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See Pages 5-7B sea, e." '

President Bush 1
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Obituaries -7A
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2 Sections, 16 Pages -


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PO BOX 117 O 07


Though it likely would not result
in criminal charges, if you .fail to
post a house number on the exterior
of your house, it could burn down.
According to Jackson County
Ordinance Number 89-4, "All
dwellings should have house num-
bers posted that are visible from the
main road or drive way. Numbers
should be at least three mches high
and have reflective background."
If there are 10 or 12 houses on a
street and only a few of them have
numbers, emergency responders
have to take the time to figure out
which house has the emergency,'
said Damels.
She said every minute counts in
emergency response, and just one
minute could make a difference
between life or death. Whether your
house has numbers posted or not,
it'd be a lot harder to find if emer-
gency responders didn't know on
what street the house is located.
Thus, missing street signs are anoth-
er cause of delay in emergency res-
According to Daniels, Jackson
County Road and Bridge
Superintendent Al Green has
expressed a deep concern for the
problems witli vandalism, theft and
destruction of these signs which
could hinder emergency response or
cause a fatal accident.
The Road and Bridge Department
currently spends about $40,000 per
year for safety devices and sign .
re acemnentsaidDaniels.Shensaid

any legal street, stop, yield, or RR
signs) in their child's possession.
,They can be dropped off, without
questions asked, to the E9-1-1
Business Office, at 4447 Marion St.,
718-0009; or the Jackson County
Road and Bridge Department, at
2828 Owens St., 482-9629.

I rr" 1 Fnf M -~ .. dieC

number '911"forthepurposeof
making a false alarm or complamt or
reporting false information which
could- result in the emergency
response of any public safety agency
is guilty of a misdemeanor of the
first degree.
Those who make obscene or
harassing phone calls can be charged
with a second-degree misdemeanor.

thing else. That could mean not
being there for someone who's ,in
trouble or hurt," said Daniels.
Daniels said that sometimes par-
ents give children old cell phones
after the phone sert ice has ended,
but they don't realize that even cell
phones:without service can activate
the 911 system. According to state
statutes, wh ever -acce5es the

TAMPA Once unthinkable in
Florida, the possibility of drilling for
oil off the coast got much more
thinkable this week after Gov.
Charlie Crist, Republican presiden-
tial nominee John McCain and
President Bush called for an end to a
federal moratorium. '
. While the idea of lifting the ban
and allowing states to decide got a
chilly reception in Washington and
Tallahassee on Wednesday, it
brought to the forefront a series of
huge "what if" questions for
Flondians: If oil drilling comes clos-
er to the beaches, what would
become of the tourism industry and
the economy? What does it portend
for a shorelme carved out by hurri-
canes? What will happen to the price
of gas?
Offshore drilling 's immediate
effect on the pnce the mp is dif-
before oo u es feec lief. e years
President Bush estimates that an
extra 18 billion barrels of oil -
equivalent to the nation's current oil
production for the next 10 years -
would be available from drilling in
areas now banned, including off the
coast ofFlonda.
Prices might fall as the markets
began buildmg m the expectation of
a growing supply.
However, on Wednesday, the
Florida Democratic Party posted
toward a 2007 report from the feder-
al Energy Information
Admimstration that downplayed any
immediate impact. The report said
that drilling in now-restricted por~
tions of the eastern Gulf of Mexico
and Atlantic and Pacific oceans
would not have a significant effect
on domestic crude oil production or
prices before 2030. The report refers
only to the lower 48 states and does
not melude Alaska. The sale of off-
shore drilling leases probably would
not begm before 2012, and produc-
tion would not be expected to start

State Economy
Florida could benefit from the cre-
ation of thousands of well-paying
jobs serving the oil industry.
Larry Wall is the public affairs
director for the Louisiana Mid-
Continent Oil and Gas Association,
an oil industry trade group. If Florida
developed an offshore drilling indus-
try, he said, it would need workers
directly involved in the industry,
such as engineers and laborers to
work on offshore oil platforms, and
companies to service them. That
would range from caterers to feed
the platform workers to welders.
According to the organization's
estimates, the extraction,. pipeline
and refining industries employed
more than 58,000 workers in
Louisiana in 2006. Extraction jobs
paid an average weekly wage of
$1,804, which was twice as high as
e e aofeT9 4m dupl
$875. Pipeline industry jobs paid an
wera eldy wage of 1,345, the
rg ay .
The Environment
Two environmental scientists said
it's unlikely that drilling itself would
cause a major oil spill because of
new technologies. Any spill is more
likely to come as the oil is transport-
ed to shpre by tanker
Joe Delfino, an environmental
engineering professor at the
University of Flonda, said some of
the spilled oil would evaporate, some
would create a sheen on the water
and so'me would form "tar balls" -
pea- or golf-ball sized balls of oil
nuxed with sea life and other parti-
cles. That's in addition to effects on
birds and aquatic life, he said.
However, if the spill occurred over
the West Florida Continental Shelf -
an area of relatively shallow water
that extends as much as 100 nules
out from Flonda's coast the cur-
rents could sweep it to the Bay area
and rest of the West Coast, Weisberg
Michael Sasse is a staf writer
for The Tarnpa Tribune

In this March 28, 2006 file photo, the Discove~rer Deep Seas drillship sifs

before 2017, the report says.
Nasir Khilji, a macroeconomics
who studies world oil prices for the
EIA, said the 2007 report was based
on data from 2006, when oil prices
were lower. He couldn't say whether
the new oil prices would change the
report's findings.
Last week; one supporter of
drilling and candidate for Congress
predicted offshore drilling would
have an immediate impact on world
markets. Jim King, a retired profes-
sor who is seeking to unseat Ginny
Brown-Waite in the Republican pri-
mary, said energy markets would
react and cause prices to fall $20 to
$45 a barrel. A barrel is trading
around $135 now.

. Florida Tourism
Tourism officials worry that a
major oil spill could devastate the
$65-billion-a-year industry that
employs nearly 1 million people.

In 1992, the predecessor of
today's Visit St.
Petersburg/Clearwated tourism
bureau hired a Tampa firm, Research
Data Services, to study how a major
oil spill would affect Pinellas
County. While the figures are dated,
at the time the company's founder,
economist Walter Klages, estimated
a major spill could cause a 45-per-
cent decrease in visitors over a two-
year period. It could also result in the
loss of 7,392 tourism-related jobs in
the county, Klages estimated.
He seemed prophetic a year later:
In August 1993, the .beaches of
southern Pinellas County suffered a
minor oil spill that nonetheless
caused beach hoteliers major
headaches. The spill occurred after
two barges and a freighter collided.
In the wake of the accident, a few
resorts reported that their occupancy
rates fell by double digits when com
pared with the previous year.



E911: No joking matter

health fr nals

of encephalitis

Officials in Washington County
are warning residents to be cautious
of mosquitoes.
As onhng to Cou y froHmalhi
Department, there has been an
c einmWaTisnqg ntydisease
Several horses there have tested
positive for the Eastern Equine
Encephalitis virus.
The report states that the risk of
transmission to humans has been
"Washington County Health
Department reminds residents and
visitors to avoid being bitten by mos-
quitoes that may cause encephalitis
disease," read the report.
The health department recom-
mends knowing the "5 Ds" to
increase personal protection from
Dusk and Dawn Avoid being
outdoors when mosquitoes are seek-
ing blood. For many species, this is
during the dusk and dawn hours.
Dress Wear clothing that cov-
ers most of your skin.
DEET When the potential
exists for -exposure to mosquitoes,
repellents containing DEET (NN-
diethyl-meta-toluamide, or NN-
diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) are rec-
ommended. Picaridin, oil of lemon
eucal usdand IR3535 are other
ep D op .Check d
homer na2 the area fousnand
water, which is where mosquitoes
can 1 their e s
In ct, the alth department said
that the elimination of breeding sites
is one of the keys to prevention.
' The department provided the fol-
lowing tip on eliminating mosquito
breeding sites .
ter CRleemnocutold sooru lslhodesu
those used in playgrounds to ,drain.
Turn over or remove empty plas-
tic pots.
Pick up all beverage containers
and cups.
Check tarps on boats or other
equipment that may collect water.
Pump out bilges on boats.
Replace water in birdbaths and
pet or other ammal feeding dishes at
least once a week.
Change water in plant trays,
including hanging, plants, at least
once a week.
Remove vegetation or obstruc-
trons m drainage ditches that prevent
the flow of water.
The report said the Florida
Department of Health continues to
conduct statewide surveillance for
mWo t1olebomirues le sinEhi ng
equine encephalitis, St. Louis
encephalitis, malana, and dengue.
Residents of Flonda are encour-
aged to report dead birds via the web
For more formation on mosqui-
to-borne illnesses, visit DOH's
Environmental Health web site at
cwww. sta usl@ r
m, call the West Nile Virus Hotline at
1-888-880-5782, or call the local
county health department. .
A similar warning has already
been issued in Jackson County by
health department officials.
Mosquitoes can breed quickly after
heavy rains in areas where rainwater
is left standing, particularly around
old tires, drainage ditches, buckets or
other items.
Health officials also caution that
repellents may be harmful to young
children. Parents should read careful-
ly the instructions before applying
any type of a pest repellant to a child.
Officials also said children can be
protected by keeping them iildoors
during the peak time for mosquitoes
to appear.
Any questions about. mosquitoes
and suspected encephalitis cases
should be directed to health depart-
ment officials in your community.

F J 1 tOanfOn *

31, staff
has answered

391 false calls

Emergency responders are coming
forward with a few requests that, if
fulfilled, might make everyone safer.
According to E911 coordinator
Christine Daniels, prank calls to 911
have to stop, more people need to
put numbers on their houses, and
less street signs need to be stolen.
"It's all a matter of responding to
an emergency in good time," said
Daniels. *
While a prank caller is asking dis-
patch whether their refrigerator is
running, a real emergency might be
desperately waiting on the other line.
According to Jackson County
Sheriffs Lt. Tony Potter, "there's a
problem with children having access
to unregulated cell phones and
repeatedly calling 911 ... this has
become a major problem for call-
Information provided by Daniels
reveals that, from January Ito May
.31, emergency call-takers have
answered 8,989 calls. Of those calls,
391 were froni children playing,
on tel onep yngw ss9
important call. Also, when people
call 911 and hang up, we usually
have an indication of where the call
was made and sometimes send a
deputy out to check on things. If
there isn't a real emergency, the fuel
used to get there was wasted. More
importantly, the time was. wasted
that could have been used on some

Offshore dr illin genters public thought


MARIANNA POLICE tion, four larceny, one men-
The Marianna Police tally ill person, one missing
Department listed the fol- person (one found), two
lowing incidents for patrol request, three
June 18, the latest public service, one
available report: One ~ retail theft / gas skip,
traffic accident, one one shooting in area,
dead person, two dis- ME eight suspicious vehi-
turbance, one larceny, cle / incident / person,
one civil dispute, one one threat, three traf-
trespassing, two animal fic stop, two transport and
complaint, four dog com- one warrant arrest / prisoner
plaint, two assisting another in custody.
agency, five public service,
One threat / harassment, six JACKSON COUNTY
traffic stops, one battery CORRECTIONAL FACILITY
(misdemeanor) and one The following persons
theft. were booked into the county
jail during the latest report- .
JACKSON COUNTY ing periods:
SHERIFF'S OFFICE -. Duchess Kirkland, 48,
The Jackson County 2833 \ Milhonia Ave.,
Sheriffs Office listed the Marianna, possession of
following incidents for June drug paraphernalia.
18, the latest available Joy Whitehurst, 34, 108
report: Three abandoned Pearl Ave., Marianna, tres-
vehicle, one animal com- pass after warning.
plaint, two assist another
agency, three burglary, one JAL POPULATION: 202
child abuse, one .
CrimeStoppers, one disabled To report a crime, call
vehicle, three disturbance, CrimeStoppers at 526-5000.
one fight in progress, one To report a wildlife viola-
garbage / litter complaint, tion, call 1-888-404-FWCC
two highway / road obstruc- (3922).


Get~ting it Rilght!

The Jackson County Floridan strives to make sure content

The submission deadline for this calendar is two days before publication. Submit to: Community Calendar Jackson County Floridan, R O.



SALEs MANAGER...........................VALERIA ROBERTS
MANAGING EDITOR.................d I nA
m 0
CIRCULAnON MANAGER............ .0 ]@04
CREATIVE SERVICES................. N m AD

The Jackson County Floridan will pliblish news of general Inter-
est free of charge. Submit your news or Community Calendar
events via e-mail,; fax, (850) 482-
4478; mail, Editorial Department, P.O. Box 520, Marianna, FL
32446; or hand delivery, 4403 Constitution Lane, Marianna.
Fees may apply for wedding, engagement, anniversary and
birth announcements. Forms are available at the Floridan
offices. Photographs must be of good quality and suitable for
print. The Floridan reserves the right to edit all submissions.
The Jackson County Floridan (USPS 271-840) is published
Thiesday through Friday and Sunday mornings. Periodical
postage paid at Mariana, Fla.
Send address changes to Jackson County Floridan, P.O. Box
520 Mariana, FL 32447

2A- Friday, June 20, 2008 Jackson County Floridan




June 20 Friday
The Marianna Elks Lodge No.
1516 hosts a charity golf tournament
at Indian Springs Golf Course.
Registration begins at 10:30 a.m.;
tee off at 11:30 a.m. The three-man
scramble costs $60 per player. Prizes
will be awarded with the major prize
being a Dodge Quad Cab pickup.
Call Tom Sanson at 526-4875.
The fornier Lillie Blanks
Elementary School Refinion
Banquet starts at 6 p.m., in the
Sneads Community House / Log
Cabin, Old Spanish Trail, .Sneads.
All former faculty, staff, students
and other interested persons are
asked to attend. Call (850) 593-
6245. .
Registration deadline is 5 p.m.,
today, for Little Zion Community
Association, Inc.'s Second Annual
Bike-A-Thon, which is set for June
28. Register at The Haircut Pad, of
call 482-8081 or 592-2368.
The Panhandle Area Drug and
Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Coalition's Dutch treat lunch meet-
ing is at 11:30 a.m., in Gazebo
Restaurant in Marianna. Those inter-
ested in substance abuse prevention
in Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson,
Liberty and Washington counties are
The Southeastern Community
Blood Center, 2503 commerciala l
Park Dr., Marianna, hosts its Double
Impact Drive.Prom 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
at the center. Call 526-4403.
Grand Ridge Middle School
Sports Physical Day is at 1:30 p.m.,
at the Sneads High School Football
Field Citizens Field. Any Grand
Ridge Middle School student who
intends to participate in sports this
coming year -can receive a physical
for $10. Pick up the FHSAA form
from Wanda Lewis at the Grand
Ridge School office before Friday.

raised helps support Marianna High
School football. Call 718-2525. *

June 23 Monday
The Guardian ad Litem Programs
of Chipley and Mananna are seeking
strong, stable adults to serve as
Volunteer Advocates*for abused and
neglected children. Training is free,
volunteer hours minimal. Vohmteer
Advocate training in Marianna starts
today. Call 747-5180.
The Parkinson's Support Group
meets, from 12 to 1 p.m., in the
Education. Classroom, ground floor,
Jackson Hospital. Lunch provided;
no cost to attend. Open to anyone
who has Parkinson's disease and
their caregiver.
Chipola College Summer II
classes begift. Also, Late
Registration for Summer Session II
is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call.718-
The Southeastern Community
Blood Center's mobile unit will be
accepting blood donations from 9
a.m. to 2 p.m., at Chipola Physical
Therapy. Call 526-4403.

