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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
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Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )

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I*" "as *"IF Filwmlp

'1006 RVIIEW.
......... ........ . . . . .
1 rW 0,011AS"t 41111 Con.
U-1%6 two
9*010W Ws -,ftoralug Wit:
* In the Iran
that, ma in :iroh 4)c ber his
VW No. -01I Ito# the St Weet;
des.-a the yeAr.
_..FW1Pq1 AW .40"VW --'W41#Us, and
At" bought in
me 0 order*. they are
So 406 than in thS
$16ft jr
Th9 statistl's in-
Pi N.,
Pautput an Got. I was
;0UNbpat 140W.000 too* a
V. 1% Ustr0h, April And May
111PIR19 "01114bet" extrIO4 It -up to
6 "00 1" Pig ["a
PwWwavaliN IS POW on ita second Uptum
thip extent or the
'I factors. One
a. Skiwo
.800ont of Idle C.Ikp&cjty that
ip &a oricas rise. The Md
1011- Tom* Ike& got imen enoulgh yot for the
I i-A 110011flill lit of turbacen that blivi been
wott114 for a real Proft Hut'the Im.
140"Ant 'ftet Is tHat mere-bast swks
CO. PIX Irop we0e reduce4 76,00 tons
MONO. vrith colte astl aDthreelte
Ptoftetloo 164.000 tons veer* than in

.19 would wm thft too much has
beft M"d* Of tho marking up of south.
sift Ulm#. *M IrciA to $10-50 for No. 2 fftodry'
aW ft. $11 by m6me prodivron. With
Uttl* or 00 IMn selllnX at th prleoi4
IL, 4, two ftoy' AC4 sear"ly more alwaillowt
041D WSO the $12 price 'nawd early
t%. 19" by over-sold prWu4ers who
",:.*1d as NO." ft.Pq4q4 bad, NO Iron to Se'li at anMrlc. North-
1ft4K t21911 Oft fmadry Iron hat adva,4414 bow-
fkhb, SM, In. the post wee'k on seti&] "lot.
sk" tho.wislau'm for.No'. fftodry Is
now $12 at C tral Western (Umaces.
...... ..... While- biled have been made 4t $12.25.
an adva"s of. 25 to 60 cents In a fort-
SISht. Bessemer lrom has -sold 2t
112.25. at fornace and $12.50 Is now
U04rolow to
LI dly-j.yl WrrT,' TIF-Y P4"104-*- t The steel rail situsUnn Is a waRIUS
Aw-;"C' CW' U.---At Boring -
AM F oaf. 31anufacturers elto well main.
Isn" -last Slaht it torriold gained (telght, rates (if the exrfleno as
an If4portak elemeut In the pro4lem
Meare. waA of rail r1ces for the coming year.
*Ay: aod. *a4 itw: While $24 in, tho ciffirial Condition. con.
i0" AlAd VOUt "t A I I t, i dithost way Urins 'or Oyen $39 aig
644--azi. Vras found out.
*0 mad *DRUM.. out (tbe:biahi. While raltread avrementi
to be U04" With'for ine-xt yoar are oxp"Iod to be con,
MAN WORS4L. siderably beyond the bUying for losoi.
ft. Ji 411"R4 tbaK 1114ney Norris, standard sections arc Inactive today,
t4mk boy@ agod almot w
tboush rall buslarsa Is jg(mA.
Uhd him 7*1 Oro in jai). They
40sdod tho: lerims. bUt SSY tWo Whet Women Arrested for Murder.
Nashvitle. tean., Oct. '21--A ("hat
1.0 7.
tattoo*& dispatelt it) The 11annor says
rotally'"Oets Wift. that .11Jkl6if- Staoliary. a 00gro dress.

Many Visitors See the Cghts on the
First Day.
Uncoil, (Ilk., Ott, 1.11'-w1jon the
Nelms of ctvtktr&l (11ty Park &W44-T&S 9pett
St 14, ')'Cloek the Gwirgla otate IsIr
Marled uo wilh a now-h itts fair as one
CGIIIII w1uh. rull.k.'r t1lu" M.48 4.Xpected.
U110111 I" Prowdod to IU limits; It
iWoms I hat pt-upit, a ro here, fruru *very-
WhVr@ tu bivo Illv bevt sho* ta the
histuTY cd the, Ce-utral City.
By every r(pail t1lat leadii to Macou
,VIslU)ra are mming Into jht- city. the
Air"Is are Paek(41, and the litotels are
J411smed to their 11tult. Inie opeaIng
0310M.100% b0gan tills Inarnfillt with a
Concert Loy the 1:11%tet-11th tnuiltry baod
on the fair grounds. A ohort while
after 11 Wvlock fullowed the exPWt
perforatance of Troop 1. of lite United
CAY111rY. The froop Is In command of
11,10vilwnsut Caldwell. one of, tho b6t
4rill rusuters in the c&,v&lry bjr&ft*b of
tbo arnay soryieV.
The furms'. ui ning of lite 000MIM
state fair I), took plaru lit Smith
art WT. aft-t- it vionvert gIvfn by the
buyis" hand of III- Georxla Indiiitrial
baMe. %V10 sa addrewt suitable to
the (WeRA4111, Vico PrOsIdeut (icurge
A. Smith foi-m.W), opened the fair,
pu-d referrc I' III a 11,1111orolis (40 Ill.;
connection 'A 101,111v Marall Falp
a I. too. lij 011,11 Jillrodura'd ("Itiolmin
W, A. 1)nvi,;, wlii welmalvil tl,41 pt4)-
1110 4',f 01V f1tiltV 14) "Mn. The A41-
drei w, re.4loomr. to 0111 wa.i tucuiul
by CU1011( I Dirfley M. litigilf.." pull'i.
dent of lin't State Axr!ru1mrv1
4e -Ii0l;v iv!0 entimsiann, of tjjk I)r.qj.q.
piLrts for a I)!,,. M,-utlauve.


Slayer of lEdItcor Gon:;ales Applietl for

I)ct '211 .1u.'ries 11.
TUIrnau, the fnrmer 1&VUtVtLa*.1t gover-
nor-of 0owith Carolina. who. while in
offiez-, 141;IP41 Ultor N. G. (*j(jnZaIjL5.
In C44tutilhAo, hall dveidod to entur the
U001IF1,14.1. mInIxtry. and ha# written
a provilnpnt dIvIne here telling him
that lie hall. Aloplied to 1110 Mt "h4pilist
for 2111111-svion.
The former 111(,utinaut governor 1.4
a nelliviv of Senator U. R. Tiliman.
a wl tile I-IIIIng ef 11."id!tor 0nrlyklux
anti the imbariliuni trial of Colonel
TtIlma,: created couAderable Ititerest,
hot It In doll I h Canilbuk. but
the mnith.
Us-%. C. 111. ClIrrit'. a native of sout'h
Caro,*111i'L jjk%% a rvNident of llhoitpart,
and wim !s it) this city w;slallng ltev
J. Ir. Brown, a woitqru 4[ovangellst, In
a rI.L%-jV.jj at G'ivraie Memorlal Aletbo-
dI%% ),).'Arojjal rhureb, hR4 rfe(Lived a
lettur 1vont Culonel Tillinan telling of
thlit Inuntion to prva0h, X11 r. Cur.

Is Charged With thio 3[
Of His wife.


lonptional Trial is In Proomm AV.
Charlottesville, Va.-Court Has Tftm.`,
ble In Impanelling a jury Ig %I,:,.
Cliarlutteiivillu, Va., i)cl. 21.--Tb@
trial of Former Mayor j. Samt,01 No:_ .
Cue. charged with the 111tirder of hk' I 'A
wife. was ripistimed ist the corIwrftWL:
cotwit here today, thu couit rwo bo
Ing oil lect.
When the defendant cante into
bit two brolliers, and Squ kin" d is'
Tho) examinatlim Of the Wean"
thO HeCOIld V0111V Of 50 MOD, 4f&*&
from 111chmmid, was lopunn In an 4

%enfirv, fripof Rio&

till ev I% cztl V% jkctQ,1 Isvvw.she of inplw
jons jo),jvvil and lijl-vc: x%',rv exctfilj*i
k. IS
A% fiPtir jo CKM&
plvt r1it pittivi oof it;, Iroj:ji i0ilch Me
jlv is it) be 111,AW11. tile court

I oet as tal,011 L1111111 ISIdUrdly
Ipt.-Ijig t x,u._, j mitil '11mlaa), mural"S.


Pimpned In 11pner.,of HallaweematAL"',.A
Firm Y. N. Y,
allil rvwspapots here have UARM
plaiminx a imi(pie pulolic celebralloo

It'l Maoisat"t Oct. U-00 10,0"Al UUM.
oho T
of aw"I ordeft 1"441d by this
dar4m 00 last Mimi year
.0mm. do sommon work f(w (be first
pw sbown by tho
t's" few" opowiptoo4ofit of
A00 somo Wder dye",
"T"of'.4t. 90 wasopy order

ft WRb tho I)r*.
*mwa revenue
"JINF"..of WI, too.


itionsmit'veo 114t.4
ru"1110tioe-4, w1w are at wor, sivi.,tilgipl:
fill- 111v of lilt. Aj
to Ov
preavh(A by Rev. Alex W.
Thout-PoOl3v, 4ia,

A,*arded Contract.
DehvA-r. CW-
from W; ... hil, 0 1'. J:, 64 ,, n ru e
by,,'nvvr 1). W. Fellim all.
notinclihiz 1but tho Ow.
SLV L14, t joll et, Am, 11.111 1 of a h 11 j I j J(
swartiod Me fjjr 11,0 f.(pH,..jrj,(
t Iml jr I I '.I it 110 n w 1
Prik C to.4-t4idf, T "I. :?!,1 1,1
WNIVI' 10 : I I LV 11 It 1-11,

to Iskok jolace on Oct. :'I, in honor 44
Ifni Iti wuen. VInds lluve Imen MI&
od by poptilar wiliscriptlon, whieb will
be uxlkended In a rarnival lasttal
throtty'll the 4tay amd
lit the mornivig win 4 (he I)Mtlftt
cirls tho coanliO- e ran find wJU be
orownetl Qut,4 n I'ltawa and over 500
persons lit rom4ime w.111 tahe paft is
the rerumony on t1o. lwoml stairway
appr4414,11 to the vap.tul_ nie quom
and ljor retlime % lit then pr4weed tq
the ell). hall. wild-re the heym of the
city wm im, .evoivvii rrom tho, ruam
to lie used lit a synibo!.'val tinlocklAt
cd khe four gatew J I ho ell
Tho i-vcning VV! he d#'%"t;1ed to a
pikrado of floats ani mi swv;mit w111
lie madt, to reprodjee ow carnival
meeneri i,. Now Orleans anil 101Y.


Forrmid--%ble Squadron ot Philadelphifil
Navy Yartis.
I'll I lade115111R. Oct. the IN%
rivid tit the jjaktl(.,jjtl% mus-avlttweltx
at th# navy )ards. prparatiamw will
be begun to repair oit. rornildablig
squadron of war vei44pl% at thoN 13911
yard PA) they can be next
Deer-niber. An othcvr 4)1 t.he nav
y6rds alij that b C1,,r1%tmA-,. all of tht
vemmel" jjjjjsj lip at liampripu ro"',
for winti.-r manotmer".
Am m(XIII mis t1w .11A., fast,
ened to Hs d(wh It'llaY' a lmrt.*' d-1)"P34 of
Clashe.. are ill
Wand. hi0oding the

k1n34, and %to"Ifor 311mmovollo'), ant,
VWIda and -* veva I st A 94-111% "P'-


SO It Will Be Seocral Moriths 900"
He Resumes Work.
M(pritgu.111 ry, Alut. Mrs.
je, ks. %% Ile (if 4 ft()1*
11('41 It.: 3 o I, r o 110f
i hipilij. tn j, 1,41, inab
110%jil. pl,fjlt! her



Z i aimDifPAURAYOCOBR 29 90


phtu pM1sh Lb. sobs), al wo - I
a .,, s whisk FallaN d
% veM lfewdina Gy *

.. j o..~..... Il k .THE BIG STORE. TI
W*sevd Woe smep oallh uwr a
Alt.hewishP.etthte seo, sam Styles
Uh!uvn.yhr.. re home Our rgl Fall and Wint?
Opeg Mwi alll l th* o psepm
Sa, ti pe 6 tho hras J la a
e iamat to have best inVmaoe
pp det uFll ill hvestled
"..p- i n**I f *viiin r
-A WPe w" If, attendt Jim p 6 r

. . .d. p .n.nt 9Ltrnr6 D
e Ott b plmPpll attWndwd ahls lt .t b a pati
rPUCANITRIMS' t hsrvr Cetiamptlla mud Wcaha-e. a hav a r he'
Nte. ef a EaaCt. mode hie depart re for
W 6601, o Ttbor""'a o AllI the Pretiest No west Styl es
si11d.. a vi ,sm Wt Wednesday N BIh. I H .S GA A IV
01o" leow$bin l smeth Ing velry atte.
f ein need b of ho
.....a.. .. ed.. Our regular Fall and Wier to
SOmamlple, where she haeu weo
qNnl4n1o60 whNtL. Opening will take plac
36b "A W Pap tume*4D to Day#,
taou, aftfra p|mas s "all here,
.is p an,"I 31 7 aS UN.S rito dent hes
be" oe****aTO
S g. O a 1.ate Fair*
$SMl opftto o b*e as l atsN oies., oe soer
1 0-4.0. I,'0. EAlla4le Oust Line eas
law ex ales w atL One thae pldues
6m60 1M l f plot op o ls h t the
UnSd trip. H4l4 Ye for aites faort i,
ae" of "6 Mo p ile i* dilletao
.. ..ft m .li tary.W ) "THE BIG"STORE.Y

. . . .o.d I. T.t n m.. ."


SaTEeRS Kug ;-,21 Pon* h". I tS>sa GA MMA i05,b18 Mi H. llC RUM.L lAiB, ore 1 I11 Vl"
,r ......Im ~" C".ezLDn. LI:eect o..

^^HilteiN.WIa of their ^A^~ uy^ A^f

pla ," hlo iIT West Union street.
^bi.r n e No ah YE
IW swo MI Rs-34 *0*1 l1, 0I 1, DT l, J l Ca
sl w eM D FROM
itd....Vr Lati n. (nrtemaen and Chldren....
4puM h ,..ALL. iron0 GAANREY .T Z-WlLr e ..TOS
wtlb. noo-inqko m,.pmapont bG'WaJacksonville aznd New York, ,
t M E H tou opt n d a- Calling at CHARLESTON, $. C., both wayS.
.V linM a om t people who know their
*No TV., "ht, when botlnew. Your monthly membership i t tMm 1 CoaItVIo Ser
i te ni o i ya a o ...oar ioe u r Clyde New England and Southewn Line'
~ew sPl on- p in L i. Diret Aervieo Between JACKSONVILLE, PtSTON and
p *1,ALAII CiUsNTw IPROVIDENOE and All Eastern Pointi.,
s',o ind nla is an ALACIQA- Calling at harleton both ways.
d ed" sh0ie ao i -for-, 1*00 *n COul-UII Q.11mSB33 :X-' H fl",)"-CXryr ASTTTALT ,W G-a"
.L ttro-t n Alaehua county is B,40 aer Sin Southbound... ................... .....From Lewis' Whsrl. luitm'
1S4 W ma' Hew area. has mBNle nillroaed 00 Northbouad...: ............... Fom Foot of Catherine ,si.. J4ackUa ll
oethey Medase oa ile waom iead, 6alposte900
iiL',"lh ou1e0 i09I0 Om mille wagio nod, W6d Dtze, L I 'r d
Nbsbsas s0e.6.M 1i2 pwblb o0hool, M7 phopha.e U Clde St. Jomns River Line
st by 11 plel ewill, 000 our etween JAcV1)ConVs.LLc and SANFnOtO
dAhouse.. Vo. ea Po U. rre 35r Stopping at Palatska. Astor, 8t Francis, Beresford (DeLand), iil Inteu1
at rye, potatoM*. pineapples, or- Iadings on St. John@ River
kS Sasi adCaf Paglk 1S, cbe plum pe- Swamper bCiTY OF o JACKSONVILLE,"
I learns, and all kind. or vegtabhleu. iLAves Jacksoauville 8:80 p. m. undat., Tuesdays and ThurodyIY
h aa Wen. Vort. S Gainsille t(he Co tys ap Inted to il as trIo.lows: N:o
,Jacp n j... ........Jacksonvili ....... Ar riV e
n -ee fourt11n lhui, two ublie 8.M ....... ....Palatka ..............
S. ehohols, the lt urida em ary. 8:0)am.......... ......s A or2. 3
if Mm at .e ahfMlo 12to 2p. i. privotet schools, three neweaplw r. 4 ... t. rri "' 0
United States land ioflec, the ho- I. ' l..stcrd Itl.nd) .. L
,m,. -- n -- ne rt._ Ae S alarm e**t1m. tnl p iiP A. i..ia. U .. i ..In. a-.1-01




StatHt MHur. -.

htt hmiberlain.


