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Yes You Actor Jeffrey Reality Shows
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the Holiday Coming Into AfricanBlues His Own Americans
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AROUND P.O. Box 117005

What to do

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First Coast

50 Cents

Jesse Owens' Historic Volume 27 No. 6 Jacksonville, Florida December 5 11, 2013

Olympic Medal Up For Auction
LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. An Olympic medal won by track star Jesse Owens at the 1936 Games in Berlin will soon be up for auction.
The online auction recalls both the Nazi propaganda myths that Owens busted with his world record-setting 100-yard dash, and the American segregation that he came home to when he returned to the U.S. after the Games, which Adolf Hitler orchestrated to showcase his ideas of Aryan supremacy.
Owens won gold in the 100- and 200-meters, the 400 relay and the long jump. But when he returned from the Berlin Games, he struggled to provide for his family.
His job options were limited by segregation and because he decided to return home instead of going on tour with the U.S. Olympic Team, he was stripped of his amateur athletic status.
The medal comes from the estate of Bill 'Bojangles" Robinson who was given the medal by Owens in friendship. The Robinson family said they plan to use the proceeds to pay college tuition and contribute to charity. The whereabouts of the other three original gold medals is unknown.

Grambling State to Pay
Jackson State for Lost Revenue
B]RM]NGHAM, Ala. The Southwestern Athletic Conference announced Nov. 13 that it plans to assist Jackson State University with an undisclosed amount as a result of its lost home contest with Grambling State last month. The decision to undertake this initiative was fueled by Grambling's forfeit of the game scheduled for Oct. 19. Nationalreports indicate that the school was prepared to depart from Grambling's campus on Friday. However, players refused to board, citing a list of complaints that had gone ignored for far too long from bad facilities to the firing of their head coach. N n Le r R
In additinto the fine, which was issued in accordance with conference fo
bylaws regarding forfeit procedures, Grambling State will be required to W W R D HX
play at JSU each of the next three football seasons to compensate Jackson State for lost revenues this year. W hatW would
As a result ofthe forfeit, Jackson State accepted the win and Grambling was charged a loss in the conference standings. According to the current record Republicans Do book, it is the first time a member school within the conference has forfeited a game during the regular season. on H ealthcare?

New York Teens Arrested While By George E. Curry
Many ardent conservatives are
W aiting for School Bus critical of the Affordable Care Act
(ROCHESTER, NY) Three high or what they derisively call
"Obamacare." But what are they A
schoolstudents were arrested in proposing that proves that they care Rochester, N.Y while waiting for a about uninsured Americans? r school bus to take them to a basketball abu unnue Ameicns scholbutotketerntabaketall The Tampa Bay Times' 'Pundit game. Their crime? Being young, Fact" team discovered some interblack and male. 04
blckad al.esting findings when they
Apoceapproached that question indirectly
-17 year old WanTauhjs Weathers, 16- apoce htqeto niety
year-old Deaquon Carelock and 16- Specifically, the newspaper looked year-old Raliek Redd because the at the main Republican alternatives se ew gas r uRane dbeue trei to the Affordable Care Act and the osomlane ts abouteoithereiing w h e r toldrte lau to laethyxpained patient diagnosis under the GOP The Phi Delta Kappa Sorority, Inc. Delta Delta Chapter youth facet, the Xinos and Kudos, reached out that theo weelaint o b e te n ogam. When he told them to leavelid proposals was not encouraging. to the underserved for Thanksgiving by blessing a needy family with various food items for the holiday and taan they etie w h the e sta n n t aehee wh tl rut e d nlev "Not all but most of the nine bills beyond. The Mary Singleton Senior Center was the backdrop for the youth to not only serve the seniors, their aret on our list use the tax code to put but learn the imporatance of giving back as weli. Shown above are the youth with the food for a lucky faro'Wewern'tcathig acit bu, w wre atcinga yllw bs. e dd- more money in citizens' pockets on ily's pantry. Shown above are L R: Jarreli Williams, Ashley Stogden, Lanitha Godfrey, Charlie Porter, n'cae. eretedushinwaybs, weahrsidste were cthnayeowbeingH hand- the condition that the money will Mariah Franklin and Kennedy Matthews. The events were chaired by the sorority's Youth Advisors and ncfe, Jaco Soettdu-aysetheioh-perd sattemptin to wexplaeing thathe be spent on health care," the news- Sorority members Wanda Mitchell and Chapter President Betty LeRoy. wuf aso Sct-their vriybsebl coach.-Te-ppaltredatetned to aestlaSott ihe paper stated. "We found three basic
wa ter asiybaktbllcac.Th opasotretee t rrs Sot f approaches that potentially address A e a d rb ti l a
he didn't leave, insurance affordability." A e a d rFree b tNot intheCla
The boys were charged with obstructing the sidewalk and disorderly con- Overhauling health care tax duct. And while the local district attorney announced on Tuesday that the deductions; by Z. Maxwell Inew jury at her second trial which
charges against the three teenagers would be dropped, it has nonetheless Refundable tax credits and Florida judge finally released [ was awarded after an appeals court
struck a nerve in that upstate New York community. And many are com- Health Savings Accounts Marissa Alexander from prison lastfodththejgeipprl
pliin ht h vetrersnt ohigmretanrcalpoiln.On overhauling health care tax week, just in time for the instructed the jury on self-defense.
deductions, the newspaper said, Thanksgiving holiday. The appeals court ruled that the jury
Judge: Detroit Eligible "The most generous proposal It's the first time Alexander has instruction at her original trial was
nat-- er9 ru cyan--- --comes from the conservative been home in three years, since she improper because it shifted the burRpbia Std Comte, wsonvicted of aggravated assault den of proof onto Alexander,
...'DETROIT A judge which put forward a bill with 100 for firing a warning shot into the air requiring her to prove beyond a rea,, J .: says Detroit is eligible cosponsors. H.R. 3121 would give during a confrontation with her sonable doubt that she was battered
',i ui *,n to fix its finances in a $7,500 deduction to individuals abusive husband, Rico Gray. by Rico Gray. The burden of proof
bankruptcy court, and a $20,000 deduction to famil- During the incident, Alexander '" is supposed to be on the prosecuwieiui2 The ruling clears the lies, alleges Gray strangled her and that t-on, who is required to prove that
W sw way for the city to "We saw two big catches here. she retrieved her gun and fired a Alexander was not acting in self''" } I come up with a plan to You would need to have insurance warning shot in self-defense. There defense. Alexander need only
~ .....I CE shed $18 billion in in the first place. Plus, the bill is no duty to retreat in Florida. prove her claim of self-defense by a
E$ debt. It comes four would eliminate the biggest tax Alexander was originally con- .preponderance of the evidence, the
DET) J months after Detroit break households enjoy today, the victed and sentenced to 20 years lowest burden of proof.
:sought Chapter 9 pro- portion of their premiums paid by under Florida's "10-20-Life" State's Attorney Angela Corey,
tection in the largest their employer. Getting rid of that mandatory minimum statute which who handled both Alexander and
public filing in U.S. $170 billion tax benefit would be a carries harsh sentences for gun- George Zimmerman's trials,
Detroit must propose employer-provided insurance." national attention when the court ahead into the second trial, despite
a plan to Judge Steven Rhodes, although mediators have been meeting pri- As for the reflmdable tax credits, refused to accept Alexander's calls for her to drop the charges and
vately with the city and creditors with the hope of striking deals, it was noted that they "are like tax 'Stand-Your-Ground' defense, even let Alexander go home.
Unions and Detroit's public pension funds vigorously opposed bankrupt- deductions, with the big difference though she was using a licensed The second trial will be a chalcy during a nine-day trial. They claim emergency manager Kevyn Orr and that you can claim the credit even if weapon, she was inside her own lenge for Alexander. Despite all of
his team didn't negotiate in good faith before the summer fling, a require- you don't have taxable income, home at tie time, she was defend- the public pressure since the
ment for a government to be eligible to shed debts under Chapter 9. H.R. 2300 from Rep. Tom Price, R- ing herself, and no one was hurt. Marissa Alexander spent Zimmerman verdict, to get
Ga., Continued page 3 In March, Alexander will face a her Thanksgiving free Continued on page 9

Page 2 Ms. Perry's Free PressDe mbr51,2 3


Y What to do from social, volunteer, political and sports activities to self enrichment and the civic scene

