Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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H I *j 'I. I'1'e I.'

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ul:sl of tIe
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SOtoIiers of Southern League and Max
ar0ef In Ssesson.
nUIAN HO phl Tenn.. lPeA LSte Bertn
l t tllof the dlrectlor or 111 8outnhern
UBaeball lntgtui is lIWlnX hold herer
Ommwaror of Po Art3hr this morning. behind closed lomr.
onsu w a u i Juartse Kavllnalgh, of IUttl Rock, pre%
Maks Complaint denl ut the league. I, presiding, and
all of te directors are in atteudance.
lo CROSS FLAGS AMR VIlLLIE The queittoln of formally awrarllnx the
peant Fti p Memphis and the standing
uwu O eael wato dr e .o of the other club firr 11; meyas0 rt
gently afoped, will Ie passed pon.
NMO H lepitals Out of Qgow "r me2tln5c or thno full' lesiuee will be
Mkls Rw-equt ien Shfl t0 Sreve hld late II the day.
Who Aft Wowu" i4 The report of President Kavanaugh
will say tbe the flnanrlal condition
ki19 1. I.-tieN tIlaC 1die of the l-igue Is l excellent roeodtios,
pY6t Wfl relr'ed loaps 160 the the trIWsur having over $6,4V In
m ew a1y before pt F d in addition to the $8.000 luaran.
"V. Mrs from Oi tmeed fald. JudIge Kcavanaubgh will
.Nih IPUM sof te w moopml end that the seams be abort-
SIM ........ArthAl hnW" ihed e to i gapeos and all clubs shall
Nf QHm M- Ca oef tXhE t4rss be forced to respect the salary pit
6 P:1[t 4w) reh 41iauaw of $o,000. He will also Mik tl he@
o iu.w',l pTatlg. president be iven powerto a at
t 4a the e t lal scorers. Tht btewinsreIP
46 a..f. ".base or to o m r"ettatUves of e varlo oclub* tare
S AlTI ear protest: emphis, Caruterft, Ewing
*W tm PiV J I ad Low Whistler. Shrev wt. CawP
4I' *S *d ,w WtaI W. s. C(rat a4 d aIt J. tilks,
Sl vitab hfls *i t 14t U Itle Rock, Aarun Frank Spd Dale
i ,WSm iGto pn ear. New Orleaus, Charles Frank.
l t he Nahvtille, James Palmer and Newton
l W"y ot our rshdr. Blnrminghapm, I. J. Sheprird,
W -gw w, w t. ~~i Mtoea.omer. A. oL. ult and'. I. Win.
fIl t i m M ptar y P e i s f44ed trs.t Allanta. Atrner Powell.
h. ai kaa-S aiA. nl. A&.k 1" .

,,,~ ... .t.. b, .

: ha kn ty irst ia bert. Bar
arhu- LWg, lt5i0t u tsr, to theb ean
Si.a d ,prwasteedt of the RWed
'lto MIgltae Wl*) your excellen-
oI i to re the hospital
t .ld.t'u 4Mh adgem rone during
hS.. ti* l It 4 II adlessan to say
*SAt w' i 1 i npest for "your rlitht
'I tIto paete .pt e of your opera,

SS O 10. PItSll a the eavlope was the
j,. I,.. Spi ? -
1 Baerhg will come to tbe same
t. f l 9 tkhe raf o o Doe. uI ti
ift"m yeoior reply.*'
"..AO iarys f i gli further asserts that
S seat ASJer S10to,. ecommpanled by
S ProlfUer ArI a d anl Interpreter to
is M ilalelo to deliver a reply which Wls
Mc..e h..a ln, eompiatSd by the following letter to
,B RLS? v.. m- rt iiaLOnli*r
3, 5a Id 1 h ehonor to issure that thi
^Jajasese t* r rarespcting h'uaanlty
@ad treatlie sl ce the beglmnlng ot
rsm fv prie th W lle I, a.n er, purposely. diret
. W. she llts agnst buildingsa or veqaiisl
vw lingB the Red rus but the 1reatenr
. 1th5 h~, atO 9 Ort of t e garrina i Invlsible from
,. id. 4 t ear atl. ni pn istr anlad as you know
a l thle city., it shells doU't always reach the place to
I M Mrbler whleh they are directed, ani es peially
itS Tlrt Pellpa of lowing to your lon stand brave rbh11ts
eter 1m Pbiladlpbiu) ecace. the dewrlatlum of our ls in ts be
At l* the l t g terand greater. 8o.
s) i n' Lta Philadelphtla with the greatest reret. we are un.
S Ie podrIad ablq to guarantee to reach the place.
ad nial te" ol' at whLic they are directed,.
d4 WLLa was arlrr edi "'I avail myself of t he opIMrtunity
ev ttlan of the Aneaiet

r~~~"S R "l -40 to convey to your exlllpncy assure
.. .... _n#s fee, 1_ amces olf my highest respect.'"
W;m a"r o-. ld, 6 feet. '4
eight sad we 19'i' OFFICER TO EXPLAIN CONDUCT.
'aL -

Me as eQ. tA Ja.l QGovernment Wants to K
......D..plMasted Pay
S'Chabmrvta u C. Dee. I.-Julius pilt
lA Lt aid mal Le Kormbtut, two meat Ban Pranrico. DTe.
l tte osf LattS, B. C., will be taken H. Maria or the Furt
400i4 m s to wblch tkhe erm i was a piassenger tin the
havhie dan f rnml lanila. lie Is
e gen ttt to which they have
e M saIetleM1 by Judgel Brawley ft s to prosd to- Washi,
.* n gibOs aium the trnate an alleged dupllcathun ol
(Ai asla goode ftMr the treasse at
i a pi pte. They were convictld, Martin a
wi. ll bl easily elared,
She their attore s gave notice of a, li matle up,'erialn a
:foa r1t a ewr trial. They decided j ite taep h lpp inaE
t ,thoW' theeLiaelvl on The mercy ol *in l tie hlpn
Ck ai Wrt and this they did and Iro FP t hee Phlpiran s
Itt llBghter aineace reah ting the Phll piii, a
Ing ronfuriulott Ill ac

orderedd to rel' InI to the
Ipokane. Wapsh. l. fe. .--\Vllllm plain mlaters.
i) Qbbos; a wealthy farmer living
140s t1a north of Dayton. l *Va Judge Hamond
' i** m ll+ji-,, ' ^ *^ .* r I ..-. .

enow Why He

*.--('aptalan A.
enith infantry,
transport She'r
I undertr order;
ton In eixpiain
r pay at ou tliIll
lat the Imattes

Wrtolont bhtflori
I. hia ialdl. butl
d thalan1's onti
thrieby cmlx
ti on wal io J
an, ad hi wal
V1 c11i0 l to ex



Faulty Gasaet on Sattleahip Causes
Fatal Aceident.
Philadelphia, Dec. 19.---Of uven
men trapped in the weetl-walled Iuolv'r
iSS- of the battleship AlasaaLhusetlti.
when the compartment was Instantly
turned Into a seething caldron by a
rMsh of steam from ilo blown-out ras-
ket. three were literally boiled to
death, three sautailed fearful ilnjuries,
and anly i* esaord.
At the'l st warning of the meet.
dent. .leutenant William C. Cole. chl.'f
engineer of the ship. which wasn 1n-
derxofih repairs at the I Iallue Itilan
navy yard, loweret' himself into the'
isuffocatng room to rescue the ILilper-
filed mnen it p eniblte, although thi' of
fort meant mntilrx death facr to face
All of thi dead were civilian emnpioyvS
of the yard.
Captain Edwasrd Tasmnig and hi
compleaiint of mi s erre fn I lardI the'
battleship when the ei arlidtl 1h11
penedt1. although t1he ven'Vt'l lh virtkuil
ly In charKge of the silthorittles of tli
navy yard.


President Gats So Many Invltations Ho
*Cannot Accept All.
Washington. Dec'. 19.-The pro.Ildnt
has ablandoned the iea of imakingi a
general tour oCf the .utll I t.i t t-prnllg.
Invitllta ilnun caIii froIm I many citteh
that It would be inimposilile, to vitI
all of thlm, and ir. HtouM've'lt feartl
that there would 111 ill-f'ding tie,
decllnurd an.. inlrlion from lthe .Su
vannah loard of Tradileo vl it tlhaI
r'ty, and to avoid gtivlng ofrit~en'. hie
stated that he will nitl go to htls frulth.
er' aIold home at iobswell, Ga,. net I
ife pInnA to go Tn Ban AntItnio.
whete' hr wilt atirnd the rt iluon ,of tie.,
Rtimab Itthilrr it wi ll 1> bi wa' of
IA %rilvallir and will only isti)( their,
and ati ferw 'r.,xl cili's.

