Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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. .* '^ w, .. # ,-I

i:I T:. 4i r -. ...-. --- ..w ,.- - NOVEMBER 15.. .190 ...
T ~ '- .1.- ^ '- v ; #1A .. wit^- J" .' -- ^ . ^ ..^ - '. ,*,:*. .. .r _.. ;___*



.a prolh**mM SB tiontt Unhnobg~a; Artillery
r t Fighting Contnues.

it*W itil -The Japanesa Phell th Rusaans n
ptt 4r is. .two termitently, but .he tter Did Net
eeM M o Aeply.-The Portr Is lGetting

ei4 QC. P .o" Nov. I .-N.o further news
DOmis* a11M was receive hoero to4ay ruom Port Ar-

i t *t1t* Nukda, Npow. lw.-Aftermoof-Tbe
i.i ,pfl .lisem I esehamgetM today. Arttll
h.i' 4 Sa e s0, ftsrl eoltmams. the S ring at
S lme. growbma b heavy. particularly In
'- eothweet. The, Japasee shelled
e l ew'4 R.eean .poltflon fDermlttenuy
%SofJ6k 70 5t7fA Tihe Spams did not we
S T 4 altw noon ftJ severe artillery
aftcaaa imeuo a.t tw1O place on a th,
sraS I right.,
'I ta Tan. Nov. Ii.-The 1 ritish
taert Thatei, 9t te, ouglsa line,
i5 Jfttpurohkae, by Grman real
*ii ^to6 of TWesg Tat Mad hai been given
u W$ sMua register She Is here now
4.i DUIt dt 'for P t Arthur.
lWl shfppl*g huses aVe receIved
H 1 IWfrpnlaon tha* two e st6amers which
-- leh es:re reeLntly- With suppliem for
~V at Va stok bav .arrive ,there in safe.
SM.-' ty. It is a ls known 'cvre deflnltely
Sth iseveral ctpplt spIlp have reached
Owe n a NrC Arthur within te' last fortnight

prnhput ws'rwma ruoaNrT
11 fllne and Qesmne at Vienna Unl*
vralty eight .
Vtfannn Nov. 14.-Many Leads wert
S' br.oea. ina a leee Mitflt between
$SIrg Ge3r4Oman sand.. Itailn talentss at the*
r-77 m umlvcsaity today, the A otd arising from
the. reent trouble' .at innulsmruick.
s la1w 1The G iermanetook t Lt ss KraBtve.
^^Jgtitl erat'. They MAtcip t %inging I), Wacht A;a
"9 Sbel*," wItintctvret hbead. and ,nhr
S'a edtMZbat, Ael thu e tt n stbidi ts rs-
e '110 attsf 81rs ut arl otherr non-
.0A*rma9Wi 4, :oad t.o t. o, wheroun
b"11 1" 3 the TretiAtt fore!ly laul kd off their
h ppona*n bosead r arid trampled
h 'R ri fthehler hate anld caps fn thle dust. TThe!
iN ,!M e4w red ldt. Italians thetn started a countuzr.-ie:rn.
......... S.A Irem strallt1on on the u:,ivrri.ty sitellpn a
.tQ*i0. it..t AItI aVg the nailnal hymn of Italy. The
0 th e sut of t G p uan a then et*-,e N"31 the It ('2-
Gat! o thaltl ndtro thb1 tnI' their poehvitl'n.
M,..'ItO SU'li0 MUHS or ute 5lchaorl unimbteflas, wePre frucly ',,,&J
Sl n and tsativ .W et. w ro*, ereeil. blut ni
bp y.f brre"to w4.14 .n "le. aA tlhe' tghting was
!f.:aIf'laerJ.' Mfp conned to the unvr- ~sties' precincts


')4 "A...o.. An to ',Supeted of Scarr'g Mica Lynah a
j tMepv 'tS~ i itel savannah. Oa.
---,f the u tftv .w.... Savannah, Ua., N "v. I --Tthrit, m
j',I AsalA ation rests were wadl by t'J pMolice of u,
f f ihet kOdly asd the Al- reWrs suspected of impl'cathm In It,
LenT Tad Rave completed frights that have ben caused Mi-,
She* asalgmatle. T Rioltse Lyaizh, the dawabler or 011# o'
tUi have a m iem eri tjha most proNinint fanrinril Bcla!lvt
[ h .ia.d wilt be know of Savannah. who recently ha be :
n b tl@a*l Assoclatlon of threfat Wid with a revolver by a n*
...... "gro 'pan and terrilled by a rough nant
".: ,..:_ '* . thresatnltig her with 4eath.
I'*'' 'rin' Arg W gla.t ...' D' spite the arrec tm the rysttry 1 1
ib S of.l 14.v-A Clncinnmatl the burglar and tle terrifyting not

u et S "Tie rmnantle ham o, been ol vel.
.*t Arth6r H. Wop, age f, l the nmantime, Ino srutup is th
E Ol mS Kunoxville femly to a nervouW cmdonttion of Mist laynah. be
IMl'ill a Wasr. aas ma4e kno famIilly aro wetchiug hr elrisey t
atol""' h wi llaerts., when the lad guard against .another 11:h fright
.tfr.aes t, for obtalilat money by Thoy feae it wold m tan her d.athl
arI4itS ebeetk appealed to detect. ------
U1e io esoml.t hie bride and se that Boy Tried To (Il asby.
s1 etet s were given to he.
SWrtih et aintUmert anat Ohio. lnnam of Mr 'r .a m KIraneb. ofr tti
W blnttOn, Nov. 14.-Teb wet. tter, ha1e o1 ',1 ip I;A, th,;r hily
, bid LLoius eispresl on the bUatt- term's bhead offu ntor .-A in,4 thitqr n141th1
IorO and Ohio. taking a lding near! i tl th,* h*-!s ,,r a. f ev,.' aIl r1,, i
here. was .tde-wipesd by a meatbounl Tlte t' i ;.. lal t"' l..-'i.; -::
PlItalurg limited today and fve p", U tl 'pa, U L i on I ''hr :
n... 1 -w m at.& f > a '.. Ma a' l ; :;, *. i. :;t:. > '.t ; ,* ,



Claim Doeor of Jail Flow Open WMbf U VVI Wn U I 1 1
They Prayed.
Doibn. Ai, uv. .-Jes--- IS IROKEN BY F
111d and lThad Pennington, white men
aooteneict Friday for murder In lth
Brat degree to life in)prisonment. brole o No .__n Whether- A cc
Jai1 last mihtL aNot nowt whether Accia
Bheriff We'kor says they were lock- Or InatetionaL
eil In stool sages after belLgs takeu
buck to I he aill after court .
The roll oeor was found madinng HM WALkID FROM A WlN4
oplt. this n.orning, the lock being in
mood working order. A wolse was cut A YiVong Drug Clerk Meets W I
lnder the window mewr the cage. and Myeterlaes Death In Atlan-m--*'
aLumolhe w maeed to let them Seen In ad Health for s1omeT%
d.wu to the ground. i
The tc6pes were given 11( f seeC- Hw m lS Lin *n Co. G0orgl1.
fsic-, iy)- tbhe jury,. but public senMtl- Atlanta, Nov. 14.-Paul Forteoe ,
1ea6t I strnjng that the seeoe w aif artg clerk 25 yewrs of age. wa
tUe light. from a window of him boarding h
lactb of the men had appealed their 17? ekle street, at 6 o'clock |
e0e*1 I0arday morning.
The jail is now tad Strt4-Wls., 5d Mi i enk was broe"o and de thS
It to quite a mystery how the door wol almost IMstantaneous.
opan. C Other prisoe c eiai that tI rtrsom was taUke to the (rnr tA j
they aid not hear any fuss. pital, but died on his way to
New. reshed here at oe'loek that ,Istitution,
Brle14td bat 1shot himself at the onrtot had been la Ill health
home of a consina in Headland by slip- some time. It Is not defoiltly
ping off bht shoe and sing his to to whether be walked from the
pull the trigger to discharge a shot- in his sleep or Jumped in a del1o
gum, whieh blew off his head. I rorton lived i Lincoln, Oa. I
sheriff Walker has offered a hua- was the so of Mrs. W. B. Wright.
drod dollars reward for PennilnSmto had been in Atlanta for several
alat I PS i ae to the sceae of the o. 'a drug clerk. having worked
*stltijik (f Iareli. | Jacobs' Danialel's and Sharpe. 4,
Pennington left a note saying that' tores. He had been out of .t
he had killed rFailk tn a.sPdefense. and meant for some time and bad only i.I
that tars jury andl w.inca.s had done cbntly returned to Atlanta nton lm
him a grave injustice: that the sheriff home Is Lincoln.
W.M nact to blame for his escape, butIj I*l body was taken to Patfrelit
j b wae ou his knees praying when undertaking establishment. Puna
the door !few open, as was in the cae arrangement have not yet been mald
of Paul iand Siles,.
At 10 o'clock the commissioners CHARGED WITH KIDNAPING OSALt ,
i court mtt and passed the following or-
4d*'; S Serious Charge Faces Citizen of W
S"It Is :.*'-e-d that the circuit Jidge* ocatur County.
I t rI"*rt(ln: to have Instituted Imr- ainbridge, (a.. No- l.-AMeiw
peathmert ieoeerdinns JAgainst C. I. kolelto was kidnapped last nlght
Walker,. i-h4e' of Houston county. Al- O. N. SN t on. proprict: i f a Uarroas
Sshama, !t., egllgience in permitting on Water street. Parties seilh,.,
prisoner. to escape from jail." all night. but no clew was f01md sI
Judgt, 'etrett has taken the matter this morning.
unit- co',ilderatIou. but hba taket nio Tlif girl's wrap and two safety pl,
actilt'n. ere totd in thu bottom of the b
\ -t --* Sutton had used all night. -soV,
COMMITTED SUtCIDE ON SHIP. 1U oe ;n with theI pir yliitTernYd ^i
l ternoon. He gave ;e*r fruit and 91'1
Woman Kills Herself with a Revolver plt en-ed her on her twauty.
On Ocean Liner. The girl I6 only ii years Id. 8#,
SNew Vork. Nov. 14.-A telegram ve?. beautiful.
received by w.y of tie wireae *ta. Sul:tt:i was arretel eas ly t lsi 1 ..
tion at Nanturhkt na) i .Irn,. Sophie In- I a' first refused to talk.
Wels, a hia.s ngettr boili v4e to havy ertiln nhlt ian high. and there wr.s j
been frog (Chllcas2 Ihas committed ait. talk t.f lynching him u!eU he 1.';,
qlde aboard the steamer Kaiser Wil. whtr- the girl was Then he aa.,
belch I11. which saileid from this port he had carried her to) the honme d
last TueFmay. The report stated that Ben Run&ell, near Mtimville. StW.'
she k;illd with a revolver. ourty. 30 naik. from Halnbridsg t t
Olttiletn of the steamship company be wanted to provide a better bh .
. have no irfornmatlon regarding the for the child: that she war n lt tros.w
Smatter, andi the name sophie Wets sell b? her parent. H *spih he* d
I does not appear on the )Musenger llt. her on harm, .
e The latter ien contain. however, the The sheriff and a pIeC left I .'
n' aame of Adam Wrl., of Chicago. Ho diately for MIm.ville. but 8utfieli
Sfar as seafaring men could recall, this lawy., and uncle left a few maitSiS'
. Ia the first instance in many years ahead of the shernil, drivinS herd.
I wben a pasenger di: one of the big 8uton'm tale I not believed .,.
t liners has committed suicide In any ga'n). It is thought he I' Pl).1l]
i other me:r.r. thitn Jtinpipg overboard' for time and trying to hide the IL.
+ .....P--- put till he haa arranged matters.i
GIVES BANQUET TO TOWN. I Others believe the girl may W-
"c .futly deadt with, perhaps -tet-,,
' Farmer Wine Much Money on Uletion'
Sand Give Slewout. j Assaulted with Matchet.
S snsex. Wils,. Nov. i4-Josephle Marl. Oalnnville, Ga., Nov 14toS.-
n' den, a farmer of this place mak e. Wilson. of Bellton, everel) cut
much money on election bet that he injured John l. pecomb with a b .ht "

