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Springlndf Su#mmer


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61 0G sOMtJRs .

4J 41211g E iqtTwU 1ity Editor

*l.Si0Vj lishedeveret moyrianal *
''ted br carrier ln theeity,
a nyt pa :beUnited States, pos-
*i! Sti^;l.5O stix moniths t1.1
10t 't
1jt' n :10 loccolumn, 10 qti ents a
l o lt ltsion, t bnad 6 cents for eiob ad,'
Stat 1 avertistsn made. knowni

e w a10es'-Weel Sun is an eight-page.
rtomso "i" paper, published every Mon-
5"4 t hkarmrsday, and contains all the
Y '' tbe.week, local, state and geo"
S0g1S4wili:e..malled, postage free, to any
t tthe Utiited States or Canada. for $1.00

AA'dlerthrnr billslbecome due after first
iapprCiij* e of advertisement. unless OtherWise
sttuiate it ld n oitract.i Parties not known to
is will bb required to pay for advertising in ad-
*fL.. Addamist THIE DAlILY UIS'.


; The Lakeland News refers as follows
Jto l species of humanity with which
0Gainesville is sorely afflicted:
I:.f ,there is one person, more than
aillother, who is deserving of pity,
lisl. the hide-bound fellow who is right
in|everything and suffers the misery
0f living in a world where very other
fo ]Ow is wrong. Of course he may
ahave a few to keep him company-
"me aid my son John, etc.," but the
Vastn majority of people are not in hisl
o l a s b. e d .
Thi being hide-bound is a hard
thing to get over too, and it grows
at al rapid ratp on the victim. One
peOuliarity of the disease is that it
S'. mpairs the vision to such an extent
that things look upside down and
wrongeside out, when really they are
not so. Then the tongue Is affected
and all kinds of unkind words fAll
S from it with muohl more readiness
thtun do the kind words. And there is
a general shrinking up of faculties un-
," til nothing appears normal and thenli
K the man I8 a full fledged hiideobound
Shrank. And as the natural vocation of
,- a orank is to turn things, so this one
begins. But he only turn, "one way
i. to one purpose, and for one end and
Sso instead of a benefactor lie sl a nul-
sance. Once hide-bound, it is hutrd to
a' et over It, but there are remedies
i whioh somoewhiat alleviate the suffer-
i g of the neighbors, and one of ioem
/"i"s the "lot-him-alion in his glory."

According to an ocitial repor t Mied
1'i New York, a few days ago, tihe late
1 'homias B. Reed, former speaker of
i'. the House of Representatlves, left a
personal estate valued at $418,007,
iti"tr providing for the payment of
debt and tmhe expenses of admmlnistra-
Stln. The gross peorsonallty ai o;nted
too $6O.20,88, coisting chiletly of stocks
and sitourities. Thi ems snnmarvelous.
lr, Reed left Congress when (0 years
.old,poor, lit three years time lihe
i an ada the above fortune. Truly, iu
mitIt have beeli a marvelous man. Up
t l this t1tr&taioehito New York, where
".he o0uno a professional stranger, he
,b had not made a big iname in thie courts
a i s M had WVobster earlier and Conklin
later But in a 'very short time heo
co:u' ild say with Caswar-"Ve'ni, vidi.
| Vi'"4 catimne, I isaw, 1 conquiored'
.To make ti great nalite in public life
and leave a great fortune I'y retiring to
Private life sla soimethiung reimtrkabl e
Stn Amnerowan history.

:- ome of our exchanges are disseat I-
a litng tile information that the ltul-
look fish bill passed the Legislature
'ad ls now a law. it this they are
Snitstaken, The bill was kill-d during
the last hours of the sewsilon, and it is
still lawful to eoine for picnic purpowt
*ad hone Consumnipt ion, or upon oneo's
+*own land.

Mr. Fagler will rebuild thel "reak.
eri.," the magaloent hotel which wa m
reet4mly .bilrned at i'l lBeach. Not.
another mt n ll the world of Mr. Flag-
;lir ate'would demoniarat' iuch uin-
boundid faith itn'lorida as he does by
Siplltlying. out SOhtlitr ul.ili-oi ilol lars
^I~i t'wmlpla this tn .ii!int.f :itstruetumrv.

mA a ,loklal wasvery wimoh
*uuft Mhet, pay abig


) Th Atjtnta OBnstitttlon nPthfit eb
0 h following remedy for ihis disease
i horses:
S"In a bad case of this disease it1 is
-hardly worth while to attempt to treat
.t. In most instances that are severe
the animal soon loses the power to
swallow. The following is a standard
treatment where the animal can swal-
Jow a drench orbolus. Give at once
One ounce of barbados aloes; also give
1 to 2 dramins of the solid extract of
belladonna, alternating every three
hours with 80"drops of the tincture of
aconite root, and blister the sphie, neck
and throat., If the animal cannot,
swaJlow inject hypodermically (under
the skin) one-quarter grain doses of
sulphate of atropia, every four, six or
eight hours as the case may seem to
demand. When the worst symptoms
abate give such food as the horse' will
eat, keep fresh, cool water constantly
before him and keep the stable clean
and plenty of fresh air." On this sub-
ject, a gentleman who has had much
experience with horses advises:
"Don't feed much corn in hot weather,
especiallyto a horse that has been fed
on oats. "


Here is the experience of a farmer
near Brenham, Texas, as related to the
Brenham Banner:
Ten years ago he put an x mark on a
silver dollar and came to town and
spent it with a merchant. Before the
year was out he got tihe dollar back for
farm produce and spent it again with a
Brenham merchant; four times in six
years that dollar came home to him for
produce, and three times noe heard of
it In the pockeCof his neighbors, The
last time he got it in change, nearly
four years ago, he sent it to a big
Chicago mail order house that has
amassed a hundred million dollars by
selling third rate goods at second rate
prices. lie has not seen the mirked
dollar since, and never will till the
crack of doom. The dollar will never
pay any more school or road tax for
him, never help to build up the town
or country, never help to brighten the
homes of his neighbors. He bent it
entirely out of the circuit of its use-
fulniess to him.
The mail order house secure their
customers through liberal advertising.
If the local merchants will spend some
of their profits in the same manner
they will soon encourage the farmer
and others in keeping the dollar at
The arrest and conviction of Rev. I).
11. Hall, colored, on the charge of sell-
ing whiskey, is the second "walking
blind tiger" Miayor Thomas has had to
deval with during the past two weeks. lie
hlas given then the full extent of tli
law in each instance, and intending of-
fonders may expect similar treatment.
Vhen the city gets through with these
lawbreakers the State and county will
no doubt take them in hand and meteI
outt further punishment.

Catarrh Cannot be Cured
With local applications, as they can-
not reach the seat of the disease.
CatUarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
mutt take internal remedies, liall's
Catarrh Cure is taken intternmilly, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh C.ure la not a
quack medicine. It was prescribed by
one of the best physictians in this counr-
try for years and is a regular preserip-
tion. It is composed of the best tonIics
known, combined with the best blood
purilierts, acting directly on the nmu-
coos surfaces. Tie perfect coinbl)ini-
lion of tie two itigrtdientts iqwhat
produce such wonderful results' in
cturing catarrh. S$ond for tlestlinouitils

F. J. CK XVK & Co Props,. Toledo, O.
8olhl by druggists, pri'e 7te .
Uall's Family Pills ar(, the best.

Opening Function Conlisted of Enter,
tainmcnt Given by Sephorim.
8< i i <"l,,U., ,lt i, < 2 .---'' te com.
nlMtnt<'tit'!ht fa with theI function of t1he Sophort m.
w1h' h ltook plaie at Pomrnsie hall at
8 o'lvtok. An elIbrate prjmgruim was
carried oit.
Sophorlrni. or "The Sc'rless" is a
now organllratlon Ainuoig the sttiideilts
arid ioftst the nanie might Implty. for th, enoouinr
gytionit aid critticlAm of writtrig
amniona the smtde beeun organihsod w ry lonur. bu.ilk a,'y
'oo4 results, havt benM -shown, only
apopig thio lmpabitar*, but b iut oh
tain at large o s e ,ount of t
* ^ t,,tattt4a paid tetat y *fr


S. i th.e O'irIttii ira
orl',.o^im9 'po;,ori.ada- arttillery goe
far bc2 Ine t the dim nig of th t ah .-
e le; +nilido:" echcompiiloed" nig' be-
fora t if Ct!"stldt. e,'a, pilRoltltedI the
zM mklm-of.ti'r tir with e(ntons and f til
o- 'uny kind of t]eai-is. Quintus Cut
tiu. i 'Crmi us thait Ale;a.iider. the
Gro0t tt. w.lhm .flre weapons In Asia.
and rThilotratus says that Alexander's
qonluesiftt(v were arrested by tl.e use of
gunnpowder. It is lao written that
timo.ie wlae mien who lived in the cities
of thie Ganges 'ovettrew.their eine-
mies with temipests and thunderbolta
shot froit the walls." Julius Africanus
mentions shooting powder in the year
275. It "Was used in the seege of Con-
-stantlnople in 068, by the Arabs In 600,
at Thessalotca in 904, at the siege of
Belgrade In 10738, by the Greetk in na-
val battle .in 1008, by the Arabs against
the Iberlaus in 1147 and at Toulouse to

It appears to have been generally
known throughout civilized Europe as
early as 1800, and soon thereafter it
made its way into. England, where it
was manufactured during ther.xeign of
Ellzabeth, 'i'td we learn thaV a few
arnie were ossee ieff'by the English In
1310 and t at they were used at the
battle of Cii 4 la 846,M-Cassier's Mag-

Joseph Chamberlain, 'the English
statesman, was once Indebted to a
nursery rhyme for a great oratorical
hit. In one of his speeches he was
criticisingtord Beaconsfield and Lord
Salisbury on their return from Berlin,
where they had been carrying on nego-
tiations with Bislnarck.
Both had made speeches explaining
their actions, and one of them in the
course of his oratory used the word
"If" so many times as to give Mr.
Chamberlain a chance in his reply to
make one of those popular allusions
Which are remembered longer than any
"What the honorablegentleman has
said," he remarked, "reminds me of a
rhyme I learned from my nurse:
"It all the seas were bread and cheese,
If all the rivers were ink,
If all the lales were currant cakes,
What should we have to drink?"
The effect on the audience was tre-
mendous. No one ever forgot that

Gardeps In the Iee.
A glacier when It dislodges itself and
sails away over the Arctic ocean never
travels alone. In the wake of every
large one floats a line of similar com-
panions. The Eskimtos call this phe-
nomlenon "the duck and ducklings,"
and any one who has watched the
progress of the wild duck followed by
her brood will appreciate the aptitude
of the name. Strange as It may seem,
plants grow and blossom upon these
great l:ce mountains. When a glacier
is at .rest moss attaches Itself to it.
protecting the ice beneath, just as
sawdust does. After a time the moss
decays and forms a soil, in which the
seeds of buttercups and dandelions.
brought by the wind, take root and
flourish. Those who have traveled
much In arctic lands say the poppy
does not bloom during the brief north-
ern summer.

