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Life, I D


Sunday, March 18,2007



Vol. 133, No. 5i * 75 cents

With the Lincoln Memorial seen in the
background, demonstrators march over the
Arlington Memorial Bridge from the
National Mall to the Pentagon in
Washington, Saturday during a protest
opposing the war in Iraq.


of Iraq war


Thousands march by the
Pentagon and demonstrate
as war enters its fifth year.
Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Denouncing a con-
flict entering its fifth year; protesters
across the country raised their voices
Saturday against U.S. policy in Iraq and
marched by the thousands to the
Pentagon in the footsteps of an epic
demonstration four decades ago against
another divisive war.
A counterprotest was staged, too, on a
day of dueling signs and sentiments such
as "Illegal Combat" and "Peace Through
Strength," and songs like 'The Battle
Hymn of the Republic" and "War (What's
It Good For?)."
Thousands crossed the Potomac River
from the Lincoln Memorial to rally loud-
ly but peacefully near the Pentagon.
"We're here in the shadow of the war
machine," said anti-war activist Cindy
Sheehan. "It's like being in the shadow of
the death star. They take their death and
destruction and they export it around the
world. We need to shut it down."
Smaller protests were held in other U.S.
cities, stretching to Tuesday's four-year
anniversary of the Iraq invasion. In Los
Angeles, Vietnam veteran Ed Ellis, 59,
hoped the demonstrations would be the
"tipping point" against a war that has killed
more than 3,200 U.S. troops and engulfed
Iraq in a deadly cycle of violence.
"It's all moving in our direction, it's
happening," he predicted at the
Hollywood rally. 'The administration,
their get-out-of-jail-free card, they don't
get one anymore."
Other protests - and counter-demon-
strations - were held in San Francisco,
San Diego and Hartford, Conn.,
where more than 1,000 rallied at the Old
State House.
Overseas, tens of thousands marched in
Madrid as Spaniards called not only for the
U.S. to get out of Iraq but to close the
prison for terrorist suspects at
Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Smaller protests
were staged in Greece and Turkey.

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-~ -~---~r-
* -, '~ '~rm.~ ~

Lake City last hosted an airshow in May 2004. This-year's event will benefit Haven Hospice and Columbia
County Senior Service's Lifestyle Enrichment Center.

Plenty of rules and
regulations involved
in producing event.
Spectators stare at the
sky in wide-eyed awe
while planes and jets
twist and turn near the
clouds as they
demonstrate double arrowheads
and diamond formations. The
aircraft glide through the blue
sky with ease, but an enormous
amount of effort is put into play
before the
IF YOU GO pilots ever
leave the
* Airshow will runway.
begin at 10 a.m., The
Saturday, April 28. Lake City
Airshow is scheduled for April
28-29 and organizers are
working hard to make sure
regulations are followed and the
proper paperwork is in place for
what they say may be the most
spectacular airshow to grace the
skies of Lake City.
Third Judicial Circuit Court

TODD WILSON/Lake City Reporter
Rotary Club airshow committee members (from left) E. Vernon Douglas,
Mike Lee and Don Kennedy review plans for the club's upcoming airshow.
Committee members have been working since November 2006 to make
sure it abides by all FAA regulations for the two-day event.

Judge E. Vernon Douglas
worked to launch the original
airshow, which was hosted
every year from 1977-1989.
After about a five-year hiatus,
the airshow was revived by
Douglas and local organizations
through 2004.

The Lake City Rotary Club
decided to bring back the
airshow this year as a
single-year event to help fulfill
the $30,000 commitment it made
to the Haven Hospice of the
AIRSHOW continued on 7A

Pilot scheduled for airshow dies in crash

Eilon Krugman-Kadi
of Gainesville killed
in Titusville airshow.

Associated Press
TITUSVILLE - A lawyer fly-
ing a stunt plane at an air show
crashed and died Friday before a

number of spectators, authorities
Eilon Krugman-Kadi, of
Gainesville, was taking the small
military-style L-39 Albatross on a
loop that he apparently wasn't
able to pull out of, police said.
The fiery crash happened on the
opening day of the weekend-long
TICO Warbird Air Show.'
"He was not able to come up
and he crashed into several trees

just west of the airport," police Sgt.
Todd Hutchinson said. 'There
was no indication that there was
anything wrong with the plane."
Mac McEachern, a longtime fly-
ing partner of Krugman-Kadi, said
his friend learned to fly some time
ago in the Israeli military, but only
recently got the acrobatic pilot's
license enabling him to participate
PILOT continued on 7A





to unify


Party tries to refocus
on core principles,
remain united.
AP Political Writer
ORLANDO - The Republican
Party can bounce back from a
bad year if it refocuses on its
core principles, remains united
and works closer together at all
levels, the party's new state
chairman told activists and
grassroots organizers Saturday.
The more than 200 people
attending a summit called by
newly elected Chairman Jim Greer
were also told the party needs to
develop new ideas while remind-
ing voters of core values like lower
taxes and less government
involvement in people's lives.
"We have lost our brand and we
need to get it back. The challenge
in front of us is significant," said
U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney.
"Americans got frustrated and
they wanted change. We need to
become the change agents."
He criticized Democrats for
having no agenda, and said their
goal is to get people "hooked on
government" rather than creating
an environment where people can
be successful on their own.
"They have no clue what they
want to do," said Feeney, who
represents a central Florida dis-
trict "They don't have health
care programs, they don't have
educational programs, they don't
have a tax proposal. All we know
is that they are inclined to raise
our taxes and micromanage
everything we do."
Republicans lost control of the,
U.S. House and Senate during
the last election. In Florida,
Democrats won back two con-
gressional seats, six state House
seats and the chief financial offi-
cer's seat on the Cabinet.
"The people sent a message,
demanding a new direction," said
Florida Democratic Party
spokesman Mark Bubriski.
"Democrats are delivering by
increasing the minimum wage,
reducing insurance premiums,
demanding accountability in
Iraq, cutting interest on student
loans, and more. It's about
time Republicans stopped licking
their wounds and started working
with us."
UNIFY continued on 7A

Azalea Festival reaches full bloom

Arts and crafts vendors
welcome visitors for
seventh annual event.
wild azaleas were in full bloom
Saturday for White Springs'
Seventh Annual Wild Azalea
Visitors and locals perused arts
and crafts vendors on Bridge
Street. across the road from the

Florida Nature and Heritage
Tourism Center.
The festival is held on the third
Saturday of March every year.
The festival brings artisans and
crafters from all over North Florida.
It was a family event at one
crafts table.
Marie Waters, Rachel Hall and
Clarice Neal had crocheted items
to sell at their booth. Waters is
Hall's oldest daughter and Neal is
Hall's baby sister.
'We use a lot of old-fashion pat-
terns, from the '50s, for our
work," Waters said. "People come

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by and say 'our grandma use to
have that pattern.'"
The festival was originally start-
ed as a promotional event for the
opening of the tourism center and
was continued to draw more
tourists to the area.
Wild azaleas were being sold
on the porch of the Adams store
on Bridge Street.
The festival also featured folk
singers from North and Central
Florida performing all day long.
Food vendors were set up near
AZALEA continued on 7A

& World .


i" r ; . n r-inI entI . . i- 'n .
ir, bn ,.:l.--11 . r - ernt

Starting a
new chapter
Iraqi veteran Peter Herrick
and his family celebrated
the completion of their new
home with friends and
family Saturday in Fort
White. Herrick was injured
in Iraq. The home is the
sixth one built in the nation
for returning Iraqi veterans
by the Coalition to Support
our Troops. Money was
also raised by Herrick's
church and donated by the
VA to help build the home.

Health ne.-.: .:.u and
,':u i tn l ,- . r' u:e


WT * [NrA$H:a .^FLOIDA
Friday: Friday: Saturday: Saturday: Saturday: Saturday:
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Mothers send breast milk overseas

to hoping keep babies HIV-free

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
FORT LAUDERDALE - After finally
accepting that her son had a protein
allergy that kept him from' taking her
breast milk, Ruth Weinberger faced
another issue: What to do with the three
months' supply in her freezer?
She knew that the vitamins and nutri-
ents in breast milk boost a baby's
immune system. So the Broward County
mother began searching for a place to
donate it.
In Europe and her native South Africa,
human milk is banked to feed orphans
and premature babies whose mothers
may either be too sick or cannot produce
milk to feed them. But clinics in South
Florida wouldn't accept it.
"I was sad that he couldn't take it, but I
would have been sadder if no one could
take it," said Weinberger, 41, of Fort
After weeks of online research,
Weinberger found a pioneering group
that ships the milk of American mothers
to feed babies in Africa and reduce the
risk of HIV infection in newborns.
The International Breast Milk Project,
the brainchild of a Minnesota mom, has
shipped roughly 10,000 ounces of milk to
South Africa in the past year. It feeds
infants whose mothers have HIV, which
can be transmitted through breast milk,
and those who live in areas where water
is too dirty to mix with powdered
Weinberger, who estimates she
shipped about 1,000 ounces, is among
about 100 mothers across the United
States who have contributed. Another 500
have asked about donating. One Tampa
mother has produced 1,000 ounces and
continues stockpiling 10'ounces every
day after feeding her daughter.
The group's founder, Jill Youse, 29, is
discussing a plan to ship milk to an infant
feeding center in Haiti.
Aaron Jackson, 25, of Hollywood, is

Midwife Maribel Lemus (right) greets Amy Biscombe (center) and Isabella at the Miami
Maternity Center in North Miami, after Amy dropped off I�er breast milk. The center is
sending American mothers breast milk to Africa to help reduce the risk of HIV infection in

working to set up the center through his
nonprofit charity, Planting Peace.
Jackson was recently profiled in the
South Florida Sun-Sentinel's project,
AIDS Orphans, for the orphanages he
has opened.
"I'd really like to get something going
in Haiti because the need there is so
great, and it's so close to the U.S., it
makes it easier to ship milk," Youse said.
She started the project last summer,
when she was producing more milk than
her daughter could use.
As a former medical equipment sales-
woman and the wife of a doctor, she
knew the nutritional value of breast milk
but couldn't find uses for the surplus,

which can be kept frozen at home for
months and even longer in subzero
Like Weinberger, she searched on the
Internet and finally found a South African
orphanage, iThemba Lethu in Durban,
that had started a milk bank in 2001.
iThemba Lethu is one of hundreds of
organizations across Africa that cares for
the roughly 3 million children orphaned
by HIV/AIDS. It was running a small
milk bank with donations from South
Africa, but not from the United States.
After contacting the clinic, Youse donat-
ed 1,000 ounces of her milk and kept an
online journal about the process. Other
women read it and began contacting her.


Man gets 15 years
for role in crime
MIAMI - A man considered
the leader of a large organized
crime ring was sentenced
Friday to 15 years in prison for
his role in criminal racketeering
that included multiple murders
and arson, federal officials said.
Jose Miguel Battle, Jr., 54,
also was ordered to forfeit $642
million in illegal proceeds,
according to a statement from
the Miami U.S. attorney's office.
Battle was convicted of
various racketeering charges in
July along with two other men.
Authorities said they were
members of the organized
crime ring known as 'The
Corporation" and spent 40
years in various organized
crime conspiracies.
The men were convicted of
seven arson attacks and eight
murders, including the killings
of a 3-year-old killed in a fire
and the death of the group's
former hit man who was
gunned down in the 1970's
after he turned against them.
They were also convicted of
murdering a rival of the group,
who was killed in a hospital by
a gunman disguised as a

Facilities must heed
patient's wishes
Palm Beach County jury ruled a
nursing home failed to honor
the living will of a 92-year-old
Alzheimer's patient who didn't
want to be kept alive by artificial
The Friday decision marked
the end of the state's first
prolongation-of-life trial. The
jury found that the Joseph L.
Morse Geriatric Center in West
Palm Beach failed to follow the
end-of-life directives of
Madeline Neumann and that it
should pay $150,000 in

But the panel declined to find
Morse's former medical
director, Dr. Jaimy Bensimon,
negligent for his role in
Neumann's prolonged death.
As Neumann lay dying in
1995, rescue workers arrived at
the nursing home and began
reviving her. She was rushed to
a hospital, where she died six
days later after various
lifesaving measures, including
having a breathing tube
inserted in her throat.

Authorities identify
divers who died
KEY LARGO - Authorities
have identified three divers who
died while exploring a sunken
Navy ship and were in the
process Saturday of recovering
their bodies.
The three men, all from New
Jersey, died Friday off the
Florida Keys, but it remains
unclear exactly how they died.
Authorities identified the
divers as Kevin Coughlin, 51, of
Chatham Borough and
Jonathan Walsweer, 38, and
Scott Stanley of Westfield.
Stanley's age was not known.
The men were exploring the
USS Spiegel Grove, which was
sunk in 2002 as an artificial reef
and attempting what is called a
"penetration dive," venturing
into compartments inside a
wreck, the Monroe County
Sheriff's office said in a
A fourth man, Howard
Spralter of Westfield, N.J., who
was diving with the men but did
not go inside the vessel,
surfaced safely after he started
to run out of air and alerted
others that the men had not
emerged, authorities said.
Coughlin was subsequently
brought to the surface by other
divers but pronounced dead at
a hospital ' .
* Associated Press


Nelson starts record company

AUSTIN, Texas - He has a
seemingly endless playlist, his own
brand of alternative fuel and a country
club. Now Willie Nelson has
something else: his own record
The country singer announced
Friday during the South by Southwest
'".Music Festival that he has formed
Pedernales Records to nurture new
talent. The first act on Nelson's label
will be the band 40 Points, featuring
his sons, guitarist/singer Lukas

Blanchett may star
in 'Jones' movie
Blanchett is in negotiations
to star opposite Harrison
Ford in the long-awaited
fourth installment of the
"Indiana Jones" series, her
publicist confirmed Saturday.
"She is in negotiations,
yes," publicist Lisa Kasteler
told The Associated Press.
She did not elaborate.
Filming is scheduled to
begin later this year, with
Steven Spielberg on board to
direct. The movie is being
produced by "Star Wars"
creator George Lucas'
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Ford played Indiana Jones
in 1981's "Raiders of the Lost
Ark," 1984's "'Temple of
Doom" and 1989's "The Last

Nelson and drummer Micah Nelson.
. The debut album by 40 Points,
which will be released this summer,
includes a guest appearance by the
elder Nelson. The sons performed
with their father and Bob Dylan
during a summer 2005 tour.
Pedernales Records is named for
the river that flows by Nelson's home
outside Austin, where he also owns
Pedernales Country Club and founded
Pedernales Studios, now owned by his
nephew Freddy Fletcher.


Larry King has
vascular surgery
King underwent vascular
surgery Friday and was
expected to return Monday
to his CNN talk show.
King, 73, was admitted to
Cedars Sinai Medical Center
where doctors performed
carotid endarterectomy
surgery, which removes
plaque from the carotid
artery and can restore blood
. "Larry is doing great and
he is excited to be back on
the air Monday night with an
interview with Sen. Barack
Obama as we mark the
fourth anniversary of the

Celebrity Birthdays

* Actor Peter Graves is 81.
* Composer John Kander
("Chicago") is 80.
* Author John Updike is 75.
* Nobel peace laureate and
former South African president
F.W. de Klerk is 71.
* Country singer Charley
Pride is 69.
* Actor Kevin Dobson is 64.
* Jazz musician Bill Frisell is
* Actor Thomas Ian Griffith
is 45.
* Singer James McMurtry is

Iraq war," said a statement
from CNN.
King, host of "Larry King
Live," underwent successful
quintuple bypass heart
surgery in 1987. He recently
started a foundation that will
cover the cost of cardiac care
for about 300 uninsured
patients at Los Angeles
County-USC Medical Center.

Burnett files
$2M copyright suit
Burnett has filed a $2 million
copyright infringement
lawsuit against 20th Century
Fox, claiming her cleaning,
woman character was
portrayed on the animated
series "Family Guy."
The U.S. District Court

lawsuit, which was filed
Thursday, said the Fox show
didn't have the 73-year-old
comedian's permission to
include her cleaning woman
character, Charwoman, in an
April 2006 episode.
The episode shows
Charwoman as a porno-shop
maid, and it uses what the
lawsuit called an "altered
version" of Burnett's theme
music. The characters in the
show also perform Burnett's
signature ear tug, the lawsuit
Besides copyright
infringement, Burnett,
alleges 20th Century Fox
violated her publicity rights.
The studio said it was
surprised by the lawsuit over
what amounted to about an
18-second scene.
N Associated Press

Thought for Today

* Singer-actress Vanessa L.
Williams is 44.
* Olympic gold medal
speedskater Bonnie Blair is
* Country musician Scott
Saunders (Sons of the Desert)
is 43.
* Rock musician Jerry
Cantrell (Alice in Chains) is 41.
* Rock singer-musician Miki
Berenyi is 40.
* Rock singer Adam Levine
(Maroon 5) is 28.

"It's easy to be independent when
you've got money. But to be
independent when you haven't got
a thing - that's the Lord's test."

- Mahalia Jackson,
American gospel singer (1911-1972)

McGreevey: People must

be open about sexuality
Associated Press will be the
SANTA FE - Former New last genera-
Jersey Gov. James tion of
McGreevey, who 'resigned American
after revealing that he was youth that
gay, says culture is outpacing has toose
politics in the acceptance of c h o o s e
homosexuality. McGreevey b e t w e e n
their heart
McGreevey, who is in Santa and their career, between love
Fe this weekend to speak at a and acceptance," he said.
fundraiser for the Human McGreevey also
Rights Alliance, called his addressed comments made
decision to come out "one of earlier this week by the
the most painful but honest Pentagon's top general.
decisions of my life." Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the
Even though the revelation chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
of being gay can hurt family remarked that homosexual
and friends, McGreevey said acts are immoral and said
Friday that people must learn the military should not con-
at an early age to be open done homosexuality by
about their sexuality, allowing gay personnel to
"Hopefully, this generation serve openly.

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McCain faces 2008
election challenges
CEDAR FALLS, Iowa - John
McCain's second
presidential bid presents a
twofold challenge - to woo
fickle Iowans whom he ignored
in 2000 and persuade New
Hampshire voters who backed
him then to stick with him now.

wanting to
where he
once failed. "I McCain
view this as
starting all over," McCain said
during a four-day bus tour
through the two important early
voting states - a trip intended
to invigorate his campaign as
national polls show him trailing
Rudy Giuliani for the GOP
Seven years ago, McCain
was the underfunded underdog
when he bypassed Iowa's
leadoff caucuses and headed to
New Hampshire to make a
stand against GOP front-runner
George W. Bush in the first in
the nation primary. The Arizona
senator beat the Texas
governor. This time, McCain
built a national campaign
organization to ensure he could
compete in every state and
mount strong efforts in Iowa and
New Hampshire.

Iranians resolve to
pursue uranium
BUSHEHR, Iran - For
Iranians across the political
spectrum, delays in construction
of the country's first nuclear
reactor have strengthened their
resolve to master their own
nuclear technology and resist
U.N. efforts to stop them.
The reactor, already eight
years behind schedule, is
snagged on what Iran calls a
politically motivated business
dispute with longtime ally
Russia announced this month
that construction would be
delayed at least two months
because Iran had failed to make
monthly payments since
January. It said the delay could
cause "irreversible" damage to
the project.Because of the
delay, Russia also indefinitely
put off the delivery of enriched
uranium fuel it had promised to
provide Iran in March.

Judiciary approves
online recordings
computer and an Internet
connection may soon be all that
are needed for anyone to hear
closing arguments in a
corruption trial or listen to the
testimony of a mob turncoat.
. The federal judiciary
approved a pilot program this
week to make free audio
recordings of court proceedings
available online. Although a
court's participation in the
program is voluntary, U.S.
District Judge Thomas F.
Hogan, the executive committee
chairman of the policy-making
Judicial Conference, said he
expects the system ultimately
will be widely used.
"I do hope the Judicial
Conference efforts will be
looked at as an attempt to see if
we can make court proceedings
more inclusive and transparent
to people," Hogan said in an
News organizations and
open-government groups
applauded the decision, which
will allow the files to be played
on television and radio and
posted on Internet news sites
and blogs.

Pet food recall
has owners frantic
UNION, N.J. - Pet owners
were worried Saturday that the
pet food in their cupboards
could be deadly after millions of
containers of dog and cat food
sold at major retailers across
North America were recalled.
Menu Foods, the
Ontario-based company that
produced the pet food, said
Saturday it was recalling dog

food sold under 48 brands and
cat food sold under 40 brands
including lams, Nutro and
Eukanuba. The food was
distributed throughout the
United States, Canada and
Mexico by major retailers such
as Wal-Mart, Kroger and
An unknown number of cats
and dogs had suffered kidney
N Associated Press

Cleanup crews ready New York City

Associated Press

NEW YORK - Cleanup
crews were out early Saturday
clearing snow and ice from
Manhattan streets for the
city's St. Patrick's Day parade,
a day after a heavy storm buf-
feted the East Coast and
caused the cancellation of
more than 1,400 flights.
The sleet, snow and freez-
ing rain that pelted the East
Coast on Friday had tailed off
Saturday as the weather sys-
tem moved northward.
"We got the whole gamut
there," Nelson Vaz, a meteor-
ologist with the National
Weather Service, said early
Saturday. He called it "a pretty
impressive late-winter storm."
Eight inches of snow fell at
Frostburg, Md., with 5 in New
York City, and a record 2.13
inches of rain fell at
International Thurgood
Marshall Airport. Up to 2 feet
of snow fell in New York's
northern Catskills.
In Hartford, Conn. and
York, Pa., officials postponed
their annual St. Patrick's Day
parades. New York did not


said JetBlue was expecting
few, if any, cancellations after
9 a.m.
The Port Authority of New
York and New Jersey said
more than 1,400 flights were
canceled Friday at the
region's three major airports
because of the storm. Delays
also were reported at airports
in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
Baltimore-Washington and
At Newark International,
Karen Opdyke was trying to
get to Miami for a cruise
with her husband, three

,r parade
young children and mother
after their 9 a.m. flight was
In New Hampshire, three
presidential hopefuls can-
celed appearances because of
the weather - Sen. John
McCain, R-Ariz.; Sen. Barack
Obama, D-Ill., and Sen. Chris
Dodd, D-Conn. McCain, Dodd
and Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del.,
were campaigning in the state
Schools were -closed
throughout the Northeast and
some government agencies
sent workers home early.

Steven Sadzinski rides his personal scooter through Hagerstown,
Md., Friday as he returns to his downtown home from a shopping

cancel its parade, and officials
were expecting up to 2 million
people to attend.
Hundreds of traffic acci-
dents were blamed on the icy
roads, including one involving
a vehicle in President Bush's
motorcade traveling from
Washington to Camp David.
No one was injured.
The weather was blamed
for at least six traffic deaths in
New Jersey, three in
Pennsylvania and one in

Maryland, authorities said.
JetBlue canceled nearly
three-fourths of its scheduled
flights on Friday to avoid the
chaos that followed the
Valentine's Day storm, when
the company was slow to can-
cel flights and some passen-
gers were stranded in planes
for hours.
The airline also called off
about 30 flights early
Saturday, spokeswoman
Jenny Dervin said. But she

vA lt�zj I 3r.mTr


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� agency, inc.
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Residence (386) 758-2986
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A festive St. Patrick's Day
Members of the Sheila Tully School of Irish Dance perform Saturday during the 52nd annual Chicago
St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Chlorine-laden suicide truck

bombs strike Anbar province

Associated Press

BAGHDAD - Three sui-
cide bombers driving trucks
rigged with tanks of toxic
chlorine gas struck targets in
heavily Sunni Anbar province
including the office of a Sunni
tribal leader opposed to al-
Qaida. The attacks killed at
least two people and sickened
350 Iraqi civilians and six U.S.
troops, the U.S. military said
There is a mounting power
struggle between insurgents
and the growing number of
Sunnis who oppose them in
Anbar, the center of the Sunni
insurgency, which stretches
from Baghdad to the borders
with Syria, Saudi Arabia and
Jordan. The Anbar assaults
came three days after Prime
Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a
Shiite, traveled there to reach
out to Sunni clan chiefs in a
bid to undermine tribal
support for the insurgency.
The violence started about
4:11 p.m. Friday when a driver
detonated explosives in a pick-
up truck carrying chlorine at a
checkpoint northeast of the

A U.S, army soldier from B
Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd
Infantry Regiment walks past
children while on a foot patrol at
an open marketplace in
Baghdad's Shiite enclave of
Sadr City, Iraq, Saturday.
provincial capital of Ramadi,
wounding one U.S. service
member and one Iraqi civilian,
the military said in a statement
Two hours later a dump
truck exploded in Amiriyah,
south of Fallujah, killing two
policemen and leaving as
many as 100 residents with
symptoms of chlorine expo-

sure ranging from minor skin
and lung irritations to vomit-
ing, the military said. Iraqi
authorities said at least six
people were killed and dozens
wounded when the truck blew
up in a line of cars waiting at a
checkpoint. The U.S. did not
confirm the Iraqi report.
Ahmed Kuhdier, a 32-year-
old taxi driver, said the blast
sent up a plume of white smoke
that turned black and blue.
"Minutes later, we started
to smell nasty smells. I saw
people coming form the
explosion site and they were
coughing and having trouble
breathing," he said.
Another suicide bomber
detonated a dump truck con-
taining a 200-gallon chlorine
tank rigged with explosives at
7:13 p.m. three miles south of
Fallujah in the Albu Issa tribal
region, the military said. U.S.
forces found about 250 locpl
civilians, including seven chil-
dren, suffering from symp-
toms related to chlorine
exposure, according to the
statement. Police said the
bomb was targeting the recep-
tion center of a tribal sheik
who has denounced al-Qaida.

Bush adviser sets aside views on nuke talks

Associated Press

academic, Victor Cha was
skeptical about nuclear talks
with North Korea. He consid-
ered the real value of U.S.
engagement as a way to
"expose the North's true,
malevolent intentions."
Now, as President Bush's
top adviser on North Korea,
Cha is a prime player in shap-
ing those talks, which are set
to resume Monday in Beijing.
He avoids the tough language
of his earlier writing.
'That was a completely dif-

ferent time and a completely
different world," Cha told The
Associated Press in a rare
interview. "I was just an ivory-
tower academic."
Cha, the son of Korean
immigrants and a fluent
Korean speaker, serves as a
deputy negotiator in talks that
last month resulted in the
North agreeing to shut down
its main nuclear reactor in
return for fuel oil. A much larg-
er batch of aid would follow
once the North begins dis-
abling all its nuclear programs.
Bolton criticized the deal as
something that cannot work.
"The act of engagement is

not cost-free. It chews up
time, it allows North Korea to
refine its nuclear capabilities,
and it gives legitimacy to the
regime," he said.

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Page Editor: Laila McGuffey, 754-0429




Sunday. March 18, 2007



Board has

vision for

the future

The Columbia School Board
took a monumental step
toward meeting the growth
needs of the school district
last week when it
purchased property west of Lake City
for the purpose of constructing a new
elementary school.
The school will be constructed at the
corner of Birley and Gabriel roads
between U.S. Highway 90 and Pinemount
Road. The location is ideal for a new
school as its proximity best meets the
growth patterns of the Lake City area.
It will serve students in the hot
development areas west and southwest of
Lake City. In truth, the district can't build
the school fast enough.
The first phase of the construction
project will be a kindergarten through
fifth grade center, but the possibility
exists to expand the project with a
second phase to handle K-8 students.
The property is large enough to
accommodate future growth.
Columbia County continues to grow
and the school district feels this pinch
as much as anyone. More people mean
more children and the district is seeing
an influx of children in this region of
the county.
There already are crowding problems
at Summers Elementary School and
Westside Elementary School - the
newest elementary school in the
district. Of course, there will be staffing
challenges at the new school, as there
are anywhere with teacher vacancies,
but let's hope if we build it, educators
will come.
We're glad to see the school district
meet the challenge of growth head-on
and make the proper business
arrangements to provide the proper
facilities to help the children of
Columbia County excel educationally.
It's a grade-A move.



Today is Sunday, March 18, the 77th
day of 2007. There are 288 days left in
the year.
* In 1959, President Eisenhower signed
the Hawaii statehood bill. (Hawaii became
a state on Aug. 21, 1959.)
* In 1962, France and Algerian rebels
agreed to a truce.
* In 1974, most of the Arab
oil-producing nations ended their embargo
against the United States.
* In 2001, John Phillips, who co-founded
the Mamas and the Papas and wrote its
biggest hits, died in Los Angeles at age 65.

Lake City Reporter
serving Columbia County since 1874
The Lake City Reporter is published with
pride for residents of Columbia and
surrounding counties by Community
Newspapers Inc.
We believe strong newspapers build
strong communities - "Newspapers get
things done!"
Our primary goal is to publish
distinguished and profitable
community-oriented newspapers.
This mission will be accomplished
through the teamwork of professionals
dedicated to truth, integrity and hard work.
Michael Leonard, publisher
Todd Wilson, editor
Sue Brannon, controller
Dink NeSmith, president
Tom Wood, chairman

Letters to the Editor should be typed or
neatly written and double spaced. Letters
should not exceed 400 words and will be edited
for length and libel. Letters must be signed and
include the writer's name, address and
telephone number for verification. Writers can
have two letters per month published. Letters
and guest columns are the opinion of the
writers and not necessarily that of the Lake City
BY MAIL: Letters, P.O. Box 1709, Lake City,
FL 32056; or drop off at 180 E. Duval St.
BY FAX: (386) 752-9400.


The day a Presbyterian

Baptist got 'sprinkled'

Last week CHS grad1
Robert Weaver told
me the story of the
day a local
minister got "sprinkled" at the
First Baptist Church.
The minister was the late
Rev. Dr. E.E Montgomery, Sr.,
a giant in local Presbyterian
history, and a man who
enjoyed a good laugh.
It seems that "Dr. Mont",
once attended a dedication
ceremony at First Baptist
Church and sat in the choir
loft with other guest ministers.
The Baptistry, located just
above the choir loft, sprang a
small leak and during the
service droplets of water
began to fall on Dr. Mont's
head. Always quick with a
quip, Di. Mont whispered to
the preacher sitting next to
him, "This is probably the first
time a Presbyterian minister
has ever been sprinkled in a
Baptist Church."
Robert also told another
"Dr. Mont" story, and I will
share it with you another day.

Trip to Cuba
In 1941, CHS students
Marilyn Bevan Hicks and
Dot Mikell Sistrunk, both
outstanding track and field
performers, were invited to
travel to Havana, Cuba, to
participate in the
Pan-American games.
Marilyn kept a Havana
newspaper clipping telling of
the arrival of the Florida track
team. Translated literally from
the Spanish, the item read,
"Yesterday morning in the
vapor, the female track team of
Florida came to Habana. They
will attend the inauguration of
the III Meet International of
Athletics and will celebrate
next Saturday in the La
Tropical stadium. They will
confront the selection of Cuba."

Skipping around
* Last week I wrote about
the rare honor Lake City


Morris Williams
Phone: (386) 755-8183

educator Jim Wilson has
received - he has been
named District Teacher of the
Year in both Columbia and
Suwannee counties. Column
reader Dr. Marty Cox, our
school system's director of
personnel, has pointed out
that Columbia City's Lisa
Malphurs, this years
Columbia County District
Teacher of the Year, had
previously been named Union
County Teacher of the Year.
Congratulations to Jim and
Lisa, both extraordinary
* Congratulations also to
Dorothy Spradley, our school
system's director of
marketing. Dorothy has been
nominated for the Florida
Mentor Partnership "Award of
Excellence" by the five-county
Take Stock in Children.
Leadership Council. Nobody
deserves it more.
S School Museum thanks to
the CHS Class of 1952 for a
generous donation in memory
of classmate Kay Melton
Argersinger ... to FWHS
seniors Megan Sapelak and
Rachel Register for helping us
research Lake City's Columbia
College (1907-17) ... and to
Ethel Skinner Malone (CHS
1952) for a beautiful, decorative
plate with the likeness of our
School Board building on it
That building was CHS from
1923-1959 and a junior high
school from then until 1990,
thus the appropriate caption
'This building recalls fond
* Congratulations to Pastor
Larry E. Sweat and his Berea
Baptist Church congregation

on the celebration of their
church's 30th anniversary
(1977-2007). Interesting Berea
Church facts: Rev. Fritz
Fountain' was the first pastor
and served 17 years. Rev.
Carson Brittain, pastor
emeritus of First Baptist
Church, served as interim
pastor several times. Rev.
Troy Grant served as pastor
from 1999-2002 and was this
year's homecoming speaker.
Located on SR 47, Berea's
name is taken from a city in
ancient Macedonia and means
"well-watered," from Acts
* Congratulations to all the
staff at our fine animal shelter
as they celebrate their 45th
anniversary (1962-2007) and
especially to the wonderful
Margaret Smith who has been
their superb manager for the
past 23 years.
* Some 30 percent of the
High Springs Community
Theater actors are from Lake
City and Fort White - people
like Roger Hadley, Lorraine
Kirkland, Mark Kirby, Donna
Kite, Pam Register, Bonnie
Green, the entire Eddie
Anderson Family, Pat Carrico,
Frank Hubert, Kurt and Kathy
Wisner, Noah Lindsay and
Vicki Lang, to name a few.
They all. love it.
If you would like to get on
the mailing list to be informed
when the auditions for
upcoming plays will be held,
contact me and I will tell
HSCT. If you are an aspiring
actor, director, backstage
worker, whatever, HSCT will
find a place for you - or your

No hurry
Life insurance salesman to a
would-be client: "Don't let me
rush you into a hasty decision.
Sleep on it tonight, and if you
wake up tomorrow, let me
know your decision then."
E Morris Williams is a local
historian and long-time Columbia
County resident.


Kudos bestowed for
Olustee coverage
To The Editor:
As commanding general of
the Blue Grey Army, Inc. I
thank you and your staff for
the excellent coverage of the
2007 Olustee Battle Festival
and Reenactment.
Not only were the stories
that the Reporter staff wrote
informative, the pictures and
selections of the events
covered were carefully chosen
to where the reading public
could follow the activities
scheduled throughout the
week of the event. This was
important to the overall
success of the festival and

It was cold, but nevertheless,
we had many warm moments
during the festival. It was a
treat for me to see the children
perform in the downtown
Olustee Park on Friday and to
enjoy the other entertainment
that was scheduled both days
of the festival. The parade was
special again this year and
much work goes into doing
this during the year. Arts and
crafts and food vendors did
pretty well even with the
weather conditions.
We received a lot of response
from the 14-month calendar that
the Lake City Reporter did this
year. Certainly we will all enjoy
keeping the calendar as a

keepsake for Olustee in years
to come.
We appreciate our sponsors,
especially the major sponsors
First Federal Savings Bank of
Florida and Suwannee Valley
Community Foundation. Also,
the City of Lake City and the
Board of County Commission,
who take part and support our
organization in providing a
wholesome family
entertainment for the
community. As always, we
appreciate the general public
for attending the many
activities that were held
during the Olustee weekend.
Dewey Weaver
Commanding General
Blue-Gray Army


The high

cost of

coming to

work sick

hope you're not eating in a restaurant
right now. OK, here goes: Only 15
percent of food service workers have
paid sick days.
Would you like fries with those germs?
Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute
for Women's Policy Research, shared this and
several other troubling statistics last month
with a Senate panel considering whether to
require paid sick days.
More than 57 million American workers
lack paid sick days, she said. That means
nearly half the country's private industry
employees risk losing pay or their jobs if they
stay home sick.
This is
Besides raising
concerns about
public health,
various studies
suggest a
growing Marsha Mercer
inequality in
the rewards of
employment. A government worker has
Cadillac benefits while the employee of a
mom-and-pop store has to hitchhike. Paid sick
days are standard for professionals and
white-collar employees but not for workers in
food service, hotels and construction.
Large companies offer generous benefits.
Small business employers don't want their
workers to make each other or their '
customers sick, but the employers worry that
the cost of providing sick days will put them
out of business.
It likely will take the force of federal law to
make sick days a reality nationwide. And,
despite all the talk about family values, the era
of powerful women and new priorities in
Congress, change comes slowly. It took 10
years to pass the Family and Medical Leave
Act - the first President Bush vetoed it twice
before President Clinton signed it - and it
allows workers time off without pay.
Business groups, including the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce, vow to fight
mandated paid sick days, setting up a clash
with organized labor.
Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy of
Massachusetts and Rep. Rosa DeLauro of
Connecticut have reintroduced the Healthy
Families Act, which failed in 2005. It would
require employers with more than 15 workers
to provide seven paid sick days a year.
The idea is hardly revolutionary. Advocates
note that 145 other countries around the
world guarantee workers paid sick days.
Dr. Jody Heymann, a social policy professor
at Harvard, told the Senate panel last month
that 102 countries have 31 days or more of
paid sick leave.
I'm not convinced that shame works on
Congress. We don't have much of a history of
trying to keep up with Finland.
State and local governments are stepping in
where Congress fears to tread. Last
November, San Francisco passed a ballot
initiative requiring paid sick days for every
worker in the city. Similar laws are in the
works in seven states.
Plus, economists debate whether such
beneficence would harm productivity and raise
costs of goods and services. Proponents say
productivity would rise because workers would
be happier and less inclined to quit jobs with
paid sick days. They'd be healthier at work.
Maybe. But would workers actually take their
sick days? Several studies indicate we are loath
to take a sick day, even when we should.
A study of chronic pain found that more
American workers suffer pain than 10 years ago
- arid almost all go to work anyway. Not that
they're doing work of the highest quality. Almost
half said the pain hurts their performance. The
"Pain in the Workplace" study was sponsored by
the pharmaceutical company PriCara and the
National Pain Foundation.
We have a word to describe the phenomenon
of the working sick. It's "presenteeism" - the
flip side of "absenteeism."
People are present on the job - with
everything from allergies to stress - but they
don't perform well. Economists estimate the cost
of presenteeism in the billions annually. One
study suggested the presenteeism of depressed
workers alone costs employers $36 billion a year.
It won't be easy to legislate paid sick days.
The San Francisco law was supposed to go
into effect last month but has been delayed so
that smaller employers can work out details.

Lawyers say such ordinances invite
headaches and lawsuits. But, guess what?
Lawyers have sick days.
N Marsha Mercer is Washington bureau chief of
Media General News Service.


- - I I - -17 - - -- - - - I

PageEdior:Chrs Bdna, 74-044 LKE ITYREPRTE LOAL &STAE SNDA, MRCH18,200

The following is a list of
roadwork underway by the
FDOT that may impact traffic.

* Branford Highway (State
Road 247): Daytime lane
closures as work begins
Monday at the intersection with
County Road 240 where a
detour will be built to lower the
hill just north of CR 240. The
speed limit will be reduced to
35 mph. This is part of a project
to resurface the roadway
between the Suwannee County
line and Interstate 75.

* County Road 242:
Daytime lane closures at the
intersection with U.S. 441 South
(by the Oasis Lounge) to widen
the intersection for the addition
of turn lanes.

* Interstate 75: Two lanes
will be closed northbound
between U.S. 90 and Interstate
10 Wednesday and Thursday
nights between 9 p.m. and
6 a.m. to replace the traffic
counting sensors embedded in
the roadway. A law enforcement
officer will be on site.

* Interstate 75: Night-time
lane closures between U.S. 90
and State Road 47 for repaving
short sections of the center and
inside lanes. When two lanes
are closed, the work is done
between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. but
the temperatures must be a
minimum of 40 degrees.
Possible daytime lane closures
between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to
pave the outside lane.

* North Marion Avenue
(U.S. 441): Some of the parking
lanes on the east side of the
road may be closed between
Duval Street (U.S. 90) and
Washington Street for concrete
work and to place signal
equipment which will tie
together all of the traffic signals
together between U.S. 90 and
CR 250/Gum Swamp Road.
Also, the new traffic signal
poles may be installed at the
intersections with County Road
100A and County Road
25A/County Road 250 (Old
Valdosta Highway and Gum
Swamp Road) which may
require traffic to be stopped

* State Road 47: All lanes
between U.S. 41 and County
Road 242 West (south of
Interstate 75) are scheduled to
be open later this month. Minor
lane closures to work on punch
list items before the roadway is
completed. Some of the asphalt
may have to be replaced. Also,
motorists are reminded that the
speed limit is 45 mph and law
enforcement is enforcing the
speed limit.

* U.S. 41: Daytime and

night-time lane closures starting
at the Suwannee River Bridge
and headed south toward
Interstate 10 starting Sunday
night at 6 p.m. Crews will be
milling or removing the asphalt.
at night and repaving during the
daytime. Only two miles can be
closed at one time. The speed
limit is reduced to 35 mph
through the lane closure. They
expect to work Saturday.

* U.S. 441: Daytime lanes
closures at County Road 242
(by the Oasis Lounge) to add
pavement to provide a
northbound left turn lane and
southbound right turn lane.
Also, daytime lane closures
beginning in the middle or latter
part of the week at the Cdunty
Road 133 (Alfred Markham
Street) intersection to extend
the southbound left turn lane.
Occasional lane closures
throughout the project from
County Road 252 to Interstate
75 to work on culverts. No
lanes are closed before 8:30

* Interstate 10: Daytime
lane closures for westbound
traffic between U.S. 90 and the
Suwannee River Bridge
(Madison County line) (6 miles)
to repave the outside
emergency lanes. Also,
possible lane closures for
eastbound traffic. Two miles
may be closed at one time. The,
speed limit is reduced to 60
mph when workers are present.
Law enforcement will be
enforcing the speed limit
through the construction work
zone. The eastbound
agricultural station was closed
Thursday for repaving and
should be reopened by
Saturday. The westbound
agricultural station is expected
to be closed during the coming
week for three days to repave
the ramps.

* U.S. 90: The new traffic
signal at the intersection with
County Road 49 will remain on
flash until work to coordinate it
with the railroad crossing on the
north side of the intersection is

* Archer Road (State Road
24): Daytime lane closures as
inmate crews repaint the

roadway markings between
Interstate 75 and Southwest
13th Street (U.S. 441.

* Hawthorne Road (State
Road 20): No lane closures
scheduled between Cross
Creek Road (County Road 325)
to U.S. 301 for landscaping this

* Northwest 39th Avenue
(State Road 222): Daytime
lane closures as inmate crews
repaint the roadway markings
from 1-75 to 43rd Street.

* Newberry Road (State
Road 26): Daytime lane
closures as inmate crews
repaint the roadway markings
from County Road 241 in
Jonesville to 1-75.

* State Road 121 at State
Road 235: Daytime lane
closures at this intersection in
LaCrosse to add turn lanes.

* State Road 235: The road
was expected to be reopened
to traffic by Saturday after the
railroad crossing near
Northwest 91st Street between
Alachua and LaCrosse was

* State Road 235: Daytime
lane closures at County Road
239 to pave the new wider turn
lanes at the intersection east of

* U.S. 441: Daytime lane
closures from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
for work on the roadway,
signals and ramps at the 1-75
interchange in Alachua.
Southbound 1-75 traffic ramp
has been shifted into its final
layout. Also, daytime lane
closures as inmate crews
repaint the roadway markings
between Williston Road and
County Road 234 in Micanopy.

* Waldo Road (State Road
24): Daytime lane closures to
pave the final layer of asphalt
between East University
Avenue and Northwest 39th

* State Road 100: Possible
daytime lane closure for
eastbound traffic for a new
driveway to a CVS Pharmacy at
the State Road 121 intersection
in Lake Butler.

* County Road 229: The
road is completely closed at the
New River Bridge between
State Road 121 and County
Road 225 to replace the
existing bridge. The detour is
State Road 121 to State Road
16 to County Road 225.

* County Road 241: Work
continues on the replacement of
the Swift Creek Bridge. No
traffic impacts are anticipated

this week. Watch for equipment
on the side of the road.

* State Road 121: Crews
will be repainting the lines on
the roadway between U.S. 19
and the Alachua County line.
This is a moving operation but
motorists should not pass in
between the painting truck and
the vehicle following it because
of wet paint.

* U.S. 27 A: Crews will be
repainting the roadway lines
from the Marion County line to
U.S. 129 in Chiefland during the
week. This is a moving
operation but motorists should
not pass in between the
painting truck and the truck
following because of wet paint.

* U.S. 41: Daytime lane
closures from U.S. 27A to the
Alachua County line to mill and
resurface and to work on the
shoulders of the roadway.
Motorists entering the roadway
from a side street or driveway
should wait until traffic passes
in the direction they wish to

* County Road 229: One
lane will be closed at the
Interstate 10 overpass Monday
and Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to
4 p.m. for routine bridge

* State Road 2: One lane
will be closed about 10 miles
west of County Road 127 on
Thursday from 10 a.m. to
4 p.m. for routine bridge

,* State Road 121: Daytime
lane closures from U.S. 90 to
Linda Street in Macclenny for
paving. Lanes can not be
closed from 6-8:30 a.m.

* State Road 16: Daytime
lane closures between the end
of the curbed section east of
U.S. 301 and the Clay County
line (in the rural section) to
remove and replace-bad

* County Road 53:
One-way traffic at the Norton
Creek Bridge is controlled by a
traffic signal while the bridge is
being replaced. The speed limit
is reduced to 45 mph.

* U.S. 19: Daytime lane
closures for northbound traffic
at the intersection with Josh
Ezell Road south of Perry to
repair a sinkhole in the paved
median crossover.

* Positive Attitude
* Dynamic Personality
SComputer Experience

* Casual, Fun Work Environment Apply Today!
* Various Schedules --1152 SW Business Point Drive
* Benefits Package Lake City, Florida 32025


Let's Connect!


