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Gainesville daily sun
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A. H Omber of E..Cled. airmn of h
|^P iiNl W a. ibchurhe ) sh Sb t. hope of elingt boua, i which i md, T
man r:; r esi WeM ti d alty bewe Dr Nobsoa udpem ponal dihealy WesDr Dr. Hot
^ 5fKr iH~ JT -i;n ayself withbout etectig the Paper, of sosa *d mylf, the ewomboe of a bou
.-----"-.- -- i 11 I I whII eb Mr. Holoman publisher. -D ai-, Repfmwdkly Igbnt
; t w Mt "-t e"r inteuded n na s pology t rid to u s he aer We m
Sws Ait He E Due I NyaSD Tht Dr. Rob.;Io Dt.Io Hoa. bst w, WasAUe with aNo- wor Itbat
i. ..B- NS_-R* ftl.-inn W:. w- . __. view of gettingasw m:e rimon from H.obm provoked me so e him, m
-^ W.4ui5oW 'him (Dr. HobWon) -As sle upon tiunand again I tare tried to beg hi
j^^^K tarlffT ^"T ^^^He, 7j* H~is -which we might be able 40 etUt this pu~e. and bsr through Mr. D. N
^-^ ; -' "-- -J- *"-- *-":--' "- -" ..diffiteulty. However, below I ie in Me lan ed o--erwlssasked forM
s-aliwl itta..ti ,- ] .- "-order the spolosies as w b furen Ai I aemeowleig
-.I.----- -"- ^ .l n..... ..w. ... r mittl o Dr. Hobso ad ie bard of that I did wrong i s striking ad af
^And; It.Sbm.1 -nK^Sft?"e per,"' si*."e* with^ Dr. Fint*
-Babe a m l tbw nameon. the o ..1 "l d4,beo, or she Fl.e Bptist. ,hua-h, o fr. If i i a offense spin.
". mdHoms and try-to fore. change? It
-.e--soliein-- iw i&y-,. did-.hea thb lthe public may know te whole thebureb, I stand ready to ase l
-- "- -'f l hi--- --v^ ^ h"^ -- "1 _-_ ,ihapd dsov-er for itelt whether to the ehurh and to humble myisf
aen d tojtif m y -1ir to he hs name rno j.Ihave misrep." sentedn facts, or(S-eqd--s-aal tes-y--o-ask to
S ova before fte mens,-isdone I i er4esiate 135 whether I have been placed in faine Dr. Ue ogieaIWhl a
-:n,,r--y, has, lsdonetooome ou,- an--d-r-- -. by-,flight board of deaconi awl Mr.inos;ballltobboam athis .mater, ye
l* n raps, .tha. I a- th.public n-kha another ma D 1- tleMilan in the abo.e pars I wb tony that I pfXer Tery tepxi
_4..-. l lpM .4o -F". --W iatm of WI Y io l ante$ ,! when, -.m the facts ._-ti, -h,.:,, ,.- l iaL-_L_---I~l --LI
tape to m5tro) of holly 'toblame when if the ^ graph and hi artide of July 10ths thiswholeaffairto tken in
-m- *zse.di"ngl w ll brought out.i^ Kr^ I u l-My firstoapologyrto Dr. H.bsn wa ae with o.r churh polt. Trsii
ihattvm Dr Hs. atisbe &hmown a she d lY*
I kusw EM everything could Mr.MocMillan also G tshtt hne dat Io Jun 14thand- to. thatornwill sympachie with me I
t a neo fliaoc -,be-showed m an3ympathywB Hootb lows: "Jaekonville Flao., June U 14 t hourof troobl.. askig t ii
K ^^ *J^^ 1^ ^ ^^",^ ^^ ^ "^ WO. Dr. W. A. Holmav.*Cit.--Sine all rIii<.h~k<
a.s il. ft J am-endsbefre.! s % s -- ld .- t- r. o lwas o killed. reply I do-i
tmIb. All mlSorts taUledan sire say! Us JIl went to Mr--..yeterda morning 1l have4 been very edges his. faull that y.--Ioca beb g-aed b
--...7 ..-. -- ; "-A& OT "faied&1. s re,"o ay tl--s -I w n-t- Mri iJ.--D, Y" U ll U I l. all owed myn GotlI il ~ ~ l! !l lil~li

ftl-ofthb-eofhet Fir" orn and Mr. fif. Mcillan an much aoggrieved that I .Iwed m Gwo' Wr l. H.l HolySpit, I
u tS of -aeaomvlk ever: asked -easked their advice autgointhe bet of toe. You ofratenally, 3.B. Ho
anh dlmaorstosettleDrh g el know well that your saying that I told At7dJ, in poin o shesummon
P~ ffiS*" '^?1^-!"^ 2-2^ i^? ^ vutkuwa falshood vw enoughb to we a e of rir ~. per e
-'i.dl l.~. "Wh. .Dr. Noon.has s&A they would no advise -a mtogoh "k"eo t d
ty b hi d isc nk aso be Ith n enttoth ofie ndwrote Pr. mad and cause me so ieee my temper. therm with. written st ne of Sb
h^ #h1ssmns,* and tssred as tat Hobon theofollowing ne: YOU could have used other laguasu tatev Lu the whole affair After s
-gnp iii. t- whie sta'ir-sis!acke. l Jun_-. 17 la that in no way would have g iven wsitsi h ib stat e men and ap
ta--e-- -nvna of -he mos- t.a- .. i s:. In lookbg ove h. e The statement mt Iat I mad printing mutbsttautiatly sh
U s! ultfews i oftetat. that ox- awshinse- top w that when you saw ere was oapoloyM. Goehe. o oft
....._ ^ ^"T^ .. .-^ ". ," "-be n o conolidation you yielded the deaom aked if I we ng
mm nothouht -. in the 4 .fmnote terrible aeecient which ,."-point, What prompted you t ae the apology "oditioriy
'yuntil:after he had allowed his desurred on lass evening. Mrs. -Holley
snideae Thestat sdrI'wish"d"oex p.e..oyouanIdMn.-don_ ot knoa d.dw a.t prikociplen CO replied that I waa nd tha- t if D"
hunbt to l! .I T 8 i-e !riowpr.t:o -n M trollnedou, wore not mme tony. tor Hobnon woui stt tht I wa t
Nuis fwllwing nuder head of'Ht Hobson our heartfelt mympathies inala
U "Mlsr ower-ss.w a P"will-show thbhro. of gr ea.t .sorrow. may -yothento. shake oaelt in my face bl for he whole ir, I wool
-I truenos of ths s e.h b stain ad cmort b-.and say I .told a falsehood. enraged the ropo.ibility n ui
she ,-tl o- is a I Ituk yo o oh. I amsqrry that Iao log.
While "i& Is en- ut Mar.fora t minisd Vnterully.3 i id and feel that you ough to be OnMondy, Jun 27thwlas agi
ftfr even lassesat of oe imoralityt This nose was n04 acknowledged urn-
bee t h no cr anil after stil two weeks, andn .w ilig1, a hat 7oi re sorry tat summoned to apper before the boat
oooJ|m lnlters-bSlungilhh noti untl after it wasn exclud.ed uo youo~e^,i..ued the luggyodidome. of deaons iat 7 p. As atdtheappoiD
J[ n r I believe our purpk#e. are to do right, ed tim I apeared before the decoi
.he ce. stll h .. h hd a trial J -_. ahe chturch.oaIrmai-inednsit wy an r t tr tmmon d s"
ha -curc*I tl 114 and Sbos we g -U4 ogive wyt
beforetbechu aseh a body. or have tul)eall4dring the day, June 17th, on une sh eircunntanr. It would awcrug some questions ard t!ki
ben rllow-topnen-pologh o hch.. stthe aboveWithahope u siO Ie iwe eou *Il thld the maUer ov with thet, I fn
theantksu.dohnse. d IWits florth-a D^ rorHelum worrowd enifor s tetwna nn.j. and not ad pzd begged that they ask Li.- Hot
. o the hWhtom s pave, t "O- h.d ofpeFbk io and want ao bez yor prdo and ak o h for i

"- m e lbrnimd Med mbersa wh.e condltlonyy., 1. want.__e.follow- paddo and ako foraciveem. I uwir presence. This rqut wa s
4 lnervIuof-noithaveo"w thawe l i on be brethrnIo. abnd futwd I then l.f.. theroom in wie

r 'te ~le intOaBaptt chturch arr ex. tcWlfUIlit:trhat 1 if you are willing we will be. I e board of deacos wa-s
-. aiad -efore the chur-h, and when Have 1 Misrepre.ented Facts? hall b. glad to meet you anywhere aod went to Dr. Hobeon's office. whe
9 ezoldd .-tMvbe Wallowed a hearn Sile this diffi"ulty between Dr. this afternoon, or if you p.rafu I will he and the trutees were bodding
--: befor the ehure" A few weeks 1*- o-4admiyself onJune3thb.itae go toyourromn. It you are willing meeting I there r!q rtted chat I h
" fore I was e led fr m the First Va that the effort bosh of the court your answer will be sufficient and we allowed a word. Ibis request was
.e Baptist Owu.eb of Jaheonville. my ^. sh Fin s Bapti. t Churo h of will not dise as this matter. To ,ay fused, and I returned to ,he hou
-wie b tc I were reied antf ihe Ja vlle have been no-crash me that I am sorry for it does not ex- where my family was stopping. LaW.
i& low itny tbetigatlo- byAe
r- : witou ny .a. a,. ather than tovindicate justice. A., prow my feelagW L*ot mehearrwe n she t*rASse.'phod for me. I

!- the deem. It was .perfectly r1.i..1 further proof of this asertion, there you and ir you conwent I will goto turned and found Dr. Hobson oat
.f or thedmons to loc.k into thib im 4p- per an article in The Times see you. Fraternally .Youra,. J. B. the ofie. I stated that I had o t
S."lty-, claim that the de~~d osUnio Of July 2st,- purporting to hive HOLLY. 1 Dr Hobiosm paud and to askc
| h-ad BO right o try- me .and exclude u frnished by the board of dea- This letter wn delivered to Dr. Hob- his forgivese. Someone of he trI
r. mte witholgliving me a bearing before eon of ie Fist Baptist Chureh -on by a colored boy, who safated that leesd that e did not beliee iL
St"heebe h un official reply to the reom. Dr. Hobeon refuled to receive this he would see me. I then nked t.
1.. thnie ourts allow a grand Jury mendatJn of the presbytery of min- letter, and the letter wm returned they send one of the trutee to ha
.'ia wto Ja _iiSa *.. wl3 l hich convened in Gainesville to me by boy. t with the reqaeit that he allow me
-_ bt that gand jry has no authority July 12th,. for the porpwe of advising On June I5th. the Hon. J. D epg speak privaetey with hi. A MI
to try the man or. imprisonM him before the First Baptist Church of that cit) of Orlando, Flia was in the city, and Smith. I believe, one of the trste
b he ha -a-fair tria. before his peers and t0 whit action i should take regard- thbrouh him I made an effort to went so the arsooageand after a fqe

, ~t S


,- -- . -_-.-' .. =.