Ritz Amateur vision is to unravel the effects of the December 7th, 11 2 p.m. at A. event takes place Sunday, loud night of fun that audiences P.R.I.D.E December
NihtFnassex trade by fighting business with Philip Randolph Heritage Park, December 8th at 2 p.m. at the won't want to miss! For more inforNihtFnasbusiness on a global and local level. 1096 A. Philip Randolph Blvd. Star Jacksonville Landing. For more mation call 442-2933 or visit Bookcluh Meeting
Find out the winner of the Ritz The party takes place, Friday, Foundation is asking Jacksonville information call 798-9111. Join People Reading for
Amateur Night Finals, Friday, December 6th, 10 am4 p.m. at to shake off those Thansgiving Inspiration Discussion and
December 6th at 7:30 p.m. For 1018 Park Street. Enjoy holiday pounds and get lean and fit for the James Baldwin's Play Jingle Bells Enjoyment for their final bookclub
tickets and more details call 632- treats and fantastic shopping! For holidays! Enjoy flag football, bas- "h Am meeting of the year at the home of 5555 or visit www.ritzjack- more information call 598-0901 or ketball, volleyball, soccer, bounce "h AmnCorner" Pro Am Golf Gwen Lee Green, 1658 Lauder Ritz is located at visit house, kick ball, Health and Stage Aurora Theatrical Company, Join the Monique Burr Foundation Avenue. Gwen will host and pro829 N Davis St. Financial Literacy workshops, and Inc. inside the Gateway Town for Children, Inc. at the 16th annual vide a festive holiday menu Friday,
Free Museums empowerment session for all ages! Center will kick-off the 20 13-2014 Jinglebells Pro Am Golf December 13th at 7 p.m. The book
AMG Roof Top Bank of Amnerica's Museums on For more information call 924- season with "The Amen Coiner" Tournament at the Palencia Club for discussion is "The Confession"
Fashion Extrvaganza Us is offering cardholders a way to 0756. December 6-15th. The play is the Golf Course in St. Augustine, on by John Grisham. For more inforstory of Sister Margaret Alexander, Tuesday, December 10th, from 9 mation call 389-8417. AMG presents A Night Under the celebrate the holiday season bywhhadeodhrlietsrvn am.-30pm.Froedtis
Stas fshin sow Rootop enjyin fre amisionto he ormn Cnnos &the Lord, but when her son unex- visit or
Extravaganza," benefitting Museum of Contemporary Art Tom Browne at the Ritz pectedly reunites her with her call 642-0210. Duval County
HIV/AIDS Awareness, Friday, Jacksonville and The Museum of The Ritz Jazz Janmm in association estranged husband, she finds herselfWitr oks p
December 6th, 9 p.m. 2 a.m. See Science and History (MOSH), with Street Scholar music group tom. Featuring live gospel music. Flashdance the Musical Wth e r uaWonyEeson
thefasion ontherootopofn00 oecmbeath cand 8312) For-2more resents Norma Connors 40th For more information call 765-7372 The Artist Series is celebrating its OThieU DuaSl bent offerin
A. Philip Randolph Blvd. For more ifraoncl(3292-70 anniversary tour with special guest or visit 30th Anniversary with the pop cul- Witer/ Workshoplb offridga
information call 356-1081 or visit Tom Brown, Saturday, December tr hnmnno lsdne Wne okhp o rdy M yrBrown's 7th for two shows 7 p.m. and 10 A Night in Paris lire phnomtaeno ofeme F 1asdanc December 13th from 9:30 a.m.

Am n or erHoliday Festival p.m. For tickets and more details A Night in Paris! Sunday, 2013. The musical tells the story of ENion Office, 1010l NCuffy
forn Senorriteen call 632-5555 or visit www.ritz- December 8th, 6 p.m. 11 p.m. Alex Owens, a Pittsburgh steel mill AvtesTopicsficle RepttNgM f
0 for Senior Citizens The Ritz is locat- Hosted By V11.5's own Jo-Jo. welder by day and a bar dancer by Av.Tpc inld Reotg
Opens this WVeek! On Saturday, December 7th, ed at 829 N Davis Street. Enjoy an exquisite night of food, night with dreams of one day Makeds a n e akde n S artnFo
The Amen Corner by James fsom Cenm.ter 100 tePriS.mou live music, fun, laughter and delec- becoming a professional performer. More nfomakSedtatio n g emai
Baldwin is onstage December 6-15 ObrCet,100WerS.Yappy Hortable goodies by Brown Sugar For more information visit mr nomto mi
at the Stage Aurora Performance livey entrtadiinen hoadiabulou Christmas "Paw"ty Bakery. This event will be one to or call 442- or call 255-7450.
Hall, 5188 Norwood Avenue. The doize s randmvist wSan a atbulou(rngyuronso)n remember! Join the fun at Knights 2929.
amge Cornder, ch trone Sister Mayor Brown's Holiday Festival join the Landing for the final Yappy ofeue Colu ms 1509 HDoricks Free Photos with
Maurgh aeender pasto ofer for Senior Citizens. For tickets, Hour of the season!! Enjoy live avnu ae.son' misst! Door pre NAACP December Santa at the Landing
chuch hs evte he lfetosev- group transportation (15 or more) entertainment, free prizes, cash adeales all nigh!- Fo9mor General Meeting On Saturday, December 14th, 5
ing the Lord, but when her son from senior centers and residences, giveaways, drinks specials and dealcll2439.TeJksnieBrchNAP 8pmSntmksasoptte
reunites himself with her estranged and more information call 630- more from 2 p.m.- 5 p.m. Have your 50SadstheebrGnrlMmesi Jacksonville LrnhNAP ~.Sn anig 2ae t h
husband, she finds herself tom. For 7392 or visit pooch's picture taken with Santa M0Sae eeeti wilGeeld Thubrsi ayovle Ladn,2 W
more information and tickets call Meigwl ehl hrdy needn rv o fe"po
7577.and find out who will be named Musical in Jax!. December 12th at 7:15 p .m. at the tondependen Drve o "ftre po765-7372. ~~Star Foundation Santa's Little Helper. Also have a 50 Shades! The musical and origi- NAACP Headquarters located at Yocapuhseaitrer
Retreaed oliay resnts"Les M ve photo of your pooch under the nal parody is coming to the Times- 1725 Oakhurst Avenue. The bigyour own camera for free
Rehede oidy peens"et oe Christmas tree? Email your pup's Union Center's Moran Theater, on NAACP meets every 2nd Thursda 353-118.Fomreifmaoncl
Pop-up Party Jacksonville" for Youth best Christmas photo and watch it Monay Deebe5t3a-:31fth1onh8ormreifrmto
You are invited to a Pop-Up Party The Star Foundation presents rotate on the 14ft. jurnbotron in the pM.ronDeceperrmance : only A h visi t jacksovinfoaapiom to help support Rethreaded. Their "Lets Move Jacksonville" Saturday, Courtyard during Yappy Hour! The sexy, hilrous prfompisa lg ou st w call 764-7578.p~co

@ 6 Do You Have an event

"P *~ 4 for Around Town?

.~, ~The Jacksonville Free Press is please to print your pub4 lic service announcements and coming events free of
charge. news deadline is Monday at 6 pm. by the week
you would like your information to be printed.
~ .C.~~4tr4Information can be sent via email, fax, brought into our
office or mailed in. Please be sure to include the 5W's
who, what, when, where, why and you must includecotc nubr

Email Fax (904) 765-3803
~ ~ .Mail: Coming Events Jacksonville Free Press
903 W. Edgewood Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32203


.,., ,~ ..4

N' r.lx 1' TM* MV ( ilT

December 5-11, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 3

What Would Republicans

Do on Healthcare?

Vr* Continued from page 1 means to offer a plan to people of
offers a maximum tax credit of limited means," the Florida news$5,000 for families making up to paper observed, "For Democrats, a
200 percent of the federal poverty plan is an identified insurance polilevel, or about $47,000 a year." cy, whether public, as in expanded
The paper said, "The proposal Medicaid, or private, as in buying
from Price would make credits subsidized private insurance
payable in advance. In other words, through a web-based, highly reguyou could use the federal credit lated marketplace. For
even if you didn't have the money Republicans, a plan is anything that
up front to pay for insurance. makes buying insurance more

Kevin Holzendorf Art Graham "While the details are different, affordable, however the person
this resembles the program put for- finds the policy."

