Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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I .-- -- 4 ir -
1W 4l0Pl I
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^^ ^^.'^ i_ !.T :-.I/-! :. :.i> l l-i: i:""i' i '/":.":- "a .l w et-:'eiu "t:ace | At': "le "do,- l" M r .1 C n o '" "".l i


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,--. fl M W#Il *S-mitel R ees-fia -annonaden by-da.-whem Notmction of-Action.-f Conventlo At the eonelnlo..o the addrel
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Sll1 ;igl N*^ I i l^r K^ "^l~" lDd P , to m to molter. ntin Every St ^^ Terrti eel O andreeeve m
.. _.-.. _..Iw itr ~t ATITUD _F .U A .R S . .h .nte .~w p."e*_c.,.
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:-[ ,mob, ..- ... .,. _. _& -C .N tiiato of Actio -ns fc n ], |.0 _.: ve _

|tI ^ ^ ^f tet iie e I( tbiili:Ii :i:... I d i Th * :-.+:-.\ ..*t^^. *fj~ t- li iii.--.--,I II i"^ 2S SSS^^ "" I "._ ..,,,lc oer the acts of the Red u .uu tot^ Ssiore Hill. m"e g"^' tomrov

: :: I/ "li: Ii I.r "m I h I I - Ii to I< B Sft n_ _.. i, ngic wordof commet p e wl, hi.! 1|H e i~dent, the cere' ^ II
1?^^,_^i. -- ll,-f^ t---1 :!-I pe~a .In-tb. rooning's .ww-$pera Mo/ wIa -de as :.mpe. as Pssbl& BANDIT-MAKES CONFESSIO.
"' """ ^ ?" 1^ il^ --i "" -- l- newrning {,.- :-.inkln of th, Briti-n i The fonual ndti-Scathn, of- the e, !
SErwhjps pat r sr noiter. -,.

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: :;'i'lli'- a t b I" i ';i if R ti. tr W* .* I" t" "" +' ha + H o ne of he and who
: "IIII: "III: =.. -I- S:~i^ r ^S i IwerttlBnt dePr<'ate the provoea- of tn

i i Jul dy Iw "V tlde of the Bri3&7h prbe and, The M W a e S 1^ do ot t t the and ar gt for tO re onrl Ai,, of the R e ,a a .

:. : I?.^^ SSlt? 1111tB wn 1h1 ld fue to I tc( .e(re e,,;n +Pt !< *t an (W] hour. "rht _ek _o Srf o~. f&
*i- VUit ii m.- "II -- d the ooffChis of the ritieS frni
-I- ** --An.m* ril'u as a ~

ill iI~r I II(" the htp mad Briti "t-i- ,'v+ mngre~hantmen. -urcthasB |e ^ ^^ i, i "^ ^I"I{i: i
*e but an t-at b *bU a. aa U am 14 aROUEVEtNSFIEDrAbblgt aJul he TSh a af
'' ;Obet bi l, mt- hardp ca bhy t.he ,-tuua _Re" .' -b__ !-ia m covhe'01 s e on so : nrge
11 .-h th "-a -ortAer tur t he IrahaIsw the Mlon at ateme s heS- ti,
for t edao s astafa com-.
3a+i-IA Comm r o pm FormaleCremonie'th pi advnce to th.Vs
r t r-othof edshrtyb atris T Ahe _.Sa. sg ao e BilL t otamrc oB as say, tle y aout v3.1
~iith over 'the guardchips ar Lbe Rea r -
'a a dscoere by r the Runima earngts aties ine rapass "e theidnt thoul
UEPARATION~pars SIRmD nd Ibio s mornings opene on n. WAS md SIPL IN piTS CaRATs tsioleh ae tessml
-se Japs th take at Thr0r lo--h a amyapadd
fl WII~ Seuitt b Rs eadm-e ualg nuno-mandes blaynnd NhrotiOfictioeo ActoConventluwsinaton At th*cui Ino head
~~ ~mdML us.ty -; Ap tepocedruseNov and t hes Mb eoehalf of Coco mmitt epe Repn.PridnRosvlhed-nfr
k so dubt -thtte-.rmb

'Rubir anCitrlami at U --_ r-AS. -2 A- tuo B. B. Od! Seao T. C.- Pi7

-bb: v&smrere and the futnp protection tihe, fe.t ,' t wr tme GVO ne t a. the ozamou
orf neutral tipping aiSS! of *WIcb is in dispute. S $1.50') cash.
SThe' atttudtof th Brttish -got. T lack of press comment is note. .'.- [ The ld officrs to1
~a 'I-- .~ AL....I 'A' I ..nror~r(al~ l4~n ''

nia trmez R Li4 U meIuL U t IEW
C... thorough ceuajpll&--wn ,
"the reports received from Sir Claude;
McDonald, the British minister at Toi
t oic. and the examtn&tLon of Intern-
Uonal law authorities b legal experts.
The d ispache from 8 r Claude Me-
hDsald confirm the re that the
-. Knight Cmmander bad nocootmband
of war on beard for Japn-. The pW-
mmlt nd a Brtish authori-
:-_ l" l-l _. W" -.O J-,l t
lI.1 t i ie a e rt ed I" unned un theO
"ofpotnt that thore was justification
for the faking of the i.
It tI felt In governed t circles that
the Knight Commanderdw incident over.
hadows the Red sea wizures, which
Practically have been adjusted, but
which bave failed to mttle the quSa
-Om of the rights of -neonrM eommeree.


Rumi.a CsepondM lt Writea of S.
TNaIfna Yf Jinlv fl iutalmn &W.-

Wdu. Even while t BIjUlh ari
telling o1 The post en c'actionI
against Russia. some of the Ruwsian
papers calmly continue to dwell upon
the advantages of a Russo-British un-
derstanding. i
Tne Russian government has not
Shelved through" the American em-
9y here any reprewntations on the'
abjeet of the sinking of the Knight
. Commander or the capture of the
SArabia or other vessels having AmeM-
can goods on board. Great Britain
Mai has not yet made a formal pro-,
Stk but there is reason to believe that!
the general right of warnlpsi to sink
neutral vessel claimed t6 have con.
traband on board is being discussed
both here and in London, and the serl-
ouness of such acts will be emphasiz-
ed in the presentation of the specific.
case of the Knight Commander.
It may be that there will be con-
aiderablo delay on -account of the !t
Sof Information upon which to make an
Imua 1p bath the .tltlsh crew and

wide veranda f ithe house at Saga*
more Hlill. extending almost entirely
around the houeuw. was dcorated witn
.Americar flat-s fr[m ifiltar to pillar.
. In ,additin many houses in the
neighbor hoi, 4f dthe Roosevelt home
3ad in Oy-:;. r P.ay were draped with
r a n not !tl rnt ,r.lra Anwtcasa mnim

W= w46=%7 9-416 T &%W j
Say, andl IhrY dug up %Z -U1z rnsonds'i
and ;225 in money. lie aDso guided
the officers to another cache near "
yard. where $SIC more was r'*r.v-
Hlammnind says that bie and h;s p!r-
netr tole the dynamite with ut.rh
they blow open the pa.s'engar car,
from amiae and they had morr than
60 pounds of it.
SHamumond came to Spo!;anp whex
he wna betrayed by a comNnion wvi-
whom he became azscialtled after the
robbery, and was arrested.


Five Person Killed During Sevewr
ElectrkIal Storm.
Hazelton. Pa.. July 2.--filve per-
sons were killed here late last iftht
during a severe electrical tonm.
At Oneida three frewlip-speakli.
miners and E boy were InstUantly lit

II I II= -I : I : a I

5"I i I i ii "I I I : l -i i i i -" ^
M -

S' -- :-.-
l I. "I "

an Uazoing iraSatrk d In ofy N-
' -- -1:^9

li M AvAil" I S #
Ka'In Sock YandB ftblrte C61bod lift^
Ii I l" 1 1 "l: l II> l l: :
.. .l ^ = :--,.

we Chicago July -." b r hinla d 1 ll
31 among the poking. homm w _tt_____
t Yards today. In the. lard ter a |
y;swift &t CO, Bad so=n gab"e am" I
^ibeadway that -every ea~a~ade on. AND.'^
M* gine UL the.*tock yraJ~k M*-g
called out- ^
Rumors of tecendlm -WL t "H
Exam a S :-.

showed thei cause of the lam to haW i
bee an owmated .
h b MIp 1502 fet 1r t1e 1 1 111 l l -:

is lard Ian Lar whoey njofe SwSf ,^
tst t'o. : -.. .
11 Im W e 1-I I 1 1 1

- ltno t reac e d rill. TW
S. I C i i "-- .4

.5 letng Gereampee SeaSI Suoeg Br Dim
tr ty.ang mra ie .the *1le I* i I 1 :''Sll

1II oof "t "te y" 1 '' '
re0 Cheagoe Julyeat-Thy t -Brl ^
we amogihelacing naby. n b I the CSrw rai
7;StI ~ad~ mll :
Sb gin In tk. stc yaz W M I :-
cale out L-';_;..l
Lcam1na on. 1, wever. ainal -
showed the a oft hi b 1ban:.

t .ben an ov reae .f l .-.-l . '...1--_i I
ti.- c .ailjgg lson. ret as l --.-

tories bit, waltmistlwilI -t]m t

mi age dto keep Ithe Sames fl is--


Strange ExperIence Poren bag S
Pipe Layers. -. .
Derby. Cons., July 2S-B teruSk
fear of the unseen IIaerest Ii II
ty came upon Jmes Barrett a1d -N
him mad as he lay i a 244 wfl
main 300 feet frowt- mouth.
Barrett waa fore at as pd--.
pip e layers engaged I l1aytg L
feet. of 64-inch mats pipe f&r 3----
lake to the Beaver reservoir. in S *
of construcUon betwm L y a. -
Barrett though .tired malany and .
physically decided to 1nspeet jheob&
In the pipe from- the isiWde. Wortil-g
himself forward on h oisifa. hb b
acceeded in reaching- a pta labl
300 feet from the op--intw-w be
halted to rst. He f ll l ..*|
darkness and the ppv i am. vS a
clammy moisture, was co. ot f a
ound frum the steet above nhed -
him : II

~- ~t : tr*~tk.a-t;~n
~rtj~# :t2~. ~- T~.: ~ :4 ~


: :- _-. .... ': --; ..: ._. ,. -.- -:' .." ,.;

. .-.- .. =e. -1"""'
2- .. **"-f'-- -":- '.-. *~-- .- .. -r- 4-u: . '- i --- -. :' = -i L-. '. a-
-. -- - .. ..7 .- - -4. .c # .-""t. --C -4 -- -> k -c r -- .
- .-- .-=.