IB M .I- .. -.. -._.. - -. ; .:..1:
DflA W I ... -o.F
_ -.. .. ,. . .

* Swo-Ibisd I wha war. bA ,br
a by Dr. Rts a" sh Wuar*

i- sad to offer a
* bothtomeand h eb*noh, Ptiy
s. might deqm wis Or 'as, b ebe the
r. obech ttook fal aoia.. a
li~~~~~ .:.ll/ ,
d myself to h ubly sa _p mat s.Ma jby
W their a .eia, wha.m vm r it lieb.
L Ths apal I adS to. EDr.-
S through Stout bethr-an the Sfter-
s Doom of JoaWAtb,- efow I vW tbe
R exdu l fini the dohsham& vot nht.
41- Dr. fe removed ,h- .._ a.-W.i
r in e iot wre obf Crb*ai e-
a. w a ad him -.Spy a M
r his eharuh tnd at aUo9 a e l .
a alaistet to pe pi o in.
- This effort aWm f .il- _-d Dr. H_.:
a refused to SUIn. the mnrmoI ta he m,'
1 mitsed to-& eomeil, &s *1 flfl to
I 1t3e1 btethm, that I :Bhtht
a atm my doma, "d "at ll T I
" should go out of a bdek m ied 0" lfl1
W had to leave kiW S iate,
r !- -.T-..olo ^ k~a_= --- _--^-- '- .i
iD n. ft.C* waja. i3pi.
The follwig eonm=u ia to a.
S miisten' mwael that met ais Guse
STil uea Joly 12th. fr Mr. I 0.
SWasboldt, the me de M i a
m it Baptit OkaeurNe of Jakti.M
a wbo offed a minority pet as sh
oehurem Ufiebold heJd S00 9ha 4 in
Sonlmautios of U the r a~e of
0A* Sbbpuaft _m-
- *JaksavoWe, ELt. Jlly fish, IS.
SBrethren of the MOoal: ot bpi
r. abto ppear before y t m pma"0I
With to my that I bitted im fy
, r ap ot what I eas.0id t0 bef

d kedif p
Sa Sripturall sti pouiaL I Afl
all the am! iU.d tb of ud
a of deacon amd taw from-de UsN
Smeetinug of the be..oard that h a
e feeling and prit sh, t fl i
not to have been a= a the Weoar
r iht of the SialseetingVS
Brother Holley appeadwSl bbd s a. t
g wiaskedifbhe had awybin hnher
to msay. He re d: I il
SI to ay tMat I aihm ndy i. om fS
. the remark I made m or
UT a I woaul beat hI~rte te w a.
Sof lii head It hie pm she peesorf she
h Ta rt Bapr~ Obsak.' and I seat t
d ask his forgiveness mad boeg hm puadsai
e for what I have don. Wfl j~am
abrethren send out two or shoe of the
Sdeacons and baling Dr. Rota~t is that
he I may get down em my tinea in jan
.l midst?' He pleaded and im~tews
It Shin board so do ala, whet his a er
^0 logs were aotbeedud ta the ICM.

WI' DenO-st -am& a9 EWEgummy
S'Bwthrrn, here is Dorn Bbses
about to leave aon b- vat ad
are you goig to kespm In ain
Swhie he is me o R Nme of e 4d-o
coat' male ay a w. I S
BDbar CInM- i, aam I if We
0 eould aot tell railer Bailky vhwb
r. tblsmtatkr wislbs renbdeaw"th
h He replied, I dmps ko.'
I spoke up ad amid, s Bom h0m, he















- -t




-,~ t




,* .. : ,. ',


iI4 -If

lc: -1, -- = ' , .- - .., .. -.. :1




"" - ... :< 4* .- V
, -Sf- ., '-- - .-- - i r t- k- cZ 7.f ,.,-- ---Az

.- .- : .%:-= _-o.-. --" .-,-d : '. ", :.--=-, ----- = -"7.
.- "-.---. i 7 .. -, ] =.. 401-.=-:- k - ? .- -- '
:~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~- -As -:.::.. .:._....'-.. '- .?- -.-- _-.:: ,


-.1-i--h..1 ... . . ... .-

I^ -: ?:.:-C^Ujte : T- AWT

I f.- .- W- -4 ..-.- :;

I n-h' I. -St. tke a t t .

B~fe ^Mthe buftbte iork~m h
^ tbiay to1 o'clock wttn the walKkou
III f::, :::. i : -.o..-.,.Sttest, a.. woa.t
a"-p te I mwr-mkt a"- R
I :-.-,.: -.:* tU -, -.x o,
.I -I r Ka e:.:e. *wwmss&.---.
^pt lw^68 .1e cclt o t oteee e
l^^^ft ^ an *d _te Mori eaof the
I^ ::.or.- on.c or t..m meet!
^^K onef orthe ee~n oCthe TepreMVea
I + :'.. ---... :of- o tejnt de,.fa s e join

I^"ltteote t i_,--K botl
! p .-":-: .-t-e m N. =-- o e of
i .-..- tsnw..nbb-Of -te Pe.e.
^ .of he ackng Ofue aatooiivenfth
WN a

SkSa..-. a fl. stbok W .S-ing.effeSn
11-, -. gum strike atn fo the slSSf
raf U4

i -..o, a. -.f- of a the sgra yat MO Mnt.

b Iflthofe- bou ther workmn blt
Ik' fly 1-bo ,Sofw& the wals-ift

I f---re-.(--:..-. s.and peta am 0
;= '-" --"' *S ap-o "'yteate i ek

ea 4t Thi.s was ..wthe ithotae awat

^44M Iffmaw wld ot bove dsOeRd
itha welt sthe war bOS!
S7-".. a Sthe.w !
nrobm a Joint sai or te .*

^^;^_ \^^j~-6b Refif a~ut V&le~f
akg .f S- srepresei atlvesftd at the JI
I i:-a.o thee pm an. t'l. .of M f e

i Bttiutloa* but refrain.] m mf ati
! : --,- :l*W< vt. ettee I
^ ^ Tip bed handlers went to wory
I '.l th J..t it.. as declared by JohM
I -. c. oIe of&9 the i.eM of. the
*- te m bea '-dL b. ..
I -- t"- od ed -to strike xt'f too& 1
-. .seteS noes mas of th. omlwet
I ^"^- .: :- el m i*'i L "-..* " -..1
II' f-t. hel umber amebyd to a eact
^ ltor wor todny U scneded thai'

_ s.-mpmtby.k strip. e wads bisl e o!.
+.-. -- Wit e@k.- roilig te 'roa h, tan
^. 3m pthe bomdaywrle ofmtk d tossn male

I ear.-. t,.b- .s ,.-, a d.i
^ *ftdaoy thins thmesrees ith wanaidfll

! M--- we.ld ot ca.ed oatve discovered

---. .. order fully obeyed
No Ctange In Demands
Bstore the eeIng of the commit-
i' --<:wasy ---w.ndedJohn. Shrldan buslu i
K y:- test eight, representing the teamster.
.aget for the Ice Haulers' unoion was
Sebattuted .for one of the original
i .:. : ,. m - '' -.- I*-
SB.o.e joining the packers -in thI
y-d. the teamsters went Into joint
t aefneen with the representatIves of
- ~tbhaied- trades, and there it wm do
*MS that no7 change could be made
the -demands of the strikeXW rs.
Aboct the timenet for a meeting o
the p ers, .-the teamstert committee
of eight- ccM-e, .d by -ftey
J:_:,.,~ AN- -, W...

* e~w wa'w wi- d -ie ,
why Wizard Oil 8tt.d
.ahce ns the best -ai

aI~ wrnstsdt e.--_
a, th St** .1 the klfr

Itdre eayt thestPials.

Perod omt al prats
of the conntry sent by
thousands of grateful
people who have been
eliev from suffering
and cured of painful
ailments by the use of
Hamlins Wizard Oil.
Teta wk- toride
S ard Is, upheld.
Tilm tried sad trae

gyurtw. 91mi3 gym." .t Wtapper
-m Ss Be"Ihs t. Price 50c.
Eailias Cough BUlmam curn
a cold pcwptly andt

HluMU Blood and Liver Pills
wre caatipstiou. headache,
bilioasas-, hesrtlrni. torpid
Uvr'etc. Prce 25.

reported as k ling cattfe. sheep and
hog today. Swift & Co.. It was as
serted killing 700 cattle 1,000 hogs and
9,000 sheep and the others about thr
same. The receipts for the day- were
3,000 cattle, 5,000 hogs and M000 sheep,.
or -bout 15 per cent of the uormam
- 9 -. -b * .
Without waiting for a strike order,
about, 50 carpenters employ d in -the
Ivastrioum plants, struck this zsoraing.
An effort was made to: get the mill.
wrights to go out. but all except o^
in Armour & Co.' plants, where 2J
are emplySe. rejected the imtnetlens
iand r..naed at work.
Genwal Strike.
IThe -sympathetic strike is conidder-
ed by Ita. leaders to be the greatest
and most expensive this country haa
ever known.
Thousands of teamsters, cattle han-
dlers and members of the mechanical
trades quit work at 10 o'clock. The
fIrst big refection came when 700
men. Including the sealers and pea
cleaners. employed by the Union Stock
Tards.and Transit company refused to
work further. Next to go were the
handlers, and this eliminated the use-
fulness of the teamsters and they fol-
lowed. As they passed out of the
.gMtes they were greeted with cheers
Iby the thousands of strikers gathered
in the vicinity. Prior to this spec.
tacular exodus came small strikes in
the various plants, Including carpefr
tern firemen. elevatormen. machinists.
etc.. but these did not have the effect
of tieing up the plants. since such ac-
4Gv 4J~., biaA rn n b avt vnm.* rAil nvA s a rte u

