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Belmont bust: Who tarnished Chrome's change ? /B

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LOW isolated storms.
Partly cloudy. HkNC
70PAGE A4 www chronicleonlinecom

JUNE 8, 2014 Florida's Best Community Newspaper Serving Florida's Best Community $1 VOL. 119 ISSUE 305

Fla. GOP leaders balk at climate change

Associtated Press There are few places in the na- U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and for- lar -as among the country's
tion more vulnerable to rising sea mer Gov Jeb Bush, both possible most at-risk areas. MIAMVI BEACH -On a recent levels than low-lying South presidential candidates in 2016. He and other Republicans afternoon, Scott McKenzie Florida, a tourist and retirement Gov Rick Scott, who is running warn against what they see as watched torrential rains and a mecca built on drained for re-election, has worked with alarmist policies that could demurky tide swallow the street swampland. the Republican-controlled Legis- rail the country's tenuous ecooutside his dog-rooming salon. Yet as other coastal states and lature to dismantle Florida's nomic recovery Within minutes, much of this the Obama administration take fledgling climate change initia- Their positions could affect stretch of chic South Beach was aggressive measures to baffle the tives. They were put into place by their political fortunes. flooded ankle-deep in a fetid mix effects of global warming, his predecessor and current op- Democrats plan to place cliof rain and sea. Florida's top Republican politi- ponent, Democrat Charlie Crist mate change, and the GOP's skep"Welcome to the new Venice," cians are challenging the science "I'm not a scientist," Scott said, ticism, front and center in a state McKenzie joked as salt water and balking at government fixes. after a federal report pinpointed surged from the sewers. Among the chief skeptics are Florida -and Miami in particu- See _L IPage A8

Whale tale
Capt. Stacy Dunn writes
about her trip to
California/Page All B il m an

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Laura Byrnes of
CareerSource Citrus
Levy Marion begins ave i
of social media
Linkedln, Facebook and __MIKE WRIGHT
Twitter/Page Dl Staff writer

C_ Daniel Cramer did
everything right, and he's
still on the hook.
Cramer received a
mortgage through BB&T
bank as part of his agreement with Gold Crest
Homes for his new
$176,000 house in Pine
MATE EKIhoil Ridge. Construction
A comprehensive plan to restore water quality along the Rainbow River and its headwaters has recently been Mouand Marc ofus this. completed by the Department of Environmental Protection. The river is a renowned destination for many yAroun Cra rc state gt-i boaters, swimmers, divers and fishermen who recreate in its clear waters. tigyearvousrater earindgt
reports that other Gold

Dar fuureRainbow Springs way off KigsBymrCop~rest customers werere
The drawdown of the 4.1tractors and suppliers on
state's aquifer means water quaity goat PAT FAHERTY their new homes.
once-clear springs are Staff writer He sent an email with
going dark./Page Cl PAT FAHERTY his concerns to the BB&T
Staff writer While not nearly as nutrient-impaired as construction administraRainbow Springs, King's Bay in Crystal River tor in Jacksonville. She

from the past decade and beyond, the water-quality goals. quires proof from
water quality of Rainbow Springs and Compared to Dunnellon's Rainbow Springs or builders that bills are
the Rainbow River has continued to Weeki Wachee Springs in Hernando County, paid before releasing condegrade. King's Bay and its associated springs provide tract draws.
There have also been notable declines in the unique challenges to the ongoing Basin Area "So there is nothing I
water quantity and clarity. Management Plan (BiVIAP) process. have to do or worry about
The Dunnellon area's Rainbow Springs is the "We are not dealing with a single spring like at as far as having a lien on state's fourth largest spring and site of one of Weeki Wachee or Rainbow Springs," explained the property when comFlorida's most popular state parks, which evolved Terry Hansen with the Department of Environ- pleted?" Cramer wrote .........from a privately owned tourist attraction. mental Protection (DEP). "It' s a lot more back.
It is also a regional economic engine, especially complex." The bank official's
benefitting southwest Marion County King's Bay is the sixth-largest spring system in reply: No.
In 2009, the Florida Department of Environ- Florida and springs discharge varies with the Now Cramer, a Beverly
Classical mental Protection (DEP) classified the Rainbow tides. More than 70 spring vents have been iden- Hills electrician, is facing
G'recoRonPman Springs group and the springs run, known as the tified in King's Bay The water quality in the six $25,000 in liens and un-


Aroundthe 0 0 0 0 0
COUNTY Flofida has major stake m nsmg beef pnees

Rubio staff AP member exchange "It's been an interesting
business," he said, commember in county PLANT CITY
LM pared with building apartennis Carlton slowly ments or homes. "But, say
on Thursday D rolls his pickup ME -^- that cow gets sick and dies.
A staff member from the through a herd of hun- You have to write off that
office of U.S. Sen. Marco dreds of mother and baby asset. I can see how hard it
Rubio will be at the Homosassa cows meandering in the . . . . . ..... ;.W--; would be to get ahead
Public Library from 10 a.m. midmorning sun around doing just cattle."
to noon Thursday, June 12, the Audubon Ranch prop- Carlton is lucky enough
to assist Citrus County resi- erty north of Plant City. to lease some land directly
dents with any issues they "Come on there, get up," from Hillsborough County,
are having dealing with fed- Carlton gently calls out to IF including the Audubon
eral agencies or those who a calf lying in the grass. "If Ranch area. In exchange,
want to leave a comment they're lying down, they're he pays to maintain the
for the senator. not eating," he jokes. As land with a crew of emNo appointment is neces- far as the eye can see, ployees that fixes miles of
sary. The library is located there are open fields of fence and keeps out invaat 4100 S. Grand march grass and cattle pacing sive species such as wild
Ave., Homosassa. about. Cute as they may be, hogs and a new, bright
speaking strictly finan- green thorn bush that's
Chronicle seeking cially, each calf represents popping up all over the
Father's Day info $600 to $700 on the market, state.
If you are a dad or have roughly twice what it was -7 Even with high prices at
ever had a dad, we want to just two years ago. the grocery store, the beef
Being a seventh-genera- Associated 1,ess industry, unfortunately,
hear from you. In preparing tion Florida rancher gives Briaen Steele shops for meat May 21 at Kovac's Grocery Store in St. Joseph, Mo. can't react quickly to profor our Father's Day edition Carlton quite a perspec- Steele bought flat iron steak. This year, the price of beef reached its highest level in duce more. As Florida June 15, we're looking for tive on where beef prices almost three decades, and Florida has a large part to play in that increase. ranchers like to say, anyFather's Day stories such as: are going, and he says lorida largely plays forced ranchers there to here at Publix or Walmart one can get into the 0 The best gift you ever burger and steak fans may Fthe role of the mater- send cattle to market lest buying a steak may be chicken or pork business received. just have to get used to nity ward for the U.S. beef they die of hunger or looking at a product raised within a couple of months.
0 Gifts you used to give paying more. "At least for industry Three of the top thirst. That may have tem- in Hillsborough County, All a farmer needs is an your dad when you were a the next two or three five largest calf-producing porarily boosted supply then trucked to Texas, acre or two for a barn. kid. years; then we'll see ranches in the country are and tamped down prices, then processed in Mis- Hens can produce hun0 What did you learn where things stand." within 150 miles of but the move also shrank souri into quarters, refrig- dreds of chicks a year, and
from your dad? Though Florida may be Tampa, and the state over- the overall herd size dra- erated and then trucked pigs produce a dozen bam What do you like about known for Disney and or- all has 1.7 million cattle magically going into the right back to a store in bies each birth, letting being a dad? anges, dozens of massive when dairy cows are in- next year The U.S. cow- Plant City. farmers rapidly expand
0 What has being a dad ranches make this state cluded. calf population fell from 96 supplies.
taught you? one of the largest cattle From Florida, thou- million in 2007 to 89.9 mil- igher prices have Cattle, by contrast, take
producers in the nation. sands of semi-trucks each lion in 2012, according to H some moving into the enormous amounts of Email your replies to One ranch alone, the De- season carry 8-month-old federal statistics. cattle industry land, and the time frame
nkennedy@chronicle seret Ranches in St Cloud, calves to massive feedlots Presently, the total cattle Chas Bruck, the Tampa stretches years. A cow stretches to 295,000 acres in the Midwest and West population in the United developer behind The takes nine months to gesNeed to qualify -roughly 20 times the size where they grow on corn States has shrunk to levels Heights project along the tate a calf Then the calf
of Manhattan Island. and other grains. As cat- not seen in 60 years, all river downtown, also man- takes eight months to
for office? Your Times are good, lately, tlemen often say, it's eas- while the human popula- ages property in the region grow large enough for a
window is small for those ranchers. Virtu- ier to send the calf to the tion in the U.S. has almost destined for housing or in- feedlot, then two to three
Citrus County Supervisor ally every factor of the grain than the grain to the doubled. industrial use. years to become a fullof Elections Susan Gill has beef industry is pushing calf The reason: pure Meanwhile, corn prices "We had been leasing size cow. Any rancher tryannounced that candidate up prices: weather, shrink- math. A calf in Florida is also doubled in some land to a cattle rancher," ing to rapidly expand ing herd sizes, corn prices, subject to more heat and cases, pushing feed costs Bruck said. "Then we their herd needs to retain qualifying for statewide, energy prices, growing for- swampy sicknesses and up further Worse for beef looked at the matrix and more cows to become multi-county, county, district eign demand. In turn, the will gain less weight by fans, Williamson said: said, 'That's a pretty good birth mothers (reducing and non-partisan candi- price of ground chuck at eating grass alone, com- Some cattle ranchers return better than the the population for the dates including write-in Publix stores in Tampa is pared with dry-climate found they could make stock market.7' So Bruck market), and the cycle becandidates begins at $4.49 a pound, up 25 per- lots in Texas or Oklahoma, more money faster by con- had his rancher buy more gins again. noon Monday, June 16, and cent from last year and said Wes Williamson, pres- verting ranch land to crops cattle. They now run 60 So ranchers are now ends at noon Friday June 20. 50 percent from 2010, and ident of the Williamson such as corn, thus taking cows at a plot near the dealing with a herd size Candidates for statewide a New York strip steak last Cattle Co. and president of more land out of circula- Suncoast Parkway and 40 dictated by decisions and multi-county offices week cost about $13.99 a the Florida Cattlemen's tion for cattle. more in Brooksville. made at least four years
qualify with the Division of pound when not on sale. Association. "Some Texas ranchers Bruck said some devel- ago not this year For
Elections, which is in the 'A lot depends on the Once calves are sent even found they could opers will put so-called now, prices are high. R.A. Gray Building, Room droughts, but there are a West, market forces really make more money selling "junk cows" on land "If it rains out west and 316, 500 S. Bronough St., billion people moving into begin to push up the final deer hunting licenses than merely to maintain the the pastures come back, Tallahassee, FL 32399- the middle class around the prices customers see in selling cows," Williamson lower tax level for agricul- maybe we'll see more cat0250. Call 850-245-6200, world, and given the choice the beef cooler at the gro- said. tural operations until tle," Carlton said. "That
or visit its website at between chicken and a cery store. Ironically, this cycle of they're ready to build, but could have an effect on steak, they're gonna pick Severe Western moving cows across the na- he's trying to buy more prices. But I think we're at for more information. the steak," Carlton says. droughts several years ago tion means customers cows whenever he can. a new plateau." County candidate qualifying will be in the Supervisor
of Elections Office, 120 N.
Apopka Ave., Inverness. Panhandle manage holds horrific creations
County offices up for the imp
2014 election are property AP member exchange Even his wife, Cheri he was the only person who Hidden in boxes and watch them.
appraiser, Board of County Dupre, has had a few close thought making monsters scattered throughout his But Eric Dupre doesn't
Commissioners Districts 2 NAVARRE It isn't calls thanks to what lies in- was cool. But thanks to the garage are the makings of want to keep his monsters
and 4, school board Dis- every day you are invited side their garage. popularityofshows like "Flace horror movies. There are hidden in his garage. His tricts 1, 3, 4 and 5, Ho- to tour someone's monster "I have been scared a few Off" on the SyFy channel, canisters of fake blood of ambition is to teach others mosassa Special Water lab or sit next to a zombie. times when I have been he knows he is not alone. both the edible and inedi- throughout the Panhandle District Seats 2 and 4, Mos- But for visitors to Eric coming in with the gro- "I always thought I was ble variety. There are the about the craft of building quito Control Board Seats Dupre's garage, this is ceries and forgotten they just a weird guy in his beginnings of open monsters, which is why he 1, 2 and 3. commonplace. are here. And, my heart garage," he said. wounds and slit throats is hosting a monster-makFor information concern- It can be the cause of sinks," Cheri Dupre said. He confesses most of his and even a few exposed ing demonstration.
ing the elections for the phrases such as, "I almost "Beware monsters pres- monster creating happens brains lying around. There "I don't want this craft to cities of Crystal River and jumped out my skin" or ent" is a necessary dis- after dark like any good also are axes, machetes die," he said. "Not to take Inverness, please call their "That scared me to death." claimer for Eric Dupre at monster maker's should. and blood-stained rocks. away from green screens, respective city clerk for can- Even once you know the his NavarTe residence, Many nights, he can be Dupre always loved hor- but it is all done on the didate information. monsters are lurking there where encountering a found tinkering with crea- ror movies and would stay computer My zombie can
For additional qualifying in his Underground FX devil hanging from a shelf tures until the wee hours. up all night as a child to walk down the road."
Lab, a quick trip inside or leftover intestines on "My radio is right there.
information, call the elec- leaves you vulnerable for the floor is typical. I just throw it on and get lost tions office at 352-341-6751 another scare. Fbr a long time, he thought in my own world," he said.
or visit

S ~Page A3 -SUNDAY, JUNE 8,2014


Campaign Golf

The Campaign Trail is a
weekly announcement of
fundraisers, meetings, candidate appearances and the
like for this year's political t u n y
campaign. Send information t
to mwright@chronicle
online com.
McPheeters, Republican for
county commission District
2, will greet the public from sum m er
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, J
June 14, at the Inverness Special to the Chrorncle
Fairground Market in the Young golfers and
Jacobs Building. Informa- would-be golfers, ages 8 to
tion: 352-257-5381. 18, are invited to sign up
for property appraiser, will Isored by the North Sungreet the public from 5 to I coast Junior Golf
7 p.m. Friday, June 20, at Association.
the Deco Caf6 in downtown The program of instrucInverness. Information: 352- iiti on clinics and weekly
628-7426. tournaments is open to
0 Winn Webb, Republi- children from Citrus, Hercan for county commission nando, Pasco and Marion
District 4, will have a counties who want to give
fundraiser from 4 to 7 p.m. ITgolf a try
Saturday, June 21, at The Sugarmill Woods
Mama's Kuntry Kafe on Country Club and SouthState Road 44 in Inverness. ern Woods Golf Club in
Information: 352-634-0983 Homosassa will host a seaor 35-419-614.son of events beginning 0 Renee Christopher- with the first tournament
on Monday, June 16, and
McPheeters, Republican for will continue through the
county commission DistrictsumrntlSp30 2, will have a fundraiser Clubs manager Rick
from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Kelso and his staff of assisJuly 26, at Mama's Kuntry tant pros will provide the
Kafe, Inverness. Informa- instruction and conduct
tion: 352-257-5381. J Athe tournaments. Parents
0 The Citrus County are welcome to attend.
Chronicle will have its pri- N) '1d There is a season regismary forum at 7 p.m. Thurs- tration fee of $50, plus $15
day, Aug. 14, at the Citrus per tournament entered, and
County Auditorium in Inver- $10 for each golf clinic.
ness. The Chronicle's gen- Tournaments are noreral election forum is at mally scheduled at 9 am.
7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 21, at on Mondays.
the College of Central Instruction clinics will
Florida in Lecanto. be 5:15 to 6:45 p.m. Tuesdays.
0 The Nature Coast Re- Private lessons are availpublican Club will have a able at a discounted rate of
forum for county commis- MATTHEW BECK/Chronicle file $20 per half-hour lesson.
sion candidates at 6 p.m. Robert Henson took advantage of the last SnippetCitrus spay and neuter promotion in February. Toumnamentplayis divided
Thursday, June 12, at the "It's Hip to Snip 2" will start taking appointments on June 10 for low-cost spaying or neutering, into five divisions based
College of Central Florida. including a rabies vaccine, a county license and a microchip. Above, Henson hugs his dog, Kiddo. on age and playing ability.
Tournaments for the 80 The Citrus Hills Civic Xand 9-year-old division are
Association will have a can- AF l EA E Uplayed on seven holes with a
didates' forum at 7 p.m. U /*F1two-hour time limit. TourThursday, Oct. 9, at the /- ~ Anaments for 10 to 18 years
Country Club. or 18 holes. Players for
these tournaments must
Aroud te Snppe~itrs ofer newspa-neuer ealbe able to play 18 holes in Aroud te Sn~pe~itrs ofer newspa-neuer eal110 strokes or less; nine COUNTY holes in 55 strokes or less.
CHRIS VAN ORMER county animal shelter or picked up as strays, as Each tournament field
Mitigation workshop Staff writer the National Humane Education Society has will be limited to 50 to 75
said that one intact female dog and her off- players, registered on a
offered Tuesday et owners need not fear future "littering" spring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years first-come, first-served basis.
The Florida Division of I 'from their dogs and cats. and one intact cat and her offspring can pro- Playing privileges and
Emergency Management, P "Thanks to an extremely generous do- duce nearly as many kittens. practice facilities at both
in partnership with BRACE, nation to SnippetCitrus from an anonymous Because they have no homes, 4 million to clubs are available in the
Volunteer Florida and the Citrus County citizen, as well as the many oth- 6 million animals are destroyed each year in afternoons with no addiFlorida Association of Coun- ers who have continued to support our efforts, the United States. tional fee, but golfers must
ties, presents Be Ready we are able to provide this 'It's Hip to Snip 2' ON THE NET "Reducing the strain on be accompanied by an
Florida, a series of workshops package," Mary Lee Johnson, with SnippetCitrus, shelter systems also allows adult chaperone who will
enouagnghoeonesannounced this past week."ro SnippetCitrus them to devote more resources pay a $20 cart fee. Golfers
tnorareti homeswfrs Following a successful "It's Hip to Snip"po to each animal, thereby in- must call 352-382-3838,
toeall te ho e disstr motion in February, when 500 pets were spayed Humanitarians creasing each animal's ext. 14 in advance for startThe "akes Midigastion. or neutered for a small fee that included a ra- of Florida chance for a positive out- ing times.
hen"Mwoksh willtbe bies vaccine, a microchip and a county license, come," Johnson said. The object is to provide
theen animalo welfare chait will offe1 1 re po- Citrus Cont Strtn -o-Jn 10, for a an enoaleprec



Birthday Your dreams will come true, Today is Sunday, June 8, the
but not all at once. Continue to learn
and absorb all that you can. Remem- 159th day of 2014. There are 206
ber that slow progress is still progress, Bill W days left in the year.
and you could miss a valuable oppor- Watterson Today's Highlight in History:
tunity if you try to rush things. Be pa- makes brief return On June 8, 1864, Abraham Lincoln
tient and build a solid future. to cartooning was nominated for another term as
Gemini (May 21-June 20) Romance WSIGO "Clvnpresident during the National Union
is in the air. Share your feelings and WASHINGTON -"Calvin Party's convention in Baltimore.
your intentions. Live, love and laugh. and Hobbes" creator Bill Wat- On this date:
tr.o say he made adate:f
Cancer (June 21-July 22) -A part- person says he made a brief, In A.D. 632, the prophet Muhamnership may be on shaky ground. Face unannounced return to newspaper _mad died in Medina.
the facts and consider your options. It's cartooning to raise money for a In 153,theU.S.SupemeCourt
always best not to burn bridges, good cause and because he ruled unanimously that restaurants
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) You'll en- thought it would be funny. in the District of Columbia could not
counter resistance today. Don't waste Watterson collaborated with refuse to serve blacks.
your time trying to change the opinions "Pearls Before Swine" cartoonist In 1967, 34 U.S. servicemen were
of others. Focus on self-improvement Stepans nethree tris killed when Israel attacked the USS
in order to gain positive momentum. that ran this week. The strips Liberty, a Navy intelligence-gathering
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You have
the ability to stand out in a crowd, so use made fun of Pastis' drawing ship in the Mediterranean.
it. Your unique talents can take you to ability, and Watterson drew In 1972, during the Vietnam War,
the next level if you present what you one panel in each. It was the an Associated Press photographer
have to offer to the right people. first time his art has appeared captured the image of 9-year-old
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You can in the funnies since "Calvin Phan Thi Kim Phuc as she ran
be your own worst enemy. A scary and Hobbes" ended its run in Associated Press naked and severely burned from
change will turn out positively. More 1995. A curator at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum in the scene of a South Vietnamese
benefits will come your way if you keep The reclusive Watterson, who Columbus, Ohio, holds a "Calvin and Hobbes" comic Oct. 23, napalm attack.
an open mind. lives in Ohio, told The Washing- 2013. Cartoonist Bill Watterson made a brief, unannounced Ten years ago: The U.N. Security
Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Be es- ton Post that he joined up with return to newspaper cartooning to raise money for a good Council gave unanimous approval
pecially discreet regarding money mat- Pastis to raise money for Team cause, he said, and because he thought it would be funny. to a resolution endorsing the transters. Someone may be trying to get Cul de Sac, a charity co-founded fer of sovereignty to Iraq's new govclose to you for all the wrong reasons. Cld aacaiyc-one
Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)-Aro- by cartoonist Richard Thompson Comic Tracy Morgan ship at about 1 a.m., state police SgL ernment by the end of June.

mantic relationship is apparent. Don't that raises money to fight Parkin- critically hurt in 1st class Greg Williams said. Five years ago: North Korea's
let uncertainty cause you to make a son's disease. Thompson suffers James McNair, 62, of Peek- highest court sentenced American
poor choice. Weigh the pros and cons from Parkinson's. six-car pileup skill, New York, a passenger in journalists Laura Ling and Euna
of a growing situation before you make "Several years ago, when NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. the limo bus, died at the scene, Lee to 12 years' hard labor for tresa move. Stephan did one of his strips that Actor and comedian Tracy Mor- Williams said. Morgan, 45, and passing and "hostile acts." (The
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Don't mocked his own drawing ability gan was critically injured Satur- Jeffrey Millea, 37, of Shelton, women were pardoned in early Auget involved in office encounters. It's and mentioned my strip in coin- day after a tractor-trailer rammed Connecticut, were flown from the gust 2009 after a trip to Pyongyang important to separate your personal parison, I thought it might be into his chauf- accident scene to Robert Wood by former President Bill Clinton.)
and business lives in order to get the funny for me to ghost 'Pearls' feured limou- Johnson Hospital, where they Today's birthdays: Former first
most out of both.layBraaBsis8.AtAquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Keep sometime, just to flip it all on its sine bus, were in critical condition, hospital lady Barbara Bush is 89. Actoradding to your skills and attributes. You head," Watterson said. "it was setting off a spokesman Peter Haigney said. comedian Jerry Stiller is 87. Comemay feel as if you aren't making headway, just a silly idea, and I didn't know chain-reaction A fourth passenger, comedian dian Joan Rivers is 81.Actor Bernie
but when a new opportunity arises, you Stephan, so I never pursued it, crash that left Ardie Fuqua Jr., was also in Casey is 75. Singer Nancy Sinatra
will have what it takes to seize it. and years went by." one member of critical condition, while a fifth is 74. Singer Chuck Negron is 72.
Pieces (Feb. 20-March 20) Before The idea resurfaced, Watter- his entourage passenger, comic Harris Stanton, Musician Boz Scaggs is 70. "Dilbert"
reconnecting with someone from your son idafterfastsviste Tracy dead and two was treated and released, Haigney creator Scott Adams is 57. Actorpast, remember what led to your part- Cleveland on a book tour and Morgan others seri- said. Two others in the limo were director Keenen Ivory Wayans is 56.
ing of ways. the charity was looking for new ously hurt, authorities said. unhurt, including the driver. Actress Julianna Margulies is 47.
Aris Mach 1-prl 9) Yo wllMorgan remains in the inten- Actor Dan Futterman is 47. Former
Aries (March 21 -April 19) -You will ways to raise money. The former "Saturday Night sive care unit at the hospital. U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is 44.
be able to resolve a troubling emotional Pastis and Watterson did not Live" and "30 Rock" cast mem- illams sa the tortale Rapper Kanye West is 37. Tennis
issue. Your surge in self-confidence w ill d s l s th i col b r i n u tl b e w a r t r i g f o m aW illia m s said the tracto r-trailer l y result in increased popularity, disclose their collaboration until ber was returning from a driver apparently failed to notice player Kim Clijsters is 31.
Taurus (April 20-May 20) -You need after the strips had run. standup comedy show in slow traffic ahead and swerved Thought for Today: "It is not the
to deal with family matters first. Trouble Pastis said he never expected Delaware when his Mercedes at the last minute in an attempt man who has too little, but the man will keep brewing if you ignore what's to even speak with Watterson. limo bus carrying seven people to avoid a crash. who craves more, that is poor."
going on. You will get positive results if Working with him, he said, "is overturned on the New Jersey Seneca the Younger, Roman
you share your concerns and solutions. like getting a call from Bigfoot." Turnpike near Cranbury Town- -From wire reports statesman (circa 5 B.C.-A.D. 65).

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Gainesville 92 71 ts Pensacola 85 74 pc
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4AWLakeland 93 73 Is Vero Beach 91 72 ts
Melbourne 89 74 ts W. Palm Bch. 90 75 ts
SeMARINEUTLOOK Meeting Notices
H Today: West winds around 10 knots. Gulf water D7
NA/NA NA Seas 2 feet or less. Bay and Inland temperature
waters a light chop. Tonight:
Northwest winds around 10 knots 0
'I ~ W R then. Seas 2feet or les Bay and ITRUSCO0U NT Y
HilI LO PR HI LO PR inland waters a light chop.
0.00A NA ----mtAipaka
forecast by r Location SAT FRI Full
TODAY & TOMORROW MORNING Withlacoochee at Holder 27.83 27.88 35.52 Florda B C Newspap Seng Florda B Co... t
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30 percent chance of isolated storms. Partly Tsala Apopka-Floral City 39.43 39.49 42.20 Call now for home delivery by our carriers:
cloudy. Levels ipofle in fee a e sea le Foo stge fo lakes arc based o 2 33-year flod, Citrus County: 352-563-5655
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anMONDAY & TUESDAY MORNING y one year da obTi a d s0,,WeS FiOW, wde Ma lton Ditrc Marion County: 888-852-2340
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Homosass '" 3:34 a1i 0.711 256tp.m 1 3f 8:40am, 0.2 It I11',prO.1 fl WSI(2U14 Jeru"alem 80/661p Warsaw 75157fs _________________________


Hackers track public moneyl across borders For the RECORD
Domestic battery 48, homeless, at 1:39 a.m.
Associated Press America to track where public "There is no way on Earth to iden- arrest June 6 on felony charges of
money flows. tify the origin of Latin American 0 Patrick Williams, 37, of burglary to an unoccupied
MIAMI A team of journalists, Relying on data sets and coding dirty money invested in Miami in Floral City, at 3:36 p.m. June 5 conveyance, and criminal coders and a financial expert pored tools, their projects ran the gamut just one day, but we are not expect- on a misdemeanor charge of mischief, along with misdeover local real estate records online from public money invested in edu- ing to have finished ideas," he said. domestic battery. meanor petit theft. According Saturday looking for South Florida cation to more obscure fields such "The purpose of the event is to build Other arrests to their arrest affidavits, property purchased by Venezuelan as soccer and gambling. They coor- the beginnings of a project." 0 Deena O'Neal, 43, of Butcher and Daluz are acpublic officials. The hunt was part of dinated with groups in other coun- The participants investigating East Scott Lane, Dunnellon, cused of illegally entering a a hemisphere-wide hackathon tries through video conferences and Venezuelan real estate purchases at 9:45 am. June 5 on a vehicle on a Homosassa car called "The Money Trail" -a day- an online chat. hoped to unearth newsworthy infor- felony charge of arson. Ac- lot. The pair reportedly also
long attempt to work across borders Organizers with the Miami chapter mation about just who is purchasing cording to her arrest affidavit damaged two vehicles by to track the flow of public money of the international group Hacks! property in South Florida and even- O'Neal is accused of starting denting the doors with broken through the Americas. Hackers believe it is the first time tech tually track whether the funds are dow erreidemne She wasn cidboc antid voee adwinTeam member and investment experts from across the U.S. and Latin being diverted from taxpayer money monhrrsdne h a ovedn a bttrd fromle one ofmanager Dave Dorr believes that America have participated simulta- By the end of the day, they were still reportedly intoxicated at the thevehiclte B o wasne at part of the recent housing boom in neously in a multicity hackathon. outlining the scope of their search. time and stated she wanted to th$ eils odwssta South Florida may have been driven Some participants looked into "If you are a corrupt public offi- bum down the home because $8,000 for each of the men. by corrupt politicians overseas look- whether World Cup money was ben- cial, one of the most enticing ways to she wanted to move. Bond Citrus County ing to launder money abroad, and his efiting Brazilians. Others were help- launder your money without many $10,000. Sheriff's Office
team was trying to find evidence of it ing research money involved in questions being asked is to invest it 0 Brice Sesler, 43, of Brlre About two dozen participants in Argentina's electoral campaigns. into U.S. real estate," Dorr said. South Tyler Street, Beverly Brlre the Miami headquarters of the Fui- Hacks/Hackers Miami Co-founder Venezuelans top the list of foreign Hills, at 2 p.m. June 5 on two 0 A residential burglary sion Network coordinated with sim- Dan Grech said the availability of buyers of real estate in Miami-Dade, active warrants for felony was reported at 9:24 am. ilar groups in 13 different cities public data sets made some of the according to the Miami Association grand theft. Bond $4,000. Thursday, June 5, in the 1000 across Mexico, Central and South projects easier than others. of Realtors. 0 Jodie Simmons, 30, ofboko.1 et ae
West Whippoorwill Street, Hernando.
Lecanto, at 5:32 p.m. June 5 0 A residential burglary
EE U E bow Springs is pending. Research found approx- remarkable natural beauty on an active warrant for two was reported at 12:29 p.m.
R iiP JW The role of a BiVAP in imately 21,472 septic tanks at risk," said Tom Frick, misdemeanor counts of failing June 5 in the 2400 block of S.
RA INBOW springs restoration was a in the springshed, 13,355 director of DEP's Division to require a minor child to at- Shelly Ave., Inverness.
Continued from Pap Al big part of the ill-fated horses, 21,522 cows and of Environmental Assess- tend school. Bond $500. She 0 A residential burglary springs bill co-sponsored 17,730 calves in the BiVAP ment and Restoration. was reportedly already incar- was reported at 5:55 p.m. programs, financial assis- last legislative session by area, plus other farm ani- "The problem, Dxes i ertetionFacilityuatCthettime nWatson St., Invernessf tance and revenue-gener- state Sen. Charlie Dean, R- mals. The process also fac- trates, is known. Detof her lit arrs th Aim catommtneriaebrgar ating activities, etc. -Inverness. tored in estimated "Solving the problem re- of hennret. Cay 25 ofwseomrtea 10:33lprm
designed to implement the The Rainbow Springs fertilizer use for crops, hay quires well-planned, ag- Eas Kennthaey v ,oa Juepointed 2t:300oko p. pollutant reductions es- BiVAP was a lengthy DEP- and urban use. Wastewater gressively executed local Cit Sat e 5:43e plom. June 5 n Gufto-ae Highway, f E tablished by the TMDL. coordinated process facili- treatment plants were also and state investments and Ciyat54pm.Jn5onn ufo-ke Hgw,
These broad-based plans tated by technical included, actions." active warrant forfelony viola- Inverness.
devlopd wth ocl asisanc an dta rom Whie othurbn ad I aditon o spprt- tion of probation stemming 0 A commercial burglary are dvlpdwtloaasitneaddtfrm Wiebturaan Inadtotosp from an original charge of bur- was reported at 11:38 p.m.
governments, residents, the Southwest Florida agriculture fertilizer use is ing the BiVAP process, the glary of a conveyance. Ac- June 5Sin the 8600 block of W. business and interest Water Management Dis- declining, based on sales district also has programs cording to his arrest affidavit, Halls River Road, Homosassa. groups. They rely on local trict. Marion County pro- data, legacy fertilizer still to improve Rainbow Carley was already in custody Tet input, data and local com- vided staff support. exists in the ground water Springs' water quality Ac- at the Citrus County Detention Tet mitment and they are The process involved as- from years past. cording to Veronica Craw, Facility at the time of his 0 A grand theft was readopted by DEP secretar- sessing nitrogen sources The DEP findings con- springs and environmental arrest. ported at 10 am. Thursday,
ial order to be enforceable. for the entire springshed, cluded that even with the flows manager, the water UCeyCoer48ofJune 5, in the 3700 block of N. Terry Hansen of the some 686 square miles in amount of nitrogen reduc- district currently funds Crystal River, at 5:18pm.HnyoutDieBvey
DEP describes it as a Marion, Alachua and Levy tion by various environ- several water quality pro- Jue5 na id mo Hills.
restoration plan, which counties. mental processes, nitrogen grams and has additional charge of breech of peace. 0 A larceny petit theft was
will develop a process Nitrates from fertilizer loading to the ground programs in its proposed According to her arrest affi- r eported at 12:16 p.m. June 5
going forward to restore and animal and human water needs to be substan- budget for 2015. davit, Cooper was using vul- in the 20 block of Hawthorne
these bodies of water waste, including septic tially reduced to meet the These include updating gar language and causing a Court, Homosassa.
Statewide, 19 BiVAPs tanks, are washed off by established TMDL. the map of vegetation, disturbance at the Crystal 0 An auto theft was rehave been adopted. King's storm water and seep into It is now up to the DEP which is done every five Manatee Apartments. She ported at 12:37 p.m. June S in Bay, Weeki Wachee, Silver the underlying karst geol- to draft an action plan for years, a reclaimed water was also trespassed from the the 5900 block of S. Hickory Springs and several others ogy that readily transports adoption. project, two storm water site. Bond $500. Drive, Floral City.
are in the process and ground water and any con- "Rainbow Springs is a projects and the potential 0 Robert Koob, 43, of 0 A petit theft was reported final adoption for Rain- taminants into the springs, prime example of Florida's restoration of Blue Cove. Turner Camp Road, Inver- at 9:44 p.m. June 5 in the
__________________________________________________________________________ ness, at 6:12 p.m. June 5 on 13000 block of N. 53rd St., an active Michigan warrant for Crystal River.
izer and farm fertilizer but not so much in the south portion a writ of bodily attachment, Vandalism
KIN 'SThe management area for King's of the bay where brackish water is causing him to be a fugitive 0 A vandalism was reK I G SBay runs roughly from the coastal diluting the concentration. The nu- from justice. ported at 12:55 p.m. Tus
Continued from Pap Al area to the Withlacoochee River and trient sourcing part of plan is ex- 0 Charles Butcher, 47, of day, June 5, in the 1600 block south to Homosassa with the county pected to finish this summer West Wildfire Lane, Ho- of W. Gene Martin Lane,
A key component of the process is boundaries on the east and north. It The next BiVAP meeting is set for mosassa, and Robert Daluz, Dunnellon. assessing progress toward meeting covers approximately 180,000 acres. 11 am. Friday, July 11, at Crystal the Total Maximum Daily Load "We're talking about the northern River City Hall. (TMDL) of nutrients. half of the county for the King's Bay The BMAP process for Weeki ON THE NET
The process involves estimating springshed," said water district geolo- Wachee Springs started in May The 0 For more information about arrests made by the nitrogen loads introduced by differ- gist Dave DeWitt. "It's a large area process for Chassahowitzka Springs Citrus County Sheriff's Office, go to www.sheriff ent sources, including wastewater where we know we have alot of local is scheduled to begin next year and click on the Public Information treatment plants (32), septic tanks issues contributing to nutrient levels." Contact Chronicle reporter link, then on Arrest Reports. (estimated at 41,504), golf courses, He said there in an increasing Pat Faherty at 352-564-2924 or livestock populations, urban fertil- trend in nitrates in Hunters Spring, pfaherty, 0 Also under Public Information on the CCSO website, click on Crime Mapping for a view of
where each type of crime occurs in Citrus
County. Click on Offense Reports to see lists of
Crest because it had a "What does the bank do $6,000, and he expects burglary, theft and vandalism.
V ICTIM ~ ~~solid reputation and was or what should I do to pro- more liens. In all, Cramer 0FrteRcr eot r loacie niea
affordable. tect the property from estimated he may be out wwwForothe rhvd niea
Continued from Pap Al What Cramer didn't know liens?" he wrote. "I have $25,000 for having to pay wwcrnceniecm
was that Gold Crest was heard that a few homes twice for the services or 0 Citrus County Sheriff's Office/Fire Rescue is
two other customers sold in 2010 to the Gilberts, from this builder have materials, seeking volunteers to serve alongside paid staff
meant for work on their who kept the name. liens on them ... andlIwant Cramer thought BB&T at all stations. For information, call the volunteer
new homes. Cramer contracted with to make sure it doesn't should be responsible for coordinator at 352-527-5406.
Gold Crest filed for Gold Crest in August 2013 happen to my home." the $17,660 draw it ap- 0 The "Sheriff's 10-43" show airs on TV station
Chapter 7 bankruptcy while receiving a $149,250 The bank's construction proved. He complained to WYKE, digital channel 47 and Bright House cable
May 16 to protect itself mortgage from BB&T administrator told him the the bank, which sent a de- channel 16. The show features interviews with from creditors. bank. He said the house bank has processes in tailed reply saying it was sheriff's office staff from all areas of the agency.
The company closed its was 50 percent to 60 per- place to stop that from in no way responsible. It also features Sheriff Jeff Dawsy taking live
doors in April, just days cent completed when happening. The bank noted that calls during the entire show on the last
before the Chronicle's first Gilbert abandoned the job. "We collect lien releases Cramer himself approved Wednesday monthly. story outlining debts in- He said he had a feeling with each draw and on the all final payments. And it curred by two former Gold things weren't going right final draw we collect final said any assurances it _____________________Crest customers who owed when work slowed on the releases and we will not do wanted from the builder tens of thousands of dol- house. ny findings until we we-re- to protect its invet-t A"0 0W01111 PMA 0% 111



Jimmi that Jimmi was a phenom- Ida Lee, 86 RobertPo tMy
Reichard, 81 enal woman, mentor, role B E VE R LY H I L L S Silvia, 65
HOMO ASSA model and beloved friend
HOM SASA to all she met. She exem- Ida C. Lee, age 86, of CRYSTAL RIVER
ichard, 81, of Homosassa, more than most have ever died Friday, June 6, 2014, of Crystal River, Florida, g e o
Florida, went to be with known. She was an exam- at the Hospice House in died Thursday, June 5 our Lord on May 29, 2014 ple to all on how to live a Lecanto, Florida. Private 2014, at his home. Private
Blanche Kirkland on miss her terribly, but since under the direction Of under the direction of June 23, she lived her life so fully Brown Funeral Home and Brown Funeral Home and Associated Press
1 9 3 3 and filled our lives with so Crematory in Lecanto, Crematory in Lecanto,
reared in much joy, happiness, and Florida. Florida. WNTNSLM
Panama love, we still feel her pres- WTN -SCEM Fis7ld
C i t y ,ence even after she has Bonnie Nixida Michelle Obama lauded
Florida, left us. Ludwig, 84 Uriarte, 65 poet, orator and sage
on the St.- She was preceded in CRYSTAL RIVER INVERNESS Maya Angelou as the first
Andrews death by her parents and person who let her know
Bay, and brother, J. Robert (Bobbie) Bonnie M. Ludwig, age Nixida Maria Uriarte, she could be a strong and
also en- Jimmi Kirkland. Jimmi is sur- 84, of Crystal River, age 65, Inverness, went to smart black woman, joinjoyed ac- Reichard vived by her loving hus- Florida, passed away be with her Lord on ing other famous admirtivities at band, Barry Reichard; son, May 28,2014, at HPH Hos- May 22, 2014. Nixida was ers and friends in a
nearby Panama City John Ogle Warfield IV and pice in Lecanto, Florida. born Jan. 27, 1949, in New private memorial service Associated Press
Beach. She graduated his wife, Rebecca; twin Private cremation took York City to the late Re- Saturday that was filled Poet Maya Angelou, from Bay County High granddaughters, Katie place under the direction nato and Ida (Garay) Uri- with tears, laughter, po- pictured Nov. 21, 2008,
School in Panama City and Nelson and Rachel White; of Brown Funeral Homne arte. She etry and gospel singing. didltwekaag86
attended college at George brothers, Daniel Kirkland and Crematory in Lecanto, was em- Former President Billdidlswekaag86
Washington University in and J. William (Bill) Kirk- Florida. ployed by Clinton said Angelou, one presidential inaugural
Washington, D.C. land; eight nieces and Memorial services will the Her- Jof the most famous black poem in history, "On the
She modeled, worked nephews, Kathy Mattke, be at 10 a.m. Saturday, n a n d o writers of the 20th cen- Pulse of Morning," when
for attorneys, managed a Kanre Musgrove, Danny June 14, 2014, at St. Timo- Co0u n ty tury, was a woman who Clinton opened his first
doctor's office, served for Mack Kirkland, Kim thy Lutheran Church in S c h o 0 1 seemed to have lived five term. She inspired many
eight years as the first so- Rohan, Bill Kirkland Jr, Crystal River, Florida. System as lifetimes in one. Others and became a mentor to
cial director for the first June (Sis) Donner, and Tim a payroll said the poet, who rose Winfrey before she beassisted living center in and Jamie Kirkland; and clerk. Nix- Niia from poverty and segre- came a talk show host.
Bel Air, Maryland, and 14 great- and four ida en- Uiae gaingvesrgtto Cnon em brd
foudedandseredfor12 rea-geatniees enjoyed arts millions of women to live that voice, and how Anyears in the information -nephews. and crafts their lives in modern gelou chose not to speak
(and greeting) center for Memorial services will adpstcansarSh Amia.for five years after she
Chery res Adentre e a St Anrew Stte hareswas a blessing and delight Family, friends and ad- was raped by her
Farm in Lancaster County, Park in Panama City McCoy, 56 to all who knew her mirers led by the first mother's boyfriend as a
Pennsylvania. She served Beach at 6:30 p.m. June 13, I NV ER N ESS Left to cherish her mem- lady, Clinton and Oprah child.
as a key member of the Bel 2014; in Airville, Pennsyl- ofory is her son Jae (wife Winfrey paid tribute to "She was without a
Air United Methodist vania, this summer; and in Charles R. McCoy, 56, ofJaret Park), Clarksville, Angelou at Wake Forest voice for five years and Church Altar Guild for Homosassa in December Inverness, Florida, died Tennessee; sisters Rose University in North Car- then she developed the 15 years and served eight The family offers our Thursday, June 5, 2014, (husband Robert), Tampa olina where the writer greatest voice on the years as the Chairwoman heartfelt appreciation to under the care of Hospice and Nilda (husband Juan), had taught for more than planet. God loaned her of the Homosassa United our Hospice. They ex- Of Citrus County in Inver- Fort Lauderdale, Florida; 30 years. Angelou died His voice," Clinton said Methodist Church Deco- pertly facilitated care for ness, Florida. Arrange- her aunt Elba Uriarte; May 28 at age 86 after a Saturday. "She had the rating Committee. She was Jimmi at home and were ments are by McGanr nieces Courtney and Jil- life with important roles voice of God. And he devery active in a garden by our side continuously Cremation Service LLC, lian and brand-new baby in civil rights and the arts. cided he wanted it back club in Bel Air and in the with expert care and emo- Hernando, Florida. great-niece Savannah Obama told those gath- for a while."
Riverhaven Garden Club tional support. God bless Rose; and cousins Ruth, ered in a university He also said she was a
in Homosassa. She won each and every one who Laura Carmen, John and Ray- chapel how reading An- role model for many
Best of Show at her first lovingly helped us through Pettit, 91 mond. In addition to her gelou's poem "Phenome- "We could just all be up
Federated Garden Club this difficult time. In lieu L ECAN TO parents, she was preceded nal Womaif' changed a here talking about how
judged event. She was al- of flowers, please make in death by aunts Esther little black girl who grew Maya Angelou repreways well recognized for donations to Hospice of The Service of Remem- and Edith Garay up on the south side of sented a big piece of
her quick imagination and Citrus and the Nature brance for Mrs. Laura She- A tribute and celebra- Chicago and whose first American history And triartistic ability Coast, P0. Box 641270, lin Pettit, age 91, of tion of Nixida's life will be doll was Malibu Barbie. umphed over adversity.
Upon her husband's re- Beverly Hills, FL 34464, Lecanto, Florida, will be at 3 p. m. Saturday, "She celebrated black And proved how dumb tirement from the Army 352-527-2020. held 10:00 AMV, Friday, June 14, 2014, at Chas. E. women's beauty like no racism is," Clinton added.
Research Laboratory, the Sign the guest book at June 13, 2014 at Memorial Davis Funeral Home with one had ever dared to be- The service was puncU.S. Army recognized her, Gardens Cemetery, Bev- Crematory fr.Orcreortae eea osn
critical role in his career erly Hills, FL. The family Sintegesbo t srie, Our stregt, our gospel sns.ere ren
with a special apprecia- Juanita will receive friends from Signchne nlestom. gtsrace," obam stoldgthe earse butglaughere toora
tion award. She hosted Bentley, 86 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM, wwhoilniecm, gadece, eated ine tnertlurie remem-s
many dinner meetings and INVERNEThursday, June 12, 2014 at Ja euodencpewse"Her dsi beredo' arclev ewmarn
formed close friendships IV R ES the Beverly Hills Chapel of ae,7 wooere wsclev er n ds with a dee spiital
with all her husband's Juanita G. Bentley, 86, of Hooper Funeral Homes. ae z,7 eecee n as ihade prta
work associates. Inverness, Florida, died Online condolences may H ERN A NDO They were powerful and faith.
Afte 22yeas inBelAir FrdayJun 6,2014 atbe entto te fmil atsexual and boastful." At the private North
Aftr 2 yers n Bl ArFriayJun 6,201, a b set t th failyat Jane A. Valenzi, age 73, Tall and majestic, An- Carolina school, the Maryland, she and her home. Cremation services www. HooperFuneral Hernando, died Friday, gelou added heft to her writer was regularly adhusband moved to Ho- held under the direction of June 6, 2014. Chas. E. spoken words with a deep dressed as Dr Angelou
mosassa, Florida, in 1995, Hooper Funeral Home, In- Mrs. Pettit was born Davis Funeral Home with and sonorous voice, de- out of respect for all the but retained an Airville, verness Chapel. February 23, 1923 in Wilm- Crematory is in charge of scribing herself as a poet honorary degrees she rePennsylvania, summer cot- ington, DE, daughter of theprvtaragmnsinlewth"emucofevdeenhuhse
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River She loved Walt Dis- L outn, (McCready) Shelin. She language." In 1993, she had never graduated
ney World, especially the 51ou tan died June 4, 2014 in OBITUARIES recited the most popular from college.
International Flower & 51Lecanto, FL. She worked 0 The Citrus County
Garden Show and Christ- HERN A NDO as a administrative assis- Chronicle's policy Serving Our Community...
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sional. She and her of Hernando, Florida, died to Beverly Hills, Florida paid obituaries. Email Metn Yo rN ds
husband visited over 100 Saturday, June 7, 2014, from Wilmington, DE in obits@chronicle times during their 41years under the care of Hospice 1986. onlinecom or phone A r
of marriage. She loved all of Citrus Cut innMrs. Pettit was preceded 352-563-5660 forBr w
God's creatures, but tur- Lecanto, Florida. Arrange-i death by her parents details and pricing.FnrloneCnity tles were very special to ments are by McGanr Cre and her husband, Paul B. *Oiure utb _____________her She pushed through main Srvc-L Pettit. Survivors include vebiriie wi th e
painful medical problems Hernando, Florida. he ehw ent h- funeral home or j 540WsGuftLaeH.
her entire life. She sur- lin of Sarasota, FL. society in charge of Lecanto, FL 34461 Richard Brown
vived several heart attacks aranemnt.ns279-0d Fax ra 352-95-694r
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heart failure, was resusci- SOYUKODEDIErf466cnuyikntwwbofneahmcm tated 45 times by her de- 0 All obituaries will be 0 Deadline is 3 p.m. for To Place Your. fibrillator, and during the edited to conform to obituaries to appear "In 1 ad
last months of her life she Associated Press style in the next day's "nM mr"a,
also livedl with Parkinson'sv unless a request to edition. Ctact-+


