Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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University of Florida
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|T til Acciidnttw In wub.
i r ,b ;Tor MCi1 0

a . -.
*4Smq cAr o0ntalaing Nineersn e
I :-Peri howa by Fast Trln with
pFer Reulotm-S4hy of Woman Is
t' l t'w .
fXw. Tot. Oct. ,.-Drivep at t.
t 3 S miles am 'r a. three
Wtpd tqrlg ear, .oatalstgs atse
o i rt men and Ave women,
l ** OW&r an pubatkment at hMe
BB' *.*Shru 9sd of Jet01 avenu eauly
.aiw* a pa the souttb4tnd
rill 1 0w Yark CDntral emnd
Sim sllmwo
ti M at ames.nt ksouthatound
te1* rnmaag las t So aske up
'd^ed at arme io struck the
flg9eru s were kill.
*p'l lat ^; were srI.
a" OWd a Wli the other four, al*

e iwomn.t iDta i, lastant'l i

.u..4ir n 4wo a hospital.

*,I "'olmaiselo. s everwre sealp
la .o, itvf r ofV the fa uand
psoerl SPt wlaoi and osaWble,
l.ik 'intriW.M, MHiel *t.t a
raal ,tbjmr* #, Naerl ia. aed
.... h"tie Jaw. sslti watu
"Hesma Davis. $0ight *tIua-
A Clrtlin r Donsa. .utihJst coimtu-
S4p able to0 go hoit flnma
llook Q4 bhystfla. 'Tomas

toa t.e sw*tiS mehiianism be drop.
pd the lover tait worked the arm of
Mte' elsaI wOilh was worldar the
rltSight sad t1u4s4Uy te* 4am;.r
WlUal fihbod before the yes of the
oemonive einatser who Just .ea bt
the red glire' a bisb btb ppm the
sImal poet. At once he rtver*d hth
flngle and put down the air braIte.,
but his speed had hardly tpleakeAed
when the train struck tke iautmobnld.
The trala cams to a stop Ist a diA.
ItaeN of about 00 ftot. On the tritd
was Health Commissiloner Thomas
Darliultoa, who took charge of the
work of a lrti for tbohe injured.
The loeomotrye inlneer was ar-
?tWed, Iut was re!ased on his roe0.-


'Ive Torpedo sats Cress the Amesr*
ean Continent
SNew Yort*, Oct. .-rive subolrfai
torpedo bauat butt'Li la )tasachusetta
have bet shlipped4 ly rail from Jer1
*7y City.
*Weat fit Chicago" in ti. destinal
tiso expriieed upon the way bill,
hllch accompnlaed one of tLe first
* Tessol shipmeiats ahich buas lv
eroamed the American continent. Val-
sed at nearly $4,00o.00o), the torpedo
boats occupied 17 new steel flat eaUrt
sad olx box cars. Thu boats were
shipped In seetlons, and each ear was
eovered'witi: caalil V wrhle concoaJod
the ooatlute.
There wa not the slightest markl
on any ear tj indleate the euntents or
he destination, and to the. railmrad
I eiployes l ho inquired, the stereo.
typed answer was itrve that the cov-
Oed mease were a part of a large
khlpmet of r.;ac;irnery destined for
the west.


','"Fataltl:a From High Waters In the
gi. party was retiring to the riv- Red River Country.
.,- Ail*,1r.... h tICMftho ftomt a trip to Mt. ViL Laa VeAaS N. 31., ( et. 8.-Word has
peao. Allei Naoye@. the ehaffeir. bhd reached hre r,.ai U'.apcrtl t of the
0udA, trat;g ftom Jerome a eate drowning in the r- at f lood h ile
1. the approebh to Mlecomb's dam wife and Otrei t:oh' ,i of Fran(e*,
O, to o to L Inhaltan. Whetb co Lucero,. ftrn<: a iimleir utf
4k kaqw of the short ra'xtlona of the ]eK.-att:r, !;;;u, ti:1,, county.
42pme bepo it, One llun&!red and Blx- The wonma a- i:! .Lhlren wire at,
b irt 11treet or oat wll never be hmoni ai:oni t '. v '' the itorm.
suit,:i and the water ro,.. rapidly thai
The corner at rlat point lt brilllar.t- they were@ una:1,I tli ,.-t ,rut f, the
l f l5i gi, hut the exteiv,.on lIrading house. The k. d) of MI.r Thomas
S6 etlp o the edge -of the embnhlktment above Amnta, one of Ibe vilt Imn of the hoolt.
lim, the New York C('etnal! l paved with has bLeen fonild near the town it
n nP*owed *lb lek and the car tI.atS rutn dluwn Nora.
.',1om .i0 to a pleket fence at the dte.e Reporti of nine ileaIh c nme fro:n
lal t several pirron. einieltilfr>n two po- the Ried river country. S .v.n r!
.lUt l... .w1Memn. sraw, tho aitoMrobile rushlng Prelprted drowneil In th llayalhlo, asnd
MM ll M4I^ iown the arenure and were surprised there arp Indefinite reptori, from Ih-,
Aso ,i. aea l Oert when IIt kept tralrt nth-ad. ThPy Chlnarron. It ina tlli v,,T the :raltni
ir l!"l, The abhouted a warning, iui i was too I)tP. h're cannot go south tintl Satrinlay
1i.S.I M was 3$$I0. WInt as apparent slarki'nnin of the night.
t sto aftly upo seed, the b:g car crashld-t through
WIP u' S ortae ea the foenc*. elar-d a ilirt 'm)ranhltnmift, MEMPHIS TRAGEDY.
W.'i... boe W aitendliag th1out t* feet above th .
l ,i; Ia ty stone reta!r:lag wall ,an liD tro learod NMgro Shoots Man Claiming to Pro.
soo'.. in"i.S 'ta 'ts M the wall, made a iheer drop of 5 tect White Woman.
4.9 feet to the ralotnil tac',, In ILt Memphl, O r o.-.-4t land f'. I!!".
of a was te descent the car -half-liirn- anld ibo- an Insuranc nc a. ut wai., hot anI .Il*;
methods ofIm tproy. eral of It. Itcefupant:ib wer' 4,p'lil illm, ed( by Hen ;i':a:u a ueto., cat)-l to
.. rlI galautloa and When it str.t2; U ii trae.;. NoyvPs. I1. :- day.
t l P ier~ aid the l i nr .tl(d';' 'l womenII1 Thi latter i ::n -. a' vy u.rn. rv !(rf *
,O.1.. -were titrt r.n tut th< ir tIhe oQi r 0 thI e police 1,.. i.I !to !;. il:!
00 1liO" 'PPIU R. IR (AlIling t, the(.*',.< io C' t.. wh i\ p; '. ~Juu ',lhat hsp' :, I in the (tfw ard, a whilt s .; !:. It |
--l 'thi gell 0,P frlggt. Cn<:i tha ir. .: tt. (.ars tr o t I ,;. I 1. ha. :"' '- frc hif n1'.
d m "O *fmrptiteI ..' le -rl. I-i tra, ir i *it, :i --'' tenilonl up : i b. ir :, i t..i
ViI WIr&Pldt&t Harper I urli* nal t' r '. i r, a ..,'Cry ttfa. j A'. in i r-
S b ithIe >. com lttee )e f qtitun ilf I .n- Ki < ni.. ;n !d ;ri)yIn t i r- t, ir t o l t : -i:
be te lsianan Pl~~t chas-e o cover lti. h': vtit iar! t..' lsolu ht rt'Ii:.' ''. t,. ar (i t," .),
that the UnIlversityof ebihca. roar r te h 'T i:+l ll. I h, n Ti, .. I- ,I :' ln *, : elaimed,i
S' n aw* rded four -Irand fill crasti Nl, (,.-- v.. *a i:'. t ,G ihr. i-. .! i. .:r :: ;, th i
S tllblta. 1o other edt. t'.' wr cKr..i-i ., : .. tm' (; r . ,', 1 ,i ynr,; : .. mnt:"n I
Im at io wan th n mo I y tnltW' i;:. ( p : 2if l':i.i: i, taIl.I r .i,.'',! j 1 "> -:'" ,.1r..
'l 'f ^ ;'.i' ,> .1 : , tr." :I t :b T..* ; b '> tra i Ti Ii' h t 4 .' L. '. I I ,- '
h plI s are tor the worM of the was b;'u:.Il. to' ; p t Th, '.' i, cured a -L : ;.:.'" I1::.
lulruty pie, the Yerkes obtervra tlletd womni ;. ,Iria,' , .
m UlsllWl ay tr Pro eator Michaal, iir;.>n a.lUblt of listrauments. for re. r.nrhe't : f r o : : 2,' I." MT. PEr.EE PRCEA.LY ACTIVE.
rlt Is pthyes. sad for geth. .ai tit, n I. olVil a aY Vicinity of Windward land I C Cv
celleace Ia the exhibit as a iht fel tin I tray., u r h rut I ar-nd |s CVv i
WJ11"1. por the grand prise for ogem* tn et the w1at ., T a' v !' t Now ercc vo r t1 / rst
S .* iteIlse s*ad c.n t pletenes~. Chl. th. eriTi 'l.0. m ,.oi ,i i;-., t York. (te .--L. :. t, i.
V 6. Harvard. columbla, the Outl. Itin l'rr' a .- i( a' t '" S fhll l "fl: : .8 *
t lty do Micf igan. l'u lvoerlly of W i,. f. *; I: I... + t. ba6 1 t'-' Ias.- ."..i
m ilt ant the In'verslty of Wabshig T 'i, mn ,n on i n.. r gtI'e h. t 1., ri a.,. ,,. '
a', i Vi ;i t, n ..i ,i ." r I e of s ..... ': >' ', .
: -,,. .. .L I,' .:... 1 -'' i i.. *'ry en d n ..*. ; '
A a'se.' a &i 1 u i 'iii M ...A i in' I ii,. ',i .f. l.,i




htal lire Reported From South
St. Josepb, Mo.


