn2001
877-500-9517 Phyllis MAC'S MOBILE RV Irepresentative
Inverness Strickland REPAIR & MAINT. for details. 873-0620 FCRN
2 bedroom I bath Realtor RVTC Certified Tech. *352-563-5966 6/24 Meefing
house. Lot 100x150. f l352-613-0113, Lic/Ins. LPUBLIC NOTICE
Zoned-incodstial. THE MARKE REX AIR TOYOTA The Citrus County School Board will hold a Workshop and Special Meeting beginning
$25,000 cash as is. Thinking of 1998, 31 ft., queen bd. 1987 Celica Rag top, at 9:00 am. on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 in the Board Room of the District Services
1309 Bruce Street. selling? TV, air front & back, runs great, 100,00 miles Center located at 1007 West Main Street, Inverness, Florida.
Phone 352-726-7362. Now is the time Michelin tires, $12,000 recently overhauled.
Nice Double Lot togt itd._ (5)48-66 190.32-0-84 heWrshpi frrviwofaPrtesipo eat Cr aclteswt Ctu
________________County Sheriff's Office, Flood Insurance, Policy Review, 2014-15 Student Progression 3/4 Acres MOLi i pi rnnnPlans and 2014-15 Budget. The purpose of the Special Meefing is to discuss and act
with Lake View Still great values out *trTRUCKC APE
4/2 Doublewide there. Call for 1 999 Lance 1030 truck upon items outlined on the agenda.
with Family Room, foecosr lsty nOD vrr..i.EiR camerduonlyRamod3500 If any person decides to appeal a decision made by the Board, with respect to any
large bed rooms off Phyllis Strickland ILI) fJ* XId'L isldal.Go o-mafter considered at this meeting, he may need a record of the proceedings and
TreCapR. 121camper only. $12,000. may need to insure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which recInverness Fl. $89,995. REALTY. Pauelsen 35-46-53 ditionl.icldetesWillan eidsellpn hiasisapunitsobebord
SELLER FINANCING 352-613-3503-Cell RatrEAor OBO 352-7954843orshudicdettmnyadvdneupnwchispelisobeae.
Call 352-726-4009 352-419-6880- Office eatrSuncoast Realty UIE -I/adaHmeSprnednCtu onySho or
______________ 352-303-0619UNTD//araHmeSprnednCtuConyShlBad
ILTAE2014 Enclosed Trailer Published in the Citrus County Chronicle: June 20, 2014
W N EIGI YO SH U D NEW LISTINGS ramp, Tie-downs in Tell that special 7-t2v FRghNgak
SELL YOURH OME? Licensed Real BUYING OR *!,, floor Pulls Easy! person7/ColcieBrangTlk
EsaeSELLING $2000 (352) 228-8014 "apyBirthday "PULCNTE
WONDER NO LONGER Consultants wiha classified
Call Debbie Rector's Team (Realtors) Ii ad under Happy NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Citrus County Sheriff s Office of Citrus County,
fo aFRE aretAnlyis$1 2milin OPNotes. Florida, will be continuing collective bargaining talks with The Professional Firefighter
an$aktn ln 13 PERFon OMNC SCNO OOnly $28.50 of citrus County, Loca14562 on July 2, 2014 at the Withlacoochee Technical Institute
closedtig la 21 PEFRAC OW W.21-03Je includes a photo located at 1201 W Main St, Rm 208, Inverness, FL 34450 beginning at 10:00 a.m. These
Realestae T www 201-203 Jep ddiscussions are open to the public.
CalDbieRco'eTaaosl tat BestNalureoast Grand Cherokee Sport Any person reqdring reasonale accomnmodaton at tis meeing because of a
Tol earne Mcorea escom SUV, chromeonplated Call our Classified disability or physical impairment should contact the Human Resources Office, 1 Dr
(352) 746-9924 Lea .i6., tpauelsen@ vieww tail light, bezel cover, Dp ordbl Martin Luther Kng Jr Ave, Inverness, F 34450, (352)726-4488 a minimum of two days
r rft ww~ufoiaoenwcm hotmailcom my properties" one pair, $55 352-563-5966 prior to the meeting. If you are hearing or speech impaired, use the TDD telephone.
r ww buf rdao.. (352) 726-5794 I I I II I Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE: June 20, 2014

...... ................................._..







