Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
Publication Date:


newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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S&d all delo. tarmoer a"i -"This action i taken. however. witb h rr
Northern, T-'ap an'! pncifit' lnd r
Sth eabbe the distinct reservation that the pIro I Nw uldings Memphir. Ltt wll. and tt a 0
aI New Bu..dings Memphis Leads, Mouna run;. n an
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WTry k e eeat tIgre will be held way, affct the present onflict'" eipal cities of the I'nited States for l'-"i rliricni the rirninl time I'
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aMllo hal tbc.o Ituned by GoveMe t k a il r. Ilsllh. N ('. [ibe. :; .L' t'trste c.'- I. I' 't, it.. rl ' the adoption of thl The teeth l will rr theg 'w of ILbhe 4it' Agri n.'r g~ ita. 4 th ..N *r ,rrs!Si ha..'' W n &V
l i im# "' 6A L a --6 m* A 6 ...... I i t & -- woi. inh la dr i~ ... I --a -4. _

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H am Improved and sub. --"- -
oIr ven tense, and the DEATH OF MR. CANNON.
opon the premises
Ile snd modern. One of Glinewville' Old Citizenl
iPrk Farm Oompany do Passed Away Sunday Evening.
ln going at things- halt* The deesh of John W. Cannon,
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b lsltday, the 3rd inat.: two weeks, however, but with a deter.
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f OGtlaetille. Florida, for tain at nodistant day.
of ristatered ilerefords, Mr. Cannon was born to South Caro-
iA idiration being $2,500. lina in 18A3. consequently was In the
e registered Herefords are flftyeventh year of his age. lHe has
h ir prise winners, in which been for the past quarter of a century
umpetition easme from the or more a resident of Ilainvhille, how- I
l ilof registered battle in the ever, and has been for the greater part *
of the time prominently connected
Sher alao sold to samwpar. herr. betinl engaged in the newspaper
of high grade two-year- a"md printinR buiine s. He was prae-,
ialght head of Angora goats tleal printer and newspaper man, and
helladof regitered BLtrkshir ir 1*n0, when (tIinesville was little;
More than a full-grown village, erm-i
Finest in Taxs,. barked in the newspaper buIiiess with
lmaude up the finest and most the present publisher of The Sun. The
Stirload of breeding stock lpper was then called The Advocate.
left Texas. This also goe to and enjoyed under the direcrion of
the Concho Country can raise MeCreary & Cannon a most suoaeeaful
*ebedlax animals as any other career, considering the field. later

lf the country. The sale of r. Cannon severed hit connection
with The Advocate, since which time
Mentioned smek speaks mo0t he has been engaged, up to bout two
Sof th future of the lIdus- ears ago, in the job printing business.
eho Country. Henjoyed a fair patronage in thl il*i
I iMlag hert tomorrow will ressioi, but owing to ill health be de-
ie n d toabondon the inside oaoe work,
Son through to its destin. hence closed his establishment,
mfeivllle, Florida. Mig, glar- Deceasd leaves a wife and fire uhil.-
In Made of durable cloth dren--Mr. William Nobles Theo.,
pet on the ear, that everyone Mamie, tonald and Iewey, all of this
m knowit c s r ity-to whom The Sun extends sym-
!ly know ik eontaina relis*- pathy.
IeVfords that will make the The funeral was held from the resi.
herd for the tSpring Park delee at :!30 o'clock Monday after-
Company of Florida. The onlx, Relv Francis H. Craighill of
al n withstand any kind of Holy Trin ry pisaopal Chufr h owere i
sting. A gre-at many rriends ero in'
ad in the attractive colors attendance ,t show the last mark of
lue, black and white, the let- respect for the deceased, and many
Inostand forth prominently hndromno loral offering were fur-
nihulid TI* pall-bearer wrea \V. C(
kIk Arrived Sunday MAthn.sen. I V. Smith, (eorge S.
llek arrived Sunday via the 1 etrhatt, N It Carter, J A. Carlisl
iCoat Line. and was immedi- dI i. ril.
liftedl ad driven to Spring Couhg Sell aed .Dath. t
It is undoubtedly the Couh Sell C e h.
ietd carload ever brought to "llarry Duckwell. aged 2 years,
L ad is destined to make the choked to death early yesterday morn-
S ol the leading stock farms of ing at his home, in the preaspee of
&h.L. h. sot a -1- a"A.- &%641A tig f^,-- t-

a We Hereford tipped the beam
IPolinds, and ihe Texas paper is
for the statement that the
c nought *TPA).

SIrd AboliShe Olfice.
..lery. Ala. INsC. I: I'hs
*.Miet Immrd has abllmphel ih ,
.lI IlS uprwtetdeat held ty

lli wile iU r .I11111I II cu iirturci ga IIi
slglht cold a few das ago and paid
but little attention to it IYesterday
he was seixed with a lit of coughing
which continued for uome time. Hisl
wile st aient a physician but before hie
could arrive, another soughing tll
ealne on and IDuckwellditd fro m suffo-
eation --it. Iil its lobe )Demoert.
wee I hll Htalard's Iforehoumi
H14rup would have av*ed him. ?Se., r~bl
and 1 it ,olld hy %V 1 M. Johnloni.


Knilhts of Pythlas Expect to Have a
Big Time in This City Today.
r _. _- & ... .

i ri0 ui1j r1 'i F i ll!vtllVt g i l I" .ftli
lt.trit, KUMillhts e(itil'iiio4l, will h1 tl-,l 1 sitki
.i li t IV rniil I.4* fu N.i. 2' II I te
'ilty tIin Iy. iilt a $TrriL t Id if n it i'r.i
S 'ltli I L ifat; if trl iiili ** mi.!rri f t 1 i1 .
budget i i tu i ,t c ilthit of l .r 'vy. f dral.
ford aJii .lathja. as follNwI :
I 44114t N ., t llod iiilh ; ;.l,.lii, ,iy
N o. ,., Ml.v.tiimpy ; t rLrkie No. ; .,
S;ar;, ; W\ No,. ,,u l'.dl,.,; iLk
llit r f No u .;, I a ki i rlilr -r; .4 lachua
No, ~2. AlI-'liuja ; IfU1ih '4 riigi Nil, 1 ,
High R pritnig; N ewberry No. i. Nes -
bhrr ; Arelirr No. d~. Archer, atnd
Mo t 1t V\'rujsi .N',. 20, I, ii nJiriNl..
lilatrict lJk i,ty~ iiratl ri I'ati ellor
W\. it. D)Iw expt'ct a lartev i inbeIr of
delegates aidl % i.itor& from I viriiiious
I.llrt', ra wteii s* ttaniriid Chalcellor
hlallnnark and uthvr disitinuished
Knights throughout the Statei.
Th Culive'itioli will tie called to
order ill the Castle -lall at 2 :3uta'elock.
The aflternlon seIl ioi will be devoted
to address and buwiiless for tei goid
of the order, while it the erPviiilg
work In the ampliftiI form., rank 0f
Kniikh, will b conferred. ThIl .-.vii.
ing ceremonies will conclude with a


Attention, K. of P.

All members of loant Vernon Lodge
No. 20, Knights ol 'Pythi, are hereby
instructed to assemble in Catile Hall
today as 2:3V p. m. to welom he del.
egales to the Fifth District Oonvcn.
tion. J. A. Pnirma, 0. 0. C
W. I. MlcKINarwn, K. f R. a I.

