Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
Publication Date:


newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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i', *hetNW Tuesday. her Name as Miss, Myrtle Roselle, and The new court house is erected on money Ihe managers of (he rtulati
Th da 4: her age at 2t years. She was ar, the spot where the old itate capitol Deiocratk and luine Itule parties.
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'ad reat the charge. In drawing the has been iale.l tir u1o0. (Ga, Ui ateTd frii ian e 'i, il he, Convicted of Wht' tlI.
i lth 5 t ploiulve up It collide with the cas. Stewart connlty. h> the intellilgen-e of ',tr ir' al*. --; -' Ha -., Nv. -'. -A n .i
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k, Monttomery. Ala.. Nov. 3.-An n ir, inkti t. ler w .' One Killed; One Wou.ded. l l 'nd
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ith not t10 fltrtiIltnt .>dmailntri1aslhu lf
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or fimil%' t. u*" l r. I !' r l'< t* li it n I lAlt. h1
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i,1E .l Win 40ro edl In l the ims p, A W ll kiemvi lz1,bieiit.i,"'" i t.'ii nllt
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S w t .t a h-.oiw .. '.:'<* t m iit t Ii.' w 0ti t .1 htlin imi.l
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Lyda H. Pbkhaint's Vegetable Co
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IttoI ita al itmtAin I ot Ww with 4w tb of health
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Ia im n wilt It l ave beiw entire Icaft a I have alsn adviant a
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DUn hiM. hIxNK1n:MAU-For over two
I Otnlered y f than h0i3u Cmo 'tlti xM.iF',
klidlwy tidl hladdor I t rub< Mliy 4kh i lk
nOltfl9IM till my tuilli il t' niirh of iiO b
oltIusel by ti. l1vi'hmnl of te4 4onlii I i-c 1%
Sr (Mijoizt desirv to utiatlal, a L \IL is "T
K", aWd lula%1 11otb144 would w.;:4wVle
'^H ^ IK tcue b llsM^ "la 'rlioftl h wtl ',l 1us- Mrll ii
urine Alsotil i bkaicho ve 'rv litl.
After writlug to you, iul '&living
OM* rrIply to my letter 'I followed .mir atlvdii
fol that yi al i4d h Ei. Iluliiuai 's
S_ lle l( Collnposnitl haiv 4 j.-.__ f^ ciekilLn rt p lav, lin thletall 1 itW 18w1 J lOt I ri
i illy ih iiow, till tClii io oi i hal ot ll
with seas,"--Mn. A.L MiiONt, hlculd, MN
Xe otler 1 tmlue fl b tr f eatle |111 In time world has e*f*.4
ukch wideprulwd and unqmualled enemelurwalnt.
Mnr. PIakhana lrts ti all sk women to v .rito her lor adiN
e. has gldeM thousands tlo hosth. Adidres. Lyn tlMass.
WPJ IrtU PSibtfolanal0loetsP an
m i--MMi-l ll -' v a 'nw ..' .r
ii" gig, ,0

" Py, r. m itort i ." wisliP,1W
tki Tommny. stllpi tlufromn1 h1lsts
portalsl. "for a ih'kel I 911 ,t11
pitk In the parlor lolisght."
"WIhat do I wat lit Wilh l
f4 Mr .iuirtti In ultoulliniii,
"Whyi, I lilrut p!ttr ay nv
golngi to br'shk Siti h t 'iilglht,"'


I IT West Vnilon Strelt.


,. 1' F n 4;l', t", rtfl iih

M <,' i'+ 'n s, p, I '*<,4 ,na., rl t ll ,io1"r

Ittll I

~ ~'I' $

t ..;'

.^'""mI :: *'-', ii .~ ^ii ^ *lli .*

* I I iI ) ,,
Mt ki, .i+!, l o.,
.4 i+ it *%Wabeuw 'a
T i. j ti m uhtw siw th,
|y^ jLji /J I |M|AlUL'-im-fe*kte4 lk

tliieie e ht ".-. e

W hl.. iI; he tt i ii wsu
IfiM,i Mil fil Mrtm ii it

wilM 1l.t t+!.l*l(! si ti
#WA~p be~betI at t*mb *
ilit n n. r todi* i 4t etao iiite ani
ti e i n lS tn St n e y 1
et4 4ll ei pi ailttl b' m telwl
I ftlse in n tiw p


M177 .-

S" w i 'i -
Tti lY &r RuIitvalt 91& A.

4Kl..- 1.

.,*1y i,, I.,

hi ,s A*

1 .1

A I ,

4, III I
Wv i .
~.4tl tq
1 ,4 4 ~ ~

,, .*l':i!~~t'iiii
**, i" 1

,l tL !%( Lt, 'IrtT"Pfp

IIi, *

.*P t *'.

. 9

. 4 t ..yP 0*10




I. 4



4 9 '
"' J

,It~~1 'It
h kill,, 9 r, t

ig 4r, Q e 4'tt i'i -'- i' "

I ... t fa

I l htv' o Jh i r t9l ,
s .r.el thI' t i..'t* at t4 sI.

aih iwiti r' I t i i r

5en givrlsia Irt? lhrticl.
ishing tti'er ri iable iIn.
l pttlnl .41t'a t i ',ktl.y

%t*%N d1111oty, d lel-eriptivo
r ll. manli'ra t t r;m' v, p r .

pn Onld( t l distribtt, ed
sll tae t hroihji it |':,


MlManufteturing Company
Headquarter, Here.
.taid inr: i .n a few day .
I|psosmbi Bk thO. %%|gert
||'1,l~m txh nl^h+ t,lil,. "+in.

pg Caompgny, who ha.
.lt riN inl la~ for iu the
hU il een trmnfterred to
Wtid point heli ronsid.
gintralt for the optrIltiin of

!llgst* alnd isg interesting
ariried. and & will b. pleas.
"a In the Vol Warren houstc.
ITy 1 steP. T. *h- statd
SI bprty street. rcontly
I' L. J. Bturkhim. has tben
4M within lth( next ft'w dliy
It St4 stIre to Wie will bp

L b S gntid towrn." reuirkad
.1 "I lihtve rn' good
atn and left tshw with ai
R oF luctanc'c, but we 10,
lhaMt Ginville i ws, the i',-k.
|l 0ttd eon0MV .ntly d It'ilrk
u lp headtiuarters i tre. I
however, Irhat i my g )\d wift
Will be well usitI'l.Ied an'l
ill t make new friend.."
M.. It.,ltomtnt iti t,* w,'l.
UalnesTil,, I2ti it to bt .
will be twell pleasl'd.

