Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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wh 1 ;I o mto Im bAe. Mr. ao fts a

^B^ -^r^^ i t jl through tbe promnetfnt
-GOV b,* d the atook In b t i emt Onf ,'the
Dm s Mstreet car strike in 19 n.

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KSk_ S f eU wueresefally known to d a cims
:As.crcuit tif/e of'"" St. Ltuis, Mr.

.M y-- T W ADOPTRDh f: of brlbetakers in both branches
of "- *e sun Lelpal ass0embly.
Vva 4-w UindiS_ g Ceum_. Mr. k' Immediate family en-
.^ +-F .^ A_- statesU of but hinf and ,Ife. He has
^ _-t-^ t In Mri....__.+f four hrliving. 11hey are Rev.
IS -E-- -Dr. Bdgar _tes of Memphis,
Og- -- -craVV bumWcy.-- TaMU., editor of a Baptit paper: Mr.
l -X"- -- Mo -J- -v-- f=-- f easu Cstes. Folk, of Nashlile, the
I: '. "- a 6 KLO _July z _-_ ._^ .2L A fter.... . .,
*[k -u m.. -o afls by lm^. present state treasurer; Mr. Carey
v S4 f in n aAlbert Folk, president of. Boscobel ci
a b-.. o" 1, and- that- legs, NashhOt. and Mr. Humparey-.
SeWXl n4* e qned by -t e' a,
J no e.quL ed by A M BlDate Folk. who Is studying for the
fl; --s c state eoaeatlon early un,.it -
I^ -i *'*- *...._- ... luu n, y .
tS to masalmoualy nominated Joaep ______
W. Vkcict elt^torey of St1e. Lot T DEMOCRATIC CHAIRMANISHIP.
SJrvt ,aemor, and adopted a platform
hi c" to doorman Will Not Accept, Sheehan
S Telenumn G rade against corruption' Ma_ B C e.
B^-' __ .. .. -- **. -- I ,.* arK, y ,,. tunornto
an btout!In Misourk intheo eret' w York., July 22.-If Senator
: of-Demoeraue supr iosy kt the pdbLi__, ^ _.. ,,
DIemorat Sfp.: at to p oll Gorman will not take the chalrmn-
: _Just -as Mae. "yV wm! ml the .-
SJ'st asthe d -. .. .reaka t I-- lnp of the Democratic national oon-
eP o K-e i SloWUnOe unt il 10 o'clock w a .n p ua
and. one of the most turbulut as-toa lag h m-- f tb lace will ta eIr
4o, for Mlanel plm wocra ticteir
ened Thee-s"n doubt t attention to Willlam F. ShebauBnd try
tE- eimde. Thr was no doubt mbot ""-- -" "". -" n, a-". 1
t he. To .vi n ., _a_- to secure his election by te national
f.t* ao1mlaUo& frOm the -begiag -.__t,..
of the committee.
th---lue Afrst sesio of[ the conventional ... _. ^ r
of th"er"t aes --e- The -friends of Judge Parker are
S The Folks far outnumbered the dO e. a ha. .
Sa... .. itons Wo nave dr. Gorman but they
Astes of hs only rival for the o.min. recognize that his declination means
t. on--Irry B. awes, president of place cannot be forced upon
t he jerac Democratlc club of Stb. T
hi. _Th . .- nm rey say, however, that r
los and the reul of th Conveltuoi Shehan must acept -If Judge Parker
.- _4 ws clearly defined. m a-, Judg rk
.olk cps _`-2 Insits. or If his immediate advisers
In aceotlag the uca- atlt. Mr. any that he must take the place. Thu
Se nm to+ Mr reason why either Gorman or She.
W~ok aMU In part:" ."-
"T -V"k -been was a hap is preferred over Thomas Taggart,
-Ths CaMpign ha been waged. i lndlana, is understood to be of the
uo for a man but for an Idea. I fe w eab
r ..- be rae by be lief that either of them wota o -b
.you. ele sl .. able t8 command attenin of eastern
the people of the state. I shall do my large cam-
b .. _,osmess mmn and secure a large'cam-
best and carry out the polleles tor i.
whichthe _mases of te Democrflc. aig fd.
party has beea cntendins. The ea- Wblthjugsadiesayht
pwreo brpo in Miss. our exj Tggart will be amply provided for-
Wsres of eorruption n^ Mtsouri has. __cy.te
.-. menace .In an adIvMisor capacity, they
.amade -the people realiz the menace ___ ... --_ .. . _
sa. t ep ri .e think that either Gorman or
to good government If It Is tolerated, ... ... .. .. _
a-d. t. ued_.cesltate the stamping ou, Sineehan wit their wie experience
o a.e talae inef smtimpts fo and th more Inti-ate-knowl-ede they
our withhav life "ave of campaign methods It the east.
"I have been, fighting them with allwld be better able to conduct tie
the powers at my hand. and have c am, t.1' ... .....
lea--. d tem _t e wp <._.__of- the Notwuithms disng the indorsement
lashed them Villa the whip g -r. Tagga* by offir -of the
"- la. -! have no favors to ask of theLx+! e +r a1 mu ncr [m
lad no--auaver to give -htis unre- nai~onal co mmittee at St..Loui.. ft.

is the bezaer of aenuacrats here that
Ienti-g warfare to the end. In their, is ll be illi o acere taiJ
rzled dsperat-on they have spewed he will willingt" accept te Judg
*^ *^ i ^ l meait of Judge Parker and hIs'adrisers
out thi*r vomit of slander and abuse. o uge Parker and hs advsrs
ft & tot t ingIam p rou In regard to 'the chairmanship and
There are two things am proud of- e p
the aid *ad assistance of good c Ait Dte WRmpai
Uleaidita am~me ofI~ml Itt ADD WAR
seas given m= and the intense hatred
and maliclops mftthlngs of eorrupXt MEMDER I'--" fn
andma~ck3 flhins o C~3PtNEW MEMBERS ELECTED.
enemies. _______--K

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-z~ ~
a -
ir S


-rans lh t i far t'h --n n i V,,, -,"- ar-lna Chemical Company j

nelzy. wSo ocCUpreS a comuupidng po-; woded comrades about 50 mles. A T he p Iwato to t lsia" ,l- -_
sition in the union. was certain thato (^ flt 5 i al L The presidt .a i- a 9
the ratification of the entire board operating tn ukde provilbe, simlar w,-,- tt w- Ir be S-.
would be received in Chicago today. j [m____,-_-- _ii Alo e of a b k- lWS -i "bl
Mr. Dinneliy iwtmu.' a call for spe.' ll kly t Y the gov 4s Pr .l "
cial meetings -.f the various r an s of Rsabth Lkly bVISa. mto ue w UK O
the Amalgamar-d Cutters and Butch- n J uI7 2 : P a A .
the-- algamaiittY In~e Ak edlt btte fIsna ffi
er Work men to be held tonight at he n eIa t Pres o dIhat Kn eta).is 9loed ike t e-- -
hich meet stretons will bel a 1t reas for sating that Russia. .
which meeting '!nstructions will btw iroly ikelA tat as


.. i-domm"

'- Um r n s m a -a ^i fBll I_ k^m^.- |r -- ...*2- _- .-i 4BS
TO _Y_-. 3_.. :.-,E
..-' % -- -.. _-." -- -_ _^*^^* *.m u : m -^ -* -- -F-i^^*. V ^l^^^!^ -._^^ T -. .- _.-. -. -_. ..._ ,: ^_^. -: _;:"'-.---..--.. -*-. ^ ^*
T0 KfA ....l"a" I4Y "NI

Jr lAN. na arm in Mad wcf 1
"- _-~ i l i ,ll -- ; : -- :17-;+_'

wfyi Gk Back Wo toO thin, new iwongtiico n )r gmhho (fin StJ" 4
_- la the tala inoy l M ehula. I ,. ,..; _._ i... .-_ -^:-
" i .,k -in*
Their Posts. The- rb ca2ls at as to the fact atahIivW, l|
atht who Jem fail In batfie thelr
GREAT STRIKE KIS. ERMINATING. burial is dtffernt fm that while VrATION N- VER fV5 MW'"
oocrs whea death resuf in other -
Board of Arbltration Wits Pm Judov w#4a. The Talmudic law require Ca zip Wq0 as of OS
m Upon th Cotn of the La that thol who fall In battle shall | n u- l "n -":- A -n*
be buried la their blood. Therefo e i
.bor', fl4 s Waead~,m Bb.d I wies of such are &o placed in --
Arduesh Work shrouds, abt am interred In thdr Wigs ... b Nui.
a~~lftl'l> clothes.-
Chicago, July 2I-Fpfty thousand Aih-s 'wia wirs can r#l 1
w thonghJeish sod erCarlof Rve,-,,Je A-m .
b nteher workmen who quit work- J I --... -----.-S" . t Letl y b thse? .
but-ber.workmen wbw. gut?, wor- Jl c h a such burials. Rabbi Drabkint7 -W-.--by te a-s -W
12- paralyzing the meet i-dustry o, e, t ,ent toO Aan._le"' 'v of-U' t.
the count-ry-, will go bac to theirt-ote lst e of ab.t S t_ -4.
^L^ ^^L^^ lo ulel~Fr Eaxt. 4aet]r with the inatra- W ~ lh (r~ eI ^^
posts tomorrow morning. _r Est. whether w li the inatrul at lt of iit o Ia1 aik -msII
Mauprescribed by thebrwlah-ritual..@ _---I ,-.i
WhiHe thy continue peacefully -at th ny P tawh the 1ON per coat n__-na _. w
"work a board of arbitrationw p n w b hitl tod dyU "f b f t "- s "md-
Judgment upon the tentons upm" The Rus "aJews- In- _, u.b- m thas afi %ta re S.Af
the laborersfor big~ae and lewa cosSS^^^ th labore.s far Jtg _.t nfl -d le- mscribingimmense swm s for the aid ot 7 ...-
arduous working con los--and the U nameie of their .+re.g.n o Undr tb eNtricumsCtka meo
A+. ,.:.I~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ th fa ".A.-limi.+.-: .. lles11 lof their60r elgloilats onl --.-,_-o -"+r=._
decision of the arbtlUiors wi lllset thfllds lSoe.. ha-- /inor to their iul -ts. - "
the issu- of the. gre .trike. -- operatUres had not bee f l -- --
t~ribnted $i1i26.40
Pre td i0Donnelly. of the Butche" aok wiln a .to iif t 1 S
nnio w bad today promptly received i bar a torrnt of h 1bem b-- *
Stha approval of all of the executive St Jul !-Te Inv release-d --og e M s o dom +- -I&
b(ord members except two. The Rs draws attention to I. t mn o eiti tb --
points yet to be heard from were 1Syra. 3 1uEt f the, | e aitsIn jdo--n the Strike- i -",..
cause and San Francismo. a,,_ _-.' I od, nle M-><+- wf
War the ~m.*hOM bewm LUao Yang ~Hii ilh f1
Around the Chicago stock yards to. and Mukd which the paper declares amn the 3,i0N bM IN --
I day there was rejo''--ng among th aer c rei The -S) S... sem to
may become dangerous in connection --
strikers as well as the stockmile and wit the J..ap.m. Vtr adtnS UM -
~~~wt the ;apaese adoamee towards .- ..--.-
packing Interests. The unionists, who A2 .e gravity of the -fl. tsn 1 U
had look-d forward %o eetbg tht o a e zed :. me anb^
strlk& spread this morning In a sympa Re- VMi P'l --- -
thLiic movement involving all the me- Ad,. Ar abia. July 2-T eRu sa I AT OY E lY. S
chlanical trades and perhaps the steam-. lue n v to p- "
v olunteer flet vegsls cll ontInue to pa - -- -lolls* .....
st4 rs and firemen, learned with reliet o t -
tI-rl this viciniet. They did not at-
that instead of the grater strike therm f toSnee "-,- < -
was to be peace. lr land Oriental steafr P\awo rW,. I it-a.. r-:i
SMany of the atriks-.^ however. ex- , this migT. e Roowvelt ha cm p-t"e Se
_ .. : ~whiekn azw DOre this. mo,-lir]s. Tbe, . -= - -- ... +
preed dhatsapomxm< tht ;he: ateane! of the Fr aeh ( be wi denr af a> S 1. "--
rtr:i:'. after eauAngdihem to lose elja:' .ae ". ow to pa. -""u ngs. O the Oafla of h ft t-t
and a half days of wages, had fallets the actio of t-he MMd.---
t!I ,ecile their demands for higher ttl. f s- o t about &M n --_.T
as. or o make t certain that 1 eare l ei len- a n -ma- a n-
W^kd be reinstated wathomt greater tar critic of the RUss thinks Ue.:ie. Pt a th< S* tdt7* tie wa.rn> .