% U -...


.pr -.l"" -.:. 7777 ---: ---

J^: 'ma -y ^MPnmP^*^^ ^>itto
SSB^^:4* dbi .4^-^J a ,PMCtt f thO- W SFM
,--- a ~u of
dkikki Umii Vi .

I I Jkjaivsw se d

^^ &aflinattdflebit~maaaLga famner
I W 9 Scp SW .qr9W

I- s~~ht a .,T- avT

^t~* l~a-a ialtrs a. Neitting a ysue
So Taahe Wmed

^ _0 _ml plf~eda~feayi~eof 04 r-Co.
bzL kmEL wphoi be"eto
HK lmg'Se1 Nowberry sad

7. J L H moes is
I^ -orf ou of d a th
I ,a ant a.b '

Pt UI WOrS who mad.i -ers apper

I V::m dyBt"b Kn. W ,
Is o. N t myn we H lee fare
I ::m di" drn dkl- I
E -' C mIIIisdW. ,.a i d S4

I mertea Meiene a. -Inh
_F C~B Do~sEawin eines f
-7 r

Boisflat m-utewswgmas, sad i

--.q du e~as eaieh Es airea, adwhich
-U' fthe papsa the be a ln for
I *-. .nIt wis .a Os b u am Uia t-rs
I ;*-i S

Oost f Maridbegs= stoIMmat ma

qS.bhdaa IE iL of

'I tb ath-m:w bI ierenc "Is
I s whisk: IS alrm an w is

As TOMs eats she Lose Sear
ma s iou ~a ye ar, o Sy nothi
S of the ang- a. wrrow brought

i.i!:--.-.: i.
ni 0. at by I m This eoudie
J. -a tie of aE exi7s everywhere at
, of .the ear, atnd the sm,
|t|l ie of a p hsalidary i _
-^- teraad health o in the end would
Spine a MeetIng to .vny commuany.
TbSV Is IoSows:
S..y .isnful faltlation the eat of
.^ n rimb I8, "n alone Is esM2
sr gta bf Dr. Woi to be at leost
p. fa yearw* probably nearer
W$SlS' t BOs Qamenoa in twelve, in
hamm4L is down with -the dAseas.-.

S _

P -'. '


I--.= :.-m! -.-- emir-Sam_ oe
F- W~n

111 S6, :a% Wa.sw
sanrum a3fltm 13flb

a flu wa- .- a
a. n n -ma

S Sili a ni -t ,m,.
ofntiMEMO soii woI Aftm i
a W-Em-m15- R.dSup

wa ma a num i um~seasa

wa, Ewaa"a~

I lfbla n1anam gb a
haNs n Ii im a b e k*
aiInn~ .ui ai a i

PlhirnW Im iha


L WA A& Co., Drugists


W. C. T. U. Win Pttion Council to
Supply a Great Need.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union have been working for several
weeks in the matter of having erected
on the public square a drinking foun-
tain. from which there may flow from
Boalw an ;.rin p an unlimited. supply
of that sparkling water chieb has a.l-
ready made Gaionesille famous.
ThiTbs oety has at last compiled a
petItioe, or inu other words a request, to
the Oity Council to install a public
fountain. This request will be pre-
wuted at the regular meeting of the
inncil on Monday evening, and it is
to be hoped that it will be acted_ upon
The city of Gainesville owns the
ainesville waterworks system. Hun-
dreds of patrons pay regular water
ret and assist in keeping the. fian-
'eal affair of the city in proper shape,
and it is no more than right and prop-
er that they should grant this request,
which is a mutual benefit to the peo-
ple of the city and those who visit
Gaimewille from the country.

Brutally Tortured.

A ease came to light tbat for per.w
si tsnt and unmerciful iortnre has
perhaps never been equaled. Joe
(olobiek of Colusa, Cal., writes: "For
15 years I endured insufferable pain

measure, like the general tax act,
takes precedence over everything else,
and even special orders must give way
to it. Coinaweqentlys the anti-boll we&
vii bill. the special order for today,
will have to stand aside for awhilft
The appropriations bill was -ordered
printed for the benefit of theJmembers
of the house.
The Australian ballot bill will not
be considered by the senate until nex
week. This decision was reached at
yesterday's session.
There were several Important hills
passed however and some interesting
new matter introduced. The sen-
ate was called to order at 11 o'clock
by President Howell. and after a few
new bills had been introduced, thej
special order for the day, the Ausn
trallan ballot bill. was taken up and
read. Immediately after this Mr.

77 -, -

"- .'""

- sem . -_ "
Sam. This ~l
Atit J 2u-Te boss 9MU
at eqi to take ick IMS
She state rt atorsy r It -w
the t bill rpoted for a "eN
order by the eomfttee n riles jyeW
Aw. AW.-r c
the olat m was tabled by a vote t
66 to 4 The indto are m ta
the state reformatory bMl wiU stand
very little chance of receidvtng coi
.alderatton at this semation. After At
ting down on the state reformatory
proposition, the bou*e very promptly
squelched 14 other special order re
lutons ,tabling them aJl in a bicMh.
~y a rte of 112 to 26 the hose of
representatives yesterday passed' the
bill providing for an increase from1
$3,000 to $5.000 In ndary of the o
A rigorous fight against the meaat
tUre was made by those opposing it,
but they were defeated at eve9 polntl
and the bill was declareId pied by
Speaker Morris, after he had read an
opinion regarding the nature of the
Rotation of superior court judges is
a dead issue so far as the present
general assembly is concerned. No
more will It be heard from at this sea-
The debate, the temper of the houe
In voting on the amendments and the
nature of the vote on each, lt 1nd
cated that-there would be no ahow
for Ihe measure If it we-e pul aIt.
passage COnfronted by this aitua
tion, Speaker MorriN oe of tIhe
strcuget champions of the re,
U,?ng It was defeated, moved that It
be tabled for the remainder of the
session. This motion was adopted
yesterday after a three hours' debate,
and thus was the matter set amli.
In the eaite.a
Two Important amendmeAt to the
general tax act were adopted by the
finance committee of the senate y
terday morning, the first being ti.
redaction of the tax on the macthe.
ture of coca-cola to $400 and the see
cnd being the elIminaton of that
pan of the' bill imposing special tam
on dealers' In certain specified medi-
cines and extracts.
Chairman C. I. Davils of the home
committee on appropriaUcau, gave no,
tSe yeSterday that he would call up
the rberal appropriation bill today
for consIderation by the house. This

C rDE L- I
w^ Y W JLJZl J


Jacksonville anid New York, !
Caing atCHALETO, 8. C., bothway
Toe flint Stemufi ia the Cetwlss Sinki
Clyde New England and -Southern hne
Direct Service Betwe JACKSCIVIJLE, BOSTON aM
PfOVYWENO and An Earea. oist,
Ceiling at Okarisa bok ways
Sotboa ..,..o. ....._........... .......Fmi Le i" trfBO
Froi Fo of OatherGmSt..jaimi

- I-

clvi. at. Johns River line
Betwe-n JACKCooWIVLL and Sanroa
Stopping at hinats, Antr, St. lnaugh, Uebemamud (DJl~td).4 ad rasie
LUimp S. OB JtaM Rim *
Leave Jasmmvile SJp.m. S99m0 P.nMs.s mA tSma.
L*-f_ TanoS d 'JO a. M. Momdays, Wodu and a
hs apps' CBDto B -mOWMSi0.
teaves S8. pam .. .. .. ...... . .. .... J km vll............ ... rlOm $ =
mO..l.............JU .I ---.IAs LtI ... ...;....... ... 9sM-08a
........e.a.;... ..ea. .B i5..(.I S... .... .....*....... a o iR
St. ..... --- *-.- -- ..... .- b -k e d.-.---.. -. -- ... .* -. "9 *_
:O. .a ....... ...... e. 0r0fprhsa < .. ....-0WAa.l.b *** 4-
r. GwmrP..IBaiSG ..Oe a i. ao&nP. A -et.WON aa
C. K P..m- A~. .aNe ..Y-OLa.CfTlU &M--
3eneraJ Maimaqer. -
c~ma a. am. a 4Ne Te



3ians con





For byJohsBr&
.... n k








* -L '


-~ -- 7-c- -

& -

a' '

at 'my C.
bat haS

r ,tni n e wcs tae S!,
-_. - .. .-.. .- . .. _- i "l m-m "" i Il m

I 7-i: ,; ,t ii- 4- ..!

