3m=5 JRaa-wto -be
o dhno -oig of the
|.L^ *A SPScTA~o.?O
UeS pfl a .svMbiNS
."tb K* -. Chn
)6mvWO1 CtOLLSIbO .

1_ 1 r_, -- --- .
-Y, 2


, TXLMUtAP#IC .6vm .

Alabama Pres Assoelatlou ItI
ngj seSin at inin tays On the
table a oretoliofl to dtsmS06 4bharw
agalaut Former Secretary Rotr
The action is taken to mean that the
convention favors the dismieWal of
RounttreO from the nxoim tatlon.-
Charion apnApe amsg s cattle in
southwestern M4tsshslppi and l-h kill"
iug cattle.' horses and live stock by
the thousands..
In Monroe county. Ala.. John McDnf-
fie. a wealthy planter. wsa killed by
Sonny ,Entt.h. another planter.
Dr. &. A. Smith. of the rUniveraity
of Northl Carollna. has been elected
president of the Univeratty of Tein-
The rlepartrrent of a ricnturebhat
been notiifiedby Dr. 0. F. Co,6K
he will in a -hort time be ES& .'-
,enter Texas with Guatanmaian ants t,
fight tb?" boll weevil.
At South Haven. MIch., a mob marV-

1.- lajarod In Accidemnt on C H., desperate attempt to Iynca a wniu
Inflr- A n r R;IlraOd. man. charged with assaulting a 4
S5jiasr. o-. July I.-In a bead- yearMnl girl.,
.* llsao between a ClInuttati. The allotment of the $1.WO,O0 ap
lIsim #nd Dayton northItMoutA pas. propriated by congress for arms tin
s -r tm-- and the Toledo and De. equipment for state troops has been
4te alns southbound, at a switch -ue Georgia gets $3532.
C: Si+ uthe of bohere this mornuming -
C tht. tailnmn were terlously ipnjtired Fourth of July Excursions Via A. C. L.
h :- tali .homotivets ani baggage cars Round trip tickets to all points Souh
V .both traits weredemol isfted. The of the Ohio and Potomac and East of
I -- escaped with a severe the Miniusippi rivers will be sold at
I7 *tiskl4 p. The Injnred: one and one-third first-cla ssfares (with
.~ E rhl Cahill, engtnenr, Hamilton. minimum Weent). Tickets on sale Ju-
t :ly 2, Sand 4th with return limit July
jut Wlciam, Snyder. fireman. (incinnat i b 8h.1904. See ticket agents. 6t.
_ + ._..* ... ........
SIf t' B ma it Cufftting Teeth Cured Itchingm Piles
Besu amnd asewtst oldW and well- W. R. Flint, a merchant of Orchard,
ii-noremdy, Mr. Winslow's Sooth- Ia., writer. "I had been greatly trou-
S:,8t Sjro-. for children teething. It bled with itching piles for several
wsshe the ehild softens the ,m i years and tried many so-called pile
i .--anPtcr win .oite a-.-i:' i egumrem without relief, but was complete-
.ikp ll l tnpam, eae wind colic and i ly eared by Banner Salve. It is the
tU lbWt remedy for diarrhoea. Twen. bes pile cure. Sold by J. W. MeCol-
ty.tln sewo a bottle. lm & Co.

I: -


Removal Sale

To All My Friends and Enemies:



I will remove to the corner store, new Bauk-
building, and during the month of July will
big reductions in




i And in Fat Everything Kept in an Up-To-Date Dry


Goods Store.


Men's Patent Leather Shoes, were $4, now..
Men's Vici Shoes, Goodyear welt. were 4.00, at
Ladies' Patent Leather Shoes, were .3 00 and


.50 O, w.. ... ..... ...
hur Regular 1.25 and 1.at Shoe....
)ur Regular 4.50 Pants at .........
kn'm Dflannlau. 0 fln', JDc-l

. U *
S U 6 *
C S 9 *

2. 540

4 (if I

Nerve Tension.

A foe to health is nerve teuuion,
sometimes due to hurry and worry, but
nine times out of ten due to poor indi-
getion, a bad stomach, a torpid liver
or constipation. These conditions all
react on the mind and will keep your
nerves on edge if you do not remove
them by using Green's Angust Flotwer.
Here is no Better stomach medicine Hi
the world than August Fiower, and no
*arer cure for indigestioni or dyspepsia.
Trial bottle, 25c. Big bottle, 75e. at
W. M.Johnsonta.

ftrspntkfiu'm ( raci Sbloollig.
g;,,it ..,. .A le','i Nirbt- Cti'tvltrh Kuro
p:;tkhni is a cri ck r iuttrksuiini. Vhetn lie
rivs i.1nI.s4t1. of watr iliring a tour of
Ilnsp volon he rviXtW, Svtopev (it l :und
Srrol.hed with the coninaiitidnlit along
the tmoilrv.iril. whre- thlre w141 a
.. 1 A -. .*91J thft Mu"


J4.:m 0.#.. *O*CZUS. 2 Z.CUB.

th inwdm, .mak + wika

Hwry N .nit thewell kn nm--Ru-.
stian traveler. wlo w-vWi t Imth e il
'bank at St. Peters bu. dearilw i
the June World's Work the trmswre
chamber As folows:j
The walls of the apartment were
completely covered up to a height of
about eight feet with shallow cup-
boards with doors of strong wire net-
t lnc leaving their contents plainly vis-
iblei.,each dorw being both padtlkwked
and seaed' About five-wixths of thee
eupxarnls were completely flled au
narrow shbelven with ingots of gold. tlhe
ends of which made n, liniu of. g(,d
' for nearly thi- lekngtk of the rooni. Theo
light ws 'refl'edtii brightly froita the
shining m(ital. aiid the efcT-aL needleih.4-
to s.ay. wis btghly impresive. I felt
as If SAnie fairy h:id 'oudnA one of the Cares of gol 1 used to re d
about wvith awe Is a rhi lild. Thfi :I-
an(e shecel oF the B:ink' of tnsiia for
3March 29 state 1 the lotai guld reserve
In the bank to Ike as follows: lu .i:intn
old coin. Z:LS,0K.(NN rubles; fIr got!t coin, 142.iliOtJ r-at-s; 4utllihi
gold oin. 2"4.(M0.(XN) ruldes: tot-l.
C840.U0'1,(mi nlden.-Aor $:l3.(tiM.&j0. !
The. tot:i d t6! rt-ewrve of Iti.rM
Sre XMU ruble* or more than 0A7M),000, 0).
It i, of course, only a eonjlarntiyvly
small part of this vast stock tof ithl jsrtc-
clous metal that would le avafalih,
under any cirOilnintanes for a w:ir1
fu]nd. ThIi fund would roml, li the
first plu-e. fwi', the reserve of gold I
s.aw. The eurren y law of lussi-i:i of i
lP-07 prescribes that up to E:rJ,.KN.A#to)
niblei paler lluney nuay It0 iisut-ed with
a gold rtesrve ofemly onu-lkiIf itsa f:ie# ;
Tattle, 1l0t that :ilI snlesquint issuiqn1?
must be covered rubble for role, by a
gold reretrve'. Now there Is a nondlril
circulation of' paper tioney to the val-
Ue of CO'1!.SM.lDAAO rulesI, lint off thi!
tlereare -always at letuast 3 ,4M)':JM to iI
NP.tK.fi)O In the bank: therefore the i
effTwtir circulation of i,.tper imotney;
Is not more than 4..0U.JKM, land of ,
tils. ae, 'ordi( t, o law, 3,'-)lJX1OXX must I
he red JiKbn.in:lg hiiM siui from the 7i4..AOY.- !
O(WI of the lixedl gold deo'.it. we h'lv
2:;4x.it.NXO rulIl e Immediately avalla-
bit as.a war fuid, nd M to bi.s can err- I
thinly be addled a large part of the gold 4
Oil depolIt altro1ad. lblonging. aS ex-I
pinined albve, lboth to the state and to
thtf Bank of Rtusia, the total being,
saiy. 2'Z l ,M'IQ --- s'ay, ai nvailable sum
of _ISKK.W^, making a total war fund'
iniiediateiy :ivn~itble of 4S4.if0l,000
rubles or tt25.tx,uo(x)ti.





-:7- !-

- -A.?)

... ; -'--'

; -.i

'I, -.

w -~


ftetailer and Jobbers in


Oral., Garden S. ad F


* _, -^
." * " *'*


Highest market price paid for Chickens. E andd other PnAis.

A-Compnir: toek of Hay. Corn,
Sanid RX^ We handle only
E-T PRICE, and

Oat., Flour, Bran; Meal, Oo4Ui Nd etd
the vlYY BEST pT d at tie LOW.
guarantee --tWSIon_ always.

S *
C *

and Fancy Groceries,



ih%- mx-amj-
hegg88 M .

- : / + -=
. -+ "- =.-. _- ;-* ,__

81i 3SA2S 7 .. ![ij -I
. + : l [. ,--- : -.

7a ; .- a s----

llll + ** _./ ^'- ;+=+.5

*^-'." ** *

- k

-_-l-_--_-ink m i NtUing in nice eest out of telsasitos
r UFrn. N-riutrrhajIouditiMs of tb. m st me-
Hen- Tho.J. Heder*n, Member of br .ep. Perm cleamse -thea a -I
ConpeM froma l is&ol, .ad Lieutenant STh b and ures *e- atr
In the Union Atrmy for eight yeawi, wherever loted.L
wflte from the Lemon buildings Wahk- -The are n"o reme -es.F o -e fla j
la .D.0,a sfotllws: -a good as Pefm. Accept no ubW*-
kmP1wnsPha wand bo M7emoo
a .. -__ .... -f a If yoa do not derive prompt -" Aloi.
ts*I ,-. g n..-g gr .factory remits from eth e um oa? Pma
valnft remfl blcasw oa eio"vscure-rfm-ctfsr." full statement of your wa, ad he wMl
-T-i. ML JIfWas.a be pleased to give you his valuable dS&
Catarrh assumes different ph..e. in vioe gratis.
different seasons of the year. In the Addrew Dr. Hartemian, Presient of
early snmner systemie eatarrh is mont The Hartiaa SanitAkium, ColaicWa
prevalent. That tred, all worn out feel-t Ohio.

- r^ .

3P- -



: i


- I -N


t-... -

mak eAR
CM~m 'r* fj t Last Naek Capture After

Stai ,e muW I-puTseS by
frernrent offleers Yor 13 ye)r,. dar..
^a ^ --- w h-tlim Ue he vlit.I LuglaS.
S flac. and Afrii. Uand returotng to
r- 0.- U.nlatted States and coating in -In-
: 4 : 1 Territory,. Henry Rodgers alias
Fink- Thomas, is behind ta. Jail bars
S here iwlth numerous inditntments
r fl5553 him.
; iO May 4,1899 Rodgers held up
Buben S' McCretry. -a mal carrier.
Sa route between E vergre. aind
Turabull Ala., rifled the mail pouch.
threw the mall matter into creek and
S- robbed the carrier of money and a
96. d wateh.
S After his return from abroad Rod-
me under the name of 7 hoinas. was
located In Indian Territor,. where he
was arrested, tried and convicted on
S the charge of selling :quoir without
a license. He was sentenced to serve
tWo years in the federal prison at
M Atlanta. It i said-he made a con-
fession while in prison and at the
eexptirtin -f his term, a requisitiof
tor his return to Alaoama wiAl be
honored by the governor uf Georgia.


Contet Between -Oarsmen of Yale and
S. New Iondon. Conn., July 1.-Fnor
the twenty-sixth tnie i since 187* the
.oarsmenof Ilarvard and VIale univ r-
sities contested today on-he e' tame.s
river course'in the annuial,'cgatta.-
Tale won the Freshrnaa rct- oy hanlf
a length. The start was :rte.t at 11:3.
Both crews rook tho wr-ter at the
-ame time. ntak.ng a rcmr:kaih!y pret-
ty start. They pull I the .armn strol-e
for the first eighth of a mih when
-Harvard seemed to -wain a RzFizht ad-
vantage. At the quarter fmix nith
boats apparentIy slowed thier
strolke a trittfle ht th.ir rad', wor:.
S was beautiful. At the htf mile th?
crews --were on evr-P :.erms. The
boat- pas-ed4 the w:iI- -mart in 4:40
-and through the- nuist esomrd to be en
about even term-. Approaching the,
mile and a half nmarkV Yile- .%emed to
lbave a ligIt Clead. Yalk was pulIir.g
34 strokes to the minnte. Harvarn
,36 with Harvard crew-twplas.ig. Har-
yard skon steadied. however, and a
was a beautiful contest to the finish
mark, Tale winning by half a length.


The eastet, cheapest and best remedy
fojeatarrh, colds, asthma and all dis-
easesof the throat. chest and lungis is
Quakor Oil, the new 6iseovery. It is
perfectly harmless even to children,
and is guaranteed to give perfect Wae.
i sfaetion in every ease or money will
be promptly returned. It renders
gppe0 impossible, quickly destroys
dise e germs, and insures full, per-
feciand natural breathing through the
nosatrils. For sale by R. W. Vanse.
- Island Grove, Fla.


Long Staple Cotton Crowp May Be Cut
Valdo';ia. Ga.. Jiialy -l^^!p-

known as will or ieJ'! _t):,. i% (loiig
rn-at damage' tq Louiig ,a.lr-cotttan
In thi-s and adJoinitig t'slclntiCS, a mi if
It centiuues ti sisr,-a, dGtrif.r the
remainder of the season w;1l material-
le aC* A n- ... 4La. -:aliA


Prodigious Scheme Proposed by
Sir Robert Hart.



present the telegraph service absorts
5,J x.(N1 taels, and he concludes his,
budget with an Item of 10,000,000 taels
for '"palace expset99" In this way
bfe gets a total state expenditure of
A*.%,XVXN tt,'ls. which would leave
a IlIlam-e of 124.0(1K.01b itaels from tile
hy'othelic:il ltA'l tax. 'This nnwtunm." i
lI- say:. "'ij:.h lbe pbteed in reserve t.)
meet etiterz{ Ilncies. or It mtay be used
at v:triO.' tinti ui-n important
g. ., Ws n-l!()l) sl:.;ll 1Wf benefteial to
thle ei.oliire :ud the masses.."

.-~1- ..


batever the Peace CeosHttot t gat
e., MHe Urxe That It Il- A.i telt 7
Aetcmmary -For (bias to Be Prre--ct
e4 AgainMt the Isse Of the War.
How He Would Re fnattraet Army
aild Navy.
The North China lerald prints a
translation of the memorial submitted }
by Sir Robert Hart. inspector general
of customs in 'hinua, to the throne at
Peking. Even before this remarkable
document, w:leh ;.rolw s nuuth:ng less
than the complete reorgmanization of
every branch of the goveminent of the
Middle Kingdom. was publicly known
it had been severely critici.sed by the
viceroys to whol)ml it bud buen sent for
consider tion.
Taking ns his text the Ruso-Japa-
nese war ao.d the pocessary implication 1
of (Clina 1in -whatver conditions of
pe-ace may INb :igroed to, Sir Robert
urges that it ik absolutely nets.sary for
the 9ipire o w strengthened against
Issue of the conflict. V.
FundLs. he de-lares, being the prime
desideratum for any stchoie of reform.
be l)rIsents a detailed computation
showiring that a rteogan uization of (the
land taxes may lie made to yield a
revenue- of 400,Xt).OAMl taela aboutt
$ ,Th,(fX.KJ a yvar without pressing I
severely on the population.
With this suns he suggests. in the
first place, an improvement and-recon-
stnr-tion of iti" Iv ln forget on the
basis of four armnuy orps. ea tch OU
posed of Z"P0.(M) regular o trops. Adding
thle (iont of nmntiuullition. the expenst.
of four military academieit and the
pay of two c.iso* of reserves", he ar
rivt at it tot:a! estimate ui;oler tbis
he:;ding of some ,i'J-ft.l4 ta'ls. For
thie naUvy ihe tiou of tlhr#,' felctsi. eaeli rowmptld of
ten large and len smaller wArships.
ten first- (-1l..s irpetItio Isats atind ten
sIitIltkr o4it<. "The pr he think. .le distributed over ten years
and with the maintenance of three na-
ral academies would Involve an annual
charge of 3t1.00(W.K# tAels. Four
arsunal s hie putit i down at 10,.00.0O()
tuels per annumi. 1
But these thwrougbgolng projects of
m!1ttary ant! nnval reorguanizatton are
not all. $ir lto.**rt next pro(Kli>es to
ovprl;I'tuIl tIrf civil athrniuaistr:ntion :ind
("3Jel|ite8 tU!:it ,evvry 6ittif'ial can he
pnis a 1ihoil salary. wlhii-b will relieve
him front the "'ueuseity of extort isg
mnoey frntu tlhe i"eO-'i* under his juris- +
dict~ion." at iit il.l''iinuiiiiid out- j
lay of lX, ik.a#j t:,ci-.,
lie rurtlirar :dviises tha:t lt),(*'.kX i
tuels Iht ?k.t tng modern schools and 1.EO(tOO taeli
for the support of the p0tN0offce. At

Via- LaN.R.L

Ezeursion tieketk4rw on aale da4y
from Gainerille to St. Louis ard n A -
$44.10 -Return limit Dee. Ith
.36.0 Return limit U) day
9 6. ..... a Return limit 1 5 days
Special eaeh excursion $2.35. Re-
turn limit 10 days from date of. Mile.
Tickets sold Tuesdays and Tfhlodia
-in Jtee. ,
Corresponding low rate from othw-
rints. The L & N. is the best liMn t
St. Louis. .
For rates, eA uled and sleeping ca
refetrvations apply to
J9 n. nFL -MIM ia. PaFs*s. Agt-
20 W. Bay StE.P. JaaMail.I Ma
C. J. STONE. G. P. A:Ianukevillo.

