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Vol. 90 No. 258

County preparing for busy 2013

Special to the Floridian

(Editor's Note: Jackson County
Administrator Ted Lakey agreed
to prepare this glimpse forward
into the county's goals and issues
for 2013.)
This new year promises to be a
year of important decisions and
a year to build on the progress of
past years.
On top of.the list will be how
fire-rescue. service is provided
to county residents. Jackson
County Commissioners started
looking at this issue when recent annexations by Marianna
have taken their city limits up
to the county's main fire-rescue
station on Highway 71. As this
station is no longer clearly in an
unincorporated area, should the
county consider moving it? The
issue becomes more complex as
this question is pondered. Any
changes need to be based on the
numbers of calls received at different locations and how fire insurance rates willbe affected for
homeowners and businesses.
The county will also want to
look at countywide funding MARKSKINNER/FLORIDIAN sources for fire-rescue, and the Jackson County will be taking bids for the construction of a new maintenance shop for Road and Bridge in January. viability of possibly providing for
more paid firefighters. The coun- of a new Road Department shop center, for instance. The cost of the Jackson County Sheriff's Of- issues with the community Dety is currently in the process of and to do anticipated roof work. keeping the building open just fice late last year, with the work velopment headquarters. Built selecting a consulting firm that The road department shop will for storage was over $84,000, to be done this year. In addition, in the mid-1950's, it is currently will be hired to conduct a study be ready to go out for bid in mostly for roof work that would a price has been obtained to re- in need of several major repairs. of these issues and make recom- January. Several decisions were have to be undertaken to keep it surface the sheriffs' office park- Roof work is needed, a retaining mendations for improvements.' made in December regarding stable. The counts donation of ing lot. Those figures will be dis- wall needs to be replaced, one
Another concern of the com- buildings. the site will allow the city to tear cussed during commissioners' air conditioner needs replacemissioners is the condition of The old Health Department down the old building to make January meeting. ment, and major work would several aging county buildings. building and its site were do- way for the expansion. Most of the building-related have to'done to the interior. The Earlier in the year, the board set nated to Marianna for a planned The board also approved roof discussion at the board's Deaside funds for the construction expansion of their rehabilitation work for thelibrary building and cember meeting centered on See COUNTY, Page 5A



Charli Dickson gets letters about the homestead and veteran's exemptions ready to mail at the Jacksoh County Property Appraisers Office last week.

Homeowner deadlines approaching
From staffreports Security number, a current Florida regulation that required the veteran driver's license or state ID card, a car to have been a resident of Florida at Jackson County Property Appraiser registration and, if they are registered the time they entered the military. Sharon Cox reminds homeowners of to vote, a voters card from the pre- This exemption is in addition to the some important deadlines in early cinctwhere theylive. $5,000 exemption that veterans may 2013. These items must be dated prior to already be receiving, and many-more
For example, those who moved, Jan. 1. may now qualify for it because of the bought or built a home, or who put Applications for exemptions will amendment. The law now makes it a mobile home on their property in be accepted beginning today, and possible for a veteran to receive the 2012 must make a new application through the filing deadline of March extra exemption even if they did not for homestead exemption in 2013 if 1. live in Florida when they began their they wish to take.advantage of the January and February are also the military service. tax break. Mobile homes must be de- times to apply for any kind of exemp- Cox also reminds property owners dared as real property by their own- tion, such as the widow/widower's thattheyneedto make anewapplicaers so that they can be assessed on exemption, senior citizen exemp- tion for the agricultural classification the taxroll. tion and various disability and vet-. if they acquired agricultural lands in MARKSKINNER/FLORIDIAN
To receive the homestead exemp- erans exemptions. Veterans, for 2012 and if those lands are true agri- n Tyl
tion, property owners must have tak- example, have an opportunity to re- cultural-use properties. andon ler Barwick takes the new en up residence on the property as of ceive a fairly new exemption which Cox said her office stands ready to bike he got for Christmas for a spin Jan. 1, 2013. went into effect 2007 but which was help property owners work through l.around the trails at Citizen's Lodge
To qualify for the exemption, the amended effective on Jan. 1 of this the exemption application process.
owners will need to present a Social year. The amendment removes a Call482-9646 for more information. Friday.

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SMARIANNA POLICE available report. (Some of noise disturbances, two animal driving under the influence. HOWTO GET YOUR DEPARTMENT these calls might be related to complaints, two assists of a Summer Grice, 31, 8083 NEWS PUBLISHED after-houts calls motorists or pedestrians, two Eugenia St., Sneads, sale of The Marianha Police De- - taken on behalf assists of other agencies, two a controlled substance (two The Jackson County Floridan will publish partment listed the following of Graceville public service calls, two Baker counts). news of general interest free of charge. incidents for Dec. 30, the latest and Cottordale Act transports, one open door a Marcus Killings, 27, 2921 Submit your news or Community Calendar availablereport: One accident, police depart-' or window discovered on patrol Sunset Drive, Marianna, dealevents via emailfax, mail, or hand delivery one suspicious person, one es- ments): Three and three 911 hang-ups. ing in stolen property, defraudFees may apply for wedding, engagement, cort, one highway obstruction, accidents, ing a pawn broker. anniversary and birth announcements. three traffic stops, one civil one abandoned vehicle, one JACKSON COUNTY n Gregory Morris, 47, 268 Hero Forms are available at the Floridan offices. dispute, two follow-up investi- reckless driver, two suspi- CORRECTIONAL FACILITY Road, Chipley, reckless with Photographs must be of good.quality and gations, one public service call cious vehicles, two escorts, alcohol, possession-of marijuasuitable for print. The Floridan reserves the and one open door/window. one report of mental illness, The following persons were na-less than 20 grams, possesright to edit all submissions two prowlers, one woodland booked into the county jail dur- sion of hydrocodone.
JACKSON COUNTY fire call, 11 medical calls, five ing the latest reporting periods: GETTING IT RIGHT SHERIFF'S OFFICE burglar alarms, 21 traffic stops, a Robert Dunn, 49, 3070 Bran- Jail Population: 206
The Jackson County Floridan's policy one drag racing complaint, son Court West, Mobile, Ala., To report a crime, call CrimeStoppers is to correct mistakes promptly. To The Jackson County Sheriff's one criminal mischief com- driving while license suspend- at 526-5000 or a local law enforcement report an error, please call 526-3614 Office and county fire/rescue plaint, one report of shooting ed or revoked. agency. Monday-Friday. reported the following inci- in the area, one civil dispute, a Jennifer Powell, 41, 3011 To report a wildlife violation, call 1-888dents for Dec. 30, the latest onre juvenile complaint, two Salem Church Road, Sneads, 404-FWCC (3922).

40St. Iaranna FL


JACKSON COUNTY FLORIDAN LOCII WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2013 3A4-H Explorers Club learns about comparison shopping

Special to the Floridan

The 4-H Explorers Club
held its regular monthly
meeting Dec. 20 at the
Jackson County Extension
Office in Marianna. Each
month, club members "explore" a different topic of
study that includes knowledge and skills that will .
help them in their daily liv- -.
ing and throughout their
adult lives. For December,
the topic was comparison Club Leaders Cheryl Robinson, left, and Connie Young prepare the ice cream and peanut butter cookie treats, a reward for the Club Historian Michael Explorers 4-H club members.
Young explained that com- grams of cereal are in the a highly commendable acparison shopping means box. This gives the unit complishment for the lolooking for bargains by price and will show which cal 4-H programs. As a re- comparing the prices of item costs less per unit. ward, "Mr. Ben" and "Miss similar items or by com- SUBMITTED PHOTS Comparing value is done Patti" Peacock provided paring prices at different Explorers 4-H club leader Connie Young explains how to determine the unit price of food items by reading the label and ice cream and peanut butstores. when shopping at the grocery store. comparing the ingredi- ter cookies following the He shared some of the enews e 1 1-- ents. Choosing the one meeting. keywords to know, includ- Jackson that has the most protein, 4-H is the youth developing "best deal," which is the vitamins and minerals and ment program of the Floritem with the lowest price; less sugar, fat and other ida Cooperative Extension' "bargain" or best value; C7 C ha rs things that aren't as good Service and the Univer"price," which is the cost of for you, will provide the sity of Florida's Institute an item; "quality," or how best value. of Food and Agricultural well a product is made; Finally, comparing qual- Sciences. 4-H is open to all and "estimate," which is ity is extremely important, youth between the ages of the amount one thinks or as it relates to- the enjoy- 5-18 regardless of gender, expects something to cost. ment of the food or how race, creed, color, religion Club leader Connie long a certain product will or disability. The focus of Young gave five important last with use. One brand 4-H is to provide young steps to follow to become might cost a little more, people with opportunia good comparison shop- but if it is better quality, it ties to develop life skills per: Compare the price, j might be worth the extra through participation in size, value and quality of money. community clubs, project various products, and fig- Club members were rec- clubs, day camps, residenure out the unit price of ognized and thanked by tial camps, school enricheach item. 4-H Agent Ben Knowles ment programs, and comYoung explained that for their tremendous job petitive events. focusing on the cost of a Explorers 4-H Club officers, (from left),are Wade Robinson,sergeant atAarms; Tabitha Edwards, of collecting jars of pea- For more information product is extremely im- secretary; Jeffrey Edwards, president; Taylor Young, vice president; Michael Young, historian; nut butter to be donated about 4-H contact Jackportant. A cheaper brand and Raven Bagy, treasurer. to local food banks. This son County 4-H Agent Ben is often just as good as one special project was carried Knowles at 482-9620. that is more expensive, same amount as a larger important when searching, for various items. When out all across the Florida For more information Also, the size of the prod- box of a different brand for the best buy. shopping for cereal, which Panhandle, with a total of about the Explorers Club, uct should be compared by that costs more. She dem- When comparison shop- is usually sold in boxes la- 2,039 jars of peanut butter contact the club leaders, reading the weight of each onstrated how to deter- ping, she said, the custom- beled in ounces or grams, collected to help those in Connie Young at 482-5824 product. A smaller box of mine what the unit price is er can use: a' calculator to the price can be divided need. Jackson County col- or Cheryl Robinson at cereal might contain the for each product, which is determine the unit price by how many ounces or lected 175 jars, which was 557-7049.

