Gainesville Daily Sun

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Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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pypat P ,-ackig -O l.-ts. Subscrit s are Bet; ratags
*w S4ve -~b pln [abe I&tst
-W ;St tj, eastI of the burned prop to help the sufferers. It is tear
APJAm LTWS AREg OT S'AflD en.y EACH SIDE IS $TANDINQ FIRM, additIonal victims wil be found I
S- -.. Thl e Alabama Rift flooring pa- .y -,- 4 ath the wrecag e.
< att ria tef was owned by Pennoylvanlu -capital.-! Packers Are Adding to Thir Force Dispatches from the southern pr
-+Ia-bqt--_L the Ide o t .ar t3. W. HogharthO of Scrantont. r'aO" Workmu headss of De, la es1WfoufL riversoverlowing.and_

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Pa of tIs < am P % president of the co ,-pany and osty Ing railway bridges. Rda".
t: PWS&tt Them for a COmldnbb" Thomas Palmer, fornerly of New partmonts and Office Employa In. lie are cut in several p-aces.n
Yor in resident mser. -aruct.ning Recruits. n

Tymi i1POSTCWFICE as absflo. ChJcagou July 1I.-B4th sides art TORNADO VICTIMS.
rem~aarf U~ IW 4jr|alraa (i preparing for the test of strength
M IWSO Secure I" at Calhoun, which will coe th" week i the Tw Klled Half Scot. Injured I Ni
^ lth Wades armytl made a Qar-SBew Open Safe. aurike of the packing boise empDloyee. vort SterNS.
mlt a Motion Pam, at dawn ~Tuly Calhoun. Ga.. July i.- l swfe in To the -few men takiin on I te New York. l I-O the ha
r setltwet neus t O tle- the postofflce at ts pe was blow last few days the pektrs expect to re n to do whih
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-At ab-Cb Suny mor-nin--- a y-er open by parti"e ar*e O U t ia ie* add many'U thouwad ia the next fiv& tastated the Quaw r Ottlmt die
:--, y to !e theeioese miten before 1 olock u.yWorkers who have bet hired. It e Chppqu N. .. Saturday. a a
tw--- Cr.e o~. as, c a morningag.d about _00 itomoney andclaime. are now m steway to tee .ow eP e to recoe ex t t
I,, Sb2 ataaS^,S n stamps taken. ferent pints from all corer < Th eyre 3i Mary ffkbba. of Ph
a aS5t 011 tho ja~neThe loses are: One packle Of country. Office employes and 4 dolphin. howacrushed to a
_-ai-utojp881 therunofteWsbrhoea
N IstiaM S taymp amounting to $500. received of departsents, who have had exp hres Dolige, who was caugh w
I. .,. _-,-: by Postmaster S. '. bats yesterday ence in the killing rooms, have bNee e .a.
flnsin ,m4,,,a- a n, d a I nopeed; aboutt $100 worth of called In to help and teach theth baes o a aln ..
R, rS1 SW other sta-m .-ps. on bandu and btwcen cruits. A erch o ueh elgneirboor abo
bits vic. ity -despste. theJap $-d ..In money. The packers already are equipp tha t e the storm.cratedret._ ._
rimimed T -Th. e exact out o nnot be aser their plant, in weaten.- enter, with urng the ew minu that It r
.- .f .- talkedl as .te robbers took the b-ooks full crews of men. Within a w Ia the trtops for more than a ml
Postma of the offer Postmater Davis ays -the plant Kaaw -. ..aha a.d aicn4d clotig of ans decipl.Oa
.: --+. : U--,-,OS the., was In.9 th:e -money order was-+-1 "T f ound.
__- there wai V5.f95 l -the money. orde- .st St. Paul wil be turning out train A ca. .wh. c h. be
- 0 departmentt, and about $80 in the loads of uipplUes. according to a posl. o a e hich wsdeto
+ : :'- r J s-- tamp department, not incluaing aout ve declaration made by one of thefloorof e whh w e.y
J'cu -dou July 18.-i,10-I p. 5.-Them of his personal futnds that was '. packer. was rippe up and cared more tb
Japanese legatltoa h"- reeivel dls-the safe at the time. A blank money ,Ar-our & Co.. Morris & Co., Swift & mil.eup the side of.the._ mouata
wtcb fromte Tokloreporti1g that atn order book. together with dating Co and Schwartzchild & Suizburger ThereN I eos
ta i- wlas made by the Ruans on Mo. stamp, is also missed. today renewed killing operations on tre amt Int. a
te- pa um July 17. It ay the Ru- Sever"a heard the noise of the ei- s mnch larger scale than aurin t- wMstn tuer cotesw ereobervala.
j.t--M who numhered about two divi- ploO-n, but did not suspect that safe flst week of the strIke.
alon-g, eomm~amnded by Lententu t Ge- cra ckers were at work. the work seem, Repretntatvcs of the packers at
eral Keller, fiercely attacked during lng to be, by those who heard It tWe Aock. yards id they exp-cted t ENFORCES MEAT FAT.
eni 1ele, I e y atced durig --" -""ya"rds r h ep a thick fog, Moten pass and the ad*- such as would be made by a number k.- alvt to man wthoat much more
cent Wpo astios occupied -byhJa of boxes faIling to the floor In some ineviene at the ffiitY was New York Buthr Reue to P
-/ entootlon oVpea -by -the Jals- otwen -" ient wha _"v .ffi ',it'S a Y~-B lR l oi
eIe latter ae,-_n It was not :tUl the next not in the prouri o men tin
nw--The hatter,, It added; StUD-7':!.. Strike P ices.
moztin'g that the io-ss wa detected. 'N
borWy resisted, repulung the RU orn hat the los was detected tIi.r inability to provide adequate pro- New York, July 19.-Owing to t
c1tms on all aides and pursuing them bers first entered Henry tc:ion for them while going to and agreement among the 3.r00 Kosh
fCiO as Teunteapetzu. NP weI1l blacksmith hop. one block from work. b-etf dealers of this city that tH
seoutheast of the postoffice, and secured Tnr packer profess not to be ap- buy no more beef -until high prie
V" e- i. Mall --+ *ammers chisel s, etc., with mhlcb prahensive of a sympathetic strike and created by the strike shall have aga
T*- Ja.y Se 1a. Mal Mate. they force the frontedoor to the my that cooperage and similar work become normal, all but ten K-sb
.- TMa July It-lO aa m.Te Sp m uIce by springing the doo r. a *Ls provided+ for now. Referrlz;g to shops ar reported closed.
sam ured t d esryr mHay has t ape arac1e ofthe saIe, the threatened Ftrke -y Itremen. a Three wagon loads o tresh me
cPouredt a jutk ctveyIng ildea- from nltroglyta .-g* wasuse. or0 some, othr repws ntatve "f rArmour & wi- Athu 1t.lar and .t-I c deal-tlona hh com b I mt the plants ,x i rrltui*predi witb automat. 12 cents. was spurned by all of t
..with moar and nvM cdiion se vice To oIen tne sae two wa p stokers% which largely reduced the butchers. They said that if e i
vatuble otformatuoh was eontase ed Mc ue.To .ope n. the ae two. expl' work of the tenders. fered it at the necessary high pric
vtaleletter in om which did n wer n-esa- .- seon o. The strikers -ere in a confident the shops would be oblhe4. T
teal wlth mlltary thpoes hai e di en lowing m t after an Interva of mood today. and appeared to place lit- meat was sent back. but the wago

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forwarded to St. Petersbur,. wilh the! T-e .ar rk om ..e A .MLw tle credence in the reports of progress wtthe round the seon4 time
request that they bdeltered tho to -The earmarks of -the rot bery show made by the packers In filing m an- fering It for 1 cenfut va pond.
t wo wok thewr or a proessenal. -ostoffi. ees. On the contrary. the strikers one took It. A rate of % ceat w
to who they were addressed. inspectors are at work. but the trail ared hat nnny of the nomion all the butchers said they would
: "- M o BlUn-nseems too cold for satisfactory devel employe ha'e deseted. united t o the K
Reason ae Seizure Unknown. opments.. r rsdn ftePc- u
MnTiin, J~uly it.--The Jaann ___ W.--
ien-T '+n ,July 18..-Th J- oplmenu>. __ : N ie .K '.r. president of the PIck. RS h" ore. h e mo t e oPl
have taken the steamer Helping M. FREE FIGHT AT BALL GAML tng Trades Council. said that efforts meat fart er know a the b
ontly capture aebo. to await had IVen f ale by the Independent SMe.-
_ __ _+ *, *- i _ (. -__* ; *) Iracking h>not.F-p to secure the services ---
t.-he- n of t, na al pn ot. p,.ye", ad Spcatr Join In tho f f tt nikig Butchers. The WOMAN SLAIN WHILE SEWLN(
,,e eantain at. the ho jk. iaang others. The

-in IN-- ofa Bthe.
- - -t - Dr Aft
* u at 7 -T
-Y--- '3..a 4'. i-

S~~~ tai frm"1IOM'ff*S -"'

ai thneO Ameice obweRl CC-

Ii KETLEE .' r -^

Or .-r *. Int a *tk at I I ag 1a
7-. a twin a Y S A-b

W.out W.F u F8lay ?
4 ftlf3 O.- ARe a eencous

dyat LoaM DMn Wfftl wMl A"

Ieh lqesf, bo y Ia t"_toph a^ If -
In Opola I n th sMed *ad -a iI

MTyfrerysDee phe -apWO Wl-,
olvngsBte [a fla a" do

r tebrayint a -athie oft .wf .. ...
be iest. Bto m t In-th-:2
atf loh ohic wh Doe I

ty ontga arsI.t f
Iactuoesque ltte Dsinb Y~ihle _*' .
rary Bay, Intof a delc. otan oyac 4 ^
atw cout. owesla ni~a--^itB tw .*.

as then aim te Is niri~ b
li theo cloal medical it- ifi

ma to the cenft that the ma a -4'*
aned wound below frt RUSSta fK.|
glit ear, indicated by th tave '. ^
on of bleodia the feal~p ada4 'wni
ire of the covering or the bra&fL -3
There nas alma a wiaSa brai, lb 4 *^
3lring fle scalp and tbe Itqtf* .
r the brain on the 1Sft Sbe ahwre .?
ie ear. Uotl Iuihxia, Rn the0 4o-
wrs' opinion, won amused bebre ..:^^
eath.^ *-. - i

to ,f
I. S


mad t. wv UUoK t C*- .oh -f o -
er-c G^fnj enta Astbn 3- -
beg Riede"tNMIS~
Berln. JulyW -The Ganus *OF.
meant his taken a pwoipt amd Arm
and Inn regard to the aexa the
tail of the North Gersma Lbo
earner Prinz Hetlrclh, which a1
L Aden. July 16. from Hash_0 ai .
authampton fwTo Yoboa. the
asiAMi volunteer beet Ite --.l.
auk,. July 15. having atet a g
Nit against the carying C tO Iw-
aUs, and asking flr a diavoft ot
ie Saugenfk's action mad the flaton
r the captured ,Ma saet
The Germ thek flg t f-
rice says. recognizes the rIgM to
earch the malls whoa a band So0
?el itself, but claims the m
ad -no right to take ooff mal In- bh2
omM the vessel. -
The further arm me tis ad ed
hat the rifht- of se eat e2rs be
cenlsed by a wahip, w res th
moea traversal the Simawli
al aaa4 SGA 'M* it a "Wwfla taa afi~_






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z s : ? w-w t4(. -,.A ,. :....- r ~ ~ ~ -~ s _.-: ,...:.* .._. ...,.-
-' -R -a.-- -'-'C.

