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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 22, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID01925
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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, ., .. ""

V f 1 -- ,.t it 1 I k '
* : . .- t * ,. r "
V--, .. .;.
J ." .

*I I

1-* B SS' .4 :" '

w..I .
BP^ :."':- '' "*
s ,,::
I *:, '* :

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M? .
**d ~.

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-...-~4 I-


r1 ussian

p.- :


bels8 ALBuelan
| Governia_ troops.

L.' : ,6 P:_%,._-_: -.

0 From .KnbflaWlent Was So
Ick that CIty- W'l Enshrouded.
qnezuelatFlPit *SttW1led Govern-
ent Building at :Ilvdad flolivar.

lodad, Venozelt, Sunmday, July
At 5 o'cOl6k tUls morning the en-
lment bet*qn, .the government
I and the rOlutlonlsta s occupy.
,Cludad BoVilVar begaa In two di.

.e revoluUcnlta0a QPe'ed the bat.
.J.. At S o'reickttieathoke over Clu-
: Bolivar was s6 thick that it wa
Bible to sle ife city. At 7
k k the govermUent troop*, after
uWrrible fight n. ',wbieh they lost
J than 100 men. captured the come.
At' 8 c'c06k the Venezuelan
ct consisting of. five meiu-of-war,
.i d the government buillding at Clu4
*i: Bolivar.
Ht 10 o'clock the revolutionists' flag
'disappeared 4gm the government
d-ing, anud at UI aill the .treeth near
t buildiflg were captured by the
..ernment forces nid a charge of all
government soldiers in the city
re ordered. ,
b.e wounded Wei the n begminlIng to
lye at the government b.eadquar
from all directions and the flight
1. general, but the movements could
pit be followed fMom here In coase-
oence of the \smoke caused by tho
jifat volley of tlie artillery of the rev-
,lutloniflts, whtch seemed formidable.
|It w~a ,*riwertid! vigorously by the
covernji#tzKunsland only a few shots

? At 2 o'clock in the afternoon a block
i. houses opposite the government
StlbiUng was captured by storm.
4he revoluttOnists seemed to be re.
iltng deseperately,
I.The Associated Press correspontont

Li .n-... .t A 4. Ia 16' Ft I



of Open

Ports in Manchuria,


Paris, J;!y 21.-- -A rtJrt-'s ataIi ve of
he Assor'at, tti l'rt".. iss hll an In-
!rview vt hL (4nlim (cassini. uIsMS'fan

AnblLab sadi .r ,> i,1, t it, Z Sr ah,.s W11
lz here wI P: ot of his ltttvi t.i r ;< i.t ill laris,
tore he t.s atn a ;s;:iltritnlt iinar the
C("hawms jivst.l L.
"It is tU)t t(or',1t' tS ca .ltl., that I

I-'arigej, u U Si t tt'