Holzendorf, Graham ward by President George W. Bush. After a terrible 2-month rollout,
A 2005 study of the Bush plan by the Obama administration finally

Appointed to Prestigious Boards the Tax Policy Center, a joint proj- may be in a position to silence
ect by the Urban Institute and the some of its legitimate critics.
Kevin J. Holzendorf has been perspectives and his wealth of Brookings Institution, found that A report issued Sunday by the appointed to the Jacksonville knowledge in the technology field 'lower-income individuals experi- Health and Human Services Transportation Authority's (JTA) as we advance major initiatives ence the largest declines in uninsur- Administration disclosed that the Board of Directors by Mayor Alvin such as Enterprise Resource ance rates' under the Bush propos- primary website,, Brown. Holzendorf will replace Planning and the implementation of al. I has been successfully overhauled
Steve Diebenow who served since our strategic Blueprint for 'However, of the 45 million peo- and is now able to support more October 2010. Transportation Excellence." ple uninsured then, Bush's $3,000 than 800,000 consumer visits a day.
Holzendorf, a lifelong The Florida Public Service tax credit plan would have helped Among the improvement cited:
Jacksonville resident, is currently a Commission (PSC) elected only about 2 million people who The deployment of 12 large, partner at Southern Strategy Commissioner Art Graham as made less than 200 percent of fed- dedicated servers; Ak
Group's Jacksonville office. He has Chairman to serve a two-year term eral poverty and just a bit over 3 Significantly upgrading memospent his professional career in both beginning January 2, 2014. million overall." ry to improve response time; Hall Soiree cks Off holiday Season
the private and public sectors work- Commissioner Graham previously The third option Health Savings Reducing response time from Sam and Leah Hall held their Annual Holiday Soiree last ing in the accounting, financial served as PSC Chairman in 2010 Accounts fared no better. around 8 seconds in October to well w services and technology industries. and worked to find ways to hold The Tampa paper said, "Thomas under I second; weekend kicking off the holiday season. Held at the River
In 2007, Kevin served as the down rates for Florida's consumers Buchmueller, a health economist at Reducing the error rate from City Brewery, the private affair featured a variety of hors Director of the Information and businesses. the University of Michigan, said it approximately 6 percent in d'oeuvres and a DJ to compliment the event. Guests mingled
Technologies Department and "Serving again as Chairman is a is a major undertaking to provide November to .75 or three quarters and wined and dined amidst the backdrop of the City of Chief Information Officer (CIO) huge privilege, and I appreciate the insurance to those who lack the of one percent; and Jacksonville. The stroke of nine brought everyone to the balfor the City of Jacksonville. Before support of my fellow commission- money to pay for it. Expanding the amount of time
his role as CIO, Former Mayor ers and their confidence in my lead- ... Tinkering with tax deductions the system is up from 42.9 percent cony to witness the city's light show which included cascadJohn Peyton appointed him to the ership," said Graham. and making health savings accounts in October to above 90 percent. ing lights from the bridge. The highly anticipated event
Director of Operations Excellence Commissioner Graham is a mem- more attractive is not going to "The new management system proved once again to be well worth the annual wait!
where he managed and directed the ber of the National Association of change that basic fact,' and instrumentation have helped functions of the Mayor's Office of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Buchmueller said. 'Roughly half of improve site stability, lower the Performance Auditing and (NARUC) and serves on the the Affordable Care Act coverage error rating below 1%, increase M ayors Holiday Social
Management Accountability. Committee on Water. Prior to his gains come from expanding capacity to allow 50,000 concurrent
Kevin holds a bachelor's degree appointment, Commissioner Medicaid. I don't see anything in users to simultaneously use the site for Seniors this W eekend!
in Accounting and a master's in Graham served on the Jacksonville these proposals that would do much and will help drive continuous On Saturday, December 7th, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Public Administration from the City Council. Among his duties as for the people who will gain improvement on the site," the University of North Florida. Council Member, he helped over- Medicaid under the ACA."' report stated. "While we strive to Prime Osborn Center, 1000 Water St. Enjoy a traditional hol"We are very pleased with the see the budget of JEA, and chaired Like so many issues, Democrats innovate and improve our outreach iday dinner, live entertainment and fabulous door prizes and appointment of Mr. Holzendorf to the Transportation, Energy, and and Republicans differ in fanda- and systems for reaching con- visit with Santa at Mayor Brown's Holiday Festival for the Board of Directors." said JTA Utilities Committee. He also served mental approaches. sumers, we believe we have met the Senior Citizens. For tickets, group transportation (15 or
CEO Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. "We on the Jacksonville Beach City "One of the widest gaps between goal of having a system that will more) from senior centers and residences, and more inforlook forward to his contributions, Council from 1998 to 2002. Democrats and Republicans is the work smoothly for the vast majori- mation call 630-7392 or visit
basic understanding of what it ty of users."

When 4 so o4o vv" We Au

ha enlsll we re


re o r..

h f

Page 4 -Ms. Perry's Free Press December 5-11, 2013

Ch~otl 0GOP: Fantasyland

Diatibe on lif inth AfrcnAeia Dispr by Rep Reggi Fu-** or Real Alternative:.

By William Reed
To double down is to significantly increase a risk or commitment. Well,
welcome to the fantasyland of Republican National Committee Chairman
Reality Shows are Popular, But C onltinu Uenc erebs Duin campaign stop to persuade more Blacks to vote
Repulicn, rieus et ithDetroit-area business owners and commnunity leaders and asked them to give Republicans "a chance to tarn Detroit
to be Damaging to Black Culture around."
What city is more representative of a majority-Black population and
Plato may have been the first to clear, I do realize that there are the way isn't paying child support The buffoonery took place week- urban enclave? After decades of one-party rule, extreme fiscal mismanproclaim that art imitates life, whites, Hispanics, Italian for any of his children. ly as women would argue and fight agement and urban decay, the city of Detroit is the largest municipal failHowever, Oscar Wilde was proba- Americans, etc. featured in reality I guess you really can't be mad for Flay's attention and did I say ure in U.S. history. The demise of Detroit is a stain on Blacks' abilities to bly more of a realist when he said, shows. However, the shows that at Springer or Maury because they that they literally fight for his atten- govern. Turning the city and its voters around is a tall order for Priebus & "Life imitates art far more than art feature African Americans seem are not forcing people to be guests tion. In one episode, one of the Co. Did Priebus bite off more than he can chew when he penned an op-ed imitates Life." much more over the top. on their shows we are actually ladies actually used the bathroom for the Detroit Free Press?
I can agree with both men. I won't even talk about the black going for fr-ee in most cases. I guess on the floor, and no I am not talking "As chairman of the Republican Party, I want our party to rebuild Detroit
Sometimes art imitates life, but exploitation that goes on during using the term free isn't fair about "number one," she number and advocate for the principles of enterprise that hold the keys to the city's then there are those times that life daytime talk shows. It seems like because they do get a round trip two'ed (if you know what I mean). success. We can offer solutions to get Detroit back and on its feet," he begins to imitate art. That happens every episode of Jerry Springer or ticket to New York or whatever Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, wrote. "It's up to our party leaders to convince the people of Detroit t6 give often in the world of "Reality TV." Mauiy, is about some estranged city, and paid hotel accommoda- that's the type of idiotic behavior our ideas a chance."I Some people call it trash television relationship or paternity test that tions. have goes on during this show. But "I came to see firsthand the city's successes and struggles and hear
or as Morley Safer once said about will determine which of the four Talk about selling yourself short; not to pick on an old unreality show directly from owners and community leaders about what they need to get these shows, "What has reality men this young black woman is it's ridiculous the way African too much, we see the same buf- the city moving and people working. I am finding out what we can do to
s I e e p i n g Americans are being portrayed on foonery during the Real revitalize urban centers across the country. Our discussion focused on It is sad, black folks are still with is the many of these shows. Moving on to Housewives of Whatever, Love and issues such as increasing access to capital, economic empowerment and
father of her my favorite buffoonery of all time, Hip Hop, and other shows, the importance of entrepreneurship in jumpstarting an economy. Too often,
making fools of themselves ofl third child. "The Flavor of Love." This show's The producers specialize in mak- ambitious individuals can't get their businesses started because they can't
One of my popularity was based on the fact ing these young black women look get financing. Especially in minority communities, political leaders need tlvso ,c n ieigalte f a. v o r i t e that former rapper and member of like fools. to find ways to fix this problem. Michigan's Republican Gov. Rick Snyder,
positive images we could be show titles, Public Enemy, Flavor Flay, is prob- And I do realize that these people is doing something about it. He helped launch a program that will help
"I am sleep- ably one of the most are making money from being on women and minorities secure small-business loans."
portraying. Positive images ing with my unattractive,tacky dressing brothers these shows, but enough is enough. Priebus also said another barrier to urban economic growth is excessive
sister's man on the planet. It is sad, black folks are still mak- government regulation. In some states, it can take three years to acquire
don 't sell shows and generate and I am I would often find myself watch- ing fools of themselves on televi- proper licensing for jobs as a security guard.
going to let ing the show because it was so sion, which is ridiculous consider- However, people in Detroit want to work now. Snyder has been fighting ad dollars. Where's the Cosby her know on unbelievable that women are actu- ing all the positive images we could for people who want an opportunity to work and a chance to achieve the
Sho w en ouned national tele- ally fighting over "Flavor Flay" as be portraying. But I guess positive American dream. Shortly after taking office, Snyder established the Office
Sho w enyoun e t vision." he constantly calls himself. Many images don't sell shows and gener- of Regulatory Reinvention to encourage entrepreneurship, cut red tape and
A ga in, of you who didn't watch the show ate ad dollars. Where's the Cosby restore economic growth. shows got to do with reality? It is you sit there and wonder who are may recall that Flay was the guy in Show when you need it? "Republicans are committed to doing our part to revive opportunity and
beyond unreality; there is nothing these people and why would they Public Enemy that wore the big Or as comedian Chris Rock said restore economic growth. The Republican Party believes in more people real about it." air their dirty laundry on national clocks around his neck and said about six years ago, "I love the finding prosperity and success. Our party's core values are freedom and
Whether you used to watch television? Of course, you know "Yeah Boy" all the time. "Flavor of Love" show; I think it's opportunity," Preibus wrote.
Flavor Flay and his Flavor of Love that a fight must break out in every He was sort of the softer side of a quite entertainin'. But Flavor Flay Can the Republicans make it rain in Detroit and elsewhere in America? show, Real House Wivesof show. You know that things have very serious intense Public Enemy must be killed. In order for black Priebus' "Free-enterprise" programs can drive growth and development Wherever, or one of those gone too far when Jerry Springer's rap group that focused many of its people to truly reach the promised there, but in Detroit Metro, Priebus finds himself dead center of the donBasketball Wives shows, in which former security guard now has his songs on black empowerment and land, Flavor Flay has to be shot, key's den. The late Coleman Young, a Democratic, union-organizer, was most of the women were not actu- own daytime talk show, awareness. Flay certainly wasn't These are important times! We got' Detroit's mayor for 20 years. Despite the city's deterioration, voters conally wives; it is painfully obvious On the other end of the spectrum the guy in the group who could a black man runnin' for President!" tinue with Democratic leadership such as: the longest-serving member in that black exploitation continues to there's Oprah, and now Steve articulate the black struggle, but he "As a people, we must remember the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. John David Dingell Jr., and make money for networks. Harvey and others who have talk was clearly on board with the that we are not as weak as we have Congress' second-oldest serving member, Rep. John Conyers, and Rep.
I am certainly not being a hyp- shows as well; but they don't spe- group's message. allowed ourselves to be painted, Sandy Levin, who's been there since 1983.
ocrite, a few years back I would cialize in the buffoonery like some The premise of the show is very and we are not as strong as we can It's time Blacks across the nation do a reality check. Isn't it true that: "If find myself sitting on the sofa of these other shows. sl~e'seily if~ youliave seen 1" adJhnJacob, of the 'you keep doing what you've always d Ione, you 'l keep getting what you've
cracking up over -the stupidity of 'You'may see Tom Cruise making, 'shows like "The BAchelor." Flay is--'Natitnaf Urbain League. 'always received." Isn't it time that more Black Americans consider some of these shows the staged a fool of himself by jumping up and basically looking for a "soulmate" Come on black people let's rise Republicans when at the polls? In this land of capitalism, it makes sense to reality. down on a sofa on an old episode of and women compete for his above the buffoonery! embrace free-enterprise concepts. As stunted as Blacks' economic situaMost of us sit there and say the Oprah, and you are certain to see a love.Throughout the season the Signing off from a loveseat with tions have been under Democrats' government and guidance, the mindset Exact same thing who are these ton of crying on her old show, but women get various opportunities to a remote in hand "Yeah Boy," among African Americans remains Democratic and dependent on the govpeople and why are they embar- no buffoonery. No sister girls fight- prove their love throughout various Reggie Fullwood erment. If Detroit residents change their voting patterns, they may very
rassing black folk like this. Let's be ing over their baby daddy, who by dates and challenges. ,well change their future.

