Headquarter. .6th.Naval-Di*. and pictures in early enough .reign M queen of the $0 Years of Progress celebration in Jackson Sports Pages 6,1
trict.. tor'next. week' publication. villa. Washington Report Page %
I '
w 4s ti

.. ,

.-J __ Co, "_- p-.taaet:rue. ,_ .__.__ .. u_ .. __ .

Page Two JAX AIR NEWS 15 February 1951

_n____ _
Report From Washington -. '
Jax Air News -

Ji Station Published Jacksonville.every FlaNAS Thursday for. Navy activities at Naval AL Marine Corps Reestablishes OC SchoolMore

Cant. Douglas T. Day-Commanding Officer Military Installations Being Reactivated
Comdr. Porter F. Bedell-.Executive Office

Lt. Lorenzo W. Baldwin. Public Information Office TilE MARINE CORPS has announced establishment officers are receiving a 24-weeks basic coursein
Fleet Air Jacksonville of its first Officer Candidate Course Naval Medicine at the Naval Medical
Rear Adm. Alfred E. Montgomery .Commander since World War II. College graduates with- School, National Naval Medical Center, Be-
Capt. Allen Smith_Chief of Still out prior military service will be eligible for thesda, Md.
the course, which the for *
Fleet Air Wing Eleven may open way career

Capt. Jesse S. McClure .................-.............__?...?.........._.. Commander commissions. TilE ARMY has approved construction of
'Comdr. Joseph B. Tibbets .........?....?......_....._?.,. Chief Staff Officer Qualified graduates, or seniors in accredited 100 rental housing units at Carlisle Barracks,
Naval Air Technical Training: Center colleges who will receive baccalaureate de- Pa., and an equal number at Milan Arsenal,
Capt. Lester K. Rice -. --_--. Commanding Office grees this spring in fields other than medicine Milan, Tenn. .
Com r. John A. Gamon, Jr. __....'..? ..-- 1L___,_?.. Executive Officer dentistry, or theology, and who will be *
Naval Hospital under 27 years old on July 1, 1951, may apply AN AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION Resources
Capt Dwight J. Wharton-Commanding Officer; to the Commandant of the Marine Corps at Agency is being established at WrightPatterson -
Capt. Guy E. Stahr_,_Executive Officer Washington for detailed. information.. Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, to act asa I
NARTU joint Armed Services board to consolidate
Capt. Raymond N. Sharp_Commanding Officer THE ARMY\ has announced plans for the requirements for marterials and other resources -
Comdr. Laurence D. _Executive Officer I immediate reactivation of two of the largest needed in the combined military air-
and best known troop concentration centersof craft and related programs. The new board
Editorial Offices in Rooms 123 and 125 Main Administration World War II days Indiantown Gap Mili- will take over and expand upon the duties of .
building. Phone extension 8184. tary Reservation, Indiantown Gap Pa., and the former Aircraft Scheduling Unit of the ,
Editor-Andrew II. Planey Camp Crowder, Mo. Indiantown Gap Reser- Munitions Board: .
Staff Members John L. Almond; Barbara Rickman SN; vation will be opened as an Infantry replacement *
Ed Nellist SA. training center as a cost of $3 million THE ARMY MEDICAL Service plans to re- :
The JAX AIR NEWS li published weetiy .t the U. S. Naval Air Station Camp Crowder will be used as a reception cruit 572 volunteer Women Medical Specialists :
Jacksonville, Florida' and printed commercially with non-appropriated fund* center for inductees. During World War II, by next June 30. The need for this type of
at no expense to the government and In compliance with NAVEXOS P-35, Rev.
Nov./ 1945. Copies are distributed free ot charge at the Naval Air Station, the Indiantown Gap Reservation had a capacityof specialist is double the anticipated require-
Naval Air Reserve Training Unit. Naval Auxiliary Air Station. Cecil Held and ) 14,000 men, and Camp Crowder could house ment announced last winter.
the Naval Hospital. *
heS.J more than 25,000.
AIR NEWS 1* a mermx-r of the Armed Forces Press Service. Reproduction THE NAVY BAND will visit five South-
of material from these sources must bear a credit line. Republlcatlcnf
oth r matter, except by service publications is prohibited without permission AIR FORCE OFFICERS ordered to active western states during its spring tour -to be
cf Editor JAX AIR t' EWS._ ____ duty, except certain Air Reserve Officers conducted between next April 8, and May 15.
Training Corps graduates and medical person- This famous Service band is now heard on
Are You An Offender? nel must now serve in one of two categories 1,200 radio stations weekly on the network _
USAF Headquarters has directed. Officers program, "The Navy.Hour."
electing "involuntary" status will serve' 21
Service Ribbons Are Important Part months unless sooner delieved. Those electing THE GRAHAM) AVIATION CO., of Butler,
"'voluntary-indefinite" will be considered as Pa., will operate the Air Force's first contract-
serving without specific! date. basis basic pilot training school, to be openedat
Of Your Dress-Wear Them Right! Greenville AFB, Greenville, Miss. The first
A SPECIAL PRESENTATION COPY of the pre-flight instruction class is scheduled for
(Editor's Note: This notation on service ribbons and how they book "Best Army Short Stories 1950," the March 5, 1951, with an anticipated enrollmentof
should be worn, which appeared previously in the January 25 issue volume containing the winning entries in the- 134 aviation cadets..
of the Jax Air News, appears again by special official request). Army-wide short story contest conducted last *
Service ribbons are always an important part of military March, was presented recently to Maj. Gen. THE ARMY shortly will launch an exten-
dress-yet it is surprising how many service personnel wear Edward F. Witsell, the Army Adjutant Gen- sive modernization and remodeling programat
the Morgantown Ordance Works Morgantown -
their ribbons improperly. Every man should take stock of eral, by the publishers. W. Va. The plant is presently on a

himself and ask himself the question, "Am I one of these NEWLY-COMMISSIONED: NAVY medical stand-by basis.

offenders 7"These

ribbons, many of them bearing arrows and small

bronze stars denoting combat action, were won and awarded 1IIeef-En

with great honor. Uncle Sam is proud to present such awardsto I

its valient fighting men. All servicemen should be just as v
proud of their decorations-proud enough at least to have tllinf 1 // Notes rte(a

them properly arranged when wearing them.
Personnel should acquaint themselves with the proper It it

method of ribbon displays, as reported in the manual "United, I t ,

States Navy Uniform Regulations." MARTU !

Manual Tells All ,

The manual reveals that the old style ribbon, \<> wide, Six active duty "stationkeep- Electrician's Mate third class. I I

,may be worn until October 1, 1951. The new style 3/e inch will ers" attached to the Naval Air At the same time three mem
be the only type worn after that date. However, the two Reserve Training Unit were ad- bers of NARTU's active duty
vanced in rate it was announced complement changed. their ratesto
sizes shall not be mixed.
today. The men, and new rates new careers within the
It is further asserted that all service ribbons and dec- are' Nick Carlos, to Aviation Naval pursue Reserve.

orations, medals, and badges to which an individual is entitled Machinist's Mate second class They are: Charles A. Jenkins,
horizontal of three each without (temporary; Claude P. Oliver Controlman
shall be worn in rows changed from Damage -

intervals, if that number or more be possessed. If not in mul- class Jr., Boatswain's(temporary Mate); Earl second F. Structural second Mechanic class second to Aviation class; L

tiples of three, the upper row shall contain the lesser num- Cinard Machinist's Mate third George L. Johnson, from Damage
ber, the center of this row to be over the center of the one class; Ben W. James, AviationMachinist's Controlman; third class to Aviation
sewed uniforms arranged on a Mate third class; Mechanic third
below it. Ribbons may be to or Structural !
Clyde H. Bragg, Jr., to Aviationlachinist's
bar or bars to be attached to the uniform.On Mate third class; and class; and Eldean RowelL from
to Person-
Yeoman third class
men's uniform ribbons may be worn on the left Joseph DeSantis, to Aviation nelman third class. I More Action-Less Talk-Safeguard
with the lower edge of the bottom row approximatelyin
f breast The above named men are on I classified information.
that position if the nuiform has no pocket or lapel. On DIVINESERVICES continuous active duty at NARTU

women's blue and white uniforms, one or two rows shall be Jacksonville and are part of the Ethan Allen In
with additional rows immediately complement of men who main-
the left pocket flap,
worn on unit full time, makingit
ribbons tain the Boston (AFPS)-Ethan Allen
above the pocket flap. The arrangement possible to train "Weekend 21, direct descendant of the Ethan
seniority shall be from the top down and from inboard-out- Warriors" of the Organized Re- Allen of Revolutionary War fame,
Jboard.> AT THE STATION CIIAPELS serve squadrons whe.i they drill volunteered for duty with the -

Order of Display Listed Protestant v.ith their respectiv squadrons i i U. S. Army, here.Thursday I

American decorations, medals, badges, and service ribbons 0930-Services. All Saints' Chapel on the weekend.. .

shall be worn in the following order. They are: Medalof (Sunday School) II

Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, Navy Cross, Distin- 0915-Naval Hospital ChapeL How About Cols? I

guished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Silver 045-All Saints ChapeL Champaign, Ill.AFPSContrary -

Star :Medal, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, to popular belief, cheeseis
Catholic not the best bait for rat traps,
Soldiers Medal Bronze Star
Navy and Marine Corps Medal, of Agriculture
the Illinois College -
Medal, Air Medal, Commendation Ribbon Purple Heart, Presidential 0830-Mass, St. Edward's ChapeL recently discovered. Bacon,
1 Unit Citation, Distinguished Unit Emblem, Navy 930-St. Edwards' Chapel (Cate- peaunt butter raisins gum-
Commendation Gold Life Saving Medal (old and new), chism Class). drops and other sweets are
Unit ,
1030-Mass, St. Edward's ChapeL attractive to rodents, the
Silver Life Saving Medal (old and new), Reserve Special 0645-Mass at Hospital ChapeL more research showed. February 15
Commendation Ribbon, Navy Good Conduct Medal. 1930 Singing wheels club, trans-
Good Conduct portation to the rink; in the .
Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, Army --- -- -- --
: ',;.,. club, polka and television.
Guard Good Conduct Medal, Naval Reserve ," t.l
<:,M Friday, February 16
Medal Marine Corps >l ,- ,
Medal Organized Marine Corps Reserve {{',{ ,- .', ,- Game night, prizes and partners,
Reserve Medal, Victory Medal (World War I), Army of Occupation -'t1-, ''':'' ,- { .' -t' '('- also informal dancing.