Itli of time.. al Kuroki has delayed too long to be himself g It erefn l -y fl .
only one formality remamed today ,a, st SD effectir sblow at 'ro ptIa I<* "t to he ped, is_ the i; h
Sto make the end of the strike complete,.a wee .,. ,. ot,.- of the Prilt rI. (:
ard that was the process of ha\ ing the a Ger altur k" now wine W . iti --.
agreement ratified. I .... -"-nore H1l. -
.... ~ ~- - I 'L
President tkrnnelly telegraphed the Medals for Bravery, No IN f l it h rll beda .
members of the executive board ol S .. .. Manchur-a Juy 22- pr.4 ewar the Sliu b tt n :-.
the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and fo r un eiu and meda for, union brickl.yers t the W :- ^-^
Butcher Workmen last night's I bravery were distributed today to Coa. bfrracls o C t t the f lW3
res|its of the conference and recoimn saek here who hare returned from tb most (A L ar uumlos w .-
mended that they approve it. ri errylu 30


| a-: t L.. _-ty - o-. F i
-,.. -?!i~~W : d 7. ., .1

}i^'- C. ,Il-o -A- --

^:9 -d o.n of tm,, m-rgwa

*rt1^,/-: -/-'^ a ,.^^ "^S .. -__- "-_- --_^
Ike Ifrom A,

---- -. , iw s We-!
_M as- the' a nor

.--,. n .lan- -e-- lea y o I
^';~ 00fe dW Gmorr eebnkrman an

!.... ..:. I* Lat.w -eiorr m.
p "- a . b- m a O
-: X b -ea -kee soa

I- .fte cis n, theme .ag
oe,:"eate, -ru aed. w ro wep.-
r*~ ~~*h -s whhgaefrom the
-I- Si "M was dee

>^' -'- 4" -..-;a-----he-es. osn sti-
|~ I flKfl~ffti a geflt ,t order at

Iie:;. .. m rbye g D r.3 J- .r s m
p~~~~ laof rhi tepeiet ON6 W

|?;-Edg e, wh,,*. ,rpciaI. P .. Krpm.
....' e ;-s g temeoe

*tooled~~~~o Duabado twesfra

p{.._. -- ..gia:-. o. V" --- Ins
% ^-". .uM. A. Oo.-OIN "Cr ew
w.b M.. O ,-W. t. syr.. w. w.

|^\ mm, a, A.| UtA*- erh,, H. s. Ta-
^ c .."- ..ty. Thoa Pn :m ,. Dr. J. H.

r f- 0-.lSd t,-- li t by
!; .-" -.of t.o r 1 ... i m _.ehaia,
L- a.C- Ilit Bahd of o Oowmhlio&bad

|t-:. a^ t". e ul, pr pepa ied ly. Ur. T.

I b.-..w.Mug Pon =. Go Kn.

|^; N Tut wafra el of enimusly
|i o.m Se.te sm whisg resolda

| be ft^ hSie in oere pSflike,
M he heIr nbno of pssatlin:
13. |sla, a Beravng Uge. F. Duttpn;itW.
rw jt ue vmembersipuee~emt ; Dr. Be
~ -Aj~gfl~semea Ry;B. P. Richards,

T Tb lsn entlmen were

'SW- let:WoUs. WT.o~msi

Ua*T A.- T. Ihkttbtt. H. E. Tay"

. par. BR ToTm. P. Hay and Rev. W.
Warpeuter, piston of the First
Prntgterbua and Kavamaugh Metho-
7, l ebunbJss made appropriate e-
:: KS;- meaning the necessity of a
taithable hospital in Gaieesvlle. and
I a t the of these remarks
w ow heartily applauded.
Ups. motion the Alachu a County
Medial Society was requested to sag-
-st to this organiatiou the names of
i u ib- persons. to serve on the eseec
iv e-aflitte, as provided by the

hIn ras nomasuded that the board
oC tru m ImiMediaely seod out om
lses, hto e appointed by tUe board,
-:it the pOps- of s.icsiting subeurip-



- 4 u -vu
t.D. Kastb
oindby KdWW
.of stiOmackh
- ^ *-saA H
Uedd effatd^
bei ob ed
00" .

UMW. V.. Lay-
tor of ad
pPa.Cwas curd
Sof Chronic
Dypia by
ab --use .1

r m^wrttet

Soldly AMI Dra sugto


Perry M. Colson Was Appointed Triss
tee bi Espanole Lumber Can.
A meeting of the creditors of the
Espanola Lumber Company. defunct,.
was held -at the offi of HOn. W. H.i
Palmer, referee in bankruptcy, at 21
o'clock Friday afternoon,.
The meeting was attended by credi-
to traon various sections of the State,
and the result wa that Perry M. Ool-
a of this city was selected as trutee
ofibe property.
Trustee Colnm will_ have the prop.
erty appraised, and no doubt the mill
will again be in operation under his
di9retou in a few days.
The plant of the Espaeola Lumber
Company, of which A. J. Paitterm u
has been manager for the past few
months. i located at Prairie Creek,
and is one of the largest and most
modern in this section. It has. only
been in operation for about two year.,
having been built by J. L. Kelley &
Sons to take the place of their old mill,
which was destroyed by fire.
With its companions, heartburn,
flatulence, torpidity of the liver, eon-
stipation, palpitation of the heart,
poor blood, headache and other ner-
vous symptoms, sallow, skin, foul
tongue, offensive treath aud a legion
of other ailments, is at once the most
widespread and destructive malady
Song the Americau- people. The
Herbine treatment will reue all these
troubles. '0e bottle. Sold by W. M.



Will I'ow Wage Unrelenting War on
New York. July .._For thousand
'. *L .rI W u "an
tImloncarpenters who have been lock.
ed out by the Building Trades Em
players' association, have decided to
remain Idle indefinitely peAding a hard
and fast IntetpetaUon of the arbitra-
tioa agreement undtr which they have
reenUtly labored, with special refer
ence to that part binding the employ-
ers to use only union men.
. The lockout was precipitated by the
alleged employment of nonunion me-
br one contractor. One of the onios
leaders dedacres that the struggle will
continue all summer and completely
check the building operations here
unless the contractors Come to terms
on the disputed clause over nonunion


Granted by the Cook County, Ill, Suj
perlor Court.
Chicago., July 22.-What tIs said to
be the most stringent labor injunction
ever iswted by the Cook county supe
rior court, has been granted by Judge
IHanecy. It was given In behalf ot
20 firms In the Chicago Metal Trades
association. restraining members of
district Lodge No. 8. International As
soclation of Machinists, from picketing
the plants.
. The Injunction also forbids strikers
and their sympathizers from even
talking to workmen of the qbmplain-
ants without the consent of those em-
Fifty affidavits telling of violence
were presented.
Captured Steamr Arrives.
Port Said. July 21.-The captured
peninsular and Oriental steamer Ma-
lacca has arrived here. manned by a
Russian crew. Members of the Ma-
lacca's crew were declared prisoners
and no communication with the shore
was permitted. An armed guard blocks
the gangway of the vessel. The
British captain and passengers cornm-
plain of the Russian treatment. The
former carried his protests to such
length that he was threatened wftb
arrest unless he desisted. The Ma-
lacea is declared to have on board no
contraband articles for Japan. Her
cargo of 3,000 tons Includes 40 tons
of explosives'for Hong Koaw

l 1a violent inflammation of the mu-
m lk ~- -. S0 _


.UTIL~ .

Jacksonville and New York,
C(in at CHARLESTON, 8.& 0.. b& wqy.

Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Direct Semre Betewa JAOKSRYfU -- -d
raovwnoz aa All hNsSk,. AL

Clvde SL amhn Bxvw lo -

-topping Pat -a A f wo Bor 89 --.IMa-
Tandisi go' St. JokboRIM
(kmagr s OF JhsKes

IAetS Ssford9:30 A. mM6 aWe~~ ssm-wsarnr t 1-rn G
IAT t h...... ..b...a 4... ..a Jtey a *e.... -. ..m .wh Whet .sa
gk; pa .. . ..... ...P'h........:...'--'-,--" ; .---- -_o .--- 50---
I.r o h... ..B*f l c f. Sos I

ArriveS am..... ....n =iefi.. ....... i -
. -' in __ ..... ... .oo.E m p i_.... .. a _= ...__.hf..- St Juliu Rivi ,I

SPpIngatlStM.AL,AWL, GL PM AS%, De wedDdMS.nd*lflmdls
Ln. w0eLJr.k .i. leS*Spa S--f CuamTsuaVSTLJw-q...-
A. Tavern"1 SL anfor 0*a& SU. a. MondaysWsLdMqsas Pays
Imapoatd usi,,fiss:--

T~a~ 33 pjm .. . . ... ....... a *J kO ii. .. .. .. .. ;.-. trlv l e am
848 **,.. *4o..... ......................Ib ttt -...,..+... ..., S J- 8g nmn
I -ID0ipsm...a.e... ......St. F-+.-...... ." I ;
...- - . *....... Bee or_,(De., S)............. -,... '2 -"

S b**a eb"* a..5519 Sm a wd sees .e T .ire*
10iD m ... *. pa*a sea......at_: r~ --, 555 ...-. .., *

r.x WlG .J. s Ga_ Pea A-n=__----. -a- Wet .iflos. -= a__---
A. C3. HAQXRTJLY. 9.a Dana Pa An .. ew Yet. CLFYIS ~trGnat,..=, a-- re
O'enbrowbt hl. Seen an-.N- ,,v.



maanam mW- .a.