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Pritchard Services
We will beat any legitimate

7 days a week service

* Driveways
* Culverts
* Lime Rock
* Demolition
* Tree Removal
* Trash & Debris Removal
* Land Clearing.
* Brush Mowing
* Fence Installation

* Site Prep
* Ponds
* Burning
* Dump truck work
* Landscape boulders
* Trenching
* Granite
* Gravel
* Laser grading

Driveway repair 199.00
Includes 10 tons of Limerock delivered, graded and compacted

Not Just A Quick Oil Change
1 ritiPa S -11 ,1-1?ljf -r 1'I . .h.r I** ffl- fluid .. l kj ^ 1 ^,1 ^

Resurface rotors or drums extra.

Illicit Internet pharmacies called

21 st- century drug traffickers

Associated Press
A 4-foot-tall, overweight,
alcoholic, heroin-addicted air-
line pilot placed an order on a
Web site for steroids, Ritalin
and methadone, noting in the
online questionnaire that he
wanted "to get high to fly."
Two days later, the package
Unfortunately for Dr. David
Stephenson, who ran the site
from his home near Syracuse,
the "pilot" was actually a New
York state investigator looking
to see just how difficult it was
to buy controlled substances
online without ever seeing a
physician, a crime in that state
and several others.
Stephenson was arrested -
he later pleaded guilty - and it
became shockingly clear that
getting highly addictive drugs
over the Internet was as easy
as ordering a book.
That first arrest in 2005
sparked what is now a nation-
wide dragnet by Albany
County, N.Y., prosecutors into
the illicit sale of steroids enter-
ing New York. Twenty people
from three states - Florida,
Texas and New York - have
been indicted, and authorities
are promising more arrests.
A similar federal prosecution
is under way in Rhode Island,
and investigators in Florida
and Texas are considering
their own state charges.
While some professional

online pharmacies that require
pre-existing prescriptions and
doctor-patient relationships,
illicit sites come and go by the
hour, making the networks dif-
ficult to track. '
Some sites have begun
using questionnaires for the
appearance that doctors are
actually evaluating patients
before prescribing medica-
tions, but even that is illegal in
many states.
In New York and Florida, for
example, it is illegal for a doc-
tor or a pharmacy to dole out
any prescription drugs to a
patient without a previous
physical exam. Laws in the
state of Utah are a bit less clear.
There, doctors can prescribe
drugs such as Viagra without
an exam, but it is illegal to pre-
scribe other controlled sub-
stances such as painkillers
absent a pre-existing physician
In such states, it's easier for
online pharmacies to operate
under a veil of legitimacy while
in some cases slipping through
illicit sales under the radar.
The steroids case also
involves human growth hor-
mone, a rarely prescribed drug
restricted under federal law for
specified medical uses, such as
wasting disease associated
with AIDS. It is not approved
for bodybuilding or for
enhanced athletic ability, as
New York authorities allege it
was sold for in their case.

athletes have been linked to
the scandal as drug purchasers
- baseball's Jose Canseco and
John Rocker, former heavy-
weight champion Evander
Holyfield, and 1996 Olympic
wrestling gold medalist Kurt
Angle, among them - authori-
ties have made it clear they're
concerned only with prosecut-
ing distributors at this point,
not users.
Experts say the steroids
sting reveals just a portion of
the overall problem with rogue
online pharmacies and shady
doctors doling out everything
from painkillers to sedatives,
no physical exam required.
"They're the new 21st-centu-
ry drug traffickers," said
Garrison Courtney, a Drug
Enforcement Administration
It's a new front in the war on
drugs - from the streets to
the World Wide Web.
Studies show prescription
drug abuse in the United
States is second only to mari-
juana - surpassing cocaine,
crack and heroin, combined.
The number of Americans
abusing prescription drugs,
mostly painkillers, nearly dou-
bled from 7.8 million in 1992 to

15.1 million in 2003, according
to the National Center on
Addiction and Substance
Abuse at Columbia University.
Experts can't say with cer-
tainty that the increase in pre-
scription drug abuse is directly
linked to online availability, but
logic dictates a relation.
"All we know is that the
Internet is a wide open channel
of illegal distribution of pre-
scription drugs," said Susan
Foster, the center's vice presi-
dent "Just the sheer availabili-
ty of these drugs has got to
have something to do with it."
Poisoning deaths, mostly
from prescription drug over-
doses, were second only to car
crashes as the cause of unin-
tentional fatalities in the U.S. in
2004, according to the Centers
for Disease Control and
Prevention. The numbers of
such deaths nearly doubled
between 1999 and 2004, from
12,186 to 20,950.
"We cannot afford to let the
trend continue," said Dr. Nora
Volkow, director of the
National Institute on Drug
Abuse, part of the National
Institutes of Health. '"The con-
sequences are devastating."
And while there are legal

* Reading Tutoring
* Math Tutoring

* Speech Therapy
* Language Therapy

Summer Camp Sessions

Are Now Forming

Limited Spaces Available

Call Today 752-991 9
Medicaid Provider

M-i 2k Z IT k kA kA



"All we know is that the Internet is a
wide open channel of illegal
distribution of prescription drugs.'

- Susan Foster
National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse vice president.

URGENT CARE Nahed Sobhy, M.D.
305 E. Duval Street, Lake City, FL 32055 (386) 758-2944



Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404

Speech and ftading Center

�, gs' Is Your Child

MBelow Grade Level?



LAKE CITY REPORTER LOCAL SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2007 Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404


* To submit your
Community Calendar
item, contact Todd
Wilson at 754-0428 or
by email at twilson@


CHS Class of 1997
reunion being planned
The CHS Class of 1997 is
plannign a reunion for June 8-9.
On June 8 there will be a
Welcome Back happy hour at
Beef 'O'Brady's. June 9 will be
family day at Alligator Park from
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Moe's will be
catering this event and the cost
is $5 per person or $15' per
family. At 7 p.m. is the main
event, dinner, cocktails, a DJ,
dancing, and more. Currently
ticket prices are $25 per
Make checks payable to CHS
Class of 1997. Kelli (McCall)
Crews will be handling the
money and the tickets. Send
your checks to:
CHS Class of 1997 Reunion
Kelli Crews
P.O. Box 2268
Lake City, FI 32056
Include a note of how many
tickets you need for each event,
and how many members are in
your family if you are buying a
family ticket for the family day. If
you haven't e-mailed your
mailing address or phone
number yet, e-mail the
information to columbiahight-
The reunion Myspace site is
1997 For more information, call
Chad Cray at 752-8437.

Crossover Correction to
CMS training offered
Lake City Community
College will offer training in the
Crossover Correction to CMS
Law Enforcement tentatively
beginning Feb. 12.
There will be a scheduled
meeting at 6 p.m. on Jan. 22 in
the Lancaster Site Office - CR
341 across from the Lancaster
Correctional Work Camp in
Those interested in
attending this training must
attend this meeting to receive
all the information concerning
cost, scheduling, etc.
For more information call
:(352) 463-4353 between
9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday-
Friday, after hours leave a

Farmers Market
open every Friday
The Marion Street Farmers
Market is open from 2 p.m. to
dusk every Friday and is
located on the corner of Marion
Avenue and Hamilton Street.

Singles meetings take
place every Friday
Live Oak singles meetings
take place from 7 to 10 p.m.
Friday at St. Luke's Church in
Live Oak, across from the
Coliseum. For more information,
call Jim at 935-0422, Just at
362-4448 or Anna at 963-5774.

Assistance needed for
woman who lost home,
The Lake City Fire
Department is requesting
assistance for June Armstrong,
64, who lost her home to a fire
on Jan. 22. Clothing as well as
cash donations are needed to
help her get back on her feet.
Cash/check donations can be
mailed or dropped off at:
The Lake city Fire
Department (across from the
post office)
Attn: Armstrong Fund
225 NW Main Blvd. Suite
Lake City, FL 32055.
Checks payable to Ms. June
For donations of clothing,
etc.. contact Ms. Armstrong at
(cell) (352) 317-8135.
Clothing sizes: Pants: 18
Blouse: XL Shoes: 9
For more information and
pictures, visits
donation page.

Violence and rape crisis
center offers support
Another Way, Inc. the local
domestic violence and rape

John Ralph Davis
John Ralph Davis was born August
1, 1944 in Columbia County. He
was the son of the late Lewis Steven
Davis and Mrs. Spdie Whitfield Da-
He received his education in the
public schools of Columbia County.
He served his Country in the United
States Army, receiving an Honora-

crisis center has a support group
for survivors of domestic violence
and their children from 5:30 to
7 p.m. every Thursday. If
interested call Susan at Another
Way, Inc. at 719-2700 for the
location. Women and children


Retired Federal Employees
anniversary set for Tuesday
The Lake City branch of the
National Association of Retired
Federal Employees will
celebrate its 30th anniversary at
noon Tuesday at Quail Heights
with cake and member photos.
This lunch group is actively
involved in supporting
Alzheimer's,research, so the
guest speaker for this special
anniversary meeting will be
discussing DNA's link to

N.A.R.F.E monthly
meeting Tuesday
National Active and Retired
Federal Employees Associaion
will have its monthly meeting at
11:30 a.m. Tuesday at Quail
Heights Country Cub 161 Quail
Heighs Terrace Lake City, Fl.
32025. The speakers Jim
Purvis and George Tuning.
For more information, call
Jim Purvis at 752-8570 or
e-mail at
or Ralph Hurst at 752-65-93 or
e-mail at

Suwannee Valley Kennel
Club meeting Tuesday
Suwannee Valley Kennel
Club would like to invite you to
attend its monthly club meeting.
They meet at the Columbia
County Fairgrounds, hospitality
room at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday free
handling classes are from 7 to
7:30 p.m.
For more information, call
Brett Deutsch at 647-6344.

State-of-the-School visits
Summers Elementary
As a part of the State-of-the
School visits, Columbia
County School Board members
and Superintendent, Sam
Markham will visit Summers
Elementary School at 10 a.m.
These visits are open to the

IDA meeting
planned for Wednesday
There will be a IDA meeting
at noon Wednesday in the CHS

Relay for Life meeting
planned for Thursday
The American Cancer
Society Relay for Life teams are
nearly complete. Join the final
meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday
at Baya Pharmacy. The 2007
Relay featuring the Albany ,
Marine Band will be at CHS on
April 13 and 14 and will be a
circus theme.
For more information, call
Travis Henry at 758-6888,
Bruce Dicks at 365-3784 or
John Pierce at 344-2472.

Olustee Festival wrap
up meeting Thursday
The Blue Gray Army will hold
it's wrap up meeting of the
Olustee Festival at 5:30 p.m.
Thursday, at the downtown
library. Members are
encouraged to try and attend
this important meeting.
For more information, call

Coming Up
Classic Car show
planned for March 31
Cruisin' For A Cure Classic
Car and Truck Show will be held
from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 31
at Olustee Park. All proceeds
benefit the American Cancer

ble Discharge.
The curtain of death was drawn and
quietly closed his life Tuesday,
March 13, 2007, in the Veteran's
Hospital, Lake City, Florida.
He leaves to mourn his passing: a
devoted mother, Mrs. Sadie Davis,
Jacksonville, FL.; one son, Anthony
Davis, Jacksonville, FL.; one
daughter, Mrs. Pamela (Christo-

Society. Awards at 3 p.m., Top
20, Best of Show, Best Ford,
GM, Mopar, and Orphan. There
will be entertainment.
For more information call Ann
Milligan at 386-961-9422,
Mandy at (386) 755-6567 or
Charlene at (386) 752-4024.

M.O.A.A. meeting
planned for March 22
M.O.A.A. (Military Officers
Association of America ) will
meet at 6:30 p.m. March 22 at
the Elks Club. All former and
present military officers and
spouses are welcome. A film
entitled "Spirit of Ichetucknee"
will be presented by Patty Martin
of the Ichetucknee Springs Park
staff. Dinner is $15.
Call Dennis Tarkington at
719-7092 by March 12 for

Quilting Guild monthly
meeting is March 28
The Lady of the Lake Quilting
Guild will hold its monthly
meeting at 10 a.m March 28. at
the Southside Recreation
Center, 901 St. Margaret Road.
Hospitality starts at 9:30, a.m.
The program for March will be
the presentation of the 2007
Challenge by Joan Allot and
Ann Opgenorth. Ann will also
include a presentation on the
importance of color and values
to consider while
constructing quilts.
The Guild is an organization
for anyone interested in quilts
and the art of quilting. The guild
makes and distributes over 100
quilts a year to various charities
and non-profit organizations. A
show-and-tell segment of the
meeting will showcase the
various quilters; handiwork.
For more information, call
Marcia Kazmierski, 752-2461 or

Pregnancy Crisis Center
now accepting donations
It's time to start cleaning out
your closets and get organized
for 2007. Or maybe you are just
redecorating? The Pregnancy
Crisis Center will now accept
your good quality, unwanted
household and furniture items for
its annual Yard Sale fundraiser
that is to be held on May 4 in
Lake City, and Friday May 11 in
Live Oak. This year no clothing
will be sold, so no clothing
donations. Freshly laundered
baby items are always welcome,
however. All proceeds go to help
pregnant women and their
babies in crisis situations.
Receipts for tax deductions
available upon request.
For more information,
call 755-0058.

Order of the Purple Heart
meets second Thursday
Lake City Chapter #772 of
the Military Order of the Purple
Heart, USA meets at 5 p.m.
every second Thursday. The
meeting will take place at the
home of Junior Vice
Commander Gary L. Lafaso. If
you or a next of kin has been
awarded the Purple Heart, by
the President of the United
States, for being combat
wounded, you are invited to
join them in their endeaver to
continue serving this country
and its veterans and families.
If you wish to volunteer, they
welcome you with open arms.
For more information, call
Tony (386) 497-2475 or Gary
(386) 758-5629.

Art League of North
Florida to meet March 27
The Art League of North
Florida will hold its regular
monthly meeting at 7 p.m. March
27 in the conference room of the
main branch of the Columbia
County Public Library. Guest
speaker will be Carolyn Long
from Haven Hospice. All
members are encouraged to
attend and all citizens interested
in helping promote the arts in
Columbia County are invited to
For more information, call
Mary Goff at 961-9529 ,Wally
Reichert at 758-7853 or John
Pierce at 344-2472.

pher) Fletcher. Philadelphia, PA.;
one grandson, Jamaul D. Fletcher:
one sister-in-law, Mrs. Carolyn Da-
vis; a loving and devoted friend,
Mrs. Norma Tillmons, White
Springs, FL.: three aunts, one uncle,
and a host of relatives and friends.
A graveside service will be held
Monday, March 19, 2007 from 3:00
to 4:00 P.M. at Combs Funeral

Stephen Foster State Park
offers beading workshop
Stephen Foster Folk Culture
Center State Park is offering a
workshop on making beaded
jewelry from 1 to 2 p.m.
April 7.
Students can learn to make
customized jewelry using
beading techniques. The class
will be taught by Betty Cave,
an artist who demonstrates her
skills at the park's Craft
Square. Her work also is
available through the park's
gift shop.
The fee for the workshop
begins at $25 and varies
according to the size of the
stones used and the comply
exity of the design. Park
admission is included in the
class fee and advance
registration is required.
For more information, call
Craft Square at 397-1920, or
visit the web site at
www. StephenFosterCSO. org.
To learn more about activities
at the park year-round, visit
online at
www. FloridaStateParks. org/ste

Barbecue school
planned for March 30
The Lake City-Columbia
County Parks and Recreation
Department announces a
barbecue judging school for
the Florida Barbecue
Association. This class is
required to judge barbecue at
the sanction barbecue events
for the Florida Barbecue
Association. The class will
take place March 30 in
conjunction with the 14th
Annual Hog Wild-Pig Crazy
Barbecue. To register go to
www. flbbq. org/contest.
For more information, call
Heyward Christie at (386)
To learn more about the
park, visit
www. FloridaStateParks. org/ste

Empty Bowls project
planned for Oct. 16
Empty Bowls, an
international project to fight
hunger, is a fundraising event
to provide financial assistance
to an organization that feeds
the hungry. The main event
will be held in Columbia
County at Lake City
Community College (LCCC) on
Oct. 16, World Food Day. This
event will be sponsored by the
LCCC chapter of Florida
Association of Community
Colleges (FACC) and Lake
City Community College. If
your organization works to
"stamp out" hunger and would
like to be considered as a
recipient of funds collected,
please contact Judy Wilson,
Empty Bowls committee
chairperson at 754-4285 or
for an application and criteria.
Applications are due Feb. 22.

Master Goat Producer's
certification program
Master Goat Producer's
certification program will take
place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. May
14-18 at Florida A&M
For more information, call
Angela McKenzie-Jakes at
(850) 875-8557 or online at

CHS class of '72
reunion to take place
Columbia High School's Class
of 1972 35-year reunion will be
June 30 at the Spirit of
Suwannee in Live Oak.
For more information, call
George H. Hudson Jr. at

Yard sale fundraiser
planned for March 31
A March of Dimes fundraiser
yard sale will take place from
8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. March 31 in
First Federal Savings Bank's
Financial Center parking lot on
the corner of Turner and U.S. 90.

Arrangements entrusted to COMBS
Washington Street. 386-752-4366.
Marquis Combs-Turner, L.F.D.
Obituaries are paid advertisements.
For details, call the Lake City
Reporter's classified department at

in 90 das!e


See our work at
Miracle Method"

Contact your local office at
(352) 372-1811 or
Ba a

*r ,!a sr t?, ' F

Your Weight For
Less Than $5 a
FREE Consultation
*PLUS SUPPLEMENIS - .noridduAi rsul1S maay r r



I joined the mletabolic program
,t/er fighting weight mir whole life
and dressing o/ hide il. Quickly, I
lost 30 lbs. and 4 sizes Eating real
foods and learning why I ate has
kept my weight off for 7 years.
Metabolic put me in my skinny
jeans. They have a pair for you.
Call today, you'll be glad you did.
Victoria - Baer Edge,
Jacksonville, FL




MARCH 23, 2007 - 7 I.M.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. - General Admission $5
College and High School students free with School I.D.

Ow. owen SM.ith
Comedian born in Nassau, Bahamas
residing in Los Angeles, California
with an opening act by

25 year old stand-up comedian
based in Washington, D.C. & New York
Views expressed by the comedians are
not necessarily those of the college.
Show not suitable for all ages


* " "- " ' -- . '. -. .. d.'.t.a...

Falling Creek Chapel

April 1, 2007 at 11:00am

Dinner on the grounds following services.

April 8th Sunrise Service 6:30 am
Regular Services:
1s' and 3rd Sundays.. .9:30 a.m.
2nd and 4th Sundays... 3:00 p.m.
5th Sunday - Devotional and Business Meeting... 3:00 p.m.
Wednesday - Bible Study... 7:00 p.m.

Falling Creek Chapel
P.O. Box 3715, 32056-3715
For more info. or directions * Call (386) 755-0580
US 41 N. Under 1-10 1st road on right, (Falling Creek) Go
aprox. 1.5 miles, Cross Bridge, Church is on left.
1290 NW Falling Creek Rd. * Lake City, FL 32055



Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404


AIRSHOW: Plans progressing for April 28-29 event

Continued From Page 1A

Suwannee Valley Care Center.
The first $30,000 raised during
the airshow will benefit Haven
Hospice and any additional
money will be donated to
Columbia County Senior
Services, Inc.'s new Lifestyle
Enrichment Center.
"We felt that this (the air-
show) was a good way to raise
a substantial amount of money
for those two worthy chari-
ties," Rotarian and airshow
committee member Mike Lee
The airshow will begin at 10
a.m., Saturday, April 28, with
the Grounds the Limit Sky
Divers - which includes Allen
Tuggle, Jay Vass and DeLacy
Peavy - who will jump from
their plane at about 5,000 feet
above airshow central.
Gainesville attorney and
pilot Eilon Krugman-Kadi was
scheduled to fly his ace fighter
jet in the airshow. The 58-year-
old was killed Friday afternoon
when his jet nose-dived during
a low-level vertical maneuver
at the TICO Warbird Airshow
at the Space Coast Regional
Airshow in Titusville.
Krugman-Kadi had never
performed in a Lake City air-
show but Douglas was friends
with the pilot for about 10 years.
Krugman-Kadi was planning to
donate his time to the Lake City
airshow because he knew it was
for a good cause.
"That's just the kind of gen-
tleman he was," Douglas said.
"I'm saddened by the loss. He
will not only be a loss as a per-
son, a lawyer and a pilot, he will
also be a loss to our airshow."
The Rotary Club's. airshow
will include some of the
world's most renowned aer-
obactic pilots, including Jim
Leroy and the Lima Lima
Flight Team.
"They're taking us to the top
of the class," Douglas said.
"We have without question the
No. 1 civilian act in the world
with Jim Leroy."
But getting to the point
where pilots have clearance to
take to the skies and showcase
their talents takes a tremen-
dous amount of planning.
The Airshow committee is
comprised of about 20

Continued From Page 1A

The GOP still holds a major-
ity in the state Legislature by a
nearly 2-1 ratio in both cham-
bers and elected Charlie Crist
as governor to replace
Republican Jeb Bush. The
party also held onto the attor-
ney general's Cabinet position
with Bill McCollum's win over
Sen. Skip Campbell.
Greer said one step toward
maintaining the party's strength
is reminding people why they
put Republicans in power.
"Why are we Republicans?
Because we have core values
and principles," Greer said. "Any
time you talk to a Republican
and ask them 'Why are you a
Republican?', they can tell you. If
you talk to a Democrat and ask
'Why are you a Democrat?',
many times they can't tell you.
It's usually 'Because my mom
and dad were."
Greer stressed outreach to
black and Hispanic voters and
told attendees that party leader-
ship in Tallahassee will do a bet-
ter job of sharing and explain-
ing strategy with local parties
and Republican club leaders.
He also said that he will treat
local grassroots organizers as
equals to the party's top donors.
"Each one of us are equally
important to our success and
we cannot succeed without the
other and we can never forget
that as we work to achieve our
Republican goals," Greer said.
The message of reaching out
to minorities was well-received
by John Colon, a member of the
Manatee County Republican
executive committee who has
worked with black and Hispanic
Republican clubs.

'That's going to be the
future of the party," said
Colon. "If it's not as inclusive
as he promises, it's going to be
hard for us to win in '08."
One of the party's goals in
2008 will be to take back the
congressional seat Democrat
Tim Mahoney won after incum-
bent Republican Mark Foley
resigned over graphic e-mails
he sent to teenage pages.

Rotarians, but it will take more
than 100 people-to produce the
show, Lee said. Organizers
began planning for the show in
November 2006.
They first had to receive
approval from the Lake City
City Council to use the Lake
City Municipal Airport for the
show and received site
approval from the Federal
Aviation Administration. The
FAA re-evaluates sites for safe-
ty concerns on a show-by-
show basis, Douglas said.
The FAA's approval then was
sent to the U.S. Department of
Defense. Each branch of the
military evaluates the approval
and may send back questions
or concerns. Officials also
received an altitude waiver from
the FAA.
An FAA safety officer will be
with airshow committee mem-

bers throughout the airshow
weekend to conduct safety
briefings, weather briefings
and to review the schedule and
performances. Each pilot
signs a waiver before the air-
show and the FAA checks
each pilot's and each aircraft's
certificates to make sure
they're current
Airshow committee mem-
bers were able to book such
outstanding performers
because some of them live in
Lake City, such as Tuggle,
Leroy and Skip Aldous of the
Lima Lima Flight Team, which
performs all over the country.
Aldous said this year will
mark his third appearance in
the Lake City Airshow and he
loves practicing his skills for
his hometown.
"It's the challenge of display-
ing your formation skills and


Penny Williams,

Pharm. D. Antibiotics

When antibiotics became widely available more than 50 years ago, they were hailed as a
miracle cure. In many ways, they have been. Used to treat bacterial infections, antibiotics have
saved countless lives, and prevented many serious complications.
However, in the decades that have followed, many types of bacteria have become resistant to
antibiotics. This means that their genetic makeup-their DNA-has changed (mutated) in a
way that makes drugs less effective against them. The resistant bacteria are able to survive,
multiply, and continue to cause harm. Then they are difficult to treat, and may require more
toxic or intravenous types of medication. And they can easily be passed to others, sometimes
causing longer illnesses, disability, or even death.
Today, widespread antibiotic resistance is one of the most serious public health problems we
face. That's because more and more strains of bacteria are resistant to an ever-increasing
number of antibiotics. Here's a statistic that illustrates the seriousness of the situation: Patients
acquire 2 million infections in U.S. hospitals each year, which lead to 90,000 deaths. Bacteria
that are resistant to at least one antibiotic cause 70 percent of these infections.
What led to such a big problem? Although bacteria sometimes mutate naturally, the biggest
cause is this: Antibiotics have been misused. They're often taken for common viruses, such as
colds or flu, instead of for bacterial infections, for which they're intended. Or people don't
take antibiotics as directed. Doing these things allows bacteriato thrive and become resistant.
In addition, the overuse of antibacterial products such as soaps and lotions may be adding to
the problem. In general, these products should be used in a hospital setting only or around
people who have poor immune systems. Another possible contributor is the addition of
antibiotics to agricultural feed.
What can you do to help counteract this problem? Plenty. For starters, don't demand
antibiotics from your doctor unless it is certain you need them for a bacterial infection, such
as strep throat or a -urinary tract infection. One study showed that doctors prescribe
antibiotics 65 percent of the time if patients demand them, but only 12 percent of the time if
patients don't expect to receive them.
Let colds, coughs, and the flu run their course, while finding other ways to relieve symptoms.
Taking antibiotics for these viral infections won't cure them, keep others well, or help you feel
any better. Even middle ear infections don't always require antibiotics, unless certain
symptoms show up, such as fever, decreased appetite, trouble sleeping, or ear tugging. You
should also know that yellow or green mucus is not always a sign of a bacterial infection. If
you're concerned that one has developed, or if your illness worsens or lasts a long time, the
best thing you can do is to communicate with your doctor.
Take antibiotics exactly as directed. Don't skip doses. Finish the prescription,
even if you begin to feel better. Throw away any leftover antibiotics you have in your house,
and be sure you don't share antibiotics with anyone else.
To help prevent the need for antibiotics, here are a few more things you can do:
Ask your doctor about immunizations. Handle and store food correctly. And wash your hands
often with soap and water for 10 to 30 seconds. Do this before eating or preparing food and
after using the bathroom, changing a diaper, handling garbage or uncooked food, blowing
your nose, caring for a wound or someone who is sick, or playing with a pet. Ask your doctor
or pharmacist any other questions you have about antibiotics and the spread of disease.

Health Mart.

7805 E. Baya Dr. * 755-6677
1465 US 90 W. Ste 110 * 755-2233
1150 US 41 NW * 792-3355
1465 US 90 W, Ste. 100 * 755-2277

timing (that I like)," Aldous said.
"Flying in itself is a challenge."
The airshow committee will
meet every week or two until
the airshow to finalize plans. It
will meet on site to determine
factors such as where to place
crowd lines according to FAA
Because the airshow is rais-
ing money for local charities,
businesses are helping to
sponsor the show and some
performers are donating their
time, which allows the airshow
committee to produce the air-
show on a reduced budget.
This year's budget is about
$20,000-$25,000 whereas past
airshows cost $50,000 or more
to put on, Lee said.
'This year's show has the
potential to be the best show
we've ever had and we're
doing it on the lowest budget
we've ever had," he said.
World War II and experimen-
tal aircraft will be on display
during the event and a profes-
sional announcer will talk about
the history of some of the air-
crafts. Civil Air Patrol cadets
will be on hand to ensure
people don't get too close to
propellers at the displays.
A commemorative Air Force
will fly for about 20 minutes.
All local law enforcement and
emergency agencies will par-
ticipate in a 35-40 minute
homeland security demonstra-
tion. The announcer will
explain a fake scenario in
which a terrorist may have
planted a bomb on one of the
planes and officials will react
to the situation.
"It's going to be played out
as if it's a real event," Douglas
Douglas said people enjoy
the airshow because they're
fascinated by flight. .
The airshow is unique
because pilots perform a vari-
ety of stunts and the show is
different each time it's put on,
Lee said.
"'The acts change and it's a
nice family atmosphere," he said.
Tickets for the airshow will
be $5. Children 6 and under
are admitted free. An
announcement will be made
when tickets go on sale.





UnjNlfIfN rl. nJ- i I a rLCd - R .LUty RwpteuL
Visitors and local residents check out the arts and crafts vendors
Saturday during the Seventh Annual Wild Azalea Festival on Bridge
Street in White Springs.

AZALEA: White Springs was

in full bloom for festival
Continued From Page 1A

the stage for hungry visitors.
While the Adams House Bed
and Breakfast served chicken
pilau for $5 a plate.
Pony rides and a bounce
house were available for children.
Visitors could also enjoy the
historic houses of downtown
White Springs- by simply tak-
ing a walking tour.
A team of Percheron horses
pulled a carriage from the

tourism center into Stephen
Foster Folk Culture Center,
dropping riders off at the
Hall said they enjoy coming
to festivals like the one in
White Springs because she
gets to see her family.
"This is about the only place
where we can actually knit
together," Hall said. "And
exchange patterns."

PILOT: Plane nose-dived

during show in Titusville
Continued From Page 1A

in the show. Krugman-Kadi had
also recently bought the old
airplane he was flying,
McEachern said.
"He was a good pilot, an expe-
rienced pilot," McEachern said.
State records show
Krugman-Kadi was admitted
to the Florida Bar in 1977 and
certified in aviation law.
The crash happened just
after 2:30 p.m. Phyllis
Lilienthal, a 76-year-old work-
ing as a volunteer photogra-
pher at the event, said
Krugman-Kadi's plane was the
second to perform that day.
"It looked like he pancaked
on top of the trees," Lilienthal
said. "He didn't have enough


airspace to recover.
"I didn't know what to think. I
was dumbfounded," Lilienthal
said. "People were crying.
Some people were shouting, 'It
crashed, it crashed!' It just gives
you a sick feeling."
Lilienthal said event officials
over the loudspeaker asked
spectators to hand in any video
they may've taken.
The air show was shut down
for the remainder of the day.
"Our condolences go out to
the family of the pilot and we
will do everything possible to
help them through this
tragedy." according to a state-
ment from the board. "An
investigation is under way."

U L.L L YUVV/nT r nAIns . l/-\l.

Lienedasyor om untybae, ng * mpoit hspceserin NrthF1 a:

Page Editor: Jerry Spaeder, 754-0424






HI 66LO038 Hl 73 LO47 Hl 78lLOW51 INPHi 78LO 53

NATIONAL FORECAST: Showers will spread across portions of the Pacific Northwest as a storm sys-
tem pushes towards the coast. A low pressure system in southern Canada will bring rain and snow to
the Upper Midwest. Snow showers will be in the forecast for portions of the eastern Great Lakes and
northern New England. Partly to mostly sunny skies will be seen throughout the South.

REIONLFRCS.A o udy ac ,
Sudy' ig/una ngt' o

eValdosta Jackso
-67/39 - 63
Lake City*
Gainesville* o Dayton
66/38 66
67/39 la

69, 49

Ft Myers *

Key Wes

JO0 City
Cape Canaveral
Daytona Beach
na Beach Ft. Lauderdale
/47 Fort Myers
Cape CanaveralGainesville
S66/51 Jacksonville
ndo Key West
48 ' Lake City
West Palm Beach Ocala
71/59 * Orlando

Ft. Lauderdale Panama City
73/61 * Pensacola
laples * Tallahassee
1/53 Miami Tampa
, 3/61 Valdosta
st ; ; W. Palm Beach

SI. -

High Saturday
Low Saturday
Normal high
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Record high
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Month total
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Normal month-to-date
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89 in 1945
30 in 1916


Sunrise roda,
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Moonrise today
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Moonset tom.

7.37 a.m
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7:36 a.m.
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7:16 a.m.
7:28 p.m.
7:49 a.m.
8:37 p.m.

March March April April
18 25 2 10
New First Full Last

5 niuttob buI
radiation risk
for the area on
a scale from 0
to 10+.

An exclusive
brought to
our readers
The Weather


- Forecasts, data and graphics
s / �O �2007 Weather Central,
j .'* Inc., Madison, Wis.

Albany NY 28 '21 '20
Albuquerque - 2 43, '.
Anchorage 16 0 0
Atlanta 5.1 , ., 0
Baltimore 33 27' 0
Billings c6,. 4Ji 0
Birmingham 55/34.0
Bismarck J0. 30 0
Boise 67/40/0
Boston 36/30/1.47
Buffalo 29 19 10
Charleston SC 5. 4 i. 0
Charleston WV V i 21 03
Charlotte J4. 31, )
Cheyenne bi?,, 43.'0
Chicago 36, 2J. 1
Cincinnati 4?.,28..0
Cleveland 3-', 24, .06
Columbia SC 55 38,,0
Dallas 71 42 -
Daytona Beach 63 4J 0
Denver 69. ,"4 0C


F, R~casted temperaabre " Fels like'ltompeqbhae

waturca oc a sur

S6 70-0
5; ?J6 ,
na nla, ria
;2, 63, 0
55 32 0
52, J3, ,)
63 54, 0
61 '37.'0
77 '70'0
36 32 0
66 4 C'
86 81 o

97,71 s
J4. 37 r
61 42 pc
71, 57
49, 37, shr
65.42, 1:
9. -9. r.
86 76, t

La Paz
Mexico City
New Delhi

55 41 0o
-;, TO, 0
59 48 0
6J, J3, 0

23, 18,0
na 72'0
54J. 16.. 0

60'1 't
55. 66, pc
51 .'42/h.
65, 3,; .
28,9, si
85. 63, pc
6E, 52, pc

St. Thomas VI
San Juan PR
Tel Aviv

63. 448 0
91 73 0C
i-a. ra. r,

86/71 t
65, J. pc
84 5, pc
96. :3 p(
57. 55'.
18, 39,
86,66. pc
48, 37,
48 34 'n

ITIONS: c=cloudy, dr-drizzle, f-fair, fg=fog, h=hazy, i=ice, pc=partly cloudy, r-rain, s-sunny, sh-showers, sn-snow, ts-thunderstorms, w-windy.

x '-sa

mot*' -

* Pensacola
� .65/50

68/36 *
Panama City,

- I 61 sri

;.5 61 pc.

33'17 'r,

26, 16 c
56 42,
65 33, c
51, 23.'c
68 4J pc

28 22 in

J5 32 pc
54, 32, 1
63 34/pc
J3.. 36
45 36, pc
35. 2;. p..
59, 32'i
7 3. 61, p.:

Des Moines
El Paso
Jackson MS
Kansas City
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Little Rock
Los Angeles
New Orleans
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40.28 05
3, 24. 0
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i ,69,0
0 , 7, 0
39 24 0
61, 33 0
63 42.0
47 39. 1
84, 59, 0
62,.3 i0
54, 3.70
38. 22. 0
64 38'0
62. 50. 0
38, 25,' 04
71, 37, 0

39, 32, pc
85..' 53'pc
.16, 13,pc
31, 20. c
75, 62 pc
47.. 36. DC
67 50 pc
63.. 40/s
67, 50;,'pc
53 51, pc
42 30 r,
;1I,' 54 pc
4127,' pc
75,58,' pc

Portland ME
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66. 50, ,.
94. 6r. 0C
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76, 4, 0
38, 301 0
71. 39, 0
52,,4 ,0
93.61 0
3E, 29, O

93, 61. s
36/ 23rpc
34, 17,.i
50 26 s
2,. 50, i
53,4 .7oc
69, 46, pc
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62/55; pc
54, 45 ,h
69, 49,
4.6 2S. z


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91719111 a 14.-1! 1
F On thiq ri;;tp



Lake City Reporter

Story ideas?

Tim Kirby
Sports Editor
Sunday, March 18, 2007



Benefit tourney
at Southern Oaks
The Friends of Drug
Treatment Courts, Inc. is
sponsoring a charity golf
tournament Friday at
Southern Oaks Golf Club.
Format is four-person
scramble, with registration
at 8:45 a.m. and a shotgun
start at 10 a.m. Three
sponsorship levels are
available and contributions
are tax deductible.
For details, call Mike
Burroughs at 758-0519 or
Chase Moses at 365-2908.

Cattle Baron's
tournament set
The 5th Annual Cattle
Baron's Golf Tournament is
May 4 at Southern Oaks
Golf Club. Format is
four-person scramble with
registration at 11:30 a.m.
and tee time at 1 p.m.
Proceeds go to the
American Cancer Society
High Five Unit.
Sponsorships and player
packages are available.
For details, call Vern
Lloyd at 752-4885, Howard
Whitaker at 752-1419 or
Bobby Simmons at

Awards banquet
set for Tuesday
Columbia High boys
basketball has its awards
banquet planned for
6:30 p.m., Tuesday, at Lake-
City Christian Church. Cost
is $8 for adults and $5 for
children 12 and younger.
For details, call coach
Trey Hosford at 755-8122.
* From staff reports.


* LCCC baseball at FCCJ,
3 p.m.
* Columbia High girls
tennis at Gainesville High,
3:30 p.m.
* Fort White High baseball
at Dixie County High, 7 p.m.
* Fort White High softball
vs.Trenton High, 7 p.m. (JV-5)
* LCCC softball vs. Santa
Fe CC, 2:30 p.m.
* Columbia High boys
tennis at Gainesville High,
3:30 p.m.
* Fort White High softball
vs. Bronson High, 6:30 p.m.
* Columbia High softball
vs. Forest High, 7.p.m. (JV-5)
* Columbia High baseball
vs. Gainesville High, 7 p.m.
* Fort White High
weightlifting hosts sectional,
II a.m.
* LCCC baseball vs. FCCJ,
3 p.m.
* Columbia High girls
tennis at Buchholz High,
3:30 p.m.
* Columbia High
weightlifting in sectional meet
at Palatka High, 4 p.m.
* Columbia High tennis at
Suwannee High, 3:30 p.m.
* Columbia High baseball
at Cook County High, 6 p.m.
* Fort White High softball
vs. Chiefland High, 7 p.m.
* Fort White High baseball
vs.Williston High, 7 p.m.
* LCCC softball vs.
Chipola CC, 2 p.m.
* LCCC baseball at
Daytona Beach CC, 3 p.m.
* Columbia High baseball
at Lake Weir High, 6 p.m.
* Columbia High track at
Lake Mary Invitational, I p.m.
* LCCC baseball vs.

Daytona Beach CC, 3 p.m.

Burton wins for second

straight Busch victory

Busch champ Kevin crashing into the wall as he field. He got all the way to third
-arvick takes second zoomed past just before the before running out of laps.
Harvick takes second checkered flag. Busch slid Series points leader Car
at Nicorette 300. backward across the finish line in Edwards finished fourth, fol

Associated Press
HAMPTON, Ga. - Jeff
Burton didn't need any last-lap
heroics this time. But he did
need a little luck.
The longtime NASCAR star
made it two Busch Series
victories in a row Saturday,
easily holding off Richard
Childress Racing teammate and
reigning Busch champion Kevin
Harvick to win the Nicorette 300
at Atlanta Motor Speedway.
A week ago in Las Vegas,
Burton made a late charge to
catch Kyle Busch, colliding with
the leader and sending Busch

Busch again appeared to be
on the way to a victory Saturday,
building leads of a full
straightaway before the last of
six caution flags came out on lap
167 of the 195-lap race when
Todd Kluever hit the wall after
being hit from behind by
open-wheel star Sam Hornish Jr.
All the leaders pitted and
Busch easily led everyone back
onto the track. But a NASCAR
official spotted a missing lugnut
on Busch's left front wheel and
called him back into the pits. The
Hendrick Motorsports driver fell
all the way to 15th for the restart.
The race restarted on lap 174
and Busch charged through the


Sunday rodeo set
to begin at 2 p.m.
at fairgrounds.
The 13th Aninual Gateway
Pro Rodeo finished its second
of three nights of competition
on Saturday, and it seemed to
have it all.
"The food is good, the
women are pretty and the
beer is cold," said eight-time
PRCA Act of the Year John
Of course, there was
riding, too.
The stands were full at
the Columbia County
Fairgrounds on Saturday
night, and rodeo fans got a
little of everything - roping,
racing, riding and even a little
mock sumo wrestling
between everits, and the last
decade the rodeo has been
able to give the fans more
and more each year.
"This is one of the biggest
out there," Jacksonville rider
Nathan Mathews said. "This
is one of the best in the
southeastern region, outside
of one in Ocala."


lowed by Casey Mears, 'Clint
Bowyer in the third RCR car,
Kasey Kahne, rookie Juan
Montoya - the former Formula
One star's best stock car finish
on an oval - Matt Kenseth and
Tony Stewart - all cup regulars
who will also race on the 1.5- C
inile oval in Sunday's Kobalt
Tools 500.
Stewart was penalized for
pitting too soon during the last
caution and restarted just
behind Busch in 16th. But he
was not able to get through the
traffic as well as Busch.
"Obviously, the 5 car (Busch)
was the class of the field," said Jeff Burton c
Nicorette 30(
NASCAR continued on 3B on Saturday.


CHRIS WHITE/Lake City Reporter
Alan Frierson, of O'Brien, tries to hold on Saturday at the 13th
Annual Gateway Pro Rodeo on Saturday at the Columbia County

As the rodeo has grown
and the ticket sales have
expanded, so has the compe-

r- . $,- : - -.r,

, , .' '-

Senior third baseman Hunter Allen had two hits for
the Tigers and scored the tying run Saturday against
Vanguard High at CHS.

tition. Riders from across the
southeast and from as far as
Colorado made the trip, all

elebrates winning the NASCAR Busch Series'
0 at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Ga.,





CHS lifters lead up
heavyweight class
in quad meet.
From staff reports

Columbia High tennis
played at Baker County High
on Friday and the Lady Tigers
won 4-2. Rain caused suspen-
sion the boys match with
Columbia leading 3-2.
In girls singles, Columbia's
Leandra Neal beat Shea
Raulerson 8-2 at No. 1 and
Samantha Turner beat Alex
Gotay at No. 2 by the same
score. Lindsey Rich lost, 8-6,
to Bethany Bellville at No. 3.
Patrica Gulley beat Carissa
Ward 8-1 at No. 4 and
MacKenzie Hayden won by
forfeit at No. 5.
In doubles, Raulerson and
Gotay beat Rich and Gulley,

ROUNDUP continued on 3B

vying for precious pro rodeo
points and trips to the PRCA
Finals in Las Vegas in
Before Saturday's finish,
the field was fairly even, rider
Jeremy Carpenter, of
Gainesville, said.
. "Right now, it's wide open,"
he said. "Nobody's really
gone ahead yet. But that will
Riders had through
Sunday to bring in the points
and cash prizes - including
an extra $100 for any cowboy
or cowgirl who wins their
event wearing a pink shirt -
and it was obvious the crowd
raised the intensity all night.
'The turnout has been
great this year," organizer
Randy Jones said. "(Friday) it
was a little low because of the
weather, but tonight it's full
and everyone seems to be
having a good time."
Even the response to
organizers' plea for fans and
riders to wear pink has been
"We're just tickled with it,"
Jones said.
While riders sweat it out
for points and workers toiled
RODEO continued on 3B

Tigers rally in seventh inning

to win fourth straight game

Raulerson rips two-run
single to lift Columbia
over Vanguard, 2-1.

Vanguard High pitcher Karl Von
Rodenstein kept Columbia High's
hitters off'balance for six innings
before the Tigers caught up with
him. Columbia scored two runs
in the seventh inning to nip
the visiting Knights, 2-1, on
Blake Raulerson's two-out
single to right-center field brought
home the tying and winning runs.
The Tigers had four hits in the
seventh inning, double what Von
Rodenstein had. allowed up to that
Jacob Tillotson led off the
inning with a single. Hunter Allen
bunted and was safe for a hit when
nobody covered first base.
However, Tillotson broke for
third on the play and was thrown
Austin Lawrence delivered a

single to right field and Gerren
Bannister came in to run for the
catcher. Chris Schneiders' fly ball
got Allen to third base, then Josh
Boris walked to set the stage for
"I was pretty nervous,"
Raulerson said. "I was looking for
an outside pitch and went with it.
My teammates made it happen by
getting the bases loaded. This will
bring up the team's confidence."
Tillotson picked up the win after
relieving Brian Pitman to start the
seventh inning. After allowing a
lead-off infield single, Tillotson
struck out the side.
Pitman, who shut out Valdosta
High on Tuesday, had another
excellent outing. He went six
innings with six hits, one run, two
walks and six strikeouts.
Brandon Rolfe singled to lead
off the game for CHS. Tillotson
reached on a force out and stole
second base, but was left at third.
Allen's infield hit in the fourth
inning was Columbia's only other
base runner until the seventh and
he was erased by a double play.
Von Rodenstein finished with

six hits, two earned runs, one walk
and six strikeouts in 6 % innings.
He had two hits at the plate.
Matt Wright doubled in the
third inning for his second hit of
the game. He moved to third on a
single by J.R Rekully and scored
on a sacrifice fly by Eric Grabe.
The Knights loaded the bases with
two outs in the sixth inning, but
Pitman got out of the jam with a
ground ball to Tillotson.
Vanguard (8-2) beat Columbia
in Ocala and both teams came into
Saturday's game at 5-2 in District
4-5A play.
"We waited around for six
innings to put it together," coach
Andy Bennett said of Columbia's
fourth straight win. "We were
down by one in the seventh and
came back to take care of busi-
ness. We finally woke up, and
today it wasn't too late. It was good
for Blake to get the big hit in that
situation. Brian pitched another
outstanding game. I am proud of
Columbia (8-4, 6-2) hosts
Gainesville High at 7 p.m.