-msu t hb m als

m= til"',ie -tr ti-e ri M. 0 1 7.,
e .Us- talk abot th ItInflf*teaAt S. --.-. :.--
elu tad iat -.u emetd later ll Ili.
Tb -ittwas'ara*athatPresidet
fc~ant re 'wIn the Ctfeamft .&Pd K Br^ fli; *-_,\ -K
*ratiOnf- LA&-b and Dusey Cobes.y ~ ~ ^ & L XZ ^ &*Hf ~
eptrent tug the btoSr e uBr, H RtD N E
aboold .oin Ur U i o [ !Ij- A --~ : iOnl 1m
sittee. Then re 12l waa 41. !I "liftl_ l..
as nployed by the Patcers and w- - Na
aeir strki. ng, It is admitted the paeek -- ,
W, would have much d ,lculty getting a hr-- -.-
ICe to their refrigerator Om.. At the i B .
conference the representativesld taold tte I "5 in _I--- : B
pekern that they 'could not nfv. a an al
their demand for reinstatement with-in -- lI --- ---.---i
41 hours of the cattle butchers and .
meat cutters and within ten days for For Sale by Joh n= Gi le
all others. and for individual arbitra-_ __ '.- .. . : ___" .-- - -: :.-
tion In all cases of alleged discrimfna-_________________
SUon. The eonferenee was secrt and -

rersnatv fth akrssi" Fill" -u B. F. JC)R .-[)AN, '
after it had lasted several hours a -
representative of the packers said n B e F _
progress bad been made and that a set- ftCI3, I1
tiement seemed as far off as ever. *-1.31L5f 7 A
th Live Stock HandlersjatI " --
While the peace. conference was in AN 3m Cmu INSURANCE
season news came of the strike of al" FIES
the live stock handlers. Most of the
men quit promptly at that hour. hut P TE B LOC 1 K
many were allowed untfl 2 o'clock In lv
the afternoon toin iesh delivering out.. -- .---I
side the yards. The independent pack- ,- -.._ r _
era took advantage of this and droves 0Y 'D I4 E
of cattle and sheep were driven out
of the yards. When It became kniow

that the walk-ig out ofse thea lte stoci a !
tohandlers affected the I independent
packersp'as sel aaslthose whom the

to whie the qu s ym ahtion gen ra " .^ W*- "^ -- "_ ."----- :
strike had sprbeen called rapidly. resen that "i u Iveg .
of then t w Independents called on o C New a and uh Lines
sy lokike.offieiasat the headquartef y of _^_O a rr r I
the packing house teamsters to aske'

ifr a special provision, allowehing themd 3l. f_-

been done. however, and little Inoofr ,,,.y-u ,! _c- r--- .---- la... ,,A,. , ..- '1:

fa st. It ela ieaad a sal maj..... _- ^
to resnded to thcur e cattle from the yards In the- "
Theglar way. Represand dytat o ves ofd.- S Jthej
alDied caking housetrades promised jvrihmW' w rra m

M; 4eanhlete UyPa.ei eea

ly~jm-r locedwherWsals ad lftman @

however. made large desertions. Tihe S twne n Ja.Csow ntOa aLMd MSd ANfi-ro n
places of these men- were asserted to Sopping at P its, Ator, b. nla, Beld (Dm ) ia t aa)-
have b*e-en Ilied by men, who bave Den La.dlniaoa nU8. IJAm. +.w
in the employ of packers for im stymr "CITY OF JACK8ONVIUALl
days. LeT Ja ka..isvll e S 3 p.m BaMsIa atfly s I -S y
The strike movement soon involve Learve SSord 9:0 a, WdnemiIa-_i FI ap .
every craft at the stock yards except wrrppowwnt to a fo-.wili.
Sin; the teamsters. Steam Utter, ShIMG st n -
plumbers and box makers etc.. walked -ave 140 M. n],,-e
I^^areSS *prni...............Jacki****** nay'if--le......*..* se Itly 24a w fB e
out succ'"slvely. these departments 8.i a P ... ...... ...Ia bO
being totally tied up in some instance 8U0 iam................. .<... 0 ., ---. ..
but partially in others. I JO s ........... ..Franis................. - --- :
The strike, although general. was A-e-.. ...... -......... fo (d) ... ... tet
conducted without the official author 9 na ...... ..Sa.n for -.
he d "o th I --' .... u w- - --..... --= --.- ---- ........ ;r c . .... -.... .... ~ O- ^
zatlon by the heads' of the varlou s _o 0 4V _ _._9 "._ -
unions, but solely upon tbe order of GEN ALPASS. ANDTICKETOmr OS. 0 W. BAYa., jfAOK8mGiT Z
business agents. who refused to A wait W. # moma--n-a LB o s Pu, Aw. if%, Watn.. Br ,La _.
the action of -the peace conference, 0 CoXf.How" J. .- A. J,-a-.
which was still in session. TEED.A 0. tGfl, WVFIAYOLY i w
.... t Denu M axi .e -t ~ m "~i .- .---._
Cheerfully Rnomm ended for Rheu- (3am Mana rM 0mjm ApYw
natismn. -I
l. flm S-* U fl itU. -it "-


-^*- -?- ** ..

7I. : -
.f '0- :., -;*-

*:t-' -

= --

^^^qin~t-mia Min.wt~fe

^^l-swiim ,o ao Wow

!ow e iq.wm
a xd

aW eudaaL ad

n wm fe tokn tf tho
bn~k p a-mSw
tbee. the wobJe

tilt a moimlss, Wnin, o

,swvt Isls Sam. d
up.oat S.sqmt y mtIm.

^*1il bytm~ylag thusugh the
budl~, h IhEemmp Jill.-

-- a uIn blinde*M Smoky Joe
1.-. Osq.. with.. hI so .boh bt

M. -tIp heta tm i wnorele.
Stu. baft-msSD

ks: uaf f.. Womim. as.s
_- .- a p.a, dma fola ho dyo m in

|. alote a d io m oee-ad xetpopt
:/- ,oin-of oo Dapiep 0 a Dd-ie. If yo
--W kw the -ao tas ar.ha a.O
f lA bob. we u leftd Dau-werniths
do-b e. too b UDep is obrff

am "o*Nh, Wsd "p.erbawldoa!
|?M bSabe be will 6stednepoalit

..... wflindid ofbla p op r heom tharg
^ *.. ad of dtIa. da pppasr, Ptesip

empe o ths hast Ron d olmea tm b-wi

ta g tonhe. Iodi.Is doubtful
mai p tbie gob la mre gtrouble.

As Ow esdest this p erwh oa.
hu s.yu.dw suffering ihIdgsao dyepehia

L tC fLiSDsesareo I's you-
Fsihdlstafl and tiasm-building

srmlaneM Politiciame Vklh
S.. -J*dg-e Parker.
* - h ops. N. ., July 26.-Tormer Sen,
.Sm Janea K. Jones. the retirlnt
-..eSirn o the Democratic natonaa
A t- and Daniel J. Caupau a
mmbea r ot the co0mmittee from MieNh
7 wee vtisi-tomrs at oseuount to
-. .They opped here on their way
b New York, where they will attend
o meeting of the national commit

mma smww~ytralo.&neh raily,

~b Ne A, A Ik.._ r..S- t u-.
I Ci N.. 8, &, pu-- o.
o. s;- kIp Born., st t b No.
"4, -at Whit. 8 _. T
Sra b 6Mo, bS- the olbs ao

.ive si-g aa Gailmwilha man.
de wa a- d2 ra sad sot1ated
has, be tfot le pass eight yeas, prioe
Wayeroe- wea ystnr of the New
ZathacO~uh at Feoria Re we
BUS4 we NbsmS Mouiab One N4 a year
i o a.m R.t, A. J Irown, whoa
hAf secited a summon o lthe East

Weak HintPe

-to m 3inak of Idigstimo, the -tomaeh
cprsmis eounLi drd pub up against
he heo Thia erowia roe hoeyt and
hotLeU the breath. Rapid bean
btee tolO bean disease I the final
'ta idous Ou.fer.ay ..o, dielgnh
whatI s eat, tman, the bthrai off the
beanro eno li geht ionh. dyspepsis.
user nftlashliead matrbeshea nourish-
meat, theuhk heahu d o every or-
A" oy eue morhsyouduct
ga. Usk~i k alswk o digf youaresb

Sto No TrIce of MIming Man.
Savannah. Gt,& July 26-Jaoe lmt
Persons8, the young drug cleric of flat
man, who disappeared from the Pulan.
(ice to .ileate his purpose to drown
U bouse a few days afft leaving no
himself by jumping in the Savanna)
river, has not beu found. K 3 Par.
sans. of Eastman. a brother of the
young man, arrived here. He could
throw no light upon the disappear.
anUe of his brother. Re said that he
did not believe James had committed
suicide, though hq could give absolute
ly no excuse for his conduct.

Negro Murderer Captured.
Waynesboro Ga.. July 6.-Samps
filournoy, the negro who killed ti
men on Minus McElmurray's plant
i-Uon near this pltee, Saturday after
noon. was followed by-a posse at
captured in a dense wood In the eau
eran portion of the county. Flour<
seeped! after the killing on a ma
belonging to Mr. McElmurray. E
was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Grub]
and Is now in Jail at Waynesbor
There Is much excitement and the
maj be a. lynching.

Bryin Wilt Not Sgeak.
Chicago. July 26..-The Tribune sa,,
this morning that William Jenin,
Bryan will notspeak at the Democrat
ratification. picnic. He Is In ChI
go on his way from Albert Lea Midel
-to Delaware. 0. "I shall do no p
lItlea work," he said. "until aftpr ti
Chautauqua season. A previous e
gagement will prevent me speaking
the Harrison picnic next month. Du
Ing the campaign I Fharl make ,tun
speeches I 31issouri and Nebraska."







