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Florida US Retailers and Mandela's

Airman Stands Civil Rights Death is
Leader Create Just a Chapter
his Ground, Bill of Rights in the Story

Sentenced for Shopping of His Life

to 25 years While Black and Legacy
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P.O. Box 117005
airm anGainesville FL 32611

Blasts NFL

for a "Slave

Mentality" L 4 1W
50 Cents

BP Executive Fired for Wearing Volume 27 No. 7 Jacksonville, Florida December 12-18, 2013
a Dashiki and Braided Hair .
A black female executive at oil giant BP is suing the company, alleging she was told that the clothing she wore was inappropriate, and should only be worn 'during 'culture day,' black history month or special diversity events.' Melphine Evans was vice president and CFO at two BP subsidiaries before she was fired.
According to the suit; filed with the Orange County Superior Court this week, Evans says that her supervisors told her that her dashiki and braided hair made other employees 'uncomfortable.' The suit includes BP Products North America, her former BP West Coast Products office in La Palma, California and nine individuals.
Evans was told, You intimidate and make your colleagues uncomfortable by wearing ethnic clothing and ethnic hairstyles,' according to the suit as reported by Courthouse News.
Evans' supervisors and defendants in the case allegedly told her that they were terminating her employment because she 'did not get along well with her teammates and colleagues.'
However, her performance feedback reviews indicated that Evans was considered 'a people person' who 'engages her entire organization and is sincere in her desire to ensure all are valued and heard.'

Black Unemployment Down to 12.5% ,.
The last jobs report the Labor Department will release this year painted a more optimistic picture of the unemployment landscape. The African- Illi.>
American unemployment rate for November was 12.5 percent, from 13.1 percent in October. The national unemployment rate also dipped, from 7.3 percent to a five-year low of 7 percent. ADP, in its monthly report on job trends, predicted that 215,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. In addition, the Labor Department report- ...........
ed that the number of Americans filing first-time claims for unemployment insurance fell to 298,000, the lowest since May 2007 and a sign that busi- I'm A Star Youth Aim to End W eight
nesses are laying off fewer workers.
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) predicted the figure would continue to Disparities r healthy Lving
be "disappointing," which many my view as an understatement "Far too many African-Americans have been out of work chronically and when they do get re-employed, it's generally at a significantly lower wage," he said. 'In addition, their skill sets begin to deteriorate. Its a national pressing issue and I don't believe we've done enough about it"

Jesse Owens 1936 Olympic Gold
Medal Sells For $1.4 Million
An Olympic gold medal won by Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Games has sold for a record $1.4 million in an online auction. SCP Auctions says an anonymous bidder paid $1,466,574, the highest price for apiece of Olympic memorabilia. He won gold in the 100- and 200meters, 400 relay and long jump at the games attended by Adolph Hitler, who used the Olympics to showcase his ideas of Aryan supremacy. According to the auction house based in Laguna Niguel, Calif., the medal is unidentifiable to a specific event. It says Owens gave the medal to his friend, dancer and movie star Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, as thanks for help- Shown above with Three Star Lt. General Ronald Bailey are Ribault
ing Owens find work in entertainment after he returned from Berlin. High School ROTC students 1 r, Major Marco Lopez, Second
Lieutenant Curly Wilson, First Sergeant Tyler Simmons, Captain Democrats Clear Path for Miha Scott, and Second Lieutenant Savon Thomas. KEP photo
Mel Watt Confirmation Shown are I'm a Star Youth (L-R) Brandon Moore, Craig Burney, Three Star General Uses "Common
Democrats have used the Senate's newly eased Aniyah Brown, Kayla Cobb, Tabitha Cobb and Keana Johnson. Threads" to Inspire Jacksonville
filibuster procedures to clear the way for confir- The I'm A Star Foundation held dent hosted event included free mation of the man President Barack Obama its 3rd Annual Let's Move healthy snacks, workshops, infor- "Build it to last" was the theme used by Three Star General Ronald
wants to become a top housing regulator. Jacksonville last weekend at A. mational vendors and motivational Bailey in his message to parishioners at the St. Philip's Episcopal Church The Senate voted 57-40 this week to end a Phillip Randolph Park. Currently, speakers. The five hour health cele- 33rd Annual Unity Day. The three day event included a myriad of activiRepublican filibuster, or delaying tactics, against Jacksonville is ranked thirty-seven bration included activities for all ties designed to educate, inspire and entertain the church parishioners and Re.Me at.among healthiest cities. The stu- ages. For more, see page 11 their guests. Continued on page 7
Until Democrats forced through changes last mointh,'it totsk 60 votes oaivend filibusterswihu- a Red Hats 'Royal Distinct Dam es Host Christmas Gala

port from some of the chamber's 45 Republicans. In May, Obama picked the veteran N~rth Carolina Democrat to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency. It oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which own or guarantee about half of all U.S. mortgages. Until now, the nomination had languished because of Republican complaints that Watt is unqualified. Democrats say that is untrue.

Support for Tougher
Gun Laws Waning in the US
Support for stronger gun laws has dropped from highs in the weeks after last year's elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., even though other mass shootings have kept guns in the news, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll and others conducted over the past year. Still, support for universal background checks for all gun buyers, including those at gun shows and in private sales, remains near its peak since the shooting. Seventy-seven percent of poll respondents said they favored such a requirement; while 16 percent were opposed. Americans were more divided over banning high-capacity magazines for semi-antomatic weapons, Thirty three ladies of the Royal Distinct Dames of the Red Hat Society celebrated their 3rd Annual Red Hat Friends and Family Christmas with 48 percent in favor and 38 percent opposed. Gala, Friday December 6th at the Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel. Vice Queen Flora Parker welcome guest and "redhats" to the event. Lady Betty
According to the latest poll, 49 percent of Americans now want generally Adams held the spot as the Mistress of Ceremony, while Lady Lois Juluke presided over the payer and blessing of the hats. The ladies were in stricter gun laws, while 22 percent say they should be less strict and 23 per- rare form and enjoyed a gala filled with special presentations, door prizes, dancing and music by DJ Anthony Jacobs. Chapter members wore cent want no change, formal dresses with red pillbox hats. The Red Hat Society is a global society of women aged 50 plus that connects, supports and encourages
women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment, and fitness. R. Silver photo

Page 2 Ms. Perry's Free Press December 12-18, 2013

NNPA Chairman Blasts NFL for "Almost a Slave Mentality'
By Hazel Trice Edney lects Black businesses and the Black their major product on the field." Richmond Free Press while advertis- matter you reference in your letter is sure for change.
The chairman of the National community," said Campbell, pub- Campbell was responding to ques- ing with the White-owned conserva- local in nature and should be handled In her email to the Trice Edney Newspaper Publishers Association, a lisher of the Arizona Informant tions pertaining to a conflict between tive daily, the Richmond Times directly by the Richmond Branch News Wire, Brock also clarified that federation of more than 200 Black- Newspaper. NNPA member Ray Boone, Dispatch which has a history of pro- NAACP and Salim Khalfani at the the NAACP has long stood against
owned newspapers, says the Wash- He continued, "Here in Arizona, editor/publisher of the award-win- segregation leadership. The conflict Virginia State Conference NAACP. I the Redskins name because of its ington Redskins team under fire our Arizona Cardinals does zero with ning Richmond Free Press, and the is steeped in an age-old battle con- have forwarded your correspondence roots in racism. "The NAACP passed from a Richmond, Va. Publisher is the Black community. Every now Richmond based Washington Red- stantly waged by Black newspapers, to them and shared the information a resolution more than ten years ago in sync with the entire National Foot- and then they might show up for a skins Training Camp, which is par- which are historic targets for adver- with the leadership of Bon Secours against racial slurs being used as ball League in its apparent oppres- token Black event. But, I don't see tially owned by Bon Secours Health tising discrimination. Health System in Richmond." mascots. In the last few month the
sive treatment of Black businesses our African-American newspaper System. While Bon Secours placed paid ad- In an email, responding to a ques- NAACP signed on letters with the
and consumers. here in Phoenix or in Arizona being In a letter to NAACP Chairman vertisements for the training camp in tion from the Trice Edney News Wire Oneida Tribe, based in Washington
"It's almost a slave mentality. They supported by the Arizona Cardinals. Roslyn Brock and CC'd to Campbell. the Times Dispatch, the Free Press this week, Brock said that she had and the National Coalition on Amerput us on the field and we entertain I believe if you called other newspa- Boone states that the team contracted was sent press releases, Boone said not publically commented on ican Tribes especially in support of the master but we're not reaping any pers that have [teams] in their mar- no business with Black-owned or lo- in an interview. Boone's complaint because it is a their efforts to change the Redskins
benefits from the business side of it," kets, I don't believe they're doing cally owned business at its first Rich- Brock, who has served as NAACP local issue. name," she wrote.
Campbell says. "it's not just the Red- much for them either. I believe the mond training camp between July 25 chair since 2010, is vice president for While Campbell verbally blistered Neither Mayor Dwight C. Jones; skins. If you look around the country, NFL as a whole takes the Black com- and August 16. That includes the fail- advocacy and government relations the NFL, including the Redskins, he nor Virginia NAACP President King the NFL as a whole pretty much neg- munity for granted although we are ure to advertise in the Black-owned for the Bon Secours Health Systems, balanced his response by saying he Salirn Khalfani could be reached for Inc., in Marriottsville, Md. Boone be- agrees with Brock that the issue in comment by deadline. Bon Secours lieves her corporate position has Boone's case is local since the eco- representatives did not return reT op F iv R tir m en P an n n gfor economic justice in the Richmond made by the mayor and Bon Secours' Such economic battles have been
-case. Richmond entities, hard fought in Richmond and in
New Year's Riesolutions for 2~014 'Bon Secours, along with Mayor "At the end of the day, I think [the Black and grassroots communities'
Dwiht Jnesand the Washington criticism of her] is unfair just because across the nation. Former Richmond The holiday season is a time that ployer's 40 1 (k) plan, you absolutely 2% and the savings really add up. team, blatantly denied, contrary to she works for Bon Secours. That's City Councilman Chuck Richardson,
symbolizes reflection of the past need to start now. The tax savings Do it before you see the salary in- the Mayor's pledge, black businesses her day job. We all volunteer at some known for his historic advocacy for year, and plans for a New Year of alone offered by a 40 1(k) plan is crease and you won't even miss it." and other local businesses the oppor- time with the NAACP," Campbell Black businesses and contractors, resuccess. Thw working world is en- something you cannot pass up. Any 4. Recognize that your retirement tunity to receive vendor contracts in- says, referring to Brock's volunteer calls researching Washington Redcour aged to take a few minutes this matching contribution is essentially savings investment strategy is just side the training. camp," Boone wrote chairmanship. "While we want to see skins racism as far back as 1961.
month to think about the state of free money-something your em- as important as your savings strat- in a Sept. 27 letter to Brock. "Char- Mr. Boone and his publication get That's when he wrote a research their retirement portfolio and com- ployer is happy to give you. And, it egy. The types of investments you acteristics of Richmond government what it deserves and more so; that is paper in junior high school about the mit to an annual self-assessment. is incumbent upon you and your re- choose and your asset allocation and big businesses, this Bon Secours defiantly a local issue." team and how the Redskins was "the
Just like New Year's resolutions tirement to take it." play a key role in determining your decision disgracefully enhanced Boone, who recently announced he last professional football team to
to commit to exercise or diet, people 2. If you are not getting the max- eventual nest egg. Use online plan- Richmond's shameful reputation as has stopped using the term "Red- allow Blacks to play for them," he must consider their own financial imium. matching funds from your ning tools that are part of your 'The Capital of Poverty,' with 25 per- skins" in the Richmond Free Press said in an interview. "This harkens health. This is not only about 'I will employer, do so. "Don't leave free plan's education tools, and enlist the cent of Richmond's population suf- because it is "racist," argues that the back to that painful time. It hurt then do a budget this year' or 'I will money on the table-if your em- help of financial professional. fering in poverty." Redskins' and Bon Secours' exclu- and I would have thought that a
spend less' but rather a focus on ployer makes matching contribu.- 5. Be realistic in terms of what When Brock had not responded to sion of Black businesses underscores greater degree of change might have your retirement goals, and making tions, make sure you contribute you will need to save, and take ad- his letter for more than a month, and illustrates the team's mentality occurred, but the mentality still extho Ise goals a successful reality. Re- enough to take full advantage of vantage of financial planning tools Boone followed up with a Nov 1 under the controversial name, which ists. It seems so much has changed solving to pay more attention to matching funds." to help guide you. "The average email pointing out, "This raises the is receiving growing national pres- and yet so much remains the same."
your future is one of the best gifts 3. Make a commitment to in- American spends 20 years in retire- unavoidable question of whether Bon you can give yourself this holiday crease your savings rate by one to ment. Be realistic-you will need Secours is restricting you from living season. two percent of salary every year. between 70 to 80 percent of your up to your responsibility to honor the Em lym n Opprtuit
These top five New Year's reso- "Most of us receive salary increases preretirement income to maintain NAACP mission?"
lutions that can set people on the at the end of the calendar year; that your standard of living when you He continued, "In the interest of right track in 2014: is the perfect time to take some of stop working. The key to achieving fairness and the image of theD r vs: $ 0
1. If you are not taking advantage that increase and put it directly into financial security is to plan ahead, NAACP, I respectfully suggest that of your employer's 401(k) plan, do your retirement savings plan. Take and planning begins with a realistic you break your silence." it now. "If you are not deferring a steps to automatically increase your goal." Brock responded to Boone by S g n Bns
portion of your salary to your em- savings rate annually by at least 1 to email that same day, stating, "The Sign-Py! o ntnt onus h!

