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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 24, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID01927
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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0sure Pite River Rea.-

Sudtl Iu bath.

I." I

dfather Tskn. Children Out on a
measure TrIp When oat Is Cap.
*ed and FPur hind Watery Graves,
1tIver Draggod Wo Recover Bodies.
i 111le, Tenn., July 21a,-A special
6; Sparta 4 T, te" Banner. says. four
r were 4rptiewLed by the capslz-
i*f glffl on ,the CaItkiller, They

MJoeph Rmse0Y,, .ged 65.
W 'IBS 9-yemro l& lTaAd4aughte r.
Vwo 0o their hldre aged 7.
|.mThe old man hld. tzie .children out
lta plea4ureri4d and as they did not
turn at dark,''. o atChiug party of 1it
ed a stewmer and began dredg,
i the river with. barbed wire. The
PBl#zed okiff ,wa& found at daylight
Is morning and a short distance
mway the four bodies were foupd with-
I few feet ..of each other.,
IThe old man was subject to faint.
spells and it Is supposed that dur.
Sone of them he overturned thl


ig Parade In .Raltimore Is .Witnessed
I.1 by Thousands*
Baltimore, July 23.-About 7,0611
ihs, in naticlfi convention here, pa.
raaied today.4 It I0s estimated that
200,000 persoiie wirtnissed the parade.
IThe marchers were cheered.
, Atth.etttHw1 the procession pasea
Alf'lrevtew betor&,M'ajor Mcl.ane al
i.ty officials. The members of a
tunber of Rodgee appeared In cos-
lines on a novelatd grotesque charar-
p.r Among. these were tho famous
Cotton pickers". of Greediville, Miss.
-3"he. C Incinnattl....odge. marcl)ed In
Ilf costume,
*1,IThe AJllanoo, 0., lodge was attir',d
af atrmrt a ni nnafts+^rn A a n A- tar a. Ii on r? t 1

v'iit thi morning and Znl invest(ga.
tJon devitel)ped tihe fact that Mr. Lousa
waris .dead. 'tlie ease of his death
is not known. tt i s belicvod his
d(eatl waf sultile. ,
Near Lti0t bed on whieh t he (lead mean
was toila waj a note addresisod to
"Thbe Pres.'' ThIie note said :
kill liyStlf to jpay my debts'."
Near this notc was aniothor address
ed to mrner(h'r ot hi[s raiily and an
Other to 1alcy & Itraidon, tho unf
Sdertak ,rs.
Thure was no evidence of sutifferinl
about the ti(0t'n1l man. and the manueoi
In wvhih lit, Gus 1.0oig waxs known\' to autre peo
pl., jr12tJlvly, than any man of hle
ago iin Atl:inta. For many years hq
was with th1. largest retail dry good*
hus,. in 1'U city and uumbtred hit
frit'ids 1 I. customers by the thou.
sanids. ite at one time left the dry
gods )lIiTISnefs anil entered Into an
eliteitlrist.e of his ownii, but finally left
that andi rturneli to the dry g(xoodt'
Stride., l He rtC(ently Wett fdr a vaca&
tluon to Waruin Springs aand had Just
rctur kifr frouni that prato.e
Mr. ,lrmg was a prominent Knighi
o( Pyythi., and took a great Intercest
In tllat ) ord'er.-I
le wHvas a hlr<)thor-In-law of R'; H.
Cni1'roll, the wholesale wine merchantsl
of Matrlc'tta street.


Additional Contracts Insure Continued
Activity in Construction
*t. Atirwt iJ,1, Fl., July 23.--WhIla
' tht sung yIl) the halirnier an13d aW Id
hltLrdI In ('very part of the city, and
every !uiit!tfti! conrrract tor has his
h~3i33 fidi, it wa reared that the.
uslaal ill] In ,,II(lfing opierations Watri ld
c&Iotl at so.rn a tie work In progress1
"ih lkln!s:ied. Tlh' EnflIcatlonS now ar4
tluit ('very n^C'chantv will be In de.
fl*:ai I11( until In t in Ilie fall, Id-muinster
& Brag:hfonl have jist securely the Conl
tract for building a two-story bricM
I bhe'Lv1 1 nd 0 oLIr i Mnsters.

'fthe old Llenet residence, a coqulne
stinctuItI- at the corner of st. Georgq
auti Cuit. gtroptee will b torn down,
and the ptw bhrik lhIlo('k will be bull
on the site. It will be mo evorv- r(tkl,'tt. aId the lower floor wlii


. li

FL0 1'D ,,.F. '..i...
Ui ft -de e p 'a d
illtmA I nmnAA~trft and the princes and others wrew* rnMw )
,. ..-....., .. From h S Damno court teoy
flu C D D, O fl&r iltfl Vielthe nublh atA a !e Iuta
OV LER I POPE LED AXII t CLtmonteno hall, wRletre th utu
.. -.... r =--.-.-1- ---. .......... ...-B.-=h double C o tlu fns!
,, av_ I. 9.-- r.- either Next thoy entered tlhe. A
, La,,y .tn State In Vfli~- eitheraide.A
oy Lay In at in'. V hall of Pfftl ermt.. erI Hre 24 sgrmOo

can Fth v n o Roqrn tn.- rd lIvery Fedt the wy U ttheo hall
I 2 1 1 I ,,.1 v m I ...
.- i Ot the Swte)> wherea eEonlaiwy of gort
OG IMPRL 3tWVE OCCASION,. 4daes,. wnating heavy blatch bapuas, Al
'-...- " akin tight .whito tnrtmsaera ald bigh eav1
oman Pri ce5, Dukek, IBarons and iry. boot tood on gaard at theA
tIreI bo(Iots thood kon guaTird at thu
Other -Representatives O ent threshold o the oatAebamtr con
FD talnlgS A platoon of tbt Pal&atne guard.
Familie and High DnltaIrlt, Pa. m Fuirther alonv theYy pmhSed tbtoagb tho
cJ In Solremn Procesolon by Bier. hall ot tapestry and the chapel of th.
,I"hP "aIT t jI %e noblo gnaftrd tin full scarlet'
ItRime, July 23:- ,--'he flrt or. the i utifottne, gillttering bras helmiota and ,
ra er erioatoes Of Pope LAeo's tuner. rlver taB.e, the latter tuvored with p
t (4)IetlIUtOCd today, w:ea- the body crope. ke$o thI. latat wtch at tiO h r
ty in state In the throne room of the oor ot the apartmentt of their 4et j 0'
atirana fruu t 9:30 4. p m until II K w&ast.r tl I
I All fuR tiIlnnisvuka amnu Al t I&A A f I

---- t-^q- 4 j~|w4 n h LtDi ^VtI. V. i
the vatlcia~, the Roman princes, dukes,
bn.roins and other reptrsontaUtvem
cif ancient families rozmaatOl g ftllthful
to tho paipacy, all the hitgh gdlgltarlqe
of the church. the archbllhops, blash
oe0s, patriatrclw..and heads of tho reftl,
pkieuts bdors, passed Isolemif process
lton before tile bIear of the late ioa.

Robed In Whit Vnntrmonts.

The papal throne had bei.t romov.
ed nnd In its place, under tho famous
rel sllken canopy, i.on a emall lhod lay
the bI)ty of Leo XlII. Ovew t.hlli btd
*;taa ltrowu a rod aarnala- covering,
.en wlikth the !odly retiupQij, roteld In
w'iltU. v&atnent*it, with the r*,ld rocbet
:Ir (ffanitiil'- h onf d tirT O t I liu feef
$lp rs 11iihrotFido o -Wl with 1. Th.
t41k hFandS.. cla.Ipptt over tbhe chest, hell
t0;l fly a irinll Ivory crelfl-.. Arousnk
tlUiL was o'nt\iwtil Iet rosary A) 'notlvr
(if 1.art1 stt In gold. On 1 ho10 third
finger of their rigit brtnd tItro titug em,
erai )l poijtitleIl r1l:s Bpartlecd, in
syrikling e(]utrast wid thle ghulitly rIaco
,was the 1)Ilr d hotd, draWIR t:ownv novel
tho ..11ol,. tlmo t to the eiye'rows, an.d
over the earn. Tile su:ilko ii(krH.ek anJ
J;tv,'s troubht the noneo and chin near
ly together on tini huoutl, whelh waS
r('t(za(d a811o.t to I(hling, though no
sriss oUf tiJ,11ny were. vl llilo.- It was
th, corinse or a man wh, night bave
byn fl(Indtd 60 y(Ara.

. ... - fl .,iA- -5-5-- s .

Crowd Outside Vatican.