Will the Specter of 'shopping while black' Haunt Black Friday?

by David Love, The Grio break his deal with the retailer, being accused of stealing." So true. lence they face, the stop-and-frisk exploitation. For many retail giants economy $25 billion. 2 million fedThis holiday season, will African- which includes a new fashion line Key and Peale, we need to hear practices by law enforcement, the this year, Black Friday has turned eral workers, disproportionately Americans keep the black out of launched this season. How ironic your take on this. war on drugs and prison profiteer- into Black Thursday, with bread- workers of color, were denied pay
Black Friday? that the entertainer-businessman's It was once the case, back in the ing, voter suppression, stand your winners working on Thanksgiving before the holiday season and
And why is it called Black Friday fan base is being disrespected and days of Jim Crow segregation, that ground laws, and the shooting of day in part-time, low wage jobs. they're playing catchup right now. in the first place? criminalized by the retailer who the black community protested Renisha McBride, Trayvon Martin Due to this "Black Friday Creep," And- to add to the mess, food
Of course, Black Friday is the would benefit from Jay Z's celebri- against businesses that discriminat- and others unarmed African- millions of minimum wage earners stamps were just slashed right term for the day after Thanksgiving, ty status. Meanwhile, Rev. Al ed against blacks. For example, the Americans. will have to report to work and miss before the holidays. On November
which shoppers throughout the Sharpton has called for a boycott of 1955-1956 Montgomery Bus For example, Ron Daniels sug- holiday dinner with their families. 1, the federal program known as
United States have come to know as the business. Boycott was a protest against racial- gests blacks support black business- Raising the minimum wage is a SNAP, or Supplemental Nutrition
the first day of the winter holiday And at Macy's, Treme star Ron ly segregated seating on that city's es on Black Friday in order to bol- racial justice issue, as people of Assistance Program, cut its minishopping seasn.-n Buit for bla.cs, Browxn was cuffdt for buyixing i pbic tasprato yse. trth cooyofteioui clrar;2,ecnto.tewrk4umpyen orafmiyoffu

December 5-11, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 5


TIGERS (8-3) v.JAGUARS (8-4) 4

2013 Overall. 8-3 jsu 8-3 SU 8-4 2013 Overall: 8-4
2013 80SF Ranking: 3rd 7.......@ Tulane .....34 L 13...... @Houston 62 L 2013 BCSP Ranking: 8th
All-Tme vs. SU 30-29 30.......Alabama State .....23 W 14 ....... @NW State 55L All-Time vs. JSU: 29-30
aslm v SU 191W 1 16 ...Tenn. State in Memphis .... 26L 62.........Prairie View 59W Last Time vs. JSUI: 14-19 L, '13
La Title 07es 1- 35.Texas Southern... 7W 17 ....@ Miss. Valley St. 7 W SWAC Title Games: 2-1
Last Time in Title Game: 12,21-24, L 19 ....@ Southern.14 W 14 ......Jackson State 19 L Last Title'0
Tennessee State Sports Photo Ark.-PB 42.Ark.-Pine Bluff.. 33 W 2 ...... lbm & 7 atTm nTteGm 0,3-0
GIER-MAN: Tennessee COACH'S RECORD 26 ... @Miss. Valley St ... 17 W 29 ..... @Ark. Pine Bluff 21 W Alabama St..
State QB Michael German Alma Mater: Millersville ('76) 1...@ Grambling State ... 0OW 38.........Alcomn State 44 L COACH'S RECORD
leads the Tigers into FCS Head Coach Record vs. SU: 5-2 51..Pr. View in Shr'port. 38 W 31..... @ATeasmSthte 24W Rleer s. C. Cetal(9)-ed1oc
RICK Record at JSU: 56-34, .622 (8th year) 26 ...@ Alabama A&M ... 20 W 31... lar..@Atlanatat 28W Record at. SU: 1-,19nyer DAWSON
MOVINplayofatle against. o COMEGY Career Record: 164-85, .658 (20 years) 33 ....Alcorn State ....48 L 40..........Grambling 17W Career Record: Same DM


