Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
Publication Date:


newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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Mameimm of art at Nepw York. hai seems to hae :e *., ra ' aalhi Whit,,h' a 1.* I i 1a1 5 -h t h r .t friki.l nui*t.kwa ,
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M. Johnson,


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Slkaus Oioe Prevented.
Take a double do*e of Chamberlain's
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to make a sel Ioo. The popelaItty of


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he world, Is *MIdee of its a oprnri-
t; asd thM New Home. 8ewt Ma.
eibl O9mpas has always es*$V the
elalbo reputation of manuflturinL
ft-lr-lm wing machines, there nod
be no heitation in buying a NEW

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telling you that onme other maehlOe
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If the amlut in your locality insists
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wril* to the ituderslaned and he will
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New HoaM at a r.Yonatle prie.
Reliable agents wanltd in eeryI t.-
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RWml In This DOly 0s ASend
Nuptials of This Yeag L4 y.
Mr. a d Mr. L, O. Wos h mad aeh
halv mee to Jelho0nvTtle wherw to.
day (bey will ste d ite marrrise of
their lewer, NMs Maressy Agmee
14ah, to Htary Joep OCorrIAsr.
fTb eermonye will oeur Is he Church
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of Nowrk. N. J ifloIstln.ui4, tshltd by
th, Slbus t f a. lAO. College. SAli
aIlm Lyuoh, siqser of the bride, will
bto mld qt honor, an4 Mr. Oorrigan of
low YurkC01y will be bstl man. The
inewn are Mr. Charles W. Veshas
and Mr. (eorp 9eerindr.
Immediately after he oeremopy the
youu couple will leave oe at( esxtaded
Mlb Lynh, who four-ily rmilded
ire, il ore of JlabkeoaMvlHU mot pop*
clar youtI womeau, and as i hobs of
friends hero who with for her a great
deal of fuure happiowas.
Mr. Corrioan. who Is I nephew of
the Late Arhhbishop Ourrigan, hu re
wetly moved from New York, but dur.
hla bhl Sbort rweeideue Jaekooavillo
b miade mady warm friseds, who con.
jMlr hto him on wiropal og eh a
ftrle young womai.

A PrihtInl MdHee.
irMuir UMw -' Qq Wih *r-t
deiplgshe .s sMpssp a a huodndred
: -3:10 on A *lea n
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taW Voeungra Out Huntlng-One
Goett I ly Hgrt.
Maeon. Ga., Dec. IS.-While hunting
Jim Uehardson. the 16year-old son of
Mro. J. D. Richardson. aeeldentall
ispt Arthur Peavy, the *I-ear-old M
of Mr, and Mrs. C. Psr-y. with a
Shotaus, the load of sbot taking eftet
ta thLe lft boulder of the little fellow.
Te t eeldelt occurred not far from
the home of the two bops.
Though the statements of the largest
so ae two boyre as to the particular
of tlhe acldelt were laioeenat, but It
uem that s he wa talg aim at *
hawk when hie playmate suddenly
passed la I nt t Io the .
At Irst the IUle follow fanted, and
to was thou rt to beo atally Injured
as the lUat of shot narrowly missed
senrial the Jugular vein. but all the
Shat ve bee extracted, and it is now
thought ho will live.
The motshe of both boys are pro .

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sorviee. The pubcre is eorolally invited
and a ways welcome.

K. T. MHAERI, Prep.
C4oS r biruae ac r qre,. trtn.ts.

j IteMO if

Cash Grocery Co

Buy for Cash With Discount

We Sell the Slme Way.

('a1 save you money o0n


your put'hase--

whether large or small.



a a ArP ns Al I1



- --


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Will Crar
ffice Quart
vests is C
t to the C
|.. pfopIo le pu
gork will rcvn
r and moreI

Snl reporter
Ill we are I0
lonii t M8,
buIlding, as
imenmber thu
ld to bh It0d
land United
qllding will Im
|p at present.
Simple for it
llrmbtred It
more rapid
Sito, or even,
Pil proportion
ritoa have v
kion would I
rp. I do no
| know that I
hmsr, and I
l ear we wil


1 BUiL iNGn h"as e bcci f(<'""ud for r." l: Charlhs inng Dramatic Co.npiny Will, .-
BUILDING ,Present This Play Thursday,.
liver il. 'I'hT re are s,-c all Bui in S ould Xtra,-ts, ines iall(I "r1 (i rT l' A ill b ,, it a l the opera hioues fIir oirn I
BaUding Should ,, ni t onlyy oin Thrnrir Itl. re- i pr. oTRi oD si
Floor Space. I C C I t:lt i t h e :it ive i -;l t l *'l li y Wa y ,i Io o t l oI know n ti re by di es .e nats mi
TWO STORIESI llir' iy tI J "h ntilitll, rl ,l h.* coot- d* tr ilaji.n-aC
I ut t t he o)il it l f. nity insll w-iie r miFim itt,, theseas ofil l 0sthw !
&armyAsh e w uRfen.
np Polstffice and ;and ',.u>tild on t f ,fjtlu in r "-ll dptir goin i oi le, riog' If Sri lleThis ni
ere Now, and Willi th i txtr cL t : lir t he 't Il 11lar t ft ill
th. t r % % U 1 I t hr. c t II : 1v r nrt i n o r t h e m o u t p K p ,l a r o f Il W h i c h 1a S 4 1
calculated to be In. Ain.erinall drlrama. which bt
)emInd, ('i Wlat ;ITh,.l Mio "Telegra,. h sli iti its r fr an ei lalbd o yl l
)e it.andi.,,, L ,d\ ll ti. ll"alnhd. *!d' th"l s lqII^'ii ;l aIe r %IPli
l- ti( a l a t I i li'Nr kCasino iy t) L is 4 childbirth, iscorerc( 1wLea %Via*ol C
S,,i.gin here ould.l f(ti ofa (, Il liver )i, t! .- piy, tLat o b ttr renill i f rtht, lA oiCardil babes are
io(fm)jleriL 'mIII i I)tttrritgth mouth. of pregnancy, th"asM liable wo. uii.n 1" r,.- *ii. in itr t IInllg ha raCtlr of t lip *1ai ll tren .
t'orgt'e .1 .r.. ArusiC <,i g('t l antl 3 4 I A, .* \i Ii "rj i
rY^ *e ; '\\ 1 .l kl, ',.lllv tit Iti p hoiblo ill that J otr the, fcd1ts pltod ft0 --d o
Tusdy 1 t easil i Scotts lby Cim l, supported b mth hob by o aotrhoulrekbttisbo hthsr 1
hanklul for the lp. hii, ixcllalt company; that bater aa wi| teliser vry mlo s o t.
li, which will erect tLi ,t \ i r, ilh. w r n, With tiri vailurable Bsil.u .d
Ilthe ,i lle tirt 'e W v wil a, t r, a Iht rc.. wt(I fli rt iln Wan i rre lfblui.i.R. awpetiti o o S Ia
t thisuldn so w .,^ mm N m ieves ea1h ri TIh.t, a rupetitsun was
it 0l. l b illdnlcor& W,-. .... ri u iletl for the Ii lance. of the week. I lddkll"i.1
fur blth the p1*1-. --- -i IamthemothereMveBldukdntWs9s en
iState liand ou mi., THROUGH CAR LINE. Mr. King presn th b i it en tlStsiuferedllntoldmioslatil
urns. o a T U C tirety. with full e(mit.includinl the two 1 hegalnto tb a l
tol ly iiin Story, r -1. leI ,illn, for llth; llHendrick and nllaftttlhkitL domS
and while tihe rin Through Pullman Car Line to be Oper- itt girl dot Iloves
Sprrlleat. it usr anted Port Tampa to New York. .i i/l'' tres it "dot i ld tIh lall r hit-i
ho P ierot ll t is tVse I l" 1e'l riews of adm isigioni 6i asld r
alt (tiane villa. is lEeTtcltiv w iLihi t clrt car stith-oll ,r 7 ,ce' e ; ,children, 35 cens. Tickets
il than ally city in ltavi.n JeraIy City Sunday, n sale at Aver', Itok Store, BAmma h

this sietioo of thet
ito ils sie,. Sunme
eiitured that th i
be doubled within
it know abIut this,'
It will be consider.
do not believe that
II have room IIIn the
to do the work of

igferrlng further In the matter,
Arnow, who is a conserve.
Svery seasibly suggests that
t be made to secure an addi.
appropriation of $25,000 and
he building two stories.
illght be an easy matter if the
will go about it right." he said.