Sha. give. an oyster supper to the en The wounds inflicted are 1vron
Satire town painful. but not considered dant
f The banquet was spread in the tow. The diorutty uaroe i a dispute O
h' hall and the giver of the feast rod an llinllont of house rett. h S
to the hall in a whee.lbarow pushed are well known. Mr. Upscob haW I
*by a defeated bettor to the accoM.e bewn for some time a tredeSt
Spentime t of the Sussex band and fto city. It* livV, at present im .o
lowedl by u torchlight proceion, Ville. B C. Wilson waarrtes
t which in"ridd .vry ablb, and boy in the surrounding neighbor who was preset whm "
hood. oeecurred, was also arrested.

SIllilnels lank Robbed. Miner$ to *Reclve Raise In Warl In
' Chicago. Ov. 14.--The ('Chicagou po. irminsham. Ala., Nov 14.---It bh
Slice e weri otinld early today of tihe hn settled that the commercial cos.
, robh.ry of thI it llik or Rio, at itlh,. operatlurA wilt ppy. commeoelt el*nt
r Il., by eltbhi men. who icur,, $,., 'i month. ihie advance otf 1 rent% s pe
Ian caJi ind eicped l owan o tt BHurItH on i ft wl \mIi,; coal tininet, ith whom theIy sned
northh i elieblrg, Aftr 1.l-ng' contra **!i 'at J,;y. The opnP *ho
SoUI u thel bank wllh ..... ,..i... ............. .. .. 1 *r'.n t t"'.



.". I

BeI t i0 it-d 0 a
trlglll wra, i W a*e W
l t0a6 onaient oh

or I* R*MPVIOS a

S, i, *.i,
"W7W.0t flwio il for.
i g~~, ltn. t l- t hi 1 t the

n i of whisk o~mm

- sub etik lef nilry of ,, iv,
R4ive !asoV -l - __

..0, Vo't,.
.. " *. S., YaVona.

AR 31.3 II.
Smim of eo bdhinUe

%sO4as sprv lii, Cu.

y j0**

"^^^1 IlIB H

... ....... ... J0 1116 ir r .. o r O l' o
Rod' to
rim ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W &-M sko *- ~^kM f-UI ffIlr

eWB sB.' a, I, R

- 1s hhea *aSi

t It.

A s5l Wltli.t m W"*-Nw
S910, ib o "*o at-e I N.

wata ai hb wd whe, he

J .H 9.*W *h*pwt ,
IEIP ^'I J!! !Im r ju '-*i.-.f i.- -- a--'r" .^... W JB

I.Ille, wh thouflt h. t
b*B tho t
|'^ s' 'bi .i "to n ,T" ,

i .. . ..... .. t.
M"I. aapeez-ftnt.e. woman!t

tWink fat somethtug pboesant
* ,'.*b eat, *v*** e.

P e rSee S000
S.0 yu kmow that theyp aa' not
-p,"amrsm al they a sxn
___________ I -

AWL aw Id
t almnaer thetrsmor may
*Jjbl *ul* *

Ser~~b to bleh thi eerporation
Is ip se ius m.laalm.nle elr*.
'biteee aof thie oorporailon
t mited by. a pmident, a
eat, a sweUtWryS, S trepe
A board of three direeton.
fe of- esflrtrty md treastrer
ad by the same person. The
mit rlOar sh$allt b elected by
helms as the meetine to be
SrMod" ay i Jau"i.
Stfimseto t shall lees the o-.
I te mipany. Tse preeldent
...(t-.prdutl h*ll WW *Iw d
flb4* u1'the Bord Ol f!reelor.
sil. first eleoleln, *and usi0ll their
M ort hall be mqralded, the fot.
6 1in 4 1104 and d reetSaf hall co01.
l ul bl~MtIsM of the oNpahyl: E.
VOl, PmIdenit ;-0- A. Main, Vice.
Pr4,1esm i 0. 0. V0 Ynt. erefftry fnd
Tnfe ner. and B. E. %Vo*II,(. A. Maiin
sdO.0C Vole shat i onl1itute the
boart of dlreetors.

The hisheet indebtbdane or liability
10o wbhis tble orporatlin can as any
Ithaea bjetl itselfir i Fve Thousand
t l*imn* and reslidenee of the In-
*o nlIOr of sa144 epoptl and the
ubsi$tbn for stoek themeft, with the
samber of shares suberlbd for by,
f*k atas follows
I. 3 Voyle, tlainesville, Fi., 20
0. A. Mlain. GinOeville. Fla., 20O
0. Voyleil. IaneviIe1 Fla. 20)
STAYfit i,.o ari'i k
Peoneally on this day. before me, a
rnoary public in and for' s14 county
Md ftel a Pprared K X. Voyle. ,6 A.
'mll tnd V. 0. Voyle, to moe well
k own. aod kpown to me to be the
pe snas who stmbeeribed the foregolIna,
adl sveally iknowledpd bforeto me
that tWy as ,bribedl the smUe.
In wlkIes wberof I have heento
etmy band and axUd amy ,oloEsal
s*al 3l1 B sh day 9f OWetber, A. D.
I"04, in saidAlaehua ohatby.
1i*S^1,11 1 5V HA., ,
kiotar Publio Stlte of "Florida at
Lrgro. My ountmm ioin expxres
FebSh, igh6. 10.
ST4ts or FPoa11A, .
AlAtslA CO'NTV. 1
stru I r1 me p,,nal ly all sp rtv F. K.
Voyle,. ( A. lain imtnd C %Jsyi.
who belng dulty wnrn.a a' iht is in In-
afhasA ts I mAu-l aitih In iomnstruat.

I..- IT.

iw 4 mw p wam 1a nw ipn
Ato nt~a iO.fe. .e O4 .fOa orm o tt
.+, ht, i.,,, air .Ap sl llv,,r, "bre

It t&ndagg

H, RbIN]e
S1^ 4^^ea

ry^-^V ^?^^^ t^ ^-r^^B^^t ^i I
BnitB lmpmaJ

For Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gainesville

*G. W. HYDE1


luey SiVlDg School

B/y*h Shoes For S a
0tyllh. Comfortable, Manalh Shapes
Sbull with slms 0ol Miand Toulh Uppe
The only kiad of Shoe modern boys w1J
Sad humidreds of wide-4wke bo e 6e a.
l g their Shoes here. They like the style,
Ssi, wear and price,
$_ $ 1.00 t.25; $1.50, $2.00 and up.

