Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 07 3, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02133
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Z~t~eiIWi.Irr I
-. *. *~ 'V ;i~* I:
%=J .:*~. I: *I /
C. ~'
.19 .. I
I ~ I,
~ I I

~ .I ..

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I "; I ,
, ,*- s/

I ~ I
I ~
. *~IId



t'oU I..

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p. ~I .
i d IJ
A I I~
- I,
i~ ~v ~S !~4IkC
I I ~ I 1=
14* ~ I.
It 14


* .
II "

% I *'J."

=,l', .' t
%p :?A

. .,,. - .. ., ,
pensIon of Labor In Bir-

minighiam District. :'
,!i ii *t JKt D!QA! fl

d4Ifnt Convention of Miners. an O. Ir*
..' A. 0*.. Upn a m "i
a we &ale a Susmpanulon s$, Wwb1
l^-la'On14 M'ntln* t I' -.'

S "' I ,. A .,
.lnf.thAo il%,, JUly. 2.,All.. .1
i f,.lo are members d th .lpt'
;' 1ip. Woatkera' of Maierics4. -01
ab&-br of about 1a00 i(a I AM Wrlct,
OpeuI le work today, the o14 Wag
,tz:$& .having txpd d,1Ot4 ti
,#eW coontract not l b.4r teen mtweed
Me No frmal strike; tfl bteR 6d
4d, the sltu&tiona blla referred
"t1 4 a Sa u peOo ."" '. . .' -'
r ...'.Tix~~sawwll
a. a*g resmeam t im r!o ihed onw"
|..W. !ieo 0Ya1e, Wien.the flalo Mabaloun
-. tItte Jliat oonv4uton of the .mIerA
L pertors, came .to..a end aetd
l'itg with failure to a&ree on a
wage gcdjLoned dudb
t to the call om Irman who Ie
iwr d Flynn, preiident of -the ml

.f eall for another. meeting ha
Ite I iued, and there I s nol Immedl.
...rospect of a renewal of the ef.
to,0 ette. It isa not believed th-1
Nlllgi will be attempted until next
.i &tt the earliest. "
Poth ib.Ihdldes are stan4lnj, firm, bul
,,., Ji a very wiLdeupread. feeling
lt "TieKogttlons wili be renewed Inl
near future. As W*ok Is lElok
I;*the idutrtres and the weather .ie
P'i'. there t2I nfl.1dspostt1on flfl
tt ofl either side Zo press matm
*11 ". All, I quiet at the m nea Io.
i oaarm a l




I. I 1
I, qll'

.~~~~~ L i .4 A h f :

+ .T y 24. I,1 .I. .a.4.1
1 9p
I I ? i I I%

O T r iA


I I~
~ !
~I I
~ 'I

11, ;.

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I jhX~
I ~
I ~ rt.

.. r * **, -, ..... .. .. . L .l I w * .. ,wilrs 7 ..I-..,
.. *. i, . ; ' ' .. .! . . . ,L
S. . . , I . . .
.r.. .. ,'1.'- f --.-*.. r > t
I "- o' .... .. ^ i -^ l i' . i .. ^ 1" *I 4. .1 '-'1 e v " II ,J . 'V -T ' '* ', "^ ."** ^
Aver JULY a .08
".. ... "- .. ... -',.lL0
.- I '- -.',. 9 .".4 ,
"' J- a _ '__ .*. 7 ,- .**- ". " ]r "
AIN SV!-,tLE;fQ W.F Ii'J"ULY ''3, 1903,I
t" 4 -r. ... -' ; . .. --"; : -"T ~.. .v L J .. -I-
a n i K4m. . .'.wh---- i- .

i J. . ... ' "
| '. I I I I' '"
i Important Q%,atln DIttcu*ed t 6o .n
^ ^ vlonon a*t.Aahovllhh
jrIAstaevJ~l, N- C., Jials t.-41'te SqUth.
sf BWucatunal aateacatson ,conveMtloQ
.* this ugf0nlnt'a sonit IdisWus0WI
Hhe Hiath Bohool; Its NnioaI a,-O l
- Ourrlculum.," Mr. P, P. Qlnttoa,. o
M6the Untv:rttt or Tem7ftflf, spoke
. of the Wd. .oft physical and chemiloJ
labor-arfllI fl through that ,mni.
the *orkt that to OuT Tathers 5eenU..
drudger3, :I%&Oht tO Its. befnedtari**
beaootnp. 4 art, o Whh itch It fttI
S w4dede ,both by trinalnr "nad ed,
ucatlnC.,. "
.Profeesor Ourrlngtou, n ,the Ulver-,
slty ; We-t VirKtgua, spoke a0on
.the aaeo W1.t. '-. suilect .w10"
then liven over to- memorial 4r cu*
al n fe, l.. eottalnedL sBug aeaonR of
meanf qts 4tltMnm" ot itrovemeantl
L-1 our hblh school. 6 Mis Marfld
, Browa, iee e r tncipal ot the Hflb
seholNO o! of -New Oriwee.n, j",tm4
a apPor tn C$Ooperatlon of HTome..a A
1Bt- CftV cited the great bnAeflti
ka. *U iI o-tfnI. In tilhe city of

ta e '"',.i.7 ..the P ipilic .0oob w0P was
dtsufl4 fqto br IVtIOh flrad
instructor of muslo In the public
S Otools oft Philaoelhta. He Kavo an
--outline of, the refiblng influence Ipon,
the public mind from iuch. surround*
ihgs. A short business session was
then held and the morning exercaieas.
were c osed,
. _

,I, ,




4elks Calls Special Term of Court to
S t%, Lynchors.
7Mont Ala.,. July 2,-Gover-
nor Jelks has requested Judge J. A,
Ullbro to call ft special term of tloe
.lrciuit court to Iimmedlately,.try five
members of the mob who lyncbel Anr
drew Dimms, a negro, l,.ously
.Bhot" Shertiff Austin ,,' m "pc to
%getthb0 neto ft Bcottsboro, Ala., l.t.

Thene five mon were recognized by

I I ; I I
9. I : ** *-II^ i

Further Details of -4idin
-I-' at UtnnaB Wy,


mIGdn of VIMtI4n* ,Were *eared sn
*lackened lby Flames i, Vuerwh ln
.. O I I ~ : 'i S. i | 'i' .* ' Qi. i,
Towad Fr4shr, Air-PItItul Ukene
.at Mouth of the Minrt.

*Inueh Wyo.. J1tY ^R-5) the 8.
1*a who went Into _the Uilon PsLft
Q0l0 company's No wlue, 286 wor
ktlc.4 by Ute explniel .of otb .k dWa
ILt occurreF-4 at 10 :80 o'cliock yeatii
Idayi, mrn9u1. :Moaatot.LJ. dced ar
y3Ittl14i asid uqftr9%4M|I
urvivor- Orlvn lirane.
SMembers o0t he rescuing pwrty t ]
of pit.ut sicenes about the $seventeant]
levelo.which Isa iL deep as i tna beoi
po4lbie tG penOltrflt, I W of th,
fliurvors tsr,. r Lnauaa* ain
fought like fle and', Unst the recu
or& Da&eU., litOlaeb. survlvorp wenr
sitting .o! cars or.. lying .In the floor
carelao$t lwboether they vod or died
Nea" ther.evbhnteoonth levol 20 bodlei
we" fOund strew. pvor a piIo 0of debrla
"w*ih lithe men bad strivna to our
mount before overcome.. by tho deadiU
fuNoe. e ome were. earoei ad black
enxd bhb-the:,ftame. but ll Md die;
traw rt..w4L3J AThe- L1
rescuers w o penetrated tUsla tar wen
too weak to bring out a lody.