Hlay. )eolore

ly tl' 1tJiart lit' qu(ti1 orf Ope.l1
(,rts il ],iiuiri1i. t i-s Irtlt that1
It'. I lay ('Ual,. e E J1u111 2S. hut it
4S mllvy a itix l x, .-iii li t ai 1 ndtl t'ly
IJ[l'icii(L. Thr- 0,IhcIh M4hL\riLal ports
re 1 I,(.a: itlitil' ( rhiriug ir oIv.eIsa I
toll but t1i Itt r: 81n- a112tt1(1TI0 were
ni~ jl Jie iti, Th<-l'0 ilti v*ls'1 NN w r
OI~lI ~li~L't t.'., i'tku > tJ( )i1 Vt1'8a1(LUI1 I
uite < iitl, .lL1+Ithljs 1 iiI iii iihs;
liMt I 1)il int gt ) hI tltuiil I thait I
X1et, ili"t. ,l Verhat i h inu 11thiy satiht
victory talk i .itatfii.g rt'zar.i-g MAIn-
hurian <(Z eac d h1u' e1 th tw oVu govtriInij tilt.
lut, 1 it'jl) l nfl S('II trrangomiit has
o3ei alat(e by r'., \vlihat Ihis been,1
Onle b1)3 tin i cli rIirg tltlliriols SI inee mn1
departure 14 (liys ago, I do Inot know.
"R'egaFting tle ]siu*,tI0 0I'tito)n. the
Ji ited Stateti s grov0ej Iit li t aIrieiady
2aows that si9til a jP-1lr1011 wOuILl Io0C
)e received No sinlPji lnuion would
)C It(:'qjfVe( IIIy' aly 3' n1oliioi dl nL s I ta te,.
:he Unlited Sta[te. tirst of aill. WIould
toL coiikSut t! IuIy ilrt lgii iiterteoutice
n Its doniestic ufaltarls. Itoyoid thtls,
)on't know" tiiyi t tilinI.tI utlnit thio Miat.
c t'. Mly rWlatlii.s \ ilh 1 i, UJnitod
ilateIs govi'irntliot .have always hr',:i
)Ieasanit anl tcordital uhirng niy long
tay at WVashington. My &abntl(4to froni
r;.y p)tSt is (t iis t11) t li' fact that I amii
;akitig a naich tietild hlitidiy I di4
lJt see the I prt'$lodIt bef(orP my tie
"iLrttro, as hi was hts.lisnt f('I Vn Watsl
nlgt)ol. I saw Mir. I ayIv, ts ttfR (1L,
Jut oUr in terview was not offirlal ; b1)ut
t was oxtrnieely p1i'as-Rtit
"I expect to retlrrii to mn"y poM)t aA
uron as my leave expires, which wil
),? lu three itontlhs."
Count Cassiit \will rxni.aiin bi'rA ten
lavs longer and iit'n will go to St.





., .---'-:_A . .

W. 0. Steele Found IWibds In Do
Mented Condition,-. I
I July aI,-wO-W 0, Sto le, thi
ft.-atttr merehant wh ha been mlalBs
!n siOe at-Tti-ue0saay --w-foiinda nt
1i-h home and apparent -wauderrtin
en i, t ntt l an'alm!eas itanter.
ic has been temparartly insane and
[ry'tig out ir%tho woods since hlhi diap.
,IcaL7n.e,. without Iood sud with only
a lilttt o Wnter. The discomawecte. story
L hiat he t a now able to give oof his
liie since last Tuesday la aH senlsattlon*
&i as tho story of hia ltysteriousl dis-
ap pea ra uce.
While a loving and devoted wife wai,
distracted with grief. Whle friendly'
aItl relatives were searching every'.
here for him, and rewarfta were or*
fert-e andm their pollee and detectlveu
wore; soarchin atverywbure for him,
aud rewaLrd were *Mtllrd ind tho Io
Ilco aind detective wore leaving naq
stone unturned to .fln him the missingI
man w&alytng, ohtfi thW,&.it1s under!
an oak tree for once blllzta11 1to the
eare.a and troubles, t bathad caused
hls mind to give ,ay.I Witthian theI
iou'ntI of trolley cars &nd tlie wagons
Tattling by on the stony road hoe lay L
for four days and nights li a stupor,
andI he would have tied there except
fPi tho fMet that his strong eonititut
ti)n was able to withstand tlio strain
t aQi live down the naltdy that had 6
sbiildtlnly strlpken him. '
SAt th last, after woOds had been
ascour'ed distant towns telegraphed' to
an(i the city thoroughly setrcheod,
Steele wail discovered golDa toward his
h);Ioe lin his wanderinia, nmil when
P,'r* LAnL ; frionria met him he was but


I '%PI1s"l
i wii


throw trom his own home.
diliscovere( flv i t.dg ttlot
nfortlnto'llr tjl.wy was
covered with iUg hitos, from
to hia feet, Iudlivating that
have spent a grent part o!

t1I), whilo away aaleep on th. ground.
lie Is now at his homno recelvIng
ca.ruful l attontlon.

