t< plished its outstanding record as -- -- remained small and consistentlyunder '
I ., a member of tho Army-Navy War A REMINR' the expected attrition rate ( .
Team, and pays full tribute to .'1, Driver of motor vehicles Of those pilots forced down, approximately -
the surface and sub-surface naval 65 are saved. 'Ia
: Y percent '
BJIItd\t 1 : under the jurisdiction of the
--y. '
units. (COMDK.. \. BARRY,
Itattle Atlantic
THIS IS DISNNIS MORGAN commanding officer, driving/
Six: To One The part of Naval Aviation in above has replaced Lt. Comdr.W. .
I. who made a guest appearance at either on the station or to and
'. the U S. Naval Hospital here One of the highlights in the front Jockm IHe anJ outl>ln<* the Battle of the Atlantic is fully T. Hardaker as Operation
I He wandered combat Is on air set forth. The report gives in Officer of NAS Jacksonville. He
oJ last week-end. report a summary field, are authorize to pick up
: throughout the wards singing battle victories.'! In the virtual and transport Naval personnel detail how the U-boat menace was"! reported here after serving in
'.', favorite songs of the bedridden elimination of the Japanese carrier and clvlll.uj employe proceeding met by augmented patrol squad- the Pacific for the past 16
than rons, new techniques tn spotting, months as C. O. of a PB4Y squadron
J' and leading community based air forces, more 17,000 In the name direction a'\ the .
the use of CVEs with specially Lt Comdr Hardaker ha*
have been
singing. His visit was rated enemy planes : destroyedsince
the most successful guest appearance Pearl Harbor against losses v'lblclRtaUo Order> No. 27-43. trained crews, etc By the time been detached (Story on Op..
combat Continued on rage: Two erattona Officer on page threejVOL. )]
this year of approximately 2,700: a -- --- --


Two JAX_ AIR NEWS, 12 July, 1945

Navy Unveils Its -New I They Issued 'Em

t ,, ,
Cars'alrFighter Plane"The : :.I f ;


___ __ ;;1'j
Navy flu thrown another ,
new aerial weapon against the I engine gives the alieady speedy y H HMAINSIDE
Japanese-the Chance Vought Corsair considerably more horsepower -
F4U-4 the new Corsair, describedby both for normal flying and
Leatherneck pilots who were in combat emergencies The F4U4is I
the first to fly it as "one of the ''the first carrier plane to take
most powerful single-seated fighters Advantage of the 'C' engine's high I
In the world." horsepower MURMURS AND
The Navy's fastest fighter is a Very little weight has been J\IUTTEUS..Sooo, Burma is not'
composite improved model of all added, so nearly all the added power I the only place that has its rainy, .
the earlier Corsairs. Its four- has been transformed into increased \season? At least, old hands say
added climb of almost Jax in the
bladed driven speed that is now midst of
propeller, by a 2100
horsepower Pratt-Whitney radial 1,000 feet a minute, and a one, accounting for the daily downpour *
ceiling high enough to give an advantage < 'long about 1630. Getting
engine, measures 13 feet, two
over high flying land ,, fiom work to
inches from tip to tip and literally -..", -- quarters poses a
based Jap aircraft, but in addition the
"chews holes in the sky"'in flight. THESE ARE TilE TWOAE officers who issued NAS problem,
Its speed is in the 425mileanhour : I Same Looks Jacksonville War Bonds sold during the highly'successful Independence WAVES have a separate problem
class; it ;naneuvers and lands The F4U-4 has the same gen Day Cash Drive. They are Lt. {Jg) Gene Blanchard, left, War which goes on all day long, since
easily and carries six: 50-caliber eral appearance and dimensions as Bond Issuing Agent, and Lt, (jg) Ruth Chennell, Assistant War the air seems to be damp from
the F4U-1. Most noticeable difference 0000 right through 2400. Every
Bond ,
machine in the wings. Issuing Agent. .
guns is in the four-bladed Ham- night they make with the 111 pins,
The radio equipment, second in I ilton Standard Hydromatlc pro Skipper Visits Mayor carefully winding each wisp of .
importance only to the Corsalr'smechanical peller which replaces the three- hair and fastening it in place. All
features, is the most bladed model used in the earlier night they sleep with the sharp
modern communications system Corsair. The eneglne cowling is hunks of metal ready to pierce .
currently in aerial use. The "pushbutton" different, too having an elliptical scalp so that come the dawn they twill
receiving and transmitting shape with an air intake in the have a crowning glory. Outcome
sets enable the pilot to change bottom arc. Also, the engine cowl the pins and swish goes the
radio frequencies while engagedin I flaps are larger and fewer. I brush and the results are definitely -
combat" by 'merely touching a Marine Capt. Kenneth Walsh, satisfactory. Off to chow,
button. No more knob-twisting holder of the Medal of Honor, and then, and on down to work.
is necessary former instructor at MFOTU and I And then what The neat curls

Efficiency the NAOTC Instructors' School, a begin to sag, and flop, and blow as
Marine erg.nereing officers I here, was one of the first pilotsto separate wisps in the dewy breeze.
state that the design greatly increases I fly the new plane. He states Within an hour, all trace of the .
the operating efficiency of I that it is aboslutely tops and night's careful do-up has disap-
the Corsair at high altitudes and, leaves nothing to be wished for in peared. The individual hairs go
at the same time, insures greater the way of speed, maneuverabilityor off at all angles, with as much
safety for pilots because of a tighter I general performance. "The Jap j i pattern aa dried leases before a
fuel induction system which re- airmen are in for a big surprise fall wind. Worst of all, the short:
duces the possibility of gasolineand every time they run into a flight ( tight curls become longer and
oil leaks to a minimum.The of these babies" he added. longer until they dip below the
major change in the new The first Jap plane to face the fateful line of the collar Yup,
plane, is the Double Wasp 2800-C new Corsair was shot down in 'tis a problem jou start out witha
engine in the design. The "C" less than two minutes. strictly reg hair job neatly ar-
-.-. -- ------- ranged under a carefully squaredhat
and by the time you get to
Gates ReportContinued Air AwardsContinued work you look like a civilian strik-
ing for the late of GG (glamor
girl, Mac!)
From Page One From One ..... ___
rape !I"n'" : ... '''' >A\'V PERSONNEL
Germany surrendered, U. S. Naval rescuing survivors of a plane CAPTAIN ANTHONY R. BKADY, left, new commanding olticer to standing in are line.accustomed Be-
Aviation in the Atlantic had about crash. Lt.. Garrett also receivedthe of the Naval Air Station, made his official call last week upon cause there are so of us always -
100 squadrons at more than 100 Air Medal for a successful attack Jacksonville's Mayor C. Frank Whitehead, right, in the City Hall. I at the same place at the
bases and was deployed over almost on an enemy convoy in the Lt John R. Perry, center, administrative aide to Captain Brady, was same time, we have long taken it
the whole ocean from Greenland Bismarck Sea. He is now an instructor also present as many problems of mutual interest to the city and the I for granted that line-standing will
to Africa, from Iceland to with VPB2-1. Air Station were discussed during the visit take up 95% of the time necessaryfor

Brazil.In Francis G. Larkins, AMM2c, any given deal. We stand for
addition to meeting the Jap USNR, was awarded the Presidential I Dennis Wows I coffee, cigarettes, malts, etc., in I
carrier planes, our planes have Unit Citation with bronze star Ship's Service, to get our laundry,
served in di ?ct support of the and a Gold Star in lieu of a second __ Y or for the movie, or for chow, or
island landings from the early Navy Air Medal for anti-shipping for pay The list of things to line
strikes in the Marshalls right up attacks in the Bismarck Sea. up for is as endless as the lines

the list to Okinawa. Naval planes Two Oak Leaf Clusters in lieu I_ themselves.
have been the spearheads for the of second and third Air Medals Most of the time, we find it annoying -
major campaigns such as the re- were awarded to Lawrence I. but we accept it becausewe
taking of the Philippines. During Wentworth, ARM2c James E Raf- realize it has to be, It really
these operations in 1944, naval aviators ferty, ACRM, Curtis M. H. Stone- burns us, though, to be unable to
shot down 54 percent of all lake. ARMlc: and Ensign William get to the counters in our own
planes sent against them. W. Wooden. The Air Medal and WAVES ship's service store because -
Our long range big planes have three Oak Leaf Clusters was the civilian patrons are
served the five starred purposes sented to Eugene K. Wiar, ARMlc pre- r1"ti1'A'E stacked three deep. Ladies, we do
cf patrol, weather and photo- not mind sharing with you the
graphic reconnaissance, rescue, in- Clusters stock of hard-to-geV items, but
cidental bombing and as hospital Oak Leaf Clusters in lieu of a you've no idea how much we'd appreciate
planes. More extensive use of sea. second Army Air Medal won while I it if you could do your
planes has been made possible by serving in the S. W. Pacific with shopping at hours other than noon
the addition of new seaplane tenders forces under the command of Gen- time or at 1700. It's right dis-
to the Fleet. Equipped to eral MacArthur were presented to couraging to swallow chow wholeor
handle a full squadron, these ten- Lt. Lloyd H. Johnson, Lt. Herbert skip it entirely in order to shop,
ders have operated all over the McPike, Lt (jg) Edward R. Stell, during our noon hour and then not
war theaters, moving in with the John S. Roberts, AOMlc, JosephA. be able to get near the counter.
amphibious forces to send out long Schramm, ARM2c, George L. After we've worked All day and
range searches even before newly Thompson AOMlc, James C. Stirrup hurried to the store after being
captured air strips could be reconditioned AMMlc and John P. Yuhas, secured, it really irks us a bit to
for use. Off Saipan, AMMlC stand and wait and wait while :year
for example, a tender kept a patrol Gold Stars in lieu of a second consider what you wish to buy. We
squadron flying for more than two Navy Air Medal were awarded to can't shop any time except noon
weeks in the open sea, under the Robert A. Cobb, ARM2c Virgil F or after work so jou'd be doing
very noses of the Jap guns. Wolf, ARM2c and P D. Bishop, *j UMI i w :J' yourselves and us' a mighty fine
IJL\tKLY H. DEALS of Portland Oregon, manages a
Marine! AviationThe ARMlc favor if you could arrange to shopat
employmeiflT' of Marine smile as glamour boy Dennis Morgan, movie idol and star of "Christmas some other hours.NAASMayportls.
Corps Aviation has expanded ma- The following men received the in Connecticut" which played at the station movie here last -- .. --
terially and they are now operating Air Medal with Qak Leaf Cluster: week, raises his voice in song and serenades her Morgan made a
from first line carriers as a Lt. William C. Beach, Lt. (jg) tour of the wards at the U. S. Naval Hospital here Saturday night ,e
component of carrier air power. It William R. Pope, Walter G. Smo- and Monday. The WAVES who were well enough to give way to
struck a particularly high level enskl, AMM2c, Robert V. Snyder, their emotions went wild when the flikker hero entertained in their
during the Philippine Campaignand AOM3c, Glennon P. Corcoran, ward. Here
AOM2c, James T Thomas AMMlc ToStayRepresentative .
assisted greatly in securingour -- --
landings in Luzon. In addi.I I and Richard W Holloway, ARMlc Ccmdr. Winters Decorated I
Air Medals Emory H. Price,
aviators -------
tion the Marine ------ --
Corps of the Second Florida District,
have proved especially effective in Air Medals were presented to I x dicted in Washington this week pre-
the neutralization of by-passed Lt. Alex: N McInnis Jr, Lt. (jg) that the Naval Auxiliary Air Sta-
enemy bases in the Marshalls, Walter A Quinlan, Lt. (jg) KarlL. 71 tion at Mayport will be a post-
Carolines and Marianas E. Roese, Harold G, Little, war carrier base.
One of the most spectacular AMM2C, Edward A. Willis, ARM2c, Price, a member of the Naval
Marine achievements came when Robert L. Wilcox' ARMlc .
JosephR cm Affairs Committee, would not elab-
Marine pilots, flying two Navy Buscio, ARMlc, Ferdinand orate on his forecast, but said that
Liberators from the Solomons, battled Lago, AMMlc, William C. MacIntosh he has every reason to believe that
tropical stwms for 1200 miles AMMlc, John F. O'Connor, the Navy intends to keep the May-
and returned with photographs of
AMMlc Robert P Bradshaw, port base in operation after the
the Jap bastion at Truk. ARM3c, James A Tibets, ARM2c, war
The Naval Air Transport Serve and Ross A. Vanderkolk, AMM2c. with .
ice has steadily expanded to meet
Presidential Unit Citation rib- Price's prediction came the
the needs of far flung battle fronts.
bons were received by Charles A announcement by the Navy of an
[ 1944 NATS flew 77,000000 ,-
During Carrithers, CCS, John E. Coggin, allocation of $387,000 to make ad.
plane miles, carrying more AMMlc, Robert E. Murray, dltfonallmpro\'eml'nts at the lol y-
than 55,000 passengers and 76,121 AMM3c, and Edward M Danilczuk .. port base.
tons cf Transcontinental
cargo. AMMlc. Carrier and facilities for
operations have been Intensified to
the point where six: daily trips in Lt. John H, Hutchinson, USNR, """"" unloading planes from lighters,
received a letter of commendationfor and to strengthen existing bulk-
each direction are now flown, and his open sea landing and res. ="'" RCOMDR heads on the south side of the I.
NATS in the Pacific by /
keeps pace routes the cue of the crew of a ditched B-29 turning basin, will be built with .
establishing new as
J the funds just allocated.
forward. The most super-bomber. !, '- -- -
troops move ''' _._ .
recently scheduled service IHJbODOKE \\lNTlmS, VF type combat training -
daily from Guam to Okinawa. tion. During 1944 for example, officer on the NAOTCstaff, is shown above, right, receiving the tOSS BASILONE
1 Technical Progretts the new Grumman two engine Gold Star in lieu of a third Silver Star Medal from Rear Admiral Sgt. Lena Mae Basilone, USMC
Technological: improvement continues '"Tiger Cat" (F7F) was released Ralph Davison, chief of NAOTC. Comdr Winters' medal was awarded Women's Reserve, widow of Gun-
to deserve a large part of to squadrons. Swiftest and most for gallantry and intrepidity as target coordinator and pilot of a I nery Sgt. John Basilone, USMC,
the credit for our successes, Mr. powerful of all the Navy fighter fighter plane last 5 November [in the Philippines area. He directed winner of the Medal of Honor, has
Gates poins out. Improvementsare planes, the Tiger Cat can climb strikes that resulted in the sinking of a heavy cruiser and a destroyer been designated by the Secretary ,
constantly: being: made on our steeply at better than a mile a and personally strafed the destroyer and shot down one of the Navy to christen the destroyer I
standard aircraft and in addition, :minute and h.s capacity for a 4000) intercepting enemy- aircraft. He has been on this station since 27 USS Basilone, named in

yew types are being put into acI, I pound bomb load. April. honor of her Jte, husband, >,it hasPage


12 July, 1945 JAX AIR NEWS Page Three

T Scenes. .of Operations Headquarters At._WAS acksonvl.lle. i'!.


: :

Ww 'nt i



Y _
f2 ,..MIYk


By Ens. Eleanor Baird (NC)

(W) USNR is now at the Rehabilitation a
School at the Naval Train .W'
ing School, The Bronx Miss Eager -
is well known among all hospital

personnel because of the fine ;
work she did here: In setting up *p
1 and organizing the Occupational

Therapy Dpcartment
3 ( ) USNR and Ens. Barbara
Duenweg (II) USNR' reported
aboard this week Both Miss ,." ....1it"I> '> "" jrl jf-[" ....
Clemens and Miss Duenwcg have FROM THE CONTROL TOWER, WAVE Georgene Hall, SpY)
had special training in Occupa 2c, upper left, gives directions to a pilot coming in for a landing. The
tional Therapy and are now assigned tower has recently been completely modernized and the equipmentin
In that department. We are this photo is no longer in use. Upper right: A lone plane wings
i I'Iiglad to welcome these two well through the clouds over the Operation Building, nerve center of all
'-i'' prepared occupational therapiststo flying at'NAS Jacksonville The tower tops the two-story buildingat
our midst and feel fortunate in the right. Lower right: Lt. (jg) Walter S. Albright, offlcer-in- -' ,
having them assigned here to con. charge of the Operations Control Tower, checks over the flight plan .
tinue the excellent work begun by board that he and Lt. Comdr. W T. Hardaker, former operations :
Miss Eagen. officer here, devised. The board simplifies the job of keeping an up
INDOCTRINATION classes are to the minute record of flight information _, \
now being given for new per. ----- ,,-- -- .. --- :: N
sonnel in both the Medical and
Nurse Corps. Fourteen doctors Operations Is Heart Nerve -,..., "!I

reported this past week and nineteen 1j
The indoctrination
classes began promptly and all of Center of NAS Air ActivityBy E 1<' ''- ---- -"
the nurses and doctors are now a

y assigned duty of the in the hospital.various The departments Arthur Staff Writer Greene, Y2c \Cecil Helldivers Woman's Club

doctors have repotted for their stood at the edge of the field in front of the land- '

receive regular hospital experience internship in all the and will different plane Have hangars you ever and watched the planes take off and land Haven Put On Air ShowNavy I Holds DanceHonoring
medical services. you wondered about how little confusion there was, over
A MINSTREL SHOW was presented the fact that so much activity could be carried out so smoothly? Helldivers snarled over the Annapolis graduates .
to hospital patients and II To the uninformed observer it seems almost impossible that the I NAAS Cecil Field last week in a I,, and all officers of the
personnel Thursday, 5 July, by planes don't run into each other, that they don't all try to land at once realistic demonstration of Navy Armed Service, the Young Women ,
Cecil Field Ship's Company personnel and that there Is a flawless system I : dive bombing technique for memo j of the Woman's Club of Jackson-
t The show was very well behind it all, silently directing of Operations---Aerology' the Utility bers of a section of the Annapolisclass ville will entertain at an informal
presented and very well received. every single move. I I Units, T-l Division, ParachuteLoft of 1946, Jacksonville newspapermen dance Friday night from 9 to 12
10 Arresting Catapult Unit,, o'clock in the clubhouse, 861 River..
We are sorry that some of you The heart of this system, the and other guests of Comdr. .
1 missed seeing it. nerve center directing all land. I Navigation Department, Photographic Howard E Born, Cecil Field com I side .Avenue.
I Laboratory, Naval Air Special guests: will include the
The latest word In entertainment based flying here, is Operations. manding
on the Hospital Circuit is From the time the departmentopens Transport Service, and the Control At the controls of the powerful college members home on vacationand
the brand new show called "AT the field in the morning, un- I Tower. planes were instructors who are a number of out-of-town
EASE," coming to the Naval Hospital til it closes the field at night, it is New Plan Board veterans of combat fighting in the II guests
on 13 July. under the/aus the watchdog that guards every' A new flight plan board, the cre. Pacific. Leader of the 35-ship air Raymond Gage and his popular
pices of USO-Camp Shows. This movement of aircraft in and out atlon of Lt (ljg) Walter S Albright group, which was divided into I orchestra will furnish music for
all-time variety show is jam- of NAS Jacksonville. offlcer-in-charge of the three squadrons, was Lt. John D. dancing and during the evening
packed with talent, offering blues Operations Control Tower, and Lt.. Bridges, Cecil Field chief flight punch will be served on the riverfront -
singers, monologists and singing i [supervises Flying Comdr. W. T. Hardaker, former instructor and holder of the Navy terrace.
guitarist Shows will be presented Operations supervises all flying, operations officer, has recently Cross. ------ ----- i

