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Gainesville daily sun
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MAOA r L, I *, j

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______________ U


Shvsni to Rve Na tco by


AM emw* he Wmap- b,. .ys.


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early to'

loot ad
tr M.

tad hb
nt worth
a wa, -
the has'

an three
s depart
anted 4w

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of the
end of

sma to ppm woM bn is
m d bhe as tiu r wa to tbe

-wa se d laga. We

t4 l"ams eot uo the pOer to ivse tkb
dlaim to w Pero wbo ie mht be
ards the lip&. The fare ut oI hlls

Tb. damNed vemSl.s were all mew,
ept he Citt d41 Plorm of the Ital.
tea lime.
.blea tg to the AamferataHawai
lea leamshlp pYr were the
Ateree, the NbNrasha and the Ar
tmoa-etoai the 5it la the Atisatle
ad Paelle trade.
The burneta perm were the largest
to New York harbor.






BreWh, akall t
Rom3 1 t I4 tall dow a shatchway.
4e: VWhk oy Is the hoW of the Cittadi 4
leSe b' two bemrs, while Are on
the v-set wte all around him.
As to the ht a of the crews of the
175i sA vk lagg 'deWal0 Is kuown. Tbhe
nesats wee the Amerlean. Arlsolan
M&ad nebto s, ofthe Ameriec and
2Smb3$ MW m1 *Steaahlp company, and the
SrO SVtS 1 dPalwmor of the Italian line. 1
Wmu w ary wnrpd tightly to the pier
S saMd tugs could sot set aloupide ow,
to the l-tImse heat.I
RlP t t the Ire a of Ineadiary Ua-s
tue Is the beliel of two priate de-
I tstives and two We4tshmen.
H .- .l. Tusday LornIagl fire la one of
o I the m ay piers of the 'oompaay also
2X. atSArte iterlously, aad destroyed
P AauiS ^ a4.00W to 7,00 worth tof action.
3 lfj Mush Ilet1lag t Is said to eist beI
re t Rem the rge t, Thieal tpauy and
thi" n* fel4etas of t aelihboru
BS byBg r*meha hib eeuse the company dlsired to
oese prta Nt South Brookly streets.
SAftW Teaedaya re the t eapany em.I
a *PW I ~Laf t plyeSd private detectives.
SA few Mlautes before mitaibght the
MWB2I d h.s e dnt ad watches W*re hafit
^q d U H o ch ay' 1 aaea o a Pier N 7, 13 feet long.
So bos Albert1 adt3 10 feet wide. Aloulde this plot
#l plyt t he ad- tVeU AAmmiresaawanlia ships. Be
.0w '^ a West P twAt" e thea were Ilghters laden with
itBBo It sektes cad hemp. On the pier was
as u^ h l0Se dif80S isp s te of merchandise. Nearest
he^ ball tri kingthe se lay fthe NebraskaB. on the
athe bell striking p olat et lltgfor the Paelt. From
t killed .his almost hm lighter Victor, ecitag to the
sea a lmost on the stroke of lAidaigaht
"BeYmeaft of Ire which shot be-
t3 T(H ANKS SRYAN tweas them sad the end of the pier,
A. wa aliont slaultaneously between
tim OI.Geaipgn by Nebra. them ad the shwe came another bolt.
I Cemmeadd. Sn an itaatnt. the te. declare, the
X". a p ., prjjL SO de Pati o lam es 4 aspread apparently lan every
RI3f? a Pgreclation of directionm. tape wps cut of and
I 5 ,lWlt S 3. B ryan has tSb4 within ar minutes aWr Sving the
IS 'a ?Ma aigs. ana today alar the watchman and crew aboard
h^a atppa sfollwsthe 4lff1eret vessels, the watchman
Ste b 11Willie. J. Brys-I wiuh jumped into the water.
2 Ms yet tow the ptondI4 service The spread of thei fire was describ
S revered to the Democra*c ed to bc astnouling. -Ten nilnutes
pw bK ls I end an d elsewhere luring later hbe long n er was blazing from
6a pree at taapign" (Bigned) Al. end A end. nul thn t'rn led cauht
J8 Ie A4 Wthe Nebraskan. Th' ca)!a of the
men aboard v t re hi anird. liti tbey could
*..0ht 1,000 Mules not be rraci 'l fm I 1usrd E1rr 114
New York. Oct. :9.-A dipatbch fronm flames arcaI- i. 1r the1 hIgh t 1ai
tBuesos Ayros. Argeontine, saysi, scord- .hlp fell tc iT '.htecr Aii ilt',.
t"hbj to it lrri d corrnpioln"rt a.: and over t1 Pi'r No. .I, w t<:e mo



-. --.



Beagund OGarrimeo ad
Geat HardshipL.


In Letter to the Caar and Coer,
eln General Seems to Have j
dmed Hepe-"Pert Arthur h
Grave," He Wites.


.s a.cid"t tine thFe formal open. peal at t P. ersIiIAr short"
of the s u lay occurred to ly when a
young oman named Hadle la Peter MahVr Knocked Out.
(of Jtrsey City. f(*' b tweelln th p'1i. ,, ..,. ,. ... . '

. I ,
(C l


p4 a~

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.4 ''


, *


Id Twice a Wek-Monday and Thursday

1I~l' ;,



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'- S-^k^^^ ^^^^^
in"-^^ *^^
Cast^ ^^^V~f^^

- s i4,M
isce. -S
biasw e bW .
b--'| MIC

S'.rT '

8hanghal, Oct. 29.-A private
lr from Port Arthur dated pet. 21,
slved today, may: ,
"'General Stoessel wired the
IMn emperH r and court recenaUy:
"I now bid you all boodbr
Port Arthur I my grave."
O moral Stoossl has lnstill4 I0
arrnso for the fortress the pit t
to court a tlorlous death ia preft
to eapitulaUoa.
The Japsoese shells are lte
great damage to the Rustn Iet If
the harbor, and to the folrtln
The arsenal. Its contents of an
UO. and small arms, has beem
stroyed. and preparations are
made for the last deadly stru ggl
lose quarters.
The water supply having be -J
of, wells are being sunk. PrrovIatl
are search. Only tinoed meats MhM
1eft, the soldiers bold gala feasts 4
bornes killed by the shells.
"General Blaonoaf. tt is said, wo:t,
surrender, but Is overruled by Oeaen
Stoasetsi :
"The hospitala are erowdtd sad Ip,
glealc condition are heco)mio d4
operate. The bombardient at tiuu,
is so Ineessant that It is Imposable W0
bury the dead to any depth. OUt
one-balf of the orilghisl garr:ison
dead. wounded or sick.
The high angle at which their artf
lory fire is directed by the JapaaWM
has practleally destroyed the ev
"When the fleat r emupted to bre k
through the blockade some time a.
and the gtrrizon was to have mane- s
desperate sortie ainl iinflirt as mna
damage as possibly, anvI if n"cesaary.'
capitulate. The falluir of the fleet te
escape frustrated thl plan.
"The bestqgers are prscing clouri
daily, and It is hard to say how loa
we can hold out. \Vthen the edl com N
there will be a desp-rate fight ad '
surprise. Thousaiands of the eneW
will perish as everything Ia mined."
This Irttir was cntrukttd to fa a1
tive boa'mac who ran the blwockad
and mailed it at C(e Foo.
The recipient is a prominent coatl,
mental business man of this city witi
a branch house at Port Arthur.

Force of Men at Port Arthur.
Che Poo, Oct. 28.-5 p. m.-Jape am
at Delny report the cunltnuled arrival
of huge sele gung.
"JX Junk from Port Arthur will iI
Chimese who left there on Oct. 1 o 0
a relief with food, arrived today. The ,
say that several of the Russian war
ships have been hbit by dropping shells
but none have been suink. They *106
mate the able-bodied solllerb there#
Now at 10,000, saying a smaller forte
would be Insuflcient to garrison the
various postiona,.
"Scarcely a niglt pas e' wilbthotl
tsiall engafgenntH over minor pot.
tions and artillery fire' The Chines'
economically Iinclned, eat opim aLi
hmoklnr? requires much larger iqun.
"Last winter's uniforitbs are bel
worm by the soldiers who ar mostly suppled with Chinese" ahb "

S teamers Released.
ladiVistock. Oct. Z9.-Th, lIIr'
steamers Allante n and C( a kalc jIrd
seized by the Vladlivstrck ,toiiiiri'
hbvP ln r, hramed. A ,li'tn"'1t ,?
(300.Q)rf was made in lcha(f ji tlheC I'
It 1.sivel. whrt s a. *.a. f f- ni ''1 i>

ite ta ties 0emvlalid TeOeM th

at Petersbarg, Oct. S--1@0 p. a.
Oempite the ohbauvlultle teae of the
aalas presa ibis mortinlg asd the I
tild talk whtch Is b tg indulged im
esardlM. the posalbility of war, the i
Lasoelted Prem Is ti a pouitloa .to
late poeatively that thie Olatife has
entered on a dWiactly better phase.
ad lhat the La s of am mgreelSt
stwnee the two governamts now ap-
porw probable.
There Is mull danger, however, that
Me i uatoward Incident Ito viw of the 4
melted state of public opinion Li both
enttries, may precipitate another rL '
Both the Rusalan and British
poveremeate are animated by a de-
Ire to promptly reach common ground
which both can stand In order to
btaia the fullet liht on the clrcum-
Itames of the incident, which are left
nore mysteronus than ever by the
taNlJIng statements maae In Admiral
tolestreasky's report. A palpable so-
Utia It is recogfnuid, by both tides,
iWMn be the subn oa 'of the affair
o an International tribunal and tba'
Dtepa already have been taken In this
direct on. It beyond doubt.
The mere announcement of the msnb
miaQlon of the dispute to such a court
wetdl have the Immediate effect u.,
redu ilU the dangerous tension (n
both countries. The proceedings
would be digufled, whatever the r*'-
lull, and eteb country would hbe bound i
by the weliht of the world's pub%
opinion to accept the finding and act
accordingly. If It is demonstrate,!
that Rojesvensky acted without just.
deation Russia will properly punch
him. If It Is e.ablished that the tor.-
pedo boat attaqed the squadron un-
der the cover of the British fishlng
vessels or from the shelterr of the
British port, then Great Britain will
be compelled to offer the most buwTblt
apologies and make the fullest reps .
ration. Just bow the details of the
commission are to be worked out will
be determined as soon as the general
basis Is reached. It is almost certain
that two asmultaneousa lquirle will
UI held by the British at Hull and the
Russians at VLgo. each with represen-
tatives of the other. Inquiries will be
submitted to an international commiis
sloa. Order have already been tele
grapted to RoJestveasky to detain at
Vigo all the warships which took part
la the North sea incident.
Rojestvensky's full report Is expect-
ed to reach St. Petersburg by malt I
Sanday or Monday. Almost all the
papers disneus the affair hl a spirit of
bitterness asals Great Britain, which
S not shared Isa foreign o(ce circles
where the greatest desire to reach an
almtable adjustmegt sla aaalfeted.