! ---,- a"-g-"e-l.r' e'iie -. for
,ta, .e- ytot town;, ad t.

: trel aen o r B e n frn H o a n de h e
&nw3e, stb. 0afe at~aa;1

I t;/r!: pw- ore pl&t rate, i !
i ,t..,fle.Gato. tte S, W l l
-.-..-.. ----- .. l 1 7

|.- L.M. L Kmuls oi t m nSy q es
|" "O nil ,f eit_ vAtedA B
te" 90 ns, 4 W.!

.V- e folowig,"tmesing ia be-
i .L . n Saln a lpram do$ a ea
| l beig blkby im .V.ay W hI. W te
-manndMe w make his ti--

|- w"sh h.. TheO mii amre beRIg
" - fv nSSSS and h Is dartedpYe-
e- hatsgreat gsS wioll ta
u om -laek otHage, Jnior mneW
b1; -othe tinr of Fadgett Bloak,
.. a-to-aof mv4e ptorse, whas tha
I time clay yesteuisy en roate froml task.
Smetilbe, oner he ae been m a brief
I -;- to his mother e we maeO
I SRniebybis br e, Grahmo Disek
r $rbkaonvIUe* who sapewS a few
^ iyareeoura~a at'a~e
Obeap rates to pkImgs acd
Srentdrvia G. & G. Mawain Daniy
E. mits l days* $3. Week Ard going
I fSsturdays and Snnays, vets ring
MNoay* following, 932W. Leave
Qiatfutiltentsa. ml, 6:15 p. M. Suni
S "wemeeaion only one dollar. Leave
.; Zaav ale to mea. BeI Nine houreat,
Saridia back same day. J. F,

: .. age t -'_ \
W. 0. Living"eoa and. Mr. Robert
I Livipto and children departed yes-o
_; t..ay foer ummer Haiteu, where they
L to apend a few weeks. They
will be joined at Hollister by Mrs. W.
0. Livlngsttn. and at Palatka by.Thot.
. W. w Ralph and family. Summer Havea
i ia a delightful resort on the vcean
about twenty miles south of St. flue
^ Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Baker of Camp-
I'~ :,jlh we~e among the arrivals at the
I BfowC House yesterday. Mr. Baker
3 i an extensive naval stores operator
| atCampuilfr. He has recently par.
I; chased a handwome mitdeuace here,4
| and will move his family to this city
r- early in thep fall, in order to give his1
r ehildennthe benefit of a good school.
|~~ system. -:
|. Alter a visit to this Sity of a couple

L: of days, during which* he wa bauily
Sengagedl, 0. Fryer of Tax. Talbert
i fcol5y, Ga., departed for his home
| yesterday. Mr. Fryer is a prominent
! man in his aectieon, being an extensive
; merchant, farmer and dinner. He is
n well pleased with Gainuesville, aad
hans at.It w fntnutr tImr in ratnrm tn

Mr. a-d Mrs.T T.. Ellis took in the
emeulom Wednesday to Fernandina,
*ad report a most enjoyable time.
While in the I[lIai Oily they were en-
terined by thle faily of B. LivIug.-
sto. This, with the ride on the trol
Wey en and the few hours ipent on the
beach eOJoyiing the breeze from Old
Oe( ,, w-well worth the trip. Ev-
erybody seemed to enjoy themIelves to
the fullest extent,.
SThe Atlantic Coast Line offers rates
from Gaiaesville to St. Augustine and
return on August 8, at the very low
rate of $1-35 for the round trip, tick-
en good returning .August 10th. in*
elusive. Se-.rvice on regular trains,
leavingGaineville at 2:15 p. m.. sar-
rivinglt St. Aogustineat 5:4 p. in.
The lat opportunity this year to visit
the Ancient City at greatly redoeed
rate.. For further particulars talk
with Goodwin. 2w

The pill that will, will fill the bill,
Without a gripe.
To cleanse the liver, without a quiver,
Take one ;e night.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are small.
easy to take, ea y and gentle in effect,
yet they are so certain in mr lti *hat
no one who uea them is disappointed.
For quick relief from biliousneass, sick
heedasbe, torpid liver, jaundice, dis-
sines, and all troubles arising fro m an
Sinetive, sloguish liver, EarlZy Riser
are unequalled. Sold byall druggists.
Dr. (. Corthell, the eminent eye
specialist who Ia. making his- Florida
headnuQtrters at inerlaehenr, has ar-
rived in the lty, -and will be pleated
to onmult any person suffering from
optical defioienes. He is- located at
the Brown eHouse. Consultation is
free, and Dr. Corthell will be glad to
meet anyone who needs the services of
an a^alsaia& nos f'n.L.% i n mall

Joe Warren and Will Moore, mina-
ager and driver, respectively, in the
stables of Day G. Edwards, were ar-
raigned before the mayor'l court
Thunrday morning upon a charge of
disorderly conduct. From the ei-
dense, which was Pubmitted without
either party pleading, it appeared that
both Warren and Moore declared the
other was to blame, with'a result tbat
Mayor Thomas let them off with thL
payment of eont:, since the "'row"
amoua.d to nothing.

Take BnoiLe that the regi4rztton books for
Alach&ig county for the reitmrstoB of else-
tor wUi be open for remiutrwton an Moods.)
the Li-t dy of AuwustL A. D .ta "t %b. eOOn
bWoe. In .be office of ibe *~upervnlor of Rexr
traton, until the ntb dat of October. tfl.
Hozrs of re nuaati from 0 o'Clock a. m. to
I2 oe oct aL, apd ?rom 2 oeloek p. a. uaUl 6
o&eloct p. in.. on Monjay. Wednatdaya S;as-
urdnay. The dtitricrt rehrltraoaa officer will
open retuiftratIon books in each district from
the first Momlur in SeDtember antilthe weooad

. . .: .. ... -- .m u m- -.. R
-.c81, -..- o, -.X;i

S ib dI uu s a a..F .,
iaoraala ot the- bath or Mr.
i.ats- td wO whisk sad -ra ,
sssnmd as her heo i. Nonstflmae.
wils ae weSfl at aimmigah

SDeemsd V about ihirsy4ght
pan el. tg-P hb. wm a sdGent
Christ .W, being xa meOmber o f A
ethodi churnha. She WAS a nativ
of Virgisi but cam 0 FlokRdA abuse;
micaim )WS ago, SIeS whi sh ine
she has resided in tbe vieiitr of
testville. Sbe hn been ma
twenty jean. a ad JS a busbud
and five children-thrf *son, Claw-
ence, Carrouxg act Tobe and two
doghters, Bie. Now, and. Naettie
WellN. She is survived by two
brother. W. Carter of thr city ad
J3 C. Carter of marti, ville, Va..
and two stern. Mdes0ilsW Mary Phil
pot and Annie Hi, boih o f Virginia.
To the bereaved relatives Th. So,
with other friends., extend. sincere
sympauaiy. _ __
Piles Upon Top of Pile.
Piles upon top of plies of people
have the piles; and DeWiU's Wisch Ha-
sel Salve are@ them. There are amany
different khind* of -piles, tot if yFo U get
the Renaine sod .original Witch Hawl
|&Ie, node by & Do DWitt & Co. of
Cbieagoa is aertsin. H. A. Tie
dale, of Smmiertou, 0s s*aysq fI
had pile 20 years and DeWitts Salve
eare me after everything else failed."
Sold by all druggtso.
. In the Mayor's Court.





Surplus and Undivided Profits...


.- 7 ,

or &dea


Manufacturers of the Jamne Doig Improved
tea Island Cotton Gin. and Suppliei for 8

A felOng t sa9s ty and fss.a
-^^ *iit iab 'anzicr pjemviae the
e is which alia W
Ia.d Oil kept Comta onm
M hd. P* t ikiow that ia
I tins of adden oicknem or m

| $uffetlng
A: l touch of Rheumatism; a
:^- twinge of NeurAlgia; an attack
lof bwlaiche, earache, tooth-
S.che; a bad ore throat: a stub.
Ubrn coM. What ever the
Styouble a Wizanrd Oil drives
swany the pii at onee sand
c urethe disease quickly.
iOr y Oe G: eWW
I .Spr. H-asH Urn" MWraper
Ie MUM Slw Bottl Pnfe 50c.
I1".. HEuins Cough Balsam acts
like magic onil a cold. It heals
-..the lungM and wards off con.
If lamptioEJPric 25k
SHa-i ss Blood and Liver Plls
lai: do away with the ills and di-
S mfos of constiupation. They
.act pleanatiy and effectivelv,
Pfrt .26r.

JAIL. M. GAAM Preidet



S- -o~~I-A IwJ-I

:- .:.-. .