Big Sums From Back Taxes,
Moolgemiaer'. Ala.. lO'c # 19 hln
Tax Cominls ion11 's r Jiiine' lishiw s ri t.-,
t on14 o rnine, di[e'llqent> Ins
scape's for Ohli '-ar of r $2' n.',; '-

lani I t.:In 9'2 to tIi" ('oni,;? -, Ti '
iom m ti, '; i" n', ii'I vn ailt -h
S t li,' rall Ihl'. Tht Irl Tilal in l r h
nat" t iy in t r *n" u; *.s2.?>; ; ' Ir-% iyan thIs > *ni T' t u' ten rvrn
for th1i' .tate' In i'fiir teat-, hi ), -i;
tax law Is :;th ,2^' *,;,

Aged Citizen Killed by Car.
Spar t li um S 4'. [,< l' i,
an a1 t rfl n re dl't1 of t' l t(, t
,xrtlr tl of t no r ntaln e I'lj j Io''l 1 .
& -.. =.1 .. [f E L.f L,L ... .. _-

l- r- --

Cleveland. Dec 19.--Clrs. Chadwick
pleads not guilty to all the Indictment*
found against her by the special grand
jury. Bbe will not give ball and will
be again looked up In the county jail.
Mr. Cbadw ck thi moorlnng bad her
Irat experience with the rule made
yesterday by ShPrlff Barry that she
would receive no visitors except in
the regular visitIng hours, Her nurs
rreda called at the Jail early this
morning nd was told that she could
not ee Mrs. Chadwick and departed
after leaving some small articles that
she had brought. It Is not probable
that the prisoner will see anybody
from tis time on as eve n In Jail visit-
Ing hours obe will be compelled to de-
acend three flights of stairs and talk
to her visitors through a small window
In the jail gratinxu provided for that
purpose. Her physical condition and
temper were improved this morning.
She declined to order any breakfast
but road the mornnlo papernw with nla
terest and laughed heartily at several
stories they conltained. ono of which
declared that she had receelved a check
for $8.04N)ONI.fM payable on the Bank
of the River Jordan, seemlun to afford
her erspeclal amtuneennt.
Sheriff Barry tbl morning rlIterat,
ed hil order of yesterday that she
would not, while In the county jail,
be permitted to receive people evenP
when an order signed by the Inited
States marshal wnir presentedl.
i'nLW the vInitors caSeli itetWen
the hours of 1 and 3 on days 1tiher
than Saturday. Sunday and holidays.
they would not be permitted to enter '
the jail.
.J. I'. Wawley. her attorney, said thi~
morning that Mrs. ('had4wirk would
not answer any que'stlvn in iourt for
the preusilt and will male, ntl state-
After walking atwut ltih jail cartrl
dor for siinn time. Mrn. ('ihadlwick an-
nounlllep that he was l ick ani(La phy-
slcrlan was hurriedlty stent for. llHforte
Dr. It. A. \Wall.l who wUa Kiimmmnliol.
had reachCdi thr jail. ~lmI', C(hadwick
fainted. A rfw rLstorat iet, soon tft
stored Iver to renNaios,%uit'srlf and tlhe
phyi.vcln left after being with her for
about ll minlites. The wo(ian is In
no ctnrditio itn rcrejive' visitors ir
trlanAet business, amid Dr. Wall. as hlit,
Ihft the Jail. She Is lifferli frrm
compllei, inental exllIlaiillrln.
Arter IDr. VWall had ilpimr ed Mrs.
ThMadwick'se usi. nruil llirpnter. rallle
to sei' her. biltg was told to rettirnt daur
Ing visiting hours pir,'.-erilid .lhy th l
jail rules,
Sh ldonm Kernlrth. on ney'. called( wHih a Iulndltl of naIiL
whirh aSheriffl Harry r'rfu1s.d to al low
hinm to deilivtr ai It had not hen ei ox
aninied h) the lI'nled Stat minarshal.

Meetings To Be Held in Lone Star
iStat by Farmers.
l)ltau-. Tr x.. thc. Il 1Toiday w'1t
the daret -,tr for holiling i111' toin unt>
ltt) I in's 1 f tlh'i n f4io ( ii l Kgrowq rr In Tolt-
as fo41 th .I i ) llPisfl, of ritakluig plan$ ti1
hotIl 1 tunn rkmil rirnu for a l'4tt*
prir* .
T' 0 -nil Was issun r .'h. inof r(!'. r'l Tt x prehld"1'In
Of il, Tt xa^ I e <' iieHt <4 C1 ;r .' e 6-1
atfh i ,n o uiI '1t, ii ,tIl ,kll W P%-arni,'r-
III t:n i .\noi' rlca, whsliclh ti a !ar
ltii'im ltac4'}h >iaP III his Mfat Th'1 '-
ali ell nteIr afII t p(1inS f(or J tih i
cixt I 'f rottont arteage poxt ri
Ms It I t4I ral <(l. iry nt H f rl tni 'I'' N

U *

4 I

* 1

i .1 -. h ft '.r




]iN Chadwick Will Not Oive
Bond; Wil Stay In Jail.


sheriff 1arry Will Permit No Ont In,
side of Jail Exsept During Visitors'
Heour--Herl Ml Must B Examined
by United States Marshal.


_1 L


:: ~litlLu
'I ;Wr




L ',/ API



EmA. e*s4

nfl!, ,,, A


'B',,.,, -a,

H&M,"!a1 eit
.."I .,i!, ,w .'
,,,K^KiL *,, M,. kn'atm.
rr^W MB,-= "ffr^. ^^

.^' ^^^^^^
I^' ^.^^?^

K "'

,*,:t-* A'

hKA:. ,.. ", I'"
.... t r ..., ,
,,, '+ . ,"' '
+,+,. + +.!-'e l

: ,, :l~~~i I i ~ 'iilI" I 1," ,

rflt s Phi

or tick Wead-W
I.I !. the distress-

t. I nan ex-
d it is wron*
0 moment longer than
;o should take
t ia on first lin-
S reacted you may
tle ofidence in their
in- tcir
t, a well as In thl>
Sthel will. leave no dis-
ot- irno .morphine,
jo i cocaine or other
dr toe.s ew' rorth.
sense on sears .anus-


PE-.royjwwe arw wry m


wttI lota rn h, fr a wr

a, R a g soRw
P , -
i aImt a. M, b&or H'Ow
bbn rlor aw

it t ouetpeollly o i4 glIoo in
-IN SW r SIS n1fthIuf0 She
4gl0ta weSif; a it he *t
MM ud *oe U ptarvitg
I !ml.haln ee only

WhUtp<. rtMoll u.Irtnv.t to
4611 tenot ol oar methods of
it" o-' ao-i o-ho
or ..e.
SSPtO ***mS,*

wwwww Iem re oil $006 4

Iftlla ofee
i~ileahrm .- )piateo,
i *es se~sI1 thn

'a "nalm d
fPWft Sf weps reWJ
Bllna'^^ I, ^ W-?i T hV o r
/ pIi!4f ,qm.. .'i it^rod/,

I Bffl '.lo-Wr*'Iig, ,I^ '0y
/ !~w~tlllthek ttl I 'iulPftU utduht
r'Bln'W^'jr .I.^fHHH^ h u^^ -'t^^^^ ^ '^t^'IT
^^Hltl'Eh^^^^^K A^jf.M 1 tftJ :!^ k~ f ft^



4 ,


*U fl -


To Please a Woman
In hie miatlerof a Christmas (if l Is a iiht leasy iatlr its
lhis stor. B e li wifeiMr. rr lighter or fr iud, we canllsrl
Yju what she will be happy to Lre.

Now is the Season.

We think Just ~u for Chr'itmas a good time to remind ymi of
our aleallui tlli1 of r I)rloods, Dress (tiomt. Nnvlties. I.oa
and ICmbrokidern--n tes everything usually carried ror ilia
ladies in an up-lt-dtlu D lr Gooda store. ie've lnwverr iad
unh aiI altraslnve showing, and is should laterwn every lover
ol ihe beautiful in thl Itowr.

Them's a Reason

Whyr you should boy the flhoe carried In our look. Haa.
dvds of people--smo, women and ehlidrno-re wearing
shom. Why not youT

IeS a PmM. for r IStOk t Sh Ie *Me.





i1moa wid nu ----- . 4- n -- -- t

trlht 1 t to almd pre-
S,.I ,,* aomn s sr t s s s 1 rESPO1NSIBIr COMPANIZB.

na o0bIt hs. uo PlOMPT PA YAMENT or t LOSSES.
h of P! ote w ard We over these important points and respetfully
ianPit i 1. 1 dai ss olids s hare of your bbuines.
thie tLw bestquaI. 4"le ''' l islirace
io mae '$ Fi, Life Accit d Health e. I
,t,, roug h the eiansum
itd to the een---
I iMS" O hteest as well as a l no- ..
is ,. l ---Agents for the--
lU lMIen with *petkelei a
....iet your chi- Victor Safe and Lock Company
Ifl aelleutsd. m 0 0 nn di.. Osi,t. dp
Of' !. IIn lregrd to the #e1 The "Victor" Is the best safe made, and eie oontemplat.
-ur ,m. .ln the pnrohMse of a safe, or an shain in thai line,
o,-SI1unta ma d examination from a box to a bank vault, wl save money
..... by consulting us. Call on or address,
OllN.ibom fom 1t e. m. teo .8 p.& H ILLm.
SInfornalion heerfully urnishedt. GAINES VILLE, FLORIDA