,\ for bed patients on various wards establishes course rules and sees I been installed and put into opera. The bombing demonstration was Red Cross Assisted/ 12JNAS
.. during the afternoon and one show to it that they are carried out, directs part of the general Navy indoctrination y
will be presented in the auditorium all rescue facilities in the I tion.The better ( training being given lax Men In June
at 1800.f event of crashes other than sea- board provides a 1| Naval Academy graduates. The
,; DEPENDENT UN IT personnel, ward, and in the latter case helps I check on planes and flights, and Annapolis officers also were takenon \Vil/i/ Gianf ami Loans
Doctors Nurses and Waves, celebrated the air-sea rescue unit at Mayport I cuts down the number of steps and 1 a tour of Cecil Field ground in The American Red Cross office
Thursday, 5 July with anti co-ordinate the search. personnel required to keep a log stallationsWEDDINGS. I here rendered financial assistance.

ti. outing at the beach. The group It is the responsibility of the of flight information up to date at ____u_ -_ to 125 men stationed at NAS
late in the aft all times. Under the system in use
left the hospital Officer to coordinateall I Jacksonville durinb the month of
; ernoon by bus and proceeded to Operations flying within the areas assignedto I previously, all flight informationwas June with loans totaling $4,561
Mack's Shack where delicious the training units based at this written down in long hand in \ and grants of $147. it was an-
chicken dinners were prepared. station to assign outlying fieldsto : a log book and later transposed''I, nounced in a report this week by
Following dinner many of the the ,units for training purposes, I to a blackboard. Because of the: I The following weddings were I Field Director Allen G. Scar-
while of the work load, it was
surf bathing, I
group enjoyed to assign land and seaward: tar- I conducted at Station Chapels: brough.
others spent their time dancing to schedule target boats, often impossible for the dispatcher I July 2nd: Arthur R Gabel and I In addition to financial assist- x
It was a grand evening and much targets, and field carrier I to keep the blackboard up to date,' Veda E. Bower; Franklin G. Bouch ance, the field director's office
,r enjoyed by everyone.TlnL arresting to establish and and flights could not be listed ir.I'I and Sara Jane McDivitt; Karly B. I verified 609 emergency leaves, assisted '
I.m'tSn K, PhM maintain pear and course regulations I chronological order on the blackboard Kemp and Clara Marshall Snow. I and counseled in 740 per
lc and Gladys Luntz PhM Ic have to guard flight aircraft movement i I I July 3rd: Robert M. Casey and sonal problems and 1,254 family f
been appointed chairmen in chargeof reports to clear flights, to assign I The new board is constructed in Janet Dorcas Vogel problems, and 15 dependency discharges -
plans for the Wave's Third Anniversary aircraft in the Aviation Training I such a way that flight progress July 6th: ancis Lamont Bal .
on 30 July. We can't to recall aircraft in I strips can be shuffled or moved naves and Shirley W Clements ----'- i '-
tell too much of the proposed pro the Department event that weather closes in, from one rack to another in proper July 7th: Robeit H Lewis and Chaplain Bell( Speaks
gram at present, but they are arranging and to direct the crash system. I time order, providing at a glancea Marjorie J. Lewis; Clayton E
for Open House for all complete picture of the situation. Parcell and Evelyn Patterson. To Jax Church Club
staff and their families 1930 to Other units are a composite part I The racks used In the board were I July 8th: Adee Floyd Thompsonand Lt. Sheridan W Bell Naval Air
,. 2200 Sunday, 29 July. This anniversary -------- provided by the Airway TrafficControl Anita Frances Diani; Lee Station chaplain recently returned
will receive proper celebration ChS (A) Hambrick Section of the CAA. W. Davidson, Jr., and Wilmoth I from sea duty in the Pacific, addressed -
and we will hear more of the Our team is --------1 Telephone Robaits I the monthly meeting of
plans at a latter date company than it did July 9th: Jack Ralph Busse and the Riverside Park Methodist
AWARDS this past week were season and therefore To further expeaice use of the Elizabeth Sabochick Church Men's Club held last Friday
presented by the commanding officer lot of credit. A great deal of I board, the telephone is coupled ----- _---- : night at the church.
interest is displayed at all the with another in the tower wherea
to two of the hospital patients I ------v-,. -----
board has also been Installed
Medal smaller Dental AppointmentsAll
The Bronze games.
was presented Arthur J. Albrecht, The teams standing to date in When ATC telephones, hands were warned this week : Five Navy Air Units
MM 3c USNR and the Purple the Softball League is third place both phones ring simultaneously, that dental appointments shouldbe Return To United States
record of 11 wins and 4 and the information can be recorded
presented Earl with a
Heart Medal was kept on time or cancelled at After strenuous tours of Western
J. Harnage, Pfc., USMCR Hatn- losses. Let's all get out and in the operations office and the least two hours prior to the scheduled Pacific duty, including the
age received wounds as a resultof cheer-your support may enable tower at the same time. time in the event of an emer Iowa Jima and Okinawa campaigns
enemy action at Tinian, Ma- the team to climb up to first place Present operations officer Is Lt. gency. carrier-based Composite

riannas Islands, 4 Aug. 1944 I position. Comdr, J. V. Barry, who relieved !' Personnel officers of departments Squadrons 84, 85, 92 and 94, and
PROMOTION, by appointment, Keen interest and league spiritis Lt Comdr. Hardaker on 30 June. and divisions will be notified Air Group 23 have all returned to
was effective 15 June for Pharm reaching a new high in Softball He reported here from a PBlYsquadron in writing by the dental of the States for rest and reassignment
Benjamin P, Wirth, USN. Mr. competition along the D Ramp in the Philippines of ficer of all personnel in their respective .
Wirth has long been assigned in At the present time the first place which he was C, O. for the past 16 units who have failed tc During approximately half a
the commissary and is \Vell known standing in "D".' League is tied months. The squadron served in observe the above regulation. year of bloody aerial warfare, climaxed -
among the hospital personnel. with D-2 and D 6, each having 4 the Pacific for eight months after The dental office phone Is Ext by numerous tangles with
DETACHFU this week are Lt. victories and 1 defeat Other 13 months duty in the Atlantic JIG. Kamikaze suicide planes, the vet-
Patricia S. Pressley (NC) USN, team records are not available at A native of Webster, South Dakota ----M--- eran squadrons saw the Japanese
Lt. (jg) Marguerite I* Parigan the moment. enrolled aviation pushed 1,000 miles nearer their
as an
Lt. ) J Archery has recently brought Barry New Overseas Rule
( ) USNR; (Jg Kitty Mag homeland.
cadet in August, 1936, and won his
forth great display of Interest
USNR Ens. Irene
( ) ; -
has forbidden --
wings at Pensacola in December, The Navy Department
Johnson (NC) USNR and Some of the patients are even having Reminder
is married to the former the forwarding of maga-
1937. He
Rita (Stammer) Harris PhM lcMM their visiting wives take partin Personnel attached to the Student .
and to personnelwho
LaVerne G, Marshall of Seattle, zines newspapers
Harris is being permanently this clever sport Officers' Headquarters, Senior
transferred. pub
Wash., and has a twoyearolddaughter. are
Horseshoe courts are being
detached from Naval service, but New and Junior BOQ were
notified of the new address BOQ
live aboard the lishers are
the others will report for further built In the grove area and hereis subscriptions will be stopped directed last week to advise their
assignment. another real sport. Horseshoes the publisher. The correspondents to address them at
RECENT VICTORIES made by should be played more often; it subscriber immediately, and by nor the Navy or Box 27SOH Mess,. Senior BOQ
the Hospital Corps team have is a game that takes little exer- Junior- BOQ respectively, and
of The submarine USS Kete has Post Office Department, is responsible or .
been accomplished by consistent tion, but still affords plenty and old been announced as overdue and for advising the publisher of not Box 26, which is a commissary
12 hits exercise-so you fat guys
I hitting, averaging per lost. his new address. box number.
f game, and the stellar pitching of timers, get out and play. presumed


Four JAX AIR NEWS 12 July, 1945

______m ,
'H_ ;
Badge of Honor

J11fwJJ1 { S m1 ,:


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Office of Public Information, Room 221 :Nzews ondVieuus rornStation

Administration Annex, Bldg. 954 ,
Telephone Extension' 8542 5 1 The JAX AIR (NkAVS;); U published weekly at the U. S, <= .. j
Naval Air Station. Jackson*llle, Florida, by the Office ot ....--,', ,$
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compliance with Seonav Circular Letter 45:126I: : :! May 1 4S:', TIIK HOME FRONT
Copies are distributed free of charge at the Naval Air or '
I Station\ the Naval Air Technical Training Center the<. TOMORROWBy 'I
Headquarter of the Naval" All Operational Training Command
t Naval" Auxiliary All Station Green Cove Spilnjji Chaplain E. \V. Andrews O.
Naval Auxiliary Air Station Cecil Field, the Naval: All
Runner School, the U. S. Naval" Hospital, the Naval: Aux s World War 11 stay end before many more :
Diary Air !Station Municipal !No.; 1, and the Naval" Auxlllaiv inoiyths. However, we will "till have a long: war j.I j.
Me Lt, (Jg) O. U. Tovvnsend. Ldltor.Re ; .
Air Station )pott. I ahead of us on the home front. It will be a different '

r Admiral Ralph 1:. Davlson. CSN I kind of.war, with different weapons.ThU ; ,
Chief of Naval" ) Air Operational Training war that confront HA on the home front In 'IIi
a result of hasty war marriages, or break-down of "
R. Brady, USN
-. Commanding Officer\ morals among men and women, broken hornet resulting '
I r*. "'Jackionvllle !Naval; Air Station from divorce arising out of the Infidelity of I
married couplet* separated by the war.
; ; r
Captain Commanding Joseph Lynch.(fftcery4at'al USSR: The battle to restore the home will he a 1..1Ig'I I

Air Technical Training Center one. It will probably take' two generation to again '
\ build lilt... ,Kolld family life, a real home. The actions -
Captain John Commanding J. O'Mallev Officer(MC). C'SN of our (MNiple today will not only effect tlittt ,

U. S. Naval Hospital generation, but their children and children's children. I
..', .i It has been found that where a family\ U separated ,t)
'"*}('..1iF: Colonel Commanding Officer k1C (Ret.) by divorce, the children of that family frl'i i

*. Marine Barrack WITH THOUSANDS OF ARMY MEN\ being demobil- quently follow In the parent footstep; they find
\"', It to put their'tlfe or husband by a bill
easy away
ized monthly under the point system it becomes more and
&( Commander Eduata: 1::. Dolecek. USN of divorcement, because of (he example given by
Commanding: Officer' more desirable that every person in the United States be the .
Naval Air Gunnei'* School parents.One
thoroughly familiar with the above lapel pin, and what it .r of the t.ad thing about the promiscuity In -
Commander frank r. Corbin. USN stands for. It is the serviceman's Honorable Discharge love affairs of war time in that it does not end with
Commanding Officer "or.It'n: In the last war, who followed -
Naval Auxiliary Air Station. Green Cove Springs Button, and it means the wearer has completed his tour I' the I'lIllnf the principle the \ of "love them and leave t them;' 1ft.

Commander Howard E. Born of honorable service to his country in time of war, and has I foiuul they could not throw off that habit when they IIf.II

.,.k;,. Naval Auxlllaiv Commanding All Station Officer: Cecil Field been returned to civilian life. This newspaper hopes that I returned to civilian life; their marital life was constantly i

Navy men will look for this button on civilians, and will marred by "kicking the traces." )
Commander Salem A Van Eveiy, Jr. broken homes
To ttht this war against/ Infidelity, ,
Commanding Officer treat the wearers with respect and courtesy. They are
all the forces for
muster good
Station. Municipal No. 1 loose morals, we must
Naval Auxllldiv Air
members today of what we will all be members of tomor- In our country, the churches, the schools, chic' 1 dubseteruns' ,

Commander Commanding John B. Officer Huhn. USSR row : the best club in the world-the Honorably Discharged \ organizations, and every other group that ;: I II.

Naval Auxiliary Air Station. Maj'port \ Veterans' Club. i U Interested In the welfare of our nation and the ,
world. We must enlist all the right thinking people!
--- ------ -- -
Lieut. Cot William T. Evani. L'SMC (Ret.)
the that Is falllnullln the
Commanding Officer to help remove scourge
Marine Aviation Detachment ,The home front.
Maginot MythToday I The future of .America depend on a solid familylife

The material.'JAX AIR Republication NEWS" receive of credited Camp Newspaper.cervlce matter prohibited where'morals are not only I taught, hut alai!

without permission of CNS. sear Dtixiitment. 205 E. America's military men, politicians, educatorsand lived; where responsibilities are not put aside for
42nd St. N.Y.C Republication (It any other matter momentary satisfaction of the flesh.
except by service publications, li prohibited withoutHTmlsslon editorialists are thrashing out the problem of peacetime We fighting thin war that Peace reign
of Edltoi. JAX AIR NEWS. I military training. Many learned arguments are being ad- In the world.are We must also help fight I Immorality .

vanced by both sides, but the most significant feature of the and Infidelity on the home front, "II that you and

Those Tokyo RaidsFor debate is not so much the reasons advanced for and against your children may have |Brace and security In their
family life; by {living in accordance with jour marriage -
the idea but rather the mistaken premise which many
Admiral "Bull"Halsey's ,I upon her him until
several days now, I vows, leaving only unto ( )
powerful Third Fleet has been lying i of the supporters of the plan are basing their case. They say, death do us part" Form siuh habit of fidelity and "

just off the coast of Japan, sending thousands I in effect: "We must have universal postwar miiltary training purity of life that will enable you to enter the marital '

and sorties out I because then we will be so strong that no one will dare status on a sound mural basis. t
of bombing strafing l-et's get rid of the saving "If you can't \#>
over the highly industrialized and militarized attack us. giant be careful," and remember, "It U better to liegaud
Tokyo Plain. I In other words, these people give the impression that and you won't have to he careful." I it
military training will constitute a kind of Maginot[ Line

Curiously, these Navy Corsair, Hellcat I standing between the United States and its potential ene-

and Avenger sorties have been meeting virtually mies-a line behind which we can all relax and pursue out-

no Japanese aerial opposition. Does I normal peacetime occupations in comfort and security.

this mean that, having knocked out Nippon'ssea false and dan-
In the opinion of this newspaper, this is a

based air power several months ago, we to gerous premise. Actually, it will take much more than mere Smite fur i'
have now added her land-based: airpo\\er i universal military training to halt the aggression of a wily Protestant ('hnprl: Mutt in Head 1 and Ilirmint him At.

this list? That is a very pleasant and invit- I and energetic foe. To cite an already trite but neverthelessvery 07JO--Hol: ) rommunlon celebrated I by Chaplain J. D.

ing theory, but unfortunately there are too !; pertinent example, France-overrun by German panzers OMtnl-Skinner BrU: Service' Chaplain L. W. Davidson. Jr.
many factors which tend to disprove it. I V-NATTr! :.' Seivlcp. Chaplain J. D. Sklnnei."
weeks-had had universal
six military training
in less than .'"
What is more probable, is that Japan- ,'for many years prior to the debacle of 1940. Almost every (O'\I-: Sundu.v School In the Small Chapel.
H..I- -1' S. Naval >I Service. Chaplain L. M. Cole.
airpower seriously
having.had : I I male citizen of France knew how to take a rifle apart and put' :r ;Jim "Jl .'
reduced during the battles surrounding the 1043-Oneial: Ohms eivlre Chaplain S.V.. Bell.
miles how
has decided to hoard it together again, how to march 30 a day, to pitcha "KINDIM; : ONES:, LIFE."
conquest of Okinawa- tent. Unfortunately, this knowledge was of very little value Hid' ) Clulstl.in Science t'tlee8mlllChlll\ )(>1.
for actual land- 11:W Seivlce al PBY Hangar aieu. Chaplain H. A.
her airplanes use only against -
when it came time to stop the paralyzing blows of the up-to-I 1'01 ter.1aalSertlce..
ings on her own territory or that of her nearest date, wellequippedVehrmacht.. It is also very questionable I Davidson. Men'i Ji. Christian. IA'lIluhoplaln L. W.
possessions. Undoubtedly largest just how valuable this type of knowledge would be, of itself, I (The regular Ihuimtjy evening Bible Study group will
proportion of her aircraft i is now mobilized at the I meet In the Small Chapel\ ..l11tOt'ry: Ihunxluv.. This
in the event robot bombs suddenly started to drop on New
meeting I I. now under the leadership o( Chaplain H.
whatever point Japanese strategists figure York, Chicago Washington.. I II Allison\ FoilerJ

this next great blow will fall. I I That postwar military training for all male U. S. citizensis 'atholie Chapels Mutt!* H..d and lirniiaahaot Altan.
Admiral IIal ey, in his strikes on Tokyo well-rounded o>.4O-M a....
a necessary and desirable part a national .
and its environs, would like nothing better defense program, this newspaper would be the last to deny. i 0-UO' -Ma.t.
than to have the Jap air force come up( and I 1100-1".1
But we also submit that this nation must not let itself beI nll'J-\u.\
fight. In the first place, he would almost that i :bri.tl>a !''I ine. Sertlvct M*tU K4 sad BirnUgkaM
of such
: lulled into a false sense security by believing Avraae.
certainly give them a sound beating, and even I 1100-Small chapel.
all defense need
training would provide the answer to our .
though the beating were only indecisive it I .alter Ur !'I.ialu' !o..U! Chapel, c.r.rr .t M..tli ..dKiriiilagliaDi.
Actually, military training is but one stone in the vast, high .
would still serve to reduce that much more '1t Ii KUMutuat) meeting (Wednesday).
wall of national security. .. ....
I rwUh KrliUu !Nrrvlrrt' d fHUwkhlp\
i the airpower Japan could use against our itl5 Small : Muslin and Blimlngham,
When all is said and done, there is no better defense: Friday: Chapel "
I Maln.lde.
next invasion against aggression than constant alertness. To keep us out i I Tuesday, nto-1: 1-Cha\Jllllnll'\ Office. NATTC.
Japan gives every indication of having Tue.djv. J700-18.W: -Chaplaln'i OKke, Yellow Water,
of future war, our diplomats must remain alert (by keeping IGS.Flut .
l adopted the Kamikaze tactic as standard. If i I our foreign policy on a course commensurate with our world Thursday of each month 17(10-1 g.to.: Chaplain's 01-
fk '. :SASS' Green Cute Spilngi.
this is true, she apparently will be willing to '
power: and responsibility) our intelligence services must re- j Second Thuimlay uf each month, IGTO-ISCO.! Heading
sacrifice her entire air force for one great I Room, NAAS" Ma) |sir t.
at all times the intentions and
decisive be'' main alert (by knowing war Thlid 'Ihumday ot each month 130O-16.TO.:; ) Chapel .JiOJC
victory. But this attempt will of enemies scientists
capacities our potential ) our must remain -
more likely to come when the stakes are alert ahead at least abreastf
(by keeping our weapons or
,highest-during an attempted invasion II the latest foreign developments), our military and indus- New BooksBooks
than when it would only serve to halt an an-
bombardment.All trial planners must remain alert (by being prepared at a mo- pertaining to the following fields have

noying ment's notice to throw the entire U. S. into high war gear) : been> added to the Station Library this month.
of this i is
just another way of saying I remain alert RELIGION:
and our people must (by being mentally and
that the war with Japan isn't over yet, just philosophically acclimated to the idea of force as the Deltoid the Man by Ralph L. Woods. An anthology"
because our Fleet can sail within a few miles I means I of Jesus! Christ. *
of preserving our independence and liberty) \ .SOCIU (sCIKNCK;
of Tokyo. It means we are winning it, but Within the whole pattern of national defense, military Building: America: Illustrated! Studies On Modern

it doesn't mean it's won-that will only vital problems.! Each" study deals with some Important -
training has its own, place. But let's not permit our-
come through constant, continuing effort. aspect of our social!:; political, economic cultural -
selves to regard it as a cure-all. Let's not build any Maginot[
Let's chickens or international aspect of American life.
not count our victory the
unconditional surrender is hatched. Lined either on our borders or in our minds:: -they just won't Color and Democracy by William E. B. Du Bois.

work. AKKONAl'TICS: : :'
Aircraft Year Book for 1915. Edited by Howard

Guest Stars Quotable"The Aircraft Armament by Louis Bruehiss.FINK ';I
When you get home you won't have much Navy's job in landings all over the world from Hands; An Introduction to Craft Techniques -

left to remind you of the job you've done. North Africa, to Sicily, to Italy, to Normandy, and the southof by Dorotjiy Cox and Barbara W. Weis-

You can't pin your ribbons on your business France, to Leyte, Luzon, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, has been mann
An Invitation to Chess A Picture Guide to the
suit Your friends will not merely to the troops ashore which is their first ;
or your overalls. probably put job, Royal Game, by Irving Chernev and Kenneth
quickly forget that you once wore bljie. but also to furnish continuous and plentiful gun and air support llarknews.