!w1n and Told Him to Kill
or He Would Him.
New In jail, and Must
S Serious Charse.

svrrelt Chamberlain,
pr. Lamb totd me to,"
"l*tcher Watson.

lMilanls, a fellow prisouler
jail, beliogs tlth credit
ftMm FletohLr \\Atsion thI
Shote murder of 4. trrett V.
at bis home near Taeo-
late afternoon (iof the 7th

.S nrememtbered that Mir.
while huntintr, wa shout
blood by some unknown
bish, while his devoted
.er infant resting in her
few feet away. The traig-
ise el related a great deal
not only in the Taeo-
but around (IOinesville.
I daje armed men and
&ed the roadways and ap-
fr the county in every diree.

bljlon Makes Arrest.
all shrewdness on the part
ArIfte and official. Deputy
V. Livingston of Newberry
te credit of hunting down
parties and landing them
lad the bars of Alachua
The confessed principal
Is Fletcher VWaton. a ne.
uw aarrested Sunday. and his
fasmpliee Ii A. U.. Lamb, a
i white eitlien of Taeoma.
lon declares furnished the
In ltruted him to "'till Chain.
. he (Lamb) would kill him "
Confesses Crime.
1Jl1ame, the prisoner who has
to buasine, occupied the
11th Wateon, and realizing
yramation mglht be gained
ezeroiied his wits In
Watson the confession.
r- to tell Watson of the
in whble he had been en-
times. when Watson
Stam ade a complete con*
killing ir. Chamber:-in.
tbe entire situation.
ISAon's Statement.
SWateO stated In substance
la the presence of Sheriff
Marshal Ohas. Pinkoson and
tle jall early Friday after-

Pen working fer Mr. Cham-
t ome time. and we always
together, although Ar.
i was at times "fonsy.' He
lth me on the morning of
Oflober. wbch was the day
er, and discharied me,
8I $8, and when I asked him
rued me and told me to get
or he would kill me. I
ltie place and went to thl
A. 0 Lamb, and told him
happened. Mr. Lamb gave
flbre rifle and said. *Go and
raslal. or I will kill you.
$6y anything about it. or I
-$eu anyway.' Thi was in the
-* I took the gun because I
Snot to take It. and started
t l the prairie to hoot
On lthe way back to
I looked and saw Mr.
la and his wife coming
' 't!. and stooped dbwn
SIsliUter of palmettoes. When
ftrtably ettled and expect-
berlain to pals4 me. the
me. and Mr. Chamberlain
I the *'erub' and leveled his
*tlgh he waS going to shool.
Mr. Chamberlain saw me
ail to shoot me. o I shot
i' lred the first hot I saw
rlalb stager. but he sttill
C as though he saw me. and
itie was going to *hoot
ma-... aA a hL*- st-m

wfw w - W

;L;~.,. lie remarked. Wril, boys. you
'will find that you can turn me loose in
a day or two."
Deluty Sheriff Livingston deserves
a great deal of credit for the work he
has performed within the past few
days. lie has been faithful to the
cause, and has exercised his judgment
aud given his time day and night in
the capture of the Iuilty parties In
this terrible crime. Whether he ham
them or not is to be decided later; but
lie has certainly exercised a great deal
of time. care and judgment in hll
work, and deserves to be congratulated
on his tfLrans. He is a persistent and
earnest officer, and ha* goine about
this matter in a consistent and careful
way. and deserves the commendation
of the public, for it was through him
and him alone that matters have
reached the present state of affairs.
A Big Reward.
A reward was offered for the capture
and conviction of the Chamberlain
murderer. aggregating nearly $1,000.
This reward is divided as follows:

The Sate. $1200; Alaobua county.
*'W; balance by citizens of %lieanopy.
Tacoma and other points, about i00-.

A Love Letter
IW'ould not interest you if you're
looking for a guaranteed salve for
sores, burnl or piles. Otto Dodd of
Ponder, Mo.. writes: "I suffered with
an utly sore for a year, bu sa box of
Ilueklen'e Arnmiea Salve cured me. It's
the beet salve on earth. 250 at all
Mrs. Davis Was Pleased.
Among the prominent visitors to
this olly for the past two days were
Hon. and IMrs. Robt. W Davis of Pa.
latkhs, who were secompanied by their
charming little baby.
Congressman ltavis w~ here on
legal business, while Mrl hais came
on a brief pleasure trip.
*I want to assure you that I think
Gainesville is a perfectly grand little
city." the lady renmarked. "'his is
my first visit, and ismdeed I have be-
eome so infatuated with your beauti-
fol residence. your majestic old oaks
and your wide* streets. that I feel al-
mosl tempt6d to exprvesa regret that
we don's call ainesville hone."
This was quite a compliment, and it
may be aid with impunityl thati in the
rerets MrIa. IDavis has to express lhat
she cannot call (;sinenville home she
has the hearty coneurrenoe of the
Congresman's many friends here,
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bramo Quinine Tab-
lets. All driggles refund the money
if it faili to cure. E. W. Grove 's si
nature is on each box. 25e.

CVerks and Inspectorsof
November. 8. 1904,


t Ihs iad his griln ready ti slisoo me,
"u mows as I saw M. Chamberlain
fall I ran 1to Ihe store of Mitr. Lamb and
told hi"m what I hid done. I uold him
I had killed Mr. Chamberlain, and he
said. 'i ;It; flyouhad not killed h:m
lie would have kiIlld you; yim di il
r s'lf.-ilrfteie. and the l|wi will pro.
toot yok.',*I
IVa*lunl is abllu' twaji Iy ,Iie years of
Re. an l wa reiared by tIlie Cil amb r.
Iain fariily. IUp to a recent datI hee
ha, nalwys itsin ocins.eJrrd loyal to
Iht"v who proi eted hliil sid sto)(il 1y
him slnee lilt hirth. Thle Cliamber.
lain. have always rg!!ied jiLiI h1im as
one of lthir mont fiilit li .,rvants.
A. G Lamb Arrested.
A. iU. Laimb. illte wliitt. )i,:n'i whi was
impilicated in the nsiarder. was arrest.
ed by deputyy Sheriff Livingston about
6 o'dluek Friday afternoon, while drive.
ing froan his tarm to his houseii in the
Tacoma n iililjorhoodi l r. Lamb. who
hal ben regarded as ous, of the best
men in thiiL section, proeparons and
obliging. iminad no resistanio, buit came
with ihi. offer without resistance. He
is now in a cell In the Alchulaa county
jail, witli a great, strong combination
of bars between himself and the free-
dom fi Uod's sunlight.
Offieer Livingston stated that Mr.
Lamb .made no resistanao o arrest.
and that on the way to OGainesville.
notwithstanding that he was under
the restrictions of a prisoner, being
handiculed. lhe was Jovial and talked In
a pleasant manner He did not seem
to realize ilep gravity of the situation;
nuld talked freely on the issues of Ihle
day. \\Wien the officers had secured

an eletive remedy.
Consuls your drugslate and write for
booklet to Hancook Liquid Sulphur
Co.. Baltimore. ld.

"DiceprIes of Christ Day."
St. Loit . !" 21 -". 't* il[le-A of
CbrltFt Day." the final! 4lay of the Intrr-
national Mlislonary convention of the
Christian church. was celebrated today
on the world's fair grounds. More
than 5,000 delegates from all parts of
the I'nlted States and Canada visited
the exposition. participated In tte
meeting lia estival Hall sad later
were entertained at the stale and tar
ritortal buildlnags.
The Best Doctor.
itev. 0. Horton,. Bulpbohur 8pring,
Texa. writeJulyl 19tb, hl.: "1 have
used in my family Ballard's Snow Lib-
ument and Horehound Syrop, and they
have proved certainly satisfactory.
The lilmiat is the beat we have ever
ueed fbr headeahes and pains. The
eough fsrup has been our doctor for
the Iast eiht 6ears." cM, 60W, $1.0.
Sold by W. M. Johnaon.

,.- C O E P,1
a m a li i .+" .. .



The following namiid persons have
been appointed uigcisore 8lii4 elterks
of the elsltioin il be hold lai the il T.
,ral j ltinfe tof Alachua county on
Tuoidtay. Nut. s4, lfi.
'T. .. Tnwom.,
Alatt (lCi'. Aid. to. Co n.
it. C IMi.r, Clnlk.
I ilriet No Waldo-WV. s. Tillis,
M. 31. ..Kluly. It. U .Atwater, in-
jiaturs; L. C Duauu, oleark.
Dli.riet No. 2. LaCros.-\Vim. 31. I
Ulel),J }l i. laoui. & l tl. ll ii irook.
it.guii. hIles:tLur ; J V' f'rllicli, ltrkt.
Slitrries Nu, 8. A hli -a--Wam'n. 1.
I'ii ii e t 1. 14 iL. wl, J. J., lDibuis .
PIIt r.I u ; It' AI' it iurd, lerk.
li.triet No. 4. Wiltuford-R. I.. Polk,
It. IT. ltioliiA J.l .. hluciui. ni:ptlc-
Lori ; %W 8. (atetll, olertk.
liit ri(-tX .. ,Tri*ntoin- J. II. 3, sr-
ti.. N. V. llurn, \. A. udson, in.
plletur; J. M. iLv.ret, clurk.
Iiistris No. 6. Newberry-D. (.
Kuiand. tllulivr Kinmaid, A. U. eed,
uspeoturft; .J. U. ialite, d lrk.
Inwtrici .LN. 7, (isineieille-D. A.
itublrtfiiJ. I'.hL. C. Lynch,
inpruitorn ; T I. lha, me., olerk.
Dsltrict No. N, H1wthorn-T. J. hlam.
mond. Frei itosk, W. 11. Berksiresser,
anispritur t-A. L. Webb, olerk.
District So 0, Islald Grove-W. II.
Blnce. J. It. .haw, J. Whistler, Inlspel
tors; .T. CaUion, clerk.
l,istriet No. 10, Micanopy-J. R. Em-
eruon, A. I. Uhissyty. C. Mrlry, i*-
specturs;J. W." msth. olerk.
ihsriet, No, 11, Aroher U. H. Ulib
bous, W. L. Jaokson, W. C. Audrewo,
uspeatorl; J. E. Wells, olerk.
Diltrips .No. 12, Arredondo-J. H.
holly. F. 11. Ramy, C. imau, lispen-
torts; J. U. Ileville, tlerk.
ltlitries No. 18, FaIrbauke-Frmnk
Irwin. 1 .W,. Bruce, JOarrets El., in.
peators?;J. T. Shaw, olerk.
Silstriea No. 14, Melr-e-Jao: Good-
so. J.Ino. M eAlliter, (to. Stake, la*
specton; A. A. NeRae, clerk.
itrilet No. 15,'Windsor-D. X. Phi-
ter. M. J. teeham, J. H. H olllrn,
inspeefore; (r. A. lile, clerk.
loistriet No. 1i, Lake View-J. M.
Turner. W, i. Jaekwon, T. A. Johanlon,
inspectors; K. L. Paulling, slerk.
lisitriot No. 17,1 Haiee-A. Haue
Jr.J. Be nion, J. W. Wiley, inOm-ee
our: R. W. Small, clerk.
District No. *18, Oenola-Jobh Oi.-
teen, H. W. Lool, W. 3. Juhuanoa, I*-
speiMure; E. A. O ell, lerk. *
District No. 19, Orane Helht-R.
P. Luampkis. Iewlus Hl J. B.
Curtlt. lnspeutors; J. A. King, elerk,
I istric Xo. W.0HIfi SprnOel -B. H.
Powell. R.J. atehb .eso. rlas, In.
spectors; W. N. (Iramlslmg, elerk.
ltistrit No. 1. Bell-aZ. S. Maible,
R. L. Perrynaa. IX, V. Lewis, lapee*
Iors; E. &app, elerk.
District No. ?2. Campville--H. M.
Morann. . S tok. COhi. Nelsom. in-
spectors; J. H. ljest, elerk.

Health's Criterion Conferred by Han-
cock's Liquid Sulphur.
Inactive laonds of the face harbor-
lng minute dunk partileles, eaues maen
-the most prevalent feaial blemish
among ladlei.
An effntive towoe for the skin. Hian-
cook's Liquid Sulphur enlivens thie fae
ell glands to asetio and affords a
bright completion, lbus enhaoeiag
natural beauty.
Being nature's greatet germitelde.
Hancock's Liquid Sulphar aurea essew-
ma, aerW. ilch, harpos, ringworm, pim*
pies, priakly heast, diptherla. eetatrbh
eanker and other uluerated eonditlows
of the mouth, muse, throat, sealp and
eyellds. Burn and Maldt have I it


For Sale by Johauon fo$.
-C-M-- ..- a '
JA9. M. gaA,, P,,, t Qo. W. 1



(Capi alt ......*.. 06#

Surplus and Undinded Pro. .,
D 14m w Iselt a 'I


A M8ouls f bta
ulaplues should haves a Iel a Mllmd- m
O*unise a tntflhameat, emuspunt.fI
of TS l e ma.r Ble,.

Most Succesful of Mv,
le wO-ets (a (eseom eet itsA mbtow)
thou etf both htlh ee .
Its p st"ag shem, .u...a.

vokll +, .
. 16o Pagsl Deight
No el 16 11 a Ilrs

or re6 i eHe te Tr' f....
S,-8.. ,

Take The Atlantic

oR ALL nitTI


I' S

D11 lB --ridl.
Rapid TrmnltaV o
Tria Timb 10L ift-j
DopertFop I "

'Sa aI..'.A"

I.40 pm


-- lti

I nwa nn53ri~
Wmbif, ta -

I '
,1. y i'

IMl prld WApr. m~Y S
AlMhrp Atlas. all aIM Mi
-- j


'K'nh'.e.h..Ms' aaw,,*'m
M I wi, ll _M _; - u d O b -i; ....
P" .'* *' '* I ?'^

8-O a m
Daxly High Op

..* , ^ 4 t .
* ,, ,*, ., ,.v
, ~ ~ ~ ,, ". .- "' *./ .'t

laterhangble X MIOql&e.96
i(pali rt la U 3nhemr af
Line, also via Atinde r
i., *=plihadM 0.s.l ea4
J. A. OOOWIK-, T". g.f.l..
Addre t.
FRANK 0. BOA N4, Com I Ase.
. Bay a t., iM
H. M. InMaMft8 Tr. Mlr..

MnebMtoa is? .

a' r..' n un o

; ; .6
," i' .'LV't'^jll


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_ __ _T

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Smialk'. ILL.




* ,. *1



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i.. .' ;., ... r,..
+* I. r I, +., .+
,,', -.,
, 7 '

. t-1 .A.a

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. L" !
p ..' i ,. I +

1 1,' *" : *. *. ;, '.

" M '.,,':',
iy ., .... .
i 1 : ',,
".,V / '.,' i"

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!Kk^ :1:

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r-':'"? "1 1'" '.1
.,;rfr ,,,11 '. .
H i f r '* ':,.'.i' ,

:','r ;'.'"',,',
I -

I,. 'V


FI ;.- *" .. .
I"'/.. -
*1. '




rI c 0
jO )
'I w 0

W Wad j A
w 1amssqJao4w
-W I, chas48
Willonrd W R

,.Y" 4.-J

Sa ker, wilomn I'ouncey, Wesley
i $ 1iA vs.wm. Pickett (leora
twoo" 00 Knanuel Patterson j M
1iIJ BS ,I :, 9eokard l'anlm s N
SW F, Willlnm Parker, Silas
S D le O, N. Pollard W Alien
0 Davis, Aleek Perkins <4eo w
Eib y Jobhn Philipllan w w
Ir 1, r Jr Prhiiman J j
', JoaeR Iollins, Aaron
IJ .;o a D a a, a R Butledgte R
l JD D46lel1, rank loebelle w A
henry DNtote, Jases Jr hItals
leta D1J IDepinnl Jam*S Rlihadsion w .
lSi, Marion Deb0e, Asi Rowland no
wr Evans.sandy Rollines 1)
oll J. It Emore, A N Rollins, Thomas
k Jo a Fergoen, alibin Rolins. Sam
1B *reueia, u Rutledge Ja a
ih, H FPergsoin, albtin Jr Rains a #s
iJRlo *reos, aid H Reid A c
m J Fo r Rtuf ar
sM J A Iloyd, KRoblneon A <
4aJ A Poroseo., Jc mih, Hy,
it J0 Porttenab. r bitbh O .
M M. aML ywpp, Ellas
p 1M sister, o0teom plMrew w
m Wk I3 Gi 1n,( J i kspp w .
M J aI (Iro. BSarier ,o w
Mia., G rOstm. Ls Sollivsa J a
i.) Holta. J SS amEd
i J C H[ol, N H Mslater H
a" T loedS.Mum Stroble rr
Inbe Ja ctook Peter SBit H I.t
Jao a | ry, !io6rd Smithw 1Wa
lfJteoA HaI 1, a. _MaPl

40 -'-

Diarist pl E.-Treagg,
ef' DIs, Mille. wm
k, g .e ,D M lithew,

,i, II "r'lbM. M T Marthn, w J
ISAI !SA!?1'7 Mikul. w

fS rt, W
1 U Iit i + lkl i
M IrS M lr
,i-,m..l im4. JTll Mlkell j

i r a th, p Martin, HA
Ic, BladnoA Malrt, wr

l Mkid, A a r
lL ., Ly.wJ MoOrlIth, .
sopa, LA E ttenon, a<
lu Cto(n 0 WO Owe, nu i
*i, 1. lW.. R Polk, Aron

i *! .!. +llln 1 4. ope, Thorpaa
Wo1o, a I l'arkeveon, 11 M
I nIOWw spo tr toer,-Sant
ai.,'0 .O0 R Iiodgle, H I
Sw B Jr tueker. n v
ST ,o. A tedd, EliIL
1 Duimod., O 0 Itobr.s,
S DroamHdsi Jno w Rlodgers. .1 n
DaI o i H pp, a a
41 o IDelH, P V ftips, Shade
1 Smt. N an, *ams, o it
*IOU i, t S lAaterm, c w
mehes. Fornanda
li It d,.