Germany Medal, China Service Medal, AmericanDefense .>,' '> :> r"r: Saturday, February 17
Medal Area Campaign Medals, Victory :Medal '";', >'-;--vif_ ,-,. .- .r """' lj Open house-ping-pong and shuf-
i'" fleboard board 2030-2330 Val-
American Defense <: % ;
Service j
War II) China .
(World : : : entine formal dance music by
Defense Ribbon "!'
Service Medal, Victory Medal, Philippine oJ' /, Green Cove Springs Naval
:' Philippine Liberation Ribbon, Philippine Independence Rib- Band (Pastels in Rhythm) and
; the Music Maids.
bon and Merchant a
Sunday, February 18

J'J't 1000-1200, Java hour; 1700 to 1730,
; Essav Contest Is Now Open Vespers sponsored by Youth
t for Christ speaker and music;
words on any subject pertaining 1930
community sing.
,f Washington (AFPS) The to the Naval profession, t
Naval Institute's annual essay providing the Board of Control Monday, February 19
prize contest for enlisted personnel considers the essay to be of 1930 Bowling club transportation --
. of the Navy, Marine sufficient merit. Winners also t'( r"j, ; in the club television and
will receive a gold medal and informal dancing.
Corps and Coast Guard is open > 'un.I .
for entries, with the deadlineset life membership in the Insti- Tuesday, February 20

as August 1, 1951. tute.Entries should be sent to the TAILLESS JET-An odd-looking bird of flight Is the Narr'i Square dancing.
Prizes ranging from $300 to U. S. Na- I new tailless jet fighter, the Douglas XF4-D, successfully flight Wednesday, February 21
$700 are aavilable for men and val Secretary-Treasurer Institute, Annapolis, Md., tested at Edward's Air Force Base, Muroc, Calif. This fast jet Junior Hostesses in charge, informal ? ,
women on active duty for the and climbs. dancing. '
best essay not exceeding 8,000 I prior to August 1, 1951. is designed for catapult takoff from carriers rapid !

\ S I
t P1 .' /
i \-.4' ." '\ "*,6
" ., ,.....- -, .. h l Ifj r J 1r'V """"miUti ",'.. n' '.,,,,. !dryer+.r:

15 February 1951 JAX AIR NEWS Page Three





4j j 4


.. ":

i "
iI I

__.__. '__n___.'__'. 'Ij j


It Pv1L



a- k j


--. --- -. ... ,,,_,_,___,_,,_ _"m'm_ -..--....- i n..n.______

ON ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR TONIGHT-Here is the group ,: Jackson biers, Andy Geischoffer, SN, and Charlie Laymon MM2, and the Landon High
I vile Navy area performers who will be heard tonight In the Ted Mack Original quartet. Bottom row, Charles Conroy, 11M3; Vernon Roberts, TEl, and Don Adams,
Amateur Hour nationwide broadcast over the ABC network. In top row, left to SN. In right photo, bottom. Rear Adm. Alfred E. Montgomery, second from right, I
right are, Lcdr. John first; Albert Price; Joan Clark; Ton Smith and Vivienne Appleton is about to present a Naval Air plaque to Ted Mack: MC of the show, extreme left.
and Manuel Miranda, SD%. Second row, left to right Orange Blossom Ram. On the right is Lt. John O. Horn. Missing from the picture is Gisela Wittich, HA.
t t1.

what you must do to:>> win.
I Income TaxConsultant MTD Member Beats All To DrawIn I 1. Identify the pictured air-

craft fully as to typ, designa-

toAidPersonnel Correctly Identifying CraftTo tion 2. and No nationality.answers will be ac-

cepted prior to 0900 Friday.

borrow from an old adage, "you can fool some of the aircraftthe 3. Contestants who attemptto
identification contestants some of time but it is impossible to beat the deadline will be
You can throw away your fool all of them at any one time." disqualified.
headache tablets and deep six the This was evidenced last week 4. The unit to which a win
J aspirin bottle because a repre- when most of the experts were puzzled anyone who has followed ner is attached :becomes. ineligible The new car 'bug" still has
sentative from the Jacksonville stymied by the picture of the the contest for it had been for the following week s some of the Public Works em-
a Office of Collector of Internal Russian A-7 glider, but not all of used twice previously, the cen- contest but is eligible for sub ployees in its clutches. We noticeE.
Revenue is going! to be aboard them were. While puzzled people ter view was of the Russian A-7 sequent contests. J, Megonigal is driving a new
next week to help you get rid of shook their heads and dug in the glider and the British Vickers 5. In the event of ties a tie Cadillac these days and we
those income tax blues. recognition pamphlets, Earl H. Valetta Mk. :2 military transportwas breaker question will determinethe thought we were seeing thingsthe
Offering aid to all Naval per- Pennell ALl, who is attached to shown in the bottom picture. winner. other day when Lawrence
sonnel in this area in filling out the Mobile Training Detachment Since there always seems to 6. Answers may be submit Boyer drove up in a sleek lookingnew
those tricky tax forms, the rep- casually answered the quiz and be a winner regardless of how ted by phone on extensions 216 Lincoln.
resentative will hold office hours pocketed the $3.00 c edit coupon difficult the contest is made or 8184 or in person to the Jax And speaking of Mr Boyer, last
daily in the north wing of good on any purchase made in today's quiz will allow every- Air News offices in the Admin- week he was presented with a
Building 955, commencing next Mainside Navy Exchange. one to get la the act as the istration building. birthday cake from employees
Monday, February 19. Pennell had to admit however, pictured aircraft are all well 7. The prize awarded the of the Utilities Division. Printedon
For the benefit of new arrivals that the A-7 did have him stop- known and anyone should be winner of the weekly contests top was the number ".6.-64
on the station, building 955 is ped for a few minutes until he able to spot them immediately. shall be a $3.00 credit coupon young years. He tells us, how-
located at the corner of Ranger came across a similar view of the Probably everyone who has good on any purchase made at ever, that there wer n't 64 candies .
St. and Enterprise Ave., across Russian glider among some air- followed the contest is familiar Mainside Navy Exchange. on the cake but he had to
I the street from the Mainside recreation craft recognition pictures.The with the regulations governing it > huff and puff to blow them all
building and is known to top photo, according to but just in chance you are a beginner .
many people as the Education Pennell was the Russian TU-2 in this game where you Hollywood Portrays out.Also sporting a new car is
I building.The bomber, which shouldn't have learn while you earn, here is Submarine ForceNew Lcdr. W. T. Maley, assistant Pub
tax representative is sche-
: available all Naval _, _________m_ __._.u_.__..___._. ....___....._ __m ,_._"wm".Yw."W lic Works officer seen driving a
duled to be to York (AFPS)-"Opera good looking Packard El-
personnel in this area for ap- tion Pacific" the motion picture more Fabrick of the Utilities Division
proximately two weeks, howeverthe portrayal of the Navy's submarine was passing out cigars the
duration of his stay here will force, opened on New York's other day. A little 9 lb. baby boy
vary as the need for his services Broadway with the glitter and moved into his home on the 5th.
either increase or decrease. He ceremony peculiar to that famed Congratulations to the mother
will not be aboard on Washing- and father. We understand thisis
ton's birthday, February 22. street.Wounded veterans of Korean the third permanent guest to
As a reminder to all hands of move into their home.
high-ranking Navy
the necessity for filing an incometax
We welcome William Robinsoninto
and Marine Corps officers, and
return the following information -
., t-t enlisted personnel, of the Third the Reproduction Section
from an official U. S. Fed-
this week along with Ruth Cor-
{ w Naval District were treated to a
eral Income Tax phamplet i special preview showing.The nelius who is assigned to the Mail 1
quoted. File Unit Jo Eastman is the
In any event, if you are a citizen Warner Brothers' product "roving kind." We understand
or a resident of the United tion stars John Wayne and Patri- she is now helping out in Main.
States and if you had a gross in. ''" ., cia Neal. The advance premierwas tenance.At .
come of $600 or mor during the :: ,. : shown at the U. S. Naval a recent baby shower givenfor
taxable year, or as much as $11.- Submarine Base, New London, Helen Johnson, 'ormerly of

54 per week, you must file a Fed- _.. _.,._..v.__.. _. ._ __ _'_'_'H _"_ u.-_-_..,_ ".. I, Conn., earlier. Public Works many of the girlsof
eral income tax return. this department were present.It .
Even minors must file if they
a was said that a good time was
satisfy these requirements. The had for the married girls who had '
fact that a taxpayer is under 21 Correctly Identify These Aircraft never had the pleasure of "ex j
does not exempt him from filinga pecting" wished they were; those "I
And Win A Prize.
return. who had already "expected" several ..t
4 9 s .a., At r :tr}
f; times wished they were
Create Insurance Pool again and the poor old maids just

AFPS) Creationof sat there and wished-period.
New York. ( Watchful WatchmanLondon
Griffin of Maintenancewent
a pool of $250 billion to guard Eugene
(AFPS)-Answering a fishing at Usina Beach over
life companies against
excessive loss in claims resulting call which said a man was skulk- the week-end and reports he ;
from casualties in the event of ing on the roof of Westminister caught 45 trout. That was a good ;!
atomic bombing of American cit police spread a cordon haul and seeing as how he was so
around this famout structure. It 9S enthused Monday morning the ,
convention was the night watchman making tale must have been a true one At I ,
this time.
his rounds.
America here. ni I


: '
afcj.-L..L-. I ....,' .. .
........ ,...... :to -d

Page Four JAX AIR NEWS 15 February 1951

0 Clyde McCoy to Play For '

SALTY HUMOR FROM Dance Tonight, Friday

An old favorite, Clyde McCoy, "The Sugar Blues King," and his
girl elevator operator sped orchestra will provide the music for the enlisted men's dance to-
the car up to the 10th floor. Tc night at 2000 at the Mainside auditorium and again tomorrow evening -'
her passenger she intoned: "This for the officers at the ':"O" Club
is your floor, son." Came the irritated \Jyae; ana his boys can boast
reply, "Don't call me son; I the record of being the only bandto
you're _'S''''''''''' enter Uncle Sam's Navy in- *
not tact. This was not an entirelynew !
it's "coffee time," "Joe Time," experience for Mr. M., how-
was '
prefer, at the Dispensary, there's ever, as he was building the mo- .. : .
well placed on the "racks," each rale of boys back in the days ol
A and drawings. William Jack World War I-though you wouldnever' +a

tire .. "time" approaches guess it from his youthful,
boyish appearance.The .
man who made the

"Oh, "Sugar Blues" famous, and it
told In Every Cupful' could be said, vice versa, McCoy -
has regained his former
top ranking position in the
Just At Dispensary orchestra world in "SuperMan" -
tempo. Ills cm now Includes -
:> I five sax, seven brass, including -
the maestro's famous
There's an inscription and trumpet and four rhythm.
markings of a "ham" on the Playing the type of music people -
en "one cup belonging to John Ham- like to dance to, the band is ,., .
er? I ;o:; r]l
ilton, HMC; a "pick" for Neil extremely well balanced and
"It's Pickrell, HM2; a "lion" on the Clyde McCoy
plays blues, waltzes and swing
should Composer of hit
that belongs to Lcdr. Wil- many
all with
a manner most
dict "! Clyde has
frequent for
liam Lyons; a drawing of a requests
ing. Clyde inspired by the challenge -
his "Riding to Glory on a Trum-
bottle that holds something
She: stronger than Java for William of modern music makers in pet;" "Tear It Down," a hit he

length Jackson, HM, who is known as"Jax" creating outstanding and unus- wrote 23 years ago; "After I Said
ual arrangement, to provide his "
the I'm Sorry a romantic ballad;
while Mondell Beach
millions of fans with the finestin dtondolier"
waist? "Lonely and
HMC has his container touched a new
music. His band has been de- "
: hit "Canasta Song. His record-
'I with a beautiful sandy scribed as the type that is going
see. ing of "Sugar Blues" has becomean
beach complete with palms.
nowhere-'It's here to stay" institution.
TIIEN TIIERE IS also the cup
life-as that belongs to civilian Charles Plan to Honor
Wannamaker with a pretty girl CPO
en : painted on its side; also on the I I '
Armed Forces
with hook is an over-sized cup
shared by Lt. Laura Stevens NOTESThe