.61oer And The Squierels.
I. A. Thrasher is not only
%WfIt bust tm severat nea--
*ihmonsitrated the fact that
tl 11iu or two when it tom'f1sr
ethip. In the early mnorn-
ke took his pItu and went
ask0, where hp knew the
bade *their huntm. Within
[N he managed to "bag" a
of tho festlve little anl-
Wtheli hit detd ed to return
blOlltn oft hi. htnit iu1 watmee
It piled ilup with Ilo" *sl !r.
l Thnhsher, with tl, g'enervso
has always ait' lima mn fit.
butibasled the gain Ioameangt hi
UUIt It was U ry doibtlltul
i hWoul ,td ilak,' or not. lowO-ver, m it
lt.e:terbodly had plenty-auld
f r IHl eouqtlelleu1o1 haipyl


Sng, isi Oiltapidated.
hl as on several o<,amionu
Lltnlt0on of the Itreve oom-
Sthe Olty Counell'to ithe dl.
Sondtiion of the bridge on
mtinet croMiug l$wuewater
Soreiglets this ifeelity
t f Tha been several eom.
fll of tho dilapidated and
I> Oodlilon of thi bridge.
to t lh brid at m plsee*
4*Ibe-*y elto become la*s
tfikb m &-a- --A --I-.a...



'I A


i PL .I,
S t

I t I '' i'* ''' I t '
1 -1., I' ' i t' e l s l
<(t *1 *t ,r ," I !y ( rhe I
g I . g I y*> * ', h
4 t" 49 .*1%4 'it '! *I i1

t'*'m' as t Irsttosfor
'\ 1 n'16 i 1 ly. n r, r ;, in,, A new, j
f' r n *- L < r | ^ I t h,, t .il. Pafra-
'nt hat a t i mty *'i't.---ab*,itll tely|
mHdRI tri.i *r,'', s'ot' )v,,r. and the
ph tfat t *l<-h n31tl utrenith rr'tA r for
fr gttiliK t ldil slli tnOWtl in ito It iiice, tIUtl
Is d if'r,!t froin any I repalur-tlin thali
,''n 1,'.il.y I.,' :.nil t ty anyone tele.
I' 11 ,T hi ,;0,. rilrtait,


Co .'(i Not Withstand lj"r. 'e Received
From Runaway Wedesday.
I'll" l"e h1n1e I'plin.irg to l{. T.
Kofhtfr, the Vmh$il *01tiRerilse baker.
c-t1lil ot twiilhtanid l thi* iinj ery sue.
tVained In ithe rtunIwa:i of the mornlingl
of thle pame day and Iutmimbed, after
a no1! g1hrli Igtit i tii. i l e' ver ing.
.Mr. SLhafsr V!l ,nel this .animal very
highly, leaving im, $.1 5 for him srer.
41 monithls ago NtwithtSanSding he
1m as u a- 4* I J s .l . -

' j I

I '~
i. 41
'.* A i
I !l I
V '
*;I .1
9 '
.l,* i~-t
I I 99
4 9
1 *Vtii~
,~ 4944

* I I Ft lf.i~

L I gI t 4. 1 4'. .. -. I I 9 1 ii1 % . 11

It ~ i'liiI, I
:4 ~* 9's. I
''It' *r ~dr-.
'4 .94~5 ~-. 4,944.5.5 4

A 9Q,~4~51~
4 I
4. 4
4,~ 7.1~

~ 1*' A ~"

I.... I t,~4t 4 99 J~I$.' I..
II 444 4*. ~
4 ~. 9%.' tti.l btg

4. I ~ 9

444 ,,~4, II

''4 Hi ~ IL. t It
VOL.2 VJL*'I I ~

1'' A itr' 0l 1 1tn < IV ,t.t e!q; 1 it. A l y4 .>ni
L I t l.n wa tl Vt I iv .' t1 -1 ?'.I f(-. t
;tv on lthe lie ft W 1re i:silly fi' lill i an
thie tMlN o ir ii diepartdl.

N1Oralgia Pains.
Rthetimaltnl. Iambta mad selatlo
pitinei yield to the ponetrlking laumllee
if Hallard's Boow Lintmont. Is peo-*
trates to he nerves and bone *ad be.
ilg absorbed into the blood, its heallag
properties are conveyed tI every part
*if the dy, and *ffeet *ome wonder.
ful eum., MSo, & 01.W. Sold by
W. .. Johnson.

oe oft the flirtr ste s olm .ef Iemee a

T!e city of t'hututislei. the Meete of
tLe tIlMfevers' In 4'onfucianilii. In In the

V% Ms UU 0I U a 14 1,1. i t'1 Wa s *aI- ld. !. l a ... -..
ft hors, anJ th" :o 4 Uit ro prorvine of lhngatung, one of the Imol
Tine hors, ani the t,. I ie iertots RptIulcudtrtitet of the ortUnt. Here
1to t.he ow Conruclus was born. anid hero his
S.hers Prai Sin t l ti&te lie thurle. The toUam
Mothrs Prise I, wiIwh s i isntdd un out, otf he largest
Mother- evryvw!vire prlse Oneo ceuitertn i n the provine, about three
iInute ('v'il>l( C 'ir for lthe e'ifferingse nli s' out (rel the city above m1ption-
it he rylrvied aili t1 lt, t f at their ed. It one uf tthe nvust imhnloungl i the
li'l is nts *!- ,nvei'd. A certain wh l Te' mpire.
ourl fr cam h, 'r .Ips At ilwhooplaig Tih'e grave itself i sutrmounitell b as
earth tmlnnd hout twelve reet ln
co. th. A 1. .pallr d, p. .nastnaer ofh tr wiinl bout twelv tn t y
het>Kt. Ahr whl! murrowonded by a
C h,ter. Nih say3#': Iiiur little irl irt ,Ir of rwartel o ,ksa nud stately cy.
was ui-'. i*nai (freomt tranRulatilon pn:I reneq. J!et(or the u1wind 1 a
d rig it mtuddIls-' mini terrible attack of it Li.'t lI *ilt six fret liroAml n1l twenty
A' rnjp. O. rli 'n'jtIC 'Ougl ( 'tir-i'lekl ('t Irlvh. "I,'tu whlrb nar inserlbmd the
fly r-tIev.,d n t eired her At 4 [ etnnot ;a.'i i**'1 e~,iis 1e great founder
Ir l ise itI t o) I'ighly." lie Minute *of <'< ;'I I ", 0 religiotl lcd er4 Io
('olih ('ur*t rel:evru rimough, makes ,y over -4',, kX)mlllan ling*, The
irea.thlinlt onT..eats outt |1lelt..I draws ltrnil .,of tt;: Inasrlption. arn ordlng to
ouit Iitw 1iiamtion. antd removn e*e-iy rtllatle trni,,,,tioni. is "l'erfrct One,"
Ci'aun.r f'f aghth tntd .rain on lan,rg. ..A. ,tel'y 1'ure." "'i'ertfett e e g."
<,tl y iH d r-gg '<, r at rIlbhier," tireat Phlloophbr,-