inThe Days _____
8 ^ --- -.--. --,'- -.
While, aerapnilou aafactur.L A
SWhile unrupuiouso maohataour Take The Atlantic Coast Line
Sad agents ar loodng se ntry Atlantc Coast L ne
with wonhhlem n ewing msohel i, and
lesslIn ei rularn and mail starn. FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS
hik whtosbreln they have elopled the via 1l i vi,
leltSimate lcshimsof reputable comp- ria DEP Dul PUt P. O. l Ou, or
or or Steaguaip Jsac'twine 0ad
nles, m.aiy porhAsers.. t.W~O.e .,. 1wilf N.oJacl ne a cs1on U.o Wo osr,,..or
-drved Ii pqrslId, and findl t diftflult
to makes election. The popularly of Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
T [he Time Table in effect Sept. 1, 1904.
Dlepirt For GAINESVILLE ArrivE'Froa
:W H4p iB:4 pm High Sprngs and Inter. It a2 ;
W H lly Enimediate Points )a
wblhl has been maintained throughout 12 A0 pm calas, Leeburg and Tampa, and 8:40 p t
the world, Is evidence oif its muperiri-. Daily Intermediate Points -i
ty; and as the New Home Sewing Mt. 7-- --
shlne Company has always enjoyed the 2 m P n Palatka. Iaytona, Jacksonville. :5 p I
ntlable reputation of maninlacturinl Da.ill North, East and Weat Daily
flrnt*lass sewing machines. there need -- ---
be no hesitation in buying a NEW 12:165am High $pring. am ycross, Savanah., Brunswiok, 8:15 pm
HOME. Daily Albany. Atlaata. all Pointe North, East West Daily
IDo not bel imposed upon bpy agents
telling you that some other machino 8:168 m 0 ;6b a m
it Jult uas twl; ask thnoe who have Kochlle, M icanopy and Citra
uaed .th NEW HOME for a quarter ily lily
of a o intury and be guided by what
they ay. For Light Runtnin Be- 8:ka 7:20p
pllety and Durlthbili the New Home Dily High Sprinlgs. ily
r no equal. ex.Monday oz. Bondal
if the lagnt itl your locality ll iss .......
wrln io t h unmders nm d Oad he will In thanes l Mileage Tie et,. p1od over 18.000 miles of among the pri. *
t that you ae supplled Width the 'i r railws ain th nhe States are on sale by the prinelpal agents.
"..that y-ou ar ...eup.plied.. .th through Pullman tirteir Port Tamra to New Ynok ril Atlantie Coast
*e nna Un mabaWS re anSSblU frlolf .

kia &

IWT loom t

i i


I %.

I C- 77= ..,..,. .

~~:''J ;.'

:I '~r
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-'k' S33t

II I r_

WWI ";~i~~'~a~~, ':'""II


,.... ..m~7 ~~~I~-. 7,I


.. a I Orr n r. an
oin F r y oDay.


the Crops, and inasmuch as
Protduits are ltsra Pine and
Soed PrIies the Growers are
us d Happy*
rable sad citruss hlpnimnts are
rolm this section now aod tite
S Ihave large forces piekina arnd
prpduots fur traunportaion to
i Imarkets.
Mait fertile ad prolllia seelton
Somlty asl pms nt is that ira*
by she Oa ineville and culft
whilh runs through Alacbua
kiotl Marion county, having it.
s terminal at Fairfield, which
pater of ooe or the most profit.
it and vegetable growing iwe.
el Florida.
Isl not day but frbm one to
Iolid carloads of oranges and
isrstriruits,as well as vegetables
Aklasd, are transported over. the
*, For the frat time since the
us orsnags are moving in solid
ad the fancy quality and
alrpperanoe of the fruis reo
r g ,?-ion tr9Ii !4t*e who
ip4l Jaeiumn fantk sioke I
Fltoitee movaiil is good over
ist ow,"' nmarkhed Superln-
Il arker of the 0. A li. to 'he
Monday. "The arop along
If ernfuolaly fins and so have
lirievey day for the Nortern
ometime,. even this early
SSl 01, our aini s o laed upon
Iupi extra oar or two betnweej
uad Olauentlle, with the re-
I r present force is kept busy
with the regular work."
tendeut Barker sta t that It
p thing to haul from two to
il sie l of oranges and a oouple
of lettoee and other track
'th 6. &O. it thist eaeon every

e pries ood, and as a result
Iare enjoyiog a season of

lI olon In Trouble-Another
LaSli Liquor Without License.
IMw an Intereeting season of
pt OIalman' court Monday, whioh
headed by quite a number of the
people, from the coal black to
|ILs ginsereake hue, all of whom
iIUmltly or indirectly laterested
Johnaon. a colored dame of
l shade of thtenderlllon
rallgd upon a chargeof ausauls
t I person of Ophelia lReed,
itrIdasetl hom it Ui Said has a
liaSraedarkas Stanley's map of
I ItL appears that then dear
pitM latow dispute over the own-
of a poor, friasly ebhlkem wliIch
a, aod enlaged in a biting
t In whih Maggie eame out the
, iar.havli smoegeded In learilmg
tdlat of her teeth In'Ophelia'

.'Yer name's 0-Peel.Yer, but
NMO per feel me," ihe remarked,
6 nak her teeth deep into her op.
lis mseek, while both rolled and
Supon the ground. Officer
r,. who was conveniently near,
to hear the animated eon-
ieSon and took the offender In.
l.. a you feel this," remarked
biIer, as he made the haul, and
iitmark was correct, aa Justlee
Ni Slued the defendant $2 and

. NSatluday night charged with
liquor in a dry county. Thom-
.IC eot into the ourtody of the
POflleerGranger, who knows a
PIleg when he sees it. He states
l knew Thomas had been ped.
hiaLkey around the streets of
tIlle for some time, and took
L Ia to wateh him. He caught
BlS te ct, to he said, ald as a re-
1llbai wa eondmlised to Jail to
the setion of the eiroult eourt,
.hllof $i10.

;::, Attlntion. K. of P.
.I. qIsulr weekly Inlr mlik nf

Mr ',

oviilt*i('t o' If kil-
,,y t r, ,ble ,; 4,,
.! p y f r -io tts1 **iti ,
"rwm iml pl O (b. ov(. 1 i
ll||M) t'IIIvi1cri11J pJrimf t hlait tiw ki tl'y.
auliel ih utl er ru' tmt of4 eiIhr.
What To Do.
'there is 'onilc Ltl hi 11t k-inom il iftirt e preI v,. that li. Kilii-r
wimiltll- rwt>l, lti r t iat ll-y I intl,
fllf ill etrvery 'ti l irn riu In )i r llig i i lils i
jailnl III til.' liclr ku llit ... litr'c, 4l.ill r
It civ rtri't l i lliit tlov li oll wltl i'r
i itU I 4 l Mm i iii ml 1 Im. ilt, or low l
i.'ltfc' follow i iq 1'u olf litatiir, tinwc or
lnb r, ittil vlrrnllill Ir llthat iintl eia iunlt lw e-
cltenit% tif bewingl *'iml))|nli th li li ilurisiig tihe dl a. i to get au ll iily
tiltes during 1w hii ighi. The 11Wll4 lil
the Ixtranoliiiryv rfliVt i.1f SwaIp-Root
is IM NII reali/ied. It sl.t lii thel higillt
for its woilth-rtul tu-tres '1 te f th lsti trIvs iig crils'If. Vi VIt 1i li.'il 1 ni lit- ilv i
yore dli llhalll hve S>41 n ty h rtigldr-
it illn fify l cit all d ii r Tulitr 'TcW.
VYou iinnli have a liiltplc lotile' i.l -a
1n.k thlit Icllr nil
litout it, mtnlmII A lnti'r
by inail. Aldlrevpn Dr.
Kilmcr & Co., 0 liing-
hlinton, N V. Whulicii ne*.EwAawptit.
SritinX mientionm this ipper anild don't
make niy nistaike, hut reemnilrr the
niumm, Dr. Kilnmer's o1waUipi-Root, iind
fihe asldres, iniihaimtoi, N. V,

Popular Methodist Minister Preached
to Fine Congregations Sunday.

Notwithktanding that Rev. W
Carpenter had already preobed
farewell sermon to the people


t(linesville, by speelal request of Rev.
T. J. Nixon, the newly appointed min.
ioter to Kavanaugh Methodlet Chureh,
Mr. Carpenter appeared again Sunday
morning and evening to Uainsevlle
eongreiations, and the large crowds
who greeted him was evidence of his
popularity here.
Mr. Carpenter delivered two Inter.
estinr asrmonp. and thoae who attend-
ed were greatly impressed. The sern
mona, while regular, seemed more in.
teresting than useal, probably besausa
of the fact that the congregation real-
ized they were the last efforts of a
man who has served the people here
well for four year, and bteeauhe
was about to leave them. I
While Mr. Carpenter will be greatly
missed here, the oangrellaton and elti
sene will welcome Mr. Nixon and his
estimable family, and trust they will
be well pleased.

Coughing Spell Caused Death.
"Harry Duckwell, aged 25 years,
choked to death early yesterday morn.
ing at his home, in the presence of
his wife and child. He contracted a
slight cold a few days ago and paid
but Jltti attention to it. Yesterday
he was eled with a fit of eoufhinn
whio continued for Iomn time. His
wife sent for a physician but before he
could arrive, another coughingl pell
same on and Duckwelldied from suffo-
cation -St. Louis Globe Democrat.
Dee. 1. 1901." Ballard's Horehound
Syrup would have saved him. 25 a
and $1.00. Sold by W. M. Johnaon.
Minister to be Married.
Among the visitors to this ity Mon.
day was Rev. John T. Thomas of La.
Crosse. pastor of the Haptist church at
that place. Mr. Thoma,. who Is a
young man full of energy and ambi-
tion, slates that he expects to be mar-
ried on Thursday to Miss Atnli Carl-
ton of Island (rove. a handsome and
attractive young lady. The bride i*
one of the maitoharming young ladies
of thecounly, and no doubt will make
life happy and worth living to Rev.
Thomas. The Su. extends congratu.
lations in advance.
Blds Wanted.