Flow of Money Increases with Crist in Race for Governor Great Pay!s osiseinl Freight
By Jun Turner based Grossman Roth Law firm, company Geo Group, and Geo Care, Scott has said he's running for re- Werner"' Enterprises:
The News Service of Florida $250,000; Venice retiree Rosalie LLC, a combined $150,000. election but has yet to open a perThe financial floodgates have Danbury, $150,000; and retired Coral Associated' Industries' of Florida sonal campaign account. Crist
started to open now that former Gov., atblespill~nthropist Br tegaZ,0 &s. onth-to the Scott.pnpd~an account Nov...1, but will 1 85 7 1 7 4 7 t
Charlie Crist has officially waded and Coral Gables attorney William committee. Also, the electioneering not have to file a report until next1- 55 15 84 7
into the 2014 gubernatorial cam- Andre Haggard, $100,000 each. communications organizations Voice month. _____________________________paign. Republican lobbyist David Ran- of Florida Business and Conmiittee
Crist's campaign committee has re- court, who once worked for former for Effective Representation, both ceived $872,000 in contributions Gov. Jeb Bush, chipped in $50,000 chaired by AIF President Tom since the Republican-turned-Democ- The "Charlie Crist for Florida" Feeney, gave $150,000 and A
rat opened his campaign at the start committee is chaired by former state $104,500, respectively, on Nov 12. of November, according to a list Democratic Chairman Bob Poe, who The same day Floridians for a posted on the committee website Fri- also contributed $25,000. Stronger Democracy, a political comday. Meanwhile, Scott's big contribu- mittee chaired by AIF lobbyist Ryan
Meanwhile, the "Lets Get to tors this month have included health Tyson, gave $125,000.A
Work"' campaign committee backing care executive Mike Fernandez, who The "Lets Get to Work" committee Republican Gov. Rick Scott's re- donated $1 million; the William Ed- spent $832,505 so far this month, of election has countered by posting wards Trust, $500,000; Lawrence which $727,996 went into airtime to $3.9 million in contributions so far DeGeorge of Jupiter, $500,000; the a commercial linked to Crist's entryX this month. Florida Chamber of Commerce Al- into the race that featured Demo"There are a few things we can say liance, $350,000; Florida Power & cratic politicians attacking the former with some degree of accuracy. This Light, $250,000; and the corrections Republican governor.
is going to be a very expensive race," N
said Florida Atlantic University associate professor of political-science
Kevin Wag-ner, whoseP expet-rtise- isQ in A m1

December 12-18, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 3

We're for Jesus Ministries

Administers a Spiritual Tune Up

I 'JiN 110.%;1 Shown above left is Tracie Neal Davis filing as a candidate for
Supervisor of Elections office as Beth Fleet, Director of Candidates
and Public Records looks on.

Trace Davis Makes Historic Bid

Shown above are the event coordinators Eve Mattison, for Sup. of Elections Offi ce
14 Eveada Ansley, Tie Cooper and Dr. Ty Dixon. Supervisor of Election's Deputy throughout Duval County.
By Lynn Jones need, particularly the elderly and Director Tracie Neal Davis has A native of Jacksonville, Davis
Ty Dixon, president and CEO of youth through evangelistic out- made a historic bid in the was educated in the Duval County Soul Winners Connection (SWC), reach. Entrepreneur, aesthetician, -Jacksonville political landscape by Public School System and holds a and Pastor of "We're for Jesus" make-up artist and skincare educa- becoming the first Black female to bachelors and two master degrees. ministries hosted Its Time to Get a tor Tie Cooper, motivated the audi- petition for the office of Supervisor When asked what is her impetus in Shown at the party is Josephine Whitfield with Ms. Senior Tune Up at the church's Love ence with a segment called of Elections. The office will be filing for candidacy she replied,
Jacksonville lst runner up 2011-2012 Beatrice E. Gilliard, age 93. Center in Springfield. Over 100 "Transformations Internally and vacated due to term limits by "Voters deserve an experienced attendees attended the celebration. Externally." Attendees also enjoyed current SOE Jerry Holland. Davis, candidate to ensure the conduction M ayor's H oliday Festival for SWC is a non-profit focusing on a catered meal and a musical selec- a twelve year veteran of the elec- of successful elections to continue
educational, spiritual, and social tion by the We're for Jesus Praise tions office has been instrumental for our county."
Seniors B15ring Thousands O ut skills development of all persons in Team. in transforming voter education The elections will be held in 2015.
Mayor Brown's Holiday Festival ings, salad and holiday cake. Florida US Airm an Stands his Ground, Sentenced to 25 Years
for Senior Citizens was held Mayor Brown said a prayer in
Saturday, December Ist at the remembrance of the holiday, "Lets A former U.S. Michael Giles was on active duty had a concealed carry permit. Giles the man who punched Giles,
an with the Unites States Air Force and put the weapon in his pants pocket Courtney Thrower, admitted that
Prime Osborn Convention Center. give thanks for being here today ly sitting in a stationed in Tampa. The married and searched the crowd for his the assault was random. "The first
The annual event provides an with the seniors of Jacksonville.
opportunity for Jacksonville seniors We are thankful for our city and our Florida prison for father of three had recently fished friends. Suddenly, he says, some- person I get to I'm going to hit," he
60 years and over to share the spir- seniors who have paved the way for what his support- two tours in the Middle East. One one from the crowd punched him. remembered thinking.
it of the season while enjoying a us to be here today." ers argue was a night in February, a friend invited Knocked to the ground and in fear "10-20-Life" (Florida Statute
traditional holiday dinner, a visit Senior Beatrice Gillard smiled, simple act of Giles to party at a Tallahassee for his life, Giles says he pulled out 715.087) is a controversial Florida
from Santa and Mrs. Claus, live "This is my fifth year attending the self-defense. nightclub. Shorty after arriving, a the gun and fired one shot into the law under which Giles and
entertainment, dancing, door prizes Seniors Holiday Festival. I also Just two years fight broke out among members of leg of his alleged attacker. Alexander were sentenced. It conand much more. Nearly 2,000 sen- visit the Mary Singleton center at Michael Giles into a 25-year sen- fraternities from nearby Florida Three men were injured, wound- fers a minimum sentence of 10 iors from every corner of least once a week. I'm having a tence, he joins a list of cases that A&M University. ed by bullet fragments. Giles was years for a felony conviction where
Jacksonville was in attendance. good time at my table with the peo- have drawn national attention to According to court documents, an arrested and charged with second- a firearm is merely brandishing. Seniors were decked out in their ple I know and I know a lot of peo- Florida's sentencing and gun laws. argument quickly escalated into a degree attempted murder. Firing the gun adds another 10 festive attire and waited patiently as ple and they know me. My advice Encouraged by the activity, his fam- brawl involving 30 to 40 men. Aside from his having no crimi- years even if no one was hit, as Santa's little elves called numbers has always been if you give the ily is hoping to stir up interest in his Giles reportedly was not involved nal background, Giles' supporters was the case with Alexander. And, for the door prizes. The holiday world your best, the best will come case and is currently petitioning in the melee but, separated from his argue that he was merely defending if someone is hit, the shooter necesmenu consisted of turkey, dress- back to you!" Gov. Scott for clemency. friends, went outside to the car himself from an unprovoked attack. sarily faces 25 years to life in
In the spring of 2010, 26-year-old where he had a gun, for which he In fact, when testifying in the case, prison.