16 8 Hi299".
m 4299 MO.


1035 S. Suncoast Blvd
Homosessa, FL 3448
'Must finance through Ally Finance Company. Includes all rebates and incentives, not everyone will qualify. Excludes tax. tag, title an,'d dealer fee $599.50. With approved credit. +
IS A 5

Payment is for 75 months at 2.39% APR. Includes all rebates and incentives, not everyone will qualify, Excludes tax, tag, title and dealer fee $599.50. With approved credit. ^Drive free saving $10 per day on fuel. ++ Lease is 39 months, 39,000 miles for the life of the lease. includes $2688 due at signing and all rebates an incentives, not everyone will qualify. Excludes tax, tag, litle and dealer fee $559.50 With approved credit. ^^Lease is 39 months. 39,000 miles for the life of the lease. Includes $3888 due at signing and all rebates and incentives, not everyone will qualify. Excludes tax. tag, title and dealer fee $559,50 With approved credit "Lease is 39 months, 39,00 miles for the life of the tease. Includes $2869 due at signing and
all rebates and incentives. not everyone will qualify. Excludes tax. tag. title and dealer fee $559 50 With approved credit, t With Approved Credit. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.
prior cales ny restrict stock (Offes can not he 0Srhinedn

COnus CouNwrY (FL) CHRONICLE FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014 C13


2014 Nisa 4:1110Iw -0 -ARo o G E

$299 dulaosgnn


2 ,9 rmr daale at tsi price

tank capacity, minus one gallon. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions use for comparison only.
2014 Nissan

$2,999 due at signing
Model 31054 VIN EN741737.........
2 or more available at this price...........
2014 Nissan ALTIMA 2.5S $17,698


~$2,999 due at signing Modell 12014 VIN EL293506
.. ............2 or more available at this price



It's Thle It's The he

Summer Summer of

of Savings. Savings!

Lease For EnjoyThe Summer A
S 319 InA Brand New
Your Choice German-Engineered Jetta!
Lease For On y..
Per Month* New 2014 Volkswagen ease Fr Only..
Jetta 199M
New 2014 BMW with Only..
228i Coupe oDue At
IVVV Signingl
Or Buy For..
New 2014 BMW 15,990
320i Sedan MC159

New 2014 BMW AWOnly.. .
X1 sDrive28i
New 2014 New 2014
Volkswagen Lease Per MonKh!* Volkswagen
New 2014 BMW Possat iguan
Lease For

Per Month* New 2014 Lease For Only
Vo41w New 201420
New 2014 BMW Volkswa eni
528i Sedan Beet e emn
Lease For
New 2014 i ;lllh

Per Month*
Special lease and finance offers available through BMW Financial Services. '36 month lease with All offers with apprt o d credit throughh Volkswngen Credit far weil-qualified consumers. Excludes lax, torg $3794 ($4124 = 428i Coupe, $4694 = 528i Sedan) due at signing including ($1000 Option Allow- title, registration and $799 pre-delivery service fee. Factory c s to dealer ^ 0% APR finonci~g for 60 ance = 228i Coupe & 428i Coupe. $500 Option Allowance = 320i Sedan, $1500 Build-Out Cash = months is $16,61 per month per $1000 borrowed with $0 down on select new in-sloc k Volkswagen modes.
Xl sDrive28i, $1500 Option Allowance 528i Sedan) and $0 security deposit with approved credit, tVW US Media Newsroom "Lease and pace examples: 2014 Jetto S 201 w/automatic Ironsmission, 2014 10,000 miles per year allowed, 25C per mile thereafter. BMW credits to dealer. Excludes tax, tag, title, Passal 1.8T S w/oulomalic Itransmission, 2014 Tiguan S 20T w/aulornatkc iranmission, 2014 Beetle 2.51L w/ registration and $799 pre-delivery service fee. Prior sales excluded. In-stock units only. Offers cannot manual transmission, 2014 CC Sport w/outomtic transmission. Excludes TDI Cleon Diesel models. Leases be combined. Photos for display only. See dealer for complete details. Expires end of day 6/22/14. ore 36 months with $1000 Jettffai), $2349 Possat, Beetle), $2999 (Tiguon, CC) due at signing including $0 security deposit 12,000 miles (10,000 mi es CC) per year allowed, 20c per mile thereafter. Prior soles excluded. Offers cannot be combined In-stock units only Photos for display only See dealer for complete 3949 SW Collee Rd. Ocala details. Expires end of day 6/22/14.
On SW College Rd. Just West Of 1-75 1-352-861-0234 Summerof Savings Pre.Owned
of Ocala Clearance Specials!