June 24 Thesday
Chipola College Late
Registration for Summer Session II
is from 8 a.m. to noon. Call 718-
The Southeastern Community
Blood Center's mobile unit will be
accepting blood donations from 10
a.m. to 12 p.m., at the Department of -
Revenue in Marianna; and from 1
p.m. to 3 p.m., at Jackson CI in
Malone. Call 526-4403.

June 25 Wednesday
The Southeastern Community
Blood Center's mobile unit will be .
accepting blood donations from 6
a.m. to 12 p.m., at WestPoint in
Chipley. Call.526-4403.

Forms will also be available at
Citizens Field.
The Town of Greenwood will
host a reception from 2 to 4 p.m., at
Greenwood Town Hall, in honor of'
Ms. Wessie Oswald who celebrated
her 100th birthday on June 1. Call
.. .
June 21 -..Saturday
The Jackson County Health
Department's Closing the Gap pro-
gram and St. Joseph Lodge No. 99
sponsor the 2008 Men's .Health
Summit: "A Call for Life Changing
Action," from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at
the Marianna High School complex.
Call .594-6181, 594-6111 or 209-
8637. .
The Jackson County Farmers'
Market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays, front 6:30 a.m. until
all fresh produce is sold out. This
state certified farmers' market
accepts the FMNP/WIC and Elder
Affairs coupons.
New Golden Key's Community
Flea Market starts at 7 a.m., at the
Golden Key Pavilion, 4080 Gillette
Lane. To reserve a free table, call
Today is the last day to donate
books to Jackson County Youth
Coimcil and Tenzing Innovations'
Operation Free Your Mind Book
drive. Drop-off locations are:
Malone's IGA, the Graceville and
Marianna libraries and Grand Ridge
. Town Hall. Books received during
the drive will help promote youth lit-
eracy within Florida's juvenile
detention centers. Call 594-7543..
2008 MHS Quarterback Golf
Tournament is at Cavern's Golf
Course in Marianna. The three-per-
son- scramble has an 8 a.m. shotgun
start. Cost is $60 with option for
mulligans. Hot dogs and hamburgers
provided after the round. Money

Telephone: (850) 526-3614 Fax: (850) 482-4478 .
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 520
Mariana, FL 32447-0520
Street Address: 4403 Constitution Lane
Mariana, FL 32447
Office Hours: Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Missed Delivery: Subscribers should receive their newspa-
per no later than 6 a.m. If you do not receive your newspa-
per, call the Floridan circulation department between ? a.m.
and 5 p.m. weekdays, and 7 a.m. and 11a.m. Sunday.
Subscription Rates: Home delivery: one month $9.95; three
months, $29.85; six months $50.70; one year, $119.40. All
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$38.70, six months, $77.40, one year, $154.80.

The advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable for
damages arising out of errors and advertisements beyond the
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the advertisements in which the error occurred, whether such
error is due to the negligence of the publisher's employees or
otherwise, and there shall be not IIablIlly for non-insertion of
any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertise-
ment. This newspaper will not knowingly accept or publish
Illegal material of any kind. Advertising which expresses
preference based on legally protected personal characters.
tics is not acceptable.
The Jackson County Floridan welcomes the opinions of our
readers on any public issue. AII leers must bear the
writer's signature and be printed or typed with name, full
address and telephone number for verification purposes.
Only the writer's name and city will be published. The
Floridan reserves the right to edit or not publish any letter.



Copyr ghted Material

-Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial Ne sProvidlerTE


.... Ir



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Saturday (191) 1-4-6 7-5-4-3
Sunday (E) 06/15 0-1-5 5-4-3-4 02-05-09-14-23
Sunday (M) 9-6-2 9-0-3-3
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Wednesday (E) 06/18 7-8-2 9-0-7-1 10-14-22-27-32
Wednesday (M) 7-1-2 4-6-2-6 N/A
E = Evemag drawing, M = Madday drawing

Saturday 06/14 07-18-19-26-32-33
Wednesday 06/11 24-41-42-46-47-52
For lottery information, call (850) 487-7777 or (900) 737-7777


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norrs nt)w

393 ats(21 ouh

Thursday, Junel9-iSatwrday, June21"

New 8: Used Sales

Service Parts

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West.Florida Electric
A Touchstone Energy' Cooperative 4

Funeral Ho8m d x Chapel

serving Jackson county Families
Since 1931

r '

Hwy. 90, Marianna

1001 USES

MobileHom & R.V SuOppy

4154-I Jackson Square
482M5 51 1hre 4 gler
Hrs: Tuesday-Friday 7am-5pm

& g@@gg
4243W.Infaydte St. Marianna, FL

Marianna Office
Supply Company
onice onuseter.
4423 Constitution Lane, Marianna

co a'o., d

ama ge
MARIANNA, FL. 482-2294

4A Friday, June 20, 20()8 Jackson County Floridan

Marianna, FL 32446 482-3343

First Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church (USA)
2898 Jefferson Street
Marianna, FL 3a2 6-3404

fpcmarianna@embarqmail.comror first- 526-2430

Salem Wesleyan Church
2764 Salem Church Rd., Sneads, FL

Church of Jesus Christ of Marianna
2620 Old Airbase Road
Marianna, FL. 32446 482-2995
B -
& e AI a
Emmanuel SDA Church
4531 Basswood Road
. Greenwood, FL 32443-0436 594-3200
Marianna SDA Church
4878 US Hwy 90, Marianna, FL 32446

Love and Restoration Ministries
2990 Heritage Road
Marianna, FL 32448 526-2730

2957 H teM a 2-8158
Believers Outreach Ministry
3471 Hwy 90 W., Marianna, FL 32446

Marianna, FL 526-4476 526-4475
Resurrection Life Christian Fellowship
International 1
3001 Highway 71 North, Marianna, FL. 526-2617
New Beginnings Worship Center
1165 Highway 69, Grand Ridge, FL 32442 592-5791
New Beginning Outreach Ministries, Inc.
2254 Magnolia Dr., Cottondale, FL 32431
New Vision Outreach Church
2958 Milton Ave., Marianna, FL 32446

Emmanuel Holiness Church
3 2 ndrid32e4 hu5r 5 d

God's Little Country Holiness Church
1221 Dipper Road, Marianna, FL 32448
482-4696 482-2885
Shady Grove Pentecostal Holiness
7541 Shady Grove Rd., Grand Ridge, FL
Sneads Community Church
1948 Desoto Ave. P. O. Box 1349
Sneads,*FL 32460 593-5650

Ascension Lutheran Church .
3975 W. Hwy 90
Marianna, FL 32446 482-4691

Bascom United Methodist Church
4942 Basswood Road
P.O. Box 67, Bascom, FL 32423-0067

5426 FG o dA 32443

Greenwood United Methodist
4220 Bryan St., Greenwood, FL 32443
594-5755 569-2231
Kynesville United Methodist
Marianna, FL 32448
2875 Kynesville Road 482-4672
First United Methodist Chunh
2901 Caledonia St., Marianna, FL 482-4502
Grace United Methodist
4203 W. Kelson Ave., Marianna, FL 482-4753
Gaenwood Chapel Methodist Episcopal Chmth
5426 Fort Road Guenwood FL 32443 594-1112
Sneads First United Methodist Church
8042 Church Street, Sneads, FL
P.O. Box 642, 32460 593-6481
Friendship Christian Methodist Episcopid
(CME) Church
5411 Avery Road, Campbellton, FL 32426
P. O. Box 302, 32426 263-1111
1st United Methodist Church of Cottondale
P.O. Box 458 Cottondale, FL 32431 352-4426
Salem AME Church
5729 Browntown Road
Graceville, FL 32440 263-3344

Apostolic Life Church
4070 Old Cottondale Road
Marianna, FL 32448 482-8720
Christian Covenant Life Center
2011 Fmley Avenue, Gmud Ridge, FL 32448
Sneads Pentecostal Holiness Church
2036 Gloster Ave., Sneads, FL 32460
593-4487 593-6949
Prayer Temple
Church Of Prayer For All People
3341 Plantation Circle

Marvin Chapel Free WW Baptist Church
2041 Hope School Dr.
Marianna, FL 32448 (850)482-5375 .

1600Md b SB lyCChr ckhRd.,
Marianna, FL 32448 592-8999
Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church
3695 Popular Springs Rd.
Marianna, FL 32446 594-4161
Mount Olive Baptist
6045 Hwy. 2, Bascom FL 32423
New Easter Missionary Baptist Church
977 Hope Ave.
Graceville, FL 32440 263-4184
w Galilee MissioSna Ba t hush
Marianna, FL 32447 482-5499
New Hoskie Missionary Baptist Church*
4252 Allen St. P.O. Box 53
Greenwood, FL 32443
New Hope Freewill Baptist
Sweet Pond Rd., Dellwood, FL 592-1234
New Hope Missionary Baptist
3996 Wintergreen Rd.
Greenwood, FL 592-8802
New Mount Olive Missionary Baptist 2870
Barnes St. P.O. Box 312
Marianna, FL 32447 482-7595
New Salem Baptist rch
Marianna, FL 32448 482-7126
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
6687 Brushy Pond Road
Grand Ridge, FL 32442 592-5696
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
Cotton 4e3T 2e 1R -0317
Pine Ridge Baptist Church
3064 Pine Ridge Chuarh Rd.,Alford, FL 32420
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
Providence Baptist Church
6940 Providence Church Rd.
Grand Ridge, FL 32442 592-5481
Rocky Creek Baptist Church
5458 Rocky Creek Rd.
Mariannii, FL 32448 850-526-7508
St. Peter Missionary Baptist
7889 McKeown Mill Rd.-P.O. Bx 326
Trinity Baptist Church
3023 Penn. Ave., Marianna, FL 32446
Union Hill
3115 Union Hill Rd.
Marianna, FL 32446 526-5711

St. Anne Catholic Church
3009 5th Street
P.O. Box 1547, Marianna, FL 32446 482-3734

Grand Ridge Church of God
2232 Porter Ave., Grand Ridge, FL 32442
592-5301 592-2814

St. Luke's Episcopal Church
4362 Lafayette St. Marianna, FL 32446

Christian Center Church
4791 Sheffield Drive P.O. Bx 450

Mt. Carmel Community Church

STORE #1375

2800 HWY 71 S.


Your Guide To Local

Houses Of Worship .

For expanded church information, go to
and click on Faith & Values


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' boat policies. Call me today.
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Seeing the F/otida Panhandle
00than: (334) 793-0119
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Monday Thurs 9AM -5PM Friday 9AM -5:30PM


The submission deadline for this calendar is noon. Tuesday.. Submtit to: Religion Calendar Jackbonr County Ploridan, Rl O. Box 520,

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Salem A.M.E. Church,
located at 5729 Browntown
Rd. in Graceville, will con-
duct its' Second Annual
Fellowship Banquet on July
26, at 6 p.m.
The inaugural banquet was
held last year in the church's
fellowship hall, but this year,
the banquet will be in the
Graceville Civic Center. The
guest speaker will be Steve
Meadows, State Attorney for
the 14th Judicial Circuit of

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Mae Myrick at (850) 352-

for n2quet Sckets n sa
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ee aan idk -so s

Jackson County Floridan Friday, June 20, 2008 5A

June 20 Friday
Mt. Calvary Holiness Church, Highway
2, east of Graceville and west of
Campbellton, celebrates its 60th Church
Anniversary Friday-Sunday, June 20-22.
June 20 service at 7 p.m., with speaker,
Annie P. Nix; June 21, 11 a.m., with speak-
er, Minister Edmund Rhynes; and June 22,
11:30 a.m., with speaker, Pastor Elder James
M. Bighem. Call (850) 263-2810.
Cypress Grove Assembly of God, 3250
Cypress Grove Rd., Grand Ridge, hosts
"God's Big Backyard" vacation Bible school
June 16-20, 6-8:30 p.m., for ages 2 to 12
years. Call 592-4451.
McChapel A.M.E. Church, 4963 Old
U.S. Rd., Marianna, celebrates their Annual
Unity Day with church school at 9:30 a.m.,
and morning worship at 11 .a.m. Guest
speaker will be the Rev. Sam Gray, St.
Matthew Missionary Baptist ,Church,
Cottondale. "Behold, how good and how
pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together
in unity!" Psalm 133:1 will be the theme.
Call 352-3383, 569-5258. ,
June 21 Saturday .
"Changed" Southern Gospel Ministries
from Chipley, The Willing Vessels from
Panama City, and Glory Bound from
Tallahassee will be in concert at the Old
Chipley High School auditorium, 680
Second St., Chipley, starting at 6 p.m. A $5
donation is requested at the door, but not
required. Call 638-5684, e-mail or visit
Cypress Community Church, 2089
Church St., Marianna, hosts a Gospel Sing
with The Reflections, at 7 p.m.
Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church,
1503 Mockingbird Rd., Marianna, sponsors
a benefit program at 6 p.m., for Brother
Eugene Kornegay, a member needing assis-
tance with extensive medical expenses.
Those unable to attend may call 482-7501,
592-6249 or 573-7427 for details on how to
m oa coork rist Choir celebrates its
third anniversary at 6 p.m., at Magnolia
A.M.E. Church, 3800 Missouri Rd.,
Marianna. All choirs, groups and soloists are
invited to participate in the celebration. Call
663-6008, 593-6923, 593-3347 or 594-4019.
"Outrigger Island" vacation Bible school
at Poplar Springs Baptist Church, 1098
Lovewood Rd., Graceville, is June 23-27, 5-
8:30 p.m. Register online at http://poplar-, or come to the Outrigger
Island Extravaganza Saturday, June 21, from
12-3 p.m. Call 638-4261 .or e-mail
St. Luke* Missionary Baptist Church,
2871 Orange St., Marianna, hosts a Men's
Conference from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The theme
is "The value of a Christian man in the
'home, the church, and the workplace." All
men, 18 and up, are invited. Breakfast,
workshops, lunch and door prizes. No regis-
tration fee. Please R.S.V.P. to Pastor Riley
Henderson at 526-4070.
June 22 Sunday
At 11 a.m., New Beginning Outreach
Ministries, Inc., 2254 Magnolia Dr., Jacob
City, will be honor assistant pastors Kenneth
and Leticia Baker. Guest speaker will be
Minister Dorothy Jackson,. True Word of
God Ministries in Graceville. Call Derrick
Heirderson at (850) 352-4733 or e-mail

The 11 a.m. worship service this Sunday
at the First Presbyterian Church, corner of
Jefferson and Clinton streets in Marianna,
will be led by the Rev.Dr. Fred L. Keith, a
retired Presbyterian pastor from Lynn
Haven. Based on Psalm 85:8-13 and Romans
5:1-5, his sermon will be entitled, "Dead
Serious." Call 526-2430 or visit www.first-
Faith Haven Assembly of God will host a
sing at 10:30 a:m. featuring the MaHarreys.
The church is located at 7135 Highway 90 in
Grand Ridge. Call 592-8205.
Bethlehem Baptist Church in Kynesville
hosts "Surf's Up at Outrigger Island" vaca-
tion Bible school June 22-27, 6:30-9 p.m.
The Rev. Richard Wagner with Ezra
International, a mimstry working to return
the Jewish people to their homeland of
Israel, will be at Shady Grove Pentecostal
Holiness, 7541 Shady Grove Rd., Grand
Ridge, at 10:45 a.m. Call 592-6203.
First Baptist Church of Bascom is cele-
brating 110 years of God's faithfulness.
Guest speaker is Dr. Tom Kinchen, president
of the Baptist College of Florida. Worship
begins at 10 a.m., dinner on the grounds fol-
St. Matthew Baptist Church, .3144
Willow St., Cottondale, observes Men's Day
at 11 a.m. Guest speaker: Rev. Joe Tripp Jr.
Theme: "A man with God, is a man of God."
St. Paul A.M.E. Church in campbellton
celebrates annual Men/Women's Day The
men's program at 11 a.m. features speaker
Rev. R.E. Hudson, and the women's program
at 3 p.m. features speaker Evangelist
Carolyn Morgan. Call 569-2836.
The Greenwood Baptist Church's traca-
tion Bible school is June 22-26, 6-8:30 p.m.,
for ages 4-11. "Outrigger Island Living
God's Unshakable Truth" is the theme.
Family Night Commencement is June 27, at
7 p.m. Call 594-3883.
June 23 Monday
RockRoC2ekC d MBaa rtaChhou C t5u8
Canyon" vacation Bible school June 23-27,
5:30-8 p.m., for children age 3 and up.
Snacks will be served. For, information,
transportation or to volunteer, call 526-
2708. *
"Outrigger Island" vacation Bible
school at Poplar Springs Baptist Church,
.1098 Lovebrood Rd., Graceville, is June 23-
27, 5-8:30 p.m. Crafts, motivating music,
Bible stories, a mountain.air slide and more
are part of this one-week adventure.
Children age-4 through grade 6 are Invited.
Each day begins at 4:30 p.m., with the
mountain air slide, followed with supper at
5 p.m. Register online at http://poplar-, or come to the Outrigger
Island Extravaganza Saturday, June 21, from
12-3 p.m. Call 638-4261 or e-mail
Poplar Springs Missionary Baptist
Church's vacation Bible school is June 23-
27. This year's theme: "Son Harvest County
Fair," where, students of all ages will learn
to grow the fruit of the spirit in their elites.
Daily services will be 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Activities will include: Bible stories,
singing praises, crafts, a light supper at the
Snack Shitck, and hilarious, skits during the
Closing Assembly. Closing program is June
27, featuring a children's concert, brief ser-
monette, presentation ceremony, and a clos-
ing feadt. Call 569-1073 or 526-3176.