Tennessee State advances;, Others fall
NOVEMBER28 Furman 30, South Carolina State 20 LU WILA S_______________________Alabama State 41, Stillman 28 Tennessee State 31, Butler 0 BCSP Editor
NOVEMBER30 NCAA Div 11 Playoffs.- Second Round Ohio Valley Conference runners-up Ten- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6
Southern 40, Grambling State 17 Shepherd 7, Winston-Salem State 0 eseSaeithonybckolgeftalSWChmpnhpGme-TBrdat-NC
FCS Playoffs First Round Southern vs. Jackson State in Houston, TX 1:30p
Coastal Carolina 48, Bethune-Cookman 24 team still alive in the 2013 playoffs and only
shares the stage this week with the season-end- PLAYOFF GAMES
Souhweter Atletc Cnfeenc Chin Football Championship Subdivision (FSC) Second Round
DIV IIANDFCSPLA OFFREC PS ngEastern Illinois vs. Tennessee State in Charleston, Ill 1ip
NCM iv.II -Secnd Rundpionship Game in Houston.
Sheperd7, inson-SlemStae 0The Tigers (10-3), under fourth-year head
SHPEDTWWV.-Udfae CADv ISpr coach Ron Reed, got their first playoff victory of 45 for 212 yards and 2 TDs in the loss.
Region I top seed Shepherd stifled the prolific and high-scoring offense since 1986 and first shutout since 2006 in a 3 1-0 EIU averaged OVC bests of 48.8 points
of No. 4 Winston-Salem State keeping the Rains out of the end zone in first round Football Championship Subdivision .and 599.1 yards per game including 387.7 yards a 7-0 shutout in a second round playoff game here Saturday. (FCS) win over Pioneer League champion But- through the air. Garoppolo threw for 4,489 yards
The defenses for both teams, ranked first and second nationally ler Saturday in Indianapolis. [~.and 48 TDs with just 8 interceptions. ELU also
in total defense, dominated play in the frigid mountain air of West Vir- Three other black college teams bit the dust features the league's top rusher in Shepard Little
ginia. Shepherd limited WSSU to only eight first downs and 159 total in playoff action Saturday (See related stories).' BACK IN THE SADDLE: Tennessee State junior (1,396 yards, 13 TDs) and top receiver in Erik yards while registering seven sacks and grabbing two interceptions. The With the win, TSU vaults to No. 1 in the quarterback Michael German has missed seven Lora (102 receptions, 1,339 yards, 17 TDs).
Shepherd defense also sent WSSU starting quarterback Rudy Johnson latest BLACK COLLEGE SPORTS PAGE Top Ten. games this season but is 6-0 with 13 TD passes Em's only loss this season is to undefeated (12out of the game with an injured shoulder late in the first quarter. TU(03wilnwblokgfrre and no interceptions in the game he's played. _)Nrhr lios(33)
Shepherd garnered 247 yards and ten first downs against the game TS 1-)wl o eloigfrr- The Tigers average 42.2 points with German at -)Nrhr lios(33)
Rams' defense. venge going up against OVC champion and the helm. He is expected to start in Satuday's TSU led the OVC in total (276.2 ypg.) and
After battling to a 0-0 halftime tie, Shepherd (11 -0) would mount FCS No. 2 seed Eastern Illinois (11 -1) Saturday ECS second round playoff game at high-scoring scoring (15.5 ppg.) defense.
the only scoring drive of the day on its second possession of the third in Charleston, Ill. EIU defeated TSU 34-16 in Eastern Illinois. German (6-2, 215), who also missed the
quarter going 69 yards in seven plays capped by running back Allen their first meeting this season on Oct. 26 at the first two games of the season after being susCross's 29-yard scoring reception. Tigers' homecoming game in Nashville. In another rematch Saturday, West Divi- pended, is expected to be back at the controls for
WSSU (10-2) would fight back early in the fourth quarter, when "We're looking forward to another opportu- sion champ Southern (8-4) meets East Division Saturday's game but Reed said Butler will also
back-up quarterback DeSean Townsend (12-35-1, 139 yards) found nity to play football," Reed told The Tennessee- champ Jackson State (8-3) in the 15th SWAC play. In the games German played, the Tigers running back Maurice Lewis on a screen pass that covered 55 yards an newspaper this week. "Really, we wouldn't title game that will be played for the first time at were 6-0 and averaged 42.2 points per game. In down to the Shepherd 15-yard line. But a fourth down pass to Eric Wil- care who it was. But there is a sense you may be Reliant Stadium in Houston (1 p.m.). the games he missed, the Tigers were 4-3 and
hams would fall short turning the ball back over to Shepherd. able to get a little redemption just by going back JSU narrowly defeated Southern 19-14 on averaged 18.9 points.
WSSU's best scoring opportunity came at the end of the first quar- and playing them." Sept. 28 this season in Baton Rouge, La. In six games this season, German has
ter when Townsend found wide receiver Rashon Williams wide open ~ 'ygTennessee State was clicking on all cylin- thrown for 926 yards and 13 TDs without an inbehind the Shepherd secondary after his defender fell down, but Williams would bobble the ball and drop it in the endzone. ders in its first round win over Butler. tercelption.
-B S O E Junior quarterback Michael German hit on "I feel like if I lead my team, they'll follow
FCS First Round 1TENSESTT(1-)-SuotBle3-0 14 of 24 passes for 201 yards and two touch- me to victory," German told The Tennesseean's
Furman 30, South Carolina State 20 1.fis TE nESE ST E (10-3)f gae ShuTut Butle 31-0 downs. Running back Tim Broughton ran for David Climer. "I have a passion for the game.
ORNGBU .2- Easter Ialinois inat secondd around FCbpauofgae 80 yards on nine carries. All-American defen- When the game is taken away from you, that's
key turnovers and big special teams' plays doomed the Bulldogs in a 2EatrIliosiseodrudFSpaofgm.svbakDnlFtzticpcedffhse-wenyuisitheot"
30-20 first round FCS playoff loss to the Paladins. 2. WINSTON-SALEM STATE (10-2) Fell in second sv akDne izarc ikdofhssv hnyums ttems.
SCSU (9-4) scored first and led 7-0 as Richard Cue found Tem- round NCMA Div. 11 playoff game, 7-0 to Shepherd eath pass of the season and returned it 26 yards The first SouthernlJackson State game this
marick Hemniingway on a 15-yard touchdown pass. But the Bulldogs NEXT: Season over for his third return score to put the Blue Tigers year was about as close as they come. Jackson
were foiled on a 90-yard punt return by Jaruis Holloman that cut the 3. JACKSON STATE (8-3) Idle. NEXT: In SWAG up 24-0. Placekicker Jamin Godfrey hit a 45- State amassed 355 yards while Southern had lead to 7-6 with 3:21 remaining in the first quarter. Championship game vs. Southem on Dec. 7. yard field goal and was good on all four PATs. 348. Southern led 7-3 at the half and 7-6 early
SCSU responded with a seven-play, 39-yard drive that ended on a 4. BETHUNE-COOKMAN (10-3) Lost first round Back-up freshman quarterback Ronald in the third period before a fumble at its own
45 yard field goal by Nick Belcher to extend the lead to 10-6 with 13:18 FCS playoff game to Coastal Carolina, 48-20. NEXT: Butler hit on 5 of 7 passes for 61 yards and the 9-yard line by quarterback Dray Joseph opened remaining in the first half. Several minutes later, with 7:31 remaining, Season over. Tigers' final score. TSU did lose three fumbles. the door for JSU to take the lead. JSU quarterPaladin quarterback Reese Hannon found Ryan Culbreath on a 50 yard 5. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE (9-4) Lost at home In its 34-16 loss to Eastern Illinois, Ten- back Clayton Moore scored on a 2-yard keeper
touchdown pass play to give the Paladins a 13-10 lead, their first of the to Furman in ECS first round, 30-20. NEXT: Season nessee State registered 21 first downs and put to put the Tigers up 13-7.
game. over up 338 yards of total offense but surrendered JSU added a 2-yard Rakeem Sims touchIn the third quarter, the Bulldogs pulled into a 13-13 tie on a 23 6. VIRGINIA STATE (9-1) Season over 567 yards to the powerful Panthers offense led down run after a 12-play 75-yard drive to go up
yard field goal by Belcher with 9:57 remaining. Furman answered with 7. ALCORN STATE (8-3) Season over by OVC Offensive Player of the Year and Wal- 19-7 with 3:01 left in the third.
a 77 yard drive capped when Hannon snuck in on fourth down to give 8. SOUTHERN (7-4) Defeated Grambling 40-17 in ter Payton Award finalist, quarterback Jimmy Southern added a late third quarter TD on
te.Pldisa struck lessand iuelte sCewsikdofb Bayou Classic. NEXT: SWAC Championship Game Garoppolo. a 19-yard pass from Joseph to Lee Doss. Dray
Holloaste whorackes 34 a yard unocdinu t the ndou e t gie ofur-y vs. Jackson State in Houston. Garoppolo was 24 of 41 for 410 yards and threw an interception early in the fourth quarman h com ad 2-3 lad witouhe 0renin i thdoe ti qurr 9. ALABAMA STATE (6-4) Defeated Stillman 41-28 four TDs in the win. TSU played the game with- ter and the game ended with Southern penetratFuracomandhenendedthe sorinwith a Raynno Earl 32e yard fie oa