''.- -.. '- -.l = -_-w ^ -j --/.- --. : ..- - .- f.- : .- ., --"-... =.:- ... **-- .-^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ .^ ^ -~ ^v; ^^v ^f~ l i --_"fff fi -'. *:-? ;s _

Mi a W&' -o at I_ __n _-, idLUft wii_---_

Strike Order :'-cd by Fail R1nTern TxManfaiaiurn's of the -a ing spur
'l' CoH~a inm pro Aaist ARm e -^ S IbMaa Cotton (Han, anxd Supplifs tar 9q
d._:_n of Wags- C OfLt Out rlpe GAI SV. .LS LOA us-, A.
Number of Cperativ. ---------- -"--,-,- --:.JI
-' - i .- - -- . .- .- 1 "- -. --'..- ^ "-- i, H
rail River, Va&84 July 26z-e. 4& NoK GfMua .fnlue Vb E
strike order uned by the rail RIe" | H If IIA I .-t"-. I
Tiettilie wundLCa. ca1rnu irUPraris aS
the ml 5in protest agait a Ue o Ml e s -
of 12% per cent In wages, bee d/. or e Im -. -
festve today. In the 27n mills Invo v- v e ,
ed In the agreemet to rdue" wage. T E A
t Is Is-U ed that not more tma TP.-ONLYfA *'at' AKE w A0
30 entered at the s and before S -: .
cAk practical ly emy =Ma involved.ta Cpi .$6*** *** **0*000 f -
In t trouhe d st on. "eI d. --* " I hdaudon
The strikers, i, so/ iscurpluo and Undivavded npo,.ewa wA -- -.-
had asemcblod near the ml di--
"sramdquietly. U a a hk 4"Wlowb8nf
ha*ving morehaaS S a n .- mr "t h
ooMf of employes ready for work was inm-inn Anl a W aiii. .
*t.e Boue where nsofting over t. tn -.m._. .
weavers had /- ---. .":-
The manufacturers kept the gates I li d i if-"
open until 7 o' clock, but save those VI.I 9 I I I I
who had gone in at the usual ttme, tim ni_ r i I I----
none of the workmen accepted the op_ f11U I llUl I, 1 I UUiWl II l
portunity, and by -7:30 o'clock pr IaU_ _-_.^.. -.
call every mill save the Bourne Mad 4 .- *
shut down completely. E.E VOYLE. MGrL "
Both -sides admit that this is the AL gugj 15ftnSJE bi ntafl
beginning of one of the best deter- onuty. Our manger has live I thi nMbji -f _id C
mined contests which Fall River has ihowightly -overMaai wi t .-e. I.
ever seen. The manufacturers main- -
tain that they have tried every plan -- -
which they could think of to avoid fl -ti V L. T -I a i -" '
a reduction in wag, and took that -'-- --- -..
final step only when driven to do so w B8, AWIDENTBUKGL .R AND INDM qA i, .-.
S.Iting a naimb of
to save their business. aA Tnumb A"- Y 'sb - 3
On the other hand the operative* .*. -
Say that the ondtons actingg "_o. "- __ t
ton manufacture here did not warrant ____--__________'_. -.: ;"" I
such a reduction. ta --. 2.

STRIKE SYMPATHIZERS RIOT. .1 "-f .tBp -_ '-. - -. .._-

Attack Bread Wagon aind Stat Oriver 11113 AM .VU~ C .~f AI*4tv -pB Q
in -h__ -. ..S
Chinago. July 26.-A mob or 3.* 5, .AI3EYILLI. ? IXAi -- i I "-
strike sympahizers attacked a bread .c A 11E%1LL.POX A
wagon -the nrhu'rz- Dakery coinpa- ---- ..-
ny that was returning from making a -i
d&Uvery of bread to stockvaras and Oar busimeea sritI a n a --_--ed to the wan daa h- -niIIs Mflfla -
attr beating tbe driver and. his crtIi p iWof land, and we hare no private or p Muomal "355fl U... I
a~~~ ~ wis "^" ne n i o- thaitt bus~ass. We miake a sr-eialtj of the weussttfo Cl hfal t ,f

panien, cut te norses ioose and set mike exhanOtive twv- 4-__i-t a of Iftles. We repet pw t inqgS ..
fire to the wagon, all matte heeaIn t a -a..ameat and Nt o -I _I.-. --
J C. Clnark. superintendent of the dpta of outtandig Mx ales When lyoou.e a| d S M- *-.
bakery, who was driving tbhp wagon, 'ie i0 oar ie call of or writ uP. NoteI plio II Ce. --IiO Pa
anl:Edward Smith, EAipp.Ug clerk, who L CINLUUL t. 'w
was with him. were both !aminfully but I- '-"_" "i"_ -n* -
n o t d a n g e ro n s ly h u rt. T h e p o lic e a n d i . .. .. .. . . .. ....O.-- --- 7- -
fire departments -were called and the TH L M CCIA D A YT f Ml
crowd dispersed and the fire extin- I M VY If lUI tl- -'
gushed. No arrests were made. -- I
No further ff-nris were made to do.-f nmmodiou s H meLIike a HOWLI
liver bToad at the stockyards. .OmmOdioUs, HI OmIVIke nI

5 --------------- ROOMS FOR 100 (f MSSSB
hot W = __ Inn_-
o f-l- OTable Une eled. Every Aatto tB-
On Monday, July 25th. tIM She City
Council of Uievillse, Florida. met as -f-i .
quired by law. forte pMrp ofsot I r & EI. M. PAXTON, Owur aud Pep.1 WHITE SPIrn rl.
al iewig and equalising the -emmeu-- it i... ..... "-- _____'
ir of taxes for the year 1901, ad the & -------
rif msmeom aains the following med TlA ITh AtaIntic Co.=As I ne--
permns wereraiaarow: I rae I" a AtflaHtic 0 ,oast I
W W A woe, T taR ----

'' .-* ^-.
../ '....
.. -.

-. 2





-'-* -S ~ "-~n'Waa


4L ---r ~ Arzsr- ~ &i>
~- 7 t -t A

aas.amam ,,-h .----i
..r ,: i -=! --- ..- .- -,- i na a-.- -w "

'"O-f... ? _: .
1 :

li: : :.. i: is

m,, C-

.l^.':-'- .-. ~am "-- TI-.T .....
"'. : -- - -:- '- : .. .

'.. ..+ "' : .. : "' .- O .- -.
.a .' .n..-... ..i. ,- .: .

sS a. Bt a- nsus
^ '- O -a ""+- O- ,"" :".- '*

^ J~AL"I P. AM=K
t flm NO-TOLnffI~

^^^~~~~~~~ S:_ ^ M^ _; ."
.-&:"-- -.- .

7--:"-*r. .- m TK LA K. > *

,- ft e .;3+ ; 1. ; 'mor. -we"
nws .. Ae: -- n Al -
lk es- N soas t.
-. WW# -CLMSmSn
l:-. T As r - -I "
(.::sS_..m- : r--o .-

: t-. ' -A. L W9 "

p^'~ ~ CIA T B sromiA^
'--:: _. .- '- V O" mIL ZW AK' .
s^]. ;L .-.*. ". -^^ w ~ ^r

'S^^'--*-.A. C Cti SV M j'O
.^. *. -i m. 0 n
USOS tapm te aser

W~~o Aare~Aen~lf
""U. .- O". i.w m s S Dist-
i--I--. - 'M- - ,
FA -:A --.: .- ' Cos t -o.. .

g :-+ -' "-:: " "
:. -:...- .. . .- ^_. .
r; .- - B. F DlA. L Ev .

^ ^ < -,7. A. JSAOA.
E .-_:-:. -.. -T .* ~ i . I
:i:--. J. _. _. L t lmua

i-.r- :-:- .---" --- -
i.- ;.. . .. a u ou w s ,- -
:. :;:--. .- V U-,S __VUUS .

;1_-., ._..- .v. e aur.

!"". .t-- ". .- .KBKl:)!!
*;. -. S. m~ IHC LfRk
-- J . WUnS .
' -. _-. WILU .- u a
r."-::_ -. cm-v-_wss--r-,i / i

- .... M- AA.L- 3 AN.

r. * . _
r- t .va.nunto..

::- .- "R. m C Om
:.{... -- JOUR" L. 3053" .
r-: : .-_.a_ S ____UW C _+rt SI. -
t_ _- .3._.: us wna zaxaa
_.-.. .C -- -, _.
-"'": L ,S-. See Car.

volUSv JUim



Seeretar Shaw in '-i.l ChieaW ..Dl RR~ fT
peeh repeated shat A,00.000 Cwonh i Ba BIlH I
OfAmercan a!erhanise ii annually ADwms,"1 i mb REA lTm
sold abroad cheaper than at haome, an- _us&_ -
Be merely left out two ciphers-a a jjtis
typOrapl .urror. Steel rails are W 5
old here for $28. but are offered in a 4W _S- .....l
u rope for $ per ton. Our maunafse.
gored ex ports average over W.000,W00 B"e- or
a year, and almost all of them are iold ThM
abroad cheaper than as home.

There are thirty-five codaties in the
United Stamte, according to tbe recent
government report that produce a
surplus of over 65,=.00X in agric l-
tural prodsew. In the iHt of counties rs-ai ---.. .iB'.eL- n.
i snois lays elaim to onefifth of -thoae wi.. --- w.-J-?? i- -e CM &1 .
W .g~un Ws. IWMYbSS aba
in the United States that produce" omrwml yCo.,uCbcorbe .T..
over $5, 0,W Oeb h surplus, whihk i AMl L SALE, tEN U U
a record in which every agriculturist ____
[.&nak* f*A% ***a]6. waJml^ --* --^ ^ ---m-- ^ ^ ^ --

,- a_..

- f 7.

-- --m~i4, -~.:l!:m tbf
..... ....

ilml ,i,.i1 .i l^ t~ittt t ,fartotteabtr Hi, a ta ltA

ptoyeao Juli ,imov:-l wa 1I^57 te trod ear leef. rotfl hel
oa. csia-v b
so tBao s*Po~ &U Uott f-sb fleer nf leer -n ~aan

f,!.ee' sbe su m! aiof the_ a., the bet i eh- hs- 0 fl .
bmu nmw the amwe as on ,( a, wt to tbe aoor. ti "Aa. h eAw"
ITh irtaedo iihe nnmlter -or QUne imm to ma tetaL,
i~mit ttw **ife. The ---t. t. ;

- Imp'-" o h of n. fUetlwao aos she thre oue newt at.
plq a-l.. y -. w the sLta s lor t wls Wt- w l
w44- eh i net ohe 3gv. cM beebMmmIn

V l Upaotsi.mlnga.tA hete mpre ainS g isIsM.O. A be p-t .-
eat *Iu, -oia aomier e snto the t 01Y A JEeW be toiw& t
* e non nl -7. Lu opeating Prltis

liee inbe ortd that_ a.nd fore sagiaoe fe v er Wt ua amn tbe.

