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"Florida's First Coast only quality Black weekly."
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The Free Press has the Largest Cir-
culation of any weekly newspaper
published in Florida.
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The Free Press Fi like any other
paper publisher' America. It occu-
Spies a fieWld rely to itself.
':lzzI lizlzzlzdlzlz


D. C. McMullen

Flays Pendleton

Tallahassee, Fla., Sept. 9, 1916.
Mr. A. D. Stephens, Chairman, Headquarter's Committee, Anti-
Saloon League, Jacksonville, Fla.
Dear Sir:
At a meeting of the Headquarters Committee of the Anti-
Saloon League in June called to consider the partisan activities of
Kent Pendleton in the name of the Anti-Saloon League, and at
which meeting each member present condemned Pendlton's ac-
tions, I stated that if it was the intention of the Headquarters
Committee to retain Mr. Pendleton as superintendent, that I would
no longer act as president.
When the Headquarters Committee forced Mr. Crooke to
resign as superintendent without ever mentioning it to me, I ten-
dered my resignation as president. In the convention here last
spring, Mr. Crooke was commended for his excellent work, and my
resignation was rejected. Mr. Pendleton came to the convention
here and offered his services as superintendent, and knowing that
he was personally favorable to Mr. Knott's candidacy, I said if he
was to take the superintendency it must be with the understanding
that the organization should not be used in the interest of any can-
didate for governor. I was assured that this would not be done, but
that the superintendent would bend his energies to the election of
a legislature favorable to submission, since the governor had noth-
ing directly to do with that matter.
ii h I have it on the word of Mr. Hudson that Pendleton told him
such was the understanding and that he, as superintendent of the
league, was observing it.
Later complaint was made to me of Pendleton's responsibility
for the report in Tampa that Mr. Hudson had withdrawn from the
race. I wrote him about it, and in a reply in which he admitted he
had told in Tampa something Mr. Robert McNamee had told him
about Mr. Hudson's withdrawal, he used this language:
"In view of the fact that you are such a warm personal friend
to Mr. Hudson, and I sustain the same relation to Mr. Knott, and
further that these two gentlemn are both so thoroughly above
reproach, I have felt very keenly the responsibility of conducting
the affairs of this office in a manner that could not contribute the
slightest injustice to either of them."
But.two or three days before the primary, through some in-
fluence from some source, when it was too late for candidates done
an injustice to have time to counteract it, he abandons that keen
Sense of responsibility, violates the understanding upon which he
was elected, disregards his statement to Mr. Hudson, and issues
Misleading information in Mr. Knott's behalf, with help and station-
ery for which Hudson and his friends and Catts and his friends
Help pay.
S'It has further been charged by Senator Bryan and not to my
k pledge denied, that the information sent out, was gotten in hb
i tlirjomn efforts of the Anti-Saloon League arid the liquor people of
,, .acksonville.
To show that I was not a party to the partisan activity of the
S Anti-Saloon League, I publicly expressed my condemnation of the
use that was made of the league organization. Later at the meet-
.: ing of the Headquarter's Committee held in June, at which I was
present by request, I stated that owing to the fact that the work of
;the league under Mr. Pendleton had been partisan, and that the
-league name had been associated with the work of Mr. P. A. Holt
"and the liquor people, I would not act as president if Mr. Pendleton
Swas to continue as superintendent. I am sure you will agree that
each member of the committee present disapproved what had been
-done, and so expressed themselves. No action was taken for lack of
" a. quorum. At a later meeting I was advised that no action was
taken for the same reason.
Upon my return home last Friday I learned that Pendleton
was still acting as superintendent, and at once wrote you for in-
formation as to what had been done. So far I have received no
reply. This morning I see in the Metropolis that Pendleton says I
will be asked for my resignation. He overlooks the fact that I do
not hold my position under him, but under the Board of Trustees
of this state. However, as I said more than two months ago, I
would resign if Pendleton was continued as superintendent, I shall
be as good as my word. I presume this outburst from him is due to
my public statement as an individual, and not in the name of the
league and without reference to the league, that I would support
Mr. Catts for governor unless Mr. Knott or his friends explained
the apparent crooked methods by which the Greenville vote was
changed from Mr. Catts to him. If Mr. Pendleton doesn't want me
as president of the league because I demand an explanation of what
I believe to be an outrageous fraud, then it is evident that he pro
poses to continue the policy he has pursued in the past, and if the
Headquarters Committee want to keep such a man as superinten
dent, then I insist that my resignation be accepted.
While I regret any publicity of my name in connection with
that of Pendletoon, I am going to make this public in order that the
people of Florida may know that the Headquarters Committee
who alone has power to discharge him, is responsible for.his fur
their retention.
And also to assure the people that I shall in no degree abate
my efforts against the liquor traffic.
Yours very truly,


The following affidavits show continued evidence of fraud ii
Hamilton county-it may not convince "Me an' the Spreem Cort,'
but it will convince distinterested people if any be left in Florida:
State of Florida, Hamilton County.
Before me a Notary Public, personally appeared G. H. Hunt
one of the inspectors of the primary election held on June 6th, 1916
at White Springs, Hamilton County, Election District No. 3, whi
does hereby make affidavit that the count of ballots as cast in sail
Precinct No. 3, for governor as recorded by the inspectors on Jun
6th, and the recount made by them on August 22nd, does not cor
I make further affidavit that the count as recorded on Jun
6th was correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I fur
their believe that the ballots counted at Jasper on August 22d, 191(
are not the same as counted by us on June 6th, 1916.
The fact is that, in the recount there was 26 second choice
votes for W. V. Knott that were not voted as recorded on June 6tl
and the marking of these 26 second choice votes seemed to hav
\ been marked by other writing other than the voters of the respect
tive ballots.
Sworn to and subscribed before me at White Sprnigs, Fla,
August 28th, 1916. T. A. EDWARDS, N. P.
My commission expires April 14, 1917.
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The Beast Raises His Head

The Papal Image Appears

The Catholic church is not in politics-O no! But what about "The
Catholic Societies?" They now claim to have 3,000,000 votes-and make the
insolent and thinly veiled boast that with these they will soon be able to have
their own way in everything they undertake in America!
"The purposes of The Church"-to the papists these are all "for good"
-but to free peoples we know these purposes of "The Church" to be the
death knell of liberty, both of thought and of conscience, and finally to the
person even. "The end justifies the means"' is the Jesuitical dogma that
makes traitors and often even murderers of many-remember John Wilkes
Booth? Do you realize that this Jesuitical murderer saddled his guilt and
that of the Jesuits whom he dared not disobey UPON THE PEOPLE OF
"The Church" not in politics-indeed!
But it is for the sake of the domination of this self-same "Church" and
its grasping dogmatism and usurpation of all earthly power that these "Cath-
olic Societies" exist and the Roman Catholic Central Verein is sent here to
defy American ideals and threaten liberalism in the highest places of our
occidental civilization. Well is it for us that this despotic suggestion and
challenge comes to us in Teutonic garb, where we have had the most odious
and lasting examples of a degree of despotism that sickens the man whose
soul is his own and who would die rather than give up his freedom. POPERY
is behind that Teutonic despotism. The dogma of the Divine Right of Kings
is the counterpart of The Infallibility of Popes-both are blasphemous falla-
cies and intolerable despotisms. Mankind will throw them off-they are going
down in defeat, steadily and surely before the advancing Rights of Man.
So "The Church" through her Federation of Catholic Societies" (all
papal at that) has 3,000,000 votes in America, has she? Judging the future
by the past in the light of authentic history, we know what that means. What
will you say to the proposition that, since we know that the doctrines of
Popery teach, inculcate and brand in the mind and soul of the victim the
dogma of PAPAL INFALLIBILITY; that "THE POPE IS KING," etc., and
papists must heed first and last in all things the call and mandate of the
Vatican, we are nearing the time when these 3,000,000 aliens in our midst
must choose between the pope, whom they secretly hail as their king (who
sits in the Vatican at Rome) and the Stars and Stripes Forever? Yes, it is
coming to that and rapidly. "Ye cannot serve two masters." Ye cannot be
absolute Papists, proclaiming "the Pope is King," and be also devoted Ameri-
cans with nothing above your Nation's Flag! The moment you try to line up
this "Catholic Vote" of 3,000,000 alien Americans for the well known "pur-
poses of the Chtuch," which you say is "for good," but. we know it is not
for the good of American freedom, you will find yourselves up against a grow-
ing sentiment in America which will force you to take a stand either for or
against absolute allegiance to America to the exclusion of all other ties-if
you remain with America and liberalism, you will be happy and fortunate-
if you decide against your country you will be in part at least disfranchised
and surely disqualified by law to hold office.
The following news item proves all we have ever allegedas to the in-
vasion of politics by the Papist organization, and delivers us of further re-
sponsibility for the truth of what we have spoken or written on the subject.
AND WE SUPPOSE H. R. 264 by Representative Lindberg, of Minnesota,
after serving a farcical purpose, has been put to sleep, has it? Better rein-
troduce it in all its provisions and carry out its plan of a thorough investiga-
tion, report and heroic action, or not even those 3,000,000 H. C., R. C., S. J.,
K. C., A. O. H., H. O. G., S. F., C. C. V., and various other sorts of papal
votes, can or shall save the dallying congressmen from a long stay at home.
This thing is going to be "investigated" in the district of every congressman-
in the constituency of every senator. Read again this brazen challenge to
German, Element Appeals to Delegates to New York Convention to Unite
Their Influence at the Polls In November-Claim to Hold Balance.
New York, Aug. 22.-Catholic voters throughout the United States were
urged at a mass meeting of the German Roman Catholic Verein here
tonight to unite and cast their influence at the polls "where it will best sub-
serve the high and holy principles" for which Catholics stand. James F.
Zipf, president of the Ganzaga Union of St. Louis, who made the appeal,
declared there were at least 3,000,000 Catholic voters in the country--"quite
a force," he said, "for the bringing about of proper conditions."
"That," Mr. Zipf added, "is almost as many votes as the Republican party
polled at the last general election. That very number places in our hands
a power to be used in works of social civic betterment, in works of mercy and
of peace. When the Catholic arm is uplifted let it be for construction always,
but never for destruction."
Mr. Zipf asserted he was not contending for a religious party, but for an
organization of Catholics to bring into public life a spirit of liberty and tol-
e ration.
'"We must be so organized," he declared, "and under such leadership that
upon occasions we speak forcibly as one man and say to tile black-hand ol
religious intoleration, hypocrisy and hatred, 'thou shalt not enter here; so far
shalt thou go and no further.'"
Views of some of the leading priests and laymen of the Catholic church
upon the situation in Mexico received further definition today in the conven-
tion here of the American Federation of Catholic Societies, the Catholic Young
SMen's National Union and German Catholic Central Verein.
The annual report of Michael J. Slattery as president of the Young Men's
Organization today was expected to deal with the condition of the church it
Mexico, as Mr. Slattery is well informed on this subject, having spent fifteen
years as a mining engineer in that country.
SBusiness sessions of the federation and its allied organizations were held
This morning when some of the subjects discussed in the reports of Presideni
tJoseph Frey, of the Verein, and of Anthony Matre, secretary of the federation
. were.taken up for action. Mr. Matre in his report yesterday criticised some
of the features of modern life which he regarded as evil, including phases ol
the moving picture business, easy divorces, improper plays and attacks ol
"Christianity. A woman's session of the federation was a feature of the morn
ing program.
At the woman's session Bishop P. J. Muldoon, of Rockford, Ill., urgec
e about 200 delegates to join every state, county and city civic movement ii
their communities.
, "Don't stand back and say 'we Catholic women are not wanted and won't
- get a fair chance,' he said. "My own experience is that people of other be
liefs not only are fair to us Catholics but are most anxious for us to join witl
e them in their work for the general good. It is only too true, I am sorry to
say, that we Catholics have not done our part in social service work.
"Unless Catholic women join civic movements we will see Socialistic
Atheistic and or at least merely humanitarian principles in operation in this
Miss Helen Haney, of Randolph, Mass., who presided at the women's
meeting, made a similar plea. "Are we Catholic women going to sit quietly:
by," she said, "and allow the Young Women's Christian Association to for
n ever usurp the Christian name in association welfare? We must do work o
" even higher character; whatever the sacrifice, if Catholic womanhood is eve
to interpret itself to the American mind and make manifest its claim to su
priority. Let us open our club houses and our league houses to our younj
t, Successes of the central powers were attributed today by Rev. F. Better
, S. J., to the ability of the Teutonic mind to assimilate knowledge, in an ad
o dress, before the German Roman Catholic Central Verein, on "Knowledge I
ld Father Betten appealed for more education among Catholic Germans i
e this country.
Bishop Currier, of Cuba, addressing the German delegates on Mexica
affairs, said:
"Everything that is dearest to the hearts of Catholics in Mexice has bee
e desecrated by ruffians. Our government is fraternizing with Villa and Car
- ranza and is causing our church a great injustice."
i, The delegates adopted a resolution asking the' passage of the federal eni
ployes' compensation bill.
e "Socialistic, Atheistic and mere humanitarian," hey? What insolence
h What blasphemy! They know that when the free people speak God speaks
e "in the name of humanity" is also "in the name of God!" The sort of pre
I- fanity we have quoted from the foregoing "report" is what sets God's people
against Romanism and popery!