.pioper way would be for the
Slf Trade and the City Council
rate in the matter, appoint a
i"m ittee to confer with 8en-
rro and Congressman lDavll
Ither holiday vacation, which
a on the 19th nlst., and urge
slliek to work for the increase.
a-tlemsen have influence in Con-
Oi td could no doubt secure the
I appropriation if they were

ter Arnow states that Con-
row preparing a bill providing
rflatlon for public bulldlngs.
woold be a fine opportunity to
the additional appropriation of
for the public building here.

SMany Arrests, and As a Rule is
J',OI Disappointed on His Man.
of the best and most active of.
Sthe county has ever had Is .lJame
Oaul er, former marshal, who is
working under Sheriff Fennell as
&t. Whenever Mr. ranger
a "haul" he feels quite sure
be has the right man, with the re-
ltht he I seldom disappointed.
r rangerr Tuesday arrested E
Sa colored man who id wanted
io eoounly upon a charge of
itW" a labor contract. The man
tlneted at the Manltaby mill,
Salranks, brought to thil city
|laeed in jail, where he is now
the arrival of an offeier from
< OhLl,

leer G(ranger also arrested
:4 lRiehardson, colored, w
killed a man by the n
at Otter Creek on July
PiOWet year. The arrest wa

of Levy county. and I
VWf notified and is espec
SOfleer i ranger feels sure
I lblt man, as the descrip
.ll At the time of tile
tm eommittng *ame went
1 Redd Morse. alias luh
is a reward of $100 for t
eonvietion of the righi
'f 1h Saby is Culing Teet
and iue that old and
RadslI, Mrs. WinIlow's
ti p. for children leethi
the ehl, id. soteas the
pU pain, eure wind aolie
iey for diarrhoea.
al e ta a bottle,

Car Wasl own Up.
.l I. L iarlow mndl I t
9= it-....... .. ... .

d Tues-
hom it
aame of
2Oth of

iir .iih. andl tlrtL r torLh-tio4 irnl
IRaviig 'Port .aiaii a Tuesilay, N'overn-
hl, r .?Uili, I1. 4. till ,rieeiit Jersey
it y-JtsckIinvlle P Ilmlluii drawing
rooinl Sleeping car now handled on
Sotaihernli ilwny traisis Not. 331 nid
;:. will be rterndrd and becomite a
Port Ta'nia anid Jersey City I'illman
drawlin rioomn sleeping ear line, oper-
natliiover ihei Atlantic CloastL Lie to
.lacktsonvell, %Southern Railway to
Wlashingtori and 'trPenylvania rail-
road to Jerpcy Ciiy,
This will add miinerially to the al-
ready iiagniKlleint train eirvi;ce e-
tween Florida nid thl greai East now
operated by thles tireue reat railroad
Passenrgrs arriving from Havana
and Key West have bul to transfer
from boat to sleeping ear, which will
land them in Washington. Ilatimore,
Philadelphia or New York without
change. Likewise, passenger from
Tampa and local stations on the At-
lantlo Coast Line between Port Tampa
and Jacksonville, can take pamage in
this through lPllman oar for points
East going via Columbia. Charlotte,
(ireenshoro. Ianville. Lynehhurg and


Ashburnham, Ontario, Testlfine to the
Good Qualities of Chamber-
lain's Cough Remedy.
Ashburnham, Ont., April 18, 1i03.--
think It is only Aght that I should tell
you what a wonderful effect Chamber-
lain'si Cough Itelnedy Ias produced.
The day before Easter I was so dies
tresed with a cold and cough that I
did not think to be able to take any
duties the next day. as my voice was
almost choked by the cough. The
someday I received an order from you
for a bottle of your Cough Remedy. I
at once procured a sample bottle, and
took about three donws of the mod line.
To my great relief the cough,and cold
has completely disaplwared and I am
able to preach three times on Easter
Day. I know that this rapid and ef-
fective cure was due to your Oough
Itemedy. I make this teItimonial
without solicitation, being thankful to
have found sooh a Iod-s*nt remedy.
liespt tfully your,
E. A, LNavrIl.i MI. ,,
Rector of St. Luke's Church.
To Chamberlain Medicine Co.
This remedy is for sale by all drug-

Smuae -
Sheriff Micanopy Lodge K. of P.
lhat of- At the last regular tweeting of MIlca-
lted to- nopy LIldge No 3t. Knights of Pythiapl.
he has tht following ffi ers were elected for
tion is the en'ruillfn term.:
murder It \W. Tompkins, C. C.; J. En-
by thie glish. \ C ; 1). W. miller K. of It. &
i Mlose. II. Chntnib rlh M, 1. of % 0..
he enp. l,. luI ff. '.: N. I Molt, 31 at A.; S.
t man. I C('liity. .I. of I' ; I- C hitly, NI.
of I 1.; H. 1. I 'o I. I, i( a11 rren
h inglish, U. i. I W\ Tompkinsr. J.
I wll- W, Engalih. representatives to the
rooth. grand Imlige.
nI. It The order in Micanopy ip in a 1n',et
sumst. tiaurishioig rcundition. new ni.mbere
and isa being ri-nuitly added, The male
Twe- rial ru"lipriiia tf tr hi ianopy lodge
ar l tli fig .tCen if I -rlgy and Iambition,
land thei i'dle is inle' (of Ihe-r strongest
,- Ii J i.n .ml n e t iie ictl in thr % e' I Iv
,Wsb O l~l l

Revolution Imminent.
i sutre sign of approaching revolt
ald serious trouble in your system is
lervouisbes, sleeplessness, or stomach
lupsets. Electric Bitter will quickly
dimmtr1teIr the troulesome causes, it
never fails to lott the ltomaeh, regul
latp the kidneys anid bowels, stimou
late the liver, and clarify the blood.
Rln down systems ewnefit par.
I leularly uad all the usual attending
I aches vanilh under its snarching and
| thorough effeotiveneu. Electric Bit-
i ers is only 600, and that is returned If
it don't Rive perfect setiefaotton. (oar-
anteed by all druggists.


Desarving Cadets Receive Promotion
by Competitive Examination.
The following promotions bive boen
announced as Eat Florida seminary,
said promotions being graded by a
competitive examination:
Cadet Lieutenant Allen Oraham to bo
majorof the battalion; Cades Lieaten.
mait LeRoy Taylor to be captain and ad.
jutant; Cadet Lieutenant W. D. Whit.
ny to be captain of company A ; Ca-
det Lieatenant W. K. Zewadski, Jr..
to be captain oft company B; oCdet
Second Lieutenant Cone of Company
U1, to be lrst lieutenant; Cades Cor-
poral Meffert to be orderly sergeant I
Cadet 'rivat ti urrell to be a music.
The battalloli, under the careful
and effclent training of Conmmndant
Hughes and Assistant Commandant
Lynch, has reached a high degree of
excelleney, and is destined to become
the best drilled battalion in the State. I

Coughing Spell Caused Death.
"'larry Dickwell, ated 25 years,
i-coked to death early yesterday moren-
ing at his home, in ilhe presence of
hlis wife and child. lie contracted a
slight cold a fIew dys ago anud paid
but little attention to it. Yesterday
he was seized with a tit of coughgll
which continued for some time. His
wife sent for a physician but before he
could arrive, another soughinlg pell
anme on and Dock weli died from soufo.
nation -St. Louis Globe Demorat.
Iee.. 1. 1901." Ballard' Horehound
Syrrln would have' saved him. 26c, 560
and $1 (0. Bold by W. M. Johnson.
Fannin Notes.
i lannin. l>efemtlrr 13.-Crop gath.
ring for this year is about over. and
the farmers atre ir-parigll already for
; the rnxt crop.
SMils Mattle I'urner, a charming
youin lady uf blroniin. is visiting
relatives here.
.lamese awerlr f I~lver is visiting
relatives and friends here.