From prayers to furym. The journey of Bowe Bergdahl

MARTHA MENDOZA Sun Valley Ballet School. The Taliban repeatedly mer platoon mates made
AP national writer Bergdahl loved his bicy- offered to swap Bergdahl the media rounds, describcle, eschewed driving, for Afghan prisoners held ing how Bergdahl walked
Bowe Bergdahl stands, sought adventures. by the U.S. at Guantanamo away and their anger at the
hands at his sides, his He bounced from job to Bay, Cuba. In 2011, U.S. of- entire ordeal.
loose-fitting Pashtun smock job before enlisting at 22, officials talked directly with In Hailey, joy quickly
and pants bright white on an Alaskan fishing boat Taliban negotiators about a turned to bafflement as
against the rocky land- and construction sites, deal. And in early 2012, the townspeople faced an onscape. The hillsides are cleaning guns and stocking Taliban took steps to open slaught of hate mail and
dotted with armed targets at the shooting club, a liaison office in Qatar, the angry phone calls from
Afghans, rifles ready crewing on a sailboat trip exchange key on the people who said Bergdahl
A Black Hawk appears in from South Carolina to Cal- agenda. doesn't deserve to be celethe clouds. After almost five ifornia, slinging joe at the But the proposed deal brated. A planned welyears in captivity, the Amer- coffeehouse. sat in limbo for years, fac- come-home party was
ican soldier, head shaved, From the librarian to the ing opposition in Congress. canceled. His parents are
eyes blinking, is about to fi- sheriff, everyone in Hailey The Taliban walked away surprised and "very hurf'
nally see freedom. seemed to know and ad- from talks in March 2012, by the outcry, a former pas"We've been looking for mire Bergdahl as he came Associated Press saying the U.S. had re- tor who is in touch with
you for a long time," a of age. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, sits in a vehicle guarded by the neged on several promises. them said.
member of a special forces "He was good every Tallban in eastern Afghanistan in this image from video. The Obama administration "It's like a modem-day team shouts over the roar which way you looked at "I am sorry for every- to the Taliban. Analysts be- tried several gambits to lynching," said Lee Ann of the copter Bergdahl it" said the gun club man- thing here," he told his par- lieved he was being held by restart talks, including pro- Ferris, who lives next door breaks down. ager, Dick Mandeville. ents, who later shared the Haqqani network, an posing looser terms for the to the Bergdahls and
It was supposed to be a He started talking about e-mails with Rolling Stone insurgent group affiliated detention or monitoring of watched Bowe grow up.
moment for celebration, joining the military while magazine. "These people with the Taliban. at least one of the prisoners At a news conference in America's only military working the early shift at need help, yet what they MEN upon their release. Idaho on Sunday -the last
captive in the 13-year Zaney's River Street Coffee get is the most conceited Within weeks, the public And there was tension time Bergdahl's parents Afghan conflict free at last. House, manager Sue Mar- country in the world telling got its first glimpse of the between Afghan authori- spoke publicly Bob And in his hometown in tin recalled. His sister had them that they are nothing missing soldier, choking ties, who demanded the Bergdahl said the family Idaho, where trees are be- married a U.S. Naval Acad- prisoners be repatriated to would have to ease into redecked with yellow ribbons emy graduate. and that they are stupid, up as he talked about his Afghanistan, and the pris- building a relationship.
and prayers never stopped, Bergdahl figured it could that they have no idea how girlfriend and family in a oners, who wanted to go to "Bowe has been gone so indeed it is. be a way to travel. to live." 28-minute video posted by Qatar with their families. long if s going to be very
But for the rest of the MEN He said an Army vehicle the Taliban. One of his Talks renewed this difficult to come back," he
th had run over a girl, but "we captors held the soldier's
country, Bergdahl's cap- With just seven mon s don't even care when we dog tag up to the camera, spring after a video sur- said, likening the situation ture and release have of military training, hear each other talk about his name and ID number faced in December show- to a deep-sea diver who
thrust him into a furious Bergdahl flew to running their children clearly visible. ing Bergdahl in what needs to surface slowly to
debate. Afghanistan in February officials described as poor decompress safely
From members of Con- 2009 with the 1st Battalion, down in the dirt streets Asked how he was doing, health. By March, as a deal "If he comes up too fast it gress to his own former pla- 501st Parachute Infantry with our armored trucks." Bergdahl quaked. appeared close, critics could kill him." toon mates, a storm of Regiment 4th Brigade His father responded "Well I'm scared, scared began calling for him to be MEN critics are livid because Combat Team, 25th In- quickly: "Dear Bowe, In I worft be able to go home." charged with desertion, Five days before Bergdahl was captured fantry Division. matters of life and death, Back in Hailey, which could bring five Bergdahl disappeared, his
after walking away from his Their mission was to "get and especially at war, it is Bergdahl's parents, Bob years in prison and a dis- battalion suffered its first post and then released in a the Taliban," said Buetow, never safe to ignore ones' and Jani, had known of his honorable discharge. casualty: Lt. Brian Bradswap for five Taliban pris- 28, of Seattle. That meant conscience." capture. Now it was public. As the exchange day ap- shaw
oners. Some also question combat operations as well Three days later, at 5:30 Yellow ribbons were tied. proached, Taliban and U.S. Bradshaw's mother, whether soldiers died as as patrolling villages, gath- a.m., a soldier went to wake Candles lit Martin hung a officials negotiated minute Mary, told The Associated part of efforts to save him. ering intelligence, winning Bergdahl for guard duty. "Get Bowe Back" sign in details of the swap. Then Press that after Bergdahl
9 Their platoon was living at her caf6 window
"He's a deserter, in every the confidence of locals an isolated post, a two-acre The family chained the five Afghans were qui- was captured, Bob sense of the word," said and elders, training the stretch of a riverbed, sur- their front gate, attaching etly transferred to Qatar, Bergdahl called many Evan Buetow, Bergdahl's Afghan National Police. and Bergdahl's moment times, convinced their sons
former Army team leader. Bergdahl preferred the hu- rounded by wire, with cam- a small cardboard sign: had arrived. The exchange had been friends. Bob 'And when we got him back manitarian aspect of the ouflage mesh and poncho "No visitors." was recorded and posted Bergdahl told Rolling
... and he was being her- job, passing out food and structures to keep out the His father stopped shav- online by the Taliban. Stone magazine that Bradalded as a hero and he medical supplies. blazing sun. ing and started studying The morning of May 31, shaw's death had darkened
served honorably and he's "He enjoyed helping the Bergdahl slept in a one- Pashto and Arabic to im- President Barack Obama his son's mood. this example that people locals way more than he man pup tent next to the merse himself in Afghan called the Bergdahls. "Maybe it was a catalyst need to look to that's ex- enjoyed doing all the ... ac- truck that served as his culture, to feel a connec- "I ... told them that after for Bergdahl to go," Mary actly the opposite of what tual combat side of a de- guard post. On this mom- tion with his son. nearly five years in captiv- Bradshaw said. "But I have he is." ployment," said platoon ing, his body armor and In Idaho, the vigil had ity, their son Bowe is com- nothing to back that up."
weapon were there. But begun. In Afghanistan, the
Now, as he prepares to medic Josh Cornelison, 25, Bergdahl was gone. search continued, franti- ing home," said Obama at Bergdahl's disappearhead home, these both are of Sacramento, California. Shouts rang out "Hey, is cally, for several months. an emotional news confer- ance delayed Bradshaw's true: As a prisoner, "He wasn't so fond of that Bergdahl up there?" some- Bergdahl already a ence later that day memorial for weeks, as Bergdahl endured a at all." one called. Over the radio: hero of his family and MEN troops searched for the
lengthy captivity, a fate no He was different in other "Everyone listen up. Has friends would soon be- Bergdahl, now 28, has missing soldier And now one would wish on another. ways, too. In training back anyone seen Bergdahl?" come a national icon. The yet to appear in public or Bergdahl's return is But as a soldier, Bergdahl's in the U.S., he didn't have a There wasn't any place to public knew little of the cir- even speak to his parents, scratching a wound. decision to leave his unit cellphone, didn't watch TV, hide, no trees or boulders. cumstances of his disap- officials say He remains at "I am happy for his parendangered the comrades didn't go drinking with the It didrft take long to realize pearance. On the record, a U.S. military hospital in ents that he is home. I am who fruitlessly hunted for guys. He sat in his bun that Bergdahl was gone, the story was only that Germany, working his way glad that he is safe. But no," him. reading books, studying outside the wire, alone," Bergdahl had strayed from through the early stages of Mary Bradshaw said, "I
Everyday Americans languages. In Afghanistan, said Cornelison. "And you base. reintegration a process dorft view him as a hero."
now ask: Is he a victim? A when soldiers swapped know, that's trouble." A Pentagon investigation complicated by the An investigation that is traitor? Are we meant to stories of their personal Soldiers stormed concluded in 2010 that the circumstances of his expected to examine the empathize or admonish? lives, Bergdahl kept things through bunkers, peeked evidence was "incontro- disappearance. circumstances of BergIt's a complicated para- to himself in latrines, opened vehicles vertible" that Bergdahl in- A military psychologist dahl's disappearance has
dox surTounding a compli- As months passed, and scoured Afghan Na- deed walked away from his said negative publicity can not yet begun. But some of cated man. Bergdahl began grousing to tional Police posts. Search unit, but did not accuse make it even harder to pre- his former platoon mates
MEN Buetow about the way they dogs were on the ground him of desertion, a former pare a former hostage for and parents of some solBergdahl grew up with were carrying out their within hours. Pentagon official who read the return home. And in diers who died in that part
his parents and older sister mission, but, as his boss, At a nearby village the report told The Asso i Bergdahl's case, that pub- of Afghanistan after Sky amid the breathtaking Buetow stopped him short. school, Cornelison said two ated Press. cl- licity has been bitter Bergdahl's disappearance peaks and valleys of the I was like: 'You can dis- boys told them he had seen In interviews as part of A Facebook page went are insisting that he anSawtooth Mountains. Their agree. But you can't be a soldier crawling through the probe, members of his up the day after his release swer for his actions. home, a humble place with complaining about this the weeds and showed unit portrayed him as a called "Bowe Bergdahl is Gerald Sutton served a weather-beaten roof, sits mission. And you don't them where, but they found naive, "delusional" person NOT a hero," and then with Bergdahl and considcame several more, calling ered him a friend. Now, he
nestled among hills of have to believe in it, but I nothing. who thought he could help him a traitor A petition was wants a court martial.
alder and sage. need your mind clear if Hopes that Bergdahl was the Afghan people by leav- launched demanding a "Personally, I'd like to be
There are schools in Hai- something happens,"' Bue- lost sick or simply missing ing his post, said the
ley, Idaho, 6 miles down the tow recalled. were dashed within a day official. court martial. able to talk to the guy and
A vitriolic Twitter storm ask him why he did this,"
road, but Bergdahl and his Days before he disal)- when a radio operator in- Platoon members say hammered Obama. And he said, "because thaf s the sister were taught at home, feared, Bergdahl asked tercepted Afghans chatting they were told not to pub- then one after another, for- ultimate question." and he received a GED Buetow how to get the max- about their new bargaining licly discuss the situation, from a local college. His fa- imum amount of cash from chip. and so only quietly did they
ther worked as a ups his paycheck. He also "I think he is a big shot" share their unwavering bedriver wanted to mail h-ome his says one in a translated lief that Bergdahl inten- I E AV M E

AS SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 2014 STATE Cinus CouNTY (FL) CmomcLE

can, declared global warming
CLIM ATE "one of the most important issues that we will face this cenContinued from Page Al tury," signed executive orders to
tighten tailpipe-emission stanwhere the issue is no longer an dards for cars and opposed coalA\J
abstraction. fired power plants.
Their hope is to win over in- Bush, his predecessor, had
dependents and siphon some pushed the state during his adRepublicans, who are deeply di- ministration to diversify its envided over global warming. Tom ACT ergy mix and prioritize
Steer a billionaire environ- conservation.
mental activist, has pledged to Even Rubio, who was then
spend $100 million this year to Florida House speaker and a
influence seven critical contests vocal critic of Crist's climate
nationwide, including the plans, supported incentives for
Florida governor's race. renewable energy. With little opThe battle in the country's position, the GOP-led Legislalargest swing state offers a pre- ture passed a bill that laid the
view of what could be a pivotal groundwork for a Californiafight in the next presidential style cap-and-trade system to cut
election. carbon emissions and created a
Crist is running for his old job 01 special commission to study clias a Democrat, criticizing Scott mate change.
and Florida Republicans for re- But the efforts sputtered as
versing his efforts to curb global the economy collapsed and Crist
warming. and Rubio faced off in a divisive
"They don't believe in science. 2010 Republican primary for
That's ridiculous," Crist said at a Associated Press U.S. Senate.
recent campaign rally in Miami. Blanca Mesa of Miami protests May 17 against Sen. Marco Rubio's statements on climate change as Although Rubio had voted for "This is ground zero for climate activists and beach-goers join hands in a Hands across the Sand demonstration in Miami Beach. There Crist's landmark environmental change in America." are few places more vulnerable to rising sea levels than low-lying South Florida. measure, he soon hammered the
Nationally, the issue could A governor for what he called a
prove tricky for Democrats. cap-and-trade scheme." SeekPolls show a bipartisan majority ofAmericans favor measures ing support from the growing tea
to reduce planet-warming . . . party movement, he distanced
greenhouse gases, such as the himself from the vote.
new federal rule to limit carbon Rubio also began to voice
doubts about whether climate
emissions from power plants.
But they routinely rank climate change is manmade, a doubt he
change far behind the economy, shares with Bush. Both have
the centerpiece of Scott's cam- stuck to that position.
paign, when prioritizing issues. Amid meetings with conservaIn Miami Beach, which floods tive activists and Republican
even on sunny days, the concern leaders in New Hampshire last
is palpable. On a recent after- month, Rubio said: "I do not benoon, McKenzie pulled out his lieve that human activity is causiPad and flipped through photos i. ing these dramatic changes to
from a 2009 storm. In one, two our climate the way these scienwomen kayak through knee-high tists are portraying it." Proposwater in the center of town. als to cut carbon emissions, he
said, would do little to change
"This is not a future problem.
It's a current problem," said current conditions but "destroy
Leonard Berry, director of the our economy" Rubio later said
Florida Center for Environmen- he supports mitigation meastal Studies at Florida Atlantic 4:_ ures to protect coastal property
University and a contributing from natural disasters.
author of the National Climate Scott and Florida RepubliAssessment, which found that A man walks April 30 near a portion of the Scenic Highway collapsed near Pensacola. While other coastal cans share his current views. sea levels have risen about 8 states take aggressive measures to battle the effects of global warming, Florida's top politicians are chal- Denouncing "job-killing legisinches in the past century lenging the science and debating whether the problem even exists. Those positions could impact the po- lation," they repealed Crist's climate law, disbanded the state's
Miami Beach is expected to political fortunes of the state's chief skeptics, including Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush, both climate commission and elimispend $400 million on an elabo- of whom are weighing presidential campaigns in 2016. nated a mandate requiring the
rate pumping system to cope
with routine flooding. To the cities, has abandoned six of its sources of drinking water responsible leaders and responsi- state to use ethanol-blended north, Fort Lauderdale has eight drinking water wells be- "It's getting to the point where ble governments would take that gasoline. shelled out millions to restore cause of encroaching seawater some properties being bought as a wake-up call." Asked about climate change
beaches and a section of coastal By one regional assessment, today will probably not be able Florida lacks a statewide ap- recently, Scott demurred, saying highway after Hurricane Sandy the waters off South Florida to be sold at the end of a 30-year proach to the effects of climate the state has spent about and other storms breached the could rise another 2 feet by 2060, mortgage," said Harold Wanless, change, although just a few $130 million on coastal flooding city's concrete sea wall. Hallan- a scenario that would over- chairman of the geological sci- years ago, it was at the forefront in his first term, as well as dale Beach, which lies on the At- whelm the region's aging ences department at University on the issue. millions on environmental
lantic Coast between the two drainage system and taint its of Miami. "You would think re- In 2007, Crist, then a Republi- restoration.


US job market recovers

losses yet appears weaker

Associated Prcss

WASHINGTON The U.S. economy has finally regained the jobs lost
to the Great Recession. But go easy
on the hallelujahs. The comeback is
far from complete.
Friday's report from the government revealed an economy healing
yet marked by deep and lasting scars. Associated Press
The downturn that began 6 1/2 years A farmer holds a handful of hemp seeds May 19 on a day
ago accelerated wrenching changes ZA of planting in Sterling, Colo.
that have left many Americans feeling worse off than they did the last
time the economy had roughly the Uncertainty dominates
same number of jobs it does now
Employers added 217,000 workers
in May, more than enough to surpass new hemp market
the 138.4 million jobs that existed
when the recession began in Decem- Associatcd Prcss and see if this works," said
ber 2007. But even as the unemploy- Associated Press Jim Brammer a Colorado
ment rate has slipped to 6.3 percent job seekers sign in Jan. 22 before meeting prospective employers during a STERLING, Colo. alfalfa and hay farmer who from 10 percent at the depth of the career fair at a hotel in Dallas. The U.S. economy finally regained the jobs Marijuana's square acquired one of the state's recession, the economy still lacks its lost during the Great Recession, but the comeback is far from complete. cousin, industrial hemp, 114 licenses to raise hemp. former firepower has come out of the black Brammer agreed to let
To many economists, the job fig- people are retiring. But the share of NELP, said the nation's evolution market and is now legal for activists try the crop on a ures are both proof of the sustained working adults among the overall away from goods production to a farmers to cultivate, open- single acre of land in exrecovery and evidence of a painful population is "still bouncing around more service-oriented economy has ing up a new lucrative change for a cut of the protransformation in how Americans at the bottom where it was during slowed hiring in many mid- and market. That was the idea, ceeds, if any materialize. earn a living. the worst of the recession" evi- higher-paying sectors. The weak job anyway He's not optimistic. "If it
"The labor market recovery has dence that meaningful wage gains gains in those sectors have slowed Would-be hemp farmers comes in nice, then great. been disappointing," said Stuart across the economy are unlikely, overall pay growth, giving consumers are having mixed success If not, then at least we Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Fi- O'Keefe said. less money to spend and depriving navigating red tape on tried something new,"
financial Services. "Even with the new The recovery hasn't kept up with the recovery of its usual vigor everything from seed ac- Brammer said. peak, there is still a great deal of the expanding U.S. population. Re- Relative to much of Europe and quisition to processing the A 2013 report by the slack" searchers at the liberal Economic Japan, lower-wage jobs have ac- finished plant. It will take Congressional Research
There are still 1.49 million con- Policy Institute estimate that 7 mil- counted for much of the job growth years, farmers and regula- Service pegged hemp imstruction jobs missing. Factories lion more jobs would have been in the United States. About a quarter tors agree, before there's a ports at $11.5 million in have 1.65 million fewer workers. needed to keep up with population of U.S. jobs were in low-paying in- viable market for hemp. 2011, a tiny sum relative to Many of these jobs have been per- growth. dustries in 2011, according to the Or- Hemp is prized for oils, other imported crops. That
manently replaced by new technolo- The pain has been concentrated ganization for Economic seeds and fiber, but its pro- study concluded that degies: robots, software and advanced largely among lower- and middle- Cooperation and Development, a 34- duction was prohibited for spite an ardent fan base equipment that speeds productivity income workers, according to an nation association based in Paris. five decades because the and a market activists peg and requires less manpower, said analysis by the institute. That was the highest proportion plant can be manipulated at about $100 million a Patrick O'Keefe, director of eco- For the bottom 30 percent of earn- among developed nations, the OECD to enhance a psychoactive year, "the world market for nomic research for the advisory and ers, wages, when adjusted for infia- said. In 2001, the United States had chemical, THC, making hemp products remains consulting firm CohnReznick. tion, have fallen over the past ranked fifth in low-paying jobs. the drug marijuana. relatively small." "When heavy things need to be 14 years. For the next 40 percent of Employers have been shifting to The Farm Bill enacted And U.S. farmers worft moved, we now have machines to do earners, pay basically flatlined. more part-time workers, noted John this year ended decades of even be able to tap that it" O'Keefe said. "It is unlikely in the Most U.S. workers are "running up Silvia, chief economist at Wells Fargo. required federal permis- small market without fedmanufacturing sector that we re- the down escalator," said Larry "We've got a different labor market sion to raise hemp, but eral authorities removing cover much of the losses." Mishel, the institute's president. with a stronger emphasis on part- only with state permission barriers to seed acquisition.
Government payrolls have shrunk Median household income is time jobs," Silvia said. "The tradi- and checks to make sure Kentucky's first industaking middle class pay with them. $52,959, which, after inflation, is tional labor market is no longer the hemp doesn't contain trial hemp plantings were Local school districts have 255,400 $3,303 below its pre-recession level, relevant" too much THC. delayed for much of May,
fewer employees. The U.S. Postal according to Sentier Research. More than 27.2 million Americans Fifteen states have re- when federal authorities Service has shed 194,700 employees. Three generally low-paying indus- now work part time, about 2.5 million moved barriers to hemp ordered nearly 300 pounds And during the economic recovery, tries account for more than one-third more than before the recession. production, though only of hemp seeds from Italy more people have left the job market of the job gains in the recovery: Roughly a quarter of those workers two states are forging detained by U.S. customs than entered it Just 58.9 percent of restaurants and bars; temporary would prefer to be full time, accord- ahead this year Col- officials in Louisville. working-age Americans have jobs, staffing; and retail, according to re- ing to the May jobs report. And while orado and Kentucky Both DEA eventually redown from 62.7 percent at the start of search by the National Employment the number of full-time workers has struggled to get their nas- rented, issuing a permit to the recession. Law Project. Pay in these sectors av- risen during the 5-year-old recovery, cent hemp industries off allow limited hemp plantSome of that decline comes from erages under $13.34 an hour. the economy still has 2.9 million the ground. ings for research in
an aging country in which more Mike Evangelist a policy analyst at fewer of them. "We're just going to try Kentucky

-----------------------------------------------------015 ircl l



ORDERS OF $150 OR MORE.6 Cleaning Completed By 6/30/14
S1 6 IS1



Nation BRIEFS Ukraine's new president calls for peace, de-escalation

Eeeeeeeew! Associated Press ian President Vladimir interim president after
Putin has said was allotted Russia-friendly president
a*KIEV, Ukraine -to Ukraine unjustly under Viktor Yanukovych fled the
-Ukraine's new president Soviet leader Nikita country in February after
on Saturday called for pro- Khrushchev months of street protests
Russian rebels in the Hours after the speech, against him.
country's east to lay down Putin ordered security In his inaugural address,
their arms and welcomed tightened along Russia's attended by dignitaries indialogue with the insurgents, border with Ukraine to Arcluding U.S. Vice President
but said he wouldn't nego- prevent illegal crossings, Joe Biden, Sen. John Mctiate with those he called Russian news agencies Cain and Democratic Rep.
"gangsters and killers" said. Ukraine claims that Marcy Kaptur, Poroshenko
and struck a defiant tone many of the insurgents in promised amnesty "for those
on the Russian-annexed the east have come from who do not have blood on
Crimean Peninsula. Russia; Poroshenko on AsoitdPe their hands" and called for
Associated Press Petro Poroshenko's in- Saturday said he would AscaePrss dialogue with "peaceful
Khloe Alarcon, 2, reacts augural address after tak- offer a corridor for safe Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko lights a candle in citizens" in the east. after seeing atray of fishing ing the oath of office in passage of "Russian mili- St. Sophia Cathedral on Saturday after his inauguration in He also called for early worms Saturday at New parliament gave little sign tants" out of the country Kiev, Ukraine. Poroshenko called on armed groups to lay regional elections in the
Mexico State University's of a quick resolution to the Rebel leaders in the east down their weapons as he assumed leadership of a coun- east and promised to push alumni pond during Free conflict in the east, which dismissed Poroshenko's try mired in a violent uprising and economic troubles. for new powers to be allotFishing Day in Las Ukrainian officials say has speech. Ukraine ending its mili- should also stop fighting in ted to regional governCruces, N.M. During the left more than 200 people 'At the moment if's im- tary operation in the east. order to bolster the deliv- ments, but he rejected event, members of the dead. possible for him to come (to Ambassador Mikhail ery of humanitarian aid, calls for federalization of
Doiia Ana County Associ- He also firmly insisted Donetsk for talks)," said Zurabov, representing RIA Novosti reported. Ukraine.
ated Sportsmen and the that Crimea, the Black Sea Denis Pushilin, a top figure Moscow at the inaugura- Poroshenko, often called Biden later met with were on hadlto give kids peninsulaannexed by Rus- in the self-declared Donetsk tion, said Poroshenko's "The Chocolate King" be- Poroshenko and said handson nstuto ionid sia in March, "was, is and People's Republic. "Per- statements "sound reas- cause of the fortune he "there is a window for haco int ct oheLa will be Ukrainian." He haps with security, a suring," but "for us the made as a confectionery peace and you know as accruces Sun-NeshLa gave no indication of how group, so people won't tear principal thing is to stop tycoon, was elected May 25. well as anyone that it will
Cruce Sun-ews.Ukraine could regain con- him to pieces." the military operation," He replaces Oleksandr not stay open indefinitely
Polic: Shoting trol of Crimea, which Russ- Russia has insisted on adding that the insurgents Thrchynov, who served as ... America is with you."

suspect made
supply list WorldlBRIEFS
ATLANTA -The man
who police say staged an Globetrotter
assault on a Georgia courthouse carefully planned the
weapons and supplies he7 would need to enter the
building and harm people
inside, authorities said Saturday as they sought to ex- Y A
plain why Dennis Marx
opened fire outside the
building, wounding one
deputy before dying in ashootout.
Police said they found a
checklist at Marx's home in
Gumming, Georgia, that
matched the items inside Associated Press
the rented silver Nissan Pope Francis keeps the a
SUV used in Friday's mid- ball balancing on a pencil
morning attack. Marx had a Saturday during a meeting
number of bags and buck- with the members of the
ets holding homemade and Italian Sports Center in
commercial explosive de- St. Peter's Square at the
vices that could be clipped Vtcn
to hostages; a gas mask;
two handguns; zip ties and Bombs kill 52
two bulletproof vests, police as gunmen storm
said. They said Marx, 48, wore Associated Press uiest nIa
one of the vests and clipped Parents wait to pick up their children Nov. 10, 2010, at Lakeside Elementary School in Pembroke Pines, Fla., uiest nIa a hand grenade and wire to after authorities lifted a lockdown of all schools in Broward County. The threatening comments of a Florida BAGHDAD -A series of himself as a booby trap. woman about "Second Amendment gun rights" triggered the lockdown, which affected more than a quarter- car bombs exploded across
Investigators still have million students. The Supreme Court is being asked to clarify the First Amendment rights of people who use Iraq's capital Saturday night, questions about any motive violent or threatening language on electronic media where the speaker's intent is not always clear, killing at least 52 people in Marx, 48, had for the attack a day of violence that saw
that began at 10 a.m. Friday. militants storm a university in
The deputy who first en--flS a f the country's restive Anbar
gaged Marx outside the *3 *province and take dozens
courthouse remained in sta- W E E t E e 'e t hostage, authorities said.
ble condition on Saturday 7The attacks in Baghdad
after being shot in the leg. largely focused on Shiite

Vodafone report U neighborhoods. underscorsparks global a- **rnow striking at Iraq. Iraq
surveillance debate w h a' EU the a. finds itself fighting on fronts
NEW YORK Telecom- across the country, as sepmuniatios copanyarate clashes in a northern emiafne srveillan ovit Supreme Court could soon decide to weikh in on online rikhts cit killed 21 police officers and
Voafnmesurveportnc o govs 38 militants, officials said.
cusomesn 9 outries Associate Press men is all about" theemail said. The Obama adlministration The first Baghdad attack


Stacy Dunn
For the Chronicle
T he only words to describe the
Whaleman experience is ...
"Out of this world!"
One of my best friends told me
about this man, his website and his devotion to savin, the whales, dolphins Lnd any other marine life that needs saving, so I knew that the trip would be great. But great doesn't really give the trip a fair rating ... my review finds this gray whale adventire with the Whaleman himself, Jeff
Pantukhoff, to be priceless.
My friend Linda had mentioned
anting to take this trip out to Calif a for some time now, but needed
a roommate to share the cabana. So

love being in the outdoors, and already live in an East Coast paradise that includes the endangered manatees, why not experience the West Coast and its marine mammals? It
took me a imnute to decide... I'm in! speil to the Chronicle
The trip to California started out Stacy Dunn kisses a baby gray whale.
a few days ahead of our actual
"Whaleman"' adventure. My first time tive, healthy and content in their sur-Bay The transition at the border was we land. We were assigned our cato San Diego, we wanted to roam a roundings, and many might already easy and quick. Once thrq ~ the jpa- banas and given the instructions for
bit around the area first Grabbing a be extinct if they didn't have these perokf xco, i fft the b~h~ oo atrage a very limited local sites booklet, we decided on :saf c~ airport where we me u ith the supply asw aei the'' deetNte:
spending the first day at La Jolla We took this adyntre from seventh member of our oua fr :Ifyou are into nightclubs crwded
Beach. We saw sea lions and harbour March 1&2. The night befo~e s etc.,is migh not be for you,
seals laying both on cliffs and the 'mai vent, neither eco yo shod try one of Jeffs sad ,
area beaches. It was exciting to see sleep. I had been on a whal-ihiga, c ,addrn urfih, vytres, it will chng your life ...
the wildlife free and up close, tour once, many years ago, and we our Wleman group all became in- Even though out in the middte of
The next day we visited, on my did not see any whales, so jutose .....renc nower.Jff.nd .e.osdeivre
husband's recommendation, the San one in the distance would be a first

animals in habit ... ..lior
Man animals in zoos are on the as o. sw anded on the dirt runwy :: o ing instead ofJ}-t in
brink of extinction due to human in- The early nooming van met us at we weemet by Jeff Pantukhff the touring, thnJf oku
trusion. We were excited to see the the hotel and promptly too so a Wae~iab in ito th oca1Lowns to show us the
pa d s a d t e k a a b a s sh r r deacross t e b r er intoh n o g c oy:e
4Qn tparticularly care for animals in Mvexico to grab a flgh in a tiny lne the Kuyima R ee ap. The ad- and other crafts handmade y me
:captivity but all animals seemed ac- in Tijuana bound for San Ignaio v eebefi right from the minute See WHALE g A16

Veterans ......C13 ettirt to krtow !1oU,. Travel spotlihbkt ..Takirt a look back..
Comics .......C12
Community .... C9 Cros sword ... .Cll City: Lecanto On June 8,1845,
Mve...C2Favorite color: Turquoise Andrew Jackson, ,
TVLsig ClDream Vacation location: the United States, died
Adopt apet ... .C11 Carribbean cruise in Nashville,
Hobbies: Sewing The blue whale is larger than any other Tennessee.
animal that has ever lived on the earth,
For questions or comments, X xaIS including all known dinosaurs.
contact Features Editor Logan Mosby at 352-563-6363, ext.
1141 or at Imosby@chronicle


SUNDAY EVENING JUNE 8, 2014 C: Comcast, Citrus B: Bright House D/I: Comcast Dunnellon & Inglis F: Oak Forest H: Holiday Heights earAnnie: I was my oldest child or me beC B D/I F H 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 | 8:30 19:00 | 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 widowed five cause we are not "blood
Fi WESH) NBC 19 19 News News Dateline NBC PG' Miss USA 2014: Live From Baton Rouge (N) PG N News Access years ago when related." But this hurts
[WEDU PBS 3 3 14 6NewsHour Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine Classical Rewind Classical master- nside Foyle's War Interviews with Joy Bauer's Food my husband of 23 years my other children, too, k PBS 3 3 14 6 [With Lissa Rankin, MD G' pieces. (In Stereo) G' the cast and crew. G' jRemedies G' ch
o1 WUFI PBS 5 5 5 41 "Happy"(2011) NR' Ed Sullivan's Top Performers 1966-1969 Inside Foyles War G' I BrainChange-Perlmutter died after a long illness. and is causing a great
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Evening 10 News 60 Minutes (N) (In The 68th Annual Tony Awards Honoring excellence on Broadway (N) (In 10 News Paid day "George" always visited, but I never once
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tE EWJ ABC 11 11 4 News ABC J.Kimmel NBA 2014 NBA Finals Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. (N) N News Inside Ed. Two years after George tally recalibrated everyND 2 2 2 22 22 Brody File Watchman Monum.;Study Great Awakening Love a Grace for Dou Daniel Jesse Bridging Great died, I married a won- thing I thought I knew
) IND 2 2 2 22 22 Child G Today G Kaufmann Kolinda Duplantis the Gap Awaken derful man who respects about family I want to
E TABC 11 11 11 News World Jimmy NBA 2014 NBA Finals Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. Game 2. From the News Castle PG the memory confront these
Ae 1 1 1 1 11News Kimmel AT&T Center in San Antonio. (N) (In Stereo Live) co
Modern Modern Big Bang Big Bang Glee Dynamic Duets" Glee Thanksgiving" (In The Office The Office We There We There of my late two sisters, but
[ii)IND 12 12 16 Family Family Theory Theory 14' Stereo) 14'm PG' 114 N Yet? Yet? husband. don't want to
E UWTTA) MNT 6 6 6 9 9 "Set Uip"(2011) Curtis 50 Cent" Jackson. Seinfeld Seinfeld Raymond Commun Our Is Whacked Bom/Ride Honor George's fam- hurt George's
Mf WAIX TBN 21 21 Dr C.Stanley Rejoice in the Lord Connec Time of Turning Point G' Journey Jim Raley Paid Ministries ily embraced mother How
Friends Friends Two and Two and CSI: Miami Wrecking CSI: Miami Cheating Criminal Minds The Criminal Minds
G CW 4 4 4 12 12 'PG' 14' Half Men Half Men Crew" 14' Death" 14' Big Wheel" 14' Roadkill" 14' m him. Or so I should I hanSWYE FAM 16Casita Big Rotary Chamber Crime Your Citrus County Court I Spy G' Eye for an The Comedy thought dle this?
M FAM 16 16 16 15 Dog Club Chat Strike'14' Eye Shop Recently, Brokenhearted
ED WOX FOX 13 7 7 Big Bang Big Bang Enlisted American Simpsons Fam. Guy ICosmos-Space FOX 35 News at 10 TMZ (N) PG' Go
(n WVEA UNI 15 15 15 15 14 Comned. Noticiero Aqufy Ahora (SS) LaViuda Negra El Gran Final" (N) (SS) Metastasis 14 (SS) Comed. iNoticiero George's two in Kansas
M XPX ION 17 Leverage PG c Leverage PG' c Leverage PG c Leverage 14' Leverage'PG n The Listener 14' sisters ex- Dear Kansas:
Storage Storage Duck Duck Duck Dynasty (In Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck cluded us A confrontation
E) 54 48 54 25 27 Wars PG WarsG' Dynasty Dynasty Stereo) PG C'N Dynasty Dynasty Dynasty Dynasty Dynasty Dynasty from a family is unlikely to
55 64 55 ** "Shooter" (2007 Suspense) Mark Wahlberg. A wounded sniper TURN Mary struggles Halt and Catch Fire Halt and Catch Fire get-together help. It's terri5 6 plots revenge against those who betrayedhm.9 N with the knowledge. 'FUD" (N)'14'm "FUD"'14' ]
To Be Announced Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives Investigating mys- Finding Bigfoot Team up with Ernie Call of Findin Bigfoot (In when an out- ANNIE'S bly sad and
i) 52 35 52 19 21 tedious deaths. (In Stereo) 14, V the Turtleman. (N) PG' Wildman Stereo PC' of-town sib- hurtful when
S"Waist Deep" ** "Blue HillAvenue" (2001, Crime Drama) Allen Payne, ** "Kin dom Come"(2001) LL Cool J. Family members as M AILBOX
( I) 96 19 96 (2006) 'R' Angelle Brooks, Aaron D. pears. R' react diff erently to a patriarch s passing. PG' N ing people exclude
(iiAVDJ 254 51 254 Married to Medicine Housewives/Atl. ]Housewives/Atl. Married to Medicine |Housewives/Atl. IFashion Atlanta visiting. I had those who
South Park South Park ** "Men in Black I" (2002, Action) Tommy *** "Tropic Thunder" (2008) Ben Stiller. A ampered Tosh.0 invited everyone to my aren't "blood related"
) 27 61 27 33 MA' 14' Lee Jones, Will Smith. PG-13' c actors war movie turns into the real thing. NR' '14' home via email, but the within the family Since
Wi 98 45 98 28 37 Movie PG Swamp Pawn'PG' My Big My Big Party Down South 14' tops Cops sisters claim they never George's mother and his
MY 98 45 98 28 37 Redneck Rednec I _Reloaded Reloaded
( ) 43 42 43 Paid |Paid Dng. Rich |On 60 Minutes on CNBC 60 Minutes on CNBC American Greed Crime Inc. saw it. Even so, they in- remaining sibling will
( 40 29 40 41 46 CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Special Report Anthony Bourd. Anthony Bourd. Inside Man Anthony Bourd. sisted the evening was not speak up on your beJessie Jessie Austin & Austin & Liv & Liv & Liv & Liv & Jessie Austin & Jessie Good- "just for siblings." My half, it is up to your
') 46 40 46 6 5 G i 'G' Ally G' Ally G' Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie 'G' c Ally G' 'G' Charlie kids thought their aunts younger children to
( :D____) 33 27 33 21 17 SportsCenter (N) Countdown MLB Baseball Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers. N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) ad u er c ng e clr to
( 1: 34 28 34 43 49 College Baseball College Baseball NCAA Super Regional: Teams TBA. (N) N College Baseball and uncles were coming make it clear to these
(i) 95 70 95 48 Church Crossing World Over Live PG Sunday Night Prime IChester Rosary With Cardinal Dolan ILife on the Rock G to our house and even mean-spirited aunts that
*2 "The Smurfs" 2011, Comedy) Hank Azada, *** "Despicable Me" (2010, Comedy) Voices *** "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" took off of work to be they are unhappy about
HR ) 29 52 29 20 28 Neil Patrick Harns. PG' of Steve Carell, Jason Segel. PG (2009) Voices of Bill Hader 'PG'
+11 7 "TheSting"(1973, Comedy-Drama) ** "TheThreeMusketeers"(1993) Charlie *** "Circle of Friends"(1995) here. George's mother the situation, although
118 170 Paul Newman. (In Stereo) PG c Sheen. (In Stereo)'PG' Chris O'Donnell. PG-13' "Alive" was not happy that we how they do so is up to
(I ) 44 37 44 32 Fox News Sunday FOX Report (N) Huckabee FOX News Special Stossel Huckabee were excluded, and nei- them. Please don't push
(01 26 56 26 Food Network Star Chopped 'G Guy's Games Food Network Star The Big Tip Cutthroat Ktchen G' ther was the visiting sib- your children to cut off
( 1 732 112 732 UFC Fight Night NASCAR UFC UFC Countdown 14' Wodd Poker The Ultimate Fighter FOX Sports Live (N) ling, but neither will contact with these aunts
( :J 35 39 35 Bull Riding World Poker World Poker Tennis PowerShares Series: Surp rise. World Poker
** "Just Go With It" (2011 Romance- **' "Wanderlust" (2012, Comedy) Paul Rudd, ** "Wanderlust" (2012, Comedy) Paul Rudd, rock the boat. if they prefer not to.
(E)_ :30 60 30 51 Comedy) Adam Sand er PG-1 3' Jennifer Aniston. R Jennifer Aniston. R These two sisters give Annie's Mailbox is
(GE) 727 67 727 Golf PGA Tour Golf PGA Tour Golf Central |PGA Golf the distinct impression written by Kathy
"Chance at Romance"(2013, Romance- Signed Sealed "Lookin for Mr. Riht" (2014, Romance) Signed, Sealed,
(i 59 68 59 45 54 Comedy) Erin Krakow, Ryan McPartlin. c DDlvered (N) G Vivica A.Tox, Sarahancaster Delivered'G that they have no inter- Mitchell and Marcy
30 3 "The Normal Heart" (2014, *** "Enough Said"(2013) Julia GameofThrones (N) Veep(N) VeepMA LastWeek Gameof est in a relationship with Sugar
i 302 201 302 2 2 Drama) Mark Ruffalo. N Louis-Dreyfus. PG-13 'MA' c MA To. Thrones
VICE MA' Last Week Real Time With Bill Game of Thrones (In **' "Red2" (2013, Action) Bruce Willis, John 24/7 Cotto "We the 303 202 303 N To. Maher MA' c Stereo) MA' c Malkovich. (In Stereo) PG-13' Millers" Ty'
f V 23 57 23 42 52 Property Brothers G' Property Brothers G' Beach |Beach Brother vs. Brother Hunters |Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl s M O V IES
Mountain Men Closest Mountain Men Winter's Mountain Men The Mountain Men (N) (In The Hunt (In Stereo) Top Gear"American Calls" PG Wrath"PG Darkness"PG Stereo)PG Muscle"PG Times provided by Regal Cinemas and are subject to change; call ahead.
24 38 24 31 + "The Holiday" ** "A Walk to Remember" (2002, Romance) Drop Dead Diva Devious Maids Night, ** "A Walk to (I 2438 24 (31 2006) PG-13 Shane West. PGm r Aftedife" (N) PG e Mother PG Remember" (2002) PG
"Flowers in the Attic"(2014, Suspense) "Petals on the Wind"(2014, Suspense) "Flowers in the Attic"(2014, Suspense) Crystal River Mall 9; Citrus Cinemas 6i) 50 119 Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn. N Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn. N Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn. N 564-6864 Inverness; 637-3377
"Red "Blue Streak"(1999) Martin ** "2Guns"(2013, Action) Denzel *** "Enemy of the State" (1998, Suspense) "A Million Ways to Die in the "A Million Ways to Die in the
) 320 221 320 3 3 Dragon" Lawrence. PG-13 c Washington. (In Stereo) R' Will Smith. (In Stereo) R' West" (R) 2 p.m., 4:50 p.m., West" (R) 1:20 p.m., 4:20 p.m.,
SII 42 41 42 Extreme Caught on Camera: The 100th Caught on Camera Disappearance at the Dairy Queen Cindy Lockup: Colorado 7:50 p.m. 10:35 p.m. 7:30 p.m., 10:20 p.m.
Episode! "Caught on Camera" classic clips. Zarzycki.
Wicked Tuna Bad Wicked Tuna Wicked Tuna The Wicked Tuna The Wicked Tuna: Reel Talk Wicked Tuna The "Blended" (PG-13) 1:55 p.m., "Blended" (PG-13) 1:10 p.m.,
) 109 65 109 44 53 Blood" Mighty Bite" Reckoning" (N) Live 14, D,L Reckoning" 4:55 p.m., 7:55 p.m., 4 p.m.
(Wjlil 28 36 28 35 25 Sponge. Sponge. Sam & Thunder FullH'se FullH'se FFul H'se Ful H'se Full H'se FullH'se Friends IFriends 10:40 p.m. "Edge of Tomorrow" (PG-13)
(W 103 62 103 Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Oprah: Where Now? Oprah: Where Now? Master Class Oprah: Where Now? "Edge of Tomorrow" (PG-13) 3:45 p.m., 10:10 p.m.
(URY) 44 123 Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Snapped: Killer Snapped: Kller 4:10 .m., 10:25 .m No asses
Years of Livin Califrnication Nurse Penny Dreadful Nurse Californication Penny Dreadful (N) Penny Dreadful (In
340 241 340 4 Dangerously PG C Jackie Demimonde" MA' Jackie (N) MA' Stereo) MA' No passes. "Edge of Tomorrow" (PG-13)
Bar Rescue"Twin vs. Bar Rescue "I Smell a Bar Rescue Muscle Hungry Investors Sake Bar Rescue"The Lost Bar Rescue (In Stereo) "Edge of Tomorrow" (PG-13) In 3D. 12:45 p.m., 7:20 p.m.
( ) 37 43 37 27 36 Twin"'PG Rat" PG Madness" (In Stereo) Bombed" PG Episode"'PG' 'PG' In 3D. 1:35 p.m., 7:35 p.m. No passes.
(JAA* 370 271 370 **t"Underworld: Evolution"(2006, Horror) Power (iTV) (In Stereo) Power (iTV) (In Stereo) ** "Thor: The Dark Word"(2013, Action) No passes. "Godzilla" (PG) 6:50 p.m.,
370 271 370 Kate Beckinsale. (In Stereo) R'N ccMA'm ccMA'mc Chris Hemsworth. PG-13'm opse."ozla P )65 ~.
Into the Saltwater Sport Shi Sportsman Reel Time Fishing the Addictive Professional Tarpon Reel Destination "Godzilla" (PG-13) 1:25 p.m., 10:10 p.m. No passes.
) 36 31 36 Blue G' Exp. Fishing Shape TV Flats Fishing Tournament Series Animals G Pol. 4:35 p.m., 7:25 p.m., "Maleficent" (PG) 1:40 p.m.,
"Drive ** "XX"(2002, Action) Vin Diesel, Asia Argento. A spy *** "Casino Royale" (2006, Action) Daniel Craig. James Bond plays 10:15 p.m. 7:45 p.m., 10:15 p.m.
) 31 59 31 26 29 Angry" triesto stop an anarchist with weapons. PG-13' poker with a man who finances terrorists. PG-13' N
(IbI5 49 23 49 16 19 *** "Knocked Up"(2007) Seth Rogen. *** "Definitely, Maybe"(2008) Ryan Reynolds. *** "Definitely, Maybe" "Maleficent" (PG) 1 p.m., No passes.
**** "Notorious"(1946 Suspense) Cary **' "The incredible Mr. Limpet" (1964) Voices *** "AnchorsAwei h"(1945, Musical) Frank 4 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:35 p.m. "Maleficent" (PG) In 3D.
169 53 169 30 35 Grant, Ingrid Bergman. N'mR of Don Knotts. G' c Sinatra, Gene Kelly NR' "Maleficent" (PG) In 3D. 4:30 p.m. No passes.
Siberan Cut Russian Kodiak: Bear Island (N) Kodiak: Bear Island (N) Alaskan Bush People Alaskan Bush People: Alaskan Bush People 1:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m., "The Fault in Our Stars" (PG) 53 34 53 24 26 Roulette"'PG' 14'c '14' Blindsided"'14' Off the Grid (N) Blindsided"'14' 10:05 p.m. No passes. 13)1 p.m., 4:10 p.m., 7:10
( 50 46 50 29 30 Sister Wives PG' Sister Wives PG Sister Wives PG' SisterWives(N)'PG' Return to Amish 14' SisterWives 'PG'
*** "Do the Right Thing" (1989, Drama) *** "Dango Unchained"(2012) Jamie Foxx. An ex-slave and a ** "Lawless"(2012) "Neighbors" (R) 10 40 p.m. p.m., 9:55 p.m.
350 261 350 Danny Aiello. (In Stereo) 'R N German ounty hunter roam America's South. R' c Shia LaBeouf. "The Fault in Our Stars" (PG- "X-Men: Days of Future
**4 "The International" (2009, Suspense) *** "Double Jeopardy"(1999, Suspense) *** "Red Eye"(2005, Suspense) Rachel 13) 1:15 p.m., 1:45 p.m., Past" (PG-13) 12:30 p.m.,
48 33 48 31 34 Clive Owen, Naomi Watts. R' c Tommy Lee Jones.'R' N McAdams, Cllian Murphy .'PG-13' 4:15 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 7 p.m. No passes.
T ) 38 58 38 33 Teen Gumball Adven Regular King/Hill |King/Hill Rick |Burgers Burgers |Fam. Guy Fam. Guy |Chicken
A 9 106 9 44 Wat Wat Trip Flip Tdip Flip Mysteries-Museum Mysteries-Museum Secrets- Lege. Mysteries-Museum 7:45 p.m., 10:20 p.m. "X-Men: Days of Future
uv 25 55 25 98 55 truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV To Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest Most Shocking "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (PG-13) In 3D.
0 32 49 32 34 24 The Cosby Show G' Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby The Kng of Queens King |King Past" (PG-13) 1:10 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 10 p.m. No passes.
Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special NCIS: Los Angeles 7:10 p.m., 10:10 p.m.
(4) 47 32 47 17 18 Victims Unit 14 Victims Unit 14 Victims Unit 14 Victims Unit 14 Victims Unit 14 "History" PG'
CSI: Miami (In Stereo) CSI: Miami Presumed CSI: Miami Sink or CSI: Miami Shocking CSI: Miami Flight Risk" CSI: Miami Head "X-Men: Days of Future Visit
(E) 117 69 117 14' Guilty"'14' Swim"'14'c discovery.'14 '14' Case"'14'm Past" (PG-13) In 3D. 4:25 p.m. for area movie listings and enWNA 18 18 18 18 20 Baseball [Videos ** "Hulk"(2003, Fantasy) Eric Bana, Sam Elliott. PG-13' Salem (N) MA' Salem MA' m No passes. tertainment information.