Shipyard.'Y: and Roland Yeater, HN. Their
On 19th
for a cup has two kittens painted on May NAS CPO CKn will hold .-
it with the words "ours" in- NATTCenter
: a night Saturday,
Washington (A"'PS-The
scribed. Chief John Mundy sec-
No, but February 17. The dual
ond annual Armed Forces
takes great delight in showingthe Day, the gala affair will be to introduce -
visitor this quaint display.All established last year to replace the arriving NATTC
hands furnish their own the separate Service days observed Chiefs to the CPO's of the Naval
just containers, but the drawingson by the various military Services Air Station and the Fleet Units
found each have been painted by will be celebrated May 19, temporarily based ashore here,
Mike Colesanti, HM1. the Defense Departmnet announ-
en last and to promote a closer spirit of
Desk : No wonder there's a "laughin ces.Under cooperation between all Chiefs
the official
) every cupful" during Java slogan, "De- based in this
guy or area.
time" at the Dispensary. fenders of Freedom, the theme
!' for Armed Forces Day this year The all out efforts of the Naval
Hold Ground Tests will be twofold: (1)) A tribute to Air Station and the NATTCenter
The the Armed Forces as an integral Chiefs to make their Club the
a town On Jet Helicopters : and independent part of the total best on the coast was shown by
'material and spiritual power of the splendid gesture of NAS to
the I Culver City, Calif. (AFPS- America now being mobilized; immediately elect two NATTC
bone. The Air Force is ground-testing and (2)) a renewal of faith in our Chiefs for its five man Board of
player I the world's largest helicopter, a country's sacred heritage, the Governors. The NATTCenter
said: i giant jet-propelled machine con- ideals of peace and freedom, to Chiefs replied in kind by holdingan
ain't structed by the Hughes Aircraft the preservation of which our immediate meeting and pledg-
Company.The power is dedicated.The ing a hundred percent supportof
rotor of the mammoth Defense Department will the Club. ...
craft is 120 feet long. The ship call upon civic and veterans' A free buffet luncheon will
craft is designed for shortis organizations throughout the start the evening which will be
designed for short range country to endorse the occasion highlighted by music by Bee
transportation of heavy mili- and foster local community observance Haven's orchestra. The Master of
Of tary equipment such as trucks, by member chapters, Ceremonies will be Larry Green, '
tanks, and bridge sections. clubs and posts. a professional radio announcer
The turbojet engir.es generateair Troops and military equipmentfor and MC. from Columbus, Ohio,
until pressure which issues from participation in local celebrations now with N A TTC.
"} o: I openings in the blade tips to pro- will be provided wherever All Chief Petty Officers stationed
vide power. possible and open house activities in the Jacksonville Dis-
tive wiIi{ be held at military installations trict, and any on leave here are
remarked "I didn'tlike
upon I sergeant : just where such observances urged to come. The uniform will
the idea of being clobberedby
vessel are practicable. Naval vessels be optional for the men and
Naval one of our own. bombs. aircraft and other equipmentwill either formal or informal for the
be made available for display ladies. Escorted guests will be
'Herts Off Fellas"Uses in some areas.EARL. allowed.on .

POW Cash to Buy Team's UniformsMany .

A veteran sighed, nj can never ,

:: ;:'"- be President. Everybody says the bride's trigger finger '
former -' '''
prisoaers-of-war '-
have with were surprised but I wanted .: : :: the nation won't elect a military" Gypsy Rose Lee says California
done many things i:
: man-and I was a corporal.
POW but them looking sharp that night It driving is sometimes called "pe-
their special payments, K
: A GI who married a German "
(January 31), for we were play- r destrian polo.
it's a safe bet that not too manyof TTjT"TChief
them have been aj genuinely ing VP-861, a tough team." cook didn't know whether to take It's really quite easy to find a

generous or have the warmth of her fore place to live. Just" enlist ". A
: batter o r Marine returning from a blind -
the gesture made by Chief Doa- "YOU KNOW WHAT?"he said ,
wurst date groaned, "That dame's face
aid A. Benedict, attached to the laughingly, "we got the pants
Then thereis clockit'dturn
would not only stop a
NAS Dispensary. off of 66 to 20. But
whipped us I Iii
the writer
it back to daylight saving
I A prisoner of1 war jf the Japanese the sctore didn't dampen the spi- ,,}. e
whoworked time" Some girls don't play
for 1,368 days during the '
rit of the boys. They -nake up in
c for
..i fair. You them a Buick and
t past war, Chief Benedict modestly what lack in points." ( : give
spirit they ... Russell
admitted, when approached by { ." I:1: Jane they give you the same old dodge.
\ Benedict, atached to the rec- ., ., tr. ; He Optimist: an 80-year-old man
Jax Air News Reporter, that :
a ; : !.,. ..
:.f .
ords office at the Dispensary has > .t. knitted her
Dis- !', who marries a 20-year-old girl
he "did buy uniforms for the '; '. <'
t had a hectic Navy career since "j". << t < last twopictures and looks for a house near a
basketball team. :
pensary he entered the servi.e irt April "'< < '#-!. '! i': .11-' :$ :. ''1 school \ Speaking of a lether-

I 1940 at Albany, N. Y. : ...... .. About the lunged sergeant, a private said,
AN ALL-AROUND sports fan He was assigned to the Hospital +'1" only way "He starts yelling when he hears
and coach of the Dispensary entry at Guam in September 1941 \. y" I. // I to get a footsteps" A Broadwayite,
into the intra-mural basket. December 10 1941 three dollar meal
t and on playing cards with strangers, re-
: ball league Benedict unassumingly days after Pearl Harbor, the Japs k!' these daysis ported, "I wasn't worried until

: revealed the story swarmed over the island and he _\.,. to eat a one guy played cards I'd already
i, "You see," says Benedict, "I was taken prisoner along with dollar thrown under the table."
was anxious to have the boys get the rest of the U. S. garrison. Don Benedictas It's embarrassing complaining that her
One girl
the of basketball the
into sport
The team needed uni- a stevedore. "We had a steady Coast Guard boy friend hadn'tacted
right way. ask
forms for their intra-mural WHEN THE U S. later came diet of rice and soup and rice, a introduce guyt very romantic, philosophized -
o -
games and I was anxious they fighting: back, naval guns pounded he said about chow. his "Oh, well, Romeo wasn't built
have them. The men themselves the island and he was movedin The happiest days of his life, blonde girlfriend in a day" You ain't eaten
J just couldn't afford it because January 1942 via ship to Sho- of course, was when he saw the It anything until you've had some ain't
married and with 200'other American first American soldiers with guns Army cooking. Then you
a most of them are coco uvs might b e
I have children. Being unmarried prisoners. After one year at Sho- drawn take over the camp where the ....,,"- eaten anything The only

r and with $1,368 in nv pocket, I coco' he was again moved and the. American prisoners were Gypsy Rose Lee ette h"e introduced her time mother a good girl asks says her yes if she is when said
thought my POW money would taken to another camp 40 miles held. That was on September 6, I
t work to good advantage if I got away, later moving on to Osaka. 1945. you to last night no.
the boys their uniforms." The Americans bombarded the He's happy and contented now Many a girl wears a low-cut ; Puptent Pete thinks he goes for
: "So into town I went," he con- city and again the POW'a were with his new assignment at NAS. dress, but her heart really. isn't his new girl. Actually, of course,
tinued, "and bought the uniforms. moved out, this time to northern His team may not be a cham- in it. I he's being taken:.
I returned and had the boys try Japan. Here, he with the other pion, but they've got that Benedict Hear about the shotgun wedding (Copyright by Port-Hall
them on for size Of course they prisoners was put to hard labor spirit. : ? The groom placed the :vine _: )



15 February 1951 JAX AIR NEWS Page Fiver


Gene and_ Jo Vf Fasron 6, VF-41 Report

Appear HereFebruary 21 R Scouting The Squadrons

The rabbit will jump out of A 'welcome and farewell' party Munford Rhett, ADE3, for success
was given by and for the officers on his application for a com-
the silk and
proverbial hat <
mission in the Naval Reserve.
and wivos of VF-41 at the Forest
.. things will not be what they Inn last week' to commemorate I Rhett, who recently was recalled -
seem to be when Gene and the return of the "Frogmen"from i to active duty and attached -
Jo famed disher-outers of everything St. Thomas Island and to to VF-41 from his home .
lament the departure of Lt. Ben in Columbus, Miss., is the son of
magic, go through F. Emge on TAD orders to Cor- I Mr. Charles E. Rhett, of Lyon, j
their routine on the stage o pus Christi All concerned re- Mississippi.
the Student Officers' audi- ported an enjoyable time. Enlisting in the Navy after 11
torium next Wednesday Feb- Reporting aboard and assuming graduation from high school in
command at the home of Lt. 1945 in Clarkesdale, Miss., Rhett
ruary 21.Presently. was sent to Great Lakes for his
(jg) and Mrs. John M. Sullivanwas
. t' on a barnstorming recruit training and then servedat
a even pound, seven ounce
tour of military bases throughout son, James E. Sullivan. Re Barin Field, NAAS, Pensacola,
the country, Gene and Jo, for duty to VF-41 are Florida and NAS, Memphis, Ten-
and company will perform at Harold L. Teager, AOAN from nessee before being discharged in
. 2000, immediately following the Carbon Cliff, Illinois and VincentS. August 1946.Returning.
first movie. Only two movies will Trezza, AOAN from the Bronx, to the task of com
.. .. be shown that evening, at 1700( New York. pleting his education, Rhett grad-
and the one following the stage< A The best wishes of VF-41 go to uated from Mississippi State Col
lege in August 1950 with a B. S.
BROTHERS SERVE HERE Degree in Marketing and pleas-
Lucky' enough to go' through j'.. 9 ant memories of his college asso-
boot training together and then ciations as a member of the
get' assigned together at the Colonel's Club, the official greeters -
same station are these two sets <. of the school and a memberof
of brothers. In top photo William Kappa Alpha, a national social -
and James Wenner, left to fraternity.At .
right, both seaman apprentices present while waiting for
assigned to duty at the Supply V the decision on his application,
department, enjoy their mail Rhett is working in the Engine "
. from home together. Caught ;t, s < Division of the Maintenance De
while still on duty, Louis and partment of VF-41 F
Lawrence Badour, left to right, o aFc Apologies go to James Ruscoe I,
bottom are "striking" for yeo- 1 and James Stoltz whose names
ihow. man rates in the Personnel de- .y were incorrectly spelled in tbe
Price of admission for the eve partment. w "Frogmen" story of last week. -Il
ning's entertainment will be 25 *
cents. FASRON SIX-Using the latest
Gene and Jo were assistants to procedures and equipment, the .
l' the great magician Howard Two Sets of Fasron 6 electronic shop is rapidly -

Thurston and are a favorite becoming one of th most modern -*,
among men of the armed forces.In Brothers Get in the fleet. Several modifi-
their ninth year of playing cations and procedures for bench

.. .. exclusively for the military, NAS BilletsThey're set-up and maintenance have
Gene and Jo, and their assistants, been submitted by this shop and
are heralded as one of the best arriving in pairs have proved more efficient than .