Outalde the vatliau an Interetedt
crowd,t luctdItng a numibert of Lta-
Ian uohtlar4, watched the comlng and
going of the privileged mluournuor, Il
the moanwbllo the congregation of oar%
dirAla m6t In the-halt of theu consistory
1 '*


Cardinal OtiIgllA Receives C.icp:
fromn trish ParliamentL
flOnIt, July 2,.\-C-.rdial (.)rj.1&ua
9.iy roc-t Va\ f n wlin tli ra :

July 21. 1
11ilt: | IIASl
4h II'hn
nitt Ion t~f
nt atturi o,

helitati ve
ernt uri0Iti


) 11 A .nw Im oAIJtN,
) It I l .... k- fr/1,,.I jt i

4 AI Iu


fidelity t
prottral e


W%9 t-t nl tt Ist

,'--^L L tuaij a IItMl.TL4USS i"
luixinntary party on t.he
11 T. ltCdlatoIQId vrunlreltt
Jo. .Dion I a)a repre-
fit jpo.)ple who .o Ilany
titff) rtlat h.Wuve .att the horyv 'wte, we hotlaitti
M1r,44!veo. with tt0o po)ollae



of I:. 4wr tl, w th their Morrow ro the
ov.t[ wh1 vhi tints asltatitd the Cathol,
lec Izot .pvo(ptQ In nmournItgK If anlythInIA
con allo4Vlhto the pain which evry
Catholitc r oir tlrtjloLA pontiff, It It the eouisplnil
tcJt.mItnribtnul ( t (of noQlJo' saI'ntly life
of tho -holy fnthr, his toroutty in
Ihe :nidsJt ( contltinual anxiety. bI In'
tInllltalQdo) 1 ('vothln to duty aId litl
rnarvitlous Ilr.. which lias ronridrred the
inigt~lueIe ot r11git)1 Strounger throtughb
. hbt tli t ik i lt in aliam'st Ins 1tnunttfl




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"*'~; J r:-.... "*..',L,'
I ** * .* ^
'". I '*. I ,b *'r*
,. .I ., ., ,.. ,'. C .

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." .. r*;*, i' *

I L: 4- I r -
L* tap ***~ i.Iutu
., ...,.,.;-^ '. .,) j *.,*.*.o TIL .-- I '..-r....*W nfftirw ,. '.*. ' .- .^^ "-T.., --', -*-, -- ,. ...-. .- ...- .--r,. ,, .' "- :..'[ ., n* < --..m --,*-i m e -- .| | .* *
0.^^^0 ^"^ T. ... "STMw.lw c..hi 44^
,4i. ,V&.-.,
U,.,4,2,'of-' t' u Btx Rn takhe st IdO a.....,/t'hWsd.tnaso.,aw y .a;;, ..! ho -ld n t .p

:t>|^MINEpB(r WEST tN0 taptfot a. Ieaf IfttI0 tocbnita^ty roW^
I .. .,.. .. .. DOEUIDIS _,r

.I evn Preilminary Hearlri;4 S...,or9 P ago.aRD k get.

"~T fi~ii p (d' 'tv ~r *.s,^a;:ha t'i^ie.A~t 'y *" '" i '* ( t: *Nm ,*.uS ", .* i:
7LE,; ut d yrnted M -&rwfrwwr do*Ui'II by Ve..

r'i^ 0 wig b Arral~rned TO4RW^ ipp5le t0I%^ CtirS, audf Ur prImVI~Fryu t&~s.ary IN^ c
iVt^; AnrattltrctGreat Itrlt;,.E" ".r toult tibt,,fb..^c!wlitw oir.,.tlmes $M ,9. A. .ti'fi. ultst
1)'La r. clot;q~

.t^^" ".i' ,; asI ... '.' t a mo "i'r..> .. the"m iint IU tth first Inr .' .Jo .t.
,"'I d "# Pl '.. .' L.,.t .. . ,,4 R I .obo,,.. ,,,, ure.,
I,.r ,jere a. a 'htho roa .tt meD in the - ..I, .,,.
ft~y F. *Y.'A' -004 -h13
fismar'e. hi0 muk,*
09M o. Sheriff l< eti yesterday, oei,,. Wton t Ate bou0t of tn, .os

X w.'V ieu that om*lalarrtved from,w.... i.r 1.1 .tin Sleventh. ...W#.. ,SA"Kt
l', *nd HahO Springe WWt1,> 'fl~, rpriSoUS'rjir .%***'t Indt a sI the Way he tell# flrttj3tt.&Wc., e,1 Aai to"Oo

,'. ;i. n custody whom he had,:wit" the 5.I thestoi:,.. I T.VITOS'DAICEJT "ITinno
." '.: -I .t.nQO of fleputy Sbezl, t t'rfJri-t--" r -."..I'R$ Ot ft heorse b0ra..t KansasI ," u UAB',^
%L ".I ' . . , . v . : '. U. *" .' J I .. ,, , . .
.... orio.b ry, oa.t.T,.a ,... o,. I xo, fa,, betor0 ai horns could be se. o,.__ --o...i
oto, atruwd ,,-. ... '. .aaQat..epted ft^ svna sent a e at A very .,. -
oCselllng whisky Ian vIoatton of th> e .c heIp to ta his endurance. I I
:* **w. :.* ,:. *^> '*',', "*'., *:. ,.* _**'* ":" *' :'/*.*t'e d'tbf the men wh~o woere *elxtnz/ w B y m V.__ JI _,.! 'jj

. The flve defend-nt. were 8. T. /f >siB Pt th re er who wouer takel BEST F OU
Gay0o niee 'Grea arlr l.0u4'tk

IV... 4 of High 8prInpa 9Fred 0. Relnriardch tJef behind .. clump o4 trees where I DO Wl .
;. Ohbs. Lewig, Th..a fl trod4 snd 3bhu ,c hId.$-n00e find .howtemed the dis- o rp.hvn'tarr ulrhei'tt

,; OnIg of Wa4e. .; = tfle0, .,L4eeied.,to rJdo the horses my- a uvtiryd. ,7QU. e !II rw
",' be. d antl ere -mittnd I hc ..a, I ..trIed .aboutL twenty a (Lay. lent EIIU.o *rIpoi poiloli,,Q IS dnanrt
.4. .Iw ''* .*- l .w a-fWO'Jr.* prptt. wel pz4p, cai 1 1 'Ost *.a'-I-or',- rk
1 fore bu4ge ktspp i:n itihe aflernio for pi
4' 4. 1 .-pr i ,ft, t. a Aarao .n.m. tbgtk..! Qt work. and I went in ANDY
V 2?% ^O artqrwntlfl;nantook a 14t. 1 charged B| CA M R
.. .I1 . i the bath eqch 0d^y tu M expenses, -f...,9, ..
we...b:sat ,,,.Tt o.hou But the .*Qunt cane biack trdi e th e'Mi

hr,."" f',.(' "I-';g:th'.; *,14@o@deneo| auditor With the in ors< nent: r. "
.'h. 'RS.0d h' woo kOivibtti a 4 ,a Iuzucv ard not W0040-6, tb o
t~~ ~~ ~~~ ~ ....11 "'th. "Rvilh ", t" u 'r, : :'
en. ^:$#.%%jg I .. .h .k erm a neeesslt., tne bath a week 16 '-:0. -, ,.
..i0,,lflnnu ru.unn,. '. 'i E . .. a'',-. o.oi i h ; I....,-.- .*. -- I... .. I .. .- ,. ,, .

':e ;** waslt pruit'n

.n.- ..^ .n . ".A ,I rtight under tha "It 'I14
In'a us."od w. ,h .e am m h.. o h. id,, w lth.! t 0, PP. "'. ., f !. '.,. .-". . .

L' 04 04 ELr h iuhd tot ra ut .T1>I
l.J ur,,.,, but not SA T 'EM IKE
ipjJ ' 1eGrfl1 wanv4 iN ct ataQfl s and gave 'a CR7 8e

.. -:, :.,'1' n.. e, m ii eaeih

___ ,,', ,!,tn-he-pV- -.W as" .i.i ton. Vost. . , ..*Ista-ble- ... .t...tnk'
w-'wr;,",. .. ''" . ,, ." -I.. '" utu 15 __ .,' : " o-- "- --- ......' evc r O ," W e ao n r-pu ~IU
,...;...t:,,s.. gWl n:.esbQthi :t~ u o r ,. .'d ,.". .I--, 0$'. toV a ,_ .

thei fotu whoa saer. pelf
giT ."o ,.he.r ap earanoe at. relimtna .hat the Slrt dlantnd was1 tound .on EEP ri U LO
,1 .. or-. 4 hake

I""' ":" '" .... """ ... '""*'., " he roeB t site of Knnbertey. Theri ....- ... - I' ".. -. I
map.~~ tIII vtcr
b' K :' r that. was also, hl t aWarrant ouI to W.a a *Eow. circular depression, .