Only you will remember what you have been until the i position is won and the installations of the j''The Brooklyn, Dodpers.. ly Frank Graham.

through. After a while you will have only |I II Army Air Forces are adequate to provide air support. The LITKUATI'UK
The Rose
your inner realization of a job well done. Navy will continue to bear this dual responsibility as new Benet Poetry and of Norman Freedom Cou, edited ln.s. by William

I l Hold fast to thai-Camp Parks} Log. I beachheads are opened) in the future."-Secretary Forresta) I tolls,of Melody,)ty, Emily Dickln.on.Page .

j& _

-'- .-, _,.--- ,.- ...
->r- "- -

__ r ,


12 July, 1945 JAX AIR NEWS Page FivREPORTER .

Tho Queenly King Sisters -

"v: .
t '" "s ,; #

(j jr

$ ..

r By Bill Smith, Y3c

! IIIt.\\ i ''Question: Do you intend PRESENTS

: W 1 Ii 1 to join a veterans' organiza- r

/1 i | 1 tion after the war, and if so,

; i r :which one? Program of Event, \\eek of July 12! )9th
Movies Malnside- "HELL'S ANGELS Jean Harlow & Ben Lyon
rl i : ,
l J. H. MITCHELL S2c, Washing.
y\. ton, D. C. 130017001930.
I haven't thought about it, but Student Officers"NAUGHTY NINETIES," Bud Abbott, Lou

I imagine I would like to join one. Costello 2000. .
In my 'bplnlon, I think the government Band Concert In Band Shell opposite Administration Bldg., 1200-
i will be run by the veterans' :
organizations. sIl at Station Golf Course, 08001900. Clubs available.
Recreational Swimming: 1. t

I S/Sgt. A. E. ROLLINS, Indian- Officers at Student Officers Pool or Officers Club 1)300-2200.
.( apolis, Ind. Enlisted Personnel, Pools 1-2 (Malnside), 0800-2100.
( I already belong to the'Veterans Bowling-Recreation Building 3, 1000-2000. ,
of Foreign Wars. Everybody Anchorage-1730-2130, Dancing from 1930-2130, StationBand.SailingBoats .
should belong to a vets organiza available at Boat House.

tion, to help get what's comingto FRIDAY, 13 JULY
them. We'll have to Stick -to 3 Movie, Mainside-"BODY SNATCHER," Boris Karloff, 1300-1700-

gether. Il 1930.Student _
r Officers-Same as Thursday. .. ;
Golf at Station Course, 0800-1900.
CHARLES RIDDLE, Sic, Pitts- I > r Baseball, NAS Fliers vs. Waycross Army Air Base, Mason Field
tthburgh, Pa.
'r I 1700.
\I.:' I would like to Join the VFW 4it Recreational Swimming:
1 if I could get Into it, but I've got Officers at Student Officers Pool or Officers Club 0300-2200.

. to get overseas first. Vets' organizations q i Enlisted Personnel, Pools 1-2 (Mainside), 0800-2100. .

ice are intended to help servo ;;Q .4s' ; .. .M.' ...... ,...+.1 .., Bowling-Mainside Alleys, Building 3, 1000-2000.
men so they won't get kicked
around so much. TilE FAMOUS KING SISTERS blend their four voices Into some Anchorage17302130.
;.' extraordinary harmony In "On Stage Everybody," the novelty Universal Sailing-Boats available at Boat House. ?
musical which stars Jack Oakie, Peggy Ryan and Johnny Coy, : SATURDAY, 14 JULY
TEDDY LIND S2c Palisades Movies Mainside-"A THOUSAND & ONE NIGHTS" with Cornel
a The radio, record and screen favorites sing a new number titled I
Park, N. J. "Stuff Like That There." Clockwise are blond Yvonne, Donna, Lulse Wilde. 1300 only.
Yes, the American Legion. My and Alyce. Student Officers-No show.
father is in it from the last war. I Band concert In Band Shell opposite Administration Bldg., 1200( *
Lots of guys from my home town 1230.
are doing the same thing. Sessions Are Recreational Swimming:
rJan1 Officers at Student Officers Pool or Officers Club. 0800-2200.

Enlisted Personnel, Pools 1-2 Mainside), 0800-2100.
Golf at Station Course. _
Thomaston, Ga. Weekly Feature
Pretty sure I will not I'm going I I Bowling-Mainside Alleys, Building 3, 1000-1800.
I Crews Dance, Mainside Auditorium, 2030-2330.
back to old job. You see, I live session held
my Another jam was
I Sailing-Boats available at Boat House.
in a small town, make pretty good this week at the Mainside Audito- SALTY HUMOR FROM SUNDAY, 15 JULY .

money, and believe I could get rium, and the warm reception it HERE AND THERE Movies, Mainside--"A THOUSAND & ONE NIGHTS," Cornel
along with 'em. I I got was enough to convince Welfare Wilde, 1430-1700.
-- I I Officials here that they oughtto I "BODY 2000.
I \Ve Give Up I Student Officers- SNATCHER Boris Karloff,
R. E. THOMPSON, AMM3c, become a permanent entertainment Mason Field
Outdoor Movie, same as Mainside: Time 2030. ,
A boot walked over to the box
:r Chariton, Iowa. I feature.So Golf at Station Course, 08001900. Clubs checked out.
I expect the American Legion I Monday evenings will be jam office of the theater, bought a
Recreational Swimming:
ticket and went in. A few minutes
session from now on as long
would be good deal. I imagineI'll nights
I a Officers at Student Officers Pool or Officers Club 0800-2200.
here continue to show later he returned, bought another,
join-it's a good organization.If I I as personnel and again went inside. Three Enlisted Personnel, Pools 1-2 (Mainside), 0800-2100.
that they want these get-togethers,
the fellows all stick togetherthey'll I Bowling--Mainside Alleys, 13001800.
get what they're going L:. Sax Elliott of the Welfare Department times the same thing happened.By .
I says. the fourth time the girl in the Anchorage--1730-2130.
after II Get hep mates, let's get in the box office was completely per SailingBoats'ailable at Boat House. '
-- I groove and give out with the solid plexed and asked, "Why do you Note: Season's first outdoor movie at Mason Field located behind

t J. R. REDDICK, SlcAOM), jive next Monday night and make keep buying tickets to go into the enlisted permanent barracks.
Knoxville IOND.\y, 16 JULY
Tenn. I the something to talk theater?
I'll Movies Mainside "CHICAGO KID," Donald 1300-1700-
More than likely join the entertainment Barry
: about. It's all for your "It's not my fault, replied the
American Legion. It keeps the boot. "They keep tearing them 1930.
fellows together who were together I ._.__ ____IA.- j---- every time I go inside." up Student Officers-"A THOUSAND & ONE NIGHTS," Cornel
In the war. And we might Wilde, 2000.Golf! .
at Station Course, 0800-1900. Clubs checked out.
have some good times.
I Outdoor Movies Could Happen To AnjoneAs
I Recreational Swimming:
the music started, a timid Officers at Student Officers Pool or Officers Club, 0800-2200.
JACK ROBERTS, AOM1c, seaman lurking In the background Enlisted Personnel, Pools 1-2 (Mainside), 0800-2100.
Clarksburg, W. Va. I Are Back Again dotted forwaid "Pardon me, Bowling at Mainside Alleys, 1000-2000. '
Yes the VFW. After the war "
Miss, he said to a young lady,
1730-2130:: Music Station Band 1900-2100. Boats
Anchorage- ; by .
the political parties will be made I Outdoor movies under the stars "may I have the next' dance ?" I available at Boat House.

up of veterans. Also, we'll get are back again.Scheduled "I'm sorry, but I never dance TUESDAY, 17 JUI.YMovies
more benefits and help with some to begin in May, high with a child," she said with a "
Mainside--"A BELL FOR ADANO, Gene Tierney, 1300-
one backing us. winds which ripped the huge out supercilious smile.

door movie screen caused post "Oh, a thousand pardons! replied 1700.Outdoor Movie, Mason Field, 2030, same as MalnslJe.
L. T. KLEIN, SIC, Baltimore, ponement of the opening night. the young sailor", "I didn'trealize Student Officers --"A THOUSAND & ONE NIGHTS," Cornel
Md. Now repairs to the screen have your condition. Wilde 2000. '

belong to a fraternity, and therest been completed and everything, is Night Softball,--WAVES game 1930, Fliers vs.. Lake City 2045,
of the members are all in.the in readiness for the grand open- This Week' Dllly Yorktown and Mustln Road. >. '
service now. We'll probably join ing Sunday. A chaplain reported to his commanding Golf at Station Course, 0800-1900. Clubs checked out. ,
some kind of veterans' organization Those who were here last year I officer: "I think we have Recreational Swimming: ,
together. will remember the popularity of the morale! of the men too high sir. Officers at Student Officers Pool or Officers Club, 0300-2200.
___ 4 the outdoor movies in Mason Field They want to know if It's true that Enlisted Personnel, Pools 1-2 (Mainside), 0300-2100.

II. S. SMITH, S2c, Reading, Pa Air conditioned by the cool breezes sOme day they might" have to return Bowling at Mainside Alleys, 1000-2000.
I, do intend joining one, but ,blowing off the St. Johns River, to( civilian life.In't I' nchorage17302130.. .
haven't decided which one At the outdoor picture were a welcome Sailing\ -Boats available at Boat House
the sweltering .\ No Justice rf
relief from
least you're in a group- group \\ F.INE D.\\', 18 JULY -
A newly commissioned ensign had
can always do better than one man. auditorium I Movies, Mainside "A BELL FOR ADANO," Gene Tieiney, 1300-
o Three outdoor showings each just given his seat on a plane toa
week being scheduled the sobbing pretty blonde who had 17001930. -
are "
ROGER DODGER, S2c Pot. Student Off leers-- CHICAGO KID Donald Barry, 2000.
Welfare Department announced. related her tale of woe. His wireto
latch S. C. Movies will be outdoors on Sunday, his CO was: "Gave berth to a Band concert in Hand Shell opposite Administration'Bldg.' ,, 1200-

Bud, you sure are nosey. But, Tuesday and Thursday eveningsat girl: taking next plane." 1300 Golf Course.
since you insist, yes, I expect to 2030. All daytime shows, and His CO wired back: "Congratu- Golf at Station
join the VFW. I figure more guys other evening performances will 4.11loin. Next confinement in bar Recreational Swimming:
who've been In combat will belongto be at the regular time In the Main. racks!" Officers at Student Officers Pool or Officers Club. 0300-2200.
I Enlisted Personnel Pools 1-2 (Mainside), 0800-2100.
that one. And they'll be the side Auditorium. In the event of
ones who can make the loudest rain the scheduled outdoor movie "Oh, dear" she exclaimed. "I've Bowling Alleys Building 3, 1000-2100.
racket when we don't get a bonusin will be held in the auditorium in- missed you so much." Then she I Anchorage-1730-2130.
1950. I I stead. raised the revolver and ,fired again. Sailing--Boats available at Boat House.
----- ------ --- -
-- -- --- --
---- --- -- -- --.o--- -

Male Call by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates". Natural Cover '






,,1 i Zq rI

o : ;i

; :' ;

I / 4

) 1,1 I



,\ II C..qw INS h M.N.. C..tf, d b, C.., M..,.,. 1.,.

.. .... _.,- -- -
.. ..



Paae Six JAX AIR NEWS 12 Julv.,. 1945- --

>. ,t I "Mr. Softball" Fliers Face Strong Waycross Army .

{ Nine- In Clash Here
By Ralph Warner, Sic Revenge FridayWith

i Sports Editor I a

History was made at the Ted Williams and Bob Kennedy as possible starters, the revenge-minded Naval

Ft. Pierce ball park the night I Air Station Fliers plan to provide a rough reception for the Waycross Army Warhawks

r" of 4 July when Flier Manager when the two clubs square off at 1700 tomorrow at Mason Field. -

Charley Gehringer, in 125 or Waycross, 5 to 3 victor over the Fliers there early in the season, is one of the five "J

so well chosen words, con- R teams holding a win over the local nine, and the Fliers are hopefully intent on squaring

vinced the Ft. Pierce umpire- .r the account. Other teams in the "Big Five," all with one victory over Charley Gehringer'sclub

in-chief that he, the ump, had are Orlando Army, Ft. Pierce, Camp Blanding and Maxwell_ Field. In turn, the Fliers

erred in making a decision.It have whipped Orlando once,
probably was the most fluent Ft. Pierce and
I once Blanding
and verbose outbreak by the former Fliers Lose Thrillers To three times while winning 24
a I- Detroit Tiger star in all his

Illustrious diamond career. W. II. !Sams, who added an- games.
Maxwell FieldFT.
One major league ump, who other no-hitter to his string last Ft. Pierce, However, the Fliers have no setup -
them in the big time some
\\"et'k.Sams. tomorrow, even If Williams and
15 he heard Gehringerkick
years on a says decision only once dur- PIERCE, 4 JULY.-In a MONTGOMERY, ALA., 6 JULY Kenndy play, which is problematical. -

ing his long tenure In the American Tosses thriller diller )ball game that could -The Army and Navy locked The Warhawks boast 22 victories -

League. On this occasion, have gone either way on a coupleof horns in a brilliant diamond duel against six defeats and are

with Charley at bat, the ump No-Hit GameW. dozen occasions, the Ft. Pierce at Montgomery's famed Cramton the first half champions of the

missed one) and called a strike. Amphlba outlasted the Jax NAS Bowl tonight and when it was all Third Fighter Command League, .
Thereupon the Tiger second base- H. Sams NAS Softball
wheeled toward the arbitrator ace, Fliers, 7 to 6, here tonight to over Soldier Bill McCahan had Northern Division.
man added a little extra something to
and ground out, "Aw shucks." his most recent shutout-a no-hit- even the series between the two outpitched Sailor Ezra (Mac) Mc- The mound ace of the Georgia

Hut with was not the case at ter-as the Fliers bopped Yellow fast service clubs at one game Glothin in a superb mound bat- outfit is Bob Doyle, a highly regarded .
Ft. Pierce the other night. Some Water there last Thursday night, each. tle to give the Maxwell Field
pop-ejed listeners bay Gehringer 3to0. Two singles and a Jax error in Bombers a 2 to 0 triumph over speed merchant who is
stated his case in 75 selected Sams was the complete masterof the last of the ninth gave the the Jax NAS Fliers. slated to start against the Fliers. ,..\
words. Others go as high as the Yellow Water stickers. He Amphibs their winning marker aft- :McCahan, the best twirler the Doyle, labeled "another Dave Fer '-'j
200. We'll compromise on 125 allowed only two men to get on er the Fliers had rallied in the Fliers have faced or are likely to lisa" by the "Army Times," has
words!, the gist of which was, base, one on a walk and the otheron first half of the inning to even the face this season, rifled near per-
"There wasn't any rule on an error, and neither could get count at 6-all. fect ball to notch his twelfth win won six games while losing two.
t that. i as far as second. He fanned nine. The Jax outfit started the without a defeat. The hard work- He pitched shutout ball for 40 con.
f The occasion was as follows:.In Manager Elliot's Fliers man- scoring In the second! frame ing right-hander was reached for secutive innings earlier in the eva
huddle of the to three tallies when Alf Anderson blasted witha one one hit-a double to left-
the pre-game one) ) aged put together son. A lanky six-footer, Doyle
ground rules was the ball wouldbe on the four bingles off tremendous triple to drive In centet in the sixth by Alf Ander-
( in play unless it hit an obstruc- Mejers, bellow Water mounds- Tom Hopkins who had walked, son-as he flogged his hopping fast formerly hurled for Columbus in >
tion. In the first of the seventh I, man. One of the wallops was a and Bill DeMars, who had sin- one past the usually potent Flier the South Atlantic League and I ia
a inning with the score deadlockedand circuit smash by Don Lesher. gled. Ft. Pierce tied it up at stickers for nine full innings. His the property of the St. Louis
Pitcher Don Carter on first, The win evened the Fliers second 2-2 in the fourth on a pass, RayGoolsbj's blazing speed, even more effective I Browns. Righthander Don Carteris
Hugh McConnell of the Fliers half NAOTC League mark at 1 triple, and a oneBagger under the lights, retired 16 batters
and 1. The club the by Jim 1'oole. via the strikeout route. expected to be the mound choice!
smashed a long, low drive to extreme dropped opener -
>, right field. Ed Keehan, to Cecil Field, 7 to 3, here on In the first of the seventh with The performance of the Max- for NAS.
f Amphib right fielder, stabbed at 3 July. Sommers was the win- Pitcher Don Carter on first as the well ace, a former double A The game is the only one of the
ning twirler, holding the NAS club result of a single, Hugh McConnell league hurler and the propertyof
the ball on its second hop, missed, week for the Fliers, who have a .
field that
lifted drive to right
to four hits. :Max LeGate and the Philadelphia Phillies, was
turned chased the to the
'I fence. pellet Charlie Long tossed for the locals, went for a homer putting the only a little better than the job schedule lull while the state baseball *