_- -


-a'- ~


I: a'>


t a ..
I. -w



w~i S

U t 1 mLek ":

-U t l-a- a -a
rtotaae .fl
.~~ sawtd- Urn

sold b otit I




erA-a^ .4->.' U'
Mrs. Rosa AJams, niece of the late General
Roger Hanson, C. S. A., wants every woman

to know of the wonders accomplished by

Lydia E. Pnkam's Vegetale Compound.
S DRAW' M&a Pnax :--1 nuot teU ymo with paend ink what good
Lydia E. Pinrhawmn's Vegeable Compound d for me, ufering from
the ills peculiar to the ex, extreme lassitude and that all gone feeling. I
would rise from my bed in the morning feeling more tired than when I went
to bed. but before I had used two bottles of Lydia F. Pinkham's Vege.
table Con pound, I began to feel the buoyancy of myr younger days return-
ing, became regular, could do more work andi not feel tired than had ever
been able to do before, mo I continued to use it until I was restored to perfect
health. It is indeed a boon to sick women and I heartilyv recommwnd it.
Your very truly, Ma. Baa ADAMs, 819 12th St., Louisville, Ky."'
-kAny women who are troubled with Irm
S gular a palinu menstruation, weak-
s, leuwfbra, displacement or ulcer-
ad of the wemb that bearnla-dot n
++^^ fe in, iaflammation of the ovaries, back-
Saebci general debility, and nervous pros-
fl -h would know there Is one tried
and true remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. No othpr mediine
for women has receivel such wide-spread
sad unqualified indorsemeat. No other
medicine has such a record of female cures
DuAs M za, PXFK nAh:& I am v eryd
to recMeoicnd Lydia PinkUiet"Vege
table Compound for womb and ovarian difficul-
ties from which Ib have been a sufferer for years. It
wa Athe only medicine which was at all bencicial,
anid within a week after I started to use it, then
'wn a vreat change in rny fnelings and looka I
med it for a little over three mnxVths, and at the
ad of that time I suffered no pain at the menk& ual
period, nor was I troubled a ith those distresslug
pairs which compelled me to go to bed, and I bavn
W^^^^^T nAot had a headache siuce. This is nearly a rr
ago. I always keep a bottle on hand, and a
flw doa every week, for I find that it tones up the system and keep i-
feeling strong. and I never have that tired out feeling any more.
"I eftrtainly think thateverj woman ought to try this grand medicine,
for it would prove its worth. ourn very truly, Missz SZm DAnroraS MiS
BS Sat StL, Memphis, Tean."
Don't hesitate to wrtte to MMr. Pinkha. She will uTeWstaad
yore"e perrzf~ecy, and wRil treat Von with kindness. Her adVin
i freem the rddfeea is Lynn, %asI No woman eve regretted
having waima ad-dres 6 4am,
"ai"W wher, and sIe has
ArfkAPOygT t ^ C- -Aa ro~o the origin) hoit. sa~d tgntweM--
WUUU Zq Wbhbm maC4. Lyna& MIWA-

Mathuhe I

pries as o ti -a w" te w-
cG e _- orf soS -s $ai ian _
til e we pa frtet. Wrt-
To reow IODAY.

Ludden& Bata.

GATHER &t BRYAN, Stat. Agt

m ifHI
6 .' .

, ~ -

~ *~E-
~,- a

C-- .-

-t 2
t :
- a a
,,~- -
a-- -~- -
a- **



I *- -~
F- .:.
.-.\ --
Ao r '

.- k
-a" -



without a Mic failure. I F
want a piao for a Iifeue
service buy the

~< a-




= d



- -. .rf" ,.::-.l ?__

-~ ;~: r;~"~ ;-4, a
-S -- '~
S S-SI.-'-.'

- ~-& -

" -"- -_ :' -': .


- *' "+., 7r-W._
. '- I


-K^^ '''' *

W ~TI WaS BUS paalow

jaf ^M ft er -PDW-

it + iS t IIn at ,t the LA.
I station. however. there"
-aBf0 +ri-oowen to met
e bat sent worE ahead tbas
31ot soil hie fe-tet with the
HChie. He rmasaed in his
car while It- w Switched to
:'-aand Northwetiern ran-
1 wt, where it was attached., to
iduled to icave for the
tlement, Zion City, IL"
IMM Tblimpb y residents ol Zion City
.i al ht making the finish-
be preparations for
'"Doctor" Dowe, the en-
Swas astir early today. Thb
fe wone decorated wIth ftags and
itThe streets had _een rolled
a"d sprnkled and all the sttom we"
4s sleo Aside from a triumphal arc
*0 hniSe0l was the chief object
B4 (4 dannUm- The Zion flag, blut
gSld AIth a cross :n the center.
P SIouIshed I the breeze in iarge num-
-1. bUP Uhep was the "union Jlae.k
S. t1 gmnland and-surmounting all wa a
kW l Amercan flag. MThe arch of
tufphlhs," itated near Eljab avenue i
m a made of imitation locks of stone.
hch c block bore the name of a city
which Dowe had. vlsitel 'in his trar.
S-as. Black letters denoted aft1es whern
W..:; w: e iad been received. while the
1 0-4-M5 of the cities that had shunned
Iw B- ptmod out In glaring red. The
S[ -led lttred cities were MA Praucis-
IB fl'5y- Melboupse, Adelaide and

At- t am d of a -wh0te the entire
I,'-- Ippulatkon spent two minntes in silent
:ti devotion, and were then given six
k I mintutea in which to assemble for a
:t+ proeestlon which was topgeet Dowle.
It ruT companies of Zion Caty guards.
!!: nc each, formed in line while the
' i.-I calledd -Restoration host."' 3.500
strong, lJIed up at lie tabernacle.
F fle guarda met at the arch. the Dow-
-+, Isite senior and junior choIrs .robed
- BIa surplices. The. march to the de-
i pot was -tken. up. the other residents
kp% baliug in behind. -


aronrm Speck Von Stervburg Makes
'. "Commencement Addrent.
-4 S wanne,. Tenn.. July 1 .-Much Ii
'r teUrest attached to the ,nauencero-i
e ercisea orf the tnversity of the
S South today hy reason ;t the pres-
Sent e of Baron Speck Van Sternberg.
W te Gerban ambassador to the
S r=nited States. The ambassador made
i i tie commencement address amd receiv-
- e4 the honorary degree ot doctor of
IelvL law.
S- Dr. ~C. Gorgas. U. S. A.. now In
charge of the sanitation ot the Pana,
wa "ranal strip. and an almrnrs of the
s-irersity. received the tecrce ot doe-
togr of science.
: The commencement procsion was
t frmed in the opcn.-snon after 10
S o'clock, the. faculty and -students in
S rap andi gowns. marching to the ebap-
el. where Baron -on Sterphurg was
S-given anu crthusasti' v.icleome.

---__ OIN ]LLFt-S

A Dutchk l'lbneir Vr3"e.
AnssiHt ever ttuix~i ruL^ in 0*l
,snd itas It sp:cIal dwres afn its owa
ISiilcust--f .$. .tu* -.vse e from old
L at'h pk'tix.- tuit tX'.-i LniveottU va-
riled for tile 1a.t Jt ye::rt One hmost
iteres"i plC. t' is tA.L >-,.._ of Iar-
kein. a tnguref ki: on the mr.n-rgiu of
the Znyder Zee. which c.in well ie In1-
wttpetd In a couple of hours. It is so
little vtxpve tnhe WIa hv v! tlht the clus-
IM-r of how4e' or t!ny -iiWges are
uIllt ont't nonbiit tlmnfzed l y Lridg' .
aud nearly evvry little. hou:se- has 'ti
own little njoit and Its owu l.ttie boat
--.verytblling' except the 'pecit is on a
dimiinutive sciiale in llotlatndi --Oredl
mear the door s^ s tlO bte han.dy it!
sv'. of ftorxl. The dl.,.wi the eX-
cept!ou of the ci(rtur-i and lthle rr;:.-
t.14i" ltohouse." ?ir* built of wood on hi.h
ires. They iar te uS tbe place( h.ts, oftt-u lbeeii i-'t hoide
amni bUltn:tl. In winter Mterkin is oftw:u
under wvater. ait!i the inhaltitaxiii.i lse
tm:ls. to pas1$ frril oi e*' vIlige to t all-
oither'. "hle 4'uittag i.. which aire' painted
LIlue, trvnt'I hr l lk. with rmt. tcd g;t-
Ihdes. 4n-1d rco.',ed with re.l tiles. ire til]
exactly ulUkft ,tuld o(JS $ss only a
zrun:l. tflor built on high piles.
A No.el Time Glaum.
-1 rinsg as trip whichli I toowk through
the W'Vst Indies several years i0o."
saild a tr:veler. "I s-.w a sihlit In one
of the vilhItes which brought the old
proverb. 'Necessity is the other of
Inventiot.' forcilly to my mindL In
the front of one of the lu4eoI on a
veranda (stoxl a sentry whose business
it wRis t ke1p 0 the tinime for the vHlage
by zneans f a primitive inutlhgiss.
Two bottles were firmly tied togetb month to mouth. and fixed in a wotiden
frame, made to stand in reversible po-
it ionus.
. "A qnantity of black sand ran from
one bottle Into the other in just half au
hour. and when the upper bottle wns
Sennpty the fnime was revered. Twelve
shot stik.s markt'd with notches from
I to 12.were hung upon at trnig. atnd a
hook was plncet between thile stk-k
bearing the number of notchelc eoFre-
spnding to the hour last struck and
the one to be stnrwk next. The sentry
announced the time by striking the
hours on a large gong." -

Night Was Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Char. Applegate of
Alexandria, Ind., "and could hardly
get any sleep. I bad consumptpion no
bad that if I walked a block I would
eough frightfully and spit blood, but,
wben all other medicines failed, three
$1 bottles of Dr.. Ring's New Discove

cry wholly cured me and I gained 58
pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed
to eonre couffh, colds, lagrippe. bron-
chitis and all throat and lung troubles,
Price 0e and $1. 3 rial bottles free at
all drugstores.




aTN 1AaI

arrsnq~ie cansx~


....DENTIST ...,

Office over Marcus Eel'sI AQ work ,atA-
sawed. 7



' I I I'"* .-- -- --- --- --^* -- ---- ^- --- --- --- -^^ --- -- ^ ^ ^--- -a



am a


- : "



FtLO ofiA. I

Can ae l your city property, (i.-
provtd and uninmpripored), phosphate.
trucking and farming lapds4. Send tim,
a list of what you offer forbale. 2142m i



Oftlic in Endel Block.


Take The Atlantic Coast Line

- ~ A --'-
' -. I


M Vl vT, i av il
0 poc i ollr
I or or

P. &0.

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service

JMklv Wa
an 4
w ar

-, '- -'

Time Table in effect June 5, 1904.


[Successorw toSeieler& Aldermwni

Over Dutton Co's Bank.

Gatuesvp t

Special auenuon to Crows and BrAdge work
PhoMne 70.



Graduate Baitimore College Dentaui Surgen
Fnive yeim' experience in New York, City.
Caown. Bride work od FlU4na Speeialaies


JOCHN M)ENV.ES. Proprietor.
tl9-2ni W. Bay st.. Jackwnville. Fla.

SFaust beer, bottle and draught. Don't
fail to can un o me when in Jaeksonville

;WE ,hlSr.G. B. TUISo0N.

": I

Porcelain In:av Work and the :Rtu'iioL
Teetb Speeialttei,.
Office in Miller Law Exehbunce.

Gaiuesvire It



Can turn and straighten whole length
of Shafting and Pipe-Cutting
up to 12 irehes.



P. H. VEWSTGAAD, Prop. ui cu.





Depart For


Arrive Nm

7)pm .. High Sp-ru ad Inter- i O:1am
LDaiiy mediate Poit | a
12:40pm Ocala, Lt-sburg sad Tisga, sad $6 pm
Daily Intermediat. Points Baiy

I 2:]


I 3:1



Palatka, Daytona, JS.UVille.
SNorth,. East and West
i High Sprinp, Waycro, Sranmah, Brnmwiek,
i AMban)y. Atlanta. all Points North, Eat Wet

Roebelie, Miesnupy and Citra




3:u pm

t *Sam

i :u .
; 3Dailu High Sprinn p
S x.Monda a i*. t<

j Interchangeable Mileage Tickets, gSod ove 00 nMilb o f l h
Seipal railways in the southern States, are on sale by tiMre ip
: Through Puliman sleeper Port Taml to New York, vi Attlktie
j Line; also via Atlantic Coast Line and mSouthemRSlWy.
i For complete information, call loa
4 J.A. OOODWIN. Ticfklt Amt Gh
t Addrem.:

FRANK C. BOYLSTON, Com'l Agt.9 W. D. STARK, TM?. Pam A
11 0 lu U -.. & *M^a fl u 1 f 6 : Ta a M -afa wia

LMe w DLY t. anur cnIimEIUt 9 cw aAue ra
1 M EMERSON, Twa!. M.gr, W. J CRAlO, 0e. Pow. Ag.,
Wilmington, N. C. WH-co, ,10.
I ----___. ...__ I] i i ___l -_ l-,i I --*^


tl We cove/these important point.M and iepestfly -
FIn L Lff elicit a shtare of your bosime..

Sr, L l t a HueahI st

S----Agents for the-"

Vietor Safe and Look Companv
A C;x1-inci r-rai-L, O2xxb>o 0
SI The "-Victor" is the bt safe made, and psal atemlap le
h "wing the porchae of a safe, or anytihlunin at line. s
0 From a box to a bank vault,-will are money
Iby consulting us. Call oh or addren, i

i01 GA a... i e_. ,,= ,II...VP Ifrn TAT IM A r

- -_. .

. _+ i

: 4

- -.r+
I '




0 *



- -- -- -- --- w -



- -r 21
~*5*~ 0 -n


I- -



- -lk-



+- ^-. ,s

'- 1 l- l .: -::' ;. :- .- "'4-"W ---: _. ; -- '-. .. --:-.-.- -"- -- ---- -;Z
._t- ._;- .- -" *_. .- .p.:- 3. -, :.,,- ." q .. -, ; ; '
,4. j-. .,,. ,. ....- -*
4 "- -. '- s "

- 5 :- ""-- "I "-

in a caN A MiLl.
P1Kr Ret ~-Pwn Angmt at store
oee oI t Ryal Cok. appiy Thos.
Sluter, Jacklwosvitle
u AMr- I, Doyle, the elerer rep-
ae(tive of he C. -W. Baitle.son Com-

~$i7S~!U- ~ '4
5 -



.rT'4w:E7:arw P


r -

Waterasos a lee, one ent a
* pouad. O'DollM OSeada -
1 J. K l of Live as regs-
tered at the Brown Hoofe yesterday.,
Hel the nmtebtee of ehe wvahirff ma-P,


S !
~ SI

J. L.Shawoflialphurs and J. Leejspring. Conductor Chu. Carter of the At.
Stokes of Mieanopy were visitors to Miss Annie Hodson. a charming ]ntie Coast Line, afterseveral month,
thi- elty yt-rday. ouna lady of Daytona who has been'P"ent On the Florida Southern divi-
SBernmrd Hodges is confined to his- on a visit to relatives, the family of ion' h resumed has rn between
High- Spring@, Mieanopy aridUltra.,
room with fever. It is to be hoped W. D. Fagan, for the past few days, h Spng, Mianopy and Citra,
7 that he will soon be out again. returned to her home yesterday. Miss. reievig Cobduector Gilmour, who hb
G. -L. B-rym tof High Spring, a I udon made many friends during been transferred to his favorite run.,
$ 4emptoe-in the stove of E.L An-. her sojourn here-who regretted to see The Moonlight Expre." ^between
demo, wain the city yterday. her leave, but hope she will hpnor H.K Springs and Rochele. Oattaqin
Ia them with another iit after a while GitPmour has made himself quite pop.
Theon'hm o u, ___G._- old,-:,pl_ ___ them with another visit after a while.
-The -un ha about 5,000 old per ular amonx thoee along the line, aand
en Bandl wb*'will be eloed out in Mrs. S. M. MixIon sad daughter, lwl pein iformato ao learn
~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ i wil be .._ -__. ._un ~ pleasing i formation to learn
lon of 1.O00 or more at 1 per 1,000. Alma, departed yesterday for Ports. th ,h w,,i reai e.
M V dinkam of Montoh. month, la, where they will remain for flae .m wai. f r e fl.. .
mournth .,Vwhere they will remain for
J. -x-MVanh insahnm of Monteoghsa. ...U.r W,,, v tow,Ir .,)__,

'. ,.', :- .2 7,, ., '..}..r

:~ .. .- -: .-_ __.
.*. S.:
L Y 14 ._ -, .r_- 1._--.

- ..-- r. .-. --~ -. -~.

it- --!* A-- -

1 m -nP r inami- mr-unMEL*a

- ~ -z


.--- .

5< J--

.: -_.- I;

I a member of t-0e ti rm, is #pn- pine which is creating so much inter.
| 6odaywithfriends ii this Ciy. 0it in sotion. Jet now.
1 : -- 'k"-, i. White Sprleg and turn. sund'ays Chiekene, ehiekensa asd plenty of
"M daning e.t vi. & CL By. Nuse hem. fgwinA chickens; fifteen
l--' ,k.-o II tb at springs and return sate day., hed Brown or iag hen six
Onye. olr.Trub oc.bfW~ead to~nwn Lghon I&JiDR hben%, six
....O nIt I tr lf-ly onf dollar. Throouh coaewh. tf White Leghorn rooesters-fine yard
3J. BFeaster., who'isengaRed in the-sttck-formsle at a again. O'Don-
I/ S
-- 'fihingU busine i at Wasahbota. was in
.-II-- ,-:tlk eity eterdy Mr. Feater hua i. Murello, the clever traveling
I Oi uC reently recovered from a stubborn represeutative of the .S-atdard Oil
-- :. .. vww -t*ek of fever. Company, with headquarters in Jack-
W L VwISi~ T .rooille, was registered at the Brown
..- -. g..it_ tfi. ~or Rent-The large corner store .
.-. .....lu. -et. uder opera houser also four large' House yesterday. Mr. Murello has.
-1 jpt_,,_ I onuituictating rofi0 OpstaritA. iulit- many friends over the State, and ia a
^-:th Piiul T I ieforoffies. Apply to Mrs. D. C. most suecesulul salesman.
avofly Two Days 0ny Ed wa rds, Oen a.aFla. dt U.- ^__
i -- --w u n JEdward, Ocla, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Piekett of New-
-. :-Mr. and Mr-4. J.- R. Duke. and tWo0
:AOLt wa -M dS -,. Duk a berry were among the prominent West
USnSE Psrbr i children of fligh Sprints were in the ,End people whs favored Gainesville
S- iilmaton Fre. ity for a few hour yesterday. Th-y wvithavit yeaterdnlay. Mr. Pickett is
.,- tam- t"**tb, rr S,* t were en route home from SJacksonville, m t f o T U
or,-c-".Cor ,hel tfq --m.,v-l-k- I ,, ....t .. nior member of the firm of T. R.
.-w-Iticet&Son,- w n wbere they have been viitmg rnends. ?ikt % _, manufacturers -of yel-
S---- -- .Mr. and Mrs. E" A Cooper expect low pine lumber, who do a successful
N--e,-wrry Na .ay m"e-ag. to make their departure today for buasine.
-: i ,. sltmy 1_ / nlauimore and eiher pnoits, where l o .,
-- --s- t.iep wil spend afewe Among the visitor to Gainesville
: I I : tfiey wait ISlwnd a. few weeks as thxe __
Frieada-.. wih tm yesterday was Thos. E. Owens of
-,: :::--:--: ...:-:-- :- -guests of relative Friends wish them .. .
.. -- --.--. '. o. e. th igh Spring., trustee of the estate of
u-- -wF cgnyTV iAN a p s J C. C. Newberry. Mr. Oweus was for
il UVI U I I Mn -Condtcior C.*C. Colly and Engineer some time a resident of Gainesrille
l.V I Hubertofthe AtlanticCst Line and has many friends here. He-i a
U O5 T ENDENSED C were in tl e ity mroin High Springs young man f exceptional business
= N1. young man .of
"_____ yesterday. They have been aligned qualifications.
h6t.t. k-i In-t th- to the-Florida Southern, and left for Cheap rates to White Spring.
of.k -, .t 61hw heap vak% to Whtnte Springsgua
P alatklint t aath. eetinrn the afternoon. via(. Rai way. Daily
red byu -E Rqortem. W.T. Jackson. who owfis a beautiful linit, I15 days. $3. Week end, going
C 7 gmve and home at Wauburg, is in the and Sudys, returning
-. : '' ." Saturdays and Sundayss trnng