Neartreqdlng Scesneu.. I
rFor hours tho see a (the mout?
lot the level -was heartt-n, vtng.
Mothers,a wives, *wecthbarte aht
cblldri .bud.huldlI. .-OgbAgfr% ,r woopfin.
and wringinsg their hands. Many eal
on hattord timbers blown from the
nlne's nxmth. taoenmlble t thair itaurd

i*. ;I..
r' I "
,. '


"' '. . .. :* ; ,
t .'

,. "I. ; . \I
" *':,. ;""




.. 4 ,

YI *1
~*~l ,

. ~1
ji~ I*


N JIll
j ~
.~ L

**i _J.

" :" ''**" .' :f .*',:

'I 'fI

. 1 *


tl _. " i- -i i-n . '_ "

Atlanltq July- -Tw tJA w"
i lilli i _t!l Oe ll

Ii, 1' "CNIW Labr.-

linauary sklrmltsh in the houee
Sdayq on the aublact of ohild la
Swas started by a resolutlou
nleldw, ot Dooly, looking to tti
"tlgtkon by logilalati yiv comini
,t orditiona in -the cotton mills
tIte Uut ufn4er the, rule. it we
1 until today The house pasI
, bill by Mesire. Steoe And Hi
9 Oarroll, exteQndInl thoe pwtrs
rit rat.lro&a conullason so a to
authority to adopt rearmo4abi
requffiting the prompt receipt an(
I portLtUo of Of tftbht, i There"
Q opmpotton to tbe measueq.
e Thebu huM decided to djo01
p the .ourtb of July, but ret uad
r- dar the ndy a 41& nn.on .,
S ,. ,At tk. coantlato i $of. o Pe
bill by :Mr 'ruFsi.)l. ot C.hattth
rovt'ttsg "fo an a mendweat
law rolpttiWi tg fi, propqrtlon
L1i pnto tah11Lng, on, p.un0le 0 on
|b. b brtqd4, or g ters, Wa-un
a bate. epd' that. catz4 up the ft9rm
e toda4P. Mr, Pu ^!t aeslrli to
0 the law O. ate ehto I
d '4 1ha0'eacht
L" bear a proportA4 o theo ekpe
0 In accordknoe. wtt the taxable
, u each county,
L, The beuse a4mGd thorough]
i unanimously wlth Meftnr. Steel
i HExon, ot Caurroll,. relatiUve to the
" extending the powers of the ,r
r eo0nmIlsion soa a.s to provide fi
' prompt tranportawtlop Of frollih
1 pu.;OI that measitro tiy a Voto
I to o. -". - - .
I The following now'blllu wbro
(luc(.lt In the hjcmie.
lly MrfsarM. Mayuous arnd C.
to DoK1ab--.ToI Ameriwd tha,. char
i th town of DIeatur In the eou
; DoKa!!h, proynldug tot 0 bond
-or *ewr and wat" 'workt S
I "y Mr LQtautord of firrlW--T
' video (.ompensatloi ito, the clm
I=tito superior ecurts tar m aklc
i rar aj~tf-j I .i fn'blar tifa Ama eA*4 Ima




V. 4. -4^ ^ rH '- |H '//,^ ^ ^r^ s^ ?! 1" ''.^~ ^-/'.^*" ; -* ..*^.^^ ^ ^ ./,''''^' l^' "^ ^-^*-*. \i''*'

^B^ L ^f B*^ ^^ ^ w ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^^^ *** ^' bi I**'***** **T'*y ---S ^ * *' **' v '*hji '.'.'**** -< *I*'.-. .41l__ P 7fe~^ ^ ,:^ ^ M_ A i''. ^
f l w .1 i ~~~~~-A o~^ A E A VEt?^
I14 m/ ^t^1^! f| 'W."-'',: ^^3 y^

.^H i .* . .< . ." .* .* .Lt ^ 4 rAM. t Mft .^Otft _rfar^ *^ *. ^IW '"f '"
7^*| P L**' -' .***^ ^-0ti*:u/^o ~pelln**M,. ^fW ^'\ **
171^*. "* T flI 0cfr tiiqng c~~niri~t^ patr ^ .-. --.-"_ .^. '^
0^ ^ V4V ..' L- O Uf*w :u*-*e^ .I
41, *.^^*A^f
ply*N^, ^ % SS^ ^S^S^
.7.f 1.. a"> att o etm ta ito B 3 SS
11": P1 nos^ ^^t^ .~t^^V
V;B :/ 3 .fl ^tatotce ildtolttd8M yJ .M~ln o
14H^ 11 v1 nfg. ihA .C m lBo ok trgv ^ ---- -

GkP~ L ro;Jh arot|||Ar/F~IIf^
Wa9*p/ ,^r~U iuean oenr ~ilf .ab 1 111V Irl l
sexitp o o Pl.'B r utg k o f th P1rnl ILIU ~ llIKt
^Hl m cu tho co-J Pan-lmer, o alnetn lH B ~ ~ i
Jill" (rriradcm tsonr l o ht AIR A
_jl\fl- r tro~tsrigterfl~ et.^ _.i~ ^^ ^F^ 1
a1r. -a upe 0Ae three of.dtsfrt tr~r~w~t~n~lolnDt8r
1Jr)hl t on ro ?tter is'p'rlnedn- ii0^^^^JIfra
It^ W40, a g. Bar tq, o an~o H.unAdse'irdOrtoWthlito otaa *

t4~l ead WetO MMon en tim -, a$ ig.o l dho ynn? nJ utlJn 5 ^
A1. %o tourney aart h& the Ipe~n (Ir PrIreiP nr ftren
ttxjqd^ umbnl,,t and a candidate tojb l -US n ~ ir---
AK fal state ttelce OW11 E LU f ET, nst
.(13^ in nings .) -with A.n June -Cummins~ 0oenninUu~2t ^^

1hou"^ AlIterim t l" center o Crudtf ~^
op of f pev ousi for holdig tQd~r *^ n eio cvr Doh J.o thI e cm ite hr ,inlommetGAR ~

are 'atb i p hitch nt tse rvcaingadtht- l^D
'ruyont he rtanf -lare t ai pre pae wolentO~r ~. 31
1,. 0-13 adoptld cn -,o On~t SurJn ot Jl th od oe 718
H? 3mr r'.f tt.'t ofhOage; r fn iAtrnutUAtib lt.,9;>a90
ah Wet U- Whch In arll ndimn J.'r Dpne 0 & o5
t^^.- i4ia cald tecnentto Is.-r. A-^ ifl H 4
Ig ^juryn nen. .1invoatn o erat PeTro h unn leniorda bteniap.-
7. 1.:^ t n tf eivcnn n n erg L.Ae akov e aoAlntt httn~rt ... ^..
|f ', *,kiu bne and a1U catn-(Qd em o N~vlm4 t^uf.Pe rcnwoar,,^..,:,

li "/ .'* + .' ,* *', s u q.-' r +'"'
E .-- .:. .. .* o .

y jeveting St 9l :80 o'clock, at
W-idenee of Mrpf..bhbards, eorae;
imd Adamss streets, Jacksonville,
'Auf Brittor and Tir. J. Gilbert

t-. wre quietly m
O were quietly t

irried ,.by'


,SW 8hield,,
0he affair was very quiet, only :int
i' friends of the contracting parties
Xg invited. Tfle brile' had no at"

'Indants andnwas given away
L LBL Rogri The gkoon
'nddd by his best man, )
%IO, f ,Macon, Ga. After I
the couple left for .Tr
-. ""t* ,"' *^ ,. ". 2- .


l ,._omaij,
LMw I15
r r9


:e tiel


by Mrs.
was at-
Eir. Fred



oy, Ala.,
r tditurt

a very harm-
able traits of

"rater have endeared her to a
itentds. For eleven years sh

1 .r 4 very responsible position
LUiotiur*' Co., and was most I
Woemted by the members or th
: Mr. Taylor is a train
."n for the Suttlee Hardware

Mi.uyI, of Philadelphia, and
nk of sterling worth. I

P1arly, congratulated ont hI
pWvd suqh a prize for a bride.