3'1. "I 8. 8 eiam s .i *
b ma Spith.. tm
?lX, I 40 68 p, is A
WI opp. Lwe ton
so msihs am- e

iw l? +"I l tf, .A? T.ammmell, ar
~"lamer, '

_B J; T : j lloiWh j,!or w i
' ws J M et ileis am a a

' w "Williams, a r
gPJ ^ Whitesn. g. Wl w
SMwA Wlikeron,
t LNikeal e Xi

W L Yatet, wm
i w s Ioitri, t No e-a, wohry

J. h I
i .vspn 'Avlaw. v tadson, Thomas J
Smwu~w v Mou:.oblA MA
.... |O.-, AJ) k Lewic, Anderson
BAW Brtwn. w Livinoston, t w
Brw.i Jr Long.M W
Ral, e, ie Mikell, Mikell
S iMoody,) Ae
ll. Nacon hMay, M
n TsaL Micket aum
ligW llll w Martl.
MJm A1y1eolo&r Michsat, John
WM Bo,.ln Means, wm
jau We B Dl Uill]r, AR
0 r lk m inh Methrln, i niy
-,I" "l o gtai, Jsok May.v 1
P ite n, ea Methls. 1n a
$8tm try.M Maro K -
w! WBrowI W c Moroble Ae ,
!A' BrOW. Isase Martln W.
Baker, Thomua Matin. Edward
Ia Baoiley, wiley Mile. Arthur
l.D, : B wB J n Motonell, Hetary,
[W, t,[owi, Jam Meqoeen v
al' e Brwn. sa MeLee, Thomas
-,, 'I rnell,.wa MeDowell j w
lUi IBilley, J w Moor J J
ittM/fc-t it toan srr +leCollster H "
EtMikm e lGjo 4bl. arvey ipp r 6>m
aflW IOtrk, Tom N*e*1 Nosh

M-,twm W iha. plea. Kiohard l lakett 11 ,
,.W T .' IGiln w Perr, Aleek
l:J__ -.. O c lPerklu. James
,yW. .tooi. a Pioektt T H
&M,U ,ii ". Pyurvie,_Allen
K TOE mt I m, John "e'rry, Friday.

Murray, it it
Mason, at r
.Milton, r T
3 eI*ke, 'i
Malphuru, wv i

Maiphurs, w i

Malphijris i 11
M)arlhall, r.awrelince
3Moore, wvm
Miller, i.secit
MicklIes, min
McCrmick, L 't
MeClellen tarlun
MeKinstry, wv i
MoKinstry, s r 4r
MlKnight, rowcll
MoMillian, i Tr
MIClellan, ratriek
MlcCOlelan, nolert
MeCarroll, si ii
McCormick, % i
MeMahan, 'v
MeCreary, a rit
"MeKnight, iicknery
MeArthur, % a-
MeMillan, Heury
MeKinstry, I A
MeKinstry, J r ir
MecGrw, ac
Mebonald. i it
MeDowell, w 4
McDonald, r w
M3aArthur, JOqw
MeCollum, J w
MeKinstry,. v
McDonell, H u
.MosIriff, w A
MIsKinstry, n v.
MaBeath. rom r
tta1a..I. a-

I Hastlllon, w a nr
Howell, a u
Hays, Allen
Henderson, 1 r
Iashebs, s i JrI
Hodwg i w
Hlowell, Lute
Horrals, i ,.
Hodiers w )i
Hodgersn i r.
Hathesn. c
Murst, ( aines
Hamilton, s .1
Hodge at
Hodge in w
Hodgrc, i
Hopnll, L)own
Jones, 4
Jones. a
Joshua, i.
Johnlon, Thomnas
Johpnoll, Andersou
Johnson, (4eo
'Johnson, 'r .
King, Simon
Knight, r w
Kirby, ii i t
KIneoaid, 1
K lnoeald,v i m
Knight, w I
Knighten, Johnt
Knightten Tj
itatson, John
Lundy, BIen
District No.
Arnow,tcnn i
Anderson. Irvin
Aver, J it
Adams. joe
Aekerley, ais v
Alan, .it F
Allop. I w
Arnow, ieon r
Ahrens, rv
Ahreas, christialt
I Adamson, j u)
Alderman.n i
Ahrens, H ni
Anderson, w k
Avers, i)
calls ino (v
Brooks, i
Blako, j ,i
Bunch, i r
Bracy, w at
Burnett, a.
Broome. 4eo c K
Bailey, i j
Bayer, verd
Burkhim. L. .1
Browne, O if
Benson, N K
Bailey, o i
Bennett. 31 A
Boyd, aoubt N
Bruce, winery vs
Bauknight. ,i
Brown, Ileak
Benson, Ir.
Bone, .N
H adford, wm m
Rtainrd. larbea.
Bell, i v i
Boyd. Tarry
Baltimore neek
Bodiford i a
Brown, Jordan
Brooms, w n
Brumbley, 14 w
Broome, g. q
Baird, ummett
Brown, w W
Bennett, a w
Baird, urtla
Heal, .
Baxtier, K 44
IBradham, .o o
Bell, ,
Bruce, lv
Blake', i
Brooks, k r
IBurt: i*sse i,
Briggr, w 1i
Barker. r. I
blanks, w
ltlake. c 'v
leeker. n A
lturnettl, is
Irown, luin
Wiauding, I N
Benltei. i

anohesb w a
tlliJehys W ,
thIuirley r .4
'Tow). Tiniolt) ,Jr
'ralor., John
TrMpp Paris
Tmr pp, Anthony ,Ir
Taylur, hio e.
T ra|ip, Frank A
'uoker w ni
Trapp, Harry
Welsh, hInghIm tor
Whitaker, Jno
Wright. Hiram
Wiggleworth .1
Wynue 4n 4
Welsh, Allison
Willimas, Thomas
Williams, a.
Wjfne r W
Wilson, lIohn
Williamn. Aleek
n White, oI
WyIineV '
Welsh, tinon
,Weeks r ie
Waiters, win
Wolker, tliorl,
Williamsi i
WVatsoi]. i,
Wilson I w
WIse, Iaurc
Well FE
White w if
Voting, lill
7 --Ginesvllte.
Johntown W
Jones, J lOear
.oseph < .1
.Jackson .1 .w
Jenkinl r. it
Kennard x,-
Kincaid w v
Kincaid J in
Kennard a 1
Kennard ai i
Keen, Howell
Ketiiard, Ii T
Kite, c .
Kelley, J i,
Livinfgton, ia is
Lynch, rP
Lluoy, owens
Latnlgaiue. Ktenne
Leonard. tam'nl
Lloyd, Ben
layton. K
Lyneh. r. 4.
Littlflield, n %
TjaFontise*, y. x
Long, i. "
Lynch, neo M
Landrems, n Tr
Lynn. c s
Langley, ,i a'
L irand, w
Lova, K P
Ludwig, K
Lyons, toeO
Mason, o11
Miller. %amn
)Miekens. v
Miller, r F
Mathe J u .
Mizson, )
Miles. nilly
Merchant, son P
Massey. ureen
Minxon, u v
Means, i. H
Miller, rhillip
Manasse, -toe
Maddox, .ultdn
Matheson, w #
I(kty, w 11
More, i is
Miller, n T '
Moseleg, w 'r
Mixeon. aim n M
Murrell, nio v
Morgan, nobert
Mar:in, Ed
Moayr, 'reo w
Manning. a
lienning .! I
Muth.e.on C(lrh itlgIer
M sous, J M
Milliner, uunry
Moyer. ouun
Manning .' "a
Morrotw. "
TMorris W 1>
Mlutiq, w
Math.soti. in 1

Oremnwel, a w
Colon, aj
Oolmon, w w
Chisi. i Mi
Obits. ,, i.
Ohewer. 1.
Cook, aoyal
OCelon, v V
(lsholin, Noed
Chesnus tm K
Fo11. James
DaCupta. A .
Duke,K v
Day. i fa
Davil. Lawr nje
0Dutlo, n1
Dell, i r
)iemtun, in '
laniels, .m n
lenby, r

Di1ito0e, John
JurseY, moseo
Dursey, w 1
Ilugans, neutAn
larvi, Horatio
a)v&e', A T'r
Davies, i n
Davis, it 1
Doig, <(eu I

Drake, nobert
Doll T
Daughtrey, ae \
Dle ose, Ir .
Duke, a11
D)eveneau.* ,
Denhami, i w
l)aCuot. Aaron a
Deves lii, i' v
IDeope, Alex
i)ulkBoe, w
Denby,w i
Dell, me.o i er
Dell, JnO 1o Jr
Diokinson.w i)
Damper. l'hillhip
UDell. j r
Dyo, 1 iT
poy 10, A .1
lykep. 4 n
Dupree. H 11
beil, I"w
Dorsey, T
Dexter. FYrnk
Deals,Jo a
Endel, arnus
Elils, T enlon rt
Ecdel. Jake %
Ellis, taeo it
Eddlue, J R
Evans. ,so mu
Ellersno, Joe sr
doelsoein, osIes
Ellerson. Ellis, r u Jr
Edeslesqiln, )
awards, i) u
Earle, J nm
E&tel,J J
Etgel. Jno w
l' l*, i aS
Estabrook, 6ieo
Falkeaberry, 1) 4
t*ewell, Hamuel A
t'reese. J J
Feam@ter, John
Feltter. J V.
Furguson, Ed
Plewellen, J it
Fewell, ai
Franais, imomus
Fagan, E K
Fleowellen. Jno '
Fennell, t. w
lagan, w Ir
Floyd, w n.
Ford, i i
Futch, J K
Feunel, J 'a
Ferguson, Ed
Fisher, 1s .
Faius, T J
Fisher, has 'i
(laines, t
(Joodman. thai
Grissom. i I w
Grifltn, a i
(iddins, a
(aines. ,enry
(iraham ia 'a
Goodwin,, A

Teach, iohn w ,
Thrasher,B a.
Tillih, eapley
Thomas, rr
Thornas, w a
Tipple. August
Tisuon, II
Trneta. I '
Taylor, i
Thonas. A
Thoma.' V
Thrower, i K t ,i
Tay lor, A A
Thompson, w W
Thomasn. c ,
Tucker., tm'I c
Touse ty 0
Torrey, i ,
Taylor. in a
'Teo n. .i
Thomas., N I
Vo.yle, K ,
Vidal, l ,
Vance, wan
Vidal. ,
Vidal. A LI
Wainwright. 1 5
Witherspoon, IS
Williams, **)
Williams,J A
Wells, .
Wetbter, I
Wienps, .
Ware, Moses
Ward. john
Whiaker. TWos
as$ I ..... r U


Oliver, I
Ot en,,j ^ ,i+
O'Neil, .
i'Ne 11, s a

Owean, H nL

Patrink, Ml
l'hifrk. timl,

Porter, ?wa .

Ibhllpp, Plp

layer, owuIi ."a
Porte,, ar a
P'arr, Os o ,

Player, aant
l'edriek, o
Parker, j
lape, mark
Pat rck, AlIl .
p'tion, a w
1'iakopon, chg '
'ourneil, & Ms ;
l'hiftr, A j

Perry, noblrn4
IPalmer, j i ,
Padgeti, j M ,l
f'intoson, M i "
l'alnuir, Molm
I'erritt, 41 A
Prewin. V J
Pound. N A
Parlham. w .
Porter, .i w
l'rivatt, ,i ,
River, .a
Robertson, W .
Rush, nonJ
Roax, i, -v
Itobinson, W...
ltobertsoa, A -A
ituukei, rn0 ,,
k k m a e y, l .,
Itichards, U P
Ramoy. nlsy..
Roth i c
R iles, A
Roux,YA ",
Rilgs, J w
StIhardwJ, i es
Itsbimiun, w P ;
Himonson, Jc~Ja
8mith,ru '
Hmrnith, liL" w
Hherrud, wb '
Samption, triMkaf
Swearlngen, T J
Hoott, rank
tfewart, Yvaty
Serlven, Adam
Sweat, Thomas T
Smith, L ."
Simmons, s w
Serugg. A v
hi*agle, y"
Mpirey, *N
anderson. wV
Kanchez. J a 4
Strobhar, a x s.
8mith. j v
Meawell, r
StrinDgfello, .
Schafer, nosaOll y
Heeckert, w a
hermiao, Noees j
HirlouKhb, m w
Hjpeight, ,ohn "
hannon, >A
Sanchez, z ,
Sheat. w N
Shaw. .
Shepard, r 4
Spillman, ci r.
Simmone. Ns, O 1
Sheffltd,.J .'
S.enee, ,ohn "
Hpenee, nrSaile'
Hands. w
Hibley, w" i
migicher, ..
Taylor, A w
T'omkies D M
Taylor HE ,j
Thumpson. KI1t,
Taylor. a r


Utadner, o -r
Lesson, i A
Goode, a
Giddings. na
Griffin aiidard
(ranger, .i i
(iuthrey, 4 .1
Godwin to K
(ios. Ino 4
Garham, Lees
(lasP., .4 ,
< asking a H
(larrestiw h
Ouynn, ,nmes
OraJlam M1 i.
Gregg, willie
Harris J R
Howe, .lex
Hampton w w
Howell m
Harper, warren
Hill 1. 1.
Hall R w
Hioks, Tlhos A
Hubbard, saei
Halle., Erans
Hamplon B F
Hodaes i
Hu hc, eichard
Harper R
Holloway w
Hopakinaon, Jo*
Iht w ,.
Hutebinson s.
Hartman v
HuffIma, oy a
Harrold a j4
Hill a r

I Hall s ,

Bennett, > -.
Boulware, i.,
Baird. 4 '
Ltashaw, T
Blake, it
Brewer, rurner,
Brown, A i.
Brown, ni '
Brown, i t
Blalock. r r
Beck. a A.
Ball, 1no
Bennett, i. n
Cheves, 1u K
Clyatt. i. I
Cox, 1 A
Chesnut, r. t:
Cannon, w
Volelough. 1.
Cameron. w
Carlisle, I
Colman, ceo 'a
Crawford,.i i.i
Cushmam, .A m
Campbell, I ir
Cannon, or
Cone, A J
Cowan, Ino
Carter, ai.
Carter, Morris
Crawfordv, r
Cannon, KK
Ooolter, Alex
Clark, Amoe
Cobb. c C
Coldham. wm
0ollin, r
Qa mpbell, w
Ohenut, John
OX*, J M
Child., r
Chandler, eio
flaae t a

, .' .'..:/

17 M-'F

FF mr, Frltap~UW

.,1 % k U i v llj lt:.,I F ,1 l t, et'iN.
ST, the I lemoorais of Florida:
,pl .0* tJiLne,,li, Via.I The un ider ignet have been p.
In sil matter. pled a en lileer the lurpi.
b tnor .i P~ubier raining fiundt iii slh. itase to aid in
A tl ,InU A lletpioraifo eaanpioln
AS.I Tir:h lierliau'rat i4, rty a taginig a
c.i FlAY RtMr. r, "'*illctt for Ie iprservatio. i of
W. Ir..Nl AMIA. tr conilitlional governiniwuc, h0 eual
C OCK. rights of ill lh*. p. P-ErBT. T.LrPnoUiRti Iarivileesn to non,.e
s p us... d every .i.or!. ,.. Unlike it. apon lrfuli o ;n ient, lie .
,de|voer 1 by 8rrler in the OIt, em.*rati- party represerf r. I ro-
i. rto eUnited Mtltlte.,p ,g a earWWr. sll nuotha; i liiuind conltrill*ti(nits rsiv 6the TI ill o nf
r 0 rto for eve weeks-- OCn1ii'iir.ud legislative arid rex.etltive
--- favors but is depend tipon th vol
lguuu lopal ooluna u W eens s untary 'jITtrini ,of pstr.utic iti i*ne l d ioutseforeseot ad- "who leliev' iT itsll rinfli(ilAR anid A 4,-
a ire the' election of its candidates.
S d er 4 ide inowon of ttie country is morn

Mt ain Is in elnbt-inue,
Slaper., publlised every Mon-
arr ard onlitilr u all the
week l local, stats and get-
bPWelld., poelmte free. to asy
lletd Sbates or Canada.I for 01.00
..'_- ....

i bWs be or*n duoe setr Orut
I lvnrimemat. unleo other ie I
irtreSl. Partite not known to
deed to s pafor sdvertldas la d-.
Oam i uVgL5. VL.