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS city. He expects to make his depar- Mondays following, $2.50. Leave
ture in a day or two for Charleton. Gainesville 8:45a.m.. 8:1 p. m. Sun-
SWhk at iHappenedand What is Going where he will visit his daughter, Mrs. day excursion only one dollar. Leave
S^ ,-.Tol d .- -_ tnmett Junson, for a few days. hGainesville 6:45 a. m. Nine hours at
o Hat "He "hoRu MayRadry The Staboard Air Line announces ipngs and back same day. J. F.
80 Th t "He Who Runs May Read" I eXCUr. HiLL',agent.
that they will run thb& annual exe HI
-_ Iin The S sioa from Gainesville ind other points The following letter from Robert R.
Imr wltk Cshsm at hKilL to Columbia and Savannah on July 2, Watts of Salem. Mo., is inetruttive;
-" O- D fo se a tisikeits gnod for ten days. Fare for "I have been troubled with kidney dis-
Old newspopens for sle a L ?he Suan
le tf -the round trip from Gainesvxille to Co ease for the last five years. I lost
Job Printing.Ok for sale. A addresss I lu7l5ia, 7 ; to Savatnah, W50. fleih and never felt well. Doctored,
a* --m n.u-et.-a ^,ee, I with leading physicians and tried all
remedies suggted without relief. Fi-
S Simongon's Wonderful Salve for sale John quinlan of High Springs, oe nally I tried Fo Iy's Kidney Core and
Sbr J.. W. MoeCollum & Co. of the efficient engineers on the At- less than two bottles completely cored
CO i i J Rivenr made a brief pro- lantic Coast Line, was in the city for a me and It n, mund ad well. I
fmeaal visit .strn. yesterday. toew hour yesterday. Mr. Quinlan Id by W N~,ohm AC.
Holder o f" xh. le. was- &f. e states that his wift and children havel JM. Haile went yesterday to his
Jame nomxror Koeb w as rans >- -o r utl- e>*^ "A "f
*"MIb*g balsa. in thi city yesterMsy gO3e to Obhautauqua Iake, Ohio, for a country bore near Rutledge to look.
c -rw o f Hi. .* few weeka,uonaequently he feelasomel after his nrop. Mr. Haile has not
.- o what lost at blome. only one of the handsomest homes in
tag. tongthewviitora to thw iity t heater. Pem cd d the county 'but one of the finest and
A. H a opjudge Horatio Davis have returned most prolific rops as well. He haa
h A&. U.-Hileary of Mieanopy was t, White Springs, where they hare growing two hundred acres of cotton
among the visitors to the county eapi. been reeuperating. They report quite 'hieh he anticipates to yield hand.
tal Bite Aday. a a aumbor freo every section of he mly, to say nothing of his enormous
i Ayoug country at that favorite resort just age in corn, velvet beans, pinders,
lady of Rochelle, wM shopping in the Jow. enjoying the invigorating baths u*wne, potatoes and other staple j
eis0y ynsteday. afforded by the wonderful- mineral P'dt.

[HaB 3.7F. Thwmss oa Oap'Ule,
ow. of a.o uea progrsniue soi**sen of
the Rasi aw d and who has re gently
bee*nuIOISIf d county eoawlwionr
,from hi ditriet, wain i. te eity 7eW
terday and made The Sun a aweenbie
calL. A. B. Townsend, formerly td
this county but now of Waucbala, De-
Soto county, brother Rt Mr. Town-
send, is visiting at Campville. He
reotly -had the ad mnistortune to
lo both wife andsne m srm typhoid
fever. Both died within a week's time,
wbhih made the blow doubly sever,
and Mr. Townsend t friend *jpip
thin deeply with him..


Streper-Pound Builming Will be Sup-
plied with New Ends.
The Strrper-Powad building on
West M3ain street, between Union ad
Maonlc, rrc'nDly acquired by W. R.
Thomas, is being remondeled and im-
proved in a manner whieh will wiL-e
the bhildiag a most desirable ow, for
atore purposes. The old bricks whi h
have stood for many years in faithful
serviee, but which have not beeu the
handsomest or most uniform in the
world, will be removed, and a gomd
quality of Campville brisk will be sub-
stituttd is both fror&t and rear ends.
The front, however, will contain large
plate glass windows, producing a most
desirable effect.
The w'.rk i# being done under the
supervision of Contrartnr Malphurs.
the briek work being executed by E.
C. McMahan, one of the "uwifmlt
propositions" in the southh whin it
comes to the practical "'fltiging of
bricks:" .
SA Delightful Party.
At the comfortable home of her pa-
rents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E Voyle, Wept
Masonic street, Mil Mabel Voyle eu*
tertained a numuwber (oft her young
friends Thureday evening in h.er usual
clever manner
The evening ws phased in a zmanuer
appropriate to she ocOSadhl), a IJ* tea-
lure which might be termed progres-
sire spelling having farnished a great
deal of amusement and interest.
Delicious refreshments were served,
and at a late bour the young folks
.bade the hontess goad night, f(eltng
nuder obligations for the plnnsure of
the evening



In Connection with Stable.

Anl wet dit prdely ad

.h ,. .V.

.fl, 3UmsmileSIt

Aladhua Pool


C. -i-r Ermrf.w. _

*" ~^, ~.
a -1

,:-. ;-:'
T- .<


a --

At,' ~-
T 1-7 '

- '"
- ,

--- 4

!. 1

Located in the onrter Block, eoe*
side sU!Lre. Three frst-rlae f ta
Goo lgftoo 1aul prIt jeM188om

d aalday sndonaen

Tb.L pubSin CUP ed
_- > -^^^^^^~^^ MHfHS --- f



- S


T' '- -5~-,
:-- "

W S W Ra W o-70pwM


and the h1tIqk mtws
Justi Received at .


Fine FadSelrn Fotoas
From Locket to IAfeaiw.
High rade copin a 8msp


Harness and

fr~ 4
~-r '~
~~t ---I-


~- h- '
l-*S~- *
t' -a -
~9- I
~ -1-
Vk -
1-- -

;~' I
r~ ~-

,r* :-

~. -
w-- -
nt:: -
& I



k ~'-

, Iv-
~;J. -
b:i1 :






,::7-7 -_ -_




Gainesville Daily Sun

Material Information

Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun
Place of Publication:
Gainesville, Fla.
H.H. McCreary
Publication Date:


newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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I .IN .. --. -. -*- .

4 -aS

sAyi ,j% -
e~ *~-a3F? -

RE -
-- -.-;-7;.=, .-.. ^ _-^ ^:-''- ?.- =:_-R ,- :
"^^ ^ ^ ; : *--^. '; .. f- '

,.t a- s Ofut40;
"" g ^ -:\ .--'1.^ ; "- _" *- : ._ ---'-- *- .. + .. :

rn Hm~f Lar"ItHS
I Jiee iAigs An Nvw on

H: Of H ai eof.

:<--i jll Xluwei~lr dlis ltch has been
1M*se Sefr at Thaont of Warnthe

T h- Reard as_ Prt hs-ng Corning-
4- a~cm ge'saki Has Larpt Forc

r- mvms tydmkhmt

e -Wer M He eveofit'bat-'

*bh- =-a_ s .at '* e thei-a- at ta-
Kein amustbet

--blood V AA --t- e-n-re; t",
; ati_ ?-qter-shr- s-~tun 2 '.-1:6.m
p. .
k *-W-_e-aen:e dispaw~tchba bueet-

mm.,mto e.
+ mon fro lta..-he font duo the
*1 tle whotnig sato.

ow t Br Gauere this morning

i r-+ Port Artaur,_,H -
-^* : TW aWe on tea eve Mn a bat-

S3~,tl may seforttle the the wof Man-
aI e a t Kea.t Dmo mat beA
afome:r. tfecnn

Sftie blood tw*e The there tonf

f flOGe baen toet ri emat-a rtthge
I fo nf y nrof Has unicaTons. wit belveies

-6L U Yang. WnesJy. Juefl ta
Mat h Trasins-Iaonq-The Jatp
-^ atr fl *sMn. which forced the pass-
a^- ~e rf Mo. yie pass, is advanclnj oU
^ 41Mw Yang by the eastern road. A
L| .X la S emuwsawt by GeneralI
|> bon Keleris ho~ifls a fortified'
|| otioit commanding the Wrad on this
Y^d ra apfes. I& to eat the Russans' earn-
-^ stnlcsisal northward of Lisa Yang.
S^ wa.nEe Gabiral Kutnpatkt Is operating
:t *la the vicinity of Hatlflheng with pnab.
.4 itnloy thO whole of the Russian forces

n^ ^ Pe~tersburg. July 1.-"A Russia
*^tep~o^boat has arrived at Ne'
^^^IlWang from Port Arthur. tier con--
^^|~Wde Gpkse flat any Russian ships
*^eresunk or damage in the fight off.-
Pt-r Arthur June It. lie declares
tbta~'stwr clearing away the Japanese
A| Ub*P> the whole Ruassan fleet retufrn
aRfl safely to the Harbor.
Sr St.S Petersburg, June 30.-1 :30 p. at.
a.R Rusky Invalid. the friar organ.
S^ the notable, tInlgulflcxetu etto
^r t9 Si popular belief that a great bn
yf te 1f SmmneIt, gie no0 DOJr-

Sln-ati- that It -is General Kuropatkin'e
frpose to a back and not try con-
tlon Wt sees In the developnebts
I--ne 26 and 27 evidence that th4e
sse. themselves to not contem.
i e -t a decisive engagement -
S ae paper also expresses t he opin-

-+ ? --- =+-"..-- .:+-i. %+S t *- 7 -. ~-<-:. = + --..- _-- -.; -- _. : .
S 4 ~ --.fl++ :- F ;. ... ..- ".
4, P r : -" ; y--+ I -' ": + 4 .- +" "
4> : _.+-v < __ = + -

++ 7 + -a- St .- a
-4'- S 1+ + -, ... 4+ -
t f- -.5-- -'
-- -" w 4 .
+- + -'= :- "-4-- j::- =+ a,-.+ r -- i --.; I ... .
J-il +:;::- +i--:--" -a ++:- .

-'- -

5 -
flO~MA I saa jS a of public concern, we declare odmetwes EUE"EtEWW~'E


-- .




I -


an- t au -lbt appran in we tnhe favor of those whose aelfish inter- on Willams. when the latter hen, -'ad not been pai for a l-i "-
Ihouse. TINs question has been taken ++ I -- -- "-
o s ye This e.sion as. be.en .-te ,L'ts are advanr'd by the contlnuation shooting. Matt Bun .and Waltet -It I nw geerally faAtvt&* -a
up rom year to .ear, and from ti e and .aulg-amett;on of the traffic untUl Wheeler were killed hitanUy, ad General Rre a bee eletS re-.
to time ha been extensively d.tay the inflnenee of the liquor traf- Sa-Bunn shot in The hip. det of Coombta bt ther I -
cuIssed.- i tic pra!traT r dominates national, Willias eseaped but a posm I'g @ElktI& C d tf EI L
""This lime the [bUl iS iatroiUeed lby t+ -. "i.^.i I -^ "i i "-
This timer the bill o Introduced by tat a:. governments through- after him. Another negro, supposed -
Mr, Grite. of Pulaski. and- proposes tO, h,,:- t h b ivle i th -a--I -TROOPS CA lEDOUf.
amed he +ae cns tttn, lr-au.t. '+--,," ..."" .. ...,-- bet .+. to nave- been innrol red] In the aflur, .,t
amend the state -onstitution..Pa.1ra -_r .e truth. demonstrat-! hs been arrested. W. M t --
-graph section L article 8. by add- I. b yt,_nee, of t l aen tury _J < ... .e. ,_ inr lta Wa tiiiioi I L M a_ i
ga .. .t .. 1a i add- ,n -i by the, *. ,o : nec ofa lf a century Whieler's holme was at Bmerson; ., ._. -

~~ZGLT f --- of publiiceinn +ieeean rter. w eir. .-A M+ -+
iirns''as.? IN AIDRAL PEElKS ^"*" ^fin. favorof: e mn aA
pvd. ..W1-mwresiwng Nmu The Ipr, enfor *1ut of al
o r Co le aummnintlo Af laws.
F Atlanta, July 1.--Dght new muse Ti 110 The'
l r llgs agr .- IlOIAN lfl a Oing of the p people, J G P U E V ..
ties my be enbllshdd In Gora -It I ht )y a rigid applicaton of the *-
-the em.Utio.al amndment bill principles of J-stice to a. comn- ... V... --
nsue ythe asafey- Conventionnto Nominate Pri. tons and organization of capital d oftheL
wltknzt- a hitch through tie road it ConventlOn to labor..si
ha to traveL dontil Candidates. "A more intimate relation between *5 m te r ata.
As the' house put It through, the the people and the go vern "u-f lba -ba
bill provides for paragraph in th DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES.wIsadptatim of the pr p theMANY RUSIAN WMU WULL
state constitution to read-as follows. t initiative and refermdum. L Ci--.Wm 1 -f -
"There shall not be more than 14 Oppoasition to General Miles Ha CT- he safeguarding of ry t imi- l C N l|
wutle- in this state.- "in.,. ,., .,_ every place under the overvm at --Vatlz t Oa.. Hig a o. -
The amendment. of course, strike t b. ed on National Charnan Stw. of the people of the Unt tt:ol .-a a.m
out the present paragraph on the sub- art for Presidential Nomrlnation all the rights. guaranteed by the lawi; aW-" -- ---"
ject. lmlting the number of couutles Report of Resolutions Committee. and the constitutimt. I W C--
to 137. and substitutes the foregoing international arbraon: and t ndon July t
"- "t" "-;--. 1 '' -- --' "international arbitration: and w! it de,-, Lonedon uyI--c !-
Th e. f o to In h nu lndianasois. lad.. July 1.-Oliv- elare that our nation should o-tribute -the Japa e lato r Tt
.he effort to Increase the number W. Stewart. national cbsirman. open- in every rnanur consistent with n-I-day gaveafew4eUa tthi up
of countlet to l50 was defeated. for ed the Prohibition uhLiozai cenven. tior.al dignity to the permanent estab-1 ions at Fern Shin waa. t the
It- was ipparent-the bll could not be tin with prayer today. It wa & ,"- -iabment of- peace between all atla__ | Russian- left U _e- a thi-,-
carried through with tnat number: noneed that at an early nornag n- Reform our divorce laws tbe -1 .
but everybody seemed to be satited- cu th,' opostjon to tGeneral Milese-t o. p m -o.etetia.dltyao
with-14. 15 nominatImnhad combine on National overthrow o fthe -pres n s hameful sys; officers and eighty"tn m-::
The ,bill will g at om e to te sam- Chairman tewart for the presidential tern of ilea sacto o t sIoc I- tured. The tt em"ts eT fl
ate, where it will doubtless be pased nomination and ex-National Chail- th it uMspeakabl traffic 'l Japanese are .6tMS sil
at a early'date. man Samuel Diekie. of Mcbigan, was cgris, by the municipal authorities o Tie ro t whch was mvBy fl
IThe spia ballot reform committee to appointed under joint resolution Of Aftrer thiat arrangement if Mr. Stew- saysW tAhe Jaae. armyi l -SI -
the house and senate, completed. Its art is nominated vice c irman A. G. CAUSED HIS ARREST. d-
work. and will make Its report to the Wl Tenharg-r will conduct the nation- n.ucted tew--'rataf-&-- mWlbih-ilZ
p +. --._^ -^^^wRB^ _- -f' .+'^ l kl-Sfl~ tf _*r _+i-- r J~ L- i- L __lLH iH^^ ^v ^^p^^ y ..
al campaign. Man Advertised H Busuin na onL U. L rt e,.... tt --f
The bill as prepared by the commlt- 31r. Stewart add re- d the convention ,Itang uts
tL re-t the-he -"te ..& Silver HalfD ollar&. t.e t .
tee will benv reported to the house by on behalf-of thp national conveUtior. Chicago. ila.. July 1.--bBecause The R uss"i stbhlly M
Dr. Kelly. of Glascock, -chairman of The resolutions committee reported sted advertising slipe on Uaited itt after a ferce eniawt S
The o lmm sIt wite .e t he fbor eLo ,..; States half dollar D. T. Phalev. a oflslane $,CCCdCd I ara h t
The bill, as It will be repOrted to The Prohibition national convention Harvard. 111. has been -rreated-aa" Ruials ad Sanity cepturS te
the house f Iin-many re-pects the as.ez=Nod in Indianapolis, June 30. boh t -,oChicao He... bor Juhr S. '-itI- -
same as the Australian ballot hill in ~4. recognizing that the ^chief end o ofr the mayor of Harvar4. aud adi-- .- t
troduced by Dr. Kelly and passed by al governm-ent is the etblishmenteof he affixed to the coins some EVOLUTQO UIfl-T.
the house at its last *emsion. At 4lteousness and Justics and bellev-sta te b*gb o A- Is --i--
starting t hat If the money was Ul!qp
that session of the general assembly. Ing, m thf. p'etion, of high ,Ideals of, ,. + h t- Ahl lt -b IdIs a
-- --. in "n me' "p~do 0 Kidas1-- "" "+ isi store,r< he would< "-e t'- -'--- '." ""api "w" "iar ---'=--'-'--'
however, the measure was defeated In,; movement of the people and twudr --8SUIt 1 tet fY C c c e t- --m" ,---"-
the senate by a small vote. 1 ,,,e, Pstablieihed byt 6ur ather. "iclh." e -".- New York, JWnY .-AdfvIo@ I ch
esal~e y-ortat bers. New~~t..sU bn
A short session of Ihe senate w makes the following declaration of "__'"___ s.teamr fro ff0t Caflhmag-an,- .
held ye-sterday, only routine business j principles md purowinr ar: kaA ef theamer
roe brnplecu .d purpoqr: I ATAL SMOOTING AFFRAY. : m. ,.
being attended to. Five bills were m Thwi:,y prevailing syirem ofC FAA SOTN ct er or teet 3-a t- -"
I- zu wi~l, r~t'il~iqi ..v-rea r : t eruor flobsr-_ ... w
pawel, andt- several appontmenats by + *+ ..-
pined, and sevea 1apoitm 'Y .llc-rl4 and k.alized ",sle of al-. Negro Chailenged White Men to Battte of the stats aseb minTb& 5
_the governor received in execuUve co .I,,r vg so ruinous to In- and Fired Upon Them.- a HerlT dispatch fron oa 1i-. -
s.es -- ... i-" -. dlvid'.n.l interest;.-so inimical it pub- PPli City. Ala.. July 1 --i-n a shoot- assemblytsn reestly eSw ..
Mr. rismager, of the twenty-Wt.nl.of[ .VtcI-ie -rh
-_. Tl s nger._-_ twenty-.Ifhofj. .. welfare ..,o r ht-truerive to nation- iin %a1ray at Har,!wieks camp. on tie el ntrog Jacmatr 4tt 1M
fer a reltion, the house cnc'- eanth and s"s urie to rue n, extensIon of the Seahoar4 Ai aslmntratloa, an4 Dr. tntbpk. -
ring, ai t .0 copl. o r:g2: s of ,tr sreat mas-s of our we- Lan? railroad, two white metn, Matt. screiary .@f public lust-uctlao- be
h r.er o t stigation commlt- p.> tnd traffic an,] for years has been Bunn aM Walter Wheeter wetS. been repeatedly its-ltt-
tee be printed A amendment In- .ot im.ortant qetion inAmer- kicd. ad Sam Innn. a l'rmier oit Agreat'4n1lofasaiTnitlo knC
creasing the number to 1.000 offered! i r]tl'-:e -. Ma ." a, was w bv aar fr-T- om t-> Carth."aen and .*-
y Mr. op os seventh, was 2. W.i Wn iack of states Winiams. a nr dtrsp. gun and fiid plems ha e
kllednand the original resolution waS a.r PS,,,td iy the lta,,rs of The white t, + it i ,s *a.. bad bees' stolen. mama are
carried .. t',o Dermerat&." and Iispn, :ican par- out looXir'c for wn'hcky a-., returning,! anoOthe revoluttn Bmay btml cC it .-
T-he propoion to limit the amunt, r!- t.. in rht r ref.al to recognize the, passed W Ti.&. hou:-.,. 'rie iegro any ImDonSCt. Geral _a.,el 1 t-'
ot m y to b appropriate to th aramot iwportanee of this ques- came out and advised them tlhtt utu~lndOe the statE 3-_
ucaion of te negro in eorgia ln and th cowardire with which.the they were looking for trouble they" Carthagema atd brokept tte iw
the sum which negroes pay as taxes, nadiers of these parties have courted could find it-. Matt Dunn advanced. to obtain oey for the wolditr |jn