S3dewalks a Disrace. I The anvenit which lends up to the
l Tho sidewalks on many of the pri. t.thIhlo-(hcr's teotIn iN evne more later.
Otipel torv ts of the city arv a dligraoe, .st.~ ilthll tlt I t n 11. 1 ilImet of burial
and rp es4lIy is this the ease aIs to he 11I4rif. ttn 'tch 4e,', otf elar' *'etltw are
walks in front of the urinett How. raw. of -fl-r:t f ; I u u imai a cut
East %amin st ree o .. front the postof- iill t,11,11-. t'vlr. vehplnatll and
tier to Met ormick's restam rant, and i nr.t. 1, a aniwl hltl d
iht walk ln frntt of thse building owned a, ithalf ,trr. I, rsts vt.lth otar los
by W II. I'llitr. \Vest llait street. be.- Uni ti h lin;t ;inny wiings. bwsdes a
ItwCIIn Ots.?'0 ntar"r and )tl Itiexpree Jnmultlt'tid of uinwi.tale m onmters that
ollt. T'ln*e bricks ol the-pi thorough. nvetrr H vel on the earth. In the we.
fares ar .Irn- utt, ithe walking It mi .- tr or in tho nar. 'Takert altogethelr,
.'rabler, tinti 1 imtoy br no i.irprisv to tlhe trial pinel of Confurlus Is one of
th' City .t I. ir.1 a uit presented for tlie ch ef SiLt o laltllrst I tlee oalr
.... qutP

injury at Miy Ti!?"

Do*n,'t Respect Old Age.
It's shP'tsiafl wh.'en youth fill* to
slhoiw prorl, rre .l','t four o:d agse, but
jolst the rontrery In the ease of P r.
Kintg's New.. lfe I'11. They Cut otff
smaIlliae no lnit) i'r tioiw sever Ilanld Ir.
relpwli'tV *t of m10. g. Py*oelgsia*.
Jt indt','r f vC r, '.llslt ittiton all yield
to htis pe*r;'i 'pill. f'1 at all drug

fater Can recover Money.
r nlt :. '. I .: N,, ?- Trh. rour.
of ai4pt .4 r a, .' ld" f- r the '#t; -
fendant I,1 ', '.iti I1' ith, tat.e Ito i -
iovw'r flit"* 1 l i v ilitly and lC Ipoilt
rompan' ,i lairylTsilld the stinm of $22.-
900 paid ut by former Sllat PA11-
tw" John $weiwupy. .imbletrite o(
oWadlers rtll l hbro by Uovnumotr Ty.
lor ti Jantuary mand rebruary, 10W0.
The company furnlshed Mr, BSener's

A Runaway Bicycle
Terminated with an ugly cut on the
leg of J. t. Orner. Frankliun tOrove. 111.
It developed a stubborn ulcer unyleld*
lii to doctors and remedies for four
yIear. Thet llueklkn' A ralnes Halve
Ourrd. It's Just as Kood for burns,.
sNald., skIn erptlions and plles. 2-o at
all drustores.
Otern Ittraetndld.
11". w 'oftolt." -ItI,1 tw. phllopelihr.
*nA tW'n it nir Ialtd l of his on ik tttit.
ne* Itsws tLi gret i iworkli
Ye'." answortod Mri. Cumnrm, "*a
wm Inlly If h has mutiny Ilnlghltera wh
have been to boarding m'hool."-Wash.
Inslon Ktar.

"Ildi Edith marry a title
"Well, she married Rounder, who Is
kanwn anlMIt town as a plsceM of goo4
MWtlow." -- Clevelandl iader.

ai rjo .t%

I ., '.

.. p" $, $iN '.. ."
*l. .^**^ h "
HERE,^,I t+n
H mMb~i




dnrplu. and O

eoa 'em

.ot nomm,.iii


I ,

Take The Atlant

FOR at1t

Rapid Transit and

Depart Nv SAXINSfU4

ispm pi Hi
TIS40DpI Spda

aipm AMM, I"> jMt

i.,, i.... *' .>*i_.n . *^ -- 1 k i^~



4:- *.
.44'i *": '" ",

Daily Oh

8 :AKJ l H, Ibd. m '
DalH4 9 _______s__:_

Thro ullmla
LiCi also via A tlie
for oo t pl-t laf U M .,
ap A+ 0OO0WIN. Awlu
Addro t :..
H. MN 1Wsn J69%hS%.w ot

- --.

I ~9

"R A T r.i '
'-R t "' k' '"",


* .' :."." a -'

I 1

9OUTh SH m AR .
Highesa meft priO MM INOm


, : ,;'.,t ,',

qwlw -W Mr."

4 . ,

- .. / .

'I r |

I .,%


. L

irIr ',i' . N,
r!:.,1:; .,. ,

. L. .I ,

&Uyliw^ttU*> n.utu'&
I S .flfl,, h M ,ik.qu l

,,,, h^U^~^^ ,~ &i 6 ,c^^^- 1,
*,''*.i MN~M I W w

.,wssMo *l
^ IM^J^ =azL t L ^ I

# Ot M Ri C O.

I. "- rl ..- ItI' ,
.t hiI ., mr.
ifty i,, (-I
V W,,o,' ,r
tW m* .. t B ,,ad hi
m o loIt 1h intfltes.
*fl*4M W9* y th1 h ttp.

* spve wfirwift met. who
Two W "s .

t06 tto ate hinq
* 3

www wiww w wi w -wit w
M t'..b..P.f lf.l,.' h........... ... i... .. .... _+. ....

Yun Men's

Cloth fng, ,11

Weo N,11 the

Comrrt Clothes
l&nUt l<(0. l!y 4Hilsl ios
('O.. ilD llt ninv, .

'I tv i~Ii*4~ *, ~
~4 I
I '~ ~ F ~V ~ ~

At / ~

Iv ~ r'v!

YO lifIs 1)11 .I t ''l q ''i.i tgiiu .li1 ,.. "
tats (W f1tiun'ihtr with lhl t' aki si
Ihey knwv I thit, I. th.w t,'m;n uout
clotheo havi nil Owtho* U t it ih l%%
that warkh the well.1o),m )P t 1 t1 ,V, 016 th,; Ihac in l'"^ Pi "- S I,-.

They have compIl*t Ily re\uolition- '
u, d the itle of reI13y-to.wtatr e, l( 1 t.
lig and the man who has 'the iner.
chant taillor habit"' doesn't kniw w--.
what he is missing in up.-toldat
style, pxquiite wwkmnnship, .
..ior quality of ,mattmhrial, fault. H
s fit, practical economy, ift' he has '
neU r Investtiated tchloss clothe", wsh. MeeSr
The suit shown in the picture ih BALTIMORN NgawYOPK
particularly popular favorite with young t' iw who ltervi -iY'a-' on from
swagger apparel.
$uch a suit would 'wt probably i ., t a re~'rnt t tml'W :l tinth i
good. We have your exact iit here, at


4 *1
'Ta A

From $12.00 Up.

"lmrep In and let wu I talk it ner."