B Fr P'rtsililint.
at Nt Vturk,
:LtVi'ce Prel-henat,
0I West Virginia.
SIl ataute Stenintor,
P I'. 'Ar I., I Fl10O.
SConpr., 2ndi District.
Sentlal Elertors,
SJ. E. 0 R.AIIY.
;, B. BrwONE.MAN.
-, GOverilnr.
ustiiary of StAte. .
B Atfm'ney-ffneraIl.
LLIAM 11. 1:I.L18.
S Comttrollrer.
SA. C. C(tOOM.
|" Steat' "lr.!nur,.
W iLLIAM V. K N)''T.
l t at I'utillc tInstruetlon,
nor of Agrirulture,
a- B. a McLIN.
I+ -
Jpm Cou sixt Years,
PaBupreme Court,
Sepret entatives.
SCaotlly judge,
S wi. r. MaonI.

COt Cr$nit Cotnrt,
S. H,. WINGE8 .
Tax Amwsesso.
Tax Collector,
at of l'ubile Instruction.
fDI. j. L. EELLEY.
iCorinty Trenmiurer.
County Burveyor,

nUtsy Commlulonerqe.
3. 0. DAMPER.
SMemhprni ,f glhoql foalan
S'T. A. DOKl-:..
,: W. i. MARTIN,

_to abolish the county poor
ake aMi appropriation to u-
M lumia the expena of a ho*
* etablslhed in Oainesville,
?"_ the approval of the peo*

ninerestled ill emocrai ti uete tlj hill
Ih1P Stlh, fily r-allizing, a. we d.,,
liht ltie continued policy of thl e re*.
ent administration would hlteisify the.
race problem, which is present with us..
The National committee have made
an appeal for recenary finan-
eial aid. 1We, therefore, urge you and
all lemocratli friends in every oity.
town and community in the 4tate to
make conitributlon( for the pilrpoies
above minbtioned, The te iis sort.
so that only prompt action will bt of
.M1ake eIeecks payable to deorge Fos-
ter Peabody, who is the treasurer of
:the Ntional committee, and enclose
*anmun to W\. F. Coahman of this city,
who will forward to headquarters.
Faithfully yours.
\V'. F. ComnviA.,
.I P. Talt~a.iu o,
WV. H.,
W. .. HiLMAM,
T. (t TtuIAiana'.,.
s. ,. M N1.I~ .
Coamin I t e.
The postponement of the Holloway
case until the February term of oir-
cu't court will no double prove a dls*
appointment to the friends of both
Mr. Holloway and Mr. Sheate through-
out the State. They eoaflently ex-
perted a disposition of the ease at this
term of court, and Is may truthfully
bt.sald that both parties to the ea-e, in-
dividually. wnlt ready and willing (or
ihe can to be tried at the proieni
tile. The attorneys foa both the de-
fense and prosecullon, however, as
well as Judge Wills. were of the opin.
ion that tuhis il not the proper time
so try the case, and thy prineipals had
to abide thi deciaiona of the attorneys
for defetiie and the State solicitor.
There is one consolation to be derived
from the i tpot|wiemenntt-the public
will .be given a breathing spell for
four months.
In today' 8un will be round thecer-
tt!ed IIst or voters qualified to vote at I
the eloctoa onl November 6tlh. Iti i
possible hat omitsions have occurred
in the preparation of umoh a large lies
of names, and everyone should person-
ally examine the list to see that his
name appears thereon. The replstra-
Lion books will be sent out to the va*
rious preelinct about the 4th of No-
vember, and is will be impossible to
make corrections after the books
leave the sopervisor' office.

%1r. Wolfe says that if he tI elected
State superintendent he will exercise
his efforts to bring about the lsuanNee
of fr-eo school books. How does this
suit the white taxpayers? )o they
wish to be taxed to buy school book
for negro eliildren?'

The Eustis Lake Region call. upon
the lIemolrate of Florida to vote for
Hon W. N. Sheets for State superln-
tendent at the eleetlon on November
Kth. The lake Region is opposed to
both Holloway and Wolfe.

Senators and con resun'n see a sal-
ary of # Wi, and mileage at th e rate
of 20cents a mll.

Sr STE Qo OtH',r CIY or ,'.K-oi, I
Lait s V i rTv. "

Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J
Cheney & Co.. doing business in the
City of Toledo, county and State afore-
said, and that amid firmn will pay the
um of O)ne Hundred Dollars for each
and every tse of Catarrth that cannot
Lbe cured y the use. of Hlall's Catarrh
Cure. FiAxI J. CIlloNKY.
Sworn to before rn, and subleritwed
In my preIene, this l0h day of D)cem.
ter, A. A. W,.-i s"N.
A .. .. a .%I- n

Aleorllng to The Church %MIsltomary
til-kneinr, the Chrlistian in ipan nuln.
ter 14,Kt i Tite Protrtanit number
.t; Iton m tn taihllile. 6hbO ; 1HuS.
*ia airiPthndo 'hrisl I irrkt
hnurrh), "'7,3.: .


' -1

\ n So1 :lti*i.i, ** .. U'ia sd of | li.o I 1* W"
fi r 'lti I y'r i :i od r remain
t7 i, lll ebut i :. 1.*ti s uf tihe
l'*rz .y r. ; .4 ;.i. ,S. i_ .1 4. 10 I T ies
r-inman under Ib ifthVy rnar to iuold
hLr jon The-A]

l+iVr, II. "t iem it a r /" a/ it5 j 5 'Hlva v n .,' d
1I 14 1 mot. ,)' 1, tO r *r'ied t l 'i t -
fliitalt maI t ra IT) tibe g'si tliit i
t ' tJ"y ; '4 A". 1 ABST

', L .sIn t tt! : e4iC l da y ;! i J is' 'g d t,4 o init'oin.e.
arit t o,'i ni, *l :11il1 that Ith1 .1 .
mentli It *peit are t. v hajltpieiz of otur
rs.------ Abstract. cf
A cOtllIervlativ e tinmat! 5 ileel the s i enuit
amnunt of niton*y nnl'illlJ expendied
in th*- I'tiled l 'oc atris in legiui;iie
forms of aJvertiiig ilt one billion ilol- -
The Daughters of the Confederacy s*ntinj
have deeided that it *hall be tllled
the "\\'ar (if the States" instead of the GOa.
"Civil War." Put it is the s'nie war. --

Frnm their own jqrches men see the
sunset, but they 1nae lonii pilgrim.
age@ to Naplcs. The one Is free, the
otherr ooits money, Thtt'. why

The leadin- department stores of
New York and lrooklyn spend #3,tX- S.
',i 4 year in advertlling. It would bi
ijking to ask: "Does it pay?"
ir- .. - -
The ballot this fall will be the lar.- SOUTH SIDI
t ever voted at a pre!idential ele- Higtheu mai
0o f lsluof r em qwr Ur odets flal I
Are tr'mSd I Afrli.
The We! irnblia l3 a wo T
dir of the vegetable kitipdoiu It
gr .wa' on tLel Ierryrn and l f the weet.
erit Ihle of- Afiica. wht'. ratlu ln al
wosNt uikuown itud tlhe oily iUolstrr 285 1
ix that fram de'ws which fall at night.
TIlIs plaut asi discovered In IS lO y
tir. oi emiiont sietloll m
traveler. The vtlwwLtch lis a. tWre
which lives for canny yenr tagy t
wri-liii* tl. ,in tstiluualel as tuore
Ihani it & yours old.
vey year y f It.s life Inereasee Itil
ila%' yet it.,.nevor rrows higher. RiT- 1i
inb just abne ithe groiuntlI title trangie
. Itlnt. a.cking like a rlih ruund table,
rtgi:il:rly eularge.i by riddling conet r
Irit iyersm to 11w ircutiiforence. 'The
ftint upper .trfue( of the trunk In very
ltni and durk. reashilt ilg ir color aud
texttli th e crusit of an ovit ket lwtkl ,t.
The trunk nttnins tlie site of froan
fourlenti to eliteli feet IC tn cliru lnl-
frcte: t. hut 1:4 evr anriier thiiu a few
;n... ovI t ,K)V L .I IcnI M 41.
ThIo wlwltuchin i, ruimarktble J. I l
e1c arit that li lwvir ult. its firs t.Mt
tno leavi': titit never gets sity toiotr
Tles rat e' Increuse In slize year aft- | I
er yrnr until they (ttiinl the leigtli of!
alt or eight feet or, aoreo. Tlhey are
flat and lethery and fteuentltry split B I
Into nwerous stmlj.

Cream Vermffugse-

5WAflE er orn17nTes.
Ballerd-Sownow LInImustea Co
e'r. -LOU. M,.ase
Fo r lak by W. N. Jo lam. 1

V Pila 1t Ioiforusehrt:rs
li ar 41 sl*
Pam Intsl aed els utatI .
SINA U sew ow Snose
trmer fit lbft phim wrda.

61 .3i1 i.. bi ,fP daily
o.:..,.i^ --*


iaE number of pomo l agaim
vCtK~lL~ 9 a
- ---i-l**IP* II- flr- ^

i. wE




dsa ,J M -N-
a :" .[

Stab, Sei
UQ P ARB l ,:' r'', ,

ket pries tor Colem. am
e. -i A .'.''

EVE .R.,.
V. Bay 84, Is ., ,


~, -j4~

f.. ..

".A-: U'

iPOWDR *!wHfi

.Gin.. b.Vshflu.'iu
Ia ith ort o*m
Wiuchesr s

pd or ,ho a ,

.met t pwherm m




At an; *C'"w^"3^

Atlantic Coast 1
ontgomery sad L A N. er 0iM 1 T
Atlants sad Cettm

d Tr R R* & .-I YImi
Round Trip Estee Vmas Geasvflbu I, 11

* GoS

_-- & ~ n_ /*_ -

)10 $Z 6.

ll .& . M0 r. iii al ..





luit 'i pay for when you buy lad;; tbI
k;now what you arm buying.

Ordinarily Invisible correctly revesld ito w

lachna County Abstracti
- .. .i ..... ..
.-. .... esv..-i1Je--iii r.ort4WI AJtII


E. E. VOYLE. M N .,,
Title aid full iNfotimaion fua io M4 l Ula il
y. Our manager has lived in thisOu sttrtsip
Is thoroughly enmvesit wleh l tod m. ';




, . ' ,


- ,: "1

I .


UE A 8

"l ,, ,.- t,, MF, ,. i :.. '(411-'..", . . ,, . I-
' '' i ''4 IA', I. 1,J ',, .r '. I r' " '' .'.' '. - ; r C. 'P ' ' ' '' '"' 7J .

i: SJ I WA OCTOR 22.1004
I '., .,, I ...

.jWj MAP, Teu~iA~twM ,f | L

CVford, Secr.
fwlfg do hereby

..-V w ryt, he le

Rods 0WUIt4.. wPb$



'tic~s AxV5.I

tt < d < e *said Joints
mn i B jnI nIf nn4R^ X I -E

theb i. m e nmeadmn to the Cun-
o ef sa se of Ilsrida be. and the
metl 10toe, m4e shaiJl ,e sub*
of the State at the o .-
ti osh Un for rbatmeion
S Art ig*t41l., of the Consaitlu-
:ob of eb If. Iof i s hereby antnd4
Z,415 altreA Mhall provide for
tl il- by q, alMlAd electors of nchb
snalw th e Wlni aoMWy oeicers:
d Sgt a 9do Cire4ta sCut, shorif, co,
l 6m omp asu1ase t of tmes, a county taw
IMWI a Str tsfear., a auperintendest
S Utr a cooaty surveyor.
~. ln! ..| 11. of 1 +nsi office rmena.
ikM U Ilal dli be our yeaur, ex.
Wu0 I ol 4e the county a,
MilWi "ar Irs eolietmor and county
be t"o y e until the
bhe' S._' for terms of
,Maill be re-ted
"e ,nt pe t, Fio6wermduttes
ppwieds *5e18 be .preacifbed by law.

th Iei t to the Con-
S Mlart bt, sand the
a4e aha be mhlob-
sl tate ast uhe j t
t WWIt b 5tifo tor r*J' C
SArtMt the Ccmutiluti it
IL ld a mto emd as loswes
Vil lil'te r all be requiri-
4 i *as ally for the aup.
'm| I1 IIhntW. a tax of lnot
maer sar han seven

utin th r aimet to the Con.
l". ,t Florid, a be and the
i ld b adisrhaeh be sub
of o a at the grh.

Al ofe Arfet V. of the Contiutiton
be amIll to al Omended *a as to read-
Sm ay thWink pper country
the leglurladictoey of all cases
doeavAd or valie of the
SeAlls t exceed five hum
end .as iM relaidn g o the
nad hadetetiosa of and
e o111do mur. A omandf ina l
jUtfII 5tUS st"lewO ff the pece.
.U.t hir 0pvo- eBy be dom novso a
tw epetiol JL The county judI
beM t0 of the county court, and
SI. eteed by the qualified eiec-
a fl 6 a 4ty 'at the time when the said
,t I t MtmiI atorsey for. suid
v ald o e W fo our years.
M ald mpuaatia shalll be prescribed
i saj M s maiy b aMibshed at ihe
lw. ok e Lmfttature
.. I. all d tartly ijdes balding said
.0iM the rMli"n of i tis an ends.eut shkit
i thei exercise of the duties thereol
efto ser respective etunsamieons an4i
I t a rso are duly qvualIied, nd
Stha wt wen y county con-
tbe established In spy countyy i'
1 e"O"aly judge of said county ihaN
Sft Mand perform the duties of judge
the ~ owty court until his ternm o ouhce

Ybet sahelewadweent to W heCon-
gkl the UStae of Iliorikd be, And ahe

II j^P i l ta llK lo ~llckntfor or rul ln-
0rl 1 iaaf lfetwt iao hereby amendm
i M tf The I er.dit of the Sate shall no
be ehlr f lewd to sy lmdividual comnt
*io*r *eattm; nor shall
IMhM J'CZ~. JoIts twner or stockholder
nv aelmpmvy> saeeatiots or corporation.
f-e s-hlhmra ll got awtherlae any con-
t ty. -fk tow*hip or tepotated di;
am~ie- r zr netozl or so obtain or
Bihe tr or to los itsa credit to
aMociashe. Intlttutate or In.
dwealrpratiosa to reile Sc
suh(or e period of
pane is to sh pmsIer astblouitet may seem
( ld 5pasity, but mo ssee
Khall be lor a risuer period than

as to red as follows:
" +1,.,& be. n county c m.rreceive prompt atten- I
In y coity where I court F r.>rd c ,A ..e,.
Section 3, of Acle V, of iti Conit'tton tion and the class or
of he State of Floridl Is hereby a.imendd .. ( ",,
as to rmad as otlows: W wl' We tu11n 0111 1I
Sectlio T Te clerk of te court of record, work we turn out
shall be elterd by the electors i( the county in I
which the couh is established ana shall ho lllbound TO lease. ,
odice for f(ur y-ears and his comtfnnislon shall p .
e .Nxed by law. lhe sheriff ol, the county
shall be the executive oflirer of 'aid court; his .- .. ---
dulteks nd Ies shall be fuxed by law. ,
Section n, of Artkcle V, of the Conutlt u-
tion of the State of florlda Is hereby tameoded
so as to read as follow:;
Section 31, All rule of pratte governingi
the circuit condrt. shal be apptHcble a t !he PI N ANill T iNi
courts of record, and l l4ws relative to crml-
nal courts ol iteord shalt aplyp to rotIns of AN I I I W -- '
record. Chnim gs of venue may be had fros '
court of record to another court of record, or
to the circuit court of another county for the ... ,
aime causes, and under the lawI providing fo .
chdansng the, ve ss fro the circuit cu rt o
one colt7 to the dCrult court of another
CAityZ. I ovWoer mway In his dt .. S fend Us Your
order tahe drbovfItis e hv ai ction o
ti e could rt l 4 rMy county, to hold a
apmeial tef t. a court of record of such d
O yj. 14or 0she e tryzln cas s in MNext d r
wtdek Iue rt of t eoast of record *aba.
be dqatiati Partles to. any e-se at law
I w of resend, shall have the sm right -
bo trol b -el ad WO r .y rertsa asa
sI. r .to Gaae to ises drct course or may, ':
If tihe W of the mt f rerd be didqnoH' r i-rlrirnH
", triae ,thecause toM the circuit ourt of A
0h c-1ty tim wc.hb -eek courtt of t re mrd may
,9h. ILol Arile V. oa the Con,!ts.
9 of FloId s hereby ended
Aets I. Coats of record shall be shot-
hbed by toe Lentlatre asuly upon a patim1
at a Omerhny eath. uqlstred volm of the
|Cwsty, whwe *sue cur ow Is"lbawhed.
I a