Le has

e big

is a young
le is being



C F fP Pttn$Y
8ta Rrodotin'
parted yeeli d fOr DuahnelthA. f%
had ilo0.,jd yMtrgn, rew,-the six-Z
teI-We-or d oloreOO td boy ho whpw -'
o gently tried and oUnv.icted of the mur-
der of Steve Rainey, another nogro, *1

Drew will be

taken to


1mineS, where hehas beensent i
the remainderpf hit natural life


'p for

Attention-, Odd FFellows. s .
The' reguar weekly meeting pt Con-
r Lodge No. 11, I. -0." .. F., will be
old iUthe. lode room over DPittoun'

batik at S o'clock tonight.


This meeting promises to be
wual interest, inasmuch as the
lion a offloeras wiU occur

wh ich

the second




degree %will be



furred upon .t'wo candidates.
Fiiflattendance deuird., and visiting
brothers will,,be extended a cordial welo-
oWien Othe. Medicines Have Failed
\tWhen Othe Medicines Have Failed

Take Foley'a Kidney
cured when everythzug
pointed. Sold by J.
& co.

Cure.. It has
else has disap-
W. nocollumn

l II .4 -1

'*E. O' i ioJ"
L9, "i-' '4 '. .

~ I

.. r 'l .
I f tular action dnnot -b.
rtoW k -t bile to% ,tB &
Ir -niatural -functfor 0
urn| I tha!O d ca Used b -cathart) cs.
ontfnuaI a KretAsing. dosesi-to,
ak in ..,, we results.

J. .i r I

a 1-....

, .

i J^ mitting
trouble, works


, ,.' ar'MFever, t
SMataria4, tllou.s,% Re
Fveran tUdb by gcpng 'I
permar&tnt cqre,


r P01


a~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ F -t--- -* .s

costs y25 mtn atk g ii ,
iOr =A 2ea-too. malt f rbw1 o. 1. MOFPt M. D.,
a v. MOFMETD,_wrJ

A to *ur little grin<4 e N (44 0*cdp Ol2 %e
umn;e alomf mgifcal, ar.d a.r&is Vflt rfl<
(MN flr _aed. _otf"M ret.-em I t__
(Mete JBfyhojp Uoerwthcr SeIthwlv* ,-rIdK>> J

.B. NOTCE is hereby alven that thL following deescribed i rnids, situate. lying andl beinu In
i4oity of GainesviUlle, i the count of Alcthuwa, In ttle State of Florida, will be aold at public
tlon In front of the opurt house door on Monday, the t6th day of July, A. D. Ih)8W-, at Galneas
Ie, Alaohuau county. Florlda. or so much thereof 4t% will be neeesary to piy the amount duot
S_01tY of GainesvlUe for taxes for the year 102 heroin sot oppoqto t the ameo. togothor
th'te cost of sale and advertlsezneat. Ta._R _LCS_ Tax Collocotor.
-- ... ... .... . ... .. ---- .. .. .. . ... .. .. .... . .... , ,. .,
I 0 I i~ ai j ^
. I
A jio 4 R^
^_-__ -r---* __ J^ IB-. '.-* ^ ^^^^ ^ -B^r

4TlRm0on. Mr

Wukntght, C

" 'I I I
' 'U
B|yd, Betty
:f~tfa, L. M.
I' *''
^p.r ** '
,"-T ; ,

jflrooker. Josi
'-' '

avfis.. Jane e
" -+ .'* ,i.

w .^
,keJ W
#068s Mrs.1. ]

61 RlI W-.

K~allMaria UK
d Igh Point i
MriGee, Johmi
Moore, Mrs. ft
nettles Jane
,I4losa, Sbephei
I 4

S. S. M .. .. Coin ait Nw cor 1.1 ;. i 1 oric survey Oitnes-
vle. run eOit 00 feet. nouth 100 1-4 feet.
west GO feet norfl 10 1 -4 to begirlnnli -
SV ....... Con 10 fuCt north of. 8w cor of Lot 14 II5,
It 1. lRoper' Addition Gainaosville, runi north
m feet,. east 1,3 etVouth 5(o feet. utid
west t3t feet to bcinfllng ...... .....
.... ,. rLoti 2 l'orter's Addition to Oatrneavsilll *,
.......... .Coin itt Se cor of Milmopny [ind Mtsnl(u
xtr:eeLM and rui south 10 foet,east 80 feet.
Tno)rth 100k) feet and west sO lject to bemit'-
t nlng, In M. A. Hurt's sub-divix on-... ......
l'hi ne. ... Tiot 4) ferot north mid souLth by 60) felt eCst
midtv west, between the A, DtDavidsoni lot
ilid W. A Collotighfb's extension, welt of
F. C, l'ound'n eAtate. In Sw n IS ..h ..
. ........Coin t Se cor Lot 16. 9. R 1i, Roiper's Ad-
(litioL Uatlneesvtlle, and run north IW feet
west 1(X) feet. sotUh W) feet, enast ltI rfect
to beginning 4 .. .. . .. .. ... .- .
..9.. q *... lots IT. 1, IS. 91 iid 21 In, iF! 6 If 5.
rIowni's Addition n ainesvile.. . . ; ;* ..
P *.*. .*... r rotkT Il. ia 6 1, IA)t 1(m, Otil Haull iiit. Ga ilnox-
vU L . . -.- _* ,._ .. ,_ L. L.. I.. 1
S.... ...... e(, 1-4 of Nf ir ( u. Urus!1 Addition G(iltIes-
vDllie .. . . . *.. . r . .
............... Lot 4. U 3. ,rown'mH Additinh. 7t feet
riu nortb a uul south bty b1 feet east aud west.
rniture (o. &1 E Tlot 2D rliown'si Addition to
t-ainf ie^sl l ... :.. ... .. .. : ...,.. ,,,.. :. >.
nip ...... &.*ot 3T VeRtl.s Additoi ton(ilncsvllle. ..- -
1. M..., ..WI ot ILot 0 II 2*J, .Iru~ll'N AdditIln to
J .t.: G latnesville ,p . .. . .. 1 . . I ..
i.. h ..b / .-.. (Ef. 31m Lot 7, riruwti's Addition touU %in .s-
"v~lLl^t . .. .. . ./ . . -. . . .. ,,
q I $b ~ p
n .....- .. Coin mWf) feet southof Ne, cor of lU Irownrs'
Addtlion to GatnestvilU, aund run wetL 14,i
feet. south 147 1-2 feel. ast 147 1-2 feeL,
I. i C b e a 1 V1



_________- -. I --.--.--




uL Iot)it

14b *11 iv 111

Jttl' 1Cltoll vI itii

mr1i0 k4% IL.j '" di I


16' t )
S. tt' .l thtll

I JA" lrlji11' 1& % m L 40'Jili 0 ^ w l k" % A ..L s M"N.r L a *" w-------PPI-&--- ---It L L L.. 6 .. -





7Pgst' .Zokn.VI1 LI
vv 'J;MIuuUIiiO
rric< (010



q .


dats on the
ert cures ChI i
ind very form ofc
aitlng and Intcr-
to ti .s9atoa the


Pvilt'e e% .