Outfitter to Particular People. (. < AINE. ILi .tl, L)I DL |

.____ ..._______0.....f___ __ b


. : . . i-. '.-

-.---~. lit 1-- -.

: I
t h. but. a
0 0wo ph manta. at M.

4Mtakn a h1n

t h sw1h mlof ttf"-Pbllitm -
",WM twt', u ,e ..tbnt the I -it
WeM p Noi r. ht pudl. nt 1g1
KJteUHoolof lliUfc *s'"-P h iladel

lbs paimmi e ib. ,puddfIr and"

,t .:tWh* t m enlo Rxpvt n.
r : *w ~ j intih boll t tt 'the ut a IM

I.m ki jA uljnt t R xpa ss,

ilee Bitters.
no .D

h", ,,. W.'",: *

iflilE^R~gg ^A ^B^ C ^jt&^ikAk



i. .4 WEIL & CO.,

k ur",


hIt Ltes fotO n0tt&tI u4 swywza.
(ti lt shoUTe sW. avar
pairF wrrahted.

J. lIei,.


U'. .i~~Z~44MMAd4A.r. I --

Many Dftitnt Arriving to Atte
New Orl ans. Nov. ,Il,-hetwern T
ad t10 deplepI tes *ud their (amiltie
ITe here today to attendt a tltrveda
Wflastn of the Asocailluth of tCollus
&ad Pvpratltory SchoolR of the Hiolth
Thie matnItt will be hIld In (1li
ion Hall cirf itulao uilvh'erpIty. Thi

p l 0 1 N T S IECTl.V 1 l N Z'rN
Sf:;:vo.f> LII.H1ilYoti 'IlFNII CT
i ) K.. .I. n ;IA0M 1 'r % F..M .T F L. ks. Sl .
a' (rr*'r thee.' IItiu fT'wiUt INintR *ilA re'siei'ttuiljy
solicit a stnar. of your asuieves.

Fire, Life, Acildnt and Iealth klsurame.

I--Agents for tht--

Victor Safe and Lock Company
Oirt. o -rat ati. Ohito.
The. "Vitor" is hr htr niafe mad antl parties enstoiempi It*
Ing the purNi h se*~ ( i aaf, or Ayithig in that line.
I From a lmox toIm lnk vault. will v#Av n mlolni
by .enmultting tie. Call on or adldrnu,.
? Information heerfuly furly hinP uAtlI \'. II I .E FLOI'PA
* ISt;-----.-..tS n-.-s.",tn.,ttt--I
Sp.g fa a gr


assalatlon was. trm4i te'n )yearn awl
thromth the Iristrutntalaly of Van.
dTrittl unat.v rnlty. It h1 abiuit I,"
mawmhers repreentIng Ihe prlicipml
0tC4 tlwlotil lnsttitutmions of the south.
Many istl lItWtiuhd eduitatorts ae on
the program. leortge i, I t1ny, ol
WRnhiRaton aslid.t L mtlvqrUy lt*I
preildoit ot tihe as olatuion
Olsastrou Wrecks.
O re esimn Ito ponstbtl for many
a railway wrtek and the sam# emuaes
a" mkntal humta winks oft ateine
from thrmal and lung troihblef. ut
s1uInthe Stenl o( Or, KliIn's New
Dlimeory for oBnsumptlon, oouigh.
,...A A-.. ba--at.. I aman Asa"29MW ihao



- Montezuma


On the A. C. L. and S.

None Better in


- Hotel

A. Lo Rys. V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprieti
the State at $2 a Day. Porters
Meet all Trains.

4 . I -. . ______ ... 4~ -

1133 t 8 .Arn




- -- -mom


*I -r--~ -

_ _

6. %

.M L '

I o I 1 4, k I I .. )% i I I

Ir', ,


:K Ai *tll T A(lnl;Lt n oimpvN .VRK 4 II,

jiA A* i k

1k O i f l

4, l9 Ii'




* .


Oki' i t '

9, "~~




I l S i l ,"li' I t.'' ,.

qi )>' l.i~l !r I>< I' 001 1' I 1
SR..t "s ''0i 'i.tlio I i * i!
biqi, g %i 'pal

p p ie,,,
''' I *Rt1 1% i 1t

V I "\ f .Iv i V -4
raIt. U %\IA l

3. Cr. P. o i i', Irior,

I.fLIt I I Iit L, 1 1 VI ,

i 0'" (',tio1r' 1 lmir.

Ut riit h, ''* .'i urr,
WIL. zAM I 1 N'' r

IJ T. Af .,'\..

SIi A I ',IA thlN.,

i. JOHN l IU1il AN,
#It, II, .I,'4Iit.1
,ornor i

4f WrS i 1. Cl I.,Y it \.' I .ttI

S I Alt frt l t.ra- t.

.* *I i d, I 1 l 1?,

U, A, trs *l.l t,
S !A. 41 t i :: n .

,IO'**-W N
,., 't of hIhN' P In tI, tion.
S W. M1. tlhu't i.',1'.1,

^.JOH t. MUl.UAN. ir
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01 I ; I,
I r r ; :r1 >I 1t h l?

p ,i t 1 1 1 4 9 t t , . t*;,' ,,l v ji ,
i i 1 i srt "i t m w o >ti. it' s ., I,11,

F it i t 1o t I ': r rn i % I w' It I l iKliiclt
ti rt'tl i"l aQl, is t~i t a'.
S t I4 irmI I I ti (tII i 'si itt e lif t .
i ..*I .hia l kvt li-on "r tr lit ry s h a|,
v Iin l r1' ct 1r 4 1 iti tm lt rt

in' I* tt riro I4tll Wieo llholt-

orioi ( l ttIl o i 0d iv' I tI' llit 'tr0to ml t1hi4
a 1" I .h nt,.1 t urto,. is ns anthn nwin
.li o aisr t 14e * j 'ist tiatiC|th l 's nk.
Ii. he it'i r.,' l Ie l ant whio j vailt
Lj rii t r t gii ti i t' wt lit' o n litwho
o' id* tal f .lt' Ir <' i lm itriin off thit
t w ri, nr i t ir n miles, In owini
to! th. vt ry low eitpilttii of ihe "inlk-
j h!l!l." Wo'i n tlh oto i e lt tK ielm r pii
Vahin, whon i r l i tast la' warl miel h

MeOahis', tkind g k ilb odith onrl somt
f. tet 1 n t .u l, h ,t.' lim I 'tlif o il! Otii
t litIt f t, oi lr nt, uI l

** - *
i r t,0 iAslitd ;iiJ i iil Klii itl
\firn, wa hotr hti f tit1 olk firliit Iii t
o fml. ki td' y i nt I lt% llI I dit i t n l A
i I kitl itih )t ti 'liihni d ntehr to h i itA lh
fa e f al babtit le, Ti' t i iou laD Mii.

torIe, w \ is w eitlh iW fsogr Ute fulrot
tllien, of r.uit yhaut*'r, mor Si lof ulgmtrlt' oair dliotmk ik t Ruitonly

I wall k Frop I urlll hti slll iiip li-hil f
ito tI. t hi tixtla" Io *luo ifhuehl for

lu or glass Iir Hos ht T ry
wat;$r ftr fnth;l'ory op hust ontihtfi.
tI bl prot le o tiho kleiM tureO i.t i toi m it
s tl iklnu witlrr. Tlih tllit acf llit
trlSumiini lhouMl ItO kpiiit lit rhtii0Rfrle
Ill orT atlha It111 Il ,
\h ter seaidh0,1 or rtuip has develop.