GuI~w Arnt ULY 2,I __


___________________________ t I _________ ___________________

I-f*~ < -:'


it . .-+... -+ __-: .H -. -- .--. --+ '.. *1 :* 'n w n .hg H a s m w t ,^^- "

.p +. .--, ... _;-.:.. :- -. -- -+ : ^ .- -- .. --j ...... .. .
il-,: e : A d o.f,,,J o."i" 0" 00- 20 ift A f i to h of ft -e u mt a tism ;

-:.. "';.. -.-_Mfr Bf.t--.- f ------ri B --ttl -- H ,--;-o'---- 1 -^ ral -n"y e d u a- -tta
---- 0 4 '-' in which _a"m-s VWi. -,
SW EoLfl imwsm on

B K.. ^ *i^--ih--, .- _ _- .__ hePar t s .....owth t `..

,. :^ -"P- BK B s* "i e fM ie .d ae w e1
tM if

. I. L tSew. b-MakiIuO ,IS A feeling of s ecrt and fin.
i^.~~~~~~~ (m anxietye pmfd theee aiiy ^

in--g -n to. .pv n -.mei, which Hli us Wia.

-- --=- 14 t(]i ~ lr .A Mbet Vn aid Oil isk kepteoa conttly. tha-:
Mr. ~~~ ~ ~ ad Parents know that mmlydt ^I V ^

~~~sw ful l pu of the | d .
--Ib U PISlsot"r b..,, -.m4 brought | f t,
|^. .-1p- 4. w..-witWin. WThey are quitll 1
81as noVeral *best ofs
.Mm .w. ut4 a ,,,A ,,-' touchof Rheumatismo. a
.-.....-- .. i o ell eithetwIrin e of Neuralgia; an atti c
th.@e head r d g ine, ach arache, tooth.-
W-l- ". be a s0e u t ache;ma bad sore tlhroat;a stub-
Sdiopa.a.of -e po, Mr.:HWk kbor col-d. %h3t ver the
m -i asd a ust Gineille ooMd hve* trouble i Witard Oil drives
n.-- Ira. os-n a.a.--. *ay the ,Pamateine att onmeand
4 .. ...or ". M, h- -C cures. thediseAse quickly
---:- tb Smabihm o-dhe buildi-or in cot- l Ro -"
NOy One Grailn
I ples-- -I hat- M._ .snia- Sigusture "Mu slin o'ls Wrmew.
wi-t these plas- -" he med beeseu I qar. "n t B otles. Prico 50c. t
-n.p- ..- eeily d-irouo to give. -be -Halein ouogh Banlsam act
pqi of GaSiWeille 1 something extra like magc on a cold. It heals
.' mi:sa ed ue, t V-.the lung and wards off cotml
I- "I am not ne j .ust whitu materIa n h b t 2ro
wil -Ube sedn in the strsmti of stisp HUmia Blooted and Liver P is
i- uer,- a otla ned g .ob e-mpodo away-wirth the ills and dise
-1 cotFono hm of Cotstipation. They
t,_he. qaeatload IB Sb nt dIenlin. lactpeo iasaly and effectively.
Th building. wil I.k well Io eithP4er 2hma. h
mistal-een Indiana o limet toae Me-it teoerwoe
(basil'. eoa po. (auIfisial) rtone, or
Z-ese brick. I am it lined to be -6 bo
in W. tatMewarroll'sOoeio.stone
willi w edl which in ^- IN NEW QUARTERS.
m inl a" mod, Wihill make a limaI
i. Up-blutW bet .qualy durable W m 3 Galawvift Undertaking Company Wif
|uldasngm. b.ildbg' Have Fine Establishment.
i apetS thattheattest for. The Gainetville Undertaking Com-
6he -!"^ bueiUtittany. a new firnnJout organized wbich
-^ -*i ehaeh will succeed Robts McClellau, under-
-iaadb p e pdly o W taker. has temoved Into its elegant
nDewquarters in the Eudel block, West
II ^ WSLLL flAWE STORE ROOM. Liberty strefl, and Lu a day or two will
v 0.0 Pedrtk WI hwH be wfleled down to business. Thel
*: .0 ~tetWNSo i VehkcIn room, which was for manay years onoa-
Sto Very B-S AdVan ~tae pled by ibe Skew Furnishing Ooma
|.^ The rapidly hiae reasixog familitia* of pany, has been tboroughip renovated,
^Tr~ C.C.Pedrick, the bugy and wagon repapezed, repainted and otherwise
^ Bmaflfueturer, for turning out ye. Improved and equipped for the under-
r k leid, has stnhxd hi. commodIous taking buinxess, and will make one of
V warhouse upstairs to an unoomforte the most attractive and most modern
J'',' *lbe ozbent, hence be has net been in. pince, of its, kind In the State.
*position tos*how h{s products off to the The firm will be composed of Rota.
| With this knowledge, and with the former, who i. a licensed embalmer,

-- dermination to give she public every will have the management of the
S"- advaage in thematter of inspecting place, and will conduct in connection
|k Nah work, he tramnftormed the three with the undertaking a picture frame
store on the lower floor into an im- department. They will also deal in
-.- mene ~tore room, where the Gem pieauree, rubber stamps to order and.
bp ggles will be kept on diplay. other good which Mr. McClellan was
^- This room ha been favored with accustomed to handle in his former
f nu meroo windows and doors, which store.
will afford ..ample light and ventilation. TUESDAY'S GAME.
-- The Soon being cement, the room will I
- Osmake an admirable one for the par- The Central City Boys Appear too
S pose, and Mr. Pedrick.. propje to -Strong for Ocala's Team.
Smake an attraie display. The Young League of this e ty and
I-- "n wNlhiht -ad j the Ocala baseball teams, colored, par-
_. -. -- ticipated in another game on the oeal
The busist and mightiest little diamond Tuesday afternoon, whi h
a~ias &aa a~eaa ea e~aa a Ti m ~a '

-. -i *

was laid up for four mothu with
rheumatism. I tried Ba)lad's Snow
Liniment: one bottle cure me. I
can cheerfully recommend it to all
suffering from like afflicti a." 25,
50e, $!. Sold by W. M. Joh aon.

I ai Contempt For Gr t mern Was
Subject to MXd Sart na
Carlyle's opitJUinoI f Ierb-rt Spencer
as "the most Iwitulmg as s I Christen-
dota" must. of v.urse.I, I* d In con-
junction with Carlyle'si derision for
mankind in general. "Mostl4 fools," be
cheerfully thought of us al Darwin.
we know, hIe would not live at any
price-not a wurd of hiU Cardinal
Newman. he estimated, had "the brain
of a medium sized rabbit"' Ruskin
was a bottle of soda water. "A bad I
young man' was his sum up of anoth-
er eMiMuent waltet.


tq s





ThE own. CUiR t_

nS sd. which t a.e t@ ie
bm RONa -s Put to an
aWb a .cl twaow jiyea aS
lar d who awver the Seuat b
at ionrge: TakM? six or noioa
aceodtag to ate, atl chop t.Put
Sa kose qhest Jovw a bt fre add-t.
tg about the am qtint of rye
uel 0d vinegar to form Mas te.
Wr thoroughly te atinte ive or
ten milnuteu put Into a bag
arge enough to cover the ungp and
apply to the cbestjst as ot as the
patient can bear It. In abo1 ten aIn-
oteb ange the poultice, and thue con-
lnuse reheating and applying. and In a
few hours the patient wll out of
danger. And jUst here a of can-
tok. In applying thls or a other hot
poultice cuire must be exert not to
let the patient get chilled a ng the
changing proce. Have t hot one
all ready to go on before the cooling
one Is removed, and make the ex-
change so swiftly and deftly that
there Is not a moment's exposure of
tlihe body surface. which become" ex-
weedingly sensitive to a chill

sai"tly Labe thre E m. ao -
teh Rglht side.
The malu object oslteep is that &vemy
organ of the body should hbae perfect
ret The brain the lun .and tbe
heart havie beW, not innpp-tely.
called the 'tripod of life," -as uwon
them hangs the prosperity of tle whole
frame; bence we slightly rmaie the
head. to check the flow of blhod to the
brain and more or less qulekly find out
the position of greatest ease -for lungs
and Leart
This will be found by "sleplng for
the greater part of the time on the
right side. for nearly two- rd of the
beairt il on the left of the Ialne.
and the apex points ce y to the
smaller left lung; hence the 1uest and
freest play posIble shouMld b given to
the left side.
A quiet pulse, ditn il rsplrt-
Von and refrislng rest al al con-
bued When open .wlndovw, moderate
warmth and Uinclwflng a work to-
geher. It Is often bet to sl reep
on the left side and turn to the right
before going off.

,Cheerfully Recommended hor RheuUe
matism. .
0. 0. Higbee, Panville, Ill, write,,
Dee. 2, 1901 : "Aboot two tears ago I

4 :^




*: :-~1




4f A4*


TnI-w-nm rrsr Aarns

Jacksonville -and New York,
Calling at HARLESTON. 8. 0., both wap.
Tbt. Fti~t tema~p In be @flwb Oarths -
Clyde New England and Southern Lnes -
Direct Bervie Between JACKSONVILLE, BOSTON and
PROVIDflNCE. and All Entesm PNab,
Calling at harlea both waya. |
snci&W nrr SV:f t T "T g A ILIQM GSB .,1.
Southbound .... ... ....... .....,..........Ff.IA Whaf, -tO .
Nonhbound.... .s. ...........From Foot of aherSne. at.. Jabovall

Clve StL JTas rb nr LP 9M