Fight Will be l* trnr.
Thore who will paleis In etelai
their ears satinst the Continual reeom-
mendation of Dr. King's New Diesov.
ery for Consumption, will have a lol
and bitter fltgs with their trouble, if
not ended earlier byifLsal trnmlalltioa.
Retd whrt T. H. Veasl of Beall, 3Eiew
ha to say: sse fall .my wife bad
evver Iymptom of eoansnmptio. She
took Dr. Kinal' New Diseovery after
everything el e bhd failed. Improve.
nslct same a oae atd four bottles
entirely autd her." Guaralnred by
all drugglts. Prne 60o uad $1.00. Teri
*a bottles fte.
Little Girl Wrapped In Flames and
Oies Before Mother's Eyes.
Savannah, (;G., Dec. 12.--l.mIl Jot
dan, the 18-monthtbusd .daughter of
M r.and IMr. W. W. Jordan, has been
buried to dlath at her home.
The child had b1*n left In the houae
with her brother. Raleigh, ael 6 years.
31ra. Joro!daz had gone next dour to
see a nughlbor. A she reached the
docor of lie neIghbor's house on rI-
turning, she was horrifled to see her
little girl standlng In her own door a
few feet aday in flames.
The terrorized mother, seNting the
little one, wrapped a blanke* aboul
It to extintish the flames and rushed
Into the streets with the burning child.
The only explanation theo little boy
could give was that he had tast seen
her very clioe to the coals Is the fire-
Revolution Imminent.
.A ur e sign of approaching revolt
and serious trouble in your esysem is
wfrrvoousn s, eleoplneaess, or stomach
upset. Eleottle Bitter will quickly
dismember the trou Hesome eases. It
never fails to lone the stosaloh, regu.
late the kidneys and bowels, stimun.
late the liver, and clarity the blood.
Run down systems benefit par.
tieularly and al the usual attending
&behs vanish under its searching and
thorough eflectivene*l. Electrtl Bit-
ters is only iOe, and that Is returned If
It doi'ts ive perfect iatisfaction. I ;uir
sritled by all druggfits.
New York Millionaire Accidently In-
jured in North btate.
Ralvgh N. C., IDe 12.-Mo rtimer
Broailh.i of New Youk city, whilt' hint.
InK near PIltsboro, In Chatham cotun-
ty, this itate, wits accidentally and.
it Is believed, fatally wounded by the
dischare of both barrels of bi gfun.
He was crowing a ditch when the
pun struck some obstruction amd went
olf. both loada entertig his left side
and piaulsn thbromll.b h ba ody.
A special train from this place bore
Dr. Hubert A. Royuter to the wound-
ed man's aid and he with two olber
physlclans ae renl i'inme all possible
Mr. Hroose I a millionaire who has
keen vialtlan this -ection for a num-
Her o ysre o buntitl eixpedltlons.

Ld YiI


* a


' '. '* "
* ."
*L~ ; .* in**,

-Miss Hapgood tells how

of Fallopian and Ovarian
and escaped an awful

LY_ VaP6iMmMt xL ,


are ass
VytL i


SI UN 11CA e

iuOrr4 sfil ini

_ 'I do
tfflk fl tZk^^ ^^^Z^^^^
^b~rfftfd Crd A^ i^ZtJt^S-ft^^B~aL^f
2^S~S" '2SS"f'f
J4l ofJ^



rzrr Z-i'-&r

hi i'

.Aa ,pk it
39,,- ^ ,, ,'
ig ( C s3'~n7

Air Line Railway

* FOR. *

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Sout
Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash"

ington, Baltimore, Phila
delphia, New York.

,. .,

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Xa*l.


I Al
A 41U




, .. . .. _ -. _-


~ .. .~ .., v'. wn rr tS T

, "s '. :'


i '. ''..'['h,' '



... .. *,-I s

c '4A. ~ t( '''
t: ii:r JI.


:C~0;.~'Q)i > ~!i)!
~LEfJ~Y~ I~



wi.l .I A .

:heBt Bargains, for although we have endeavored to provide
Siid, and demands the best things-the most unique

__'__"_ i'_ .' ....... .... ** -- "_______________ .......... i
"i-have habit of going first.

.Ierlg Sirernare, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Lea
% t o v


iD Pa, Fancy China and Vases

ion, No
if you

. I.'I i -" ; 1''.'1 .
I in l n ' .

,M ~ c '' *' ', '" .. .... .. . '--' i '"'^ ^ f ^ R '* J f ^ A |
I'll,,i ,, '

^ ^ 't'" *';", ', '" ,*^ ^ i^ B' +:,^ ^
++ +, !+ s:

*^ "*~ ~~'i^'h' ' ;"'* ''; n J
K M -A ,. ;+.,. ,:...,l ^ ^ ^
I .*; '

^^" #ttob'' 1' l
^,, '..,-'i f
' . ,.* 1 .'. ,' ., . ; 1 ^ 1
*;."* '* '' ; <*'' . ** ^ r

JiB~:n1 :

~~4I I' ';' '


Ai'; t1 2 'AL
: -x; I

Danger of Disappointment in filling your list of
will give us an early call.

1 T1 3E",

n' a i. s
"TV ^i~itf^

." .
VIj_ I "

undp allmoba et ma.
p .-, -. c. .

l e w It hr bhhs else.


I I -I G


Side of ESq-uaare

0 C.L a %men s. s

O lce over Maros i Fodel'r AU work arlr

Offle: Magnolia Hotel, Gainevlle,
All a des meoaIesully tresed without
drnv I~Mcldm o a eEaNWiqon u free.
oHumus t. o l .. I.,I o i p. m., .r b
awpolatimaM du.

t ** ,, IItnidntgjrjnd Pa 3 AA. OARLI.LRE,
And Solilctor In Equlty
*1 $. .' ..r. GOAZNVILL3. FLORIDA. Real Estate, Conveyanonla and Goa.
Iira. nl Praetle. All buelses promptly
416, 1,_ _..., _l _ ld tMo. Off~a next door to sun
w 6%m.--" F nrnpal Directors and | OAINXnvI.LL, FiRIIA.

i icensed Embalmers. FERDINAND BAYER,
AN. a1t..... iE I i ATTORNEY AT LAW.
S ,MaO AuNre of mod Doa tn UAIYI!ytILLS. FLwoIA.
|WUm I Slbrp. Trial rIea nwrreaS, Rubber Bump Art
.l- eteeh-. li. Al t bs. ppbty. ta K. Cn ell your aity property, (Im.
S, proved and unim rovd), phosphate,
.--. .,--. _- Ui..- S. Ph. ..Una.- truomkin and farmlnX lands ed him
R.t -i .a liet of what you offer for sale. 2142.
lam Mw heV Momdev u1s -
-b .*aboard. -r Teera or T-l- Wl E. BAKER.
r-o 1Al Lia R I ,lwy will ,1 ....,tt, thr A uTO ,f AT T AW
atiI e all olt ithN A TToRNEY-AT- We v,
sew 0L6 li &nead o i lrr onr-thlld .. SOLI0ITOR IN CHANCERY....,
SbV lD.h. Ml d Na U U GAINESVILLE. Alachu. Co., FLA,
S wIh Seal t lis0 J M Offeo In Endel Block.

i. -.~~ D J. H. ALD ERMAN.,
___________D__ ____ DENTIST.
WINES ANDfsea LIQOR 01mif s
MI w,, ir n Jacksonville, Florida. saawa .uer.. t nwi- .o e wat.