4.IMful In Rlt u tuts, Ad ofap u. 1 bhe Saf 9 tPlids, i hereby Onou
t I ( 0r4es mrtln *** reiosan oMt read asm e.
0 A=specy i sun m Ze rsAraiuuin so alatlur 0ti Z
iir p iecl Jki I and in het, won age, ap.M or al l' w in any of tihe
10M00 of the *t-aee of i.nf0, aod in Ircat *l. of elmfrt.ed ca4 that k. to Iay, rFf
Wista ed f lo y j lhe course of i reod, the juhd olmes and dutis of any clas f
Sltln criminal mjcana oo l ad in hr ts or fir she pishmens ht f rit1 oi"
WOimle e9ns. Time t t ilhmav I*e power meaneor cIae* r ith enfto .rcmen lI of
so kisen wirte of nida ul rentjorrl, pro U nol. l~r*i r~i (in lhe prritkpe a 'fj
hbillartk, go warrlno, hibeas crmpu, AnB4 of mlooice provditil fWr rl4nigI, +c ,,-iU,
mil il wto n814 c4ary or proper in the con-. eivl| sad criminal calke.: untiundig dv.'
lelf ear ecl of its url4mlrtlon. rtch tof lie chtnlin the iarme u( lperstia, % .acktint1 '
ftlie *alalt hiv4 power to iMsue 1%tit of IsE tumIl. ald eSupmnelini iland aind
9 cFrpis to iy Parti of te slftte upi tlei. turles and providing for their conmp"e
o tr, aor ao behalf of any ,prr 1 h1ld iMn .es smre .nd collection of tsae. rS,
setia stu'ody, end maynr onake suc h write ie. and ouulty, and muntiipa purposes; fipa
tirpable himself oc the oSuprnce t court, ing and collueimen r lertisins for liate
W sa )uyst)6 therif. ov before any cireruit e.uny Iad ma nil omiefr an d. &r d4I
jud4e, and when not retum too the .ih nApe nmating he pcesm of voting; rfoA te i al sni
(ourt, an appeal to that etrt Shal alwaysestate beloillng to minors, etlaitre | '
Me. a dtens" and eOf rwam. laboring under legal
Section 11, of Artlete V. of the C(ontlitumiin nbll ie; re latl the fees of of ohert
of Qhe State of Plorida is hereby *mlrniiv l m o Stat% or coatey or muluirpxalities; givinglwi.
4" tu rr&d 14 followal to lo twnal or invallid deeds or will- te. .m
"'Section it. The Clrquita Cavrt shall have i5Cll4s; ending for t ahe d*optie
escinlive orilial JwlScnltlon I all casts oh aidrml : relevl Il fronm ell dlega
i equity. Ale W1 all cass at law nll tiepi and for the Mabli. nt f.( jTi
aigsable by Inferior eolst, and in all n1ion t" t Ar Sleil l, o1 te iS n ihtude
cases Lavo t as he li alt of any tax of the autSe of Florlda is here!y amendejd4
*eslmwnt. of ; to f t1 aciI of s to read as follows:
OfeetmNt. and of ill actions involving the Setrin l I. The Iuellisture hall esi(lt
ttl*s or iLtmSdarites of eal estate, aUd o al tifomW systeM of cAbunty rorrnmt,
criminal se not. co lsable by interior W11411 divWde msni'l palitie into ,cla, a .
courS; and original fjurtdietimn of action of more than four, on tIhu tasils of tPUiU
forcible etry. nlid tunlawful detainer., nd of It shall esblltsh for ach ilass a 'pni. rsr
vetl other matter as tile | leilatur maay pri- te t" of overnn4ept: It shall rouvide for the r
vde. They hall have &nal appellate hfrhilIr. 'leicw alti>ol of each now weutli nminldtae l
tion I* all civil and criminal catii arlin its and for the ncorporai on l earth htrrwa f
lthe omni court. or hfor the county injoeg, e Iucorporated munldililty kit on* e of
and. of ail mledermcanors and 'ivil e# oir4 classes and nmo lawt i atlin, to t(h crslml .,
in the evurts of record, or Judgment; or *in or owef of any "mnIripalit ''
tenets of any munlelpal court. and ilo all ca4 t un.ber of municipalities lhan tr '''
airsl bifre justices of the peacr in counties of a clms, shill "e valid,
Shl. there is no county court, or court .4f Section1 Awtirlp VIII. of the t' u N-,t "I
record, sad lupervislm and oipplilate jurislic. of thin Stateoi Florida i. hereby repenlqa
tion of wnetters rising before county judges 'Te votes eastIi' t oRtmpliance with said
pertaining to their probate j urddktion or to posed A tmiments. and the cr piva. dcMai,.
the estates and Interests ominr:, and of lions andretumrns thereof, shall he subjel i a
such otier matters as the Legislature may pro. the same regulations and restpitionms si aw,
vide. The circuit courts and judge* aall have Irovlded ty law for Geerral elections is at
power to Issue write of mandamus, tnjunctitn, sact o4f lord.
quo warratO certliorari, iproulbhiftin, hfte .a '
rpf l atnd a writ, proper or necessary to Ihe IntestImeny 'wherof, I havr hererunto set ":
compt* exercl- s o their lusr.dictin. hLad and aMael the Great Seal (1of the
SItlo1 184. Artles V, 6f the Consttution it of Forid ai TMihassee, the Capitali
the Stite of lmorIdIq t hereby amended o aAs the rat dcay of August, A. Il. 1M ,
to read as follows (S41) H. CI.AY CRAWFORD,
"SUdoi UWon the applestilon of n .a Secretary ofk .
jonty Itn hia St*je, the Leglslature shall establish in hsMh
such county a court Wo record, and there shall.. ,------
be oIe s iudlge dor ah of the Mild courts who
shall be a! praactitM Matorney law, anS who. _
hall e appitSM by theb (overnr and co- 0 i
AI t 4 by aI Senate, and who shall hold Fhis -
IoJf for tour years. The annual salary of the
Indfl o04 aid court shall be paid quarterly
by tb county w such court i established I
and shall be as follows: in cmtl o fr ne* uui.
thee fijteen thousand population, oQn thousandnot .LJ- .-
dollars: in cosntils of frm fifteen thousand to ,
thirly lh ausand population slxteenm hundred
dollars; hi counties tl from thirty thousand tn
forty-rve thousand population, two thousandil .
dollars; a4 Ia coudks A* Anore than fort. -
AVl thetilMd population twen*y-four hundred
dollars; and l crimlnnal courts of rieord nmw
established in this State, shall upon thie adop-
tion of slate amendment, become and bq courts i
of record os herein provided. and all officer, oI 1
such criminal equrts of record shall e ofrricrt
of suthb courtS, and dlctarge the stits an nd
received ie molumatnets of sch until the ntpi-
ration of their presf*t trm of office.
Seeltom 11 of Article V. of lthe Constitutlios i
of the State of Florida Is hereby, amnrnded 'o
as to resa as follow:
"Section I The court of record shall have
rlIuarlve jurtadol *I aIl criminal cases, n '
tcphtal, which shall artie In aiJ county, and of
all cam at law. In which the demand, o I
vaNlt of the property do* soot exceed one
thousand dollars., sd conourrmnt with the cih- I .
cult eon0t, 4ha1 have exctuviwv jurisdiction tf
mroceedmings r latl to forelble entry and un-
lwule deter ofl Iaadi and tnemetnt..
Section L of Arncle V, of the Constfitut,-i 7,
oi the State of FlorIda It hereby amended so ceilt OU1'
ig to rfel as follows .
.on The d shall be i. srm ,f the I Order to the
cout o record is rsach ysr."
Section 21. of Article V, of the ConstitutJ.n A
of the State of Florida is helreby anirnded i<
as to read a fllows: r ech court
of record a prowcming attorney, to he named am.
the county solicitor, aio shall be appointed by .. +
the (;ovemur and conftrmed by the Srnate. EU
ana whlo shall hold office fur iiur ycars. IlI
compenaltion shall he tcsel hy law. -a
Section 3, of Article V, of the C'olntituel'n ,
of the State of Florida in lereLy aiteu'ld so
tas to read asI follow.: u
Section M8. All odeuiac, triabeit in the it w
of record shall be proicuited me1s1n jnito mation
undrr oath, and may h iterd a at ny tiro. iC..:
whether tle corrt tis a massim or nwt. Iry Ihe .
county oikiltor but the trand jiry "f ic cir. .c.,._ '
cult comrt for the count im which aid cutmt ,t .
record is held, imay In i el for ofterc trxau le 1 1 r,,i
h the court of record, I'umS the finding .if m i m ,''"
such indlctment, the circuit jude haih corn i muni 't
or bail the accused for trial In lhoecurt *A ree- m i ,
or4. and the county selltcttear of sai tournmt ^'
slhll inmmedatelr At** therein, fnd hntw^\'na, I
hbad upon ch imdlctment, upon which infor. i
rasaon the accused shall be tied. ..
Section ofa Atleedr of he Cnstiwieni.jn Ofrl r nt to e
ol the State of Floudt Is hereby amell nde I .. .r stt, ,t,

A :..... .

^p' ^^^^^^^




i. i .' .L .... ...,. ,'..

i .. .i ... '. ... .
:..... .

. .'.B. . ,

.u.. ,, h
im" a a*

Jim* i : I

';,b, ** --- .. ^- ,,.... 4.

1 I I 'III 7I~flj.* J~F~W '(q.-~
__________________________________ ~ cr




-.G-w I p

From Ninth Page).

'A Woodward, d nt
A Williams Andrews
iM Week, Primus
Witskoek A a
Williams, Andrew
Walker, ,irosn
K Williams, A drew
Widemamn a w
Watters w r
eIf Warren, uol
Wats w It r
Weinskie, uustpt
Wesileard a Io
Wielltges, ha.
$ ,Whiting v
White J
:A W lte s l uV
Wood i i
Wood, in. \
-is Walking 1
Wilaoux I i
pt Wenthelm i
Williams r j
Wilcoux, it
Worthihtflon ( I
Williams "
WhelterV% w l
West 11
*t Woodberry vi
9. Ward k i
Willis, 0ohn1
p Zetrouer wv
e No. 8-Hawthorn.
Morrison, Was h
Miller I
Moore w d
lMarrow c N.
Marshall, J)an
S Morrisou '
Maims, Norman
Martin j K
Martin A w
vw o Mintone T
3141 Mqlta8e .1
," MiDonald v ii
S Mlntosh N .
NMelitosh N K
Ormand n R
Peaoook. Willis
Peaeoek w or
Peaeoek, Frank
Pseacock, Uco
.6 1 Polk i w
ar Riles u
|, b8herouse, Jerry a4
iherodue, John w
Sheroose, Isreal
S Mtringrellow a n,,
anders Z Ma
S $ uSiydter, I d
t* range w
S-euk r r
Sheffield w
Smith it ii
S im@, Ed
.. T Nharman w it
S Smith V. I
9,J Sherouse J K
atr Tillman w
|* Tiliman s 1i
V Jr Townsend iJ
Towneend i.
@oy Townsend w R
Tillman i. r
( TTownsend i .
fed Tillman m
Varnes V A
5Jr Varnadore I v
3a Waits r it
w tnWaits it w
wton Worly w n\
.l Weekg I: I
S Wf lliamu, r ,
S Webb a .
,4, Walker. Elberi
t, Wese l u
.Wilson wa
. Wilson, John ,
mus. wa Waits w K
I Waits r '
Il Ward : w
Wililamm b K




No. 9-Island Grove.
Lsaon N J.
lnlln edart s
It Mledtord M )
Menison '
Martin 1 r
Mletaer J w
Moore, Jasper
MeEwreao J ,
MloKay .1 i
Rountree, Asa
Row w a
Riehardson w T
Revels. John
oe., John
81kes J .1
Sims,m Joe
ShawJ it
8ikes 1as
Tompkins Joes
Tompkins J P
Tompkins w i tr
ia Tompkins w ma
Uptherouv J w
ptb hegrovo, nobt
Up rcrove J 11
,ad r J a
Whistler J
V Whesphail M
Watson w

I(t No. 10-Micanopy.
*ey Laieasiter, wam
SLamb a u
Le J c
SM Miller.t A
4. Mas. Jer o
IM Minaseld, Joe
c Mers: Thomu
Merry c
Mool, Sa
is Mathew a r



Hall it r
H ancuck, James
Heater v '0
Hodson it
Henderson. Perry
Hunter. Anthony
IHale, Jamnse
Jackson w 1.
Johnson. Riohard
Jones, Charlie
Jones, James
James, Essix
Jak*on .I C
Johnson, U(leo t

Stalkey l a
Silocum w I.
Thompson, Paul
Tuten j K
Tison r 0
Neal, Jerry
Video, Jno
Videon ax
Williams, OCha w
Williams. Mation
Wood i.
Wiley, Albert
Wood ward. Alex
Wvalloan t i

'ells K
District No. 12-Arredondo.
Amos, Cofneliu Hunter, Adolph
Armstrofl, Petter Johnson, Iemuel
Alexander, Alex Jones w J
Anderson, San4ers Jenkins, anFy
Hevtll w, Kelly. ad
Brooks. Joe I- Lng, d
Bullock, array Iaigon, Joha
Bevill-, ino a 14w, eo9
Bevill n o Lang, oanry
Bailey, wyatt Liaeon, wm
Brown, raul Mninse ueA
Brewer, ire or Massey a r
Butler, sathan Maxwell, John
Beeanet, naniel Mlawell, James
Brooks, seary hMeRse, unry
lBrooks, niobard Melionald r
Barton, ai w i. Porter, James
Revill J (a jr Pepper a
Berill Itanimsey T
Bevill a M namsey r M
Brooks. Joe Jr Ramsey, wm
Book, te I. Series, James
Clifton. im Simmons ait w
Clark, Elis Smatih, ,teo
Crown a J. r soott, Lewis Jr
Clark itI. Smith J v
Clifton, niel Bheffield J ai
Crown r Trapp. Jaok
Crown w 'n Thomas, Hrvery
cOllison Trueldle*, James
Clifton c Thompson. John 3
)avis. sam Ted y, w at
linslfMer A Taylor t jr
DuBse. Albert ToEers wA a
Davis. Peter Talor opv
laqightry A I. Taylor x w
DBaies t n Vemabic t 0
'Faster 'w Venable* i
ts lhlrrlao-wLN Whitieor N
iroer, BMamel1 Wahlae,. sish
George, Ames Walker, nDvLM
GloVerswate Wais. s Je"
Harvard bn Wa ItnAtOm, Neely
HSrison. Noah Watt". J
Hollerr John ph Williamste w).
Hunaerktt, dolph White, wellce Na. a1--Plirbanks.