Teacher workshop set for Feb. 2
Special to the Floridan strategies in Math, Sci- How To Make Science ence, Reading, English, Come Alive; Using JR
The Chipola College ESOL, and ESE. Sessions Tolkien to Teach Poetry Future Educators Club include: Getting outside' and Imagery; Science Exwill host its sixth Annual of the Basal with Read- periments in the Primary Teacher Workshop, Satur- ing Strategies; Classroom
day, Feb. 2, from 8 a.m. to Management, Strategies; See WORKSHOP, Page 5A 12:30 p.m. Teachers and
students interested in a Got Cash?
-career in education are Santa Got Your Cash? invited to attend. Sell your old gold at... Future educators cur Sell your gold
rently enrolled at Chipola
with the assistance of the
education faculty, staff,
and education graduates
will present the free workshop for area educators
and education students. Paid on Site The day will include variSUBMITTED PHOTO 4432 Lafayette Street 526-5488 W. R. Tolar Elementary School students Meredith Barber, Amaris Wright, Cassie Binson and ous sessions for elemenRylee Blackburn, along with teacher Lynn Hobby, pose for a photo with a shelter kitten and tary, middle, and high items donated to Partners for Pets in Marianna. school teachers. The students will present hands- COMERFORD VAULT

Bristol students collect usedon activities that can be MEMORIAL SERVICE
along with samples for

majors to take and use in with a memorial
items for Partners for Pets teachers and education of BEAUTY and
their own classrooms. .DURABILITY
SpecialtotheFloridan andtoysfortheanimals. located at 4011 Mainte- The program will inWhile at the shelter, the nance Drive in Marianna. elude presentations and Lynn Hobby, a fourth- girls visited with some of grade teacher atW.R. Tolar the animals and enjoyed All Work & Material Guaranteed Elementary School in Bris- playing with some of the I riagell Divor Report tol, along with four of her kittens, one ofwhom made .Special to the Floridan a Tammy Lanette Elli- Burial Vaults, Mausoleums, students stopped by Part- himself right at home on son and Kenneth Wayne Benches, Markers ners for Pets on December Hobby's shoulder and did The following marriages Schoppe. and All Cemetery Supplies 14, bringing with them not want to get down. and divorces were re- Kimberly Denise Baxa selection of collected The girls enjoyed their corded in Jackson County ter and Kevin Eugene items to donate, visit and want to come during the week of Dec. Hussey. Students Meredith Bar- back to visit and help out. 24-28: ~ Michael Roy Mayo and ber, Amaris Wright, Cassie The shelter sends a Marriages Brittney Michelle Watson. Binson and Rylee Black- thank-you to all the stu- a William Brandon Ex- a Howard Gaius John- Pete Comerford Owner & Operator burn were among those at dents who collected so ley and Stephanie Kaye son and Carolyn Sue 593-6828 1-800-369-6828 the. school who collected much for the shelter. Hubner. Stephens. donations for 'the shelter, Partners for Pets is a n JerryWilson Cobb and Divorces Hwy. 90 W Sneads, FL includingfood, treats, litter nonprofit, no-kill shelter Myra S. Webster. n None.

* "" Special .

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Publisher NRA

Florida Voices

Election reform

as easy as 1-2-3

ere is what Gov. Rick Scott recently said

during an interview with CNN about Florida's
elections: "We need to have bipartisan
legislation that deals with three issues. One, the length
of our ballot. Two, we've got to allow our supervisors
more flexibility in the size of their polling locations.
And three, the number of days we have we've got
to look back at the number of days of early voting we PIRR
We couldn't have said it better.
Democrats pounced on Scott's statement, which
reversed his previous defense of Florida's election laws,
which were substantially revised in 2011 and signed by
the governor. "It's bordering on an alternative reality,"
said former state Sen. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach. "He
and his colleagues in the Legislature created precisely
what happened." r his March will'mark three repealed, while 44 percent said it Indeed, they did. But, whatever the reason for Scott's years since Obamacare should be left as is or expanded. change of heart, Democrats and independents should J became law, and it still has "There hasn't been any trend," seize this opportunity to lobby the Legislature for not had any seridus effect on most says pollster Scott Rasmussen. three-point change. Fortunately, the Legislature's new Americans' lives. That's the way "From the beginning, well before Republican leaders have already created an opportunity President Obama and the law's the law was passed, public opinion for reform. Democratic authors planned it; has been remarkably stable and Senate President Don Gaetz opened the Legislature's they conveniently pushed the B modestly negative.... All of that organizational session last month by declaring that he dislocations and unhappy con ByronYorkhas been based upon theory and and House Speaker Will Weatherford agree: "Floridians sequences of nationalhealth politics. Most Americans have not should never again have to stand in lines for six and -care well past their re-election coming problems. That is likely yet felt any impact from the law." seven hours to vote." campaigns. to increase in 2013. There will be If Obamacare were popular, The leaders were referring to exceedingly lqng delays But Obamacare will be here more stories with headlines like there's no doubt more governors in early voting and Election Day balloting in some soon, with an Oct. 1, 2013, start of this, from Bloomberg News recent- would choose to have their states of the most populous counties, especially those in enrollment in insurance exchanges ly: "Aetna CEO Sees Obama Health set up insurance exchanges, as the Southeast Florida. Gaetz pledged last month that the and a Jan. 1, 2014, deadline for Law Doubling Some Premiums." law envisioned. Instead, nearly Legislature will "probe" and "listen" and then make full implementation. The political And this, from the Associated two dozen Republican governors elections in Florida a model for the nation by 2014. results could be deeply painful for Press: "Surprise: New Insurance have refused, which will force the Florida made substantial progress toward reforming Democrats. i:' ee in Health Overhaul Law." federal government to build the its election laws following the debacle of 2000, but During the campaign for Obama- And this, from the Wall Street exchanges itself. the state took steps backward in 2011 for example, care, President Obama pledged : i rnal: "Health-Care Law Spurs a The governors are saying no to reducing the number of days available for earlyvoting. repeatedly that his health care hfiift to Part-Time Workers." state-run exchanges for three reaAs we've written previously, here are three ways for scheme would not touch the vast: 'Real-world experience might sons. One, they believe it will cost the Legislature, and governor to move Florida forward: majority of Americans who are' even spark some rethinking of their states too much money. Two, a 1. Restore, or perhaps expand, the number of early- satisfied with their coverage. "No Obamacare's premises. For exam- they believe the federal governvoting days. matter how we reform health care, ple, the president and his Demo- ment will exercise ultimate control )) 2. Engage county-level elections supervisors we will keep this promise to the cratic allies promised Obamacare over everything, despite federal and their statewide association to determine what American people," Obama said in will cut the deficit. That's almost reassurances that states will play legislative roadblocks prevent the addition of early- June 2009. "If you like your doc- certainly not true, although many a significant role. And three, many voting sites. tor, you will be able to keep your .in the press repeated it faithfully. believe Obamacare implementan 3. Take reasonable, constitutional steps to limit the doctor, period. If you like your Now, with Obamacare near, there tion will be a disaster. length of ballots.. health care plan, you'll be able to are hints of a reassessment. Some who watch Obamacare One of the mostfrequently cited reasons for long keep your health care plan, period. For example, in a recent editorial closely see something similar. lines and vote-processing delays was the length of the No one will take it away, no matter about fiscal cliff negotiations, The "The administration is well behind general election ballot. Legislators had 11 proposed what." Washington Post noted that the schedule," says James Capretta of amendments to the state constitution placed on the If anyone believed that then, nation's "underlying fiscal problem the conservative Ethics and Public general election ballot. Not only was the number of they probablydon't believe it now. is that federal expenditures are Policy Center. "It's going to be a amendments excessive, most of the "summaries" In practice, Obamacare will mean slated to rise faster than economic train wreck in a lot of places." accompanying each initiative were exceedingly long the loss of employer-based health growth," and that "the long-term Capretta sees the administration and difficult for voters to digest at the polls. Another insurance for many people; big drivers" of those federal expen- trying to paper over some of the constructive step will require legislative discipline. increases in premiums for oth- ditures are "Medicare, Medicaid, problems by rushing billions of The Florida Constitution says amendments proposed ers; changes on the job for still Social Security and subsidies for dollars in subsidies out the door. by "the people ... shall embrace but one subject." Yet others; and a bureaucratic night- ..the health-care exchanges estab- That way they will argue Obamat least three initiatives offered by the Legislature mare for many more. Add to -that lished by the Affordable Care Act." acare is doing much good, contained more than one subject, which substantially the involvement of the Internal Obamacare will take its place as a whatever its flaws. increased the length of their summaries. Revenue Service, which will act as contributor to future deficits. But it's possible no amount of Unfortunately, the constitution's single-subject Obamacare's enforcer allAmeri- Obamacare has never been money will be enough to hide provision does not explicitly cover initiatives by the cans will have to prove to the IRS' ''popular. Indeed, it has been under- those flaws once Obamacare Legislature. In the future, lawmakers should respect the that they have "qualified" coverage water in terms of public approval becomes a reality in Americans' spirit of the constitution and-limit future amendments and it's likely Obamacare will from the moment it began to take lives. to single subjects. have a rocky and unpopular start. legislative shape in 2009. In last That is, we recognize, a lengthy to-do list. But if Over the past months there.has month's exit polls, 49 percent said Byron York is chief political correspondent the Legislature and governor get bogged down in the been scattered press coverage of all or part of Obamacare should be for The Washington Examiner. politics of election reform, they can make progress by
counting 1-2-3.
This editorial was published in the Ocala Star-Banner F orida Voices
on Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012.