Stopping at Palatk, Astor, St. Fisp, BeMfoS (DeLda). and atemiM
Landip o n St. John River
Lesm" Jacsonvi3e 8:0 p. at
laes manford 9: a. m..oda?VWdi d and- Fr WJ
Is appointed to Ma M folo Fap
Leawe 8J0 pm.... .. ........ ...JaCkaOVille.......... a .. a ..Arrive 0 s
-:45 pm . ................. .P l ti ..k....... ..... .. l fls *t^Oi |
S Oe .m ...e.... .... ...* *. A&tOr . ... e.# 2*DeS|
4:80. am .............. ......*.. St. Ft .Nei........*........ .** 1S1w
.. ............Beraford (D md).n ... .......... a IaS
Arrite S AD am ... . ...*a.. . . afford *'.. o.. . .a .. ...aA,
10 :0 am .......... ......... E as pe *... .. 9 8

F. HZ IRONWONGU JR.: A. GeML PW& AIk. U We- -- a.. JssSete-
W. G. (XCOOPEI. Jr.. lftbAuet aC.P. LOVUL.S Nooi
3 ot of Hma stuem, Jac"ov.
A 0. HBAGUY Gem.knPoatatkNewYoret, CLYflMJLoIGa.A.
THEO G. tEt, W. P. CL .e 00,
General Manager. NGeS- Aao .
ChmewcbKw Boflse. o 19 asos Man. New Toe.


BLAr ur tt~afo thitaa$u~ tgt-l,
S strotubowra_ ca aver. luakMDma ai-


! im nyxt -.x1
W,- a"

For Sate by Johnson Bros.. Gainesville





F FS w




-?"*'' y1- "H
, -;
I^'-T-' .--a


- 7;-

927 Ft

-~ a~- *-. -. -,- -

MlotSm. April -
-I-M iir *- N
-~h bmaukvf of 3 Iaitbs
rjmeth' *~el^ed^^^^ sib^- thee tthk^^^^^^^^^

atoll ib whom." kmed

-77Won WhSim /gl
B- a beat Chris.

i Mi d th !,-!-i eli

0- ed e-, Ud- Him
-'i 1.701, her-- e lteo
'bm henorary a.mbsr, st
saltuessb sheaine~ppora
O hSf aMw her. thie.-
*o5 OR? ciSSFhere a-

.they BOW, with her bus.
iH~i~mk her departure.
km.ti -we lists SLIMd, ado
|l^-( a raebd, sad to Elm
liWk4o eli sk Uimp wiselyg we -o
aHitb keepiWg of her through life. I
fe ~ ~ L^-n 1--.-- AKXD


l; W. p ltSe wsott of tWfol
S~ppg Thfrty Onr
i thime prominent tfrnien nd
n_ mho viLitad G~aiR
,-- r, W. P. ShUleworth
-. S.wI.wlorth ha. been exten
III iin _a g rowing of
S nbs^ -|fimw Mua. pe-Ts eppee
Le 3 rr, hr smnay y-n, a
- of te amot
:"An ho- basins. He Stlaw tht
S4rmras a role ..eeveS ntis-
|ihKfty nra H *sipped thirty
!- ._ i f ro hte rhi far t aer
*'.^ Iirma -ma ,,h.e-- ate &en

Iaa:lob-d bt ood prie.

":Oso-o. Rls- Us All.

hq;. gone by whin France
led bw -owaed bead. when a -
a .Oe.r Chamberlin appeal.
b- bI, the Am: iswdO and as he brc
Is wal hIs red of oMe exclaim
a R- tt A t." and m. she M
breath U4e, "Viva La Roi,"
b hemst i a*.mot in Ime of smesesw
Tym- aoo ia oar grand fathbe
y. ;-- it v the ustom when a adt
s:-; "m Mine-a family for the near
az-+pmw.r to be employed to make
nfin, which was done in a very rm
w. f t of oak, chesuat. wal ut
M Wyiof board be -mibt have
bowad. At the present SiSe the h -
ngoft Gig. and caskets is done
,,-to a to.e .eree for t-
S -i MSorf50 to, in
: pmsee -nd employang eores of mi
b.The fur-isia of eedful ut-leim a
e eo. -acting of funeral arrange
msttedqly plaeed I the haads
A-eS n&i make it a proteiion aI
sedintd the busiess.
-ass.. Oange the hape a
Spinse of SaktoW sn eooaa( the mc
f omdoctsilmga funeral 4ui t as mI
s they do in .oting,. h.oft and t
like so thin a -udertaker now, mi
be wide awake, progreaive an4 a
fltmojauinga If be expects to sea
-l *haft of obtn es There are cho
a- mosai-tions devoted to he edoc
i-O"f thiS undertaker 9," eb..l
sad 96cm thin diplomas a* issued t

*dd*Of -mead, c. for 2nsa
.flllt orL bolne. to
KALOA Oa. S-tvMUAew"nG. A

-----. I_, o+ ,. I

gleetrlil Storm Cresatd UnslNis
t at Judge P-.flk Heat
t opus. N. Y. July .-After a
night of heavy electrical storms and
raM, Afops awoke. today to greet
the first rainy day of s weeks.
The storm broke abot amIdigt ad
raced its height as o'clock. Ought
lg ashes followed each ther at W.
tentas of a few seconds and thader
was almost continuous. In the vii.
lage fear was exprese&that lightning
might strike the buildiugs at Roes,
mont but te fear wa not reaUed.
S.Jdge Parker amrose early. John W.
Iern, of Indapol who lha bee
hbis guest sluce Saturday, l, ieft the
jM "s hose early anid embarked on
the steamer Mary Powell from King.
stoai- on whIch he traveled to New
Yortk city.
- On aount of the colerence of lead
:er- in New York today, no visitors
were expected to arrive here. After
the New York conference many prom-
Iient Democrats are expected to come
here. Former Senator Henry G. Dae
vis, the vice presidential eandTdate, k
expected tomorrow.

Consumptives Need Not Despair
Aq many eases pronounced hOpeless
.by physicians have been eured by Fo-
eyll's Honey and Tar. L. M. Ruggles of
-tsrmner. Iowa, writes: "The doctors
aMd I had consumption and I got no
better until J used Foley's Honey and
Tar. It helped me right from the "art
and stopped the spitting of blood and
pain ipt my lungs and today am sound
and well." Sold by J. W. MeCollum
& Co.
Troup Vote for New Court House.
LaGrange. Ga., July 19.-Saturday
was the day of the election for bonds
tith which to build the new court
house. LaGrange gave a big barbe
cue and many people from the county
were present. LaGrange polled 980
votes, of which number only were
against bonds. While all of the coun-
I ty precincts hard" not been aeard from
yet enough have reported to assure thr
Carrying of the bond issue.

Indigestion, '
With its companions, heartburn,
flatuleuce, torpidity of the liver, con-
stipation, palpitlation of the heart,
por blood, headache and other ner-
vous mymptoms, sal!o0n skin, foul
tongue, offensive breath ai d a legion
of other ailments, is at one* the most'

widespread and destructive malady
among the American people. The '
Herbine treatment will cure all thee
tmrohli b hattlt. S old hv W. M.

leiaaij t .t-- +<*--_ -m ^ ol r}
ANIL+ AL1, Fl i

A t 41*.4 t et t. b -
tSS^ atthe ait the baking C
ameio staNding at bome.
jaL they wE.M edtoerthat
Ukt ag a
tagter oa artaill aktt~er. Thr
ytum. wosmn abled bone aSd told
her Ulbnr the uituatof.- The next
ianIq she rhelval his anmwer:
"Cant call it aiglin. Proatlea
%vlyng them away. See adverte-
That solved the d~blfctty. Shews

~ ~''r.-~ ~ -

fl a a a a a a

- ;=-

-',03' GS&SA XflS rI t aL "'4.'. -"
-- api tal--. ........ --." ... .... + -... . 5,+ 0o6 <: :i :

Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25.000oo

be n Ie min. -


'1 -KDIg

-- till

-4 I~:;.

I ~r

-: --

i fs~


9- 9-

pmntaed as time daughter of an eml- -
met pbdbhowpnt.u. ff 0 Di r- ..
AU Dnugg-ef_ AbO n (- nT L -
Ask the reader oa ta o paper abowa
sufferig i th IadIgst8 ,or dyspepsa --- -
to nll on them at onn andg et bot- E. VOYL- MGRL.
tie of Kodol Dypepsha Oure. Iftyou abtsruto of Title amtnd full iM atmrllumId -" ft
knbw teO TWlO of this ifDy4 e uty. .-Our maer ha lived in thi- e r, mf lt a nd
know it, you wold not ffeaotIe r oroaghly eonem n with a title.
day. j Dp"p COure is a thi
ogla v ud tissue-budg wy- U
toule as well. It is endoied permally fl n V"T._WV I
by bhdeds of people whom it has, .
cured of iadkenioudyspiePsiasnipsi FIBE, AOC9DflT, B1UEOaAR1 All)INDEMNNYA,

.. ,,.o, -.,.+-..,. 1-11 /!.l~/ I.9lill, "Sdll
tatin oaf the heart and stomach tro.b- enang a aumuber of juet Aulema a w
Ils generally. odBsopepsiaa AT. tAtE AND CITYIA )"
dines what you1 et. It si pleasat, C |1 l ol o 3 Gaines ie
palatabl, and onw gtbenlug. _Lmi __ -_ _,.,,,,,,,-_ -" -----. "----- --"-

- -NOTICE O R SN. O ati e 1O e-
Tkko Votive %has the Trertbooks for Tl1I LnJ if
AtaChaa 04CAtY for. 016 tfl_.fr7tlAdk of relec- |A AI nA IAifT htW~6If~lic
In vB f be opeT for -heaoukon ts Mofara. -
,the a d 1 of Aw.fl. A. AIM at oe c.rt | | I f I .
boue. In the office of b Serview of Beff1 Ma
-trati. untl the tb day tof Otober. -1Lu f .
Ro of ratr0 onra frm 9 o'-lock a.a.. Eto- -
- o'olocko At.. aa from o'clock p. ur uae n wN.e s. oT L pALOIA-
oclkck a.m.. eMolay.WedueAaySa GAIN ESYILLE, FLORIDA
urdaf. dhetrti rWte a offices W-
open rlnaUom bookst sah to Mbtm ffrom
the mNot MerIn September until th se oedOrb i tityASt h uasd~~ wMS
