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.-Meet the All-County football r
SInformingmore than 17,OO readers daily in prit and online
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PO BOX 117007 1


Vol. 89 No. 254

Ward family celebrating a big Christmas present
BY DEBORAH BUCKHALTER he struggled valiantly for Jesus and told Him that healthy baby." veins in the blood vessels statistics while Owen was
dbuckhalter@jcfloridan.com life; his parents called him Mamr and Daddy need The Wards know their of the developing brain, sfill with them, and it was a
theirLittleWarrior. another baby," Ward said. chances are good, too, The misfires overworked source of encouragemfient
Two weeks ago, Ed and Grief-stricken as they "We are so excited." from a medical standpoint. the baby's heart and led to for them down the road.
Jerica Ward got an early were, they soon knew they The couple had a wave For one thing, their son's its failure. "We knew all along'that
Christmas present from wanted to fill the void that of worry cross their minds aneurysm had no basis .in "Ithinkthisonlyhappens we wanted another child,"
Jericas doctor: News that his passing left in their when they first learned Jer- genetics. to one in three million ba- Ward said. "The reason
they're pregnant again. lives. They've been trying ica'was 7-8 weeks along.' For another, the aneu- bies, arid there are only it has taken us this long,
The ards lost their first- for more than a year to "At first, we did, but it's rysm was an extremely rare abut 1500 recorded cases "I think, is that the stress
born child in March2011. conceiveagain. like I told her, we just put type, known as vein of Ga- in the world," Ward said. and grief is hard on your
Born on Labor Day in Ed thinks little Owen it in God's hands. He's'got len, which,' in the embry- "The doctor said there's a body But our faith in God
2010, Owen Wesley Ward may have put a word in the this. He's going to take onic stage, basically cre- 99 percent chance that it is strong, and we knew that
had a rare type of brain ear ofa higher power. careof it. God's going t ates a miscommunication wouldn't appenagain."
aneurysm. For six months, "He had a little talk with let us have a perfectly between the arteries arid They: learned' those See BABY, Page 7A



er-Does overspending the green threaten to
leave you with a blue Christmas afterglow?
'P t thp o7 Don't worry. You have the power to repaint
ordr of, ..your mood

Don't let the

... blues get
embersofthe Fire ad Iron Motorcycle Club Chapte 202 ose with Bobbie Brock, a. "
caseoordinator th the Jackson County Guardi Ad Litei program From the left
are Mary McAllister, Deborah Mathewuse, Brock anChapr President MikeBlum. The BYDEBORAH BUCKHALTER
back row is Paul Crumpler and Stephen Walter.,....... .d ......
Have you got the after-Christmas blues
Stoday? You could always go shopping for
those great post-holiday deals.
obbie Brock, a Didwe hear someone scream?. Sorry.
case coordina- Maybe overspending and the weariness
case Coordina- ...:.:.., .
with th from traipsing endlessly through stores
B tor with the are some ,of the reasons you're blue. If
Guardian Ad Litem in that's the case, just try to remember the
ackson Coun reactsparkle you pu in someone's ey, and
S 't despair. There are. pathways out
to the large check beingof the post-holiday let down, no matter
presented to the, pro- .what its cause. -,
gram by the Fire and If you overspent'a bit, forinstance go
geahead and acknowledge it. Accepting the
Iron Motorcycle Club's truth is onestep away from dealing with
'local chapter Friday it and erasing the uneasy sense of panic
afternoonThe club you might be. pushing down in denial. Sit
afternoon. othe lub down and make a steady plan to get your
raised $1,200 for the finances back on kilter.
gr with a 10 mil Face the figures. Trimming back a'bit
group each month on personal indulgences,
pledge ride on Dec. 10. and knowing you're making the sacrifices
Donors could pledge for someone you love, Can go a long way
money for every mile toward setting things right by the end of
ridden.om fthe year or sooner and putting you back
ridden. Some of the in control along the way
money will be used to Same thing for overindulging in holiday
SChristas giftsfor treats that put on the pounds. It's another
buy Christmas giftsfor case of needing to face the, figures. And
underprivileged cliil- 'the same solution applies; commit your-
dren, with the remain- self to clwtting back' on the calories for at
der usedo assis e least one meal a day for a couple of weeks
der used to assist them ... or months. Or, whateveryour unforgiv-
during the year with ing scale tells you is appropriate. Cutting
activities such as sports back on couch time will also help, since
adding even small amounts of exercise to
and cheerleading. your routine will burn a few calories and
'- improve your overall health as well. Baby
Ssteps are the key here.
See BLUES, Page 7A

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Telephone: 850-526-3614 in Marianna. Learn job seeking/retention skills. Call paperswill not e signed. -

JACK TY COR-t CQdendacr

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Maricul anna, FLe32446 ki "Qut Smoking3. Now"al schedules resume after drinking.Alcohl cs AnonymousCelebrate -7 p.m.Cloeanel d o
flceHorsNoon inthe holidays. Call 592-462Hospital afeteia board p.m. in the AA room of First-United Methodist ship Center 2645 Pebble Hill Road in Mriann
eCONTACT U8 a ob Club 10:30ass meets weekly beinning the Mar- the27. N o Church, ofCampbeltdonia St., Mrianna. Adult tee nna tin tovercomhurts, habits tendance
cost to attend. Free nirin replacement therapy limited toDiersons w ith a desild care to stop drinking
ITelephone: 850- 4 ailable for pearticn job seeking/ts all 8-2545 or email l not be signed. 209- 573-111.
FAX:850-482-4478 526-0139., MONDAY, DEC.31

Emai editorial@cforidan.com Alcoholics o o e ee Optimist Club of Jackson County Meetingkson ou uilter's Gld M ing FRDAY ngJAN.
MalingAddress: Orientation 12:30-3:30 p.m. at the Marianna 5:30-7:30n a t Jim s Buffet& Grill in LutheMarianna Church, m. inthe AA room llege new and eturning student
than 6a.m. f it arianna, call Circula32447 Methodist ChuareerTr aining Center, .in Marianna7 3975 US9 W Marianna Business ns a registration for spring terms Registration for
tionbetwee t a.m.andnoon,esday: to Marianna. RegisterotherModays are for projects, terms A and Bs 8 a.m.to 6 p.m. 718-2211
Friday; and 7a.. to a.m. on Sunday. The cmpter training; lea Y, DEC.27 lessons, help. All quilters elcome. Call 209-7638. isit wwwhipola.edu.
Mackson Couriann (USPSFL32446 "Quit Smoking Now" Class/Support Grup Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meeting 8-9 ) Celebrate Recovery -7 p.m.ateevangel W
ispublished Tuesdaythroughs: Noon in the Jackson Hospital afeteria board .m. in the AA room of FirstUnited Methodist ship Center2645Pebble Hill Road inMaianna

: Sunday mornings. Periodical postage paid 8-9 pm, FirstUnited Methodist Church, 2901 Cale- pm in.the AAroom of First United-Methodist 4:305:3 2. C otin t orited
Weekdays8 a.m 5 p.m room Cass meets weekly, beginning Dec.27. No Church, 2901 Caledonia St., Marianna. Adult;teen meetings Chh overcome hurts, habitsann
cosimited to persons with a desire replacement therapy hang-ups." Dinn 6 p.m. Child care available. Call
papersva ilabl e for participantsed. 718-2545 or email TUESDAY,JAN. 209-7856,573-131.
SOleCalaw Collge nf Jacson Cunty es eting T Alcoholics Anonymous OpenMeeting sc 8
You should receive your newspaper no later Orientation -12:30-3:30 p.m.at the Mar in g b egins for spring term. Call 718-2211 or visit p..in the AA room of Fist United Methodist
than 6 a.m. f it does not arrive, call Circula- Goodwill Career Training Center, 442 US. in one-u t ory buildingbehi 4351W.fayette St.)
for three mnths; 62.05 for six mon ths; ship Center, 2645 Pebble Hill Road in Marianna. Holiday PiRk-upe Shedule- iThe Town o n nkingp. ace a

and $123.45forone year.Allprices include Adult, teen meetings to "overcome hurts, habits and Grand Ridge will pick up residential garbage on t ,Aloholcs Anonymous Meeting-8 p.m. in
applicablestate'and localtaxes. Mail hang-ups." Dinner: 6 p.m. Child care garbage on Thursday, Dec. 27 and board room of Campbellton-Graceville Hospital,a a
subscriptions mustbe paid in advance. Mail 209-7856,573-1131. Thursday, Jan. 3. Normal schedules resume after 5429 College Drive, Gaceville.
subscriptions are: $46.12 for three months; Senior Singles Get-Together --6 p.m. at' the holidays. Call 592-4621. : .. .
$92.24ifor six months; and$184.4? forsone Gazebo Coffee Shoppe &t Deli, downtown Marianna. .- MONDAY, JAN. 7
$92.24forsixmonths;and$184.47forone. single seniors age 50 and-older are encouraged n Job Club 10:30.a.m. to1:30p.m. at the Man-
year. to get acquainted, form friendships. Games, food, anna Goddwill Career Training Center, 4742'U.S.'90 Jackson County Quilters Guild Meeting
Friday prizes and a gu eaer are plannere. No charge; 'in Marianna. Lern job seeking/retention skills. Call -5:30-7:30 pm. at Ascension Ltheran Churc

ADVERTISING donations accepted (proceeds fund charitable7 526-0139. 3975 US.o90W., Marianna. Businessnmeetings are
Thead tise agrees thatthe publisher endeavors of Marianna's Gathering Place Fouda- -Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meeting fouh Mon hernd e

-shall notbe liable for damages afising tion). Call 526-4561. Noon 4o0lplm. in the AA romof First United proects, lessons help. All quilters welcome. Call
out of errors arid advertisements beiday and Alcoholics Anonymous Closed discsiong 8-9 Mthois ACuroen Mtch 291 C nia Sp in te AA ro of anna.t U d

^'*mon ^i *A^ ^ ^ ^^^^ a ly p.m. in the:AA room of First United Methodist AcohoiAo ousO Me
theSundaymo paidforthespacetually Church, 2901 Caledonia St. in Mrianna.le- THURSDAY. JAN. 3 pm.in theAA room of Fi s United Methodist Cuc
occupied by that portion of the advertise- Churcnia St i290n M C 2901Calealedonia St. n Marianna
donia St., Marianna; in the AA oom.-Attendance
at Maianna FL limitedto persons with a desire to stop drinking;. WEDNESDAY, JAN. .2 SUNDAY, JAN. 6,

)- Chipola College new student testing -Test Alcoholics Anonymous Closed Discussion

mentSUBSCRInwihTherION RATES FRIDAY, DEC. 29ing begins for spring term Call R 7182211 or visit
jwwa hila.edul (i e t ldin behind 4351 W. Lafayette St.).

such error is due to the negligence of-the e a TUES DAY, JAN. 8 -
Home delivery: $11.23 per month; $32.83 Celebrate every 7 pregtraton at chipola.ed. e ban Cl b o Westo wi a Mee

there shall be not liability for non-ihser- .*7a.m.). Kids' run starts after the 5K. Registration.: Orenaton12:30-3:30p.m.attheMarinna Noon at Jim's Buffet & Grill in Marianna. Calls
for three many athvertisement beyfor six mondthe $17ship Center, 2645 Pebble Hil Rof)adults in Marianna. Holiday Pick-up Schedule The Town f drinking.
and $123.45 for such advertisement This nc kidslude Adult, een meeti s bovercome hurts, habits and Granna. Ridgewill pick uresidential garbage on Optimist Clu of J on County Board

newspaper will not knowingly accept or Graduation. Call 573-2431. puter tra~iing; learn abut services. Call 526-0139. Meeting -Noon at Chipola Community Bank in:,
publish illeal naterial of an kind Advertis- Alcoholcs Anoymus pen Meeting F Tools to Qu Sokng ession-Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting- 8 p.m.Maanna
ng whapplich expresses prfernce based on 4:305:30 p.m. in the AA roo of FirstUnited pm. ithe cafeteria oadro of Jackson Hospital boa Se ring Circle p.m. at Jackson Ceville Hospital
209-7856,573-113.lly protected personal characteristics is Methodist Church 2901 Calednia St. in Marianna. in Marianna. Toegister, call 482-6500 or emai Senior Citiens 2931 Optimist Drive in Marianna.
bst acceptablon mustbe paid in advance. Mail for this calendar is two days bfore publicaion. Submito: ommunity Caeendar, Jack County Flolegeri Box520, a aaceville. 3
subscriptions are: $46.12for three months; the holidays. Call 592-4621

$92.24 foremail editorial@jcfloridan. o, fax 850-4824478 r brig ites to 440. Constitution Lane in Mar ONDAY, JAN.7

NEWS PUBLISHEDseniors age 5 andolder are encouraged Job Club 10:a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Mar
yea to get acquainted form friendships. Games food anna Goddwill Career Training Center474U.S90 Jackson County Q ters Guild Meeting
news of genral interest fre of harg MARANNA P CE inMariann Lear n j ob seeking/retention skills. Cacort, o 5:30erbal30 pm.a t Ascension Lutheran Church,

Submit your news o Community Calendar DEPARTMENT reported the followin g incidents disturbance, five fire calls, 19 ing the latest reporting periods:
ADVERTISING d onations accepted (proceeds fund charitable 52 forDec0139. 397di calls,twotr crash- Donnie Holman, 58, ar5278
ees may pply the publisherng, gemnt, endeavors of Marianna's Gathering Place Founda- Alcoholics Anonymou O e enrglar alarm,2 traffic Brown StGracevie, violation

anniversary and birth announcements, .partment listed the following i j report. (Some stops, one larceny complaint, of state probation.
rms are available at the Floridan fies incidents foCall ec526-4561. 23, the latest oof tese calls ondrag racing coplaint, : Clnt Walk quers, 4, 818 Faith