4"! leM ndqie,.nr; tIaft WA t ag w-iue !Fra"n. n HbaDO.
wbie em,,, oa. a ,, afl zwde, Buoxe .fo hW ftro bhi te aSo

IM o~oepr oeot w o o+ dl.inubie A~mert oT tbe
d~ eot to the *oii eor. Ab .e be,
I-k" dueds io. hoe na mber :of I o to st am. toa st.
ply. bS itbsesbnd be. meRely a 1 ____toh____h
vwa- to @WUM OWdUDL Tb. ISafl Maset CaMt0n.9
kt inmoe of S waste thal origoi anboo h ta I alycountle oftVOf

WW0 insomlruniwittoai" Iaftni bora go ld oM woEgiah at mao don.
e wom srtfr at The re have bIen o, rt. C mberid -a"t tin a uOnly
-mo~~ ieess e;rd sesins of two. (Alfl and Smebe are b ees

u.. .ill me0t. sim'il nae. soo I alla otr tebar-

sv"--y,, an t-e_ boML e at'-to ikfMy n w.
e aIng good Ameraniwrt, lelnito aFml- "-
Th Uxu we sth rPtKenuese eebmet.Placataquln- and

Siom inthf, worlA tammha, Oe mr e gdhoc tei.origi amog the._
tfor adus1 drthanwmWi ward t he tIOithe gfirl l whi eat a nklme R an
,s ee of- th tugtfultday Knox and Wu-hoInstu be er-thean
oan ep;et la the oper cent who of dlstingulahd Americns of the
seed Aten. andl unlnertula. buet w ite rae.

wite idoa of soUll for nniny ine-mpe
9who ieA onr pubi c s h b*ool; tt .A V. UA -.
these~ ~ ~ ~~~61 wilrle n o aegodt mty fOet 15 the war,"mSM the

wei.O lt & ban 'tis FtI 'an itpz," n .. trey u =iig to r i ien ab
I*sfletl.oromsht507 to get out to Cafirnila.
-it h~tle t bw ur sh 01"Whbat do you want toar to aol-

ap.e las e wo rua ons M ig ,i.a for?" ask y thife Wman u c t i he door
We, ad iMhayl tihe ol,. Udi Oh .I't mveIt a tthat tereanthI.-A-
subet mrhes wioilln Pro_ met ie 'bs growm a (l i a out e.
pe m elet raph froee balmombens- -Yo nke tm
are readi the wrtwi ,of sp e lhl 4a

Clafor th e p_ _u____e.. It ia eai-I -. adac --he m h ~inMba~i, td
l now that '100hy,00000 learmm amr flV aCn dnier iln- a. ci
'hlssoq.dma*ng,04-h anda.ondrlybng Miss A'erJoee-Whnt a shame ft Is

prlnit plernof hynemphysiol. b ow the men deceive us w en
d ta a t-Mins srlued te --Theyawoudntnevg lt
us that we build our pyramid from
wo 20au to ahrry n onlendo they j
she CmMouD school upVwad.1. LSet us dd. my 3'dear.- -New Yorker.
provide eduosou s Aeof all for ihiw _____a
who armanmh globeyo.d the publi jc L .
ft5fl- irnt Ciztf7s-u-Aren't you drinking a
little more rliuu l1,4uaI7 Second Ctizen
Tb stelegrb aphsIborn on0 Mq 1, -yes. UMy wife hbus g cokld In Jjrhead

U *




Ronod Trip.. O
.alF dally. Cicod
till Dec 15.
Round Trip..
sle daily. Good
sixty day.



--Ow I- -

.- : ..;_ .' .-"'



*-. -- +- -- [ ; ." .-_/
motherr t hrolwb Atata an Cd m or Ci aM nfle. witmtn
coft Urnte IMa flS *wt 1om rat IN0 St ia Mwa aIN fiPn
.Jeekam' We. Il ok isest7-,:-em
Sew Im aas dpowa S e
Oce/ n aS m S No emne, fl M owS l 'S l fll
of wauqs lsads S nfla Yf 1v ~ ma. kr t
Sonb sfera VJh twWoy. lam Wa a.e d
it.eailo _J. LU.JSto
Vies P wMa--Aaea we _MaWi, -_*afl. ..a,

E Scr 0^ AB "%jfL "

Air Line Railway

a *.FO R.. .

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southen

Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-



delphia. New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daiy.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail




- I- - -, -... - -,,.w.- ,wwNw -

Only Liie Opaating

Daily Throbmhk Pullm Shspors frum JlscuuIi b Us

- - .--- - -
':'-=', .-.-- "'" -",-
4 ..



u Trip.
-sts ;a e,._-






- A*~ ~ A

--I'..': -: .. -



--I. -


_-__. ?.:... .


__i .__ -! .._ __ I-

i| -!--


.." .

- 2 VFW-'
rL AL -
7- 7*

7^1 3 ^ ^-l*- `?^ " ".;:-..-- -_-.. -. ..-O. .L E.eG- L -'
taut ifangpufn She ilmpoa al. aT l
I i ..f .1 "5 W01 -UIUG..-- OY I .W WH O"'theft
iGAMJCS^Vt t h~bou-e calendar th at vil d(Ie within e .. .- ..'a..;tt s me.tione, Itts act-li ely i
ifuan, of the Important MU1
ilia Rit Inecessary legislaton willbe'eover-

^^E C ~ h^^ rn~^, i^ ttarn K.Li reiy ben a case or complait on ithe
1T-.'.-- _r. -"g pa", rt o:rf the senators ho are an-iol
hb, 1ad Pbgra[. I to hate their measures acted u-opon bt
mB^: -,, jkiftr^Bnj ..itfa ,fte _u-1^- >- re~r . -. *

^^jl Win Slot.^ SMJB It* i*m, 3U-tSU. the house ad memabers of the house.
,,t .. ba. ns ough in hs wa y to get1
6 m'Wn h Tis repl-.s _* by Td"rp o Tdepb..e__ their bil- s up from the heel of the cat
f Desk"- -- e a t It -a something doni

*^iiowemfldrflgath pasitoste of ______________________ wiht them before it is too late.
*)S efti mnr h o~uift lea lxii work Nowithstanding this opposition to
flmoits rattnr UAnto It. 'H i SEABOARD AIR LINE. speckil orders. tbh@? house hasc thus fa*
l'n. a-t Ild ,e __ _ ,- .. _. A .~ Iored quiteen a number of meanutres

*B~t~rtts Wabe ts, sad Is, la Off iciaf l Route romn Florida to G- A. A ae lat ten days. and there are thren
a. -' h --t-We-antlt e E E m nos

t others yet to co.e up arht wen wilouscl

ot of ourthumb, for i The heatdquarters train will leave will receive continued consideration
i .J .e d.o s .-wI Autguut 12, and wil" be until e they are disposed of thse.. are,

tbS a Wb fl h n mst fur .. o--r the follosiag rock: the bills procading for rotation of the
nIttremnM.,'/ tbpa he teld - that Seaboard Air Line Railway to Rich- su~perior court juadges. to increase the
K i- pwul oybe -a Mbeim.od, R. & P. & w. Waig- toverno salary, atIn tino eqp tohe
aluM.."abiap. k wr heIOb, N -. .. t_@Je City, Swam. stbat deprbitet of entomology with aI
emfro..lA.uo.hilsme.10 othee Mary-ad to Harlem mier thence scent farce to prevent the entrance

Ess emt s ^ 1YN.H&H.toBoton. ftth Mexican boIl weevil IS the.
a i ~e, -". of hi The fhllo i th--e- asat . .. oe twenty other biss which
..ft I- I o-| .8.AOARD.. .AIR LIKNE. their authors wanted made .pecla-

e mMis that Mr Bof.ey'. r*isffa w. sp Jl m. e order were turned down by the house.
e-a 20at bWmboesettd by the -h1U0e W bp af i.a. every measure ts ot An

thlmes~vilbeehunh. I vas very must Leave Wahington 7:40 a. in. arrve prem importance in the eyes of Its
at atMthbi and w t if he had tS4 Mpm. ia,. thlor, but the indication are that
E W7mo" taak,- n;- ". u ow o. t the Atto come h -eei. -heb

a ulurii atlth ahbe harparo the ps tlerstrain willrleave will receive not lmiberal eaouih to ,If ,. itwa ra"ly n .tad W "R*. suogst andgi be lel g be rey without acto any muse-e
S to_ Mr. M tae. foer o- n eth l Wii"e .equI:pped needed legislationgforrotato
-u.-ned t BjSoter _So,.oo and sa. w.ih th Ainmgit vestlbotled coaches, T hoe general appmprlatons bell wil
l. w . -2-. . .| oA u s ._0 goeo'* slay, n

tncc h. had told hla, Brother Bob. O UM wpt&nt chaWgeS froctJackt be reported to the houe? on Wednes i
maea tusM than be bad beesIn- SlhInb 1 Borl, oxil thrOugh PtU S day by Chairman Davis. and it is with'-
-, .,_ll .."--a. lnsitoa s stepen, equiring only one in his power to call it up for cou sidnhr

I eafl elpbusu.thnn sftackmageb *-.tWalbiaroto f ^on aM soon ns he feCs fit.
.-_-..n wu.e--- hbised and -- be.o. all he omndtrip rate fr l ucient force to prevent matter to come
sh-ag ~a~,t nt se bmy torBoto"_ will he,_l-oallral, "";v-iaNew before the enate this week is the gem.

ofthefogl gsiriim YorkandSound sterner, 128.75; via oral tax aa which may be ready fortt
me .t a mai sa th N-rmotb and st mer, or via a- discussing before th0 week clam.
mka- itote t *he poeMR tif 5of* 7 nah ad steamer. Wt This mextire was transmitted to
my mslom etirely .>n J3 Requestyour ticets over the OIl~cF)~ theseate by the house imanecflateiy'
nM fl ^ws, iss e toste, the Seaboard Air Line Rull y. a e r s Pa ew lt o hr Wek
yssTjS tMb an teny n M'of ts [ S'he faowin ti the schedule na eie f' t bill wee ord _erm pri" .
p ly- to lb smue o.cLoud n gI b e a e aSbo.a wim

p)^~~~ bo oten o~~~brother a. trip- tan for ale ocenlnd n It Isot thought that there will be
whoa -h other we re tured --ownb teboom._

ley fclbeen over ..ul ...isoo IB R.,t theAir tfM~riends;'.^ and th ulc to f the bill a within the next
agteacbkferglwunes. IAuta o tste pnerall, 1 few days It may be brought up In the
bore that at trns meeting .ns1. lh. 14t. ThESeaboardawio 8M. .o mate.
Brother oeA,' I his satement,Osaid, el snb tikets via New York There are a rnnimber of eiportat
Leav8e Ww' gk 7 a m. a. wre

WINW13behfth. 1W"veryound LinesIportanyerailtheoeeseoflot
tAt.-"1Btersl ab. I wu t-he au. mathor,tbe theI ndbefare t heosente at
We o"-6" '-m~~ it-it, a ""y s. o mid 14 A ." "may spenda l n~iht In Wm&I- .let go 'by without actlon. any much-
:sI""-0" Md:i WU.;Xirs M. K*Mftn He inqow.IThs. 9 min_ wn*/be 0uiPV ne~eded 1cslation.,T~ nnrl eeupe eddIgsaln bl
wih lw ht vetbld 80..m--eet Thegeerl p 'n aton bil il,
b.....b.b" kM m.,,- Asohr ati Bob--ple t ithot hane rom Jack- Ie reportedto-th,, houseon wede.
..... A4 be iM be x s m *t*d Bo f, d arA tm Pull-I day by Chairman IDavis. and it Is with-.
-+i ~~~~ ~f s.,. o mu i,, m leepers,. ,eiring only one In m~a ocr .o c.allit up for consider-
-"--res. e -no belp ,bo om ..,.owm uch [, .-8t alb g o !u~ +on, as soon-ashe se,?s fit. .
.'4._o-o ,ling _.-'- ,-,_.bse w bd ee ,,lT he oo "fom il -re ctipotntmttrto come
---llJ~ll 'NlI 'HI! I -_--= .... Bastou- will be, all rail,0 $80; via: Now before the senate th++s week is the Smn