Millions Does Not Stop Deolh1.
New York, July 21.-.Tfsprt ,,an. op0
eoati'tn which wAs XI)t", Slvu
hrr ?ifc, the widow of F. 0. Matthlse,
s.,', o 'ior president of the Amedrcarn

- w. t1., -.-. -_- -_ ^_ - j a l _ k I a ruF t tf l m fl t a ri M i a a mls r I

*1*" l *-P*^ ^ ^ y ^s a fl B ^ *" ^ y
Il 4- r

L R. i

. J -

L *i ','. . ,L '.' : !. %t'
-... r;r-r." -
. . .. ." .I :. ". I ~* r -r: -'
...-- . -...-- -.r__ _ _ _ _,

..,. -.' "..: *


., A,

. ,,~ *1
I *

. -. :

. 1;


LJULY 22, 1903
-^ -i ^i~~.-.ia -r irr i It f ** &*~*'-- i *' T
.~ Q O II (.C tFL.A- h U* I|.~

", ,* "" "o-- .... _
Twenty-Pifth Dry of. 5iky n Has Seen
i.& -. :,, .. ..

Atl4.It July. 21t--aturday w" tho

twc''ty fltth day of. thle s wioi, u.l
Juit talt of It had expired at luUdnilght
that utihtt Notwittitanidla5 thlKIft
Ute. luiilnese of tmportan.. ha bteen
C praoprtecaL; No Important general bill
has yet gone to the iovernorI- Th.rt
wi" oaq such bill, the. measure limht-
tnlui the tx rato I 5 mlills;Whtlch reach.
ed the iovernor'a hand, but It hbd to
be sent bac; for correcUo.. Then It
was touad it h, td to be L$aed wtth tt,
It Is stil!-pending In the houeo,
STho priJlcipal work tof the legisla-
ture, up to the preosont Umo. beha been
the pais*uei( of ltwai meRUurei, many
of whieh have gone through both bod.
l0n. Some general bills have passed
ether the senate or the house, but uot
both. iMulch of the- time of theo bfout
hus Ibe n devoted to the dlcutsiwloiu
of one or two large questions, soch a
the child labor bill and the oonvlcts,

&'tid It logkb as it muach more of It 1I
to be consumnod ia the same way. Itd
I, not surprising therefore, tb&t t.
resolution by Mr. Mills. of O(borokee,
pIopoelng. to limit the session to 23j
4ayu, whi wnt to the committee onil
Irle, has novcr boon li ird from
TIhe houiso an confrunttd by t a wor
comlpllcated problem In the. quiutfoii
dt the dlisa!xtlon dit tho state felony
Sconvicts than the rnumbora eveo
i thought of, and the prospect are tihatl
IItveral more dais will be devoted to
It beforeftny concluslon ls reached,
I The. caendar of tho preoaunt hou+e
bjt r'epresentatIves, It Is stated by A*'
tititant Clerk D. T1. MuClaitcLiy, Jr.,
Is tho largQst known durlna thbo hiit
Seven ytsri. Within-that time be says
there has novir-rc bo-on a bill nucnberodl
i !w h11 as 700), Saturday hon e bill
i No. 700 was rind a Sidfolnd timo, iIn thb
I b)oue. and the number of t)e last bill
SIntrodtced was 7T9. There ue otherr,
many others. ydt to comne. Heretoo
fote 500 to 600 blllsa ti. beeu a big


Byron Wramm*ll Indicted by Mont4,m


















-- mn --- "-- ....

: c

~4 Lr 'R ,:*. r. Lj -d~ T.. -.9


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m% A m i! m =m i i q=





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S *~ *'*~*'
~ I

S* -; .

.. *4 Pt

' r ,. .. ,. * *
li fc ^ .: ' *- *;'{
B ^ ^ r I ^ + i ... *.. *
F i..I ~ J .. " T l
't.' ," h .,. . ..
.. I T ( I.*,

a . .. .1.. '
.,,-.. ..,+.. A Y..-.
=,;.' I;' T + "" '. -'1 . " "

.;I ,* ,

S I,

, iji

. --|. I
;1 ..t .. ^
, T ^'

I:' r .,


. ...




r Wofl.y

i r I I
We coverthesie i ni
soliccl atd



.\ .' : ^ i I ** . d^ ,. "* "- . ,.-
'1. thy Phayed M4:

^tttH < lip Eao ly, + X '
,%4# 0i~.Arhfds A *0'

F0 Ilu ofltr ,,1k

'w^ %rh w tyai play. l,
. . J e 1*: .

w. ml lhe enemy -ad t
?+,*~~r pq.. ;: : ,. ,+r

4 ab~th rionada ba~sQ44
ave. gonq itown
t#$ a thup taintr '4,'
* Mrfl^elon S

' I ,


. p.