Gibraltar. Oct. 29.-Boosn defenEt'-
are betng rigged up at both euds of
the harbor. The battleship of the
channel fleet are still In purt with
steam up anad decks cleared.

St. Petersburg. Oct. .--The empe.
rot haa approved the proposal to suI-
itt the North sea InldeuL to an In
Sternationatl tribunal
Tirnt Serious Subway Accident
New York, Oct. 29.-The lIrev .s-r,

.- - --- rC- T--~~1---7 ----


' ,ij.,






r IJ6
4 ..'4 iwh..

, u

O lo W u aWIe, edlb0 uwe e n
S*nuww rew m., winvw. It. Wu

pomls VI .Aw9 *seOn uhi
IIe Ohm t, WiimanpputW" ItUi

so*0 S Wi Hg0-, eml e lt<)uor aH *
aK_' 1e* os. ,u sa she. a. i h
Sin tt 0 *W1After, three
.t.Mth( Mw l Jak.amw, tMrmy,
$b P*seem wish o. *ueep.; oa

Sf; n h s sMirag mIboue ehe
pfuMAn we sasnebo, After the
uWsasmsmn tabs aboaut the stat(
SSW ftMS eulgnum wi SboS she
HW', *: n iL_ d wihm them tn frel
@04i O 0ietr C0aSe fl sthl *Is*
"le oEl lshos.
6 w"sM Mllai4mm of Aspil POR.
Mu- So mase Mlkhes lto h imsei
Weaotsey, bu Owing to b prelll-.
M heria of A.. 0 Lamb, charged
04 saaeory to sh.e uwarer of Gar.
Poo T. Obseab40te, h1, sheriff W4
4*wtaS *itu 0 late to e*ch the
n'" l ,'" '" te t l '.


a ,, .-


WI* mei boia;,, twowo
UW, t 'se- .

I *.. ..... . . "

w ..,, ... w ,ee. a .
&he tt r* iR

e.f e".m -e.

| nWaft w -nr

S,, eo a 0. have

bHf!SISW.L. T alor ,

h*o.iwwlbillowym or coasiofutoi
ILW tita I ..t saho.....-... .Ia Il
i m-pM.. Oo. ho..
AfJWMtop eve eek ejitt's IAul "al

l y ....._. ... *o .F .

eWs, W les h new TAm As Warm
Abpr e, Sq tMa W. Dow,
Mr Mtllagi slo.1 4w of be o* York
- Oeipaim who hbe been
Mothe aM fe tdas in N o
Nff q thai th. ste M'of his
!afklge tfrim ert York to
lll M p h *xpPe d 'to mauke
OWnu V. e 1 th* swsupr Comash
*r Iv benoe at neo.
NiWe. aSW m vefy wr up heb
eqw," emeiMed sir. now. **"rho
lkt I e etorv- n~i oost, he le DO-'

,rW. Davmpo.vt, Wimp. Kr.. ,ri,
guae 34. s 01t;I was1 oi tell you!
Ihliv Saltas Wb *w Liaisent sarv
~ Ut t W ader boe fieatment of
Wne deens, sad they told me one or
flU lUspa w. eatirsly amoa, suad the
t4heP bedlly afreted. I a lo had a
hotp lomr So. I don't thick that I
RMM home lived over two months
iagr. Z rw lanOsed by a fri ed io
Mf Shfv nom ULfnmenl. The-
tsI Tgave pg res i pllef;
Mfon is botilee eurd ame ound
. ~tle sa wonerfuol mediloine
neonmemn Ist to st&erhiing u-
t .I, 0we,o$1,00. ?tud by \W.
p7- --.: -S ....- .




a -



Op.. Septembr 19,1 9I


CrAnm VermIfug
aft In MMInI

'ISw .r-r

, i:D :n'R


4 1
! ] ': rl
; m l ...n ....

I r

'- S



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i1 (iut t'f ;
eI ^!;.tft^s

I nou

' ,-rs ind
,r ;ine1
I't ;indl

. . . S


f-'vlrhiviz in
Whislkies. Goins,
\Wineas from



-If the Goods Don't Suit.



~l-l -I

RBy WMhskey:
Coplper I)istilled..$Il (5

Quepn City .....
Sunny South.....
Gilt Edge........

2 00
2 50

Osrp Whiskey:
i'I:! tAl,

N. C. White..

N. C. Better.
N. C. Fine .

I *9$~ u~

.. ... 0 I
. *1 '<

Laurel Vally.....

3 o01





P. 0. Box 401. JACKSONVILLE2,A. 211 W. Bay St.

Oa AiUToIunmI Ie mn aU.A u nn


- I __ __ ___ ~



.4) t(,) 4; 1110



:K M um. W tm ows sItat&noM.

ReuseIne for Stifing te Henteway
Vtllor !4mn i The esnseea' com.
S--", lit, c si mll supposed to< and done harpm
so the aut hority ito fill vaeanels. when
tThOV Teiar. hat are your friends sayingI simy wtar and to maante w #t am.
abou you? That your gray p I fi nowhel. willy istom.
SNEARLY OVE i y l l or preyeduro that will stain
ARLY OVE ir makesyou look old e Sat sttive Co nmi n it
And yet, you are not forty a tlionm an Informal meeting, when
Three and Four Hundred 4PopOp0 tills looking old. its member we *largely composed ol
*t* Cone-Mocharts Have' i prostre. who W.. 31. Knlloway was at.
i Fne Trade, Farmers are eminiied to be removed from the tijk*
or AX -. and this, toi,, after the Dermuoratio
qg'nwr. ,id oSttoparty of the rnttire Matie had ex-
,.tr.*ar.- d eItton OWA. Use Ayer's Ha'.r Vignr and pressed it abuelii ty 4,1.0s majotrily
fjqIvs i f Ir .4 tot prols restore o your g r t hair a ll l the defeat uf Mr. illoway .will
w of .e i. tie the deep, dark, rich 9olor of destroy the autonomy of our pirinary
.s of Ithe0. n Thie0l.t elrl li. Tytem of msaklhg>, a.nd
*1es j t1t lrv hErlr kipt enh. carly life. Tinl be satisfied, will be the entering wedge in dividing
ePi| g"i dui.g th1 1 .es&on*4 ; !. O A, liel th ieoeturatio paers. which may land
lly for lthe paps throe wteki. .. . O 'Neal safely in the superintendent's
result lhat parlti- whare in .A,,,,n,. .e i. office. This would be a shame aisd
Mt kow estatt that h.twer t 1 i41 for a disgrace to the loyal IDomouery of
I htaudred (ian two th out4 a v s the whole Htat.,
hav. lere ts eJo r t. far i thi D a H a ir There is no straddling the fem. on
P Th le3is+1, Lawrvtr, is neart lhi. question. We nmst vot for Hoi-
gloal, lad it is IIheced that fron ..loway, the nominee of the Iany, or
Wg~fourholldred ,ore 1',alcl tili ".
SfurCARLILEndre CIRCUS STORY vote for .1. E. Wolfe. the Independent
p the CARLILE CIRCUS TORY candidate, who has been tarred with
dW. 'hlh C arthrefid om ot An Amusing Incident of John Robin- Ifo ftle e stiok, b.utwho stand( as a
' o .BFu CorfnatlyaI1d one Af, libeler.
ig busilmve..s114 ofs'oLat roj sosaShow Many Years Ago. lber
I have known M r. Ilolloway for
iw tow, states that thi mnr. The presence of RoUbinson's big twenty years-first as a puble school
Sliave all sajoycd tine trade. cireule tnis city l.t T'es.lay wls a teacher, and the past twelve years as
the small keeper with a euni- familiar Pight It 10 11,1 of the old.- countyy Superttendent of Publis In.
eb hbnadful of gMoods hai received timers from ov.ry re...i' .of the Souh s.ruhtion, and he hate a; all tifeI been
,porelou, and everybody is happy whi, are now rwsidit n here., .true tilen, a good edtlator, a
oThpr-uerc. cl o ne of the l inst in ,al Demooral. and a Chritlian sea.
I farther lhas also received his the Lnit-'d Stat.e. and in faot the thman, aid the support of all
Vip 0 e prrontr f. ore h as at a, piu"Ier how iri the futlh, for It Demoerots at. the polls in November.
alisexd goodt prices for his pro. would l iideed difficult to find a J. +C. EVKMtrr.
gad has had plenty to spend amitt man, no matter hmv far ad danced in Trenton. fet. 2:.
So spare. Th- planters of 'the! age. who carnor rrmeniber his lappy
_l section as a rule are well re. boylhood days., '*aen John Robinson Savea Two From Death.
pr their year's work. not only in on1me to town." Thuy th'n., as does "Our little daughter had an almost
g, but in erni and other staple the more modern urlhinh of today', al.- ital atltank of whoopla eough and

SThis is Mr. Futch's version of

pr.sllated in tle keenest sense the
An i.. i ..n I i... i. i ).b .-1I

us ltlion. -icomiLng '16 5 IInJ p *I"nu anlleriau
o -,.. -. .wiih great joy and prsde their approach
RIAGE AT MONTSROOK. j of the day when the big cag~s with
l h---- red wheels wtiuld parade through the
Cale of Canada and Missl er- thorouglfares. It wao considereJ! a
Read of Montbrook United. $xreat honor for the trch!n eresp to be
ye was a happy wedding ast he permitted to hold t:i. paste boeket for
eilthodilt church at MNontbrook a f moment while the bull roster was at
y evening, when R. IH. ile. work, or to rush to Ihe od.-fashioned
I*iaont oa in s man tf Province pump and fetch linm a pail uf water to
bee, Canada, snd Miss E. the eharmaing daughter of Mr. Tlhis was tho way in which Judge
ms'. Alex Read, were united ln J. A. Carlisle used to-vilrw John Rob.
besad that made them man and inin's clreup, away brick in th 501'
I, when the big show viittd the liIttle
ilthIhandlig that the ceremony South ('iarulina hamlet town in which
6 -iather simple nature, i was he was born, and spread its mammoth
*anlnded by many of thu young canvas on thei village green. It was a
folks of the surrounding count. big day fur everybody, andi everybody
Ig whom was Miss Jessie lHod. within a radius of many miles turiled
*lof thibity. out am evidence thaL they appreciated
at U Mrs. iGale will :nak'e chuir the honor snd .riilegu.
Slam Quebec. The br.. wish. t of rhcrt trt tL inceidlt at one
friend will follow them. of these .erformtianc I will never for.
-- o o get, and revry time I read or hear of
bPbamberlain's Cousi Remedy. John Robinson's show I am reminded
utoe who is acqualnted wiLh its of it." ood.naturvily remarked the
qualItieS ean be surprised at the Judge. as he filled his pipe with a fresh
I popularity of Chamberlain's supply of tobacco, applied a match
.t4siwedy. Is not only cures and made himself epfortable in a
ald grip effeetually and permaa- big arin chair. 'in those days the
.El. but prevents these diseases tents were arranged differently. There
Nlaultlnig In pneumonia. It is was only one ringR hen. and tlhe
teertauinu curt. for eroup. Whoop. menagerie being arranged on one side,
eogbh is not dangerous when this te seats on the other. There were no
tyle given. Il contains no opium seats provided for negroes. and those
Wher harmful substance and may slave. wino were so fortunate even to
a ms ooafidently to a baby as to be permitted to attend the perform.
*it. It ie also pleasant to take. aGees were compelled to view the ring
ll of these facts are taken into standing from the menagerie side.
ration is is not surprising that UCpon this occaIsn. during an exciting
In foreign lands, as well as at act, a bare-foted negro, In order to
esteemm thi. remedy very highly
Iery few are wiluing to take any view the ring more clearly, climbed
alter having once uied it. For upon one of the lion eCgrs and maedo
by all drugginto. himscif comforsble,. It was not a
great while btfftor,, like Iost eightt of his
in the Mayor's Court. dangerous poIsitin. or to be more
(lws Callis,a small colored l7oy, modern in cxpreP'iun. 'forgot where
* arraigned before Mayor Thomas he was nt.' and in then ecitement ofr
ai charge of fighting a girl Thurs. ti n, m ,mint I,** t!hrusIt his cl*umsy foot
PMorni8ng. htw the' hare of thue aRge. One aof
S hearing the evidence in the the animal. mv'idventiy uwt apprIe-
Sis Honor apessepd a flue of $S eiating this breach (f etiquette. t gratp*
iWat, but remitted the Same with pled th, main's io :uh lhel between his
1 undeortanding that the boy's claws.a.d for a t:m i .ihre was a scene
r would administer a severe of asniitlion amn! rexcite1init, the nre-
hnlBi-whtich the mayor" saw was gro's *'xeitjld creamns bhng heard
I*rly done. abot eve trrything .15..
Cu, us of Lockjaw. ^"'A. desperate mirup ensued, and It
Caue of Lockjaw. -om -' iv-- -s-