: But when Keehan arrived, the allowing five bingles. Fliers on top again. But their lead turned In by McClothln. The tournament is being held in
apple wasn't there. It had gone In a preliminary tilt, the NAS' Continued on Page SenD Flier moundsman gave the Jax. The Fliers had tough sled-
I Waves maintained their unbeaten club three
t through a hole in the fence (which strong Army on'y ding last week when
they droppedtwo
record with a top heavy 11 to 1 blows and did not allow a hit
probably was repaired the next of three tilts
: victory over the Lee Field girls. Softball during the last five Innings. Mo against rugged
.i day). The local ten had a total of 19 Glothin fanned four and walkedsix. opposition. Playing three straight
Carter romped home, and Mc- night contests, involving two long
base hits while Skip Moore limited McCahan Issued four bases
-, Connell came on around. With Lee to five blows. on balls. trips, NAS lost to Ft. Pierce there
McConnell safety ensconced in the The next home double headerIs Standings The Bombers tallied their first Wednesday, 7 to 6; defeated Gibba
r, dugout, the ump uncertainly ruled Shipyard in Jax Thursday, 7 to 3
carded here on Tuesday, 17 July, : the blow was good for only two when the Waves meet Cecil Field OFFICER'S LEAGUETeam Shortstop Charlie Cullen walked, lost to Maxwell Field there Friday
t bases. Gehringer then went into and the Fliers battle Lake City. (Admiral' ClIp) reached third on a sacrifice and 2to0.
action, and the surprised officia- W L -
=!i- outfield fly, and scored on Righ
tor belatedly ruled the legal hole- MF-OTU < 14"
Fielder Bob Prichard
. I' in-one a home run. Swim TestsVon By Operations a 1VF5 7 Maxwell threatened again in the Fliers 7 Gibbs 3
'J All of this is not meant as a : : 7 10 third when Catcher John Wil- ,
t sly dig at the Flier manager, Baldwin And Harlan liams singled, Prichard doubled Playing errorless ball and tossing -
who only talks when he has Joe Baldwin, SpA)3c) who won )IOn\lNG LEAGUE and Fit st Sacker Mac McWhorter in three fast double plays, the
something to say. The planet two events the preceeding week, msndiug-Officer's Cup) walked. But with the sacks Fliers breezed to a 7 to victory,
earth could stand a whole lot added a third championship to his Team W L ful and two down. McGlothin over the Gibbs Shipyard nine last
more people who say a whole lot record last Saturday at the Main VPB 36 3 forced Outfielder Mel Parnell to Thursday night at the Jax Barf)
t less. side pool when he splashed to vic- A&R MF-OTU -3]6 6 6Supply fly out. The Bombers' final tallyin Park.A .
1. But one point is made clear. The tory in the 75-yard individual med- 11 8 the eighth inning was unearned. three-run rally in the third
main reason Gehringer and his ley race. Conimis&aiy 8 31 With two down Prichard walked InnIng broke a 2-2 tie and wrapped
1 vocabulary bounced out of the dug- Baldwin covered the 75 yards in Salvage 8 7 11Public 12VM and attempted to steal second. up the decision for the Navy club.
out-outside) of the fact that the the fast time of 46.1 to outdistanceB. Wprks 6 13 Catcher Jack Baer's throw sailed Just for the hell of it, the Fliers
ump was wrong-can be traced Harlan and S. Pincus, who were T-4 5 ].IShip' into center field, and Johnny Me-1* rapped Cook, Gibbs hurler, for two
Simply to his great competitive second and third, respectively. Service 4 13 Cullough's return throw also was more tallies in the sixth.
: spirit. Gehringer was hot aftera Harlan moved up a notch in the AFTERNOON'LEAGUECommanding bad enabling Prichard to come all Whitey Prust went the distancefor
win over the Amphibs, and he 220-yard free style swim, winning ( Officer's 'up) the way around. NAS, tossing nine-hit ball
personally played all-out ball. the event in the time of 253. Marine W li The Fliers had their big chancein while swatting a trio of bangles
J Pincus was second and Albin third. BJ, 16 3 the fifth. Manager Charley himself. Though a little wild< ,
Third base is a hard steal for 11 4
The fourth in the series of VF-5 Hospital 14 5 Gehringer waited out a base on Prust bore down In the pinches
anyone except a Ty Cobb. Ever meets-the purpose o* which is to O& G 11 7 balls, and Shortstop Bill DeMars aided by the excellent support 0 rfiIS"
see a 43-year-old player do it? establish champions in various Personnel 30 7 was safe on an error. But with mates. I
Well, Gehringer did it with one events-will be held at the Waves Main Galle 10 8Chief's one down, Outfielder Tom Hop- Right behind Prust in the :Fliers
out in the eighth inning of the pool a week from Saturday when Boathouse Club 8 6 10 13 kins' attempted bunt popped into 13-hit offensive were Manager _
Amphib game when it could have divers have their day. The con- Docks & Fen let 3 15 the hands of McCahan who dou- Charley Gehringer, Hugh McConnell .
turned the tide if the Flier at bat test is expected to attract a big Garage 1 17 bled DeMars off first. Each team Bill DeMars and John MoJllough.
had been able to loft the ball into field, and all divers on the stationare MINOR LEAGUE: made two double plays. each with a pair of
the outfield. The next two NAS eligible to compete. Contest- Team W L, The win was No.' 42 for Max- blows. McConnell, an extra base
; hitters went down without scoring ants ,will make five optional dives Dispensary 11 1 well Field in 47 games. It was hitter, had a triple in his collection
Gehringer, but it was a smart, daring either from the high or low board. Uq 122 14 2 the Fliers fifth loss In 29 games .
. maneuver Just the same. Potential entries are urged to contact NS Post Main Office Galley 7 7 8 8 Jax fans will have their inning on Outfielders Thompson and McGee 4\\
And when the chips were all the Lt. Sax Elliot of the Welfare ADU 6 10 24 July when the two clubs tangle and Shortstop Danson each ;1./
i' Continued on Page Seven Dept. or Joe Baldwin at the pool. Communications 1 15 again, this time at Mason Field. had two safeties for Gibbl.If .

Football Huskies Churn Sod In "School For Players3' Here

It- ; ;. ii..

x. v'. ,. : ttl''
{ '

i : i, ;

w 're
f b 1

, I. ,


i r4F

t k. i L

,' V
'V % ca .
:. ...
"JrI( .;;:,... <;iM fSaS3SHIlSWWl.SSS.SftM. L<< { *. '" : '" "r'
,w B '.M <" ( 4''V'-Q "---" v- w --- -wff Keep-off-the-grass signs mean little to this group of gridiron huskies grid squad will start the first of September. Five members of,the coach

:who have been churning the sod at the MUstin-Yorktown athletic area ing staff are shown kneeling in the Qenter.: They are, from Lito r.,.

for the past month while attending Coach Jim Tatum's,"school for play- Trainer Joe Debely, Head Coach Tatum, Line Coach Otis Douglas, Backfield -,

, ers." The school will last until 3 August when the players will don heavy Coach Swede Anderson, and Line Coach Georgo Vaa Bibbcat

' gear and engage in a regulation game. Training for the regular 1945

:. --

__. .. --- -- .. -" . .1. _.. .,_ J, .. ..:";"' _-::--':' .;::' "
,, ,_


12 July, 1945 JAX AIR NEWS Page Seven

a Left To The Button I TUE .TJNG' IsVLLL Roberts Promoted Lt. Robert Taylor

,1',1'J I .. 1 r y, 9 1M r I On "Navy.Hour"

Lt Robert Taylor, popular
screen star, will head the Impos-

er ing array of talent lined up for

the first "Navy Hour" which

makes its debut on a coast to coast

network of the National Broad-

(1)J casting Company Saturcay night

J (W hats new d 'lot"C>'X1L1 14 July' at 2030-2100.
4. I Secretary of the Navy, James

I Forrestal, will be"the principal
I ; By Sgt. Robert 1\(. Hlgglns and speaker. Music will be providedby

Stfsgt Art Novak a 90 piece Navy Symphony Orchestra
_i( which will Je heard for
\\E HAVE IN OUR possession a
the first time on the air.
several affidavits, a bill of lading, Each week some special branch

a confirming cable from Mexico of the Naval Service will be hon-

City, an attestation confirmed by ,lw ;dt e ored. This week an enlisted man,

Official in will speak from a submarine some-
the seal of the Charge
where in Pacific waters.
of the Buildings and Grounds of Local outlet for this newest

the State of Georgia, and a chit Navy broadcast is WJAX, the Mu-
from the slopchute, all of which I nicipal Station in Jacksonville.])
prove conclusively the origin of

.: the duck, FUBAR. The facts are (,I mmr oTNAsVcmfOfficer
-- as follows. FUBAR was stolenin LT. CO1IUU. U. K. ROBERTS, Son
J i Mugger Gilmore, 130, left, takes one on the button in; his bout Georgia (we knew he was a USCGR, above, U. S. Shipping Is Mentioned[
with Nick Carrlsal, 130, at the Mason Field Smoker last Friday night. quacker) by a civilian whose name Commissioner for the Port of

;ft t Carrlsal won the decision. Six other action packed matches were sounds like a hog sneezing with Jacksonville since June, 1943, In Reader's Digest

t' presented.' II. M. Crowe derlsloned Hill Krclibs, II. C. HInton took hay fever The 'Station' pet was recently received, a merit pro-
': the measure of Bill( Delaney, Tom Meehan outpointed Mike Anto- then rescued by the MFOTU Ma- motion from lieutenant to his The July issue of Reader's Digest

:-: meWs, and ErIn Charpcntler deoisloned J. G. Moore. TIO's're rines, TSgt. Leighton High and present rank, retroactive to 15 contains a story of the ex-

11)\\ scored by Woodcock over Herb'SlmonraiiY, and Kelly MrKoln over Pfc. Richard Kelly of Ordnanceand May. Comdr. Roberts, who con- periences of some downed Navy

C. D, Ilouard. Howard lost In the first round when he was unable brought aboard the good ship, tinues in his capacity as Ship- airmen who came ashore on the

:\ to continue after a fall outside of the ring. NAS, JAX. Late one night FU- ping Commissioner, is also as- island of Mono in the Solomons]

I -.-- -- _. - --- BAR was spirited away from this sistant district legal officer, and after being adrift for days on a

Unit by a swabbie, offering the is on the staff of Captain M. J. life raft.
} CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH SLATED duck promises of stardom in a Ryan, of Charleston, district After living for three monthson

Walt Disney classic. Fowl play, Coast Guard officer for the the island, hidden by the

f" i:. MONDAY IN NAS NET TOURNEY we calls it. Sixth Naval District. A nativeof friendly natives, some of them attempted -
the to reach another island in
Tallahassee, he entered
( )
.M \ The championship match in the service as a lieutenant (Jg) in the group, held by American
GAIIMX of is
6.1.6-3 Fred Miller outclassed H, Engine Change
; December 1942, forces, by paddling one of the life
Tournament is
NAS Tennis ,
I L. Babbitt, 6-0, 6-0; and C. D. slightly color blind according to a -.....- rafts. Progress was slow, about
scheduled to be played at Nelson downed Lt. Wickel, 6-2, 6-0. confidential source. This has an- three-quarters of a mile an hour.
Malnside' noying results, especially when Liberator Squadrons; -
1800 Monday at the : On the fourth night out they
I Beldie turns his attention to the
court but who the two finalists heard the engines of a PBY and
: Just Select ladies. Our informant states that Thai Sanh 14 U-Bocils lit a kerosene-soaked wick as a
will be remains to be deter- one of the gals would be a knock-
flare. The the
pilot spotted light,
Arc Back In Slates
mined. out in a blackout, but she's a
landed his plane, and picked up
. ,,I SelectionsContinued fright in the light. The others, Back in the United States after
In results to Tuesday one player L the men. His name was Lt. FredH.
we are told, are usually built like many months of ocean-spanning
Joe had reached the Gage, Jr., now assigned to Mu-
lyster-bags with legs. patrol in the Atlantic offensive .
nicipal No. 1. And in case you ...
semi-finals, and six others were in on Page Six POPULAR AND WELLLIKEDby against the U-boats are five Navy haven't already guessed it, Comdr. 'i

the quarter-finals. All semi-final way down in the first 'of the ninth, all is Peter Casimir Korzeniew- Liberator squadrons which, be- Fred H. Gage, yard officer here, is

matches must be played by tomorrow ski (Printers, we apologize) who tween them, have participated in his father. ,
at his best. With
l Gehringer was works in the metal shop. Pete the destruction of 14 German sub-
provided the weather man Is the Fliers one run behind, two had a terrific ordeal in an SNJ marines and have inflicted dam-

cooperative, and Monday the two out, and men on first and second, recently and came down with that age upon others. Bond DriveContinued

t .survivors will clash for the title he doubled near the right field whitewashed complexion and that The Navy has disclosed that the
i and the first prize of a $25 War tired feeling. Is flight pay worthit five squadrons are Patrol Bombing
Bond. line to bring home one tunner and all, Pete? Squadrons 103, 105, 107, 110 and From Page One

Trosper advanced on two vic- knot the score. PVT. RAY ("HOLLOW LEG") 112. All of them recently were topped Its goal of $11,520 by chalk-

tories, defeating Lt. (jg) Begel, It takes ability and competitive MINOR of Ordnance consumes units of Fleet Air Wing Seven, the ing up $40,231.25 in War Bond

6-1,6-3, after outclassing R. Clark, spirit to come through in prodigious quantities of that good large Naval Air Force unit which sales. A & R alone purchased

6-0, 6-0. Begal had advanced witha the' clutch: and the Flier boss old amber fluid, (beer to you) we operated under the Coastal Com- 155191.50: worth of bonds.

6-2, 6-0 triumph over H. Wolf. has both, plus. He plays hard are told. Ray doesn't really like mand of the Royal Air Force. AuxiliariesThe
The results of other matches follow and takes a pounding In most beer. He is in training to becomean Patrol Bombing 107, the Navy's auxiliary fields compiled

: A. Berk defeated Lt. Epler every game-yet, he doesn't alderman back home. top-scoring land-based squadron in excellent sales records, too. NAGS

6-4, 6-3; Ens. Mardaga defeated have to get out there. He has MTSGT. JACK DEICHMAN the Atlantic, alone destroyed nine tripled its goal of $70,730 with

Comdr. Laizure, 6-3, 6-2; Gordon the name. He could be a dugout pitched a 4 to 0 shut-out win over U-boats, probably sank two more $$212,796 worth of bonds bought.
Reedy defeated Elec Stanek, 6-3, manager and still be a banner Marine Detachment last Tuesday. and did probable damage to 16 Municipal #1 hit $196,90625 in

6-1; J Sitton defeated John Small, attraction, He's, the team's big Lieutenants Ted Williams, Bob German underseas craft. comparison with a quota of $65.

drawing card on the road, and Kennedy and George Boerner con- --'-:-f-- 430. Cecil Field's score was $95,-

et he's on the spot everytlme he tributed to the victory with some BUCKNER BAY'Nakagusuku 161.25 against a $73,270 goal.
also its mark with
Badminton \ goes to the plate. But he can timely batting and sharp fielding. Wan in southeast sales Mayport topped .
stand the pressure. And for one Trotted, Lafauci and Jones are Okinawa has been renamed Buck- registering $22,731.25.COAST

Will Start SoonAll simple reason-he's a real ball playing some darn good ball con- ner Bay, after the American gen- --iii f-

plajer. sistently. We are starting on the eral. GUARD BIRTHDAY
badminton players have
next half of the league schedule, Plans are underway for the observance -
about two weeks to sharpen The idol of Detroit is still going
NAVAL A'IATIOXNaval of the Coast Guard's155th
leaders had better
strong as Ft. Pierce fanssailorsand so league
their before the start of
game civilians-testified. The look to their laurels. MFOTU has aviation will celebrateits : anniversary on 4 August
the NAS Badminton Tourna- game
32nd anniversary 30 August. 1945.
18 that pennant.
ment, according to an, an- there was staged in conjunctionwith eyes on
nouncement by Lt Sax Elliotof a Fourth of July bond drive DUE TO THE: FACT that this

the Welfare Department. The Three new Gehringerautographedbaseballs column is fraught with the ever COMMERCIALBULLETIN .

meet will get underway at the were placed in the War increasing danger of becoming de-
conclusion of the current tennis Bond booth at the park during the funct because of the lack of print- FOR !SALE Single bed. Complete with mattress
tournament. It will be fourth inning of the game. They able material, we are appealing to 1939 Studebaker Champion Club sedan and springs. In use for only a
sponsored 1-xcrllent tires ('lea near. gee couple of months. 1145 B. Allegheny
t- '.- by the P. T and Welfare were to be given to the first three all of you Joes to submit to us any Itzenberg, Mat.le, !Station! Hand, Kd i .VAX.
-I" Department and the winner will persons buying $500 War Bonds. and all news items that you think Itki. 610. Phone 82i%. _
t War Two innings later the booth's till will bo of interest to our leaders, FOB Ht>TCorner
receive Bond.
a $25
17 Jewel r.ruen CUM watch. Man'smodel suitable for .
;, -or to be more specific, our reader. ex room eouplt.henil
was full of folding stuff and the
tall 66%. Lt. VVendorf. bath and private entrance
shelf was lighter by three $500 There is one man who reads .teo':: laundry facilities. Near
Fliers Lose Thrillers bonds and three Gehringer-auto- this column, I am told. Items that Cabin Cruiser 28 feet loot, 9 foot three bus lines One block from
baseballs. will embarrass your friends will beam. lOtt home power fray ..nrla Roosevelt Itlvd. Phone Mr*. L. J!.
Continued on Page Six graphed dig Cypress built. Reasonable. Can be Hobbs, 2-7850, 3323 Randall
be most acceptable so please
o was chattered In the last halt of Come to think of it, maybe the Keen any time at foot of Ocean St.
I much dirt as possiblycan .
is the up as you Ask for Fred. Room with kitchen privilege L..
) the seventh as the Amphibs put to. reason Gehringer on quiet and submit it to our keeper. Bated In Lake Forest, near bus line
side is that he lets others do the Even if are unable to re- Three bedroom bouie. 1675 Parrlsh Want service con pie. Ibone 3-044Z-J
five bingles for three runs. you .
talking for him. Well, for what Place, Riverside Manor, Jacksonville.
..1m'. Ft. Pierce added another in the it's worth, we have spoke. surrect any items of interest from Contact Mr. \'. 1). Jones Jr. Atlantio Boom for officer and wife. Kitchenprivilege
"''' your friends' shady pasts, remem- National Hank, Jacksonville.. *. Riverside Section 150V
eighth and led going Into the final -\ ii--
ber you can always make news Seminole Rd. Phone J-7311.
frame, 6 to 4. by praising the chow Pre-war Taj lor Tot. Good condi
Johnny McCullough, the first Station LeagueIs yourselves tion. J. VV. Mone. 4717 Pinewood Hd. Nice double room for working couple..
'.' for Carter at Messhall 913, burning down. the or phone 5-7422, Ext. 117.: 4423 San Joan Ave. Phone 2-295! .
Flier up batting ReorganizedFor hangar, etc.
grounded out Anderson beat outa -'=- Household furniture suitable for family Riverside.. Reservation taken U my
cleverly placed bunt for a bingle. Second HalfA with one child. Want to sell all private home for temporary guests,
McConnell drew a walk. Catcher Late Commercials furniture to one person. Lt. Comdr. hone 2-6Zt8.!
0" Lowe, 1'hone 8650.
: Jack Baer fanned. With two down tighter race, with the Marine Large room In private bone Large
e and the count two strikes and one Fighters in the favored role, is WANTED! Eight .r six: foot ele 'tr e Standard model B-flat Buescher soprano porches, barbecue pit for entertain

; ball, Charlie Woddall rapped an forecast for the reorganized Sta- refrigerator In, Kit. 8646 1'hooe, before flora 1:30.: Funkenste After- saxophone $25 including ....e. ing. Cora R. Arosta, 4WJ Ortega
'all Jckcls: fcxt. 149. Klvd Phone
infield single to score Anderson. tion Baseball League, which opens 4:30 rail 9-2554.

r- :,; Manager Charley Gehringer came second half play next Tuesday.The Three officer's blue two excellent WANTED '
'f I through in the clutch with a double NATTC Air Raiders, first WANTED Automobile.mechanical 38,condition.39 or 401 condition) two white (one were An automobile of light weight and

I l r' ': to right to bring home McConnell half champions, have dropped from model.Call Jlerrln Good, tit.: 143. twice(3-one pair new trotiti) ; one.r*-tropical tailor made-worsted late 2-1474.model 'all Sirs Wood, Phone

, : ,(.J. > and tie the score. George the five-team league, and two excellent condition) ; 1 tan (cotton 1
" '!fro Boerner followed with a base ont other clubs will enter to make it VVANTrDi 1940 or 1911 foiuerllbl blue raincoat (excellent shape !officer Driver Drive from Bradley Terraceto
(' .;,' balls, but Tom Hopkins fanned to a six-team circuit. The new clubs In WiTtlen rood, condition.ixt.1 397. Lt. tomdr Fred '. stiff hate (1 blue cover, 1 white NAH daily (except !Monday), have
'- end the rally. will be VF-5 and VPB. covers, 4 khaki covers)) three over.seas space for two rider. Hours 0745-
.1 ''". -?r "">-I tan cap (new)I 1 white belt) 1 1700. Contact En. l!,'rne. Phone 8594
Tile Amphibs wrapped It upI The Marine Fighters, who won pair white glove (never worn)} extra (rn.lt. blO or at 4843 Headier Ter
# In the last of the ninth on Ed five and lost seven the first half, NAOTC LEAGUE Kolil bottoms tlx: black ties! full Lt.shoulder race S
'i Keehaji'H tingle, a bobble by will be hot-shot favorites to pull I board .O Utetults to 9 July) either 40 Ride to Tampa or St.
er 42 size Will sell all Petersburg the
.,, DeMant on a liard chantey and down second halt honors It Ted Team W L equipment for (15 cash. fllakesleeUarron 14th at 1630. Will share expensei:
,::,)1 lien+ McCarty'it, single to left- Williams and Bob Kennedy, both Lake City 3 0 Zephyrhills, 1...la. and driving. Know good short route.
\ ce it r.Carter. American League aces, play regularly iFi ld d I 0 Miss Kerlita, fcxt. 8S6 or 2-0181.
"-?!:; ; tossed eight innings for with the club. Kennedy and Lee 1 0 Living room, bedroom, and dinette
NAS Jax 1 1 furniture, Including dishes and cooking FOB SALE
' :10 "". NAS, being touched for a dozen Williams now are undergoing Yellow Water 0 3 utensils. Call: thief Barnes, >;xt. lIoulle Trailer and content, very reasonable
I hits while striking out seven and fighter pilot training here. Municipal 0 i11F8DLTS 188. during day or call at 1247- Hancock good condition. possession.
walking one. Johnny Blttner The final first half standings ht., AA, after 1700. by AuI',wrdT"u No. 25, Yak.*
hurled the final inning and yielded follow: Trailer Park. Bee. J. S. )McDonald
I Black cocker spaniel papPI' Elrht liarrack 18, or call at trailer.
the winning run. Neither, hurler Team W. L. Lake City 7, Municipal 5. week old. Goal pedigree, subject tore
received the usual faultless Flier NATTC 10 2 NAS Jax 3 Yellow Water 0. ,I..tratIOD.. Can Lt. T. E. Ziegler; WANTED
support. T-4 7 5 Lee Field-Cecil Field; -Rain,. AAK Vie, Trg. Office, I'hone 715: (B Small apartment for myself and wife
shift). Must be clone to bill line
S Will
July lie
Bill Sldere, formerly of the A&R 66 Cecil Jax: 3. here L..m September.
Three-Eye League, was the winning MAD 5 7 Lee J'leld7'MNAS' : 1. Used 'Tb.r" wanting. machine. '4ft. : AOMle, ('..ssaP4sOeR4j
tosser MF-OTU 5: 7 Lake City'j. Yellow Water 0. Call J-36W after 1830. NATTC.