Look Proiperopes.
Even though you may not be pros-
peromius, adopt as far as possible the
appettrance of prosperity. It l sound
capital and will bring good interest In
the long run. Shabby looking people,
you may have noticed, always appear
apologetic .and can easily be turned
dlown when they are most in need of a
helpnllg hand. Do not confuse apparent
prosperity with extravagance. Small
but telling home economies ft be
prneticed In order to hilde from the
public thp fact that the wolf is at the
door. Keep in brave front. Dame For-
tune llke, to throw her nuLgle cloak
abotit the shoulders of the man or wo-
niuin who looks capable of making the
best of it.
One rar&tleular tl eSea.
"My dear," amid Mrs Cawker to her
datighter. "'when you are at Mrs. Cum-
so's this afternoon I hope you won't
think of repeaftlig that bit of goslsip
atwut Mrs. iltfoyle that Mrs. Foadick
told us thi"s fe'rnoon." "
"Wily, i nnu .,"V*
"Well, beo.asm Uit would be ungener-
oaus and unkitnd. ajd I don't think Mm.
(GIafoyle woe it hke it towl. and besidlte. 1
I waUt to tell it to Ma. CUlMnSo myelt."!

Stafeo trti h0easts4
Th'annigi t'a me htome an' teek sp-
per wtd tio, lanlgan.
VI'l.A . ..i .. inuUwl i i ffA' L ir a

* ". ~'. I~;jAI ( 4~iS4 ~

i '- I' ~' '' ----1~:--.-.`-il---*: ---;?.-p.- ?_ii :.-1 ~--..-T.


SNo. 2No.3 No.11 TAT No.2 No.4
I TrIOXs. Daly Daily Daily j o&. lI I
..... i vlle... ....... A al -00 -
S.l............Mim ............Arlflia 7 s 300p i1alO a Lv..N. flmjrna..Arl I p Top 10p
oa ...... s... an ......... Ar fll t a l_ a84 ll 2 l 3v. Lae ele a ,Ar 0 Op s 00
S :ll ......... a npr e............- ris!l 001l 4 Cal) s11 l 89a Lv.,ro'npR.Clty.Ar a j 0p05iip
s r...... .... lant rd ....... v a. 0 80 .a 0 4 s 45. Ar..Or..S ty .Tc.. L sla gt l8 p
l fo. i ll I No. t Mo. 1 No. 18 No. 20 No. 22 No. 24 No. 2
Datly i MAXJPORT Dally Sat and
8 ly e x.un .; Day DaMly. ANO. e i ly. Daily... ay.
ax ol

Sl l a lIT....JlsonrilIe ..Ar a p Bps S's .ll0 lly 8IV L.o.0. Jakwaille.lr s 62 v s 82 fil2 I '1 sp A P l p
t Ir....Pbloach..I 0 r S 8Ot i B, lps 0 0
lioNls P & 9i pA 5 i 1 0 Uiar..Allntio B tch.,LT a p I I a I tl080 Ar........ pasni..... L' s 0 u 7 a 2 00 1 8 s Os
.heset Tme-Tables show the times at which trains imay Ihr e x-cted to arrive and depart
from the several stations, bit their arrival or departure at the tl imes siitted Is not guarazn(nit,
Bor does the Oompany hold Itself responsible for any delay or any conusequence arising thero-

M Suilami un Thr .......... ......... 00 a TLvhrvan ri ....................0011 n L
A Ke Weeat8un.,lTbnr................ 10 0l Ar\r K .y \,,t M ; nt.. ............. 8 p
L ger WealSun. Thur.................. lo0o p Lv r', y ,, .r t.,. ........... O
y n on., M lo. ........... 7 00a/AAr Mlml 4 spit...............p

por copy oft leool Time Oard or other Infora::CiLt i i, .( : any A:ent.
T. p. RANiER Asat. Gen. Pass. Agent., ST. AUGUrISTINE, PLA,

JAB. M. G&


AHAM, President Guo. W. HYDB, Vice-President


OF G-.AI. ES 7 rILX ,.3

Capital. .. . . . . ..50,000 00
Surplus and Undivided Profits... 20,000 00
Does exl iusively a batnkin business, with facilities equal to any bwak in the State Solicits
the mooounts of Farmers, Merchants. Corporations, etc. Interest allowed
by special arrangement. All business transacted promptly.
H. E. TAYLOR. Cashier.

Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company ,
Time Table in effect January 4 1902.
-- *- -- - -- --- ,* *. W 4X
No. 6..
Daily No. 4. No. 0. o. 1 No. 3. e
Exo*z Daily Daily. STATO NI Dti:. Dhily. EAxo
Sunday ;

l4P MLPML AM air~ Ar. P M Ar PM Ar PM
7 4 .... .. ..... .......0..... a r ....
S i... ........ ........ .. ....... i6... . . . . 6
S8 00 ...... ........ ........ Duk t.qtr, .n 6`. .45
8 0 5 ...... ........ ... .. o 6 0
8 10. ...... .. ..... .... ..... to tni, .. ... .. .. 40 6
8 10 ..... ......... ........... L ierai o,. ........ ... .... 6 0
8 33 .......... ..... ..... .. ly ntt o. ... ,i .. 6 20 5 0
8 31........ .. ...... .......... ... 620
8 ......... .......... ...... ... .. ... 12
8 .. ... .. .. .. .. .. yatt ... .. ........ -I.i. 5 006
8 5i ........... ........ ...... .Plewtiea.......... ....0 ...... 4. 5
.8 ..........................F leWflen ........ 45 .
908 1. ....... ....... ...... ..WMahooita ....... ...... .... 445.
S .. .................... cy Point...... .
locoinvlle. L. 6 SL08 A OA6Ar '00
11 6 66 8 5 68 ........Bellmy... .... 945 8 40 2380
1200 7: 1 7 10 .............0Cyril.... 8 80 8 26 160
12 20 7 18 7 17 ........ ..(raham. ....... 22 8 17 180
1i 40 T 30Ar 7 86 .... iamp so City .. 8 10 8 05 110
.... 810 8W t...ke Butler, ft, 8. 1 74
.. ,,. ,, .. it o ..Jseisonvile, J. & w is ..... i
.. . 00 8 C ..l, < .8 F. . 7 i p 7 3
i 1 00 8 11 p ...,.T Ha htaiu ,s Fs* F 1 4. p. 8 1, 4 ....1"
1 ......... l -i s t .....t . F .. 1 Al o pi, U i -
S.......... Il ...... .on,G 8. & ... 11 80 12 4 a'
.,. 26 6 t1 8 t 10 .x........ AlB)t. C. ogooa. ... 8 00 a t 00 .
S r AMAr PkrAM.l LA. .k4 iLv -:10
Trains 3 and 4 wll Unot run between (ailnevIl aid Flairfled on 'undaya
L. E. BARKER, General superintendentt
J. P. HILL, Agent. JAS. M. ORAHAM. President.

wr time now. Ye wife '11 be m d a --- .. ............. ...... ...
a hatter, ltalixa l 87:.
** lraunisan-TUV *t t i :It; e Imn't i. W"M"TWI*N Wi I I t^-*"* 0- s-t
lick the two O t, Mlacletp4iar ~..J ..
L*dger. ___

v bWh .
We-I Would maw ett tsj e'f to' tsar'.


-- -- -


---- --

I li i --ii-ii-I-I-i-i- I i- .


DA, JUNE 23,1903L....

LOCAL TIME OAO 4. I E t May 2k IS.
50UTMI UN,1115 '1115' -NI:!IA DONN BUOUND A' 4!i Ii:. I^ui
N o. 29 STATION"4 No 9 No
il:il ai ,+ 1.. .
Lv.........J ..... o.. ..A oa a p 411
i C op@nll 4L........l......e 8..... ;
S. ? ... Ratingl............ a
.............. bas
Bt a1 lBait aneo
to j p Ar..............Nele.................. o a8
,... aS i ...... **... ...... Dupoa t.............k..v..... s P
rS f ............... .......B eIr.............. I ,
aP 'i' . .... ..... .....roedn t .......... .... a 8iilas in
S 1 a.. ........ .. ....... ... ... ist -.5g

!2tn :A IS ... ........ ...... 0..... B aps4
i i... n ..................... 6 a 9 4i p
oc At ,4 I P .. ........... .Ob a on& ...............a.... S 1 a pp 0
< n li 0 P........ ....T itu rlalle .......... ..... .. a 1 p ,
21. .1i S :...oo ... ...T. ietusrile................ 9 10 1

S: p .... ................ o ................... S a 29 w
Si ... ................... 1 S
S 0 a.s 1 5A ....................Stuart..................... i08 9a 4
5 4ll ... S .. ....... ... obe ound...................... 0
-- 2 f a lat W s...... ." .. t Jupiter............. ....... J) l8 f l .- 2
a I ...............D. a ....W t. Pier ............ ....... a 0ll 4pa7Ba ",
S' S 1 I P .. .................. . Delray........ b at .. ............. I e eO Sp .a4
w So 4018 9i 7pi .............. ..Le........de............ .a 6 0 #p e 0 *!
a0 9 a 8an V.S 47p ..... ...LemonCty ..........." y .......... a7 10 pl s:001A M
a l..ooaa.SnAr ...:........... MBiami ....................Lva700p 9OOal .

' W L ', : -, ': : '


I I I I I I- -

* .. .::,," ,,


Ore 4*aWoman /

r eferson, a tall, A
7u ff eolird denizen of the
%b iPde. 1othat.. portion of the
ikO w 'as Frog Alley, became K ER
hllswet heart, Susie Bellamy,
wiped heron the jaw," he was
i tup in the municipal temple of
ioe .day morning upon a charge
io4ierly conduct.
k,$ea "' remarked His Honor Has Cured Thousands, Will
yorThomats, "you are charged with Cure You.
anmitnitnga!* awful offense-that of If you are troubled with kidney or
tuallYllapping a helpless woman. bladder trouble.; such as dropsy,
ro you guilty or not guilty?" right's disease, catarrh, gravel of the
"Ii tel yer how dat wus, Mistaih Iadder, albuner i urine and uu,-
|i Mare" replied Jefferson, who seemed halthy deposits, or too frequent dia-
reat humiliated t the surrounding charge of the rine pain in the bac
00udjitionsand the charge, "Dat 'oman ld ladder, dropsical swelling of the
Is orrosin-headed gal. I dun bring feet and legs, etc., etc., we guarantee
;pr wetermilion to do house from that by using Smith's Sure Kidney
,whib I an' she were to 'joy ourselves, Cure, a complete cure will be effeted.
Sn $'bless goodness when I cuom back rice. 50 cents and $.00. For sale by
froMt down town as hungry as or wolf JOHNSON lROl .
A, dat gal dun cut de melon an' gib haf it.
"Or annuder black rascal whut's always OUTLAW SHOT TO AT
vin' aroun' dat place. I tells yer-"
|"But that is not the. question," in- Last of C'asgow ,. De-r.dces Who
I'trupted the mayor. "I don't care to Eroke Jnil Kilic^..
K hear about the waterimnulon, the black Glisgiow. Month .I-n 2-.-N' wa ha
rascal or any other of your domestic reached ihere that James QMKinney,
I: troubles. Did you strike the woman?" the list Ghlaigw c'oes;prad.o who broke
"Hee sho' did, an' he dun hit iue so Jil, was shot to death T-,srday taiht.
hard it made me biltd," chimed in ftr hl had M.s ndr anell. who dct o
P'< Susie, who had been listellilhg the teipt to hI M : s D!rnell. who dlseo;.
u.ie- ered the outlaw hiding in her father's
While with the most rapt attention. ice homise.
"I Ao' struck 'er, Mistah Mare, but McKInney is the tlirt onc of the
iatl aint de fus' time I eber struck 'er four prisoners who partlIpatei to a
an' she knows it. It d idn't hurt her general break from the Glasgow Jail
Neitherr" remarked thlie defendant. on June 3,. to ineet violent death, and
"Well, Jefferson, you may sei)arate their escape has cost five livos. Jack
I 'yourself from a V' and pay the costs, Brown, one of the gang, was lynched
or go to jail for ten days." In ths city on Thlarsdar night.
And he paid the $5, while the band convention Printing Presmen.
played "Oh, What a Shame. Cincinnati, June 22.-The convention