t'. ;* . -. u ..w .-, -.. ; r: -r -.r .--
___VI1 -.: r,
.-- :,._1 ....^. ..^ & :. .,.J,^^ *!-^^^ u" 0, ': '? ,L ^j^^..^.
- H l H..... .il H' ', t e, '* A V H-O A ._ ,-M .

- ---- i- a C,, , .-~ .-" ,
^HBK^H ^4 fo twle

F. '-^^~ "^ .. -.. =--|- M>~ byerit Wml..- J. H,-.
/ ,;lt Dena r the He f. r hur sato at
awpb Welter Feu. man. UnO

fc^.J ~ ~ ~ ~ hi IW~ UOOe atte irdml t
I M.

JSIUSadby, vWmWalt:3 D

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After ra ezpiuag eps they sne
sonsdet iskilling see large0 A"tMad
Mills epeebusthe w-third-made -hisi

beuhiff Fennell sf a graft hatier1,
-a" beisBaneverwsob&hpMpMi when foE
Siowig the boamdc Re bo k" ftI
Botd for hunting den erfimial that
!Im aks him a terror so eriladoen.
-BroesonBTimesrNmwa *-.


I~. -
--C .
. .
-- C

~,- ~.
-,.- M*~r -a :rtw 4r\
-. -V.) -4 1
I-. ~


.; -. .:- .

- ..t... U.f lS S P .k.

i Neb of bbe

^^ --JMkr -- f.vefridi.. --, _ekmr. b a ,.altot tt,
an a" F g
^^^ F'Trf^ tffff lhl m* or "1 ;0*B. -I People who aft
ti^^Hl":' ^'-'^^' *'^ md^-to m- Goat late p~tt
I^B IMNT; w var--" "H" iyy'. ,?*1 "'*' i"
TM. m.- -.,,-q,, -01b (t4phi*e4htr he M bee

'A6 -"-," t M. ihsfir h ea beca havtgqit S_
;a SX Ty n rthis ae -

-Ae Ver Heavy latt .t r or e four ten io eleven.
arb tilt| *e36k henut Sinc alt ofve tin

"-7 W X .i"e *" h" a be having quitea-,
r-.: . .I o _ .

Voo oMl runn owho

o t. Wae -k
Ges '"W ... to ewla oiele the sadit
..envale o Mrs.4 H EAVY- "
a-^ Soose IDtip bL , ,. to no ate here w efnesgo.
-i z.-- .' L- k,,..--- -':'dav --evening and wm largely atin:eded.
..'-........ Wusiw o ahgtS Dor Dun, who hi ben feeling
/ T.-----"- -Lr- Mof r. o llquike unwellh for MTeel days paste
S-r i A lso -V Nve u, w, g
ar tgla to Vats.l ino wbl tovbepout

.- d--,t -I iid nn h o Prvaso a*..-ae.
---r Ki Gut- rA.. ,- I S, ie i sOped'tg al iew dtay
1"t hei ;aets m

.. "i:n -I t0n- A" Wh.....e"mostfertile.'-"
r A-.; .. -: b Southwet it e ^me o-. .-dy teeingso-e s wslargelyend d
~ ~ ~ j uSW LmfI aunsasM -')~ uwohsbe eln

-- ^.--Anpr --- Sflm" _-,'-" Bu-"n callIASd Wilkquoim hc been quite sue.- i
| ^-.4 s- i 4^e eean- kii-ng- gtaor. He brought n
.. 0.t she __=._ ... h__ s -. _. ,.s.. ieMrs. . .

08.O lt -i more thides the other day.

Shnn the p, a~,eer. he p h Catare. U. MoioriiApnin e

2-. tO aeh, anl The esiaet cheapest and best remed-
ij o=.: . _ o p

w-rd, Is me A... for tarrh.,eolds, asthma nd all di e-
w,,_-_- ei. pshme so, ps him,,,,,,, In dwm mo~rehides she other day. e

~ma not or ltet furnishing utnais.

setdi o heue so furnishhe inof the throat. chaet and lungs is
Ai :t- -a desirid In, the feti o aeb .Vne
b adidn e aro Oil,- the new discovery. It is
S.--. p -pfecntly harmlea even to children,
SYe- t., e aean I about over," he I mn- t give pe F ar -
t .-
bveg.n "and we leonl are not vely esfaion every ease or money wih i
am tawaboo ht, became they .have be promptly returned. It renders
r mworkSShard Thebu S akS be 6 nP0 '' umRpowible, quickly destroys
wi hard The po s."gsi _Gase ed and tt orn full, prer-
"* of the brest qo GsninovIlle e t "and natural -breathin- through the
Gulf bas .jo0penoe my sonsnetios noe tril. For sale by W. Vanse,
Shdthe road. The water coadi-. o --and Won, e rFla
S AZZ as a rule have ben favorable,
a td the yield was treat In tde section INVESTIGAT ALAAMA FFRz.
I- trawrsed by this road."
In pjy to be qoery as to ihe nom Iheriff Ordered to Take Evidence
^ eof cars ha4dedU b t, e oulnesrule About Montglomery Blaze.
SBnd GMif thios seson Captain Barker Monthomerya Ala.. July 22.-On inw
S .ated that about$ 106 car had been stnction from ut R. Mefavid. insure
S employed for the transportation oaeion of m Miioner of Alameama. the
i: vegetables -nd melons. "We havE sheriff of ontgomery eduuty baa em.
delivered to oaeonnious eihy patnek'd a jllry to investigate the fire
, 'of Sunday muorn Ing last which destroy-
* carsof canaloupes and meloon. on edth pan of the Alabama Rift
..hundred *ad twenty-I~w~o rlad of p ^cmayna b iy
cabbage -and three hundred cat. of ^ coman neare~,, th city
mlseelianeous sltf comprisig @u* watchmian saw a man running away
combers, beans, tomatoes. njqtalth aft er the blaze broke out. It lii the
other varieties of vegetables. The opinion of Manag r Palmer. however.

aggregate weight of these shipments that the fire was the result of accident.
was 25,750 tons. and not incendiarism. He can con-
"While a few carloads of this celve-of no reason why any one should
product wre hipped West. burn him out and says he has had nn
the great majority was cone trouble recently with his labor.
signed to the Eastern markets. The Thelos at this fire wil not exceed
products seemed more desirable in the $75,000 it is now ascertained. There
Markets of the ast, and a. a rule will be considerable salvage, and much
S better prices were realized. The sea of the lumber was not hurt. Even
. on. Just closed has been a fine one for some of that which was scorched will
cabbage, and the fellows who had a be of some value.
cabbage patch bad an investment alte The Insurance amounted to $54.350
most. as ameure as a bank account.
Was Wastig Away*
This was especially true of the crop Wa Watg Away.
Which was harvested and placed on The following letter from Robert R.
the market early. On accont of the Watts of Salem. Mo., is instructive:
the market early On 'accoun ". t.
failure of the Northern cabbage crop 'I have been troubled with kidney dis.
FIorida cabbage sold readily in Ibe ease for the last five years. I lost
markets both East and West at. hand- fleth and never felt well. Doctored
mom, gne" withjeading physicians and tried all
some ft-re,:s. -
"Considering that the Gainesville remedies sggeated without relief. Fi-
and Gulf railroad covers onuy about nall I tried Foley's Kidney COure and
twenty-six miles of vegetable growing les than two bottles completely cured
lands te hments are remarble. .Jme and-I am now sound and well."
Undo, thle silnt to are. rnulr.ole, ..


- vSt c ate om t w. an srabiM
a. Too amIL N Afl U
*It f "Bwtth bas be f itW :

FM n amL da U0.
wui5 tiMan-ha. Mme aims
mm"I"MftN w& Wow-~m, m _- -
i. a shem rekwh ic vama's. ~ otw

fate Yomk laW MoM.IaM W t" we0). S.Iaw&
to Toap ieq - mtv.ea botlte
doa toiow oo~erittanerof -er mel o atmdo-f
145Usita encied jjy VSJpafl AGUf laa

Caie t oMeasl. .wat be a S a.e
ewr Is loWated c a t*e N eor et ofmer of
Lot n-tnenW I VtUhs Addition to the City
of Gafieadje. tbeee no a bS. Northbaneftr
difr a -ehoreS (1?O)feet to a
tbeefe it m NwnthrweiTeri diw tiou 4ty (qw)
i feet to s *take. be-ice Se SouithwsLeerly a.t-
recton hbaSred ow feet to a t kettlbe
Sooner of -Alex Avera's ha and SLa street.
Sth~ene in a Soutbntflhl dircton mom
State suect dzty (_) feet to beginning. ha
I been SttUacbed your prOVertr to satisfy te
Demand of aid piwifEf smocntItn to twobun-
dred dosrLa..
SNow une you NAw aprw before sthe oir-
Scit eoun rtof the .EUbthJudiet C0reuitotf the
SUte of Flok a. to be b In aM fot Aaebh-
coO y at the court baou In GaiuesvMe oa the
5tb day of APjember. A. UD 1W4. jaument.
will be revered alD you. t yoan proper
ty Mold for %ad debt.
Dated hi June i. 10M.
J. H. HoDiGS.
wrBT. E. DAVIS. Plafttff.
PVMr Att'r.

DEW OuDzR SrCuoN 8 or CHAPf
Notice i& bereby idven that J. S. Riebard-
Mo. purcmh wr of Tx Certifeate N&.
at date*the 7th day of July. A. D MMtt.
Sbaa fled said certlctste i my office, and hbas
made application for tax deed to Isac in ac-
cordance with law. Said oerUlhfo-a embrace
the followlnw descrbed property huiated In
Alachua county. Florida. towit
1n W Lot 5 aad 5 aere off & *LMde of Lot 6.
and thinr-elfbt oDe-ubudrelt acres In. Lot 7.
Township 10. iL I1-- acrem-Maekey A Hud-
son Tract.
.Thehsaldlandbemntoawesaed at the date of
the iamusunce of much cerdtifaete In the nrme
Mrs C. C. Rlichardaon.
I Unless said eerttfleate -hall be redeemed
a seeordira to law. tax deed wW imme thereos
Son tbe'9h day of August, A. D. OWH.
Witnew, my ofcial adisture and seal this
the 8tb day of July. A. L M 4.
Clerk Circuit Court Alahua Co. .a.
du Per S. H, Wieges. Ia C.

Notice is hereby given that Abstract & Real-
ty Company. purcbhaer of Tax Certiteate of
the City of Gaftnemvfille No. .dated tbhe 7th day
of July. A. D. I 0. has tiled mid certflcaue
in my office, and ha* made appscatiou for
Lax deed to tawie in accordance with law.
bald certificate embraces the following #be-
Neribed proIC1rty -Jtuated In Gainesvlll,
Alaehus county. flurida. u'wlt:
in Past Half (E,) of II 5 itrown's Additon
to GancesvlUe. Lot. I1. i7. 1K 21. 2 and 51, Sec.
5. Tp. 10, R. : '-
The said land belnx aqsessetl at the dMte of
the issuanuee of such certiicate in the name
of J. W. Duke.
Unless. sakl certficate shall be redeemed
accoIin to law. tax deed wil issue thereon
or. the 9th day of Au:ust.. A. D.
