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Former Pirates standout Hunphreys drafted by Arizona
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90 Partly cloudy and
LOW turning humid.
JUNE 7, 2014 Florida's Best Community Newspaper Serving Florida's Best Community 50* VOL. 119 ISSUE 304

Credit June 6, 1944 remembered

union World honors )-Day's fallen

p Associated Press and lush farmlands of Normandy, in
western France, had an added sense of
Y M CA COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France -It urgency this year: It would be the last
was a day of pride, remembrance and grand commemoration for many of the S Dr, -honors for those who waded through veterans, whether they relived the an
support blood-tinged waves, climbed razor-sharp niversary at home in silence or were
cliffs or fell from the skies, staring down among the some 1,000 who crossed conSpecial to th. death or dying in an invasion that por- tinents to be present despite their frail
Chronicle tended the fall of the Third Reich and age.
the end of World War II. For President Barack Obama, transThe Suncoast Credit It was also a day of high diplomacy for mitting the memory of their "longest
Union Foundation has a Europe not completely at peace. day" means keeping intact the values
announced a $250,000 After 70 years, a dwindling number of that veterans fought and died for
capital campaign veterans, civilian survivors of the brutal "When the war was won, we claimed
pledge to support the battle for Normandy, and 19 world lead- no spoils of victory-we helped Europe
first-ever permanent Associated Press ers and monarchs celebrated on Friday rebuild," Obama said in a speech at the
facility of the YMCA of A Polish veteran arrives Friday to participate in the the sacrifices of D-Day, an assault never Normandy American Cemetery and Methe Suncoast, Citrus French-Polish Commemoration D-Day Ceremony at the matched for its size, planning and morial. It is the site where 9,387 fallen County Branch. Polish cemetery in Urville-Langannerie, in Normandy, derring-do, soldiers rest under white marble
The gift will be used France. See more photos on Page A6. The events spread across the beaches See FA/Page A2
to establish the Youth
and Teen Center, a
1,000-square-foot afterschool space for middle and high school
students.he orStudents will Experiment may aid bay cleanup
have the opportunity
to cultivate values,
skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better
health and educa- A
tional achievement.
The center will include skill-building and
recreational opportun
ties and will be staffed
by caring adults who
are trained to work
with adolescents.
Nineteen percent of
U.S. children get 60 minutes of physical
activity a day, according
to the latest findings of
the YMCAs Family
Health Snapshot a sur- .
vey that gauges children's activity levels
during the school year
"With over 8,500
YMCA members in Cit- .
rus County, we felt it ..
was our responsibility ... __ .....
to support the YMCA
in constructing a permanent space for chil- .
dren and teens," said
Mary Tlachac, execu- MATTHEW BECK/Chronicle
tive director of the ABOVE: Florida Fish and Wildlife officials distribute a granular form of hydrogen peroxide along the floor of King's Bay on Thursday
Suncoast Credit Union morning. When the chemical interacts with Lygnba, it causes the thick, slimy algae to float to the surface, in theory making its removal
Foundation. "This new easier. BELOW: Lygnba algae collects around a crab buoy in King's Bay.
space will allow members to come together
o learn valuessand Oicias look at alternative way to remove Lyngbya
positive behaviors,
healthy eating and ex- ..
ercise habits, and so- A.B. SIDIBE from the county, Southwest Florida
cial responsibility." Staff writer Water Management District, Save Crys"We are grateful for tal River Inc., the University of Florida
partners like Suncoast CRYSTAL RIVER-The idea is simple, (UF), One Rake at a Time and others to
Credit Union Founda- and there is considerable interest in it be- conduct what Lovestrand calls a "treattion who want to join cause of the vexing mats of filamentous ment" experiment in portions of King's
us to ensure that algae called Lyngbya that is choking valu- Bay. The goal, said Lovestrand, is to
everyone, regardless able aquatic vegetation and springvents in treat the muck created by the Lyngbya along to demonstrate the use of peroxide,
of gender, income or the state's springs areas, covering the formerly sandy bottom of which they reportedly have had success
background has the For three days this past week, Robert the bay with hydrogen peroxide. with elsewhere.
opportunity to live life Lovestrand, a biologist with the Florida The UF researchers were the data- "The product is like OxyClean and it is to its fullest," said Fish and Wildlife Conservation Coin- collectors and employees from a company
Gerry Mulligan, Citrus mission (FWC), was joined by officials from Alabama named Aqua Services came See Y/PageA5
County Chronicle publisher and co-chair of
the Citrus Y capital
Th Snoat~eitAtltics hepdeducator succeed Manatee mortality
Union Foundationth eel d
is sponsored entirelyra e i do b e ig t
by Suncoast Credit ANGELA MARIA Fifteen years since taking his
Union, allowing DEJESUS first job in education, he's found ra e i do b e i it
100 percent of funds Staff writer his niche in motivating his stu- A.B. SIDIBE
contributed to go di- dents and co-workers. And it's a Safwie
rectly to the organiza- Safwie
tions and initiatives -Brad Breedlove did not fore- career in which he has excelled,
that assist children in -see the unexpected and painful having been named the 2014 Another manatee death earlier this week has now
the communities the turn of events that led him off North Carolina High School placed Citrus County's sea cow mortality rates at
credit union serves. In the path of a career in football Principal of the Year double digits five months into 2014.
203 SnoatCrdtand gave him an opportunity to "I think that athletics has re- Mike and Stacy Dunn, operators of Manatees in
Union ounast dt Brad motivate an entire student body ally helped me be a school Paradise -a tour-boat business -who are also auxproidd $.7 ion Bred~veleader," Breedlove said during iliaries for the Florida Fish and Wildlife ConservaUin f found andilion formerecaoe His journey from Lecanto a recent phone interview, tion Commission (FWC) and go to scenes of
infnigadgrants football player HgScolvriyftblto The year following an injury, distressed or dead manatees, recovered the carcass
for a total of $9 million now a principal education administration is not Breedlove started coaching in the Dixie Shores area near Fort Island Trail. since its inception in of the year in unheard of, but it's not a com1992. North Carolina. mon path, either See AWR/Page A5 See 1AAE/Page A5

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I~,1 ii lB I Guardian ad Litems otter special help for A student is credited with stopping a gunman In the 50 years since the Unisphere, Judaism
6 58205 5 children in court./A3 Thursday after a shooting in Seattle./AlO has made some major changes/Cl

AAR um JUNE 7, 2O14 LOCAL/WORLD Onmus Caviar (FL) CHluarcEa

Lecanto School of Art hosts summer program

MORGAN BROWN/For the Chronicle
LEFT: Carmen Chinchilla, left, Haley Thomasson, Malina Glaum and Alexis Stires tie dye T-shirts Wednesday at the SALSA (Summer Arts at Lecanto School of Art) camp. The camp was at Citrus Springs Middle School. The camp was for kindergarten through ninth-grade students. Signups for next year will begin mid-March, 2015. TOP RIGHT: Nathan Rosamond, 13, works on his watercolor painting Wednesday. He was one of many students attending the SALSA camp. This year, third-graders through ninth-graders worked with clay, paint, printmaking, sculpture, tie dye and glass fusing. Sixth-graders through ninth-graders also got to cook, making a variety of foods. BOTTOM RIGHT: Alex Hebert, left, Mason Trudeau, Andrew Cruz, Tabitha Reinhardt and Christian Dimech drew with chalk on the sidewalk on Wednesday. Hebert, a rising senior from Lecanto High School, is one of the many SALSA volunteers. This year, the younger students, kindergarten
through second grade, worked with clay, paint, weaving, tie dye and paper making.

~A IEngland, who dined at came a moment to try to Obama met privately, and the site of the main inter- Hoc to put out of action six
D D Ythe French presidential deflate the tense situation briefly, with Putin. national ceremony 155mm Nazi howitzers
palace in the evening, and in Ukraine. The West fears "It is because France it- It was 6:30 am. on June 6, that could target landing Continued from Page Al the king of the Nether- the ongoing fighting there self experienced the bar- 1944, when soldiers started areas. Paratroopers from lands, Willem-Alexander, could fan a new Cold War barity (of war) that it feels wading ashore. Operation the l0istAirborne division tombstones on a bluff as well as political leaders with Moscow, which has a duty to preserve peace Overlord, as the invasion by jumped into dark skies, above Omaha Beach, the from across Europe. Ger- annexed the eastern everywhere, at the fron- U.S., British, Canadian and some getting lost in bloodiest among five man Chancellor Angela Ukraine region of Crimea. tiers of Europe as in Polish forces was code- hedgerows, shot down or beach landings by U.S. and Merkel also joined in, Hollande's invitation to Africa," Hollande said. named, was the first step in caught in trees. British troops. along with a small group of Ukraine's president-elect Dancers re-enacted the breaching Hitler's strangle- At least 4,400 Allied
"This was democracy's German soldiers, as a sign gave impetus to a diplo- drama of the Nazi hold on France and Europe. troops were killed the first beachhead," he said, as- of European unity matic ballet of meetings takeover and battles Besides Sword and Omaha, day, and many thousands
suring veterans that "your Both symbolism and behind the scenes. across Europe against Allied forces landed on more in the ensuing Battle
legacy is in good hands." pragmatism were on Putin, who was present Hitler's forces on a stage at Utah, Juno and Gold of Normandy that opened
F-i5 jets flew over the French President Francois as a tribute to the Russian Sword Beach, one of the beaches -all codenames. the Allied march to Paris cemetery in missing-man Hollande's agenda. With loss of more than 20 mil- landing points near Ahead of the landing, to liberate the Naziformation, a 21 gun salute an invitation to Russian lion troops in WWJJ the Ouistreham, a small port the U.S. Army's 2nd occupied French capital in boomed and taps sounded. President Vladimir Putin, largest among Allies -where British troops Ranger Battalion went in August. Another August asThe day of gratitude who had been elbowed out met with Petro landed and fought their with the 5th Battalion sault was launched by
drew royals including of G-7 talks a day earlier Poroshenko and Obama on way to Pegasus Bridge, a Rangers, scaling the forces from North Africa

Queen Elizabeth 11 of the ceremonies also be- the sidelines of the event. key route. Ouistreham was craggy cliffs of Point du into southern France.

S Page A3 SATURDAY, JUNE 7,2014

Around the

STATE FCAT r suits r I S d

Citrus County up one percent from the previous from the education standpoint, underwent some tweaks after
Animals sought About ha 'of year, the Department of Educa- when you increase by a percent- hearings were held around the
in biting incidents tion announced. Fifty-six percent age point you're moving in the state, fielding more than 19,000
Citrus CountyAnimals stu& ntspassteSt of third through eighth-grade stu- right direction," Stewart said. comments from teachers, parents
Services is seeking leads on dents passed the math test, the This year marks the last admin- and others.
three animal bite incidents: same as in 2013. istration of the FCAT. Students The test results released Friday
0 At about 7 a.m. Thurs- Associated Press In science, 54 percent of fifth- will take a new exam aligned with showed continuing disparities in
day, June 5, a woman was grade students passed, up one the Common Core standards next performance along the lines of
TALLAHASSEE Slightly percent from last year Forty-nine year The new benchmarks have race, ethnicity, disability and Engbitten by a dog in the area more than half of Florida students percent of eighth-grade students been adopted by 45 states and the lish language learner status. of New Florida Avenue, Cal- have passed the state's standard- passed the science test, a two- District of Columbia. They were Sixty-nine percent of white ifornia Street and Pennsyl- ized math and reading exams, ac- pointincrease. developed by a coalition of state third- through eighth-grade stuvania Street in the Beverly cording to results released Friday Education Commissioner officials and education leaders dents performed at a passing level Hills area. Fifty-eight percent of third Pamela Stewart said the and are designed to prepare stu- or higher on the reading exam,
The dog is described as a through eighth-grade students changes, while incremental, were dents for college and the compared to 54 percent of Hissmall Shih Tzu type, black passed the Florida Comprehen- significant workforce. panic students and 38 percent of
and white in color. The vic- sive Assessment Test in reading, "I think when we think about it In Florida, the standards black students. tim stated that the dog is
walked daily between 6:45
and 7:30 a.m. by a female
owner, accompanied with an
additional white Shih Tzu,
and a man on a motorized 14wheel chair/scooter. The J u d icial.,
owner stated to the victim
that the dog was currently
on rabies vaccination, but
veterinarian information was !A
not provided to the victim. su p p ort
0 At about 12:15 p.m.
Thursday, June 5, a man
was bitten by a kitten in the 4
area of 3535 S. Diamond Guardians ofer spec&l
Ave., Inverness.
The kitten was described he for children in court
as being accompanied by a
sibling kitten and it was said MIKE WRIGHT
Staff writer
that one of them was black
and the other was grey and
black. The victim stated that
sometimes Pam Gary's charge
he heard a noise under the
hood of his delivery truck seems too big, too impossible
Her clients are children who
and as he was researching S have been beaten or sexually
the noise he discovered the abused by their parents. two kittens and was bitten If it weren't for Gary and dozens like by one of them. her in Citrus County, these children
The two kittens were last would have no one to stand up for them lot,
seen fleeing across the when it matters.
street from the address of Gary is a volunteer with Guardian ad the incident. Litem, an organization that matches lay
0 At about 1 p.m. Tues- volunteers with children involved in deday, June 3, a woman was pendency cases or other court proceedbitten by a dog in the drive- ings. The guardian is the child's repreway of her own home in the sentative in court, speaking on the child's area of South Rural Terrace behalf and protecting his or her interests. in Floral City. Gary said the guardian's standards are 4 ....
high, but she must keep perspective.
The dog is described as
"I know if s not my job to fix the world," an older, overweight chocoGary said. "If somebody reaches out for late Labrador retriever. The
victim stated that the dog help, I want to help." 711
charged her as she was Gary adopted that attitude years ago
while attending a meeting of Alcoholics walking her own dog in the 4_1
Anonymous. Though not an alcoholic herdriveway of her home, bit- self, Gary had married for the second ing her on the arm. The vic- time an alcoholic and was looking for tim also stated that she a place to provide her hope.
periodically sees the dog She found it at an AA meeting in Rockrunning loose, and it is ford, Illinois, that catered to alcoholics sometimes accompanied and families. Through 12-step meetings,
by another dog. she learned to find balance in her life MATTHEW BECK/Chronicle
If anyone has any infor- and to give away freely what was freely Pam Gray is a certified volunteer with the Guardian ad Litem program in the 5th Judicial mation or knows the where- given her Circuit covering Citrus County.
abouts of any of these "They helped me so much," she said. "I
animals, they are asked to knew I had to help others." have two cases active at any time, but VOLUNTEER TRAINING
contact Citrus CountyAnimal Gary, her husband and two sons moved some have more. Services at 352-746-8400 to Citrus County in 1990 or'91. She saw a These are children removed from their 0 The next Guardian ad Litem training immediately. If the animals column in the newspaper about the new homes by the Department of Children for Citrus County volunteers is Oct. 20
are not located, the bite vic- Guardian ad Litem chapter starting up, and Families for alleged abuse or neglect to 23. For information or to register, tims may have to undergo a and attended the group's first training DCF works with the guardians and the call Sarah Jay at 352-274-5231; or series of rabies shots. session. parents for reunification. email
"It was shocking, all the things I Many of Gary's clients have been physiMMA, kickboxing learned," she said. "The training really cally and sexually abused. She said any- Litem program.
at mail today opened my eyes." one wanting to volunteer needs to "Pam has learned over the years to have
About 100 people volunteer their time understand that. realistic expectations," she said. 'All it



Birthday-You will see significant im- Today is Saturday, June 7, the
provements in your business dealings 158th day of 2014. There are 207
this year. Remarkable opportunities will
become available as professionals and Italy's singing days left in the year.
people of influence gravitate to you. Today's Highlights in History:
Gemini (May 21-June 20) Make nun wins 'Voice' On June 7, 1939, King George V
sure your intentions are clear. You will competition and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, arlose valuable allies if you are too rived at Niagara Falls, New York,
vague or wishy-washy. MILAN -A nun who became from Canada on the first visit to the
Cancer (June 21-July 22) -You can an Internet star for her un- United States by a reigning British
make meaningful advances in your ca- adorned pop song performances monarch.
reer. Feel out the situation and con- in full habit triumphed at Italy's On this date:
sider asking for a promotion. version of musical competition In 1769, frontiersman Daniel
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) You will be "The Voice" early Friday, singing Boone first began to explore presfaced with a variety of conflicting emo- and dancing to a song from the ent-day Kentucky.
tions. Love and romance will be on 1980s movie "Flashdance." In 1776, Richard Henry Lee of
your mind, but keep both feet on the Sister Cristina Scuccia has Virginia offered a resolution to the
ground.facntdagoaauineAVriiofeeareouinoth Virgoug fascinated a global audience Continental Congress stating "That
your priorities straight. Don't let your from her first surprise appear- these United Colonies are, and of
desire to have fun cause you to be- ance in a blind audition back in right ought to be, free and indecome lax in your responsibilities. You March to her final number, pendent States."
don't want your reputation to take a hit. "Flashdance ... What a Feeling," Associated Press In 1942, the World War II Battle
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Don't allow that clinched her victory among Robin Thicke, left, performs on stage with Pharrell Williams of Midway ended in a decisive vicothers to take advantage of your good the final four competitors during at the annual Walmart shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, tory for American forces over the nature. If you are faced with someone the four-hour finale. Ark. The meeting drew about 14,000 people, including Imperial Japanese.
else's personal problem, don't meddle; She took the title, and the Uni- workers from around the globe. Ten years ago: A steady, nearjust suggest that he or she find a versal record contract, with a silent stream of people circled
qualified counselor, convincing 62 percent of the Melanie Griffith Sotheby's goes through the rotunda of the Ronald
tion or fee may have strings attached votes but her insistence on files to divorce street with Banksy Reagan Presidential Library in Simi

It may be difficult to say no, but you will wearing a habit for the show has Valley, California, where the body of
be disappointedn. raised concerns among some Antonio Banderas exhibition the nation's 40th president lay in reSagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -You'll faithful who question whether LOS ANGELES Melanie LONDON There's a dead pose before traveling to Washinghave a problem separating reality from such exhibitionism is appropriate Griffith and Antonio Banderas rat at the heart of a new exhibi- ton two days later for a state fantasy. All is not as it seems. Take a for a nun, and among critical are ending their 18-year tion mounted by august auction funeral. closer look at the situation before you viewers who see it as a gimmick marriage, house Sotheby's. Five years ago: Roger Federer
make a commitment. to win attention. Griffith filed for divorce Friday Stuffed and sporting a back- completed a career Grand Slam,
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -You After winning, Scuccia, 25, in Los Angeles, citing irreconcil- pack and a spray can, the rodent winning his first French Open title
can't get rid of insecurities by spending thanked "all those who have able differences for the split, is the creation-cum-alter ego of by sweeping surprise finalist Robin on luxury items. Make a list of your helped me in this difficult period," The actors were married in Banksy, the anonymous street Soderling 6-1, 7-6 (1), 6-4. good qualities, and you will discover including sisters from her order May 1996 and have a 17-year- artist turned art-world superstar. One year ago: President Obama that you have a lot going for you. who have supported her, sitting old daughter together. The pair It's a sign of his status that opened a two-day summit with ChiAquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -You
may be missing a vital piece of infor- in the audience during each ap- first worked together on the set Sotheby's is behind one of the nese President Xi Jinping in Ranmation. If the answer is not clear, ask pearance with joyful smiles. of the 1995 romantic comedy largest-ever Banksy exhibitions, cho Mirage, California.

questions until you have a better She reserved her final thanks "Two Much" and the 52-year- a display of kissing policemen, Today's Birthdays: Actor Ken
understanding. "for the one up there," and in- old actor directed his wife in placard-wearing chimpanzees Osmond ("Leave It to Beaver") is
Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20) -You'll sisted on reciting the Lord's the 1999 film "Crazy in and smiley-faced riot police 71. Actor Liam Neeson is 62. Rock
have second thoughts and will feel Prayer after winning, inviting the Alabama." spanning much of the artist's ca- musician Dave Navarro is 47. TV
growing uncertainty regarding a part- studio audience and a skeptical Banderas in recent years has reer. Some of the works origi- personality Bear Grylls is 40. Tennis nership. Honor the time you've invested panel of judges to join her. served as the voice of the ani- nally sold for as little as $84. player Anna Kournikova is 33. Actor and see things through to the end. "I want Jesus to enter here," mated character Puss in Boots Now, prices range from $6,700 Michael Cera is 26. Actress Shelley
Aries (March 21-April 19) It's time she said. in the "Shrek" films and starred to more than $840,000. Buckner is 25.
to tie up loose ends. Finish pending
projects and organize your personal Scuccia became an Internet in Pedro Almodovar's two most Banksy is not involved in the Thought for Today: "The history
papers. You will be satisfied with what sensation when she appeared in recent films, "The Skin I Live In" show, which is being billed as an of the world shows that when a

you accomplish, a blind audition on the show in and "I'm So Excited!" "unauthorized retrospective." It mean thing was done, man did it;
Taurus (April 20-May 20) Contrac- March singing an Alicia Keys The 55-year-old actress was has been assembled by his for- when a good thing was done, man tual agreements or legal decisions number, "No One," which has nominated for an Oscar for her mer agent Steve Lazarides, who did it." Robert G. Ingersoll, Amershould be put on hold for the moment. since been viewed by at least 50 performance in the 1998 film first met Banksy in the 1990s. ican lawyer and statesman Do your research carefully. million on YouTube. "Working Girl." -From wire reports (1833-1899).

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Melbourne 90 74 ts W. Palm Bch. 90 76 ts
[H| LO PRToday: West winds around 10 knots. Gulf water ...CI0
91/68 O.00" Seas 2 feet. Bay and inland waters a te rature
light chop. Tonight: West winds
around 10 knots. Seas 2 feet. Bay
]IHLo I LO and inland waters a light chop. M9 5 C I T R U S C 0 U N T Y

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Chiaglote 6? 67 85 67 Is Rocheslet, NY 73 51 81 58 e Tom Feeney ............Production and Circulation Director, 563-3275
.... N IT QNChkago 81 49 84 59 pc SCraTIlo 90 56 96 63 s Trista Stokes ........................................... Online Manager, 564-2946
Th4.In l'.Du. RligIr MOD. There is no burn bsim. Ctn~nat 80 59 84 63 pc Sail Lake Chy 88 5,5 83 56p Trista Stokes Classified Manager, 564-2946
For mowe Inbomalon caM! Floila OMejon of Forestry at (352) 754-4777. For moe O ~C~Q l 75 46 79 56 s S~nAnto~Jo 93 75 93 75 pc .............................
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Denver 80 57 0570 49 ts Spokane 74 53 78 52 pc News and feature stories ........................ Charlie Brennan, 563-3225 DesMoines 85 61 75 59 ts St Louts 84 64 79 68 ts rvIOW$s Delrott 80 51 80 61 pc St. swe. Marie i8 43 74 47 sh Community content.................................... Sarah Gatling, 563-5660
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as sns, nower3 s ,~ e(k: e sJy ay ,id t Hartknd 76 58 85 60 pc YESE O YS NATiONAL INIG on~ f...........................................................5 30 7 tlo 92 13 90 78 Pc uoI 10. Th,,,B1CBI The Chronicle is pri nted in part on recycled newsprint. Please
Cu Cut imeraaessoiiCLBEOE Indianapolis 79 58 82 64 pc OWw s ,y,. a recycle your newspaper
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waistlng alnce. Los Angeles 75 60 78 64 SATPublished every Sunday through Saturday
To report ons, pe secadlC~iyof Inverness @352-726-232tCayofC4yta Louisville 83 81 85 66 pc ITIIY H/LISKY Lodo 7 y itusPulihig n
River@035::2-7954216 ext.313, unIncoxpoated Cilns Couty0352-527 7669. Memphis 89 71 .26 89 72 ts ~ ~ Mdi 817p 1624 N. Meadowcrest Blvd., Crystal River, FL 34429
Midwsul 77 58 78 52 pc Aauc 7". ard 8/7 P
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...... mout f riverS .............AI Kng .............. ; AtMason'sCreek ... Montgomery 92 71 .16 91 7;2 ls Berng 89/57tts Moscow 6960t$ POSTMASTER." Send address changes to."
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2.3 gh 0 Low K TO INIIl: d~M= Cairoa 846/ Roe D2/751P 1624 N. MEADOWCREST BLVD., CRYSTAL RIVER, FL 34429
Ch ho#2a*2:0ato K3;09pm. 0,5ft 9:30am, 0.2 ft. lTh03p rOl.1It, fb 1 zlc~alyfudtl Calgary B9/37/pc Sydney e4/53/p<
Crysl2IFiver" l2:52am. 1.8ft lT8p. 2,0tt. 7:40am 0,711, 8:34p.tmO0,4l. n-uuk 1u1wm111a uid.J wi Havana 86/ 8/ts Tokyo 75l 66ir PERIODICAL POSTAGE PAID AT INVERNESS, FL W(Ilacoochee" 10:47am. 3.1 t 2,7fl, 4:50a.m. 1,311, 6-28p.mOit b-81Wsnt=~lmdltoflw4W.W p HongKong 91/82Re Toronlo 7351p SECOND CLASS PERMIT #114280 HwnSa"a 2:22am. 0.a It 2:17 pm. 1.3 ft. 7:59 amr. 0.2f $10C47 p.rC.2 ft WS~i 04 Jowislemf 80/64/pc Warsaw 71/51k ____________________________


AWARD City manager ready to retire
Continued from Page Al

high school sports at a In
school in Chicago.
"And I loved it," said
Breedlove, who was the
1988 pole vault state champion and excelled in football and basketball at LHS.
He said his training in
athletics and his will to
keep moving forward
made him into the princi- Special to the Chronicle A
pal he is today Brad Breedlove, a former Citrus Coun sports standout,
The Wells Fargo Princi- was recently named the 2014 North Carolina High School pal of the Year Program Principal of the Year.
judges nominees for the
award based on criteria
such as the principal's in I'm a motivator.
involvement in school activities and the community, That's my niche.
how they foster academic
achievement, and if they Brad Breedlove
are respected by students, former Citrus County sports standout.
parents, school faculty and
staff and the community happened to me, being headed to Charlotte, North at-large. able to go to Duke." Carolina, with his wife, felBreedlove excels in In 1993, Breedlove grad- low Duke graduate Myrthese areas, but a career in uated from Duke with a iam, whom he married in education was not on his bachelor's degree in his- 1997.
radar screen when he first tory He then spent three Once there, Breedlove played for the Lecanto months in the National interviewed at Sun Valley Panthers. Football League with the High School and was hired
Born in Indianapolis, San Diego Chargers before on the spot as a social
Breedlove moved to Ho- being cut. studies teacher and sports :W
mosassa in 1985 with his He started a new job off coach. He's been in the parents and siblings -just the field with the Chicago Union County educational in time to begin his fresh- Mercantile Exchange. system ever since. man year at Lecanto. Once That following spring he He left Sun Valley High CAROL KIMBROUGH/Special to the Chronicle
there, he played for the received a call from his in 2005 and stepped into Some friends of Crystal River City Manager Andy Houston got together to Panthers as a wide re- agent about an opportu- the administrative role at send him off to retirement on Thursday at Burke's of Ireland in Crystal River. ceiver, finishing his high nity to try out for the Mem- Monroe High School as as- Houston, right, is retiring after eight years of running the city. At left is school football career with phis Mad Dogs a sistant principal. During Inverness City Manager Frank DiGlovanni, who was among those wishing 27 touchdowns, and 139 Canadian Football League his time there, he attained Houston a happy retirement. catches for 2,047 yards. expansion team in the U.S. a second master's in adBreedlove said he was Breedlove fiew to Mem- ministration at Winthrop extremely fortunate to phis to try out for the team University, graduating in play for Lecanto under and endured 30 days of 2007. by Brevard County (46 save it," Mike Dunn
then-head coach Gary two-a-day (double ses- Breedlove then took a M ANATEE deaths), Lee County (29) added.
Hughes, who now coaches sions) training in the Mem- new position as the princi- and Miami-Dade and Vo- Citrus County hosts
in Georgia, and assistant phis heat pal of Weddington High Continued from Page Al lusia, which are tied at 11 about 12 percent of the
coach Ron Allan now He made the team, but School through 2012 before each. Citrus is listed as state's estimated 4,831
athletic director at LHS. his CFL career would be being asked to return to This death brings to 10 having nine fatalities, but manatees but is the mostAllan recalls Breedlove cut short. Monroe High as principal. the number of manatees this data was tallied be- visited county for manaas a good student and an lt was the Mad Dogs' "I'm a motivator," he that have died in the area fore the latest death at tee viewing, according to outstanding athlete. 10th game of the season, said. "That's my niche." since January Dixie Shores. officials.
"He made a lot of things against the Shreveport Pi- He explained that grow- The large female mana- The record year for Fish and Wildlife data look very easy," Allan said. rates, when Breedlove in- ing up as a student athlete tee was reportedly struck manatee deaths in this shows this county's mana'A lot of times he was curred his first major and being surrounded by by a watercraft and was in county was in 2008, when tee deaths in 2014 were
harder on himself than we injury in almost 19 years of people who constantly advanced pregnancy. 22 died. Last year, 16 man- caused by watercraft (one, were as coaches. playing football. preach a strong work ethic Florida Fish and Wildlife atees lost their lives. possibly two with this re"If you're lucky, you get a "I tore my knee up and resiliency is what was has yet to release the "One thing we would cent fatality), other kid like him a couple times pretty good, had surgeries truly important in shaping cause of death. like to let people know human-related causes in your career, and we've and that ended up being him. As a principal, he "It's so sad that these is that whether you acci- (one), perinatal (two), cold been lucky enough to ... the end of my football ca- tries to instill those same gentle giants get struck dentally hit a manatee stress (one), natural (two) have the opportunity to reer," he said. values in his students. and killed in their own or you see that they are and undetermined (two).
coach a special one." A common and often "Our goal," he said, "is to home here in Crystal in distress, just call and In 2008, during the
Their training prepared detrimental football in- be the best that we can be; River where their exis- report it. That would county's record-setting Breedlove to meet the de- jury, Breedlove injured thaf s not leaving anything tence brings in so much help a lot," Mike Dunn manatee mortality year, mands of college football two ligaments and two ten- on the table. We do the money and joy They are said. 22 died eight by
when he accepted a schol- dons in his right knee. He best that we can do each not respected as they 'A lot of people are watercraft. arship to attend and play tore his PCL, a ligament day that we step in for our should be, in my scared to call because To report distressed or for Duke University. that connects the thigh kids, and my expectations opinion," Stacy Dunn they think they will get in dead manatees, call the
"The competition is that bone to the shin bone, and for the students are the said. trouble, but if you acci- FWC hotline at 888-404much better," Breedlove his LCL, which connects same. In life you're not Crab fishermen report- dentally hit one, espe- 3922. said, recalling his time the thigh bone to the calf going to win every time. edly called FWC to report cially in an area that is not Contact Chronicle rewith the Blue Devils. "But bone. But how do you react when the location of the a protected or a speed- porter AB. Sidibe at 352you keep trying. And even- "It was awful," he said, you fall short, where you carcass. zone area, go ahead and 564-2925 or asidibe@
tually I worked my way recalling the life-changing fail? Are you going to give As of May 30, the mor- call it is an accident chronicleonline. com. into the starting role. That incident. "And when it up? Or are you going to tality rate in the county and the manatee could be comes with maturity and happened, I knew it was pick yourself up and dust still stands at fourth in distress and if we get understanding of the game over" yourself off?" statewide, outpaced only there in time we could
at that level. My high Following his injury, As he considered his past YOUR IffERLOCKING
school coaches prepared Breedlove went back to at LHS and where he is NEED A REPORTER? 91 Faceb ok page
me to take that step. work for the Chicago Mer- now, Breedlove said that
"Of course my college cantile Exchange and the the sky's the limit for stu- 0 Approval for story ideas must be granted by the WEEKLY coaches helped me to un- next year began coaching dent athletes, but he added Chronicle's editors before a reporter is assigned. POOL ERVIC
understand the game at a at a local high school. that nothing happens with- 0 Call Mike Arnold, editor, at 352-563-5660 faster pace, and a lot more He was hooked. He de- out the classroom. ext. 1393, or call Charlie Brennan, managing
schemes were involved cided to take night classes "It's great to be a good editor, at 352-563-5660, ext. 1225. but I had a great experi- at DePaul University and athlete," he said, "but if ence. I was very fortunate. graduated in 1999 with his you don't have the aca- 0 Be prepared to leave a message with your name, ... It was probably one of master's degree in educa- demic side of it, that's just phone number and brief description of the story D PAVER
the best things that ever tion. From there he doors that end up closing." idea.

was disappointed. set to begin mechanical should not fear the use of wwwOmOOft- Wood
RAY "The harvester is not harvestinE in the bav is a chemical like Deroxide JFA


D-Day's 70th anniversary Obituaries

Jacqueline Mary
Anderson, 64 Preston, 62
Jacqueline Anderson, The Service of Remem64, of Inverness, Florida, brance for Mrs. Mary L. died Friday, June 6, 2014, Preston, age 62, of Herat Hospice of Citrus nando, Florida, will be and the Nature Coast, held 3:00 PM, Sunday, Inverness. June 8, 2014 at the Beverly
Hills Chapel of Hooper FuAntoinette neral Homes with Pastor
Curtis 96 Kelly Greenawald officiatFORMERLY OF ing. Cremation will be
under the direction of RYTL VE Hooper Crematory, InverAntoinette Curtis, 96, ness, Florida. The family
_C- formerly of Crystal River, requests expressions of