I .;.. ,.;.......- "... .....,..." >,,,"-,,"'" ,. =' --"'""" -, ... y7-""""" .". -- .... ... '.-' '-'" '" '-\ ,. ... ',"" ". ..... -. :

r- ., f t --l

,. i r Page Eight 1n'1TT: M T: .:TAX AIR NEWS NEWS 12 July,

; i 1!, Civilian Employees' News A-AND-R ACCESSORIES DIVISIONNews .

t Address Communications to Editorial Offices" v and Notes From llic Instrument :Shop "A"and "B" Shifts .

t !: 1 Personnel Relations Office, Bldg. 13, Box 22, "A" SHIFTy

Telephone Extension' 483 IIIU ceived the Purple Heart May 9th, Belote, ACMMI, after quite a
The Civilian Employecs' News a two-page section of,the Jax Air Marjorie in the battle of Mindinao.
t struggle, landed a cat-fish weigh
Lines written No.
by Inspector
'Air Station'sCivilian
the news of the Naval
I News, is devoted to reporting about
ing half "a pound. Better
all mechanics of
95 in apology to
Employees and Is sponsored by-the "IT SHIFT I luck next time.

i Employees' Association! for Civil Service Employees shop 742: By Marjorie Sutton ''. "Winkle," our little WAVE
Miriam Loeb, Electric Depart- must '
Ol fleers have' been
celebrating her
"Inspectors, It oft has been re-
reported that she and hubby
President D. Treasurer birthday this week since
William O. Kincaid, Philip Myers, peated, she was
a grand time in New York
f Directors Are a nuisance, a bore and a visiting: their families. ."Woody"Erwin passing out birthday nice cake and received -
many gifts.
George H. Martin Mell C. Jackson pain- is back after spending a few .It
was a pleasure to heal
( Frank H. McKinley Donald A. Wood But I insist when the Japs are days at Daytona Beach with his Williams of Dotty
I Kenneth M. McDuffie defeated, I gyro shop sing over
Philip D.Myers wife, looking better than ever the
r! .; Daniel R. Whiddon William O. Klncald We'll be normal folks once again!! A group from both shops sur- that recently. Here's hoping
you get trip to New York.
Reporting prised Lena Smith and Lamar
Virginia Fraser
Assembly and Repair: "So, if we make you grit your Griffin Sunday, celebrating ,.their our popular

Head Reporter................................._._..Euleene Willingham teeth birthdays at Pierson's Fishing news reporter, is taking time
1 off to visit her family in New-
Inspection and Survey: And moan and pull your hair, Camp. Fried chicken and all the York City and other

lIeado Reporter....._.........__ -.__-Helen M. Styron Just grin and bear it, will ya trimmings including birthday cake State.-Know that she points will In havea the

Public Works Department: pleeth T were enjoyed. Fishing, boating, lot to tell
Head Reporter__..__...Ethel M. Shanahan 'Till it's over, 'over there'!!" swimming and dancing were the Many are us looking when she forward returns.to

: Supply Department: sports of the day. Bessie Galway, Accessories
Head Reporter...................--......_.._......._..........._..Leola Jones Congratulations to Beverly Scott SK2c, was the champion fisher- day, July 28th Division at Gold picnic Head State Sun

who is now AMMI3c and welcometo man, landing a speckled trout Park. Don't forget your bathing

Gyro LaVetae McGough, tall, weighing over three pounds. R. O. i suits.
CIVILIAN OF THE WEEK blonde and beautiful.
Friday, June 29, Eddie Druger'swife FEDERAL PAY
1 ''Pappy Frilc/i; / Heads C.O.'s Office AdministrationBy presented him with an eight ACT I

I pound, irt en-ounce boy. The New
Frank McCaffreyOur I baby, born In Michigan City, In- Pay Schedule h Further Explained

diana, will be named Larry Ed-
guest for this week is Theo The
Navy department has been
II ward.
\ Jr. the Administrative '
dore Fritch ,
Officer in the Commanding Officer's g Are we mistaken or did Walter actively fectlng increased supporting pay for Federal I' Air Group 45, PraisedBy

Office. With the able assist. Dunbar miss a note when PopularIty -
employees. It is with pleasure Nimitz Is
ance of sixty-five civilian employees Queen Jessie Kentrabecki: that the Secretary of the Navy in I HomeAir
Mr. Fritch is in charge of walked out on the stage. We a recent ALNAVSTA announcedthe Group 45, which won special -

the administration of this office wouldn't be surprised; Jessie, per I application of the provisions'i praise from Fleet Admiral

He believes this office must be usual, looked as cute as a bug's of the Federal Employees Pay Act i' Chester W. Nimitz, has returned
guided by the "green light" as ear to the U. S. after a tour of Pacific
IV b
Navy department
r ..
there has been no less than seven Betty Harms has left the opti- employee; duty which took the group from

',.q. Commanding Officers since he arrived cal and pressure departments to I Saigon to Tokyo.
In addition
to the Increase In
.t at N. A. S, Jacksonville.Mr. go back to Minnesota. Her colleagues During its five months of com.
basic compensation provided for in
Fritch Jr. is known to his say they'll miss that the bill, within grade ealary ad- I bat duty aboard an Independence.class .
many friends and acquaintancesas unique little sneeze of hers. I carrier, the group destroyedor
vancements were provided for IV b
"Pappy," a name of which he Lt. JT. J. Hill, brother of your employees who have not reachedthe damaged 285 Jap planes, sank
10,500 tons of
'1 appears to be very proud, so, we reporter was aboard the carrier maximum rate in their grade. enemy shipping

I v will refer to him as Pappy. He Bunker Hill during its epic battle.In These employees are advanced to II damaged tons and an flew additional 134,500
Florida, as his more than 3,000
claims Pensacola, attempting to a door In
open the next higher rate In their grade,
'r birthplace a few years before the order to rescue some of the boys, at the beginning of the first pay 000 combat sorties for a total of 11",.
of this century, and is one the Lieutenant combat hours In the air.
start had his hair burned
after 12 months service if
period, I i Air Group 45
of six. Three brothersand participated in the
of a family but otherwise escaped injury. He
the pay increments in their gradeare carrier strike
three sisters were raised In holds the Air Medal, one battle against Tokyo on
less than $200, and after 18
n" Pensacola and his father is still star for the Okinawa invasion, and 16 February, 1945 and the ilgh-
-- -- months if $200 or'more. Employees
there. His mother passed t light of the tour occurred on that
living I MR. FRITCH his squadron was awarded the must have a current effi- day.

%.. away in 1931. Presidential Citation. Part of his cienoy ratfng of "good" or better I

He secured all of his schoolingIn after an illness of eight months, training was completed at Bunker conduct certified as satisfactory, I

Pensacola and in 1914 graduated Ted III passed away in May 1942. Hill, Indiana-his nickname was and may not have received an I

from High School. After this he Pappy is not the only Fritch of Bunker and he finally reported equivalent increase In pay during j

"; studied Business Administration his family working at N. A. S, aboard the carrier of the same this period of service. The Increase i

.i. for about two years in a Business Jacksonville, as he has a brother, name. in basic compensation provided for I
College in Pensacola and no doubt Walton (called Sam), who is a Ann Beaver's brother refuses to in the act is not considered an

the position he holds to-day can Quarterman plumber in the Public disclose the nature of his wounds, "equivalent increase" for purpose : By Clayton K. Owen

be traced to that beginning. Works Department. I only a "nick," he says, but he re- of these within grade advance- Assistant Safety Engineer

InsuranceAs Pappy has not allowed work to --.-- ments. Ever see a carnival performer

a preliminary step in the take all of his time and he Is proudof I of "Post Paid." A night shift bonus of 10% basic' dive from a high tower into a tub
business world he decided to makea his which is baseball.He of water
one hobby, It was the next day before the rate of compensation will be paid ,
stab at the Insurance business. has followed this sport for a error was discovered but the gov- employees for any hours of their What a thriller!

However, after a very slight stab good many years and has seen ernor's lady was determined to get regularly scheduled basic work But you wouldn't try it. Too

with the J. E. Daniels Insurance some of the best and some of the out her invitations and on time, week which fall between 6pm, risky, you'd say.

,. Agency in Pensacola, the wander worst. His choice for the greatestof I regardless of whether the stampswere and 6 a.m. This is not payable Yet when you dive into unfamil

bug bit him and he took off for 'em all, goes to the Georgia right or wrong. So takingthe while on leave and is excluded in far water you're taking a greater
l: Canada. For eleven months he peach.-Ty Cobb. overtime
I' number of stamps to satisfyher I computing pay. lisk.Don't
traveled through the Western Carl needs, the rest were destroyed.Thus I A basic \\ork-""t'k Is establishedas be foolish around water

nadian Provinces. This traveling only a.very few of these five 8 hour days, :Monday If seven thousand Americans whoTOO
l was made easier for him by working STAMPS"MAUKITIUS stamps got into circulation.The through Friday and an administrative -
,j in the Express Department off
STnu' stories of these two stamps, work-week as six 8 hour
the Canadian Pacific Railroad. the penny orange and the two days, Monday through Saturday.The O
This short term in Canada could By :M. T. Crumley penny blue would fill \olumes. Of new per annum rate is established -

have been called a vacation since About twenty degrees to the about 29 specimens are known, for the 10 hour basic work-
he then returned to Pensacola
t south of the Equator and 500 each has been discovered unex : week. Computation of pay, however j WHAT S
11 .. the J, E. Daniels Insurance Agen I will be hourly basis, Uf DERJS
on an
1" He the Insurance business miles to the eastward of Madagascar pectedly. One superb mint copy \ = JRiAC
cy. gave is Mauritius, famous for its was found In a boyhood collectionlaid the hourly rate being arrived at NERE'NMERE
this time and I
a about better five try until 1922. production of sugar and the stamp aside for 40 years. A letter by dividing the new annual rate I FND OUTJ
stayed years I known as the Post Office Mauritius bearing both valves was unearthedin I by 2080 hours IV b employeeswill
His attention was called to gov- : a box of old correspondence in now be paid (like "per diem" I

ernment work at this time and he I It happened in 1847 when post- Bordeaux!;, France. Even the origInal employees) on the basis of actual
then became a member of the ac- plates from which they were time worked. Authorized leave
age stamps had been In use only a
counting division in the Supply De- few years and as yet had not been printed turned up in the goverpor's with pay may only be taken within I c-
partment at the Naval Air Base Introduced into this remote island. trunk 60 years after his the 40-hour basic work-week.

in Pensacola. It appears that he Toe! wife of the new governor death. Overtime is paid for all hoursin
couldn't be held by the accounting of the 40 hour basic
Thus excess
wished to make use of the recently by an engraver's error
division so he was transferred to about Lad's desire work-week. Employees whose new
invented postage stamps on her brought only by a "1
the Labor Board in January, 1923, invitations to the Inaugural ball, to cause a social sensation annual rate is less than $2,980 are __7 OI't.IlE

i where he stayed until October BO a local jeweler was employed to created several of the stampworld's paid for overtime beyond 40 hoursat -u'--' (,ON 4 O

!.Ii 1924. His most fortunate trans imk 1 and engrave the plates. The greatest rarities--the the rate of one and one-half 2-7 '
fer then came about and he found jeweler working hastily and late "Post Office" Mauritius stamps times their converted hourly rate. -Z, "
himself going into the Aviation! into worth Employees with/ annual rates of -
\; the night he erroneously engraved that are today $20,000 = -- ""'
Training Department as Chief the "Post Office" instead apiece. $2,980 or over receive overtime ::-'fr.
.: Clerk. He could finally settle him- compensation based upon a sliding -
-- ---- ---- '" ';- : -
1/1': self because he was to hold this scale established by the act I :."' ...

d position for sixteen years INSIDE PUBLIC WORKSNew Pay day will be every other Friday ....- ...... -c::

f; Mr. Fritch was about to transfer and will cover a two week

r again, this time at government Public \V orllS Officer/ Jahes' Bond/ Speechlly period ending on the previous Sat- drowned OBEYED last few year had known AND
a simple rules they
request to aid the expanding Navy urday. This Is in contrast to past would be alive
He was given the choice practice of paying semimonthlyon today.
L program. Mary AbrahamThe - -- Don't dive Into
L of three locations, Corpus Christi!, I.the Public Works Officer. Wel- the 5th and 20th. A holiday water you don't
,Public Works Officer know. It
\ Miami, and Jacksonville, and of new come is extended, to Comdr. Thiede. pay provision was also included, may dangerously
D. B. Ventres, went to shallow or hidden rocks
J course, he chose Jacksonville Hey Captain All the personnel of the Main- but does not become effective un- or stumps
Maintenance on 6 July to make a that could break your neck.
arrived here on 14 October 1940 tenance Section are very happy to til after the war or unless the \
talk the of War The National
and N. A. S. Jacksonville was commissioned on purchase have Mrs Evelyn Gwynes back President declares a holiday as not Safety Council rec.
He each and ommends that wait
Bonds. urged two hours
on the following day. every with them for a short time. She being a general work day. In that you "
one of the employees to buy justas after eating before going in swim- "
As before mentioned, there have came back to assist in the Bond case employees who work on sucha
many as they possibly could ming. Remember, too, that swim
been Commanding Officers Drive.Lt. holiday receive time and one-half
seven He then made a short speech about ming requires good general phy.
here for him to answer to, there- how pleased he was to be assignedto Lamont of the C.ntract Sec- compensation for such duty in lieu steal condition.

fore wherever there is Naval Aviation the Public Works Department. tion has gone to Tampa to be with of basic compensation.The Stay out of the water if you're
: you will find friends of "Pap.r all and his little daughter who is cele- foregoing were the main overheated from exercise the
The speech was enjoyed by or
lie is acquainted brating her third birthday. Lt provisions of the bill will
py's. personally Captain Ventres received a hearty as they sun. Wait until you cool off, then
r .! with many of the top tanking welcome from all the employees. Lamont has been overseas and this be applied to employees at N. A. go In, BUT NEVER ALONE.
Naval Aviators, which undoubtedly will be the first birthday that he S., Jacksonville. The following Whenever possible, swim wherea
would make quite a Christmas Florence Brown is taking 10 has been able to spend with her. examples show the increases in life guard is on duty. But no 0

g I Card mailing list. days vacation. She is to spend Herbert Monrose, Sic, has gone pay as applied to a part of the matter how many people are

Family Here part of the time In Daytona Beach. to Indian Rock to spend his 15 CAF service The annual rates around, do not swim far from

In the spring of 1911, he decidedit The Public Works File room is days leave. are for a 40 hour week and the biweekly shore unless you are accompaniedby
was time to have Mrs. Fritch glad to welcome Hazel Rees to Now that a pay phone has been rates are for a 48 hour a boat

and their children here with him: their office. Here's hoping that Installed in Building 451, it will week: If you suffer cramps In the 7

I They lived in the Park and King she will like her work there.F. save the personnel the long walk New bi-wrrkly) water, don't lose your head. Try .

i Street Section for a few months H. McKinley, Quarterman is over to the gate to use the phone. tAF UhI 1 I N-w pay Deduction' I*lore to float while signaling for assist

and then moved ,to their present on a few days leave. lIe and his We are very glad to hear that 2 14*) 1704 H520( : ance. .

residence on Willow-branch Avenue, family have gone to Lake ,Wales.Lt. Mr. Floyd Caylor's wife is much :J ItiJO 1'KU! 9311) Keep yourself safe by taking no
Thiede better after being seriously m.Here's 4 1HOO 211))) 105.00
i overlooking Willchvbranch Park. Comdr Charles F. B. :5 :stth2rs: !) 11600ft chances. Learn rescue methods
;t His family included two sons, and has Joined the staff of Public hoping for a speedy. recovery 2.MM\) :1)1511.50! : and artificial respiration, so you
two daughters, but unfortu Works Officers as an Assistant ton for Mrs. Caylor 7 :'MM.! :Aft J 11\1.00 can save otbers.n .

l _

: l _-I!:. :1iI.'." IM\......... ''b... M' .111I\4' ,H iiglrl-.. .J..t* *- .J _. __ ,

;:::::':;.;,:'"- ''\:: 1"W.i, :_ ._-:::;; J ---;;,... 'I 1" ....I_ -- '" -'----;-, "'; :;;':.-:;:;- ;; ,;;::-r; :;;;;;, '." .. .'
"'" "'" ', 'i j"i.:': '" ," "\JII"i"T I. '8.!'!\"i-,4"- '" ,' .. ,'"'.;'", .If I'

: ( 1


I OVERHAUL A-AND-R I 'ec1 .7freCei

Propeller ShopBy
.Winners oLucky Seven Bonds Arc Announce'(! I ,I

X. C. Hay

"yMarguerite enjoyed their dip last week in the I Welcome to William Barlick;

Steele I river when Lt. Geer and the boys I AMMP 2c, a new arrival to our :

Marguerite Overman grabbed the above three mentioned shop comes to us from Green i
'I men and threw them In the river I II Island.R. .
FLASH! Winners of the Lucky
Sven Bonds are: $500.00, Chie: I clothes and all. Yep! "Johnny"l E. Johnson, AMMlc, prefersto

Farquhar OHC Leading Chief; l "Strlck" made their Quarter.man's I remain the "Mystery man". I By Jeanne K. WenwlNATTC I