bronchitis," writes Mr. W. K. Havi
land of Armonk, N. Y., "btat. when
sll other remedis failed, we saved her
life with Dr. King's New Dikoonery.
Our niece, who had eolueumipo aIn
an advanced .stag, also used thi won.
derful medicine aId today be lIa pIr
featlly well." Desprate throat an d
lung diseaslsyteld to Dr. Kan'as oew
I)isovery as to no other medclune on
earth. Infallible for coughs and Iolds.
W0e and $1 bottles uamrante by all
druggists. Trial botlotifree.
Captain W. 0. Shehks of High Springs
Will Try His Luck on Water.
Captain W. (I. Shebee of High
Springs, for many ears one of the pro.
gressive citseisr and basinels men oft
that town. bas decided to try a new
venture, and will engage In thhe alt
mad plekled Ish business near Cedar
Key. Having secured all necessary
appliances for eondqoeting the bule-
ness, be proposes to begin at once.
"It ie oot because I alt partioularly
,stuck' on the fish businea that I am
going into it." goo4dnaturedly ra-
marked Captain Shehee Friday, s re.f
ferling to the matter. "Bat I have
suffered o from 'u*mous' rheumatism
that I kave d4tkled to make the
ohause, beeasne I feel that the salt air
will prove lbeneielai to me."
Mr. and lMre. J. V. Shehee have ar.
rived nla High SprinXs from Chicago.
and the former, who ls a son of tCap*
tain Shehee, expeti to look after his
interests there the'coming winter.
Confeatslon of PrestA.
Rev. Jao. S. Cox of Wake. Ark.,
writes: "For 12 years I suflered from
yellow Jaundice. I consulted a umn.
ber of physiolane and tried all sorts
of medicines, butl got no relief. Then
I began the use of Eleotri Bittersn and
feel that lam now cured of aidiase
that had me in its graa for twelve
years" if you want a a reliable med-
icine for liver and kidney trouble,
stomach disorder or general debility.
get IElectrile litters. It's guaranteed
hy all druggists. Only 80.


lIndlPrtlakinn P..

tkllaw, oretanusl, caused by a lIoni to severely punish the animal be.
Iltu or geran which exists plenti- fore he could induce him to release bib
r iIttsdirt. It is inetlive so determined grasp. This was finally
1 l*poeled to the air, bot when done, however, and the performance e
W beneath the skin as in wounds pro eeded-but It was an Ineidenl FULL LINE OF
4i by pereisslon eaps or by rusty tbat I shall never forget, and one
4 sad when the air is excluded the which the presence of John Roblnson's
1 rouseed to activity and pro- .lrous always Impreses upon me more NEW GOODS
ithe most virulent poison known. vividly."
.6- __ - -%.. s a -i



-",+, t.lkettke' & .. ."

UXoi. A 1

I .. .


We've over-bought.


* .~
* .1-i.
* r

stock, and to that end we hae

*~t n I 3 t f 't'

1 i

Reguriless .1
,',', a .",

. I...,
.i n ,

As an inducement to the Buggy biu
asist us in reducing our stock-we, 4i
with each Buggy bought a set of Hat
sAlute coit.

Ware Rooms and ki
Stock of Buggie a"
1s Ever Broilht to
hi S section.

Abttrets of Title tad l_ '-
rm7tg. G r --



hSti tdin eiAbsltS tmsqM I
w i ... ,' . .. . ."

.h, "' '" " ',

TIed Up I hIw
ii ItUI
~i 1-1&4t-Wt^ ft ^^^j ^^A^'^^^1

For Sale by Jonon Gt'
-. ... i .... Ah t i .

Title i what you pay for w
know.what yn

.. Titles rdlsslly liwlb err

The WAlIK -: Vh x --


Visit Our


I __

~ _ __ _1


IntllI Inl IeIrIIII Ili iIJ Aw Ii meI

I ^

__ .. ~I Ill -I. ...


4i'd**'.** C ***

I.. .. s.a&

an an
o ,

KJIN l ; '' AowA

t ..: 17.,

'i Ii ,

B+yIJW1t Y, -- ,

M i:-s fj
WBBBW'^^^^^g^^ $AN P-' ^'

*%-'-K bsw*~ -d waUb,

- aof qeIdu, moath,

~;Ia #inls. Seed for
i!. ^ ,L i tlfc S i ,,,
,,^H~^*"fT^BB^'^* ^^^ ''^F
ito ^**. UqKmii, !otpc

1I T W .. 4* R(, I

Pole k Mnsln
g* S.

ta .iOS. thet- th' rwksi

p asm s flaAftr brag

*AM S to kd ui at the liudadm

: : I

o udbmna JSgvaens. 0. 0. Po
Umw lagsr, s a furntlure assa
alV I-"* expeXprise, haita be
S:eIS Iue b siulae Ii A.4l b
aboat twelve yean. HR BI
ltso ISd ppndeme on the rpted, a
thesrn IA Wbmh of the fimileuen
hooe tmutlbamg buWine with whi
Ie b mIb t~oouhly famillfr.
". porpo ofM thi e0tils eay will
lo wl o^ r"0 E gardesu of quantity
qUfll4y eit411her l4 eash or lasi
ist plts. By buying Ia erm. h
they enjoyed he*. atqge of p
diWeoeMte, and po to give The pI
pie of Mtls 1ostso the beeflt. A
W, of ,od." W m ean e of eol
itt4 f m ba h ns home froam to b
I ~o em"dl itad a priceW hlobh
iom be I u ees af ath. .,A
MiMt r mo li. l smile 6a I
eies diepatn t b bis bretr D.
PoWell, sad W. Ssaby,

Plant's Lo by Fire.
BIrmacbaam. Ala.. Oct. -.ThIe I
a. s, Arlls Portland C nemet eO
.fly'itie! |t whieh was detroyfd
t imlate at $1 .W046 with
No eo lMaOsu The eight ma
iMarm to et w w wth 1,

1' 111 *Jr llU 11 I* a yr ^ W I

,. m ., -. " N"v- .

-J1 6

At llrl vPqivp Line mW
i .' .-":;:M,0 Yet *

WMlAlt V4etehme-Pba Lino N
sE Sew ,l.a A ing,.

On the tO Olng of TWtdar, e.0
srvUlllh reB were thrown open
10 (e door age to of (he lta t m mMlWm falamoure and I
se0tseeerms tl he late. Th
*Mo* weoe thbe OSelIwaile' VParalu
Ompsya, s4 lwts has dtay the ie
tee b#a ajept a ginoN remarkab
bhWmle., whikh Is liaefhsiig eve

Th* t0oalm ie em stokholdern
tibis n *ro sre W. 5. Thomi
0.0. No an W. J. Poby of sh
sta A4. Maetlby of Oampwill
l oepsmrthoae So for $a0 ,K
TMhe ae S IMR. Thiomnsu, prt
4i;- J6. 1, wi, ls-pmreem
0.0, Powell. s, tOrmous
,h Met u eepled now fit
SW Sht'ngyp by S.
,the-m, Mhldwmw. He pt i, w fl
*ul t bhe mt nmmile a ds s
am* h0m bees 4besW ,
*mm e4p bestow, I. S twis

S+ n lightl hae bees plae
NiM whi! ahe W' the plaid
WA4$ Iw t!iliat Inl .4 evealagOS
p7 milble, maI umsh tMbre a 3
e1 e .1 efelmt a s4mtumsim
a tUhe iege beauly mmd SMtse

thGqsesvil.e Vmlt. Coops
movillea rem'ed, o

who& ~l^Udof (U0 1*atn
b^ I. o*mapisi, ee IW

WuW"s line W

lirt'., W aNows

wwtS Aa s. se4ng the
w t.O kbe a o ed of O ui
I "mwit e of *oveq deael
ilm sppidhg ia'ss. btetli

muse An4 dreslv ablo
pip, lbW, ehkleu e.alem ot The
gw Im bitbp's.e m
;, slls sadi lgoldep i k,mand a
gtmause etso Sea. set a. mc
12i s nlkaa.g of ho kaT meve se.
Is bsh, btisg of ?pymaeh des
iMt pIotem. The .oaNuisem t .w
I)* IppIe eaptet eh sber cec
btHse, whis Ql le atdt ea t

wmad Seri. The irt i 4uiermlm
aeme lbe demand. of the pembhl
Sd tlkeiMs s well at il lemaitu
Si ho.e feramulag., edl was a.
t wated. MbonpMeat there wlit bo

ktarsleMvW Famltru Ooamps
us epdof s.btamnti. m ie




. % mm w

Wtanels themM, of Lownde County;
Dead In New York.
New York. Oct. s.---C. Franel
thomas,' a rmmtinuet broker of this
eoty, a14ed 2S, who came heIr lately
from Uerln, Ga., and made a fortune
In buslnees, died suddenly In the vl$
tage of ltIldwin. L. I.. Thursday. whill
driving for pleasure with his wife iL
a styllh equitpage, cn the Merrich
road hbome.
Uie had hben Ill for some time fro'
lung trotxile. lie had recently resiGt
ad at l Rkville Center. L. 1,. in a
hbadannm* msuburban home, hoping tc
reg tn balth by country air.
He 4dld Just' before a doctor could
gt t0thim. ill* young and hanl
,,;., Mae dbhan,$
aometife became hysterIcal witb
her 'ielf.