After Newtown: You can't legislate morality

Letters to the Editor BY JESSE PHILLIPS this distinction. articulate the ineptitude of the
Submit ettrs by either malingoEditrO ox 520 The president's self-given man- law to make Uis better people.
-MariannaFL 32447 or fing to 850-482478orend few years ago, President date to change "gun culture" is But when it comes to guns, they
email to editoriajcflordancom.TheFridanreserve Barack Obama famously purposefully vague. It is a sweep- become bumbling, ignorant prohithe right to editor not pub.i any lett.Besure t critiqued rural America, ac- ing categorization intended to put bitionists rambling on about how include your full address and telho n ber These cusing it of racism, bitterness and every gun-loving individual, from we've got to reform our culture by will only be dto verfy he tternd wilntbe what he described as a propensity deer hunters in Pennsylvania to passing laws. printe .F r ma l15236to "cling to guns or religion." inner:city Chicago gangs, under Does anybody else doubt He's always been partpresident, a common label of"dangerous to whether this will work? part American cultural critic. He society" Who is going to argue that At the beginning of his second spoke to a leftist San Francisco we don't have a gun problem in term, President Obama is dusting Audience about the dangers of the the wake of the recent shootings? off Jerry Falwell's old playbook, red-blooded American that existed In the minds of the president, the preaching a gospel of top-down IS THIS MADE 1N THE UtS ? outside the confines of their death of these children is a perfect cultural reform, enraging the selfI comfortable liberal mecca. political opportunity, which he is righteous passions of a morally YES. Now the cultural-critic-in-chief is shamelessly taking advantage of. outraged majorityto rally and THN I CAN'T back on his soap box. In the wake But the.greatest flaw is not the pass laws that will prohibit vices to
AFFORD IT of the Newtown, Conn., shootings, president's conflation of guns and make us a better culture.
President Obama has taken his violence. The biggest ideological Guns are to liberals what alcohol critique a step further, going so far mistake he is making is theat- was to conservatives, the sin of SAE as to blame American culture for tempt to change that culture by society, as a new era of prohibition the tragedy. passing laws. If it were possible to dawns across America. As a fan of Never one to let a good crisis identify a problem in our culture, both guns and alcohol, I can promgo to waste, a school shooting push a law through Congress and ise you this crusade won't work. by a depraved psychopath is the free people from a vice and make All the arguments about guns perfect opportunity to sway public us better people, then the era of aside, we know this: Those kids in opinion against the God-given gun prohibition would have been a Connecticut would still be alive rights of every perfectly respon- rousing success. We should have if the shooter had been a decent sible American. learned by now that good laws human being. None of the onLiberals are unable, or at least don't create good culture or make slaught of laws that are about to unwilling, to differentiate be- us good people. be proposed could have made tween loving guns and celebrating Perhaps someone should remind him that way. Instead of fruitlessly violence. These are two totally the president of what liberals are trying to legislate morality, let's put different things. fond of telling social conserva- our political agendas aside and talk Some people like guns because tives: You can't legislate morality. about how we can live morally.
8 of the belief that guns deter vio- Banning assault rifles won't make a ~ lence, not because they celebrate depraved, murderous psychopath Jesse Phillips is a grassroots leader who leads 0,.' violence. Anybody who is willing any more rational or compassion- Restore Justice, educating voters of the records of judicial candidates. He is also the director of
6A($R. 1/2 to set aside their passionate feel- ate. When government enforces IT for one of the largest independent medical 2013 Jeff Stahler/Dist. by Universal UClick for UFS ings and engage in a moment of laws against alcohol or marijuana, practices in Orlando. He can be reached
I rational reflection will understand liberals clearly understand and .. at


No big storms, but property insurance costs rising

The Associated Press $980 increase, a hike of nearly 45 tics. In some areas, the increases when the Office of Insurance than 1.3 million customers after percent. are much higher. Regtilation turns into the office shedding some 160,000 poliTALLAHASSEE Marco Tara- "Just because of that, they can't Data from the NewYork-based of blind trust because they lack cies in recent weeks to private fa was stunned to find that his get into my roof!" Tarafa said. Insurance Information Institute the resources to independently companies. homeowners' policy is increas- He is among thousands of shows homeowners' claims are verify form filings from insur- Scott and the Legislature ,are ing by nearly $1,000 a year- all Florida homeowners forced to up by an average of more than ance companies," said Sean anxious for Citizens' to reduce because inspectors couldn't get take coverage offered by Citizens 17 percent over the past decade. Shaw, a Tampa attorney and its overall liability, which would into his attic, where there was no and a target for being moved to They are virtually all due to non- self-styled consumer advocate exceed its ability to pay off in the crawl space and about 24 inches another company in Citizens' catastrophe claims involving associated with a firm that fre- aftermath of a catastrophe. of insulation. attempts to downsize. water. In many instances, they quently litigates on behalf of "Gov. Scott, of course, wants Tarafa was a customer of state- For Tarafa and millions of are claims for issues ranging policyholders. premiums to go up and he wants backed Citizens Property Insur- other Florida businesses and from leaky toilets to burst water There is little competition in Citizens to be depopulated at ance Corp. for eight years, and homeowners, property insur- heaters. Florida's rates have also the Florida property insurance any cost to the policyholder," his rates had been stable over ance rates keep soaring even been hurt by soaring claims on market because many con- said state. Rep. Mike Fasano, much of that time until now. though a hurricane hasn't made losses from sinkholes. sumers can buy from only one whose west Florida district enTarafa pays $2,200 for his policy a direct hit over the state in sev- A more industry-friendly Of- company usually Citizens. compasses the highest concenon his 1,800-square-foot, ranch- en years. fice of Insurance Regulation Founded by the Legislature in tration of Citizens' policy ownstyle home in Miami Gardens. The average Florida hom- pressured by Gov. Rick Scott and 2002 for homeowners who could ers in the state. "Citizens is only Unless something changes be- eowner is paying twice as much a Republican-led Legislature not get private policies, it has be- there because, unfortunately, so tween now and when the policy for insurance than just six years means consumers pay more. come the state's largest property many couldn't find insurance renews in May, he's looking at a ago, according to industry statis- "It's a dangerous day in Florida insurance company with more, anywhere else."