At the next regular meeting of the
Board of County Commissioners, to be
held on Tuesday, January 8rd, IO90.
bids will be received for hire of county
convicts for ensulng year. All bids
should .e sealed and addresed to H.
0. Ienton, County Clerk, from whom
any desired information oan be ob.
tainted. The right to rejeot any and
all bid. is reserved.
P PV T....i.i nLa UAOf t. frla m


Th ud las Idney
Tnsle HW RNv Suw t IL
Row to lllt omt.
ill ait )Mttleort u ,lil i i inl. ith your
water Ind let it st I Il twriIt -fiour lhour ;
P l, 11 14C^ I itpllt or I 'l-
11 ( iII li tirii ,tr' fill
mAi n ib,'iii t iil

A Frightened Horse,
RHnn;in like mad down the strie9
dumping the ocupants, or a hundred
other accidents, are every day os r-
remne. It behooves everybody to have
a reliable sale handy and there'n'a oe
lo Koo0 as Bueklen's Arnica Salve.
Burns, eaut, ore. esaemas and plil
disappear quickly under its soothieg
effect. 2i at all drug store.

Electric Car Killed Boy.
Bilrllugham, Ala.. Dec. 19.-The 4-
yesr-old son of Mrs. George Huffman
was rnn over and Instantly killed ri-
day evening by a special work carl
of the Blrmlngham Railway. Light and
Power company. The boy was play*
Inl in tront of the house, when the ac-
cident happened. Motomaan LOyk
was placed under arrest under a'
charge for murder, which will oon be
dismissed. as It seems that the motor.
man did all that he was able to cheek
his ear.

Cured Paralysis.
W. $.. Bailey, P. 0. True, Tezas,
writes: "My wife ha been suffering
ive years with paralysis in her arm,
when I was persuaded o1 use Ballard's
Snow Liniment. whiph oured her all
right. I have also used it fo old.
sores, frost bltes iant skin eruption.
It dew the work." Me, B5. $1. .
Sold by W M.1. Johnson.

SMilllonaire Defendsi layers.
San Pranclwo, Cal., Dec. 1 -.-Ar
thur Rwlndlell and Sidney Jarvia,
charged with tie 'murder of Well..
farXu Mesnenger Roberts, were ar
ralgned today and their examination
was set for Monday. r. J. Maekey,
the mlllonaire employer of the two
rsupects, sl arsitltil In the defense
of the men. He declare bli belle
In their Inocence.

A Costly Mistake.
Blunders are sometimes very expen-
sive. Occasionally life lielf il the pr&he
of a mistake, but you'll never be wrong
if you take Dr. King's New Life Pills
for dyspepsia, dixziness, headache. liv-
er or bowel troubles. They are gentle
yet thorough. 21o at all drug stores.

Beril-erl on Ship Coard.
New York, Dec. 19.-The Norwe
xlan bark Polynmtla has arrived from
lintararl. one of the Oilbert Islandi,
cables the Montevidlo.. I'rucuay, cor
respondent of the Herald. The captain
died during the royagfe from berl-berl.
And of the crew. composed of tel
men. six are bed-stricken with the
same Illness. The vessel is quaran*

To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Liaative Bromo tunilne Tab.
lets. All druglgis refund the money
if it fall to nart. E. WV. (irati's SI.



Old F-ahioned OGenral Krgager.rnt In
Iful'anr, Ky., I .c I Al haiteir.,
hlarlaIh t'illty, a illit ;::;.i il n I he
inl)bi lti iulnI rl r r. r I nil'. I i i h (f hire.
J4hi'll l ,u1ltlo t1 ,'l6i il f Wiitlr when
J0i1i1 I Iltwurull, idilili til t(c her il.
Ila, lirtln N e. iapp.rod Thly
hil t in,u i lthre -tily a tsihort rime when
Nofo' i d HjV. Ier | \ig nh i 1 Ih ai qui)I
rel in lfiru t I t1 th d rttie uail t1bsau
hi ii l ng.
Jd0l'U> andti wiwlalrdIroi lomuitregail
*11'(uti Lg ii l etrh liht.r uiud 'ine of
Jin h e ilis lin ittok tffe(I( illn lowari's
bIody. llliiin himt. Iltriiu Nh.' then
Jtirt bi, IltJl a lih WIlktUr uiti lurnld
antl lhl
Mils Watson Narrowly Escapes posth.
A'iiiira. (;ia., I)r' 19. )litfs Afnew
W'thon.ll the ilty luniiKghter of Thoma
K. WaklrMnI, narrwlywy lnsapelm burning
to ,l.uith it tith ritldcenle of P. ).
liorhkui, in Uild rity, where nhe is vial
lting. A rtc'ilption wra being given
In i r linor. but only a few Kuents
hlld arr 't l anil .MAls Wilatln was
SllllinigK h'nrr 1an li' drawii K rv'oTii, wvhoi- the ltae( of her
Idr ra iJ r coriu it tihe flames
ridt liiunily thlo Nthniy Miifl wIha
lilli dii. ome of thr ni n-ui imonithered
the filaimes as l >.rst ihwy roIild with
their could, an'i, .INis WiatiirA was
IInhlled to a roomli oin ti t ion noou.
The drles was torn off. Bho was
In a talut and it was reported at
irt that her injuries were fatal, but
upon examination it was folind that
she suffered only from nervous shock.
Mr. Watson In n New York.
-P---. I

c sEiI

DA. DECEMBER 90 1004


PatiNM TIIKoN tm .H earl gai. .. ..r
khid tah., ALb ft6n0llOmsiwta m, S5N
oIesiwtul s Par Ctlm. m I A.
ou nuu imnnLt. L"H"oifLtii,,

, -,! "

Retaflerand b .a ..."

Staple and Fsmd ,

llghes markui prlte pail fl Oclak. e sl i
A Oompl to k of M Om, Om '
--r it WoIo H so do-Ij '4I
&^^^w- PSI= memo* ---

*- ,- --J

.. .; . ." ,
di4 iR


M m..... ,.
JOus. ZAPFI Ja okdo.

A d Olae Aa*th sIeeawtediw t np

rBtahLol .- L BY i -_-MI l ji



POWODR *sOtei t
I j '. .... . i .n. .t' . . .m. .i.n Ii.i. i . .

*WmsoebenLaure~st W
rowaoles P wd l,

Alwys mobe., alw .
na t lr m ho ot ed p ao

gwnt snporlr. wItBeit' t iib4

ShleD in preafbui es. a.t r oa


a a''

Air Line Railwsa

greW I .;...., "":,4

Savannah, Columbia, Camden
Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Was
ington, Baltimore, Phil- ':

delphia, New York.: ,

Two Elegant Trn Daly

Seaboard E xpre ss.

Seaboard Mail.

^~~ ~ lb^^ ^ ^^ ' 1i' *\ '

Only Line prtatig ,
Dilly Through Pullml SIlllmr em uu keolvb 'WA

For full laterashmion ad rlugerrecntwss e sau =
write A. O. MACDO019.Z so c
An$s. O04eralPageeager Aset,
JA WAK)" =

natn snsS 19ol*

-aIr -in Tirmi'lai'C-Vkgr fArir


S'' I


', '. ,

' r. '1


W W W yr, .1.,r, 'I .*.*- ;j-- r. .u t r- LAnk

Ri:~l'wI ~ Cr'l ,wjutrrinlI 1YRnj IinWI
Ir LW- 4 ,U "1 4 y'*J C~

ja j

. -. '.. .

.1i' -

*- --1



111 1 i

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*J I '



'I!y. I

r'tImi as- Tidels



i 11 '

1. e '
al wa
F SSelM Sulver

hbneu, PFotaln

sio jw

2' .' % I'.'"

,: : '

ion. No Danger of Disappointment in filling your list of
if you will give us an early call.

a-a .. I ---

" 1 ; i,' . .......,-,- -i :' -- .. .., "

.-L ; ,','' 'i i '' .

I Wuhatob nW a-er.

l h. th Si






Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Leather

A *Lt41


. ',,i ', ,

-itf ,

*hI I*I*S hr eb.. a.
S .' . . .. w
; A -;
'Bd ttftelb^^ hi3hi fm^ ~kARk
~ ~ ~ r .lWPrkHHt~ ^^d W^ ^^r^^^Br


!iU V,,On Co.

"L'" L. I Funeral Directors andI

s IM LUcensed Embilmers

A uMl i IeS I rime., Ribber Stmp, At
*H e i l e* 6 m by I t e nti rl. t TSiu Iba
.,ae-. wtibi esp -dno e

fl e Lie ine i'i-. B.FDA W

fl Wa', o. I9.IThree pe rsons
Sult g several Injured, two
lb ,r _a IW r Lrmrutlory brik
Lth Mair r Stret. in Wll
t atimo of Brooklyn today.
$A fr t ea ed by the xploslo m
Istev. Those" W10losttheit
-Lti t thlft uApNr DtorLQeO
O 'i i l wu Mel. t.w Jacksonville, Plorida.