ConferesMe Mthodist flshope.
New Haven Conn.. Oct. 29.-Norl.
Mations for the ooitstaslon to inv,.
tliate the subject of the eonholidalilon
of the Benevolet mocieties will almto be
made at the conference of Methoditi
blihops today, but obi rmatokm will
not be ilven until )loada The con
ltNmce of the bishops ard tiiry ex.
*beutit, and Bisho Waldw, as the
fedbe, will give out little latormatiot
1utl it 61ole.



bI* s4 View Ieonmof Angleg k*s
41*ft OrtteW.
Ken York. Oct, 25;-'. .,. 1p
milt today to lInt ta't i towo w.
yetw dtarting thb freighti o~t Ut.
Ta. reoaulnig advirem from tse
othat side poollstd 0so strongly to a
I pnefutfl 4adJutmeat that fears large-
ly abated ead the brilk r' covery ,wi
he hygaiau markets mnd In fortigm Sovetrn
blit secusrtits pultnl lto the1 Ma.o
mt Iti(un lon.
Iw Very ttavy lutling ovrters were xe.
outed at the op ,nini in all the prls.I-
piT active stocks, and tIurinm the moirn
o, ltag the Jevtl of prfets was Iltted a
to oilnt or more ove r lait nlght quits
1* Union Pselfle had Its recent proi,'
lit ieaeo In the mark. t owfig to the re-
Wr port that it bad bern dcelded to re.
11 tlre the Oregon Hhort Llew participate.
I* lfog bonds. WaI streott regards this
ry 6i evidence that a plan is binlg work.
ed out for a comprehensive communal
of ty of Interest amajsit transrcatinen-
Stal ralroads. ikellef fi a similar plan
I for the benefit of the rcoters made
e, that rmuitp also very strong. The mayr
hket quieted during the morning andt
4l- d not hold Its best prit .
O.a "- ---k~
J. *veral Craft Repofted Missing and
eA LO ea Fear P d.
el Mobll%, Ala., Vet. *O.-News Iremcv.
ed her Is tIs the effect that another
I dfustrauti hiurrtlcae has occurred In
* i the Caym>n su anads, in the Carlbbean
-* sa. hadyly .dtu'aging property, crops
lIa aqd oc0uR oraft. and puawsibly rcetilt+
a la int I lo",; f lfW.
The diatl'!s rmnnot be ;iha. Tl''
pi AmrM-cau choiner S. A. i.aran wav,
-i ceauiht la I h1h torm and icm:;:-,,
eil "tt put to sta leavlnng the strnsr ral :
I.W'. The schooner reached Clenfu.
pf some aya ago.
f this storm is repotted a similar to
. that of a year ago that created such
Swdeprwed havoc In the tIslnd. The
sloop Gold l0 and Jamaican veasel
PI telaiom are reported lost
The schooners Defender and Alb&
te tM have not reported, and fears for
14 their safety are entmalned.

Sbtellved Angler.ftu(an Trouble li *n
i Eve of Adjustment.
*a Lonlsn, Oct. 29.-The cabinet meet
I. lag itrlo uip shortly before 2 o'clock
s. the m!nLters lauihtIn and chatting
Is and being apparently In the happiest
e, ifra ee of mind. thus conflrmlng the bI
Sllef that the crials 1l In a fair way to
a4 be diuslpatod.
Subsequent to their meetingr at tans-
. down tiuseo, Anba.nadvr IlHenckcn
en dorn and Anibassailcr Cambon had a
te conference at tthe French embwasy,
il in4 the letter state was issued by the
t* tuslan embany taylnr It waa In CO
tW. ataut communacntlon with the British
lid lovernmeni, that a' a 'esnlt of thtse
nd communicatlona the embassy hoped
h that there would be a speedy and sat*
d lsfactory settlement, and that the1
In whole aspect of the situation had do
fe eidedly Improved.



Clerks and Inspectors of Electios
November. 8. 1904.
The following named prisons have
be*e appointed inspectors and clort
of the eleetioth to be held In the we
eral preeincts of Alachus county io
Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1904.
T. T. Tiomm .s
Attest: Ch'u. lid. Co. Com.
II. 0. DaXTUN. Clerk.
District No. 1, Waldo-W. S. Tillst,
0. M. MKineey, H. 0. .t water, i*-
peotorsN. L. Done, clerk.
District No. 2, La(rose-\VWn. M.
Blilh,. J1 H. Cason, Willaiam Broak-
Ilton, lupeoatos; J. F. Fuich. clerk.
)istrldt No, 3. Alachlus-Wm. ,I.
Thomas, E. B. Lewl. J. J. Dubose, is'
speotoum; T. P. MIasard. clerk.
District No. 4, Whlleford-R. L. Polk,
R. T. Thones. J. A. Slocum. tImep1-
tor1 \ W. 8. Oteen, clerk.
Mlltrilet No.5, Trenton-J. H. Mar*
lin, N. W. lior, W. A. IIndson, i-
spetoos; J. M. Everett. clerk. ,
Ilistriot No. 0. Newberry-D. Oi
Roland. Boliver Kiacaid, A..C. Reed,
ilpea tors; J. 0. White, clerk.
Detiriot No. 7, Gainesvile--D A.
Rolbrtcn.,J, W. T.neh. L. C. Lyu,
laSpctol ; T. B. Bllls, Sr., clerk.
District No. 8, Hawthorn-T..1 Ham*
enOd, Fred Stork W. H. lIerkstresor,
inpectorslo A. L. Webb, lterk.
Distrlot No. 9, Island Orove--W. i.
BrleJ. R. Shaw, J. Whistler, inswe*
tarsn B. T. Caeoq, clerk.
District No. 10, Micnopr-J. It. EIa-
eson, A. B. OChiytty. .N. Merry, in-
spectors; J. \-. Smith. clerk.
Dlistriet No. 11, Archer--ti 11. Gib-
bons. V. L. Jackson, W. C. Anudcew9,
inspectors ; J E. Well clerk.
Dlstriet No. 12, Arredondo-J H.
Holly F. M. Ramsey. C. AmuN. insiee-
ton; i. G. Beville. clerk.
Distfltt No. 18, Fairtiank,-l"rank
Irwio, W. W. Bruce.U Grrtt l:llis. in-
speters; J. T. Shaw. clerk.
District No. 14, Melrose-.Jo. (ood*
son, Jno. MeAllilter, Geo. Starke, in-
"peotors; A. A. McRae. clerk.
l)ltsriet No. 15. Windsor-D +31 Phi'
for, M. J. Beekham, J. H.'HRlliU,
uapeetors; G. A. Bylve, eltrk.
District No. 16tt, Lake View-J M.
Turoaner, W. Jaekson,". A. Johono0 ,
iqppOWtenr; E. L. Paciling, olerk.
listriet No. 17, ia-1 ue-A. 11 e
Jr.. Beson 3. W. Wiley. in1P06
tor; R. W. Small, clerk.
Dirtflt No. 1 0ewola-JohnD **
*l, 8. W. JLopW. E. JohuiSOt, In-
*ploln; E. A. O&tMen, clerk.
District No. 19. Orane HfeightP-H.
.. !Tr w 1kR. L.eliu s Hall. 1.
An*te.x-A -^ -- a II-1- -1 -i *k

.0, /-l

. .... . ..


Fiften andred Dollars
ready Been Suberlbd.,

1- -.
Physicians o( the Ciy, f.illeisilg
Seriously Need of Such an I
ilon, Are Working Actively in M
of Raising Necesusry Funds.
Our people fare eonvi,,ed mof
great need of a j'ublii JIhosiital INs
lity, and all wre agreed that i wig
k great del of good ami will li
oity mnush prestige. A te'neral
will be made In a shour while for f
to aid In ereetiaK this m uch
Instilutlon. and u itn mIvtd afill
gntIribue liberally tii til w
object. Dr. J. II. IiMlgk's has fikto
Solenb of ten wha will i've a thou
dollars (S0() e ach) and has also i4
fire hundred dollars additional I
ser;tri0us. I Sr. Larti rn will now
a club of tweotty who will gi ve:.
thousand dollar (N) dollar OeN
Then Rav. Thot. I,. rity sad the s
Vauloln committee will sulillt i
serlpilons from the people general,
In thJw way it is ontidrntly e xpeegl
enough ean be raised t mak the it
stitutslon a assured faeei.
The followlog contributlons hai
already been made:
Home Improvement C. ....
II. F. DIatton. I..... I
W.0. Robinson ..
*Ct. hai h
J i Tlbols .. ........
w. ..,. mq
I'. F. To"ojma. .. .
J. M. lIodlford t '. .... a
W. WV. Hampton ......... 10
. MeKlnatry .. ......... .
Dr. J. H. Hodges. . .......
W .Jo..... ..... .
( Hrde .e..............
Perry Collm ............... ...


A .1 .


- -- r

EARY Zditor and PIublr.

t an or ,tirm a.T.orr ? 1 it' 11 a year; six
Mr. IT0e 1.I ltt&e e s *'vs .

figlsdyr rlt 1t evi*ti a line
Itt and re t* fr uertloni.
advertisementss for three,,
1$ months at .rWcitl rates.
rushed upown apliication.
and Peath notlere inmerted
tuariel, 5 cnts a line.
--------- ---
Ov. a CrmaSo LIASr.
auld the Thrice-a-Week
K World one year ....... 6
ll d the Atlnnta ((a.)
i Constitution one year.. 1 78
and the Atlanta ((a.)
eekly Journal one year. lA;
a tnw the e1n-l-Weekly
alnion one year...... 1 &0
will not accept stamp' of a
nomination than 2 eents.

Pew President,
of New York.
FPor Vle. re.tttnt,.
t f Vest Virginfn.

ber Congrn.s 2nd District,
SPrnhldential Electoras
I" o r eovrutir.

", Coungrt.ller. *
S A. C. C oOM.
State Trenurrw.
teodent of Publie Instruction,
Omimusaloner of Aigrleulturr,
13 B. E, MvLN.
Rallroad Coiniutf!toner.
Stuprime Court. lx Vears,.
mJ'stic supreme Court,.
EIf *MA I. II.('K .E FOItD.
S J. B. WIIITrzI.iD.
f lWprentni,.,
,, J.A. A (OnBBOiROIfIin,
; 0. M. TILI.IMAN.
^, county Judge,
,..i. (I. Mason.

S ntk Tetre.!t Cont.
:'", BI. IT. WIENnE.

T, Aiessor.
W. W. COI.ON. t
Tax 4,oll04tor.
rtlndenot of lPuolll Instruction,
County Treamsurer.
, '--.--.i"
County Purvrcnr,
": COounty C(nmtn1ntlotnert.
S. F. o. NDA M PIER,
J3. <;. A'.I7EEN.
. 1'. PEItICK,
P. I'. i PAI'I.LINri
lPi' MemnThrm of I'tool Itnr nvl.
T.A. rbOKE.
l iW. J. MARTIN,
It. B. WEEK.

mr Is no woman living who would
flhauge the wealth of money for
*, Walth of jouth and fair looks.