SaStura s(itoher troS olok . rn Our baseness a strictly comained to the various deta~is lnidas I the sum-
:1 a.oat fromifo'loc k p9 a. un-lotp. m. 9U9ltip of lad, and we have no private or pesvmal "Ie to grind" In
*(or reuwratfm of etemtoa Distict books with that bausine We make a specialty of the p-matue of a i
WM b-mentwodin week, aSdi snake ezhbausvg ieaTestigatlc. of title. We 0episest
trict reghvab uotrfw~e w= St"nl oticef llattsemincalntesemt .ssvwsse
^ir^^SriS SS.^bSS^ imB~ei~i~taffm to ithe u omein- andpetoox tjc
rowUtu vape. U&IMthewdys he boWhmiB G"-f Miftb* rnoo
be open. ic 8 CKEvE& Rol o-otmW ug tax ILS. 7Whe y0 swim
_Stwnnbcw Rf S $ yvi in our line call an or write uo. Nota" Peslic In afl.i


Notice k hereby aivre that N. A. -Strobbar.
rcbanr of TaimCerificate No.S44,Ldatedthe|
ktb 4&yofAp A.BU.IBM-ash.ledMsaidcertifM-l
cfoaInmy oitne,.ad.baImade"pp aIoIIfor| III0 oI
tax dead to Ismefiftee ee vlwtblaw. HAi
ceeniflecste embatort the f*o~ovlka desedbed r r
-tituted In Altebm eoUUt.. Mod". JAUrKD
S.w of See. MST-. ;. IL -
The =d land bet mMs at the date of
.he tuamce oto no oeneate tm she nam e ., l l ^
of Uanown m iteses 8p.ou per
Unionsaid cerlfleate tll be redeemed t so-
cordltw to lMw. tax deed will bue thereono 0
h teIn day orf A iro. A. IX-. I private bDat
vnwitaWa offtle lijmasure sad seal thu 1-M"* '
these -th 4&y of Juiw. A. DL >L
S. C. DSO Owerk nret Cmourt. veni x
Br S. H. Wienwes+ D. C. c .-"



day and up.

Rooms with

Ii from May 1st tb No-

Dl"st $3 per day.




Ratailrrsamd Jobbes in

mm igio vou tStaple and.FincysOF

*f, Tn d ,w w. + |Is
Jiaicksonvilleforid&a %

t !"
Highest -ae price paid for Chiukens. Emi and r ot dt P
IR -
A Oomple tstook of Hay, Gate, Fist, Bea, Semi, Oaf leS
and BS,_ We Rhoandle oal Owe VERY BENT Pfoda I"te O
Jas. Everard's Canada Malit -m.M aiE a. So.
nrn OTAD __

ur IIJ AiAi

A-s 2o-d a a :y and better than most[
Beer. Made of Hops and Malt
uid NSOT RICE. -


*1~ 'IIi
0-~~5 -






"- ^'^*^

* ". ---*"^l
'*'- : '.'^*^
. ^^l
- .- -^ --^
*-- - !^
- .-*- ---'*^*^
-. --I

-. --4

I -- ;rs




,_-:7 '. ,.

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--.- -+ ,- "
-_ . -_ ..,


*t'*~-~ -~
:4- --

-.- C- -

4 -

a- +' S; -- d f -"\ -

I T '-^-- '..-W '^ .-* . ^

-77.77i -77
.! OSE

-^^; e(tewn.f
!? _-_:, .: .-' .- .: M IM G :___.: -i _: _--. -. ....

^ ._ :+-.1.._--. ...- : ,: -H A . . . ;- --
+.: ;_., .. .. . ._-M _AJL - _

y : -:-_.... ..: -.... .+ .;' : . ...A. :mB Q S --

;/w-n-t .--. oMI n m -..
'" r .7 : r - * ... W ^ W ^ "_ - "" -
^:-_: --'- '.-*' '-. :1.A+ & " ". _

s r.1 VS flgMAl
_.-: - -

^^ ~~ a^ ~. SaS* SY.~
S; .-:- - .'" .- -_ t A ....esiw -.

S._ .L'UAM -. E-w -s _
Z .)' :- ": -. - J -- -T *. -+
5 ., U -. . "
I.- -_ - _._ - _ . .
i :.': -: "'.. 7 "l!l ..../I "
I .--.- _: -_ p : -
SG : i-:-. m .

4 -- -" "-" -
,C .: .' = -, -

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Sta TmswnOr.

Cinaet cirAroutn
- b^^k~hkR.hK .kf t& W U NH^. A^f^-^A^
*- "- l *^^ m-i~ ~ ~ t~ ~

I I IX. . . .I ana
S- i A*
,-^f 5U-'SS CaRrti. Big Yeas

'- k.k^^^^ K^ j~-k a ^ -^^^ ^ k^ - -
3OIT &, 4iCX30LA
-. 3.3*. wraxmasD

- -^ -^ -NTLM N .
-* ^ *- -V -* e ^i^ .' -:
^"T*', :H.G MAS ?- ; *
a*. '--

wwehoMbe bed tirpaJFd7A
7-' 6.tce gn t iby Mpbrt~~ s^S

sata aw-e77 Ae-.S6flIS as ash
6C- w." x aw -kw m-- awr .,.

*_0 ki b.a- d*--- .i -_ "0--
vidado 4meya_ tkowsI. *o ils|
g,- narM~y tojbe k:17cIreamPssti
So.'I. edmt Ba -a m M hare
flaewe right hoist t wife -c Mssdy.;
^- ;*- Sn sl have her right, bat
..-ibz fmM esereis It. Oat be ia 1 iI
^S. diSKS. ayp The IndUa~pOIIS Remtne,,
ntbo* -ie lo egal ntrlioe of she
. ar. pfl_-ao -Opvilqe whieh sboaldM
W --._.- be a s.nre c oar ziUne
(S^ a,. ePtduin -totheMeenuMlyof opene
-- lx defying to~ aushorld-e as is thel
ir *am &ei 1 e Ff1ney.4 A womanaiaort
waft thm Aa"died 4?d whn her will was
based it .fod that se had
- left is,. lhe imd only bI dollars 6 out
--- of an ea. which reahekd the_ mas
; p7 0eea gven was that he
lo -ile ;eroe In seven yea. m
_. .hi ex'atly right. He is
: son oa -an who gould follow that
)Few Jersey blselaw to th. letter with-
out any qta~tp of eaace. Sunday
is a yap whlb -should be properly oh-
9seurRd atws,.' but the old blue law
.nsrtiettons afe not calculated to meet
present oooditio.ns

Bristol Bee The old 'Ssork" called
at the home of the editor last Tuesday
Morning ad ft a pair of bright twims
at additi to she previous goodly
number of '.e household. The
4"brat are sNrivig nicely and have
adapted -thewplves to their new 5our_
mendings in a mon6 commendable
manner. Bu both he anxious aothW
Sen-in-law stind In utter bewilder-
ment, while their numerous and kind-
ly suggeutionM are en more bewil-
dering.- The dtreet mother is supreme-
-" ly happy, white ye old editor is Co-
stantly rnmided of his unbounded

Since the Dutch re-entablished .lav-
ery In their East Indian poeiom
they have perpesramd a series of
slaughters that have been a disgrace
to Holland. On June 30th and 2d
they attacked "'the euemy"-t4b Aehi-
emse Sghting for liberty-and with ma-
ehine guns suceeded in killing 1,066,
Including 467 women and 218 children
The Dutch- casualties" wer nonee
killed and 42 wounded. Of coume the
Aehinee are an inferior race and V90
the Dutc h ave a right to benevolently
assimfilate them and carry to them the
blessings of liberty.
The white people of Tampa sare de-
mading seprate nrs on jbthe street
railway for wbiie and black.. There
is no more justice in requiring white
people nto oeItpy the me Osea saon
Ezreet railway with aegrmes shan
there Ms in requiriugsthem to ride in
the same coaches on railroadst and the
ft A- 1. MM---- -M ahMA4LMUM M d9 -

fl" "l hIy

U+ .iabr
rte --ci

Als bs bbe mew- w b-w
the smdu t.!fr u-_am bMIS ,
taat working iB him, a h. 5,d
veut".gbrA Mb koka 1

the tOnIri0pd 8M sonfwfat h
boughs Jebuoch! pifte mint ppu- ,"
quart. Volumes orf beeSd mammweip&'1
Yheq Include suXX biett wrjmss&o
Saffes.~ and 18,000 h6u~n vuit.. by
bia Fw publIe cma have ever been

Judge Parker ry thathe doe's
harge Frida wish m"Iill lock. Bat
aftnr "tibe 1uw" y enough so har
his ehampiom raui a row 1i t"e ooa-
Imittes om reacttlQa whiah tbrew h1
iomoanloa 'Ovr Mutn Aisy.

For -some secuable rem The *
JaI kaVille Metropois faftto g roee
(aiaesvilie on the evening swain about t
two dys in te wVeek. Th is -a
Moroee of gnat dbmppointment to
readers of The Metropolis

Frank Way"s of The PesIaOla JeM r-
oal eoetinues to give the people of
West Florida the best morning anew
paper ever published is that eetioc.*

It is now generally believed that j
the person who parts hi. hair is the!|
middle and wear male attire, wasi
originally designed to be a man.

Rev..Thos. Scrugp, pastor of the
Baptist chuh at Salt Like City,
Utah, offer. to pay infidels $1 an hour
to listen to his ermo.s.

There'. no Iaw preventing a man or
woman paying a newspaper suberirp
tion during the dull] ammer months.

Wither it Is of titw now, threat, a M%
boweis, or raor e dt Ikate organs, talrr It
cAIWIys dehuitating and ebould ever tail of
It is a from thebwcoas mern-
brzne wbern Lcpt in a state ol fnflatmnataIk
by an iptre, nmorly trofks con.
dition Of the -bl.4"

Hood's arswia:
C rcs all forms of catarrh, radclly an d
-r:at.gly-- It movWS the aumae and
govercmxaes all tie ecct. (et Hood's.

it -0 wh
_!MeMI--ter- I -**Mftelym -4 i
"I,.insra" U i.o Xi at" fw


* .c



-V. '- LI'
t*~*-, ~-s


.^ ++-**. "* 1:-^'-^-.
+.i :-:".',-



Round Trip, Oo
ale daily. Good
till Dt-e. I.
RnuudTip,*. Os
* Vxy dayp.



flber Uunmrb Atlota &ad Chattaos or MAMA 0-a Asbe-vlS. IL*of ae
SI I + \. .' .C
Onl y fn Flmorlda wth Ui own rat inh StI ,i Two- nfl ISi. -n
Jams 2oftb sm eow.
fci__ _- _aN ..- -enrk o. AAr --n---'f.

thof^U WgM' p|>tMspft aott Late& Tomla Un c m ~ M~ Wbft Af X*OWI
_r Wk.. uaWa n...ta_ .a _---o

tw.os Jw A WSs. KW
,D fr F we -as S Wl T. US-... J+i_ O . a