We Carry All Kindq of

0 Good Desirable Shoes

For Men, Women, Girls, Boys
and Infants at Money-Saviulg
Prices every day. Give
Tbhe a Trial.
Temi Fled t1h Shea We t1ll Nny staener |

q .-- -..- ,. .. .. . ..-j,,



TakeThe Atlantic Coast Lin


ortioh n ast a2:r South
o\ or
Jaa'nvetlIe JaVotle

P. o.

Wes t

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table In effect Sept. 1, 104.

Depart Fr



. .. ... ...... V '-- *"* -. .- - '* Ii -- *- i I II i +-.t +
38:45pm High Springs and lnater-
Daily j mediate Pointa fi
1:40 pm Oaals, Leesburg and Tamps, and 840pa
Daily i Intermediate Points
2 O6pm Plastka, DayLtona, JaIkaonille, I l:0p
Dalv North, East and West
12!:1 am ligh eprinp, Wayeros. Savannah, Brunswiok, 3:1'P
Daily Albany. Atlanta, all Point. North. East West Da!*


8 :0 a in

Roehelle, Micsnupy and Citra

High Sirinr.

*M Mi0t

ex.Mnnday ex.
Interchaneable UMilese Tiekets,. goode over 18,00 miles ofIt UDoi P2
tal raIlw ~inl the Southern Staeet. re on sle by the principal Spa N
Thnolh Pulltman slpetor Port Tampa to Wew York. vramA6l2UtlB OnS
Liase: also via Atlantle Coaut Line and ouitheru Rallway.
For complete information, tall on
J, A. OOODWIN. Ticket Agent. Otl Svill. ,

FR A N K 4;. HO V YLSTON rCm l Aa t t v e ari u ir Tr .aN

so. I



- **LL

643. ,

I .. ... .

*7Wq ,p'."WY :w

. I . ,




i!. : 14 |

off[I AkT U'oli I OIn t o U, IP f
SDEATH 4,::: -: hio u .-

S ....hs ...WV. L U itple, Uci *L r.,s..a.. ..e. '. al.w ,e .,l:
i i~ hr # is s pp e tI e d I i k in i, d ,1 ,,l i i :I .. 4 .1,l
ATfpted S oda *v I oatnwicnr to ftr th .,r t', t, '. .' ,t i'l

rA Ta i.,lt I t tr .,d ,i 1 .. !, vrA, .
I Td OT ANOTHESltltr e diOh mtt in., V[, r v[it. T -" 1".
plight .... h m nt hi. ~&'nthnual 1it Jlu etl, Mve h k o. Au* t r.' i ",.,,
l.-- .b..oott IMeH y h M ~ri W. 1 if alw g r ,* '.. irni 1 9 i l I j,.

dIleea th Monday norn lt o p d i m hh re i t -, e t WoInai . .. i''n I i ''' r
sMabeimd Until Vaopa rs a t tiiedhti l Iiptdf nsm ii r snn;i tini., l .. I 1
Ad gotetd iun oiday I ou zen rl ito it.c utl l -4i csuntr1
K I $wi '. fI 1 f ;Vtr11 i*!)t 1i tiI e t ,1 , ,; 1 vi i' ' v e
p agaI e usl ii r etjp- the rtnr& liu, fht th e 'oat l ie nri, ble I' 1)' k,. 'I lie I r"l

nightead a womahi (hi *a rn th1101 x tn itne Ii. use, *
pisth Mond tiret at elos awk lan spit, stcia .y In thir ing, '. 1

eI ng ith e t iar d~ t th si* .l fcatarnhalilt Jira'. .2 '* lr V :' ] .4

yjstim, Nutwitlstaaading 715 ) UCityS.14 tiVr tiltLL fl cIls that 1i ... hi .
go'Neill sur d un t)il \ ,0 w UUInuM ll{ 4ft)ap1 g. ick. i th ., ,t ti .,, I ., l I,,, .:-, 11. l
trdetir way i nto th e stomach I, :' 1 ., :. ... uI.

SMfo Ul m urnd a)td arte ahonrbed into Itne blood. Catarrh ," i .' i- t> i i .r'ti.,
sat learn ed has 0lopsw sti l l !it tIvrn'stItli ..i, .'. i, I c e. nd
qaro wod l return trio dhl onol. Vrte us io fr t1l** It 't t Ie a 8t

say nligh, however, an..itl ? o w Cater-i 11ae tlpit I fI t' nl l lh i l 1 VA NL
n" e arm e that plae until ard our physi *r J't I ,, ti .t' ,,t, ,w .l relt,.rn

huO'eded i o Hopkins'urwllavs &aiti Jutlr i ti'l utik, ter"eby lsok ni
sorung tp in this men DMOCRATS CLAIM MARYLAND. Tio ty, however ,, it t, how taier
l w broughnd t to t hits u Tabulating of Returns Net Yet .This en I in t the only one to
Ila l, where he will Completeld. Ieitt seen iA tie tinity. t a a
U I. phan d entI -ely q --. *l' r^ f :rt, .-, i, <,,,- t

tmghe preltirlnary trial Ifealttyscretoo, Nao 14. --Ttit sthat lb iet; Ln., i ~s the ; ouL t ,
UI tount3 w m o1t .wupin lUmick itore i t-* Feather, ; pakur R id ohmi
Nel l eforatn f th oat. hc.i eirway it sor adc *l tc , ki1 *. mud oi c ne.--H ot 'r nte

odatmatorok l e bla ;n< Is s ill tno C aitarh Am cn l.. 'o

e weJ to Faa.tnt inoni Best Liniment en eath.
th learned thav er10Pll leiSof wlhch MilTl'.-

He had rleamsntoO fi iscchia of sen have tried may kinsof lIml ts, ba tt
tmohe eul of a plu s tol u .t l the weapon being in the Tu13 :.M -- .1 tI;. :--lull wi ll probably ti Iuiedl lllt' lll Snow Lillmeat for

vHopkins. nnt hr (P??tiohHi .j-rn" d until the rheumItlsudi"d paiy"s. I thinki is l
htbe saulstores farmso amn tau. w.r'f rif lnty boards. &k te, 1.00 Soldby i. n. Johnson.
Said ts Fairbanks. O'Nemril Ih 'ee shi ;h, stalet t and R*
M b itie a go ind reputationhl pila ftoat r Atn ifanna iu and THE MAN IN THE MOONt to
14 lawabling, buta iblowtit collector itlle. Republican leader

Nopki.s has gleca his have &innoureei that if the elnctsral T Wee cuerl". md vmrted Iet, t e s-
st trwey wi contththest thala.e re W Acorg to -r toriu, the yughn l
ll be given a pohi man Dthe MOCATCLAIMMAurts. LANO. Tho try. ho tver atri I* crarr

*se bi.ustice Coin I h nlt of stick whICh Wl.ere
S bIt ought to t damage ut Tbultig Cng of Rseturn. N t Yet Thtei to sr 1 tt hie only one to
ind Jail, where hewill Completd. be eiunta I top.e vianie lty. tlie im
pill to prouledmry tagaianst Health mos Nol -T:ely possible if to ine dlet. rryinmhs a bun te thorutun,
rSECOND FROST. ions tass of liver and kidney tmor WaIni. Foterno God. In akura nam oth
SVegetables Daor magedo t ion Is uhenecvsfry. There Ise at su er. t iIi teun. Among t -Hrltburte
l Jof tie eason lm visited atters. A. Lind l thn t tAmer ks nica pot on te moo'sn.

S monday morning, i anld son, l writ es, Feb. 12. ot;f: Iperhapv nfare the outlines of the ttr
Stirring early declared i tried Hrb I d a f md Judarl D. Baldin upt. City Wand over
e ine for whchstipation." Ant bwithtle Wo his face Shilur ng jus, wt price: t1
A ht thOa 0Neill otame iol b,.yv.,r ", :,'ct-u e of vEn han tried my imldst of ltwinlmel. but
ofti the reult of a piltol utI.m;i, i,, ni nnt, lp pbliur el v Ibe -weapon beingInthe tu ,-j r'v<.1 ti :,-i.lij will probably) Il[I used Bllowd's 8now Liniumot for
OW. HopkinI. tot b($ (Plr: jaiiy R ..Lprined until the rhoumalltnti Whpaoic. I thflk is Ji
ee fa betn for bomo time State by.I..i : Jt.sni. iuet and ex- the beati lbimeat on Ia'th" b Pi.
,i e naval stores farm of alniiao t. v., ,; mi, y b lrrdd. it,0e. t1.00 h Bold nbyk W. M. Johnon.
S is Falrirbanks. O'Neill I,,thii ..,:* '; ;he Httxe. and Ro
i.?'Non agoill reputation. pi',licxa n$ta t,,C',1rm-n ia nala, and THE MAN IN THE MOON.
ipl and Iaw-ibidinfg, but It collector ditoie. Repalllean leader,
M Mlowlti hat stgien his have 11inounee.t lhat tf the eloectwrt! h me curious ainl varo1d IlI'It i#