a e nl we


Page 4 -Ms. Perry's Free Press December 12-18, 2013

Ch a 'ir ~e sDr. Chester Aikens Leaves a
Legacy of Wisdom and Service

By Mayor Alvin Brown
Ditrbe on lif inth AfrcnAmeia Disp r by Rep Reggie. l Along with many in our community, I am mourning the sudden, unexpected loss of my friend Dr. Chester Aikens. I cherish my memories of him
as a faithful leader who always cared deeply about serving our communi-y nd I was hooe ocuthma o nyafinbtas etr
NelIson Mvandea's Death Sigiie s the When faced with difficult decisions, our community put great value on4
hswisdom. Every mayor over the past twenty-five years has sought his
__ counsel, appointing him to the Jacksonville Port Authority, the
mini IJacksonville Aviation Authority, the Water and Sewer Expansion
End~~C o a Lie bu Hi Le a y wil Live fl Authority, and the TRUE Commission. He also helped lead the Downtown
While on trial in 1964, Nelson minority rule and fight against seg- years. I talked to numerous politi- He was the type of person that revitalization group as a member of my transition team.
Mandela said these profound regation focused the world's atten- cal and social leaders who vividly we all could learn from. I must Earlier this year, I was grateful to be able to honor him with the Mayor's words, "During my lifetime I have tion on apartheid, which was the described the "struggle", pain, and admit that after being mistreated Trailblazer Award, for his achievement as the first African-American from dedicated myself to this struggle of legalized racial segregation injustice suffered by blacks in a and jailed for 27 years it would be Jacksonville to serve as president of the National Dental Association. He the African people. I have fought enforced by the South African gov- country in which they are the extremely hard for me to simply was well-loved throughout our community and the life he lived as a puibagainst white domination, and I erment until 1994. majority forgive and focus on bringing all lic figure and family man spoke volumes about his moral convictions and
have fought against black domina- Unlike America where blacks But no suffering can last forever sides together, but that is what sense of purpose. I will miss Dr. Aikens deeply, but I hope his family and
tion. were in the minority, which made and good always prevails in the made Mandela a great man. friends take comfort as I do in knowing he is with the Lord. Santhea and I
"I have cherished the ideal of a segregation and discrimination end. In 1937, A. Phillip Randolph His countrymen loved and remember his family in our prayers.
democratic and free society in much easier, in South Africa blacks delivered a speech and said, respected him, and many simply As a teenager, he was one of the first students to integrate the then allwhich all persons will live together made up over 75 percent of the "Freedom is never given; it is called him Madiba, his traditional white Madison High School mn 1965. Dr. Aikens courageously continued in harmony and with equal oppor- total population with Whites only won." Just as African Americans clan name. Others affectionately to break down racial barriers by becoming both the first black football tunities. It is an idea, which I hope representing 10 percent. fought, died, and suffered for free- called him Tata, the word for father player and honor society student among his classmates. He went on to to live for.But, my lord, if needs be, After being jailed for 27 years, dom. in America, our brothers and in his Xhosa tribe, become a third-generation college graduate, earning a bachelor's degree in
it is an ideal for which I am pre- he emerged from prison to lead his sisters fought for those same free- This week, leaders from around biology and chemistry from the Florida State University, and a degree in pared to die." country out of decades of doms thousands of miles away in the world will gather in South dental surgery from Howard University in 1977.
Great leaders like Mandela have apartheid. South Africa. Africa to honor and celebrate the Service was the hallmark of his life and career. He served our country in
little regard for their lives, but Four years after his release, in In his 1994 inaugural speech, life of a great man., Mandela will active duty in the U.S. Army and as a major in the Florida Army Reserve throughout history have made the South Africa's first multiracial elec- Mandela said, "Today we are enter- always symbolize the best parts of National Guard. He served his community, working with the First Coast ultimate sacrifices in the fight for tions, he became the nation's first ing a new era for our country and the human spirit. YMCA, the United Way of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville Community
civil rights. black president. its people. Today we celebrate not In closing, I will leave you with Council, Inc., the Jacksonville Urban League, the United Negro College
I am reminded of another great "There is no easy walk to free- the victory of a party, but a victory one of my favorite Nelson Mandela Fund, and the Northeast Florida AIDS Network. He also served his famiman who fought for equality and dom. anywhere, and many of us will for all the people of South Africa... quotes, "Difficulties break some ly and friends. He was a loving husband and father to his wife Jean and his justice not in South Africa, but in have to pass through the valley of The task at hand on will not be men but make others. No axe is sons Chester Aikens II and Chae Rashard, and he Was a wonderful friend America. Martin Luther Kings the shadow of death again and easy. But you have mandated us to sharp enough to cut the soul of a to me and many others. Dr. Aikens' loss will. be deeply felt by our entire
said, "A man who does not have again before we reach the moun- change South Africa from a country sinner who keeps on trying, one community and all who knew him. something for which he is willing taintop of our desires," said in which the majority lived with lit- armed with the hope that he will to die is not fit to live." Mandela. tle hope, to one in which they can rise even in the end." Ae i a
Last week, a giant amongst His impact on the world has been live and work with dignity, with a Signing off from Cape Town, H ow Ae i a
giants passed away at the age of 95. profound. sense of self-esteem and confi- South Africa well, in spirit...
Most would say that it is truly U.S. President Barack Obama dence in the future." Reggie Fullwood
remarkable that Mandela lived as said, "We've lost one of the most P l t c n ~ t n l
long as he did considering his long influential, courageous, and pro- P o i ic.ost n l
fight to unite South Africa. It is foundly good human beings that r-hard to sunmmarize his life in one any of us will share time with on
article or even a series of articles this Earth. He no longer belongs to N e l c s B l c oe
when you consider the magnitude us he belongs to the ages." A ~ 4 ~ Tr4 by Thedor Johso is, theF bettigfrIuain
of what he helped accomplish. "Our nation has lost its greatest 1 E NI0S PR9 -fkr O.-or A yThoor ohsniste et hn fror tentror
L MA ~ Our political system is neglecting A new reportfrmteCnrfo
A feedm fghtr, ivi rihts son Ou peplehav lot afater, ~ ~'~black women and we can change American Progress (CAP) entitled,
activist, terrorist, prisoner, leader, South African President Jacob OA' itNonesmanghsaru nt"eSaeof fic-mrcn
and President are just a few titles Zuma said. "What made Nelson fJ1jIA etrta lckwmntesle.WmninteUie tts ih
that have been given to Mandela Mandela great was precisely what etrtanbakwmnthmevs oeni h ntd tts ih
thrughut he ear. Al ae tue n mde im uma. W sa inhimWomen like Roxane Gay, Brittney lights that the intersection of racial
somefor orfasion bu ewnv wat~e sek n orseves' 1Cooper and countless others have anid, gender disparities. meets at the
these few titles don't fully describe In 2003, 1 visited South, Africa -written powerfully and eloquently experience of black women. Despite
a mn wo 'elpd tansorma Mndea hd rtird a~reidetabout the unique experience of being this, in the last presidential election,
conr mand thohelword. butsor wanea sartiey involviein a black woman in America, and I they had the highest voter participaMouchr like the Civild Right move reha ing theonry initlwas as would like to add my voice in soli- tion rate of any comparable group in
ment in America needed strong amazing experience. daity. Because it's important that the country.
leadership so did the anti- I visited Robbin Island and -4Y) black men publicly voice our support Black women experience socioeapathed mvemnt.Manelawas waled hrogh he risn taton these issues not just in order to conomic inequity more than anyone
athleader.vHisndefianelf wit housed thogreathaer frson may stand alongside our mothers, sisters, else, yet they vote more than all oththatleaer.Hisdefanceof hit hosedthegrea lederforso anydaughters, and friends, but because it ers (and almost always mn favor of
te Democratic candidate). There are
two important implications in this
When the Tax Man Cometh, Black Dollars Goeth thravety gonte argly cnen
rae e irsterly oncdesd
By James Clingman offices in various cities, Compro professionals can and will provide ness, one that millions of people foundation for our young people. Second, despite the evidence of the
When the tax man cometh, Black Tax is the oldest and largest Black- you with complete and expert serv- can use throughout the year, not We will also provide them with the black electorate bellwether, there is dollars "goeth." Where will they owned tax/financial assistance ice. just during tax filing time. It does- proper examples of what they, in little real effort by candidates to
goeth? Down a myriad of paths in firm in the country. Go to the web- In business for more than 30 n't open a storefront in your neigh- turn, should do. work hard for those votes. The
pursuit of new items such as fur-ni- site,, and find the years and headquartered in borhood in December and close So, while this is not entirely Republican Party assumes it is unobture, cars, clothing, and other office closest to you, which elimi- Beaumont, Texas, Compro Tax is down in April. It is always there, about Compro Tax, I do encourage tamnable. The Democratic Party niceties. But first, unless you do nates the first excuse for some of dedicated to helping its employees and its offices are committed to you to seek them out, as well as knows it can rely on overwhelming your own tax return or get it done you. and franchise owners obtain the and engaged in their respective other Black-owned tax preparation support from the black community
for free by someone, Black dollars As for the second excuse, and training they need to provide great communities. firms in your city. You will devel- because of precedent and, quite hongoeth t o tax preparation firms, the those among us who are still suf- service to their customers; it also In keeping with my theme of op relationships with some great estly, lack of a viable alternative. vast majority of which are not fering from psychological enslave- offers great incentives that result in economic empowerment, this is people, and you will be exposed to These lead to the political alien-

December 12-18, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 5

Man dela Hailed as 'last gre at liberator 'as the World Salutes


U.S. President Barack Obama (R) delivers remarks during the ofi
cial memorial service with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (L) Members of the public attend the Nelson Mandela memorial service Memer o te ubicaten te Nlsn anel mmoia srvce and South Africa President Jacob Zuma (C) at FNB Stadium. at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Amdcheers and song for the diumn was oniy two-thirds full, fr-om the corridors of power, a boy democratic elections. On the way to marketing company. Mandela and South Africa's last
prsnrwho became peacemaker, Obama implored people to raised herding cattle and tutored by the podium, Obama shook hands She had a South African flag apartheid-era president, F.W. de President Barack Obama energized embrace Mandela's universal mes- the elders of his Thembu tribe, with Cuban President Raul Castro, draped over her shoulders and car- Kierk, received the Nobel Peace tens of thousands of spectators and sage of peace and justice, compar- Madiba would emerge as the last underscoring a recent warming of ried a big photo of Mandela as she Prize. De Klerk, a political rival nearly 100 visiting heads of state ing the South African leader to great liberator of the 20th century," relations between their countries, stood in line at the stadium. who became friends with Mandela, Tuesday with a plea for the world to Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther Obama said, referring to Mandela Other attending leaders criticized Rohan Laird, the 54-year-old was also in the stadium. emulate Nelson Mandela, "the last King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. by his clan name. for their human rights records were CEO of a health insurance compa- In his Nobel acceptance speech at
great liberator of the 20th century." Mandela spent 27 years in prison Obama, who like Mandela Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, ny, said he grew up during white the time, Mandela said: "We live
Obama's eulogy was the rhetori- under a racist regime, and promoted became the first black president of Equatorial Guinea's Teodoro rule in a "privileged position" as a with the hope that as she battles to cal highlight of a memorial service forgiveness and reconciliation his country, said he was inspired by Obiang Nguema and Gambia's white South African and that remake herself, South Africa will be in which South Africans celebrated when he was finally freed. Mandela as a student. The speech Yahya Jammeh. Mandela helped whites work like a microcosm of the new world
Mandela's life with singing and "We will never see the likes of was greeted with thunderous In contrast to the wild applause through a burden of guilt. that is striving to be born." dancing, often during dignitaries' Nelson Mandela again," Obama applause, and many heads of state given to Obama, South African "His reconciliation allowed The rain was seen as a blessing speeches. They also booed their said. "But let me say to the young and other foreign dignitaries gave a President Jacob Zuma was booed. whites to be released themselves," among many of South Africa's own president and were chided by a people of Africa, and young people standing ovation. Many South Africans are unhappy Laird said. "I honestly don't think majority black population.
top government official who said: around the world you can make Obama pointed out that "around with Zuma because of state corrup- the world will see another leader "Only great, great people are "Let's not embarrass ourselves." his life's work your own." the world today, men and women tion scandals, though his ruling like Nelson Mandela." memorialized with it," said Harry
Lashing rain lent a freewheeling He hailed Mandela, who died are still imprisoned for their politi- African National Congress, once A dazzling mix of royalty, states- Tshabalala, a driver for the justice aspect to the memorial, with people Thursday at 95, as the unlikely cal. beliefs, and are still persecuted led by Mandela, remains the front- men and celebrities was in atten- ministry. "Rain is life. This is pertaking shelter in the stadium's wide leader of a movement that gave for what they look like, or how they runner ahead of elections next year. dance. fect weather for us on this occahallways, where they sang anti- "potent voice to the claims of the worship, or who they love." Mandela's record after he was Thabo Mbeki, who succeeded sion."
apartheid anthems from the 1 970s oppressed and the moral necessity Among the heads of state and elected in the first all-race elections Mandela as president, got a rousing People blew on vuvuzelas, the and 1980s. Foul weather kept many of racial justice. government were some from coun- in 1994 has faced some criticism, cheer as he entered the stands, plastic horn that was widely used
away, and the 95,000-capacity sta- "Bomn during World War I, far tries like Cuba that don't hold fully most of it indirect because he is French President Francois Hollande during the 2010 World Cup soccer such a revered figure. and his predecessor and rival, tournament in South Africa, and
He did not push for major restruc- Nicolas Sarkozy, arrived together. sang songs from the era of the antiS er ice S e f r Cm m u itturing of the economy, fearing it U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki- apartheid struggle decades earlier.