* *

** W *
e- es *
. a .. me *
* ** * em m
a a me a to
. we * *

. . &

. . .

. .

- *

. .

Victory Baptist welconith Wisconsin ensemble

The Strings of Praise from
Maranatha Baptist Bible
College will present a concert
at Victory Baptist Church,
Sneads, on Thursday, June
26, at 6 p.m. The public is
invited to attend this free con-
cert. .
The Strings of Praise
ensemble is composed of eight
young adults: Brynley .Dean,
Sarah Delaney, Linda Estep,
Ruthann Ledgerwood, James
Collard, Jason Harrison, Caleb
Kobosh, and Nick Peterson.
The group offers a variety of
vocal music, along with selec-
tions from four viohns, one
viola, one cello, and a 3-
octave folk harp. They are
looking forward to a great
summer tour extending from
th e midwest and throughout
the southeast

. Maranatha Baptist Bible
College is a four-year, private
college accredited by the
Higher Learning Commission
(www.ncahigherlearningcom- and is a member
of the North Central
Association of Colleges and
Schools. Founded in 1968 by
B. Myron Cedarholm, and
located in Watertown,

NVisconsin, Maranatha's mis-
sion is to train men and
women for effective gospel
immstry and service in local
Baptist churches through a
higher education program of
Biblical, general, and profes-
sional studies.
For further concert informa-
tion, contact Victory Baptist
Church at 593-6699.

6664 Od Slpanilsh Trail,

42161 La a efe St.,


070 0 MS Of



7 .
Free Checkm

Receive a Free Gift by O g a

Liberty Checking coun

No Monthly Service Charge Unlimited e

* Subject to Credit Approval Must be ne a 'No minimum
image statements available for a fee (be er is possible for pm chasing I
. .


18 Month 3.75"/o APY* 30 APY**

A "one-time" option to change the rate d term ta penalty
** Minimum balance to open a CD and earn the s ated APY al Pe eld) is $500

Substantial pen thra r we Ines che Acc f tv at any time

Malone, FL Greenwood, FL Marianna, FL Chipley, FL Bodfay, FD Sneads, FL
Colquitt, GA Albany, GA Americus, GA Bainbridge, GA Donalsonville, GA

columbia, AL Dothan, AL (Two Locations) Ashford, AL Abbeville, AL



;fl4214{ Crrr"

hl~r ~

. . . . ... . eq
- *, a e we
. .
4, ,
. a
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L e *
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- *
* *


ed sA.M.E.

'Faith, Hope

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Tallahassee Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic
will now be known as:

Marianna Orthopedic Clinic
and Sports Medicine

Orthopedic care provided by the following physicians,
physician assistants, & nurse practitioner of
Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic

David Bellamy, MD Tom Haney, MD
Steve Jordan, MD Gary Rolle, MD
Mike Nuccio, PA-C Mel Gaston PA-C
Judi Bosse ARNP

305166 st.
Marianna, FL 32446

For an appointment call

"The Team Behind the Team"

6A Friday, June 20, 2008 Jackson County Floridan



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* am eme ee
*. .. -
.. ... ..

e *

MI) a *

- *
... .,
... . e


e.. - -. ..
* - -


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.... - - -
* " -
* we * * ***

- ** ** ***


nat1 *amie~ ar high I**1


~yo ftro wxo I s a p thf a M m


~001 rrdbd ~ rr~gq,~cd mrrb

'. tSOH

Downtown Marianna
850.482.4037 G

PhlpW asn


... a .
e * - *** *

C -
.. -
- - -
*- -
. .

Friday, June 20, 2008 7A

Jackson County Floridan *

Wn~m r b


- Mariann Chapel Funeral
* - w- -3960 Lafayetee St.
- - Marianna, FL 32446
-- * (850) 526-5059
. -

. . William Michael Jones



a . ...

- - -
* - -

. .

aba -

. Mr. William Michael
. .. "Mike" Jones, 49, of
e. Cottondale passed away
.... Wednesday, June 18, 2008, at
the Select Specialty Hospital
Bay Medical Center following
an extended illness.
Mr. Jones was born on Oct.
25, 1958, in. Atlanta, Ga., to
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jones. He
grew up m Panama City and
had been a resident of Jackson
County for 20 years.
Mr. Jones will be remem-
bered by all as an extremely
honest and gentle person who
loved his family and friends.
When he was not working, he
spent his time watching old
movies and listemng to music.
Mr. Jones is preceded in
death by his sister, Mrs. Amy
Elizabeth Rabon.

H sCedHbyo s

Norman Jones of Panama

ex-a-m.t --t
three sisters, Mrs. Kendra
Bryan and husband, Jerry of
Empire, La., Mrs. Valerie

ers E:te:E="i'E"a
Cottondale; and a host of
nieces and nephews.
A memonal service for Mr.
Jones will be at 3 p.m.,
Sunday, June 22, at Marianna
Chapel Funeral Home, with
Mr. Kenyan Gandy officiating.
The family will receive friends

Ek T::m2p.m.untiltimeofsery-
Memorialization will be by
Expressions of sympathy
may be submitted online at
me n

- - -
* *---
- **

- *
* -* * *


. -
- ** -
-- .. ,

- * -

* * * * "" " ""
- ** ** * -
- - -

*** * *
** """""
. * -. .. .


. n, -


.. -


a .
a *
- m *
. a


* **** *
a aa -
e .. .
* **
e *** *
e. . *
. e .
. *

- ** * --

m.. . *
- -m ** ** *
* - we .
. . a .
. . .. -
.. .. . .
- e
. .
e-- *

-- Williams Funeral Home of
* * Graceville
5283 Brown St.
Graceville, FL 32440
(850) 263-5116

Rachel E. Holman

Mrs. Rachel E. Holman, 82,
of Graceville passed away on
Wednesday, June 18, 2008, at
her home in Graceville, fol-
lowing an extended illness.
A native .of Newton, Ala.,
Mrs. Holman had resided in
.Graceville for the past 50
years. She was a beloved >wife
and mother.
Mrs. Holman was preceded
in death by her parents, Ben
and Ellen Pittman; and one
brother, Winfred.
Survivors include her hus-
band, Charles B. Holman of
Graceville; children, Cindy
Adee and her husband, Don of
Atlanta, Keith Holman and his
wife, Holly of Bonifay, and
Donna Holman Meldon and
her husband, Dennis of
Graceville; her grandchildren,
Sehn Adee and his wife,
Teresa of Atlanta, Ga., and
Kasie and Hayley Holman of
Graceville; and her great-
grandchildren, Brooke,
Ashley and Carissa Adee of
Atlanta, Ga
The family will receive
friends on Friday, June 20
from 6 to 8 .m. at the
Williams Funeral Home in

:-o.:,g 2
Graceville, with Dr. Jerry
Windsor officiating. Burial
will follow at the Marvin
Chapel Cemetery.
The family wishes to extend
a special thank-you to the staff
of Covenant Hospice.
Flowers will be accepted or,
in lieu of flowers, donations
may be made to Covenant
Hospice, 4440 Lafayette St.,
Marianna, FL, 32446.
Williams Funeral Home of
Graceville is in charge of


e *
- -
* -



e *


* *

- *

* *

* me -


... .



.. . .


Congress lifts the federal bart on off-
shore drilling, oil companies might
, have a hard time persuading Florida's.
Legislature to allow their rigs along the
state's coastline.
Some GOP state lawmakers remain
skeptical at best about the idea of
drilling, despite the reversal by
Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, who
this week said he would consider it,
Among the' opponents: incoming
House Speaker Ray Sansom.
With gas prices hitting $4 a gallon,
Sansom said, he understands why Crist
would change his mind to back lifting
the federal moratorium on offshore
drilling. .
But Sansom, R-Destin, said he
remains opposed to drilling near
Florida's shores. He said he is not sure

that drilling will lower gas prices at
leMSt, not any time soon. As House
speaker, Sansom said, he would con-
vene a committee to ask the hard ques-
tions about potential gains as well, as
threats to Florida's economy and envi-
ronment. "What we don't want is to
.come back 10 years from now and say,
'Why did we move so quickly?'"
. He added, "This will be a very, very
defining moment for Florida -
depending on what position we take." *
Sen. Victor Crist, R-Tampa, said off-
shore drilling would be "a tough sell"
for him.
"I'm extremely skeptical; I don't
believe that it will change the .cost of
fuel," Crist said. "Currently, fuel is
priced on the open market; the escalat-
ing rates, I have been told, are not due
to the scarcity of oil, but to demand.
Oil drilled off our coast would be a
commodity put on the open market; it
would sell at the highest price, and it

might go overseas to other countries."
In other words, he said, "we may not
get any of it other than the cost of
potential problems associated with it."
Republican Rep. Kevin Ambler of
Tampa, who sits on the state tourism
commission, said he would be "very
cautious" about doing anything to
jeopardize Florida's beaches. .
Ambler raised concerns about allow-
ing nearby states to take a more
aggressive, risky approach to offshore
drilling that could jeopardize Florida's
coastline. "The idea of having a uni-
form rule is that you have a uniform
rule, and therefore you don't have to
worry," he said.
The governor got firm backing, how-.
ever, from Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New
Port Richey, who said he believes in
letting states decide their own fate
when it comes to drilling. Fasano.said
he also supports allowing oil compa-
nies to drill in the Gulf. But if oil is to

be found off Florida's coast, he said,
Florida should somehow share in the
economic reward.
Fasano also called for more federal
regulation of speculators on oil futures,
whom he blamed for driving up the
price of gas*
"I believe the federal government
should require these speculators to put
up a lot more of their own money if
they are going to speculate," he said.
"Right now they're putting up virtually
nothing, and ultimately it's the con-
sumer who pays the bill at the pump."
However difficult for the state's
Republicans, the drilling issue is uqify-
ing Democrats in opposition. Former
governor and U.S. senator Bob
Graham, state Chief Financial Officer
Alex Sink and all nine Democratic
members of Florida's congressional
delegation denounced the prospect of
allowing drilling off.


e. *
. .



e as am we - * *
a m

Copyrl hted material


Syndicated Content

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AP.Ipsos gol Mo sUy U Sa way tW rl

State Republicans divided on drilling issue

O~OrO -`Y ~L~I Orl ~ ~-' ~ 4--" ~-'-- r tr ~ CrOL~Y

.$...MORRIS "l"ILE

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Bush anare flod-werynr reidena he ish listeala~g

Humose leads

Hornets to win

Marianna All-Stars begin district play

Pictured are members of the Marianna Ponytails AII-Star Team, left, and members of the Marianna Angels AII-Star team. For the Ponytails, front row, from left: Front Row: Reagan
Oliver, Hannaih Spooner, Hailey Tew, Breanna Willis, Sheridan Dryden and Cheyenne Corbin. Back Row: Coach Frankie Gullet, Madison Gullett, Cai Carpenter, Jordan Hussey,
Coach Brandt Spooner, Faith Moore, Tamara Pope, Shaniah Spellman and Coach Mark Willis. For the Angels, front row, from left: Selena Ubias, h Temple, Amy Georhart,
Taniyah Robinson, Mya Stewart, Kaleigh Bruner and Valerie Sims. Back row: Carlee Wilson, Lexie Basford, Chaquisha Spears, Christina Johnson and ivia Hearns. Coaches- Joe
Hearns, Travis Bruner and Roger Wilson. The teams began district play Thursday night at Optimist Park. -- Mark Skinner/Floridan

set to



Crossword ......4B


Marcus Humose scored 20
points to lead the Cottondale
Hornets to a 48-41 victory over
Malone Thursday in Summer
League action in Marianna.
The Hornets blew open a close
game with a 9-0 run to start the
second half, then fought back a
Malone rally to preserve the win.
Leading 25-21at the half, the
Hornets raced out quickly to start
the second half, getting a bucket
from Dominique Webb, a free
throw from Terry Benbow and
two from Humose to take a 10-
point lead less than two minutes
into the half.
Humose added a 3-pointer
moments later for a 34-21
Cottondale advantage.
Malone countered with a bas-
ket from T.J. Smith and a three-
point play from Aaron Conrad to
get it back to single digits, then
cut the lead to just four on a 3-

pointer by Smith.
Smith scored again on a runout
to trim the deficit to two at 38-36
with 11:49 to play.
Free throws by Bellamy and
Humose pushed the lead back to
six, but Conrad answered with a
3-pointer to cut the lead in half
with 8:53 to play.
A pair of short jumpers by
Webb, who finished with 10
points, followed by a free throw
from Humose, put Cottondale up
48-39 with 5:45 to play.
The Hornets then played keep-
away with the ball, running the
clock and forcirig the Tigers to
eventually resort to fouling,
LaDarius McElroy, who led
the Tigers with 12 points, scored
with 22 seconds left, but Malone
was unable to get any closer.
"I thought we played hard,
allayed tougher than we have
been," Cottondale coach Chris
Obert said of his team. "We took
care of the ball when they pres-
sured and made some free

Cottondale's Marcus Humose, right, shoots over a Malone defend-
er during Thursday's Summer League game in Marianna.
Cottondale won 48-41. -Mark Skinner/Floridan
throws. summer contest with the flornets
"Malone is real good and very. June 5 and Malone coach Steven
explosive, so we just tried to Welch said didn't bring the same
limit their runs." See HORNETS, Page 2B >
The Tigers won the previous

1~ Ilr~ *"I~~ ~E*










Available from Coqmm2ercial News Providers



~o~ ChYrb+r~ stlr~ c~kR

t:.:~ b:~ rrb Slsy)rt T $ 1 ~

Copyrighited Materialr-

TV Grid Key: Numbers shown on the right correspond to "over-the-air" TV stations; Numbers to the left match the Comcast Cable lineup. .