Associated Press Florida, died June 5, 2014, sympathy take the form of World leaders and veterans pose Friday during a group photo for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings at in Seminole. Visitation is memorial donations to Benouville castle. World leaders and veterans gathered by the beaches of Normandy on Friday to mark the from 1 to 1:30 p.m. Tues- Pug Rescue of Florida, PO 70th anniversary of World War 11's D-Day landings. Also pictured are Ukraine President-elect Petro Poroshenko, day, June 10, 2014, with a Box 316, Windermere, FL Slovakia's President Ivan Gasparovic, Norway's King Harald, Britain's Queen Elizabeth, French President Francois Chapel Service following 34786. Online condolences Hollande, Denmark's Queen Margrethe II, Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri, Netherland's King Willem-Alexander, at Fero Funeral Home. may be sent to the family German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron. Graveside service will be at wwwHooperFuneral
at 2 p.m. at Fero Memorial Gardens. Mrs. Preston was born
June 8,1951 in Pawtucket, Truman RI, daughter of James and
Hoenke, 97 Elizabeth (Curry) Tanner
HO MOSASSA She died June 4, 2014 in
Inverness, FL. She worked Truman H. Hoenke, 97, as a central office techniof Homosassa, Florida, cian for Verizon Communipassed away Wednesday, cations, retiring after 31 June 4, 2014, at his home. A years of service. She native of Flint, Michigan, moved to Hernando, he was born Aug. 14, 1916, Florida from Plainville, to Paul and Anna (Reindl) MA 10 years ago and was a Hoenke, one of four chil- member of the Ladies dren. Truman graduated Auxiliary American LeU.S. President Barack Obama, center, and French with a master's degree in gion Post # 237. President Francois Hollande, right, smile next to World civil engineering from the Mrs. Preston was preWar II veteran Kenneth "Rock" Merritt as they arrive University of Michigan. He ceded in death by her parP for the official lunch Friday at Benouville castle in was a career employee of ents and 3 sisters, Frances, Normandy, France. the Panama Canal Coin- Betty Ann and Kathy Surpany, a civil service arm of vivors include her husthe U.S. Government. He band of 31 years, Walter L. retired as chief, Locks Di- Preston of Hernando, son, .... vision. Mr Hoenke's pas- Derek Preston of North
sions in life were centered Providence, RI, 2 daughBaseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra and his granddaughter around boating and sport ters, Keiran and Jennifer
Lindsay Berra look at a quilt and a medal that was fishing, and he enjoyed va- Preston of Boston, MA,
presented to him by members of the U.S. Navy during a cautioning in Vermont each 3 brothers, James Tanner
D-Day presentation Friday at the Yogi Berra Museum in cationing in year. of Seekonk, JA, Edward
Montclair, N.J.. Berra served in the Navy 70 years ago as Truman is survived by Tanner of Attleboro, MA
part of the D-Day invasion. his son, Roger A. Hoenke, and Jack Tanner of Inveralso of Homosassa; and ness and her grand pug, many nieces and nephews. Oliver. He was preceded in death
by his wife of 67 years, OBITUARIES
Betsy Hoenke, on Feb. 27, 0 The Citrus County 2008; a daughter, Diana Chronicle's policy Bauer; and his siblings, permits ofea Muriel, Paul and Guy permits both free and
Wilder Funeral Home, paid obituaries. E-mail

352-563-5660 for
details and pricing
Deadline is 3 p.m. for
Thomas obituaries to appear
Jenkins, 83 in the next day's
0 Obituaries must be
Thomas Edwin Jenkins, verified with the D-Day veteran Antonio Gimenez, 92, of Miami, Fla., waits Britain's Prince Charles, right, laughs Friday as he meets 83, Floral City, died June 4, funeral home or for the start of a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary U.S. President Barak Obama, during an International 2014, at Woodland Terrace. society in charge of of the D-Day landings, at the World War II Memorial in Ceremony with heads of state at Sword Beach A native Floridian, arrangements. Washington, D.C. in Ouistreham, France. Thomas was born March 9, 0 All obituaries will be
1931, in Palm Harbor to edited to conform to the late Guy B. and Mary Associated Press style Belle (Sutton) Jenkins. An unless a request to excellent mechanic, who the contrary is made. helped many of his friends U Free obituaries, run and neighbors with their one day, can include: automotive problems, he full name of was employed as an auto- deceased; age; motive service writer He hometown/state; date served our country in the of death; place of U.S. Army during the Ko- death; date, time and rean War Thomas enjoyed place of visitation and pickin'-n-grinnin', fishing funeral services. and NASCAR racing. He 0 Non-local funeral was admired for being an homes and those adventurous food eater, es- without accounts are pecially spicy dishes. charged a base fee of
Left to cherish his mem- $25 plus $10 per ory is his wife of 60 years, column inch, payable Dora Darlene Jenkins; his in advance. ~son, Joe Jenkins and fiancee Patty Summy, all of Small photos of the World War II English veterans hold hands as the music plays "Auld Lang Syne" during a remembrance ceremony, Floral City; brother, Larry deceased's face can
be included for an
in Arromanches, France, as part of commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landing. Jenkins, Dunedin; sister, additional charge.
Virginia Worsham, Palm Harbor; four grandchil- U Obituaries are at www. ... .- dren; and 10 great- chronicleonlinecom.
.....Graveside committal
service will be at 2 p.m. To Place Your Sunday June 8, 2014, at "In Memor" ad, Curlew Pioneer Cemeteryor next to the Curlew UnitedCotc Methodist Church in PalmCotc Harbor Chas. E. Davis Fu- Darrell Watson 564-2197 neral Home with Crema~tory is assisting the family with arrangements.
Sign the guest book at
www chronicleonline corn.

U A flag will be included
for free for those who
served in the U.S.
military. (Please note
this service when
submitting a free

Military re-enactors look at C s. --. !Z)avrt g''ll'7r ing Our Community...
the World War II vehicles II g S- Funteral Home With Crmtory ....t Your eeds
displayed on the beach of JOSHUA SPOONER [I ]iil Meeting Y u ed'
Arromanches, France, on L~~!IIIService: Saturday 1:00 PM I
Friday as part of D-Day -TOA EKN
comeortins SmeGraveside: Sunday 2:00 PMI
historical film footage PinerCeetr, al[aro
showed Queen Elizabeth II -ANN PAPARAZZI
as a w ri e rvr a dMass: Monday 1:00 PM -!
mani wthte womve n's ]ll~i Our Lady of Fatima
Auxiliary Tertra evc. .] : Private Arragements o Lecanto, FL 34461 Richard Brown
She was one of the few VIGNI RKY Licensed Fu~nerat Director
hed fsaet aelvdPrivate Arrangements 329 O1 Fax:" 352-795-6694
and served in the war. 726-8323 .


Mon ey& Markets gets you more at cick of the wris Stock mar rk t up after
1,960 ............. 0.. S&13500 16,960 ................ DOW Jones industrials
1,920 Close: 1,949.44 16,740- ... lose. 16,924.28 s r n os rpr
0 Change: 8.98(0.5% Change: 88.17 (0.5%) s rn os rpr
1,880 10 DAYS ..... 6520 10.DAY

1,9500 ...... ............. ...... ...... Associated Press seeing," said JJ Kinahan, off a rough winter and on
1,900 ......chief strategist at TD big steps by the European
6,40 ..... ......... ..... ... NEW YORK -News Ameritrade. "There's Central Bank to revive the
1850 .....
~that U.S. employers added nothing in this report to region's economy
180workers at a good clip for slow this market down, but Other reports revealed a
1,750 ...................................... 1560the fourth straight month all everyone has wanted to rise in manufacturing
1,700....... ......................... .......150 helped send the stock mar- talk about is why the mar- growth in the world's two
D F M..... A ,M .... 'j 1520 ... F M.. A... M ...........4 -K........ ket higher Rriday ket is going to fall." largest economies, U.S.
Sok ecpDWHIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD The Standard & Poor's The S&P 500 index and China. A survey of the
Sok ecpDW 16924.28 16839.64 16924.28 +88.17 +0.52% +2.10% 500 index notched another gained 8.98 points, or 0.5 U.S. service industry,
NYSE NASD DOW Trans. 8210.07 8142.10 8209.96 +69.88 +0.86% +10.94% record high, its eighth in percent to close at 1,949.44. which employs roughly
DOW Util. 554.39 549.39 550.01 -1.59 -0.29% +12.12% the past 10 days. For the The Dow Jones indus- nine out of every ten workVol. (in mil.) 2,803 1,580 NYSE Comp. 10905.12 10865.19 10904.22 +56.53 +0.52% +4.84% week, the index climbed trial average rose 88.17 ers, showed an increase in Pvs. Volume 3,016 1,882 NASDAQ 4322.51 4305.74 4321.40 +25.17 +0.59% +3.47% 1. pecnte hid onsao05pretto ew res, rdu in
Advanced 2294 1869 S&P 500 1949.44 1942.41 1949.44 +8.98 +0.46% +5 3 parent tir.ons4as7.%eret o ne res pouto
Declined 799 738 S&P 400 1412.88 1403.49 1410.43 +8.48 +0.60% +5.06% straight in which it has 16,924.28, and the Nasdaq and hiring.
New Highs 368 152 Wilshire 5000 20665.84 20557.52 20661.86 +104.34 +0.51% +4.85% posted solid gains, composite climbed 25.17 Even so, many investors
New Lows 8 24 Russell 2000 1167.54 1158.39 1165.21 +11.27 +0.98% +0.13% Before the market points, 0.6 percent, to question the stock maropened, the Labor Depart- 4,321.40. ket's slow and steady rise.
Stocks of Local Interest ment said employers Major indexes began a There hasn't been a "cor52-WK RANGE *CLOSE YTD lYR added 217,000 jobs to their steady climb at the start of rection," Wall Street-speak
NAME TICKER LO HI CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN P/E DIV payrolls in May, in the the day then spent the af- for a drop of 10 percent or
AK SeelHol AK 2.2 0 .47 6.4 +.8 +.3 A V V -216 +9.0did range of what economists ternoon sitting tight. In- more, since August 2011.
AT& Stee Hol AKS 1.92 3684 85.43 +.08 -1.3 V V V -1.6 +9.70 dd 8 had expected. The unem- dustrial and energy The market is starting to
AmTT Inc TM 31.746 6.86 3.0 -.08 -10 A A A -0.4 +2547 1501.84f ployment rate stayed put companies, whose success get expensive compared
Ameek nc ME 9.6 - 6.05 53.0 53 1.0A AA +.1+254 2 0.6fat 6.3 percent. Wall Street often hinges on economic with the historical averAnheuser-Busch lnBev BUD 83.94 0 111.38 111.09 +.68 +0.6 A A A +4.3 +24.9 2.82e forecasters had expected growth, led seven of the 10 age. Investors are curBank of America BAG 12.13 0 18.03 15.59 +.16 +1.0 A A V +0.1 +18.1 21 0.04 it to inch up. sectors in the index higher rently paying $17for every
Capital City Bank CCBG 10.12 0 14.71 13.77 +.19 +1.4 A A A +17.0 +19.9 26 0.08 "It's another positive Investor began to feel $1 in earnings for compaCenturyL-ink Inc CTL 27.93 --0 38.21 38.91 .27 -0.7 V A A +15.9 +12.6 dd 2.16 sign, along with retail more optimistic earlier in nies in the S&P 500 index,
Citigroup C 45.06 0~ 55.28 48.93 +30 +0.6 A A A -6.1 -2.7 11 0.04 sales, housing and every- the week on signs that the up from the historical avCommnwlth REIT CWH 20.01 0 28.10 28.08 +.32 +1.2 A A A +20.4 +40.3 dd 1.00 thing else we've been U.S. economy had shaken erage around $15.
Disney DIS 60.41 0 84.95 84.81 -.17 -0.2 A A A +10.7 +35.7 22 0.86f
Duke Energy DUK 64.16 -0- 75.13 71.34 -.39 -0.5 A V A +3.4 +12.0 17 3.12________________ ______________EPR Properties EPR 46.69 0 55.73 55.54 -.15 -0.3 A A A +13.0 +14.9 17 3.42 uieSBRIEF
Exxon Mobil Corp XOM 84.79 0 103.45 101.80 +1.05 +1.0 A V A +0.4 +15.0 11 2.76f Ford Motor F 14.30 - 18.02 17.08 +.40 +2.4 A A A +10.7 +12.3 11 0.50 Icahn discloses new seeks to find a compromise on local-control
Gen Electric GE 22.76 28.09 27.18 +.41 +1.5 A A A -3.0 +18.3 21 0.88 stake in Family Dollar rules -Ta proposal that could trigger a special
HCA Holdings Inc HCA 35.20 0 56.39 55.59 -.67 -1.2 A A A +16.5 +47.6 16 ..legislative session if there's consensus.
Home Depot HD 72.21 0b 83.20 80.84 +.26 +0.3 A A A -2.1 +9.3 21 1.88 NEW YORK Billionaire activist investor The proposal, which comes after months of
Intel Corp INTO 21.89 0 27.76 28.17 +.51 +1.8 A A A +8.5 +15.6 15 0.90 Carl Icahn has acquired a 9.4 percent stake in discussions between the governor's office and
IBM IBM 172.19 -0-- 210.05 188.37 +39 +0.2 A V V -0.6 -6.3 13 4.40f Family Dollar and is urging the discount re- various interest groups, is aimed at trying to
LIKQ Corporation LKQ 23.68 0~- 34.32 28.14 +.25 +0.9 A V A -14.5 +16.5 26 tailer to explore ways to boost its value, stave off more than 10 potential ballot initiaLowes Cos LOW 38.87 0~ 52.08 47.77 +37 +0.8 A A V -3.6 +21.5 21 0.92f Shares of the Matthews, North Carolina, tives in November to limit fracking. Democratic
McDonalds Corp MCD 92.22 --- 103.78 101.98 -.49 -0.5 A V A +5.1 +9.6 19 3.24 company rose nearly 10 percent to $66.40 in Colorado U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is financially
Microsoft Corp MSFT 30.84 0 41.66 41.48 +.27 +0.7 A A A +10.9 +21.6 16 1.12 after-market trading. backing some of the proposals, and he has
Motorola Solutions MSI 53.62 0 68.33 87.88 +.49 +0.7 A A A +0.2 +21.5 17 1.24 In a regulatory disclosure filed Friday, Icahn agreed to drop his support if the proposed NextEra Energy NEE 74.78 --- 101.50 97.44 -.33 -0.3 A A A +13.8 +32.3 21 2.90 said he and his affiliates own nearly measure passes.
Penney JC Co Inc JOP 4.90 0c- 18.90 8.83 +.10 +1.2 V V A -5.7 -53.0 dd ..10.7 million shares of Family Dollar. Based on The intent of the proposed ballot measures
Piedmont Office RIT PDM 15.83 0 19.67 19.70 +.05 +0.3 A A A +19.2 +9.8 41 0.80 its closing price Friday of $60.53, the stake is vary, but one of them would allow cities and Regions Fncl REF 8.82 0~- 11.54 10.83 +.03 +0.3 A A V +7.5 +20.7 14 0.20f worth $647.1 million, counties to ban fracking.
Sears Holdings Corp SHLD 26.62 0~- 54.69 40.80 +.71 +1.8 V V A +2.7 +4.5 dd .. Icahn pointed to some of his prior invest- Gov't won't say how many
Smucker, JIM SJM 87.10 -0- 114.72 105.89 +1.38 +1.3 A A A +2.0 +4.2 20 2.32 ments, including CVR Energy, Forest LaboraTexas lnstru TXN 34.10 49.77 47.50 +.10 +0.2 A A A +8.2 +35.4 25 1.20 tories, Chesapeake Energy and Biogen Idec, immigrants released in US
Time Warner TWX 55.71 ~71.55 71.08 +.20 +0.3 A A A +2.0 +26.7 16 1.27b where his tactics have helped turn around WASHINGTON -The Obama administraUniFirst Corp UNEF 87.68 -~-117.91 102.32 +1.18 +1.2 A A V -4.4 +8.0 17 0.15 those companies' businesses. He said he will tion is releasing inside the United States some
Verizon Comm VZ 45.08 51.94 49.42 +.14 +0.3 V A A +0.6 +6.4 11 2.12 seek to discuss strategies with Family Dollar immigrants who have crossed illegally into the
Vodlafone Group VOID 27.49 0~- 42.14 34.95 +.54 +1.6 V V V -12.6 +17.4 1.82e management as well. country amid a surge in traffic across the MexWalMart Stirs WMT 71.51 0~- 81.37 77.21 -.11 -0.1 A V A -1.9 +5.3 16 1.92f Family Dollar Inc. officials weren't immedi- ican border in southern Texas. But how many
Walgreen Co WAG 43.31 0 75.62 75.03 -.57 -0.8 A A A +30.6 +58.1 26 1.26 ately available to comment late Friday. remains a mystery because the government
Dividend.Footnotes: a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included, b -Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last The news also triggered a rally in the wntdsls h ubr 12 months f Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate j w ntds ls h u b r Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferred. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m- shares of rival Dollar General Corp. amid TeHmln euiyDprmn tre Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or T eH m ln e uiyD p rm n tre paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date.spcltoIahcudpshfram ge fyigm irnstoAznarmteRo
PE Footnotes: q Stock is a closed-end fund no PIE ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd! Loss in last 12 months.wihFmlDoarSaesnDlarG ea, GadeVlyinTxsatmnhafrte
Interestrates NET lYR Stocks the nation's largest dollar-store chain with number of immigrants, including more than
TREASURIES VEST PVS CHG AGO The Standard and Poor's 500 about 11,100 locations, rose more than 4800children taeigon their own, over3-month T-bill .03 0.03 .0 rose on Friday to another re- 4 percent after-hours. whelmed the Border Patrol there.
6-month T-bill .05 0.05 .07 cord. Investors were encour- Family Dollar's low-income shoppers are U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforce52-wk T-bill .09 0.09 .12 aged by a report that employers still struggling as the economic recovery ment has said the immigrants were mostly
___________ .4_ 0.8__002_29_orkrsnApil.Sevnoth families from Central America. They were
The yield on the 5-year T-note 1.65 1.63 +0.02 1.01 -10 sectors of the S&P 500 rose. year while the broader markets are booming. flown from Texas, released in Arizona, and
10O-year Trea- 1 0-year T-note 2.59 2.59 ..2.08 Its revenue and net income for the threetodoreotoanIEficnarw rehy
suryen helda.5 30-year T-bond 3.44 3.44 .. 3.24 months ended March 1 both declined, and were traveling within 15 days.
Yields affect Hertz HTZ sales at stores open at least a year a key The administration would not say Friday
rates on mart- NE Y ls:$77V27 r-.% metric of a retailer's health slipped how many immigrants were affected, or how
gae n te OD ETPSCHG AGO The car rental company said it has 3.8 percent.mayothsimgrnsubeetlrconsumer loans, to review and correct its financial re- manyra spca esoortdbc thoe govegrnnts afseutere-dy
Barclays LongT-Bdldx 3.24 3.24 ..2.96 ports from the past three years. Cooa ose ils sin pre0ac otegvrmn fe 5dy
Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.55 4.55 ..4.31 eyedI on oi n a rules as directed. As many as 400 people were
PIEFD Barclays USAggregate 2.26 2.28 -0.02 2.11 $35 olad flown to Arizona duigone weekend last
RATE FUNDS Barclays US High Yield 5.01 5.02 -0.01 6.16 30 DENVER Lawmakers and groups with a month. Many were dropped off at bus stations
VEST 3.25 .13 Moodys AAA CorplIdx 4.27 4.28 -0.01 4.07 25 stake in oil and gas development in Colorado to travel to their original destinations in the U.S.
8 MO AGO 3.25 13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.89 1.87 +0.02 1.27 204 have a draft bill from the governor's office that From wire reports
1 YR AGO 3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 2.95 2.97 -0.02 2.94M A M J

Commodities FUELS CLOSE PVS. %CHG %VTD Vol.: 43.Omn (5.5x avg.) FE: 40.8
Crude Oil (bbl) 102.66 102.48 +0.18 +4.3 Mkt. Cap: $12.41 b Yield:
The price of oil Ethanol (gal) 2.17 2.03 +0.84 +13.7 Ocdna erl X
increase En- Heating Oil (gal) 2.87 2.88 -0.30 -6.7 Ocdna erl
day as a posi- Natural Gas (mm btu) 4.71 4.70 +0.19 +11.4 Close: $100.38A0.20 or 0.2%Z
tieU..jos Unede as(al .9 .9 0.9~ The energy production company isSo
rier had. trad leddGa-gl) 29 29 0.9 +. spinning off its California holdings
ers anticipating METALS CLOSE PVS. %CHG %YTD thifyerina ewurentt ale.94
more demand Gold (oz) 1252.10 1253.00 -0.07 +4.2 Califo----rni Resources.
for energ Corn Silver (oz) 18.96 19.06 -0.48 -1.9

_1 befuture struggles that it may not become thepast.
Page A8 SATURDAY JUNE 7,2014

C )PIN IO N Publillus Syrus, I B.C.

CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE Looking back to go forward

EDITORIAL BOARD n almost every period of our exposing their improved cir- programs costing about
Gerry Mulligan .................................... publisher history, the national focus cumstances to increases in $800 billion offer the poor an inMike Arnold .............................................. editor has been on the future. The their tax bills. centive not to increase their inCharlie Brennan ........................ managing editor debate about slavery was about It was, for a time, a great come. A half-century later, the
urt Ebitz .................................. citizen member the preservation or the aboli- boon, especially to unionized disagreements continue.
Mac Harris ................................ citizen member tion of the peculiar institution, workers in the manufacturing 0 Was Bill Clinton an effecik not about its origins. The de- sector, and also to hospitals and tive economic steward?
Rebecca Martin ........................ citizen member bate about civil rights was physicians, but in time it On the surface, this seems
Founded Brad Bautista .................................... copy chief about the prerogatives of blacks warped the job market and dis- like a pointless debate, Clinton
by Albert M.
Williamson Logan Mosby .............................. features editor in a changing nation, touted the medical being a former president more
"You nzay differ with my choice, but not my right to choose. not about the roots of world, which in- than a dozen years out of office.
David S. Arthurs publisher emeritus prejudice. The de- creasingly became But it may not be pointless, and
bate about Vietnam dependent on insur- not because his wife, former
was about whether ance reimburse- Secretary of State Hillary RodW EED WARS the country's fall to ments, rather than ham Clinton, is contemplating a
communism would direct patient fees. presidential campaign of her
trigger the fall of This situation led own. (It may be convenient to
other Asian domi- to a generations-long expect that Hillary Clinton's
noes, not about 91 bik,_ cry for national economic policies will mirror
America's legacy of David Shribman health insurance, those of her husband's, but the involvement in the which in turn has re- world of 2017 will bear little reFlow er pow er East. OTHER opened the question semblance to the world of 1993.
Which is whythis is VOICES of tying medical care Hillary Clinton's outlook may
such an extraordi- to employment Now, bear little resemblance to Bill
nary moment in our under Obamacare, Clinton's.)
m a y b e k e y to national life. For the country in many businesses are evaluating This month, the former presrecent weeks has been engaged whether they ought to offer ident embarked on an effort to in three unusual debates, fo- health insurance at all, instead polish his economic record, his cused not on a misty future but considering whether they ought argument based on his claim on a cloudy past designed not to to provide a stipend for their that 7.7 million emerged from a c le a n e r b a y shape the years to come but to workers to purchase their own poverty during his administraunderstand years gone by This plans in the new exchanges tion 100 times as many, he is a distinctly un-American im- perhaps offering more choice, suggested, than during the ReaC hampions of the springs plants in PVC-framed cages pulse, and yet this is a peculiarly an important value on the right gan years.
are floating an idea to keep the animals from ea- American passage, a pause to (which argues for choice in Historians have long debated they hope will help gerly digesting their research examine our most fateful path- schools) and on the left (which how to parcel out credit and clean up area waters. materials. ways and to evaluate our most argues for choice in abortion). blame for economic booms and
In conjunction with Dr Bob Because of the potential in- cherished mythologies. 0 Did the War on Poverty re- declines a debate of particuKnight of the Florida Springs evasive nature and rapid growth This is a moment that comes ally help reduce poverty? lar interest to Bill Clinton, who as the affirmative-action doc- This is one of those debates may have been elected because Institute and Helen Spivey of of the hyacinth in particular trine that has governed admis- whose answers lie in the lies of economic distress during the the King's Bay there is potential ion to the nation's most statistics tell. If the debaters sit George H.W Bush administraSpring Alliance, concern about the s
selective colleges and profes- on the right, they argue that the tion and who may have profnearly a dozen THEISSUE: project getting out ional schools is being Johnson-era anti-poverty pro- ited, at least in the beginning,
volunteers last of hand should s
P roj ect f I oated to ts rethought, as the nation's re- grams created a culture of de- from a recovery that gathered
week cast islands research role some of the plan sponse to the fall of the Soviet pendency, undermining the force at the end of the Bush adof water hyacinth plants could play find their way out- bloc is being reassessed, and dignity and family structures of ministration but took form after and water lettuce side their cages,
in cleanup. li_ as the presidencies of both the poor If they sit on the left, he was inaugurated. The mere
into King's Bay as but in all like Presidents Bush are being they argue the programs ame- act of typing that sentence will,
part of an experi- OUR OPINION: hood this will be reappraised. liorated poverty and limited its of course spawn a long and bitment to see mitigated by care- But standing out amid all spread. Defying stereotypes ex- ter debate, with pugilists taking
whether the Anything's better ful project man- these re-evaluations are three actly 40 years ago, Gary Hart, a positions that are completely
plants might pro- than Lyngbya. agement and other, critical undertakings in Democrat then running for the predictable and also comvide another front manatees, which reanalysis, serious reassess- Senate for the first time, said pletely self-serving.
on which to wage will be all too intents that are not mere aca- the War on Poverty raised "the That debate will never be
the war against the noxious eager to turn the hyacinth into dernic exercises but are instead expectations, but not the living concluded to anyone's satisfacalgae known as Lyngbya, lunch before it can turn itself vital examinations that will, conditions, of the poor" tion, but the reason why the dewhich is currently fouling the into more hyacinth. even as they look back, guide Spending on programs em- bate began in the first place is
Americans as they move for- ploying an income test pro- of vital importance. It underbay and choking out the In light of the reticence of ward. Here are the old ques- viding proportionately more to lines the significance in the
growth of plants that provide the state Legislature to tackle tions, full of new implications, the poor than to others now Clinton years, at the end of the food for foraging manatees springs pollution from a policy which are being asked by poli- represent about one out of Obama years and at the beginand help regulate the aquatic standpoint by, say, banning cymakers and voters alike: every six dollars of federal ex- ning of the 45th presidency of ecosystem. the use of certain types of fast- 0 How did we get into this ir- penditures. Those on the right the issue of inequality. By the
Though the hyacinth is con- release fertilizers to try to con- rational situation with medical argue that official statistics in- time the 2016 campaign begins, sidered an invasive species trol nitrogen pollution it's care, where health insurance is dicate that the number of poor Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Masin many areas, the floating, encouraging to see citizens tied to employment? has increased or at best re- sachusetts and French econoflowering perennial helps to and experts taking the cleanup No one designing a health- mained constant since 1964, de- mist Thomas Piketty, both of deprive bottom-dwelling into their own hands. As local care system for a post-indus- spite billions of dollars of whose books are spawning vigflora such as the Lyngbya, resident Art Jones has shown trial nation of enormous wealth spending. But Bruce Meyer of orous debates this spring, won't which is ravaging King's Bay with his One Rake at a Time and with some of the most ad- the University of Chicago and be the only ones talking about
- of needed sunlight, killing initiative, we're not helpless vanced medical facilities in the James Sullivan of Notre Dame inequality. it off and theoretically keep- just because our representa- world would tie the health of its argue that poverty has fallen by ing it from coming back. Even tives in Tallahassee would citizens to the employment of 12.5 percent its citizens. And, in fact no one This is more than a debate for David M. Shribman is better, manatees love the rather fund pet projects than did. It just developed that way, scholars and ideologues; its an- executive editor of stuff so much so that the see to the preservation of one the result of efforts to improve swer will give shape to future the Post-Gazette folks running the project of our state's greatest natural the quality of life of workers' budgets. House Budget Com- (, have had to enclose the resources. families without providing mittee chairman Paul Ryan ar- 412263-1890). Follow him on
wage hikes and without gues that 92 anti-poverty Twitter at ShribmanPG. Hot Corner.- ANIMALS

Get rid of the gun we didn't have to have a shelter.
In Friday's Opinion section, God bless the animals
May 30, it's down in the Hot In the Chronicle for May 30, an
Corner about animal shelters article says "Too many animals."
and I was.reading different arti- Man, why just not say that you i Ykivl-eigedthe U V A U T r n


Letters to THE EDITOR

Supreme court pressured or coerced to tell them to convert.
rulig toubing Pa rticipate in a religious What's more, councils
exercise that doesn't can't discriminate against The Supreme Court's match their own beliefs, minority belief traditions.toWry
ruling in Town of Greece v Yet that's exactly what That means that if an sweetie.*4A
Galloway should trouble could happen as a result imam, a rabbi, or a hu- ielr Pmvn. _ew
anyone who values reli- of the court's ruling. Reli- manist asks to deliver a gious liberty gious minorities, includ- prayer or invocation,
Earlier this month, the ing nonbelievers, are council members can't court ruled that munici- unlikely to be equally rep- deny their request on the pal governments can resented at these meet- basis of religion.
sponsor prayers that re- ings, especially in America is religiously diflect majority religious communities that are verse, and it will become views. According to the heavily Christian. more and more diverse h
court, it's OK for the gov- Town and county coun- over time. Although the erment to favor the reli- cils are the units of gov- courts ruling is out of gious majority at a public erment closest to the touch with that reality our meeting that is meant to people. They should local governments still represent us all. strive to be neutral on the have a chance to make
It is at odds with the subject of religion. sure they respect that dispirit of America to allow Despite the outcome in versity and the people they the majority to impose its Greece v Galloway, council were elected to represent religion on the minority members should choose in- Democracy is, after all, Our democratic institu- clusive invocations, if they about inclusion. I don't This letter is sent on Dealership helps League, giving back $20 tions should respect the have invocations at all. want my neighbors to feel the behalf of the members yot aeal for every test drive we
rights of all belief groups, Even if town councils like they can't participate of the Nature Coast Chap- yot aeal could send their way This
not just the majority choose to have sectarian in local government be- ter of Americans United Crystal Chevrolet takes led to $500 cash donation.
Local council meetings prayers, the Supreme cause of their religious or for Separation of Church action to help youth base- Thanks Crystal Chevrolet are an important time for Court made it clear that philosophical beliefs, and State. ball in Citrus County. for stepping up to the
citizens to come together there are limits on the That's why I'll be keeping They promoted a plate.
and have a say in how prayer practices. Prayers a close eye on my local Sidney Rose test-drive fundraiser for
their communities are can't condemn other reli- government to make sure chapter vice president Stingers Baseball and Chris Richardson
run. No one should be gions or non-theists, or it respects everyone. Inverness Central Citrus Little Lecanto

Sound OFF

Keep your dog cool dangerous in hurricane-force winds, and you could get soup. It was a
Well, summer is not here and so they remain on your lawn. Those years ago, 15 years ago. Why don'N $ 2 0 0
far I have called Animal Control border locks become cannonballs, they do that again? There's no place How would you spend it today to report a dog being left in causing great damage somewhere. around for people to get a snack. the sun with no shade ... Come on. So check around, clean up, store They should not close that WinnIf you have a dog, keep him cool. things that you can, bring in your Dixie. It's an outrage. Keep clean water. Don't leave a trashcan, bring in your recycle buck- o oas in
10-gallon bucket sit out there with ets and keep yourself and your Thanks, o sa aLin green mold and mildew in it. I'm negbrodsf.% still looking,.egbrodsfr I wish to thank the Homosassa Lions
Anonymitywould hel Please m ve that bat! Club for help and their (commitment) 2 kts5 0glns 14une
Pes moeta o to allI the help that they give back to tilkets gaos ouncesd
Code Enforcement could be a lot When are they ever going to move their community. They do a great job more effective if they would take the boat off of King's Bay there? It's and we want to thank them. anonymous complaints from citi- sitting there by the bridge. It was Proud of heritage zens. Recently I tried to tip them off supposed to have been moved that a lot was being cleared of trees months ago and it's still there ... Every so often our calendar will without a perm it. They wouldn't KepWinn-Dixie open come upon atime when we repretake the complaint. Last thing I Kepsent and appreciate those who've need is an angry contractor coming It is such a shame that Bi-Lo, passed before us and given us the after me for turning him in. Winn-Dixie, is closing the Winn-Dixie luxury of the life we live. I'm ex- cups smart phones handbag
store in Meadlowcrest. Residents of tremely proud of my heritage and I 8160 COffee 3 Keep neighborhood safe Meadowcrest count on that store. am extremely proud of our military.
I have been through five Florida Now they have to go to the store
hurricanes and I still look forward to down the road where it's more con- Thanks for the article the newspaper section on prepared- gested. Some of them come there in I want to thank the Chronicle for Enter to Win at: Survey Code:
ness. However, very seldom do you their motorized wheelchairs. Years publishing Cal Thomas' recent edli- www.pulsepoll corn 023
see anything about your yard care. ago there used to be a lovely caf6 by tonial on hypocrisy of free speech in Lawn furniture, decorations, flower- the deli and the workers at Meadow- our country. I do appreciate you putpots, borders made out of rocks, crest used to come and have their ting interesting editorials like this in Pulse Research
and even your garden hose become lunch there and they had sandwiches the paper. Thank you very much. H