SnM B a41C C l -Cu MTST.

f Siteh sat m g /AI. ALL Won oi0tua.i,
OW- 10.'sio as* ld Oab a nee an 9MTtt % 4Inr.
-. i ieiil -a W -* Oa mvua.a u .

4 With Dr.0. II. Tison),

Olle In Miller Law Faohaane.
rYank Jardner, Prop'r


a 0







Beet Imported and Domestic Liquout
and Wines in the city.
Oot-of-town people pleas malke- '
gements before coming to have work
dome to avoid delay. 980

Matbosbek Pian,
tlan Pilan for this trUaier eliuMate. st, itlS
tme louarer than others, eomstru ted
bM madleral, sond mont r atisit
wortamllnilp obilnable.
Up to date a ever
deatll al Un-
Bold by us oo ntuoully for
without a single failure. If t on
ntl a piano for a Iltftimelae
sriee buy the
ftjIj Ihxek 1 T
Pr les as ow M is eiri tear witkh Q Saw
OrI eat on wl t se eto Isdar'
WhL We pwer It". Wrtew
for orue TODA Y.

Ludden & Bates
auhba- ula-{ Earu


*,i, 't .,
,' ,,'( y. ,,1

A '' '

r l' Ji







: 'I,




7W *%nr uaaIprr


I mSrt. C'(r wiw ,i. a **lra rianrl ry edi*riC r ---orty rI

T oat w ~ir, 'rtfj .. ea hat lf aitioel i r t.r ,"r .
e S i^.p tosi-. lomp'Sl ltatis 1t. 0 a i ionj i,+ *r. t '
.*ortt r aR n a t emis u r .l+ r .
Nt@4 f arrmer ine eter 04 .
WS Of1 .VV!god tolestoo

, ei l o f. toch e d e., gol+ ..A- ; a '... .r^ 4. : .* *
sa 'as m 4 tti' u rr, tle vFr n*! 'I rr .i. N'
;i seel T forI l e l l et .hing kI ar ,. ;..:i
., .T. 4. IL r L *

s. d a uos for d. @A- v r, t r a.r X . is
)q Wr go e a r rx bn U
. ...i,. Tl. rt y i' li,. i:

I Wee llk Sun to an rlrt-ie.; K1. in t( 4* lr*V i.y \ ,t'I-t tak
t lr. pubbli"e ee'rr Moio ;t ,4r tai w1 .' .e ,o t
r ee. eins ate ptacta*eC rigi eCr n n r a'a a
HWeeJa. ptoeS,. tree. o t any* ha t I id .r w r.,i hfi-

ti blet't 5 it ,- tI;<- l';- istur. do. .
pi Nll i beoa* ue .ater uO Urr u r L t da r1 'e t m l story
0l4# lrlWelfe it.aiml otliberwl i 'tW oUht tih !.'l0rr. NI I', e+ to ft .,l

llentML Parueasots know n to
sr Psv for advertlaia e s4- i
Tll DAILY St'n
SGaOlVuMlLL. eFa.i

ag that the recent eleet in
'ieud's work. does Dr. Plr'.
to deliberately hurt tihe
it: "-A.-----
irml ia bellierent ar.d
etion, but as it oonelane of'
.five men and one mule, it
ellp disarm if the United
upaO it.

aI r Tly blushes a litil
i..ld4 out his annoil report i
bearsid this week. The
at dtellnes to aeeept
te contraption and rtfusli
eawr any more money.

lhe inspired assuranee from
SWeekly tha "President
i W l revils the tarff for the
I all the people." This iere
0It by obviating, the neces.-
iettrtI Welion, or even of this

AMi-et is now very anxious to
i otron Statir, deelaring
Skbeen "''greatly misunder.
She whites and the blacks of
Sk loatlh will wait with undis-
pat4lnee to hear the new
Sof it. The Atlanta .our.
fl advises him not to corme.

hlotlee Department isues an
aklag the publication of guess-
Sllegal, and yet the Agri-
SDpartment conlintlr toi send
Whether Bturvnn guesse to all
in the United States except
k tsa't this make Secretary
ai Iseomplice?'

I WItohy of remark, in passing,
.L a l hree principal Repubilican
Ill in the United States. The
r Yt Tribune, The Cbicazio Trib-
STLhe Philadelphia Press, harve
Slthe tariff-revision chorus.
mb u that if the party refsoes
ithe tariff the people will re-
lfi lfly.
h .- .- --
SCOBlrerional Committee of
l has returned from 'ao ma n to t
lt and Its spuokeman, Setl-
,Irdgle. Ila hs that they favor a
lMefr Canal. Thil will involve a
.- additional millions. but will
aelilitat ithe passage of htips
!* be more economical in the
|- or sail.
,. -r-. _
Iood people of Philadelphia
their eoamlreo will stagnate
i cannot obtain a thirty-foot
1O1 is the l1eleware river. To
US they want about fHre millions
mlln, and the committee oni
. 1d harbors proposes to give
1 OUo.oO. Naturally th*re is a!
I La the Key tone Stalte whieh
!l I tremendous majority for
Lp*ublieua plrty. I'ennIylraiia
Plro wha it t wants, and there

1Q1an that the fourth ausistant
PST-Wenarl le In favor of a tive

Plli panelsia system in aonnce-
ftl* d 4liv.l at a low rltr
NOWll. This la iimol in the right
OWi>. but fthk Il A i... %..t ,a...

the moral

Senator iloin ,lof I Iinoit Iadt.arrs
in a loud ttA; "unlr4 IhhiR, H-
ptublieaIns rerslJe Iher tiffl nu I do
not see how they can afford to g,,
the nelt campaign and discus it "
tKpr.*eiitatLie IMcCAll of lMaUachiu.
Ir#iI and tabtut a hundred uther e-
pubic'ans arriestly say ".Amen." There's a
ftaFp of trouble ahead.

I1 the currInt numberof The Trap-
ic!l MsQn, Wt I'Inl Beach, announa.
enint i nimade Ithat lharry L. Brown his
tendered hiI resi-nation as manager of
that etellenlt palpr. having aeepted
a position with The St. Augustine Re.*
ordm Chas. 1. Kendall, who has been
connected with The Tropical Sun for
several years, and cue of the best all.
rouad newspaper imei in the State.
will suooeod Mr. Brown. Mr Kendall
is well known thruhohot the State
in the jununaliitle field, having been
located at Palatt, ttren Cove pringis
and other point That he will suo-
ceed in his undertaking of manager of
The San tlerea r n > doubt.

Georoe BJtler, wMoer familiarly
knouwna. "The Maj,," Is again in
newspaper harness in this silton, hav*
ing assumed oearues of The Lake latl
lert ita. Major lt'l4er is one of the
anout retnatil writers in Florida, and
it goes without sayingg that he will
make of The Star a paper of which the
people of Like Buller will feel proud.
The Sun welcolmes himn back to this
section of te country. and extends
the hand of fraternal friendship.

The deeisioi of the New York Court
of Appeals dclariug unconstitutional
the State law which prohibits a con-
tractor from employing his men more
than eight hours a day on btate or
municipal work is fat-reaching in itU
const quencts and causes great excite-
ment. Will other courts concur?