AL-L .brPk --*-Vo mpoAL -L- Yrkn..BundstemerMO a.e ready for

.... :im ifrond Now Y orkwithout, stopping in
b atk put whe be e caled him "fom N: w O. W" SPP I' mittees. among them being tha e bill
fkier'; I. would beg hi forgiven Washington. 2w. qulring the railroads, doing -busines
bu at awl at thi same meeting, NI n Georgia to tneor-orate under the
Brother Holley -sad e would otksk v pension. laws of Georgia. This Is not opposed
Brother Holley said he would notu "as.k
i -A foe to health Is nerve tension, by any but the small narrow-gnaw
"At tie U IuoC Wednesda night smetimes due to hurry and worry, bat railroads, not now incorporated. The
-w-he church rok ooals .i.n I Bine times out of ten due to poor indi- larger railroad systems say that the
WR1CBII OI vX41 lk *410 vD .~ nm --w0 O *' "j "* * . .
vIA s. my -- '--- s-mmadtd there gesion, a bad stomach, a torpid liver bill cannot affect them, as they haRve
were present r -o1 to constipatiou. These conditions all vested right thdat cannot be disturbed.
onmno voted, 5.for susaing the reat on the.mind and %ill keep your Therefore they are not ftghUng Its
majos nerve on edp i f you do not nrmove pawsage. The bill has already Passed
ea3drZkeepinthSersets..While' theiby uoing Green's August Flower. the house.
,nm a *-k-._ . "-~Chore- Is no beler stomiaeh medWilne in The bill under committee considers.
.ssi tM d. teor .m the world than August Flower, and no tloc to require all railroads hauling
g w ra te +,rk ,." g n ng tol I C to_' I__,+,;ti ;_ or dys....i. ; lumber to equip fiat cars used for this
. .h,,____- b_ .ftad,.. _",]l- l wsrer ocre for indigestion orudypepsia. n t. _
.. "W ... w--- -- --it ia.,,bttle ,S Big bottle. Th. pa rote with standardas and supports,
S V--tiag of the chusm. many.ofI s^?IF B being strenuously fought by the
.... NO DtO M m. hnsous
t ng l anomII I$eeived B- -o.M o ".- railroads and zealously favored by the
time or inftomation of .the meetUng- P .rIc. .,tnt. lmber interests.
a' wer absent .. Memerhi as 800 ,',;.I .;
wem-lS beat Member.hip.t.I. Ja .--.- r e o Several other measurm of more ot
ovver. I -wih to be frank with .Dr. the- hie (,,;.,'V as r.. less general Interest are ripe -tor a&
Hebeon ad -give him the benefit ne the unanimous indorsement it on, and are now lying on the table
befor von in n -d --to what I ,,_. fl.,nn...aI ,d nt.r.l .i ah.. , I n the senate.

. -.


xnv osmzw sia V .
r. TV II 0 okRCtoLY wnnn~a NOUDES,
3a nPROMPT Mfar.flS
. We ever thne imponaas jaina as ,cswtssuy
^ ^ wi.oli S, star. of your b-nws. -- ^

4 n'na-eAgents for the--

rVietor Safe and LUk !nmanv

I "Ionna I -. t1J4
, The' "VietW' is the seo aft md and .. -. ',
a mg the pmrehm of a ae, or *AN$

%- Inftormation cheerfully furnished. AXSIL F ID

The- SMART SE ..
1 v .llAV A. . 7:- 2
A Mazine of UweM .. .* a-
Magapios should have a w*U-deInS porpa.
Geuuiie entertaunmemt, aaemnt ad meal eomieouls ad she Ui.
of The Smart 8eft the
Most Successful of Magazizes
ItN motels (a complete owe in each number) are by doe Ma mro a-
orsm of both hemlsphere. -.
Its aort stories an suehleas-lenad -tma iu of umo- tinnis.
Its poetryl eoveringc etire Bltl o'f lw. s-_--- -o i il-
ne--is by the a3t poplIar p, men W... o-da.
its Joke., Witti. ,Sketebe, ete., a.m asmi4ufdly the ms i-t i- -.
16o Pages Delightful Reading
So pages are wrasted a Sap filisiem, OIIS TnMiEW or
ops et a re a=____ _,.-
Every page will interet, charbm Sand refsh yo .. -
Sobeerb m now-2 R per ews. im eteq. P. 0. ,m orJMM -
or refitered letter to = T. ,M4 Va .AsM, Iwu t
w '. A-* A 0


N. K-ample Iopies tent Free on App,-aa










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.._---. ltel-k t. -w ._ .,,o eh,,i :* iimg Pmts May B e Maep

^-h v--Ik~ at hes m ret aginstpthces acto
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I: me ana.t thei-s two mer
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Z ;a-,protest wil prbal be-eaterI

6 e:tal of the Spolemk. cmtoa r*
Sphiw-. that .hou a vesel at ai.
t1:^ kme to obey the signal of a warship,
-r, serop, follow It up writ ka solid scion
^ -ituw bets, The captain or a.e Siumo

Sa I gs mated, mi ht be iabloe to
w.. pemaity for his act, and a&I
B^-.r:.. -- etaseof th. Ard va's creiw
-: a bow d the Smolene But the.e
oailS.! q eethan wiin be mnosub--
1a- UefU Wtaleottatk. u when Gaeat
itain Wprsets her bill for damage.
heui n a thing I s that so frM aL the
w inteir fleet steamora are oa=5med4
the acu o stase of the dlpJommatac cri1
-M ha passed It ha. bees decldedln
..-.- neraqIt of Great Br: a to avoid
" the farther loss of time At to send
a Mam to Sds Bay,, Ialand of
- C. e, bat to r-ease h-er at Algier.
'flThe octed Press has bees Is.
buSel that t is possb there wll
Ia a Wa l lusnectln of her ft ear

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Y ~kvte StBen ng d
-SR| 1xpt~WiSa t 0*e Hundred and
K-B- .r- T .Wd- nave. eIy todat,
'i aUflE wan shot mud aetoe-
IN Itosf-ed thtea men, al restdet-
a. u Mpper Wat BWid. Two of them
Jobs' .r"i: andN Deais Healy-
-bsb!y wilH d4e.
actg to the tory of Ws wO.
l tinsltrg remarl was -made onme when t' fe trio passed the
Mwa. a& womaL.- Angry words were
changed., the woman's escort drew
a revoler and fired rapidly. Many
pan- -rushed to the scene, but fell
beck whem threatened with death and
TMw weman was locked up peaina
;- m m m ~ -

Sa Tionut ilammation of the m-
o a membrane of the. wind pipe,
wbi Ume zads to the lar-
lux ad bL ehi tubes. and is one fot
the most danpsro diseaes of chil-
enu. It.almot alar on on a
t..eni. Oive frequent mall d ;
9 I 's forehoos Syrup and a
Ips Ballaj 1 Snow Liniment extel
.E to the O ,t.. 25 .6, $1. Sold by
X N Johnson.
Awted AcUsRoof Chrag, Union.
Kas City, Mo, July 26.-Aiied
trade unioaists in the packing houses
Shere. are awaiting for the Chitco
nionists to take the initiatIve in a
sympatbetic strike.
They will, it i% stated, follow what-
ser instrurotns msy be recelvefi from
Chlczpg-. Work on an Increased scale
w" reuimed today at the plants of
Armour& A Co., Swift & Co. and Fowler
Bros. The Cudahy plant, wbhicn had
been hut down since the second strike
was called, was opened late in the
day with a small force. Practically
nothing was accomplished at the plant
of Schwartzchlld & Sulzburger. and
the Ruddy Bros. house Is also closed



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lindis Central




. 6m lwIth W; A A* IL IL aLda
I.G C. A S. L. hiy. em Atanta.

Lv. At" ltaa. m..
LW. -a o .P ..

Ar. St. LLot 77 aa.
Ar. St. LLout 7i M. 1&



l ^ -"' ....
o, -c : . -
,3-' '- .

4-_- -

_ "- -- - -- '
- -' ~ _

. -_ -.. -. ---._ ,..


-- -'



Reveals the News and Facts governing
.Studies underlying causes of Market
Reviews, analyzes and criticisms Railroad
and Industdrepoirtl.rl
Has complete tables of Earnings of
Quotes active and inactive Stocks and
Records the last sale of Bonds qnd the
yield on Investments at the price.
Answers, without charge, inquiries con-
cering Investments. .
JnMAL i. bttoer qualdMS to 1 ta mosey
ab ly aO daby to adebutI
M05thn1-1h lesWU ad."N



M4 r t 8tm U New lrk.
$1 a Tear, $1 a Eat.

235 W.




(mkwtlrly amted, thwrhtyrepared
H:- Tr AEm"-r



nd vmvated. L Newl irabbet.

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MIS. W* y Iata. lw b
'for dmlm 20".



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JOUN a. mmRv, U,.



IrV L L I. I:L

_euo wiecet now o- aaieldat .
from Gainesville to St. Loui and .e
turn. "
$44.10 ... ... Ien limit DeO & IM .
om-...... Return *It. 0 4ia -
onS. b... a lia daIs
Sgiseiai woash ezeassiam fyJI. Re. -
turn limitO 10 days fa date i. -ale.
Tkets sold Tndas i July. .-
SCorrp ,dW low rate frmo -.
po ..e eL. .N the ben te I
st. Loui. "
For rates, chehd aee sad slep -a11
nnmdmaioo apply bto
J.rFLrPLsrUNo,u'bam P~aL~

CL.L STOE, G. P. Aro.nJIt.


sen~nasit ma i---

-- -!B


..G. A. Re. MRNIOK..



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^p 1- t of ctbw *AY CTh ghwo EMTj' sftoi GajsMMdX CFe'w~~wor~*LORMA W^.~r s~
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*^^ 5^it !r nt^.' *h^: ,=---:: Ja,,D,~e Flrd T _.../= W_.g_8._,...,.... Dl-of,,,,,l ...
bSSBf OOktokl inosc musts. cam tn AitRNEAY AT LAW, camp hoBait o cthnotwts..