A conventional, euphoneous term A class of human males now almost
denoting a person who professionally extinct, whose quality once consisted
alienates friends and kindred, in being "too gentle to work."-Ob.

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Opinions of Press

and People

(Tampa Tribune.)

The expected appeal to the Supreme Court to order a recan-
vass of the vote for Governor has been made. An alternative writ
has been issued. It will now be up to the Supreme Court to decide
whether or not it will set aside the nomination made by the people
on June 6.
Before making such decision, the court should inquire into the
facts and circumstances of the recounts which have been made
under its previous order.
If satisfied, from such investigation, that the charges of fraud
and tampering with ballots are well-founded-and we don't see
how the count can find otherwise on fair and impartial inquiry-
then it should refuse to interfere in the verdict of the people al-
ready rendered and the cetrificate of nomination already issued.
In the event the Supreme Court orders the State Canvassing
Board to recanvass the vote, it will be the duty of that Board, we
presume, to investigate the charges of fraud. An interesting ques-
tion would arise in this recanvass-would an order to recanvass
the vote for Governor mean a recanvass only in those carefully
selected precincts where recounts have been made or would it mean
a recanvassfof the entire vote of the State?
Clearly a partial recanvass would not be a recanvass of the
primary vote. If Mr. Knott is to be permitted to claim the nomin-
ation because in a count of a certain number of precincts designat-
ed by himself, his figures show a small lead over Mr. Catts, even
the most rabid Knott partisan will have to admit that this is a
monstrous injustice to Mr. Catts. If in a certain number of coun-
ties a gain is shown for Mr. Knott, who is to say that a certain num-
ber of other counties would not show a gain for Mr. Catts?
The only fair and just recount, as The Tribune has insisted, is.
a recount of the entire vote of the State. No reasonable man can
have faith in the honesty or correctness of a recount which shows
gains for only one candidate out of five. The candidate who re-
ceived the most votes, who was the choice of the greatest number
of voters, surely ought to gain proportionately with his accredited
vote in a correction of ordinary and legitimate errors in the original
recount. All the mistakes made by the inspectors and clerks were
surely not against any one candidate. In such errors of counting, it
stands to reason that their effect would be about equal as between
Mr. Knott and Mr. Catts, and the correction of'these errors ought
to give fully as many gained votes to one as to the other.
Yet we are asked to believe that practically every one of
these alleged errors in the original count was in favor of Catts and
against Knott-a result which any accountant or expert clerk will
tell you wouldn't happen with such invariability once in a thousand
With five-candidates figuring in the accounting, and with a
perfectly honest and accurate recount, each of the five should make
gains or suffer losses in proportion to his total vote-that is, if
there was the large proportion of errors that Mr. Knott claims-
and the recount should show proportionately the same result as
the original count. But such a result would not serve the purpose
of the contestants-hence we find that in the precincts recounted,
the gains are almost exclusively for Mr. Knott and the losses
almost exclusively for his opponent, the man he is striving to de-
feat. This, we hold, is so near the impossible as to be absolutely
If Mr. Knott is given the nomination for Governor on a recount
of certain precincts, without regard to the vote of the rest of the
State, these certain precincts designated by himself and known in
advance to his friends and partisans, we do not hesitate to assert
that the Democrats of Florida will resent it, that those Floridians
Swho believe in fair play and a square deal, whether they were orig-
inally for Knott, Catts, Wood, Farris or Hudson, will condemn it,
and the decision of any court or any board that so rules will be
Overwhelmingly reversed by the people at the polls in November.

Kent Pendleton and the Tampa Tribune.

Miami Metropolis: When any worthy cause is discredited by
the actions of individuals supposed to be assisting it, unscrupu-
lous people are sure to use it as a weapon against the cause itself.
Thus one of the main things in planning for the success of any
movement is in the selection of the right men and the women to
lead it.
If a church is afflicted by an unworthy pastor or unprincipled
layman, who use the cloak of their church membership to hide
their crooked dealings, the church itself is looked upon as repre-
sentative of hypocrisy and rottenness by people who measure good-
ness by rituals and signs. Untold harm is done a church by the
retention of leaders who do not command the respect of good peo-
ple and it is the same of any "Cause," working for the uplift of hu-
Just now, for instance, the state is watching the outcome of
the behavior of Kent Pendleton, employed as superintendent of the
Anti-Saloon League. The people of Florida are rapidly coming to
a realization of the worthlessness of the saloon. They are seeing
that the liquor traffic brings nothing of benefit to the people, and is
the base of much of the misery and the wickedness of the world;
and they are making ready to vote it out of Florida forever. But
this action will be grievously delayed if the impression is spread
that the Anti-Saloon element is composed of crafty politicians and
corrupt compromisers.
Hence it is exceedingly deplorable that Kent Pendleton should
have made the spectacle of himself that he has in his meddling
with the June primary election, and his mouthings since the Catts
In one letter, published in a Florida newspaper on August 31,
Pendleton uses three columns in a raging tirade against the Tampa
Tribune and its editorial writer, Edwin Lambright, expressing
himself in bungling sentences that seem to preclude such a lack of
rhetorical ability as to make his readers wonder where he usually
gets his sermons when he is in "regular service for the Master,"
while his extravagant charges and his slangy phrases mark him
as an intemperate, uncultured individual, willing to say anything
to bolster up a position which has undoubtedly,been harmful to
the entire anti-saloon cause in the state.
Mr. Pendleton must know that his cheap talk measures up at
a great disadvantage with Ed. Lambright's cultured writing. He
must know that where he has one admirer, the Tampa Tribune
has thousands who read The Tribune every day in the realization
that it is one of the best newspapers in the Southern states, print-
ing news fearlessly and in almost every instance championing the
things that are good, until it is more of a power in Florida than the
Anti-Saloon League ever will be.
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Vol. I. No. 41.

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fessional political aspirant--no wonder he is satisfied with this de.
The Free Pres s cision of our Supreme Court!
This situation is undoubtedly most pleasing and satisfactory
PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY BY THE FREE PRESS to the professional political corporation henchman, for in it he
PUBLISHING COMPANY sees a returning tendency toward the old, antiquated and obsolete
---- convention system, where he once reigned supreme. This politi-
Room 8, Baldwin Building. Phone 4581 cal hack-this outcast political adventurer of the old convention
era-will meet with bitter disappointment-the wheels of time and
RICHARD HARGRAVE ................. Editor progress turn forward, not back-we are headed toward the per.
Box 1482, Jacksonville, Fla. section of the primary system under the leadership of Sidney J.
Ss s m D 2 Catts-not toward the restoration of the past and the obsolete
Entered as second-class matter December 23, 1915, at the Postoffice at Jack- and corrupted convention practices. If this decision suggests the
sonville, Fla., under the Act of March 3, 1879. return of the political party convention, no wonder the political ex-