Photographs must be of good quality and available report: One aban-:' ^ may berelated two trespass complaints, three Ave., Graceville, hold for
suit of errfors aprint aThe Flordanvertisemenrvs theo doned vehicle, three suspi- Meet 8-9 Meto after-hours aledonial complints fiveanna. ssists Holmes Co
riht tamoun edit paid for the space actually Chus perons, one eScort, one Mariancallstaken of other agecies, 3two public the AA r oom of First Unitwell, 37,2764ethodist
ostructure fire, 27 raffic stops on behalf service calls and one threatc BghtwelleAve., Marianna, child

GETTING IT RIGHT and three welfare checks. of Graceville and Cottondale harassment complaint, abuse.
The Jackson County Floridan' policy polce departments): Two Jail Population: 198
imnts toin rrct mhes er pror mptly T JACKSON COUNTR Y DE 2 acident four absping ters Regist n f To r a cA cl
such errpor is dueror, pase negligence ofthe Run N the New Year 5K/bsta vhcl es, three recklese Course and B, is 8 a.m.drivers, 3 p.m. Call 718-221r visit www. T UE a A lo ria eoet

publisher's eployees or otherwiseOFFICE i suspicious vehicles, one sus ORRECTIONA, a FACILITYSes at 526-5000 or a local law enforcement
ti of any advertisement beyond the $17(advance) or $20 (day agency. To report a wildlife violation, call
publish illegal materiaThe ackson County Sheriff's picious incident, five pTools to Quit Smoking Session 5-7 -888-404-FWCC(3922). aranna
The Jackson County Florodan will pub ulcsh k

Fees may apply for wedding, engagemnt, The Marianna Police De- latest avalable esneurgar alarm, 12 traffic Brown St., Gracevle, violation

( a ~8~O1* ~*O-:


DORCHUCK ADDRESSES Jackson County School Marriage, Div. e Report
OPTIM ISTS D istrict 2013-2014 Special to the Floridan ) Emily Grace Harrison
OPTIMISTS District 2013-2014 and Jeremy ohAa
7 and Jeremy John Alan
The following marriages Wellman.
rIns- ct uruBctional Calendar and divorces were re- Dvc
SI structionaCalendar corded in Jackson County Divores
during the week of Dec. n Joel Whitehead vs. Kel-
August 2013 Non-paid Days 17-21: lyWhitehead.
) Aug. 7 -Teachers' First n Jan. 6 Teacher Work Ma s Tommy Overmyer vs.
Day Day Marriages Teresa Overmyer.
a Aug. 8-9 Inservice n Jan. 7 Students Re-
Days turn: Second Semester i
SW ))a Aug. 12-13 Inservice n Jan. 17 Report Card Orida Lotte
RDays Day 1 Ro 4 FNA
TA Aug. 19 Students' ) Jan. 20 Martin Lu- Mon E) 1224 279:6 5-1-5-3 514222328
First Day ther King Jr. Day/1 Paid (M) 9
September 2013 Holiday
a Sept. 2 Labor Day February 2014
SUBMITTEDPHOTO Holiday / Paid Holiday ) Feb. 17 Presidents 6-4-2 0 6
Marianna Optimist Club member Ken Stoutamire (left) October 2013 Day/Non-paid Holiday W (E) 119 08 44 1161920
and club president Lowell Centers (right) pose with Jerry ) Oct. 15 End' First March 2014 Wed
Dorchuck at a recent club meeting. Dorchuck, who owns Marking Period a March 13 End Third
and operates acampaign consulting/management firm in ))Oct. 21-22-FallBreak Marking Period Thu20 4 71227
Mariannaspoketothegroupabouthisbusiness'involvement Nopaid Days Marc 2 Reor
In several politicalcampaigns His firm does everything from Oct. 25 Report CardCard
political poling/surveying to live and automated phone calls R ,Marchp 47 2 D
as well as media management and direct mailing. Dorchuck, ay Marc 24-8 -pi
who moved to Marianna with his family from Las Vegas November 2013 Dag Break/n-p-8
eight years agotold the club.he has been involved.in every Nov 11 Veterans Days at 79
national election in some form since 2000. Day/Non paid Day May2014
a Nov. 25-29 Thanks- a May 26 Memorial.
giving Holidays/Paid Day/Non-paid Day 4
Hayes nai ed 'Workore Holiday June 2014 d n id
amDecember 2013 June 4 Students' Last
Dec. 20 End First Day Satuda 35V344 PB11
Professional Cham pion semester une 5 TeacherS' Last ednesda P 3
Ilto ~ the floridan )) Dec. 23-31- Christmas Day
..Special totheF n CRWDB Program Cor- Holidays/Paid Holidays 12 22 1 36
dinator Rose Adams said January 2014 Approved by JackSon County
Chipola Regional Work- Hayes was. chosen,to re- ) Jan '1 -- N6w Yeear's School Board Dec. ,2012. Visit,
force Development Board ceive this award for her Holiday /Paid Holiday FIoridan.com for a link to down-
One Stop Career Center drive to enhance overall' Jan. 2-3 Holidays/ load a printable copy.
employee Lisa Hayes was performance, provide ad-
named Workforce Profes- mirable customer service, S TGT T HiH
sional Champion for the and uphold the Board's STUDENTS OF T-T
five counties served by top priority of connect- J Gas prices are going up Here are
the CRWDB. Hayes was ing job seekers and the least expensive placesto buy
recognized at the Florida employers. TT' gas in Jackson Couny, as of
Workforce Development "Hayes works tirelessly LJjJL BlTE Tuesday afternoon.
Association's Professional to assist clients seek- 1. $3.23, LOVES Travel Center,
Development Academy ing training through the Hwy.231, Cottondale
on Dec. 14 intOrlando. Workforce Investment Act 2. $3.23, Raceway 861, Hwy. 231,
The Workforce Profes- and- Trade Act programs, Cottondale
sional Champion Award and serves as a mentor 3, $3.24, Murphy Oil, Hwy.71 S.,
is a commendation pre- and role model to her Maranna
sented to frontlie work- coworkers by sharing her 4. $3.25, Pilot, Hwy,71,
force staff "demonstrating yast knowledge and expe- Marianna
traits and characteristics rience," Adams said. 5. $3.25, TravelCenter, Hwy. 71
Worthy of eiulation." The -CRWDB Executive Di- S., Marianna
individuals nominated rector Richard Williams 6$327, McCoy's Food Mart
for the award have been said, "We've been blessed Jefferson, Marianna
recognized for sharing to have Lisaworking with 7$3.28, Mobil Food Mart,
their expertise and going customers at our One SUBMITrED PHOT Jefferson, Marianna
far beyond the tradition- Stop Career Centers for Hope School Students of the Quarter, for the second quarter, 8.$3.29, Dixie Food& Gas, Hwy.
al expectations of their, almost five years and she are (front row) JaMiohn Coons, Rykin Vegas, Steve Hawes, 231S., Alford
job. One individual from truly embodied the spirit Ryan Collins, and Kayla Lipford; (back row) Jordan Clemmons, Iyou see a lower price
each of Florida's 24 Work- of the workforce cham- Andrew Bonifay, Devin Garrett, JJ Barkley, Jamien Wilson, Alex contact theFlorida.newsroom
force regions received pion award." Bowden and Jason Peeples. Not pictured: Travis Wiley and at editorialjcfloridan corn
this honor. Drew Hicks. Overall Student of the Quarter: Kayla Lipford.


food s res LOW e

Heavy Western Semi-Boneless USDA Inspected Fresh USDA Inspected D.Lee Heavy Wesern Boneless USDA Inspected :: USDA Inspected Fresh
Ribeye or Rib $ 59 Smoked $ 19 Beef 9 9 Frsh :90Pork Thin
T.Bone $599 Whole or Ib. og lb Bbottom 3b.: Fre or Center $,49
Steak Family Pack Half Pork Loin Jowl Round Roast Leg Quarters Cu Chps Family Pack.

USDA Inspecpect U p edFresh Frozen USDA Inspected Premium Prio DL Lee Smoked Mariah Sliced
Fresh Rib Strips Whole Bratwurst $379 Pork Bacon $599
CutUp $369 Great on 9 $-99 or 97ru6 Chops 2 99 Ends &5
Rabbit lb. the Grill" Ham lb. Italian Sausa Pieces lb

Dixie Lily Countr Crock Cucumber
Black Eyed Chase & Sanborn Margarie
Peas Coffee Tub
$Assorted 9 $288 Vine Ripe $ b. l 79
_d_0.h. 129
Side Dishes Tomatoes E
Asre Cabbage
.Assrted.Sparkle 59,
4o= Ocean Paper 39*
ruty Puf Ginger Evans' Spray Towels
Cereal Bag Flour $- 99 $ W
r99 $ 89 o. 6 count$4
28oz. Bag 5 Ib.bag Broccolil: Bunch.
Save-A-Lot is committed
*to selling high quality
groceries at terrific savings
-every day!

Publisher .......... i
Florida Voices "o GAME? WiO'5 PLAYING,

The spirit of ofii.ii.i s i L
...iii. .................... ......... ...