: -. _tmr.f M-ekth I. wal ....r .a-. ,. . pm,.S LCT R I CHANGER^..: .. o h, Pleke'-u. ..::iiwi:4< :: ::::::
dbsmry the t.v bod the tmenG lastflLhLyo -er Pal.l Prx u oo nwsw4q
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saleE'^k rain ^ __,__ ADm S Cv. AmbMoThnMDO. i- All. .-r.onj*lh
.a-a" ws __ m ade Ie l by i
Oun. sell your eity proaefly, (Oma Nf Pbs Co u'. of n- trks
%0 lKkd VM that proved an unhmaprondW). phosphate. "M t
trnekang farming Lands. Snd him T ue-
ha pt ndew to hesWn. lit4 Pofwhat youoffei'forflf. 2142 TtnC. re
litn A s811and Caft ibGaerb' tvl
geI m wh, eat the wsans C"wS PbsO. C uofawidluwH
nb- as on sift ad her fa wm "g E. BAKER, A] non ars s- .
:.!-~l i t mCj -&A.*m .pu ^il .*- m *iW cli C M o hei b*^I r>-i.a.. "ln> ". L ": D nt ... w lof oeM......
.; -.- . '.--. I !'WkOVMIIS Florida C.WC nlot a4
wS S fm b--leed-ing tArx AWe LAW, a w. aeaflt :5:.Sw
tbbr ick wail nearby sad -a.. SOLICITOR IN C HANCERY.. ris Ii..x e14o1r14&st1-
we re.ha M r i a, a gn_ ot aetar -._ .el-4 & Ae1-4 of mel 4
Hg- .GradevP .. -gooo Abe. -. o th ........"..
which wa had Ire MhS [aa I to Ip. GAINESVILLE, Aliho o., FLA.-n Il-u-b. Co Ano .. ...... ... ..FA
Durtelema her ae ffice in Ladel Block. a
C o was: snumnmed nd De---- .-Ao& ....... & hbkw a--4.bk
Iw ,the verdict awich wte W Ter D. tag nno H AEM N Jt otmI o .so .
eta warn cain ^^e t her.w^ v ArU^, Sxya.wree la A.Lei GYork lety. tbatfiS Scwok~
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b.. th l~a an tule In th-e DENTISTsaa. WJL e -sw I-, ltof
J.C .M. AJlnt-Sol-I
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a.oter. la rAosiure briag oWrius&coas
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I.I 3-. Knpr, .z oha inp. Jog I a J fn 4 "

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"|" . M" "" tlfrLl -W. W. A. Su .....ud .. t- S & lesL II-
DItmytami o f Jl2week' _d r --. .- D--GOfhX)N TW-S.Ste.
At idl e wife d'O of .27I DI Snil, l^ I _, F uir t b retead d ue r' .Lar-_ ve....... e ...nh1,c.....
wlatTafra 161iI aeto W- e A 0. Stobur ... t-S fh meH
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1u. maeWst easu U -n"i." Graduo, 'oatmoe ,,,w a Dental Suer. I A.-.-.14.'

*a- -! .* " yews | l n lR- fI ,l I.. f. .... Al lea" wla of r w i
-., I hig"y reIno. Int IIC I I *W 1 .rownatae work SanVIuf Spe.s He .. ot-4A
a to alwho are so bl ed with AL Wong Ournar Alie A.OR & ALewte.
brake I orheamavtIm." Tt- -W 0n Mi e La E lh a.e Eam Hils.. .... .Cc Iem ares a oiL

.*-" --- <& t- ... "*A- .-_ -^ " I^ -^ --v^ 'ul uv ^ JOHN *. M Bf . iD Iw .tO W a
-a d bay4ed W. X. John. G FLO.

a-. a-, adey. flhasubBv.
-.. a- a cl e a T-wi ,ee K, ,,w. .. ,

bshwan. PerA~son- Fired ThouhWi*l JONMSE.Prsllrt.Itkwm
Ve~~n ~~ ~~ morn- ~~MCI W. H" a.. sekaacmfe. Ma .V re 1L
July .-Sunday worn-, ,.
|g about 1ay the wife of tt. ft.S. !a Fa t bmr, bottle and draught. Ikm'i a! --.. ..".-." .'" t.aet o- x.
who limit Hansella manlstation failto calloion me whenin acksonvilleME-Tto... wo me. 8-0%,-.
below. Meip.. wa ,hot by a unknown -I I1 .i ... ......... ,.-..m,. ..., [4 -- i Ms..Mri..- Iow4 MmIi
Sh" i.waunIi bed. the shot beI I II ID HARRYLEE-JR -S. --n OS~e
;. --.- a wmow.To-~leleteIIII III-I II l I "DENTAL BURGEON. TI D' viiast '.ceks oi
| ^ t~._- i,..M-' ,.i----.. ai-_...,< ------- In I -V idi*onu>.iiirA., l] t foinu/
t- Tta i-. ,I-- Mw no laws ea-rn-_ be uade Is se aUin
t ogh m. U, ... o - Porcea+ Ila Wor .S th Ucrulat.os. f

"_ .it :I. thogh .that the *hot wa atm- i-" . -.offic In, Mne, Law Eusbawe -" .,'
S- : atl he 1r bmbad, who weIn the GAINUSYJZLL FIOMD V A I .........iansm i

Threewhit bm oys have ben r'es A,, C .,,, RYSTAL SAWON uani uu. .

i l od ed ti Thomasville Jail on 1tu u7 rkGarte. Pro'r. TuE FRUIT &,
m tan al ei.. dencI. Order to the Jaksonville, Florida O
'f-" -" -- -* .- - _^ O K I
- fPNe- Upon Top of P"is. .
" -5 -u-_o ,o f Beet Imported and Domestie Liqoar TIme Tbe ii
ke. hp pfle.aopao itt oWic Haop Iand Wines in the city. I .-.
^~a"S kpdhe t and Witrtm -Wich HRa.^y- -----
el kMe wrni theWa. Tbere aremany-w l, I =m
diat+-blak isof pf,_bit if yoousge NIII o.4. Mo. .
t- e .. aw-e ud oam Wink Hae _wl t 1u, kG 1
so ITn S
b'n B yt:O. DeWitt Co.ot 11 Iy o
O-- iuz a ae Is elrtsin. H.A. T-i I- O -7---
L::-+i: dale, of taiiiwo4OI, 8. C-., my. I I** =_In \ T\ r _\ +_ _ + .
td p M d DeWitt's Stle. [i Uv PML P MLv A M
=10mateiMAr rthixelme failed/*##^~r I 7 6{**;* *-**"*
Ii-; by IU I I J V ...... .... "-a s-"."'""
au 7

MIlL TO THEr DIATh. 11fiPD NFO R5 .. 4-. -.. -S Sa*: .1
-. -ii- ,, Y"'-- v I I I i ....... .... -. . .
W I..-.S.II. e. N a"* sia"w. *. .ia "a. 5A* 8 9 5*".,l'a
Pm sht Firs with PI e, Then Drew -nV 88 i ... ........ .... .. ,
..Knhv- ..... ... ..
ITriidad, Col., July 26.-Word has ........ .. .. ........
$ .been received here that two guards ,8 W 1 .*......... t ...
4 em- oyed. by the o P om n I I I I .......... ....... .......
(1lU *S.aae i .**

-' -- ...- :- .' -; = . ;" -..- "- ".^ -Z"f_-i ...
U ....Is.; '.--5 "-'-

I- .. + .-; "-- ..- --.. .. 4
." -* '' ", -- *'_'^- ^ s- = : "- ^

1 *..- ,.:**' ^ *" ^,:.-=2]

S. -. ,

=' ~- ~' ~ ~. '' .: ':
TiCT# .- -

.~~ ~ .^ .w^ ^ ^ M ^ r -J -_ i r~ -_x ^ r j _X~- -~ - .

--2 -- - :

9 - -
0NOP LAWk 9 8.
.t C .6

..... ... ...... 7 fliS I
.ea e*w*................ I as eI
- .......................--. 9 S n a -
. ... .......... ....... .-. $ -_ I I -- "A " f
.. ................a.. s-o a M w I
""".................1 S Oi- .iS S-

ofwl-I tswlnl......I *e * a7 o -

.....w.. .1 = 40 a a
... S..... -..... ... If ~ -w .i "
.... ......... ........ . B S S Sa
.. ......-o.f........ .. a I" r 1 a a

Solllf BtIl-4& i 1M Of -
&aw .ii.nH..-.....3 S .. S, a S

a .* .."...-.'';..'.......- 1$ 0I 17 al aB a
.a. ...2....a1 fl 37 S fl

..................3at rIT-0 0 w 4 "

rat4...n. ..t *... 3 3 7 U M -
*1i o wl-I........ .I A wH_-
B.... ........ .... ...... 11 i>g ilf
.4.N...-. .. t ..-.. so 1u ; a a- a

...........'.................e 4 j 17 S S

S ...... ........ ..... 4. *lt 5 S "
.l&.~tact A DSoS

. ...../. ../.. so' o1 9 tt W w -I
-4 ..... ..- .. ..... ..... a7 9 1 s o -_
I ...................... ..- 3 fl a
.1.-4 .. ....SL ..... I3 m a
Q.... ......-... s s t 9 ei ms.

-4 a...I..t. l 15 5 5 s
1 ........ ............ 6 10- 7 ---
W&t-4-ofS-4....... S U U 19 N S

.*4Na.. q .X.. Se -5
S.............. ..... f- 0 a I i ;
-a.... p ....... ... II S Is a_
ce e4.i-4 .. ........ 93 Af a -
swl..9. .3Defll 0 SO-
N.. ...... ............... 1 S I1 Ws
2 W. .......4 9 3
of.. LinC..l4.......... i f- 5
rI-l ...............* p gp 11 s a a
.a-a.... .. ..... IS-S U . a a .....3 3...3t I 5- 5 a

HallepMsI4 !" !O SI S 0 -
a 4. L.... a.. .Vv i a
k&tL 4. Odr~. GO- S
at. &. Re 4CftadWe n&.
t Is ft v. A aSty-way
Laginsoom ofwl2ot
Xm4.sbUWS. .IL .L......
nw1E ............. ..
.. fl..I..... 5O 5rae
rl-4... -..-.............. S as Si S S -

me. a asaL'Lt~tayA/ al a na. a
1*va^ maA a flC
............. .. .. ...... 14 ft I Mf- I -,f
oet .r ........... .... u11 II 9 i it
... ...................... 7 '.o a -477i .

It Raihaj Winlpiy-

C effect July6.. 195.i

No.L' No..
TATIONS. D ..Uy. Ik ak.I.