- --- -


A Uaazm Iof Ounr

- .4


Magapsne should have a weU4eId purpo-
GeSuine entertainment, amuement a"d mental reeress-om an the
The Smart Set, the

Most Successful of, Magazizes

- P

4 --


Its novels (a complete on in each number) an by the hIat iHAt eW
thout of both hemisphere. .
Its sort stories are matchless-clean and fal -of burnlatme4. -owe
Itl poetry covering the entire field of vernKJ |t-pbe- d be, hIIor.4
nese-i by the wMo popular poem. men and wommes, of the day. I-
It joke, witticisms, sketche, etc., ae a ad--m"ify the fla aiwtb pe
16o Pages Delightful Reading -

No page are wasted on cheap itratio, editor vapr or
Ing nays and Idle discussions. :A
Every page will interest, ehem and reretn s you. p
Sub ribe now-P 50- per year. Bemit i eheque. P. 0or1 e.wn- .-_,--
or egterM d ter to TEE SMART SET, W F "-ifthITy, Sw JL _.






Om tAI A. C. A ind S. A. L Ry. V. sI

None Better in the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.


It* "


i '. f *

-Eurqa Ft 2 A

IL MA SOfl, Proprietoram
^____________________________________________ __ -^.**_4s



rlXTrj non.rn
Wallis iaai
silo" .wsb a:
.. -b .:



N. B.--Sample Copies Sent Free on Appli







- Montezuma--


- ;q, .: -







61, 7 7~ ~


tmms^ Js. etasy Jr Sep

L.-e P- .04c n wS

:W^M^ themdie thateraw o

^b-A fif* P' 1p H iI

,, a __.80
Wr.SS --..-mit. dS .
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KH .oa~oi ng ,r~i ., .
~ a ~mlo-uan

I-b-ig. 1 eor*
^^ il BB!*^,.?"*-- :.11-*" .^* ? -'"*" '*- ~ - *: --/
bm OMi in0mm SM& the Use time

-r- AWOM

-.- -do ..d .:'lio M eua. an
whto- I.a m I t .-a .r.

a-am sob* Iom9#

Mjg^-^ -e r. 4'- -Wing-- .--ow em.
^ foein h.r pa ;o ~orta daflt

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-.." .a w of th eo. Ay -he

-| .in twoda bugt fur. See *e
4| Lsbm kswUehadeld sad thectr
j|W"d g at enhaam earl Easre.
j>; bllS1~r pie aa b~tiag thing fodr
a^ ulbeiablwetmu sod*

d 4k bececame antgth
jflg~ep4 at helpe to Uestaloisha

o nm*^/'".1'^^^^^^^ ^^^^^S^^v* ^^''-^^ a no et o -^^^^- ^ffr--
9 ~ wh p est t-. -. * .* ..In

:PaIeNll.baa right -o-feel t
. -. th.Goawit, sad I' willing -

i..w mli_. s anw- d support of th,
--- Wasi Wagi-. ng Aw---.- -

-.; ..* -

(Ia.; and- cnpany M, Second regif
meat. New York. national guar3. fur
nished the entertainment.
-The! Texas provislonal regiment oN
Swi f Mission brigade, of Allegheny,
Pa., will, with the above named or
ganlatlon* take part In the remain
Ses of the week's program

Plight Was Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrn. Chas. Applegate of
Alexandria, Ind,; 'and could hardly
et-anyleep. I bade consumption so
bad that If -I walked a block I would
eough frightfully and spill blood, but,
when all other medicines failed, three
-Il ittl rit Dr_ KOinws New Dismov-

-. Sm-- -,
~ Y-t -57t~-- -':~. -w
-I.. -
I -
nat~ --



. .a-- ..


-. -


U te e at
-. --:--^^^ .- --- -

an a tte. E fl* taadar&

I" : -" ...
b-n sigmoal lot,"aa ~ ~ro

rte ery that the con-
8M0 D CracCaer wo l PtIle
S Mmolt Into. titer- nhetld In p is.

-iw m --r u -* j' -_-* _
Itm pooits upon thic h the Thterests
Om mto fllk will wM ceutrate are
t-heo fe o Co ie repVandl-
war. the. anger o tFlk'irs campaign,
itlo tem porr chaiars This hAs
iea the antago nit im of toae state
inbke fmu4 a bitter fight probably
will result

iMM_ tVet mint.
There a dipoeltiom on ...t pan
of t. mubhle to unae with the Folk
san conIpromiP0e chairman, but
far the &m qFolk es have replied
to. an overtres vtithte threat that
If any one other thaR Vandiver is seM
neeM, by -the state committee, the
question of temporary pebairmna will
be taken before the convention and
the first test of strength wiJl be made
Enm that pint.
ite tain
Morn Tension.
A fee to healkb is nerve tension,
mos du e duSe to hs 7 d wory, obut
ie elisa ont of ten d to poor ledi-
IMollll, a bed bomae a torpid liver
or etipstLom. Thee codiltroun ill
reata -The mind ad will keep your
-erseon edge ItyoM do not remove
them b suing Green' August Flower,
%*brs Sit no bettor stoMach medieiB4 in
.the world tham Agta Flower, and no
mint rsu forIndlgestson ordyspepsia.
Trial bottle, 25e. Big bottle. 75. at.
W. N. I.tinoe'.a


City Litht Guards of Columbus, Ga.,
pn Hand.
*St. Louis, Wtrld's Pair Grounds,
July It.-There are several military
organIz~tkons encamiped on the world's

program- will contlinh numerous miil I
tary features. k'rtrgmn.I .G
Today the i rlmetLN.G
of Chicago: Company F. Seventh V'Ir
gInI&. N. 0.: the Gate City Guard and
the City Light Cuards of rColumbiiw


rf ...








I from
the IH
neys, -
in peri

&- 1 I


a delicious, re.

beverage m a d e

ripe Saw Palmetto,
3 Absolutely free
pernicious harmful
Metto stimulats
er, flushes the kid-
acts directly on the
r. Makes these Or.
perform their fune
in a natural way,
y keeping the system
oect and healthy cowu-
m a tt l* -

Sold by A U Druggists.

Hhdnos Gutrai



Louis Expojition.

1. ee(p wmith W L &k* L* a-
lo C.k & St LR'*y.fkt lfamtall

Lv. Atlanta K6 a. m.
Lv. "" -9p.m.,

SWe pay freight or express
following liquors:

LEWIS Is, Away Abi Esythf
4 fullquart ... .........
12 fall quarts .... ........

lUES ESOGRAB ,10 Yn Old:
4 full quarts .......... .&
12 full quart ,...........a

6 fuila quark.............

12 full quarts ......... ....

4 full quarts
6 full quarts
12 full quarts


eas e.. e mcee 1

chame cm
-S t--

....... jl6
4......19 75


b5U@5** o4I

*o. s e e
U ..... II

. 4




We handle everything in the liquor ..ii
agents for Pahti-Mlwaukee and Jug s IB
Whiskies. Gin Rs, Bumnts from 1.50 to 50 w
alifornia Wine from 1.00 to 2.50 p geL
ported Wines of all descriptian

Ar. St. Limit 7. Wa&.m.
Ar. St. Lonis 7 a. a.




bugeor, Florida aud




Carry in the only woing se-pg car from
Atlanta to St. Leeds. This cWr leT Jake i -
vle duly $S Atlanta tS a. aL. givI
you the entire dar in St. Lank to ret located.
For rates from your city. WorM* Pair G i e
Book aad bedule*s uleeutnK car resrratio.
ai for book abovwu bowls aS board" w
bowes, quotim their rates. write to




Reveals the News and Facts governiu
tnindlifn nndarlnri ono' i nf Mta rk

-t .-.. ..


I.> --
* - 4
p -

S 41k-U
'I s- -
-- II,
-- I


*. -t

S. ."

p1. t.
4 -'

-- C.-


I -t


see..... 55@S SeSSOSSO
asses CS U *sOe@e4e *900





*tw bg -whi-k It a

^ ^ ^ ^ -i l|.......... rf .i -e. .. -- .!

^ ii--l:- '-:. an. IU*. ew i
B^ | 11 ^a amt w diciat ia thist
-.7W77'. hv'-e b itpAs0seb

.-_ y. Alto ther.o there i-s Inpre
.---. ....t... the mo Itenestag Put IJA
?nfat vea since the present eanr
_..;.-. -.a _.t began It o --on. I
1The qesta o P-... .. r Wd5 whbet- the house ha acted on
.. K The members of the seal-e are
.;-e- r' -Yp dieutuing th4 dupemary= mat
to' and .the are d0 IcatJs 'of wids
t 4f.c of opiimJo- regard gI t.
... FQow-t. the final dlpo ion m of
th .. e "gteneral tax act several depart-
.. metal bt- will .have to be acted- or.

:!,:-.-_~bee -- -- -.( h ~t nd.tat railroad
Thtoe bavembeen set for specIal orders
-. -1 .medlat.ely following t t tax act.
.:.. They are sch -matters as the resolu-
.-; -t-k permitting the governor to borrow
to- the extent cf t200,000 to supply
canal de~lencies. in case the neces.
i I9 aty arise". the sinkl g fund bir, and
steral others of a like character.
'A : The next special order which has
piecedem s the bill by Mr. Knight.
S of Beient. providing for an extension
S.- of the Western and Atlanti.c railroad
to Geo we coast This bill was re-
I eryd Urothe commUtee of the whole.
S tWflern antS Atlantic committee
Inr t failed to t act on It Mr.
I n big s i W-mproposes to tuse the
S. ate*s convicts for the porpn e of do.
Ip- i dithe necessary gradtin and other
IjK *c w r.Incdent to such an extension of
It;a: r t oad. .
Aflher bill which is made tbe ape-
.ie.l order following the general tax
Sct, Is thEt of Mr. Wooten. of Maw