acts of legerdemain this side of now.-So it would seem with methods previously. used.
Suez. two sets of brothers already
The magicians add extra nov stationed here at NAS Jackson Reserves are continuing to bolo
elty to the program with their Comprisings From CompRon 62 ster the squadron strength and
group 0 f Mexican chihuahua ville.William the latest to report is CHMACH
F. and James
Edward J. Schmieg, who will !
dogs, the smallest dogs in the i
Wenner SA's who enlisted the "
world. "ail'edales"have take over as Air Frames officer. 43
Known for its variety of style, same day staying together The Navy's nimble fingers, a needle and Before being recalled to active
chuck full of laughs, next Wed- through boot training, have an affinity for baseball I thread made the fitting. duty, he was a mechanic for

nesday's show will have comedy been lucky station enough here to at get NAS the caps. Based on the latest available Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, j,
for those who like to be tickled same duty for of Calif.
as have Lawrence and Louis Their visors keep the sun out attrition rates headgear '!
and plenty of magic for those Badour YNSA's.In of the eyes of the men and they this type, the genial, unassuming ,t
who like to be mystified. It's absorb and oil more engineering chief estimated that Best wishes go tot.. EdwardM.
great entertainment in a mysterious the Navy just four months readily can than grease white hats, to say his cherished cap is "still good Hornbrook, former maintenance '
William and James Wenner, officer of Fasron 6, who is
sort of way. nothing of the fact that they save for another three years. '
presently attached to Supply leaving for Essington. Pa. At the
ass laundering costs, There are some, however, who
laundering, or
department call Perham, Min- with him. same time a welcome aboard is
familiar headpieces worn
O&R With nesota their home. on the sounded for Lt. Chester A. :
Busy by the sailors. Chiefs also find The squadron basketball team .
Parker will take
It was always the Navy with over the
them a boon in this respect.In took over possession of third
Lawrence and Louis Badour, duty as maintenance officer for
in the station's intra-rnural
Stable VC-62 there is one baseballcap place the squadron. Lt. Parker
and was
Program natives of Freeland, Mich.,
is rolling league an 18-point victoryover
now working in the Personnel however, that daily formerly a Navy acceptance pilot
the five
Department 'j
up history and should, in the Supply at McDonnel Aircraft at St. ,
Both strikingfor
department. are
Discloses not too distant future, be relegated last Friday at the mainside gym- '
Report rates. Louis, Mo., and is one of the first ,
yeoman naisum. The final
to the realm of museum score was ,
When their older brother few men to fly two of the jets I
70-52 with the victors headed but
Changes in the attitude of the Bernard was drafted into the pieces. Omar E. Kelly, ADC, now used throughout the fleet.
this of headgear.It once during the rugged, speedy .
nation toward the strength of its Army, the Badour pair decidedthe
defenses-sharply reversed with time had come and on the has outlasted most baseball contest. Nell Underhill, Ail who recently -
thebeginning of the fighting in day their older brother was inducted caps. As a matter of fact, it .has Sparking the team to victorywere turned 23 is extended 14
Korea-have been reflected in they enlisted in the lost some of its originality in that Jack Durbin, Bill Niehaus birthday wishes and a welcome
activities of the Overhaul and Navy. They are now looking the crown has been replaced. The and Glen Peterson, with 19, 17 aboard goes to J. O.
Repair Department at the Naval forward to sea duty, like all peak, Kelly gave assurance, is and 12 points, respectively. Thompson, AK2, from Quonset
Air Station. young sailors. the original one even though it Richard R. Sims, AA, one of Point, Rhode Island.
Since one year ago, when Capt. f has attained a new shade throughits the 17 men who recently reportedfor Thomas J. Huskins, AA, is cur-
William E. Kenna reported contact with lubricants. Kelly duty with the squadron from rently reigning as the ping-pong 1
aboard the station as a comman- Flier Strafes Home first became attached to this cap the Naval Recruit Training Cen- champion of Fasron 6. Huskins

der and assumed the duty as Once His Very OwnAn while serving aboard the USS ter at Newport, R. I., joined the won the championship in a tour-
Overhaul and Repair Officer, Roosevelt in 1947. squad for the first time last Friday nament playoff game with GeraldL.
there have occured three major Air Base in Japan (AFPS) Early this year he replaced the and was an immediate stand- Webert, ADE3, with scores of j i
changes in the work program, -Maj. Frank C. Malone: didn't crown because the original one out. He consistently set up scor- 21.17, 15-21 and 21-18. In 1947
and two reductions and three increases I let sentimental attachments de- had been torn in several places ing plays with his fast passingand Huskins won the Y M C A ping-
in personnel.With I er him from strafing a house he when his head came in contact showed a marked ability to pong championship of his hometown j I
all the ups and downs, flew over recently in Korea. with ship's beams. Kelly stands a recapture his rebounds from the Bay Michigan.
Captain Kenna declared that He turned loose his .50 calibre mere six feet, two inches and in backboard. City *

employment is now "practically machine guns and "bricks, tin some places he wasn't quite able Others who reported from Robert E. Sheldon, A K C, '!
the same" as it was when he and debris filled the air." to clear the overhead aboard "boot" training are: Donald J. 'plank-owner' has been relieved :

arrived, and that "there is Maj. Malone stationed in Korea ship.An Allain, Donald G. Bell, ArmandR. bG.. E. Pomdexter, AK3, who .
nothing startling to report at before hostilities commenced, old pair of Army fatigues Bihler, Edward J. Fannetti, has reported aboard from the 1
.. present time about the work had lived with his family in the provided the material for the Robert J. Fontaine, Charles R. USS FDR. Sheldon, one of the
program." house before Red troops occupied new crown which now nearly Hamilton, Robert E. Hutley, Vin. men who helped put Fasron 6
During the year the depart- it. matches the old visor His cent C. Johnson, George F. Me into commission is one of the
ment has overhauled Corsair Auliffe, John P. Massett, Daniel last of the original group to
fighter type aircraft, transport Melville, Jr., Steve Messarosh, leave.
planes, and newer engine types. Lewis J. Meszler, Jr., Robert L. *
It ,also performed major repair ,. Pocevic, Roderick P. Sigler and Other transfers from the
operations on practically a 11 Q y iC Donald F. Teator. squadron are Charles J. Baughan.
other types including modern jet All are airmen apprentices. AT3 and William E. Cook, AT2,
fighters. Immediately followingthe Woodrow P. ,Woolsey, ALC, who after completing two yearsof
outbreak of fighting in Korea was assigned to the squadronlast service with Fasron 6 have received -
the department was called on to week after a tour of dutyat their shipping out orders.
modernize stored and "canned" Norfolk; and John J. Manning -

aircraft, with the result that CS3, came to the squadron Naval Clothing Depot, Brooklyn,
1 c
many former employees who had Q? 'S at''!H after serving with an avia- New York, reduces perspiration
been hit by previous reductionsin tion unit at Patuxent River, and has insulation sealed in after
force were called back to duty. Aid. the manner of a picnic jug.
"Right now we are busy with Ramon Ulibarri, AF3, reenlisted The standard boot now used by .,
a relatively stable program," for a six-year hitch upon Army, Marine Corps and shore-
Captain Kenna said. "Howe\s.r, the completion of four years of based Navy personnel in wet-
with the present expansion plans service. His home is in Santa I cold: areas is the "Shoepac," a
for naval fleet air commands, it Rosa, New Mexico. combination rubber and leather
is logical to assume that event- boot worn with one or two pairsof
ually we shall be engaged in the New Boot DevelopedFor heavy wool socks. Since the
maintenance of, the newest jet insulating value of this combination -

aircraft. \ 'Gold' Protection is primarilyy in the socks
f I the "Shoepac" is satisfactory onlyif
If I Were a Horse Development of a new and revolutionary men have the opportunity to
Lincoln Downs, R. I. (AFPS- ., s boot for protection I change: to dry socks- at least aery ,-
Rising haircut prices bother you? against extreme cold has been I : twelve hours.
Be thankful you're not a horse. NATTC MESS OPENS-"White Hats" rush the chow line as announced by the Navy Bureauof + .
Haircuts for horses have gone up NATTCenter opens the first of its mess halls. It was a sumptuous I Supplies and Accounts. A youthful figure Is something .
to $8. Last season a thoroughbredcould opening meal at lie new mess of the fast expanding training cen The boot, result of more! than you: get when you ask a woman
: be clipped tor $7. ter. two years of research by the I her age.

J t
.. ...- _' ,......-." ',M ,. -""., :..,_, .' __t ,. 4 -

Six JAX Am NEWS 15 February 1951

r, i.



-- ... .. .., .. _.
+a.- .a. ----- ---'---"" -'''-'-- ----,

a ,.
IJ to

i itS. *

i 4't _

t'k .
rR a } ..
fi .
--'S -_-- I :- ra1tM

With Ed Nellls -

Although They did not win the No. 1 team trophy, theN

AS boxing team provided the spectators at the eighth annual -

Golden Gloves Tournament with some of the better boxing -

of the meet. The five local entries participated in a total : -

of nine bouts, winning seven of them to capture two operand _

one novice class championship.The r
first night of the tourney, Henry "Hank" Wort .

mann was the only) Jax Navy fighter to draw a bout. Hank
decisioned Charles Johns of the Forsyth A. C. in a 175-pounc SOFTBALL ALREADY?-Taking advantage of the sunshine the FASRon 9 squad, stationed at
I Cecil Field, has been Softball sessions since 16 50 I
holding practice January with hopefuls striving
novice three rounder. Hank the fans when he
delighted stopped _for. ._..squad. berths. Here the squad gets a briefing from manager Chief O. O. Aldridge.
in the middle of the third round to throw his mouth pieceto

the button edge for of his the troubles.ring and received a long-looping right tithe VF-41 Setting Fast Pace In IM Fasron 9 Gets

Wednesday, the second night of eliminations, found all Race With Undefeated RecordStill Jump on NavySoftballers
of the Navy team except John Bernardi entering the ring,

Joe Brungo, a newcomer to NAS, who is attached to NATTC,, sporting the only perfect record in the race for the Intra-

made his first appearance in the squared circle. Joe met Bill Mural cage crown. Fighter Squadron 41 now leads the American ... ..
Sibley who went on to win the best novice fighter award in League with 10 straight victories. The going in the National Leaguehas I Although most sports fans are
tightened but VP-5 is still the with in still thinking about basketballand
setting pace seven wins
a 160-pound novice class fight. Joe showed a lot of good ring nine starts. I early season baseball reports

potential in his first fight and should, with the proper polishing I No games were played last the FASRon 9 Softball'team is
and training, turn into a strong contender. Sibley won Tuesday due to the Crew's Dance Patrol Squadron Five dropped I getting an early jump on their
the fight on a close decision. and only two games were played VF-42 in last Friday's National opponents and has begun practice'in
Wednesday: because of the Ted League opener 51-42, while NAT preparation for the start of
Wortmann Wins Three the Jacksonville City Softball
Mack Original Amateur Hour work
TC made
short of Overhauland
The next fight matched Hank Wortmann against Al showA League and the Navy intra-mural
Repair 40-34. Weisel was high
Arsenault of Cecil Field. Hank once again left himself open dark horse NATTCenter competition.
for the winners with 12. Grant
Chief O.
Led their ,
for one of the 'hardest blows he received in the fight when quintet handed the VP-5 squad manager
stood out for the losers. VC-62 O. Aldridge, fifty hopefuls for
their second defeat of the season
he decided to rid of his mouth in the first round.
get piece 45-32. The win moves NATTC up downed Supply 70-52 in the first this year's squad have been go- .
Arsenault out his feet for most of the second round through their paces daily for
was on tu a tie for third place in the of the evening tilts. Durbin tallied ing
but refused to be dropped by the battering blows Wortmannwas league.. Rhenhardt Fparked the 19 points for the winning the last month and the competition -
for position on
a' permanent
giving him. ilank won the fight when Arsenault failedto winners with 18 points while team while Horning came the team is stiff.
iighley[ scored 12 for the losers. through with 154 for Supply.
the bell for the third round.
answer In the only other game played, Plans for this year's Softball
Freddie Farr was the first Jax Navy leather-pusher to Supply downed VA-45 39-25. Operations doubled the score activities were laid last fall and
the First Lieutenants five 42-
of the Freddie Val scored 17 for the 01. uniforms were ordered before
compete in the open class tourney. TKO'd Mayhew points 21. Chuck Rhodes was high point .
Penna of Green Cove Navy in the first round of their fight. winners. man of the fray with 20 pointsfor last Thanksgiving.With