Tn these days close to Christmas su- at ..a .
pI reme and sublime feast of Christian- ..
ity- it is fitting and, more than that .......
necessary, that in each home, in each ..... .
group, in each institution the spirit of ........
Christmas may prevail under the beauti- i Co
ful banner of love.
A great effort is not needed to achieve
this because the natural impulses of
more than twenty centuries have laid out
for mankind, at least for a great part of it, ae .
the ideal represented by the mentioned f e
It is not necessary that families and :
individuals incur in exorbitant expenses
for there to be rejoicing in' these days.
This is, a joy that comes from the inner-
most feelings of anyonewho knoows what -
the birth of Christ in that cold Bethlehem
night represents. Fundamentally, this iSa Flordaat Christmasn u i state o ming
family celebration, to be observed in ev-
ery home and in gatherings of very close
friends that, in fact, come to constitute BY DICK CREPEAU glow to neighborhoods well meaning that only certain better known than the three
part of the family. FloridaVoices after sunset? How can you "special" people could dis- kings?
This is a great holiday thatlevery year possibly geexcited about a cern. Clearly I wasn't one of The single most amazing
is awaited with hopeful anticipation, have tried. I really have. Santa sleigh of lights, pulled them. piece of schlock I've seen
and devotion. Hopeful anticipation in But to no avail. by blinking reindeer, pierc- Just the other day I had an over the years is a neon sign
the spiritual aspect, and devotion for I just can't adjust to ing the night through the fog encounter with a new varia- spelling out "Happy Birth
everything that the day represents from a Christmas in Florida. It's not born of 100 percent humid- tion on Christmas decora- day Jesus," in the distinctive
Christian point of view. Unfortuiately, a the religious holiday but the ity? Not exactly a veritable tions. I saw several cars neon script used to spell
recent tragedy that has shaken the world, secular, one featuring Santa, winter wonderland. adorned with antleis. Not out "Miller High Life" in the
not only the United States, has caused his reindeer, fake snowmen, Then there are bushes those that come as trophies windows of neighborhood
deep suffering because of the killing of gingerbread men, Charlie covered with white lights of the hunt, but synthetic taverns. Such taciness has
twenty very young children in whose Brown and his friends and blinking on and off in a kirid ones sticking up from the no peer.
homes Christmas is now a day of great any number of inflatable or of studied random pattern, roofs. Perhaps it's timte to send
sorrow because of such a horrible crime. Styrofoam characters popu- which; ifyou watchlong One car even had a red ball the worst offenders off to
And we must pray to God that events lating front yards. They seem enough, can leave you'nause- attached to the middle front Maine or Minnesota for a
such as these do not happen again, to have taken over Central ated. Smalghedges are cov- grill,like is was Rudolph the two-week stint of deprogram-
not because we are close to Christias, Florida like some sort of alien ered with red or green lights. Red-nosed Range Rover. ming amidst the delights of
but because they should not happen occupying force. Evenworse are multi-colored Yeah, that really put me in the a December blizzard. They
ever. Then of course there are the arrangements that appear to Christmas spirit. obviously need help, having
Every home must be, in its fundamen- lights. have be'n created by mon- This was not a transcendent failed to make the adjust-
tal aspects, a school where children are The lights! The lights! keys throwing light bulbs at moment taking me back to ment to Christmas in Florida
formed and where parents and grandpar- They're scattered everywhere hedges, offering no recogniz- my childhood, but a torrent 'as they continue to insist that
ents give those children a constructive across the fronts of houses, able pattern, only scattered of tackiness reminding me artificial Christmas trees,
example and teach them, in many ways, adorning bushes, swirling bulbs in riotous forms. just how far gone some Flo- blinking lights, and Styro-
how to behave in society in a way com- around palm tree trunks and One is reminded of those ridians are as they struggle in foam Snowmen are essential
patible with peace and with everything flashing from the fronds. strange modern art "events" vain to convince themselves to the season.
that Christmas stands for. What is it about Floridians of the '60s at which people that it really is Christmas, I do like Christmas but
May the Christmas spirit not disappear and Christmas lights? Do threw various colors of paint even if Santa is wearing a just not in these co6rditions '
at the end of that day in the calendar of transplanted Yankees have at a canvas, which generally swihsuit and catching a where Santa is more likely to
the Christian world. some sort of strange need to resulted in something that wave. sweat bullets than sort out
This editorial Was published in the Diario LasAmericas in bury themselves in lights? wasn't quite art. Such an image has been who has been naughty or
Miami on Monday, Dec. 23. Are they overcompensating Ontop of a subdivision immortalized with a new .nice.
for the lack of snow and cold wall I saw a strange blue line holiday recording carrying Merry Christmas, everyone!
weather so familiar in their the other night. It resembled the off-putting title, "Christ- Aren't you gld it only
childhood? a series of dots running for mas.in the Sand." Somehow comes once a year?
Contact How else to explain the about 50 yards along the side I don't think it will become a UCF Forum columist Dick Crepeau is
4cascading avalanche of of the road. I had never seen classic, but thenwho other a history professor at the Uniersit of
representatives' I I on a ndiwhte lightit ore, and so I m brh n try th e pory pofessor casdngt) of
green, red and white light it before, and so I assume it than Gene Autry thought Central Florida and can be reached at
that gives a strange twilight had some mystical Christmas Rudolph" would become Richard.Crepeau@ucf.edu.
Florida Legislature,
Rep. Marti Coley, R-District 7 l etters to the Editor
Marti.Coley@myfloridahouse.gov l
Building A, Room 186 Chipola College
Sding R ChipolaCollege AARP Chapter should not have been dissolved
3094 Indian Circle
Marianna, FL 32446-1701
The article posted on the front page of article that"60,000 members of AARP start some association, fine; but to do
Rep. Brad Drake, R-District 5 your newspaper on Dec. 13, 2012, titled have resigned nationwide." Where did so inside the Chapter's final meeting,
Brad.Drake@myfloridahouse.gov "Local AARP chapter dissolving over he get this Information? From the AARP after reciting the Pledgeif Allegiance
NWFL State-Chautauqua Campus #205 politics" prompted me to write these headquarters? He did not explain, to the Flag and eating the finalChapter
908 U.S. Highway 90 West lines to bring your readers a different The decision to dissolve the local luncheon is something that any loyal
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433-1436 point of view than the one expressed in Chapter not only seems rash, but odd in member should abhor.-
it. character. Finally, if one does not like any organi-
Sen. Bill Montford. D-District 6 It seems that Mr..McNeil, the actual For instance, Mr. McNeil indicates in zation bne is in, one should leave it, not
208 Senate Office Building vice president of the Marianna AARP the article that the idea began sometime 'destroy it.
404 South Monroe St. Chapterhas strong beliefs not based in July2012, but only was presented to The Marianna Chapter of AARP does
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100 onf cts.regarding the conduction ofo the vote of the membership on the No- not set the policy (pplitical or not) of the
montford.bill.web@ flsenate.gov the National American Association vember 2012 meeting held on the 19th National
of Retired People, and he used those of that month,.just less than two weeks American Association of Retired
beliefs to incite a dissolution of the local after the election that gave President People, the latter does. If anyone, thinks
chapter of that Association, rashly and Obama a second term. Peihapsit was' that the policies of the National AARP
unbecoming of his position within the only coincidence, but it makes people are not correct, he or she should resign
I ITY chapter. think what might have happened if the the membership to that organization,
Mr. McNeil believes, for instance, that result.of the election had been different. not just to asmall chapter of it, especial-
I AINATIoN AARP engaged in partisan politics in Why did he not resign ini uly instead of ly when this one. as we said, does not
8l fl3 because hehas been convinced other- But the oddities do not end here: as he But thisis not enough: that person
Q ip UVIERWotTH wise, in a subjective manner perhaps, states in the same article of your news should also resign to the benefits he or
,} \sincethere is no hint of that in the in- paper; the membership of the chapter is she receives from the national group
ANED formation sent by AARP to his members around a hundred people, but of them like Medicare Supplement Insurance,
tT, (AARP lawyers have read the law on only around Long Term Care, Life
pMedicare Reform and concluded that 30 appeared for the meeting of Insurance, etc.,but this is not what
it will be beneficial'to'AARP memnbers Nov. 19, and of those, 19 voted for the Mr. McNeil plans to do.
-- most possibly, neither Mr. McNeil nor dissolution, tree voted against and He clearly wants to hurt the figure of
his followers have ever read that law at eight dicnot vote at all. So AARP in Jackson County, Fla., perhaps
all.). Besides, AARP lawyers are clever the resolution to dissolve the Mari- because
enough not to endorse any candidate. anna Chapter of AARP was decided by President Obama won,:but not resign
// Mr. McNeil "felt" the flyers endorsed 19 percent of the membership, which any of the benefits that he may derive
President Obama, but he would have possibly was already in favor before the from the Association.
"felt" the same if Mr. Romney had been meeting anyway. It seems that the cor-
the case. Unfortunately nobody will ever rect procedure for the Chapter Board of HECTOR R.DESTEFANIS
know if this is true or an effort to look Directors of which Mr. McNeil is the vice Marianna
evenhanded in the matter, president, should have been to send a
He also "feels" that the national head- mail ballot to all the membership, tobe
o quarters ofAARP did endorse President opened after passing a certain time, and i
Obama "to advance its own insurance see then the results of the whole mem-
business." No facts here either, bership (pro, against and blank). Submit letters by eithr maiinot,
"I pay close attention" he said "to But if all this might suggest that some Bo52 Mranna
those newsletters (AARP's) and we know idea was moved through the member-
S that what the bottom line is, it says it's ship too fast, the prospect of using the editoiacorid T l
Snonpartisan but I've gotten flyers that last meeting of thle Marianna AARP ev th Ih t e t
came through the mail, so I know." Is Chapter to concoct a new club with not to ido
STL R this a subjective conclusion based on very explicit purposes, appears to be d and telephone
S the possibility that Mr. McNeil was below the ethical level.
12/26 pushing for the other candidate in his If, after the AARP Chapter has been I be printed For me
2012Jeff Stahler/Dist by Universal UClick for UFS mind? dissolved, a group meets outside the cal8505263614
Mr. McNeil states in the Floridan Chapter nimeeting place and decides to "


State Briefsde
NW Fla. officials reclaimed water or surface Knight law firm. N ati nw i e education
report record water from rivers as McBride's wife, Alex
possibilities. Sink, was the Democratic
numbers of tourists The Gainesville Sun nominee for governor
FORT WALTON BEACH reports that the North in 2010, losing to now- Stan dar(S fo 10J1 d
Panhandle officials say Florida Aquifer Replenish- Gov. Rick Scott. The
record numbers of tourists ment Initiative is studying couple lived outside of
visited northwest Florida the northeastern area of Tampa. The Associated Press the '70s,'" said Andy Ford, interim commissioner
this past year the Suwannee district and president of the Florida until Bennett arrives in
Walton County col- the northern area of the St. One dead, one injured TALLAHASSEE Flori- Education Association. mid-January.
lected $16.5 million in bed Johns district and includes in c tral Fla small da's schools are adopting The statewide teachers The new standards in
taxes from October 2011 all or part ofAlachua, uniform academic stan- union has been at odds math and language arts
through September 2012. Union, Bradford, Hamil- plane crash dards shared with most with Republican gover- aren't as broad as the Next
That broke the record ton, Columbia, Putnam, LEESBURG Authori- other states, but the move nors and the GOP-con- Generation Sunshine
$13.9 million collected in Duval, Clay and Nassau ties say a man has died is not creating the kind of trolled Legislature over State Standards they are
the previous fiscal year. counties. and a woman is injured uproar that's surrounded such issues as private replacing, but are deeper.
Okaloosa County Much of the area lies in after their small plane some other major changes school vouchers, class Students will study fewer
brought in $13.2 million a water resouce caution crashed in central in public education. size limits and the use of ideas and facts, but they'll
in bed taxes, compared area, meaning supplies Florida. Common Core State student test scores to de- be expected to know
with $11.6 million the are not projected to meet Jack Fillman of Lake Standards, which are de- termine everything from more about those they
previous year. Santa Rosa future needs. County Fire-Rescue signed to help American school grades and teach- do study. That's intended
County also improved its Studies to gather more says something had children compete with er evaluation, but the to make them think and
bed tax collections from data on the causes of gone wrong with the their peers around the FEA is supportive of the solve problems rather
$1.03 million to $1.19 depleted aquifer levels plane-and the pilot was world, are getting mostly common core approach. than be "spoon-fed what
million. andsprings flow are ongo- trying to land in a pasture high marks from Florida's "It tells you what you they are learning,"Stewart
Santa Rosa County Tour- ing at the same time that when the aircraft crashed teachers, administrators need to teach but nothow said.
ism Development Council districts are investigat- into some trees near and politicians alike..For- to teach it, so it gives .me For example, Florida's
director Kate Wilkes tells ing ways to replenish the Leesburg. ty-five states, the District back the power to say'OK, current ninth-grade lan-
the NorthwestFlorida aquifer WitnessestelltheOr- of Columbia and three this is where Iwant my guage arts standard sim-
Daily News that money lando Sentinel that they territories are adopting kids to go,"' said Marga- ply calls for students to
from BP after the 2010 No one picksrd thepane's nine the standards, which cov- ret Goodwin, who teaches compare and contrast ele-
oil spill heled romote t F 5 cut off before the crash er kindergarten through third-graders at Westgate ments in multiple reading
the Panhandle in markets re ay Monday afternoon, high school. Elementary School in St. texts. A comparable com-
where officials previously TALLAHASSEE No The victims' names were Supporters say the stan- Petersburg. mon core standard says
could not afford to advet- tickets matched all five not released. Fillman says dards are designed to align Melissa Stokes, a fourth students should be able
ise, such as Atlantaand "Fantasy 5" numbers, a-mandied in the crash with college and work grade teacher atYulee Ele- to "compare and contrast
Tennessee. meaning 354 tickets with and a woman was airlifted expectations in a global mentary School in north- a fictional portrayal of
Santa Rosa County also four numbers correct are to a hospital. economy. east Florida, also is look- a time, place or charac-
is promoting its eco- worth $555eac The National Transor- To be sure, there is some ing forward to the new ter and a historical event
tourism options such as The Florida Lottery tation Safety Board will be angst, but it's mostly over standards. of the same period as a
zip-lining, biking and reef said Tuesday that another investating the crash how to meet the state's "It's better for not just means of understanding
diving. 10,612 tickets matching goal of getting them fully the- teacher, but it's even how authors of fiction use
three numbers won Fain victim phasedin over the next 20 more crucial for the or alter history."
Moe eaea t s $18 each and 104,570 acecemonths, students," Stokes said. Common standards will
tickets won a Quick Pick continues recovery "It's the implementa- The standards will be make state-to-state test
flown from New ticket for picking two in Florida tion, it's the structure, particularly helpful in score comparisons "more
England to Florida numbers. r it's the timing," Pinellas military communities apples to apples" than
The numbers dran MIAMI homeless County School Superin- such as Yulee that have a eves before, Stewart said,
ORLANDO More Mo h wee Miami man whose face tendent Mike Grego re- rapid turnover of students. but most importantly
cold-stressed sea turtles 05-14-22-238. was mostly chewed off cently told the State Board Stokes said children trans- they will require students
have been flown from in a bizarre assault says of Education. "There's no ferring from out of state to learn skills, knowl-
New England to recover in he'doesn't want more resistance." often haven't learned the edge and abilities they'll
balmy Florida. Memorial set surgery to repair the Florida and its new ed- skills required in Florida. need after they leave high
SeaWorld officials say for Ex-Florida damage. ucation commissioner, That's just a bonus, school.
four loggerhead sea turtles govemlr candidate Ronald Poppo lost an Indiana's outgoing state said state Public Schools The new standards,
arrived Sunday in Orlando eye, his eyebrows, his nose schools chief Tony Ben- Chancellor Pam Stew- though, will require new
aboard a National Oceanic TAMPA-A memorial and parts of his forehead nett, have been leaders in art, who's also serving as tests.
and Atmospheric Admin- service for Bill McBride, and right cheek in the the initiative.
istration aircraft. the Florida Democrat May 26 attack alongside While serving as a mea- Need Christm as Calsh
The turtle were origi- who defeated Janet Reno aMiami highway Doctors sring stick, they'll gived Chritm ah?
nally rescued from the for the party's gubernato- weren't able to save schools and teachers Sell your od gold at...
.waters off Massachusetts rial nomination in 2002 the sight in his remaining wider latitude for devel-
by the New England but lost to Republican eye. oping curriculum to help
Aquarium. Record num- Gov. Jeb Bush, will be Mutilated and blind, students learn what's
bers ofhypothermic sea held later this week in Poppo now lives at a required than currently
turtles have been rescued Tampa. long-term care facility in .allowed by the Sunshine
from the frigid waters off The service is scheduled southern Miami-Dade State standards.
Cape Cod in the last few for 1 p.m. Friday at the County. His sister An- "My first thought was, Paid nSi
weeks. Palma Ceia Presbyterian toinette Poppo tells The 'Gee, that's the ay I wasSite
Experts say an unsea- Church. Miami Herald that he likes Gee,, that'sn he way I was
sonably warm November McBride suffered a fatal his new home.taught to teach back in 4432 ayettetreet 526-S www.smithandsmithonline.co
delayed the turtles' migra- heart attack Saturday She also says Poppo
tion to warmer waters. while visiting with family told her that although his
The turtles got stranded in Mount Airy, N.C. He face hasn't healed yet, he
when the temperatures was 67. doesn't want more surgery
in Cape Cod Bay dropped McBride defeated Reno, because "it's going to
quickly. who was U.S. attorney hurt."
Dozens of rescued sea general under Presi- Police shot and killed
turtles have been flown dent Bill Clinton, in the Poppo's attacker. Lab
to SeaWorld and other Democratic primary to tests found only mari'
wildlife rehabilitation run against Bush. Before juana in Rudy Eugene's
facilities in Florida. The entering politics, he was system.
turtles will be returned to managing partner at the
their natural habitat when prestigious Holland & From wire reports
ocean temperatures are
warmer, oliday Special