4~. %-

-- 2$,

I -


- C



S a t -&

a -C~
'maw one -~
LC vesa~w~atn~!&4
4. -.-A~
______________________________________ -~
-4 ~ -

i^^^ ^^ ".T- Q A--YJ:E -LH IA ._ r "" "- ,- ""- .. ,.
UV .-.- -.-,.- ... -'. *^,. .- C- 1 -_ -- 1 w ,

"-^ -. z |; -v 4 / + : ^ -+ '. '. + ... *. -- -- -"
-. -. .. ,. .-, -I



. *-r S

-= -- -- r .-U- -- .. b ... .- .-_=
-o i a of, n q
I++ .-,'-- ..._. ___ .- -coI -a- l. er- u a .
--1-- --, .I.l ahI a)-d.-lity ,our .A
CWT OF. THE VEI do Ctom*
.4 -~ --and eal0t 1bSdm
-_- *:- a "--" ."- 4' n Kodol aow

-p ..... "Iwt Mon*' sw e 1$ ie.... Thia ow diseonry
O -- a -Prism---' S well wtgbthmbi s+ atmui Jude @ s rf dlPam
ISW-t .'i4B- t a a thy a In a h-a.thy atomsd..
^^^;*:^w~t|,8"t^^B and n^~tiot propftrtla Kodol -
If. ;. .-..d-o .t. @rl e nt-.D- o
vjn bui c is fnm b
n l bor-n a mordy an all awmacl froubla by

K *mflu* Q UIfl flhlWSMI1h )ik^ CI'B PfYIPC. fleteoti
w*--bi.Insinatioatflo" d tbe law I q,. Th .rate q
++- w a to-- S w--
aAmwi. commh Sn, kecpV phm a, c

1ttb o.lenn-w bV the tue. ma
oIt oil be -and that Re 9H

t i., about aer yo, -wg ,rredI
.ta a wararnet ebainiug him with-l! rln soah
44 iomi i"fki m
4f fl9ngbli erlftdqbouay, he tim e

"i a -_ e deqtd$. he an dhI- i"

ptbag aoit boan

*i the oOnj Men. 5|
:,:time; +, :Nk /U/ K o dl!
1^, :-:.: trial, howevrhe wfmlmf TIir ft I f^ O d:U J
I-1941 h- bee;-- .... : A A W T-
| tU ahM 63 f Sp t DIGE STS WHAT YOU EAT
*t b- omlues.f the Dvu*I pir -n u- t
BlOineil ihhefff~onoc DOfta-oy Keit oo sfl Ufho~ 24 pt
01 anjaty. at. -s.eD
4 a o -e t-h mWe. M
-nrul -it ma 1.S .00 Stze o1in 2M am-"u
4b4tl .., which a&USfo Sac.
a more eaINgfbhere Fui:uniuht -! a
L^ fl W S mMby be 3 fl U. Go Dett s Go. museis*
"-.- ,
"- o- f eight-mnt-t imprmimm at iard Sold by All Drugits.
labor in a phosphate mine n t. 1
.-- -i-tJ Uniw sate -Marshal ii -MEETING SCHOOL BOARD.
.- Vbambnseof Oca, who has aneL
y-::-. piwail so _leu, aivedin Gi14$ Convened for Purpose of Closing Up`
-_ itlle jest In time to take the u-tm Financial Business for Year.
,-:"+-' :-nto'" ematody In the name 6of 1 he X &hh
taw .--_ -- -"ue 80cth -being the close of.the
._- ._ UnItedSaes,: d Hall. ws again i mseholstie year, the Board of Public
,- the-toil0 of the law, after the pleauag Jotroetlen held it. regular annual sew-_
.:.--:-- --oilbenromm of only one nigh&t Sleping --..-
*xr. ft @ly oe niht leepng Son for the purpose ef winding up the
r -' Iaf m ad .... financial and other affairs of that body
li n J.ohau also colored Who fo e yer i
"-. ::+.+-~~t o' e- W for. th ye : : rl!: v. a r;-...
.;--. ~EW#6 : +.!. H -bond 'at th.o tim eW.:,tn:
"'^ Ha-ls bon "at thtm b-..sdwa There was a full board present, an
wie _teid by the Ciait court, efq ed: o iderable intert was .nifet
.-- at be turther. mponsible, hece btheA
:- t h proceeding of the meeting. A
^-.. tmar retaken to Oeala. In the event ^ h -hl work and the ei-
C C -- ..r._ teviewo oopr tne schoo staots ocin
he .. s u. al o -czr ante .bqbd,
-- be will be compelled o remain in Jail .. of eerahing the s.hool. of the
BI..- F il the ei0on of the unitedl States pewt .WS made. which demonstrated .
U l .- that te- o t. --t he same have been conducted on
C ,' sotot In 3&uatry.
-. -:- i a economical ba^s ad has been con-
-P-7AT OAMPVH1LE. S-:sistent with efficiency.

rt This Function Will be Held Today In- SEEDLESS APPLE.
:s itead-of Monday, July 4. Vestures of a Spretes Produe d by
:--^ With that snirit of DatriotEmm for v

S/which they Should be commended, the The seedle.- aple is thi Invention of
K tO-d people of Campville and vicinity Johln F.. phpz er r 4;ra l J.lunctlo',.
i+ 7- r.^ .. 1 ( 'olo., <.v sgtl! Philadelphia Northt mer-
. expect to congregate at Oampville toe -an. 1hett the nav'li thr:age w.as A nt
:. -- 4 -day, where they will spend the day in perfrt. indt p.t..I-l 11 ib. market Mr.
Sa grand time celebrating the'. birth of Spencer re.s,),,l that if it were poe-
_.- 'tbeterican repuobliCe. sible to drUvw-tlti' Mseeds ont of the
S-4- ":s4jg originally intended to hold orntre it would bh e.T)ssblh,1 to accom-
'th+^t4" -'_aptj. celebration on the pllsh the s-.ine, wtilh the apple. He e1 -
You Forttrfbt owing to thpj fict tat perilmentel for .4-tn. yenrt before at-
S-GaInsville was preparing ftor a bigtinlg th tesat reslt.
---- -hL rett ie was. boJwever. not satisfied with
-timeasd m .-wbo desired to come to w d o e
:.+'. :-: o .... -.- ,, th e ie d-velopl- nt of. thle apple. It,
thiscity on that occaston eoOld not a s.yy to tteri whether
I have done so- it was announced a few by budtl-win +-: -_. ---.ave done so, it was, announce a.a few bYmudir o,,or -rufftin, i-t was imsgible

like a pie I re.. gn*ctt In summer as
w< I as In winter, well off In cold and
betvt, wind utid 9orm.-
I he best meal without sufficient
fresh :itir is worse than a poorer fare
with giNmt air.'"
"J*zit wlheivrer yOu are hungry; driak
whezi you arv thirsty; time dute not
mttrter. I'ut i1ir N for the stomach
like a intiWly shtiirened. grindstoue to
grind zrwii with,.
"-WhiAtI drinking beer you ought to
eat sn&me (.hc4qm an:ml rye bread (no but-
ter upotn it."'
"It is still mimure wholesome to drink
j('-r jn tie open nir. which will prevent
your -s) easily gettitr drunk or intoxi-
Sca('l1. as is the re.suit of bad air in a
close roomTn" r"

Brutll~y Tortured./

FULY g 19 04


Views of Herr Drutscbel, Apis
tie of No Un4erclothig


QnmM a Vbitew to Imtuosle a-Mntb
..4 of nardemalftf tbi Be py a
AwnIaglfl titan S^tawflr
3m AdlvoCtrgc H- UA fl&t Over a
chteo Lot of Ap-elr- tUt.
The most pieturevo epasamter winm
arrived recently at n ew York ou Uthn
IKaiser V WihnuI [i. from Bremen wa.6
Herr G(orrz Irutsbel ot lUchtenfeli.
Bavaria, lthe advocate of no .under-
cluthiig and no shirt, says the New
York Wortd.
flerr lnitR-htel,. who wears only
trousras and sack oat Uf o-mesnpua
ray. with a.-iir of shoes and a big
tcaue arnd ia larte black felt aist. is
bearded and long haired, lie looks u1a
stron ast4 a giant. The topmost four
or five iuchcs of hs chest is bare, aud
the skin, weather andMUD hanleued, is
as re~d ga s pumpkin.
Hierr Drutschei has come over s ens
to introduce, hs cult of bhardening the
body. curing rheumatism, aid circulat-.
tloutL. shortness of breath and headache
by bathing, nourishment and "nothing
bat nature," a -the shirtless advocate
terms his religion.
lierr Drutathel says be was III until
he was thirty years old. with variouIs
doctors prectrlbing to no purpose, and
that be did not obtaIn healthh until he
shed, within Aix months, his overcoat
and flannel underclothing and took
cold baths in the ope air.
Hlerr Drutsebel has brought over a
choice assortment of hls aphorhaumi.
among whichh are the following., trans-
lated, into h.1A own quaint Enkglish:.
A large nnd well ventilated hItSil lI
netessary to drink beer in. -Do not re-
Iulin ti ? lo[n stg. hlut for several tima
Ie:tve it i ltd go out of door to lUreathe
in ftVsli air." .
.The more a .wrsou wraps himself
upt- i tis clothes the thicker will be
jthe e.-ti over his brain.? ,
"" 4.-fresii g'fnl breeze is tothe human
boxiy l!kLt watt'r: his< fls- h and marrow
bettite hIard aiud full of strength. va-
t<.r tunis u .rc,"
11tTI3ny 1114b11 stv'ritl rather their
he:.iitl thtan their au Lhes and pains."
M.\i:ta ungli t 1"I abte to driak after
btv-- witt! uxd Ivi e versa--just so far
as <*itilg :;iid weather are toncemed:
iU rtii. Msturnn or sunsiniitie always to
le in the o1ptt air -tlwn man slhll be


F'*" .
- S~t^Atf



TS WitS aLLt atttaochE


Destroyed the Laundry and Etec-
Pant-eThe State Sustains a
BLa., but by Heroic Work the
istt It self Was Sazved.
fiver Junetion, FlVa., July 1.-Fir-
dionered about I o'clock thi0
oingin the swam laundry plant of
e Florida : Hospital for the Insane.
,-apparently originated in the Ltearn
Ihg room, and the laundry plant,
tem power plant and electric light
plant are a total Ips; The hospital
building ignited several times, but by
the heroi work of employes ad a few
Iatiato, it fas saved with compara-
ivreg little damage. By prompt
adores all the patients were re-
kneed fromm the building in time to
prWent injury to anyone. Every-
thing is under complete control.

is In-

As a reward for the excellent service
Manager Goodwin of the Southern
Bell Telephone System is giving its
S. FtronlM in C'Inesville the business of
the company increasing dadly. For
the accomnmodation of it patrons, the
: company has inauugrated an all-day
SBunwfay service within the past three
weeks ieJaii appreciated.
S. The lolluwing new 'phones ,have re.
: ceently,. been added to the list, and
SManaer Gloodwin requests that these
ie attach d to the regular list:

. 27
- 185

- t

t:*i -
-9 h
I- ~ -
rt t

.- t
'. .-.. :

F- -

jt. t J--

V. -
|I .

...... F. .. Craighill. residence
.. McKinitry & McKinstry, office
....S.. e..SamU48e M. B., residence
..........Ronx F. A., residenee
S....... Poweli M. B., residence
.. .. .Burkhim L. 3., residence
. Parker Ankle Green, residence
.. ... ......Miller & Vidal, store

, Hon. Walter G. Robinson, president-
of the Gainesville Board of Trade.
extends to His Honor, Mlayor Thoumn,
aad the members of the City Council
an invitation to participate in the
gra id merchants' cva l parade uo
the Fourth.
The committee on 'this parade de-
sites to state that carriages 'will be
suplied free of charge.

Basball Players and Foot Racers!
Louis J. Kruger, ex-champion long

distance foot racer bf Germany and
Holland, writes, October 27th, 1901:
'*During my training of eight weeks'
foot race at Salt Lake City, in April
last, I used Ballard's Snow Liniment
to my greatest satisfaction. There-
fore, I highly recommend Snow Lini-
ment to all who are troubled with
sprains. bruises or rheumatism." 25c,
0e, $1 bottle. old by W. 4 Johu-

I |tM -F- 7 -: --. C
V2;Z7' *-.;M Q ijv7~ --

------ cow.
now To Wit OUt
FPI A botue or common glasu with 'you
waor and let it stand twenty4Mour hours a
i*m riednment of at"
jEB~lT^^^ iine iindigates to
^y^& %! ~b~tunheafthy ACOU&i
rni^ "Um of *the kid-
1 ] A E 1. ':/" r neys; If it stains
!# your *to It
^^^^rff '^!'^^ evidence of kl&:
ney trouble: too
frequent &ssir to
"r _pass It or pain t-

------ r8 teack is aIso
cotivincing prtf that the kidneys and blad-
der= e o--tof order.
Wbatto Do.
There is comfort in the kriowledge so
often expre-ssed, that DEh. Kimner s Swamp.
F-:ot. the gtea: kidney remedy fulfills every
wish fr-'-t rheumatism, pa in n-the
bzk, e11aeys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects Ir.ability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it. or bad effects following use of liquor,
. wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
neceszity cf being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the ex:ra-
ordinary effect of Swamp-RPoot b- soon
realized. It stands the highest for Its won.
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. andlS. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discove-ry .._
and a book that (ellsl pKp
more about it. both sent
absolutely free by mail.,
address Dr. Kilmer & e at o Swamp-Rot
Co.. Binghamton. N. Y. When writing men-
tom reading this generous ofier In this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but re0oem-
ber the-nameo, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilt-
mer's Swamp-Root, and the address,
Binghamton. N., Y.. on every bottle.

S,,uok Fatal Dose.
Chicago. July 1 Mrs. A 1M A. Rflh.
erwan. ~va. < i: mc---- <:/ -- ?. a
wealthy fruit (iar .f Moutiison, haF
been funid i n a ,,ru .,; ..M, k ,rnan
house, bulfferng; from "tK. cf.fccts of
laudanum. She divd a tew hoir.s
later. Mrs. Itolrnra,. aerordins to
dispatches from Madi.-n. zs a sister
of Abraham Frank. manager of the
cafe in the Shcrman ht;-.'t.

Violin Sells for $9.000.
New York, July 1.-A Stradivarits
violin once owned by JosDcn:n Jean Bott
has been told by his etimate for
$9.000. It was once uawncd for $l
and after eight years .was found again
while a well known d-aier was ou
trial charged with having stolen the

Explosion in Arsenal.
St. Pl r '.it July I .- 1.-An ex;plo-
s:,n :.t n^t ir- If : v I 10 h o the n-
. ot -o. rtii :zgt :;,, ;It, +t )t1 a Por-
t'nn of .. ar.-,.v : rE)nstart. ir,
ci+zzhiIr; .]( (~ ... l(a, a1,ra''rj .

Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mnightiest little
thing that ever was made is Dr. King's
New Life Pills. These pills change
weakness into strength, listleseness
into energy, brain-fag into mernl
power. The.v're wonderful in build-
ing up the health. Only 25c per lQx.
Sold by all druggists.

otiw a .-rmrinn Wa MnSle-trd to
S # irr OI)fnrd I alverslty.


TIa' ,111.3y q4ht-t' sachoiar., at OlOird
io l:tr :-!': the I 'ioTLi1l. and Germiu.als.
s..) Ili'., NN.w Yotrk Tribuu.. '1he
A:I:tri1in.'4 w.ii 'i tht-re next ytP-ir.
"'flt I ,i,,tiltti 1 ;l t S'l' id to I" a n bit

- "* "* '


the entire year of 1903 it amount
to 5,7C miles.

Round Trip Rates to Washington, D.C.
Atlantic Coast Line, the quickest
route by two hours and eleven min--
utes from Jacksonville to Washington,
offers excitrsion rate, Jacksonville to
Washington and return, $37. Tickets
now on sale. Florida and West In.
diaft Limited, fastest and finest all-
year train between the East and South,
leaves Jacksonville at 9a. in., arriving
ii Washington 7:54 a. in. following
minorning. No 40, Atlantic Coast Line
Express, leases Jacksonville 8:05 p.
m., arriving in Washington 11 :50 p.
m, following evening,. An excellent
opportunity to visit the nation's capi-
Mal at nominal cost. Tickpts good to
return to October 61st. Avail your-
self of the quickest and beat lne.
Both trains carry Pullman...drawing.
room tleepers, Jacksonvillr to WaAh-
ingtion. Florida and' WVest Indianm
Limited carries Pullman finest dining
eartwStvanuah to Washington.