S :.. omery, to amend the constitution in
i the mu.tter of smccession to the gov
1h in-lcase.eoftbe death or the
1^; fauatanfty ot the governor.
^1^ rThflowlng the foregoing ma~ters the
6r; hate will be entertained by a dig-
g^maion of that interesting measuree
j^ pwvidlug few a rotation of the judges:
.-1-1 of the suiperior courts from circuit
^^,t ciercuit. This bill was istrodired
^^ by' Mr. Peflon. of and
f^._- has been made the special order f&r
We~away of this netl
^:^ The SI!! providing? for a state re-
^^^ formatory for youthful criminals is
SE^^1 bafre the comm ittee of the whole

lUN, and lt friends are going to
!-" -ry PM& Itt to the front this week.I
-i. there mI so much else In the way. !
.-.- however. that therem- s some- doubrt
-about thie matter bemg reached.1
-. Those back of the Ma-sure, however,
M my they are determined it shall be-
eome a law at the present sesson, It
.. there Is any pos*Jble way to get -it
I..:t. h.rough. .
._ The g9eni judiciary committee of
the house has many interesting mat-
tertm before It, and almost any one ot
Its meetIngs furvanishbes food for a live-
ly discussion. This committee -wil
r have the anti-bucket shop bill up for
cnsideration Wedneudar afternoon,
&W ad there n much Interest m this
;" "aure.? ri-"he Atlanta city bills are
S before this committee, bit no time ha.
been et for disposing of them.
:"There lre thrpo nr fnnr rhamneaa arn

4'^^:^^^ ^:^ ur-mra^r

0:i ..,. -,,iwta .tH.iot-the.
fluete oCSSOSSIly called In fl
&dsCr of M.lttm In -CMM -of= ,aw Thre is a t-nae quant ift
ba e t a, amind &thap
amie O ek. owq-at wat Pt f
gram tbe ^qagm~treof the ode VW- la forgetfulnea of sef, at
htr kwiw tbat the lt lW .t epMaths
I to b -tfond _.n readn-.. Thewo
diseasee sl"ie the negation of et
and m omt formIst of Meurtic knet
ar a deliberate effoft on the part of
the Invalid to make himself Ueaq.
It doctors ewer to prescribe a cOm,
of Certvantes or Moliere or Baftac or
Stene or Dickens or even Shakepeaiim
and as strictly enjoin tboroughnes In
this roMame ia they would If the tat-
ment were a matter of diet or meal-
dte,* many| ofM their patients would be-
gin to ment from the first moment that
.these magficians had given them a for-
getfuilnes of self. It Is true that Poe
declares in the "Raven"`fnlnly I had
sought to borrow from my books asur-
eean of sorrow." but the opinion of
the world 1s overwhelmingly against
him. Good reading Is a forgetfulness
of cares. and. by the same token, It Is
an education In all those quttles
which make life sweet and greatly to
be deslred.L It Is the valetudinarian
who most constantly tells one, petu-
lantly enough, that be never reads
books.-London C lobe.

No Pity Shown.
"Foryears fate was after me eon-
tinuously" writes F. A. Gullege, Ver-
bena, Al* "I hada terrible case of
piles causing 24 tumors. When all
tailed Bucklen's Arnica Salve cered
me. Equally good for burns and all
aehes and pain. Only 25e at all drug
stores. ____
Why Not Learn to Speak Spanish?
You can secure a copy of the new
edition.of booklet entitled, "What to
Say in Spanish and How to Say It," by
ending two eents in potage to WV. H.
Leahy. division passenger agent, At-
lntie Coast Line railroad, Savannahl

1Gdwisvil M1-hchixe Works


Man torn and straighten whole lengtA
of Shifting and Pipe-Cutting
up to 12 itheh.




p. L nsKUD, w. ms am


g. T. SCHAFER, Pre.
Corner Grove s&d Cvpreas streets.

Phone 16b

P. 0. Bo0 Sl


^~~~~ ~ ~ JVVGU~oII<)^^

J 9 -w !L PROM?? PAYMENT L(SU. (

We ever -de- pales aS rnpeeduliy V
SOlitarM of buaes.

S-Agents for the
V Victor Safie and Loek Companv

f 03Q.Oi TITm 03Xb ^ 104
SThe "Victor i the best ae made, and ani aontemplate V
SI- ing the parche. of atfe, or e atmg in thats.
Sfrom a box to a bank vmuit, will iave moaey
by consulting us. Call on or address

SInformnnatioa cheerfully furnihed. GALNESVILLE. FLORIDA
.. ....n n n nf....

Take The Atlantic Coast Line


P. aO.

0 Vie via 3 uth
Dtontt Dupot n
or .I or or
Jaek'nvWlle ackiaonrile

Rapid Transit and

Time Table in effect Jane 5. 1904.

Depart For

2Daily p m


W stt ,aYtm
kt DNvfle or
11 UI>MoBmromevy

Arrive Fro.

High Sprxing. and Inter- 1030 am
mediate Points Daily

Ocali. Leesburg and Tampa, and
Intermediate Points


2:10 p m Palatka. I>ytona, Jacksonville.
Daily onh. r th, Eut and West
12:16 am i High Springap, Wayerom, Savannah, Brunswicek,
Daily Alhtny, Atlanta. all Points North, East Wemt


Roebelle, Micanopy and Citra


3:15 pni



8:5uam '. .. 72"i0pm
Daily h Sprig l .
ex.Monday ex. iundaj

interchangeable Mileage Tickets, good over 18,iLO miles of among the pria-
eipal railway" in the Southern Sateat, ae on sale by the prinipal agents.
Through Pullman sleepier Port Tampa to New York, via Atlantic Coma
Line; also via Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway.
For complete information, call on
J. A. OOODWIN, Ticket AXet, Galmevill.
FRANK C. OYLSTON, Com'l Agt., W. D. STARK, Trmv.Pas. Agt
138 W. Bay at., Astor Bnilding, Jack vile, Fia.
H M. EMERSON, Tratf. Mgr., W J CRAIG, Gen. Pea-. At.,
Wilmington, N.C. Wilmhngton, N. 0.









Table Unexcelled.



Every Attention to Guests



UT if ShEL riS Ani


BM plowba ter thb urRc tea. sow
boa. &-IM'ftad most. sMM i fte
sowam a ew
-^^^**^x^ Vsnkse a.,-?^ ^^^^
dews an Va-.

Sold by us eatinnously tee


without a single failure. If vn
want a pio mfor a lifetimes
r-, buy tthe "

Mathuhshe kY T |
Priem low s eis' f t w In -i
CW or eawze- rw ScatsochdS1 -'4
atL We upay t Wi. W-.-..
ror ri VV TOA. --

Ludden & Bates

Soithfl Ikme,.
EauLnsaEnt Dm9


VIaL NoU.R.L.1

zeau iotickets now on a .4
from Gainesville to St. Louis and 2-
$44.10 -RHetarn limit Dee. lflo
MaJo .Retram imit li di .
2 ... . Return limit- -d15i d .-
Speeial eofteh exouawe 4lMWS. Re' A
turn limit 10 days from date of aleI
Tickes s ol Tuesays in July.
Correspooding low ram frot other
pifw. The L. X. is the be lise
St. Louis.
For rmtesseheduleh ad sleeping ar -
reservation. apply to I
J. ML FLEMih G, Fl%. Pe.Ap.
M0 W. Isy DL. Jsehnvfls lb. -|
C. L,. TOlE, G. P. A. Ltavlis. I

j -- ~


a a S w.. a*& NnWa r PM swMak Oa a a a a as

Unsurpassed Service


-- -. a a a. ..


I '. -


9:5 a


. 1



Im ra mma m -M- m Aoft A

-. "- "o _- -.
ERR" 7 7 -

'J-=' ... '- "atr "reltn .to -e .. m :"- -o i--,- -- F--DA

1 i-ei :-- : Pbae _.f .h spe" w.ic he IIM i m ),po

K^COwnr-nion :tt o( h> tee o;I?!: -^ ... --vii- I

BB O ttwm -D1 hVUS t ---
oe et LSatWSINW onte-eia AN8ILE lco o.FA

A PAa R-

Svl' of 'teI o- n Bees a nn -a-
i; .KO ni tat ana-ie^r DTiJHADR~i

h/"a 'l~.-an. wfl "fllvel- at leas l. i (i

/X-mrs.. vIb wissind own -tavlt 7BRDa BriNAJ D BAlYRlra .
-ab Ot -BGO"E A*_R OILAWI, l

w; _oruo Aeoma e pa e ,ll -----_ .'- i -. *
matti~e.ers nlap. tlp tbto G.. GAn. .. e.FLO R .,
-aft -a d e*a, Wwi a as all
.-. I .e nt .S w i him (h -- e ymr el Bty nos, (i-
--ie of Mbsec hc.. a g DUiBe. h

.i(. : i i -. t- V.e...'t
.4-4#e afire, ),t pbpim.
O _you Z or asl. 2102m
o ~his lo tllctlon '-._dObsf the Q M "

::-.*_ -e o a e ae. eve.ra l iie, o. -f
IP fUlI-O Z, ant at.h e- atm .A K Ga
toils imnu&m whiche E AKR
W be itssedce .time -In. -Auust. A TOLA LW:
"I-lb witl p bd oiy opo. " to wI "
16 ef. y totakeupth-.. .b.e.. -ctl & Mr. ..OLW IO IN C!ANCERY..
Ai s. -:m. to.ue latterw mail n -S U f eo U_ _L0 '

biL. t' Ils sadewlcl He absit Office in L a del. Week.

r.Su il ak'e a tve part lIn s%& a&.-ALDERMAS.,
Sp* cmoplgtandwl lpeecver at leas -- DETI 1
i -i .ampo.ta sopeen, himself of wthe DEN" e' T
VtB- e dMieI oI hI position and.of the iEat a (es tLIQUORs* & CIGARA

1+-,.. ilt ai iere I l l hInls administration -' !
- ti.m- a DI -p -t yet deter ine over & WaODsewm GaIam. n

M.. ira .Tor_ be. _r via" . .. ... .
t A ohmee wlghl pat cor pser- aal or sal me when in Basksonvlwe
*it ti.asndi onmfeithl eopbm ua ja,-
it. -s- USIIlyTW kiwill--