Section B




TV sports

1:30 p.rp.
FOX - NASCAR, Nextel Cup, Kobalt
Tools 500, at Hampton, Ga.
5 p.m.
ESPN2 - NHRA, Gatornationals, final
eliminations, at Gainesville (same-day tape)
12:30 p.m.
ESPN - PBA, Pepsi Championship, at
5 p.m.
VERSUS - Paris-Nice, final stage, at Nice,
France (same-day tape)
9:30 a.m.
TGC - European PGATourTCL Classic,
final round, at Sanya, China (same-day tape)
2:30 p.m.
NBC - PGA Tour, Arnold Palmer
Invitational, final round, at Orlando
6:30 p.m.
TGC - Champions Tour, AT&T Classic,
final round, at Santa Clarita, Calif. (same-day
CBS - Regional coverage, tripleheader,
NCAA Division I tournament, second round
2:30 p.m.
ESPN2 - NCAA Tournament Selection
Show, at Bristol, Conn.
3:30 p.m.
ABC - Dallas at Detroit
8 p.m.
ESPN - Minnesota at L.A. Lakers
8 p.m.
VERSUS - PBR, Tacoma Classic, at
Tacoma,Wash. (same-day tape)
3 p.m.
ESPN2 - ATP Masters Series/WTA Tour,
Pacific Life Open, men's championship match,
at Indian Wells, Calif.
ESPN2 - Regional coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, first round
2 p.m.
ESPN - Regional coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, first round
7 p.m.
ESPN2 - Regional coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, first round
9 p.m.
ESPN2 - Regional coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, first round

7 p.m.
ESPN - NIT, second round, teams and
site TBA
9 p.m.
ESPN - NIT, second round, teams and
site TBA
7 p.m.
VERSUS - Pittsburgh at N.Y. Rangers
7 p.m.
ESPN2 - Whip-around coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, second round, teams
TBA, at Austin,Texas or Minneapolis
8 p.m.
ESPN2 --Whip-around coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, second round, teams
TBA, at Los Angeles or Stanford, Calif.
9:30 p.m.
ESPN2 -Whip-around coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, second round, teams
TBA, at Austin,Texas or Minneapolis
10:30 p.m.
ESPN2 - Whip-around coverage, NCAA
Division I tournament, second round, teams
TBA, at Los Angeles or Stanford, Calif.


NBA standings

Atlantic Division
W L Pct GB
Toronto 36 30 .545 -
New Jersey 30 36 .455 6
New York 29 36 .446 6'A
Philadelphia 26 40 .394 10
Boston 19 46 .292 16V2
Southeast Division
W L Pct GB
Washington 36 28 .563 -
Miami 36 29 .554 '/2
Orlando 30 37 .448 7'i
Atlanta 26 41 .388 II'2
Charlotte 24 42 .364 13
Central Division
W L Pct GB
Detroit 42 22 .656 -
Cleveland 41 25 .621 2
Chicago 39 29 .574 5
Indiana 30 35 .462 12/i
Milwaukee 24 41 .369 18/i
Southwest Division
W L Pct GB
x-Dallas 53 II .828 -
San Antonio 46 19 .708 7i
Houston 41 25 .621 13
New Orleans 29 37 .439 25
Memphis 17 50 .254 37/i
Northwest Division
W L Pet GB
Utah 43 23 .652 -
Denver - 32 31 .508 9'/
Minnesota 28 36 .438 14
Portland 26 39 .400 16'/
Seattle 25 39 .391 17
Pacific Division
W L Pct GB
x-Phoenix 50 15 .769 -
LA. Lakers 34 32 .515 16'A
Golden State 31 36 .463 20
L.A. Clippers 30 35 .462 20
Sacramento 29 37 .439 21'A
Friday's Games
Philadelphia 89, Utah 88

Houston 114,Toronto 100
L.A. Clippers 102, Charlotte 93
Miami 103, Sacramento 97
New Orleans 92, New York 90
Dallas 106, Boston 101
Detroit 105, Phoenix 83
L.A. Lakers 116, Portland II 1. OT
Golden State 106, Minnesota 86
Saturday's Games
Sacramento 95, Orlando 83
Indiana I13,Atlanta 90
Washington 125, New Orleans 103
Cleveland 82, Utah 73

Memphis 104, Chicago (n)
Boston at San Antonio (n)
Charlotte at Milwaukee (n)
Phoenix at Denver (n)
Golden State at Seattle (n)
Sunday's Games
Toronto at New York, Noon
Dallas at Detroit, 3:30 p.m.
Orlando at Miami, 6 p.m.
Houston at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
L.A. Clippers at New Jersey, 6 p.m.
Minnesota at L.A. Lakers, 8 p.m.
Seattle at Portland, 9 p.m.
Monday's Games
Sacramento at Atlanta, 7 p.m.
Boston vs. New Orleans at Oklahoma
City, 8 p.m.

NCAA Tournament

Boston College 84,Texas Tech 75
Georgetown 80, Belmont 55
Michigan State 61, Marquette 49
North Carolina 86, Eastern Kentucky 65
Washington State 70, Oral Roberts 54
Vanderbilt 77, George Washington 44
Texas 79, New Mexico State 67
Southern California 77,Arkansas 60
Second Round
Georgetown 62,. Boston College 55
Vanderbilt 78,Washington State 74, 20T
North Carolina 81, Michigan State 67
Texas (25-9) vs. Southern California
(24-11), 5:20 p.m.
Louisville 78, Stanford 58
Texas A&M 68, Pennsylvania 52
Ohio State 78, Central Connecticut St. 57
Xavier 79, Brigham Young 77
Virginia 84,Albany, N.Y. 57
Tennessee 121, Long Beach State 86
Memphis 73, North Texas 58
Nevada 77, Creighton 71, OT
Second Round
Ohio State 78, Xavier 71, OT
Texas A&M 72, Louisville 69
Virginia (21-10) vs. Tennessee (23-10),
12:10 p.m.
Memphis (31-3) vs. Nevada (29-4),
2:15 p.m.
Maryland 82, Davidson 70
Butler 57, Old Dominion 46
UNLV 67, Georgia Tech 63
Wisconsin 76, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Winthrop 74, Notre Dame 64
Oregon 58, Miami (Ohio) 56
Purdue 72,Arizona 63
Florida 112, Jackson State 69
Second Round
Butler 62, Maryland 59
Wisconsin (30-5) vs. UNLV (29-6),
2:36 p.m.
Oregon (27-7) vs. Winthrop (29-4),
2:50 p.m.
Florida (30-5) vs. Purdue (22-11), 4:45 p.m.
Virginia Commonwealth 79, Duke 77
Pittsburgh 79,Wright State 58
UCLA 70,Weber State 42
Indiana 70, Gonzaga 57
Kansas 107, Niagara 67
Kentucky 67,Villanova 58
Virginia Tech 54, Illinois 52
Southern Illinois 61, Holy Cross 51
Second Round
Pittsburgh 84,Virginia Commonwealth 79, OT
UCLA 54, Indiana 49
Southern Illinois (28-6) vs. Virginia Tech
(22-I 1),2:40 p.m.
Kansas (31-4) vs. Kentucky (22-11),
5:06 p.m.


Second Round
Florida State 87, Michigan 66
Mississippi State 101, Bradley 72
WestVirginia 90, Massachusetts 77
N.C. State 69, Marist 62
Georgia (19-13) atAir Force (24-8),9 p.m.
DePaul (19-13) at Kansas State (23-11),
9 p.m.
Mississippi (21-12) at Clemson (22-10),
7 p.m.
San Diego State (22-10) at Syracuse
(23-10),7 p.m.


Spring training

Late Friday
Florida 5, N.Y. Mets 4
St. Louis 6,Atlanta 6, tie, 10 innings
Arizona 8, Oakland 5
Texas 4, San Diego 3
Saturday's Games
Cincinnati 2, Boston I
Cleveland 5,Tampa Bay 3
Detroit 8Toronto 6
St. Louis 9, Atlanta 5
Baltimore (ss) 7, Florida 3
Philadelphia 3, N.Y.Yankees 2
Minnesota 7, Pittsburgh 5
Baltimore (ss) 9, N.Y. Mets (ss) 0
LA. Dodgers 7, Houston 5
Washington 13, N.Y. Mets (ss) I
L.A.Angels 4, Chicago White Sox 3
Colorado 12, San Francisco 2
Milwaukee 1 I, Oakland 4
San Diego 7, Chicago Cubs 3
Texas 4, Seattle I
Arizona 6, Kansas City 3
Today's Games
Toronto vs. Houston at Kissimmee,

1:05 p.m.
Florida vs.Washington atViera, 1:05 p.m.
N.Y. Mets vs. St. Louis at Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.
Boston vs. Baltimore at Fort Lauderdale,
1:05 p.m.
Atlanta (ss) vs. Cincinnati at Sarasota,
1:05 p.m.
L.A. Dodgers vs. Cleveland at Winter
Haven, 1:05 p.m.
Detroit (ss) vs.Atlanta (ss) at Kissimmee,
1:05 p.m.
Philadelphia (ss) vs. Minnesota at Fort

Myers, 1:05 p.m.
Tampa Bay (ss) vs. Detroit (ss) at Lakeland,
1:05 p.m.
Tampa Bay (ss) vs. Philadelphia (ss) at
Clearwater, 1:05 p.m.
Pittsburgh vs. N.Y. Yankees at Tampa,
1:15 p.m.
Colorado vs. Texas at Surprise, Ariz.,
4:05 p.m.
Seattle vs. Milwaukee at Phoenix, 4:05 p.m.
Oakland (ss) vs. Arizona at Tucson, Ariz.,
4:05 p.m.
Chicago White Sox vs. San Diego at
Peoria,Ariz.,4:05 p.m.
Chicago Cubs vs. L.A.Angels (ss) atTempe,
Ariz., 4:05 p.m.
L.A. Angels (ss) vs. Oakland (ss) at
Phoenix, 4:05 p.m.
Kansas City vs. San Francisco at
Scottsdale,Ariz.,4:05 p.m.
Monday's Games
Cincinnati vs. Detroit at Lakeland,
1:05 p.m.
N.Y. Yankees vs. Toronto at Dunedin, 1:05
Cleveland vs. Atlanta at Kissimmee,
1:05 p.m.
Houston vs. Florida at Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia at Clearwater,
1:05 p.m.
L.A. Dodgers vs. Washington at Viera,
1:05 p.m.
San Diego vs. Oakland" at Phoenix,
4:05 p.m.
Seattle (ss) vs. Chicago Cubs (ss) at Mesa,
Ariz., 4:05 p.m.
Chicago Cubs (ss) vs. Milwaukee at
Phoenix, 4:05 p.m.
Arizona vs. Seattle (ss) at Peoria, Ariz.,
4:05 p.m.
Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City at
Surprise,Ariz., 4:05 p.m.


Race week

KobaltTools 500
Site: Hampton, Ga.
Schedule:Today, race (FOX, 1:30 p.m.).
Track: Atlanta Motor Speedway (quad-
oval, 1.54 miles, 24 degrees banking in turns)
Race distance: 500 miles, 325 laps.
ACDelco Gatornationals
Site: Gainesville
Schedule: Today, eliminations, II a.m.
(ESPN2, 5 p.m., tape).
Track: Gainesville Raceway.

Kobalt Tools 500 lineup

At Atlanta Motor Speedway
Hampton, Ga.
Race today
(Car number in parentheses)
I. (12) Ryan Newman, Dodge, 193.124
2. (19) Elliott Sadler, Dodge, 191.894 mph.
3. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 191.787
4. (01) Mark Martin, Chevrolet, 191.774
5. (24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 191.7t4
6. (43) Bobby Labonte, Dodge, 191.648
7. (40) David Stremme, Dodge, 191.509
8. (5) Kyle Busch, Chevrolet, 191.503 mph.
9. (49) Mike Bliss, Dodge, 191.100 mph.
10. (10) Scott Riggs, Dodge, 190.916 mph.
I I. (41) Reed Sorenson, Dodge, 190.837
12. (9) Kasey Kahne, Dodge, 190.686. mph.
13. (20) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 190.594
14. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 190.398 mph.
15. (07) Clint Bowyer, Chevrolet, 190.372
16. (42) Juan Pablo Montoya, Dodge,
190.293 mph.
17. (2) Kurt Busch, Dodge, 190.189 mph.
18. (1) Martin Truex Jr., Chevrolet, 190.176
19. (13) Joe Nemechek, Chevrolet,
189.954 mph.
20. (18) .J.Yeley, Chevrolet, 189.850 mph.
21. (17) Matt Kenseth, Ford, 189.837 mph.
22. (8) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet,
189.837 mph.
23. (15) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 189.818
24. (00) David Reutimann,Toyota, 189.701
25. (16) Greg Biffle, Ford, 189.564 mph.
26. (70) Johnny Sauter, Chevrolet, 189.467
27. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, 189.383
28. (14) Sterling Marlin, Chevrolet, 189.105
29. (21) Ken Schrader, Ford, 189.067 mph.
30. (11) Denny Hamlin, Chevrolet, 188.841
31. (83) Brian Vickers, Toyota, 188.828
32. (31) Jeff Burton, Chevrolet, 188.494
33. (96) Tony Raines, Chevrolet, 188.411
34. (25) Casey Mears, Chevrolet, 188.360
35. (22) Dave Blaney,Toyota, 188.302 mph.
36. (29) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 187.958
37. (26) Jamie McMurray, Ford, 187.133
38. (6) David Ragan, Ford, Owner Points
39.(7) Robby Gordon, Ford,Owner Points
40. (45) Kyle Petty, Dodge, Owner Points
41. (66) Jeff Green, Chevrolet, Owner
42. (88) Ricky Rudd, Ford, Owner Points
43. (44) Dale Jarrett, Toyota, Past

Nicorette 300

At Atlanta Motor Speedway
Hampton, Ga.
1. (8) Jeff Burton, Chevrolet, 195 laps,
127.201 mph., $56,425.
2. (12) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 195,
3. (1) Kyle Busch, Chevrolet, 195. $31,400.

4. (3) Carl Edwards, Ford, 195, $31,050.
5. (9) Casey Mears, ,Chevrolet, 195,
6. (21) Clint Bowyer, Chevrolet, 195,
7. (2) Kasey Kahne, Dodge, 195, $24,760.
8: (10) Juan Pablo Montoya, Dodge. 195,
9. (6) Matt Kenseth, Ford, 195, $23,300.
10. (4) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 195,
II. (7) David Stremme, Dodge, 195,

12. (24) Robby Gordon, Ford, 195,
13. (15) David Reutimann, Toyota, 195,
14. (25) Jamie McMurray, Ford, 195,
15. (5) Sam Hornish Jr., Dodge, 195,
16. (16) Dave Blaney,Toyota, 195, $15,750.
17. (40) Mike Wallace, Chevrolet, 195,
18. (26) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 194,
19. (29) Shane Huffman, Chevrolet, 194,
20. (18) David Ragan, Ford, 194, $17,000.
21. (32) Ward Burton, Ford, 194, $16,350.
22. (20) J.J.Yeley, Chevrolet, 194, $14,375.
23. (37) Regan Smith, Chevrolet, 194,
24. (34) Bobby Hamilton Jr., Ford, 194,
25. (33) Brad Keselowski, Chevrolet, 193,
26. (35) Brent Sherman, Chevrolet, 193,
27. (38) Aric Almirola, Chevrolet, 192,
28. (28) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 192,
29. (13) Stephen Leicht, Ford, 191,
30. (41) Johnny Sauter, Chevrolet, 190,
31. (19) David Gilliland, Ford, 189,$15,570.
32. (43) Ron Young, Chevrolet, 189, $15,535.
33. (14) Todd Kluever, Ford, 164, accident,
34. (36) Tony Raines, Chevrolet, 152, acci-
dent, $18,965.
35. (22) Steve Wallace, Dodge, 139, acci-
dent, $15,435.
36.(1 I)Jon Wood, Ford, 139, accident, $20,620.
37. (42) Eric McClure. Chevrolet, 107, rear
e*nd, $15,365.
38. (31) Kyle Krisiloff, Ford, 80, accident,
39. (30) Reed Sorenson, Dodge, 63, acci-
dent, $13,260.
40. (39) Greg Biffle, Ford, 63, engine,
41. (27) Jason Leffler, Toyota, 62, accident,
42. (17),Bobby Labonte, Chevrolet, 33,
engine, $13,100.
43. (23) Michael Waltrip, Toyota, 16, acci-
dent, $20,245.


NHL games

Saturday's Games
Carolina 7, New Jersey 2
Montreal 3,Toronto 2, SO
Ottawa 3, Philadelphia 2
N.Y. Rangers 7, Boston 0
Florida 8, N.Y. Islanders 5
St. Louis 3, Edmonton 2, OT
Nashville 3, Dallas 2
Minnesota at Calgary (n)
Colorado at Phoenix (n)
Detroit atVancouver (n)
Columbus at Los Angeles (n)
Today's Games
Tampa Bay at Washington, I p.m.
Buffalo at Atlanta, 2 p.m.
Ottawa at Pittsburgh, 7:30 p.m.
Los Angeles at Anaheim, 8 p.m.
San Jose at Colorado, 8 p.m.
Phoenix at Dallas, 8 p.m.

41 Jag
1 Dabbling duck Stoi
5 Happy sighs 43 Gyp
8 Poodle's doc 44 Son
11 Predatory 46 All
dolphin 49 Boc
12 Wood strip 50 Big
14 Roll-call vote 52 A fe
15 Kauai neighbor 54 Win
16 Joy ailrr
17 Harass 55 Mas
18 Lebanon prin
neighbor 56 Lan
20 Spiteful one 57 Doc
22 Before, pay
to bards 58 Prei
23 Gargantuan - Z
24 Popular lily 59 Min
27 Marshal's
badge E
29 MacGraw of
films 1 Als(
30 Not that tough 2 Hist
34 Lowered the peri
exchange rate 3 "-
37 Uncles and Hea
brothers 4 Vict
38 Curved bones 5 Pon

'Wolves fall again

From staff reports


Lake City Community
College baseball dropped its
second one-run game to
Seminole Community College
in as many days. The Raiders
beat the Timberwolves, 4-3, in
Sanford on Saturday.
"What started out to be a
good week stinks right now,"
coach Tom Clark said. "We
can't blame the bullpen this
time. We did not do the job at
the plate the last two days."
Lake City scored one run
in the first inning and
Seminole tied it in the third.
The Raiders put up a
three-spot in the fourth
inning and Lake City
answered with two runs in
the fifth, but that was it.
Brandon Davis (3-1) was
tagged with the loss. He gave
up seven hits and three
earned runs with two walks
and one strikeout in 3%2/
Gary Kott relieved with
two runners on base in the
fourth inning and got out with
no further damage. He
pitched 3'/a shutout innings
with two hits, two walks and
five strikeouts. Matt Small
struck out the side in the
eighth inning.
In. the first inning, Sam

Unscramble these four Jumbles,
one letter to each square,
to form four ordinary words.




:j [*

Testa singled and went to
third on a throwing error.
Greg Blake singled him
home and Jovan Rosa added a
single for first-and-third with
no outs, but the 'Wolves
couldn't capitalize.
In the fifth inning, Chris
Jones sin-
.gled and
Testa dou-
i bled him
walked and
J Rosa sin-
Rosa gled in
Stephen Carr (fourth
inning) and Mario Williams
(ninth inning) had doubles
and Jones added a second hit
in the eighth.
Rosa was named a presea-
son All-American by the
NJCAA in a publication
released last week. He has
signed with N.C. State for
next season.
He was named FCCAA
Player of the Week for the
previous week when he bat-
ted .600 (12-for-20) with two
doubles, one triple, one home
run, two stolen bases and 10
Lake City (27-11-1, 4-4
conference) plays at FCCJ at
3 p.m. Monday.

by Henri Arnold and Mike Argirion

Now arrange the circled letters
to form the surprise answer, as
suggested by the above cartoon.


(Answers tomorrow)
Saturday's Answer: The tall building was saved from demolition
because it had a - "STORIED" PAST

er fn thk Answer to Previous Puzzle

�sy man
ne singers
>m times
ew thou
d parcel


orical 6 Sutton of golf
ods 7 Quell
-Breaky 8 Contending
rt" 9 Spooky
or's wreath 10 Walk
d scum off with

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series from Quill Driver. Call 800-605-7176.


13 Bray
19 Rollover subj.
21 Mystique
24 Boor
25 Yeasty brew
26 54 to Flavius
27 Ewes and
28 Sen. Kennedy
30 Young grizzly
31 Pricey car
32 Tommy
- Jones
33 Result
35 Parts of ovals
36 Quite
39 Came in first
40 Timex rivals
41 Kind of sugar
42 Newsstand
43 A Beatle
44 Devotee
45 Yul's film
47 Bushel part
48 Garr of "Mr.
51 Stop--
53 Adjust
a watch

� 2007 by NEA, Inc




Page Editor: Tim Kirby, 754-0421

Page Editor: Chris White, 754-0420 LAKE CITY REPORTER SPORTS SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2007

Taylor emerges with lead

on a wild day at Bay Hill

Associated Press

ORLANDO - Vaughn
Taylor was losing ground and
trying not to lose his temper
when he saw a leaderboard on
the sixth tee that showed him
seven shots behind Saturday
in the Arnold Palmer
Imagine his surprise when
he walked off the 18th with a
hard-earned par and a
two-shot lead.
On a wild day of shifting
weather and changing
fortunes, Taylor shot a
3-under 67 to seize control
and set himself up for a
chance to. win a tournament
where all the stars have come
out to play.
The tough part is that most
of them are still in the mix.
Ben Curtis, the former
British Open who usually
wins whenever he gets near
the lead, had a 69 and will play
with Taylor in the final group
Sunday. Vijay Singh (67) was
another shot back along with
Tom Lehman (69), the former
Ryder Cup captain who
benched Taylor the first'day
of matches and now has to try
to chase him down.
Fifteen players were within
five shots of the lead, a group
that includes Tiger Woods.
As badly as he played
Friday, Woods figured he had
no business being in
contention. As well as he hit
the ball Saturday, he figured
there was . no way he
shouldn't have been around
the lead. He had to settle for
16 pars and a 70, leaving him
five shots back and facing
odds of having never won at
Arnie's place when he wasn't
in the lead.
Taylor was at 8-under 202
and will have to overcome two
glaring statistics. He ranks
166th on the PGA Tour in
final-round scoring average,
and his only two victories
came at the Reno-Tahoe

Vaughn Taylor watches as his tee shot sails behind some trees on
the eighth hole during the second round of the Arnold Palmer
Invitational in Orlando on Friday.

Open, the same week the top
players were gathered at
Firestone for a World Golf
"I've just got to play like I've
been playing the last few days,
and hope things go my way,"
Taylor said.
Early in the round, it looked
as if it would be a two-man
race between Rocco Mediate
and Paul Casey, who both
reached 10 under. But as the
weather shifted from chilly to
mild and from gusts to a
breeze, they went the
opposite direction.
Mediate, who had a
three-shot lead at the start of
the third round, birdied the
first and final hole and made a
mess of it in between on his
way to a 76. Casey made
seven bogeys on the back
nine and shot 73.

Singh, a three-time
runner-up at Bay Hill, will be
paired with the 48-year-old
Lehman, who hasn't won on
tour in seven years.
The group at 4-under 206
included Trevor Immelman
(70), Sergio Garcia (71),
former PGA champion Shaun
Micheel (71) and Jerry Kelly
(70), who needs a victory to
have any chance of getting
into the World Golf
Championship next week at
Among those at 207 with
Woods were two-time U.S.
Open champion Retief
Goosen and Players champion
Stephen Ames.
It looked as though the
leaders caught a break by
teeing off in the afternoon -
it usually works the other way
around - because of the.

chilly, blustery conditions that
made Bay Hill a brute.
Mediate made one of only
two birdies at the opening
hole to reach 10 under, and it
turned into a two-man race
when Casey fired off four
birdies in a five-hole stretch to
reach 10 under.
By the end of the day,
neither was anywhere near
the top of the leaderboard.
Mediate and Casey were
seven shots clear of Taylor
early in their round, but
everything changed as
quickly as the weather.
Casey chopped his way
through the rough on the
par-5 12th to begin his string
of five consecutive bogeys
when his swing failed him.
Mediate didn't make another
birdie after No. 1. A two-shot
swing cost him the lead at the
par-5 sixth, and a double
bogey on the 14th continued
his spiral.
Singh matched Taylor with
the best round of the day at 67
and had no idea how close
that would leave him from the
"Depending on the
leaders," Singh said. "If they
don't go crazy on the back
nine, I think I have a shot
They went crazy, all right.
And he does have a shot
tomorrow in the tournament
where he has been runner-up
three times.
Then again, just about
everyone does.
That includes Woods, who
showed a major improvement
hitting the ball, but struggled
once he got to the greens. He
said poor posture caused him
to miss so badly, a mistake
that caddie Steve Williams
finally detected on the 16th
"I had a chance to shoot 3
or 4 under, and I just didn't do
it," Woods said.
He still has a chance on
Sunday, along with a host of

Seminoles advance at Fresno Regional

Associated Press

STANFORD, Calif. -
Florida State took care of one
tradition-rich program and
might have an even bigger
task ahead in the next round.
Britany Miller scored 20
points and the Seminoles shot
58 percent to beat Old
Dominion 85-75 in a physical
first-round game of the
Fresno Regional on Saturday.
Tenth-seeded Florida State
(23-9), making a third straight
tournament trip for the first
time in school history and sev-
enth appearance overall waited
to see if second-seeded Stanford
beat Big Sky champion Idaho
State to set up a rematch of last
year's second-round matchup
won 88-70 by the Pac-10
champion Cardinal.
Tanae Davis-Cain and Alicia
Gladden each scored 11 points
in the first 13 minutes, with
Davis-Cain knocking down
three 3-pointers during that
span and Gladden making all
five of her first-half shots. Davis-
Cain finished with 24 points,
Gladden added 18 points, six
assists and two steals and Mara
Freshour had 12 points and six
assists. Florida State converted
11 of 12 free throws over the
final 3:10.
"I was surprised we were
shooting the ball that well
early," Florida State coach Sue
Semrau said. "We didn't
expect that to continue in the
second half and we knew we'd
have to rebound. That was the
difference in the ballgame,

Florida State guard Alysha Harvin (right) and Old Dominion forward
Tamara Ransberg battle for a loose ball in the West Regional of the
NCAA women's basketball tournament on Saturday.

being able to keep them off
the boards."
Tiffany Green had 17 points
and seven rebounds as
seventh-seeded Old Dominion
(24-9) had its 12-game
winning streak snapped and
lost in the first round for the
fifth straight March since
advancing to the regional
finals in 2002. The Lady
Monarchs lost for only the
second time since a 75-59 loss
to Tennessee on Dec. 22.

Shahida Williams added 16
points and six rebounds.
Miller shot 10-for-13,
scored six straight during one
stretch, pulled down six
rebounds and blocked two
shots for the Seminoles, who
didn't allow Old Dominion to
get closer than four points
down the stretch. Sherida
Triggs converted two free
throws with 5:21 to play to pull
Old Dominion within 69-65,
but the Lady Monarchs

missed two shots befieath the
basket the next time down.
"In the two possessions that
followed that, we turned the ball
over unforced," Old Dominion
coach Wendy Larry said. "We
call those ying-yangs."
Old Dominion used a 13-4
run over the final 4:33 of the
first half, getting five points
from Williams, to pull within
40-39 at the break in a
matchup that allowed both
teams to showcase their
strong defenses and make
open shots tough to come by.
Gladden - a senior whose
two steals helped her
establish a school record with
270 - praised Davis-Cain for
her defense on Old Dominion
leading scorer .T.J. Jordan,
held to 13 points and 1-for-8
shooting on 3s.
"Credit T.D. We watched a
lot of film on her, and T.D. did
a good job keeping her from
doing what she wanted to do,"
Gladden said.
The Lady Monarchs, the
school from Norfolk, Va., that
won the Colonial Athletic
Association title to reach their
16th straight NCAA
tournament and 24th overall,
shot 1-for-13 from 3-point
range and made too many
mistakes in crunch time such
as silly turnovers and missed
free throws.
Florida State, which posted
a third straight 20-win season
for the first time in school
history, hit 13 of its first 20
field-goal tries and forced six
turnovers in the first
10 minutes.

RODEO: Payne corrals steers, mustang atop trailer
Continued From Page 1B

ROUNDUP. CHS lifters 3rd
Continued From Page 1B

8-3, at No. 1 and Hayden and
Rachel Crane led Bellville
and Ward, 6-5, at No. 2 when
the match was suspended.
The boys got in their
singles matches and
Columbia won three, all by
scores of 8-3. Tyler Neal beat
Micah Crawford at No. 1,
Zach Waters beat Dylan
Gerard at No. 2 and Chance
Snowden beat Spencer
Gerard at No. 5. Pete King
lost, 8-6, to Lou Boyette at
No. 3 and Vincent Beets
lost, 9-7, to Matt David at
No. 4.
In doubles, No. 1 Neal and
Waters were leading
Crawford and Jason Roberts,
7-4, and No. 2 King and Beets
were trailing Dylan Gerard
and Boyette, 6-1, when the
rain came.
The Lady Tigers (3-6) play
at Gainesville High at 3:30
p.m. Monday, and
Columbia's boys (4-6) make
the same trip on Tuesday.

Columbia weightlifting
The Tigers lifted at Baker
County, along with

Suwannee -High and Nease
High on Thursday. The host
team won, with Nease in
second, CHS in third and
Suwannee in fourth.
Columbia came in 1-2 in
the heavyweight class.
Sampson Genus won with a
425 bench press and 300
clean and jerk for a 725 total.
Rene Perry came in second
with 355-315-670.
Jon Jenkins had the only
other win for CHS with
215-185-400 in the 129 weight
Marquis Davis was second
at 238 with 330-305-635.
Willie Collins was fourth in
the same weight class with
At 219, Brady Dicks was
third with 330-250-580 and
Justin Van Etta was fourth
with 335-235-570.
Josh Ledogar was fourth at
119 with 155-125-280.
Charnavis Queen was fifth at
183 with 270-220-490. Caleb
Carmichael was fifth at 154
with 240-235-475.
Columbia lifts in a
sectional at Palatka High at
4 p.m. Wednesday.

NASCAR: Busch unhappy

Continued From Page 1B
Burton, who earned his 24th
Busch win. "We thought we
might have something for
him there for a while, but he
was just too fast. He was in
another league."
Busch was bitterly
disappointed again.

"All in all, it's just a frustrat-
ing, disappointing day," the
21-year-old racer said. "It's so
hard to win one of these
things and, when you have a
car that's so good and you
can't capitalize, you're ready
to go home and just cry.

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to keep the event rolling
smoothly, it was all fun for
Payne, as he prepared for his
act - corralling four steers
onto the top of his trailer,
following them up on his

mustang and then tipping his
hat while standing on the
Payne, who was once
electrocuted with 7,200 volts
and lay lead for five minutes

all in the line of duty, summed
up his act as just being part of
the rodeo lifestyle.
"I travel around and get paid
to do what I love to do," he
said. "I get to travel the pro cir-

cuit and just come out to the
rodeo every night. How can
you beat that?"
The rodeo begins at 2 p.m.
today, and tickets are $13 at
the door


Page Editor: Chris White, 754-0420


Confident Purdue ready to grapple with top-seeded Gators

Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS - Purdue for-
ward Carl Landry was so confident
about his team's matchup against
top-seeded Florida that he made a
bold prediction Saturday.
"If a few possessions go our way
and the ball's going down, Florida
has no chance," said Landry, the
team's leading scorer. "That's just
how the ball rolls sometimes. I think
any team is capable of beating any
team in this tournament."
Maybe so. But Landry's statement
caused two teammates to nearly
start laughing and prompted coach
Matt Painter to immediately try to do
damage control.
"Please erase anything Carl Landry
said in the transcript," Painter said.
Painter was much more contrite
about the ninth-seeded Boilermakers'
chances against the Gators (30-5)
in the second round of the NCAA
tournament Sunday.
"It's really no secret. You have to
be special if you're going to beat
them," Painter said. "You cannot be
good against them and expect to
beat them. You have to be special."
Painter acknowledged his team's
main coricern against Florida was
being able to rebound with a consid-

erable size disadvantage. The
Boile: makers (22-11) play eight reg-
ulars, and none of them is taller than
6-foot-7 - meaning Joakim Noah
and Al Horford will have at least 3
inches on their opponents.
To compensate, Painter said his
team needed to "shoot at a magic level."
The Gators dominated Jackson
State down low in the opening round
of the Midwest Regional, finishing
with 62 rebounds and held an NCAA
record plus-43 advantage on the
boards. Florida started slow and
missed numerous open shots in the
first 20 minutes, but the Gators
responded with a school-record 71
points after the break and pulled
away for a 112-69 victory.
Purdue guard Chris Kramer tried
to explain what it would take to beat
the defending national champions,
who have won 13 consecutive post-
season games. But he ended up giv-
ing an accurate description of what
makes Florida so good - balanced
scoring and the ability to win games
in a variety of different ways.
"You have to find Taurean Green
and make him go to the baseline, you
have to find Corey Brewer and not
allow him to be attacking, a slasher,"
Kramer said. "You have to find Lee
Humphrey so he's not wide open for
a 3. And you have to find Al Horford

(From left) Florida's Taurean Green; Corey Brewer; Al Horford; Joakim Noah;
Walter Hodge and Chris Richardcelebrate their victory over Jackson State in the
first round of the NCAA Midwest Regional basketball tournament in New Orleans,
Friday. Florida won, 112-69.

and Joakim Noah and keep them from
ducking in and turning around and
getting easy hook shots."
Oh, is that all?
The' Boilermakers were 5-7 this
season against teams that made the
NCAA tournament and 2-6 against
ranked opponents. That included
three losses against No. 1 seed Ohio

State and one against second-seeded
'We've kind of grown accustomed
to being the underdog," guard David
Teague said. "It takes the pressure
off of us and allows us to play loose,
play relaxed and play our type of bas-
ketball and try to go out and prove
everybody wrong. We know we're

not favored to win and not picked to
do much.
"But if you don't believe in your-
self, nobody else will. We're very
aware that a lot of people are count-
ing us out. But nobody gave us a
chance to get this far and to get to
this point. That's what the games
are for."
Still, Teague and Kramer found
themselves nearly cracking up when
Landry said, "No doubt about it, I
really do think Purdue has a great
shot of beating Florida."
Kramer just shook his head as
Landry spoke.
"It is kind of a bold statement, but
if we come out and we keep on play-
ing the way we've been playing and
play defense and if we're all shooting
the ball very well, who knows what's
going to happen," Kramer said.
Florida's Humphrey said he
expected Purdue to be confident.
"I remember last year when we were
underdogs, we always thought we
could win," Humphrey said. "I'm sure
they have confidence in their team."
The ' Boilermakers played well in
the opening round against Arizona,
winning mostly because of 19 offen-
sive rebounds, 12 steals and just
eight turnovers.
But beating Florida would be a
considerably bigger achievement.

Michigan State's Marquise Gray (left) and North Carolina's Quentin Thomas scramble for a loose ball during an NCAA second-round East
Regional basketball game at Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, N.C., Saturday.

Tar Heels hold off upset-minded Spartans

Associated Press

- Tyler Hansbrough tossed
away the mask protecting his
broken nose and busted up
Michigan State.
Top-seeded North Carolina
sure did need its big man to,
fend off the Spartans.
The sophomore finished
with 33 points and nine
rebounds and Reyshawn
Terry knocked down several
key baskets down the stretch
to help the Tar Heels hold off,
Michigan State 81-67 Saturday
night in the East Regional.
North Carolina .is in the
round of 16 for the second
time in three seasons, and will
face the winner of Sunday's
Texas-Southern . California
game next' week in East
Rutherford, NJ.

Ohio State 78, Xavier 71
State thought Greg Oden was
its best shot at a national
championship. Turns out it
was Ron Lewis, and in the
nick of time.
Lewis hit a long-range 3-point-
er with two seconds left to force
overtime, and the top-seeded
Buckeyes rallied from a late 11-
point deficit to beat Xavier 78-71

Saturday in a second-round
South Regional game.
Ohio State trailed 55-44
with 7'/2 minutes left, and was
still down 59-50 with 3:49 left.
When Oden fouled out with a
har4 shove after the Buckeyes
kept missing in the last 10 sec-
onds, they looked lost.
Xavier (25-9) then made of
one of two foul shots for a
62-59 lead, giving Ohio State
its last chance. Lewis came
down and, with two defenders
flying at him, swished the
tying 3-pointer.

Texas A&M 72,
Louisville 69
LEXINGTON, Ky. - A hos-
� tile crowd. A big shot. A sea-
son on the line.
All in a day's work for Acie
The Texas A&M point
guard whose cool demeanor
earned him the nickname
"Captain Clutch," did it again.
Law took over late and led the
Aggies past Louisville.
The third-seeded Aggies
(27-6) reached the round of 16
for the first time in 27 years,
surviving a raucous Rupp
Arena crowd to face the win-
ner of Nevada and Memphis.
Rick Pitino's Cardinals had
their chances, too. Especially
Edgar Sosa.

Sosa scored 31 points but,.
after going 15-for-15 from the
foul line, missed two free
throws with 30 seconds left and
Louisville trailing by a point.

Pittsburgh 84,
VCU 79, OT

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Eric
Maynor and his Virginia
Commonwealth teammates
spent all of their energy forcing
overtime. Levance Fields and
Pittsburgh took over from there.
Fields atoned for two missed
free throws at the end of the
regulation and Pitt recovered
after blowing a 19-point lead.
Maynor, who hit the game-
winning shot to beat Duke in
the first round, led a come-
back from a 51-32 deficit.
Fields made a clutch 3-pointer
in overtime and Ronald
Ramon scored five points in
the extra session.
Third-seeded Pitt (29-7),
which has never won more than
two games in an NCAA tourna-
ment, will make its fourth
appearance in school history in
the round of 16 and play the
winner of UCLA-Indiana.
Jesse Pellot-Rosa had 20
points, all in the second half,
and B.A. Walker also had 20
for the 11th-seeded Rams

(28-7). Maynor finished with
14 points, eight assists and
three steals.

Butler 62, Maryland 59
BUFFALO, N.Y. - Butler
can shed the mid-major label.
A.J. Graves and company
proved the Bulldogs can play
with anyone - including
Graves scored 19 points,
including a clutch 3-point bas-
ket with 2:09 remaining to lift
the Bulldogs over Maryland.
Butler (29-6), the No. 5 seed
in the Midwest Regional,
advances to the round of 16 for
the second time in school his-
tory. The Bulldogs did it previ-
ously in their last tournament
appearance in 2003. They'll
face either Florida or Purdue.
Maryland (25-9), making its
first tournament appearance
since 2004, has not advanced
past the second round since
2003. The Terps were undone
by an aggressive and smaller
team, which kept their offense
out of rhythm.
Brandon Crone scored with
three minutes -left to put the
Bulldogs ahead 58-56. Then,
after Maryland's Ekene Ibekwe
missed a 6-footer, Graves hit a
3-pointer from the left corner to
all but seal the victory.


Hoyas keep rolling

Associated Press

- In the heart of Atlantic
Coast Conference country,
Georgetown and Boston
College got together for some
old-fashioned, bruising Big
East basketball.
With 7-foot-2 Roy Hibbert
and Jeff Green clogging the
middle, the Hoyas took anoth-
er step toward their return to
the top of college basketball at
the expense of a former con-
ference rival.
With most the North
Carolina crowd rooting for the
Eagles, who bolted the Big
East for the ACC two years
ago, the Hoyas pulled away
late by dominating the inside.
Hibbert scored 15 of his 17
points in the second half and
added 12 rebounds, and lead-
ing scorer Green overca -ie a
poor shooting night to convert
two three-point plays in the
final two minutes as coach
John Thompson III and the
Hoyas (28-6) advanced to the
round of 16 for the second
straight year.
Second-seeded Georgetown,
which had missed the tourna-
ment for four straight years
until last season, will play
Vanderbilt on Friday at East
Rutherford, NJ.
Tyrese Rice scored 22
points and Jared Dudley
added 19 points and eight
rebounds for the seventh-
seeded Eagles (21-12), who
blew an eight-point lead and
were eliminated from the
NCAA tournament by a Big
East school for the second
straight year.

Vanderbilt 78,
Washington State 74, 20T
Vanderbilt and Washington
State didn't have much NCAA

Vanderbilt's Derrick Byars (left)
and Ross Neltner, leap into the
air in celebration after defeating
Washinton State 78-74 in
double overtime Saturday.
tournament experience, yet
neither club showed it in a
double-overtime thriller.
And Derrick Byars made
sure the Commodores will
get a little more time in the
Byars scored 27 points,
Shan Foster added 20 and
Vanderbilt took control in the
second overtime.
Byars hit. five 3-pointers,
and center Ted Skuchas
opened the second OT with
his first five points of the game
for sixth-seeded Vanderbilt
(22-11), which is headed to
the round of 16 for the first
time since 2004 - and just the
fourth time in 20 seasons.
Derrick Low scored 20
points for the third-seeded
Cougars (26-8), whose
remarkable turnaround sea-
son ended in a game filled
with outstanding defense and
gutsy shots - but rookie
coach Tony Bennett's team
couldn't get one last break.


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Todd Wilson
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is not



Every wall is a door
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So many
believe that bigger
is better. In fact,
when I did a web
search for "bigger is better"
I had 50,000 different sites
pop up. However, from my
experience, bigger is not
always better.
Lately, numerous clients
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One case was a
BIGGER continued on 3C

Mason lays it on the line

and cements a victory

Ray Robinson captures
national brick-laying
troberts@lakecityreporter. corn
For more than 20 years, Lake
City resident Ray Robinson has
worked to improve his masonry
skills. In late February, he was able
to put those skills to the test and
walk away as a national champion.
Robinson won first place and
became the national champion in
Masonry Contractor's Association
of America's brick laying
competition on Feb. 24 in Orlando.
Robinson was awarded a glass
trophy for his accomplishment and
a check for $7,000.
"It's not something
you just throw up
there. It has to be
quality work."
- Ray Robinson,
Local mason and national
brick-laying champion

Robinson began working as a
mason at the age of 13, realized he
liked it and moved into the field
full-time when he turned 16.
"For 27 years, this is what I've
been doing," he said.
He said he originally got into the
construction business because
many of his family members are
also construction-oriented.
For more than three years,

TROY ROBERTS/Lake City Reporter
Ray Robinson won the national title for the Masonry Contractors Association of America in February. The event took place
in Orlando, where he stacked more than 100 bricks in 20 minutes and beat out 10 others to take home the title.

Robinson has worked with Jim
Allen and JAM. Construction of
Gainesville. He serves the company
as a foreman mason. In addition to
laying bricks, Robinson also
oversees a crew.
Last October, Robinson was

asked to compete in a state brick
laying tournament at the University
of Florida. While he had never
competed in a brick laying
competition before, he placed
fourth and gained experience for
future events.

When the Orlando competition
was announced, Robinson decided
to give competition another try and
entered the national contest.
With the competition on a

MASON continued on 3C

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MLS#57262. Ask for Lori Giebeig Simpson @ 386-752-2874.
One acre with well and septic (recently used but not warranted). Nice trees and lawn. Just a few feet from paved Lake Jeffery Road.
Convenient to Lake City, Wellborn and Live Oak. Priced @ $31,000. MLS#57564. Call! Rosalie Marks 386-365-2479.
Nice, pretty, country, wooded lot in the country. Not far from the Ga. line. Also there is another 2 acre lot MOL that backs up to this
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Beautiful 1/2 acre lots in new development, Crosswinds Subdivision. Great location, priced to sell at $49,900. MLS#53232. Ask for
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Beautiful Brick Home! 3BR/2BA & study in a Great
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e.g. * .5 ...

Top Quality Isaac Home on Corner Lot in Great
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Section C

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- P. T, Syracuse, N Y
A Nope. Do a little digging
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pany and ask), and you'll learn that
Pottery Barn is part of Williams-
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symbol WSM. Many companies are
divisions of other companies. Gap,
for example, owns the Gap, Banana
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and Piperlime names. T.J. Maxx
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Restaurants. Berkshire Hathaway
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among many other companies.

Q What are "trading curbs"? -
W.S.P, via e-mail
A They were imposed just a few
weeks ago, vv hen the Dow
swooned b\ some 400 points. Pro-
gram trading curbs %were instuted
bN the Ne%\ York Stock Exchange
(NYSE) after the crash of 1987 to
temporarily\ restrict all or some trad-
ing during periods of volatlity.
Program trading %\as blamed, .at
least in part. for the crash of 19S7.
According to pro-
gram trading is "computerized trad-
ing used primanrl b institutional
in estors urpically Ior large-volume
trades. ... Program trades are usually
executed if index prices sink or rise to
a certain level. This tends to create
ery volatile situations'
NMore powerful are "circuit
breakers." \which halt trading on
the NYSE entire. for an hour,
two hours or the rest of the day
%whenever the Dow\ Jones industrial
average drops, respectively, b% 10
percent. 20 percent or 30 percent.

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SThe Motley FooF

1 To Educate, Amuse & Enrich

Quality Assurance
Financial statements can help you
evaluate the quality of a company's
management. In its annual report or
latest earnings report, look at the
balance sheet. Is there more
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Many companies carry a
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others borrow more than
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Invest in companies only after you
make sure their highly compensated
executives are earning their keep.

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Name That Company
- . My brands include Ambi Pur, Ball
Park, Douwe Egberts, Hillshire Farm,
T -,..y Jimmy Dean, Kiwi, Sanex and Senseo.
Er Based in Chicago, I generate 43 percent
-JR-1 of my sales internationally (where one key
' product is Bimbo bread). In the past, I've
been known as Consolidated Foods and
have owned Piggly Wiggly supermarkets,
among other businesses. I recently decided to
focus on food, beverages and household and body
care products, so I spun off some businesses, such
as Hanesbrands, featuring the L'eggs, Champion,
Playtex and Bali names. At photo sessions, I smile
and say "cheesecake." Who am I?
Ku..i tile a-ih, . r? Send it to us with Foolish Trivia on the top and
'iei /1/ & caterd into a drawing for a nifty prize!