Head About to Burst from


Bilious Attack.
''1 had a seere bilious attack and
fIls like my head was about to burst,
when, I got hold l of free saiple of
I'hamberlain's Stomach and Iiver
STablets. I ook adoue of them after
upper, and the nest day fylt like
IIew mai and have bee i fe*eliu hap-
I'x 1.Tr *int," say Mrit. J. W. r14nlilh
tl ulifl. Teias. ior biiusolle, iLown-
a'hl troubles and eorutisliton theS
ia, thll hae no s~iOl. ai'riV, ee3 n e.
SIor alert byallt i1ruaanift



r ,



Af MaO sM&A

JOS. ZAPF, Jacksonvi.,,

Wholesale Whkies, Imported qu
and linger Ale. ImporeM and Dometll Wl
T Mu n l aeI," M. '. 'M'. I Ir

Absolute satisteltion arsafted or mo .berfl* t t


PlAN TRUB=ef3 the ashid vau,
ki thim. Ab Frui, Oruminbh, a
HilrtI*=l ru C3kUoM ftM- .0 i | i
MasmmmroIfteIm mCatue S 8 8i, *

Ai Rai1l way

Air Line Railway

.*. FOR* ...

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Sou
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, WaI

ington, Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trlins Daily.

i i


Seaboard Upr

Soaboard d..KMail.


ate I




,., 0 5 It I I



:~ '~


1__1 ___~__
-11 4

, ,1I




"' I /"'"
' "' '

F" ,

'."r '.... .. ....,, '.
.r/A A '."''. '[ .. f "



j ,, ,' I ,-*. ,. * -
Pr oM n the Best Bargains, for although we have endeavored to provide gifts
b your needs and demands the best things-the most iluni'lu
things-have a habit of going first.
l's r

- N_

" l' t.K ' I.

l i.i. Vb r.o.rl ng



Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,


eunntain Peas, Fancy China and Vases

or ydur

r ''. i "'


I .
,'. :* ,, .. ,
i.' ;. ', & ,

e, .' ",
; "'i', ]ei i ,

.'* ,' ,
. .
..r 0,,
,:;;,, ,

inpection. No Danger of Disappointment in killing your list of
I gits if you will give us an early call.

c. S MIT

W a tobk err I
^H i,'^ ^-^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^
^JL f tfA ^ff~~~j^Tl 1^ ,yl^C S C^~


' B,




. ..Cl. c. VOY E, V.OD.R-

iiili :IT'9 ,0W B wm 0o0 o Oorner.
i 'llu _f Eeuinl .... Slo(
isiipad e (Datesv*brm. *Frl uldrida. o
F o ar i O les overr Mar
aw. A.
iL"Mt10 U-S-l tS a e an- d a In ds *r o m. K. A. (I.
e 10 SSir' 'WI l hn lblr Leyek, lsoe 0 -
1i Wq.L T.l t*Ish OfHLe;e: Magm
BL., ., o- trilells sad *l se.
1r. a0 All disease
&aas, .wo, RK. McCLELLAN 0'"er-,,
m ,f.t'iB, Onets, lseorq I. lL oo,.e nr,*:
V,~ iW tOO" fltL
S,~IgoU*in. U A 1'J A. UAL
is meu s seli .,. dirt An c I
ab ATn
.l04as 40ismtia r tshe PrJ
.s Bl.rwl WaniSan, Oi Dvil OAINESVILLE. FLORIDA. Real Estate
.'.i .Ti to' Ties vi i-- eiir Pnractioe.
H -, U WS -with &be allseadd So.
St is-4 r .--w --,n-- inFluemla Directors and of.
iHlEHi bil mato rilmi UllE DWlIN AN]1
rB*prnbw Licensed Embalmers. FER"NA
-/ avA om irro
A C tlfy MWtuseW. M7anr~etur n sad n nessat.tB GArIVIF.LUI
*BS '.- Os"t' .mllh. Iklept-l t p--- Upbe.-tery9 et.m *.. Oan sell I
ip. T a bwvertbwnOg dlb0 CaMMIeas P% 0r- trucklni andk
llM 6 r. Klafl Nelw ft Pill lr' Suplieus. aliat or what
ila dNiaie, bas>ade. Iti- ---- .- .-
lf ha!l. tiell1* bWn by T4rIFph or Telphw W. E. B AIl
*segksai l drieg lil nmm. w. mtw Impt Stelks. ATTO
B'' "-1 .ol;o* _I. t. ... ... .... r l
"Id'nIwi"y gese.oon G wsnAINESVII1l

as0 06lat 0 Atl oe M e ot aR.J.i.Ap.
I. -,l* sl Vnbn 3M. 2k4"UKAr ND IA ICIIftC
'~~-ii, R, nd t.. DB" J' s.,A
-I- I.I. H||| 11 IUlU\l l)tlo <>ew
!ille i.8!:, ia Januu yr lat, (ilueoe s
,*K.* iN, rls' w th 1nkm limit lab, 4UoIIv u lL V LUUVIJ Oer U0toa&01
kmobm1^. *W almdems be ramS*s Si
,aig .. ilshe s ii elndea holdSl JTacksonville, Florida., "p4'
gk -" lll.. *I I *** willt **t ... D
SlshB r ashm ,.- wilh -
'UN'k *. 's rIt l IG aute tlt
Til C o ONR, Miii, U N. I R AM ive ..,s Ot
'j j l t . i, tem r RHail- crowrn, rdn
S... Pure and Old o"em 'i
.. Q., .... .
A -f R .s1 aaI..W ubW. t a... Maryland Rye Whiskey THE W
fk .~ jkilU -t--- *


reun IE;ndl'. All work guuar-

is ll Hotel, tGainesville,
succewrfullv traIWed without
at(ilua and lEx ifuinaLlun frree.
0 to lI a. 'a to4 in u or Or
ila wnhI

I tkSleituor in E1liiy
V, ConeFyancing and (ien
All business promptly
Otice inext door lo Sun

)D fAYE V,


ior city property, (in-
nijim prauvfe), tphupliku1,
falrning land&. $ceid him
you offerr for sle. 24l2n.

OR IN ClHANCEutr... .
LE, Alachua Co., FLA.
in Endel Ilhlok.
r toelStllerA Aldermani

0o bluik.
JOB to Crow.

Olineavll i
nd IaBrdie wok.

tluw or ioae Nntal urler,
Wrfi6lf t l New York sit.

SMOWer Law tftxchartcr.
mutmlyu.s.. PFa.
r TND,

Sit. HARRY .LEE J.ill'S,
(Wltb lr. (. ii Timn).