Page 6 -Ms. Perry's Free Press December 5-11, 2013

Woodlawn Presbyterian Three Star General Ronald Bailey Evergre en Baptist Church

Presents Handel's Messiah speaks at St. Phillips Episcopal Holiday Gospel Festival
The Music Department of Woodlawn Presbyterian Church and Three Star general Ronald Bailey, the highest ranking African-American
Community Singers present "Handel's Messiah," Sunday, December 22nd officer in the United States Marine Corps will be the speaker for St. Philip's On Saturday December 7th, at 6 p.m. Evergreen Baptist Church, 1100 at 4 p.m. Hear soloist: Margaret Ferguson, Shawnda Mack, Phillis Varnada, Episcopal Church, 33rd Annual Unity Day, Sunday, December 8th. This Logan Street will present "A Holiday Gospel Festival!" Reverend Elbert Sopranos; Rosanna Kelly, Janet Owens, Altos, Marty Simmons, Tenor; and year's theme is "Using Our Common Threads to Mend the Frayed Fabric Moreland and his congregation are inviting the community to the program. Christopher Fowler, Willie Carswell, Basses. This masterwork will be con- of Society," will be woven throughout the three day celebration. On Friday, Appearing on program will be: Pastor Lavemne Maples and the Sweet ducted by Oweta Hegeman and Roger Sears. Henry Mack organ and Dr. December 6th is the Unity Day Dinner Dance and on Saturday, December Inspirations, Bishop J. D. Sapp and the Angelic Voices, The United Patsy Turner, harpsichord. The performance is free and open to the public. 7th, General Bailey will be on hand to address the youth of St. Philips and Brothers in Christ, The Sophisticated Gents, The Classy Ladies all of An offering will be taken and non-perishable items for the food bank will the Jacksonville community. For additional information call the church at Jacksonville, Florida. Reverend Frank Evans and the Cleftones of Atlantic be greatly appreciated. For more information call 768-5905. 354-1053 or visit or email Beach, Florida. Special Guests will be In Christ 11 and 3-N-i of West Palm
Beach, Florida. For more information contact Sister Jasmine Bullock at
Word, Shout and Song Exhibit at Ritz EWC Christmas Christmas Concert 352-708-0277 or email
The Word, Shout, Song: Lorenzo Dow Turner Connecting Communities The renowned Edward Waters College concert choir presents "Christmas: St. Thomas Christian University
Through Language on display through December 3 1st. The exhibit includes The Spirit of the Newborn King." The theme is Matthew 2: 10- 1: When they rare audio recordings, photographs and artifacts, illuminating Dr. Turner's saw the storm they were filled with Joy! They entered the house, and saw Presents a "Salute to Se io s
foundational work in the 1930Os establishing that people of African heritage, the child [the new bom King] with his mother, Mary, and they bowed down St. Thomas Christian University presents a "Salute to Seniors" featuring despite slavery, had retained and passed on their cultural identity through and worshiped him. Come hear the Choir Saturday, December 7th at 6 p.m. LaShun Pace, Saturday December 14th, 4- 6 p.m. at All Peoples words, music and story in the GullahlGeechee community in South at Edward Waters College, Milne Auditorium, 1658 Kings Rd. For more International Church, 1973 Edgewood Avenue W. For more information
Carolina and Georgia. For more details call 632-5555 or visit www.ritz- information call Dee Registre at 470-8050 or visit call 389-5592 or visit or email W ayman M inistries Toy Drive and Everyone age 50 and older are free!

Donate to Help Warm for the Winter 7th Annual Christmas Fellowship Southside Church of God in Christ
Phat Ryder Motor Cycle Club annual coat drive is in motion! The Phat Reverend Mark L. Griffin and Wayman Ministries is having a Toy Drive Senior Citizen Recognition Day
Ryders will be collecting new and used coats, jackets and sweaters for the and collection for children ages newborn to 17 years. Collection takes place All seniors are invited to share in a special worship service Sunday, homeless. Collections are now until December 15th. All coats can be Wednesday, December 18th. Unwrapped toys and can be dropped off at the December 8th at 11 a.m. at Southside Church of God in Christ, 2179 dropped off at Jenkins BBQ locations. For more details call 536-2212 or following locations: Wayman Academy of the Arts Gymnasium 1176 Emerson Street. Pastor Edward Robinson, Sr. Pastor has proclaimed that, visit Labelle Street, corner of Cassat Avenue & Plymouth or Wayman Chapel "Seniors are our heritage, and God's gift to society and to the body of
AME Church, 8855 Sanchez Road. The toy drive benefits the residents of Christ." Seniors are encouraged to participate and come obtain information NOTICE: Church news is published free of charge. Eureka Gardens and the surrounding neighborhoods. The toy drive and col- related to health care coverage and ways to improve senior citizen's qualiInformation must be received in the Free Press offices no lection will culminate with the 7th Annual Community Christmas ty of life. For more information call the church at 398-1625.
late thn Moday at5 p~. o th wee yo wat itto un. Fellowship, Saturday, December 21st, 12 3 p.m., at the Wayman
latr tanMonay at5 pm.of hewee yo wnt t o rn. Academy of the Arts Gymnasium, 1176 Labelle Street. This year's theme Senior Citizens Bible Scholarships
Information received prior to the event date will be print- is: "An Angel's Point of View Part 11". This annual free event includes StThmsCrtinUveiy,13etuy2Dieisofigbbl
ed on a space available basis until the date. Fax e-mail to entertainment, refreshments, games and activities for the residents of the ThoasChripsta Ueniversiten 103 Cer 21d Dre oferin biblmoe 765-3803 or e-mail to neighborhood. For more information call Wanda Patterson at 742-5791. odege hl sis cal3959,t senior citn 50w or

Bethel Baptist Institutional Church

215 Bethel Baptist Street, Jacksonville, FIL 32202 (904) 354-1464AA

2 A L

Weekly Services

Sunday Morning Worshin Midweek Services K I G -~
7:40 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. Wednesday Noon ServiceAA
"Miracle at Midday" B mE A K
Church school 12 noon-i p.m.
9:30 am. The Word from the Sons PRSE TE BY

Bishop Rudolph Bible Study and Dauihters of Bethel Bishop Rudolph
McKissick, Sr. 6:30 p m. 3rd Sunday 4:00 p m McKissick, Jr.
Senior Pastor Senior Pastor
Come share in Holy Communion on 1st Sunday at 1:40 and 10:40 a.m.

Worship with

us LIVE on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014

the web visit8am Prime F. Osborn IIll

November 28 December 5-11, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press,- Page 7