.*. Lewis. -,- Mof Wa $.a h. ff Pnj -known I as. Dutoltepan, on the edge ot DAN E I
.-...i.." 4 -.. . ..' -.. .. .".WUFD' ',IIe fa inter bamed Van W yk lived- .-'.
-t", z .i Q ,o. M B

I' b",t'.'biaa," "... p 'o architectumil pretei"sions, j the most ksa.inj
uh8fn' uti t *wt It went beyond th fl) nrld. It cures
1% J,. ^12a"f fiEothe meantime Losatd that. luxury of rcttt avOnue; for the mud
J^^I ^the flraranit wss, t. the pousauuion of I Yfh which ttwas daube4. was sprit Ens aad*, allSki
W 4 4 d ta i
TKI d Qfflevsnbsnd4istroed t ht k With Monday OGn day Van ay pqu.tI~ey

*broosmo wl~hhian to this shy Wyk's elldroa pvosp d the plaster.d S I
*he Aptb~' fo2ra) ems.o The 0*rk -erand lI frendsI
.1 0*ditely tpofl a'rrlYl in thi oty bt dIfatn the mpot trba which S. JJagj!aagf, 8 3ga

b4. .0 pvolhhry4esrlng*I pro' he mud had and found ObIP. eWritOat SON hat

,t..l.' r'.. } :'ll ":" " I' i 1 *1" I "| / '1 I- r"- I T : P .."r- -"
,.,. .ome before Judge Mason today, to-ediamond.. Pi. a .. B-P
S.a q. 06.,. ....
14 ~i~ I c Ji21L 4 naurdl to ~
e" q. -- ooId.^ ..sMln* warmed I.n, and a new S ..
tI. o.""10 .% ted m the trt reamp cu.ea Dorstfonteon iprnng up
'a., ..te uldn b a 'hnJoow,. une 0 the neat year the timber. "" "
to, -. fota. b.-indY' J ljey uine propeir-One of tw tour great E#A RANMT5'D
t" XPDTION AILUR. deposits that fort the present Kl-I r OIU.WJcol
,I.. ,.L.. ... -., barley grout yielded Its first I t auiond. | -.., .. .. ,._.;...JL.
,:., .. ,I"" . -',o m o o t n '." ." ,

;. ..!. Attempt.0 EXplore. Course of Biud ."4os.opDa. I/ T lU
.-:'".. u" .. ""' .ra,,* .' .,*.. '. .... . W AH .lE...A i...... n... 1 -- I M Xlli ll'l i !
-P.''';.** I A I..'h l m 4 ^ __ * I '. I H

A..' '


L flwet1tps
t[t'Dr: Fenier.
rru1g Jupt Muso

ladder. A fttsr
Pnner' s Kidney
% gravel halt au
co'e prevented
s, OUx, Va.'
o lBook-Fr".

Movement ot U be
Ill he4- K'fl yawn
abo shape\6 vi a
11_ Ia. Wep7ou
romls. Tim ci mooth
wp'l ng tho bowou

1P and. butklet on
AGO a oW Y~ OME.
." :. . .. . . =


I SSalV. iD

Bores,I nta,
L Disease.


Ohio 6-
,nnwa tr

- I..

lin. Co.

Worthy of

We cover these







I 3




Victor Safe a

The "Victor" is the best i
ing the purchase of a
from a box to a b
by consulting

Information cheerfully hUrnim

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I fl~ Sri'%r W vn

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84O j01
536 1
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5 3043

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C t *
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44 9

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F E i
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7dfslliimirM A& tv-n nA rCif" .a'i I ~

fJlW.XVIfL Al a I flJfAlI

- a

Lv Jacksonville..... m
tArPsernuudInaX.,...... .
Ar BrUnlwiokf..,
Ar Savannah ,. ..,.F,,, FI&.1. .0*
A r Fairfax. -rW.. .D*.. 4I,*.I*..,.
Ar Denumarlc..,.-... *....... F
Ar Columibla... .....0.....F&
Ar Camden.&..-w... ... .,F. ,,
Ar a tmult h. p .q...& aM.......
Ar Wllmingtonn9* 4. d- a t aIb ata
Ar Southern PInea,..*. .14,*..'
r Portsmouth.. 0v0a a*.-W
Ar Rlohmond, Va... b.4..
Ar Wsahingfto...I ,.,* .a,
Ar Halti]more 0....,. ,,.,,4..
Ar PhUadelpbla.. .... ,..
Ar New VorI.0....... .*...


I- ObI 1 4 1




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a '

Connections for Palmetto, MI
Saturday, from Gainesville,
STrain No. 84, Seaboard Expree
ramsa, Jacksonville and New Yo
buled day coaches between Jackno
lining car service frornm Jacksonvil




* I I ,J
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. ...,.-...,......., .,7
"n b'v"

STHE'. DAILY srN:"0 ', I r; .
:" :"h m "~ h ,-".- --- -.-,)- -
.. . .-_.- .. .. ...., .-..:--,... .-_ 4A r "4 .~
. In" --. . .

- -.-. --

. q *- -.-J'a -

t 14111Ok 14i ^j ir nel Int I 1114 110 Wv Ipu oblic h I I d
ilugIi gkI, r llt'l *(lh ril lPr nn' it: rlldo

'a:\ tHIt to t lt) It ftillt titiit. Arft'r
i, hig rr'tn:.iiy tti i'(iri awuko< to *Wt-
rtEI.,r r ';tliagiia ( o(f iilitgrt t!a'ftiiI1t d4(1tt,
ut1l t JI [ t J) 9flv)()rI ) ,trvt,'oi wtiw is
,)r^, K. 'it . . Itosiit l-tl 1A t.0
34(5rv i^i'* iillt' %tsjiir < (iitrl Wrighi;
.Jltlc:I V { rtnTn ;i|i M. H*t!>ry (%sliotwi
aentihil uN Ihil T rM1io'Cl Ihft iitI of I Ij.
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k.... n.E.., ..; 8t. W.Z, ,zpmpyhlb toitqbptomh lowonj cup .sdPt.reed the rte Hio lo
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. .... ....,..t-Lt. w 4p w. .. ... ._.._____ .,_, ,_ ,. .h
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4>. ti. . pTbwf.. t0t of h.MMQB iiag .room.of r..toiug theo .n ... p ,. the eeorgi ca eaaog of
,,,,. ..tflt4.,t ,.-.4 ,nt..ed8lW0:If .thwoiVr!htaknd.V te .u owtfli r4L _

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L; .er lo1dns$itkis ptQ the ear pto0 reons der ton .
.k 00*r puG wIUbemU pionsjte to .s;.. __ r"'_.-___ __ .
,.'..7'.', .. '. . hbe ..aow .j t.s ^ l- .h e.. r at order.ithere
.1. -4 r pL.

^pmr* o llthe Uftood* iv $obtott ORS.t01 Un Henry G*.te tabr ^t4Qr ha beeiiouap thoeverb that theehous o
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ri 1*.*t .T h -r--- It --`t e upI ecw~q te ~ uso
or. An pItlc .n: Tr ite. .- _" !1 t and there is t on
Lrpflrf9qt *t/cn, oo, Ai'couwtot Georgia: to;U th. .vaoanqy ., e being reached
4t.*OEA4Lbn,,psot, :'w uot t cased bhe (y the d 1.z Aof 'Jbstioe LuEp -r.,, 4rd ttte
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-.^ ^&f .~^ .*'I* jn *I**' ntflhma*4 109-SR hO did d h oofrosmpj fathe pof weiolely rapsterl *h yestede
-.a' Mud ^% Thurgaadt<*fetl o(fucnbtenye f h o~ l

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.t:,.,.. p o Y51 wfell ; i wtdoauut wes rdo, hr a c von; t0inn
brhr l ..~ P ...A
tr.. po* m*.*-.t-I.. -lhltd*de.t ,_._ _____________
_1 1 l.- L . .- 4"_

.,, ..,,.. ... .., s.-%'ai$11, tboth places I. .. bi I. pplk In M. e .G ori ditei)! sforn theyeuln
.snflIo 4sy 7omb S::At4Aad*.,
I I ur-liisiatna il
O'P. .W.. *r r "e vm a s', 5 _
441";________ reslrtI0~ wer'!to sW n~ ,3