Subscription Price $1.00 Per Year ploiter is satisfied with it!
Advertising Raes Furnished on Application. The justices of our Supreme Court, in their opinion in this
.Rae...s case, seem to have been wholly oblivious to the rights of anyone
^,pg whomsoever save and except the "murmuring, defeated, disgrun:
C 9 tied candidates for office, who would not and could not be cheerful
losers." This opinion seems to have entirely ignored the rights of
over 3,600 inspectors and clerks to have their double official oaths
Jacksonville, Fla., Thursday, September 14, 1916. and official acts accepted for anything as against the suspicions of
"a murmuring, defeated, disgruntled candidate for office," sup-
A RECTIFICATION. ported solely by his own single oath! It seems to have completely
ignored the right of these 3,600 inspectors and clerks to proceed
Certain friends of Associate Justice J. B. Whitfield have brought our with their individual businesses and affairs, without having
editorial attention to certain misapprehensions that have arisen as a result over them the possibility of being forced to drop their individual
of our recent editorial entitled "M. WH FIELD, ,"which appearedoverthem the possibility of being forced to drop their individual
a few weeks ago in The Free Press. In that editorial we put certain ques- businesses and affairs and going to their county seats to recount
tions to "Mr. Whittield, citizen;" and while no assertions were made, nor were votes in an effort to satisfy such "defeated candidate for office,
the questions mere veiled assertions, they appear to have conveyed the pre- who would not and could not be a cheerful loser." It seems to
sumption of" fact that might serve as assertion, in this iight they might have have truly ignored the right of the voters and other residents of
caused confusion. have truly ignored the right of the voters and other residents of
In fact, two very reliable parties had told us they had seen one whom this or any other state to have the results of their.primary elec-
they took as a matter of course to be Judge Whittield himself in Jacksonville tions finally settled and determined, and rest and peace resulting.
at the very times and places suggested by the questions put in that editorial. This opinion seemingly substitutes for security, peace and
Thus confronted with the positive assertions ot two trustworthy informants, satisfaction, the alternative of political turmoil, litigation, dissen-
and realizing the importance of verifying or refuting the reports, our only sion, abuse and dissatisfaction. It causes a poor man, no matter
way to get at the truth was to ask the questions. This we did, in the best oson abuse and dissatisfaction. It causes a poor man, no matter
faith, and in all due respect to all concerned. how competent or desirable for an office, to hesitate to offer him-
But subsequent investigations and inquiries have developed a singular co- self as a candidate, for fear the race might be close, and the base,
incidence that explains the whole matter quite clearly. it transpires that "defeated, disgruntled candidate" might harass the poor man and
instead of Associate Justice J. B. Whitfield having visited the political his people with continuous litigation and endless expense, for
headquarters in Jacksonville of Hon. W. V. Knott, at the times and places h the poor
supposed, it was a brother of the judge, Mr. B. C. Whitfield, state bank ex- which the poorer candidate would have to sacrifice his manhood or
anuner under Comptroller W. V. Knott, who was probably seen in the Knott principle to the money power in order to win. If the deliberate
headquarters here and owing to his close resemblance to Judge J. B. Whitfield, intent had been to establish oligarchy instead of democracy; to
our informants were mistaken in their man. They were positive that they place the opportunities of political preferment for office wholly
saw Judge Whitfield, so it can only mean that they did not distinguish between within the grasp and control of the money power, nothing could
the identity of the brothers. But another party s said to have addressed thesp a other money power, nothing could
visitor as "Judge," whereupon the visitor is understood to have corrected the have favored it more than this decision aforesaid!
speaker and established the visitor's own identity as that of B. C. Whitfield, The most arrogant of money kings, and the most bitter oppo-
state bank examiner under Comptroller Knott. We believe this to be the nent of primary elections could not possibly have dealt a more as-
probable solution of the matter, otherwise we have the positive statements founding blow at the rights and liberties of a people than this said
of two reliable parties who know Justice J. B. Whitfield, opposed to the
equally positive statements from friends on behalf of the judge contradicting decision; and unless the voters on November 7 next shall elect the
our informants. At the same time, we cannot make any of these corrections Honorable SIDNEY J. CATTS to be the next governor of the state
as a positive fact. That is why we asked any questions at all, for the public of Florida by the most overwhelming majority ever given a candi-
is certainly entitled to have the facts as far as possible, and the only way to date here it will be "good bye" to the poor man in Florida politics,
find out is to ask.
We cheerfully and voluntarily give this information at this time, which and everybody knows and can see it.
is our first opportunity after getting our latest advice; and we tender appro- IT SIMPLY MEANS "SAY DOLLAR FIRST!"
private apology for any confusion or embarrassment these conflicting reports
may have occasioned because of our editorial comment. We are only too THE DEATH GRAPPLE!
grateful to anyone who calls our attention to any error, at any time, in The
Free Press, and we shall always be glad to correct the same, as we desire to
keep this paper as nearly free from errors as possible. We also give a cor- The "murmuring, defeated, disgruntled, candidate for office"
reaction even a more prominent space in The Free Press than we may have of governor of Florida, the bolting, ballot-box busting "Honorable"
given to an original statement later found to have been based on erroneous W. V. Knott, without waiting "about ten days" as announced by
information-it is our ambition to be both correct and fair. Only the in-
fallible mortals become finally unfair, and the unfair only are those who re- him through the press, filed his petition to obtain an alternative
fuse to admit and correct an error when made acquainted therewith, writ of mandamus against our State Canvassing Bo'ard to reas-
semble and canvass amended returns from Madison, Hamilton and
SHRAPNEL. other counties, which the gum-shoe lawyers of Bolter Knott finally
succeeded in forcing certain inspectors, clerks and county canvass-
Hey, there, Bill! You've overlooked a bet! Too late now. ing boards to send up.
Here's to The Zolfo Truth-well named for it speaks Truth! The State Canvassing Board, instead of "lying down, rolling
over and playing dead" when the alternative writ was served on
Look out, Tom, don't you cross that line! Thus far and no further. It them, answered and stated in substance and effect that there is no
might have worked once in "Alabam," but it won't work in Florida. law re uirinin them to rconnvono anrl ranomroc h,-n xI,. -rlA n1-

That State Canvassing Board will prove the existence of frauds as al-
leged-you bet! But will that satisfy "Me an' the Spreem Cort?" It had
What is the program now? To resort to some sort of hand-picked "Com-
mission" as they did in the case of the Hayes steal, and endeavor to railroad
Bolter Knott right over the Canvassing Board and the courts at the same
time? Pick a fair, disinterested commission and we will meet ye half way!
Monotony? Well, we should say so! But so long as Greenville Bill
keeps up his monotonous and diabolical bawling for something he should
neither ask nor have, this "monotonous" fight will go right on until the peo-
ple win and the gangsters are ready to admit their defeat and that of their
candy-kid, Little Willie, alias "Greenville Bill."
Now, Greenville Bill, we have proven frauds on your gumshoe artists in
so many quarters that their tales and allegations are worthless to any fair-
minded, disinterested person. Your recount is worse than worthless-it is
tainted, diabolical and infamous. Aren't you a little bit afraid to keep up
such a game as that? "Don't monkey with the buzz saw" too long.
"K. C.," did ye say? Whaddye mean "K. C.?" Kansas City? Nope.
Knock Catts? Yay! We know ye're trying' that. O yes! "KNOTT
CAUGHT"--That's hit! Betcher life he's caught on his own hook-in his
own net. Knights o' Columbus? Waal, we heer thet name tew a lot from
the crowd that's allus plastered over with "K. C." here an' "K. C." there, but
we don't know nor don't keer what ab6ut 'em in this yere fite; only we be-
leeve most of 'em dew hate CATTS and are trying' tew git him wun way 'r
Forty-two pages of muck raked up to pile on "Ole Catts"-where did
they get it and where is the rake? What sort of dirt is it? Will it raise
beans to spill? Is it more productive than Florida muck? Is it worth a
hang to honest, fair-minded men? Can it be used for anything but defama-
tion of character and low down blackmail? Who "brung" it in? What do
Floridians know or care about pedlers of such stuff as that to use against a
man already well known and understood everywhere? Are the crossbacks so
bad off as that to find a way of overturning the government of the people of
Florida? Well, we rather guess Florida can run her own government for a
long while yet. Bad crowd on top just now, but "jest set tite," neighbor-
don't rock the boat unless you can swim-we shall soon clean house and the
people will provide you a government just as good as that of "Alabam" or
perhaps better, since their biggest and best man living has become eligible
here, where he has just been slated for governor, and is going into office-"we
should worry!"


law 1-i- Lit.** 1-8 1..... vv Lcuunvullu v l U .. u .nu r ..a VO, iu, ldt Ll y a l ataU i al-
ready convened, canvassed and declared the result on June 27th
last as required by law; and that there is fraud in the amended re-
turns from Madison and Hamilton counties which they should not
be required to canvass.
The daily press informs us that "the Supreme Court disposed of
the first questions in short order;" but the last question caused
a pause for consideration! The court allowed Bolter Knott, the
"murmuring, defeated, disgruntled candidate for office, who
"would not and could not be a cheerful loser," a space of time until
Tuesday, September 12, A. D. 1916, in which to join issue; and then
the Supreme Court deliberately placed the burden of proof upon
the State Canvassing Board to show frauds as aforesaid. This
of course will require time for the State Canvassing Board to
In the meantime, however, there is nothing whatever to-pre-
vent this bolting, "murmuring, defeated, disgruntled candidate,"
"Greenville Bill" Knott from keeping up his gum-shoe mandamus-
ing of doctored precincts as heretofore throughout the state, in his
godless efforts to impose upon the courts and sandbag the people's
electorate with these so-called "votes" intended to overcome the
now known majority of "Ole Catts," obtained fairly under a vile
primary law and certified as correct by the State Canvassing Board
-which we predict will prove the frauds alleged and beat Bolter
Knott and his satellites to a frazzle! They will do this even
though Knott keeps up his endless running in a primary all his
own, otuside of the pale of law and order, in which he still thinks
he can win, even if compelled to eliminate the precincts wherein
frauds are discovered, as fast and as often as Bolter Knott is
caught with the goods as he was at Greenville. By the way, people,
how long are you going to tolerate and facilitate this fabrication
of "evidence" that will satisfy the Supreme Court, but will not sat-
isfy you? The Supreme Court, being our servant with limited
powers, is helpless and powerless against this manufactured and
lying evidence; but we, the people, being masters, are NOT so help-
les. Why don't you make Bolter Knott shut down his damnable
factory of evidence? That is up to you!
Thus we are made to continue on, for the benefit of an un-
worthy bolter who is being allowed to run alone in that second pri-
mary which began after June 27, 1916, and continuing now, is to
continue "until God knows when," notwithstanding that the second

The money power and the opponent of primary elections both choice vote provided by law was for the admitted, avowed purpose
have good reasons for being perfectly satisfied with the opinion of having one only, single, solitary primary election!
of the justices of our Supreme Court in the case of the "Honor- One thing the Democrats of Florida must not lose sight of:
able" W. V. Knott versus the Inspectors and Clerk of Precinct No. 2 as fast as Bolter Knott manufactures his lying evidence with
and the County Canvassing Board of Putnam County, Florida, in which to impose upon the courts, the voters like those of Green-
the matter of our recent primary election, since referred to as "the ville who signed the affidavit of 74, must if necessary go to Talla-
Knott-Catts fight." hassee and bear witness under oath to prove and puncture those
This opinion virtually allows any "murmuring, defeated, dis- fraudulent "amended returns" as fast as presented for considera-
gruntled candidate" for a state office, who can raise money enough, tion. It is an outrage-a calumny-an atrocity, we know, thus to
to file 52 petitions, in our 52 counties, and obtain 52 mandamuses be dragged like captives of some war lord to distant places to de-
to open and recount as many of our 900 precincts as he may select, feat this political monstrosity called KNOTT in his rapacious -at-
and at such times as he may select after our State Canvassing tempts upon you, the innocent and good people of Florida; let us
Board has canvassed our returns and determined the results, bear it this time-and when the imposter is roped and thrown,
This is exactly all that the money power could wish, for the BRAND HIM and show him the road!
"defeated, disgruntled candidate, unless himself a rich man, would
very naturally call upon the money power to obtain the money with INTERSTATE INTERVENTION.
which to pay lawyers' fees and court costs in obtaining these man-
damuses and recounts-and we all know what that would mean-if So, Greenville Bill, is it true as we have heard and would like
the money power puts up the money with which to institute and to know, that you and your "counsel," failing to get what you want
pay for these proceedings, the money power would run the office through "Me and the Supreme Court," or even if the decisions bear
of any candidate they had thus elected. No wonder the money out your brazen predictions in your own favor, are expecting to
power may be well satisfied with the opinion and decision just ren- bring in one Heflin from Alabama and several other alien agitators
dered in the Knott-Catts fight! from across the line to help you sandbag "Ole Catts?" "We
This opinion is all that the opponent of our primary elections should worry!"
could possibly desire, for it keeps our people in a continuous tur- But hold-are you aware that such activities as that are en-
moil, and subjects our inspectors, clerks and canvassing boards to tirely improper and border on an infraction of states' rights? We
call away from their business duties and homes at any time, and is anticipate you here in saying that the case of Billy Parker does not
very naturally calculated to disgust our voters with the primary apply-he is an itinerant lecturer who charges or collects remuner-
elections. The opponent of the primary system is oftenest a pro- ation for his ministrations and comes here voluntarily-not as a

- part of any political plan. Any objection raised to his discourses
has been lest he should overstep the bounds of interstate propriety
--his allusions to our local politics are preachments rather than
campaign activities.
When you bring Heflin here or any other out-of-the-state poli-
Stician, you have gone one too far. We advise you not to do it.
SMr. Heflin, just come on in if you dare! Bring in as many more
From across the line of this state as you care to bring or as may
Scare to come. We will show you such a lively time of it that about
Sone audience per each will cook every one of you and teach you
Snot to meddle thus in the affairs of a sister state, whatever the
inducement or the motive. A word to the wise should be suffi-
cient. Are you wise?
If you doubt the wisdom or the accuracy of this advice, just
Communicate with a liberal number of our Crackers at random
Throughout the state of Florida and ask them to tell you candidly
and fairly if this warning we have given you is overdrawn. Don't
take our word for it-ask the Crackers-we merely advise you oi
Sthe public attitude toward your contemplated meddling!