Obituaries State and Nation Briefs
James & Sikes Family remembers Florida Fish and Wildlife at a yacht club when fight that pitted Gov. even bigger tax hikes
Funeral Home soldier Conservation Commis- she felt something strike Martin O'Malley against from taking effect. But
Funeral Home o sion said Monday that her right wrist just after leaders of his Catholic, the measure ran into
MaddoxChapel CITRA The family of the search for the men midnight. A bullet was faith. Voters in the state, fierce opposition Tuesday
Marianna,'FL 32446 a north Florida soldier had turned into a recov- removed from her wrist founded by Catholics in from House Republicans,
850-482-2332 killed in Afghanistan says ery mission. at a hospital. the 17th century, sealed leaving unclear whether he was a responsible Authorities previously Authorities urged peo- the change by approving a final agreement could young man who had said it appeared that the ple not to fire their guns a November ballot. be reached before the Hughie recently gotten married. men had been thrown in the air in celebration current Congress ends Pfc. Markie T. Sims of from their boat. The because the falling bul- PolitiCS still threat Thursday. Bernard Citra died Saturdayin 15-foot boat was found lets could strike innocent to U.S. economy The Senate version
Parrish "Panjwal, Afghanistan. undamaged. Hudson bystanders. would raise taxes on
arrish Wanda Thompson says said investigators "have WASHINGTON- Even individual incomes over her 20-year-old son suf- nothing to suggest they Gay marriage if U.S. lawmakers avoid $400,000 and household Hughie Bemard Parsh, fered head trauma when survived this incident." le inMaryl the so-called fiscal cliff, incomes over $450,000 93, of Marianna, died Mon- an improvised bomb Wildlife officials say the legal higher taxes and brinks- and on the portion of esday, December 31, 2012; at exploded next to his shallow lake is home to TILGHMAN ISLAND, manship in Washington tates that exceeds $5 milHe was born in Houston vehicle. alarge alligator popula- Md.,- Same-sex couples are likely to continue lion. House Republicans
County on September 17, Sims played football tion,'though tempera- in Maryland were greeted damaging the fragile are reluctant to sign on to 1919 to A. C. and Maggie at North Marion High tures have been too cold with cheers and noise- economy well into 2013. those tax hikes which Parrish. Bernard lived most School and graduated for the reptiles to be very makers held over from In tle early hours of would deliver some $600' of his life in Jackson Coun- from Marion Technical active. NewYear's Eve parties, the new year, the Sen- billion in reenue over 10 ty, served in the U.S. Army Institute in 2011. as gay marriage became ate passed emergency years at least without for two years and retired Relatives tell the Ocala Celebratory gunfire legal in the first state legislation to prevent more cuts in government from Arthur E. Dozier Star-Banner that Sims got blamd south of the Mason- deep spending cuts and spending. School for Boys. Hughie married in October, and blamed for Dixon Line on NewYear's was a member of Eastside his wife is pregnant. JACKSONVILLE Po- Day.
He was preceded in Sims was assigned to lice are blaming celebra- James Scales, 68, death by his parents A. C. the Washington-based tory gunfire for injuries was married to Wiland Maggie Parrish; wife, 38th Engineer Company, suffered by two people liam Tasker, 60, on Annie Laura Parrish; two 4th tryker Brigade Com- watching NewYear's Eve Tuesday shortly after sisters, Kimmie Crooms bat team, 2nd Infantry fireworks in separate midnight by Baltiand Merle Jordan; two Division. parts of Florida. more Mayor Stephabrothers, Cecil Parrish and Lt. Jimmy Judge of the nie Rawlings-Blake Grady Parrish. Missing boaters Jacksonville Sheriff's inside City Hall. ,
He is survived by his Office says that shortly "It's just so hard S and four nieces. o IE ed before midnight Mon- to believe it's hapnephews and furnieces .e OVIEDO Statewild- day, an 8-year-old boy in pening," Scales said
at 2 p.m., Wednesday, Jan- life officials say two boat- downtown Jacksonville shortly before marryuary. 2, 2013 at James & ers who went missing on told his father that some-_ ing his partner of 35 Sikes Funeral Home Mad- a central Florida lake are thing had hurt his foot. years. dox Chapel with Rev. John likelydead. Judge tells The Florida Six other same-sex Rollyson officiating. Inter- Jason Cobb of Osteen Times- Union that when couples also were THEASSOCIATED PRESS ment will follow in and Charles Jackson of the boy's father exam- being married at City A photo by the Broward County Aviation Department shows Pinecrest Memorial Gar- Deltona were reported ined his shoe, he found a Hall. Ceremonies damage to the tail section of a U.S. Airways Airbus A-320 after dens with James & Sikes missing Saturday after bullet. were taking place a taxiing Spirit Airlines Airbus A-320 clipped the parked plane Funeral Home Maddox they failed to return from In St. Petersburg, in other parts of the at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Monday Chapel directing.
The family will receive an early morning fishing police say a 67-year-old state as well. night, Dec.31, 2012. friends one hour prior to trip on Lake Jesup. woman was leaning The ceremonies funeral service at James & Lt. Jeff Hudson of the against a balcony railing follow a legislative s Sikes Funeral Home Mad- .
dox Chapel.
Expressions of sympathy
maybe n e at way,the totis 5.5 riile of CR 167 to 3.9 miles parkedjet at airport It is anticipated that the east of CR 167 for a total
James & Sikes From Page A work will be complete in of 4.4 miles. Design and FORT LAUDERDALE. Misty Pinson says a flight Funeral Home FromPageA early 2013. bid documents are be- No one was injured when from Atlanta was taxiing to MaddoxChapel board has decided not Reddoch Road, which ing prepared in house two airplanes' got into a its gate when its left wing
4278 Lafayette Street to put any more money goes from Blue Springs and should be ready to sort of fender-bender at a clipped the parked plane.
Marianna, FL 32446 into the building and in Road to SR 69 and is 8.3 bid in early 2013. Florida airport. Pinson says all 162 pas850-482-2332 January will look 'at al- miles, will be resurfaced In addition to large Broward Sheriff Fire Res- sengers on board got off at ternatives to house the and have paved shoul- projects, several depart- cue said a taxiing Spirit Air- the gate as normal, and the departments located ders added. The im- ments have indicated lines Airbus A-320 clipped plane returned to service., Everett Poole there. provement is funded by they will begin new pro- a US Airways Airbus A-320. Authorities say the Also in 2013, two road FDOT through the LAP grams in 2013.Parks and The US Airways jet was US Airways aircraft was Everett Poole, 85, of projects under construc- Safety program. The bid Recycling along with the parked Monday night in a left with a gash in its tail Dellwood, died Monday, tion will be completed package was prepared Tourist Development remote area away from the section. December 31, 2012 at Jack- and two others will be by FDOT and bid by the Council will be creating gate at Fort Lauderdale- Firefighters were called son Hospital. started.Work is proceed- county. Work is expected a new Spanish Heritage Hollywood International to the scene, but there was County, Alabama, lived ing on Buttercup Crys- to begin after the first of Driving Trail through the Airport. no fuel leak from either most of his life in Jackson tal Road. The lime rock the year. county. Work will also go Spirit spokeswoman aircraft. County. He served in the base is nowin place. Also A Nortek Boulevard forward on a new nature U.S. Army. He worked as a in progress is th# Con- resurfacing project is trailfor CypressParkand self-Employed Diesel Me- pass Lake Drive project. currently in design and workwill be done on the Ote y chanic. This project is partially will be funded through Chipola Greenway Park..
He is survived by his funded by a CIGP grant. a SCRAP grany for Also, the library has anwife, Lois Poole; his son, The total length of roads $1,789,108. Work will nounced it will offer 5 3 96 33142436 Wayne Poole and wife, was originally4.8 miles, include adding paved beginning computer () 92 9 Wanda, of Dellwood; but with the addition of shoulders and resurfac- classes at the Graceville Tue (E) 1/1 6 4
Llgralde ichllen annon 0'75 miles of Buddy Bi- ing from 0.5 miles west branch in 2013. Tue (M) 223 840 Martin, Everett Wayne ( /6 8 5 09 13-14 9-3Poole, Jr.; five great- ed (M) 1 grandchildren; two great- o kshop
great-grandchildren and a Room with representatives from the Thurs () 17 22 0 03 41422 very special friend, Sean Chipola AreaAutism Resource Center. Ths (M) 14 Branch. From Page 3A In addition to the student-led ses- (E) 12/28 245 6 90 36161728
Funeral services will be sions Dee Brock (Roulhac Middle)
at 2 p.m., Thursday, Janu- Grades; Activities Using Patricia Pa- and Taura Brock (Vernon Middle) will i (M) 134 ary 3, 2013 at Welcome As- lacco Texts; Teaching Middle School present Cooperative Learning Strate- Sa (E) 12/29 04 941 4921227 semblyof God Church with Language Arts Through the Use of Pop gies and Techniques as a guest ses- at ( 32 667 Jack Howell officiating. Interment will follow in the Culture; Blood Typing Lab for the Bi- sion. Heather Bailey (Graceville El- (E) 23 40 4 church cemetery with ology Teacher; Get It For Free! (Free ementary) will be presenting a session James & Sikes Funeral Resources Available to Teachers); Pin- onWhole Brain Teaching = Home Maddox Chapel di- terest in the Classroom; English As- The workshop will be held in the recting, sessments Other Than Book Reports; Literature/Language (Building Z) on saturday 12/29 6-46-50-52 55 P14
The family will receive Integrating Art Into Writing; How to the Chipola campus. Registration will
friends from 5-7 p.m. Wed- Bring the New Student Through a begin at 8 a.m., with the first session 13-2343-54 P4 nesday, January 2, 2013 at Period of Culture Shock; Integrating at 8:15 a.m. James & Sikes Maddox Social Studies into Your Everyday Cur- To ensure that sufficient materials Saturday 2/2 -21-3144 a2 Chapressions ofl. riculum; Using Your Tablet/iPad to are available, R.S.VP. to FEC Sponsor Y sy 2/26 2224-32-48 xtra5 Ereso of sympathy Maximize Instruction; The Classroom Casey Bush at or 77
may be made online at andtaifetoral8Ideasrphone Polar Express; and a General Ideas phone718-2449.

Come Visii us ao
3424West Hihway mi r e c
3720 Caverns Road Marianna, FL 32446-1806 (850) 482-3964 850.4e O41 L





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Indians hosts TCC in Panhandle debut

BY DUSTIN KENT for us that it will be at our place and hope- "They've got a great starting five with some fully we'll have great fan support. For a lot key role guys coming off the bench that can of our guys, it will be their first Panhandle hurt you," Blake said of the Eagles. "They'll After rolling through the non-conference Conference game, so it will be a real tough be a challenge defensively because they schedule to a perfect 17-0 record, the No. 3 challenge. It's tough enough to win in this have some versatile bigs who can step out Chipola Indians will open up the most sig-1 conference, so you need to handle your and stretch the floor and some guards that nificant part of the season Saturday night business at home, especially if you want to can knock down shots and get to the rim. when they play host to the Tallahgssee Ea- win the conference." "Likeeveryteam(TCCcoachEddieBarnes) gles in their Panhandle Conference debut. The Eagle's (12-4) are currently ranked No. has, they're tough and physical, they guard, Chipola is coming off of a pair of easywins 10 in the state the Indians are ranked No. 1 and they do a great job of executing. It will over USC-Salkehatchie and Aiken Tech over and have won four games in a row over the take a complete team effort on the offensive the weekend in the Gulf Coast State Classic likes of St. Petersburg, Daytona State, East and defensive end of the court to win." to make it 14 double digit victories on the Georgia, and Gordon State. The Eagles are a bit thin in the frontcourt, season. TCC is led by freshman guard Trevor Mc- which the Indians may be able to take adThe Indians are outscoring teams by 21.4 Dade, who is averaging a team-best 17.6 vantage of with their power trio of Kruize points per game this year, averaging 82.3 points per game while shooting, incredible Pinkins, EarlWatson, and Cinmeon Bowers. points while limiting opponents to 60.9 per percentages of 63.8 from the field and 43.6 "You would hope," Blake said. "(The Eacontest. from the 3-point line. gles) don't have a lot of depth, but they've Six of the team's 17 wins have been by 30- He is joined in the backcourt by sopho- got a lot of quality in their rotation. We only pluspoints, but despite the non-conference more point guard Curtis Diamond, who is havethree bigs right now, so the times when dominance, first-year Chipola coach Patrick putting up 13.4 points and 3.4 assists per we play two bigs together, we feel like we Blake said he isn't expecting anything to game while shooting 45.1 percent from have an advantage down low. But when we
Kruize Pinkins tries to get a shot come, easy against Panhandle foes. three, with sophomore post player CJ Wash- go four guards, we're more about spreading off at a recent game against the "Every game in this conference is always ington scoring 15.9 points and grabbing 7.6 Dolphins. going to be a war," he said. "It's a good thing rebounds per game. See INDIANS, Page 3B