Fire Started In the Kittcin of the
Notel and Guests Were Aroused
with Much Dlfitulty-Thlrteen-Yoea
Old Boy Fatally Durned.
St. Joseplh, Oct. 8.-Four person
1t their lives in tho b'Trnlng of
the Tracoy house la Bout's tt. Joey!v:
today .
The dead:
Layfayette Irew. age 5', years.
C. F. Norton, agld 34 ) ars.
Joseph Dllinglham, agtMw4 1'1.
IMr. Anna Waston, of i., a:ray cona.
ty, Mtiourtl.
Gilbert Weston, tI:: yi( -r.4 >,i, b)fn of
the dead woman, %as fatally burned
and WilHiam 81mont, n battle e buyer.
was badly hurt by i'tiiplug frum a
third story window.
The fire started in (tio kitchen of
the hotel, which was a frame building,
and the ileats and boardJers were
aroused with difficulty,.
The three dead men word boarders,
and unumarrl,.


Man Supposed to Have Seen Blain by
His Wife.
Botle. Idaho. Oct. B.--Chartes Daly.
a solicitor for a gas company, was
muirderqd lat night .while Ia bed by

belneg thot three Unies and struck
on the head wl:h a hatchet.
Some hours later Fred Bond, a
roomer at the Daly toiu Informei an
ofifcer that Mru. Daly had shot her
husband. An examination was made
and the body of Ilaly was fuilsnid In a

pool of b)lool. which ihaid spattlred
over the heIl and walls of the rma.
I reuted. the latter ,rwaring before a
coroner's jury that she ..1 lul IhtOt h?r
husband In Msef-Ildf'n-Ih.
Later srhe sw'ors that ii'-1t tI1 '
kiliiag. whihh ihad bet.;i naira:' -.l g b'
tween thoai.
lBond IdeareL~I tChat he I. Int'.c.:.


No Doubt that the Fight Will e
Pulled Off.
San Franle!rei. (tu:. i -s.T; tit re
mains at pre.cent to int;i th-' 1!
ast doubt of tlhe latv'i Il'tA i *
EKan andl .J!lni:y I rL, 1,O th tw
fl iterr or I ',o!r ma::a 'rr, to at1'
their Rignature. to the art'.r:l
LIast night w 11 i:' tin a1igr "'
upin for lt rh' 1in. 1 1 W l*<- P!
was III and unable. to atteil. 1H1
acnt word thur no t Saturday ev 'n
tInt he woulilt lih pri it, and otill
then rontinm' theti n-;i!ation.s.
At li.rford. manager of .Ean. ia: I
that the Brit! ti rnmi w rt ir. r:' '
to h!ni. atnd that 1he was re.iy f"
Ji gninR.

One Person Killed and Seven Others
Are Inj:erI.
It' kr I * v t4
l:.1. annd *. T,,i n ilijildi 1. ) i a
I C ;.1 lotn O i_ i',lt l'*t iL ,:t raT.. i ''
I tween tI. V ,. *I:n , t s. '
bou i n ;:: ... C z t '
KinO wnCSthuijt. T1 '.! ai
J. \V. It:*tsch. fireman of t, .

lPngr'i ; tw, t l!nlv' ,' I;, .+.- : '.
sltghity injurt i

Uney lon.- ret $ 1 T'. r, I: 'I I *
statai m tit of the' 1', 'ir, i f "r;' i T lU 'l <
a eo cras. of SI T. A d"''' in < ,
and ain Increase it $1' *4 X'
M rtiw'M *PLa r...a....> f (.x. 1




O,*ts '. .,i' .
lIt with MS
b"J hI 1 als*i
poke..o4 ,eided
-.way after Vorep
-Is ,uin P01. had

lfWa mtiel AtwllJ a d
"it *raw "."Ii
w: ~ =oav oter a e &
*s, ewe stream than tha
....."I an b'.l4 laid a
alOIarel fSi foreof., uovpl .aRd

Itbm I ole nte P andt i' m-

at. othe 0toIar e but ta ke

Sl aiO the -at of trouble. Ist
nw tbhe inlisatmilnn, heels and
i; -. ear. pera.. by
el it ng tocontribute pureM
I:v *4 hfrsunstaining oxygen
t i and tisues. Wld y all
r a r.s vse
I ---
"y sWd the obi traveler. "1 wan
s ain Lr J1 Califoflia once. It wna, a
matner trial. I didn't want iRio follow
wled n'dl ito ttuck out against thei
tber eleven for sine dayu. lwked up la
the jry rooit, when )thoy ve In. and
W boultm In at verdict of *,ot gully,
ald then I was ready to stal myself
Wish spite."
'.W aittm?'"

i 1' .'_ *
* R'WiU* Prlimli ofn!! iAs

4".B ef *i40 eagoONtS91 was

e$". it br t o ellbo have

: fid' NWto lnl olmiae ta
qes0 s"iWt. ea *joylo. a
if4i. swiitmlos en good!
Se "' li 9p wituh Dllt. orLeoa
Qheibikwe Be. Pseub rg .a,
e4,. y Ibli s 'nk;

NM 0owi 1 mo1 hi lamely to

iq QnhIaefn r omweek. W, rn,
hem. it o 1 *1.

Se t ishe frOeom Lynes hav

.-, N" -Vi04. May iof ewberry
oiitIke i llk bIrl.

wri ktnl I ow il'mab with
SeAo., si4 will be ilad to
I l e all to m hima ....
*...: ,' ^ . *-
^*Tl Nfa, Al). 0et. a,-lt iR i:
fit, Ite tl-w- i, of 4At

Swoe ilwugm 3ii 'be Iit..
OP amtwl tt vi is. no other
"'nll t ro igtel out wimt*
| me tW* 7 ON "lwed or may
Mao$t "Me We l of t he
Snft I do11fi g U the. Lak
t ;stl hq i sHlly posting him.
II V" str. $ f tthe situ.*
M4L *tebdS aV Wfle om anl the
I gmstleMs i>t tl taitedliM by
.1" that U the maUer now
Ui k!s no atel neefd of as
o-;'.. 0 -fl

., A. Tbdeli, of Sumrston. 8. 0..
i~eit let W4 ty -n*s with the
t 4s. ptttlWte tw emmpjoyed and
P mt, e"'WeEd, bust rilet and
WMilSlil d 4W0 found only In she
-. be W'lr.I Wttlh leael Suale.
iks e e$Qi of the many eure that
h Oe bea ieeffnte by thi wonderful
n idy. Is beijing Witch Hazel Salve
i I ol mli emwary to s"ee that you get
g ,wioll. DOWRtI1'. made by E. C.
W Ot Is Ohieto, au a curo is
00MIN. DOWitt's Wie h laiel Hatire
re all khlde of pile. eClp, burns.
rlse.le *esemi, trtellr, risk worm,
Iinl disees, e. Sold by all drugli
-- p - -. -- -

Ntiilnal, State and Coniression.
& at Ticket 1904.

Presidential Elctors.
O F. Buffum-Franklin county.
GNit. K. Robtin on-Maritln county.
Get. H., Holv -liwvard county.
0. A, W. Wendell-lOadlden county.
A .M. OCushmn-Alaehusa county.
For Governor-IIni. MI. B. Maefar.
line, Hlllbo)ro.
Secretary of State-John lF. Iorr,
Attorney-General-Fred C. (Cuihber-
ly, Levy.
Comptroller-J. L. Skipper PIolk.
Treasurer-E. M1. BrelsfuMd. Dade.
Superintendent of l'tiblisc Initru -
tion-W. R. I)'Neal. O)rangt.
Cormismloner of Agriculturt--J. S.
Rowley, Putnam.
Railroad Commispiounr It. 3.
Ritehyi, St. .Tulis.
Juttoe Suprenie Court for tvrin of
iix years-WV. B. Hhe*. pard. Eamtnibia.
SJustieps Supreme Court-). ,. KFarr,
I Hillslnru.
I C. S.
P'. Ax(ell,IVuval.
Congressiornal Ticket.

Firit CongRresitml )iutrict--E
turiby. HHlboiru.
Second tCniirs!tional liutriot-J.

"N i., 'V IO iN





i '. dt

: ':J

: i ,'1
"[ .









And other reasonable goods. Styles
upto-date anti prices as low as c n-
slatent with the quality of the goods.

Remember Also.
That we are headquarters for Serges
for young ladies' Seminary Uniforms.



ttnttnnn^% nn^%t



-- -~ ._ A -. -

G. 8.

ANT & 00.

Retailer and Jobbers ln

Staple and Facy Groceries,
Brlin, Garden Sud aid Fertlizer.

9wUrii rE SQUARE.


Highest market price raid for Chickens. Ent and other Pnrtu.4t
A Complete stook o Hlay. Corn. Oat., Flour, Bran, Meal, Co'tvn .i.' '.u.I
d W handle. only he VERY B.EST good. at ,iw iV'
d IT PRYCE8.*d oguarmnee satisfeiono *lsmp-.

I. a-

P nrttpa4

i Those Desiring to

Sirst-Class E(
S .... iShould Atte
ii n jn i

Ea..I s



id( . .

or!m a meInII

> tl 4
) OtI

tion I

] i i T4
all. of
" ""*4

E: penses ar imuxerate. Instruction and discipline,' not r'*r-
I av d III tOi sout. t.
lX(;,*tt l ('ntim ,Jeatinnit 'or young Is &114s. l'ar ti t n:y s'. I
the.r dtaighter to. tu' Siimiuar knowing t" ",y will rec'riv ,t vL kt
bfti of cnre. -I
M a, %ut litI.A', will ),. l i iL.{ lt'0n 1 Arthl A1tii91r t re-,4m'-a:trity ?il a n rlttriimil t v j:j,;l.'r '
Idle,.r-, witi nt I.1* ,-,rrm itttiJ.
.1 ae"ubrr .f W r<*,* .r* *a'(V I..J aire IlTh o'. gl,' '. ', ,
cel, Nearly all elteilel'nt T'iAitioiO
l'ali lty of twe lt aI ;' t.?rt r rh --'A, it 1 rLi] i .1
inl th It 't:Ited Sit -t., L,:i n it ett.r h>,alth rtcot r 1l 1.1:tn L t t ri t'i


9 ' *r ~

LL -

-, i .,


'9 I
4- ft

---- 1.