Payments Starting

Summer of Savings AtOnly..
2003 Buick 2007 Volkwagen
Luxury Pre-Owned Specials a=.
STK#W415472A STK fW129853A
2008 2011
Me-e EAeO4994 988Q1

a ,. 11u 9,4.2.11, 9.7.
Benz Enclave- .77"'7 I
s2O 427 ' 0,

5TK#M505167B STK(#MI915288
2013 2011 T
BMW BMW.......S
32ixt I264 13,792
Sedan xDrive35i
is31,992 iT#s16235,991 v
il STK#MS 1692 H STK#MP1698 Jona SE Beetie25L2011 2012 STK#WO93114A STK#WS1713
Chevrolet BMercedesCorvette Benz CLS550O1
~~~~~C oupe..... .......
4Ex: 2003 Buick eSare Custom Sale Pnce $4994 Buy for $99 per month of 72% APR for 60 nmnths with $0 down and approved credit Finoncng is available through dealershi lenders. Prices excude tax, tog, title, STK#R172645A STK#R055305A registralion and $799 pre-dilve r service ee Vethcles subjet to prior sale. Phalos far display only See dealer
lor complete details. Ex res end of day 6/22/14
Financing available through dealership lenders, Prices exclude tax, tag, title, registration and $799 pre-delivery service fee. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Photos for display only. See dealer for
complete details. Expires end of day 6/22/14.
M3949 SW College Rd. Ocala
On SW College Rd. Just West 01 1-75
1-352-861-0234 ca Auto.
o O 3949 SW College Rd., Ocala On SW College Rd. Just West Of 175
of cala 1-352.861tO234



"Check "]HO4
anywhere in the woril first, but

CHAD~ .............

*** I A

Ii "

Istown!. Payment!

for up to 60 Mos. ..
on select new Honda models
on approved credit


~, 4

To eligible members of the US Military & their spouses towards any new Honda vehicle when you finance or lease thru HFS.
All Pre-Owned Vehicles include a
6 MONTH/6,000 MILE
Limited Powertrain Warranty*t PLUS, A 5-DAY EXCHANGE PROGRAM
See dealer for complete details.

.. .6..L6V

LesveHendtlu.cmn Hio-nd~a.

9 9I9 I I I I i. I I 1 I. I
*9 9 1 1 *9 . I I 9. I I9 9. I .) I. 99
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I I' e I 1 9999se Il I .I 9 I .i I 9
9. *'9 19a 9 e *9II a i 9. a 1 I .9 9, a


Only in Crystal River!

Nick Nicholas LINCOLN


ST E L if

I Vl41111q IT

-I l........... ......

So#G4C01 2014 Ford Fusion SE
2014 Fusion S $ 199 MO/36 me 2014 Ford Escape S
MSRP $22,820 Ford Red Carpet lease, $2,500 cash or trade due at signing. MSRP $23,505
S 0 FI Security deposit waived.
I A M SRP Tax, tg, title, registration d DOC fees extra.
$ 2 5 0 O F F lS~R With Equipment Group 200A. Not oI buyers will qidify for Fod Credit Red CarpetrLease.
Paym oy very; dealer determines price. Resd ncy restrict s
signing iafe$1,0 cah Back FPG #50256). Lsha s opI o to b ha vehi lef r 0 m In Customer incentives. Some incentives require ot lease end ot pric e with Ideler tsignn Tke new taim approved Ford Credit financing. h k b. i e olquipe ntnalteudllnfici n ltdeals Vehicle shown Y with approved credit thru Ford Credit.


#G'T1 04
#G4T038 2014 Ford Escape SE
.2014 Ford Explorer Limited 2014 Ford Explorer FWD 2014 Ford Escape SE
Navigation! Leather Tow Packagel MSRP $31,335 /36 mo
Demo Special!!! MSRP $42,165
-$2,000 Customer Incentives -$2,000 Customer Incentives Ford Red Carpet lease, $2,749 cash or trade due at signing
-$1,500 Nick cholas Ford Lincoln Discount -$400 Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount With E uip oi etd a h u w fr ddC i Re Carpe $ $ L Paymentsa vary dealer dt nes price Resi dec rstricti apply. Cas
all due at 1, :d. I'1,t !igt' psiyngI iser $ 10 cash Bac 1 PG -A#5025 Lesse has o ton to
SAVE 0500 ff MSRPd SALE $28,935 ab opl al en 1 1if Ia r leI
i details. Vehic le shown may have optional equipment not included in payment.

~Call For Savings!

Relax, It's Covered. ... .......
172-point inspection by Ford factory-trained technicians
A o* 7-year/100,000-mile Ford Powertrain Warranty Coverage**
APR for 60 months -12-month/12,000-mile Ford Limited Warranty Coverage*