~,c:A- j~JcHow to Save on Practically

HQ~i~AYEverything for Those 55+
4 Did you know that if you're At Kohl's, a 15 percent dis- at
at least 55, you can get a 10 count is available every Flowers. Senior discounts
percent mid week discount at Wednesday for those 60 plus. sometimes trump coupon Thesixweks ncmpasig / Pep Boys automotive stores? Craft supplies. Michaels codes. AARP members can
Thnksivin Chistecmassand That Pearle Vision offers stores grant AARP members choose to shave 20 percent
New Year's collectively call "the AARP members 30 percent 10 percent off on Tuesdays. from their 1
holidays" aie for a most a magi- off a complete pair of glasses Education. Many colleges order, or to drop $20 off a
caly uiqu tme f yarand up to 20 percent off con- and universities ofteh offer minimum purchase of $79.99
But for many, the holidays bring tacts? That many Roto- seniors low-cost and free (a 25 percent cut at that price
hurt. Caused by factors including
the weather, separation, death, *-Rooter franchises give senior classes. Call your local col- point). takes
stes uraiti xetaindiscounts, typically 10 per- lege or go to osherfounda- off 20 percent for those who
hypersentimentality, guilt, or over- Scent? More surprising, many for names of many call (800) 838-8853 and ask
spending, holiday depression necessary. It's ok to laugh! Don't sible, limit the time and situa- merchants and service participating institutions, for Discount, 484. also called the "holiday blues" be afraid! You won't be struck by a tions/people you want to be prvdsofe snisa Ftes.Ptcpnsin T vl.Suh stAlns
can zap the merriment out of even bolt of lightning for laughing! around. When you've had enough prvdsofe snisa Ftes.Ptcpns in rvl.Suh stAlns
the most wonderful time of the 2. Have a plan to deal with your of either, make sure that you have break just for asking. many Medicare Advantage, promotes lower fares for its
year. feelings Tiy to surround yourself a way to leave or step away. You may have to prove your Supplemental, or other pri- Rapid Rewards members 65
Holiday depression affects one with people who care about and 4. Take time for yourself Why age, perhaps with a driver's vate group retiree health and over; call (800) 435-9792 million people every year. Men support you family, friends, or is it called holiday depression? license or AARP card. You plans can access free for details. Travelers 62 and and women, young and old, all fall church members. Invest yourself Because, for -most people, these myhv oji h edrsSle~ekr ins pcngt1 ecn f h
victim to feelings of sadness, lone- in an exercise program (aerobic feelings don't occur at other times myhv oji h edrs Sle~ekr ins pcngt1 ecn f h
less, anxiety, guilt, and fatigue activities such as walking, running, of the year. Remind yourself of loyalty program and abide by Program group classes and cheapest ticket on most during this emotionally charged cycling, etc., are recommended what you enjoyed during the previ- other limitations. But once gym memberships at more Amtrak trains. Greyhound season. because of their mood-elevating ous months, and then continue you're past those hurdles, than 11,000 locations nation- passengers age 62 and up
The following suggestions will ability). if necessary, see your doc- them during the holidays. Make yo'lfngesikthe: wd.C ck oueiibiy sae5prn.
help you identified and ward-off or tor or therapist. And leamn to say yourself a priority! Instead of a Cl-hn- Cnue at least better cope with potential "no." Others' expectations are not "Discount Double Check," give Cl-hn- Cnue sources of holiday depression. a reason for your own mental yourself an "Emotional Double Cellular offers AARP mem- IIIII
1. Acknowledge that you are health to suffer. Check". Give yourself permission bers voice plans starting at E pom n potnt
hurting Others may expect cer- 3. Set realistic expectations to feel what you feel. Getting $9.50 a month, and text and tain attitudes and behaviors from Keep your expectations realistic enough re st, eating and drinking in data plans for as little as D RIV ER S
you that you may not feel. The rather than perfectionistic. moderation, exercising, and con- $.8amnh retail industry's "holiday hype" Prioritize and reduce self-imposed tinuing other favorite activities can $23 ot.* Seasonal Drivers Needed* presents an overly sentimental, holiday preparations. Delegate maintain normalcy, routine, con- Clothing and department to haul U.CS. Mail in Jacksonville.
nostalgic, and even imaginary responsibilities. Realistically planf trol, and predictability stores. Members of Ross notion of the holidays (usually to your budget, spending, and shop- SAMSIIA Substance Abuse and Dress for Less' Every Positions open for safe, reliable drivers.
try to sell you something). Still, ping. Do less and enjoy more. Mental Health Administration Tuesday Club age 55 and up Excellent Hourly Pay. $18.94p/h + $4.46 H&W.
feelings of sadness, loneliness, or Obsessing over endless details is www.samhsa.govge 10 prntof n ClsA D &2y E eincrqu edn
depression don't automatically bound to change this long-awaited, or call 800-662-HELP (4357). ge 10 prnt of n ClsACD &2ysE einc rquedn
vanish just because it's the holi- once-a-year season from a time of National Suicide Tuesdays. Belk's discount the past five years. EOEIAA.
days. Acknowledge your pain, be exuberance to one of exhaustion. Prevention Lifeline ranges from 15 to 20 percentSamnC pnis80214 1
open and honest with others, Make it a point to be honest with for those 55 and up on theSam nC pnis80214 1
refuse to feel guilty, and get help if yourself, and if necessary and pos- 800-273-TALK (8255) first Tuesday of every month. or apply online

I~ I ii

Drivers: $5,000a

... ig ~ O - on s!I have friends and loved ones suffering from Maya Ang~Iou
Great Pay! Consistent Freight! Alzheimer's. But I can imagine... and hope atopeeuao
Great Miles on this Regional Account. for... a world Without this terrible disease.

W erner Enterprises: You can help make a difference. A major brain imaging study led by

1-855-5 15-8447 the National Institutes of Health may help us learn how to stop the
progression of Alzheimer's.

REAL ES AT AU T O Please consider joining the study if you are between 55 and 90 and:
JACKSONILLE, F are in good ge nerall health with no memory problems, OR
a are in good general health but have memory problems
or concerns, OR

1~~~~~~~ 2......IeFa l om For more information, call 1 -800-438-4380
3 Homes to be Sold ABSOLUTE (Regardless of Price) o ii w~lhiesogiaie
SMandarin -Jacksonville, Florida o ii w~lhiesogiai
~ ~ Wednesday, December 1111 0 7PM

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Itt Keeps Giving All Year Long ition to the Free Press

: ebscriptio

your ow

Aor gif o
Thi Iis

-..... ..
Sul -sr



ap gift ADDES

subsciptin wiligam

cadfomyuan ilSTATE ZIP
sbgipwheneverl Name Subscript on ateS STATE ZIP ar egi $3 a.ea.i.POVDEb ify~. ADSta Date...

outside the city. satDt
Mail with check or money order to ...
P.O. Box 43580, Jacksonville, FL 32203

Page 9 -Mrs. Perry's Free Press December 5-11, 2013

Even though Jeffrey Wright has intensely passionate fan base. I got

11won a Tony, Emmy and Golden a chance to come in and surf their
Globe, and appeared in more than success. But that is a little concern35 films as one of the most versatile ing too because you want to come
Michel ordn ad wfe xpetinfirt cildactors of his generation, he's far into a situation and add to the
MicaelJoran nd if exectng irs chldfrom a household name, recipe. You don't want to be the guy
Michael Jordan is going be a dad again! The But he could care less. who puts too much salt in this realkM basketball legend and his wife Yvette Preito are Portraying painter Jean-Michel ly wonderful dish.
expecting a child together. Basquiat in Julian Schnabel's 1996 Q: Some feel you are underrated
Jordan, 50, and Prieto tied the knot seven biopic set the stage for other dis- and underexposed. What's your months ago in an over-the-top wedding in Palm tinct performances for the 47-year- response? / Beach, Fla., on April 27. The two said "I do" at old Wright, like playing Colin Wright: I don't mind that I am not
.~a~ / Episcopal Church of Bethesda-By-The Sea Powell in "W," Muddy Waters in necessarily a household name j
SChurch and were joined by over 300 guests. "Cadillac Records" and operative because I think my characters have
I ,,Their reception was held at the Bear's Club in Felix Leiter in "Casino Royale." outshined me. That was by design.
~, Jupiter, Fla. And his varied dramatic skills And I'm not wanting for apprecia- Wright is one of the most versatile African-American actors of his generation.
4 ~"i hi wll e hefirt hid fr hecouleof prompted the makers of HBO's tion. But for the past 10 years or so With Broadway chops, an Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony and over 35 films
% over five years. Jordan is already a dad to three "Boardwalk Empire" to cast the I kind of pumped the breaks on act- under his belt, including the No. 1 movie 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!,' children from his previous marriage to Juanita Washington, D.C., native in the role ing and have been intentionally of. Then they started tailoring this not to. That means you've got to do Venoy. The couple were married for 17 years before splitting in 2006. They of sinister Dr. Valentin Narcisse this doing smaller roles that didn't take madman to suit what I could bring more work on your own and that have sons Jeffr~ey Michael, 24, and Marcus James, 22, and daughter season. me away from home for three to it. It's awesome, and we shoot the machine is not going to necesJasmine, 19, together. With his latest film, "The Hunger months because I wanted to be with most of it about five blocks away sarily do the blocking for you. The
Evelyn Lozada Gets What She's Been Wanting Games: Catching Fire," setting box my son and daughter (Elijah, 12, from my house in Brookiyn. machine rarely accepted my code.
Over Thanksgiving weekend, Basketball Wives star office records worldwide, Wright and TK, 8, with wife Carmen Q: What struggles do you face as That can be frustrating, but you just
Evelyn Lozada made a big announcement... she's t examined his career choices in a Ejogo). Over the last couple of a Black man in Hollywood? have to be aware.
pregnant. recent interview with The years I've started to go away and Wright: I don't really consider Q: Which one of your past charNovember 29, the 37-year-old reality star announced Associated Press. work a bit more. myself a black man in Hollywood. I acters is most like you?
her pregnancy on Instagramn and Facebook, posting a Q: How was it joining the estab- Q; Do you feel people are re-dis- live in Brooklyn ... and on purpose. Wright: I would probably say,
photo of herself cradling her six month baby bump, lished "Hunger Games" cast? covering you through your charac- At the most base level, what an although I am older now and I hope
with the caption reading, "new beginnings." Wright: It's easier for me because ter on "Boardwalk Empire?" actor represents to the film industry this doesn't sound pretentious, but
Lozada who divorced Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson in I didn't have to take the risk on the Wright: Yeah. They started writ- is an investment. Depending on the Basquiat because I was that wild
2012, after only 6 weeks of marriage, discussed her first one. I didn't have to do the ing one of the most interesting sto- risk profile, an investor needs 1,000 child in the city at one point who
desire to have a baby during season 5 of Basketball hard work of winning over this ries for me that I've ever been a part reasons to commit and one reason was trying to tell my story too.
"I'm excited about being a mommy all over again,"Alx n e FreB t ig tfr red m N tOrY t