", t ".'



FAAIEA I Y t...u: n JA ,Y o
IRV a A* ._ 0F IF wowe
I INAsl T-.. F r I. A

olF ;eUwwwvnmw V %bhmIWU


Down in Cold BlNod
I om Ambush.


In Armsa Mrs. Chamber- see
baatnd to Run, When Negro ttir
petgely hirsd Two 8hots at Her. .r
asti H14t on the Traill, wl
1iter developments have re. 3
jrosm the horrible tragedy near Inu
S1 isay afternoon as far as the Ga
llag of he guilty party is rou
P411es of men iootured ry
pi l. the southern section ,of Aa
isuu all of Friday night and sat. wa
pllsh no result. Every bridge nai
ilde thoroughfare was guarded etW
ln d sat determined men with air
S14dsed shot guns and rifles,
W sgedy was the *cold-blood. pr
pger of Deputy Sheriff (arnrtt th[
gOmberlaln, one of the most ifnt
lent and successful young mtnii roe
a soAnty, while his wife, with of
11 ann, was standing ouly a few i n
away. ,
Story of The Crime.
0gto the excitement attending
able orime, rumors Friday ar
IwIre very ieonfliting, and It pl
peolbile to secure a correct ac- i
esue no one seemed to know.
wife of the dead mau. r
ihe only witness,-with the eb-*
pof the babe, lay In a seail- m
state for several hour. and b
p pgrlet it was impossible to by
yT defi.ote Information. The rim
'er., became somewhat ree.
ad l on saturday morning *a
light on the matter. Be. f
.he stated that late Fr- ;d
oem her husband suggested m
go for a little shooting In fri
laity to the house. When ee
ulaterof s mile from home', n
polluted" a palmetto shrub.
berlaln, who was carrying
la his arms, delivered tLe
its mother, took from her the In
adva bned. When within a few br
the scrub a negro suddenly la
eidl. Mr. Chamberlain turn. at
pad advanced towards hisa i,
ly believing he had been O0
by the aeeidental discharge ar
gun. He removed his coat, de
Jnaket, at the same time fe
Iabthe ground. lu
Fired Upon Lady. Di
WChamuberlain observed the ee. elk
onld not recognize him. in .0
ltement she started to run, dr
!lmast fired two shots at her
effect, and withdrew into the
The lady returned to her
notified the neighbors of the te
tragedy, when she alnmot ima- ol
Ip beame pruostrated. wl
Ris Oead Man's Property. M
neighbors arrived upon elhe jI
ghastly sight met their eyes k
lid man lay in a 3utl of his own e
R 4Iwtl was observed that the tli
nl sl stolen Mr. Chamberlain'.
gt gun. Li
S A Rifle or Pistol. \
:Wmapon used by thie ntKro wus "
3a pistol or a rifle, 44 calibre., r
hll entered the lieshy part of the V

ware that thunder enakes have in-
est'd tlIe State in number pro)Ior-
onat" to any oIllt'r, buIt thiu "'t'aps"
[iniili'AC wUsa n Tw Ollne tin him.
Pill Pleasuro,
If you ever took hDeWitt's LittIe Earlj
itiers for biliousnepi or conatipalior.
out kniw what pill pleasure is. Thrst
sl 'lw little gills cleanse the liver aid
ut the AySt'o1i of all. bile without pro.
ucing unpleasaut effects. 'They dt
ot gripe sicken or weaken, but pleas,
rntly give tone and strength to the tiUs
urs 14nd organ. of the stoma, h.livel
nd bowels. Sold by all druggists.
:rv < 2

S ,. : Sv. ; .' ,,, ar Lsynebburq
I 1' 'iX I I nc0 hai return
i ; f rn IlltIty.

mothy Balley of Newberry Again Vic.
tim of Peculiar Conditions,
inoth Hailey ouf Newberry, who
mn to have been Ia hil otf 0mlifor.
ne, has had the experience of anoth.
accident which came near omsting
n hisa life, and which he delares he
I1 remember for a long time.
Mr. Ilalley states that he was driv.
From his home at Newberry to
ineaville a day or two ago. Ean
ute he was compelled to poa a quarw
where a large force of men were en.
ged in blaeting stoarl Just as he
*a auppite the quarry a stick of dj.'
mite exploded, hurling Immente
re's for hundreds of feet into the
'It wasa trying tihue for ne, and I
Opos to ike so mnbody stuffer fur
s carelelonesa, for I came within an.
ch of getting kilkld. An immensmi
ck fell on my head from a distance
twenty-five or thirty feet. breaking
my hat and bruising my wealp se*
Ir, Halley states further that no
rgeutions in the way of watchmen
e placed to warn the approaching peo-
o of danger when a rook is going to
blown to atoms by dynamite--and
r. flailey declares that nobody can
II when that ie going to happen
The quarries are managed, it s un-
ritood, by Captain J. W. Carter of
ieanopy. The rock is being mined
contract, and is being uned In Jetty
ark at the mouth of the Ht. Johns
Mr. Bailey declares hbe ha been aao
stomed to a lot of hard luck ; he has
oed gun*, fire alarm boxeo when he
dn't know Ihey were "loaded." and
any other thiots, but he wal never so
tightened as when that ten-ponod rook
me rushing into his new Derby hat,
id naturally he "pot mad."
Saves Two From Death.
'Our little daughter had an almost
tal attack of whooping cough and
onchitis," writes Mrs. W. K, Harvl.
rnd of Armonek, N. Y., "but, when
1 other remedies failed, we saved her
e with Dr. King's New Discovery.
ur niece, who had oonsamptlon in
n advanced stage, also used this won-
nrful medicine and today she is per-
atly well." Desperate throat and
nug diseases yield to Dr. King's New
lscovery as to no other medicine on
trih. Infallible for coughs and colds.
0 and $1 bottles guaranteed by all
'uggists. Trial bottles free.
The "Elaps" is Here.
Among the viniiorn to this city yes-
rdJay was \V\. Smith of Archer, an
d friend and subscriber of The SuIn,
ho made this office an agreeable oall.
r. Smith, in referring to the lament-
I Judge liell's snake story, recently
tpearing in this paper with a credit
'The New York Surt, state that the
iporlter was wrong in the assertion
tat flu such surpent as the elapse "
uldi he found in Florida. Thia rep-
le is mornr commonliy known as the
thunder snake." the Latin being
e]lape." The reporter admits his er
ir, bui begs to say that had The New
ork Jun rererrcd to the reptile mu a
thunder snake" a denial would never
avte been made, T'e reporter is

I at a point just below tho,1 nip- "
going near the heart. deathh ha
pe resulted within a few see- a

Ohamberlain .tated Saturday ti
that a few days ago a strange b
'* shooting upon Mr. Cha i-
property, and that he was or-
Lhe" place. The negro wuM%
lent, and when leaving told 6
rlain, with a vile oath, tLhat j
4II get even yeit." It may lie fa
that this was the result. ri
Funeral Held Saturday. ti
hneral of Mr. Chamberlain waA a
rday afternoon at 4 o'clock, "
tent being in Micanuoty ,
1, The service were largely
*, whikh showed the popular-
lOU ng man.
Sae nout now, and so numter-
they that chances for the tie-
appear very poor.
Strike of Coal Drivers.
Sati, Ort. 8.-0A 1trlI' of .i10
Vers here was acornpanetil Iby
tOdadvi fn netn.cinInn Irdiv'r e

Two Shot to DOeth Ih Mitchell Coumn
ty. eofgiaa
Camtilao (Ca.. kct. .-At lrwlrtc(ii
a posiufflic at., mt i.O mile" distant
from lh r<, IiI Altj c eI. etu)illy, JIohin
Sarlmh nild Kim nii. il, is hull, wer$
thot anid instantly kilLild by t1tiln
Walir., a ulirthant orf hat uplaEe,
Thb. kbilNi wa the rt sult of a feud
which flawul.back wvvirul yi'are, The
Sinlth(, father and sion. wero charged
by C(harltm U(ihlenmaterR with tfrling
into th* latter's more, hbut were ao
quitted at thie' trisl. This acquiltla
greatly enraged illleuwaterm, who
then and there swore vengeance,
On Woineaday. as he asood An L h
corridor of the pottofilro at Falreloth,
John iltkh and hibs mo, Jim tmithJl
appeared In thle doorway.
"Din't come in here." shouted (01i
lenwatles, "or I will- bow your heads

The dmiithi, heedless of the wars
ing, advanced Into the bulhilng. As
they rron)ed the thrrishuld, C-arles
Ollenwaters lovehld his ehotg WA
which was loaded with buckbshot, and
fired both barrels. The two mattbh
fell and died Instantly.
it In feared that the end is mot yet
as feeling between the two famltletl
la very hitter and It may break aO
Ia renewed hostlitleoe.
Georgia State Fair.
Do't forget the grat Ueorgia Bate
Fair to be held at Maoss, Ga., OeoMer
19.3, 104. Atlantie Coet IUne o.em
low exu.lo rate Ose lase pliun 3
oeat plus, 0 eeWle n dnleIl, hei t 0he
round trip. Half rates for hUlda
over lire and under 1i2 years ofl ge.
Rate of one cent per .sile distaoee
traveled will apply oa military adi
brass bands, 20 or more In silform.
No paine have been spared Ito naklog
this one of the greatest oltae fairs
evergiven by the State of Gleoia.
Tickete will be sold Oetober 17-Ifl
Inlelue good to return to sad l i
eluding .November lst, IWO.
Alfeged Murderers Carried to Folkiatni
for Trpial
Jacknonville, Jfla. Oct. t.-Sherif
Mattox left Jacksonville this morning
with Hilary Altman. Charles Altmas
aid Ivy Harvey. under heavy guard,
for F<;lir,*i, (i a., whlre they will be
tried for lhr killing of Jackson Dun-
can and .rim Riley.
It will ew eIt'm ibered that these
men are part of the notorlous Alt-
man gang. 16 of whom have been glv.
en preliminary hearing In Bakearoun.
ty. Florida, for their atrocitlen there
and who are now held to await action
nf the grand ury.
Thu three men In question were
rlaimel by the (,eorgla nuthoritls, as
the killing of o)uncan and Riley co.
curr,,. i. n A. train moving through thhe
lower I.a;t f 'iharlto.n em'l4tl y;, Ge( p.
gia. :t tIb.t rf;'ht of S ,t. II.