, II,


,a~fe a

Th' e


I" .

' =. r k:
, J t-''P

,i : ,, .. .. .fv .,t i' p r ".illF''1I0 4
ig sI of.
pro t 4dm
'. "i3"h d . I ., ~ ~.~ '' "
*liot ..14b .**l+ ila aitpr 5 e i clever s

qg# a4#sr) w whe4 the
both. iem orjamh .lly fr thfa Ifr
if$ xfr i e game hent
.08 --am 4a-~ ~.

"Victor" is the best
ini the purchase of

*- from abox to a I
by eonsultin

Inform'"tion_ cheerfully tarn

. C

- I

. .- -



S *... t 5 .


t i,, %; : i'. -

rt for &Lna.
ikeh a thti

~&~ -

r =

!t "

Air Li


,TIO R. U.
r---t -= _ _i_'. .--., .... q

ubjot., ;adit i*.44 ^ that -hO STrSMP u'tt fr4L
fl Q;, th:::tle' *noe' u Mke_ _ _'_ __-_ '_ -''_-''-_ -r' '__'__-
ebb*6bm... lin. 41*114- j I SA I

ri'MA p i Iiii m iI i '

14sIrIt' cn8ncu. t -AL-.

id G*:xflftl
147 e. 4,fl{:.4 jy 40B4!Mea:. rat 3*ll .)#L'*frI .. LI .O/q" **':
oA B dwPN O a-d i. .. -I :
tIk UmftdemM !. :lea rto4 : w a i ^**^*i*.- tl Ji fliE--+

IV ,, I
Jw1nvvte'oin !.e, *sr

T'A. -IL

r__ ./,i. e Au *,'. i ., 4Ul ait W I..- UiI

rY,, -1 %4,,-
p ." C. ... p. t -triat 'Yu Xl KIdhS tor' Rheumatitmn
,.iWe orayog ..'l 'uflwlng fiom trheu*
t. 74 WB A :infat the &I4dneyls p be attendSdU
4 b:6y' trom tp At of e o tb $sey wilt elmihaw
the &mtat b* theO' io kotd troum th blood. Foleyo 'I
Intly piot 3/3d4ef oox *t 0b Rtot r.effeot&Itl
srm *ntill Vtp reqie4 for tip. pi~rp.&o R. t Hfop.

,' I'p, aKd4 4 ,T oied dtort 9 hre. e 4 (
tll *t r u d 4oniAUK : 4 #tuntt sp, t re6 blr
~ITa1,dp* igqte rzleclduey r'4 it
T.4nuot Speft tcm ib h Iy
tafa tcb ?IU1L Iaat.'Lw -iha& AaA NIaIqat flnlA in t. ur


9G a 00 p
io 15 t 56p
11 46 45 P
4 R 0 Lo-- ,.*. ;p .
,* 4.** :j:::*..:.,
I So. *pt cj*1 S

*mt1I .. 0. ,..*U o'sd a
1* n l'p e eI e aI U i 4,
-4t b 5 Aa 0 . a *b p I q.*.
Ien ... ...SS :.S.,..
mb. .,,,. ..,,..
afn., . *... .,.
ihnlf;. o_... ....

oiltd, Via..e....
Ilr b 6 0 0 0 b 4l 0 41 a 41 d1 .
~B l tuoee.c. u-s. ..
: l60b6 F0a4ba M.V

r e so M16 a aI a! a lI

LUV aa ,A, a p &a U U 4 4, *p
q u i0*pe S. Ipe wuoIa
MV* W *"*uw. .* 44*
p up a m Ipv 0 I 0 I Ia
ATr. ... .*,,,... P
L1v..a........* I