A Ia, Ned. |

Swil. i ata D. tll~6 t hem
Sat lp 1. ae hm- Pure and Old

arlmma .lIt.h hlwo&'b i aZ Marlland Rve Whliskev
arrrraaastall. f o ~ rr thel

I-~CLr I-r lt --


OQee over Mawiai Iindel' AU lork w iust-

Offle: Mbagnolia Hotel, Oineesville,

All diseal iumeoewfllr treated with
dr comu alotao ad RSimnnaou fI
OIo*e How: to at. i., to p a p. i..
apptutm.Ut. dawe
And olol roi in Equity
Ro)l state, Oonveyraming nd I0
eral Praietee. All busiinle promp
atrteded to. Omae next door to k
offle. OUAi ViiInL., FLOWl
GAINrBIvIi.L, e FLama

Can sell your city property, (I
pruved aild unimnproved), phospli
trucking and fearing land*, bead I
a list of what you offer for sale. 214
GAINESVILLE. Alachua Co., Fl
Office I Endel Block.
D Z N T I 8 T.
IrBoem or toSroler&r aidermaal
Over Dotto 4 Co's Blak. 'Oalume
ap"Iol saktnluom to Crown am4 mrsde w

DfL 0t*90K TI O*N
Grnduarte SlUaiar CoUle Dental 8un
tIs yarlS' *rwaon a iFew York Clt
AL.s Wot OAl U MiMrn
O0eS In MiUer LAw xcbange.
au O mTvuI.I, IPL.



(WIth Dr. U. IL Tion).

OMloe l Mtiler Law Kchanae.



Frank Garnlner, ftop'r


a lorl '

Best Imported and Domeslio Liqou4 I
and Wines In the city.
CeOWN ANim Bii l 'wo K.

en- Out-of-town people please make *.i '
til gFliements before coming to have wor"
dun done to avold delay. M O :
_ t .. . _. _.. ...... '. ,

..Maiosek Pi

Best piano for thbs trvtl.i eIalte. tlt l1a US
tune longer thin other., conltruetCd
beat materiWsl. and mo~rt rltito
SWtor nilanlilip ,Jti btaiflir e.
Up todate n eirry
A. detail ar Un-
LA, eoequaled.
Sold by us contir.uously or
without a inqgil failour. It won
want a piano for a lifetim e
rn i rriee bu tUhe
o" raathushe T
Prte i" low a Is o.mlatenst with b quslt1
C mb or on eaur terms. eat o ti 16days
irUhL We par fretnbt WrtW
for pries TODAY.

SLudden & Bates
Southern nlsic House,

the SBt Birg1n, for although wo have endeavored to provide
Sneed and emands the best things-the most iunilue
Sthngs-have a habit of going first.
;.!, .. ? ,.' , ,. .',^^ '

Pas, Fancy China and Vases

~-- ~-



'1 ' '

4 .
~ibc~,~ "'

4 ,I



- L %

,. ,, .. .



0 rpst UMe t au mel er, r

j A. CIAHI J AAlt AO"ri' t i:<~r
Jj0 IL ISi V llr rf1l." ill

sonS.6 mli. t .u
irU o5u w ., E e l.aearue (t-st

40ilro Ipl I lv o ITh UnIh l i iL t tsx.tlwo.
aM *y "' *"9 f497w Sth9h' tfi *
i OlRt* i N lyear, *o Mt s aI m

Ow w$se a ea.tg0 p t

far41 savr trlairsi*r m0te 4plwP
tqoeS Week Samit si eim rhtt-s.
la pier. putbllbWed every Me.
-AI Tlituer,. lawA seotalst atl the
ti tlh w*ek t.os*, state ead ler i
wI tl bemaW powagfe tres, 1f o ao
II Umteld SI aor Cane fort l.c

ow n eame due ser rn-
oI Svmr om., slaIs ote srwti
sll e tcm. ftsIer moao Ikows so
be 'oa"iS fto nav got ASvertaidw to m -
C" A lx "'g4LLuB."f.A.

Plait would sem more like
Ir If he were to omit his efforts
tpo preentalo In the South
!"f0y to nipt O)(lell misrepreanta.
ip Now York,

*strsordinary welqn of Congremss
beheld met iprting, the I'rlident
delded that tariff revilome ean
wr another mummer and rtke
Probably It ean.

em aow told tbat Mr. Chad.
b. Oberlin operator, annot be
Sof former beeau,. although
ae Mr. Careg1e's ntamer lo tols
to $18,750,0 she0 did not
them within the meaning of

he Iidflt of the landslide in Man-
i1 Oomr mmln sBuler was re
.y 5,000 majority. He says be
*.p o the principle of the old.
Deil komrstlo party. Bulzer lI
itbO s rea4iel and brainiest men
$iew York City.

the desk of the late Senator
Lt the opealgn of Congress war a
to white abrysanthemumse ntl
O1i by Egrandchlldren of To'n
,'who dared the popular wrath
naing our war on Mexion, as
lesedid in uon4emnins our w.r
H- FPhilippine..
r-. -
i was some Lmportant lnancial
. whlsh did not reach Secretary
till after election. For instance,
l UIrt l faet that there was a du.
S!W3,*,770,6 In the government
ase ou June 80. 1901. Probably
I0 afraid hbat if he heard of it it
SInrerae Mr. Roosevelt's mia.

AI President iaooked over a straw
ll I his macase when he said It
Il be a "'wicked thing for clvil.
L powen to completely disarm."
amllbaudy proposed complete dis-
uatll And, anyhow, Is It the
K!tId barbarou notion' that hare
war on the powerful nations dur.

I the lat ten year,

rhea Cleveland's messages received
proval of the newspapers of lon-
Pllar and Rerlin. it eau.ed great
tlon on the part of the Ilepub-
,ho intimated that there was
iber too much atllllation between
President and European mun-
Do we remember what was
~hout Bayard? However. times
"the National Civil Service Reform
110 at i:s session laIt week rebuked
ant ltoomevelt for having violated
lptIelples in directinR ilts supen-
Y of the rule. In forty individual
IsluMt year. These suspensions of
Pr isionsu of the law were made
StIe benesit of persons whom he
Sto favor either because they
his friends or because they had
SI*e Time.Herald of Palatka. witl
enterprise, has issued a hand-
. holiday or C(hristem n nutnmlu.

,I '

4nl@ that wpS Yud M St nghi
sto toe wm~tA Ihn 1 fltA. A ble dap
tla r ie dlrltd I tat theE malkigl of
eakllers' ,lolthing, lbl poftd by the
War I'epertm~fit Irl t llonie htyp tr,
trlel. Ie rltnol,. In ltl tlr Ie4t wrtim ,n
who litrr il thli Ilhbit oif dloilig
01th. work, si "t' h indstlrq o4tf t.'i)
lhat work t!i't brhlat tria anilier I '
S large inajorityll thliT w *n*antlrc1004
tar mutrhi v6,im. The re*tstirtionl
It thelit of lhil wt.ik will eem tn itn '*.
lp iiuil' Iter Ie* Ii, luritum '. liut lae 'I-ait I
lie 1thil' t10 mi ttnisI.A iiS i ti tlier ltB
I il Iak tii Piiig Ori) t. | si.
(II,,,ll (k*4) Ill Ithf IIIfPfIIMH,.


\'e. the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 16 yers, and be-
lieve him perfectly honorable In all
business transetsons. and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
%An. U K1s. K%%% & M.4 Hvl.A
'holesaei I Iruaflsts Toledo,0.
Hall'W Catarrh Cure i taken in-
te mral at int direct ly upon the blood
asd mueousl urfacel of the system.
Tetimonials sent free. Prioe, 75 per
botle,. Sold by all drunilCets.
Take lull's Family Palls for constl-
Large Number of Men on Both Sides
Were Killed. *
(ar.. TI1i h1inj'!' c tI TTi<' 1 ias
i t, !. (" VI. k of l I It pw ;,
c. '. ,:!. ti N 1 a L 1 | r t'ti-

1;.- iii .l -*i ,'r I !';llt :- lrt.IlLK (lv ,
\A ;r. h h. U iaIrl f b, 9 i l i nnnl n 1 I..
to arii, in t L Slld lhq; an n, th.' "-n I
0l61 ktleit.
Ma:i. assfoltuti(nt nn of l ItNarlanr
by Allit Iaia han- I~ Ien r'lnrt l in
the V 4kb d isiriet. Leal auithorl-
Ie. HRs u i tal, tlal e tak tn no actirf
in t lh niatt fr.
- .

wvw m a
| 0LI !88


North, West
ad Northwest

Through Pulllman I)rawng Room
Sloping Cars daily from Jaeakonville
to irmina hat.m NaShville. Evansville.
Chicago. oLouis, lensueoit. Mobile
and New Orleans.
Finest liiingi Car Service in the
.oth. Lit-gentl Free Reeclningl Chair
Oar.. RHute iot the fnmoir "'oChicato
amn Florida Limited." Be lure your
tiCkets read via I., A N.
For rates, schedules and sleeping ear
retrvatlonn apply to
GEO. E. HERRION, Fla. Pas. Agt.,
WA W. Bay St.. Jacksonville.h la
WMM M -. .- )

LNe TW M *,o A *1, A.1
bor*eI MM, Wld W'iAh P mSt Lwse
to New Oram*s
i0'1 i itI the 'trot ot it (f n iell iname
toit a ( I o t o I rt f ('h t Oa
Itl h ll l I Ir 1 i9 k', t I 'I lr i
- I, Wu 11.*l1e11 A I t I i fk. a aI 4 I Vi.

i19 .; i.I k r t IItI fil otilt, I o ik
tIl l*'- i'. ta ll Iin 1o1 ffR, al ig61
1 hi .' r'"mpln"',I 1 I I t II.s et fin workl I
Hia ,. t 1-llf' to ,1 1 nv s rlh i( fi rl
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by Johnon Br ,


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pay for when yo1b
ow what you a b