*; ;4 ". T i .. ., .. .. r
eats aw1 gnt-d 10,: d. ,r dp r~ou

"; :... ,:" ----" -,-'- .. .. ... "- / J -' 5 . .. .,.!, .
__"____"" "_"_'_'_--__---" _-_-- "TQ --0OV- "5#- fren" i ts ld tnt to hol.dingA aftetrn
T ~i"*flK ".; t$Ifyf !eYa st, th sign suscessr4 hi ...j tb4 s.itvices at :.; f. utr futre. m]
-,j...,awdt,-. .p hI.g, Fr.p.c 5. .f tl t.d .fli4 Stt heJit..
..... -. . a *.heo nto on n"Ies"
jw~~~~ "Me antIobth~J the prsn- .'Ai

-0. ., r n .- ~
k- il
~'T~pbtp fMpors RV6cabe thet Ordle lateo WGt~l~ eroustebilblM.Seeo
PA_. -' %k -

No a~ .W I "I'_0f g aK ,l "Sti
1- ]bit, --a~- A~*

----''.--.:".. --___. _- : -teemed -by *very one with whom he fVV V^ f l
-. .-.,..,, .,-. ..", ~,-,.-.- '. came in onitfet, ... KU fiaar i MB.Iq~J~ll
'. .*- "".y M W S n-fAy "7:---.- ,_ L, iw* "y^, ,
-- perenially:bright' : AJ ta I Marconu fa a tof9J,3fl
ae aE eer nteret divrle In wirele telegraph II IMA CM
"tnwip. TrUnluuI. "Here's hoping ti% which obviate thenecesity of erect- 11'11 I (
Uhwill alwAys shlne, butkTht It wll log tower! stations. What Is. needed
;,: i tq i et r a w4r a Old Sol in the Manst le a d isooery that will make the ... RR
,I A '490 old Wtuml timea use of his system practicable upon land RAILROAD
,.,' -,.. -, ....__________. 4 well mes, and tellev the l.people Oftfrs ery Low Rate on Ee
-r# IA ,or* -e -ea td b
t:A '. A The prospects. fo4,larurely increase ot the exorbitlnt charges exacted by boi- Tickets to CUfoi
It C' t. O at.t XI .FlorJida Seminar80 telegraph comp.anle NWev ew, MeaoAr
NMIng tOj)'re RfoSt enoouragri.f 7 Ih W on sl ui
A-,F y'6td464re to gvl your nn o T"le Atlanta Consttitdton tho other
4. .. :. .i.. .. .. cy received the following letter: St. Louis and R
C &~gherthA~ enedtMdon obtiat
A1 v'3jA5 Fkida 6A Seminary I. the ,Sur an Frend-Do the Camnage )iber- ,on1 FARt PLUS w ORNI
tAe-e in .... At -aS .... t.aLm ,..s tUi* -- r y' _nam.. _' ..ts"-1e ei ,-...a-

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I~ -e I rm r ~ ~ Al ~



744.". -- 'B'' I
"rIII tt" '*'-.'. !.- :.. w,.;. *J' .' '*,* a. "'. -*.'"i.r^ ^ -.^,
. A , F . . . .. '',..;-.

gelI lU .F ,
6mdd~d oi*r lI, I T I L:a;,l.(|
Sa re '.. A i. ._ . . ."' .* ; .>

s *m. - i .
th^ maW< T~_.Z.. m o.2 lie
0 -( Ma
r 5.,f$*EV..cin.**
wf .to. 3W i ^ ie to li, 4a^ 1.... ^ ;,;- ,,-",
ngt0ahe p P q4e af 0tP^^ 0 1b-* W.boL""
uga theqie' Dese**aSB6t0LOPP6
iebcbt werEII i .j_,...-.--......
,.hkeelford Uh 1iZTIL _pAb_.t.,.e..:..-""'
-bertt, l P a l a -*-'> isi -
morlp- sufbnlt ;11- U9.0*"~q~
aIn potnt hi S irlani..-......-..,
th eeouvctt, Ic "O t pUr ..esaus..esai'n2
the conv. ,_m.smafe*, i..--.--..,--. --,'*"0,

Debate ye::::::::::::::::::
|d t e gfaj18::::::::::::::::::?:::
ide to a .e.I 7s a 0 a ...w....g..ae0-.MIIm-0
8Sp 1Sp P
ftve mrinuten S 4m a P ...4p*0.0l...*. P-e
i~U Oqp #ni vtl Ovoaqb 041 1 Or-. .. -* *

as early at /t f 8
SL an "u att
ie likelihoodt94 % 41 .0 di e p g..9 J*eE6 SW i
on the Yef N6 g& p &*. F0*#:4:::6::j
t odry or UPtao.4ho- oI l, . .. .--
3.I I i asI
Sp .0reSOS6O*w~e*~B
nitteaofth i s ; ::::::::::::::::
[y provision .-. J l.4sT-. .. .
,~~ ~ ~ 6 0 a B !* V *L S pf **aW*S*-emauee@ a9*SOSE
t6 oW' of the iS I.I m 6* 0 O S *f, ,...., .... ..bSOS .C
i1*di~ifrdffm dt *f ff1P *' S -S tP 44j ra-wce*4a -urned-ii -ne -tW .... -9 bp6 f t -,..-*-. ---.-PPL
.. a,. 0Am..
tam ed sta tu !,! .* 7 g a_ _p A r..,.-.....-...-,r.
f tlie journal -lO PWULlB 1

e Introduced SWJ"ORD n nitO.
oon OeWsSoWOt D -m-.""-- ----N1D
.me went to 3D
whiph mat ..s 00V0 F00 .......
lted them for ..Lv......;.Umnm... ........AJ fi(
".v-l ..,....*.OtSI U...c..e..aJLr
At' Ail ,. e *.Sanford ,. a1...L ,1O
however, ire -- .. ....
ICjWOVCU ntI; Iii I U^ iUAtl_ iA IB Na 7 .
itlIon makhofl fkftjTn
Taylor, relw/ ^ >* Sfg>l the convicts, I ;- . -" -- -- -----.:-
ideration Wa /l1 ij'' 6ftp "" b
^ bil I Ma Wph iiP 4I *p 4i | 40l.
b ill is Mm IHkUibp:ii. t|
a U | f a th pi s' ip.o
Tk-Tim. Tables show tha
- IKWI fthrt stitilon s bnl taeir a4>rl
' .. IrdoM lkOoaLpelr ho14 Unlt. rpot

ilIAI MiWet 5un.,Thur..................
IlK~ L kg Weet ttn,, Tbu...,-,.,,..,..,. I0
Smw ~~~ We isun, b Thr.,....- ..,. 10
. -.' 'o R 49., : *,e .m *. . ; v '. -, _' _r-
t ogyr p of LoM T1 fme "r4
1IowilniDates .
Jo Up rIft A,'PM F 3o i. Gen. ruin. Utah.
zona, Colon w_______0
, Moatana, L .
rtliIjune 16.
Turn vcns
Ps. 'On sale
Ai Tv.e.. n. n VfS. R.

= iK


I -,, -

n l I

*1* ~ 74M<~r,: ".v;.

'I.' '- 1 0 V

.1. A

- ^ ,.j F '* -V : Pt jt^1*i**'.
J ,.9wgm r. ,, of Vocal and

." .wZ4oYNature.
-' I - '. .'r-, I ,
i '* 1^ ^ J'^*ir* '*"" "* ** *

$1dU Ii F.- i-e.

-spe riiE-,b* Perfhormed Well and
BroUght $ pp yise-Neat Sum of
S *57W s b.atl0-zpd, Which Was Con-
sideretd Fine.*L

-Thoe onetO anid literary elntrtaine-
meat oveteb atthe. opera house Wedniesi
day e enitig rot the benefit of ttIe
SGaiueuv~tIJPaseball Aftsociation was a
pspleidt4 suoo su,'both flnanciarlly and
socially, "4 was attended by a large
number ot the plite of the city.
Notwrthbfladinrg that th1e program
was notarried outJusp t as n avkt.risied,
those fe0fiits which were eliminated
from VnRiou aeauses were tilled in with
other excellent numbers
The entertainment oIpened with a
Piano t1o beautifully re(rda ed, by
Miss P6nd. This waS followed ty a
ten zintptes' talk I on the sBL)IjcCL,
S- '12h~ng-7t* Oeuerat/l by *RCV. J4.d116

nub.rht oJ 4h prgam 3orgi Jl,yll
Gray- of Holy Trinity Churclh. Arclh-
deacon OFRy i a leasing speaker, and
it is needless to add thatI ho toUiUttl
v pol0. pohrta of great intcFresL to Lhogt'
presenfL. tHe lectures like liw nr&aehe8
-in a Olea r and earnest way.
J. A. Goodwin, in his tstiul ivnirirtss-
ive manner, rendered a tenor solti. Mrs.
S. W. 'Macholumt recited in hetr ow'i
original way, which nover fajis to n'-
ceivo the hearty appreciation of a
refined nodienoe, S w wag folluwe-d
by a violin solo b~y Miss Nicliards,
which wastono of the most einjoyableU
lumeflibY on tbhe program. George Lynn
added to the evening's pleasuire ly Lhit
rendition of a bass solo, and SO well

did lie perform that he was com peIllted
to respond to the tremendous et inore.
Mr. Lynn is possessed of a rich, nimlo-
dious voice &vhich would carry him
through the world if everything clke
failed. T.ra. Lynn has also a ningnifi-
cenLt so''ano voice, and aidtd the
eiiterta iment by exercising it. Thi.'
is -indd Atalented young coi pl<, iti(i

*4tley arejtd welcomined to thte so eial
circleasor Gainesville.
Miss Tilton, who is in the city thce
guest of tthe fatnity of HOtih \W1I.
Wade Hamnpton, delighteditlle autidience
with a couple of rocitatioiiis inll egro
Dialect which were excentionally fliUe,


h <, ,,J.% .-.
i' .'... .