.... .... ... .-..... ..... 1 *a3
laa ctleO mOtr, tin a wetlk t a S e. % candidate a*lslhank. ht fta]llen into Nw Irlestw tltIS0I Why1ii. a Preat t0e4 o a
tioat wil h b,, !. t, ,ht. 0,., p(ire.tet the hlitAn1ls his lpefltal t l trip. many g ople ask, shtild the WD i i
of the Ulirltd SKa,0 .-.ry vt9 easot of speaking hefnf he think. Wk. Iit r' eratil mraanaler* a that J.wtag wp0 PASt*
on November h0 sholi!l 1 virreted by' ahop he tlte'h'Ves that his hsartes do ket will earry the. Htlta out Xw vVa Yorkdeie 4 f
sonvloatin. y ,im v.i'r can affirld t nlthtik. At any raut. lik the bWest. when the betllng It 4 t l i n favrewt in. Tha l *1
to $|proaih tmi.1* jul.e it;. ,s has ht in orator dosritld iby Abraham I,4n- R.oovit with few takers of .the Adds, 114 90,
mtde an effort to saNtify dg, j m.t11ln,. he strike an attisudl, opns li hi offered? T here er* two an*usei ts lo 1 .
so t, wia.t is l*st ffr i 1 ,iatry ra r rii i i thil iat,.s | i tlieve ol hIm f. in te 0 ,c history .fh t V- i it. In ow. imSu w4ek, from the dmoO not determine th*ruulen of *lN. ein-p i
eonncinr. ;,*nhsre. thlre Rl n It hbe'fn a rar end of the Alc he t tdI the farn. tions,u or ludlate the slese of ai bloe Wl it
tlle wh. ithe vuer $0rlititL3l mo1. tPar. that they were getting better entlmenth,tbut neregly r9t1il.thbjud4 t. !ha mi l
fulyt the, r,-ilt ,f t. Act, !prie.v for their cropi than formerly, ienl s d and e tnulldqee of IntludItvI 1w M i0sth
L.t i. yung vnt.r -.. f.,. or1 f *r t ilpjtilioin party has uohliig to wh as rule, are partlanso. The ltjqit
minute iby the I' ,t>i',di,,sli1 'it'r% thant J. with living tvie (rk' o f whet anid onil answer I that the large odds (whoW4Sa
there are no inasues liei".;, t pah,.< 1i rn andtl nlier pirodaets, blt it has1 toffew on Itooeveit r*w the Wilsl th 6tlf
tieus. lThere hiever r A :e I: I 1 t I ei.t much to do with increasing the ivt of result of the politinl tIlUslleti otl* ) wrll W o
or wider is ; Iars I t'os. wWv *:iv e eIrymhigv th hnmr has to buy; ths fronting the pDemnoeatle plhty., Xe f .sIa *
separi' e tih parting l ,.tr' 8,,.rus t. :. robbing h1im of. is. beneIlt of a better other wodsN, hb gamblerst ,0g4, eus04 1hil '*e
Iiff a.'cte.,l Iy a it : ikicair 0C. gr, e market for the things lI heh t .it.t' sftey, altying she lhtt$itA thal the
are robhit; the peop!o. through the! Iut Mr. Fairbanrk gave to he Iowa chaei pof the I&epublieaue a fet r t piSS.
power is riVen to th trist maUd farmers sume information which they l tiei better thea the ehastln of the Of i,H
combines tot levy tIrible. Th, Dmn. uo doubt will ask thim to verify. If h Da moerme, because It Isrmenerslly 1oe** h11a b
oWrata iropout a rtvi.iln ouf til gelied. said to them: ceded that without she els tsl. v~oe m any s
ules tnherever they are unfair, The I We have foat! everywhere among of the Istae of *new Yort lit ismpoia thtlh s.e
trusts themselves have fornmd an alli. the farmers of than country where 1 ble ifr the Ihemorami party sto wiea, mt l
andt with the oosevelt administration have ean that they have been able to wbheMOrIea ll oseamWill4mthmag m e M gh "
and in retarin for a teiense to do1 as pay off mortgagee i o ourd during of the Republicans, who aNe appmWe pe
they please have agreed tosuisport tShe T>emocrafc adminnitratione. with the ly Drmly lntreuehed in a mwjoris tof IlfkW
Republican national tieket. ton the fruit of Republican prosperity." the larl t lta tl In ts alei. a WW
other haud the Democrats promb to arome time aRu the press printed whoeould lou New York* MadUllW hiveI
suppress these tirrmendous monop. statlIties, showing aa increase In the a largo ploralliy In the el nmi Wge t i
alie. mortgage lndebtedness In Iowa. This l ge. Hee IIs letbvlioustht she 1ea.
The extravagance In Republiian ad. Is the real fruit "of Republiean pros. publies ple of btesil to Is ., :0ms.a
ministration since Roosevelt has ou- perity," Candtdate Fairbanka' state- tiMrte all the ppwev mA ie g aiaeJ,
cupied the White House has been so ment as to the paying off of mortgage of their orglsatiao Istl e Wh t 11
great as to be iscndaloni in thle In. "Incurred during DemoctastlA dlnle-. BA, bweep' N is n m ses tha o Stf
creased burdens thrown upon the peo trations," ise purely demogaoie. Morkt- Doemnrats ae delestedi- bft *
ple. IS Is pledged by the Democrats gages are always be in linaurred for torll o e wo t s 1the RepsbSt gn
that this evil shall be remedied, and one reason or another, but more prop ins full eoastro of the e s0tle44 6 W
the record of the Imo Nrati party is erty has been plastered with them in cry of thbe tate, 'ha. ilv bhso i
that It has always reduced expenses Iowa during the present admilnistr. mnd an Ieme semcampalag ftlo w aA
when lb power. Mr. Roosevelt be- tion than over beorEp are oppred by al t4he g at *e N
lherev that, follOwlig the e,,ample of atisos, I1t 1 ovldeq thain the
European governments., we should Your neighbor will always be found eatOs, whoe havw btldm Iy 1 up :
have a eolnial poliey. evei to the ex. to hate some peeuliarliee-will look lasion to o llfani them wilth ash b
tent of making distai6 peoples our un. at things ad do things differently of b'A*tong spin ( usi,:s
willing ubjeets, and that we should from you. It will do mush to promote do0 odds.
meddl in matters which concern for good neighborly feellng between you However, it Is well to ee'll I he
eigu countries and not our own. The and him If you look with kladness and ito aUbt the esappl ial p1r t b
Democrats believe that the Inhab- oharlly upona bl peellariles and glte nri0eyvery r eape elbWI st SoiN $ o -1,.
Itants of theLPhitpplinel, where we him credit for good latentlous sad 1N wkleh nareWtt4 I she se** 4
have spent so many hundreds of ail. hoest purposes until compelled to to o f Uiwer C*4luS b* a i Pl' i
lions of money and acrilfleed the lives think otherwise, osti lal aside. At thta"bise s "
of so many thousands of nen, should Ihe bettlegf wa largely lh V
be given alsurance of ultimate indei- Therq's a lot of flne women folks." Hawrim, as to now a t
pendenet, and that we shouldd keep out said a colored preacher, "4da eom r to i60ool but a* eitloas do g li
of all foreign entanailements in which Churh 't o ee every hat in the eoegre- s *aret h odd on a dowdi fjl
our real interests are not fnrolved., ation-ver hast but thone-h e oe esldieably, althougA he ellS i r
And thkse are not all the differences that de Lord passes right under .o' mnaled the favorlt e beanlag
between the parties In which the noses for help In his eause and to lnvo inow* all the fe tus of -he .m.
DemocratI occupy the sIde hieh your own black soule!" We suppose plAa e elaismed to be B Ua a
makes for the welfare of the country. many white preachers have the same d** toiebd 5 a f e
When the candidates are considered, eause for complaint. vitotry, but oa atU ght a MV 0
who is there nho will say that the) tona, when the voteehuoadbmSage
Country'e lenace and prosperity will To paint portraits of American so. o wya foMd tua CleObuhd had eat
not have a surer guaranty of safenets elety women, sa s a writer, is en rld'ONew Ytork. 4001s.)a eltu 7V
under .fudge Parker than it is likely to achievement seldom ttained by an he had aieo eatnied New Jeus O,
have under Roosevelt? Young man, Amerlean artist, as the grande dame neetent, lidtisan,Illiels satd Wiea. .ii
consider your vote carefully, of the "60'SarIs toeraey of the land of ml, and OCleveiland ws keted p 1.
the free usually Ltist upon a foreign ident. Wt do th ot a methta wil kpp
Tamia Times: The duty of D)em- signature to their pletur., ever that tho .re t(la will .... ''
crate to rote the ticket straight from this year, but we tdong tMShp. 5 'I,. ," ,
top to bottom was never stronger thanii This Ie the time of year when the som. at th mmmpaigp plf 18 PW ub.P .,t ...
It is this ytar. The triumph over boys and girls oel on the front porch eoolsslevlg that betting is Itee"f &' gB
black Republicanism in Florida whleh and look scorn(ally at tthe ras. Prei. oac Iudideato hwt pelet area er g de
was so gallantly won lu 1176 must not ty soon she says, "What iarqyoathlnk. tot vedtoew h how the pei pl n to 1e7.ew$p
be hazarded in the sllghteet deKree. ai Ing about?" And he liy, iame tO ro whet edida lO sol to yna' e I
would be done by any sign of yielding thingK a ost are." "Don't you do it" I;4p elSds t ed.
in the Republican direction. If the she says, "or I'll slap yoaur face." In INm the Dememtls matnaEr* s a
Democratic voter happen to hate a they are aow, were not disubed by
man ou the ticket so strongly thae he Vesuvlug is In .ntle gnlamlA th en ers sadi,
I it a Igal a. A, i