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Tin1, r'rflF0 ll iii hts hiu til Me'rtu i r*<, \, *h iiibi pat) (hte i abIi to Bt. j
(re urh; ilat cilirrn whtumt nt g,, lA'''- ,imtut Imar w e hi anti
1 .~t i l to work i tl el not ltil Jr ... ,11 1 Ii J

iiog h. he iiumsla.n ? It I is ,f Scalded by Exploilon. r '
co u rse t ti(lif ll t" s a f h ily o r ir l hl, rl l 'f .s l@f iI,,e ll' r (t li r itn ltr, w
ni work sho 1n Iht to Ie at aiool, huArelmrr to1 r i lw i
*elhoiellll i. t iithi. lhir reli.' h; Ibt ifr ll lv rII iil rit i lll n AU
thry to orphaliae. or woris than or- Ir ll l lver. JIt north wrf l niMln eladtd
ir.* it ihi morning, seritily -raIdpd
phone, ilie childreJ of partirm who W V 81 itt, 'urli It ) and John-
cannot or will not support then, it is a I', I i-,. hree M t.ker., rrlnied to "TAr
nobl, aInet ed liable thing instealed oa ,,. ,p,,. ,W hi .r it i i f er nI In l oi lerl
degrading thin thIn er. then at work; h,,,, .,I tu ~.-. ajlnirzu tiilhtllng Title 1 what you
Iad tlhiusands of rriterprisii al ud Suie- ,,s.'i. i a itoraie ri om .a. i irnshed InkI
ctriful Amerrican citizens have begu ihi. ifr, ii f the oni t ry lbrik hlik lit
most useful liive under just such hard of IHermnn Y'ung., at 207 Mlinerva
condition. strrit', ,on block away. Titles ordlnri

Prof'r Wil'o Washington anti A PAT P V The T P V ll hu
oe* Univerlsly hle rrveotly trav trd The A.
2,700) miles in the Philippines. He *bou l (Ceebn 1vew *kI 3 Sp-.
sfas: "Thinar are very bad there ec -I t l ofI Tswet. X
nomically, politically and morally. Jr. If there o the slightest doubt In the
responsible sulhori y never works well. minds of al*y bthat DeurI n d not
exist, their bslefr Is compelled by theI l
very builnies man In Manila aay fahe thai a rabbit Innoculated with the

tlons are se1v*r. lOur tarif i very thereore that the only irevei tlen H
burdensome. Seret service police are obldnse n t lwe detructlon of the gO E-
busy terroriing people, *ur govern. lb Oftt S nrS. e e
in Iamnudd! 00 11.t. do es b
rnst Is unpopular, for It has noL given the asrlleatio .orebro's H" rte ta
good roads or school or adminitra. Da i I Us esoS by the mu alt
which ause sbaldne, a" Men Le
tion." Isn't this about In aouorjaoae v wted with tl same rem dy--NW
with a good maroy speoehe that wI'err l1t ld
made in O.I obers w nr you eV e a ." T
ftm Nso a sm nd 1e. to
The alesaville Star has Issued a Manuf tu a
handsome holiday edition wblhh la is 1 rw Auts Ida T alr W S
ded a credit to this eloio and theb ___ _. _,_ _., i,,_ A t I- an C
publishes. The assue ootalns thirty. L AIN BV
six pages, and is artnlstically printed en ___ _I______
a good quality of paperr In two colo M
I s. advertising ontalld In the el Cream Ve
tion Is as divreouled u It is plentiful,
embracing from the most modest to m m..I H
the most extensive bsiniesu. The Son
congratulates Its contemporary oi1 the IHE O .
eompletnens of the work, and truit es
hbat it may bring the desired result. THE ONLY OC

The postinasterr-neral made sever- RE L 0lpl
al good recommendations In his report.I i
but he forgot to recommend the estlh- T 1 CiULM IFAS VA M1t t .
lishment of a parcels post, by which ru Was o ,iitALt WOS
packages could be sent through 'hes lerd-smow L iet W
mail up to twenty pounds, to give this r L 0 e
country facilities approaching those b / W1 Jdii "
enjoyed by England. France and Oer- r .. AT L
many. Are the express companies for
ever to be harnaclea on the ship of UtDW.CE l he N
state of an Old Man of the Se upon m lIo5-.n nunou ,I a. r
the back of Uncle Sumi? i eMI Ir I r j tli4rolm "
k* *.k.- om molr meaQbrimn
*tn .'*, P11hl*I, and aIs oWt Usa.
L a vasCi na olr p eoe
How's This? 1ma11. a 1 0s a us.*ion On the A. C. L nd
-,I' >, i, r s41. aill^lI *la plate w ppI I ( "
We' offer one hundred dollars reward b Oim. w rrl.p* (
Iyi ,.lrvrl,.i.,, efn None-leottr-
for any case ofr atarrl that cannot be --rt.. None M nett
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. .-
F J. .?t.-r & Co. Tonledo.n I_ --.a.--a aa - --- -

. l? --'

u rrc
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.5m ....

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4' Ud 'ivi. It.''
d ,,, ln ib

*,n '1,

AUTf I AVii t I


t3 At. aL I'& V. 50

OeWt an




S2385 Bay Stj.,_JAcK"sonT t
TILL! RR -f OMMS41"44 wwwtr|w grurm. I

Fastest Time and Finest Service aE-. ON pS, A.. -.7A
to All Points -...-


,,. (.,
''& ':


no nnnnn. . .. ..

ocn- p m l ,] '..i,
Abstratc of Title and full ilnormatiok fr lh l i id
county. Our mstge r hs lived In tbhis Sl ir tA as
ti thoroughly o e mamt wi t
'n ,

flil St tI .5 r, UL.fl .Jz

At -oirtim
l oibhe I
'I ti-ru .'' uieIoumW
U.\'? ck tror4itak

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M ;ti -~jI ;?m,(r(?l:~;lfI III1 I I I-III
St *~ I ~ _.1qa~' tNL~.4~~


-Store of--

~1"'~". ii, .. .
~~W4 'jljI.
;Ir ~ rw '

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* X K:""
Ac ~ 1%, ii

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:! a' 1.-.'& *

ano I



rom 2 to 5 O'Clock.


sister and Get a Chance on a



MaVol r' e

-a"ia 'lMwa

pl*R c Imaies, but come aid let's gat acqualntad. Iaybe we will do business later.
:i 1 *

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Aft W A% w

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W St W I Itl u mashw

wiie pklllr afa l I nd' ttlP
S"ikr a t1ise n l fta

got *ro hethe *Ifn iten f
fr*ill, 110 ," 11r4l1
% I 1' Nir $' 1 ,,041W) til I

ai ,e l, i ,I PaIri i)t(!t II A l
,,MI Y +l I* 1 A ,ilt l l ivlr

Iti;. Ci lleca
Swlll' ip' IIrI lltll' H"l rletly.
overt oi le i Ihotihu aes.It
9 "(., eet*d .
e'#ills of1 the Internailnnll
Iaq Inquir into tlhe N41ttl1
hes ddlnltely beIen fL-4
eiolok melt Tuleaday mnrneIn
timo a iParis
il. IurItilon Imm-inent.
eleot Iof lppnachl T nolVo
t ible Is Ieor eletein ml
oleples or teom4wb
INto r r Iston will quiekl

Vtie tr blesomrar suse. I
kepl s ad t bowels sI .l.
U ivo0 d larify the blood.

all ther wel attoerlun
nmaer I Isemblag sad
"epeticneus. Rleetwiew Mla .
s s and that Is roturnt9 It
aleh m- lsfaktioum. Cua.

illlllnls Telegraph SIttlon
'eisrco W I.c. 19w t, *Tib n*ava
k roPn of tnpplres for th,, wir-i.
lrsph nati(o on I*ol F Iarl
;sies, kin x fol( u f r prvious ,-
The 1e neW 1u181 wid ,
ui wblnt three or four day., andl
iermled th eSeathher butrval'.I-I
., The Itliar only ritrul,
1,1iull 4. lhtt-. the i now pl it*,t' i
| to ouperte Wlt.raiturlly ti v,

SPFght Will be Bitter.
who will peelist in elolsng
lagalant the continual recom-
fi Dr. Kiags' New Disaov-
OVcsuamption, will have a lonl
S9ght | with thik trouble. if
earlier byfatal termination.
;haIl T. R e. altl of Bea h ll.iN.,
Mgt '"Laet fall my wife had
tqptom of consumption. 8he
itlag's NIew iocovery after
els had failed. Improve.
ml at once and four bottles
red tier." (inaraniterd i
it. Price t anid i tI Tra-