How's This?
\We suffer one hundred dollar reward
for any came of estarri that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. .. Cl CHE Y Co.. Toledo. 0.
We. the undersigned. have known F.
J. Cheney for the east 1U years, and bw-
ieve him perfeoafl honorable in all
butineis lransactiuns, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by lirl irm,
WAt I Din4. KK I% k M tRVIN,
W\'holes-e Iruggists. Toledo. .)
iHall's Catarra Cure is taken u-
ternally, acting) directly ,ipon the blood
aid mucous iracscaes of the system.
Testimoniial sent trre. I'rir, 75c per
bottle. Sold b) all drugtgittt.
rTake Hall'. ,niiiy 1lil for consi-

A .

3' 9,


5 4'

III '~'

Sr:-t in WAs, rngton.
--rT,, n- of a
. 1 '. .r i lts. -
t.V*1t It' p~i';i;>ra'rl
i i''-' ;rr tit tI f 1 j(
a* a I f T

' *till, '," the (lIs
.' I.. ,1 :\ ;l.;Dm I ;'utlelti,
S r Mt1iml',. miet
r t1 \rmi.-Trrng and
i T :' : rI)t Tno w th sthnrck
i hat T I-s ha d
^ nA i,<2 .tirrate. tn~uiUlag

. .-r F. r .... t r. '.:j .4 a,-,.fI .f R
*^r^was , Lr~l^ t af r-J' t B
^ *n.rL'.r*<:j~pipArft n^K

TO STA.T'? C.T CZ.L .Ct VIL,..

A.APtr. ef'..**'tcr ; PEreIn|t DOer

I .' 4 I- l-Dr J A
, "' ;:. .,:..!< t ? L r < it.rtul
A :- *. "'. mrm '.r J mi. I r L u n ^ at .

,^>.. 'J, .... f';.'ititI '.\ : I StL rk oleu rL


1,. r. --:,
t: I- .






For Sale by Johama B.i

S! ^ .ge < S a V.I:yat fro ts ite -

1': L- e'*t r. h.' 'i t piRfeat r
Ur.;:e r *, bthe, c-nvtiow n foe1 -lw
sta rt a r m1r011 vil. H e wi- t .

tb..h :r..l d Irr.,ry te, .tt~pd or five rI* ^ o ^e lk ......t -- ... r
!al.'- n a" < +"w :+ ich ar. plant th+te iL what you pay for when lyou li
err w- :c ,U+tte nr. Jr w lilWh 7We w
v ,!: r., .f ~, P,. R ynow What you e baWl .
d rvatrionn i* my rcn:M ey and i ,
.T!o c. p Ab Title thesa miaaIt prali cable '
pt aI Dr. lt if. "t wl give Tit y ivi mV lw
the faraleri ri n tnc o. too. to diver T'
y t:r crt ; *and in the end It wil e
plThee p ar,' t

Andrew Johnson's Hoem Romevd iev' .
ia!'egh N. C. Ver 1.2--Te work
oa r'monung frum ibht tity to the pub
ie park. aM ile o et. o f her a U r
quaint C!d h i-*be in wbich Prestdelt
Andrrw Joinson sil bomr, W. bi
iun., under the diretaten of the Cra o I 8 :
nal r 1)amn and the DIulhters of thI
American Revotutilo. The bose w
built in 1":3. and tn st ood quite*
where th r cplol now tM. 1beingae aU
out-bouse In the mre of the th 'e '
lng otel. 8 Island Cotton S ,d

ilos Th I ys AMan on thM Jamntllm "

Idowdky bO-l.t 8hsa Isdlad CotnL
ULcalt hy teari s rMale l p It B G. AINIEVILLE
It utnel tol I coiidlercl tlat only
urinary and bladder trouble were to be

in thle dSisorder oI
thedw lmtst idluci pot 0 m Amau P

at i nl w drief
Stlhat is their wotk. ,
Therefore, wheun or out of rd.ler. CM AI udrriaud Uodiwid
Cquiiklv vourentire I.l)y i. affclt tl ll auurplu nd u dnto..a Pz iis..
how vvr.y !or:4ln senls to fail to do its 110 its
II tit '. e
I 's i are Aick or ftel twily1, l..hi. S l .
takinU Lthl t grit kidney resedlly. Ir.
KtIur'sa .SImImpRooCt because as ons
as vour kidnevo are wtll tlhv will help
all the Iotlr orTlan. to health. A trial AT EA I MAUI Ii Ml 'I fl *.'*
"i'l cI '"rI""iTce aoouvllc r.
If uu are ick ,ou cMan Ike no nmi- |
take' i'v first ldwturlnK % our kidneys., Tt
T1'e mildl aid Ilie extrauordiiary effect of
Ir. Kihnir'rs Swamp-Root, the gKret At OOALA. FO:
kilnvy remteilv. is soon realized. It r........
,i.l ,thelli.,vi,-lir wotndcrfu curl dOn the A. C. Le A. I Ry.
*ii it4 merCit t .l -11l lo -
,r.igit. in iftvm.-c~,t None Better n the StMate
Mitt vnc-14 st f e
hj "c qa .-ap q"11AL t tttle s1am12061a- ae4
i mil:;r trt", a i . i. lu plct telling vU ou
how to finil out if 'ou tave 'kidney or 1 "
I.,idrlr trouble. M ntion this paperT H E EVE I
wheCt 1mritinto r. Kitmer & Co.. Iu- '
unl.)n. N.. I t1 on make al-y mistake 235 W. Bay St .,JAoesoxva
l,4t aenailh'er thc name, Swimp-Rout, Y 0%)X
tlr.s, Uiuihamiton, ...,ouvery bottle. C.ntsrlIy sted,"

s k ... 4 avtn -a ....a. -, . .",' -...-wi r

S;Itr Ia ucI srs t m n nebran .,
Iree. C msuit r Pls ne~k.l aid *' eigh,
')')' *(** ^ i ^ a e **k i j.. F JO R D Ai
S ,. a l lls14 h sptrIlaln.
IMnlNlIII'II or i wtluB,,iI 3l l W!'ulu n
^ t^. vua.un D. r. J .F ,
lv ,rwaspeo ru.wr *at .a
n slr .r *cr, nu,,V
---- ---- albwe a INSRANCE
Notice l. hbreby iivtena tl four weekuafter a
the rlrst pMobUatlon henrof*. Iri. Onthe lJlb mAU1V
di)' of Ibecember., t I*4 a tamrdlla n l iof r4a W4m
Kemnnery. witl Plltr ,o t wthe 'o toy ; tudeof
AkIs111 I 'lnintr. h)ordls t or n order tr n welU
:li of the r$tht. tlt:r nJ tre'tTP i ti of r a adI.t a .
tlr, Kervqh (.an rto e, atu.wi rrrrrrrri Porm SLoc.
I. u l .e WL .. ri 1._ .. iU C I -.

II r* | I U i.'i -, -IX I& r_ N tt % a .- '-_ii.
I. IF I*'t. aA1Y an I UI, mW pt o e'1*4 n..W T' A '
sNOW. .1o Ie. 9tiuanltn K ^)( Dom Kennedy.m

Cream VenriM lu
a A*bei E 2. vOl LS. NTOt.