Thousands of foster .
kids visit family
forhoiditfamys FOCUS CREDIT UNION
for holidays
sands of children in foster Special Selection Famous Brand Great
care Will be going home 6-Piece Towel Set. Sheet Sets Selection Of O Or
for the holidays this $12.99 thru 2/15 B On Speclal Plush Blankets
The Department of Chil- GREAT SELECTION OF FAMOUS NAME y A y My
dren and Families helped Comforters, Sheets, Towels, Pillows, Blankets, Throws
speed up paperwork to in a true factory outlet atmosphere at Christ S and a
reunite foster kids with FACTORY OUTLET PRICES! i
their families, finalized ppy
adoptions and lengthened
visits so children inay
spend time their family on
that special day. So our c n bh th
Child welfare officials
said about 1,200 chil- Located behind our Chipley factory in the Industrial Park at l
drdn will visit relatives in Ave, turn right on Fowler Drive, Outlet on left. (850) 638-9421
Floridl and out of state H wn m
this month. Another 1,200 Hours: Thurs-Fri 9am-5pm CT Sat 9am-3pm CT nU ry St, it or a usiness
kids will be placed in their '
permanent home. hours on anuar 2n
The agency collaborates esm g *
with judges, guardians,
foster families and case
man~agers to expedite M I O
rigorous background 3 W Street
creenolngs, court 3 3
orders and travel Chattahochee, FL
arng il eents. ;
The community based QUINY RA
care agencies, which 6 P Tar
rtn Loster care for the c L 32935 1
tate, frequently pick up Q'C Ft 33'
1he cost of the children's .:;
4942 Highway 90
Groundwater levels Marianna, FL 2446

Florida counties AINBRI E (GA) RANC
A SVII-North1400 Shotwell Street
Alo ESVILL o wa--North BEN SAUNDERS, D.M.D. CREDIT UNION (Suite 140)
,management districts are PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Bainbridge Mall
studying ways to restore 4711 Highway 90 East Marianna FL Bainb9818
and maintain groundwa- Higway 90 East Marianna FL
ter levels with the use of (Between Burger King & Big Lots) 526-SPIT '


.l .outlet

SAVINGS IN EFFECT DEC. 26, 2012-JAN 1, 2013
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Tennessee Pride $ 64 $ 24
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Potatoes 5lb. bag Salad c...brry 24o. $1 86 've." ...4
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Tomatoes Collards $ 2 D oMeatror,33 s oz. Mt2...o. $,08
om atoes a Collards 2 lb. ba o ea.............33 Easy Mac ................ 20
S- A - I 1


purpose, which was also in Obituaries Nation
1 by1 his honor. The party wasikes Mock, Garry Chason, Karen John of Tallahassee, Flori- Briefs
From Page A he first fundraiser for the Funeral Home Dean, Lisa Sanford, Victor da; and one grandson, John
Love Owen Foundation. Maddox Chapel Mock and Kimberly Miles; Tyler Pearce and wife Ash-
He was going to bless us After Owen's death, the 4278 Lafayette Street and seventeen great-nieces ley of Pensacola, Florida;
with another child; His Wards set it up to financial- Marianna, FL 32446. and nephews. two sister-in-laws, Ruth
timing is perfect. He knows ly assist families like them- 850-482-2332. Family will receive Barber and Fannie Maphis
what's going 'on. We had 'selves who struggle with 850-526-4143 fax friends Wednesday, De- both of Grand Ridge, Flori-
Owen for a precious time, day to day expenses and cember 26, 2012 from 5 to 7 da; also five generations of
but Godknewwhen to take other costs while their chil- Thomas Allen p.m. at James & Sikes Mad- Nieces and Nephews and
him home; he was taken dren are receiving medical dox Chapel. many friends.
hm hom t n dren are reeiing meia Funeral services will be Visitation with the family Newtown celebrates
when his condition was treatment. Browning on Thursday, December will take place on Wednes- Chritmasand
beginning to deteriorate so The Wards say they could 27, 2012, 10:00 a.m., at the day, December 26, 2012, at Ch masa
much, before his suffering not have made it without Thomas Allen Browning, James & Sikes Funeral Lanier-Andler Funeral remembers victims
was too great to bear." the support of the friends, 72, of Marianna, died Fri: Home Maddox Chapel with home from 6:00-8:00 P.M. NEWTOWN, Conn.
The Wards had one family and strangers who day, December 21, 2012 at Gary Cook officiating. In- EST, Funeral Services will -Volunteers are
Christmas with their son, reached out to help them. the VA Hospital in Lake terment will follow at be. held Thursday, Decem- eersa
but that day was interrupt- Because of this commu- City, Florida. Pinecrest Memorial Gar- ber 27, 2012 at 11:00 A.M. keeping watch over
ed by Owen's last trip to nity of givers, and because Tom was born in Venus, dens with full military hon- EST, at Lanier-Andler Fu- a candlelight vigil
the hospital before hospice Ward's employer at the Florida to Thomas Butler ors provided by the Sneads neral Home in Sneads, scheduled to last all
re was enage e time held his job for him, Browning and Carmen American Legion Post 241, Florida with Pastor John W. Christmas Day in the
care was engaged. They time held his job for him, Parker Browning (both de- James & Sikes Funeral Pearce officiating. Com- Connecticut town
have ornaments with his the Wards were able to ceased). Home Maddox Chapel di- mittal and Interment Serv- where 20 children and
picture, and those will be keep constant vigil by their The family moved to Ma- recting. i'ces will follow at Shady six educators were
on the tree for his sibling's child's bedside. Owens rianna in 1949, and Tom Expressions of sympathy Grove Cemetery in Grand gunned down at an
first Christmas. party raised about $2,000, later graduated from Ma- may be made online at Ridge, Florida. elemenfar school
Ward said they're going which helped multiple rianna High School. Upon www.jamesandsikesfuneralhomes.com Lanier-Andler Funeral Twenty-ix andles
to tell that child all about families, Ward said. graduation, Tom served in From Lanier-Andler Home of Sneads, Florida is Twenty-sixandles,
big brother when the time "It's a blessing to us to the Navy for six years Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. ne for each victim,
comes: do it, because so malfy Where he was a sonar man Sneads, Florida, were lit at midnight
"We've shared Owen's people did so much to help aboard the destroyer, "USS 850-593-9900 Monday near a huge
sor wh everod else sid s out Hamner." After leaving the sidewalk mremorial
story with everybody else, us," Ward said. "I was out Navy, Tom worked in Las Dove Funeral Home filled.with teddy bears,
and his pictures are on the of work the whole time, Vegas and ,Reno, Nevada Pansy 407-897-0892 flowers, candles, post-
wall. We won't ever forget and people made that until 1978, when he re- 407-897089 erss and other tributes
himand of course we want possible." turned hometo Marianna. Goodwin to the dead.
his little brother or sister They didn't have a Foun- In Marianna, Tomworked Dennis argaret Volunteers are tak-
to know about him, too. dation fundraiser in this at the Department of Cor- ing tee-hour sfts
When our child gets old most difficult year, but rections, from which he re- Minton ing three-hour shifts
enough to be aware and they plan to have one in tired. Mrs. PansyGoodwinDen- Tuesday to ensure they
understand, I'm sure Jerica 2013. Maybe Owenrs little Tom is also predecased nis, age 90, a native of Jack- Margaret Minton, Orlan- remain burning.
and I will sit down and ex- brother or sister will have by brother-in-law, Eugene son County, Florida and a do, formerly from Grand Police officers from
an w t ne o te e Chason. resident of Sneads went to Ridge, age 87, died on De- other communities are
plain what happened. How arrived on the scene by He is survived by two sis- be with Our Lord and Sav- cember 22, 2012. filling in for Newtown
could I not? I feel it's part then and will be present to ters, Dorothy Chason and ior on December 22, 2012. Memorial service will be police so they can have
of my responsibility as a help their parents extend Ora Mock (and husband She is of the Protestant held at 2:00 p.m. Wednes- the holiday off.
father to share that." his legacy. Charles), all of Marianna; Faith. Mrs. Dennis is sur- day, December 26, at Mar- And well-wishers
Owen's story is well Eitherway, theWards feel seven nieces and nephews, vived by her daughter, vin Chapel Freewill Baptist from around the coun-
known in the community; the party will be a way to -Debby Green, Gregory Phyllis Pearce arid husband Church in Marianna. try continue visiting
his parents opened them- celebrate Owens life and . ... the town to pay their
selves up to the blogging the life of the child on the respects
community, sharing news way. respects
about his gains and set- "When we found out we. ,B S M A SCO AT
backs throughout his life were going to have another Storms, tornado
and asking for everyone's child, at first we weren't threats around US
prayers. They shared news going to tell anybody right G A N D R ID G NEW ORLEANS
about- the four-month away, and then we decided -- Nasty weather is
birthday party they had that we'd tell everybody," already complicating
at home,knowing that he Ward said. "We figure travel in parts of the
might not be able to stay that the more people who U.S., with forecasts of
with them to see -his first know, thee more people snow and thunder-
actual birthday, who will be praying for the storms threatening a
And when that first baby." sloppy Christmas Day
birthday did rbll around, Jerica will have her from Texas to Florida.
six months after his death, first prenatal doctor's In Oklahoma, au-
they threw a party and in- visit on Jan. 3. She's more thorities were already
vited the whole commu- than ready to meet that warning would-be
nity. And it had a larger appointment., travelers to stay home
Tuesday as freezing
rain and sleet caused
circumstances can ac- 21-vehicle pileup on
Bazicolones to coo At for yo blues, a pion
ues count for your blues, Interstate 40 in Okla-
Fr e lA remember this: A certain homa City.
FromPage A amount of letdown is to Highway Patrol
If the family gatherings be expected. Christmas TrooperBetsyRan-
you had were less than per- was likely a mix of excite- dolph says several
fect, maybe even filled with ment, weariness, joy and, people were taken
unpleasant drama, try to schedule upheavals. All to hospitals, but she
remember that things are that takes its toll, and on didn't haie details
rarely perfect, anyway Ex- the other hand it may have on their injuries or
amine your expectations; also spoiled you in its way conditions.
were they truly realistic, for the coming return to Along the Gulf Coast,
or heightened beyond the normal. Aresidents braced for
pale by the lovely, hope- Take a .breath. Before the possibility of_
ful spirit that prevails in you get back to the regular tornadoes and power-
the season? Realizing that work-a-day world,' engage ful thunderstorms.
you might have been ex- in some quiet, peaceful Quarter-sized hail was
pecting the impossible will indulgence. Take a hot-as- reportedbin western
help put things in better you-can-stand-it bubble LouisianR, and the
perspective. And, know- bath. Curl, up for a long weather service said
ing that whatever hap- read. Dig out that old favor- a tornado watch was \
peried probably'happened ite CD you haven't listened MARKSKINNER/FLORIDAN in effect over parts of
in countless other house- to for years.Turn off the TV anya Henry snaps a picture of herself with LZ, also known as Louisiana until the
holds around the globe And maybe send the kids' aft
might ease the pain a bit. to their grandparents for Nick Knudsen, the Zaxby's mascot at the Grand Ridge School afternoon.
If none of these an overnight. Christmas Classic. From wire reports

Charles Durning,

king of character po.
holds his life

actors, dies .NYC award at the
The Associated Press tookhis place. He would re- Actors Guild
call years later that he was Awards in
LOSANGELES-Charles hooked as soon as heard Los Angeles.
Durning grew up in pov- the audience laughing.
erty, lost five of his nine He told The Associated
siblings to disease, barely Press in 2008 that he had
lived through D-Day and no plans to stop working. THEASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTOS
was taken prisqner at the "They're going to carry me In this March 3,1984 photo (from left) actors Charles Durning, Eliott
Battle of the Bulge. out, if I go," he said. Gould and Screen Actors Guild President Ed Asner take a break before
His hard life and wartime Durning'slongtime agent the filming of the 50th Anniversary Special celebrating the guild in
trauma provided the basis and friend, Judith Moss, Santa Monica, Calif.
for a prolific 50-year career told The Associated Press Best Little Whoreliouse in Whorehouse," Durning re- Fitzgerald in the TV film through the 1960s until his
as a consummate Oscar- that he died of natural Texas." ceivedanotherOscarnom- "The' Kennedys of Mas- breakout role as a. small
nominated character actor, causes in his home in the Many critics marveled ination, for his jortrayal of sachusetts" and a Tony in town mayor in the Pulitzer-
playing everyone from a borough of Manhattan. that such a heavyset man a bumbling Nazi officer in 1990 as Big Daddy in the and Tony Award-winning
Nazi colonel to the pope to Although he pprtraydd could be so nimble in Mel Brooks' "To Be or Not Brbadwayr revrival of "Cat play "That Championship
Dustin Hoffman's would- everyone from blustery the film's show-stopping to Be." He Weas also nomi- on a Hot Tin Roof." Season" in 1972.
be suitor in "Tootsie." public officials to comic song-and-dance number, nated for a Golden Globe Durning had begun his He quickly made an im-
Durning, who diedlvon- foils to put-upon every- not realizing Durning had as the harried police lieu- career on stage, getting his pression on movie audi-
day at age 89 in New York, men, Durning may be best been a dance instructor tenant in 1975's "Dog Day first big break when theat- ences the following year as
got his start as an usher at remembered by movie early in his career. Indeed, Afternoon." ricalproducer JosephPapp the 'crooked cop stalking
aburlesquetheaterin Buf- audiences for his Oscar- he had met his first wife, He won a Golden Globe hiredhimfor theNewYork con men Paul Newman
falo, N.Y. When one of the nominatecd, over-the-top Carol, when both worked as best supporting TV ac- Shakespeare Festival. and Robert Redford in the
comedians showed up too role as a comically corrupt at a dance studio. tor in 1991 for his por- He went on to workregu- Oscar-winning comedy
drunk to go on, Durning governor in 1982's "The The year after"Best Little trayal of John "'Honey Fitz" larly, if fairly anonymously, "The Sting."