$100.00, C. M Martin, #1323; rate and "Jim" made hisLeadingman's I wonder why? He is one of our Adm. attending the school as he standsat
rate Congrats to new inspectors. I 1 the counter. The heat doesn't
$100.00, Oneida L Kent, #1017; I This Is the first in a new series
all three of It was a funny Carlson is the taste '
you. r Inspector A, R. affect her always in good
0| $50.00, Steve Bernet, # 1100; for the one
| sight to see "Strick" coming back luckiest man in the governor shop. of columns, designed looks.
50.00, Norman, Howerton, #1000; hundred and ten civilians of
; to the office dripping wet and M
He won two twenty-five-dollar 1500 and Virginia a m o a
$25.00, F. B. Loughry #1322; bare-footed to get his leave papers bonds on the same night. He is to NATTC, A great many of them watches wistfully from the br.ck
$25.00 Chief Shodow, #864. Honorable I different of the'
from parts
I to go home--and It was the fourth be married July 14th and already are wlndo'_ of the Athletic Department
mention goes to H. L. Chu i of July too--couldn't have hap- has two apartments to live in. He country working here at the station at the swimming pool Then
derskl and his helpers in Shot while their husbands are stationed -
pened on a better day. I received his discharge from the she thinks of the lessons she's
1031 Finished Parts Storeroom here native Jax- I
# ; some are
When asked to make a report Army Air Corps one month ago, taking. Can't be a .sailor's wife
who worked hard to sell these with of Civil Service '
ons, long
l of his trip to San Diego, Lt. Ruckertildn't having 110 points to his credit. At years and not know how to swim, can
behind but all\ workIng
chances: on this big raffle. them; are I
the of 17 he was crew ?
go into detail but from bits I age I you
Well, well, finally our $500.0( we did gather, he really enjoyed his and oh yes has a birthday soon; cute for the the same reason the: to prose-to Finally, next to the. CO's car In
war against
bond was raffled off tonight and i trip. Especially, the beautiful will be 21- -has served 3 years-and final conclusion unconditional Japs I front of the Ad Building, a small
i one ---
Norris Lundy of Shop #292 wor | scenery. I 6 months overseas.
surrender. ex-hausted
it. Was she surprised! I think{ I Surely glad to find Emilie backon I
I is to Paul Like all\ columns of this type,
everyone was glad to have that one Everyone glad see the job again with her smiles; I ernoon, under the shade of the
over. I l Crabill back on the job again after spent two weeks at home with her it is impossible to give coverageto I fender. *

I having a broken toe give him a 'I from all\ of you. As the phrase goes The swells 1 ,
The ghost of J. W. Brewster Is daughter who was visiting day on.l
.. ,
bad time. "conditions do not permit \ _
utill around us on the night shift I the Panama Canal Zone where she -
from the list, we will
But seniority
He was on this shift for so long :Mr. R C. "Bob" Goodwin, #275, Is working. and I
that his presence is felt among us,. is taking a much needed rest and We extend our deepest sympathy name the oldest, the newest, '
who this j
the civilian at writing,
or is it his ghostI guess it was; vacation at his old home town- to Chief George Inspector, I stands right In the middle the -j SUPPLY

really Brewster he just woke up Smoaks, South Carolina. i iI whose,wife recently passed away. I

from a deep sleep and is now partaking I In case anyone is interested in''t __ __ ________ _, ______ __ I I fifty-fifth.Everyone knows Charles E. Le- I 5 > -

in the evening's fun farming or raising cattle after the Can it be she likes] to get off In paige, NATTC's Chief Clerk. Dis- i SALLIES

Thequeen of our Division has; war, it has been suggested that you this hot weather? (To go swim tinguished for an unlimited knowledge I'I

teen selected and she is Mary C see Phyllis Smith (affectionately ming of course. ) I of civil service, its rules ; _::J

V Davenport of the "B" Shift. We known as "Smitty") in Shop #2Q:;, Next week we intend to tell you 'I and regulations, he is an oldtimerwho y./ w

,think we have made a good selec They tell me she's pretty good at about one of our Civilian Employees I transferred here from Pensa- I .C 0

tion. We're all pulling for you,, throwing the bull\, and digging the in Shop #203 who has just cola in May of '41.

Mary. Good Luck! and Mickey dirt. We wonder why the returned from overseas, namely Right in the center is Frances By Leola Jones

Foster, Jean Blanton, of #275 ha'sbet'n ; "PET" is getting so eager lately. W. W. Parrish. I Buell, secretary to the O-in-C of Jut Scattered Hits of News!
-- ---- has 1 Helen Sjlventer (Award) has
----- School. Fran
doing a top-quality job in -- -- the Turret

celling bonds and chances on Lady Inspector I worke here a year and two weeks, 1 just received a wire from "the boy

bonds.) Seems like we all know II It I I while Tier husband Is stationed as friend" In California, He has beenin

what to expect but as a rule she !I a S/Sgt. at Camp Blanding. Her the Pacific area and is on his

always gets her bond. I guess she home town is Sixteen, Montana. i way home, excitement is reigning!!

has what It takes You're doing a Newt employee at NATTC is Mildred: Jones Proposal)) is

swell job Jean.Congratulations. Nellie C. Hooper, who replaces spending her vacation with her

go to Robert Eleanora Robinson at the Dispensary 'family at Jacksonville Beach .'

Mosely In #275 this week. We hear Virginia Broughton (Inspection

he has just taken himself a bride, Nell's home Is in York, Ala. "''Reportl I spent a day at Silver

but he won't give out with the bama. Hope you like it here, Springs recently Friends of

date. That blushing and stammerIng Miss H.The Jean Patterson ( Inspection Re-

isn't for nothing. Best wishesto I port) were sorry to learn of her

the bride too. vacations are under full recent Illness and hope that she

From the assortment of pictures; swing. On leave now are Lora will be back soon Clara Speer

coming Into the office by some of Cox of Officers' Records, spend- (IPurchase) pioudly announces that !'I
Helen Bur- her :)Ia'klIm.: has just
the different people In our division ing hers in California; nephew ,
In Wisconsin graduated in engineering with high
it looks as If most of out gett of Legal, up
with her husband's parents; and honors from the V-12 programU.
themselves -at the
gang er.joy Marion Gar leU of Mall File, back S. N.. Southern Methodist University
beach most of the time. And some
v v home in Georgia. Dallas Texas. He was
of the shots ,
candid ami
they get Glad to have you with us, to president of the Senior Class and

otherwise! Mickey! has some cute ,-e J Nellie C. Hooper, Marylee .ROw- I also president of his Fraternity,

picture, You should see some ol Earl Whitney Shaver
land, Wilma Huston. Kappa Sigma. Amy
our glamor-gal Evie Schombergei, I Beaut Ice Harvey and Evelyn : (Inspection Report* is spendingtwo

in her white bathing suit. If some Barton, our Additions to the flock. weeks vacation in Daytona

of the boys in #291 could see Beach Florida] Frances ('hal'-

them, would they howl I! It is' mid-afternoon. The rou- l jell I Bookkeeping) had a delightful -

Vacation Wishes go to Jean tine work of the day is finished, time in New York while on her

Blanton. She is taking a much and the smothering July sun de- vacation Bookkeeping Division "

needed I't'stsle( sa'sl after this scends on the station. There's not is wondeiing whether Oulila

bond drive. She and her husband too much activity aiound pel haps Smith was celebrating the 4th of

are spending their vacation at Live because of It. You've had a coke, July or her birthday or both when

Oak. Well, we hope the fish are and you think, maybe I should honors were paged on that day

biting and the mosquitoes are not take a salt tablet one of these Anybody seen! lm'lIIendt'r,
Edith Joyce i i.* enjoying a vacation dj.vs. You look at the clock. AnhOllr lion? Lost strayed or stolen since

too.E.t'lyn. and a half to go before you June 22nd.

Schomberjjer's sister sign your initials and hit the trail I :Marion FuU-lnr ( Inventory) has

Pat and two of her girl friends 1 for home. inherited a "fugitive from a scrap

from home are visiting her in Jax:, 3 i At three over In Ship's Servicein drive on wheels which makes an

We hear Pat Is not lacking! in the milk shake line, three of express run to Springfield daily 1

charm and looks either. our most attractive civilians are exclusive for the Inventory Gang, .

Juanita Haun has left on a :30- talking animatedly. They ate Margaret (If anyone has trouble understanding -
day: .leave and was she tickled. It Webb, vivacious sec'y to Lt. this- simply means that he's

almost) seemed as if she wanted to Mosher In Visual Aids; Matcell bought a car and has passengers!)

leave the old A.tr R. I wOnder why. --- STARII U the only lady Inspector assignedof Young, well-dressed representative Helen Waligura Inventory) became

We hope you have a wonderful 31KS. HKI.KX M. Division Inspection and, Survey. In the lOt Training and the lovely Edith famous recently when she

time while you are gqne. to the Supply Inspection 1.1011sheets of glass for con- I Johnson of IBM. attended Tom Breneman's "Break

GREETINGS! We welcome back above picture she is shown inspec the time ting this picture was made, Mrs. i Topside In Bldg.] 500, the whizz- fast in Hollywood" at the Florida i
into the OHC Div. Lt F. C. Geer dition and completness. duties of the purchase order ma- bam-bang of an Underwood is I Theater. The program was on

who is once again our Division Officer Starr was performing the regular the inspectors are so trained that going full blast, in the Legal Of- nation wide hookup. She wona

We did a gold job together terial inspector. In this divisionany the du ties of the absent Inspector. Otherr fice Doris! Jackson \voiks as beautiful silver ring in the formof

when he was here before and we of them can take over consist of inspecting carloads of though 50 dragons!! were after her. orchids. It is supposed to bea

will carry on with the same old enthusiasm duties performed by this inspecto You should see her weighing in a her feather cut bobbing as she I magic wishingring.. Guess what
as was prevalent In Mr. sand, gravel, salt, and so forth. I I goes faster-faster-faster. she wished for? Six little "Wali-

carload of material! In the war bond booth, Anne guras", no less--the whole nation
with the
Geer's first tour us I to this station for pasttwo I
there IsO Mrs. Starr has been assignee Her husband is Johnson- flashes her best' smile as heard about it. even her home
On these hot July days of Kansas. I
She Is originally from the state 1 you plunk your dollars down, too, I III folks in Seattle Wash
in the cool river years. station. We might adds way up ;
nothing like a dip ned to this
and is also asslg Sue McLeod in the
while Emma
tho' Ira M. Strickland, a..safety engineer have "Stans" here too! II j ington.
Looks as u --we '
nothing on
mat Hollywood has Bond office works feverishly' to I II
Davenport And while on the subject of or
John L.
B. .
J. Hag
) timeout
tabulate her repoits, taking
c'hldilIt you noticed an orchid in
---- always' for a sales talk to the Catherine Smith' hair the other
GABRIEL'S into the command.
men checking
NOTE'S FROM Just ask to nee her record! : day stop wondering if it were real I
because it was! And, what's more, ,
1\'r.lu./ltl.Fo'lU"t'/ / Film I Up at Ordnance Officers'. Nata- it was went to her from Hubby,
"' /IPOfirm" Is of
/'o l/u/ S/iorrs/ 11IeFox: helps one Lieut. "Bob" in Hawaii Catherine
4 is occupied. Then wehave might be put out of the war first-- -- -- woiks in Personnel Section,

fly Harry H. <( the conquest
I US does not alter the fact that Japan Welcome to
Engine Overhaul Division; I Experience shows us the'ast I more new employeesin

Department I amount of supplies and equipmentof was always our most formidablefoe OVERHAUL the Supply and Accounting Department.
needed in wellplanned because the Gel mans Few that have come ,
No one who witnessed the showing all types any have been quite well satisfied if we I to work recently are: Ruth :)l.

of the excellent technicolor" Invasion. boast- had mopped up all of Europe. fir1111 :Sleclie 1'arN, Sjb'.l: ('. Sander. France. (!.

film "To The Shores of Iwo Jima, I The Japs have radio repeatedly of a vast system Unfortunately for them their Wedding Bells for the electric Vaughn, :Marie X. C'eggo;: Irene S.
reminder to "Buy WarB.lds ed over their shop. Mollie Saunders was recently 1). Ix UX
needs a fortificationsand Axis paltrier in crime, Japan, had KonU'ke; Florence Eaton >
Now." The picture which of subterranean which they been planning an attack on us for :, married to N, N. Bryant, : Seaward, Jane "', Tarry Catherine
to be supply centers for Uncle Sam. Best
this film presents is never have completed several decades. So although wehave para trooper P. Ten/er Helen U. (C'rum
forgotten by those who have seen I' claim their engineers defense effectively disposed of Germany wishes' to you Mollie.Ralph :Mary t;. ling, Amalla S. Kenfro,
that as a part of their 1 Bardo Is back-
M really
it. If we are inclined to menace, we :Marie It. 11..due, Kulalia I). Harrison
this is true, as a fighting
this is a presentation depictingone against invasion. If war is far ing Uncle Sam A $1000 bond is :Norern I'. Jefferi, :Mabel I'.
to still have Japanthe
of our costliest victories, we and we have no good reason the light his contribution to the seventh war rirmlng:, Helen J. Buff aloe, amt
from won, we are on
another -
must remember the obstacles that doubt its veracity, it means but we are 1 loan drive :Nancy l>. Barlowe, Glad to haveyou
road and going strong
tedious digging out process.All Jimmy Quinn won a $25.00 bond
General JosephW | with us.
F"fltll1 confront us. I must I be dug out of I still "Many Bonds Away.
well- \ the Japs the first raffle.
most on '
Stillwell one of our : !--- ----
... W, officials on Nipponese these passages and that means | I sincerely hope that "To The Macoma Carter was!! lucky for lit PaclHc"
informed 20tl I
told correspondent I, equipment similar to thfit used on Shores of Iwo Jima" wl1I\ I be made 'number 33, Jt gave her $25.00
tactics, recently schools] and Pacific (CNS) American
available to all our 'bcnd.
of the opinion that Okinawa, ; in aerial combat shot do..n2,4i2
that he is planes, ,
even after we have Invaded the I In the film, "To The Shores of 1 that it will be shown to each succeeding i i Welcome\ to Marilyn\ Rotmey S2c, Jap aircraft between June
school chil-
interesting generation of she will be one of the Inspectorsfor
will find itnecessary Iwo Jima we are told a very -
Japanese mainland we I I 11 and Oct. 30, according to statistics
intervals in theirclassrooms
dren at regular | the electric shop.
to enter and occupyNorthChina and significant thing released here. These figures
had to be dug out of I I and auditoriums, so I; Welcome) to n, Condon, he wasworking
and Manchuria.It. I i that the Japs will Civil Service in Pearl which do not include enemyplanea
that America always for
built for the past young
Is, of course! acknowledgedby fortifications ] shot down by anti-aircraft
know ty heart the graphic: Harbor.
bulk of the Jap twenty ;years. We must never forget fire show that Jap combat losses
jmany that the of the price our fighting men have Cora Alford's!! heart throb, Ralph
Arniy is well entrenched there, that, although Allied strategy in men and material for the, I Tulle in rumored on his way home I have been 20 to our one during '
that they decided on an all\ out war against this time.r .
and it is not expected after 31 months abroad
"Freedom of Tomorrow ,
in order that the Nazis ( i
Will give up even though their i j Germany

'" ___" 'TPage-" ......



M.A.D. Produces I. Trio Cited For Services t

NATTC ,. tifr
New Columnist '
; ,. ;,


Justtwhat/ kind of tack the Marine
Aviation Detachment Ramb-
lings will assume in the future is
something for Air News readers to
SCHEDULE guess; but one thing: is certaln-
this new "colyumist." Cpl William -
IMITATION OF LIFE with Claudette Colbert; A HARBOR -
TODAY- M, Johnson, USMC, has quitea
GOES TO FRANCE" feature; at 1730 and 1930. varied background for that ex-
SATURDAY-STORY OF G. I. JOE, the Ernie PjleMory, ; MAGIC tra-curricular job including a
STRENGTH, feature: NEWS; at 1700 and 1930. civilian tour as an investigator for
SUNDAY-EAST" SIDE OF HEAVEN with Ring Cronby and Joan the Tulsa Retail Merchants' Association '
Blondell; SCREEN MAGAZINE; at 1500; STORY OF G. I. JOE, 1 Q

MAGIC STRENGTH, NEWS; at 1700 and 1930. This latteractivity

and Costello; NEWS; at 1730 and 1930. stand him in eanw

\\'EDNEl'oin.U'BOTII BARRELS BLAZING with C. Starrett; good stead for :'

CRASH GOES TO HASH, (comedy; at 1730 and 930. dishing up some
M.A.D. scuttle

butt; but along

: with that, he .
h;. did a turn as
: :, Jt business manager Vf:
: : ,
"", !: .. for his I
.. "
school publication jt. (
I- .s. '" way back'v' ""'I> ;
' 4fL- when 7 Decem- ('pl. Johnsonber
i. : \
.- loomed on the horizon as just
another early winter Sunday so
he knows something of writing,
," -;, ____ r ..
too Two NATTC students and a ship's company man were presented:
Then, too, there's something lose- service' commendations by Comdr. C M. Jett, USX, acting commandIng *
Iy akin to a charmed Hie mixed up officer, at a brief ceremony last week Pictured above (left to O

r with Corporal Johnson. The fact right) are Commander Jett, E, II. Simons, SCIc, Mho received aNavy rI
is that Johnson was In Pryor, Oklahoma -
unit commendation; I). E. Iloughton, AOM2c awarded the
b back in April of 1911 whena Presidential unit citation, and "'. 1>, Morris, AOMlc, who also rwcelxcd -

cyclone came" sweeping down a Presidential unit citation. Looking on is Lt, (jg) Frank II.Wlxon .
"Main street. He and 13 others
,I (SC), NATTC Ast. Commissary officer Simons In attached
were in a comparatively small to ship's company galley four; Iloughton was graduated from the
frame office when the
Aviation Fire Control school on 7 July, and Morris Is a student, In
deadly wind came hurtling down
the Advanced Aviation Ordnance school.
the "main drag. The cyclone .

W.two flattened M.of Johnson the the 14 survived building, now Corporal.,, one and being only Extra Cash War Bond Quota For

With all hs: clerical experienceonce

( he served l as a bookkeeper Independence Day Oversubscribed
for an oil company In Tulsa) .
the corporal known his Oklahoma -
Well done!
outdoors. He's spent a
good many bummers on the SFl4i5H 5 fRom nATTC I This traditional Naval commen-
dation earned .
: was by NATTC personnej
z ranch of an uncle out there, and
yuF o his own home Is just a few miles who oversubscribed the
,4 r from Claremore' enshrined by : S I $50,000 quota assigned this'com
the late Will Rogers mand in the Independence Day Ex
tra Cash War Bond campaign
Start recalling some favorite act 11"
"On "Screen or acts which stand out in memo The commendation came from
) Today'laudt'fte Comdr. C M. Jett USN
ory of rodeos which have played acting
SPECIAL EVENTS Tulsa the past several years and commanding officer of NATTC,

t likely as not Johnson will be able who extended "hearty congratulations"

AboardFRIDAYSTUDENTS' to refresh your memory, tell you to "all Army, Marine, Navy
DANCE with refreshments mimic byNATTC just who was in the act, and where Yep even scooters break down and civilian personnel who made ,
; nowadays and cause as much trouble this achievement possible"
they played after they left Tulsa.He's ,
Air Raiders; In Auditorium 2000 to 2300.l1OrIA .
other vehicle. A cer-
as With
any tabulations Incomplete total
probably seen as rodeos
tain member of scooter-gals
of these sailors sales amounted to $56,337,50
as some Brooklyn
; seemed In great distress the other
have seen the Dodgers win and on Monday morning, according to
( GOLF. STATIONCOURSE. Dally from 0800 to 2000. Open to lose baseball games. day but would not accept the help Lieut. Kenneth E. Wilson, war
t ALL personnel. Clubs available at gear locker in NATTC Auditorium. Johnson enlisted In the Marine ing hand of any 01 the onlooking bond officer, Supplementary reports -

GOLF INSTRUCTION for NATTC personnel by R. W. Reynolds, Sp Corps In August 194.1. He re- Marines who would gladly have were expected to swell the
(A)2c) BOO to 1330. (Sign up at shack.) 't'h'(1 l his hoot training at San helped push the scooter back to total by several thousands of dollars

HOSTESS HOUSE open dally from 1530 to 2100. Saturdays and Diego, did a short tour at Mirl- Bldg. 500, but one of the Police i .