Nation BRIEFS Watchdog: VA may have retaliated Work/lBRIEFS

Skilled Departure
aAssociated Press seven days after complain- VA officials falsified problems and find soluing to the VAs inspector records to cover up delays tions. However, employees L
WASHINGTON -A fed- general about improper at VA hospitals and clinics will not come forward eral investigative agency is scheduling. nationwide. if they fear retaliation,"
looking into claims that The agency also blocked Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner said in a Veterans Affairs supervi- a 30-day suspension with- Lerner said her office ap- statement.sors retaliated against 37 out pay for another VA em- preciates the VAs cooper- The special counsel's of-~ /employees who filed ployee who reported ation in agreeing to fice is investigating com/j / whistleblower complaints, inappropriate use of pa- postpone disciplinary ac- plaints of retaliation from
including some who com- tient restraints and tions against the three em- employees at 28 VA faciliplained about improper blocked demotion of a ployees who filed ties in 18 states and Puerto V
scheduling practices at the third employee who re- complaints, but said the Rico, spokesman Nick
heart of a growing health ported mishandling of pa- VA should not retaliate Schwellenbach said. AsoitdPes. care scandal. tient care funds, a against workers who are About half the 37 comOlvi ClvrAshs oitdfrs The independent Office spokesman said Friday trying to disclose and pre- plaints have been resolivi Culver 9,lashosoff of Special Counsel said it The report by the spe- vent wrongdoing. ported in the past two
skso Fr hlahoope has blocked disciplinary cial counsel's office comes "Receiving candid infor- months, after allegations skil striday a the Getl actions against three VA amid a furor over allega- mation about harmful about treatment delays
Scous ofSoutwest employees who reported tions that patients have practices from employees and secret waiting lists at Ascae rs
Indiana hosted Girl Scout wrongdoing, including one waited three months or will be critical to the the VA hospital in Phoenix A child reacts Friday as Summer Showcase at the who was suspended for more for appointments as VAs efforts to identify became public in April. passengers wait aboard a
Evansville Museum of bus to be evacuated from
Arts, History and Science Slovyansk in eastern
in Evansville, Ind. Ukraine. People are moving away from Slovyansk
0 ~ because of continued
fighting throughout the
UNCF to receive area.
$25M Koch gift St dnhr
WASHINGTON -The North Korea
United Negro College Fund hligA eia
announced a $25 million hligA eia
grant Friday from Koch In- tourist
dustries Inc. and the SOL ot oe
Charles Koch Foundation NOrt Koreah deae a
a large donation from the56ya-lmnfrmOi consrvatve pwerhuseaccusing him of an unspeciKoch name that Democrats fled crime after he traveled
have sought to vilify head- to the communist-led couning into the 2014 midterm try as a tourist, the nation's
elections. state news agency and the
The NCFknow foritsman's family said Friday. iconic motto, "A mind is a The North is now holding
terrible thing to waste," sup- ...........three Americans.
ports historically black col- .............The state Korean Central
leges and universities and News Agency identified the
provides scholarships. latest detainee as Jeffrey
From the donation, Edward Fowle. It said he
$18.5 million will go towardarieinNthKeao nearly 3,000 merit-based April 29 and authorities
scholarships to African- were investigating him for
American students, and committing acts inconsis$6.5 million will go toward tent with the purpose of a
general support for histori- tourist visit. It did not give
cally black colleges and uni- details.
versities and the UNCF. U.S. officials confirmed
This is the fifth-largest gift the detention but didn't
UNCF said it has received. DEAN RUMZThe Seattle Times ietf h esnfrpi
The largest, $1.6 billion, Jon Meis is taken from the shooting scene Thursday by medics at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle. A idetiy heesons or ori-n came from the Bill and 19-year-old man was fatally shot and two other young people were wounded after a gunman entered the foyer vac reaos, nort commsent
Melinda Gates Foundation. at Otto Miller Hall on the Seattle Pacific University campus and started shooting Thursday afternoon. When onfert hat hie wis held the gunman paused to reload, a student building monitor disarmed him. Meis is the student monitor who is atrlaigaBbei i Woman sues credited with stopping the suspected gunman, Aaron R. Ybarra, 26, by pepper spraying him and tackling him. hotel room.
about STD post A spokesman for the
f-t ~ 1.1 .1111family said, Fowle, who is CINCINNATI -An Ohio Seattle buildings monitor hehher-shrayed, tacleledgunman married with three children,
woman whose medical a ~r ~ 'was not on a mission for his
record was posted to Face-chr. book, revealing her name Associated Press defender Ramona Brandes. pay their respects. churhKrahsbe
and a syphilis diagnosis, Ybarra is on suicide watch at the Seattle Mayor Ed Murray iden- Nothn orte rsm
has sued the hospital SEATTLE- The man blasting jail, she said. tified the student killed as Paul pshingrto promt toris
where she was treated and away with a shotgun paused to re- "He is cognizant of the suffer- Lee, a "Korean-American student al part e ofeforg touer the worker who accessed load, and Jon Meis saw his ing of the victims and with a bright future." badly neede freg curher information, chance. their families and the en- The gunman had just asexrem busteontyise
Te2yerodCni-The 22-year-old building moni- tire Seattle Pacific com- entered the science and alsouetremelyesitative
nthe 20-ar-wold then tor pepper-sprayed and tackled munity," she said. "He is engineering buildingintecury
lawsuit this week in Hamil- the gunman Thursday in Seattle sorry"14weheondfien
to onycut adtePacific University's Otto Miller Meis, a dean's list elec- the foyer Classes were Suspect caught
eto uty cutsai thre st Hall, likely preventing further trical engineering stu- taking place upstairs. i hoigo
evetsof hecas wre et carnage, according to police and dent, was emotionally Ybarra was booked into i hoigo
in motion in September, university officials. anguished but not injured the King County Jail and Mounties
when she refused to tell her Meis and other students sub- in the shooting, Har- appeared, wearing a pro- MONCTON, New Brunsex-boyfriend why she was dued him until officers arrived borview Medical Center tective vest, in a j ailhouse wc Amnssetdo
being treated at the Univer- and handcuffed him moments spokeswoman Susan courtroom Friday A judge wunik- mawn suspectedyof
sity of Cincinnati Medical later Gregg said Friday He was Aaron found probable cause to gnigdw he oa
Cente. Polce sad th shooer, wo trated here nd r- Ybara deain hm wihout ail. anadan Monted olic

0 After a rainout 0 Baseball/B2
last week, action 0 Golf/B3
returns to the 0 Scoreboard/B3
Citrus County 0 Auto racing/B4

BREF Humnphreys taken mn seventh round

Former champ Bob Fome CRUS slugger selected by Arizona Diamondbacks
Hewitt indicted on rape charges Staff report out at every level so far, having The MLB Draft Tracker
Former Grand Slam doubles batted .400 with 10 home runs scouting report had the folchampion and one-time Tennis If he makes it to Chase Field, during his senior season of high lowing to say about the former
Hall of Famer Bob Hewitt was at least he'll be used to the heat. school while also notching a Pirate: indicted Friday on charges of Former Crystal River Pirate 1.77 ERA. At St. Johns River "Humphreys has always enrape and sex- and St. Johns River State Viking State College, Humphreys shifted ticed scouts with his power po- Humphreys
ua ssut f Tyler Humphreys was selected to third base but remained a tential and showed this spring takes a swing
and wilsLsFs-ealayrDat spooesaohti 8 gm. A h plte duing algama
iior n wil in the seventh round of the threat at the plate. During his that there was more to hisinPlta
go on tra n Thursday, tae yteArizona hoeruns, knce n57 RBs Humphreys ha aacdANDY HALL/
February, his takenk bytehme kokdinRlyhsablacdNw
Diamondbacks with the 2 10th and managed a .347 batting av- swing but has a good amount i6,tk Daily
l awyer told. overall pick. erage while maintaining a .969
The Associ- Humphreys has been a stand- fielding percentage. See /Page B3
ated Press.
Bob Hewitt Attorney
Alwyn Griebenow said Hewitt denies two charges of rape and one of sexual assault of girls he coached in South Africa decades ago.
Walking with the aid of a stick, the 74-year-old Hewitt attendedITNS ATN
near Johannesburg and told the court he understood the RAYS SNAP MISERABLE SKID1 WITH 4-0 WIN OVER MARINERS
charges. Hewitt was not asked to enter a plea. Griebenow said he would plead not guilty to all three charges at his trial. In South Africa, a defendant is served with indictment papers before his case is sent to a higher court for trial. Hewitt was charged last year and will stand trial from Feb. 9 at South Gauteng High Court. He is accused of raping a girl under the age of 16 in 1981, raping another girl under the age of 16 in 1982, and sexually assaulting a third girl under the age of 18 in 1994, all in South Africa. At least one other woman in the United States has accused Hewitt of sexually abusing her when she was a minor.......... The Australian-born Hewitt won nine grand slam doubles and six mixed doubles titles in the 1960s and 1970s, playing occasionally with former stars Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King. He also reached the Z
semifinals of the men's singles at the Australian Open three times and won the Davis Cup Associated Press
with South Africa in 1974. Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Kevin Kiermaier lines a fourth-inning double off Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Chris
Penguins fire Young on Friday in St. Petersburg. Catching for the Mariners is John Buck.
Byisma, hire Associated Press The Red Sox dropped 10 straight inning to complete a five-hitter
Rutherford as GM from May 15-25, with Tampa Bay AfterJose Molina got his first RBI
PITTSBURGH Jim ST PETERSBURG, Fla. handing them the last three losses this season on a fourth-inning
Rutherford doesn't believe the rik Bedard struck out eight in the streak. This was the Rays' sacrifice fly, Tampa Bay went ahead
Pitbrh egis edt in six innings and the Tampa first victory since then. 3-0 in the fifth on an RBI bunt single
Pittsbrgh Penguins nveedau to E Bay Rays stopped a 10-game Bedard (3-4) scattered four hits and by Desmond Jennings and Yunel
undrg amasiv oerhultolosing streak by beating the Seattle walked one in ending a three-start Escobar's run-scoring single off
regain their spot among the Mariners 4-0 Friday night. losing streak. Jake McGee, Joel Per- Chris Young (5-3).
NHL's elite. The skid tied Boston for the alta and Grant Balfour, who gave up
One thing is for certain: Dan longest in the majors this season. a ninth-inning single, all went one See /Page B2
Bylsma won't be part of the process.
The Penguins fired the franchise's all-time winningest coach on Friday while hiring Rutherford away from the Carolina Hurricanes to replace Ray NI t NLi(
Shr a enrl aagr o supieonly superstars in men's final
Rutherford's first decision was N I .-u 1 e ,
to end the three weeks of limbo for Bylsma, whose star-laden teams had fallen well short of L glttm h m a j k vct old
the Stanley Cup) since winning soite rs


East Division Central Division West Division
W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away
Toronto 38 24 .613 8-2 W-6 19-13 19-11 Detroit 32 25 .561 4-6 W-1 15-14 17-11 Oakland 38 23 .623 - 7-3 W-1 17-12 21-11
NewYork 31 29 .517 6 4-6 W-2 13-16 18-13 Chicago 31 30 .508 3 % 6-4 W-2 17-14 14-16 LosAngeles 31 28 .525 6 3-7 L-1 15-13 16-15 Rays 4, Mariners 0
Baltimore 30 29 .508 6% 1 4-6 L-2 11-13 19-16 Cleveland 30 30 .500 3% 1 6-4 W-6 21-11 9-19 Seattle 31 29 .517 6% 6-4 L-1 14-15 17-14 Seattle Tampa Bay
Boston 27 33 .450 10 4 6-4 L-4 15-17 12-16 Minnesota 28 30 .483 4% 2 5-5 L-1 14-15 14-15 Texas 30 30 .500 7% 1 5-5 W-1 14-15 16-15 ab r h bi ab r h bi
Tampa Bay 24 38 .387 14 8 1-9 W-1 13-16 11-22 Kansas City 29 32 .475 5 2% 5-5 L-1 14-16 15-16 Houston 26 35 .426 12 5% 7-3 W-1 14-18 12-17 J.Jonescf 4 0 0 0 DeJess dh 3 0 0 0
MSndrsrf 2 0 0 0 Zobrist2b 5 0 1 0
NATIONAL LEAGUE Ackleyl If 2 0 0 0 Longori 3b 3 120
Cano2b 4020OLoneylb 4120
East Division Central Division West Division Cano 2b 4 0 2 0 Loney lb 4 1 2 0
W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away W L Pct GB WC L10 Str Home Away Buck c 4 0 0 0 DJnngs cf 2 0 1 1
Atlanta 31 27 .534 4-6 L-2 18-14 13-13 Milwaukee 36 26 .581 - 6-4 L-1 19-13 17-13 San Francisco 39 21 .650 - 7-3 W-2 19-9 20-12 Seager3b 4 0 0 0 Joyce If 3 0 0 0
Miami 32 29 .525 % 6-4 L-1 22-11 10-18 St. Louis 31 31 .500 5 1 2-8 L-2 16-14 15-17 LosAngeles 31 30 .508 8% 1 4-6 L-2 13-19 18-11 Smoak lb 3 0 0 0 SRdrgz ph-f 2 0 0 0
Washington 30 28 .517 1 6-4 W-3 19-15 11-13 Pittsburgh 29 31 .483 6 2 6-4 W-1 17-13 12-18 Colorado 28 31 .475 10% 2% 1-9 L-7 16-10 12-21 Romerdh 3 0 1 0 YEscorss 4 1 2 1
NewYork 28 32 .467 4 3 6-4 L-3 13-17 15-15 Cincinnati 27 32 .458 7% 3% 5-5 L-3 13-15 14-17 San Diego 27 33 .450 12 4 5-5 W-1 15-17 12-16 Gillespi If-rf 3 0 2 0 Kiermrrf 3 1 2 0
B~illerss 3 00 0 J~olinc 2 00 1
Philadelphia 25 34 .424 6% 5% 3-7 W-1 12-19 13-15 Chicago 24 34 .414 10 6 6-4 W-4 14-13 10-21 Arizona 26 36 .419 14 6 6-4 W-3 9-22 17-14 BMilr ss 3 0 0 0 JMoln 31 410 3
ToteaIs 32 05 0 Toteals 31 410 3
Seattle 000 000 000 0
TampaBay 000 120 10x 4
N L LOB-Seattle 6, Tampa Bay 15. 2B-Gillespie
(2), Zobrist (9), Longoria (9), Loney (14), KierN Lmaier (3). S-De.Jennings, J.Molina. SFJ.Molina.
......... ... P H RERBBSO
Cubs 5, Marlins 3 Seattle IP H R ER BB SO
inninC.YoungL,5-3 5 7 3 3 5 3
Beimel 1 1 0 0 2 0
Miami Chicago Wilhelmsen 2 2 1 1 1 1
ab rhbi ab rhbi Tampa Bay
Yelich If 6 0 1 0 Bonifac 2b-cf 6 0 1 0 BedardW,3-4 6 4 0 0 1 8
Lucas2b 6 02 0 Lakecf-lf 6 21 0 BedardW4 6 4 0 0 1 8
Stantonrf 60 0 0 Rizzo lb 6 1 2 4 McGeeH,7 1 0 0 0 0 3
McGeh3b 6 1 2 0 SCastross 5000 Jo.Peralta 1 0 0 0 0 1
GJoneslb 6 1 3 0 Valuen3b 5 0 1 0 Balfour 1 1 0 0 0 2
Ozunacf 6 0 2 0 Schrhltrf 5 1 2 0 HBP-byWilhelmsen(DeJesus).WP-C.Young,
Hchvrrss 4 1 1 0 Villanvp 0 0 0 0 Wilhelmsen. PB-J.Molina.
Mathis c 2 0 0 0 Coghln If-rf 4 0 2 1 Umpires-Home, Tim Timmons; First, Tim
Bourph 1 00 1 JoBakrc 2 00 0
Realmtc 1 0 0 0 Oltph 1 0 0 0 Welke; Second, Todd Tichenor; Third, Clint
Eovaldip 3 0 0 0 Schlittrp 0 0 0 0 Fagan.
Morris p 0 0 0 0 Barney2b 1 0 0 0 T-3:17. A-14,577 (31,042).
RJhnsn ph 1 01 2 Hammlp 2 0 0 0
MDunnp 0 0 0 0 Wrghtp 0 0 0 0 Tigers 6, Red Sox 2
ARamsp 0 00 0 NRmrzp 0 000
JeBakrph 1 0 0 0 Rugginph 1 1 1 0 Boston Detroit
DJnngsp 0 0 0 0 HRndnp 0 0 0 0 ab rhbi ab rhbi
Sloweyp 0 0 0 0 Whitsdc 2 0 0 0 Holt1b 4 1 1 0 Kinsler2b 4 1 1
Totals 49 3123 Totals 46 510 5 Bogarts 3b 4 0 1 1 TrHntrrf 4 2 3 1
Miami 000 000 003 000 0- 3 Pedroia2b 4 1 0 0 MiCarrlb 3 0 1 0
Chicago 000 010 020 000 2- 5
ChiNo outs when inning run0000 2- 5 scored. D.Ortizdh 4 0 1 0 VMrtnzdh 3 11 2
DP-Chicago 1. LOB-Miami 9, Chicago 7. JGoms If 2 0 1 1 Avila c 3 0 1 0
2B-Yelich (10), G.Jones (15), Rizzo (6), Nava ph 1 0 0 0 Holady c 1 1 1 0
Coghlan (1), Ruggiano (4). 3B-Schierholtz Przynsc 4 0 0 0 AJcksncf 3 0 1 1
(2). HR-Rizzo (12). SB-Ozuna (2), Coghlan GSizmr rf 3 0 1 0 Cstllns 3b 4 1 3 0
(1). S-Hechavarria. IP H R ER BB SO JHerrrss 4 0 2 0 AnRmnss 3 0 1 1
Miami BrdlyJrcf 3 0 0 0 RDavisl If 3 0 0 0
Eovaldi 72-36 3 3 1 8 Totals 33 27 2 Totals 31 613 6
Morris 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Boston 100 001 000 2
M.Dunn 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 Detroit 001 120 02x 6
A.Ramos 11-30 0 0 0 3 Nl
A.Ramos 11-30 0 0 0 3 E-An.Romine (7). DP-Boston 4. LOBDa.Jennings 11-32 0 0 0 2 Boston 6, Detroit 5. 2B-Bogaerts (17),
Slowey L,1-1 2-3 2 2 2 0 2 Associated Press J.Gomes (6), J.Herrera (1), Castellanos (10).
Hicagommel 7 6 0 0 1 8 Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz and home plate umpire Bill Miller try to help Detroit Tigers 3B-Holaday (1). HR-Kinsler (6), Tor.Hunter
W.Wright H,4 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 catcher Alex Avila up Friday after Avila was hit in the head by Ortiz's follow through on a swing in the eighth (9), V.Martinez (14). CS-J.Herrera (3). SFN.Ramirez H,6 2-3 0 0 0 0 2 inning in Detroit. Avila left the game. J.Gomes VMartinez, A.Jackson.
H.Rondon BS,2-9 1 4 3 3 0 2 IP H R ERBBSO
Schlitter 2 2 0 0 0 2 Boston
VillanuevaW,2-5 2 0 0 0 0 3 r T ig e rLaRosaL,1-1 52-39 4 4 2 5
Slowey pitched to 2 batters in the 13th.
WP-reorris. Badenhop 11-31 0 0 0 0
T-4:02. A-28,495 (41,072). Capuano 0 2 2 2 0 0
F Mujica 1 1 0 0 0 0
Pirates 15, Brewers 5 Detroit
Milwaukee Pittsburgh SmylyW,3-4 6 5 2 1 1 4
ab rh bi ab rh bi Associated Press NATIONAL LEAGUE KrolH,10 1 1 0 0 0 2
Segurass 3 0 0 1 JHrrsnrf-lf 5 2 1 1 AMERICAN LEAGUE Chamberlain H,12 1 0 0 0 0 0
Braunrf 501 1 NWalkr2b 502 1
Lucroy c 4 1 1 0 AMcCtcf 5 2 2 2 DETROIT Ian Kinsler and Thursday's Games Cubs 5, Marlins 3 Nathan 1 1 0 0 0 1
Wang p 0 0 0 0 Sadler p 0 0 0 0 Torii Hunter hit back-to-back N.YYankees 2, Oakland inningsn) Capuano pitched to 2 batters in the 8th.
Overay ph 1 00 0 1.Davis l b 3 1 0 1 Toronto 7, Detroit 3 WP-R.De La Rosa.
CGomzcf 3 2 2 0 Snchz ph-lb 1 0 0 0 homers in the fifth inning and Vic- Miami11, Tampa Bay 6 A izzo a Umpires-Home, Bill Miller; First, Vic Carapazza;
LSchfr ph-cf 1 0 0 0 RMartn c 3 3 3 4 tor Martinez cleared the fences in Houston 8, L.A. Angels 5 CHICAGO -Anthony Rizzo hit a Second, Adam Hamari; Third, Chris Conroy
ArRmr3b 3 0 2 1 PAlvrz3b 4 2 2 0 the eighth, helping the Detroit Texas, Batimore two-run homer in the 13th inning to T-2:49. A-39,762 (41,681).
Falu 3b 1 0 0 0 Tabata If 4 1 2 2 helping the Detroit Texas 8, Baltimore 6 inning
KDavis If 2 0 1 2 JGomz p 0 0 0 0 Tigers beat the Boston Red Sox Milwaukee 8, Minnesota 5 give the Chicago Cubs a 5-3 victory Athletics 4, Orioles 3
Gennett 2b 3 0 2 0 SMarte cf 1 0 0 1 6-2 and end a season-high five- Kansas City 3, St. Louis 2 over the Miami Marlins on Friday.
Thrnrg p 0 0 0 0 Mercerss 5 2 2 3 Friday's Games Rizzo also had a two-run double in (11 innings)
Maldnd c 1 0 0 0 Cumptn p 1 1 0 0 game losing streak. Oakland 4, Baltimore 3, 11 inningsalso had a two-run double in (11 nning )
MrRynI lb 3 1 1 0 JuWlsn p 0 0 0 0 Drew Smyly (3-4) allowed two Toronto 3, St. Louis 1 the eighth as the Cubs earned their Oakland Baltimore
RLohsep 10 0 00 Snider ph-rf 2 1 2 0 runs on five hits over six inning-s. He Detroit 6, Boston 2 season-high fourth consecutive vic- Gentry f ab rhbi Markks ab rhbi
Totals 33 5115 Totals 39151615 struck out four and walked only one. Tampa Bay4, Seattle 0 tory. Jason Hammel pitched seven Crisp ph-cf 1 1 1 0 Machd 3b 4 1 2 1
Milwaukee 000 201 2 5 Ian Krol and Joba Chamberlain eveandexa ate 2 scoreless innings and Chris Coghlan Lowrie ss 5 0 0 0 N.Cruz dh 4 0 0 0
Pittsburgh 201 028 02x 15 N.Y Yankees 4, Kansas City 2
DP-Milwaukee 1, Pittsburgh 1. LOB-Milwau- each threw an inning of scoreless Houston at Minnesota, late had an RBI double in his first game Dnldsn 3b 3 1 1 1 A.Jones cf 5 0 1 0
kee7, Pittsburgh7.2B-C.Gomez (17), R.Weeks relief and Joe Nathan pitched the Chicago White Sox at L.A. Angels, late against his former team. Cespdsl If 5 0 1 1 C.Davislb 5 1 2 1
(6), A.McCutchen (16), R.Martin (4). HR-A.Mc- DNorrsc 4 1 2 1 Hardy ss 5 1 3 0
Cutchen (7), Mercer(3). SB-K.Davis (1). CS- ninth in a non-save situation with Saturday's Games Junior Lake hit a leadoff single Jaso ph-c 1 1 1 0 Pearce If 5 0 2 0
Segura (7). S--Lohse. SF-Segura, K.Davis. a four-run lead. St. Louis (S.Miller 6-5) at Toronto (Buehrle 10-1), 1:07 p.m
Milkr (7.S P H R ER BB SO se.ISFSeDeuLa.Houston(Feldman3-3)atMinnesota(Gibson4-5),2:10 p.m. against Kevin Slowey (1-1) before Mossrf-lb 5 0 1 0 Schoop2b 4 0 1 1
Milwaukee Rubby De La Rosa (1-1) gave up Cleveland (Tomlin 3-2) at Texas (Tepesch 2-1), 4:05 p.m. Rizzo connected for his 12th homer, Callasp dh 5 0 0 0 Hundly c 3 0 0 0
Lohse L,7-2 5 9 8 8 1 1 fourruns, nine hits and two walks. Seattle (Elias 4-4) at Tampa Bay (Cobb 1-3), 4:10 p.m. belting a long drive to right Blanks lb 401 0 DYongph 1 000
Thornburg 1 3 5 5 4 2 He had five strikeouts over 5 2/3 Boston (Lester 6-6) at Detroit (Scherzer 6-2), 7:15 p.m. Vogtph-rf 1 11 CJosphc 000
Wang 2 4 2 2 1 1 inningS. Yankees (Phelps 1-3)atKansasCity (Duffy3-5), 7:15p.m. Pirates 15, Brewers 5 Punt2b 5 04100 Totals 410313
Pittsburgh inig.Prt s1 ,B e e s5TotalIs 42 4104 TotalIs 41 313 3
Cum to W, -2 1-383 32 3Oakland (Gray 6-1) at Baltimore (Gausman 0-1), 7:15 p.m. CumptonW, l-2 51-38 3 3 2 3 Boston has lost four straight WhiteSox(Sale6-0)atBAngels t(mreShoeausmaen0r3-1),10:05p.m PITTSBURGH Russell Martin Oakland 110 000 010 01 4
Ju.WilsonH,9 2-300 0 0 1 after winning seven in a row Baltimore 010 110 000 00 3
J.Gomez 1 1 0 0 0 1 had three hits, icungathe-u
e 0 LEAGUE had three hits, including a three-run E-Hardy (5). DP-Oakland 1, Baltimore 2.
Sadler 2 s2 2 2 1 1 NATIONAL LEA Uree-run(1)
Lohse pitched to 3 batters in the 6th. AMERICAN LEAGUE double during an eight-run sixth inning, LOB-Oakland 8, Baltimore 7. 2B-Crisp (11),
HBP-by Lohse (R.Martin). WP-Lohse, Wang. Thursday's Games and the Pittsburgh Pirates rolled to a Cespedes (16), Jaso (7), Hardy (14). HR-DonT-3:11. A-35,544 (38,362). Athletics 4, Orioles 3 San Francisco 6, Cincinnati 1 15-5 victory over the Milwaukee Brew aldson (17), D.Norris (6), Machado (4), C.Davis
Washington 4, Philadelphia 2 1(9). SB-Gentry (11), Crisp (11). CS-N.Cruz
Phillies 8, Reds 0 (11 innings) Miami 11, Tampa Bay6 ers on Friday night, handing nemesis (4). S-Machado.
Philadelphia Cincinnati Chicago Cubs 7, N.Y Mets 4 Kyle Lohse his first loss since April 1. IP H R ER BB SO
ab r h bi ab r h bi BALTIMORE Pinch-hitter Stephen Milwaukee 8, Minnesota 5 Oakland
Rollins ss 4 2 1 1 BHmltn c 4 0 0 0 Vogt singled in the tiebreaking run in the Kansas City 3, St. Louis 2 Martin's double keyed an inning that Milone 6 8 3 3 0 3
RCeden ss 0 0 00 B. Pena c 4 0 00 Arizona 12, Colorado 7 increased Pittsburgh's lead to 13-3 and Uln
Ruiz c 5 1 2 0 Phillips 2b 3 0 1 0 11th inning, and the Oakland Athletics Arizona 12, Colorado increased Pittsburgh's lead to 13-3 and Cook 1 1 0 0 0 0
Utley 2b 3 0 3 1 Frazier lb 4 0 0 0 got home runs from Josh Donaldson Friday'sGames included Jose Tabata hitting two RBI Gregerson 2 2 0 0 0 3
Papeln p 0 00 0 Bruce rf 4 01 0 g Chicago Cubs 5, Miami 3,13 innings singles and reliever Tyler Thornburg AbadW,1-2 1 2 0 0 1 0
Howard lb 4 2 1 1 Ludwck If 4 0 10 and Derek Norris in a 4-3 victory over Pittsburgh 15, Milwaukee 5 ing le Doolittle S,8-9 1 0 0 0 0 3
Byrd rf 4 11 0 Cozart ss 4 0 2 0 the Baltimore Orioles. Toronto 3, St. Louis 1 issuing two bases-loaded walks. The Baltimore
DBrwn If 4 1 1 3 RSantg 3b 1 0 0 0 Philadelphia 8, Cincinnati0 Pirates sent 13 batters to the plate. WChen 61-35 2 2 0 4
Mayrrycf 5 0 1 1 Cueto p 1 0 0 0 It was the sixth win in seven games L.A. Dodgers at Colorado, late Lohse (7-2) had won seven consec- R.Webb H,8 2-3 1 0 0 0 0
Brignc 3b 3 0 0 0 Heisey ph 1 000 for the Athletics, who own the best Atlanta atR.Webb H,8 2-3 1 0 0 0 0
Hamelsp 300 0 Ondrskp 0000 utive decisions, the longest active streak O'DayBS,3-5 1 11113
MAdmsp 0000 Mesorcph 1 00 0 record in the AL (38-23) and the best Washington at San Diego, late Z.Britton 2 1 0 0 1 3
Revere ph 1 1 1 0 MParr p 0 0 0 0 road record in the majors (21-11). N.Y Mets at San Francisco, late in the major leagues, but was tagged Meek L,0-2 1 2 1 0 0 1
CHrndz2b 0 0 0 0 LeCure p 0 0 0 0 Ch D d Machad Saturday's Games for eight runs and nine hits in five-plus HBP-byW.Chen (Donaldson).
Broxtn p 0 0 0 0 Chris Davis and Manny Machado St. Louis(S.Miller6-5)atToronto(Buehrle l0-1),l:07p.m. e fiep U
Totals 36 8117 Totals 31 0 5 0 homered for the Orioles. iami (Wdfl-1)atChicagoCubs (Samardzijal-5),4:05p.m. innings. He had won his lastsix decisions Umpires-Home, Larry Vanover First Aingel
Philadelphia 000 310 004 8 U a t P d to 2. Hernandez; Second, Adrian Johnson; Third,
Cincinnati 000 000 000 0 John Jaso led off the 11th with a Milwaukee(Garza3-4)atPittsburgh(Vdquez3-4),4:05p.m. againSt the Pirates, dating to 2011. Gabe Morales.
E-Rollins (6), Frazier (9). LOB-Philadelphia 8, pinch-hit double off Evan Meek (0-2). Dodgers (Greinke 8-2) at Colorado (Chacin 0-4), 4:10 p.m. Brandon Cumpton (1-2) allowed T-3:36. A-28,076 (45,971).
2B--Byrd)Hrn (18),t (7nnt),r l7-),4:0pm. three runs in 5 1/3 innings.Ya e s4,R y s2
Cinnat 07.2-R d(18) .B-Re (7) L).S- With one out, Gold Glove shortstop MetsCdonh-5)atSan FranciscoHudson7-2),0:05p.m. Yankees 4, Royals 2
R.Santiago.SF-Utley, D.Brown. J.J. Hardy botched a grounder, his Atlanta(Santana5-2)atArizona(Miley3-6), 10:10p.m. Phillies 8 Reds 0
IPHRRBONewYork Kansas City
Philadelphia fourth error in two games. Meek went Wshington(Treinen2)atSanDiego(Cashner2-5),10:10p.m. ole ab rh bi ab rh bi
HamelsW,2-3 72-35 0 0 2 7 to third on the play and scored when Ellsury cf 5 1 1 0 Aoki rf 4 0 1 0
Mi.Adams 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Vogt hit a liner to left. INTERL EAGUE Hamels pitched into the eighth inning Gardnr If 4 1 2 0 Infante 2b 4 0 0 0
Papelbon 1 0 0 0 0 0 as he stayed unbeaten against Cincin- Beltran dh 4 0 0 0 Hosmer lb 4 0 0 0
Cueto L,5-5 5 6 4 4 1 5 Yankees 4, Royals 2 Blue Jays 3, Cardinals 1 nati, and Jimmy Rollins moved closer to Teixeir lb 2 2 1 0 BButler dh 4 0 1 0
Ondrusek 2 20 0 14 tePile'htrcrwthasohmr, McCnn c 4013 Ciriaco pr 0000
M.Parra 1 0 0 0 0 1 KANSAS CITY, Mo. Chase Whit- TORONTO Jose Bautista and the Phillies' hit record with a solo homer, Solarte 3b 3 0 0 0 AGordn If 3 2 2 0
LeCure 1-3 34 310 0 ley pitched seven innings for his first Brett Lawrie each homered, rookie leading Philadelphia to an 8-0 victory. ISuzuki rf 4 0 1 0 S.Perez c 4 0 1 1
HBP-by Cueto (Utley, Byrd). WP-Hamels, career win, Brian McCann drove in Marcus Stroman won his second The Phillies ended their longest los- BRorts 2b 3 0 ssb 3 0 1 1
LeCure. three runs with a timely double and straight start and the Toronto Blue ing streak of the season at six games. AEscorss 3 0 1 0
Umpires-Home, Sean Barber; First, Chris Guccione; Second, Paul auert; Third, Tom Hallion. the New York Yankees beat the Jays beat the St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 Cincinnati dropped its third straight. Totals 33 48 4 Totals 32 2 7 2
T-3:18.A-38,331 (42,319). Kansas City Royals 4-2. on for their sixth straight victory. Hamels (2-3) improved to 10-0 in 13 NewYork 013 000 000 4
Kansas City 010 010 000 2
, e ,ean-r - Brian Roberts drove in a run for the Bautista hit a leadoff homer against career appearances against the Reds, E-Infante (2). DP-New York 1. LOB-New
u e Yankees, who finally gave their young Lance Lynn in the third and Lawrie holding them to three runs or less each York 6, Kansas City 4.2B-McCann (7), B.Butright-hander some support. Whitley (1- connected with a two-out drive off time. The Phillies have won all of his ler (11), A.Gordon (17), L.Cain (7), A.Escobar
Blue Jays 3, 0) had allowed five earned runs in his Lynn (6-4) in the fifth. The AL East- 13 starts against Cincinnati. (17).SB-A.Gordon(4).CS-Ryan(1),Aoki(4).
Cardinals I first four starts, and left two of them leading Blue Jays have hit an ML-best The left-hander allowed five hits NewYork
St. Louis Toronto with the lead, only for his team to sad- 89 home runs. and struck out seven in 7 2/3 innings, WhitleyW,1-0 7 5 2 2 0 3
ab r ehybi ab rhbi dle him with a series of no-decisions. The Cardinals turned their first trl2e5 throwing 125nitches. BetancesH,8 1 1 0 0 02
MCrpnt3b 3 1 00 Reyesss 3 0 31 trpe trwn ice.Dav.Robertson S,14-16 1 1 0 0 1
Tavers rf 4 0 0 0 MeCarr If 5 0 1 0 McCann helped take care of that play in nine years but still lost for the Rollins hit his seventh homer off 2
Hollidy If 2 0 1 0 Kratz c 0 0 0 0 with one swing of the bat. His bases- eighth time in 10 games. They Johnny Cueto (5-5), who lasted only Kansas City
Craig lb 402 1 Bautistrf 411 1
YMolin dh 4 0 0 0 Lind lb 2 0 0 0 loaded double off Jeremy Guthrie (2- dropped their fifth straight meeting five innings for his shortest start of the Guthrie L,2-6 7 6 4 4 1 2
Jay cf 4 0 1 0 Encrnc dh 4 0 1 0 6) in the third inning broke a 1-all tie with Toronto. season. The solo homer left Rollins Bueno 1 1 0 0 1 0
JhPerltss 4 01 0 JFrncs3b 3000 Wi.Rodriguez 1 1 0 0 1 1
Descals 2b 4 0 1 0 StTllsn ph-2b 1 0 0 0 and gave New York the lead for good. Toronto has won 15 of 17. six hits shy of the club record. HBP-by Guthrie (Teixeira).
T.Cruz c 4 0 1 0 Lawrie 2b-3b 4 2 2 1 Umpires-Home, Bob Davidson; First, Jerry
DNavrr c 4 0 1 0 Layne; Second, Mike DiMuro; Third, Mike EsPillar pr-lf 0 0 0 0
Gosecf 4020 R A Y Kevin Kiermaier doubled and was not picking me up," said labr ok..,A-23,418,(37,903).
Totals 33 171 Totals 34311 3 went to third on a wild c in the Mariners manager Loyd McClenToronto 001 010 01x 3 fourth before Molina ended a don, who played on the 1989 Chicago
E-Descalso (1), M.Carpenter (7). DP-St. Continued from Page B1 stretch of 19 scoreless innings by Cubs NL East championship team e,/i
rnto 12. 2B--Hoiday (1L5) 3B-Gou (1) Seattle pitchers with his sac fly. managed by Zimmer. "Zim and I
HR-Bautista (15), Lawrie (11). SB-Holliday Young gave up three runs, seven Bedard worked out of a second- have been going to the track for
(2), Reyes(12). P H R ER BB so hits and five walks over five in- and-third, no-out jam in the third the last eight, nine years. I'll miss
st. Louis nings for the Mariners, who had by striking out Miller, James Jones that. Zim was an institution. He
Lynn L,6-4 5 6 2 2 4 6 their five-game winning streak and Michael Saunders. was certainly a mentor to me." ase1
Maness 1 2 0 0 0 0 '
Choate 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 snapped. Saunders left after three in- Tampa Bay RHP Jeremy HellickMote 2-3 3 1 1 0 2 The Rays loaded the bases with nings due to a sore right shoulder. son (elbow) and C Ryan Hanigan I GOLF for two &
ontez -3 0 0 0 0 0 two outs in the second, but failed NOTES: The Rays on Saturday (hamstring) are scheduled to start I I
Stroman W,3-0 6 7 1 1 2 7 score when Molina popped out to will honor the life of senior adviser minor league rehab assignments I 6-PACK of Beer |
Cecil H,14 1-3 0 0 0 1 0 shortstop Brad Miller. Dating to Don Zimmer, who died Wednesday Saturday with Class-A Charlotte. I domestic$ ) $50 u1
McGowanH,4 12-30 0 0 0 0 Satrdy3 omSW u 17t
Janssen S,11-12 1 0 0 0 0 1 last season, it was Molina's 100th night at 83. "I got up (on Thurs- Hellickson hopes to be back be- I 6933SW 179th Valid after4pm only.i
Stroman pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. consecutive at-bat, including 87 day's off day) and getting ready to fore the All-Star break, and Hani- I Dunnellon, FL Mus present
HBP-by Stroman (Holiday). WP-Stroman this year, without an RBI. go to the track, and I realized Zim gan could return next week. 352-522-0309 Expies 91114