National Educational Association, Bos-
ton, Mass., July 6th to 10th, 1903.
On accotlunt above named occasion,
the Atlantic Coast Line will sell round
trip tickets to Boston, Mass., at rates
and under the conditions named be-
oRates-Onem fare, via all rail, or via
rail and Sounid Lines, plus $2 member-
ship fee. Ticlkets on sale July 2nd,
*d, 4th and 5otI. Limited to return
not earlier than July"8Lh nor later
than July 12th, 1P03. A joint agency
fee of twenty-five (25) cents to be paid
when ticket is executed. On tickets
deposited for tension the validation
fee of twenty-five cents will not be re-
Extension- l'y personally deposit-
ing of ticket with joint agent not ear-
lier than July 7th, nor later than July
llth. and upon payment of fee of fifty
cents, an extension may bt, secured to
enable passengers to leave Boston on
or before September lst, 11Ke3.
lF'or fhll inforrnationm, r-e iagentiS or
write Frank ',. loylstlon, colnmmercial
agent, 138 West ltay street, Jackson-
a ville, Fla. 3w
e a Big T ime on Fourth of
Sand Everybody is Invited.
ks, Jun' 21'.-Editor Stun
'Illow u, space iti your paper to
Ii who wolhi like'" to ake part
ure on the Foujrth of .Irly to a
nieat Fairblanks, in front of Mr.
uk Smith's, in that beautiful oak
ye. We hope to have somn good
king and we ar 0 g9o1)g to fix a
d and look for l,ttr'r fronm differ-
tke oes saying, "I ill try and be
thyou and tell Ithe children why it
that we celebrate that great day.
oere will be amuse Rlbont le. e creamni aridI lemonmade
Vfr refreshments anttd dijttr at 12
rel0ock. lDon't forget to bring your
baskets. Fl.R.entx i.tsaK .
Chamtberain's Colic. Cholera and
.. Diarrhoea Remedy
I.verywhe.re rec-.gnii.*d as the on a
nedy that can always Iw depend? d
Sand that is ih,a'ant to take. It Is
really valnuble foir ,uimrt drar*
iin ehiidrent and is undoubtedly
i of savir>g tihe *lhve of a
nt chitdret eacih year. For
a kli druggia5 and nu
^kH"lr Tou,-'sf Rat> Via Atlantic
Coast Line.
sare onik. 1 t via over pabme

a t,.ltut stope pr.l

of the International Union of Printing'
Pressmen adjourned today tg. meet
next year In St. Louns after adopting
many resolutions on offtle rules and
pending appeals. Among tihe resolu-
tions adopted was one for a propagat-
ing committeee of 25 to communicate
with all other labor unions "that the
masses shall have a proper champion
in the next presidential eampalrn." The
vote on this resolution was claimed as
a victory for the socialists.
Declines to Grant Rehearing.
Frankfort, Ky., June 2,-The court
of appeals today declined to grant a
rehearing of the cases of Claude
O'Brien aird Earl Whitney, the Meim-
phis boys convicted of the murderr of
A. B. ChInn, as Leoxington. Governor
Deckham wLl now fix the date of their
execution. "

Took Liniment and Then Died.
St. Paul. Mln.n., Juno 22.-No in.
quest has been held over the body of
IB. C. Stepson, of Stillwater, who was
found dead last Tuesday In a board-
Ing house at Anolka. The Minneapo.
lis police have discovered a half-emp,
*y bottle of horseo llniniet which lay
I eidUe the body and It It believed b
frank a portion.
At Clarksville, Ark., two mien were
banged for the murder of ObertlffPow-
Before the AlabAma Bar asoclation
Edward M. Shepart, of Now York, do
clare thet South able to settle the se-
gro question. -
Leading Oolomblais aro publlthitn
strong artli-ls in favor of the rat-ifl
cation of the canal treaty.
1ord Grey, of the South African com
pany. regrets that Dookter WuAtlho,
ton refused to t go to 1odW tLord
Orey Says WnAhlntgton has found the
key to tbhe rate problem.
*I ord lMatatU+ foreign m4lp1sto,
hlu announced tbt Groat Britalin r*il
not rerOlgna: the'iew girvernment of
gervia h; wuso' fth00 htebii' "C0 King
.AI'xan .hAr and *Quaen Dlrat ,
'Tbf Untted State li opeiaa squgi-
ron arrived .at NW i 4. ata t oj u-

will Alactho KiM Tueeda4y a ft.r'
n .efln.t- WA t. A MAI44
NA aAth troi so. Ir itaand, #.e)
1t P A. IMa.h. mftmbr of partW*
mlntst, vi(: prei*att: .o.f t he frtl a'
tiUna 'UeAT'*. wits.-W* arrapted -JeA
46 m wrrantr for coatepI.K of
ounrtA. WA wt wday r o poifr rre$ 'f
An e'ir?. &A. .s sent t 1A0
!< At u fa for;jrf, tfe'ortR*, m.a. lI
ew Yorf.. IHPers}+1 .:.,pe plh VtJ,
par'si+o. Ch.Ile,. rblst thb'fr' ww Oi.Iy
k few i..-} .i''A 4 tat dot ,4A

(Wry daf om-
ww w v '*llL ,.T l '*" t'- '^ t Ma M

AL/W:" A

AM- AN k A A l ._- b m ah,

S 0aitnesvile, Florida

Sumlnng Up.

,+ ..<


The Final Argument.

In these'weekly talks of. Ihe pnst few months, we have touched
on many sides of the clothing question-we Ihave endeavored to be
impartial in all our statements-wo have sought to give facts, and
facts only-neither st retching the truth in our favor, nor distorting
conditions of ompetition,

In the mnianti4c, (these
"talks" have brought us
ratq/ newIfri,'ite-.cnd our
methods (q' business /have(
(cme wed Ctheir pitronagef.
.i the niewapaiwrs, 'we ban
only (ideclarf our. t inte'nlties;
butt is ourr buhnms rfclatiomn
wte (caI proeG our inltetionsl
.-an/ as the 'pro'f qf ithe
puddHing is it the eating,",
SOthoIa inl th ti'rfCti(Iott
iwcr'tse of our buain~ei thi /
I 'moln.


Next Week We Will "Submit Our Case to the Jury."

As we sell thle "best olothiug in the _'W LABIt Al 0tOAMtNTS
world," made by Schloss 1lros. & Co.
of Baltimore, thet'e is little 1 atm e for
wonder that we have won such wide
popularity y. S

J --s--kw- 7

O)tfitter to Pat'tieular Mean.


Staple and Fancy Groceries,

'4rain, Sraden Soed and Fertllzers.
IlIghe.t market price d for Chick, e. .S a other Pr Iate

A Complete toet 4k of y. Corn, ()afs. tftar, Bn Mfeal, Cottqn .Aw d Ms
azd Re. We handle ontV the VEV B1' KOXXe al the LOW
m PRKw'1, Ml t*e IKtiCtIi oi t *Ipy.


Jacksonville's Finest

DODGE & CULLENS,. ners and Proprietors




nMen ,imH Wan l/U m'.Awn nam.

-W' W'W-W -.V, w W, W WN

AV. IrA, f WaId,;A
(AVAX A|| :. a. IOaIA o

M A----- XKl;~v?linb~*x~na L iss,rie

.A. Wr l co.,o v-

.- -,':^ W AlnMrt- w ,,:


1 *.~iu~rrI

"P .''Y~


m o



O9e Cent a Word
* Advertisementa of ten w4t er*or iOde;'.,
thit he~t ltnerted totor One CnOt:. Wod, .; ''
il aidvaoe. each inserlton.,
Please answer advertlieUsento so ade t0 ;;.
In the aiv rtser nent, .. .'
ie oonitltnoe of all pereOns Intertil n
tices etirneci with AN4t0Fus will be r B o 4N
Thlitr namei'withiat he lstven to Inqlvra, i

00vo Wfnt. .owult t4ohlneT t l0 ;
buyuntil you htveneoen meR. n ac ne .ft. ;
money. I keop on hand the Iert waootblj'ft
needle, ? entta ent sni t iant flxturea fotli
of mW4l00e6. Od. iua.hlneM tlmaken W
ohaKoe. 8 prioe. Call on or address C, A. W. TO UAO ,
twent The $igter %lfr (Co.,. P. 0. rox 1
0406i0evlll-. VIn, 4-7t1iwtf W tf

VI YOU want neat, up-to-tiow job Iprtitltng
' S SutN oloe It the laOo eto net it.

Mathushek Pialnos


lsti piano for thn try in oullIate, stands
tune longImer than others, otaui .tote, of of
best later|lclbi, ealmdl rIUost mrtti9u "tr
Wlorkm'ntitblll ob)taltim le.
1' Up to date Itn every
detail and tun-.
Sold by uin continuously for

without a itsiglh failure. If you
want a piano for an lifotime's
vervioe buy tho
1Vathulhe 1k T ''t
'rtce40 as low as i. 1 Onlstent with itqull
Cash or on easy ternm. sent on t15fu s'
trial, Weo I)Y tfr lag'te, 'Wrto
row pricess ;'OD Y. .....

Ludden .& Bates ,

Southern Music House,
ESTA1LInI El 1870

Fam g Iniple'ments8

mills, Iron, Wire, Pipe, Fit-

tngs, Bet, Belt Packlng.t

iotigihtt In carJ Lf)to "old In1any

Get One of Our logU#oo.

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-HID Se, '...

ilghest Market Prio Patid



All their garmniit bear thih label:.

ag--ge(-lswl fttk

(" SOV .