Penna was saved from a KO by the bell but he was unable to Fighter Squadron 41 notchedits Operations. In the final gameof the interest all displayedand candi-
ninth VP-861 4735last spirit shown by
win over the week Hospital put VA-45
go on with the match. Thursday. Richard Allen contributed 61-42. Wallace and West- dates, manager Aldridge expectsto
Buddy Hudgens had all he could handle when he met Bob 15 points for the winners wood away were hot for the winners weld the top players into a
Ritter of Green Cove Navy In a 126-pound open contest, while Watson Allen and with 17 and 15 points respectively. fast powerful team capable of
flitter gave Buddy a very bad second round but Buddy's con- Dick scored 12 each for VP-861. Smith racked up 14 for VA- meeting any and. .all competition.
NARTU dropped the Marines 39-
sistent punching and strong finish in the third gave him the 2i in one of the best games play-
This week's
decision. ed by the Marines so far. VP-3 pitted ComFairJax against game NAS Golf Team
The final night of the three day meet still had four Jax trounced Personnel 62-37. Hick- FASRon 6. Hawk Basile and ,

Navy contestants. Hank Wortmann faced Dan Lyons of 3 man with and 15 Crady and were 14 points high for apiece.VP-. the ComFalr boys put on a Wins First MatchThe
in the 175-pound novice championship bout. \ 'ort- brilliant second halto out-
Mattila was top man in the game the FASRon five 58-42. Jax Navy varsity golfers
mann maintained a good fight but failed to display the high with 19 points for the :osers. FAS- score Sterns and Hartman were high won their first match of the 1951
class ability he had shown previously in the tourney. Hank Ron 6 overpowered FASRon 109 lot the losers with 13 and 1%, season when they defeated the
registered a decision over Lyons for the first of Jax's three 42-37., Hartman with was 22 high for Toth the VP-3 outfought the Dispensary St. Augustine Country Club 12% I
latter's home
to 11% on the
championships. Corpsmen:: 49-22 as Hickman score' -
scored 17 for the losers. last Sunday. .
Freddie Farr lost a very close decision to Barney ComFairJax added anotherto 16 for the winners. NARTUran Foulk medalist of the '
the Personnel squad 72- Bill was
Mitchum of Charleston, S. C. in the 112-pound open cham- the the long string of when losses held 3 S to over post the highest score of the match, carding a 69. Foulk teamed
Dispensary they
pionship match. Farr was fouled twice during the match anda by stopped the Corpsmen 67-% day. McKinze and Rickenback with Bob Wallace to score two
lot of the fans were displeased with the decision.In Clminero was top man for CFJ combined for 37 points for the points for the winners.
the 126-i ound open class championship, Buddy Hud- with 16, while Jackson starred winners while Murray and Mat- The Jax Navy team and their
tila 29 for the losers.
North (75)
got ,
for the losers. scores were Wright
terrific sustained drive in the last half of the
gens put on a VP-861 dropped FASRon 109 Bill McWilliams (75)), William
first round to score a knockout over Mount Warren of St. 59-47 to gain a tie for fourth with Foulk (69), Bob Wallace (75),
Petersburg who( had registered the fastest KO of the meet NAS To Be Host them. Allen Dubosky Geib, and William Haas (79), Bill Baker

the previous night in his bout with Joe Alvarez of Tampa. Rosen divided the scoring evenlyfor (81), Frank Govern (85), Leo
the Sanders scored Marchel ((78), Charles Weiss J
Mount Warren KO'd Alvarez with two blows in th near record For Sixth ND 2 for FASRon winners.109. In the final (78), Herb Herren (84), John Adams .

time of 17 seconds of the first round. game VF-41 slaughtered the Marines (82), Bob Theil (79), Steve
John Bernardi who won his berth in the finals by virtueof 72-22. Richard Allen pro- Corneliussen (90)) Bill Rusk (87), l
a bye took on Gil Harris of Florida State University in the Basketball Me.et duced 17 points for the VF-41 George. Wade (82S) and Carl Way

175-pound classic. Harris who sported a several inch reach NAS Jax: will be host to crew. (98) .},'"

advantage, plus more experience, over.BattUn' John bothered both the finals and the Southern -

him with a close in type of fighting. Bernardi- secured the area eliminations of the What is National Sport of Canada? I

title on a unanimous decision. Sixth Naval District basketball -
Winners to New York tournament it 'was an- Evidently last week's Jax Bretton A02 of 'NATTC. I
Air News Sports Quiz QuesThe question this week
The team trophys for both the open and novice classes nounced earlier this week. tion was too because should be a little stiffer. Ev-

were picked up by the large Green Cove aggregation. Run- Due to the excessive distances winner was decided easy at the ery country has a national
ners-up honors in the open class went to the local Navy quin- Between district activities and in stroke of the bell proclaiming sport whether it is just an
tet and was divided between Tampa and Forsyth A. C. in order to reduce travel to a mini- 0900. accepted fact or one decreed: j
mum, the Sixth Naval Districthas national legislation. The
the novice class. been divided into three areas Paul :. Mull YNSN of Comby States h-- baseball, J
Joe Martin, a former NAS puglist who fought under for purposes of tournament play. Fair Jax was present in'the England has crickett. and oth.
the brilliance North and South Carolina with Air News office at that time nations have their own.
the colors of a down town merchant, again displayed er
with the correct answer to the .
,of Parris Island, Our question concerns our
, exception
- in 1948. Mar- !
him Golden Gloves crown
, that brought a will compete with the Southernarea question "What is the official nerghbrmg co .
tin won a decision from Rip Collins of Green Cove Navy in teams. The Southern section and accepted name in use at What IS the natlonai game of
one of the most popular bouts of the entire show. Martin also is to be composed of Georgia and the 111 t>resent time for log roll-fa Canada?
the title and trophy of best boxer in the open class. Florida clubs, except for Chiefof ing The" correct answer The first correct answer to
Naval Air Training. The third, today's question wins a free
award. Bill Sibleypf
Collins received the coveted sportsmanship or Western area playoffs will The large number of ansfull course meal at the civilian
Green Cove Navy won the best boxer novice class award. consist of teams from Chief of wers was rather surprising cafeteria, good any day of the
Bernardi and Hudgins will travel with the team that is, Naval Air Training.The but quite welcome. A few of week.
Jacksonville in the Tournament of ChampionsIn Southern elimination play- the many that supplied the To allow for an even districorrect -
to represent should offs will be held at NATTCenter answer are Byron Pul- bution of the Air News no
New York City the 26-28 of this month. Both men auditorium March 5-7 and the I ley of Supply. W. :>. Barnett, answer will be accepted beALAN ..
prove to be a valuable asset to the local gladiators' chances I 6ND finals will be held at the local or VP-3 and David fore 0900 Friday.Page .

in the big tourney. baskettorium March 12-14.


.._ ,', .. _..-_ '_' 4 _. _. ...__- .-- -- ----. ,. --- r

15 February 1951 JAX AIR NEWS Page Seven


r. I Green Cove Cops Fliers' Streak Halted ;

IM Links CrownIn

Playoff MatchThe By Georgia Teachers .1

Green Cove Spring; Georgia State Teachers rallied with a hot second-half

links combine stopped thE< outburst to halt the Fliers' five-game winning streak, 67-41,

.- Supply linksmen in mate! : .i k I in a gruelling hardwood clash Tuesday night at NATTC

play to annex the station In ....... Fd'. auditorium.The .
tra-Mural golf championship] Fliers held the Teachersin I .i
Teachers tallying 26 points while
check for the first half allow-
at the local course last Satur- Mutt Pasco paced the Fliers with I
ing them only 20 points but theycouldn't
day. Supply failed to score 13 points. 4
handle the red hot Teachers -
against the Green.Covers, )losing in the final stanza. The Teachers The Fliers will complete theirregular '1
5tt to 0. outscored the Navy five 47 to home schedule next Tues '
22 in the second half after lead- day night when they meet the j
The first foursome composed oj f +
Florida University Freshmen at
ing by one point at the halftime
Stu Reed and Frank Govern for .
I to NATTCenter Auditorium. Three
Green Cove and Bill McWilliamand -
remain the schedule J
The Fliers were way off form games on ,
John Adams for
Supply managed
after that tonight at Parris
hitting only 13 of 34 throws and one
to draw did the Bill Beck
as 'I IL T7 r1e Island tomorrow night at
having even more trouble from
er-Steve Jonda for Green Covpaired
Charleston College and the final
the floor.
. against George Wade
Scotty Perkins was high for the game of the season at Gaines-
... Comdr Snyder. ville against the Florida Univer-
Green Cove's team of T. C. sity Freshmen.

Brandon-Jack Bonds upend Fresh from their 66-62 upsetof
Charles Loring-Lewis Grosie Stetson' the Fliers dropped the
2V4-0 while Capt. Moore and GOLDEN GLOVES ACTION Eglin AFn: Eagles for the second
Herb Pinson picked up the remainder time this season when they tra
of their team's total 1 Hank Wortman, top, Jax: veled down state last week. Be.

from Capt. Gingrich and Bill Navy light heavy, drives a hind at no time in the game, the
Babbitt. smashing right to the jaw of Fliers cut the Eagles down with
Following the championshi'iplay .
Dan of in the ease 72-52.
Lyons Tampa
match ;
an was
held with the National League Novice 175 pound finals match Using their regular man-to
defense the Fliers
dropping the American, 9-8. A of the Jax Golden Gloves meet. man managedto
hold the Eagles t.i 20
. total of 21 matches held in conversions
were Wortman took the decision.
from the floor while they
the intra-league with four
ending in ties.Frank Battlin John Bernardi, in bot- were able to sink 29.