6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30
2 @ The Early Show Chicago; Rihanna. (In Stereo) I Griffith Fam. Feud Martha Stewart The Price is Right I News E Young-Restess Bold & B. As the World Tums I Guiding Light (N) E Oprah Winfrey E News E News1 News1 CBS News
so (5:00) News E The Early Show Chicago; Rihanna.(In Stereo)1 Regis and Kelly The Price is RightI Young-Restless News Bold & B. As the World Tums E Guiding Light (N) E Rachael Ray (In Stereo) Oprah Winfrey E News E CBS News
so (S:00) News (N) Today RIhanna; Kim Myles.(N) (In Stereo) I Days of our Lives I News (N) Rachael Ray (IrtStereo) idontel WilliamsE Ellen DeGeneres Show Mlillonaire Jeopardyl News (N) RBC News
8 @ (5:00) News Good Moming America (N) E Regis and Kelly The View (in Stereo) E Judge J. Jim All My ChlIdren (N)1 One Lith to Live (N) E General Hospital(N) 2 Dr. PhlI(In Stereo) 2 Oprah Winfrey E News ABC News
toe Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Animal Ati Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Crossword Crossword DIvorce Divorce Judge A. Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Law Order: CI Judge Mathis 2 The People's Court I King-Hill Simpsons
11 @ Arthur E Curious Curious Clifford Super Dragon Sesaine Street E Blg World Word Bamey Teletubbs Mr Rogers Lions Reading Clifford Fetch Cyberches Arthur E 1WordGirl Super Curious News*Lehrer
7 SHOW wrase Nancoce The rwaght of ine Gour noon I "Kerse of Af," as poo61 Mahew Moninr. R 1 Dunne arewar **4 Woos) R Part web co81whom Bausin, A use Trp re andn" 4. Qual Be Nrsuary 0006) soon Pagg a wine of re armr ** laws; R
14NICK coaPt.real 00dPereni Sponge Dora BBCKyard GoDiege Pets Dora NIHao WubDay Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Drake Drake Draire Drate 0adPerenI OaaParenI Sponge Sponge
16 TBS Steveo-Bell Saved Bell Sevea-Bell Saved-Bell Fresh Pr Fresh Pr. Endno Man +4 (1942 Cornety) Sain Ast.n if Home imp IIome Imp Homejmp Home imp Jul Shool Just Shool Yes Dear Yes Dear King King SEinfeld I Seintela 5 Friends I Raymond
17 HB0 Nor nor sa is* Pan oem se e 09531- cnerry allis engag vo a, (20001Meg Byan he Fanant me Funous Tospo On (2006) I Rabdy0 Runde'a ". (20001 Dawla Anpane I "The Paducers e >.03105) Naman unre PG 13 I Nyor at me Muses
18 ESPN2 (5:00) Mike and MIke In the Moming Mike Golic; Mike Greenberg.(Live) I ESPN FIrst Take (In Stereo Live)1 LPGA Tour Golf: Wegmans LPGA College Basebalt NCAA World Series Game ll Teams TBA (Live) I Series of Poker NASCAR Horn
19 ESPN SporisCenter I SportsCenter E SportsCenter I SportsCenter E SportsCenter I SportsCenter I SportsCenter 1 Best of Soccer: UEFA Euro 2008 Quarterfinal -- Teams TBA (Live) Horn Interrupt SportsCenter (Live) I
20 CSS Mayhem in the A.M. SportsNlte (In Stereo) Fishing TBA Hunt PaId Prog. Phid Prog. Paid Prog, Pald Prog. To Be Announced SportsNite (in Stereo)
21DISN. Wiggles Bunny EInstelns Mickey Handy Tigger Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana Montana
22 MAX Onendeds to b 0993rPG I ad 5#ance ** 0007, Horror) R Hrs Pamor w++ RUD, Wan Mel Gibson |In $rereoER E Because ?.6050 ab 0007; Enare Feator. K Tre PWga p re 90s.0) ack FA-rdson AK X Upn Ra be Red ** 0006) PG 13 I disf
23 TNT Angei Darla" I Charmed (In Stereo) E Charmed (In Stereo) E ER "Ambush" I ER "Something New" E Las Vegas (In Stereo) Without a Trace E & Order "Remand" Law & Order Monster" Charmed (In Stereo) I Charmed (In Stereo) E Law & Order "Hubris"
24 Disc Trainer |Life Today J. Meyer Pald Prog. How-Made How Do Cash Cab Cash Cab Deadliest Catch I How-Made How-Made Urban Legends A Haunting E A Haunting I Deadilest Catch E. 11Takes a Thlef E Cash Cab Cash Cab
25 TWC Your Weather Today E Weather: Day Planner I It Could Full Force Weather Center I Weather: PM EdItion I
2 USA JAG "War Stories" E JAG "Webb of IJes" E Monk E Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: CI Law Order: Cl Law Order: Cl
28 FAM Sister, SIs. Sister, Sis. Sebrina Sabrina Step-Step Living The 700 Club E Gilmore Girls I Full House Full House Sister, SisjSIster, Sis. Sabrina Sabrina Full House Full House What 1 What I GIImore Girls I 8 Rules 8 Rules
29 LIFE Balancing Mamed Tne Nanny The hanny Golaea Golden Fraser E Fraser I Will-Grace hir-Grace Jr Had to Be You ab ('Olel Midlael Vanars .K Aurumn an key Four *L 120011) FranarrJ Osm Army Wives I Srin Sina Sun Stud Reba I REDG E
30 A&E Third Watch"10-13" E Crossing Jordan E Crosalng Jordan1 The Sopranos E Amer. Justice Cold Case Flles E CSl: MIaml (In Stereo) Crossing Jordan E Crossing Jordan E The Sopranos E Amer. Justice Cold Case FIles E*
32 SCIFI Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Jake 2.0 "The Tech" I Jake 2.0 "Training Day" Jake 2.0 "Cater Waiter Jake 2.0 (in Stereo) E Jake 2.0 (In Stereo) I Jake 2.0 (In Stereo) E Jake 2.0 "Jerry 2.0" E Jake 2.0 "Middleman" The X-Files Closure" Stargate At antle E Stargate SG-11
33 AMC "RefuelSn? AS@' ThS Lowe God? M (1869 Comedy) Don Knorte PG 13 I won V, Framea Agg"n (1971) Dor.Knous 8 'rne Snaiuest Gunn me War **6 0%8) Un Knons NR Gugley Down unoer **b (1990) Tort. Sageck PCr 13 Geroreno An timeDean LegEff E
so my Best Dance Crew Pn HTV (in Stereo) Sweet 16 Sweet16 Sweet 16 Sweet 16 America's Best Dance Crew Legally Blonde Legally Blonde The Real World 2 Tila Tequlia Dance
35 BET (5:00) BET Moming Inspiration, BET Now I 106 8 Paris BET 5 Top 10 Lrwe I 914 Carpet Rep me Runmay 08 I Top 25 Under 25 Somebody*Help Me pop7) Marques Housion Rep City 106 5 Para
as TooN Pokemn Pokema Bakugan BM 10 Johnny T Skunk Ful '8 & Manny's By Boagey Advenore"I2000 Tom & Jery Johnny T Jouny T Jonnny T Jonnny T Grim Coaename Johnny T SKurst Ful Lazio COLrage Scooby Scooby
39 HIST Save Our History I Modem Marvels E Modem Marvels E Modem Marvels E Modem Marvels E Modem Marvers E Modem Marvels E Modern Marvels E Modem Marvels E Modem Marvels E Modem Marvels1 Modem Marvels1
40 TVLND Night Ct. Designing Cheers E Just Shoot Sanford AII-Family Jeffersons Jeffersons GoodTIme GoodTime Love Lucy Love Lucy Leave Leave HIilblIlles HIllblilles Gunsmoke E Bonanza 1 Hogan Hogan HIllblilles HIIIbillies
43 CNN2 (5:00) Moming Express With Robin Meade Moming Express Showbiz Tonight Headilne News Prime News I
45 cNN (5:00) American Moming E Newsroom Your World Today E Newsroom The SItuation Room
45 cW (5:00) The DeHy Burr Lopez Lopez Steve Wlikos Tempt TBA TBA Cosby Cosby Roseanne Roseanne Degrassi All of Us What I Reba E Reba E Steve Wilkos Still Stnd Still Stnd
47 SPIKE PaId Prog. PaId Prog. PaId Prog. Pald Prog. TNA IMPACTI (in Stereo) E Disorderly Con. . Disorderly Con. Most Amazing Videos Most Amazing Videos Most AmazIng Videos Star Trek: Yoyager I Star Trek: Voyager1 CSI: Crime Scn
49 HGTV Urban Duvall WhatI Did Senslble Curb Decorating Challenge Homes Fun Shui 24 Hour House Curb To Sell Dime Dime Divine Blg Reveal Color Motor Mansions II If Walls What Get House Potential
so It.c Hi-!i E WIIbur E Bigfoot Bindi Baby Baby Baby Baby Jon & Kate Jon & Kate What Not to Wear I Younger Younger Baby liaby Baby Baby Chef Chef Jon & Kate Jon & Kate What Not to Wear I
998PEEC Monster Jam Fannula One Racing inside GP Autoline MotorWk Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Racing Across America (N) Pontiac World of Qutlaws NASCAR NASCAR Reclng: Sprint Cup NASCAR Racing: Truck Series Goor Go

6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30
2 O Fortune Jeoperdyl Ghost Whleperer E NUMB3RS "Brutus" I NUMB3RS "Killer Chaf News E Late Show-Letterman Late Late Show Extra E PaId Prog. Paid Pmg. Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog, Farm Rpt. Wall St Health Reel Talk NASCAR
3 e News E Fortune Ghost Whisperer E NUMB3RS "Brulus" I NUMB3RS "Killer Chat" News E Late Show-Letterman Late Late Show inside PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Watch Old House Hometime Vamum
so news (N) Fortune moment. Moments Dateline NBC (In Stereo) I News(N) Tonight Show Late Night Last Call Poker After Dark E Extra I Days of our LIves I Seniors Jeopardy! Paid Prog. To Be Announced
8 @ News (N) Raymond The 35th Annual Dayllme Enimy AwanIs E MVP: He Shoota News (N) Nightline Jimmy Kimmel Live E Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Judge PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Stargaze SG-1 I MaxImum Exposure 9 Homes Paid Prog. Wilson
to @ Two Men Two Men "Philor ollis "u (21101) Mark Wahlberg (In SIslea) News Scrubs I 70s Snow 70s Show Scruns I Seinfeld I Frienas I Friends I Paid Pag SeInterd I Pala Prog Pala Prog Paid Prog Pala Prog Peld Prog Delos 70s Show
11 @ Europe Served Wash Wk NOW Antiques Roadshow E Bill Moyers Joumal1 Charlie Rose (N) E Smiley Smiley Wash Wk NOW Blil Moyers Joumal I Carder "All Hands" I AntIques Roadshow E Old House Hr. Mama Wishbone
7SHOW "Pt#nmbon"M(501)BprWalhSolk.90-17 WeedsI Diary Penn Penn Boxing Jerse.Ganwas 4GeWast Gram abl2001ildesonSlemem "AnSUInclanadensaruf20m Sundayorner (2005) reseacts u(1904MecadayCulkirePG E
14 NICK Drake Zoey 101 H20: Exposed (N) E Sponge Sponge Lopez Lopez Home Imp. Home Imp. Fresh Pr. Frash Pr. Lopez Lopez Home Imp, Home Impj Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr. Cosby Cosby Roseanne Roseanne Ginger Phantom
16 Tes Raymond Maymond Raymond Raynond "tagfgWHe 0$%. Cam Dama) Adam Sander 5 Sea 8 Cay Sea & Cay War Rus'e r @001. Comedy) Roman A@mon. "See $):or Rurr"e (2001) (PA) Dawl Arquerre I Empo Man'u (1992 Comedy) Sean Aslift 9 "Cals
17 HB0 Afghtal018 MISallif Cherry HIIIs "FalatalFlabl0-Drif KIII legiar Wagain7thh (1880) b Gihsort R Cathouse Americarl Beardy"ette (1800) Kedn Spacey. Jim Norton Escessers Force ** (1993) W 8 Shrek "Truli"
18 ESPN2 NFL Live Boxing Boxing Boxing: Friday Night Rghts. (Uve) E Tyson's HIts Boxing Soccer: Euro 2008 Quarter Teams TBA Boxing: Riday Night Rghts. E Fishing Offshore Spanish R Rshing
19 ESPN College Baseball: NCAA WorkI Series Game 12 Teams TBA (Live) I Baseball Tonight (Live) SportoCenter (Live) I Baseball NFL Live SportsCenter (Live) E SportsCenter (Live) E SportsCenter E SportsCenter E SportsCenter 1 SportsCenter E '
20 CSS To Be Announced Kickboxing SportsNile (in Stereo) PaId Prog. PaId Prog. Paki Prog. PaId Prg PaId Prog. Paid Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Pmg. Paid Prog. Paid Prog, Paid Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. PaId Prog.
21 DISN Monians montane Coup andr(500s).IDe JangLE Wizards Wuarea Montana Sune Life Moniane So Raven Phil Replace Kim Emperor Dragon Proud Whiskers Maggie Mermaid Lile Stlich I.ile Stach Dooolebop Higgly
22 MAX (Mi Wear 04>"* 8 "FM m as'ue 9000 Don Cheese. WE "The Painor as 9000. War) Mel Glopon. Heein Ledger On Siereo) WE Coed "GH Rom 8 IK IN I'9001) Mr E Waler Dmp" th (2006. Acton) W Wasane"** W 0090. Romance) Flat an Re#od. WE
23 TNT Law & Order Narcosis the brigalf Yanfeek (200!i Coverly) Adam Sarder. E "Eller Wharatr e (2001. Acilan) Sistroll Seagal E "Silog QIulippe "He (2000. Asherilme) Ciril Eaelimoog. E "Bad@arne (1981, 4clion) Kurl RuBBAll, Wilem Gakhm. E "Deeparach"u (1885)
24 DISC How-Made How-Made Dirty Jobe E Man vs. WIM1 Man va. WikPSiberia Sur woman 2 Dirty Jobs1 Man vs. WIM I Man vs. WIM "Siberia" PaM Pag. PaM Prog. PakI Prog. PaM1Prog. PakI Prog. Pakl Prog. Fast Cash Paki Prog.
a Twc Abrams & Bettes: Beyond the Forecast Westher Evening EdItIon E Weather: Evening Edillon I Weather Evening Edition E It Could Full Force Forecast Earth Weather Weekend Out'>okI
a use L..order:es |Law & Order SVU Law & Order SVU Law & Order SVU House (In Stereo) I Action Sports I "DeatMan lthba"the0005,Dana)$usanSerand04 Wings1 PaId Prog. PakIProg. PaId Prog. Pald Prog. Law & Order SVU
28 FAM Grounded "5mpmom' e 0000 Drame).luta Roberts, Ed Hunts. 2 Funniest Home Videos The 700 Club I Whose? Whose? Pard Prog Paid Pag Paki Prog. Paid Prog. The 700 Club I Paid Pmg. PakI Prog. PaId Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. PakI Prog.
29 LIFE Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba E Reba I ThrattleHearf fa003) Tdrfl .8 Will-Grace Will-Grace Fraeler I Frasier I Golden Golden The Nanny Paid Prog. Pald Pag. Paid Prog. Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Paki Prog. PaId Prog. PakI Prog. Pald Pmg.
30 A&E CSl: Miami (In Stereo) CSI: Miami "Nailed" I CSI: Miami (In Stereo) CSl: Miami "Shaltered" Criminal MInds I CSi: Miami "Nailed" E CSi: Miaml (In Stereo) CSl: Miami "Shattered" Crimlnal Minds I New Explorers I Pald Prog. Paid Pag. Millions Paid Prog.
32SCIFI SlargeleSG-II Charialeaeiro DoctorWnopoire-w SlergeleSG*1K DoctorWholhilenal SlargaleSG-ll StargaIeSG-II StargateSG-II onbrBknfebp004Horror)KeelD@04 BamealarGauncucal PaidProg PsaProg
33 AMC -Geroraroug me use samers *** 9003, advenare) Tom cr use na Famuser **5 need HOMMI 08WI A 8 RS Oman ru 0970 Honor) Gregory Pack RI Danuan Onen r we W 096 Horrort WMam Haden RE "Jessedamer 0030)
34 MTV Best Dance Crew Pn MTV PremIeres (N) Tila Tequlia America's Best Dance Crew The deal World I True Life (in Stereo) True Life (In Stereo) True Life (In Stereo) True Life (In Stereo) True Life (In Stereo) X Effect Pn MTV Premleres
35 BET 106 & Park The Boot Comicview I "Hustle & Row" tti (2005, Drama) Terrence Howard a "Paper Soldiers"(2002. Comedy) Kevin Hart 2 ComIcview I ComIcview I BIk Carpet BET Inspiration BET Inspiration
as TooN Skunk Ful George "The Haundng Hour Don? Think Abdulif (2007) Chowder Flaplack Chicken Aqua Teen Metal Oblongs SquidblII Home Mission Chicken Aque Teen Metal Oblongs SquidbIII Home Inuyasha Mr. Men HIts
39 HIST Modem Marvels I Modem Marvels (N) 1 ice Road Truckers I Shockwave (N) I Battle 360 I Modem Marvels1 Ice Road Truckers I Shdckwave1 Battle 360 I Fast Cash Millions Pald Prog. Paid Prog. History IQ VIetnam
40 TVLND GriffIth Griffith M'A'S'H M'A*S'H M'A'S'H M'A'SW "Big Business"HW (1988) Betle Midler She s Got the Look Hogan Hogan HIIIblIlles Mad Abt. Murphy Just Shoot Designing Brady Leave Love Lucy She's Got the Look
43 CNN2 Glenn Beck Nancy Grace Glenn Beck Nancy Grace Showbiz Tonight Glenn Beck Nancy Grace Showbiz Tonight Nancy Grace Prime News I Glenn Beck Headline News
45 CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight I CNN Election Center Larry KIng Live I Anderson Cooper 360 I ( Larry KIng LIve Anderson Cooper 360 Anderson Cooper 380 Larry King Live Lou Dobbs Tonight Larry King Live Special InvestIgations
46 cW King King WWE FrIday Night SmackDown!(In Stereo) I Sex & CIty Sex & City Will-Grace WIII-Grace Bernle Bemle Cops I TBA Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog. TBA TBA
47 SPIKE CS1: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Son UFC Unleashed Ultimate FIghter: Top 20 Moments of AII Time MXC I MANswers Game Game Ultimate FIghter: Top 20 Moments of AII Time Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog.
49 HGTV My House House To Sell Potential Color Divine House House Get it Sold Parents To Sell Potential Color Divine House House Get It Sold Parents Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Millions Landscape Pald Prog. Pald Prog.
98 TLC Say Yes to the Dress What Not to Wear I What Not to Wear1 10 Years Younger (N) What Not to Wear I What Not to Wear I 10 Years Younger Say Yes to the Dress PaId Prog. Money Pald Prog. Paid Prog.* Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog.
99 SPEED NASCAR Racing: Sprint Cup Qualifying NASCAR Racing: Craftsman Truck Series -- Milwaukee 200 Trackside At...(N) Formula 1 Debrief (N) inside GP Pontiac NASCAR Racing Craftsman Truck Senes Milwaukee 200. PaId Prog. PaId Prog. Money Paid Prog.