Saved His Life.
J. W. Davenport. Wingo. Ky., writes,
June 14, 19tJ: "I want to tell you I
believe Hallard's Snow Liniment saved
my life. I was under the treatment of
two doctors, and they told me one of
my lungs was entirely gone, and the
oilier badly affected. I also had a
lump In my side. I don't think that I
could have lived over two months
tongerr I was induced by a friend to
try Itallard's Snow Liniment. The
first applicatLon gave me great relief :
two ifty cent bottles cured me sound
a&d wr.l. It isa wonderful medclelne
and I recommend it to sufferinK h:a.
mnanity." 2?c, 50eW, $1.00. Mold by W.
1. Joihnson.

Importation of Automobiles.
New York, ()<'. 8,-Autommobule. ts,
the mnel.r f t127 were hrouight to
Anrrtin thrwiah the port of New
y'<,,i'* drilKIi lhe nine 00)ith3L ended
Or. 1. nICt.rinn If fo br'uA s.icued by
plra.l,,r \i t* i h,'ad. T1t.Hi In aL
S, "-t d!r, U It th,' ltrii rr r in: orte r aur-
in-ir I]r' the Imre l'""'l '"aBS Tr,'
iur! at e (t of lthe>' I7 IlachIrnrs wua,
$1 *;up,id00. itllIng an average of th< t'
$::.7o for eao Ii rnahlne. The ','.ty
pa:d on the matnrhlti's at 45 per c '.t
amounnited to $V7,000. I

Broke Into His House.

S. LeQuinn of Carendish. Vt.. was
robbed of his customary health by in.
ovation of chronic constipation. When
Tpr. King's New ALfe hPile broke into
his bouse, hs itrnoble was arrested and
noW he's entirely cured. They're
gnaraisted to cure. 25o at all drug.

., C


I 1


For Sal by Jo., roI
't fr ] "I t


U^ I ~Good obide a In
^^^*JIn .tb~~r h)#sg*
l* Wlnoestr "'Les
[ II I .1SmoeS l.ent e

oia4 @4wh WIfti

S 7 t.

~Af, LU.:,, ,+ ,.;

Savannah, Colm
;j| I md am' ....^jmn^ HI m%

S: . *' .

I m~ ~ m *' m lm I '::::m ''.:L m P1''? 11nm'



Doilly Through i llihper free iiS

For full informNatlon td sleepr selsas mlM
write A. pQNADOfIUL, L
AM., &nernl taskpa Ai ,nt,

...COi or iwo


'"' ':
-" .... ', ..' ,..T "uii .,'e u


Te Atlantic,

Montgomery and L. & N. or Oile Flyer Th4m
Atli an d Chattone s

On ,sale daily. Good

Round Trir Rates From Galaesrvlle

.10 $36.1
till Dee. 2. On le, daily, A



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r ''" '" "r)

* .,29i: :~9
* . '

I, __. II 1_ .~-~ -- --

I '' .

t k

I -- --- - --

IL4 'P-'I


11 4174Ad1144v 2'#u

".. .1 . .


., I / i '. "


~Mx* (7



I a3. ,OP i5a


I', I





Haw you
Boft t your
Fal Suit yet ?

'I ..,

Or are you tfg to 'queee
a little more wear ot oft
that Bummer Butt already
looking eedy i .
Better. come here and
take a lo*k 4 our snappy
array of
ScHit ad-Talord Clodibtg

before all the choicest pat.
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clothes from the high-
e t class nierchant


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dAily with the unknown quantity of doubtful
when there's the absolute certainty of always get-
operly made garments here at the right prices.

.e l.#UIfThese lb th Piets. C
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to 1100.M