Cnt merast spesebeen W eqal. two n).HRYLE AV

b -n5 ea wt in bi theatle epri DETAL SURGEON.
from rheumaismatd nthen- rex -

lie" d _me thoa gh.I tried.. eveIythini'_ Poroetei Ina Work *od tJoe RewIlaUono! I
t.--- i eml i Bit- hi m ,n. DT IST- .
-~tepresdet 1s wokngdiy Gon am" nalamivI C.Uet* eNaswa Srer"
tePndG0hid his ow we as Nn in Nexere I^sO~ Newy

- mof iCt peely wolreve and Mwr VT rit-n
-m.tat s bject ilor li ber snd id-at ALL WORK GUARUiS
W.-teF lfterwb'Ofoe in MMllr Law Uxzebange.
1 fithIn he ettr wich will not be -
iner~o In h~vspeeh. Hiewlill ,AMUJA ___
delve poitica -~w during
aw 05n*agU wntevlng himself with. T8.WSTED
-a statment of his position and of the FLNE. WLNES, LTQU(*8$ CIGARS
u~lts achieved. fin is administration
O e-otf acceptance. meR W.a, flcuowfeFuw.
Snutal~~~~~MO Totued Faus ber, botlenddragh. Don'
A e emmatoligh that fo ai osilam he nJckovle

q trouble and general debility. PFrank Gardner. Ptoj'r.
* Onzy 10wi. ntaaautdno guaranteed by Jkonville, Florida
l d iuggsts. F d -
-tn-. out.iet R-ailway Stailto Best Imported and Domestic Liquor
The only railway station In England Md Wines in the city.
that can boast of beWng really old is _
that at Beornme. LInolashlre. which. Is.
an -ancent Ellabetha n mansion, for- MAX KEASTT
m.. eroy In the pomemilon of the D1gy MAX K iAU S,.
family, some memlem of whicb were
impUeated tl the gunpowder plot Representing
Vlyben the Grent Northern and. Mid- -
lad railroads came through this dis- i lT m -
trMt a memural ..was sent from. the E.A. W ElL & cO o ..8 .4 .
inhabitants t Bourn asking that In _
stead of plbtg the old landmark down WHOLESALE SHOE 0 S
it -might be converted into a railway .... "
station for whkch.pnrpowe It answers Of All DSSEIPUSS.
admirably now. Part of the house Is _
eed as a residence by the station was- 'ti
46erF ai- Awant fiU1A7 In UP. manA Wtfll.

Ie~Sag EAt..

-- IV--Lwa bweainsw-A 1' Sh-MW uoe9. tlAnV ar
KlU QUALITY Shoes. Every
'~~V Br





I -







on a
d% %Is fl Ar'


t.1....~ L-


rtfleadSxrZz MOlD

.-'__' L PIM Lv P MLV A M .. P Ar APM At iAN
- .------4 --- -asI-----, s* *I@ a*a ...*.. ..r el .. mum.. e*css. *e oem o j
g 00 .. D a.. ...... ..... ..... ....D. e ....i. ...*.BI 1
S ,8 I m.......a ..... ... ..... ..r*,.....,, ..,,. .u.a* ..,.P ia4
,rs sent to us sio . -.... i vt i.. ^.. .... .
.8 15 .......... ......;... e... o tfb to... -. ... ............ .
.ro m p t a tt en. s1o P a......... .. ......e.............- .--..........
rt n 81 3. .....t. .*. :: ... ....'.. Hlm ktfr.. ce........a... .... m
.d the class 88 ..... ... .. .riawoo....s.. .a... .....
,,~~g~ 9I $ 1 .. ....... i..,...*. .+.........V i ft ... -.. . -... --......... 9
Stu r n .o..i... .. ......-6 ....... ...-eI ett..-..... ...' .- - "*'"--- ^*
S8 1 .........u f a.... m a.. .... .. 4f-
4I^I.. .../ ix l ........! .......O -. ..... ooal.v *t .W.t..* ..

+- -- .. t~ .: -"- k ,''' :' "" "; -I = +-'A -' ':'' "+ '-"" : -- : ..V '"t- .--, -- :" :

. .... .. = ., ::- .. -. :-' "-_ . . .- . .. .. o'' *-. *, '. ~,o ." ...t

. .^ ^ x ^ x ^ . .+ : . " -' -... -- o .* --, = ..- .--: -- _.-/ .
I -. '. : ,. - : - -- --.. *: -: ..... ":" /-* ^ ^ "
ub -

--, _ .-. _. *I i ~ l l l i . . - .- .. *- ._-- --. -*' .- : ..= ,^ .
il I=.-_Juw4m e .f the @Oua 90" oOflr--s..I.- -AI- f A%
a ftawee ram 4- 00IdLes am s

t O '" "- '- -, "....-.r 1 "
'NAME" OWN. vtscm"o--cman -! S E
1I- I ": &'- I ':_ : - ..

-- csrmnc. L-suoma ...... :::"**e's:mt: U"' 1 = I 5
- . .-"---;
....n..n c ...-. o- ,a Of k ...... .. .... ...... ... I is a a- a
",. ..-. .. ... o ..... . ..... ._...- ..,... i .. I S t -..-I :.
W. N. CI ... ........ ........ N-.-.... ... P i s a_ a
D-tO -P _Co .*.not ..... . ...-a g I i9 I
A-r b te M ... AU. . ..... ........ . .... .... ..... i -* ..*
DJUOfPwCo-....aKofatswIrotsvlA4&sw 9....... 4 s a W meM
J.- tbe] .- ..... O ....... =-.---- . .. .. --...... *. I- u s .
Rli" Gr* Pbo Co Ill. !.. .._....... .... ..............4. .. *ii S S fl- 0.
j.r.NsSWm .& l- .... l4 tl..-.... IS i I
SHit Grade P Co. l-4 I ...... .......... 1 1 Co e a-
C-v.M.cQ ... aI4tofuwlA*ei t of-4tAawlt-ofeln N Cit St .- O s
CeBtrstPbaMCo. *- a~ofuwMaswH~a~wl-4onH....... ir fl fl m
DttttIttPboMM o. 91-9 of betM A Swr 1 ....4... U Ml 10 So. noI w-'
A lnolR tco 0S ...&s ........... .. ............ iMM .4 "
M t'!C. w. -..... Bel4 onei-4 .......................... S C it *f a
W.N.C-ip- .. -... sI4oIfawI4&awM of twI.........-. S9 .r 17 4S a M
CW.9MI i t- *.. wH ofrwH ..... ............ ..".. ...... ..... I If *s -
Pool S.Tha .ato .eleLotsel4AS4otoel-oH.......... S r I I
H.L A Plettt... ... nwiM- il-4 A al-S of awH A xwMHo.
Iie-4 At MI4ofoI-4 ......... ..... .... W I ITn a
Mi I Land(ii C .. .. ..... .... .. .. ..-.. ........... 3 n i .
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Hib ePhoR i Co. ABBI o" a OfV ..... ..... .. ..... ..a U .- iS a
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J. CaI .t ......... Lot A al- of BWH 4 A-o" -..
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SU Mi. A. L. L DCwOt*. wl-Ofte-4uwl4..-. .... ....... 7 A 3 -- m I-
_- - J W.N. C Ww.. ..... 1. 4&w14Mo- .................. I *I..3 -
l I Ir El J.C.Hafle. ........ AUlMa"titorie4awI4An.ot 4 ....S. U S i3
I | I |I I I I -.N.~ e .... All. .l-en "_o(o,-4 .... ........... 9 -
1. 1 | | IW.KILTbon. Asw of -1-4 .._- .....U, ......M,,*.... S M IS -I ,
I || I |I I I R W-Tom. .. AUieet-ft2iie-o- ieIWl-. ...... I-M i. i J-II..
I II I I II i. J I&D.... ........ Lo 0II.l-tA.i.W Is. It. A De - ":
I | | I.- I- 1 1 ........ ....................... .......
&I A V-AI W.kTIK .. .. I-Sitofw.. .4........ I S i -
I W A-. StefftkId .. nl.-&Wel-.-i E12 t3o me NO W S a.
b-fas a*o ie ..... .of. ... $3 i ai -
E"hwoMbTrmCo. e l-L. leag a a ..... ............ ...,. I f
W.S. boo .e. .. w Imas o fsw o nwl-4 .....-........... p i3 a. IW
.LkCwrtht.... .... et-4 t& h3acr o. mwl( ............g 1 -* a a a
WA.O. se ..-.. Io lu ..... ............. ... ....*.. IS i* a a a6 a4
J. "LLI .. wH&nle-4,ol.ne4ii*el-* p S -I.-4 a a 0.- S-a
A.O.SL, e..- .... es -I-t .. ... .............................. 4 . i s ..i:
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,-. G K Broome.... Lot iS A 81 2 of 1 & Ia L Olt m -
SK iJGrabm ........ Dl-nofLowuaI&tIbkR.I4t.t.G'iOe. S U
P--pMer-. -- .... P of LrAotLAc&Wkbk.-Xt fCtoItwi.,
NO"ttby IMfta&&A1iSf W., A er-wray
exteaid tob t .. ....................... l- a
Mr. R Wo ...... el4 of bk 4.R 4. t* L aI-m em of wti-" of-
bk 4..t Orirl-li t-t -..... ...... -S
CL w. Hyde ...... o f LoXt A&H l6IL B -. 4.9I O*. 1--f..
D oe Ine C-o Tat prt b 2.RIL lwamILXdiKUS k.. s.-
end YOUr Eva =a.ti .bkl .R&i. ........... b .G'I .. ..... .
Mr M.. a Trbo.. wi- ot aI A.l.- of A ft: S a ,-2 of .
J.* 4s 012.1 ofWnel-4tn 6wBi4............. .. ..... .......... 1t i I "
lrder t0 o the umm. e.I4fswl-4.4 osec .s... ... ...... 13 i : I
G. ILfrbt.a.k ...AU wt ilGrt. oMW that mod to Bolk.
-- t ee- ...... ..................... .... ........ It tt ill-r
so ottd.Grat-. ............ .... 7 1 5 5 S_
The Boad wil mees at the cleft's ofic an th fhrs a y b Ant. fl l It
diayof .58amidUt A. D_ tobow ersaftIfNlrutm-r,tt^ *Mi> i
lavw no chbafemIn be mae in the ni i rOitL .r -
DO- T ,Eo.
K -Clerk of the Boad of -a ---l_.

SGainesville Gulf Rai.wayr -Co -i


W i Table in effect July 5. ISB a
--^ -I.o.S. $. I
;.II B Dki7y ; No. s No. & N .o.1. N ..& nir :
IIIE' t -liy Daily.9 --

O ..ts,. STTOS Nily 3 iiA,.*


- -


:.- .- =..L .
:.*- -. "*- *-_.."...
*-- ->.^^.s
-" -;-., t'.s :". -
_ .- ^..-;,._
-- :"*
^ -4

-~- ': 'i
.: .
-'. '.-''

... -.. -,-_.-__<
- -- *? -::

. .'. -^
. .* .. .
- i

. --.: +!a

i- '; -^.T i

- : -'- -.i:
.:. !, /-"{i

S *~^yS.

.... .i:
-. -. :
:.' :.. "

--. 1

-. -S :*
., .-.Sl_,

; ..^_ f ^

: .' .. ; .
.... ^3

'c-i~ :: :

r -..- I..- 4-

:;4:.. .- -l'", y i -~ ".. A.- : ;

-.-.l^ Jg Y: ;. T6'