WrE ve UStIUnJ Ou l tln on". r umh W H dm I nt1b Io d II I 1 nl n
rK nrurv -1- n7%, IL I"



'A... ..... ............ -' ..1-.. -. .--l.
There ae stillO s[iom!e eie s i e arr I nuilwel olf Maieshw.
It *-al *unbra i The lIre Ie ad st e .. S *4 l t
Tie0l irit U.oti ,st ,rL t, Il io IS ,** U f t v tI. er d bO
aTre.ry dwdi. I',.r,r, t*' ealm. nI.k:, M*m~Cnlertll liul4 dCnousc e|
i pigffn tlh fti of a grosl t was tf. I '. ,IC* !.>c of MeKli ald |s
f ri quently pint utr, nly in t t j *, .-- ,a)T miaJorttlg f tyL 5 3/f
turned lowrn t h. le lkeutlra, taetth ote .-',.a t ts 1'*e i C. t ,i- .
a lsugh. "Why. iW T c4ra4r."' ty *%d. gr it &-.tiIruimarki that "'h htg 4 t
" ov,'i wso know 1t4.t we had ;,- :. io 5 t' I ..e** ti, L r .,_ ;.t I, F ,K ,.ika
4- U of~~ M r wtlm fl-J-

I, Glol mUa. rir

ij, CASLINLK A* e I J 1'" l 0.r
B] Oy ....I *<*J* ^ 1^l

wIns V ., -W -r 1- - -.I "- AV WIT.W3"41 f111i l '

c ro^4. bile frt aii
st I Crnaba yt tDa efat



I rF



' I"&


m ,, ,


p' /

A'; TT

a C~-nf l~ I~

a as to


" I I, .

" hle

Bi SB "". '

id h^^ a ~jl b

;o lbol;oo '. RO a.
pe.e, t r" W,.

|tr Tables

Sheen "Tables















. -il L&MIImp iad the name and address
ofou one Iikely to buy furniture and
we will 4nd ]oe a beautiful souvenir and
F"loteal should article absolutely free.
We Jula ask lo r tamp to pay potqge.

Yr me...... ....
Y o r T .. ... .. . .. .


We sell on tlie inistlhnlenit plan1, Miinall th
payml ent, balanJtc paid weekly or Ilminthly.
o iil n is comil)delte and finally articles suit-
o(d ir XInaII p rents irel l ie---'ninniitlly
displayed( at our store (Jhristmis slioppin)i
is dreaded ut its I bst, the (liisagi'eeatl prt
boing the crowds, rush and hurry. A void
this by making yolur purcllaseS and seHc-
tions now and have thle goods laid aisiio for
you, inarkeol to 1)0, delivered on tlhe lay
wanted. Wo store them free of charge
and make the delivery as ordered.
I I I I I- II ..
You never *ew the lihe-a fariinating assurtmentr. ritir'lj diffrr ut frum any
ithng ever l shown here.

Lmbo Fiber Art Suares
Indtes Pateras
Oriental Pattern
All wool Pro Brussels
Ax Minster"
Velvet and Moquet

IHandome all wool Smlyrners
hinoleumi, oil Cloths. Matting
of heavy and pretty Iattelrlin.

Our warehanoim ii full, nor torr is full-over-bought, that's thw condition.
nist mak. room for other Furnitire. Harv another uar arriving next week.
'Wi are (itTermig them at a big ci I pritc. .Attend this sale and get a good one

Chairs of

Ev ry


Lmps and Pictures

,,'ai.i ...^ .n -
Safld swY other woods. (kid
Ob|. U S hi e.:DrS IDUs Ltables.

I' hSial PUm


*'.i.. .. u i. .








The Night before Xmas




And every night througllon th l ylar you should sleep on our Hygione Felt
Mat:rems. It's as aomd as ally magamsne-adyertisgd mattress, and costs one*
thitn lesI. ltween a Iteepless ress an a restful *leep there i,4 a world ol dif-
ferrnee. Ulireshing slumber and perfect rest are assured if you use the
HIiene' We hare others. Ask to see them.

Tibbetts, Japanese Stands, eoroer Seats,
Insic Cabinets, Box Seats, Willow Goods.
Everyting lnown in Furnishings.






our UI


s We

%ar arn






). I'


I. I


*IM~ilff'.: *- '

I I:
~ S~$t?
* ? WAS1

* ,)


.. ..r~. ~ __





'"' '
1.. .."1


' 'l 4 I I

'~ '''

U. V-0 ~oo


-- --

a w yaw &- wm a yii, uaaNvLJS 7DIBIILA, DEUIKBC Jp
-. .... -.-,

'"p*wh d keh *o r, *at Lest
One Week.
tais TatI I a': I am muthoriled
g 5Ioasd of Public Instruction tol
h 1at you must suspentfud your
on Friday. the 23a inst., and i
i rsupe work until the following
ay week, January 2. 16i. If do-
tg the patrons. a schuul may be
p aded (ur two weeks, but in no
Wlsr SI a period of less than one
eek be allowed,
'Ke A Mting of t he Board of iublio Iln-
piUtdlon will be held on Friday, the t
491M toot. for t ie purpose of paylIng
H ,.saohlt.'r whole hav tiled their re-
juter by tlast tine, pruvid4d such
"'"tlbetr will agree to attend the mest-
S of the Southern Edueatioual and
a State Tachtrer' Asoutmlation
ki h will Ib held in the city of .lack.
i$l- el Iaember 2.31, inclusive.
'a regard to railroad rates. I am
slad Ito announce that a rate of one I
Surplus twenty-tlve cenks will be in
g' ,, and I am informed that all of
Ae roads offer this great reduction in
S =r that s ii maniy teachers as possi-
may tbe induced to attend this-the
-M1i e ducatliual meeting ever
i. Ins Florida.
With the rate of transportation ou
, w, and tbe place of meeting so near,
Ssely evary seasher worthy of a po-
; inf I t ihe schools of Alashus county
si altend.
S..Pleas notify me by return mail
i lther or not you will be i attend-
P M upon the association, a' that 1
aGy Iea your warrant In order that a
.I .of funds may not be pleaded as an
,s for your absence.
'"' Whing for you in advance a M erry
S*uitlnssmand hoping that all of you
I M Isee it as tnt only your duty. but
S youetr Interest to aqeompany me to
i Ltksonlille on the morning iaf the
I bof Dece tntr, I am
'; Sincerely yot r.,
W. M. HoI u, 4
o.Slepti. p*ul. Instn.
, (i. ai svlil e e. Ia lee. 12.

' Be Quick.
S'ot a minute should be loHt when a
A Ild 1 hows rymptoliis of croup
a O berlin's Cough Ileni-dy given
' Stoon as the child btecoilin hoarse, or
it atifter the croupy cough appears,
wll prevent the attack. It never
i".'.l, Iad is pleasant and sate to take,
.- fr ale by all d ruogistas.


i amy Idmd, hadahe, toothache,
r~o tomachache, ba ka -he
ideohee. amd all Idmilar nerve di
oaera II os tantly oot", and
aulokly relieved and rAred, b
ou4 mcdt dependable of all U .
oi for th relief of pain,



U you have ever exzprlenoed
Its rotle, quiet infipopee, on
an ching, throbbig hd, tooth,
or other nerve, you will U b
without t in the house
"I had been mubjoot to sick
beadache foroer O bl" wrJte
Mrs. A.. 0. So er of Oreat
Bend, Ka. "I used one bottle
of Hamini Wiard Oil, and have
o M had a h ec he minca"
And 0. bD ckman of 108 Head
riks St, Detroit, Wieh, write:
"I have away found relief frm
"Mran by laT iatmNsa Via.

old ad recommended Iq

Pirckd Minister's Poak:t.
Oxfol( I.:t, I, i' I ltI \V
Ditvall fIrtf Fri;a.v to) lak,. chargR', o,
hlix ti'' ,,iit ni ttl int e t I'ari'r vi
and wlaijl hr reach Atlantart pI *:.:
to ta!!. o fri lltlkh In tI he arshcd. will :1.
tuirinS Ifi. r'ih. hist It kelt w ore
plucked i 'of $0 In rash, li hldie a (.a
blderatli4 aimunt of money In checks.
Hle ays he had his plockeltk In his
hip pocket.