I tikltableyw mii ktonieltm,. I t(h*lili <)4t ii
to'lphiir. I 1hr I r tlir tuto itt ritl's
ikie nll an iliid i 'iiierse thI 1 l iof the

iots line' niItry nuid hul, wh.dis h.'
hal Ii lltarge l itiit rl.

In .tIil so li lm 1 ita w ilhere' gtf tI will
n1t1 g* i i ts. tit l i t bh m i i liil' lji4'tr'

S(mr. .ntaih M rct.ry

Is rtse of mn'it mnii naopleily dr Wang
I tl whrl* o 11lin4t vm semtebisg it

ilrittuig" lihs uIO1','t ls6 r4fao' lti*. Mlob
a tt lilhe s itiuituii %Wv li it n \srtiNcept
ion ;lttbsi tio tt i tliu f ntin rs iu ilti tl pth .

to allow him. mindl to stiffen 'e, a tho, dam1a 0 they will d. t1i

SAge is a mental *ls ae. .,iri flt.p ii twiln ) I, 4i' i al, ril
('1i rp, coinu IN 'l tr.l 'd ti I". J 4 lr'n'-110pY
kboui by mcl tll t'titiT.otlt t'o, ro '1l' ii si. tul il! isi tmonerro .
ly uis old as y1m fh'( l .iol k i!kit'i o tiaei tll v, ftllihi I t l,1i .
C. .. i t. i t.... r fi>. t iiiL.i.i ll pifii -< .

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41 I! 4"Ikvht 9iiita

\ v4 t 'no 0 .1 90R1 10yg tht6
I! s'iiI. *u itt o 'a 1.. '',r.odmI Wlih t h -
it, l Ili- 4 I li f 1 I*,,* i),ct th) h,'
i I le 0 I w oit h IS ifOw itoI dIItt*l, i I
011011 t 11 w i'.i' k it 4pti taiito

l'.'iir,. ( i' g' h 4a tttt ,'V t t o fi Ni

r ,1 thi tti, ik-hl.. r t,' l f "t hiS( )ofe

haIimat l'ftmgrt hif 0elPEl'l
S , to erty tndianll11, Yutvo have
f., !lIeh ItI with Itei thOsIe Stsay.

4tP4t0i no Unite *%ame,
Mmait Ivili'Ii i'-i ~I' r now 1i1knwA
tiy %Imat wv orloililrtly itlknant*if
TItW ws titMti. i mSIn1 lit l h'rtll ith, hln .ve ctq4 nu iImowi m11to 0l impra
Mic 1i Ihitsi. 'Mthet 111em1" 'was a
itki mi tl otm srliliall a III mll4 til mtlkqlmltai. illa11d I,, o IViWhmil aMid his
tfrinpkl tma'nItw,' tih'y liv'nl by rule antd
tchntl.K Eveio ry' ntie k.iiow% what it I
now. Pl l,.p klu t l Uike w trdl "Qunkere
W llo til I i.t ( itlt 'ou' t1' W 1in lhl ti
tnb W41Y it w eot ti th wrnltr" ww* oik
lhor Wy Ito1 if r lonl tttlo)ly wheql
itWittiig u ,rt.i v ton it uo t or fun Iot ,

"I'It no whl li>* Iit.t of your etsn.
mpaolty Kr1owi ImiI lt htmirelitns rnvov-
r" l inl tlhme tnhitohn i |IIiA',l'l wife,
"W% n'p 1' hit i fonr nnow of ltip

41,"1#11'sW iwi!m" nnlkl Ol11' ltoh
burgi wa itino gll1thim ndiint lnrh wE".
"1'haOSU whI?" tepliEkdd l iblnt
cmlln)I "II'- i'v im Ithnktl lip in tbs
otilw misat where tl.y 014't ptl at it."'
lh'bllmfetrlin ldlet.



sad SI0 lN T Ii0tiLeS
ftt fli~ .*lt S.y t*'

I f , o rb 1
, i t ,' I .*



^'-A i~ 4k~ Ao (I *^ i % I& T

Wm'I 'll + -l l ,+

Cream Veriiug i -vii



IillerdeS4ow Llinlment Co.
*T. b* tOu, fMt.
For late b W'. o JdlJab.m

- r u.

SS &q



s. 3. VOTES. X0R.. M *,,
051111. L, -Bo ....1 "Q
Abttm Ti ,and ul htfu l j 7 m
Is tkeur ghoy eMannn7

rit, 1VftNI'.r, kIROLARV ANID I. M

11.* 2"LWWW"".1 i J.LJ IIM MaM M

... 1 1 L*j* '.

" ,v.w ;lt,. ,r n e'o nd mri,.w

t y0'i pty (Or whel yot buy lad;
kio.W what you are buyti.

rdtnaritly Invhiblib soty w tl mwS b



lat r i*w*i, ljrnn(klnpastse M neeatd. unt tiwsbbe&

' I

,,. .. .- I 49


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bJ tm.tAI O NI

"ij ). .A.,^ ,*' -i ^ *"b ..'" K- ".1 lh^ *. ." ,I ., . ;' 1" i i,i"" ,

AC6. R '


(4 r" .g4Hides

OA MlVtI lIlVIJR l, l jUe* t ,,11,' ,,
QAnaci rtA I >I I" 41' i)\ i HAiII

. 1 ,,- k," , I


Mt heP.~g ~
I' p. C

A ",K i

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Fr aMIWulii

kilel 0" t.
3w tfllr. ,41."
IkI It 1S

$ ,0

lthw:.i sA )I v 4v
WIN' 11 ,II
111VIA'k lie)40.

4 tk

It t1-4! t, .Ik
% 4

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a r I. .



'4M ltelk1%tk
us o wast. ivw ^\
H Hnimo

LOIs' .

h ir m mhokAalttats i tlm hmt "ro s n orCi'u:Ajftg Al! & A e l* I -'f ,,
OWI rWiset W It With its own TIll h1ti At. Luiiw. Tot i d .' 0'
enhn i t l~S ,Tthllow s er.
~S~lef l e ads S btmulisshb at w t mlshbl nlmila mad s a m et m'.t '.o-
WonU Wo piow a aluib No *Mus iastol ntmrultrv tio ,.,ItW ,.: .,,
Deal 'dohe Sppw CmnIfle, Wa. Tflmwar. he iblaitldhu, e l.

ftrpm to poete "A W vetO M Ioromua. marp ower *hourr fully e e
hbs'.I PtWnear A nt. we Wetis ,it.,.. b

Air Line Railway
i . ....o.. ......w

Mi i,..It Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
a-- Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
low', delphia, New York.
i+-TiT Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard. Express.