Chitty X MoOm1 y w
lhuy. wb aM .Amis
rm ig' i NeIOn, MOMe
Olunty A n NaeoSS, n
Ohamberlain j w (Otsme a
Counoll. Joe OsGen r *
Oraimanu u Peteson, Hasmp
Orismtno it. Prako, inil.
Dou la. iltevet Prater j1 4
DaMyr i V Prims P
Kmmernon l 11 pardee j a
Emmerson e i Pealls it
magos. J Aloamo Parde rT U
S g Ilsh J w Heves. Thms
ingligh r lives K
English w1 R eet e w s:
Fountain at w iHves .i
Furukon 4)1 Role rK
Fuller, John ilonwberer 11 I.
Fergugun. Itobt ilehafrdon w 1i
. iter u oi o Riles K I
Ford H Iteese pa .
U:austesr (I ,. Iteese sT ,'
(tlasie4. illas Roberts. Himou
Oreen, Joh. Stewart, Jam
4iraee > Stokes n
(ladney u Sihutlsworth w vW
Heate rrH Smith w u,
Lines. John tmlith .i
Hlumphries, wm $huford ta w
Hart I Stokes wa
liHeter i h Snowden w A
Haines. Irvin Stokes .1 I.
Hall, Nat shuford in
Harrison, Jamnes Sanders w i
Hilliary t, lappy fs
Hluff O 0hmith A K
liare i ,. flappy j
Hall, Walter Smith .A
Irvin, win Stark i. u
Johnson, Thomas Smith i v
Jackson, Chas Smith J Tr
Jordon. Mole Thrasher n i
Jones Geoo Turner wa
Jaksaon. Vinsont Tompkins a w
Jonep, Peter Ward v j
Johnson w Wilber a
Johnson, WateraiinW UW-s.tA 'no.
Jenkins .1 i WaiInW J1
Jones I Whitaker, John
Kinsley, Simpson Wethsrington M
ODistrict No. it-Archer.
Andruss w Kerr, Chau
Aere, John Kue, wm
Aggerson, Andrew Law as
Bauknliht c w Lee, Calib
Blake. lPave Lewlia Dant
Brown M Lee, Julius
Bauknight A i Mnrris w T
Beat. Adam Miller. Wesley
Brown N u Madison, Henry
Blue. James May J w
tradley a .A McKinney. Joe
Bradsbaw J -. MoKemney., Klbe Jr
Bradley J w MloDowell Alex
Brown, Thos a MaKinney J
Cottman, Alex Nateiel, Aaron
Cottman, wm Newton. Thoe
COrl v 'Pylets T"
Cottmmn, Alex Jr Pearsuon T a
Chamblin A it Polemais m1
Dansy, Frank Powull w ,
Duren A T I'eterson, John
liavis, Robert Reddint. Lewis
Davis, Isaase awsl, Nathan
DePl'ass,' 4 Riley. Henry
KIsam t '11 Robieson, Charles
Fiemiing .r ianasey r i.
Frie a Iobinson. Tom
Frasxer, Tho IRow, lienoe
Frie r' Skinner. Jamet
Oibbounm ; 11 Street, happell
lines. Amos Street, Emannel jr

Amos, Kil
Avant w r
Douglas a
Denton j v
Fairbanks w ,ir '
Oammaig t
Urielom w r
Outhery w 11
Johnson, T .A
James a

Ammons, Nithan
Adame w A
Amos, I7Y
Beekham, .1 J
Byeyl w am
Bradley.c, tihard
Becklhm J o
Hradlsy. Maek
Blradley, TOm
117104 4 '
Beckham, v A.:ex
Butte tv 1
Burnetts v
llrantley c x
Coleman. Tom
Couteor J a
Ounninsham, hait
Oolling J r
Festerj a
Foater A J
Pinkica R v
Feaster J a
Flaher J A
imbuhr e sl
iGamb e. JMeob
Gambt Jamb Jr
iambb *, Sio .
Gaines, thoras
Gordon, rl heor
Hohrkln w n H
Holder, JiasM
Headdriek w T
Haile r n
Harrirs m
Irvin, Lawnaoe
Irvin, Joe
Jones L N
Joese, Joseph
JohnenI, Lewis
Jones, win
Jackson, l. Mon
Jones, Alblon
Jaekso, Lealom
Joseph. uajor
Jones. Wil iam
Kelly s w
Kelly un
Kelly. Onery
K6lly a T
Kelly it
King na
Mon tgomnery, oeM
District No.

District No
Abrams, Mille
Abrams, inon
Adkins a k
Anderson w H
Blanks, wm
Banks, isea
Cooper, narry
Campbell, asob
Doismior s
D OGitu,, Thom
*Dell, chi s x
Dampier, stephen
Dampier w '
Ford .w
(riffnlla, Iry
Uraoy I H
Hague .%n,
Hane w 4'
Hague an
Hague w n
Hague, James
HMe*, Jia a
Holder i t
Harrisol, sclly
Hope r v
Hague a .
Hard*ee w
Hague so
lItasaeS A?
Hasuips J a
Hardee wa
Jones, ruler
Kelltum '
Kie, iso
Kite, N
Kite L
Metk, msob

Y, eo
District No.
Banell A w *
Bonnoll a, 9
&40ley c H


Sihmw jL

-Ditri No. t-

K -

oS J bJohbmow r
PuR L Jeiitso aj
4acd1ll, eat 6i81 1*
iRaadall. Albert Joends a
Randall, marry jeft* a w
Rm.. Tbomas Jakon v J
S..eblamid c ions a wa
Strieklad A Josep aw
Strieklad J A JolhMen, John
BlMter. Ellas Ker, wa..d
Seamo Wy W Kerr, sael u
Simmons a w
ISemona. john sDistrict O
Smal tw Alkins w J

Stoke" j it 194tW A
Small a reamelw a
Taylor. Harry -Wseyorm
Turner, PhiMes Darns i@
Tamen. Pte at -r 0
Wiiases e _
WiIr, i v rys .J

wS@f. rhitip M D Wa
Walldm. -Phatip SMs,
WIIMtS O TfeM "? I
WWhit. ,hem", Im.onm
Whie, nap )M-- A

I-Ohafcetam vwS Jo. e a
Jobssom a' W FlaAher c c
LuSgford e P.wler,s SMoph.
los. w Pow tar '
I rmg A' lFowler I
Masi CA. rIlliiuI IV

DavisW r
lls. arukk
KV18 wtwm
Harward, Hardy
Harward' Js
Na"g, aias
Irwin, Vreak a
loSMn MbIs
lmem arliesl
Disatet No.
Alooek W a
Blake, 0rortW A
Ora A w
Ford, oeubim
Pord. -1 L
Ford ii
Venuill, john
(loudson, .lex
(lrimg* io
Jackson 11
Julian w A

Noble. Ed
Nobles, .o
District No.


shoneW A Adams. wI
Shaw aw Adams, Joeph
Thoas iaa"04 it4I dkus v
Thomasa wu M tware w I'
Taylor so L Bul w
Waits w j Bane .
Williams. neltor readsr w
Ward r j Bues a wN
Ward au i Batbbit s i
14-Melros. Curtis 11
Nobles, ossy comesr i
Noosky v 0ramen, Johns
Priest X n DK pibtry a
Starke, ,.eo Diekensoe a
Stevens, Amts Diekenson a a
Sparkman,. Isa BHlnbeo, Oork
Singleton a FleseheVr, Henry
Su s .ai other, Ned
8miTh, Hutohinson Hall, Luuies I
Torley I r Hall, Madilso
Turley A I Hooe, Henry
Torlisa wi loyll a T
TerrelI w o Wilk
Washington, sxlle Oistrict No.d0
Washinuton, Ieo
Wlllett c NAdams. HIarrson
16-Windsor. AI.: ToT
MN4lp.n, AdaMW, Phillip
Mn gan, steve Anderwn aK
I. .. Atwater A it
lie nsL AAders wn m
ltanu ld | A iss, Jhake
O Nahan avid gBerry. rrank
Ormond A Rulrs ? .v
Porhier w ell, Isham irt
Pifer o BsM yhost, oseph
iterr i j Bvxl.-ey A
Parker mJ v -
Perry J pBell
PeacoekJ RJ ifut T
'sakard, John A nBua itu
peek.i % a
Peo A A BMel j I

R naw lesJotn aeiedeas
Rawling J 1t Slh -dork,
Ros1bouuhI.Ishop I JA
"sek W
r:outio tlrk a5 .
spiveon *_ -S1 -.0
1* M OiSna. Allen
Btesng, Riebald Oimntallew a
Story i. a Cr'..ole a c
Shesrose, Walter olwe w
Tamasa As, teh
ThipsaM, Oar OaeN, A o
Thgsaoo Oriwl A T a r ow
touaCr A 0Cliii W
ThompnonI RA as ,tis* C
Thomas. ribai .o Sng s .I
Thispeu, waiter Davsd v m
ThoUpsouJ vDdISn ra'
Tuawr a x or iA, Rls A
Tillmsn w J M A
Wixom. RobL .
WilkeAso An =)
White, Jo sDti ...s--
Williams, Richard N.b am
White, ism LDsAl&ir x
Wils a I i b" tuJ
Wilkerson N' I eilrt w
Zetrouer. u .' m 0 W.x
Zetrouer J a it astrli W
Zesronoera 1x .vu *e
ietroeuer 6 W atch S J
Zeircuar A Kammaxs v
Zetrouoer a v* lowrs W
IAtroouer N u Filerni i
Zotroser, J 'Robert g(ls. I"
8-Lake View. (twin a a
JaMkeoa w OGryL tc
Johnson av T OMrblnt w NI
Ioanliug r a (in e, H ns
PaulliuK v 0 Oreia, >as n
'aulias g A Goesstiuy. nobetf
PaulllagaL ipuI aJ
Svang. Isulc Houbhe, o*o
Turner s HodMe t c
Tillman. w Jf Hnee a
Turner w mt Halbers it
kpr i, HRte r a
*l -Hague. i'tlo a en
Malphue w r BlT. w
Manrshall, 'men Snwell c.

J nlSl AlE lueMel t W
Pe.rih, J rale aNooee ws a
PNader, nolu shadet vW
P edr sa e '
Polk, neSry JoIOs 1

Crangq Helihts.,
Jolly. Abhelom
Jolly I M
Kli, oo o y
King 4 A
Kit*, Robort

Vinson., 5uo
O'Briqn v A
Ia'ulson wi
Peds w
=addslka v
Roundln uv v
Steven Ji6L
ahobnok N a
Ti lain, r>ah
Tillml, n,
Thlasan J m
Williams, alNelo
Ward, SoUthem
* w 0
-High 6prifgs.
1nighbt, mAletu a
oon l. a
Kenuebrew, pe
Lewis i r
taCoona. 9
MsanhaU, abbs
Middleita 11
Mayan w i
Misei! s
Miells. eo a

Martin wa
Mayo a MN
Morris a a

all v w

a ww

N awbmry v
host ea

6.ia0e w J

Rieeeas a
Rtw .I, aMI
iftr i t,.
a hewo, a. ,

ROSToc" r
M rs.W00..

awlsof o

11no1=9 I
Seewa to


Wa. .ah J

Wmian, o ebi !
WiT- on

r .. U I

' ':1.


I .- '. ,


Lg v~rrie V'

muDs w'8


wI : .T.


Las a



y .

Whislaitem A a

Waimw as, ,
Wearer,0 haru.
Wailer, will
Waldso a a
Sehuer, %fliea
o. ml-B0e.
Moore we
gMashews a
Marstis '
OdW arT a
O aJ e .,

ljiensai t /
ive n I
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~ter M




fa..-'* -

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.7! ''hr
~. I.. i~


* a -u(

l MAD TN! N(HANT rt TA11O ABilT?-

If e hea, you can cure
hI* of It by bringing
him U and letting u
it him with a suit of

SCorreet Clothes
Hand Tailored by
that cost just halt the
price the merchant tailor
would charge' for no bet.
ter fit, style or quality.
I* I i -- l -

THUS on a Euit that
your husband has .xen
paying $25 for, you can
save about half, and
$19 50 will buy a lot of
good things you need for
your own wardrobe.

Tell year Lady Frienda
SthM. They will ppre-
the DIl.m.r.
The illustration shows
two reignlax favorites in
WVn Apparel, at

Prices Ranging From $io up.

Thoeamp of SUpOrity on these clothes is more than a mere name
awIed nae 0llar. Every stitch, every strand, every curve show unmi.t
table evidence of the master-hand. Each suit is an eloquent appeal to
Ue man who knows the difference between a claim to iuperiority and
the mUp iority that is BUILT IN.

* 1lrMp l sadi let ue talk It ever."

Outftter to Particular People.
V 1'-







Funteml Directors and
:ih b JLIceniled Embalmers.

da e. 'u Ukph O mbbeye Itmas o.

a *W rnr.a

cwT %.h Ast.,
wartns rmmS. tn

* -mkd kwd-r lrn-
- W e ,d Nidetr
o t aadeo ae
k s"e Up at stik do*
* bspmp with she tee

r $6as oe Cwaveam
tight a, bae *who bave had &.




4 r u
WortLy of
Con deruton



Weover these important points and respeetfally
solicit a irate of your btuinese.

Fire, Lire, Accident and Health Insurace

--Agents for the---

., s.,h i Victor Safe and Lock Company
S :nol-n -neatW:.
AI skby TlOgvAll Trdephoe The "'Victor" Is the bet safe made, and partle contemplti-
wsrnt mpt atti mls. ing the parhese of a safe. or anything In that lines
from a boa to a bank vmalt will save money
e ft^ p en Mu* ~by eonaulting us. Call onor addre.
as Fr.a.sco, Oet. S.-vIe Prel. CUSHMAN & HILL.,
4t Ranw Corrtal, of Mexico, and
blh party, when they arrive Friday.1 Informtloat cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA
will be fornnally received by a jletch-,
meat of Ulmteod States marines at the a'r
Oakisad Mole and escorted aerohs the .,,,5
bty oa the ux S8locum. On arriving AT LAST I HAVE IT FOR TEN YEARK.
at the ferry four comopmnles of coast
artillery and a baud, will Scott the T h a LA ln+n r a 4 alai
part to the n Francisco ho IM ntez U I H hotel
during him stay there Seaor Correl At O AL A -FLORIDA
will be constantly atesnded by LeU uu A
tenant Hanlagan of thi ThirteenUt' 1,
vu**d State Infantry. woe has been On the A. C. and S, A. L. Rys. V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprietti
detailed by Major Generat UpcArthm .
as special aid to Mexieo' vice presi None Better in the State at $2 a Day. Porters
tL. Meat all Traina

C0kri Winter Coqh.
E. B. G er, 101 N. uMIa g.; Ottawa,
aM., rieM 1 "Eveq tall Iti ba been
my wife':s troble to Oeth a sevm
*oldd, sad lneroere to 0otgh sll winter

IAm IW VLS Aa--IAasa.*

- .v~--. ~-----. --

Inn. ur. A.
AfMH--gg -



mswm U -m I

-,,m *,. ,
a :'- '''*''



~_ _____I~~_~_~ _



%. 0 -

f Ig -
v-4 U171


1 7 7 717 1.. ,


----w-- -'w--- *l


S Arre td In Alabama for
SAtteklNl Family.
Ala., August 81.-Monlay
Othre were brought to this
i loed in tie county Jail ave
supposed to be members of a
Day" 01cub, and Implicated In
to murder a family llving
flee from this city, near Chews.
jle and there is great exclte
01 4he nelsAhborhood o) the cap
the attempt at the crime.
aptur was made through the
of two Members of the
Owured after persistent effort on
of the citilens of the nt gh-
The two nie mberas stato that
of the cummnunlty ha41 or.
f r the purpose or mutldering
s ad burning, iand the first
to reeelve this treatment at
.aUdse was to hav6 been Mr..
Plott and her three children,
ea a plantation near Chewa,

o by the name of John Cook
-.p kill Mrs. Plott and her daigh'-
s14 P.arl ftott, aged about 11
Another member of the band
kil l her two sons. .Timr, aged IS.
y, aged 12. The house was
to be plundered, keromene poured
t, and the bdles (iat the murdered
of the famally, and the whole

attempt to carry out the plol
ad on Sunday eveniTg, Aug. 7,
orklns at the window of Pearl
room ,and another working tun.
the hotte. Cook had sueo
In prying open the shutter,
barred the window, but Pearl
patkened by the nolse, and called
brother. He arrived In theb
J)Mt as the negro was In the aeo
jhils In at the window, and he
fred his guin at htm, mluilni
1t frightening him and the aso
affair was kept as quIetly as
except that the citIzens of
borhood began at once a ys,.
Sqtuiry Into the matter, with
of ultimately seeuring some
*11 IM brutes and effecling their

about a week's labors, a con.
was secured from two of the
of the gang, and Monday Art
iere taken Into custody-John
SHomer Peterason and Ella Peter.
bg taken at Chewacmt; Iasc v
In Bear 7, ana Fletchae
wh found In Opelam

A 0t 1 Tired t.l6k thte Beet,
IW I Very (,oIdl rteam.
at N8ett. il1. lE:ndillih dramatic
took a proftirstit linter-t lit tihe
n Inlitin. 11e Iand at his
lip a Imihldrvi lwHiints where-
Wto llihairjste ihl MId iI:;','s if te
U'a cJrascttr.
we o 1 fa'lHa'tr in thlne wet
ias hare l ~sit to It for I'wlp uilion
nti. Inlians wr MlighlboMhlnd, tut th't y wieI'r' poor
etl. Alwhy' tir-il. tlivy would
ieiwn the lhw er irake, t i ( s Ioni 1t
siter'W back was turnd, andt, w-
ia t K4l spot, tlhy.v would l'e
an the gruts aind inalV'p tlw- 1 Thl y

elt niturIlnff n very i ll, robsat
ABsaked thel f;irtmer to tfvc Mhin

u* I8t4 (hi white lt tann. 'you will
wlxd. You Indhti+a iare always get-
I n.' Kal the autlisr. ThO Iui'
(Iiever :t, t tirtd. 1 1 4 IijtlJII nrot
Sthe ret.'
gVII, I'llI ry .vpn." st!al 1h1 f;ritisr.
I e tn U.,. I (,i<1 I mwti. liee 1t laliti
ork in An a i,.t;llail: then1 hli' w-'tit
for nn lhur ir It wo. Wvi1.,in lie re-
liI I rn d i hla Itlin uI itl'els uI"
Il trOee..
*yre, v. ":,k up In re,,* he cril. 'YouI
Ine .%ii lsw'vcr 1t ttlird.'
9g,,' ild the tse-r, yirning. 'this
di n"1't1. Ititt if Ihe Itt4 lit, 11l nw
,ie weinhtl fit ht1lr just the same