4 S4
... .. ". ..... m m
L. 1 jI e.0.6.. ^.. *.*... ..... ....... I -
.../garroB-....,.'.i...... .,...... i -B
i a -.o 4" -
-omtb lde.. S... a..........UU.... *0C
eTi~k i ,n...,-+ ,,.t..-.,.,- -.I... I! J
Se tIBogto n"............ ........... '8
eloutbuld. 0*s wo 00$41
Sikeampy ................. ...,..._ 6
.Tacona.,....._._................. 61U
Ik woAL............. ........ 5 3
.. j olyett.......... ........ ..... IS
Waihooe.... ...j.e......*.......** 41





. J

1 -'
~- 0



-: "'- .
-.- -_N

i ":-

4- -



- t
- -'at
- N t



-. =


4 -..:~

-" J.. ,_ -:_.
.- .a-i:' ... a-

".i -: '.' 'a- a .'

SI. .

.. ..... .I



B _5,:"-.' '' '.-.. '_ ".._.--7 'M D '[ I L T "- *' *
.Bi~v" -*c "~ '-z*c *' -'* A k

^^1P^~~ ONB DabpWrm5i

-- !;m M Told In abort Para" -
^1^ ^ ^ ^---c.^-.:.u -. :.
^~~~l JMC IMhh~aA O

^ll^- Th... Oman set magud-awile ol entr-

p ^ ^.. -. a:.: . .. _. ..'

r M-:p-en for m- e at' he son

a-ajou rad that e YoLAtereatiag
a. -loIsiTh e, The S
-Mal- SSb mwartso& a

iii-:, 8 o-. m s.,n, Wonderfu l -Wivefor ale,

111. '.-c" -, .. -ba~t e
C-7 :.-.- ... ,,, .L. -,

Lowe Hspe and -. Kinehatds of Nw
S^ Weppea ToW weemI am PKaratdayp
8 TaH.hdRe of MNewberry R. a
b.ute virlor to thb eidty yeaotdayo
_Rea enj.mntk u had when*r. ad
f' i.t- h-- sloer =ah weidi The iman

s J.wt c Feagr a of Wnuoota W.
The Oman .S mgsne wil e nTes
^ BNani youread that vetryntedresin
^ .magasla., bth Sweana Seao neai
~b asde Wonderful Salve) dafor asd

^ 9iLa Horewell (arndBKinoid ato Jov
resty werIsboc thex ito q*.Apy yetrdy
fcW N Hodgnt of Newtnrry was
I'" Rn)iaf enjoymentishaid whiienrle ad
jogi a*'lve.aaznTh mr

!::ii-: t.. t... -smtai aaa -aa.a en, .
: F--.." -r. .
-: a I Rst.-Fromi August 1st store

3=:"" i---lgi' .sw. ...
V. Pryrer. easA~Tir ue.
lJv. W. MSnonald of..O Roy Pointone
.- -Of athe pfegrssiv. tinkers of that
a*3.s, vwas In the city yesterday.


trip. This will be positively the last
opportunity of the .eason to visit the
ocean. Special train will leave Gaines-
vill at t a. m n.; returning leave Fer.|
nandina a p. m. See Cobb for fur-
ther srtulars 6S
After a pleaant visit to Mn. John
W. Tenth in thiseity,--Mrs. Dora Wal-
lace of Tanaha ee departed yesterday
for Bayport, where she will be the
guess of her brother, Richard Tayl or,
for a feew days. Mrs. Wallace feels
that she is yet a resident of Gaines_
vile and declared s he iu at home here.
She h many friends in this. city,
which were made daring her long resi-
denme, and speaks of "living at an oth-
oer plaOe" with great reluctance. Her
frieS and old companions are always
glad to greet her here.
Royal Cook, who has been .couduet.
ing as mercantile establishment in the
Porter block for the past five years, is
removing to the new Bauknigh t build-

Iiii eof
lib hi atbe eaftskimgentlemef

aibist thfthe priue
It roormsof- .distress- the
*bd'svIfe USY if
e p. will relieve you of all
t ble sand a8iety byarna gig
envetrnlng for the funeral of the doe

Hue Hand. aN~iel, a ebnring
oag lady of High SpriW "pa-ed
*thogbO the ciy yseteday en wOMte
to her Imie ffrom OMngeLake, where
ab baa been visiting friends for a

Remember the eu uion to Fen7n-
dima o- the 27th. The last opportuni.
ity of the f-SO" ievis it theoema at
rread" y redcd rate. Only a dollar
for the round trip. Special train. See
Oobb, St
Spt ial Sale of sewing waehine,
thi week only. As good as new and
all guarante d in perfect- running or-
der. ont fron m86 $ o 1t5M. Will mill
ut from $ to $10 each..- Tim on half
theamount. Come quick or all will
be wne. P. M. Oliver.
Remember the exeunion to Fernan-
dinaJuly27Z. via ieabord Air Line.
Special rate of $1 for the round trip,
with special train leaving Oainesville
at 8 oeloek, and returning leave Fer-
nandina at 6 o'clock, arriving at home
in plenty of time for bed See Cobb.
The Ladies' Missionary Society of
the First Presbyterian Church will
hold its regular monhtly meeting as
te church Wednesday afternoon at
4_9 o'clock. A full attendance is de-
tired at thista meeting as it will be
one of importance.
For Sale or Rent-House and lot
known a. the Jackson house ; contains
nine rooms, situated corner Arredon-
do and Meehanie St.. Also 68 acres of
land two mil.. from city of Gainesi
ville, Fla. ; 50 acres cultivated ; 18
aeres ture, plenty wtter. Inquire
of 3. E. Voile, Gsineaville. or Iaaac
Stevens, IS South Third street. Ocala.
via. dawf
On Wednesday, July 27, there will
be a grand excursion over the Seaboard
Air Line from Gainesville to Fernan.
dina at a low rate of t1 for the round



no doubt make a

thing of his investment.
The friends of Mr. and
wilt be gratified at the
that they have decided
Gainesville for a time at
are clever people, and
friends here who would

Mrs. Becker
not to leave
least. They
hare many
regret to see

Them make their departure.

TheJ Gainostile

SUndertaking Co.

Carry Complete Line of

Caskets apnd Coffis

Pliasst t* FiuestaitPrlwes toSuff
FUleleks meoIa fower deWs. Cut-flowers
on order. Deodoriers and Dufeceatn for
uaatary purposes on sle. Houem roomsaG"
eibothu fuWisted ard ditatSfected of tnee
tion aSd emoatlous u.'eaec term





Ct a I a 00I a Aw


IThie On a-:ieuvw weI
r :Pr-ide Uo ,th b" b .I g-
*it-m e per ,- j*. s o o". .
SOur Im4I~ad labor countiaf Is I
Inwdtemand mg all roer of
lao.e Priuet .mtht be ,Iaa themf -
or tperEwt. 3e5deaad witho order
Add.m The Sun. (Ginesiflt. Val 9f
Gle Tabylor has accepted a tern-
Sporary position with miller A Vea.
It there was ever a dler, manly little
gentleman born it Is Giner Thylor.
Always polite, away genteel and at&-
ways intereting ih bis manner, it
how that he as been reared proper-
ly and the result is that he is a gene
favorite with everybody who happen
to come in contact with him and learn
his nature and his character. Glover
ha been for the pet year the -arer,
for The Timee-Union in Gainesville,
and so prompt and regularr ha he been
in this eommi1ion that his a ubscriber
will mi him, and it is safe ton ay that
they will welcome bhim back on his
route. '
i Handsome Phe Pof R. A. eker. North
Gaim. vilie, Has Beon Sold.
The handsome place of H. A. Becker,
SNorth Gainesville, comprising steen-
teen and one-half acres of the most
fertile trucking land in that section,
has been molt to Nimrod Wells.
Mr. Becker and family have been re-
aidIng on the property for the past
twelve months. and have prospered
there. Being a man of unusual ability,
and a practical tnudkt-r as well, Mr.
Becker has made a fine sueces of the
place, and it is a surprise to his friends
that he decided to sell. Mr. Wells,
who is also a practical trucker and

r m -
S; I'

F ~ 7

I -. -.....- :...-- i
. . .- _..-., .t .I f..
's r ma AL
T -t_ f l of wbo spa brood. 1
fb aem Mu&my eveoig w" he

SO Gewnk Ttm da- afirno. oeo
f_- 4n w^ ^^><"_
tilM- W7 .eir bm y0 th.emmii *

o retie .5frIend. of she. d.eem d.
The careso -ea we reo .desd by
ROT. W 3. Crpen ar of Ka ogh'
Ethedi C hbrmb. who mue bs h at-
lf- a SalmeS sO o the memory of doe

TUp b fernt procm.ion as one of
the hesrwt ever beldi n this eity, SUTY
of the friends of the deceased paying
at tribute of respere- to theadead.
The Dora) decoratiou upon kisfOe-
salon were very elaborate a"G frag-
naot. and tended to show the prest
Iwo aOd esteem in which deceased vs


* 49

I,: *J ll *-l. '- 11 *lll i' *^
U.-. .. b.* US E 'I -

I ttt~yaUehdb. ,

Gainesville. -- ii


Round Trip Rates to Washington, D.C.
Atlantic Coast Line, the quieketI
rout by two hours and eleven win-
uot from Jaconville o Wasbhigton.
offers excursion rate, Jacksoville to.
Washingmton -nd retain, $37. Tickets
now on sale. Florida and Wet In-
dian Limited, faateet and finest all.!
year tamin between the East South

leaves Jacksonville at 9 as m.. arriving
in Washington 7:54 a. m. followia
morning. No 40. Atlantic Coast L Une
Express, leaves Jacksonville 8:05 p.
m., arriving in WaNbhinlgton 11:.50 p.
m. following evening. An excellent
opportunity to visit the nation's e"*
tal at nominal cosmt. Tickets good to.
return to October 31st. Avail your-
self of the quickest and best line.
Both trains carry Pullman drawing.-
room sleepers, Jacksonville to. Ws&.-
ingtou. Florida and Wr est India
Limited carries Pullman flneit diuifg
cars, Savannah to Washington.


And Up-te-


and the Latest Stvyles




Mfx t o rn m S nt-h V N-E L ---
Rim I-r AJM6.,
'a raa u~stw V
-; -- U ;.._--


Bought in Oar


[Sto. &o4d taay
ntity -1

Baird Hardware Co.

Fine Fadeless Foptnafs C. lN8T
From Locket toLife Size. {-
High Grade Copies a Spe. *
cialty. .. THE DAILY SUK, it A WEB5
p__ ._. _: : __ -> __ "







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