Sundays from 1100 to 2100. For XATTC enlisted personnel and relatives mar, and came to 11, A. I), Jacksonville Force came to the rescue-the In a last-minute spurt, the
and guests.NATTC In December 1913. Currently scooter is now fixed, and we're all Aviation Electrician's Mate

LIBRAK1 open dally from 0800 to 2100. he', Match and personnel happy again. siliool) topped departments and '
BOWLING daily at Ship's Sen Ice from 1200 to 2030. clerk for the detachment. Oh yes, speaking of the Station schools with extra cash. purchases

k SWIMMING DAILY. Recreational Period for Enlisted Men's When he doesn't have duty at police, we lost, Perkins, Hartig, amounting to $8,962.50. ,

Guests, WitesVAEs from 1800 to 2100 at NATTC pool. the Center at night, you can find Kirkland and Welch last week This figure, however, barely exceeded .
him in Jacksonville's suburban Also boxer "Bama" DuBose.: Best the $8,600.25 reported for '

Ashore Riverside. A Mrs. Johnson and a wishes along the way, fellows! anda Ship's" Service,

n.ORIUS1.n SEMI-PRO BASEBALL TOURNAMENT nine-months-old son are waiting word of welcome to the new boys Other :Monday totals included:

with best teams In Florida participating; continuing through nut around for him every evening taking their place on the police Executive department, $4,781.25;
Baseball there. force. (Gee the Red Cross office Medical, $3,787.50 Aviation Ord-
Tuesday; at Jacksonville>> Park. ;
.. .
----- jSi ----- looks blue without Welch.) School
SUNDAY-1'rip to Silver Springs for all NAT1O personnel and I nance 3487.50; Training,
guests. Tickets $2.88 round trip. Bus leaves at 0830 from circle out- Now that our softball season $3,337.50; civilian personnel, $3.
aide Main Gate. Leaves Silver Spring at 1800. Special rates for Many New Rates is coming to a close we are tryingto 162.50; Advanced AEM School. $1,.
servicemen and women at Silver Springs. plan events to take it's placewe 700; Physical Training, $1,293.75;
have dances, patties, etc., com Automatic Pilot School $1,275;
JACKSONVILLE BEACHES Buses leave at frequent Intervals \Worn At NATTCNaval that sound like
ing up very good Advanced AOM School, $1,256.25;
from Union Bus Station, corner Bay and Hogan Streets. Surf bathingand times. I Aviation Fire Control School
other recreation at one of world's finest, ocean beache Bus ,
war tactics weren't the How do the prospects'ot a horse $721.25; Marine Aviation Detach-
fare 25c.; only items in the book requiring back riding club sound? Any 1 ment, $675: First Lieutenant,
NAVY MOTHER'S: HOSTESS HOUSE, 101 East Church Street revision with the development of ideas are welcome, you know! A I $637.50; Turret School, $618.75;

USO CENTERS at 12'i West Forsjth Street; alcove I"andlngBus aviation. bunch of the gang has already I Personnel $ 4 75; Commissary,

Station; Church and Newnan Street; 311 West Diual Street. USO Among other things, it broughtout been making weekly (or should we $450; Welfare, $356.25; Aviation

WOMEN'S: DIVISION' at 13 West Monroe Street. a flock of new rates and devices say weakly) trips to the riding Storekeeper School, $356.25; Disbursing -
NATTC Section oi Jax All News l I. published expense ot Welfare and to go with those hard-earned stables, and to hear them tell. it- $168.75, and Material 0

Recreation Department -- rrowa -devices' which probably well that's the life! e' $9-5.75.
would prove pretty puzzling to the Scotty has been kept busy the Commander Jett's commenda-
Students Dance I Ensigns Come Here old salt who went through boot as last couple of days taking inven- tory statement said:

To Study OrdnanceScores an apprentice boy and hoped fora try "Of every little stick of wood 'In the Navy Independence
Tomorrow berth on the latest in coal-burn around this bloomin' bat racks." Bay'ar Bond Campaign, personnel
NightFriday of Ensigns, fresh from ing craft. Guess she will have some help now of this Command have

the Thirteenth means V-12 college training programs of Some aviation rates were in ex- tho' as we have a couple new again given a concrete demonstration -

nothing to AEM classes 35-48, the the Navy, have arrived at NATTC istence prior to Pearl Harbor, but MAA'S. Ester Herman SpS( ) 2c of their Intention to use
if Turret School and this week's during the past few weeks and who World War II has produced more reported aboard from Corpus every resource In this fight for

I graduates of AEM "B," Automatic are now attached as students to to confuse the boot trying to de- Christi! to help take over in Bks. \lctory. G.

r Pilot, AOM "B," Fire Control and I the Aviation Ordnance Officer termine whether he's saying "yes, 54, and Velma Janette Kahle S2cS "You have exceeded: jour goal
I SKV "B" Schools. School. sir" to a bo'sun or an aerogra- ( ) from Chicago, III., for Bks. 51. In "Extra": Navy War Bonds and
I Dance"is Lt. W. G. Camp. Officer-in- pher's mate. And the fact that Guess Luther former MAA of Bks. have backed the attack with
Their students "Lucky Charge of the school, said the WAVES have qualified for aviation 151 is in Welfare now. U' ,IS'UO Navy Fighting Dol
to be held in the auditorium on
young officers will take the full billets and wear the rates I Mary Bufford, another one of lars. ..
Door .
i 13 tomorrow. prizes are
July, 16-weeks course in aviation ordnance hasn't eliminated any of his con the scooter tribe from Ordnance "To all Army, Marine, Navy
to be awarded for lucky girls, spot
but all of them will be es- fusion I. department had a birthday last and Civilian personnel who made
dance prizes for lucky dancing pecially versed in one of the new- Here at NATTC, some of the week Hear she got a very' darling this achievement possible, I extend w

t couples. the est death-dealing pieces of ordnance aviation rates are commonplace pair of beach shoes. There my hearty congratulation. ,
i Music will be provided Uebelein by rockets.. Many of the of- and virtually every one recognizes surely must be a story behind it. WELL DONE:"
and Wallace ,
Air Raiders, ficer-students aviation electrician's I %..
he said, probably mates -- --- -- ----- ---- ---- y
will featured
entertainment.AE41" Refreshments provide will will be assigned duty with the (fA EM), aviation ordnancemenAOM already named, NATTC does see A gossip Is o-e who talks to ..;

, 1 ba served In the usually,, grand fleet in that phase of naval warfare ( ), aviation I i storekeepersSKV such rates as aviation machinist'smate you about others; a bore talks
( ) and the like. On the other (AMM), chief aviation pilot about himself; and a brilliant
.7 style. The Ensigns, after receiving hand, how many would recognizea (CAP), aviation machinist's mate versationalist talks to you ron0
40"( is chair-
t J, M. Bean, S2c
their V-12 refresher courses, attended chief aviation pilot (airship) at (hydraulics) (AMMH), aviation yourself
man of the "Lucky Dance, Midshipmen's School and first glance ? an ACMMF machinist's mates (instruments) "-5-
t Seamen Riggs, Mills, and Devoe as after being commissioned attendedthe (aviation chief machinist's mate, (AMMI), aviation I radioman the following: AMMC, a "mech" .

assistants. Navy's General Ordnance flight engineer) ? or an aviation (ARM), aviation radio technician specializing in carburetors; AM
-- School in Washington.She boatswain's mate (AG'.i. tlv (ART), aviation metalsmith (AM), MP a propeller mechanic; AR, air-
Sailor: "Pardon me, Miss Wave. ---t-- (AG) meaning he savvies arrest aviation fire controlman (AFC), ship rigger; PR, parachute rigger; t I

1 Do you sleep in hammocks like the : "I'll have you know I'm ing gear and barriers? aviation ordnanceman (turrets) AerM, aerographer'x mate;' PtrV,
sailors" marrying an officer and a gentle That's right, Mac; it would be (AOMT). and aviation torpedo- aviation painter; and aviation
; Wave: "No" I II man." pretty confusing (and maybe not man's mate (TMV), boatswain's mates who are expertsin

Soldier: "Oh, then those curves : Pvt.: 'You can't do that. It's so amusing) if one had to identifyall Among others possibly not quite catapults, plane handling and,
I \ are your own" I bigamy" those rates here Besides those so well known in these parts are gasoline systems.

'..,1' .
.. # : ; "'''' :

12 July 1945 NATTC JAX AIR NEWS SECTION Page Eleven

____ I :, 4,

I These Plan School Dances In Auditorium




); tJdq
t For some time now the- popular
refrain, when clerical or administrative -
By ,John ltlchbourgrAEM So d work had to be done was,

The favorite topic for discussion c I 'See Yeoman" Lynch in the Exec's,
among the men of NATTC,
I That phrase, with "A.B.'s" trans-
seems to be "will I 'be a civilian
fer to San Diego, becomes a
by the first of the )'ear7" Some tongue-twi: "See Shaw In the

'of the military analysts are inclined Exec's Office". ,

to the belief that Japan I Colorado Springs, Col., offers
may be brought to her knees by Y2c Charles A Shaw to fill the
January 1st, 1946, while others feel gap Lynch leaves
that it will take at least another I A veteran of .11I
35 to 18 months. Wishful think. over 30 monthsof ..
ing makes most of us concur with Pacific sea ..
".. the former viewpoint. That's all duty, Shaw has ,f
to the good if we don't allow ourselves L seen action on i ...'
to become lax in our efforts board four car- \
and just sort of "coast"' along: to I rlers. :;:I .
the finish. Regardless of how He wears the '
much longer it might take to do 2's't s I I American Thea- <
... the Job, we know that the Navy tre Asiatic Pa _.q _
will play a predominant part in its !Jcific, with three end: 1:
doing and more than likely when stars, Philip- ;fJ"1"-...
>> the last shot is fired it will come pine Liberation, 1.2
AtLJ I c Shaw
with two
rom a Navy gun trained on a
Bmatical Japanese Kamikaze. ; and Good Conduct awards authorized -

Chit-chat from here and there: .... to date. Actually, the
Bert Hemm. AEM Visual Alder term "Fighting Yeoman" could
worked all day Sunday enlarginga Tomorrow night when students and graduates of several schools gather In the auditorium for their well be aplied to Shaw. A glance
set of "Miss Lace" from the monthly dance, they, can thank those shown above for much of the fun the}"ll have The group is the i! at his service record lists 33 major
:Milton Caniff orig.nals.: That gal committee, for schools dances and is responsible for the details which must be ironed out before any carrier engagements against the
has everything and it's all in the jive session ran be the success, the-yare at NATTC auditorium. Bark row : II.V.. Youngs, L. t\ Japs since last September alone.
light places Marie Cleghorn, Smith, II. M. Crone, F, B< Hall, J. M. Bran, Bob Clark; middle row : Boy Dunham, M. Brooks, I). Uros- I Shaw returned to the States on
WAVE, has a new boy friend who rullerton.ant, I). McGee, C. McLees; front row : B. lUggs, R. Rutherford, K. M. Brown, R. E. Smith, and R. S. I 25 May for a 30-day leave and assignment -
answers to the name of "Hobe." as the Executive Officer's -
Bob had time - --- yeoman. He entered the
.Hlgdon a rough

shoe Sunday he morning fired at a trying Saturday to find night the A Fox Hole's a Fox Hole Out There SHIP'S SERVICE boot Navy camp in March in San of Diego.'42, attending A fewmonths

HAS NEW DAILY later he was sent to Hus-
tormentor Al Coleman teach
ing Allen the, WAVE intricacies, who of looked golf mighty to Bee In Opinion Of Veteran Student HereYou've SCHEDULE HEREA sel fram Island Guadalcanal.In in the .Pacific, 30 miles

smart In ,her white silk play suit week-day schedule change action, Shaw's battle MA- .
The feverish activity of heard the phrase "Out of 1-- I that adds one hour to the period tlon was on the Flag Plot, that
.'Pappy"'oorhiee, Don Brooks, et the frying pan, into the fire" ? tic attitude if you like, but I was I when the fountain area is for section of the bridge where the
That could apply in Dalton Stewart's never scared, really, after that." open Admiral stands,
al, in their headlong rush to meet business has been placed in effect SUMejIng the
the deadline for completion of that case With Squadron 102, Stewart was by Ship's Service. situation and giving orders liens
big mock-up Velma Gram- The PB Squadron to which Stewart waist gunner on the B-24, "Mr. The Shaw manned the "talkers", or
mentz and Mary Burke are all enthused an AOMlc, was attached, was Five-by-Flve," affectionately called department now opens at Interchip rommunciatlon '|>hon<>*, ,
over their SKV studies. based on Guadalcanal. "It was in for their pilot, who "just about one-half hour earlier than relaying the word to the Ad-
According to Maynard: Moore, SKV August of '43, and I suppose I equaled those measurements." before, and secures at 2030 insteadof miral, or operating the CIC-
instructor, they're doing all right, should have known better," Stew- "lie might have been big, but 2000 as in the past. Schedules Combat Intelligence CIrcuit.
too Sterling (Shorty) Daniels art explained in a recent interview he wasn't blow," Stewart re of other Ship's Service depart- While Shaw is singularly modest
gets; provoked when the boys leavea at the Naval Air Technical Train- called. "I remember one day in ments remain unchanged. concerning his ability, he does
few drops of coffee in their coffee ing Center in Jacksonville, wherehe the middle of May in 43, we got I Expanding its activities, Ship's admit to having taken dictation
spoons He says there's no is now attending the Aviation the word that 101 Jap bomberswere Service has opened a refreshment from no less a rank than an
sense to it The stuff gets hard Fire Control School "The Japs on the way. R-24's are I shack near swimming pool No. 1 admiral
und they're the very devil to were over again for their regular good targets, and aren't maneuverable where soft drinks, milk and chocoI I "I wasn't personal yeoman to
clean. "Danny" advocates the following game of night bombing It was and since they were j late milks are available Sandwiches him, now", Shaw is quick to point
method for removing the hot and muggy, one of the clearest known to be heading for the airfields may be added to its stock. !! out. "It was just that his personal
last drop from the spoon: Hold it nights in a long time. our pilot got us up high The shack is open from 0900 to yeoman didn't know shorthand andI
in mid-air in such a manner as to "When they first came over, on the double. I 2100. did."
have the bowl part suspended di* I dived into a foxhole, and fora "We watched from a distance, ___ __ -_ i Shaw attended public schools in
lectly above the floor. Allow it long half hour or HO it wasn't and, brother, we sure evened upa I Colorado Springs, where his mother -
to drip down to the last drop, then too bad. Then there<< were two couple of scores In their favor. New Choral Group lives now. Following high
with a quick flick of the wrist, or three close ones, and I decided Our fighters and ack-ack got 99 Being Formed school, he studied at Blair's Busi-
wove the spoon upward a few In'hestbat to find a quieter foxhole out of those 101, and those last two : Here I ness College and became associated -
( last drop will disappear It was while I wax running from either crashed into each other or Auditions are being held for a I'' with the Broadmoor hotels
leaving the spoon as clean as a one to another that I got hit. I committed hari-kari upstairs, rather NATTC Catholic choir, the second there. At the time of his "two-
hounds tooth The facial wounds to Stewart's than go back to Japan with the choral group to be organized on I':jear" enlistment in the Navy,
Anne Johnson, who officiated face are doing nicely, further I situation like it was. It was a the station within recent weeks. ;Shaw was cashier and. night audi-
for the TEM Division at the bond credit to the Navy's medical units field day!" Men with vocal, choir or glee tor for the hotels.
booth in Ship's Service during the Stewart says: "It doesn't really Stewart, serving in the Pacific club experience were asked to re- Welcome to the Exec's Office',
Independence Day drive, had A matter where you are during 32 months (Charley And smooth sailing,
a wears the Pre-Pearl port to Paul Peltier, SpWlc( ) who 'A. B"
foolproof system worked out. If raid. If your number's up, it's up, Harbor, American Theatre, Good I will give auditions. When organized
the customer proved to be a bit and which foxhole you're in doesn't Conduct and Asiatic-Pacific rib- : the choir will participate in 'I' *-
difficult, she, by way of a special make a lot of difference I bons, with four bronze stars on the 0930 Sunday services at the The mustering CPO eyed the
inducement, would flash her dazzling "After awhile you get used to I this last, in addition to the Purple j I Catholic chapel. Y3c as he slipped into ranks late
: smile and turn on the quality things out there Call it a fatahs- I Heart. Meanwhile, rehearsals already j for parade. "Well," roared the,
that seems to lurk in the back- __ _____u_ __ ,_ Chief*"I'm
'' are in progress for a NATTC J glad to see you. 1 was
ground of every woman's eyes. 'Nuff Said Protestant choir and the group is ) beginning to fear that you bad
One hard-hearted individual, rt 713 Nazi Subs expected to be ready soon to sing signed a separate peace!"
however, didn't respond as easilyas at the 0930 Sunday services at the
the others and Anne had to Credited To Protestant chapel. I 1st WAVE: "Surely you're not

extend herself a little. She rose -----,.". ----- going; to let that red-headed WAC
nobly to the occasion, though, and Allied NaviesUnited si steal your boy-friend"
finally broke down his resistanceby Girls that look like a million dollars | 2nd WAVE: "Never" I'll dye

promising to bestow a sisterly States, British and other 1---- are just as hud to make. ____f Irst,"

Hiss upon happy his about manly the brow.whole He thing.was Allied forces sank 713 German I! AFC Student- Has Seen Plenty Action

The afternoon wore on and so did t submarines between 3 September I II
Anne. Along about 1600, she had 1939, and 8 May, 1945 an official T ""'I _
returned to her own office, the Navy announcement revealed last
osculatory promise made earlier, f week
now forgotten. He came to collect i
The final
figures credit U. S.
all 247 pounds of him He
didn't think she would keep her Forces and Allied Forces under j
American control, except British'
bargain She blushed to the roots
some of his "south of the Mason- Empire Forces, with the sinking of
Dixon line" shipmates around him 151 enemy underseas craft Brit- i
ish Empire Forces and other Allied
flung a challenge to the "Yan.kees"
i Forces under British control, :
to meet on the volley ball
court. The '"Yanks" took the sect t except United States Forces, ate
her hair, but she went through credited with destruction of 462
with it.The enemy subs. At least 100 other
U-boats are now known to have
AEM Advanced School I been destroyed by mines and oth'ercauses.
erupted last week into a full scale .
civil war. It all began when '
"Rebt>J"' Marshall Gann gathered -
lies like Grant took Richmondand I
the war was on. Gann and Alnav Advances ,., ,I. .
his cohorts are taking Jibes from Pair Officers "' --
all sides and needless to F
say, re*
them In true rebel fashion : Two officers attached to NATTC I w a
.turnlng that the "Yanks" schools have been promoted to the
incensed because the "Reb- t rank of lieutenant, junior grade, I
els" are attempting to welsh on an w under provisions of Alnav 149-45.
alleged bet, that they're liable to Adding the half-stripe were Ens
Import a few torpedos and gun- Gerald L. Dix, Phase Three officerin
ads from Chicago.We the Aviation Electrician's Mate

offer belated congratulations Cf ffi School, and Ens. Vernal LeRoy
to Mr. Dix, the assistant personnel Wagner, instructor in aircraft guns -
officer for TEM Div That extra at the Aviation Ordnance Officer Dalton Stewart, AOMlc, a Pacific veteran, gets the latest word: I Ion
half stripe makes him a Lt. (jg). It isn't what you think about a school. Both officers reported Aviation Fire Control while attending that school at NATTC. .He I[
He came up the hard way, too, J gal that counts It'i' what she aboard this elation in October came to the NATTC school after nerving for nearly (three jars la
right from tbe, ranks. I thinks you think. 1944. the Pacific area. '