By the time this goes to press, the anticipated and muchly predicted
verdict of "Me an' the Spreem Cort" will have been rendered in the recount
(or rape-count) cases instituted by Bolter Knott to wrest the electorate from
the people and seat himself as dictator on the throne of Florida. True, it be-
gins to appear that the bolters and Little Willie have overlooked a hand and
that it may now be too late to try to play it. Just what that hand was and
is we will reserve till later to tell you about.
But as indication that even Bolter Knott realizes that he has overlooked
a hand and that his astute counsel, too, have overlooked and failed to play
it, what is this we hear? We have had the tip that it has soaked through
the dense hides of these bolters that Greenville Bill may just have to lose, as
his case is simply too bad and too untenable to carry the weight placed upon
it-the consternation and the dismay apparent upon the gang is calculated to
make old Gasparilla himself turn away his head to hide a tear! 0, the pity
of it! Ah, the perfidy of it! Alas, the certainty of it! Alack, the terror
of it! Must it come? Must what come? Why, the triumph of the people,
of their electorate, of their chosen leader, Catts, the limitation of the courts to
their own proper sphere, the recognition and confirmation of the Catts cer-
tificate of nomination and the complete elimination of Knott? Well, Bill,
it is too bad for your selfish schemes, but it looks like it must be so.
Recognizing this, the papists, ringsters and corporation counsel have hit
upon another beautiful scheme-so rumor gives it to us. We hear and would
not be surprised if it be true, though we do not know, that a young man was
sent over to Alabama to hook up with a K. C., an S. J., or something or other
branded with a cross; that tihr pair then muck-raked "Ole Catts" ad libitum
where once he made things stand around; that they brought back some 42
pages of manufactured evidence, consisting of irresponsible gossip made up of
half truths and innuendos and mortared up with suggestive falsehood. the
intent and purpose of which is manifestly scurrilous at the expense of Catts;
that they purpose to scatter this dope over the state, to befool the people and
impose upon them exactly as they imposed upon the courts, thinking perhaps
that the same sophistry which was overlooked by the courts will be over-
looked by the people, the court of last resort.
Well, the bolters will find that court ethics are just like a majority i'f
votes cast which have produced an undesirable nomination (as the loser sees
it); once let these ethics and the majority be weighed and measured and
numbered, and it is a mathematical proposition to manufacture enough evi-
dence or mock respect to overcome and override both. They knew just what
the court ethics permit and how many the majority is; and as there is in
Florida no law to punish Knott and his gang for manufacturing the evidence
after the primary with which to impose upon the courts; and no law in Ala-
bam to prevent the cross-backs from raking up enough gossipful muck to
try to impose upon the people of Florida, all after the primary and the award
of the certificate of nomination, why, they may just as well go ahead and
try it on-it might go, and in fact has gotten by the courts as regards the
post-primary ballot tampering process of proof manufacture; but will it get
by with the people as regards either the manufacture of post-primary evidence
through ballot-box-busting or the carting in of gossipful muck from Alabam?
Hardly !
The courts have straight-laced "ethics" that protect the hide of an im-
postor within the temple of the court and during court sessions; the presumed
dignity of the place and the office protect saint and sinner exactly alike at all
times-even when injustice be imposed through manufactured evidence, upon
both courts and people; but with the open court of the common people, at
all times in session, it is different. The people do not know the parties who
have gotten up or brought in this gossipful muck, raked from the gutters of
cross-back political avenues-but the people of Florida do know CATTS and
will call every lie you tell! .-
The common people must and will have the truth, and are harder to im-
pose upon than the instituted courts themselves-for an instituted court is
circumscribed in its authority-cannot make laws at all, and must. not as-
sume an attitude of superiority to the will of the people; moreover, the in-
stituted courts must be guided by "the law and the facts"--the law as exist-
ing and the facts "AS PRESENTED"-there's the rub! This "as present-
ed" business opens the door to the impositions to which Bolter Knott has re-
sorted. With the court of the common people this thing will not go down-
the people have many ways of informing themselves and they have in this
case become informed far in excess of the limitations of the instituted courts,
which have clearly been no match for the impostors manipulating Knott's un-
godly "contest." The people are therefore more competent to decide this
case than are the courts. Moreover, the people have all power and authority,
whereas the courts are limited in their sphere.
The courts cannot do this-they cannot make a law at all without usurpa-
tion of the rights of the ruling people.
The court is bound by its ethics-it can render a verdict, or pronounce a
sentence or issue a writ, but cannot enforce one of these mandates-the peo-
ple can order and enforce orders. Now, when Bolter Knott and his hench-
men undertake to appear before the court of the common people with all this
muck from Alabam against Sidney J. Catts, a greater man than Alabama has
left standing in her midst today, the impostors aforesaid may encounter,
something more vigorous and immediate than the mandate of the court to be
executed at a future time; they may get anything from aged eggs to cobble-
stones in the face-or better if these be not enough! Don't try us too far-
there's a limit.

The visit of the press representatives to Sandhill stockade last week was
in many ways a striking and very gratifying affair. Not least among the
gratifying features was the spirit of good faith in which the County Com-
missoiners of Duval county have taken the people into their confidence and
have undertaken at first hand to show and to demonstrate to them that every-
thing the commissioners are giving us is "all wool and a yard wide" in point
of quality and value. How different this from the conduct of the Port Com-
mission in the matter of the municipal docks, on which near a million and
a half have been squandered and a suit now pending by a judge to confiscate
whatever is left from the loot! Captain Hubbard alone, who has invited the
taxpayers to see the docks and has shown them personally to several, is the
only man on the Port Commission who has the spirit of fairness and candor
that the Board of County Commissioners manifested in their luncheon at
Sandhill stockade.
What is behind this rather unexpected overture from the county officials ?
Is it not a feeling of satisfaction that they themselves have faithfully per-
formed. The very spirit of that sort of a conscience carries enlightenment
to the inmates of that stockade and makes the punitive restraints entailed an
agency of betterment to the convicts. The whitened, cleanly walls and fences
-the fresh, healthy grasses now covering the lawns-the sanitary baths and
the fine cooking equipment-the scrubbed floors and airy quarters, now
purged of all vermin and pervaded by sunlight most of the time-all these
things go further to impress upon the delinquent convict the superiority of
a law abiding life of contentment and industry-of respect for the rights of
others and veneration for the law-of a sense of responsibility for property
in custody and the necessity for thrift, industry and improvement of time-
than the lash or the galleys, the dungeon or the cage. These unfortunate
convicts are really deprived of but one thing-liberty to go and come and do
what they please--and in return for that privation, they get this deep and
impressive experience as to better ways of living and doing.
The Sandhill stockade is up to the standards of the best penal institu-
tions anywhere. On this 46 or 47-acre tract, what was but two or three
months ago a pig-sty of filth, has been suddenly converted into as neat an
experimental garden farm as one ever saw for the money. Slightly less than
$2,500 expended upon it has reclaimed the fields in cultivation; has erected
elevated barracks, perched on pretty white brick columns with shining pine
floors laid on the ground space; commodious kitchen, dining halls, shower
bath, double cauldrons for cooking, machine shops, stables, fencing, white-
washing, in stallatio of hammocks and the removal of all unnecessary equip-
ment; the utter banishment of every form of vermin or uncleanliness; the
maintenance of splendid commissary and stores; the provision for religious
services and in fact everything to convert a malefactor again into an indus-

trious, useful, law-abiding citizen. The electric light plant cost about $500.
The dormitory has a capacity of 150-there are about 140 inmates.
It will be remembered that the present Board of County Commissioners
was selected to do things-and accepted trust under those conditions. They
came together as practical strangers, with a common purpose. The wiles of
political intrigue were tried on them in vain. The pressure of the forces of
invisible government was applied to them-also in vain, for they were able to
fulfill the trust they had undertaken and needed no invisible government or
caucus to tell them what to do. They proceeded to DO what they had come
there to do and that they have done it well-beyond expectations even-is ap-
parent from a single look at the Sandhill stockade. If neglect of duty char-
acterized the work of the County Commissioners, it would show up here-
proofs of neglect, filth, evasion of trust, indifference to the welfare of con-
victs and their reformation, would be very apparent at the stockade. None


of these signs appear. No convicts complain, nor do they look or act like
If the average farm boy could but have such training and such quarters
as this without the forfeiture of liberty and respectability-but he can't! It
takes system-iron clad discipline-inexorable responsibility for property, for
rule, for time and for punctuality, and these are purchased at a terrific price
-liberty and free, guiltless conscience. Here are found the conditions of
that "efficiency" which have made Germany merely "an army in possession
of a country." Here are found all the conditions that make the minds of
some men turn toward the dogma of Socialism for results that are to be had
only at the price of liberty, freedom and individuality. The collective effect
upon the senses of the visitor rather declare "this is the best way to live and
farm"-but we know the price is too dear-only in a jail or prison or in the
Teutonic armies or their equivalent can these results be obtained-and while
we might try to persuade free peoples to live and do this way collectively in
order to get such results, we know they will never do it short of some benevo-
lent despotism that shall be as powerful as the seclusion of a stockade, and
from which all freedom-loving men will turn away as is their right to do.
Even with the extra costs of this constructive period, the average cost
per inmate has been but 70 cents per day. It will be reduced to. about 20
cents in time.


Dedicated to W. V. Knott.

On the seventh of November
That's the day when we must vote;
So get registered and ready,
Then, while waiting, please take note
That some things have really happened,
Far too bad for honest men,
Still some Knott-ites seem to think we're
Bigger fools than they have been.

SNow, for instance, look at Trammell,
He was running in the race;
So was Gilchrist, Wall and Bryan,
But they didn't reach the place.
These three last ones saw their finish,
When the votes were counted out;
Each one, man enough to answer
"Trammell wins" without a doubt.

Here's our compliments to Hudson,
Who with Wood and Farris, too;
Tried to win, but when defeated
Humbly bowed and said "We're through."
Knott was beaten just like Hudson,
But refused to bow his head,
When he failed to get elected
'Cause folks wanted Catts instead.

Knott seems bound to rule or ruin,
Stealing votes must be his pride,
But for every vote Knott pilfers
Catts wins twenty to his side.
When the votes are cast again, Knott,
Though you recount all you may,
Surely Catts will be elected,
And we'll send you home to stay.
Green Cove Springs, Fla.