how little you pay, but how much
That is the secret of real economy.
a4 It s tk It i er."

~~~ r..t ,'; People.








Funeml D*ietors and
iS- -- LIcensed Embalmers.
*A i aS .t thetareor Dre't-
.4 ?Ii mr rsmsh Rabbr Stou*, Art
pbkrr u 10. e
* K.ttt what~- ^w bhgts'b iW Telqhem.

ui ItIa maNal man.I The IMitrai pewnt litre with canals
| a at a Y t maI all about hlilm ad reaches lai cottage
W m oaMS who by way of a dnawbrklUi. Pertape It
~s -a tom. a d aI timt o ,In the bilewx or the lbutch child.
iha ft mlt Stros aa ys a wr4er inu 1. A. 1'. not to tall
9Into I carnal. At all evruta the Dutch
sotb. t, never atppearam to niitkplmtt
sc a polbUltly.
OMe aImagintM boe arce Eng -
,1hb or Ameroian n otlwr trying to
i . ng up a Iallm In a l atl I esarrouba-
e td by c l. lbe would nefrw lave
.,, ... B iamott'm pence until tlW chmdme
.II.I- 1 11 X woo In bed. But thantho t m m eigbt
of a cabal to the Englsh child sa-
ut s the delights at a sudden and un-
D W" b ntSh.
An mgli sbmsb Ipqulred of a Dutch.
llOU WS L wet s. Dk ps a Dutch chilt d er by
&W 4e & AN fll into a 3bal e
6bu Ws"o at d o, ow n.t kd |W k J" W "ib r b"
me a. AtuA a .1 s lU.- "p t y mou 8. anything for Itr. mon
m-l msJ t li.mnka It alile ti md the aiumtlomr.

SwCo.m.adertlo PROMPT PAY1 ENT or LOSSES.
We eyoer the. importanSt otnts and relpectfuly
doliolt a share of your btriumw..

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S-Agents for the--

Victor Safe and Lock Company
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The 'Victor" Is the best safe made, and parties contemplat-
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I from a box to a bank vault, will save money
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'~.a ----.--- vL- r -.. t-;I -

FMll, lEM AIn
Lac=m. HI


MAN, Proprietor




_ _L_~

---- __ .. ...- ...;I




,7 .T




-, "Tnj'.1


a.:ga muiafhW ^

5Swur saJ PubaNlaer.
A. CA.UIULE Awcocls. editor

W.L Dt.M SAM. SoUitor
*s= n ae semor.ata
H m Ofssasu BLOCK.

I r i mnu. for uweekrm-o

b ieee: esam in eonts as
i Vml1 ous tin So trn Iumw s

pMn pubflhb every Mooa
SI8a s4ALIAb oERRO an she
?ip sa.n. ossO~sO. re. so sar
i4te se *segr cesOn ror &

||vo niaon. oterwk
of Sunrmbsus..,se oterwves
Fs seS. Ptetle soft%w k to
Sto *p for S'Wersftr D l ad-
I sC. .L. ,ll.-

,. Now York.
ff Ie*e.Prnlt.ent, r
Lf0 0 West lgVbilal.
A lted PStates aFentor.

uddttal Electors,

Isotery of State,
i ComrJttruller.,
S A. a COOM.
State 'Ieaurn *
*t of Pubtle Instractiob,
lssionir of griculture,
g 3 B. McLIN.
r ailroad Com.iui, i loner,
Supretne Court. Stx Years,
Sulien juprmine Court,

SCnty Judgs,
If. 0. Mann.


Clerk C'trrtt (nmgrt,
S 'Tax .tA ieor,
Tax Collw'tor.
ltotedent of lI'ilhli' Instruction.
Co(unr y 'rneai"rr.
County urv'yvor,
County Commissiloiers.
' 'J. Q. DAMPIER.l
Mmbwprs i Re'hoor iar dn,
T. A. mOKNK.
I . EEKrK mi

i. ~lt Dorchester. England.
COhleeh married a Charles
,he beeomilgg Rose Rtoe, anil
rt. C&rleo' o@e. intead of be-
aj we ^ kf am ..

I I ~
*$ I -


Into a slytematlo persetion otf the th* U7
gentleman that did up Sheeat aand
that Mr. Shil.t is foremost In thev Modest
attsaks upon Holloway. i i-
*~"r. 1Jolloway bha notified the colo -I *HIM _..-.r- "-_.- .m
mintee, and the people of Florida, that
he proposes to stay on the sleket s she Thb roebt spla tr 1s New Yaok
candidate of the Demoorstle party of 0City l Mp 0o. Pha w. Sm he iMI
Florld, and as long a he is in h theo h6b e*em M IsIShSB M* *Gmi
field, The Record shall support him. aWd MtOaly mow thas RsBta b .,.
and shall refuse to add the name of Mr. The MrGe be Mam1 hNas e- beml
Wolfe to the list of Demoeratle eandi. oaNoed with aiurlmoslal lp Is
dates for lnite appearing tin the ad- that he a 8t f7yeas old.
joining column. I
"Watch fur a seenuion over this at. Ina ermany a1 per Ot of $ hl m .w
fair to spring up soon. It will come if plowed populauloa ase wopeM. IN
the majority ommlttee prslt in Enlaisd the pemeesag Is WI7; l Italy
standing by what It has done." It Is 40; In Austria 47, wh1le lp ab
Uni!d Staste he perOnUage is oaly
As a boy's thought. must be his lIf*- 14 8-10.
long companions, he should try to kep
them pure, true and happy. "Do you A beauty doctor has published en
know how far the jaw of a girl who article on "How to Rdtuee she Vie, of
chews gam travels in a year?" a young the .ose." The bet treatment for 51e
man of this eity asked the other day. note is to ketp it out of other people's
"This is the way It figure. Ulve it the' 0ffai. Thblsapplie to both oeA*.
play ot'half an Ineh per Ohmw, thirty O : -
hoews a minute, sixty mlnutee to the
bher, ten hours to the day, M65 dayCio
the yeir. Figure it out and you im ll r r S
find her jaw travel 6.750,000 iabhes or I m v m mI
a fraction more than 103 mlln. This w 4'ii.-
Is based on a small month. Now we f4ji
have some gum chewers that need their J s. .". -ti
jaw travel IS,75.I),(". inches to a chehw, me .a"Ial aMs e
and that. figured am above, would be a I .ms. m .sft. x ..JeoayC. .IL
little more that 515I miles."

For a woman to admit, even to her.
self, tha sthe is not only plain bus
downright ugly, is most extraordinary.
Hut when it comes to several homely aWa
ones ackuowledgivg their extreme
plalintess and forming an "'Ugly Wo-
man's Club." their actions become he-
role. It is rumored that such a club w".r 4 '
is to be started in New York this fall. 1 ewMS u mmrt.nL
How many women will be the charter S"a'" S -W-R-C-.,C isew'M..S Pg
members or what the standard forI N
ugliness will be has not yet been de ..
cided. | _

1h) your ktj d~ttedl for the sake
1 gneKluce ntot for the sake of gather-
ing thanks and gratitude. Then you
will never be disaipointerd. The brav.
est of tsi hate to acknowledge that we
have failed ur that we miut have the
h'ilp of other*.
The young ladies of Menominhee,
Mich., are advertising the town in a
unique way. They all wear black
silk stockings with the words "Menom.
inee is a goal town" worked in white
milk. 9
S ,, On01(t,.,Cti v ,-v r T

L. ,%. C:,r v rv. ) "
Frank J.'Cheney makes oath that he
is senior !partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney A Co.. doing business in the-
City uf Tuledo. county ad State afore-
asid. and that said firm will pay the
gurn of one Hundred Dollars for each
atid every cae of Catarrh that cannot
b.e cured by the U4e of Hall's Catarrh
,,r.'. FANKA J. C'aKsrV.
NSworrn to beforetmi and lub)oribed
in myr premeepie, this Oth day uf Decem.
her. A. P. j1%W.
AI W wtatv

- E L
I *... 1 I tp e. flrl
*' *-.," .. '.', ',' 1fn l;0 N
I'M iliS r. I t LLr t
t.a ,i'f ,,' r t' .
. c a. oIr r.t WtA i tl wrXm.
i.*i nr"-.I .rI p t .
t. -C o"I ***

IjrV~nU I X lj

IN KiPOLLOWAY ..AN | i mI. m .-1
Refeorrlrg to ihe al4osn of the State
committee in naming Mr. Wolfe s an V
opponent of Mr. Holloway, The .U
laud Reort as: i I
"$"ueh pro" dingss. took plaM at( sII ItIHU
the m tia of che State mAmste VI
t Jacksonvillle lit 1turday| keough a d-ltff Ob i 1y13 .
to brv.k up an party, The gloea <, ,MI k "M. I a"Vol,"t, d
the majority on the sominltu In tfy. i bwmT A- heUiatta I whJtl
Ing to compel Mr. Holloway to Os me sm a asl.eIds
down, de4meading that he should doa 1enyweeka :l h"
n, is an aSoImptilun of apbhority mui *Wibed aMward to Ihelp raww,40
rvsted in thlt body; tke naming ofl aso*n. t weamMf .All. My.bM kn dat W
other party to be votadfor Inseaod ,fY2' win les ,er:am a .
for Mr. Holloway, is rtv 6utionay. ( th41 t 1WI d sc t Oose thm t whm
without the shadow of party law -p- Sd. I wed so hid that I eM Iot
"The. imomratle party of the Sate mow kbn or not. I was W" ttUwlm
orrated Mr. Holloway me a na ndiste, yew wny lsw, whenl bea S. .
o a a awIast Was lpsng 4 Torti-
Jue s.o hg party ereast4 thfis 4ommit. ielit, a adtodmy I aa soaus wmA
tee, and it IW none of the ommlltte' sad4h mS*wrMiWitMRtSiuBtlt0 dit4lds.
business whether Holloiway om & 8. a hisb ed my vbo~ sa4a t. a
dotin ser net rs ase t ofb atter
dn or not. ,e .wrything else bed failed. I tv iO.
"If Mr. WoIfe, teIenlleman le:-. ommeunided It to omtbrsn witl good
ed by themasjority couanlttee;, a le Ian lta 3 CIL M. *M.
oarat he will not permit hle name to go e3sMt VerogmAv.
uapon the tike asf onasthe partsVJ' i r Thepol Ibe1o e"-tb-oathItlrhIl
1nomInee is ms adi ate. lonation and pain m la-:lat lhe
"It Is said that Iththe majority om. u4ad it ssa wrmWDT
miine sueod lis elecitng Mr. Wolfel. tc "outlofthebloo 4 SS 4 8 i a.
thst he will resign In January, and thisR odlmtly lato UNt w b.i$ nd'
majority oomnittee wi ll romsond d* itelf* I.t iAe Ismd t.
Bhoasl t,) the governor for appelant, M Iton -t ,.
meat tbo .bte mle. This l the Ulk wabl a arvq u