Deaths by Asphyxiation.
|a u ,. 0. I~hr 19 lt carry H1all,
R of at l5a1t lo !h -ir 'r. inia
) outsr. or Ilrigig- al. h ti
s Belt li. were Iunilud 'elnrl t' t
,' b I phyxint 01 iln al r nii alnvl
1'W ilOk)on Uai 410 s'rtl. The
~ Was filly drv'rodt wletrn lf
by thi' i rltendter. Tlihe fui
, lved hri't ine,'i Or4eletlr. The
s- UtLrn ol tin. It i-- k ri ..pOkl
5. 1 treN icnltrnteit. The' cIpi
the rootu early in h li' vitnKg
SAbout to Burst from Severe
Bilious Attack.
lis e ever hiiliois attack and
MllaYII head was nti nii to (lurt.
lkftrln'S S4tomi1crn1 Riid I.itver
1. I tolik a dotl of lhuin111 after
*.lita d l. 'n,.it day felt like a
raia, and havt lien f,'eling bhap-
r *inl'e." any x lr. J .W. SmitIh
.Teles For hiliou~n ,q ..t,1t-
^abln ai(l ruonirtipatlril the*r
1h00ye ul 'inl, Fric., 25 'entS.
by all &4rugg ioi,
7T Dec*c' or, ql.t; .i sir ke.
l tlV r ,:I ,':
-ell tlt le ,,- .
.t i t !r -, I' ,* i ,t i
abeldil to i rl,'.
1 l a t". ,i, l ill
If'leader- a,., "t t i
- their part. but Is to test th
. I to(r 1. i ili'rafltf ill V ItViw af
UIS. male by- he nio nuf i rr
'A the 'lipluyc'a would vote .,
t it giveta an opportunity.
Be Quick.
We -,





It' there I b evr a t inio whn one anone wnts tlh
luopril'it Christmi *I IIe4otmlln, and at thll rh ht,
Wt nil' offering It Complete Kttik of dlitrabhle i
(tiot S you ttal n ford to give yourself a pi(rl' lt
4,Cam of Clhritmn r(ifti.


iOdht kind or r in for ug.
pri've it In at tils FPrson,
'.,arMtiej. At the prices we
anid Mavo money In the Ipulr

Chrlstmas Suggestionc.
A _. ,.u.. o,,. ros Si m Boys' mftli, a finesel 1 tlon $f
q la se .....P.. upto4ate materiHal, m$1.w to

A Goo d Camhmre
Suit heavy weight P t 10

Oravenette O
coat .......

ver $10 to $18
- t *t -t *

A splendid Overcoat, 5.-inch
fine quality, I7.50 to.......


Boys' Overcoats..... $3.50 to 87*.0

Men'O SweMater, Boyn' sweaters, all
A Howard Hat All the latwt
styles and shape.
Florshelm BShoe Heywood $hoe
Monarch Rhtrts, lne TiYe, Stick
Pina, Mena Jewelry, Itc.



Ito ,v

1 1,1


* r'. .n

\\l st pt i (H l

''** ii




we A"J&'

Dee we-~

'I Ii


Your patronage requested and appreciated.


Outfitter to Particular People.

Charged with Wife Murder.
Raleigh. N. C.. Dec 1i.-Lewis
Jones. a while mani about oI) years of
ageo'. In i jail at \tl'adteglw.r rhargt
with thr l iur'.tr 'of his w ti It ivl-
v':i;n 1 at 413 rCiin ib'1 inii 14111ti I n, l 1.t1' (eiltwltl 11I Ia lngt"
.Imn' :| r 't ." lll.:'tI l'l)e ) i.' w ilte
aild ti1 0 11)1 t;,o k fllowi ug Iii-nintIA
lhe I i : :,.l I ht- ' .l Tlhe, ron'r's
jur it it 'c. I ; vi r.hi rt trhl t .Mrs Jourt,
Vl m t I'I r- hi '- '. LV !-I y lr ll r tnnitl
toi till oth t r I II atll Tll ";'w
arr .- I ,(r l.t'r lI 'l i', t t 'l: '. t il,
Nonr-Feding Flower
San Dt-nl' blam "hi. It)- Ii --l.uther Pitr-
hankl. I thr ': it ii: oi ttitv ie'w fr ilta,
has 9Ni''.i|ie 3l I %itAw r alani will never
fadtle li r Il. 1I it rti r, .A hi clti.Iter
In hils parlor ha-l% r. uan i lt41 unchangt.'
a n'tar The 'Australlian mlar Flow.
Ier." as hi callls it. wa,. eivolvedI alter
cr't)tiiM, Itr'idalliil; aitnl so; lluon from
a halfharIy annual tound In West
Central Australlla.

U ilimiAm |mll

Cash Grocery Co

Buy for Cash With Dlseunt:

Wo Sell tke Sme Way.

Can save you money on
A L L your purchases-
whether large or small.


Onranle mrlmvl 4blly frm ar owm
Irerr, *NA.lp pr rzx a Itf rprdsn.


results In the quirk trlief of Very Low Rates Vin Southern Railway
Account Holiday Season.
PAIN-Whether caued by local The Sothern Itailday will sell tick.
Injuries, or disorder of any of ,'ts to all points at rate of one and one-
third lirt-class fare for round trip.
the Internal rgasn-are obh Tickets on talte lrember 23d. 24th1
ith and : 3:t, lIti. anid January lIl,
tainted by using HAII LINS 1906. with final limit January 4th.
To teachers antd ulstidelnts holding
Some of the palfs whlch It Certifeates firnin l1t MsrinteIndent.,
I tirept. at above, rttae will b t sold
most promptly and successfrilly itmiy iealuair ltih.leh. IWHu. with
final limit Jlaiuatry tlh, 1llYl .
rurvs, are rheumatism, leural* For further dt'taili'i information.
rates, tc apply to J.,C ( .sk. diim
gla, headache, earache, tooth trict paMeng.r agent, S nslllhrn Rail-
way..lacktonvii!,. Fla.
ache, pras,burns, scalds, way- Il- --
rut, colic, etc. T e Florida
This great curathie medielaie Fruit and Truck Grower
i a pleasant, safe, and certain BRU I Editr amd Ppr.
remedy for internal and exter O( ALA. ILA,
asl nse, which ever f lls to O YTear. ........... 1. ,
A WneAaire n (. ..... 10

relieve samd e. Nealhi aliim


1 leN IItbIII60 -
MUM" Oa gw fm,
Iowl *V fw



his to.
1,~: Cat5

Ou91 m.rtal.

D-W to AU Pu n
1-l----'- olellmI



A varied rslee
Plated and Soli

Largest Sol

melcna Ad
Ell w *d


The Prrt' WiInner%

Balrd H
-- u- w-

Christmas and I
a a.. a ad

..,. ta 1-40 1
L"d wow 0.e -RE

M.43.. V.e.fl .

tion of Carvpro. Triple. i* aur. Thn tW
*rmwn. The pubiIs

S irdiare Co., S lot In tsu IPUI U mNi

SSil.., FLORIDA, SIGNllMhu A id IOml
Srro. Th rparublrmas

Iew Year Holiday Rates ?
Ir ..I re o n. Maa.,,A I
,lor A,,, ,or Arl4

Sii .. ..... ... .. .i ....- f ite "
..- .. -^k.---__j J. nl*----. .


oth er

I Mo M M Esonomy I.

Christmas Furnishings.

I, y ,





'. A.

--- - -- --- ..


-- ---- --- -- --- ~



: rtfr



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ffjr lrr
45 t'
rjri|^ Am, 1 m

I orHBet I t*
S* 4It. A

t A 4t. *
I a's <

TleK iIAIlY KI'N: AINKmII VI.OIIt I' II KIt vt, uorn

ItWr. 1' t t spnO ** at* i0 0.1 a k

i 1 II* ,' 1 l ,I- A NAIli Rl ii
"'"'" 1 1.",61 A 0I1tmiNo

I i ,* i, '
qII '* I 't Iqit

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N I .lIr p

ad sWhat Itehi hI stat iti.

wooa Wi t eWtt I ap fei I.I<,t tl V I
ii "+ta MA i'*44 hth' b "" "

( Agne(A Pill,

A| sae ec last msaes
Wlft Chlj tt t t 'hAte r gtfl

lo P tt r .q ita itqn t ei It
h"'' kv r th n ut' A
W1('th*~t' ~4~htit s

* Nlqt qq *'r ~ '*.-3 It
1* I vtttl nIt C~

i9 Ii 1~ i 'i

t It t I
I'IsI 1 04p, 1* o i l. I I 1'9 1!4retq t~ll
l imi r %le owsl s *i9 It 'hij lt. it 15'9qq'
00Vy No R MW0 161 'I 9%1i 11 1111m11,hqq'
11ik ttmht wjA,ktq N m a tee lrIttqaisa

"low It L1 m .. 14 1Oism
I as. i It '1 ntW tR# \Ik% I tf Ii |trsO

lP tq I hf141i "Mt Pti t 1*0 1toi 11 ititiV1
iWiit ptl) k i e ltvlltt t lria it.tath ngt lvt
tt(in }t\ \\at npion. a o tirai h imntim
"tt""""'"i" tl *t^n