I DumbestI investment

Do Your Homework
Back in the late 1990s, my
brother's broker recommended a
little company called Qualcomm. I
decided instead to invest in a small
company called Computer Ware-
house, which I felt was pretty good,
based on my limited research (I was
still a bit green on invest-
ing then). Needless to say,
over the next year, Qual-
comm went from about
$14 to something like
$400 or $500, and Computer Ware-
house went bankrupt. I learned a
great deal from this situation about
digging deeper into a company and
getting to know the business. I can't
say I would have bought Qual-
comm, but I sure wish I had, as my
measly $900 would have become
about $39,000 in 10 months, which
would have been a tax problem I
could have lived with. Whatever
you do, do your homework. -
Jason Humble, Beaverton, Ore.
The Fool Responds: Like many
other companies, Qualcomm took a
big dive in the early 2000s. Those
doing their homework might have
bailed out before the crash, though,
sensing that it was overvalued.
SDo you have an embarrass-
ing lesson learned the hard
way? Boil it down to 100
words (or less) and send it
to The Motley Fool clo My Dumbest
Investment. Got one that worked? Sub-
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In Elizabethan days, Fools were the only
people who could get away with telling
the truth to the King or Queen.
The Motley Fool tells the truth about
investing, and hopes you'll laugh all
the way to the bank.

Diageo Profits
Looking for an attractively valued
stock featuring decent sales and
profit growth buttressed by a fat
dividend and a generous share
repurchase program? Consider Dia-
geo (NYSE: DEO), the world's
largest supplier of premium liquors,
with nine of the world's top 20
brands, such as Smimoff, Johnnie
Walker, Tanqueray, Captain Mor-
gan, Jose Cuervo, J&B Scotch and
Bailey's Original Irish Cream.
Increased sales to emerging markets
are helping the company grow, while
operations in more mature
markets should continue to
generate significant amounts
of free cash flow that can be
used to increase dividend
payouts and fund share buybacks.
Diageo currently derives less than
3,0 percent of its revenue from the
rapidly growing markets of Asia,
Latin America, Africa and the
Middle East. As the middle-class
consumer base in these markets
increases - China, for example, is
expected to have a middle-class
population of 520 million by 2025
- so will Diageo's sales and profits.
In fiscal 2006, Diageo generated
free cash flow of $2.5 billion and
returned more than $4.3 billion to
shareholders through dividend pay-
outs and share buybacks. Manage-
ment intends to repurchase roughly
$2.6 billion worth of shares this
year (nearly 5 percent of shares out-
standing at current prices), and the
dividend payout ratio is likely to
increase by at least 5 percent - not
that the current yield of 3.6 percent
is anything to sneeze at.

I was created in 1996 when two Swiss chemical/life sciences giants, Ciba-Geigy and
Sandoz, agreed to merge. (The companies traced their origins back to the 1700s and
1800s.) I employ roughly 100,000 people and spend more than $5 billion annually on
research and development. I develop pharmaceutical drugs (such as Diovan, Lotrel and
Lamisil), vaccines and animal health products. My consumer brands include Gerber
baby food and products, Ex-Lax, Maalox, Gas X, Theraflu, Triaminic, Bufferin, Excedrin
and No-Doz. My CIBA Vision unit offers more contact lens options than any other
manufacturer in the world. Who am I? (Answer: Novartis)
SWrite to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or
Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries
to or via regular mail c/o'this newspaper, attn: The
Motley Fool. Sorry, we can't provide individual financial advice.

oe . se .o o .oo.o* *o*o **** 1*** 0 **0* 0* *0*0* * . * **0*a* * * *0** ***. .o .. **** *-0 .. ...0oo o o o**oo o*

Chairman disappointed

with New Orleans tourism

AP Business Writer
MIAMI - Carnival Corp.
chairman Micky Arison said
Friday he was disappointed
that New Orleans has not
recovered from Hurricane
Katrina as quickly as the
cruise company had hoped.
Carnival Cruise Lines has
delayed basing a second
cruise ship in the Port of New
Orleans because tourism has
been slow as the city recovers
from the devastating effects of
the 2005 hurricane.
The port, which currently
hosts a Carnival Cruise Lines
ship and two rival ships with
Caribbean itineraries, had
expected to see service
begin on the Carnival
Triumph in August. But a
port spokesman said last
month that service would be
delayed until at least April
"New Orleans has really,
clearly been a disappoint-
ment," Arison said in an
earnings conference call. "It
just hasn't recovered as
quickly as we had hoped."
Media reports have
focused on the parts of the
city that were hardest hit by
Katrina, "which are really

S the tourist
a rutse o
O n areas,
S A Arison said.
S; e"It seems
to inhibit
Arison going to
Orleans, which is really a
shame," Arison said.
The Gulf Coast and the
Florida source markets for
cruise passengers have been
slower than normal. Those
two markets help fuel the
market for three- and four-
day cruises, but the high cost
of living in Florida and
Katrina's lingering economic
effects on the Gulf Coast
have contributed to lower
bookings, the company said.
Carnival Corp., the world's
largest cruise operator, has
12 brands under its umbrella,
including Carnival Cruise
New Orleans was one of
the fastest-growing cruise
ports in the country before
Katrina, handling 700,000
passengers leaving and arriv-
ing in 2004, the last full year
prior to Katrina. The port has
built a third cruise terminal
that can handle two large
ships at once.

AlAke 'fo.,r P.I+*%%


Lawmakers pushing for

federal insurance backstop

AP Business Writer
ernment insurance backstop
for floods, hurricanes and
other natural disasters would
be created under a proposal
promoted Thursday by law-
makers. They said rising
insurance rates are forcing
many people to go without
homeowners' coverage.
The legislation would estab-
lish a national catastrophe
fund for property insurance
similar to the program set up

for terrorism insurance after
the Sept. 11 attacks.
A few insurers have
pressed for such a fund, as
have several Florida lawmak-
ers. They cite the skyrocket-
ing cost of home insurance for
many state residents, espe-
cially those on the coasts,
since the busy hurricane sea-
sons of 2004 and 2005.
After big losses from hurri-
canes, some companies have
dropped thousands of proper-
ty insurance customers in
Florida and other coastal


Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404



Page Editor: Jerry Speeder, 754-0424 LAKE CITY REPORTER BUSINESS & HOME SUNDAY, MARCH iS, 2007

. , - -


/. W
1 *-A.

I!, 1

Ray Robinson is seen here working at laying a line of bricks in Orlando in February where he was
named Best Mason in the Nation.

MASON: Wins a national championship

Continued From Page 1C
Saturday, Robinson and his
family traveled to Orlando the
day before to hear the rules
and regulations for the event.
He said the judges gave scores
based on quality and the visual
aesthetic of the wall contest-
ants would assemble. The
number of bricks laid also was
counted. A perfect score was
marked as 100 points during
the event.
"It's not something you just
throw up there," Robinson said.
"It has to be quality work."
The event began on a
Saturday morning with a 45-
minute course where each
competitor set a line of 18

bricks to build upon. With his
assistants Lynette Darby of
Interlachen and Wesley Lewis
of Gainesville, Robinson laid a
straight line of bricks and pre-
pared for the next challenge.
After the initial phase was
completed, Robinson and the
10 other competitors had a 20-
minute time period to lay down
as many bricks as possible.
After a whistle blew,
Robinson said they were given
a three-minute break before
returning for another three
minutes to repair any holes or
inconsistencies in their walls.
During .the 20-minute time
period, Robinson laid 104 blocks.

The 2006 champion laid 128.
But when the judging of the
quality of the work was fin-
ished, Robinson scored an
overall 81 points and was
named the national champion.
Even against 10 other peo-
ple, including past defending
champions, Robinson thought
his odds were pretty good.
"I thought I had a shot," he
With a national title under
his bellt, the prospect of more
competition has enticed
Robinson to the point that he
plans to Las Vegas at
some point in the future to
compete again.

AuthenTec ffies for IPO of up to $86.25M

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - AuthenTec Inc., a
Melbourne, Fla.-based company that makes
fingerprint-authentication sensors, Friday reg-
istered for an initial public offering of up to
$86.25 million in stock.
Details about the number of shares to be
offered and an estimated price range for the
IPO weren't disclosed in the filing with the
Securities and Exchange Commission. Some

of the shares will be sold by shareholders, the
filing said.
The company said it will use net proceeds
from the IPO for general corporate purposes,
which may include working capital, and to hire
people in sales and marketing and research
and development.
The company plans to list on the Nasdaq
Global Market under the symbol "AUTH."
Authentec's sensors, are used in cell phones,
computers and other gadgets.

BIGGER: Is hot always the best solution

Continued From Page 1C
restaurant that thought it could
improve profitability by opening
a second store. A second,exam-
ple was a firm in the automotive
industry that thought it could
improve profitability by adding
an additional store as well. In
both of these cases the lack of
profitability of these entrepre-
neurs encouraged them to open
a second location. Because of
These decisions, these firms
were in serious financial straits.
Becoming bigger without
initial profitability is a recipe
for disaster. I encourage
entrepreneurs to insure that
they have intrinsic profitability,
management skills and
trained employees before they
consider expanding.
Going from one business to
two businesses, is pretty analo-
gous to going from having one
child to two. Adding new
locations, employees, etc, is like
increasing the difficulty of run-
ning one business by a factor of
5. You have to spend time in

both locations and drive
between the stores. Additionally,
you need to have great employ-
ees to take over the leadership of
your second location.
Many entrepreneurs are
good managers of one location
where they can observe what
is going on around them.
However, going to a second
location is frequently a large
challenge as this is so much
loss of control.
With both of the troubled
firms above, I was able to get
them to shrink the business to
one location and then to focus
on profitability. Growth is not
bad; however, growth without
initial profitability is not good.'
Another entrepreneur just
expanded the size of her busi-
ness and while she is making
more money, she would give
her right eye to go back to a
small size with so many less
problems. In this case, she
went from 15 employees to 50
employees and the complexity

of managing all of these
employees made her feel like
she had lost control of her
business and is now consider-
ing selling her business.
If you want to improve your
profitability, first focus on your
existing business before you
consider adding locations or
increasing the size of your
business. Being bigger, is not
always better.
* FSU Finance Professor
Dr. Jerry Osteryoung is
Executive Director of the Jim
Moran Institute for Global
Entrepreneurship at Florida
State University's College of

PLAN 358

2,7 sIt

Shands Lake Shore unveils its own

Safe Haven for Newborns program

From staff reports

Shands Lake Shore's staff is
working to save more unwant-
ed newborns by raising aware-
ness about the Safe Haven for
Newborns program. The pro-
gram is based on a 2000 Florida
law that allows parents to leave
unharmed babies who are
about three days old or less at
Safe Haven facilities with no
questions asked.
In Florida, Safe Haven facil-
ities include all hospitals,
fire/rescue stations and emer-
gency medical service sta-
tions. Columbia County offers
many locations, but Shands
Lake Shore is the only one
with a Mother/Baby Unit.
The hospital recently posted
Safe Haven signs outside the
building. It also expanded the
number of employees trained
in the program to include any-

one who is involved in regis-
tering patients or works in the
Emergency Department and
all new employees.
"We are equipped to handle
the special needs that these
newborns often have," said
JoAnn Flegert, Mother/Baby
Unit case manager at Shands
Lake Shore. "From the clini-
cians who specialize in caring
for infants down to our baby
warming equipment, we are
prepared. We're dedicated to
ensuring these children get the
excellent care they deserve."
Flegert, who is a member of
the Shands Lake Shore team
that manages the hospital's
Safe Haven program, said
they are supporting a
statewide effort to educate
residents. Florida's law is
designed to reduce deaths
associated with abandoned
babies by allowing people to

leave unharmed newborns,
without the threat of prosecu-
tion. According to the Gloria
M. Silverio Foundation, a not-
for-profit organization that
promotes the Safe Haven pro-
gram, 59 babies were left at
Safe Haven facilities in Florida
between 2000-06.
Shands Lake Shore provid-
ed medical care for four of
these infants, who were later
adopted. During the same
time period, 33 newborns, 21
of whom died, were found
abandoned in Florida in
places that were not Safe
Haven facilities.
"This program offers a com-
passionate alternative for par-
ents who are unable or unwill-
ing to care for their newborn,"
Flegert said. "It not only
saves children's lives, it fulfills
the hopes of families waiting
to adopt."

Pet food maker announces huge recall

Associated Press

manufacturer of dog and cat
food sold under Wal-Mart,
Safeway, Kroger and other
store brands recalled 60 mil-
lion containers of wet pet food
Friday after reports of kidney
failure and deaths.
An unknown number of cats
and dogs suffered kidney fail-
ure and about 10 died after
eating the affected pet food,
Menu Foods said in announc-
ing the North American
recall. Product testing has not
revealed a link explaining the
reported cases of illness and

death, the company said.,
"At this juncture, we're not
100 percent sure what's hap-
pened," said Paul Henderson,
the company's president and
chief executive officer.
However, the recalled products
were made using wheat gluten
purchased from a new supplier,
since dropped for another
source, spokeswoman Sarah
Tuite said. Wheat gluten is a
source of protein.
The recall covers the com-
pany's "cuts and gravy" style
food, which consists of
chunks of meat in gravy, sold
in cans and small foil pouches
between Dec. 3 and March 6
throughout the U.S., Canada

and Mexico.
The pet food was sold by
stores operated by the Kroger
Company, Safeway Inc., Wal-
Mart Stores Inc. and
PetSmart Inc., among others,
Henderson said.
Menu Foods did not immedi-
ately provide a full list of brand
names and lot numbers cov-
ered by the recall, saying they
would be posted on its Web site
- early Saturday. Consumers
with questions can call
(866) 463-6738.
.Henderson said the recall
would cost the company
the Canadian equivalent of
$26 million to $34 million.

The Lake City Reporter


Peoples State Bank
) ) on their -March.7,2007 ( (
Si ribbon cutting ceremony for their
,/ ." new location at

- 3882 W. US Hwy 90, Lake City /

- - - - - - I . -

I, \
(I 4

An inviting kitchen is at the heart of this one-story South-
ern home. It features a built-in desk, a cook-top island,
and a serving bar. A handy wet bar stands between the
kitchen and a living room with a 12-foot ceiling and
arched openings on three sides. The dining room is raised

six inches, but completely open to the living room and foyer. For more de-
tails, log onto, or call 866-685-7526.

Phone 30 fixed 15 fixed 5/1 ARM FHA
Institution Phone rate / pts rate / pts rate I pts VA
AAA Mortgage (866) 441-3619 5.75/0.00 5.50/0.00 5.75/0.00 No Quote
Aapex Mortgage (877) 839-9829 6.25 / 0.00 6.00/0.00 No Quote No Quote
Absolute Mortgage Co. (888) 90-HOMES 5.75 /0.25 5.50/ 0.25 5.50 / 0.00 No Quote
Accountable Mortgage (800) 840-8771 5.88 / 0.00 5.63 /0.00 5.63 / 0.00 6.13/0.00
AmCap Funding Corp. (800) 289-6516 5.75 / 0.() 5.38/0.00 5.75 /0.00 No Quote
American Home Finance (888) 424-1940 6.00/0.00 5.75/0.00 5.88 / 0.00 No Quote
America's Best Mortgage (800) 713-8189 6.25/0.00 6.00/0.00 5.88/0.00 6.25/0.00
Borrowers Advantage Mtg. (888) 510-4151 5.88/0.00 5.63/0.00 5.75 /0.00 5.88/0.00
Bratich Mortgage (866) 494-3200 5.75 / 0.00 5.50 / 0.00 5.88 / 0.00 No Quote
Ist Metropolitan Mortgage (800) 548-5988 5.38 / 1.88 5.10 / 1.88 4.88 / 2.50 No Quote
Golden Rule Mortgage (800)991-9922 5.38 / 1.50 5.(X)0/ 1.50 5.25 / 1.(X) 5.50/ 1.00
Heidelberg Capital Corp. (800) 968-2240 5.75 / 0.00 5.38 / 0.00 5.50 / 0.00 No Quote
Magnolia Mortgage Corp. (8(00)392-6851 6.13 / 0.() 5.88/0.00 No Quote No Quote
Price Financial Services (800)401-9091 5.75 / 0.00 5.50/ 0.00 5.38/0.(00 5.88/0.00
Sovereign Mortgage (800) 996-7283 5.75 / 0.(X00 5.50 / 0.00 5.75/0.(X00 5.75/0.00
Rates provided by The National Financial News Services. Rates are valid as of March 13, 2007.
Rates are inclusive of all fees and are subject to change without notice. Call lender directly for APR's.
Lenders wishing to participate in this service, please call (610) 344-7380. For additional information
on mortgages, go to:

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Weekly Stock Exchange Highlights

,3 ,NYSE A mex Nasdaq
'8983.01 -111.98 2,098.32 +3.86 2,372.66 -14.89

Gainers ($2 or more)
Name Last Chg %Chg
DollarG 21.10 +4.32 +25.7
OMICp 26.26 +4.15 +18.8
HomeB pfA 22.15 +3.23 +17.1
SierraHS 41.32 +5.42 +15.1
CadbyS 48.00 +6.06 +14.4
Hyprcm 5.48 +.66 +13.7
Calgon If 7.65 +.90 +13.3
WstnRefin 36.52 +4.27 +13.2
ChmpE 9.48 +1.09 +13,0
NovaStar 5.90 +.66 +12.6

Losers ($2 or more)
Name Last Chg %Chg
SFeEnTr 22.36 -6.58 -22.7
SpectBrds 6.58 -1.63 -19.9
MS GlobI 8.71 -1.78 -17.0
AmOriBio 9.30 -1.84 -16.5
Navios wt 2.55 -.49 -16.1
TechOlyUS 6.99 -1.17 -14.3
Valhiwi 12.00 -2.00 -14.3
ExcelM 15.99 -2.55 -13.8
FriedBR 5.14 -.78 -13.2
AlescoFncl 8.58 -1.29 -13.1

Most Active (si or more)
Name Vol (00) Last Chg
CVS Cp 2178726 32.94 +.34
FordM 1940100 7.55 -.38
Pfizer 1928684 24.99 -.42
GenElec 1835340 34.36 +.04
Motorola 1503069 18.19 -.23
ExxonMbl 1473648 69.86-1.26
CaremkRx1444573 62.38 +.48
EMCCp 1313479 12.99 -.06
TimeWarn 1313299 19.48 -.39
Citigrp 1302964 49.53 -.80

Advanced 1,447
Declined 2,060
New Highs 217
New Lows � 137
Total issues 3,565
Unchanged 58
Volume 15,862,576,099

Gainers ($2 or more)
Name Last Chg %Chg
GeoPetro n 5.52 +1.37 +33.0
JavelinP n 7.00 +1.42 +25.4
AMDLhrs 3.82 +.56 +17.2
EnvirTec 4.61 +.61 +15.3
ImageWrh 2.57 +.34 +15.2
PeapkGI 29.90 +3.60 +13.7
Crystallxg 3.10 +.35 +12.7
Merrimac 9.77 +1.04 +11.9
SulphCo 2.99 +.31 +11.6
BoltTech 30.73 +3.02 +10.9

Losers ($2 or more)
Name Last Chg %Chg
ScolrPh 2.45 -1.10 -31.0
WinlandEl 3.33 -.90 -21.3
Aerocntry 16.86 -4.16 -19.8
Sifco 8.65 -2.09 -19.5
Think 2.51 -.59 -19.0
NevGCas 2.24 -.50 -18.2
SYS 2.02 -.40 -16.5
Virco 7.54 -1.45 -16.1
GSE Sy 5.96 -.95 -13.7
AmTelcm 4.03 -.62 -13.3

Most Active ($1 or morel
Name Vol (00) Last Chg
SPDR 7009372138.53 -1.69
iShR2K nya4117685 77.37 -.89
SP Fncl 1501606 35.02 -.70
SP Engy 1393791 56.39 -.82
PrUShQQQ n71874155.92 +.47
DJIA Diam 580888121.05 -1.66
SemiHTr 551507 34.09 -.51
OilSvHT 518043138.65 -1.32
SP Util 295904 38.40 +.41
SP Matls 292834 37.10 -.16

Advanced 456
Declined 818
New Highs 79
New Lows 97
Total issues 1,326
Unchanged 52
Volume 2,382,851,778

Gainers ($2 or more)
Name Last Chg %Chg
AscntSlwtA 2.35 +1.26 +115.5
AscentSol 8.09 +3.91 +93.5
Cimatrn 2.53 +1.13 +80.7
Maplnfo 20.00 +6.50 +48.1
DayStar 5.22 +1.40 +36.6
Epoch 13.29 +3.20 +31.7
Micromet n 3.25 +.75 +30.0
Convera 3.87 +.83 +27.3
WebEx 56.75+11.29 +24.8
TomOnlin 14.44 +2.82 +24.3

Losers ($2 or more)
Name Last Chg %Chg
Proxymed 2.95 -2.06 -41.1
AccHme 10.90 -4.88 -30.9
Trimeris 7.12 -3.11 -30.4
DiamMgmt 11.11 -4.48 -28.7
AudCodes 6.84 -2.58 -27.4
Fibrstrs 5.38 -1.99 -27.0
DigitMus 4.09 -1.48 -26.6
AdamsResp28.22 -9.70 -25.6
Atari rs 3.48 -1.17 -25.2
EmisTch 3.45 -1.08 -23.8

Most Active ($1 or more)
Name Vol (00) -Last Chg
Nasd100Tr6391246 42.83 -.10
SunMicro 3417688 6.24 -.03
Intel 3088861 19.15 +.05
Microsoft 3005745 27.33 +.05
Cisco 2271623 25.99 -.09
AccHme 2030937 10.90-4.88
SiriusS 1573117 3.24 -.18
Qualcom 1563713 43.68 +3.53
Oracle 1519443 16.70 +.07
Level3 1404977 6.18 -.14

Advanced 1,175
Declined 2,052
New Highs 134
New Lows 302
Total issues 3,294
Unchanged 67
Volume 10,088,860,168

Wkly Wkly YTD Wkly Wkly YTD
Name Ex Div Last Chg %Chg %Chg Name Ex Div Last Chg %Chg %Chg

AT&Tlnc NY 1.42 36.98 +.43 +1.2 +3.4
AccHme Nasd ... 10.90 -4.88 -30.9 -60.1
Alltel NY .50 61.88 -.63 -1.0 +2.3
Altria NY 3.44 84.73 -1.27 -1.5 -1.3.
Apple Inc Nasd .. 89.59 +1.62 +1.8 +5.6
AutoZone NY ... 124.60 -2.68 -2.1 +7.8
BkofAm NY 2.24 49.62-1.33 -2.6 -7.1
BobEvn Nasd .56 36.41 -.22 -0.6 +6.4
CNBFnPA Nasd .60 14.15 -.10 -0.7 -.2
CSXs NY .48 40.11 +2.26 +6.0 +16.5
CVS Cp NY .20 32.94 +.34 +1.0 +6.6
CaremkRxNY .40 62.38 +.48 +0.8 +9.2
ChmpE NY 9.48 +1.09 +13.0 +1.3
Chevron NY 2.08 68.08 -.39 -0.6 -7.4
Cisco Nasd ... 25.99 -.09 -0.3 -4.9
Citigrp NY 2.16 49.53 -.80 -1.6 -11.1
CocaCI NY 1.36 47.21 -.02 ... -2.2
CoIBgp NY .75 25.03 -.35 -1.4 -2.8
Delhaize NY 1.54 90.49 +4.83 +5.6 +8.7
Dell Inc If Nasd ... 22.50 +.07 +0.3 -10.3
DollarG NY -.20 21.10 +4.32 +25.7 +32.2
EMCCp NY ... 12.99 -.06 -0.5 -1.6
ExxonMbI NY 1.28 69.86 -1.26 -1.8 -8.8
FPL Grp NY 1.64 59.60 +1.60 +2.8 +9.5
FamDIr If NY .46 28.94 +.28 +1.0 -1.3
FordM NY ... 7.55 -.38 -4.8 +.5
GenElec NY 1.12 34.36 +.04 +0.1 -7.7
HomeDp NY .90 37.51 -1.16 -3.0 -6.6

iShR2K nyaAmex .84 77.37 -.89 -1.1 -.8
Intel Nasd .45 19.15 +.05 +0.3 -5.4
Level3 Nasd ... 6.18 -.14 -2.2 +10.4
Lowes s NY .20 30.93 -1.41 -4.4 -.7
McDnlds NY 1.00 43.48 -.67 -1.5 -1.9
Microsoft Nasd .40 27.33 +.05 +0.2 -8.5
Mpotorola NY .20 18.19 -.23 -1.2 -11.5
Nasdl0OTrNasd .13 42.83 -.10 -0.2 -.8
NY Times NY .70 23.93 -.07 -0.3 -1.8
NobltyH Nasd'.50 24.30 +1.22 +5.3 -8.6
OcciPet s NY .88 45.75 -.58 -1.3 -6.3
Oracle Nasd ... 16.70 +.07 +0.4 -2.6
Penney NY .72 79.47 -.84 -1.0 +2.7
PepsiCo NY 1.20 62.57 -.31 -0.5
Pfizer NY 1.16 24.99 -.42 -1.7 -3.5
Potash NY .60 153.55 -6.28 -3.9 +7.0
Qualcom Nasd .56 43.68 +3.53 +8.8 +15.6
Ryder NY .84 49.58 -.66 -1.3 -2.9
SearsHIdgsNasd ... 173.56 -6.90 -3.8 +3.4
SiriusS Nasd ... 3.24 -.18 -5.3 -8.5
SouthnCo NY 1.55 35.39 +.14 +0.4 -4.0
SPDR Amex 2.60 138.53 -1.69 -1.2 -2.2
SP Engy Amex .75 56.39 -.82 -1.4 -3.8
SPFnci Amex .80 35.02 -.70 -2.0 -4.7
SunMicro Nasd ... 6.24 -.03 -0.5 +15.1
TimeWarn NY .22 19.48 -.39 -2.0 -10.6
WalMart NY .88 46.21 -.99 -2.1 +.1
Yahoo Nasd ... 29.88 +.76 +2.6 +17.0

Stock Footnotes: g = Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h = Does not meet continued-listing standards.
If = Late filing with SEC. n = New in past 52 weeks. pf = Preferred. rs = Stock has undergone a reverse stock split least 50 percent within the past year. it = Right to buy security at a specified price. s = Stock has split by at
least 20 percent within the last year. un = Units. vj = In bankruptcy or receivership. wd = When distributed, wi =
When issued, wt = Warrants.
Mutual Fund Footnotes: b = Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d = Deferred sales charge, or
redemption fee. f = front load (sales charges), m = Multiple fees are charged. NA= not available, p previous day's
net asset value. s = fund split shares during the week, x = fund paid a distribution during the week.Gainers and
Losers must be worth at least $2 to be listed in tables at left. Most Acllves nr.u i re ~.:.ri. ie, 'P r 11. Volume in
rN',rO, .: ...r ir,re.: Source Trhe ....: r, r : S i i, i, -; ,ir e, ur ron., .i :i

Money Rates
Last Pvs Week

Prime Rate

Discount Ra
Federal Fun

8.25 8.25
e 6.25 6.25
is Rate 5.25 , 5.25

4.90 4.96

6-month 4.91 4.92
s-year 4.46 4.54
10-year 4.54 4.58
30-year . 4.69 4.72


Last Pvs Day




Britain 1.9421 1.9364
Canada 1.1757 1.1769
Euro .7513 .7554
Japan 116.74 117.62


11.1896 11.1453

Dow Jones


For the week ending

Friday, March 16

........................................ ........................... 1 3 ,0 0 0

............................ 12 ,500



12,110.41 f ... ....-............................... ......- 11,000


M...A.... M...J....... J.... A.....S....... N.... D.....J.....F..... M... . 10,500

Total Assets Total Return/Rank Pct Min Init
Name Obj ($Mlns) NAV 4-wk 12-mo 5-year Load Invt

American Funds GrowAmerA m LG
American Funds InvCoAmA m LV
Vanguard 500 LB
Fidelity Contra LG
American Funds WAMutinvA m LV
Dodge & Cox Stock LV
American Funds CaplncBuA m IH
American Funds CpWIdGrlA x WS
PIMCO TotRells Cl
American Funds IncAmerA m MA
American Funds EurPacGrA m FB
Fidelity Divrlntl FG
Vanguard 50OAdml LB
Vanguard Instldx LB
Fidelity Magellan LG
American Funds NewPerspA m WS
'a'.Idu idTotStldx LB
Fi.lehly LowPriStk MB
ILodge & Cox IntlStk FV
American Funds BalA m MA
American Funds FundmlnvA m LB
Vanguard Wndsrll LV
FrankTemp-Franklin Income A m CA
Fidelity EqInc LV
Fidelity GrowCo LG
Vanguard Welltn MA
Fidelity GrowInc LB




+7.7/A 5.75 250
+7.1/C 5.75 250
+5.3/C NL. 3,000
+10.7/A NL 2,500
+6.2/D 5.75 250
+11.6/A NL 2,500
+12.1/B 5.75 250
+15.3/A 5.75 250
+5.8/A NL * 5,000,000
+10.2/A 5.75 250
+14.5/A 5.75 250
+16.4/A NL 2,500
+5.4/C NL 100,000
+5.4/B NL 5,000,000
+3.0/C NL 2,500
+10.9/C 5.75 250
+6.7/B NL 3,000
+14.1/A NL 2,500
+19.3/A NL 2,500
+6.7/B 5.75 250
+9.7/A 5.75 250
+8.9/A NL 10,000
+11.5/A 4.25 1,000
+7.3/C NL 2,500
+6.0/A NL 2,500
+7.9/A NL 10,000
+3.1/E NL 2,500

Switzerind 1.2074 1.2182 CA -Conservative Allocation, Cl -Intermediate-Term Bond, ES -Europe Stock, FB -Foreign Large Blend, FG -Foreign LargeGrowth, FV -Foreigr
Large Value, IH -World Allocation, LB -Large Blend, LG -Large Growth, LV -Large Value, MA -Moderate Alocation, MB -Mid-Cap Blend,
British pound expressed in U.S. dollars. All oth- Mid-Cap Value, SH -Specialty-heath, WS -World Stock, Total Return: Chng in NAV with dividends reinvested. Rank: How lund performed vs
ers show dollar in foreign currency. others with same objective: A is in top 20%, E in bottom 20%. Min Init Invt: Minimum $ needed to invest in fund. Source: Momingstar.

New York Stock Exchange

Wkly YTD Wkly
Name Div YId PE Chg %Chg Last
ABB Ltd .09 .5 ... -.09 ,-6.8 16.76
ACE Ltd 1.00 1.8 8 -.04 -9.2 54.97
AES Corp ... ... 41 -.03 -7.1 20.47
AFLAC .74 1.6 16 -.44 -.5 45.79
AK Steel ... ... ... -.63 +30.8 22.10
AMR ... ... 33 -1.19 +6.1 32.06
AT&T Inc 1.42 3.8 20 +.43 +3.4 36.98
AbtLab 1.30 2.5 48 -1.51 +8.6 52.88
Accenture .35 1.0 21 -.85 -4.5 35.26
AMD ... ... ... -.19 -31.2 14.01
Aetna .04 .1 14 -.55 ... 43.19
Agilent 2.06 ... 21 -.01 -8.9 31.75
Agnicog .12 .3 ... +.91 -8.6 37.69
AirTran 58 -.18 -15.5 9.92
AlcatelLuc .21 1.8 ... -.04 -15.9 11.96
Alcoa .68 2.0 13 +.28 +11.6 33.48
AllegTch .52 .5 18 -.38 +12.8 102.30
AldWaste ... ... 37 -.06 -.4 12.24
Allstate 1.52 2.5 8 -.40 -8.3 59.70
Alltel .50 .8 21 -.63 +2.3 61.88
Alpharma .... ... 16 -2.22 -1.9 23.65
Altria 3.44 4.1 15 -1.27 -1.3 " 84.73
Altria wi ... ... ... ... +1.8 64.25
AMovilL .21 .5 ... -.74 -2.5 44.07
AEagleO s .30 1.0 20 -.37 -4.2 29.89
AEP 1.56 3.4 18 +.82 +8.0 45.97
AmExp .60 1.1 19 -1.35 -8.2 55.55
AmHmMtg 4.48 17.8 5 +.35 -28.5 25.10
AmlntGplf .66 1.0 12 -2.20 -6.7 66.87
AmOriBio ... ... ...-1.84 -.20.3 9.30
AmTower ... ... ... -.28 +.7 37.55
Americdt ... ... 9 -1.99 -12.0 22.14
Ameriprise .60 1.1 22 -3.24 +1.2 55.15
Anadark s .36 .9 4 -1.21 -9.4 39.45
AnalogDev .72 2.0 22 -.96 +7.5 35.33
Anheusr 1.18 2.4 20 -.56 +.9 49.64
AnnTaylr ... ... 19 +2.11 +17.5 38.60
Annaly .57 4.1 40, +.30 +.2 13.94
Apache .60 .9 9 -1.06 +1.2 67.31
Aquila ... ... 68 -.02 -13.4 4.07
ArchCs .24 .8 17 -.35 -1.0 29.73
ArchDan .46 1.4 .14 -.69 +4.8 33.51
AutoData .92 1.9 17 -.64 -2.3 48.13
Avaya ... ... 28 -.35 -17.2 11.57
Avnet ... ... 18 -.50 +40.9, 35.98
Avon .74 2.0 36 +.10 +13.7 37.56
BHPBilILt .77 1.7 ... +1.25 +11.0 44.14
BISYS If ... ... ... -.75 -10.6 11.54
BJ Svcs .20 .7 10 -.81 -7.9 26.99
BakrHu .52 .8 9 -2.19 -16.0 62.74
BkofAm 2.24 4.5 11 -1.33 -7.1 49.62
BkNY .88 2.3 10 -.20 -.9 39.02
BarrickG .22 .8 16 +.11 -8.6 28.07
Baxter .67 1.3 24 +1.38 +10.7 51.36
BearSt 1.28 .9 10 -6.50 -10.6 145.48
BearingPIf ... ... ... -.29 -6.1 7.39
BeazrHm .40 1.2 6 -3.60 -31.1 32.37
BestBuy .40 .8 19 -.49 -2.7 47.85
BigLots ... ... 27 +1.77 +33.6 30.61
BlockHR .54 2.6 30 -.34 -9.4 20.88
Blockbstr ... ... 31 +.25 +34.6 7.12
Boeing , 1.40 1.6 32 +.49 +1.3 90.00
BostonSci ... ... ... -.94 -13.7 14.83
BrMySq 1.12 4.2 33 -.10 +3.0 26.82
BurINSF 1.00 1.3 16 +.76 +8.1 79.82
CB REliss ... ... 25 -.41 +1.0 33.52
CBSB .88 2.9 14 -.46 -3.1 30.21
CITGp 1.00 2.0 10 -2.50 -8.2 51.19
CMSEng .20 1.2 ... -.26 +2.0 17.03
CSXs .48 1.2 14 +2.26 +16.5 40.11
CVS Cp .20 .6 21 +.34 +6.6 32.94
CapOne .11 .1 10 -2.05 -2.4 74.95
CapitlSrce 2.32 9.6 15 -.12 -11.7 24.11
CardnlHIth .36 .5 20 -1.47 +10.0 70.86
CaremkRx .40 .6 25 +.48 +9.2 62.38
CarMax ... ... 28 -1.95 -4.9 51.00
Carnival 1.10 2.4 16 -.71 -7.1 45.55
Caterpillar 1.20 1.9 12 -1.24 +3.0 63.16
Cempxs .67 2.1 ... -1.75 -4.4 32.40

Wkly YTD Wkly
Name Div YId PE Chg %Chg Last

ASML Hid ...
Activisn a ...
AdobeSy ...
AdolorCp ...
Affymetrix ...
AlteraCp If ...
AmkorT If ...
Apple Inc
ApidMatll .24
AscentSol ...
Atmelf ...
Autodesk If ...
BEA Sys If...
BnkUtd .02
BedBath ...
Biogenldc ...
Biomet If .30
Broadcom ..
BrcdeCm ..
ChartCm ...
CienaCp rs

... +.41 -3.9 23.68
4 -4.88 -60.1 10.90
63 -.20 -1.0 17.07
20 -9.70 -30.9 28.22
47 ... -4.7 39.17
... +.88 +2.4 7.70
... +2.68 +22.8 28.31
... +.67 -3.8 51.08
24 +.12 +5.8 20.82
84 -.99 -4.1 37.85
24 -1.56 -13.2 59.30
13 -.27 +25.6 11.73
... +.20 +41.4 12.53
32 +1.62 +5.6 89.59
16 +.16 +.2 18.49
-.18 -6.7 3.32
... +3.91 +179.0 . 8.09

... -1.39
... -.41
69 -1.14
... +.06
... -.06
9 -1.43
19 -1.01
69 +.25
25 +.12
53 +.46
29 +.13
46 +1.43
38 +.18
... +.13
44 -.09
... +.86
... +.01
18 -.06
... -1.44
25 -.09
30 -.82

-21.0 7.83
-18.0 4.96
-7.6 37.40
-3.7 1.82
-12.2 11.04
-22.8 21.59
+2.6 39.08
-11.5 43.55
+2.4 42.25
+5.6 34.12
+18.0 9.69
-8.1 36.27
+40.3 1.88
-8.8 8.29
+13.7 20.37
-9.6 52.02
-5.9 2.88
-1.9 21.50
-9.6 25.06
-4.9 25.99
+15.3 31.18

Name Div YId
CenterPnt .68 3.9
Centex .16 .4
ChesEng .24 .8
Chevron 2.08 3.1
ChinaMble .82 1.8
Ghubbs 1.16 2.3
CircCity .16 .9
Citigrp 2.16 4.4
CitzComm 1.00 7.0
ClairesStrs .40 1.3
ClearChan .75 2.1
CocaCE .24 1.2
CocaCI 1.36 2.9
ColgPal 1.44 2.2
CmcBNJ .52 1.6
CVRDs .54 1.5
CVRDpf s .54 1.8
ConAgra .72 3.0
ConocPhil 1.64 2.5
ConsolE s .28 .8
ConEd 2.32 4.8
ConstellA ... ...
ConstellEn 1.74 2.1
CtlAir B
CntwdFn .60 1.7
CrwnCstle ...
CypSer ...
DR Horton .60 2.6
DTE 2.12 4.6
DeanFds 15.00 ...
Deere 1.76 1.6
DevonE .56 .9
DiaOffs .50 .7
Disney .31 .9
DollarG .20 .9.
DomRes 2.84 3.3
Domtar g ...
DowChm 1.50 3.3
DukeEgy s .84 4.3
Dynegy ... ...
EMC Cp ....
EOG Res .36 .5
Edisnhint 1.16 2.4
EIPasoCp .16 1.2
EDS .20 .7
EmersnEl sl.05 2.5
ENSCO .10 .2
EqtyRsd 1.85 3.9
EsteeLdr .50 1.0
Exelon 1.76 2.7
ExxonMbl 1.28 1.8
FPL Grp 1.64 2.8
FamDIr If .46 1.6
FannieM If 1.60 3.0
FedrDSs .51 1.1
FirstData s .12 .5
FirstEngy 2.00 3.2
FlaRock .60 .9.
Fortress n ...
FredMac 2.00 3.4
FMCG 1.25 2.1
Fremont .48 5.4
FriedBR .20 3.9
Gap .32 1.8
Genentch ...
GenMills 1.48 2.6

Wkly YTD Wkly
PE Chg %Chg Last
13 -.17 +5.3 17.46
12 -3.31 -23.0 43.33
5 +1.09 +1.3 9.48
7 -.56 +1.8 29.57
9 -.39 -7.4 68.08
24 -.34 +7.0 22.13
... +1.15 +3.2 44.61
8 -.24 -6.1 49.67
22 -.42 -7.1 17.63
11 -.80 -11.1 49.53
14 -.15 -.4 14.31
18 -1.56 -7.5 30.64
25 -.23 -1.1 35.16
32 -.55 +13.5 48.77
... +.04 -.9 20.23
22 -.02 -2.2 47.21
14 -.17 -16.8 4.12
26 -1.53 -.2 65.10
20 -.48 -5.9 33.05
13 +.50 +19.2 35.46
... +.23 +14.2 29.97
27 -.79 -9.8 24.35
7 -2.46 -9.2 65.34
46 -1.24 -13.4 17.31
16 +.11 +12.3 36.07
22 +.21 +1.1 48.61
14 +.08 -33.6 19.27
16 +3.08 +21.4 83.58
12 -1.23 -10.7 .36.83
19 +.40 +16.4 21.77
8 -1.14 -17.6 34.96
... +.55 +2.2 33.02
78 -.48 +11.2 18.76
7 -1.59 -13.8 22.83
11 +.36 -4.3 46.31
29 -.05 +9.2 46.18
15 -2.96 +15.7 110.04
10 -.21 -4.0 64.39
15 -.54 -4.8 76.12
20 -.83 -11.6 22.04
16 -.76 -1.9 33.61
38 +4.32 +32.2 21.10
22 +.38 +1.3 84.97
... +.23 +11.4 9.40
... -.07 -41.5 1.68
12 +2.25 +13.4 45.25
12 +.31 +1.2 19.56
77 -.07 +17.5 8.51
24 -.06 -1.6 12.99
13 -1.27 +5.1 65.64
14 -.56 +6.4 48.38
22 -.12 -9.4 13.85
... +.38 -11.2 13.10
31 -.10 -.2 27.50
18 -1.27 -4.2 42.23
24 -.35 -27.7 17.65
10 -.35 +2.3 51.22
14 -.26 -6.1 47.63
27 +.22 +17.2 47.84
28 +1.29 +6.3 65.78
11 -1.26 -8.8 69.86
18 +1.60 +9.5 59.60
26 -1.55 +2.4 17.22
23 +.28 -1.3 28.94
... -1.77 -9.4 53.79
25 ... +16.3 44.36
13 -.13 -3.3 24.67
17 +.84 +4.7 63.11
21 -.81 +55.0 66.71
... -.38 +.5 7.55
... -1.15 -17.0 25.74
14 -2.45 -12.3 59.52
9 +3.97 +8.9 60.71
4 +.87 -45.1 8.90
... -.78 -35.8 5.14
19 -.34 -10.3 17.50
75 +.14 +11.9 2.25
42 -.10 +.4 81.48
18 +.88 -2.6 56.08

Wkly YTD Wkly
Name Div YId PE Chg %Chg Last

Frirr CedI kaort'wiihFree AssOtysi. FreeVMttsee*.Qd
*Free ~ Inmriel Bannirog Free Onkne 8Pgyor,-

Credit Union 586- Wil'uv'al Street

* -(386..755.-4141 www.fic.0,rg

Name Div YId
Gerdau s .61 3.7
GlobalSFe .90 1.5
GoldFLtd .28 1.6
Goldcrp g .18 .8
GoldmanS 1.40 .7
GtAtPc s 7.25
GTelevsaas .16 .6
Hallibtn s .30 .9
HarleyD .84 1.4
HarmonyG ... ...
HardfdFn 2.00 2.1
HItMgt s 10.00 ...
Heinz 1.40 3.0
Hesss .40 .8
HewlettP .32 .8
Hilton .16 .5
HomeDp .90 2.4
HonwIllntI 1.00 2.1
HostHotls .80 3.0
HovnanE ...
ICICI Bk .36 1.0
iShBrazil .87 1.9
ISh HK .32 2.1
iShJapan .10 .7
iShMalasia .20 2.0
iShSing .31 2.6
iShTaiwan .31 2.3
iShChin25 1.31 1.4
iShEmMkt 1.58 1.4
iSh EAFE 1.53 2.1

Nasdaq Most Active

Name Div YId
Clearwiren ...
Comcast s ...
Comc sp s ...
Compuwre ...
Conexant ...
Costco .52 1.0
Dell Inc If ... ...
Dndreon . ...
DobsonCm ...
EchoStar ...
ElectArts ...
EricsnTI .60 1.7
ExpScripts ...
Fieldlnv 1.31 32.0
FifthThird 1.60 4.1
Finisar If
Foundry If ......
GenesMcr ...
HollisEden ...
HudsCity .32 2.4
HyperSol ... ...
IAC Inter ...
Intel .45 2.3
Intersil .40 1.6
Intuit s ... ...
IvanhoeEn ...
JDS Unirs ...

Wkly YTD Wkly
PE Chg %Chg Last
..: -2.13 -18.7 20.02
32 -.68 -9.9 25.44
32 -.80 -9.7 25.20
23 +.23 +12.5 9.37
... -.10 -18.6 1.66
23 -1.36 +.2 52.98
... -.03 -31.4 .62
18 +.07 -10.3 22.50
... -.40 -12.5 3.65
... -.26 -3.2 8.43
15 -1.04 -3.3 21.68
40 +.92 +5.6 31.74
31 -.62 +12.3 42.70
..: -1.91 -2.9 48.92
6 -.28 +15.8 14.35
+.64 -12.1 35.35
25 +5.41 +15.2 82.48
... +.40 -6.4 4.10
18 -.61 -3.9 39.35
... -.07 -3.4 3.12
15 -.06 -4.1 11.01
... +.02 -6.5 14.00
... +1.26 -10.2 9.11
-.11 -16.5 .37
-.91 -3.8 59.24
-.72 +7.1 69.54
44-12.11 -4.3 440.85
... +.42 -38.2 3.25
26 +.09 -2.7 13.51
46 +.08 +43.8 51.67
44 -.84 -1.5 36.59
36 -2.61 -25.9 29.13
... +.12 +8.0 .95
22 +.05 -5.4 19.15
24 -.95 +6.5 25.48
26 +.51 -5.8 28.73
... +.04 +48.1 2.00
... -.31 -8.9 15.17

Name Div YId
JetBlue ... ...
JonesSoda ...
JoyGibl .60 1.5
JnprNtwk ...
LA Tnc .48 .9
LaJollPh ...
LamRsch ...
LawsnSft ... ...
LinearTch .72 2.1
MarvellTslf ...
Maxim If .62 1.9
Microsoft .40 1.5
Nasd100Tr .13 .3
Novell If
NuanceCm ...
Nvidias ...
OnSmcnd ...
OpnwvSy ...
PDLBio ...
PMCSra ...
PacSunwr ...
Palm Inc
PattUTI .32 1.5
Paychex .84 2.1
PeopleSup ...
Qualcom .56 1.3
RF MicD ...
RambusIf ... ...