lon of Mr. Holloway. In ts, the
matter has long since solved Itsellf Wl

,.. Title ordlnlrl INVibi I

The AlckaU. C0o*C


Y, ..I .'

Aboml&wofETh1es a"

1 us11C

1 .Jm:

mIvin a

' rt

w r~'
I' *
II 37% r

S-mw ., .,
' " "' H~n^^^'"i

UB ,-,r


s. o ^Tem.evsltf* M wna a
.I. .s __.t.. a ..
=W O-N w1 WMI.,
Address Jf.n
-^ g ^Lhg ^^.^^

15 e

i. '. .'I'

The Bigf

Coneolidatea ol&X1

capital 5625,000f. f wh M
Treasury. Shams fuill MW .4

Mines Riroatly we t ofi te LCei
add L*OW No. 2, War Eagle and 0.M
Ire Star, four of the largest gold-sep.
per mnoes in she world, all of whteh
hav paid large dividend.
W'adsme Identical ore and viem
now In light on ihe BIG FOUR. Large
ore bodied.
Assays frov 06 to Mi00 In gold, eop*
per, sliver, et. Very rich diplaq *e
now on exhibition In the oity eor ex-
hibit, causing wide comment.
We hare nearly two miles of rall-
way on Big Four property with water
and timber In abundance.
Rowland ore shipments for 1i ,
1SO6%) to0s. Shipped for Is. about
410,000 tons. Total vloe of
ore@ mined, $f7,),OWM.

ews Note Prri at

15 Cents P"SHARE
For Ow Meath.

Y0M 1 for wbeA 01
know a.t;M.tor,
1. -" rwr7n yiii'n ''i*

sub, rilhag *
iMiH' :riS

4 ll l .
+oiiiriMkf rt "

skerhuslas U
Tlhel IlbaSM '

__an' .:


..em ..
be fttMto Smw N&
tk ^*^rtiM,-Wt^

*>~ ~

TAtle 1 what

x ,j, ? "'" l

. ",
' , .

`- -f Am

I. ,. *., '.,.


_k.h kJ.

,J N~ '
II' .9
- ......L

T'~r-- --r---~

64 I... D Piito

1,111W ovper arqlOauit Al wh aI w| VINCIaANDsVOW

A. UE oQSLK., JcMonville, Florida.

AR 41 uom s eet ully testsd wKbaous -
ogI 0O Pt A '' VA I! iree

yianinxn ,, w RED STAR.
SY Aw A ATIORNEY aAT LAW. As g s wand ttterthe
SQssViJL *..L, a TF"aisoN. ew, Mad. of Hope and Mlis
l wni aur y ptopefly, (Ins. and NOT RICE.
..T L prov, ad nimm pruvd) pbosphat, *
ved n a oo. 'd2imr r Br I' $..
3lllilsto~a qil, what you oaer fr sale. 1 i, oi. Gun
H .E FLORIDA. - P.r Dozen......... 1i

S' Ode in Eud*l ulaek. DIBKlT ROUTE ti TiHll

St, Louis ixposili
N-: CO. DETI. t
Iefn"o "e'to"lerA A4*rmalj TWO TRAINS DAILY,
ovmte. aC cst a:N1 ea ssvf Is emINeftdem with W.A A i. NaL
LWa, m. n wss. a. AU, r. SLlOa t.*i
1h Steleaio to Crown mr.4 BrAdge work .
|Mhose .. i as .U. Atr. Ar.B Louiis r7:08 "
Tw ne. mWaLu t S*Ap.m.. Ar.S t.L ,,sit
P T.a DIT" --FROM-. '
English Ois.fBtn. auifi..n. leer.1. Florida au-i
a sIoe S e' a werleoae It N eYorak City .
CroRn,.tridre 'work tea ra"l BpeelaJWfes
WIDA; U B A: 4.o,.M:La.. Temsee.

S'JO MxNXvXS. Propretr. A9tant to IS Laeu. This car leaves Jefl
A814-W W. fty at.. Jkoakonvle,. 7iL. vtMdle al MS p. 1.. AtlanUias a.. utM
on the eat "r ilr in Mt. Lois to is et a
Fawut ber, bottle andd4aught. Do*%t For ism frof ouwr ol. WorMs's anr oFl*
..fal l to nl on mw when in JaMksomville Snetk ad mseSdulea. eegin er roseat fst
ii 1 1. aia for book bwitg hbptela an4 bonAfl
HARR LEE JAIVI house. quoting tr rates. write to
te''l'l ""' i^ E^Dt R. HARRY LEE JARVIS,
,lo" OM&br.. Ia FRED D. MILLER,
DENTAL BUR(EON. Travellg Pasepr Agmt,
SI ..- me 1 Brews BDlmdim, ATLAXTA, GA.
SOlte la Mi i ler ELxaaw e e, xchan'

-a Rtlaj Company
PMt ahws.L R U.

**Ay~#> W*'*ewI**O*O*2W
lipm #qU10 t nO 00110CaCa a 0 00
,,0... e..... --, V
,,..,....... .......
**f~99^ *****93 ****g ****
?* ,T' us se* .......WepM

s a-"..,.,

ertaml Hurt By -aplemlen.
y~llt Vl> e.. Oct. t-By tb ex
St r a boller at the tratton lee
Wte Ive persons were riouisly
blast at It Is believed that *O.
a0 toyes- a dn dea ant bured be-
ba t tip fdir Ose of t.e large
rbales aplno at 9 o'clock, wnrck.
Upti tbe enUMr east ead of the build-
IB. Tbe debris was hurled more
bsI three blocks, allghtly Injuring
a s t ber of permse. The buildlang
g lased bet the blae was extli atshed.
- b

*e. 1, No. Noly
Dali. sun

FraLk JOardner. Pr 'r



Belt Importe d and omesti Liquoe
and Wines in the alcty.


Sr.P M i 'Ai N

Sli ..S* ..e *54*e40.e. see... 00 M 1 .9 ILI 111 11 *
......... .............. VU 11 111
1,1*. 18 ei. *. ... .. ... . 660&1I

'c::' :u""::z : ;S WORLD'S FAIR ROUTE
j- ........g ****.... ........ ,
5.P ....... .. . ..... 11 ee .
. i '' Best Lie" ti St. Loui

Sf 10..:: pg: 13 ....* .4 Superb Dining Car Service
S.s....t....... 1 -- *. d ..
|ill !0 A. 041 800
30tT I* A 84' sp e goin and rettmir g, as
m .... ..... 8 4 W l S 0 e Atlanta. Knoxville. LoNiiville. Ashe.
r ........ 8 villa e ad prlniei l North Carolina
aj..... ... 8 rl 8 S I i P mountain report .
S1 ., .. 40 1 Bee High BridRe (hiRhest railroad
T Ja W "P".. bridge in the world), Famous H lue
. Lp. Pl ISn' R'" Grae Keglon, LexinRton and Louis-
pit,8.& 72... 7 26 ..."....""1W.
Moeg.A.L.. la p Ot ,..,.-g,.
. 4 45 p reeling hair er and hiRh
l B.a C..... Itl 1 48 a,...... ca day eoaehes. Through Pullman
i 0,t a....... 80 9 00 ..... sleepinears JeksonIle -to t. louis.
atA M Lv P M...... Foldert, ra tes ee., cheerfully fur-
go-" v, ,nished upon application to J. O.,
eral lperlatlender Distrlt Iaa1aner Awent, la West
A, X GR1ArAM. Preident. BaYr St. Jaeksonvilla. Ela.

Reomtd Lap t al Ine tReceivnhp. cil
loattsomery. Ala., Oct- .-Judg
ere ban appois lted W. C. wh Bouht aroertl. Sold in any
a"d L 1I Hackor receivers of the
oAlbe Cotton Products compa. a t.
d lap bale concern, operattty.
throeboutl the s anst. The capital r Plo it
tack Is $230.000 and the liabl)iti es
aft played at 25.756. The receive"
IVp is attributed to fallire of the men's
Amerlea cottoa econmar with which Bought In Car Lot. Sold ain any
Me other company was co0eeted. f
----C s C quantity. I
lu-es Ohlts and Fever. 7



Of All Dnr rlptions.

Sole Agents f or)ONA CHI and nSOvM.
ESIN qALI TT Shoe. Every
pair warranted.
3. MUnam A-ent


Vi a L. N. R. B.

Exersion t lcketef nw on 1ale daily
from Jacksonville to St. Louil aud re*
40t.--Tiekets limited Iiceember 15.
S.390-Tiekets limited sixty days.
$27.80-Tiekets limited fifteen days.
Correaponding low ratel from other
iotin. The L. & N. is THIlE IST
LINE to St. Louis.
Htop-over privilege allowed at the
world's famous Mammoth ('ave In
either dirretion without ExtrtcharVP
For rates, seedulv and leerpinlleC
reservation apply to
GKO, E. iHERRINO, Fla. P'as. AKt.,
MX0 W. Bay St.. Jaeksonville. FlaI
0. L. STONE,. a P, A.. Louliville, K.

l AnnLd's Saloon and Cd
Jaekesoville. Florida

Meehante Luneh ftow 12 to 2 p. .

~t, A,"

* .l
r>.; r*:r

* rT


4r., ..


. .0,0~t




Firm Will
dbsTtpwf PatentL

1.i 1 oo0,oo
1Yuis' Slucesaful Snis-
S pianu saure of lft, In
the Deomand It Will
SI InerWa Paclllies.
toa Ompany, whieh
1al business in this
eltvn yearn, and u blob
ld to enlareo Its plant
ito tmAt thd demands of
jdllded to inoorporale
k spitalp may be larger
lly of it, plant en-
the increasing de.

INl, when the Diamond
[l l business they in.
WPo maehteo, but the firs
ti busuine increased to
that 1tt wa found en.
the plant. Thise
osuured until at the
she company has a
,inmtly tome per day,
s fMid to be oanof the
the Diamond leo Oom-
fl pure oryastl eIO
"npottlos wherever It
but about a yar aCo,
nsesety of a cold sto-
the (armern who
d'others might store
d, stb company de-
I tom pareeptmrant
sa*d mmedlately pro-
le meb. This de-
-imaSd last year
m and other, sev
piled of meat having
d aft rwards taken
country homes and
lN ]- o Mlpany is osom.

*Vf Lnckt,T. o Strin
L strlimatellow, and theb

r which exists Went
rt. Ik ew soneern will

.. Lth air, go t wheo h
S he busiie s sin u itsu
S1ill eoutlinue In that

whleh exist. pientl.
dirt. It is lnaetive so
to lhe air, bos when
'.the shlasn in wounds
on eape or by rusty
tbe air Il excluded the
'to autvity and pro-
virulent poisto known.
ai be destroyed and all
liw avoided by apply-
a's Pain Balm freely aq
E ry ls received. Pain
ptto aod causes eaos,
Injuries to heal with.
and I I one-third .the
bi the uoal rreatment.
Sall draggiste.
Threy Were Stolen, and
lems of Good Luck.
SiMlversal adage that old
SbIeinni or good luck-it
tlinee what kind of tld
number, teiy might be.
*ie the discalarr!d shhoss nfa

1e, but they would have
*, as fdr as the adagse is
|ih the east-asipe No. 11
'lst old bloke who ever
Is l at least nite iti4stnct
.aage didn't corni tru. .
wbmoae name con hl not he
saiud Sswipel, a pairof
lI' ealshO. shop ill \Vialdn.
em taken thvre rir reair .
Were in a (lilapidartd con-
b td ~o et had the attn -
lbbler when th s ,nrty r -
rlthe good. .1 e',i- wi-
l.d the thief arrested. anm
ift developed that 1.4 wa'
|he had attempted; ti p1.ut
in article., andt tI.t it:, y
liSQmbers too mnall! fr h~
Ildant, v'.o wa -i wlite
Wltenced ly 1tiee Titlls ti
S $25 and e _)ti or op'-nsd
'Jl the "gang lnIt tctr a
I of Iank to emnatianBe frr:n
IDO of Ba ,air of worn-,'uit


Why Wizard Oil stands
alone as the best pain
remedy known.