Offloe In M111rilr L;w F:l ln)iitrie.
F'rriilk ;inrd :l r, I'r. l'r

Jaekancnv ii .


leatt Imported and Iholmeti LIiqnWoe
and Winen' in the rity.
)EN' wrist,
(:'nw \\0i Iht'im ;t": W'lK.
I Out-of-town p,'o|l, phlasse inake
rgllemrnli Ib rore coming to have wol
Some to avoid delay. gO

Mathushek Pianu,


Seait piano for thl t.rtlia ell.iatle. stALdl ,
tune longer than rithrr'%, orotr'loedL
nalt latertla nimtl inot l4rt1ItO
W)orklhitAll't i ofithlli.ths.
Vtr' Lu date n rrY
drtill unn I';.
Sold by i co(itiniuousll for

without a mingle failnur If o"n
want a plano for a lifetime
servcei buy the
Mathulsheo ET
Present Ia ow as la contaeint *tlb oi*
CUbL or on saur term ent on I n dalt
trial We pa tresibt. WrlW
for pricn 1T'O)AV

Ludden & Bates
Sntbn u ic 1 wO
^ _ i i .

T. .7
'I~ ..!~

' '.

, ., I

' l l .: . . I :. .



1 I I j-- .einwme_ a. ww eew "


SpUiP* O se at saianesile. ia..
SSOO-a~ ils a) matter.

MCaulSAY, fdllor sad4 Put .i:.e
J J, A, CAHl.lIA: A.--~elaie FO lir
:p fS^ R li UkTf. C(Ni Editor.
gI SLvmSt. S1 T4Trnisow a 43-
Su r 1 IpaubUlbed every morning 03-
a. delivered by jr rler n theb ily.
o MW lplrof ts Ui`tred bilsteal-o
e forV aI year: 12) ix aionltbs: Il.It
pgbium o. r eo sti for 1%e week6-
a ladvarnc.
Rlsl in loeti eotu si 10 ermi a
sostnmrtais, I'A genOI fWor each- -
Ila dm41ar adverUlains aade knows

l i er f week sun m san elrht-lagce.
a paFer, published ever Mon-
ii Turd4a, and corialns all the
a l sIc week. looal. isle and gea-
guw IW bi allied. ipasa fresh, to any
I te V ailId tes or CaaUfa rorIl.oo

J Jfalla beleme wa due siter rstl
hlse. of a4verUaems.l unleas oserwimse
i aI est. leesmt. PartiUeot knows o
gibe ooalnsred to pay for advert ltur la rd
* OGAIMWrLLu. l4.

:'tr asveral years Jaeksonvillo iha
Sfavors trom the transportation
that tended to rentralise the
e trade of the Htate, so far as
Interior sections were reoncrued.
hel bins the basing point all freight
orI other pointe are calculated
pilrlge from Jacksonrille.
ho railroad Commission, in July
1pt in effect a revision of the lo.
s* by which they were fairly
regulated, some clause being
lEMd. While this change was a
i oe and in the Interest of the
r, it really benefited the
al trade of Jacksonvllle more
ay other one in(ereot, because,
p Jaeksoaville better rates to
I ponts, thum removing the coml*
of fIlannah and other nearby
lers. Recently, the petition
i weas before the Commissioln in
:.4llatereet of other rIinlt has been
.slsght before the public, and we are
t t.o mote some iutterot has teen
uted. The Interior towns are
swaketiing to the fact that they have
!* -rht to do business within and
Mieag themselves. They are asking
hr a redaetion on a few line.
lt they can handle provided
W:* straight chauige is made.
I,' ebinneetion with this matter we
~i'bl)ish the following letter which ap-
P apred in The Times-Union of I),eem-

I Jhonville.. Fa., Dea. lfl3I.-C'
S:'. Bartleson, Chairtan Transporta-
tie COommittee-D-ear tir: I here-
W itL ilelose copy of a letter I sent to
doe 1Railroad Commission yesterday. I
| adrentand that the proposed change
." elslalfloation and rates only apples
0 macbiaery, hardware, drain tiling
S,0a nsem olbher commodities. It is my
bp' 1t1i6on, however, that the's is an
String wedge to use fot the purpose
l fquallsin5 rates on all oommodltie
I. h IhhB0lhout the State. giving interior
MlMllties proportionately as low rates
..t Ulti ven to Jacksonville. I would
be leased to see you and talk the
S ttor over and we can decide what
, Is thelbest eourse for us to pursue.
S"Very truly your*.
ro 'C. E. G tr KIt.
S '*Prelident Board of Trade."
: The above is plain enough. Jack-
s vll le and the railroads dot ot rwait
t, e irt step made towards 'equaliza-

For the information of the jintleror
owe we can say that tqualizatiorn"
heI not been asked for, and is not
.petetd. We do want. however. pro-
ibhltive inequalities removed on the
ow lines that now in a way 0ulbist.
0" For inrltane. store are btouht in
I" drload lote hy the dealer 1 in I.. v
k, 0 aiLnevilil,, Ieala and several
i .f !!!?. Tlnt ralt pol this eommodicy

1 ."1 the io :iver, polnte to ,lack-
*flvsile il :Vi cents per Ihi pounds,
ItIIe a town T7I.Iu nilee from laek-
lUle hu got to pay in addition to
I *Mteo to Jackiouville a rate of
*-nta from Jaekaongilleu.or niearlj

If several lines of railroads arn. LaiiuI
t, hI esumoility nearly onee houeasaid

F~'I 'P.~LI 1L r

Le ''

The Chattanooga Medicine Cu the
nanufaeture-r of Wine of Cardui and
Thedford's Black-lDraught, hare Jist
issued the ik10 edition of their Cardul
Weather Chart anid tlendar. This
calendar with its 18 sheets 13x'O in.
she. in sie snakes a bright ornament
for the wall anid is a useful actquisition
in any home or once on account of its
displayed weather predictions. The
prominent lumbers oan be read aerosI
a large room a csan the colored signal
rfags pLowinu the weather conditions
for each day. These weather signals
illustrate the fureeastl of Prof. Andrew
J. lDeVop, who achieved great promi-
nence by li is arurate prfciatiouiof the
great (,alTseton. St. Lotlir and Mlinne-
iota storms and cyclones. ,So great is
the popularity of lhese predictions that
they are printed in '2.Xu.,O0 of these
calendars and in 18,kx)i,0(0 of the La.
dies' Birthday Almanacs which are its-
soed by the Chattanooga Medicine Co.
each year. We' understand that a copy
of this weal hdr chart and calendar nmay
be secured by sendinlk J i in stamps to
the Chattanooga ledicinte Comlpany.
Chalttlanuogl. "Tenn. Any of oiur read-
ers who lave not secured a ropy of the
ladeirs' Birthday Almansa can eRt one
by se-ndiun t'esr addresl to "l.adiei'
Birthday Almanac," Chattanuooga.
Tenn.. or by calling on theer druaggiit

Some mn practice the strenuoust
I;re with a vengeance. When they
don't haIr htisinese enough it their
own tvi ket p them biay, they stick
their noses into other people's busi-

How's This?
SWe offer one hundred dollar. reward
for any case of catarri that cannot b'*
cured by Itall'e Catarrh Cure.
F, .1. CtNiAM & Co ., Toledo. 0.
We. the undersigned, have known F'.
.J. c'heiny for the last 15 yarsn, and be-
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
busiues L trasaction., and ltinaneially
able to carry uit any obligations made
by hIt flrni
\\., U)t' K. Kli%' s & i M i:vi.,
\\'huhr.ale i'ruggllar. Touledo, 0.
ll6lmt ('satmrrht Clrer is tLakn Ii-
ternally. n tiiing i rectly l piin the IhieMdI
1r d :illuci otl urfaces of Ithe f.vtem-i.
"'rtituiwna1ilm Ient fre. lPrie'. ,T'. per
li,,'.l,.. $SciI bly .11 diU Kgist.
',ik*e lIt li's f m I1ly I'ii1 9 for ,con i -
'at o011.
Blue Pont Beds Frozen.
NewA V. . l n <( . 1 1 .
ay. I. I I:, h. t t k:: t i>' j *
oyzi r%',r : t i ,/t u o er fur i1 fhi -'
timo hWIfore r('hlritlm .u Inii; nit* (l oie
of the trdlitionai tmldlelf ri lilliiliii, Tyi
The recent mllil ilrtther aff<%ti i .m

dee freese up has Itopped all raffLr
and tied ufp l1any oatip. Their ]!:
IaV!ng *mt orIn en South ltei;,h a:''
tut ff rn a .* t Upland .' ,1
of lrf ar-t" r9 '< .. 19


dutilon a'eordrd the Ilnerior points.
'The albve fleter explailni that th+'
JlacsInmrille hoard of Trade will op.
ptor it 'I his s a uit we rt'eieve in r*..
litrn fur all t her .atr.,niN. ali fvoers
we hharpp enS rith l ld tIo .1t kelenrtirle,
tj'r t'oinmniniim cn e, re t:1. ot', -re<
of ShO t ( ioilCp iti, i l44 tl-'- I''I'!t '.at4
unlde*rFotaltd. It is tile r
SIwaktul raig ro io r tt,.-re- It. v.iftr l if
11Xli.i i tet .J is'k04e r 'l l.v I 1-t '- i is l b .i..
PIGs at li',aine