Wkly YTD Wkly Wkly YTD Wkly
PE Cha %Cha Last Name Div YId PE Chq %Chq Last

9 -.55 +3.1 16.49
14 +.14 +.5 59.09
23 +.09 -9.4 17.11
26 -.79 -15.8 23.96
10 -2.70 -.2 199.00
-.25 +34.6 28.26
-1.33 +24.1 31.95
-.57 +2.8 27.77
14 +.04 +3.3 32.06
15 -2.59 -13.8 60.78
... +.30 -12.9 13.72
35 -1.68 +.9 94.16
15 +.16 +2.0 11.07
14 -.08 +5.6 8.09
20 +.66 +2.3 46.06
8 -2.25 +1.8 50.45
19 -.12 -3.1 39.91
24 -1.80 -5.2 33.09
13 -1.16 -6.6 37.51
19 -.29 +3.8 46.94
18 +.61 +7.1 26.30
... -2.74 -21.5 26.60
... -2.94 -11.6 36.91
... -1.28 -3.2 45.36
... -.47 -3.9 15.37
... -.28 +1.4 14.41
... -.18 +9.0 9.92
... -.25 +4.5 11.70
... +.05 -5.8 13.67
... -1.24 -13.0 97.01
... -1.94 -3.4 110.25
... -.85 ... 73.25

Wkly YTD Wkly
PE Chg %Chg Last
... +.07 -17.7 11.69
99 +1.72 +53.3 18.85
14 -2.43 -14.8 41.17
... -.30 -4.9 18.01
23 -.82 +4.6 52.03
... +1.35 +139.6 7.26
12 +.03 -10.0 45.54
... -.15 +5.1 7.77
... -.14 +10.4 6.18
23 +.23 +10.9 33.61
... -.54 -4.9 4.65
... -.85 -7.3 17.79
23 -1.12 +4.2 31.90
... +.86 +.5 32.52
23 +.05 -8.5 27.33
... +.09 -1.6 10.73
... -.10 -.8 42.83
54 -.97 -6.5 36.72
... +.58 +13.1 7.01
21 +.46 -4.9 32.74
... +.13 +24.4 14.26
25 -2.16 -23.4 28.35
12 -.48 +30.3 9.86
... +.37 -3.9 8.87
24 +.07 -2.6 - 16.70
... +.02 -7.1 18.72
... -.18 -3.1 6.50
35 +1.61 +.4 19.66
22 +.70 +26.5 17.82
6 -.58 -7.4 21.52
30 +.25 +.5 39.73
20 +.35 -33.5 14.00
... +.26 -19.8 5.17
23 -.20 -22.8 16.92
30 +3.53 +15.6 43.68
34 -.36 +10.5 7.50
... -.23 +6.0 20.07
9 -.01 -29.7 7.69

iShREst 2.82 3.3
ITW s .84 1.7
ImpacMtg 1.00 19.6
Indymac 2.00 6.9
IBM 1.20 1.3
IntlGame .52 1.3
IntPap 1.00 2.8
Interpublic ...
JPMorgCh 1.36 2.9
JanusCap .04 .2
JohnJn 1.50 2.5
KB Home 1.00 2.2
Keycorp 1.46 4.0
KimbClk 2.12 3.2
KingPhrm ...
Kinross g
Kraft 1.00 3.3
Kraft wi
LSI Log ... . ..
LVSands ...
LehmnBrs .60 .8
LennarA .64 1.4
LillyEli 1.70 3.3
Limited .60 2.3
LincNat 1.58 2.4
Lyondell .90 3.0
MEMC ... .
MGIC 1.00 1.8

... -1.30 +2.5 85.46
17 -.47 +9.1 50.41
... -.22 -42.2 5.09
6 -1.79 -36.1 28.85
... +7.0 15.01
53 -4.62 +17.1 126.38
15 -.03 -4.0 93.25
29 -.61 -15:4 39.08
51 +.05 +3.5 35.30
... -.01 +1.5 12.42
12 -1.79 -1.9 47.03
31 -.01 -6.3 20.23
16 -1.63 -8.3 60.51
8 -2.53 -11.5 45.38
14 -1.05 -3.0 36.89
20 -.54 -1.8 66.72
16 +.32 +18.5 18.86
... -.17 +9.4 13.00
22 -.86 +5.2 71.96
16 -.83 -14.8 30.42
... -1.9 30.21
23 +.30 +12.1 10.09
22 +2.11 -3.6 70.86
70 -.05 -3.2 86.64
10 -4.64 -8.9 71.19
12 -3.07 -13.9 45.18
21 -.41 +.2 52.18
15 -.38 -11.2 25.70
13 -1.67 -.3 66.19
11 -1.53 +17.2 29.96
34 -.18 +40.2 54.87
9 -1.53 -8.7 57.12

Manpwl .64
Marathon 1.60
MarlntA s .25
MarshM .76
Masco .88
MasterCd n .60
Mattel .65
McGrwH .82
MedcoHlth ...

.9 16 -1.87 -2.4 73.10
1.7 6 -1.44 +.9 93.29
.5 33 -1.11 -.6 47.43
2.6 16 -.20 -5.9 28.85
3.2 23 -.63 -7.2 27.52
.6 ... +2.91 +6.9 105.27
2.3 18 +.01 +22.3 27.71
1.3 26 -1.87 -7.5 62.92
... 32 ... +27.4 68.06

Medtrnic .44 .9 21 -1.05
MellonFnc .88 2.1 19 -.15
MerrillLyn 1.40 1.8 11 -3.05
MetLife .59 1.0 8 -.89
MicronT ... ... 16 +.02
Mirant 6 +.50
Monsanto s .50 1,0 38 -2.48
Moodys .32 .5 24 -1.63
MorgStan 1.08 1.5 10 -1.59
Mosaic If ... ... 38 -.16
Motorola .20 1.1 12 -.23
NCR Cp ... ... 23 +.12
NYSE Grp ... ... 61 -2.37
Nabors s ... ... 8 -.51
NatlCity 1.56 4.3 10 -1.06
NatGrid 2.54 3.4 ... -.59
NOilVarco ... ... 19 +.31
NatSemi .16 .6 22 -1.51
tFPlarE-1 1.25 3.8 32 -.09
tJeweilRub .84 2.8 :23 -.38-
tern iM .40 "i .9 25 +.64
Je i. p, 1... 5, ... +.01
tiewsCpB .,10. 4 26 +.27
l ,.s,ur.': 92 3'? 23 +.21
IJ.:tieCorp .16 .2 14 +.10
l.:. C:Lp .56 2.6 ... +.19
l.ordirT-r. .54 1.1 20 -.61
tlC.lii.C:, .88 1.8 14 +.23
Sl.onei ri ... ... ... -1.05
Jl.,a.ilar 5.60 94.9 3j +.66
lu.:.,:,r m. .44 .7 11 -2.60
0,:.-Pel ; .88 1.9 9 -.58
iicD i ... ... 19 -.11
PGECp 1.32 2.9 17 -.14
F HH Cp II ... ....+2.24
PMI Grp .21 .5 9 -2.30
PNC 2.20 3.1 8 -1.65
PeabdyE .24 .6 39 -.90
Penney .72 .9 16 -.84
PepBoy .27 1.6 ... +1.48
PepsiCo 1.20 1.9 19 -.31
Petrobrs 2.85 3.3 ... -4.09
Pfizer 1.16 4.6 9 -.42
PhelpsD .80 .6 9 +2.74
Pier 1 .. ... ... ... +.23
Pridelntl ... ... ... +.03
ProgCps .04 .2 10 -1.29
ProLogis 1.84 2.8 27 +.11
Prudentl .95 1.1 14 -1.66
PulteH .16 .6 10 -2.45
Quiksilvr ... ... 19 -.16
OwestCm ... ... 29 -.10
RAIT Fin 3.20 11.2 12 -1.91
Radian .08 .1 8 -1.71
RadioShk .25 1.0 48 r+.04
Raytheon .96 1.8 20 +.09
Realogyn ... ... ... -.10
RegionsFn 1.44 4.2 12 -.69
ReliantEn ... ... ... +1.16
Revlon ... ... ... -.06
ReynAm s 3.00 5.0 15 -.48
RiteAid 3 -.22
Rowan .40 1.3 11 +.17
Ryland .48 1.1 6 -2.04
SLMCp 1.00 2.4 16 -.60
STMicro .12 .6 23 -.24
Safeway .23 .7 18 +.23
StJude 26 -2.29
SaraLee .40 2.4 15 -.09
SchergPI .26 1.1 33 -.36

-8.5 48.87
-1.4 41.55
-14.2 79.90
+4.7 61.77
-18.1 11.44
+21.3 38.30
3 -1.6 51.55
-8.5 63.20
-8.6 74.41
+24.2 26.53
-11.5 18.19
+11.6 '47.73
-15.7 81.93
-1.7 29.28
-1.4 36.03
+1.9 74.01
+19.2 72.91
+9.6 24.87
+22.3 33.21
3 +4,4, 30.21..
S-4 9 293
",- .1 2 J3.-3
-68 -23,7'
-1.4 23.76'
-2.5 74.24
+7.5 21.85
+3.3 50.96
-3.0 48.77
+1.1 27.03
-77.9 5.90
+12.8 61.66
-6.3 45.75
-9.1 34.69
-2.8 46.01
+6.5 30.75
-8.2 43.28
-5.3 70.10
-6.1 37.95
+2.7. 79.47
+12.8 16.76
... 62.57
-14.9 86.18
-3.5 24.99
+7.3 128.50
+22.7 7.30
-5.8 28.27
-12.6 21.16
+7.9 65.57
+3.2 88.65
-20.6 26.31
-26.7 11.55
+2.7 8.60
-17.5 28.45
+.4 54.13
+55.2 26.04
+.5 53.04
-3.0 29.40
-7.6 34.55
+32.6 18.84
-14.8 1.09
-8.6 59.84
+2.4 5.57
-7.8 30.60
-18.1 44.76
-14.9 41.51
+2.7 18.90
-.2 34.50
+2.8 37.59
-2.5 16.61
-.6 23.49

Wkly YTD Wkly
Name Div Yld PE Chg %Chg Last

Schlmbrg .70
SeagateT .40
SierraHS ...
SilvWhtng ...
Smithlntl .40
SouthnCo 1.55
SthnCopp s5.45
SwstAirl .02
SovrgnBcp .32
Spectra n ' .88
SpectBrds ...
SpiritFn .88
SprintNex .10
StdPac .16
StateStr .84
sT Gold
Suncor g .32
Sunoco 1.10
Sysco .76
TJX .28
TXU Corp 1.73
TaiwSemi .39
TalismE gs .15
Target .48
Tenaris s .35
TenetHith ...
Tesoro, . .40
Texlnst .16
ThermoFis ...
3MCo 1.92
TW Cable n...
TimeWarn .22
TitanMt s ...
Travelers 1.04
Tycolntl .40
Tyson .16
UBS AGs 1.26
US Airwy ...
UnionPac 1.40
UtdMicro .06
UPS B 1.68
US Bancrp 1.60
USSteel .80
UtdhlthGp .03
ValeroE .48
VerizonCm 1.62
VivoPart .01
Vodafone 1.15
Wachovia 2.24
Walgrn .31
WA Mutl 2.16
WsteMInc .96
Weathfdint ...
WDigitl If
WstnUn n .01
Weyerh 2.40
WmsCos .36
WmsSon .40
Windstrm 1.00
Wyeth 1.04
XTO Engy .48
Yamana g .04

1.1 21 -.62 +2.1
1.6 28 +.19 -7.7
... 18 +5.42 +14.7
... 15 +.10 -10.3
.9 18 +.60 +7.4
... 25 -.01 -.6
4.4 17 +.14 -4.0
8.1 ... -1.90 +24.7
.1 25 -.07 -2.1
1.2 76 +.58 +1.6
3.7 ... -1.00 -13.6
... ... -1.63 -39.6
6.1 25 +1.53 +16.4
.5 44 -.43 +.8
.7 13 -1.31 -14.5
1.3 19 -2.06 -6.2
... ... +.37 +2.2
... ... -2.81 -14.0
1.7 9 +.53 +5.7
52 -4.22 +3.1
2.3 23 +.23 -11.3
1.1 15 -.95 -8.5
2.8 12 -1.68 -i15.8
3.5 ... +.27 +.8
... ... -.84 -6.6
.8 19 -2.11 +4.8
.8 ... -2.84 -16.9
.. ... -.01 -8.9
17 +.07 +11.7
" 8 +1.95 +47.2
.5 11 -1.18 +8.6
... 48 -.52 +.3
2.6 15 +.55 -3.4
... ... +.85 -3.3
1.1 13 -.39 -10.6
... 22 -2.06 +13.4
... 8 -.45 -11.9
... 17 -1.27 -5.7
2.1 9 -1.33 -6.2
1.3 16 +.20 +1.6
.9 ... +.24 +10.8
2.2 ... -1.14 -5.3
... 14 -2.54 -13.9
... 18 -2.35 -11.3
1.4 17 +1.21 +8.6
1.8 ... +.02 -5.7
2.4 18 -1.37 -7.6
4.6 13 -.43 -3.0
.9 8 -2.00 +22.0
.1 .. +.13 -1.1
35 +03 +1.8
.8 7 -.22 +17.3
4.5 17 -.13 -2.5
... ... +1.00 -2.3
.3 ... -.23 -16.3
4.3 ... -.04 -2.8
... ... +1.91 +14.2
4.1 12 -.40 -3.2
.7 26 +1.67 +.8
5.4 11 -2.14 -12.3
2.9 16 -.40 -8.8
... 18 +.73 +6.0
... 16 +.48 +.1
3.3 14 -.55 -4.5
... . 9 -.54 -13.8'
... 18 +.47 -3.6
3.0 49 -2.98 +12.1
1.4 52 -.84 +1.8
1.1 20 +1.36 +12.4
6.9 12 -.05 +1.3
2.2 16 -1.38 -5.2
1.0 10 -.89 +7.4
14 -.30 -1.2
.3 ... +.37 +6.8

AMEX Most Active

Wkly YTD Wkly
Div YId PE Chg %Chg Last

RschMotn ...
Schwab .20
SearsHIdgs ...
Sepracor ...
ShufflMstIf ...
SiRF Tch ...
SkywksSol ..
SmurfStne ...
Sonus ...
Staples .29
Starbucks ...
StIlDyna s .40
SunMicro ...
Symantec ...
TD Ameritr ...
TevaPhrm .32
TW Tele ...
UrbanOut ...
Vasogen gh ...
VirgnMda h .08
WholeFd .72
XM Sa ...
Xilinx .48

95 -.04 +5.3 134.49
... +.01 -8.7 .12
41 +1.16 -5.7 40.57
... -.06 +8.4 3.74
19 -.43 -7.1 17.97
18 -6.90 +3.4 173.56
34 -2.17 -22.3 47.86
98 -1.48 -29.1 18.57
... -.88 +8.3 27.63
-.18 -8.5 3.24
... -.13 -7.8 6.53
... -.27 +9.4 11.55
... +.21 +11.4 7.34
19 -.54 -4.5 25.49
41 +.27 -13.7 30.58
10 +.21 +20.2 38.99
... -.03 +15.1 6.24
38 +.06 -18.9 16.90
16 -.37 -5.6 15.28
... +.58 +17.4 20.85
23 -.21 -2.9 9.96
75 -.01 +17.6 36.55
... +.27 -5.4 3.89
28 +.47 -3.0 9.16
+.03 +7.1 21.35
... +.81 +17.1 21.28
... +.01 -12.6 38.46
35 -1.59 +4.4 24.04
... -.03 +4.2 .37
10 -.04 +2.0 24.54
... -1.28 -1.0 24.99
58+11.29 +62.7 56.75
32 -1.80 -5.8 44.22
... -.46 -8.9 13.16
23 -.10 +7.3 25.55
57 +.76 +17.0 29.88

Wkly YTD Wkly
Div YId PE Chg %Chg Last

Adherxg ...
Alteon h
BoltTech ...
CortexPh ...
CovadCm ...
Crystallx g ...
DJIA Diam 2.54
DeltaFncl .20
EldorGIdg ...
EvgrnE nya ...
FrontrD g ...
GascoEngy ...
GoldStr g ...
GreyWolf ...
HooperH ...
iSAstla nya1.10
iShGer nya .51
iShMex nya .46
iShSilvern ...
iSh20 TB 3.99
iSh1-3TB 3.37
iShNqBio ...
iShC&SRI nyal.99
iSR1KV nyal.70
iSR1KG nya.50
iSR2KV nyal.28
iSR2KG nya.25
iShR2K nya .84
JavelinP n ...
JazzTchwt ...
LadThalFn ...
MktVGold n .12
NOrion g ...
NthgtM g ...
OilSvHT 1.24

... +.04 +47.1 .50
... -.11 -32.9 1.98
... -.01 -23.3 .12
24 +3.02 +37.8 30.73
... +.11 +68.8 2.11
... -.03 -18.1 1.13
... +.35 -14.4 3.10
... -1.66 -2.7 121.05
... +.22 +4.7 5.77
7 -.63 -10.3 9.09
... -.22 +4.1 5.62
... +.48 -27.6 7.20
... +.23 +32.8 12.22
... -.31 -36.7 1.55
12 -.29 +28.8 3.80
7 +.04 -3.2 6.64
... +.40 +34.4 4.45
... +.59 +5.7 24.84
... -.15 +1.6 27.32
... -1.25 -2.3 50.05
... +2.37 +1.8 130.92
... -.86 -3.6 63.69
... +.45 +1.6 89.85
+.17 +.5 80.37
-1.46 -6.1 72.98
.. -1.57 +3.5 103.79
...-1.16 -2.1 80.99
... -.43 -.6 54.70
.. -.83 -1.4 78.95
... -.78 -.5 78.20
-.89 -.8 77.37
+1.42 +34.6 7.00
... +7.2 .89
... -.35 +109.0 2.55
... +.33 -3.9 38.36
8 -.15 +13.1 4.14
7 +.12 -.9 3.45
... -1.32 -.7 138.65

Name Div YId
Oilsands gn . ...
On2 Tech ...
PhmHTr 1.98 2.0
PwSCInEn .05 ...
PwSLgCV .28 1.5
PrUShS&Pn.72 1.2
PrUShDow n .61 1.0
ProUItQQQ n5.42 6.9
PrUShQQQOn .57 1.0
RegBkHT 5.41 3.5
RetailHT 2.73 1.1
RioNarcg ...
SpdrHome .27 .8
sT KbwBk 1.64 2.9
sTKbwRB n .88
SpdrRetl n .10 .2
SemiHTr .37 1.1
SPDR 2.60 1.9
SPMid 2.10 1.4
SP Matls .82 2.2
SP HthC .46 1.4
SP CnSt .52 2.0
SP Consum .35 .9
SP Engy .75 1.3
SP Fncl .80 2.3
SPInds .58 1.6
SP Tech .18 .8
SP Util 1.09 2.8
Taseko ...
TrnsmrEx ...
UltraPt g
US OilFdn ...
Viragen h ...

Wkly YTD Wkly
PE Chg %Chg Last
... -.36 -39.4 3.04
... +.11 +5.8 1.27
... -1.49 -1.4 75.79
7 +.08 -8.6 12.14
... -.35 +3.6 17.94
... -.35 -2.8 19.21
... +1.57 +5.8 61.52
... +1.72 +7.4 61.37
... -.67 -3.3 78.35
... +.47 +2.7 55.92
... -.15 -43.9 .83
.. -3.24 -3.7 155.62
... +.19 -30.0 2.64
... -1.54 +.4 99.78
44 +.11 +43.3 3.51
... -1.17 -9.9 33.68
... -1.30 -4.5 55.62
... -.79 -5.3 47.45
... -.10 +2.1 41.47
... -.51 +1.3 34.09
... -1.69 -2.2 138.53
...-1.70 +2.3 149.73
-.16 +6.6 37.10
-.30 -.9 33.20
-.16 -.7 25.93
-.87 -2.7 37.32
... -.82 -3.8 56.39
... -.70 -4.7 35.02
... -.12 +.7 35.25
... -.05 -1.3 22.95
... +.41 +4.6 38.40
... +.31 -36.7 2.99
8 +.03 +1.5 2.63
... -.39 -13.6 2.98
... -1.03 +1.5 48.45
... -1.69 -6.2 48.42
... -.03 -33.3 .10

Weekly Dow Jones



1 111)

sIFH ot


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a - * S

4 lines * 6 days one tem perad
Rate applies to private Individuals selling
personal merchandise totalling $100 or less.
Each item m"st include a price. This is a
non-refundable rate.

4 lines * 6 days One Item per ad
Rate applies to private individuals selling
Each additional personal merchandise totalling $500 or
less. Each Item must Include a price. This Is
line $1.00 a non-refundable rate.

4 lines * 6 days One item per ad
Rate applies to private individuals selling
Each additional personal merchandise totalling $1000 or less.
Each item must include a price. This is a
line $t1.05 non-refundable rate.





lines * 6 days One item per ad
Rate applies to private Individuals selling
personal merchandise totalling $2,500 or
less. Each Item must Include a price.
This is a non-refundable rate.

4 lines * 6 days One Item per ad
Rate applies to private Individuals selling
personal merchandise totalling $4000 or I
less. Each Item must include a price. /
This Is a non-refundable rate.

4 lines * 6 days One Item per ad
Rate applies to private individuals selling
personal merchandise totalling $6000 or
less. Each Item must include a price.
This Is a non-refundable rate. D



^22o 4
Ech additional

Each additional

Each additional
2 8 50 line $1.55


SJhldls 2 Sips

In Print and On Line

4 line minimumS2.55 per line
Add an additional $1.00 per ad for each Wednesday

Cosctv Isrin

Number of Insertions

Per line Rate

3 . . . ........ ...........

. . . . . . . . .1.65

4-6 ............................. $1.50
7-13 ........... .............. . 1.45
14-23 . . ........... ............. 1.20
24 or more . . . ..................... 990
Add an additional $1.00 per ad for each
Wednesday insertion.

Limited to service type advertising only.
4 lines, one month ............... . . . .75.00
$10.25 each additional line
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You can call us at 755-5440, Monday through Friday
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son, and some ad categories will require prepayment.
Our office is located at 180 East Duval Street.
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prompt correction and billing adjustments.

Cancellations- Normal advertising deadlines apply for

Billing Inquiries- Call 755-5440. Should further informa-
tion be required regarding payments or credit limits, your
call will be transferred to the accounting department.

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Advertising copy is subject to approval by the Publisher
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Federal, State or local laws regarding the prohibition of
discrimination in employment, housing and public accom-
modations. Standard abbreviations are acceptable; how-
ever, the first word of each ad may not be abbreviated.



Concrete Work

PATIOS. 26 years experience.
Please call 386-752-0743

Home Improvements

Pool Renovations,
Wood Decks & More.
KJ Kelley's 386-754-2357

Cleaning & Interior Painting
Your housekeeper doesn't do
windows I do! Also light Exterior
Painting. Call Tracy 386-454-8812

General Repairs & Maintenance.
Mobile & Structural Homes.
Personal Quality Service. Insured.
30 yrs exp.Richard 386-961-9030
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.
Carpentry, Painting, Plumbing &
Electrical repairs. 386-365-9909
North Florida Custom Carpentry
We help you make your home im-
provement easy from start to finish.
Including: 3D drawings, so you can
visualize your project before it
begins. Call 386-752-6815

Lawn & Landscape Service Drywall Services

Custom Cuts Lawn & Landscape.
Customized lawn care, sod, trim-
ming, design. Com. & Resd. Lic. &
insured. Call 386-496-2820 Iv msg.

Cypress mulch 5 yard minimum
Delivered & spread or just
delivered. 386-935-6595


Do you need help w/grocery shop-
ping & preparing weekly meals?
Candy's Home Cooked Classic's.
Free consult: 867-2345 Perfect for
Seniors & busy families!

Pick up of unwanted metals,
tin, scrap vehicles.
386-755-0133 We Recycle.

LYNN'S MOBILE Pet Grooming
Full Groom $25-$35
Van comes to your home.
32 years exp. 386-288-5966

DRYWALL Hang, Finish;
Textures; Plaster & Stucco Repairs;
Interior & Exterior Painting.

Tree Service

HAZARDOUS Tree Trimming
removal & stump grinding. Senior
discount. 24 hr emergency service
386-590-7798 or 386-963-3360

Carpet Cleaning

2 rooms & a hall $39.95.
5 rooms & a hall $89.95. Also Tile
& Grout Cleaning. 386-755-9200

Electrical Work

Make sure it's done right!
Immediate availability.Free
estimates. Call Russ 386-288-4313


814 S.W. STATE RD 247
LAKE CITY, FL. 32025
Community Self Storage located on
Hwy 247/Branford Hwy will accept bids
on the contents of the following units:
Unit B-4 belonging to Mike Green
Unit C-7 belonging to Lawrence-Dickey
Unit E-3 belonging to Jesse Majors
Unit E-23 belonging to Cliff Livingston
Unit G-2 belonging to Wanda Perry
Unit L-9 belonging to Marylou Mears
Unit N-34 belonging to Jose Arce
Unit 0-4 belonging to Chrissy Stanley
Unit S-3 belonging to Kimberly Sweet
Unit W-2 belonging to Victor Hemandez
Contents may be purchased in part or
whole. Payment must be made in cash.
Sale date is Thursday March 29, 2007 at
9:00 A.M.
March 14, 18, 21, 2007
File Number 07-49-CP
The administration of the estate of AR-
UMEDBHAI PATEL deceased, whose
date of death was December 6, 2006; is
pending in the Circuit court or Columbia
County, Florida, Probate Division; File
Number 07-49-CP; the address of which
is 173 NE Hemando Avenue, Lake City,
Florida 32055. The names and addresses
of the personal representative and the
personal representative's attorney are set
forth below.
All creditors of the decedent and other
persons, who have claims or demands
against decedent's estate, including un-
matured, contingent or unliquidated
claims, and who have been served a
copy of this notice, must file their claims
with this Court WITHIN THE LATER
All other creditors of the decedent and
other persons who have claims with this
OF THIS NOTICE IS March 11, 2007
Post Office Box 1328
Lake City, FL 32056-1328
Telephone: (386) 752-1896
Florida Bar No. 052454
Attorney for Personal
Personal Representative
678 SW Sweetbreeze Drive
Lake City, FL 32024
March 11, 18, 2007

To place your
classified ad call


Notice to current and former patients of
Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of North
Florida P.A., owned and operated by Dr.
John P. Craig, located in Columbia and
Suwannee Counties.
Effective March 1, 2007, the practice
and all related property have been sold
to Dr. Charlotte Gerry, DMD. Dr. Gerry
has operated a successful practice in
Jacksonville, Florida for the past 10
years and is eager and excited to serve ;
the communities.
Dr. Gerry invites all present and former
patients to remain with the practice.
Both the Live Oak and Lake City loca-
tions will remain open.
If desired records maybe obtained by
contacting Dr. Gerry or her staff at 386-
362-6800 and 386-755-7010 during nor-
mal weekday business hours.
March 11,18,25, 2007
April 1. 2007

Legal Notice A-,, Replacement
USDA Forest Service
Osceola National Forest
Osceola Ranger District
Columbia County, Florida
Responsible Official: Ivan Green, Dis-
trict Ranger
This legal notice replaces and super-
cedes the legal notice published
November 29, 2006. in the Lake City
Reporter. This starts the 30-day
objection period effective the day after
publication of this notice in the
Lake City Reporter concerning the re-
lease of the Environmental Assessment
of the Suwannee Upper Basin Priority
Areas One and Two Hazardous Fuels
Removal for Communities-At-Risk
Falling Creek Settlement and Osceola
This project is being proposed under the
Healthy Forest Restoration Act of
2003 and follows procedures for public
comment as directed by 36 CFR 218,
subpart A, which describes the objec-
tion process. It is not subject to the
notice, comment and appeal proce-
dures pursuant to 36 CFR 215 (36
218,.3). A legal notice was published in
the Lake City Reporter on November
29, 2006 to announce the availability
of a Predecisional EA for this
project for public comment. That no-
tice incorrectly stated the authority
for the official public comment period
as 36 CRR 215. However, those who
commented during that period, or
those who submitted written comments
during other opportunities for public
comment, are eligible to file an
objection under the 36 CFR 218 proce-
dures. The environmental analysis for
this project as described in the Prede-
cisional Environmental Assessment
(EA), for the Suwannee Upper basin,
Priority Areas One and Two A*,, Hazard-
Fuels Removal for Communities-at-Risk
Falling Creek Settlement and Osceola
Estates has not changed, with the ex-
ception of the two Forest Compartment
stands 8917 and 8940, which have
been dropped from the project proposal.
This project describes the thinning, pre-
scribed burning, and construction
of a permanent fire break 15 feet in
width around the two private
communities of Falling Creek and
Osceola Estates in order to remove
hazardous fire fuels. The EA can be
obtained by contacting the Osceola
Ranger District at 386-752-2577. If
you wish to receive the EA by CD,
please call our office using the number
listed above. The EA can also be
accessed electronically by visiting the
National Forests in Florida website
The analysis provides a disclosure of
the potential environmental effects
of the proposed action and other al-
ternatives. Objections to this
Environmental Assessment must be in
writing and must be fully consistent
with 36 CFR A� 218.7. Written objec-
tions, including attachments, must be
filed (regular mail, fax, email, hand-de-
livery, or express delivery) within
30 days following the publication of

this legal notice. The date of this.
publication is the exclusive means for
determining the timing of the 30-day
comment period, which includes Satur-
days, Sundays, and Federal holidays.
However,. if the 30-day period ends
on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal
holiday, comments will be accepted
until the end of the next Federal
working day (11:59 p.m.). Objections
must be sent or delivered to the '
Reviewing Officer (Forest Supervisor'
Marsha. Keamey), at USDAForest "
Service, National Forests in Florida,
325 John Knox Road, Suite F-100,
Tallahassee, Florida, 32303. The office
business hours for those submitting
objections by hand are: 8:00 am to
4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday,
excluding holidays. Electronic objec-
tions must be submitted in a format
such as an email message, plain text
(.txt), rich text format (.rtf), or
Word (.doc) to appeals-southem-flori-
Fax number is 850-523-8505 to the at-
tention of the Reviewing Officer.
Objections will be accepted only from
those who previously submitted
written comments specific to this project
during scoping or other
opportunity for public comment (36
CFR 218.6(a)).
In accordance with 36 CFR 218.7 in-
dividuals or organizations filing an
objection must provide the following in-
1) Objectord-'s name and address:
where multiple objectors are listed, the
lead objector must be identified.
2) The title: Upper Suwannee Analysis
Area Priority Areas I and 2 Hazardous
Fuel Removal Project, Osceola National
3) A specific narrative description of
those aspects of the proposed
project and suggested remedies
which would resolve the objection.
Incorporation of documents by reference
will not be allowed.
4) Signature or other verification of au-
thorization on request (a scanned
signature for electronic mail may be
filed with the objection). For
organizations, a signature or other
means of identification verification
must be provided for the individual
authorized to represent the
5) Individual members of an organi-
zation must have submitted comments
independently in order to file an objec-
tion in an individual capacity.
March 18, 25, 2007

010 Announcements

Medical Practice Now Open
Dr. Guy Strauss D.O., F.A.C.O.I.
Board Certified in Iternal
Medicine and Critical Care
Please call 386-754-2433 for an
appointment Located in the
Southern Mediplex Builing
404 N.W. Hall of Fame Drive
Medicare Insurances accepted.

060 Services

30 PEOPLE wanted to lose weight.
Up to 30 lbs/30 days.
FREE Sample & I/1 private
coaching. 229-423-7320 or

Adult Family Home Care
24 hr care, 3 meals a day plus snack,
transportation to Doctor, private
room. LIC. Call 386-397-2920




100 Opportunities

EDWARD JONES is a financial
service firm focused on meeting
the needs of individual investors.
Our Lake City, FL. branch has
an opening for an entry-level
administrative assistant. Excellent
organization, communication
skills, and the ability to work
independently are required to
work perform administrative,
marketing, and customer service
responsibilities. We offer
competitive benefits and a
comprehensive online training
program. To be considered for
this position, send resume and
salary requirements to:
Edward Jones
Human Resources
330 SW Main Blvd
Lake City, FL 32025
Fax: 877-428-7699
Attn: Travis Henry

Positions available in
High Springs, Chiefland,
Newberry & Live Oak

Are you ready to join the
"Best Burger" team?
You can taste the pride at
Hardee's. Join the team everyone
is talking about. Great
opportunities for motivated,
high-energy people. Hardee's
offers medical plans, flexible
schedules, sick time, tuition
reimbursement, holiday pay (4),
& paid vacation for F/T.
Call 1-888-398-3556 x 8504 or
email EOE.


Shift Leaders
$250 Sign-On Bonus
Crew Members
$100 Sign-On Bonus


Are you ready to join the
"Best Burger" team?
You can taste the pride at
Hardee's. Join the team
everyone is talking about.
Great opportunities for motivated,
high-energy people. Hardee's
offers medical plans, flexible
schedules, sick time, tuition
reimbursement, holiday pay (4),
& paid vacation for F/T.
Apply daily 2pm - 5pm at
Hardee's in Live Oak or call
1-888-398-3556 x 8504 to
schedule an interview. EOE.

Great employment opportunity!
Seeking qualified maintenance
person for full time position with
opportunity for advancement.
Applicant must be mature and
motivated to work in a Christian
retreat atmosphere. Require
basic knowledge in electrical,
plumbing, and carpentry, and
competency in operation of
various agriculture equipment.
Must be able to do physical
labor, involving lifting of 50+ Ibs.
Competitive salary, great benefits
package and a chance to work in a
Christian environment!
Fax resume to 386-362-7557 or
mail to 11057 Camp Weed PI.
Live Oak, FL. 32060.

DRIVERS & O/O's - CDL - A:
Top Pay, Excellent Hometime &
Benefits! Must Have 2 yrs.
Recent car hauling exp!
Centurion Auto Transport

Now hiring for High Springs
fruit & gift store.
Email resume to
or fax to 352-748-5644

Be home everyday,
While making excellent pay!
We are now hiring Dry Bulk
Cement & Chemicals.
* Excellent benefit package
after 90 days of cont.
All applicants must have:

* Class A CDL with X end.
* I yr. tractor-trailer
experience with a t/t school
cert or 2yrs tractor-trailer
experience without the cert.
* 25 yrs or older
Please call for more information
866-FLA-ROCK option 2 or
Apply online at
www. floridarockand

BAGGERS: Now hiring for
High Springs fruit & gilft stores.
Apply in Person at Florida
Citrus Center 18625 CR 236,
High Springs (exit 404 & 1-75)
or call Beth 386-462-1501

100 Job
045 133i2

Davis Express, Inc. a refrigerated
trucking company located in
Starke, FL is growing and has the
opportunity for a recruiting
administrator. The position
involves qualifying, processing,
and orienting new drivers into our
company. Good communication
and computer skills are a must.
Previous trucking
experience is a plus.
Davis Express, Inc. offers
competitive compensation
and benefits.
BCBS Health Insurance
Free Dental Insurance
Paid Vacation
401K & Disability Available
All interested candidates can
. e-mail resumes to
Or fax to 904-964-5419
No Phone Calls Please
Equal Opportunity Employer. -'
Drug Free Workplace

Costa Farms is looking for
energetic self starters for a 12-14
week merchandising program in
local garden shops.

Lake City Locations

Pay starting at $10.00 per hour
with $250. project completion bo-

Permanent employment potential
for outstanding performers.

Send resume or notice of interest
to or
fax to 1-786272-6162

Driver - Exp'd & Inexp'd

New Pay Increases!
Dedicated, Regional &
OTR Opportunities!
No Exp? CDL Training Avail
* Top Trainee Pay
Full Tuition Reimbursement

Anderson Columbia Co., Inc. is
seeking an exp. Controller.
Construction background in
management & accounting pref.
Bachelor degree or higher req.
Salary commensurate w/ exp.,
competitive benefits pkg.
DFWP/EEO Employer.
Fax resume to 755-9132 or email:

SECURITY needed for Large
Manufacturing Plant: Must be
able to work flex. hours. Previous
exp. a plus. Fax resume to
386-758-4523 or apply in person
@ Corbitt Mfg, Inc., Mon-Fri
between the hours of 2 and 4pm

Truck Driver needed for local
manufacturing plant. Individual
must possess a valid Class A CDL
license & a clean MVR. Exc. pay.
Benefits avail after 6 mnts of
employment. Apply in person at
Corbitt Mfg., Inc., 854 NW
Guerdon Street, Lake City,
between 9am-3pm Mon-Fri. DFW



District Manager
Due to growth we are looking for
a motivated self starter person to
join our team in the Convenience
store business in the North
Florida region. Applicant must
have prior experience managing
multiple locations and have
excellent communication skills
and be willing to work
flexible hours including nights,
weekends and holidays.
We offer a competitive salary,

weekly pay, bonus, incentives,
paid holidays, vacation and
Company vehicle.
Call: 866-539-7685 Ext 24
Fax Resume to: 352-333-1161
Mail: Fast Track
Attn: Dale Turner
3715 NW 97th Blvd
Gainesville, FL 32606

Retire Rich!
Taste the Good Life!
Mona Vie Tasting Party
Monday March 26 at
7:30 pm Call: 965-3325

100 0ob

Join Aaron's, Lake City as we
add to our WINNING TEAM.
Paid training, benefits, bonus,
Learn how to run a
Million Dollar Retail Store!
Over 21, clean MVR, drug free
2658 SW Main Blvd.

Driver- CDL A
We Get you the MILES
That Earn you the


All '05, '06 AND NOW '07
Volvos & Freightliners
3,000 Mi/Wk Avg
Weekly Home Time
One-Day Orientation
.30 cpm starting pay
for 6 mo. exp.
Must Be 22 Yrs. Old.
Class A CDL Required.
CDL training available
at ALL American Driving Academy
Call 877-856-CDLS or 866-856-1263


Steep PAY Ahead!

Great New Pay Package!!!
Experienced Drivers get
paid what you deserve!

' Great New Pay Package!!
90 cpm + Fuel

* No Loading/Unloading
* Optional NE & No Hazmat
* 22 years min. age



is currently looking for an
independent newspaper carrier
for the Columbia City area.
Deliver the Reporter in the
early morning hours.
Tuesday`- Sunday'.
.,,, No.deliyexyy.9 ,Monday's ..
carrier must have dependable
transportation. Stop by the
Reporter today to fill out a
contractor's inquirers form.
No phone calls please!



Savage Services is seeking
professional drivers for the
evening shift for local hauls in the
Lake City Area. Class A CDL
with Hazmat and Tanker
endorsements required.
* Competitive Pay
* Complete Benefit Package,
Including 401K
" Home everyday
" Paid H61lidays and Vacations
* Quarterly Incentive Bonus
Only serious applicants need
apply. Call 386-755-9097 or
Apply at Florida Crowns
Career Center Located at
971 W HWY 90 Suite 101

Now hiring for Clerical positions!
General office skills,
approximately 1-2 years
experience, MS Word, and
Excel is a plus. Drug screen and
Background check required.
Fax resume to 386-755-7911
or call 386-755-1991
to schedule an interview

Drivers - Seeking Owner Ops
-..:- $1.03 plus surcharge
a:- Great Local Freight
a: Home Every Night
a Health Insurance Avail
T/T exp with CDL A.
Comtrak Logistics

&2wi Us of0

100 Opportunities

Social Services Opening
Full Time with Benefits
Must have BS/BA
Sociology, Social Work
Or Heath Care Related Field.
Call Angela Akins at
386-362-7860. Or apply
Suwannee Health Care Center
1620 E. Helveston St.
Live Oak, FL 32064

ClassAs NOW enrolling.

Full-time position available.
Must possess professional
communication skills and friendly
demeanor. Multi-line phone,
filing, and computer experience
required. Must be able to
multi-task in a fast paced office
environment and be attentive to
detail. Drug-Free Workplace.
Starting pay $8.00 p/h with
benefits. Fax resume to
(386)961-8200, e-mail to or mail
to 173 SE Newell Drive,
Lake City, Fl 32025.

Full-time position available at
aircraft pafts distributor. Must
possess excellent verbal and
written communication skills and
friendly demeanor. Must be able
to multi-task in a fast paced office
environment, be attentive to
details and possess computer
skills. No aircraft parts experience
required, training will be
provided. Drug-Free'Workplace.
Wage negotiable with benefits.
Fax resume to
(386) 961-8200, e-mail to
or mail to 173 SE Newell Drive,
Lake City, FI 2025.

Bus office looking for part-time
experienced bookkeeper
with A/P and payroll
background. Experience with
QuickBooks, computerized office
applications and procedures
necessary. Must have previous
bookkeeping experience or
equivalent education.
* Send resumes and references to:
4424 NW American Lane,
Suite 101, Lake City, FL 32055

Out of Newberry, FL

Excellent Benefits
Class A CDL req.
Must be a least 21 yrs old
Trainees Welcome!
24735 NW 9th Place
Newberry, FL 32669

$ Money $
Seeking sharp go getters, Able to
TRAVEL USA. Demo chemical
products. Good people skills &
enjoy working in a Rock in Roll
evir. Call Kelly 1-800-201-3293.
9-6. Must start immed.

&;tunts llee


5 acre lots with rolling hills, beautiful country setting,
paved roads, underground utilities.
Restricted to site-built homes with Minimum 2000 sqft.
STARTING AT $79,000 with owner financing!
From US 90 turn North onto NW Lake Jeffery Rd.
Travel approx. 7 miles then turn left onto NW Huntsville Church Dr.,
property is next to Chulrch.
Offered by Martha Jo Khachigan
(386) 623-2848 view at

100 Jb0


Has Opportunities in Lake
City CDL-A Drivers needed
for specialized Dedicated
Local Operation
Home Daily
Assigned Tractors
And More
Call for Details!

for growing company Qualified
candidates will posses extensive
computer skills. Must have
excellent oral and written
communication skills and be
comfortable functioning in a
fast-paced, professional work
environment. This position also
requires the ability to make
initial and follow-up phones call
relating to sales. To apply for this
position please fax resume to

Atlantic Truck Lines
$1,000 Sign-on Bonus
Class A, in state & home every
night. $600-$750/wk. Yearly $1,000
safety bonus. 3 yrs. exp. Paid
vacation. Health/dental. Call
1-800-577-4723 Monday-Friday

Person should be at least 18 years of
age, very enthusiastic and
dependable. Retirees welcome:
Please apply in person @ Southside
Baptist Church. 388 SE Baya Dr.
No Phone calls please.

too Job
100 OOpportunities


Attn Drivers:
We're hiring in the Southeast!

a ii 101;M1 01

Family owned and operated
$ NEW.Sign-On Bonus $
Dedicated South &
Southeast runs mean
* Good miles for high earnings
* Most Weekends a Home
6 months OTR. w/Hazmat req.
For more info call

Full time with benefits.
Please call 386-454-4767

Aircraft Mechanic
A&P required, IA desirable
For Full Time at growing
General Aviation Facility.
AMI-FFT IS Seeking a case
Manger to work with at risk youths.
BA required. Salary negionable
flexible hours 755-1172 or
Fax 755-1486
CDL TRUCK Driver Needed,
2 Years-Exp. req., clean driving
record. Located in Branford, Fl.
area. Please contact Melissa or
Melanie at (386)935-2773

Thank you Susan Holton Neiw Home Owners
for all your help. Byron & Quernande

en.ic.ELRAPPS 623-6612 L

Classified Department: 755-5440


100 Job
v100 Opportunities
ARTSY ABODE seeking Manager,
FT/PT sales associates needed for
new Vera Bradley store, in Lake
City Mall. Sales exp. Preferred.
email:, for
application. Opening in April
CHILD CARE Provider Wanted in
my home for two infants 4-5 days
per week. Columbia city area.
References and background check
required. Call to schedule interview
Students with online classes
welcome to apply. 386-867-2545
Class A CDL, Clean driving record
with dump trailer exp. Must pass
drug test. 386-719-9482 office.
DUMP TRUCK Driver Needed
Must have asphalt experience, clean
driving record with 2 year CDL.
Call 386-497-3131
Hungry Howies is now hiring Pizza
Delivery Drivers.
Earn CASH DAILY 18 or older.
Apply in person Lake City Plaza
next to the Dollar General.
Must be dependable and have
electrical experience. Great pay.
Please call (386)
344-2029 or (386)758-6972
EXP FRONT Desk Clerk
needed for Howard Johnson Hotel.
Apply in person
Restaurant now hiring experienced
pizza makers. Top pay.
Call John 386-590-4591
HELP WANTED Experienced
2 cycle & 4 cycle
small engine Mechanic.
Must have own tools. 752-8098
**Ranch Maintenance**
Experience to include Horses,
Lawn, Fences, Tractor and misc.
"Honey Do's". References req.
Smoke Free. Housing Provided.
386-963-1200 or 386-867-2910
HUDDLE HOUSE - Ellisville
Servers & Grill Operators
needed for 2nd & 3rd Shifts.
Apply Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm
Lake City Christian Academy
is looking for Teachers
with a BA degree
Call 386-758-0055
For heavy Truck &Trailer Repair
Facility. Call Southern Specialized
LLC US 41 North 386-752-9754
has a FT opening for a mechanic,
must have own hand tools,
hydraulic exp. helpful.
Call 386-362-7048
Drug Free Work Place
has immediate opening for an
experienced Auto-body painter.
Apply in person Hwy 90 East. Live
Oak or call 386-362-7048 DFWP
NOW HIRING Espresso servers..
P/T Saturdays a must.
Personality a plus. '
Call (352)278-0425 ask Barbara
Apply in Person
TOYOTA See Jimbo
busy office. Must be computer
literate and able to work under
pressure. Fax resume to
352-332-9962 or email to
Parts Checker/Warehouse
Local Auto Parts Distributor seeks
Part Checker. Must be detail
oriented. Warehouse experience
required. Must pass Drug Test.
Apply in person only at
385 SW Arlington Blvd
Lake City, FL 32025
PHISH HEADS Now hiring
Exp. cooks, AM-PM, FT-PT,
Apply in person M-TH 2-4PM
144 SW Main Blvd. Suite 170
Wanted. Career opportunities, with
fast growing business, Call
The Plumber 755-9789
PT Release Audit & Front desk
position. Apply in person
Mon-Fri, 9-4 at
Experienced Sales Person needed.
See Robert Corbett at
1126 East Howard Street, Live Oak.
Corbett's Mobile Home Center.
Switchbard Operator, high volume
call position. Some benefits
including. Holid ay pay & leave.
Must be able to learn switchbord
program & work unsupervised.
Part-time with a rotating shift
including weekends & nights.
CR341, 512 SW Sisters Welcome
Road. Job Description avail, at
Area County One Stop locations.
Salary: $36,115.32/annually
Closing Date: Friday,
March 23, 2007
TOW TRUCK Driver Needed.