Marianna Quarterback
The Marianna
Quarterback Club will hod
a golf tournament Saturday
at Cavern's Golf Course
with an 8 a.m., shotgun
start. The format will be
three-person scramble and
the cost will be $60 with an
option for mulligans.
Hotdogs and hamburgers
will be provided for lunch
after the round. The money
raised from the tournament
allows the quarterback to
continue its long standing
support of Marianna High
School football. For more
information, contact Rex

TorbGtrtatd850-d71e8 de
School Athletics
Grand Ridge Middle
School students hoping to
participate in athletics for
the coming year can have
an athletic physical Friday
at 1:30 p.m., at the Grand
Ridge football field.
Physical cost $10 and-
forms can be picked up at
the school.

Chipola Baseball
Chipola baseball Coach
Jeff Johnson will offer a
Hitting Camp for ages 13-
18, which will meet today
and Thursday. Cost is $100.
The camp will meet from 9
a.m. to noon. Call 718-

Chipola Softball Camps
Chipola Softball Coach
Belinda Hendrix will offer
several camps. Softball
Skills Camps for ages 5-12
will meet June.25-26, from
9 a.m. to noon. Cost is
$100. Softball Skills Camps
for ages 13 and up will meet
June 25-26, from 2 p.m. to 5
p.m. Cost is $100. Softball
Night Camp will meet June
23 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Cost is $20 per night. Call

Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons will
be offered for ages four and
up. Lessons are based on a
combination of nationally
recognized methodS-
file FOllowing sessions
af6 Scheduled: June 16-26;
Session 3; July< 14-24; and
Session 4: Aug. 4-14~
ClaSses are available at 9
a.m., 10' a.m. or 7 p.m.
Sessions are Monday
through Thursday for tWO
weeks of 45-minute les-
sons. Cost is $45 and pre- .
registration is required,
with a $5 late registration
fee. An Adult swimming
class will meet June 30-July
3, 10 a.m. or 7 p.m. Cost iS
$40. Infant and Preschool
Wimillitig lessons for cliil-
dren 3 and under will meet
July 7-10 and July 28-31
W1th classes available at 10
a.m. and 7 p.m. Cost is $30.
For information, call pool
manager Rance MassengiH
at 718-2473.

CABA World Series
The 2008 CAB A 18U
aluminum bat World SerieS
will be held July 27 through
Aug. 3 at the Cene Park
baseball complex in
Struthers, Ohio. Teams can
register for the World Series
If you need more infor-
mation, contact Ken Quinn
at 330-755-5676.

Sports Briefs
Send all sports items to
or .fax them to 482-4478.
He mailing address for the
paper is Jackson County
FlOridan P. O. Box 520
Marianna, Fla. 32447.

Continued From Page 1B

intensity on Thursday it did in
the previous meeting.
"It's one of the hardest
things to teach at any age, that
just because you beat a teant
once before, that doesn't mean
you're going to beat them
again," he said. "Cotton dale

USt outplayed us and wanted
it more. They played very
well, (played good defense)
and made some good shots.

10 Other Summer League
action Thursday, Mananna's
UtilOr varsity beat Malone 53~
50, then beat Graceville 56-
37. Graceville beat Cotton dale

Op rig h ed Materia

y n I CS 6 Onen

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as em -- w am.. em..- a ... -e em



.... a



- -


- - *

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- *




2B Friday, June 20, 2008 Jackson: County Floridan

SptOrts8 Be Brown set to rice 10m at Jersey Store


~tr, r

Jackson County Floridan Friday, June 20, 2008 -3B


TV Grid Key: Numbers shown on the right correspond to "over-the-air" TV stations; Numbers to the left match the Comcast Cable lineup.

6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30
2 O Care Strawberry Weekend Edition E The Early Show (N) (In Stereo) I Cake I Horseland Paid Prog. Paid Prog. NewsRa- NewsRa- Planet X Clubhouse PGA Tour Golf; Travelers Championship -Third Round.(Live) I News1 CBS News
3 O The Early Show (N) (in Stereo)1 Care Strawberry Cake I Horseland Sushl DIno Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. PGA Tour Golf Travelers Championship Third Round. (Live) I Paid Prog. CBS News
5 O Today (N) (in Stereo) E Old House Homeoin Jacob Dragon E Frlend PenguIns Veggle Jane Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Action Sports Baltimore. E Olympic Trials U.S.01ymplc Trials Pald Prog. NBC News
8 @ Pald Prog. Animal Good hloming Emperor Replace So Raven So Raven Montana Suite Life Rangers Rangers NBA Acc Pald Prog PaId Prog. Soccer UEFA Euro 2008 Quarterfinal Teams TBA. (Uve) Paid Prog Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog.
10 0 Mowell Pald Prog Psale Pinera Terries Turnes Sonic it I Dinodur OfDy W==H CluD 889Ehall P810 Prog 10pm Najnr 1101 Horror) DM] loranters Sports MLB Baseball C.:s.e. s.)e 1..4..5..: so D.:o.)v.- ... ( vo....Eli .51 AN ( .
11 @ Lions Cilfford Bob Bulld QulIting Sewing Sews Painting Garden Test Kitch lialy BakIng Food Sara Old House Ask This MotorWk Hometime Workshop Nove (In Stereo)1 Nature (in Stereo)1 Antiques Roadshow E
?SHOW (550s EmployeeolmeMon@I'u FadureroLaunch'ewl2006)PG-13.K Prede retl2007)Temer 14NICKNeutron Neutron OddParent0ddParentSponge Sponge BamyardMIghtyBTak Sponge Sponge Sponge OddParent0ddParentiCarlyEICarlyISponge Sponge Drake Drake ICarlyEICarlyEDrake Drake
16 TBS trio) cars & ear a :SeekoFRun n (2001) IPAl Data Arques I "Wnal 4tan BCP *** 0991) Bai Murray .1 Spangun 941 A nousekeeper works lor a chat and re: rourorl.: wds I PV ** 0006. Gomedd Rolars War are I Sea a City SEa & CGy SEmlela E Se.nlela E
17HB0 Train40tlets StorektheThurifersporP.Gwr.edy)POE MrBeans.ykupwe'sposi.)G Grace.Thermanses Warmac.rgeOver CnerryHills Resolveal:.asters0,,51,.,,..I Store4rrreThrees's12@71Pro WekeMar:rer.e'-UNGIPG
18 ESPN2 Ocean Beat On Lake Fishing Bassmasters (N) NASCAR Racing Bid Wars Bid Wars On the Auction Block Russo LPGA Tour Golf: Wegmans LPGA Thrills NHRA Drag Racing NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series
19 ESPN SportsCenter 9 SportsCenter E SportsCenter E SportsCenter (Live) I New York Auto Show L.A. Auto Show College Baseball: NCAA Wodd Series Game 13 Teams TBA (Live) E SportsCenter (Live) I
20 CSS Pald Prog. Reel Expedition Outdoors Hook Outdoors Size Pald Prog. To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
21 DISN Wiggles Spenes Bunny Tigger Mickey Mickey Mancy passion Higgly Cnarlie ."ma Que l:0021 undsay Lohan So Raven So Raven So Reven Life Dertic Lite Derek Sulle Life Suite onmens unineas Wazaras W.zards
22MAX "Thesessorr=einingAbourMarv'esentitalR H.&JIGIGF**(19 23 TNT (5?JO) Desceedo a Orwe Upon a Tme in use:o **912003) I Edu Wound a lief l Acar.) 514.e.1 ShipW M. Fra loor.860s me |19W) Stewan Seagal I "Solorer o' (1998 Seance Fr raord Fun Russell Operas (2005, 5-erge Fachool The Ro ss I four Fr. rnere (Jay
24 DISC Pald Prog, PaId Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Man vs. WIId I Dirty Jobs E DIrty Jobs I Human Hobbit Riddle of the Skull Before-Ruled Before-Ruled Raising the Mammoth Raising the Mammoth DInos-Retum
25 TWC Weekend VIew I Weather: Weekend Now E it Could Full Force Weather Center I Forecast Earth (N) E Weather: PM Edition
26 USA Pala Prog Paid Prog Pala Prog Paid Prog Burn Nonce I in Plain Sign: it in Plain Sigr.I in Plan Supr E In Plain Signi I " Data rrie House ** 003 Comeogj Ware Martm 50 ArsrDards ** 12065; Adam Sandler I heel
28 FAM sleastep slep-sren saDrina SaDrina Furi HOdfaG Phil House Groundea GrousldPO Au Rils ** 11999 I t):Tedy) Gregory M3rns n Au PA 11 o'' 12001) Gregory HBm500 1 95150 Yout Varce n 9004. Drama Hilary Duff I 50Poor, a w (19981 Jul a Ri Darts
29 LIFE Pala Prog Paid Prog Pala Prog Pala Prog Pala Prog Pala Prog PaId Prog Pard Prog feared 1201E Rorithreel Elimar. K Plaung f louse Iklu6) Colin Ferguson I. One True love a 120001 Daila Ruseardi I rm Airn Luct ***, 1010?) Mar.I. aP nor I
30 A&E Psycnic Cnild Gnostly Gnost Sell House Seir House House Sell House Fup his Flouse I Fi.p Tom House Ital K he Coreys 1 Psycnic Kid5 Die Hart ame 7 (1988 AChant Bruce W.His Alar. Riciarrain I The 4r.g.geneds Syrarra
32 SCIFI Paid Prog Pald Prog Pala Prog Paid Prog Orayer.5torm o':12004) John Rhys Dates a 1.ft)2 buiperase) Dame K.els. Uncleur124))$ H.)rror T.;nTl Hkrgy, Tony Todd draken TODiddi of [hO 060pikFM HorrDrl Eye or use Baker (20 I Ja.nes van Der Bean
33 AMC 1500) Jaces James" r+u I193.9) The Rentm ol Fr:mli James o's (19401 NR Hansas Rarners ** 1 (1950) NA ) Basel Ways Frrur Suntown et h l ip60) NR Aug an Ngrf o's (19681 Cassis Easrwoon PG 13 I The Las! Samaral eas (2003 Alventural Tom Cruce FI I
34 MW Made (In Stereo) Made (in Stereo) Pn MTV PremIeres Legally Blonde The Real World E America's Best Dance Crew Legally Blonde Once Upon a Prom (N) America's Best Dance Crew The Real World E The Real World E
35 BET (5:00) BET Mominginspiration Jordan Jordan Romeal E RomeoI E Soulja Access Brown TBA Beach Towel ToD 2!i Countdown E Blueprint Access 106 & Park
36 T00N Hits Skunk Ful George Chop Pokemon Pokemon Ben 10 Transform Bakugan Rob0?Doy Ben 10 Ben 10 George George Flaplack Misade of Choaaer Chowner Tutoo 4 Panar Rangers MDI 0 *'7 (19417, Amerrore] Squirrel
39 HIST Heavy Metel 2 American Eats E Wild West Tech E UFO Fileh E UFO Hunters I UFO Hunters E UFO Hunters E Gangland "One Blood" Gangland E Gangland Las Vegas. Sharp Shooters I
40 WLND Bonanza E GreenAcre Addams F. Leave Leave TV Land Awards '08 Love Lucy Love Lucy I Love Lucy I Love Lucy Love Lucy Love Lucy Love Lucy She's Got the Look She's Got the Look She's Got the Look
43 CNN2 (5:00) HeadlIne News Headilne News House Headline News Prime News E
45 CNN CNN Saturday Moming House Call Saturday House Newsroom Newsroom Newsroom Your Money Newsroom Special investigations Newsroom Newsroom This Week in PolItics
46 CW Dewrit Magi Tom Jerry Tom Jerry Cneolic 2 Spider Splaer Turiles Yu GI On Balman Dean Line Me I the Dead Zone 1 1)rop Dead Gorgeous"u (19091 KIriiIkil EfuflSI Lifl@8F.KA 80011 ** 42000 8nnany Mu.pily E Bernie Srin Stud
47 SPlKE Paid Prog. Pald Prog, Paid Prog. Paid Prog. The UIIImate Fighter The Ultimate FIghter The Ultimate FIghter The Ultimate FIghter The Ultimate Fighter The Ultimate FIghter The Ultimate Fighter The Ultimate Fighter The Ultimate Fighter The Ultimate Fighter
49 HGW Haulin Rescue House Spaces Ground R Renew Sweat Hammer Over Head Carter Can To Self Curb Save Bath DIme DIme Decorating Find Style Color Divine Deserving Color Remix Get it Sold Potential
98 TLC Pald Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog, Trainer Frst Home Frat Home Frst Home Frst Home Handyman Handyman Home Made Simple (N) Chef Chef What Not to Wear 1 What Not to Wear E Moving Up 1 Flip House Flip House Property Ladder I
99 SPEED MotorWk Thunder Formula One Racing Hot Rod Low LIfe Garage Star Mazda NASCAR NASCAR Race NASCAR RecIng: Sprint Cup IHRA Drag Racing World of Outlaws Rolex Sports Car Serles Racing: Mid-Ohio