AN INJUSTICE. r srv. e -' tit\',s are i" s-! .' ,
til Lt w l is' ,e rls li..a j-vy thi,, t(al
iremftt i i' tli l c t 1 oI y 'Ie) il ir d a4 .i-S
resort It r iuw oilit '<-w rit rove-vil toi r .1
thel govelrrlt ti' ]ri r..;e* Ft ia j, L. t.i
**vrr, i ie Ixe t ntIanford it 1, L
to Ilnin *m *it mi a5 ihiot gpsdd Itl*ri ai1tl
to iiroft%'s iTul #";- T1 a# t ii rt vrai abin
qua aLa. I !ihe hJ li4*lan' tax re ,tired
of newspaper plublliviirs by th iitiy of
(4alintavillr is thl i greatest ilnEjtite
ever perpetrated by a lawl-makiiin body
in lvuying a privilege tax ThI'e ni-ws.
papers of ,aineevilie work day aind
niA; for tt, wtfare r; vf lit iy aI iJ
ill iilthbitantit. andi not a week I.tElos
that the pullishere are not called
ipon to do free advertising of a itblric
nltlure, amonlllltiang to hundrtdtl ,f d Il-
lars during thi year.
laiivlltr 11ti Is thl ioly tiiwn we c ter
heard of that reillirtd a license tax of
newspaper publisher. It is aloi oine
of the few towns that dwaos not snake
its ordinances public by publishing
thlll in the newspapers.


eI rhle a:
reoss should
of recipror
latzinp aIho
than they i
Sraily krno
tir s ini Ili

Sh. winidltrful j i.,cnraet in the con.
stn j i;'f)n of lrea!fkfhtl fonais aa aft
fv.0t -rer rati.-e that wa he yio flare par.
S1 -Artily of f th ma
d. y o ll T h 't 1 aI l nk r iifiIr p loato'.


G( Oerman tlerchant Who iles In Amer.
ca 4,ade Strange Request.
NS 1, :;.. 1) I A (* 1 c onling tIo
the ( i. *.n of h; :1, tlit ashee of
iiILiiheL. a w' lA .d n mrrchant
of l*i (!on N I., ,;] be t c jtll to hli
li're ,i v a,l n t l.t al l i (I t rruany.
I -, r ; rman wy 'i.!r r 4 rirt years
,'i' ti < oII tf St. t', tiL I e x' r) na lulio
''. t 'r i l Ia } f)inug ,'.
Sm ; i t, g tt, a 1.1 :n Am1 nrch. Le
rmai rir t ht rr.r, nnIt lieare al i fanm
Ii),. 31l 1 % int ( -I'! f ;in:; .,; s reLTained
fr* h an ;I. iiiIt d 1 t! Uir(i u h his tWfe
L1* in'<,rr t i vJ P I il i htli hl r. W hen
1 > 1,,i .r. t it:. lie had luft his statee
to kI l' l ln iln l riiiili,11nr that his lbody
ie ltfi.tif aiinid it' lthe ient back
I; ih.- w-rmian. This has lwcn arranged
and the, ah-lici il.I Ilr hlppld by mail.

Cldest Member Dead.
London, Dec. 13.- Spencer (Charrilap
nhll, ti. c ;.* lt nim-nit, r of the house uo
cominltF nsnp, I d'adJ. lie represented
the Tiow.r iauMlleItE In the Consrva.
tiv$ (for nearly .o0 years. This
almniot nineWarlan the was born In
1818). dlrtlngirnihed imselft at the
rloFt of the laMst r'es.tmn by sitting
through two Pll-nIrht debates whea he
Ilioh lht the prvrrnmenr' position war
threaltjutd, a feat of endurance which
his ro;lOen uis rtco-niled by present-
itig him with a commemorative siver


the rCam Step Ther Halr FPatlal Out
WWlhk Huup4de.
Ladles who have thin hair and whole
hair is falllnl out. c'an prevenC1t ie hair
falllnf nout, nid Ihicken the growth. with
Newbro' "Hlerpticde.*' iumide., Ilerpl-
ride is one of the most agreeable hair
dreAings there is. Iterplcl4d kilts the
dandruff Irem that e*sI the hair off at
the root. Afler the germ is destroyed,
the root will shoot up, and the hnar Crow
lonr as ever. Even n sample will con-
vlnre any lady that Newbro's Hflrplclde
1 ain Indllip nrable toilet requliite. It
contain, no oil or Irease, It will not starn
or dye. ol hby leadinlr drurggltM. Send
me. In stamp. for sample to The Ilerpl-
dede Co., Detrolt. UMch.
J. N. Ilodifterd & ('o.. Nplal Agents

co. t I r..-lloN.- i

~%. Ole. oror p. MeN. Ie. bp
MM li ll/l m Ii* u *lil rLl4l 605
Sta 4f- at cRa or yow srllem ir Ik.
etq Ltred a .C 'Choea -t N.YV. *.
MM ksli, mi ui aiI

r^^^ e.. t' gStl r 'lf'r. rtt ersl
W *e B'k1u' L e it it Cre a i. Ti I mIIrI l.
I rmum ctim f. J.,., .,,r +,..., ..

'r. UIwr @wigs I.

Cromm Vermifugm S. s.I VO LL
UIM Sft Abstrasts of Title sad fall lufor tk r fiaf D te
Ba A nou" wr 011 mcrggggggg 'L


Title is


AnD IlTl Cox

Jr. .'

Ruly I

oftn awsema%

For Sale by Johnson Bro., Gaiumwflt

D TITLES... ""

"h' 44*ien of 7Tll7 'a fl t mnalwdefrqms

what you pay for when you buy laids;
know what you are buying.

* .t


-'---DEALfSIN-m, I-

Sea Island 0
ptf~ Tfalx~ T wcc^^

. .

JI .'
ir' ,
'J* ,.'

Sea Island Cotton BSeed, o ad TAt
Lather In. BaI.p :'s..
US -r a -

Manufacturers of the Jma
Sea Tsland cotton Gin, and

Ja. M. OtaanAK. Prudent W



Dene sflflvely a
te m oseens
p.. .... .
Surpu* nd Udivded woftv..t M
.-- a" t*^' ing*A~B l'-1-'11''1*-* *11 ^C W



- Montezuma

I k*
'* *

*1 J


, ,




WV W EEN --m__ ___ne

S. Titls ordinarily invisible correctly reveldm t

The Alacha County AbSt

5:.. WIr I,.
- ;~. 1. -~ u -I-


On the A. C. and S. A. L Rys. V. J. SHIP

None Better in the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains


235 W. Bay St., JACKSONVILL, 7B24

Ceutraly 1ad, teU ght, y airel- Md rmmsasm* Ma i

S-BrA MSOfl ProprJt

r w- -ia4W I T *Vi '

re many rueaon why Coo. .
kI promptly make ,verttireg
city with C(anadS. O(ar re-
ild it* bIuuoa nore in tiiaele
are It iS probably wiot gen T r -, l"n:irt.".lmn of
wrn that ony, two ioher sn. &", tr i.'a. n l torW a
r wnrld hty at j inmeli i u iisa l.S \\ 1 ratL) yt. ouq
I doet, while amour pr- u.-.-plcrq
our minft".: ird gio she V
very fir t. I l R- fl J

... I .. -- --m-m . - wm





"" .+ '- n. r m


Wrl A* Itr
lnlmn 6n

. '.Rq

* ."*lK


, ,
* ;Hi

. I q' .