trol most of South African industry. tors. brated by song and dance, which is
lru ste e I) li st r ~ A kieu s Today, the country struggles with Mandela's widow, Graca Machel, what we South Africans do," said
T ru s ee r. h est r A A i en s economic inequality, though and his former wife, Winnie Xolisa Madywabe, CEO of a South
Mandela's moral stature sets him Madikizela-Mandela, gave each African investment firm. Every now and then in our lives "Chet" and Chae; sisters: Barbara Friday from 9:30 a.m. until the hour far apart from his successors, other a long hug before the cere- Mandela's body will now lie in you are allowed to meet one of Stephens, Rhonda Moore (Ronnie) of service. "Mandela was a very humble monies began. state for three days at the Union
those very special spirits that God and Katrina Aikens (Jerome); Interment will be in Mt. Zion man, and he gave himself to the Actress Charlize Theron, model Buildings in Pretoria, once the seat has placed on our earth to improve brother Judge Augustus D. Aikens AME Church & Cemetery, Cherry world. He sacrificed time with his Naomi Campbell and singer Bono of white power, before burial mankind. Dr. Chester A. Aikens (LaGrande); mother-in-law Georgia Lake, FL on Saturday, December family for us and for me. It is a priv- were among the celebrities paying Sunday in his rural childhood vilwas one such angel. A native of Hudson Johnson; sister-in-law 14, 2013. On Saturday, Dr. Aikens ilege to be here, it is a humbling final tribute. lage of Qunu in Eastern Cape
Madison, Florida, he moved to Jenethel Davis (Charles), Doretha will rest for visitation at Mt. Zion experience," said 35-year-old Symbolically, Tuesday was the Province. Jacksonville over thirty years ago to Anderson (Jesse), Dorothy Youman A.M.E. Church, 407 NE Mt. Zion Dipolelo Moshe, who works for a 20th anniversary of the day when began his life in the River City with and Pauline Miller (Cornell); aunts Church Ave., Madison. FL, from 9 Jean, his childhood sweetheart and Mattie Bowles, Lillian Balloon, a.m. until I11 a.m. with reflections at wife. Little did they know then the Lillie B. Nesbitt, Nellie Balloon, 11 a.m. and committal service fol'legacy that would be created. Dr. Irene Aikens and Leola Garvanda lowing with Bishop Rudolph W. Aikens went on to create a thriving (Arne); uncle Ulysses Balloon; also McKissick, Sr. and Reverend dental practice, mentor many of many devoted nieces, nephews, Emnestine Barkley, officiating. Jacksonville's most notable citi- godchildren, mentees and friends. Arrangements entrusted to the zens, volunteer his time and talents Funeral Service will be Friday, Eastside Chapel of Marion Graham for the underserve community and December 13, 2013, at 11 a.m. at Mortuaries, 900 A. Philip Randolph play a consistent role in shaping the Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, Dr. Marion political landscape of the city. He 215 Bethel Baptist St., Jr., Bishop Graham, Jr., L.F.D. and E., and was a life-long learner with a deep Rudolph W. McKissick, Sr. and Ganzy Funeral Home, Inc., 1171 love and respect for his Lord, fami- Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, Jr., SW State Road 14, Madison, FL. ly, friends, people, education and pastors. Visitation will be held at In Lieu of flowers, donations may AE/21
his community. Bethel Baptist Institutional Church be made in Dr. Aikens name to the
Dr. Chester Aikens practiced den- on Thursday, December 12th, from Ritz Chamber Players or the tistry and law and was the first 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. with reflections Children's Ministry of Bethel African American from from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. and on Baptist Institution Church.
Jacksonville to be National Dental_________________________________Asoito President Hercie

Page 6 -Ms. Perry's Free Press December. 12-18, 2013

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Anoferngwoodleawen n-prsbtesfra thodbnil nwaylcumiae Miitie toy Drivel aom nd StCTomsihrsiatUivrst begralyaprestdoent Hnomoand l Messiah5 7tlowhp Sanural Dchmbri2stma Fellowsm, t hip PrmadelgtsecSnsa "Saluer 1tto S en o" .B
Thefusic datm e of eoo lawn Prsytan hrhd Rvre i:" n MA rkl' .in Grffiw an Wayma i nisrie T is h aevnato ives St. Thomas Christin U nert preent aR "aue tovenomr SatuRday,
Commnit Sigerspreent"Hanel' Mesiah" Snda, Deembr 2 n ainmolet rfrchldents ag es ebond t1ya rlctioiisfrtersdntks plahe Deemer 14th 4- 6 opdm. F eti Lafune t he coancetaeshplace
at4p m.erslistn arart FeS on, P a wnd Mact h i an aa Wnesbrday Deceme 18inrapp o ys Wand caneroppdofnh at A4-79. wll eolsnernFradtional Churh, io 193Edo od Avenue0.Frmr Spans; Rogisn Kel, JtranetOwnsc lts;MatgSmmnsgenr;adiolownnlcaiosfWymnScdey.fthPAtsGmnsim 16Lnfrmtoncal38-592o vsiCwwuoeorsnorhcm Ch30rstherFor Wille, Carswents asss Thisdbl matrwilbcoLee S trea, ethore ofpCasst vnue tiPymutionayan Chapelizn ibeScoarhp dautday Oetaeemanth and Roger as. eny Mauck Floganp anlD. AME Church, 8855tia Sanchezty Rod1h0o3rv bnft h eienso .Boea CnlelightSrvicfernbil Ane ofering wi bned t atnd ninris ae temsafor tefobkwill section will cntih theen7th Annua CommnityChisma canlegh selrie, tsuny, Dcembzers 5th yas 4pmo ed jo in A.r B.r be gel appwreiuae Formein.For mdtio s call 765 19 Fellowshi, S tday, December 1st 12 pm 3ehe B pm., t Intttheoaymanur c oeanail y forl a8-52 te o efleto andmeeor ioorlvd. nsa wwsla ffordabl He lhiaescdeo f thers ynsi um, 1rrsnster216 Lhtabe S tret tie' The StTh asF ilLfeCnr,21RoeAnu(onrofow
is:at "An AepW r o hitr F n e l's Potuint gofpe Vie d Par lnnalre evTre includes e nu anrd, Moie Rad Event isf Ehbi a Refehets
Se in rentrctai n refreshents aes nativti iesl fourch 25the l es ti t ofte wilhe serd! Fhort adional iormatow n e Cona ct in 768-0507.e
Phat ~~ a St.e Poo yl lb aul Luthdri e a n neighbhePht orho o more informant 8954o callt wnd ehmca recm Patterso atgug eeme 31s h ehbi ncue
2730est legllcnewoo aye, prse a jaffor da weatr Seir, Bethe Baptis Insittina Seiordns Citgrens Bibl Soar shatiluiaip.Turs Samerday, D lecbrth at 10:3 aumin hec hrch's Fllcowshi Ha eanall. St.Thma Chur hA n aonainlwrkiin Univ90e bsity 103t C ent op2lDie soffaerigbe,
Thoped omuaty Jnis vte toatn. n r ins re neaigsarll be-21 on sieC u cdrs n s T e F n l"cegie sclarships rtie senio citizen 0 er oultora Fororeh

to hep hns erinu a ques is ia oUmr ndt ical r65419orvii On Sunday, December 15th, at 7p:.m. the B eAtst Dstit tio n tad u Chln nd G oga.F r m r details call 389-5592, ext 30vriiiswigraeuctotc Cwwspurchrg B Sho l c iss ll r present Thei 2013 Dys Christmas a Tata enttlduc Thetjckovilcm
Dona t "Slte to Helprs Warm fororra the Wne Fia".etungoSpertl eedmeachng L Clstake Saitru Purpse Wod hutadSngEhbttRt
PhatRydr MtorCyce Clb anua cot diveisimoionThPht hFrc more a inf rsmao Calelih 84-48 o uisit w reahumscem wlbe Tug Lan ue onew isptruglihe eceer 31st hre. exIbirtine Ryderos w iscleting Unewst and senots, j"acket an os sw eat for they eeme 4ha 7~.Tepblci xede am mstb eevd nteFe Pesofcs oltrtanM naa hles Pcoecton S at re owni December 1 5 6pm th All o s canom beshwt Saint Paul AME tochuercthe Sannuals rith a re audim.o rhedingstpho tors a nrtitimiatin Dr.e Trnr'so dntrpen fat nknslCurh BBQ3 ldo dAn e F or etail caln36222ormto fouACuc slcte t61 e ig oa.TeRv r h ntdat wkinl the prints esalin ta p eopaiale faiant there
visit 9-59 ow~parde tww~oeoreirs~cmrcolm.ekoak- MrvnC P agdean th patr2o oeifrmto altecuc deste. savery- hmeai ne and passed0 o n i th erltu a olniy ough
On~mil m Sundaye Decmbe 22nd atd 10:55 aame thee Finc Art Departmen and Carolin andGerga.Formoeletilscala32555oovsi
Ste ThoapChist UnisitytoaCuc
Churc School wiis present "Theovile Twlv Days2 of04 Chris4as. Thi prdc wwrtzjacksoniNlecoL
Prsetsa Saut t Snirs to wllpotry heSpriua main o Critms.SantPal1M
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Bethel~ m Bapis Intttonal ChurchSnPESNEDB