"- --tb s .

i~k t, ,, ,.. L
~~ ~raws

|srNn D

.fl : . -"_.|

g -P-_i-f.'.' .b .N. f l -...4 - ~ !


lSIWSS happened and What Io Going

t1 'RI"H. Who RW May Red<"
Th "m - -- -
tmsewtcmhm Cw auu HilL
O. seepapsa for sale at The Sun
0- ... if-
t- s. Se of Jennig, Lakoe was
is the eityj yesterday.
Smgnorma's Wonderful Salve for sale
by JIW. Xeo lluOiga Co.b
Nny lso~~. went yesterday to
Abehtaoa a basins trip.
MJ-. Smith of Orlado Ils in the city.
ag-Set ofhberwo, L. C. Bith.
D.- B. P. Rihards. made a brief
bsiesA trip to Ar Indo yesterday.
Attorney John R. Willis of Bronson
W smug the visitors to this city yes-
K.3 M -OrAy of High Springs was
mam; S- business visitors to this city

R. N. Perry ha removed from High
Springs to this cty, and will make this'
his future home.
F -de-- metal floral daigon and
e owers etoorder at Gainesville Une

Nie, large, well furnished room to
ret nm ble next tosquare. Apply at
T kma os.. tt. .-
For Is.s-From August Let store
es.-pid broal Cook. -Apply TbIa
V. Owt,. Jaksovi.e.
Mayor W. B. Thos Isa pending
a few days enjoying the exhilaratIng
breeam at AtlastiM Beach.
Mn. L.J. Clyatt and children have
em ed from. a pieaant visit to the
fo s parents at U matilla.

_, whewfeW -e "e

r!'-- ,.. a .,
i~fle $abs~ t| ttaiersskias C.

..BIe ,, ,,, ,,, ^d.iateg 0
at, ptmthpysilt isptlttise fl4 op
!M~ berypewslingtO the
v~oto~ f-akT Brw. Horn

^It 0SD. WaOtP mmand two children
oere is the city ytes.w
ui. They were em roate to Atlantat
,Ga. iwhert they will vsit UrelntiSe tof
a few weeks
L es' sUing sdt. geunlemen's
arde, abea are lies, and any other
hiS ofnd.eand printed in the .agut oth isf-e-ad the price is
reaonable. too.
Harry Kne o f Palaek passed
through the city yesterday en mote to
igh Spri where he .s employed
ma Stoe-ans on the switch engine of
the Atlastie Coast [Jne.
Inyou rhour. of deep distre the
(alumfille Uudyrtaklut Company if
.led pOeo ni relieve, e you of al
tumble and anxiety by arranging
eery for the funerlof the de.

Walter Watkins departed las night
for Atlanta and other points in North
Georgia, whhere be will spend hrsan-
tion. Mr. Watkins i one of the most
eincent Saleomen In- the store of Mar
COO eadel.
J. F. Whetsatoe, formerly of this
siy but now residing at Mikesfrille,
was aoog the Vris tori to Gainesarille
yesteuay. Mr. Whetstone is the
owner of the SuesM ice plant, but
tates-thhe will not operate ame
this summer.
Conductor L. W. Kirkwood of the
Atlantic Coast Line was in the city for
a ahort time yesterday. Captain 'Kirk-
wood iaoose of the oldest in merrice on
the road. He -was several years ago
conductor on the Plant System train
between Gainesville and Wayne.o

0. 1. Hail., for many years a misi
dent of skis county but now engaged
In the mercantile business in Live
Oak. ison a brief visit to his relatives
and friends here. -Mr. Hail) states
that he is enjoylug a good trade in the
West Florida town, but misses his old
friends and aequaiutanoes.

For Sale or Rent-House and lot
known as the Jaekon house; contains
nine rooms, situated corner Arredon-
do and Mechanic 8tst. Also 6s acres of
land two miles from city of Gaines.
ville, Fla.; -0 areas cultivated; 16
sres pasture, plenty water. Inquire
of S. E. Voyle, Gaineville, or Isaac
Stevens 18 6 South Third street. Oeala.
Fla.. dawtf
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Riles of East Oaineaville are indebted
to them for a delightful party a night
or two ago. The evening was pased
in a manner appropriate to the owca-
sion, and at a late hoar the guests re-

paired to their bomes with best
for the clever host and hostess.


Among those registered at the Brown
House yesterday was Frank A. Teague
of Oealas, reprusenting the Hoopes
Bros. & Darlington, hardwood manu-
factorers. This firm has a large quan-
tity of hardwood in this section, which
they eat into the proper dimensions at
their mill and habip North to be man-


The Gainesville

Undertaking Co.

Carry Complete Line of

Ia kets and

- Coffins


-- L 11 '
1: 5:7, .],,

a m-dor. g 1a ii
Mrs. W. L. Ja.h o-f A-mber -w
ao to. w. o av-d- G a aviUe]
with a viit eteay. Mr.
expeeb to make her depatore insa
ew day for St. Louis, where sbe will
ViSt the World's Fair. Friends wih
her a pleamat trip.
Henry Lewis and Philip DImapheof
North 6 Gaieville arespendinga few
days at Spring Park Farm, Beming-
etO, where they are engaged itinstall-
lg an irrigating plant. When the
Simprovementas in this direction are
completed, tha fa.*m will be one of
the best equipped iA the State.
Cht 8,. 11, civil engineer for the
Oummer Lnmber Company, ascom-
panied by- MoTby Taylor, Benj. P.
Riehards.Jr., and LeRoy Taylor. de-
parted yesterday for Pisolata, on the
St. Johns River, where they will be
engaged for the next few days in ur-.
-William ColdMham and daughter.
Miss Beulah, formerly of this city but
naow residing in Tampa, have been on
a visit to the former's daughter, Mrs.
L. B. Long, North Gainesville, for. the
past few days. Mis Coidham has re.
turned to her home, but her father
expects to remain in Gainesville for
some time yet.
J. H. Dye of Micanopy, the clever
representative of the Dixie Portrait
Company, was in the city yesterday.
He Called at The Sun office and re-
newed his subcription. Mr. Dye re.
ports the picture business a little "on
the-wane" jint now.'owing to the fact
that several of his solicitors are
spending their vacation. Some of
them are taking in the sights of the
St- Lnuis fair.
After several daysi.ent in this city
as the guest of Mis Christine Rich-
ardts. Mis Louise Harris. the charming
daughter of Ho0. Frank Harni of The
Ocala Banner, departed yesterday for
Monticello, where she will be the
guest of friends for a few days. Miss
Harris has many admirers in Gaines-
stlle who are always delighted so wel-
come her, and say good-bye with re-
luctance. She is one of the Brisk
City's most popular young ladie,


-"a at -o
" o. o M -a

*Is a 1_. 4A a .......
rn ab rW&Fabb .u9,nqawis. ad
* dais tombs. their lapslst.Im for
awlsie, at mabasat of sh. city,
with Lw. or Sthe ensptls., have
agin fl elmw Ueir CtreasS 1 o'clock
mT~r Thtsiqaj ftemeen, Ia ester so
U.v #1bei emglqyes a caUreholiday.
Tbis eutom will be continued MtIll
October 1, when regular boo rswill be

Ibis moneut s" itituted a
leop. of weeks agn by oo. W. Hyde
sd Mrs. K. Witoun. to whom the
clerks feel deeply grateful.

and the Latest Styles q antit y.


Fine Fadeless Fozografs <
From Locket to Life Size -m_ __"
Hgh Grade Copies a Spe- -

Paiest to Fiest at Pries to St


Fldeleh3 metal lower dedirn. Cut-lowers
on mter. Deodorm &ad a LJanfeeait.s for
unitary purtmnone-.a o lee. Houses. rMo asd,
elothiw fumigsated w-r d snWfected of Lofee-
tkms and couwItaglous dt.ease xermi.




ii ^

a -.. l

tbb U. XfB so "
die-l a too

Gainesv3Ile, .

wrr~~ r~-w ~ -


7sr -

aiiM 1 W ..\ '-. --.- -- -* --. r ^ ^- ^

_ 0-i-



W a

4. Florid


.1- ~ -.

Tax Aesor CooiM Purchae Fm
Lot in East Gainesville.
Tax Asewor W. W. Colon.a defrous
of doing away with the rent prompoi-
Ition, has purchased from Dr. T. F.
Thomas a handsome lot in East
Gainesville,- ad will erect at an early
day a oommodios, modern reidenoee.
The property is loaested on Roper
avenue, one of the mot fashionable
thoroughfares in GOaleville, and will
make a desirable building location.
The friends of Mr. Colins are con-
gratulating him upon hias new pos-
session. _______...
Sqwise to Mrs Carpenter.
A number of friends 'of Rev. and
Mrs. W. J. Carpenter of Kavanaugh
Methodist Church "pouned .down"
upon them .unawares last night and
gave them a mot agreeable surprise.
There was a good crowd present, and
theerening was passed in a mtvt en,
joyable manner. The "pouneers" de-
parted at a late hoar, amid a *howet
of appreciation of the pleasant even-
Ing they had furnished at the partos-f


lad Ep-t-


. -