Belmont odds Far the record St. Jude Classic Crane takes
The field for Saturday's 146th Belmont par scores
Stakes, with post position, horse's name, jl( t l LO TTER Y Friday atTPC Southwind, Memphis,Tenn.
jockey's name and odds: Purse: $5.8 million, Yardage: 7,239, Par: 70
1. MedalICount Robby Albarado 20-1 (a-amateur)
2. California Chrome Victor Espinoza ierearethewiningnumbersselected 3-5 Suspended second round:
3. Matterhorn Joe Bravo 30-1 HeeaeteM mn nu b r eetd Ben Crane 63-65-128 -12
4. Commanding Curve Shaun Bridgmohanl5-1 Friday in the Florida Lottery: Davis Love 111 65-70-135 -5
5. Ride On Curlin JohnVelazquez 12-1 Billy Horschel 67-68- 135 -5
6. Uatuszak Mike Smith 30-1 CASH 3 (early) J.J. Henry 66-70-136 -4
7. Samraat Jose Ortiz 20-1 3 -5 I Chesson Hadley 67-69-136 -4 Associated Press
8. Commissioner Javier Castellano 20-1 Gonzalo Fdez-Castano 67-70-137 -3
9. Wicked Strong Rajiv Maragh 6-1 WCASH 3 (late) Matt Every 69-68-137 -3 MEMPHIS, Tenn. Ben Crane's back is OK,
10. General a Rod Rosie Napravnik 20-1-3 10.Ti JRa 8A 4 lGraeme McDowell 69-68-137 -3 and his putter couldn't be working much better
11. Tonalist Joel Rosario 8-1 PLAY 4 (early) Jerry Kelly 71-67-138 -2 Tecmiaonhl dhmsota5-under
Trainers (by post position): 1, Dale Romans. ii,. 6-9-8-8 George McNeill 69-69- 138 -2 The combination helped him shoot a 5
2, Art Sherman. 3, Todd Pletcher. 4, Dallas Danny Lee 72-67-139 -1 65 on Friday to open a six-stroke lead in the St.
Stewart. 5, Billy Gowan. 6, Bill Mott. 7, Rick Vi- PLAY 4 (late) Charlie Wi 68-71 -139 -1 Jude Classic before heavy rain delayed play twice
olette Jr. 8, Todd Pletcher. 9, James Jerkens. 10, 6-2-7-9 Luke Guthrie 67-72-139 -1 and forced the suspension of play for the day
Mike Maker. 11, Christophe Clement. TIM FANTASY 5 John Daly 72-67-139 -1 Carl Pettersson and Jason Bohn were tied for
Owners (by post position): 1, Spendthrift s c n d C a t Petters- 2n Jason h d eone holedlf t
Farm. 2, Steve and Carolyn Coburn & Perry and Boo Weekley 69-70- 139 -1
Denise Martin. 3, Eclipse Thoroughbred Part- MEGA MONEY Joe Durant 66-75-141 +1 and Bohn had two to play Davis Love III (70) and
ners, Town and Country Farms. 4, West Point 6 18 23 39 Andres Romero 68-73-141 +1 Billy Horschel (68) were in at 5 under
Thoroughbreds. 5, Daniel J. Dougherty. 6, Thursdays MABALL Ricky Barnes 68-73-141 +1 Friday got off to a slow start with 60 players
George J. Prussin. 7, My Meadowview Farm. 8, MEGA Chad Collins 71-70-141 +1 the
WinStar Farm. 9, Centennial Farms. 10, number ndpayout. 21 Tag Ridings 70-71 -141 +1 needing to wrap up the first round with the secStarlight Racing & Skychai Racing, LLC. 11, Fantasy 5: 9- 10 18 20 26 MEGA MILLIONS Kyle Stanley 69-72- 141 +1 ond started 40 minutes later
Robert S. Evans. 5-of-5 2 winners $108,416.76 12 29 37 49 72 Russell Knox 72-70-142 +2 Lightning delayed play at 1:03 p.m. for 59 minWeights: 126 pounds. Distance: 11/ miles. Joe Ogilvie 69-74-143 +3 utes before play resumed for 13 minutes. Fans
Purse: $1.5 million. First place: $800,000. Sec- 4-of-5 339 $103 M EGA BALL Troy Matteson 71-72-143 +3
ond place: $280,000. Third place: $150,000. 3-of-5 9,974 $9.50 9 Scott Langley 72-71 -143 +3 were sent home before a severe thunderstorm
Fourth place: $100,000. Fifth place: $60,000. J.B. Holmes 73-70-143 +3 drenched the course, filling bunkers, fairways
Post time: 6:52 p.m. Players should verify winning numbers by calling Stephen Ames 71-73-144 +4 and cart paths with water Finally, play for the
850-487-7777 or at MarkWilson 71-73-144 +4 day was suspended just before 5 p.m. Players are
Russell Henley 70-75-145 +5 due back at 7 a.m. so they can make the cut for
Pocono 400 lineup Steven Bowditch 71-74-145 +5
Aftrrayuafn;aceunayL A RW AV ESJohnson Wagner 76-74-150 +10 the third round.
After Friday qualifying; race Sunday O n tS Kris Blanks 75-WD Park, Feng lead in Canada
At Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, Pa. Cameron Beckman 76-WD
Lap length: 2.5 miles Robert Garrigus 79-WD WATERLOO, Ontario Defending champion Hee
(Car number in parentheses) TODAY'S SPORTS Leaderboard Young Park and Shanshan Feng topped the second1. (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 181.415. A O AING SCORE THRU
2. (41) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 181.408. 1. Ben Crane -12 F round leaderboard Friday in the LPGATour's Manulife
3. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 181.316. 9 a.m. (FSI) NASCAR Sprint Cup: Pocono, practice. From 2. Jason Bohn -6 16 Financial Classic, a stroke ahead of Michelle Wie.
4. (4) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 180.832. Pocono International Raceway in Long Pond, Penn. 2. Carl Pettersson -6 17 Park had a 5-under 66 to match Feng at 11-under
5. (24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 180.513. 10:30 a.m. (FSl) NASCAR K&N Pro Series: Bowman Gray. 4. Billy Horschel -5 F 1
6. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 180.458. From Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C. (taped) 4. Davis Love III -5 F 31 at Grey Silo. Feng shot a 66. Anna Nordqvist, a
7. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 179.827. 4. Peter Ualnati -5 DNS two-time winner this year, was 9 under after a 64
8. (88) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 179.565. 11:30 a.m. (FSl) NASCAR Sprint Cup: Pocono, final practice 7. Chesson Hadley -4 F the best round of the week. Second-ranked Inbee Park
9. (55) Brian Vickers, Toyota, 179.548. 1 p.m. (FS1) ARCA Series: Pocono 7. J.J. Henry -4 F was four strokes back at 7 under after shooting a 66.
10. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 179.383. 1 p.m. (NBCSPT) Formula One: Grand Prix of Canada, quali- 7. Kevin Kisner -4 13
11. (3) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 179.326. fying. From Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal 7. Retief Goosen -4 DNS Cochran-Perry, Sluman-Funk share
12. (14)Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 179.126. 8 p.m. (NBCSPT) IndyCar: Firestone 600. From Texas Motor 11. Chad Campbell -3 16
13.(16) Greg Biffle, Ford, 179.258. 11. Ian Poulter -3 17 lead at rain-delayed Legends
14. (42) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 179.229. Speedway in Fort Worth 11. Graeme McDowell -3 F
15.(31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 179.072. COLLEGE BASEBALL 11. Matt Every -3 F RIDGEDALE, Mo. Russ Cochran and Kenny
16. (10) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, 179.051. 5 a.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional: Houston vs. Texas, 11. Jeff Overton -3 16 Perry teamed to birdie the final three holes for a share
17. (78) Martin Truex Jr., Chevrolet, 178.976. Game 1. From Austin, Texas (same-day tape) 11. Cameron Tringale -3 15 of the lead with Jeff Sluman and Fred Funk on Friday
18. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 178.919. 7 a.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional: Stanford vs. Vander- 11. Tim Wilkinson -3 15
19. (15)FredrikyJacobson7in the Champions Tour's rain-delayed Legends of Golf. 20. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 178.678. bilt, Game 1. From Nashville, Tenn. (taped) 11.Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano -3 F The leaders were at 10-under 61 after their better21. (47) A J Allmendinger, Chevrolet, 178.288. 9:30 a.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional: Houston vs. 11.Troy Merritt -3 DNS ball rounds on the Buffalo Ridge course.
22. (43) Aric Almirola, Ford, 178.144. Texas, Game 1 (taped) 11. Phil Mickelson -3 DNS
23. (27) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 178.031. 12 p.m. (ESPN2) NCAA Super Regional: Maryland vs. Virginia, 11. Hudson Swafford -3 DNS Lundberg takes early
24. (51) Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet, 177.288. 11. Brooks Koepka 3 DNS
25. (13) Casey Mears, Chevrolet, 178.045. Game 1. From Charlottesville, Va. 11 rs o -3 DNn 1-stroke lead at Lyoness Open
26. (20) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 177.968. 1 p.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional: College of Charleston round. Play will start at 8 a.m. Saturday. ATZENBRUGG, Austria Mikael Lundberg of Swe27. (5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 177.908. vs. Texas Tech, Game 1. From Lubbock, Texas ATTBUG ustia -irie o n o Swe28. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 177.83. 2 p.m. (ESPN) NCAA Super Regional: Houston vs. Texas, den shot four consecutive birdies on his way to a 68 in
29. (9) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 177.162. Game 2 Friday's Sports Transactions the second round of the Lyoness Open, going 9 under
30. (7) Michael Annett, Chevrolet, 176.308. BASEBALL
31. (40) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 176.025. 3 p.m. (ESPN2) NCAA Super Regional: Stanford vs. Vanderbilt, Americanfor a one-stroke clubhouse lead over England's Lee 32.(34) David Ragan, Ford, 175.922. Game 2 BALTIMORE ORIOLES Placed RHP Slattery, who set a course record.
33. (32)Travis Kvapil, Ford, 175.867. 4 p.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional: Pepperdine vs. Texas Miguel Gonzalez on the 15-day DL, retroactive Slattery carded a 6-under 66, which started with
34. (23) Alex Bowman, Toyota, 175.675. Christian, Game 1. From Fort Worth, Texas to May 31. Recalled RHPTim Berryfrom Bowie three birdies on the first four holes and was rounded
35. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, 175.613.
36. (36) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, 174.958. 7 p.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional, Kennesaw State vs. (EL). Selected the contract of RHP Evan Meek off by an eagle on the par-5 16th. 37.(98) Josh Wise, Ford, Owner Points. Louisville, Game 2. From Louisville, Ky. from Norfolk (IL). Optioned RHP Preston Guil37. 98)Jos Wis, FrdOwne Ponts Lousvilemet to Norfolk.
38. (44) J.J.Yeley, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 8 p.m. (ESPN2) NCAA Super Regional, Louisiana-Lafayette CLEVELAND INDIANS -Activated INF Car39. (66) Timmy Hill, Toyota, Owner Points. vs. Mississippi, Game 1. From Lafayette, La. los Santana from the Z-day DL. Optioned INF
40. (26) Cole Whitt, Toyota, Owner Points. 10 p.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional: Oklahoma State vs. Jesus Aguilarto Columbus (IL). 41. (83) Ryan Truex, Toyota, Owner Points. O P E N
42.(33)Alex Kennedy, Chevrolet, Owner Points. UC Irvine, Game 2. From Stillwater, Okla. OAKLAND ATHLETICS Acquired LHP
43. (77) Dave Blaney, Ford, Owner Points. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Justin Marks from Kansas City for cash consid- Continued from Page BI
1 p.m. (M LB) St. Louis Cardinals at Toronto Blue Jays rations. Designated OF Kent Matthes for as 4p.m. (F1) Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers signment. National League whipped his uppercut of a forehand as only he can.
DRIVER ODDS 4 p.m. (FSNFL) Miami Marlins at Chicago Cubs COLORADO ROCKIES-Selected the con- Toni Nadal, Rafael's uncle and coach, called
Jimmie Johnson 5-1 4 p.m. (SUN) Seattle Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays tractof RHP Eddie Butlerfrom Tulsa (TL). the match "one of the best that he has ever
Kevin Harvick 7-1Chcg
Jeff Gordon 8-1 4 p.m. (WGN-A) Miami Marlins at Chicago Cubs LOSANGELESDODGERS--OptionedlNF played here."
Kyle Busch 9-1 7 p.m. (FOX) New York Yankees at Kansas City Royals Erisbel Arruebarrena to Albuquerque (PCL). Se- That's sure saying something. Toni's nephew
Brad Keselowski 9-1 10 p.m. (MLB) Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles Angels of lected the contract of INF Miguel Rojas from AlDenny Hamlin 10-1 Anaheim or Atlanta Braves at Arizona Diamondbacks buquerque. Transferred RHP Chris Withrow to is 65-1 at the clay-court tournament and carries a
MatKenseth 10-1 eimo Atlanfaordbthe 60-day DL. 34-match winning streak into the final.
Matt Kest 0-1 3 a.m. (ESPNU) NCAA Super Regional: Stanford vs. Vanderbilt,
Joey Logano 12-1 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Recalled INF The thick, gray clouds and chill that became a
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 14-1 Game 2 (same-day tape) Ronny Cedeno from Lehigh Valley (IL). Desig- staple these two weeks gave way to sunshine and
Kasey Kahne 14-1 BOXING nated LHP Cesar Jimenez for assignment. warmth Friday, and Nadal reveled in it.
Carl Edwards 18-1 8 p.m. (SUN) Michael Perez vs. Jorge Romero. From Bayamon, SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Activated "For me, is much better when the weather is
Tony Stewart 18-1 Puerto Rico (taped) RHP Matt Cain from the 15-day DL. Designated
Clint Bowyer 20-1 LHP David Huff for assignment. like today," he said. "My ball creates more topKurt Busch '0-1 EQUESTRIAN American Association spin. The ball goes quicker in the air, and with
Ryan Newman 30-1 2:30 p.m. (NBCSPT) Ogden Phipps Handicap. From Belmont AMARILLO SOX- Released OF Manny Os- my forehand I am able to create more with less."
Brian Vickers 30-1 Park in Elmont, N.Y borne. All in all, Nadal made Murray look rather lost.
Greg Biffle 35-1 4:30 p.m. (NBC) 146th Belmont Stakes KANSAS CITY T-BONES Signed LHP "You wantto be competitive. You wantto make it
Kyle Larson 35-1 GOLF Derek Loera. hard forhim," Murray said. "I wasn't able to do that"
Jamie McMurray 50-1 7a.m. (GOLF) European PGATour: Lyoness Open, third QUEBECCAPITALES- Released RHPTim
MartinTruex Jr. 75-1 round. F Atz en G A ur Brechbuehler. Signed C Larry Balkwill. The No. 2-seeded Djokovic's semifinal was
Austin Dillon 100-1 round. From Atzenbrugg, Austria SIOUX CITY EXPLORERS Released only slightly less perfunctory, a 6-3, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 100-1 1 p.m. (GOLF) PGA Tour: FedEx St. Jude Classic, third round. RHP Ryan Mitchell.Traded 1B Luke Murton to victory over 18th-seeded Ernests Gulbis of Latvia
Paul Menard 125-1 From Memphis, Tenn. Southern Maryland (Atlantic) for a player to be that came first Frday when the temperature hit
Danica Patrick 500-1
Field (All Others) 300-1 3 p.m. (CBS) PGATour: FedEx St. Jude Classic, third round named. 82 degrees.
3 p.m. (GOLF) LPGATour: Manulife Financial LPGA Classic, Atlantic League
third round. From Waterloo, Ont. SUGAR LAND SKEETERS Signed INF Wrapping a cold towel around his neck during
French Open results 5 P.M. (GOLF) Curtis Cup, Day 2. From St. Louis Taylor Harbin. changeovers, Djokovic was brilliant through two
Frontier League sets, then faltered in the third, showing frustraFriday at Stade Roland Garros, Paris 7 p.m. (GOLF) PGA Tour Cleveland Open, third GATEWAY GRIZZLIES Released C tion by spiking a racket so hard he mangled it.
Purse: $34.12 million (Grand Slam) round. From Westlake, Ohio. (same-day tape) Gabriel Molina. Djokovic has made no secret of the importance
Surface: Clay-Outdoor 9 p.m. (GOLF) PGATour Champions: Big Cedar Lodge Legends JOLIET SLAMMERS Signed OF Corey he places on a French Open title to add to the six
singles of Golf, second round. From Ridgedale, Mo. (same-day tape) Keller. Released OF Bill Miller.
Men HOCKEY LAKE ERIE CRUSHERS Signed RHP maosh'1o--fu'tteAutainOe,
Semifinals 7 p.m. (NBC) Stanley Cup Final: New York Rangers at Los Trevor Longfellow. one each at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
Rafael Nadal (1), Spain, def. Andy Murray (7) NORMAL CORNBELTERS Released INF Afterward, Djokovic said he felt "physically faBritain. 6-3. 6-2. 6-1. Angeles Kings, Game 2 Brian Bistagne. tigued a little bit" and was looking forward to
Novak Djokovic (2), Serbia, def. Ernests GuI- LACROSSE TRAVERSE CITY BEACH BUMS Signed resting until Sunday, when the forecast predicts
bis (18), Latvia, 6-3,.6-3,.3-6,.6-3. 7:30 p.m. (FSNFL) Denver Outlaws at Charlotte Hounds RHP Chuck Ghysels. Released LHP Vladamir si lahetbtloacane fri.
WomenBAKTALN tw me inteOe erwihbgnn
Semifinals 5 p.m. (NBCSPT) Pro Motocross Championship Series: ThunderBAETLLN tw me inheO ner, hchbgnn
Hsih S-we, aiwn, nd en Shai 1), Valey Frm Lkeood Coo.National Basketball Association 1968, faced each other as often as these two.
Hsie Suwei Tawan an Peg Suai 1), Valey.Fro Laewod, ob.MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES Named Nadal leads 22-19 overall, 8-3 at majors, and 5-0
China, def. Garbine Muguruza, Spain, and SOCCER Flip Saunders coach. in the French Open- including victories over
Carla Suarez Navarro, Spain, 6-2, 5-7, 6-2. 4 p.m. (UNI) Futbol Amistoso Internacional El Salvador FOOTBALL Djokovic in the 2012 final and 2013 semifinals.
Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci (2), Italy def. contra Espana National Football League
Lucie Hradecka, Czech Republic, and Michaella 53pm.ESNUntdSaevsNira.FoCLVADBRWS-elsdLB But Djokovic won their last four matchups, inKrjc Letherlnds 6-2,le 6-1snileFa Quentin Groves. Cltuding on clay in the final at Rome last month.
Legens Doules Jcksoville Fla.. HOSTON EXANS-Siged DEJadevonHOUSTON___TEXANS--____Signed___DEJadeveon_Round Robin 7:30 p.m. (MNT) Minnesota United FC at Tampa ByRowdies. Cony
Men Under 45 TENNHIS Arena Football League
Sebastien Grosjean and Fabrice Santoro, 9 ~ .(NBC) French Opnwomen's final: Simona Hae vs. ORLANDO PREDATORS- Announced DB D R F
France, def. Sergi Bruguera, Spain, and Andrei 9~.Oe e
Medvedev, Ukraine, 4-6, 6-3, 10-6. Maria SapoaEddie Moten was assigned to the team.
Men Over 45 9 p.m. (TENNIS) French Open women's final (same-day tape) Canadian Football League Cniudfo aeB
Pat Cash, Australia, and Paul Haarhuis 11 p.m. (TENNIS) French Open: Men's doubles final (same- EDMONTON ESKIMOS Signed DE Cniudfo aeD
Netherlands, def. Guy Forget and Henri dytape) Ernest wig lwy
Leconte, France, 6-3,.7-6 (3). dyVOLLEYBALL HCE fsigadms ohsgm n ilawy
Women National Hockey League srk u odaon.H mhesmksu
Iva Majoli, Croatia, and Anastasia Myskina, 1:30 a.m. (NBCSPT) FIVB World League (taped) PITTSBURGH PENGUINS Fired coach stieotag dam utH ph ys aksp
Russia, def. Conchita Martinez, Spain, and MISCELLANEOUS Dan Bylsma. Named Jim Rutherford general for this with above-average power that comes
Nathalie Tauziat, France, 3-6, 6-2, 10-7. 12 p.m. (ESPN) X Games Austin: BMX Dirt Final, Rallycross manager from good bat speed and great raw strength. He
Nathalie Dechy and Sandrine Testud, France, 2 p.m. (B)X Games Austin: Rlyrsskateboard pakSOCCER is also a good defender at third with a solid arm
def. Jana Novotna, Czech Republic, and (AC alcos akMajor League Soccer and good, quick reactions at the hot corner. If
Natasha Zvereva, Belarus, 6-3, 6-4. fiaMt pe sty fin a SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC Loaned G H mhesanhit enuhto get to his raw
Junior Singles 8 p.m. (EP) ames A-ustin: iMoto iX fretlial, BMXi Josh Ford to Orange County (USL Pro) until
BoESBiNAi freestyle14.power, he could fit the profile of a solid allsemifinals 8 p.m. (FS1) U FC: Henderson vs. Khabilov, prelims. From TORONTO FC-Acquired FDominic Oduro a round, run-producing corner infielder."
Jaume Antoni Munar (7), Spain, def. Quentin AuqeuN..from Columbus for F Alvaro Rey While in college, Humphreys was named MidHandys R ( 4),Fac, Rusa,6 ef.OradLu 10pm(FIUC:Hnesnv.K biv North American Soccer League Florida Conference Male Athlete of the Year, and
Andry Rble (4, Rssi, df. rlado uz 1 p~. (S1)UFC Hederon s. hablovNEW YORK COSMOS Named John he was named to the 2014 All Mid-Florida Con(2), Brazil, 7-5, 6-3. Fitzgerald director of training and development ference baseball team. He was also a two-time
Girls Note: Times and channels are subject to change at the programs.NJA Rein8FSABsblPayroth
semifinals discretion of the network. If you are unable to locate a game USL PRONJA Rein8CAABsblPayroth
Ivana Jorovic (1), Serbia, def. Francoise We{fr21 n 04
Abanda (10), Canada, 6-4, 6-0. on the listed channel, please contact your cable pro vider. ARIZONA UNITED-Announced F Rodney Wekfr21an 204
Darya Kasatkina (8), Russia, def. Marketa Wallacewasloanedtotheteamfortwogames Humphreys is not the only Citrus Countian
Vondrousova, Czech Republic, 6-2, 4-6, 6-4. Marketa Vondrousova (7), Czech Republic, def. Yui Kamiji (1), Japan, def. Aniek van Koot, by Portland (MLS). whose name might be called in the draft Beverly
Junior Doubles Luisa Stefani, Brazil, and Renata Zarazua, Mex- Netherlands, 7-6 (7), 6-4. COLLEGE Hills resident and University of Miami signee
Boys ico, 6-4, 6-3. Wheelchair Doubles ARIZONA STATE- Named Scottie Graham Jesse Lepore, who recently graduated from
Semifinals loana Ducu and loana Loredana Rosca, Ro- Men senior associate athletics director.
Benjamin Bonzi and Quentin Halys, France, mania, def. Naiktha Bains, Australia, and Tor- Championship MARYLAND-Announced junior basketball Ocala Trinity Catholic and was named the def. Stefan Kozlov, United States, and Andrey nado Alicia Black (4), United States, 6-3, 6-3. Joachim Gerard, Belgium, and Stephane F Robert Carter, Jr. transferred from Georgia Florida Dairy Farmers Class 4A Player of the Rublev (1), Russia, 6-3, 6-0. Wheelchair Singles Houdet (1), France, def. Gustavo Fernandez, Tech. Year for his 8-1 record, 0.63 ERA and 97 strikeLucas Miedler, Austria, and Akira Santillan, Men Argentina, and NicolasPeifer, France,4-6,6-3,11-9. SAN JOSE STATE- Named Johnny Bega outs, may also attract major league interest beAustralia, def. Orlando Luz and Joao Menezes Championship Women women's water polo coach, fore the draft is finished.
(5), Brazil, 7-6 (7), 6-7 (3), 10-S. Shingo Kunieda (1), Japan, def. Stephane Championship ST. CATHERINE-Announced the resigna- Rounds 11 tO 40 of the draft will be conducted
Girls Houdet (2), France, 6-4, 6-1. Yui Kamiji, Japan, and Jordanne Whiley (2), tion of golf coach Kris Wessinger.toabein g
Semifinals Women Britain, def. Jiske Griffioen and Aniek van Koot STANFORD Named Elizabeth Maloy tdybgnigat 1 p.m. Draft progress can be
Catherine Cartan Bellis, United States, and Championship (1), Netherlands, 7-6 (3), 3-6, 10-8. women's assistant track coach. tracked live at


Citrus County

Sprints return to Speedway shdl

7 Non Winged Sprint Cars Sportsman, ;r Street Stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock,
Pure/Street Stock F-8, Cars of Yesteryear 14 Super Late Model 100, Pro F-8, Champ Karts, Mod Mini-stock, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
21 Modified 6 Pack Series 50, Sportsman, M WI Legends, Bando's, Street Stock, Mini-stock,
Pure Stock, POWDER PUFF, Fan Participation Racing
28 Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series
~.. 50, Street Stock, Mod Mini-stock, Mini-stock,
Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
L; July
77Z=5- Non Winged Sprint Cars, Pure stock50, Street Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie . ....12 Sportman 6 Pack Series 50, Pro F-8, Modifieds, Mod Mini-stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
19- Super Late Model 50, Legends, Bandoleros, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet
Pro, Hornet Rookie, Fan Participation Racing
26- Sportsman, Street Stock, Mod Mini-stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Pure/Street Stock F-8 August
2 Modified 6 Pack Series 50, Non-winged Sprint cars, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie, Pure/Street Stock F-8
9 Super Late Model 50, Pro F-8, DAARA Antiques, Sportsman, Street Stock, Mod
Mini-stock, Mini-stock
16 M ini-stock 50, Modifieds, Legends, Bando's, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie 23 -Sportsman 6 Pack Series 50, Modifieds, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Pure! Street Stock F-8, POWDER PUFF, Fan Participation Racing
30 Super Late Model 50, Mod Mini Fab 4 Series 50, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Ministock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
5-SteetSocK Pure StocK Minktock, POM'VER PUFF, Flag Pole Race, Boat & Trailer Race, ..,~ -Pure/Street Stock F-8, Suit Case Race
6 Modie 6 Pack Series 50, Non-Winged Sprint,
~ -~ -(Sportsman, Mod Mini-stock- Double Points),
-- _____________(Hornet Pro Double Points), Hornet Rookie
13 Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series 50, Street Stock, Pro F-8, Champ Karts, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie, Fan ParBUTCH CRAWFORD/For the Chronicle ticipation Racing 20 Sportsman 6 Pack Currys Roofing 100 Inverness driver Steven Bradley rides his No. 7 non-winged sprint car at the Citrus County Speedway. Bradley finished first in the April 5 sprint Series, Modifieds, Legends, Bando's, Street feature at the Speedway. Stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock
27 Super Late Model 50, Mod Mini Fab 4 Series 50, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet
After inclement weather last week, sprints make their fourth trip to Speedway Pro, Otet oer