Looking to stay red hot

Lady Indians

face big test

in Lady Eagles


The No. 12 Chipola Lady Indians will
look to keep their forward momentum
going when they open up Panhandle I Conference play Saturday night against
the Tallahassee Lady Eagles at the Milton
H. Johnson Health Center at 5:30 p.m.
Chipola (15-1) has won five straight games since suffering its only loss of the
year to State College of Florida at Jacksonville on Nov. 30, winning three of those
five without leading scorer and rebounder Lashonda Littleton, who suffered afoot
injury.against Santa Fe on Nov. 24.
Littleton returned to the lineup last
weekend and posted 28 points and 19
rebounds combined in two blowout wins
over Broward and Daytona State, giving
the Lady Indians a glimpse of the insideout scoring ability she displayed early in
the season.
"I thought in her first game she was really timid," Chipola coach Greg Franklin MARKSKINNER/THEFLORIDAN said of Littleton, who was averaging 16.8 Head Coach Gregory Franklin talks to the Lady Indians during a timeout. points and 8.6 rebounds when she got
hurt. "I told her to be more aggressive. We witH Littleton back in the fold, freshman their role and where they fit. Anything "I think any time you have to deal with talk about how important it is getting to guard-forward Rayven Brooks rounding can change in a split second in practice, adversity as a team, I think it brings you the 50-50 balls and she was timid going back into form after dealing with a black but we've been through that injury bug together more tightly," Franklin said. after those and timid landing on her foot. issue, and freshman center Treyvonna and we know how to fight it now. The kids "We've dealt with several things through "But as the games progressed, she got Brooks now fully recovered from an early- know how to play different spots if asked the first half of the season, but I think a little bit better on that. I expected (her season concussion, Chipola appears now to." that has brought us together. (The playto be hesitant at first), but as I said, she to be at full strength heading into its most The coach said that the health issues the ers) know they're not invincible, but they progressed and got better and better as important stretch of the season, team has had to deal with this year can be know they can do a lot of damage and rewe went on." "We're getting healthy at the right time," seen now as a positive, particularly given alize they're one of the better teams in the Injuries have been an issue for much Franklin said.. "We're just making sure how well the Lady Indians have played in country." of the season for the Lady Indians, but everybody feels good and understands spite of them.
See CHIPOLA, Page 3D

mRe neretson shoubsan

HighSchool oys

np.m., and 6:30pmm.

Saturday- West Gadsden at Cottondale 5:30 p.mand

Thursday- Vernon at Cottondale, 6 p.m.. and 7:30 p.m. MARKSKINNER/THEFLORIDAN
Friday- Cottondale at Marianna, 4:30 p.m., and 6 p.m.; The Vikings finished their fifth consecutive undefeated season Thursday night with a 22-12 win over the Saints.
Poplar Springs at Malone, 6:30 p.m.
Saturday-MaloneatCent m. V kings win faith consecutive title

The Chipola men's and women's basketball teams wilunderway inthe first quarter when athalftime.
make their Panhandle Conference debut Saturday night Floridan Correspondent he intercepted a pass from Elliot In the third quarter, Will Nance at home against Tallahassee. The Lady Indians play first Hollon and returned it 55 yards for scored from 6 yards out, and then at 5:30 p.m, with the mein to follow at 7:30 p.m. The Vikings played their last the touchdown. added the 2-point conversion to game of the season Thursday night Deshon Pollocks ran in the 2- make the score 16-6. t Against the Saints and came away point conversion and the Vikings In the fourth, Deshon Pollock Send all sports items to, or to secure an undefeated season in Late in the second quarter, the extra point failing to leave the Vifax them to 850-482-4478. The mailing address for th'e. MERE recreation football. Saints cashed in after a fumble re- kings ahead 22-6. paper is Jackson Cqunty Floidan P.O. Box 520 Marianna The victory capped off the Vi- covery when Hollon ran it in from Hollon closed out the scoring FL 32447.: kings' fifth consecutive city league the 2-yard line. when he ran it in from 2 yards out championship. The extra point was no good and late in the final quarter to give the Pender Johnson got the scoring the Vikings held a slim 8-6 lead Vikings a22-12victory. L


Dawgs enjoy record day in win over Huskers

The Associated Press

ORLANDO, Fla. Aaron Murray threw
five touchdown passes to set a Georgia bowl
record, including two in the fourth quarter,
as the sixth-ranked Bulldogs beat No. 23
Nebraska 45-31 in the Capital One Bowl on
.Murray shook off a pair of
first-half interceptions, including one returned for a
touchdown, and passed for
427 yards also a Bulldogs'
bowl record against the
nation's top-ranked passing
defense. He was named the
GEORGIA 45 game's most valuable player.
NEBRASKA31 Georgia (12-2) reached 12
CapitalOneBowl wins for the third time in
school history.
Nebraska (10-4) lost its third consecutive
bowl game, and finished the season with two
straight woeful defensive performances. The
Cornhuskers lost the Big Ten championship
game 70-31.
The Cornhuskers led 24-23 at the half, but
committed two of their three turnovers in
the final 30 minutes.
Taylor Martinez had two interceptions and
two touchdown passes for Nebraska and Rex
Burkhead rushed 140 yards in his final college game.
Nebraska's offense finished with 443 total
yards, but the Bulldogs defense was stingy
when it needed to be.
They sacked Martinez five times, with
All-American linebacker Jarvis Jones notching two. Damian Swann had both Georgia
Murray found Keith Marshall free near the
sideline for a 24-yard touchdown pass that
gave Georgia a 38-31 lead with 14:52
in the game.
Following a Nebraska punt, Murray then
hit Chris Conley for a short pass in space
over the middle. Conley outran the Cornhuskers defenders for an 87-yard score.
That play came after a49-yard touchdown
catch by Conley that helped Georgia tie the
game in the third quarter.
Nebraska'clung to a 24-23 lead the half,
taking back the advantage late in the second
quarter via a 16-yard strike from Martinez to
After a pair of early turnovers, Murray
seemed to be getting Georgia's offense back PHOTOSBY:THEASSOCIATEDPRESS on track, as the Bulldogs punctuated a four- TOP: Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray'throws a pass against Nebraska during the first half of the Capital One Bowl. BOTTOM RIGHT: play, 38-yard drive with a 24-yard touch- Georgia wide receiver Tavarres King (12) catches a pass in front of Nebraska cornerback Andrew Green (11) for a 75-yard touchdown. down run by Todd Gurley to make it 23-17. BOTTOM LEFT: Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree (9) sacks Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez (3) during the Capital One Bowl in

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8 NBC .5 5 7 7 1NewsChannel7 Today (N) (CC) Today Sonja Lyubomirsky; steals and deals. (N) (CC) Days of our Uves (N) INewschannel7 at Noon Rachael Ray (N) (CC) Steve Harvey (N) (CC) Doctors SABC 8 8 13 13 News13 ThlsMorning(N) Good Morning America (N) (CC) Livel Kelly and Miclael The View (CC) /WMBB Midday News TheChew (CC) General Hospital (N) Katie (CC) Dr. Phll(N) O FOX 10 10 28 28 PaldProg. Outdoor IAutoTech Paid Prog. PaidProg. Aqua Kids America JudgeB. JudgeMathls(CC) The People's Court (N) AndersonLiver(N) A New Life Church The Jeff Probst Show TheRicldLakeShow Peo.Court aPBS 11 1 1 - Cifford WildKratts Arthur' Martha Curious Catinthe SuperWhyl Dinosaur SesameStreet Tiger Sld WordWorld Barney Calliou iger Super WhyllDinosaur Catinthe Cuous Arthur A&E 30 30 118 265 Breathel Paid Prog. Dog Dog Dog Dog Crminal Minds (CC) Criminal Minds (CC) CSI: Miami (CC) ICSI: Miaml (CC) Crimlnal Minds (CC). Criminal Minds (CC) The First 48 (CC) Filrst 48 AMC 33 33 130 254 Miracles HangUps Paid Prog. Nopalea Skncare Pain IS Thunderbolt andLightfoot *** (1974) Clint Eastwood.'R' 'I Thunderheart*** (1992, Mystery) Val Kilmer, GrahamGreene.'R'(CC) S The PerfectStorm *** (2000)'PG-13'(CC) BET 35 35 124 329 BET Inspiration. Paid Prog. Moesha Moesha Chris IChris IMy Wife IMyWife Jamle Foxx JamleFoxx Parkers IParkers MyWife IMyWife JamleFoxx IJamieFoxx Parkers IParkers S Stomp CNN 45 45 200 202 EarlyStart IStarting Point (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) Situation CNN2 43 43 202 204 Morning Express With Robin Meade Nlews Now Making It CSS 20 20 - Insanity ILItIGant Mayhem in the A.M. (N) (Live) Tonlght Hurricane P90XI jLadder Insanity ICooktop Sports Rado I College Football (Taped) Football CW 6 6 8 8 Bletter (CC) The Dally Buzz (CC) Payne Payne TheSteveWilkosShow TheJeremy KyleShow Wendy WilllamsShow IPaidProg. Asylum SMART IPaldProg. 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Gamecocks beat Wolverines at wire

The Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. Connor Shaw cc
led No. 11 South Carolina to
the brink of victory and Dylan
Thompson carried the Game- SOUTH CAROLINA33
cocks over the hump in the Out- MICHIGAN 28
back Bowl. Chick-fil-A Bowl
Thompson came off the bench
to throw a 32-yard touchdown The speedy receiver had nine
pass with 11 seconds remaining catches for 92 yards and also
Tuesday, enabling South Caro- scored on a 63-yard punt return
lina to match a school record for one of four plays over 50 yards
victories in a season with a 33- that Michigan yielded.
28 win over No. 19 Michigan. Gardner was 18 of 36, includThompson replaced Shaw dur- ing TD passes of 5 yards to Drew
ing the winning drive, covering Dileo and 10 and 17 yards to Jerthe final 43 yards after Shaw be- emy Gallon, who gave Michigan
gin the march from his own 30. its late lead and finished with
Devin Gardner's third TD pass of career bests of nine receptions
the game had given Michigan a and 145 yards. Robinson set the
28-27 lead. NCAA record for career yards
Shaw threw for 227 yards and rushing by a quarterback, hiking
two touchdowns after missing his four-year total to 4,495.
South Carolina's regular season South Carolina standout de- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS finale with a left foot sprain. fensive end was quiet for much South Carolina wide receiver Bruce Ellington (23) celebrates with teammate Kenny Miles (31) after scoring on Thompson led the Gamecocks of the day, but shifted momen- a 32-yard game winning touchdown reception during the second half of the Outback Bowl against Michigan, in (11-2) to a victory over their tum in the fourth quarter with Tampa, Fla. archrival, and threw for 117 a big hit on Michigan's Vincent The six-foot, 197-pound senior Carolina's lead to four, with Rob- Gibbons' 40-yard, second-quaryards and two TDs a backup Smith that sent the running from DeerfieldBeach, Fla., lined inson carrying four times for 20 ter field goal and Matt Wile's Tuesday. back's helmet rolling several up atrunningbackand also took yards along the way. Gardner Outback Bowl-record 52-yard Gardner threw for 214 yards yards, backward and caused a take snaps without attempting finished the drive by flipping his field 'goal trimmed Michigan's in his fifth start for Michigan fumble that the SEC defensive a pass against Iowa and Ohio 5-yard touchdown to Dileo early deficit to 21-16 with just under (8-5) since Derard Robinson player of the year recovered to State while rushing for 220 yards in fhe second quarter. seven minutes remaining in the injured his right elbow late in set up Shaw's TD pass to Sand- on 23 carries and catching two Michiganbeganthe dayranked third quarter. the season. Robinson took some ers for a 27-22 lead. passes for 24 yards. second in the nation in pass de- Three of Michigan's five losses snaps at quarterback and even Robinson was injured during Robinson entered the game fense, allowing 155 yards per were to Notre Dame, Alabama attempted his first passes in a, the first half of Michigan's two- during Michigan's second pos- game. South Carolina matched and Ohio State, the teams game since Oct. 27, but lined touchdown loss to Nebraska on session and ran for 15 yards that in the opening half alone, ranked first, second and third in up mostly at running back Oct. 27. He missed the rest of on his first play. Gardner threw with most of the yardage com- the final regular season Associand rushed for 100 yards on 23 that game, as well the next two 26 yards to Gallon, moving the ing on Shaw's long TD throw to ated Press poll. carries. ,against Minnesota and North- Wolverines into position for Byrd and Thompson's 70-yard South Carolina ended on a Ace Sanders caught TD passes western before returning the Brendan Gibbons to kick a 39- completion to Jones that led to five-game winning streak that of 4 yards from Thompson and final two weeks of the regular yard field goal. -Sanders' second TD for a 21-10 followed consecutive losses to 31 yards from Shaw, who com- season to contribute in ways Down 14-3 after Sanders' punt lead. LSU and Florida. The Gamepleted 18 of 26 passes before that didn't require him to throw, return, Michigan marched 75 The Wolverines turned South cocks also won 11 games last limping off on the final drive. the ball. yards in 11 plays to trim South Carolina's only turnover into season.

Ci baCk, and a lot of tricks in Northwestern ends drought in Gator Bowl

Sophomore guard Alexis
FromPage 1B Grant and 6-foot-3 fresh- The Associated Press. Tyler Russell. said coach Dan Mullen, Chipola comes in ranked man post player Sofia Russell completed 12 of whose team lost five of its No. 3 in the state, with TCC da Silva also are both in JACKSONVILLE, Fla. 28 passes for 106 yards, final six games. "'Get in right behind at No. 4. double figures scoring this The stuffed monkey with two touchdowns and the tunnel, start jumping The Lady Eagles (11-3) year, averaging 10 points spent the last year in stor- four interceptions. He up and down again, get have won seven of their per game each. age, out of sight but still in NORTHWESTERN 34 had only thrown six picks yourself tight and run out last eight games, last rout- Fellow 6-foot-3-inch everyone's mind. MISSISSIPPI STATE 20 in the first.11 games this of the tunnel again.'"' ing Central Florida 75-29 freshman Karley Barnes is Coach Pat Fitzgerald 'Gator Bowl season. It worked as Mississippi on Saturday at home. putting up 8.8 points and dusted it off for the Gator ion," Fitzgerald said. He threw interceptions State tied the game at 13 "TCC has a lot of tal- 9.8 rebounds per game. Bowl and even had it on Quentin Williams re- on Mississippi State's in the third quarter. ent," Franklin said. "I think For a team with no play- the sideline Tuesday as a turned an interception 29 first two possessions and On the other sideline, they're'just as talented as ers over 6-foot tall "like reminder of Northwest- yards for a touchdown on tossed another one early there had to be a sense anybody in our league. Chipola, dealing with ern's decades-long, bowl the third play of the game iri the second quarter. of panic. After all, the They've got a lot ofindivid- players the size of da Silva losing streak the ol' and NickVanHoose set up After falling behind 13-0, Wildcats had blown three ual ability to score, so it's and Barnes will be a major monkey on their backs. another touchdown with Russell settled down and double-digit leads Jn important to get up on challenge. Now, it's in pieces. a 39-yard interception re- got the Bulldogs back in the second half of three them early to take some "It's not going to change Behind huge intercep- turn in the fourth. Those- the game. games this season. Northwind out of their sails. for us, so you just have to tions.early and late, No. 21 plays were the difference, "I talked to him going western surrendered big When they're making deal with what you've got," Northwestern beat Mis- in a back-and-forth game into the locker room af- leads against Penn State, shots, their energy level Franklin said of his team sissippi State 34-20 and that featured more in- ter the third pick, said Nebraska and Michigan. goes up a little bit, so we facing a height discrepan- snapped college football's terceptions (seven) than 'Go into the locker room, That 'here-we-go-again' definitely need to get af-. cy. "I think we've realized longest postseason los- touchdowns (six). splashsomewater onyour feeling easily could have ter them and make sure as a team that we've got ing streak. The Wildcats In between, Northwest- face, readjust your pads taken over when Misthey're not comfortable in an identity and we real- (10-3) hadn't won a bowl ern's two-quarterback and forget that you came sissippi State seized their own skin." ize what we can do to beat game since 1949, a nine- system kept the Bulldogs out to start the game,'" momentum. Tallahassee is led by people and make up for the game skid that was tied (8-5) off balance most of sophomore guard Jeral- lack of size. Not having size with Notre Dame for the the day. dine Campbell, who is av- is a challenge, but I think longest in NCAA history. Scrambler Kain Colter dham Shoe eraging 14.1 points, 5.6 re- we've prepared ourselves It's history now. And as a ran for 71 yards, making bounds, and 2.3 steals per for that." reward, Fitzgerald let his up for his two intercep- Quality Shoe Repair & Western Shop Repatr game while shooting 35.4 The Lady Indians have players rip the monkey to tions. Backup Trevor, Si- *- Since 1959 percent from the 3-point used speed, skill, and ver- shreds in the locker room. emian threw for 120 yards Sa line. satility to combat their op- "We've never been here and an interception, and A former Mississippi ponents' size advantage all before, but nowwe're here also ran for a score. .N State assistant coach, year,andthey'llhavetodo and here to stay with a Evenwith the turnovers, BRW NING0 Franklin said heis very fa- so again Saturday. new streak you can talk they were more efficient Hunting Boots miliar with the Shuqualak, .Although they're one of about in a positive fash- than Mississippi State's 89PL ius BROWNING Miss., native and East Mis- the best shooting teams in 5 TAX sissippi Community Col- the country, Franklin said WHILE SUPPLIES LAST DOUBEf lege transfer Campbelland success Saturday must HUSH PUPPIES her ability to take over a startattheotherend of the Ty this on for SIGHS! game. court. I JOHN DEERE "She's a kid I saw all "You keep yourself in the Ki'%s Boots through high school, and if game by defending and reshe's got and feeling good, bounding, and the rest willRhinetneBets she can go for 30 (points) take care of itself," he said. _.Lamona Ot A OFF any given night," he said. "It's just like we always talk 0 J UF "She can shoot it from way about; just play as hard as Store Hours W- we Offer Lay-away out, she's got deceptive you possibly can and play M-F 9-5:30 tsOn Member A// Year Long! moves, a crossover, a step- at a frenetic pace." Sat 9-1:00 LJEIVRS tabished 1971 DLafayette St MON TEs, WED, F 850.482.4037 i 85 42 2 A 70A NN

Indians a A
From Page 1B
teams out. We've been : shooting the ball well from three, so we want to take advantage of the 3-point
line as well."Sophomore center Joseph Uchebo will likely
not make his season debut
Saturday, as the 6-foot11 big man continues to -a
work himself back into
game shape after recover- .
ing from off-season knee .
Blake said that he is still
"maybe a couple of gamesAA A
away," and that it's "not a
thing where we're trying to S"
rush him back or push the S issue."
The game will tip at 7:30 I A.
p.m. following the Chipola A A women's game at 5:30 p.m. K


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5 16 to it, because it could have FRANK & ERNEST BY BOB THAVES a profound effect.
FANI A P AV CANCER (June 21-July 22)
FRA4 AP AGAI T19 20 21 22 2324 25 -The possibility for furAIAINST THI ther material acquisition AS t-PP. S26 27 28 2 is still active, even ifyou IS cIEI ..A -- V 3 weren't expecting anything
A .'IV $$EN. s in that realm.
TALES TH PRINC 33 LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
PANC. Both family and friends .38_- 39 40 will be receptive and pleased with your cooperGRIZZWELLS BY BILL SCHORR ative spirit. It will encour' T age them to do things for HEEP A CA'E A tV i WAY Too nou6t LTV 4TBl 4 you that they wouldn't be oFO 9CEERY RoT o R8 49 51 inclined to do for others. TH1 YEAR o A o ... . VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept.
HAs 22) Don't put off urgent tasks or chores, even if you
crave a day off. Procrastination will only hurt you
S1-2 2013 UFS, Dist. by Universal Uclick for UFS at this juncture.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)
-You're not the type of
ARLO& JANIS BY JIMMY JOHNSON CELEBRITY CIPHER person who throws his or AT EAbt I BROKHI by Luis Campos :h weight around just to IFRI[ EI X 10 Cele brity Cipher cryptogramsarecreated from quotations by famous people, past and present get what you want, yet if S" '/4~~UPE6LJ< Cele,4J .Each letter in the cipher stands for another. get what you want, yet if "J DZATB YL WKYFYROKD ADAJVVB you require helptoday, 0 you might have to do so. XWNWJVD ZCJZ ZCW SWDZ ZORW ZY SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
22)'-- Time is your ally, SAB J F B Z C OFU 0 D VJD Z BWJX." with victory being gained through perseverance.
J RJ XZB JVVW Even if you have to work long into the day you won't
ATY IATRE, EVERY N E Pievious,olution: "Every once in a while someonearks at me. My New 23-Dec. 21) If you find LAST ONE Or THEM PA TI e~ Y eai's res;lutlon is not to bark back." Tucker Carlson yourself to be somewhat e Jrf P! TODAY'SCLUE: jsenbe 7 fidgety, engimg in a fun, short excursion could sat 2013 by NEA, Inc., dist. by Universal Uclick 1-2 short excursion could satSisfy your restlessness.