Wltnem my olclal stgtature and seal this
the *9th day of July. A. D. 194.
Clerk Circuit Court Aiarhua County. Vi.
du Per S. Hi. Wiewe%. D. C.


Y',,tice ih hereby given that C. R. Spiry
ipur'hlsar of Tax Certifcate No. ";6.
dated the ,th day of Julv. b1.I hai.
tiled aid certificate i mny ofifee. an'l has
male application for tax deed to twue in ac-
cordance with law. Said certificate emh aces
the following Ocecriledl property, v.tuatcd In
Alachua county. Florida, towit:
I Al 10. Eat Green Street. Windor
lie iald land beitr aan*ewted at the d late of
the ibsuance of sutch certificate in the Dame
of P. J. Ktinder.
Unlei gaid certificate shall be redeemed
accordlna to law. tax deed aW iNSue thereon
on the I6th day of Aug0u.t. A. U. 19D.
Witnet my offlctal stnature and seal thiL
the 3th day of July. A. U. I41.
Clerk Circuit Court Alaehua Co.. FLa.
pd Per S. H; WVienes, .D- C.

Notice is hereby given that J. C. Hale.
purchLser of Tix Certficate No.- 1. dated
the 7th day of July. A. D. ISM has iiled said
certificate in my o.bce. and has made applica*
tiut for tax deed to itsue in accordmance witLb
law, Said ccrtiveate embrace the following
described property siwatuted in Alacbua oun-
iv. Florida, towit:
W! of Nw 1 aa4 lSe.4 of Nwk. Sec. 4. Tp.
-- C ENDIL-r i0-t ; - A- -- 1




,-DEAflE m-.-

Tslas-n ci


Sea Island Cotton Seed, Baing and'
Leather in Strips or Side

-tto-' n-
: ;--. S l
: . '- *^ i';

.. =- . .* :-. ._ _. .. '_,
.*-" *._ .



Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved EnglU-h
tSea Island Cotton Gin. and Supplies for Sime.


JAs M. 6Om. G, Predaeat



- -:.4:
- M,, l
i -: .._ --'.:B

- =.-: :.,'':. ^

.i j

-~j k


Capital......... ...............0a0u aaS0oox95 00 0
Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25,00 00

-m ive a a Wt t SUawamm s. n-Aassaw X_- m a a..U.




The kI abua Ccifl



Our b6usines i strictly confined to tUe var-os d- o-Mb ei-S b i at .
ership of land, and we have no private or pen 'mal Wopid_ f Isl
with that businem. We make a specialty of the ..fIe d a a-
make exhaustive inmestigatics of titles. We mrepmiet Mi itI
all =%Wr pertaig So doke .a8a2 a s am "d **
oomptKm of oUUMitadng Wa ses. Whenycie F"oiy W--- d Iiaar
vice in our line call on or write us. Notary public in O .,-
B.. COLSHm, MM .



Abstracts of Title and fuli itfonrmatlo furnishbed fi ti .-I
county. Our manager haz lived in his eo=ns gt -
is thoroughly eonrver"nt- with l titI.

E-. ELth wr 1i iq
sending a number of proIminent Americams and glinil,
.-bL-e wr v-1,-U0 e : = c









Table Unexcelled.

MRS. E. H. PAXTON, Owner and Prop., WHITE SPRFUS, FLA.

-- -I

ramsa.TL.,nm A tLI.1 4W.ta flaaI aa U LaaI


-' z ij

- :! ^ *

S '*' -t-"

_ .. .. 'l
-' ..

. .-'**


,. C'
~ ~

i7r~ -
-. .- a 4-


Go. W. HT.a. Vi*.-pdis



M frA4CA



-Every Attention to (6uck






-4r t5*

In as---.*, ;'

. . .. .. . .. I

[:::. -_' I

. af t. w

a a. a tr
tSr NSSSnfl
maca? sum.A

nu.Acn TcKET.

.-* ,-. -le .-

Of xnew or

-inammX Ay Vs

U*SeSn Bean.
- ap0m! m. U fl
" :-:: " :

s. P., ll, aa

,,. CI uco
:W WWJf L -JUM-"
it. LrASSY.


--- a a--- r m.

,A.O ag>M





~1*~ :i




1~ .r.

-: -





pirtmenat of a local paper and aked
"Wbhat is good for large feet?" The
reply was promptly made, "big
A perfect model, ten feet qmuare. of
th boUdings and campus of the Unia
versty of Minoon, is shown in the
Palace of Education at the World's

The Empress of Japan has promised
to give at her own expense artifiaali
eyes and limbs to wounded Japuwes
soldiers who may require them.


.r -m _- --

*i'-S ** i- .*- .* :- *-* *-

-a- O- SMbythe~
le, tat per Ut pound.

Ii tttlnsnito fy or abuodred
4LM 4 Iola a O figure Aukb
ri.. Noeef- ler whe b wa.ts
hib wa. Thm ibe eele a Hltt.-
iw ae am SadJoil Itfa.m -to round
0@1&AW gnat "Wate In the Poematics
I 11ki~. ftb latrt at a liIemI intimate
was worth mat onr $10,000, but lt
Oen, awae. John DsW eagernes
to get it, s meek in joke as In earnest.
pot the pnn at $100,000. "All righhi."
id Jobe D., e'ljl take it," and the
trade waslosed.

SUnitkd State Consul-General Wor-
mua, at Monich, believes that now Is
she golden harvest time for Ameriea
bone dealer. The Russiano edict
prohibitimx the exportation of hore
from the Car domsinm ba created a
bonar famine in German j, Mr. Wor-
fl VIterth e State Department, and
ioe that would not fetch morn tthan
SWQ or 400 a tom in thie coutry will
readily .ell for from 1.000 to # 1W in
Germany *

Someone ba n figured out how far a
farmer ban to walk so attend to forty
ter of corn. To plow the ground
with a Szteen-Ineh plow he walks 350
miles, to barrow it thomaoghly 60
mile. more, and to ealtirate It afster-
watrd 0 milkm, making a total of 70
mile, Ia additio- to hiking it, when
be will walk 10 miles more.

A domble-'magsae Linotype type.
uing and m .asIg mehine, exatI
like thee that hav. bee. inaed in
the United Ia prfnting oate at

of Libeal Arts at the World's Fair.

Tbe loeset living relative of George
WahId gto is Mn. Atuelo Moralhe,
wif of dNew wYrks banker, who is a
a gut~ea gnteagrsnddaugkter of Samt
eel Washlngtom, a brother of she fene
I Mrs.IHttyGneen~saidzobe the rich
eM woman in the would, hast again em*
phaulued her mcorn for luzauloos living
by declaring that she would rather
Sown a donkey than an automobile.

A Chicago Lir! wrote the beauty dee

to Ior-






Hood s usSarsapawra
-8 Ce --a



S .


- -. *Q~t-C*W-

- i=-Malt

Ij .#4^''.-/- ^ -'"

*I; w 7, .. *" ^1

& lf be do4 r0 a t gaM
ia-1 t, mad i ia
Ir I,

ht,,boa it ftk not; Who is.

MSobmtw t4ae It b x frl
thein are thw Sl ie a ge eedto
us-ehildren, foreitance.

The man behind the gun dona net
caue half a much coatrnation S
the man under the bed.

It takes a long pocketbook to keep
a summer girl interted in a man all
through the seaon. U
There are 4,9H6 Iadependent farmer
or islephone line in the United

Whom you feel like telling yosn Mron-
be, writs them down then burn the
*-. -- I

In sowm caUM is appear. that silence
Is silver and that speech Is golden.

Living is not a masuer of yean, bat
of enjoyment of work and pleasure.

Lore laughs at locksmiths. but
meter at grocery bills.

It will do you no harm to make arei
that YoU are rigit.

' Lips that love bad news make poor
uen for go news.

Some economies cat morethan they
bring in.
! Girls who my the least are soonest

large sorrows come from little

He makes nO mark who has mo
~aim. a










RouDd Trigt. On
vale daily. Good
till Dec. 15.
Round Trip. Oa
sale daily. Good
si1ty das..


Robd Trip.
eask daily.
Fifteen day.



am& -OR af a_:_-"
Gas& eqs

ln I
o- j-

_. -



Utter through Athnts90t ortaeaACoIa &*ewl. IaOi Wa*
Onlr sTe from llaia vwth Itsowva runs b.St. LTak. Two AcW too
Jaebmsvifle. Tbroagh Siesi car.
Stq'ovwesnGobs am UarigawIAm aSn mn
Caratm "dfu2 numam W9 emso- OaLAs t i l
of WorM. Fake a d 1eSa va Te kIs the *M e w sift SIb m naf me-ie
* s tuwh she SawpMre Cmr. aa. Thzsway. *a H b. en.
DtrISm am rakbhMcfthmr now fm.ameAm e.ey. awels MMsn e
appfUcsa J. O TSM.
bient rmmer Amo, S en SaI$a.* J n a.





Rates $2.50 per day and up. Rooms
private bath from May 1st to No-



vember 1st $3 per day.

S =&f&. LB F4fl P

Air Line Railway

. .. F(, .it .. ".


*n Yre V*jgmm.
*- -wet -' J"a
WuaILx V. WT.

;. _--- ;::.1 ', ,. -_ -
O*-l~Ser Cr Agrieuite.

L a.




I SbmWtf.U

:. -.
1^ ': -.
- : .
I:._.: .



* *1


, qjjp




UW -a- -lowr40, -- w w
a.d me a :UP.M.
k~ ~~ew~b ie ted m t-is
am -oft- a a abtwab,,

-- S.lo aaT. -a a
STRAW-iea Cflwfl

*flA mal!, LS@@ PAWEl @tI





: =: ..

! Be sure to remember not





' 2o

-. ~ m-IF- -.M, -.

.i. ..... .- . .

^By*"^1 : -e. 'filt. no"-e to

.7.otO-beaLex to
-bp:" -be".win-

J'^-:. ..... .- . . .

was wiho
^ ^Ulaltoted~at~lh Wa wi ae
I, m ,n

^~ SN fLue le*ywtiiIIngt enigh
dm~ h fro dy~o of Slier.