[f.eit'y- {. ..* ." .....'.
." L '"
,, 4



I ~ II. *



Yheir Majatiea Greeftd with Contiwi
ouL Cheering Along Route.
Thbii July 23.--Klng Wdward and
Queen Alexandra, aecompanLed by the
Iordi Ueutua.nt, the Earl of pDudley
and Princess ,Victoria, their suites and tl
Other offilalx drIove From the vice re-

&ai louge
roatch, i 'h

rioriii -.
an') r' :.,

t J! ,,-.,
vr- h- I

a 1^ q I. :
ti !i t (

i) ( b *~ | i

PI _

in in i *
l'Z;hI I, *

Sto e ca~t~. which they
tort:1y bf'rro 1 o'clock this
Ti V "'eror Wp % pleasait
Ir I! :!'. ". tl.e route greet.
, .. ,J:; i:tl a on(i t i n As cheer.

- \V LI \tI '
' .s \'-,.
. I * .
1 (%
L....I C- i
I a '


1T J '. *, r
Ctio :; .t, ,
C ( l i> i ;i, :, ,0t .
rlji:jl t" '. ., .
l("rl:c t q,* ,

to tt^ j'..s'.:




J q
I '

I~ *~

I liLt I'
I P ~. I -
.. N ~'.
I ... J
1(3 II :1 2 t4

IA I dI I L fti1 eI
\1j1~jI~j W h I9p

hI1 [t'~%
a 82V ~*
i'!*i Lif ~!

a n-Aw7


. LIJ- ,


*I~ ~ -I ~4' T L,

1cts~*i1j~~g.. *:-,.*V.~ ~ '.a *J~ ** ~ *i ~ Hr
~ .. *1t *. ~*t *~ .rI 5J I''
... I .* h..1*-41* I ~
. S tI.
,. I. * ~ .~*? '*-**
.1~ -I
I a 1908 ~ I

. .-. I---- F ____

PI L: _ _ __ _ _

. I. *
. I


Wi.. I



Ft ,~idA.. U
F k *, (
I .-* .0 Ii

S ~ ~ ~ . - . -

r? a iki2"1 U mLr$1a1'a

.9 t
,' .-, th1).Iie room,
I ,t" L t'lis prior to
9.t ,,1 t = .<()It,
Si l'Ine wore

I -.
... r^i r ,ly s, .d
* .i .-t iLnmitltnha
S' i ' than
*.. I. ~tl tl~ s
', 1 *v '7itli t1.tO
,i' b V ,, thI so-
I .t .ht l '.^ < the?
4 lt 1.1 n~'\' to h(A--
' I : ;f ti ) .* "
..' , t^ i

I 4



j q~ 1.1

I- .. I '
. I *I ~
4.: I ~ ~' *1
Mi ~ ~ ~ ;~4
*4W .*.. p

lh r i 'i p ^'i!ittfl411.iI l'r-il:. IhI" \ *; I .k "
Cf Lr% !, ni l it i ji1., \i i i ')kr ): t it.'

eli1 ,ht1 sti,]k "s thtlltr\l ln ,, , ) Ixt ,i
] lil t) i, ,i il .. a bi lli',^: t lit ,.lr

tr.ce OWnilg t< th( I)t1bii; ati rIas
1', i t ,fiinrrls 01 court anidl illitiiary
ofri( Iais i i tii tliiiforll. A ftIr thbe
le\\( Ilei l ; Wt'Ilt t 0 Lt1 0i vt'I itg
1(jtljg., h wiii- h % w'Is Joize:I lby tlthv

terdhtv Ii I.t
pulllo,! do wl,
MaliIlE. (,ir
privinds, liti
atil aimizx.,
and llini1jg
whllO s i!im1:1

they n

( Mrs,


otiitstIe her romi(lde
taio(ry of the pop ))O.
by thle.o olIco, wh
10, s isIJ)[vc)0 t(!tI
~w not1iitflwer Iblt

wIll t kbrm dj rofirInrg t.i'
it)Oil re J nf o reem en

iad ]ii) tf
the lag,

urti 11r


- I

h iring

lice ye,
It wq a
by lady
ick flag
0 police
ts; but

attomptai to
was again




FRICi.iY U111 UT

IPb t]. ,\rt
Puibli,: 4 rili:

hi '- nli

. 1 I 1.

( lt' ,,It f ,r1M A l4 17..' I'a ,
%\'ll Ig !, Iuitut l i li,,g,

i~~~~~~I : .I ''


,t fjr

O( )itlt I h.

I it l rui'I iteln 4'' T

M/\1 "VS I I i.
r o ) ,!t-rtit illvi r .!v 'tii t ili ,-v ill.,. l h1a .

Ito (..i r(
A 4I tiuiI o. l iih 10o dlre
g, Ul &i VINtftLigil. 1.O

AIA I CA s` EN i-)R1 p

* t :


-I L
Ar e"I * .
*.r U.

. b .

Strike of New York Tailors.
Noew York, July 23.---Mro strikes
of E .Rst Sle taillori are I gIIIK arraagr
e,_l for to go Into ( ff'et within tho woxt
t(.-l dayx, .Sevetl- tiloiftand workers
already hav t quilt. The brotherhood
of Tallnrs. cou)mp)tvIt Iof aLtM)it 12,000
coat tailors. iH now mniklng demaadt,
for an agroimit.t& anil noxt week will
oJder strikes agatnet Inditvidual em'


%hM-P-ENP- I



= = =/= = i



4 .

* T






i =' = =

S .It.


I ,


^^ ^^..c^ ,----- '-- '" '1- ." 4f* 1" !.
"' _,~-'S 7 r... "s... .

l- . .t *-vi,'

. y W "ay att"foon. rt I
The Mflrt~faipI Cinpe fed
t Co pr i e
@ '.#4 pr. th t, he Inter

.~r f -.- V, C *4re _III~-'
".* ~I T.*-r i'ft: j11Wh%1r
*Th ', .. ..K. ,. ,. 'R ND R D.. ...SSN I0 *...4.'t.-Vl ri t Jaw .. nt, Jawed tli POrnd bale .
t 4
*...,.,,-.,.',,.: -.-. .* .- I .- L--- ,n ea... Colonel Qa i, ,a
i c ER ED P-0 U*i0 W^^^^
I' 'it : .. I.' ,- '" .- " .. ."" """ " ' " . "
^.;th P.. but: MM 4ut
IItinding Betwen the Wowien . bt nn., no ; 0i.,. 0 S4tee at :SLYSi.. h
VpI* 4b adWaetIn$ K Au ta derv br
L Ox
01" ,;z1 4 Lbaw .:i,.I
-I," '"". '?" ** ... .... "'.r : . .gil. S o u th e r n r o 4 f.s y.s t
::6p. ...I.", [_, ,, ,....,,.,, II-Io.
t,! !,U.hte, t.s[ y, ,f a. ea. d,. |rufl.... and ; 6... Qfl Idrn sold by Judge KImsey i
P^^%n( a nspeoteci ocJoredrml*iC AIloa 1t b
V tisi llo. ` ,emdio ."+ ili," ." ;. Wr, q 1W'. Bitl -- 4 .ii; ::.".. :. ... |'Lrn :Th* .inS Isto. be _o
|;?L4^^ Iey th 4clo t4 k Yoikaswntns no rtik*Whe you tiny 3310 first mac ewbole and thu
3. rit~e eWednesay afctn<^s abon eln' ol c4^I n tIOZSL
^^ >o k *Itbh renderSd them nctemin' GottBen^ *IAK tSrf ^ff^S' p4K your ^ str .eiy
i^ S ""-. i' "+ ", '* "." ' *" ': '"r^ ,, I',w tW-B .-M )~ W l' ,.m ~ o r-* ... .j_ i ^Ar j

aanii' ,n roaet en ;cpi.,rtflfle^ It f. 1. n =was de tu;07ed and ,,severs
t *tpizigt them their IWIln. ;..."i.. .:,;:0!, !: hilToi elif~id!/ .-,. o. .xv
,.. .I . . .
7 werWe atat in Ir* Ids^ong, uttla Rntl ltintar.
bon. u4. 8 Ir$ q,4* fptiswlIOS6AMI nat~yo -ned. chriac at4a. hc