0- *plaint 5h.# sprun 51 from nelt UI N oom- peMpGM 'hilui th at they ca n .w tl

a ad that .nd ..... -a. % with the old Franklh l ik k" W
Ml %a hata be and other Kentuiklns and Gypetel isn settle. whih says that thnr w's non pot 1on
ble were seorehed. Jre- Somerset. Ky., Nov. 14.-In a bat- I.ut.,' bright fr$e until after the time
Ofr Was not damaged. tie at Alpine. this county. between a of ti. cruitlxion of ttihrist. Still. -a-
Of heavy front came Mon* land of gypsles and several of the eit. otLer story tels us that In the time of
"iemusi etions of the coun- Iarn John McKee. Anderron Freemanl thel -rct.lanm ,n threw an ofrudling
said to be very heavy in and Dr. Kalnes. of tho cltteinsn' crowd, etoel rirtnilit tthe f(cet of the moon.
Sof Micanuopy, where the and aome of the gypsiles ~hose nanesj while notler Is to the effect that the
Sthlle less hardy ofr vegte- Poid not bi ,ascertained., were shot, iuwn witiuneal tio creation of Adam
Sa ltbak. Ireoman atrid McKe are dying, whilel4 1t ve ind toik :111 Impress a 6f their
'pQorted in South Gaines- others will lpro;ably die. hotguan ftlitr.E-*S I iih issurfact. Inteillag to
S Poeele,. and j *-o.L ;ro' t ied by both sidew ;air' i l. uwll tw'nd with similar be-
The gy'pn!es wv re on their way south 'h lie -y to lilltalet t 4la
works. he made o I NEAR ROCHELLE. and had plI'l.t.rI lh. :r caup near the w orplt. lhich Indea thing lay a c4n1
o w-"ser -ent, which since that ainy has ym.
-A. -A-- mining cami- tinned to fold and unfold Its mtnighly
n m w u r u r c r e

c-.1 u ew w Zetrouer Burned
4iusehold Goods Lost.
sloft A. Bruce Zetrouer will

hss that his home near Hu-
I blmted Sunday, and the
With contents, was a total
rillding was valued at about
Ibo.ehold good will prob-
SIhalf that amount. There

Ik of lt, flro is unkunown,
;Al5Scvered too lale to sare
Wt ,peelally with the pre.

Wa Cold in One Day
Slive Bomo Quinine Tab.
.I. Bta refuud the money
arse. . w Troe's sigi
'Mie ibox. 26a.
Wata.n in Now Verk.
Vft-- VIN

The Best Liniment.
"Chamberlain'. Pain Balm Is consid-
ered the best liniment on the r market "
write Post & P s of G;eorjiva. Vt.
No other liniment will heal a cut or
bruise so t promptly, N.o other is so
valuable for deep seated pains like
lame back and piis in the ehest.
Give this liniment a trial and yen will
never wish to be without it. old iby
all druggists.
tee LCa0 IerC CGotten.
Hope, Atr,,, v,. 14-- Eary Friday
a drizzing ra.n set in ana the falling
temperature soon elanged !t to sleet..
and this ect!on Is. covered with a
heavy coat of lee. The cotton In the
field Is being damaged badly andd this
weather wtl1 doubtless, have ts eOfect
upon the crop The bells which have
not opened were killeJ by the iCe.

colls in full view of the detfcendantw
of the God created beini.
A Runaway Bicycfe
Terminated with an ugly cut on the
leg of JI B. Corner. Franklin Grore. Ill.
It developed a stubborn ulcer unyield-
ing to doctors and remedies for four
years. Then Bucklen's ArnieI Salve
eured. it's jut as goRal for htrnm.
seilds, skin eruptions and piles. Ze ast
all d rg stores.
Nat Ct e'oi I 1 1. Mat trr.
antaury 4st'l~r:i i..s 2
"*W liy." stod tl:' !;.r:i' i. "I can't
S7y 1IIt 1I. M ;:i,-tly. 'The fact ai that
mon-i orf tIhe ladli. n our ca iiiittet
*ar* 1 )'* |Ir-4UA I 'sV 9'1 n. pers hletat tfh"i
pepr ile just bIno to tontrltmiu."
Brooklyu Life.


Sea Isle

HSo I i C til (1 Lri.n ol

litinutfactutiter of the
eae Island Cotton

Ia .1lA llUS l u.l


235 WV. Day St., JAcnoanmz% t

E w .hso. w .t

Ir T =i i . .,,i.,

WOR LD,'3+i

Is via A ntia, Ohsttaaseog, aat '.i


Two rals daily, m ..i p ,0!a j
term Atla Mw.III'iiinI

MILLZ iR, P...
for siskese vIa lt tbI.

Gainesvnie & WI


'i 4B

Iw W&A. I' '. ,.

v P.M Lv FM

a 00 ... ...
S10 .... .
IS ........
O N0 ........

6 4 r .......
JI Ml$ ..0...

1.000sopb in
........ 11
.......... 3 40 a
A11i 8 140
ili TNAA

a t~u~
*4 *~e
*41 **U

to ,
' 0 ::** 0t6C


419 i-
* '*9 ***49

o o *o

'V**O" a B







Round Trip. Os
asle daily. Good
till Dec. 15,
Round Trip. OCh
sale daily. Good

r w- --- si'vy cay .,,



UBserthraeasb Atitit CithesteasS Pa M
oir te rne morwaMa with "aewaramSt E* v.h
JaIkImovine. Th Mee I iee Iiear .
Slpovers Gowsab eswea at oi i
m~- am ma m Tammm. *o etM e a Asa

S.' 'i i .

<0l andit


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, / a".. &a4, ,






__~_ LI L_


S.JML' ""I

I, Im . I.. rrm' i

I !F.

.... : I ,,,' ,., ,i',


Svvia : uI tI r
. i...l....l .


Oveorc i

.'74 .,:7o,


- n,. I ,


"" .'
J,,, ; , .. ; .
- '.-

Drop hal here a.nd tak 1 look itt *ir
itMd- by 8111.088 I1R0. A' CO.. t(,h- ,. f .
The hasty of the
o0b6en. Oerrla-t in In
the fit of the neok ann
htehak, gnefutl )lapel
ad riotA collar, to.
Br tw ith thtlgeneral
Wit of o' nat"nMs that
Uf themU out of t lQ
wy.mswd cloam aund
dfntuflw thnm wIt t h
thewok of the h1eins
W auy men olini to
t he ntll marhant
alr but 'on their
StIS ~but rwh' into i''
the Dnnaf olothing
SoS the first ouch
oWt mId walk
awa an OVkRI

What need
:to py atfac

I there
W buy a
Id of uu-
tyle and
w or k
a great

The aeoompanying
potre hows itwo ex
et*Igly olewt styles.

it l l s [t l


* I1

Ou F Ruae Prom $12 to $20-Worth Double.

S"Dri Isn a let a talk It kevr.

Oqtfod to Partinlar People.



s-fl -- - -~ -7--- I.~

Ikltf~e M~e
^* ^*~V^-
^^T~~fl^ -^--

A"**n"o o,

bt em a

:014d to %ave a delol*

P. a m
1 a. .. ,
fli b n l te ...

K SJ1^ H -NroT^
^KH~~k;'Mk^t -V-to*iirn' f


..b h'r. .. ""
00 ftW" N %m wels Sft AirAS lMaatt
M at' ss s. 'asm s foss
J nf tw fL both
seM wato smad will mul in
la, nssofbl. pine.. O
blnevllib Fish Compam
WI ml .. I. teieI




Opens optembr ., 1904
] )i . .. . . O R

S ..SPONS.. It II:i COMinA ins.
We covet thee tmimortiat pointe and re#pectfully
ON 6olieit a SLae of your busiles..

S fire, Lir Accident and He ilth lusrace
am," ---Agents for the--

. i Vietor Safe and Lock Company
10 3 0X -n- AM..-0i. 03i0o.
The* "Victor"' lI the beat afe. mad, minid parties contv-mplat-
SiR the parohMa of a saft., or anything In that !ine,
from a box to a bank vanlt. will ave money
by consulting us. Call on or address, .

Information cheerfully fturnished. OAINESVILLE. FORIDA
L -* ^- -- -- -
^^ 1^ ^'m B &BmB & B &B&B.^^B^


- Montezuma Hotel


On the A. C. and S.
None Better in


A, L. Rys. V. SHIP
the State at2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

MAN, Proprietor


'. . -,.... .

~Ih,, imn~ o Ut.4aii Cur Ssol .

accmun n




~, ir 1n

I 1 __~~__ __ _ 1 __


Ir-l -III



3 DAILY Wi UND ,VILI 1t01., KO 'ERK- 13 W ,
rmi nA) &

,* ,,r
. : ,.'4

f lest'O ibRf t t h
*Y oitEW i' ,100'
mql~l+ A-- ~o, -.,,

a 4' 1'it lf
W I i, Ni e t0
httintik nint

I a

- I 'n

gr',m lr.'. e

i g t Vat'nivt tP r th w''

[fl r lIes ett"* ,i h t * t
bl' '1 v ,l11 1 .l t lit

, r

II' C d L '
Il ist

q q k' t


Tf %up tar k hepe l.*eist 145t
I'm thbr lId*0.m Imes

t 1 ,0 1 %sV ti t .' I 4tve. I

IfU i Sit, g 'b ~ P
I it~. I


It I

4 ' t '
It I t.