1 *t i TMe"*ee iw a andy byi
o amplaheo tly aaf teo
Sdaeskg is UUWUUIIIbrk. will. be

is'bk upehedsthe

fmau o es eh Lae oFlag
= z m4 in. To*- and fibNR

f t" to a" so h ot k waso
164 _Wid M -Y* to! -.i ,I*

-h is. wf. He

-V S MOS. wife8 to la~nwt h im whe
S mw4 a Oudame ags, _an Stioof af

dkhswMu ktatn h14 harmed wihad
-' ofikhs haat he ~wavehin Dth ofelow
-*m. wets eqe.tios wase honord bye

s psemaocft .ape Tmease, and re-
be.wee te. ,,,a yy afet

B..0 i.pew tobvey eoed t~o,,.I
mefltk!d- .tjeg -h-, k"m a weif
.ne.a.-rbym ;-e andy thatr hed
aibs._ kobemm t -...ait, Fer..,
! I. Terq M ean. li,.,

b.- shir wif n .md _to as re*'

de-mpniug-, .ta-k, wife. ,He
wa,_-"tu-rn ".a._ to Lak Cly,i Iwhf,,, I *
flb-wife wa ll.a wit h. w Ie
be we. m tr.ust-e Isw .haamog,t and

etc:- tha he wn bein the bars .,-
Cha.ttame~m p.,aves rme h men -

.. -. Sh appearedto, be-very devoted so her.
pr: imr. hasbsnd,, and carrie his1
narb She tal.ked freely of their do-
nesle. trels b. at think her htu-.

baud will eame out a right
"_ __- ": : __ ---
* The UBrt-HFeubwCuehn.
N.o poor.a a _. .nd to bother
with.ay of the e. eime-mal health
ad..' d Re is tmo biuy makingsa living
Sfor hi.meIf and faumOy, Od when be -i
. stedw wltk std .g or aid. or
develops estah as the direct muIt of
-a o M. be.ap t ol few dos of
SDr.. Nsbn aGermn Syrup. And if
!- .metbI.g lmoe etm, s omap-
tIc.. pmehata him or any member of
h fai m iy. German Syrup man ain
be -relied On .-to ee a care. Trial

: ~~ ~~~~ . ._. .. . . .- -. .. ...._... ._ .. -. . . ... ._ -

II II^i toluiaa t o Af,.i w th thoe,

gem ti-,esystemw
ArtforbTax Deed
I '^nder lSliecti crg _of I.of0.Ch reerlved by

LaWs of F~r elorida. heAc~m
d 6I.d e. s z l-fore.i-1k -'s7.W__M to"4w.
Notieo is herbygiventhlroadst W.3
IlII.. -wi.he : v(' ,ri fte .,t ha beeds closed wi

Jl.a. D. IWXJoeer. haThed'adNewTrt
. a br. ym with u e imy rt take Upthe applt-.
St. Tn bor 1r aota da to iue iac cor-
II""---.. .|I'-V;-*S of M.W.o00..

abs.' gI bad .bhac-ew the m will dsc be pbout pr.
I)" 4M11 M, keg PoPs Pe to build

.... =isgemne. 4 imal eRi tg tht: -i .w the p re
asam!t trouble, loh- h 5eoPaciTpc.i
.i--i -Thee maid aind being assumed at brm.
i I I t"i ,1." mineralMO,

da4tie of A ncetof such Tax Dwd

t ms. ar-temI-prfc kit, jt h name of Her Gae. -
I Un'de ^dr Secton 8 of Chapter 48,, 8,
i eg baomebd~~wb, a1 uw ov aFlid n.a
fcmh ho I a d emoudimgheb to gawhat dW J.
wsh -Mrs U. Yes. Sena Locke. purehbe er of one2-thrrd of tax
IW=_._-N'_w"_ t e e er, iffirt- No.20, d-2s d the 2d day o
SUW -Ta .'. July. A. D. io.hasfll-d aid eertif.
Veat in my aoffe, and hli made appn
44g.ot, and agion I r tax Wded to 1H0 in aDEoNTON
"lst-tcrsnwn sebeuwhe apdm Peih aw Said H ertifieate C
II"e. Ib- !d-,& had ago bra esOe fotkiwg deenibed proper.
tt~m om~stkmo f~ron y sitiuated In Alaehoae ounty, Florida,
kkytrble wh-ihbe ^-- of qeu it..See .1, Tp.t _g o.14.
a aTd caee fml sand beixy at the
Iroan w sold.wn, Tooks ,ibote )d r mifte .anee of such eetifiate
If P.era,,. e in perfect eath,, I ,,fne name of Henry. C&petl.
vI ?W_, h bad no or n-t,,-a U0106 said cortifiate shall- b re.-
tactM ay .ft- ila IAoU that- I oo l004.der mod. Io i to low, tax deed will
W~sh"-Mwm X.Voa 8exnao \ 6

be^ -fMf wtfl -tl .v ^
Wfl"'Tae ssaLtas Wiae -y official slature and
Mn Ai. V "I "K t le i the 2d day of 3uly. A. D. 1D9e..
BebaeftXod6 I 0.. P, wrteefnmH. 0. ]DENTON,
M bstttv WL-90 Cit- rk CirOuit ChortAflo-hasfCek.aFaa
"I wittesforend yean with pd Per a. H. Mengea, M C.

Jasvl oror&di1a.
loss MW tu9 Wd d WBMUioLv-
A -' B'A DAWA*o

^^ -ly^*- ^a..w^^,. JH J !ft

Ancient Order Hiberniana Participated
In Feativtils.|
St; Louis. July .2.-After a brief se -- -'1 1i
sio. the dlegatcs to the national con-
ventlen of the Ancient Ordler of Hi- IJ JEverard. Canad Malt
berniauns proceeded to th o V ors.' Fair t Lln H
today to partiipa. e !n tw r-?feivties RED STAR.
of the Irtsh. The prram included _
Irish giaws at the 'Sta'flm and exer- -
ce^ in the theater of the Irish ralege. A. good as any and better than most
eh, et In the--thepater of the Irish v, 1lege.!"
Accurdir.g to the. I:reent program Beer. Made of Hop and Malt
'officers will be elected tomorrow when and NOT RICE.
the reports of the committ(Ues will also --
be made.
So far no candidates bave appeared Per Barrel ........ $10 oO50
except for the offices .f national se- PFer Dozen......... 1 25
rotary and members of the dictorate.I:-"__^_- -
The contest of the secrptaryship Is ,. flT T "-
quite active. James. T. Creamer, of iQ A IR RU IIf1I
Richmond. V.. is a candidate for tis "" -"UV
office, while the present Incumbe.L T T
Jamesf Bree. it out for re-election.

No Pity Shown. ON-
S Fot year fate was after me cone VI l
Ilnuouuly"" writ F. A-. Ou.IlIge, Ver- -
lan. AlA. @I bad a terrible ease of _. . _.. .

. -- :, -- -
; flt7

.--. -. A--.~-~j--. -- -'4



4 4i7





We pay freight or
following liguors:


NA. S e


.v.~- ~

7 t47~
~4'; ~.-

v- ~,
--" *1'-
. -r
4L~ -
-. ~-s
~- .
'9 ~
.-. -. ~-..
.4 -. LI


LI...01111 .




chagson ith

LEWIS 1866, tm AboeY EmJtkhI..tI tbI. WIqL UL -
4 full quarts .................... 500
12 full quarts .......... ......... 12 75

_ 4 fiil quarts.........
12 fall quarts ...........

* U U -.

4 full quarts ............
6 full quarts..............
12 full quats ......... ...

4 full quarts
6 full quarts
12 full quarts

Ow *

seem 4
*.... 1




... $820
... 450
... 900

* ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 Se6CW e a~ *004W



We handle everything in the UIquor lime, ae
agents for Pat Milwaukee and Jung' Desm
Whiskiae Gins, BRUs from 1.60 to &00 pe p1.
California Wine from 1.00 to 2.950 per gl. .
ported Wines of all descriptonsL







Reveals the ews and Facts governing
Studies underlying cause of Markt
Reviews analyzes and criticisms Railrod
and Industrial reports.
flo. nmvnlna +ch 'loa hlC nf G~arnonicu ?f




3. S







A w -m m w F -" T. .... .--
bi~~t 9 :I.'
S .--- ...= -
_ ,< .... -. .. . .--:.-c . -4. .. + = .

* ^ .^-g"-:- --.- :. -- -- 'l',. --.- .". 1
p- ,; :--'fB * .eii J Me I
S-I .

7::-.:' "te and j otelhout f

:: :: u:i::lim fom diffret*ca tunr eci!
.- t..c-.a .., d, i, ,. -" a. AaK
AW*!-:' a* a an
S- R fyaoto- na the AosL
1 Job. N tt-
wla -6 othe eheaust cofus

/ : :: -,,ir t -. , ', -.., :
r. K to gig the ebowett A

!:"...- .U_ ariies sapiles of Cciclat
t-:t. didCocioa t caxte say
a-jkSor y. ecwbatvr. and
f hata a rliaycupof.

e-ula w oMu... and thatliw,0 berW
a .td.. wa;,h, the cb oaff
:- : r --..r.rOf t drinkgi apuos _o i"
r r atement. salt the Ibeg latuon

wE t ma beitattoftaxcther mau l

-too, should ot be taxed
1^ :- *~ o p o~ ....."-._ --.-. _t
- _. aw-- k f.andch inktere win the vote,
--b : mo" it io wose that- bro 0ae muid
|^- .; e .p oiilmat the- result until- the
I a. ba =mbe= counted. a a"
S ta- m~opiodmlnt su by Mr.t Mbt,
7bt--- ;uke o losdIng that no f -ne out

.?.- .' D Paold to a minor, wu defeatl
U4., had.Ptb n of an ouanmet nedt
-a Mr. Womble -of Upson, Coca-Noi
v .n pdied to. the list of dmnnks the
_-* ksmeoi ed which are taxed
-- A an adm -t by Mr. Sted, of
1^: 8111~1er to p!Mt a 41fnWlar itax Upon man
Wh Kuetrers-of ales, ginger and other-
.-"""-^--: ., iwas defeated. . -
AR:^\ ~ deaIers In Pernaw essence 01
; -traSt -.-i of gier mut pay a tax oi
tw- a t he state unlem the snate
7Z S--.:+. e. In -_ kiowkin out the ambend
--a- m to. ,rebya te ob Mr toed .
-- .-yl.To import bilar wet uipon mb
-:- ufatuer ofe wrale,. one m an the
wisewa deteste. ilul.

S-d Street of ging antll paa a otaci
- _-..-PM c. tot lhe-stte unless the sten a
g-c^ suceeds In knocking outlal fthe twoed
<, On.. yat eafl. and adopr ~ted by

aM ated debate. but the latter wai
p -SSS without dincu9BlouL
A neaber of other measurem of le"
or -Importuce were alro pasied and
" .a baitch- of new matter in
The seated was call.pd to order al
11 o'clock by President Hnwell amd
wbenlthe session was about half ovel
-the "bucket .bnp- bill was taken up
the agricIltural committee recom
mending tho p-tsFage of a substitute
Mr. Atk'nson. of the twenty-sixth wai
the lr ;.st lhcakcr.r

-- ABrutally Tortured.
. -: ; '. -. T* l
. oa--w .to ligt that for per&
A'-t and uacmreiful tortuen has
-^ p^bas sever been equaled. Joe
Odlobiek at Colas, Cal, writers: "For
3* 1ya T; endured insufferablW pain


charged from one end of the car to the
other, striking with such terrific force
that he broke his neck. The AIlerd
herd Is the only effort made to perpet-
uate the fast disappearing monarmbsha of
the plains.--India nI apolis Sun.