Weeklyo Service
Senior Pastorrsi Mdee erie
Comeshae 7 40vCmuin nISna at 14 and 10:40 a.m. WdedyNo evc

930am TheWors hep Sonsth
BisopRuolh 630p3d uda LIV 4:0 prdy man Mc1s7ck Jr.4

the web visit8am
NWWw.truth2p~owerministries.orgI Prime F. Osborn Ill
O* LGrace anlec CnetonCne

December 12-18, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 7

Many Uninsured Blacks

Eligible for More Aid

by Jazelle Hunt any state that expands Medicaid. much income to qualify for
WASHINGTON (NNPA) -As Today, 6.8 million African Medicaid, but not enough to afford
President Obama continues a Americans of all ages are unin- private plans in the marketplace revised campaign to shore up sured. Florida, Georgia, Texas, without assistance.
American confidence in the North Carolina, and New York are That assistance comes in the form Affordable Care Act, a new report home to the highest populations of of tax credits to help purchase plans released today points out that six uninsured African Americans who from the Marketplace. In states that out of 10 uninsured African are eligible for the ACA's provi- do expand Medicaid, individuals Americans who are eligible for sions. Of those, only New York has and families with household insurance through the Affordable expanded Medicaid. incomes from 138 to 400 percent of
Care Act's marketplaces 4.2 mil- If all 50 states expanded the federal poverty level may be elilion people may also be eligible Medicaid, 95 percent of uninsured gible for the credits (that's $38,047 for federal options and/or financial African Americans would be eligi- to $110,281 per year for a family of assistance with healthcare costs. ble for Medicaid, CHIP, or five). In states that do not expand According to the report from the Marketplace tax credits, including Medicaid, those with family Department of Health and Human those without dependents in the incomes between 100 and 400 perServices, 2.2 million may qualify home who have traditionally been cent of the FPL may qualify for tax Summer Brook residents, staff and friends celebrate the tradition of for either tax credits to help pur- barred from Medicaid. In addition credits (or $27,570 to $110,281 per
chase plans in the Health Insurance to using the virtual marketplace to year for a family of five). Earth a W ite Summer Brook Health Care Center held their 14th annual Gospel Extravaganza and Tree Marketplace, while the other 2 mil- compare plans offered by the pri- The tax ciedits are significant.
Lighting Celebration Sunday, December 8th in the Center's Dining Hall. The evening was celebrated with resi- lion may qualify for free to low- vate companies in their own state, For a family of four with an income dents, their families, staff, volunteers, and friends that have been a part of the Summer Brook facility. Festivities cost coverage through Medicaid or the uninsured also have the option of $50,000 in Houston, Texas' included a gospel selection from the Summer Brook Resident Choir. Resident Council Representative Deborah the Children's Health Insurance to become insured through Houston County for example, the Nakagawa spoke words of appreciation, while Facility Administrator Lori Fordham gave closing remarks and the Program (CHIP). To be eligible for Medicaid, insure their children second-lowest coverage insurance benediction. A great time was had by all the residents as each year they celebrate to keep Miss Eartha Mary the Health Insurance Marketplace through CHIP, or use federal tax package would cost $658 monthly, Magdalene White's Vision alive. Eartha Mary Magdalene White, an African-American humanitarian and the one must be nonelderly and lawful- credits to mitigate the cost of a pri- before applying the tax credit. With founder of the Clara White Mission, began the "Colored Old Folks Home" with her mother Clara White in 1902. ly living in the United States. vate plan from the marketplace. the credit, they're covered for $282 The home later became the "Eartha White Nursing Home", and is presently named Summer Brook Health Care Under the law, states can decide Currently, 26 states have done so, per month (or $74 per month, for Center. R. Silver photo. whether or not to expand Medicaid and according to the report, the lowest level of coverage).
coverage to people living on at least Medicaid currently covers 60 per- For a single 27 year-old with an Three Star G eneral K eynotes at St.Philips 138 percent of the federal poverty cent of eligible uninsured African income of $25,000 in the south Los
lie(currently, it's $15,857 per year Americans. However, an additional Angeles area, the second lowest Continued from Page 1 included a dinner dance. teachers and church leaders; He for a single person, and $38,047 per 2.2 million eligible uninsured level of coverage is $182/month
Lt. General Ronald Bailey was General Bailey addressed the proudly and fondly recalled his year for a family of five). This pro- African American adults with fami- before the credit, and $145 after (or,
welcomed by Father Hugh youth of St. Philip's and the time of service as an Acolyte at St. vision expands the safety net for ly incomes below 100 percent of $122 and $92, respectively, per Chapman and parishioners of St. Jacksonville community. He shared Cyprian Episcopal Church under people who are just above the the federal poverty level live in month, for the "catastrophic" plan). Philip's Episcopal Church, as well some of his personal experiences Father Fred Hunter. He encouraged poverty line, but still unable to states that are not expanding This report is another in a stream as many in the Jacksonville com- growing up in St. Cyprian the adults in attendance to "Build It afford packages from private corn- Medicaid. Twice as many uninsured of reports, speeches, and grassroots munity. General Bailey who hails Episcopal Church of St. Augustine, to last!" for this generation! The panies. The government is required African Americans live at the 138 level talking points on the benefits from St. Augustine, Florida, cur- Florida where he credits his mother, General along with the youth later to provide 100 percent of funding percent FPL threshold, but only 1.5 of enrolling in the Health Insurance rently serves as the Deputy Mrs. Martha Bailey whom he fond- enjoyed a reception prepared under for the first three years (phasing million live in Medicaid expansion Market began initiated last week by Commandant for Plans, Policies ly refers to as "Gunny Mom" and the creative eye of Mrs. Gloria down to no less than 90 percent fed- states. That leaves nearly 3 million the Obama administration. The and Operations, Headquarters, U.S. his late father, Mr. Donald Bailey as Morrison. eral funding in subsequent years) to people stuck between having too reception so far has been mixed.
Marines Corps, Pentagon, not giving him a choice of attending
Washington, D.C. This year's Sunday school, church and singing
theme, "Using Our Common in the Youth Choir. He stated this Threads to Mend the Frayed Fabric was required of him and he never of Society" was woven throughout questioned it. He challenged the the three day celebration which youth to listen to their parents, SIII II I

Lend a Helping Hand for the

Eureka Gardens' Christmas Party I have friends _and loved ones suffering from Maya Angelovw
The AnnieRuth Foundation is hosting a Christmas party for the youth (18 Alzheimer's. But Ican im gn... and hoeauthor, poet, educator
years and younger) and senior citizens of Eureka Gardens Apartments. iaiehp
Come out and enjoy this fun-filled day of activities and fun! The fun takes for... a world without this terrible disease. place Saturday, December 2 1st at the Eureka Gardens' Community Center, 12 4 p.m. Activities include games, arts & crafts, outdoor music, pres- You can help make a difference. A major brain imaging study led by
ents poetry, singing, dancing, entertainment and Santa Claus!! For more information call 200-7202 or visit the National Institutes of Health may help us learn how to stop the
progression of Alzheimer's.
Em lym n Opporunit Please consider joining the study if you are between 55 and 90 and:
0 are in good general health with no memory problems, OR

are in good general health but have memory problems
Drivers: $5,000 or concerns, OR

e*av diagnosis of early Alzheimer's disease.
Sign-On Bonus! For more information, call 1 -800-438-4380

Grea Pa Co sisent reiht!or visit www.alzheimers.orglimagine. Great Miles oniseinal Accout.

Wer*1n r n tr is : 0U'& 4p w

Page 8 Ms. Perry's Free Press December 12-18, 2013


S What to do from social, volunteer, political and sports activities to self enrichment and the civic scene