I, thatW aster .. Z is. 'aiitsa, stere killed, Caatro'in force.
# ..I abotof IijhtlibgLiS Mui~fl .: itb .."u jp vol. ..-. .. .. ._ .. .,
te~~~~ 'dd'0 ^S'S^ tc

w o V- -a '. ..:u m,. n Ok .A r'. : ..-
^IIT Flock f Wp tot
r ev to. Vfsas Te wr fe Is said teo
nmn, Ma--t,-"-a, -- I- psoa_. 01.7. ri& J+'Jy.,+Rid--OnI g Japan TM people waat
,.,:,,,.uoonso. + pus,- u It w..a_.. pj ..!e t r.$4 firing *SS ..bwd liil ernment, to ortvo Riua!la I-oa

Io *?dn^0 the *ote tbied tt~~tou oif tert I~tlJta oat her c~rgackdwt an/ rtr6
i il et ,est gtr v,: af y Inip aojg *ill1 r.ea ti got tr IWe .lio, iflU floudm :. .ir,". an,
-!re AV viC lo s 6 all.
I 1the to W.i n d lotiaj, d""tat flock ol 10,io! Sui*.P, e lind = 1 Astuck to myie engine.
!'UiS^^11^1oo"d0 it *ll# they! hia st luSoi4 7*.. r . "e .ha deto oneeie
g.a I;.R'. e" : ai =en klkd o ee$ o Th sheip 0 l0 Jlhta and every 1

liApoar fle, u tca'ebc .4elo' shota bal y wilndlskl h 6ygi ewn te
^Iti4^Q5 standing annd on Uzx womgen batwiae4 cuw dirtp le. cr here ncke woith pae, wri C.
$t .Srwok nidI Instantly killed. 'ii be 't 15 not kon W W 01 ileW 0 tMooSOt lamy, altoeombsve flr byau,
I ,<: ______________-, *...1*. l t r Wb l.!u * ... ilt *t -, Tewa. sil was W ea!
..|.I '..l. 'I :.. .-a a. .o"a. 6. .
:."S -ba'Were- .UAre " a, rlt lo.i
PoorAW o irr DIrr$ ia frth ofl-in -, ."

-|lj^e aIi wodneh2Nr da .hwtotaI~appetnt0 atoa~ i v*
iii' iM phr. ag fo the,,-,, Ow! displayed bii niauypmn.! efl4uring A _S I. w#s a bout tO.give up,.I gi

ggat6iel bad 85agadoea aad at

I, = ^p p5b f iarrhoa. sas Rtz tn~t 'p11 Hn 011o tvpof Blcria SiterT aw
.L60i0t d-6-ot tront | o 1burs, .fa toI o or stiff/ini 1 t, felt as w ever
IrI"i IVeak, sickly, un dw
.4-of= R-o gen, Tent I 01n52 But-Ltwrfl :t newa wn fnIor it lf -. -o na
in.S l telet, bu-it e kuokle' Arn wllkll thealWays gain f ew life, str
.a!Jn, and fors.i.. tong .years I *-i 4 @QWa* tr6 bh. I t'sth, 1.. from, hi ue

X&\Wflawonsitc apd ataild W Si
a g o :. rlji I h uedfi rs o r I S. esew

BBefiSmore-tule.IcT ,e,, ,.o(U,.--n 0!,iaRol Trel..o Tab e / i. efe t _a b19al.
.'r"aphy IerIam ..* ro tins -. ..
tipoutw.thoni ail. Ifl.y :T ake. TII~ 4tlantA!-. i c; Cos i
A irol .qizoao l nt',cnr prep.
of. t Isa I Ai's

#tytlnrment, Oalrlaisn "S -. FORn ALL EARTHLY rotis
.and amran medj" Arn ViaL nL' Vui

'fl. .o ch.onhuded lI or Sl.os p
. orre*i 80111kgoat Is tooWest

.i. *1m*417. The muk~l was w01-; Jacd! .j nllel l !ksonl!,!IUiiI IU~lM
k!.. OrI,, be..!l 'eye Ieornldb.'! *F IRip-d'Vranstt -and TUnsul le
ba.Tint snier. a bUt ,.. druurpasediServic ,.+e. 0I of.l'41ie n, ost Ing TteTable in effeet May fl. 1903.
flubs, Ota, m. tt male __.
h7910 49 tios +i

Wi *sai % oo

.~rI I ...- .- .__lo-t_. o i -mr.,I + ..
r .,d .4rfUedIOeloJ CO Deart For GAINESVILLE
!do I j llm
+".~ i4 r~ w .- 8:40pm High Spnnga and Inter-
< .e.tONflu it M EI ROSE. pil I f -_- _
.< N-$ r t. j mediate Poinws
,, ., ;.. .... __ -I iL
Srtheh Wt*ilctt Peacth or- 12:87 pin 1 Ooala, Leesburg and Tampa, and
iTAQth!..:a .l Intertediate Points
.,-a..,,.-a.a.rr.... .. ; ...n i a .-.._ --..._ -,Ii ; a- -- ,
nly 23.~-Mi LSIurie Ay- ,.2:26 p m Palatka, Daytona, J aoksonville, "
.Itlng MiR POS WelM 4Jt Daily North,-EatandWest
otk-nglon Spanlt ',.^ i -. I-p _

ar ming
ta ba *o.

her -h
fdae mvAt

lof and
erday 0
at Galnes.
offered foi
r in see

wind ad
bIi lropw
a penfoaeI
btae tat'

t the gov
L of 2&0
ot Xe

ierve *F
W. B.1.
, of Bur-
md -pale,
Bun down,
ot a bot-.
tfter tak-
did in my
o. people
>h and
am. Bat-
if .


.IDai, or
ik'vite nO^

rive From
1:25.p In
Da ily
:45 p m
h 0 A


.5 t I MIe
*tw;:s; but- ktular a'on cannot be
-tes enough: -bile to mtak.i tet
x.ecute tiheIr. nataw functional.
aural agitaUtion caused by cathartlc,
continual and Increasing doses to
zt3 .. thIc respits :

I'- I

. I

r *i,

I .

.. *1

r l mittif
trouble, worl
4 '

] For SaIle by John
. 4 d . . .

Laming MetIb*&Ist chaer.e
raiA" Wewoodlhbow
Saad4 It Ok alI mqt oppor
or 4Uy* ad notbnig tAtwe
w it



1$ lao
I. -U




Cf 2l A i B
^c^ JL J ^ejk ^a ,

17-6149,: W. BAY STREET,


E.. E

Abstracts of Title and full inform
Il&W W -h IvV% up i *filt0 __ I 1!

,f'"- ..'.
4l 4 i





IA $t IdL. '.


71 r h -m
*< * ,'I*1 ^* r is. B -iq Y*ytL~ U "r 4 ^ -- -
Ie* **TK't+ ; .11 L':^ rv*i ri. SE TLEitS.