ACROSS 106 Juicy fruits 12 Dwindled 109 Long-legged bird 129 Monarch's seat 142 Weedy grass
1 Of an olfactory organ 108 Fish with hook and line 13 Bring to bay 111 Sponsorship 130 Lady of Spain 143 Put into office
6 Among 110 Of apes 14 Pole 113 Ills 132 Texas landmark 144 Food regimens
10 Design detail, 112 Flooring piece 15 Newsflashes 116 Baking need 134 Last 147 Aerie
for short 114 Caffe 16 Eyelashes 119 Blore or Sevareid 135 Car type 149 Specks
14 "A Day at the-" 115 Hidebound 17 Happening 123 Where Rhodes is 136 Insect stage 152 Fleet and Wall (Abbr.)
19 Loos or Ekberg 117 Snow field 18 Grassy plant 125 Ellipse 137 Donated 154 Links item
20 Fragrant flowers 118 Talk wildly 21 Set of steps 126 Pie 138 Kind of candle 156 Fish eggs
22 Pipe fitting 120 Injure 23 Gave up willingly 127 Supplement 140 Prevent from 157 Kind of rally
24 Oil type 121 Butter serving 31 Grow weary (with "out") acting
25 "- Python's 122 Rule, for short 33 Sorcery Puzzle answer is on Page A15.
Flying Circus" 124 Kind of lily 36 Female sheep Z a i o
26 French or melba 126 Look up to 37 What remains 2 3 4 5 9 10 11 12 13 14 5 13
27 Hooded snake 128 Garland 38 Lukewarm
28 Removed 129 Salty drops 40 Stop!, at sea c2
29 Brink 131 Foe 42 Tendon
30 Implied but unsaid 133 Equally 44 Cherished hope :I '
32 Cotton fabric 135 Tourist, oftentimes 46 Brilliance 3, 31 32 33 3q
34 Hoop 139 Low-cal lunch 48 "Porgy and35 Dieting no-no 141 Perfumed 49 Caper s -7 3e -- 40 _4
39 Singer Cruz 145 Arab VIP 50 Anserine creature
41 Bring to ruin 146 Mortise 52 Ran in neutral ^2 *5 '6 47
43 Woolen fabric counterpart 54 Mr. Simpson I2!
45 Effrontery 148 Hobbled 56 Make obscure 4 o 51 254 5""
47 Philbin of TV 150 Far-out painter 57 Place of contest 9. si 2
48 Sack 151 Place in 58 Beginner
51 de corps Switzerland 60 Quite a bit 6 $e 70 i 7
53 For one 153 Orbiting body 63 Biological group
55 Racket 155 Engine 65 Dalai- 7 75 |
56 Winged creature 157 Thick soup 67 Condescend
59 Organic compound 158 Emissary 69 Love god o" 82 e 84 8'
61 Fastened 159 Rub out 70 King or Foster
62 Work hard and long 160 "- Billy Joe" 71 Renowned
64 Salad vegetable 161 Build 74 Part of RFD W 22 23 94 95 96 2- '2s sc
66 Rose 162 Nine days before the 76 Currier's partner
68 Valley Ides 78 Badgerlike animal 0o2 1! 104 1is 1iC 137
70 Flower part 163 Poker stake 81 Fathers and sons
72 Crisp cookie 164 Gaelic 83 avis on Va P 11 1

75 Deserve DOWN 87 Commence i 7 no n
77 Male vocalist 1 "A Boy Sue" 89 For fear that .2, 24 -> 12 12s
79 Single (Prefix) 2 Battery terminal 91 -Anita
80 Metallic element 3 Croons 92 Metal mass o U ,
82 White cliffs town 4 Be proof of 93 Decorate,
84 Root vegetable (with "to") in a way 1o 13 13 7 c12 t 14
86 Seize 5 Put down 94 Noblewomen
88 Calyx part 6 Skill 96 Uncanny 1s re 147 us 1
90 Plant bristle 7 No longer 98 Eastern servant 1
91 Used a blinker important 99 Kind of recall
95 Termagant 8 Hayes orAsimov 100 nous
97 Argue 9 Downward 101 Coarse file
101 Indian queen movement 103 Body organ -2r -ye
102 Lawful 10 Dry, said of wine 105 Andes animal
104 Atelier item 11 Trudge 107 Partly (Prefix)


The practical college entrance exam 65th ANNIVERSARY

Tt's been pretty well 1) Canada. Chemistry The Ripleys
*established that 2) Louisiana.
J.doing well on tradi- 3) Cuba. Where do babies come
tional tests used for col- 4) Chicago.frm
lege admissions has no 1) Belize.
relationship to how well Where do "The Real 2) Spain.
a student will do in col- Housewives of New Jer- 3) South Dakota.
lege. Students with the sey" live? 4) Storks.
same test scores often 1) Nebraska. How many times will a
have different out- 2) Michigan.
comes, some drop out, Jim Mullen 3) New Mexico. baby's diaper need to be
some excel and some VILLAGE 4) None of the above, changed in the first year?
struggle through. If only IDIOT 1)32,190.
there were a test that _____ Whois the most evil peso 2)365.
would indicate how well in "Game of Thrones?" 3)10,00.
high school students Math 1) Melisandre.4)000
will do once they are in 2) Joffrey woegadaet
college. Something like If apizza costs $6.50 and 3) Jaime. Whosedgraedarenothe
this: 3 people are going to 4)ul Cesiaie youre d ting
share it how long should 4)1)s bb hileyu'edaig Litertureit take to arrive? Scec1 ntr ) Hes.
Literature ~1) 30 minutes. Sine&ntr )Hr.%
William Shakespeare 2) $2.17. Tequila is made from.. 3) Both.
wrote which classic? 3) 10 minutes. 1) ... worms. 4) My step-sister has her
1) X-Men. 4) 2 pieces. 2) ... hops. this week.
2) Harry Potter 3) ... limes.
3) Romeo and Juliet. If you have a 14-karat 4) What was No. 3 again? History
4) Spiderman. gold ring that weighs 4 ArhmLnonwoe
ounces and your friend How many beers areahmLncl woe Are this sentence has an 18-karat gold ring there in a six-pack? 1) The Declaration of
correct? that weighs 4 ounces, 1) Four Independence.
1) Yes. who is the better person? 2) A keg. 2) The Magna Carta.
2) No. 1) You. 3) Did I tell you you're 3) The Gettysburg Address.
3) True. 2) Your friend, beautiful?4)..TeMnoDcti.
4) False. 3) I'm so jealous! 4) Now, or when Ibought it? Which was aUS, prsident?

If you are bilingual you... 4)2-aa.How much should a fake 1) NSA.
1) ... cannot marry in most What day of the week 3Dcst ) IRA.
states. does the Laundry Fairy 1) $10.3)IA
2) ... have male and come to your dorm room? 2) $50. 4) IRS.
3)em ane seak ors 2) Monuday 3$5.Fort Knox is famous for.. erbert E. and Helene C. Ripley of Lecanto sek ors 1) Satuday 4) $200. 1) ..its football team. H served their 65th wedding anniversary on June 5.
languages. 3) Never H)..gltn
4..arfrBlnu. 4) rdyThe Jurassic period came 2) ... gelati. They were married in Methuen, Massachusetts, on
ar rmBlnu. 4 rdybefore. 3) ... gt Shold. Hrd June 5, 1949. They have six children: Jessica of Wis1) ..the book.4 t colo ad consin, James, John and George of California, Thomas
Spelling Current Events 2) ..the movies. of Wisconsin and Roberta Lapp of Arbor Lakes,
0 nvr mnd :.No 1 cn spl In what state is "Duck 3) ..the Cretaceous. Contact Jim Mullen at Florida. The family gathered together recently at Redinny mor Dynasty" filmed? 4) ..the park. ington Shores, Florida. They have two grandchildren.

60th ANNIVERSARY Larry and Joyce
L umner were marThe Su nersied on June 6, 1954, in The S mnersthe Frankton (Indiana) Methodist Church. Mr
Sumner is retired from
General Motors in Marion,
Indiana, and Mrs. Sumner was a homemaker
-0 and operated Sumner's
Variety Store in Frankton.
They are the parents
of Cindy Pierce, Teresa
Bell and Kathleen Kelly,
all of Indiana, and Keith
Sumner of Florida. One
son, Kevin, is deceased.
They have 11 grandchildren
V and 16 great-grandchildren
They have been residents
of Inverness since 1984.

If yo'r read to quit toac

Thne Simonsons

r/ rand Mrs. Fred B. and Mar- Classes being held on:
MV garet (Peggy) Simonson were* A'D A
married on June 9, 1944, in the Cran- Saud y Jue 1 2 1491012P
ford Methodist Church in Cranford, at Homosassa Library
New Jersey
They have a son, Fr-ed C. and wife Saturday, Juy19, 2014 4, 2:30-4:30 PM and
Kate of Somerset New Jersey, and Jl
grandchildren, Mary Elizabeth and Saturday, August 23, 2014 9 2:30-4:30 PM
husband Jeff of Hamilton, New York, At Lakes Rgo irr
and Calvin, who lives and works inReinL irr
New York City RE-Nctn Replacement PaceGum and Lzne*
On their anniversary they cele-*FRE-NctnPaheLz gs
brated the weekend with family and *FREE Community, worksite, and clinic groups offered
friends. *Covers all forms of tobacco
Mr Simonson is a retired painting Wiesupplies last and if medically appropriate. f
contractor from Westfield, New Jer- *0
sey They' have lived in CrystaRive


Divorces Marriages Nicholas Steven Farrington, Inver- James Richard Miller, Inverness Jason Lynn Solley, Inverness /
ness / Rebekah Suzanne Brown, Angela Irene Bata, Inverness Nicole Lee Gasiorek, Beverly Hills Tiffany C. Clark, Beverly Hills vs. Keith Bryan Andre, Citrus Springs Orlando Mason Cheney Mull III, Ho- Michael Dale Stevens, Hernando /
Robert W. Crisp vs. Lynette P. Springs John Freedom Henry, Floral City/ mosassa / Cindy Marie Leffingwell, Tabitha Rene Weber, Hernando
Crisp Jesse Paul Ayotte, Lecanto Kimberly Dawn Thacker, Floral City Homosassa Steven Michael Stier, Rochester
William Brent Histed vs. Kimberly Brandy Lee Balavage, Lecanto Richard Charles Iverson, Beverly Harmon Raleigh Nevils, Inverness Hills, Michigan / Christa Lael Ralph, Jean Histed, Homosassa Donald Earl Barber, Lecnato Hills/ Audrey Marie Harris, Beverly / Rufina Patriarca Luzada, Inverness Rochester Hills, Michigan
Christine Ann Kessler, Inverness Cindy Noel Tallman, Lecanto Hills Dennis James Pfeiffer Jr., Inver- Charles Madison Strawn, Crystal
vs. Roy Gerard Kessler, Inverness Cleveland Tyrone Burns, Citrus Mark Dennis Johnston, Inverness ness / Dawn Marie Finney, Inver- River / Heather Lyn Stack, Crystal Derk R. Kruis, Inverness vs. Springs / Tina Marie Ward, Citrus / Monica Leigh Tanner, Inverness ness River
Georgia A. Kruis, Crystal River Springs Daniel Vincent Koch, Lecanto / Jessie Ray Philman, Homosassa / Jason Michael Swagler, Citrus
Suzanne D. Sharrone Floral City Eric Stephen Corlett, Inverness Danielle Tara Doherty, Lecanto Michelle Renee Watson, Homosassa Springs / Sarah Jane Skinner, Citrus vs. Timothy Lee Sharrone, Webster Karen Lynn Ozten, Inverness Kevin Adam McCraw, Crystal Eric Daniel Poe, Beverly Hills / Springs Kimberly Lee Siegel, Crystal River Michael Joseph Deeds, Inglis / River/ Marybeth Phillips, Crystal Janet Jean Schoenagel, Beverly Frank James Ward, Homosassa! vs. John Dreskin Siegel, Crystal Carla Ann Taffel Sleight, Hernando River Hills Julie Ann Shire, Homosassa
River David Allen Denoncourt, Lake Scott Joseph Michaud, Beverly Matthew Brook Snodgrass, Citrus Clayton Daniel Williams, HoGail Sleeter, Masaryktown vs. Panasoffkee / Bobbie Jean Farn- Hills/ Yuly Esther Martinez, Beverly Springs/ Megan Renee Gauthier, mosassa / Candice Lei Mckenzie, Franklin Sleeter, Homosassa ham, Inverness Hills Citrus Springs Inverness

40 & 8 to have located at 5340 W Grover Cleve- Bingo open to branch of service, theater of
land Blvd. in Homosassa. war served, years served, outfit
and veterans organizations r n.fu d
breakfast Sunday All veterans and the public public on Thursdays affiliations.
are invited to attend this instal- 7 Tfil"ros
Citrus 40&8 Voiture 1219 wel- lation of officers. There is a The public is invited to play To have your story told, call at D -Day comes the public to breakfast dinner from 6 to 7 p.m. served bingo Thursdays at American C.J. Risak at 352-586-9202 or from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. the first by the Eagles. The cost is be- Legion Wall-Rives Post 58. email him at cjrisak2@ Sunday each month at Ameri- tween $6 and $10, depending on Doors open at 4 p.m.; games C.J. will put together even I n can Legion Post 155 on State what is served, start at 6 p.m. your stories and help set up obRoad 44 in Crystal River (6585 For more information contact Dinner is available for $5. taining "then" and "now" pho- Fr E. Gulf-to-Lake Highway). Commander Scott at 352-419- The post is at 10730 U.S. 41, tos to publish with your story aince
Donation is $6 for adults; spe- 8819. Dunnellon.
cial on kids' (8 and younger) Associated Press
meals. Specialty drinks avail- Case manager aids LNO A 9ya-l
able for $1. The hall is smoke- Rolling Thunder Post welcomeLONDON -An 9-year-old
free. veterans World War II veteran who was
Proceeds benefit programs of plans June tourney public for fun The Citrus County Veterans reported missing from a nursthe40&.ublcrigpomte isEngn hrmarsthe 40&8. Rolling Thunder Florida VFW Post 10087 in Services Department has a been found in Normandy
Chapter 7 invites all golfers to Beverly Hills, 2170 Vet Lane case manager who is available after traveling to attend its annual Independence Day (County Road 491 behind Ca- to assist veterans to apply for D-Day commemorations, Post4864se up Golf Tournament on Saturday, dence Bank), often has special benefits and provide informa- police said Friday
spaghetti June 13 June28, at Citrus Springs Golf events that are open to the tion about benefits. Bernard Jordan was last
and Country Club. The pro- public. The monthly schedule is: seen at The Pines home in
VFW Post 4864 is serving a ceeds from the event go to- On a regular basis, bingo is at 0 First Wednesday- Lakes Hove, southern England, on spaghetti and meatball dinner ward helping Citrus County 1 p.m. Sundays in the smoke- Region Library, 1511 Druid Thursday morning. Staff
from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on Friday, veterans and their families free hall. Road, Inverness. called police when he did not
June 13, at its club in Citrus and furthering our goal of For more information, call 0 Second Wednesday- Ho- return that evening.
Springs. American POW/MIA 352-746-0440. mosassa Library, 4100 S. Grand- Sussex Police said Friday
Dinner is $8 and children awareness. march Ave., Homosassa. that another veteran later
younger than 6 eat for $4. Bring Shotgun start is 8:30 a.m. with P Third Wednesday- called to say he and Jordan
the whole family Fathers coffee and doughnuts. The FW Post 4252 Coastal Regional Library, 8619 were at a hotel in OuistreDay is coming up so why not "Hole in One" contest is spon- W Crystal St, Crystal River ham, France. Officers also
treat dad to a night out. We sored by Harley-Davidson of invites all for W ors are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To spoke to Jordan and deterhave bingo on Monday's at Crystal River The $60 entry fee make an appointment to meet mined he was fine.
1 p.m., darts on Tuesday's at also includes green fees and meals, more with the case manager, call 352- The force said Jordan left
1 p.m. and darts on Thursday at cart, door prize ticket, goody 527-5915. the home wearing his service
6 p.m. We also have shuffle- bag, one free putt in putting VFW Post 4252, State Road mes a in a gruco
board on Wednesday and Satur- contest, two free mulligans and 200 in Hernando (with the medals and joined a group of
helicopter out front), welcomesh n r veterans heading to France
day Come and join in on the ending with an old-fashioned s Memorial honors bytbus
fun. For information call 352- Fourth of July belly-busting the public at its meals and by bus.
activities. vets in Homosassa Chief Superintendent Nev
465-4864. cookout. esi o oas Kemp tweeted: "Veteran reFor more information and to Meals include lunch every
download registration form, see day and breakfast on Sunday Purple Heart recipients are ported missing by care home F lag Day ceremony the website at www.rolling from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Activities sought to be honored with cen- who said he can't go to, or call John include bar bingo on Tuesday terpieces with their names on mandy for D-Day rememset for June 14 Jolicouer at 727-415-7728 or from 2 to 4 p.m. and Show Me them at The Old Homosassa brance. We've found him
Citrus Springs Country Club at the Hand at 2 p.m. Thursday Veterans' Memorial. there!"
A Flag Day ceremony will be 352-489-5045, or contact any Dance music is on tap every Call Shona Cook at 352-422- The home denied it had held at 7 p.m. Saturday June 14, member of Rolling Thunder Friday and bingo is played in 8092. banned Jordan, a Royal Navy
at the Inverness Government Chapter 7. the hall Saturday veteran and former mayor of
Center 212 W Main St, Inver- Friday features an all-you- Hove, from going to the
ness. can-eat fish fry or New England Assist Coast commemorations.
All are welcome to enjoy the Male descendants boiled dinner u "In fact, staff at the home
presentation of colors, parade For more information and Guard Auxiliary tried to get Mr Jordan onto
of flags and salute to veterans. h menus, call the post at 352-726- an accredited tour with the
Call 352-726-2611 for informa- 3339, e-mail vfw4252@tampa Ex-military and retired mili- Royal British Legion but, due
tion. The American Legion Post bay2.1com and Google VFW tary personnel are needed to to the last-minute nature of
166 of Homosassa Springs is 4252, Hernando. assist the U.S. Coast Guard Aux- the request, this was not posseeking all male descendants, iliary to help the Coast Guard sible," chief executive Peter
Flag Day dinner adopted sons and stepsons of with non-military and non-law Curtis said in a statement.
membersoftheAmericanLe- Fall tri to Hawaii enforcement programs such as "Mr Jordan was reported
set for June 14 incgion and such male descen- public education, vessel safety missing to the police yesterdnans fe diednplanning checks, safety patrols search day evening as a matter of
dants of veterans who diedn inpannin stages and rescue, maritime security caution, because he did not
The public is welcome to join the service to their country durthe VFW Post 4337 family this ing times of war The late fall trip to Hawaii and environmental protection. return from his normal trip to
coming Flag Day, June 14, for a Such men in the Chassahow- for veterans and their families Wear the Auxiliary uniform town and when he left had flag retirement ceremony at itzka, Homosassa, Homosassa and friends will be from Oct. 29 with pride and your military not told us he was still intent 2 p.m. Chicken marsala is on Springs and the Sugarmill to Nov 15. ribbons. Criminal background on trying to get to Normandy"
the menu at 5 p.m. for $7. Music Woods area who are interested The trips include services on check and membership are re- Police said in a statement by Just Us from 6 to 9 p.m. Call in becoming members of the the USS Arizona, USS Utah and quired. Email Vince Maida at that Jordan's friends "are 352-344-3495 or visit Sons of the American Legion the National Cemetery of the, or call 917- going to ensure he gets back for informa- are needed. There is no form or Pacific, tours of the islands of 597 6961. to Hove safely over the next
tion about all post events, class of membership, except as Oahu, Kauai, Hawaii and Maui couple of days after the Dactive membership. and many activities including Day celebrations finish."
Those interested in becoming golfing, parasailing and dinner Hospice assists Postpans Father's members may contact Clay cruises.
Day breakfast Scott, vice commander of Amer- For more information and to ve ra sWl
Da bea fatican Legion Post 166. He may reserve a spot, call Cmdr Don HPH Hospice, as a partner- I
VFW Post 8189 will host a Fa- be reached by writing to Ameni- McLean, U.S. Navy, retired, at ing agency with the Departther's Day breakfast from 9 to can Legion Post 166, P0O. Box 352-637-5131 or email ment of Veterans Affairs (VA), ve b a s
11 ~m Sauray Jue 5, t he767, Homosassa Springs, FL dmclean8@tampabayrrcom, provides tailored care for veter
post, 8856W Veterans Drive, 34707,oat9-8885.alrdr mxc .DA 'vesans and their families b t cl st
Homosassa. His email address is hlsThe program is provided in
members who are also fathers. Interested men may stop by tociisfacilities and nursing homes, v stF a c
All others pay $5. Proceeds go the post on the regular meeting ge ociisand staff is trained to provide vi t ra c
to support the Old Homosassa night, the first Monday monthly, TeDVtasoainnt- Hospice care specific to illVeterans Memorial. at 7p.m. at the Spring Lodge wokhreciV grerato re- nesses and conditions unique for D-D ay
For information, call 352-628- No. 378 F&AMV at 5030 5. Memo- wrhareivdgate- to each military era or war It
2643 or 352-621-0153, or email rial Drive. sponse for volunteer drivers for as rvdscrgvreua
the two vans assigned to the as rvdscrgvreua Lecanto clinic --one going tion and a recognition program Associa ted Press
to honor veterans' services and
Come play games from Lecanto to Gainesville, sacrifices. ATLANTA--A World War
Veteans'reakastthe other from Lecanto to The
HPH Hospice care and pro- II veteran from Alabama is
wt potVillages. grams do not affect veterans' headed to France for D-Day
Vern s' brueakatwihp s The Gainesville van goes benefits. Call the Citrus Team ceremonies --a trip that
ontpJu e2 VFW Post8189 in Homosassa each weekday and The Villages Office at 352-527-4600. seemed unlikely just last
Inverness Elks Lodge 2522 invites the public to have some run is made when there is a week.
announces its next veterans' fun. a2pm. need. Veterans who need to go Sherwin Callander read
breakfast will be from 8 to Bingo is played t2pm. to appointments in Gainesville Prior enlisted about ceremonies for the 70th
11 a.m. Sunday, June 22. They Wednesdays and food is avail- or The Villages are asked to anvrayo -a n
will serve eggs to order, bacon, able. Jam sessions are from 3 to call the Veterans service Office sought thoughtie an itsr woul beDmeaning
sausage, omelets, pancakes, tea 7 p.m. Thursdays. in Lecanto at 352-527-5915 to be forghitserviceeanng
ndcfe.The post is at 8856 Veterans placed on the van list. All ap- The U.S. Air Force is looking ful to go. He hadn't been back
All veterans and active-duty Drive, Homosassa. pointments must be made be- for prior enlisted men and tah Bach dine is-o
personnel, eat for free. Dona- fore 1 p.m. women from all services inter- UaBecduig tehs
tions are accepted for other ested in both direct duty assign- toric Battle of Normandy.
guests. Public welcome at Thi od' ments in previously obtained He hit a snag when he went
For more information, call 1*'In Th i od' career fields or retraining into to get a passport.
the lodge at 352-726-2027. Fridi.ay canners w nsselect career fields. Callander was born in
w nsstories Some of the careers include Canada to an American
Everyone is welcome to join aircraft electronics/mechanical mother, and his family moved
P s 16 se toBlanton-Thompson American The Chronicle features sto- areas, cyber operation fields, to the U.S. when he wasa3.
Legion Post 155 in Crystal ries of local veterans. The sto- and various other specialties. But he didn't have documenintl Rfcr iver in its nonsmoking hall ries will be about a singular Enlisted career openings that tation proving his U.S.
from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Fridays for event or moment in your mili- include the opportunities to re- citizenship. American Legion Post 166 is dinner Price depends on the tary career that stands out to train consist of special opera- Federal authorities heard proud to announce that they dinner being served. you. It can be any type of event, tions positions and unmanned his story and on Monday gave
will install their officers at its All proceeds benefit veter- from something from the battle- aerial vehicle. Assignment loca- him a proof of citizenship cerregular membership meeting at ans' programs. field to a fun excursion while tions are based on Air Force tificate so he could get a pass7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 17, at For more information, call on leave. We also ask that you needs. port in time to leave for
the Fraternal Order of Eagles 352-795-6526. provide us with your rank, Call 352-476-4915. France just hours later.



14 ,

I q

Canterbury Cathedral looms over the rooftops and buildings of Canterbury, England. The ancient cathedral, where Archbishop Thomas Becket was martyred in 1107, remains a major pilgrimage site and tourist attraction, visited by a million people a year.
Associated Pr ss

Chaucer's tales still lure visitors to Canterbury

Associated Press clouding, as the poem says in its last line, Gothic architectural styles, with round knight, nun's priest, wife of Bath and
the sick (seeke) whom the shrine cured and pointed arches, blind arcades, and pardoner, with live guides at the start CANTERBURY, England -After (hath holpen, or helped). Today, Canter- pinnacles of the 14th-century perpendi- (Tabard Inn) and end (shrine of Thomas
nearly 1,000 years, murder in the bury Cathedral draws one million visi- cular Gothic nave. Becket).
cathedral is still luring visitors to tors a year The Trinity Chapel was built specifi- There is, however, little other eviCanterbury Chaucer's pilgrims made the journey cally for the Shrine of St Thomas, dence of Chaucer in Canterbury, aside
It was in the Canterbury Cathedral in on horseback; today's visitors are more which stood from 1220 to 1538, when it from this shortened retelling at "The 1170 that Archbishop Thomas Becket likely to arrive by plane and car, train or was destroyed on orders of King Henry Canterbury Tales" and a pub by that was killed, viciously, by four knights bus from London or Dover With its VIII. The floor of the current chapel has name. who believed they were doing the bid- sites, shops, and restaurants, pubs and a set of inlaid marble roundels repre- Another famous literary name with a ding of King Henry 11. As a result, tea rooms concentrated largely in its senting zodiac signs, months, virtues connection to Canterbury is Christopher Becket became a martyr and the Old Town area, Canterbury is a comfort- and vices. A lone candle marks the spot Marlowe, the Elizabethan poet and
cathedral a place of pilgrimage to his able walking city. It is relatively small, of the shrine. playwright ("Hero and Leander," "The
shrine. with a population of about 150,000. UNESCO World Heritage sites in Can- Tragical History of Doctor Faustus")
The homicide was the subject of The Stour river runs through the city terbury include the cathedral along who was bom in Canterbury in 1564 and
"Murder in the Cathedral," a verse and at some points is navigable for with St. Augustine's Abbey (mostly the attended King's School there. The city's drama by TS. Eliot, and was more fa- small boats. Rowboats and punts (flat- ruins of the monastery where St. Augus- modem theater house is named for him mousIv immortalized in Geoffrev bottomed boats like i gondolas) can be tine's monks lived) and St Martin's and his death is noted at the clock tower



Special to the Chronicle
Cabanas for a whale-watching group tour.

beautiful sunset some singing and then money to the local economy and they re- We've already signed on for the Swim just lying down and falling asleep, lis- alize it You have 90 minutes each tour, with the Humpback Whales and a coutening to the waves. two a day, to boat around and see many ple of my new friends from the gray
Continued from Page All We had days of whale-watching and different gray whales. Many will come whale trip are signed up to go with Jeff it was comforting to witness the strict right up to your panga (small boat), to this summer on his Bahamas trip to locals. He's been coming here with his whale watching regulations that are in see you eye-to-eye. That's 15- to 40-feet snorkel with wild Atlantic spoiled and gray whale adventure for 20 years and place. Owning my own tiny company, of whale and a giant eyeball! Over and bottlenose dolphins. All proceeds from the locals love him. taking guests in small groups to over, day after day, we enjoyed these Jeff's eco-adventure tours go to his nonWe learned whale terms like spy-hop- snorkel with the wild manatees and huge gentle giants and left with memo- profit, The Whaleman Foundation, to ping. We took a day trip to the natural knowing what goes on here, I was inter- ries of a lifetime. I highly suggest you benefit their "Save the Whales Again! salt flats. We did everything as a group, ested in the operation around the gray treat yourself to a Whaleman experi- campaign. including walking the beach and learn- whales. ence it's just that, once-in-a-lifetime, These are limited-size trips, so never
ing about the red and white mangroves. I was extremely impressed with the out-of-this-world adventure, any crowding. Just like I like it! If next
The camp is organized, clean and your loyalty to these whales shown by the If gray whales aren't on your list of year is already booked, book the next cabana is right on the beach. Falling to guides and the understanding that the animals to see, the offers year- 2016. After all, the best things in sleep was easy, after a delicious dinner, magnificent whales bring in a lot of two other exciting eco-adventures. life are worth waiting for

.............................................. I........................

Citrus County

Dato krnnc A A* A

Let us cater /
goar wedding Cuto Deige
or special event Ile- Event Plannin a'
Rentals Pi/rsn lz
oSite Available p ~ ~ L
'.. Bakery ITALIANO Ab?
Office Delivery Available Authentic S..-.

Rus tic Ranch g ...

104 US HIAY. 41, INVERNESS 726-7333 u*I i i i


iii iivrsarles

As you mull over the millions of details that go into planning the Birthdays
Perfect Florida wedding, we invite you to consider the fabulous Hidy Parties
i opportunities at the Plantation on Crystal River" for your" dream Corporate Meetings
wedding r-ight on the water. I Fundralsers
This inclusive site ranges from rehearsal dinners, planning and ''Club Functions
accommIiodat ionsto championship golf, marina and a spa. BrldaI & Baby Showers
Let The Plantation create your- memories from your" dreams' ReunIons & letlrement Parties

For more information, contact: flTITRUSN HILLS______2 Wedding Sales Dept. 352.795.1605 or 800.524.7733 ~r~~~ t -GL F&CUTYC
9301 West Fort Island Trail, Crystal River, Florida 34429 plantationoncrystalriverecom/weddings Contact us to discuss your event planning needsr 352-7 46-6855 or

0 USA tops j, U Baseball/B2, B4
Nigeria in UScoreboard/B3
14 final* Sports briefs/B3
friendly 0. Lottery, TV/B3
before ofB
PRSWorld 0 NBA iasB
Cup. /B5 of A 0 Soccer/B5, B6

Another Tri~ple Crown quest collapses

~ in came obvious that California Chrome lacked his California Chromefail i usual punch in the stretch.
Jockey Victor Espinoza realized long before his bid at Belmont Stakes then that his chestnut colt wasn't up to the grueling 1 1/2-mile trip around the track's sweeping Associa ted Press turns.
'As soon as he came out of the gate, he wasn't NEW YORK -California Chrome failed in his the same," Espinoza said.
bid o wn te frstTrile row in36 ear on Tonalist was a fresh and rested horse making bid o wn te frstTrile row in36 ear onhis debut on the Triple Crown trail. He last ran Saturday, losing the Belmont Stakes to 9-1 longanwothPerPnSaksntesmeBshot Tonalist
The Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner fin- Mont dirt on May 10. ished in a dead-heat for fourth with Wicked That irked California Chrome co-owner Steve Strong. California Chrome's loss extended the Coburn, who had said after the Preakness that longest drought without a Triple Crown horses should be required to run in all three champion. Triple Crown races.
Three tough races in five weeks proved too de- "It's all or nothing," he said. "This is not fair to manding for California Chrome, who was sent off these horses and to the people that believe in Associated Press
as the heavy 4-5 favorite by tens of thousands them. This is the coward's way out." California Chrome, center, is flanked by Wicked Strong, left, and
packed into Belmont Park on an 80-degree day, Tonalist beat Commissioner, another newcomer Tonalist, right, as they run down the backstretch Saturday during hoping to see history Affirmed remains the most to the Triple Crown, by a head. Those two horses the 146th running of the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park in Elmont, recent Triple Crown winner in 1978. finished in the same order in the Peter Pan. N.Y. Tonalist went on to win the race, denying California Chrome the

The raucous crowd was silenced when it be- See /Page B3 Triple Crown victory.


Queen of Clay tee off on

Cobb and

Rayvs 7-4

Associa ted Press

ST PETERSBURG -Alex Cobb had his worst start of the season Saturday and the Seattle Mariners handed the Tampa Bay Rays their 11th loss in 12 games, 7-4. "There's no better feeling in the world than walking off the mound having done your job and giving your team a chance to win," Cobb said, "and there's no worse feeling than walking off the mound and giving your team absolutely no chance to win the game.
Cobb was tagged for 10 hits and seven runs, both season highs. "When things are going tough, I never want to feel like this," he said. Dustin Ackley hit a three-run double off Cobb (1-4) during a fourrun fifth that put the Mariners ahead 7-2.
Roenis Elias won his second consecutive start for the Mariners, who have taken six of seven. Elias (5-4) was chased after giving up a two-run homer in the eighth to Evan Longoria that cut the Mariners' lead to 7-4. The lefthander allowed four runs and five hits over 7 2/3 innings. Fernando Rodney, the former Rays closer, pitched the ninth to get his 17th save in his first appearance at Tropicana Field since joining Assoiatd Pess the Mariners as a free agent in Maria Sharapova reacts Saturday after defeating Simona Halep during their final match of the French Open at Roland Garros JeraerLy hoedfrte
Stadium in Paris, France. Sharapova won her fifth career major 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-4. Ras hon hadsopped ao 10gae

Sha ap vaedgs Haep o rsec n Fre chOp n ttlelosing streak by beating Seattle on Shaapo a egesHalp f r scon FrnchOpe tile~ift maorCobb is 0-3 in four starts sincere
Associa ted Press match the first women's final at Roland Garros titles than any other turning from a strained left oblique.