,1 DM Seaboard Mail.


L eArnmu. n& Only Line Operating
", b.---- Tkfkgh Pllale S lwape from Jackaomvile to New Oritan
'I. """' "* _ I--I-I--
W'- lll ationad ln p te r rei ritloi. eMill oi fan j nt SnatboftNl o
'..V.. ,t--rt- A. O. AcDONXLL, 8. C. RO'lTOS. Jn..
Alst. G*a 0"ral N e r Aelnt, Panftlm r Agena

n es voille & Gulf Railway Company
Time" Tab)l l oewt Julty ,IN.
!-g** ggg & H. - 6 I -* -- \ .

ISUAUSRLI L?, Dsiy. WTATIONIA, Dans. t l4J^xtn
lb R-I"eSIUI 'iz',,v,' o ii ,.
.i "& ... t. an i Pit M'L V .. Ar. P M Ar A N At I
F. f-... .......i.. ....m.......tMthl........i.... .. ......
,_ .k .. .. 3 .. see t.e....It-t f .~... .... it tit *
a. its,, to 1h ,n Wte i .l no .., . ,..... . *.., DI, muinf .... ........, ....... 4
SI tPIO CARS tt$dltto :.t.o..%jt 4.t* 10... S Itot384
S l. iA 1 ., .. .. .........,... .._b UIkui atel t. ..... ....... ..... ... 45 s
S. . t .. ...... *...... .*. ..... op *6.... ..... ... .
SS Ii .,.,........ .... .tl ,.,t**o* ***, ,** *.,, * .. .. &.1W
wMMJM^ --tf *I I ....... ...... ........ J, .****,***** .. *o***- ....... a.0s
... ....,. ,....... ... .. *., 6,w*e... ..... *.. .... ... . 4 4
I TM$ nAMOU i ...,........... .........Mooky ol............ ... ........ 4 o
Pb *gtXIt FLYtER bU. l::11466ttO.... t.. t *0.4l6 4' 4S
a i 5 o 1.... a .. a . ao,,p ..........lsPi nsy*q...... .. ,.o .....
..6 . . i9 ......*t, ese,,.. .. e ,,....... ..., 4. t
1-.i ,' """I0A o t is
A= *a """gams W eIhem 61M S ..
'" 'L- i'"f't' .i. o w t1M ...........G0hui..... .... i t s i 6
wt s w w wL 'e 34i 5 t iar 145r4661 s ... ,
a+_I MtIS A itmWlb k slo..T. l r SII ..-'.eq a&-utuI rm

i ,14. 4 4 .
t .

14 I t *y i.'k

4k f

ST kti


""en&e kht
Mathushe ? T
1Mm as as wqwt *uttv 4af
%b "w 0% *so t wi. % *A % u.u

Ludden &i Bate
Safthr lwlc Be
T r r, rsnw...

Noti al, Statt old CmptmenI
at Ticket 1I04.
Pytnidenistl I ethtt.
0 F. tRUium-^M-ItkItutSw~at$
UO. t^nbiatsn M0ikarot *'4
t U. A W \\t44- %aSit,,, ,,att
A. M lGuv$a v -. t\tm Vh is"l, I,
laie, Hilisboul,,
8Re letary ot t&tV.-1.% tl.t tI I
Attornc.i hnnr p t I- es LI *
ly, l.vv-,
T *0ut4r--K A& tW vftrsf. lM t
i-up nttendi ,mr of 0, t'l .IM .
Commlptuawrof Agrikwuttui-
Rowley. Puluaml,
Rallroed iwnnmiaiote -- It
Ritwiht., M. Joists.
Just fte wm. CNur e *** 1
BIx itMr-W, I. it Itpp K. ~MilNbw
Justices Murpmr Cu\t #I W
N k l. .

Is land i



$ '' *,

- L ..,
, "'.^^^^H^ '' -" ^ >^






NIV I , I .% I


m -


WMjk& ,

', ..'l. ., : .. .* .
. i > t *

I Nj


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4 4




% V.,


it, ~>.

',4,, + . .. .. .,
^. .. '- ., ,. 4,. '., 4
4. 4V,.'. A '<, I i 4.
. . , *.. ,. . ,.

"" .- VX '' * ti 3
'!'% ^ '' 'I .' \ 4 ,,
" 1..... *' " i 1 *[,
ihN .... %' , ?- 1 '. .
',. i"' , * ,

,r 7~%srb

g ifi e1 do # tgij lbs
k to let < for sie (

& hi

U NRI i% A1% 0-tVm c
m* Il ri.'t N~ V "~

5 bf h % t-6;b1
. %"Ak A%


va 14

'+ -I
r4h ,,

* I

w ., *,

r' t'ho

.. ........... .................. 7 7 + ,? + +
..m i .,i .. 1, . A -. _

S- "_ -----1

., IENTISTv...


% h' ni t,6. :i4

% hpe b w.

:1 I ,,


4..' ~A* ~. beesit's

p.liNt 'II*
m ,; 1trn th
*1 h 'ItII hey

r t( hr

. -. j r ..'w

L~~. hi m 1er


" a a bitc Day Ssct.

I. ,, o( 1 4 a% taksee P 'erNly s,;k with kid.
1.- f t F4 flr tro le. I rirt $l ait ors of muodi-
I h* h% MftV <* k.**q bflC ?f thiwti v'r(wrq4 mc i(se
laj I saw an aM4 o yTour tAV:Ele<,rit Bit
4 I"" t ,,~*f And torrnietAieUN to try that Afttr
4. yi 'Ytd1.rt af few 4 do*" I fIt rert'4. amn
". i S ,n it. reastev at ematiirly cured,
4: *I I iM hat rit s itn a st J Iay *Sinme.
i.' ,t.*'ci m tr' t mtw h rw ^tw'e n* e4 of
r r .r *1" u neatt aclt hi r ind kd.-
' r3't f* and rrr.r's it, ditily '
'. ",4, ,t;El.HL a *T -- -'- .-'

% t t rAA ~

Ii ~ 4mt ~ Ok&


laca arlor

Alachua Pool Parlors,,


Di. A it

, .1<



A .1, .,

M'h -I 1. \

) i I 1 1
'l"^ *N~i,,,, Hx,,e,
., r t

fi .

A., 4tai pf t ,.i. LIh.;% ,, tjr'.' t t,'l. .
SAt 416 t.%. t '.,, mw-n.