T.e most valualtit zalo\ eoie from
the Miand of Soko;ra. which lies Just
off the east African coast from Cape-
(Guardaful. The drug itself is the bit-
ter resInous Juice of the leaves of the
aloe plant that has been hardened In
the sun. These leaves are of a fibrous,
fleshy nature, and, in addition to the
juice, the natives make this fiber into
re, many lunsistuing that It makes a
better rope than hemp.

Cheerfully Recommended

for Rheu-

0. G. Higbee, Danville, IlL, writes,
Dee. 2,.1901: "About two years ago I
wau laid up for four months with
rheumatism. I tried Ballard's Snow
Liniment: one bottle cured me. I -'M .. m ... I. a #. al. II

^^^tp^ ^^B^-^^^:2
llSI :;-^*^- ^ ;:^- '^^ ^S-^ ^^.--"3---
I^ ^T-: ;- .^^ *^^.^ ^\ .-,*
w^ ^ -;r :- ;,,; -^ ."-L -_- ^ .- ^ ^ * : - ^ ^ ^ -

I :' -

|'-,, 4..' _- -_- -stf m a j

/ fce an 0eerJbe of baloe
VI maoe B mivathe oot

A e fl t w3th ** t ofl** =i j- It-wai
Thur. aal hof ts fbm:loss2
W f Miteuo to iaueS the AUnted bert
Vroe Patbhwadhe n rthg1aei- Mao
ha. Ttohe r psng from two bue-
ab leasr eaptnurl twenty yaru ag&
Charls AUerd, onae of the leading
tram of- the reservation, took the
oavea and. capturing a few other /
started oat with a buerd ofv It l wa'l
hi intention to fatte n tbe like beerve
and -te tbrm when bunting was poor.
Major Peter chWo lna atthat time In-
dian aent t the rervatlon saugest-
ed to Allerd that it might hbe good idea
to breed teI' s ut alw s au wathe animals
were becoiuy : scartfe in that territory.
The herd now numbers 300 and I1
1raueI at a quarter of a million dol-
lars. Allerd bus given lint little at-
tendon to his buffaloes. They have
lade little attempt to leave the little
valley of the Flathead where they have
been pabturefl. Mountain walt easily
barred any Kuch inclination, and the In-
dians along the various passes hae
taUken care to see that Charley AlMUrd'a
herd did not efope. All-du did not
alize that be was a w ieathy man un-
til one day hr was offered tM for one
of nhli hen by a tircus axent.
Parts of the wf have bwn exhibited
alu over the lunite States. They were
one of the greit attractions of the
world6. fair in 'hlca^g.
Just before Allerdn tied e called on
the inan who kid suiiggested the buffalo
breed' ng idea to him and gave him a
preinset of $, 0.
Two lihat breed sans survive the old
Indian, When they n ed money they
kill the oldest biffalo in the herd and
seil It to Butte, butchers. The bide
brings $SU) and the -moeat sells for an-
other $t ix. The i wt-at lin.,th ready sale
In Butte at o li i.i Ln.nt Weaiblhy uinuers
andi ohers' pay froui $*' ot $1. tfor the
choicest ru:s sin'!I havite their friends
In for a l hil h Cwiner.
The herd + 14 Jn ftony calve"s r:,'rt vcr4 :t ,tl ftrt sonI
un-kuown ,rason rN 'band of bnt:rnlol
thrives murli I *-itter li:tii thie inwdted
of lrhe YellovtsHone Ntition;;I parki.
Bot?4 the A% it] boys 1:Avei trtrtled
extenntrrvc' :.n mi are wel *"dUrTed. It
L; bhe hl'ly na* tine of tl-iit to lVfie4ms
bit; twRo lbigge at breaknvvk ypeeI tlir'iugh the1 streets
'of Missouln. M:iny of ith bulls in the
herd are wild, and grit difficulty Is ex-
perlenved in loudluig theim for sthlp-
ment. One magnificent bull recently

BUNTH BIDE talaui. Fu e BI.M
fi^bat marts* -d for ChiekemmEand other rAuPnos

A Omplete sok ot Oft orn, oe,,. four. S.m Eels ON,..o &-.4S
ad R&n. We bade aIr .t VERYT BIT Ebd st te LOW
PTIOnw, woos. a tiv






Coubafly batedi, thslyrMUrepai MTbr-nvabi. Iwly frsthdd.
Mpm M r-#-




F or..



PrU'ti g







a delicious,


beverage made


Send Your
Qrder to the

Saw Palmetto





drugs. Metto stimulates
the liver, flushes the kid.
neys, acts directly on the


r Make these or-
a .&t1 0 AD

gains perform tleir tunc
tions in a natural way,
thereby keeping the system
in perfect and healthy con-

Sold by All Druggists.







Orders. sent to us
receive prompt atten-
tion, and the class 01
liwnlr ma t irn *rk ,%4 isl

___ m a . .

- ,mamaz4k

-~~MA4 flaAlMu"l t

Wold bym M froiy



without a single -iurn. It v
V p a 8a WSImt

1...WM L WemuftmkIyg
I-athu sbkli li. 3

Ide - a_ ena

"VinhL WO be I
tar g&=AK T1tAT. -

b~tald &~ Bati,


SAlITER & DIVrAN, Stat. Ag's,

Ir.L &


- a-C

Excurion isket, now on sale dsflg
from Gaineille to St. Louis and m-_
44.10........ Return limit Dee. MI
as). 9 .Rota=s Isis soa0
w$ . ..... Return limit 15 dqs.
Special eoem exeumri 2SS. N..
torn limit 10 days fro dae of I -mo.
Tictew sold T eeay iM July.
corrusozI Mag Asw rase fxrg ae -
poi. e L & l e bsent alie,
rt.Low. -
For rates, hdu les and "Impiq
renrvatiest appl to
J. n. F _. Pn I Ac
SW. Ba" S.. Jask-wmmilk. F
C. 6. 6 O Gfl. 0. F; A, Isoisulr. 41
a, ji




" "*

.: =-.'.. -.

: .- .
I ..+.. -
-.- ^.. .. .





--". i


e- "-. -
I.tCPit. .3-



- - *----- :- - -.


aai ng the .hoce

I parents a t e
Sthe mayor hou eo er
t ai frie dr-ed In fro&
i top hats, tonS In procales.
Uw, and queen leading. a
the bc dmrch, -where there is a-

mlarch baS to the ma-
wherw a Mvore few are
Sat iOm-wmw. When be
--bet health ben wmnontea her
*lmae b her on thceeks and
bf I an envelope which contains
f l InooY-. Buttbe. IN.
-H~w o cad teret They fon it
7 the -mid bih thls time,
tawi of ="t W7 leader
|4iwO thnmfl 4h vffTlliae, np
lb rw b, for three hour.
at k -10m*ttbrlaI

.K tU. bfl to .. . t,,_ im.
quaw Caft s f iemt wtod "the
hisrTht it f p an tf
fl~b S vmmaand
^BSttIfliths eo.. The qienms
m~-. L wttb the teA atk wreath,
^^^nM- bAGS any sat ane
fgt.. etuuaftBeotrwheusobebe-^

;Whi ; : W .
HEAVY 01r.

Mke 3 Wn& -
1: n fl vmte-Iooal .21 of
sqebactI Llwrary wbo1
w pie d-lmg thme win
*IllSi r wi iST bei Enod ready nabe
fik^ man ue tsomm on oe -.a

JJ~tj-redIs rerortlafg to somewhat
Sto imro to iai the
Al fo bkho wak In the maer of

-)atnt *'Jumplng Fric< sporting event,
ve weat IntrodOce smw weiubty ub-
A USUnSe ut o their Innumor, Mous bit
a Ire rails etc.
Oc O he went so far as to tuff two
.. mIt e flatirou he had picked
from a return heap dbwn the guUet of|
ome befw taking It to his catomw.W
vtwe having Wg*e l It awfully astud
terI muc hagglin,& 7pd him a fte-
t ics la per pou o It than to mfigt
.here perhaps btalned elsewhere. Meet-
hui WMe -et ay. he was Isftatly
Aware there wAS trible In the wind
p ti O-~~pfei &martk "What do pike
Stifeet o. Paddyr "och" and Indade,
your eboor. but the's mnlgty Uttle
.:that mapes ault to. tim nlads," he an-
sw, et "Psros -and fish; sticks and
abtome they ike well but they9 would
give their two eyes for htfls."m-
JM~taCh Country Geqftlem~an
-.* -*'E Vets"'. et Sem S"aL
/:'- -.-Rf i- t *.,. =a--- t -
F fl work) is too 1011 of alneoa. atd
srrw, misery and Icteas. 'It needs
r otnhine. It5 It need ceerful ive
which radiate thds.u It needs en.
teaps wn will lift and ot bar
Sdews, the uSO eucmrage, not dlacour-
:"-;IL L -. *. .-*- -" " " _: i-
.Who ea etimate ate value of a 3w
Bypun! win scatters gltadnkas atd oind

I te.'e wherevr be goes istd of.
iManAnd sadaun ? Everrbodt ti at-

Pl-`- 'mr *ym



a; uuar
a a

.. -.-.- .._-. _..7:; .,- ... ..:- ...^ >- ^ :!... .... ....
= "~ ~.... -- ;: --.,- .
_ -. '- .. ... -. ... _.- -: .-__ fr : .:+-,
.: -:y -.: _-:- : -

- t -, ~--- -.:,- -


r -
- A

.^ ^ ... ...

;-i;- -. --Ii i-" .- f 4-Lr- _-- 'r--n--- L-- --- 7- .-l
|j|toiyaI I 0 3LrntrATs a~lT aOCI ^n 0 .j^^.^acorwls ____i^ii~lii-^M
nutSbenhIIStben O4 o C.10C-
A 1 W la ....m*. o--.-W- -------

-^^" o- - M A a
..... aii~ot orPOLWm rMM o.,
*4. 09 -* we WmaaeimpS uxnuWs zeauw

aUk-a AtAn of Your SLs

Ca ....b.:C- t au -- ...".-........: a 9 ; i* a
:- I " ,am fu -.. 1
S_ --. ---___ .V-.. ... .......... ...... ...4 s? S 16 o a .m
:- -- .----"I -* .% Thtu f -C ... --.u.tu w4tnek .. ....... ..*..... it w ie am -

^ A|G~lBIOT lC Du~a~.4..o. n~ofnkwAsw~ornw14t.&sw1.4....... 14 9 5 S asf S
"' # J.Btbe---..... e ........ .... ...... ....... .B w i .
_.y A w0 ... 0 ._ _. qI MII J[ I .h Gh a. ... Co-AIL.... ... ................. ..... .... io w e4i n m
Fo the---- ,,k3 .,, e_ J ....- .w s .-tofael. ... ................ ,g-
V t.tb Safe a_-d- _LO k Compa iliV JNrhGdens.....Co. uttI. ... ........ 4......... *g 6 a i -M.