*- -. ". -.. ... .+ ,

25, 00000

WM W oS ofS' bUS inav tfma 0- wuOdm-_ a_---_ss
by &fH|I>I ts we- .
*v. a 4^'riTa t-ik^'
*c e--- -- -- -- m

E abrnhd

*k Alaobua. CsB Akfrah II



Our buainess is strictly cmAS ed to tbe va"Mom deaStsD Eaeiet to she a.
eIrhip of land, ad we have no prIvate or peO mal "axe to gtS" Lia as
w Iish that business. We make a speciaty of the pi-pvsia ofen a- i
Make exhaustive investigation of titlc'. We NEt ,me& in-a n_-l
all matenmperuin, to the aaenment ad pd of 7a7 td et m
dnmption of weitging tax ales. Wenye pImpt ad eer
vice in our line call on or write u.u. Notary. public I m a-.






_______________ EhlEhl.. II I-


ie-Like HotelS.

-*r, *

- - -p -
-~;: -


-~ -A




100 GUETSh

Table Unexcelled.,

Every Attention to Gusts

3R3. E. H. PAXTON, Owner ad Pp., WHITE PF3M FLL

Take The Atlantic Coast Line

- I 1
c a


o. W HM T. ViJ


Or GAfl flL.fl

........... ...$0so,ooo o00000



. -Va
I. 12


and o n me B gimt-
83a 4 804*B;CV
0 jfte norp



btiete of TItd* and ftuU ithmma-Uo aonMeJ -Iftig I
county. Our manager hbalived In ebi
s thoroughly eoanm ISWW In too.

senaing a number of -romimnt Am -deum saa
fa nartrlalw. e



....-. :- -:. .' -...i ..j^ ;' ,^.-_

.. .: . : .:. .., .-*-

UUQ -."i --'-H
w -. w ;-

L-.a '.2 .1

. : .
SI I1 -' II* : l* I :""^ .

- : -;.N!
~ 0;.-.-
, -- .
A _i--"-'

!l4. <5 : :.

.._ .- . . -- . e; ,
a-t., -. "." .

I> --^

I;-' '
V*i ^ *
it .,;

1F '-
at:-^ **^ i

41-s '.


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: :.' *.'.` _-

'-' .- L ".

fi - -





r a Stm':.-

e n. ...
, ai

w a en '
- a -a. 1


Nk, !od, eye Na.'

na. as^B^B^W a^^^^'^ e*^w ^*w
4T -ss Iws


as- aft ---^.*1 -*

AiltON ft rpAm

* wi o-


- I

Ui.pbW OoiLrem iri-..

ftf, A,.mM -

va-nas WARD
Smenserr Mr Stan.*

WILL-AM I lB, -"

-- a o L ;
S-. Ste Treairn.

OfilMcwn of Agtcflun~t.

Bafloed Com~uamfroer.
False Suwreme Courn. Lix Yenr
Jetse Suxpr~me Coorn,
aJ. a wurrrua


- L&M. A*sW.

5 !' S SIln WUW V

m fi-:l-:- :ft-! :;;j7fauk -fTI- :
t~~nsah a.nnab
wise nmr, orui
dgwc be, a tses uqppined by
~l, ftaM, fla yfmat #ew Sensie for-
'her-nai fap Floartd^and, of
e~th~rUat mea4 envry Beate Is the,
OUha-wosd M ahe to be aeenlimaed
heists they sould stand the aijiumer
Mwr, ewes a veil as the native who
ewer theaght W be shaking with chills
or bsnlsg with fe~er throughout the
easke warmx seson, sap The Time.-
Us'-. I
wJmr this error has gone the inevita-
i. eoomne of error. Time al way,1
blimp out 'he troth. It may be long
in toq Iu work, but it does it surely.
he people of other States are begi..
"4 bl mtafi t that Florida's summer
elbate bma o t0e sougla-nos t fun^
aSd; that malaria s due to local, not
gemsral, eoalittion.; that it is as apt to
exit is swampy regions or Alaska as
of Flod'; that it does not exii in
Florida any more than in the State of
Alassa witoet local oaon.
- A lane at the map ought to tell
th. story of a Florida s'nm'*r. The
Sitae is a tongse of land extending
into the water. Every locality of Flor-
idaiuiao fftymlln eiwber of onean or
Gull. The 8tare 2s lined with rivers
ald dotted i ib lake.. Breeese cooled
by the Water *teep it from shore to
.hlne uftmobrnted by mountain, or
bill. The temperature rise. as high
here a5 elsewhere. judged by the the,-
I.meter, which is not affected by the
breezes. but the human body is affect-
ed by the breezes, and the fierce rays6
of the son can eaoe little of diwom-
fort to the man who is fanned by a
brisk wind blowing right from the

Not a death from sunstroke has ever
been known in si. Sate, and it mavt
be remembered ibis Florida was set-
tied nearly fifty year. earlier than any
other Stat. in the Unioa. We know
nothing in Florida of the ecorehing
heat that blaes from the heavens for
weeks unrelievetb by a olood. Intense
hest in Florida alwng brings a shower
for relief and then the breezes follow.
Florida summer resorts are being
well patronized by people from neigh-
boring Stain. Three sleepers left At-
laMta Saturday nigut for Florida re.
aorta Montgomery has a larg. colony
at Atlantic Beach every summer, and
what i true of the capitals of Georgia
and Alabama le true of other cities of
these &ates, and will soon be true to
a much greater extent of the cities of
Sta tes further north.
The direct benefits derived from the
tourist bouiness are. small compared
with the edoeational effects. The
mount influential people of neighboring
States know what our summer climate
is, and their knowledge will help di.-
sipase any lingering impreuion that
may exist that Florida is not desirable
a a place of ,nuimer peidence.
Homeseekern wih to go where they
can live in comfrnd all the year round.
People of neighboring Stat s are rapid-
17 finding that Florida mee4 this re-
quirement as a place of residence bet-
ter than any other State in the Union.

In wiA anawt' * ann cas P W**^ V fl



-e G- neVll ot tte i
m--imbp dm--

SmoetwgsbudaiwM ts. riliflrp
ISbs. tbmboggw. kmm is ,,ow

Mere teN esa hm abou.:a

The Georgia Bernae barn pa-md a bill|
ereatisg an lSimgamtom bueru. Thej
measure wil probably pau the Hoe t
534 begmea law.1

Hrper's Weekly, whiskha rteer
ally been on the viumlag side in presi-
dantial elections, support. Judge Par-'
ker for preuiednt.

Peopl' are
folding beds.
to put folding

still getting killed is
It may yes be neceuary
beds on the list with toy

If you are at asutandnill today you
will be behind the parade of progreu

Hogan (calling o next door neigh-
bor-I suppose ye've bead th' lUnt
elauulcai music that's bin imynatin'
frum me risidence for t1 past wate or'
so? We got wan av t11m mechanical
.p4an:zy .$uy.,ra on thrill. Clatucy (fierce-
l.v,-,l -thrni. i~s it? Glory be' i only
,Jis.izt I wor" Ub' jide:-Puck.
Nov a Suire Tent.
.t-:tlO:!: f :;zu sure. Minruda, "that!
fl:Ir4n.! th:!;1.k as much nf you aS eVer.
It, s:!1 ,'1:s your avkiisg. doesn't bef
Y<4;:R:4 W.'ife-Yes, hut lIn afraid, mare-!
*'i. he t' -i mw (ruin a sense of|
'hiuTy.-C! ict:igi Tribune*. -

[I v':n ,,!l a lie is not sensible
Ltw i.!t :: to unrlertakes, for
thr 'i 114 [C rGTC-r4 to invent twenty
jir.,') ra l~tfn:n thLit one.-Pope.

\ Bilkmine~a, sour stomach1 cnsips-
lion and o! liver ills are curd by

Hood's Pill.
The non-lrrIta!lno etbafle. Fries
25 crnts of all druggst or by mail of
C. L Hood Ak Co.. Lowell. Massi.

whisk I bas eet -ftao afess- ttma weusjyi.,
sad I .ems ar sheCaseevesp h a gE-yea
*Ilf ethea any ether vurw~ew ver srls~d. i
shell -rsomley renn ma to my friad.a -
belag ml) ty nmneat t"
^^ Tlb... OfIaerd, KEwe. IlL

Pteenft RP nta Thw toGd. P.6*ed.
1mr Sises. Weaken at Uripe. Ie. Sc. ae, Xmcii ,
ol 4 1 buIk..Jrlb gmuunte t1ble'ttsnmped CCC.
Cmusmutortuo ear or your money baek.
StaliBn Remedy Co., Cblcegc or N.T. w

A ** 2 -- *t-- -A. .

.-_ n.

- &; *,*~-~ -

Air Lilne Railway




.avannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern

Pines. Raleigh; Richmond, Wash--



de'phia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.






Only Line Operathig
Daily Througb[Pullmu Slomprs from Jastsemv to New thea

For ull lnformatia. uad sleeper uinmtiia n cuRio yram o
write A. 0. NaDOflLL. & 0. OIOTt, Jt ,
ALat Genes*! Pameuger Agmei. rinWg Apsil


Retallern sad 3obbem t-




EA-J-m .

Highest market price paid for Ohiekens. Em cmd other Pn1ues

A Ooiplete sutok of Hay. Corn,
and Eje. We handle only

Oats. Flour, Bran, Mel, 1ottcm Seed
the VERY BEM goods S the LOW
gua ias i-t-_flnae- alwap.

Three Times the

Value of Any Other

pat One-Third Easier -

-^ .One-Third Faster i

,:a The on.y Sewing Machine thai doen
. not fail in any point.
53^ Rosary Motion and Bail Bearing.
h .rmake it the lightest running maedle
I in the world.
rAgents wanted in unoonpied terN S
^Sir tory. asend for ciredazs and tnh.*

A .lat., .