0,f D JU;NE 23, 003
i lll +[d c d''7 2":'?:+ +T~ i!t +,.;,.. :, I' ll"p'"'' "":"+ '+'.
.? :i ,,'' :':+ ''Iit .l 'T 9 ^ t.W. *;= ,* ..; ": :

atrOi -4ti not j v'erj,'y pleasant
en a nan o rake his
en4s ov.r the coals, but at times itt
k":ne pltoed xi a pol-
so Penoit 'oonly hisa
Sand P1tatlbf ibot, in danger,
ftl ldoimehtl rt0 nations may be'
,ntenso am not a fighting
air ih i ual order, and do-n't
S ire^a: the *rule of my life at"
*b e ay: p,Ijprefer to follow the
Ol4t ,he'trepah duelists (minus the
i t|i*) and call you to account for.
l0peatlfnu upon me the moat..no -
he j r o, .uhinkalble, diabolical out-
Igoa that aou could have offered me,
_1 tot-. ftor the speclfcations.
Whn iyou presented me to Hon. H.
1iog iatth the Auditoriumi andl told
'0litht I was a good tneolhanio, and
| 'st yoU desired to'have me go over to,
'Ol^ -wilth us, the good roads dele?
gates, to see their outfit for that work,
Sand he very kindly assured me of a
ordal welcome, and further insisted
thatt .take 7Mri. Moyera along, that
wai all right, because with the. Madam
along, 1 knew that I would be "sonme
pumpkins," but for good reason-M-Mrs.
M--- tyehifiti to decline and then I
knew, or felt that I would have to trail
along somewhat aft er the order of a
"bob-tall stee-rer" in a herd of full
blood Durhamo, but, lo and behold!
when the train started, and I expected
tosee the full delegation from Gaines-
ville "all aboard, I found myself the
"only original" Galinesville repre
tentative, and I did not even have
a "pro tetn's badge," nor had- I
been coached so as to know what to
say or to do in response to the many
sweet things they had to say about the
"good things"' they had found In
S Gahiesville (and they did not find
them all either), So there I was,
compelled to assume the role of the
"bell cow" instead of the little b. t. -a.
I had expected to bo. Oh, it was just
awful to contemplitte,.but they made
it easy, and I just listeoed, and they
S kpt throwing bouquets and I 'kept on

they really thought that Gaineaville
ever took in her "latch string" to pro-
"gresive people from anywhere? Well.,
the sequl wits that we had a mighty

: think somw good ideas of hard road
b uildlig, as gathered from the expe-
rionme of Marion couuty, and which we
Swill, by your permission, refer to htre-
i'-after. And now, as it man should ail-
Ways make auiendsi for ftny wrongly
'done his friend, and na you know oneI
t tgotod turn dtesvrvo titliher, I will
agree to cull it "squatire" provided it is
tlot "u'nt stitout it nl," if you will do
S me so iiliiin, anid further provided that
you furnish i i a badge next time.
Yourt f or justice (only,
|^ '(;. W. MoYtots.
;His Last Hope Realized.
V'+ v..: Ifrom the S tintl tl, (jclo, MaiO t ,
Int the tlrs ti ouingia f Oklahoma to
i|';':'. :, *settlers In lSHl>, tl t t'ditor of this pa-
;' pet wa anm on. Ithe manny secekuraafter
o:'. ofrtune whIo nuatde tl, big race;omine fino
; day in April. Iuri,g his traveling
about mind aftrtr ards his tcttuinping uponl
^, his elittm, h,' finom tr,(l much bad.

,b heat., gave him a v',y yowv rt, diarrhoea
"? which it setinet anl mt, iimpo-sible to
coheek, and ahntg in .tune the eaonse be-
^"eaa. .l.a.d.b. h-.tx-t w-4.(t 'ttWdHi --OmiDe
,". da one of his u htri hl-st- rolght him
Slonie atnill bolt.h ,lf (niChamberlain's
i Cole, Cihohra int l i arrhioeu Rlonaidy
A 115o a last hope. A iti dote waa given
-.-him while h' was ruling nshout on the
; groundd il great agHny. aind in 1 a few
i;niuites this dOM nis rpmieated. The
(gOod etrFett orf tihe dtniitno wats soon
i~Otieold ami within an huur thle intient
S Wasn taking his lirst soouil siMei for it
^ forimlight. Thi' sm lit' tith, totttt work-

c.4 d a eomplohtoe eure. ndl hie enunot help
but feeool grateful. Thel Ias'ii for bow.-
l disorder s being at lmiAsl suggests
S' thi .Iten. For sahl by tlI druggiests
A' d utdicine dealers.
Si aoard DIne.i 1nt a Southerme
f"' re ljttt at C.irc\, N, C. '
0 el xct N. i., .',t t':hr.y,

a of r t'. u t nt'.
ro an a si. trai n t' nd ln
d sAtwy"tl the -rodnut.
l,.bran),ws kw ( I n. .;'t:t I 't, ra't I h
u.t t id'.|t~t~t; ta-ldri tWi>l Et:-. furA i ; 's The
1fta ziolli t tt t0 a v ,m llad

Ilih -- aisis .Uo". tulna.
v lt ,,i h :p"Lm ,' L h. .

Te Us eca ** M*Pny of Th* 3 **s
.'.to Koi n'ia iltnswlrv*4 .
Int ptoportlou to popu atilettbhere arM
mxore old nailds in the BermUtdas than
in tany other part of the world.' This
it true of all classes of the population,
butt pielially of the oldest and wealth-
lest famlilles who have been connected
wIth ite islanas ever sline they were
colonlied b~j the Virginia company In
A'hre out of six of the daughters of
the old plamitiang families do not marry
in *it'e of" tte ract that they are pret-
ty, itti a delicate rose lusih type of
Beauty, extremly well bred and an&
omtnptlished and just as nice as girls
ca4 poatbtly be. Their failure to nuit-
ry "is a standing source of- wonder to
the Whole of the( West Indles.
At) antiquatedd lahw Is undoubtedly
responsible In part for this state of
things. By this law provision is made
for,' the daughters to .take shares of a
landed estate when their father dles,
but If one nmrrie's she loses her for-
tune. It is taken away and shared
among the others. Under this law
many a girl of the better class Is
robbed of the dowry which is rightful-
ly hers. .Sonwetmhnes she will not marry
her sweetheart at the eaut of her for-
tune; somletliies lhe iluwretn iry swaln
will not marry her If shie has nothing
to bring hitgU but hlersclf,

luttle wVor k.
Sooner or later evr(y owner of a
country home runs up against the Idea
of 'rustic work. Generally It bits him
ihard-somettinesa hard. If you real-
ly need( seats or tfmunnmr houses in your
wcodlaud nothing can be more appro-.
printe than logs with the bark on, be-
cause they harmonize within the growIng
trees, says Country Life In America.
This is the real secret of the popularity.
of t'utlc work, Its fitness. It Is op-
'posed to 'costler and more architectural
features which make a strong contrast
with natural surroundings. Occaslon-
ally, however, you will find a ma who
hall fallen head over h\els in lov with
rustle work for its own sal(Oielho .'icon-
seiqellnue that lie fills the hi whi0 t front
of Il house with all eiprts of"rustlc Im-
po'isitllitteis which look doubly foolish
boteausii they have no earthly use and
because they are out in a sunny spot
in the midst of an evivt'onmimint which
is civilization rather huin nature.

An Organ In the Tenth Century.,
nVoIstoll speaks of itnI or'gnn contain-
ing 400 plples which watim erected In the
tenth century In unghtind. This instru-
meat was blown by "thirteen separate
pati's of bollows." It also contained a
large keyboard. There arte drawings of
that period extant which represent tho
organ as an Iinstrumnnt having but
few pipes, blown by two or three per-
sons and usually perforuti(l on I)y
iionk. Tho keys, which were- phlyed
)pon by hard blows of tho flat, were
Ye~l~wusy-antnd-fronmfoniuT6o sx Inclh-
(a broad,
About the end of the eleventh cenitu-
ry s)miltoiee were litrdt uced into the,
keyboard, but to all appearances Its
compass did not extend beyond three
octavos. The lnttoductlou of pedals In
14D0 by t ernhairdt--giving tu compass'
P fiat to A-was another Important
contribution to the instrument. These
wero merely tumall ple-es of wood op-
erated by the toe of the player.
P1 1gw sul Bli PI .
An old Kentueky indictment has
lbi>n brought to our attention which al-
letg'd that defendant "did miunlawtully,
willfully alm t maliciously kill and de-
stroy one pIg, the personal property of
GOorge Wigs, without the con-at of
anid Ptgg, the said pig being of value
to the aforuaaid GeorgLVIgg.J^ e 2T pig g
-tntu-i=tnt'lWb Tii' mat to some other
pigs thiat were owned by said Oeorge
Pligg. \vlich left George Pligg a Bi lotss
ithan ho (said Plgg) had ot pli. and
thu-r it~lTici-ly tori said pig from the
\ t'tty of ljtrge Pigg's other pigs
tiga muit the peace and.dignity of the
cotiik>\twenltlh of Kettiuckty." --Cas o
i nd (Co2tUnent
| l 'er lionslatl Worm..
New ealand, Australila. the tamnoan
Iamud the lowutitu n tlainds ns well as

paortl(,s .Of the tlawillian g..rtip are
the tliom-a'of various species of worms
w th *,htIk, heavy bodies anud with a
well th (l l i neck contecting the body
wit;o. I lad that is 4 tiiartilng reminid-
e wicl)h I uln they are tcallt "tine-ta-
I 't."- wuich tiitnRAin "t A per with a
cil!r!'" 'r -e-" 'A old Nelw tNeotitand
lt9eId ml '-s thrt at oute timei t'wy were
of ltmiitj;,'.'' '* p.nr rt tl atii td thretetifali
1th 1 t-iluctlon of all hiotunn life on tho
tula nids.

Id <'m i'rtw i ft l ut lted a n cr-
w e ti ,r e_. ,
.Irs, (''i-",m. .w.'-lt' thamtr just Iovt-
lyl n\\ l cXi ealt hait.'- atitS'i' utar nit
Aw y l h N v O o ,*; %I ) t ill I O i i tti n t h iv i tu
to istk th' lanidldhl te'n aid over
agatin.- l'un.k .. ...
S. 5t rs Wisk.t ..t 1

The stndy orf i.CiiM psychology Is at-
traictin (ii e-vr win.,'tidhig Interest mind
e1lnthuittsitlI. I'ro)I.'tiiA IDt crime aind
lisnlt'y it' lntOi iIg solvabIle. The
right ofl hxo -1hihl to lproir treaitmlenit,
bodily niiid tuitotlil, i m4lakinik i stroll-
e' apll'ifl. it 1.I 8umilng to lbe be(tor
KI town jituit wvhtit trentinent foslers a
hapti.te!', ti (lvoiotflttit .nd just what
P)iiysl;c)l condlititonls elroUildo< the posAi-
Id!lity ort' l'ic k tIo'loplne t. I lrtonts
vi.ll kliow itiit i-i t e ric'im otins. fractious.
uhihl neIlted t sh t'rvlics of a britiin exi
p''rt, poo)siI ly lti'it''w it l (oif a s li' lioid
&(tirg('on1. It ."ill be tul<' ltrs;.'1t.od that
fitiblboniil 'ctti c lbe Vi',l it' ritlon-
ailly dolilt vith or f, l flto > I ncluts of
'roilune if ititid' t'n isily mi.'tii it. tid.
M ay t3 v(t'y( (tliivie toL p troni t i it d in tthis
Ctlhl fitt1'1y nd lillpltinhll y tiic k't.ntg ti c l.to'l, ,moiri ii! iillgi!)Or-t
hoiod thimt tvill give the tltdeit(u na
bt'o tI outllool:. F.ir, lIom, L stilte-
. en('l t'roi i vl\'rying clivirIonimneitas tire
of vNltae. li4,0, st;tldy u!momu, this li.eo
aind Rt' wlint i\vi)nrfl avii n uvt el of
thought openi'l I.- Ilealth.

Tow 'lln 1.xessive o nimisculii r dte.l4i ent is-
proTTintit- T--iy ilm l texpetrieliced lt l pvsl-
6nlin to be not O.()lly I.Iliicess.tt'y, but
positively Itie Irtinlliing, whihi every person must
leo sooner or laitet, the syst etm adtptti
itself very slowly to new. conditions ,
and dl( ,'stlve mind liver troubles are
vory IL.'blo to follow. The great lungs,
not needed In asedentary work. degener-
ate, often leA.hvug to conaumptlon.
An lComermolncy.
Mrs. Brarindnew--t would like to get a
frst1 lales book Con etiqetto.
Mr, Brandnew-Any particular poffit
you want to ecear up?
ire. Brandnew-Yes; how to treat
one' Infteriors. You know, dear, it Is
only recently that we lhuve had infe-

I--l thought Htank was to college for
at carter nas'preachier.
Ill-o80 h was, bint from the big bills
he kept sandlin' In.-LthA ht K---outettr
i-ake a doctor ot lhmlA-Chlrago Newsk

Planters and Growers of Long

Staple Sea Island Cottou will find

it to their intatret to CoURunmi-

cate with THE a ERON ANR


ton. S. C.