* '

' I, t

Sl ertlIle e .n de 1i 1 I'l I !, ; i i i *,.. ,.
vI m I*# ct e, I It la 1 i rt, I n , .e
gII e p ot t al l *,. I* ,',1 i l ,f I I ,', I,. f l, ,); ,i'l it
ih k m eat Si r1 sl I li ) i 1 i li ij ft fl flj t
i* l, kA*-l_ *,IIIt iII b '"il r i a h,"'l ln"<'",'r (> *,T ,,'l.T ,, i ,, ni'n,^>

wl,wd t rp0- M- -

i~lt t meste otherwise e
I teNw e ors 'e;hanwa or 41 M

ta -r tom daovertltr finrt-
S TnrSDAin.V aN.
le Vowasfo tawr In-l n ad


le pre of the couptly
lI IvInf Iadvlte to the
prny, and espnelally to
e iii furd in the last
smapalsn. A remarkable
wholesale expres.ions
on crntained In that
tie pre which fol.
id during the cam-
Ml d who took an native
Mmy f tered the reeon.
IM l)Demoratil partly In

UI"D no dispotlion to find
of tbose who labored
lthhfully for the aeoene
ni algn, we cau hard.
byl ad submit to the
Strfee silver and Bry.
airrid l e party to dc-'
lthe Bryan Democrats
eo larker Is both an In.
bI ksmalr rront to the loy.
tllllghoos the country
Sryoe In iIM0 and 1900.
IMay of them did lno
tr silver declarations.
on the part or ith
ttll-slUpported orgint
tI party are gratuitous
Utlltled for. There is
fords of the past or
of the present to war.

apply a little rawToinitig
aWi Ithan effort to a oer-
of ibeplighi In whici
fa Itself today. In do-
only be necessary to
hiLtory of the campaign
it la 180t i he )emoeO
,ItNry, byin overwhelm-
S Oblepago. declared in
Demoeraei principles.
Sthe moes deosivre decla.
%the Si tas of the eoun.
Mavr been promulgated
platform. It also dcg
silver, anaist, govern-
laMtlIo, for an income
p#rIclples whish com.-
at that time. Upon some
iarty might have been at
Sk. still remains to be
those who took the hangd
laR the party for the
stand firm wi:h IDemr.c-
time? Not lii. They were
their party as war Uln-.
I, who list adminliutra-
*nentilliy Republican.
by the nominee of the
i sueeess would have
the i emoeratio banner.
WMrted the party in the

oantrast wu the action
glnnnctrats in thls eanm-
they stoq4 loyally In har.
1tlred ftr the elntloln of
3rvaa himorf took off hil
ith with his old-time en-
Lttkui one of th harder

Sde during the year. He
*, Wehful, d worked
L"6lee1 of those who hid
the Pa*t and who had
I the Ireatst blow that
dealt the party since lie


I) A
I VWqt l~ ~ i is.
N,, ~.I. iii
ILt S i
ii. I
II '.
4.~b I
r 'slit

I I 9 4


H.~ 1 ~m k Is
4*.*J f 4 ;q..~ .qf
till t it lit ii
1.11,1 In, I
I~ ~;l~ t* -~
I '118444
I; 'ii ecT

I A".~
'1 q*

I it m

1~t 11. ti ll 1$ k j

11,11' 0 0 "k ; ilt 1.ii '* 4t'
N~ 1111. Ia % tt% *

I' t. itt
t t dIM
I item'
5.4 EtA
I 'I A.

is ntano t i hi 9tit.ii. i. isatilnII tu ti b. proI. i t it Pl trd i tlprdilt o ,.
.i.iI by \%alstr .-fISm.utnc lh,.,r lout d At P 'I. ? *
.. I H H ii f>r of .. ^. 1 I 4 .
il, ,, ht i a, s c hir( I f t'.tli ir or v! o .j , ,.
Itit i.Il Ilireet.Ira lh lmonIt it. rerow it t ,i i" ,. ,, ,:i, .I a ,
I artist hoodl Ti I e isue is |la in, and tl.,,i' ',hi ; 1 i 7t 1% t :1 '
ithe man1 n w';o is lhlm td to lead the l. r *L. ,, it It' r ,, I '1,t i f
party shoukl4 l be hi emphatio ailailit A.ih. .' i t I' '.; I Ii
trusts., hoth as riegards hii own dealar. l t 1 .i ', Ia l.r, ,, r
ations antd thit lestn of hi. life, as Is t A' ** i . m. rc;i; It h.
the platform upon which he qiands. t. e : i it ,* ,i, :.i lit tNl% ";l.r
r,*o .' 1'r f 9 IOl L4 lt, U .it im
The healirr rails. stronger bhridge o 4f i,,., !, ,l .' I t4 re i t' tihe
ani moire powerful h oomotives r*. t riC h! ..i: t *I a* I'I to.p, I 'U U io u
qluired in American railroad by thie li'w r' ', 1"' .-1 .'.. ,a, n ,iatl int
present demands of IraMie have rr. -r:.' 'r ,. ,r.' lyg lher aill6 d in the praretical rebuilding of
the trunk mr 'l dearinff th r Rpa '* t*t n e.-L n i I. r. w. l u, e of ('t
years in the worts of II. 1 L. one, w 1,, .. l N, *ngi.
written in iThe World's Work. "rnmot aid,, r. a:.v blow i, s whut within its
of h*t equipment f ta deade a* 0o i bsuinati, t'1 lt. -iiir of a road r e-
now in the scrlap heip A single hi-l with .'uneri.lug r rnttilug whvwts
loomotive tw d i m work once call. h tl pmlIil.y hlaii.'hl ilel amtl ftle..
inlg (or three. l'ntmIeDer trains of $lre't Ii%:'tnU iLet frn:ip;,lt l to lowl.
sixteen t ars are not unusual. A biw I vil II or stl olihr r trange an l
through freight" averages eighty startlhti sotud, nl piano mamy 6I
cars, and on shorter runs one engine hyI oly dutug rtala stated b.
sometimca hau: 11). In 1692 the of thI &y.
average weigh: of a passenger loco.
motive, with tender, was about seven.
ty-flve tons. The latest type of loo-
motive, i ith tender, for the same saer-
rice, weight more than 142 tons. Only
ten year ato the famous No. M of
the New York Central, exhibited at
the Chicago World's Fair, was looked
uron as a marvel ton sie and speed;
yot it weighed only 102 tons, am against
the 150 tons* of Stt present passenger
ertlgin, h Ith e sme. year the average
weight (ita itriht c' .cmotilv was
cighiy-Ilre tons. Thit latest type of
compound freight engIine wvelh is 181
1.-2 tons, and will haul more than 4.10 )
tons or S .4ilf.) pm.1ids of freight. Air Male hby J. Ledisi a iX0

The e.stionateod value of all farm pro-
duet? in wih United States for this
year is t.33b.(~.~)0h. This Is a equal
io 13.2tN).M car loads. The railroads
will haul 5,31t$.,I car loads from
which they derive the immense sum a f
of $46:1.64 1.051.ll N.1t...

A metropolitan paper ays It i now W ORM
quite a fashion for the bride to be an
nour or two late sou as Itm produce he U
Impression that she doesn't care very REMEDCU
much to get married. The style won't
be popular we fear. THE CHLREN'IS FAVORITE TOIC.
.- e.. Ism te'wC fla s omuI.
The time is not fai distant when the 49 flUe ,. O pse- niA c c CmY
farmer boy will be as proud of his Balrd-gnow Liniment C.
titll mi lho* young doctor or lawyer of S 1. LO IS., i MO
the present day. a V. N. Jehesm.

hc: Fl,, atS. Kills tmseltf.
,mn.. 1 N'<. -Paul K '
at i- .t '1 .t1r o iiti .'1
* lt *. i 't. n 'rr :ittzI;l41 Lfn '
ai't li .,,i I h' 'l f 1( u 1il ,,iriven
from 4i. 1u o :aZn to an tlherf farm
he vIas m,, o, ra s lie carrielJ hi
rifle wllh him to shoot rata. IAte l
the afltrnoon, as he did not return
home. search for hJm was made, and
ble body was found la the barn of Lbm
tarm he had visited.
Beware of Ointments for Calarrh That
Contain Mercury,
A. nnmerrry will sur-ly destroy the
*IntI' o1f a1nIl latd completely derange
ths uhol' ijlstef whe-n entering It
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should ever b, used rexept
on prescriptions from reputable phy-
flcians., a. il. damage they will do ip
ten-fold to the gRood yo-ca eu iosihly
derive from them. IHall's Catart r
Cur'.i man facturedl y 1-'. J. Chevy &A
C(o Toledo. < eontaits no n.itreiry.
an 4i. tr kin itnlernial I. aiS6iiti! ,1 ir tl.

L 1



tr ^Ltatll .
i ssandmeis.,
V-B m

or sMt t oPlait v"WWN
ke *earpn. seelit r
ir-a!r -it,- tr lm

p ~I -


AlishaL county il Jft,400 acres in
area. hasi 248 miles railroad 910
mile wagon road. t4 post lflh*e,
123 public schools. 27 phuophate
plants, 20seaw mills, $74,000 court
house, five npwopspea, and pro-
duc cor6,. cotton, riee,. sulr.
oats, rye, potatoes. pineapple, or-
ange., peaehe. pears, plums, p-
ans. and all kinds of vcSgtabtes.

Gaim ill the County Seats
las fourteea churches. two public
schools, the an Florida tieminary,
private ebookb threo aewoapen,
United Mtate land olee, the beass


- -

I ""us
in e ~y

* 4 :.~) h

:1 4r ~t1 WIamtt sh Wet

. 0* t* '.-C. .. n- w.ifWash -


S .

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Titles dlslmrMy Ilwv

The-Alakh.u *C

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fL Le loffl

*eal iag asm
Gatnrt fl 13"l tS~



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vi ram ..$ f ...... .. ....h.. ........