ackso County Vault & Monumt Pinecrest
Come Visit us at ourNEW LOCATION
3424 West Highway 90 (3/o mi west from our prvios ouslocation)
S $ E880.482,5041 3720 Caverns Road Marianna, FL 32446-1806 (850) 482-3964


'Odd Couple' star Jack

Kiugman dies in LA at 90

The Associated Press
many, Jack Klugman will June 15,
always be the messy one. 2008
His portrayal of sloppy photo,
sportswriter Oscar Madi- Jack
son on TV's "The Odd Cou- Klugman
pie" left viewers laughing speaks at
but it also gave Klugman the 62nd
the leverage to create a Annual
more serious character, the Tony
gruff medical examiner in Awards in
"Quincy M.E." His every- New York.
man ethos and comic tim-
ing endeared him to audi- THEASSOCIATED PRESS
ences and led to a prolific, Pope Benedict XVI delivers his "Urbi et Orbi" (to the City and to the World) speech from the
six-decade acting career central loggia of St. Peters Basilica, at the Vatican on Tuesday.
that spanned stage, screen
and television. Pope' Christmas message
age 90 in suburban North- Unger on "Odd Couple," sites late Monday .
ridge with his wife at his the show created a friend- "RIP Jack Klugman. You f
side. His sons called on ship betweenthe men that made my whole family east, C
his fas to embrace their endured after the series laugh together," actor-di- o
father's tenacious and ended. rector Jon Favreau wrote
positive spirit. When Randall died in on Twitter. The Associated Press authorities to revoke the below backing St. Peter's
"He had a great life and 2004 at age 84, Klugman "He was a wonderful title of a Shanghai bishop, Square erupted in cheers.
he enjoyed every moment told CNN: "A world with- man and supremely tal- VATICAN CITY In his appointed in a rare show Lessthan 12 hours earli-
ofit, and he would encour- out Tony Randall is a world ented actor," wrote ac- Christmas message to the of consensus between the er,Benedict had led a two-
age others to d the same," that I cannot recognize'. tor Max Greenfield, who WorldTiesday, Pope Bene- Holy See and China. hour long. Christmas Eve
son Adam Klugman said. The "Odd Couple," which workedwith Klugman sev- dict XVI called for an end As the 85-year-old pon- ceremony in the basilica.
The cause of Klugman's ran from 1970 to 1975, was eral years ago. "He will'be to the slaughter in Syria tiff, bundled up in an er- He sounded hoarse and
death was not immediate- based on Neil Simon's.play missed." and for more meaning- mine-trimmed red cape, looked weary as he read
ly known. Adam Klugman about mismatched room- In "Quincy, M.E.," which ful negotiations between gingerly stepped foot on his Christmas message
said his father had been mates divorced New ran from 1976 to 1983, Israelis and Palestinians, the balcony, the pilgrims, and then holiday greet-
slowing down in recent Yorkers who end up liv- Klugman played an ideal- .while encouraging. more tourists and Romans ings in 65 languages.
years, but wasn't battling ing together. The comedy istic, tough-minded medi- religious freedom under
cancer, which robbed him came from their' opposite cal examiner who tussled China's new leaders. COMERFORD AU
of his voice in the 1980s. personalities Klugman with his boss by uncover- Delivering the tradi-
Klugman taught himself playing a writer whose ing evidence of murder tional speech fromthe MEMORIAL SERVICE
to speak again, and kept sloppiness consistently ir- in cases where others saw central balcony of St. MEMORIA
working. ritated the Randall's fussy natural causes. Peter's Basilica, Benedict Let us help you
SHe remained popular for photographer character "We had some Wonderful also encouraged Arab with a memorial
decades simply by playing The pairing was so good writers," he said in a 1987 spring nations, especially of BEAUTY and
Sthe type of man you could the show didn't need Associated Press interview. Egypt, to build just and DURABILITY
imagine running into at a constant help from the "Quincy was a muckraker, respectful societies.
bar or riding on a subway writers. like Uptori Sinclair, who. :The pope prayed that
with gruff, but down-to- "There's nobodybetter to wrote about injustices. He China's new leadership
earth, his tie stained and a improvise with than Tony," was my ideal as a young- may "esteem the contri- All Work & Material Guaranteed
little loose, a racing form Klugman said. A script ster, my author, my hero. bution of the religions, BurialVaults, Mausoleums,
under his arm, a cigar in might say, 'Oscar teaches "Everybody said, in respect for each other"
handduring the days when Felixfootball.'There would 'Quinoll never be a hit.' I to help build a "fraternal Benches, Markers
smoking was permitted. be four blank pages. He said, 'You guys are wrong. society for the benefit of and All Cemetery Supplies
Off-screen, Klugman would provoke me into re- He's two heroes in one, a that noble people."
owned racehorses and acting to whathe did. Mine cop and a doctbr.' A coro- It was a clear reference
enjoyed gambling, al- was the easy part." ner has power. He can tell to the Chinese govern-
though acting remained Fans and fellow actprs the police commissionerto. ment's harsh treatment
his passion. agreed it worked,- posting investigate a murder. I saw of Catholics loyal to the Pete Come Owner & Op
Despite his on-screen clips of their favorite Kug- the opportunity to do what pontiff instead of theer
wars with Tony Randall's man roles on Twitter and I'd gotten into the theater state-sanctioned church. 593-6828 1-800-369-6828
neat-freak character Felix other social networking to do give a message. Earlief this month, the comerfordvaultmemorial@hotmail.com
Vatican refused to accept Hwy. 90 W Sneads, FL
the decision by Chinese
Syrian rebels make gains in north ede hine
The Associated Pressa
BEIRUT Syrian rebels
fully captured a northern
town near the Turkish bor-
der n Tuesday after weeks is o c
of heavy fighting and at- is proud to welcome
tacked a regime air base
activists inaneigingsd. province, Vanessa King-Johnson, M.D
The air base'is in Aleppo
'province, wiere opposi- Gynecology Surgeon
tion fighters have already
captured three other large
military bases in recent THEASSOCIATEDPRESS
months. Rebels have also Kader Arif, French Minister for Veteran affairs (middle) meets
laid siege to the interna- with Syrian refugee families in the French military mobile
tional airport in the city of hospital at Zaatari Syrian refugee camp near the Syrian
Aleppo, Syria's commer- border in Mafraq, Jordan, on Tuesday.
cial capital, and launched military bases for weeks capital Damascus, Assad's
an offensive on the police until they either take seat of power, where the-
academy near the city. over or negotiate with lo- southern neighborhoods
With steady rebel gains cal army commanders to are witnessing almost dai-
across the north, President surrender. He added that ly clashes between troops
Bashar Assad's regime is some regime forces are be- andrebels.
having increasing diffi- ing diverted to the capital
culty sending supplies by to fight there.
land to Aleppo province, "The regime cannot pro- The only
especially after rebels cut tect its bases and also can- e for
a major thoroughfare from not send forces to support
Damascus. It is just anoth- troops under siege," he Dr. King-Johnson completed her Bachelor's degree from
er sign that the opposition said. Oakwood University, her medical degree from the University of
is consolidating its grip Over the weeks, reb- IS OU. Miami/Miller College of Medicine, and completed her obstetrics
across large swathes of els fighting to overthrow
territory in northern Syria. Assad have also been able and gynecology residency at the Albert Einstein Medial Center
near the Turkish border., to take the battles into the in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is Board Certified in Obstetrics
In his traditional Christ- and Gynecology. Dr. King-Johnson is on faculty at the Florida State
mas address, Pope Bene-
dict XVI decried the University teaching medical students.
slaughter of the "defense- Dr. King-Johnson is specialized in Gynecology and will be
less" in Syria, where anti- practicing Gynecology Surgery at Northwest Florida Communlity
moregimethan 40,000 havti e Hospital. She will have office hours in the Northwest Florida Family
died in fighting since the 1 BEDROOM'S .FROM $546 Health Clinic located on the hospital's main campus.
uprising against President 2 BEDROOM'S FRO M s655
Bashar Assad's rule began 2 E R O- R M 5
in March 2011. New Management!
In another blow to the Utilities in included in rent!
regime, activists said that Ample off-street parking I Clubhouse
Mohammed Adnan Arabo,
a member of Syria's parlia- Indoor pool with patio seating
ment has left the country Resident activities & events
and joined the opposition. Exercise and fitness room
Ahmad Ramadan, an ex- Central laundry facilities
ecutive council member Courtyard with outdoor grill & picnic area Northwet orida
of the opposition Syrian
National Council group, Conuiinv
and other activists said W a4A *o w- lirsi5y
Arabo arrived in Turkey on
Tuesday. Northwest Florida Community u nos"l
He said the regime's hold 2045 3rd Avenue I Sneads, Florida 32460 Vori a OSp a
on power is deteriorating hatton-house-apartments.com ~& 1360 Brickyard Road Chipley, Florida www.nfch,org
.and rebels are besieging

,, 7

a erstsam effense

Quarterback i RTunning B a Runnin Back AllPurpose Wide Receiver Wide Receiver
Herman Williams Sheldon Vann (Cottoudale) Ton tLong (Marianna) Rasheed Campbell Roderick Copeland Jacquez Walker

l o ..... (Graceville)

Defensive Lineman Defensive Lineman Defensive Lineman Dfensive Lineman LiebackerLnebac
Cameron Graham Micah Carr (Marianna) Kyle Commodore (Sneads) Q ia Brigham (Marianna) Eli Jackson (Cottondale) Jock Wooden (Marianna)

Of; ^.^'*^-i^-Defense: ibacte
.a.^fn, u -* DarisoWllams (Sneds)i'

S Offensive LipeMa W.ias O(Ma fErian sLn), Ladn T eMnn ice Wams otn e)hane JLiemn ( Dri W (Cottondale)

swwaQ www.JCrtlor*idancom *
A;"!.CP l~:r~~d;~i a ,.,,,
.-A A A
A! ki'~~;:-:-3

A. 4; -: A .~

a. i~?;;I
4 ' Aac~r Lnep~k~ ~ ~ fe~ie~aK~y \Jd~rAl~e ackA OeepsveBac I> A* 1111
I~ ~ ntQalnI o n~t~Rln c~ie) KIS~NI &~ M~~l9J *~I~Vie
*. !*' (Greev~l~
*A~ A-A!
if .~ jti--. $~AA.AAAA
-A I*~- A I 4 A ~
-a~ 1 II7~x

A; 'V
LI A.~...L...Tea Foobal
I 1)11
Offense:'i- <-4 ) 1 9< ',A A ';,4A 4A
))~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 Qurtrbc ais ilm (nas) I I*4 A;AI'AA 41)
A~~; a Runngbck-reKys(nad)JarttBoga Grcvil) A *
D: IPrps Jre agftGae.Ie
j~ldReelvrs -Emmnua Lokhar (Cttodaf) Jae! ohnon'(arini~) I 'A~ IA A I
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Offensive Lie-MxWllas(ain~)LnotrmriMran5\icaailab (otnae hac oes(i~eil)Dric isn(otodl) a I1

Folow s o
'AIB;:ll;; Twitter ww.JC:loidanbc
lA' houh een o heyer
1?~ -*I
AI;w;:: 'pA ~ ~ i A.A * .*.g .
'AIAAAIA A14 'Ir: I::;. .-:


CoUege Football

optimistic offseason for O'Brien, Penn State

"Is there a disadvan-
tage to not having bowl
practice? Certainly,"
SO'Brien said. "But there's
eia c ollege'fotadl c- also the advantage of not
having them."
d in Nar wo en hes In that respect, O'Brien
spotated the nex n said, that means concen-
2 of P State footall strating on academics to
pyers. finish the semester. One-
o, hedecided to hat on-onte meetings H with
players focus on grades
and requirements for ma-
Lions eer: He ed Je gjors these days, as well as
othders an pren, sme "how canothey improve in
nsprateionah ds alronfootball and in their role
on the team," he said.
Adam eish one na yUnofficially, players can
of then t gende pisi get together on their own
pets Nintheany ions -went for workouts. That will be
,,of the;n d er ened bespecially important in the
intetly. w ud h eed passing game, for instance,
pwith a bevy of returning
bow t a e.Asi yand receivers. Record-setting

state inothe high shool fo iet nbehmt atcpt i tvnBnhnwpatc.0Binsi is inur.ut All d a ta
wideout Alln Robinson,
for example,Vas to get ac-
treips, to H p V eyht 0climated to a new starting
daysetsnsg te fd aw quarterback.
util ofesn ato Penn For McGloin, this is a
bittersweet time. Surely,
bInded, t e in o o l whe will miss being on the
field, but he can also walk
'THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE, away knowing he did all he
Pn r st heta oh e (Center) celebrates with histeam after their 24-21 overtime win over Wisconsin in a game could in his final season.