In the Circuit Court of the Elrbth Judicial
tCircuit of the State of Florida. in and for,
SAlaebua Cotrty.-J. H. Hoies. plaintiff.
verus Charles Elitbone. DPefendanLt.
The State of Flotifta to Ctarie )litborpe.
lIfendant; You are hereby noUfled that a
writ of attatehment ha. been k sued againtu t
you and the following land, towit:
Lot nineteen 4lt1) of Veite- 1" Addition to the
City of 4ialne~viile. lyinDg and being In Seetion
nine. Townihi t ten. South Riangie twenty.East.
enmatnining one-quarter of an.acre. and amo the
followingr deN-sibed jilece or parcel of -land de-
scribed as folows. toWut:
In Section nine (10. Township ten (1<0). South
Range twenty (). Est. begin at sAtake
whiteh i. located at the Northwest corner of
Lot nineteen. in VettcbhK Addition to the City
of t.ainetville. thence run in a NorbtheasterlyF
direction one hundred (ITx) feet to a stake.
thence in a Northwesteril direction .ixly (00)
feet to a tatIke, thence in a .Southwe.-terly di-
revtion one tuudired tiR* feet to a tukeattbe
corner of lex AvcrnAIt lot and S-t:tte %treeU
thence in a sositheavterly tlirectioN alongil
StatS -tt-Ct ixtiy siut feet t.. be-gining, haus
SeIwtn ;ittahlt-dl a% your j>rirlty ti '-Jtti'f4 tbe
demand or said ftuinti: a-I'rdunl.C to t$ o hun-
dre.l elohalt-..
Now unrle" you shaftl a q*ear before the eir-'
Huilt tourt of the Eighth .Jktiial ( tret;i *'I the
Sbate of Fhlrila. to We wheld in and for :Aiachua,
touiifntY at the court h-miuse in Gaine, tile mn the
%t iMay of Sepitenilm-r. A. 1) l''4. jt.u'lrlv0t
will be rerdert uaga.int you andl vuur :,*'rter-
ty ,ldI for 4,ahti debt.
iD.Ied thi Junre ird. l xI4.

l'Flft'% Atty.


J. H. H,'1 .E.-J>.


Wh olesale

t gt 1
R,. ,1






Sra Island


Cotton StlJ, Bagging an(
I eathe r i Strins or Si

Manufacturers of the
Seait Islandi Cttoi


*I*co:. -I

IOttf. lm

I Twine. .-Walrus-j


" "

. James Doig Improved English a
ai (in, and Supplies for Same :


-- .- -. -9-

Eetab ~0 I87$U

am BFe DTTTTOfl& 0

m M

. 4;


Cmotnrucltim for IM Show a FallUng
Chicag0. July 1.-Railway building
iA the United States during the first
s$x months of 1904 shows a falling
off in comparison with the correspond-
tUg periods of 1902 ad 1903. Increased
operating expenses and decreased traf-
fie. resulting hn smaller net earnings.
together with the contflup strinmimerc
in the money market umppj'y, the cr
p va.":'"'n rf ?^- ,:- l'::.r t -.
tier. 4 -
Frn3i rI.JelIal reorrt r._': r;v Y tlnv '
RaI1,.ay v it 1fl('2 ; :zzt t9::-

it -7 Uif-t Ix ; 5 '- C if i year or
9#I .a--*
,:l :*,t(,s in :::; 1fa? aT,! tvrri;%:rzzv
In thp first S.ix n-th- rf !ast year
!.221 mTniles .-f track t,-.a iid. while


Sine of Telephone Company
Screaming Every Day.

* *'^
-"- *"
T/-' ^ ,
r~ /.'

. President Robinson Invites Maor and
- "Councilmen to Join in Parade.



-- __ =- -



, -*.7 7*' ^ a~rs~9
'.:*~ ~ ~ t;" : : '
*' *- '

.0 MNOW q6 dk-o %.



J w:kso v. vi lie.



For the Coming Week, Beginning

K -A

5 At no time in its history has this f

S stor-e been in position to offer such .I
inducements in odds and ends and
S small lots,'left-overs of the big MilP
SFactory Syndicate Sale. There are -2

t biogger values here than you would ,
P believe for the price. Read this and 5
Accept it as facts that never before in 4'
SGainesville were such valuesplaced
Son sale as you will find here daringS
Sthe coining week. To come here will

Mean the buying of best goods in dry--,
9 goods and furnishings at half their .r
r actual cost.

S.Our store is large and comfortab "]
S.with electric fans-plenty of room c! t :-
Trade, and attentive clerks to serve yoU 2- -



WOT?~~~~~~- y Tf~nmxe*.



- -- "

- -.- --

'tS l^ ,B- ...i-a, ... ";- -, -.- .," ,5 -. .

Eg -E:+-i-'_,^ .' ": -,.- .l^ jeK J^ --- -* -~^ -^ k ^C~~ '^- k~^.
*W wiwi s ax

F.;-.- =---- -- .-- .
1^ .***rtTtadTaaadcntalaa a b

Is an sa
.-.- -lwsm- 9- ._.- _e* nwad &oade ree ow

" i-.-n- S it.tefw-ho. kow On
-of owTvvuflw;uaSo cnasnall thre1.0

a StV~n ib *hz;dueVrIS
iiemu-0m o advrd etmQlmientoerwin
JA I os&Iaorunsxa Pares _o, t known to
aiM bo +eQz4 to pwv for verdlsi a-
iV Ala. .ENDAjLY SUN, .
+ -- -_ ,' O. < ._ _' .J _

*- m st -s*,- .
Usted State Senator.
Member Caonwre. District.
Preddeontia Eecton.
a. P. BAILE,.
Secretarylo State.
Atto rey-General.
-. .c c*M
Stite Treasurer.
Superlntendent of" Public IsutrwUoa.
CominlsIonet of Arriculture.
B. E.M'UN.
SRairoad ComAi4oner.
Jle Supremme (Court. Six Y ear".
S Justees Supreme Court.
County Judge.
Cleric Circuit Court.

Tax A eemor.
w. W'. CoQL.SON.
Tax Collector.


If the Republicans win this year the
representation of the Southern States
. in the Houwe will undoubtedly be cut
down. This will involve an equal loss
in the Electoral College. If we lose
this time Democratic States will here-
after fight with a reduced electoral
vote. If we lose now nothing lesi
than a political revolution will ever
place the Democrats in power again.
Southern Democrats cannot afford to
esvU about the men and the measures
that are to ward off calamities that Re-
publican success-this year threatens.
They should support she candidate
who can win the. largest electoral
vote from doubtful States. At best the
fight will be a hard one with no hope
of success without complete unity.
Defeat would entail disaster" that can-
i not be conveived by those who are too
I young to memberr the reconstruction
; period.
I Col. Steadwman of North Carolina,
_ & fl_ A^ a 2.. 1 .

.Low TeXt an.

I .Nfrring to the a-llOs.y f ou r
m.. oin U o-i b e c .-,

il b .*'Ilf- d I lv
ntalu whisk meet. in St. Lousnexut
'eay rt I Jaeksowvile Times-
t Udmiern fomet the capion, 'Whast be
loughtia at tSade huw
| intoseiMF. It:ya mhe of Virea-
4 ito. Sem bto theo National DseN
.h ie t4 Cabvenuli e m Mae a pla for
!i O ratntin paeeny Sad havet Solie.
itt5, appropriate at any times. c eM
with mor fae now thtan ait cold
Shave carried in many yean pst.
iFor the campaign this year will .be
I different frm any that has- beten
f toughtinmtwo decades. The Republr
eaa National Convention has Injeeted
jnto ist ectlonal.tm and the race ques-
atiioc. Thie bloody shirt hasf been for
'iwentyyears an u nued weapon, but
the Republieaus have- taken it from
i retreting place and have polished it
up for use in the impending fight. The
South must face the situation and face
it intelligently.
The c Republican candidate ha sPro-
patvd t. e country for a fight on these
lines. By his appointmentm and to
sorne extent in hi social relations he
has raised the negror ideas of what
justice to him demands. The bitter-w
Set fights that have made during his
Sadministfion have been idughton race
Suet, and he has never receded from a
position he has taken. The Constitution
, required that -certain appointment be
made by the president. with the eon-
"ient of the Senate. One of his negro
appointee sis kept in office in spite of
the fact that the Senate at two sea-
ionse hu failed toconfirm his nomint-
tins. By law the president nominates.
This particular presidentappoint. and
his appointment stand, condrmation I
or no confirmation-law or no lawc
When we consider President Rowe-
viet's peculiar views on the race ques-
tioni ; when we remember that be arro-
gates to himself power that the law
,dots not give ; when we think Qf his
contempt for FrecedenL, for tradition
or even written law when it interferes
Swit-h his pUTrtd ; when we realize the
S fact that the Republican majority back
him inl every position he takes, the
truth is forced on us that the South is
1 facing a graver crisis in her history
than she has been called on to face
since the passing of the days of reow-
5t upt~ion.|

I"Weren't you slightly aniaoyed by
the inainer in which your wife played
when she was your partner at whistr
"No," answered Mr. Meekton stout-
ly; "'I wasn't annoyed. I was puzzled.
I couldn't help wondering who made
that fool assertion about Its- being
wrong to trump your partner' aceC-
Washington Star.
They Were Orpha.n
"What a mendaclous duffer you are,
Philbbs," said Ilbbs. "You said this
was an orphan asylum. Instead of
which It Is an old gmesn home."
Well, you go In and look for an old
man who tan't an orphan. You won't
find him."
Fearful cReume. -
W a4s-Dop.4 your wife ever scold
when you hNave been out late at night?
Ports-Oh., o: she never sayw a word!
She cets utp the next morning about 4
o'clock and practices on the piano. amd
I dare-'t say a word.

A Mark of Culture.
. Maud-That's a letter from Jack, Is
It? Wh .at horrid vpellng! Mabel-I
kniw it. He does It on purpose. He
says tint bad sipcing is a mark of
high literary culture nowadays.--Chi-
cago Tribune.

Get Rid

of Scrofula
inehes, erupthns. Infltninmations. tore-
ne (itf the ry ee? ids and ears, disoast of tMhe
bones, rick-ts, dytrsp.qia, catarrb, wasting,
are only Sorn(P or the trouble it cauls. i
It 3s a vtry ac!ive evil, making. hvoc o 1
the whole fysteim.

T?- .a*i--*& Is t & Ma ..t *Ia a




JHither tL.routh Atlanta atnd Chatuacoog a or Cf-olumbiba and Aribevle. "La4d of tto
Sky'" rout4. N -
Only line from Florida with Its own rails Imto St. Loain. Two trins dAR tYrOt
Jackonvtlle. Through ,deeptng ear. -
Sutoiverm Gotin a BReturning at principal mesmaina aand i smer remtwnpi ae
Carolinas and BEat Tennerxee. No exnr cost. An OIprWttY' t6oilr Lass Lrfli
of World's Fairm a send a vacation 1a the mouDntaSi wbere sie t Sm -ea-lb --S
through the Sepphlre Coumntry. Lake Tozaway. the Htglhlads etc. .. -,
DetaiS and valuable Inf(mfatlon. map., folders. etc.. cbeflulij rurS&M flOp
n applUon. J- j. C. LUS"K
Dmstriet Paswener Aent, 1% West B St. Jche il. It.

I i :+^__ I(|I alII ,^Bir-1.l.. l
Gwss0r fin a eS
069" ntabeabw nuhMol-

-IMOu taM IM IMcxk iuu tJWy wufliTd to awvI^^Mi W
ki--e ak"in c of Florls t6 vu t -f b ha- .- -
euft. tauiny h1 r puss MMM -rwth0411KIVI LU.a F tttA *
p p-,-o.-,-- r,,H..f-TO". .-":'"- B81.-" "----':- ,--- ,^-||i-+:
ai tota the dolar.' aE Utrd ta .-_. *-_ 2r
. T ut h n by A' bOu I i uri ofny "Imed n" fm--l "m:,,
oI, to-nlfLo __.ofp aid. d we have o private, o.r n."
.Mme m L ae dlaer. This a ction with that tesiuoecs We anh s*pobityljf the peqsmi'Pt Sl -B
hu bee, tkn by Goveroa Ibm.pnw e' .mak e' a bu.,sritveineuigon of We np ofi
after the mmt oxhawusv eami- na' m u41 ttemPrensuinm to the M Inams and -wtB
l~ an. th_-h -_.-- rA, ,, t ..Ption of nutmbdlsg tax ale. When- yeo p-t a .. .
tla--. thoroh n- e-at"o- of"the see in our uine ealln o or write us. Nouity nuble.i oie.
Ilbneiae! SOOdiUiS of the State. -- -
The h Leghtot .re authorized BR. CDLSUI Ilfle -.
State tax levy for general r enu e of .- .... '_. .. '' '- -- .--
three million the dollar for each of'
the years 198 and 1904. For 19WSJ
Governor Jeining.- ordered thi levy A "
to be reduced to one and uone-half, I t ll'. lt H
mills, and he now orders it reduced for ol .-.WIi Fair I, II. l I
1900 to one-half of one mill on the dol. J s a No .
Int. The lowest levy ever before made i
by any administration in Florida for Froms JS Il8
this purpose was two and one-half
mill, and that only in very recent o:
Round TrqA Ga t Rowid Thptd O
daily, Gaol *~iiiu s #ale dikly. Good
The whole matter is fully discussed $ .v ill Dee.c. 5l.v fifteen days .
and explained in correspondence which m
has just passed between Slate omp. A Round Trip. O O Ote I
troller Croom and Governor Jenning.,. $33.9 roundaTip. Gyoon9 b- Tksab J |
.. .. i ^Aiy ~aj< 'Good OW7 It oee
which is regarded nu the most, lumi.
nous exposition of the splendid finan-| .
cial condition of Flokda ever made. gO U UTHERNN RA ILWAY







Sa owl

Send your orders for Job Printing to




Low Rates to






,J U

See Agents for full information, or.write Frank .
Boylston, Commercial Agent, Jacksonville, Fla.

- ~1-

Lrut Iutt 1tit, curts au 14i LLuLautIWJUIJW, It -
and builds up the whble system. i = u l 1
Accept no mbstitute.___ A 1 -

RANNFR SALVE! Air.Line Rnilwai



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.3-,. 1

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le -. "

IsT1 -

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CoaseLi Un R'yW,

1 st

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ammomm ftmw


: *.!







1"5r I

I of n% .,.....E.,.'.S4"""" S ? 4
-o SW 1 .U.......-.......... S 14
tf SW % 3t*8f*S00506 3 6 14
to aw % .......,.......,... s s U
or..w ........-.-.--*----:-- S 8 M
..w....e.......... e. e...... e., 1 s 4
Ifh, ae SW lot **4^*Sae~0Pt M I- 14
.- l OU *
d 0tSW 'AV10S14
SIP f *e j .......000t.000,go 9s A 1
-,+ ,w %, ..,......,. __4 U

n C in dateoof.o%......3--. 1U
Ot n4pfl *.g1aatoe 14
*gn.l asuzaoin asoear32 142
-~O %.e~aflow -1ss2 act" Inso
-' =,ofor s...............-....,* 2

I l b .. 3s .. .. .. 0 t 14
S 4i blkt 4 S .. -. .. .. as 4 53
+as as so a*. --- 2--8 i 4-
Sll 1t bitt 1,. .. .. 0.l.. *U I3 14
'l. AlT k 6Ie t1.2.. ... ..- ..S S 14
-' liSt,4 .bock 7 *.. .. *.. .. ..S S14
3.t 4, I~t 7 .. .. .. 50 00 EU_" 005 S1
% of lot 4 blk g and Iot t bmk S 14
Xlt 2g bitk s-. .... .. .. .. 0 *05 S -1 4
l[t l,*blk 10 .. ........ ,- 0 5 8 14
L" 4, bik a s .. .. U ** ** 5 8 14
Lt bWk 33 ... ... ....... .. S S 14
omimencti t tT n 1of as eor..
nmnU ft. wZaaft,@wne@
UI ft .. .. .. *, ,f S "" "" g S 14
-Ome4et on w ade oif Paris
St. 4M ft n oCf RI right of
S way, rua n a 10ft w ft u 0
M -. Se t ........ .U 5 14
[ Comienc a5 t u of sw eaor
Sb ik m12 rn is l Srt, e M ft & 8 14
cmmetiuenpg 10 ft 0 of ne cor, lot
- 4. blIk I. nrum ft a flft.lt, e
O fM, s s ft, w 5s ft, 's IN0 ft
to beg.;also oom. ftt e of no
eor lM 1. rn a n0 ft, e 0ft, n
t ft, 'w S ft .... .......... 3 58 U
Commei-clnl at nw c of nw4
of % -r nun to a point 30 ft n of
no cor of lot 1 bik L then w
wittih town survey to a point
fl ft e of Malin ft. f ft. w
210 ft to Main st and n to 6 wec
S line and ne to beg .. .. .. .. 25 14
AlIo commence at ne aor ehool
touwe lot tIs Main St. run w m0
ft. aS 210 ft. w to no eor of Bco-
*.-d ` t and P to ne eor of KX
,C. Wlit'a lot, w IS ft. n to ne
no of colored church lot and w
to U e line, and n to a point
'- ft S if ne cot of nw% of
-a nd e 21O ft, i SO ft. to
Main st. and se witt. st to beg;
aln ti l of lot 3 blk 7............ 2 S I
K %of nei. lots 1. 5.. .. .. ... 30 8 14
if nw 4. w" of s 1. e% of
L 8l*o 4 Dlt ... .... .. .... .... 8 14
4ot -3 ..... .. ............ -* 2 8 14
W+ ; of neW. e of nw%, lot 1... 32 S 14
i .. :.. ...... .. U ... .... 5 9 14
.Iet 4 .... ............. U ...... ... 7 9 14
i%... t.. -Lo .. .. 7 9 1
9W%- of nw %4 leow 2 acres In uw
S eor and n ot W4. ... .. .... 7 t 1it
MNw of sw't asln corn. at rw
L cor or nw -run n 10 ftt, e O
ft. s0ft. w41Yft5. .. .. ,... 7 9 I4
,l.- I 9 % Pei .. .. U.. .. ..*. .. S 1
Pge& of neM .. .... .. .. ., ...'. 13 9 14
Vonnimenge > yds e of sw cor of [
nrh of uw %. run e Sf yd. n TO
yc- { ,,wmyd,s870yds.......... 1S 9 14"
Iot 4 7 .. .. 0 .... ..*.. *. ,. ** 1 14
t ... ...... ,... .. ... ... ...*..18 9 14
N% of ne4 sw% of neDO, e% of
w'H. lot 1.. r-. .. *. .. .. *U CII *> 14
b4 of we .. .. .. .. .. .. ..S.. 24 3 14
w03 oM nDe .., .. a........... S 14
Is*a 1. t. 4. eW ofnw'and eW.. 2 5 14
Rat 1, w% of ne.. .. .. .. .. S U t 14
wlt Af nwu r nnw1 of wl&.... 14 14

8 17 6

UTnknown .. .
Bryant Moody UU O* 90 ..

Bryant Loody .. .. .
U nkrown .... .. ..... .
J. F. Wnetoe .. .....
G. E. K5 eee- .. .. .. ..0 ..

W. H. Cranford .. ....
J. C. Newberry ......

Parn-is .John.uon ........
Tlnki:ow n ........... ..
J- P. Y ctane .. ........

:C :
** SO

Charlotte Collier .. ..
G. I. Whetgttone.... .