AiVtOne Way
U. 1' -^iytaiT emptc

+* *. :,1, f, i 1 Homesee kers.
-1084t Line Railroad
-o o4 t.o4p jrItcpate in one way
Iset$.$ mtf KI Ohio and Ni'
,ippl.:. r i ., i nciinat,, (),,
auLivlO, r iEvansville, Ind., Pa-
duahbpiZ, Cairn, 111i., St. Louis, Io,
and, potcUyoa"d ; also in basing rntvs
tlroJl-M-0V s .TenC (tickets "ot to
be *o14 trom Memphis proper). for
poti nt oftS and north of the linie uof the
Fri$0po s1 *ten (Memphis to Kansas
Oity), e following points iii Flor-
idaGtor$IA, North and Soutt Car-
olina and Alabama located oi, ti is
syst, *or t0o which the'conpa friis
par**ofta ai.iuthorized tieketting roIte,
jat tfillowI# ~ies under coidititis
name6d .
natem-dOehalflof thle Rtitudtrtl o)v,
way fare,plus $2.X00
Dates of sale-March 3 and 17, !9u ;
April.7 and 21, 1908; May F) ald i"
190I June 2 and 16, 1903; July 7 1111id
21 108 August 4 and 18, 1903; Svp-
tember I and 15, 1903 ; October 6 amId
20, 1908;November 3 and 17, 1N03.
t-intt-AOontinuous passage.
Conditlo ar-Contract and eaclh tou-
pon of tickets to be faced tCoCIIdL-
class, not good in parlor o(r sleepi)ig
oar+" .' i
0,, I
Here are qopte of the staple crops of
the different seetioni s of this territory :
All *vegetables and small fruiLs,
pe ohes, pearsr grapes, figs, orangra,
pineapples, "grapefruit, watcrtielotis,
citrus-and : other fruit, , wcIta1, corl,
oats and other arainis, tobacco, cijtton,
pe~nutv)hay, rice.
The policy of the Atlunntie Comst luitie
is to foster all developments aliig its
line '
It claims that it is the gre1ttstt
truckingroad in America, and it pro-
vides every facility4 for getting farnii,
garden and orchard products toi the
northern markets in the bust possible

coniditioj, in shortest time, aind at low
est rates.
In n6 part of the country is there a
greater abundance of gaime and lish
than on this line.
North nri farmers are itnvitll to
write fq information in detail about
the te tory of the Atlantic Coast

,Al C~Cholera Infantum.
,- This haas'lg lbepn1 regardetld tas oe I
of the most dangerous andll fail dis-
eases to which infants are subject. It
can be cured, however, when properly
treated. All that Is necessary is to
give COhamberlain's Colic, Cliolira axid
Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, its
directed with each bottle, avid i cu re
iscertain. For sale by all drtzggisLs

, . I : *

I* : 3. I ;/^
*.. . . .. . I ..
"* ', '. .' , /r -;^.* *;, .. ,. '
-. : .. I ; '. *., ': .. .. "' .: '* ..'..*** '::,.
.. . ,,, .. .. r r , I l ''.I


A Conldiftionf I Which the, Vlios
Faol.l* as nylI4ckt Pades.
Nig lt thlibruinIsM is a colitltton In
which vi.s it Peirfe,,t. or frirly so, In
tdliiglit. tut frils wiith tht setting ot
tie iSUl nds i notint restore d uider ordl-
1113ry Yot1<1uIti< t t or arti f itbil illutnIna-
tiIq. Tite siuiT*rr rfm night blind-
ittss c1ll iUsually S.-t it htliht oft a can.
dli- tIr hIlj)p w IItIe li 1)ookB dirctly at
it, but lt, CnItII)ot rtmti eveni ihenm the
light i tls (Ib y Iirt tti UiIO tti i' PtWgo.
I. i 1y. ho\*-'r ,r h slisk it's *I1 1i) a
room litIgtti tireiialy' with iiletric-
Ity. tW tlttgii ur ll U HIILiaUtuik then ap.
pr 1i' 1iLug thzat of sini light.
iI1btl114 of light b tlridesaw Is be-
liive i t) h1 tn i xll 1J11oting (it the power,
of Visik l[by itot grt'L light, for it oc-

eurs ilia I

(in siipli^
allIfti" s ill

()nl liili
p 1" J tIl S "tl

11;Iy tilot
liRi^!,y to

IlylS ti t
I'tie t"
hy I-fitl
I : I i -It

T way

soltliers and sailors

'who r(e exposed for
h1e glir; Of the sunl, and
I tlor1rMIN-, 'Iiost eyes are
t.'1jlot irToiill tleo a SwV.
it 4 o4tV't1n tasSoclateil
Id pvj"'VsAont w) 1() IlE'() do
1l13t or titYn-ntUly or 1n

tltil thir st!+ni

S;Lhl, ltvo 1 t1I)4'erstition thnt the
troiil' js dtlul t o to jiIIIljtijt in t ItIhI
l1g on 4t'( it lit' IIbtToigli1t. *And this
bIt'llrf In I'Ililijit'( hi tuI e trnii "Im)t)Ion
blink", ly wxvlie tlthey (cill t1 1 t it e
11t 1i1IiO1l t10 1 8 is pr)I(lIItty Im gii11tIe s
In tlil rtsp(-isht isi it Is hi t e 1rod C-
tic,.. k)[" ff .ns'1 il'y.
litt1 only trtv:ti t tit for night blind-
nflss MI ke';lii gItWvly f1lVt( l bright kight
or Irtit'ctliig ti M eyes wt(i gogkgleh or
1 1 ):l J, 1 Ji lt iIth ( exina 1s28ed etiLna
lml rteiv'rt'il t Its tIttiiit'.-Youtl's Conn-

Ant Arit Ti'-ft
A Ichdy tyi't'liig in

NI iriN'('



the fullo viig mt'toniit of ti n Arnb tea
pnt : ( it l"Our bot dlsl;tiso tIl sllerrub
de iliiit. tlh -vltio of thle country.
nind1 ftIom 1 gip)ts'M; C telittle dozite
RlhIpd iiewtir tLvI)ot wasfls there with
its foild flsflit'h;t(l riN6 of Nipc get hitihLith t!il copper Irny andl ('Irci
of '411tin uI Ij p n i lt gi A gor-
g ,ou- itnld, 1 t sti lt l 1)(,ii .! ilid wn bI)o-
ytindl tlh 1 litth t of sIhll,. lii, 1111U t1id
rover of inabtx vltIiriteti inI the alr,
atnd prlm.iitly usll hms vvti otre. RUiI
tinO14l-gl t girls wttirin p Ian1<: grr'con Jel-
htIh. 11t14l lv-r.r orimiiI nts Witl. W ltti v'llIow


Ji Dl fMlsmY,

and Made N e w\
We buy or sell Furnlture, or oan Rooftruot
with you on the bomnuaonimlti.s, lPatLrontwe
olicited and satiftoatton al.Uwuy,
- ) U I'. WA IA.-I ll h.o T. IAY O




jl ritda


WM, OCHIIALICR. Irtotrleiteo,
1i8 W'. Fortyth st., J.ohksonville,
Opaositc Post' lo e.

Beat dinIng place in city.
WVineu, Liquors a atd Cigarst.

TUE VEws1 f 2KN",



- .- ~.- ~
I ~ .


44 )IN MJCNZJt4S Prp~ir
,. 219-231 W, Hmy'sta Jntoksonvllie,

Faust I)bbrl)hotIlteRaI(IddratIiht. Don't
fail to caII. ixu me whenl i1 Jaenoionvile




The bc.
1. 11 1 ^ ...... 11 d

1. 1, r,
to vo,. r

tv.i tpKt t Q--
., It D1A IN.
,iy >rs il tItl city,
3p ttigttt it ItoJof

I~ ~ *~* .. 4-- gI.~I.

iIlIik IY,1,I! "tItN *%" sIM 4 ltro i l their
livtmics a tl nd m ilt I 1rllit r<-loA01 Sitting
down 1,twveitn ,us, 'tili w1as givenn a
gl as of shE'IrlI)" l in, iit anidl by and
bI th ly hy I'g;iri t4 1ity. Wtt1zrd iind
wi i( Iflulc It wvins, thit of tit. tare('gea,
t i. i [tli iit l tin titar, qjiziilt native
IkStrTnInntotS ( tlon sndl ( 3't, as J1)tiMlJlh, j),4*,,sMNIIg fas
eCiati jl t ino t i t t Itle 1.

For Finanelal Pmigoseg.
Befon. th(il ol le t(oIt WIH tatkenli up at
a I'iT(ro pl)lcI t(f wtorn'hI) th1I minister



.S *I*~I flI~W*~~~

ITLv 0 iit 4A for ttiiimturl
dl(L ki r, s. I itfl ii t I Nsll II
Irrit;tioiI or tIlItOr ivtofli
of il! tu i"P. m uK jiLtI11 IJ AIIPkA.
PIN1,lt3IS, tl |A l 0i0tl%,.
lleSI or poiIin oUll. .
Sl0d1 by C IrsuglaA
of unit I plainn wrppetr.
hy r xprce...., prn"PldI fou
P I.IV, rr 0 lri3lr I .eWk2,*
Circunlar meuit on rmj*Vl


. -

r ra mwtw mams vi 'w.A uRt mn lmw




SOver Dust" A &00o16Bak Ondee!
I O nn.*.