Not all buyers qualify fo r Ford Credit financing 60 months at 148 per month per $1 ,,00 financed regardless of down p payment Take deliery from dealer stock by 1 10 14 See dealerfor qualifications and complete deals Seeyo dealer imited iwarra nty coerage dea as Vehdes available va esbydealership

8,000 miles, leather. GPR1298 13,000 miles, leather, sunroof. GPR1281 17,000 miles, premium leather. GPR1295 32,000 miles, Navi, sunroof. L3C049A. Leather, sunroof 21 000 miles. GPR1278
$19,950 $22,950 $21,950 $24,950 $25,950

26,000 miles, premier pkg., Navi. GPR1294 Leather, 20,000 Miles. GPR1286 23,000 miles, Nav., sunroof. GP1801 6,000 miles, Sun roof. GP1787 24K miles, sunroof, Nay., loaded. GP1947
$3 1,950 $32,950 $35,950 $36,950 $43,950

Sahara, trim level, auto trans. GP1800 90,000 miles leather L4C049A 70,000 miles, leather. L4T024B Auto, 61 000 miles. G4T099A 80,000 miles, local trade. G4T233A V8, Auto, A/C G4T225A
$6,950 $7,950 $7,950 $8,950 $9,950 $9,950

Hemi, V8 L4TO05B One owner, leather G40086A Auto, one owner G3T231B Local trade, 6 cyl cloth L4TO23A Automatic sunroof GP1763 Leather, local trade L3T057B
$12,950 $12,950 $13,950 $13,950 $13,950 $15,950

Leather, local trade GP1741 16,000 miles, leather, sunroof. GPR1287A. 26,000 miles, premium pkg ,leather GP1766B Only 10 000 miles, V8, auto GP1798 30,000 miles, 50 Liter V8 GPR1277 Leather, sun roof one owner L4CO39A
$18,950 $20,950 $21,950 $22,950 $25,950 $26,950

Nick Nicholas INO

Crystal River , Salespersonflecnh omrecos
*Plus tax, tag, title and administrative fee of $399. W.A.C. All prices are based on in stock units See dealer for additional details. Dealer is not responsible for typographical errors. Pictures are for
illustrative purposes only. Not all buyer will qualify for Ford Credit financing. America's favorite brand claim is based on 2013 data. For all offers, take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 6/30/14.


With America's

a Favorite Brand

2014 Ford Mustang 2014 Ford Focus SE 2014 Ford Fiesta
w/Premium Pkg. w/Moon & Tune/SYNC & Sound SE Sedan Auto

0% APR for 60 mos. $179/mo. for 36 mos. $179/mo. for 36 mos.
Ford Credit Financing Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease
PLUS $2,000 Bonus Cash $2,029 Cash Due at Signing $1,859 Cash Due at Signing
OR Security deposit waived. Security deposit waived.
$4,000 Cash Back Taxes, title and icense fees extra. Taxes, title and license fees extra.
$1,000 EcoBoost Challenge Customer Cash (PGM #12564 + $1,000 With Equipment Group 200A. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red With Equipment Group 200A. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red Customer Cash (PGM #12562) + 1,000 Bonus Cash (PGM #12568) + Carpet Lease. Payments may vary; deale d determines price. Residency Carpet Lease. Payments may vary; dealer determines price. Residency $1,000 Mustang Bonus Cash (PGM #12502). Not all buyers will qualify for restrictions apply. Cash due at signing is after $750 cash Back (PGM restrictions apply. Cash due at signing is after $750 cash Back PGM Ford Credit financing 0% APR financing for 60 months at $16.67per month #50256). Lessee has option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price #50256). Lessee has option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price per $1,000 financed regardless of down payment (PGM #20518). Not negotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock negotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock available on Mustang GT500. For all offers, take new retail deliver from dealer by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle stock by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. s own may have optional equipment not included in payment. s shown may have optional equipment not included in payment.