East Division Central Division West Division
W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away
Toronto 38 25 .603 - 7-3 L-1 19-14 19-11 Detroit 32 25 .561 4-6 W-1 15-14 17-11 Oakland 38 24 .613 - 7-3 L-1 17-12 21-12 Rays
Baltimore 31 29 .517 5% 5-5 W-1 12-13 19-16 Chicago 31 31 .500 3% 1% 6-4 L-1 17-14 14-17 LosAngeles 32 28 .533 5 4-6 W-1 16-13 16-15 Mariners 7, Rays 4
NewYork 31 30 .508 6 1 4-6 L-1 13-16 18-14 Cleveland 31 31 .500 3% 1% 7-3 W-1 21-11 10-20 Seattle 32 29 .525 5% 7-3 W-1 14-15 18-14 Seattle Tampa Bay
Boston 27 33 .450 9% 4% 6-4 L-4 15-17 12-16 KansasCity 30 32 .484 4% 2% 6-4 W-1 15-16 15-16 Texas 31 31 .500 7 1% 5-5 L-1 15-16 16-15 ab rh bi ab rh bi
Tampa Bay 24 39 .381 14 9 1-9 L-1 13-17 11-22 Minnesota 29 31 .483 4% 2% 5-5 W-1 15-16 14-15 Houston 27 36 .429 11% 6 6-4 L-1 14-18 13-18 EnChvz If 4 0 2 1 DJnngscf 4 1 1 0
J.Jonescf 5 0 1 0 SRdrgzl If 4 00 0
NATIONAL LEAGUE Cano2b 4 1 1 0 Longori3b 4 11 2
East Division Central Division West Division Seager3b 4 1 0 0 Zobrist dh 4 0 0 0
W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away Zunino c 4 1 1 0 Loney lb 4 1 1 1
Atlanta 32 27 .542 - 4-6 W-1 18-14 14-13 Milwaukee 37 26 .587 - 6-4 W-1 19-13 18-13 San Fran. 40 21 .656 - 8-2 W-3 20-9 20-12 Ackleydh 4 2 2 3 YEscorss 2 1 1 0
Washington 31 28 .525 1 7-3 W-4 19-15 12-13 St. Louis 32 31 .508 5 % 3-7 W-1 16-14 16-17 Los Angeles 32 31 .508 9 % 3-7 L-1 13-19 19-12 Gillespi rf 4 1 1 1 Forsyth 2b 3 0 1 0
Miami 32 30 .516 1% 5-5 L-2 22-11 10-19 Pittsburgh 29 32 .475 7 2% 6-4 L-1 17-14 12-18 Colorado 29 32 .475 11 2% 2-8 W-1 17-11 12-21 BMillerss 4 1 1 0 Joyce ph 1 0 0 0
NewYork 28 33 .459 5 3% 5-5 L-4 13-17 15-16 Cincinnati 28 32 .467 7% 3 6-4 W-1 14-15 14-17 San Diego 27 34 .443 13 4% 4-6 L-1 15-18 12-16 Blmqst lb 4 0 2 2 Solis c 2 0 0 1
Smoaklb 0 00 0 Kiermrrf 3 00 0
Philadelphia 25 35 .417 7% 6 2-8 L-1 12-19 13-16 Chicago 25 34 .424 10 5% 6-4 W-5 15-13 10-21 Arizona 26 37 .413 15 6% 5-5 L-1 9-23 17-14 Smoak lb 0 0 070 Kiermr rf 3 0 0 0
TotalIs 37 7 117 Totals 31 45 4
Seattle 010 240 000 7
Tampa Bay 020 000 020 4
N LOB-Seattle 6, Tampa Bay 3. 2B-En.Chavez
(3), Ackley (9), Bloomquist (3), De.Jennings
N L (14), YEscobar (9). HR-Gillespie (1), Longoria
(7), Loney (3). S-Solis. SF-En.Chavez.
Brewers 9, Pirates 3 Seattle IP H RERBBSO
Milwaukee Pittsburgh EliasW,5-4 72/35 4 4 2 5
ab rhbi ab rhbi FarquharH,4 1/3 0 0 0 0 0
Segurass 5 2 1 1 JHrrsnrf 5 0 1 0 RodneyS,17-19 1 0 0 0 0 1
Braunrf 5 0 1 2 NWalkr2b 5 1 2 0 Tampa Bay
Lucroyc 4 1 2 1 AMcCtcf 3 1 1 0 CobbL,1-4 41/31 0 7 7 1 2
CGomzcf 5 1 1 0 1.Davis lb 3 00 0 C.Ramos 21/31 0 0 0 1
ArRmr3b 3 1 1 0 JGomzp 0 00 Yates 11/30 0 0 0 2
Falu3b 0 00 1 RMartnc 2000 iedo 1 0 0 00
KDavislf 4 2 2 1 PAIvrz3b 3 1 2 2 HBP-by Cobb (Cano). WP-Elias.
Gennett 2b 3 1 0 0 Tabataf 3 0 1 0 Umpires-Home, Tim Welke; First, Todd
Overay lb 2 0 1 2 Mercerss 4 0 0 0 Tichenor; Second, Clint Fagan; Third, Tim
MrRynl ph-lbl 0 0 0 Volquez p 2 0 0 0 T-2:46. A-23,996 (31,042).
Garzap 2 0 0 0 Sniderph 1 0 1 0
Wooten p 0 0 0 0 JHughs p 0 0 0 0 Orioles 6,
RWeks ph 1 1 0 1 JuWlsn p 0 000 Athle ic
WSmithp 0 0 0 0 GSnchzlb 1 0 0 0 Athletics 3
Kintzlr p 0 0 0 0Oakland Baltimore
Totals 35 999 Totals 3238 2 ab rhbi ab rhbi
Milwaukee 100 300 041 9 Crispcf 4 2 3 1 Markksdh 3 1 1 1
Pittsburgh 002 001 000 3 Jasodh 3 0 0 0 Machd3b 3 0 0 0
E-ArRamirez (4), J.Gomez (1), PAlvarez (13), Blanks ph-dhl 0 1 2 A.Jones cf 4 1 2 2
I.Davis 2 (5), Mercer (5). DP-Milwaukee 3. rDnldsn3b 4 0 0 0 C.Davis lb 4 0 0 0
LOB-Milwaukee 8, Pittsburgh 8. 2B-Braun Moss rf 3 0 0 0 N.Cruz rf 4 0 1 0
(12), K.Davis (17), J.Harrison (8), PAlvarez (5). Cespdsl If 4 0 1 0 Hardy ss 3 1 0 0
SB-R.Weeks (1). S-Garza. SF-Lucroy, Falu. Lowriess 4 0 0 0 Loughl If 3 2 1 2
IP H RERBBSO Vogtc 4 0 1 0 CJosphc 4 1 1 1
Milwaukee Callasplb 4 0 0 0 Flahrty2b 3 0 1 0
GarzaW,4-4 6 6 3 3 5 1 Sogard2b 2 1 1 0
WootenH,4 1 1 0 0 0 1 Totals 33 373 Totals 31 6 7 6
W.Smith 1 0 0 0 1 1 Oakland 001 000 020 3
Kintzler 1 1 0 0 0 1 Baltimore 100 032 00x 6
Pittsburgh E-Flaherty (3). DP-Baltimore 2. LOB-OakVolquezL,3-5 6 4 4 3 2 4 Associated Press land 5, Baltimore 6. 2B-Crisp (12), N.Cruz (14),
J.Hughes 1 1 0 0 0 2 C.Joseph (2). HR-Crisp (4), A.Jones (9), Lough
JuWilson 2/3 1 4 4 2 1 New York Yankee Brian Roberts reacts Saturday after he was caught stealing second by Kansas City's
J.Gomez 11/33 1 0 0 1 Alcides Escobar during the third inning in Kansas City, Mo. IP H R ER BB SO
HBP-by Volquez (Ar.Ramirez), by JuWilson Oakland
(Mar.Reynolds).WP-Volquez. GrayL,6-2 51/34 5 5 4 7
Umpires-Home, Mike Everitt; First, Ed Hickox; Ji.Johnson 2/3 2 1 1 1 1
Second, Lance Barrett; Third, John Tumpane. Francis 2 1 0 0 0 3
T-3:23. A-38,525 (38,362). Baltimore
GausmanW,1-1 7 4 1 1 1 6
Cubs 5, Marlins 2 tiebreaking two-run single to lead the Uatusz 1/3 1 2 2 1 0
Miami Chicago Dodgers oss add AMERICAN LEAGUE Milwaukee Bw-runewers ngle to a 9-3 win over O'atay 12/32 0 0 0 3
ab rh bi ab rh bi ,, Saturday's Games the Pittsburgh Pirates. WP-Gausman.
Yelich If 4 1 2 1 Bonifaccf 4 1 1 2 i s Loui Toronto 0 Garza (4-4 allowed five walks and Umpires-Home, Angel Hernandez; First,
Solano 2b 4 0 0 0 Lake If 4 2 2 2 t St. Louis 5, Toronto 0 Garza (4-4) allowed five walks and Adrian Johnson; Second, Gabe Morales; Third,
Solao 2 4 00 0LakeIf 2 2 i sul to nju ies Minnesota 8, Houston0
Morrisp 0 00 0 Rizzo lb 3 02 0 Cleveland 8, Texas 3 six hits while striking out one, yet lim- LarryVanover.
Stanton rf 4 1 1 0 SCastro ss 4 1 2 0 Associated Press Seattle 7, Tampa Bay 4 ited the Pirates to three runs a day T-2:51. A-44,202 (45,971).
McGeh3b 3 0 1 1 Rugginrf 4 0 1 0 Kansas City 8, N.Y Yankees 4 after they scored a season-high 15 Royals 8, Yankees 4
GJones lb 3 0 1 0 Olt3b 3 0 0 0 Baltimore 6, Oakland 3 against Milwaukee.
Hatchr p 0 0 0 0 Valuen ph-3b 1 0 0 0 KANSAS CITY, Mo. Salvador Boston at Detroit, Late against Milwaukee. NewYork Kansas City
Lucas 2b 1 0 0 0 Barney 2b 4 0 2 0 Perez hit a three-run homer, Eric Chicago White Sox at L.A. Angels, Late Overbay delivered his hit in a three- ab rh bi ab rh bi
Ozuna cf 4 0 0 0 Whitsd c 3 0 0 0 Hosmer also went deep and the Today's Games run fourth inning that put the Brewers Gardnr If 5 0 0 0 Aoki rf 4 0 1 1
Hchvrrss 3 0 0 0 Smrdzj p 2 1 1 0 Kansas City Royals cruised to an St. Louis (J.Garcia 1-0) atToronto (Hutchison 4-3), ahead 4-2. Jeterss 4 1 1 0 Dyson pr-cf 0 0 0 0
Mathisc 3 0 0 Coghlnph 1 0 0 ghp 0 8-4 victory over the New York Yan- 1:07p.m. Davis and Jonathan Lucroy had two Ellsurycf 4 0 2 0 Infante2b 5 0 0 0
Wolfp 2 0 0 0 Wrghtmp 0 0 0 0 o Saturday night Oakland (Kazmir 6-2) at Baltimore (U.Jimenez 2-6), hits each for the NL Central-leading Teixeirb 3 1 0 0 Hosmerlb 5 1 1 1
JeBakr lb 1 00 0 Grimmp 0 00 0 keeps on Saturday night. 1:35 p.m. hits each for the NL Central-leading Beltran dh 4 1 1 1 BButler dh 3 21 0
Strop p 0 0 0 0 Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, Al- Seattle (FHernandez 8-1) at Tampa Bay (Archer Brewers. Ryan Braun's two-run dou- Solarte 3b 3 1 2 2 AGordn If 2 2 1 1
Totals 32 252 Totals 33511 4 cides Escobar and Nori Aoki 3-3), 1:40 p.m. ble in a four-run eighth inning ex- ASorin rf 3 0 0 0 S.Perez c 4 1 3 3
Miami 001 001 000 2 drove in a run apiece as the Roy- Houston (McHugh 4-3) at Minnesota (Deduno 2-3), tended Milwaukee's lead to 8-3. ISuzuki ph 1 0 1 0 Hayes c 0 0 0 0
Chicago 002 011 10x 5 als bounced back from an offen- 2:10p.m. Neil Walker and Pedro Alvarez had BRorts2b 3 0 1 1 L.Caincf-rf 4 23 1
LOB-Miami 4, Chicago 5. 2B-Stanton (15), in a 4-2 N.Y Yankees (Kuroda 4-3) at Kansas City (Shields Ni a r Per JMrphy c 3 0 0 0 Mostks 3b 4 0 1 0
Rizzo (7), S.Castro 2 (16), Barney (4). HR- sively inept performance i 6-3), 2:10 p.m. tWO hits each for Pittsburgh. McCnn ph 1 0 0 0 AEscorss 4 0 1 1
Yelich (6), Bonifacio (1), Lake 2 (8). CS-Rizzo series-opening loss Friday night Cleveland (Masterson 3-4) at Texas (J.Saunders Edinson Volquez (3-5) lost for the Totals 34 48 4 Totals 35 812 8
(3). Aaron Crow (3-1) retired one 0-1), 3:05 p.m. first time in four starts, giving up four NewYork 000 003 001 4
IP H R ER BB SO batter in the sixth in relief of Chicago White Sox (Quintana 3-5) at L.A. Angels runs and four hits in six innin Kansas City 030 004 10x 8
Miami starter Danny Duffy, and breezed (C.Wilson 6-5), 3:35 p.m. runs and four hits in six innings. DP-New York 1. LOB-New York 6, Kansas
Wolf L,1-2 52/39 4 4 1 2 through the seventh to earn the Boston (Lackey 6-4) at Detroit (A.Sanchez 2-2), Cubs 5, Marlins 2 City 7. 2B-Beltran (11), Solarte (13), B.Butler
Hatcher 11/32 1 1 0 1 8:07 p.m. CHICAGO Junior Lake hit two (12), A.Gordon (18), S.Perez (14). 3B-L.Cain
Morris 1 0 0 0 0 1 victory Kelvin Herrera and -Junior L ittwo (1). HR-Hosmer (2), S.Perez (6). CSChicago Michael Mariot finished it off NATIONAL LEAGUE home runs, Emilio Bonifacio added a B.Roberts (3).
SamardzijaW,2-5 7 5 2 2 1 8 David Phelps (1-4) allowed Saturday's Games two-run shot and the Chicago Cubs IP H RERBBSO
W.Wright H,5 1/3 0 0 0 0 0 seven runs on 10 hits and two St. Louis 5, Toronto 0 extended their winning streak to five NewYork
Grimm H,5 2/3 0 0 0 0 0 walks in 5 2/3 innings. Chicago Cubs 5, Miami 2 with a 5-2 victory over the Miami Phelps L,1-4 52/31 0 7 7 2 4
Strop S,2-2 1 0 0 0 0 0 Milwaukee 9, Pittsburgh3 Marlins. aey 1 1 0 0
WP-Wolf, Samardzija. American League Colorado 5, L.A. Dodgers 4, 10 inningsinJ.Ramirez 11/30 0 0 1 1
T-2:49. A-33,786 (41,072). Twins 8 Astros 0 Cincinnati 6, Philadelphia 5 Jeff Samardzija (2-5) allowed two Kansas City
N.Y Mets at San Francisco, Late runs and five hits in seven innings, Duffy 52/35 3 3 3 4
Red 6,Philie 5CrowW3-l 11/30 0 0 0 1
Reds 6, Phillies 5 MINNEAPOLIS Rookie Danny Atlanta atArizona, Late striking out eight. Pedro Strop got his K.Herrera3-1 1 130 0 0 0 1
Philadelphia Cincinnati Santana drove in five runs, Kyle Gib- Washington at San Diego, Late second save. Mariot 1 2 1 1 0 0
ab r hbi ab r hbi Today's Games
Rollins ss 5 1 1 2 BHmltn cf 2 1 0 1 son pitched seven strong innings and St. Louis (J.Garci 1-0) at Toronto (Hutchison 4-3), Christian Yelich homered for the HBP-by Daley (A.Gordon). WP-Duffy.
Ruizc 3 1 1 1 Schmkrlf 4 0 0 0 the Minnesota Twins beat the Houston 1:07 p.m. Marlins. Umpires-Home, Jerry Layne; First, Mike
Utley 2b 4 0 1 0 Phlips 2b 2 1 0 0 Astros 8-0. Philadelphia (Buchanan 1-2) at Cincinnati (Bailey Randy Wolf (1-2) gave up four runs DiurodSecond, Mike Estabrook; Third, Bob
Utley 2b 4 0 1 0 Phillips 2b 2 1 0 0 Ato8-.RnyW l(12)gv upf rrns Davidson.
Howard lb 4 1 2 0 Bruce rf 2 1 1 3 Santana, who hit his first major 6-3), 1:10 p.m. and nine hits in 52/3 innings. T-3:10. A-26,991 (37,903).
Byrd rf 4 1 1 2 Mesorc c 3 0 0 0 Milwaukee (Gallardo 3-4) at Pittsburgh (Morton 2-7), ,9(390
Byrd rf 4 0 3 0 Frazier lb-3b4 2 3 10 league home run on Friday night, flied 1:35 p.m. Lake, who has eight homers, had a
CHrndz f3b 4 1 2 0 CFrazier ssb-3b 4 13 1 1 out to lead off the first inning. He then Miami(H.Alvarez 3-3) at Chicago Cubs (Arrieta 1-1), pair of solo shots for the second multiRevere of 3 0 0 0 RSantg 3b 3 0 1 0 got hits in his next four at-bats, raising 2:20 p.m. homer game of his career.
RHrndz p 1 0 0 0 AChpm p 0 0 0 0 his batting average to .373. N.Y Mets (Z.Wheeler 2-5) at San Francisco Rays schedule
Mayrry ph 1 0 0 0 Simon p 0 0 0 0 Gibson (5-5) scattered three hits Atlanta (Harangcecum 4-4), 4:05 p.m. Reds (CAnderson 4-0) June 8 vs. Seattle
EMartn p 0 0 0 0 Berndn ph 1 0 0 0 and three walks while striking out five, 4:10 p.m. CINCINNATI Jay Bruce homered June 9 vs. Seattle
Brign c ph 1 0 0 0 HoPover p 0 0 0 0 allowing only one runner to reach sec- L.A. Dodgers (Kershaw 4-2) at Colorado (J.De La and drove in three runs and the June 10 vs St Louis
RCeden ph 1 0 0 0 Broxtn p 0 0 0 0 ond base. He was especially effective Rosa 6-4), 4:10 p.m. Cincinnati Reds snapped a three- June 13 at Houston
B.Pena lb 0 0 0 0 at the ball on the -he Washington (Zimmermann 4-2) at San Diego (Stults game losing streak with a 6-5 win over June 14 at Houston
B.eab 00 keeping teblonheground-h 2-6), 4:10 p.m. tePiaepi hlis
Totals 35 5 115 Totals 25 6 6 6 induced 12 groundball outs, including the Philadelphia Phillies. June 15 at Houston
Philadelphia 020 001 200 5 the last nine batters he retired. Todd Frazier also homered and the June 16 vs. Baltimore
Cincinnati 110 220 00x 6 JOneS hit his ninth ho ea solo June 17 vs. Baltimore
Cincnnat 110 2000 -- Scot Fedman(3-4 wahomer, inReds threw out two runners at the June 18 vs. Baltimore
DP-Philadelphia 1. LOB-Philadelphia 5, Scott Feldman (3-4) was chased in shot in the first. Lough, who entered plate to end innings, overcoming June 19 vs. Houston
Cincinnati 5.2B-Utley (24), D.Brown (8), Cozart the second inning as the Twins the ame batting ust .184, hit his sec- p o e nd inngs v roi June 19 vs. Houston
(9). HR-Rollins (8), Ruiz (2), Byrd (9), Bruce jumped to a 3-0 lead. Feldman walked t g homers by Marion Byrd, Carlos RuiZ June20 vs. Houston
(4), Frazier(13).SB-B.Hamilton (23), Bruce (7), tWO, hit a batter and was stung by two ond homer. and Jimmy Rollins and sending the June22 vs. Houston
Frazier (5). S-Revere, Simon 2. SF-B.Hamil- infield errors that inning. Oakland lost for just the second Phillies to their seventh loss in June23 vs. tsbnh
tonis o hBruce.t lss n time v. itinrg
ton, Bruce. time in eight games. Sonny Gray (6-2) eight games. June24 vs. Pittsburgh
Philadephia IP H R ER BB SO Indians 8, Rangers 3 allowed a season-high five runs on TheRm threw out Byrd at the
R.HernandezL,2-4 4 4 4 4 3 2 ARLINGTON, Texas Yan Gomes four hits and four walks in plate to end the sixth inning and Ruiz June27 at Baltimore
R.HrnadezL,-4 4 4 2 ARLNGTNJune 28 at Baltimore
E.Martin 2 1 2 2 2 3 and Carlos Santana homered and the 5 1/3 innings, to end the seventh. June29 at Baltimore
De Fratus 2 1 0 0 0 2 Cleveland Indians defeated the Texas National League Alfredo Simon (8-3) allowed seven June 30 at NYYankees
SimonW,8-3 6 7 3 3 0 3 Rangers 8-3. Rockies 5, Dodgers 4 hits and three runs with three strike- July 1 at NYYankees
Hoover H,1 2/3 2 2 2 1 1 The home runs by the last two bat- outs in six innings. Jonathon Broxton July 1 at NYYankees
inins.July 3 at Detroit
M.Parra H,8 1/3 1 0 0 0 0 terms in Cleveland's lineup backed Josh DENVER Brandon Barnes hit a pitched a scoreless eighth inning and July 4 at Detroit
Broxton H,8 1 1 0 0 0 1 Tomlin (4-2). winning triple off the center-field wall Aroldis Chapman pitched the ninth for July 5 at Detroit
A.Chapman S,8-9 1 0 0 0 0 1 Tomlin had his longest appearance in the 10th inning and the Colorado his eighth save. July 6 at Detroit
HBP-by R.Hernandez (Phillips). this season. The native of Tyler Rockies snapped an eight-game los- July 7 vs. Kansas City
T nter6e(4 ue Texas, left after giving up a leadoff sin- ing streak, beating the Los Angeles Inter league July 8 vs. Kansas City
Inter league gle to Adrian Beltre in the ninth. Dodgers 5-4. Cardinals 5, Blue Jays July 911 vs. Toronto y
Cardinals 5, It was 1-all before Gomes hit a The defeat capped a tough day for TORONTO Shelby Miller took a July 12 vs.Toronto
Blue Jays 0 three-run homer in the sixth off Nick the Dodgers, who saw outfielder no-hit bid into the sixth inning and fin- July vsM.Tronta
Tepesch (2-2). Yasiel Puig and second baseman Dee ished with a three-hit shutout as the July 19 at Minnesota
St. Louis ab rhbi Toronto ab rhbi Santana capped a four-run seventh Gordon leave early because of St. Louis Cardinals beat Toronto 5-0, July 20 at Minnesota
MCrpnt3b 4 0 0 0 Reyesss 4 0 1 0 with a two-run shot into the right- injuries, snapping the Blue Jays' six-game win- July22 atSt. Louis
Grichk If 4 1 1 2 MeCarr If 4 0 2 0 center field bullpen off Tanner Schep- Gordon left in the fourth inning be- ning streak July 23 atSt. Louis
Hollidy dh 4 0 0 0 Bautist rf 4 0 0 0 pers. Santana went 2-for-2, walked cause of discomfort in his right hip and Randal Grichuk hit his first career July26 vs. Boston
Craig lb 5 11 0 Encrnc dh 4 0 0 0 twice and scored two runs. was listed as day-to-day. home run as the Cardinals won for July27 vs. Boston
Taverlt ss 3 110 Laie b 320 00 O ils Puig wsday-to-day wtasrind only the third time in 11 games. July 28 vs. Milwaukee
ersr 3 1 1 0 L i bO rio le s 6 A th le tic s 3 right w asex o -dayk w it hstra ned onltihee 5291hlefarmw
M.Ellis2b 4 1 1 1 JFrncs3b 3 0 0 0 ~,-hpfeo.H akdi h it, Miller (7-5) retired the first 13 bat- July29 vs. Milwaukee
Bourjos of 4 0 2 0 DNavrr c 3 0 0 0 BALTIMORE Kevin Gausman slid hard into second on a double-play ters before walking Adam Lind in the Aug. 1 vs. LA Angels
T.Cruz c 2 0 1 2 Gose cf 3 0 0 0 earned his first win as a starter while grounder and didn't take the field in fifth. Aug. 2 vs. LA Angels
Totals 33 58 5 Totals 30 0 3 0 Adam Jones and David Lough each the bottom half. Jose Reyes lined a single to right Aug. 3 vs. LA Angels
st. Louis 000 010 040 5 homered, leading the Baltimore Ori- Chris Perez (0-3) allowed a one-out field with two outs in the sixth for Aug.4 at Oakland
E-Reyes (6). DP-Toronto 2. LOB-St Louis holes over the Oakland Athletics 6-3. single to Justin Morneau in the 10th. Toronto's first hit. Melky Cabrera fol- Aug. 6 at Oakland
11, Toronto 4. 2B-Craig (11), Jh.Peralta (15), Called up from Triple-A Norfolk ear- He fanned Michael McKenry before lowed with a ball that nicked first base- Aug.8 at Chicago Cubs
Me.Cabrera (15). HR-Grichuk (1). S-Cruz. lier in the day, Gausman (1-1) set ca- Barnes hit a deep drive to end it. man Allen Craig's glove for a double, Aug.9 at Chicago Cubs
IP H R ER BB SO reer highs by pitching seven innings Franklin Morales (4-4) pitched 1 1/3 but Miller struck out Jose Bautista Aug.10 at Chicago Cubs
StouiW,7-5 930015 and striking out six. scoreless innings. swinging at a high fastball to end the Aug 11 atTexas
Toronto Gausman, the fourth overall pick in Brewers 9, Pirates 3 inning. Aug. 13 atTexas
Buehrle L,10-2 7 5 1 1 5 6 the 2012 draft, gave up one run and PITTSBURGH Matt Garza got Mark Buehrle (10-2) had won six Aug.14 atTexas
Loup 2/334421 four hits and walked one. He had through six shaky innings to win back- straight decisions. Grichuk's solo Aug. 1 vs. NYYankees
Delabar 1/3 0 0 0 2 0 Aug. 16 vs. NYYankees
Redmond 1 0 0 0 0 2 made six previous starts in the majors to-back starts for the first time since homer was the only run Buehrle Aug. 17 vs. NYYankees
T-2:37. A-42,981 (49,282). over two seasons. last July and Lyle Overbay hit a allowed in seven innings. Aug. 19 vs. Detroit


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Saturday, At Stade Roland Garros, Paris, Rose to manage game in Padres draft Browns
Purse: $34.12 million (Grand Slam), Fl i LOTTERY independentleague QB Johnny Manziel
Surface: Clay-Outdoor
Singles BRIDGEPORT, Conn. Pete Rose is NEW YORK Just call him Johnny
Women Here are the wining numbers selected set to return to the dugout. Baseball.
Maria Sharapova (7), Russia, def. Simona Saturday in the Floida Lottery. The 73-year-old career hits leader is Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny
Halep (4), Romania, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-4. ery going to manage one game for the Manziel was selected by the San Diego
Doubles CASH 3 (early) Bridgeport Bluefish of the independent Padres in the 28th round of the Major
Men 6-6 3 Atlantic League on June 16. League Baseball draft Saturday- the
Championship CASH 3 (late)LegeStra
Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vas- Rose was managing the Cincinnati 837th player taken. Manziel was listed as
selin (11), France, def. Marcel Granollers and Reds in 1989 when he agreed to a life- a shortstop for Texas A&M, although he
Marc Lopez (12), Spain, 6-3, 7-6 (1). -' PLAY 4 (early) time ban from Major League Baseball. never played for the Aggies as he foLegends Doubles 6 I 8 6 He later admitted that he bet on Reds cused on football.
Men Under 45 PLAY 4 (late) games while running them. Manziel, who was the first freshman to
Round Robin
Goran Ivanisevic, Croatia, and Todd Wood- 6- 9- 4 -3 Rose is able to take this one-game job win the Heisman Trophy in 2012, was
bridge, Australia, def. Sergi Bruguera, Spain, because the Bluefish are not affiliated taken by the Browns with the 22nd overand Andrei Medvedev, Ukraine, 6-4, 6-4. Due to early deadlines, with any team in MLB. He has occasion- all pick in the NFL draft last month.
Men Over45 Fantasy 5 and Florida ally appeared at official events since his Manziel played both baseball and footRound Robin Lotto numbers were ban, with MLB's permission. ball at Tivy High School in Kerrville,
Andres Gomez, Ecuador, and Mark Wood- POWERBALL unavailable. For those bapriso.Texs High vi, exsAMoce
forde, Australia, def. Mikael Pernfors and Mats The Bluefish will host the Lancaster xas, and asked Texas A&M coaches
Wilander, Sweden, 6-2, 7-5. 28 30 35 58 59 numbers, please visit Teabout being part of the baseball team beJohn and Patrick McEnroe, United States, POWER BALL or see Barnstormers in Rose's game. re th
def. Pat Cash, Australia, and Paul Haarhuis, 15 Monday's edition. Rose got 4,256 hits during 24 seasons fo winning e Aggies'starting quarterNetherlands, 6-4, 6-2. while playing for the Reds, Philadelphia back job as a redshirt freshman.
Women iday's winningnumbers andpayouts: and Montreal. More than 1,300 fans
Championship ina Meay: n an1pay3u-39Rose was banned as MLB investi- notified of ticket changes
Kim Clijsters, Belgium, and Martina Mega Money: 6- 18-23-39 Fantasy 5:5 7 21 23 25 gated his gambling activities and is not and Sandrine Testud, France, 5-7, 7-5, 10-7. Mega Ball: 21 5-of-5 3 winners $76,832.88 eligible for election to the Hall of Fame. SAO PAULO FIFA says about
Junior Singles 4-of-4 MB No winner 4-of-5 398 $93 1,400 people will have to change their
Boys 4-of-4 0 3-of-5 12,134 $8.50 Yankees draft son of tickets less than a week before the World
Championship 3-of-4 MB 48 $446.50 Rivera in 29th round Cup begins because they were handed
Andrey Rublev (4), Russia, def. Jaume An- 3-of-4 867 $50.50 out before work at the stadiums was
toni Munar (7), Spain, 6-2, 7-5. 2-of-4 MB 1,142 $26.50 Players should verify NEW YORK Re-Enter Sandman? completed.
Girls cmltd
Gios 1-of-4 MB 10,513 $2.50 winning numbers by The New York Yankees have drafted
Championship 2o4 2570 $caln85-8-77MraoRvrIItesnothfrmr FIFA said Saturday it notified 1,376
Darya Kasatkina (8), Russia, def. Ivana 2-of-4 25,730 $2 calling 850-487-7777 Mariano Rivera III, the son of the former people whose tickets will have to be Jorovic (1), Serbia, 6-7 (5), 6-2, 6-3. or at record-breaking closer, in the 29th round
Juniorswapped because they do not correJuirDulsSaturday. spond to valid seats.
Boys O the The younger Rivera, a starting pitcher Football's i body said
Championship Fooaaanat2 governing seating
Benjamin Bonzi and Quentin Halys, France, On eAIRW AVES as a sophomore at Ioa College, went 2-6 configurations changed after technical
def. Lucas Miedler, Austria, and Akira Santillan, with a 5.40 ERA and five complete games teams established exactly where the
Australia, 6-3, 6-3. TODAY'S SPORTS and a team-leading 50 strikeouts in 70 in- media tribunes and broadcast equipment
Championship AUTO RACING nings for the Gaels. The 5-foot-11 right- had to be placed in each of the 12 venues.
loana Ducu and loana Loredana Rosca, Ro- 1 p.m. (TNT) NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Pocono 400 handed bears a strong resemblance to his FIFA said the changes were not mania, def. Catherine Cartan Bellis, United 2 p.m. (NBC) Formula One Canadian Grand Prix famous father, who saved a major league- caused by the delays in finishing BrazilStates, and Marketa Vondrousova (7), Czech p.m. Formula One Canadian Grand Prix record 652 games and helped lead the ian stadiums, and that such adjustments
Staesul, and57 Marketa Vday tape) Yankees to five World Series titles. also happened in previous World Cups. It
COLLEGE BASEBALL SUPER REGIONALS He has a fastball that sits in the low- said the swaps account for "just a few
5:30 a.m. (ESPNU) Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Mississippi. 90s and a terrific slider although his cases comparing with the 2.2 million Belmont Stakes Game 1 (same-day tape) cutter isn't quite yet as devastating as his tickets sold to the general public."
Finish order 12 p.m. (ESPN2) Maryland vs. Virginia. Game 2 dad's. -From wire reports
.Tonalist 2 p.m. (ESPN) Houston vs. Texas. Game 3 (If necessary)
2. Commissioner 3 p.m. (ESPN2) Stanford vs. Vanderbilt. Game 3 (If necessary)
3. Medal Count 3 p.m. (ESPNU) College of Charleston vs. Texas Tech. Game 2 The defeat snapped California
4. DH-California Chrome TheE deetsapdClfri
4. DH-Wicked Strong 6 p.m. (ESPN2) Kennesaw State vs. Louisville. Game 3 (If Chrome's six-race winning streak. His
6. Samraat necessary) rise from a humble pedigree and his
7. General a Rod 6 p.m. (ESPNU) Pepperdine vs. Texas Christian. Game 2 Continued from Pap BI working-stiff owners resonated with
8. Matterhorn 9 p.m. (ESPN2) Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Mississippi. Game 2 sports fans who rarely take an inter9. Commanding Curve 9 p.m. (ESPNU) Oklahoma State vs. UC Irvine. Game 3 (If Tonalist ran the distance in 2:28.52 est in horse racing.
10. Matuszak
11. Ride On Curlin necessary) and paid $20.40, $9.60 and $7. California Chrome's owners spent
Rie Crown 1MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Commissioner returned $23.20 and $8,000 on a mare they bred to a stalTriple Crown 1:30 p.m. (MLB) Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles or $13.20, while Medal Count was an- lion for $2,500, and were called "dumb
near misses Seattle Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays other length back in third and paid asses" by a trainer for buying a mare
Horses that have won the Kentucky Derby 1:30 p.m. (SUN, WYKE 104.3 FM) Seattle Mariners at Tampa $13.20 to show who gave no indication that she could
and Preakness, but failed to win the Belmont Bay Rays Samraat was sixth, followed by Gen- produce a standout offspring who
Stakes, with distance behind Belmontwinner: 2 p.m. (FSNFL) Miami Marlins at Chicago Cubs eral a Rod, Matterhorn, Commanding could run fast. 2014 Caifornia Chrome (4th, 1, Tonalist). 3:30 p.m. (WGN-A) Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels Curve, Matuszak and Ride On Curlin. Conditions seemed aligned for the 2004- Smarty Jones (2nd, 1, Birdstone). 8 p.m. (ESPN) Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers California Chrome broke quickly Triple Crown drought to end. Califor2003 Funny Cide (3rd, 5, Empire Maker). 1:30 a.m. (ESPN2) Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers (same- but was pressed immediately by Coin- nia Chrome seemed to thrive during 2002-War Emblem (8th, 191/2, Sarava). day tape) missioner and General a Rod. Es- his three-week stay at Belmont Park.
1999-Charismatic (3rd, 11/2, Lemon Drop Kid). NBA FINALS pinoza eased California Chrome back His chestnut coat gleamed and he
1998- Real Quiet (2nd, nose, Victory Gallop). into third along the rail. gained weight after the Preakness on
1997- Silver Charm (2nd, A, Touch Gold). 8 p.m. (ABC) Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. Game 2
199-unSileC(2nd,/4, EasGoer). 3:30 p.m. (EN) Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. Game 2 Approaching the final turn, Califor- May 17. His owners, trainer and 1989-SundaySilence (2nd, 8, Easy Goer). 3:30 a.m. (ESPN) Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. Game 2 nia Chrome was maneuvered to the jockey oozed confidence. And so did 1987- Alysheba (4th, 14%, Bet Twice). (same-day tape) outside. He angled four-wide turning the bettors, who made him the over1981 -PleasantColony (3rd, 1 Summing). BICYCLING outside turnng the bet or o e im the e r1979- Spectacular Bid (3rd, 3, Coastal). 12 a.m. (NBCSPT) Criterium du Dauphine, Stage 2 (same-for home, just to the outside of Tonal- whelming favorite in the Belmont. 1971 -Canonero 11 (4th, 4/, Pass Catcher). ist, who was close to the pace the en- But this fairy tale didn't have a
1969 Majestic Prince (2nd, 51/, Arts And day tape) tire race. Espinoza started whipping happy ending.
Letters). GOLF left-handed in the lane but California Espinoza lost his second chance at a
1968 Forward Pass(2nd, 1A, Stage Door 6:30 a.m. (GOLF) European PGATour Lyoness Open, Final Chrome had no response. Triple Crown. He was aboard War Johnny). Round "I thought he was gaining ground, Emblem in 2002, when that colt stum1966-Kauai King (4th, Amberoid). 1 p.m. (GOLF) PGATour FedEx St. Jude Classic, Final but he didn't have it in him, appar- bled at the start of the Belmont and 1964 -Northern Dancer (3rd, 6, Quadrangle). Ron"Cbu si.ltalchce
1961 Carry Back (7th, 141/, Sherluck). Round enty," Coburn said. lost all chance.
1958-Tim Tam (2nd, 6, Cavan). 3 p.m. (CBS) PGA Tour FedEx St. Jude Classic, Final Round Tonalist joined the growing list of Art Sherman, the 77-year-old 1944- Pensive (2nd, 1/2, Bounding Home). 3 p.m. (GOLF) LPGA Tour Manulife Financial LPGA Classic, Triple Crown spoilers, making Cali- trainer of California Chrome, had said Final Round fornia Chrome the 12th horse since Af- beforehand that his colt didn't need to
5 p.m. (GOLF) Curtis Cup, Final Day firmed to lose his Triple try in the win another race because he was al7 p.m. (GOLF) PGA Tour Cleveland Open, Final Belmont, the longest race in the series. ready such a pleasure to be around. NHL Stanley Round (same-day tape) Trained by Frenchman Christophe Coburn, who with Perry Martin
Cup Finals 9 p.m. (GOLF) PGA Tour Champions: Big Cedar Lodge Clement and ridden by Joel Rosario, formed Dumb Ass Partners to race
(Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Legends of Golf, Final Round (same-day tape) Tonalist was making just his fifth ca- their one-horse stable, had vowed that
Los Angeles 1, N.Y. Rangers 0 RODEO reer start. California Chrome "would go down in
Wednesday, June 4: Los Angeles 3, NY 6 p.m. (FSNFL) Bull Riding Championship (taped) "We actually thought he finished history" ar, Rangers 2, OT TENNIS second, but we got lucky, he won," It just wasn't the kind they wanted
Saturday, June 7: NY Rangers at Los Ange- Clement said. "It was great." to make.
les, late 9 a.m. (NBC) 2014 French Open Men's Final
Monday, June 9: LosAngelesat NY Rangers, 9 p.m. (FSNFL) PowerShares Series: Surprise (taped)
8pm. 9 p.m. (TENNIS) 2014 French Open Men's Final (same-day Q E EN This was the ninth Grand Slam final
Wednesday, June 11: Los Angeles at NY tape) m~Ufor the No. 7-seeded Sharapova, and
Rangers, 8 p.m. 12 a.m. (TNI)2014 French OpnWomen's Doubles Final the first for Halep, a 22-year-old Rox-Friday, June 13: NY Rangers at Los Ange--TN I)O e
les, 8 p.m. (taped) Continued from Page B1 manian seeded fourth. Supported by a
x-Monday, June 16: Los Angeles at NY VOLLEYBALL dozen folks in her guest box wearing
Rangers, 8 pim. 2:30 pim. (NBCSPT) FIVB World League (taped) Sharapova knows how to move on clay, red T-shirts saying 'Allez Simona," and
x-Wednesday, June 18: NY Rangers at Los and can stretch points when needed. fans that chanted her first name, Halep
Angeles, 8 p.m. Note: Times and channels are subject to change at the Since the start of 2012, Sharapova is acquitted herself well, showing off the
discretion of the network. If you are unable to locate a game 54-4 with seven titles on clay She's also scrambling baseline style that carried AS LL on the listed channel please contact your cable provider, won 20 consecutive clay three-setters, her to six straight-set wins until
NBA Finals including four in a row this week. Saturday
(Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Clemens 2 2 4 4 5 1 League 1 2 0 0 0 0 "It says that she's very fit It says that "I will not forget this match," said
San Antonio 1, Miami 0 Williams 3 3 1 1 1 3 Howell 1 1 0 0 0 0 she's very determined," said Sven Halep, who wiped away tears
Thursday, June5:SanAntonio 110, Miami95 Sipp 11/31 0 0 0 2 C.Perez L,0-3 2/3 2 1 1 0 1 Groenefeld, Sharapova's coach. 'And it afterward. Today: Miami at San Antonio, 8 p.m. Minnesota Colorado says that she never gives up." Each time it appeared Sharapova
Tuesday, June 10: San Antonio at Miami, GibsonW,5-5 7 3 0 0 3 5 Chacin 6 6 3 3 3 Sharapova broke into a huge smile was ready to pull away, she was forced
9 p.m. Burton 1 2 0 0 0 1 Masset BS,2-2 2/3 1 1 1 2 0 while hoisting the trophy overhead, to do extra work.
Thursday, June 12: San Antonio at Miami, Thielbar 1 0 0 0 0 0 Brothers 2/3 1 0 0 0 0 then shaking it with both hands and At 4-3 in the second set, Sharapova 9p.m. Rokis5 Ottavino 11/310011
x-Sunday, June 15: Miami at San Antonio, MoralesW,4-4 11/31 0 0 0 0 scanning a stadium that, improbably, held two break points, but Halep saved
p.m. Ddes410nn Inin 8,Rn rs3 has become hers. This was her third both with gutsy groundstrokes. In the
x-TDodgers,4,u10 inn.SIndiansn8, Rangersi3 final in arow in Paris: She won the 2012 tiebreaker, Sharapova got within two
9 p.m. Jue1:SnAtnoa imLos Angeles Colorado Cleveland Texas title to complete a career Grand Slam, points of victory at 5-3, but Halep took
x-Friday, June 20: Miami at San Antonio, DGordn 2b ab r h bi abm rff h bi1 ab r h bi ab r h bi then lost last year to Serena Williams, the next four to claim the set.
9p~. Fggis~ 2 0 Blkm rfcf 0 1Bourn cf 5 0 1 0 Choice dh 4 0 0 0 who bowed out in the second round this That's when Sharapova left for the
p~.Fgisb3 0 1 0 Stubbscf 4 1 2 0 ACarerss 5 0 0 0 Andrus ss 3 1 1 1 room, taking an 8-minute break
HRmrzss 3 000 00ttavinp 0 00 0 Brantlylf 5 1 1 0 Choolf 400 tie
BA E APuigrf 1 0 0 0 LeMahi3b 1 0 1 0 Kipnis2b 3 1 1 0 ABeltre3b 4 1 2 1 Sharapovais20-1thelastthreeyears during which she changed out of her
Vn~ykf 0 0Dikrn I 50 1Chsnhll 3b 5 1 2 1 Rios rf 4 0 3 0 at Roland Garros --which is nothing sweat-soaked outfit --and let Halep Housto Minnes o Kem Ifnl 4 1 2 0 Mornea lb 5 1 2 0 DvMrp r 4 1 3 1 Morlnd l b 4 0 0 0 compared to Rafael Nadal's 65-1career stew for a bit. Sharapova went ahead
Houton Minesoa Kmpl 41 20 Mrnelb 1 0Giambidh 3 0 1 0 Chirinsc 4 0 0 0 French Open mark heading into today's 4-2, but Halep broke back to 4-all.
ab rhbi ab rhbi Ethiercf 5 12O0McKnrc 52
Fowler cf 2 0 2 0 DSantn dh 5 0 4 5 JuTrnr 3b 5 1 2 1 RWhelr 3b 2 0 1 0 Raburn ph-dhl 1 0 1 LMartn cf 3 1 1 0 final against Novak Djokovic, but cer- It turned out that was her last stand, Grssmn If 1 0 0 0 Dozier 2b 3 1 0 0 Fdrwcz c 5 1 1 3 Masset p 0 0 0 0 CSantn lb 2 2 2 2 Sardins 2b 3 0 1 0 tainly quite impressive, though. Sharapova wouldn't lose anAltuve 2b 4 0 1 0 Mauer l b 4 1 0 0 Greink p 3 0 1 0 Brothrs p 0 0 0 0 YGoms c 4 1 1 3 "You're not just born being a natural other point, gritting her teeth and Springr rf 4 0 1 0 Nunezr 1 0 1 0 League p 0 0 0 0 Barnes rf 2 0 2 1 Totals 37 8 128 Totals 333 8 2 clay-court player OK, maybe if you're shaking her fists after breaking at love JCastro c 4 0 0 0 Wlngh If 4 1 1 1 Romak ph 1 0 0 0 Rutledg 2b 4 1 2 1 Cleveland 000 103 400 8 Na].BterinyotmShd-or54whabchndinrhn MDmn 3b 4 0 0 0 Plouffe 3b 4 1 0 0 Howell p 0 0 0 0 Chacin p 2 0 0 0 Texas 001 002 000 -3glnNba40al.PameButb 00certainly0 00 ulnot3b2 me,"-LMatin(4.rP-Cleefor1. O5-4ov swithIdin agrwbackhanddnt hldnwinnerb frcngthenkan
PresleylIf-cf 2 0 0 0 KSuzuk c 2 3 1 0 Morals p 0 0 0 0 Cleveland 7, Texas 4. 2B-Brantley (14), play onit. I just took it upon myself to error from Halep on match point. Carterph 1 00 0 EEscorss 2 1 0 0 Totals 38 4104 Totals 425165 Dav.Murphy(12),A.Beltre(11).HR-C.Santana make myself better onit." When it ended, Sharapova dropped Guzmndh 3 0 0 0 A.Hickscf 3 0 0 0 Los Angeles000 000 400 0 4 (7),YGomes(7).SB-Bourn(6).SF--Dav.Mur- Plus, Sharapova had an operation on to her knees, caking her shins with MGnzlz ss 3 0 0 0 Colorado 010 020 100 1 5 phy, Andrus. her right shoulder, the one she uses to clay, and folded her body forward,
Totals 32 0 5 0 Totals 32 8 7 7 Two outs when winning run scored. IP H R ER BB SO swing her racket, in October 2008. That burying her face in her hands. Houston 000 000 000 0 E-Ju.Turner (5). DP-Los Angeles 2, Col- Cleveland joint troubled the Russian again in "I had good tactics today I opened
Minnesota 030 400 10x 8 oradol1. LOB-Los Angelesl10, Colorado 9. TomlinW,4-2 8 7 3 3 0 5 2013, when she played one match from the angles. Also, I was hitting the ball E-Ma.Gonzalez(2), M.Dominguez(6).LOB- 2B-Greinke(4).3B-Kemp(1), Barnes (2). Axford 1 1 0 0 0 0 Jlyto December. strong," Halep said.
Houston 8, Minnesota 10. 2B-Altuve (19), HR-Federowicz (1). SB-Figgins (3), Texas
D.Santana (5). SB-D.Santana (4).S-A.Hicks. H.Ramirez (8). CS-LeMahieu (4). Tepesch L,2-2 51/38 4 4 4 1 She now travels with a physiothera- But Sharapova, Halep continued,
IP H RERBB$O IP H R ER BBSO Ross Jr. 1 3 3 3 0 0 pist, Jerome Bianchi, and told him dur- "was moving really well."
Houston Los Angeles Scheppers 12/3 1 1 1 0 1 ing the post-match ceremony, "Thank Cow Onl ice?
Feldman L,3-4 12/31 3 0 2 2 Greinke 7 11 4 3 1 6 S.Baker 1 0 0 0 0 0 you for keeping me healthy" More like Queen of Clay


Spurs try to drop Heat into un.famili1ar 2-0 hole

C ALeBron James expects to be 4The Spurs don't need one, not
San nntonio fIly ready for the Heat who also after Parker looked healthy while
dropped the opener last year in posting 19 points and eight assists
looks to extend th'inl=gantthAprsAn in the opener after missing the
in 2012 to Oklahoma City Miami second half of the Western Conis 5-0 in series with James when ference finals clincher because of
h m wi stek dropping the opener rebounding a sore left ankle. He laughed
to win Game 2 every time. when told that Popovich and
Associated Press A 2-0 deficit would surely bring Duncan had brought up his teamloads of unwanted attention to mate's aspirations.
SAN ANTONIO The San An- what's already one of the most 'Are we still talking about that?
tonio Spurs are on an unprece- scrutinized players and teams in VI can't believe they brought it up
dented postseason roll that not sports. in the NBA Finals," Parker said.
even a boatload of turnovers in "I'm sure the series would be "If's been a joke that Timmy
Game 1 of the NBA Finals could over from the outside," Heat thinks he's a great quarterback,
stop. guard Dwyane Wade said, that he can be a good passer I disThey probably ruined Tim laughing. agree with that I want to keep my
Dunican's hopes of a career "Our focus is on how we can spot"
change, though. win ballgames and understand in With Parker seemingly fine,
Duncan wants to be a point the series it's the first one to four; James' health remained the
guard, coach Gregg Popovich re- not the first one to one, not the focus. He practiced Saturday and
vealed Saturday a wish that won't first one to two, not the first one was still receiving treatments in
be granted. But Duncan would to three. You win a series by being hopes of preventing more crampgladly settle for another champi- the first one to four We under- ing. It also should help that the
onship, and the Spurs would be stand the journey we understand air conditioning inside the AT&T
halfway there by beating Miami the path and what it takes to get Center has been repaired, but he
tonight in Game 2. there." won't be worrying about that
The Spurs have won eight The Heat were in position to anyway.
straight postseason home games win Game 1 before James de- "You can't think about what
by 15 or more points, an NBA parted with cramps. The Spursscte rs may happen in the third or fourth
record, but know as well as any- committed 23 turnovers that not quarter Live in the moment,"
one that a one-game lead means only led to 28 Miami points but San Antonio center Tiago Splitter dunks over Miami guard Ra Allen James said. 'And for me, whatnothing against the Heat also prevented them from getting during Game 1 of the NBA finals on Thursday in San Antonio. The ever I can give my teammates if it
"That s why I think we can't be the ball more often to Duncan, Spurs won 110-95 and look for a 2-0 series lead tonight. happens again, hopefully I can satisfied," said point guard Tony who shot 9 of 10 from the field. "True story He thinks he's a point other night, I think I took a step make an impact while I'm on the Parker who isn't worried about Popovich said Duncan never guard." back from that," he said. "I don't floor and that s all that mailers to
losing his job to Duncan. "Be- demands more shots, even when Duncan is one of the best think that I'm going to be able to me." cause we was in the same situa- he is in a good rhythm like he was power forwards in NBA history step up and fill that role for a lit- The Spurs knocked James into tion and we know they can win Thursday but likes to think like a little guy tle while. But no, I enjoy getting a 2-0 hole in the 2007 finals, but
here, and so we just have to go out "No, the only thing Timmy has though he realizes he hurt his in the middle of the floor and that was when he was still in there and play our game and try ever demanded is he wants to chances of getting to actually play making decisions and getting the Cleveland. The team James is on to win this one. I think it s a big play the point and he thinks I've the part of one. ball to the right place, and that's now gets out of trouble just as

game for the series." held him back," Popovich said. 'After my five turnovers the what a point guard's got to do." quickly as it gets into it

Crane in the rain Zimef

lie with


Associa ted Press

Torre, Tommy Lasorda and Jim
TV Leyland were among the many
friends and family members at
..... .Tropicana Field on Saturday to celebrate the life of longtime
baseball man Don Zimmer
The tribute was held before the
Tampa Bay Rays played Seattle.
Zimmer, a senior adviser for the
Rays, died Wednesday at 83 in a
hospital in nearby Dunedin.
Both teams wore Zimmer's
No. 23 Brooklyn Dodgers jersey
as they lined up along the foul
lines. Fans stood and cheered at
the end of a video tribute.
There is no funeral or other
memorial service planned.
More than 20 family members,
including Zimmer's wife "Soot'
they were married at home
plate during a minor league game
wi in 1951 -alsoattended.
t. 'A great life," Soot Zimmer
said. "No regrets."
i, Son Tom Zimmer a scout with
% the San Francisco Giants, caught
the ceremonial first pitch thrown
4VT by granddaughter Whitney
Torre says Zimmer was "one of
a knd and "an institution."
8 ; -A Zimmer was Torre's bench
coach for four World Series


Next stop, Brazil

United States beats

Nigeria 2-1 in send-off match

JACKSONVILLE -Jozy by an U.S. goalkeeper, two Altidore ended a six- behind Kasey Keller month scoreless streak Victor Moses converted with a pair of goals, lead- an 86th-minute penaltyRO$0a ing the United States over kick for Nigeria after he Nigeria 2-1 Saturday night was knocked over in the in the Americans' World penalty area by Matt Cup send-off match. Besler
Altidore tapped in A crowd of 52,033 Fabian Johnson's cross in watched an exhibition that the 31st minute on a play began with an 84-degree that started with an Ale- temperature and 65 perjandro Bedoya run, stop- cent humidity that should ping a 27-match scoreless be similar to the climate in streak for club and country Brazil.
with his first goal since Altidore's confidence Dec. 4 for Sunderland had been a subject of deagainst Chelsea. bate since the team started A e
He doubled the lead in training at Stanford, Calithe 68th, running onto fornia, in mid-May A year Michael Bradley's looping after he scored 31 goals for 30-yard pass over the AZ Alkmaar in the Netherdefense. Altidore took a lands and set a season touch with each foot as he record for an American cut inside of Nigeria cap- with a European club, he tain Joseph Yobo, then scored just twice for beat goalkeeper Vincent Sunderland. Enyeama with a right- It was his first multigoal
footed shot from 12 yards. game since a hat trick in
The U.S. was unde- an exhibition against
feated in its send-off series Bosnia-Herzegovina last for the first time since it August, part of an Amenistarted in 2002, beating the can record five-game scor-f African champions follow- ing streak that ended a 5 N
ing a 2-0 victory over Azer- 19-month stretch with an V
baijan and a 2-1 win over international goal. June 7 Turkey has become a favorite date
Making their seventh for the 24-year-old: He
straight World Cup ap- scored on that date at Ja- Associated Press
pearance, the Americans maica in a World Cup qual- United States's Clint Dempsey (8) takes a shot on goal Saturday as he is defended by Nigeria's Efe Ambrose, oend Jun 16zi aongait Canfeatari and xhibit i nte, as Joseph Yobo (2) looks on during the first half of an international friendly soccer match in Jacksonville. Ghana, the team that elim- 2011.
inated them from the last U.S. coach Jurgen Klins- the base of the diamond baijan and was replaced started against the Turks. the second round since two tournaments. mann changed his mid- much of the time, with by Brad Davis for last The Americans are in 1998. The Super Eagles,
Tim Howard made his field once again, inserting Jones pushing wide left weekend's 2-1 victory over one of the tougher World coming off consecutive ex100th international ap- Kyle Beckerman into the alongside Michael Bradley Turkey, was back in the Cup groups, following the hibition draws against pearance, becoming the starting lineup alongside in the center of the mid- lineup. Graham Zusi Ghana match with games Scotland and Greece, open
15th American male to Jermaine Jones following field and Dempsey on the joined Davis on the bench. against fourth-ranked Por- June 15 against Iran, then reach the century mark a shaky American defen- right DaMarcus Beasley re- tugal and second-ranked play Bosnia-Herzegovina
and tying Tony Meola for sive performance against Bedoya, who started last turned at left back in place Germany and two-time champion
second-most appearances Turkey Beckerman was at month's 2-0 win over Azer- of Timmy Chandler, who Nigeria has not reached Argentina.