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hA Edulmd e ef UN *i*

Aliaslines shouM hew a well-40e1.
* (ruulne entersarilllmma, eantmemlht Nd
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Subserlbe now-4 50 pet r. i
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N. B.-Saiple Copies Sent m on AppM*W

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SSavannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pines, Ralelih, Richmond, Wash.
ingaton, Baltimore, Phila-

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deiphia, New York.

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T~ Eh gant ''TMrin Dally.
Seaboard Express.
Seaboard Mail.


Only IAsi ( I )ratin!
Dllly Through Pullman S lepers frme Jaekeoavlle to New Oriaug
for Jull inf'rmta n ntiisti nd th Vr rrVatitaonI rll un ni spentrl eHaalhwrla6
write A, ). MArlMNV;IA.P, C. tIIAOILIIN, 1J,
AMt. Uegnersl Iapewsirr Apit. P ripnIpr Atnits
$SAf'rKtNVslu.a. NI.ORIDA.



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4rsS? sli e halrh aaid kb men who use Winchester Factory"Lc.ad1d
f mtjtt m.grufnmbhells in prefereawe to any' other make.,
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S--, Staple and Fancy Groceris,
a M mW. UrlS, arkea Sd sad Fe ersn.
igeM Vi-t fMr ote st *mava. anam ta HIgheSt market prile paid for Chickens. EKgg and other Pniuer
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iM p otmannable. A Complete stoek o? Ily. Corn, Oste. Flour, Bran, Meal, Cotton Seed Mesl
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R .. a h as s ti b Om uW Capital...* .. * *. .. . . . *. 5. )0 0 0o.."
,4ewni o w.m.0maw Surplus and Undivided Profits... 26,000oo
|r Isensfl 4mm o am W WnVfrse. se wish mtWsslfle equab so be sawm aok 8. *the e tane

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DDWThh.te lantic Coast Line |
ules UillMotomry and L. or Dixie Flyer TIhrounh

Fruit and Truck Orower nI( r Tw THROUH [ (
..UJON.T, nMURPHY9, Mo ,gr.e1'

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he, I s1 ,' V IVu t (iri' tir
l:*tA I %1a.,S11 iiA sMim'n) Ala
iMR1 tde 1'..',dvi ,, thal emty Inf
t 1 n "u '1 l'l) in,, t eli,' s la tn
l fl|dritkN.
*l ito.'0,1M t. o tifr 1iir ig (he
,s*tet til 111' t nft NO-w vbork
llVtj r,,o.S irtlAi to %uil tbhe
b of t p't' i i -i' "
B S^swwK. a Iprnunlme lavwv.
*0Qdtowu(. tIs, WM serLoumlr
by a young white man.
I'pwl at that town.
Ea who wae arw a er Is
l so barges prTfrl by
w oftead deed la his e e
TMe do es OsW hbe d4e1 M

AittUMil oatthe ulatest- f U.
"tatiomed at nt. MePholt
Swill o to it. Lhleis to
O iltst of the world's Iiir
of tlhe eipitkmion.
qip knowu that Julius Weber
SaUly. of Aubirn, Col.. were
*0 Thursday night by *a as.
mie their khusa was set aire
the crime.
fra ti of Captatin Thomas J.I
', Carteraville. Ga.. nrve anlgrat
Ite oft having won the AGrst
9'6O (ffer dt or the hest malA
y at the stat. fair at Macon.
HlF liower. a learo. was
ieaft r.rtdy nmiht near Arllng
with a bullet hole near the
Thea eaume i inot known. He
to have met with ftul

ported that Cornelius Van
will shortly accept a poiltlon
diplomatlt service. and Is thti
the punt o first secretary
Anrteas embanay at i rll teIs

William t late4ads, eooordlng
41aatfk hoim Bertls. to gi s
Up tqe rltuable object saow on
loa tho Ge m buJitldn gn
Upt& world's tMr, to the Amer

iC. o. amer. sm ot Jea tfch.
Cle, O t4. Tuen e. milttrd
l Hiy at the &w of hib

IfMl thr ea th *hee4 with

|! iy a trright turla et Jackson.
. PMlaer. He w- on hie wf>'
tatae asylum aeeompeiled by
N. a*4 a tha trala spprsaeched
1 and was lasantly killed.

Roouvelt will vMtt


S ir at aSt lat.lW Nov. t.
dtwari has ordered h e rova.
to be fired over the remains
SKnruer wheb they reach t1hei
Stlnsti pleae in South Afrtea.
It laIw uirn oft Aqtac ld. C'ol.
t',tliclly wiped out by ire lost
P ully 10 frame trhturuw
lest royeo A esstima of t'.
l e.o Is 62. 1. 6Io dataw'
4dtae to the meay targe ad val.
s haftt house of aine In the,

w. Nary INun, of New York, "..
ivem a vwerdt of $86,000 fr t;"
f kher Ubtabald. who died fre.
I llts of lujortes riWflWvl
I Orbe t'~ral tunet l wrae k :

Mitt ever remilred under su1t.',.-
:4 1i '.4--O 1 .. .

* Way Of Using Chaniberlain's
Cough Remedy.
IP' Arthur Chapinan. writing from
% 0t, Natal, South Africa, says:
AP#roof that Chamberlain's Couighl
110 i a nure suitable for old anid
SI._P_ p2 you the follnwinti: A
bo eof Itinte htiad a chthl jlat ovr
ftolils nold it ihad a v, ry bad
r... tSind the a--Ml1 u ditd InIotktt

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Now Sold ho NittK Ovr

I ,* Itni;
i. ,
1t m i '

} JA.l' '*t0 .

*1"MU' d*'b,*i. .

I p it IL i 'tlii t i j 4t t
' i 4i,,

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ift 1.n.i0 l ,. i, 1 IM e'd) ti If
%mtsu. ( t- Il, rile tC


A 1id~: Rrio~w('~ \


V, M1

U- ... b Uh

COME vI :L A 4MC t4E TIl A

ahe C(, t I ntil t r'er"pIlt io to T4*.A
Pi'te A frl i.
dl i 1 1$ 0I, (
SI.ll I 1 ,t r " .' 4. ) ,* *l

war sent aym' Jultqt l'ryamr lo lhb $cehol
of reforifm1 untll li a*ttainhi her ma
Pirit Y.
It was with the dmlltseon that she
always po seItl amn uncetrollabloe 4
sire t out a fin* horse nd4 btum,
sed had for years been ghtlhgs
almast the inellnatlon to asppsprlate
ote wherever she fund it. that hbe
maed the ples.
Twice *be has ftmnd it lipoetlble
to rfist the emptatin losa betih
times she fell lati the hands of athe
i.w. tpon the first oceasi: she a*
eatedl a peIalty. Iufore maklkng he
pin of guilty the girl had explatned
to her friends that sle wanted to be
put 'some place where she would not
be tmnmpted with the sight of goo*
looking horseflebh and well-kept ve
hte,0. By *MpliUdlnl several years In
the Slchtmt of Reform sh hopes t
outgrow the manila.

Not a Wick Day Since.
"I was taken severely sick with kid.
ney trouble. I tried all sorts of medi-
cine, nose of whielh relieved me. One
day I saw an ad of your Ele trle Bit.
Ses and determined to try that. After
taking a few done I felt relieved. aul
sooUn he'reaatfr was entire eured.
and have not seen a siek day sit@e.
Neighbors of mine have been oured of
thenaasism, neuralgia. liver and kid.
ney trouble and general debility."
Thi Is what II. F. htas of Frenmotl.
N. ( writes. >u1y Uko, at all drug.-
Cubanm T)uring the South.
N *v. tIr'A:n Noi.f 14- -Aft**r ai et.
t*iw.l r of th -mi nth anid wst durir-
il'4 "h .I i'' l. v ia '* thy rIfe 11bl4l
of I ui P. A it antI l'exas anl8 itn clr.
ca," m il, t itrl'r I ndltrli iof the
:,.s>: .,.,im \'j.a'' v AIl 'lpiat siTme tilme.
at i' xp hn t l lion. ll n-,
,,1 ..', i .:'. . .' I:,f s uricul-
11' ;;';T "i ; hir, t ay. A corultl lt 1
na of th r Hr -' ii oet6,wI llI .t h'lt ~
,Ti t., I trts'r a .hK s owf* li h ni nantn'
t" wilI t1;i .i. I'wt trip Is t'x 'wetedt
to briuIe ln i' Int trade )on litn lto,
Cuba and lhe 1 united States. He ilta'
t4ay for Havana.


wdri, a- tfatlay soothMd, sad

that most dqadable of all
iM f tir a. a a-



If you hv. mr ezpwmed

IabS a.rW, #b=iftr a a,
or Shle Wia%, you wiUl me be
without it In ta boM.
"1 had been subject .to tD*
badache for ove. wr r.,"Iwritsm
KMr. A. 0 Soarf of Or
Read Lam. Aued one ttle
oft Hais Wird Oil Ad have
ot bad & betedfahoboer."-

ItOtLA t P w;

aI bmt( i Ip m1 tii ir' i + "
Itl-*~' t" t *i '.L' W1,-.I 'I \ ,''

srea "sIlk *4t' th in,* in %i \'. t
home' r, Ihe |0I*M10h 7ur 'A'i .p q.,
t1w s$hll axis lht Stthn *e 1 .a t*w
mitslwdl with wean,
This It dIelitty dte' t the l ha; t*tmar
bItt sUhap of the W=, wWMI tb kftnwl
as a pmlat. .qbb#r4dI. it 4 t'krl ttot
whef pmaeunw t ia ns t ro tthe two
edte the tesliery I to Vbrtai tlmhm tw
gthelr ad ramse twhe nptmwtl ts t
mw a perbMt emphen ut utme ahee
n ptiandq wtdm rastin la l aret
Toeht them the origlulat l erhret
h* twteWI the ag to c nmpotant
hsmgthwb theIe Is a teeslmey to O*w
eme ha belKg irapiytly emi. a* the
aIll is tight, to preode* a varcsm
in it tumorl .
TliM tbe whole weight uf the at*
Mpbct- moaw fftween pmuma Itos the
steeOn tch- roew into play to ip
went the ehanme of shape and support
the e*g alminlst suy atteetps to rash
It. Along te shburt axlS. Biwerer. the
engg mn easily t rwestmhwd. as the
tendermwy Isewr r o ditlnl mila It es -
pacity. and ath aotmwspfltc preaw
edos 6ot #omw lnto plar.