.. .. .. ....... .... . ........

2014 Ford F-150 XLT 2014 Ford Fusion 2014 Ford Escape
Su erCab or SuperCrew 3.5L EcoBoost
wluxury/leather/HID Headlights Pkgs. SE Auto SEFW D Auto

0% APR for 60 mos. $199/mo. for 36 mos. $199/mo. for 36 mos.
Ford Credit Financing Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease
PLUS up to $4,000 in Total Savings Off MSRP $2,599 Cash Due at Signing $2,749 Cash Due at Signing
Or Up To
$8,000 in Total Savings Off MSRP Security deposit waived. Security deposit waived.
$1,000 EcoBoost Challenge Customer Cash (PGM #12564) + $500 Customer Cash )PGM Taxes, title and license fees extra. Taxes, title and license fees extra.
#12562 + 1,500 XLT Customer Cash (PGM #12508) + $2,000 XLT Luxury Pkg. PGM
#97322 + $750 Leather and HID Headlights. PKG. (PGM #97324) + $1,250 Trade-in With Equipment Group 200A. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red With Equipment Group 200A. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red Assistance Bonus Cash (PGM #30018, #30020)which requires trade-in of 1995 or newer Carpet Lease. Payments may vary; dealer determines price. Residency Carpet Lease. Payments may vary; dealer determines price. Residency vehicle or terminate lease 30 days prior to or 90 days after new retail deliver + $1,000 Ford restrictions apply. Cash due at sign is after $1,000 cash Back (PGM restrictions apply. Cash due at signing is after $1,250 cash Back (PGM Credit Bonus Cash (PGM #12566) which requires Ford Credit financing. Not all buyers will #50256). Lessee has option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price #50256). Lessee has option to purc ase vehicle at lease end at price qualify fo Ford Credit financing. % APR financin for 60 months at $16.67 per month per egotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock negotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock $1,000 financed regardless oT down payment (PGM #20524). Not available on F-150 by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle qualifications and complete details.
a or n 1 a d r fro l sr fr s m h o e n n in pa so y ho pn u n ic e I paym en

Only 6011 miles, new tires. N4C201A Hadt9fn ao.N C 6AAfo,.bl luuP.N3m0Cust see. N4Cl163ALosorom N T37
4,868 $ 4,968 $5,.968 $6,968 9,968


or N4T32A D m a wee a NT9E s LoadedT NC l6 Extra clea n. .45 A
$ 1 2,968 $1 5,6 68 $ 1 5, 6 6 8

e & m oo.N4 1. N Only 33meorn, h nN4T 17A a onoand goodlook. N. N 7A
$16,68 $16,968 $17,968 $ 18,668 $21,668

O nal y f k lso n h s o r k h orse.i i a N P P f n n i g fr60 O n ly 4 t m l 7es mo n thise n e. N 3 2 1 O u r p u shr udley N 4 O 4 O n 4 k ms o n nh ser lu u rrc r. N 6 2

S25,368 25,668 $25,968 $27,668 $27,668

Onl le7 6r 4C20 A21and. N4Cl45E 47 On o. er bought h new. N3T621A This oneail.on't mis it. N4T224A
27,6868 ,68 $29,468 $29,968 39,668
FORD CREDIT Inglis P Dunnellon

Beverly Hill
SALE HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8-7 Sat: 8:30 5:00 Crystal 486
River 4 nverness
Homosass NikNcoa
Hwy. 44 W. Inverness a Springs Hwy.98

Lotofca fr h .N D ths llSheleie.Nperson N C ofB th M nt Sin g HwyI45 .3 0 sl nog ad.N T ]

2 Salesperson of$theMonth Hill Brooksville

'2013 CY sales.**Plus tax, tag, title and administrative fee of $399. W.A.C. See dealer for additional details. Dealer is not responsible for typographical errors. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Not all buyer will qualify for Ford Credit financing. 0% APR financing for 60 months at $16.67 per $1,000 financed regardless of down payment. (PGM #20476). For all offers, take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 06/30/14.



2014 Cruze Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees. A COMMITMENT
150'for 36 Mon"hs "ALL THAT
'15OOWqr Due at Signing **ICUT HVSRE