A Costly Mistake.
IBlunders are mometines very expen-
*iie. Occasionally lilf. itrlf is the price
of a mistake. but you'll never lie wrong
If you take lfr. King's New Life Pills
for dysptepsia. di ninrlisl, liaedache. liv-
er or Uowrl troutlli,. They are gRntle
yet thorough. 2Nie a ll dmrus stores.

- 1 41 -


!! Outfitter to Particular People.




- 2, '

-r eat





i Ti

A! ir itlfte. Shinle .Shot
. t1 t
t. w Air *Kit1^, I rprau-r*
II Air Rtiles. Sl, hootsi i Hl ot I. : Trainlm--all ii p,,--all lriL'te
Pop)I Itlnl
2&, Toy iinsi
('arpentcr *%(. *'l p'ced
last Aiiiiitals, Iaurtvd

ilth I stltl I 'ei Ue 1
It ifiI I \\ hII p I til
I0 State l 4aklik. V lit antd e
A-'t' i \ttlKraph [Iheins 'the
1 I'titigraplih Albulmns .'.e t $ 3 '2
.^'i l rain?. mechamnt.I .'.(e
\ ilas Tros :''e
7:,. \nas Trev Isre4raltiuon all kfisds .
*! ( hldren's 'ea s %wto m t reat ra-
....*. a.. ll* Lah it. I tn. I, S14 .il

Ba zrgan




Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 14, 16,

* i', ':,' ^ :" i

',. _, .. i.

:: 8

A great outlay of Special Bargains are in waiting for you. Real values turned upon a close margin of profit 'le. i
is our slogan, and with it we have bought merchandise which we are offering at astonishing low prices We nave on display
ne of Toys ever brought to Gaintsville-Toys for the children and suitable Christmas presents for the older folks. Our line
' Was never so complete as now; cheap, medium and high-class Furniture in great variety. We list below a few cut prices for tbt s
-.. ..... ... .. . .... . .... .. ... ... .. .. ... - .- ii i "


o ..

S arrived 100 seks good quality Rlic, Special for this sale Sd ly byi the sa 100 mi ts il .EW rw.., H

Toys, Dolls, Etc. Musical Instruments. 'orck seladies' Dress oooo
SToy Furniture. IDining t oom Sets,

,, ina Dolls. l inch ...
in[l holls, 15 inch
IOhna Dolls. 16 ilch .
Ohina l)olls. 1 ineh ...
Wash Dll, l' irtty Face, tea
Hair, in h ......
Wash Dolls. Pretty Face, Rea
"Hair, 2 inch ......
MHair Stuffed Doll. 17 inch
Rag Dolls, 16 ilnct.
Wash i)olls. 14 iueh
Wash Dolls. to inch
Wash Dolls. t3 inah
Wash Dolls
A beautiful line of dressed I';

llk i Tirkish Tulbrplhonep
I50S l'iasno .
1 he A.cCordron,
.J3c hoirn.
l I 1 ul ic oxe
I54k' 1T'aibiu marines


I dresed in the latest Pari flashton.
to $4.T7
l rewmed IiolI. specially pretty .
and s *
Kid Body li'ile-the kind that
-thi len sible kind tuo bty for
child ren
II inch Sletping Kid Iluldy
15 iqeh SleepinK Kid hIody
hb inch *leepNg Khid lldy, but
IN lnch Mel*ihiK Kid ihidy liiut
S Also very pretty om1s at MI .c, 1'
i and sit't

2'5 and 5 rrusreseers. maurmrue. eco.
Iao to $2 Itogers' Carving r-s .
5 t Io $ ~ Rog~er' Knives and Forks ...,
Sto. B$3 N) oys' Tool t~s,. Trunks. Cap
1 ato.d Walking Menl. and a great line
I and 2 chanical toys

of me-

Furniture, Furniture.
S() Our line is cvLopletev. The greatest
display of Ited and lattan RIockers.
$1 'llhair Hrettr- Parlor Suites and Ta-
ble*. The vlectIion is great A most
beautiful lin, of Oak Center Tables
lie lInelt tutished good ever sold in
Ilt tiainesville, and at a vtry low prie. i
10o Forty different patterns ini Matting to
1h( show you. Irron hBds in colors and d

white. Book Cases. uites, Ilressing:
rTables, Bamloo Mlusic Kacks. it i
Come to 'hiferhrs' great lOpartlment
Store to buy anyllignK you warn.

agCnts. A.I \ trf*. leatliers ail
shapes. ,;t..
(Our CrownI sI at .l'
I lir d 'li ieL .. lr. ,

I 7q

I pleer Venetian Cloth. I ds. We ara 0 mgdmel..
only, Irey. Blue and Brown, for. Clothlati-Me's l4 6 p e
mer price 1, for this Bale the yd le eate Iad a0. B; t
1 BIolt Iadies' Cloth. 66 inehee Boyai1' alt '
wide, Btue, former price 0s, this 7
saleo .. ....... 420
I piece DUress Giood All Wool. ','
Brown. 36 ianhep, former rie
36c., this ale ......... 2
1 piece ainm a rs above .. o .
I plea. Plaid. All W.1NI. iame as Medailioan lad e. malat
above ... 3 tursl of all klida at 'o
1 piece llmid. All Wool. same as Phowtag ph ftroaam f all
above e kinds.
1 piece I)res (ioode, Al igchs, wide, We have jost nle4tli
All Wool Plaid. Hrown, foriner toyP; (forethesm 0ecI
price kHe, now 42, tables Is either of leO ,
3: pieces P laids worth 25e, unow Is, IUNo* ,
latest ltroadeloth. All Colors, per
yard .. .. ... 9O and II 15 .
HiR line Silk Stripe Waltlsn.s.
Worth i)ouble Sale Plrie r' Lag Bowl ua 4 Pi N r...0
INt yds. MId 4lmgbamw and MaidraS t i ups Hl eSS eti .,,
nripre WOrtel It I.-, o0ur Pla tes P ei .*h
rI'cr ts .soup IBtwba. Nl0k, hI-I
ll, 'i,.. 4 inline*,, Jlight sad rese n, iaw m, J ,a
Barki #-. e e hrke rtemn s l IM di,
1oo b% lint Iq.lny s^ laded of 1o
lard.Wlde nlMwhlli to id d.a at l I.
.. as ca .. a ... .


' "Oaiuaoleon of0 ar-
aie.s in InLssr
>lk xa M I l

i OaIith i tf P:rtirllar People. r

i Unmistakably

*Differd tI'

SThiat 14S 1 theI .I, Ind wjll.fd uide. ,,., tin in
th ;utbii' in rad.rj'4rtig hrl

Correct Clothes
|liamndl.Tailr,'l by Schl.ii Bros.4&
E Co., Baltinmore.
S Th'lny ar- innrkedlly supcriuir in stylt and workman.
ship to other miLes of ready-to.wear apparel.
S Don't Im deerived by hla clothing picturel you n *e
In the neMlasine advertitse.intas. Take these elaborasl
illun rations and cornparte mhrm with the clothes they
claim to reprepent and watch the effect upon your opin-
"Fine pictures do not make tine nelothe." It uone ot
Sthe 8hlloealons. This make of clothing stands o n
the genaine quality actually found in e ah garment.
The suit shown In the Illutrattlon but raintly re pryo. .
sent the latest shape of hl)uble H reastod See. We
have It in the popular urowis and fancy miltures


U FROM_ UP. ~l!^ffl



- --


i'r '''

'' ~,g

, ',d ,,



li~ r j


...- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ S W W L iiEU~- wrw.'w- rvrfld'~~r -1rR9A -,rl~lR R ..t a1mm ~-a. l rrF.r F

r P I_rm JTM W- %VLII LnMl 2

x^- .


ad bon- l Worst Oath.
arS by Out btpsrtw.