P. W-01 .. W

V pm..

* , I'





s~s~ ~;
" '''" 1


I''11 *''''..~
v i ll'''

I 41I
h'j '

l~;.. :':i,d 'at j iJ#





,' *, .1 *
''' i, .
, ,
'n '
p .; ,, .

We sell on the installment plan, small cash
payments, balance paid Weekly or monthly.
Our line is complete and many articles suit-
ed for Xmas presents are pre-eminently
displayed at our store. Christmas shopping
is dreaded at its bsot, the disagreeable part
being the crowds, rush apd hurry. Avoid
this by making your purchases and seloc-
tious now and have the goods laid aside tbr
you, marked to be delivered on the day
wanted. We store them free olf charge
and make the delivery as ordered.
A 4 . MI .._-
Yoa never saw the like-- fasin atlg seuortment. entirely differ, aL from a&I
thing over shown here.
- J- - -4

him rhWs
Fhi Arl Squaroo
i 'Patets '
Oriental Pattern
All wool Pro Brussels
Ax Minster
Velvet and Moquet "


2* 1... ......l rI~
: 't*! .~
,' 'II

, ..R ",^^ ^^ ''



,. . .. 1 ..
,''i .* i "' '

',i. F' ,,- 'W ;1l

.a IT.
r.ina.. .''

.i. . ... ...' . :'* ,: .. :* ', O
:I ,TS:, ,
BBIlfB^^^t U'w^w iti**^r.-- ^

I', .: ,

~c~~ 'I;*' II, '
I'i 1 2 .
~:- 0i''~

L~ i.

.W. WNW"
* bb Nh.6



Hadsoame all wool Smyrners
Linoleums, oil oloths. Matting
of heavy and pretty patterns.

Our warehouse Is fill|, our store ie full-over-bought, that's the condition.
Muat make rouin for uiher Furfilurr. Have anoTher oar arriving next week.
We are offerlug them at a big Lut price. Attend this sale and get a good one


I nrS sets sad bhe name and add rao inly .to buy famiur and
W1i SSS4 om a beaut| Onueanir and
Uhll ho hold article iolutely tree.
j Es mh frr sUimp to p y p" ge.

kIrp 1 1ti ....... ..... ..... ........... ..
. ............. ...... ... ..
t ..............










hairs of



Lamps and Pictures

The Night before Xmas
And every "L tshrouhoot he year po should eleep on our Hygiene Fell
tstrM a'i aoau- any am npu amdverslr ld matltress. and ers uno-
third l"e. Between a lIeeplep riot and a mrsul telep there is a world of dif-
Ior1 e. HfreebIlan lumber Tad perfect ret are assured if 1)1 uoe the
Hygiene* We htave the. Ask to e them.
"": i ... ..L~; _~ "'" C --* .. ]L I _IIN ..... ...~

Tibbets, Japanse Stands, Corner Seats,
lusic Cabinets, Box Seats, illow Goods.
everything Klon In FPraishlngs.


Is (

Us "0




We Know

lJ J il

k'.J L



..... v ..... I ,.

' ' ,e ''

I rp: ,


Part Wile to OGains$
o el deoledl Together.
irn inerrleiia marriage
.ia the uolke of Opunty Judge
al morung. whaen E. (.
Mis Natsli Floyd, 9two
glla people of tort White,
oHie ety'l sd proceeded at
ieolee of the ounly Judge,
I marriage lisase. The it.
Slied forthwith, and the
sP a little surprised, and
npmewblt embarrased at be.
ted to perform the ceremony
This he did, however, with
sk111 and gree after he had
een hineelf together," and
pair were made man and
ia. presence of Henator H. H.
ID, lr. 0t. oldstel, ihe oeu.
Sdelared he could "see
It all). W E. Dow and W. 0.
,who looked on with that
euwPming the occasion.
msraelm&IaX parties are among
.and most popular young
l otlte White. "1 cannot un.
why they should oeme to
and pt married la this
," remarked a elitln of that
mwas n the oity yesterday,
tbat was their notion.
Sknew that they were soon
,n and theb was no objee-
i ateb, as both eam* from
LMr. Collisi departed on the
tranl for home, after enjoy-
gy at the Brown House. whert
iued for dinner.
Sheriff Granger Makes
Another Big Haul.
Sheriff rangerr last night
sam alleged gambling hole in
mesville. lie wa aselisted by
bGh. 0. Warren of the city
Information furnished by the
It appears that seven negroes
striously engagedl in a game
known as *'kin." and they
ilrbeh*nded while the money
te table.
natir "posih" was arrested and
Is Jail, and will be given a

Fight Will be Bitter.
who will persist Ili closing
against the acutinuml reeom-
of Dr. King's New iaWov.
0 ioeomption, will have a long
r flght will their troubles, if
earlier by fatal termination.
SbittT. I. Beall of Beall, Miss.,
ay : "Last fall my wife had
symptom of consumption. She
.Kingle New Discovery after
gil else had failed. Improve*
at ones and four battles
cared her." (Iuaranueed by
as. Price 00e and $1.(t. Tri-

Attention, Masonl.
'gular oonvoeaiion of ; aines-
gfR No. 41, F. & A. M., will be
the lodge room this evening,
It 7 :1) o'clock There will
nationn of officer,, and work in
l. degree. A full attendance*

, visiting brothers will
Scordial welcome.
W. B H;Hi>;a', W. IM.
A %, ,. Se .
Cured Paralysis.
aile+ P. 4). True. Texas,
"My wife har beIs suffering
with paralysis in her arm,
Wea persuaded to use Mallard's
sIaRMenm. which oared her all
I have also unsd it for old
chat bites and skin eruptions.
the work'." 'bc, 51W, $1. 0
W, I1. Johnson.


10j; I u (NI


Your Choice of q
56 Valuable Articles
is offered for the (otipon i fs,,o I .uck Wl,-iti, ,'w i,.r ci All
labels. Besides beautiful pi.,L..esof JeweizCt theI ..t :;. 1ire-,!ttrcI -!etisarticld-
of we;rrinlg apparc i l m dllnumIret things (fr thI I- ; in ge" t' th: ce.4ily
land quickly -and you'll le 5rlhris e at t:ctr Al'. I (- of tl ;,rer:dtiums arq
tlllustratedl buve. lFor (tl de sariltion and pctl e ic" esn :, i lit W Lu;k Premium look inn eua Canl. The puiivv Illityle, the rltect wholelonlcness of

make it the nim t wi cly chosen of all leavening agrnts. IDuriKg this year 16,145,184 pounds
have been Sa 4 (.oany orders comingnin for cur-louad slipment ,). wlhih is the largest busiles
for a single factory in the world. This Is only the inevituble result of the original (id Luck
plan-to furnibs the best baking powder in the wordl at tie l .west prict -. o ceint a ipond.
Good Luck i thie Let because e it i purpst, be riusi it prlodm c tihe liIgt.
est, whitest, sweetest of bakin. These results are die d to itH utnlequled
leavening force, to the fact that it contains no diulteration wliatevet.
It is the most economical because it takes leI to do the work thlan
any other baking powder. If your dealer doesn't sell Gxod
Lack let us know, and we'll see that you are supplied at once.
T. M WNr NM C. Rico ehmeoa, V a.