$t Cash 359AfterA off** HAVE SERVED
Nosecuriydeposit required. Tax, tle, licenseand dealerfees During Military Appreciation Month, now all Veterans along with A o security deposit required. Tax, tle, license and dealerfees Active Duty, Reserves and Retirees are eligible for the Chevrolet Military
AlloI ance' extra. Mileagechargeof $.25/mileover36,000miles. Discount*. The best Military Purchase Program in the industry.

2014 Malibu Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees. 2014 Impala LT Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees.
LT Per Month $500 Customer Cash Per Month
A2 for 36 Months +$500 June Purchase for 36 Months
fr 36 Mo h ,Bonus Cash
WIT*sc Due at Signing AL 7T Due at Signing
ICaSh After AII Offers 7 After AII Offers
1No security deposit required, Tax, title, license and dealer fees No security deposit required. Tax, title, license and dealer fees
0 w Ce extra. Mileage charge of $.25/mile over 36,000 miles. tal Allowance extra. Mileage charge of $.25/mile over 36,000 miles.

2014 Equinox Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees. 2014 Traverse Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees.
LS FWD Per Month IS FWD Per Month
1 for 36 Months g g for 36 Months
A AflDue at Signing W A ) U f^ Due at Signing
a Cash $3,219 After AII Offers$ Total CaSh 7After All Offers
SNo security deposit required. Tax, title, license and dealer fees No security deposit required. Tax, title, license and dealer fees Allowance' extra.Mileage charge of $.25/mile over36,000 miles. Alowance5 extra.Mileage charge of $.25/mile over 36,000 miles.
Check Out Our GM CERTIFIED Vehicles!
Vehicles include up to
O VER 90 A
Used & certified 100,000 MILE 12CHEWMAIBU 120EMALBU 1ESILVERAD010
Pre-Loved Vehicles WARRANTYt s..9 $14,995 $17,495
$20495 $25,9 $30,495
30,000 MILE
See dealer for complete details. 12512CREWCABZ71404 12507LFIER,20"WHEELS H864INAVISUNROOF, BOSESOUND
$3,495 $3,95 $32,495

Come See What LOVE Can Do For You!
2209e Hsy4 West 3 2 1.A 0 8m
Inverness, FL 34453 IJ./,.JIIl IoVVli
*Eligible military personnel includes Active Duty Members, Reserves, all Veterans and Retirees -including their spouses- of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard. Excludes Camaro Z/28 and Spark EV. 1. Excludes leases. Not compatible with some other offers. 2. Payments are for a 2014 Cruze LT with an MSRP of $21,130.35 monthly payments total $7,878. 3. Payments are for a 2014 Malibu LT with an MSRP of $24,435.35 monthly payments total $8,710. 4. Payments are for a 2014 Equinox LS FWD with an MSRP of $25,315.36 monthly payments total $7,151.40. 5. Payments are for a 2014 Impala
LT with an MSRP of $29,920. 36 monthly payments total $9,674. 6. Payments are for a 2014 Traverse LS FWD with an MSRP of $31,670. 36 monthly payments total $9,312. t See dealer for details. All leases are 36 months, 12K miles/year with $2,500 cash or trade equity, USSA Rebate, CCR, Owner Loyalty. Option to purchase at lease end for an amount to be determined at lease signing. GM Financial must approve lease.
Mileage charge of $.25/mile over 36,000 miles. Lessee pays for and excess wear. Plus tax, title, license & dealer doc fee. Payments may be higher in some states. Take delivery by 6/30/14. See dealer for details.
Pre-owned vehicles with $2,500 cash or trade equity. On approved credit. Offer expires on date of publication. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. Plus tax, title, license and dealer doc fee.



Safe travels.

The 2014 Subaru Legacy is an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and built to last, SUBARU.

so wherever you go, expect plenty of return trips. Confidence in Motion

M Loving your Subaru is even easier now, because
Maintain Ocala Subaru is looking after you.