- lr I -D_ .. v: i

h tsAlwel 'r-mubla i
Chmlit PlAof Aw Age
CIwldrf I. ah

th Child and M k
, rT. LOUI% M(
N ot '.

l~t 4f
rtw~ftyiw I i~

YJkt_ 1% r*n' a v r


qp ppd-4

U 5L]

. .- - 1 -0

I uI t

Oil d-" V q, in m,

I ',i i ... i rI "g

'S1o t*ti~fo th ariy pwpw I hr .I14& ttqtfur11
J ^: ingtr tartk '9ed*a lodege ernged fto l 4the
FIAE .n.*p1tn^ t^4 l 6i trWmeO~9Wele ah o tc aytn
* . . mU inImI'm m = m m 4 m m m m ; m : @ m m m m m m m ,m
SSU IPwc' bti4 reOVt t wrdng, aud toe at- onn th0
I-*-*l- t ~- ,. .... .. M. iy l m n u l . lJn h m ost unlooked tor 1 bi g, weak
I I I _, I, O Q 9$ s O wO.e were Np w walking reoeng, i
*"* '' .. . o .

--- r *etot determine What he, w's point- ed cenyrej
; 7 I r -' lus..MJ C 1" ', '."
ri Is Jim OWhe-moev

bsto I everyl); h ^fr 'K butc fti~ahltwe decided that it was .vands on
:5 *1 p Moat(tBs si tb*e itaBtrapger, which proved :to be cor- spectruuj]
iO"bI4, t ,toO'l, *4 nwioqt. We caled to the man and asked the State
..t PSflfO free, to Aatyf him if h1 had eaten any quail, explain- ent of
I I n n IInn I.Ing awhye.asked. UHe ad-.
'.;. -.-;-;-;- notibTng of the tliend did not remem-
: ~~ ,Is ife Ole frfis

Snbet having eAten any for some monthB. It is e
:f lA' ..flt pu'iiOt k.LOwn to ,Turning to my friend, I said : our where th
I "" " " occasiona
:,. d toD,!6rZoir dv~tisdo vrtisfnadn4 old dog has gofe wrong. oc_ _..
nnt A 1I c SUNn S. Sd*Not a bi "t of it,' he replied. 'That by IavinH
: ', .~ I o ab arun....
f im -,"_.___ enN"_-__ dog. right and I'll bet you $10 he is.' their gre
Y- P

'A Jn n "**I did not see then how the bet was troubles.
IF,* roYI county, By..the 8t e ,o e attledn b ut
.-..Lt ..ord,- "f. SprChbO4 a anyway, and we continued on to town.
i, ,har. o..tor:eidaking pur. W weNt to ith obighrelt ho, t"

1; I LItmlgbt fl used to advantage place to get some refreshments, Y01
JfI a Q~fthe potloal aspltante who there maw th@ stranger we had met on tn M
I~~~r -vi bflrd Da floo of

I tt rbWo ing My friend asked who the l acc
j h .str.oger was, and the clerk pointed to tdhe Atlai
to" the* ^statent . I the register. Assoon u my friend saw ticket
y ^%g to he atiettint61 the the name he gave a yell and called me nnd, undo,1
4%47atpna 'that "the concentration a come over there. ?o
-I J9*U""1 *1^ *"* 15iP wilt#.aJv IseInte *'Give me your money1 my toy,'he Itatsa-
fI.*j nl@*pp*Igtf the ^ St. Augudinel< eielalpned. 'That dog knew what he raj arid ^
., .^IBB ft^,^for was doing when he pointed that man. *hi fee, .,
tlittl "T aalf nIe I gtfl'hlen toetarvol '

I t.Jp4 WSaE ItA
41 ': ",.i. registersud saw tj& strangers name. not earli
nnI ~ O=L It was 'aobertF. Partridge. then Jul
Ih !$p~imUnation important to teach- ," of twe
St.: |be he$d at. Lake OGty on.f the .AvIng -failed in his efforts to save when ti-
S A tKR 4 1,7th of qofly..[' It will award Perry Heath from being smireled as a deposited
%i "*0*0* arhtps from Fo Florida to the consequence of his offiial acts, the fee of twe
V B'8 ,I Peabody Uboiege. This Postnaster Generl', and to a large x
i Wi 41.rih1- #'lve. students froe tuition, press, is now tr- quied
K' MIl *;itaantpoftation to and from Nash- ing to make 1i_ m the scapegoat for all ,ig of ti
"': .1',nd 160 ,per y oatL4o'". tho corruption. which the Tulloch 11r tLan
4S, nn 'N '-m charges I and the Bristow reply re- 1t and
rI.f BIB^\ '^^OWtt Bat a*re the waste plains of vealed. In this connection a bit of in- cents an
t hrth may; be seen from the fact side history is interesting. Perry enable pa
l'..,i.. nnhes geatdesert of Gb0i In Ohi- Heath was charged with the fulll- or before
SW.........,W-nt-a the en7re ts)ipp -reve.n (7.)pledges For full
,,.,.. *.f I 1W troman the Alleghenies to the made by Senator Hanna during the write Fra
".W o tkis," Upward %of 800,000 square campaIgns wich leted Hana sena ageent,.1
A1~ A *. 1L a L W ft tin A

.Found U. O. AraM0a are an uninhabitable,
fie (e3 So, while the terrible Sahara is
2a 4eiett0 h obnougIh to cover the whole
/bare sat If. 1 ,
51 t b tto" II si 4h
',nsb~es tbj_
,C<,'..,, ,s I,_

tor and McKinley president.. It was
for the purpose of fulfilling those
pledges, taking care of Mr. Hanna'a
7,000 debts, that Heath was made tlirst
assistant postmaster general He did

t ii" t'it ljown
P^^W_71:K -FH

shtf('lIie *t.j aek showed LOAL I
r0 ot a :*ob'n* ily growing % KtTH5OUNO>-uEBC
^in lit. wppa feenwn of sfrr eg^
haf sety*Ipaemonstrated nu.Dlr
lenient in favor, of Socialism --Dlly-IX)Bl7
[Thdreate and sounds a warna I g
perhaps now,bupL onethat,, is Sig I 9 v '.
of> whgt ;pat t expected ain f{d :Itla ^rtfla
dicontent. We recall the f --
105 trpresaed coixviottonRi 0f 0 i* .* a
0rida's ablest statevmen who I an iwu
7h;ed to the other side, that QB U 8 0 p
'ithK Sbeoeite and unreetriot b < *,S omt
1 fthe aela1rs of any State UDO, :Dally-
secure gound' Th is is reafiS I .
r catled to tiJ- attention of OpSO Siif s B
a. wewl as the city. govern- ugM fi nr I .
floridat." .g S.t 4 g 1tS
--oiar 0'aos e a su
Domestic Troubles. iS 5r
exceptional to find a family j"1. fgsn&t
ire are no domestic ruptures inL 2 g ^ s I U
ly, but these can be lessened I 1- aas f i 07
Dr. King's New Life Pills LY a1
Much trouble they save by t 4 oa 4 7
it work in stomach and liver 'I I 6 0a u S VI
They not only relieve you, if0 ol0. 00
,. 0: 6 idas =