Clean MVR, Must pass background
check. Reside within Lake City.
Call 386-752-7799
Publication Sales Co. hiring
18 sharp enthusiastic Individuals
to travel the U.S. Training, travel-
ing, lodging transportation provided
TRI COUNTY Tree Service,
looking for Bucket Truck Operator.
Must have exp. in Tree Work. CDL
a plus, Excel pay. 386-963-5000
Local Collision Parts Co. seeks
warehouse person. Exp. preferred.
M-F. Apply in person only,
No Phone Calls Please. 385 SW
Arlington Blvd, Lake City, FL.

100 Opportunities

The Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch, an
80 bed residential group home
located in Live Oak on the Suwan-
nee River, is looking for a bright,
energetic individual to provide ad-
ministration, training, evaluation,
and consultation to Cottage Parents
who are responsible for the
treatment and care of dependent and
neglected youth. Masters Degree in
Human Services or related field and
2 years experience is required.
Compensation package includes ex-
cellent salary, housing, utilities,
vehicle, and benefits. For more in-
formation contact Linda Mather
(386) 842-5555 or 1/800/765-2697.
Fax resume
386/842-1029. EOE/DFWP

110n Sales

A Terrific Opportunity!
Liberty National Life
Insurance Company
$100,000+ Earning
Potential, Benefits,
Pension, 401K, BCBS Insurance
Call 1-800-257-5500

At Travel Country RV Center we
are on the move! With the hottest
products on the market and as the
fastest growing dealership in the
region, we're adding sales
professionals to help expand our
market and to help maintain our
extremely loyal customer base.
We're not looking for career sales
people who change jobs every 6
months. We're looking for hard
working honest people who enjoy
the great outdoors, and want to
join an industry where an average
salesperson can earn $50,000 per
year, and the truly motivated and
hardworking salespeople can earn
$75,000 to $100,000 + each and
every year. All you need is
appearance, and the "gift of gab",
and we'll teach you everything
you need to be successful.
If you're ready for a serious
career opportunity email your
employment history for the last
3 years (with earnings) to, or
Call Ann, @ 752-3723 to
schedule an appointment.
All inquiries will be
kept in strict confidence.

no Sales
110 Employment

Sales Trainee
401k, Medical, Dental. Stock
Options, Paid Training! Monthly
and Quarterly Bonuses!
Apply in person.
3973 US HWY 90 W
Lake City FL

120 Medical
1 Employment

Exercise Physiologist or person
with exercise related background
needed for physical therapy clinic
PT Tuesday and Thursdays in
Lake City and FT, PT and PRN
positions available in Gainesville.
E-mail resume to
debbie(5) or fax to
attention Debbie (352)332-3812

REHAB CENTER is accepting
applications for CNA's.
All Shifts Available,
PT, FT & PRN. Excellent pay &
benefits. Please apply in person
at 587 SE Ermine Ave,
Lake City, Fl 32025. EOE/
Drug Free Work Place

Fit For Life Physical Therapy
has positions available in
Lake City for persons experienced
in medical office front desk.
Part time, Tuesday and Thursday
8 am to 5 pm. Medical Manager
a plus. E-mail to
debbie( or fax to
attention Debbie (352)332-3812.

C.N.A. needed
Full Time with Benefits
3pm- llpm
Call Angela Akins
At 386-362-7860
Or apply at
Suwannee Health Care Center
1'620 E Helvenston Street
Live Oak, FL 32064

llp-7:30a, 3p-ll:30p
Must be dependable and ready to
work Apply in person to
Macclenny Nursing & Rehab
755 South 5th St/Hwy 228
Ask for Sharon/Melves

120 Medical
120 Employment

RNs and LPNs
Florida Department of
Corrections currently has
vacancies for RN Supervisor,
RN Specialists, RNs and LPNs
at the following institutions:
Columbia (Lake City)
Hamilton (Jasper)
RMC (Lake Butler)
FSP (Raiford)
Union (Raiford)
Exceptional Health Care
Vested Retirement after six years
Annual and sick leave accrual
Paid holidays

Career Service Rates
are based on experience
Full-time non benefited
positions available.
Please visit:
Contact: Kathy Reed
(386) 496-6804
Jennifer Dudley

LPN or RN needed
7P - 7A
Suwannee Health Care Center
1620 E. Helvenston St.
Live Oak, FL 32064
Please Contact Angela Akins
or Amelia Tompkins at

Suwannee Medical Personnel
is now taking applications for
CNA's in the Lake Butler,
Starke and Lake City area.
Must be a Fl. certified CNA and
have 1 year experience.
If interested please call
(386) 755-1544, ask for Martha.

(2) Full Time positions 7p-7a
(1) Part Time position, every
other weekend Apply at
Macclenny Nursing & Rehab
755 South 5th Street,
Ask for Becky or Sharon

Experience preferred. FT/PT
Forward Resume To:
PO Box 1359 Lake City, Fl. 32056
Or Fax 386-719-4744

HUN + fR

Come Grow With Us!

Hunter Panels LLC in Lake City is

accepting application's for the position of




applicants will have experience working

with 480/3-Phase electrical, PLC's/Allen

Bradley 5000, pumps/valves, conveyor

systems, hydraulics, previous experience

in the poly-iso industry a plus but not a

must. Only qualified candidates will be

considered. Must be a team player and

accept change with a positive attitude.

Must be open to shift work as needed.

Excellent pay and benefits, 401K Plan,

11 paid holidays a year, paid vacation

and more. EEOC/DFWP Fax # 386-755-

7882 All faxes should be to the attention

of G. Ridilla or J. Bacon Address: 388 SE

Enterprise Ct, Lake City, Fl 32025 Email

120\ Medical
120 Employment


Behavioral Healthcare
Emergency Screener:
Conducts emergency
assessments for clients and or ref.
sources. Masters in SW,
Psych/Counseling or related field.
Sr. Clinician/CO- IV:
Provide clinical eval, treatment &
consultation in school/clinic
settings to clients w/ mild to
severe mental disabilities. Sr.
Clinician -licensed pos.
COIV-non-lic. Masters in SW,
Psych/ Counseling
Req. 2 years experience.
Pos. in all 10 counties.
Child Welfare Case
Manager (Trenton and
Lake City): Identify and Assess
client & family needs of minors
placed in care of DCE BA/BS in
a Human Services rel. field req.
Counselor II (LC):
Facilitating groups; dev.
treatment plans; Must be Cert.
Mental Hit. Tech.
Competitive Salary Excellent
Benefits www.mbhci.o2
Fax:(352) 374-5608
Email Resumes to:
needed Full Time for busy Doctors
office. Experience helpful.
Fax resume to 386-758-5987

For Busy ASC needed Full time
Please fax resume to
Medical Billing
For busy medical facility
Experience in medical insurance
billing required. Excellent salary.
Mail in confidence to
PO Box 3306
Lake City 32056.
QMRP Needed
BA/BS Human Service field
1 year experience in MR/DD
Lake City Cluster
673 NW Cluster Drive

170 Business
170 Opportunities

FOR SALE Parking Lot sweeping
Business. Established Customers.
Positive cash flow.

170 t Business
7 / Opportunities
Start their own business.
Join the mom team call
(912) 610-1879

190 Mortgage Money

Private Investor
has cash for your
monthly payments.
Call Jerry 754-2122

240 Schools &
Want to be a CNA? Don't want to
wait? Express Training Services of
Gainesville is now offering our
quality CNA exam Prep classes.
Day/Eve classes. Class for 1 week,
certification test the next week.
Class size is limited. Next class
03/19/07. Call 386-755-4401

310 Pets & Supplies
2 Male Weimaraner puppies taken
from the Lake City Animal Shelter
on March 6th. Reward or info
leading to their return. 752-4702

FEMALE AKC German Sheppard
puppy 9 weeks old. AKC papers&
Health Certificate. Ears are tattooed.
$700. 386-208-2510
Happy Jack Sardex II:
the oderless and greaseless way to
treat mange on dogs. Use indoors!
TSC Stores (386)752-4256
Happy Jack Sardex II:
the odorless & greaseless way to
treat mange on dogs.
Without steroids. TSC Stores
Beautiful colors, great mannered
Parents on Premises Call
Matt Jo or Spider 386-754 6105

402 Appliances

LIKE NEW Refrigerator.
Frigidaire w/ Top Freezer
$400. OBO

Window Unit air conditioner
w/remote control. Like new, whte
color. BRRRRRR cold
$99.00, 386-758-8654

407 Computers
Celeron 512MB Ram 60GB
harddrive CD/RW/DVD combo
$250.00 Call 386-344-1938

Sunbelt Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Now Hiring Sales Consultants to work with
aggressive dealership. We provide Salary + Commision,
401 K, Health Insurance & Paid Vacations.
Apply in person at Hwy 90 West
ask for Randy Sears or John Waschek.

Sunbelt Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Now Hiring: Service Consultants & Service
Technicians (Must have own tools)
We provide:
401K, Health Insurance & Paid Vacations
Apply in Person at Hwy 90 West,
ask for Dwight Wilson or Dennis Conway

Iwo lots available!!! Each lot is .5 acres and is restricted to site built and modular
homes. Lots sit across from a new subdivision. $35,900 each. MLS#58441
Immaculate and like new 3/2 home with hardy board exterior in a newer
subdivision close to town. Home has 1444sf., 2-car garage, double vanity in master
bath, large rooms, and lots of closet space. $165,000. MLS#58244
Great highway frontage in growing area! This property has 4.01 beautiful acres.
Could make a good investment opportunity! $74,900. MLS#58208
Well maintained 3/2 DWMH on 2.81 acres. Home has 1404sf., fenced yard, decks,
aluminum shed, 6 dog pens with concrete floors, and peach trees. $145,000.

OnfujV, 386-752-6575
3101 W. US Hwy 90, Suite 101
THE DARBY-ROGERS COMPANY Lake Gty, FL 32055 Lke ty, F 3


Transportation LLC, Position in Alachua
Join the Transportation Division of America's Largest &
Most Successful Retailer Technician 1, 2 and 3

* 1-5 years tractor/trailer related experience
* Brake Certification In accordance with DOT
* Troubleshoot, repair & perform preventive
maintenance on OTR Tractors & Trailers
" Perform Inbound trailer Inspection
* Fuel Wal-Mart Equipment
* Diagnostics Including major components,
anflock brake systems, and OBC.
" Valid Driver's Ucense
" Must provide one hand tools

* Excellent pay with progressive increases
on regular schedule vacations, holidays,
personal days
* Major medical & dental plan
* Company paid life Insurance
* 401(k) & profit sharing plan
* Stock purchase plan

To receive full details on qualifications and procedures to apply contact:
Wal-Mart Transportation #7835
Attention: Jacci Dietz, Human Resources Manager
Alachua, FL 32615
Wal-Mart will not tolerate discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, sex,
sexual orientation, religion, disability, ethnicity , national origin, marital status, veteran
status, or any other legaiiy-protected status.

Classified Department: 755-5440


408 Furniture
4 PC Bedroom set. Veneer
Cherry Wood. Brass
hardware, Good Condition.
$325.00. 386-758-6956
AMERICAN OAK Window Table.
Top Condition
752-8351 evenings and weekends
BEAUTIFUL Maple Dining Room
table w/ 2 leaves. 4 regular chairs &
2 captain chairs. Like new Cond.
MOVING. 386-288-5954
White with gold accent, $99 OBO
Call after 5:00pm
Golden Oak Stained wood
very sturdy & beautiful $99.00
Call 386-961-8812
Desk, Chair & File cabinet.
ALL $99.00.
Good Condition.
Dark Color w/1 leaf & 4 chairs
(matching). very nice.
$99.00 386-758-3057
Desk Louis XV style
$1400. 752-8351
evenings and weekends
FRENCH OAK 3 drawer
Chest Louis XV style
$500. 752-8351
evenings and weekends
Louis XV style
$85.00 752-8351
evenings and weekends

Small Entertainment Center
Dark wood color, glass door,
shelving. $99.00
Call 386-961-8812

light wood, custom designed,
Sturdy & beautiful.
$99.00 386-758-3057
TWO MATCHING light blue gray
recliners with center table. Good
condition. $49.00 for all

416 Sporting Goods
POOL TABLE - Gorgeous Brand
new 8' wood table. Leather pockets,
Italian 1" slate, carved legs. Still in
Crate! Cost $4,500. Sell $1,350.
Can Deliver. 352-264-9799
420 Wanted to Buy

Payment in advance for standing
pine timber. Large or small tracts.
Call 386-454-1484 or 961-1961.
$150 Each. Free Pick Up
Call 386-878-9260
After 5pm 386- 752-3648

440 Miscellaneous

15X24 OVAL Swimming Pool
All accessories included. $500
You must removed OBO
Call 386-935-0752

tread Mill. Has alot of features and
programs. $500.00 cash
Call 719-2544
Home charger, plus mobile charger.
Plus Extras. Excellent condition.
$40 386-961-9347
Lift for a van. $300.00.
Call for more information.
HOT TUB - $1,795. LOADED!
Never used. Waterfall, therapy jets,
LED lights, cupholders, 1 10v
energy efficient. With warranty.
Can deliver 352-376-1600
PROM DRESS Teal & white,
brand new still in the box
One of a kind. Size extra small.
$100 OBO 386-362-4448
$50 OBO (386)344-4503

630 Mobile Homes
630 for Rent

0 C51494 l3 5
3BR/2BA Neat, clean, quiet Park.
NW Lake City. Senor discount
offered. $."00 plus deposit.
No Pets. 941-524-4601

2BR/2BA 14'X70' with large Front
Porch in the Country. $600 mo
w/l st & $600 Security. No Pets.
Call 386-755-1432
No pets In the Country.
$600 ino w/lst & $600 Security.
Call 386-755-1432
In ground pool, I car garage,
First, last & sec. $900/mo. No Pets.
Please call 386-754-4116
IN PARK Mobile Homes for Rent
2BR/2BA, $550 mo, 1st, last, sec.
&Applications required.

f640 Mobile Homes
640 for Sale


2007 3BR/2BA
Delivery & Set up included
3973 Hwy 90 West
Lake City, FL

$500.00 DOWN!
With your Land
2006 Clearance
And New 2007's
3973 Hwy 90 West
Lake City, FL

2BR/2BA newly remodeled.
1995 $18,500
Call 850-879-7095
PALMS & JAKES move over.
Platimum outdoes them both.
Great Prices Too.
Hamilton Homes 758-6755

650 Mobile Home
S &Land
1989 DW 3BR/2BA on 0.4 acres.
798 Double Run Rd. $69,500.
. Call 386-867-0048
3/2 DW A/C on 1.5 acre lot
Will sell or Lease
in Worthington Springs
Call 386-466-1104
1999 4BR/2BA on 2.5 acres. South
of Lake City, small down, $775/mo

705 Rooms for Rent
Room/Bath for lw/1 car garage,
W/D, screened porch, near
CR252/Hwy 41. CLEAN, QUIET,
Neighborhood. $425 mo. 1st & last
plus Dep. 1/2 cable & electric. No
Pets (352)361-7201

Unfurnished Apt.
710 For Rent
1BR/1BA. APT. Appliances Up-
stairs, convenient, in town location,
$500. mo. 1st, last & security.
Call 386-754-9293
with garage. Available 4/1/07.
$600 mo Call after 5 pm
754-1764 or 352-514-2332
Immediate Openings 1 & 2 BR.
Convenient Location. Near VA
Hospital. Call for price and details.
Townhouse Apt. 2BR/1.5BA.
Spacious 2 story townhouse on
McFarlane Ave. $750 mo,
plus $400 deposit.
Call 752-7781 or 397-5880
$150 off first month's rent.
Windsong Apartments,
Come see us today! 758-8455

720 Furnished Apts.
2 For Rent
Completely Furnished, clean,
private, near city. I BR. APT. Nice
neighborhood. Timco Welcome.
Quiet Call 386 961-9516

730 Unfurnished
730 Home For Rent
$278/MO! 4BR Hud!
5% down 20 years at 8%APR.
For listings
800-366-9783 ext F388
on secluded 5 acres. Clean.
$700 mo. 1st, last & security FIRM.
Call 386-209-0319
5 BR! Only $199/mo!
5% down. 20 years at 8% APR.
For listings call
800-366-9783 ext 5736
Buy 3BR only $14,500!
Foreclosure! For listing
800-366-9783 ext 7782

7 0 Furnished
41 Homes for Rent
Total Furn. Wkly/Mo, or
7-Mo Lease Avail.
386-754-7233 or 904-336-3776

0 Business &
750 Office Rentals
2 RETAIL Spaces for rent.
High traffic area.
Next to Winn Dixie. 780 sq ft or
900 sq ft. 800-342-0135
across from the VA, on Baya.
with private entrance and shared
street sign. Common reception,
bath and kitchen. $689/mo
Please call Katie 386-754-6600
Ideal for Doctors & Accountants.
Between 900-1,000 sq ft.
$900 mo + tax.
Call 386-752-9626
OFFICE IN Oakbridge Complex
725 SE Baya Dr.
500 sq. ft., second floor unit.
Call 386-752-4820
Office Space for Rent, In Live Oak
Approx. 1,300 SF. For further
information Call Poole Realty
OFFICE- w/2,100 SF Located in
Live Oak For rent. For further
information Call Poole Realty

760 Wanted to Rent

WANT TO RENT Mobile Home
or Camping Space w/ garden
space for $250/mo or less. w/cat. I
work for rent. 276-284-9101.

790 Vacation Rentals
Horseshoe Beach Gulf Front
2BR House very well decorated w/
Ig waterfront porch, dock, & fish
sink. Avail weekends. $395. or
weekly $895. (352)498-5986 or

805 Lots for Sale
1 ACRE near Ft. White.
River access. $500 down,
owner financing. Small payments.
Call 386-497-3637
5 ACRES near Lake City.
5 miles to Wal-Mart.
Small down, owner financing.
Call 386-497-3637
2.69 acres/ New Upscale
Subdivision in Lake City. $95,000.
Call (772)464-6092
ASKING $68,000

810 Home for Sale
$278/MO! 4BR Hud!
5% down 20 years at 8%APR.
For listings
800-366-9783 ext H411
Brand New 1900 sqft site built
3BR/2BA Starting at $149K
0 down & $900 mo.
Slow credit no problem

810 Home for Sale

Logged Homes
Starting at
3973 Hwy 90 West
Lake City, FL


2007 3BR/2BA
Delivery & Set up included
3973 Hwy 90 West
Lake City, FL

$500.00 DOWN!
With your Land
2006 Clearance
And New 2007's
3973 Hwy 90 West
Lake City, FL
Only $22,500!
Bank foreclosures available now,
for listings 800-366-9783 ext 9478

3BR/2BA! Only $14,500!
Must Sell, for listings
800-366-9783 ext 7921
FSBO: 3BR/2BA, 2746 sq ft.
Plantations Hwy 90 West.
$275,900. Call (352)669-8510
or 352-989-7034
FSBO: 4BR/2BA Block Home
1600 sqft, on 3/4 acre.
CH/A, 2 car garage. Please call
386-9.65-6032 or 904-509-4403

Owner Finance!
2BR/lBA Mhome 1 Acre "
Near College/Small Down
$600 mo/ 866-877-8661 Ext. 620

820 Farms &
S Acreage

Rivers, Creeks
Rolling Hills,
Level, Bottom Land,
Hardwoods, Pine,
Excellent Hunting!
St. Regis Paper Co.

158 1/2 Ac., MOL 15 mi. N of Lake
City on US 441, well drained, with
frontage, hardwoods, pasture,
25 ac. planted pines. REDUCED
$5,365/AC. Terms possible.

820 Farms &
S Acreage

250 ACRES $5000/acre.
High Springs Area-Fully Permitted
5acre subdivision. High and Dry
planted pines.Great investment
Please call 772-388-2255

41 1/2 Acres. Improved pasture with
scattered oaks. Very secluded with
well. Columbia County. Call Jane S.
Usher Lic. Real Estate Broker

41 1/2 Acres. Improved pasture with
scattered oaks. Very secluded with
well. Columbia County. Call Jane S.
Usher Lie. Real Estate Broker


" ACREAGE. 4 to 20 acre lots.
Owner financing. Low down
payment. Deas Bullard/BKL
Properties. 386-752-4339.

OFF HWY 247 & 248,
$190K 904-289-9218

Owner Financing 5 acres
Tustenuggee Hills Subdivision.
10 min. from Lake City.
Off Tustenuggee Rd. Dry, Cleared
& Fenced 386-454-7170

830 Commercial
8 Property

2 COMMERCIAL Spaces for rent.
1,250 sq ft. Located at
2172 SE Baya Dr. Call
229-921-3822 or 229-522-0156

920 Auto Parts
2v & Supplies

4-LT 325/60R18 used
pick-up truck toyo tires
$400.00 only 29,000 miles of use.
Call 719-2544

930 Motorcycles

2006 SUZUKI 250.
Less than 500 miles.
garage kept. one owner.
$2,800. 386-719-3908

940 Trucks

1998 CHEVY 1500 longbed.
single cab. Automatic, one owner.
119k mi.. v-6, showroom cond.
$5,900. (352)339-5158

1999 3-QUARTER ton truck Sav-
annah GMC. 8 ply excellent shape,
heat/ac. Great paint $8200 OBO
Call 352-538-7904

950 Cars for Sale

1998 NISSAN Altima,
4 door, Automatic, AM/FM/CD
one owner, 170k mi., like new.
$3,700. (352)339-5158

CARS FROM $500.00!
Police Impounds available now,
for listings
800-366-9813 ext A760

952 Vans & Sport
952 Util. Vehicles

Only $650/OBO!
Police Impounds,
for listings 800-366-9813 ext A834


Advertise your car, truck, motorcycle, recreation vehicle or boat here for
10 consecutive days. If your vehicle does not sell within those 10 days, for
an additional $10 you can place your ad for an additional 10 days. A picture
will run everyday with a description of your vehicle. The price of the vehicle
must be listed in the ad. Your ad must be prepaid with cash, check or credit
card. Just include a snapshot or bring your vehicle by the we will take the
picture for you. Private party only!


2005 Corolla LE
s41s,eou14,900 OBO
Excellent condition, only
19,000 miles, great gas
mileage, CD changer & more.

1991 Fleetwood
Cadillac BRM
Leather int. Like new, blue,
81,000 miles.

j- - ___

2001 Chrysler
Town-n-Country LXI
Fully loaded. Very good condi-
tion. Runs great! Power side
doors and life gate. Remote
keyless entry. Lots of extras.

1996.20 ft. Whitecap
Palm Beach
$6,900 OBO
CC, 150hp Johnson ocean
runner. Brand new hamming
bird fish finder GPS. Tandem
axle trailer, surge breaks.
After 12:00 noon

2007 Nissan Versa
Great buy, beautiful gator blue.
Loaded, top ratings on safety
& gas, 5 yr. warranty & gap
coverage trans.

1992 Buick Riviera
113K miles, runs great.
Like new. Must see!
New A/C, PW, CD player.




Lake City Correctional Facility is accepting applications for
* Academic Instructor
* Correctional Officers (FL certified)
* Non-Certified Correctional Officers (must have
passed the Florida Basic Aptitude Test)
* Educational Counselor
* LPN (FT & PT)
* RN (FT & PT)
* Vocational Instructor (Janitorial)

Apply online at or in person at:
Lake City Correctional Facility
7906 E. US Hwy 90
Lake City, FL 32055
(386) 755-3379 * (386) 752-7202 (fax)

Lake City Reporter

Classified Department: 755-5440

Story ideas?

Lindsay Downey
Features Editor
Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lake City Reporter



Don Goode
Phone: 752--5384


are worth

giving a try

in the


There are over 150
species and
varieties of
available worldwide
for landscape or woodland
plantings. Some of these are
native to the South and are well
worth considering. Once
established they are generally
low maintenance and drought
tolerant. Some varieties have
noticeable clusters of white
blooms in the spring and
produce small fruit enjoyed by
the birds.
Soil and fertilizer
preferences: There is some
variation in preferences among
the various species of
Viburnum, but generally
they will tolerate moist to
well-drained soil. They will
perform better if the soil pH is
slightly acidic (5.5 to 6.5). I have
a row of Sweet Viburnums that
ends at the road bank. The last
shrub is growing in partial
limestone (high pH) near the
road bed and is one third the
size of those further down the
row. An azalea type fertilizer
would be beneficial.
Sun/shade preference:
Viburnums do best in full sun
but will tolerate partial shade.
Types and varieties:
Walters' Viburnum - V.
obovatum, is native to Florida
wetlands (and the southeast-
U.S. in general) but also
tolerates drier soils, zones
6b-10a. Some varieties reach
6 to 12 feet tall. The compactt"
variety is slower growing and
only grows to 4-6 feet tall. It is a
good alternative to the popular
Indian Hawthorne. The "St.
Paul" variety of the Walters'
Viburnum has droopy
cascading limbs.
Sweet Viburnum -
Viburnum odoratissimum, is'
native to the Himalayas and
Japan. It grows to 30 feet tall if
left unpruned and retains itA
lower limbs nicely or may be
limbed up to have a trunk
structure as a tree form. The
Sweet Viburnum makes a fairly
quick privacy screen as a hedge.
When crushed in the hand, the
leaves have an odor resembling
bell peppers.
Sandankwa Viburnum - V.
suspensum, 6-8 feet tall. Has
more noticeable white flower
clusters than the Sweet
Viburnum and is easier to keep
to a medium height.
Propagation: Viburnums
may be propagated from
cuttings and air layering
Pests and diseases:
Viburnums, and a wide
assortment of other plants, are
sometimes attacked by
Botryosphaeria stem canker.
This disease causes cracking
and discoloration of the bark
and the eventual death of the
affected limb. It is worse on
drought stressed Viburnum
plants such as can happen with
newly set plants. Prune out the
affected limb as needed.
Also, in the spring, the tender
growth of the shrubs may show
signs of curling and
disfigurement. This is due to the
feeding activities of aphids, thrips
or white flies. The condition
VIBURNUMS continued on 8D

JALA HARRIS/Lake City Reporter
Shontez Davis, 28, attends Lake City Community College during the day while her husband, Moriole, takes care of their children Moriole, 3, and Miyani, 2.
Davis, who said she didn't make good grades in high school, maintains a 4.0 GPA at the college.

Non-traditional students

m-ake the grade

LCCC students manage
to successfully balance
classes, work and family.

jobs, cares for her
11-year-old daughter
and still finds a way to
make stellar grades in
her classes at Lake City
Community College.
Shontez Davis has a flawless GPA
and sneaks away to LCCC when she
has the opportunity to get in extra
study time while her husband takes
care of their two children.
Debra Harrison works two jobs
and still manages to excel in her
classes and spend time with her two
People who attend college after
starting families have to work
overtime to balance school and
family commitments, but many of
them are proving they have the
drive to not only earn their
degrees, but to do it while making
excellent grades.
Dr. Sheri Carder, business
professor at LCCC, said the majority
of her students have families and
she is impressed with many of them
- some who are single parents and
others who have returned to school
later in life.
Harrison, 53, works as senior staff
'assistant for LCCC's division of golf,
landscape and forestry and as a
bookkeeper for Harrison Tile, a
business owned by her two sons.
She enrolled at LCCC about two
years ago and takes one or two
classes a semester while she works
full-time. Harrison said she took
some college classes at St. Johns
River Community College in Palatka
about 35 years ago, but she always
wanted to finish her associate's
degree in business administration
and wanted to earn an accounting
"It's never too late to finish your
education," Harrison said. "It's
going to take me several years but
I'm not going to give up."
Janson, 31, plans to graduate in
May with an associate's degree in
business administration. She juggles
time with her 11-year-old daughter,

LINDSAY DOWNEY/Lake City Reporter
Robin Janson, 31, poses with her 11-year-old daughter, Kayla. Janson works
three part-time jobs and still finds time for online classes.

"I feel great that I
achieved something.
"I'm ready to get to
work in the field I
specialized in."
- Robin Janson,
working mother who manages to make
time for online classes
Kayla, while she cleans houses and
works at Hopkins Motor Company,
Inc. and at Parkview Baptist Church.
Janson said working three part-time
jobs allows her to keep her schedule

more flexible than it would be if she
were working one full-time job.
Janson decided to go to school to
build a better life for herself and her
daughter and she can't wait to earn
her degree.
"I feel great that I achieved
something," she said. "I'm ready I
to get to work in the field I
specialized in."
Trisha Fancy, 28, is in the same
boat - balancing time between
classes, her full-time job at Wee
Care Preschool & Daycare and her
9-year-old daughter, Penelope.
Fancy takes mostly online classes
and maintains a 4.0 GPA. She plans

"Everything I do is a
reflection on them.
I'm encouraged to do
better and get my
college degree
because I want them
to do those things and
I can't inflict that
kind of learning
environment on
them if I don't do
it myself."
- Shontez Davis,
mother of two who carries a 4.0 GPA
in her graphics design class

to finish her associate's degree in
liberal arts in December before she
goes on to get her bachelor's degree
in psychology from Saint Leo
Fancy said she took classes at
Santa Fe Community College after
she graduated from high school but
stopped going to school when she
became pregnant with her daughter.
She returned to college because she
always loved school and she can
now better balance time between
her classes and her daughter.
"Penelope was older and I didn't
feel like I was taking away from her
as much," she said.
It's difficult sometimes - like
when Fancy is taking timed tests on
the computer and her daughter
wants attention - but she isn't
slowing down anytime soon. After
she earns her bachelor's degree,
she plans on working toward a
teaching certification.
When Shontez Davis was 15, she
ran away from home. She moved in
with a boyfriend, didn't take school
seriously and had to attend night
classes to graduate high school with
a 2.7 GPA.
Now, at 28, she holds a 4.0 at LCCC.
Davis is a shining star in her
graphics design classes - one of
the students others go to for help.
She was inspired to go to college
to influence her 2-year-old
daughter, Miyani, and her 3-year-old
son, Moriole.
STUDENTS continued on 8D

Section D


Agribusiness Management -

'It's not just farming anymore!'

Lake City Community College coordinator
Have you ever wanted a career in
agriculture? Lake City Community
College (LCCC) is offering a new
associate in science (A.S.) degree in
agribusiness management.
The farm gate is not where
agribusiness begins or, for that matter,
ends. There are an estimated 2 million
"farmers," 270 million consumers, $700
billion in sales, and 22 million jobs in
S. agriculture. Some of the career choices
one might make can be found within the
following career "clusters:" farm supply
sales (feed, seed, fertilizer, chemicals),
production (tractors, equipment, parts),
merchandizing (ad campaigns, research
and development), transportation (land
and sea), processing (from field to
grocery store), and finally consumption
(public safety).
Have you ever been in the grocery
store and stopped to realize just how
many agricultural products you
encounter? Walking through the
produce section of your local grocery
store, you can see just about any fruit or
vegetable you could want. Have you
ever asked yourself, how did they get
here? Agribusiness management in not
just farming anymore!
What is agribusiness management
you may ask? Agribusiness
management is the coordination of all
activities that contribute to the
production, processing, marketing,
distribution, financing and development
of agricultural commodities and
resources. This includes food, fiber,
forestry and wood products, natural
horticulture, and other plant and animal
products and services.
Agribusiness is a high-tech industry
that uses satellite systems, computer

databases and
biotechnology and
many other
F ; - innovations to
increase efficiency
and profitability. As
you might imagine,
Grimes agriculture is "big
business" in Florida and LCCC will be
training students to enter this lucrative
career field.
How do I pursue education and
training in agribusiness management?
Call or come by the Golf/Landscape
and Forestry Division at LCCC, we will
be glad to answer all your questions
atid get you started on a rewarding
career. According to the National
Center for Agriscience and Technology
Education (NCATE), there are many
opportunities within the high-skilled
world of agriculture, food, and natural
resources. Students need a solid
background in math, science,
communications and technical skills.
LCCC has developed a program
curriculum that more than meets these
requirements. For those students still
in high school there are methods in
place to accept high school credits into
certain college occupational programs
that will also apply to the agribusiness
management degree.
The LCCC agribusiness management
program will prepare the student with
the business background and
management skills needed to prosper in
their chosen agricultural career path.
The program is supported by an
Industry Advisory Council that lends
real world insight and experiences to
the classroom to prepare the graduating
student for a successful career.
What can I expect from an
agribusiness management position?
According to a recent article in Florida
Trend's Next magazine there are many

jobs available that range in salary from
$30,000 to $63,000 annually. In the
article, Pat Cockrell, executive director
for organization and programs at the
Farm Bureau, clearly makes the point
that "farming is only a small part of the
agricultural industry and job
opportunities." Cockrell says "there are
on-farm and off-farm job opportunities
for both high. school and college
According to Cockrell, farm jobs for
high school graduates usually begin at
about $6 an hour with the potential to
earn $9 an hour with special training
and expertise. He says that students
completing community college or
four-year degree agriculture programs
can earn anywhere from $30,000 to
more than $50,000 a year.
Cockrell claims "agriculture is one of
Florida's best kept secrets" because
people are unaware of the job
opportunities available. From a career
perspective, he says, "agriculture will
continue to have a strong job market in
the future."
Also, NCATE states that "employment
opportunities will continue to increase
for those who provide and market an
expanding array of food, and forest ...
consumer products to a growing world
population. Good opportunities will
continue for people who support the
production of agricultural commodities.
So ... what do you do now? Complete
24 credit hours in a technical core
(forestry/horticulture), 15 credit hours
of general education, and 24 credit
hours in the agribusiness core. You are
only 63 credit-hours away from your
dream job, so why wait any longer? Call
and set up an appointment today.
* Contact Debra Harrison, senior
staff assistant, at Lake City Community
College. She can be reached via e-mail
at or by calling
(386) 754-4219.

Modern Art Museum's 'Pretty Baby'

exhibit explores images of childhood

Associated Press
From a sculpture of a pig-
tailed-girl with four eyes to a
photograph of a self-con-
scious teenager on the beach,
works in the "Pretty Baby" art
exhibit demonstrate that
childhood can be anything
but simple.
The exhibit features the
creations of more than a
dozen artists from five coun-
tries - paintings, photo-
graphs and sculptures, and
even 1970s home movies and
a Claymation video. It runs
through June 24 at the
Modern Art Museum of Fort
Worth, its only appearance.
Museum curator Andrea
Karnes said she created the
show after studying how
artists' images of children
changed through the cen-
turies. Since the Renaissance,
youngsters had been por-
trayed as pure and idealized,
but in the mid-20th century
they began showing up in art
in more realistic and some-
times controversial ways.
"It's not a show to represent
sweet, innocent images of
children; the pieces show the
complexity of childhood,"
Karnes said. 'There are
works that are tender, painful.
Rarely do any artists repre-
sent innocence without
The title is from the 1978
film about child prostitution
starring Brooke Shields, but
only a few pieces in the exhib-
it are edgy, Karnes said. It fea-

John Baker of Dallas holds his 3-year-old daughter Maya as they
look at a fiberglass, wood, and fabric sculpture entitled 'Dogs From
your childhood' by Yoshitomo Nara that is part of the 'Pretty Baby'
exhibit at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, recently.

tures works from 1992 to
Rineke Dijkstra's compila-
tion, "Bathers," photographs
of an American teenager
wearing a pink ruffled bikini
and a Belgium girl in a more
modest, one-piece bathing
suit on different beaches,
show that despite their cultur-
al differences, the girls seem
to share teen angst, Karnes
'To me, Dijkstra has this
uncanny way of using
straightforward photography
but revealing the exact
moment almost between ado-
lescence and adulthood,"
Karnes said. "And even
though they're these sort of
frontal classical poses, they

reveal this mix of pride and
vulnerability and a lot of the
things we feel at this age."
Popular and influential
Japanese artist Yoshitomo
Nara created an acrylic on
canvas piece, "Thinker," just
for this show. Several more of
Nara's paintings of children,
with enormous eyes and
straight mouths similar to
anime characters, also are fea-
Another room showcases
Nara's fiberglass sculptures
of puppies on stilts - which is
5 feet high, 4 feet wide and 3
feet deep - and a food bowl
on the floor below. Karnes
said the artist, who as a child
may have witnessed his
puppy's death, is trying to

show that when the dogs are
tall enough for drivers to see
them, they will probably
"Like so many Japanese
artists, he uses cute. to an
extreme ... and pushes it so
that we actually see. the flip
side, the dark side," Karnes
said. "There's always this
irony within the language of
cute in Japanese art."
The exhibit features half a
dozen oil paintings from
another Japanese artist,
Makiko Kudo. Her large,
brightly colored pieces that
include a swimming cat and
penguins in a forest show a
child's imagination and happi-
ness - but also loneliness.
One room features wood
paneled walls, a shag rug and
gold furniture as two home
movies from the 1970s play
side-by-side. Artists Sanford
Biggers, who is black, and
Jennifer Zackin, who is
Jewish, showcase similar
scenes from their middle-
class childhoods - birthday
parties, piano concerts,
amusement park trips - to
reveal the lack of cultural
diversity, Karnes said.
What could be the most dis-
turbing piece 'is Nathalie
Djurberg's short Claymation
video, "Florentin," of a man
playing with and then spank-
ing two girls, who then beat
him on the head with a base-
ball bat until he bleeds.
"There are overtones of
abuse and pedophilia,
although it isn't shown,"
Karnes said.


Danko - Soride
David and Sandie Danko of
Lake City announce the
engagement and approaching
marriage of their daughter, Cara
Danko of Fort White, to Matt
Soride of Fort White, son of
Duane Soride of Luana, Iowa
and Linda Soride of Fort White.
The wedding is planned for
March 24 at Epiphany Catholic
Church of Lake City. A reception
will follow at the American
Legion 57 of Lake City.
Cara attended South Fork
High School of Stuart and is a
2006 graduate of St. Leo
University and is employed as a
third grade teacher at Five
Points Elementary.
Matt attended Fort White


Cara Danko and Matt Soride.
High School and is employed at
Southern Pump and Tank of
Jacksonville as an installation

Collins - Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Collins of
Chipley announce the
engagement of their daughter,
Tiffany Ray Collins to
Christopher Alan Fowler. Chris is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry
Fowler of Twin Falls, Idaho.
The father of the bride, Jeff, is
the former manager of the Lake
City Publix. The mother of the
bride, Debbie, was employed at
Eastside Elementary School.
Tiffany is a 2003 graduate of

Columbia High School and a
2006 graduate of Troy University,
Troy, Ala. where she earned a
B.S. degree in chemistry. She
plans to attend pharmacy school
in the fall in Texas.
Chris is in the United States
Army and serves as a
helicopter pilot. He is currently
stationed in South Korea. After
their marriage, they will reside in
Killeen, Texas while
stationed at Fort Hood.
An April 28 wedding at Willow
Pond Plantation in Monticello is

REPORTER Classifieds
In Print and On Line

Conservator Chris Moseley with a monumental wooden model of a
domed cathedral, now on display at the Walker Art Gallery in
Liverpool, England.

Massive model captures

magnificence of cathedral

Associated Press
LIVERPOOL, England - A
dream in progress, a massive
dream never to be fulfilled.
A monumental wooden
model of a domed cathedral,
now on display at the Walker
Art Gallery,,is the only visible
realization of Edwin Lutyens'
vision of an enormous church
for the Roman Catholic arch-
diocese of Liverpool.
Consider that it took 13
years and $1 million to restore
the model, and you get a good
idea of why the dream was
never translated into stone. But
the model, says Julian
Treuherz, Keeper of Art
Galleries for the National
Museums of Liverpool, "is a
work of art in itself ... just a
very compelling object"
The model was not in very
good condition when the
Walker gallery acquired it in
1975, Treuherz said. "An awful
lot of the pieces were missing.
At least one of the towers had
gone. It was displayable in a
way, but it was a very sorry
The, 70-year-old model is a
snapshot of an evolving dream,
because Lutyens' ideas
changed after the model was
displayed at the Royal
Academy in 1934. The restora-
tion team worked from surviv-
ing drawings to produce a
composite of the architect's
intentions, completing and
updating the interior in accord
with later drawings.
The design, commissioned

by Archbishop Richard
Downey, was a thumping ges-
ture of ecclesiastical one-
upmanship, designed to dwarf
one of the world's largest
churches, Liverpool's neo-
Gothic Anglican cathedral. The
cross atop the dome would
have stood 520 feet high, near-
ly 200 feet higher than the
Anglican cathedral, and even
taller than the 489-foot dome of
the world's biggest church, the
Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast.
Created in the same 1:48
scale as a Lionel toy train, the
model soars 12!' feet high and
17 feet long.
Lutyens, the pre-eminent'
British architect of the early
20th century, was an obvious
choice for the work. He built
his reputation first on country
houses in the arts and crafts
style; he designed the
Cenotaph,. London's war
memorial, and a memorial at
the British military cemetery
in Thiepval, France; and he
made the monumental
President's House in New
Delhi, India.
Lutyens, a non-practicing
Anglican, once told a friend:
"Somewhere I am horribly reli-
gious but cannot speak it, and
this saves my work."
Construction began in 1933
and the model was installed in
the new crypt in 1937. The
crypt lies below the mod-
ernistic and much more mod-
est Metropolitan Cathedral of
Christ the King, designed by
Sir Frederick Gibberd and
completed in 1957.