A wl Hi appoenda-d What l t Oilg
*lhppn ToM In Short PenMgraphe
S Thrt "He Who Runsa May I Rea
i n The Sun.

i, SyIlveterr of Firbanks was an
oiy l yreldlay.
s obson' Wooderful Salve for fsle
I5 W. MeCollum A Co.
SS. Hamspton has gone to Jackson-
St eo on ea brief busieom trip.
M vrr 11. olroo has returned from
bea~ s s trip to points in Boothb

1 Mr. oCha. Leyvre ha u m epted a
|lSiMO as saleslady at the New York
l during the holidays.
0. Melton, one of Mloanop'fs
pM proeminl o tlisem, W trains t.
ifbMesla la this olty yesterday.
W emr aipe full, the flane
h sr sle at Emeron & Co's.
;6,wr side tequan. dl
M PdriMe of iron Park, the ea.
eumteor of the Grov Park
I OJ Wi a visitor to this eity yester-

Sr. d Mns. J. 0. Ialle have re.
ndto Alaehu. after a brief but
jm~L at visit to friends and relatives

: E. Darmes of Oranfg Heihts, one
"the l kdib eitliens of the Iast End.
i s taMsetlagl business in this o1ty


EIae wtl CImanL I1 IL
Lsdies'nllln esards printed In late"
tyle at 8un olltee. Order for *emagm
lag executed on 0uorl notice. If.
ohn FP. Bartleson, formerly tf this
sity but now residing in Jacksonville.
iwa visiting ilis old friends here Sun-
C. Matheon has returned from L.-e
t'roine. whrrIr on Sunday be condneted
services In behalf of Il I'tresbyterians
of thatt stion.
After a few days spent in this eity
among his friends and on busmess,
Ueorge 'W. Thames hu returned to
his home In Jacksonville.
E. C. MeMahas went yesterday to
Prairie Creek. where he is preparing
to do some brick work trouad the
bolers of the Espanola Lumber Comrn
pany's plant.
When you want a pleasant purgative
try Chamberlain's stomach and Liver
Tablets. They are eay to take and
produes rn naIses, 'ripinig or other
dIsareauble erleot. For sale by all
Rev. S. I. loogre of the First Bap-
tist Church has returned to this eity.
after having spent a week In Hilh
Springs asistlan R ev. J. J. Farmer in
a revival rvilee. He report a very
nterestlnng meetlnl, with asveral ad-
ditlons to the chuare.
Among the prominent viiator to ibli
city is Captals G. D. Yoasgvrre of
Nswbel y, ploseer Ia the phasphLte
buelam iLatb oorssty. He bas est
reorned Irom Colorado and s kter
Wetern states where he has been for
the pat few months. The Captalim
friends nl this ieetion are always glad
to *se him.
As will be seen from amnouneement
elsewhere, the Conllsental Cafe has
inanoluraed a midnight service for the
aeoummodation of the public. This l
one of the must up-to-date restaurants
In It lib la anla t DAl adai aaik


Ismre waIo Lhmn A Nll.
J. If. llerlong and W. S. Notbof
USllamp wre amonx Ihk tlItor to
til eoity yretrrnay.
It. II. rIO'lnllg f louiti i r* Kf .

M.i, Roe t*pmp em r a ww UV sms iy .muoueiM, -
'. M. Rose. the phosphate miner of with a desire so give their patrons the w
L9stlsL t at the Brown House. Mr. best service. has decided to keqp the pl
ips lis larded as one of the safest in plae open nineteen hour out of d
b-*l rtwenty-.four. e
After a pleasant visit to Mr. and J Stlringfellow, who Is establishb.
"SIL. L. O. Lynch in thl eity r. -'. inWg a naval stores farm about sal milen
SSBaHlrley returned yesterday to her wet of this eity, Is progressing nicely bh
g ins Oeala in his work. The "hlantles" for the *
IMrs. L. A Casey. the clever land- hands have been completed, and Mr. I
1 of the Caey House. High Sprins, Strnlagfellow dbw has about tony men hi
js a1mo n those who favored tsines- cutting boxes. The timber Io all vir. F
l.'tls with a visit yesterday. gin and very fine, and will no doubt I
Will have this week lifty boxesehnice yield prolilely for the next two or rl
"'. from our own grove, which three yeas.
beo!10Md at 165 per bow. Cash F Dai of Mobile, Al .,pelal in
ry Company, J. R. Emersono
Saer. ..R agent of the Globe Oil Company of hi
'Dr. mad Mn. .I. II. Colson aie re- Cleveland,Ohio. i at the Brown House.
.rSr. IWavis it will te rememtaerea wase oW
i irt o- ever the birth of a *en-pound Mr.llV will bremembered w
Girl. wfilh eame to brihten their the fellow who labored under the In- o*
h-.e Sunday evening. Friends extend preesion that pineapbles grew on pine oi
lU ats u Ilons trees wiohe h linrst "'truck" tIe oouth. P1
S lu o, if the statements of his friends are to J
Frank Hall, formerly of this city but be lived. At any rate, that's the I'
arepresenting a Baltimore hat way the story was written of Mr. DavisO l
hssein theeapaeity of traveling sales. in The Sun a few months ago. w
i n, I1 In the city. Frank's old friends do
Salw lad to see him. The friendof J. H. Shield@. the s
S alw gd to se him, old cireus man," are glad to greet him p
,' aptan R Pyles ofl Ol, one o in thil tl in. He is with ate
.* eldest and most widely known eitfints city again. He Is with 'the
S' the^ nrd widey kiown ea bilR- Riddell Carnival Company, and has b
; Si torhe Brink City, ie on brief the Train l obben and Rube and
i orties and friends here l e ndy at Conry island oonoessions,
an old phosphate miner, which are said to be among the beat in
i. JE.Futeh of Ilsahu. seniur mem- the aggregation. Mr. Shields in no CE
lbr of the firm of the .1. E. Futeh stranger to the people of Florida. lie s
S Olmpany. extensive merchlants. r- brought the first and most popular .
,t ed to that place yesterday. after ten.acnt circus to this State, and it
sading Suulay with his family here. wa. no trouble for him to make week- c
Sj..e want 100.0XX) pounds of serap stands in cities the rize of (ainegville,
tn, .i,00U pounds of s rap bras. Will PIalalka and Otala. and be greeted by
the highest price, tiring usl our owded houses atevery performance.
S iron and bra. neville crowded houseat eery perform ee
a indrlr ad Machine Works, taines- The* iople began to look upon him as
la.dim home folks." and tuany regard him
ninaeer John J. iuinlan of the At- a such yet.
' atie Coast Line r has assumed the run
T between High Springs and ,ochelle. R A THIS 1
WeeMding Engineer John Larson. who RlUA j
i Will o on the run between Palatka Mobile, Ala.. Dee. 24. I 0..
r'- St. Petersburg. I r. E. W. Hall. St. Louis, Mo.--lar S
Te Woman's foreign missionary sir Having tried different doctors
SO. ietlsyf the Methodist church will and their remedies for several years
m et this afternoon at : o'clock A for back aid kidney trouble, I found F
Sill attendance is desired, a at this nothing succenaful until taking The
teetling a president for the ensuin,'Texas Wonder. Hall'i tireat Di)sov-
I, ra will be elected ir erl, and, being rapidly cured, the old S
M' . Roaeh ofl billionon i saying with railroad men is, "tod -
: M. oIeh f illI tong oar i the bless the man who invented the Pull-
f flterday. Among other ptur* man sleeping ear." but I oa. "God,
Oaese he included a handsome top tles the inventor (at Halls Ta Txas
fLto for a Christmas present to hi wonder. Yous Itruly.
This vehoale was purchased 11 a i I1 Co.. Mobile. .la.
w O thep maker. 0. C. Pedrick.
:The Wnomtas.'sl Miionary "elety uf A TEXAS WONDER.
Slat tBeaptit Chureb will hold aa ine small bottle of the Tlexas Woa-
al Chrima meeting at the home d. all's Great iirery, Cous all
W. hcKiusry thei Tr kidney aud bladder troubles. removesa
0tnroon0n at :I ;o'cick All h ier t diabreadiabtesi. seminal esis-t
;..the bchu rch c r. ui .ld lo be'* I wl and lasme bakes, rheuuim
.. ......wtk