I I mnrsgIe pores O
It e~chn 4a* ser e ** th
Is deIreea out the pal.
It cuae. the disease,

The many testimnnia
received from all pat s
of the country sent by
thousands ofgrateful
people who have been
relieved from suffering
and cured- of painful
ailments by the use of
Hamlins Wizard Oil.
The miaed lIie whose stasd*
d is upheld.
Popullir because o4f its. Mrit
Time trIed u4 true.
S60Osly 0 6ev"e,
Ilin "Hamlm si SreS." o Wrapewr
'S N lowa i ItM PrIce 503.
TIamlius Cough Blm curse
a cold promptly ad prevent
pneumonia. r M
Ifamluns Blood and Liver Pills
cure comtipaton, heIdlahr,
biliusonm, lheartbur, lor 14
lir et. tcit .

Attended by Hundreds of Mourners.
Imposing Ceremony.
Paris. Oct. 8.-The funeral of Bar.
tholdl tuok pluce today and was a
mui.- iApoiSing ceremony.
It was a ttende1 by hundreds of
mourners. Inchl ding public offielal,
ittudt'nt and mnim!ls. The Amerlcan
em*n.,-s1y %%as rp.r.istentetd. The hearse
wash v COv:t; with wreaths and flow.
era. &dInta.41udotr 'orit i' offering was
a iar;e wrt'ui.
Cuua)iii)Linuti in the thrtngs were ou-
sueroa.I mod peopl., A coUipany ofl olellerS was4
drawn up at thc iUartholdl reitldence
and it he (u0iy was recehlvtd with mili.
tary iat Mnat Parnabmtc ar

BSalter Than Pills.
The question has beern maked-ln
what way are Chamberlain's Stomach
and ,i er Tablets superior to the ordi-
nary cathartic and liver pill?" Our
answer is, they are easier and more
pleasant to take and their effect is
so gn--tle amd so agreeable that
one hardly realizes that it i. pr1n-
duerd by a medieain. Then they u1mt
only mnove the botwels but improve tit
appetite and aid the dlgetion. Fur
sale at 2. cents per bottle by all drug-
Parker and Herrick Confer.
Now ,, rK ()lae N. i', e*:.I conf er.
OaC i 'i ,t',- : .T r.LeII' I i: J;' l. I po-
Crat -4 t';tlrA. Y''tr I *ia 'i .I a I' It;11'i.*': I t nI';K J -
at t!,, S. %t:;; I. l ll i[*u 1 l.4 -
mOnt. 1.; N : at :', !;ali T:; Ui L

prIur n i -I4'+' I* I' n NeW

V,,r.- r 1 ,.'\ ar t^
the n ", ";' 1'i l'n %t i ,- 'crn '. '.:
(.+'o nt >; I p,1 dit 'v l.+i .r l i,' ikir .r '.-
r rt I 4t
cPnl,:- ,. +, dtet"i. .:. to ta., o,
the' ,."'r

Tthu Best Doctor.
l'. e i t Ilortu:. si, lillur p rntn ',
T -x:-. Ne iJu:y 1. 6 I 0; "v-
t-I, :. : y family yt. i larIld .Sn a, I.ii -
imti,t ':: tL r to n t d yrnip, aild lthey
:La' V r.iv'rI cVrtUi htily sat i-f:Ltory.
H1 ; : i' : i ; iLt 1 'e. ib L w lihavv- ver
1i.t LI ir a.LAdtlit!,'- a'1l i.' nu '1 'iT '
" e) :,'p' has t .i ' i i r l' t4 ..:t(r fo'r
. 'U y -'* -' 1 ',. $ .A .
. 1 -1 i nI ;

t~~VJ* its

MatasIEk Phin,
maMIrD soWt aITsMs AIR tolO .
TI or aF1OM, Irow ASI

oees v ia" o fe ta ruI e*Uas. Satnaw lI
mmae Weoer tan other, eoaisrw4
aMt $maWe t. ad Msee arntlUe
workmssMp obtaaable.
Up ito date uaver
4tdeUsa 4Uas

Sold by ae soatlnoouly oar

wiSthot sa ulse fahllro. It von
Wet a pla o for a lltealme*
nrrle by theu

Ludden & Bates

Suthe r e Ems
SAITNEDI 1||YAN, Stab 4Agb

TARPA. ons3MA,

& T. sC3amn, Prep.
orrOmwe Smdc pmves twle

Ptheeo 1

P.o, a

Tak* The


Rapid Trauit and Uawpsi
TWTameTblas!3w. Lt
Depa tFor

Dafly s.3s

llr0 pm





12siam RiA was*
DltAlby. A as t
-lUD M.
-us r oaeO

1 A-d

V r


S *I


P. R .

, r ., ,


lab tleray Dayr.
Dhvoed to lParU et r Ow.
i*lJmloll JA.


..or nfM

First Class Provsion


BODY: A n o.w
Dsplendidly equipped.
MIND A large Fsulty of
MI D: s, "holarly spee.
MORALS: a ur Motto
M R LSS Bound morial
the basis of good eltlzenship.
('li4, FlorMa.


II. a *1i



sltIk of The
Thomas Hard-
ware and Seed

will 4,l4


ti-xt. Thirty



Any Goods in the Store

u -W1r/- 1 L us mn- s II

Thie mtiok mud Iw reduced.
lime I. bIn uyritullre.

at Cost.

ioe In the
?io es

ottar tsMel AMif .

a a
m aeeAeS. tJaJ



p*. q f
* .' 4.i 1
,l. "..' ),,

JIacleonvIll and
CaRIg a t OwABL ng. JBe

0.lIDn as Chartulen boh yinw
SEMI-wrwr-Vr SAZL, Wa.TF
Southbound .............. .. ......r..oir i Llewil W ht
Northwbound.... ........... From Foot of Olsthernest ..J

Clvie St. Johns bver Lia a
t-tweun jAcKt ooNVELLi nd SANroap I I
Stopping at Palatka, Astor. Bk Fmraei. i, enford (DeluNl).uat
Landdlnl on Bt. Joha River -,
I^eves Jacksonville :30o p. m. dsy, n Tuedys Ioed a ki nda.
Leares San ford 9:80Sa, m. Mondays, Wednndaye lad i1r is. ,,
to appointed to sall as folhmwi:
Southbound S U'ULi
Read do*n.
Leave 3 : t0 pm....................J4 hoavlle... ........ ...
8:41A pm .....................PaiatkS................
a8 tami................ .......Astor ........... .
4.80 m................... ..St. Fraun ls....... ...........
.. e)............ / 41
A rrive :u am .......... .......... Sanford ................ .. ..g
1 :00 am ....... ... ..... .... EnterprIe............. .. *... I
P M I IiNMONUrt. JR.. ANt. o. Pa0 L AP.. A M. Wet a JaiaMlaai.

U 9'!

, I

Mathushe i K. T L.
" -tlow s Ias o wsastIe "ssav aw 4 m.
Oa b or- oers iset *ai sdarsM' ,JD I
WiaL W, w np tflmI Wur o.
for PeOe TOAY.

. . .. .

lprflpprqw 0 RIP

i-\. I'

1 ;. ,

': :::: :~I:L:~ IjIIJ:j~]

i. ,' .' : .n;' J 'n, ,




* A


erritt Corthell
Ahe, Fle dak
i W. aith N.. New ,oirk i
ib Od. Il3t and Ilud-
frl[a m I1 d 'rlrk a-* m
'X Yt a,, p. a.,
ely Two lays Only.
iN SE Parlors
mination Free.
will Wiu(lsnefitlle rre-
F bhOUIbouBt the VerA
M iHonewa surteedl. I
F--- - -i



dfbnr Interet ath-
i1 by Our Reportrn.



Hpppenedand What is Going
p Told In Short Paragraphs
k 0He Who Runs May Read"
0 *A.

Coshmar IMill.
pero for sale at The


ve for Seminary salts at
y of High Springs was in
Rawls of Atachua was I rad-
eity yesterday.
f 10and 4.2 cent candies
York Racket.
's Wonderful Salve for sale
Ilum & Co.
fey of H11gh Springs was a
this eity yesterday.
abhns inI oLr shoe de.
Sew York Racket.
Sravanets, rain proof. the
bhd, at Joe Manasse's.
ew Silver shirts. The latest
Only $1. Marcua Endel.
SJaksonville stop at the
location, beat meals. tf
II,Jr.. of Hague was trans-
e in this ity yesterday.
K.Colson ham returned from
* trip to points in West Flor.

st good gents' furnishing;
it and go to 1.. J. Burk-

L Sowden of Hatchets Creek
Mas visitor to this city yes-

Word of Evinsionr was among
Satvisitors to this city yes*-

I Ph'lfe. has returnedP to'

Inre with Cswmma Mill. -.... .

Bu your oo4 at e rk iket
*)4 4 av m o yC Illilliky.

r spending sjx weeks with Aftl-r a visit of two or three days. to
SOleorgia. thiscity.1i dring which tioe, he was at-
-econd-hand l ennlmore t,'ndlin: t, l,,ies, c u,.,. wd with the
SWillbe sold cheap. .p- court 1. '. illannnm returned Fesi-
elee. tf terday to I;l ine att rnond. Mr. Wil-
leton of Spring Park Farm, liamn- : re.,ide'd ieear 31Mi0..lopy. in this6
9 Was attracted to this city eDsaty. fr mlanlly year. and hi'4
yesterday. old fr ,, : L erv t- i e rr r ga liser Wilci ,w ir a. lortui : t RI gre et him nt ai,.
lor & Vils(n sowint: tu -
for eash. 'all on or ad-
Be. dawt THIS
le and C K I .te-nI of REA ) TH
IM were rf-egiter'ed at the Li :. .;. ,. 1 I i ,: -'it i.
e yesterday. t .0, r ) tih P I n I tt;,, ol .th
ey, the iunty utn l 1'i I- .', ,:'a,'1, i la 4 .4,r 'att I '-r oi'ry,
W al alimnotH. wa Itrauinsat'l- |.,t ,' .r I. n r ir:f, al m -ti r ,I f iki-
in t'his eity y e tevrday 11 "y ,I r 1il1 ri' ot i -t ltrou w is.
Venable, the lum lber and at. i :.o-t -' rf.' : 3 rIc,:nih, I it
re maflantafacturer pif Kauap- tl t1i i : .
i* ranl actiyz l usine I te I

M-1tWo tiicely If urnlt-.'Le
Iot .ronvenit'nt it'leation iin
pply3 I E'nst I.: rty sireetl.
I Sun osis, t
dley of VWaca.itas. a l' rt,-
lmnner of that rctionj wat
We who favored the cuiti tiy
Ita visit yJestfrda)
tlfellow, a uue*ee's9f iavery-
"l| . .

N. e.ilig fit v t la:!c .t riees
New York Itaket.
Ir .I. 1. l;,$ 'y lta, r,.tuin d firum a
brief buI ain u,- ii, t- ')P latka.
-I V M. ,f I, i.gtK u 1 Was a
b hu ll,,i v:.P, r eI t ,V ty 'trt rd .y,
.1 I, 1']t ? i;'.t. rt oirt..,l from a
btui+i,4 htrI, l'u1it, in, ,, u'h (Carn .

1 I 1'.rol i,[ n ,. L te't ,li '
fu ,rik luiu ie ti. th. tL, it anltd to

Fo"r lkent-Store oyal 'C(oL former.-
ly ,,upi,.'d. A rddr,, riTomia. V. P.or.
ter, Jal.1ilonv iI e,
Mrf W.C Allen, tn estjmaile lady
of Slehi.t,-,1 lavore-d (atiah. tilIh witli
a brie vi iti yrsaterday.d
W. V. t:oulware of )srahge Ifights
was among prominent East End folks
who i ri:eil this city yesterday.
For sale-N in-room residence and
lot. ltWr >)l|ike from square. Terinu
easy. Sol Warrier, a(iintrvilie. laFi. If
R. Wlits of live iaLk, onti of tlhe
bett known travelinii itmen in this see-
itioi, was at thi .trowt liouse yester-
If trouubled with a weak digestion try
Chanihrlmain's iltrjum h and Liver Tah-
etls. '1 hey will do you good. I-or sale
by all druggists.
SThe new Florsheinm shoe In liaittui
and blhqeher patent lallshr and vtie