11ft '.. ,11.1I. ,. ,
\ "
\ ) .
,- ...
\ '" \
yf \,

Page Twelve NATTC ,T"V AIR NEWSSECTION 12 July, 1945 1 1r

1 Passes The "M" Stage Is Set For Air Raiders Stretch Their Lead t i,

8n/otNtJ, '. Boxing Tourney To 21 In Baseball Season's Wins ,"1

The Baseball Air Raiders last
For All ClassesA I Now Wears Tie week boosted their string of vic

f I _.. tories to 21, taking every game
4 k.
Center-wide boxing tournament played during the week. NATTO
By Corp. William M. Johnson ..d11M1RAlthough offering fights in both novice losses in the current ball season
This week we bid adieu and wish and open classes and in every still stand at eight.
the best of luck from all M.A.D. to weight range, will be staged at 1 t.>, Having won the first half pen.
i the boys who are following the NATTC during: the early part of nant in the Station League, the
advice of Horace Greeley in his August, Lt. William Muir, officer- Air Raiders will not participatf*""*
saying "Go West Young Man, Go in-charge of boxing, announcedthis In league games during the seconl. /
,West". week. half, Lt. Midge Makeever, In
Last week the former writer of In addition to offering the opportunity charge of baseball, said this week.
this column gave you his Swan \ to as many as want to The schedule with teams off the
Song but it seems that his tickets fight-and providing them with Station is comparatively heavy,
Were a litUe crossed-up; Corp. t, .fJ excellent boxing Instruction while and Makeever is constantly con-
Herb Johnston's ticket read "One they get ready for the week-long fronted with a scarcity of pitchers t
seat, first class, hand-car No. sparring events-prizes will be which makes participation in both '
0030" and across from him sat the \ awarded the finalists in each class league and outside games too muchof
other radio announcer of this detachment i ( t and weight range, Muir said. a strain on the club.
'Corp. Larry Scarbor-I I The preliminary bouts will be Major game not previously reported -
ough, star hurler in the Softball \ : -J' staged Monday and Wednesday : (the Air Raiders capturedthe
game the Marines played in the J\'fi l rt'I'! nights, 13 and 15 August, and the ,ft- first half race by defeating A
American League of this station. finals will take place Friday night, t l' ,g r and R 2 July) was played at Avon
) In this merry company we also I WBT .! 17 August. All the bouts will be Park Army Air Field last Friday
aw Chet Haliski, the muscle man she took up swimming staged in the open-air arena, \;, where the Air Raiders knocked
of the Judo dept. whose only wish : "seriously" scarcely a year weather permitting.CSp ; off the Army fliers with a decisive
was that there be a couple or ago, Bette Jane Bleekman, PhM W. R. McLaren, CSp Al 10-3 tally.
three other pinocle players In his Sc, recently passed the "1\{" test Sinibaldi, Eddie Barnett, and Char- lmi The Raiders played loose ball,
car. in swimming, the most difficult lie Dedman, NATTC fighters who chalking up a half dozen errors
Sgtr.: Vernon Hammer and Corp. exam in the swimming book. have enviable boxing records behind for themselves during the after
Dan Savitt are going to make the them, will be in charge of the Al Sinibaldi who is best knownIn noon's play in South Florida, but
trip to "Dear Old Sunny Califor- Gets "M" fighters and the tournament. They these parts as a heavyweightboxer behind the pitching of Johnny Bltt-
nia" the short way (by way of Wave will see that extra instruction is with plenty of punch last ner and Al Nosewicz were still able
New York City). available to all entries who wantit week scored another victory, but to come out on top. Bittner gaver'I
each day.Boxers in a different field. He won his up four hits in seven 'I
All M.A.D. "so-long" with GradeA
deep regrets to says our former Athletic Swimming will report to the boxing right to get out of jumpers and Nosewicz, two. They were aided
and Welfare Officer, Com- arena in lieu of their usual daily 13-buttoned trousers, and Into along the way by the pitching of
missioned Warrant Officer William WAVE pharmacist's mate physical training period, except on the attractive uniform of a Chief McGoldrick, who in the first full
who insists she's "not an expert those days when they have swim Petty Officer SinibaldI, a Spe- three Innings and in the fourth
,W. Hewett, J_'., as he is detached
swimmer" Is NATTC's first non- cialist A is attached to the until he relieved
for duties at Quantico Va. ming instruction. Swimming remains ( ), : was by Sutton, '
new ,
instructor V-10 to pass the difficult : a "must" in the Navy's Physical Training Department, had walked five men, sent another 4
Congratulations to Pfc. B. L. "M" test. I physical training program. and Is receiving hearty congratulations to first when Pesavanto was hit
Turnbull and his wife no their reCent She Is Bette Jane Bleekman, Those wanting to enter the tour from a host of friends. on the army by a pitch, and had .>>'
I visit by the stork. Yep, it PhM3c, who recently completedthe nament may sign up either at the given up four hits. ?JI
was a boy and we wish them the maintenance check out-top boxing arena, with any boxing Instructor Softball Teams Murphy, hard-fielding and hit- ,'.
best of luck. the ladder of progressive ting Raider in
rung on or with Mrs. Virginia was injured the
Corp. C. R. "Dick" Corrin, MAD I lifesaving and swimming tests I Mamos in the Physical Training fourth after he drove in Topmiller 1 1
pay clerk, was given quite a shock conducted under supervision of office.' I with a single. Returning to first,
the other day when HqSq and Lieut. (Jg) A. J. Stefani, swimming Still UnchangedWith after rounding the corner, Murphy
Trng Sq 1 were consolidated. His and survival director plete the "M" tests which, among sprained his ankle sliding into the
pay card box filled to overflowing Relatively few men in these other things, call for swimming only six games played during
capacity when the number of cards parts exert themselves to the extent 410 yards in 15 minutes or less. last week, top standings in the bag.The Raiders captured their
about quadrupled!!II! He will be that they successfully com Before that was the "AAA" group several softball leagues at NATTC league game aganist T-4 Tuesday,
ably assisted by Pvt. William T which called for a mere mile swim70 remained unchanged, although Ad- 4-3. Thurmond and Reiman did .
Peden so we'll still get paid on SOFTBALL STANDINGSResults lengths of pool No. I, ministration's formerly perfect the pitching for the locals, with ',f
time. "I'm really not an expert," record was blemished when they Berner catching. Knowles, Carter
Boss-man "Jonesey" of the Mes- ( to 9 July) Bleekman insists. "In fact, I only dropped a 7-2 tilt to the Schools' and Clark hurled for the Main-
sage Center Commandos is making AEM LeagueW took up swimming seriously abouta nine in the Officers' league. alders with Spiltz and Gabow
to vacate his old abodein L The S h 01 Administration
preparations year ago while stationed at Cor- c 0 working behind the plate.
the lower wash-room of Bks. Bks. 16 5 1 pus Christi. I just kept at it here game was played Tuesday after- Last Thursday the Air Raidersran
59 to his successors (The Guard Bks. 18 5 1 and finally managed to pass." noon with Edsall and Phillips car roughshod over the M.A.D.
Room); but, that isn't all he's losing Bks. 13 3 2 Attached to the dental clinic, rying the battery load for the win nine, gathering up 17 runs in six
Two of his Commandos are Bks. 17 2 4 Bleekman is a member of the ners. Crow and French made up innings, when the game was called.
leaving In the draft for a new station Bks. 15 1. NATTC WAVE swimming team the battery for the Administrationnine. Murray and Sanders pitched for
; Corp. F. L. Longenbaugtand Bks. 14 0' and in recent water the marines, and Thurmond and
Pvt. Joseph R. Shealey. ballet participated at Cecil Field.a Student officers won over Ordnance Berner made up the NATTC battery
Sgt. E. II, Buckalew has been Officers' LeagueW officers 8-2 in the other Of -
seen an awful lot on the Station L ficers' league game with Lodge Two games were scheduled this
these past few evenings. Couldit Administration 4 1 Gert: "And then he and I talked and Clark in the key spots for the week for the Air Raiders, one at
be because he was over-paid Ordnance' 2 3 about the weather." winners, Bres and Horwitz pitch- home and one away from home.
about a hundred dollars in the Students 2 3 Flirt: "About the weather?" ing and catching, respectively, for Next Monday, there's a home game
South Pacific a few months ago? Schools 2 3 Gert: "Yeah. Whether to, or the losing Ordnance outfit. scheduled against the Moody Field
whether not to." Cooks and Bakers in the National Army Air Base.
CarrTerCX's league scored a close win
Two ) American .League Pardon Me over Turrets, 10-9, and that was Operations and Training, the lat
w L Bride: "I'm sick of marriage. Bill the only game played in that ter losing 81. A painstaking report
AEM Operations 4 0 hasn't kissed me since I came back league during the week. Doughtryand of that game can be found
Win Navy CrossesTwo Marines 1 0 from my honeymoon." Lines made up the winning elsewhere on this page. _
AFC 2 1 Friend: "Why don't you divorce battery, and Bagowsky and Bower Barracks 5 crept up and tied
fighting skippers of U. S. Av'n. Ordnance 1 3 him?" were the losing pitch-and-catch Barracks 2 in the Schools leagueby
aircraft carriers have been awarded Training Division 1' '3 Bride: "Oh, I'm not married to combination. winning 12-3, the only game
Adv. Ordnance 1 3 Bill. played In that organization. Ax-
the Navy's highest citation for Advanced Ordnance broke up
extraordinary heroism, the Navy Its losing streak in the American line and Cobb were the battery for
announced this week. National LeagueW Aviation Ordnancein the winner, Wojak and Lala pitchIng .
Cross, it was Bank-where you can borrow League, taking
Captain Howard Leyland Young, L money if you can present sufficient another close game, 9-8. Only and catching for the losers.
of Coronado, Calif., commanding Basic Elec. 5 0 : evidence that you don't needit. other game in that league played Barracks 6 Increased its win stand
officer of the USS Ommaney Bay, Turrets 3 3 during the week was between AEM: ing racks, being 61.Three. handed a forfeit by Bar

was cited for his aggressive lead Cooks & Bakers 3 3 ,
ership and indomitable fighting Police 2 2 Bulkhead"See
spirit during the Battle for Leyte Phase X 2 3 Are AssignedTo
Gulf. He was also awarded the PT & Welfare 1 4
Bronze Star Medal for support of Navigation StudyOrders
forces Invading the Palau Islands. School directing the transfer of

The other Navy Cross was presented LeagueW L three aerial navigation trainee ap.
to Captain Walter V. R. Bks. 53 3 0 plicants to the Naval Air Navigation ,-
Vieweg, Berkeley, Cali!., for ex- Bks. 6 3 1 School, Clinton, Okla., have (f \
traordinary heroism as skipper of Bks. 60 2 2 been received, the NATTC Officer
the USS Gambier Bay when the Bks. 2 2 3 z4 Candidate Selection Board revealed
flattop met disaster assisting in Bks. 5 2 3 this week.
the landings on Leyte. Bks. 61 1 t k.R The applicants, first of 20 sub- .
Ga mitted from this command to be

I ( Mighty Ts Live Up To Rep; land.approved SlcAEM( were):; Robert Francis R.G.Tanls No-,

AEM3P, and Francis X. Nadeau
Lose Close Game To TEM 8-1 fr AEM3c.

July 4, 19.i5, AAPDisplayingthe ; f 1 Tanis and Nadeau, who requested
form that once boosted the ball to the pitcher and the next aerial navigation training while
stock of the Hasty-Clasp Strait- batter stepped to the plate. This attending Automatic Pilot School
jacket Corps. three points the ten was one "Red" Byers a congenial here later were transferred from ,x
man avalanche from the Training chap, who had three friends in the NATTC and will report to Clinton ;.
Division came through with a stands. Every time he was in thebatter's from their new duty stations. No.
land is an AEM "A" School stu
I crushing 8 to 1 defeat at the hands box, he would wave at
of the TEM softball maestros.I them successively with the bat, dent. .
Hitting prowess was the pre- and then go over and Join them. Open to officers and ,enlisted.. ,
dominant feature of the "T" Divi- The one run garnered by the ''T'' 'swas personnel meeting designated requirements
( sion's mighty onslaught. Sidney made by Louis "Body by Fish graduates of the
er" Barricelli, and a plaque will school are designated as Naval
of the tree
( Schiliskl
n) a product
that in made a be presented to him next week. +Y Aviation Observers (Navigation),
grew Brooklyn,
at the I Cannonball Shelton, the hero of Training consists of a 12-week
noteworthy appearance the initial fracas did basic course of ground and flight .
which no pitching ll >
in the sixth
plate inning,
this week due to the fact that his instruction in aerial navigation. In ( \
had the bleacherites for
( gasping outfield was unable to get permis- addition, a six-weeks preparatory -7
breath. With a count of three and
two him Schillaki sion to go beyond the 80 mile limit course is conducted for men
against young
who have
not receivedthe
braced himself for the deciding The restless "T's" are nov<, rest- ff'T previously
navigation training given to
pitch. Gritting his tooth, he ing quietly in a local sanitariumand student aviators. .
I stepped neatly into the bucket, expect to carry on their noble "
called every muscle into play in tradition in their next engagement. Students successfully completing
the order of their importance, and A special request has been sent in the course are assigned to multi.
swung at the missile that was at to have the bases reduced from engine and night torpedo squad.
that time hurtling toward him at four to three, and with this as an rons and the Naval Air Transport
? It's like I said they so'a they'llhave
frighten u away,
a speed up to 30 knots velocity. Incentive, all opposition had! best Service for further training, or to
J ,. The catcher then returned the BEWARE'! it all to themselves. duty aa instructors.


o. ."

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t X

3, No 18 I 12 July, 195 '

Headquarters of the Naval Air Operational Training Command


Drive Goes Over The Top I


43 Receive Medals In Largest NAS Award Ceremony

.__ _____ ___ __ __ ,_ .un. _
I Winner of A&R War Bond Queen Contest
Most Are ArmylDecorations I I Goal Passed By


jOver $600,000

In the largest medal award I All previous records for

ceremony ever held at NAS War Bond sales were smashed
(. Jacksonville, Cap A. I:. in the Independence Day Ex-
Brady last Saturday morning I tra Cash War Bond Campaign

i presented decorations to 43 which closed here Saturdaywith

combat veterans now on duty { total sales amounting to

here with Catalina training $1,498,475-nearly 1 three E
: squadron VPB2-1. w ,y I ': times that sold in the Pearl

By far the large majorityof ( Harbor Day Drive last year,
awards were Army Air 'figures released early yesterday .

Medals and Oak Leaf Clusters I by Lt. (jg) Gene Blanch-

presented to PBY pilots and ; ard, issuing agent, revealed
aircrewmen formerly attachedto at'F ''I' Series "E" sales totaled $1-

Naval air squadrons serving 223,475, and series "F" and
under the command of Gen- at'y "G" amounted to $275,000.
eral Douglas MacArthur in the Main Station topped its $500.000: 1
Southwest Pacific. goal by $103,736.75. and NATTC
I rung up sales of $56,037.50 against
DIC Highest j its quota of 50000. Twenty Main
Highest award of the day was ; (Station, units ran way ahead of
the Distinguished Flying Cross their mark. The executive depart.
given to Lt. William L. Garrett, ment, with a quota of $7,800, ran
: Jr., USN, for landing his Catalinain its sales up to $27,225, and NAOTC
a rough sea off New Guinea and : Continued on Page Seven
foil tinned on Page Two _u ___

Captain BradyOn I I: Sugar Shortage

I 'I

Air Today Cuts Candy SupplyIf s

you've got a sweet tooth you
I Captain A. R. Brady, CommandIng might as well start wailing now-
Officer of NAS. Jacksonville, the sugar shortage has struck
and Theodore Fritch, Jr., Chief NAS Jacksonville with a bang
Clerk, will appear on "Home Folksat Sugar has been added to the list
War" this morning at 1100 over that service personnel have had .f
WMBR. ';; to cut down on, following the recent -
The program is designed to show rationing of smokes. From
the activities of Floridans on the : ; now on there will be no more can-
home front and on the battle front. dy in the vending machines and
Captain Brady's home is Fernan- the coke machines will be filled
... dina, and "Pappy" Fritch lists only half as much as previously. ,
Pens cola as his home town. : And other measures may follow.It .
t The two guests have been askedto ... all came about by a recent
name their favorite musical 5saa. bureau directive which placed a
numbers for the program. Music THIS IS EVELYN O'DELL, of the Time Section, Assembly and Repair Department, who won limit of two pounds of sugar per
will include "Somebody Loves Me", the title of A&R War Bond Queen during the Independence Day Cash War Bond contest Just completed month for naval personnel in the
elected by Captain Brady, and A native Jaxon, she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A, R O'Dell of 3612 Oak St., Jackson- complement. And on all merchan-
"Pappy's" favorite "Perfect Day." ville. She is a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School and attended the :Florida State College for dise containing sugar purchasedby
'- Women in Tallahassee. In order to win her title, Miss O'Dell collected 1,044 votes as compared to 644 Ship's Service such as coca-
'""'' Morgan Here compiled by her nearest competition. There were 15 girls in the contest, and votes were allotted on cola ice cream candy, and cookies,

_.the basis_ _of_ _one____.per_ each___ ___$25__:_un bond_purchase.._ ____.__.nn___ __________ ______. ___ .. ___ the the Navy manufacturer.has to replace In the the sugarto past,

Artemus Gates Former Secnav For Air consumption, here. has run aroundsix
pounds per person so the directive -
in effect creates a two-

Releases War On Naval Aviation thirds reduction.
Report Lt. Comdr. Joe Adams, Ship'
Service Officer, said yesterday that
'- -- -- -- '- ---'- ----
Artemus L. Gates, former As- he hopes it will not be necessary to
tensive damage has been done, so
ratio of better than 6 to 1. The
e sistant Secretary of the Navy for Okinawa Campaign saw 3700 far no fast carrier battleship or cut down on the ice cream, and
Air who has recently become Un- cruiser has been sunk by Japanese that other measures will effectively .
down to
der Secretary of the Navy last enemy planes go approx- suicide plane tactics. reduce the sugar consumption.
iu night released his official report imately_____._650_ .. of 0-ours.0 _Although_._... __ex- The carrier fleet now includes However if these alternate plans
on naval aviation in World War II. fail to meet the'reduced allotment,
As the general supervisor of all The Station Scene types.27 "first In line"addition types, and we have 69 escort two : ice pared cream down supplies, too. will have to be:

/ naval aviation developments in the of a new type, the "battle carrier", ,
' :. } last four years, Mr. Gates has seen Two swimming-trunk/ clad 45,000: tons of fighting ship which New "Ops" Officer
our forces grow from a relative sailors laughing at scurrying are the most formidable vessels
Ii II .... handful of assorted aircraft to
1 throngs of caitght-in-the-rain/ of their type afloat. Carrier tonnage -
a giant organization of specialized people near Ship's Service diiri is the largest single portion
types operating from the flight i ill.1 brief thundcrshoicer., of the total combat Navy tonnage.
decks of more than 100 aircraft Naval Air Stations, supportingthe
( carriers. Thoroughtly-drenched' barefoot/ fleet, have grown from 43 in
i The report is divided into sec. Waw unconcernedwalking!! 1941 to 177 at the present time. z UATIQI{
: tions, each section stressing a down Langley street in middle Total Naval personnel assigned to 1LT
particular phase such as combat, of same shower, -with hat and aviation numbers approximatelythree ,
.!ii search and patrol forces. Marine BtoeSII her, lined.w quarters of a million, and fJ
' ', Corps aviation naval air transport of this total more than half are f
.. .;:' service, and technological and The man-hilling tuaeUtrom of on carriers In air groups, squad-
training progress. :Mr. Gates civilians, sailors Waves and autortMbilen rons and fleet service units. Because :
places particular emphasis on the swirling about the of the continued high quality '.
fact that Naval Aviation accom- A