CAII ll ,iil

Ietl biLae., Comvr*eneing and tien.
rl Ito te Al Abu btsinmn tpromptll
IM1< Alw, Oft-t< nmxin dwrtsogn


r i I .o I.aiIA.

ta 1 mour lely rNpeiprt, im.
powrd lad smaimp re4d), p mophste,
tweklAadt fa em I landc4. &IMd him
tlk14 ofr what you oIt, r tr Nale J 0l4tn

AwtoN Ka-aarLAw,%

iAINNVII..E, Aleho Co., FLA.
tbe Isa tsdel Block.

Dt STiS &
t>ee|MoI te-eihe AssrsalI

O"DeOM a&t Bn Mt.

Jacksonvill and N
Ce.iilng sTOH*aRlatWO6.p,,
,,e rot to n
Clyde New Egland B
Vitrdikeyn JACl

Southbogm. *.. .* ., ..*.,.IS
Satboh u *.., ..,,., "

1M Y k. JohiiNr
L ettws n JAC@ SOMV. Stb
Stopping as PSIStS As

n, e JaisyU. tSO .. p. a.
Larn* Sasthed sRW pa.

!s::: :::; ; ., .. ... ........ .

A- on i0 l .. .... .. .... .. .Aa
Por &M. I s a.,e**. A

A. a* _. .. ,.,., ....

.ashom" at

Ste"asm"eia Mt w Ocrewat* I4lC nrt.

in A. *.a,* mn'*c tm flw YoTt Ctt0 .
AuM. Wate ualaaaima
.t, I4U LAW 'Mm" 4r." .
- WE-- - ACG- S

..P.I.NE .. -- J- i Liu-wodsAF-XO St
S ftrel~ns ?'rwqfrtur. FORK MfsiKSOL frroiw~co.
t%0MW W. lj 14, k.'&t SR.H ARR Ibs P J'ARVnIS.
SkFaust tcwcr boi and dreughi fle'sD
tail to cmli o we whkc is JscksonIttl
1 pINis.1 0:. *E l tM 1 3i'tvt. s*uth I..!
&,to % e arK i. t v rt t-t'Ka, tab .- O
tnai ihthas, eevr pvewr wtnSd eommne. DR HAR^ RY** l.t^= JRl
, ra x Tt p y^u ie nSetda'j lriuted asat aiwge e*tMett4____ lXA Sl~~
~~EN~ $1'RGEONr~xN<

iPAOTh- LQA$,, .

w 0

m o ll- oil
m" a...
1s-im,^ Pwdr'- fbsi

A wqs sur9.4t. *gmeiOS
sprea w shot Spud' gso4

men wn Uas W.-sfl- ..-
Lt:L, tB A
*..- ,* ,* *P ,: . ii .w>i

q14I ls -. 4,444I ",".-


ET^^ .S ,I .IIPI'IIN RY >' .-c tr MI.r L|w' *E^.r.c Utf ,.

y > ,' "' -o iktituqm to 3ha. Llk-o
R i' sktt'c eatalataand Dommestle L ey Promettv
... .a "i *a wa il" in0 "r city.

W^ ', '<* '' t ,' M 't ,t& T.lin Aitsi M E .
i) .. j.a. 1-4A ... 1...I -I

'ia f teRgiNw, 1%iingti* and Lo t*ie
44n PA r k hT'
. ^ -,.. ,'% f -..- .,. ,IU W, FSRI ,_ i m m a
D*14N $1 I$% t 1'9 Pe h* r ti hait ftn |4 high
h.. ,, ,Th,,,h.N ,t mts ,u t ,.iyne w,,swa Th $17h.L. Jt t1 ) |i 8 ,
htet s *tt *s : a'eev4rsh g ea t i sLr a onitle Co St. Look.
S4^ Y! ^r s 'a ac'inn i .sa kufls iw Car Lote. Sol as emn A4TA..m
,'iwevrt,, A t. R 1 it* West

27 q4i1aowoOr %u IThe Atlantia c CoastC

S1D Baird Harware Co. O wWsdLfLvvh
N f^, .0 ,, '. ,"e ," v 11 ,& i , *. J. ..... 'i
gNPA VOtvu @Qttg --i OALI.AVrLLS, ILA.

-s. -: V ie a L & *o 3,3, ------ I .ouTr Btewns' OYIId ,

, ^4 I m v%, -1"t v l ow ^fack s N t IA /w o at P A t #l ,, a w fln %,)N I twu n It.stane i Oale dally. Good 111 l4e. S. 6l"d:.*M tW
.$ i... .u k \ mil l. ern-twr 15. 1,, ..I., 39 ,- *,, --*-- ---- .v
l.. bI, |', Lel l1i l ti tyi dt ",7.,. w ,, t c .>.. 1 ti n .. .'
'hI ti ,ht *h. N (',ty "i n~ig l),w ratil rm other *' "' ..'
tlhi pres-n. m y M\" vm 1I '. k TH j" $ 2 9 6t atri, ty.|1
|.. (v^ and ^ a t e^m ,o I l I t,, 1,at* B eau an, +T. ,v ,. sstates how care. \

I' ... ..'*' *' '! "' /:
S! 'X.9I

1 /,



srw* .


, , f n +++",,<


I -



lerritt Corthell
I legirkrn, lerilda
) 3' w I. 'i : N .w i.
I o ev. E 1k and 51.-
Mvoul amd adtt.m

,Ntillvily Two ?)aps OOnly
m OSE Parlors
SullnIatlion Free.
9qtbM l Wtn WUle v l fr-
tA. Friday. tote. tad.,
['SI il 41k leek.



N. d 0S rul Interest Oath.
Imd by Our Reportm.


E happened and What is Going
Told in Short Paragraphs
7"ls "He Who Runs May Read"
wMI Cashma k Hill.
pa p&pers for sale at he Sun
bRomon'u Wonlderfl SivSav for saleK
W.oCollum A x.
S9tl1 line of fancy frinite and can-
a 1O. 8. Merchant A Co's.
P. Bapn of White Spring. spent
in Gainesvill- on bognegs.
l. JeA d of Jaeksonville was regmi-
S thi e Brown House jesteraj.

at the Brown Hoive Jes.ter-

', Duke has returned to Dunnel-
$bher* brief visit to his family

blat-Store Royal Cook former.
lM. Address Thomas V. Por-
'ii Ville.
Sehban W. Ettel of White Springs
tll a afew days here. Friends
to see her.
bItle-Second.hand lienemore
ler. Will besold cheap. Ap-
p IIfaBosttoiee.s tf
Ie.Hmneeny. a prominent citizen
Ad, speat a few hours in this
1 biulsess yesterday.
rJ|.~i mlth and son. Phillip. of
7 were in the city yesterday
The Sun an agreeable call.
Ln. Riley, formerly of Wade but
L Nkibe headquarters in Jaekson-
sh spending a few days in the city.
0l0iy Sheriffl W. Livinpiton and
kinM. MeLeod of Newberry were
Ig the visitors to this ltly jester-
L Sanehez. a progressive citizen
I was in the city yesterday
I," The Sun a profitable and
1. seater of Roehelle. W. J.
el Alaehma and W. J. Bethes of
tNm wee among the visitors to
oSy yesterday.
I Llghitrey of High Springs, a val-
S.pleoye of the Atlantic Coast
lSope, was transacting business
helty yeeteeday.
t$. Gekhim of Montbrook, one of
Iftlmd employes of the Tyler Lom-
0r8opany. was transaeting busi-
si l this eity yesterday.
dtiesd fraise are now in. such au
raisins, currants, evaporated
eot et. et ome of
item 0.. S. Merchant A Co
S. Owens of Jaekso nille. former-
tjs cleity. was registered at the
St HoQUse yesterday. He was en
it High 'pring. on business.
SA.Carraway of Alachua was in
lWi PeYterday. lle has charge of
0I4mps of the Atlantie Coast Line,
iSbOard Air Line at that point.
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.i Atr a p irasal rt this l i ton, ad will Lno doubtI msk
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~ *tAt e. rw a n Jabsenee of several months
"Ii r 2.,-8t t'lday ir g 1e0 'imll Klmess and Mirourr, whe.r hI has-