WI an s

Outfitter to Particular People.
S-"-------- ---- -, ^



That ia the deep and well-founded conviction in
the public mind regarding the

SCorrect Clothes
S HanilTailored by Schloss Bros. &
SCo., Baltimore.
31 They are markedly superior in style and workman.
isip to other makes of ready-to*wear apparel.
* Don't be deceived by the clothing pictures you \e
in the magazine advertiletlknte. Take thee elaborate
illustrations and compare them with the clothes they
Claim to represent and watch the effect upon your upiatn
ionl. 1 -
"Fine pictures do not make fine lotheis." is onl of
Sthe IShkw tdloglne. This make of clothing etand on
the genuine quality actually found in each garment.
* The suit uhnwn in thr illustration bat fauinly reipr--
secnts the latest shape of I)ouble Breasted ack. Wi-
have it in tlhe popular rowns and fanoy mixture ..

FROM .M UP. lu l
$12 Ra1W,4C1


Outfitter to Particular People.

3it} S





wil 1 S *'

Ofe: Bow 6
Rn Wg707
08, **

Itl o ourel
Geuh a mOiNs
*1. sterala fpwt
thpOey. )* ]
heo liawlm atI
andd lapuemeg

soft. Irdtiwt
thItal -y4

0! sly*
Iii rrlwWi~i'il

e /i~



esrim g B
,Ii/ lk g 1 L * ., S,

tIau. as 'Sl.
A li aoapw *
n^wite- i ni
p k. ,- ,'^ m,.,
Onc besf V** tq1- .

L hitlS IN'.


T" 1

-- . " ,

n t, , ,
Pliwd~~~ aSSU um Hh

r II I I I1 I 1 -i.

lay, Dec. 1I5th


fIltabtanlMZnela l't ,J

Illlt **in oil
i' J ,
3 Awo IMId-U

l rprrs" DtJTUTT03rT& 00

Ki and compaI'E. A. WEIL & CO., ,-"""

' Povp,~st )s'


malk- h Mi~ake h ]k I .