naio dacn ar |-|[ound Mring Shown (N) |CB game couldn (N) hCG) fia season. |illnir
the 57 N anLionshead in 7State (CCo) P, on Nod For now, he's busy handing
-No 8 3.13Newa 13 Thl omins e () W Moning ,the frenzied weeks af- waiting until early Febru- from blue-chip quarter- the leadership responsibil-
of t 1 h1 w- i tli lls the fial tthe pCro-, terthe NCAA announced ary to declare their college back prospect Christian ities on offense to Bench
seao o r5 at 1 9enn ga P Pof eon o the' paunishment. choices. January enroll- Hackenberg of Virginia, the only scholarship
S4an ight Sngot reneman, a highly tout- ees count against 2012, though he is hot expected quarterback on the team.
ut 20 is0 -hopalderog. Th dre AndO enod asenior from Cedar Cliff when there are no schol- to join the team untilthis "I've told Steven, it's not
i optimism d BterC)e i h at i tull (C ghin Camp HUI, Pa., has arship limits. That means summer. my team any more. You
N 2o 21 C0 Bille Oonats 'a t recFrs itin erhance to be in that lead- the 2013 team could have -"You neyer know until have to take over, you have
hip mix someday. He more 15 new scholarship guys sign on the dotted to manage stuff,"McGloin
ESN bett1 4 t 9 than Me I s The s in s ( (e hs been part of a contin- players while still meet- line," O'Brien said -last said this month. "He knows
.otof recruits who have. ing the NCAA sanction week about recruiting. that. I'll be around helping
en vocal about, keep- guidelines. "But we feel good where him out, getting ready to
e f e an 2 over- Cisca l liHmit Ien f their commitments So far, recruiting has we're at." take' over."
ahi g 84 -h a soec 2te' rerousitng cs e I to spite the penalties. been good, especially As for the current Nittany Mauti is movin( g on, too,
Ir eneman, coming off a given the unprecedented Lions, NCAA rules prevent afteraleftkneei ijuryside-
BgTen 4 e 4 2Diion. ter neItfou yenarstarti :ht knee injury that side- circumstances of the past caches frort oversee- lined him for the season
ied him for his senior year. Joining Breneman ing offseason workouts, finale against the Badgers.-
6son, plans to enroll at in January will bd junior though coaches can deter- His, father, Rich him-
likely w h bno ad PrMos teBal Aca ( W eane State in January af- college transfer Tyler Fer- mine what areas need to self a former Nittany Lion.
finishing his prep work guson, a quarterback be.improved in the ramp has declined to offer
emester early. That will who figures to compete up to March and spring more detail on his son's
tate i nt 30 55 b l ra dig \e nble him to participate with Steven Bench now practice. O'Brien said his injury. But he did say that
the 14s time4 1 n eigh O'Bwll *so nd i splring practice. thatI recrd-setting starter coaching staff is looking the younger Mauti was go-
SPEE find- nw here's an extra benefit Matt McGloin is out of at improving flexibility ing to get back into shape
ButE4 47 is 241 taldog ws onalgroup sPernn State if players eligibility. and speed, while reducing and will prepare for the
buil 2224Pd o e otnal, Pd whog. I keepn oicially join the program Perin StAte also has body fat and creating more NFL draft closer to home
2421616 overtim win, red moJanuary, instead of a verbal commitment muscle mass. in New Orleans.

mcast- C/R Comcast Rebuild D Dish DTV DirecTV DECEMBER 26, 2012

88 98 183 -8 EG e Erning Show m (N)Ex This Morning Ex(re) (CC) Ixe MIllionaere Let'suMae a.DealH(N)l I he Price Is Right (N) News Young & Restless, Bold T hereftalk(N) (CC) The Rici L&ake ahow Dr Oz
S)C) vel Key and Michael The Price Is Right (N), Young & Restless Live at Bo!d The Talk (N) (CC), Let's Make a Deal (N) Ray.
Kevin Costner. (N) (CC) Days of our Lives (N)., Newschannel 7 at Noon Rachael Ray (CC) Steve Haryey (CC) Doctors
1a (N) (CC) Live] Kelly and Michael The VIeW" (CC) WMBB Midday News The Chew (CC) General Hospital (N) Katie (CC)- Di. Phil
Js America Judge B. Judge'Mathis (CC) The People's Court Anderson Live (CC) A New Life Church The Jeff Probst Show rThe Ricki Lake Show Peo. Court
Super Whyl D.Inosaur Sesame Street Tiger ISId WordWorld FBarney Calllou Trger- Super Whyl jDinosaur Cat In the [Curlous Arthur
S230 230 118 265 P allr Chanrm e D hed ueriminal Minds (CC) Criminal Minds(CC) CSI: Miami (CC) CSI:Miami (CC) Crilminal Minds (CC) Criminal Minds(CC) e First48 (CC) First48
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20 20 5 'Paid Fo g. Mllonar Be [ IodaDawg In Huddle Ladder Joint Pain? Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Wiorld T"eam Tennis To Be Announced Notre Dame Football'Replay
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29N ~ 9 ~1408e 22s No I P al (. acntier Frasier Frasier E Fraser Chris Chr How I'Met How I Met How I Met How I Met (.Miss Congenlaflty2:. ANd and Fabulous e Wed
wi nTheRevenant ** (2009) David Anders. R' I El Brldesmaids* (20 f1) KristenWiig. 'NR' e PojectX l (2012)'R'(CC) n Hannal A (2011) o SaoirseRonan. zPG-i3r
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HBO (1995) Geena Davis. (CCo To Blues Brothers 2000 (1998) Dan Aykfroyd. 'PG-13'(CC) xDeadAga' n B Ws (1991) Kenneth Branagh.e'R' i gPsych9 (2010) SaraFoster'R Honor
lard Pa4t s Hard Parts My Ride My Ride Loss Paid Prog. n ASCAR Spnt nt CI p Replay (N) M nonster Jam On Edge

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Heat win Finals rematch over Thunder
The Associated Press try in the final moments.
While the stars were stars,
MIAMI LeBron James, the Heat got. help from
finished with 29 points, r one unexpected source.
nine assists and eight re- Chalmers was making ev-
bounds, Dwyane Wade erything, even unintended
scored 21, and the Miami plays.
Heat survived a frantic fin- Allen lost possession on
ish to beat the Oklahoma what looked to be a pass
City Thunder 103-97 in an to no one, but Chalm-
NBA Finals rematch on v ers picked up the bounc-
Tuesday. ing ball on the right wing,
Mario Chalmers scored whirled and made a 3-
a season-high 20 for the pointer putting Miami
Heat, who matched the up 86-79 with 8:14 left.
franchise's best 25-game In the end, that cushion
start at 19-6. Chris Bosh was necessary
added 16 for Miami, which The Heat came out fly-
has beaten the Thunder ing, opening a quick 13-
five straight times going 2 lead after making six
back to last June's title of their first seven shots.
series. About all that didn't go
Kevin Durant scored right for the Heat early on
33 points and Russell Was James committing a
Westbrook added 21 for foul, the first time he was
Oklahoma City, but both called for a personal since
Thunder stars missed po- Dec. 8.
tentially game-tying 3- It happened 4:03 into
point attempts in the final the game 254 min-
seconds. Serge Ibaka and utes and 7 seconds of
Kevin Martin each added THEASSOCIATED PRESS on-court time since his
15 for the Thunder, who 'Oklahoma City Thunder's Thabo Sefolosha (left) and Kendrick Perkins (right) defend against Miami Heat player Chris Bosh last one when James
have dropped two straight (center) during the game Tuesday in Miami. fouled Ibaka on a dunk
for the first time this a one-handed dunk by final minutes. 96-95 with 44.1 seconds Oklahoma City got with- attempt.
season. James on an offensive re- Such was the intensity remaining. in one whenDurant made Chalmers had 12 points,
The Heat went 19 for bound that will be added that James slumped ovet Needing a stop on the a jumper over James, but matching his season high,
19 from the foul line, the to his copious highlight the scorer's table with 1:08 next trip, the Thunder for- no closer. Ray Allen's two in the opening quarter
second-best effort in fran- reel, a scrum after a hard left, exhausted. gottoplaydefenseinstead. free throws with 15.6 sec- alone, and that was also
chise history. They were 30 foul that led to double- Oh, and there was a wild Kendrick Perkins and Iba- onds left made it 10'0-97, Miami's lead after his la-
for 30 at Boston on March technicals on Wade and finish, as well. ka both were confused on and Miami's last three yup for a 15-3e edge. When
24, 1993. Ibaka 'early in the fourth, Wade lost the ball on the ensuing Miami pos- points carrie from the line Durant headed to the
And it was a wild finals an easy rally by the Thun- an ill-advised, behind- session, and Bosh was left after a Thunder foul and bench after being called
rematch one that lived der from an early double- the-back dribble, and the alone to take a pass from Westbrook getting hit with for his second personal,
up to expectations. digit deficit,, and even a turnover set up Durant for James and throw down a a technical for punching a plus a technical, with 2:08
There was a fast start by jawing match between a two-handed dunk that dunk thatrestoredMiami's table after arguing that he left in the first, the Heat led
the reigning champions, Durant and James in the got the Thunder within three-point edge. was fouled on his 3-point 27-16.

On the Fringe

On the back roads of golf, tales from the tour

D ave Kindred, the 21-year-old to spend Finally, he was finished to take its toll. Hb worries Christian walked away,
a preeminent close to an hour fulfilling He got up from the chair about the day when his Harmon said, "Who was
American sports his media obligations. and walked around the attention span is short or that?"
writer who has worked his That's where "The Chair" clubhouse toward the he doesn't care as much as Harmon nodded when
trade for the better part of comes in. parking lot. The Japanese he once did. told about Christian's
four decades, was walk- His handlers have a reporters followed him, "It's not there, but back story, how he came
ing down the right side of white folding chair for walking in a group about it's coming," he said. "I to America on a college
the first fairway at Kiawah Ishikawa as he endures 20 yards behind. One of will never step away. I'll scholarship, supported
Island with the final group DougFbrguson two interviews with dif- them was asked where always teach. I love to himself by selling steak
at the PGA Champion- The Associated Press ferent television stations. they were going. teach." knives and toiled in the
ship when he mentioned One week after he made A dozen or so report- "Now we wave goodbye," The next morning, he minor leagues for 15 years
he had been teaching a triple bogey on the 18th ers form a semi-circle the reporter explained. was on the range at Quail before finally makidng it to
writing class to college hole at Torrey Pines and around him as they wait Indeed, they stood on Hollow waiting for Phil the big leagues.
students. then lost in a playoff, he and listen, occasionally a sidewalk and waved as Mickelson to arrive. Gary Still no sign of
Like most great colum- rallied from eight shots jotting down notes. Then, Ishikawa's car drove by Christian, a 40-year-old Mickelson.
nists, Kindred's strength is behind on the final day it's their turn.They spent them. PGA Tour rookie from A few minutes later,
his power of observation, with a 65 in the Phoe- close to 15 minutes with a Butch Harmon was England, walked over Harmon walked over to
and he has tried to pass nix Open to win his first Ishikawa after his round at talking retirement in the and introduced himself. Christian. He spent a
that along. PGA Tour event. It was a Innisbrook, going over the spring. He turned 69 this Christian said he was fas- few minutes observing,
"The one thing I tell remarkable turnaround, clubs he used and shots year. AVietnamWar vet, cinated to watch so many and then pulled a wedge
them," he said, "is that if One week he faced the he hit on just about every he has been teaching most Americans use the leadin from the bag and gave an
you really pay attention media after his meltdown hole this after a 73 that of his life, working for Sky edge of the club on wedge impromptu lesson.
to what you're cover- and fought back tears. left him 12 shots out of the Sports and traveling the shots. They chatted for He'll always teach. He
ing, you'll see something 'The next week he was a lead. world, which is starting a few minutes and after loves to teach.
you've never seen before." winner.
He stopped and kneeled Stanley was invited to
to watch Carl Pettersson, a Super Bowl party that mb. A
playing in the last group night at the home of Jim (fers & E5xhaust
that Sunday with Rory Mc- Mackay,.the longtime Ec
Ilroy, hit his approach to caddie of Phil Mickelson.
the green. Pettersson was He was late to the party
just inside the red hazard because of the media ob- Y
line, so he was careful not ligations that come with_ l, .
to ground his club. Brsh- winning. When he finally
jwas OK. and then walked in the
Moments after his shot, door holding the oversized
he was approached by winner's check over his
PGA rules official Brad head.
Gregory and told there He quietly placed it
might be a problem. above the TV, and then sat OumA MornsIS PAT FURm CLARICE BOYETTE
In a bizarre develop- down to watch the game, (850) 209-4705 (850)1,09-807i (850) 573-1572,
ment, Petterssonl's club player at peace. C21sumnyso@aolwcom
nicked a leaf on the way a No other golfer spends Cs yaoc
back, a violation of Rule more time with the media
13-4c for moving a loose after every round than Ryo
impediment in a hazard. Ishikawa, who is treated onl 0 Oe O
After an exhaustive video like a rock star in Japan. Store Hours: Mon
review, Pettersson was When he signs his card, (DE80 2RON9E0 I 80 573198 (850) 2051
given the bad news a even when it's late in the deberoneysmith www.emccoyrealty.com
two-stroke penalty'- on day, it's not unusual for -_ _@embarqmal.,om emcoy_1@yahoo__ om
the fourth hole,
Pay attention and you
never know What you'll
That much was true in
a wild year of golf. Phil
Mickelson lost his bid at
the Masters by hitting two
shots right-handed. Rory
McIlroy was confused by
the time zone and needed
a police escort to get to
the final day of the Ryder
Cup on time. Tiger Woods
never found his golf ball,
was not penalized and still p
missed the cut.
Those have been
well-documented. What .
follows is the 2012 edition
of "Tales from the Tour," .. ..
the obscure moments that
keep golf so interesting AA
and entertaining. A
) Kyle Stanley is a quiet A A A
man. This was a quiet L