A' ~S


;f.. ".-.- : -: "o i L R UN:- "-. .
-~~~~~~~~A K -~ --Ab_-,_,+7.Z" -+_,:/.- _++."" .- "--

JULY 2-19

,', '--::- ;" .. ..- .. .:- ^ >_ ^ d. 4 .. .. .. ...., ..= ,

.. .... -efa .... tt" "b 'o *>* "M rt f --nt -itt-tc ... and ... n .- : -- NEW;g ba : o a4 s mat 3 t e %0-. ..-. -. : .. .. t

+- ++SS SS ~ay J ~l JL___ ..... at aatewfll o.. j_ a.. i t; cmto wo at. n eo bf. o

--Am--=- ;-70 ... + .. .......... N4 T
ri17 __m W f hvi

-__ 4- 11 a-ebe- ne w, l.f ew of aeUr., 5t e
-1 a -. ne ae of w of ne
~uS be sl tpublk -
-AWL~~* .:. .. aAaw .of 14 am Aa. SI ?
fl -o w. .a.aue,. m, M.-l h.c~nc to -uw nrter-Ia a0Mft
_41L sectlonfl an'# .3*601 T
Ia-, "'s&C"% inene Ot.sof 4W% of n et4.s.U

1,or s .. ..t.e .... .. -.w.'.,o %
Blk Whettone .. ....=3
Bkt TO a5I I, t, 1 A -Z
Rlk ttazlItn.-32t
2S. )6, 7. 28, 3 <4I^ 5. K,
7S, 7 .. .- -. -. .. ... .. ., ..33
Bi1k Z 77. Wheftton' 4r.---..--3M
Lot 5,- b2 64V --ITbetatofie Et..
Commence 1 fti n o0 1 -cotkr f
.4S, raUne l0LI n 1W f t. w -I
ft. S 100 ft. Whetstone E_.. ....
Sw% of ue%. n% of mM of sex4,
. swj of se% af e % ......... 1
30 acres In ne cor of nW4........ 1
That part of w% o sw%4 arw of
RaiMlroad .. ...... ... -... 1
Lot 1, blk 35 in a w of nw%.... S
' of aa acre In n* of ne'4...... 2.
Ke% of nw%4. w% of nw% lew
acres ......2- ..... ... .. 2
iott 3, Wi .k C: lot 2. btk 5. lot 4.
blk 11, lots 7 and $S. bik -. lot
2, blk FPahrmount..........
Commence at me eor. lot 4. bik 12.
ruft w with Pirnt Ave 46 ft.
northerly *8 ft, easterly 4 ft.
ntutherly 50 ft. Fairmount..
Lot 3, blk 13, les 45ft by 5-ft.
to Palaley, .nd les Ci ft by gS
ft to Rae. lest 10 ft by IW ft to
Danfort; also lot blk PFair-
M on t .. .. .. .. .. .. .. s .
Lot 2 ft by 70 ft, on end of
lot 4. blk IM Falrmount ........
30 ft front by 15W ft deep on P. end
of lot bik 13. F'lrmount ....
Lot 1, blk 15. less 1I ft by :1 ft on
w end and lot 3,. b!k 9,. FaIr-
mount .. .... ..... .. ..
Lots 7. s. 'bk 1,, Fairmount ....
8% and ns% of lot 9, Wk 1i
PFairmount ................
Nw of lot 9.. lilk 15. Fairmount
Lot 6, bik Ifi., lot 1 and 6. blk 1,.
F'airmount ..... ...... ...
Lot 6. blk 5 4. lyt 4, bik lots 2
and 5. bik 31. FAirmount.....
Commence at nw cor of Newber-
ry lot In lot 9S. blk 15. run n i)
de.. w r ft. s V. de.. w 85 ft. s
Ai 1de.. e 2 ft. s 3)0 de., w Ss ft.
s C) d1... .Z ft. n 3 )1d". w W
ft. AlI. commence at ne cor
lot.run w "00 ft to poitr south-
er!y ft, westerly 28 ft. north-
erly .8 ft, ePasterly 28 ft. Fa!r-
mnount .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .


Ai d

8 17




Name of Owner.

W. T. Shinholder ........4
S May ...... .- .. ..
T. IE. rtrop .. ..
Enlen M. Stubbs .... ...
8. B r eld .. ... ....
J. P. Williams & Co......
Ic. C. Cook .-.. .. .. ..
H. C. Cook .... ..s .. 6. 0
F. Q. Brown. truste..,....
H. C. Cook .... .. ..

A. C. Cannon .. .. .. ..
Unknown .. .. .. .. 0 .. s

Uniknown4 .. .. .. a,. .
IL A. Ro ., berts *,
Florence Mhltield .... .
L. B. (lay .. .. .. .. .. ..
-W. T. (At nop, Jr..........
Unknown'. .. ........
Unknown .. .... ...
Unknown .. .. ......
Unknown ........ ....
Win. Thomas ... .. .. .
Unknown ...... .. ..
H. A. Thomasa ..........
Unknown .. ..... ..* ..
C. C. Fletcher ..........

C. T. Abbott ..........

Mrs. Birdie Fletcher ......
J. H. Rodney .... ....




4 Vf



1 18

1 01

2 34



Y,,. i. 'Fow'er .. .. .. .. 3 79








J. C. B. Thoma ........
Unknown ...... ..

H. C. Cook .... ...... ..
F. .9 Brown, trustee ......
A. C. Cook .. .. ,, ..
I. N. Roberts .... ....
3. tA. Morriorlty........
H. C. Cook .... .. ....

L. T. Stringer .... ......

T. B. Jackson.. .. ..' ..
H. C'. Coo .. ..... ....
Mrs. F. La. Ricks .. U....,
Elizabeth Welch .. ..

T. H. Milton ..., ......
H. C. cook ..........
B. D. Wadtworth .. .....

If. C. Cook .... ..

W. C. IValker ........
F. 4., Brown, trustee ....
W. W. Bernard. .. ......
g J.B. .Matthews ........


1 .



2 1
1 97

a 1.
4 13
.2 2vr

A,( 2. blk 1. R. "1: aLo com. on e
line 100 ft s -of rrnter of U. RL.
run s on e line 216 ft. n 72 deg..
w 540 ft. n 28 deg.. e U.6 ft.
4 72 deg. e 420 ft ...... ..
Lt 1. bik 4. Rg. 1, Santa Fe.....
Lot 1. blk 4. R. I. for 19W2. San-
I i Fe ...... .. .. .a .. ..
W% of lot 2.- blk 5, R. I. Santa Fe
Lot 1. bik ,.'Rg. 1. Santa Fe .
Sw, of blk 'i, R 5, Santa Ft ......
30 ft off the w end of the e 2-3 of
blk 6, Rg. 1. Panta Fe .. ....
NE% bik s. Rg. Santa F ....
Lot 3, blk 4. Whetctor' rd. to
1High Bpringt .. .........
Lot 2. b!k 2%. Whct :1tr ad ...
Lot .1. tblk CZ Whr.ltone 30e....
Ne' of b' k 21. .' orj ,fljk tV-
fw-A of blik ?. Whelston; ad.
W1n' Tot 3. bik a. VWhetrto.ne a-.
Bik Paiton's ad. .........
LAjr 4. .k 9,. Pattoni's zt ........
Lt 4. blk 9. Patton's ad......
T11k 13. lees lot 1. 2. 3, pa; tow's al.
Ifir 2. IAk 113,. .tI.bs add ......
Lot, bhik "*'. lot.s 1. Z. 3,
,. bIk ".'" lots 1. :. S. !. bik
"T.1" Iotr 12. 14. b1k "I.' lots
1. *. -. "lock *J., lot f lock
I N.*"" -utc-h & Cytnns al...

Iot G. blk -G.' Futch & Cl:y-
ton's ad... .. .. ..... .... ..
Lot 1. blk 'IM, Futch Clay-
ton' d .... .. .. .. ..
Commencee at '.w cer of r& 0U
se54. run w 705 feet to In:tial
point, 210 ft. w 15 ft. n 210) ,
e 139 ft.. .. .. .. .. .. 3
Six acres in nw cor oft nw% of
| .?rWli.. ....................... 3

3 8 17

*0* *U*

r ~;t 5~ -
- 7W-- -. ~- C
1 -

14 SZ

2 -a





1 a3



0. ZS

7 1

5- -, 4

t t



G.M. Wzhe~tstm
G. Whetstone....
Gracy & McDonald

R. A. Lamb .... .......

Bell & StepUight ........
Jolly Lyons ..........

Ban WiglnU ,, .. .. *..p ,
Mrs. W. T. )clntof ....
Henry Edwards ..U .. 0...

$ 17



Unknown.. .-

- A





1 74

*0 Ut Oa S S F-
I W4 44fct~^

Unknown .... .. .. .. .. 13 f1

J. C. Newbery .. .. .. 5%

aw .-69f,- -x; I^.^,,i,, Y".
l~m 'l r rq' a --++=,-.. -, "

A .. *G D 'h U 5 5* UU $
SA. G. oPo e .. .. a.. .
Mrs. P. M. Bradley ..

Mrs. D. Sheldon .. ......

S. A. l -?vy ... ..
3. F. Whetstone ........
J. H. WVaters .. .. ... ....
L. nkrown .... .. .....U

P.. Bingham ..........

J. C. Rud ..... ... .....




1 !

:~~~~~# "-- -- 1. '^- i

A *bm lIht fl 1 an
- aIs tbht a* o a 4

aut a Uea Scerilie wa fl a
m0op!0tak MantmtI. art b
Mefrupolutin Churcb h0 t.
Itg. the awning answer a- 1
garcm o itop or the. en
.3t9a Ijbtriy panr of Ut ttu 2frii ;:''
les and vort 44f 1a tne 1r -ie
In the cman an -t'wtq0= luzia 1u
isj a tbheter stagw% with -a cn a I
I H iin~ers. were ewwnta S t -ai m

beI g10 ,E. ,
The roof gMt x Is zpWaed to he
an att-mnipt ta sa!ve the prnlIe 1m oft.
treating y"ncng peole a cbtoArcb ad l
holing tbi olor -weislwsaal .b
- unin ctlmr ;: --av-l a r.:il; ct3t4c a
the churH !Iuhs a Mretvrropoutnaft
howt," a Mtqr':-,tn l.ru h ba d as
a ltRe dnb ceatrd leC \-inS.a, a -l
travels for A lycecai bltureins nde O

direction 0C the uaini W d4rrctor .f t
church All these nMtwiLCa4n- b.dtw6. y R
give uiarred coiwvrts wo the roof cati-
on certain n*Ists duiang d.trek IA-
The church rot varun will be Imse
as attractive -as Its rcuLar ipotype, I
plants, ferns and p-lnUa Ii lu nu fl An
profuiwon. Abowe the.< crjvte ril bH a J-
steel roof. anpponed by rt^- L. U-wlk I
will be o arranged what the wite cAa-t
be !Inded Ly hary -wire s4rns fl to
pwotec the atndkeme trnwr insects th t I
the lights might attract A

The Swiss ('ontakcato r 1
seriously cvsldefng at!rwdet m ar ha ;
Iug a tunnel under the B fl 3gm
taiakes ia the 41g. apyr a bm.1 -
patch to the Ladoa Samtrd A COW
wbW1 railway. which nfa be -
in winter. s the aWly flfl -'-
ing over the Paem at ve. lb -
tunnel wot tatt at Gtswyt 9- M
through h the K&s e[f a-t Bflr
ad -end ta the-Haul vafqn K r
ftrom Brim It ts' a woeh b
coaneetisa with the tu b flfl 1
a moutala ralay fl the Ue Uohr *
valley ark label at Md.G j
that Zermatt atd the 0pe i sfl -
y could be 7rekS se 9 m.

An- M& 114 int

th the iompdny tOaehlmg t 1W P
ubaUk ahlphLabet~k Sam wS!Il -S a Stt;
am a asm ineas
Japanem alphabet the o
primary iNOla ays the OW
Timea This wnt baa s bee S- _t 1
aome extent abseady Ls the vf 7
tiesM but If this popomal -o the 4d=&3
Von depertaot be a 11S le -1 3 .
DSIUzatVm a the Japnee IWms
not tar disenL fww the awt uinm -
of Japanese of a"l daMes vS t
millar with the Latin aAkbt. R is -
d~ieult to resale aD tbat this vo 4
man to the Batis. It wit V
pSWcal and camuweWPlS a P *t"d -
will render vans tiaght at a '
ture access the b oftW A pw
pie. -.- q

epa m


Hooumkeepers will wadpeSit fl
itle story of Deaa Stanley: DoI& ,a
visit to America, *nOtlb W* hi-
Aat L6 am a k em cf a t nA a esn AL-

4t : "

LA. W. IIpp ... -. *. *.

. K ehten .. .. ....
MrsL ,C C. N ... .*..
Uakauown *. *, *.. .. .

C. W. Gt!bert .. .. ..
0. 8. JftC-ca -* ** S* 04 03
G. S. Jackso .. .. .. ...
G.U B OVtUS .. .... .. 0.
Willie steve" .....


,~ *




F- '


+ :- t


F^ .- -


~-'- 2
tj~t-~ .~
~ ~

J. Nt-wberry .. .... I

T. E. Get'en ......
J. E. Dodd .... ..
T". H. Willrd .;. ...
G. E. Reevea .....
T. M. Riles ..
J. F. Shehan .. .. ..
Jtfe Barnes ........

Thovna.. & Bronre ......

W7. P. A. Witt .. .... ....

T. C. Wtevecs ...... ..


a I
:_ I



I i



sq? ~ nrsnnr~ aa~ccc~. -K~~~
. I- -
51F 441,-z
pro--,_ ~ -a

7W ~ -ROT

4;. -
-a. a-

j' .. at P o
-^^"" -a~ 4ed -b o. Nf

'-C W bffwoor-ae&ft-MCW -

off-- t --n tote -. .

if-.-.--; *':: *----~ ee m 8^ m-t- A..,., .. .... a 8 8
14. CI.. Cu -e-ad M. E .

*Mt^nn New- .a o f pSI a
I-)a-S;k t-to ff, lts o fe n ai ye,,.

ticWkn dl-l-efte -_
I n.m--.s-o ear of-

I, "-"i !- ". w-d m .t {f--- ,..T~ ..... sL
nF -fi-- -_am IM. aft, W 20 ft.
twbAuI= at.Ume a t
t mIfS.- f-... ..lf.. .... .. 1 1

J..iK .b-i --"-I.b -a m. s, #. ae.I s ao
^* :--' '- .'+" t~fika ot no .. .. ..s '. t
-aw llfoe, t- .I at of bin

I..n enter of e1a 'of
_-. Mrm co a or ft. L ..
*'!? -.- cs. n -owmn.n......nn, x

.ft. A.-. -. a* ... ... .. ... ....

IS, AAao.cm- IS 8i n of ..
O I 3* at em703f*.

Is,.---- x (B f w,,f ............ M S0 28 M
i-+--- o oflftnfneorof s%" _

: X b t........A ......... ....1 s +s
-I .wt 1ft.r1ft.UWft,
1- ^ p. ft Xe l c cu ....... 14 1 11

e4m0M1Ae at w o of se %0
e.i i -flm.rnS1., 3tt seh.f,

I.- .2 tj .. .. .... ... .. 1 8 18 114
T- 9b .-k .. A i b .. ..$.. .... .....1 i6 18 1

:i.{ ."-.*fc i1 .. for- .. ......+ .. Me
0: Of o .%.. ..f .... .. i 8 18 0

I1|" -: ... f to t 2 .. .. .. .. .. .. ..- 8o 18 a 1-
;.-i+ o t|r of ,..of.... ..,. 8 -0 8 s IS .
-+;-o K ar* f w .............. 8 8o 18 70
+.. C aciner at nw cor of nw 11

Of- f w% run e 30/ s 440. M,
n S ft. f 4 9 8 21-
r of. a.t-. a... .. ,. .. .. .. S 9 2S

-of2-.-. n- u uf'w ..+ n 49
-of n% of swu ............2 9 n8 2
of. lE -- ofw% n.of as a.wn. 31 9 S 0

... ~ 'o ni.. .--. ... 9 18
at' AS o wu of se% a% atf sw
lI-t 1o *w1 .. .. .. .. .. ... 10 t 18 0
rt ,e1 of Rre%4 .- .. ...-..... 0 10 s18 40
I.0 t e% of *w% u .., q.. 4 1 18 40
L w o Trappe *t..... .. 8..4 18 IS
of- e nw. of Lw%, nel of sw%

J-+* s o. .._.. .. ... .,, ... .. 8 0 8 30
(Caendag at se cor of lot

^^rtmn a ch., 3# Ch a. 31 ch.,
01 -t, eh 0 ft .. ..w.e ..6 10 u so
5f ot00 .. G. is *. up U 8 10 8 4

Of of nl* of sw% .... .. ......22 10 S
*^ h of aW% .. .. .. .. .. .... 2 18 49
of u'w%~o e.nj o
l of "w% ** .. .. pe .. O.. 1 10 19 40
of i ep o cc .. 2. m .28 1018 40.
^t bl e ..*.... .. ... .. 48 10 18 40

Wk' 4ofw%r of SW%, flef of sw%
a^o w^ ... us u. 5.. ..810 15
rgn axf 8S ohpir., cb a, S. e...1n1
@1 54 clic o .% o -.' o 'e.P39 .~ .^ 1 10 1.5.
*^ Wt of *W4 8 999 *.. .. .. .. ..13 -10 18 *
*t B^ Of Bw4 fof 1502 *...... 12 103
,i o mnU of C ... ... fl ..I U A
1(w. m f % of $r** of a** of* 10 1 18 4 10
^ iof nw% .. .. ..* .. ... .201 8
Of EW%- pp es *eW^. .. ... ..2 Uc 10 1 4

n%... ..% 310t ^.0 uS: *f- .... 2aULSU

n t f al, of aej% nf 99.. 111 l 0 .
N w% of wi of nf of se'4....... IU 18 5o
a-. WhMof lw or 1 8<... ..~...l.. U8 3$S
t% of% ne% of nw%. lea f acre
-F to Nonma &. Co.. .. .. .. *. *. 14 II 19b

&W_ of nw-,, a% of -. ,w.. 3 4 18 )
SWS^. -- Iw ,~ UOfFl 5WgSj O* ****** 9 IXN T
6% at K 6. 3S
'7I7Aneo% of ne% .... 4 .7 8_
4-- .ta o f *& .. .... .. .... 5 7 11 I
._ of i .e .. .. ..... 7 7 5 40
N% of sw%, se% of sw% ...... 8 7 19 130
fl'-_ 2 of rw4 .. ..-.. .. .. .. .. 7 19 40
)4, of-ue%, pw of Bw ......... 9 7 19 120
Wil of nw ne% C 5sw%4. s% of
i-. %t w of river .... ....... 1o 7 39 0 1
I w of s .... .. .. .. .. .13 7 40
a j- of sw% .. .. .. .. .. + ..13 719 4
4IAtM-w wf of.f n .o1 nw I4 7 19 IN
iw.f or o .. ......15 7 9 40
-. W"j o sw% ........ .. .... ...17 7 19 80
r. of onei. s% of nel ofne%.. 18 7 i O
S0% of r'. .. n, .w ., ... M 7 .9 40
t Swof ne%, nwl of nwL a% of
-awS. fW. nS of sef ........; 19 7 .9 00
l- Bf of w +% ........ .. ....-^, 7 ION.O 0
." ''y ,t' .-.
4wn4 Of -waj. n of railroad......Z:4 7 19 50
Nw.. % of ue% n. of nw%. ...... 19 01
o------f --e of nw%- ........ 24 7 .1W9 1
w 4 of nw, .. .. .. .. .... 24 7 19 4)
Kelofn .. *... .... .. 5 7 19 40 3
Neie of Mt' .. .. .. .. 28 7 19 40
.. .-e% of nw, ..28 7 19 40
S 6 andinw% of nw%, s of nw% 7 19 440
4%* r'w o ne%1% se% of nw4,. e%.29 7 19 240)
I-' 4 oj e..,of nwlj. nr%
Sofw ot wo, fs ose ............ 30 7 1 20
Sw%. w of ne.ti; se% of nw,, n%
I + ofe .31S 7 19 1W

. --- "
. ;. .- -. .