Dear Annie: I was diagnosed with de- sex inthree years. He says he just doesn't MONTY BY JIM MEDDICK pression more than 20 years ago. When I want to. So I feel pretty worthless.
SC O~ ro,-- U 8sas ciWr~ mWas in high school, I was hospitalized for I fantasize about dying. Please help me. H-NA s A P close to a year. Because money and in- TIRED OF IT scf Y vs surance have been sporadic, I have been Dear Tired: There are resources for you.
0 e s/ o on and off of medication. Plus, once I First contact the National Alliance on S- .. get on a good medication, I start feeling Mental Illness ( at 1-800-950- that I don't need it anymore. Last year, NAMI. You also can find a listing of free
my husband lost his job, so I have no or low-cost health centers inyour area insurance and have been off of medica- through the U.S. Department of Health l ; tion since. and Human Services ( and the Annie, my depression feels like it is Partnership for Prescription Assistance THAT A BABY BY PAUL TRAP crushing me. I am tired all the time and (, which also can help with not interested in doing anything. I inter- medication. And don't overlook your o the at pret everything my husband says as in- local community centers andnearby ho ass\in< suiting or angry, although I know it isn't. medical schools for low-cost counseling o-ff c r Part of the problem is, we haven't had services. Hang in there. oer-. emp\oyin .

In this deal, West was.defending against three North 01-02-13 spades. He led the heart ace and continued 4 3 with the heart king, East playing high-low to V 8 6 3 KIT'N' CARLYLE BY LARRY WRIGHT ERMAN BY JIM UNGER indicate a doubleton.What didWest do next? A K 5 kitncarlyle www.GoComcsom North's second-round pass indicated a mini- A Q 10 9 8
mum opening bid. Then, when South jump-re- West East bid three spades, inviting game with at least a
/- six-card suit, North was tempted to raise. But
As BAD BT t those three low hearts rang awarningbell. A K Q J 7 9 4
0" VI A t i' O West wondered from where five winners J 63 4 Q 10 9 4 2 AL 5 'bAy' 'E would come. He could see three in hearts and 5 7 6 4 3 2 \ "one in spades, but where was the fifth? South
S LL tq "1[ I" There were 28 high-card points between his 4 K Q J 10 6 2 ... ... ... . handandthe dummy. Southindicated 10 or 11 Y 10 5 2
-- --," "-with his game-invitational rebid. So East could 8 7 not have much. And since East was marked K J With at most one trump, there was no point in West's shifting to his singleton club, hoping to Dealer: North win the next trick with his spade ace, give his Vulnerable: Neither
partner a heart ruff, and receive a club ruff in South West North East \i~Mi' i return. 14 Pass 14--" Instead, West cashed his third heart trick 14 2 V Pass Pass S,, .. .. r (East discarding the club two) and continued 3 4 Pass Pass Pass with the heart seven. When East ruffed with the
S@2013 UFS, Inc, SiX years ago he started putting spade eight, it effected an uppercut, promoting Opening lead: A Distributed by Universal Ulick for UF up a towel rack." a second trumo trick for West. CLASSIFIEDS Jackson County Floridan Wednesday, January 2, 2013-5 B



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Split Oak Firewood L itl WANTEDi MATURE, Delivered in the Wiregrass! DEPENDABLE, BUSINESS-MINDED, I Pay CASH for Diabetic test $75 For a Full Sized Pickup load. DEPENDABLE, BUSINESS-MINDED,
$12 for 5 Gallon bucket of kindling wood. NEWSPAPER CARRIERS strips. Up to $10 per box! 334393-9923- W
Most brands considered. Grand Ridge All boxes must be unopened Fr-- ---- Earn an avera--ge- of
** Bahia seed for sale : Earn an average of
Call Matt 334-392-0260 Leather Recliners with ottomans "desert experience. Kendall Cooper
sand with black trim" matching Stressless Call 334-703-0978, 334-775-3423, 0 Ekornes 3 cushion leather loveseat. or 334-775-3749 Ext. 102 . Excellent Condition. Sells New For $5,390. per month 'FN N ALAsking $3,000.for ALLL Call 850-209-9047 Large rols of Hay for Sale
Bahia & Coastal Route Hours 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.,
-BUSINES OPPORUII Daytime 334-585-3039, 5 days per week after Spm & weekends 585-5418
Wanted: Old Coins, Gold, Must have dependable transportation, BUSINESS OPPORTU TY Diamonds, Guns, And Tools minimum liability insurance & valid West Main Jewelry & Loan 334-671-1440. Qualitydrminimum liability censurane valid
(14) TOWR Homes for Sale Fertitzed 4 Weed Control driver's license.
I block off i 9-914
ge& 600 POWER CHAIR: Exc ellent conditionW Come by and fill out an application at the JAZZY 600 POWER CHAIR: Excellent condition. ;. I- ] Js n o Used for 30 minutes. Lt. beige leather w/shiny Jackson County noridan, blue base. $1,200 OBO. Can deliver if live near 4403 Constitution Lane, Marianna, FL or in Dothan. 404-797-4172

Northwest Florida
SAKC German Shepherd puppieb tan \ 334,38920 H0spital, Chipley, FlR WOO&F ] 'L5 ready now! 7 ready 1-18 parents~ r owsite. Florida, is seeking I $350.ea. 334-393-4612 1 r Squalified candidates for FIREWOOD (all split oakl I Director Food Servies Delivery availablel 4 TRUCK LOAD $70. 4 ]A *l:, A CDM (Certified Dietary Manager) or CALL MARK 334-701-4967 or 334-791-6704 M Dietary Technician is required, D h3Dietary Technician is required, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Free to good home, Jack Russell Mix Puppy, 4-6 WANTED: MATURE, healthcare experience preferred.
Your source for selling and buying! mo. old, FM, S/W, Housebroken 850-762-4038 DEPENDABLE, BUSINESS-MINDED,
NEWSPAPER CARRIERS We offer competitive salary and benefits.
Submit resume/application via fax
Greenw ood & 850-638-0622. Attn: HR or email to 850-415-8106
a a oDFW; EOE, and smoke free campus Earn an average of
3 hrs per night, 5 nights per week, beforeER
6:00 a.m. Mariana, FI.
Must have dependable transportation, .
minimum liability insurance & valid is accepting applications for
Clean O ut Your G arage driver's license. the following positions:
Come by and fill out an application at the Assistant Dir tr of Nursing and Turn the Items You've Jackson County Floridan,
Forgotten Into Cash.4403 Constitution Lane, Marianna, FL *CNAs
Forgotten Into Cash. Ninterested,apkinpesnat Get news and alerts on 4294 Third Avenue, That old collection of clutter might not mean much to you your mobile device... aia a
anymore, but chances are someone out there would love it; By stay connected!
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(850) 526-3614 or (800) 779-2557 &benefitpackage.
_, ~ Sangaree Oil Co.
850-482-5241 EOE.

level- - - - -.Level: *Ili 65 .
-Complete the grid so each row, column and for Medical Assisting,
3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit FORTI Electrical Tradesand
8 7 5 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, COLLEGE Call Fortis College visit Today! 888-202-4813 or
6 45 d visit For consumer Solution to Tuesday's puzzle information

S6 74 2 9 3 8
-- 9 1 8 7 5 3 6 4 2 ,. ,
4 6 2 5 3 5 2 8 6 4 7 1 9 1/1ApartmentforRent.

8 7 3 8 4 3 5 2 7 1 9 6Ur Jl -9' 297186534
3 1 5 5 6 1349827 2BRApartments availableintownnear
5 1 3 9 8 7Chipola. Water/garbage/sewer included.
No pets. 850-526-8392 or 850-209-5620
g 5 3 139672485
486915273 for2&3BRApts
1 co c p up

@ 2013 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved. 1/2/13 Mad 80-82-459