4- Modified 6 Pack Series, Non-Winged Sprints, SEAN ARNOLD Citrus series. Terry held what appeared to be an insur- Street Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet
Correspondent The Sportsman class will be without two of mountable lead that night before his car Rookie, Pure Stocks, Pure/Street Stock F-S
brok onlap39,dening he ellvie drver 11 Jack Smith Memorial Late Model 100 its more talented competitors, as Aaron boeola39dnygth levwdrer Race, Pro F-8, Sportsman, Mod Mini-stock,
The popular non-winged sprints make Williamson and Brandon Morris serve out a third feature win. Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
their fourth trip to Inverness this season, suspensions for an incident on May 17. Ryan leads Terry by 25 points at the top of 18 TBARA Frank Riddle Memorial Winged
while an early Father's Day special gives fa- Williamson received a fine and two-race sus- the standings. Sprints, DAARA, Champ Karts, Legends,
thers a $5 admissions discount at the grand- pension from the Citrus County Speedway for Tim Wilson (8), a former Thunder Stock Bando's, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Fan Parstand gate today at the Citrus County his role in a crash with Morris, while Morris, champion at Citrus, is running away with the 2-teticiptio k acingroqtMeo Speedway of Mulberry, was fined and banned for one Street Stock class this season on the back Of rial, Pure Stock, (Modifieds, Pro F-S FINAL
Rounding out today's racing lineup are the race for reaching into Williamson's car after seven feature wins. After consecutive second- POINTS NIGHT), Mod Mini-stock. Sportsman, Mini Stock, Street Stock, Pure the crash and grabbing the Lakeland driver place finishes, fellow Floral City driver Dora November
Stock, Pure and Street Stock Figure 8s, and The top two drivers in the standings are el- Thorne (48) continues to be Wilson's most 1st (Non-Winged Sprint Cars, Sportsman
FINAL POINTS NIGHT), Street Stock, Pure Cars of Yesteryear classes. igible, however Jay Wifoth (4), of Beverly consistent competitor Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie,
Inverness was well represented at the front Hills, leads in points after collecting a pair of Steve Campbell (96), of Pinellas Park, slid POWDER PUFF
of the most recent sprint feature at Citrus on feature wins, while Orlando's Andy Nicholls past Ohio's Tim Bush (400) on the final lap to 8 Mod Mini Fab 4 Series 100 Laps, Super April 5, as hometown favorites Steven (66) sits nine points back after a feature and complete his last-to-first run in the Cars of Late Model 50 Pro F-8, Street Stock, MiniBradley (No. 7 car) and Herb Neumann Jr heat win. Yesteryear feature on April 5. Doug LeCornu so(Hornet PRo iNAONSIH)
(No. 81) finished first and fourth, respectively, Daniel Webster (21), the 2013 champion of (15) came in third that night, behind Bush, 14 Modified Minkstock State Championship
after each won a heat event earlier in the the Florida United Promoters Late Model Se- who held a lead from lap 14 after starting 50, Street Stock End of the Season Champievening. ries, won the most recent Sportsman feature near the back of the field. onship 25, Pure Stock End of the Season
Bradley, a two-time state champion in on May 17, his first night at Citrus this season. The sprint feature is set for 35 laps, while Championship 25, M ini-stock end of the Season Championship 25, Intermingled Practices go-karts, made his return to racing this year Jimmy Kruse (82) made his opening bid for the remainder of classes are scheduled for forTrucks, Modifieds, Sportsman, Late Models.
after a nearly three-year layoff, and picked a third consecutive points championship in 25. 15 Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series
up the win in just his third race back, on his winning the Pure/Street Stock Figure 8s sea- Sprint drivers will be available for auto- 75/ State Chanpionship, Modifieds State 29th birthday son opener on May 24. Kruse established his graphs on the front stretch during intermis- Championship 50, Sportsman State ChamShan Bulers eteniveexpriece t Ct- ead n te scon la, bt hd t fed of son.pionship 50, Late Model State Championship ShaneButle's exensie exprienc at Ct- lad onthe scond ap, ut h50to Champf SKarts0,Cha Triples- Crown CoRacece25
rus showed that night as he recovered from Floral City's Eric Sharrone (59) for the re- Grandstand gates open at 4 p.mi., and heats laps, Fan Participation Racing State Chainan early wreck to nearly edge out Bradley in maining 25 laps. Shannon Lengell (01) came begin at 5:30 p.m. Grandstand admission pionship of the top nine race winners
the race's final moments in placing second. in behind Sharrone to finish third in both Fig- prices for adults are $13 ($8 for fathers), $9 for December
Butler (18), who also has a fifth-place finish ure 8s and Street Stocks on the night students (ages 12 to 17), seniors and military 12th & 13th To Be Announced
at Citrus this year, is eight points back from Three Mini Stock drivers -Richard Kuhn personnel, and $5 for children age 11 and Points standings
division-leader Jimmy Alvis (21). Mickey (47), Bill Ryan (33) and Jason Terry (73)-are younger (free for children shorter than 42 Super Late Models
Kempgens (5), of Tampa, and Indiana's Aaron two-time feature winners this season. Kuhn's inches). Family passes for two adults and two Car # Name Points
Pierce (22) each have a feature win in the latest came in a 50-lap special on May 17. students or children are $30. 4 Randy Anderson 43
77 Brannen Hester 39
85 Ricky Anderson 38
17 Mike Bell 37
87 C.J. Calabrese 36
Open Wheel Mods

KenethnotHamin ins Car# Name Pits
K n e h n tH m i wi s 982 #L.J. Grimm PiIn31
43 Gator Hise 123
98 Rollie Cooper 112
19 Keith Brendel 105

worried about pole at Pocono 90 Cod y Ji~ohns 75
Car # Name Points
0 Associated Press including a 43rd-place 01 Johnny Siner 172
run last August. 44 Michael Lawhorn 161
24 Phil Edwards 155
w i l s u e s nLONG POND, Pa. "We haven't been that 47 Richard Kuhn 144
AsocaedPes tyngt rc hs a ps JmmeJon pothen f~irs time h verpae, hePp sai. t's jut Sportsm -An1




The problem

with dating

your phone

"I love testing! It's so much more impersonal than talking face to face."
A text from me to my friend Tara

n the movie "Her," a man in Los Angeles dates his smartphone. It's not as far-fetched as it sounds. The movie is set in the future, but not that far into the future, in a time when people feel more comfortable and con netted with their pocket-size computers than with other humans. In the movie, lonely and morose Theodore TWombly is going through a divorce.
Ironically, his job is writing personal, computer-"handwritterf' letters to people letters of love and affection and genuineness. He has a real gift for communicating other people's feelings, but he's not good at communicating his own, until he meets Samantha. Samantha is an OS1, a computer operating system, only with the ability to learn, develop and evolve. She and the other 0S1s are designed to adapt to their owners' individual needs and personalities, thus making them perfect companions.
As Theodore spends nearly all his time talking with Samantha, he eventually falls in love with "her" He takes her everywhere, slipping his smartphone/computer in his shirt pocket with the device's camera exposed so Samantha can "see" as they're on their dates together
At first, Theodore is reluctant to admit to friends and co-workers that he's dating his phone, but eventually he does, which strangely isn't all that
-T strange to them. He and Samantha
even double date with another (human) couple.
When Samantha tells Theodore she's in love with him, he's ecstatic, as happy as any man in love can be. But then, Samantha starts to distance herself from him, much like a human girlfriend might do. She starts talking with other 0S1s and outgrows Theodore, which troubles him. Whereas once she was always there for him 24/7, she now disappears for periods of time, which panics him. In one eye-opening scene, Theodore is out walking the city's elevated walkway and he notices everyone is conears a er Unis ere nected to his or her own
digital/computer device. He asks Samantha if she talks to anyone else have a photograph. It's an old black like Masada, where Jewish zealots in besides him, if she has a relationship
and white taken by a Kodak insta- 70 C. E. gave up their lives rather than with anyone else. She tells him yes.
matic camera. I remember the out- live under Roman oppression, brought "How many?" he asks, appalled
fit I was wearing. It was a madras plaid Judi Jewish history to the forefront and when she saysshe's talking to 8,316


Places of worship

that offer love, peace:,..

and harmony to all.

Come on over to "His" house, your spirits will be lifted!!!

St. Benedict Come To Homosassa Springs
Catholic Church ST. lsAY fMV CHrC -iN ORTH CITRUS First Baptist
U.S. 19 at Ozello Rd. MARGARET' C Church
of/Lakce, ko -a.&Ut CHISTL)IAN of Floial City
Vigil: 5:00pm CHURCH Joseph W. (Joe) Schroeder, CHURCH
Sun.: 8:30 & 10:30am Celebrating 120 years Pastor Phone: (3 5270021 7545 Magnolia
DAILY MASSES In Historic Downtown Inverness SERVICES (352 726 4296
1 Block N.W Of City Hall Come, Fellowship & Sunday 11 :0am Blv. Sund Schedule
Mon. Fri.: 8:00am 114 N. Osceola Ave. Grow With Us In Jesus & 6:00pm Sunday p S vce
Inverness, FL 34450 5863 W. Cardinal St. Wednesday 6:00pm 9:45 AM Sunday School
HOLY DAYS 726-3153 Homosassa Springs, FL 34446 Sunday Services: 10:30am 11:00 Am Tradional Wo
As Announced Telephone: (352) 628-7950 Magniing God's name byle Study: 600 PM Wo
AseAnnounced Pastor William Bremmer bringing people to Jesus Bible AMuTraditionl Worship
Services: Wednesday 6:30pmWensa
Sun. Worship 8 & 10:30 A.M. Wednesday 7854 W. Dunnellon Rd (CR 488) 6:30 PM
CONFESSION Wednesday 12:30 P.M. Mid-Week Meeting 4:00 pm Ph. 352-795-5651 Minister Music, Youth, Fellowship
Sat.: 3:30 4:30pm Morning Prayer Sabbath-Saturday Services Cell 352-812-8584 George Plantz
Sa.:3:0 430m 900A~. an FiSabbath School 9:30 am A Awarm, friendly Church
9:00 A.M. Mon- FriWorship 10:45 am WhEmail: pastorjoel0@gil com Wbere your search for a Nursery Available
795-4479 Fr Gene Reuman, Pastor Check us out on Facebook friendly Bible church ends www~fbcityog

ST. ANNE'S THE Rede pti Our Lady of OO-M
A PaCOsR Pthe ARMY COS. ristian urc Fatima H Uo Hf 11di+g ht
actr: s ein Holae SUNAY CrSiA Cu C TOI Fatima H
Rector: Fr. Kevin G. Holsapple Sunday School Bible School ............. 9:00 550 US Hw 41 South, Grace
To be one in Christ in our 9:45 AM. Worship .................. 10:15 Inverness, Florida
service, as His servants, Morning Worship Hour WEDNESDAY "Rooted inScrpture, Relevant for Today!" Fellowship
by proclaiming His love. f'rsWeekHaytMass:ESDAM
11:00 AM. Bible School ............. 6:30 Weekday Mass: 8 'A. SUNDAY 4947 East Arbor St., Inve ess, FL
Sunday Masses: 8:00 a.m. TUESDAY: Currently meeting at Saturday Vigil Mass: 4 P.M. 10:00 AM 352-726-9972
10:15 a.m. East Citrus Community Center Saturday Confessions: Family Worship Follows Les Feldick
Morning Prayer & Daily Masses Home League 9907 East Gulf-to-Lake Highway 2:30 3:30 P.M. (Coffee Fellowship 9:30-10:00) Teaching
4th Sunday 6:00p.m. 11:30 AM. Sunday Masses: Winter Schedule WEDNESDAY
Gospel Sing Along Capt. Phillip Irish For7:30, 9:00& 11:00A.M. iBible Study. 9:15AM
9870 West Fort Island Trail Capt. Lynn Irish information call Sunda MeHome Bible Study Wi S r.......:15 AM
352-422-6535 Sunday Masses: (Callfor location) Worship Service.. 10: 15 AM
Summer Schedule (June- August) Non-Denominational Church Wednesday
Crystal ~ ~ ~ 71 Rive S1oo Aiewetofea.aio Pastor 9:00 and 11:00 A.M. Citro County Realtor's Association Building BilStd.......700P
352-795-2176 Todd 0a714 S. Scarboro Ave. & SR 44Study. 7:00PM 5 Langdon 726- 1 670 Pastor Kennie Berger Nursery and play yard.
it 352-302-5813 Pastor John Fredericksen

(j CrysLal Qiver Crystal River t St. Timothy t Gn
CHURCH OF Lutheran Church J Hernando
Church of God EL;A unITlCurho
First Baptist Church CHRIST Saturday Informal Worship of Citrus County A Place to Belong
Of Beverlyap is Church Phone A Friendly Church w/Communion 5:00 PM
4950 N. Lecanto Hwy 795- With A Bible Message. Sunday Early Service A POSITIVE PATH FORAe
Pastor Sunday Morning Corner of U.S. 19 & 44 East wiCommunion 8:00 AM SPIRITUAL LIVING
Marple Lewis III Adult & Children's Worship iSundaySchoo
Sunday WorshiD 8:30 & 11:00 AM Sunday Services Hernando FL
9:00am & 10:45 am Sunday School 9:45 AM 10:00 A.M. '11:00 A.M,' 6:00 PM (Coffee Fellowship hour@ 9:OO AM)
Children's Ministry Evening Service 6:00 PM alade rvicA 726-61
9:00 am & 10:45 am W nedyWednesday Sunday Traditional Service WE ARE AJOYOUS COMMUNITY
Student Ministry LWednesday A o7:00 P.M. w/Communion 10:30 AM WHICH INSPIRES, EMBRACES, Nursery Provided
7:00pm Jam Ses ion Sriery Special services are announced. AND NURTURES ALL THOSE ON
Wednesday Kid (ages 4-11) 7:00 PM Come Worship With Us! Nursery provided. THEIR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.
UPLIFT Prayer & Praise 7 pm Bible Questions Please Call 1070 N. Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River *
For more information call SERVICE OFFERINGS:
ild Care Provided 2180NW. OldTallahasseeRd. Ev. George Hickman 795-5325 SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT
(352) 746-2970 (1 2th Ave.) CLASSES, WEDDINGS, 0
0 Nursery88 -O 00 74613 ____f;___* Provided Rev. David S. Bradford, Pastor CHRISTENINGS, MEMORIALS,
0 o 0 ~s*SENIORS
TeFloral City WORSHIP SERVICE 1030
ST. T OMAS 2y TmpleNURSERY/SUNDAY SCHOOL 10:30 United Methodist Pso udySho
CATHOLIC Beth David Church TomWle I fowzda n~jftrWor~
8478 East Marvin St. 0 9:45 A.M.
.(aco from FloralOitchool ) INVERNESS Praise & Worship
ewngSouthwes Cius Coun Spring Hill, FL 34609 Sunday School F
352-686-7034 9:05 A.M. First CHURCH OF GoD
Sunday Worship Service 5510 E. Jasmine Ln. 10:40 A.M.
MASSES: Rabbi 10:30 A.M. Sanctuary Non-denominational Praise Service
8:00 A.M. Service in thie 1884 Church Pas evc
saturday ..... 4:30 P.M. Lenny Sarko Bible Study Sunday: 10:30AM KNOWING GOD, LOVING 6:00 P.M.
Tuesday 10:00 A.M. & 6:00 PM GOD, SERVING GOD
sunday ...... 8:00 A.M. Services Wednesday 6:00 P.M. Wed: 6:00 PM Bible Study
1:30A.M. Fridays 8PM "We strive to make Do you enjoy Bible Study, 2628W WOOD VEW P
Saturdays W eel a Acsm Gospel Singing, Pitch-in Dinners, LANE LECANTO, FL
S 19 /4 mile South of West Wheel ChaiAccess singing the old hymns? Then L
Cardinal St, homosassat Religious School Nurse Available you'll enjoy this Chuch family. 34461
iSundays Rev, Mary Gestrich Home of Saturday Night Gospet 352-746-1270 Randy T. Hodges, Pastor
* * ~~~Church 344-1771 Jubilee. Last Saturday of each VVV.NIYFTRSOG wwhnaog
9AJ\-Nooni WEBSITE: floralcitychurch.coi month at 6pro. WWWIUNITYOFCITRUSIORG___wwwhernazorg

rWest d : ,h lhh i, Shepherd4/ il

Church of Christ /. CAKNG FAMLY ir
9592 W. Deep Woods Dr. IN CHKIST' /ri
Crystal River, FL 34465 C KYSTL 1nE USESCPLHRH
352-564-8565 I eV a Our mission is to be
w w w~ w es citr........m..N.ITaDbeacon of faith know n
wwwsctucccm NI D"4301 W Homosassa Trail for engaging all persons
W. Deep Woods Dr. m E~.THODI c Lecanto, Florida Atin the love and trUthoJeuChit
0,' A t o f J e s u s C h r i s c h o a s i c a o r
m o 4801 N. Citrus Ave. Sunday Vc ryServices:
(2 Mi. NOf US 19) 5335 E. Jasmine Lane, M se ats hrhStra
USHy 9~795-31 48 MsNorhOK-atff4 9:00 am General Conference 5:00 pm
us Hy. 9 Nort (Frmaly Clvay Bble11:30 am
www, crumc~com Church Location) Sunday School 9:45 AM S u nday
Sunada ls W sori You're invited Saturday Worship 10:45 AM 8:00 & 10:30 am
90amTaiinlerieVglSunday Evenngh600 P Nursery 10:30 am
SERVICES 90aTrdtoaevie to our ServiceS Wenday 7nn :00 PM
10:30 am Contemporary 4:00 pmHelnSeve
Sunday AM service with Praise Team Sunday School Wednesday7:0P elnSrve
Bible Study 9:30 Bible Study 10:00 AM Weekday Choir Practice 8:00 PM { 10:00 am
A t 9 :0 0 & 1 0 :3 0 F o r all ag e s._ _ _ _ _ _
Worship 10:30 Nu rWednesdaYavia/ aa6:30vcs udyM se ult hl ae(R46
2540W. Norvell Bryant Hwy.
Wednesday Youth Fellowship 10:45 AM & 6:00 PM 8:30 am Lecanto. Florida
Pastor Gary Beehler (4/10 mile east of CR 491)
PM Sunday 4:00 Wednesday 7:00 PM Confessions 352-465-8866
Wednesday 6:30__________Bible G L T Study 7:00 Brighte holWk-P BeginningsFudmna IndependentPatr5 Saturdayp ihay 5040 N 691 Shady Acres 4NoturDr

David Curry + Man.-Fri. 6:30a.m.-6pm. TerRo rt
Dai ur o.-795-1240 Ter oet (352) 746-9422 Sportsman Pt. ~
-. A Stephen Ministry Provider .-= P h: 726-0201 "place to belong. A place to become."-



Vacation Bible school gram for ages 3 through adults. Invite for the kids. Admission is free and it is istry on and around the Sea of Continued from Page C1
your family and friends. There is no not necessary to pre-register your Galilee. Set sail with us to sing songs, c Come and feel God's love at Va- fee. Call the church at 352)-795-2259 children. The church is at 416 U.S. 41 do crafts, eat snacks, play games, He didn't give him cation Bible School from 9 a.m. to to register. First Presbyterian, St. S., Inverness. For more information, and more. Register at an iPad. noon Monday through Friday at First Anne's and St. Timothy Lutheran call the church office at 352-726- call 352-527-3325 or We were made for Presbyterian Church, 206 Washing- churches in Crystal River sponsor In- 4524. visit the church at 935 S. Crystal Glen human connection, as
ton Ave., Inverness. At "Weird Ani- msyaddfiuta
mals VBS," kids discover that Jesus' tergenerational VBS. 0 Come with us as God guides Drive, Lecanto. Don't miss the boat messy and difficult as
love is one-of-a-kind in a habitat filled 0 Children ages 4 to fifth grade are and provides for Moses during the for this amazing grace adventure! it may be. withlincrdible is ile- arningahabit ex invited to early VBS at First Baptist "Wilderness Escape" Vacation Bible Hernando United Methodist It's why the church witeincrdible Biring experi- Church of Beverly Hills, 4950 N. School from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday Church will have Vacation Bible exists, so we can, as touch and even taste. We'll help kids Lecanto Highway, Beverly Hills (near through Friday, June 22-27, at First School from 9 a.m. to noon Monday tomy heavens togethersays "walk discover evidence of God every day the intersection of Forest Ridge Baptist Church of Homosassa, 10540 through Friday, June 23-27. Some- It's not good for man as their faith flows into real life. Our Boulevard and N. Lecanto Highway. W. Yulee Drive. Bus service is avail- times, in the midst of the routine and (or woman) to be hands-on Mission Project will let the The theme is: "Weird Animals able: Call 352-628-3858 or 352-621- the everyday, we suddenly experi- alone. kids in our community show God's where Jesus' love is one of a kind!" 0316. Register at the church office ence the wonder of God. We're sur- Note to self: Call
love by providing water for school VBS is Monday through Friday, June between 9 a.m. and noon Monday prised. We say, "WOW!" At the Tara and meet her for children in India. Geared for pre- 16-20 with registration at 8:30 a.m. through Thursday. "Workshop of Wonders" VBS, chil- coffee. Leave phone at
school and elementary grades, you followed by VBS time from 9 a.m. to 0 Faith Lutheran Church, in Crystal dren will discover their own "WOW" home. can register by dropping by the 12:30 pm. Kids will enjoy games, Glen subdivision off State Road 44 moments as they explore how to church office or by calling the church Bible stories, music and snacks. Call and County Road 490 in Lecanto, will imagine and build with God. Registra- Nancy Kennedy is chuhoffice or by calli352-746-2970 for more information or host Vacation Bible School from 9 tion (on Monday, June 23) is open to the author of "Move office at 352-637-0770. visit a.m. to noon Monday through Friday, pre-K to 5th grade. The church is at Over, Victoria -I
Fist resyteian hurh, 501Know the Real SeSE.U.S. 19 (Suncast Boulevard) in 0 Attention all kids from the ages of June 23-27. This VBS is in partner- 2125 E. Norvell Bryant Highway, Her- cret," "Girl on a Crystal River, will host Intergenera- 3 to 12: Kids Zone Ministries at Inver- ship with First Lutheran Church of In- nando. Call 352-726-7245. Bring your Swing, and herlatest tional Vacation Bible School from 8:30 ness Church of God will sponsor a verness and is a Thrivent Financial children so they can discover and book, "Lipstick kids crusade titled "The Games We for Lutherans-sponsored event. Reg- meet people from the Bible who used Grace." She can be
June 16-20. This year's theme isy, Play" from 6 to 9 p.m. Sunday to istration is open for preschoolers (age what they had to make something reached at 352-564Werd Anima. hee e ss' ove is Tuesday, June 22-24 from 6-9 p.m. 3-plus) through grade 5 as well as amazing with God. And the snacks 2927, Monday through Weird Animals... "Where Jesus'Love The crusade will include music, les- youth (age 12-plus). "Gangway to are amazing too. Thursday, or via email
Is One-of-a-Kind." The ecumenical sons, games, and prizes. The public Galilee" features a sailing theme atnkennedy@
outreach offers an outstanding pro- is invited to attend this exciting event which retells accounts of Jesus' min- See NOTES/Page C4

IM crystal
01 River
Places of worship GpCur BevrlFoursquareyHll
thatoffe 10 e, p aceBeverly Hills
Community Church
1160 N. Dunkenfield Ave. 82 Civic Circle,
t a o fl1 60 NBeverly Hills, Florida

and harmony to all. FELLOWSHIP
Sunday 10:30 A.M. Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.
Wednesday "Christian Ed" Sunday Coffee/Conversation 8:30 a.m.
7:00 P.M. Sunday Worship Service 10 a.m.
Prayer Sat. 4-6pm Communion- 1st Sunday, Monthly
Pastor John Hager 2 Where Christ is Proclaimed!

First Church of M Hope Evangelical FIRBringing Christ
C h r i s t S c i e n t i s t 8t *. M I S O N R L u t h e r a n C h u r c h t In v er n es
Inverness l"First For Christ" John 141 Luthera Church LUTHERAN
,,t o ht".4Ca,: ELCA
224 N. Osceola Ave. FIRST ClHRISTIAN Pastor Lynn Fonfara CHURCHA I
Sunday Service 10:30 AM CHURCH OChurch 9425 N. Citrus Sprngs Blvd.
Sunday School 10:30 AM INVERNESS intheCitrus Spngs Holy Communion
Wed. Testimony Meeting We welcomeyou and inviteyou e Every Sunday at
4:00 PM to worship with ourfamily. ofthe Spoken Holy communion 7:45am & 10:00am
352-726-4033 Dr. Ray Kelley Comnith y Worship 8:00 a.m.
Minister Heart Christian Education 9:00 a.m. Sunday School
SSunday:Har Sunda Scoleas
Sn00da y S for the Sung Holy Communion & Bible Class
10:15 A.M. Worship Service commYE I tES Worship 10:00am 9a00 Ao 90
W e d n e s d a y : C Q S n a c o l 9 3 .7 2 6 1 6 3 7 W r h p1 : 0 a
6:00 P M. Bible Study Information:
Monn evc 1:0AM Missouri SynodWensa
00 W Pray 489-5511
Go To Our Web Page 1900 W. Hwy. 44, Inverness
hopelutheranelca. corn The Rev. Thomas Beaverson

Ll IChurch of HISPANA
1 U Homosassa DE CITRUS COUNTY Church
Asambleas de Dios
"Come Worship with Us" Inverness, Florida 0
S10540 W. Yulee Drive Homosassa R V. David Lucas Jr. Lead Pastor
Sunday Worship TroyAlen, Director of Student Ministries 9:30 AM Escuela Biblica CHURCH OF GOD
8:00, 9:30 & 11:00am 1 .Dominicl Sunday Services:
S o 9:3 0 0 am Sunday School (AIIAgeGroups) 10:30 AM Adoraoi6n y W a Worship Services.8:30AM & 10:30AM
Sunday School 9:30 10:30 am Worship Celebration Pr6dicoa Sunday School ..................... 9:30 AM
Pastor Kip Younger Choir/Special Music/ Kidz Worship" MARTES: Wednesday Night:
Sunday Night 7:00 PM Culto de Oraoi6n Classes ForAllAges at 7:00 PM
Phone 628-4083 6 pm Worship Celebration JUEVES: .
Wednesday Night 7'00 Pm Estudlios Bfblicos Located at 416 Hwy. 41 South S
8831 W. Bradshaw St. W e eation 700 PM in Inverness Just Past Burger King
6:30pm orsip Clebatin pChurch Office 726-4524 Learn More at Children'sAwanas Group David Piero, Pastor Also on Site "Little Friends Daycare le h r
Youth Activities 1 370 N. Croft Ave..* Inverness, FL 34451 . and Learning Center" & "Cornerstone
www.l Tel6fono: (352)341-1711 ]Christian Supply" Lutheran

HERNANDO~nited Church Church ..... EC

O ~iir nehdiELC

Asem ly Mehois Rev. Stephen Lane ~

0/ Hwy.,44F a t
420. 51 So.)aatov~ ahngo v. Inverness, L342
VIGIL MASSES: ,)/ Sunday Services : thrh<.n..
4:00 P.M. & 6:00 P.M. Pasrditona,: C urrsh[ip5
***** arl*/ 8:00 AM 935 S. Crystal Glen Dr., Lecanto X o s i
Darod Crystal Glen Subdivision 1
SUNDAY MASSES: Voors 11:00 AM Hwy. 44 justE. of 4908:0a
8:00 A.M. & 10:00 A.M. Bettye 'A Safe Sanctuawyfor Children andFaiies" Casual Service 527-3325830a 3
*******Rushing 2125 E, Norvell Bryant Hwy, (486) : 9:30 AM COME WORSHIP 11:00 am
SPANISH MASS: --(1 ilesfrornHw. 41) 5th Sunday WIHU* Fellowship After Worship
12:00 P.M. For2information72.74call *I 'lf Any Month Combined 10am SaturdaY MService Weekly) CommflUilon
...... . (32)S726-245ServidcyeShooldfr allhaoslu96005P.M
******* U 9:30 AM Sunday Servic S unda y holi945ea
CONFESSIONS: Reverend U Nursery Provided :0AM ureyPoie
2:3 :1 r~w. at erme Jery"Caris Fellowship & Youth Gru Sunday Bible Study&
orBy Appointmnent .Sunday School .roup Children's Sunday Reverend
*******8:45 AM- 9:30 AM Sdaveng School 11 A.M. Kenneth C. Blyth
WEDYMSE:Fellowship U Web Site: www.fpcinv.orgfl Please join us for VBS
W EDYM SE:9:30 AM Podcast: U Ages 3 5th Grade
8:00 A.M. Worship Service This year the theme is 439 E. Norvell Bryant Hwy.
10:00,.;,,,,,,,,, IO'OAM Church Office 637-0770 "Gangway to Galilee" Hernando, Florida
Nursery is Provided. Weekly Communion 6Roosevelt Blvd., Tndividual Hearing Devices PatrJmsCpsFellowship after Sunday Worship Building is Barrier-Free
Beverly Hills ~ *Calendar of events Audio i
746-214 4 of sermons available at
(1 Block East of S.R. 491) -A
www'urladyfracefl ii ,, a.
-. .- OFFICE: (352) 726-1107 $7r OtAe .