". tom photo, left, moves away Chuck Wheeler and Red Sheldon
from a right thrown by Gil at the forward posts con-
tributed 18 points apiece for the
Govern Harris of FSU in the open light Fliers while Bob Bec..er and Mutt

heavy finals. Bernardi took the Pasco had 17 and 15 respectively. ,
72holeMedal decision and became one of Grimm was high for the losers -

Cops three NAS men to win a trip to with 17.With .

the Eastern eliminations to be only a five point advantage
Play at the half time, the Fliers
York late this
held in New
: poured on the coal in the second
month. stanza to with their 4th
... .. Frank Govern stroked his way i straight victory.emerge
into the winner's chair in the 72-
hole Medal Tournament recently < Rolling up one,of their highest

completed at the station links. -_. ...- -. ....- scores this season, th_ Fliers de-
Govern posted a net 288 to lead feated the Patrick AFB quintet

strokes.runner-up Baas Billy was Haas able to by pick three up NAS Sends 4 to N. Y. I on a close Hudgens decision.Scores tirely 94-54 in by a the game Fliers.dominated It was en-the

one stroke on Govern in the final second time this season the Fliers
18 holes but this was not enoughto Buddy Hudgens scored some had run rough shod over the Pat-
overcome the third round margin what of a surprise the last nightof rick five.
of four( held by Govern. the tourney when he knockedout Red Sheldon scored 8 of the
The First Flight resulted in a Golden Gloves Meet Mount Warren of St. Peters- Fliers 43 field goals for a total of
tie for first at the end of 72 between 17 points to lead the liers scor-
. Dick Middleton and Char- burg in the first round. The pre- ing. Kyle Woodbury, Chuck

ley Weiss. A playoff is plannedfor of Jax Navy fighters won vious night Buddy had a little Wheeler, Phil McKay, Bob Becker -
A small but powerful squad
the near future. trouble with Bob Ritter of Green Mutt Pasco and Eddie Bur-
James Bush edged Rear Adm. runner-up honors in the eighth annual Golden Gloves Tour Cove while Warren scored goyne all shared substantially in
Montgomery in the Second Flight nament held at the Duval County Armory February 7th Navy the Fliesr scoring.

posting a 179 net. Admiral Mont- through 9th. One more win in the open class would have the putting fastest Joe Alvarez KO of to the sleep tourney with, John Ruff lead the pack for
gomrey secured the runner-up the losers with eight buckets and
honors in that class.
local leather top
with 287. given the two blows in the near record time
spot a four free throws lor an 18-point
Posting the lowest net score of Out of a squad of five entries, Wortman was matched with Dan of 17 seconds. Hudgens was evidently average.
the meet, Mike Hollack finished Jax Navy came home with three unimpressed byWarren'searlier .
Lyons of Tampa. Hank was well victory because he chargedthe
four up on Paul George( to win championships, two of them in
the top honors in the Third Flight. the open/ class and one in the ahead at the end of the first lad from St. Pete at the bell Civilian Golf
Hollack scored a 271 while Novice. Featherweight Buddy round but slipped badly in the and showered him with an un-
George netted 276. Hudgens, light heavyweight John second. A previously injured ending hail of blows that finally
Bill Herman copped top placein Bernardi, by virtue of capturing dropped his opponent for the long Meet Finals
the Fourth Flight, carding a the open honors in their division thumb prevented him from using count.
279 while runner-up Billy Chase along with flyweight Freddie his right hand for any telling Bernardi Comes ThroughIn
posted a 289. Farr, will travel to New Yorkto blows. In the third round Hank his first fight of the tourney Set SaturdayIt
participate in the Eastern Gold- came back with a powerhousedrive I Freddie Farr made quick work
e.i Gloves finals later this month, that all but finished his opponent of Val Penna of Green Cove will be the battle of the
14 Teams Open as members of the Jax team. Farr and secured for him the Navy. Carrying the fight to Pen-
lost his finals match, but when his bout and the championship.Joe na for the whole of the first Pinneys for the NAS civilian

opponent was found to have an Brungo of NATTC, although round, Freddie managed to drop golf championship. Brothers
Bowling Action injured hand, he was appointedto he failed to survive his him at the close of the round but Herb and Rod, who shoved
take his place. first match, was one of the finest Val was granted a reprieve he aside their semi-final foes in
I Fourteen teams of keglers will could not accept by the bell. Fred
Hank Wortman was: the other novices seen in the tournament.
open action in the Spring Intra- winner for Jax Navy, copping the With less than two weeks train- was awarded a TKO in the first last week end's play, meet
Mural Bowling league which will round when Penna did not answer Saturday for the station title
.. ( Novice light heavyweight crown. ing ,Joe was not up to top con-
start next Monday. Play has been the bell for the second.In .
Green Cove Win Trophy dition but nevertheless, was ableto in a 36-hole pla"off.Herb .
divided into two leagues of seven stay the entire three rounds, the 112 pound open class finals -
The tournament was as of at
Emergency Repair
teams each. The schedule for the
in several Freddie pitted againsta
getting very damaging was
one of the best ever held in the O & R, who is defending cham-
entire tourney is available at the
jabs. But in the third round Sib- veteran ringman from Charles-
local series. Individual honors of pion downed Lou Bradshaw to
Physical Training office building ley came to life to cop the match (Please Turn to Pace 8. Col.; 2)
the tourney went to Joe Martin, a move into the finals of the championship -
930.The schedule for next week's former Jax Navy man who carried flight, whale Rod, of Op-
play is published here. the colors of a local merchant perations department, downed
Monday: American League; as best open class boxer; tough Ray Kennedy in his semi-
CPO's vs NATTC ANP, Marines Bill Sibley of Green Cove Navy, final match.
. vs Supply and VA-175 Officersvs best Novice class boxer and Rip Finalists in all but one flight
NARTU. Collins of Green Cove Navy, best were decided last week-end, with
Tuesday: National League; sportsmanship award. Team hon- championship flight i matches
FAW 11 vs NATTC X div NA ors went to Green Cove Navy, ? slated to be played this Saturdayand
l RTU MAR. vs O & R and .VA- which won both open and novice Sunday.
175 enlisted men vs Hospital. titles with Jax Navy copping Dick Crevasse rallied to down
. .. Wednesday: American League; runnerupin the open class and _____ Bill Cantrell to move into the
NATTC ANP vs Marines; Supply Tampa and Forsyth A. C. tied finals of the first flight against .
vs VA-175 Officers and CPO s vs for novice honors. kb Andy Planey who waj forced to
FASron 109.Thursday The only Jax Navy fighter to stave off a late rally by Doug
:' No games scheduled. see action on all three nights r'c Church in their semi-final setto.

Friday: National LeagueNATTC ; was light heavyweight Hank Frank VanNest won the rightto
X div. vs NARTU MAR. O & Wortman. Opening night Wort- battle for the second flight
R VA-175 enlisted and met Charley Johns, a game .
vs men, man toga with a determined victoryover
FAW 11 vs FASron 6. fighter from the Forsyth A. C. It y Bill Hoydic. lie will meet
I was touch and go throughout the the winner of the Nick Pulignano
bout but Wortman's superior physical and Ezell Everett match.
Haskins Wins Fasron
I condition and hard punching It will be Joe Kelty and Jim .A
proved to be the deciding lyars in the finals of the third
j 6 Ping Pong TourneyTom factors. Hank took the bout on < __ flIght. Kelly downed Jim Morgan,
unanimous decision. : .
a while Byars defeated Marin '
Huskins lead a field of 24
to win the FASron 0 ping-pong Wortman Looks Good Johnston. \
championship. Huskins disposedof The second night of the tour 1 & Sa John Vineyard took the meas
Jerry Webert in the finals ney, Hank TKO'd A. A. Arsenaultin ure of Al Qua Harold while Jack
21-18, 15-21, 21-18, to cop the the second round. Arsenault Silver bested Fielding in
crown. proved a very stubborn opponent fourth flight semi-finals play.
Webert earned the right to compete being out on his feet for most of Vineyard and Silver collide for
in the finals by dropping the second round but never going the fourth flight honors.
Bob Pruitt in the semi-finals to the canvas. Hank handed -4 ,
whit _,11llSldM defeated Eschol him such a hammering that he Willie Hoppe, a professional, is
:>- WnaarMt 'JtfEfeJn.the was unable to answer the bell for considered by some authorities as
INTRA-MUKAL MELEE 1]Francis LombardlX44)) of VF-4S
fii the third round. 1- I the greatest all-around billiard
.. In the championship finals' for and Ken Winn of VP-5 are "up in the air" in action in an I-M Na- player of all time. lIe wa king

the novice 175 pound crown, tional League tilt. VP-5 won! the 1 fray 51-42. of the balkline.'


-... '"... -, .,


? Eight JAX AIR NEWS 15 February 1951

...... .. .. ...., 'r, ,.1.

CLaSSIFIED Employees Vote Next Week

BULLETIN I .. .,.,., ",..,,' ,"': ,., .'..:, ,. 1

(Items offering for sale articles
of property such as washing For Shop Committeemen

machines, automobiles, furniture, -
radios, clothing, anC: the like is ,,: .
prohibited by Defense Depart. Employees of NAS will go to the polls next Tuesday, February
n ent regulations. This column, 20, to cast their ballots in the annual election of members to the
will however, list such serviceas station's fourteen Shop Committees.
available housing, rides want Shop committees in the Naval L
ed, lost and found articles another Establishment were developed for dio Mechanic; Patrick H. Carroll,
similar notices.) the purpose of furnishing an op- Electrician; James B. Roland,
FOR RENT portunity for management and Electrician; Herbert W. Squires,
Furn. Rm. and pvt. bath, 4247 non-supervisory employees to Electrician; Asberry B. Weathers,
Aircraft Mechanic Ordnance and
meet together for their ;
Appleton, Mrs. Boswell, Ph. common
Ernest C. Welch Electrician.
2-0556. advantage. Primarily, to dissem- ,
Unfurn. apt. $32 mo., 1624 E. inate and receive information, to Shop Committee No. 5-Bruce
Duval St., Ph. 8.2431, Mrs. exchange viewpoints and to dis- L. Barker, Electrician; John G.
Lotz. c u s s questions pertaining to Cooke, Jr., Aircraft Mechanic
Rm. on NAS Bus route, Mrs. work.In General; Theron H. Donnell, Air- 1 ,.
Reed Ph. 2-5573. addition, it provides both craft Mechanic General; GeorgeE. I
5 rm. unfurn. apt. $60 mo. 2575 management and employees an Morrison, Aircraft Mechanic

Myra St., Mr. Wilks. < : *$ ** *. *&,?& opportunity to make and receive General; ames W. Nolting "Aircraft -
Share home with couple and care L... _,,,! Mr. $ ,.K.... .", 7 ::' -'f.laz.L: L? suggestions for the improvementof Mechanic General; and Milton "
for baby if mother works, 5524 physical working conditions, O. Paulk, Aircraft Mechanic
Fremont St., Mrs. Hampton, ARMY'S NEW TANK KILLER-Jeep-mounted recoilless rifle and to promote mutual coopera- General. -
Ph. 2-3937. said to be capable of knocking out any foreign tank now in use tion, understanding and confic Shop Committee No. 6-Milton
2 bedrm. furn. house, Mrs. Peters, is demonstrated by two soldiers at Aberdeen Proving Grounds nce. H. Lazarus, Aircraft Mechanic
Ph. 2-9520. Md. Pfc. Ernest Papo, of Jersey City, N. J. the gunsighLof "Non-supervisory employees as Motor; William M. Pittman, Air-
3 rm. furn. apt. also furn. rms., the 105( mm. weapon while Cpl. James F. :Tillman, of San Antonio mentioned in the preceding para craft Mechanic General; and JohnS.