Prom Night 2007

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HOURS: Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm

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Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404

Lake City Reporter


Television listings
and information for:
Sun., March 18
to Sat., March. 24, 2007

* Batman Begins (2005,
Action) Christian Bale. Bruce
Wayne becomes Gotham City's
Dark Knight. 'PG-13' (2:30) HBO
Thu. 6:30 p.m.
* Battle of Britain (1969,
Adventure) Laurence Olivier.
British pilots defend London from
Germany's Luftwaffe. 'G' (2:15)
TCM Thu. 8 p.m.
* The Bourne Identity (2002,
Suspense) Matt Damon. An
amnesiac agent is marked for
death after a botched hit. (2:30)
USA Sun. 8:30 p.m.
* The Bourne Supremacy
(2004, Suspense) Matt Damon.
Jason Bourne fights back when
the CIA tries to kill him. (2:00)
TNT Sun. 6 p.m.
* Cool Hand Luke (1967,
Drama) Paul Newman. A
Southern loner on a chain gang
refuses to be broken. (2:30) AMC
Fri. 8 p.m.
* Dead Calm (1989,
Suspense) Sam Neill. A boatload
of corpses spells trouble for two
vacationers. '14' (2:00) AMC
Sun. 6 p.m.
* Detective Story (1951,
Crime Drama) Kirk Douglas. A
New York detective is overly
dedicated to his work. 'NR' (2:00)
TCM Tue. 8 p.m.
* Dirty Harry (1971, Crime
Drama) Clint Eastwood. Harry
Callahan uses unorthodox
methods to capture a sniper. 'R'
(1:45) MAX Fri. 6:30 p.m.
* Escape From Alcatraz
(1979, Adventure) Clint Eastwood.
A convict plots to escape from the
notorious island prison. (2:15)
AMC Wed. 10:30 p.m.
* A Face in the Crowd
(1957, Drama) Andy Griffith. A
homespun philosopher becomes
an overnight sensation. 'NR'
(2:15) TCM Sat. 10 p.m.
* The Facts of Life (1960,
Comedy-Drama) Bob Hope. Two
lovers try to conceal their
romance from their spouses.
'NR' (1:45) TCM Tue. 6:15 p.m.
* Glory (1989, Historical
Drama) Matthew Broderick. Col.
Shaw trains, leads an all-black
Civil War regiment. (2:30) AMC
Tue. 8 p.m.
* Harry Potter and the
Goblet of Fire (2005, Fantasy)
Daniel Radcliffe. Voldemort lays
a trap for Harry at the Triwizard
Tournament. 'PG-13' (2:40) MAX
Fri. 10 p.m.
* Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer's Stone (2001,
Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe. J.K.
Rowling's student wizard has his
first adventure. (3:30) FAM Sat.
8 p.m.
* A History of Violence
(2005, Drama) Viggo Mortensen.
Vicious criminals harass a man
and his wife and family. 'R' (1:35)
MAX Sun. 6:15 p.m.
* Hud (1963, Drama) Paul
Newman. A hard-drinking
womanizer rebels against his
father. 'NR' (2:00) TCM Sat.
8 p.m.
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WCWJ/17 9 A Crew Will & Grace Pussycat Dolls-Search 7th Heaven Don't Ax, Don't Tell America's Next Top Model B The Shield Playing Tight Bc Friends cc Friends c
WCJB/20 3 News . Wrld News Sun America's Funniest Home Videos Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Desperate Housewives Bang c Brothers & Sisters c News CSI: Miami a
WAWS/30 10 Frasier c That '70s Show The War at Home IThe War at Home The Simpsons |The Winner (N) Family Guy [The Winner News 1 |News . Seinfeld News Sunday
WTEV/47 7 College Basketball 60 Minutes ] |The Amazing Race: All-Stars c Cold Case A Dollar, a Dream (N) Without a Trace Connections (N) , News _Stargate Atlantis
WGFL/53 College Basketball 60 Minutes . The Amazing Race: All-Stars c Cold Case A Dollar, a Dream (N) Without a Trace Connections (N) Without a Trace American Goddess
A&E 29 Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter- Bounty Hunter |Bounty Hunter Hunter Hunter county Hunter Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Gene Simmons IGene Simmons
AMC 60 *** 'Open Range'(2003, Western) Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner. N ** t 'The Quick and the Dead' (1995) Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman. *** i 'Hombre' (1967, Western) Paul Newman, Fredric March.
ANPL 50 After the Attack cc Wild Kingdom Last Lions of India (N) Mouse: A Secret Life (N) Profiles of Nature cc Rats With Nigel Marven B_ Wild Kingdom Last Lions of )ndia
BET 34 Wayans Bros. |Wayans Bros. WayanBros. Wayans Bros. Jamie Foxx |Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx |Jamie Foxx Rip the Runway Bc BET's Weekend Inspiration
BRAVO 65 Law & Order: Criminal Intent B Law & Order: Criminal Intent Faith Law & Order: Criminal Intent Badge Law & Order: Criminal Intent c Law & Order: Criminal Intent c Law & Order: Criminal Intent Faith
CMTV 63 Home Videos Home Videos Home Videos |Home Videos Trick My Truck Trick My Truck Trick My Truck |Trick My Truck Trick My Truck |Trick My Truck Cross Country
CNN 24 Lou Dobbs This Week CNN Live Sunday cc CNN: Special Investigations Unit Larry King Live CNN Sunday Night CNN: Special Investigations Unit
COM 62 ** 'Office Space' (1999) Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston. cc *** 'Bad Santa' (2003, Comedy) Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox. cc Christopher Titus Tour South Park Bc Halfway Home
DSNY 31 Phil of the Future |That's So Raven Hannah Montana IZack & Cody ** 'The Thirteenth Year' (1999) Chez Starbuck, Justin Jon Ross. c Phil of the Future Naturally, Sadie Zack&Cody That's So Raven
El 45 Janice Dickinson Story El News Weekend (N) Mean Girls: True Hollywood Story Girl Next Door |Girl Next Door Girl Next Door Paradise City (N) Mean Girls: True Hollywood Story
ESPN 35 Kickboxing: ISKA |Karate: ISKA SportsCenter (Live) Nc NBA Basketball: Minnesota Timberwolves at Los Angeles Lakers. (Live) Bc SportsCenter (Live) cc
ESPN-C 164 Boxing: 1988 Haugen vs. Pazienza II Boxing: 1990 Haugen vs. Pazienza III *** 'White Men Can't Jump' (1992, Comedy) Wesley Sni es. a |*** 'White Men Can't Jump'(1992, Comedy) Wesley Sni es. cN
ESPN2 36 NHRA Drag Racing Women's College Basketball: NCAA Tourn. First Round -- Teams TBA jChamp. Update Women's College Basketball: NCAA Tourn. First Round -- Teams TBA Gamenight
FAM 30 *** 'Stephen King's It'(1990) *** 'The Sixth Sense'(1999, Suspense) Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment. 9c *** 'The Sixth Sense'(1999, Suspense) Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment. B
FOOD 51 Good Eats Good Eats Robin, Rescue Robin, Rescue Chefography Chef Emeril Lagasse. Chefography Rachael Ray. (N) Chefography Bobby Flay. (N) Bobby Flay Dinner Imposs.
FSN 56 Beyond the Glory a Best Damn 50 Knockouts Poker Superstars Invitational PRIDE Fighting Championships Knockouts jAround the Track Poker Dome Challenge
GSN 59 Super Password Super Password Twenty One ca Game Show Hall of Fame Lingo B |Lingo 9 Dog Eat Dog Bc Game Show Hall of Fame
HGTV 47 Offbeat America Cash in the Attic Rezoned House Hunters Designed to Sell |House Hunters HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2007 Color Splash Over Your Head If Walls Could What You Get
INSP 53 Shuttlesworth . Turning Point First Baptist It's a New Day In Touch Nc King Is Coming |Calvary Revival Van Impe Pres Manna-Fest Feed-Children Roger Spradlin
ION 57 Bonanza Gabrielle Kung Fu The Chalice **** 'Dog DayAfternoon' (1975) Al Pacino, John Cazale. Kojak Marker for a Dead Bookie Live From Liberty
LIFE 32 **, 'American Tragedy' (2000) Ving Rhames. Premiere. cc 'Framed for Murder'(2007) Elisa Donovan, Susan Walters. Premiere. cc Blood Ties Bad JuJu (N) Rc Grey's Anatomy cc
MTV 27 Juvies Drug-dealing boyfriend. Juvies Crenshaw; RJ Juvies Running from police. True Life I'm Autistic Autism. (N) True Life I'm From Rolling Rolling Stone
NICK 26 Amanda Ned's School Drake & Josh |Just Jordan (N) Zoey 101 (N) Inside, KCAs Full House cc Growing Pains Roseanne B |Roseanne cc Fresh Prince Fresh Prince
SCIFI 58 ** '10.5' (2004, Suspense) Kim Delaney, Beau Bridges. A series of earthquakes threatens the West Coast. The Dresden Files Storm Front (N) Battlestar Galactica Crossroads (N) The Dresden Files Storm Front
SPEED 162 Motorcycle Racing: AMA ' SPEED Report (N) NASCAR Victory Lane (N) Wind Tunnel With Dave Despain Formula One Racing: Australian Grand Prix. From Melbourne, Australia.
SPIKE 28 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ICSI: Crime Scene Investigation
SUN 37 NBA Basketball: Orlando Magic at Miami Heat. (Subject to Blackout) (Live) Magic Extra TBA Under the Lights The Bite (N) |Boxing: 2006 Roman Greenberg vs. Alexei Varakin.
TBN 52 Bishop Jakes Joyce Meyer Michael Youseff jJack Hayford Joel Osteen Taking Authority Believer's Voice IChanging-World Praise the Lord cc
TCM 105 *** 'Wuthering Heights' (1939) Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier. Bnt ** 'Look Back in Anger' (1958) Richard Burton, Claire Bloom. Premiere. **** 'The Entertainer' (1960) Laurence Olivier, Brenda de Banzie. cc
TDC 38 Dirty Jobs New Orleans. B0i Dirty Jobs Vermont cheese. a Dirty Jobs Hydroseeding. Dirty Jobs Mike digs tunnels. c Dirty Jobs Salt Miner Salt mining. You Spoof Discovery c
THC 49 Inside the Volcano c] Decoding the Past Rt Last Days on Earth FR Siberian Apocalypse c Tsunami 2004: Waves of Death
TLC 48 The New Detectives B6) Shalom in the Home The Sullivans Tragedy in Amish Country c9 Heaven's Gate: The Definitive Story Flight 175: As the World Watched Tragedy in Amish Country a
TNT 25 *** 'Mission: Impossible 2' (2000) Tom Cruise, Dougray Scott. cN *** 'The Manchurian Candidate' (2004) Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep. Premiere. Al *** 'The Manchurian Candidate' (2004) a
TOON 55 Codename: Kid Gym Partner 'Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers' (2006, Comedy) Ed, Edd n Eddy Class of 3000 |Grim Adventures Futurama [c Family Guy Robot Chicken Metalocalypse
TRAVEL 46 Europe-Brown Europe-Brown Europe-Brown . Europe-Brown Cruising Do's and Don'ts (N) - America's Favorite Waterparks (N) Are We There Yet?:Copenhagen (N) Cruising Do's and Don'ts
TVL 69 Three's Company Three's Company Three's Company Three's Company Andy Griffith jAndy Griffith M'A'S*H t |M*A*S*H c Sanford and Son |Sanford and Son The Cosby Show |The Cosby Show
USA 33 * * 'Final Destination' (2000) * *' 'Final Destination 2' (2003, Horror) All Larter, A.J. Cook. c * *.% 'Unbreakable'(2000, Suspense) Bruce Willis. Premiere. Nc Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
VH1 54 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s Surreal Life Fame Games Fans. Dice: Undisputed The Agency Surreal Life Fame Games Fans.
WGN 16 America's Funniest Home Videos Funniest Pets Funniest Pets American Idol Rewind CBS 8 to 7 Ultimate Blackjack Tour WGN News Instant Replay Sex and the City IScrubs a
WTBS 39 **** 'Titanic'(1997) (PA) Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet. c ** 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason'(2004) Renbe Zellweger. ** 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason' (2004) Rende Zellweger.
HBO 501 *** 'Batman Begins' (2005) Christian Bale, Michael Caine. Nc Rome A Necessary Fiction B |Rome (N) ~] Entourage [Entourage c 'Life Support' (2007) Queen Latifah.
MAX 521 **t 'The Matrix Revolutions'(2003) Keanu Reeves. cc ** 'Cheaper by the Dozen 2'(2005) Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt. cc j*** 'V for Vendetta'(2006) Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving. sa
SHOW 511 ** 'The Man in the Iron Mask' (1998) Leonardo DiCaprio. iTV.* 'Into the Blue'(2005, Adventure) Paul Walker, Jessica Alba. iTV. The L Word Literary License to Kill |The L Word Literary License to Kill


, River JAM
l ril19-21

Lake City ran e
city. *Branford * Bell



W W. :to the 2007

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

LAKE CITY REPORTER TV WEEKLY SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2007 Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404

Channel Lineup,

2 .............................................Shop NBC
3 ...............WCJB (ABC) Gainesville (20)
4 ............................................. WJXT IND
5 ............... WUFT (PBS) Gainesville (5)
6 ................... Community Bulletin Board
7 .............WTEV (UPN) Jacksonville (47)
8 ...............Lake City Community College
9 ..............WJWB (WB) Jacksonville (17)
10 ..WAWS (FOX/UPN) Jacksonville (30)
11 .........................The Weather Channel
12 ............WTLV (NBC) Jacksonville (12)
13 ............................ ...................... V C
14 ............................................. C-SPAN
15 ......................................... TV GUIDE
16 .......................... WGN (IND) Chicago
21 ........................................ Information
22 .............!......................... Marketplace
23 .................. Home Shopping Network
24 ................................................... CNN
25 ................ ...............................TNT
26 ..................................... Nickelodeon
27 ................................................... MTV
28 ................................................. Spike
29 ................................................... A&E
30 ....................................... ABC Family
31 ................................. Disney Channel
32 ...............................................Lifetime
33 ..................................... USA Network
34 ................................................... BET
35 .............. ............................... ESPN
36 .......................................... ESPN 2
37 ............................. Sunshine Network
38 ............................ Discovery Channel
39 ................................................. TBS
40 .................................. Headline News
41 .......................................... Fox News
42 ............................................. MSNBC
43 ................................................ CNBC
44 .......................................... C-SPAN 2
45 ................................................ E!
46 .................... .... The Travel Channel
47 ................................................ HGTV
48 ..............The Learning Channel (TLC)
49 ......................... The History Channel
50 .................................... Animal Planet
51 .................................... Food Network
52 ................................................... TBN
53 .................................................. INSP
54 ....................................................VH-1
55 ............................... Cartoon Network
56 ........................... Fox Sports Network
57 ...................................................PAXtv
58 .................................... Sci-fi Channel
59 ........................ Game Show Network
60 .................................................. AMC
61 .......................Lifetime Movie Network
62 ..................................Comedy Central
63 ................... Country Music Television
64 ............ .............................. Oxygen
65 ............................................... Bravo
66 .............WE (Women's Entertainment)
67 ......................... .........................FX
68 ................................................ CNBC
69 ............................................. TV Land
70 ................................................... Fit tv
71 ............................... Discovery Health

103 ......................................... Ovation
104 ......................................BET on Jazz
105 ....................Turner Classic Movies
106 ........................................ .......................... tyle
107 .......................................Toon Disney
108 .................................................. Trio
109 ...... ......... ....... ......... .......... MTV 2.
110 ........ ................................ Noggin
112 ............................................... FUSE
114 ....... ....................... VH-1 Classics
115 ............................................ Goodlife
116 ............................................. iLife
117 ............................ Nickelodeon GAS
120 .................................................. DIY
121 ....................................... Fine Living
127 ................................................... G4
129 ............... .............. .......... GAC
130 ......................................... MTV Hits
131 ....................................... Nick Toons
133 .................. Newsworld International
134 ....... ...................... Discovery Kids
135 .................. The Science Channel
136 ............................. Discovery Health
137 .............. Discovery Home & Leisure
138 .............................. Discovery Times
139 .............................. Discovery Wings
140 ................................... BBC America
141 ................................. Bloomberg TV
142 ........................ National Geographic
143 ........................................ Biography
144 .......................................... MTV Hits
145 .............. Independent Film Channel
160 ............................ The Golf Channel
162 ................................ Speed Channel
163 ..................................... ESPN News
164 ........................ESPN Classic Sports
166 ...............................Outdoor Channel
167 .......................................Outdoor Life
168 ...............................Fox Sports World

401 ................................. Encore East
402 ................ Encore Westerns East
403 ..................Encore Love Stories East
404 ......................Encore Mysteries East
405 ..................Encore True Stories East
406 ............................Encore Action East
407 ...........................Fox Movie Channel
408 ..........................................Sundance
410 ........WAM! (The Kidz Network) East
411 ......................................Encore West
412 ......................Encore Westerns West
413 ...........Encore Love Stories West
414 .....................Encore Mysteries West
415 .................Encore True Stories West
416 ...........................Encore Action West
495 .................................HBO Zone East
497 ............................HBO Comedy East
501 ..........................................HBO East
502 ..........................................HBO-2 East
503 ..........................HBO Signature East
504 ............................HBO Family East

505 ...... ......................... HBO W est
506 .. ..............................HBO-2 West
507 .........................HBO Signature West
508 ........................... HBO Family West
511 ................................ Showtime East
512 .......................... Showtime Too East
513 .................Showtime Showcase East
514 ....................Showtime Extreme East
516 ............................... Showtime West
517 ......................... Showtime Too West
518 ..............Showtime Showcase West
519 .............. Showtime Extreme West
521 ................. ............. Cinemax East
522 ...................................Moremax East
523 ................Action Max East
526 ................................. Cinemax W est

TW 6:00 I 6:30 7:00 | 7:30 8:00 | 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 1 10:30 11:00 11:30
WJXTI4 4 News The Morning Show The Morning Show Judge Alex Judge Alex Maury Eye for an Eye Eye for an Eye
WUFT/5 5 Body Electric IMister Rogers Maya & Miguil Arthur Curious George Clifford-Red Dragon Tales Big Big World Sesame Street Caillou Barney & Friends
WTLV/12 12 Good Morning Jacksonville Today Live With Regis and Kelly Martha
WCWJ/17 9 Paid Program IPaid Program Varied Programs Paid Program |Paid Program IPaid Program Daytime The People's Court Judge Mathis
WCJB/20 3 News Good Morning America The Ellen DeGeneres Show Maury The View
WAWS/30 10 Believer's Voice IJoyce Meyer Michael |Varied Programs |The Cosby Show |The Cosby Show One on One ISteve Harvey Still Standing Home Improve. Jerry Springer
WTEV/47 7 News The Early Show Matlock Family Feud Family Feud The Price Is Right
WGFL/53 Paid Program CBS News The Early Show The 700 Club Rachael Ray The Price Is Right
A&E 29 Paid Program Paid Program The District 124 City Confidential American Justice |Cold Case Files
AMC 60 Movie Varied Programs
ANPL 50 Champion-Wild |Champion-Wild Wildlife Journal |Really Wild |Barking Mad Backyard Habitat Adoption Tales Animal Miracles Emergency Vets |Emergency Vets
BET 34 BET Morning Inspiration Wayans Bros. Wayans Bros. Jamie Foxx |Jamie Foxx 106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live
BRAVO 65 Paid Program |Paid Program Paid Program |Paid Program Paid Program |Paid Program Varied Programs
CMTV 63 CMT Music CMT Power Picks Video Joint CMT Music lVaried Programs
CNN. 24 American Morning Newsroom
COM 62 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Movie Daily Show Colbert Report Scrubs Scrubs
DSNY 31 Stanley JoJo's Circus The Wiggles Higglytown Little Einsteins Mickey Mouse Handy Manny |Doodlebops Charlie & Lola Koala Brothers The Wiggles Higglytown
E! 45 Bloomberg Television El News The Daily 10 Varied Programs
ESPN 35 SportsCenter SportsCenter |Varied Programs SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter Varied Programs SportsCenter
ESPN-C 164 Paid Program |Paid Program Who's Number 1? Who's Number 1? PBA Bowling Strongest Man Strongest Man iNHRA Drag Racing
ESPN2 36 Mike and Mike in the Morning Cold Pizza
FAM 30 Joyce Meyer Feed-Children Family Matters Family Matters Boy Meets World Boy Meets World Home Videos Living the Life The 700 Club . � Gilmore Girls
FOOD 51 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Varied Programs Sara's Secrets Molto Mario Boy Meets Grill Varied Programs
FSN 56 Paid Program The Sports List Final Score Final Score Final Score Real Estate Now Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
GSN 59 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Match Game Body Language Family Feud Blockbusters Password Plus Weakest Link
HGTV 47 Paid Program Paid Program Knitty Gritty Creative Juice Painted House Simply Quilts Carol Duvall Room by Room Country Style Across America Across America Dream Drives
INSP 53 Bernard Chaney Varied Programs Gospel Truths Varied Programs Inspiration Today John Hagee Life Today This Is Your Day Joyce Meyer Varied Programs Paula White
ION 57 Varied Programs Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Life Today Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
LIFE 32 Paid Program |Paid Program , Daily Workout My Workout The Nanny The Nanny The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Frasier Frasier Will & Grace Will & Grace
MTV 27 MTV Video Wake-Up TRL Varied Programs The Big Ten Varied Programs
NICK 26 Varied Programs Jimmy Neutron Danny Phantom OddParents SpongeBob SpongeBob Dora the Explorer |Go, Diego, Go! Blue's Clues |Backyardigans |Wonder Pets |Dora the Explorer
SCIFI 58 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Varied Programs
SPEED 162 Paid Program Paid Program Chop Cut Rebuild Pinks Varied Programs Paid Program |Paid Program
SPIKE 28 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program The A-Team |Star Trek: Deep Space Nine World's Wildest Police Videos
SUN 37 Varied Programs Paid Program Paid Program Public Affairs Paid Program Varied Programs
TBN 52 Varied Programs |This Is Your Day Bishop Jakes Paula White Varied Programs Joyce Meyer Changing-World |John Hagee |Rod Parsley |Marilyn Hickey |Believer's Voice Varied Programs
TCM 105 Movie Varied Programs Movie Varied Programs
TDC 38 Paid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joyce Meyer Paid Program How It's Made How It's Made Deadliest Catch |MythBusters
THC 49 Varied Programs
TLC 48 ToddWorld |Hip Hop Harry Hi-5 ]Magic Bus Bigfoot Present |Peep A Baby Story |A Baby Story Motherhood |Bringing-Baby A Wedding Story Little People
TNT 25 Angel Angel Charmed Charmed ER ER
TOON 55 Transformers Pok6mon Ed, Edd n Eddy Codename: Kid Gym Partner Tom & Jerry Scooby-Doo Land Before Movie Looney Tunes
TRAVEL 46 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Varied Programs Paid Program Paid Program Epicurious Epicurious Varied Programs Europe-Brown Great Hotels
TVL 69 Star Trek Sanford and Son The Jeffersons Bonanza Gunsmoke Leave-Beaver IGreen Acres I Love Lucy I Love Lucy
USA 33 Coach ]Coach JAG JAG Walker, Texas Ranger Walker, Texas Ranger Walker, Texas Ranger
VH1 54 Jump Start Varied Programs Fresh Varied Programs
WGN 16 Varied Programs Joyce Meyer Changing-World Believer's Voice Beverly Hillbillies Beverly Hillbillies Matlock Magnum, P.I. Homicide: Life on the Street
WTBS 39 The Cosby Show Drew Carey Saved by the Bell Saved by the Bell Saved by the Bell Saved by the Bell Dawson's Creek Movie
HBO 501 Movie Varied Programs Movie Varied Programs
MAX 521 Movie Movie Varied Programs
SHOW 511 Movie Varied Programs Movie |Varied Programs

TW 12:00 12:30 1:00 I 1:30 2:00 I 2:30 3:00 I 3:30 4:00 | 4:30 5:00 5:30
WJXT/4 4 News Paid Program Maury Dr. Phil Rachael Ray Oprah Winfrey News News
WUFT/5 5 Varied Programs Reading Rainbow Between-Lions Berenstain Bears lCyberchase Postcards-Buster Big Big World Curious George News
WTLV/12 12 News Extra Days of our Lives Passions Montel Williams SBe a Millionaire Be a Millionaire News News
WCWJ/17 9 Cristina's Court Cristina's Court The Tyra Banks Show The 700 Club What I Like |What I Like Reba Reba The Tyra Banks Show
WCJB/20 3 News Be a Millionaire All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Oprah Winfrey ' Be a Millionaire News
WAWS/30 10 Jerry Springer Judge Hatchett Judge Hatchett Judge Lopez IJudge Lopez That '70s Show IScrubs Malcolm-Mid. Bernie Mac Bernie Mac King of the Hill
WTEV/47 7 News The Young and the Restless Bold, Beautiful As the World Turns Guiding Light Judge Joe Brown Judge Judy News News
WGFL/53 Family Feud The Young and the Restless Bold, Beautiful As the World Turns Guiding Light Martha Dr. Phil
A&E 29 Crossing Jordan CSI: Miami 24 City Confidential American Justice |Cold Case Files
AMC 60 Movie IVaried Programs Movie lVaried Programs |Movie
ANPL 50 Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix Varied Programs Growing Up... Funniest Animals Funniest Animals Corwin's Quest
BET 34 106 & Park IHotwyred BET Now Varied Programs lWayans Bros. Wayans Bros. Rap City
BRAVO 65 Real Housewives Real Housewives Real Housewives Varied Programs Real Housewives
CMTV 63 CMT Music Varied Programs Video Joint CMT Power Picks Varied Programs
CNN 24 Your World Today Newsroom The Situation Room
COM 62 Varied Programs Mad TV Daily Show Colbert Report Mad TV Mad TV' Varied Programs IBlue Collar TV Movie
DSNY 31 Lilo & Stitch Little Mermaid Timon & Pumbaa IBuzz Lightyear Mr. Whiskers The Proud Family American Drgn Kim Possible Varied Programs
E! 45 E! News The Daily 10 Varied Programs
ESPN 35 Varied Programs MLB Baseball Varied Programs NFL Live Rome-Burning Around the Horn lInterruption
ESPN-C 164 PBA Bowling Stump-Schwab Stump-Schwab College Basketball SportsCentury Varied Programs
ESPN2 36 Cold Pizza Varied Programs Series of Poker Varied Programs
FAM 30 Full House Full House Family Matters Family Matters Step by Step Step by Step Full HFull Huse ull House Sabrina-Witch Sabrina-Witch Gilmore Girls
FOOD 51 Barefoot Cont Sandra Lee Home Cooking Everyday Italian Essence-Emeril 30-Minute Meals Entertaining Quick Fix Meals Home Cooking Everyday Italian I Barefoot Cont ISandra Lee,
FSN 56 Paid Program Varied Programs
GSN 59. Jeopardy! .,.. Press Your Luck Newlywed Game Love Connection Card Sharks Card Sharks Lingo Match Game . Super Password Super Password Family Feud Family Feud
HGTV 47 Varied Programs That's Clever Cash in the Attic Mission: Orgnz Decorating Cents Get Color * Designers' My First Place FreeStyle Design Remix Design-Dime
INSP 53 Varied Programs Paid Program Life Today Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Varied Programs Catholic Mass Varied Programs Discovery Jones Steelroots Varied Programs
ION 57 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
LIFE 32 Movie Movie The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Still Standing Still Standing
MTV 27 Varied Programs [Sucker Free TRL Varied Programs Sneak Peek Varied Programs Next
NICK 26 Go, Diego, Go! |Blue's Clues SBackyardigans |Wow! Wubbzy! |ISpongeBob ISpongeBob Jimmy Neutron Danny Phantom OddParents Avatar-Last Air SpongeBob Drake & Josh
SCIFI 58 Varied Programs Ripley's Believe It or Not! The X-Files
SPEED 162 Varied Programs Lucas Oil |Lucas Oil
SPIKE 28 Amazing Video lVaried Programs IPolice Videos ]Varied Programs Star Trek Gen. Varied Programs Star Trek Gen. lVaried Programs |Trek: Voyager IVaried Programs Star Trek: Voyager
SUN 37 Varied Programs Paid Program Varied Programs
TBN 52 Varied Programs First to Know ]Varied Programs ILife Today This Is Your Day The 700 Club .John Hagee Rod Parsley Praise the Lord
TCM 105 Movie Varied Programs Movie Varied Programs
TDC 38 How it's Made How It's Made Varied Programs |Deadliest Catch MythBusters How It's Made |How It's Made
THC 49 Man-Machine Varied Programs Modern Marvels Varied Programs
TLC 48 What Not to Wear Years Younger |Years Younger A Baby Story |A Baby Story Bringing-Baby |Bringing-Baby Moving Up Take Home Chef |Take Home Chef
TNT 25 Judging Amy Judging Amy Law & Order Law & Order Charmed Charmed
TOON 55 Bucket-Dinos Krypto-Super Tom & Jerry Cartoon Cartoons Ed, Edd n Eddy Foster's Home Ben 10 Xiaolin Show. Pokemon-Battle INaruto
TRAVEL 46 Taste of America Made in America Varied Programs Home Search IHome Search Cruiseline * Cruiseline Globe Trekker Varied Programs
TVL 69 The Munsters The Munsters Varied Programs Gunsmoke Bonanza Leave-Beaver |Addams Family The Munsters |The Munsters
USA 33 Movie Varied Programs Movie IVaried Programs Movie
VH1 54 Varied Programs
WGN 16 Da Vinci's Inquest WGN News at Noon The Greg Behrendt Show America's Funniest Home Videos Moesha The Cosby Show Even Stevens Lizzie McGuire
WTBS 39 Home Improve. Home Improve. NewsRadio Steve Harvey Steve Harvey Steve Harvey Home Improve. |Home Improve. Yes, Dear Yes, Dear King of Queens King of Queens
HBO 01 Movie Varied Programs Movie Varied Programs Movie Varied Programs
MAX 21 Movie Varied Programs Movie IVaried Programs Movie
SHOW 511 Movie Varied Programs

TW 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 I 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30
WJXT/4 4 News a News a Entertainment Inside Edition King of Queens Becker S Dr. Phil 91 News lA News ae News aN The Insider (N)
WUFT/5 5 BBC News Business Rpt. The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer You on a Diet With Dr. Michael Roizen B |Sarah Brightman: DIVA - The Video Collection c Capitol Update Tavis Smiley
WTLV/12 12 News al NBC News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (N) Deal or No Deal (N) B The Black Donnellys Lies (N) News S[ Tonight Show
WCWJ/17 9 Friends 0a Will & Grace My Wife and Kids According to Jim Hates Chris All of Us N) |Girlfriends (N) |The Game (N) Friends M c My Wife and Kids According to Jim Sex and the City
WCJB/20 3 News ABC WId News Entertainment Inside Edition Dancing With the Stars (Season Premiere) (Live) Bs What About Brian N) _ _ News Nightline a
WAWS/30 10 The Simpsons Malcolm-Mid. That '70s Show Seinfeld a Prison Break Panama (N) S 24 Day 6:7:00PM - 8:00PM (N) News as News cc Seinfeld The Fire Frasier as
WTEV/47 7 News Evening News Judge Judy Every-Raymond How I Met Old Christine Two/Half Men Engagement CSi: Miami Triple Threat (N) S News Late Show
WGFL/53 Access H'wood Evening News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (N) How I Met Old Christine Two/Half Men Engagement CSI: Miami Triple Threat (N) cl News as Late Show
A&E 29 Crossing Jordan Payback as CSI: Miami Whacked cc CSI: Miami 10-7 at The Sopranos Big Girls Don't Cry The Sopranos The Happy Wanderer _______The First 48
AMC 60 * * ' 'The Quick and the Dead' (1995) Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman. ** 'Volcano' (1997, Action) Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche. as * **' 'Hero' (1992, Comedy-Drama) Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis.
ANPL 50 The Crocodile Hunter E |The Most Extreme Moms a The Crocodile Hunter aS E-Vet Interns |E-Vet Interns Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix (N) The Crocodile Hunter as
BET 34 106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live cc [Hotwyred a *h '3 Strikes' (2000, Comedy) Brian Hooks, N'Bushe Wright. as Soul Food []e Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx
BRAVO 65 Inside the Actors Studio aS Inside the Actors Studio Inside the Actors Studio (N) B Six Feet Under The Silence c Six Feet Under Singing for Our Lives a Six Feet Under
CMTV 63 Willie Nelson Uncut: 60 Min. Dukes of Hazzard Gold Fever * 'Broken Bridges' (2006) Toby Keith. A fallen country singer reunites with his true love. |Trick My Truck |Trick My Truck Trick My Truck
CNN 24 Lou Dobbs Tonight as The Situation Room Paula Zahn Now as Larry King Live as Anderson Cooper 360 as
COM 62 **'Overnight Delivery'(1996) B Scrubs Bl Scrubs as Daily Show Colbert Report Mind of Mencia South Park cc Scrubs [] Scrubs as Daily Show Colbert Report
DSNY 31 That's So Raven That's So Raven Phil of the Future Zack & Cody 'Zenon: Z3'(2004) Kirsten Storms, Alyson Morgan. Kim Possible Life With Derek Phil of the Future Zack & Cody That's So Raven
El 45 The Soup Girl Next Door E! News (N) The Daily 10 (N) 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops! 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops! 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops! E! News The Daily 10
ESPN 35 SportsCenter (Live) B College Basketball: NIT Tournament Second Round -- Teams TBA. as College Basketball: NIT Tournament Second Round -- Teams TBA. [ SportsCenter (Live) []
ESPN-C 164 'Color of Money' NBA's Great. Stump-Schwab 60 Min.-Classic |Boxing: 2005 Long vs. Smith 2005 U.S. Poker Championships Who's Number 1? a Bull Riding: Ride Hard Tour
ESPN2. 36 Car Auction NASCAR Now Women's College Basketball: NCAA Tourn. Second Round -- Teams TBA Champ. Update |Women's College Basketball: NCAA Tourn. Second Round --Teams TBA |Wm. Basketball
FAM 30 7th Heaven Relationships as Lincoln Heights Tricks and Treats Wildfire Picking Sides Gillian returns. ** 'Summer Catch'(2001) Freddie Prinze Jr., Jessich Biel. a The 700 Club []
FOOD 51 30-Minute Meals 30-Minute Meals Good Eats Unwrapped Chefography Ina Ina Garten. Chefography Nigella Nigella Lawson. Unwrapped Secrets. (N) Good Eats $40-a-Day
FSN 56 Poker - Learn Marlins Pre. Ship Shape TV Poker - Learn Poker Superstars Invitational Best Damn Sports Show Period Poker - Learn Final Score Best Damn Sports Show Period
GSN 59 Hollywood Sq. Weakest Link Lingo as Lingo [] High Stakes Poker - High Stakes Poker cc High Stakes Poker a World Series of Blackjack S
HGTV 47 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2007 If Walls Could House Hunters Designed to Sell Buy Me (N) Color Splash (N) Hidden Potential House Hunters Open House HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2007
INSP 53 Various John Hagee Various Morris Cerullo Breakthrough Feed-Children Everyday Woman Life Today s This Is Your Day The Gospel Truth Bish. Holcomb Missions
ION 57 Green Acres Green Acres Growing Pains Growing Pains Mama's Family Mama's Family Diagnosis Murder s ION Life Time Life Paid Program
LIFE 32 Reba as Reba Go Far Still Standing Still Standing Reba [ Reba Switch 'The Secrets of an Undercover Wife' 2007, Suspense) Premiere. [] Desperate Housewives a[
MTV 27 Next Next The Hills The Hills Super Sweet 16 Super Sweet 16 Super Sweet Engaged The Hills (N) Super Sweet 16 Super Sweet 16 Spring Break
NICK 26 Ned's School OddParents OddParents Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob Full House S Full House S Growing Pains Roseanne as Roseanne [] Fresh Prince Fresh Prince
SCIFI 58 Stargate SG-1 Metamorphosis as Star Trek: Enterprise Cease Fire Star Trek: Enterprise Future Tense Star Trek: Enterprise Canamar Star Trek: Enterprise The Crossing The Dresden Files Storm Front

SPEED 162 Monster Jam Chop Cut Rebuild |Pinks Inside Nextel Cup Road Tour |Back in the Day |Barrett-Jackson 2007: The Auctions [Barrett-Jackson: Lite on the Block
SPIKE 28 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSi: Crime Scene Investigation ** 'Die Another Day' (2002) Pierce Brosnan. James Bond and an American spy track a North Korean villain.
SUN 37 Midnight Magic I|n My Words Iords Words Lightning Cheerleading: ACP Southern All-Star To Be Announced In My Words |In My Words MLB Bloopers: The Funny Side
TBN 52 Praise the Lord Ba Kirk Cameron Bishop Jakes Behind Scenes |Mark Chironna Jentezen F. Jesse Duplantis Praise the Lord -c
TCM 105***% 'The Way We Were'(1973, Romance) Barbra Streisand. B K*** 'The Pirate'(1948, Musical) Judy Garland, Gene Kelly. as **** 'An American in Paris'(1951, Musical) Gene Kelly. R (DVS)
TDC 38 It Takes a Thief Stealing a car. (N) Mega Builders Extreme Elevation Dirty Jobs Hydroseeding. Futureweapons (N) Stunt Junkies IStunt Junkies MythBusters Dog Myths el
THC 49 Man, Moment, Machine Xa Modern Marvels B-2 Bomber as UFO Files Texas' Roswell [I Digging for the Truth (N) RC Engineering an Empire as Deep Sea Detectives Al
TLC 48 Flip That House Flip That House My Life As a Child (N) Little People Little People Kids by the Dozen The Arndt Family Wild Child: Feral Children Little People ILittle People
TNT 25 Charmed Charrrmed! aE Charmed Styx Feet Under Re Charmed Once in a Blue Moon Law & Order The Dead Wives' Club Law & Order The Brotherhood Cold Case The House []
TOON 55 Ed, Edd n Eddy |Grim Adventures Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy Class of 3000 Camp Lazio Foster's Home Gym Partner IFuturama as Futurama [c Family Guy
TRAVEL 46 Bizarre Foods-Zimmern Bizarre Foods-Zimmern Bizarre Foods-Zimmern Bizarre Foods-Zimmern Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Bizarre Foods-Zimmern
TVL 69 Little House on the Prairie [] Gunsmoke The Pillagers [] , Andy Griffith |Andy Griffith M*A*S*H s MI*A*SH [S Sit Down Comedy-David Steinberg Three's Company IThree's Company
USA 33 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Criminal Intent S] Law & Order: Special Victims Unit WWE Monday Night Raw (Live) X Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
VH1 54 Surreal Life Dice: Undisputed I Love New York Ex-girlfriends dish. I Love New York Overnight dates. I Love New York Meeting mothers. Australia's Next Top Model The Agency I Love New York
WGN 16 Home Improve. Home Improve. America's Funniest Home Videos America's Funniest Home Videos America's Funniest Home Videos WGN News at Nine rl Sex and the City Scrubs 1s
WTBS 39 Seinfeld [ Seinfeld [ Every-Raymond |Every-Raymond Friends [] |Friends FrFriends a Friends [ Family Guy |Family Guy Seinfeld _ Seinfeld C
HBO 501 **** 'Million Dollar Baby' (2004, Drama) Clint Eastwood. Nl Real Time With Bill Maher as Rome X. Costas NOW as Simmons-Poet 'Take the Lead'
MAX 521 'The X-Files' |** 'The Wedding Date' (2005) Debra Messing. **' 'The Family Stone' (2005) Dermot Mulroney. MAX on Set **'i 'Out for Justice' (1991) Steven Seagal. X. 'Best Sex Ever'
SHOW 511 'The Ballad of Jack and Rose's [* 'The Pink Panther' 2006, Comedy) Steve Martin, Kevin Kline. iTV. |The L Word Literary License to Kill ***' 'The Usual Suspects' (1995) Stephen Baldwin. iTV. a

Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404



Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404



SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2007

Continued From Page 3D

* It's Always Fair Weather
(1955, Musical Comedy) Gene
Kelly. Three fun-loving veterans
reunite 10 years after V-J Day.
'NR' (1:45) TCM Mon.
11:45 p.m.

* Jeremiah Johnson (1972,
Adventure) Robert Redford. A
19th-century adventurer moves
to the Rocky Mountains. (2:30)
AMC Sat. 11 p.m.

* Living It Up (1954,
Comedy) Dean Martin. A man is
misdiagnosed as having
radiation poisoning. 'NR' (1:45)
TCM Fri. 6:15 p.m.

* Mad Max (1979, Science
Fiction) Mel Gibson. Terrorist
cycle gangs take on a hardened
highway patrolman. (2:00) ION
Sun. 8 p.m.

* Mission: Impossible 2
(2000, Action) Tom Cruise.
Ethan Hunt must retrieve a
deadly virus from enemy hands.
(2:30) TNT Sun. 8 p.m.,
10:30 p.m., Sat. 10:30 p.m.

E The Naked City (1948,
Crime Drama) Barry Fitzgerald.
Two police detectives
investigate the murder of a
playgirl. 'NR' (2:00) TCM Tue.
10 p.m.

* Ocean's Eleven (2001,
Comedy-Drama) George
Clooney. A suave ex-con
assembles a team to rob a
casino vault. (2:30) TNT Fri.
8 p.m.

* Open Range (2003,
Western) Robert Duvall. Cattle
herdsmen battle a ruthless
rancher in 1882. (3:00) AMC
Sat. 8 p.m.

* Papillon (1973, Suspense)
Steve McQueen. Safecracker
and counterfeiter try Devil's
Island escape. (3:00) AMC Fri.
10:30 p.m.

* The Perfect Storm (2000,
Suspense) George Clooney. A
fishing boat sails into the storm
of the century. (2:30) TNT Fri.
10:30 p.m.

* Return of the Jedi (1983,
Science Fiction) Mark Hamill.
Luke Skywalker and his
comrades face a final
confrontation. 'PG' (2:15) HBO
Wed. 7:45 p.m., Sat. 11 p.m.

* Return to Me (2000,
Romance) David Duchovny. A
man falls in love with the
recipient of his wife's heart.
(2:00) LIFE Sat. 7 p.m.

* Romancing the Stone
(1984, Adventure) Michael
Douglas. An adventurer helps a
novelist find her kidnapped
sister. (2:00) AMC Mon. 10:30

* Shane (1953, Western)
Alan Ladd. An ex-gunfighter
defends homesteaders from a.
cattle baron. 'NR' (2:00) TCM
Sun. 6 p.m.

* The Shining (1980,
Horror) Jack Nicholson. A
haunted hotel menaces a
couple and their psychic son.
(3:00) SCIFI Sun. 6 p.m.

* Singin' in the Rain (1952,
Musical Comedy) Gene Kelly. A
silent-film star falls in love with
a Hollywood newcomer. 'G'
(2:00) TCM Mon. 8 p.m.

* Take the Money and Run
(1969, Comedy) Woody Allen.
Born loser's life of crime and
punishment. 'PG' (1:30) TCM
Fri. 9:45 p.m.


* Nathan Lane ("The
Producers") won Tonys in
1996 and 2001 for "A Funny
Thing Happened on the Way
to the Forum" and "The
* James Stewart
("Harvey") flew more than
20 missions over Germany as
a bomber pilot during World
War II.
* Annette Bening
("Running With Scissors")
once worked prior to college
as a cook on a boat
chartered for scuba diving.
* Simon Cowell
("American Idol") dropped
out of high school and
worked as a mail boy at RCA.
* Elizabeth Pena ("The
Lost City") gave her demo
tape to a studio security
guard and received an
audition call 45 minutes later.
M JoAnna Garcia ("Reba")
volunteers to teach English
as a second language to
preschoolers in the Los
Angeles area.