As an educator, as a means of revealing to the people their own powers
and responsibilities and as a reminder to officials of their own powers, duties
and limitations, this campaign, while fraught with loud lamentations from
the oligarchs and political breadliners about the extinction of "real leaders"
and the runaway indiscretion of the imbecile populace, is nevertheless a bless-
ing in disguise. We find the masses now realizing what all these things mean
-how they touch the life and liberties and welfare of every child and adult
-how certain simple remedies and safeguards are within the reach of the
people themselves and it is the fault of the people themselves if they do not
reclaim and hold the reins of their own self-government against oligarchy
and political debauchery.
Behold the Honorable Alex St. Clair-Abrams trying to hark us back to
mediaeval ideals of propriety, authority and fitness! He assumes that the
people simply are not smart enough to attend to their own affairs-but for-
sooth Alex St. Clair-Abrams knows all about it if the people would just con-
sult him at every turn and hang upon his every word! What will we do
when the "smart Alex" are all gone-they cannot live with us forever. The
moth-eaten dogma of the unfitness of the populace can live about as long in
jv j oan intelligent people-as intelligent only as the people of Florida-
as the turbercular bacillus can live in the sunlight! Both are alike-they-
insidiously prey upon the vitals of human beings.
And here we have Maester Jordan, of Punta 'Gater or somewhere, ex-
pounding upon the philosophy of leadership! Trying to show that it is
wrong to respect the public as an intelligent governing force-the people,
egad, are NOT fit to be the governing force-they didn't choose Jordan in
preference to Crawford for secretary of state, ye know-and we're going to
the bow-wows, we are, for the want of those stern, forceful, unyielding, hyp-
notic Dan Webster, Henry Clay sort of fellows that take the people by the
snaffle and lift them off of their irresponsible, infantile feet and carry them
like so many rabbits by the ears to the places of political and social safety,
prepared by "Me and God" for the common herd of humanity. To respect
the will of a people-to be able to divine the better aspirations, capacities,
aims, desires and possibilities of a common people like those of Florida-and
then to place oneself at the head of that mighty host and successfully bring
them to where they would and should go-that is not LEADERSHIP-O no!
That is merely the triumph of the common herd of free people, who must have
arrived through something of the luck of a baby rolling down stairs unhurt.
Well,-for the information of Maester Jordan, he will find, if he but looks
back among the anecdotes and episodes of those immortals called leaders
now supposedly extinct, that they led by exactly the same signs and forces
that have developed Sidney J. Catts before the people of Florida during the
progress of this war of the nations, produced, incited, provoked and prolonged.
by POPERY, which has long sought to recover AMERICA for the papal do-
minion, and singularly enough Catts called free Americans to rally around the
standard of "Nothing in Florida Above the Nation's Flag;" the rare spectacle
of a real LEADER appearing suddenly in our midst and causing the tin-horn
aspirants to public incumbency to bend like grass before a swirling hurricane
of powerful leadership, is the commotion that has astounded and alarmed
Maester Jordan and others, including the Florida Times-Union; don't be
alarmed-it will not happen again soon-men of the calibre and power of
CATTS are too rare.
However, let us not begrudge the poor, common people' that enlighten-
ment which enables them to rule and choose for themselves their own leaders;
let us not seek to belittle their achievements toward a broader liberty and inde-
pendence. Let us not try to deny the genuinity of the leadership that has
developed under the penetration of this campaign and its upheavals.


Chipley, Fla., Sept. 5. 1916.
Mr. Herbert A. Felkel,
Managing Editor Florida Record,
Tallahassee, Fla.:
Dear Sir-I am in receipt of a copy
of The Florida Record, dated August
31st, which is respectfully returned
herewith, unopened and unread.
For your information I will say that
I am an ardent supporter and admirer
of the Hon. Sidney J. Catts, the just
and legally nominated goverernor of
For the past 25 years I have been
voting for the Knott family, believ-
ing they were the chosen elect of the
people. During the campaign preced-
ing the June primary election I gave
this question serious consideration and
become convinced that we have many
other worthy and competent citizens
of our state who could fill an office
equally as well as members of the
Knott family.
After having supported W. V. Knott
these many years, I am surprised and
disappointed in him when I find that
he is so ungrateful and selfish as to
put himself in the attitude of being
willing to sacrifice the Democratic
party in this state to gratify his am-
bition to be governor. There can be
no question but what Knott was fair-
ly and honestly defeated and he should
accept his defeat in the same spirit
others who went down with him ac-
cepted theirs. Catts will sweep West
Florida, and, in my opinion, he will
sweep the state. It is freely predict-
ed that W. V. Knott will retire in dis-
grace to private life after the general
election. Thousands like myself will
continue to do all in their power to
elect Catts.
Returning your compliment, I am
sending you herewith a copy of The
Free Press, a live, breezy little paper

published at Jacksonville, Fla. If The
Free Press happens to be on your ex-
change list, you should read it regu-
larly. If not on your exchange, you
should subscribe for The Free Press.
You will note The Free Press endorses
Catts. You will also oblige me by
scratching 'my name off your mailing
list. I don't want any more Florida


Ft. Pierce, Fla., Sept. 3, 1916.
Editor The Free Press:
I have received the copies of your
paper I wrote for, for which I thank
you. And now believing it the right
thing to do I wish by way of endorse-
ment and to encourage you in your
course as publisher to say that I am
in thorough accord with the principles
you are advocating and only hope you
will stand firm and never show the
"white feather" nor "never call re-
treat." I am 63 years old and never
voted any other ticket but the Jef-
fersonian Democratic or what I sup-
posed to be that. So also did my
father before me. Therefore I cannot
do otherwise than approve of your
course, as it is in accord with Scrip-
ture, of which I am an humble inde-
pendent preacher and believer. There-
fore I bid you "God-speed." Wish I
could say the same for all other pa-
pers, but none that I know of seem-
ingly have the moral courage to call
their souls their own, except The
Menace, Jeffersonian and American
Citizen. Also I may include the Mi-
ami Metropolsi. All or nearly all our
great (?) dailies and "tri-weeklies"
seem to be afraid to speak out on
some of the most important issues of
the day, especially the Catholic ques-
tion, but let me tell them they were

never more mistaken in their lives be- ensuing year. A president, secretary and tras-
ur aer shall be elected by the Board of Directors
cause they are ignoring the para- from among their number, at their first meet-
mount issue, which is, shall the pope ing after the annual meeting of the stock-
rule America? No one of sane mind holders. The names of the officers who shall
objects to the individual and honest conduct the business of this corporation until
the first annual meeting of stockholders are
opinion of any one on religious ques- as follows: Charles M. White. President; I.
tions, for all are guaranteed by the William Adams, Secretary and Treasurer. The
Constitution-freedom of worship, offices of secretary and treasurer may be held
by one and the same person when duly elected.
conscience, speech, assembly and press The Board of Directors for the ensuing year,
-but to have the hierarchy trying to :and until first annual meeting of the stock-
throttle all or most of these we cannot holders, shall be Charles M. White, I. William
oAdaims ilnd David M. Gornto.
tolerate, for they are more precious ARTICLE VI.
than life itself. Shall we as a free lib- Meetings.
erty loving people "lie supinely on our The annual meeting of the stockholders of
backs, until we are tied hand and foot this copooration shall be held at its offices
nd cnsien in i ins" the City of Jacksonville, Duval County.
and conscience by the galling chains" Florida, on the second Monday in February, of
of political Rome ? God forbid. How each year, at which meeting a Board of Direct-
it is all to end I cannot foresee. Hon. ors shall be elected. The annual meeting of
T. E. Watson said in a recent issue of the Board of Directors shall be held on the
same late as the annual stockholders' meet-
the Jeffersonian that "both sides are ing, at which meeting the saidboad shall elect
arming." If so is it not a literal ful- all other officers of this corporation. At such
fillment of prophecy in which it is meetings, any other matter of business prop-
erly' coming before the same may be attend-
foretold that "in the last days" peril- ed to.
ous times shall come, etc.? I voted ARTICLE VII.
for Mr. Catts and expect to do so Th By-laws of By-Laws. s
The By-laws of this corporation shall be
again, but Mr. Knott has betrayed the adopted, repealed or amended by the Board
confidence of the people who have in of Directors from time to time, at any of its
the past highly honored him. I en- meetings regularly held.
close $1.00 money order for The Free Indebtedness.
Press and will try to get others to The highest amount of indebtedness to which
subscribe. I can only repeat my this corporation may at any time subject it-
prayer for your standfastness in the self shall be Fifty Thousand Dollars.
cause of the people. Remember the ARTICLE IX.
darkest hour is just before dawn. erhednames and residences of the subscrib-
dar t ou is jusand the amount of capital stock sub-
Therefore may God bless you and scribed by each are as follows:
speed you. Amen. Charles M. White, Jacksonville, Florida, 249
Sincerely, shares.
Sincerely, I. William Adams, Jacksonville, Florida, 249
J. S. COATS. shares.


Tallahassee, Fla., Sept. 5, 1916.
Editor The Free Press:
The State Canvassing Board, con-
sisting of Hon. H. Clay Crawford,
secretary of state; Attorney General
T. F. West and State Treasurer J. C.
Luning were requested to reconvene
today for the purpose of recounting
or recanvassing the "recount" vote
of the "court" and "W. V. Knott,"
but were unanimously refused on the
grounds that the people of the state
did not expect or desire the same at
their hands.
Of course Mr. Knott will institute
his usual court proceedings-man-
damuses-but there will be other
chapters to this controversy. Keep
your eye on that board. The people
have nothing to fear at the hands of
that board-at least part of them.
Furthermore it may be as well to
say that the state never produced
straighter men than two of them!
They had rather be right than to be
president! Now there is but one more
step in this shameful drama of "Hon-
est Willie," and that is to go to his
good friends for one more mandamus
and then the tug of war will come. I
don't speak for the board, but if they
do canvass the returns of the fraud
recount it will be under duress of the
court, let me predict; and furthermore
let me say, that if it were for me to
choose between the jail and the count-
ing of those fraudulent votes, and
thus becoming a party'to the fraud I
would say gladly give me the jail,
with peace of conscience, rather than
a guilty participation in fraud. My
knowledge of one, yea two, of that
board, leads me to predict that they
will take the chance of a jail sen-
M'enre befol t1h- ; '., O aia-
ng Mr. in derentinig the i!l l
the people and robbing he who is hon-
estly entitled thereto by canvassing
votes stolen from that gentleman. And
I say here and now that the honest
people of the state owe -to these two
members of that board a debt they
will not be slow to appreciate, when
the time comes to express it. I would
like to name these two gentlemen and
would but for needless offence to the
other member.