B NotblaH "e""1 J Dee.
lo talsl CrA* wi m a
wvie mUtil further aik..

ISh, the


All RNew ad Artistic

every does cabinets. All th old
staadaud itpl *mLd many
m ew ones.

School Children and IBbile.

ine Fadeless Fotogras
From locket to Life Size.


he elever reptrretSllt lr ol thr .11:L AU
ean Tobasco C,, iai, ra. It iik,.
rown Houre.
Mule for sl--(one d i.itn wril *-a.
nmd. amJd, srtniIg Iatules for sal- Art
alf n mltiliy grNi) hiL*r y waging. A I
ly to J. W. Carter. lirscqis,lH). ia. am
C. I'. Mlisltyrl. an efIcie'ti uperalur
id assistant saut of slhe Atlantic
loat Line at Iluebelle. was among
hoe who paid (iairiaie a
"I was much aflelated with .eiatica."
rites l d C. Nud, lowaville, tedlg
risk Co., Kan., "golng alout on
rutieles and suffering a deal of pain.
was ndueed to try lallard'o S iuw
inliment. which relevedl mi. I used
hrec e bottles. It is the greatest
Iniment I ever uIed; have recom-
mended it to a number of persons; all
iprne themselves at bing beinelled
jeis. I now walk without crutelhes;
hie to perform a grant deal of lirht
labor on the farm." 26c, S(*c, $.l0.
iold by W. N. Johnson.
The Pope Bioele le llas Memoran.
am Calendar for 196 eoontaliaa memr.
raodum leaf for every day in the
earo and riilorinal saylns I favor
f good roads. good health, outdoor
erise, mad that great vkieile of
ealbthgivlg, the moder bicysle, by
ur moet eminent living men of mark-
dB eompbismena. The calendar il
er at Pope Maalateringt Companly's
a4ge or say of our Ieadersn a ebtal
Sby sedilang ive 2-ent stamps to
ope Maamtteurlag Co., 0 lHaord,
oan., or 148 BIgel S., 0Chica. Ill.
Dr. eOoildsf. the oetlist, Is enjoy*
ig a fine buseass, aId goodnastered.
rdeelare that he ha a great mind
S"eut out"' his other dates ad make
siaesvllle ha future home. He is so
ell plead wlth the oIy and Its peo.
le that he propose to make a return
ate for a moople or weem. "I lnated
d to return here for there or four day
Byway," be said, ''bat thee people
re e lever and ths litle llty so
mutlinul frto nature that I have do.,
Med to remain for ten days or more."
have a couple of weeks' lime on my
aade and tended to Igo to south
lorda for a little recreation, but now
have decided to take my reereakion
ght here."
Col. T. V. Porter of Jcksonville is
i the oity looking after hie interel
ire. Cul. Porter tatese that Jackson-
ill Is prospering, sad that the people
( that ity prere all busily engaged In
o way ol another. The etablishin
gthe Florti Bank and Trust Oom-
soa, bank of $1.A00)00 capital, on
january 8, ie being antelpated with a
rea deal of inmeres by the business
;ement of the oity. This bank, of
hieh W. F. Coasehman will be presi
ene. and His Excelleny William
herman Jepalngs, one or the vile-
resdents, with W. A. Reddingl a
shior, will be one of the streofhtci
snanll iastitutious In the South, and
r far the strongeest n Plorida.

0oo.Pa llMag yd f i

Oiamonds, Walche Jenlq, OCch, Cl I


a ".


NO. 4 Cwfm Fibber boP
No. Si %gar Bowl Wmroth 2tt

S ,: ,. .
*"' ** ;. ,' 1"

- -- -----.

rrfRAUTli t3n3 3l t'b d b i A -
aUft finI nwLee .- l

UINmYU 1131 L tL'"Omaiw


One o' ltgh
TWuasththe psp~bshre .......
ILOw KLl~"8l Ml- aliwr

IKM Weise atfl9 a S1 % $N iiMper
OleS' Ueil Uervep l5., SI,

KM, ot a"d ie.
La-Mt WnlleS We t ll wo t~ $1

lds'l While Wed VTels at I
I.1M mad $11.M0 eth

Beat Values
Ist every department. and mell
complete lime to select frm.

Urn NrM orr "d amid Maa


W. P. Boulwre of Or aSi Heighkt
was amoe the vsistorsn to thb is s ye
terday. Frilndsof Mr. Boolwr will
regret to lear that reewatly ber h
the misfotune tob tk Ihro by a wIt
hboe, whbie injured as arm eoasidk
ably. He Is petlin alons niWely, how-
ever, and hopes to be in a posima to
use the injured member in a few days.
A Few Cheap Articles.
,tlyeerine Soap worth lue. we oll
at 60.
One*pounU p_ kiage of Apex Wash-
ins Powder, 3S, io.
Florida *yrup good for aioking par.
poer. 36s Malloe.
oed lWoMe plug tobeeo, worth 46s.
we e1ll for bte.
Plastime, the good shortening il
lOpound buckets. osly tI.
Stone Jirfr-oae to qye gullona--,nly
104e pur dllo .
Iferkere' Royal Iealth Fwod. Itw-
iKpn d p-eLM!! l*,.*--ow onil lyl.
Mlatel Iii* I's1 > pound. -
Tin dippr., r t.uiar Ilrn goodid. now
4 cuti..
1i P 9 f ill f----' IA.-__ ...1-& J f .

'T!, '*l
T .' ".-.,


-,o-k. .---,.

Oain-UN ,. ,

. i.



AZZ. yjgj
You i W plo

9. A .s A.
\wm .- %

20 rs"bv z

***ak j ^ b k M W


* -- -'l,

...._, .' . . .. ,r

ma 4' i.
Wlm5 4i-C

* ~rIL LX '

I + r i I



A, DECEMBER 18. 1904

T To Improve and Preserve Yr

; ". SmmmI...

Hod to s (f lll6b J. l, bIJOg "&Or A c -ooa d #i
a 'rum Srmieiq

eld le lialertlle by J. 1C Bedl m t e an
~~~~3C tIIIII LW~~

Write for Our

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