James Baldwin's Play P.R.I.D.E December from 5 8 p.m, Santa will make a excitement, Saturday, December Florida Theater, 128 E. Forsyth. For
"The Amen Corner" Book Club Meeting stop at the Jacksonville Landing, 2 14th, at 8 p.m. until midnight. For more information call the Mizell Schell Sweet Free
Stae uroa hetrialCopan, oi Pepl Radig or W. Independent Drive for "free" reservations or more information group at 729-6798 or visit Food Give-a-Way
Stag AuoraThetrial ompny, Joi PepleReaingforphotos. You can purchase a picture email or
Inc. inside the Gateway Town Inspiration Discussion and or bring your own camera for free call 240-1009 or visit www.jazz- Save the date for a free food giveCenter will kick-off the 2013-2014 Enjoyment for their final book club photos. For more info call 353- Jazzland Caf6 is Dave Chappelle a-way, Saturday, December 21st at
season with "The Amen Corner" meeting of the year at the home of 1188. located at 1324 University Blvd. 8:30 a.m. at Schell Sweet Center,
December 6-15th. The play is the Gwen Lee Green, 1658 Lauder North. in Concert 1697 Kings Rd. on the campus of
story of Sister Margaret Alexander, Avenue. Gwen will host and pro- Riverside Arts Market Comedian Dave Chappelle will be Edward Waters College. Additional
who has devoted her life to serving vide a festive holiday menu Friday, Gullah Food Tasting in concert Thursday, December help with food stamps, Medicaid
the Lord, but when her son unex- December 13th at 7 p.m. The book Holidazzle Event 19th at 7 p.m. at the Florida Theater and senior services also available.
pectedly reunites her with her for discussion is "The Confession" The Riverside Arts Market & Book Signing 128 E. Forsyth. For more informa- For more information, call 470estranged husband, she finds herself by John Grisham. For more infor- Holidazzle will be Saturday, Chef Charlotte Jenkins of Gullab tion visit 8930. tom. Featuring live gospel music. mation call 389-8417. December 14th, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Cuisine Low Country Restaurant or call 355-5661.
For more information call 765-73 72 Enjoy a unique nighttime experi- brings the special flavors and dish- NMWv Clothes
or visit Duval County ence and celebrate the holidays es of Gullah culture to the Ritz with Raines Class of '77 Gv-- a
Wne Wokhp with local artists and artisans offer- a special food demonstration, tast- Christmas Soiree TheJakonile Loa
Flashdance the Musical Wne Wokhp ing thousands of gift ideas. RAM ing and signing of her cookbook, TeJcsnil oa
TheArtst eres s cleratng ts The Duval County Extension sits just west of downtown beneath Saturday, December 14th, 1 3 The 1977 Alunmni Class of William Organizing Committee of the 3the Aristvers wish ceebratingit Offices/UF IFAS will be offering a the canopy of the Fuller Warren p.m. For more information visit M Raines is having its annual Millions More Movement Inc. t hnmesar wit th popcu Winter Workshop on Friday, Bridge. For more details visit or call Christmas Celebration, Friday, (JLOC, MMM Inc.), a non-profit
tue penon ofag Fec asheance5 December 13th from 9:30 a.m. or 632-5555. The Ritz is located at December 20th, at 7 p.m. at "The will 'Give-A-Way clothes',
liv.e n sae l heembery 1015 Noon at the Duval County contact Krysten Bennett at 389- 829 N. Davis St. Meeting Room, "10 142 103rd Saturday, December 21st. The
2013. Tens mua tlsuh story ofl Extension Office, 1010 N McDuff 2449. Street, Suite 3. All are welcome to location is 916 N. Myrtle Avenue.,
Ale Oweans, a itburg stnel mil Ave. Topics include Repotting Phat Ryders Coats and attend! For more information and between Kings Road and Beaver
welderwiby da s and a oba daey Orchids, Winter Garden Tips, and Christmas at the Ritz -.1tickets call 404-293-5498 or email Street from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you
bmnig wit ressam ofoerda Make and Take Seed Starting. For Clothing Giew y have any questions or just want to
bomng a nfprofesion perfrmer more information email Join the renowned Ritz Sound and The Phat ive awaooryeCu learn more about the Millions More
Fortimosresjinformaon visit42 or call 255-7450. Vocal Performers and some of has collected coats and clothing for Free Vocational Arts Movement, visit www.jacksonvileww29.atserejxrgocal42 Jacksonville's most talented and those in need and will distribute the Tiin Clse or call 240-9133 or email
Family Festival at celebrated musical artists in a items and provide a Jenkins Quality
NAA P ece be Lnni Mlle Prk Christmas Celebration, Saturday, Barbecue dinner and drink for the 2 1st Century Academy a program
NAA P D cem er onie illr Prk December 14th at 7:30 p.m. The first 100 people in line, Sunday, geared toward ages 16-2 1, and will Holiday Life Camp
General Meeting Councilman Reggie Brown will concert will leave you lifted and in December 15th at 1 p.m. at Jenkins offer an educational and workforce
The ackonvlle ranh NACP host a Holiday Family Festival, the Christmas spirit! For more Quality Barbecue, 830 N. Pearl St. training program that will consist of with Donovan Darius
Theer aksneranchemNAAChp Saturday, December 14th, 12 5 information visit www.ritzjack- For more details call 536-2212 or Office Administration, Health Care, NFL All Pro and former Jaguar Deeer Geeral Mebe hrship, p.m. at Lonnie C. Miller Park, 7689 or call 632-5555. The email Culinary, Hospitality and Personal Donovin Darius invite children
Meee will be held ptthdy Price Lane. Enjoy live music with Ritz is located at 829 N. Davis St. Care is offering free classes. The ages 8-16 to join him for the "Pay it
DeCmbea12thater 7:15apem ath artist Miles Jaye, food, games and Mindless Behavior project will serve 104 students with Forward" Holiday Life C.A.M.P.,
NAACP eaqutrst locted T fun for the entire family. For more Christmas Carole's academic and career instruction. Saturday, December 21st, 9 a.m.
1725P Oakhst Ave nue.n Theda information call 630-1684. in Concert The program is free to those who p.m. at EverBank Field. There is
NAACPe mets. evemr 2ndfTrdayo Birthday Jazz Soiree Gather up the teens and head to the qualify. Deadline to apply is no cost to attend. For more inforvisit www. Free Photos with Spend a night filled with love and teen-pop/R&B quartet Mindless December 20th. If you are interest- mation or to register visit www.darmusic for Jazzland creator Carole Behavior concert featuring ed in learning more about this pro- iusnextleveltraining.comor call or call 764-7578. Santa at the L~anding Freeman! Enjoy live jazz, special Jacksonville's own Gud, Gud girls, gram contact the Program 290-3320.
On Saturday, December 14th, guest musicians, big fim and real Friday, December 17th at the Coordinator at 766-6736.

@1 Do You Have an event

.~, Ifor rArousnd Town?

The ackonvile reePress is please to print your pb
~ lic service announcements and coming events free of
~'*~. charge. news deadline is Monday at 6 p.m. by the week

you ouldlike your information to be printed.
Information can be sent via email, fax, brought into our
Soffc or mailed in. Please be sure to include the 5W's
wh, hawhen, whrwhy adyou mutincludea
~ 1,~A'contact number.
~.'~'"Email ~e~esalcm Fax (904) 765-3803
~'. ~ Mail: Coming Events Jacksonville Free Press
903 W. Edgewood Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32203



Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 9 December 12-18, 2013'


1. TENNESSEE STATE (10-4) Head coach Rod Reed's troops finished sec- game rematch (34-27, 2 OTs). Losses to Houston (62-13), NW State (55-14), ond in OVC to Eastern Illinois then won FCS first round playoff game vs. Butler Jackson State (19-14) and Alcorn State (44-38). (31-0). Walloped for second time by E. Illinois in 2nd round (51-10 after 34-16 6. JACKSON STATE (8-4) SWAC East Division champ fell to Southern (27loss earlier). Losses also to Bethune-Cookman (12-9) and E. Kentucky (44-0). 24, 2 OTs) in SWAC Championship Game. Also lost to Tulane (34-7), TennesJust one loss (EIU in playoffs) with junior QB Michael German at the helm. see State (26-16) and Alcorn State (48-33).
2. WINSTON-SALEM STATE (10-2) Won CIAA South and represented con- 7. ALCORN STATE (8-3) Tied for second in SWAC East Division. Lost to Miss. A 'ference in Div. II playoffs. Won first round game over Slippery Rock (27-20) State (51-7), Alabama State (49-30) and Alabama A&M (19-18).
before bowing to Shepherd (7-0) in 2nd round. Also lost season opener to 8. ALABAMA STATE (8-4) Tied for second in SWAC East Division. Lost to UNC-Pembroke (25-21). Jacksonville State (24-22), Jackson State (30-23), Kentucky (48-14) and South3. BETHUNE-COOKMAN (10-3) MEAC co-champ received conference's au- ern (31-28).
tomatic bid to FCS playoffs. Lost in first round to Coastal Carolina (48-20). Lost 9. TUSKEGEE (8-3) Finished second in SIAC West but received NCAA Div. Tennessee State Sports Photo to Florida State (54-6) and Norfolk State (27-24). II playoff berth. Fell to North Alabama in first round (30-27). Also had losses to
STANDING TALL: Head 4. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE (9-4) MEAC co-champs got at-large bid to Miles (41-36) and W-S State (35-13).
coach Rod Reed led Ten- FCS playoffs but lost at home to Furman (30-20) in first round. Also lost to 10. VIRGINIA STATE (9-1) CIAA North Division champ involved in melee that FOOTBALL nessee State to Top 25 FCS Coastal Carolina (27-20), Clemson (52-13) and Bethune-Cookman (14-3). cancelled championship game and caused CIAA to disqalify team from NCAA
finish, first round playoff 5. SOUTHERN (9-4) SWAC champion after defeating Jackson State in title Div. II playoffs. Only loss was to Benedict (30-14). W RAP win vs. Butler.