Meet every Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock in P. 0. S. of A. hall, Herkimer
building. Visiting brothers cordially

FOR SALE-Seven-room two-story
frame house, one block from car line.
Will sell at a sacrifice. Phone 5629-J,

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
subscribers will apply to the Governor of the
State of Florida, at Tallahassee, Florida, on
October 10th, A. -D. 1916, for the issuance of
Letters Patent to WHITE-ADAMS, upon the
following proposed Articles of Incorporation:
We, the undersigned, do hereby associate
ourselves together for the purpose of organiz-
ing and becoming a body corporate under the
laws of the State of Florida, and for that
purpose have agreed upon and adopted the
following Articles of Incorporation:
The name of this corporation shall be
WHITE-ADAMS, and its principal place of
business shall be in the City of Jacksonville,
Duval County, Florida, but it may establish and
conduct branch offices and places of business
at such other places in or (and) out of the
State of Florida as may be desired and pro-
vided for by the Board of Directors.
Nature of Business.
The general nature of the business or busi-
nesses to be engaged in and transacted by this
corporation shall be as follows: To buy, sell,
lease, rent, mortgage, own, improve and oth-
erwise deal in all kinds of real and personal
property, both as owner and agent of owners;
to conduct agencies for, rentals, loans, and in-
surance; to borrow and lend money, and to act
as agent or trustee for others in such matters;
to buy, own, erect, maintain, and operate
light and power plants, water plants, sewer
systems for profit; to buy, sell and otherwise
deal in stocks, bonds, mortgages, securities,
and other evidences of indebtedness, of its own
and other persons and corporations, for profit;
to buy, sell and otherwise deal in lumber, tim-
ber, and other building material; to engage
in the business of contracting and building;
to build, construct and maintain roads, bridges
and streets; and to do generally any other act
or thing necessary or incident to any of the
foregoing classes or kinds of business, for
Capital Stock.
The amount of the capital stock of this
corporation shall be Five Thousand ($5,000.00)
Dollars, to be divided into five hundred shares
of the par value of ten dollars per share. All
or any part of said capital stock may be paid
'for in real or personal property, labor or serv-
ices, at a just and fair valuation thereof to
be fixed by the Board of Directors.
Duration of Corporation.
This corporation shall have corporate ex-
istence for a period of ninety-nine (99) years.
The business of this corporation shall be
managed and conducted by a president, secre-
tary, treasurer, and a board of directors com-
posed of not less than three nor more than
nine stockholders, and such other officers as
tie Board of Directors may determine; the
number of directors elected at each annual
meeting of the stockholders shall determine the
number of directors of this corporation for the

David M. Gornto, Jacksonville, Florida, 2
In witness whereof, the said incorporators
and subscribers have hereunto subscribed
their names.
County of Duval-ss.
Before me this day personally came Charles
M. White, I. Williami Adams and David M.
Gornto to me well known and known to be
the persons who subscribed the foregoing Ar-
ticles of Incorporation, and severally ac-
knowledged before me that they executed and
subscribed the same for the uses and purposes
therein expressed.
Witness my hand and official seal this the
6th day of September, A. D. 1916.
(Seal) A. L. MILLER,
Notary Public, State of Florida.
My commission expires April 11, 1917.

To J. A. Lankford, defendant, and all per-
sons interested in the above entitled cause:
You and each one of you are hereby re-
quired and ordered to appear to the above
entitled action of attachment on or before
the second Monday of October, next, same
being the 16th day of October, A. D., 1916.
The Free Press is hereby designated as the
newspaper in which this order shall be pub-
lished once a week for one month.
Witness my hand as Judge of said Court of
Duval County, Florida, this 25th day of Au-
gust, A. D. 1916.
Justice of the Peace, 11th District.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notice is hereby given that under and by
virtue of a Decree made and rendered on the
24th day of August. A. D. 1916, in the Cir-
cuit Court of the Fourth Judicial Circuit of
the State of Florida. in and for Duval County,
Florida. In Chancery, in a suit therein pend-
ing wherein Drusie D. Travis and G. B.
Travis, her husband, are complaints, and
.' ,. +--- el., are defendants
,'7;.E,. r .il n"'r. for sale 'afid sell at
.,i.., .... r, i, '. r-.. Highest and best bidder
or bidders for cash in front of the eastern
door of the County Court House in the City
nf Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, on
Monday, the 2nd day of October, A. D. 1916,
the same being a Rule Day of said Court.
during the legal hours of sale, all that cer-
tain piece, parcel or"tract of land situate,
lying and being in-the County of Duval and
State of Florida, more particularly described
as follows
The North Two Hundred and Ten Feet (210)
of Lot 1, Block 12, Warrington's Subdivision,
Section 16, Township 2, S. R. as per plat
recorded in plat Book 5, page 32, of the public
records of Duval County, Florida.
Together with all and singular the tene-
nents, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise appertain-
The same to be sold to satisfy said decree.
As Special Master.
Solicitors for Complaints.
(5 insertions.)'
Address Unknown.
It is hereby ordered that you appear to the
Bill of Complaint filed herein against you in
the above entitled cause on the 6th day of
November, A. D. 1916, and The Free Press is
hereby designated as the newspaper in which
this order shall be published once a week for
eight consecutive weeks.
WITNESS my hand and seal of office this
25th day of August, A. D. 1916.
By 0. H. NOLAN,
(Seal.) Deputy Clerk.
Solicitors for Complainant.
Laura E. Mitchell Order of
vs. Service By-
Arthur T. Mitchell. Publication.
To Arthur P. Mitchell, Jacksonville, Fla.:
It is hereby ordered that you appear to the
Bill of Complaint filed herein against you in
the above entitled cause on the 2nd day of Oc-
tober, A. D. 1916, and The Free Press is here-
by designated as the newspaper in which this
order shall be published once a week for four
consecutive weeks.
in -sm -1n-iu iiffiu thi 21s t

Witness my nand anu seal of o itLhce s1 s2 L
day of August, A. D. 1916.
(Seal) FRANK BROWN, Clerk.
Deputy Clerk.
Butler & Boyer,
Solicitors for Complainant.

Nellie Payne Order of
vs. Service By
O. H. Payne. Publication.
To 0. II. Payne, residence unknown:
It is hereby ordered that you appear to the
Bill of Complaint filed herein against you in
the above entitled cause on the second day of
October, A. D. 1916, and The Free Press is
hereby designated as the newspaper in which
this order shall be published once a week for
eight consecutive weeks.
Witness my hand and seal of office this 2nd
day of August, A, D. 1916.
(Seal) FRANK BROWN, Clerk.
Deputy Clerk.
Lionel F. Brothers,
Solicitor for Complainant.
S. Joseph & Bros.
Evelyn Simmons.
To Evelyn Simmons, defendant, and all per-
sons interested in the above entitled cause.
You and each one of you are hereby re-
quired and ordered to appear to the above
entitled action of attachment on or before
the first Monday of October, A. D. 1916.
The Free Press is hereby designated as the
""'":i'u'," rin which this order shall be pub-
i. i.. ...... a week for two months.
Witness my hand as Judge of said Court of


Automobiles for Hire-
G. B. Mobley, Northwest Corner Laura and Main, phone 104.
Automobile Tires-
Double Tread Co. One-third price. See them. 911 Hogan, phone 506.
Bicycles and Repairing-
Ramis Cycle Co., No. 10 West Ashley, phone 1951.
Custom Toilors-
Alderman Co. Suits to individual measure. 647 W. Bay, pjhone 1311.
Wm. L. Mallette. Suits to measure. $15 and up. 622 Main, phone 3274.
Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear-
F. W. Butler & Co., Men's and Women's Ready-to-Wear, 637 W. Bay,
phone 1311.
Eye Glasses and Optician-
J. H. Keen, Expert Oculist, No. 50 W. Forsyth, phone 4726.
Furniture and House Furnishings-
Newsom-Kennedy Furniture Co., 429 W. Adams, phone 4428.
Hats Renovated and Blocked-
Havana Hat Co., Old Hats Made New, 145 Broad Street, phone 7533.
Pressing and Cleaning-
Wm. L. Mallette. All work guaranteed to please. 622 Main, phone 3274.
Valet System. Expert Cleaners. 109 W. Adams, phone 2859.
Star Studio. Individual and Commercial Work. 129 W. Bay, phone
R. H. Jones & Co., Fine Shoes at a Bargain. 26 Broad St., phone 7016.
J. B. Dixon Shoe Co., Classy Footwear, 1114 Main St., phone 4887.
Paints and Hardware-
Stinson & McGowan, 141 Broad St., phone 1603.
Real Estate-
John D. Bishchoff, No. 10 Baldwin Bldg., phone M-2659.
J. V. Burke, Florida Lands, No. 8 Baldwin Bldg., phone 4581.
Burns & Campbell, 45 W. Church St., phone 1539.
I _--U