"Wla-enr -fti

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0 rn l T"1 &rin

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ll iim lmmai. i

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- . .
Rwparkable Charge In I
en Place.
New York, .uly 2s.-
there has been a rcm
In the attitude of GGe
Ber n corrempoudent '4


Has Tak.

-In 64 hours
rhable change
&ay. saY" the
The Herald.

- 7 *.-4.4 -. --


.. -. .- -

A'.n a.._1


:t-i i4 .- '-'-le -io o

i. b a ,
rat / a^ J dir a-.

-Ar alMbe s 1s 0fo
1-- -h Hl fi- og

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C Do nl-rf fJe
A -few

:- "/f foD otl. Ta
;^*, 4riy ep.-i~ eymrJ

D-Ing A I

: : PY. v ift
~ kS.3 bu $6. w p Isfl
eq 4-

,:7_ Mo*ifati vetoaa aad ",f
Nw- -m thu dw* a
" le wOg bo tanwdb

~-. atV9^V^edbV ^^^^We ^ ^et.*r~~
*emd wf eaodM

~~time texempifled, byKr
Swto asuievth
ork Meast V" WIN

A wll iv p annIi

p *A ofo tohealt4 Mfl

<~t usere tthe vatsiftingd
Nrea~fab,. Twts

n rae on She Moind and i

serve O emg sirf you 4
them by omit
The.e t M. better
the world than Angst

ITrialbWtlSe, 31g b
.K. K. J se e's

~~~ ia.:.

.a -ni .

:Sl- *- -*~ Di^^^^

nllk when
. mmbnof

[filO saolsm
Iomed l ot a.

*fen lemuse.
pere tapiop

i.w beob

rWtw' o1 Dow of

I torpi Oh!ae
oufletto Fifty

till keepyour

nfor' rwa1
both oer that
do the things

trernl tson~,~
and worryfebut

Ide ttopi lier

noet -gro

Logo1t Flower.
dh medicine in
lower, and ao
* ordyspepetl.
ottle. 75e. at

-4 -

E FML...O....

" i.f-_ -by

.11W. 1-1-6- Wes 16i a th
aAl aalt y;elera

Aim Tax-, R.oml, wThhph s me. t

S-- a n th&,followig ow delegate the-
Albm opBareasmocltlot to attend theJ
meeting of the.WAmnericand ar aswcla-
tint at Huntsville.' A., Sept. 26-28:
St H.W D., Jr W o g .'omery; Genera
Evio.GreelxT A ap, JThe -preside
xscr announced the following commit
tee to prepare memorials of Judg
John t. WInteraid. Han n., Edward .
Gra m, n. of- Montgomery and Hna. W
L fBulock, ofFrankl; UDr._ Tomas'i-
Gwe. of. Montgomery: W. ob
rtemto mr oef Te T aeaoraneal of a
iJohtton w. ointero at. an ado-n
Gr Snul,, Mr ofoer M at gosw Ve
SeasbSPavers and Foot Sacs, I

I. auldelc ofhrnkltln; Or Tom ia Mr f
Oleseoos ran, of Germany and
nswsthenwft.or Octob er 27? w10or1:
During-my training, of Mo goM wets'
fooh l vae as aetLakre Cityin April

comed Inrime. tobhl teerop 27wo191
laSt, I uosd Baliasd'. Snow Liniment
omy greatest artis ropetion. Tbhere-
foan, I highly rewommeod now Limas
Ims atto all who are troubled with
sprains bruise. orrbnuatlsm.a 25ev
0s, 1 bottle. Sold by W. M. John.
Cotton Worm Causes Alarm.
Selma, Ala. July 27.-Some alarn
,i felt her@ over the appearance of the
cotton worm in Wilcox, an adjoining
county,. An order was received by
a Selms merchant today from Mr. Mc-
Coalco, of Blow Hif. for 100 pounds
of Paris green to be used by a piantei
'in the aelghborhoo4 where ft.. worm
hias made Its appearamtee. Rainsi have
come in time to help the crops won-
derfully. The corn crop west of here
Is reported to be the best In years.

i ~ ^ndlgsttlon,
With ie companIons, heartburn,

flatulence, torpidity of the liver, eon-
stipation, palpitation of the heart,
poor blood, headache and other ner-
vous symptoms, Sallow TT Skin, foul
tongue, offensive Lreath aud a legion
of other alineuts. is at once the moat
widespread and destructive malady
among the American people. The
Herbne treatment will eure all these
trnbies K0e bottle. Sold by W. M.

Was Not Muricr Decz!ren Jury.
Atlanta. July L.- -- ,e coroner's Utr3
decided Tuesday afternoon UAat Ce.-r&c
Ray. %rho died early Sunday morning
-a the Gr[dy hospitakL came to his
death 0 an overdoe of morphine,
taken by his own hands. This ver-
..a3 I A ...A'I. 9t f lt 2 -.9 V%- -- -


wIl rk *mr
.' ".-*-'.'. .-: :**d i .--a .tt w 9 :_:-" _' *- ,,lB : :. -- i ._.- pl -^' a _-.: -... .. "' *' -, W f fM- 'w M k.i, ]I Jk h ^ ^ k J ^ -. '-

H *Kmd. .y- .! --r ... -_?.-- : -1. B: .o "af ..- -,r r '--T .f "I Ti -r ---- ...--: '- -_.
a "a' lid -- l fl"Mf- -- *
Ie .L y ., I* -* w -a a a-e U-
ma i 38 --An Cty for t *
.-N Y .. V *U -4 & 11 t -* 4%

TLo0ft vehalti brIe nd Te L

!. A,_ w m may a:it fI wfr- h Adrif. I u
Laio. Jthnuwraf wlle 7* eup. e lr"in"1 hrlf f m) nlff -~
I,,. WMfa9 ,8:3 .l P.Agefl for t

with taoghfavictor eoSa.! j g re a Look, C m pany- t" :-e, -
TwoI s iheule uis camed so that the lOy
aO A.. amayC.Lad tMugh Pswa. b1 a okao.

ia-, eprrear~ only oir r^TC-7Jr r TU q ~rT*
lehaog, at Waahrgic. I^ ^^f Hf,-^ 11 n.*A.^---,-- -^_;;
intoBoston Thwill anwll r be, 0;viaNew quippedT. -r- a -
'wit tboronghfareaerd ndb.75.s; c es) b"laig oh. m !a e flr,
oWsaocs. ~u e&Wfpn= Jack fMMatws! a3

mlrl oo1fh and throug-h Pu a P | lle
man sleepers, rkequ it only | o ut I ry j n w2ig

Inoaie, the Beboan! Air Line Rail*ay.| I |K- |l )i|/l f r I -C Il"
i In addition to; the sehedole named| ..- .,,A ^ "'A -A-' -lL-" -m ,.,,- ,i.
chabove, at.W aboaid w.ll el ro .- i. .. n....
trip tiroundet for ite ofron to thesvi "l le%-- -.l

6B. A. It., their friend,and the public Magacie. shooild have a well-defined purpose. : '
enm wierally for all trail, of Au-UNt ew;h G, eliont, moent _- -a ar e

!18th .od .h. The Seaoard ,,51 alo- "" -7-j, ,B~t^~
Yell uch tnd ke New York and

,.,. Loe. or a0yrai -o.-,tio MotST successful of MagaZIzes
from New York without-ctopping iui Ira n et (a complete one ie. ech number) are biy the molt bcOUltl-i-
PoWahngtons hw .a/am e.__, or via ,

/,--- =1 Its abont *tie are atcle--lean aria full of niran niert
Da adit petr steamer t etire ttl of : p Oo ai e.
oRequvet your tekeCA over the of elal by e popr poe a o .

!DKED CNDTO SECIO f OF ( HAPTE Its Jofe, wlttieia^, eketese, eta., are admittedly f mot :'---- |;U_
!4 LA ws oF nj|Ooq. .... .oig
route, thbreb iat J. J. bOa. Air Lie Ril .
|InarQ -iotiftxa. th iedule- Naafow 0 a Ud~TUIn ai

Idaied fe 1 a~y o4July, A.D.)flb~l. I-flle4 . ;w -
kij t _e i tw my pWI. se bh.l- o page ua wAted O sheap illcose. ditol pi o i
trip tickets for this osxasion to the

0. Aw I. t, oer friends.t- eabre the fopublic gm abz should e a welefined pawe. .
orally for all e trains of August 12ho h Er flP tewlaigwll tea, carm amnd teas
13th and 14ho' The Seaboard will also orTheSoo se* '

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from New Yorkt WkhoutsBtoppe ing in Is unlesa -complete one in naeh number) an by then bWJXm
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4 118 Iflts J rn t" B.--Sample atoph e *el t Free on Aplieawrt,

NOTiC OrF APPLICATION FOR TAX nl- I by th m p o uarpoetsm n .f s ta
DD UND STVONO 8 OF CA ts Joke Wi sket m, et are admittedly M -..

Note in hereby.i- ethat. J. a.HArmAIJsi I-
sty )PJa. .D.Ia, *6 Pages Delightful Reading

wpurhmer of Tax CerdSo om, Nate I ma I
Itbft 4&YOf ApIrUIA.D1M. h died *
Msa InFufle Bssemin my 68a. aMbass Ir ie- 4aWNo Pogare wasted on cheap iwratioms.editoal a q
p~auh~tar tx dee to I"In acIngc e g p gggWide disel 1ia
wtfl law. SaM. oerdtfiates embracte fUl
Ilowiw de'crImdpropeify 4m daiSnIDA ISebU Eny pagewill -ItRWfSI, chamu=aOWrefrehyu
county. flodda, towit &MSWb.nowa--#sowpper er.Reit la ebeqe, 0.w e,
LowI a 2."lot4. See.a2LTP. .It ftU. ltettertoTX 1 SE, 43litk nI Vt
The a lnt &"being wme.datthe date of o etrt A T9".A
the mauee of macbeenrdlntda the ofM

upa Inic LoA L Co. and 8N*y f Nwe bamv- N. B._-.-S *a Cmpl ( pisRPSent Freean App~icstkm.