can't possibly go him, the proper things peos of rk weih m about otten iM ofr t Ro
is to vote for nobody for that oee. shot out of the crater a week or so Wage s and polisltia, but 116e. ..
That it a sin of omission, and may be and lava wa flowing out of heater a dosame tlla sewi
forgiven. But a vote for a itepoblican so hot that It has melted the stel sah e dslo tie aIeI tlng netwe
is a sIn of eommfision, a sin against rails of the road that runs up the volt aoleieegm s let 'S
every interest of the State. and is on. oafdeo nor amtmen ete Scta
pardonable from a party standpoint. ---- --- devoting teaMdlv e P l Ietly to
Ir a man wants to change' his party "She came upon him anawares/M swiag wood and esayim aptluag .am'e p e 'f
effiliations ard become a Repubilean read the teacher. "Oan any little boy than that they are played with e .
outright, or take refuge ain the halfway or girl tell me what 'unaware*' Dpegre of the Demosattal anpti"g., u l?
house ofpopulism, thbathis individual neans?" Up went the hand of the The election willot be deelded atll TrMi
privilege which no one will attempt to youngest pupil. "I know!" he orted. the vote have beem eat sad sonied. '* cewstte
deny him. Htt to pretend and claim "It's what we wear next to our skin." Iteertainly will not be decided by tie OaMr Oe
to Le n l)ennr.,ut and give aid and elaimG of Republican pare or the
comfort to the ementy. is not the right The ordinary marriage customs of wagers of Walletreeepueewltoe. The "' PYOe*
or privileg' to nny man who desires to the Orient are reversed In Tibet. In. deiision will rt with the v6tage. '
be credited with athe possession of stead of the men having a plurality of S
ma intiLs and good faith. An open wives, tho women have the priifItge Thanksgiving Day eome Best Ni
enemy i, inti ltely to be perferred to,of a plurality of hu d t,,,. month, whidh suggest turkey, *erane
a eotncealed traitor. berry sauce and plum puddJig. By
011WPA- -41-traitor. W. elm
--: We oaenot understand how KVe t way the hunting season alao opens at w
We !evr the man with roses on his could have been tempted with an sp. next month, whoib suggest quail, f a
tongue. th, manti who sets the' boy's pie. It should have been a Paris hat deer. wild turkey and .mallard dusk; a-tse -sb,
dirty face, but mentions his bright or a bottle of freckle bleach. then, too, oysters become moan e
eye-who notiees your shabby coat. Ro dellelout in November, and sameTeae cpLW. ren
but praises your studios. habit.; the Think less of your troubles and more near our elbow, with smaesMin lips, 0,i
.t, who iees g heauIt but isquiek of your joys and younwon't mind a bit asks what about spare ri, beoBe, i M
to praise arid lon it blame. We like if the tun goea behind a loud once la sna tge, liver, -peddinog, 'poessu ad U
to meet a man whose smile will light a while. aers? It nverrarsore to Ithe avr*
up drearine.s. whose voice is full of j age Ilorida Cracker to ask the quee-
muice of the birds, whose han shake Trades unions in Auitralia have dea- ign, "Is life worth livingT"-Oaal .6
is an Inspiration. folded that no worker can be employed Banner.
--- ..... unless he belono to an Industrial s.
Is an nspil n unls 1as.i It appears natural for some people ei
If the nlta n ofIthe lnitld uState n iao n.h f*.Sl..Ban *nNt am4 .Ai a maA 1n 4 10


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IA,, W --jwe- Isen as e a1 mt.,
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Sat. ^edn w hee
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al 11sal f1(,lw: ,. 4 ni
I.' ik~lllpg.IL AU Aitk it i b h>d **rt <

k'tee a i ii terelty ti.. a.
|*L r- t A~it* 41 tdc % t he o t r-

I wEshrdt l4eiv erich rq%1y

1W- 4paW and moated h i titv cpte.
M*dO ow tHlte 1hwed s y: tu rears .rt I,
uIyW esw ttlI tha ,h.el d by law,
asham re tul is en II .r
.f &rA M A lro* if vet o v ter In y. V ht t wo

wbe O atheVMtSr m fhi al b -e a rnyi I m,
ti lmt Ae "tM Ii *In rm.e br y th e 'not-,i
I 4 b s, W hl t 0l Jue for **i e y rs. Ith ie-
l. skt i thm fliill tW b ,y h. lrw.

S$Srll stq ti e Fk'atr e hkh. a, cIn ur ofa
i WK mhel prta be4 tt uirn lit* rmiai"n
aMkdl li t ft dl, aM)4 H ,, 64 Ak,+ at tny ime,
MWey etT Altal t, 1h 4 Jury th cir-

tlthe fo m" iArrcl.' 1I.on the r iing Mf
tlJlM ate mll tb the dirutt i ?ar ,43, emnmiplt
or e e-ss &W toee1 t0l i n- emrn of re- -
mod s he a so"NOW o4 N .Sw unn
*e 4 mIsd kiNp s ha twheM inf r.
am sadrmhe a ued shah h e
trmA L A.of Anttell IMhe onstilrttiini
14i s Rea ash by a ,m40"
"$'eteS & Tmhere bat be no eotrn Ir'r:
it Lryr wheWh a teoat oi reei 1I i.t
taee W of Anklet V of Ie Cwr"Itt n
* the *ew .t1hei I. hnttk ar .I
Of1* i4 a of F10"-6 f
SeUstML AW ates W 4 o Af WON he t car iNk.0 q w4 the

se t tene of awM4r stWn4 of t;- Wcos n,
ahe. l sa tl WAmhe wt4t by elaw.
StoA e iL o Anrte V. of t.* cCetmlihet-
*c54 the Sea t froila Is erey *ausmder
so a& t-nomod t mefhea
teWe. ML At lenit oaf nwku oamnsn
* teh s 4e1a0 mn U he .*ibabnT is ithe
ODO Md ucesmad alla ho .whri eto vtsal.
ete cOat srt bd amy w asok to hfm a
medof tef etf ah ca f remcr rat Wo
to the chumi oate mootbWhe cauesI ohe the
chsW ingte eea* w the dtestd hRmvfl iutp
imn t e the o *" tm t* oretl court her
Yl I U erirsetr map a ta lttrua f
fOtW rw Mdul ed" bvtIes )sri.a&tim .
do ciets sMat S eay rMsty, to b1 a
ml tlaM o68 cenO 4 record of each
wk te Nju be tW teen o1 re-red ohwl
bt I^n "yne to n my ane at tv
I. & e'wr t tif mCor4. Sla nr the% *me rabtut
&4 IW by jen e La lteO m- boy rm "er*%sa
mm 2 tw Uftdt4tr ile Coostit*ttlm. of lhe lt',
nI ftennc 10n rfan -B rirveMc n rto; 4%r Itng,
it l sh e lg f tThe wvait 6 rm d rdhe stl ARd WratsTr sbht ase t H o CTruit wurt f
lhe coS Ity ns Ukhsiuc cownt 14 rVmord May
Seethes 31 w4 Arnte)t lV. flno Cor s h
t"G t%64 l seSat. S Fofrida I. h-ISy amicrsd4
s as tj rq4s I Weed ,klu :
'Snimoft St Cowurts a rcWo ,hall bq abpl.
1iched he " I% Llgatu. only uipon a petiski'
Of a mRajWity9 1 the r tred v< eirn .c l : i
*eemly, the euch eh ,irt isjv qhttc.L

That tthe oilowlina ainsimdmnts to Rectlfka
t- Antic .I aSd &Stton i4, Ankle
III. Lm thl IemlI of Se tI S, %1 Anlkh
VilI o4 the Cosfttimke t the State of
FVtS, be. an are hereby agreed to. aTn aaI l
be sbAmitted t. the le.WctQrn f the State at he
iefttI qteI to be held t NovtmLr A.
a WfK wwli -0 |
Seeute 3 Artoi 4 A. of the roo .tltutios
oI tl SAte Io hdIss lhkenbay amended sol
as so wfd as SeMeln:
Se.. IW Thtu LgultIw tho1U Ro" pas
.m15 of t-fti law to my ,A the Mlewi-i
I euweed ast thet Io t usay ruleglati-
Ite jilteMsi mse 4 dti 04 any class t
am, ue fow tr wbiiest eof crime or MIs.
aim ..i 5x8ept lor t4? "oerwillt e f pti-

S.r osnqt a. nd erca **o pta 4 G i t
I.s -weul; m-aI mlaot wai|es ini oe
Ati c.oung pa.n.vde -lor t itp,,a-
Smrnty. sue nuakifl efters, mad (v o ir
MatIl she pce 1 moA t; l-itt es islei oe mr
ense bhhrm s to mm.t, Utest a of e*.,i
I _.I m m of 0C*"0 cthe.
to -tewuam r l-tIV a or wils: I tm-f-
ts sttna;onvitah (kr the mdonilon .f
hdrof: tiCor hfrom legal adiUtl-
tena aA hor the *eabllshme .of erriee.
Sevt m K Arnkle III. .A the Consethtom
of th S otoef b d b hereby amended so
0 to Ff4S as fulr ..
ISeuts 1 Th e L-vidate tha"n stabitsh
* usUore system of fCOUnty GOMTrmeat. It
shal divide makipikttnke lIto ceem. of not
"me than hro em the hal. Sof
k shanealstslk or each clam 4 sr my.-
tern of VwermW A It shall or e re
ndl r tme tEeaamwneiorofn muraeto
to te a pr..ate4 t-umi ae IWftet so

eumeria nt*t0mawMUMes th
rn1be ft ."maMa l' 6
a setA, sh il be valid.
tSies 5. AniShe viii, el. Codthitetoe
Of the Stat. eO FlorMtiS b is by tte

S Acserc ad s. n. n dencare*

teasteg where 'mhen u
Es skm the ales seao flik. A S3


oem saRn WSu anu
Oummarted U yaprs old. iv B
Call.a &.0 4 full quarts i


salet $3.70.&

I an old. B t
full quart .00.

Goausatred 4 ears old. Bt th
gallon 4L0. 4 falrqurt.u L. "5.
cuProu RTY
By dohe Ilo a 9.. 4 ftll quart
laggg m JmIr
OLR uilm ntu0 'UB
iam"wtd 4 "inf okl. BUt h
10allo0 n& i fui qoarts .7.

O nred 8 v old. ll D
I..O. "0k "call quarts 15.
We Indle all the leedins brands
Rye ai Bowftie Whiskies iI the b oi
Ikt ma TiU iMs y. from per ea .
to per atel Oour purhM. tws
ltr rt Ieg RB e, aloue. Mial.
ree upo applioaiston.
WSS4M.41413t voum T sTRE.




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i ALL o tlns a-l


All ,,


'.,n L' ;.' ..... __J

,i Tiolk 11W04.

Mtwtim-Prbh linotwo .
ti R. liaitaM.w.t Martia
Uin. H. Htnitnte,- lrvard nt
U. A, W. Wendll-auttide
A, M. COimhin- IlalusM
VirOWiftmol-tn.l. KM l. i

kI* ty of Sta t--J hp. .

Atw. m t (, C

Ch4tpRnlter-J. L. Mkipper
Twaisret-4. MrAlPford,
kpul4anwdenft of I'uble I
tlo--W. I. OrNel. OAne)",.
O Iemilmlorir of Agrieoltur41i'
Rowley. Piunam.
Rmlloi4 Commlitnlier- H.f ','
Rltchte, Stv John. ,
Jwoiee. nreme Court for term
els ynan-W. U11. heppanl, fina
Juetiew SUpt Courot-0. t-.O

C. S. Adams,. Dural.
E. P. Axzll., Duval.
Oon"gsurlonal? Ticket.
pirt Coagresnisinla. listr Ccl-B.
Unasby. Hillfboro.
8rI4 Cosgressional l)titrle-jJ
Cbeney, Oursll "

Wan, Wash torn.