I .r r,- -r. nicely fIr ihed his hinee in this ity. Mr. elfforids
ie onwas in ill he alh w**hen le aving M
Sr,.. r.IP,,irt h. elation In but f rieds will hbe gratified at the ia- N
o at asti l.itry treett formation that his condition is g neatly
Improved stand that from no on there
S1 '. an nof Jacksonville, 1a isa ladieaslioe that he wll improve.
mten. r .e firm oM t oe millerr & HewisiHed the grLnt World's Fair a *JLrIO nM e wOeN .
M al ,ard C. r*.-rTy (-com nTiri. was regi,. St. Lomdr. and delares there can be "a I mPer wn be hmS tl S iis

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Watted-. n-latr workman to health.ATAL L
nlr h,1* and copress hil n le byon At eion is directed to the bang* oATwisL TelLET 1 m.b
triart ~laetine now reade So runt. of adverl ianlems of "Thle Big Stoes o,
Addri-* whwith rtnfrDeen lt-sb- ties. W. Hyde. whilh appmrs n the %Te B S d-tlor C-W-
bett A Co Wylly. F. F d2l a pla i. ti tIssue.l And LALgd .
W. 1.. htarry of Alacha was a tinhe Hide es hals lare nue omber ol. of1- L
yr) yeshtr-rdnay. Mr. Barry. up tol dlesmnu t hisN Afallad i u aaT d wMa- "k
few m'outie ago. owned mia d operated tier alllsery opening, soad. WM id-. af
with arelt I uee a portable saw mill lighted with %he elegant stle whiek Atthle W. H. Paler t
but suod the .lame to J. E. FuKgste. we ehirbom te The l filled Th,

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Anmozg the prominent visitor. to a Mstill a display, sd those lies Osey, when e west at es mllc
thaos e'.y .es-erday was Captain 3. F. who have notes eleted their ti l herlo rllm addilto h lh h
Jacktor, 'if tr"son, one of the meot and imter boaneas would do well to oml. Pke tk hihome. of
widely k.,twn residents of that ee- call and aspect the ale, whkl is s"t lam Shaml
't,. H.o eane on business aid spent batg l lg is varied. Mr. Hyde etm lb I ui aal
thu rtI ir,_ day here.t mina !made. of The SoU that 5eol0 the paperywi. esOelbs1111I .
WV. W. Stripling of Jacksonville. a weathewisoleming, and The Big Sobn keep abpeast of oterlelms umil
memn,-r of the tfrm of the W B. John- is the place where the p tple to to- umdeided poadd a rem a' iS
son Comnp.t ri y and traveling salesman leettheirrugs, drlggtle and blsakets.bedi e l o a am b m
for firm. was at the Brown House The piesm a re aranteed rikt. satd ti h mwselr eac the- s -i
yert rday. M r. Strip g is well known the oods a as fl* as ever eam* o m p e.
and quite- po uiair in this section, sud (ia|esavlle. Wodte will o hai
Ocjjoi a alhe Irde. Welt 7e will the t rnmb,

man of the traton & Knight Marnufac- 3Aatie sM Odd Fe.lgs.
turning Company. mill supplies. Mr. The evlar weekly mem M*S
fifa., notwith:ta;iding he is a very tae*Sw*o L Noge Ii, L O. O. F.. vi hbe
you ia ni. en joys one of the most lu- ftow4 I j heMaS leg mPmm this11w wel s
crative trades in this direction in this hRA .-psoideIk. t, bee*l Mbe "i.
ectiu n. A faul lS-d-" .. dehI, S 0la
Will.e. the eight-day-old son of Mr. leg brobemn will reaflive a ed .wlwd
and lMr. 1Moses Edelstein. was she PDPIDVlQ Q9AhD AM DhDU X eUS.

subject of a grand ceremony ye ter-
day morning, when the infant was -_ -
paced under the rite of circumelsion
at the home of its parents. The Rab The Cool Weather...
bi from Jacksonville was present. mad
there were many friends who aeepted Is now upon us, and we
the honor of mi, invitation. 'the usual have comment to sell
ceremAny was performed, and the
party drank to the health of the In- Heavy Goods in earn-
fant. est. We have some
Attention is called to the advertise.* -
ment of Judge J A. Carlisle, which Sp I Vms In L ladi' U-
appears under the profEssional head- A
ioxs in this issue. Judge Carlisle is (erwe at .K p nm
one of the oldest and most widely
known attorneys in this section, and is
enjoying a luratire practice. He also
has a real estate department to his
business which is proving quite profit- In Men's Underwear..
able. and this should be no surprise,
since he has been here many years ad We have som0 e good
is familiar with every "cut and cor- ones at $2, 2.50 end
ner in the county.o e sat Small
__12 J ul $r 21it

00. sow warMB Es

iedbone. Mis., Sept. 24, 190. Capes and Jackets..
Dr. K. W. Hall, St. Louis Mo.-Dear For Ladies and Chil.
Sir: In reply to yours of a recent
date in regard to the efficiency of dren juSt received, and
Hall's Great Diovery a a kidney you must see them to
cure. I can safely say that It I well.
named when they call it a WO(NIIEIR. appreciate the values.
I have suffered with a weakness from
the kidneys for years and have tried
all advertised remedies for the coin- A LINE EATTINll .
plaint, as well as physicians, and Hfall's
Texas VWonder is the only think that AND U * .
has given me relief-I ought to say.
has ef eete anabsolute cure. J11t Opelitl up. Rugs
UKtie. Ilo0,N, from 25c to $3.75; Mattings

A TEXAS WONDER. from 121c to 35c. Some
One small bottle of the Texas Won- Special Values to offer.
der. Hall'. irea t discovery. cures all
kidutey att bladder troubles, removeT
grade cur.diabetes. seminal emni Come to the Busy Store
astois weak anud lame baoks, rheuma- and we guarantee satisfac.
_-- i .....Il lt *ta da I La l. kd

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