* Bell Phone 1539 Home Phone M-1539




Jacksonville, Florida *
I************************************* :**

Duval County, Florida, this 28th day of July, All members of the House of Representatives
A. D. 1916. elected at the general election in 1918, their
(Seal) G. A. STEPHENS, term of office shall expire on the first Monday
Justice of the Peace. in April, 1921, and thereafter the term of
S. K. David, office of all members of the House of Repre-
Attorney for Plaintiff. sentatives shall commence on the first Tues-
aug3-9t day after the first Monday in April next suc-
ceeding the election. At the general election
IN CIRCUIT COURT, FOURTH JUDICIAL in 1920 and thereafter, all Senators to be
CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR elected shall be elected for a term of four
DUVAL COUNTY-IN CHANCERY. years, the term to begin on the first Tuesday
Nellie C. Nail Order of after the first Monday in April of the follow-
vs. Service By ing year, except that when a new county is
Eugene H. Nall. Publication. created, the Legislature shall at that time fix
the length of the term of the first Senator
To Eugene H. Nall, Address Unknown: to be elected therefrom at two or four years
It is hereby ordered that you appear to the with the end in view of keeping the number
Bill of Complaint filed herein against you in of old Senators in a balance with the number
the above entitled cause on the 4th day of of the new."
September, A. D. 1916, and The Free Press Section 3 of Article VII of the Constitu-
is hereby designated as the newspaper in tion is hereby amended so as to read as fol-
which this order shall be published once a lows:
week for eight consecutive weeks. "The regular session of the Legislature
Witness my hand and seal of office this 21st that shall meet in 1917 shall apportion the
day of June, A. D. 1916. representation in the House of Representa-
(Seal) FRANK BROWN, Clerk. ties, as in this Article provided, which appor-
By 0. H. NOLAN, tionment shall be based upon the last census
Deputy Clerk. taken by the State of Florida or by the United
L. F. Brothers, States, which ever is the last taken, in the
Solicitor for Complainant. several' counties of the State, and those that
shall meet every ten years thereafter shall ap-
portion the representation in the House of
NOTICE OF ELECTION. Representatives in the manner in this Article
provided, which apportionment shall be based
Whereas, the Legislature of 1915, under the upon the last census enumeration taken by
Constitution of 1885, of the State of Florida, the State of Florida, or by the United States,
did pass three Joint *Resolutions proposing which ever is the last taken next before the
amendments to the Constitution of the State Legislature so apportioning the representa-
of Florida, and the same were agreed to by tion shall convene."
a vote of three-fifths of all the members Section 4 of Article VII of the Constitu-
elected to each house; that the votes on said tion is hereby amended so as to read as fol-
Joint Resolutions were entered upon their re- lows:
spective Journals, with the yeas and nays "When any new county is created by the
thereon, and they did determine and direct that Legislature it shall be entitled to one Sena-
the said Joilnt Resolutions be submitted to the tor and one member of the House of Repre-
electors of the state at the General Election sentatives, until the next enumeration pro-
in November, 1916. vided for. in Section 5, of this Article, that
Now, therefore, I, H. Clay Crawford, Sec- shall be taken after the creation of the said
retary of State of the State of Florida, do new county, or until the next census enumera-
hereby give notice that a tion that shall be taken by the United States
RAL oELECTION f America after the creation of the said new
GENERAL ELECTION county, whichever shall the sooner be taken
will. be held in each county in Florida on Tues- after the creation of said new county, when
day next succeeding the first Monday in No- it shall be entitled to one member of the
member, A. D. 1916, the said Tuesday being the House of Representatives for every ten thou-
sand of population, or the major fraction
SEVENTH DAY OF NOVEM- thereof the same as other counties."
for the ratification or rejection of the said Amendment to Section 1 of Article VI of
Joint Resolutions proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Florida as
the Constitution of the State of Florida, viz: amended by Joint Resolution No. 2, Acts of
1893, Relating to Suffrage and Eligibility.
A JOINT RESOLUTION proposing an Be it Resolved by the Legislature of the State
Amendment to Section 9 of Article 9 of the of Florida:
State Constitution, Relating to Taxation and That the following amendment to Section
Finance. 1 of Article VI of the Constitution of the
Be it Resolved by the Legislature of the State State of Florida be, and the same is hereby
of Florida: agreed to and shall be submitted to the elect-
That the following amendment of Section ors of the State at the general election in 1916
9 of Article 9 of the Constitution of the State, for.ratification or rejection:
relating to Taxation and Finance, is hereby Section 1. Every male person of the age
agreed to and shall be submitted to the elect- of twenty-one years and upwards who is a
ors of the State for adoption or rejection at citizen of the United States at the time he
the next general election hereafter; that is applies to register shall be deemed a qualified
to say, that Section 9 of Article 9 of the Con- elector at all elections under the Constitution
stitution of the State be amended to read as of the State of Florida; provided, that he pos-
follows: sesses the following additional qualifications:
"Section 9. There shall be exempt from He shall have resided and had his perma-
taxation property to the value of five hundred nent home and place of abode in the State of
dollars to every widow that has a family de- Florida for one year, and in the county where-
pendent on her for support, and to every per- in he applies to register for six months, pre-
son who is a bona fide resident of the State vious thereto.
and has lost a limb or been disabled in war He must be able to read, write and in-
or by misfortune. terpret any Section of the Constitution of the
State of Florida at the time he applies to
A JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing an register and vote.
Amendment to Sections 2, 3 and 4 of Ar- He must own in his own right property to
ticle VII of the Constitution of the State the value of not less than five hundred dol-
of Florida, Relating to Census. and Appor- lars, which fact shall be determined only by
tionment. the assessment books of the county at the
Be it Resolved by the Legislature of the State time he applies to register and vote.
of Florida: He must not have been convicted, previous
That the following amendments to the Con- to the time he applies to register or vote, of
stitution of the'State of Florida be, and the larceny, robbery, forgery, perjury or bribery
same are hereby agreed to, and the same shall in any.of the courts of any State or of the
be submitted to the electors of the state at the United States, or if so convicted, he must
general election in 1916, for ratification or have been restored to the rights of citizenship.
rejection: Provided, however, That no person or lineal
Section 2 of Article VII is hereby amended descendant of any such person who was on
so as to read as follows: January first, 1867, or prior thereto, entitled
"The Legislatures that shall convene in the o vote under the Constitutions and laws of
year of 1919 and thereafter shall consist of any of the States or Territories, or entitled to
one member of the Senate from each county vote under any form of government, or any
in the State, and of one member of the House naturalized citizen or his descendants, shall
of Representatives from each county in the be denied the right to register and vote be-
State for every ten thousand of population cause he shall not be able to read, write and
therein, or the major fraction thereof where interpret any Section of the Constitution of
there may be a major fraction left over after the State of Florida, as above provided, or
dividing the whole number of population of because he shall not own property of the value
the county by the number ten thousand; pro- above specified; naturalized citizens of the
vided, that each county shall have at least one United States, however, at the time they ap-
Representative and that no county shall have ply, and before they shall be admitted to reg-
more than three Representatives in the House sister, shall present to the registration officer
of Representatives. The members of the certificate of his naturalization, or a duly
House of Representatives shall be elected for authenticated copy thereof.
a term of two years and the members of the Sec. 2. Upon the adoption of this amend-
Senate shall be elected for a term of four ment to the Constitution, the Legislature shall
years, except as hereinafter provided. The enact appropriate laws to carry the purpose
election for members for each branch shall be of this amendment into effect.
at the same time and places. The term of
office of Senators elected in 1916 shall expire
on the first Monday in April, 1919. The term The votes cast in compliance with said pro-
of office of Senators elected in 1918 from posed amendments, and the canvass, declara-
the following counties, to-wit: Escambia, tons and returns thereof, shall be subjected
Gadsden, Jackson, Leon, Madison, Lafayette, to the same regulations and restrictions as are
Taylor, Columbia, Nassau, Duval, Marion, provided by law for general elections in the
Sumter, Jefferson, Lee, Monroe, Putnam, Vo- State of Florida.
lusia, Hamilton, Alachua, Broward, Liberty, In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
Hernando, Pinellas, Brevard, Pal,.. Beach and my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the
Levy, shall expire on the first Monday in State of Florida, at Tallahassee, the Capital,
April, 1921; all other Senators to be elected this the twenty-fifth day of July, A. P. 1916.
in th year 1918 their term of office shall (Seal) H. CLAY CRAWFORD,
expire on the first Monday in April, 1928. Secretary of State.


Bring this ad with you. All kinds of Photograph and Commercial
Work Attended to Promptly.
129/2 WEST BAY



(Continued fro
Opinions of Press and People n
(Continued from First Page) State of Florida, Hamilton Coun
Before me a Notary Public,
The Anti-Saloon League is engaged in a great cause, but evi- one of the inspectors of the prir
dently Mr. Pendleton thinks that its one duty is toward the aboli- 1916, at White Springs, Hamilton
tion of the liquor traffic, while The Tribune rightly sees that there who does hereby make affidavit t
are many evils besides the saloon that need to be done away with said Precinct No. 3, for governor
-even the elimination of political tricksters from the leadership June 6th and the recount made b:
of the Anti-Saloon movement! correspond.
Undoubtedly Mr. Pendleton has injured the Anti-Saloon I make further affidavit tha
League and his retirement from the superintendency should be de- 6th was correct to the best of my
sired by the members of the organization. The cause is too great their believe that the ballots coun
a one and too much in need of the respect of all the people to have are not the same as counted by u
it injured by the antics of one little man. The fact is that, in the rec(
Nor ,would we leave this without a further expression of ap- votes for W. V. Knott that were r
preciation for The Tampa Tribune. It is a great newspaper, pub- and the marking of these second
lished with editorial and mechanical skill unsurpassed by any other marked by other hand-writing ot]
newspaper in the South, and it is daily becoming a more positive tive ballots.
force against the evils that publicity and a molder of public opinion
can remedy. Sworn to and subscribed be
Mr. Pendleton is pretty certain to see The Tribune one of the August 28th, 1916.
strongest helpers in the state-wide elimination of the liquor traffic
and its many evil side-lines, and pending that time he will see it My commission expires Apri
continue to fire telling broadsides against crooked "recount pro-
ceedings," against unfair efforts to beat a Democratic nominee out lines, the venom displayed by the Jas-
of an honestly got nomination, and against everything else that per News leads me to believe the News
seems inimical to the best interests of the people! must be in sympathy with the remarks
of the Catholic bishop at the big
Catholic conclave recently held in New
HODGES TO APPLEYARD. and supported by Catholic sympathiz- York City when said bishops urged
---- ers for the purpose of seizing some all Catholics to vote for men for office
Lake City, Fla., Sept. 11, 1916. control of the state government of in sympathy with their principles,
Florida. they had three million voters and held
Col. T. J. Appleyard, Go to it, Colonel! the balance of power.
PubAsher oflthe Florida Record, And if your pages should suddenly Brother, if this is your sentiment,
Tallahassee, Florida: or gradually cease to be replete with renounce your protestant faith and
Dear Colonel-In the Record of such defensive and laudatory matter, unite with the Catholic church. Broth-
September 7 you republish an edi- it will be accepted as further proof er, if this is your sentiment, be care-
torial from the Lake City Index con- that Catholic influence is supporting ful how you line up the old veterans
your campaign, and that they have di- with the whiskey bunch, Catholics and
training a resolution prepared by me reacted you to cease their defense, in railroads; it might act as a boom-er-
relating to a meeting of the Federat- order that the people of Florida may ang.
ed Catholic Societies held in New be deceived and their votes secured in Now, kind reader, if you are fond of
York during the month of August, to- November. dancing, select your partners for old
gether with your comments,expressing Go to it, Colonel! Virginia reel while I sing:
your surprise that I would have any- This letter is not a personal one,
thing to do with such resolutions, say- and you may give it publicity. London's bridge is all fell in,

lYou are mistaken. I have never In my last article to The Free Press Mend it up with sticks and clay,
politics that has found it necessary tired to impress upon the mind of Oh, Catts, remember me!
to prefix the word "progressive" to the reader that "Catts did it" but Stcks and clay will wash away;
To-me-hi-co Knott-y turn, turn,