TIE D-AILY SIN SjULY 2, 1904 __ __
' -

Unknown 24
UnknowT)............ 3 24

Carolbne Fowler .. ..

Edwin Pearce ......

Vera Nelion ... .. ..3

Edwin Pearce .. ......
James Brown' .. ... ..
King Werthlngton ..

MNr.. N. N. C161 .. ..... .
3. M. Faircloth .. ....
L'nknown .. .. .. .. .. ,.
Those. Bethea, Jr.. *.......
vW. Hadiock .. .. ....
JM.H. Stanley .... ....
Romeo Shannon .. ....

T. Ii. Fay, Sr.... ....
Heirs of Q. P. Rawls ....

Geo. Doby ... ........
A. i. J. Allen ...... ..c
Jts. Willianms .. ....u
Mary .M. GuIlnn .. .. ...
Gibbs Cameron ........

Jones Phillips.... .. .
Jas. & Bapp Henry .....
Thompson Trappe ......
Thompson Trappe .. ....

G. WV. Carter ..........

E. C. rosby .. .... ....
Mike Jones .. .......
Mike Jones ...... ....
Mwt-7 Welch, .... .....
R. Holder ;.... .. ......
A- 0. Steenburg ... ..
W'. L. Jae son .... .. ....
J T. Fleming ..........

hSelson Wood .. .. ....
Wm. Bagley .. .. .. ......

11. Wlo
t. i. W illon .... ......
R. Jn. |i!1 .. *. .. *. *. ..
. ... Stevens- ...... ...
Heirs of W. C. Darden....
G. B. Thomas .. .. .. .
A. XA ,ayl1or .........
V. L Paxson ..........
lIe.- & Loomis ........
D. S. Tnompson .. .. ....
R. H. Wagner ........
It. H. Wagner ........

Atlantic Lumber Co ......
Atlantic Lumber Co ......
Atlantic Lumber Co ......
Atlantic Lumber Co ......
Atlan.c Lumber tLo ......
Atlantic Lu'mber Co .... .
Atlantic Lumber Co :.,.
S. H. Burnett ...... ...
AtLantic Lumber Co ......

Unknown ..............
A. J. Gil .. .. .....
Atlantic Lumber Co .....
Atlantic Lumber Co ......
Atlantic Lumber Co ......
Atlantic Lumber Co'......
N5 (C. Halley .. .. .. .. .
V. Sl. MarIOW 9m S. *. ....

Atlantic Lumber Co.. ..
lflSk Beckham 9. .. .. ..
tG~. W. (all.. ............

Atlantic Luinbrr Co ......
Utikuewn ... .. .. ..
M. C. Taylor .. .. ~.,...
K. C. collins S.t. *4 aS...
V. Mtt Marlow .. .. ..
Arlantie Lumber Co ......
Atlantic Lumibe~r ('a ......

Atbar.tjc Lurnlwr Co ......


1 41


1. m
1 74




3 41:



5 s4

1 ]1U

2 I?
2 61
4 76
1 '32

10 44

2 Q1

3 C9l
211 5

; -,.p
? 41


12 tip
, 'l
a at

I 74

11 52
a 17 I
1 10


1 71
1i 74
2 61l

7 2

Sw A of %ofne %,of nea of 9*D 10
N% of ae% or n% .. .. .. .. 1i 10
W% of nw wv of sfw, lest 12
Acres on south end.............. 21 10
Commence at take on a and s
line W.20 ch, n of se cor run n
2.1 2 cb. C deg, w 1&.7 et.
9 eb. e 13A.O th to bei.. also .
lot : ...... ... .. .... .. 32 10
18w% of e -. ....e... ... ,8
iNwU of .. W.. ..-. .,.. sN 10
W% of net of neo*4. .. -. *. 88 10
E% of wj of %o neo% .. .. 2 10
Nwri of aw4 of nw% ... .. .. 3 10
Fifty acres as described in deed
book 35, page 170. ............. 10
W3 of lt 5, and Si acre t In e%
lot 6. Mackey & Hudson tract.
Commence ch n and 53 deg w
<(f ne cor of Nappiergramnt, run
n 5% deg, w 9 ch, s S4% deg,. w
10 ch to w line of Blvens farm.
then along water's ed e of Blv-
ens' farm and Paltne' sPrairie
In a ountherly and westerly di-
rectlon to a stake on water line
Sn 84% dog. e 4% ch to beg; also
eom'c 4% ch and 5 .de w of ne
car of Nappler gran", run i4
(leg. w U.80 oh. to water'. edge
and northwesterly 4% ch, n
S 4ideg, e 4% ch. F ZA de. e 41

ch to beg .. .. .. ...... .... I)
Nw% of nw14, ...... .. .. .. .. 6 11
In k04 of nw'a nnd in w17 of ne'14 11 11
1i of se". l I? 1 acre ......... 2 S I
NW of $w!i, sw-j of e.%, se%4 o
swA .. -. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. 1 7
Loots 8. 9,, 12, an.. s% of lot 10 s18 7
!Sw4 of sw .. ...... .. ..... 3 7
&I 4 of M0e.,. net4 of nw2 .... .
N Ne of nel .. .. .. ..... e )
Ws of w% G4 of swX, ...... -. 7
Sw, of RW .. .. .. .. .. ........ S
S'8 of nwA. sw%. wt of45e'4. 2e04
of 4e% 2
BwI of n ................. ..2s 7
E of net,. nw%; of ne%. n% !of
nw%,. sw of nvw4, e% of se%.. 7
IN% of nw% of nw% ........ 9 7
8% of Jlots 5. 6 and n% of lot 10.
w% of lot 8 ... .. .. .. .. .. 1 7
N,% of lot 9 s .. .. ...... ... 1 7
N of lot 8 and 9 ................... St 7
Nw n of npU. se% of ne.,
newA of se14 ........ ......... 33 7
N% of n% of ne& of sw%, n% of
Siie4 .. .. ... .. .. ..I. 7
1w' of e14 of se4 .. .. .. .. 35 7
Nw%, nw% of sw% ............ 35 7
Ne% of ne%-. .... ..... .. 2 8
5e1 of nw%, s% of ne%. less 1
acre, ne% of sw% .., .... '.. 2 i
NN of nw1 ..4 ......... 2 8
w o e. sw f ne. w ofne4.w oWjof
sea of nw-.., e.% of sw .... S S
Ke% of ee .. .... .... ..... .4 8
Sw% of ne4, sej of sw .... 0 8
NW, of-lot 9 ...... ......... .. 6 8
Be4 o(' sw%. lew. 10 acres to
)Itclmel and S c. 1o railroad. 6 8
.Nlwj of sW ..... .. .. .. .. 3 s 8
Sw% of e'i., ste% of ,w% ...... S 8
Nh or nc'4. *1. j s* of sew.. 9 S
N'., ut se%. swj of ne4 ........ 9 g
SW of aw-4 .. .. .... .... ,.. 10 S
Nw'. ; f nw4 .. ............ 10 8
NwL4 of nw1'. ............ a
S't'4 ui!' stt .. ...... ..... ........... .. ii s
\xlra of .ie'.. less 21 acres ...... l S
Sw14 of ne, nw1; of se', .... 1j S
v1 *^ of 514, -w% of sa44 ........ 1, s
N's. itf 1it' 4, 5\ 4... .. ... IS S
N ,f nwl. .. ...... ........ 30 S
Ni:: of lot : ..... .... .. .... ....I S
Lt ,t 4 ... ..... .. .. .. .. ... ..... 1 9
$w f i *lg .. o0 ne1- of seo'. )u 9
lots 1 ,and2 ............... 1. .
I~o, 7 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1"_" 9
St of lot 11 -- .. ............... IZ 9
I4)t.1S lJ? ndS.. .... .... .......1 9

LAt ,;, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 12 9
Loirs and 10, Fairbanks ...... 12 9
L .tu L9, 31, .z, ; .... .. ...... 12 9
K ( of Pw14 .. ...... .... .. .. 1 9
,t of .. .. ...... ..... .... 14 S$
-t* of Ni-t .. ............. 18. 9
,13:!,,k :. Paradise ...........
IS&$ of blk C .... .......... )9 9
All of .. ................ 21 9
Sw'i of nw'.L t of nw jof nwf W r- 9
aY l2 of nw' *.. .. .. ... ...... 9
N^ f n w .. .. .. .. .. .. .... 8
Lbt and i sef of nw124... 2 $
S1 of w .. ....... .......... 30 9
W\'" o f ,ie, of nw' 4 ............ 91

,V;hen arres mounted e Iy public
road. n by sec.. w by Palmrtr.
r tV Pound .. .. ....... l 9
3 It *--.t and west by 2 ft narih
:.: z south in nw cor. of ni of


j. bt agger .... ,
i. Puta ; .. .. .. .*

Flam 40 Howard ......-.

Mrs tranuls Lake, ....
Fannte Dowd .. ....
N. UL. B. Mec.ane ......
Ch. Hood ..........
C. A. Rowe ..e. ...
i Chi Miller .. .... ....

Corneliism Amo .. .. ....

MrM C. C. Richardson ....

9 2l



4 43


- -. .~* a ~5 -a u



















A. (. t oiclough ........
B. F. PatLterso ........-.
R. A. Holden ... .....
T. J.. MeKmnery ........

Atlantic Lumber Cc) ......
Atlantic Lumber Co.....
J. J. vaorran .. *. .. .
Atlantic Lumoer Co .......
Unknown ...........
Atlantic Lumber Co .....
Atlantic Lumber Co ......

Atlantlic Lumber Co ......
A.* T. GnskIn ..........

At!fatn< f'umbor Co......
S C. Cooper...... ......

J. Call...... ......
M. F. all .. ........
Unknown ... .... ....

Atlantic Lumber Co.. ....

Atlantic Lumber Co .. ....
N. C. Pettlt..... .. ....
Atlantic Lumber Co.......
J. M. ruby' .. ............

Peter Bailey .........
Charlotte Bailey ........

Atlantic Lumber Co. ......
Atlantic Lumber Co......
S. T. Thomas.. .. .. .. ....

Francis f.tanley ......a...
Atlantic Lumber Co.. 3
Mary Flynn...........
Alantlc LUmber Co .. ....
N l.$fln I Powell ....... ......
J. M. Truby .........
Atlantic Lumber Co .. ....
Peter Bailey...... ....
Unknown-.. .........
Absalom Lw. .. ...
Unknown.. .. .. .. ........
Atlantic Lumber Co ..
J. R. & C'. Malphurn......
Atlantic Lumber Co.. .
J. M. Sylvfster..........
R. F. McCall, Jr.... ....
Ltvi Shaw ..... ....
Heirs of Jno Halle......
T. 1. ,Gorden. .. .. ......
J. C. Frazier............
B. F. Me"4iall. Jr.. .. ......
1H. 4. MC tCflI. Jr..........
P. B. Gorden ...... .. ....
-K V. McCall. J3.........
Jnt. IDr)by .... .. ...........
J. B. Padgett.. .. .. ...
Jefferson L,. Shaw. ......
Laura Campbell .... .. ....
I. N. Parrih............
Unknown.......... ...
Mrs. Nancy Mittherson ..
I'nkhi.r)4 w.r...............
Mrs. T. Brown.. .. ......
A. J. lt.trk^rr.. .. .. ......

H. C. Murlch ... .. ..;..

6 V

Is re

3 M

I v

1 *
13 f



3 n



1 7






21 5
I 16
4 76


a -



eelvDumb*-A& f Aw w s 49+-
a.ll in mp a n.
rThe Wawer 1 fivC *nu' 1_
cabietof a bank-dtwi t. I "-
I nalae the impertacme otfdf '
ete is taeWe an pstath be @Sk
ft erri ngto a e tter bet t U
Celved. -A few weeks a I MbtW -
cTk-rsin nit olee.. o as nsu dIS.
derty '4man. a big depnuW. as _0
otber the president of a WIufMtLwfl
nwrur -and tte writer of tllSt t
This nimnufacturnr left. an d14 SrJ
erwil d re excIttable man d!tim--
tlhit tne hivt bad taken hbis atl a
I Stoniwd atmnf the pla-e titSo me
lhe *'frrks uggt ed I tbat perhapS f
nx(tf-rhtrer hiad ttken It by aiStAu
The escztablei wan demanded hi ad
dress and started out tobunt bS deW
and give him ?a piece of hris pdS &a
"The other idlu, I read a Setter m
the zinnufacturing concern axid- S
astoulshiu to we among the san C-
i officers that of my eleitable colic
as t-lee president My eCariSilty as
around aud I nade e Snimrka
Now I lan that te excitable niaa
was so plea-antly recnsv$ wbeft be
Called for his bat that bis ancer coafte
at once. Then he tot W tatl-g oabot
the manufacturers bawe.. and- th
money he was waking. A few day
later he Invested heavily in tbre-Cql
cern and. was elected It rice presideC
And all becsorc or that nitle mistake
about aihatP-New Trk Pwnt

New Tsewr'if 11% &L
Feb. IS 1 XNew Year's day I Tibet.
and for the suoeedio three we -
Lass Is the scene of strange proceed
lugs. Itit government pas from th -
lamia to a monk of the Det e moo1 -
tery. who buys the right of rule by aue-
tion. lie is called the talno and. Mm
ceirvinc the honmge of all. exermiselbb
authority by Imposing hftvy Ann for
i3s own profit Ht. men visit n --
house in Lafn to collect bery tars
and flme. so ttnt all the poorer people
leave the city at the New Year From
the country round priests Ml& in for
numerotms re llgious cemonis. which
culminate In the wgeetion of a humas
scape'at for te sins of Lasa The
face of the victim is -painted half black
and half white,. and after be bas bee
beaten by the populace as a ymbdol
of the tnsference to hi ,of tbe ai
of tbe people be i booted and! mob "
out of Last. whither he may not w-
turn for a year.

Yb. lnbgrcUa tre*r. -
The umbrella irpe Is tound WI CeybA
in greater profusion than anywbere
else in the world. As a matter of ches.-
tifc- faruct. thl-se trees grow to their-
gmreatest hei;tt and attain -to their
g.retest size hi very wet, rainy coumm
tries. This growth frequently Is dim
to. tbe fact tliat the tree retlrea a
great deal of IUoisture and not beca*
It L6. needa to keep off the rainL. TTe-
tn-e forms so compete. an nibrelk
that nit number of perons might tatn--
shelter Lunder its spreading brancbL
The foliage i... i.% a rule. so thick that ft
sPrve to ket-i, ,.1 t he raI almot peri
fectly even iti n heavy downpotur.


It to Emm tn* m-n* aVtli mCe
.AtU~nlc f~uh4:r (o......5 fE.



, *
. a~


AO, ,

. .-, -a?"^ -<-
*.,' *y^'--;



I- '


. ___

.9.--. ~-


~ae ~ -~
L -":
1' -

P r't%-:z+ ..
Mp .;7



- .-. -

A7 N

4~' '.- 4.9




e n. ..n. -
^^ ^^~ t~lftf of ne eor of
u3s lot, Hn a&& -t, W
at M3 .ft -* S agsa.

2 aft 3 *.. *o
IL A 1 H e Uof
but _r. Brown's-ia4d to

2fa& 3 of on of iteb 5.
114 r A .... 00 w 6 *. :.. .-

^h rs5 add. .. ,* .
,bMk 7. Brow's add G'WVU
w% of bik Bron'& ai..
Go 9Ft, e. of w eor kbit
nn lt4 ft 4 0 ft. a f ,t.
6 ft. Brown't admd.. .. .. ...
of a of bIk I. Bruh's add.
Sof % o bIk 7, Bruh's stdd.
in n' of bik U, Brush a-.

=menne 50 f n of e cor. of bki
[run nn I 0 ft. e. I ft, a1 ftM
Sft, rua add.... .....
oence 60 ft R of ne cor of
Iin^run w 0 t. n 50 ft. w
ft. 0 a m ft. e M ft. n 50 ft,
iih add. (alnessle .......
) t of lot Z blkIt 16. -Brmsh add
SLot bik t Brush a s, 'viUe..
f Coamaene at lw cor. of MeCrae
S otr. ,ro w 3 ft a I ft, e U ft
a M Iftln bll X. Brush add..
o mm eaecIS 3ft w of ne cor
S IM e.. run i 3-10 rft. s lee- ft.
S 36 3-1 ft n 1 0ft. Brush add..
-Oomaince at se cor. of Willams
16t o in blk 24, run a along Ar-
S: nA -o t t %ftv 4414% ft, .
S 51-3- f ,e ft. B mrs add..
Commencing at -ne cor bit X
-| lit 132 ftl, e U ft. n 13! ft....
SCI 6-nt, le". right-of-way. Brtush
add .. *. :. .. .. .
-Lot'?, blkt % Brush add.....
So-t 1k bIk Z6, Brush add.. .....
Snot in bInt 27 a described in deed
book a., psgp a S. Brush add-.
L 2ot tv, bi b 44 R t- Otg. G'ville
N% M of bk 7. R&. A Ort. ('vlte.
W1 ofanw% of bik 1. Rg. 5, OrtI.

I L -ts ab-dvi. bik S R S. lem fL
|' lot 40 e and w by 72 n and, as In
| m M cor. Ortg. 'vle .. .....
w of bitk to, t S. Or. G'ville..
t Couomence at nw cor of bik 7. R
S &b, r e I0n ft. a30- ft, w 10 ft.
Sft. Oi.......
S oammence 29 ft e of mw cor. of
S bik 7, R %ram n n20 ft, e l0tS ft
|_ to Sweet Water branch. s along
S.. ramoh aM ft. w.to beg., Orig.
.- -q'4ytlj ... ...* .. .C ... ..
S B% ot blk i,-. 7, Orng. G'vIlle..
- lot 6, ,sa 21, and lot 7. bi k 2,
J"oy.t survey of n%..... ..
4% W of lot bik 6S B. W. Brown
Pct .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .-.
Commence at 3w cor., run n I1
* ft,.Z3aft.taI 'f waft....
ommence at stake on w line
V t ft s of enter of F. C. & P.
.railroad, run a 101 ft. e 33 ft
B:. 33 ft9 s with HfR 3a2 ft to
be glnninfg .. ... ....... .. ..