I Uon for tn deed to le I sccwbns wil I
law. Said cerouseate emftbraces the following -
dewrlbed property tdtuua4 in Alachue coun-
ty. FIMa, towit: D E ER S IN
Lot9.See.M.Tp I.. I E. i 2
The sid land b inow esmed at the date of -- A -
the tmuanee of sucb nlrtloatein the name Iof IIfllx lr -
Unknown. 579M
steallldeerUftueibe- redeeeaede- 517\51S
eording to lawU.m xdeed wni tpue thereoa n onIIlll! iH I /. AV wp~p !
tbe 2. day of Ausnt. A. D. MUi. A1 I lLU A STREET
Witnem my otet l 4B ture, and al~ tts PaI
the Slat day of July. A. D. I19. 0 4.
Clerk Circuit Court Alacbus0 ,). Fa. IIII I
jpd Per S. H. Wiesgec a C.

Noce I bereby rives that J. J. Ham". ...... I III
mrehaseror Tax Cmtrcate N*1. it dual nVlil I Ii 11 "
the 3r day of July. A. 'DL M t M d1! aid avneJCS VILLE7 I 11-
certlfieate tin my oe. and a made appUac s II II
tdon for tax deed to ime In seoordanoe wihD
law. Said certffia e.embraces We loo I -""1 -1 f LI H O IRS I
deserted opey Wtuated in Alaebua oaitt- !
ty. Fldac toarvit: e .,oTP-ll.R1 R. I [ I W IIII III I t i -----I 1----S /
Tbe n tald betaKr mawd at the dte of I ,
the boaakact of amob eartifcate hi the umnat f9- ,
Unknow&ae~.^ .e^ we pay. freight or epe cag on the
cmaibi to law. sax&de&Wu'RIB-tome ts II. ."n
the Sl darof &Aug.A.. Lwfouowmig -quors; -
Witnes my omtialM WnaMure a ld m) this

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S- -. .- -K ..^

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: - ., .: '!i
. :m
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: .;.-I

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- i ,- -" -- -
Z %4
-- ... .,

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I +-+:^^^w._. :+G i mpHM .: ----, HA o-t

m !ss^' -* + ..- af ;'-" .+*.: '/ :'--~-. .* -.+ ^ .* *-. *.*-.-
I 7, L:

I ig~i: O)&gu. July itTo: mtnal the,
I riotng. tboud tae peklag
^p^K^^W. attewept Eu dcl~ver af~t to
^^ batl Costomers title noauuks tma
;:^^Si-.n-. CQh( of Podiee O'Neill ha sg.
^^^^;ll~fl~ti u thain iet all hauling 4balJ
@, /:_"-a -aUI. tree
'i2."-ileS.doclar-.tb- a-l.fluser
I M + (I ." pritechtd fr o. Tolenrce. oqo
^^^^~r- *fentfai p~Ible, the Osualins
^I ib sn-e-.< t-d7 obe "re hIc
^^ f; -thcaill.u tt~t ptt acking
+--? ":tWi _n--ters affects many othtrl
: ^ 6 Sins a_ well. Tho~e empwoy&4 on
ylk^ !i: in cu t goery delivery waons,
0tuck.s, tulow and bone wagons. lteak.
i,. W:.y. Ie and exwsp.m wagon. are pro-
+ fm bhandllng i ay goods to or
-_-. a-. psMkkfng plant. Whi-le it
S.d to be thel t!uoa o u mte pak-
I <-' t a ly al te e meat to
-t atbide points by raland make no ef-
..-._. to take care Mo the by-products,
.. a strikers exp to ncausm tbe

y^,;*;mkeaof all kitd - far a o^
-:-/- -- *^ *+ | .- !
:. l_--e wagom loaded with meat weie

4t I Wat today -a the,-d
- *. B.-br-__er -a -t the utokyla.
---_, Wow ead bee repswmec, the let,-
i7f .-- ami-bo co,, p ced a
Ole- b- awd bit tarpaulin me a
ta 4 Ilulsin they scolrteI from
10 Uya bya polIcemeam, who
g| S e reliaved by anotber detail to
' -- moam thema ter way- th toe ntt
a b
|| ~so Smle it at Kamsa City.
A--- *aMM t,1 July 2.-NotUaSU to.
A e crthe -Bthe of thaed
j mG ae -ef Kan kitas at Q. e

~- U.. S 371flj

wMuc sutIKe. a._

A. Keer,- prd, of the Centrl La-
her ua-s, bas Cal a speal m et= .
lg M the union Itereted
ftr this evening tcnsf4er the mat&
e Iab& Meids ianert that the
now oey await-*a order to go oU
A" Oa onM thou4d Cected.'
h et t e vaal Mdo violeneee o
f,. part of the strikers was displayed
whet Armou & Co.. trild to take 30
Uw Il e I box -car Ito their plant
The Str ker had learned of the
w-ets itention and when the car
e It- slight there. was a mob oc
.tr sm and trike sympathizers -on
had to greet the neroes. T~b mob
oead Q0 crew to stop the train, and
tiw made for the car. re 7roem
wre pWiled off and roughly baudled,
wI.e a number Jumped from the car
ad escaped '
Several ahots were Aied. 6but no one
w- hv-brt ad when the poUice arrived
s uwd s4hpemed. Nb tarerts wen
-Tday eae of the plants lern ed
atm&r Arese an reporting steady ptcg.



-.6* 04n_-Us" Dnaqs
'wirf-spas her Bes m. @0wtd'
Abiw h bthra he *tassed mumn

IBap a Oe mbe and turAed
Wa:X.-e) ,-luke, sh- hap-
pe. to bee S ste ,.
Adams vw biagtht SO GuiueillMe,
whm be wn l oked ap in theoity
Sfl and w, amig nM d before Jubie
OoU Tbauday momniang. He .T
bod wbet pnsened In the J ostiee
ant however. and will appear for
tri apais suth mommIna.
Adam. who ..a very peaceable and
lswabidngelsXitizen, tate. that the
mepo wbna be out ra- into his wife,
ushe train being crowded. He stepped
upo her feet, bust instead of apologia-
lugs be should have dose, proceeded
to "em ber out" ad call her lll usrts
of hard mnaumes for blocking the aile.
is w-a more than Adam ouald
Utaw, and he proceeded to carve the
Its is not believed that Adams will be
deal- with severely in this ease, as
those who witnessed the encounter de-
eore that he was really in she right.
Prominent Visitors.
Among the prominent visitors to
Galeaville ThurMday were Hon. T. F.
Meoourla of Pensaeola and Hon. J. F.
. Horr of Jackskonville, United States
asha*ls from the southern and
Ionhery districts, respeetfulTy.
These gentlemen, who are among the
'most widely known Republicans in the
State, were en route to Cedar Key on
offisal businem. They spent the day
here a the goests of their friend. Hoin.
W. G. Robiuson, register of the United
States land oeie, who entertained
'them well, taking them for a drive in
the afternoon.
Both Colonels NeCourin and Horr
are pleans gentlemen-affable and
entertaining. They were well pleased
with Gainesville and she treatment
they received at the hand' of Mearn.
Robinson and Henry S. Chubb, and
expressd a regret that they could not
remain longer.
A Pleasant Party.

In her usual clever manner, Min
Alice Thomas. at the home of her
moier, Mrs. M. B. Saunder, North
Arredtado street, gave a very pleasant
birthday party to a number of her
-young girl friends Wedneeday after.
noon. There wbre fifteen present,
and in her own original manner the
little lady entertained Ihem with
much grace and hospitality.
The afternoon was pased in a mango
ner appropriate to the oeasion, ineis
dentally delicious refreshments being
served. At a late hour she guests of
the little lady departed for their re-
speetive homes, wishing her many hap-
py returns of the day.
Boyer Cottage Improved.
The cottage of Mrs. Boyer on East
Magnolia street has recently under.
gone a thorough repair, and is now one
of tshe most desirable eottages in that
eetion. The house fill soon be nen.

* ..*-'. "-; ".. ." ^ "^-^
-_ __. .. =- ^ _- : -.'-7 .. ;_ .- - ** _"
-* .." :' ". '' --'_ .
-- .- -. +.-' -..+_-.-.-, ** -
" : ._ .-. + .
-'- *' ;-" - ; -, '.

-?;. r-

.t .

. a*


Reveals the News and Facts governing
Studies underlying causes of Market
Movement& .
R views, analyze and criticises Rail
and Industrial report. .
Has complete tables of Earnings of
Qtes active and inactioUve Stocks and
SBo d
ReBords the last sale of Bonds and the
yield on Investments at the price.
'Answers without charge, inquiries con-
ceming Invetments.
S.e wse ily ai TEh WALL STICT
JWBJAL I ber qand T" a t velwy
auty Mt etamy a- .e awie abwIt invat
mub e oft mew who dn su



M Dyed Streg, New Tesrt.
$. a Tearp, $1 a bSLt


. . ..w+ -ll-l I I





W. Bay St., JAcKsonviLL, FLORIDA.

Centraly tested, tbmgly reyshed

am MA:- SOfl,

fl O' NIA