6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30
2 0 Griffith Griffith NCIS "Grace Period" E Criminal MInds E 48 Hours Mystery1 News E 081: MIami "Payback" Cold Case (In Stereo) Qutdramn. Extra (N) (In Stereo) E Homeown Pald Prog. Paid Prog, Farm Rpt. Ron H. Pald Prog. In Touch-Dr
3 O News 2 Fortune NCIS "Grace Period" E Criminal MInds I 48 Hours Mystery E News1 CSl: MIamI "Payback" CSl: MIami "The Score" Pald Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Hometime Outdramn. Outdrsmn.
5 a To Be Announced U.S.01ympic Trials: Women s Gymnastics. E Law Order: CI News (N) Saturday Night Uve (in Stereo) 2 Poker After Dark E Star Trek (In Stereo) E Fearless Old House Hometime Seniors Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Health JenkIns
8 @ News Ital Raymona Garry Rodr (2008. Musical) Joe.lones. Kearin.lanas Prerr.iers [In Storeal News tral CSl: Miami Paybacis CSI Miami The 5.:.:..6 PaId Prog Pala Prog Jim Star Watch EDerl Animal R Animal Palo Prog Pain Prog Pala Prog Wilson
10 @ Music Mix Two Men Cops E Cops1 Most Wanted Auto Trader Network MADty (in Stereo) I Taliasnow Scrubs I thrassic Pant web (1983. Science Fmilarl) Sam Neill. Laura Dam Music MIs Para Prog 24 tir. Grere.:.1 I Spons Aqua Keas
11 @ Lawrence Welk Show Time Goes Keep Up Served Summer Vicar-Dbly Mlnleter Globe Trekker I AustIn City Umits E Nova (In Stereo) I Frontline "Young and Restless irtChina" I Wash Wk NOW Bill Moyers Journal I Sesame Street I
7SHOW "SchoollorScoundrBis"H(2006)ITV."FG-1T;..MracleaI.TVIII.nel Penn WeeasI Diary Penn "tleWIFIMs"H(2005)NRE "EradollfisCeraturirThesicryofirieRarriorses" "Prernonsors"w(2007)PG-17 EarinGen
14 NICK Drake Drake ICarly E Naked Dance Drake Lopez Lopez Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr. Home Imp. Home Imp. Home Imp. Home ImpjFresh Pr. Fresh Pr. Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseenne Roseanne Roseanne Rocket Phantom
16 TBS King KIng "Slaelif e (2005, Acton) (PA) Josh Lucas 2 "Mssen impossible we (2000, AcIlon) Tom Cause 2 Lelful Waspars"*n (1067, Acilan) (A) Mel Gibsort 15 'Msskn trpossag f ee (2000, Acilan) Tom C unse. E Dawson a Creek I Harvey
17 HB0 "mr Are asespearns *Coserturnisteerr at (2007) George Clooney Boning Ar-ire 8sno w Ath. Roo...auez Vior vendella (2000) A vigilanle fignis a landolgotrarnmart "tim Furr"(2007) Qnsly acddenIs racit a sieepr Brilish vilaga The laerl0ss"en j2000) RK Ter al
18 ESPN2 NHRA Drag Racing Counidn NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series Camping Wodd RV Rental 250. NHRA D ag Racing NHRA Drag Racing NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series L.A. Auto Show Fishing Orrahora On Lake Fishing
19 ESPN College Baseball: NCAA Wodd Series Game 14 Teams TBA (Live) E Baseball Tonight (Live) SportsCenter (Live) E Baseball Tonight (Live) SportaCenter (Live) E SportsCenter (Live) E Soccer Egro 2008 Quarter Teams TBA NBA SportsCenter 1 SportsCtr.
20 CSS (5:00) To Be Announced Boxing Pald Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. PaId Program Pakl Prog. PakI Prog. PaId Prog. PakI Prog. PaId Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog. Pald Prog.
21 DISN Montana Sulle Lile "SherlLWef we PG' E Cary Pninees ite Life uite Life Montana So Raven Phil Replace Kim emperor Dragon Proud Whiskers Barbarian Merrrigid LIlo Silich Lelo Switcn DooaleboD @ggrr
22 MAX (II30) "ATL"(2000) IM 7 Thint1ime My WW"nb (2007) Chrie RoclL "File IMs Nato Epes7 e (2007) Fr Coed Tameonr Jggle in ris.kagle" faR' TraIrrg Places"a (1983) Don Aykrupt R $L W te News Eyee re (2007) R' 'A Niss Selore Dying- em b (1991) OFIce A
Four Roles" W lagesfYad" wh (2005. Comedp) Adam Sarder 5 "Sptler aff en (2002, Aclion) Tably MaguIre. I "Doorst we (2005 Science Ficean) The Rock. E "Fire Com 85@#" a (1857) Sloven Seagal I "Anowe re Lar"* sh (19881 Sinven Seagal I
24 DISC Killer Ants1 Deadliest Catch When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions How-Made How-Made Deadilest Catch When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions PaId Prog. PaId Prog. maglcJack Paid Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. SIIm Money
25 TWC Forecast Earlh I Weather PM Edition Westher-History Evening Edition Weather-History Evening Edition Forecast Earth I Evening Edition Weather-History Forecast Earth Westher: Weekend Outlook I
26 USA (5 35) *Sneer thesisatiliame***sr (2002) E *Ruce Akagily"H% (2053).Hin Canay E Law Order CI Action Sports I Law & Oroar SVal WWE A.M Raw (NI I Bearer I Wings I PaId Prog Pala Prog PaId Prog Paid Prog Lan & Order SVU
28 FAM (420) SiguristlI'm W Paeral Tre"He (1858, Comedy) Lirldiley then, Dermis Quald. I Yoube Gor Mar ab (190B) Tom Hanka, Meg Ryart I Whose? Palo Prog Pala Prog Pala Prog Paid Prog Paid Prog Pala Prog Pata Prog PaId Prog Paid Prog Paid Prog
29 LIFE in& Worg"(2007, Comedy) KInsee Aley E "layFisdigs His Giller Wortlatf (200B, Dramet Army Wrves I Grey 8 Analomy I Desperate Housewives Pala Prog Pala Prog Pala Prog. Pald Prog Paid Prog Pala Prog Paid Prog Pala Prog PaId Prog Paid Prog
30 A&E 11000) TheAreamedesirer(2005, Science Ficion) Bertemin Bran E The Sopranos I The Sopranos I 'His Ardomeon Srrain"I2000) Benjamin Brait I The Sopranos I The Sopranos I Driving Orbing Fast Cash Pala Prog Pard Prog Pa.a Prog
32 SCIFI "We of as I.nei ntaid*(2005) Bruce Bolileliner. "A Sourntof Thuniter"A (201Mi) Edwara Buma Replor' e (2001 Honor) Eric Rotrons terriosal sh (1993. Harror[M Laud "Aberraggrf ab 11987, Morror] Simon Bossel Taulghl Z Talligni 1 Pala Prog Pala Prog
33 AMC She last Senanar'R *Aleader n (200s) Macedone a young 10ng Conquers man one known world R Hang Em agir us I1968) Cimi Easmona. PG-13" I lang Kong ub (1976, Fareasyl Jell Bnoges Joesice usagePG I. Man Men Planet of fe Apes **** 11968) I
34 MTV The Real World I Legally Blonde Once Upon a Prom America's Best Dance Crew True Life (In Stereo) True Life (In Stereo) Tila Tequlia Pn MTV Premieres America's Best Dance Crew En MTV Premieres The Real World I
35 BET 106 & Park Thank me Meet Sreaser(2000 Carneed I Prestr(1994) A noy tries to escape his 36 T00N Lazio Courage George Chop Nardo (N) Naruto (N) Ben 10 Samural Inuyesha Inuyasha Bleach (N) Death Geass Shin Chan Inuyasha Insyasha Bieach Death Geass Shin Chan Inuyesha Inuyasha Mr. Men Tom Jerry
39 HIST Modern Marvels Lead How the Earth Was Made Geological history. I How LIfe Began I How the Earth Was Made Geologica history.E How Life Began I Paid Prog. Fast Cash Paid Prog. Pald Prog. History History
40 WLND Bg Sussiess w'4 (1988) Bene Miolar "CII ck"HN(1980) ChevyChase. She s Got the Look Mad Abt. Mad Abt. Mad Abt, Mad Abt. Mad Abt. Mad Abt. She a Got the Look Mad Abt. Mad Abt Mad Abt. Mad Abt. Gunsmoke I
43 CNN2 News News Me Nancy Grace News News Me Nancy Grace ShowbIz Tonight News News Me Nancy Grace Showblz Tonight Nancy Grace Prime News I News News Me Headline News
45 CNN Lou Dobbs This Week SpeclaIinvestigations Larry KIng LIve Newsroom Special investigations Larry King LIve CNN Saturday Night Larry KIng Live This Week at War Larry King LIve Special investigations
46 CW WIII-Grace Will-Grace King King Cheaters (In Stereo)1 Cheaters Cops I Sex & City Sex & City The ShIeld I The Shleld "S1ipknot" Paid Prog. Pald Prog, Paid Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. TBA TBA
47 SPIKE The Ultimate Fighter The Ultimate Fighter The Ultimate FIghter (In Stereo Live) The Ultimate Fighter (In Stereo) MXC I MXC I Paid Prog. PaId Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Comfort Pald Prog.
49 HGTV My House House To Sell Deserving Color Divine House House Color Get it To Sell Deserving Color Divine House House Color Get II Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. PaId Prog. Pald Prog. Paid Prog.
98 TLC Moving Up I Flip House FIIp House Trading Spaces I Moving Up (N) FIIp House FIfp House Trading Spaces I Moving Up Moving Up I TraIner Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Pald Prog. Hair Club Fast Cash Pald Prog. PaId Prog.
99 SPEED Rolex Series BMW Test Drive UnIque Whips AMA Racing Edge Perform Paint SuperCars Unique Whips Unique Whips Star Mazda IHRA Drag Racing PaId Prog. PaId Prog. GP2 Series








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4B Friday, June 20, 2008 Jackson County Floridan



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Javelin '94' Bass boat Nash 2004 5th wheel M- Holiday Rambler '02, dle- Yamaha 02' Zuma Scoot- Pontaic '84 Trans-am 49' Refer, trailer, 2 side Dodge '04, 1500 Quad
377A 150 fast strike, 24-53, 1 slide, impres- sel pusher, 2 slides, er. 6400 mi. 125mpg, a ram air hard top con- doors, roll up back cabExcellentcondition
trailer. $4750 334-596- slve condition and outside ent. center, Windshleid & luggage vertible, 2 sweater. Very door, quick start, used 60K, Auto, $11,995.00
1694 equipment, W-07 Sll- loads of extras, no rackexcel, cond. 51600. :--.--- rare car $6,500 334-792- for cooling produce, ex- Please call 334-774-
verado available for to- smoke, no ets, 38K 850-352-4723 4100or334-618-9101. cellent condition, new 75690r334-432-0533
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$4500 080 334-794. parts. $3200. 334-726- option). 104k mi. 2WD. Power brakes,
5511or334-798-5936 Montana 2005 Sth Wheel, 5424. Immaculate cond. 5X10 UTILITY TRAILER Power steering, A/C,
4 slides, king bed, ex- Harley Davidson '06 Dyna Chrysler '04 Crossfire. Lexus'00LS-400Black $5,800. 334-677-7748, Excellent Condition AM/FM, rebuilt engine,
r 1 cellent condition. Wide Gilde, Glacler Yamaha 07' V-Star. New Greyded6-s8d. 6- 1. 48K. 46,500KmbLoaded, 334-803-3058. $550850-890-2230 runs wel low miles,
500 080 850-547- g te e rlne6-s d. 8mddd mes th G at con 7 33n4t leat e 7 ONoro ,0 Pontiac '01 Bonneville, 90' Ford F350 truck 460 g .a{07c4n $2500, 334-
Moniana 02' 5th wheel Bxacakunst9addleg e t 3 33Cdit any 596-1810. 334-714-1142. iteve6-cycleacn glo dk t 11104 ,s is ba-
camper, 32.5 ft. 2 Rack. 2 rs left on ext @< classifieds... cond. $5000 080. 334- sis via Sealed Bid open
- sildes. mounted s ace warrant Bike is flaw; Yamaha 2003 YZ125,, 2 -'M Seewhatit'sail 791-1604. 6/12/08. Call 850-594-
healer. new 4000 nan less. $17,500. (334)494- stereo ec noditircuit p about! Pontiac '06 GTO, 6.0, 6001
: mean at$ Skw/OBs e8 Four Winds 5000 '00 4784. 34-726-3842 400HP 24,000 miles, DELIVERY TRUCK. Diesel
Hunter 2004 306, ike new 593-6946 white, Auto. 8-cyl. Yamaha 2005 Raptor 660, -. 2 0 80n o3w5 r le egaate.r .eT18

o w k e ,o 20 Ppop7 "pgaamo tr0a3s 4-6707 3738ours, 3752 850 557 6666 4 73934-7917d34-797-