Catholic Charities progTam helps homeless veterans

Associated Prcss ing homeless and have served on active
duty for at least one day
WICHITA, Kan. -Adam Moreno has If a veteran qualifies for the program,
a home. Davis said the first step is to develop a
If s a studio apartment just south of housing stabilization plan. Each veteran
downtown that he lived in for more than has different needs, Davis said, so
a week without any furniture. But for Catholic Charities works closely with
Moreno, it's a vast improvement over other local charities to make sure each
what he has had. person's needs are met.
Moreno, 50, said he had been home- "We cannot do it by ourselves," Davis
less since he arrived in Wichita in 2001. said. "It is a collaborative effort, workHe recently found an apartment and a ing with community partners and the
job, with some assistance from Catholic VA."
Charities' Supportive Services for Vet- Though Catholic Charities is helping
eran Families program. Moreno pay the rent on his apartment
"I'm out of the elements, and it feels for now, the goal with all supportive
good," Moreno said. "It really does." services programs, Davis said, is to give
Homelessness among veterans has veterans enough assistance for them
been a nationwide issue for years. In eventually to live independently
2009, President Obama announced a "If s a stabilization program," Davis
goal of ending the problem by 2015. said. "We're here to meet the need of a
The number of homeless veterans in crisis if s not meant to be long term.
Sedgwick County increased about 10 "If s definitely a humbling experience
percent from 2013 to 2014, according to and a very hard experience for some of
the Wichita-Sedgwick County Contin- our veterans just to seek services, so we
uum of Care Coordination. On Jan. 30, have to be mindful of that when we're
62 homeless veterans were counted, up working with them as well."
from 56 last year The Department of Veteran Affairs,
The program at Catholic Charities is Associated Press along with Obama, announced in 2009
an attempt to reduce that number Formerly homeless Army veteran Adam Moreno shows his military jacket back patch its intention to end homelessness
"We have veterans who have fought in his new apartment in Wichita. Moreno, 50, said he had been homeless since he among veterans by 2015. Between 20 10 for our country or given the ultimate arrived in Wichita in 2001. He recently found an apartment and a job, with some and 2013, the number of homeless vets sacrifice of themselves for our country, assistance from Catholic Charities' Supportive Services for Veteran Families program. had dropped by 18,420, or 24 percent, and it saddens me to see that they according to point-in-time estimates by
would be homeless," said program di- of the programs that the VA offered," He keeps his air-conditioning unit at the U.S. Department of Housing and rector Erica Davis. Moreno said. "That was the first time I a cool 62 degrees during the day, though Urban Development.
"So it is our commitment to work with actually felt homeless." at night he said, he turns it up to about Melissa Gronau, health care for
them and try to help them find hous- He worked odd jobs over the years 72 degrees. homeless veterans coordinator at the
ing. 1 driving trucks, working at carnivals, And in his front window, he displays Robert J. Dole Regional VA Medical
Moreno said he came to Wichita from painting Taco Tico restaurants but he his favorite decal, which in reality is a Center, said in an e-mail that the slight his native San Antonio after his brother never had a permanent address, which patch for a jacket A flag adorns the increase locally can be explained pardied in 2001. hurt his potential for long-term employ- background and a bald eagle sits in the tially because the community is doing a
"Everybody remembers 9/11 -1 re- ment, he said. foreground, accompanied by Moreno's better job of counting the homeless and
member 9/10. My brother died on 9/10," The biggest challenge he faced, he favorite saying: "The nation which for- partially because the "scarcity of emMoreno said. "I got rid of everything I said, was coping with the elements, es- gets its defenders will itself be forgot- ployment opportunities that pay a livowned and started to travel." pecially the frigid winters. Moreno said ten." able wage continues to be major barrier
He rode on Greyhound buses until he he used to sleep in a variety of places The program at Catholic Charities to veterans obtaining permanent housencountered trouble: It was around downtown, including a cranny he began in October, when it received a ing in this community."
Oklahoma City, he thinks, that his wallet shared with a few others near the AT&T grant from the Department of Veterans Davis said veterans struggle with a vacontaining his savings was stolen. He building on North Broadway Affairs' Supportive Services for Veteran riety of challenges upon returning to the
did not notice the wallet was gone until "I would just look at it like I'm camp- Families. The goal: to serve 50 veterans community: finding stable employment, he had exited the bus in Wichita. ing," Moreno said. "At night when you're in the charity's 25-county service area. transferring their military skills to civil"Except for the $12 that I had in my sleeping out you can look up and see So far, the program has helped more ian life, possible background challenges pocket I was completely busted 100 the stars. It's beautiful; granted, I'd than 20 veterans, said Davis, the pro- or even family illnesses. percent," Moreno said. "I did not know rather be seeing the stars through a win- gram director "For some veterans, the horrors of
anybody here in Wichita. There was a dow" "Our goal is to really expose our vet- war leave them scarred, sometimes
foot of snow on the ground, and I'm just Within two months after making con- erans to the resources in their commu- leaving them less able to cope with chalin a leather jacket and jeans." tact with a case manager at Catholic nities," Davis said. 'A lot of it is just lenges of everyday life," Gronau said in
A member of the Army from 1981 to Charities, he was in housing and had a listening to them, hearing what their an e-mail. "In order to end homeless1984, he was eligible for homeless pro- job as a baler operator at Value Center, needs are and then connecting them." ness amongst veterans in our commugrams at the Robert J. Dole Regional VA a store dealing in second-hand goods in Veterans applying to the program nity, a collaborative approach with Medical Center, though he said those downtown Wichita. must meet three eligibility criteria, community partners is vital."
programs were not always a perfect fit "It was just a total shock at how much Davis said. They must make less than 50 Gronau said that in the past three for him. help I got in such a short time years percent of the area median income, be years, the VA has provided funding to
"I didn't see hardly any positives out compared to months," Moreno said. currently homeless or at risk of becom- house 135 veterans in Wichita.

while enjoying coffee, pastries across from the Hampton Inn groups are offered: the 4- to call Darla at 352-270-8115. NOTES and a relaxed atmosphere in Crystal River. Admission is 7-year-old class, 8- to 12- 0 A Christian Bible-based 0 The Men's Club of St.
Sundays at 6 p.m. at Calvary a nonperishable food item or year-old class, and the spiritual recovery group meets John the Baptist Catholic Continued from Pogo C3 Chapel's Holy Grounds Caf6, cash donation. For more infor- teen/adult class. Classes take from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Church on U.S. 41 in Dunnel960 S. U.S. 41, Inverness. mation, call 352-795-5325 place Tuesday evenings at Wednesdays at Living Water Ion play horseshoes at 9 a.m.
0 Children ages 3 through Pastor Paul Giglio teaches. 0 Helping Hands Thrift New Hope Baptist Church, Ministry Complex, 1 Beverly Saturdays. Horseshoes are 12 are invited to Vacation Call 352-726-1480. Store, a ministry of Our Lady 8635 W. Goodman Lane, HO- Hills Blvd., Beverly Hills. For provided to anyone needing Bible School from 10 a.m. to E St. Paul's Lutheran of Fatima Catholic Church, is mosassa. Cost is $25 a more information, call Meg at them along with instructions in
1 p.m. Monday through Fri- Church in Beverly Hills will open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. month with discounts for fami- 352-527-2443. pitching, scoring and court
day, June 23-27, at Parsons host its 3rd annual Soccer Monday through Saturday at lies. For more information, 0 "Get in Touch With Your maintenance. Women, chilMemorial Presbyterian Camp from 9 a.m. to 12:30 604 U.S. 41 S. Proceeds fund contact 5th degree black belt Faith," a Christian information dren and persons who have Church at 5850 Riverside p.m. Monday through Friday the food pantry. The store ac- instructor Greg Gunn at 352- class at Peace Lutheran never pitched horseshoes beDrive in Yankeetown by Coast at the Central Ridge District cepts donations of household 428-6348 or email Church," continues at 6 p.m. fore are invited to attend and Guard Station. The theme is Park on N. Lecanto Highway. items, clothing and small ap- ggunnl or visit Thursdays. Pastor Terry share in the fun and fellow"Everywhere Fun Fair: Where All children in the community pliances. Call 352-726-1707. McKee conducts the class for ship. For more information, God's World Comes To- ages 6 to 12 (children enter- 0 The Genesis Project, an 0 St. John the Baptist 1 hour weekly. Everyone is call 352-489-5954. gether." There will be Bible ing 1 st grade and up) are in- in-depth analysis and discus- Catholic Church offers Bingo welcome. There is no fee. To 0 The Saturday night stories, music, crafts, discov- vited. The fee of $45 includes sion of the text of Genesis, is at 11:30 a.m. Tuesdays and register, call the church office Gospel Jubilee takes place ery, food and fellowship. We your child's week at soccer conducted from 7 to 8 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays featur- at 352-489-5881.The church the last Saturday night monthly have a color for each day. camp, a T-shirt, soccer ball, Mondays at Etz Hayim Insti- ing regular, double and spe- is at 7201 S. U.S. 41, five at First Church of God 5510 JasMonday is orange; the rest water bottle and snacks. All tute the Adult Education cial bingos, together with a miles north of Dunnellon. mine Lane, Inverness. Everyone is will be posted. It would be fun parents of children attending Program of Congregation jackpot and "pickle" game. 0 Ladies, come to "The invibd to come to enjoy or come if your child could wear these camp are invited to a family Beth Sholom, 102 Civic Cir- Doors open at 10 a.m. Tues- Well" for refreshment and and participate. Prepare a number, colors, but don't go out and picnic on Friday, the last day cle, Beverly Hills. A class on day and 4 p.m. Wednesday. prophetic prayer ministry at 7 bring your instrument if you have buy anything. For more infor- of camp. Late registration on American-Jewish History is Kitchen features "homemade" p.m. the first Friday monthly at one and join in this full41lled mation, call 352-489-5274. Monday will be accepted also offered from 8:15 to 9:15 soups and sandwiches. The Frp.qHonp Ministrips 2qql F evening. Great music. fun. food.

Page C5 -SATURDAY, JUNE 7,2014




Club future disseussed t i g
at open forum June 11 H v u e r e
On Wednesday, June 11, Crystal River Computer Users Group new President, Sabrina Watson, gol alsnpe foru nd clsstpic Boys & Girls Clubs offer a lot of options to different kids
wilsedane foru on fssturec that the membership has interest What do kids like about the Boys & To many parents, the clubs are a blessin to expand the fall class sched- Girls Clubs of Citrus County? They like ing as a safe, nurturing place for kids to
ule. that the clubs are fun for them and they .4 Lane be while moms and dads work. For the
Coffee and refreshments like to learn new things. past 22 years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of
served at 6 p.m. with a short When asked to tell what they had Vick Citrus County organization, under the
meeting at 6:30 p.m., followed by learned, members say: to be honest, to be umbrella of Boys & Girls Clubs of Amerthe presentation. kind, to play fair to listen, to respect oth- OS&ica, has served thousands of children at
CRUG holds regular monthly ers, that drugs are dangerous, and how to GIRLS CLUBS its three club sites, in Beverly Hills, Inmeetings on the second Wednes- make friends. verness, and halfway between Crystal
day of the month at the Crystal They also learned how to put into __________________ River and Homosassa.
Oaks Club House, located off words what they wanted to say when they Visit one of our club sites and hear for
State Road 44, at 4948 W Crystal wanted to say it. In other words, instead accept you as you are. yourself what the kids and their parents
Oaks Blvd., Lecanto. For informa- of getting mad and yelling, telling the per- Kids also like the volunteers who come have to say tion visit son how you feel. into the clubs and spend time helping The Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus
When asked, "What was the best part of with school work, playing games, or just County summer program has just begun. Amateur radio group this program?" members answered: "hanging out." Positive relationships with Your donation of $20, $70, $700 or $1000 is
being with friends, playing outside, using both staff and volunteers are important to needed. What you give stays in our county meets vvecinesdays computers, playing games, the pool table, the children for developing self-esteem with our children.
The Citrus County Amateur Free Fridays (no homework), interaction as well as having encouraging role mod- The Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus
Radio Emergency Service meets with younger kids, game room activities els. County is partially funded by United Way
at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on the such as table tennis and foosball, food of Boys & Girls Clubs mean a lot of differ- of Citrus County, the Florida Department
146. 775 mhz repeater with a PL any kind, planned activities such as arts ent things to different kids. To some if's a of Education, and Kids Central Inc. Call tone of 146.2 hz. and crafts, and being informed about way to use leisure time productively, hay- 352-621-9225 or go to our website at bgccMeetings are once a month at dangers. Some actually said they liked ing fun and staying out of trouble. To oth- itrus. org to make a donation. the Citrus County Emergency Op- getting homework done. Almost everyone ers, it's having your own place and erations Center in Lecanto. For mentioned the relationships with staff feeling like you are a part of a commu- Lane Vick is grant coordinator of the more information and meeting members, having someone to talk to and nity Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County
dates, contact Jerry Dixon, WA6QFC at or on the Citrus County ARES
webste t ww~itus~ontyPine Ridge civic mother's day AREScom.

Corvair Club meets
second Wednesday The Nature Coast Corvair Club ....
will meet Wednesday, June 11, at B&W Restaurant in Inverness. A Dutch-treat dinner begins at -,
5:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 6:30. For more information, call Herb at 352-344-4210. O

PFLAG announces
monthly meeting
Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) in Lecanto will be holding if's monthly meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, June 10, at the Unity Church of Citrus County, 2628 W Woodview Lane, Lecanto.PFLAG's mission is to promote the health and wellbeing of LGBT persons, their families and friends. Meetings are open to everyone and provide an opportunity for dialog, discussion and support as well as education about LGBT issues and concerns. For information about PFLAG Lecanto or our meetings call Linda at 352-419-2738 or email

Butterfly Ministries Special to the Chronicle
The Civic Association of Pine Ridge celebrated Mother's Day with a bingo and hot dog night on May 17. Honored mothers are, back presents onnrno row from left: Dee Kavouras, Sheia Forster, Lorna Nasi and Arlene Murphy. Seated is Jane Carey.
Butterfly Ministries Presents The Lion of Judah and The Lamb of God Summer Conference for The Spot Family Center 405 S.E. AT THE LIBRARY: JUNE 9-14
Seventh Ave., Crystal River on July18 and 19 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. COASTAL REGION LIBRARY Learn, Connedt, Play: Seashell Candle Ring, 10:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
For information call 352-212-4320. 8619 W. Crystal St. Board Games, Wii, Mother Goose, 11 a.m.


SATURDAY EVENING JUNE 7, 2014 C: Comcast, Citrus B: Bright House D: Comcast, Dunnellon & Inglis F:Oak Forest H: Holiday Heights North 06-07-14
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0 (WiNF) PBS 5 5 5 41 Big BandYrs Moments to Remember: My Music'G' I lEd Sullivan's Top Performers 1966-1969 Brain 4 A J 5 2
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*6 "Gridiron Gang"(2006, Drama) The Rock, Xzibit. A counselor "Anaconda" (1997, Suspense) Jennifer "Waist Deep" Newspaper Enterprise Assn. 96 19 96 turns juvenile criminals into football players. 'PG-13' Lopez, Ice Cube. Premiere. PG-13' c (2006) 'R' ,
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1 5 3 "Funny Girl" (1968, Musical) Barbra *** "On the Waterfront" (1954, Drama) "Rumble on the Docks" "The 169 53 169 30 35 Streisand, Omar Sharif.'G' c Marlon Brando.'NR' c (1956) James Darren.'NR' Mob"
Deadliest Catch (In Deadliest Catch (In Deadliest Catch (In Wild Brazil (N) (In Wild Brazil (N) (In Deadliest Catch (In
( ) 53 34 53 24 26 Stereo) 'PG' c Stereo) 'PG' c Stereo) 'PG' c Stereo) N Stereo) N Stereo) 'PG' DANTTE
(1j0 50 46 50 29 30 Hoard-Buried Hoard-Buried Sex Sent Me to the Sex Sent Me to the To Be Announced Sex Sent Me to the 1
* "The Truman **% "Sinister"(2012, Horror Ethan Hawke, "Crawlspace" (2013, Horror) I** "Ju-on" (2003, Horror) 7I4N,,Q.....
(li i) 350 261 350 Show"(1998) James Ransone. (In Stereo) 'R' Jonathan Silverman.'NR' N Megumi Okina.'R' a WHEN 5HF QUIT HEF- JOB
S"Runaway Jury" (2003, Suspense) John * "The Da Vinci Code" (2006 Tom Hanks. A religious mystery could *n "The Firm" A A
(r1iJ) 48 33 48 31 34 Cusack Gne ackman.'PG-13' c rock foundations of Christianity 'G-13' m (DVS) (1993) Tom Cruise. VILASH H M
(D ) 38 58 38 33 Movie'PG' King/Hill King/Hill American Famn. Guy Fam. Guy |Boon Boon |Attack Now arrange the circled letters
9 106 9 44 Food Paradise'G' Food Paradise'PG' Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures The Dead Files'PG' The Dead Files'PG' to form the surprise answer, as
iiTV 25 55 25 98 55 Tow Tow Tow Tow Tow |Tow Tow Tow Tow Tow Tow Tow
(19) 32 49 32 34 24 Boss Boss Boss Boss Who's the Boss? Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Answer "' "
', "Indiana JonesandtheKingdomofthe Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern CSI:CrimeScene here:
A) 47 32 47 17 18 Crystal Skull" (2008) Harrison Ford. Family Family Family Family Family Family Investigation 14' (Answers Monday)
Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Will & Jumbles: UPEND HOARD ZEALOT ZOMBIE
WE 117 69 117 Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Yesterday's Answer: When they carved the Jumble into the side of
W 18 18 18 18 20 MLB Baseball Funny Home Videos Funny Home Videos Funny Home Videos Bones '14' m Bones '14' m the mountain, they made a HARD PUZZLE

ACROSS 39 Wields a Answer to Previous Puzzle earAnnie: My hus- edly, the prostate cancer is tions. Anything further is up
1 Humane org. sword band and I are both in weighing heavily on Bill's to you.
5 Pier 42 Freedom, in D A D FP our 60s and have had a mind. According to the Amer- DearAnnie: I read the let10 Celtanguage 45 Jr. naval 0 M EL E T S MO K E D mutually loving and enjoy- ican Cancer Society (can- ter from "No Free Lunch,"
12 "Anyone officer T U S LE HO M E R S able sex life. We were inti-, survivors and their who doesn't like it when peoShome Blow gently O LE RU E mate once or twice a week. wives have greater success ple come into her restaurant
ph 53 Deletes CP THE APB Until now reviving their sex lives when with their own food.
14 Lap gHab 55 Hrnkle 7H E W 0 P B "Bill" recently they go through I am a diabetic on a very
15 Consider 57 Achefor COM E R S D EAD was diagnosed with couples therapy strict diet for weight loss and
16 Uh-huh 58 Aide: Abbr. C D R prostate cancer, (online or in blood-sugar control.
18 Spiral A L iO UD SI CE and we have person). Please When my friends want to
molecule DOWN D I S C LAP D E C elected to do noth- suggest it to have a meal in a place that
23 DitFpartner 1 Overfeed A X E N EED S A S K ing aggressive. The Bill. does not have a menu con26 She loved 2 Rozelle or HO ETE doctor suggested DearAnnie: I ducive to my diet needs, I will
Lennon Sarnprs K A | ATE I LL E D "dutiful watching." need to get this off get my food elsewhere and
outpost 4 Catch cold ADORQ RE.D SC H Bill has some erec- my chest. I am meet them at their restaurant
30 Salem's state 5 Income YAJ W E K I TTY tile dysfunction, stunned at the of choice to share a table and
32 Volunteers source and so he has all number of events fellowship.
34 Bitter conflict 6 Sister of 10 Ramble 20 Vegetable
34 BTe conitba Helios around sponge but eliminated sex to which my hus- Perhaps this is rude to the
eair setback 7 Clonk 11 Hot pepper 21 Cause and from our bedroom. band and I are in- owners, but the only alternaLiece 8 Pulled apart 12 Barks shrilly 22 Tip one's hat What used to be vited by folks who tive is to take our business to
37 MOMA locale 9 Luke 17 Paul Anka's 23 and don'ts once a week is now ANNIE'S live in the same a restaurant that will cater to
38 Strong soap walker's "- Beso" 2 Dip a word less than once a MAILBOX town but who have my dietary needs.
Want more puzzles? rescuer month. never once had the I think the restaurant
Check out the Just Rirh Crosword Puzzles books 28 Get dizzy All I need is the courtesy to offer a owner first needs to see
. .. . 29 Busboy's load cuddling we used to have and drink or a meal that didn't in- whether the person is actu31 Present the touching and caressing. volve our bringing a gift. ally freeloading and taking
a 33 Sauit e e rie But I can barely get him to These "friends" ought to ask up valuable space, or just try. .. 37 Chaucer hold my hand. Sometimes, I themselves, before issuing an ing to share a table with legitpilgrim wake up during the night and invitation, whether they have imate customers.
s is- 1 is 40 Nerve network find that Bill is also awake. ever welcomed us into their When I go into a restaurant
41 Moneyless But he won't respond to my homes for so much as a cup of that has hostile signs posted,
42 "Peanuts" girl sweet caresses. coffee. it turns me off and I am less
23 2 2 i 26 2 20 2~ 43 As to (2 wds.) Bill refuses to talk about it Right now, we are being in- likely to return there. It does
. .. 44 La tar pits How do I assure him that I undated with graduation invi- not create an inviting atmos47 Deadly love him from the inside out? tations and announcements, phere. -Just Saying
S snakes I don't care if we don't have and we are putting down our
48 Yard units
./ 49 Mao -tung sex. I just want the affection collective foot. Annie's Mailbox is written
51 Pitcher he used to show. -Sleepless Obviously, these people by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy
i i handle in Seattle think our pockets are deep Sugar longtime editors of the
52 FICA number Dear Seattle: So many of and that we are unaware of Ann Landers column. Please
42 43 4 4i 4i 4/ 48 49 54 Estuary
our readers have this same how insulting this is. email your questions to anos s s problem: Their spouses with- -Jaded and Voting with, or
.. hold affection because they Our Wallets write to: Annie's Mailbox,
fear it could lead to an expec- Dear Jaded: We under- Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd
.- --tation of sex. But lack of af- stand your aggravation at Street, Hermosa Beach, CA
fection only makes one's being invited to events for 90254. To find out more about
6-7 ( 2014. rS. Dist. by Universal Uclick for Urs partner feel unloved and un- people to whom you are only Annie's Mailbox and read
wanted. marginally connected. features by other Creators
Men who suffer from erec- When invited to a gradua- Syndicate writers and carWANT MORE PUZZLES? tile dysfunction often feel tion (or sent an announce- toonists, visit the Creators
U Look for Sudoku and Wordy Gurdy puzzles in the Classified pages. stressed about their sexual ment), your only obligation is Syndicate Web page at
performance. And undoubt- to send a card of congratula-


Peanuts Garfield


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Big~YER NaF F ~ W(n L, IFE'?"-


i'-5 8 _7'2 916 -4o To place an ad, call563-5966 53 964
2 3 ...... 41Al51 7 8

Classified I1Classifleds 5649128
In Print 91 28674 7 8
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~~~~3 2 5 78 Onie67 5
Online _____~All

The Time
$145 ea. Reliable, with drawer 13x25x21
Clean, Like New, Excel $50.00 352 637 2499
Fa: (3 52) 5635665 1 ll Free: ( 852-24 1 Email: I wnicleo Working Cond, 60 day SOFA TABLE Use to
Guar.Free Del/Set up. divide room. Glass in-4 (352)263-7398 serts in top. Dark. $35
divide room. Glass inAuto Technician Jumostart your Career
Gentleman in his late 04 ELECTRAGLIDE U-PICK E SOfitjz. in Healthcare! DESKCHAIR Black sets in top. Dark. $35.
60's would like to Ultra Classic w/ Trailer BLUEBERRIES Mi 5 years, exp. 4 wk CNA prep course Swivel Armchair fully Ruth 352-382-1000
meet a lady for fishing $9,500 low mileage Misty Meadows wth toos $5 (2 5 adjustable EXC $25. SOFA traditional very
ybwt tos $50 32 5373 Dunnellon good condition must
or dining and maybe (352) 220-6303 Blueberry Farm AUTOMOTION 352465-8495 sell $100. obo
more (352) 382-5661 PONTIAC Open Thursday Floral City
04 Bonneville SLE through Sunday 352-341-1881 3526372499
44.4k miles prime 7:00 am to 7:00 pm TwoLSOFA with
Happy Ntes condition $8500. obo $3.50 per pound Two recliners on ends,
352-422-6698 (352) 726-7907 t7A -StE Construction ALL STEEL brown and buckskin,
Sive ivr eto- aorrNEED SOMEONE $200 obo
_______ _Silyer Ryver Mentor Laborer BUILDINGS in Inverness area toe20 b
PET ADOPTION inga& Instruction B (352) 460-2188
Saturday 12 *OB FAIR Sinkhole remedia- sharpen circular saw
PT Mon. June 16th tion. FT position. blades 352-637-5840 SOLID OAK ROCKING
Mon. J 1he8 oCHAIR $75.00 OBO
SUPERMARKET 2:00Dm to 5:00Dm MusT be 8 oGlder. New Hedge ie 5271399
Brindle Pit Bull (352) 527-9050 to Renaissance Cente To AppIy Ca Glen $25 Electc e saw
brown with white from rehome small dogs 3630 W Educationa (352) 843 1717 $30.Heavy duty con- Table multi color,
Twisted Oaks hnt h s www.ahumanesocie Fah e at FLcrete saw $30. Electric laminate top, w/
Golf Coursec/V! hin to us chet L FL :Sander and Polisher 4 black leather chairs,
l Coureila lost Thursday in of u typetescuercorn $30. small grinder $10. excellent condition
3/2/2 Home Springs off Elkcam Seekng Certfed p$120. for all Paid $800 Selling $250
Teachers, Bus 130 MPH Jerry (352) 341-0959 (352) 527-7015
{ 521 W. Hillwood Path Blvd, call 352-423-089 nDriyers, Data Entry'3 31 h
Fully remodeled, 20 in with information Ce k Ety APPT. SETTERS 25 x 30 x 9 (3:12 pitch) TRADE IN MATTRESS
tile, Granite Clerk, Secretary, Roof w/Overhang, SETS FOR SALE
tops, new maple cab- Pincipal & Behavior
inets, New Stainless Brindle Pit Mix Specialists Great Pay Weekly. 2-9 x 7 Garage Doors, Starting at $50. *
Tell that special Steel Appliances, Her name is Dixie A n A A A A A A Daily Bonuses 1 En rt door, 2 G-vents TV V ery good tin
pe cial Stone Bar & Fireplace Black w/ brown for alternative APPLY IN PERSON 4 Concree Sab. 31 FLATSCREEN TV Very good condition
person 1950 sq. ft. A must see! markings, white chest, middle/high school 6421 W. Homossa Tr. 19 (I LL HO Lke New. $7500 352-621-4500
Happy Birthday Priced to sell approx 5 mo's old Download applica- Homosassa Fl. 34448 30 x 3 x 9 (312 pitch) 352-502-0722 Two Twin Beds
tgyBrha rcdt el2-9 x 7 Garage Doors PNSNCcmefbemfrs
with a classified at $152,900 lost in the vicinity tion by visiting www. I Entry Door, 2 G-vents PANASONIC comfortable mattress
ad under Happy (352) 746-9311 of Levy County, CITRUS COUNTY En ooc2eGe SURROUND SOUND & boxsprings, Ind.
Notes. 9 last weekend. and bring to job far YMCA 4" Concrete Sab System. $75.00 comforter bedskirt
Only $28.50 Pis call 352-503-9257 1Now hiring the 4041295 (3:12Apitch 352-502-0722 shams $ 100. for all
includes a photo following positions: Roof w/0verhang, TV STAND for (352) 794-3963
LOST CAT 6 2-10 x 10 Roll-up Doors LCD/LED TV w/Glass Two Twin Extra Large
Call our Classified BUYING JUNK CARS Small spayed fe- Full Time: I Entry Door 2 G-vents Shelf forAN equipment Medium Soft Mattress
Dept for details Running or Not male. Brown, tan, or- School Age 4" Concrete Slab $45. Call 212-2961 80" x 39", $900. obo
352-563-5966 CASH PAID-S300 & UP ange tortoise shell. Cit- I FIREWORKITent Program Director $27.995 Installed 352-382-5183
11111111 (352) 771-6191 rus Springs N Caressa Tell that special FIREWORK Tent School Age A local Fl. Manufact. Two Wood matching
FEREOA Wa.WossuhopesnCrews Needed & Program Multi Site + We custom build- Vde Twin Beds
_________ FREE REMOVAL Way. Woods south of person CDL Hazmat Drivers DirectorTwnBd
Appliances, AC Units Rutland, west of "Happy Birthday We are the factory complete, w/head
To s Pool Heaters, Lawn Deltona, East of Elcam. with a classified Commissioned sales Part Time: *Meetsw& exceeds PRINTER HP Printextra a ndfootbord $200.
Trcos352-270-4087 Her name is Lola and a clsied2010 Fl. wind codes iewt xr lc (352) 400-8945
Tractors ad under Happy position.Must pass a Site Coordinator Florida Stamped" cartridge. Works fine.
she is very timid. If Notes. background and Asst. School Age engineered drawings $25 352-476-8744 UNIQUE COFFEE
BIG MEN'S ~~~~~~seen, please call Donna Ony$85e enierddaig $232-7844 TBECRU L
2 BIG MEN'S seenC please callDonna Only $28.50 drug test. Must have Program Director All major credit PRINTER Wireless HP TABLE CAROUSEL
RECLINERS (352)613-6499. includes a photo cell phone reliable Youth Specialist cards accepted printer, copier, scanner. ROTATES removable
light brown, not a Taurus transportationand METAL Structures LLC Works fine. $25 glass top $100.OBO
matched pair, exc. Small Green Parrot, Call our Classified bea non smoker. Apply online by 866-624-9160 352476-8744 352 637 2499
cond. 3 yrs. old Metal brown head, blue on Dept for details email to: 6/13/14: www. Lic # CBC1256991 TOSHIBA LAP TOP VINTAGE MAKE-UP
$450. pair or sell sep. Recycling Best Prices wings & tail, w/red 352-563-5966 crazydavefireworks State Certified Satellite A135 Intel Duo TABLE & CHAIR gold
no reasonable offer for your cars or trucks legs, lost in Pine Ridge I I II DFWP/EOE Building Contractor Processor Vista Oper- metal good condition
refused (352) 5274352 also biggest U-Pull-It (352) 527-1285 1 (352)-637-0132 ww w.mtal ating System. $75 Ruth $30 call 352-257-8752
with thousands of vehi-
cles offering lowest price TIGERThe Gadsden structureslCcOcom 352-382100
2 Fuzion Touring Tires for County Times COOKTOSHIBA LAP TOP
225-60-R17 $60. for parts 352-637-2100 Gray/Black, approx. is seeking an.. EVENINGS 1 Satellite A135 Intel Duo
2 DunlopDireza 2 yrs. old, lost at Exp. Preferred Au es Processor. Vista 16 X 4 Canoe. In Al
Low Profile Tires Inverness Animal 1 A T Cno. In00.
245-45-Ri7, 95W Hospital parking lot. F/TADVERTISING 611 Turner Camp Rd. Operating System. Condition. $500.
$60. (352) 628-9987 please call SALES REP InvernessAn EEOAA (2) UNIQUE WOOD (352)746-7357
2FREE KITTENS 352-341-2447 The Gadsden Employer, MF/V/D CHAIRS $30 each in O Black & Decker Elec1 fluffy gray and the County Times is good c on Coon tric Lawn Trimmer/
4 TIRES other a cute calico weekly publication 352-257-8752 Edger
215 55 R16's Free to good home! with a circulation of EARN EXTRA Seating Group 4 chairs $10.00 352-746-1146
Excellent Tread $100 (352) 628-2178 Tell that special about 4,200. This $$MONEY$$ 1800S CHILDS TOY with cocktail table, & CRAFTSMAN 42"
352-341-0871 FREE pen position is responsi- FLAT IRON WITH HOT foot rest White PVC Lawn Tractor,
personAdorable Kittens Found Large Dog ble for maintaining Deliver Phone PLATE 3.5"x2"x2" $40 w/ blue cushions very 17HP automatic,
Need Homes Hapy Birthday established Books OBO 352-270-3527 good cnd. $100. firm Rebuilt
Need Homes vicinity of Turkey Oak wit a classi- accounts, prospect- Citrus County, FL (352) 382-3812 $400.
BEVERLY HILLS (352) 287-9477 in Citrus Ave fied ad under ing successfully for Flexible Hours 3/4 SIZE ANTIQUE (352) 270-4087
Sat. & Sun. 8am-3pm FREE CAT Call to identify Happy Notes. new advertising Have Insured METAL BED shabby VINTAGE WHITE
TolA' ORE (352)ed 270-4087 (5)79-34 RUGTIONGEN OS
17 N. Monroe Stree Neutered, 1 yr old tabby (352) 794-6314 On y $28.50 revenue opporfuni- Vehicle chic $95 call WROUGHT IRON GREEN HOUSE
Skiddish at first includes a ties and meeting in- + Have Valid 352-257-8752 LAWN SOFA& 2 12X19 Divorce forces
but lovable Found Small Dog photo dividual sales goals. Driver's License CHAIRS $80 Call sacrifice. Will help
Citrus Springs 352-464-1567 S. Lecanto Hwy. Essential Functions + Must Be At Least ANTIQUE IRON 352-257-8752 dismantle. 6 mos old!
Garage Sale Free June 3rd Call our Sell retail and 18 Yrs. Old SKILLET 1800S 9 $95., 352-613-5818
1300 N. Circus Terrace, Coontie Plant Call to Identify Classified Dept classified display + No Experience CHILDS TOY Horse n John Deer Lawn
Hernando, 34442. You dig you take 352- 445-3024 for details advertising to Buggy inside $40 OBO Tractor, Like New
Sat. June 7th, 8a to 3p (352) 257-5787 -_ 352-563-5966 customers to satisfy Necessary352-2370-3527 23 hrs. includes
Antiques, glassware, Free Ferret Found: Loving, Male customer expecta- + Clerks/ Loaders 352-2370-3527 2 BIG MEN'S bagger, thatcher,
artwork, small kayak, Very sweet, Hound Dog 44 & Croft tions and meet and Needed ANTIQUE WOOD RECLINERS & spreader, $1,300.
scroll saw, misc. up to date on shots, Area. Call To Identify exceed established 336-394-2515 DOOR good condition in light brown, not a (352) 513-5043
household items. plays well with dogs 352-201-6282 monthly sales goals. www.sdds Crystal River matched pair, exc.
8606 N. Iberian Dr (352) 726-5844 _- Develop sales Call 352-257-8752 cond. 3 yrs. old POWER BLOWER
ideas, promotions $450. pair or sell sep. Toro Electric Power
FREE HORSE PIT BULL MIX CNA's/HHA's and events to no reasonable offer Blower $20.00
DyrKemr,$0MAUEapoI rodaatne top ak Moving-Must Sell n
Stoe, frig re, Ge zer/mulch apprx 1 yr ld attract new Antique Collection refused (352) 527-4352 352-746-1146
Stove, frigidare $125. Great fertilir c Tan/white w/ black Experienced, Caring revenue sources. a difference Clawfoot Oak Table/ 2 Chase Swivel RYOBI GAS LEAF
Good condition, Stored in trash cans mule. Found in the & Dependable Solicit advertising For persons with chairs, lawers book- Recliners & Ottoman, BLOWER
Can deliver easy to load onto your vicinity of Velour Loop Hourly & Live-in, lineage from existing developmental case, wheeled 3 style 112688 Light $25
for a fee. r i e Pine and Village Drive flexible schedule. and prospective disabilities, drawer dresser, libary Beige, Paid $800 Call 631-353-1731
(678) 617-5560 Ridge (352)270-7127 in Homosassa LOVING CARE advertisers. Key Training Center table, music cab. sm. Asking $450 5 mo. old
leave message (352) 212-2242 (352) 860-0885 t Consult with has positions availa- chair, Alfred Meakin 352-628-3076 Gr e
F R CT Fsre potential advertisers ble in Residential basin/picture set, 2 New Faux Leather Y S
FLORAL CITY Free in order to learn Dept. HS Diploma/ Call (352)341-1941 Sofa's & Ottoman
Sat. 8a-3p & Sun. 9-3 Huge 8it x 8ft DENTAL information about GED required Grey, $600 BEVERLY HILLS
No Early Birds Ja6uzz RECEPTIONIST their individual Apply in Person at OAK WOOD CHAIR Call After 6pm MOVING SALE
7750 E. Pinto Coorrt Full9tibusinesses. 5399 W. Gulf to Lake with caramel leather in- (352) 503-9367 Saturday Only 8a-lp
Free Part time or Full time Provide customer Hwy., Lecanto FL sert perfect for office 47" Bevel Glass Top 91 S. Davis Street
Lowry Electric Organ For High Quality service assistance 34461 *E.O.E.* $75 352-257-8752
Gun Cabinet NL/2, You move, Oral Surgery Office. to advertisers in a Table and 4 Padded
Oak, with etched Extremely Heavy Springhill/Lecanto timely, courteous P/T Bus Drivers VINTAGE PAIR OF Chairs, Like New. Must BEVEn.Y HILLS
glass front, holds 6 (352) 220-1838 Experience a must. and professional FOO DOGS stpc. sAt. & MO3p
rifles + storage, new Email Resume To: manner needed; CDL class B excellent condition $90 $300. Tools, AC's & MORE
locks, $80. obo marvamol@ Send resume to w/ P endorsement. Call 352-257-8752 (352) 795-7398 17 N. Monroe Street
(352) 228-0658 ahoo com Human Resources HS Diploma/ GED ASIAN STYLE TABLE
at damlot required. VINTAGE SHIRT FORM glass top red & gold like Apply in person at with metal base good new $50 352-257-8752 CITRUS HILLS HERNANDO U/WE PICK Exp. Vet Tech Drug screen 5399 W. Gulf to Lake condition $75 call BED ROOM SET 118 E. Hartford Street
Fends o Cius County required for final Hwy., Lecanto 352-257-8752 Maple Qn. Complete, Ethan Allen vintage
Sat, June 7th 1%1Animal Services Large Veterinary candidate. EOE FL. 34461 *EOE. boxspring, matres, China Hutch, large oak
& Sun, June 8th (FOCCAS) Hospital seeking a hheadboard dresser 10 dining table w/2 leaves
9am to pm is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Exp. Technician. h a b rddres er V sa d inna lw 2la e
86 E. Ireland Court 100% volunteer organi- Looking for a Positive, T SUMMER WORK Collectibles drwes & TV8stand, & 6 chairs, solid oak
zation formed in 2010 to Friendly person to join GA YC O OF HOM dressers and Queen
assist in re-homing, our team. email: GREAT PAY! COMFORTS OF HOME headboard,antique gate
HOMOSASSA rescuing and providing mhosp@ Immediate FT/PT Great USED FURNITURE leg table. Sat & Sun
*r ESTATE SALE Florida for the medical needs Alum/Screen openings, customer Fathers Day Gifts comfortsofhomeused 8am-3pm
Fri. June 13th,9a-4p of homeless pets sales/serv, will train, Brown Glss BeerMugs furniture.coSprings
Cypress Run Peaches in Citrus County. Installer conditions apply, all From different States *-'352-795-0121**
For more info on events, F/T BILLER ages 1 7+, Call ASAP! $50. for All Garage Sale
Conoiniu 5i.o H lwo301 projects and special experienced only 352-503-4930 Call (352) 270-8314 HDbdtr. Sat. June 7th, 8a to 3p
Cypress Run 3 )5 7 needs dogs visit Epredfovey citrus county area WGE ARMG- New mattress. Ex. cond. Atqegasae
Ap 6 32 1 28 busy medical email to: jcin TOWER HAND No stains. Free 20" Tv arwksllay,
office. Computer NALITE 12" skillet w/lid w/ucae.$5. scroll saw, misc.
______________ ____________________________ kilsa us.#4512. Aluminum, w/purchase.-$150 household items.
skMilds benefs. Startina at $10.00/Hr. weighs 5 lbs. Excellent (5)2-748606 N. Iberian Dr
BuildingReumeto Mcond. $35. 527-1239 ~T I U CTU PIG
***** 4pu~com 352)563-212 Communication THIS UT[ CITRS SPRING
S o k U ** 4 u c m(32 6-52Towers. Travel -GiooNdFRITR HUGE ESTATE/
FRN DESK Mnuacturere of 326481 AE,2DTM R-A-U a3
A/C Grilles, registers AROUND RESALES Furn., Appliances,
F/T position for a and diffusers is HtSoHtTufo2 270-8803, 2165 Hy 491 ElcrnsTo,
..............busy dental office currently accepting f Ho ptHtTbfr2Eeos Toles,
48 3iDental Experience applications for used 1tme LAUREL RIDGE &Mr
........& experience with Experienced ~ .hahc eEstate Sale
----- ---- ---------- ---- ----- Eaglesoft a must. Assembly Workers. CARE GIVER Pd. $4,200, Sel $3,000 (352) 527-4484 2450 W Sand Trap Dr
6 a r mi rsm:(352) 621-5427 __________ 352-249-8259
2352-795-1637 A22lvinJersonR Looking for reliable CNA Living Room Set
~~lvnn.swanson@ rsw (Mon-Fri between for elderly woman on 1 Sofa & Love Seat l FLORAL CITY
.......ansondetalfco the hours of Mon,Thurs, & Sat.1T~liT~T 2 End tables -glass top lSat. 8a-3p &Sun. 9-31
_________ 8:00 am to 3:00 pmo). Must be able to transfer 1I coffee table-glass tp I *No Early Birds *
METAL INDUSTRIES l4O1bs. Great Pay 2 Lamps wglass basePitCor
Nurse 400 W. Walker Ave., Send resume whan( APPLIANCES, like new 1 Entertainment cntr _______.........................................Practitioner & PA Bushnell, Fl133513. tamnabavrrcom washers/dryers, stoves, 53'W $500 for All HERNANDO
Excellent benefits fridges 30 day warranty (352) 527-8418 Fri. Sat. & Sun. 8a-3p
Needed for busy package, 401 k. itrade-ins, 352-302-3030 MODERN COFFEE Rain or Shine
family practice DFW, ECE. AND END TABLE glass Everything Must Go!
...................................... e ic lOfic n rer K n or,$1 0 top with unique base collectibles, dolls, Etc.
Citrus County. Stove, frigidare $125. can email picture $100 2941 N. Stratham Pt.
Please Fax Resume I }_ J; ,Good condition, 352-257-8752
to 5-4-88Can deliver HERNANDO
to 32-46388 [ fo afe.New, Restoration Sat, June 7th
9 2 ,(678) 617-5560 Qn SZ Pillowtop & Sun, June 8th
We are expanding _ __;___l I1_1 Mattress set $200. 9am to 1pm
..........our office & are in NOW Kenmore & frame $35. 86 E. Ireland Court
__need of: :]'.,,t. Dishwasher-Stainless (5)4345 _______~~~2FIT Oral -.ttFI'' .ENROLLING brand new Oak Dining Room
___ ___ ___ __Surgical Asst.....................$400 Table w/ 4 chairs & 2 TH SO !
Cosmetology r~l~l352-249-8259 captain chairs $450.
Proressive Oral h h Outdoor Tie Top -G N UNTR
......... looking to add exp. Barber' 'JFF' jRange Bisque $200 curved cement AROUND RESALES
Fill in the squares so that each row. column, and 2 F/T Oral Surgical r -r; ~ LIBre Microwave, Range benches $400. 270-8803, 2165 Hy 491
3-by-3 box coti h u br hog ,Assistants Night School Hood Kenmore, (352) 270-2495 HOMOSASSA
Benefits inc. health l lIT asg Bisque $100 good Oak King Size ESTATE SALE*
insurnce -. DycMasage352-476-7973 Headboard w/lighted Fri. 6 & Sat. 7, 10-2p
n 1 j ~ ~ lf eireepns on 1'"' a Night School book cases & Furniture, Pictures,
retirement pensionftC i"fjl structure Mail rsume to:,. Kenmore matching mirror/LapEC
MailVVVVwihtnd 62W Craeset: Nail & Skin Care Ref rig/Freezer dresser $1500. 10820 S .Sln
Oaks Dr. Crystal...........Day School $100. (352)270-2495ShrTeac
Intaltinsb Brian CB1583River, FL. 34429 Starts Weekly Whirlpool Washer and SetonlSoaiLkrWLe WOODSaSe
___________Night School Dryer both for $100. Ne.S ecti nrs. Like WALDEN WODS S.
-2-59 m ll Mon-Tues-Wed 352-249-8259 Heat/Massage. Barely Homosassa
ESL5:00PM-9:00PMUKenoreused. $500. Thurs, Fri. Sa. 8a to 2p
Cam" us Locations: Washer & Dryer (352)637-3156 Everything Must Go!
.! F R E E EST % EkerdNEW PORT RICHEY White, good cond. Serta King Even the kitchen sink
Permit And &TFloral City BROOKSvlLLE Cal After 6pm like new $150. tools, fishing, hardwr
IEngineering Fees ICook Needed *(352) 503-9367 (352) 270-1366 10215 W Main Street
Upt to $200 value | (727) 848-8415 Small Bedroom Chair, INVERNESS
% mi1 O01DN lese ist urREPAIR. Also Wanted Entertainment center Fri. & Sat 8a-3p
Siding' Soffit, Fascia, Skirting, Roofover, Carports, '5reen Rooms, Decks 'Windows' Doors Additnons www:eckerdora [IX'$)MfJJJ START A CAREER Dead orr AliVeWasherS 28"W ino27" Talododen 868 N. Hambletonianps.a:w . to apply. INA YEAR UP! 352-564-8179 (352) 419-8165 invernessantiq.ues com.