S*Poelt lIrr-- a r'or flan.
i11k't tirrorv f ,r men repeated
.l"T)ic .,t'ii .uamtl In Freposae
& inquiry. "We Pill hundreds of
every yen-. You will find them
Ble MIon trret corner stands and
B nirl"4or ith1,11%. I don't know
buys th;m. I (:u't even aay 1
i n t11tin G f n pocket mtrrolr.
know they nre in constant de-
to the trude. You can buy a
uon. metal, for 10 or 15
tall. Oval nhbaped. lat mirrors
vt priket. made of celluloid,
Cover ti) protect the llea^ Cwt

l rnlmr Drea*m WIn i eml
elfr* Vale was Poretels.
'iJh. r.ftllitovh.4 iallli>',. 1ilmy Werv
*lrlk ilS y just lfy 'folltf l, i ill' N t hi
h1t4 lOi n, 1,1 lliM oriilni>l w irliltual
. 1,9Y I-%Ih. 1 1 1"i i 1,,( % 1110 1
l;aeu1.:,n u' l, I, iI. l in i' le,,rIi .r
1111 1 I 1. *., 1 li' er ori
tOlh I. , .:.I .1 g i; n gsi a\vr k

i 111 t I. . I t.. l i'v itl t
ill, 1 .; ,,r '; i ,, l 11) 1 161

It I l I l3it 1 ; ( ,11 1 v

it 1 4' ". , l il. t ,. ,i If

O rl ;I I L I) , l, J 1 <

ff it.

au ll re ;i f.,l -. t I t ,', ": .,ly
rIirtlt' InI1 h1l Al't r i l .
aresioll lilu for ;k ft I, % . 4 1 + ,,< ;'
e lV, lt ItllJr 'IM lllt l ;. ] ;;.;: ;,t
greit iiheul. .AM thine Itir- 'n;, Ii >.
site Ilhe ,iot %vhl ru le; 1 tn*;.. ytowl,
there' a 1niiwn Iw o wfe i*IIl ii .1i:v -. I-*, nI
lying in mInmuihs |VoIai.; fronm tlhir
pnlce' of toilnnhllpnlt hi,t ol. siOx'IK he
bridle of the borsee, uorlierl tlih rdler
to diUnMount. They the'l carefully
smrchl liai pt rsun (ndml ld1 him nway.
'The fre1, rigutre and tiraiilg of the
huorsiiu1i umide "o N) deep l 1111 ipresalon
uponi Mr. I'uiitlnliiighthli' intiul that he
awuke: but, fialiting oth-ip ugutiu pres-
ently, he t drtenaitl that ihi wins one of a
throng of sp t'atuors niir an rent city;
that hl istaW thie same tb lthon ihe hbad
0e4n 'Ir thel iun tll Q weKI through t out
between nfis of iroldlihrR, who marched
hin. lu (n gallows nPd there hanglU
him. When Major Andnre and ilss
twarinl arrived. Mr. Cunningham was
horror strurk to dlw-over th the per-
son of MIss 4tewrtl'm friend the very
man whoeM' ,a olzure and execution he
ehad witne4ed l n his dream.
Here was ant l neiirnti nntlfelpaton of
events lithat ntually Ilhapl eim within
twelve months from the late of the
dremmn. The captlur of Andre, the
mn-,rvh of hiss p-ermut for documents
thlint onvctedl l in fer acting l thie part
of it 3py nund his pumlte ,exiecutioiU coO-
sttniltie on of th' minot drmanstic epl-
IiJlias of the conte'itt with the mother
country. How In it imainuliable that soo
definite n v'ilon of coming events
cold nirlm fromn the Influence of any
plhynlcal cnilltbi on (bhe mind of the
urirper? W\Vht p{oMthlo stale of the
iKboy could confer up1tit the soul the
power to del".rllw future occurrences
will such exact Adelilty to details?

A salaloul nal gearveOd In stnthe
Utddle of the Dry.
N in or 12:30 In the in Ivcrnal bour
for tlhe srlitly Plarllain lunch. which
coimin'nfl- with horses d'otwnrre,'" ap-
petizeri eaten with Iutter-the only
tite bunitt r n ever served on a French
Th. endless variety of horsee d'oeu-
vre" would 011 a volume-sanlt'Ii,
shrimp. ollves. rndihlws. Tiny salads
of every descriptll t are Included among

An egg or bith tourtr fs4lows, and
the viirtious ways In which both are
<,wsk!d would also fill a volume. Next
the meat is served -bt'f. mutton. lamb
or ve'nl neomnpilanht by one vegetable
or f nial-d. Ift vet't.le, the Walad
follows n s a m'lrpatrte vourm with fowl,
game, or colt meat of some kind. If a
said Is the aoicrt4sory fur the Kmeat then
SIOOe vegetable i tlouni after It an a
single courte pr-ceding the cheese--
neVer oliutted tind which with fruit
of nollie kind forinst t111 dhfesert. Io-
Itwcn the salad and rchee couple a
aweet dish, an "entrert e'," consistlln
of a cusitai. tcremu. ni, rtor the like to
oftelii served. hit chterle and fruit nre
usumlly allowed the hniorl of the ordl-
nary nv.rage lunt'helvn l t'%rt topped
off with a good cup of ,r'ffve a nd a tUIy
glass of some liqtiur. What to Kut. Wedldlmfe.
The )love of lIptdelnudence and the
freldomi iani plnasur of today make
girl lea andI letst ailouA to marry
ltwfrre they nre past five and twenty.
.Ierhnps It Is letter that there should
Ib that diclncllonatim. for our modern
Life may fit a woman better to marry
late than early.- I.ady Jeune in Lon-
do Opinioluu.
Trie s l tall h TeT'll.,
Manintn' Johnny. how 1anOy timeM
. --I....* ..*tfl lhnir t l lat l c s

D1 D)I IKYETIE 11. 1(lillll.

,r ..... DENTIST.. .

Las nOoe over MhItroJt Et-ej r ;. A% work MA&r-
the ftn- e,

Ally D1it. A. ti. MOSE1.'Y,
rk 8 TEu'AT IfH.

ottleo: Magnols flotal,


All dikehitcae hnove'mtsfutli trentld wliliuq
Iruir. l'onNulItatiunI anM KA.mrnitioa free.
Otoie llorim., u to I a. In 2 to I p., a..or by
U'9"1latineWt. *lawia


A(I Namy I 1.1. ic

- F)ranRIDA,

Cau sell your city property, (Im.
proved and unimproved), phosphate,
trucking and farming lands. Bend him
a list of what you offer for sale. 2142a


Offlee In Endel Blook.

moe*emor ow8SlerA AMWnMrIs
Over IDUMo S Co's Deak. G0olesit e
8sp assesitoa to Crow esd iMt erb.L

DL GORDoN u. T1Oer
oraSese Iitnuom CoUe, leMa Shasy
Vive O.4nm euzrtnenueo Nwv Yorl Cit.
Crown.Us dee work sad illaR S pelMe
O@ee In Miller Law bMaehlaw.
GAIStIL.I. fla.

JOHN MUNZI7ES. Proprlet e
SIMU W. By at, JysJokovlle, fl.
Faust beer, botle and dmught. Don't
fal to call on me when in Jtackwvolhe

(With Dr. (. HF, Tlson).

sMcC In M[lur Law xacbanae,.

Frank JGdner, Prop'r


a a Florida

Best Imported and Domeatlo Liquon
and Wlnes in the city.



E. WAEIL & CO,....


Of Allt pueOle

Sole Agents forMONARCH and IOTE.
MUX qt'AUTT Shoes. t9er
pair warranted.
J. U- -n. .Ageont


Corner Grove and C nortew tets,.

Ptbon let

P. O.ioulI s


PFrh ETer Dey.

DeUvered to Aul Pars of citr.



Alachua Pool Parlors.

- _

---DEALERS IIN-'- ' "

Sea Islan..d a

Sea Island Cotton Seed, Ba&glng and '.''
Leather in Srips or Sida.

Manuifacturers of the Jame Do IMp,
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Buppui



* Fr.

in Round Trip. On
sle daily. Good
till Dee. 8.
$ Q OA Round Trip. On
0s4le ailly. Good
V* Ittyiy de8ys.


.:. !* *1. 1, ,

L S *1 S


, .^ 'L C II
,; .. ", ^ '2, ', :



Mhir tbr Ailsa adO u e :*l :


d . . .. .' ,' .
f atrnafla Sl twewmi ,es us,

Savannah, Col umi9ij
pA: rB
Pins, RaIgh,


Dally 1


ington, BatiU

delphia, Newj



rhough Pulims! Sne rs "*

t f in i I
A. o. a "
A .- f.. .H,..,'...,..,.,_,,...,BB.B+B..MB?

Galneoalle 1& lf
.O.. F.P


TI= ma a,.*jsa

No. c.
Dailt No.41. Wo.I.
Xx'.t DAlly ftiy.


~C* th.

I'MP L A I4 4 p"II

10I I 4* 0eq 6

so 6I ..... ""'"""" "'"'u "i, se 4ae'qea
i 00 ..... ...* .....e .. n.. I ,t.. %t
8a 6 ** .** ** ***** 6*dp* *** a

. .. i. ... .., ,e ft

11 5 ........ ........ .., .. ;JI W O* 4
1 15 1 06 ** .*e.n** eg este

0 i ...... .. .... ...... n . n.

1i0 To liar 1 .....*. I...i

I., aV *"
"' -" 'l1 1




* ----- - - --


I .lf'7 T0'. .',.
,.,W '' /

S '.


I s1laaimc Qttomn.

Snd Cotton SeeJ, Baging 'and Twne. Waftiru
SLeabther in Firps or Sided.

ttmsW of the Jaees Do l Improved Englisb
M a4d Cotton Gui, an(d iuippies for Pime,
.. ,...
. . . .. . I _,I I . . I . .1 I I. . : 1 .

rdt's Fair Rates..

i. B. DAWBOi




V WW "
Jacksonville, Florida.


. Everard's Canada Mt'

(M|I i 58 aiy anti better tlia ntw .,
BOer. Made of Ifop. and Malt '
and NOT 1 ICE.

.' ,

till Doee. 15.
Round Trip. On
*ale daily. Good
ixnty dri.,



:ound Trip.
alof daily.
f 1ften days.


Hound Trip. (uood ten
dms-. On miale Tuaevala
Und Thurdmywa tIood
only in coae tes.



Mater btNrW All Wad mChatanuooee or Colmuwa acd Abbteville, "Lan of the
O fM t rwulaMS.t tlIh Ut F ow p nll lato St. Lonok. Two traius dliU from
Asepasg tmbf .6wow Oar.
SSt 0fotam & aI pthelps moaSM At smmer rem plheai
s ,>t Q VantM li1a0 MMSMl a whe t e tasn eor be mal
by Wm. Lk f1.. wa v*w. she KMeis. a etc.
MiUm > oUM MOM o *T* *e*. eobrfalt rmlurmbn.mM
";'ltWeWp e Tes Jp iC a K .
:pil.ot' ...... mM A mi. I" won Baty ,, j M.. f.
t] l 'l..,... 'I' : 1 I '. .. :,"' . .. , '. .! t

* aidRI' '
^r"Ips4 ".t. .'.
4',* Z r.! ;.,, .'.

Air Line Railway

Savannah, Columbia,. Camden, Southern
Pint' Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.
'. .
Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


2 4 Only Line Operating
w_ jIy Thkug Poullen S epers from Jcksonville to Now Orleans
1.. . . l,

sI FiPepger A

rerattious eall on Ra sy at sBeaba or
8. 0. 0 BOYITON J..,
Ptea Pseenger Apens



... .rl,

St Awbftlge at aes

em sgmest Coani
r. f. .. . .fIsra ,


Time Table Inl *ot JOly .195i. i
-.-- ',o 5. t
o. Nol. 1 o. B14ilT
Dally. STATIONS. Dally. )1. IJlxpt

* do * OF

0* 9 *00
O. . 0 *-F


. g.g b0
"""' **

i, :O. om-a o0

iAr. P M Ar A M ArPNM
,. .0 0 b...lal0rld......... 0....,. ..., ..... 00
....,....lnP tt lE ......,..j. ......... ....... SO

.l...... .. l... ... ....... ........ 864
-* ..*....a L toks um ..lim.. .. 9 *a*.... ....a.. 6
-......... h o s o. .... . ........ 590
.f*. ... M oepyI qr s..,.... ........ a a ...... 690
.. 9..... . bu......... ....... o 813
*...... *d....****.... *** *........, 6S
i&? ii)a 0
a******* *ecb* *** 4.*0 **** *O.p a
.......W fp l 5 .... s,. ... ... 4.0
,........ i.......... .ta .. .... i4
.. *,,a...:. lhG,* *...* 5 S* a. r 8 4

S. ..... .cn.......... S W0 !) io 4 S1O
_....., .f...e.....:. 9, 0

Per Barrel ......... $10o
Per Dozen......... $ 1
Mathus--ek Pa-- 1


et paio tor this rvlr ein Uftes s Um e e sa
aine loaer tha others, eons.onsee
beSt tmftalft. aS moss artUd e
WonltsMhp oftinable ,
Ci to date n every
detail Snd Vn-
@oL a ctiu:ec. 'c
Sold by us contlnuously for


without a single failure. If van
aMt a piano for a Ilfetiltn b
NOe t WS the 1

Mathushe k T i
AMoe 6s Dew Ba ement .wth eus'
Casb w oneow erm Sioone em D dg
5tWL We PI fv$trg. Wt
for pri- TODAY.

Ludden & Batres

SBtheoi lt ut ae ,
GATHER A BRYAN, Stats Ag'lt,


National, State and Conigressli
1I Ticket 1904.
Presidential Electors.
0. F. Buffum-Franklin county, "
l*o. K. Ioblnson--Mlarlon oount
(cek. H. Holmese-Brevard wouty.
0. A. W. Wendell-Gadeden eoOM* *
A. M. Ousbman-Alaohua county. ,
For Governor-Hon. M. M. M s ft,
lamo, Hillsboro.
SeBretary of State-John P. HIe;
Monroe. "^
AtMorney-Genemrl-Fred O. CobbuM '
ly, levy.
Comptroller-J. L, Skipper Polk.
Tres'ursr-E. M. Breliford, Ddo. ',
Buperinntndent of Pubi lictaste
tion-W. R. O'Neal. Orange.
Commissiuloner of AgrIoulture-J.
Rowley. Putnam.
Railroad Commtsmioner H. '
Ritohl*. St. Johns. :
Justice Supreme Court for terM ,
six years-W. B. Sheppard, Enesnabtl
Joustlee Supreme Court-0. S. ufts
0.8 Adams. Duval.
E. P. Astell, Duvl. :
Congressional Ticket.
First OongrMleonal Distrlet-Bl. S
Ounby. HllliSbo.
Seoad Congressiomal Distriot-.J M. 1
Ohene, Orange.
Third Oon0 rlonal Distriet-L 3. M '
War*, Washings. j

The lord '
Fruit and Truck Grower
l ..L mmtimy. mn s md P rS




'9 II r

(4 I Jflj~
III Ijl)?
~rI ~

4 ~" A
4'iv* ., ~L,''II

^^Z^^*A '^*C^Ek
^^MNWW~ v -i

* *9

-- -- ... ._._.