~~BCSP Notes--Tennessee State finishes at No. I Grambling names Broderick Fobbs
With no truly dominant football team this year and no deep run new head football coach
for any team in the playoffs, picking the top team in the final BLACK GRAMBLING, La. -Grmbling State President Frank G. Pogue
COLLEGE SPORTS PAGE Top Ten was a daunting task.
Tennessee State (10-4) gets the nod but only by a whisker. and Athletic Director Aaron James announced last week the selection of Fobbs Bailey Wyatt Junior
The Blue Tigers under head coach Rod Reed finished behind former Grambling player Broderick Lee Fobbs as the school's next head
FCS No. 2 Eastern Illinois in the OVC race and earned an FCS play- football coach.
off berth this year in the expanded field. After a first round win over Fobbs was chosen from a pool of more than 100 candidates. His ap- OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Greg McGhee, Howard
Butler, they came up short against the EIU juggernaut for the second pointment, effective Monday (Dec. 9), was approved by the University of DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Joe Thomas, South Carolina State
OFFENSIVE LINEMAN OF THE YEAR: Tristan Bellamy, South Carolina State
time in the second round. Louisiana System Board of Supervisors and a news conference was held ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Tarik Cohen, North Carolina A&T
Of its four losses, all except the playoff loss occurred when Monday to make the formal announcement. COACH OF THE YEAR: Brian Jenkins, Bethune-Cookman
starting quarterback Michael German was not on the field and with Fobbs, the tight ends coach at McNeese State, was an honors student FIRST TEAM
freshman Ronald Butler at the controls. That included a 12-9 loss to while playing GSU football in the late 1990s under legendary head foot- QB Greg McGhee, Jr., HOW; RB Tarik Cohen, Fr., NC A&T; Ronaldan Finch, Gr., NSU; WR Bethune-Cookman to open the season, the Blue Tigers only black ball coach Eddie G. Robinson Sr., the NCAA's winningest coach in Di- Tyler McDonald, Sr., SCSU; Milton Williams, [Il, Jr., DSU; TE Joseph Hawkins, r-Sr., NSU; college loss. With German under center, the Tigers were a different vision I. He has experience recruiting across Louisiana both at McNeese n r B r t, MSU; Alex Monroe, Sr., B-CU; Dominic
visin I Hehasexpeiene rcrutingacrss ouiianabot atMc~ese Wilson, n.-SO., SCSU; Rashard Brown, Sr., B-Cu and dominant team. The postseason FCS win gives them the nod over (FCS school) and the University of Southern Mississippi (SBS school). DEFENSE
the competition. DL Miles Groom, So., HAM; Andrew Carter, r-Jr., SCSU; Alex Glover, Jr., SCSU; Rodney Gunter,
Last year's top team, Winston-Salem State, ran through the He is the son of Lee Fobbs, a veteran assistant coach who also played Jr., DSU; LB Lynden Trail, r-Jr., NSU; Jarkevis Fields, Sr., B-CU; Joe Thomas, r-Sr., SCSU; DB at Grambling under coach Robinson and also served as head coach at Nick Addison, Jr., B-CU; Darrin Marrow, r-Jr., NSU; Justin Blake, r-Sr., HAM; Admola Olatunji, CIAA for the second straight year but was unable to duplicate its North Carolina A&T from 2006 to 2008. Jr., HOW; P Lawrence Forbes, r-Fr., MSU; PK -Anthony Prevost, Fr., HAM; IRS -Adrian Wilkins,
postseason run to last year's NCAA Div. II national championship r-So., NCCU
game. The Rams (10-2) did get one playoff win before bowing in the Since graduating from GSU in 1997, Fobbs coached high school SECOND TEAM
second round. They finish second in our final ranking. football in Waco, Texas; worked as a graduate assistant at Louisiana- QB Cory Murphy, Sr.. DSJ; RB Isidore Jackson, Sr., B-CU; Anthony Philyaw, Fr., HOW; WR
Eddie Poole, Gr., B-Cu; Simon Heyward, Sn., SSU; TE Kris Drummond, Jr., SSIJ; C Tristan
Bethune-Cookman (10-3) was only clipped by Norfolk State Lafayette and spent five seasons (2002 -2007) at Northwestern State in a Bellamy, r-Sr., SCSU; William Robinson, r-Jr., NC A&T; Nathan Isles, Sr., NC A&T; Darren Pinin the MEAC race but held on to share the MEAC crown with South variety of coaching positions. The latter part of Fobbs career has been at nock, Jr., MSU; Kory Alpichi, Jr., HAM;
Carolina State and earn the conference's automatic FCS playoff McNeese State with the exception of a 2012 season at Southern Missis- DL- Dyron Dye, Gr., B-C; Javon Hargrave, So., SCSU; LaBrandon Richardson, Jr., B-CU; Deon berth. Neither of the co-champs could however break the league's sippi. King, So., NSU; LB D'Vonte Grant, Sr., NC A&T; Delbert Tyler, Sr., HAM; Tazmon Foster, Sr.,
now 14-year drought of FCS (formerly I-AA) playoff wins. B-CU is NCCU; DB D'Vonte Graham, Sr., NC A&T: Michael Jones, Fr., NCCU; Kimario McFadden Sr.,
SCSU; Caron Johnson, Sr., HAM; P Christian Faber-Kimmey, r-Fr., HAM; PK Nick Belcher,
third and SC State fourth in the final ranking.
It wad S terth in e ial rin g PeteRichardsonMichael Bailey out at Virginia Union r-So., SCSU;; RS-TaboteinTaylor, Sr., MSU; D'Vonte Graham, Sr., NCA&T
It was nearly a decade ago in the Pete Richardson era when VignaUinanucdlsgektedsislo edFobl
Southern (9-4) last won a SWAC championship. That changed this Virginia Union announced last week the dismissal of Head Football year when the resurgent Jaguars in their first full year under head Coach and Athletic Director Michael Bailey, who for five years has held
coach Dawson Odums took home the title. The Jags round out the the dual positions. 4
top five in our final ranking. Bailey, 22-28 in five seasons as head coach, joined the Panthers' 1
Three SWAC East Division teams take up the next three spots: coaching staff in 1995 under then-head coach Willard Bailey. He was ap- 4 X
division champ Jackson State (8-4) and runners-up Alcorn State pointed as Virginia Union's athletics director in 2001. Eight years later, he
(8-3) and Alabama State (8-4). The three engaged in a season-long succeeded Greg Richardson as VUU's football coach. His team finished ,
battle for division honors. As it was, 'Bama State beat Alcorn, Alcorn 3-7 this season after a 5-5 record in 2012.
beatJason State and Jackson State beat Alabama State. The differ- ...
ence was JSU had no other SWAC loss while the others did.
Rounding out the top ten are Tuskegee and Virginia State. Wyatt takes the reins at Edward Waters
Tuskegee (8-3) did not win the SIAC title but got into the Div. II Alvin Wyatt, Sr., will be named head football coach at Edward Waplayoffs for the first time in its history and showed well. Virginia ters College in a press conference on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 in the
State (9-1) won the CIAA North but blew a shot at the league title and Adams-Jenkins Community Sports & Music Complex.
a playoff berth with an unfortunate and ugly incident before the title Wyatt, the former Bethune-Cookman head coach, will become the A
game. fourth head coach at Edward Waters since football was reinstated in 2001.
Wyatt had served as defensive coordinator and was named as interim AWARD WINNERS: (L. to r.) Southern QB Dray Joseph, Ark.-Pine Bluff LB FCS PLAYOFFS AND SWAC TITLE GAME RECAPS head coach replacing Brad Bernard midway through this season. Jer-ryan Harris, Alcorn State RB Arnold Walker, Alabama State LB Kourtney
FCS PLAYOFFS SECOND.ROUND Wyatt was the all time winningest coach at Bethune Cookman com- Berry and Jackson State DL Javancy Jones.
Eastern Illinois 51, Tennessee State 10 piling a record of 90-54-0 in ?? seasons.
CHARLESTON, Ill Tennessee State surrendered 553 yards of Top SWAG football players named
total offense, 313 on the ground in bowing to Eastern Illinois 51-10 in a E.J. Junior out, Suber in at Central State BTop INGHAM,Ala. Alcorn State and Alabama State led the way
second round FCS playoff game here Saturday. has reported that EJ. Junior has been fired as with 10 selections apiece with both landing five players on the first team as
Prolific EIU quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, only threw for 240 head football coach at Central State University. Assistant head coach the 2013 Southwestern Athletic Conference postseason football awards
yards (17 of 26) and three touchdowns, but his input augmented a run- / defensive coordinator Darrell Suber has been named the interim head were released in voting conducted by league head coaches and sports inforning attack led by Shepard Little who ran 12 times for 184 yards and coach. mation directors.
two scores including an 80-yard scoring jaunt in the final quarter. Southern senior quarterback Dray Joseph and Alcorn State senior

turnover on TSU's first possession into a field goal to lead 10-0 early. running back Arnold Walker were named Co-Offensive Players of the
Garoppolo's first scoring toss pushed the lead to 16-0 with 4:41 to go in ,kw Year. Arkansas-Pine Bluff senior linebacker Jer-ryan Harris was tabbed
the first period '"Defensive Player of the Year while Alabama State's redshirt freshman
EU added a touchdown with 10 minutes to go before halftime, linebacker Kourtney Berry landed the Newcomer of the Year award.
returned a blocked punt for another score with two minutes to play and Rounding out the postseason accolades, Jackson State defensive lineman
ended the half with a 4-yard passing touchdown, making the score 37-0 Javancy Jones was tagged Freshman of the Year.
at halftime. The Tigers fumbled four times in the first half, losing two, Joseph led Southern to an 8-4 overall record (7-2 SWAC) and its first
missed a field goal and had a punt blocked for the first time all season. TOPS IN THE MEAC: (L. to r.) Howard QB Greg McGhee, SC State LB Joe Western Division title since 2004 with a league best, 3,236 passing yards,
TSU scored on a 7-yard run by Tim Broughton in the third quarter Thomas, NC A&T RB Tanik Cohen, SC State C Tristan Bellamy and B-CU becoming the second quarterback in school history to throw for more than
and Jamin Godfrey's 42-yard field goal in the final stanza, head coach Brian Jenkins. 3,000 yards in a single season. He leads the SWAC in passing yards per
TSU mustered 287 yards of total offense and redshirt junior quar- Mc eThomas lead alI-MEAC pcsgame (269.7) and passing touchdowns (27).
terback Mike German finished 25-of-38 for 242 yards with no inter- c.eepik
ceptions or touchdowns. NORFOLK, Va., -Howard quarterback Greg McGhee was selected Walker capped his collegiate career leading Alcorn State and the
as the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference's (MEAC) Offensive Player of SWAC in rushing yards (l ,191) and rushing touchdowns (16). He averaged SWAC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME the Year and Joe Thomas of South Carolina State earned the Defen- 5.3 yards per carry and led the SWAC averaging 99.2 rushing yards per
Southern 34, Jackson State 27, 20OTs sive Player of the Year honors, as voted on by the MEAC's head football game.
HOUSTON Quarterback Dray Joseph connected with wide re- coaches and sports information directors. Harris anchored UAPB's defense finishing atop the SWAG in tackles
ceiver Lee Doss for a 16-yard touchdown pass to hand Southern Urn- North Carolina A&T running back Tarik Cohen earned the Rookie with 107 (56 solo). He currently sits sixth in the FCS.
versity a 34-27 double overtime victory over Jackson State on Satur- of the Year award and Tristan Bellamy, of S.C. State, was selected as Of- Jones recorded 48 tackles (21 solo) to go along with a team high, 12 day in the 2013 Toyota SWAC Football Championship inside Reliant fensive Lineman of the Year. tackles for loss. He captured five sacks, two pass deflections, a forced fumStum.-)wn t hrdSA hminhp aei colhs Fourth-year head coach Brian Jenkins of Bethune-Cookman was ble, blocked kick and a defensive touchdown.
SU(94)wis tor ani d first undermeon d-yea haea schoah selected for his third Coach of the Year honor. Jenkins led the Wildcats to Berry posted a team-leading 107 total tackles (57 solo, 48 assists) in taory and rtumdsecn-e.haoc a 7-1 MEAC mark, a 10-2 overall record, a share of the conference's regu- the 11 games. In addition, he complemented his stops with seven sacks and
After SU scored, during the ensuing lar season title and the MEAC's automatic berth to the NCAA Division I 11.5 tackles for a loss. He also finished the year with an interception, two
drive, JSU running back Tommy Gooden (FCS) Championships. fumble recoveries; three pass break ups and two quarterback hurries.
stepped out of bounds to negate what would McGhee led the MEAC in total offense (272.9 ypg.), was second in have been a five-yard touchdown pass from passing yards per game (198.2 ypg.) completing 59% of his passes with CO-OFFENSIVE PLAYER oF THE YEAR DEFENSIVE PLAYER oF THE YEAR i Clayton Moore to help JSU (8-4) even the 16 touchdowns. He also finished the season ranked third in the MEAC in DraynosWeh (ohrn) Je-ytaarit(rana-PneBuf
H~... game. Both teams failed to score in the first rsigwith 86yards (74.7 ypg.). NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR
oetm.Thomas recorded 116 total tackles, 84 solo, with a conference-best 19 Kourtney Berry (Alabama State) Javancy Jones (Jackson State)
SWAC Championship Defensive MVP, tackles for a loss and 7.5 sacks during the 2013 campaign. FRTTA
Anthony Balancier, intercepted Moore to OFFENSE
Odums with SWAC end JSU's first attempt in overtime. He led As a freshman, Cohen led the MEAC in rushing, averaging 104.4 QB Dray Joseph, SU; RB Isaiah Crowell, ALS; Arnold Walker, ALC; eL Isaac Sampson,
champs' trophy. SU's defense with 11 tackles with a forced yards per game on 195 attempts with eight touchdowns and became the ALC, Dillon Bonnet, PV; Edmond Davis, ALS; Jordan Arthur, JSU; Johnathan Smith, JSU; WR
fumble and two break ups. first freshman in North Carolina A&T State history to rush for over 1,000 DeAndre Cooper, PV; Lee Doss, SU: TE Johnathan Dorsey, AA&M
Southern placekicker Gregory Pittman's 37-yard field goal at- yards in a season. DL Derrick Bilups, ALAB; Amir Bloom, TSU; Javancy Jones, JSU; Robert Simpson, MVSU; LB
tempt was blocked by Conard Brown, keeping the Tigers' hopes alive. Bellamy aided a dominating Bulldog offense that accounted for 4,101 Jer-ryan Harris, UAPB; Kourtney Berry, ALS; Robert Nelson, AA&M; DB Qua Cox, JSU; Avery
Jspoffensive MVP, finished 27-of-46 for 337 yards passing yards of total offense, including 2,000 yards on the ground. Boykn, MLS; Radoni Thoms, TLCJ ogn L;K-Hie crnuAC ob
with three touchdowns, including a pair to Willie Quinn, to power the South Carolina State led all schools with 13 student-athletes rec- SECOND TEAM
Jaguars.p htQinfra3-adtuhontgieStena100 ognized on the three MEAC post-season teams. The Bulldogs had five offense
hit uin fo a 4-yrd oucdownto iveSouher a 0-0QB Jerry Lovelocke, PV; RB Barrington Scott, AA&M; Courtney Brown, PV; OL Derrick Jead, Josphstudent-athletes earn first-team honors. Bethune-Cookman finished close JSU; Jonathan Scott, ALC; Anthony Mosley, SU; Prairie View A&M; Robert Roquemore, ALS;
laTier the eas jutae fiel geols, Moe wen 5fo rlo ead ing the-ar behind with 12 student-athletes to earn pot-sao hors iaddtio t Detonlo Dade, ALC; WR Zach Pendieton, JSU; Montarius Smith, AA&M; TE Jordan Payne,
touchdown pass to Zachary Pendleton to trim the lead to 13-10 at half- five first-team selections. Defense
time.DL Deon Roberson, ALC; Canlton Jones, ALS; Tedderick Terrell, JSU; Edward Mosely, ALS; tm.MID-EASTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE (MEAC) LB Raheem Cardwel, PV/; Jerome Howard, PV; Steve Oisake, GSU; DB Lawrence Banett,
Moore completed 21-of-42 with two interceptions and a pair of 2013 Football All-Conference Teams AA&M; Derrick Harris, AA&M; Alcorn State; Devon Francis, ALC; Cameron Loeffler, JSU; K
touchdowns. Pendleton hauled in six cathces for 97 yards. Bobby Wenzig, ALS; P Cory Carter, TSU; RS Myles Everett, ALS
,$ AZEEZ Communications, Inc. Vol. XX, No. 19 N' ,"