Little League team honored erainBIF
J.Camp Patriot who enjoy self-paced hiking new shooters. All materials
returns to Ocala or walking, biking and kayak- and equipment needed for the
ing activities in the Citrus class and live-fire training is The 11 th annual Camp Pa- County area. provided to students, includtriot Basketball Camp will hold Walking or hiking, biking or ing the use of a .22 caliber four sessions during the kayaking with the club pro- firearm, ammo, earplugs and months of June and July at motes fitness. Its goal is to eye protection. the College of Central Florida provide fun events that can The classes includes classGymnasium in Ocala. challenge people to keep room instruction, live-fire trainThe camps are for boys active. ing on the range and a lunch
and girls ages 8 to 18. The Outings are started in differ- break. The courses cover lesfirst session is June 16-19, ent locations to explore the sons about the basics of followed by camps June 23- many beautiful trails, parks, firearms safety around the 26, July 7-10 and July 21-24. forests and waterways in the home and the fundamentals Cost is $165 per session, area. Bicycle outings are gen- of pistol shooting. which includes daily clinics, erally the second Friday each Lessons include: Special to the Chronicle instruction, demonstrations, month, hiking or walking is 0 Intro to pistol safety, The Inverness City Council President awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment June lectures and a camp T-Shirt. generally the third Saturday of parts and operation.
3 to the Inverness Little League Baseball Junior Yankees (13-14 year olds) for There will also be 5-on-S and each month and kayaking is 0 Intro to ammo and the winning the District Championship with a 26-0 record. Team members are Zahmir 3-on-3 games and several usually the last Tuesday of fundamentals of pistol Craft, Allen Ballweg, CJ Blanco, Cody Cyr, Chase Johnston, Kobe Key, George awards handed out. each month. shooting.
McKenzie, Colton Smith, Max Martone, Gage Ellis, Tyler Price and Cody Russell. For more information con- All events are free for mem- UItot itlsotn Tea Maage i Tomy mih ad caces re ily Cr ad illElls.tact coach Tim Ryan at 352- bers. Become a member of from the seated position.
_____________ 1.427-7435 or visit www-camP Nature Coast Ramblers for 0 Intro to pistol cleaning
Parkview Lanes BOWALI NG patriotbasketbailcom. $10 (or $15 per family) per and storage.
SUNCOAST SENIORS 9-PIN NOTAP: 193,458. Scratch (Adult): Bryan Craig 257; Fightin' Gator calendar year. Guests/visitors For experienced shooters
tare always welcome at no who wish to use their own The Suncoast Seniors 9-Pin NoTap league Denise Griffin 252; Brian Carney 697; Charlie Fishin' Tournament charge. firearm in an advanced class,
will be 10 weeks this year due to holidays. Stein 648. For the first time, Plantation Members are informed of check out the club's schedule
The league will start at 12:50pm, June 10, WOMEN'S SUMMER TRIO: Handicap: on Crystal River will host the upcoming club activities by for the Basic Pistol course. and bowl each Tuesday except for July 1, Diane Swoboda 244,675; Betty Chapman 27th Annual Fightin' Gator email and through postings on Su rrccsful coimpletion oif


Thirty-two teams divided into eight groups of four will play in the first-round in Brazil. The top two teams in each group advance to the second round. (ODDS)

Brazil Spain Colombia p Uruguay Switzerland [7Argentina ~ Germany **Belgium
(3-1) -(6-1) (30-1) (30-1) --(100-1) (9-2) (6-1) --(18-1)
X Croatia Netherlands :~Greece EECosta Rica Ecuador Bosnia-Herzegovina Portugal Algeria
(150-1) (30-1) (250-1) (2500-1) (150-1) (175-1) (28-1) (1500-1)
Mexico Chile *Ivory Coast + England I*France Iran Ghana Russia
(150-1) (40-1) (150-1) (28-1) (22-1) (1500-1) (200-1) (80-1)
Cameroon Australia Japan ~ JItaly Honduras *iNigeria United States South Korea
(750-1) (750-1) (150-1) (25-1) (2500-1) (250-1) (200-1) (400-1)
SOURCE: 2014 World Features Syndicate, Inc.

32 T E A M S 12 E U S, N G AT hirty-two teams from across the globe will compete in this

Year's World Cup in Brazil from June 12 to July 13. Brazil is
one of the favorites to go all the way to the final. Boosted by its
boisterous fans and confident following the Confederations Cup
victory last year, Brazil will be looking to do better than it did at the

) Y*4ld 2 14lasttwo orldCups, when it was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

ARENA DAAMAZONIA ...............................ESTADIO CASTELAO
Constructed: 2013 Constructed: 1973 (Renovated)
Capacity: 39,118 Capacity: 60,348
Matches: Four group matches MaasFortaleza 0 Matches: Four group matches (including Brazil's
Manaussecond group game), round of 16, quarterfinal Natal

rr ~B AZ LRecife* 0>~ ..Z ...

ESTADIO NACIONAL ...... .......... ....... .. ... .. ... . ......S alv ad o r ..........
Constructed: 2012AEN AS NA
Capaity:69,42 Constructed: 1972
Cuia a 0 Braslia(Rebuilt in 2013) Matches: Four group matches (includingCuaa* B siaCpcty3,5
Brazil's final group game), round of 16, Cpct:3,5
quarterfinal, third place playoffBeoH ioneMthsFugrpmacs

Sao Paulo

<>4>Curitiba e Rio deI

Janeiro:: ETD0MNIA
Constructed: 1965 (Renovated) ARENA PERNAMBUCO
ARENA PANTANAL Capacity: 58,259 Constructed: 2014
Constructed: 2014 ESTADIO ITAQUERAO ....... ......... .....Matches: Four group matches Capacity: 42,583
Capacity: 39,859 Constructed: 2014 P r" lereround of 16, semifinal Matches: Four group matches
Matches: Four group matches Capacity: 61,606 and a round of 16 match
Matches: Opening group
match, three other
_group matches, round 7
of16, and semifinal

Constructed: 1969 (Remodeled for World Cup) ARENA DA BAIXADA Constructed: 1950 (Renovated) Constructed: 1951 (Renovated)
Capacity: 42,991 Constructed: 1914 (Renovated) Capacity: 74,689 Capacity: 51,708
Matches: Four group matches Capacity: 38,533 Matches: Four group matches, Matches: Four group matches,
and a round of 16 match Matches: Four group matches round of 16, quarterfinal and final round of 16, quarterfinal

Previous winners Argentina Brazil
Italy West Brazil Brazil........... ..... West .........:........
Uruguay .... ....Uruguay Germany ......... England West Germany: Italy Germany France Italy Spain

1930 1934 1938 1950 1954 1958 1962 1966 1970 1974 1978 1982 1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 2006 2010

TEAMS AND APPEARANCES* G AM E S What they're playing for
CHAMPIONSHIPS WON 0 0 20 40 60 80 100
Brazl **** 19 _____________________ The World Cup is an
Brazi 0000 1918-carat gold trophy Croatia................ 19... awarded to the
Germany ** 17 champion. Since the
..............................................____________________________ advent of the W orld
Italy ...... 17 C up in 1930, tw o
Argentina 00 15 14.5 in. trophies have
Mexico 14 / represented victory:
France 0 13 the Jules Rimet Trophy
13 from 1930 to 1970,
....................................and the F1IFA W orld
England 0 12 -Cup Trophy from
Belgium 11 1974 to present.
U ru guay EU 1
Russia 9
Fan-tastic *I millions

................................8 20 6Oer a yA4L.
Sout Kora 82002Kore/Jaan 6 2.


Gerry Mulligan OUT THE WINDOW

Our very

own angry

raccoon in

a cage

1_ 7S treak, the family
# ~cat, has been losSing weight recently and we couldn't figure it out. He is 16 years old, tough as a lead pipe and appeared to be eating all his food each day But he was getting thinner and complaining a lot. A few nights later, the cause became evident. Moments after I put out the cat food, I went back on the front porch only to be greeted by a family of raccoons. They were chowing down on the cat chow
Streak wouldn't take grief from any single raccoon, but when the whole family showed up, he realized it was a lost cause.
Raccoons were getting fat and Streak was getting lean. Because inaction is hardly ever the answer, we decided to take action. My wife purchased a raccoon trap and we proceeded to put it on the front porch right next to the cat food. On the first night we left the trap empty of bait (cat food) so the prey could get comfortable with the contraption.
On the second night we were locked and MATTHEW BECK C hronicle loaded and ready for the
The tannin-stained Suwannee River flows from Georgia through North Central Florida, weaving its way down the first captive.
west coast of the state. Dark-colored rivers like the Suwannee are adversely affecting shallow spring areas due Sure enough, when I to reduced flow levels, turning them dark perhaps forever, went out the next morning to get the paper, there was the mama raccoon growling at me from the cage.
FOR SPRINGS, She was none too
At this point our plans were not fully thought
DARK UTUREall that yelling over at
the county courthouse. We addressed what we thought was the probdidn't think through the BY ROBERT KNIGHT GUEST COLUMN fnlsolution.
The final solution ATH AT IS THE FATE OF FLORIDA'S What is also familiar to these old-timers is turned out to be a lifeSSPN S Wil they once- agai be-hecryta-cla sprng that4 once reele tmvatIonfrmm

"In the long run every government is the exact symbol
Page C2 -SUNDAY, JUNE 8,2014 of its people, with their wisdom and unwisdom. "

C )PIN IO NThomas Carlyle, "Past and Present," 1843


CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE Meriam Ibrahim, wife and martr

E D ITO R IAL BO0A RD ow big is this planet? what a doddering Donald Ster- For that they plan to execute
Gery uliga.............pulisher H Here's how big: On one ling got for his idiotic comments her -after she finishes nursing
Mier Miarnl.............................editor side, we pass laws to or Kim Kardashian got for her the baby within two years. This,
Mik Anod ............................... dior ensure gay couples can marry third wedding. So let's boil it in her country, is what passes
Charlie Brennan.................. managing editor On the other side, a wife is sen- down again: An imprisoned for mercy
Curt Ebitz..........................citizen member tenced to death for refusing to mother, who delivered her baby You can fly to the Sudan.
Mac Harris........................ citizen member denounce her religion, girl this past week with her feet There are no restrictions. Take
Rebecca Martin.................. citizen member Right now Meriam Ibrahim, shackled -and whose first Delta to Amsterdam and KLM
Founded Brad Bautista ...........................copy chief 27, sits in a Sudanese prison, child, a 20-month-old boy, is in to Khartoum. It is not some
by Albert M.
Williamson Logan Mosby ......... .......... features editor nursing a newborn that prison with her place that requires horseback
baby, with a death- -is sentenced to over mountains. Yet it operates
'You may differ with my choice, but not my tight to choose." by-hanging sentence die unless she re- with an intolerance of a thou-David S. Arthurs publisher emeritus looming over her nounces her religion sand years ago, while countries
head. Her "crimes" All she has to do is like ours debate whether cerare apostasy and say it. She refuses, tamn pronouns are insensitive to
OUT OF COMMISSION adultery The former For this she may transsexuals.
is because, although die. Doesn't it make you wonder
raised as a Christian We are often about the scope of this planet?
by her mother she taught stories like And how we assume that, if one
refuses to renounce Mitch Albom. this in our faiths. part of it has emerged from the it and profess that OTHER Joan of Mc, burned Dark Ages, the rest will natuO n y bdshe is Muslim. at the stake. Rabbi rally follow?
The latter is be- VOICES Akiva, skinned alive. Not so. A recent Pew report
cause, since the gov- Hussein ibn Ali, be- suggested Christians were the

c C o ~ eermient wo't recognize her as headed in the seventh century most persecuted religious group
anything other than Muslim, it The common denominator is on Earth, despite being the considers her marriage to a that such atrocities happened a largest Islam was second on the May I remind you, this is 2014. But they are happening today largest Hate reigns. Anger boils.
*"There is prsueon her in a world of iPads and satellite There are many nations where
** ~I from Muslim religious leaders TV and driverless cars and primitive justice -beheadings,
rTftthat she should return to the laser surgery. The Sudan is a amputations -is still doled out
f ro m trm o il faith," her husband, Daniel particularly murderous place, with ignorant impunity (A huntipatweek. "She said, 'How Iran, North Korea, Saudi Mra- with the Super Bowl?) can I return when I never was a bia, China -all are countries Human rights groups are apMusli?...where practicing religious free- pealing on Ibrahim's behalf Ibrahim was arrested in Jan- dom can mean imprisonment Maybe if we make enough noise
o n ba accused her of renouncing her Still, Ibrahim's case evokes tress or a teen rock star -her
atchng he ogoig te tapayrs re te uti_ religion. That this can be a head-shaking that borders on life will be spared (a BBC reTTTatcingth onoin te txpaersar th uli- crime is sick enough. That you disbelief Her husband, who port Saturday offered some
I']crisis in county gov- mate losers. While tax dollars can face a death sentence is be- has muscular dystrophy, is in a hope). Meanwhile, this brave WV erment is like wit- are being spent, very little yond comprehension. wheelchair and depended on Christian mother sits in a
nessing the messy divorce of real work is happening. But in the tradition of the her for nearly everything. Her prison cell, baby to her breast,
a friend -we are almost Projects are not moving for- Roman Empire, the Crusades, two children are stuck in her for the "crime" of wanting to beafraid of what comes next. ward, new ideas are not being the Red Terror and the Holo- cell. Her father a Muslim, ap- lieve in her faith. And you realIn the wake of the county debated and problems are caust, Sudan, here in the 21st parently abandoned his family ize, sadly how much of your life
administrator announcing not being solved. century, imposes Sharia law on when she was 6. hinges on where you were born.
his retirement, freshman Most of the current Muslims and non-Muslims alike. And yet a sheikh, according
commissioner Scott Adams at shenanigans are about the And it sentenced Ibrahim, in an to Ibrahim's lawyer, told the Suthe last commission meeting upcoming elections in late actual court trial, to 100 lashes danese court that Ibrahim was Mitch Ad born is a nationally went on a tirade against the summer, when voters are for her adultery and the end of "dangerous" to Islam. syndicated writer of two
county staff. Administrator going to select two members a rope for her faith. SHE was dangerous? columns he pens for the
Brad Thorpe re- of the commis- There has been some media "I am a Christian," Ibrahim Detroit jifree Press, best-selling
spoded wih son.Adms p- coverage of this atrocity in reportedly said in court, "and I author and radio and
sped withece THE ISSUE: siontl Adams ap- America, but nowhere near will remain a Christian." televisi on personality
Commission Turmoil at can make the
Chairman John the courthouse. commission look "JJ" Kenney could so incredibly foolnot regain control OUR OPINION: ish that voters
of the Thesday will reject incummeeting, as Adams Find a new balance. bents and select ignored his call to two of his politiorder on 11 separate occasions. cal allies. 0,1R A MN
Adams challenged the ad- So far his efforts look prettyABU TltW M M L
ministrator to document his successful. Everyone looks 0 AW AE1
claims that he was violating foolish.
county rules and regulations What all taxpayers really EITS G1VZTO OE
and, on Monday, Thorpe did have to worry about is that just that. The administrator this political implosion does14dJIOAVM. released a trove of docu- not end up in court with I IOA
ments that showed Adams' charges of workplace harassongoing abuse of the county ment or discrimination. Runstaff and frequent cries for ning county government the termination of those in takes a little more finesse leadership positions. than managing a construction
More damaging still, site. i
Thorpe released documents If lawsuits are filed, it's the that showed a county staffer taxpayers who end up paying challenged private business- the legal fees on both sides of man Adams' right to pull the fight. We've seen how well building permits for new that works for the taxpayer in home construction because the Citrus Memorial hospital he does not have a contrac- dispute, in which more than _________ LETTER to the___Editortor's liepnse. Adams' re.- $12 million has bee,-n spe-nt n


It might not be much to look at, but it's priceless

olwodthat fits. It seems that Ed had an county fair ... of course, we Such comments are salve I then thought about the
Afew weeks ago, idea for a rather unusual, all know what ultimately to a writer's soul. But as an truest value of my artistic when I was contacted by Ed out-of-the-box presenta- happens to that pig! artist, I'm not all that good endeavors. Youngblood on behalf of tion by the gallery: a com- Personal opinion? I am and I'm not even going to On Dec. 13,1965, 1 jumped the Florida Artists Gallery bined art show and book a fair to mid- pretend to be. on a train, literally It was
& Cafe regarding displaying signing featuring my re- dling writer Nonetheless, still moving, I tossed my 1965 2014
my paintings, I was very cently published novel 'At During the past fthe gallery duffel bag on and jumped changed. In 1965, it looked
much surprised. I've never the Bottom of Biscayne Bay" week alone, folks disagree in after it en route to Fort like a 20-year-old boy and
put my art out for public and my years of work dab- I've had read- and have cho- Benning, Georgia. For the now it looks like a 68-yearviewing. I've never had the bling with paintbrushes. ers compare sen to promote next several hours, I wrote old man, but it has always
nerve to enter my stuff in I was surprised when he my novel to the the display a heartfelt letter to a young said most clearly how
any competition. Hereto- asked and I was even more works of with vigor girl I had only recently much I adore her
fore, the only way people surprised when I agreed to Ernest Hem- In any event, begun dating. Our time tohave ever seen the paint I've participate in the event. ingway, Samuel it has become gether had been brief, but
smeared on canvases is by But, it must be true. I've Clemens, Louis Fred Brannen evident that my I already knew my Cheryl Fr)ed Brannen, an Inverbeing a guest in our home. read about the presenta- L'Amour and A SLICE attempts at art was the one. Once I had ness resident, has been a
It isn't that I'm shy tion of "Both Sides of Fred Edgar Rice serve a useful said all of the words I Chronicle columnist since
You cannot write a col- Brannen" more than once Burroughs. I OF LIFE purpose. After could think of to say, I con- 1988 and is the author of
umn such as this if you are in the Chronicle, and if you have even had my paintings cluded by drawing a per- the recently published
shy, but stringing words to- read it in the newspaper, it one young lady declare that were collected, the area sonal caricature as my novel, 'At the Bottom of gether to tell a tale is one has to be true. Right? So, Nicholas Sparks is now where they had previously signature. Such a signa- Biscayne Bay" He may be thing, painting apicture that no doubt about it, for an her second favorite novel- hung seemed terribly ture has remained on all of contacted at fbrannenjr might or might not appeal hour or so on the evening ist, right behind me. Sin- empty If nothing more, my my correspondence to her @2gmail. com or via to someone else's taste is of June 13, I will be sort of cerity? Sarcasm? Some of art has hidden a bare wall for the past 48 years. It has brannenbooksllc. com.

They may have
FUTUREforgotten, but I can't
Continued from Page C1 This relates to the VA story.
Eleven years ago, I talked to
others that provide basefiow to the Veterans Affairs officer. I
those two rivers hold back the suffer from PTSD. I told him
rivers' tea-colored floods. Dur- what was going on and he told
ing this year of above-average me, 'Exactly what makes you
rainfall, both springs now flow think you are entitled to anybackward. The scientific term thing?" and hung up the
is "estevelle," a spring that re- phone. Several years later
verses its flow direction in re- there was an event at the Cryssponse to changing hydrostatic tal River Expo with the VA peopressures. When the aquifer pie. I filled out the paperwork.
pressure is high, these springs It was sent off to Gainesville.
can hold off the flooding Until this day, I have not heard
rivers. But when aquifer pres- anything. I have called and
sures and levels are low, the talked to them and they said I
floods overwhelm the ground- was no
water, and like water through OU D longer in
a funnel, the rivers fill the __ their system.
aquifer with their dark waters. rr There was an
What a disappointment to the expo at Crysfolks who have river houses Aptal River Mall
near these reversing springs that my
when their well water turns daughter and
from clear to tea-colored and #I I attended.
is no longer safe to drink What Ao.C A L Tee a
about the scuba divers who 563-059rwomaather
travel halfway around the fr-07 oma therA
world to come to these springs who helped me fill out my pato practice their chosen sport? perwork (and) turned it in to
There is no joy in entering an the VA office in Gainesville. I
underwater cave and having to followed up and called the Vetpeer through brown water erans Affairs Office in
And as aquifer levels haveGansil.Tesidtyhd continued their decline over Gnecodvi. Soe sid caleyd
the past four decades, a larger mny tesnd toI lleewa
volume of river water spills mn ie n still noreorefry ae ins
into the aquifer during each tinocr d system.e i
flood event. Once the flood re-thisyem cedes and a spring starts to Take care of eyesore
flow again, it takes months or This is in regards to Sugyears for the groundwater to arm ill Woods Homeowners Aslose its brownish or greenish sociation. I hope they wake up.
tint In the case of Flanning and There is a house that's being
Poe springs, the water will pos- refabricated. It's an older
sibly never be blue again. home. And the workers, if
There is just too much of the yur ukyusete w
tannic water underground for orre time, ose othe do
it to be totally diluted by the othe b. s An Sumnth Woods
clear groundwater that used to thas someAn rsrion thtWou
feed these springs. It appears can' pamreatrirors moato
once again that our springs are hoean' yurk rivewa foror
our eyes into the aquifer, their hme thn aoup drieays But
brown water instructs the ob- -w hn ceaounledatheut
sqer nha thbe.Foia de-sac, what an eyesore seeing
aquife sbinttrouble. this big garbage dump in front
So pet Rber Frot'sof this house. And it's been proverbial "two roads in a yel- there for about seven, eight
low wood" presents an allegory months already and it's full.
for the future of our region's Why don't the Sugarm ill Assosprings. In principle thecitodosmhngautt choice is clear: Either we re- itodosmhngautt
duce our groundwater pump- so it's not an eyesore?
ing and allow aquifer levels to AHere's the difference
return to their historic levels I' ednAer h ali
and have gin-clear springs Imraighr h ali
oai r we7 onntinue ton allow from someone who's wonder


Erin decided to apply at CMU and, behold, Priorities not right Good VA services nearby
TARGETwas accepted. Excellent news! But did Jean
TAR ET Cotiue fomand I really think Erin would actually be OK, I'm not a government With regards to the current VA
Coninedfro PgeC1headed to Michigan for college, when there worker or engineer. I do have a fiasco: I have been enrolled in the were a half-dozen fine universities within a degree in business administra- VA since 2002. Although someWhen I told people I was headed down to five-hour drive of her home? Of course not! tion, so I'm a little interested in times I have had to wait for treatErin's graduation they were shocked. The last To her great credit, Erin chased down the reading about numbers. And ment, it's been pretty good. So time they'd seen Erin info. The kicker was these numbers from the board not all VA facilities are the same.
was when she was 10 the astonishing news of county commissioners: $34 Cheers for Gainesville, Orlando,
years old. It's hard to that, because I'm a million for a road for the medical The Villages and Citrus VA.
imagine the incredi- Central Michigan corridor, $5 million for utility re- The price is confusing
ble transformation graduate, Erin gets location upgrades -I guess
that takes place in admitted as an in- that's to do with the road. So I would like to have somebody
kids from preteen to state student. That what are we up to, pushing $40 clear up a little hypocrisy here in
teen to early adult- saves about $14 gazil- million. Yet later it says they only the Chronicle article Friday, May
hood. lion over the life of want to spend $5.5 23. You're talking
I understood their kher college career million for overall en- ~ ~~ about the quarter-mill,
dismay Being the Now I find myself vironmenta rjcs ~ J~I raising the budget.
every- other-weekend hedn o Mut Something's wrong w And it says a quarterdad, I missed out on a Pleasant this week for with that picture. FF mill would raise about
lot of Erin's daily life, college orientation. I We're supposed to be lO-m$2.1 million and
When she turned 16, haven't been back to the Nature Coast. igmwl would not have an insuddenly Inverness visit in about 30 years. Down bu stl up pact on the 20 14-15
wasn't high on her Wow ..~wbudget. But then the
social calendar, so Hopefully, Erin's Hey, those gas Anext paragraph says
there was even more college experience places got another CAthe Renaissance Centime apart. I always will be different than price decrease. Just ter outsourcing will
made sure, however, mine. For example, I wanted to give you an 5 -0579~ save $700,000 and
to get to Fort Myers hope she attends update that now another $300,000 in
at least once a classes on the days as- they're only 9 cents health insurance premonth for lunch or signed to do so. That above neighboring counties. So mums and that will have an impact.
shopping with my only would be abreak from that's really nice of them. You Something doesn't sound right
child. her dad who, admit- know, the other neighboring there. If $2.1 million has no inStill, Erin the high tedly, didn't exactly counties, they don't have any pact, if they get that much, but
school graduate was a make the dean's list. problem lowering prices more than yet saving another $1 million does
lot to take. That barely I'm so proud of a penny at a time. I just wanted have an impact. Now somebody
sinks in before we're Erin. She is smart, re- to let you know we're still 9 cents needs to do some explaining there.
finalizing the college MIKE WRIGHT/Chronicle sponsible and caring above neighboring counties. Editor's note: A quarter- mill tax
plans. Interesting, A ap ihsho rdae o rn God has truly blessed Oprd an ptiosm increase on the 2014 budget
isn' t it? One day a high Aprpye high col gratenow ricgn her mother and me. fprd an ptioim wouldn't kick in until the following
school graduate, the priersfrcllgttCetayMcia Me and my kid, off I would like to define the differ- year-2015-16. The Renaissance
next day a college Unv~t.on another adventure ence between patriotism and and insurance savings are for the
freshman. The line is to the far North. pride. Patriotism is in our blood, new fiscal year that begins in July.
blurred between high school memories and Can life really get any better than this? It's the reason we exist. It is why Got the lue lue
new adventures. we're a free country. Pride is how ~ ie ie
So this is how this whole Central Michigan we show our patriotism. How do I see in the newspaper on May
thing came about: Erin enjoys her visits to Mike Wrigh t is a senior reporter and we stand up and tell the rest of 18: "The blues get tourists." Michigan to see my family or ex-wife Jean's assistant editor for the Citrus County the world that we are a free coun- "Keith Crist plays the blues." friends. She's been there in warm and cold Chronicle. He can be reached at 352-563-3228 try? I really hope people under- Where can I purchase his CDs? I weather stand the difference. can't find any blues anywhere.

at the angry raccoon in the clear way to open up the Ungrateful, to say the nity to inflict great bodily name-calling is easy LeadW I D W cage and I used my very contraption so the raccoon least. harm on my person. ership is not.
commanding voice to say: could exit and go into the The lesson of my hasty The situation is similar By the time this county Conti nued from Page C1 "OK, open up the door" woods to do what raccoons action was obvious: I was to what is happening at the turmoil subsides, we may "Hmmm," my wife said. like to do on vacation, quick to pounce on a solu- county courthouse. The be stuck with our own and attempting to scratch "Hmmm?" I asked. "The instruction man- tion without thinking turmoil at the county com- angry raccoon in a cage.
my eyes out. "I didn't read that far in ual?" I asked. through all of the conse- mission chambers has re- And no one has a plan on
OK, so this was more the instructions," she "Back at the house," quences. I was not pre- sulted in a mass exodus how to open the cage and like sending a kid to a sum- replied, said my wife. pared to set Rocky from the building. The get back to business.
mer camp she didn't want Seems that this very ex- Hmmm. Raccoon free because I let leadership team is gone or _____to attend than it was a fain- pensive raccoon vacation Rocky the Raccoon, on the emotion of the capture going, and the conclusion ily vacation, but how many cage was also very compli- cue, stuck her hand back overwhelm me. by some is that anything Gerry Mulligan is the
raccoons ever get to go on cated. There were trap out of the cage and tried to Rocky, on the other would be better than what publisher of the Chronicle. a car ride? doors and springs and grab my leg and sink her hand, would have been we currently have. Email him at gm ulligan
My wife and I both looked levers and handles but no pointy teeth into my calf. happy with the opportu- Chest-thumping and AA1111I M -AW -W .WF AE J1111 AIIIIIIP no EF EW w- Aw 'AE AEIS YOUR U -COUNTY June 8 A
CifR-]UoNIC oaBgFs Tournament
red cross. org/wate rsafetyti ps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7628-2602 or 628-0200 to learn more about water 8 910111 4w un4* :0 M
Safety tips to keep you and 8 910 11 3 400Jn14-0:0A
your loved ones safe. 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 UF/IFAS Citrus County Extension

22 3 4 25 6 2 2 Extension's 1 00th Anniversary
-~ P Citrus County Canning Center
AA Ag29301 No Admission Fee
-- A004 Contact Phone: 352-527-5720

_________________June 14 -11 AM tol1 PM 01
Rolling Thunder's jCitrus County Library System

uhWOW! 0 eaEg thA n a Flag Day Patriotic Celebration
0 lind Pwill be dressed in period costumes

Joinn c 0 1 ... at all five libraries.

10 tT Q. amU-1__ow June 14
Extension's~~~ ~~~ 10tlniesr.Studylue2,21 Flag Day Ceremony and Purple Heart City
itrson10ty C anniCente Shtunart atn 8:301AM Designation at Inverness Government Ctr.
Citrusut Cnin ene Sprign Golft &t Countr Clu 212 W. Main St., Inverness
3405 W Southern Street Lecanto CirsSrnsGl onr lbContact Phone: 352-726-2611
Th frs o it rckea re 00iebe!$60 Entry Fee _Hole-In-One sponsored by: CC June 19 1 1:00AM
f o o d $ o m es 0 t od -re w ed l ee r a m f to d m l P sp l ay sH arley D a vidso n of C ystal R iverU n t d W y o C i r s o u y
fil, teso cidef' 4fvils 0qu ratr iplls For additional information and to download registration form, seeUntdWyoCirsouy
ouir websiteat:- ort call John Iolicoeur Annual Meeting & Community Report





Whfen your


is sold, the

terms can

stay intact


about to turn 90 and Dmy wife is 86. We have had a reverse mortgage for 20 years, and it has been sold several times. Is the current loan holder required to abide by the conditions of the original loan? This is of some concern as
we both may have to move to some type of assisted living facility in the distant future.
DEAR EN.: This is a short and straight-to-the-point answer: You have nothing to worry about Even if the contract turns over a hundred times, the owners of the contract are bound by all of the agreements made at the original closing. So, not to worry -keep living long and healthy DEAR BRUCE: I recently came into some money from selling an inherited property, approximately $100,000. It was a buyout from a sibling. I would like to invest it and preserve as much capital gain as I can. What would you recommend? I was thinking of putting some into my Roth IRA and some into mutual funds. I also want to keep around $10,00 to $20,000 liquid for home and car expenses. When I spoke to a financial counselor at my investment company, he highly recommended annuities as a way to avoid taxes until withdrawal, both fixed and variable.
I am not comfortable with this. Should I pay a certified financial adviser? If so, how much do they typically charge?
DEAR S.M.: You have a good problem. First of all, I don't understand why there would be any reason for keeping that much money liquid because some of the inves.tme-ntsq that are- going to be-


Continued from Page D1
town. You go online.
As important as having a social media
profile is ensuring that it is professional.
Amy Meek, president!CEO of United
Way of Citrus County, can tell you what
happens when what's on the resume
clashes with a candidate's social media
profile, or if that profile doesn't show
evidence of what's claimed on the resume or application.
"We had a candidate who really
looked great on paper," Meek said dur- reviewing a candidate's social media media is a great tool for employers.. .but ing a recent interview with Flanders for profile, employers get a better sense of job seekers have got to have it cleaned Laura Byrnes, APR, is a Florida Certithe Live United Today program. "I the job seeker's professional associa- up." fled Workforce Professional and comchecked her social media page and she tions and how they are plugged into the During the next few columns, we'll ex- munications manager at CareerSource had curse words and racial things that community She said that there may amine some of the best practices for Citrus Levy Marion, formerly Workforce United Way cannot be involved with in even be connections in common that using the Holy Trinity of social media Connection. Please contact her at (352) any way at all. So we immediately hiring managers can tap to learn more Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter as 291-9559 or (800) 434-5627, ext. 1234 or pulled her out. We didn't even call her about the candidate. part of, not in place of, an effective lbyrnes@careersourceelm
On the flip side, Meek noted that by That is why Meek believes "social strategic job search campaign. .com.


C............ .... .. .... ....

OF. .. ....i....

I@McKenzie ,0
.Paintin q Off Any
Pressure Cleaning SERVICE ISrieCl
OEE ESTIMATES NewCustomers Only
I nor Exterior Driveway Stai oPL I NG 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE
7 5-0010 ___SERVICES___ 2-860-19
S State Certified Master Plumber CFC 1427798

Irrigation Repairs &
Tree Work Site Prep ,Installation
Trim/Removal Bush Hogging S Sod Sales & Install
Clearing Demolition 3 Time Winner ''"
Lamar Budd Debris Removal INC. 2011 -2012-2013
685 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy.(1 Mile West of Lowe's on Hwy. 44) Lecanto 746-4451 34 -0 13 Vi-sit MONFR 30
352-400-1442 VENI N BY 1723 N. Lecanto Hwy., Lecanto, FL 34461
35S4 APPOINTMENT c. #2646 Insured Bonded


Mowing Trimming Edging Mulch Fertilization W I 1

AAA* SVIMATROur Services: Carpet Protector D.ry W'd ws
Restj re Removal Oriental Rugs Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning
R O~ .hiO i NYSERVICE Spot Removal Window Tinting Free Estimates'
Make Your Best Deal Thn oufr 3 R00Ms &$ PHSTRE E CIAL" GENIE 4
& Then Present This Ad For An continuing to vote us :1 HALLWAY : RCAIR CLERE
EXTR~ $00OF OFRO ,,O~h~ Best of the Best! xie 7/3/14REE CIERprs731 .... ED GEN....,
(Must present ad at tme of si9flinl contract) Frm 9hu03 LIC./INS. CCC057537 3 5-m 2ii -- J-7 4- 2 7 Itt Ie eu naw andugreLoMo www.aaaroofingfioridacom 563-0411 o 726-8917 CR-C057844UU =.r Lwww smcflorida com '352.503.8465 www~windowgenie.comBNE lSUD

6828 S. Shady View Pt. Floral City IRt)N fYNwo o : 'EVC ITI --"" "
*Awnings *1 Boat Covers ZAPPER S ie d01 L L Z J ....BIRDBATHS
Carports Marine Upholstery o l: t'sChemical Free V itOur ',CON/CRET
ear Boat Tops It removes rotten egg Shomn BA... iS
R p issmell and discoloration Downtownl n...n.. AE/VCt'ES
+ o: It removes Iron, 102 Wain St.
352) 61"58Hydrogen Sulfide Dlowntown 22 .Rc rse d
61-58and Manganese 352-726-7300 inverness Ho3m. ok sherRd
Richrd udma I I U U -TUESDAY-SATURDAY 8-4

Your Neighborhood Indoor Air Qualify Specialist ITN i A L YO R B S N S
BcToNw Summer Tune $499o5
Up Special Re, g;, FF l l M T ~ l S1 ) ll
Guarnnleeing l 0x Cleaner Air
6 8-5700 Includes Our Exclusive Laser Particle Scan For mo i for ono Yo o Uke you C,uSToM ERS
newa ir. biz to determine the quality/of the air you business in front of your customers,
Exclusive NO OTHER COMPANY OFFERS call 352-563-5592.IH ~ N C
IOQAir" [itC#AC1815891 THIS SERVICE! cwnceoln~o
A ml u t L kk Expires June 3 0 2 0 14 w w c h o i l o i e c o

SUNDAY, JUNE 8,2014-V.
Promotional information provided f""CITRUS CO N
by the Citrus Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce

number Connection
28 N.W. U.S. 19, Crystal River, FL 34428 352-795-3149 .106 W. Main St., Inverness, FL 34450. 352-726-2801

Chamber Member spotlight. Woody Co. Inc.
events Custom M eds 1976 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa 352-228-4923 Weekdays 7 a.m. to 5p.m. and
For more information on Saturday 8 a.m. to 4p.m.
events, visit CitrusCounty, 322842
CitrusCountyChamber. com M, 6 ,r
Imobilel or call 352-7953149.
June 9 Ribbon-cutting for
BS Publications, 4:30 p.m.,
305 S. Salisbury Terrace,
June 11 Ribbon-cutting
for Life Choice Pregnancy
Center, 4:30 p.m., 726 U.S.
19, Crystal River. F 111
June 12 Mixer hosted by 11OI LIR I HChamber Ambassadors Nicholle
the Mullet Hole Tavern, 5 to Fernandez, Citrus Hills; Romonda Taylor, Servpro of
7 p.m., 631 N. Citrus Ave., Il[, 1N I II It Ii i Citrus County; Janet Mayo, associate member;
Crystal River Nancy Wheeler, StoreRight Self Storage; Peter
June 13 -Chamber Lunch- Ii' I' A I N I'll A II:,111 IIiY Retzko, Citrus County Chronicle; Lisa Nash, FDS
e, 4Disposal and Chamber CEO/President Josh Wooten peetdbthChoil....( ... t/ / '' /. t ..eon, 40 Under 40 Awards, I ...."welcome Woody Co to the Chamber.
presented by the Chronicle, wecm od o oteCabr
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Citrus
Hills Golf and Country Club, SERVPRO of Citrus County
509 E. Hartford St., Hernando. 2189 N. Lecanto Highway, Lecanto
June 16 Ribbon-cutting 352-249-1072
for Citrus Youth Educational
Symphonic Orchestra,
4:30 p.m., Crystal River
Chamber Office.
June 18 Business Women's
Alliance of the Citrus County
Chamber of Commerce 102 E. Highland Blvd., Inverness 1352-341-1212 I J
Business to Business Net- Open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
working Luncheon, networking begins 11 a.m., Citrus
H ills Golf and Country Club, ustom Meds is a compounding pharmacy that has been in business
509 E. Hartford St., Hernando. for almost 30 years. The pharmacy was established in April 1985.
Sponsored by First Interna- -T
tional Title. Speaker Susan In May 2011, we had a change of ownership. We are conveniently
Gill, Supervisor of Elections. located at the intersection of Highland Boulevard and Apopka Chamber Ambassadors Jennifer Duca,
June 23 Ribbon-cutting C Avenue (next door to where Center State Bank used to be). WollinkaWikle Title Insurance; Nicholle Fernandez,
for Crystal River Watersports, We specialize in compounding, which is the art and science of preparing Citrus Hills; Karlene Feliciano, Holiday Inn Express; 4:30 p.m. 2380 U.S. 19, personalized medications for patients. Unlike the one-size-fits-all nature of David Heinz, Heinz Funeral Home; Sarah Fitts, First
Crystal River. mass-produced medications, compounded medications are individualized International Title; Lillian Smith, Mary Kay Cosmetics;
June 25 Ribbon-cutting and "made from scratch" individual ingredients are mixed together in the Bonnie Hardiman, associate member; Dan Pushee,
Associate member; and Dennis Pfeiffer, Orkin Pest for Custom M eds, 4:30 p.m., exact strength and dosage required by the patient. Our compounding phar- Control welcome fellow Ambassador Romonda Taylor, 1025 E. Highland Blvd., macists work with the patient and their physician to customize a medication Servpro of Citrus County, to the Chamber.
Inverness. to meet the specific needs of each patient.
June 26 Mixer hosted by Custom Meds has participated in the Take Back My Meds program, so paSalon Suites by Underwood, tients could dispose of their expired medications properly. We have expanded mart Holmes, Inc.
5 to 7 p.m., 306 S. Line the types of medications that we offer to our doctors and patients. While we 352-229-4088
Ave.., Inverness. have always offered topical pain relief formulations, we now offer scar, derr matological, wound, bioidentical hormone replacement, and vet formulations.

events Anthony Kopka joins Daystar
June 14 Flag Day Cere- L
mony and Purple HeartCe t riru
Designation, 7 p.m., will Loounty
feature local veteran color nthony Kopka is ready to ply his passion for people
guard, patriotic songs and t-. and to implement his administrative, fundraising
keynote speaker, Inverness
Govern ment Center, 212 W. and networking skills as the 1ith executive director of
min Street. Daystar Life Center of Citrus County. He has resided in
Jun 1S rec w Beverly Hills for over two years and in the previous 30
June 14 Precious Paws years ha enviiigfmiyi itu onynuly Chamber Ambassadors Jennifer Duca,
low-costyears had been visiting family in Citrus County annually. WollinkaWikle Title Insurance; Sarah Fitts, First Inclinic at the Crystal River You may meet Anthony at Daystar's client services of- ternational Title; Lisa Nash, FDS Disposal; Janet
Mall. Remember, hurricane fice, food pantry or thrift store between the business Mayo, associate member; Lillian Smith, Mary Kay
season is here and your hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. Cosmetics; Bill Hudson, Land Title of Citrus County;
pets need to be current on Daystar Life Center is located at 6751 W. Gulf-to-Lake Jeanne Green, West Central Solutions; and Kelley
their shots to enter a shel- ANTHONY Highway in Crystal River. To volunteer, donate or re- Paul, WollinkaWikle Title Insurance welcome Nick
ter. The veterinary services KOPKA quest assistance, stop by or call 352- 795-8668. Holmes of Smart Holmes to the Chamber.
are provided by the Floral
City Veterinary Hospital and
the space is being donated Sk'
by the Crystal River Mall ~ ,eets Donations of pet food needed at shelter
management. Pets must be
rest rained (cats in carriers S o h us itrus County Animal bank or to the Animal Serv- Monetary donations may
and dogs on leashes). There irioei ts 4. Services is asking for the ices shelter in Inverness to be mailed to Citrus County
will be a direct entrance for public's help in meeting the help those residents keep Animal Services, 4030 S.
pets and their owners de 'r s needs of financially chal- their animals rather than Airport Road, Inverness, FL
marked on the outside of ac u r slenged citizens who own surrender them to the shel- 34450. The shelter is at the
the mallI. Precious Paws pets. The goal is to afford ter because they don't have end of Airport Road, which
Rescue volunteers will be NT 1j"ca -" a those residents the ability to the money to feed is off U.S. 41 between the Inthere to assist. Questions? I eapO l anfeed their pets. Animal Serv- them.Concerned citizens verness Airport and the county
35-76-70.ices is asking citizens to de- have been helping, but the auditorium/fairgrounds,
June 17 Affordable Hous- Cl keet's Smokehouse & Grill, lo- liver donations of dog and food supplies have gotten just south of Inverness. For
ing Advisory Committee to tda88NL Hihcafodtthiloafod lwaaninrminal74-0.
meet, 5 p.m. Lecanto Gov- kJcateda 387 NLecantoHihcafodtthrlclfod owginifrminal74-0.
emnment Building. The way in Beverly Hills FL, is pleased to
Agenda includes Hardest announce the acquisition of NeapoliHit, SHIPCDBG, NSP 1 and tan: The Ice Cream Shoppe. Lanse K. Ap lc to sb i gH pbrn
3, Section 8, Shelter Plus Fero, owner of Skeet's, and Charlene .x lc to sb i gH l rn
Care, and Emergency Solu- Sestito, manager, had been working accepted for H-istoric Jim m y
tions Grant. with Neapolitan's owners James and B a dt
June 19 & 20- Plantation Heather Cook since November of last Resources Advisory B a dFallon t
on Crystal River will host year. Aspace which adjoined the
the 27th annual Fightin' restaurant became the new home for r he Historic Resources One historian position C tu
Gator Touchdown Club Neapolitan: The Ice Cream Shoppe, T. Advisory Board is cur- Two alternate member C tu
Fish in' Tournament, featur- whose addition complimented rently accepting applications positions (interested citizens) The Citrus County
ing more than $10,000 in cash and prizes. The main Skeet's smoked meats and Southern for four positions. The The application form is a..Visitors and Conevent will take place on Sat- specialties menu by offering 32 fla- agency was formed on Oct. available at vention Bureau is conurday, June 21, with win- vors of ice cream, smoothies, malts, 28, 2003, to assist county commissioners/advboards/ dusting a social media
ning offshore categories egg creams, Chocolates byVanessa, entities to identify, evaluate advisory board_ campaign to attract
including largest grouper, chocolate chip and molasses cookies and protect historic proper- application.pdf Tonight Show host
c obia, kin gfis h a nd Sp a nis h and pies. ties. The board requires a S end completed applica- Jimmy Fallon to Citrus
mackerel; and inshore cate- Each restaurant has its own seat- varied interest of persons to tion together with a recent County in mid-June.
sotis trutlading re ing area and catering is a specialty; discuss, review, and decide resume to: The bureau is promotsnapper. Registration starts takeout is available by calling 352- on specific items. Citrus County Board of ing two hashtags
at $60 and includes awards 527-725. Both restaurants are open Vacancies on the Historic County Commissioners, #jimmyfallonvisit
ceremony dinner, and tour- 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Resources Advisory Board to Attn: Amy Pace, planning co- citrus and #swimwith
nament hat and shirt.For The sale also will allow the Cooks represent the following enti- ordinator manatees to draw
entry forms, tou mna ment an opportunity to focus on their ties for a two-year term that Geographic Resources and attention to help win
rules and additional info, other business, Cattle Dog Coffee will expire on Sept. 30, 2016: Community Planning, 3600 over Fallon. More incall Kip Mueller at 352-303- Roasters, which is located in the One architect position W. Sovereign Path, Suite formation at facebook
2842 or visit Heritage Hills Plaza in Hernando. One archaeologist position 292, Lecanto, FL 34461 .com/visitcitrus.

SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 2014 BusINESS Cinus CouNTY (FL) CHRoNicm

State governments mqv be expanding wealth gap '111 v

Associated Prcss Oak

Lawmakers in many states have
been trying to boost their postrecession economies by cutting
income taxes, curbing aid to the
long-term jobless or holding tft 41111k 1911k lift
down the minimum wage. Some
have pursued all of these steps.
Whether such policies will
spur businesses to expand as Ir
hoped isn't yet clear But collectively, the actions could ease
the financial burden for the
states' most affluent residents
while reducing the safety net
for those at the bottom.
The shift may also contribute
to a trend that is prompting
growing national concern: the
widening gap between the richest Americans and everyone
else. The divergence has developed over four decades and accelerated in recent years.
Economic statistics show that
incomes for the top 1 percent of
U.S. households soared 31 percent from 2009 through 2012, --after adjusting for inflation, yet
inched up an average of 0.4 percent for those making less. Ai ......
Many economists are sounding ANalarms that the income gap, Associated Press
greater now than at any time Amy Jennewein reconciles a cash register drawer during her shift at a grocery store in House Springs, Mo. since the Depression, is hurting
the economy by limiting growth Federal policies also come into "The middle class is disapin consumer spending. play pearing thaf s what it feels
Yet those concerns aren't res- But state governments also like," said Jennewein, who onating in some states. Last have an impact. works two jobs at a preschool State's role in wealth gap
year, at least 10 states passed Since the mid-1970s, states as and a grocery store to support income tax cuts targeted at a whole have cut their top indi- her family at a poverty-level inbusinesses or those in the top visual income tax rates by come. "Every single day, I feel WEALTH GAP: Economic research shows that the gap beindividual brackets. Several nearly one-fourth, while boost- it's getting worse instead of get- tween the richest U.S. residents and the rest of the populamore already have cut taxes ing state sales tax rates by al- ting better" tion has been growing over the past four decades, particularly
this year, including Democratic- most half, according to an As the safety net shrinks, the recently Some economists are raising concerns that the trend led New York and Republican- Associated Press analysis. That chance that residents will be could be limiting growth in consumer spending. led Oklahoma. Yet over the past has meant lower taxes for those impoverished at some point has three years, nearly one-fifth of earning the most and a bigger grown. The percentage of peo- STATE POUCIES: Though labor markets and federal polithe states have pared back unproportionate tax bite for those ple ages 35-45 experiencing cies play a major role in someone's wealth, states also have employment benefits, and more who spend niore of their in- poverty rose by one third dur- an impact. State taxes can take more or less out of people's cutbacks are under considera- come on retail sales. Vermont, ing 1988-2008 compared with paychecks. State minimum wages can increase the income of tion. for example, has cut its top per- the previous two decades, ac- those earning the least. And welfare and unemployment benThe theory is that business sonal income tax rate from 17.5 cording to research by Mark efits can prop up people with less income in hard times. owners are more likely to hire, percent to less than 9 percent Rank, a social welfare profesexpand and drive economic while doubling its sales tax rate sor at Washington University in RECENT TRENDS: States have increasingly been cutting growth when their own finan- to 6 percent. St. Louis. their top income tax rates, which benefits the wealthy more
cial burdens are eased. But oth- At the same time, states have "Folks are getting less in than the poor States have also been raising sales taxes that ers contend that formula comes scaled back some of the aspects terms of redistribution on the can disproportionately affect lower-income consumers. State with side effects. of the financial safety net that bottom end, and folks are get- minimum wages and welfare benefits have failed to keep
"What's happening at t e keep low-income people out of ting more in terms of tax cuts pace with inflation. And in recent years, states have begun state level is increasingly im- poverty. The inflation-adjusted on the top end," Rank said. paring back the amount and duration of unemployment beneportant, and, to many eyes, it value of state welfare payments The last time the income gap fits. appears to be moving things in has been dropping in every was this wide was in the Roar- The Associated Press
one direction towards state except Maryland and ing'20s, when government did
greater inequality," said Wyoming and even with fed- little to redistribute income. Matthew Gardner, executive di- cycling business near Kansas get it flowing in a better direcrector of the Institute on Taxa- eral food stamps included That changed after the Great City said he would put the tion," said Missouri Sen. Mike tion and Economic Policy, a leaves recipients below the Depression, when many states eventual tax savings toward the Kehoe, a Republican. Washington-based tax research poverty level in all states. began using income taxes to im- purchase of new equipment. The debate over the impact group. A divorced mother of three, prove public education, pre- "We use the money we get of reducing taxes on economic
The once-obscure income Amy Jennewein came to the vent poverty and add services back to invest if s nothing growth is long running and ungap has become an issue in the Missouri Capitol earlier this to boost the quality of life. we're going to stick in our resolved. Though taxes are a 2014 elections as Democrats year imploring lawmakers to But business groups began pocket" he said. factor in business expansions,
and Republicans differ over the raise the minimum wage from protesting their growing share Income inequality among the cost and availability of best way to ensure America ful- $7.50 an hour to $10. Instead, of the burden. households has grown by 13 skilled labor and good transfills its promise as a land of op- the Republican-led Legislature In Missouri this year, busi- percent over the past several portation systems often are portunity. voted to gradually cut the top ness leaders stood beside GOP decades in Missouri. But state rated as more important An
Economists point to a varie individual income tax rate from lawmakers at news conferences officials who are pushing for analysis for the nonpartisan of factors contributing to the ty 6 percent to 5.5 percent and re- before they enacted an income tax cuts said they aren't seeking Congressional Research Servgap, from the shift toward for- ferred a three-quarters cent tax cut with a special break for to exacerbate the gap and, in ice in 2012 found that reduceign manufacturing to a growth sales tax increase to the ballot many business owners. some cases, weren't aware of it tions in top tax rates have had in single-parent households. It also curbed unemployment Jack Lonsinger, who employs "The ultimate goal is to in- "little association' with investbenefits. about 20 people at a carbon re- crease our state's economy and ment or economic growth.

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off: Here's what to do '?ON FOR TH E MONEY -4

Associated Prcss on easily
m nont nnnio if it M W


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The Time

Gentleman in his late FREE Brindle Pit Bull Eckerd
60's would like to CITRUS SPRINGS Adorable Kittens brown with white from Citrus County
meet a lady for fishing Sunday 8th, 8a-4p Need Homes chin to chest Floater MEDICAL BILLER Floral City Auto Technician
or dining and maybe MOVING SALE (352) 287-9477 lost Thursday in Citrus Requires Certified Cook Needed
more (352) 382-5661 + Baby Items FREE CAT Springs off Elkcam MA and Front Office Exp. req'd for very Min. 5 years, exp.
I0985 N. Ober Terr. Neutered, 1 yr old tabby Blvd, call 352-423-0819 skills. Will travel busy medical office. Please visit our with tools
Skiddish at first with information within the county. Computer skills a website: AUTOMOTION
StumpGrinding cheap but lovable must. Incld's benefits. www.eckerd.ora Floral City
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Toro 21" Super Stored in trash cans LOST CAT Tell that special Needed for busy Sinkhole remediaRecycler Lawn Mower easy to load onto your Small spayed fe- person CNA's/H HA's family practice Commissioned sales tion. FT position.
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sell for $300. Ridge (352)270-7127 ange tortoise shell. Cit- with a classified Citrus County. background and To Apply: Call Glen
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Ha controlled room Jaccuzzi she is very timid. If Call our Classified (352) 860-0885 crazydaviro r
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FREE REMOVAL /WE PICK nvernesstus county area
Appliances, AC Units U/W PICKrol Invernes Annt maa nesaero
Ppliaes, an Hospital parking lot. yahoo com email to: jcin Ioedlivery
Pooracters, Lawn0-08 please call_ c csoe.
S Tractors 352-270-4087 352-341-2447 EXP. Vet Tech Silver River Mentor- Must have
,np In sruotion
Large Veterinary *J OnB FAIR** 6 isr an
Hospital seeking a Mon June 16th T relibl-e v-c
J O B ?Taurus Found Large Dog Exp. Technician. 2:00Dm to 5:00pm
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in Citrus Ave Friendly person to oin 3630 W Educational 11. T. 1
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for your cars or trucks Peaches (352) 794-6314 Tell that special mhosp@ Fl th Md to Fiday.
Employment forn yourl cars orpby~rcm8a
also biggest U-Pull-It 5 mi. S. of Wildwood person Seeking Certified
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mosquito Control Par Time: ANTIQUE IRON trade-ins, 352-302-3030 good condo. $100. firm AND END TABLE glass GREEN HOUSE
Technician I Site Coordinator SKILLET 1800S GREEN H538 81t p io es
Asst. School Age ALL STEEL CHILDS TOY Horse n Dryer, Kenmore, $100 (352) 382-3812 top with unique base 12X19 Divorce forces
Public Health Pest Program Director BUILDINGS Buggy inside $40 OBO Stove, frigidare $125. VINTAGE WHITE can email picture $100 sacrifice. Will help
Control Certification Youth Specialist 352-2370-3527 Good condition, WROUGHT IRON 352-257-8752 dismantle. 6 mos old!
is necessary within 6 ANTIQUE WOOD Can deliver LAWN SOFA& 2 Sectional Sofa. Like $95, 3526135818
months of employ Apply online by DOOR good condition in for a fee. CHAIRS $80 Call New. 3 Recliners. POWER BLOWER
meant. A detailed 6/13/14: www. TRAIN FROM HOME Crystal River (678) 617-5560 352-257-8752 Heat/Massage. Barely Toro Electric Power
jobdescription & Call 352-257-8752 used. $500. Blower $20.00
application can be DFWP/EOE MEDICAL BILLING, Moving-Must Sell sernes(352)637-3156 352-746-1146
obtained at the (352)-637-0132 ACCOUNTING Antique Collection raneSerta King RYOBI GAS LEAF
Citrus County ASS'T, CUSTOMER Clawfoot Oak Table/ $400 2 BIG MEN'S Pillow-top Mattress BLOWER
Mosquito Control SERVICE, NO chairs, lawers book- 352-249-8259 RECLINERS like new $150. $25
District Head- COOK EXPERIENCE 130 MPH case, wheeled 3 (352) 270-1366 Call 631-353-1731
quatrice, ENIG NEEDED. HS/GED 25 x 30 x 9 (3:12 pitch) drawer dresser, libary Kenmore light brown, not S
quarter's Office, EVENINGS NEEDED TO APPLY. Roof w/Overhang, table, music cab. sm. RfF
.ctroqu itow Exp. Preferred Sullivan and 2-9 x 7 Garage Doors, chair, Alfred Meakin eri0reemercnd 3 yrs. old divide room. Glass in A Cogliano Training 1 Entry door, 2 -vents basin/picture set, $450. pair or sell sep. sets in top. Dark. $35.
968 N. Lecanto 61 T ea Centers. 4" Concrete Slab. Call (352)341-1941 DWhirlpool for an0 no reasonable offer Ruth 352-382-1000
Lecanto, Fl. 34461 InvernessAn EEQ/AA 1-800-451-0709 $13995. INSTALLED Oa refused (352) 5274352 CITRUS SPRINGS
(352) 527-7478 Employer M/F/V/D -800-45-00995. DryerLLED OAK WOOD CHAIR 352-249-8259 SOFA with HUGE ESTATE/
Bet: 7:30 am-4:30pm 30 x 30 x 9 (3:12 pitch) with caramel leather in- 2 Chase Swivel Two recliners on ends, YARD SALE
weekdays. Deadline 2-9 x 7 Garage Doors sert perfect for office Kenmore Recliners & Ottoman, brown and buckskin, FRI-SAT-SUN 8a-3p
to receive applica- 1 Entry Door, 2 G-vents $75 352-257-8752 Washer & Dryer style 112688 Light $200 obo FR.-SApplia-Jp
tions will be 4:30 pm EARN EXTRA 4" Concrete Slab White, good con. Beige, Paid $800 (352) 460-2188ppliances,
on Friday6/20/2014. $15,995. INSTALLED VINTAGE PAIR OF W goo co Big $ 00 (352)460- Electronics, Tools,
$$MONEY$$Conty40x40x1 2 (3:12 pitch) FOO DOGS $100 each Asking $450 5 mo. old SOIOARCKN
The Citrus County Roof S/Ov(rh) e condition $9O Cal After 6pm 352-628-3076 SOLIDOAKROCKING Household Items
excellent condition $90____ CHAIR $75.00 OBO & More
District is an equal Deliver Phone 2-10 x 10 Roll-up Doors Call 352-257-8752 (352) 503-9367 2 New Faux Leather 5271399 2450 W Sand Trap Dr
opportunity em- Books 1 Entry Door, 2 G-vents VINTAGE SHIRT FORM SMITTYS APPLIANCE Sofa's & Ottoman 352-249-8259
ployer and does not Citrus County, FL 4" Concrete Slab with metal base good REPAIR. Also Wanted Grey, $600. Table multi color,
discriminate on the + Flexible Hours 1 $27.995 Installed condition $75 call Dead or Alive Washers Call After 6pmlate op, w/
basis of race, color, + Have Insured A local Fl. Manufact. 352-257-8752 & Dryers. FREE PICK (352) 503-9367 4exblack leather condithairs, CITRUS SPRNGS
national origin, sex, Vehicle We custom build- UP! 352-564-8179 47" Bevel Glass Top Paid $800 Selling $250 MOVING SALE
religion, age or disa- + Have Valid We are the factory Table and 4 Padded (352) 527-7015 + Baby Items
bilityin employment Driver's License Meets & exceeds WASHER OR DRYER Chairs, Like New. Must 10985 N. Ober Terr.
or the provisions of Must Be At Least NOW 2010 Fl. wind codes. $145 ea. Reliable, see to appreciate. TRADE IN MATTRESS
services. Preference 18 Yrs. Old Florida 'Stamped" Great Clean, Like New, Excel $300. SETS FOR SALE
will be given to + No Experience ENROLLING engineered drawings Fathers Day Gifts Working Cond, 60 day (352) 795-7398 *Starting at $50. THIS OUT!
veterans. (A copy Necessary All major credit Brown Glass BeerMugs Guar.Free Del/Set up. King, Queen, Full, Twin
of the DD-214 must + Clerks Loaders cards accepted From different States (352)263-7398 red ST Ld liE Very good condo tion HIGH END FURNITURE
be provided). Needed Cosmetology METAL Structures LLC $50. for All glassnprew $50 352-25gls 352-621-4500 SALER 2ND TIME
336-394-2515 Day & Night School 866-624-910 Call (352) 270-8314 Two Twin Beds Two-Twi8 AROUND RESALES
www_____ Lic # CBC 1256991 WAGNERWARE MAG- BED ROOM SET comfortable mattress
www.sdds Barber State Certified NALITE 12" skillet w/lid Maple Qn. Complete, & boxsprings,s incl.
deliveryJcm Night School Building Contractor #4512. Aluminum, boxspring, mattress, comforter bedkirf
Manatee Swim www. metal weighs 5 lbs. Excellent DESKCHAIR Black headboard dresser 10 shams $100. for all
Captain Wanted Massage cond. $35. 527-1239 Swivel Armchair fully drawers, & TV stand, (352) 794-3963 EVAN PICONE SUIT
25 ton Masters SUMMER WORK Day & Night School adjustable EXC $25. $400. (352) 628-9481
Dunnellon Two Twin Extra Large Double Breasted Navy
drug & twice card 352-465-8495 COMFORTS OF HOME Medium Soft Mattress Linen size 12-14 $20
3-52 Immediate FT/PT Day Schoolare USED FURNITURE 80" x 39", $900. obo OBO 352-270-3527
op2-95-23Imeni cter SDart Wkly comfortsofhomeused 352-382-5183 EVAN PICONE SUIT
35 9 2 4 openings, custom er Starts W eekly T s te o o b e B e se ht
sales/serv, will train, Night School pT o fuuniet ese omite
conditions apply, all Mon-Tues-Wed Em oyment source is 3527950121** TwoWood matching Dobl Brea
Em ly etTwin Beds Linen size 12-14 $20
~325343~3 LTCENT DbdSrgcomplete, w/head OBO 352-270-3527
ages 17+, Call ASAP! 5:00PIM-9:00PM r 1 LATSCREEN TV cobrp/Ftbr, Side rals
HD Lke New. $75.00 Ftbrd. Side rails. and footboard $200. WEDDING GOWN
NEWeral Po352502s: 0 New mattress. Ex. cond. (352) 400-8945 by Eve of Milady,
NEU CampOR RILocati 352-502-0722 No stains. Free 20" Tv size 10 Worn once
APT.ISETT ER PANASONIC (352)726-5764 TABLE CAROUSEL preserved Call for info
System $75.00 gastp$0.B
Starting at $10.00/Hr. (727) 848-8415 352-5m.2-0722 VTHIS OUT! ROas o vaBl
Great Pay Weekly. Building wwwbenesedu 352 637 2499
Daily Bonuses Communication wwwbeneseduCla ssif ied s TV STAND for HIGH END FURNITURE VINTAGE MAKE-UP
6421 W. Homossa Tr. Pay & Benefits. OT, TRAC ERLD/D
Homosassa F T. 34448 352-694-8017, M-F INA YEAR Shelf for ANV equipment AROUND RESALES metal good condition Good condition.
$45. Call 212-2961 270-8803, 2165 Hy 491 $30 call 352-257-8752 $50.00 352-364-6704

SMITTYS APPLIANCE AIIAROUND TRACTOR #1 A+TECHNOLOGIES Comfort Works, Inc. D & R TREE SERVICE A-I Hauling, Cleanups, All chases of Tile
REPAIR. AlsoJWantE Land clearing, Hauling All Home Repairs. Air Conditioning and Kat's Kritter Kare Lawn & Landscape garage clean outs Handicap Showers
Dead or Alive Washers Site Prep, Driveways All TV's Installed Heating Service, Res/ PET SITTING specialst Lic.& Ins. trash, furniure & misc Safety Bars, Firs.
Divers. FREE PICK Lic/ins 352-795-5755 lic#5863 352-746-3777 Com (352) 400 8361 Free Est. 352-302-5641 Mark (352) 287-0767 422-2019 Lic. #27131
UP 5-6-19 ___________Lic# CAC1817447 Design & Install _________UP! 352-564-8179 *ABOVE ALL** Plant*Sod*Mulch
M & W INTERIORS H "Weed*Trim*Clean JEFF S
Handyman services lic/ins 352-465-3086 CLEANUP /HAULING T
A-I Complete Repairs Northern Quality Clean outs/Dump Runs
omP te ePair Southern prices! Brush Removal
Plderly e rs. Wa Ref Pani 3ng -Cinderella's Home**' Lic., 352-584-5374 TileUM anE Comolete Tree Serv.
n E 25 yrs Ref Lic (352) 5374144 & OfficeCleaninu & TREE REMOVAL &
-Cinderella's Home** # 39765, 352-513-5746 Home Comoanions A RDABLE NFloors /walls. Tubs to STUMP GRINDING
&ANDREW JOEHL Relax We'll Take Care AFFORDABLE LAWN shower cony. No job 55ft. Bucket Truck
&OfficeClenin & HANDYMAN. CARE Cuts $10 & Up too big or small. Ph: 352-344-2696 Lic/ins.
Home Comanionsn HAMAN.lea of you! 352-746-7760 too big or small.Ph:
Relax We'll Take Care Gen. Maint/Repairs Res./Comm., Lic/Ins. 352-613-TILE /lic# 2441 A TREE SURGEON
of you! 352-746-7760 Pressure Cleaning. CLEANING BY PENNY (352) Lic. & Ins. Lowest
#1 A+TECHNOLOGIES 0256271 352-465-9201 Residential Only D & R TREE SERVICE Roofing Systems, Rates Free est.
All Home Repairs. Wkly., Biwkly., Mnthly. Lawn & Landscape CHRIS SATCHELL Alum Enclosures, re- (352)860-1452
Caregiver avail for All TV's Installed Affordable Handyman 352-364-1773 Specialist. Lic. & Ins. 30 yrs. Exp., Excel. Ref. modeling, Inspections
inhome service Lic/Ins lic#5863 352-746-3777 0 FAST 100% Guar. Free Est. 352-302-5641 Insured 352-464-1397 CRS Contr. 414-8693 All Tractor & Tree Work
Ref avail. Hourly or live AFFORDABLE HOME CLEANING K Free Land C
in; 352-697-1625 DUN-RITE ELECTRIC VRELIABLE. Free Est reliable & exp. licins B Helpin Hand Grass Man Land Cleared, Hauling
Since '78/ Free Est. 352-257-9508 needs based, ref's Cut-Clean-Mulch-Edge A-I Complete Repairs I time Cleanup, Drivelic EC 13002699 Bonded- 352-613-8137 FREE ESTIMATES! Pres. Wash, Painting E ways (352) 302-6955
liC_3069_one-35-1383 Kitchen looking tired? Russell 352-637-1363 (Int/Ext) 25 yrs, Ref, Lic Bonbon Cleaning,
352- 726-2907 Affordable Handyman Primary Cleaning LLC Re-Face not Replace! #39765, 352-513-5746
V FAST 100% Guar. Licensed & Insured KITCHEN SOLUTIONS RIVENBARK NATURE COAST RV Lawn, & Prop Main.
M =F; I IVAFFORDABLE (352)476-9674 *(352) 794-3747" LAWN & LANDSCAPE. RV service, parts, sales Comm, Res, & IndusV RELIABLE- Free Est 15% off Tree Trimming CALL STELLAR BLUE Mobile Repair/Maint. trial; Lic/Ins, Ref avail
JEFF'S 352-257-9508 THE KLEEN TEAM w/ Ad. (352) 464-3566 All Int./ Ext. Painting 352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. 476-4202; 697-1625
Clean outs/ Dump Runs FREE Est., Lic. & Insured Affordable Handyman Lic., Bonded, Insured Residential/Comm. EST (352) 586-2996 Lawn & Landscape
_______________ ~Spealitn c & Ins.p
Brush Removal. Lic. **352-422-7279 v FAST 100% Guar. (352) 419-6557 Lic., Bonded, Insured
FENCE PRO, all pes AFFORDABLE (352) 419-6557 INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Free Est. 352-302-5641
pinting, reaps V RELIABLE- Free Est H All Tractor & Tree Work & ODD JOBS. 30 yrs
painting, repairs, 352-257-9508 Land & JOBS.cic 30c.ys Attention DOUBLE J
gates, free estimates Land Cleared, Hauling J. Hupchick Lic/Ins.
**veteran owned** time Cleanup, Drive- (352) 726-9998 Consumers! Tree Service
lic/ins (352) 563-8020 HANDYMAN CREATURE COMFORTS ways (352) 302-6955 Please make sure you Stump Grinding, bulk
jjjjS (352) 5SERVICES Joel's Handyman Serv. are using a licensed mulch, ic/ins 302-8852
OWENS QUALITY Lic# 39477 Joe Estimates and insured service R WRIGHT TREE Service
CURB APPEAL FENCING, ALL TYPES. (352) 464-3748 AIIAROUND TRACTOR Eff. & Exp. Company professional. Many Tree Removal &
Yardscape, Curbing Free Est. Comm/Res. ru_________F r tcae R rb ng, k3 2 6 8 4 0 oe l n eLandclearing, Hauling Lic/Ins 352- 476-4919 service advertisers Trim m ing. Ins. & Lic. #
Flocrete. River Rock 352-628-4002 Joel's Handyman Serv. Site Prep, Driveways are required by state 0256879 352-341-6827
Reseals & Repairs. Free Estimates Lic/Ins 352-795-5755 law to include their
Lic. (352) 364-2120 i:1I Ell. & Exp. Company tat icuesei RIVENBARK
Lic/Ins 352- 476-4919 number in all adver- LAWN & LANDSCAPE.
K.S. LAND SERVICES. C tisements. If you 15% off Tree Trimming
ROB'S MASONRY & Install, restretch, repair Roofing Systems, LANDCLEARING, DIRT NUIANE CALL STELLAR BLUE n'eea license w/ Ad. (352) 464-3566
CONCRETE Driveways Clean, Sales, Vinyl Alum Enclosures, re- PET SITTING/WALKING WORK, DUMP TRUCK WILDLIFE CONTROL number in the ad, you RON ROBBINS Tree
tear outs, tractor work, Carpet, Laminent, Lic. modeling, Inspections Exp., Reliable, Excel. SERVICE, AND MORE. David P Crissman All Int./ Ext. Painting should inquire about it Service Trim, Shape & Lic. #1476, 726-6554 #4857 Mitch, 201-2245 CRS Contr. 414-8693 Ref. (352) 274-4138 (352)302-2849 (352)563-5545 Needs. Lic. & Ins. FREE and be suspicious Remve, Lic/Ins. Free
EST (352) 586-2996 that you may est. 352-628-2825
be contacting an un1 1 [lll~~~l Clean VIew: Pressure licensed business. StumpGrinding cheap shnwid sod
S b r-v w e ~~~~~~~obs Free Est. 407-591 Chronicle wants to volume disc. overwahnwidsod TeCtrsouy avcst251"um
JYour Neighborhood Indoor Air Qunlity Specinlistlt ,wn -- 7572or 352-860-3820 ensure that our ads call Rich 352-586-7178
GENERAC S meet the require. ... Summer Tune $5A95C ments of the law.
StenerAtore Up Speca A IR PRamT SERVICES advertiser that can not
$195 mnw n u uLc# 39477 provide proof that
Th msEetiLCWATER HEATERS Guaranteeing l0x Cleaner Air f l r i i(352) 464-3748 they are licensed to 344-2556, Richard
Thmsdel mecarviceI SLAB LEAKS REPIPES or tune-up is free do business. Water Pump Service
Reieta/omrilSrie FAUCETS -TOILETS 0 Includes Our Exclusive Laser Parhcde Scan to determine *f5II lfEJesHnya ev For questions about & Repairs- all makes &
Generac Centurion JDRAIN CLEANING ine quaJity of fie air youbreatheinyourl h...Ef Free Estimates buses aliycigtoesyClnie
WATER FILTRATION N00]hER COMPANY OFFERS TIS SERVICE! EtruEft.~t & Exp. Company plas cl ourty
Guardian Generators J ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS [xpiresune3,2014 (32)Lce/ns 352- 476-4919 ocut
Fatoyutoizd.ehncan..FK~r LicffAC]S]589] (______2______ government offices.
Eat r 00thried5 cniias IENEOFCw28, !,' BakTNew., 7 6 75THE KLEEN TEAM NO PNTHE KLEEN TEAM
Re00 dential/Crn-luommgeResidential/Comm. ,NOWOPE
A *:l 628-5700 Lc. Bonded, Insured S Star Taxi Lic., Bonded, Insured
-(352) 419-6557 352- 777-1856 (352) 419-6557

.. Ron's Affordabte SEVNCmSON1NE HNTERDON'T LET This Sat 6pm
*Handyman Services *, YOUR DRYE3 7evos Preview 5pm

Walpaerio r eo anin J* SmacaregopaestryInstall Fiat Rate -No Hidden Cost "Repaint Red Barn Auctions,
Drywall RepairsTextures Fencing Irrigation Repairs & InstallationuSp cait455.FlidAvIneesL
-' Clean Dryer Vents J 3 Time Wine T..enns" [' [ ,1 535WrS1%Bpdc CC10%BpCAsch nnesFL Saes TaxF
A .ffordable & Dependable neir&ExeirA45
352.597.2440.*3s5.293.s08 74xprene-ielng45QD 1 rsueWashing L-r zl i
Toll.Free:87-893-389 5-3400 1723 N. Lecanto Hwy. FREE STIMATES- % Cosg o
,,vvm( ;ta~lfll/r ,cell: 400-1722 Lecanto, FL 34461 9 52-4615-6631 Ra sa- wa 2%"' We Buy Fstat--es
= ,m~mt~jF ll 'OI~a lLicensed & Insured Lic.#37761 Lc #2646 n Inured- Bonded

Com v.isit ourriur with prhs of BRC PAre Po IT.. at no extra cost
h..::e... for RELENIGLSEVICE Mobile Home A/C Unit Facebookpage Preertors .Lighting. Fixtures
AcmENIE d 20. tile players pol EIENIL COMMERCIAL, VACATION .Whole House SurgeFansBallast
WidwflainiHISs ems New..o RETI$ roetr 5 O::utletsl
Wid wCenn SlSs ems iment Lpoese Lowest Prices POO Iinstall, Service Panel Upgrades
id wTnigeeienu LeneInsured, onRsdnilACS & Repair
WidwTitn Constructon Workers Comp. 352-364-4610 AJ
Pressure Washing ... *[eakDetecton - Gutter Cleaning SugarwnI Pool/lile Repair Washing Too U is% E E :RC
FREE ESTIMATES We Sen"nllFfirCnsatonnt ..........T......
Free503Con5sultation 352,942,8434 DaesHeating AC 6575 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy.
Cal-fo appointment a a aaCrystal River, FL
Bonded & Insured SMW d-M F382-4421 Cal odayo fora 352-5 2002231nde nsuedtl .bondeaed
wwwindowgenie com/springhill 5 tae teiii Ip6 rl ~r Li #458326 Clean Tomorrow Lic.#CAC057482 L 5-0,38 4 #C3031iHourseaDaf....7vaYld&fnedseWeek


Morton ~~ ~ Ru okng PaoOakith ethd Wilayte tor Byu0 WaeRunr 25-0-21 $0
2 BATH FAUCETS Custom Made Sterling Spinnet Gun Cabinet Private Collector Yamaha 2 Fuzion Touring Tires
DELTA 4" spread Morton Rug Hooking Piano Oak, with etched will pay more for your 08 2 Wave Runner 225-60-Ri 7 $60.
DLA4sped Frame exc. cond. Two glass front, holds 6cis!
copper tubes, single ball $100.coins Jet Ski's, under 60 hrs 2 DunlopDireza
faucet $20 for both parts, lap frame and rifles + storage, new call (352) 422-6088 onLow Profile Tires
352-513-4614 floor stand attach- (352) 228-4064 locks, $80. obo a e
ment. 14" x 16" and (352) 228-0658 WANT TO BUY HOUSE $8700.(352) 220-6486 245-45-Ri17, 95W
3 Antigue Brass rotates. $175. obo SX LAP STEEL or MOBILE Any Area, $60. (352) 628-9987
527-1100 W/GIGBAGALMOST Kayak Condition or Situation
Hanging Light (352) 527-NEW,SETUP&READY Aruba, 10 ft., Sit in Fred, 352-726-9369 Vehicles
Fixtures, Kitchen, Dining DINING TABLE CIR TO GO $95 w/ paddle, Tell that special
Room & Foyer $35.00 3' Iron legs glass top 352-601-6625 vest and orr BUYSEL person
352-746-1146 Patio or DR. $35 OBO $190. (352) 212-9566 BUY, SELLcB
4 Pekin Ducks $8. ea 352-2 Robin Long & TRADE CLEAN Autos, Truck's, SUV's ".Happy Birthday"
Pei ucs$. a 32-7-57 Misc. Golf Clubs USED BOATS&Va'-CahPwihacsife
Leghorn, New Hamp- FAT CAT STATUE 6" new Driver Urban Suburban aE OVS L ray's Auto Sales ad under Happy
andGofAalsIaNtuEo352-564-8333 Notes.
shire, Bantams, $5 ea TALL clay $10 OBO and GolfBalls Hair Studio THREE RIVERS L s o sNoe
All are 5 months old, 352-270-3527 (4) ART PRINTS BY $75.00 for all 352-637-0777 US9MARINE 35 428.50
(352)ARTIST LAWRENCE (352) 422-7632 includes a photo
GENERATOR CROWELL 1972 Raleigh Grand Prix, to e CASH PAID-S300 & UP
4 TIRES 11 HP, electric start excellent condition R ato Care Free" CASH 7A-6191 Call our Classified
215 55 R16's 6,200 Watts Running $2010 Speed Bicycle BASS BOAT (352) 771-6191 Dept for details
Excellent Tread $100 8,750 Watts surge Completely updated Seeking new Color t-hull,KIA 352-563-5966
352-341-0871 w/ emergency CAST IRON LARGE $250. and Foil Clients sml motor, $450. 20A 3- -9
generator manual SINK Vintage farm (352) 464-4955 looking for a obo(352) 860-0664 2003, Rio, I
Ice cold AC
2014 TOYOTA CAMRY transfer switch $550. house style $100 call Schwinn AIR/DYNE change. Come GHEENOE $4,390.
FLOOR MATS tan (3286-605-5772
brand new OEM At (352) 860-0670 352-257-8752 Excercise Bike HOLLY WOLF give me a try. 15' 2005 Boat, Motor & 352-341-0018
retail $250 sell $100 GOLD FLATWARE DELTA SHOWER exc. cond. $125.00 Wed-Sat Trailer, 15hp Evanrude,
(352)270-3527 5 PC SETTING Kings HEAD New in box $20 (352) 513-5368 Urban Suburban appointments asking, $2800. obo
Inn/Rose pattern never Call 212-2961 STANDARDHair Studio available. 352-613-8453 FORD
16' Steel Garage Door used $20 each HANG'EM POKER RADIO Hollylf MONTEREY 19.5' 92, FO, 4 x4,
Genie Opener, 352-270-3527 Stylist/Owner 'Redke Educator Taurus
complete hardware 3 SIGN painted wood Hand Held Submersi- ites1995 Montura 196 B/R, No Rust, Runs Good
track, fan lite HORSE BLACK super cute $40 great ble Marine Radio me ad trine 19 Monra 16 R(352) 201-0645
winows ne, wite LEATHER STATUE shape 352-257-8752 $80.00 352-382328 meet our Friendly years experience. 4.3 Volvo I/O, alum trlr, Metal (5)2104
windows, new, white Knowledgeable VHF/FM, great cond, Recycling Best Prices
paint $150. 476-7973 15"x 15" $20 OBO PAMPERED CHEF WATER SKI Taperflex Staff! $6500 352 212-1754 for your cars or trucks
A 352-270-3527 VEGETABLE CUTTER brand like new $25 call Og
Aluminum Truck Bed PONTOON also biggest U-Pull-It vhce
Tool Box Laundry Sink with Measuring Cup, Pyrex 352-257-8752 JUNE SPECIAL 1998 24 ft Completely with thousands of vehifits medium size truck Faucet $30.00 Oven to Table Bowls WOMEN'S $60 COLORrebuilt from deck up 2 les offering lowest price CHEVROLET
Like new $125.00 352-746-1146 New $25 Call 212-2961 ROADMASTER & CUT yrs ago using 50-year for parts 352-637-2100 1996, Blazer,
(352) 794-3963 PICNIC TABLE 6x4 foot q BICYCLE ptt decking, marine car- WE BUY ANY VEHICLE 4 door, 89K miles
fiberglass Good condition. $45.00 pet, all new seats and $2,900.
Antique Cradle Beras fold flat. 352-364-6704 826 US Hwy 41 2 SHIH TZU PUPPIES ptralew sets an In Any Condition, 2,900
B blae Inverness, FL 8 WEEKS storage. Double bimini Title, No Title, Bank 352-341-0018
& sllnetsr 352le65245 2 352-637-0777 OLD,AKC,GEORGOUS tops, Radio/CD/aux port Lien, No Problem,
Babyblankets_352-4652459 200 LES. OF METAL BRINDLES 726-9189 for iPod, speakers, etc. Don't Trade it in. We CHEVROLET
& stroller WEIGHTS 4-25LBS 90 hp Johnson. $5,500 Will Pay up to $25K 2005,Equinox LS
All for $200. obo SOLID BRASS CATS AND 10-10LBS PLUS 2 or $6,500 with trailer. Any Make, Any Model power windows, locks,
(352) 795-7254 mom n kitten $30 OBO CURL BARS $100 4" X 8" TRAILER Tilt 352476-2952 813-335-3794 Ca AJ AC, $3,990.
CAROUSEL HORSE 352-270-3527 CALL 631-353-1731 Box Good Tires & Cockatoo 813-5-084 Call1A1
SuperwRoss"Exercise BikerSpare 1000 lb Capac- 7 yrs old looking for 813-458-0584 352-341-0018
,%ATE oo 1"x1" or 2" upr Ross Exercise Bike good home, includes
$25 OBO 352-270-3527 Recycler Lawn Mower $20 ity. $100 727-463-4411 lrcg.5
STTU woode pd"x 1" To large cage. $500 used twice pd $550. Tony Little Custom Utility Trailer (352) 489-4127
Char-Broil sell for $300. Circle Glide $75. 5'x10' w/extra welded (
Outdoor Grill, Heavy duty, light (352) 613-1674 on tie-downs, spare S06IKIA CH RYSLER
Infrared, Cooking, weight, Aluminum tire dro-gte stabi-'0 IACHYSE
full tank propaine, Laig tire, drop-gate, stabi- Robbie Ray Spectra, 4 dr, EX, 2012 Town & Country
ful an popin, Loading Ramp, used Sootn lizers, removeable ,l 1tt l i Auto, AC, power Wheelchair van with 10"
many new accessories once $100. Both items mo chak
$200. (352) 465-2459 stored in a climate _ & ho0ocycle Urban Suburban burgandy red, w/ lowered floor, ramp and
controlled room Hair ock, $750.obo Hair beige interior 137k tie downs Call Tom for
(352) 795-1339 2 Bag Boy, (352) 628-1003 352-637-0777 * E lhwy miles, 1Owner. more info 352-325-1306
VTHIS OUT! 32 7513 3 wheel Golf Carts,* Excel Cond. $4,200.
WEDGEWOOD DIN- hardly used, "From Cutting Edae obo (352) 621-0248 GMC
* * * NER PLATE lavender $75.00 each to Care Free" 1996, Safari
on cream never used no (352) 563-2121 CHEVROLET passengeHEROE
cracks/glaze $20 OBO 2001, ImpalaVan
GENERAL (352)270-3527 2001 CLUB CAR Make-overs, Sportscraft 88 $4,495. 1 owner $3,450
MERCHANDISE NERL Dormitory GOLF CART 2012 Color, Foiling, My Name is 27' Coastal Fisher- 352-341-0018 352-341-0018
MERCHANDISE Whirlpool batteF fl w r Precision Cuts, Lil Bit man, cabin cruiser,
SPECIALS! Size Refrigerator batteries, full weather Avant Garde I am a Cha-Winne, $7,995 813-244-3945 CHRYSLER
$30.00 353-746-1146 cover hairstyles and 7 Mo., UTD Spayed, 352-6344768 2006 PT CRUISER
S e ll fo r $ 2 ,0 0 0 u p d o 's 84 K mi, $ 4 5 0 0
Business 352-400-0735 *little grl looking for WE HAVE BOATS 8K 35i44500
my forever home. GULF TO LK MARINE 352-445-7008 or
E Paul Mitchell Call Saving Angels 352-586-1436 ph ortxt Harley Davidson
Concealed Weapons Certified. (352)419We Pay CASH For 2006 Wide Glide, too
6 lines Permit Course D GUN (352)419-0223. Used Clean Boats LINCOLN many extras to list ino10 dys PRINTER Epson DAN'S GUN ROOM Come see me and Pontoon, Deck & '87, Town Car, good cluding a work station
p 5 months old. $90.00 ( 726-5238 Fishing Boats cond., great tires, 9,000 miles, $11,500.
352-212-9566 GOLF DRIVER 2013 **(352)527-0555** Must See, $1,500 Call (352) 344-9176
Nike VR Pro Ltd MRH -1111111 (352) 613-1674
$1 -$200.. 10.5 Diamana Reg EXC Tell that special Schnauzer Pups PONTIAC Harley
$75. Dunnellon person 2 male, Born Nov. 14 04 Bonneville SLE DAVIDSON
$11.50 $ n465-o495 "Happy Birthday" Shih-Tzu Pup 44.4k miles prime 2012 FXDWG Dyn
$201-$400.. ACOUSTIC BRAND GOLF IRONS Adams with a classified 1 male Born Jan. 21, condition $8500. obo Wide Glide Wind$16.50 LEAD SERIES G35FX Idea mrh 7&8 graphite ad under Happy Employment 352-795-5896 Day American Eagle 352-422-6698 shield,6,000 miles, 7
$401-$800.. AMPONBOARD new grips $15ea Notes.'IT source is, 1995 motorhome, 38FT year extended warranty,
EFFECTS,W/OVER- $25pair Dunnellon Only $28.50 wide body, 300 diesel r 2.5% assumable loan
$21.50 DRIVE $75 352-601-6625 465-8495 includes a photo Originally owned by $11,295.00
$801-$1500..7WESTINESE PUPPIES Rusty Wallace at (352)302-6055
$6.50BEGINNERS LAP GOLF WOODS MRH#7 o All white, no shed, Nascar. Special paint
STEEL WITH GIGBAG #9 Graphite Good Grips Call or C ls medical certicate, w/graphics, looks & HONDA
AND AMP/POWERED and Head Covers Dept for details 9 weeks old, $500. ea runs like new. New 2006 Shadow Aero
*1 * * MONITOR $85 $15ea $25pair 352-563-5966 Call After 3pm. tires & batteries, VT750 Color black
352-601-6625 Dunnellon 465-8495 11111111 w w.chroniclen ine7com (352) 586-0305 please call for details, cherry, 8200 miles, ex$59,500 Call Jim, cellent condition, big
(352) 423-4202 SELL shot pipes, chrome acGMC MIDAS YOUR VEHICLE cessories, cover, scorMotor Home, IN THE pion helmets. $3,400 for
@ 0 all. Call 352-476-2952
Priced to sell
CHOOSE CAR SEAT: 90,740 mile, $1,900. Qi O & E HONDA
BYAGE & SIZE (352) 228-4064 2006 VTX1300C
Newmar CLASSIFIEDS 7,400 miles
96 Mountain Aire w/ accessories
great cond. clean, *3 S $4,500. (352) 341-1187
newer Jasper engine *3 SPECIALS
49,905 mi. Engine & 7 days $26.50 KAWASAKI
6.5 Kw Generator serv- 14 dy$8.0 2003, 1600 Vulcan
iced 3/14. Ready for Classic. Full dress,
the road! Reduced 30 Days $58.50 senior owner, X-clean,
$23k, 352-586-8121 4,980 mi, $5,500 obo
or 318-245-4565 I W- Call your (352)860-1106
5TH WHEELS, f Ultra Classic w/Trailer
& MOTOR HOMES I for details. raaicwTale
& MOOR HMES$9,500 low mileage
Call US 352-201-6945 352-563-5966 ($50 lowmilag
L (352) 220-6303
SOLD '08, Boulevard C90
07 HONDA CIVIC Jackal Leyman Trike,
NATURE COAST RV 4 dr LX, auto, metallic Black, blue shadow
RV service. Darts, sales gray w/gray int, only pin striping, low miles, THE PEOP ER Mobile Repair/Maint. 49K miles, excel cond Pristine Cond. $16,500.

352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. $9500. obo (865) 386-8622


THEY HAVE The Homosassa Special Water Districtwill be holding a Budget Workshop on Monday
THEIR CHILD June 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM at the Water District office, located at 7922 W Grover
CCleveland Blvd., Homosassa, FL 34446.