3 L 90 o 03s t 1h Hpoh3 nt Y m a3d00 V- t tt 6K Fr I er 97 6 e .es Du 6 ,
Jayco "08" Eagle 5th Detectors, Awning, 793-5621 or 334-797- (81 397-7146Cell 59000. 850-638 190 850 haust.Bed CoverRal-
wheel, 291RLTS, 3 Booth Dinette, 6 Cu. 1463leavemessage LEXUS 02 LX470, Pearl 5-'721N Is.Foot Rail $18k 334-
slides, with covers, Foot Refrigerator with .. . -- White, SUV. Auto. 8- 790-4509.
el ricfo Tthq EIFeeterzceoni6ionGNatoe" 515 ydal rh! Fo'b4 WDGr to onmdi G 15 06a n .ss Dodge '00 Ram 1500 xcab
sons334-791-4192 Hr b er32anGal n Harley-Davidson '06 $24,985,334-798-5271. .1 523500. Call 080 Cnaeir335447Kj5 500
Jayco '03 camper, 34 ft. 2 let, Sink & Shower, 25 FXDI Dyna Super- 2004 2 YAMAHA Wave Lexus '95 LS400, runs Pontiac2001GrandAM, Volvo '97 du truck W
Gheenoe'0513ft.01ive, deneouts e nteT t G n22 G oew er nr Bleuae, imne r stroke e .e orkp 6N5s ne ARMdF RRAC, ACleC 64, tri-axiemlp6 ft. body Dodge '00rRTK i $8 0
Sc ni n -t r kh f lafron$19 De0w Wo T n s, H t5d shield, 6-sptd., 1135 2ap9k $13 000 for both ) 792-4100 or 618- $4,200.334-792-7814 tor. s d2e R swl334 n 080. Call 334-714-5940
Li8k5e0N5e .-273t0 080334-793-0021. UR irB on k0e547eb0$d3,895, C4rovtehttea co i Mazda 04' RX8, 62,000 190R5 CJDi 2772or334-671 32 Foc7il 855MBro o,33 5 -
Chagarral '84 198XL 185 nace; Microwave Oveo, TRANSPORTATION rub red, new tires & miles. Runs great. Boria & 28 ft. inclosed hawl- 1850
Evanrude with Traller Oven with 3 Burners 7 bat ery recent tune up Cat-back exhaust. Take er. many extras. 334- MO$
$4000.334-693-9360 Persons, Queen-size g $16,500 850-332-0065 or over mts. $19k owed. 355-0298. At led
Bed & Mattress, 7,41 a' 850-55 -6199 Camper shell, one yr. old.
Bass Tracker 2002, pan- (Gasoline), 5 Kw LPG Fits F-150 '99, Black
fish, mercury 40HP, Generator, Trailer CorvetteConvertible93* Mercedes 2005 St 5008 Like new. $600. Cal
ed. $6400 334-794- kingar d yANon6 alh r 70 me so 2 'a I doey, 334-347-2717.
Tires, Brakes, Catalytic call 334-712-1531 5 EROUS N Q UIRES Vestil, new 6'X30' pro-
FI wu dm e and2 u0 ea 17 3 H aminDav}adse VROO AII fl0biles c unu

29 243 9 11 Bla- F ns '08 Chateau ne bra LOOK dd3e c anen 7nura R 9 0
spoor ho ssChCa si 6.0 Hadey-Day dson 2001 ASurad. C raun be ac D n 7 sann uu]r E O OBpELIE .4 Fol onCuts tIo d5
'95 Hunter 23.5 sailor w/ c 550 Kok 0 p ug u tt m or,2,03n sitored 5950 714- 15onnoC.114-512- id or e58d500gr t 791086
Ok .... 2-36n iries only. 334- el- .bl k rims DoF 8,92 e 5040 M 1 d e taoSI. 98 e to., sunr 5,
89' SeaRay 160 B/M/T Ford 1991 Class C, rebuild BMW '04 Sedan Md# 525i beautiful ins e & out, call(334)389-3071
50 05B206 el. Condi- F o i 4 9630 02 w loog.. vper, d Fo 40 34 t u9r S C 4no 12S9L00.ow
2BR, Great cond., Fleetw3o9o 24)0s2id sc33 9276 or 334-393-5829 mileage. Ca I 33d-774 Toyota '07 Sequoia, Gre
Call2 910 01168. ,0 e3 618-e6 7 nice H rley-Davidson 2002 / le r eric d n 8E-320 e k tmi.s ta m cl vro hi 5 51500
883 s ortster, drag 7974 78Korg.mi. nitewell warranty. Great cond' 27,200 mi., AM/FM CD.
MIlilllllllHilgIlllMil DamonIntrilder00* bars, forward controls, mainianned.naveall $26,900. Call 334-726- Dual Zone A/C, Clotn* Crew, Aut 4WD
anna 35ft.ClasfAdesion. 2 seats. 16,500k miles. Cad.IIac 94 Fleetwood servicerecords 4818;797-5083 Tow pkg, Alu Whis, 14,000 mi.othrome
98 Coach Santa er.V-10,27,917K2 $4500 334-692-3079 aft- Bghm, save, 150k me.. $11,990.334-596-2077 $15,950 obo, Call 334- 'edition. Warranty
ft man ra' slides, 2 AdC, 2 TV's er 5pm, leave message $4200, w/ scooter cha.r. . Toyota 2007 Corolla CE, 774-6869. 100k mi. PD 52K. Like
60B Rf I Ih W g t rm2H H riety 1 onof'94xtrU 8 0 56 j 677 F DelT/tTA UdSit ',90 33m br 74 x rd e $63249, 00. Call
$13,900 080 687-8169 hydraulic levelers, 5 n or & chrome. Must see. Cadillac '95 Deville, fully fully loaded V-6 $5,000 engine, new tires, ve
334-703-3138 rear ueens, sleeps to $53000 $9,500.334-798-4346. loaded pearl white, 080334-688-5156 - Toyota '99 Camry, ood cond., $4000, Ca Ford '99 F-350. Enclosed
6, leat er power cap- 334 6-47116 new tires, cold A/C 109,558 mi., 4-cyl auto, 334)796-4312 service, truck. $8,000.
76 Skeeter with 79 Mer- tains chairs, base. Harley Davidson '98 1200 58,000 miles, 21-23mp Ford '05 Mustang GT* ,- PB, PS, CD, sun-roof Call 334-774-8731 or
cury 175. Fully restored ment model, great Sportster 13K mi. Many $4000 080 334-71 white, 5 p., Interror up- plus more. Greeit A/C. 797-5130.
must see $3600 day shape, all manuals, Damon Dae Break 01', extras, customized 3950or334-618-1886; rade p 6 disc cd* Runs well. Great cond. go,4,gfy
334-798-4156 after Spm service records, Class A, 15.228K, 2 AC, Manual, Maint. man. ctory arm, 24K mi., 791-1920.$7,500. Ford '04 F150 Fx4, Super
334-691-4542 $32,000. 850-762- Lgslideoutex.cond. $4,300.334-984-2044 Cadillac '96 Fleetwood, exc. cond., $17,900 obo, Cab, 6-disc CD, 68K mi.,
3865 $42,500. 080. Please Broutgham Edition, 22" (334)794-7837671-1735 Mercury '00 Grand Mar- Volkswagen 05' Torgua- $16,000, Call (334) 897-
34 ft. House Boat, Sleeps call334-585-2731 Harle Davidson '99 Wide rims, exc. cond., 78K quis, white w/ blue in- reg, Gray w/saddle inte 0582
6, good cond., asking Gli e, Custom Chrome mi. asking 56400 080. g -- sq terror, clean inside & rior, 40k miles, top of
$12,000 080, Call 334 e Damon '96 Daybreak & Paint, sharp, $9000, Calit334)379-5118 out, 85K mi. Looks & the line, sun roof, V8 Ford '05 F-250. 50k miles.
792-1079 or 334-118- Motorhome. 31 ft. Call(334)596-1694 drives like new w/ optiondual climate air, Asking $10,500. Call
9054 Clean, ss 6. Great Cadillac 98 EIDorado. En- I Michelin tires. $6,300. heated seats, automat. 941-268-1128.
cc dollfo334-79-W129whl ELL BI9dn 90it 0 u3sdniq ireosr o 14 ar/ u sh o C yr 98 /
Chevrolel '92 Sprinter, 20 0. Call 334-714-9819- Ford 'OS: Mustan GT air bagswindo w asiting $9995 080. 334-
ft. self contained Motor Harley Daysidson '99 light blue, black eathel Mercury 03' Grand Mar shades for ack seats, 790-2364,334-793-1005
.. Home. Great for camp- Night Train, 80 evo intibdpremium sound, qus GSg1 owner, like and rear air. $ 23,800 Chevrolet '06 Z71 4X4,
odWe3s p 2rtsi e FI 0,h3 2 shing. t 9090, 2 er229c IRoEDUCED s ,8 000 j k mi de/ t 43701-8555/334-685- ew, SI erDpDK .d
a kitchen, floors' Allegro '86 28ft. Motor 24110r229-726-8603 334-588-3400 482-8416 ClaSSified cond warrant y,
30ft. Hunter Sail Boat, 7 m 3db -01 4,000 Hodmor ptnew MoUn Fdcto07 Focus, 2 M urwal Se beerstall Advertising si800, Call 334-299- Ford '02 F-150 74k miles,
turn key Lve Aboard* 2007 Tent Trailer, sle s SEE! $12,500. Call 334- options, I ke new, power, ow miles, exc. YOWS0WCO excellent condition,
g at kend a eest 6, A/C $6700, Call 3 4. 792-80180r792-8827 34mpg. Asking $12,800. d 500 FIRM 334- 10Selling and besdolid hdte 1
Pt. Saint Joe, Lgr $18K 421-1525 Airstream '93 34 ft. deisel Cadillac Seville 97', STS 3C0a ohn at 334-477- buying! 334-sas-isso
OB0, Call 850-22V-4034 20a0 9fT i i e3 $ OK33 792 %79t'ond. m, 08.x n7t3k t Ford 2002'r usrus nd Me n ig Vo o 73Vk mi lure

(334)6 7-3827 34' Allegro, 1990, 37,000 334-7924919 81ean.44 200. 080. serious inq. only,3334- w/manual shift ourion,
miles. New tires/ex- Honda 03' Goldwingq2 Camper Top for F-350 Ford, (334)726-1215 691-7332or685-2269 dual air climate contre. -_. gggggag*
2006 cusj Apa semdd uds 1boTokagBOP3 ar C rr tyc aln" $650. 334-347-0415 or 334- Ford 2005 Mustang,. V-6 Mercury '99 Grand Mar- memo a seatsdid sD f Ford 05 F-250
{,,- me ths perfe& for lake 565-3160/504-0223 Back rest, trailer h 806-7578 deluxe edition 28k quis LS, white, exc. leatherremaming 100 Che 9 04 Ava anene 271. Orl road agic ware
'ogtJr"? n cis't" 5 sta:m322ood e at tx E$nci4-drri bning w ro Md$52 OmpgO C 1 w0 r355/331 050,6233 le nK 1 errn uning Ce
your lot, ready to & ou Good cond. 96K $14,250.334-692-5577 334-793-9758,797-9755 . . $17.00u call 134 677 CAD, 15,000, m les.
2001 FISHER 170 HAWK 1944- 900. BO HO Ae'06 V7TX0 1 DesC $3 7903-708B90 or trade. Ford '64 Thunderbird, Mercury Grand Marquis 3113 797 5341 oded e dowe s eerr

2 er 6 20 me 3u s Fo8 4 ad 1 Ne .1 Os 1 19 CAeDdAU. r .

2 020023'ohAquas0pcort, $7,500.334-37-1039 1997FotirWindsClassC, H4nd Oli31Rdnglerl3502 I ,4-dr^ naut, KM ieCooCr 0 Coonade 8nt7i s 00 229-334- Se0527f35\.6500. Call
Runne G coledan 2004 Dutchmen Classic 31 ft, A/C, stove, micro- hours, like new $3500 top. $189p5. 334-687. Immaculate. $18,000.
tion. $15, 500. Please 35ft. 2 slides.1V. bath, wave, fridge, sofa, di- negotiable 334-701- 1363. 334-596-2692. --WIL Ford'OOF-150Lariatwlin
satellite. WID hookup. nette. $24,900. Call 334- 0151 brushguara.103Kms.
call334-791-2509 Exc. cond. Like new. 791-1450. Ford '97 Crown Vic, a chevy Colorado 05 $9,000.Call334-693-
$17,500.334-671-0312. Honda 2003 VTX 1800 Chevrolet '80 Corvette white, police intercep- - Crewcab, 30K, facto 5454,Ieavemessage.
Black Mtotocle. Gar- Maroon, Auto. 2 WD tor,$1600,334-805-7857 raa to, P PW DL, Ford 79' 7100, runs good
800PO m es. Shoa poroom Power brakes, runs Ford '97 Taurus LX tonneau cover, running $1200 080 call 850-209-
I ci condition. Backrest / well, low miles, very $1,500. 080 Good cond. boardssprayinliner. 2614
2003 Keystone Cougar Ig lugga e9ack w / ba at33 on1d4 Serviced.334-793-2211 or313 79051-5132394-792-2938
5tn wheel, Series 276 a que detach win 3608or334-714-3609 Ford Taurus, 119,000 Cadillac'68DevilleRed,
EFs. 28 ft. wI living shield. $8700, 334-445 miles, V6, $2600, Call Convertible.$8500, Chevy '95' ext cab, 4X4
room shde. Great cond 6933* (334) 899-8448 Iv. msg. Mitsubishi'06 Lancer 02 334-774-9243. loadedt lots of chrome,
513000. 334-702 8267. RallyA/CPower aluminum wheels.
.19 pH MDgk o leaveamessage- 1989 Gultstream RV, 23 Hone riRancF r 2LWDNo.- WinDaof .DolorI ks. 54500.334-191-2609
stainless steel pro ft., new generator, 0000 850.209..14.37 r I 1 Finarian A add31eWAC Cne v v 1 9 8 2 5 I 0
9passengersDept 2002 35' DUTCHMAN 42d000 miles, $8,000. 9 pacelseae. 5500 080
findertrollinbgmotor, 5TH Wheel, 2BD C 1229-243-9338 Honda Ran..ner 2 WD w HD 01 Chevy 2500- Nke, Calja a 333d 7 j021 334-4.160805 =---- - *

8 -4 8 00 dn2d oel, '0 ass A dn o1c 0 new he 1 CD. 4 WD c.r FO ChfD
or334-596-4170. dollehe & all furnishings 51.100.1 ke new, etc rass18.000.850-59 Financing Ava labl WAC.