Mrs. Hiatt, Ph. 7-7882. inserts" a shell into the open breach. _____ graph are defined as those em- Robinson, Aircraft Mechanic
Rm. in pvt. home, 1022 BrierfieldDr. ployes serving in positions below General. '
., Mrs. Hudson, Ph. 8-9272. Jimmy Nichols Gives the level of GS-9 or leadingman. Shop Committee No. 7- Murphy -
3 rm. furn. apt., W. W. Goodwin, ProgressContinued Official Ballots B. McCormick, Machinist; ,
ext. 8178. Fine Golf ExhibitionA Employees were afforded the James E. Moon, Carpenter; Thomas -
Navy couple to share home, 5058 ( from Page 1) opportunity of designating their P. Roberts, Machinist; Oscar ...
Lawnview St., Mrs. Franklin, changed for $1.00 general admission i huge gallery turned out to candidates for election to the va- M. Spicer, Aircraft Mechanic Mo. ,
Ph. 80874. tickets, at which time a 20. witness golf at its finest last Sat- rious committees by completionof tor; Theron D. Whidden, Jr., Wel ..
2-3 rm. apt. and 1-4 rm. apt. furn. cent federal tax will be paid.I urday at the local course, with nominating petition forms dur- der; and Carson J. Wilcox, Sheet-
Doctors Lake, Ph. 112-84666, Booths for exchange of these demonstrations in amazing accur- ing the week designated for this metal Worker.
Mr. Lutins, Orange Park. coupons will be set up in conven- acy, by Jimmy Nichols, famed purpose. \To be valid, it was only All Departments RepresentedThose
2 rm. furn. apt. Old Orange Park ient locations. one-armed golfer. necessary that nominating petition named for election to the
Rd., apply at Iron Kettle, Mrs. Tickets On Sale Following;: his clinic, Nichols forms be signed by at least four Public Works Shop Commit-
Arslin, Ph. 8 4061, Orange Coupons will be sold in stripsof teamed with Wright North, sta- 5 per cent of the employees in tees include: Maintenance-Jack
Park. three, with each equalling tion champ, to defeat Jack Harvey I the particular department or I. Bishop, Sheetmetal Worker;
Furn. rm. in Murry Hill, Mrs. 1,000 votes. For every three coupons and Bill Foulk in a nine-hole group to be represented by the John P. Buzzell, Pipefitter; and .
Newman, Ph. 8-6634. sold, the queen candidatewill match. Nichols was low medalist committee for which the candidate Chubb A. Geiger, Letterer and 0./ ,
Rm. and use of home in MurrayHill receive 1,000 votes. For ev- with a 37. was named. Grainer. Utilities James W.
Mrs. Hertzman Ph. 8-9192. ery 11 strips, the queen candidate Official ballots will be furnished Burkhart, Operator Pumping'
Furn. garage apt. $55 mo. 1305 gains an extra :5,000 votes. for the election and will con- Plant; Alonzo T. Hall, Engine-
A 'O Tea
Murray Dr. Warren Whittleton, Cash 'For QueenA Spot tain the names of eligible candi- man; Daniel E. Macon. Engine-;
Ph. 6-7786. bonus system has been estab- To You Too! dates for election to each committee. man; General W. Robertson Operator _
2 bedrm. furn. apt. $75 year lished in order to encourage early With the 1st Marine Divisionin In addition, space will be pro Sewage Disposal Plant;
round, 160 Ocean Blvd. Atlantic purchase. Beginning today Korea (AFPS-English con- vided to permit the writing-in of David B. Sarjeant, Fireman; Nathaniel .
Beach; Mrs. Clarke, 5-4115 through 1800 February 21, a bonus servatism was upped another candidates, should employees desire R. Taylor, Fireman; WilLiam
after 6:30: p.m. of 25 per cent will be al notch during a battle near Ha- to vote for persons other O. Thomas, Operator Pumping
Furn. rm. Mrs. Baker, Ph. 27981. lowed for votes cast during that garu recently. than those named on the ballot. Plant; and Sammie A. Whit-
2 Ige. rms. $10 wk, 104 Scofield period. During subsequent weeks Eligibilities Listed tington, Engineman.
Several American marines
St. Mrs. Flynn, Ph. 6-7876. the bonus will drop to 20 per were An Election Officer and a number Transportation-John T. Cook,
on the flank of a heavy Chinese of Election have Automotive Mechanic: Belford O.
FOR SALE cent, 15 and then 10 per cent. Supervisors
After March 14 no bonus will be ambush. They were firing into been named within each department Davis, Automotive Mechanic;
'46 house trailer, Mr. Peters credited to candidates. I the mob of Reds rushing their positions for the purpose of conduct- James E. Fletcher, Automotive
' Trout's Trailer Ct. Ph. 2-9520. Vote stubs are attached for every All along the road auto- ing the election. While the date Mechanic; Christopher C. Harlan, "
50 Liberty house trailer, J. W. strip of three coupons. Each matic weapons and rifles spat in for the election has been set as Automotive Mechanic; Shelton R. I
Smith, Azalea Trailer Park, strip of three coupons must be I hurried volleys. Tuesday, February 20, the Elec- Harrison, Automotive Mechanic; ,
Lot 73. sold completely in every instance Over the ear-shattering noise of tion Officer in each departmentor Clyde G. Hepline, Apprentice Au-
Small unfinished cottage, $200. before the attached vote stub is firing, bugles blasted, whistles group will announce the time tomotive Mechanic; Joseph M. I
apply Trouts Trailer Ct., Lot 11 deposited in a ballot box. shrieked and the Chinese screamed and place of balloting within his Hulbert, Automotive Mechanic;
Mrs. Kuehn. The 10-top ranking as they charged.An I or group. Joseph E. Kiser, Automotive Mechanic -
3 bedrm. bung. furn. or unfurn. didates will receive cash queen prizes English Commando came To be eligible for election to the ; Coleman M. Lee, Auto
4419 Wabash Ave., at Ortega totaling $1,000, with $500 goingto squirming up the ditch where the Shop Committee and for participation motive Mechanic; Thomas B.
River Mrs. Hartman, Phone the winner. Leathernecks were. Motioning toward in the election, an em- Williams, Automotive Mechanic;
5-7846. The Jacksonville pageant, to the battle, he straightenedhis ployee must be serving in a non- and William O. Williamson, Automotive
5 rm. house, 3383 Lowell Ave.G. beret and observed
: supervisory position and must Mechanic.
be held at the Gator Bowl, and at
C. Evans, Ph. 2-0413 or which the queen will reign, will "I say, lads. I believe there'sa have been employed at NAS for Group IVb-James B. Bailey, ,.
21682. celebrate the history of the city bit of trouble in the making." at least one year and not now Engineering Draftsman (General
House trailer 25 ft., Lloyd Jordan since it was founded. -xHometown- serving in a position restricted to ); Walker H. Crevasse, Time
5138 Sunderland Rd. USAF one year or less.Candidates and Leave Supervisor; John A.
MISCELLANEOUSRide Headquarters, FEAF Combat for election to the Eckels, Engineering Aide; CecilA. '
wanted to and from NAS, NAS Sends Cargo Command, JapanThere'sno seven Overhaul and Repair De- Fischer, Clerk-Typist; James
from Laura St. to Shop 300, doubt about Staff Sergeant partment Shop Committees areas H. Lee Clerk; William N. Sim-
Kay Douglas, Ext. 759. (Continued from Page '7) Samuel C. Lilly's future insofaras I follows: Shop Committee No. coke, Commodity Specialist (Au
Willing to care for one child 2.4 ton, S. C. in Barney Mitchum.The the Air Force is concerned. 1-Autsin T. Drinkwater, Super- tomotive); and Jennifer M.
in own home, Mrs. Fondry, Ph. highlight of the fight was While filing out a question- visory Timekeeper; August C. Vance ClerkTypist.More .
2-8748. two low blows by Mitchum the naire, Sergeant Lilly listed his : McCoy, Metalsmith; and Floyd C. Candidates
Howard Wagner will baby sit. first of which passed unnoticedby permanent home address as U. S. I Parker Metalsmith. Shop Com Named as candidates for election
3702 A Rielly Ave., Ext. 8226. the referee. It was a close Air Force and his home town mittee No. 2-Floyd J. Bryson, to the Supply and Fiscal
Leaving for San Deigo on or fight all the with the nod newspaper as the Air Force Aircraft Mechanic Motor, WillieE. Group IVb Shop Committee were
about Feb. 15, will take Navy of the judges way to Mitchum. Times.-AFPS). Dobbs, Aircraft Mechanic Motor Harold L. Bridges, Storekeeper
wife or couple to share ex- going ; Robert L. Grim, Aircraft Me- (General); Charles J. Cullen
John Bernardi entered the finals -
penses, Mrs. Robert Felles: Ph. chanic Motor; Peter A. Groh, Time, Leave; an dPayroll Clerk;
2-4753. of the tourney on the "We Go For Margo"once Aircraft Mechanic Motor; Clarence John B. Hofmann, General Sup. .. .. .
strength of a bye but proved to
Buffer and Pol- ply Clerk; Clyde E. Sharpe.
Riders wanted from vicinity of Jefferson
have the ability and know-how to
Willowbranch and Rosselle to isher; Charles M. Martin, Air- Equipment Specialist (General);
capably stop a considerably Mechanic Motor GlenmoreC. and Hartley A. Steeves, General
NAS via McDuff and Park Sts. craft ;
er Gil Harris of Florida State John was able to unleashhis
hrs. 0730 to 1600, Mrs. Hare, Monroe, Aircraft Mechanic Supply Clerk.
University a 175-pound en- lightning right he began to
Motor Robert D. Price, Aircraft For the Supply and Fiscal
618 or 81433. ;
counter. Harris gave Battlin'John wear the big man down. A decision
Mechanic Motor John W. Thompson II and III Shop Committee
Ride wanted from Southside, ; Group
considerable trouble with in favor of Bernardi
gave Aircraft Mechanic Motor those named included George
1435 San Mateo Rd. hrs. 0730 ;
his close-in of fighting but him the
type crown.
to 1600. Call Mrs. Fouts, ext. Hiram H. Van Houten, Aircraft Anderson, Packer; Frank Court.
405. Mechanic Motor; Harry H. Wade, Packer; Robert M. Harvey,
Ride wanted, Herschel and Copeland Aircraft Mechanic Motor; and Packer; George Marcus, Packer; ,
hrs. 0730 to 1600, Mrs. i John J. Weaver, Machinist. and John E. Parson, Operator .
Halley, ext. 425. __ Many Candidates High Lift Truck.Miscellaneous r
Miss Cecile Bowen will baby sit, Shop Committee No. 3-Edgar Shop Committee I
2031 Herschel St. Ph., 7-6441. C. Bailey, Aircraft Mechanic candidates named were George !
'48 Class Ring pawned to cabdriver General; Boyd Burns. Machinist; E. Barker, Qualifications Rating 4
can be redeemed by call- I-4r Bennett F. Jackson, Jr., Metal. Examiner, Industrial Relations;
ing 6-8679 or call at 250 E. 1st _. smith; Dewitt T. Jewell, Metal- George J. Gemming, Firefighter .
St., Mrs. W. T. Jessup. smith; Joseph A. McSwain, J.r, (General), Security Elizabeth L.
Lost 'between Lake Shore and Metalsmith; Arbil L. Moore, Sr. Hall, Clerk-typist, industrial Relations I
NAS gold charm bracelet, re- )_ x Painter; William J. Murphy, Machinist ; William H. Jr., l
ward, call Mrs. Regan at 8-9692 ; Shiell C. Sheffield Met Qualifications Rating Examiner,
e alsmith; Thomas J. Sheridan, Jr., Industrial Relations; Elizabeth W
Metalsmith; Seymour Sirchuk, Lischke, Clerk-Typist, Medical;
TheatreGuide Metalsmith; Jesse K. Smith, Met- Nancy H. Savin, Appointment .
alsmith and Edgar H. Watson, Clerk (Typist), Industrial Rela
Toolmaker.Shop tions; Francis R. Theep, Instructor
Committee No. 4 An- and Sidney J.
drew L. Beatty, Aircraft Mechanic Wilds, Personnel Clerk, Industrial
Thursday February 15 y General; John J. Brewer, Ra- Relations. .: .'