^ V/V^A V^&^^ULUUAJV^AA %WAAA^^*' ^c. V,.McQee ..- nI-2otnBwI-4ke3!2otuel-4& s14ofsb 14 16 17 SI r0 a
l^. ^- tr^ n y "r i 1"r 01 f __ __ l k ms c'at o Co 'oau...M ~ wl or ....... .... ..... *9 ...... f I
Ut*T 0 r i i~1 -n n/' ~ I ", hOe I~ III c-lta. r. tc r..... sVWW &sw34k w1-4o.............- .... ,.. 9s : ,w a-I
;lno- " n- a- "o J.w 4 .... . "-o .o- i
The"r itor j thebeitlale msde, and pan couepltempit- A MSM'zse, -.-....... ........................ *
.- . of a ..II _Ore, or I hidnIg inI Wt l. Fa ......-..- :of DWI'4 a M wi...........4... I 2 S _f 9 T iS iS lW
S* from a box to a_ bent t. will a money w. ..... w-of sw a.. ...... r
-f teOf5oFrajwng 1t w NACab .0"'0" A I ut. -4 &SW .1-4 0o.f ne.wl4. A .. .fl i e a
wI&m-b~- 1%ofsrH........... SY

m oult{B Q Oa or Iddre, -_ Ptd S.Tboip*oi... ,ell4ofn.e &sl-5of eI4-orseI4 ... .....f 3 0 1u
u V i or Snrd, -I- .. Ar.e... -wM-of ni-4 a A a-l or M 14 A wl-et
S" i i aeH el e A a 10 17 S S
IrIUr / aTu d ceTTF n .t ....C BW ... ................ a, m 1 O w 1-
,M .9M h,' J, ,m,,I,,Ii,9 HHtrad.ttrsep cot i .............................. ... f IT. *; a a
i --. --- .- ,-- ._ 'T V, Trk,[ A I WiihBhGrade T a Co Alln fcoutylne ..................... 7 u1 i S S
Ie IFWfRim ih.eIheu f .A kb o ray, in n.Grad-I h e Nosw o I aM ........................... &..... m 11 !7 a m a
_____ ._______-________-__________ --_- ____ _.Jo ... sl-SkSonfbktBThwunofA*ehn -5 $ 3$ 5O 0
I^ ^^ -_ : " _-_ -.__ _. _ A i veBp&w seU A ... ... ]LIII. 1.Al- ........... .... II I 8!. I
bn nflflfla-. us.. or.......tnA -or wwI- A a-et i
I- 0-- H -A -Grum t e t ttoM ............ .. ... 9 IS l 3 0
I -- '' !-" *" -- --- -.*'......-_ Mr. A.I.DMC< wlSof micl-4 nw-4l.... ..................17 SI S Si a s I0
I - .. ..~ -W.N.U....... ..swl4A1w-tWotue1-4. ...................... 97 3 3 S S
SI- i~ T r T tradJ.C.Ufe .... ...... lii91-2ofue-itsw ..I S 1 S S S
i I \_ "~ n AH I j i ; NH.D ek .. .... .A W I o tivn 4 .... ......... ... .. g g- I a II
The SMR SE II l at I ^ I W.B.T ...... AUiawlw '- ,S.. ........ ........ a6 t i / us-
I I n Ir 1 1l I k l I :we. nM..... AfOeDel-e'2e-ofw IAael- 41 ..... S 0 m W l
AJL XV kyJ.L A X J,. ,,.i J. J,. J........_L jno.d Lot .i ,.; ,,.i. .. Dcf k
b -_. SubD .. .*.. *. .... ;............... .. .I .*
W -K -bomt.... M E 51 -w li .-4 .. .. ...........,.... :. t It a -
A---- MM. ilt IifClfta.Do W. A. Suefito S .- .. nal Mtsei, It ha eb i n Tw o
A Eqazim.w of. CVlveras aecWiAeolrswl..........o.. .1-. I g --
I -t ,-Co., r eil-t.Ieax w so... ....... ....... a u at a
I -- .;,-- ,,,l h~a ve Ir f Wlm e fIIe DurD _,W ._ _. B........ wl_.. -i._ -(o n wl. ..... ..... ...... a09 r * 1 -
pftpoin.& ke W wI -tA 14tofuwI-4.of .............. S a a
Geniu eutertt ut, smiament 3M imental recreation a athe motives A. O. t......... As f4 ohfi- S ...s.. -4... ........................ j g0 p a a a
ofThe SiftrSet.gbl ._0 I S. ss_ .. .. w** *f.l of neeia n $ 1 * i *
A.A.aN I I-.......... e & .. -... .. . ................ ... . 4 t IU
0L C" g*" r I| r 4-, "lf. C.llkelo w -o f. ...... ..... -........ 3 I 3 S a
SMost Successfu~lI ofZ MrKC5trOw AM.sw14 IYiU vUS OW AO SOW HdRoW ACUbir ntofel2ofawj- ........ ......... & 9 o j
. .S EI. LU A.lWaLw vle e... V .. ................ I1. 3 3 S C S
ha Bne eli (a nempilete one in each m mber) Ire by the moat brilliant au* ir_ l,.f. e ...... S wi-Sfr.s _w,.-...o,.o..,.., i b a nt a a
.m.sph eres. i Ev, "iwaie........ e OI Jte e1 If Lot Lvm BiTX -o.
thm r l ,,w Beip m .. i t. i m ......... ...-. ..... ............ .o II t if
ItI son M oavhm-teble-e-le and full of human interest J (a It. ......... .. . su U S0
iul posry eovwih hoe entire nbl of wre-pathun, ove, hamor, tender. G.KNO W.. .......- 1.fSA4f l. t tt. W
^-^^"jg-".-Wag",, of Cle W.^ A. 8. s14 &..rlB 101ii-4.' sl tbte.rm in. ~se a*

ms~-iby BM oarpw ""'s *0 women, Blu" the day..7. wGn .. .. Pan of US.. S S f.iR .f i^*
ItIj. wiltneiIs, lketoehw, etc.-, e admittedly the most mirtbapro- l 'fnbfIgm&uAaktis w, A aIfswa
C if" extlllil to o f .. .s 4.... .. ...
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No _.w. an w.,ted OB cheap illostatlons, editorial uaporings or wefl-. IXAIoS Il co .... Vats nl kt s._N S ,
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E- ery pegs wlil ltntMeham and refresh you. i _-_...... ...._.. ......... 75 a* I
eeI3"t. -_w P U_ p r - Remit ia cheque, P. 0. or expns oner-, M. M...... .ead aw 4, lI- 4_Ina .. ... ..... -...U_ II 1 3_
or eghtiadIetreoTU SAKY SET, 53 Fifth minus, Sew Kwh. 0. Kt Faihbflk. . A Ut hGnat.lMa- e stt S w ^ ti -
I _omI nW -:--- -- ..i w.,i -. i.----a.. --..--.l...........- .- *4I.I.. 7 33 f
A. 0.b-JaIe kt 's ...................* 7 3 U S 5
N. B.--ample Copief Sent Free on Application. no wa* th >,<,o ^. ^r-" .. i
Of heSmrt et k J I nLm&d w1-2i&sees t-4t m 3Dacrs aIt =1-4 cotw. .
Iete W !ilub _ft ..4& wJ. ..... ._

Its _________ --y eM fl .U S- L -a--S- ---fl--)- thM.Wa-M_"Od .m. soS S fl o ats.

i O -- I - -IRR -g ^ ^ 0 ^ 0 .. .. .I cHoIIBo I II IniS -
IoISn'Oaf BA...4 .. --- B D I

k istoBeRDVEBI iainesulie & Gulf Railvaj (Ignipy

OmGaaW Grow Iad CrvreiI &ee. I C W
i t -_sOffice oer Uret Ie. Ak' w=ft aUA ,-, -..,,-.f. A
I I y

FERDINAND BAYER, Ti'me Table in es Jul 4.
.U N SI D CA am "- 1 ,, 60!| .,s
1mb. -i NJ GAISVILLR. - FLOIDA. N N N. .
ts AU*pars;of,, En't Daily DaUy.- 8Th-10O6. Da-y. 3'f_. __
.,oCa. Ca, n sell your eiy property, (im- .da .9 y p-
SaMIracso GQaFStfG proved and umnimproved), phosphate, _ __-_ _
Ini --t__..__:.___ *" t ing and farming lands. Send him "
/ tsar,. TY1. I A,.- ah Ist of what you offer for sale. 2142mi Lv PiMLv P MiLv AM 5 ,AP.PMAr AUIN
M A X R A U- 46 ............. .. .... ...FtifB ........... ..........
/ 7 fB5 ,C45 O.... 5. -i..... .. ....-.J--*- o----- **...q. ........s...1s.- S
Repreenti BAKER, g .. ; .. ..g::...:.-::: ..I.-. "
Bepnwe-u-i,8 e* 1,0 ....J. ; ....... ..... dO.. Ca t n....,....,......... .... 4 -
/ -- A- I 8W, .... .. ......; ........HI ima .... .... ...... ..*.. S Ur

ILL WELLA&CO., *owgpla. .SOLICITO)R ILN CHANCERY.. a*8 6,....t..... eaes k~yeo::
E.A WEIL~~~~~~~~~ 86O 5... ...... ..c~B^ A~Eyj. -. j::u-: ::;|r .::C::S5
WHOLESALE SHOES GAINESVILLE, Alchoux Co. FLA.. s- 4 rk.........'...:..A... ....x*.. .....
iOffice in ERdel Bloek. ....... ...._ (I.....t...... .. _..e-... -o
/r All neiy1tti -- 8 65 ......e.. ..... ........awJt Ie fe.-e.............e....... ..
Of AR _k- zI ,--..... .''' ..-;..wIae........._...... ...--.
9o(3 *oq.WO*s 1w see "s .W'eiafbA)(mfl...scs
/DRJ. 3. H. ALDERMANI. 9 15 .... ..**t... .. ...... y..... int... ...O... ........--s-- 4U -
P EN TIST. 4 ;. ..5.-. ........!)I ...**_... ...... t40
a.a A ms ErusinIT.usns. W -~ 6- _-SL", 646 ......fuwi,,,t-i....... St, -., -SW.--
4%' an aa n.S%& ..a






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. ~ ~ ~ _- .--.. -_ _- _-.
. .. ;.^
- _, -. -^
V ^1

~ ~ .. : _.
. .. .;. -


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I -i
-:.*'- .N:

._ ,. .' . . .- .- .- .- '
^-4---- 3--;-'"y

ll i+ "Ef--l -. _

L : -.- .: .. _._ .; .: ,


. = ,.- _. a .. . .

amd- by- I :
~t~t C mM I#&.It Gath.
\\ a b Hfy Owl bpwtjuru


Whet .IeHmHnrdaed Wh- t :IsGong
O Hsr Th Is Shwt Psapepha
8. T._ -% Who eos0lma.ftRed"

..o nS"m Setn megasine will enter-
t ISaba.