U H ZU P PPIE Quiet area in
ARTIST LAWRENCE OLDAKCGEORGOUS 3/2 Doublewide Town Home, 3/2.5
CROWELL 1972 BRINDLES 726-9189 on corner lot acreMembership
excellent condition mo Tl, nice storage (352) 613-4459
$20 each 352-257-8752 u shed big oak tree THE GLEN
CAST IRON LARGE a off CR 429 Spacious Upscale
SINK Vintage farm Lake Panasoffkee 2/2/1, Villa, 55+
house style $100 call BReduced to $54,995 screen lanai, plus
S352-257-8752 SELLER FINANCING patio, cable, window
......... ... FISHING POLE! Call 352-726-4009 treatments incl. $750+
ETA SHOlW ER1 f/I/s, (352) 634-7674
HEAD New in box $20
........... Call 212-2961 D pee
I SIGN painted wood Tell that special BUTTERBEAN 3 bdrm 2 ba 3/2
............ super cute $40 great Butterbean, 2-y.o. ON 2AC-1768 SQ HOMOSASSA
... .shape 352-257-8752 H ro mixed breed 2/1 Duplex $525 mo.
Happy Birthday spayed female, ZILLOW.COM 9515 W 1st.& Sec, non smoker
PAMPERED CHEF with a classified great size @ 41 lbs. INVERNESS FL Pets-? 352-212-4981
VEGETABLE CUTTER ad under Happy Knows basic com- TERRY AT
Measuring Cup, Pyrex Notes. mands, training on 352-697-1218 INVERNESS
...- -. Oven to Table Bowls Only $28.50 leash work. Beautiful park on lake w15 2/1 Brand New, Upscale
New $25 Call 212-2961 includes a photo sweet piers, clubhouse and $599. (786) 405-3503
loving girlef, much more! Rent
.... X F n Call our Classified plays w/cats. Chil- Ind. grass cutting
... Dept for details dren in family should and your water 2 Bedroom, 1/2Bath,
m352-563-5966 be age 10 and up. *1 bedroom, 1 bath turn, Carpot,
200 BS OF ME3A 5 2-563-5 Call Michelle @ @$425 scrn rm good value, CRYSTAL RIVER
WEIOHTS 25LBS LBS. 352-302-2664 or Pets considered and In quiet 55+Park Fully Furnished
#ERMAN WEIT 1 -5LBS PLUS2352-3726-section 8 is accepted. $5,500. 386-234-0254 Studio Efficiency
HERMAN' AND 10-0 BRS PLUS 2 352-726-5139. Call 800-747-4283 (352) 748-5325 w/ equipped kit. All
67 Laughingstock Licensing CUR.,BARSt.$b00Universal 2014 CForDetails!0-util., cable, Internet, &
CA 63For Details! 3 Bedrm., 2 Full Baths cleaning provided.
"When we say'parents invited, we 200 LBS. OF METAL DUNNELLON/488 glass encl. F Rm 9/2 x $ 352-586-1813
WEhOH S4 25yBSpPrvateCovectoExtwa Clean 212, Shed 38 ft., newer washer &
WEIGHTS 4-25LBS Private Collector $ Extr dryer, 2/2, neShedl' mm o
usually mean to sit and watch." AND 1 0-1LBS PLUS 2 will pay more for your $530 o 1st last Dep dryer, all new 8 apple's
CURL BARS $100 coins A 4 (352) 795-6970 new AC/ht pmop, fresh
.. ________ ext. paint, Lot rent
CALL 631-353-1731 call (352) 422-6088 FLORAL CITY $255. mo. includes
Ross Exercise Bike y 2/1, Near Walking water, sewer & garb.
1 $20 WANT TO BUY HOUSE Trail $500 mo. + 2mos $24,000 (352)419-5136
Tony Little or MOBILE Any ArFa Sec. (352) 364-6704 (352) 501-0517
Circle Glide $75. Condition or Situaton INVERNESS HOMOSASSA'S Hernando
Th n (352) 613-1674 Fred, 352-726-9369 Bd. Rm. $325. mo. Best Housing Value Lake Caful
2 Bd. Rm. $360. mo. Modern 2/1 homes olbd/lba, beautiful
.......dCLARK Both $500. Dep. each from $7500 or Lease to old Florida dottages!
Clark, + y.o. Boxer/ No Pets 352-726-7951 Own from $145/mo. $550. (352) 341-2724
goods terrier mix, neu- $700.down + Lot HERNANDO

Bag Boy tered wt 65 lbs. UTD INVERNESS
2hBagoyCas, shots microchip- 1/1, $350/mo 1st, last rent of $265. mo. Watson's Fish Camp
Swhee Gof Carts ped HW ne ve sec. Pets negotiabe 10 55+ Rental Community
C ION CO$75.00 each Gorgeous dog, very 9929 E Bass Ci rcle Evanidge Community (352) 726-2225
$5.00 eac6(32)212238 55+Park 352 628-5977 IGI
(352) 563-2121 f l affectionate, pro- (32 1 35a ecp nlIGI
tective, housebrkn, a 6 Charming furn or unfurn
200 CUBCAR leash trained, knows effic/cottage, all utilities
GO F CAR 202 baccommands, incl'd. $650 no smoking
GOL CAT21 _icmadrT1f o e t324229
batteres u weathe good w/dogs. 352-422-2994
cover Call Lac! @ HUGE!! 4/3 INVERNESS
Se or $2000 352-212-8936, email $87,489 Land & Home Waterfront Studio
352 ,000735 Lacihendershot@ READY TO MOVE $500 dep; $125/wk.
Lyahoocom. Owner Financed w0
Cocae Wepn to 20k down! MUST I RENTAL MANAGEMENT all utils. 352-364-7588
CaaecConcealed Weapons SEE (352) 795-1272 1, RAYIC
Permit Course Urban Suburban Cockatoo 32-79-7368 795-1
HOMOSASSA SMW Aluminum Truck Bed GENERATOR DAN'S GUN ROOM Hair Studio 7 yrs old looking for MOVE IN NOW 35-9576
Saturday Only 8a-2p Tool Box 11HP, electrc star (352) 726-5238 Holly Wolf good home, includes Nice Home on '2 AC CRYSTAL RIVER BEVERLY HILLS
ESTATE SALE fits medium size truck 6,200 Wafts Running GOLF DRIVER 2013 Stylist/Owner large cage. $500 fenced yard, 1500 sf $925 Meadowcrest Villa 870 Beakrush Lane
64 Douglas Street Like new $125.00 8,750 Watts surge Nike VR Pro Ltd MRH Invites you to come (352) 489-4127 3/2 Home in new Beoriul2,/2hl mssonlon pol1nrtennis! 2br 1/ ba, 1 cargar
meet our Friendly at $1000 11770W.unnybrook 2
LECANTO (352) 794-3963 w/emergency 10.5 Diamana Reg EXC Kn e condo Drywall with $1000 unnrook enclosed screen porch,
geCANTO nerator manual $75. Dunnellon owledgeable Cute Chihuahua/ $650 o. leased dep.
Sat. 7 & Sun. 8, 8a-2p Antique Cradle transfer switch $550. 465-8495 Staff! CuterChihuahua/ New appliances, no2pprr.y352-ea7m3133
3912 W. Featheredge & High Chair. (352) 860-0670 Pomeranion Mix oe aincs, $650. mo.-69 l VEad
Baby blankets GOLF IRONSAdams JUNE SPECIAL Puppy $60. carpet, paint, decks, HOMOSASSA no pets. 52697313
PINE RIDGE & stroller GOLD FLATWARE Idea mrh 7&8 graphite $60 COLOR Leave Message & ceramic tile floor- $2000 115$. Crry Pt. C RIVER
Fri, Sat. 9am to 1pm All for $200. obo 5 PC SETTING Kings new grips $15ea (352) 364-3009 ing. Financing avail- Beafu 1t 6horin .5ear 2/2/2, $800. mo + sec.
MOVING SALE (352) 795-7254 Inn/Rose pattern never $25pair Dunnellon & CUT able only $69,900. $1300 6 oxhorn c so $500. 850-838-7289
ho s h l-&s e-s d 2 a h 6 4 5($450/m o.) W .A.C. Nrep001h meingarrrillU 0asavi.s00nl C rystal R iver
C used $20 each 465-8495 Call (352) 621-9183 $850 6698 S. Wald Pt. WATERFRONT 3/3/2
household & shed CAROUSEL HORSE 352-270-3527 826 US Hwy 414berocuehmwidfndyadTecdyr,
ite m s, e tc .. S T A T U E w o o d 1 5 "x 1 5 G O L F W O O D S M R H # 7 I n v e rn e ss 4 m
2861 W Beamwood $25 OBO 352-270-3527 HORSE BLACK GLWODMR#7 Inverness, FL
Drive, Beverly Hills LEATHER STATUE #9 Graphite Good Grips 352-637-0777 SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, $1500. mo. f/I/s
CELL PHONE Verizon 15"x 15" $20 O and Head Covers $3,000-$1 1,000 on HERNANDO (352) 638-1079
YARD SALE Samsung Convoy 2 352-270-3527 $1 5ea $25pair9 our huge lot model $600 7096 N. Dawson Dr. HOMOSASSAI
Sat Only 8 to 2 flip phone with charger Dunnellon 465-8495 sale going on now. 2/2 M bile inln & ale ugisiiy 0nSat Oc condition. $20 Laundry Sink with Only 3 left! Call $675 6315N. Shorewood Dr. Sugarmill wOOds
Rough Cherrywood, Exc Faucet $30.00 Gun Cabinet Taylor Made Homes Cozy2 bed ... erwim r dock 2 bedroom. 2 bath.
Tools, Household items 352-322-1154 352-746-1146 Oak, with etched Call (352) 621-9181 $1600 215 W.MkkeyMantle Path Upscale villa, tile, deck
& More! glass front, holds 6 New Homes from 4 abrm. pool homeinTerra Vistaon glfr urse and poach. Mainte1535 Pinwheel Drive Char-Broil PICNIC TABLE 6x4 foot rifles + storage, new My Name is $40.00 per sq. ft. For More Listings Go To nance free living, close
rive Outdoor Grill, fiberglass fold flat. locks, $80. obo Lil Bit untyHoelentals to shoals,shopping
Infrared, Cooking, Benches raise to form (352) 228-0658 I am a Cha-Winne,t hospitals.$9O/m
full tank propaine, full table.$100 (I4ast andsecuity)
many new accessories 352-4652459 Kayak 7 Mo., UTD Spayed, A os ble pet
EVAN PICONE SUIT $200. (352) 465-2459 little girl looking for ) possible pet
SOLID BRASS CATS Aruba, 10 ft., Sit in Robbie Ray my forever home. Vurni____ 407-276-5465
Double Breasted Navy Custom Made momr n kitten $30 OBO w/ paddle, Call Saving Angels 3/2 WATERFRONT,
Linen size 12-14 $20 Morton Rug Hooking 352-270-3527 vest and orr INVERNESS
aBO 352-270-3527 Frame exc. condo. Two $190. (352) 212-9566 Urban Suburban (352)419-0223. DOUBLEWlDE CRYSTAL RIVER INVernSS
O NlTOYOTA CAMRY Hair Studio Come see me and $75900. Fully Furnished 2/2 Waterfront, $800
EVN ICNESUT parts, lap frame and Misc Gof Club 10480 S. Mclung Lip. Studio Efficiencymo,1tlatsc
Double Breasted White floor stand attach- FLOOR MATS tan Misc. Golf Clubs 352-637-0777 others!!!! __ 8OWNER FINANCING w/ equipped kit. All 352-364-2120
Linen size 12-14 $20 ment. 14" x 16" and brand new factory retail new Driver OWnt (352) 3821000quipple, It, A& I5N-E64-E
Do Breasted rotates. $175. obo $250 sell $100 and Golf Balls "From Cutting Edge Agent (352) 382-1000 until cable, Internet, & INVERNESS
LiBen 3-2-20710 (352)270-3527 $75.00 for all to Care Free' cleaning provided. Highlands, 3/2, Fm. rm.
OB 5-7-57 (352) 527-1100 WED5EW)D2I-3(352 422-7632 J 352-586-1813 $800, ma. 352-212-4873
CER PLATE lavender Raleigh Grand Prix LAKEFRONT 1 Bedrm. Lake 3/2/2 Starting @
3 Iron legs glass top on cream never used no 10 Speed Bicycle Precision Cuts, AC, Clean, No Pets $760. sec. $1,200
FAXMACINE352270357 a cracks/glaze $20 OBO Completely updated Avant Garde on 1 Plus Acres, MOL
(352)270-3527 $250. hairstyles and Fireplace Glamour 5 34wwwreaxfco
Lexmark fax machine. FAT CAT STATUE 6" Whirlpool Dormitory (352) 4644955 updo's. Bath, large walk-in HOMOSASSA 3524034646
Fax, phone, copy. $25 TALL clay $10 OBO Size Refrigerator Schwinn AIR/DYNE closets all bedrooms, IBR, appl's & util. IncI'd. or 352-585-6510
352476-8744 352-270-3527 $30.00 353-746-1146 Excercise Bike Paul Mitchell off US 200 $600. month + sec.,
GARMIN GPS, exc. cond. $125.00 Certified. in Hernando Fl. 352-628-6537
Good condition. $89,995 mental
$50.00 352-364-6704 V THIS OUT (352) 513-5368 SELLER FINANCING
STANDARD HORIZON Call 352-726-4009 hER a mp
RADIO OSAA HOWatson's Fish Camp
PRINTER Epson Hand Held Submersi- Sasha, 5-y.o. spayed rNVER 2 HOEw -- 55+ Rental Community
4530.Print-Scan-Fax. ble Marine Radio female Bulldog mix, BUYER! 2 singlewide INVERNESS (352)726-2225
3Antigue Brass GENERAL 5 months old. $90.00 $80.00 352-382-3298 likes kids & other MH's w/land for sale.INVERNESS
anig MERCHANDISE 352-212-9566 dogs. Good on Each 2/1, both need mi- CANDLEWOOD I LAKERNESS
Hanging Light WATER SKI Taperflex leash, friendly & nor TLC. Asking COURT APTS. spacious 3/2/2, c/h/a
Fixtures, Kitchen, Dining SPECIALSII brand like new $25 call playful, smart & $l7kleach or $33k both spa (908) 322-6529
Room & Foyer $35.00 352-257-8752 alert, would be a Buy 1 or both. 21313 2 I $ () 6
352-746-1146 Instruments WOMEN'S gowacdg Canal Dr/ both Damac Rental Assistance '
35-46146 ** *** OENSgood watchdog. Campbell Dr &21335 II 2 BDRM., 1 BATHII4 Pekin Ducks $8. ea ACOUSTIC BRAND ROADMASTER Takes treats in ge- Estates Brooksvlle F.ientalA
eghorn, New Hmp- LEAD SERIES G3FX BICYCLE Robin Long tie, respectful way, Security Dep $676. S Y
h nmsUrban Suburban would be good Not a park, own MH S r HOME
shire, Bantams, $5 ea -6 lines AMPONBOARD Gair Stu n fldo. w/land together When Approved I
All are 5 months old, 1 10 days EFFECTS,W/OVER- 352-364-6704 Hair Studio f ee $0. w/land t/2 as First Mo. Rent
(352) 422-5622 up to 2 items DRIVE $75 352-601-6625 352-637-0777 Adoption fee $30. 352-346-3173A
4 TIRES BEGINNERS LAP f til "From Cutting Edge 352-344-573 M/W/TH, 8-12 & -5 i GLE
215 55 R16's STEEL WITH GIGBAG Talr to Care Free" 7 FINANCING! 307 Washgton Av
ExcellentTread $100 $200 ANDAMP/POWERED -- Home forSale I307 Washn s v. i
352-34t re 1-0 $115$20. MONITOR $85 4" X 8" TRAILER Tilt Seeking new Color Schnauzer Pups ~no .5ars nEa nsls oda CLASSIFIEDS
352-31-087 Inens 4/3onoridaces
2014 TOYOTA CAMRY $114352-601-6625 Box Good Tires & and Foil Clients 2 male, Born Nov. 14 paved rd. fenced Opportunityg
FLOOR MATS tan $201-$400.. Sterling Spinnet Spare 1000 lb Capac- looking for a Shih-Tzu Pup yard, work shop & SPECIAL!
brand new eM factory $16.50 Piano ity. $100 727-463-4411 change. Come 1 male Born Jan. 21, utility shed, Florida I I 30 Days
retail $250 sell $100 $401 -$800.. $100. Custom Utility Trailer give me a try. 352-795-5896 Day room, deck on ack
(352)270-3527 $21.50 (352) 228-4064 5'x10' w/extra welded Wed-Sat & front concrete I $58.50
(352)270r3527 $21.50( ) on tie-downs, spare appointments WESTINESE PUPPIES driveway with car- EQUM JSI
GSene OpengeDr, ortedwnsae VETN PPIS M. Only $79,900. PUtI
Genie Opener $801-$1500.. SX LAP STEEL tire, drop-gate, stabi- available. All white, no shed, 14,000 downly s Easy
complete hardware $26.50 W/GIGBAGALMOST lizers, removeable mEedicalcericate, 4 nly I Its Easy
& track, fan lite NEW,SETUP&READY motorcycle chalk "Redken Educator 9 weeks old, $500. ea Call2to A.C. Call Today
adtand20+ wa feek ol, 50. ea 2$648 .392/wClToa
windows, new, white * * * TO GO $95 & hitch lock, $750.obo an trained Call After 3pm. 3 8 ( )563-5966
paint $150. 476-7973 352-601-6625 (352) 628-1003 years experience. (352) 586-0305 7

_R -7

SMEPITY APlIanCed Pres Wash, Painting HANDYMAN. reliable & exp. lic/ins Land Cleared, Hauling All Int./ Ext. Painting AtninLic. & Ins. Lowest
ReaIr. Alsoe Wanteds (ItEt 5yrRf Gen. Maint/Repairs needs based, ref's 1 time Cleanup, Drive- Needs. Lic. & Ins. FREE Consumers Rates Free est.
& Divers. FREE PICK # 39765, 352-513-5746 Pressure Cleaning. Bonded- 352-613-8137 ways (352) 302-6955 EST (352) 586-2996 Please make sure you (352)860-1452
UP 5-6-190256271 352-465-9201 __________ are using a licensed
_________Affordable Handyman Primary Cleaning LLC AlanViw:ARsurOUNDnurd eriTRACTORtr& re Wr
V FAST* 100%Guar. Licensed & Insured Landclearing, Hauling CenVe:Pesr n nue evc l rco reWr
AST 1 0% uar (3 2)4 6-9 74 Site Prep, Driveways washing,windows,odd professional. Many Land Cleared, Hauling
V AFFORDABLE (5)7-64 Lic/Ins 352-795-5755 jobs, Free Est 407-591 service advertisers 1 time Cleanup, Drive#1 +TCHOLOIE VRELABE.Fre Et HE LEN EAM KS LND ERICS.-7572 or 352-860-3820 are required by state ways (352) 302-6955
C1 RepaCHNO*O352-257-9508L R Es idHEKENTAMm LANDERICITESUSAC.ANYA law to include their _______Al Home Rear. 5-5-58Y eieta/om ADLAIG IT DNIAC ADMNstate license Bonbon Cleaning,
~Cneel' on~ Al TVs Installed Affordable Handyman Lic., Bonded, Insured WORK, DUMP TRUCK WILDLIFE CONTROL SERVICES number in all adver- Lawn, & Prop Main.
Officeleanina c#86 5274 77 FAST 100% Guar. (352) 419-6557 SERVICE, AND MORE. David P Crissman Lic# 39477 tisements. If you Com, Res, & IndusHome Comoanions DUN-RITE ELECTRIC VAFFORDABLE (352)302-2849 (352)563-5545 (352) 464-3748 don't see a license trial; Lic/Ins, Ref avail
RlxW'lTkCae Since,, 78ree Est. V RELIBLE Fre Es f l- numberin head, you 4640;6712
of you! 352-746-7760 lic EC 13002699 352-257-9508 *k Joel's Handyman Serv. should inquire about it ___________________ 352 7262907 Affordable Handyman HFree Estimates and be suspicious D & R TREE SERVICE
Caregiver avail for V FAST 100% Guar. CREATURE COMFORTS CRAPEL*Eff. & Exp. Company that you may Lawn & Landscape
inhome service Lic/Ins V AFFORDABLE URAPELLic/Ins 352- 476-4919 be contacting an un- Specialist. Lic. & Ins.
;vfaal Hul rlie ,'RELIABLE* Free Est Yardscape, Curbing, A-I Hauling, Cleanups, licensed business. Free Est. 352-302-5641
in; 352-697-1625 325790 rFlocrete. River Rock garage clean outs, THE KLEEN TEAM The Citrus County _________Re vi.Hul rlv 5-5-58*Reseals & Repairs. trash, furniture & misc. Residential/Comm. Chronicle wants to DUL
___________ ROCKY'S FENCING HANDYMAN Lic. (352) 364-2120 Mark (352) 287-0767 Lic. Bonded, Insured ensure that our ads DUL
FREE Est., Lic. & Insured SERVICES (352) 419-6557 meet the require- Tree Service
**352-422-7279** Y Lic# 3977D & R TREE SERVICE JEFF'S ments of the law. Stump Grinding, bulk
FENC PR, al tyes (52)464-748Lawn & Landscape CLEANUP /HAULING Beware of any service mulch, lic/ins 302-8852
painting, repairs, Joel's Handyman Serv. Free Est. 352-302-5641 Brush Removal provide proof that RWIHTRESeic
JEFF'S gates, free estimates Free Estimates Design & Install Lic., 352-584-5374 they are licensed to Tree Removal &
CLEANUP/HAULING **veteran owned** Eff. & Exp. Company PET SITTING/WALKING Plant*Sod*Mulch Allicases ofTileI do business. Trimming. Ins. & Lic. #
Clean outs/ Dump Runs lid/ins (352) 563-8020 Lic/Ins 352- 476-4919 Exp., Reliable, Excel. "Weed*Trim*Cean 1Hncp oe1 For questions about 0256879 352-341-6827
Brush Removal. Lic. HadicahShoers
352-584-5374 OWENS QUALTY Roofng Systems, Ref. (352) 274-4138 ic/ins 352-4653086 [Safety BarsFs. business licensing,RVEBK
FENCING, ALL TYPES. Alum Enclosures, re- I422-2o19Lic.#271 please call your cityRIEBR
Free Est. Comm/Res. modeling, Inspections Kat's Kritter Kare or county LAWN & LANDSCAPE.
3526284002 CRS Contr 4148693 PE cITrTIN G ,,- ASAP PANTNG goemnent offices. 15%/ off Tree Trimming
_________ E Jii~YCHRIS SATCHELL _______ w/Ad. (352) 464-3566
CARE Cuts $10 & Up Insured 352-464-1397 S Star Taxi Service Trim, Shape&
CURB APPEAL Re./om.ULc/n. 5277-85 RmeLi/nsIEe
Yardscape, Curbing, Install restretch, repai Comfort Works, Inc. 563-9824, 228-7320 A-1 Complete Repair est. 352-628-2825
Flocrete. River Rock Clean, Sales, Vinyl Ai Conditioning and D & R TREE SERVICE (Int/Ext) 25 yrs, Ref, Lic soe o oo
Reseals & Repairs. Carpet, Laminent, Lic. Heating Service, Res/ Lan&Lnsaps375h525354 ow o nbig o oP
Lic. (352) 364-2120 #4857 M tch, 201-2245 Coin (352) 400 -8361 Spa &t Lic nds. # 39765,352-513-5746
Lic# CAC1817447 Free Est. 352-302-5641 CALL STELLAR BLUE 352-613-TIE/lc# 2441
CONCRETE Driveways Hepn Hand Grass Man All nt./ Ext. Painting R oi g S s e s 4 -5 6 i h r
terottatrwrCut-Clean-Mulch-Edae Needs. Lic. & Ins. FREE RofnSytm34-56Rihr
tear outs, ractor 4 wor A+TCHOLGIS RE ETIATE! ST_(52_56-99 Alum Enclosures, re- Water Pump Service
Li.#17,72-55 1A+EHNLGESFE ETMAE! ES 35)56-96 modeling, Inspections & Repairs- all makes &
_________ Al Home Repairs *Cinderella's Home* (352) 270-4672 Russell 352-637-1363 CRS Contr 414-8693 models. Call anime!
INTERIOR/EXTERIOR ________ _______Al TVs Installed & OfficeCleanina& RIVENBARK & ODD JOBS. 30 yrs
lic#5863 352-746-3777 Home Comoanions f l LAWN & LANDSCAPE. J. Hupchick Lic./Ins.
tA VEA tt Relax We'll Take Care 15% off Tree Trimming (352) 726-9998=
M & W INTERIORS ofyu 5-4-70w d 32 6-5Comolete Tree Serv.
Land clearing, Hauling Northern Quality Residential Only Re-Face not Replace! Residential/Comm. Free Estimates RV service, narts. sales STUMP GRINDING Residential/Comm.
Site Prep, Driveways Southern prices! Wkly., Biwkly., Mnthly. KITCHEN SOLUTIONS Lic., Bonded, Insured Eff. & Exp. Company Mobile Repair/Maint. 55ft. Bucket Truck Lic., Bonded, Insured
Lic/Ins 352-795-5755 (352) 537-4144 352-364-1773 **(352) 794-3747** (352) 419-6557 Lic/Ins 352- 476-4919 352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. 352-344-2696 Lic/ins. (352) 419-6557