MI1o% ti i ',... Wy I)o W, w4at aIt lIe I .aut ,q.rl 0 tlie
ptry t'hllllogemtHa '* i ,.' '* s and |l'ver
t ny f t'amathlLa was r!tts.. t',jl yit' 'eiy lt slke Iand
ry hiitit h*noIrIitt 1` 10, p p ittip u r u( lr
bnsit"* -I. ...t.It l ity -s. slsi P 1,thisti;otm, Ii Pat1 t1 allr
4 drugg1ists
Wlatkin has returned m t Imnl t d- ltrosmy pip s live in e
Wh re he ,pnM 1unday4 from Alaheir two polat~o dogs-oner
white fettle with b arn e*n, atrewer
... i aS name of rleem white puppy. elarld,
M llmr d t n iuwne rm*r, of JlSa A i nra.
lith 4 Sp i lr wre shop*- loN ledisalg to rm"oery will be qI*
tti y r id y, warded by A. t1ll Alahshu FrI.
SIthe lat hm"ur a1eount Alter a meidene ofil several monlthe
the Com ,lelnntal C re in this estly, lI A Mmelr .-the
nstl4 i a. m. or later I iepathlll ihyirelian, departed yes-
(tII luerko jout % atrled tenltey or Terre latl d wherl he
t. If P S Wat o* o0 will in future reside. Ir Modley
T. It MII rl" el done It
IT. I nade many friepdt hoer who regretted
p ofi1h iP _rlnF itI' hir departui, bilt willh hint 11wll in his
brinomivn Ifor the Atlan- new h onm,
0411. paid t11isol ey an official
paMyIII c an oPlt rca forget 111e foral oLpen.
Donut hg a*t the store of the
iits of the hiorihda I's rti. (d ifrivl llo urnitture Company. from
ie.-oftit@ ,.--i 2 i &t o' altiek WWdnesday afulrenon.
turning Compani y h theoltel served and mutletoo maI k
h Florida on husinetiS Oon- th heart gladr Come and see our
I rtn, tCau tllf iifnu onif furniture, the tnset
roster_ .,. a harmin .u iu 11d complete t11 Arr show n in Eiit V or-
oste, a charmig y ine. The adii's especially ilsvIted.
ad. Is itrthe. Tihe ladles of Kirby Sillh iChaper.
$vbit to her sister. Mrs. Ti
laKsI1. II. C ,h av other arranRements for
ol .k. | I.,lllh iiiO, I. Cllt1pprrr 1 mlr ltflrlnlrr all o f
"of 11101Sprilng he suprr and ise tedtlnmeits.i to be
jIol t iv it 1n January IP. well llndr way.
1??4^ il11 kt"wwlt ill l 11illn^* I JKll
Storley k ,widn among I. A, I slot business mtwling the oa ti-
hori h"avido, was a itte ani d sub-eomnittees were ap.
S,.tork t this oity yFeterday pointed. andl ty the beilnnlng of the
.Xr, P'rotr, mayor of Mie.- New Yet every member will Im as-I
. q oW tht mmrt widely signed s ome special work.
lt at that se tiou. wa .It, $huluileld of iIell, a clever
h41h1til lel this eily y,,s,
Igbesi.sth (ily yrol. ing myi1 Ih1 tt lontioo who II at-
st lcdiltil Stetlon l uiversiy at I leuLatd,
ilW. NMarh and two it1 oif was in tlhe oill y eserdyr bMr. ho-
I. 0;.. have atrivd in the felld wi w rof ,ulmte homr. wher# he will
till be the gusts ouf lt splnu the holiday vieation. ll i a
bthor, Mnrs. lCPedlrilk caditllei foPr a.siant ntladin*g elerk
ilrp iof trher s*elte.l ald i el ot'l will no
it# (btf o(iter Croek. ailtmage'r tdoult make A fine attache.
I Ittf the elnl1lnmibItry d< J. I It evill was in the alty Sim11lrY
t Fte Fisherr Targintiir w nt hsl him, vlteight ntIle west of
U1 tiralsnatiisks lu111iris 1 i 'nwt. le Ipeont the day with x.
tetayM. Mayor ItHrnptlt and was grll ted tly
k nt I ln eirPer knivesri mi y othro uld time friends, all of
a+i M fork.. carver. bmIi wr, eliad to noto that he was
1, l IMalt forks. iot, llow lkini sit wll. lr., Iterll was at one
ll tbe n display tday, l timne lhe eiot lst ret1solv farmer in the
IrtCl"ture i_ tt .t ,e,,, ht of lmlt years has e gaged in
epror of lPlatlka wtas rcg ,, i h tats s onl,,y upon a small sale.
hi r ane tudl. iwT Eiar1Est1 Workers' oe4ty of the
.eher,. kmIt i ll,. hom' of Mr. Tho. I'. liy, North
Pleasant at rret. peetenlay aftueurinhm
iter of l ort 1 I hll., iretir. Th u t sl l itwn h
hbatsle oi tSoe ihalinsvli la \svsIlenIlaiy tiut oWllt Ila tlh I in-
Uly wae &Ivisitor siu Ithl isi,,oitn washer wt' postit>ii W. While roho hitclt art was a oo W criwd present at the iteett-
S PfIlrililitI vA ArIthhti', Is i ng y 'tvnthy. however, andt Iher" ws
Scosllderablt 1i. 1ness of lnlortSnlve
I UlX),tl lotmnds of scrap dalo'd IW ui,
pUons a. .rp brass. \Vtl
Sl ~

.- -a uri ms In vnl toe yltlr
_ M6tIi, ,rk%, o. tIAii)*s. REAl) THIS.
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SI .nhllr in 1ith1 North I A TEXAS WONDER.
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tt, 01l l t* uiAn qtj5 105 'dIAhSI $1
1'Ci tIriIin rout .liwne nummu tri del
wpe plaut of l he it|r|bort i ilIy i*' rrit

J. M. ThoIMs. the lever and ,1e.
oned!i rpreemtatilv. of she N'itfpId
A $oas Irnm Works. Mason. i .e due
parite ynterday for >Iifta and other
pints. whenr he sees on hulMian so*.
aeltel with hti Itm M rhoteM
makes his homel In ksll eity. Wheor his
wife and intietinl little children are
comfortably doeletled.
Oqputala r. C. hikrr ofI l.rore,
the 1tenr1 Tlv n1rreH11 st whe ownS adI
operates stlo as that Joplt m 4d
llague, was in the lty teedmdy, ae.*
ompamled by hi seoe, N. 1.. ParkePr
Captain 'arkeo state that basmlia ts
good, thet the farmer have received
poWi prioe for thireontoni tsad other
pnduane. n4d that alAeThr here its
la general air of prsperity in his *e.


td r lial' l I' a ti rri l IitIu ry, cures nIl
It of rl I. liiht gintd kitui i m ad bilatlsr, Itritibli rPi1novtl
I t' ll I grave ,l. ot itha tvles. Ws iIa o l ioti km-
toM tirn t th* mosh wek and lansi backs. rhoumit
^ t L *r .41 ttw v, h neft amid ll rriilarithie of the kiti-

ClUMp ITRI 01 S1am .
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THE B10l

. liday 8al,
Continues with unatebld Interest.
The crowds continue to thrton our
stor from u*lly marnIngf tltIlt
at iglhtl, ltaktinl dvaltl e of the
rItet hargaln that a*e to tw found
rml0o one end of our manimoth stlre
to IIhe otlhr,
The people know a goinl thin5
whlin they so It and our ti sude an
prices speak for ihemmrives.

NO'evr before wan there
much u a lpportunity for
shopwrs to secure their
hol tlay gtKxls. For the
next week wt oex mpt to
paint the town RED.

Io) sacks. loi pounds
to satrk, gxlod white Rice,,
at litt le broken. at $i.7>
per sack. Turkey and
rie is might ty gxW .

t ,0n IM~ 1 III of thoe
I i'.t iamd ntlv C (!anfly In
the Unlitd Sutaes. The



is AiS gAood us

.Iust i'eivtdl an iln-.

( i %s Trinks,. hgs and
Silt (''uSs-.1ita li1 for

:o mIlst, wmi 'ii nEdi, jont
Inmr o/lti 'the New \ rk lt akel.t sitti
Wr wil)l lt llu11 We' .0 ll fofr Pal
at nat@ei )lierio

,I "iut t' r int r o i iirunti trt' Pi rtt.
I t. .'r..... pI 1..l a.At tI I I. th' I.

: l It W xI.l As tt t*4 S
. . . ....**
* Ism++* ,I *il

Diamnds, Widch Jmlrty Ckni Cdl

win t il, HOIIIMA W


N. ar4 Cr0am Inf* 1I "W I
Nq a4 Strra Nwl t PS I| 'Is

T, .1., liisrs of Alaohuft. al o of tWl
well hknow resldne fisMia 1 ws trading In the rip yell rday.
tllmontl M. iTenh hal aroeplted a
Ipomtiurt1 llhnnh Ih*1 holidlayl 111* al
min at she sOre of l ieo. W. I11yd.
.1 H. Howell tof Catmpvitlt, the tl.
(1114t sleSl, tf ihr S i,410,, nIl Air llane,
was a visilor to this il ll yesterday.
J. C,. 11uM+o' it11ltllh 141rio, 1 K W I
Milot.u rf itahlo ind i %. 3). Morton
of Kv wrIt s1amosii tIlms ehSo ppaid
ti ;ih 1v5ill4 a visit estlnrdlay
\tr. i l Moyers hamR retrnimd to
her lhom1r iin thisL elly.a p*ftr a leaasumi
visit to relsti iS Ia 1th)n'llIwm. Me.
MtiUy 1 1149 many triloldi hot"r htl
T111 t i i t ti lipet htr atl hom

li', i ,gi v~ ill.' It olhrloIt I L'oiiiIf(y
i sp*1 rt.l 1,t1 1 iw d1 livtlry t RlllaI
Ihi t'h i1 t1t' IIt t' hisnl sitnnoti eY r

ie0I p0 are Th*It with uKtil lt1,er% on *ithler
slde., hlill,' te r'nr is ti a di''el red
TI voltt6 h h i t i *i t iait tN tt111111 tel l tit
vwill attra4t'i 1. I. tailiirnt1 1 lii1n lliii eW'
wliho **' it

AD 10 ud low"
A rE tARAR l gmes sIl ".
every Soe*w tS. A

SPECIAL MOUNTs ler F. ., i
Nehookl Uhldrkln a nd WS. W

Fine Fadeless Fotogrf s
rnin Lreket to L It. eie


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