6 B Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Jackson County Floridan C LASSIFIEDS www.JCFLORIDANicom

2/1Dodge 2010 Challenger Dodge 2004 Ram; $1895 Lo2/1 Duple x in64 N.Wtha. Br75/Mo. St Special Christmas Gift for down with 0% Interest.
LPro Team Realty 850-674- 3002 that Graduate or Senior! Daylight Auto Financipg
Pro Team Realty 850-674- 3002 Like New, Black, V6, 5- 850-215-1769 LF159981
One bedroom, Marianna area, $490/Mo. speed automatic, 25mpg, 9AM-9PM
One bedroom, Blue Springs area, $490/Mo. 39K miles, Warranty, Way ADVERTISEMENT FOR QUALIFICATIONS
Includes water, sewer, trash, lawn. Below Retail! $17,400! 850-209-4936 GMC 1997 Short Bed; $795 BOARD OF TRUSTEESOF CHIPOLA COLLEGE l 1 Dayli ht FinancingMarianna, Florida 32446
Small pets okay, Call Joarne 850-693-0570 down with 0% interest.
U D O N Daylight Auto Financing For:
850-215-1769 RFQ 2013-01 Legal Services for the Board of 3BR/2BA LAKEFRONT HOME O Down/Ist Payntt TA, Tag & ie 9AM-9PM Trustees
ON COMPASS LAKE Repos, Slow Credit, Past Bankruptcy OK! Toyota 2010 Tacoma: Chipola College (CC) requests interested parAvailable 12 month Lease Push, Pull or Drag, Will Trade Anything! double cab, silver-gray, ties to submit Qualifications for the above ref$1,000. Mo. + $1,000 Dep. First nt 30 Ds Out! TRD package and sport erenced contract. RFQ documents are availaCall 850-832-2309 or View at package, and only 35k ble at CC Human Resources Department miles. $25,500. ed at: W .LAkefrn ndivavrom Ford 1993 Thunderbird Super Coupe 3.8L Su- miles. $25,500. ed at: 5BR/3BA Home 2500f+/- in-ground pool. percharged V6, Exterior Red, Interior Black Call Scott 334-685-1070 Chipola College For info call 850-579-8895 leather. 114k miles, Very clean, no rust power Administration Building/Human Resources
Austin Tyler & Associates everything. Plenty of modifications. 13.8 1/4 3094 Indian Cirtcle
Quality Homes & Apartments mile time. Asking $3,000. Please call for pic- Marianna, FL 32446
S850- 526-3355Dodge 2002 Grand Caravan
"Property Management Is Our ONLY Business" Ka 2006 Rio, 83k miles, Sport, rear air, 3rd seat, Request for RFQ documents can be made by 35 MPG, $4999. Call 334- 79,000 miles, new tires, ex- calling (850) 718-2205, via facsimile at (850) Huge 7BR 4 BA Home for rent in Marianna, 714-2700. cellent, $5500. Call 334-790- 718-2340, or by Email to PERFECT FOR LARGE FAMILIES : 2 kitchens, 7959. (preferred method).
2 dining rooms, 3 living rooms, plenty of
storage, barn,huge fenced pool.Will consider Qualifications must be received by the Human separating into individual apartments. MINI 2010 Cooper S This Resources Department no later than 2:00 p.m.
Zoned for Residential & Commercial. sweet little Mini has an auto- CALL FOR TOP PRICE CST on Monday, January 28,2013 Qualifica1/4 Mile From Wal-Mart 850-544-0440 matic 1.6 turbo engine and tions received after such time will be returned gets up to 34 MPG. She has FOR JUNK VEHICLES unopened. Ml: M O R been driven less than 13,000 Contact Karan Davis, Associate Vice President
miles, a panoramic sunroof, I ALSO SELL USED PARTS Contact Karan Davis, Associate Vice President 2 & 3 bedroom mobile Homes in Cottondale. and a Harmon Kardon premi- of Human Resources at (850) 718-2205 for fur$500 and up. H20, garbage, sewer included. um sound system. Bluetooth, USB/Ipod adap- 24 HOUR TOWING ) 334-792-8664 ther information. tor, and 100% maintenance until August 2013 is e../..W.....a m....*............ M/WBE's are encouraged to participate in the
850-209-8847 4 also included. The asking price is negotiable. BE'S are encouraged t RF process.
2 & 3 BR MH's in Call 816-752-0947 Cunker
Marianna & Sneads (850)209-8595. or email: We'll be your Junker We buy wrecked cars:
2 ir eenwood A r i MNissan 2005 Altima ONE OWNER, GARAGED. We b uy wrecked carst a SUNROOF, ALL POWER, AT,CD,REMOTES, and honest price! CRUISE, ALLOY WHEELS, NEW TIRES. MILES fair and honest price! 85K. ASKING $9,995. CALL 334-596-6738
2BR 1 BA MH'S in Alford, $370 mo. $370. dep. Nissan 2012 Versa, low miles, like new! $200 CALL 334-702-4323 OR 334-714-6285
850-579-8882/850-209-1664/850-573-1851 down, $269 per month. Call Steve 334-791-8243. a 0 ..* *.. ** ** a
3/2 DW in Malone, CH/A, No pets, security VW 2011 Jetta, Must Sell! $200 down, $269 per WANTED Nice Pick-Up, preferably Extended neg., Section 8 ok. 850-594-9991 or 850-557- month. Call Steve 334-791-8243. Cab Ford Ranger or Tacoma must have air, any 7719 color but black. 334-687-8863 MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT in Marianna $325 LI to $400 water, trash and sewer included, NO We buy Wrecked Vehicles PETS ALLOWED, 850-209-7087 Dodge 2001 Durango; $695 down with 0% Interest. Ri ngD.. ,o: Quiet, Well maintained Park, Water/sewer/ Daylight Auto Financing 3347 9576 o 344-79114 garbage/lawn included. Available Now 850215-1769 uto Financing 334-7_or_347914714
3/2 DW $625 & 3/2 $475 & 2/1 $425 9AM-9PM
Joyce Riley RE 850-209-7825 4 I
RESIDENTIAL Jeep 2000 Cherokee Sport 4X4, AC, trailer hitch, L ETATE tuned up, new battery, new headlamps, $2300
obo 334-983-4446 or 334-798-2999
Lexus 2003 LX470-One owner, garage kept,
light beige, 120K miles, Reduce for quick Sale
By Owner $17,000 OBO 334-687-5283
243 Elkwood Dr. Suzuki 2004 XL7, Super Sharp! Must sell, $200 (Midland City) down, $179 per month. Call Ron Ellis 714-0028.
3 bedrooms, 2 baths, approx. 1,400 sq. ft. VolVo 2003 XC9, T6 PackCH&A, privacy fenced back yard. $120,000. age, 3rd Row Seating, R Call 334-791-2277 or 334-794-8828 $5999. Call 334-714-2700. RR EESF R AE M 9l FREE: Lab mix puppies 2/M & 3/F. 850-209-7047
Humidifier $20. 850-526-1040.
G.O CARTS, G Ol-I ]- Baby Clothes -girl 0-12 mo. $30 bx, 850-693-3260 ifier 20. 850-5261040.
Go-Cart, Murray 1-seater, Chevrolet 2001 Silverado Mirror w/shelves, $50. 850-693-3260.
Off Road, Tecumseh 6.5 $1495 down with 0% Barbed Wire Fencing: 3i00ft $25. 850-352-4181
HP Motor, Silver & Black, Interest. DayJight Auto Suitcase Ig. on wheels $20. 850-526-1040
Good Condition, RII Bars; Financing 850-215-1769
Well maintained, Cover in- 9AM-9PM Electric Fence Post: $35. 850-352-4181 Vacuum, dyson w/attach. $200 850-272-5793
cluded. $750; 334-792-4541
of 334-791-8883. Volvo 1996-DIESEL TRUCK, Good Condition Fishing Pole water w/reels $10. 850-526-1040 Wedding gown, new, sz 16, $300 850-693-3260.
Asking price $10,000 OBO 334-695-1954

~treme Packages FromBIS
All Welded
t All AluminumBoats ERV ICE i

Sylvan, 1988 Pontoon boat, 24', 70 hp Mercury Call 526 (runs great), minntoka trolling motor,
2 hummingbird fish finders, single axle trailer. l llOZIN SL R A- _$4500 obo 334-983-4446 or 334-798-2999

Clay O'Neal's This Month's Speci
Gulf Stream 2006 Travel Land Clearing, Inc. Ar RepairThis Months Special
Trailer, 32', FEMA 8x32 ft. Nice ALIIA, FL MMF Ford, IMT, New Holland10x12395
and roomy, in very good 850-2-9402 SB H F, Ford, IMT, New Holland $239500
cond, great place for a great Cll 850-82-505 ~B 37 years experience 33 Years in Business
get away. Comes with front [ h l Call Jimmy at (850) 209-1336 WE Mow PouRT~BLr S porch & skirting. Must be moved. -$4650 Call Home Phone: 334-677-7815 or Cell phone: 334-790-4225
____________ For General House or Disabled? Denied fore eere g o M&M Day Laborers ScialSecurity
Ford 1987 Cutaway 27', CallDebra Need general labor for the day-week? Th leettelsp. etreo ENIEra
LSecurity Administration Hearing Office Low Miles, Call: 850-272-2339 Director Jerry Glover knows the law and
Clean/Generator, 4599. Free Estimates ReferencesAvalable wants to help you.
Call 334-714-2700. O Es ae eens Most all type work done Call today for your FREE Consultation C850-526"2336 Small jobs Big jobs* Satisfaction is our goal (850) 762-2266 or (850) 557-6251 God Bless America

B&B Professional Auto Detailing
.Now offering mobile wash inside PHOTOGRAPHY .
and outside, oil change & vacuum FOR ANY OCCASIONI .
Detailing now for the low price of $50. UNBEATABLE PRICES! I (850) 209-9489 Ondinephoto rprnt Gabell ILLS TERVICE
Jeep 1980 CJ5 Frame-off, re- Just give us a call and we'll come to you! eI 1'ce0s v h 9u 4455
Jteration, Chev-raolre D All services performed on site, free phot0 downloads"
storation, Chevrolet V8MSD
Ignition and distributor, l
Edelbrock Air Cleaner, CarbuHedman Hedders Spray on
W bed liner, Bestop vinyl seats, "Beautification of Your Home" Bestop Full Soft Top with soft doors included, Carpentry/Painting Installations Interior is in excellent shape, Like New. Classic Furniture Repair & Refinishing Jeep. Excellent Shape. Stored Inside. As is. General Repairs Insured T $8,600 cash FIRM, 205-913-8502 'PORT LE BUILDINGS

Bulck 2002 Rendezvous; HAVE
$1195 down with 0% H P D OVERE IZPU
Interest. Daylight Auto
Financing 850-215-1769 HOME REPAIR O AN
Honda 2008 Fit, 40 MPG, under warranty, Must Big Or Small Jobs WELCOME The Classifieds Sell! $200 down, $249 per month. Call Ron Ellis 3Miladanna FL 850_-.._n e _Clasfed


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