"d rBeerted.

3ewty Afmlhea





Rates $2.50 per day and up. Rooms with
private bath from May 1st to No-
vember 1st $3 per -day.

Send Us Your Next Order for Job Work.;




WIN AN lmi



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.w mTAN

winhot sag. fail un. If vw
uant a pjae for a lifetirs
-ere bqy she

Mathuisbhe k T
Mew n w ass ik.
a. We f Wfeu
for w-_s 0DAY.

Ltddietn & Bites

I tta. muc fe,
'@W 3 MNRPM; tr



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VW Lk.


-. p

Exeursmio tickets- now oe ale dsay

M4.10. .. Return im Dee. th
frlom l*to._..... um. Leis Zr-ew.
a0o...... Retur limit if days
$5 6b, Return limit. 15 md
. Special aoach excueos $32.-9. Bes
turn limit 10 dayas rm date of ale.
Tickete old Tueday in July*.
Coffein -dia law vaskW from other
a te L N he bet line
For rates, *chedules and sleeping ar
eeralMo1 apply to
J. t FLLeuNO-, r.-iL pM. A,-.
s W. By 8t.. Jaosamvmill.. FL
0. L. STOKE, 0- A.. Laovill.

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.. n ... s. Sw a.

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/I--} liI = IIi I II ,.I-I d : ; I I :II IiI"i lli I I II :": I I III iII.
+---.: ... "-'--.. flL=-.%. ', ..- -+ -s1-.- -.-. .- -+, -.


7777 -Sl EV lS m is
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B H E --" ^ ^ "1> .. .. .. ... '. r .-.- . .:. *' o e. l^l r- o a "+ e ra. J -o f .a r "" .. ..
:o- _'^*1^ -*-:^. ^ = ..-. n iennm' e m~' nm ,* .' - +. ....,.,,, NA K OF O WIE. .,~ _B^CRP,_O me tm t
*.. W._ -., .- ,, _ a.. .- ,-u -i -t-
.2 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A WHt*3 zEfi ( ol uf t.Ii teBn
f-n a-e / --1 i 1- - ..- - ----. a W '__ __ .lowwereF rOo allows
.S^0"^ "f~~te*C tOUKB&.i aAX dPX TUyA -W i~oti~ AM % Cf -yt ..
Owe (A vn&V%,. US
a.~~~I Mae..eeMi ~
a1. GAJNR SIU SS ,I-A. r0 -. s 1-
at I.- NaME:OFOW,.. C UON _. -

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i. -.--abliusi, Jim" can sell youre py- .fl- ,.. -t om t-.. u--
#n- mm ot m i, AnP, _J nhn-lm_*. ..... C ... ..... ....
WlN Wh r - I no*-W6. . K ( k te . . C od A M a.. ..
tmucking uasE.arw ng aWdl. Send him j. p_.e 14 s e- .
ta j li, ,of what you offer for nle. 2142t -t Grae Foe..C ni-S ae-4 .. ...
trteroofipmored KAft. SIJISOD an. CltS -.'^S [Mtin ^1e
., ,-..t.-_ eo-_ .._- t L ._ t _l -B lr -~ll W BA ER . cA.. Mt ......... .C S^o+ i & .W ..B
th4&emtnt-C. W. C~N
iA RY A t W W.N.Car C U ar I -..--, D-t. rfc . wt,-o nwia- 1--- oJ.
ekCa . uwl-4twi.
^eatTDr~eoo fn faber* Mr -\/l BAKER., AiboMfaArcM-.
or 454m"< ftk^iles Florl"t C. W.ONE-T.A I^ 5::": ^S^M
-.. Iur Wa d a nru t . ... ..... -....w N
S.i Mweitbr ..bnM. *.*mS ..OLICITOR IS OHAICEY... HA listen ..... Bi-lo oet & nt-s o@
--a-L ia ,tu lIc ds. Youcan te --- . .. n>et-1 of R14...
btby the Itha im th tw Methn Lunch from 2 to 2p.L, -GIE.gVIL. Ala.hos Co FLA HI C 55...............I..
S*8;...-lare.- b t _. . G P Co AU of coaty hin Re
a-^^of ar Dadhhlmay leer, ale. 3am Office in Enidel Bkock. Hub U
ra;-ft my. t ag . H ._ A o . -- -
tzt shadow ps W D ALDmERMAN. )ItAouf Ver 1W16tt-dgnwU..
-m w -r+Pa of -eJ_ suW re f .J. H ALDERMAN, i B.a- o ..H
ji .-rage~ *&nee leat tht mO
4.-f.k l. thebe htter. f |t after ".. w . M.t. A. D ..o el-o l n l-4 ....
...WtMPt3S aBM long -eir otlenytlt gpgr DENTIST. J.tCajPbhw iAilsnhor'-oieMu,
.-e y<- t' silbaido o ti -.A....-i J.C.le ... A~mlwtniof 1-a..
-e1natbr. we On band, 6 h (SaSmIW WadlW& AMos) N4IMweb. AU le ni-Sofe *..
.Ost Afl appw- -t.=m._g Ws.
-- ----- .. Pat.W-IIpp a, Muomli OA att flAOOkS.. _OU_ t w. tT. ..... AUIeeI Ot am.
k. psaSi athst etebing rlflt Afl_ tIa V. hi -- .t. Jf K Delu...... Lots 1_. II,. 1S, .b :,l5.
/ na- the .t- Ab Mh ANlN to Crows &ad bilg w.M Sub. .w
+ _-;,;_' m zo +L_-- irr QVU-5W-- JPhouw l W,. S .:. .; -. PM.s- w ,L.4...... +-...
teni 'ubile" Ue w * at- W. A.suokiS ...* nl^kn1-4.leaIS w
."- -. I ".-." - . meresoanla eof swl-4
=a crt'. SI be a lne o Wd i7 o T3 GORDO N i. TwISOW .anorTeo ..t-t....
mat *"J?^? AaA an Is AET~ mw441 01 31 DnT.SLtr ..BAlofB~
.- bae sd at, i .a. .- - A. .S e b ...... C R1 Of o...,
t- p su- sl ot* Wat- 7 m.I it c- t in J.B._ O t . ... ..t i -.; blu.
Tqn1tn.'f nGaueate o"e o .Sue A L. L ......... .. ws-w @14.;o Sr
systa of 1 Youe teio by Its rB l**g~~3 raCS~t~ww4
m0indb0 e what dwpac sigj dkaetjo JISflECb l e m -@ w4
EC*rmow. Bldg.m work MA lVbW SpSIS eirsofVAO-lov 1 fne- w-
te bisbet ctflt of d QUiet- WOR GOVA3&SN= AMO A 3IIhbOf s14 S m.....
-IttOpc to Me law-w K Can" f r ne-,- .- -... Ers O a........ w14leatenso
:+e l hasa proved that drr rm r ...............
;-'-.:_. +..i. _li +.___.. _* +h* ip* ft.. __ tnt " *I^ Jno ObWt ....... ot SS*I Sub D v, ~
i dam Mvavia-at the rate of a mile Jn K&Oi .
S; k tea acomkd. 1 -TI I I rE WEST END, j.KGtS.. Xl- o0 bfl
s sfoes ot elod whicbhbf Is
ayan comnpuiBient of tde, FI E WIiNES, LIJQUORS & CIGARF te tbk.
warm ntb_ a. t ...toue, a n r.n .n JH -rapriew. rn WIhlOu .... ,-tot t a4, a -E&O
+--.h a"e I oay f l"W.Bay t.. Jact-pov.l ei 0a. W. Hyde.

--:_ '- m --m+ nv iiT~t iWolf i ii II. _* RE .AV'8 ni+.ln zii^ .... C --. TAtu ux bk t*(K, *i
.a.. In wi *mo a Fa*fln I beer' bottle and dM-S. Dont ... swka.m ....s

form ,,y *r fommd by T por aeed ll 1*1 I II. nI I DENTAL SCROEON. Th B wfli *ie W -- he -- et_ -- -_:-'ottoe
teC fo the er in coh i. By lhJiL X A& A-M ---- dny of i momo A. D. WH 10 hwT r t
wbo.e .-+-.--_-- -aUas_ atu -ran gn. o t t Porelein LulSy Woer af e"
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n-e mk a d*o fa id ma th.tA. 1.. -to- b eaa t"de". -- -- O
_________________ -re 0o AINSVLe flO ridA

- .d with a*- angry lH rain win ...T.
fi." a ary w bot we rtItDiU Best Imported ad Domestic Liquors Time Table in ef
.tzwder 5 ood SI S w and Win., in the city.
Thu-hr I.odd speiay -o -, B. d

sharply mrw top. with s.ivery wfhit. r No.6.
Sp. CmulaWU wbIb turpt v Day Noq NO.Y i -
a with ba shaggy Ezc't! Daily El4J
CTA t acctsl by wLd, I A-ndsyj
emtMto^WK the b gged of ay* ^^^.---\--~
on of dm4* A sinclecoked of this At ivPMvPMLTAM'
-f w a* Mm air* or e 1 P1 _ j ..
.W-w AMB m. 7 S ............4..... .t e....
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tInno + o o I 8 u 0 ......... ...............
.i bbyatItsay. ____ ___ . 4iio of ........4;....... .*........* .,-,
WO WS- A ^ -^ -a__ ^ L8 is* A L _*.j j.^ c A '^"


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'swayM Volandat AJo 0. DmnW
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p if
:.- .. -. .......... 7 16 0 SS nI
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........ .- ...... ..fl S S f l
. ............. .... 12 0 i as ie I M
.... ... ...-... ... 13 16 1 WftO S
I-C Aw ......... 14 9 I Sft i o m
............. .... I I i a
.................. -.C fi S. .a0
a .....f ..... .. S 11 i1 -0' m ur
^M~i-tuloftul4 3 9 17 63 so s J
it 64 .9 % 17 am S N
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-.... .. .... .. .. h 17 a
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sw ..... ...... ". I to
...... .... ..... 10 17 S s
.4 o.. .. ... .. .. I 17 S -I
fOWN- A WWH of
null ....* .w.I .. ( W 7i0CCe |
...t............. ..... 5 W ; S C
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............ 711 17 0 1 0- a
Owno .Alc-a... n 8 I sn-
Is. WU o1JI
tract Arraood

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... ............ 7 3 n *
r oH0Ci -. 9d a m