SRoSSS Inumes I ffTTT aefot1CMH

CRYSTAL RIVER 3/2 Doublewide LTYk
Share My Home, OPEN HOUSE on 1/3 mol acre has 3/2/2 Sugarmill Woods bYPRCKYKANE
private porch, entrance Sun. June 8, 12-3 PM glamour bath and $119900.Eve answer is a rhyming
$100. wk, Include elect, 1709 W Pine Ridge walk-in closets off 1 Fig Court W. FLORAL CITY 1. Occupying an anchovy container (1) pvirofwrsikhyATCA
sa. is 32-64115Blvd. Turner Camp Rd OWNER FINANCING pair of words (like FAT CAT
sat. dish 352-564-1155 Bld. TurnerCampRdrOWNER FIn Waterfront. 6 adj. and DOUBLE TROUBLE), and
HOMOSASSA 3/2/2 POOL HOME Inverness, Fl. Agent (352) 382-1000 Lots, 314 acre on chain
HOMOSASS ERA American $64,995. _of lakes. Huge oaks, 2. Chug fleshy fruit in orange juice (1) theywill lit in the letter
Female Wanted to Realty & SELLER FINANCING good fishing. $110,000 squares. The number after the
Rent & Share Home, Investments Call 352-726-4009 OBO. (352)596-2921 definition tells you how many
own BR w/TV, BA, W/D Marge Maszota, s yl l es in each ord.
$375. mo., 503-6412 Realtor Inverness CiurusgCouetyi 3. Struck out "Fountainhead" author Ayn (1) syllables in each word.
352-464-4220 Cell 2 bedroom 1 bath Homes
house. Lot 100x5ia. Citrus County 2014 UFS, Dist, by Univ. Ulick for UFS
Move-in condition. It's a Realtor 4. Pisa landmark orchid or daisy (2)
$25,000 cash as is. SELLERS Market" MICHELE
1309 Bruce Street. #1 Company+ ROSE
Acres 4.23 Bushnell Phone 352-726-7362. Experienced Agent
1 Bedroom 1 bath. Sold!5. Sea cow narcissism (3)
LRm, Den, Laundry, Nice Double Lot SOLD! Sold! Realtor
Carport Call Joan OPEN HOUSE 3/14 Acres MOL Simply put
352-464-1211 SUNDAY JUNE 8 with Lake View I '11 work harder 6. Actor Christian's dining-out servers (2)
FROM 12 NOON 3 PM 4/2 Doublewide
1112 E. BLOOMFIELD with Family Room, 352-212-5097
DRIVE INVERNESS large bed rooms off ielirsony
3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath Turner Camp Rd. 7. Putting a tiara on poet Elizabeth Barrett (2)
DIAMOND IN THE Inverness Fl. $89,995. Craven Realty, Inc.
ROUGH! Large pool SELLER FINANCING 352-726-1515
home with 4-car Call 352-726-4009
garage! Additional DEB INFANTINE
den/office adjacent to Realtor ROD KEN N EUR NNIVH0H119NINO SH[ tHJNV '9 ITJVAa NIlNVI '
liv *A^ -8046 -9 01 I~t$f IWE( d'Ifld djflg 'Z NIJ, M I'1
living and kitchen! (352) 3028046 352-436-3531 6-7-14 S[MSNV
Fenced in the back. Real Estate!.. ERA
Needs a loving hand. it's what I do.Su o tR l
Myriam Reulen at Ra
DEB Weston Properties Realty Connect ERA
THOMPSON LLC, 352-613-2644 American Realty
wwww.homesinflori- Buying or Selling? Phone: 352-726-5855
One call away for Cell: 352-302-8046
your buying and Waterfront, Fax: 352-726-7386
selling needs. Acreage, Golf Email:debinfantine@
Realtor that you can Homes & More!
refer to your Adopt a Shelter Pet SANDI HART
family and friends: ATTN Homebuvers FREE List of www. Realtor
Service with a smile 100% financing avail. Available Homes! Listing and Selling SCAN OR GO Both linealiLahityhg oitkes Como!
seven days Government Program.
a week. You do not need perfect Real Estate TO www.
credit. Call or emai Contact the Is my Business BestNatureCoast
Parsley Real Estate to get qual fied. Premier Real I put my heart into it! P
Deb Thompson Ph: (813) 470-8313 Estate Group to IviewE T
352-634-2656 rickobf~amail com Realty Connect 352-476-9649 my properties" BEST Rick Kedzierski lic loan (352) 341-2588 or sandra.hart@ NE
and originator NLMS (352) 212-1446 #267854, FL#9096 T. Paduano, Broker
NOTICE: C Realty LOT FOR SALE -hAll real estate 352-726-5855 Pine Ridge GMC MIDAS '06 KIA FORD
advertising in this RealEl Paso
newspaper is subject Strickland $22,000. Motor Home, Spectra, 4 dr, EX, '92, F150, 4 x4,
to Fair Housing Act ALLOT In Floral City Priced to sell Auto, AC, power No Rust, Runs Good
which makes it illegal 100x2 CA t,, Hwy 488, Has Family RoomRealtor 352-422-2293 90,740 mile, $1,900. burgandy red w/ (352) 201-0645
to advertise "any Dunnellon,$55k Glamour Bath Fenced THE MARKET (352) 228-4064 beige ntero 137k
(352)hw 46 7 5T EmAK Tb i e s, O wnt er .
preference, limitation (352) 465-7795 back yard $89,995. IS GOOD f lahwy m es Owner
or discrimination -SELLER F INANCNG L s o 96 Sali ewmar Exe Cond) 2004
based on race, color, MEDICAL OFFICE Call 352-726-4009 Thinking of xa o. 2)06
____________ seling grea onn irclean,(352) 621-0248 tehic_religion, sex, handi- FOR SALE selling?
cap, familial status or Totally renovated Beautifu Floa City Now is the time Terra Vista Lot #9, newer Jasper engine CHEVROLET CHEVROLET
national origin, or an 700 SE. 5th Ter.Suite #5 3/2 Doublewide to get listed. Hill Side Sub. 245 Red 49,905 mi. Engine & 2996, BlaET
intention, Crystl River. $97K on 14 acre mol Sox Path, Hernando. 6.5 Kw Generator serv- 2001, Impala196Blzr
to make such prefer- 352-422-2293 glamour bath nice Still great values out Front on Skyview Golf iced 3/14. Ready for $4,495. 4 door, 89K miles
fence, limitation or eat in kitchen, there. Call for course, hole #6, the road! Reduced 352-341-0018 $2,900.
orIforeclos ur e $56,50 352 32 -63 4341 -032-5 6 12
discrimination. Fa- Floral City off us 41 e$56500 352-322-6304 $23k, 352-586-8121
miatin. Fa- $69,995. Phyllis Strickland or 318-245-4565 CHRYSLER CHEVROLET
milial status includes SELLER FINANCING TROPIC SHORES 2006 PT CRUISER 2005,Equinox LS
children under the age Call 352-726-4009 REALTY. Tony WE BUY RV'S, 84K mi, $4500 power windows, locks,
of 18 living with 352-613-3503-Cell TRUCKS, TRAILERS, ph. 352-445-7008 or AC, $3,990.
parents or legnant 352-419-6880- Office Pauelsen 5TH WHEELS, 352-586-1436 ph or txt 352-341-0018
women and peol 1, !M_______ _Relo Ymh & MOTOR HOMES
securing custody of tRealtor08 2 Wave Runner Call US 352-201-6945 LINCOLN
children under 18. 32 352-303-0619 Jet Ski's, under 60 hrs '87, Town Car, good
This newspaper will Open floor plan built With Faiy Room I'LL TAKE on each, with trailer- cond., great tires,
not knowingly accept in 2005 on 1+ Acres. fireplace, glamour NEW LISTINGS $8700.(352) 220-6486 Must See, $1,500 CHRYSLER
any advertising for 3 beige rugged BR's, bath quiet neighbor BUYING OR(NATURE COAST RV (352)w613-1674 2try
real estate which is in 2 tiled baths, 2 car hood in Homosassa. n
violation of the law. garage with ladder to 89,995. SELLING RV service. arts. sales PONTIAC lowered floor, ramp and
Our readers are ara withet 89L995 Mobile Repair/Maint. 04 Bonneville SLE tie downs Call Tom for
hereby informed that aRiDR, & inside laun- Call 352-726-4009 352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. 44.4k miles prime more info 352-325-1306
LR, R, inide aun Cal 32-72-409 **condition $8500. obo
all dwellings adver- dry. Eight appliances 4/ Tiw TOP BUY, SELLotn 352-422-6698 GMC
tised in this newspa- installed new in 2012; PERFORMANCET& T SDELAN 1996,69 Saar
per are available on I glass top on 2-1/2 acres in PERFORMANCE & TRADE CLEAN Ao 16Sa
equal opportunity elec gastprange, ~ Real estate USED BOATS -cesoe r96 --- -faria
annuity micro, refrig (bottom green acres in RIVERSteM passenger Van
basis. To complain of freezer) dishwasher Homosassa beautiful Consultant THREE RIVERS 1 owner $3,450
dici iainc l o d d ltMARINE 2 Fuzion Touring Tires 3 23 1 0 1
discrimination call (never used) washer wooded lot US 19 Crystal River 225-60-R7 $60.352-341-0018
HUD toll-free at & dryer. Each bath $139,995.BE J. tpauelsen@ US319CrystalRive2DunopDez I
1-800-669-9777. has new low flow high SELLER FINANCING P ELL *352-563-5510* 2 DunlopDreza
The toll-free telephone elongated toilets. Call 352-726-4009 R EL BAS B T245-,R, 95W
number for the Three ceiling fans with Realtor BASS BOAT $60. (352) 628-9987
earn spared l Have horses or want tri-hull, w/trailer,
1n800 927 9275. globed lights, newly them? 4/3 Triplewide Your Citrus County sml motor, $450. SL H26We Glidoo
painted interior/ext., with family room and "Your Success is my Residential obo(352) 860-0664 VeYOUeV SELL 2006 Wide Glide, too
fielc e f ms ol.Mkn many extras to list inGuest BR's have fireplace den off mas- goal. Making Sales Specialist!W YOUR VEHICLE cluding a work station
sliding mirror closet ter bed room would Friends along the GHEENOE IN THE 9,000 miles, $11,500.
doors. MBR has sepa- make for great office way is my reward 1" Auto's, ucks SUVs
rate his/her walk-in on 9 plus acres mol 15' 2005 (352) 344-9176
closets with closet o s crs BYN OR Trailer, 15hp Evanrude, & Van's Cash Pd
mdshligdul with horse corals BUYING ORl, I asking, $2800. ebe Larry's Auto Sales uu,, ~ uHre
made shelving, duel west side of US 19 352-564-8333 arley
sikgasSLIG352-613-8453 352-64-833N
& sinks, glass Homosassa, Fl. SELIGIIES__01__XDVID n
rwa 3W180 enclosed tile area with $229,995. BUYING JUNK CARS CLASSIFIEDS 2012 FXDWG Dyn
waterfall shower head SELLER FINANCING CALL ME MONTEREY 19.5' Running or Not Wide Glide WindSELL YOUR spaubec sepiated Call 352-7264009 357 1995 Montura 196 B/R, CASH PAID-$300 & UP **3 SPECIALS ** shield,6,000 miles, 7
bench~~~~~~~y $26.50 1et dC l 5 -2 -0 93 2 4 2 6 year extended warranty,
SELL YOU4R spa tub, & private 4.32Volvo I/O, alum trlr, (352) 771-6191 y ty
toilet. Plantation e Sugarmill Woods e@ VHF/FM, great cond, $26.50 2.5% assumable loan
HOME shutters in LR, DR w/ 2900 sq. ft 3bd/2 ba Michael J. $6500 352 212-1754 KIA 14 days $38.50 1 $11,295.00
IN THE wood planked vinyl; pool, tile roof, 2 lots, ERA American 2003, Rio, (352)302-6055
i tiled kitchen and entry $234k (352) 382-8957 Realty & Investments Rutkowski 18 ft Copetl $
li)ILJ way. 10 x 30 rocked (U.S. Army Retired) PONTOON Ice cold AC
area next to garage Realtor 1998 24 ft Completely $4,390. HONDA
rebuilt from deck up 2 352-341-0018 Call your 1 2006 Shadow Aero
fo otorohrVT750 Color black
vehicle space. (352) 422-4362 yrs ago using 50-year Classified cherry, 8200 miles, exCLASSIFIEDS $2500 cash allowance Buying or Michael.Rutkowski ptt decking, marine car- representative ceen g
at closing fo outside Sellng, @ERA~compet, all new seats and R Qcletcniin i
SPECIAL! at closing for outside S g strae D ea ini for details. shot pipes, chrome acSPECIALDoubeSellingMrus352-563-5966 cesrsovsaMplanting it's time to make "integrity First in all tops, Radio/CD/aux port iaurus * cessories, cover, scorRelocating your move! Aspects of Life!" for iPod, speakers, etc. Metalj pion helmets. $3,400 for
30 Days $173,000 90 hp Johnson. $5,500 Metal a. Call 352-476-2952
0Furniture for sale ERA or $6,500 with trailer. Recycling Best Prices Classic HONDA
t 5F to r sale1ERA2352-476-2952 for your cars or trucks 2006 VTXI300C
$5.0 o 3251-20 lAmerican Realty _______ also biggest U-Pull-It 7,4cls 00 miles00
t 3-32 Exit Realty Leaders & Investments with thousands of vehi- w/ accessories
Call Tay B Exit Realty5Le-ders cles offering lowest price $4,500. (352) 341-1187
I'Eay352-257-2276 __________________ for parts 352-637-2100
(352) 563-596 1exittami1 WEBUYaiYlVHICL KAWASAKI
CtWE BUY ANY VEHICLE to 2003, 1600 Vulcan

Seiii inl When it comes to *T In Any Condition, Classic. Full dress,
For Wale Ao. Real Estate .. Title, No Title, Bank senior owner, X-clean,
Specializing in 2/2/2, Completely I'm there for you I We s n w Lien, No Problem, s ,980 mi, $5 ,
Acreage,Farms Remodeled Imperial .he fishin .o.ts Don't Trade it in. We I4980 mi, $5,500 obo
The ishig isgret I olee an(352) 860-1106
ace s Remodele I ril T 100,000 + Closing * erice Will Pay up to $25K Tell that special
Ranches & Executive 2, New roof, Call me for your new Fatone-Anderson Cost will get you this departmt Any Make, Any Model person MOTORCYCLE
Commercial wtr ht tiled firs (5/14) Waterfront Home Realtor 2, 100 Sq. Ft., 813-335-3794, Call A Happy Birthday 04 ELECTRAGLIDE
$78(300 352 726- 7543 Cell: 3BR 3 BA Fully Furn. 813-458-0584 with a classified Ultra Classic w/ Trailer
(352) 201-0991 LOOKING (352) 476-8579 C oin Citrus Hills C RIVER ad under Happy $9,500 low mileage
TO SELL ? e-mail: Call 352-419-5268 j n Notes. (352) 220-6303
Ho eto. Only $28.50 SUZUKI
CALaM includes a photo SZK
CALL ME Sportscraft 88 '08, Boulevard C90
2/2/2 on 1 acre TODAYM ERAAmerican 27 Coastal Fisher- 07 HONDA CIVIC Jackal Leyman Trike,
Family Room, Realty & man, cabin cruiser, 4 dr LX, auto, metallic Call our Classified Black, blue shadow
updated em patio, Investments $7,995 813-244-3945 gray w/gray int, only Dept or eis pin striping, low miles,
Richard (Rick) 12 x 20 she 352-634-4768 49K miles, excel cond 352-563-5966 Pristine Cond. $16,500.
(213 t m tr500 $9500 352 212-1754 1 1 1 l.abg (865) 386-8622

RCUHcmcond.(352) 228-1340 283-0607 SACRN ance with dlod Stute
ROOOHcom OTW 5 +Vila6/20 Soles 73.78. Auctins are as 2) 1993 CHEVROLET S10
Hoes omecil Gar.HOA. Low SO's GULF TO LK MARINE PUBLIC AUCTION at 8:00 AM, Al ehices V I N :
Wtrrn&Lad or Rent? Owner We Pay CASH For The follwing vehices may be viewed 30 man- 1GCCS14R5P0187333
"Small Town (352)873-1297 i~ Used Clean Boats will be sold by PUBLIC utes befoe ale. mo moe AUCTION DATE: 6/20/14
SIC 18"ML 4091Pontoon, Deck & AUCTION on the property detais cal 352-860-0550.
OUR SPECIALTY **(352)527-0555** TOWING AND RECOVERY, 11996 DODGE CARAVAN reseryes the right to bid
SINCE 989" uyingor 1185 N. Paul Drie, Iner COLOR: RED on all vehicles in Auction.
Buig Slig____________ness, FL 34453; VIMN 2B4FP2535TR574380 Al sales final at 9:00 AM
2/1.5/AT, CiyWtNeokYUO MENeWetl TIE TO LIST Dsealy352-860-0550; n accod- AUCTION DATE: 6/20/14 Published June 7, 2014.
Sewer, New Metal NeLet Rentals
Roof & Carpet. For Voul.
Lg. Kitchen & Garage CALL LAWANDA===
A Must See! $69,900. BETTY HU NT FOR A FREE, Office Open American Eagle
(352) 860-2554 REALTOR NO OBLIGATION 7 Days a Week 1995 motorhome, 38FT
MARKET ANALYSIS! wide body, 300 diesel 912-0607 TH/SACRN
YOU /4 Are MVANDEB1219E9Rusty Wallace at The Citrus County School Board wil accept sealed bidsfr
A VIEW TO on River Oak Lane Realty, inc. lawanda.watt@ NacVApcilpinDEBO4E3c~emPout
LOE Ivres 5256019 Boe R Onr w/graphics, looks & VnoBi west;Atmated Vendor Application & Bidder
Glamour bath hunt4houses68 runs like new. New NoiiainSse:
www. Eat-in Kitchen Century 21 Plantation Realty tires & batteries, Sandra "Sa"Hme
crosslandrealtycom $69,995.w wbtyus J.W. Morton 352-634-0129 please call for details. SuperintendnCtu onySho or
(352) 726-6644 SELRFNNIG w wethnswww plantation $59,500 Call Jim,
Crossland Realty Inc. Call 352-726-4009 ho ecm elEtt n at tnscm(352) 423-4202 Jn ,

e I It'I '


'A i nm r a MARINE
~1038 N. Suncoast Blvd.,
1 Crystal River
"S 563-5510


Wit0A c's

forite Br

2014 Ford Mustang 2014 Ford Focus SE 2014 Ford Fiesta
w/Premium Pkg. w/Moon & Tune/SYNC & Sound SE Sedan Auto
0% APR for 60 mos. $179/mo. for 36 mos. $179/mo. for 36 mos.
Ford Credit Financing Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease
PLUS $2,000 Bonus Cash $2,029 Cash Due at Signing $1,859 Cash Due at Signing
OR Security deposit waived. Security deposit waived.
$4,000 Cash Back Taxes, title and license fees extra. Taxes, title and license fees extra.
$1,000 EcoBoost Challenge Customer Cash PGM #12564 + $1,000 With Equipment Group 200A. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red With Equipment Group 200A. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red Customer Cash (PGM #12562) + 1,000 Bonus Cash (PGM #12568) + Carpet Lease. Payments may vary; dealer determines price. Residency Carpet Lease. Payments may vary dealer determines price. Residency $1,000 Mustang Bonus Cash (PGM #12502). Not all buyers will qualify for restrictions apply. Cash due at signing is after $750 cash Back (PGM restrictions apply. Cash due at signing is after $750 cash Back PGM Ford Credit financing. 0% APR financing for 60 months at $16.67per month #50256). Lessee has option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price #50256). Lessee has option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price per $1,000 financed regardless of down payment (PGM #20518). Not negotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock negotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock available on Mustang GT500. For all offers, take new retail deliver from dealer by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle
stock by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. shown may have optional equipment not included in payment. sow my hve ptn equipment nt included n payment

,M~~. .. .........
...... ......................
.. ..... .. ......

2014 Ford F-150 XLT 2014 Ford Fusion 2014 Ford Escape
Su erCab or SuperCrew 3.5L EcoBoost
w luxury/leather/HID Headlights Pkgs. SE Auto SE FW D Auto

0% APR for 60 mos. $199/mo. for 36 mos. $199/mo. for 36 mos.
Ford Credit Financing Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease Ford Credit Red Carpet Lease
PLUS up to $4,000 in Total Savings Off MSRP $2,599 Cash Due at Signing $2,749 Cash Due at Signing
Or Up To
$8,000 in Total Savings Off MSRP Security deposit waived. Security deposit waived.
$1,000 EcoBoost Challenge Customer Cash (PGM #12564) + $500 Customer Cash PGM Taxes, title and license fees extra. Taxes, title and license fees extra.
#12562 + 1,500 XLT Customer Cash (PGM #12508) + $2,000 XLT Luxury Pkg PGM
#97322) + $750 Leather and HID Headlights PKG (PGM #97324) + $1,250 Trade-in With Equipment Group 200A Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red With Equipment Group 200A Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit Red Assistance Bonus Cash OPGM #30018, #30020) which requires trade-in of 1995 or newer Carpet Lease. Payments may vary dealer determines price. Residency Carpet Lease. Payments may vary dealer determines price. Residency vehicle or terminate lease 30 days prior to or 90 days after new retail deliver + $1,000 Ford restrictions apply. C ash due at signinq is after $1,000 cash Back (PGM restrictions apply. Cash due at signinq is after $1,250 cash Back (PGM Credit Bonus Cash (PGM #12566) which requires Ford Credit financing Not all buyers will #50256). Lessee has option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price #50256). Lessee has option to purchase vehicle at lease end at price qualify for Ford Credit financing 0O APR financing for 60 months at $16.67 per month per negotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock negotiated with dealer at signing. Take new retail deliver from dealer stock $1,000 financed regardless o down payment (PGM #20524) Not available on F-150 by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle by 7/7/14. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Vehicle
Raptc For all offers, take new retail deliver from dealer stock by 7/7/14 See dealer for shown may have optional equipment not included in payment. shown may have optional equipment not included in payment.
qualifications and complete details.

I I e........

$6,968 $6,968 7,968 $8,868 A 8,968

$9,968 $9,968 $9,968 $ 12,968 $ 12,968

LCed s EL. N4C126B G fo thslo I lleae S N 014 7.L diesel, en g ai N T5 1A Great fuel eF d r rnly 24 iles N T5 IB Fal fl size il 5 N4T0 A
$14,968 $15,668 $15,668 $16,668 $17,468

ec I r rze II pT A Ts A4 ) sl -a rl 4 sil 04 e cr u c II' 11T A[r I e t I e Td alA n

$18,968 $ 19,968 $21 ,968 $22,668 $22,968
Bou Cash M- at yI-I-s# Lt t

Extr,)Y2 3., 68..... NC19A wna eg ,o 2f~l~D~8 4T2S Fe Reued N3T621A 33 9 0Ths ne c nt ||rniss it N14T224A r,6Ol 2 kn le 9 96 ...dlaed N4T175A
$23,968 $32,668 $33,900 39,668 A 39,968

FoeRDC Dr O Inglis DunnellonOa
Beverly Hill
SALE HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8-7 Sat: 8:30 5:00 Crystal 486
River nverness
Homosass y -c
Hwy. 44 W. Inverness a Springs Hwy. 98
PG h 67# t Salesperson of the Month Hill Brooksville
2013 CY sales.**Plus tax, tag, title and administrative fee of $399. W.A.C. See dealer for additional details. Dealer is not responsible for typographical errors. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Not all buyer will
qualify for Ford Credit financing. 0% APR financing for 60 months at $16.67 per $1,000 financed regardless of down payment. (PGM #20476). For all offers, take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 06/30/14.


With America's
.. .. .. .. ......... ....

#G4T052#G4T1 33
2014 F-1 50 XLT 2014 F250 Turbo Diesel 2014 F450 Crew Cab 4x4
SuperCob or SuperCrew 35L EcoBoost w/Luxury/Lether/,ID Headlights Pkgs Crew Cab La riat Turbo Diesel
u p to $ 8 ,0 0 0 O F FM SRP $62,005 ........................................................... M SRP $73,895 ........................................................... M SRP
or 3,200 .................... Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount 3399 ..................... Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount
3,500 ......................................... Retail C ustomer Cash 3500 .......................................... Retail C ustomer Cash
0% APR for 60 mos. 1,000 ......... ............Ford Credit Assistance 1000 ............ Ford Credit Assistance
Ford Credit Financing $ 5 ,569
+$4,000 OFFMSRP SALE 430S SAL,996

2014 F1 50 Super Cab STX
$33,425 ........................................................... MSRP 2014 Ford Escape S 2014 Focus SE
-1525 .................... N ick N icholas Ford Lincoln Discount $23,505 ........................................................... M SRP $20,475 ............................................... M SRP
-500 .............................................. STX Customer Cash -600 ...................... Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount -500 ...................... Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount
-1500 ......................................... Retail C ustomer Cash -1000 .......................................... Retail C ash Incentive -2000 .................................................. C ustom er C ash
-1000 .......... ....... Ford Credit Assistance cash -1000 .. ............... ail Ford Credit Assistance cash -1000 ............ .. ... Ford Credit Assistance cash
SALE $28,900 SALE 420,905 SALE $22, 990

2014 Fusion S 2014 Expedition XLT
$22,820 ...................................... MSRP 2014 Fiesta S 2014 Mustang V6 $51,730 ...................................... MSRP
-825. N ick N icholas Ford Lincoln Discount $16,115 ............................................. M SRP $23,335 ............................................ M SRP -2030 .... Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount
-1500 ............... Retail Customer Incentive -300 ........ Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount -435 ........ Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln Discount -3500 .............. Retail Customer Incentive'
-500 ..................................... Bonus cash -1000 .................. Retail Customer Assistance -2000 ................................ Retail Bonus Cash -750 .................................... Bonus Cash
-500 ..... F..Frd Credit Assistance -500 ............. o rd Credit Assistance -1000 ...........' Ford Credit Assistance -1750. ... .Ford Credit Assistance
SALE ...$ 19,495 SALE ....$..1 4,315 SALE ....19,900 SALE $45,200

1.9~~~~~ ~FORD CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED ( alF rS vn s
Relax, It's Covered,
9. .72-point inspection by Ford factory-trained technicians
APRfo 3 m nts* 7-year/1 00,000-mile Ford Powetrain WNarranty Coverage* 32 =7 9 5 =7 3 7 1
A R fr 36 m' 12-monthll2,000-mile Ford Limited Warranty Coverage-,
-Noi ai bueu a Jlroi r F r i ii mntsat $174 pe ani per 0 finance egiairdles do.npay eni Take elive aimdealei b, 0 4 See de aci i and cople details See, ow dealp i wra iV c available vnesai byi i lesip

12,000, extra clean. GPR1278 13,000 miles, leather, sunroof. GPR1281 Premium leather, sunroof, Nav, 23,000 miles. GPR1292 21,000 miles, leather. L4C043A. Leather, sunroof, 21,000 miles. GPR1278
$19,950 $22,950 $21,950 $24,950 $25,950

26,000 miles, premier pkg., Navi. GPR1294 Leather, 20,000 Miles. GPR1286 16,000 miles, leather, sunroof, Nav.. GP1767 6,000 miles, Sun roof. GP1787 24K miles, sunroof, Nay., loaded. GP1947
$3 1,950 $32,950 $32,950 $36,950 $43,950

Sahara, trim level, auto trans. GP1800 6 cyl, auto trans, /C. GP1778A Auto, 61.000 miles. G4T099A Hemi, V8. L4T005B One owner, leather. G4C086A Extra clean, local trade. L4T024A
$6,950 $6,950 $8,950 $1!2,950 $1!2,950 $1!2,950


Auto, one owner. G3T231 B Local trade 6cyl. cloth. L4T023A Automatic, sunroof. GP1763 Leather, local trade. L3T057B Leather, local trade. GP1741 Leather. local trade. GPR1272
$ 13,950 $ 13,950 $1 3,950 $1 5,950 $1 8,950 $20,950

16000 miles, leather, sunroof. GPR1287A. 26000 miles premiurn pkq.,ea her GP 1766B Only 10000 miles, V8 auto. GP1798 Only 6000 miles, 64L diesel. G4T187A 30,000 miles, 50 Liter V8. GPR1277 leather, sun roof one owner. .4c039A
$20,950 $21,950 $22,950 $25,950 $25,950 $26 950

Cwys e r l m731S19N esp0es 0 LINhCOLN________* Plus tax, tag, title and administrative fee of $399. W.A.C. All prices are based on in stock units See dealer for additional details. Dealer is not responsible for typographical errors. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Not all buyer will qualify for Ford Credit financing. America's favorite brand claim is based on 2013 data. For all offers, take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 6/30/14.





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.CRYSTAL 800-584-8755 ext 10
*Price indudes all rebates and incentives, not everyone will qualify. Excludes tax, tag, title and dealer fee $599.50 with approved credit.^Lease payments are 39 months, 39,000 miles for the life of the lease. Includes $2988 due at signing and all rebates and incentive, not everyone
will qualify. Excludes tax, tag, titeand dealerfee$599.50. Wilh approved credit. Lease payments are 39 months, 39,000 milesforthe lifeofthe lease. lncludes$168 due at signing and all rebates and intent es, not everyonewill qualify. Exdudestax, tag, tithe and dealer fee $599.50. Wilh approved credit. Pbture Lsfor illustration purposes only prior sales may restbict stock



21)4 Cru Low-Mileag Lems fruai OWed Less.* A COMMITMENT
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otalCas *?A~ iWAftW 1 =iDuring Military Appreciation Month, now all Veterans along with e N seu~dpos reuird. axWelicnseanddulr fes Active Dut, Reserves and Retirees are eligible for the Chevrolet Militr Allowance Mi. Wage cag(4$25hfle ve 6.W00D aft ,,Scn nt. ,The best Military Purchase Program in the induct

2V14 ?b81hbi Low-Milag Lease for Qualified Lessees. 2014 hmtpaa LT' Low-Mileage Lems for Qualified Lessees.
LT .1 WWOt 00CSofr~ Month
,0 0 $Z569fo6AleZi +1,$00abw $2679Z~r6 ""f
All owe as $50 $1nU Dimat
NSeciu dpoity rqie.Tx e license and d WNo seurly deposit eqid.Tax, title, jicnse and dealer lees Alow nc xta.Maeca f$.25/n We over 38000 miles. ota h Allowance7 Wmr. Mileage charge of $Z2AII over 36,000 miles,

2014 Eq anx Low-Mleage Leas for Qualed Lessees- 20J4 ftVjjWg Low-Mileage Leas for Quaified Lessees.
$1,500 $2 0036Mof
otal Cash $32 9ftrJ I Tota Cash $2,Y669 tLhI/
Allowance,1xraM~ chrgeof 21 v r 3,0 mls Allowance5 unMlaecag f$25ml vr3,0 ls


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for up to 60 Mos.
on select new Honda models
on approved credit

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To eligible members of the US Military & their spouses towards any new Honda vehicle when you finance or lease thru HFS.
All Pre-Owned Vehicles Indude a
6 MONTH/6 000 MILE
United Powertrain Warrantyi" PLUS, A 5-DAY EXCHANGE PROGRAM
See dealer for complete details.

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VW ;

2014 Nissan

1 DRIVE FOR $159 PER MONTH+ .$2,999 due at signing
23 MPG OVER 400 MILES PER TANK Intuitive All Wheel Drive
4 Wheel Anti-lock Breaking System Model 29114 VIN EWi 00956
2 or more available at this price 'Estimated fuel tank range based on 2014 EPA Fuel Economy Estimate 28 (highway) multiplied by 15.9 gallon tank capacity, minus one gallon. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions use for comparison only.
2014 Nissan

$2,999 due at signing
Model 31054 VIN EN741 73
2 or more available at this price
2014 Nissan

~$2,999 due at signing .....Model 13114 VIN EL293506 i 2 or more available at this price


800-584-8755 EXTi10 CRYSTALAUTOS.COM
937 S Suncoast Blvd. Homosassa, FL 34448
*Must finance through NMAC and includes all rebates and incentives, not everyone will qualify. Excludes tax, tag, title and dealer fee $599.50. WV' approved credit. +Must finance through NMAC. Lease is 39 months, 39,000 miles for the life of the lease. Includes $2999 due at signing and all rebates and incentives, not everyone will qualify. Excludes tax, tag, tite and dealer fee $599.50. With approved
credit. Pictures are for illustration purposes onl. Prior sales may restrict stock. *$500 Competitive Bonus cash is available to current owners of a 2004 or new competitor vehicle. Buyer must show proof of ownership. Umit one per customer per eligible vehicle. Must be applied toward cap cost reduction or purchase. See dealer for complete detals.