th e Lo ve "Purchase or lease any new (previously untitled) Subaru and receive a complimentary factory scheduled
maintenance plan for 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first.) See Subaru Added Security MainteCOMPLIMENTARY MAINTENANCE nance Plan for intervals, coverages and limitations. Customer must take delivery before 12/31/14 and reside
within the promotional area. At participating dealers only. See dealer for program details and eligibility."

2013 IHS Top Safety Pick+' 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick+' 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick+' 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick
32 mpg hwy 32 mpg hwyl 30 mpg hwy 36 mpg hwy6
Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Built in a zero-landfill plant Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
Standard Bluetooth' with USB Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Built in a zero-landfill plant Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV)6
and iPod* control 5
e~~ml~-a" 5 MUM MMR~ LEhI00MR10
*189 .....249 *22,488 *159 =
8 9 6 MONThWI12,00030hOTS .0 2 4 8ONhI00
UL PR YEA 1,700 Down, Payment $1,800 Down Payment
$1.00 Down Payent $ Seriy Deposit $D Secury Depost
SO Securty Depos $249 First Month Lease Payer $159 Flt Moth's Leae Payent
$161 Mth' L P 1,949 Total Due at Lease ftno s1,959 Total Due at Loaso Signing

EAA 01 FFA 01 EDA 01 EJA 01

Ocala Subaru 4150 N US Hwy 441, Ocala, FL 34475 352-629-7299
Subaru, Legacy, Outback, Forester and Impreza are registered trademarks. Pod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc, 2013 Top Safety Picks include the 2014 Subaru Forester, Legacy and Outback. EPA-estimated hwy uel economy for 2014 Subaru Legacy 2,51 CV models. Actual mileage may vary. 3EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for 2014 Subaru Outback 2.5i CVT models, Actual mileage may vary. 'EPA-estimated hwy lu economy for 2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i CWr models. Actual mileage may vary. ~EPA.estimated hwy fuel economy for 2013 Subaru Impreza 2.0i CVT models Actual mileage may vary. PZEV emissions warranty applies only in certain states. See your dealer for complete information on emissions and New Car iUmited Warrants.



ue a, i 999 Due at signing.

Excludes tax, title & MV .Excludes tax, title & MV
fees fees.
MSRP 35910 MSRP 40910
City Safety, Dynamic Stability Traction Control and Much More! City Safety, Dynamic Stability Traction Control and Much More!

VOLVO OF OCALA 4150 N HWY 441 OCALA FL 34475 352-629-7299

volvocars.comus See retailer for details. 39 mos based on 10K miles per year, Includes Volvo Loyalty of $1000, registration fee and dealer fee of $599. See dealer for complete details Does not include tax. With approved credit
through VCFS Includes all incentives and rebates. Must take delivery by June 30, 2014 $60 #1296197 XC6O#1508800 Always remember to wear your seatbelt.

C20 FRIDAY WNE 20, 2014 CITRUS Courvm' ~'FL,) CIRONIcLE


S *


i o




A' I II' I



', 6: IS


:: I.

00(1 A B

___________________________________ '-I / v~z

~ CRYSTAL ~ 800-584-8755 ext 10

*Pitce indudesat rebates and incentives, noteveryonewill qualify. Exdudestax, tag, titeand deaferfee $599.50 with approved credh~ALease payments am39 months, 39,~ mflesfortte life of the ~ese. Indudes$2988 dueats~ning and at rebatesand incentive, not everyone
with qualfy. Exciudestax, tag, titieand deaferfee $599.50. With approved cmdft~ ~Lease paymentaare39 months, 39,000 miesforthe life of the lease. Indudes $168 dueatsigning and at rebatesand incentives, noteveryonewifi quatfy. Exciudestax, tag, tideand dnderfee $599.50. With approved credit Picture is for illustration purposes orntt~ pnorsdes may restrict stock


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