199h6it a ut ucek. ed 1 0 aT 3ed et ) or 3d4)7 84 45-4304 AuBt mi 0 sor 5 ngB Ar Cr 05 5.IveradoCr. w r la on 3 4 771 I 021o
go n i2t5n. Call Cl 08 merilite Travel Trailer K d aK 0 t3e 1 aOd ree. F. rd I I a

199tar M ermCm culaPtreo t ed FU d id Gr a 59400. Mitsubishi '92 3000 GT (334)793-5534 Che 2 whSi edado Ctd cond. $5500 850-594
t00s00m ccCenories 00, asking $10k 850- 'OHa ta 1R,00 a Call334 695 0361. AWda. a 5 Spoo 3 ver 71k mariv .7250
334-794-9766/790-9422 $19,500,33+648-2425. Chevy 06' Silverado LT Honda '05 Civic EX Spe- PB. PS A C. AM FM man-m 334-701-3453
'08Tritonl8ft.Explorer 2005 CRF 150 F Honda Crewcab. Exc. cond. eE5dit 3F Pemirl stereo leather inter.or. .r:-a- Chevy '07 S.Iveraao.
w/115HPMercury 5 good condition, ver Loaded $17,500 850- $13,500,9198442586 Runs well. very clean. ----- ureysione Metalliac.
Optimax.71poundmotor low mileage, $2,000 209-4447 Greal Snape 510.500. 35,500 ml, warranly.
uide,480GPS/fish 687-3275 of 850-625- Honda '05 Civic Hybrid 334-?94-7820 like new. $22500, 334-
fnderstainlesisteel 3965 < C vyd.'OC7rim n RE Gold, 33,000 m.Ies -"..r 4320900
$18fr 03R 5 2nor gg 871 I peKas an o Kawasaki '06 ZX-10R h erov yni nd.ji8 1.mog P,.. Cnev 57Bel adoor, C vyca04 I eradooad
334-790-1346. read include helmet, k, More cl3. 3 00 334- 96-9929. Honda '88 CRX 5-sp dQ C d u 1 r r A g 59.750. Call 334-

0 coa s1 io $ 34-G 7aa24cond., Ch 4 eC or e ml700. SC d cona. Ri 16 5 lK Chevy '07 Silverado LT Ford'07F-1504x4
apx hi3 I WCnnebe Brave ............... Ka abiu ,oA 0 -u68 9 8 Je5 Gm tsdd eHr ee. Mitsubishi Ecil so ELL o >.2T76
32750r856-625-3965 35k35di., Alcoa wheels, all( 4e,333-2988 Chevy 2005 Cavalier. Tan, $15,999.0BOPlease GTV6,LoadedItr,6disk Chevy 06' SIIverado LT Condition.S31,500
new tires. gen.. jacks. PS, P am/fm radio call360-460-8208 cd, htd seats, fin. avail. Crewcab. Exc. cond. obo.(334)48B-3364
$33,500obo.522-3564 Kawaski '07 Mean Streak w/cd la er. 53,284K- $17900.,John 334-797. Loaded $17,500 850. 'ViewPIcs@www.
506 Seabreeze Class A 95, ecial Edition. Under $6,500 all 334-671- Jeeb95NRCoG es4ec 0420orJason714-1601 209-4447
good condillon new Od lesb t0rasd 4214or334-596-0214 system, 139k miles' Nash '59 Metro olitan chevy 04' Tahoe Z71,
Work -n- Play 2006', 28ft, carpet & bath fixtures (334)899-4247 $6500 080, 334-797- Parts Car, $67 Call Burgandywl beige
Bu pull toy hauler, 64,900 mile. $25,500. 3802or334-797-8145 (334)790-8283 leather, 83k miles,
sI 8,Exc.Cond. 850-547-3431 Harley '03 Superglide POLARIS '01 S ortsman steering wheel con-
,800. 080. Please Anvsy, BIk / Chr, 7000 90cc 4-Whee er $800 t Nissan '02 Pathfinder SE trols, 3rd row seating
call334-598-2675 G1r2700c CR 334-616-7816 WELL tadddw20 tl .4{: Ford '66 Mustang, Con- wdsenterdb kae a\sN
Sprinter 1999 Sth wheel 334-798-5271. Polaris 90cc '06, green chevy'94Camar0, 0053 vertible. 4-spd. 8-cyl.* dash, power seats, rear
27ft, with slide out Great cond. $1,650. Cal Blue.Sedan.5-s G. 4 4, runs well, very clean* air controls
room, fully loaded with Harley Davidson '00 Heri- 334-726-7516. 6-cyI.2 WD Los ed Nissan '05 Maxima SL, Great cond., $22,500 080, $ 1 6, 8 0 0 3 3 4 7 0 1 -
new hitch. $9500 334- tage softtall twin cam, PowerDrakes.Power fully loaded, exc. cond., CalL205-873-9024 8555/334-685-6233 Ford 99' F350, XLT, good
805-3058 blue& silver, rd radio. SUNF 2008 50CC, moped, steerin .CD.A/C -a I owner, $18,500. OBO cond., am/fm stereo
lots of extras, $12,000 street legal. $800 334- runswel1.nealires Calli334)714-1671 ,,. Chevy 2004 1500, 4x4, c.d., power door locks/
Prowler '04 5th Wheel. 25 334-671-4281. 793-5248 T-Toos. Very clean regular cab, lon bed, mirrors/seats. 7.3 turbo

. In x le5, O R-f I ONoad dTr -LI 2 H ey Deskicsu7o'05se S K 1 0 'OL1, B Gr) to 03 000. 3B7 03061 000 s IK,334-1 0007029 lease OBe0se21 6 1,0k00.
Ilke newl Include's navi- custom shocks, blue in $5500. 334-470-0237. I Dodge 05' 3500 Quad Cab Ford '97 F150 XLT Super
Pilarim 05 5th wheel 30 nation system. Priced at color. Excellent cond. Chew '96 Caprice 4-door, JEEP Wrangler '00, yel- Oldsmoblie'78.Needs Dually. Cummins Turbo Cab, Triton V-8, dia-
ff. super-silde must see 562,500 080 334-616-6508 Only 1600 mi. $5600. SUZUKI70cc whlte, burgundy Int. 1 low, 5-spd. 6-cyl. 4 WD-, minortuneupandclean Diesel, 69k miles, CD, mond plate tool box,
floorcelan, new cond. toseel call334-672-4622. DIrtBike$225 owner, exc. cond. 129K 45,000 miles, Poweri up.Call334-347-5384 Cruise, $20,500. 850- bed IIner, bed extender,
34441-San $13,750. Call Lexington 2006 29ft,3 Harl y-Davidson 2000 334-616-7816 3m041.$4,750. 334-886. rakeCs PAo rAMt/eFe or334-447-3237 Fold '68 F100 step side, 06-529 W31days, eyes. e -4201 6H 07 334-
slides, full body paint heri e soft-tall, pearl Victory 1999 1500, SK runs well, low miles, Plymouth '68 Fury II. great shape. new motor
Outback '06 31 RQS Load- 11K miles. Ilke new. white lots of chrome, American made bike Chrysler '90 New Yorker Fair condtlon 10,000, 6" Runs, but needs work. 18K mi. black, MSTA Dodge '01 Ram 1500, Ford '47 Sedan w/ sul-
ed $16,900 080 334- $62,900 more Info 334- extra seats. $15,000 $6000 Firm 334-618- Exc. Cond $4200 334- IIft, procomp 35's 334- Make offer. 334-447- $6,000. 080 334-671- pick up, $3,700. 334- cide drs, race project,
618-4501. 703-2500 334-693-0540 8457 806-2404 701-0338. 9152, E 3772. 685- 9211 $650 ea, (334) 790-828'I

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FOD '06' F250 XL, 4WD cy.
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Nissan '05 Titan, white,
Crewcab SE 4X4 off
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loaded, chrome, 2 many
extras to Ilst $22,000
080 850-532-4208
We're WorkIng For Youll
ota '97' Tacoma 200k
m s, AC, CD, 5 bs
good condition,
er & tool box 334-797-


Toyota '02 Tacoma Pre L
cyl.~hle AutoTran 1 own
er. ~Gea exc8 con. 74 m. :
$6,990. 334-671-4216 L 19.-

Thvoyota'99 Tacoma 4X4
w/ I torroa no tir -
cleassifeds ave wat 800 i.wrrn r-
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Ford '00 Windstar LX, all
electric, gold w/ belge
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4. Asb late as IIttle as
5. Describe our item or
job position ndetail
6. Inc ude the rice of the
7. Use white space,

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-' "

GMC '07 5500 Diesel Alll-
son, cruise, tilt, air, 11
ft. Western Hauler Bed
w/ Rhino. Gooseneck
30K 5th Wheel, 20K mi.
n3o02)trdted, $47K, Call
GMC '07 2500 Duramax.
Crew-cab, 8 ft. bed.
Loaded! $30,000. Call


Gc$80C 3 x 8 i
GMC '06 Sierra Z71, loaded,
28k mi., ext cab, still un-
der wmty. $21,500. Call

Infisnt '04 FXote 45 3,00
mies fully loaded, 6~
nav' igation,90 rear view

seats.g A/MCass/CD. e 152K miNew
tires cean!!$50. 850- e
cdm 5 dv manual 34-cy,
pwrp los f etrs,


ChevChev Blazer'01,White
LT AT~ed -cl, 4W, 3 B
mi~ejg PSe Dra A/C AMFM,
39.sunroo ,34 $6500 334-


Jeep 01' rn Cherokee, x,
copeld, ACd & CD player,
runs, grdat, niew pant*
70-974 ml rn ra

Je 00 85-. -29

Lawn service
011'1 OSle 7014?
time use Mine"

',eed ng
Hedge Trimming
, Light Yard


Tree Removal* Shrubs
Timing Mulch
Per Cut or Annual

;; A a g
77 88

Tree Removal
Yard Cleanup
Call For A Free Estimate.

mail., p.nhandle Enterprises


T a '0 i le

er, 4 cyl., 2wd, auto,
snubbed cover, dual ex-
haust, CD, super sharp.


ROOling, Inc.
*Metal Rooff
*CUStom Tnm


construction, u.c
Shingles. '
Repalf and Revool.

Forrde '03 Wi ds ar, Ltk

Ford 2000 Conversion,
goP~e gaIt ateak I
loaded,must seer

w.www.w ww."

*Dozer and
Excavation Work
*Road Building
Shoe 1977

New Homes, Commercial,
Additions & Repairs
30Years Experlean

a . ,, ,
Eric Baker
*Social Events
*Wedding Receptions
ml Reunions
"eDomdran As ehol


ChewGy '05 Tahoc.
Wnile, leather. CD.
3M, 271).on-0st~a
miles, very clean,
518.500. Call )334899
Cnery 03) Tradlaze~ir LT.

Ford ocoE-
die Bauer. 240K.
Runs great. $2,900


. Top Soil Fill Dirt
Gravel .
Land Clearang
Since 1960

goddk How
BailtOn Your Lot
Your Plaw Or Our

ve c

Jeep '06 Wrangler, Go0ld
Eagle. Back.S -soud. 6-
loD. cf mheis.w rtar mi
ty 16.500. 29334-1674
Jeesp '0 Wrangler, .Lr ~

ered, r b glemi o
A/F/d. $14,000 334618.

LAND-oe '00 ROVsER I
COVER SE -7,4X fn

Ro de, 9KE mi.6, 09f900
Call (334) 797-0768

Self Storage
Climate Controlled

* 1 on a
2nd Month FREE

Check Out Our Florida
Cehified Buildings.Pre
Building in Jackson Conne
Approved By DCA!
s ee of a
i.e. cel


C a

1101' ~

Fod'99 Epdto,

preciate. (334) 687-0058
Fordl'07 Explorer Eddie
Bauer, V6, 3rd row sea ,
akig 7260,975 obo, Cal
Ford'O2 Explorer
Loaded, V6, NewTires, '
MUST SEE Excellent
(334) 793-1928

that 4.s.iMI
Pontiac Montana SV6 '05,
Dark Blue, Van. Auto. 6-
cyI. 31b000, Loaded,
eweerringrakCs PAw
AM/FM stereo low


" 'arN

Nissan '07 Armada, miles, new tires, le
Black/ Tan, oil chang- er int very clean,
es & warranty, $26,500, new. $13,000, 850-
Call Jeff 334-701-8303 Tl580r850-209-0787.
or Lacy 334-701-6020.
Nics '06on7tr G
,500 CaorNlta 4 [Fuzzy
2377 for more de- I 0 TUoN

4X(6/G $495
16' Tan J $1,200
Enclosed 5X8/V $1,40
6X10/V L,000
8'MJ24/V $4,900

BID NUMBER:0708-34
NOTICE is hereby given to
In ss arTrso al
bids, will be received by
the Jackson County Board
h a icC

ee a
rojM8 for the following

lent shape. $3995. 334
1'Xd4,'05W Ior atXh
'?oe $1,


Nissan Ptfne 04

Nisa '16 terra Sk
mI s oo a50 330-300-
s12lav" ..herssu6, f0

080.334-828-1303 Constructionof*
erA-Indtalid "
sewer force main, 739 tF a-
cs uctwi m n-
ao gR
war. t n
1,'".xtennt'a. rebrbid p aw II ands
..gifi"tivity I'"?"""say: itates"an
s 8,5000BO.791-9595. replacewelIcontrols.
TOYOTA '04 Se3uoia. and then at said office
White, Auto. 2 W 74K publiclyBi spend and read
'".'s An.'"G c pr j.nted trest J s
$16,500.3M-618-2058. County Commission meet-
ana at 9: a.m. on July 8,

emee cs Ga nt. o
owner, Exc. co
Service fason, can an

G d FLreenwoo 2000 GMC YUKON 10

a ne" a in is et"sts
David H. Melvin, Inc, Attn:
lamed.te.NoSbtI Pd
Othee Box 840 Marianna,
.da 32447 (850) 482-

CopIes of the Contract Doc-
uh"e u 0 bt aHt
Melvin, Inc. located at 4428
Lafayette Street, Marianna.
at of 3 .00 fooN p I
De Rabon Guthrie
Clerk of courts
C k y.

Hummer '07 H3. $26500,

Reed, 8201 miles. Red/
Black greath er Seaits
Js0 x4; Call 33-65 34634x,
cd AC dC

D ge 'Od .d AC v n

) e LP eer a
C ,Measht
$4% at $6,200,



Chevrolet 1999 Tahoe ,
771. black. new 350 en
gine. factory warranty
35 men tires. alin 20
inen rims. leather. load-
ed $6000 OBO MUST
SELI.* ]].5-430-3652 a

Plc Ynour

Call (334$

Pota'6Motn V




AS 0
VI 47


AI **

- * .


<82784 IB292A P298B8

5 4 V8. Sportside. Dual Exhaust Power Pkg., Tut, Cruise. Nice Car PW. PL, Talt. Cruise
8,995 '8,995 *10,995

48185A #7371A 7149A

Moonroof L r. Power Pkg. Leather, Full Power. Low Miles. Luxury Power Pkg.. Ilt. Cruise, CD
si 3,995 *16,995 sl 6,995

*A2995 IR29.5 08248A

Cold Air Intake. Ford Racing
Leamer. V8, Gimate Control, Alloys Leather, Luxury, Low Miles Exhaust. Alpine Sound System
si7 995 22 995 *26,995
unease emuse .U Usues
#82 OA 08165A M R2973B

Auto Tilt. Cruise. GD V6. Auto, Air Low IIes, Chrome Wheels, I'oaded
8,995 *11,995 *11,995
mesm mwhy
#8263A #P2997

V6. Power Pkg Stow-N-Go SeatS SupabC W. L II.n ulse Auto. TaIt Cruise. CD
si 2,995 *13,995 si5,995
I 0 I 1 " I I if jI 0 II *
R2968 #P3002 OP2980 ,

Power Pkg TI ruise, CD. Alloys Power Pkg Tilt. Cruise, CD Leather 3ra Row Power Fold CD Changer
16,995 *17,995 *17,995

Power Pkg TI Cruise. CD 4X4, Power Pkg.. Bedliner, Alloys Leather 4X4, LOaded. Low Miles
'18,995 *20,995 s21,995

<2987 &P2883 r8126A

Power Pkg Tall. Gruise. CD Diesel, Auto. Power Pkg, Cruise. Toolbo 4X4, Diesel. Auto. Gooseneck II.Icn
*21,995 s24,995 s30,995
"AH prices PLUS $249.50 P&II. Tax, Thg & Title. W.LC. 72 Months. OB Months, Pictures for Illustrallen purposes anip.

.. .av .. ... ...

_F __


rille, AL

b done.

sB Friday, June 20, 2008 Jackson County Floridan







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g mb ar

. h up and allup as Ip
--= Whnilk
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MP hp. It

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----- A perfect pick to get the jo
The Kubota Grand L40-a series of compact
Ibol are war able poe a ki ac 5 co 1: rp. rn ?.1.: d. I
26 5 re 50 PTO 140 Opn.-r al is ,T Pha: tra m ...Or 3

Panhandle Tractor, I
5003 Hww. 90
Marianna, FL 32446
(850) 526-2257

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