IN THE RIGHT Published in the Citrus County Chronicle: June 8, 2014

SEAT 304-0608 SUCRN
6/12 Meeting CCAAB
|NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the CITRUS COUNTY AVIATION ADVISORY BOARD will meet at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 12, 2014 in Room 280 of the Lecanto Government Center, 3600 W. Sovereign Path, Lecanto, FL 34461.
* Any person desiring further information regarding this meeting may contact the Engi* nearing Division, 3600 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 241, Lecanto, FL 34461, or call (352)

W H O NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: Any person who decides to appeal any decision of t~e Gov* erning body with respect to any mafter considered at this meeting will need a recq ord ofthe proceedings and for such purpose may need to provide that a verbatim
A U L Y eodof the proceeding is made, which record includes testimony and evidence
I A g U A I. upon which the appeal is to be based. (Section 286.0105, Florida Statutes)
~Any person requiring reasonable accommodation at this meeting because of a dis~~~~~ability or physial impairment should cntac the Engineering Division, 3600 W. Sover......... == eign Path, Suite 241 LecantF 34461 ocal (352) 527-5446, at least two days beU ~ ~~~fore the meeting. Ifyu are hearing ospeech impaired, use the TDD telephone
(352) 527-5312.
~~~Published in the Citrus County Chroncle: June 8, 2014

ITB No. 019-14
Contract Mowing for Zone 1
Citrus County Board of County Commissioners invites interested parties to submit a Bid to provide routine finish mowing, trimming, mulching, weeding, edging and litter pickup at various locations throughout Citrus County in Zone 1.
To submit a Bid, Bidders must have been in the mowing business for at least one (1) year.
Bidder must presently have, or will procure at time of award of a contract personnel, materials and equipment necessary to perform the services outlined in this invitation to Bid.
Bidder must attend t~e MANDATORY pre-bid conference and site visits.
A MANDATORY Pre-Bid Conference will be held on June 25, 2014 @ 8:00 am. The IF O U H | D S I T E R G H SE T.Conference will be held attie CiTusCounty ransportation Building at 1300S5.
Lecanto Hwy., Lecanto, Fl. 34461 in the Transportation Conference room, immediIF Y O U R C HIL Del IStIr T H EfRIG H T C A Rl SEAT.eMandatory tour of all sites. o aagmn
Anyne equrin resonbleaccommodations at the Pre-Bid Conference because
of adisbilty r pysicl ipaimen shuldcontact t~e Ofc fMngmn
Budget at (352)527-5457 at least two days before the meeting. If you are hearing or speech impaired, use t~e TDD telephone (352)527-5312.
Sealed Bids are to be submitted on or before July 8, 2014 @ 2:00 PM to Uinda Morse, VISIT SAF ERCAR OV/TH ERIGH~sEATCitrus County Board of County Commissioners, 3600 West Sovereign Path, Suite 266,Lcno L341
VII A E C R GO I H R G T E TA Public Opening of the Bids is scheduled for July 8, 2014 @2:15 PM at 3600 West
Sovereign Path, Room 280, Lecanto, Florida 3446]. All Bidders are welcome to attend
nyone requiring reasonable accommodations at t~e Public Opening because of a disability or physical impairment should contact the Office of Management & Budget at (352)527-5457 at least two days before the meeting. If you are hearing or speech impaired, use t~e TDD telephone (352)527-531 2.
To obtain a copy of the Bid Document for this announcement, please visit t~e Citrus County Website at and select "Departments" at t~e top left of ~the Home page. Then click on "Management & Budget". Then click on "Purchasing" N HnamCal Car and then click on "Current & Future Solicitations, DEMANDsTAR" Or, call t~e Office of
I1 I i a'le'l'eeManagement & Budget/Purchasing at (352)527-5457
wiw.Safety J.J. Kenney, Chairman
Published in the Citrus County Chronicle: June 8, 2014


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~To eigilIe members of the US M~aary
4 & ther spouses towards any new Hondla
0 veicle when you finance or lease thru HKS

Love~ena m I~U IUI
All Pre-Owned Vehicles Includea

6 m@N"ITH/6,0UO MUL
Limited Powveftam Warrantyt PIA SWE'M EOAPROAU edealr for cwnvl detai8



2014 CruZe Lo-ieg es o ulfe sees. 2014 Malibui Low-Mileage Lease tor Quahffed Lessees.Af
500 19a.1=LT 189 Per Moth OVER 90
~9flf 00 6 r 36 mod'ls Used & Certified
f!100 &2gj Due at Sining 34.fl Due at inningve~eice
otal CaSh q&,*hJ.AfterV All &tess ~jCaJg $, 56U Afe rAlPLoe hce
Allowance,'w'N1~cageof$5eoe JKO mil Allowance, ewdagechlageleS25filower OM les.AlPeLve&effe
100,00s MInle

Section E SUNDAY, JUNE 8,2014 1
E Sikorski's




....... ... Fl ,i iii ii" i ' i '

Neoclassical architectural ornaments cast in brass, from Restoration Hardware. These architectural fragments represent several Greco-Roman motifs, including acanthus leaves and scroll and vine. Just as Latin's the base of many European languages, Greco-Roman Classicism is the base of many interior decor styles. And while it never falls ____.
too far off designers' radar, it's really enjoying a moment rig ht now .i ............
::Assnciate Press..


I '' I 2/7 IFO INE2417 INFO LINE
(352 352 IYj 352)63~7-282

Dock/Seawall in Place Boathouse/Deck *4BD/4BA/3CG 'Over 3,400 SF UnderkNC 2 BR, 2 Bath Bonus Room Have Fun on the Lake & the River Too! New Tile! RV Parking Permitted
Hurricane Shutters Elevator/Lots of Storage '3/4 Acres on El Diablo Golf Course *Lr th oo Boat Dock- Outdoor Shed
3/2 with FIREPLACE BUILT TO ENTERTAIN! 'Large Heated Pool and Spa Lrg Kitchen Split Floor Plan Pol
S Custom Built Home in 2003 Like a Model Stainless Appliances Close to Dunnellon Free-Standing Fireplace Porches Lot Beautiful Inside and Out!
ELLIE SUTTON 352-287-3997 PETER & MARVIA KOROL Nice-Sized Level Lot Screen Porch Flying Eagle Preserve On Other Side of Canal Fenced Acre Lot Beautiful Inside and Out!
I IL]UAU 4WImilA a 4 SHERRY POTTS (352) 697-5500 [~
Email: (352) 527-7842 KELLY GODDARD 352476-8536 DEBRA PILNY (352) 464-0840 Email: l L (352) 422-3875 Email: Email: Website:
2-41 24/7 INF LIN


*oinl Ex itrai e d Kitchen Lot l n *,4BD/2BN2CG with POOL,* Over 3,000 SF Living Area EXTRAS I NCLU DE A HARDEN ED STORM SH ELTER Formal Living or Study Bricked Drive & Pool Deck
Extra~~~ Nice K2ce ot fTl

*Oul-De-Sac Location *,AMUSTBSEEl *,New Roof in July 2013 *,Separate Game RM 24/ WIO IN TH GENERATOR & URRICAE SHUTTERS. *Security Sys &Storm Shutters *,Lots &Lots of Storage Space
Beautifully Maintained Many Extras f g g g in 3BR/2BA HOME WITH OVERSIZED 2-CAR GAR. *,Large Florida Room Overlooking the Caged Pool &Spa

Emull: elllesutton@remux.nes (35)5 BARBARA MILLS (352) 637-6200 (352) 637-6200 (352) 422-3875
*282 1 Buyer calls exclusive ......
Shouse24/7 Info Line house #123

r2 Buyer enters house#4438
A~ rfA LMS 7615$1990i

668 RATHE. WILD PINRUE POINT 4200RCLE W PINTHLAC CHEE RI VER number when A little paint and new flooring wll make this 4/2 322 IN CO ELLRS HEIGHTS
DVBEST BUY IN TOWN! 2-CRIDARMAGE 324 Ft. River Frontage prompted Skyline mobile into a lovely home for your family. BUILT IN 2005

Backsto Common Area End Unit *"22 Fuality Built Home _LCustom made cabinets enhance the kitchen. Opn flor plan wih great room fomal dinn
maintained 2/2/2 Split Plan 4B2 B 0 w0E Large Kit w/Breakfast Nook Formal Dining Rm

*1,067 Sq. Ft. Living Area Sitting Porch "2006" 2BR/2BA Mobile Centrally located in the heart of Crystal River mal lanai, inside laundy with wet sink 10x82ve & Pool Deck20x20
Large Higher Lot Make This OneYours!! eLg. Garage w lWorkshop & Bath 3 Buyer listens to close to town, shopping and medical. Come look attached carports and detached carport/boatrs Lots & Lots of Storage Space
ELLIE SUTTON 352-287-3997 Bat dck i Et property and make an offer wners need to sell. parking. Large Florida Room Overlooking the Caged Pool &mily needs is right herepa
E ER presentation in& MARVIAKOROL BUILT IN 2004ADAL (352) 302-355580 S CALL THEL CUNNINGHADAL (352) 302-3555TEAM
Email: L 3521 527-78 2U i&g0ish BARBARA MILLS or-6200 (352) 3!7-6200 i52 422387lenp5lmer@rem Email: bnada@remax net Emai kcunnnghadal@remax.ner

Eneh ueo6 W a ByeTerrlsexclsta
Ene hos o#ou66e8. o~ .


Alanoummm TU TU V....l ~' I Find Select Homes in the Are's
With nearly 3,000 quare of living area thi very 3B2 Frontage p on 2 waterfrompnt acre Boat dock Setakyline mobile into a lovely home for your family BUILT IN 2005
sBacious home has so much to offer. 3 or aiy i me roof, big eat-in kitchen, fireplace. Needs some wCustom made cabinets enhance the kitchen. Open floor plan with great room, formal diningrk,
a106ong wth a pr ivate ofice, family room, fSitting Porhmal dining 2 Gasourmet Kitchen but the location is great. And the price could be right. Backs up to Rid ing Trails! B eautiful 3 Bedroomroom, split bedro Voms x5' 4-season
room and large open kitchen. You r love the "al 6 BWorkshop wElectri Huge garage. Estate sale and they said sell this NOW 2.5 Bathroom Pool Home with Board and Wire20x2
weather" enLclosed to town, shopping and medical. Come look attached carports and detached carport/boatme and lets make a deal Fencin and Man Udates
lu I Shlylandcaped 5 aacre lot /Si property and make an offer Owners need to sell parking. Everything yourfamily needs is right hereM
STEVE VARAE 795-2441 OR 795-9661 LEN PALMER (352) 212-2611 Emi ennif presentation in CHERYL NADIGHTAL (352) 302-3555 CHERYL NADAL (352) 302-3555400-1080 (352) 4 -7812
Emai: Email: www.CiErusCounlyHome Scomp Email: Email: cnadal
352) 6372j'(2 OPEN HOUSE SUN., lONE 8 l1P1eraV sa o e
8 Terra Vista Hms

I I i Fnd SelectfHomesin the Ae Is
With nearly 3,000 square of living area, this very BIBACG Pool Home 3/2/2 home on 1.2 waterfront acre. Boat dock, metal PINE RIDGE ON 5.7 ACRES!! Single Family &I
spacious home has so much to offer 3 or 4 bedrooms a mlRm w/Fireplace roof, big eat-in kitchen, fireplace. Needs some work n ihapiaeofcfml om omldnn ore ice u h oaini ra.Adtepiecudb ih ak pt iigTal!Batfl3Bdom aitndVleHle
room and large open kitchen. You'll love the "all Workshop w/Electric Huge garage. Estate sale and they said sell this NOWII 2.5 Bathroom Pool Home with Board and Wire Maintained.......Villa....H... es.
weather" enclosed heated pool and spa along with the Beautiful Landscaping Call me and let's make a deal!!! Fencing and Many Updates! --c.GEK SLMA
lushly landscaped 1.5 acre lot. A must se 7] Lots of Upgrades CENLFE STOLTE (32SWUM0DANWIH 32)4010 32)4471 '
STEV )ANDE15241O 9-61 LEN PALMER (352) 212-2011 I~A Email: IsnnitsrStoltz@rsmax.nstANWIH (5)4018
I Email: stove varnadoo@romax~not Email: lenpale~ea~e mD w .CtusCountyHomss~com Email. dawnwrightrmxo Emi 1t T I clo IIIeu

*1 [T1 M II I M! I P


Real Etate DIGEST Fla. leads nation

ERA agent hits new
record for 2014
ERAAmerican in short sales
Realty & Investments is proud to Associated Press The nationwide rate in
W announce the latest April was 5.2 percent
production level ORLANDO- Florida A short sale occurs
achieved by one of metro areas continued to when a home is sold for
ahieve yenlead the nation in short less than the amount
its agents. sales of homes in April. owed on the property.
Dick Blair Jayson Bortz Trish Horth Lisa Van De Boe Dawn Theroux, The research firm Re- There was a bright spot
Plantation Realty. Plantation Realty. Plantation Realty. Plantation Realty. Inverness office, altyTrac said last week in Florida from the RealTommy Hicks for recently completeting has surpassed the that Orlando, Lakeland, tyTrac report.
Tomy$2 million mark in Dawn
his broker's exam! closed sales vol- Theroux Tampa, and Palm Bay The report says Miami
Call Plantation Realty at 352- ume in 2014 had the highest rates of had one of the fastest
443-0810. American Realty. short sales in the nation. price appreciation rates
ERA~mricanThe rates for those metro in the nation in April.
Realty is proud to recognize the achieve- areas ranged from almost Home values in Miami ments of this fine real estate profess 15 percent to more than grew by 20 percent from sional. Reach Dawn at the Inverness 13 percent of all home the previous year, accordoffice at 352-726-5855. sales. ing to RealtyTrac.

Jo DeMarcus Kate Ruble T LCTT T S VT
Plantation Realty. Plantation Realty. wwwexireltyea erEST

Lucy Barnes Kim DeVane New carpet, .,3/2/2,stainless
RE/MAX RE/MAX paint and steel appliances
Realty One. Realty One. gourmet &granite
kitchen 4/3/2. countertops.
709634 708572
More agents achieve 1 $239,900 $129,900
elie ttRandy Yolanda
elite status Morehouse Canchola
287-2934 219-2196
Gloria Reagan Tommy Hicks Lucy Barnes and Kim DeVane have
Ploiantt Real PanTony Rc qualified for the prestigious 2014 Multi- Adorable
Plantation Realty. Plantation Realty. Milo olrcu.Te ona lt Adorable. 4/2 on deep
Million Dollar club. They join an elite 4/2on ee
and move in water canal
Plantation's agents group of agents who have surpassed ready
this level in sales volume this year 3/2/1 with
continue to soar year.2 private dock.
Lucy and Kim are consistent top pro- 710551
$7 5,0 00 $ 3 ,005
Plantation Realty would like to con- ducers in the Citrus County area and Sherri $364,900
gratulate its team for the phenomenal of- have a great following of loyal clients. Orendorf -.352-634-3829
forts they have put in during the past five They both work out of the Crystal River 573-9968
months. RE/MAX office located on U.S. 19.
More than $5 million in sales have The brokers and staff of RE/MAX taken place so far for 2014. Realty One would like to congratulate
Plantation also congratulates agent these two on their continued success.

2/2/with large open floor plan 3/2 with lots of room and central 3/1 near historic district. 2/2 split floor plan.
706630 $67,900 heat/air. 707391 $67,500 708445 $37,500 708448 $44,900
Steve McClory 422-3998 Pam Shemet 422-2939 Steve McClory 422-3998 Pam Shemet 422-2939



3/2 spacious kitchen with new 3/2 with split floor plan and 3/2 mobile with fron and rear 3/2 wood fireplace, new paint and Cell 352-540-8687 352-796-4972 appliances. 709080 $67,500 privacyfence. 709633 $64,900 porches. 709922 $49,500 appliances. 708705 $69,900
Gary Ayres 302-3929 John Maisel 302-5351 Gary Ayres 302-3929 GaryAyres 302-9329


Smartphone birdcall apps prompt debate

DEAN FOSDICK a group of kids or showing
Associated Press people how habitat is really good for birds, then a
Wildlife watchers can case can be made that it's
now wield unnatural pow- a good tool for making
ers, playing actual bird- birds visible. Caution is
calls on smart phones and most warranted when you
other mobile devices. The have a rare species or a
practice, called playback, species when a lot of peois effective for attracting ple want to see it at the
.. elusive species but also same location."
can harm nesting birds if The prevalence of these
overused, small, inexpensive tools is
"It's kind of a balancing increasing at a rate that
act," said Jeffrey Gordon, concerns many recrepresident of the American ational birders, said
Birding Association in Col- Michael Webster, a profesorado Springs, Colorado. sor and director of Cornell
"If you're bringing a
common bird into view for See BIRDS/Page E13

oFFIE: (352) 795-6633 Realtor

HOMOSASSA 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car
BROOKSVILLE 2007 D/W M/H garage home on 0.23 acres w/ an ad3 bedroom, 2 bath, cathedral & vaulted ditional waterfront lot with this house. ceilings, new carpet, mini blinds, Has extra carport, screen porch & shed. fireplace, huge kitchen w/breakfarst bar & Has well and central water. For $11,000 island. Crown molding, no appliances, more get a building lot & W/F lot. partially fenced. #710799 $89,000 #706017 $86,000 DEAN FOSDICK/Associated Press
A crow arrives on a fence to join a number of others responding to birdcall playbacks on a smartphone playback. The prevalence of playback playing recorded birdcalls on smartphones or other mobile devices is increasing
rapidly. That concerns many birdwatchers, who believe it can stress territorial birds, especially if overdone.

-- -- OZELLO Waterfront commercial- CRYSTAL RIVER 3 bedroom, 2 bath
f "Nancy Knows Sugarmill Woods @0 resident combo; bait & tackle shop, boat home on 0.5 acres close to shopping.
& boat motor repair business, gulf Open & bright living/dining rooms w/bay access, 120fl dock space, owner says wndow and sliding glass doors to "280- ft. W/; pvt fence; concreete boat sceened porch. Large kitchen w/ NANCY Direct: 352.634.4225 newer ~ i aplacs. 741 39, pc.#768 8,0
ramp. 23x27 shop area; bait sho-I6x56; breakfast bar, lots of cabinets & counter KEnY@1 EAy NCw. newer appliances #704510 $39000 space. #706582 $82,500
Multi-Million $$$ Producer V.S o ..
8015 S. Suncoast Blvd. H omosassa. FL 382-1700 *.

a i CRYSTAL RIVER Great business
o location just east of city limits, CRYSTAL RIVER Huge workshop, professional office colx downstairs mobile has been removed, 3 roll up doors,
___ receptionist area cathedral ceilings, 1 high enough to drive RV in; 18 ft high,
waiting area office, loft office, barber has full bath, washer dryer hookups, half .. .of upstairs looks like it was planned on carpet, lots offparking. #702921 $57,500 being living area. #703919 $90,000
22 CACTUS ST 15 HEUCHERA CT E @0 Brand New "Class A"" Office
Almost New Oversized Garage 3 Car Garage
Open Great Room Heated POOL & SPA Executive Office Suites
Sweetwater Tradewinds Double Lots Corian Kitchen
Light Neutral De cor Stainless Appliances toat$ month
Dual Pane Windows Quiet Cul-de-Sac Starting at $ HOMOSASSA 2 bedroom, 1 bath, S/W CITRUS SPRINGS Very nice older
Move In Condition Lots of Cupboards & Cabinets to M on 1.47 acres of land. Impact fee home w/2 bedrooms, 1 bath, open living
$173,200 MLS#708265 $237,000 MLS#710836 Gulf to Lake Hwy., Crystal River waived if M replaced, fenced rear & dining room, 1 car carport, fenced
one side. Being sold "as is" no value backyard, 10x7 utility shed. Convenient iae y ~tGItO SCall: (352) 795-7007 (727) 515-6571 T given to mobile Septic, no well location, close to community amenities.
wem itdtu= IIQ A#703991 $25,000 #708004 $46,900


Get creative with your countertops

These photos from
4 Cheng Concrete
show concrete being
used for artisanal
Although these
countertops are
designer crafted,
17 skilled DIY-types can make simpler
versions themselves.
Along with wood and
recycled glass,
concrete is growing
OPP,- in popularity as
7 an alternative to
: . .. ...... ........ ......... : :m a te ria ls .
bAssociated Press

Nontraditional materials open possibilities 746-9000
Kirk 8, .da Johnson Tom Baour Yv Je.k.n Free Home Price Analysis
Associated Press in Albany, New York. Until about 25 BROKER REALTORG GRI REALTOR REALTOR
years ago, he says, roughly 90 perThe concrete countertops in cent of countertops in U.S. homes f
Eleanor Zuckerman's San Francisco were laminate, and the rest tile. kitchen are hand-crafted works of Then DuPont's Corian hit the marart. ket, followed by granite and quartz, 4349 5941 W. CORRAL P. OOD
Custom-designed by Fu-Tun which are current favorites, he says. 4 $349 0 4/2/3 710528 $292W. 0007 $279000
Cheng of the Berkeley, California- Today, just half of countertops are 1 1
based Cheng Concrete, they feature laminate, Izzo says. colors like brick, flowing lines and The burgeoning interest in alter- i
pictures of nautilus shells. native countertops is the natural ex- D .....
"With concrete there is a lot of tension of that trend. And they are 6082 N. LAMP POST DR. 4723-N. BUTTERNUT 299 S. SCHOOL
room for creativity, to say nothing of becoming more affordable. 3/2/3 710812 $269,900 3 2/2 710C387 $239,9002709101$227,
color," says Zuckerman, a retired "Slowly, over the years, the market I
psychologist. "It gives you flexibility" has really grown," says Mike HeideHomeowners looking to spice up brink, president of Cheng Concrete. their kitchens can install a variety of See COUNTERS/Pa 8 PAW PAW CT. N. 2340 W TALL OAKS DR. 968 & 971 E. BRADFORD, HOLDER 3487 N. TWAIN
countertops that go beyond the tra- 3/2/2 709343 $199,000 3/2/2 709968 $189900 708928 $189,900
ditional laminate and tile. Today's C SI
options include concrete and Jk Jason Cafney Realtor@
butcher-block-style wood, and a OUSE Realtor
range of custom-designed colors and 74N6W0 .... Of
shapes. IceStone countertops use REALTY,IVRLY3/2/2 706451 $149,000 3/2/2 709560 $129,900 3/2/2 710107 $125 900
recycled glass from broken bottles. * .
"So many different materials are
used in countertops these days,"
says Tony Izzo, Curtis Lumber's
corporate kitchen and bath manager 490 W. LARCHMONT 1974 W. ALHAMBRA 8092 N. GALENA 524W. JADEWOOD
2/2/2 710252 $109,000 223/2/2 710886 $104,900 2/2/1 709441 $92,500
fl DitrusCounty1
X.JDrgal Team .

Directions: 491 S. to 44 E to (L) on Run for the 20 .DVS52 S. OSCEOLA 89 S. LEE 9 DANIEL
Roses Dr., to (L) on Secretarial Pt. to (L) on Seattle 2/1/1 709478 $53,900 2/1 710906 $49,900 /1.5 709482 $45,900 Slew, to (L) on Sea Biscuit, to (L) on Whirl Away to 3521 N. LECANTO HWY., BEVERLY HILLS, FL 34465
.C . (L) Majestic Ridge Pt.


HOMEFRONT Construction spending nsde...
ubiedo is a weeklyreal estate section up 0.2 percent in April
published Sundays in the Citrus County Chronicle.
Newspaper and Online advertising information...352-563-5592
............................................ Despite lag in broader economy, industry grows
Classified advertising information ..................... 352-563-5966
Associated Press Karol and Patrick Newport said in an anNews information ............................................. 352-563-5660 alyst note. "Core construction, the piece
.............................................. WASHINGTON U.S. construction of the report which affects GDP, advanced
spending posted modest gains in April, 0.6 percent, the largest gain since Online real estate listing ........ driven by an uptick in home building and December"
"The market leader in real estate information" government construction that lifted total The April figure marked the third activity to the highest level in five years. straight increase after the weather Caioi kplci Construction spending rose 0.2 percent pushed spending down 0.4 percent in Janin April to a seasonally adjusted annual uary. Construction activity dragged the Neoclassical style rate of $953.5 billion, the strongest per- overall economy in the first quarter when PAGE ES HOMEFRONT'S REAL ESTATE DIGEST formance since March 2009, the Com- gross domestic product actually shrank.
merce Department said Monday The The overall economy contracted at an Jane Weber
0 Submit information for Real Estate Digest via email April increase was lower than economists annual rate of 1 percent in the January- PAGE E9 to or fax to 352- had expected. But the government re- March quarter Analysts estimate growth Countertops
563-3280, attention HomeFront. vised March activity higher to a 0.6 per- to recover to a rate of around 3.8 percent PAGE E5
News notes submitted without photos will not be cent gain, up from an initial estimate of a in the April-June period. The expectation reprinted if the photo is provided later. 0.2 percent increase, is that strong gains in hiring will help lift Real Estate Digest
The small April improvement, com- consumer spending. Other sectors in- PAGE E3
Email high-resolution JPEG (.jpg) photos to bined with the strong gain in March, sug- cluding construction should also bounce, attn: HomeFront. gest that the construction industry is back. For current property trans" Digest photos are kept on file for future use. recovering from the harsh winter and will InApril, residential construction edged actions, use the search fea" The Chronicle reserves the right to edit news notes provide a boost to growth in the months up 0.1 percent It was the lowest monthly tures on the website for the for space and/or clarity, ahead. gain since an outright decline last Citrus County Property
For details, call the newsroom at 352-563-5660. "This was mostly a good report," IHS Appraiser's Office:
Global Insight economists Stephanie See CONSTRUCTION/Page E13

Figurines aren't cloisonne; watch likely 100 years old

D ear John: I am Dear D.: Cloisonn6 is father's brother's pocketwatch.
3 attaching a produced by placing a We have tried getting some inphoto of two design on a metal formation about the value on the
figurines that I inher- ground using fine metal Internet, but have not been able
ited. The last ap- wire, then filling the to find any help. Besides the
praisal from 955 areas with colorful value, we would like to find out -"
stated they are enamel. how to set the time. I have never
cloisonne figurines The two female fig- used the watch, so a little help
from the Alexander urines in the photo- would be greatly appreciated.
Hamilton Stephens graph you sent are not M.M., Internet
collection. John Sikorski cloisonne. They are Dear M.M.: You have a goodAlexander Hamil- made of bisque porce- looking man's hunting case
ton Stephens was the SK R IS lain. The two figurines, pocketwatch.
vice-president of the ATTIC each depicting a young SeATCPg 1
Confederacy Family woman diaphanously SeATcPg 1
stories say he is related, but I dressed with a cherub at the feet, A 1955 appraisal indicated have yet to prove the connection. were likely produced in Ger- that these figurines might I know these figurines were very many The time of production is be connected to Alexander important to my grandfather, as early 20th century Hamilton Stephens, the
these were the only items he re- Current potential dollar value vice-president of the
moved from his home when Hur- is $50 to $100 each. If there are Confederacy. John
ricane Donna was threatening to maker's marks, it could increase Sikorski thinks it's more destroy it in 1960. I would appreci- value, likely that they were made
ate it if you could provide any fur- Dear John: I have sent you two in the early 20th century. ther information. D., Internet photographs of my wife's grand- Special to the Chronicle


U The Chronicle welcomes tips from readers about breaking news. Call the newsroom at 352-563-5660, and be prepared to give your name, phone number, and the address of the news event. To submit story ideas for feature sections, call 352-563-5660 and ask for Mike Arnold. Again, be prepared to leave a detailed message.

Prudential OPEN 7 DAYS
-- .... .... ......... Florida Showcase A W EEK
-- K: : :,Properties

Special to the Chronicle 701 E FalconryCt 144k W
MLS 709078 $224,900 6117 N Whispering Oak Lp
Landscaping that uses a minimum of water or fertilizer, such as this Amustsee! 3 bdrm/2 bath home is MLS709873 $160,000 L1653WWestford Path
yard in Meadowcrest, can help fight the degradation of the Nature Coast's move-in ready. Large, bright 3/2.5/2 home w/family room. MLS 710915 S495,900
pristine water resources. The owner is able to maintain the plants though Dir: Hwy 486 to south on Citrus Hills Blvd, Dir: Hwy 491to Oak Ridge entry, Terra Vista villa. 3/2/2w/workshop
L on Falconry. to home on right. & RV garage.
hand-watering alone. Helen Forte 352-220-4764 Dick Hildebrandt 352-586-0478 Maria Fleming 352-422-1976

Do one thing: Plan a

water-thrifty landscape 2 D
2j. M ;663 W0 Aprit9Dr Mt0 48081N B1aw$ood Dr / L22810N Hardee Pt
M7 $2LS189,890 MILS 710917 $139,000 MILS 710883 $84,900
Open plan 4/3/2, pool, fenced yard. SIMPLY FANTASTIC!!! Fully furnished 2/2/1 + family room.
Special to the Chronicle nesses, where you can also get wood Tami Mayer 352-341-2700 Tami Mayer 352-341-2700 Matt Robinson 352-502-3501
chips, fill, and planting soil. The
As Art Jones and his supporters stone walls are easily available and are removing the lyngbia in our bay can be loosely laid without the need "one rake at a time," the rest of us for cement. can attack the two biggest causes of Once the terraces are done, our water degradation. Reduced Florida-friendly plants can me
water flow is part of the problem added and wood-chipped to reduce
and the increase in nitrates is the the need for water 5585 W Pawnee Dr 185EKeller t
other "I only hand-water," said the as 219 S Adams St MLS 709097 $299,900 MLS 707988 $285,000
Here's this month's suggestion on owner of this Meadowcrest home. H w MLS 710831 $58,500 Pool home fit for a family. Oaks Golf course-Custom built 3/3/2+
Home, sweet home! 2/2 ready for you. Fabulous features thru-out. pool, golf cart parking. how you can help. do not use much water at all, confin- Teresa Boozer 352-634-0213 Joy Holland 352-464-4952 Helen Forte 352-220-4764
0 TASK: Use less water and less ing the watering to the individual fertilizer plants that need it. After all my
HOW TO DO IT: Replace lawn plants are established, I suspect I
areas with something demanding will not have to water much at all.
less from our resources to maintain. Planting in pots helps too. If I have
Substitute landscaping that does to fertilize (and I haven't done so not require water or fertilizer yet), I should be able to use very litIn the example pictured here, ter- tle, making it specific to a very small 92456 N Brentwood CirWO54 330W National St
races and paths have been placed in space." ba 295 N Hambletonian Dr MLS 705457 $115,000 MLS 709956 $109,900
MLS 709912 $245,900 3/2/2 w/perfect floor plan for the Furnished Citrus Hills 2/2/2 with areas where lawn is difficult to cul- The Waterfront Advisory Board is Like new! One owner 3/2/3 pool home. Florida lifestyle, enclosed lanai.
tivate. About half of the whole yard asking those of you who have done Jane 0"Gwynn 352-302-1926 Mark Casper 352-364-1947 John Lombard 352-422-6887
now consists of material that does something to your yard or home to not need fertilizing or watering, reduce the amount of water used or PINE RIDGE CITRUS HILLS
The paths are made of screenings to keep nitrates or impurities out of 1481 W. Pine Ridge Blvd. 20 W. Norvell Bryant Hwy.
and bricks. The terraces are made of the water to let us know Email your Beverly Hills, FL 34465 Hernando, FL 34442
fill and topped with stones. All of suggestion to emcbride@crystal- (352) 527-1820 (352) 746-0744
this is porous, so the rain still gets If you have pictures, @ 02013 BRERAffliates LLC. An independentlyowned and operated brokermemberof BRERAffiliates LLC. Prudentialthe Prudential
into the watershed please include them. The Chronicle Rocksymbolare registered service marks of Prudential Financial, Inc. and its related entities, registered inmany
ihC jurisdi actions worldwide. Used under license with no other affiliation of Prudential. Equal Housing Opportunity.
All of this material can be ob- will publish your suggestion -with gained from local nurseries or busi- a picture if possible. 0 0 0 0 6 0



Nolassical style

makesa comeback

Associated Press

fyure a fan of traditional decor. you Prbal apreciate the elegant lines and ich istry of neoclassical style.

of inte second hal of the 18th cent iry whn Scottish architect Robert Adam bgnusing its elements in fancy onies says London designer Adrienne Chin. Se T L ag E1

A bust of Ariadne from Restoration Hardware. The piece @1 is cast from plaster
and hand rubbed to give it an aged look as an elegant objet .............. .......... ...
dWart from the
neoclassical era. ... ... ..... .......
Associated Press


Pruning stone fruits during the summer

Delicious nectarines, peaches, and plums ripen in May and June. Called m Stone fruit, their seed is a large, hard pit containing an embryo. A few species have been developed to tolerate Florida's hot, wet summers and mild winters, including the A white-fleshed 'Tropic Snow' peach and 'Sun
eRaycer' nectarine.
Central Florida's
winter is short, with few days below 40 degrees Farenheit only 10 to 15 frosty mornings and a hard freeze or two. Varieties bred for Florida conditions
need less chill-hours than those grown further north. Jane Weber
Stone fruit is usually JANE'S
pruned while dormant and leafless in winter GARDEN
In Florida, November and December are still warm. Stone fruit trees can be sprayed with zinc sulphate to induce defoliation. On a leafless tree, it is easier to see the branch structure and crotches where insects, like scale, and disease dwell. Dormant oils can smother insects, eggs and larvae.
The reasons for pruning are to create a main scaffold framework of up to six
branches and keep the tree short enough for easy picking. Dead and diseased wood
should be removed as soon as it is noticed to curtail its spread.
%Up to 60 percent of annual growth may be winter pruned to reduce the amount of fruit JANE WEBER/Special to the Chronicle buds and promote larger, better quality fruit. Stone fruit, such as these peaches, get their name from the large, hard seed pits at their core. Peaches and nectarines typically flower in February locally, and their delicious fruit ripens in May or June. See FPage E14
JOAmm HlARTim !_ t 4f E ', "Always There For You"

REAL ESTATE El REALTY a Multimillion Dollar Realtor
~(352) 634-4346
SM ( 2Office: (352) 382-1700
Broker Associate 352-270-3255 E-mail me:
I| S

CONVENIENTLY LOCATED-INVERNESS, FL BANK OWNED-CITRUS SPRINGS, FL 213R home in Deerwood. 1 .15 acres 4B3R/2.5B3A w/formal dining & officedn $61,999 MLS#708261 $126,000 MLS#707912

9330 E Kenosha Ct, Floral City 820 E Dakota Ct Quiet cul de sac location Freshly painted 2/2 villa
Beautiful Waterfront Home On Desirable Hernando FIL 3/2/2 with 2129 square feet of living Set on a lot and a half
Duval Island 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, with -Pool has newerpump and filter .AC/heat replaced in 2014
This elegant home offers a gourmet kitchen, caged in-ground pool on the 12th tee box BANK OWNED-DUNNELLON, FL COUNTRY LIVING-INVERNESS, FL Pop-upcleaningforeasymaintenance Screened front entry stainless steel appliances. N ew roof and air of T e M a o s G l o r e .R o 9 8I V R E S l Roof replaced in 2012 Eat-in kitchen w ith new er appliances
2011, gazebo, double pane windows, extra of The Meadows Golf Course. Roof 1998 5 acres in Mini-Farms 4BR/2BA DW 2.33 acre wooded tract in Deerwood. Fenced. AC/heat system replaced 2009 Atrium rescreened in 2014 large lot. Fish from your own dock. and air conditioner 2005, wood fireplace, w/fireplace. $82,900 MLS#707619 $27,750 MLS#709930 Garage floorjust refinished Finished floor in garage Offered for $259,000. MLS# 709137 intercom, security system. CALL Bass 726-247ii Home warranty for the buyers Stand-up attic storage
Directions: U.S. 41 Fl Ave South from Inverness, Offered for $139,900. RY ass (352) 7 # #710586 $165,000 #710829 $79,500
Left on Orange Ave. (Hwy 48) Left on Duval Island. Dir: Rte 486 to Citrus Hills Blvd. to left on Dakota. Left on Grove. Left on Kenosha. Home is located at the end of the cul-de-sac. After Hours 302-6714 Email: www.allcitrusrealhy.coor See V T u @ -.r s l hm-u o


style, classicism carries with it Look for plaster ones, or unfin- cate charcoal drawing circa 1900 pattern. Smith and Noble offers
the approbation of time and ished wood that you can paint or of classical carved marble por- the Greek key motif in bright
taste," Griffin says. gild yourself (wwwarchitectural traits. The retailer's also got combinations of tangerine, navy,
Continued from Page E And while it never falls too far larger pieces, including wooden red or deep pink with white, or
off d6cor's radar, it's really en- AllModern has pairs of book- columns, pillars and plinths that a more subtle pairing of pale
Adam recast urns, sphinxes joying a moment now ends with busts of Hercules or could be used as display stands gray or aqua with off-white.
and vine leaves as decorative el- There are many ways to intro- David. The Perseus console for artwork- perhaps for a (
ements in mirrors and moldings. duce the style into traditional or from Currey & Company is a plaster bust of Ariadne, or a Jonathan Adler is known for
'Adam's style owed much to contemporary spaces, and at sleek piece with a Greek key carved finial. (wwwrestoration his use of Greek keys: he puts
the archaeological discoveries various price points, border ( the pattern on rugs, throws,
of Greco-Roman domestic archi- "Lamps are a great way to At Arhaus, scroll and floral Griffin's not surprised that the china and furniture, such as a
tecture at Pompeii and Hercula- bring a neoclassical touch into wood carvings frame the Clara Greek key motif is a trend. needlepointed ottoman and a
neum," says Chinn. your d6cor classic urn shapes, mirror, while the Adele dining "Its sleek, straight lines and white lacquered cocktail table.
The historical discoveries also columns or classical motifs like chair, upholstered in velvet, fea- crisp right angles are perfect (
inspired the development ofneo- acanthus leaves look elegant, tures inlaid antiqued wood counterparts to contemporary If you're interested in collectclassical furniture, which re- particularly when paired with a rosettes. ( design, and are among the few ing from this style, antique
placed the fussy rococo style with blackcardorpleatedsilkEmpire Restoration Hardware has a design motifs that truly look stores invariably have pieces
linear, geometric silhouettes. lampshade," Chinn suggests. group of architectural ornament great everywhere and with with provenance. Or check out
Today, Greco-Roman classi- Stiffel has a wide selection fragments cast in brass and everything," she says.; the online
cism is the basis of many interior with silver or burnished bronze mounted on museum stands, She likes to use the design in vintage shop has items including
d~cor styles Louis XV, Re- bases. ( among them swag and tassel, dressmaker-inspired details, an elaborate desk painted with
gency, Federal and Georgian "Ornate plaster corbels used cornice, and acanthus scrollpat- such as embroidered tape trim Pompeian frescoes, a pair of
among them, says New York de- as brackets for decorative dis- terns. Vintage Italian etchings of on curtains and upholstery marble lions, salvaged Ionic
signer Elaine Griffin. play shelves bring a classical el- capital styles would make nice Or, if you want a bold look, columns and a circa 1880 hand'"As the oldest recognized ement to a room," she notes. wall art, and so would an intri- consider going for an all-over painted Italian leather screen.

Terra Vista Realty Group, LLC Office in the
2400 North Terra Vista Blvd., Hernando, Florida 34442 Terra Vista
Term____&_BrentwoodResales_ (352) 746-6121 (800) 323-7703 Welcome Center

R E A L T Y G R O U P CARL MANUCCI 352-302-9787 SUSAN MULLEN 352-422-2133. VICTORIA FRANKLIN 352-427-3777

o nize Malb ofer

cmmunteTra Vsa o
P1 frevllgo DETACHED VILLA, 2 BED, DEN, 2 BATH, 2-CAR, HILLSIDE VILLAS Proesoal eoae atn maintanance-fra;nome. 2obedroom,2obats, pu dnofffcavvt
Weedfoew the home offers an A "like new" Lantana Model offers comfortable, affordable living in one of Florida's premier lifestyle French door entry. Open floor plan design with ambient lighting throughout the home. Kitchen has SINGLE FAMILY HOME, 3 BED, 2 BATH, 2-CAR, HUNT CLUB open great room plan, spacious kitchen with wood cabinets and solid surface counters, communities, TerraVista ofmitrus Hills.Situated abuttingopenspaceintherearthis"maintenance-ee" M llatcabin with soft-closefeature & crown moving. Corian counter tops & gourmet stainless Immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2-car garage home with spacious kitchen, expanded e wnrs ulte wth ots of closet space and a spacious bath, guest bedroom, den & a home offers an open great room plan with a formal dining area, spacious kitchen with wood cabinets and steal kitchen sink. Butler's pantry, eat-in kitchen & formal dining room. Greatroom has specialty built Corian countertops, breakfast nook, formal dining, family room, great room private lanal The hon e has been impeccably maintained, by the original owner both inside & solid surface counters, owner's suite, guest room plus a d rd bedroom, enclosed lanai for year ron in with custom arches & remote control fireplace. Minka rotang double bladed cling fan & many and lanai overlooking the fountain on Lake Pastor. This home offers a split t an s ws tatway.. ust move in. All of this PLUS the COMFORTABLE LIFESTYLE that Terra use & 2-car garage. Te home has been impeccably maintained both inside & out and shows ike a more upgrades. Enclosed Florida room with "summer kitchen' plus a large screen nclosur with a bedroom plan with an open floor design. Light and bright. Make sure to Vst pr es. 710892 .......................................................................................................... $233,900 model. Be sure to put it on yor MUST SEE". You wll not be disappointed 709734. $ 249,900 very tropical f l. All of this plus an oversized garage MLS 71005 .................................. $274,900 visit the bac yard to enjoy the view M LS 708113 ........................ $329,999

'l Stunningly beautiful 4/3/2.5 Michael Angelo model with custom
changes allowing for a more open feel. Situated on a private, amazingly
landscaped lot atthe end of a cul-de-sac in Bellamy Ridge. Heated pool
with waterfall feature. Custom-designed fish pond complete with water
DETACHED VILLA, 3 BED, + DEN, 3 BATH 2-CAR, SKYVIEW VILLAS SINGLE FAMILY POOL HOME, 3 BED, 3 BATH, 2-CAR, WOODSIDE fountain. Exterior stone. Brick paver drive way, entrance and pool deck.
Beautifully appointed 3BR3BA/2+ garage exclusive pool home. Custom great room floor Entertaining is easy in this exclusive custom contemporary 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2-car Golf cart garage. Private well for irrigation. This home is immaculate planwith upgradesthru-out including, designerwindowtreatments, luxurioustlefloors, garage home forthe discriminatingtaste. This home offers a split bedroom planwih inside and out. Granite countertops. 42" staggered wood kitchen
energy efficient radiant barrier and enormous gourmet kitchen highlighted by upgraded an open floor design. Many features include living room, family room, formal dining
wood cabinetry, spacious entertaining island and a butler's pantry. Over-sized lanai room, theatre room, breakfast nook overlooking the inground pool, security system, cabinets. Sliding doors throughout the home allowing for maximum
perfectly complements gas heated pool and spa. Enjoythe comforts of maintenance-free summer kichen. Relaxto the peaceful gurgle ofthe dolphin fountain bythe pool. Fall light. Custom Armstrong flooring. MLS 706244 ................. $679,000
living inthe premiere CountryClub ofTerra Vista. MLS#70800 ....................... $449,000 in lovewlh everydetail & entertain in style! MLS 708539 ............ $479,000
Ters 6 Mos or More

..........,~~~~.......... .o .-_.,,. ........ ......
3 BED, 2.5 BATH,

3''m~~nf urnishedTnmn' "

S1-car garage. Social
membership & ,: .
Lawn maintenance
DETACHED VILLA, 2 BED, + DEN, 2 BATH, 2-CAR, BRENTWOOD VILLAS Carefree living at its DETACHED VILLA, 2 BED, 2 BATH, 2-CAR, BRENTWOOD VILLAS Brand new unfurnished 2 bedroom plus den, 2 bath, 2-car garage home on the Brentwood
Located in the community of Brentwood. Immaculate unfurnished finest. #3265. Brentwood Golf Course unfurnished home 2 bedroom with a den, Golf Course. Fully maintained neighborhood, beautifully landscaped, professionally col
detached villa, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2-car garage. Open floor plan $1,200 2 bathroom, 2-car garage. Come enjoy the view and take advantage coordinated. Volume ceiling and 8' sliding glass doors provide spacious feel. Energywith lots of space. Social membership is included. #2121 ............. $1,200 of all the amenities the community has to offer. #2571 $1,200 efficient tankless hot water heater. Social Membership included.#3499 ................. $1,400