Rondo leads Celtics to road win over Nets
The Associated Press formance on the national himself and not fall. Gar-
stage of the Christmas nett was fine with that but
NEW YORK Rajon opener. They were never then objected to how long.
Rondo lost his cool, and in the game after the first Wallace hung on to his
any chance at history, in 20 minutes, and their fans shorts, and they said some-
the second quarter when headed to the exits with thing to each other as they
Boston last met Brooklyn. under'2 minutes left as a tried to push themselves
This time, the second pe- "Let's go. Celtics!" chant free. That led to techni-
riod featured some of the broke out. cal fouls on the two, along
best cbasketball the Celtics "It Was a big game for us. with Blatche and Courtney
have played this season: It was a division rival. We Lee.
Rondo scored 19 points were ready for a big game. Garnett said he
in his first full game against It just didn't happen," Wil- asked Wallace what he
the Nets this season, and liams said. was doing but got no
the Celtics wori 93-76 on Rookie Jared Sullinger response.
Tuesday in another game tied a career high with "I don't know where in
with some heated mo- 16 points and Jeff Green America you can (yank)
ments between the divi- had 15 for the Celtics somebody's pants off, or
sion rivals. (14-13), who avoided fall- shorts off. I don't know
Rondo, sidelined in the ing under .500 with just what the hell was going
first meeting and thrown their second victory in six on," Garnett said.
out of the second after games. Sullinger delivered a fla-
shoving Nets forward Kris The Celtics took control grant foul on Wallace a few
Humphries into thecourt- with a 23-5 run in the sec- minutes later, but there
side seats, outplayed coun- ond quarter of the opener was nothing further.
terpart. Deron Williams of their. four-game road In the Nets' Nov. 28 vic-
and helped the Celtics take trip. They had 11 assists on tory in Boston, Rondo,
control early. 13 baskets and outscored Humphries and Wallace
"We moved the ball; the Nets 34-18 in the peri- were ejected.
we rebounded the ball," od after dropping the pre- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS It was the second quarter
Rondo said. "They beat vious two meetings. Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo (9) drives to the basket against Brooklyn Nets guard Deron of that game where things
us pretty bad on the glass, "It was good to get off to Williams (8) in the game at the Barclays Center on Tuesday in New York. Boston won 93-76. got away from the Celtics,
so tonight we did an ex- this start. It was good to fi-: and Rondo's frustrations
ceptional job on the glass, nally play from start to fin- four of five. Struggling to ner in a high-priced back- Boston's Kevin Garnett soon followed when he
tBking care of the defen- ish, especially with the way find anything that worked, court, shot 4 of 14 for his had eight points and 10 re- shoved Humphries after
sive rebounds, and we got we've been playing against they played Lopez and fel- 12 points. bounds on the day he tied the Nets forward fouled
stops." Brooklyn," said Paul Pierce, low center Andray Blatche "Thisonehurts.Wedidn't Charles Oakley for 15th Garnett. That mruined the
A month after the teams who had just eight -points together with three guards play our game. They beat place onthe NBA's career point guard's chance to
scuffled in Boston, there. on 3-of-10 shooting. "So it at one point, but Brooklyn us from the opening tip," list with his 1,282nd game. extend what was then a
was another skirmish in was a well-balanced game, shot just 41 percent and Wallace said. "We didn't He was also front and cen 37-game streak with dou-
the fourth quarter that but I'm happy with the 'committed 20 turnovers make shots. We turned ter when things got testy. ble-digit assists, tied for
resulted in four techni- start of the trip." that led to 25 points. the ball over too easy. Our. Wallace was fouled with second-longest ever, by
cal fouls. But that was the GeraldWallaceandBrook Williams had only 10 defense just wasn't there 9:31 remaining and ap- finishing with three. He
most fight the Nets put up Lopez each scored 15 for points on 3-of-7 shooting tonight. We were not our- peared. to hold onto Gar- had five assists and six re-
in a disappointing per- the Nets, who have lost and Joe Johnson, his part- selves tonight." nett's uniform to balance bounds Tuesday.

Kobe leads Lakers past Knicks to get to .500

The Associated Press points and Smith had five: Christmas Day. lead to 61-53. His jump- first lead since early in the maining. Smith tied it up
Smith's 3-pointer pulled They took the lead for er provided the Knicks' game. The Knicks' earlier with a free throw before
LOS ANGELES Kobe New York to 96-94. After good on Bryant's basket largest lead of the game, roll dissolved in missed Nash's jumper sent the
Bryant engineered a sec- Pau Gasol made one of two with 7:38 remaining. An- 69-60. shots and a technical on Lakers into halftime lead-
ond-half comeback, help- free throws, Smith missed thony and Tyson Chandler Bryant and Nash ignited Chandler for arguing a ing 51-49.
ing the Los Angeles beat another 3 that would have were in foul trouble in the the quiet atmosphere by call. Bryant scored the Lak-
the New York Knicks 100- tied the-game at 97 with 32 fourth, with Chandler foul- leading a 17-9 run that World Peace scored ers' final nine points of the
94 on Tuesday and extend seconds left. ing out late. drew the Lakers to 78- 16 points in the second first quarter to give them a
the Lakers' winning streak Gasol dunked with 12 The Knicks, opened the 77 going into the fourth. quarter, including eight 25-23 lead. D'Antoni's plan
to five games while lifting seconds to go, punctuating third on a 15-5 run, with They combined to score in a row, when the Lakers of having Darius Morris
them to .500. a win that sent Lakers fans, Anthony setting up on the 15 points, although Bryant played catch-up most of guard Anthony didn't last
Bryant scored 34 points frustrated by the team's perimeter and hitting two missed two free throws to the way. His 3-pointer gave long after he scored five
in his NBA-record 15th struggles and coaching 3-pointers as part of his 10 end the third that would the Lakers their first lead of the Knicks' first seven.
Christmas Day game and change, home happy. The points that stretched their have given the Lakers their of the period with 1:10 re- points.
Metta World Peace added Lakers avenged a 116-107
20 points and seven re- loss in New York on Dec.
bounds while defending 13.
Carmelo Anthony, whose Steve Nash had 16 points,
34 points led the Knicks. 11 assists and six rebounds
Bryant, the league's lead- in his second game in near-
ing scorer, has topped 30 ly two months. He missed 'T
or more points in nine 24 straight games while .
straight.games, recovering from a small T I
The Lakers improved to fracture in his lower left
14-14 9-9 under new leg. Dwight Howard had 14 i t
coach Mike. D'Antoni points and 12 rebounds, '
and upped their holiday and Gasol had 13 points S i
record to 21-18, including and eight rebounds.
13-9 athome. Bryant had.eight of the 5 oa ,''
The Knicks controlled Lakers' first 10 points to
most of the game behind open the fourth during
Anthony and J.R. Smith, a run that provided their
who had 24 points. But first lead since the opening .
they struggled offensively quarter in a game match-
in the fourth, when An- ing the two teams that /
thony was limited to seven have played the most on

S Meet with the area's elite


PEANUTS BY CHARLES SCHULTZ ACROSS 44 Irritate Answer to Previous Puzzle Horoscope
TREE FEL T DOWN.U B T TREE FELL DOWN.. 5 ubec 50"Will it play AR I A 0 RE U N IT CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
matter in-?" DRESSING BAT 19) Don't take anything
10 Hockey 52General A VI D L Y for granted where your
venues drifts T I LOE S work or career is con-
-, 12 Relax after 53 Hooky OR A LPIE cerned. Chances are, what
a hard day player OKLA URN ERMA
13 Phoned 54Bottle-- TSAR LOG SEAM you believe to be a sure
S= "l (2 wds.) dolphin MILDE W Bf| A thing might not be.
14Horses 55Sec'y Y0 Y0 REACH AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
15- fixe A L 19) If you're down in the
q -Fr Li N N, note 1 Carpet nail SOOT A URA
IRA PPY WIANT'S Is A ROL ( TI s WE-LL, I D'T WAT W PA 18 Help with 2 Desrs' T OR you could easily allow neg-
50XNRG BOxKIR6 b0&5F-Eb IlN EAGLA> b OF IT-S OUhAUCATOO the dishes name ative thinking to dominate
^, /-V|O 8 T {DAF 2 VIOLENT FOR. Ai! 19 Like skim 3 Very clever 21 Box office 40 Space your thoughts
(.! V IARISTI^! > |^ ., milk 4 de purchase lead-in your th h.
GL C SI A > 22Army doc cologne 22Cosmo- 41 Sporty PISCES (Feb. 20-March
25 Plane trip 5 Explosive naut's lab trucks 20) Make it a point not
29- box letters 23Blissful 42It may be to mix business with plea-
30Turf 6 Felt abode spliced sure, especially when it
grabber grateful 24 Cheapbar 45Glassand ure especially when it
32 Las Veas 7 Landing 26 Like furs Gershwin comes to your friends.
show plg a 7 anceng and 46 Dust ARIES (March 21-April 19)
33Cause-and- 8 -500 diamonds bunny It'll be up to you to take
BIG NATE BY LINCOLN PIERCE effect law 9 Bank 27 Dagwood's 47 Have measures to renegotiate a
MERCY! LOOKS LIkE ALMOST? F. HEAVEN'S SAKE, DADAN 34Curl up offerings neighbor supper matterthatisn'tallthatyou
SSOMEBODY GOT I ASK FOR MARTY, IF T-HE BOY IArI SPEAK cozily 10Onassis 2Domesti- 48 ar ere told it would be
EVERYTHING ON A DoG EVERY 'WANTS A DOG, GI6\E TO YOU 37Mount nickname cated Peular were told itwouldbe..
HIS WISH LIST! YEAR, BUT.I iIM. DOG IN THE ems 11 Washer 31 Small fry 51 Pitcher's TAURUS (April 20-May
HEV RHE A,, KITCHEN? gems "v 11 Washer
-- YEA-... NE. I E ET KI --T "38Takes.care cycle 35Lascivious stat 20) Unless you axe well
S'C ALMOST.s|'^ of (2 wds.) 1l20rdinary 36 Cartoon organized and systematic,
40Dog days 17 Slightly 36 Caroon
40 og days 17Slightly shriek you're likely to do a bum
43Just 20 Choral 39 Equinox job on whatever it is you're
_ scrape by ensembles mo: trying to accomplish.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
Want more puzzles? Rewards can be had if
S.Check out the "Just Right Crossword Puzzles" books
SOUP TO NUTZ BY RICK STROMOSKI at QuillDriverBooks.com you're prepared to work for
SOUP1 Oo rosk iB RbIUn ,,.u I Udk- them. Conversely, if you
"TePI.a.. .CRIT as, o.oN lC. 1 2 3 74 5 6. 7 8 9 gamble on things getting
-HoW aouT We DoNa-r-e o LoT oFT-Rue cHRgsTrtaS 10 11 12 done without your help,
L O-LRos ToS T ah C V? 'port seTe a-ouNr et-eI... _you'll be disappointed.
o BY BB - o 1 CANCER (June 21-July 22)
o1 re- Don't ignore your mate's
S- suggestions if you know
19 1 they come from a knowl-
2234 26 278 edgeable place.
-12 1 ,-F LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -
S -30 31 Don't give what you would
FRANK & ERNEST BY BOB THAVES like to do priorit_ over any
/ >- gL'TK33 3dP T tasks given to you by your
---- A gOT O THA-3 -35 36 -3- superiors.
96 5O1 NO r/ /AY VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
,-b / 7 / c s -iPP3.Y 3 If you are lax and waste-
SNOLUGI 40 41 42 43 44. 45 46 47 ful in the management of
A".R~.ADY!1 1your resources over the
H 49 50 next few days, you could
end up in a serious finan-
_--- 53 -cial bind.
54 .. 5 ---LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)
GRIZZWELLS BY BILL SCHORR You can bank on others
RI Y 12-26 2012 UFS, Dist. by Universal Uclick for UFS being peeved if you give
6 rT AWT ,L T L'L IYoB0 W MNE,, I T. Loo, LIKE ,oMCE PY ELL, You N them reason to believe that
6,M To, "ATE To o AoCELEBT CE ---------R your personal interests are
T C'" T CELEBRITY CIPHER far more important than
A t? qCelebrity Cipher cryptogrs ar ated from quotations by famous people, past and present. anything else.
Each letter in the cipher stands for another. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.22)
".NLFM FMLW ILWVOWV (UW) LF LW wc It's important that you
don't believe everything
SV 0 W P. F.C FM J CN L H F M V F C N VA, 0 H I you hear, because there's
FMOF LW FMV NCJWF FMLHX NV RO0H likelytobesomeonewho
wants you to be a purveyor
ARLO &JANIS BY JIMMY JOHNSON 1 _0 __ -F VJ L X OJ J of misinformation.
VD1RYT iW DD T0 I D r Dec 21) Investigate thor-
Previous Solution: "Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, oughly any undertaking
S 'C' every time we give, it's Christmas." Dale Evans Rogers that requires you to pro-
TODAY'S CLUE: y~lslenben vide cash before getting
SI 2012 by NEA, Inc., dist. by Universal Uclick 12-26 involved.