SiGraduate -ltfmorvO4lege Dentp,1 Surviery
ve Y(Suoem" or t*8e.tore AewYok Ct,)
Over Dutbou 00 flat~^Qil~

[Crow.w %UrUKeo torkw Qw Sund Bsl4jr OteL
PhWon ?G4

OradusMo flaltlipqre OMewe Dentali Surver
Five Yoan' *zet~donc* Ax Now York CItr.
CrowaliBrkiro work mxa rinim SpetlbIUa
Onrion (K SNat. BlOzCt, G~il~wvfl4,L5. f




.-. - -- '. -- -- - - I- .-.- -1 .. -.,

- -- w

"i' Je.^i k:i ro, |A m rue,:. "B
";'-, ** .*.. ... ""* red a. :.o- .-. ,:; .- .'.-,. :....; .,"-^.^ ;. : :
"^' a B l'f ^ A ^ C A '" "" ' -- ^ "* 'f ," f- "" *. '* ..,...' 0 ', '- ,' ^. 7;
,;N ^' .M rw r^ ^ ll .bf '.* .mn ,, ., ..1 .,' ,.
,. "q . ,. .*.."1 I ., ..S.
"I 9 .t \ ,.
=h -^'^; )4^ter Kana~i 'men-rfwttt tttne Ir -
"" ,* .^- r. ,," ".:'s <- ^ "- .. f '1 .* ,* ..* *'* -J '. ". / .... r- .*tt -'' ^?1 .^^^1 -"^;'^; ,
Bl ...^^"^:', *SOATO W2~o~ofthRUanejlf %De r
n" i'- -^ ^ '" . j 't i .k .r > '. .e . r' .. : ," .d .' .n . ". .*
l$A ,ft. ".", '"..". "r... ,t- -.*a .nr u t-,jb.u.-n W*._'. _._. .,t;.
. ., ... . . 1 .. A. .. .. .q...
.'. ".'. .r ,, ,.. ." :& dtjof-:.... N ovt. ,' '
-Aid b:':,.; ,' .}' ," a u, m~ n .b !i d
q '" '" : ," ', ".". . : n lr " '. ' ., II " . .r
...I". . .6
,. .,. . . :,, , ,. ., .. .. . ., -, . . .FL
._ .. , , ., . .-. ,.,. ., .. ... .... .. .. .,.. ,, , ., . ... , _+ .6, ,.
. .. .,:..., : . A-,: t _' .. . ,
.~o l ., : ,.., ;, ':..,, ,.I:. -. o o t-h.- e H H-. e ., .:.-
''u.;..' "_. a: a" ". _' .. ,t .," . .... '. . -. '. : '

lo_ wnfI_ .*4RzP9.1fl

MW 'F>-4.
Jnton^-rA) dwetllng on
.4 6, ... > ". ' t I " '"
q .
joeslto Wi~ldo on 'the

.'. ." r ,* : . ".. ; L' . ". I,* ., '.. ,
^ '- ^.'" ;' *;": : ./ '.-.
. I 4- t

EAR; ** -. 141.
yWv $pd. .'- returned.
rt1. , s:.her. paren ts
, I : .. *, ..-., . ..
Lip-. 0 ,pIt gold ring
tag. Reward return-

'I ^-

Si Hl ^ -1 *1 .4 1:
i' )a qr 40l* fH4r oe)
"M; n M w. aMiVMioan and
a%,9 ten Of IWadtvoted county
r:*to, 't rII$4tat wL Ith vt it yea Irdyw. ,,
.1~\ T4.I' -
4l* fr rW %W tent, 8tObnbb. de ted yies
is .7.o A-.1 *"or WInterParkw re he will
I erd48tuziaw/ h hftmsi. =-
0*,"0,4 ."M- t1'nnut, netly frnitshed rooms for
J r s (%h# bungren t per week-and up
I f' 4 '0 at '"! '"' ', '" 'zP
WjHI^^ p,. -: r. ."' '^ ., Use oach tree. Apply Brown House,
.0iIiIila .:.Ow Sr nilth sn4- on, 8.,L of
4hh*, 1WUI r.Wae ewerege victors to this
i^,l...,, d:: r^ elteitey~rdn.dy. ,The San acknowledges
L... ,. sn rosblo el.
,:i^ n h { Reoemeniber- tte ex-utr u ap
IB B' ? .1 .41 M. orer the' Seabobar4 Air L 'e Wednes-
dj4 _f~ r rare ;r1.yony
i H -^^ ;".":; :. : : : ^ ..*.:::"" b2i., Tiket", limited- to tre- da&yes
r *i.%L4Q' Q $. :qu'it *4- .*- .: f ev # lime coCe#Ing a: period of.
i .,Ifa.s.. ,Ses au4 tlowpr., *a, iek Honrt% I! W. 4 en-
;',rg', rs9*tocome upon the street agaif.
*t'S~fY Al~hi F
I;* a ofv.,i : H i.W friends are ga4 to pote fy re eov.o
6,-- r"is.." ;!e rtd e e 46 we .n wr ,o W t to en; ...--

0 LIP J #.a o : ory.. ....
Spoin"t n B ue Mei of -hq effteien
he^^lp *h''rtrn*deetSK
,,I -h jc v
~,L*' I \ ;-! I.' "" "4'-" s- W n perlutenaents of the Duzton|
S ); '";:" rr'#:.4 0PM ''LA'fi .r-"--V hosphite COompany. with h.~quart,
H. t*4 W W:tI W ba.._ro irtw4, hee aDutton, was a business visitor to
F q U~e evzM^tiat lor White whe~e4ao &hwo'yy~strasy.
4$" 0z*'ao4 14" 'Im '"rresIQ Currte Merohant, who has been ill
_._ 55A[ I L- N S with fever tho pkt eight weeks, has
-;;::.T. -., :- .... 3, -_ -5 f 1nl recovered td Jeav~e his bed.
n,. 9 ge~~~l ,oe-garta yeteaa T ,

# .'/ J:X,4*,( 4epartd yesterday The trhrnds oft aIf young matn will be
.-....-the. wrigafl.oe learn ofhim recovery.
: I % n 'i4$yfl:tb./. T -t.ntital. .Wanted, by the Amerlcau Oil and

^ itS&a mtI. iPd, Y. H'utto, of Ohemioal Oompany, bids to furnish.
Ita' Company, New- two hundrtvd. ords pine wood each
p.l3A4 h ynMgrdqv. The month fort period of one year, For
!|igl4*4tk^t thp company. *peoIflattLobs moo J. o Baird. d2taw-wtf
I~ L

."1l "i. ftrom Pot1 Mr snnd Mr. E. ., CadnIn and tam.
:ai. fl4 ^ .lB hai .a been I .ydepartea yeAterday for Washington,
ptg .ad ,.. rthe pastlNew York and other point where
Sto4 t h V v'ueaesney go for thinse remainder Lt 8Uf-
a g j., .. ,sier, Vriends wish them a plea ant
I..M Whte *herL

Hj k .!: h I I!'.' ,,".,.:.',- .* so jo ur.n.. ', ,..
an i.-- md.0. Ratn of Half Moon ,, ,-
J6fl theitt.yyestbrday.a The fbtm- Special iervie to Tampa over sbea.
*r netme-tnrth-a- nnwnna'.ha: nt -iaIIif boait ALiane on the 2*thc tt, Spe

F54 *,i ,in.' ..m-


'. I

p-.' i *.. ,

~I 4. ~ ~ ,i

* *:* *- P


**1 ~q
~I~? iJ
~t&L& ~

.fi S-1



Sorbet e m'eiin, intead of the natural Showed Valdosta a Thing or Two.
juices of digestion. This ie called
catarrh of the stomach. For years I_ There was an interesting game
suffered With catarrh of the stomach, bull in Valdoeta yesterday between t
caused by indiCelion. Doctors and Valdosta Fair Boys and the Orab-P
medleines failed t. betlnefit me until I aoregatLn
used Kodol DyupipeOa Cure.-J. R. agregation
lRhea, Ooppell, Tex. Sold by JS. It waS a lucky streak for the Flori
tBoClford. O. .boys, who won easily iii a score or t
i rr--:7-- to seven
"1 Gun Giub Revived. -wi 4
Gun Club Rvived. ThinsA was tlhe first game Tampa h
Several members of the Gainesville won. tor several davs. afd nnt.nrA

p~sne yitsftrifiy-~ toy- $p~tuefl% V4.4 Ati ^ SaL SWW~p WI qBlF *-: -
where'he. w~~p~d4 the e'remainder.! o .: "" ..':"-----" "" ",
the heate &rm, -h L4 4 t SHOT IN THE LOWER LIMB
.-ltoo and ion I.a or were in ddi e .-- ,-
the, 1i. ti from't Wade yesterday. Mr. Guard Twice commanded PriAoner 1
Blanto rememberedd to -'IY his. re- Stop.Or He Would Shoot, .but Th
pet to the .un by maklbg a eal.. ad No Effect and Guard Founf
o JE. Mixton of .Duon one of the "Nacesary t PFulfi His Theat.
VaRutd employee in-thleoonrmnihsary oj' .:.'. .-...I .". .. '..I ._.
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