arm the perfection of shoe making.
$ andtl Mlareus Endil.
Fancy candy, new line just received.
Choice choaolate chips, almonds and
earormelm-in lfat, the kind you like.
GOt your candy of Sanimiders. Earle,
Mrs. Jcseph Manasse has returned
from a delightful trip to Memphis,.
Tent and the World's Fair at St.
Louis She was thil guest of relatives
at MeiLphie.
J. t Lege, a eummisslon man who
formerly iyade his headquartersin this
city butt who is now residing in heals,
has bren at the Brown Houlise f.r the
past tw4in r three days.
Postmaster II. C. Atwater of Waldo
was int the city yesterday, having been
attracted here by the Republiean
speaking. He is onte of the most
widely known Itepsblicaus in thil lsee-
lMiis Jessie Bodiford has returned
to her home in his city. alter a de
Iiglhtftl visit to Saratoga, New York
City and other points. The friends of
this youni lady are delighted to wel-
comine her home again.
Fine lot of fruits. Including pineap-
ples. bananas, orange's, npples. grapes,
a spl ial lot of fine California Malagas,
etc.. wilt hbe receired tomorrow, and It
will le our pleasure to fill ycur order.
D)zialyn-ki Produce Comnpany, 'phone
Aftr a I'leaant vi'it ti r latives Ins
this city, Mr.. El Slaughtcr anId child
departed yesterday fr their hornet at
Miami. Friends of Mr. Slaught'r1
will t. peihased at the information
that ],, is. holding a lucrative posilin
in t|he Magie City, and is delighted
with thcIt ectin. I
"l:ig wns" of lernaudina has ar-
rived in thI city. andm will p!ay foot-
ball wilth the EaWt. flurida Sueminary
t.'aln lh, loninn g saUout. Ii1 was he ri-
lait year, aniul inadh a liine record on
the l'ast "h.orida sen' inary
eXperl, i1 have a fit tlearn) this season.
and is ntow gradualtv organiting.



w *- .. -

Candy Candy


Gone into the Candy
busilless oil a big

c Ile

ti .l-t receicd o
Illent of....




(). -;mia, t,,ttl, ,f a 'I lxa- \W'on-
tier, -tt i I' v ry ciri all
k1idi') a: d I- a .-rt ir' 11h1i., remove' s
gritv I, n l tti t i u l omil-
iion14 ?. ; i:..l Ii: 'Ila ,?a .t1 rlhi-uma-
tuall Rild rt ,r er c art', ,f C t .t kid ; '|
It ys : i'i t| ir'' it% bot h uk M u ant,
w ini ';,i r,. 'ait.-'4 t':tidcr truth lt in C
1thilJre ,' ut t --di tIy y .r dr fggi t.,


t big .shipi-

lljtav, :' iflrt.'ui kinds-
c: will only have two

(i)vu kii mtwill 1be I4 cnts
uit candies.
The' other kind will beI
4i at 2t tuents a pound--
It &J hi irl h fi nlli l i; .bl it* *i I

1q!ul tI : ;5

Coimnv arour

at II J
)111' (':l ( :" ;

581i' 1

Ir' ent!

-wre wit Vmiamaa HillM
New. gods eumling in every day.
4 w Y4lk Rakct.
Liet ti Ie it, go t1)L L, J Itharkhim's
1111I gt your hat and gentS* farn1ill.

Deputy Shtriff J., Mtokes of
Micanopy wa a n official visitor to
this city yesterday,.
The Schlost Hrol*'. clothing satisfies

priests inoderste, Mnarei kdel.
'For lent-Nicely furnished front
I ro0n, with bourd. to gentleman andi
wife tir Iwu 1UUitl&men, Appv ly 7
AlIehus Ave MHrs. S. Y. MeFarland., if
Hfave you trieil that line Tennessee
counttry buait.r which we are receiving
regularly? ly 1p t* cents a pound, and
stp'rzor to amy butter on the market.
l) l'rodlow Company.
The United Brotherhood of Carpen.
te*rs, whoi ave tewun holding their
meetings in the room over Broome's
tore, Ihave secured quarters In the
Porter bluck, over Chitty & Co., and
will hereafter make their headquar.
tuns there.
, His Honor Judge J. T. Wills de-
parted yesterday for hie hohe as
Sharke to spend Sunday, the sulson of
the court having adjourned until Mon.
day. State's Attorney Calhoun of Pa-
latke also went home for Sunday, the
grand jury having adjourned.
P'hlfer Brus., New York Racket. an-
nounce In this issue of The Sun stat
they have gone Into the candy buEl*
ness. They have just reeelved a lar
lot of fine candier, which they are sell.
lag at ten and twenty eaten a pound.
A glimpse at their show window will
give yuu an Idea of what s carried aI
that line.
lion. (0. M. Saundern of Bionson, for
many yean treasurer of Levy county,
was iu the eity for a few hours yester-
day. lie was joined here by James
Prevalt of Levyville. father of Mrs. W.
W. Colhon, and the two departed yes-
terday for pointed n South Vilorkia on a
prospecting tour. They expect to be
absent several days.

ealty for yoong ladies' East Florida
Seminary uniforms.
The Matrimonial Market.
flies Honor Judge Mason wae happy ar... i

Saturday. ainee the mtatrimonial mar-
ket was lively, and he was kept beWy
during a part of the day at least.
"This lcrcult court just 'knooek the
stuming' out of business in a way in
my office," hlie ood-maturedly re-
marked. "but if I can manage to get
in a few licenses a day the circuit court
can have ite halanne of thle business."
Licen..- i u.ed Sat urday to W.
A. Parr and lnUth A. Coldham, white;
Lee 1u'sr1g and Ils.*i. ,unipson, Wal-
tr I 0tily aInl Lilly l'uVid an Thuom-
as llicks and Ella Fl .rgumon, colored.
The' Juilgu' was also lbusy during the
day iNeoing warrants, and it is expect-
ed that there will be a great deal do-
ing ii tihe matter of nioaking arrests
during the coining week.
Board of Trade Meeting.
Th'l-re willit h ; regular meeting of
the itiard of Trade at the Council
Chamber.r Monday at i p. in.
HI. F. (Il I ri r ,. % See.

Water Notice.
It and buyy '1o city watA consumers:
i t c k t et water rent for quarter ending ie
bI er BlIt, liAm is now due and pa



Alachua Pool Parlors,

C. Bart, PI filer.

S---. ,,.. fi1'
IAoated Ian the Porter lohk, soaik
side square. Thmr Slret-lfjsblee.
Good Ighss, and promp at sedo ertso 1
service, The public seoordially paint
and always wielom.

Why Not Learn as Bimak la.t. ''an

If you wish to ennomise, we a T
save you money. We are sellint r,
shoe said hoeiery In our shoe depart.
amst as mueh prices as will enable you
to supply Ihe entire family at a bil
iSviag. L.(J Smith. Ujr
fler. S. II. ltoore", pauittr of the
Firot lluptits Church, exie-tetso make
his departure today for Alahhua,
whe-re h will conduct Ia week's' se t
vie iln the Alachua laptis ehurc. FUL I
lie will likly sI assisted by other di-
vines. and a good meetingI it ant4iel-.
Joy and happiness oftixies
In motlhere' hearts are brought to Prlnl allI
dwell, 1.* ,- ,,
lecausue TeethinaV" brought the piloleS tm
bloom pe! m
To baby's cheeks and made It well.
Anodynes only *outhe and lull to
sleep. "Teethnia" earee the e41d14
regulates the bowels and save the
parents many sleepless nigh"s of *are
and anxiety. A
Prof. J. H. Coffee, prlnelpal of the NETlI
Waldo Higlh Sohool. was among the *
viplters to GaInesville yesterday, habo. a
Iug some on buipess eoosaeeted with V II
the Mshool board. He state that his
school, which Is In the boet eoaditoea
It has ever Leen, eatlinee to proper,
and the enrollment Is lInreasinl eveOy '
day. o
In our shoe department we have sev.
eral hundred doses pair superior 4e
ton balf.-ho rnee fr men. amld .lMa'l ri a EfaJ
eamlees ribbed hoe wit doOble heel r
and toe and with strpple aee-al of
thebst Amerleai okaufaetre, saI s
sueh nooeods are s old ill ever th H* l l
ontry fro m to per paO W t
ribe until M01 e01, 10e pair. L.0. .
D. M. Baker, for many y*1ews a re. in *
dent of this eity but new smmowe a*
folly engaged in the eoatth R
business In Jaekoonville. fapvaedl I
friends here with a. Tvisl yesteay .
He was ea rose from Mouth Florida,
where he has been on tbuslneel for the
past few days. Mr. Baker made Theo
bun an agreeable small whilb hee.
Rev. Joseph Sherouse hba retur ed
from Jaeksonville, where he Wilto a
brief Welt to his fatally. While the
he attended the dietlset mesing of
the Knlghts of Pythias, and dellnes
Intoertiug leItorges on *The ood oat
Mhe O -Mr. Mr herole Is of
the poeta members of the oedle
In the State, u well as one of the mot
enthuslmtle, He is very Impnlresve
in the work,.
J. W. Pattoa lsa rturmed fim
Archer, where he has been engaged
ln surveying for the pestwo or three
days. He reports the e eoadites of
erope, with the exception of settee,
good in the eeuions vslited. The1 ems, |
sugareane, sweet potato and otLerv j.
pie crope promise one of Ihe m0ot
abundant yields for mnral year, mad
uas a result the fanners are happy, The
cotton crop, Mr. Patto esays, will ib
harvested before the beginning of thb *AJjnTlJ
ceoming month.
Attention ie directed to the change
in the advertleement of Oeorae W.
Hyde, which appears elsewhere in thi THI
paper. Mr. Hlde has In took one of a.
the newest amd most up-to-date stock s pe SN
of fall and winter goods. eta.. ever
brought to lhi section and thosede*
siring the latest patl no would do W

Hyde also carries a full line of blase |
serge goods, which he ordered espe.*