the good old word "Democrat. For fearing some will decide I was draw- To-me-hi-co Knott-y turn!
fifteen y I have advocated thating on my imagination or prevaricat- Fh P. SHAFFR.
old-fashioned Democracy that was so i c a u r
dear to the lives of those great men ing I will cite as further proof to sub-
who brought this nation into being, stantiate the assertion using the ANOTHER GAIN FROM KNOTT.
and a few years ago I went on the statements published in the Times-
stump in a number of counties in Flor- Union by W. V. Knott, which can't be Editor The Free Press:
ida and,denounced the practice of ap- disputed. Allow a subscriber, an independent
plying modern prefixes to this dear old Concerning the Greenville precinct, voter at twenty-two state and national
word. Madison county, Mr. Knott says: "The elections, who for years has voted the
I am a Democrat without any words emissaries of Catts did it so the blame Democratic state and county tickets
of description or qualification, and I would be placed on his shoulders." It and who voted for Wilson in the last
have no patience with those gentlemen seems unreasonable that Catts sup- national election, to congratulate you
who proclaim themselves to be "Pro- porters would change the ballots in for the good fight you make against
gressive Democrats." said precincts, reducing his vote from Rum and Romanism trying to control
If a man claims to be a "Progres- 95 first and second choice to 57 votes our elections and through them our
sive Democrat," then he cannot be a when we know Mr. Catts wanted and liberties and free common schools and
Democrat; he is something more or needed every vote to defeat Mr. Knott. whole educational system. The com--
less than a Democrat, and I have al- Again, in Glen St. Mary precinct, mon free school is the melting pot in
ways considered him less. Baker county, Mr. Knott says in one which the rich man's children meet on
The word "Democrat" is big enough statement "From this it would appear terms of aquilty the children of their
and good enough for me. that some of the Catts supporters father's employees- and- -labooars,
I have always been opposed to re- have been driven to desperation in or- where the children of members of dif-
ligious-political societies and secret- der to prevent a fair and accurate ferent churches learn that there is
political organizations, the first being count of the ballots." In another only one and the same God wor-
the most pernicious of the two, for statement Mr. Knott says: "I do not shipped in them all. It is the place
the reason that its leaders may bring know where or how these ballots were where the foreigner's children learn
its members to the understanding that taken from the ballot-box. Now, we to love their parents' new country, its
the success of the organization is a have two statements from Mr. Knott laws and institutions; learn that the
part of the program of worship. This concerning the Glen St. Mary precinct opportunities here are equal to all,
may easily be done, and we can very which seem to conflict one with the and that by using and cultivating their
readily compass the danger to our other, and it appears Mr. Knott brain and observing the laws and cus-
government if such a society should jumped at conclusions in race-horse toms of the country and the moral ob-
grow to a membership of three mil- style to beat Mr. Catts to it. How- ligations of every citizen they can rise
lion. ever, we are undecided which state- to the highest positions of honor and
When the Sturkie resolutions .were ment is correct; at the same time the trust which the state and the nation
adopted by the state committee last whole business looks kinder suspi- offer. Any church organization or
January I thought they were good cious. By referring to the Times- hierarchy which, like the Roman, con-
resolutions, and I defended them Union August 19th, we find in bold, trary to our Master's teachings that
here. It appeared to me that they large letters, "Ballot Box Robbed," his kingdom is not of this world, tries
would prevent the participation in po- followed with an article giving details to control or lay its blighting hands
litical matters of both the religious of the robbery, which was the first no- on any part of our schools or educa-
and secret political organizations, if tice to the public that the ballots were tional institutions, should be promptly
such organizations exist. The Catho- missing, and following said article in rebuked by overwhelming defeat in
lies stated that they were not a po- the same column appears the state- our elections.
litical body, that such matters were ment from Mr. Knott quoted above. I am sorry that our comptroller, Mr.
not discussed by them in their organi- Therefore, considering all the circum- Knott, with whom I some 30 years
zations, and, not being a Catholic, and stances connected therewith I conclude ago had peasant business relations
having no further information, I be- Mr. Knott must certainly believe in in the county clerk's office in Sumter-
lieved them. But when the Federated preparedness. ville, should, after so many years of
Catholic Societies convened in New Referring again to the Greenville honorable service as a county and
York last month the press dispatches precinct,, Times-Union, August 23rd, state official, in his desire for the high-
revealed the fact that they do discuss Mr. Knott says: "I have also ascer- est office in our state, ally himself
political matters; that this meeting, trained that the persons whose names with the greedy and soul-murdering
and I presume it is the largest gather- appear on -Mr. Catts' Greenville affi- whiskey ring and the all morals in
ing of Catholics in America, listened davit did not as a matter of fact per- their methods defying Jesuits. If Mr.
to addresses by delegates who advo- sonally appear before the notary Knott, when defeated in the primary,
cated that all Catholics vote as one whose jurat appears on the affidavit." had waited four years and run again
man, that their organizations number Council Bush, the notary referred to he would sure have been elected gov-
three million members, and that they, by Mr. Knott, replies to the above quo- ernor. His friends, of whom I was
by voting together, may bring about station and says: "I wish to state here one, have left him politically and he
favorable conditions for Catholics. plainly and emphatically that the has made himself impossible to be a
This was astounding. I had been above statement is absolutely false, I candidate again. Rev. S. J. Catts is
deceived. I had believed the Catholics being the notary who took these affi- sure of election, whatever the courts
when they proclaimed that they had davits, and state here that each of the decide. "Ille fariet," said the father
nothing to do with politics. I felt that 74 electors who signed this affidavit of King Gustavus Adolphus, who
the Democratic party should be in question was personally signed or fought and sacrificed his life in the
purged of such men calling themselves acknowledged in my presence." Mr. 30 years' war for religious liberty
Democrats. Bush invites Mr. Knott to come to against the Catholic powers. "Ille
The speeches of those Catholics at Greenville and says: "I myself will fairet," we say about S. J. Catts. "He
that meeting show conclusively that personally introduce to you every one will do it." We, the electors, are the
political matters are given considera- of the 74 men who voted for Catts for court of last resort, the supreme court
tion by the societies composing the first choice, and will guarantee you a above the other. And I beg the elect-
federation, and that such speeches are reasonable compensation for your time ors when casting their votes to con-
the result of an extensive agitation and can assure you that you will not sider and to attend to another matter.
conducted among the membership of get rotten-egged." Now, Mr. Knott, The Constitution shall be interpreted
such societies before the convention let me tell you, you can place implicit verbally. When the last Legislature
of the federation. confidence in the statement of Council tried by an amendment of Section 9,
It shows that these parties will de- Bush. I know him, but, Mr. Knott, Article9, to increase the exemption of
ny their participation in political af- let me advise if you accept the invi- property of widows from taxation
fairs as a body, when they are ac- station of Mr. Bush and visit Green- from $200 to $500, it added after
tually engaged in such work; it shows ville be sure you select a soft spot in "widow" the words, "that has a family
that such agitation has reached such the road. dependent on her for support." There
an advanced stage that members of Mr. Knot timagines he is big enough are many poor widows and one is my
the societies will dare to voice their to fill the governor's chair, but the neighbor, whose families have grown
political opinions before the federation baby talk he is putting up "Catts did up or have scattered and consequently
in the face of public denial; and it it" shows he should be wearing safety they are so much more needy. The
shows that a situation has arisen, or pins. help the present exemption of $200
is fast arising, when it will be diffi- value gives is by this taken from
cult to prevent the enactment of laws It appears that the Jasper News them, but the peremptory command in
for the "bringing about of proper con- wishes to create the impression in the the proposed change: "There shall be
editions" as understood by Catholics as minds of the old Confeds that it is a exempt from taxation, etc.," gives to
Catholics, and not as citizens, disgrace and an insult for Mr. Catts the rich or well-to-do widow a gra-
So, Colonel, I prepared the resolu- to say "they were lined up with the tuitous gift. If the words "or who is
tion complained of, without any ref- whisky bunch, Catholics and railroads dependent for her support on her own
erence to President Wilson, without to elect Mr. Knott." If it is such ain labor or exertions" had been added the

any conference with anyone, because insult and disgrace for old veterans to poor widow without a family would
I believe this to be a matter on which line up with such a bunch, how about have been helped. Vote against this
the Democratic party of Florida a Baptist preacher living up with the amendment and let the next Legisla-
should speak, and I believe it will same crowd for the same purposes? ture chang ethe wording. Further,
speak in condemnatory terms of such If Mr. Catts is such a bad man as the vote against the amendment of Sec-
practices on the part of Catholics. Jasper News would have us to believe, tion -, Article VI, the so-called
Now, Colonel, the campaign you are it seems strange the real good min- "grandfather's clause." The United
waging for your friend, Mr. Knott, sisters of the Baptist church don't take States Supreme Court has declared the
has developed into a laudatory and some steps to disquaify him and same to be invalid in a case from Ken-
defensive campaign of Catholicism, revoke his license as a minister of the tucky. It is a sham, was intended to
which development convinces me, and gospel. "He not guilty let him cast be a fraud and a sham. It is unwor-
will convince the people of Florida the first 'stone.'" thy of our state to try to deprive the
that your campaign is contributed to Reading the quotation between the negroes of their franchise by a fraud






brought the 63 men before them as
witnesses, proving that they were all
the white voters in that precinct, the
Canvassing Board rejected the returns
and threw out the entire vote, issuing
a certificate of nomination to Kehoe
as candidate for Congress from that
district, with a majority of 19.
"Mayes appealed to the Supreme
Court, securing a writ directed to the
Canvassing Board to reconvene and
count the votes from Woddville pre-
cinct on the ground that Kehoe should
have objected at the time the inspect-
ors canvassed the vote cast in that
precinct and not have waited until the
matter was before the Canvassing
Board. In other words, the matter
was 'res adpudicata.' The court grant-
ed the writ and Mayes received the
"In the case of Knott, as handed
down, they reversed the decision in
the Mayes-Kehoe case and ordered
the County Canvassing Board to go
behind the returns and recanvass the
votes which in the Mayes-Kehv- case
this same coiirt i tated could not be
done. This reminds me of the gambler
raised near Milledgeville, Ga., who had
acquired such a reputation as a poker
player that he could not get anyone
there in a game with hini, so he went
to New York and thought he would
tackle big game. In a gambling
house there one evening he held a
straight flush. He bet pretty liberally
on his hand and when called stated
that he was winner, that he held a
royal flush, which could not be beaten.
His opponent said 'you lose,' turning
around, pointing to a card on the wall,
told him that he must observe the
rules on the wall; that a lunkalulla
would beat all other hands. Then he
asked him what a lunkalulla was,
which was two, four, six, eight and
ten of the same suit. The Georgia
gambler shoved the money over, say-
ing it was all right; that he had learned
something by coming to New York. He
played some two hours more and final-
ly drew a lunkalulla himself, and bet
all his money on it; when called, he
threw down his hand and stated that
he was winner, saying that he held a
lunkalulla. His opponent says 'You
lose; you should observe the rules of
the game,' pointing to the card on the
wall, which had been turned around
and now stated that a lunkalulla could

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personallyy appeared R. W. Oates,
lary election held'on June 6th, September 14th, Thursday-10 a.
County, Election District No. 3, m., Nocatee; 3 p. m., Ft. Ogden; 8
p. min., Punta Gorda.
hat the count of ballots as cast in September 15th, Friday-10 a. m.,
as recorded by the inspectors on ; 3 p. m., Ft. Myers; 8 p. m.,
y them on August 22nd, does not LaBelle.
September 16th, Saturday-10 a.
m., -- ; 3 p. m., -- ; 8 p. m.,
t the count as recorded on June Ft. Green.
knowledge and belief, and I fur- September 18th, Monday-10 a. m.,
Led at Jasper on August 22, 1916, Zephyrhills; 3 p. m., Dade City; 8 p.
s on June 6th, 1916. m., Brooksville.
September 19th, Tuesday-10 a. m.,
runt there was 26 second choice Inverness; 3 p. m., Morriston; 8 p. m.,
ot voted as recorded on June 6th, Williston.
choice votes seemed to have been September 20th, Wednesday-10 a.
ler than the voters of the respec- ., Bronson; 3 p. m., Newberry; 8 p.
m., Gainesville.
September 21st, Thursday, 10 a. m.,
R. W. OATS. Micanopy; 3 p. m., Hawthorne; 8 p.
fore me at White Springs, Fla., m., Waldo.
September 22nd Friday, 10 a. m.,
Graham; 3 p. in., Brooklyn; 8 p. in.,
T. A. EDWARDS, N. P. LaCrosse. m rooyn; m
14, 1917. September 23, Saturday-10 a. m.,
High Springs; 3 p. m., Ft. White; 8
and a sham. Do it directly, if you P. m., Branford.
want to do it. September 25, Monday-10 a. m.,
Respectfully, Tallahassee; 3 p. m., Quincy; 8 p. m.
JOS. HENSCHEN, River Junction.
Active Elector at 22 State, Congres- September 26, Tuesday-10 a. m.,
sional and National Elections in Marianna; 3 p. n., Ohipley; 8 p. m.,
Florida, from Greely-Grant ,1872, Bonifay.
to present time. Have not missed September 27, Wednesday-10 a.
one election. m., Careyville; 8 p. m., DeFuniak.
LUNKALULLA COUNTS only be played once during an evening.
ONLY ONE TIME. so the decision of the Supreme Court
iin these election cases, rules that a
A prominent attorney told the fol- lunkalulla can only be held one time."
lowing story to a bunch of eager list-
eners on the streets of this city a few TRANSPOSITION.
days ago:
dan the case of Mayes versus Ke- A device of words and quibblings
hoe eight years' ago, Kehoe did not whereby that which at first means
enter a contest in the courts, but pro- one thing, finally means another, corn-
tested to the board against the count- inonly used to start out right and wind
ing of the votes in Woodville precinct, ip wrong.
where 92 votes had been cast and only
63 names on the registration list, and Life on an Island.
only 63 white men in that voting pre- Residents of islands and small penin-
cinct. 'Having filed the protest be- sulas live longer than persons who
fnror the Canvnasi RnnBord and dwell on the mlainlllnd.

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136 E. Bay street, first and third Sun-
day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock of each
month. Visiting members are invited
to attend all meetings,



145 Broad St.