25c. at all druggists. 0 v s f S1 t7
CHEAP RATES. I .,----= n8

Educational Association, Bos- OsnrroI
Iss., July 6thto 1Oth, 1903. -
punt above'.' named occasion, ,- IL...7A
tic Coast Line will sell round f^*L"*-*^TS
ts to Boston, Mass., at rates ,tt. o ..'.'....P. o4
r the conditLions named be. *L7..St.a*
*One fare. via all tail, or Dvia yl)y
;ound Lines, 1)1Is I2 member- Bt
Tickets on sale July 2ndJ jg 11ovu neO
ria cild iimitad IUn rton or o
ua"1~A B pt SJSSAS; i M.l ti fIt gJ VLI1 AU A- Jl I P :

r than July 8th nor later at wi .39
S12th, 1903. A ajoin aeoney _ ____________
mty-flve (25) cents to be paid Then seTftn-Tabi
excue. Oii the meveaL astMi
cot is executed* 011 Mckets' fodoes the Companyr
for extension the valid- )on 00 _--__------ "
5nty-flve cents will nbt be re- I

ion-By personally deposit- PENINSULAR A
ket with Joint agent not ear, -:- -SOi
July Tth, nor later than July MimISMin.,Thur..
Ar eyWest Sun,, Tht
uponll payment of fee of fiftyKr er:Weat SunThit
extension may be secured to 4V&E_ S n Mon.,frr,,.
asengers to leave Boston on or copy (
Septeinbbert, lt1903. J U D AHt E
L informnatinx, 80e agents or -
nk 0, Boylston, coinmmercial
SWeslt. Bay street, Jackson- JAs. M. GRAH

vILULV, ;,s. ow

akes Kidneys and Bladder Right
Sm M b -




n "

D nb. '* '\ "* :.* *_ ,: i'" *
I W~.fIhILtW
I I: \
I| Lbj 8peint hi an (n

SIPatitio E MADE.

IP. 1 MO There With Planks


. end a izz and a barig
r gun of the barnpaign
Anid 'when ,the sioke^
great many faces ,fun ll-
wItl Ib visible. The rea
b1.,9t said, will equal
'heharge at. Long Bridge
hfrced the opening of the
dthos who do not gvainu
(flpeeting the dear
,casion may have cau8i3
-the battle wages later.,
lidates for State and Con-
fees will be there, n1my
p prepared long, eloqent
iug peeches,.
ScOan attend this big 1ic-
t it a day and an occasion
remembered in good old

r- O
ic 3 Operation
ogerous---do not submit to
knifee until you have tried
oh Hazel Salve. It will!
t*erything else failsa-it has
Thousands )of cases. Hero
j'bem: h I suffer&I from
protruding pflesjfor twe3-1t
kas treated by different
rid used many remedies1,4
L no relief until I used De-
& Hazel Salve. Two boxes
hive cured mn eighteen
ind 1' havo not had a touch
S. eince.-H. A. Tiedale,

-LB. 0. For blind, bleed-
Kanid protruding piles no
aI DeWitt'S Witoh Hazel
tby J. S, Bodlford & Co.
ireitened at Plttaburg.,

, ily 2.--Unless agre-
reached today with (the
a, strikes willibe ordered
alsts and rmolAers of this
In 24 hours. The ma-
iWaitlug the arrival of a
aizer and the molders
. 4to declare .their urltl.
two strikes 'would throw
- ARO ARL aaIM .


I ^ ^ll *1 ^
J I h
The, Cos Le .ilroAA
0omp"ty wlliI rtollat* In Qto" WAI
settIe*^ nt,. from iao ut4 Miai-su
sipp rW. r. gtwt.OafwlOinflnati, 0,%
LoutifiPe, C,-y Elarz.ville, .1f4., Pa.
dqoah1 Ky. Cairo, IL, St. XUis. Mo.,
Said poinsto beyond also In. basing ratese
from,[emphis, Tt)nu. (tickets nnot to1
be.9old from 'IMemphis proper), for
pblnot on and north o-tthe line of the
Friseo s systhn (Me np1xis to Kauesse
Oit*), to the following points in Flor-
it aOGeorgia., .North aund South Ca:r-
o0na and .Alabanma located on thlie
system., or to which thn compalnyt forms
part of an authorized ticketing route,
at following rates under conditions
named: ,
J Rate--Ohe-htlflof the standlard one-
way fare, plus $Y00.
SDates or sale-March 8 and 17, !903 ;
April 7 and 21, 1903; May 5 and 19,
1903; June2 s'id 16, 1903; July 7 and
21, 1908; August 4 and 18, 1903; Sep.
Ptomber I and 15, 1903 Octobcr 6 and
20, 1903 ; November 3 and 17, 1903.
Limit-Continuous passage.
Conditipn-ii-Contraet and aelh cou-
pon of tickets to be faced "at;cond-
class, not good in parlor or sleepiihg
Here aresonime of the staple crops of
the different sections of this territory :
SAl. vegetables and small fruits,
peaches, p)oars, grtpots, figs, oranges,
pineapplo, grapefruit, wat6rmelons,
citruieand other fruits, wheat, corn,
oatspind other grains, tobacco, cottoli,
poaAits, hay, rice.
The policy of Iho Atlninti.r.CoaBt Line
is to foster ali dej ',vnr-. s a long its
line. 'i :
It, laifis is tlhe greatest
trucking road i.^rmerica, and it pro-
vides every faeitfry for getting farni,
garden and orchard Jproducts to the
northern iparkets in the best pIosil'le
condiition, in siiortest tAIC, and at lIiw-
esC rates.

Iii Uo part of tl"t cit intry is tthiev a
-gteattr abundance oF game ( and tish
that on this 1t11M.
Northern fartmrs 'are invite to
write for i fhlmatiot in detail ll)outt
the ter y of the Atlantic Coast
Line. p 1

Very Remarkable Cure of Diarrhoea.
About isix years ago for "the first
thn -x m.- ny l1te .i had a suthld-sw4-alnd
severeitiack of diarrhoea,@" says Mrs.
AliPj er, of Norgriii Texas. I
go Orary rUelief, but it came back
agaitni gain .,and for six long years
I have is red more misery nid agony
than I can ttll. It was worse than
death. My husband spent Ihundredmis of
AJ_ ___ ..I I Lb VT.= ; a f pi sWnsm onnt"^ A 1-0i lnmt




I _

-.. .
.,- ,


.. 4

. t ,

iLA.: LI..

. '. '.

.' J.

I* t

,.- T 'r ,,' t.
%** <*(

4 I

; '1., .. .. ...

,u114'^.-- "h. .p w ---_. -'1 ---' -,,- -* ,-,'

.' - ,*
U' h
J " I \, .t' ' '".".
Sr 1- *

-4. -


,, "*
. .' .

i. q

i j

4 . q .....




*. i

i .I -iasi .- a, U



mngUp.Th1 .a Arnt.