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ESPN2 36 Car Auction NASCAR Now Women's College Basketball: NCAA Tourn. Second Round -- Teams TBA Champ. Update |Women's College Basketball: NCAA Toum. Second Round - Teams TBA IChamp. Update
FAM 30 7th Heaven Broken Ba Smallville Heat Ba ** * 'The Mask of Zorro' (1998) Antonio Banderas. Zorro's protege crosses swords with a returning tyrant. The 700 Club as
FOOD 51 30-Minute Meals 30-Minute Meals Good Eats Grits. JUnwrapped Chefography Paula Paula Deen. Chefography Sandra Lee. (N) |Ace of Cakes Bobby Flay Good Eats |$40-a-Day
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LIFE 32 Reba Ia Reba a9 Still Standing Still Standing Reba Ring-a-Ding Reba Ring-a-Ding ** 'Crossed Over'(2002, Drama) Diane Keaton. Premiere. as Will & Grace Will & Grace
NICK 26 Ned's School OddParents OddParents Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob Full House as Full House a Growing Pains RoseanneRoseanne Fresh Prince Fresh Prince
SCIFI 58 Stargate SG-1 Disclosure Ba Stargate SG-1 Flesh and Blood Stargate SG-1 Mor heus III planet. Stargate SG-1 The Pegasus Project ECW (Live) Battlestar Galactica Crossroads
SPEED 162 Monster Jam Chop Cut Rebuild IPinks Am. Thunder NOPI Tunervision Super Bikes! |Epic Ride V-Twin TV , Motocross Files Barrett-Jackson: Life on the Block
SPIKE 28 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation UFC Unleashed Bullrun (N) Pros vs. Joes
SUN 37 In M Words lIn My Words Lightning-Time NHL Hockey: New York Islanders at Tampa Bay Lightning. (Live) Ice Time Extra Destination Wild IPoker Superstars Invitational lHead Coach
TBN 52 Praise the Lord Ba Dr. Carl Baugh Jordan Rubin Behind Scenes |Joyce Meyer John Hagee Bill Gaither Ba Praise the Lord as
TCM 105 'Along the Rio' |** 'On the Isle of Samoa'(1950) Jon Hall. Premiere. ** 'The Kennel Murder Case' (1933) William Powell. **** 'The Thin Man'(1934) William Powell. **i 'Footsteps in the Dark's
TDC 38 It Takes a Thief Empty Nest (N) How It's Made |How It's Made You Spoof Discovery as Dirty Jobs Really Dirty Animals How It's Made 1How It's Made Dirty Jobs Skull Cleaner as
THC 49 Modern Marvels Edison Tech a Modern Marvels Proving Grounds Lost Worlds aB Ancient Disc. Man, Moment, Machine a9 The Horrors of Hussein as
TLC 48 Flip That House |Flip That House What Were You Thinking? SWAT: Tactical Force aE Miami Ink Psychic. Miami Ink Mural project. (N) Miami Ink Kat's Niche Ba
TNT 25 Law & Order Mother's Day NBA Basketball: Denver Nuggets at New Jersey Nets. (Live) I. NBA Basketball: Indiana Pacers at Houston Rockets. From Toyota Center in Houston. as
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WGN 16 Home Improve. Home Improve. America's Funniest Home Videos Funniest Pets Funniest Pets Funniest Pets |Funniest Pets WGN News at.Nine Ba Sex and the City Scrubs as
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HBO 501 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' ** 'Poseidon' (2006, Adventure) Josh Lucas. a Blades of Glory The Sopranos Moe 'n' Joe as Addiction Treatments and case studies. a9 Real Sports
MAX 521 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' ***X' 'Iraq in Fragments' (2006) Premiere. *** 'Madagascar'(2005) Voices of Ben Stiller. *** 'A History of Violence' (2005) Vigo Mortensen. 'Behind Bedrm'
SHOW 511 ** 'The Baxter'(2005) iTV. **, 'The Longest Yard' (2005) Adam Sandier, Chris Rock. iTV. as *** 'Hustle & Flow' (2005, Drama) Terrence Howard. iTV: as The L Word Literary License to Kill

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HGTV 47 Look What I Did! Rezoned If Walls Could House Huntersu , Designed to Sell Buy Me Design-Dime Design-Dime House Hunters House Worth? Junk Brothers (N) Haulin'House
INSP 53 Missions John Hagee Feed-Children Morris Cerullo Breakthrough Zola Levitt Pr. Inspiration Today Life Today E This Is Your Day The Gospel Truth Christians-Jews Wisdom Keys
ION 57 Green Acres Green Acres Growing Pains Growing Pains Mama's Family Mama's Family Diagnosis Murder NE Charlie's Angels Love Boat Angels Time Life Paid Program
LIFE 32 Reba 55 Reba NE Still Standing Still Standing Reba 5 Reba 5e **lt 'The Mermaid Chair'(2006) Kim Basinger, Alex Carter. s Will & Grace Will & Grace
MTV 27 Next Next Next_" True Life True Life I'm Autistic Autism. The Real World The Real World Road Rules (N) X Effect Spring Three 6 Mafia
NICK 26 Ned's School OddParents OddParents Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob Full House 59 Full House a Growing Pains Roseanne 9 Roseanne Fresh Prince Fresh Prince
SCIFI 58 Stargate SG-1 Space Race t Ghost Hunters B9 Ghost Hunters 55 Ghost Hunters aE Ghost Hunters as Ghost Hunters .B0
SPEED 162 Monster Jam Chop Cut Rebuild |Pinks Forza Motorsport Showdown Pinks - All Out .Unique Whips Barrett-Jackson: Life on the Block
SPIKE 28 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CS: NY Night, Mother Nl
SUN 37 ATP Tennis (N) IMagic Tonight NBA Basketball: Orlando Magic at Toronto Raptors. (Subject to Blackout) Magic Extra Golf Destination GatorZone iln My Words Golf 2 Xtreem
TBN 52 Praise the Lord as Billy Graham Classic Crusades Behind Scenes |Grant Jeffrey Secrets of Bible Van impe Pres Praise the Lord N
TCM 105 'My True Story' |**" 'Pushover' (1954) Fred MacMurray, Kim Novak. *** 'The Saint in New York' *** 'The Saint Strikes Back' (1939) Wendy Barrie |** 'The Saint in London' (1939) I'Saint Takes'
TDC 38 It Takes a Thief Girls Day Out Bl MythBusters Quicksand 55 Mega Builders MythBusters (N) Nl MythBusters Na Futureweapons
THC 49 Man, Moment, Machine c9 Modern Marvels Medieval castles. Super Tools Tunnel 55 Super Tools Skyscraper as Super Tools Ship as Super Tools Bridge 19
TLC 48 Flip That House |Flip That House When Sleep Goes Bad That's Gotta Hurt (N) Supersize She 5B Half Body: A Woman's Courage (N) That's Gotta Hurt
TNT 25 Without a Trace N5 Without a Trace Trials N5 ER Freefall 55 ER Missing B] ER Makemba 55 Without a Trace Light Years N
TOON 55 Ed, Edd n Eddy IGrim Adventures Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster Class of 3000 Camp Lazlo |Foster's Home Gym Partner |Futurama 5 Futurama 9 Family Guy
TRAVEL 46 Tokyo Revealed N Top Ten Fun Food Factories N Europe-Brown Europe-Brown World Poker Tour Bl Europe-Brown Europe-Brown
TVL 69 Little House on the Prairie s Gunsmoke Blood Money s . Andy Griffith Andy Griffith M*A*S*H s IM*A*S*H E Sit Down Comedy Sanford and Son Three's Company Three's Company
USA 33 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Legion Law & Order: Criminal Intent Blink Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Criminal Intent 5
VH1 54 I Love New York Meeting mothers. Embarrassing Moments Embarrassing Moments 2 Surreal Life Fame Games Paparazzi. Surreal Life Fame Games Fans. Dice: Undisputed Hall of Fame
WGN 16 Home Improve. Home Improve. America's Funniest Home Videos Home Improve. Home Improve. Becker 11 Becker B WGN News at Nine , Sex and the City Scrubs 55
WTBS 39 Seinfeld Seinfeld Every-Raymond Every-Raymond Every-Raymond Every-Raymond Every-Raymond Every-Raymond Kin of Queens King of Queens ** X 'Grumpy Old Men'(1993)
HBO 501 'The Island' **' 'The Skeleton Key'(2005) Kate Hudson. Soprano Recap Addiction Treatments and case studies. 55 Real Time With Bill Maher 59 Rome as
MAX 521 'Billy Madison' ** 'Running Scared' (2006) Paul Walker, Cameron Bright. as ** t* 'Alien Nation'(1988) James Caan. 59 ** 'The Family Stone' (2005) Dermot Mulroney. |Erotic Traveler
SHOW 511 ** 'Jiminy Glick in Lalawood' (2004) Martin Short. *** 'Tombstone'(1993, Western) Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn. iTV. 59 The L Word Literary License to Kill ** 'The Honeymooners'(2005)

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WTEV/47 7 News Evening News College Basketball: NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal -- Teams TBA. (Live) 5 College Basketball: NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal -- Teams TBA. (Live) 5
WGFLJ53 Access H'wood Evening News College Basketball: NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal - Teams TBA. (Live 55 College Basketball: NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal -- Teams TBA. (Live) 5
A&E' 29 Crossing Jordan Scared Straight CSI: Miami Three-Way B5 CSI: Miami Under Suspicion 5 The First 48 Easy Prey; Widowmaker The Iceman and the Psychiatrist Iceman Confesses: Secrets
AMC 60 **** 'Dances With Wolves'(1990) Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell. **h 'Conan the Barbarian' (1982, Adventure) Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones. |** 'Commando'(1985) Arnold Schwarzenegger.
ANPL 50 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries 5 |The Most Extreme Disguise 55 Conservation Nation (N) Jane Goodall's Heroes 5 Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix (N) Conservation Nation
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DSNY 31 Zack & Cody That's So Raven Phil of the Future Zack & Cody ** 'Double Teamed' (2002, Drama) Annie McElwain, Poppi Monroe. Life With Derek Phil of the Future Zack & Cody That's So Raven
E! 45 High 90210 High 90210 E! News (N) The Daily 10 (N) 50 Most Shocking Celebrity Confessions Celebrity confessions. Girl Next Door Girl Next Door E! News The Daily 10
ESPN 35 SportsCenter (Live) 55 Figure Skating: World Championships -- Original Dance & Men's Free Skate. From Tokyo. (Same-day Tape) a Figure Skating: Skate America
ESPN-C 164 NASCAR Racing Stump-Schwab Kickboxing: ISKA. IBoxing: Camacho-Mackie 2005 U.S. Poker Championships Can't Blame Can't Blame Bull Riding: Ride Hard Tour
ESPN2 36 Import Racers (N) NASCAR Now Arena Football: Colorado Crush at Philadelphia Soul. (Live) |Boxing: 2004 Candelo vs. Sanchez Boxing Boxing: 1991 Foreman vs. Holyfield
FAM 30 7th Heaven Ay Carumba 55 Smallville Red _______** 'A Cinderella Story'(2004) Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge. 55 Whose Line? Whose Line? The 700 Club 55
FOOD 51 30-Minute Meals 30-Minute Meals Good Eats Unwrapped Chefography Giada DeLaurentiis. Chefography Mario Batali. (N) Food Network Unwrapped Good Eats |$40-a-Day
FSN 56 Destination Wild Inside Panthers Panthers Tonight NHL Hockey: Ottawa Senators at Florida Panthers. (Subject to Blackout) (Live) The Sports List Final Score Boxing: Best Damn Champ.
GSN 59 Hollywood Sq. Weakest Link Lingo B Lingo B Weakest Link B High Stakes Poker B Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Family Feud Family Feud
HGTV 47 Look What I Didl Small Space If Walls Could House Hunters Designed to Sell Buy Me Divine Design (N) Landscapers House Hunters House Hunters Over Your Head Don't Sweat It
INSP 53 Paid Program John Hagee Christians-Jews Morris Cerullo Breakthrough Love a Child nspiration Today Life Today 5 This Is Your Day The Gospel Truth Feed-Children Paid Program
ION 57 Green Acres Green Acres Growing Pains Growing Pains Mama's Family Mama's Family Diagnosis Murder 55 Charlie's Angels Time Life Paid Program
LIFE 32 Reba As Is a Reba c Still Standing Still Standing Reba B Reba The Rings 'You Belong to Me Forever' (1998) Claire Rankin, Julian McMahon. B Will & Grace Will & Grace
MTV 27 Juvies Juvies Juvies .True Life I Hurt Myself (N) Juvies Drug-abusing mother. (N) Wild n Out Wild n Out

NICK 26 Ned's School IOddParents OddParents |Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob IFull House N Full House R (Growing Pains Roseanne l (Roseanne 55 Fresh Prince Fresh Prince
SCIFI 58 Stargate SG-1 Forsaken cN Eureka Before I Forget S9 Eureka Alienated Nc Eureka Invincible 55 Eureka Dr. Nobel 55 Eureka Blink 55
SPEED 162 Monster Jam Chop Cut Rebuild IPinks Road Tour IRoad Tour Redline TV IMuscle Car MotorWeek ICar Crazy Barrett-Jackson: Life on the Block
SPIKE 28 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TNA Wrestling Impact! 55 Pros vs. Joes (N) Bullrun
SUN 37 Around Track SEC TV (Live) Lightning-Time NHL Hockey: New Jersey Devils at Tampa Bay Lightning. (Live) Ice Time Extra Florida Fishing Report Ship Shape TV
TBN 52 Praise the Lord 5 ADino Against All Odds Behind Scenes |Michael Youssef |Bishop Jakes This Is Your Day Praise the Lord 59
TCM 105 ***% 'Suspicion' (1941) Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine. 5M (DVS) **** 'In Which We Serve'(1942, War) Noel Coward, John Mills. * *% 'Island in the Sky' (1953) John Wayne, Lloyd Nolan. Premiere.
TDC 38 It Takes a Thief Beachfront cottage. MythBusters Three gun myths. MythBusters Dog Myths BN MythBusters Pirate Special Pirate ship battles. 5 Stunt Junkies Stunt Junkies
THC 49 Man, Moment, Machine B5 Modern Marvels The history of ink. Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History __Modem Marvels Tobacco Tobacco. Modern Marvels Cotton RE
TLC 48 Flip That House |Flip That House American Chopper 55 American Hot Rod '57 Chevy 3 (N) American Chopper American Chopper 55 American Hot Rod '57 Chevy 3
TNT 25 Law & Order Under God Law & Order Coming Down Hard Law & Order Fixed E (DVS) Law & Order Can I Get a Witness? Law & Order America, Inc. Law & Order Undercovered
TOON 55 Ed, Edd n Eddy IGrim Adventures Camp Lazlo: Where's Lazlo? Camp Lazio |Camp Lazlo Camp Lazio ]Foster's Home Gym Partner IFuturama 55 Futurama B Family Guy
TRAVEL 46 Hawaii FAQ Hawaiian vacations. Millionaire's Hawaii []c Samantha Brown's First Cruise Cruising Do's and Don'ts America's Favorite Waterparks Samantha Brown's First Cruise
TVL 69 Little House on the Prairie cc Gunsmoke Hill Girl B5 Andy Griffith |Andy Griffith M*A*S*H 9 IM*A*S*H B Sanford and Son ISanford and Son Three's Company IThree's Company
USA 33 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Gemini Law & Order: Criminal Intent N; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Criminal Intent B! Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
VH1 54 Surreal Life Fame Games Fans. Australia's Next Top Model Fabulous Life Of... Kept Men Reality Secrets Revealed 2 I Love New York Meeting mothers. The Agency * 'Showgirls'
WGN 16 Home Improve. Home Improve. America's Funniest Home Videos Bulls Eye a NBA Basketball: Denver Nuggets at Chicago Bulls. From the United Center in Chicago. B5 WGN News Scrubs []
WTBS 39 Seinfeld Bl Seinfeld The Doll Every-Raymond |Every-Raymond Friends 55 Friends X Friends 55 Friends 59 ** 'Fools Rush In' (1997) Matthew Perry, Salma Hayek. 55
HBO 501 'Just Like' Mak. 16 Blocks **% 'The Transporter 2' (2005) Jason Statham. 'Life Support' (2007, Drama) Queen Latifah. 55 Big Love Pilot E .Shock Video Blades of Glory
MAX 521 ** * 'Twister' (1996, Action) Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton. N |*** 'Dirty Harry '(1971) Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino. B5 ** 'The Sentinel' 2006) Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland. B5
SHOW 511 'Pink Panther' * 'The Movie Hero' (2003) Jeremy Sisto. iTV. ***' 'An Inconvenient Truth' 2006) iTV. convenient Penn & Teller This Am. Life_ The L Word Literary License to Kill



SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2007

Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404



The Shining
* Stephen King didn't care
for Stanley Kubrick's take on his
novel. It does have its flaws --
mainly some random scenes
whose backstories either landed
on the cutting room floor or
never left the book. But to quote
"Airplane!" that's not important
right now. The reason this 1980
chiller rocks can be summed up
in two words: Jack Nicholson.
Not since Anthony Perkins had
the screen seen such a perfect
psycho, and only that other
Anthony -- Hopkins -- has come
close since. 6 p.m. on SCIFI

Training Day.
* An Oscar-winning
performance by Denzel
Washington helps this
effectively gritty 2001 police
drama stand out from the pack.
He breaks type as a veteran of
the Los Angeles narcotics beat
who deals dirty in getting the
goods on really bad guys. Ethan
Hawke plays his new partner, a
rookie who can't believe much
of what he witnesses as they
make their rounds. Scott Glenn
and Tom Berenger co-star.
6 p.m. on USA


* Don't look for Ward, June,
Wally and the Beav in this new
thriller, which stars Ever
Carradine as a woman targeted
by mobsters when a con job
gone wrong leaves her in pos-
session of a bag full of dia-
monds. She takes refuge with
her estranged mother, who's
raising her daughter. Nothing
like being on the lam from the
mob and the police to reforge
broken family bonds. Gabrielle
Rose and Leela Savasta also
star. 9 p.m. on LIFE

Kings of South Beach
* Money, models, the mob ...
what more do you need? "Miami
Vice" fans will love this new TV
movie starring Jason Gedrick
and Donnie Wahlberg as a pair
of entrepreneurs who open the
hottest night spot in South
Beach. They're on top of their
gaMe until their secret pasts
come to light. Small-screen
favorites Nadine Velazquez and
Ricardo Antonio Chavira also
star. 9 p.m. on A&E


The Movie Hero
* The premise of this 2003
comedy doesn't sound like
much: Guy -- obviously nuts --
thinks he's living in a movie. But
prepare to be surprised; it's a
real charmer. Jeremy Sisto does
for the character what James
Stewart did for his in "Harvey,"
making him thoroughly likable in
spite of his deluded take on the
world. 7p.m. on SHOW


Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer's Stone
* When so many of beloved
books get butchered on the
screen, it's hard to understand
the critics who panned the first
Potter flick for being too true to
author J.K. Rowling's work.
Staying true to the book is a
good thing! And nobody's
complaining about Daniel
Radcliffe's excellent portrayal of
the titular boy wizard, or the
2001 fantasy's fine supporting
cast, which includes Maggie
Smith, Richard Harris, Robbie
Coltrane and John Hurt. 4:30
p.m. on FAM

Return to Me
* A top-notch cast and a
unique though improbable
premise make this 2000
romance a cut above your
standard tear-jerker. Bonnie
Hunt does more than her share
of duty as co-star and co-writer,
and David Duchovny makes a
definite departure from his role
on "The X-Files" as a widower
attracted to a woman, unaware
she is the recipient of his late
wife's transplanted heart. 7p.m.

Hellboy: Blood and Iron
N They're back ... again! Ron
Perlman, Selma Blair and John
Hurt return to give voice to the
characters they played in the
2004 live-action "Hellboy" and
voiced in last year's animated
sequel, "Hellboy: Sword of
Storms." Perlman voices the
title superhero, who leads a
mission to stop the return of an
evil female vampire with a taste
for young blood.7 p.m. on

MARCH 23. 2007

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HBO 501 'Return-Jedi' ** 'Doctor Dolittle' (1998) Eddie Murphy,. c Rome Death Mask aE Rome A Necessary Fiction c Rome c IReal Time With Bill Maher aE
MAX 521 *** 'Vfor Vendetta',(2006) Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving. sE *'*I 'ATL' (2006) Tip 'T1." Harris. Four Atlanta teens face challenges. *** 'Jarhead' (2005, War) Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard. [a
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TBN 52 Fun Food Adv. Friends & Heroes Bibleman (El) Davey-Goliath D's Kids Club McGee and Me Nest Family IRetro News Jacob's Ladder lChristian World |Praise the Lord 5E
TCM 105 **', 'The Kentuckian' (1955, Western) Burt Lancaster, Dianne Foster. *** 'Jubal' (195.6, Western) Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Rod Steiger. *** 'El Dorado' (1967, Western) John Wayne, Robert Mitchum.
TDC 38 MythBusters Quicksand 55 Dirty Jobs Really Dirty Animals MythBusters i MythBusters cE MythBusters Pirate Special 55 MythBusters Pirate Special %a
THC 49 Lost Worlds The Pagans NE Lost Worlds The city of Tortosa. . Digging for the Truth 1E JIDigging for the Truth 55 Digging for the Truth cc An Alien History of Planet Earth
TLC 48 Trading Spaces 59 Trading Spaces Psychic Solutions What Not to Wear Fashion career. What Not to Wear Shireen M. EB Moving Up 55 Moving Up Moving tests friendships.
TNT 25 ***�i 'Heat' (1995) Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer. E (DVS) ** 'Along Came a Spider' (2001) Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter. S5 *** 'A Time to Kill' (1996) Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson. cc
TOON 55 Squirrel Boy Grim Adventures |Grim Adventures IFoster's Home Foster's Home Gym Partner Gym Partner Ed, Edd n Eddy Cartoon Cartoon's Greatest Hits Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars
TRAVEL 46 World Poker Tour Na Taste of America Taste of America Made in America Made in America Cash-Treasures ICash-Treasures Bizarre Foods: Asia 5[
TVL 69 Bonanza Dead Wrong E Bonanza Old Friends cc Bonanza The Trouble with Amy Bonanza The Newcomers 55 Gunsmoke First People Sc Gunsmoke Mr. Sam'l a
USA 33 *** 'Love & Basketball' (2000) ** 'All About the Benjamins' (2002, Action) Ice Cube, Mike Epps.e * ' 'Friday After Next' (2002, Comedy) Ice Cube, Mike Epps. a 'Barbershop 2: Back in Business'
VH1 54 Surreal Life Fame Games Fans. I Love New York Meeting mothers. The Agency �Australia's Next Top Model Australia's Next Top Model Australia's Next Top Model
WGN 16 HomeTeam Best of Compilation Freedom Music Soul Train Freddie Jackson; Whodini. |American Idol Rewind CBS 6 to 5 MLB Preseason Baseball: Chicago White Sox at Arizona Diamondbacks.
WTBS 39 * 'The Bachelor' ***% 'Legally Blonde'(2001) Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson. 9 | *** 'Jerry Maguire' (1996) Tom Cruise. An attack of conscience changes an LA. sports agent's life. . 'My Best Friend'
HBO 501 **% 'Kicking & Screaming' Blades of Glory **'A 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'(1991) Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman. | 'Life Support' (2007, Drama) Queen Latifah. 5E 'The Island'
MAX 521 **' 'The Producers' (2005) *** 'City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold' (1994) Billy Crystal. I** 'Cry Wolf'(2005, Suspense) Lindy Booth. 5 \**% 'Out for Justice' (1991) Steven Seagal. EB
SHOW 511 * 'A Fine Mess' (1986) iTV. *** 'Mad Hot Ballroom' (2005) iTV. 55 **| 'Duane Hopwood' (2005) David Schwimmer. ** 'The Big White'(2005) Robin Williams, Holly Hunter. iTV. 5

TW 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 I 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 I 11:30
WJXT/4 4 News S The Insider (N) Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Alias H6urglass E9 CSI: Miami Crime Wave 55 News 55 News [cc] Da Vinci's Inquest A Cinderella Story
WUFT/5 5 American Soundtrack: Doo Wop Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures 55 My Music: Country Pop Legends E5 Dead Ahead - Grateful Dead
WTLV/12 12 News ]N NBC News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! BN Dateline NBC 5E Law & Order Corner Office 55 Law & Order: Criminal Intent [l News E[ |Sat. Night Live
WCWJ/17 9 Fresh Prince Will & Grace My Wife and Kids According to Jim All of Us (N) IGirlfriends (N) The Game (N) Hates Chris The Shield Playing Tight a Smallville Thirst []
WCJB/20 3 News Wrid News Sat Entertainment Tonight (N) [] Celebrity Debut 55 * 'Coyote Ugly' (2000) Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, Maria Bello. E News |CSI: Miami cc
WAWS/30 10 That '70s Show Seinfeld E5 American Idol Rewind CBS 6 to 5 Cops (N) |Cops [ America's Most Wanted-Fights Back News 5 |News 5 Mad TV Ec
WTEV/47 7 College Basketball College Basketball: NCAA Tournament Regional Final -- Teams TBA. (Live) 48 Hours Mystery E5 48 Hours Mystery 5 News Every-Raymond
WGFUL53 College Basketball College Basketball: NCAA Tournament Regional Final -- Teams TBA. (Live) 48 Hours Mystery 48 Hours Mystery 55 Police Beat Da Vinci Inqust
A&E 29 Sell This House! Big Spender Sell This House! Sell.This House! Flip This House Alder Lane Bl Flip This House Restaurant Special The First 48 E American Justice What the Girl Saw
AMC 60 *** 'The Towering Inferno' (1974) Steve McQueen, Paul Newman. **', 'Ladder 49'(2004, Drama) Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Jacinda Barrett. |** 'Hellfighters' (1968) John Wayne. B!
ANPL 50 Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix E-Vet Interns E-Vet Interns Growing Up... Tiger Two tiger cubs. Awesome Pawsome 55 Wild Kingdom Last Lions of India Growing Up... Tiger Two tiger cubs.
BET 34 106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live EB Run's House WayansBros. Wayans Bros. Girlfriends 5 |Girlfriends [] Girlfriends Bl Girlfriends & ** 'Trois 2: Pandora's Box' (2002)
BRAVO 65 Top Design Chef's Choice 55 Work Out B5 Real Housewives Real Housewives **? 'Ghostbusters I'(1989, Comiedy) Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd. E
CMTV 63 Hogan Knows |Home Videos Home Videos Home Videos Movie _CMT Giants: Reba_________
CNN 24 Lou Dobbs This Week This Week at War CNN: Special Investigations Unit Larry King Live CNN Saturday Night CNN: Special Investigations Unit
COM 62 * 'Joe Dirt' (2001) David Spade. **l' 'Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again' (2004, Documentary) 55 Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad ] Ralphie May: Girth of a Nation
DSNY 31 Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Kim Possible American Drgn 'Cow Belles' (2006, Comedy) Alyson Michalka, Amanda Michalka. E Zack & Cody That's So Raven
El 45 40 Smokin' On-Set Hookups E! News Weekend Trust Fund Babies: The E! True Hollywood Story 5 |Saturday Night Live E[ Paradise City Paradise City
ESPN 35 Figure Skating: World Championships -- Ladies & Pairs Free Skate. From Tokyo. (Same-day Tape) 55 Women's College Basketball: NCAA Tourn. Regional Semifinal SportsCenter (Live) ES
ESPN-C 164 2005 U.S. Poker Championships |2005 U.S. Poker Championships Ringside Brian Kenny and Bert Randolph Sugar profile the career of George Foreman. [] 2005 World Series of Poker [n
ESPN2 36 Women's College Basketball: NCAA Division II Final -- Teams TBA IndyCar Racing: XM Satellite Radio Indy 300. From Homestead, Fla. (Live) a5 Car Auction NCAA Special Wm. Basketball
FAM 30 ** 'Sleepover' (2004, Comedy) Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem. cc _ **'u 'Bring It On' (2000, Comedy) Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku. E l** 'A Cinderella Story' (2004) Hilay Duff, Jennifer Coolidge. B]
FOOD 51 Challenge Mystery Cake Chefography Paula Paula Deen. Chefography Chef Emeril Lagasse. Chefography Rachael Ray. Chefography Sandra Lee. Chefography Bobby Flay.
FSN 56 Inside Panthers Inside Panthers Panthers Tonight |NHL Hockey: New Jersey Devils at Florida Panthers. (Subject to Blackout) (Live) Destination Wild Final Score' Aussie Millions
GSN 59 Super Password Super Password Greed [a Double Dare Double Dare Double Dare Double Dare Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Love Connection Love Connection
HGTV 47 Countdown to Spring My Makeover House Hunters reDesign reDesign Designers' Designers' Design-Dime Design-Dime Divine Design Divine Design
INSP 53 Various Variety Old Time Gospel Hour Gaither Homecoming Hour Specials Talent Search I-Gospel Steelroots
ION 57 Morris Cerullo Helpline *** 'Klute'(1971, Suspense) Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland. * 'Best of the Best'(1989, Action) Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones. BodogFight
LIFE 32 'Cleaverville' (2007) Ever Carradine. 'Lies and Crimes' 2007, Suspense) Estella Warren. cc ** 'Perfect Prey' 1998, Suspense) Kelly McGillis, Bruce Dern. B Medium B5
MTV 27 Parental Control Parental Control Engaged Engaged The Hills The Hills The Real World The Real World Bam's Union Bam's Union Jackass Jackass
NICK 26 Ned's School OddParents OddParents SpongeBob Ned's School Naked Brothers Drake & Josh Mr. Meaty Full House B5 Growing Pains Fresh Prince Fresh Prince
SCIFI 58 'Pterodactyl' (2005, Horror) Coolio. 'Grendel' (2007, Adventure) Chris Bruno, Ben Cross, Marina Sirtis. 'Reign of the Gargoyles' (2007) Joe Penny, Wes Ramsey. Premiere. 'Cerberus' (2005) Greg Evigan.
SPEED 162 Motorcycle Racing: AMA Lucas Oil Performance Star Mazda Series (Taped) Powersports Snowmobile Tour Unique Whips Barrett-Jackson: Life on the Block

SPIKE 28 Pros vs. Joes Pros vs. Joes Pros vs. Joes JPros vs. Joes Pros vs. Joes Pros vs. joes
SUN 37 High School Sports Report Lightning-Time NHL Hockey: Ottawa Senators at Tampa Bay Lightning. (Live) |Ice Time Extra Lightning INBA Action MLB Bloopers: The Funny Side
TBN 52 Praise the Lord eicc The Coral Ridge Hour EB In Touch l ] Hour of Power cc Billy Graham Classic Crusades Thru History ITravel the Road
TCM 105 **' 'The Wonderful Country' (1959) Robert Mitchum, Julie London. * * 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' (1963, Comedy) Spencer Tracy, Edie Adams, Milton Berle. X] * * *' 'The Longest Day'(1962)
TDC 38 MythBusters SteamCannon MhBusers Rendezvous With Saturn's Moon ]Dirty Jobs 100th Dirty Jobs Special |Dirty Jobs 100th Dirty Job Special How It's Made How It's Made
THC 49 A lien History of Planet Earth Modern Marvels Coffee [] *** ' 'A Few Good Men'(1992) Tom Cruise. A Navy lawyer defends two Marines in a comrade's death. 55 The Real JAG []
TLC 48 Property Ladder cl Flip That House David; Tina [] Moving Up (N) Flip That House ]Flip That House ITrading Spaces Kitchens. (N) Moving Up
TNT 25 *** 'A Time to Kill' (1996) [cc **% 'Swordfish'(2001, Suspense) John Travolta, Hugh Jackman. cc *** 'The Manchurian Candidate' (2004, Suspense) Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep.X 'Out of Time'
TOON 55 Tom and Jerry |Ben 10 'Stan Lee Presents: The Condor' (2007) Premiere. IBobobo-bo Bo INaruto (N) One Piece (N) Mar |Prince-Tennis The Oblongs The Boondocks
TRAVEL 46 Bizarre Foods-Zimmern Bizarre Foods-Zimmern Professional Poker Tour From San Jose, Calif. 55 Bizarre Foods-Zimmern Professional Poker Tour []
TVL 69 Gunsmoke A Noose for Dobie Price Gunsmoke Lyle's Kid X5 Andy Griffith |Andy Griffith M*A*S*H IM'A'S'H [] Sanford and Son Sanford and Son Three's Company aThree's Company
USA 33 'Barbershop 2: Back in Business' *** 'Meet the Parents'(2000) Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller. Bl ** 'Along Came Polly'(2004) Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston. -4 House Deception cr
VH1 54 The Agency Best Week Ever I Love New York Overnight dates. I Love New York Meeting mothers. Acceptable TV |Dice: Undisputed Surreal Life Fame Games Fans. SuperGroup Ted voices concerns.
WGN 16 MLB Preseason Baseball Funniest Pets |Funniest Pets **'i 'Wild America'(1997) Jonathan Taylor Thomas. X5 WGN News at Nine R] Sex and the City 124 X
WTBS 39 *** 'My Best Friend's Wedding'(1997) Julia Roberts. 55 ** 'The Wedding Planner' (2001) Jennifer Lopez. 55 **'% 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason' (2004) Renee Zellweger.
HBO 501 ** ' 'The Island' (2005) Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson. X5 *** '16 Blocks' (2006) Bruce Willis. Premiere. |Boxing: Librado Andrade vs. Mikkel Kessler. (Live) X
MAX 521 **'n 'Two for the Money'(2005, Drama) Al Pacino. ,We *** 'Clueless'(1995, Comedy) Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash. X |*! 'JustMy Luck'(2006) Lindsay Lohan. [c Erotic Traveler


511(**' 'The Longest Yard' (2005Adam Sandiler, Chris Rock. TV. c

I*** 'Hustle & Flow' 2005, Drama) Terrence Howard. iTV. []

]**'Get Richor Die TryiW'(2005) Curtis"50 Cent" Jackson: iTV.

i-i-�ii-��wG i-~ - I



Army wife answers online

critics of soldiers and wives

DEAR ABBY: My hus-
band serves in the U.S.
Army. I am a proud Army
wife. Lately, more and more
people are openly speaking
out against the war in Iraq, as
is their right. However, peo-
ple are also speaking out
against soldiers, and now,
even their wives.
I was recently confronted
by a message on MySpace.
The writer, a woman, called
Army wives everything in the
book. I was heartbroken. She
said we were all uneducated.
(I have my degree in psy-
chology.) She said we all just
sit home and spend our hus-
bands' money. I am a stay-at-
home mom, but I do not ever
get to sit.
She also stated that the
Army paid us to have kids.
This is not true, either. We do
not get paid any more for
having one ohild or seven.
She said Army wives whine
about missing their soldiers
overseas and that it's not that
dangerous - you could die
from any job. Not many wives
outside the military have to
go weeks without talking to
their spouses and not know-
ing if they are OK. Jobs out-
side the military can be dan-
gerous, yes, but people are
not trying to harm them.
I just want people to know
you can disagree with the
war, with our leaders, with
what happens in the world,

Abigail Van Buren

but please do not group peo-
ple together and look down
on them. We military wives
have it hard, but we keep
things together the best we
can. Our men fight for the
rights some people take for
granted. Please keep that in
mind. - KATRINA IN
Although many people are
against the war in Iraq, and it
is their right to speak openly
about it, that does not give
anyone the right to scapegoat
the wives of the people who
are fighting there.
Scapegoating any group
reveals more about the igno-
rance of the person doing
it than the target of the
Just because something
appears on the Internet does
not mean that it is true or fac-
tual. There is a lot of misin-
formation floating around out
there, and the statements
you quoted in your letter are
part of it.
I am pleased to help you

get the message across. But
please do not stop with me.
Spread the word on any site
you feel the need to - and
that includes MySpace.
DEAR ABBY: My son is
an adult alcoholic and drug
addict. He recently got in
trouble with the law, and ran
before sentencing. He has
one child. My son is in con-
tact with me.
My friend said I should use
tough love and not talk to
him or send him money until
he gets his act straightened
out and comes and faces the
music. He is staying with his
child's mother.
What is your opinion,
Abby? I don't know what to
do! My health is not good. (I
am on oxygen.) Please help
It is time your (adult) son
grew up and accepted
responsibility for his actions.
Sending him money and hid-
ing him from the law isn't
really helping him, and it
makes you an accessory to
his crime. So please, listen to
your friend and stop sending
money - but do talk to him
and let him know he cannot
hide from the law forever, so
it's time for him to come
* Write Dear Abby at P.O. Box
69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.


ARIES (March 21-April
19): There will be plenty you
aren't aware of so, before you
make any decisions, take a
wait-and-see attitude. Do not
travel to areas that are not
safe. Not having the proper
paperwork may lead to com-
plications. ***
TAURUS (April 20-May
20): This is a great day to vol-
unteer your services. You will
hook up with people who
show an interest in other
things you are working on.
You will be lucky in love today
so improve the relationship
you are in or look for a new
one. ****
GEMINI (May 21-June
20): You may think you have
some pretty good ideas but
someone will question what
you want to do. A partnership
will undergo stress due to
money matters and dishon-
esty. Take a look at your strat-
egy and rework your plans for
the future. **
CANCER (June 21-July
22): Now is the perfect time
to make alterations at home
or to do something special

Eugenia Word

with loved ones. Someone
may want you to put in extra
hours or contribute to some-
thing that doesn't interest
you. Do not hesitate to say no.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22):
You may feel like traveling or
.getting involved in a group
that offers a different philoso-
phy. Avoid both for now. Your
motives are off and you must
question if it's due to your
feelings for someone you met
recently. ***
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept.
22): ,You won't have too
much room to maneuver at a
personal level. Own up to any-
thing you've done wrong but
expect the same in return.
Don't let things escalate too
far off base but do address the
situation maturely. ***
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.
22): You have to be light-
hearted today and make plans
to have fun with people you
enjoy. You'll be enlightened


by Luis Campos
Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people. past and present.
Each letter In the ciphler stands for another.
Today's clue: N equals W

PREVIOUS SOLUTION - "I am married to a very dear girl who is an artist. We
have no children except me." - Irish playwright Brendan Behan
(c) 2007 by NEA, Inc. 3-19

just by talking with people
whose expertise is in the area
you want to pursue. ***
SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.
21): Take a break, get
together with other creative
people, have fun and enjoy
yourself. Romance is in the
stars so plan something spe-
cial. A chance to promote
what you do is likely.

Dec. 21): You have to be
careful what you say to whom.
Something you least expect
will come back to haunt you.
Avoid exaggeration and mak-
ing promises you aren't likely
to keep. **
Jan. 19): You'll have some
brilliant ideas regarding your
future and what you see your-
self doing. You can develop
something new or lay out the
plans for a business you want
to start. Take control and you
will realize what you want to
do is possible. ****
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-
Feb. 18): You may need to
back down if someone is
questioning you today. You
don't have to give in to pres-
sure and you don't have to
make a decision if you aren't
ready to. Don't let your emo-
tions get the better of you.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20): The more upfront you
have been, the more favorable
a response you will get in
return. Avoid taking on too
much or stretching the facts.
Anything and everything is
possible if you stick to a budg-
et and game plan. ***



I Prefix with red
6 Denpasar is its
10 "Concord Hymn"
writer's inits.
13 Green
19 Grten, for instance
20 Christmas team
22 Trunk lines
23 Green 55-Down
26 "Me too"
27 Make messy
28 Enzyme ending
29 Gremlins and
33 Codger
34 Fella
36 Rat follower
38 A hero might have
40 Box in many
41 Bracelet
44 Green 83-Dowlp
49 Like
50 Trademarked
chilled drink
51 Neighbor of Lanai
52 Live
54 Ding
56 Be listless
57 Lot of money

For any three answers, call
from a touch-tone phone: 1-
900-285-5656, $1.20 each
minute; or, with a credit
card, 1-800-814-5554.

58 Channel for
60 Fast runners
63 Some socials
65 Corroding, with
66 Green 58-Downv
72 Cry from a balcony
73 Neat as __
74 Legless creatures
75 Quarter of a deck
76 Skid row sounds
78 Yves's eve
80 Natural flavoring
84 His or her, to Henri
85 Computer
86 Destruction
89 The third of
90 Green 8-Down
95 Cartoon character
with a big nose
96 Mideast money
97 Old TV part
98 Map parts: Abbr.
99 Still
100 Kathryn of
"Law & Order:
Criminal Intent"
103 "Put it back in"
104 The sun
107 Utah city
109 Like turncoats
112 Green 13-.Acrots
119 Tony-winning
actress Martin
120 Inferior

121 Server of Norm,
Cliff and Frasier,
on "Cheers"
122 Not overdone
123 Stopover
124 Those caballeros
125 Cap sites

1 "Eww!"
2 Dijon denial
3 Part of Dixie: Abbr.
4 Bird in the
"Arabian Nights"
5 Sacred chests
6 Stomach settler
7 Correo __
8 Green __
9 About
10 Fix, as a rug
11 Early Chinese
12 Marine birds
13 First person
14 Early colonizer of
15 Great time
16 Mountain whose
name in Greek
means "I bum"
17 Hurdles for high
schoolers, for short
18 Being, to Brutus
21 Furry-tailed
24 Spa treatment
25 Tend to

29 Syrian president
30 Word before or
after sugar
31 Scrub
32 Egg holder
35 Philosophical study
of the universe
37 Friday's
39 Bad start?
40 Mountain view
42 Not think things
through first
43 Off course
45 Measure of light
46 Cold coat
47 Enemy: Abbr.
48 Start of many a city
53 Some M.I.T. grads:
55 G( reen ............
57 It's connected to a
58 G ree .............
59 Hideaway
61 NASA's__
Research Center
62 Old truck maker
64 Verdi's"" tu"
65 _ trip
66 Bone setters
67 End of an estimate
68 Close relative
69 Place with a
moving line
70 Ship in 1898
71 Start of a

76 Papal court 86 Preparing for 100 Actress Lanchester 111 Need

77 N.Y.C. subway line
79 One of the Wright
brothers, for short
81 Center of
82 "The Cloister and
the Hearth" author
83 G r-x;c .........
85 Kindergarten

shipment and others

88 E.E.C. part: Abbr.
91 Indian tourist
destination on the
Arabian Sea
92 They're not pro
93 Fade out
94 Loire laugh

101 Repetitive musical
102 Storage units
104 Did laps
105 "Yikes!"
106 Actor Alan
108 Year in the middle
of this century
110 Father

113 One-fifth of
114 Suffix with ball
115 Best-selling author
116 "_ Sleep Comes
Down to Soothe the
Weary Eyes"
(Dunbar poem)
117 "Rah!"
118 Points on a scale

Answers to last week's Sunday Crossword.





L 8 E Z VL 6 99�S

Z 9.68 9C 17L L

V L 9 L6 98 C-

L8 9 Z-VL 96

9 917 6 CL L Z


C 6ZL 8 919L t7

9 L L 17 56 8 C

8 V 9 CL 6 L

617# t"Oilfllos flIopflS

Sudoku Puzzle #49

1 2 3_ 4

2 5 6

7 8 2 9

4 1 5 2

7 9_

5 4 2 3

3 8 9 1

7 6 9

6 1 2 7

Page Editor: Chris Bednar, 754-0404


STUDENTS: Balance education, family and work Gardner translates

Continued From Page 1D
"Everything I do is a reflec-
tion on them," Davis said. "I'm
encouraged to do better and
get my college degree because
I want them to do those things
and I can't inflict that kind of
learning environment on them
if I don't do it myself. The main
thing that drives me to keep
that 4.0 is so I can drive them
in the future to do the same
thing. I can say, 'Mama did it.
You can do it.'"
Davis' husband, Moriole,
works nights and cares for their
children during the day while
Davis is at school. After Davis
earns her associate's degree
and then her bachelor's degree,
Moriole will enroll in classes to
earn his degree.
Making everything run
smoothly is always a chal-
lenge, though, Davis said.
"It seems like every time I
get ready to do my homework
they (Miyani and Moriole) want
to break out their "Hooked on
Phonics" books for me to do
work with them. My time that I
would normally have to study is
filled with child care and house
care and squeezing study time
in there but somehow I do it -
somehow," Davis said with a
laugh. "It's by the grace of God

Associated Press

TULSA, Okla. - Miss
America didn't look like she
just got off a two-hour flight, or
like someone who has traveled
about 20,000 miles a month
since winning her crown in
January. Lauren Nelson was
too cheery for that.
The 20-year-old Lawton
native and aspiring Broadway
actress beamed, glowed and
beamed again - maybe she's
actually enjoyed living out of a
suitcase for the past several
weeks - at a welcome-home
celebration Wednesday after-
noon at Tulsa International
Save for a covert, one-night
stay with her parents in
Lawton amid the frenzy of the
past few months, Wednesday
was the first time Nelson was
back on Oklahoma soil.
So, what's it been like so far,
Miss America?
"A - complete whirlwind,"
said Nelson, as cameras
flashed and a few dozen
friends closed in - hugs,
kisses, balloons and bouquets
at the ready. "I've gotten pret-
ty good at packing."
Nelson won the tiara Jan. 29
from fellow Oklahoman
Jennifer Berry, making the
state the first to produce con-
secutive winners since
Mississippi did it in 1959-1960.
Her return kicks off several
days of events in Tulsa,
Lawton and Oklahoma City.
'This has been the one
thing I've, been looking for-
ward to the most," Nelson
Lindsey Miller, the first run-
*ner-up in the 2006 Miss
Oklahoma pageant, and
Nelson's replacement, was the
first to embrace her friend.

"Desperate Housewives" and
"Grey's Anatomy" with her
"She was born to be Miss
America," said friend Betsye
Colvard. "It was in the stars,
she was destined to get there."
Friend Jan Adams, wearing
a Miss America 2007 ball cap
and holding red and white
pompoms, said Lauren's "as
beautiful on the inside as she
is on the outside."

Miss America 2007, Lauren Nelson, speaks at a press conference
during one of her Miss America Homecoming events in Tulsa, Okla.
Thursday. Nelson was crowned Miss America in January, becoming
the sixth Miss Oklahoma to win the title and the second in a row.
Then came the Kiwanis
Club volunteers, friends and ..
pageant officials, who wel-
comed home Oklahoma's girl
next door, the approachable
beauty who enjoys eating
cookie dough and watching " _

VIBURNUMS: A plant that

can withstand drought

Continued From Page 1D
quickly passes as the season
progresses if left untreated or a
mild insecticide spray may be
used. I also noticed some of my
Walters' Viburnum shrubs
were losing their leaves in the
winter due to a fungus condi-
tion. A fungicide spray or gran-
ular systemic fungicide can be
used in this situation. Overall,
these are hardy plants requir-
ing little care.
Program announce-
ments: The following list of
upcoming garden related
events is offered for you to
pencil into your calendar.
* March 24-25 - The
Kanapaha ' Spring Festival
(vendors of crafts, plants, art,
etc. and admission to the
Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
in Gainesville).
* April 14 - The annual
Columbia County Master
Gardener Plant Sale at the fair-
grounds. If you have plant pots
you no longer need and wish

to recycle, bring them to the
Extension Service office now
and we will reuse them for the.
plant sale and the upcoming
Junior Master Gardener day
camp this summer. All sizes
accepted (9-pack trays, 4-inch
starter pots and on up).
N May 1 - The annual
Twilight Field Day at the
Research and Education Center
out of Live Oak (a variety of
educational tours related to
agriculture and horticulture).
Master Gardeners are avail-
able on Tuesday and Thursday
mornings (9 a.m. to noon) to
answer your gardening ques-
tions. Give them a call at
752-5384 or bring your plant
samples to the Extension
Service building located at the
Columbia County Fairgrounds.
* Dr. Don Goode is the Director
and Horticulture Agent of the
Columbia County Extension
Service B, a branch of the
University of Florida.

.Nothing can
change the
hands of time...
SSotoday, our
Joan tums 59.

A^n^, A~4

'Happyness' fame

into advocacy

Debra Harrison, 53, works two jobs while she takes classes at LCCC. Harrison said she has always
wanted to finish her degree.

it's working out."
Davis' mother, Almeda
Strawder, said she was so
excited when she found out
her daughter had a 4.0 GPA
that she made an announce-

ment at church and told every-
one she works with. Strawder
said she's proud of Davis for
making strides in her life.
"It made me feel good to
know that she finally lived up

to that potential I always knew
she had," Strawder said. "You
don't give up on people, you
just keep loving them and after
awhile they see, 'Hey, my life
could be better."'

Associated Press

Gardner is on a mission of
pursuing happiness.
Despite being a best-selling
author, a sought-after motiva-
tional speaker and having a
bank ,account as big as his
beaming smile, Gardner says
he's unhappy - fed r -
up, actually - with
how the poor, home-
less and veterans are
treated in America.
Gardner, whose P-
struggles as a home-
less single parent and Gardner
rags-to-riches journey
was depicted by Will Smith in
the film "The Pursuit of
Happyness," said he wants to
use his "15 minutes of fame,"
to bring change.
'These folks are just folks,"
he said. "Everybody that's
poor or homeless are not all
alcoholics, or drug addicts.
These are poor people, and in
many cases, working people."
The film, to be released
March 27 on DVD, has
brought attention to a prob-
lem that affects every commu-
nity and possibly offered hope
to those who need it most. It
also introduced Gardner
known to millions of people.
Gardner, who did some
homeless advocacy while in
Hawaii on vacation last week,
said he just finished a proposal
for a second book, which is
expected to be released this fall.
While in Honolulu, he met
with Republican Gov. Linda
Lingle, social workers, public
housing officials and a few

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homeless people. He also
addressed a national conven-
tion on homelessness in
Washington by videoconfer-
ence on Wednesday.
Sharply dressed and sport-
ing a well-trimmed, graying
goatee, Gardner said wealth
hasn't changed who he is,
even though he went from
being driven out of filthy
restrooms to driving a
"When you have an
experience like this,
not just being home-
less, but homeless
_ with a 2-year-old baby
tied on your back -
that becomes part of
who you are forever," he said.
Gardner is a millionaire
who says, "we" and "us," when
referring to poor folks.
"You know we've got to do
better with poor folks and
working folks?' We've got to
market ourselves maybe a lit-
tle better," he said. "It might
come down to something as
simple as that."
The most important sur-
vival skill Gardner learned
when he was homeless in the
early 1980s was to keep going
"Baby-steps count too," he
said. "You add them all up, one
day you're living next door to
Donald Trump."

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METS:mechanism Viewer zoomable JPEG2000s Procedure xlink:type simple xlink:title JP2_Viewer()
VIEW2 Alternate
JPEGs JPEG_Viewer()
Related image viewer shows thumbnails each Related_Image_Viewer()
INTERFACES Banners or interfaces which resource can appear under
INT1 Interface

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