.t Commence where P boundary line
A+ o rdght-of-way of F. 8. R. R.
S cfromf" Bweet Water branch,
~--ran sw and southerly follow-
[ fnt sw boundary line to sth-e
uand s 48 dog. 45 min. to beg.. 9
L Lot & blt 1. R 3. Gc-s add...... 9
L. t 19, vel< add. G'vUl .....
+- l ots 3S 43, Velch add ..........
I. Xotp 5. 2. M -- .. ........ 12

S Lot-t3 44, 4.... .. ... .. 14
,- : X t[ t 44t 4s .... .. .... .. .. I4

STuat -part lot Z. w of R. R. corn.
Sat n# cor, run 1=ii1-3 ft n )
4i1* e VC ft. n 1267 ft. w I ft. 1S
-.. -: Z ta 1. 3. sec. 2-, 1 6 ........... 27
A.^ trac' l.s aret ........ IS
_Lots Z. 37. 38., Stoughten't a4.-
Mic;nopy .. .. ..........
Loot 7,_ ..: add. Micanopy...
11; of lo t i# C. 'ribJey'm add MItc-
t afnopy.. .. ........ ....
w- .Wti !ot. 59. Fribley's ad'!. 3He-
-. *aopy S.9 5.. .. ... -4-...
S IS-a.rre lI t on w Idhe .............. 26
x or f lot 2, Smith'- new add.. S.
C-wtmonrEk NtZ! eb n at -e c,.1
.a rn n 10 yds.- w 14 yds. s 140
S.- yd, 219 yds to bwginnlng.. 33
+ Cine~ne-Tic t Sw cor. run n i
S c -i. e ';.r4 ei. to branch. s 15
S uegt-. min. w Y.76 ch to see.
S. -.._- h t. Ato 'ht a A--as.

-TH DILY -SU :aUY ,.19"

I N.- -~ a


Mrart TaRm.. *. T
Hers Cr Warren flimfam

ft. B. 'WiMa.. .. .. .. .

IT. B. Bell.. .. .. .. ....

3. W. Dtke.... ,S,* .. ....

Pia8 Finance Co.., .. .
.jkary Brown. .. .. ** .*.
Amelia Whitaker .... ..

Wilke Ployd. .. .. ,. .
Mr A. L. IDaCot.. ..
a. ivw. Moyre.. .. .. 0*

Lon Witllams.... ........

Eizlabeth Jones..........

8. H. Coleman.... ...
Isabe Lotan .. ... ...
B. C. Sherrod............

Priscilla Willlama.. .....

PriOina Welch... .. ..

Ricbhard Gamble.. .......

' --



7 20 '0
7 -10 3

7 10

Bemie M. Garrtison ..... ..
Unknown .. .. ... ....
I. H DeBose.. .... ..

Sip T'ipple..........
Unknown-........ : ....
Jerry Runkle ....... .....

S. Lenier. .. .. ........

B. A. Thrasher..........
Jae. James .. ........ ...

Julia Wideman..... ..

J. W. Wideman........
A. J. McArthur .. .. ..

Rebecca Wright ..., ....

Rosa Jones,... .... .... ...

W. R. Rob .... ... ...

B. F- Tite.... .. .. .....

10 30
10 -.,

Plant Investment Co ..
E. W. Shaw. ....
Georga Elllthorps ......
Unknown......... ......
Horace Giddings.. .. ....

Unknown.... ....
Annie Sykes ........
J, C. Douglas. .... ...


*10 S0

11 20

11 20

11 30




17 7



2 'it



1 74







12 71
1 63

.9..' 10 o
... 153
... Rs

1 R. Robe. ....... .. .
Mirs. M. Morrison.. ....
Mrs. M. E.- Flewsllen..
W. A. tensey. ........
Jnro. Hines.........

Ben Washington ........

IL, G. Hunter............
Mr. -E. M3. Powell Est ....
Lou Woodward.. .. ....

rnknown........ .. ......

Unknown.... .. ....

11 --II &



1 1P
1 11
1 10

Lets 2t, 14, IS lbt 4. Zbn rs
1at aft. to Waldo .,. .. ..
Loc 5. Wik S. Brantigs lot add.,
to Waldo...... .. .. .........
Lot go bik 6. Borniqcs' l-t add.
to Wa"do. ,* .. .* -- -- *
S9 of lot 4, raninIoS Nd add to
W.ldo1 .. ..., ,.. .. -. .
Lot $, bik 2. Ambrose add. Waldo
Lots and 1, ift I.. Orig. Wldo
Lot. I and 2, blk 1, for it, M rig.
MWaIdo .. .. *.. 9, *, ,-* *- ..* ..
Block t Orig. Waldo .. .......
Lots 4 and S. b S, lot blk S.
OrIg. Waldo -. .. ... ..
Lota 1i, t -10. blk It Orit"
Waldo .. .. .. 0 ..
Sw of nwofn f nw% .... .. .. 3 8 21
Commence at nw eor. of Wuite
Baptist Chureb lot, run w 1w
ft. s 114 ft. e along at 130 ft, n
to beigtnng. .. .. .. .. ." 3 8 S1
-Sw% of nw4, less 1 acre ,... 34 3 II
Nw*4 of sw%, nwf of ef .... 27 3 ii

Loont 4 n of grant line .......... 5
All frae. in grant except sw of
ne% of pw% and except ne%
of (w% of M1, and except sw%
of sw% .,. .. ..... .- .. 5
All frac. In grant except sw% of
ni. % of sw. and except ne% uo
sw% of sw4 and except nwV%
or slb% for 1M .... .......- S
Tliht prrt of rw% of -e% In
grant and of R. R. and nw%
of ee% a of -t. R........ ... S
Lot 2. 3. '. 7. -n of grant line.. w
Nw'4 of nej .. ** a. *9 a
E les%2 acre ... .. ........ S
Commene at ne cor. of M3. A.
Dogln'. land. ran se with
Dogia's line lS.4 ch to center
of FrazIer Ave.. and e along
ave ,* ch, nw 16. ch to PFra-
ztkr's line w to beg .. .. .. .. S
Commence at ne cor. of ne% of
ne*. run 420 ft, w fl0 ft. n ..0
Sft, w 1110 ft. n O ft. 1330 ft. 10
Commence 4:1 ch w of ne eor 17,
Srun s 2 ch. w 5ch, n 0 ch, e
I ehf.......... .. ....... 17
All of .0 .. .. .. -.......31
Al for l1 ..... ... .. ....
All a les1 ltM ac. to Robt. Ivey 18
All s )s- I M acres to Robert
Ivey for 1 ........... ... 18
All % tless f aures to Robert.
Ivey for ISI0 .. .. .. ........ I
All and nearly all in water....
Eight acres In nw cor of nw't of
S8 2 .. .. .. .. -. .. .. .. S
Frac. l'ts itn Green & Warren
sta. and lots nnd *. V._ K.
I King *tta.. and a lot at cor. of
Magnolia and Augusta sts,
and lot 4, Nuobles *ub-
div. Windjor .. ... .. .. .. .. .
Lotl 1: and 9. s of King st, Wind-.
sor .. .. .. .. .. .. -
Lot 12, I M1in .t. .Vlndsor ....
Commence 17 fft n of nw cor. of
]ht 27. N XWinddor, run n :..
ch to )avts lot. w i. ch., s
1 Ch.. e *.-U ch .. .. .
Lot 13, e of Greein att.. Windsor..
Kilks 3'. 40. 41. 42,:, t',P.
72 -- T. g" tt,. a- lv .
2-. t14, 111. 11. IL17. I2 1t. 1409.
h1: Nk 141. b]ks 143, i. 4 0. e'.
bik 1ThA. blk 1: 154. 136. li%. 18,
15S4, 1WIV. w'2 (tf Wik 1CM, blka
It:4 to 1s, injltiLsive. and bitks
3,. I1-,, I'-.-. -rd h4 ts 1 to I. bilOk
4", It.- I -to l, 1ik 4;V ; ,t I t to S.
Ilk 4;; lots 1 to $. blk 4;, lots I
to 7, btk *: l)ot? Z to S. hik o;
liI'wt to 7. bi-k ri: int 5. bIk
.Io:. iitm S blk .: lots I to
k )k :: Lots aI to bulk 7t: lots
I to S. blk 7:: lotq I toI S. bitk S:
lt.ts I to bik ;: lots 1 i to $.
blk S2: lots I to$ blk 3: lots
1 o -btk -S-4: lots I to S, ik 65;
!Its I to S. b Z9k '.C; lots 1 to S.
blk 87: ;lts 1. 2. 7. st b~k S; W-ots
S3. 4 5. 6 blk SS: Iot1 I to.I
bt) .; lo:s I 2- ;. 4 5. 7. ,. S.
lilk H; lots 1 to S4 btk I 9; lots 1
to S. blk ,C; lots I to Nik &;;
lots lt o S bik k6 lots 1 ao S,
blll t&7; hits 1, 2, 11. 12. blk .12-':
lot .1 to C', ,ik 123; luts I to 12.
bitt 12.,Sot. ou to IS, tilt 126-
\Xin'lsr ......... .... ....
14Lot I1s, IlAke ave.. Wkiltif- ....
Lot 1*. Lake avt.. Si im!jr....
\\"^ f = *w .. .. .. .. ,.
Lot ?,: bik 2. Gracy add. t1 Ro-
chelle .. ............

1 60. ot 4. bik 10. Itochelle .:....... :-
ComntTet Zp. rft v of lot in td 15
ft w ftf sec. line- dlividirig aec 2e .
lilt pec =4. run paraIll* WiLth
S 51 l.. ir a. i tn .1 i r tiiti f W

9 t

9 1


J. B. Beil... .. .. .....
w. t ....
M.fl. .Roe.. .. ._. ......

Dock Walker............
N. XD. PhWm ..... .. ......
Mrs. A. JEI. Jolly.... ..
Mrs. A. H. Jolly ... ... ..
L J. Eare.. ..... ....

C. A. MitUer........ ......

NX. C. Pettlr. .. ... ........
Fannie W. Campbell .....




9 1


9 21 211
921 n '
,9 aS



Mrs. Jno: F. Todd ....
Mrs. C. -. Willia ......
Elsworth Trut o.. ..
Mmk T. H. H ee ............

aL W. MtRicam.. .... ....

K. W. MilUca...........

H. F. Smith .. .. .. .. ......
B. P. McIl, Jr.. .. ......
J. A. Parriph. .. .......
J. Bell....... .. ........

W. P. Mosley.. .. .....

Unknown.... ... ....

H. F. Watts. .. ... ......
Deckle & Jetton. .. ........
Deckle & Jetton ..... o,...
Deckle & Jetton IL Co..

Deckle & Jetton I& Co .

DWekle & Jetton I& -Co ..
J. L. KeHlley.. .. ..........

W. E. D. IAnk.... .. ..

Mrs. G. D Watson......
A & M. 8. Obver.. .
tUnknown ...... .........

Josh Cot toman. ......
J. T. Vanbuckler .......

Heir? of G. R. Griffin....
Heirs of A. E. Huntress..
Annie E. Huntras ........
G. B. Grtiffin Est.. .. ....

Amy Mler .. .. .. ........
FIla. Commercial Co......




2 i


513 6












51 %C


Thm asd


a^^BB^^ -**^^*^^^^*^


Slt Vaafasl ar he

cAnL Ia Part-o asmn ce

** os -Alm
worq k in m _s =:-::-_

Durtu the eighty-eight years of y
wereer I have not ow take: a Tam-
d" t a"y. ltmeli Sage ia i. Iude-

A young man aid to me the otr
day, "MrM Samic would youe n ban
taken a vacation if py toad wordl
for tooae oea ewee r
I replied that 1 would ot. a
I have reer ebm an adroate C
what some tero the "vacant habWL"
When I wasa buy the pratie waa not
ln vroruw. As -a matter of tact I was
-o glad to get a cbhau to a--udi L
ewS that the .ki of aslin my e-
ployer to mate me a priest of twe

weeks of the tiea that belongd to him
because be had paid fr it would ave
been prepa'tcruusI- lI!xkfr. 1 wa
eaer to- advance Ia ht u at
could not see how I couMld do this W
wastinU valuable it n
Neither did ay of my youthful a--
dates take vacatkona, and I amu u
you wtU agree with m that the fat
did not retard their pqinr w I
ay that auoMg 'tbem were Thwq
Wei, tie ktIn maker; Horae tma ,
Governor Beward aid Geupae vam
the fouwder of tbe New Yak IML.
Theae mea were county at nItOR,
and tthey were fly S-
I think the -vacaSon. ta. t Is
oatgrowth of abnormal or 41
bmineM mnetbods. I fail to ee 'an-
thIng legitimate in It.
Let un a me that aM emipyr a"
his clerk make an agrwimmt t ea-

change just rem rala fr s-w
ble s-rvkna, and each oae ke"s U
part of the agreeuwent. Are they at
tbeu quits? if there ti any obI m
I think it Is on the part of th eSait,
who avails outhe credit, tMl ad or.
pfnzatiom ot t t employer to leam a
bualnes and xtvane himself sliag a
path whibk has already been prq48eT
for hm. Whit rigft ta be. to
demnDd or expect ity for two we'
time for which be renMdem BO- elv.
lent, not- eoldering the m t -.
convenieWe to which be ofte puts e
'St poewe wre to reverse the cown-
ventional -order of things, adlhtn4d -
of the r-lekt demanding two we~k pay
grats the employer old deuMnad
two we'ktW work without pay P Sa ea -
dition of retalnlung the derk Is ht ae-
ploy. What a rammdoes bowl would
go u41,: -
It way be urged that the clerk by
his vacation puins in health and
and Is thus babled to Murt hbeer
Srrlen to his employer. If thbI dalam
wePr tnru he would be justified In as-
lu for a rcatiou. In fact he wold
not Wave to do ao, as--his mnI
would for his own gain of b th own
accord w ud him away thbsM to reen-


-.9 -T


*- ; \- ;s
'* **'^i
'" -i

- I



- -S

- VA

- 1-








-'C. t
- A: ~

- 4









~rtM~y:7 ?'TV

TillDAILY -SUlK: J-ULY .19
_; -_ __ -- .. w --- .- --7


--y. ..
0 ,*

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G. W. Hawthorne. ...
Ms. M. E. (haprnan *_-
A. ILe am..............
B J. Walker. .. *
Mrs. S. P. Hawthorne....
A.. T.Johnson.. ......


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S liI and b. a. .. .. .. .. n 11 A J. K. aLowe............ 1. I-.
iat t1 ...... w% ,-of nw%.... i Unkown H G. Murphy.... .. .... 67
MUBAcnin OW ft a 'at Ae cor.
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i. 142 oa x dec--b In. dd 29
Lot Io.- y I-o w .te* ..... .15 r. C. E. M 22artin .. .. .. H r82
lotalandat m b* or ... .... 5 27 f A. K.ade.. 1

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_._ and ft to Initial pont "it
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m t .. h .... ., .... .. w t 2 II B. Danoels" Estate .. .. 23 3T
S. _- -A. ... .. DICKINSON. .

. -F Tax Coileetor, Alaohua County.
I I ar ,a GaInenvelle, F, May 19,
boak A2 p-~ 649 W74 Is- n. a- 1514 i Mrs. C. E. M4artin.. 1122|
^ow"cln<'Ate car 16....I 12 22 .,

r iould pos who ve aid ir taxe find any of their p f Jot vertle
St oand a 3re4ng t ito they will end met numbers and ate o thr reept I
wil It te.and If T t will have ae ediately taken from the i at

y sxlplms. We havoc bean asl careful as possibJe In p reparng this list, but, as It Is
Scul ft u dertakn overn a.peod of eiht mont Daniels' Estatcons, there I a po23

.__l~l _tlltt aowe items may hire giottm In, the -list on which the taxes, have been
.4an expeua, to the tax-paiyer. C Very respetfuay,.ItIN
..i' T Collector, Alaohua County. "
; ^ B6fauld any persons wrho -"ave paid mteir taxes find any of their pzoperty advertised
W! the foregoing lst, It they WMl Oend me -me numbers an4 date of theIr receipt I
will investigate. and -_if -correct, Will have unae Immediately taken from the Rlat at
m-We -have been carul as po7sble in preparing ths list. but, as It -Is
a 41Sfcult tindetaknc, covrminf a. period of eicht months'* collections, there In a pos-
an$fty- MWa oome Itsm# may have gotten in, the -list on which the taxes -have been
POWtd I wil cheerfully correct all xuch erroa, If my attention is'called to them, with-
oi ay expense to the tax-payer N Very rezetfuiy.



Itfos. 517.519





We pay freight or express
following hiquors:



on the

LEWIS 1866, Away Above Everything in the Whisky Line:
4 full quarts ... ..... .. 5 00
12 ful! quarts .................... 12 75

4 full quarts ..... ..... ..
-12 full quarts ..............

a e a 4
, 0 .. 12





who cannot come toe t
city when. in need
clothes we make a spi
ialty of fitting you at yoi
home. We carry the
nest makes of Clothir
Hats, Furnishings a -n
Underwear, and no ma
ter what your size
stout, slim or sh'rt,..

We Can

Fit Yo





seat Fer tik Wh UWW _-_ -
The department. 9f state hbaa abO
decided on a p1rnimDnent colonial im
for the PhllipUtpine Islalnds. ys a WasWlm
lngl(.i tsecial dtIjmitcito the Y ew
York Post. It u ti ItlteUitl SlaStf
shield as a backrouml. aainst which
pi projected a shield lbearingB the aa-
clent .rixim of the city of Manila. algt.
ly altered by onmitting t H APpeuih
crown nd substlwtiu a-u eagle for af
crest. The upper baif of the sbied bu
a yellow or golden x-atle against a il-
flei The lower half rontaiuns a ea--
posite animal with tie head and tpe-
ward extremites,-of a ion, grAf
with the right daws a hiltedS swei-
and the lower body and tail o a Sl-.
plin. -

BeImr Ptast al a Fern.
General WIII4aw Fouche. Bowr pa-
triot, is now a Kansas annrer. lie haa
purchalsd a quarter asecO oft landt
near Generi,. in Ellsworth county. aid
took -poseweion of the property a few
days ago. vay- athe Topeka CapitaL Tbeh
purchase by General roFhe is said to
mean that. a Bon colony willbe lo-
cated tbe.- General Fouche Is 1u Vw-C
respondence with former compnions
in arms who are stitU in South AfrWi
and who have been walt! for Gen-
eral Fouclh to find altable l catiose
before they came to Amer"t with
their ft lfrt."-

-" '- *..... -, -- '" iiii

i J tr- -. "r Y = r' -c -N

n For Ladies I^ /.~j

-~f.N ~< y^S^^
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e who do not fiS d it COR i g SS I
oI venient to come to thethoek tta, w I l
llFo Laytskb edineso nannofw ^.^^^^

Of styles of garments to se. IY o rk ,era, t tnie .:..- -
s S KIRTS m -I

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I.1 I -Qyl s e f g r nr S ttos t a.at-

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SIRT OurT81 Boyt Dparmen -i eye ^ ^ e3

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It, ,,MM -.^ '...i,,. styles of garmentsy tod so wwldobu the c1M ~bte t
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tetw inkle f ineyewhichnly*10W2I ma
LEADN+aCRSETt (-4o riory-wat do TM.hik
reThIM wansareere~s.mot* to a Ia
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in Our BoulDepartment Nu',.. sractod




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