'./ wN

izt"e eky ak of the past tow "1o1ths, we hlaveto tUched
on imany sids otj the clothinig. questloii-.we havoe erdesvor.d to. be
imaria i al nrRnleieutts-We have. sotiglit to give filcts, and
facts n ily--tiitlor et r,'retChing thS trutlit inourterFO OKr distortlng ..

~ ~ o/1 (i ililit ,rW,,,,,i ,i o t, x.,,0 11i
II*1ur0. .r01


t el/sin{ ,,,,,. ,,,,,,,*,,,
~ I k a -t l' "g. *I..

P& teli C 'o havo Irrugt te
(A fluy w1?C*I fI'ieI'Dr igfw-a dour ,

We ?IC ffErldptovc/t' )filtr()Jt rMge
--Jan1d am n#.,t#njtf*r,4'C (CPAth

F ~~u1.014(I)'ItJ'4b16/ItheM rriafioun
he Ul ))?'fbt'CM.(1111' MAtoAtisn

--Ifl-alfutoasl the 1tlf .*'bris~J 'stfhis
.ir ..fItfpf,.$4C)AI

AIIJEflI /c ?fPMfdIf
jIj)Jf Ift 'PC#t'rP 4fj9'n tinS4


I .




n; i 1






^ ^Iffill^ lngth o
;^^^@|^ ,.b...:d. ,... -h.. fred
Ii -tE-dI i thWi44 ano ,'

bleJ^^ < i ** 4o. t. br fl. Mot..- ..Srq ni

0. 13--10-".",.o ,, 5'.',", ', '.. .: i

l.. .i: i. 'Wr le'i reapon~bility,

ex OatN^0^ the *up"
'.":9.c. p. or hIds friendIisa
r* . L F1 *' *.^i 'ii~id ..: A1#I6 b4-.dt' .

u y ir pt *,e'i "Thr MQeen 66 result
Anb.i of .lulOnk

I^BvtU: Jl'20A Opeclal from

Yiv; .fls- W 'i n kiltl
t:I I :t~ete 4juj, w ot sbili t yr

.^^ bd ^ iflaulty about
rP a 1t~'
".-.-I.""i :t,34U997.. $bles. Gen .

n$. Jwdres t' a

1^^u far, thw^ freot- ot(\Ckarth.s Gartb'
---' ift t ." Nw n P'0 h 4fto n s i an ds

^1^by ..Youtiaor and4 Henry Wat .
^g ; i^; ..i, : :- -_ w-l.- h.,-. r B;..-o :,,

Z. -.tTid oungor m 1 m r>
10 6.1. -Y Q10 Ith
.iI* ., , '...,,f. jubifo ,. no nt .a@:o,
bllj $ otfQn sfrorl0Uxn%< (Oment

p fi. f *i itwnflieeook 'u e Metfads
I^ ^4?'T#H~!ntdbInau itttoy ill

^^o^Bp-Flhg., Mulw JulyA a,-Chaaro,
iI .. I i = 1 L tm (
l'J 9S& tIavt OeuI npolaslby lityu
fft*$r$> lotnMnabl we xpsotIthe sup-d

-p4.W stty.w. .lao N "or Wahor.
I 7ld e .~ "*.-" : .I ,. ,, .,.. .,-,; ,
111hs94t ,;*twmeen m .:..r.o M~en: Results
J4!hvsu e .iwvn 2.n *.pedaltfrnu

."b.Kr. saysh: w~~nc ud
I r w Mhi~ict Ga-,Svs, a
~ ~ lbsw~i 44 dilpuly bou

Ii .. ...-..,t,-- --, r- -,
FA ~
I..llt- Women on ti Enellnh Staglte.
IIf .j4._ irml,.lrb tl)O rMttorntion drama'

-I U. 1; ~ FP7MW- -



- -
- ~ -- - -

.i ___


t99rf -*

--- ,-
-I ~ ~ _* ~
I ~- .. -

- .. -

- ~ - - -




id I

'I .

= w

.4 "' . '4.a i. 4 :, t a Iv,, ,C- 'V". .. .V .- .,. LI -.
.. r f ',, -A*... A*, <
L q i
-d I "l 0 J r l -ir~ lI I I' 'I11 i I l "
Ii r % .i 1 4 I1e

rWO 1 4.. 1 h

... ._ __,. _ .... .._ _. ,_,_ _._ _._ , . ,4 .. r s ,- _~ . I- ..... I ...L" " '" "/ ' j ' ' % i ,. ,.. .L q .. L : I I ." ... 0.

W9 I q 3ale
Rr^ck toRptasrn (9WhltnMIt. .1*^^^ tDoa~rwENraIASrma
.vukyib, Jtd 2. -A special Irom '.' r Xd-

~ .I..L
:-I.; '.. . ". .. ' '. '. ' ") u toa A 'o's Bo k ....I

t W tetal, fao *t. child'.... .__k___ _._
-an-~~~ ~ p i.GIWcZ 1S
..t0-w m husband WM.
.i - .......a] iL daiea s ofr l.dn. a n .n .,

. h : a irwin in no
~ JI inkin .bow tq- c
nZtu wt, tdm the T
'- -Qeasrail Clay realtzt
ra short Utme to
ZT Abd contlutiUJy for
.v6 s Bince, she got
'M I And- .e
S muand married Broc

i, hange of Jurlsdlctli
?I Ymork, July 2.,--Who

aIS sver, BzaddZ -raI- zri. I i I .. "" I
ore iMTwB -'-^ tilttg^ rLII{L' T----
Ff h-aD j Graduate Ilailtlrire Coflgo tt'n Surgry
e em aisFBay0acheLe010 c e tao'W&Yu &mAouis
a th&te ._,- ,L| I.F Fly. ytuNrsL naeoel iz Niw Vcnk Cty.
live, a 4. It @oo e dl oo tr ge4. hbere COrowniIrdwie work end FUy ln& St'vitnlttela
Sie -- '"0cw=ofor you. t.r nv.-ce-nry ekyste r. vi*oner4 VLLe WOKK G UAA RNTK0Xu
his yonn Hgei haT spent l &L ln t timr curhilts it b O-rrie&L I dif['flLoitcd. OAtLVt tA
a. 4tvoe Cos/UmsyousIUI All consult ations F .. - .
a .el.. 'a.
kb i "tIghht imoptbts In bed, heavy backpchoW. V-A 1"MA
LIpMU and soreness across kidne ya aso rho u -P
.~itnatitu- Oth.r. r 4 llod, I)r Font w fltVIL EOtOI KERo ANS1 PVrO I
)n nor's K(idnpe y and Backache Cure crte l tzo oAItiJ atif AlL3 Flwaist.
a th flag mc oineteL y. H WATEtAS.ftlaxnlt.t N % .W e'.. ......
n ulsbt-A, goo, St. AAsk for Cook B ooWc-Vo, DealWp In rew t&L'A Thomritxhl.i./ -

CU a-I$ th t~ t~lr~o orIy_ De&1""= hi W.t s 4tatE' Th-titti.'s,.
s- ee o I-a --- w6kh evcory* seeono o land n A01..Li-uaAioumy.
U tirh e iT/ GVITUS .'DANC r ca (ure.Jrcd "Corre 'U4Adeno o socited.