joh ~-" ~ -1, Annie's Mailbox

ALLEY OOP BY JACK AND CAROLE BENDER Dear Annie: I have been dating "Stan" I would hate for Stan to lose out on hav-
STHE TIE- THAT'S WHAT DOC A Y, Loo for five years. We are both in our 60s. ing a wonderful life with me at this stage
CLOY EDo,-' THERES OLY ONE WAY AR UL E When we started dating, I was absolutely of our lives.
ALLEY? TO REALLY BE RE.. certain that I did not want to get -- SO CONFUSED
married. But Stan and I have been
through so much these past few years Dear Confused: You cannot force Stan
with various illnesses and the like. We to see the benefitg of marriage through
have always stood by each other, and I your eyes. His relationship with his
have come to realize that I would like to surviving parent takes precedence over
/If be married to this man and have said so his relationship with you, and right now,
to him. h Stan interprets marriage as an abandon-
uaurnv iiu urn i Stan still has responsibilities to a ment of Mom.
MONTY BY JIM MEDDICK surviving parent.'Both Stan and his mom In addition, you have changed the rules
-, s -ot' 1HPenoKMs ACsLL ]..W """ """--4lls' i seem so dependent on each other that I midstream by wanting marriage when
i SARL. F SSoiAH .v' C OF r n feel like the proverbial third wheel. When you initially precluded it. You would do
M2.CeLUI***'VLlI ^ I ~' I discuss this with Stan, there is a slight better to absorb Mom into your life, mak-
1/ l| i ,, E,. i change, but only for a brief period of ing a commitment toward her care part
^ ^time, and then things go right back to the of your relationship. And although that
way they were, with me essentially on my doesn't promiise marriage, it will make
own. Stan more favorably disposed. Only you
SI don't Want to walk away from Stan, can decide whether the relationship with
Bbut I need more than I am getting and Stan the Man is worth keeping without
want to know how to get my point across, the legal papers.
COW& BOY BY MARK LEIKNES _____________ ___________
LiVIG TO SUCCEED.--- MAYBE CAT-COPTERS WHERE WHO WORKS Charles Mingus, a renownedjazz double bassist, North 12-26-12
SOMNYPAID L O THESTRINGPULL FOR HAYi composer and band leader who died in 1979, said,
\S^ '^KAND THEY I "Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody -
OFF. can plan weird; that's easy. What's hard is to be as A J 9 8 4 3
li m .__., v -. .simple as Bach. Making the simple awesomely simple, .* Q J 109
that's creativity." 8 3 2
At the bridge table, some players are too creative, West East
KIT CALYLBYLARRYWRIGHTmaking easy deals unnecessarily difficult. At other
KIT'N, CARLYLE BY LARRY WRIGHT HERMANBY JIM UNGER times, weird distribution demands creativity. 4 K Q 9 7 A 10 5 3 2
kn rterimesiet ^ www.cocomcscm This deal occurred during a duplicate at a coun- 7 6 5 2 ? K Q 10
try club, where the standard was intermediate. How *6 4 3 2 7
( y i', LOt, \ A^ H ,o should South plan the play in either six diamonds or 7 10,9 64
'i ^ l ^ / '/ six clubs after West leads the spade king? South
_^/ TAX I^ The given auction seems reasonable. With 18 points, J8A
"l- __ J Lri .' the South hand is strong enoughfor a second-round J 8 6 4
=X ; ,^^, A -" ~ n. : .jump, but the heart void is a big minus. Similarly, -
_L' North is only worth a two-heart rebid given his part- AK 85
? fi. L- i/^ 'i ner's black-suit bidding. But when South continues h AKQJ5
'i "-- with three diamonds, the North hand improves. And-
; ?l when North raises diamonds, it is reasonable for South Dealer: South
Jy" J 1 ^ to bid a slam. Yes, they might have two fast spade, los- Vulnerable: East-West
\ /, ers, .but South cannot find out what he wants to know.
I' Look at the North-South hands only. A grand slam South West North East
\- could be there, but the weird 4-1 breaks are too hard to 14 Pass 1? Pass
S\. handle. i Pass 2 Pass
JA >1South starts with 10 top tricks: one heart, four dia-
N -^ 0monds and five clubs. So, in diamonds, he ruffs the 3* Pass 4 *Pass
,1o,12- 2 0 sL uinacinta0 nomatronlc.,i byUniveriy UCtIckrorUFS. 2012 opening lead on the board, cashes the diamond queen 6 Pass Pass Pass
"',"and heart ace (discarding a spade), plays a club to his
2012 UFs, Inc, "I gotta.be at the airport in three ace, ruffs another spade, draws trumps, and claims. Opening lead': K
Distrlbuted by unIversal uclick for UFS minutes. I'm driving." In clubs, the play is effectively the same.

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2012 is the year of the comeback
be that of Carolina line-
Manning, backer Thomas Davis,
who battled back from
Peterson, three torn right ACLs in
2009, 2010 and 2011 to
Pagano be a major 'Contributor to
the Panthers this year. No
make season player in NFL history has
returned after tearing the
tmemorable same ACL three separate
The Associated Press Charles missed nearly
all of 2011 with a torn left
DENVER- From Peyton ACL. Yet the former All-
Manning overcoming four Pro running back has run
neck surgeries to Adrian fori 1456 yards, the sev-
Petersoni's rebound from W enth-best season in fran-
a shredded knee to Chuck chise history. He an break
Pagano's fight with leu- his single-season-high
kemia, this set in 2010 with 12 yards
has been the against the Broncos on
Year of the Sunday.
C inomeback Charles ran for 226 yards
in the NFL. last weekend, when he
A season surpassed 750 career car-
besmirched ries, which also qualifies
by tragedies, ,him for the NFL record for
Pagano replacement yards per carry. Charles is,
officials and averaging 5.82 yards on 770
a. bounty attempts, which far sur-
scandal, also passes the 5.22 yards that
will go down Hall of Famer Jim Brown
as one in averaged in 2,359 attempts
which some from 1957-65.
of the game's THEASSOCIATDPRESS Charles, Peterson and
terson greats not Denver Broncos quarterbackPeyton Manning sets to throw in the game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday in Denver. Davis are all better than
only re- And yet, he insists he's white horseshoe, Manning Lombardi Trophy in New Minnesota facesGreenBay ever. Manning might be,
gained their old form but not anything close to what met up with college buddy Orleans in six weeks. with a playoff berth on the too, but he'll never say it.
somehowBurpassed it. he used to be that all he Todd Helton of the Colo- Peterson, on the other line for the Vikings. "I'm trying to be as good
There are always feel- can do is maximize what's rado Rockips for a work- hand, is unabashedly clear With typical tnflinch- as I can at this stage,"
good stories about those left in a body that's been out during last year's NFL -in hisdesire for some rec- ing confidence, Peterson -Manning said. "A 36-year-
who overcome long odds slowed by so many sur- lockout They retreated to ognition after overcoming said in a recent interview old quarterback coming
and broken bodies to re- geons' scalpels, and trips an indoor batting cage at torn anterior cruciate and with The Associated Press off a year and a-half off,
gain at least a sliver of their aroundthe sun. Coors Field with a trainer medial collateral ligaments he's expecting to win the playing on a new team,
past glory. This season "I know you don't believe in tow, and Manning's first mn his left knee, requiring comeback award. I'm trying tp be as good
provided an abundance of me when I say this; I'm pass nose-dived so badly the kind of reconstructive "I kind of have that in the is .I possibly can in this
them. still learning about my- that Helton told him to stirgery that usually turns bag,, especially how I've scenario.
When the season started, self physically and what I quit goofing around. dominant players into or- been telling people I'm go- "It's a different kind of
who could have,, expected can do,. it's still the truth," Manning wasn't messing dinary ones. ing to come back stronger body I'm playing in and
Manning to recapture his Manning said after guiding with him. He was dead se- There's a long, long list of and better than ever," he just a different kind of
MVP play so quickly with Denver to its 10th straight rious. His arm was shot, his players who had shortened said. uarterback play for me."
a new team? Or for Pe- win. "I still have thingsthat future in football in doubt. careers because of such Carrying' the' Vikings Yet, as transcendent as
terson to come back less are harder than they used A few days later, heunder- injuries. But Peterson re- to the. playoffs without ever.
than nine months after to be, so (there's) things went spinal fusion surgery turned tothe Vikings line- a potent- passing game "If he's lost anything, I
shredding his left knee. I have to work on from a and would miss the entire up less than nine months in .a league dominated can't see it," said Broncos
Or 'for Jamaal Charles to rehab standpoint and a 2011 season. after his operation, and by strong-armed, accu- receiver Brandon Stokley,
return better than ever strength standpoint. That's If doctors had told him with a league-high 1,898 rate quarterbacks would who played with Manning
after suffering a similar just the way it is and may- that was it, Manning said yards, he's 207 yards shy only,.burnish the 'creden- in his prime in Indianapo-
injury be that's the way it's going he would have.called it a of Eric Dickerson's single- tials of this thoroughbred lis. "I'm sure in some ways
Then there's Pagano to be from here on out, I career without regret. But season record. He can throwback. he's better than he ever
beating the biggest oppo- don't know." they gave him a bit of hope topple it with another In any other year, the ze- was. And he's always been
nent of his life. Maybe Manning's being and that's all he needed to big game Sunday when nith of., comebacks might great."
Ayear ago, Manning was modest, maybe he's suck- embark on his comeback
in the midst of four neck eringopponentsinto blitz- in Colorado.
operations to fix a nerve ing him more often so he Coach John Fox, never
injury that had caused his can burn them again. Ei- one to lobb for awards,
right arm to atrophy and ther way, it's a remarkable suggested this week that
had sidelined him for an rebound for a mhan whose Manning deserves a fifth
entire season. Soon, he right- arm was so weak- MVP honor for the num-
wouldsay a tearfulfarewell ened after one of his neck bers he's put up, the ob-
to Indianapolis, a city he'd surgeries that he could stacles he's overcome,
put back on the NFL map, hardly throw the football the shift of culture he's NEXT DOOR TO GROCERY UTE
and hook up with John 15 yards. engineered.
Elway in Denver. Long before Manning Manning isn't interested
Peterson's left knee was ever dreamed he'd be in talking about MVPs or
still swollen after he'd wearing the orange-mane comeback awards. He just
shredded it on Christmas mustang on his helmet wants enough wins to get
Eve, an injury similar to instead of the blue and a shot at hoisting another
the one Charles suffered
earlier last season. Yet'both
would defy medicine and
conventional wisdom alike aJ
to rebound as better run-
ners than they were before
getting hurt. -- - - - -- -------- I
Pagano's fight started SpeializIL CHANGE &TIRE ROTATION
three months ago when In Color, Quick Weave, Hair Restoration, BE
it was disclosed he had Short Cuts, Jheri Curls, Silk Wraps, And I BRAKE INSPECTION '
year Colts coach to take 2I PT .....
time off for chemotherapy "
treatments. He returned to rOp Deserve 'the Best! Up to 6 Qts, diesels ,xc.uded
work this week, taking the 1 Call Today .-.-.-. ------ ------, --- --- -
reins from assistant Bruce FRONT END SYSTEMI
team to a surprising play- Marianna, iALIGNMENT FLUSHl
offberth in his absence.- MarcellHarTey Fa 32448
"When I asked for Bruce stylist/Owner/Operator I I I I
to take over, I asked for Ntewlmmeted *1 0 i I 99 w
him to kick some you- 'Member for the .0 .--
know -w hat and to do great. Democratic ar L Part y A L __ .... . .. .
go and win nine games?" ', ,DIAG OIC TRANSMISSION
Pagano said. "Tough act to SYSTEM CHECK= .,FLUID FLUSH i

will be on the sideline for indham Shoe Shop 5 : *169,35
the regular-season finale QuaL ..ySo.. r -&WsteL -r nSh op. ..-. -_--
against Houston: That's a DaViEy-Shoe-Repair&WestenShop-- 4 -FT - - 1
od-c playoffstin fr thae no SYSTEM SERVICE1 BRAKE SERVICE
dy g includes Front & Rear DifferentIal, Transfer case includes Resurfacing Rotors & Replacig Pcds

cities and colors and didn't $89 99PLUS BROWNING,, L.--.-- __--_-- ---- ---- -- -----
miss a beat in 2012. g TAX
Despite a new support- WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
ing- cast and' a 36-year-old HUSH PUPPIES" mot rmn
body he insists contin-
ues to confound him, the OH DEERE
quintessential quarter- Ki Boots-E
back has had one of the 9
career. Manning set fran- his 2013 Newly Designed 2013 DODGE DART SXT
chise or NFL records just 2F .RAM 1500 QUAD 35 MPG
about every week while WeOffer Lay-away '$2,999 due at signlng, 36 mos plus taxes
completing 68 percent of All Year Longi
his passes for 4,355 yards 4408 Lafyette St Mos, WED, FRI
with 34 TDs and just 11 Maronna (850) 482-4227 :M oo u
t .< |