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_.___ Charles 16 Starrett Send Your Jax Air News Home

Friday, Februiry a '
Unknown" _
--- '
___ Mark Stevens ArPS,.
yZ ...... PLACE
17 ,"-J-' -"' ----
Saturday, February mOM:
Barbara Stanwyck TWOCENT
The Furies" CREAM-Somewhere in Korea of the
IT'S REAL ICE some i'Jt ,.'
Sunday. February 18 V. S. troops, due to ingenuity of mess personnel, they've been able .
"Cry Danger-Dick Powell to have ice cream. S/Sgt. Chester Wiley of Paxton, Pa., demon- . ,.. STAMP
Monday February 19 strates the workings of the crude but effective freezer. The gad ....t.' ;''*. "i' .ft .,.it" J JIIIitiITO ...;
Mr. Universe"__Jack Carson get was made by punching a hole in the lid of an old tea can. : .. .\,1f ...-;;:.t1Ir.;
Tnes. ft Wed., February 20 & *1 The ice cream mixture is placed inside and the can is set in a i .. """ 'Jf ; ..
rd Climb the Highest bucket of Ice. The mixture is beaten with the spatula inserted ,... \r '1 .Ji19'
t" ..
:Mountain".. Susan Hayward through the bole in the lid, with eminently satisfactory: results. '.
jfik: A/iC: .A ;*.$< :J\f.tfSage

i ......... > (
.. .. .....,. ,.
.J'o'. fI/
.. 9
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Remember, Public Relations Is An "All Hands" Job ;


; A X "t1 y. ;.

f ,

I Headquarters of the Commander Fleet Air Jacksonville_ ., Commander Naval Air Bases Sixth Naval District and Commander Fleet Air Wing 11
------ ----- --- -

J first Lecture NATTG GetsDetachment
.. : ':
:,' : .,\;,:.: :,:' F---:: (:: :?: :

.... .>. .
.... '
' In 'Defense7Is : -:" :
: : .
!: ,. .>.... < ". ; :, ;, .'...
Given HereThe ., .,. .: ". Of f Marines '

> '"

first in a series of six At a simple but impressive

lectures dealing: with radio- L i ceremony Monday, a Marine
logical defense was delivered Detachment was activatedand

Wednesday afternoon at the $? / a placed under the com '
Student Officers' auditorium mand of veteran flier Capt.

. by Col. Donald A., Hendersonof Thomas J. Burnham at the

the Florida Military Dis 1h mushrooming Naval Air Technical
trict who spoke on the "his- ;s > }+ Training Center.Commissioning .

tory and development -.of. orders were
atomic weapons." read by Capt. Lester K. Rice,
The series of lectures arrangedby the Center's commanding officer,
Lcdr. James Mullins, aerology to the officers and men of the
officer of NAS Jax, will be Honor Guard, which composedthe
held weekly at the auditorium advanced cadre of over six
before a selected audience of top hundred men soon to add to the
naval oficers and key civilians. swelling ranks of NATTCenter.
Guest speakers will be presented 'i1iJ1ipI Guard Inspected
', at each session.
Captain Rice and Marine Capt.
Lectures and films will be featured -
directed % Burnam, accompanied by their
in the .
program '
toward preparing the individaul executive officers made a per

to take proper measures of self- 0.- ',_._.___ r jIL_ sonal Guard.At .inspection of the Marine
in of atomic attack ;
protection well case methods of pro- MARINES UNDERGO INSPECTION-Col. Edward J. Dillon, center, of the Inspector General's present, the only building
the immediate area. office, Headquarters Marine Corps, gives personnel of Marine Barracks a once-over during the annual actually occupied by the Marines
tecting . inspection Monday On the left is Lt. Col. Harvey B. Atkins, commanding officer of the Marine atached to NATTCenter is 572.
Barracks. The lower deck of this building
is used for administrative offi-
NAS Marines ces and topside is now being
NAS Jox to rlicipote All Jax to TuneIn used to quarter the 30 men who

Inspected by on Amateur make complement.up the present permanent

Official PartyGarbed In 50-Y eor Celebration Hour TonightThose Detachment Captain officer of Burnam entered the new, the Marine commanding Marinesin Air-

dress ; May 1942, after having attended I
in parade who missed last Wednesday's
:Marine Barracks personnel, I Plans for NAS Jacksonville's participation in Jackson- presentation of Ted War II Texas he participated A. and M. In in World I
celebration be held March Mack and The Original Ama many
of to
along with their equipmentand ville's 50 Years Progress air battles in the Pacific area.
quarters, got a thorough 26-31 are rapidly taking shape, with the selection of the teur Jacksonville Hour, Navy which area features talent, Under Captain Burnam's com.

going-over Monday by an in- Navy's candidate for the Progress Queen contest, one of the have a chance to hear the one- mand, the Marine Air Detach-

spection team from the In- highlights of the pageant, already selected. hour nation-wide broadcast to- in ment the will progress play an and important future role of
Ensign Margo( Wilkinson, 23- night at 2100 over the ABC
spector General's office, Headquarters -i year-old Navy nurse from the Na. However, it is being emphasized network.It NATTCenter. .
Marine Corps. val Hospital will represent the that the contest to select "Miss will be transcribed for radio .
Conducting the annual inspec- Navy among the candidates for Jacksonville of 1951" is not a listeners in its entirety to-
tion of the local contingent were "Miss Jacksonville of 1951", who "beauty" contest, but a "popular-- night over radio station WPDQ600 Navy Exchange '
Col. Edward J. Dillon, Lt. Col. will reign over the 50 Years ol ity" contest, whereby the event- on the dial.
Otis V. Calhous and Lt. WilburnC. Progress Gator Bowl spectacle.The ual winner is determined throughthe Appearing on the one-hour
Allen. All phases of the mis- station's candidatewas sale of coupons, redeemableat I show will be Albert Price, dramatic Carrying OutExpansion
sion assigned the Marines of NAS queen boards later date for general admis-I baritone; Don Smith and
selected by appointed sion to the to be
pageant vocal duet
were inspected.Lt. of officer civilian and Vivienne Appleton, ;
composed ,
CoL Harvey B. Atkins com- enlisted personnel of all depart the Gator Bowl March 26 through' Lcdr. John Hirst, saxophonist; PlansDue
manding officer of the Marine ments and fleet units at the Naval 31. This spectacle will be a 2-hour Vernon Roberts, TE1, accor-
the presentation presented nightly Don Adams, SN,
Barracks accompanied group Cecil dion player;
Air Station NATTC
which first inspected troops in Green Cove, Springs Naval with a cast of approximately vocalist; Charles Conroy, HM3, to the expansion of
\, ranks, followed by a close order Field Hospital and NARTU. Only women 1,500 people. pianist; Gisela Wittich HA, Navy Exchange facilities in
drill, an inspection of clothing of the Navy-Nurses and Spearheaded by "flying squad- WAVE singer; Manuel Miranda this area it has been necessaryto
and equipment and later conducted WAVES-were eligible candi rons" of salesmen, the coupons SD2, tenor; Andy Geis- move the Navy Exchange
oral examinations on gen- will go on sale today. Single ad- choffer SN and Charles Lay-
eral military subjects. dates. Slogan Chosen missions cost 67 cents and may mon, MM2; Orange Blossom office to a new and larger location
Colonel Dillon and his crew be used for two children or one Ramblers hillbilly artists; the in building 953, it was
Enthusiasm for the campaignto adult. All must be ex- Landon High School quartet,
! also inspected administrative coupons announced this week by Lcdr.
seat the Navy's representativeon
and personnel sections living the queen's throne is mount (Please Turn to Page 8, Col. 2) I and Jo. Clark, whistler. William G. Williams, Navy

I spaces signed and to the all Marines.duty areas One as- ing. Whipped' up "We by a Go catchy For Exchange officer.
campaign slogan
group of Marines selected at naval and civilian Office space formerly occupied
Margo, personnel
random was chosen to dem- iu the retail and merchandisestore
of the entire Jacksonville
onstrate familiarity with all naval establishment are getting is now being used as partof
types of weapons. behind their candidate with a the local.store.
Immediately following the inspection vim. She will also reign as queenof It was also revealed that the
the inspecting party the Navy Charity Carnival to NATTC and the NAAS Sanford
conducted an "office hours' ses- be held May 1819. Exchanges in addition to storesat
sion at which personnel could A 23-year-old brunette, Miss NAS Jacksonville Cecil Field,
speak regarding personal or mil- Wilkinson is 5-foot 7-inches tall, Naval Hospital, Green Cove
itary problems which could not weighs 122 pounds and is as Springs and Glynco, Ga., will be
be handled locally. the most popular administered through the NAS
dreamy as
Exchange office.
pin-up girl. She's a native of
Pittsburgh, Pa. This combination of stores ban.
175 Given died by the local Exchange office,
2. it was pointed out will be the
Air News To Be Day largest group of Navy Exchange
CPO Exams stores with respect to sales in tho
t. Earlier Next WeekThe continental United States.
" for .
, It was E-Day Tuesday
some 175 first class petty offi- Jax Air News will be (
cers who gathered at the main published a day earlier next Readers GuideABomb
.mess hall and at the Naval week, due to the observance of :: .
Hospital for examinations for Washington's Birthday Febru- K Lecture _...r Page 1
chief petty officer (pay grade ary 22 as a legal holiday. ''
Aircraft QuU ______ Page 3Comprlsbs
7), acting appointment.About With the paper to be pub- \ 4 >
160 mustered at NAS lished on Wednesday, it is nec- E } .__ page 5
for the tests, while' 16 more essary to move all deadlines up Ear' Wilson Page 5
mustered at the Naval Hospital.The one day. However, pictures' will Employees Vote Page S !
list included first class be accepted by the deadline at NAVY'S QUEEN CANDIDA TE Ensign Marro Wilkinson
, men from NAS, attached 0800 Monday.All Navy nurse attached to the Nav,:al Hospital here is conrratulatedrAS { Generous POW Page 4 4
Fleet units Cecil Field Naval unit PIO's and other contributors by Comdr. Porter F. Bedell >[ executive officer, following Progress Queen ______ Page 1 *
Hospital, Green,Cove Springs) are requested to co- her selection by a special board i is the Navy's candidate for "Miss Scouting Squadrons Page 5
and Naval Air Boise Command, ,operate in having their copy Jacksonville of 1951." The winn