Mrs. 1. W. Eva C.0 earwate. Kenm.
writes "My husoaud lay slk aot r thee
months. The decer0 s6ad that he had
1utlek eeounMption. We promesmd a
bottle( of atised' Horeho ad Syrtp.
and Is eured him. that was sIix ye
ago. tnee them we have alwary kept
a bottle ia the hosoe. We ..sset do
without it Fur ooumah and coMe It
hu no equal" 3Se. los, $1.O kdoltt by
W, .1. Johnon,

Teoew' *o RUit Ne4** Mor s W..a *
Leaue Igs U& afsemtktlos.
Yellow or l br hair was* a'iwuMtlty Is
nulmalmul steemed a dvitmlity, ta d a
red twdnt was s pi teally Sodious amk
man ituallbU Itoke otf a evil tetetl.
tica. Thts fo tillht rejtudMk-e ialbtly
orlvinaste I n m-an Avershn thb let
balmieD lanih Invaetnw.
ThIe ctuummul te*lntrv i*rmRntt-
t1oist of s'aln and Jtaaie, to who ivld
hlar nlld titwntl wWere t vrtarbly *al
lolItd. probably tfor io bWite reMM
than tha tOwhe 4t't was thought usty
llatrmitted lhli hta litn. The dervtil bi-
selft waM n iiiimu Lhthis rMsinMntdtL
Irydenu. Ln a lit t o l4t11 descritbWl
his publtihber. Jtvbf 1mone. "with two
loft ks and Judie colored halt.M" aml
tI tihe satei mai nk Ih speaks ftt htbn
as "tftedtil rnit," whe remrd tI etl
detly ismeant.
Shakelp M nf'frorw Iln the "Me
07 Wires tQ Wlindr'W SO 'Vaei sr"t
o tr" hair inR later topne '" n tol-
erad." Just tai It "Atbraham euhtoed"l
In thei folio 'V'lorhntaa" th na "att-
bum tn tn clch, Ind d it n
ioubtht lorruptIl liaU'i "Bathtls"
qenks of
A godtl-. t II, thIkN. Abraham rolured
l.I.Itrpol Meriury

Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It' alshainmful whellt oqti fail* l 0
show proper rteuoct eir old soe, but
jupst the i contrary II the eIse of Ir.
MKan's New LiT.fe ils. They out off
maladlew no matter how oevre mW d Ir*
'reapeetire of old .age. -Dyapepelbtl.
jsusdlm,, fever. cusirtl tiotn all ple .
to tliia twr t pilli s aIIll drigf

tr'rII It o .ArP.t.'ATI.N '.R % TAX
I)KEI ) ?(fll1R KTIlN iii" OMAr^TK%
4(*, I*.AW' srq F'( titn11t A.
Wt lietrby ivlv Stt l t o
IMirhmftWelf 1ft T e1 %'rtifthiAte Na,. go. latest
uilv. nt dot. of Juli. A, 1, IMX lamh al tI dl0
,',rttlto'm In no 4htlhe, ntlo bum mpu*llqd i|t(o*
ihwI IAr tex 410ti1 el uivlfm Is awtwmntoe w.ilh
14s. Sth 14%lthl*Me I hric tr ot6 hipI4t1WIIng



Ulyde NOw

,sataaz .w.r.
i>, i S....

'1 'tb

5, p ,t I!a
046004 *% MWf*A^M

VFM N44 6 t % 4 'V
% lk 4W% V 4 'a % 4 14.t% t

% 46-a'- *#l
9wa Aa.9Lu


swamf____j^. an ^JJK~^ .a m
^^^v ^ ^^^ *^w^^^M^^^^^ ^^^^^ ...........,.

DR, vuKL Rk rOmlU,

* --- ^k Duiltl .t

ot. O Moe"OflN At gosmI

DR. A. 0. OUI, ,

Ost :

Mage bk, UMtI

. AO

Sr ge,"

ur-s uC -






' tlun, 14tatt .

Sa sell

S.. tw.ioLirR IN OQNAORRY,,

0. f I Btel MSN&

DUNTl t\


F',. ,, '
, h "^f'^

V ri -

6,, g .-A'

cot" imn &a*% %1

DIuomw w amw nIv '

3 rSabOe NtOuleome catm r STo
tA'.A wer elooesewemMtw twTeat

one OIs NUR.hWt tOem .
twa- atla Vt

nt W. ti n t. Jisot**hvtle. t i

Fa'alt wI, o. l, horttilo ad dmauht DW
fall tto eall urs mu whet u i Jikemonsv

*' *2 -


^ "..'' t
ftdS ,n
ii :b '


., f" ,..

S ,,., .., .,, .


-.--...--. .........s

I--I --~-~-~-~II -~~-II I-~~


* "* I


I t, "ia I, I 1 r

Jh, m ,, r.


--- -- -.


ll I I I '*.;
. l^^^^^j

"1 'i n'1




SberOt nrbil,
,Ocul ui.t,
X htrl.iakh'n, luerit*iri.

i v It w o)-I I n l i
||trii f> j Iii 'e N, sli

Wtiv lE tei r l:ftod

sdl "r P I Aetl ; .. ,
Mil MUSS Patrlors
mifmlntMoP Free.
fa1ce Mm lU1 mne.+a f r


%OmaI I Utwst O th.


tlppeeedp ad What is OIng
TOM In Sieve Paragraphs
"He Wh Runms May ellaer

gMIt fehuam & Kl!h.
-pea for sale at The oun

9L Kelley has returned from
J,! Jekeonville.
-A elerk. For particulars
Coohk. it
Wonderful Salve for sale
NijOllumA& Co.
| ^, Daller of ennalnRton was
I the eity yesterday.
DWke el unnellon lI spending
U1pe with his family hero.
iall of Hague was transast.
is this eity yesterday.
SI Mrs. Ohin Eddy of Orange
were shopping In the eity yee-

SOhent of Alaehus was one
inent visitors so thie city

iiit-Store Royal Conk former-
Address Thomas V. Por-
wi lllt.
SMarion Smith has gone to Dun-
where she will spend a few
the Nuest of friends.
Slfrtskland of Hague ana Mon.
hib of Kanapaba were among
Seli to this city y terday.
a N. Pleasant street, span gold
LWth Initial H" on catch
o ve at Sun ofle and get re-
LW, Hart of Paradise and George
at Arredondo were among those
pI thae county capital a visit yes-

4 pleasant vislt to her isleter.
,. Rivers. In hlts city. Miss
'll1th 4tMurned ytserday to her
K Moats P..
itdrot Irgue and Jerry T.
WlhUalphun.on the Uainesville
t. were among the visitors to
Pll|le yesterday.
0. ClIat or the clerleal force of
I.e. d States land oelie has gone
y asese to attend the session of
V"wtd States court.
SRtat-One nicely furnished
S nol convealeLt location its
! Appy S3W East Lilwrty street,
|ITheSunomiep, If
IH. I:. Stookbridge of lake City,
I Paldent of the Initled !asugh-
f the Oonfedraoy, i in the city.
t of IMre... \\. Teneh
r htber the ooneert to be given
GQalnesville Silver Ournet Band
Sbenelt of the uniform fund
by sllht. I'artienlare and pro-
hihil be published tomorrow.
Townsend of Istaohatta. who
Idlling Keast Florida Meminary.
fttorned to college after a brief
he._ They were called home

Imwrs wlth I ushlmas & lll.
ti40 N IO'f in thuu a, qg 1tmm65phi
i',1 t' 1 I I t l t

* t I'r h1,'
I e it 4
gi'\ St ni'~
i'i 9eii,
, ', .,., .9 ,
1,l. !'