WlioleAle ind Retail


us t'li!, Hirts le 4'-2
h~am fil~srnS''SWM
key, z ow~pr.

ont a ke.
bowels, but regular action cannot be secured until
secretes enough bile to make the intestines
execute their natural functions. ; Unnat-
ural agitation, caused by cathartics, compels
continual and Increasing doses to B
atta u the results.

For Sale by John on Bros., Gainesville

, ,,, ___ ____ -_-.__* c

i- . .. .. .t quail.

F0r 20Yws HaI Led a5 Wom Hlem dlttes.
......... *o 'rx3C atir X...X Iar L -T c t..I o I' s.
P e. b- .---n JAMNES F. BALLARD, St. LoulS.

For Sale by Johnson Bros., Gainesville

tIILOOx'"poxr tecl.]
Abstracts of Title and full information furnished regarding lands iu
county. Our manager has lived in this county thirty y)ars and
is thoroughly conversant wath land titles.

senting a number of prominent Am REAL ESTATE AND (CITY LOANS.



- - loxid.a


Palatka, Fla


Fine Wines, Liquors and Beer.

Bottle Beer a Speciali
attention. Bhipm
write for pnic
... a


me n ml

ty. Mail orders will have prompt
ient made day order is received..
es. Goods boxed if desired.






J*in Dumps once found he must endure
Thei epan hat haunt$: an 'epicure.
"iNe up rich foods and try Instead
The well-kknoyWn 'Force'-ocure, sir," one said.
.JrI tried It; It agreed wit him.
The Force "cur made him "SunnyJtim."

roe .* made
. SV .



I~":~---:ri' ii-rrr~CCICCCLI-'-~*~--C---rr-~-----r-- -1-

`i- -;----; ;;; ----l;-;-r-~ --*------:--:--r -r-------..-~-_- _--II-~- ---. -- --

";"~" ~"~~, kk;c


- I i





'"itdM AM-A


P )oot* Girl and

agy icni, a Ole--mwde desper-
ane by t 0ie iorthe4 refusals of Olive
oeter. a concept singer, to marry him,
ISoadlq t40t, 21 years of age, of
ats city. shot and probably fa
tally wou the girl as she sat in
the crWdadi balcony of d minsic hall
In 40oey island. Teets fired twh o shots
t the girl anld then turned the weap-
; "pogt himself, but it ueissed fire and
boe was disarmed before he could pull
the trigger again.
IA performance wat going on at the
time the tragedy took place, and the
paunicjstricken crowd ttamnpeed(, i ak-
ai g a rUi sh for the doors -an] frihthirg
Smadly to get out of rage of the bual-
WThen 'Teets approached the girl as
she sat on the balcotsy, he drew. wit.d
.his left hand, a box of candy. Whn h,
ie girl reached toward it he shot her.
S te screamed and sank to the flob.
Teets fired a second shot, but misse
The uproar which arose instantly
seemed to terrify him and he place It
.the pistol against his own head. It
mitsed fire and a policeman sac'. I
him. HIe was ideCntified by the vic-
;t at the hospital, but refused to
make any statement regarding the at-
The bullei lodged near the gir'
'heart and the doctors said undoubtedly


No appetite, loss of strength,
nervousness, headache, constipation,
bad breath general debility, sour ris-
ings, and catarrh of the stomach are
all due to indigestion. Kodol cures
Indigestion. This new discovery repre-
sents the natural Juices of digestion
as they exist In a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonic
and reconstructive properties. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure does not only cure In-
digestion and dyspepsia, but this famous
remedy cures all stomach troubles by
cleansing, purifying, sweetening and
strengthening the mucous membranes
lining the stomach.


t-at it will cause her death. "
W I Ove 1'elth to the BSlk and
Augusta Woman Tries to Offer Chil. sBtfongth to the Weak.
Sdren as Sacrifice.
Augusta. Ga., JuJte 20.---.Mrs. Gussle Bottles only 1,00 Size hoaa 2r times
. Lott, a widow, resiing- at No. 2 Pearl Prep rd by IS. DeWitt Co..o Oc.
avenue, in the mill district, was stop. Prpared by B. C. DeWitt &Co., OMtag.
Ped It an attempt to kill her children
when discovered and prevented by the BIODIFORI) & ReCOLLUM.
neighbors from doing any harm.
SMrs. Lott's caso is a sad one. Sev-
' eral weeks ago she became demented MEN AND WOMEN,
On the subject of religion. She d dihaipe C nda mpauons
was taken in charge by tho county au-. irritatloi or ulitralon
ha'r byf t c an c 0 u meaol 4* tlImu. d niicOUS ti,*ibrane,.
_,thorities, but before she had been rltu,. tot.fc,,. PaiuB.., ahn nlot irtn.
Tried relatives took her into the coun. TgHEE nSCHt, OC tludor npoC u ,
try, where in a few Nweeks she seemn- ,IN I- or e.lt n plaiu wrlPr.
td to have recovered. She came back t]( rbot.!.7
.-0 o S bottle a.42U.
|to town, but on Tuesday again she circular seut on roque
showed sigiis of losing her reason. By .. .. ,
|Ielghbors sh v was stopped In the act .

She became qulet again and remain- to pay $1,0 to any mntnufacturer of
ed so until Friday morning, when she ,
%starte.-l out to kill her children. She paint who can show, by similarar tests,
has been taken in charge by the au. any paint standing uponl any metal
thorities and will probably be sent surface as perfectly and for so long a
Sto, the asylum, time as our
Mrs. Lott Is possessed with the idea (GRAPHITE ELASTIC PAINT.
that she owes her children to the Loid WV( guarauteo. GIIAPHITE ELAS.
as a sacrifice. *TIC nihat Inrt o tin j ni tar. roin nim.

G. W. Collier, One of City's Wealthl
Men Dies.
Atlanta, Juen 22.-George Washi
ton Collier, one of the oldest a
wealthiest citizens of Atlanta, died t
morning at 1:45 o'clock at his re
dence near Piedminont park.
Mr. Collier had been ill for aeve
months, but his condition was not c(
sidercd critical until recoUtly. A f
days sao a tur rn cumen fl)r the worse a
but little hope of re-overy has be
ent NMr. Collier was nearly 90 years
-hI, would have beot.n 90 at his n(
birthday-- and all the years of his lo
life have ,been passed in what is n
Fulton county. lie was born n<
where ho died -while the Indians w(
Still hunting in Georgla, amnd wh
there was no thought of even Marth
ville, lit alone Atlanta.
I vol t.o soe the forests and t
tisappear and givo place
loais, factories and skyscrapers

ItI ,and Surrounding Territory Se
m .'To Be Getting Lower.
ton, .Juio '"2.-- AcXcord in to
r nin'b or of the M ot r' P'-it
board, Rcst,'n a-nd the, surroUl
territoryy are slowly stinking do'
sea level.
Statement 1s tnai"o In a rep.
be GharI cs r'A' r arn The st
c0 la es.iilial tio ip at the ra
outt 1 fI t I o,10 yAr" The pri
p h'lane ucd aa bahe ,or n-.' I

w.ean low ij,.er. and t:'-w
survey c a! nitnai t'. r ti.' s
aonu any na* s alr n aIm;n 1aca
t tts bay tavp'.ipk (rff 1 to I
so1 9 yersm


mor I.tt*rtU.ab le Thte.
N. your emlAp-iyo'r mu' h- '1d

wnow d4. rotu k'u:o "wA tbotlt ,eO
i0 fj l prive t< ifll" -*' "
at tue cants. It-', wa ,S gtti,' asn -
tBite r Stack of tots P-'-Thik.
MIR ,,
"~ p t .. T alA It at-
*MIAr'ett. .
ch r-.b ,.h betterr is the nxt
'nB ..s.a'rI r "-
..VU' b t l I on toItin 04
1.: **'-
i -..'.:sy^ s. ^ ?:,-*. *. :



pholtum or any of the products of
petrolenhi, and when applied to. any
surface nccordiug to our directions to
wear rfIrfectly for ft period of five
years, and we agree to furnish,- free of
charge, all paint necessary to repaint
any surface where it has proved de-
fect ive. Signed,
The National Paint and Varnish Co.,
Cleveland. Ohio. U. S. A.

1T i ,! : v '^

COMPANY, New York.
020. U. WAtMK) aARIlt, T. t. i oVLyOH

Jacksonville. Florid
-A EL_____ E,-
WM. SclH.VIr.EB, iroprletor.
182 W. Forsyth st., Jacksonville, Flan,
Opposite PostOtlce,.

Best diniing place in city. Fine
Wines, Liquors ahd 0igars.
JOHN MENZIES, Proprietor.
.192i-M AV. lhty St.. JaOksonville.
Faust beer, bottleanddraugh t. Don't
fail to call on me when in Jackon vlle
-,- -r-
-Visit the-
The best. LiquarH in the city. tnter-
tainment every night at Ioof Garden


G, A PtIITI. I."seeG aund1 MIanmrer

ew e take phlasure in ianouneinl that G Oa esUileI. ,'ii'td.
Lnd we have secured control for Alachua "
ion contyfor the sali of the- celebrated e wr rt. ') NO1a-T.
(IRA PHI ITI E 'i AS'TiC (generally it ttmo CrouAit Court. iorl' Jdtoihtlf CirouCt.
hl known as Un.e 1 aiplit.) This Ah a ou Frt n Chincry
exl Iailt, has the highest etndorsniealts for William or istrvtp I-N, Ai iiSY (lt l
ing tin and iron roofs and all exposed t1for yvor ,. ed to the
ow a tllied. in the above Satir o auqe th st;M iilnar
eat F. THOMAA UH. & H. CO., tulitra the iareamint Wtilt.ra i' n 1te, Lh W t
are lainesvlile. Fla. --ier rtsiden ew lo t ,Ikntowii t that s i!
Wen ...'" -'- .. ... .. .. ..... l.. e over t0 0, e .'t 'X .twentyo(l e
e eatSr ft i.therefore o,,t5tS4 t askl
S An -A in-reaent d(ettrf<,er't I>' elmrtet hi t tfert -
3by L relutr i to t il t f ti, ll 'l f tCorltttto
Slt in s rthe| ordered o al B tri den r M po0 =
the k f th1 1a v of a J u) . A. A) eVA ire t,11 0i &
to l Kwtitonos of WW d iv will I,, G t~ia as o telow.
Sbed onct e for toou cr.epotive weeks
_( *I T _R1 I lot&St<* t^^^ i.UNMMKi
.i I, p O (7 1 W .(. Ite gntot t &.our t,

a Co. pan l l
Art .yrtc T) ONt11fTlm,

at I re, Stovwes, w loatemar1k a f at
an m t5 AS i EIf. r(-'(tamod, 4 xv
l. hr" She1 ha o vt0 r10 0 04ta PO made'. mr

ba _, ;a4U& It ,p* t.i fere F Ov* rA.t v lit th ,,i

iftt C mr ''ted *'4. .ft Oreea, tl4s "uj da-
Ingt 7 Aire1$ s, .o t a" ui sr S, .. w j
Sf Gitl JML<4 "/ a ~ w -- tf y . 3> "it, f A* U .i l ,- t w Iott& L t w 'I l e tak .en s 4 m .- * e
U404 -T1-44
in n i ~ent.c hoe E iv U aa3aUn us r n' .. Oils 1-

co .t p t ela^ k 9r go *sf I n. t liw ts wM.
A L. tri AX. t e Rt t-Jvel .it t tW a

ir s.,,it :oni f W tV,
awl l J Aa13; ecrrt.ir t4A$14 at r i sv m n *itrou t'twUr ,.a t/w.-(1 <'<4 .abat%
-ars'A lmI, so rating et v mero .ate
I etop-.otew ar h4l of too 41101