Maa wwrnK.HTa lso

.Wilt1 I UYII h~.,I*I fIL'4lI4*hJ(IbIbiItpl


TbO 14*0 0 Ai Nob Ya

, '


- ~~~~~-~ -~--~~,


. I



S I ...



r~ rl

V I C ; a





A g twgPum


SF CITY AND lsre withL shma & IU
I onl't Omis the Train Robbes.
SCENSE You must se Robe ub d Ma ndy. They
MIM CONDENSED am "*"-* *
SIjD)ni't mirui he Ire and Pony Show.
of Q i Inter t I Lt cerraiily fine. 2t
SLadies' calling elrds printed In latest
AI by Or Bkporters. a, Sl) at is ulAni. Orders for engranr-
ing executed on ,hort notice. if.
A. AND SOOIAL ITEMSj Wen joil want a pleasant purgative
try C(ihambrtin's Stomach and Liver
ablets., 'they are easy to take and
HNppened nd What Is Going prodIil.r I,,.o mius, Irrping or other
w Told in Shonr Paragraphs disagr'etble ffrect. For sIle by all
t *He Who Runs May Read" during.
H For Sale--New Wheeler A Wilson
lwi, l, iianc e.iire, 1. o. b. factory or
ith Cash 'ma I. i ; vll- Apply at thio a ee or 3iW
StaEast I, bertlw street. dwtf

arbe and M.ndy at the Carni-
Robe andl Msndy at 1the Cari- I I our labt)r contract save possible los.
1i from advance* to employee; fifty or
Traiu Robber are with e leIs at three cents each; $2 per hun-
dr, d, ea. h with order. tf.
.5. J.. Ellis of A.lactus was in r. .
aiA yesterday. 0 1'. Ita l ill) of Atlanta. Ga ., the
S derf nive for eler vr special agent of the Phoenix In-
-'o W onderf.l alv for llu surance Company, is in the city for a
Arw 1eoollum A C& C
, tA Co.1 r and 01 show few days on a visit to friends.
il lll win ih riul'" 'i it. I.. ltarlow of rvrinlton, one of the
I ad lMandy from Coney l- mIost ,uceeesful truckers in that sec-
mew with the Carniral. tion, was in the city yesterday, having
the Train Iobbers hold up a come for the purpose of attending the
fad tob she passengers district meeting uf the Knights of
U," the wonderful min-read- Pwthih.
btd, will open your eyes. 2t C liildreath. Jr.. of Live Oak. a
. ar, y.r ll one of Wade'a clever hustling young business man who con.
.Itviwa in the city yesterday. duets a market in that city. was at the
S. Dillon .Ir of Brown Houe yesterday. Mr. Hil-
*fleistered at the1 thrown touse drqath is one of Live Oak's most pro-
ldayl. grcr.ive youic citizens
It Wihetstone rmrly I f thi Wanted-A good farmer to take
L n. Whesone, formerly this charge of twohorse farm two miles
bM now riding at Mikevill, ir o from railroad Uood land goo fence;
ihLiety. two houses and barns. All farming
Sthii srest Train io. iimpletnenti. seed. etc. healthy l.o
SadR ihd Mandye r ine t ad- r ty and c.lte to a goMn t ehool. Ad.
Rtdurs a dld forL on address T Cone, Raleilh, Fla.

.us werre.
.Lad Mrs. Io J. Mcl.achern of
I were amoni the visitors tu
ille yfot*-rday
SEntenas of \VA ldo manufaLe-
of the celebrated EiitInza .iilar,.
the city yesterday.
D. Huff of I'virtutn was in the
IWterday. Mr. lulf is oln. of thU
farmers nf that sectioli
K. Anderson of High Sprinlts
IUeag those who favored ltiani.,-
Wlith brief visit yesterday
'WIt .d Mrs lMattux if T ista werrr
lheity yetterda.y Mr. Miatuoi
th valued rmpliyese of the I'r.-
*Lhopha~. ('ompanly
A.. kolline.. ilrored a f:arm.r a?
Aslher #*ietlinl, was in thle eity ).V
.. sad had hli tname' addl* tr i i,'
plipon f i l orf rl(',,. bai
ea.rnet orkr.rt R .i hnt t1 r
pl r thoiiil y h i e t -- ii L | i. if''r
5IN B rrh ek *1 ti ?' mirvn in' M
l m. r ( ,,ft* I't ; IL. I

( l:,- ,*"rt Hr),, ron ',ll -
bu niiir-.. ,,, ,-i; lie,,.r(imyl
S#* *amTfi a. a rtepr*s, aiat.*- a '
| ail titf k ii hi. Vf |I' i,. i

B!l. l' g "'L'ta l m. I r( la rn, \ -r )

rlU ft I i .r fi i .' i
n d l A i ., r,. ,* ,.e .

After a brief but pleasant visit to
this city. duiriin which time they were
gueNts of Mr. ainrl Mrs. I:. C. Me-
MnlanI. Mr and .M1r, L. T.louuz re-
turn-41 y-esterday to their home at
W\llist;on. They resided liere for inany
yearn, sinti fornnir frienls were glad to
t ehliomf them again.
legihmlMgC MtOlh l 1er.. t2lL. ther
(aimlluentallafe will rum a mildlnkhl
.erilrc ntllil furlthr nollre. i

Motile. Ala iPe, 25. JhIN.
"r 1I V. liU iim.I < t. I. )i >1, lr ar
-.r leaving rrn-td differtrrt dicturi
?tLl \:1.'r remied*t.* rfr Tseveral yere
itr (acik'l lM Ldinll y tronibl,. I Iulind
Si t li *i s-e-* sful I tmiiit taklel Ibz
It \a L di .ti ll l. I< 'T' I'le' -%'
I'rt m iid i 'b .i le rapi y rt.d the oldl
* ,0.' i tl. rmgtiftaud 1iti is, '*id
tic# .* r1 0 i 't, t al ilv* nifd th rInhl.
.t11 *''I i I.' I ay ,,ti l
.... it Il lI It 1I
'e iF 'U l is e It S
1 i, t '!.)
S tI .l I i I
4 \! ,t *..' \ ,

m i L' A 1t 0 ? 1 d 14 1' &la* W Itl "
,l.r 1ai t re*-ait lim p,%' r)l, i' r a'iO C
* .it'l I.. t,'a til t r tr oIal'i re fr-mllinr
lt5'. 4, U tlai v'1.'* *rrtliia, l *rflnI '


Among the promalent visitors to this
oily an T. B. Brfulfellow and J. 8.
Arnold, both of whom formerly reided
her, bat who are aow eusaged la beeoa
see in Jadskeaville. The. gentle.
men ar mlretloter at the rown
HomW, and an bong gladly welcomed
by their numereso friends.
W. L. BrndWs, oe of te solid
plastern and good follow of rhe La.
Crone section, was tmasetng buol.
men in the eity yesterday. While
here he sailed as The SB olsee and
"'mde good" for his paper for another
year. Mr. Breeden state that the
people in hi nstlion are prosperous
this year.


CHIPK STOt 01 Bta .
o ,o W-- MO11on
The Holiday fenon of 1904
is now upon us and we have
made unl ual preparations
for mupplii po0r eOust one
with roods luitbl tfor trhe
oeasion. The greatest se
legion of Toys aee now on
display. . . .

The Biggest Line of Dolls
We have ever carried iP now
open for inspection. Prices
from le up to .a. .

Doll Corrines n Gret Variety
From l ks to Sa. uill line
of the Me tal Ioll Carriae.
Toy Wagous-atl sises and Isriee.

Pictures. Albums, Purses,
Itoll. Ink stands, Faney
Box Iapar. rontoain Pens
and all krnda *f a things suit-
able for rre . .

liBy tihe 'old iimIs" a pair of
lie will liket Ithin.
1r-- I I il l I
The Grandest
Line of Furnture .
tleuh as P'arlr h usit, louIgem.
r'ieUtetr IlletI. Odtti p ,i ,
i**m t ei r ltuWit
Fit usren -, r we ar, thr' ,imp ple.
I :ill tbiiri- i ', I t'r- 1.,edd 'ohell
j irl II

Ul 'In l "II Stlt,*I

d (' oiue neI I I. te lr sHal

Do You Elt ice ?
% t rn' ,I1 *tl l r' .

* * *

Write for Our

fO-pPup igei likes Ch ,

in or

lauare with teuhmal A Hill.
Iok olut frt the (rrat Train l:rolr
bS.h It tO,. t .fivml.
?me It+,+ ', ,rn ,' l ,u'r ii*r r:.lllli.n of
Olut I'oXg II.d iny Show. tI
lktinrtnir l;iip V'i \\% i lki. 1,)
Cla s, I K ., t tg h t ih l.ra rli l.t 'ii. .r .
everin g P' rerttiialtie An evr 14-
inK uf rare t .joy r ti ii a.I)r I
A t A. t iful t ,lidl P.' rAi,, fn i ti' .
bitiuis l m ill t's je i% Icy ,01 ,.--. $ i4 ,.. 1
prentrlwt in he n. tlar c ijl hild.i
UIet vTtes at Dog and l'ony Sh w. ,
(irert n C. Chaires uo: fid To. ,i oae
of th. niost widely known ai.d must
prollmia.ent resident. of liht psecioln.
wal aonlg Ihu tisitre ir It i,. city
Atlenlirn is directed to the change
of advertlimenet of Phifer 1:roe New
York l{acket. whfeh appear elsewhere
in this issue. As advertierg, as in, this firm is a clrr-r suee'.e,
and those who visit the sture will find
that they are leaders in everytlhinrg "at
right prices."
After a hrief business trip to this
lity, J. A. Ward returned ysltrdJay to
Bell, whrre lie is engaed in the mer.
eantile business .Mr. Ward also eon-
ducts a general tore and fishery at
Hone Shoe, a small village on the
Gull In LaFayette county. and reports
a good bustaes there.





Dolls and Fancy Goods,

Dress Goods,

Ladies' Jackets,

Children's Jacketw
and all kinds of
Rugs, Blanket, Etc.

We are biddlnn for our trade with
the beat elestled stoLk in tI heoeall,
at prices whibc bring me banew.


---- - ---- --- -.- -nl
J illip Harris, general agnt ofl sh
guret Miles tOrton dol and poor show.
h in the eity, and has msade amuls
ments for his show to appear besn
Wednesday. the 21st Inet.. of whibe
fuller notice will be riven later.
Mr. and MN. Fnnk Chae of Jah-
sonville have arrived In she litly id
*Epeas to remain here for several
daes. Mr. Chase. who is ao eoLthp
slastle sporteman, brought eight of his
ine doas sad propoem to enjoy a huat
in the Kanapats seetio before *
turning to JaaUaonville.
Remember the preentakloa of that
famous drma., Rip Vam Winkle. by
Mr. Chat. Klng and an tesflo t -M *
peam at the opera how Thariy
evening. This play will neer fow
old in he hearts of the Amedean peo-
pie, and will always be wistesed with
interest and welcomed with pleeore.
Don't fail to avail yourself of an oppor-
tunity to witness this granI d play, full
of pathos and humor, by one of Ameri-
ca's moat talented yoaIg asetn.
C. W. Bauknight of.Areher. one of
the leading busitns moen of that no
tion, waM a visitor to the eosty elap*
tal yesterday. Mr. Bal4almht repom
a fine seeu n at LArher. Hoe sitte
that the farmer have lharveted flas
erope, have received toown priees. ad
Sa resuit the m.nrehaune bae e l.
joyed the moot proStable trde for
several yeIrs. everybody seem to
htare money, and the untry In the
i s m.oaed. c. country a the
vicinilty of tArher is very pro"perous
jus t now.

I was murenh aaltl -d with slatiea."'
wristea Vd C Nud. lowaville, Iedfg*
wick Cou., an. guiin about em
erutehe land suffering a deal of pals.
I wasm idutlcd to. tir I altalrd' aiaow
l.inimeunt which relieved ii 1 ueled
thire rt't, ibttlt' It is the greatest
luliniilnt I Itr utised .hav recomn
mnended it to a :cumtlr ofl iwfrsiul; all
rlrees Iirtceslrives ai. l*ll beteilted
IJ;y i I m I il walk withwit 'rtrulehes
ablr( t1 lerfiormT a er at idali I light
lal5M r nii tia farin /-', far- l Il .
"'Mil I ii J hl.ahtis i

The target



lo.b. '
'r;' 'l


m -- M,,o

v 4
ALL rwOrn
Ta nea"


iy o -Aw

i200 Eat Libe
206 utoLlb

* i* i.'t



A S^^K^-ji^^Kk^^nB^anhut

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l *w .m gy **::
ISOW k *WSff'1
5' i"'

Fma mmqh m
ShiTn c mlfl


S ('C;i'asi K .lae'kn, mi' hnit it r sel' I
t ,r 1.1re, t'r' I i r ia t,)r- r is -Latvir e If lt P'tm re q sar n a f tl
uiir ii. tli, *i. at Ii al llatiha e .' M Pj!sm4 el p*ez sn IMa
amle iili" ia ,i I ;,' ..! q tc'iu i li ^aid-i I $'cmi


Diamonds, Watches, Jenlry, Csock Cd lI,-t I



Jeweles as4
*006 10
41 wo ft

No. 234 Cream Pitdhr
No. 254 Sugar Bowl to match $2403

.' Iwo

* *



_ _____

i I '.~

< I

. I Nu

J ~




To Fe.