OW wspes--n form-le a The Son

Clflue- Cam_~p of Ocala s at te
v BIo Horne.
8dm som'.e Wumderful Satve for .ale
& Co.
a op1 red twee wry Intereting
mstl It. Shetars $lee?
(W.U-Ie Undertakig Company
at Uuw BDsoe Ston*
MUP Maro Herloug of Bellamy wa
Aeuppig I toh oth ly yesbeeday.
V W Nsonb and wife SM register-
-* ad s ie Brown Houefrom Tam ,.
M n Veonbie of Kanapaks yw a
buslasM visitor to this city gnnueday.
4 .J. BMerehaat of The Sun made a
b*ete bpulnes trip to AlebAa yester.
Those E. Owems of High 8prings ws
t 0mmetingbuwsoe in this city yle

Nimi lawg well furnisbed room to
re". i. .nert to square. Apply as,
the saUUL a... tt.
For ROita-FrdiE Apa g 1st store
S spid byjloial Cook, Apply Thae.
V- .Ponnr omv9iiu.
Mn. Jades Whitaker of Vaidoss,
. s., e In Sty G. s .wi to her
odfti. Mrs. A. M. Poomell

ti Meao,- wa- aoniK te

-:'- = .^ ..'-z
4 ^ ^.r'r:-

return via G. & G. Railway. Daily
limit, 16 days, $8. Week end, going
Saturday and Sundays, returning
Monday following, $.50. Leave
Gaieevtille6:45a. m.6:15 p. M. Son-
day ezeaursion only one dollar. Leave
Gainesville 6.4 a.m. Nine hours at
sprial and back same day. J. F.
HILL, &3nt.'
On. Wednesday, July 27 there will
be a grand exeunion over the Seaboard
Air Line from Gainesville to Femrnan-
dina ata low rate of $1 for the round
trip. This will be positively the lhmt


S-"! I '- +-
t-. b _....


r'^g i y ^^ :.-i /" **"z. :-."* -- ." - - .T

f^.-.- i l.. "-^"""- ^^ r -^* ^B^^B-P -.-

k ,--.

jA- *I*
t .-_;
n :..."

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.r- u a a.meno.-i-rod-

Ja .esdBli of d dNebde, enchant
a- *aral Sorea imenfaeturer, wea
aamgshe uidoits so Gaimeevili. ye,-

M, A. Rad ad daughter ot Moss
brook were among the vissom to the
oity yesterday. They weft registered
at be Brsows. Home.
Dsiafectant for ate. Homei o And
dathing fumigated of oontagkim ni.
same, GaImIsll U dertak-
lag Co=pauy. Brown House aomer

Found-Gold lapel pin, with doubt
eagle mad initia.- Owner may have
saome by allimng at The Sua otOe, e
scribing property and paying for this
Ladles' calling cards. gentlemen'
a-ds, buinemw earde, dan y other
kind of cards printed in the Irlet
yet leat this offiece-and the prin s
eMwina.e. too.
Among the prominent visitors to this
city yesterday was Samuel W. Teague
of Lady Lake. Mr. Teagu o is ne of
the moat progressive and successful
Gtiseus of his section.
SRemember the ezcurion to Fernwi-
dimnaJuly27. tvia Seaboard Air Line.
Special rate of $1 for the round trip,
with special train leaving Gaine ville
at 8 o'clock. and returning leave Fer-
nandina at 6 'clock,4rriving at home
in plenty of time for bed. See Cobb.
Mr. Powers and family of Alachua
were among those who arrived in the
city yesterday. Mrs. Powers and chil-
dren were en route to Jaeksonville
where they will vilit friends. They
departed on the afternoon train, while
Mr. Powers returned to his Alachua
Miss Frances Wells, the acern"mo
dating operator at the telephone ex-
change, departed yesterday on her
annual vacation. which will be spent
as White Springs. Mih Dempey will
act af operator at the exchange during
the absence of Miss Wells.
A. C. Common, the elever traveling
salesman of the N.LK Fairbanks Come
psany, with headquarters in Jackson-
Title, is registered at she Brown House.
Mr. Comuson iaone of the most origi.
nat on the road, and declare* thene
[5* nothing 'Oommonf boa the name."
He snjoys a flue trade throughout his
,Cheap rates to White Springs and

ill"Dw-ilm :. -.1
I:": SbIlK =-- i

.* ,. . .f . .
p aii6'


- A. A -

- a --





's *'-. .r


F- 2

If.' -
-- .7 ?_.-




" .-at-. -".W a 'atp a. e t. ..: n ---.- .-

M. R Tari af Mad. o:e of ptmob.abl eatinS S~wli :y^H lrl ~
l-71 m. ll_

.h e S u s a m . d. . - -y on g ... e .a .

the tut, t at te um OOK hoevr tj Duoad of wrr7. FULLt M _bri n e .o .. -f o o i ._ _i e t .n -_ _e -b ) ." . .-. . . ._ --. .. ._ .: -. ; __ . .--. ^
at _ir -. -nd eojoy a locratiw_-, trd.^ : a- -+.-.le -U- Mr.: D ^ :-:-^--

-aykof the adSo t ki S al Lummrr.

pafttely nd ane Oml a. ddhoi~r btoS FfdS uht Mrr Htb bde laW|| BHK
MII-. .ma.. of E t u of I --by b nict ,.,-i:iy" -fld

the Quit.I utl .he lawn He.I of Cratfl -- |-S '- i

Mraaa. T Mrin traelsor a woh~ocmh j f.* Dramo iat'd mSe> >*<*- ^^^^
Amo ng th il-i..r G "5565Viik ... -Iu- .- _doa.-.--d -kla ..ge_--W:O(JA L- DSi

of Nisia. aousereio of she E^iral forf b. awi'e mat im of tbf Atathc^^^^^^^^^
It.e Palatt Foodr Lad 'M hneo,, 1.4. as High... -:" -:;.- ---- -CJ

Lasher 00/aping. a.e sof izact tnet-M~ theo a of d -L^^^^^
For Sale or ,OD,-Ha and .o. K.. Ain. dm falhio o S frie-d. U.- " i
k mow~n atheJ Saksmhouse ; w~amli afterward crossed a he tusk efast pWo^^^^^^^^^
Dine TOOtf, SituSMG ofl13f Art iuse L_6 s s ld Pow 11 A dre
do' and MehaicS... M,..S oe ,- c .i,.,, .._ ,t

land twomil o ey 9o. He a
wills, Fin.; 80 acreS attiL; 16h fltuYt tottW noath sde,, and it
Wres putomedo.FYKaJL.W plenty water.I r.a ieJ e io
of 3.te~.w,t, oa'esrn. D.;omcire 1-.whie h tad-i- tme a,.t of .OVOI--WiM
Sse,.,eYroo"othip. ,dsp S -ee. raUWroe-d trick that the agii"

Fhb.wdevil*truckhin and knocked biy down ,. W
Twinl- 01' atseant*dsk

Mr.. F.tK. deawell and son. Franmik, in9 ian u eth. ^- "---- ....-|j
the cove feww0Ye

departed ynctenlay for Trilby, when pp -. .n-. .r Ti fni~n
they will sit reltives, Mr. a.d Mr. "on'pte e Nfed Not DoflM, a' _. iinO
H. MC. MeTs. for few day. From A any proocityed Yonste e-a anvs. ...-; i1

Trilby they wilt proceed to Cinerwsaer by physician have been eoaid bg F. --
aIdS Petenbu or, where they will e d flone and Tar. L.. Rued.a o1 a
enjoy the exhilarating Golf buee Re-.oner, lowawrite 00s Tb docto

Friend wish them a plant sojorn, m id I had eosnptla and I io& no
Swill no doubt be the aWime. beer until $ &ed Fot-eys HO-an" 0 -w'
oThe Atlanti t i offering te lTa. I bhlpd me onht from i -hena
meeing o, cr; ed mau;itorsof;the16PR.W,obut he bm no Z" b006 ...w_

arom Gauine-ille to St. Anustie and wle hWe i.nthLeom of be l -
ForSae. ory, (ov0 pao n th aK mr utalk andg today am eo.S

nwmur on August 8, at the very low g wel." Sold by S. W. Nef~olica ___
rate of 1.5 for the round trip, t eta A Co. -- --c ,o .s -d --

eta good returning August 10th, is i t. -
elutwe. Servce on regular trans, p. ^ 111X6 V^f
lueaing Gainevile at 2:16p. me, at. BE!i a A Edt)|J h rr*id
doag atnda. AqoStiseat 6:45 p. a. N Evun 1 Spin
The last opportunity this yartvIS I the and the Lotat &yles t
the Ancient City at greatly. reduced h -J jvr n 6 OeN
rdeated. For feurtheday for prt, wbere taltn I X.IalLO I.
onsumltrveS rwde Hot uespalr

lthe ,win,,,,,t ,,.. 2w at I andMrs -. AMBa
Hon. E. 8e,. Cr111 few days. Frm -AnmanyeIam prom neW )eks i,--2str

iden Sof t. Peast Florida Sawtheyswill onendV.L.-.Ru O and| Ho __d .-. i ..
T.s Companyys b amongG tbe who CeU mrylaw&, wrtel -Theo -.' -
paid Gaineshtille a pit yesterday, oa mmption andI It"-. "
ha will no doub the purpe ofae. u better until Fmo'Honegrafnds ,
-Tar. It helped me riht froa zhOOMM an

lgThe AtlmeentiCng of t ie oeitoras of the =U lMili
Espanola Lomber Company of Prairie From Loket to Ln of beSizeda '
Pain nWmy Juma nd toall myam wood -
return on A uilt go at the Ver7 I"ow ,,pSodb .W.R~la
rate of $..5 fr te rund trip., t .- & o."" I, mmr ..:
eta no roturnsting August 10th,9 I- -:. =.- - :IP .. -:;.";
i:Mmelusive." ervioe on rexlolr trains' "-_. ru n i|- -l l lt.L /t t"-'-
revivX Ct n. A tpmte at 2:1 5 P.a m. " -- "

Creek. Dr. Crill-was formerly State High Grade Copies a pe- ..- ----
treasIrerl, and is On of te sent -_ -TUEDAL Y fUi t- AWmE
widely known and ma.t popular D eme---___________ .ltMIT_3__ I__ -A. WE
oerats of Florida. He ha played-A. a ..." ... ... -........
prominentpart in the polities of this^"".^. t -
State for many years.
aI* --
In the article relative to the sc*eee -
of Judge C. T. Cbees. in th. peach Ie .
dustry in Georgia yesterday there oe- '
erred an error or two wbieh should ( W. V -I- -BB I
be explained. Judge Cheve* tated v I Y I
that he and his brother owned fifteenon ____ _____ -
hundred acres of land, and, not Efteen m "--- -
humdred acres of peach treea. mere "TH E BIG 8TORR"I-
are only three hundred acres set in .
peebesi, and the yield from 20,0 W
tres should have been 20,000 orate in- _
stead of ten carload. Thist does not 4
affect theo profit, however, a a nea I F
profit of 200W was madle. on the yield I
from the orchard last yer. gas 4



- .-; ... -...:.

-. f.-