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N ....... ....... t o
.43.59 ,n a anun-

4~ ~~5 .......9 .. !19 Im M !
i-4ofe H. ....... 3 I. S S W I
10 44.SL. Den toL
A.... ..D.. .. ... .N
S. '.6;.'. '. -.9.7-" N IS S af S
es in me o

..... .. -........... -..a 3" so M W
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Railway Go pu


est Jul. 61.9m

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papers for

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sting Office
BQa igaelle
Na's Wade
a read the
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^^L'^.?-'.-.'. l+ + b .^ "'" r" .W^^" Bf frf~l ._^^B '" IH^F- *^B^
:bagsQ& peranni for.
..-4 I- :m a -. w mite and f mily, wo
hae boo;redng in tbwis ity for Uom I
A~~nl^*1 Wt tw Axothlpt baTv emoe oD
iH I,-tent they will make their fet
tw m hae SE U..le
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EA^?JS" &re polite, sympUhete amd upl
4t--s ba levbentamp eaiii.g MtoI
B1 _3-J. lidBofa flo e. Brown Ho"m
yoly. I~sorer Iom*I
. _-r.-and Mn. ah have re. ere
IE iftfS turned fromiWtimore, where for the.
.f F. t atinefew wceks they hawimae ter fitirg
"- i relativeis and friends. They report a
+ oim<_ : excellent time.
ra- .9.- -~* 1

immed In your hours of deep distren the
iI eIGainesville Undertaking Companty i
. e d aIupon will relieve you.of all
Sb .. ly trouble and i, nxlety bi anidg l
-.- -. everything for the funeaiiof the. do-
I I eed.
t tect oas of a wing machines,
-I IT-ltb week only. .A good as now ,a&
: .- ll guaranteed in prect running or-
Branat. tder. oat from uto$, w. Will faell
* F .. past fw wk Sm ts to eave. Time on half
tt- Ie amunt.. Come. quick or. all will
- be.Ame. P. M3 Oliver.
-I oa mn zcIMittie

mI rewI Albert M.h ndel and istess th
; IEste silforme rlUy of ta city bn at now
__- -. o1 khonvlle, have gone to New
York for a few weeks. Mr. Endel
SOCIAL IT Sge for th purpose of buying hit fall
N- to.k, while hi ister will vie it rels-
km- toublg ', U frieandsa..
Shor nrtigfohi aerto te o

SA new sidewalk o s being laid in frot
aRead ofthe Abstract'and Realty company,
BMt Main street.S. which will tend
ITto relieve the edetrian who haf oer-
MH. k ""-. al& to go t .a. The material
E *newdl enter- l'edii a vitrifed brick, and wil make
moo only a aubst$nt6l5but a ha sfmel
.fl5e1 at from $5n pnto 1 ah Tm nhl

-theJ. Am Wullntm of Alaqic, who aonwI
Il witr in the anbeitEnde sister, Miss
Rqw -r". 1iseplae, fr l among ieb cityob tow
forf.Ile. Add*eI Gaonef vile yestordaynl Heataeg e that
* ^- th I ork f opr wile w eqs., r.nd Ehdt
OCIL S ITve Mor goe fr with pu r plant about i ughIsf
Coh. s t, wtwhiih will be nearly two week
Invery interesting searsier than brat year. a

Set? The friends of Miss Maude Duke in
Land was among Oinmville regret to learn that her
!ville yesterday. condition is little improved.* It will
returned from a be remembered that this little lady
it to Jaksonville., was brought from New Hampshire by
had when read her pants,h having become indisposed
i., The Smart while visiting in that State. It is to
be hoped that she will soon be enabled
sv w u. to greet her friends upon the street
wue wa among ain
ainesville tradingl- .
I I toMrs. M. S. Perry, who owns a hand-
-d "soe" TIome cottage at 40 East Orange street,
a brief to Is having the same remodeled and en-
a b large, for the purpose of accoumo-
dating applicants for light house-
I of ALasha wA's keeping. Four rooms are being added,
it visitors t this hil h ill aiffnrI amnla e aamwvma.

oral designs
It Gainesville


f Roehelle


Alom to
Apply at

is in

lm for a smallII family. Contractor
.all is superintending the work.
"Professor" Randolph, for several
months bead waiter at the Brown
House in this city but ow of the Kib-
ler House, Dunnellon. is in the city.
The Professor Is one of the most wide-



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15_11 PM! S

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ST lstwahmoo. a beautiuoLt.
ii- -eI rem bs as -
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*~" hrWssaa or wmbau4c
oak.. P:dS6at ItsinSuflobtan
.b Oee Tried, Al ays Ue.
r r Cfl1tirftd m "I ge mibwmsBd eeu
A \ am& Wat naith -&uaeuo. Moo-
r re1001S wt nv as ruewjtem.
Parwom A by
Usl~bSA c.



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ifore with Cua i lL

The excursion train fur Tampa via
the Atlantic Gast Line lea ves at 12:40
p. m. Monday. August 1. Only $2-25
round trip, tickets good returning Ac-
gut 4th, inelusive. Plenty of room,
as extra coaches have been secured for
this service.
R. E. Letson of Micanopy, who for
years has been one of the most success-
ful truckers in that section, has re-
moved with -his family -to bhis old home.
Bew Bern, N. C, where he directs The
Son to be forwarded to him. Mr. Let.
son and family have resided in Mica-
nopy and vicinity for the- past fifteen
years, and friends regret their depar-
Among the prominent visitors to
this city yesterday was Captain 1H. C.
Parker of LaCrosse, a progressive mer'.
chant of that plaee. Captain Parker
states that the LaCrosse section has
been blessed with an abundance of
rain recently, and as a malt the farm-
ers are happy. The prospects for an
early and prolific cotton yield are also
N. C. Pettit of Waldo was among
the prominent visitors to this city yes-
terday. Mr. Pettit resided for many
years at Waldo, but has for some
time been a resident of Mexico, where,
at Mexico City, he holds a lucrative I
position as president of a silver mining
company. He was summoned to Wal-
do several weeks ago on account of
the serious illness of a relative. He
expects to return to Mexico in a short
E. A. Finklea of Rochelle, otie of
the most progressive merchanIts of
that town, was in the city on business
yesterday. Mr. Finklea was for sev-
eral years engaged in the mErcantile
business at Lakeland, where he en-
joyed fine su.ess, but that desire to
return to his former bome prompted
him to0 return. He engaged in the
mercantile business in Rochelle,
where he has prospered and flourished
"as the greebay tree."
After a brief but pleasant visit to his
family in this city, C. A. W. Tbom.s.
has retanied to Jacksonville, where he
is employed as a solicitor by the Singer
Sewing Machine Csmpany. "Squire"
Thomas. as he is familiarly .known
among his friends in Alebhua eoanty,
is regarded as one of the best and]

Sheriff L. W. Fennell ha. returned
from Camprille, .where he has been to
attend the bedyde of his brother,
John Fennel), wholmas been quite ill
for the past few days. Friends of iM
patientwill be gnstiled to learn that
his condition is greatly improved.
W. W. Stripling, the lever traveling
representative of the W. B. Johnson-
Company, wholesale growers, Jaekso-r
ville, was amongII the visitors to this
city yestrda.. Mr. Stripling is oC
of the most widely known traveling
men in this territory, and enjoys a fine
Deputy Sheriff J. E. Fugate of AIts-
ehua, one of the most competent am-
cialt in the county, was among the vie-
iton'to this city yesterday. Mr. Fu-
gate reports crop prospects good in hbis
section, and says the cotton yield will
not only be a couple of wreks earlier,
bat will be better than for several
years, notwwithstanding the drawbacks
in farming conditions.


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IkMUA AuND Sa 0P MW DCW 50 j

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