* I ~ ~9. ipetuile'
Py ~,i .,-,~ g

' *1 II 1
*I, 'I L I
I| l q ,| '

I 9 lMi'
I,.' ; +1,'c it

' i' l 4i tt i ,

t il i .
i ,' i t i*s.h

'99t.~~t ~ I: ~ '' ol 1 1 on '4

.1 r .13f*

1h .T ,* i **i + li . i t 'Ftllt r,.
dtl, jirte'sl .t rnt r lamu as w h re
t -y wtil .' :, !,* i *II Ps taking in
: i nutl '* t i rt'kt Ii', bihrulda
Ai 1 ir, ,i> t:. l ftay i gO t 1 ht I .t%11'n the
Itlet1.t hi 4 rh1 aII MrI it sP*rn'g .torte
A lIlMa'k liri)terilh 's h ,l I einler will
I please lsoIr s ." 4 V. I'hanis A C's..
eoIf AndW r,...x m r n,'erJ .1lrw i t'
llarlow's Fanious Mllnstrels, a gener-
al favorite fI'or many pears iII. iinee*
vllle, will open the theatrical s**soon
at the opera house Monday evening,
the 21st inst furher particulars of
which will be given later.
You are Invited to ft the l randet
display of fancy embuleary work ever
shown In Oalnevllle. by an expert
lady operator on a White ewinag me,
chine. fIes Nov. Slto Depe. 8 (Islas*
vwilles flwla M hime Oo.., S Lib-
erty stret. d-lit
Mrs. C. F. Merritt and baby of Tiger
Bay. after a visit to the former's pa-
rents, Col. and Mrs. I. E. Webater.
North tainesville. have returned to
their hone. They were seeemnspaned
by Miet. Webtter. who will opend some
time at Tiger Ray as the guest of Mae.
After a brief but plaagls visit to her
parents at Rochelle. Miss Annete et.
rouer. the accomplished teacher of the
Arredondo school. has returned to her
duties. Mis Zetrouer is beomoing
quite popular at Arredbmdo among
bobh patrons and pupils. She Ia ose
of the most efficient teaehes in the
Tieket Agent J. A. Goodwit of the
AtlantleCouast Line expeese to make
his departure today for Atlanta, where
he will spend a few days' well-*arted
vacation. He will be relleved here by
Relief Agent It. M. Look, who reot-
ly moved with his family to Ialunee.
villa The family are oceupyinl the
dtrinmfelloio ottage, &U S sast Oramne
Hon. Henry 8. Chubb. receiver of
the United States land olloer. hs re-
turned from Winter Park, where he
went to visit his family and east bis
vote for Rooevcflt and Falrtiank. lHi
is naturally very Well aatislfed with
the result. and says he is doubly glad
that he will be enabled to greet his
friends in (aineslille for at least
another four years' term.e
J. M. Thomas. for some time the
traveling salesman for S. J Thomas.
and who made a great swteew. has ac-
cepted a similar position for J. f. oeo.
oieltd. one & Co.. founders and ma-
ohiniats, Maeon, (is., and has already
tntered upon his new duties. Mr.
Thomas will cover Florida, and friends
will 1i pleased to learn that he will
not remove his family, but will con-
tinue to make (alnesville his home.

Redbone, Missu.. Sept. 24. 132.
Dr. I. W. Hall. St. Ilouis. Mo.-Dear
Sir: In reply to yours of a .recent
date in regard to the effIlciency of
Hall's ireat Diseovery as a kidney
cure. I can safely say that it is well
named when they call it a WeIHll'$R.
I have suffered with a wvaknees from
the kidneys for years and have tried
all advertised remedies for the eomn-
plaint. a well a physician. and Hall's
Teuaa Wonder is the only thing that
has given me relief-1 ought to say.
hba effected an abholule eure.
lRepeet fulip.
Ut.' ,. Ho'An.


One small bottle of the Texas Won-
der. Hall's rat Discovery, cured all
kidney and bladder troubles, removes
gravel. eures diabetes. seminal emis-
sione. weak and lame backs. trheuma-
taim and all lrregularitles of the kid-

i meat 1Ith tlkfshm t A ti|a.
4 i tiO ti 601 #t1t l or i tip r o lfu .10 i t
Is t IhstitFfu tmifmfe Itie ,m %li ft$1 ti9
hil IliMO *ti|(4u | m. M *f ao ll t. 9."
S' t l*r ntl Klh l f r ,iift n,+4 I inion

a 0e4 N I*iii f t, I I' ,s"' s' i t .
', t lh ti ns) lils t n1t it1 tt r ttt
I 'e:l il.tril tltf $ 'ft for eud vi)lt| i.
II, PS 1 4 I"1 )t4h M'lt hii r
Slh '> llr a le f l titl t -t qi rtg l -i
Sr, ;, etlativ for tt f '114 l' inintop
t I'ae timipe y t.4 l.It'biirlIrg, 1
IeI F1 emlrdI l it liig iv i r tI 11rh 5
t"'v,'ritfi I|lse. $, alrs l ., I .u. i4.4 1PrOMt
it *, .llirbsms melI its frieA'til ultl l .
aiin e~a ntNa is is nrIp'II With grelkt

This will be our Elst alet Bargaila
Sale site* moving Int our new stoe*
front boilMdig oa outhealt orner of
square, know as Phifes' Cornet. This
only begin series of Barinl Sales
which for low pries have made sh
New York Rabet famous.
For bargain iv* g this ale w will
elipoe all former ittempta at low
prices and will knook all eompeotitov
out on the fir t round. We are busy
as bees now. but we want everybody
within twenty miles of OGainerille to
visit un durizin this sale ant4 e the
greatest outlay of bargains ever placed
before a buying public. Autielpate
your wants and lay In a supply while
you oan buy at such bargains.

In a Great Many Lines.

CIR(T'LA8 Fully llu tng All Prtes
Will be DbirfbfeSd Mle-y
a*d Tuwrtdy

D)o't Forget the DtMes:
NOVEMBER 16. 17 and 18, 1904

To Our Co"mtry 'rleudus We want
you to some and bring your families.
We have built for your use a large
hitching shed in our back lot for your
horem and vehicles Plenty of water
and reed boxes for your horses, mad if
you bring your lunch we have plenty
of mom with chain and tables. Come
to Phifer Corner, everybody. You
are welcome.

The Qnly Store In Gaineaville
Trying Especially to Take Care
of the Country People.

*sea "' "** r '

To Improve Ma


l aWtIt WItW

ld I aln Iaitlf by 5. i & IMas1 #. l4




One Price to All.


P'atriek littalltrltk it i ).mitlu 1 mI n
who hid thle minlfortuintt liose four tine
wiere 4'r uoe haitnd by i<'mlting in ienitlat
ilth a rVtMeeritl knife, at the Kelley
mill tAtunray. is reported by his
unelh. rather P. J Lynch, to bi rest.
ing easily The ittient is at theo home
of Father LynWh, where hV is receiving
every attention.
J EC. Fateh of Alahuas was in the
olly yesterday on a short visit to his
family. He departed on the noon
lrasl for Wausihola oa l Fort Olde, t
whish Ipmb he ha two magallleent
oeuge ave whiskh will ylelM him
hedmlM si to erl. He mate.shat
he will an from she twoe gre sheet
3.000 IO e, wllit will met him golM
ileas sh ser te abe epHa hat b

Pa- s weeks.
Dek'*t li to visit the efath Vlise
iaa Mli Tapsa. Thh ls a e bio s
Sle eospulUee of Foriee petoeeas a
well me miIal. AAisstle O m
Ume wil1ell mmd-trldptskete aw ia
o uee pies S ses. Sp ti okes
eaws ad. gelt fail tlaeemetlm.
Three Idee daily from J-k-swll *e
Tlaps, aA delldmlag psin e r1pgM
at tlr guai ds fsro she ThMp. fay
HoMel state. DIM'l miss tle oepper
ualty to visit the Magle01 Oy st mall




NO0 186, 17, 18.

oruto mmwmns.

NOV.. Ris*, 'I, 1own ad, a
e,,I teresa. pa, sell. 3k ?
AeokMy ad eaes 0a. 5. *

het ftG lasWlle shnbeat seW n
e Se.,y whisk Wowagees"s"Is

ame oM hbeI k esa pespsm eo *.
pean H.0. BaW.of AM4. Ao i
Oloredb renk. WMU -*n rmie ,rt

fienasllady otheawl s.

coEld Nt Test weSeakWcWalnda
N WAra wla a ut s a Wes hed
The old shk em Bs Mole out, f
l.. in hikoe. Ner ahe" open hemp
whi has t iea inaary eo sed1aIN&
se0owd resut, semwd not em!ssto
stming wndft of Hunda ad at

toerble crash.
Fortunately no one wna hurt, N Mhe
pltac wam sot o oupied as the sl0 of
e ollpse. ... .............
Cheste's see"so.

17th ile. The aWe gtwoa was e
lwss year, and awee aid to be aset g he
Ibest Lyeenw attraet los appetarlag,
The admisstoea pon this oasuli M
will ea fifty sents for admits towns.
Ore for hildre a Pupils mof the aheel
will beo admitted f r,.
A per eenatee of the prneeds willP
be devoted to the teeit of the sehoo.
Attention, K. f P.

The regular weekly S'egtiag of
Mount V etnmo Lodge o. E, KaIghtS
of Pythima. will be held at the castle
hall over Duttoa's bank at 8 o'eloek
this eveanln. A full attendstne of
members is desirdl, and visital
brothers will reerlvr a cordial wehl
come. Thene will bt work in the Hank
of Knight, athplti. form.
J A. PssImast.i 0.C.
WI. It. M K; r.rv, K of ft. A t.
Th i alkh dist Revival.





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WAi I.W iW

.... ...... ~, .

-u mente
ftflM 'sea-

makes pm apsetS

|^H.r lc, '**

* V:: :.


sutuTr. JAOCTms.

MUGS. All Sim.


MR8 t WBew.

"Tilt' IWAY 6fORIC.11

. ...... ...... .. .. ..