W art- HA. L '--.
ubor, with P URNITUR RE1' I AIKD)
Bgrd. Onad aut Mut o tw.
epartmeo4 W e .5k buy or soi- ai A OY- -t, Nrniture, orknietfonomtraif.
[nosern ot --- I l wNItbAyouionthe euntiikWoon blaN.. PLrouna,,
"A tape worm efihteen (eot lona ni uolkoitcdt and eaus(taotion always*,
en d4 otst1McainO-on 51ne a aftr my takt-pg tw-
, the a0p e _AS"ANHETS. h I, ,I ammuro ,as ouu' d rteu- Y y A TAX140M
couTrttrt to, .l... -_--th for the p-st three yeur,. 1 ft .L ull J A FE ]' ^.AIVD M ,
110 13atte: thalth (Co"Wr (Ts the only oatbairllo w-1thy ot P A W T AYLO ARN 1
Seen OD &.n.te by Ca trtSLte pt people r ra 1i si
Sthe e Gao. W. DUWLES., Baird, Mia raiAnR HANGINU
[at 4791791 CATHARTIC I -.* ,-

|. _p ... _i
. masi rrAe et for 313 IVC2tAJOTUisb L\r[IPAncuR

0,the year, u ~ ~ lh M L a.B A W

00&!4 iadl.c*m ATTORNEY-J-AT-l W\
acceptiUSg Pook. Nvrsa 1 ltattun oOhitt.or 'r !10 Goc%2Wt. 1W'3,..
h govern- *" .QURM OOfl0STIRATIONl *u' sJacksonville. u j loridli
u tarfloe UItOeaey topacy, h.Ihwg, nMohtrrml bT#w V tL. 913 1
ox fastenf h - ( --
store J^uOiti ndtirqirat d by ati druag

Lt renting JFsUI\1IEE
not guilty J~flB~lfe~wJMEN ANDWOMEN. @'- VM. SC-tLEU, 1'roIttr.
Wto file a K CDqNt afor nnnaeirsl 182 vW r u rytI1i tit.,3AckituVIllte, Flu
to do sol 7 tt dSloharrktUons or q ulorsatlonftw 9ctofflc.
lava hanti U*tiuMA 10

v.' " '"
:" "* *,
! 1" *, "' "
V . i i .

i i "
i -

. .. .
- ~ -I


I '_rpvu"C*RtQim_ Ptlnloam. and not astrin.
5 QIOEKVAN80CM iL Lebnt or polmnous, Best diningli pIl e in
CiO1KMAL.0 d b alnrmppelr. XVi i Liquor nia Idi Olgar
by fxp -f-.---
^"I I 00, or 3 bottle 2.7.., tu. S, orrbo Isl7
OCrqulpr seut on oeqaflb I. 1%?I)
- -- r -
.2.FINEJ-T.0 flXVN,.hi .YNS, PQUOUS,

A .-- X]AJ- 119--1.1 W Bay mt, Jvbo ik
We, th e undersigned, hereby agree .--
to pay $1,(000 to any mantifacturar ot f aust Lbecr, bot.tl1)it*It".dr.


Fi9 )

. -I- ~ ~

y Iti tut.
Friv tlel.

C; AIt 4

Might. Dun.'i

tv tfail tQ C31 .1 O...h I".' A.. llt iit" Jii -k -" l %.I..i..
M ;ittal. - -

I ~ N


I ?kE--


lL A1. ., ( 0: \ :,' A. :OO '
tf it.l '.N.

btu43 F ( kepled .I)VN.t a-
rosin, Ria The bev Iqter 'imi 'it pr-
4ndnetaf njtaininent tvory iighit at iooud Qnrdl1Dn

. .. *, .- ,
..** *'..- ,., .- "* ,, [ .*
. A.' j. ,.
A. I
;, .' I

.. J . 4,
.q -"-
*" *i "L ..'/, '
,, . : F%.I *j.*
. i *. ". *. -. J:','
.*,, .. Y t-,
,' ," ** ,^ -, ; '*,
i * * i. i
,, .' : ,. '. .
- ' " " .. L ,. '-
S i a ii. na '. .-

.*.J .q*., -%7I .Fl,-j
, .. ,, ',.q

',L '
.: .."*<,, ',.,- ,' i .
4 1 .-'41,.
.,I. .
., *......,^ ..*. ih



A~~fflutss Iii

11 a r'ig
cJt rv

V* *




4 AOWffG$.


a 4EII i II -





and the EAST.

The NORTH and -'WEST...

NeweOt Xneste -.
Pullman CLP

306 W. Sq Lw.
W. A. Tuaw. P. T. M,. Wshtnron. D, 0.

-I--- -~ ~*1*~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ I ~'~*~*V-6P ~'~4*4 a- C *. ~ ~
a ~--~'--'- pp




i j .. ., -



"" i









'0 1 vatsittim or wav OL 1611C Dr,
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..'" .. "- ant4*s .ONm*who paidibe county eapis Thep ,tole tigr ee.year-o
b' ' P w I t "''60J-' nte 50
h.~p' Sot UnvriyBre.EgtrorTeiO~ri red
Ma^ lgca n"drMW alLv aFa nollaieLgoa tat (cloed a(
6. Weasat, nOeatI fU rat eda.r f5 (or do ewC)og desor-e otash
a. ?, ?ueqid.0i Shy r !#1ivs0ilt' %In1 UM*y g mon $1 per'we4 andJ. de. _,u "
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|Tb;V.S 1*ya13 of @ianon of WErm cet. Dacvird who for ai
1*L Lbaolvr~yu~ nfca ton aoe' 1ine 4ar Jutfe ph fo Te n e toay Ywrhzueaw.m
I- nrI amIk, the vi--t;-a mto .... ye- little, daughter, Miss Cfrstis,are re- b_ rmdi r at Ro
,,,r.',. oaevti knd a few cdt lay hlditeb. byer a--rt
a Wap " oft ....remo v d t th. i .a/s city. Oo1t,.
tr] 6- 4 nitiqqs. II M r Se"rugo of High rIn C N K u
l ;;o.,.u.,-rom.uw..nil. _._.,0 W;,_ Pitt and he charmtw rorss

aPt )b,&os.n b-room diwelin on toal ig the city- yesterday en routreto twoo pren oe tsveta .i
Sst .e. 8se Mo-. Mi-ami, whee she will visit relatives- S g w a
Y.b1W 4 ,- Kl O lit nile. . ."./visitors to this city yeeterd;
L ,,,--,,q#4'ttho Brow House for few weeas.. .
7,4. j t Misa Maud GrAham lei
..5..d,-,. .-w 3: tli. Shagw of M goneoeha wa.spassed
#4c ...~to~,Qo s h.rea oiey for s uhor( time yesterday. 1lel via Birmingham Ala., for
was.e roti toto Ocal wherelathvehaylshd w
fr\ .... f!i y n a b lb o s rp t .l l h ."^ G raham .
., :,0.* a"bttos tri toItg Or' Salile or R~ent--R esidenee, 506 .,
(k M

..South Unlveruitj Street. Eighzrooms,| The iPtueroue friends o
'..4t,,t Adler made a bryit 'vflt .to .eee,,vts a-3.ijJ~. bob.and col baths./MoKiuastry, Sr., will be gri
It iP~t t 4 Vill
wa dns on., A- Halle, Live Oak, Via. d inforrntton that he ta