The Oldest Wistkey

Ho0se In Geon

E e.u:t 4Z" sta S ~i
t OA I ALKmfK' 010
assss *^- ^"^^^^ ^'^ /^-^^: ^^^ -^T -V-


-*oba d M 4lay Peund

*t wAN bee P in.

ios two wees people
u at 4al ille will have

*,l* they ass mMteO
e oeiee of easitfee
lk the road mAn
...... od about two mile.
i "i spolat fat of the
Swf wyleding to Haw.
~te wlag to the In.
W r,aod other unfavor-
r ,w work wa suspended
Si la s, a P04, 2 a mile and

00 the k att fr has mtted

ftiptember meeting the
SOeesy Comialeeisre, re.
impetleme of O kiahlng this
thee eaStrtl So D. 41. Ed-
nmplete the stretch cad on-
SteseaIhfare with Alaehua
hMetk o paved to Roper

4" frmildnation toflt h the
U, posetble to oompletion,
H WSards urniphed a nmw-
i eama aud employed a
of hands and began in
I e hap far eoastrueted
aof a mile of as fine, well
lMi read could be desired
bhe material employed is
felay iad pebble roek,
I by %thoe who are tape-
lsd*hluit4ig to be among
mble to be found in this
eomMil01loeners mad othi-.
npe S the thorough.!
We has been extremely
Alce* he hae discovered
eathof a mile west of
t the premat termination of
Santher deposit of rook
while he 8ays will be ample
to the work. This will save
and timo of hauling the
the lou distance which
been necanary, with the
tie road will be completed
a expected. The contractor
he expects to complete the
ima two reeks, the weatlier
'Way is twelve feet in width,
spmad, and when properly
g radted will make one of,
iGrouughfarei in title seec

.edso are a mutual bleeJing to
Mi d it l sto be hoped that
ere and citizens will see
I.the movement well under
f tAlahbua can boast of as fine
. a n be. found Int the State.
S One of Many.
WiWSI. of Summteron. S.C..,
t for twenty years with the
temalistsa were employed and
IMsWedie used, bt relief and
St goad was found only in the
'WitW'sI Witch Hazel Salve.

ipa meoe of he may cure, that
r 9 *1664 by this wonderful
N la buh ins WItch Hazel Salve
i8 eeem to See that yo sget
It IDeWItts. made by E. 0.
6 0. inm Ohlego. and a eure is
I i) t Witch Hamel Salve
|iM of pile, auts, burns.
mosM. toetter, rin worm,
Ma, Sold by all drug.

E ro htemns' Return.
US absenee of several months.
t ho* sent with relatives
a their own home In Eng-
O* M".. G. W. Broughton
to this eity. and are
tly located on Alachua

le couple express them-
being greatly benefited by
,WM vse trip, but an glad tore-
.their American home.
lM.A delighted to see them here

Slhers of a Like Opnlion.'


Tmr raNwu UnWu IL.

PIr qucok reif from Rlltquun ,
tiek Headache, Torpid Lvwr. Joan.
di,- DlaitLimo, and all trutinewwt
in; from an t~eolve or lugas |lht r,
DeWlI's Lttle Barly latrs are r
The em promptly hd nvr frlpe.
They arV 4atn thatI is a p"eur
to he 1 i4 Om to w st oas s
"il laustI tw sf fourth as a
pleasesm et tilve athants. T1ey
o W n geubleh anm te a laty
kumsl. Thiy sme whe Ulvr.
maon.-e ew wr 9
*.q4,*WS&O Oee., @A

Sold by All Druggists.


State Convention of Daughters of Cos.
federacy in 8elsaon.
Ib,, ti. C C. 4) S Wernra*ilA
mOrldifrI t'o ( ;,l c.' ;tL t'!)e n (f the
Da 4',ii. i o, (I l 't, i vy asl a call.
ed to oulor a. the I"rs1t la:iUst) church
by the "rutdo.: M&. A.\. II. tljill, ol
Savannah Aftir rs Inv.weltion by
Rev Bro.,'e G. ;1.!imj.:, arn address
of wtenitnr wa4 ni'ade by Mrs. A. OL
is' r-.r. T'i. uitildls ci wa s t e.',prndtej
to by Mrs. '. W\. (ltfrey in a happ)
and eloirttr 'nairr.
After oinwe uslir anwl tir'rodil ctlon
of gtes(i. the pn Id' ?it nma!e her amu
unal aMdIres. 1; ti!ai largely in tht
history of t1',t rw., !- anP. 'taR. full of
Informiallorn ai I~l oig:it.

Oeod for Ct.idren.

The pleasant to take and harmless
ine Mlinute Cough CurM ilves instant
relief in all eases of cough, errup and
lagrippe because it does not pa-s lm-
anediately unto the stomach, but takes
.ffrtet ri ht at the seat of trouble. Iq
draws out the inflammation. beals aud
mouthes and cutres permanently by
enmblinqt the lutais to contribute pure
life-gIviaig and lif-c.ustmiringn oxygen
to the blood and tissues. Sold by ll
Campbell Acquitted.
Opeltha. Ala.. Oct. 2s.-iThe jury In
the ('amplell murder trial after dellb
Oraling tUru hour and twonty tin.
utoes, relurrerd a vthlrdct i? uorqtltial.
Campbell hoi and killed It. A, Thet.
tord, at Phonlx City. On March 23
last, while at his place of bulsineMs,
for the purpose of arresting hint. Thbe.
ford resisted. anti in exchange shots
following be o a killed. Campbell p|Iut
up a plea of btlf-derenae.

Broke into His House.
S. Le(Qinin of Cavendsah. V Wst.:iWas
rahx-d of his custuomary health i iin-
vationt of chronic couotipation. Wl aen
Dr. King's New Life Paills broke 14i
his hobse, his trunble was arrested an d
now hae's entirely cured. They're
guaranttetd to cure. 253 at all drug-

t'rilei .anid hn < intle fT undrt pxectutlnm ls-
'.n: t tut *i the .lrt'ft ooart, for the I 'lthth
Judi ial Circuit of Flo'lida. In an(d for .Al4chua
county. f e dlremei to all nd n Wnrular the
*9 ht 11s of ihe etl ,L of Florldn. Whercem J. H.
1ienle. fon t A Co.. liBtam fio Ilro., Golur-Cohn
& Co. and A I HIfll & Coi, are mltaalutif net J.
M. Fryer lh detfeindt. I have levied uion avnd

will Sef1. before the onurt hboe do oor In th
itl.) of timetille Alitohu country. Florida.
ou 8Mot ay. the ;th day of November, A. 1.
liA4, helir leiafl r ile day. between the letal]
hour" or sale, the tollowinui dearfwl i'roier-
tr. towtlt:
OwbtUt-c of whfkey.
I lArrel 0ontaJnil 40 i' alols ot wntiKer.
3 ase iat wtter.
lab ;S Battles of beer, andI t demil-john of whis-
I lot empty ju%*. tllest e nd lakit..
ad iwoIl ertiv to be ,oki aM the proaprty of
the defendant to nitlly aMid exeoutlon.
TermM. nah.

Sheriff of Al bus Countyr.
Land Othce at (taInesville. Fla,,
October t| Io0l.
Notlcee Is hereby ven that the followlg-
nuamed *uler haii 4i1e notice of him Inltento
to make fina proof In supMprt of bbi claim. and
that *akt imoft will he made 4*fore ReiIster
and Ret eivr at .aiutuiretlle. ,IA.. on eem.-
her I9M. UA.:
fltifNlIs P. bMIT Sf t liMnnie, IFl..
Hd. No. it~W. for the NX1 NW. hw'w Na '.
Na WS S ee. t. T. tIo 1S.. It IE K
He name the following wItnmews to prove
hb1 contnitutias re kleace upMn and cultivalloes
of ,Aid lanhi. vl'. :
J. M. Witde. (;. W, Palik it. V. Pridgeont'O:
U. Iiirker all or Tmunnfe, Yi.F
dlu WI. IlI1 I N Iliteier.

Palatka, Fla.
liluntr llye XXX....... ........ 1 80
XXXXI.... ........... 2 .
inAid MeiWi O.................... On

'I' '.*".w~*i;

dl i


V -W AW- a W flV V-

One ent & Word. GEO.8.ACKER

Advertlatweawsor uM war or s 'et' r
abla hemi*amertd for 00e Cms aS Wurd, nea
Lai advm eO. feblanrous ..
P1ea aast*cer adTfiumme ae as 64 rea&ed
to t 6*"e S ra eSmst.
The eo RAenee of al tPeerms Ia er & c s-
M.uaed wisb litials wW be respuewi.
Tjr amuen will Mot be vtvne to laUjrem.


W ANTED A large nmanufawturfarn. ner. mam
about to oPcn loltributitnt depot l sh" oM-
ltio. desires mnerie of respoZeb e man to
take manage eit altry iM *t per aiu '
and ommotlanc Appilonat auist rfunm"E SSnD-lIa
clam referen HiNTl Kl ito a S I0 1 AL. Me 'r-
chandlwS tfrnlk4m. Adref: Marnufaste. l
.are Nelo m e Comn. titeo, ilLAR li|
WANTWD In et Swei maeSa attmeL ff s
la'e ae toh., Permm LatWsn
Central Toac 'rk C.. Pahs. Vs. A in
COMW ft MOTICK A ND A-2- V 1d^


I'saN o ."v,.w
ome i A NoUfNO"ba s ,m %&JOtn ii
SJ1-4MEMU *-kM ftland .- abAM 1a bflmi1S^

H having
bought the
stock of The
Thomas Hard-
ware sn4 Seed
Company, we
will for th0
next Thlrt

Days se I
Any Godi isn the Store at Cost.

III ,- .
"..',. l : 1 ^ ,

merd a t, al. |:
TaoAh poPs of rTrases. a. .
le. t21.for the Sw e UIt 6tm Il T6 8
m a I I
Me samN the fot iowh wiiutees to I
h"f upon a osiisatsosa
Albert san4 or Tet.ra.V j. ll
*n* W :
Sen.. ao4. "igter. *di

Noticr i h be=aU ore t aee u
ru**of lbthis

* a tin

W k. .Maona nVWtj
faor AlaWo a.dsmuntr. tv
ien and there *Trl4r rar 1a11 di5NaI
Wither a4IilraIin and guallNrd
e t04t10 0I ttbe Nl'etban Mielb .
Hrerert S ulth, bavtin atltai til
swelit I-tMe years.
Selte ibr1%hA. IA. lma1W.
A ft drl ^ ^k ..m -A A _- 0 L K -f L& i .._A

. T- T P1. AUI

uw. Ma -W, yB o
*oe!& torhe 0S


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r r- s-OW ,,, .-

hWe Know

A (1Usnee ttt Our Stok Will Gonvin You
of This to

| and, .

That's what we consider wo w ey.

_And _ore Coming

We Will OpenSct.fl;
Come and seeu. Or uto
everything known in the F

' ] l I l I l l

A Free Souvenir .
To Thdse That Call on the Opeing Dy


I- _, ,.-.


"n '.; :,' ^ ,'"

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;).'.11" ----R


Ca nltiA. A

wo am i ***' IIwohs hat*4 4#
Cidte Ne eit Ht6 Ih%4 ee'ie
itet ttmae' big *ist s
it. ~tr, ewsi, a tsesftil wmfliimt
ted e tmmillesy manl at h N94
W s' bsokess iester o tho*iofill ".
S. W'l. o* f Alatthus *is a tllt.
iam vlist to th iis ly mlntwIrel M ,
Wells is *N of tie nual widely kiuvw1t
midrlis of tht mlo.
i i. .H OIlatteLI lfat statil, ingest
lot the umktl vi6 "d titf MMtlld.