,7 To place an ad, cal 563-5966

Real Estate Classifieds

Classifieds In Print




.The Time

BRING YOUR SAVI, SAVi, SAV, Lake Panasoffkee JW MORTON r Town Home, 3/2.5 2/212, $800. mo + sec.
FISHING POLE! $3,000-$11,000 on 3/2 Doublewide PROPERTY INVERNESS w/Social Membership $500. 850-838-7289 For S1 ,,
our huge lot model on corner lot ]/V acre RENTAL MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT L36C.1
sale going on now. ac, nice storage REALTY, INC. 645 W. MAIN STINVERNES FL CA2) 613-4459 Crystal River Acres 4.23 Bushnell
Only 3 left! Call shed big oak tree NSII I MI, I COURT APTS. THE GLEN WATERFRONT 3/3/2 1 Bedroom 1 bath.
Taylor Made Homes off CR 429 352-795-7368 Spacious Upscale fenced yard, LRm, Den, Laundry,
I NEED A GOOD TENANT? 2 DM, AH 2/2/1, Villa, 55+ $1500. Moo. f/l/s Carport Call Joan
Call (352) 621-9181 Lake Panasoffkee CRYSTAL RIVER Bring us your vacant hon 2 BDRM., BATH screen lanai, plus (352) 638-1079 352-464-1211an
New Homes from Reduced to $54,995. $925 Meadowcrest Villa and watch us work for you! RentalAssistance sa ni, lus () 941
$40.00 per sq. ft. SELLER FINANCING Beautiul2/2/f ithomin po ndtennis ITI ptreatio, cable, window. $750+ HOMOSASSA
pe FNNCNG'ecriytreatments inc. $750+ HOMOSASSAI
Call 352-726-4009 $1000 1177110 W. Sunnybrook Security Dep. $676. f/I/s, (352) 634-7674 Sugarmill Woods
INVERNESS, FL L e e k "3/2/2rilyfurneh22.. .750 /2 When Approved 2 bedroom. 2 bath.
-2$1 ./2 as First Mo. Rent Upscale villa, tile, deck
55+ park on lake w5 WESTWOOD ACRES HOMOSASSA 2/2/1................... 700 R n and poach. Mainte55+ piers, clubhouson lake w5and 3 bdrm 2 ba 3/2 $2000 115 S. (urry Pt. 3/2 Carport. 725 CALL 352-344-1010 nance free living, close
piers clubhouse an 3/DTH. E-1 DE&ILW N mn 1-tO5 ce t o hoosso
much more! Ren ON 2AC-1768 SQ Beauiu 2 storyPo 1homewith5bedroms! 211 ...................... 5508-12 & 1-5
Uc ar m!Ret-OR NF T 130 lahrn(. .1307 Washington Av. HMS SAhospitals.$900/m
Had. grass cutting 3/2 WATERFRONT FT-MORE 21 ...................... 500 In n2/1 Duplex $525 m o h
and your water DOUBLEWIDE ZILLOW.COM 9515 W Nice pohome in Sugrmill Woods2 ...l.son.. nverness Florida$ (1st,last and security)
an orwtr OBIWD Equal Housing 1 lst.&Sec, non smoker sls n euiy
1 bedroom, 1 bath $75.900. MIDLAND LN CR $850 6698S. Wald Pt. Oppouiy s- 352-212-4981 possible pets
@$12bedroom, 1bathl$75.900.TERRY AT 4 bedroom cute home with fenced yard Opportunity Pets-? 352-212-4981 407-276-5465
@$425 10480 S. McClung Lp. TERR 2 21211 ...................$700 INVERNESS
Pets considered and OWNER FINANCING 352-697-1218 HERNANDO /1 Brand New, Upscale INVERNESS
sectin8 is ceed Agent (352) 382-1000 $600 7096 N.Dawson Dr. 3/2/2 ................. $950 $599. (786) 405-3503 2/2 Waterfront, $800
Call 800-747-4283 2/M *3/2,12 .........$950 1 ,r Mo., I1st, last sec.
2/2 t0iein Hill &, D le subdivision Z T ,m ., 1s ,la t s c
For Details! $615 6315 N. Shrd Dr. I f i c352-364-2120 DEB
S 2 Bedroom, 11/2Bath, r zy2 bedrom on water with dck 1/1.......................$450 C a INVERNESS THOMPSON
DUNNELLON/488turn, Carport, 51600 215 W. MkkeyManl Path Highlands, 3/2, Fm. rm.
D N L /.scr r d vlue, mep hn nera Vi a ng ce Jennifer u e*MCheryl cruggs CRYSTAL RIVER $800, mo. 352-212-4873 One call away for
Extra Clean 212, Shed In quiet 55+Park For More Listins Go To Realtor-Associates Fully Furnished INVERNESS your buying and
$530 mo. 1st, last, Dep 4/2 Doublewide $5,500. 386-234-0254 www.iistHolRe.-sof 352-726-9010 I o I SEABREEZE Studio Efficiency sel Rling needs.
(352) 795-6970 on 1 Plus Acres, MOL (352) 748-5325 MANOR w/ equipped kit. All Lake 31212 Starting @ Realtor that you can
___________ Fireplace Glamour .$760. sec. $1,200rersoyu
Bath, large walk-in 3 Bedrm, 2 Full Baths Senior Citizens, until cable, Internet, & refer to youre
FLORAL CITY closets all bedrooms glass encl. Fl. Rm 91/2 x Disabled or Handi- cleaning provided. 3524034a4fec family and friends.
38 ft., newer washer & capped. Rent based $ 352-586-1813 352-403-4646 Service with a smile
2/1, Near Walking off US 200 dyralwS lseor 352-585-651seven days
Trail $500 mo. + 2mos in Hernando Fl. dryer all new SS apl's CRYSTAL RIVER on income. sa wee ys
Sec. (352) 364-6704 $89,995 new AC/ht pmp, fresh g Fully Furnished Applications a week.
SELLER FINANCING ext. paint, Lo rent Studio Efficiency now accepted y Real Estate
Call 352-726-4009 $255. mo. include w/equipped kit. All for 1 & 2 Bedrm. Deb Thompson
INVERNESS water sewer & gab utl cable, Internet,& units with carpeting, HERNANDO 352-634-2656
1 Bd. Rm. $325. mo. $24,000 (352)419 5136 cleaning provided. custom cabinets. resdeNvahoDco
2 Bd. Rm. $360. mo. INVESTOR OR HOME (352) 501-0517 $ 352-586-1813 central air & heat, Watson's Fish Campand
INVESTORe ORHMeeta i et 55+ Rental Communand
Both $500. Dep. each BUYER!! 2 singlewide HOMOSASSA'S FLORAL CITY stove, refrigerator & Hernando 55+ Renta2) immunity
No Pets 352-726-7951 MH's w/land for sale. Best Housing Value RE LAKEFRONT 1 Bedrm. additional outside Lake Cottaaes (352)
Each 2/1, both need mi- Modern 2/1 homes EN AAC, Clean, No Pets storage with patio. 1 bd/ ba, beautiful INVERNESS
nor TLC. Asking from $7500 or Lease to H (352) 344-1025 37 Seabreeze Dr., old Florida cottages! LAKE FRONT HOME
M$17k/each or $33k both. Own from $145/mo. HO E S HOMOSASSA Inglis. Call $550. (352)341-2724 spacious 312/2, c/hla
Buy 1 or both. 21335 ren o 65 mo 1BR appls & util. Incld. (352) 447-0277-TDD HERNANDO $750. (908) 322-6529 UNIQUE & HISTORIC
Campbell Dr t 21335 rent of $265. o o. NERD
Canal Dr/ both Damac 10 yr. payoff at $600. month + sec., Watson's Fish Camp Homes, Commercial
HUGE! 4,3 Estates Brooksville Fl. Evanridge Community QUALIFIED TENANTS WAITING 352-628-6537 55+ Rental community Waterfront&Land
$87,489 Land & Home Not a park, own MH an exceptional (352) 726-2225 Country Lifestyle
REDYTOMOE N! w/land together. 55+Park 28-597 352-637-3800 #4 INGLISconrLietl
Owner Financed w/10k 352-346-3173 Charming furn or unfurn CRYSTAL RIVER OUR SPECIALTY
Owner Financed w/10k effic./cottage, all utilities Share Waterfront SINCE 1989"
to 20k down! MUST e incl'd. $650 nosmokin Home, 2,300 sq. ft.
SEE (352) 795-1272 OWNER Y T3524222994 $
MOVE IN NOW Home for Sale Waterfront Studio
Nice Home on V/2 AC 4/3 on 1.25 acres, f $500 sdep; $125/wk.
fenced yard, 1500 sf paved rd. fenced ICRYSTAL RIVER
3/2 Home in new yard, work shop & Share My Home
cond., Drywall with utility shed, Florida Office Space- R Share My Home,
2 x 6 construction, room, deck on back 1,000 Sq. Ft. & More. private porch, entrance "LET US FIND
New appliances, & front concrete CTU CONY ayorfnetp" Modern/great park- sat10. wk, dish 352-564-1155elect, U
carpet, paint, decks, driveway with car- ing &location on BEVERLY HILLS at dishA VIEW TO
& ceramic tile floor- port. Only $79,900. 486-Hernando. 870 Beakrush Lane HOMOSASSA LOVE"
ing. Financing avail- $14,000 down only Call A.W. 'Skip 2br 1% ba, 1 car gar. Female Wanted to www.
able only $69,900. $648.92/mo W.A.C. Craven, Broker enclosed screen porch, Rent & Share Home
($450/mo.) W.A.C. Call to View Cl F Craven Realty, Inc. $650 mo. leased dep. own BR w/TV, BA W/D (352) 726-6644
Call (352) 621-9183 352-621-3807 352-464-1515 no pets. 352-697-3133 $375. mo., 503-6412 Crossland Realty Inc.


PUBLISHER'S COMMERCIAL LOT 2/2/2 on 1 acre $100,000. + Closing LOT FOR SALE
NOTICE: 100x200 ff,, Hwy 488, Family Room, Beautiful Floral City Cost will get yo this
All real estate Dunnellon, $55k updated items, patio, 3/2 Doublewide 2,100 Sq. Ft., Pine Ridge
a estate (352) 465-7795 12 x 20 shed, on 1/4 acre mol 3BR, 32BA, Fully Furn. El Paso
advertising in this ec $ ,. glamour bath nice Condo in Citrus Hills $22,000.
newspaper is subject MEDICAL OFFICE (352) 419-6327 eat in kitchen, Call 352-419-5268 352-422-2293
to Fair Housing Act MEDI AL FFCE Floral City off us 41
which makes it illegal Totally renovated $9
to advertise "any 700 S.E. 5th Ter.Suite #5 SELLER FINANCING
preference, limitation The World Call 352-726-4009
or discrimination Crystal River. $97K aterfrontDI A
based on race, color, 352-422-2293 OTOW 55+ Villa
religion, sex, handi- 2-Bd 2-Ba, Lanai, Buying or Selling Realtor Terra Vista Lot #9,
cap, familial status or Gar.HOA. Low 50's REAL ESTATE DErY I Hill Side Sub. 245 Red
national origin, or an or Rent? Owner H+ oIi s R ESTTE B. Listing and Selling "FREE Sox Path, Hernando.
intention, (352)873-1297 H Let Me Work POWELL Real Estate F R Front on Skyview Golf
to make such prefer- MLS # 406901 Is my Business Foreclosure and course, hole #6,
fence, limitation or 3/2 For You! Realtor I put my heart into it! Short Sale Lists $56,500 352-322-6304
discrimination. Fa- M U S T With Family Room
milial status includes Home fireplace, glamour BETTY HUNT 352-476-9649
children under the age bath quiet neighbor REALTOR oau. my
of 18 living with 2 1 goal.. Making sandra.hart@ For SueoA
todiansiprgnt i2/1.5/2, City Water, hood in Homosassa. Friends along the
parents or legal cus Open floor plan built Sewer, New Metal 89,995. ERA KEY 1 wayis my reward !"
todians, pregnant in 2005 on 1+ Acres. Roof &Carpet. SELLER FINANCING Realty, Inc.
women and people 3 beige rugged BR's, Lg. Kitchen & Garage Call 352-726-4009 352 586-0139 BUYING OR ERA American SELL YOUR
securing custody of 2 tiled baths, 2 car A Must See! $69,900. 352 586-01e9 SELING RA HOME
children under 18. garage with ladder to (352) 860-2554 yahoocom SELLING352-726
This newspaper will attic. Eat in Kitchen, 352-726-5855 IN THE
not knowingly accept LR, DR, & inside laun- 3/2 4/3 Triplewide www.bettyhunts CALL ME
any advertising for dry. Eight appliances 114 Acre MOL on 2-1/2 acres in CALL ME
real estate which is in installed new in 2012; on River Oak Lane green acres in 352-422-6417 Desperately
violation of the law. elec glass top range, Inverness Homosassa beautiful bopowell@ NeedRentals
Our readers are micro, refrig (bottom Glamour bath wooded lot Need Rentals
hereby informed that freezer) dishwasher Eat-in Ktchen $139,995. ERA American CLASSIFIEDS
all dwellings adver- (never used) washer $69,995. SELLER FINANCING Realty & Investments Office Open
tied in this ewspa- & dryer. Each bath SELLER FINANCING Call 352-726-4009 7 SPECIAL
per a avaiable on has new low flow high, Call 352-726-4009 7 Days a Week
an equal opportunity elongated toilets. 3/2 Doublewide LISA
basis. To complain of Three ceiling fans with on 1/3 rel acre has Have horses or want "It's a VANDEBs
discrimination call globed lights, newly glamour bath and them? 4/3 Triplewide SELLERS Market" Broke (R) Owne $58.50
HUD toll-free at painted interior/ext., walk-in closets off with family room and #1 Company+ Boe()-,
1-800-669-9777. Guest BR's have Turner Camp Rd fireplace den off mas- Experienced Agent Plantation Realty
The toll-free telephone sliding mirror closet Inverness, Fl. ter bed room would = SOLD! Sold! Sold! It's Easy
number for the doors. MBR has 95 make for great office w t352-634-0129
hearing impaired is rate his/her walk-in SELLER FINANCING on 9 plus acres mool
1-800-927-9275. closets with closet26-4009 with horse corals Tony
made shelving, duel west side of US 19
sinks, glass Inverness Homosassa Fl. Pouelsen
enclosed tile area with 2 bedroom 1 bath $229,995.
waterfall shower head house. Lot 100x150. SELLER FINANCING LaWanda Watt Realtor
o0PPRTWv & bench seat, jetted Zoned industrial. Call 352-726-4009 352-303-0619
spa tub, & private Move-in condition.
toilet. Plantation $25,000 cash as is. I'LL TAKE *FLORAL CITY*
shutters in LR, DR w/ 1309 Bruce Street. DEB INFANTINE NOW ISA GREAT NEW LISTINGS Waterfront. 6 adj.
wood planked vinyl; Phone 352-726-7362. weSugarmill Woods Realtor TIME TO LIST
ti d kitchen and entry sq. ft 3bd/2/2 ba (352) 302-8046 YORE BUYING OR Lots, 314 acre on chain
pool kit c ked Nice Double Lot 1, tile roof, 2 lots, Real Estate!.. SELLING of lakes. Huge oaks,
way. 10 x 30 rocked 3/4 Acres MOL $234k (352) 382-8957 it's what I do. CALL LAWANDA OBO. (352)596-2921
area next to garage with Lake View FOR A FREE,
for boat or other 4/2 Doublewide ERA NO OBLIGATION __________ TA
vehicle space, with Family Room, American Realty MARKET ANALYSIS! TOP 0ou wi IfS
$2500 cash allowance large bed rooms off Phone: 352-726-5855 PERFORMANCE
at closing for outside Turner Camp Rd. Cell: 352-302-8046 352-212-1989 Real estate
planting Inverness Fl. $89,995. Fax: 352-726-7386 lawanda.wafttc Consultant Your "High-Tech"
Must sell! SELLER FINANCING Email:debinfantine@ Citrus County
OPEN HOUSE Relocating Call 352-726-4009 tpauelsen@ Ciru Cou
FurNnirUEf $173,000 Realtor
SUNDAYOON 8 Furniture for sale Adopt a Shelter Pet Century 21
FROM12 LNOON -3 PM too 352-513-5202 i www. J.W. Morton
1112 E. BLOOMFIELD __________citruscritfers'com Real Estate, Inc. ora
3 bedroom. 2-1/2 bath.
ROUGH! Large pool Realty Connect TAMI SCOTT qualified
home with 4-car mExit Realty Leaders
garage e! Additional Buying or Selling? Residential employee?
den/office adjacent to Sales Specialist!
living and kitchen! 2/2/2, Completely Waterfront,
Fenced in the back. Remodeled Imperial Acreage, Golf When it comes to
Needs a loving hand. Executive 2, New roof, Homes & More! Real Estate ...
Myriam Reulen at wtr. ht., tiled firs. (5/14) I'm there for you !
Weston Properties $78,300 352-726-7543 FREE List of
LLC, 352-613-2644- (352) 201-0991 Available Homes! The fishingis t=Th
wwww.homesinflori. Call me for your new ROD KENNER area's
dausacom S Waterfront Home Pyl 352-436-3531
daus~comContct te PhllisERA #
Premier Real LOOKING Strickland #t
Estate Group TO SELL ? Realtor Suncoast Realty
Realty Connect Michael J.
(352) 341-2588 or THE MARKET AI Rutkowski
Twisted Oak (352) 212-1446 CALL ME IS GOOD (U.S. Army Retired)
Golf Course/Vila L T. Paduano, Broker TODAY I Thinking of MICHELE Realtored)

100% financing avail. 521 W. Hillwood Path F C Now is the time (352) 422-4362
Government Program. Fully remodeled, 20 in to get listed. VMichae.Rutkowski
You do not need perfect tile, Granite counter- C
credit. Call or email tops, new maple cab- Still great values out Simply put
to get qualified. nets, New Stainless 4/2 there. Call for I '11 work harder "Integrity First in all SCAN OR GO
Ph: (813) 470-8313 Steel Appliances, In Floral City foreclosure lists Aspects of Life" TO www.
rickobf( Stone Bar & Fireplace Has Family Room 3/2/2 Sugarmill Woods Phyllis Strickland 352-212-5097 BestNaA o T -o st
Rick Kedzierski lic. loan 1950 sq. ft. A must see! Glamour Bath Fenced $119.900. TROPIC SHORES isellcitruscounty@ ERA Bestaureom l s
originator.NLMS Priced to sell back yard $89,995. 1 Fig Court W. REALTY. A ec R tlw
#267854, FL#9096 at $152,900 SELLER FINANCING OWNER FINANCING 352-613-3503-Cell Craven Realty, Inc. American Realty
NLMS ID 149709 (352) 746-9311 Call 352-726-4009 Agent (352) 382-1000 352-419-6880- Office 352-726-1515 & Investments my properties" *r-


and never use such methods Play snippets of soundin heavily birded areas, or for less than 30 seconds at a time attracting any species that is with a long pause before
Continued from Page E4 Threatened, Endangered orof the next snippet. After five Special Concern, or is rare in minutes or so, give it a rest. University's Macaulay Li- your local area." 0 Be subtle. You are trying A
brary archive, the repository That language soon may be to coax a bird into the open, STT7 T
for more than 200,000 bird call updated, Gordon said. not stir up a fight (among comrecordings- 150,000 of which "I don't know if that will peting males during mating REL ESTATE & AUCTIONS
people can use online, make it more restrictive, season).
"The main negative? It can though, just more thorough No surprises. Announce FRIDAY, JUNE 20-FOUR REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS
stress the birds, especially if spellingouta little betterthat your intention to play a
overdone," Webster said. "On not one size fits all. There are recording and hold the device COMMERCIAL PROPERTY W ITH ACREAGEthe positive side? These are so many birds in so many situ- above your shoulder so other Preview: 9:00AM Auction: 10:00 AM FLORAL CITY
devices for people to get out ations that common sense and birders can see the source of Investor orders sold!!!! 7825 E. Stagecoach Trail, Floral City 34436
there and experience nature. courtesy will be a better fit." the sound. 4/2 historic home on 3.5+/- acres. Highly visible corner US 41 & Stage Coach Trail!
It's educational engagement." Here, then, are some com- Any potential negative im- Possible owner financing.
People should, however, ad- mon-sense suggestions for pacts of playback are more WATERFRONT HOME
here to a wildlife-watching minimizing playback distur- likely to occur in areas with a Preview 11:00 AM Auction 12:00 PM
code of ethics, he said. bance to birds and other bird- lot of birding pressure, SO HOME SOLD ABSOLUTE
The American Birding As- ers, from noted field guide avoiding playback in those 215 S Buckley Pt, Inverness FL 34450
sociation's Principles of Bird- author David Sibley's website: places is a good idea," Sibley 2/2 waterfront mobile behind Inverness Golf &
Country Club. Dock & large trees, remodeled
ing Ethics includes: "Limit the 0 Have a plan. Choose your writes. "Where and how to and has had continuous upgrades. Wonderful
use of recordings and other spot and know your quarry, use it in other situations is up weekend, winter or water lover home.
methods of attracting birds, don't just play sounds. to the individual birder"
INVERNESS LOT Preview: 12:00 PM "Auction: 1:00 PM Sold regardless of price!! 66 & 68 N. Sheltering Oaks Dr., Inverness 34450
CONSTRUCTION on single-family home construc- BUILDING SITE Preview: 1:30 PM Auction: 2:30 PM
tion was up 1.3 percent, while spending on CITRUS SPRINGS 6075 N. Darlington Dr., Citrus Springs, FL 34434
apartment construction rose 2.7 percent. Only Sold regardless of price!!!!
Continued from Page E6 the remodeling sector, which accounts for
40 percent of the total, posted a decline,
October However, the small increase followed falling 2.2 percent.
strong gains over the past five months and was Spending on non-residential projects fell $AIURDAY, JUNE 21
enough to lift spending on housing to a sea- 0.1 percent to an annual rate of $308 billion, TWO AUCTIONS WITH REAL ESTATE & CONTENTS
sonally adjusted $378.5 billion, the highest with weakness in the communications indus- ON SITE REAL ESTATE
level since March 2008. try, where activity dropped 11.7 percent. AND CONTENTS
Preview 8:00 AM
Auction: 9:00 AM Real Estate: 10:00 AM
NE MORTON 3096 W. Ken Ct. Dunnellon, FL
Hall of Fame Centurion Member PREVIEW: REAL ESTATE: 3/2 1889 sq ft
E- i ke k .to..... to a.... home 2.2 acres w/30 X 41 metal barn with 12'
(352)t: 726-6668 212-7595doors, 2 utility buildings, car port, home remod(352) 726-6668 (352)212-7595 eled with metal roof, new A/C, carpet and tile
TOLL FREE 1-800-543-9163 ROYAL OAKS *First Time offered! floors (1) 1.1 acre treed lot.PLUS THREE
BEVERLY HILLS Maintenance Free Villa ADDITIONAL 1.1 acres LOTS TO BE SOLD 1
UPDATED AND NICELY MAINTAINED 2BR 2BA Home 2 bedrooms 2 baths Great room Beautiful eat
Attached Garage Family Room Newer kitchen and J.W. MORTON REAL ESTATE i Glassed in of 3 lots sold regardless of price to the highest
lce loe pt Srea h n 1645WtMainStreetnrness, FL 34450 Familyroom(withHeatandA/C)*oversizedlcar bidder!! CONTENTS: 1998 Newman Dutchstar,
Backyard LatdostoArehppng, y EqualHosing Oppor nify garage with remote screen dor! eSCreen front entry 45K miles with slide out, 2005 High Country 5th
SchMol. THIS H 0E IS ,VE-IN READY INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERA Great value on HOA --water, sewer and basic cable
MLSuM07086 $53,900 wheel travel trailer, Big Horn Classic electronic
safe, 100+ new custom wheels (Rims) 40' steel
I shipping/storage container, scaffolding, ATV
tires. Also: LR, BR & DR Furniture.

Sweetnater home on 5 acres Gorgeous hickgry cabinets SWEETWATERPOINTE BR 3BA 2 Car Garage Family Room Master Preview : 1:00 PM Auction: 2:00 PM West Highlands Beauty* Spacious and Sparkling 230d, living area* 3 BR, 2.5 Baths plus denllibrary 3-car Stated Elegance thrughout this designer showplace Bedroom with Office & Beautiful Master Bath
*3 Bedrooms 2 baths 2 car garage* Built 2003 arae Exceptinal top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances home 4,300 + living area *3-car garage Volume Updated in 2012* Great Kitchen with Newer 11305 N. Riverbend Rd Dunnellon, FL 2nd house of the marriage. His & her Open Great room with amazing kitchen Spacious Engineered maple floring and ceramic tile Spaims family ceilings 4 BR 4 BA Amazing gourmet kitchen with Appliances Beautiful Wood Flooring Bookcase housefuls. Beautiful, clean and many pieces in like new condition. Carousel horse, breakfast nook Large master suite *Split rom with glasswindowsoverlking the Florida natural backyard all the whistles and bells Marvelous Master suite Fireplace French Doors Lead to Large Screened glass top tables, several patio sets, two large slot m achines, TV flat screen,
bedrooms Inside laundry *15 x 39 lanai with hot with wildlife feeding at your doorstep. 0wner's feeders bring the *th bth'd n Lanai with Hot Tub Heat Pump/AC replaced in 2008
tub covered grill area Quiet neighborhood on birds and wildlife in your backard...truly amazing. 45x28y wi ,essing dred. Walk-inl closets, saund, Grapefruit, Tangerine and Orange Trees Located Rubbermaid storage cabinets. Tools from barns around tool boxes, garden &
125 x 187 lot. BRING YOUR MOTOR HOME ROOM storage building plus workshop. This home is a showplace and jetted tub PLUS private office area. Close to tawn ad on a Full Acre exercise equipment, furniture, scooter, poker table, Grandfather clock.
TO PARK! MLS 709822 $169,900 truly betterthannew. MLS n704043.$299,900. bike trail!! MLS 1707485 $429,900 MLS #705303 $269,900

4000 S. Florida Ave., Inverness, FL (1/2 mile S. of the Fairgrounds)
Beverly Hills* Shows like a model cul-de-sac location 3BR 2BA Wheeler Custom Home Spacious & Open Minutes from town on Gospel Island. 2 br, Cooper State Park easy distance to the Absentee and phone bids always accepted. 352-637-9588. Up-to-date photos on web.
Spotless and Sparkling Villa 55* Community of Lakeside Split Floor Plan* Family Room Country Kitchen 1 bath lots of storage move-in ready. Withlacoochee Bike Trail and just around the
Village 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths Florida Room plus Formal Dining & Living room Elegant Master Suite Beautiful lot with Havel, Valencia and
garage* Easy distance to shopping, doctors and Central off Beautiful Heated Pool BUYERS ONE YEAR Tangerine trees. New roof and well pump. corner from the boat launch and park on Personal Property sold Dudley's Auction Ab1 667. Real Estate sold by Main-Ly real Estate #381384.
Ridge public library. HOME WARRANTY INCLUDED ON THIS HOME!! Updated bathroom. MLS #710526 Eden Drive Great home with lots to do
MLSaa E 09a7 $62,000 MLS #7off 8 $189,900 $34m t 9 nearby e lLSlo709019 $94,900 (All dimensions are approx. mol + -) 10% Buyers Premium.
on $20011 $3 uearby [:31 Announcements from the block take precedent.


the bellows are still work- snow-covered slope. Normally this should be a main scaffold growth.
A TTIC ing, along with the pump I seem to recall that a JA N Esecondary pruning during Skiles owns a big tree
action. while back you men- the growing season and spade machine which atContinued from Page E6 It would be interesting tioned something about Continued from P E9 after harvest. He said to taches to his heavy mato know if this is a col- collecting movie posters. first remove any suckers at chinery This summer he
Open the front cover by lectible and the approxi- I wonder if this kind of Peaches and nectarines the base of the trunk Next, plans to remove every
depressing the winding mate dollar value. Thank poster I have is col- flower in February locally snip off all twigs and other stone fruit tree and
stem. The time is set by you for your interest and lectible, and if so, what and set fruit on one-year- branches pointing into the put them in huge nursery
pulling out the small lever anticipated reply -PR., they might be worth. old twigs, called spurs. Less- center or crossing a scaf- pots. After recovery, the
located on the bezel at 4 Internet TN., Internet productive spurs more than fold branch. peaches and nectarines
o'clock on the dial. Turn DearER: Melodeons like Dear TN.: I am glad you three or four years old are He warned to prune will be offered for sale as
the winding stem to the the one you have are usu- have asked about your ski usually removed, cleanly next to the thick- mature trees ready to bear
correct time and then ally in beautiful woods and resort posters. Yes, they The young trees I ened branch collar, which next spring.
push the lever back in, quite decorative. Theywere are collectible and have planted three years ago in should quickly heal over to For more information
and wind until it stops. manufactured in large moved way up the totem my edible garden had a minimize infestation, on stone fruit pruning,
The watch was made in quantities during the 19th pole of collector interest in bumper crop of small fruit Leaving a stub lets disease visit the University of
Switzerland, likely 100 century. Currently, there is the poster-collecting this year They had never and pests into the tree. Florida's website at
years ago. If the watch no specific collector inter- category been pruned. The dry Third, remove some of the, and
case is made of 14- or 18- est If you were to sell your Without photos, all I can months of April and May vigorous new growth to let look up publications
karat gold, it will be melodeon, it would be a say is they are at least require growers to irrigate light into the canopy HS1111 and HS365.
marked on the inside of lucky day to get in the $200 worth $200-plus each in to produce quality, large The pruned stone tree
the back cover If there is range. good condition. Send a fruit. should be open in the cenno gold mark, the case is Dear John: We live in couple of good, clear pho- I visited Don Skiles at ter and vase-shaped, with Jane Weber is a profesgold plated. Potential dol- Crystal River and have tos and I will finish the Cross Bayou Farms at 7601 a spreading, upright struc- sional gardener and conlar value if gold plated is been reading your articles story Whippoorwill Terrace, ture. Optimizing light sultant Semi-retired, she
below $500; if gold, more in the Chronicle for sev- north off County Road 491, within the canopy pro- grows thousands of native
than $500. eral years. east of Holder He has a motes the development of plants. Visitors are welDearJohn: I have inher- My mother's aunt was a John Sikorski has been a fruit grove and blueberry fruit buds for next season. come to her Dunnellon,
ited a melodeon organ world traveler She always professional in the an- plantation along with a It can also stimulate vigor- Marion County garden.
from my great aunt who bought some kind of sou- tiques business for 30 large wholesale nursery ous new growth, which For an appointment, call
resided in New Haven, venir or trinket from the years. He hosts a call-in (Hours are 8 to 5 Monday may need pruning in win- 352-249-6899 or contact
Connecticut particular city or country radio show, Sikorski's through Friday and 9 to 2 ter to not compete with the
At this point I am seek- she was visiting. On one Attic, on WJUF (90.1 FM) on Saturday Call Jackie at
ing its value. It is a trip to Switzerland, while Saturdays from noon to 352-287-2796 for an apCarhart's Improved, visiting a ski resort, she 1 p.m. Send questions to pointment or email J ac k ie D a v is
patented Dec. 28, 1846. Itis purchased two advertis- Sikorski's Attic, P. Box W American Realty & Investments
a small reed organ, which ing posters depicting peo- 2513, Ocala, FL 34478 or Skiles advised me to do M E 117 S. Hwy. 41 Inverness, FL
is in excellent condition; ple skiing down a a light "summer pruning." ERA (352) 634-2371 Cell
For a Visual Tour of my listings and all MLS bidaviscom

.3 BR, 2BA, 2-cargar
CLASSIC ELEGANCE UNSPOILED NATURE Lg. picture window keeps view in sight
French Country Estate on 6 acre MOL in desirable location close to Inverness. Secluded 80+ acre farm close to Crystal River. Rolling pastures, lush meadows, Heated pool, screened lanai 4078 sq. ft. of luxury living space wall the high end finishes you desire: ponds, mature oak trees. 2 spacious and luxuriously remodeled cottages are gourmet kitchen, family room, pool w/waterfall & spa, deck, 3 car garage, plus carefully positioned in a beautiful setting for maximum privacy. PIs visit *C/H/A is3yrs old sep. 6 car gar., office & apartment. PIs visit for www.mvcrvstalriverfarm.cnm for an interactive tour. Near Inverness Golf & Country's course an interactive tour. $739,000 $800,000 $160,000 MLS 707670

3 BR, 2BA in a split plan
1 Maple cabinets
G IT TAIE E..wSTATES Tile floors
T ane d on 1.2 acre e eva e d Spacious 3/2/1 hom e on 2 Io s no legani 500 0 sq. t. es ae on 1 .85 ac hign Beautiful 2004 Avanzini M o e n ce y
grounds w h lot r trees. r recent ly flood zone! Beautiful kichen w/ Custom overtmeWtnlacoocnee River amaz ng views treed 1 ac lot. High ceilgs, T l t2-Cargarhas3rd bay, soak sink, cabinets added great room boasts large picure wood cabinets, air condion n s -setng pool, /ock waner no eat in kichen, large maser w/e e Tu On a private acre wi amazn ae vews. New room. Carport & hu e workshop Large ridges nrng you large sa noan Pease & huge walk in shower, nice private anai
B R H metal roof in 201,reoeekchnwh fn d backyard w/fru- treesv e Tor moe ano just the right size w/tons of upgrads Citrus Hills optional membership
REALTOR@ SaJ. $274,000 99,900 $499,000 189,900 $164,900 MLS707722
Cell: (352) 220-0466 WITHIN LAUREL RIDGE
2 Bedroom, 2 bath REMADE master shower
Eat-in kitchen
Admiral 2/2.5 cottage w/carp. on 3/2 home built 2007 on 13 acres on POINT 0 WOODS VILLAGE LOCATION! New ext paint
deep canal overlooking Flying Eagle the banks of the Withlacoochee Nicely remodeled 21212 home on Elegant 3/2/2 pool home on quiet Preserve Well maintained, offers across from Half Moon-Gum Slough elevated corner lot no flood zone. cul de sac. Family room w/wood beams NearTwisted Oaks Golf Investors Realty ff ia metal ro of bonus room, sunroom & Preserve! HW floors, fireplace, cherry Nice modern kitchen, living/dining & fireplace. Open kitchen w/eating; corner parcel huge covered porch. Sit on yr deck or cabinets & granite counters are just a w/laminate flooring, large Florida formal dining & living room, master suie s of Citrus County, Inc. dock & fish, watch wildlife, or st few details. room, a covered porch. w/garden tub & large shower. New roof _V Lawn/shrub care
Visitnmy website at wwwn/florida-housecon relax&enjoythevIews! $139,000 $489,000 $93,000 in2008, A/Cn2010!$165,O00 $79,000 MLS708182


Gift Ideas for dad

Associated Press If dad is rocking an iPhone 5 or 5s,
he may like the full case for $99. The 11, W. Main St., Inverness
ATLANTA -Dads try to stay sides and the back of the two-piece TY-265 6
handsome, and their technology slide-on case are made of hand- L A N I w.andmarkinverness cornBS
should, too. Items that have a blend finished walnut. BS
of technology and wood can look If he wants something light for an aT
more exquisite than plastic or metal iPhone 5c, he can opt for the less-Wha when included in the construction expensive walnut bumper, at $39. it Avl"I62M
correctly Three noteworthy prod- offers protection around the edges LARGEST SELECTION OF FORECLOSURES IN CITRUS COUNTY]
ucts are sure to complete dad's styl- of the phone.
ish ensemble of personal technology: U Fender Wayne Kramer "Royal
U Grain Audio Packable Wireless Tone" CE guitar ($549):
System ($249): Nothing displays the beauty of
Bluetooth speakers are readily wood as exquisitely as a well-built available these days in various shapes dreadnought guitar
and colors. But many of them are This Wayne Kramer "Royal Tone" jGET IT BEFORE ITS GONE. 8090 Garner Ter, Floral
shaped oddly and made of plastic. Dreadnought CE from Fender offers RETIRE IN STYLE! 2/2/2 Spruce Creek Preserve LIVE IT, LOVE IT, LET'S MAKE A DEAL. Great! Cit is all you can ask for, Fully furnished, 2/2, out
This speaker from Grain Audio bucks dad everything he'll need to rock out Villa 55+ community $87,500. #706006 home on over 1 AChuge detached man cave. Come see buildings & gorgeous setting. Price to make you smile th rndadopsfr anu od hs aosicM5prt-un o-Debbie Tannery 352-613-3983 what $82,000 can buy you! #71 0544 $42,000. #7071 65
finish on the majority of its exterior ers he's been covertly working on.7
The grain pattern of the wood is Kramer was the lead guitarist for attractive and blends nicely with the the MC5, and his stamp of approval grey rubber edging that surrounds on this guitar is a nod to discerning
the speaker's metal grill. Tablets rocker dads. The guitar has a spruce and phones synced easily after hold- top with a vintage sunburst tone and BACK ON THE MARKETI 3/2/2, fireplace & 2
ing down the "G" button on the top mahogany on the back and sides. Florida room, priced to sell. Don't miss this Newer roof 3/2 WATERFRONT POOL HOME! BRING ALL
forfie scods Thres smevey plihedteh- & HVAC. #709685 5414 S Eaton Terr $69,500 WATERFRONT 2/2 home with gorgeus viesl OFFERS! $94,900. 7271 E. Turner Camp Rd
fo ies c n s h r o ev r oih dtc Jean Cassese 352-201-7034 Mv in radyi1 $1 17,500 #70142 #709895 Sheila Bensinger 352-476-5403
Grovemade iPhone case ($39-$99): nology involved with this guitar as
One way to class up your dad's mo- well. Built into the guitar is a Fishbile gear is to encase it in something man Isys III System preamp, as well slim, not bulky Dads like to ruggedize as an onboard tuner It's really nice everything in huge, obtuse rubbery to be able to quickly tune all six cases. A better-looking alternative strings with the onboard electronics, are some iPhone cases handcrafted instead of having to tote along sepa- ......A PLACE WITH SPACE! 2003 4/2 with 1993
from Oregon black walnut rate tuning gear in a gig bag. MOTIVATED SELLER! BRING ALL OFFERS MARKET IS HOT. Don't get scorched 3/2 plus lvn Den/office splt plan, eat-in kitchen & int
10719 E. Flounder 2/2/2 AC plus plus A wonderful location only $75,000. aun ry 70930. 3543 F Orchid.
__________________________________________________________________________ $69,500 #709229 Debbie Tannery 613-3983 Sunsceen included. #707730 ASKING $74,900. Kim Fuller 352-21 2-5752
a R 5 leads to people wanting a suitable
C0U NTER surface to chop up meat on," says
Wessell, whose company, Brooklyn
Continued from Pfte E5 Butcher Blocks, makes wooden countertops with enough thickness
When the company opened in and durability to be used as cutting IF HOME IS WHERE YOU HANG YOUR HEART. Your Heart will fall in love with this Sugarmil
2002, it catered mostly to well- boards. Clients include barbeque STUNNER! 2005 custom 4/2/3 pool home w/ 2889 living reduced to sell for $259,900! NEW & NO WORRIES.. YOU WILL BE HAPPY! Brentwood
flooring. Gourmet kitchen, pavered lanai & pool, triple tray ceilings, spacious int laundry.Call today! 2/2/2 pool home in with covered lanai & office. heeled dot-commers willing to restaurants as well as home cooks. 71 Oak Village Blvd. 709888. Kim Fuller 352-21 2-5752. ONLY $99,900. 709804. Kim Fuller 352-21 2-5752.
spend more to bring an artisan's While Wessell says his handmade
touch to their kitchens. countertops are more expensive BANK OWNED
Today, Heidebrink says, Cheng than factory-made ones, he can ARIWESTATES
1987 3/2/2 Pool home with
also serves a growing number of make "a sizeable countertop for 1915 living for $186,500.
skilled do-it-yourselfers who want to about a grand," he says. NEW int paint, NEW flooring, NEW
shape, mold and install countertops Of course, no countertop is per- la/C, sumerce, coveredfail
themselves. They can choose the fect Concrete can stain, so it must be rooms, int laundry, split floor plan. CHEAP LIKE A BOTTLE OF BAD PERFUME' 2/2
color and lines of their countertops, sealed properly Wooden counter- 710824. 4393 N Indianhead Rd. Mobile on canal with 1440 living for REDUCED To
Tomika Spires-Hanssen $22,9001 NEEDS WORK. 710411. 3143 CR 431 N
he says. Once installed and sealed, tops take a beating from knives, al- 352-586-6598. Lake Panasoftkee. Thmika Spires-Hanssen 352-586-6598.
he says, concrete countertops are as though Wessell says they can be PR AEFOTBIS
durable as limestone and marble. easily maintained with semi-regular PURaE IsATONd 3/21 Ith S
"They can have that for$0asnig living. Home boasts an updated
square foot," he says. Soapstone, popular for its natural kitchen, roof, A/C, nt paint, &
Nils Wessell in Brooklyn, New look, has its quirks as well, Izzo says: floo enls orelc coveng&raid
York, says the do-it-yourself move- It weathers over time. "Consumers '>patio, 2 sheds & bat dock. Only
ment is also fueling his businesses, generally have to accept that idea PETER PIPER PICKED A HOUSE ON PIKE! $152,900 707400.
. Waterfront fixer upper w/ boat dock & carport. REDUCED 9370 E Tsala Aopka Dr.
in a different way and know that they want a living fin- TO $34,900. 709748. 5460 Pike Way. KmFle 5-1-72
"This DIY interest in cooking ish like that," he says. Tomika Spires-Hanssen 352-586-6598.


Owner relocating three bedrooms, two ,, | g1
bath, two car garage home on 1Y4 acre site CITRU 1 5 W M
with completely fenced back yard. Almost COUNTY E w
1,800 square feet of living area and vaulted FOR Ae--
ceilings make this spacious home a great O 37 M arket
buy! Split plan bedrooms, tiled floors, light SA LES 352 72 6 6oPEN
and bright! Come see the views! Country YEARS. SUN DA
living in Floral City! MLS#710750. P M
I Mary Parsons 634-1273


Lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, over 1700 WATERFRONT-OWNERS LOSS, BUYERS GAIN
*3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, POOL Home sf of living area, open concept, split floor The views here are great. Long canal view form main 54 ACRE FARM WITH HUGE BARN!
Landscaped, 1.5 Acre, Self-Cleaning POOL 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH HOME ON plan, cathedral ceilings, hot tub in lanai, living area, wraparound deck& enclosed screen room. Property features a deep well,
-WOOD Floors, New Appliances SPOTLESS 1/2 ACRE, IN GREAT FAMILY AREA city water, city sewer. Beautiful community Open floor plan with large living/dining area makes this large barn with apt., horse stables
the perfect home for entertaining. Used as vacationwihathossabe
CITRUS HILLS MEMBERSHIP Over 1800 living area. with pool & tennis courts. Original roof and home for Seller. Well maintained. Dock and covered &fenced. Over 200K in improvements
MLS#710218 $229,727 Original owner. AC and priced accordingly. Make an boatslip, carport&storage building. Minutestotown. alone. Gorgeous property in Inverness.
appointment today! MLS #710605 ASKING $79,800
Jeanne or Willard Pickrel 352212-3410 ASKING $129,900 MLS#708269 ASKING: $118,500 Pat Davis (352)212-7280 ONLY 429K Call Martha Snyder ask for file #701513 Call Nancy Jenks at 352-400-8072 View listing: Call Quade 352-302-7699

Picture this! Four BR, 2 baths, a double Bring your horses and ride to the This home has a bunch of rooms, 2/2/2 Freestanding home. Additional features of
garage, a formal DR, large living room, Withlacoochee State Forest. Beautiful HUGE SUGARMILL WOODS POOL HOME where some could be turned into a 3rd this immaculate, move-in ready home include den spacious kitchen with casual dining natural area of Citrus county. Build your 3 Bedroom, 3 bath, with family room, or 4th bedroom. There is living room, kitchen with breakfast bar. A lot of value offered area, and screened lanai with low dream home in area of horse ranches, formal living & dining rooms. Large den, office/3rd bedroom, formal dining by HOA including exterior maintenance, grounds
maintenance pool, looking out to your farms and beautiful houses. Hard to find pool & lanai with summer kitchen room, breakfast nook, inside laundry, maintenance, pool & clubhouse +++.
private Greenbelt! this size lot on Stage Coach Trail. storage, storage and more storage! and 1.5 baths. MLS #710497 PRICED TO SELL AT $119,800
MLS #706844 $225,000 MLS #701047 $39,000 MLS #708830 ASKING $269,900 MLS #706956 ASKING $42,750 Pat Davis (352) 212-7280. View listing &
Ask for Marilyn Booth 726-6668 DavidKurtz Cell 954-383-8786 OFF352-726-6668 Call Lawanda Watt 352-212-1989 Call Stefan Stuart 352-212-0211 visual tour:

OPEN PLAN -A LOT OF ....__ _ Custom Built in 2006
situated on LARGE HALF-ACRE++ home site. Living room WATERFRONT HOME 1/3 acre Fenced, Private Backyard This is a great home 2bed/lbath Caged Pool/RV Pad
features wood burning fireplace, formal dining area, solid Features a gorgeous oversized lot, : All Appliances, NEW ROOF with lots of potential either for the Large Shed, Fenced Yd
surface countertops, new appliances, screen room and pato.
The only thing this home needs is a new owner. Everything huge garage, fireplace, updated kitchen PLEASANT G ROVE School District small family or for a rental. A little High Tray Ceilings, Fireplace
has been done here. Immediate Occupancy. No HOA. & bath, and lots of living space. MLS#705067 $103,000 TLC will go a long way! MLS#708008 $219,000
MLS #708386 ASKING $138,900
Pat Davis (352) 212-7280 PRICED TO SELL $266,900 Jeanne Or Willard Pickrel212-3410 MLS #710872 ASKING $42,500 Jeanne Or Willard Pickrel 352-212-3410
View listing: Call Quade Feeser 352-302-7699 Call Shanna Casey @ 352-270-1352

Dogwood Terr..50 acre mol $24,900 OPEN HOUSE! SUN 12"3PM
GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD: Zellner .50 acre mol $10,900
City water and sewer available,
Woodcrest Ave. $25,000
9.5 acres mol, Mansfield, $74,900 TO LAKE HENDERSON Thendon'tmissthisquiet MontgomeryAcres3/2charmer Move-in ready, spacious 4 bedroom/ TO BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME
CRYSTAL MANOR: Very private, nature preserve-like is just what you desire. This home has many upgrades 3 bath country style home over 3000 Bring your horses and livestock.
and loads of great features including a well-landscaped
1 acre $9,900 plus adjoining lot is setting. An ideal spot for that Dream yard, detached garage, workshop, Florida rm., hot tub, sf of living area! Home sits on 2+ acres Butts up to the Withlacoochee available for same price. $9,900 Home. carport, drywall, greatvisibility, custom glass, and much in a beautiful, peaceful, natural setting. State Park. This is Nature at its
3/2/with 30x50 metal barn on approx. MLS #710667 $98,900 more. Property is minutes from Interstate 75, and three Don't letthis one pass you by! Best! Close to the city of Inverness.
6 acres in great area. $375,000 Owner says "BRING ME AN OFFER" public boat ramps. Fixtures & Furniture negotiable. Great
propertyfor permanentorvacation home. MLS#710556. M LS #706884 ASKING $176,000 MLS #709753 $250,000 Call Ruth Frederick 1-352-563-6866 for info Call Isaac Baylon 726-6668 for details AskFo:Luke Whitehurst72-6668 Call Nancy Jenks 352-400-8072 Lorraine O'Regan 352-586-0075