December 12-18, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 10,

We Salute the

Life and Legacy of

Dr. Chester


S951- 2013

President Bill Clinton

Devoted wife Jean Aikens

The Aikens Family serves as Grand Ronnie Ferguson and
Mars halls of the Annual MLK Parade ,Senator Bill Nelson

Mentee and friend, (

Mayor Alvin Brown NatI. Urban League President Mar Monal CngewmnorieBwnenhas

Dr. Robert Mitchell, Mayor Tommy
Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Kweisi Mfume Hazouri and Dr. Adam Herbert 2013 Mayoral Trailblazer Honorees
4, 1 '41

Page 11 -Mrs. Perry's Free Press December 12-18 2013

Let's Move Jacksonville Vows to Keep Jacksonville

Youth, Healthy, Educated and Successful


Prime Prep Academy, the charter school co-founded by Deion Sanders (2nd from left) and DL Wallace (to Sanders immediate right), has been plagued with problems from the start.

Deion Sanders Fired By School

He Co-Founded ... Again!
by EURWeb man named "Prime Time" in his
For the second time in three prime is related to a power struggle
months, the schoolDeion Sanders between administrators loyal to Charles Mans, Dr. Betty Burney, Mayor Alvin Brown and
co-founded has shown him the him, and those loyal to the school's Shelia Gray, Nycolle Smith and Liliana Acquirre. guitarist Willie Moore pose at the event.
door. other founder, D.L. Wallace; who
Yep, dude has been fired again, resigned in November following a But alas, its not like he needs the school board meeting that featured V~ 4
job though that's besides the numerous parent complaints about point. We're sure he feels its a mat- poor education, poor discipline, and ter of principle, pretty much poor anything else they
Prime Prep Academy announced would want in a school. Wallace
the firing on Dec. 3, two days after said his departure had been in the A
the Dallas Morning News reported works since August, but Sanders .v-,y
that questions over the charter had previously vowed to try toV school's finances were attracting throw him out.
the attention of the state's education WFAA caught up with Sanders, department, which hasn't started Prime Prep's football coach and any investigation yet. The official public face, in the school Morning News states: parking lot on the day he was fired
"The Texas Education Agency is by the school's superintendent P CTJ
aware of various issues surrounding (much to the chagrin of the chair of 7 Prime Prep Academy," said spokes- the school's board): 0100 VOL'
woman DeEtta Culbertson in a "I never dreamed this," Deion
written statement. Sanders lamented [editor's note
"TEA continues to be diligent in yes, lamented]. "I just dreamed of gathering information related to having the best academic and ath- Betty Chance, Winston Peele and JuCoby Pittman-Peele. Rodney Young, Cadence Jarrell, Andre Jarrell and Dr. Nicole Bunch
specific complaints regarding letic institution in the county, and By Lynn Jones / KFP Photo park was also the conmmand center community leaders and founder (LMCTC). LMCTC is a major finances, special education and we are going to have it. We are The Star Foundation held their for Health and Financial Literacy and Executive Director of the "I'm component of First Lady Michelle allegations of nepotism," she wrote, going to have it... we just have to 3rd annual "Lets Move workshops, and empowerment ses- a Star" Foundation, Betty Burney Obama's comprehensive Let's "It would be premature to cormment get this mess out." ... Jacksonville" physical fitness sion for all ages. Children had the for the "I'm a star" line dance. Move! Initiative, which is dedicaton any of the specifics until our fact "This is nonsense. We are sick of event on Saturday, December 7th, opportunity to visit vendors who Betty Burney's mantra of "Let's ed to solving the childhood obesity finding in each of these areas is it," Sanders said. "The kids don't at A. Philip Randolph Park. The distributed healthy foods of yogurt, Play & Dance" is the catalyst to epidemic within a generation. Of complete. However, TEA is pre- deserve it. Over-paid, under-quali- park was filled to capacity with fruit and vegetables. The Star make Jacksonville the #1 healthiest the 50 largest metropolitan cities in pared to take the appropriate steps fled administrators never worked in children on a mission to stay fit and Foundations goal was to get chil- City in the USA. The National America, Jacksonville is currently should action be warranted." a school in their life. Total chaos. healthy for the New Year. Children dren and their parents to shake off League of Cities has recognized ranked #37 (37 out of 50). The Star
According to Dallas' WFAA-TV, We have a formula to restore what played games, enjoyed bouncy those unwanted pounds and get Jacksonville for its recent designa- Foundation is gearing up to slide which broke the story of Sanders' the was the dream at Prime Prep." house activities, and participated in lean and fit for the holidays! tion and completion of key health, obesity out of Duval!: For more firing (and a walkout by students in -.,Of co6Zuiise, the-details of that for- flag football, basketball, vo1le, IMyrAvnBonto t h n ele~as for Lei";_~!iifrmto call 94l -056
protest), a1dtfhL d r ball, soccer,"and kick ball. The stiage and joined local organizers, Cities, *t~vwns and Coute "

I ARM6 *

Page 12 -Ms. Perry's Free Press December 12-18, 2013

Statue of Racist Senator Removed

from Outside Georgia State Capitol
ATLANTA A controversial American "is not any more our
statue of a one-time Georgia politi- brother than the apes." He called cian, who has been widely reCog- Catholics "traitors" and also railed nized as a racist, has been removed against "rich Jews" and "degener' ~from the main entrance of Georgia ate Jews.
pState Capitol. The response from the goverfThe 12-foot bronze monument of nor's office is the statue was perThomas E. Watson, a U.S. Senator manently moved as part of extenin the 1920s, has welcomed visitors sive renovation of the west step and at the state government entrance to the Capitol.
building for 81 years. Those committed to
But the day after removing the statue believe
Thanksgiving it was quiet- the increasing momentum
ly moved to Plaza Park, a of their campaign pressurfenced-off, state-owned ized the incumbent Justin Couch (left) is shown
park across the street. Governor to take action with Mr. Raul Magedaleno,
.4.Georgia governor Nathan before the 2014 election. a member of the US
~ ".,Deal signed an executive ~'~~'' State Rep. Tyrone Congressional National Board
~~. order in October authorizing the Brooks, D-Atlanta, who worked hS lce
removal, closely with Davis to kick-start this C u hS lce
For those who have done their most recent campaign, had agreed 1 of 100 for
research, Watson was a self- to write legislation in the upcoming described white supremacist who legislative session to have the stat- Internatilonal vilified African-Americans, Jews ue removed.
Iand even Catholics. Brooks, who is president of the Youth Conference
Shown at a recent press conference are National Urban League President Marc Morial and Rev. Al Sharpton. relgiosiotr thro uhi rainaluen- Electeda Officiatives o lcri to uFloia recntlySaretued tfrom U UI 'b UUtial publications he owned. Georgia's Governor but says the Washington, DC equipped with a
A l~~~I S a p o D e e o s B l .of He defended the lynching of explanation is political maneuver- better understanding of global barblacks and wrote that the African- ing. riers to education, and how they

might contribute to making. educaRights for Black Shoppers Michelle Obama Unveils tion a reality for every child, both
in their communities and in the
Civil rights leaders joined major direction but we're not home yet," Both stores have denied they WVhite, House Christmas Decor world. One of more than 100 sturetail executives this week to the civil rights leader said. racially profiled the shoppers. The Approximately 70, 000 people are expected to ins Peol touPeople glnteatonlannounce a "bill of rights" for shop- The document also states that stores have blamed the NYPD for visi th ht os uigtehldysao PP)eolfth aepln enaoal'ut
pers in the wake of racial profiling store employees caught profiling targeting the individuals in all four Mic heW ie osdrn helleda sbamiso Forum twelft Conuch tlba fourh
allegations at two well-known luxu- customers will be disciplined and instances. The NYPD said in each Mcel bmisgiv- Foum(GF, Cuhspentfu
ry department stores. Known as possibly fired. case detectives were reacting to ing military families a first days exploring the conference topic
"Shopping While Black", the issues The racial profiling scandal grew information provided by store lo tteWieHue o lblEuain rvdn
discussed including how to deal out of allegations made by Trayon employees. Christmas decorations. Vision for the Future.
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week. The bill of rights informs more black shoppers stepped for- Network, the National Urban one of the first things an expected 70,000 White House visitors will see education, and created presentacustomers that profiling and unrea- ward with similar claims against League and other groups over the this month. Dark chocolate miniatures of the first pets are also part of tions to share with all of the delesonable searches are prohibited. Macy's. past few weeks. the annual gingerbread White House display. gates at the end of the conference.
"The meeting was positive but it's Actor Rob Brown, 29, and Art "Today's announcement is just Another highlight is the towering Blue Room tree, dedicated to mihi. "It was a wonderful experience to
nowhere near where we hope to end Palmer, 56, a personal trainer, both the start of a renewed good-faith tary families and trimmed with photos of their joyous homecomings. bring other student leaders from up. At least now we're having an said they were stopped by cops partnership, and we look forward to Mrs. Obama says she wants Americans to never forget the debt they across the world to participate in acknowledgment that there's a after shopping at the department the dialogue to come," Potrikus owe service members and their families for the sacrifices they make in the forum. I am now equipped to
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