Vbr onlo -r t -vr 4 6 r PF t4
W t and .ortWun-t s. u
S 'na j "IV" 0101110" f;i Ribs's ^. ,
Ujv* ica ofd 'At -e.i- ~tS .:ix'.WK
,i.,u *n 't C r -i ^ (o a tt e t J..,.,,,,. ..,,.,,,,Jodi*.,....;:<.,,. .,:,.,



[Sucessor to Seltfler Aldermanl
Over Dutitone A 0o' a K, Galnesville
Special attention to Oro t and Bridge work.
Phone 704

Graduate lHattmore Colege Dentail surgerT
Fie years' eperivene ip New York C iy.
Crown, Br-ide work ad UUinir Sipeialtle&
OrOca I ENL MAB GAnW, A.sI V .t.s rA
GAaVxAB.L irWoomnA.,,
Dealtr in reatw atate. 'ihorovuhly ioated
wgth every aeu~un .4t d. Alahu1ua ounty.
Corretuondenee solicited.
and Made.New.
We buy or sell 'Furniture. or can contract
with you on the coamimtswl,0 basis. I'lutr1ionu
solloited and austtathtt ,id1w Va)8,



and the EAST. HOT SPRINGS, N. C.
The NORTH and WEST... ~o "The Sapphire Country,"
'Newoe 0 n Dninlf C-ar
O co va All fTtils, the n*s.
dOtTHtE.RM RAII WAY. H. F, CARY, D itrict Paisssnner Agw.e,
-. 108 W.. .0y Mret, JActloNvi.L.s, PftA,
W. A, Tvasit. P. T ... Washinnton, D. C. H. HADWICK,0. O P. A.. Washintton, D.C.
WM. H. TAY. e, A. 0. P, A., Atllnta, s.O









MM.M .* H E R A ^Jif\4~'J 1


We will ship you, express prepaid--
'4 full quarts HInnting Club.......... .......
4 full quart Neisn County,...-. ..., .. ..
4 full quarts Monogram M yland ...... ....
4 full quato s (Hanl i44". ,..,., .. ,.,.... ....
4 full quarta Soial Dropj ........,,.......
18 full quarts Hatt ing!gC!tib .... .. ,:. .,.......
1 full quarts Nelson County . ... ,.. .... ...
S11 full upar Monogranm Mary liand . ..........
12 full quarts Haanne **' .., .... .. ... ..
is fall quarts 8ocial thi.,. /,. ,. ..,., .

$s 1

:( ,' :1

.. * : :""%
44* *''^
t* 'Na

'' i i i

V !^

.... ': ^"^el

t ,, i-i

o; "''^

-" I

I i
i00 '
. 7 5 **'
q"0 .*;f

s 00
fl (

t re SUPERIOR AN QUAIpT Y anld 0U F-

d 0 ;, .is **. .:* ** '; 'l Lz";;;,. 6,;*: l' / ?*:i ;?T





1--- ---- -- ---- -- -- -- ----~


r -' --- I- --- '



. . . .. ........ . ... .. I. ] a- ilJ '[J J i

. :';i

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e Between U. S. and the
jf Philippiie Islands.
iOable Ship Angela Has Already Depart-
ed From Honolulu to Finish the
I: Work--Journey May Be Accomplish-
"ed In Six Days. ..
A;a; an ]ranctsco, June 22.-Within a
week thA last link of the commercial
Pacific cable will be laid between San
F Pranclsco and Manila and the United'
SStates will have direct communication
With its Philippine possessions.
The cable ship Colonia reached Mid-
&ay Island yesterday, completing the
U link between Guam and Midway, and
immediately on Its arrival the Angella
Departed for Honolulu to close the last
s'p In the transpacific cable, a dia-
.l tance of 1,160 miles. Superintendent
2 Hiarrlington, of the Commercial Pacific
Cable company, states today that he
believed the Angetia would accomplish
B'the voyage in six days, paying out' the
fr'ie rope enroute.


a of Disease Spreading-Drastic
Measures by Authorities.
kio, Japan, Juwne 1, via San Fran-
June 20.-(Correospondence of
ssociated Press.)--wo eases of
ic plague have been discovered
.kohania and there are signs of
reading. Drastic measures are
taken by the authorities to pre-
bthe spread of the disease. There
i!:117 cases during the last week
19 deaths in Hong Kong. The
oe)r of cases to date is 678.
e Uraga Dock company on May 24
Added the construction of the re-
iang coast guard boats of the Unit.
ates government and will, it is
said, carry out a wholesale dismissal
;of employes at the Uraga yards In a
" 4ow days.
The event Is due to the fact that
the first two vessels sent to Manila
Shave been found defective, Mr. Tsuka-
hara, president of the Uraga dock,
went to Manila the other day to apolo-
oze, and was told that the authorities
Id,,not take the boats unless the
..onimpany should reduce the cost
!i.yessis iy 20,0oo yen apiece.

Journey From San Francisco
Sto New York.
clesco, June 22.-E. T., Fetch,
0, ., and O0. KLrarup, of
left this city today In a
I wer single cylinder gae-
r car^of AmWtOn iMnuftrUfc-
lith the intention of traveling
| tp Now York. The trip I s
Ato dOrmiomtALte what an
of moderate power can do
aadn ard desert roads of the
eriptlon. A camping outfit
material for repairs are ear
rear portion of the ve-
te front a hnod so as to

f pulties are expected,
lcrosstng the 9Sand Platins
Their machine Is ideal
h. having provision for
th. exigencies of tie scar-

of Prussia's Approaching
ilt tothe U. 8.
June 22.-To4ay's court
Wlay, cables the Ilondon
t of the Tlmes, that Prince
russta. when he Nitts tbhe
next year for the world's
lAus. will not go Ina 'an




Important Deals Pending In Vandorbilt
System cf Roads.
Cleveland, June 22.--The Leader
Important changes are pending in
the Vaq derbilt raihload system4,in this
region. President Ledlyard, of the
Michigan Central, is to retire Aug. 1,
and W. Im. Newman, president of the
New York Central and of the Lake
Shore roads, will be made the presl-
dent of the Michigan Central. This
isa only the beginning of other changes.
The Michigan Central will lose its
"The Intention is to build up a. N0
York Central system west of Buffa-
lo similar to the Pennsylvania system
west of Pittsburg, with the exception
that the president of the Now York
Central will have jurisdiction extended
over all ot the western systems. The
Big Four and Nickel Plate are like-
ly to be a part of the proposed mer-
"The roads that will be included in
this system are the Lake Shore and
Michigan Southern, the Michigan Cen-
tral, the Pittsburg and Lake Erie, the
Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling, the
Lake Erie and Western, the Indiana,
UIInois and Iowa, and the Detro4t,
Toledo and Milwaukee."

Traffi'o, Too Heavy for 'Two Roads
West of Chattanooga.
Chattanooga, Tenn., June 22.-It is'
understood here that the Southern rail-
way Is again .considering the building
of the Stevenson extension. a track
from this city to Stevenson, Ala., there
to connect with the present line of the
Memphis and Ch arloton railway,
which Is controlloi by the Southern.
It is stated that the traffic over the
Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis
railway, whose tracks the Memphis)
and Charleston uses botweon this city
and Stevenson, has grown to such an
extent that it is difficult to operate
the tr-ains of the two roads over the
one track.
The Southern has had several sur.
veys made for the extension, and it Ia
understood that the one likely to he
adopted Is that which will provide for
a tunnel through lookout mountain.
The tirachks will practically parallel the
Nashville road's tracks from. here to
Stevenson. If the extension Is built
It will cost about $5,000,000.

Approaching Session of the Georgia
Atlanta, June 22.--When the legisla.
tors meet at the capitol next Wednes.
day morning they will find enouIgh'
work on their haMnd left over from last
session to lB- ttehm busy for several
weeks wtliot t9e Introduction of any!
new business. While it is altogether,
likely thatt some attempt will be made
to. fduoe th length of the c"asion'
fram tae I 4eq sipcflted, yet .the
w n;d ounes te epitot opine that
thare will be busin eos enough to keep
Ithe leglslators tolling all through ths
heated days of July sad far Into thei
i month of Augtsut..
SAlready the members of the horisl
1 and senat areo arrivIng in Atlanta.
Idoeedr the majority of.them are here,'
and hotel corridors are beginning to
burr, and hum within political oip. ,

SOne Parson Killed and On Fataly In-
Jiured at Ctnlnnatl. i
SCinckrfati, June 12.-4Ry a terrlfli
I ,axn halon lteay the buli4ng of the
| O(rea! Manufactatrng company at
Court and Russell Streets Was wreck' A

Fred Vase, the principal ownr, w5*
killed and his partne. Joseph KNltch
ikoweki. was fatally IutiSretd d .
R.fvera.l girls w'pplayed at tbh plltt
warn uanilurf'' -

cty, but will travel in- to W "
Wife Charged With PotitonlO.
1 will tour the UntitOd A KnotYtri. Tern, June S2.--Jiames
inug the Pacific coast. I .I y, a young mtan of laP4liettK
..prnace of Germany will Ten.. r.'ar .s h'r, 11'-a a f dew days a
6r to tihe world's fair .S omne a.pp,'i':,,.on was uaed s tilM
tltefompaewPi by one of .ahis d,&-ath ania pi trourteTn examt'
tion was or ter:ed 'r the caornetw r MC le
fl In Timber Larend, i an estminetiu r..but tU. no e)est
Webh., June *n. The .'hy-,.ats I,' repoort'O and the'
*ab-eUp y ".Uury rtfr ed ve dict that Lrelyj
S;the sale otf lM00 bat 4tAed of polw. Mr., lovey m"
l 1 Q 0"'n 1.5514s arrested. "be eee w il be takes up
a S'M.eiry 0. W4a the (apVeli enity past ey,'
mo* seat? N9 tI 3r l's. l )toy ad bee s.
ta^ X satWK irite he an 1 enra t 4 *thee

-----*- ----:-i I!~~----~I-'--~-----C -- -----I--~----------

Textile Strike Nanslg En. d ',, a 4 tsqr'senit.h. hiei r EnlwetL Mass, June oW-Tl great mn ks from lrpertor Wiltlamn, of Ger ee *tem Pesfar Aescde si
txtil* strike which t b ia s l e. three mAsY in payrestfotIr a paf0 of S k. Jsu4s It"4 *a Whelat u'4
I'sathe ba5l t hotht to .b seedBarg atirpupt which We.ponwe sd td o wlty fioruf'4iatr wrj ps*giftt O
the cund T*he lead rs of th' stu 'in ww s' mo ( Aisd seat to *A WI ti *1 t, S (Is d t a peerta
teH ulik 'or ers e btt haet S egr e* liasa fl years ago WaeMs' bed4 ath flar eseI4*t flswt reen ws'eska ago
tatotna .tprvrcno s a eosa e'we st~wnp painted aMd as t 4WtRlb I tb l 4t uMnrs r Me e ntr. .:d.,er.
with a viwe to brtrnitg altevt a se- 94o adopt thee lea se %Ierfa r. e & izr was ae -,
tisellw hat hetsesjt tt. tie mti T INhe s**0ti wtlut tn efMta *MaftM i*i *
nest. -$eas eof every nita. wibt m*waye4 ananewry earrlt9%iM3*5R Me$ Is Me tn a
be aJed we!r. Scads? b take a -e1 *14 mW tarn see bat h eWgb onse t eiea
tise *2 tie gmouse it nWeiate ant 054 .et netd tie 15* ta GeI0a eS upast e
to web, mattt a nfew heab ag ,
tW w,/**t b~ h *oW A, P'.ow 40.;T *'-f' g M OW4 Oi* ma" ".4 Iko I
:< fc .1,- ; .. . :,i .* .; *. l ,* ^ ^ ^ 1^ y. i *'o f-^^ ^ B ^

; A- A. . At'". A, '. A:, A, A,' :'' : . .