M 41

.! .>,j,,

, ,'W !,...,


pped 0a4d in Field at
wried HMwe Priday.
$ J, H. iwnkin., Mh
Ms w who dropp'id duad of
while working in hi 1ield
W4d.neday mornmli. ar.
p tly vi thoe (UaInlllevI
S "lliomd Friday morning.
were aifoompalied by the
latge number of sorrQw.
who desired to show the
of nseppeI to the deceased.
at partl was met at the
Un4erltaker Robert Meo.
.he MoOlellan Undertakling
E who had eartagee in wail.
he proslion wended its
Peuureean Cemetery. where
4mtws held. Rev. 8. B.
he F irnt Baptist Ourehk,
Meoda d the ervios.
Is wasS a well known reel*.
section and hi death is

'f Franco-Prussian War Takes
IIls Life.
at or. OctL 21.-Inconsulales
klos of his favurltc sun altd
from the' Fatherlanld licause
shot and wounded a LUormaa
r, who, he Wlefoved, Inter.
taSlued his suns' death, Adam
a veteran of the Franco-
.,war. today shot himself dead
way of an East Side tene
where he lived.
wa 567 years old. He
fautly and, It Is said, a
buslnow. In Uermany when
this country. Before tak-
ivs, Euglehart had plowed
t all of his Ove medals
'Ar bravery during the Fram.
war, itIel.ding one given
hls servlcos at Sedan. In
~ om were found ten le .
4d addressed, some to
r d others to his relatives
*I One bore the address:
MNodewr, which, trmslat.
; "Oh, that murderer."
rethat the latter Is En-
i farewell message of hate to
who he hleievetd had killed

KEnrtalnm Offic r of
SAmeran Veseele.
SOct. 2.--KlIa Im ward to-
at luncheon at Buck-
S9patne, the oieers of the
Swaships now at Oravesend.
IRaeludlanf Rear Admiral Jew.
ding the umpropean mquad-
S North Atlantic fleet: Cap-
of the cruiser Olympia;
ita William <. Watts an t
.T. Jewell. Milea on the staff
fral Jewelt: Am|limamdor
Secretary Whl:e and Captain
. Stocktoni, the naval attache
:ipmrlcan embassy. The offt
all in full uniform. Admir-
.Walter Kerr. first sea lord ot
ilralty: Captain Prince lAuis.
burg. director or naval Intel-
Satd Sir Thomas Uipton were
in lthe luncheon party, which
of a private and Informal

0 @f the Mat Prominent Finan.
Soera of Country.
Trk. Oct. 21.-Charles Parson,
been .at the head of many
and one of the most proml-
aic.ra, of the country. Is dead
a here from heart disease.
ean his business career at
Ga., Joined the New York
* UchSuae in 1870 and a few
later bgan reorganizing vart.
lnaad propirt!es, liP wai elect.
rldeot or tie Iome.-Watertowm
eaogeburi railroad in 188:1 and
)oalins that read to another
"eame president of the New
fld New England railroad. He
V for r fivt ye trs as prestlent
Ibuth Carolina and ;Corgsla rail
4I' 1e was a director In many rail-
'iOnfpanIft and of several New
Saved His Life.
F*1VBemport. Wingao. Ky., writes.
,lo1a: "I Wanlt to tell you I
Ialard' Snow Liniment uved
I wa under the treatment of
n and they told me one of
SW entirely ione, and the
,dl atrfeeted, I also had a
si side. I don't think that I

m theo. e a

.as It a mmio wiatm.e to leg te
wiL4JA flb maynsdbodar!

WioJsoOn"abdaX wl lSd oet mose S

you dlm. It bf was m ylife anl f fm to become a mother
whim everything d Aled. "8. IDZOU. 3. IUEVRS.
ary VA....4 lot 3.
-hen a l I AxTii OLo r Fbn I t 1*w 4d
(bim. S wai la n a b% rn hw to at
twdel. othm las dmaI . LaywV& tS
wes old. Shte high! 1e oA-mbCi.
,N, dahter. ;atmanl bM Aby boyGyew
She- W&&vL06Z OUSL

'.... ......




Reveals the News and Facts governing
Studies underlying causes of Market
Reviews, analyses and criticises Railroad
and Industrial reports.
Has complete tables of Earnings of
Quotes active and inactive Stocks and
Records the last sale of Bonds and the
yield on Investments at the price.
Answers, without charge, inquiries con.
cerning Investments.
Oee wb. daily emalb TME WALL STI3T

JOURNAL Is beer albid to livet memy
sanbly sad reotably ad wto ads ahe lavt
mantstea -oS whe n d meL


44 S3ad Hire. Mew York,
$lt a Year;, $a 1Meh.

-If the Goods Don't Suit.
HiIII- ,-n Il II II I __ I_ '_

ly WMiskey

Copper Distilled..
Queen City ......
Sunny South.....
G(ilt Edge........
Pedigree........ .




Sffu Whfl*.

N. C. White.
N. C. Better.
N. C. Fine .

Laurel Valiy.....

.....l1 65
..... 2 00
..... 250





... DENTIST....

0"a over vers Skme4lt All uS uf

,Ofie; Maoollt Holel, Galsaetlel,

AU AlWa ., Mmf*eet we tl VW t
elkM alUaMls. wown



OtoI lo 3l.5 l BMsk.

ii ,* 0


00 ION,:


la M e. w...f

G h. OflOaw ,f ,, r .,

wno ma ifl
ftW-tifMrifi& **
AU.i^ '^~aB "..,^J^

as Wan,

J ao Imann .o .
Sw .. .
I eesr, h .Ulls a
a ,sa ,,,






'# "

a.7 7
cow Nin e low flue ..s

n.s %.a.e--


JassoavTlle, fluM ^

.d Wimne b sip. ,


,..** */ ,

SAU NlwtyI

aii wenttsg.

J* am>M

* g*


1 ,


LI 3C3A13, Rep.
Own, siev -1 Cii S JIbe




.2 V'

- .'. *4*j

fee MWea Div.

blraed to AU Af 7u CWOW.


Alachua Pool Parlors,

C. Barus Prrtw.



oefwte ai
m^^^^ ^^v^^Bl^N
^l- ^a,.y ~ Imew "p..





..7 ., ,;. -.
. - hill

- - - -q


r, .- '

B- ...._ _____ .


Is the



Mplufacturers of Royal
7bwdcr have had 40
tiic experience.
mtehod of hread-and-
, has been exhaus-
in this country and
ault is a perfect prod-
Loyal 'Baking Powder.
Sno substitute for it.
itky and efficiency of
IMing Powder have
unenJed by the highest
p of the world.
fActs mean two impot-
p to all housekeepers:

lI that Royal allamg
ti Is b"aMbI a
p twolll l
S tha i Ityal Ba-k.
u-,tr sakes f0is






%G11r aI Intert Oath.
by Our eportern.

ipp d and What Is Going
STM In Short Paragraphs
;6"s Who Runs May Read"
Casumau & urn1.
re for sale at The Sun
e ns Just received by C. V.
rstr of Rochelle was trad-
|O yesterday.
i Wonderful Salve for saie
ollum & Co.
Aiold of Jacksonville is rag-
%lthe Brown House.
.Omb honey--only shipment
N.Wd it's very fine. C. V.
Se--ooihdehand Deasmore
Will be sold cheap. Ap-
|l6*. tf
ton of Dunnellon. a well
ate man. was In the city
SaM fresh-just received a
Send your orders early.
G eOery Co.
bIts fine pork and beef for
Phone your orders to
I Market. No. 40.
P0., Owner can have
,s!n on Marshal I'inkoton
Wfor this advertteisment.
*M. F. C. Chitty of liea-
hia brief visit to their daugh-
U. Fletcher 111i1. yesterday.
*John it, Willie of Bronson,
' bMeattending the court in
Slurntl to his homr, yeeter-
Sand Mr1s Ales St. 'lair.
A*parted yesterday, for their
k'Jaeksonville. after a brief
p t--Oae nicely "iunlished
I eonvenlent location in
s i3 East Liberty street,
Sun ofl1ee. tif
Sihelttleworth of Evinston.
r In the city all week at-
t a a juryman. returned

THE DAILY SUN: GAI LE. .E.E ITD 92'" 2. T 1 4 .

Sure wilthA Ihum a Mi with ( .
aHrowas lis l, it i sa. \ I i ). W. L. Barton of l.wk Polr.s i was
Berowi. tatJ-.ntw! tradiais la the city yesterday.
For ICt I ('ci k fonrmker. ifm *. rwa
ly we. A1 i d4 ,i..h ii h ma ',a r II. Kuu of Kirkwlod was
ter. J wksonlili shopping In the city yesterday.
JI It.-r ,ni iie snershanlit of Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Cilatte o Taentisa
K.rkLwoAui. ,Ai a l.t innrse iniuor to wre visitors to Ihiseily yesterday.
tl.'i cily tatrFaSy,. Justice 'J. W. nSmith or Mieanopyly
SEle'gant cranl rries, nie sweet or. Was among the visitors to ily
iaRes s ui&l large Jtiile pineapples fur yesterday.
lo tay. taiiiesvIlltlirocery Co.. F
Mrn s1. vil ro. Fresh kit mackerel ust opnard-
.Irs. WJ. lillby of (aIla arrived alsoe ln line of fruit. ai.d regetables.
lII the city yesterday and will be the (V. MeKinstry.
Kut of friends here for the next few Dr. I. Cortheill, the eniA*ena New
dayi. Yorkf oulist. l as the Brown House
Our winter line (r f real have ar. on his regular visit. tfr. Corthell
rived-oitaining asill 'srieills put up States that he is enjoylnag a nies bua.-
in teal packages. (iinsville Gro- Iness here, which Is Increasinig every
cr Trip.
.Irs. I. ti Ka 4 has gone to Tal. w. at. Adamt, a progressive farmer
ledtl. M.. after several weeks spent and. sook raintr of Windoer, was trad.
at the i olue of Airs. Thrasher ling inthety yesterday. Ho report
Ithli ity1. .tihe erope good in lita section. espe.
Ir. 1. 31 .IakL-tsm of Brooson was eWally torn. which has yielded very
along tilthe promnineit Ievy county heavily this season. *
people who favored iaimnelville with After a couple of days spoilt In this
a visit yesterday. city on business, Thos. E. Owes ire-
New numbers are being placed under turned to High Springs yesterday.
Stihe platform if ithe. fretiht depot at Mr. Oweas resided in thi city for se.w
the Atliantin Col l.irni and the platl eral months nd his frliaudi here am
form is being otherwise improved, always glad to sec him.
.1. It. Caldwell. a prominent iltien Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Melcnaild are at
oir Jochioo,s was ini the eity yester- houe again after a pleasant villi to
day. Hie paid The .Su an agreeable t. l.oulw and the great World's Fair.
esall and had his name enrolled on the They also spont some lime In Tenue.-
subseription list. see. the former home of Mr. 31eDoald,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. ihulio have re- where old friends were glad to see
turned to this city from a pleasant them.
visit to Louisville and their old home. Among the visitors to this eitly yes*
Owensborn, Ky. They were aheent erday way T. Henderao. of New.
about three weeks. berry,. emiaee for Justlie of the poe
E. 8. Gaulden of Old Town, a 'pro-. from tha district. Mr. Headerson Is
mientt n naval stores man and one of quite popular among the people of
thle mote widely known residents of that eoniel.
that section. was rgKistered at the William Ooldhan of North Galanw
Brown House yesterday. vill* depaftd *aterday for Tbmpe,
Miss lela Rein. a charming and so- where ie Iue for the purpose of bfo*.
empllished young lady of Portsmouth, lng s q4ast1ity of wll paper which he
SVa arrived In Ualnesville yesterday, kept sla stoak i that eity, prepasmory
on a brief visit to her friends, the to ihipmeat here. iMr. CoMi hm has
Mises Lovey and Addle Goode. deMded tat GaOleaville is a pfsett
The law ooees of Carter & Laytoo, iood P afteler all, aMd prposel to
which htve been located In thbe Thmah- ope a *w-ll -1l puper otwe here.
er building. 'OB HWest MalI street, N.. 1
have been removed to more elaborate
quarters int he Opera House Blook.
Harmony Baptist Anoclation will -
convene with tethel hurcho, six miles
south of Wannee. on the teaboard Air
Line Rtalway.November 11, 12 and 13,
19W'. All thie ehbrhes are Invited to
send full delegations. .. M. tEv -i,

Eugene Uireen of Luraville has aor-
rived in the city for the purpose of
attending East Florida Seminary.
Qadest (ireen wai a stndeni at the last
term, and is well pleased with the
school. Ills claumates are glad to
have him here again.
Monroe Venable and W. J. Jones.
comprlslni the firm of Venable &
Jones. manufacturers of naval stores
and lumber. Kanapaha. were In the
city for mashort time yesterday. They
were en route to Jacksonville. where
they had been summunel1 on Impor-
tant business,
The Edwards store at the corner of
East Union and Eait Main streets will
be soon occupied as a groeery and mar-
ket by Mr. Anderson. This is one of
the handiomnest stores In the city.
being equipped with steel ceiling and
other modern flnishingt and will make
a most desirable stand.
Mrs, .1. N. Strobhar returned yester-
day from St, Louis, where she has
been for the past three weeks on a
visit to the World's Fair; also aS a
delegate from Kirby Smitli Chapter.
i;. D.. C.. to the National convention.
She reportean excellent time. Friends
are glad to see her home again.

Jackson, Telun., June 4, I19-l-This
i 1to certify that one bottle of the,
Texas Wonder,. Hal's Great Discovrery,
las cured my wirel and myself of kid-
iiey, bladder and rheumatic troubles,
and we most chlierfully recommend it
K.G. Hin A. wn.'

iOne mall bottle of the Texa Wun-
der, Halli" Gre at iseovery, cures all
kidney and bladder troubles, removes
grarel, cutes diabetes. seinual emis-
sions. weak and lame back rheuma-
iasn and all irregularities of the kid-
nnws and bladder in both men and


Visit Otr "Candy DspartimaL"


An up to-date line of..

Ladles' tlilkai ud

Tried Hats.

The display will be grand
and the great variety of
styles and patterns shown
will be worth a visit to our
store. The price will be
cheap enough for the poor
and the styles rich enough
for the rich.

A beautiful line of S haems
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cents per yard.

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A magnificent line of La-
dies' up-to-date Collare, &o.
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S- -a--B-ow

I *ds>4f M. a4 I W C ** |
"lortev1 '4 TwI s tA aSg " I,
ieuorss- i')Lt. 4rof pl **ee rtsyO.
nistfer.t af .i. P t I.vlihral Mberslldet

pasly w.. tfram.fs,;r.-, tizse i*ts tlie
*illy )**t*fdiy.
I r f. tnqfietl ol f MulArmlp a laG u
thle ity l e'rda e obnaMes e. LL
seemed With thpdoile of elerk of the
eoinur. Sitr r4q-sHflid hke settled at
Kirkw(Md! ahieht pie fie proposed to s
nake tils future home.
E F. Jumeroy of M sdlion, the
clever and outeee*sful rvprentative
of the J K. Orr rShoe Colmpsep I4*.
brated Red Sal *hoes, aftOer a vit S10
this city in the satems of hkis rmu. do-
parted for his home yesterday
On ueuts of i6* mpoie of th
United Conlftderate Veteras la Oesle
In early November, the Bealboed Alr t 1W l
Line will sael -tikets from Oalseesvlt fi
to Oals sand return on (It. and
ov. I, ood mourning Nov. t $1.40. s
a *oxeelleat opportunity to vIsit he
Brick City. 9w.
After a couple of days paIft I thiS
city, L. f. Jaekp o reatsrd sto ht li
home In OCela Myeterday. Mr. Jetke
sm and family mdMed here for V"*
eral lean, sat have sA eileaub,
He iatete Shi the fally Fi ilogi g
flee health, and aie ney sel
with lteir preas he, lI
Caplals J. Muliy a elp le 1s I e s t p
of Ihroe flie pediWord havs bvery to hig V h .ip. P_.. .-.....
by Rev., PrM D. J. oU imw '00
., the itlhee ie fm
te. Va.. it he t91ed r ite,
ta pofml, w 01 fn I.... .
lillb ,g. J.t i bI f1. M L I

largely. .M he

fomOedar Key, q1 Wll Ilsl aq m.
sorn ihots i si qsmbMd.
l. y 1W. "We
sgtht tho disd ha omlds

the pleftrlligofl a bsll

ptosebla eull he I I I,
obe him v"N *I

THleased. 0H0^rars
fla thegn o hml
er,0ale, Klfl itl

0M r. no ,",
fthe 00f" Mr .


Ae tie bet rIMid d of, th
thene we Ia Agags aihter ia ,.h
n lom mti, *eo h wpm .
the resiMease aft *i'elosk Priay ai
eg. Bye. W. J. Oarpot ot Khe
siugh Metho4(l OhdiT C sh sogel-d
the servl-,payl, g a i thee t Ml
oteetohig *uloy aI the life of ith dlel T -
eeasd. Hi kmnarks owee listed' .iB
with the granses -iuuesil, ials B

The Soral desaeeioasO wea mes
mrous aa they wvat ftrg!
lg fvmlshbd. i..
_Tadsme, some, lbasile lp .A

theiran lastreiin place.

Dr. IsttB Corthi ys
Oculist,'A, y SW
WD, LL vwtt
sieavlilnse on. AM ind--
ri rmarMy at eseti a.*
ri rOl W .trd a iat. e pl.e
PoIii vvi TwoDai ly. On*" T.


a ^A *


S J.

- J ,
... *' .. " : e
T^^^^^^^ Tfii -v



w. ." . a.


S Ba

* vr y
* ff)