addrediu loanwh.h s s aughter hnIe 0,fro continued from front roborates her story. There was the aggressor, that the threat defended for and the public pressure on
wanting for years and I can't believe it's finally hap- Alexander out of prison, Angela 911 call ... and you can clearly hear against was imminent and other- Corey will be intense between now
pening."1 Corey is planning on going forward the distress in Rico Gray's voice, wise unavoidable, that the degree of and the beginning of the second
Spike Lee Dissapointed in New Flick with the second prosecution. They had a verbal argument [in force used was proportional to the trial.
Spie ee' oce-igly ntcipte reak ofth cut oren lasic State's attorney's have a lot of dis- which] he said 'I'm outta here,' and threat faced, that the defendant vio- Public pressure, and not what
Spik Lees one-hihly nticpate ras hed wlth Kran hudasthe cretion to not proceed with a case she said, 'I've got something for lated no duty to retreat, and that the takes place mn the courtroom, may Oboy fieti atweed an but .at this point and time, Corey you." defendant's conduct was reasonable set Alexander free before or after a
boxofic tispas weknd ern insists that Alexander's actions At the second trial, this version of under the circumstances." second trial. The media attention ingjut 1.3milin i is irs fve three years ago deserve punish- events will be explained for the jury Based on the relevant factors, may force Corey to do the right daTs mrlas elts ieai ment. but perhaps this time they will con- Alexander did act in selfdefense thing and let Alexander out of
disppinmet orLe, hois In an interview earlier this year, sider the fact that Mr. Gray admit- when she fired the warning shots, prison permanently to get on with cioin mn o fftor straight flo s Corey defended her aggressive ted to threatening Alexander's life, but because of the improper jury her life. A second jury may be 200omiraclfat st.raig andflst- prosecution of Alexander, saying strangled her during the dispute at instruction the first trial resulted in familiar with some aspects of the erscritically reviled low-budget that 'Stand Your Ground' shouldn't issue, and the juiy will finally be a conviction. At her second trial, case because of what's been reportyrm ear's Smmr apply "[b]ecause she was not flee- able to weigh this fact under the she is expected to have a much bet- ed in the media and they may be
Oldb iitialy ad tron dramtank Roiscstedied Hoo Summer ing from an abuser. A judge heard proper legal fi-amework for self- ter chance to prevail because an more sympathetic to her defense Oldbyin itl had SmeL.Jcson butan st its rsrceastealne By Joshr all the facts and evidence and said defense. appropriate application of the self- than the first jury.
Bnlroiin d h Sam e .Jcstdon ardnd t e oplrsuc mat aeial.pBtoappar that this was not a case of 'Stand Under Florida law, in order for a defense factors may flip the jury in The question is whether either tenl rct wih iestd procin tepi fi s mayhav corised Your Ground.' You have to com- defendant to claim self-defense Alexander's favor. Angela Corey Angela Corey or the second jury Even Lee himself has implied that the relationship he had with produc- pare what [Marissa Alexander] said they must meet a minimal burden of also has the power to set Alexander will finally view Marissa Alexander ers, was less than stellar. In fact, the director's classic "Joint" trademark to what the victims said. There were production, considering the follow- free for good by dismissing the as a victim, who had the right to doesn't appear on Oldboy, it's simply called a "Spike Lee Film." two young children there as well. ing five factors: "There must be this charges, instead of going to trial a defend herself from an abusive husNone of the physical evidence cor- minimal degree of evidence show- second time. That's what band and who doesn't deserve
--77 ing that thej efendarx_ was not the Alexander's supporters are asking prison.

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a a MI

December 5-11, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page'10

Where We Stand: The Status of Black Women in America IN

related causes, such as embolism degrees held by women in 2012 nesses owned by women of color white women's median usual week- have a rich history of leadership in and pregnancy-related hyperten- though they constituted 12.7 and 49 percent of all African ly earnings were $718 in the second their communities, they are under4 sion, than any other racial group. percent of the female population. American-owned businesses. quarter of 2013. represented in all levels of
Birth rates for teenage African Only 2 percent of African African American women- The unemployment rate of government.
American women from ages 15 to American women are represented owned businesses employed Black women more than 20 years Of the 98 women in Congress,
19 decreased by 7 percent from in science, technology, engineering, 272,000 workers and generated of age increased above 2012 aver- only 14 are. African American 2011 to 2012. and mathematics, or STEM, fields, $44.9 billion in revenue in 2013. ages and was 181 percent more than women.
Black women have the highest while women in total make up 24 Of the top 10 fastest-growing that of white women in the second Former Sen. Carol Moseley
rates of premature births and are percent of the STEM workforce. private companies owned by black quarter of 2013. African American Braun (D-IL), an African American more likely to have infants with low African American women entrepreneurs from 2009 to 2012, women had an unemployment rate who served from 1993 to 1999, was
or very low birth weights. African earned more than half of all science only 27 percent were owned by of 10.5 percent compared to 5.8 the first of only twd women of color American infants are more than 2.4 and engineering degrees completed black women. percent for white women. to ever serve in the Senate.
times more likely as white infants by African Americans-surpassmig Annual average for 2012 In the nation's 100 largest
to die in their first year of life. their male counterparts. show that 28 percent of African cities, only one African American
only 35 percent of African According to Census data American women were employed woman is currently serving as
American lesbian and bisexual about work-life earnings, white in the service industry as opposed mayor-Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
women have had a mammogram in women make more than African to only 20 percent of white women. of Baltimore.
the past two years, compared to 60 American women among full-time, Household data from 2012
percent of white lesbian and bisex- year-round workers, regardless of found that only 11.9 percent of
H ealth ual women. what degrees they have obtained. African American women were in
One in four African American management, business, and financial operations positions. In comwomen are uninsured. This lack of
prison, women as a whole are
health insurance, along with other
employed in these fields at a rate of
socioeconomic factors, continues to k6,
contribute to the dire health issues 41.6 percent.
Married or cohabiting African
African American women face. American households have a mediHypertension is more preva- an wealth of $31,500 while single
lent among African American
African American women have a
women than any other group of Economic median wealth of only $100.
women: 46 percent of African African American women with
American women 20 years of age Secur*
and older have hypertension, ity children, however, have zero
African American women contain median wealth.
whereas only 31 percent of white ue to have higher rates of unem- African American women
women and 29 percent of Hispanic PlOYment than white women and more than doubled their share of At la r ge City Councilwoman
women in the same age bracket do. continue to have lower amounts of workers earning the - um wage Kim Daniels is one of only
While white women are more weekly usual earnings and median or below from 2007 to 2012. two Black women to sit on
likely to have breast cancer, African Educational wealth compared to their male Among African American Jacksonville's City Council.
American women have higher over- counterparts and white women- households, more than half-53.3
all mortality rates from breast can- Attainment Entrepreneurship These disparities leave a growing percent --- of working wives were Currently, 242 African
cer. Every year, 1,722 African The level of educational attain- African American women-owned portion of our population more vul- breadwinners. American women serve in state legAmerican women die from breast ment for African American women businesses continue to grow despite nerable to poverty and its The poverty rate for islatures nationwide, comprising
cancer-an average of five African has risen very slowly and still sits at significant financial and social implications. African American women is 28.6 only 13.5 percent of the total popuAmerican women per day. a significantly lower level than that obstacles. The most current available percent.13 In comparison, the lation of women state legislators
ChIaniydia and gonorrhea of white women. African American-owned busi- data show that African American poverty rate of white, non-Hispanic nationwide.
infection rates for African The college graduation rate of nesses are the fastest-growing seg- women only made 64 cents to the women is 10. 8 percent. Only 2 out of 73 women servAmerican women are 19 times African American women for the ment of the women-owned business dollar compared to white, non- The poverty rate of African ing in statewide elective executive
higher than those of white women- 2004 cohort was 24.1 percent and market and are starting up at a rate Hispanic men in 2010. White American lesbian couples is 21.1 offices are African American
African American women have has not increased at the same rate as six times higher than the national women made 78.1 cents to the same percent versus 4.3 percent for white women.
higher rates of human papillo- the graduation rates of white average. dollar. lesbian couples. State Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA)
mavirus, or HPV, and cervical can- women, Latinas, or Asian American The number of companies A study by the American African American women are became the first African American
cer, with mortality rates double women. started by African American Association of University Women three times more likely than white woman to serve as speaker of a state
those of white women. Only 21.4 percent of African women grew nearly 258 percent found that Black women made 90 women to be incarcerated. house in 2008.
African American women rep- American women had a college from 1997 to 2013. percent of their Black male Maria Guerra is a senior at the
resent 65 percent of new AIDS degree or higher in 2010, compared The number of African counterparts' wages in 2012. Political University of California, Los
diagnoses among women. to 30 percent of white women. American women-owned business- Black women only eamed Leadership Angeles and an intern with the
Black women are four times African American women es in 2013 was estimated at 1. 1 mil- $610 per week, whereas African tqq
M,.g( the Center
more likely to die from pregnancy- held 939 percent of bachelor's lion, comprising 42 pikent of Wil- Anie'n"icin men 'made $666 and While African American women for American Progros,

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