I ,.Annual Repr onti n M inth r SIn"
"' '- eightlh annual report of the American ..-- .
Foreman of Late G nd Jury Traet ociety, made public today, Atkinson Gains Control of 1*1
states than in this society a ooilasensus
Has Been Threatened. hs been reached as to what the Bible portrut Public UtIlities.
Teaches on mny, ift not all, essential ....--
eral evangelical denominations. lna -----
Move Is on Foot to Sw0ea ot War. inting It in various forms and many Preston Arkwrlght, of Georola tail
ranovets For Arrest ofMen In High languges, and in sending it to the way and tri ight Company
rants For Arrest of jen ln Hlgh people in all parts of the globe. The way and Electrlo Light Company
Places For Bribery and Per)Jry In new year begin with a revenue from Gives Facts Regarding Merger of All y
Connection With Tial. rentals Cram the society's building. Lighting Interests of Gate City.
Connection With FoQWOus Tial which will yield a considerable sum
Jackson, Ky., June 22.--3lnce the re- available as a sininng fund toward re. Atlanta, Jwne M-A "m rgr" of the
moval of Jett and Whlte to l.xington moving the burden of debt. The new Atlanta Gas l4ght company and the
and the prospect of another trial is publlcatlons, distinct from perlodicals, Georgia Railway and Ilectrio tAgh
certila, In a county beyond the none brought out by the society during the, company has been effected whereby
of loud lnuunce, thri e i conalderablo year, are 5 i ii number. two dt Atlanta's greatest public utill.
talk here of prosecutions for prjury 'the society sla now publishing seven ties sOure under the control of t. XM.
and bribery. Itla cla imed that once periodclals, four In I nglish, two in Atkinson and his allied Interests,
out of Influence of Jackson feud lead- German and one in Spanish. The ag- President Preston 8. Arkwri t,Of !
ere will talk freely and. when they do, g'rogate circulation of these peorlodicals the Georgia Railway and Jolectrit
many prosecutions will follow. It is during the year have been 190,000. The Lglit company, at t11 o'clocit today a-
sald that a move sla on foot to swear colportage dOpartment ftitds among the sued the following official stateRmnet:
out warrants at once (or the arrest of immigrant anarchists' organlsatlona. "'The parties Inttleated In the Qeor
men in high places for bribery, per- Infidel literature, bittrely hostile to gia Railway and 101octric light compa*
Jury and as accessory to the Marcum ChristlAnity and grossly immoral, and ty and the Atlanta Gas ULght company
murder before the fact. catechisms for the young. Colportage have arranged for an exchange of the
One of those warrants is expocteO among the iminlgrapts In cities has stock of the omptanies. fy the tormas
to be served tonight. The statement boon diligently probseuoted. of the exchange the presont stoekhold-
by Judge lRedwlhi that hobe will call a The gospel truth has booen publish- ere of the Atlanta GAs LAght company
special term of court when he finishes 'ed in 155 languages or Aifaleots. The will become largely .JAtreoste'd in the
his work In Irving and ILe, counties denutud for Christian literature in the Georgia lRailway and TOleetrlo ,AgLt :
is taken as a conclusive stop li this nissilon stations throughout the world company, Thet hold at p,,p.soma t
direction, especially since Judlgo Har- is greater tlran It has. been for three- ($000.00t0 par value, priofrred Wtock,
gl refused to speak to liedwine Itw quarters of a century. and $i,014,625 lvar vTluo commonsutocic
forea the former left with his attorney Over 1,500 missionary colportetras of the Atlanta Gas lAght omptn, .
for Cinctinnati. The sltuittion is still have heon comimlsslonod In mnaro than They receive In exchanlgi for thit" a
one of approlhonslon. Tho foreman 60 years of the society's activity In liki amount, par Value, of the coiW'
of the grand jury that indicted Jeti the MA'iistilppI valley to carry the goee- eon ted preferrfted otok of the Go ii
aed Whit,lt has been threnatoned and pel to tire homes of the settlers In tiht gla Rallway atd fllctric IAght opmpa..':
the soldiers were statlonile, around his Wildest regions of our coltl.ry. ny. :.
house'last night as well as around that Out of 70,730 families, 9,150 wore "There will be no consolid'atKon "of
of Maddlx, who testified to seeing found last year d(stltute of all roll- the two companies, but they will o.Ui" A
Orawford and Tharpe, toamtiers for glens literature. Q3,1 a wero tound den tiUni to be operated ha teparate atO
Hargis Brot, coming fromn theli lwen tltutle of thie Bible; 12,370 families ti ndpondoltt orgailattlon. By td -,.
hotel just before the fire was dlscov- wore foi[sid that nivir went to rou!l- exchange, loWeVeri the ownership 1,f *,
ered. Jackson Is still un.dor military gloua worship, OvIr $250),000 In ctah tho two companies 4ls romOna, itn 10.
rule. have bueen o nit to Indlia for printhig tlhe. thley will be brolg,1ht In closer touhl '
gospel In many of tlio varied lani with oneah other, will be enabled to
FIGHT ON FOP LOCAL TAXES. guage,. purchase their.uppies jointly, aid by
S---Th society thas expondod In its 77 those means it Ia believed that eoon,
Great Educational Campaign Being years In (relatitg a Chritalat literatture omloes In the operation of each can be
Waged In North Carolina- for Turkoy, Including the Armeonatias eOffecto- and higher effieloncy and bet.
Raleigh, N. C., Julno 2.-Lat year and Jews, and for IGreoce, $117,7069 In ttr services aeonilplishoei In all 4d*
a groat campaign in the lntretat of onali grant. partmentr of both com ptan leS.
local tt!d In the way of taxation for ----- --- "The nranngoeent fo each company
Public ehuOls, ipartlicularly in the CARDINAL VAUGHAN DEAD. will remain the name it ta nowt Is BWa
samallcr town and in country districts, -- no change In thIn t magmentt t m oft '
was (onducted Archbishop of Westminster Dies After either will be made."
irlday arrnngcinintos wore complex. Long Illness.
ed for an even Agretor campaign along Ioutdon, Junt 22.--The Vary Rev. TUNNEL CAVO' I"N AT 80TVON,
this linoe begilnn'ng .it.ly 1. Thltr Horbert Vaughtan, cardinal and arc Polish Labrer Ki.lled .d A "nothe
are over 60 sapearkei- on the list, who bishop of Westmiister, died at mil. Poli-sh Laborer Kild and Anot.
will devote a month or two months toa night. Cardinal Vaughan w Ias n o.t, Jure d-WorkmnA" M10 .
tifls mnlal important it,rk, amoltithi April 15, 1R32. Io became .ar' L t.t n TOa Othe
being ex cock, Audiltor l)Ixon, Preident M clver, has been Il mnort than three mcimtiti. tsut teostre set, w6 an
of the State Normal ant Industrial cofl. te In March It wan thought he could ot
logu for Womin; I'-t.ident HenTy not survive more than a few days. lion with the egxtvatto, ie ft u
l)uls S1mith, of lDavl,.on college: (on' 'i Th e ardinal. who has boon sink, Ing tho night, anl d oine ,"a, a6'Poli
grr'.voji John II. Sm.ll and Robeort ng .for nmie weooks frow heart'dIsaeo -)bor1r, wasn ktlled-ad another In,
N. Prge,. Cyrus m1. WtAon, Charlti and d-romy, died peaefully. I lured. A third worKl w tepr
H, MNleane, Proftssor Cparlylte and doeth wa tot expected no soon. Yes- ed ssssaong afte w tMhe ael t s n ft
Syk, of Wake Forez.t rtcollc; .Pro torday. he was wheeled in a bthat char w feared e Ws rd tho t .
testoor MWrain i and thsm, of Tr(inay about tohe orridors of at. Josph' Oe. iore Sat o' o
college; Iobret B. loeglossf and %Z. %I college, which he founded with money o work aydK t, t t oft loe k mii ..
Witt0r, Alfred NM. S a. n d others, which ho tol!E. tod In ANmerie aiod ie ma ln .
Since last year's cma r( paig 0 dilea -l wber. O n tith prv'rek* day he IAtp- r n : h h I
trncta hare voted locnl ttaxt fo school a r f rt dinthe Colle 'o chali ml In .f.il T earelnp WAs. sht 6t long
bringtaing the timnl<-r tip to 133, antd cordtinal rols, aly ta thic' matter fi ing t isagtat i14.n 41 t address to his bshotdops nd prriostl t .pta Wor nt
other distrets. Hit remains will le ip stAto In the -r A a
fe ath.,.ral it We tmkstmrndr wnttd will 1 b ATTr LMI.EN HAVE SATTl.
HAVE NO HELP TO RUM PARMS., tabled at Si. Joseph s ollege. On Kilte avid A *th e iPrbahly
barth of Labor In Counties of Wast MAY BE CANDIDATE. .tey W eteitd,.
Vlrgia, .. ..... ------- Aliok t, Jte.,-N M. INew
H untingtop, W, Va, June 22,t-The1 U. S. Grant Might Net Retfse Vite reaclhadhere of 4,,srete battle e,,..
SnnouneienuBt is readl by farmers of Preei-sptiei Norn)AsU southweatt WiVat Virginia that fully halt fw 41e',o. Cal., ,hlthe 2.-IX. M : dmn restratio. hB which flnry Per,
of the lan, tn Wayne. ,stnst. lFaeol.. Orart, when hAIfnr and Mar.o cow el will It* id<. ooldot. e-u that ha ts4a eaoi att' for t .p, baby .fatly. Wotutade ..I .;..e
thl yar hretuic It is tap.ll)p secture met t'.o work the fttrms '' Mr. linesovttt, *tid;** '"rh. E.-n bi Ce lao' (ttvwtvie l& .. a' 4

sid the demand fo r lel*--(n tli..r lu.. nta ila*stion, but I baVe known that! j hStiic4 51 0 151 tmles M .1s th|e". yw
largely ftroua.afrnr' h ]farin have inSet tod wark cii.' prt prel's yt ex avalain.t'l a
Virginia float. a xtew. s Ptsry M ^--^-.^-., "_ t Atens, Jouei' z t:.-...ephe.hW..ar from tlawrt|.' r' r --ev