I4}ti;;. a I'iivnll tal. Oslpers King,-the eleven travelingDo-e from lI". recent lllnesa stt
VrI-" 4wo- e~t m-ilk, butter nilk antidabber, i1oItow for Ludden & Bates' Southern come upon the streets agai

s... 'w slilma~ll quantities of-ereaw tow sale. &tusf0 .oUo,8avannah, Ga., ii in tlhe lMr.a S. B. Mc-na,,.ld, w
0","-Mi. J. W *Tppkson. t.. cty 0n busIness connected with weeki
Seclently recovered to be- a
pFo 9 olveelybe men of that town, ,IW

4~ii'..tlfeleeesyuge S ta, ow, FlyiKidney COtre purIftes thel for 'V'exiii&efee today, *who
It i, '4 among the visitors to this city yes- blood at sraing out impurities and| spend the summer witb 3ll
I "'"r" a ,. .. tones up the lfole system. Cures aId's paut.
ty. atet I e

"Are a .r ,.o, kldneo and bladder troaboes. Sold by |4.
.,.'".I ,'Ecurtli or J)uly ('.ur r t l Jg,. W.]oolluw & Co. IA.RH. Bass ofMorgantow
9y .e~ 7II A.1 (i LfToknf 1=I

'2.,3llt ,)l$ 49 (C, d !,, v rektur w)ii-,! I Cal :i:"E- Webste depa--rted yester- to geL lip ten or twelve tl
.d day Lo _Ooal*in the iemw of the night, asnd hadAa seven ha
Wa,.a 6U it train, )l yiains iK n the kidneys. W fl CS
P ao

..l..:- _ Dutton Phosphate Company.. Col. Volt Kidne Cure. Sol
I -I,;j Ir.,!ryatnt Oarpenter departed y .ter Webster has been stationed at the MPolyllm K iro
ill- for Tallshasmee, wherro for the min' in the West End for the past Superintendent lfolowas
.!p.ext three weeks he wJll be the gucw .few onths, but having been relieved ed$6,143.12 as Alaehua co
,, a frlundi,. will reuome his position with the of- tion of. interest paid into
.." t fune oleer traveling rics here. fund from the Indian war
Ak g *tiJoubon,I t l~e'ao~er traveling flees here,. n
.;.iPlklenitn forPope A MoLaurin, Jack- Nomanfor woman 'in the State will The amount could not ha
yiu!v4le, Is Inl the elty lin tl)e interest hesitate to peak well of Chamberlain'e ceived at a more appropriE
I rtnthm ThyaiysI. .. ,, o I g them heyalways roduticoe a
1..e For $ale-Lot j160J feet square, 6- pleasantl movement of the bowels, im cashn
41o~om M.wetltng, fruit trees -andle noweris, nte
.i dwelling, frut trees and lowers )rovo the appetite and strengthen the o. C. Clitty and J. Fletcl
.m ersity nflrgain, easy terms18 digestion. For sale by all druggists two proper oung n
4.- $=e ?4i.. t f . .dino dealers.
protiitien ana medlcsne kd-ealer._ r 'pecT t -ake their der
i|; L^Yaur, panish? If not you morning for Allandale, 8.
.-ei 4efuI trucker anri n lii ?ol wer-ir can easily learn by sendirflg two cmnas. ., ....
B.i 4ICanoti.'y, WaB tranlitngtilgbiietlne4ass iln poatige to W. 3. 'raig, general passen- ey w peu a ew ayi
"ltioiu, _.. er agent, Win1tngt1?n, N. 0.. or V W Both youug wen &re bard
,"thI4Wy- yesterdayy. Ia HLoahy, division passeiger agent At- tiou workers, and deaorve
YO1 "::- Yoiu n.n.of goodllm.noral habits, lIoti oaop Line Railra&d, SIavannah, io, Their friends wish ti
..: la.,.itrd o work. dearres poLibon .S Q.,o.;and secure copy, of booklds of .at o--journ.d
'oIr Boat 6f references. UO on or "What to Say in Spanish and Huw to anti
ddro Say t." tf 0un, oborts'n, the elev
.-.;.. q01, R. D. Bs, a prominent, attor- The Metropolis of yesterday says: cent solicitor for the A
& a<, nE.I f.. ilaCllsA l a t In thA n it.u ain a *.Tr.. r'.a IS? iM. Wt A V .* nN TLinom wht hra Inen atatii

"* 'I I" t:' i -T. .< 7 ..' .I: ,'"' "" ":" :' **' "" ' := " ; ;- r" -. 'T .. A I L' A i: t 41 ai ,. I -," ". i '' . "" I' :'""" " " : ..". .. ''" ; ,! " -
. ..a .'" . . .. .. .. II.,< .1.'I
lit 4 9.

dond- IB -
d 1 1 .h rn iS

nthi Lt$Y "-

\ b J. 4 IS NOW I... ,- i
doudo was I i- '
Fde The $01
.. -.Rufas Weo Slew W ife0
rkI Hi gSprif ls, trGaitured.
.althby w iti t i'- "
I'y3.W GE" '"i15= I NOw IN PRS

.~ Aneaot Peve a eermfomSeifN
daughter Hiof Murder Wasc ommitted Fouri Ye

y waed b t",.Which Aima Stayer Ecut ap
-- 1 e n ..L*y '- =" .," R _. _, ,,:

Iand. Succeeded in E~luding uI~ffic
, pat yeare Util Now. . i

ruckirdg, has High Springs passed through the
W yesterday en route to Ocaa. He
. Ander on, ceived a telega.m from ShriI tiUg(S

e businsshe bad captured one Rufus Gre
y waited by the Alachua. county auth
Syesterday ee for yhbeu .le btl order E of 'his

Spend the At the time ofedin the murder Grfi
. George w./made his escape, and, while -it is s
/posed hbe has .remained-_-within
If 5. == 3. $\- ; boi rdesof"the B ate,ihe hias been

i recovered law who hae been on the lookout
fieienitly to hi". .
No particulars of tthe arrest could
ho h en, learned, the tetlegramn merely giv
he buse. the fact. Officer Lamb has gone
. has sui identwyand take the prisoner intooc
e to leave ytody and when he returns it will
re s ne w possible to secure the details of the
Ir. Ma~on. I
r. Ioerehsti.
n, Ind., had The Boss Worm Medicine.
ites in the I P. Kumpe, druggist, Leight
okied ahe ald an. .e; ,-ne ofr o
ls enred by Aa. writes hOne of w custom
.1. *ao ar t ar*o.h .. e t i

d by J. W. had a ciild whille was sicK, and in?
up all food, could retain nothing on
Shas receiv- stomach. He boiuht one bottle
uity'sa por- White's (Qream Vermifuge, and
the school brought upv119 worms from ihe ch
claim fund. It's thetboss worm mwediciiie in
ye lbeien re- world.-" VWhite' Cream Vermifi
.t Lime, is also the children's tonic.. It
proves their digestion and assimi
y in need of tion of food, strengthens their n
vous syL tern and restores tlhenm to
ie Bur.nt health, vigor and elasticity of spi
ier Bu rne ttI natural to chlldmod.---- 2be-t John
of-our eity, Iros _
rure this .e HIS CROPS ARE FINE.
, ., where I --
1 vacation. N. A. Catlison of Spring Park Fa
and ambi- Enjoying a Profitable Season.
i the vana- N. A. Oaflison of thE t beautiful v
eima pleas- fertile'estate, Spring Park Farm, B
niiigton, was in the city yesterday.
er qnd efli- Mr. Callison, it nlay be' snid w
armourr Oar impunity, of thH haiidsoin
ied at Sanfi- I iixan oil F vInrilsi in f nntk in t

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