NOR -AFDWW k, As ar 10 e t w*I|W1he iaui 0a sol Was. ... JwM *t* W1e ta ves
aW1s bu8so s Is this jWa*I I p I *PW eS flu
For n ugt"se ta(ut01 tM. sb tto uism g 0" MSM
SWith Royal Baking Powder there is rtz M it" '.F. w*e, ie-- A&"!"B
A _ w ._ .i||am toc meree e e.e l ie t A-4 a I"v
Q o mixing with the hands, no sweat of Mt." L W oa C.L Rup .--" "
the brow. Perfect cleanlins., greatest Amoas, t e, eh. w ,, thw w w 2m,
Scfllity, sweet, clean, healthful food. ie a.ra... s. saS o
sun .m Was *aMTiss. e lwla n.i oo,011110.111 0hmiot ,aiiI
l IsMtmedon in th *"Royal Baker and P tCookr" -Umno. whenr l: iah ,n as a u. .o.. i .. he miw.:: t ..
( tk main lI kinds of brod, biseit and cake istI to his dsubr, M s. 0. v 4*If. .
R3yaI Daking Powder. Grad to any a4ddn. Fer so mek Q fS
A memb tof e**ofo eolo Pet"r i Ot to %e .
,he vidti gtsehas ll Sas fui n Sta*serum. t a h vus
- -4- ~da | e ,l al.mdy ella. ahe' $
AMOng he vistors to this els *gsm1y l AI t, whisk was greatVy ". New N flnt
P WY AN 9day walThos.Johnson of Mi!s4 pesm, isted h rese who were s ftei* twil s to Aba
inoa n*a of the mass widely knoowaoli ueI s to b ialo posems. h.
A: T 'tondeals of that seton. He IeJe W. Dl. Ueha uas of la1f1 p eS Wo 4*0*
S nSarmeds from Loee iWheroeeDat wasiAo he it, g.aidy. White hebo te b ow
several days tiag a Ih ue lights of Am b e OfA. p OiOud sa order dee 3*aS. t. &a So
mSblst kb area World's Fair. Mr. Johnsoan ha 0 Nadame bhl f flp lsso be I. a t >,
,, y Of reetss golM his l aterI* l strki "to his Uthig." MrJ i R S* l. at '"1
Bj O Ip aIrses of timbe st to P(.p A tHoMer. *6*isdatma thA wqlrnslte t .eens w. S wb MAe l s2
LA the naval storm operatorsof Hoehelle. M'0 of ith tlg W. hssh IWins
A11 S0OCIAL TUS The property is le4 o- theRiver 0. Y. OCswhas bee *S e patlhaqS SU i
.n 00 Y. piwse as LO i sS -b"a* _o !.... .... Ztdt IIx. sIs I. 7 r tb thhe m i nh u, OI
L T4e hi fase Pa160his* stood the onsilratiomn wlIe $1.. (l Oprale lA Baws. Thuse m iMted .a...
*f. H ie oh RsMayRne ad" L0.Cobb, the.oo.leawis an tof the ka.njeqed a IA ese sn te ht!
gt. .Seaboard Air Line Is skis ity has t duting$e eil havib all 411. -- heeI t mi
Surued from a visit to his-oldboe Is pendof a ar. S l sapt
$ a*an Alabama, St. Louis, Peaseels a mat.ate b .
hwa.-e.h.armi. oote 1u B other pon H w as beenat" m.o isol -a ,r. la. .h.e. wr s_. ho.itel. S OW8S&
wass, hwalopplng inntheClity week n If I.isedes to add thwom a passion tee epeeih Iw.m.ppt h,
May Strombbor ha. seturmed hs spom .e d write a sHigla oSr 8 R iu--. o on w...o -n be w.wva a.
. delightful visit to frd el. os foro the leading alsese aon his -M-.i sOsh .a "J.mae -kes oe .11 $be..... a
sojourner B at ",o Chl.yI Creek and the patio t i et ag wlat in &m IT SW mp w. o ."
i L. Kelley and 1i Williams Fair" and has oo conseased to per. i.eea are aelle it hoer, aiaMls e- ....
',,,ssdfra n a visit to friends mit the p'abistllon In The oSun. The g. .. r.
llie. friends of i Spl gnal youngom .Fr.. ". m. Wiw sesvl pas e
3':. 3. Shlatur,.a----p...,mledla o welcome him behomeuts again, i bH es. was Wiist ishel #sv s
letNispy. was traosacunosgthe Brown Hon.. lobby bos been o ih y"p esbe Was. M WiggIns Iaw

ihere she will be the gu of o shopping itn the ity yesterday Sr.
Meslo Cox during the preset Mrs. A. 'i. Lamb or Misaopy was Rev. T. 3. Ior"wonby. tb. Mothe tn tsw p. :t.'
t sho pptn iny lhhyyesterday. i st diview of Mtisemop who l *.- apopei es g iS
W. H. Powell and four children j Mrs. A. ns. Norris of High Spristaged it lsB*lbItadI .rh, pawed peer tme Sbugibunt
have ylerued to their home j u s hopping in thle eity yete rday. through lte wily ylterday an Ls l toflR S tq SS
a brief bat pleasset visit to rel Thos, r idS y of rove.Park wa Jasper. whoe be wllasoisol Rev. l ef ite bestl e
SMr. aid Mrsi. 31. B. Sanders, transeOting busleuss in thistely yeter. Ne)'l of Live Oak lIa m uitIg. M O -. ish t l
.ll. dCorPest Msday. Gr. Ncbwrh b ihas Jlcled the TilJll.alAhbl-a-- .ss aasa-d1
L upsopn, the big orae grow- Mis Lewis. Ia obarlag young lady ~Blspsl- a meWaeir Tw. &
sibmms who owns one of the of Wade. was shopping in the eiy. 1e.4 -v. ud e is wbleu meo t gaer i aIs **b i l*ri
s! meet .proaii groves in the merlay. Q n y O mjoae tissme E. L hso em w
. trHPosellag bouslns in this l r s. n ToaNmkies and d ioauf i ghter of tlmthoin aslithe ol y yh anWWe Wii 'a lm Wd
Soalsto er departed yesterday for Brewton. Alat.. oh aiwnhog n wm lf the pitosei leteierdn, ad Mg e i l
J. 3. hit of las la e t i i where they will visi% o lstveo, ig oth m.-e ofa .t- her b oew las t e N. INlag s O t i
Mral. and Uo_ r.. M. M-- .c -..- .inui ueinthi lqr. le the tni ng roof he ihdaki all **l a toMs-- 7'" '" &a.
eto aepnd r. ayl. I). W. L.te Barton and da ger Mrs sses that et f-.there has bLs latd .n.
is thiithe partedh y tlgr Van Taoi r wrLe. in the ctylu from .hi hlsloml nabut balesmonato..T p, Rqobas, o.... the Rab......
Wad whe, e she will spend Pys s t h soi esel d bs O as Im oe
w atisoe. prkman of Fairfiel wai the si tha last. but the oeutpt wasm Sb Iin'
tEa lire. W. B. Riviere and 0gn city yntedmyn having, cmteo te no g co ha a be se m
Ol0 High Sprouip passed MthreoIugh puarposetf hatin um"e denal wor gat amp beN, Mr hat is shiph a S
0'0e0ram em route orne foty performed by Dr. Alderman. ville. Msb rAs. .We ia. M an" ,I .
wo therenll they havebeen Mr. and Mn. lobs K. Lteon ant Theo repairs and alteratIonI on the she seheh is Is mg ire d
St to the carn~val. .Ty Jtles 31, A. Betley, wife and two Lutterish tsidepo.W stMalntrees, sdtathe te"e,.k he eat at s,
S' le children of High Springs passed N.,-whih was partially deatr'uped bps, m gese work wlllbanbeapee
aspic of daspe ta through the city yesterday er route ore a wees ago. are pgwgsd.
.e+..@ b fnele. Deputy er home from Jaksonville, where they a and within the thee h 'es ,
a t e an t his hme --have been-- taking i- the osriral. ._wees wall, be *a dy i -**it st wI e 0 .
wboerday. Oc.-er Stokes Mhts es.t Tie. build l h. bee tans oan of Mawih os Pnltl, .Sb
of valuable sslssanos in work.Taw rm, p
the abeaimmrderer and READ THIS frasto ; .a *ol. t Ds .
him to. justfe.. at deer*nu i HiS.'l l .*t0 s uree will andke om gtaly teem Oaft. A&., bet .v -ti,. ;.
I Il i l li i ll~o 1 IL ... i .-- .. .. l ..-i-- t i-- li~il/ i l ii H lil l R Ii

mm, SW Sq' il
llilll ,^i W~i'w '
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MeetwMw Rr wnit g h tat
hyep i a. ams. t.
:Itie to thai til; p Ived'tay
Fest thteta etuet ran hn
thast sad tnAge4 Ittees dawt
p5#Sfwy tira R^nt tIe* I. Stb
It SltthS wih a ndak dmanaa


epmratulated for his oleverness Jakson. Tens., June 4. 1001-This. W E u I V n dumdtooo lorira by be d .
Work. s to .ertify that, one bottle of the the lt. iRighstful elimato a.d mlsy a mes
iet lssue of The sun it was Texasu Voder, Hll's Great Dlseovery. Rev. Harvey Hart of Paradis. for- phere. lie Is well passed both with
that the Earnest Workers' has cured my wife and myself of kid. merely of Ohio, who has been prenehlng the oounlry aS t llh Wi.. M, ipl
-f the Pmbytiflan Chuah ney. bladder and rheumatic trouble, op Antio eh rehu for Rev. F. here Prof. Boner paid The S ft .
hod their entertalimenot and we most ebeerfully recommend it Htrtman is finished his labor their appreiaeod Mil sad ha iis maee le a
r This wat an error, f to the public, for the parent, after a very .usessftl rolled on the i stoeriptis lstt. '
i K.OU. H Ri'NAN Wr. seril of m moni. He will Hill another .. ... ..... 0 wa
S is aurrahging December enWngames at Antiooh on the fourth HONOR T 0000 MAN.
iate. Inabuch as all eeWork A TEXAS WONDER. *uadany la n member. Re,. Hliant ft
mst enjoyable, this o- I on mall btte of the Tex Won. alrtlman Wer oys tSithrIn ho. o T.o l Ml H ,
Slo e or ad towit der. all G t D c consequetly have been lItelong ando Delive Teachere
jititbhder.HallosGrtDiv ,aurIntimater otiends. f. Tom F. MN oath of East Flat*
deal of Interest and pleasure. kidney and bladder troubles, removitt tI
3. A m Amons departed gavel, oures diabetes., seminal omis- The work of repairing the Moecollum Ids Seminary h in een hoUo04
A to sc ona s ok odfa oel eions, weak and lame baeeks, rheum. ridee, corner Ens Orange and by initi t, ad4ee the aea.
to wleet a stock of g open tism, and all irreiularitle of te kid- North Oake venue, continues with en. tlon of MhiiIiadford County Teacheos'
tlbs m hdli.' a1nta.n^.1. ah. nys and bladder i bt h me .and Orly As was stated tbfore, the'bolid. Aiatioatu. whleh, wil be held at

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