_ ~ 1 _


'W, 4s.D^AY SERMON. tried to comfort her in her sorrow. In
in.'"'":e, ^ .. Tk Upo a few weeks the widow died in child-
S ...eet'P.fttor Talks Upon birth. ,
I.ntro'tin Subject. "The neighbor and his wife called on
S $ I4M, 1.--"'The Religion the director of charities, They tlid
,anity." his was the subject him, their story honestly, as investiga-
ermon of Herbert S. Bigelow tion proved. They did not a k the d i.
e er f H r S igo recuor to help them to atly charity.
S Vine Street Congregational They merely water to ae the body
hto day of the widov from a pauper's grave,
pJasnuo. gs ye have done it unto They could not pay for a grave. But,
Stlhe leastof these my brethren, they wanted to arrange to buy it onl
hve done it unto me. Jesus. the installment plan.
0 e's true to God who's true to "They not only did this, but they
M.an, James Russell Lowell. adopted the baby. What are the 1%-
..',he.i words of the Hebrew preach- braries and universities of our mniliott-
er hd. the American poet carry the aires compared to the benefactors of
sa e message," said Mr. Bigelow. these heroic poor who bury the dead
.What is the distinctive service and feed the helples.4 out of their piti-
Ahi 'Jesus has rendered the world? ful store?
M i;fame cannot rest upon the pro- "To many it would seem strange to
1toundness or originality of his thought. spe:;k of the sacriiee of the black main
).-e was essentially a Jew. The most in the boiler as an act of worship.
notablee things he said had been said Whea we speak of religion we think of
in tlibBtance by the prophets before stamuid windows and eloquent ser-
ij m. In what respect did he differ mos, and gold crosses and catechisms.
tniost from the teachers of his time? We do not think of the poverty which
qad the story of his life with this shares its crust with widows and or-
Question in mind and the answer will phans. Ah, how sutfering humanity
be plain. He is unique because of the ought to love those heavenly words:
emphasiss which he placed upon the 'Inasmuch as ye have done it tUnto one
ti0manities as contrasted with the of the least of these.'
forms and doctrines of religion. "The religion of humanity I Would
"Do we love our fellowmen? Do we you know what it is; what it hopes for
'wlVsh them all well? Have we univer- and whakijnthusiasms it kindlea in the
8sal good will? Are we willing to fight hearts of men? Listen, thitn, to these
.i;for their rights? Do we make their words of the revolutionists who died
W 6rongs our own? Are we friends of in the streets of Paris.
'the stranger, of the naked, of the sick, "Citizens, do you picture to your-
-and the prisoners? Is our heart with selves the future? The streets of the
the emancipators? Do we feel it to be cities flooded with light, jho greew
the supreme mission to preach the branches upon the thresholds, the Ia-
gospel to the poor; to preach the gos- tiouns sisters, men just, the old nien
pel of justice and hope for the poor; to blessing the children, the past loving.
heal the broken-hearted; topreachde- the present, thinkers in full liberty,
liverance to the captives; and liberty believers in full equality, for religion
foi the bruised and oppressed children the heavens, God priest direct, human
of toil? conscience become tihe altar, no more
"That is enough. That is religion. hatred, the fraternity of the workshop
That is the badge of discipleship. To an!d the school, for reward and penalty
reduce the elaborate doctrines of the- notoriety to all, labor for all, law, over
ology to that simple formula of good all peace, no more hlhoodihed, no more
will to man, and to exalt deeds of lov- war, others happy."
ing kindness above the worship of the BATT-LE IN MOROCCO.
temple, that is the service which
Jesus rendered the world. Six Thousard Men Killed In Fight
"To the people of his tiimeI he said: With Rebels.
' 'You who worship the letter without. ,Madrld, June 22.-According to a
the spirit; you who ave divorced re- dispatch r-ccelived here from Tangier,
the t who have dnvord eetshl, the Moorish war ninii-
liglon from life; you poor fettered, -1s elests 6,0 0Motrh In a battle
"rmal"6ouls, break the yoke of the fought with the rebels at Amnledinna.
past, declare your independence of
-dogma and creed, come out from the American Suicides In Paris,
shadows of authority, stand up liko Paris, .lJue 2.--Tho prefect of o-
men in the majesty of your own souls, lico hlis notlflT: Consul General Cow.
know that wherever reason is respect- dy that Sam .Janmeson, an American,
ed. wherever freedom is courageously cortnmtted suicide Ju-no e16 and was
cI, wherever human needs are buried In l ttor's field. -An investlga.
tion showed that Jameson was born
ver thrgh that I tebanon, 0.and that later he 11v-
jT0ever through the ageis rise e in St. I au. 'rhe deceesd was
Iisalturs of self-sitrihe,- r ilir e; wf l 4 R
Ir- love its arain Ilas opened wide "5 (': 'Is ,1 1 .. 'I i hA wife Is 64. 4- ,
for man ha 'ealm ly ditd, cn tly Mrs; Jamsonl becaRme deranged
r2 .. .. ... ~-. .,.1 annd filled to reoOgnIze hor husband,

religion pure and unde e

pne greater than the 'temple.'
ek day spent iii honest, earn-
is holie r hani the Sabbath of
ie[e. Th[e ttest place to
fat the altar of human need.
"saved until he booomesa
redeemed soul is one that is
th aspirations for tho public
standing on a street corner
|a car. Bfeaido me were
en. There came along a
bl man, with red face and
ach. He wore the collar of
pIous order. On h'is vest
displayed a gold cross. The
!mg men looked at the wheezy
en looked at each other and
Why did they laugh?
ethey were .t rock with the
ity between that ltorit;ch> and
young men got their ear.
tt the awfl- a Sy. They bought a P*ir.r They
(.over the same pageo and read.
Shad been working in a boioer-
Swhite and thm- other tmolorwd.
bite meant had a family and the
- niat was singlit. i mV one,.
taig that the men were there,
4t a valve which sent a ru4h of
water in the, boiler, Both]
rthie ladder. 'Go Irest,
'eried the colored man
ia escaped. 11 t blackt
youtg,.men, after ,reuaUdng
.d,, at e hl othet. They
W b thio tiim*. They wve
were m hc r U a
Sfde. r- Mod". t

This preyed upon JamitAon's mind
and he cut his threat.
Old Hickory's Birthplace.
RT&l.'uh. N. tC., June 22.-A photo-
graph of the house In which, President
Andrew Jackson was born has been
placed In the state library. Tih house
is now owne4 by $. L. Robman, 6 miles
from Wxazhb aAd 400' yIe this sidel
of th e Bo* CuroMa utIe. At 'the
time of th& Brs hbo Jack.won the .cab-
onwa0wud by Geore MoCamners.

Women as Well as Mep
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Troublet.

KWAdney trouble preys upecn the rniltd. dia-
ooWura sm tnd leoens ambitor. beauty, vigor
,..^,- ^ and cheer ulaoesa soon
L disappear when the kid4-
nays are out of ord 4e
cr diseased.
-s *i K* d a ey trouble ha)

doese msortant T mesu elans
Sdt o Pfe ,* jawwrom

b *s aU 1 e a* s ttd see a
!ko 'tf p al Is i Ch 40 4t MAW.
it* avi ftwll baU"aftts( t.w '*^Bm~af" "^y*liftte~V*^t*
h.r *f' 1 Iitn *tt> #7 tb.r* yi ^- OqA>)! or ,~T fs u biptf a

d" Ns to

wuhe as wCliosre~ai n~vv
S*vao tvb h i avid tW. t itsl #
aI b oth itarn thesm -poeti T r aulfNis
ym.^ *ndd o avid b aine4mi. s4Ml <*

I MO t &L .* *mi **< <


To be tired out from hard work or bodily .
exercise is natural an4 d et is the remedy, but.
there is an exhaustion without physical exer-
tion and a tired, never-rest'd feeing--a wweai-
ness without work that is unnatural and shows -
some serious disorder is threatening the health. One of thec1itef causes of
that "Always-tired, never-rested condition" is inipure blood and bad circu-
lation. Unless the body is nourished with rich, pure blood there is lack of
nervous force, the matA- For over four yera I nt red wtth era deblllt1r,
cles become weak, the i- oa thoro bI ot d ownO t Jto. 19
gestion i ,npaired.,l and o"sin l whoh.d been ite n ., Ib h13%'ty rol -
general disorder occur comed B6 B. is. to,1i who iay f.oolth heed of,. m
throughout the system. .heroushigo &oodtc .osI. V ,AoA
Debility, insomnia, nuer, 44W. inthst., columntbi, *o.nu.
vousness, inmdigecstion,
dyspepsia. loss of appetite, strength and energy, and the hundreds of little
aixments we often luvv.t ar e du icctly to a bad con-
S0M ? Q dition ofth blood nndciic" liatiotn, and the quickest
way to get rid of thien\ -s by purifying and building
lup the blood, anm for this purpose no remedy equals
S,S. S., which contains the best ingredients for
cleansing thebloodandtoni ng up the system. It is av, p table blood purifier
and tonic combined, thatenriches the blood, ad tlhi roih it the entire system
is nourished and tefreshhig sleep co01es to tbJe tired, ever-rested, boly.
^a6^^^^^^" F ^^ 1^

Tke Th. Atlantic Coast



j, via I l a i a
V itapont (1 f V thtonut f P. & O, '.iC t oinhi or
N or t "or -,|,||P|, r ti *hz ltp

iI Taubidt in ff et May i4, lO -,

IDelart VFr

Arrivet' Fren

3.:4i) pum i ig!h spring ndt Intd e 'r- I 2 in
paily i ,gsim.eif Points 'iiaily
t :i7 pun i Iala, feeiburg adid T mapa. end 8;i- in
Daily i |.tertn'r4ato l*o(lit lttaly
2.2b p m l'*Ulha., PDylton,. Jne~kNmwllviU. .,.46( p5m
[Iftlr | 'ftth.,Kasit 1. 40anm H gh Hpri>gs, y.'tyr. ..vanh, r.i..w.lc., |.'.10.p.m
lftity J Alimity. Atlanta All, T Jwnt< j j

llothell'e, TMicauopy and Cl'tra

Da Ily

D y.. lltgh pritng
x.. a ..

7 ;t, r

lnler.h4ageablbe )#eJae Tfeket, tm. goo1d owr i3,#O) mi toa of among the pit .
eipal railsy. In tin th* i rfth f $Kates. ate ir< ll tq he tilipi g 4i.vul
SThrolugh Put-ittmn lk'o-rUf"y T lampJs to' 'W ( orvi*a Attnitl C(~oNt
,i ~w; vals Ao via Atanttle Ce .4 ln l 'd 4lther.n adiiwai ,
t For ct .( .i.nforttrt, Ml1 *. _. ...n
For cm J. A. OOM WIN,. TsAgkt Agnt, O<1nvilt,.

iRAINIK C I, iON, Owe lW.,1TAKi, TaV.-Pa"*, Ago,|
r e oAV sV. Ayt eA t, r BkiHS JulfM",r .. Oi
S" Mil oton, T.., WliWtM W. "0".,

THO&- FJ KE'*c./%ft'i'*^*-AT N-**Lf'j~l '
*I n -V/^ -"4WA L31% II ".r-.l~1.. '.^;*i;S~l.O ^^^


Will lstop a ou rent and his
you i lis ne,
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