AF r:A 4p 0 PON u
0o e s. a ca.eo .. *di
I 33* *U j.iit Oq V*

t' S S l e g ^ *U C t 4 4 *
i * ,,* i b I I I
A r '. f PS * m t 4

IOt Pa
8 O7V

6!0 ip,
S18 p
11 53p,
01 0,S
11 32 a
4 15P

10 315

8 I2


'l+F D.!ltlluaf .Connections for Palmetto, I
9 H .,u by JS W. NoVil4Mm : 4 : I Baturda .from aineaville.
Oo i .- d*" A- Twa No. 84, Neaboard Expr'
.' A.: ,L--t..-a ,-I 'Tarmpa, Jaoksouvtlle and New T
, :l*A TMI7.T buled day coaches between Jacki
.1- 113111,11T11 fII dinig ar serWce from Jacksonv
I..66f Saboard Mail, day c
.-tlV.,.t~HI~CIVHnni,_,l.a i,,,rt.ll anA .o,.aK.n


p I'-'

, i; '
Jt' ^





* * L ,'



.A-.. il.. i ..r i1j =11... ;, .,


V del


WL I.'V '. ~ f1~. V t
.L.;'..,.',:* .: ". .,t ; % ,
*_^ Ir-IJLI q
' " ' ",11 :
p2k .. p, -
f,. -. .* : 4.4
F > '. . "
f I i"

k~~~ F >-^^ ^ *
,' ".. l/

i "-,^' "r- .
*. . S ..' .
| .. II

^1_____ THE IDASS

" .:.'.' '..- . .. . .---.. .
%++_ -4%.. .. m.. I-_
-;~~~~ '%, ~~~i"* .~:*** *TEDt s

h* 61. D * J
i.t G n -4 .
i' .A. ..

. I
t,~k~II K. .

- p *. .
. *1 ~%
I ~ ~

. 4.L


. I *I


the City




,.JPR -+ . .'..-.W_ W,,-o."

S ._ ',-, ,.om p, ..t' d Instrum ental
*, O o prs' ''' .'d' I i-; _ .I
|: Selectiol, .ti lf and Recitations
I..9$ th- HIhi*AOharcter--A Big
R .'.; " '-,1' ... .'-. ..+. "? .. ,, + ,**
t Crowd ExpOft .L

*,The musiO tti zttrthboving people
t Gnnesvifltl~|!*VYe an oppo r t u it ty
sb.apending tse.6lo nins at the opera two hobtri very pleasantly, the
ptlon bisfus beiipeflt tendered the
Hall babal ttam. The team, as
been itatedbipforoe, have QIn play-
unnder during tthe
pon juste0iinKgt0baClose, and are
I. veral b uflxi&46fj~l 6rY in de b t. ow-
'r,The Suaftjels *rhat the concert
..bihghb willIhave a tendency to lift
owm conideratilY out of this embar-
$.ing hole..
16;As wifl be .noted" from the program
tjoh followS, gonp of the best talent
t the city has bei'f secured, and an
vning of rare enjoyment is autici-

-following IS the program :
; : PART 1.
.iftnf S lo :.,t q...u 4.*,.. .., 4.iSB Pound
In minutes' Talk^ Things in (Oen-
B.ra' .t .m 1*P .... .Rev. John Gray
Ihor 8olo, Soleotd,4........Mr. Dale
oilatQon1 8eltd .... Mrs. McGol u in
pranto 8ol0,0i S6leqted ... Mis Ford
jolin Duet, Selecteda ..4.... .4.4 ..
I LS...,4.IttISpeS Hampton and Richards
a Solo, Seloeted. .. ... ..Mr. Lynn
I' PART 11
0Piono oloI. ..1P..0.. .. Miss Strobhar
ylve Minutes "Humorous 'Valk ".. .
Y;, q...l,..*3 *., ,.. ....WM r. W ooding
ipano Solo, Seleoted ..... Mrs. Lyn,
jeeltati9fl.8t--Ifeted. . ... Mlis i Til ton
I.oprano SoloSelooted q.. .Miss lynch
?Instrumene Qb4$olo, Selected ........
|^ ,....... .,..... ** ..w..s* MN is e i rLrkhinl
4A Few VarVy a-By Messrs. W\ite, j
aJ OaOosta, Bbhlin and others. I
f< The doors =111 open at th1e regular
#Nar, and e ercieos.wiIl begin at 8;30
[ ,o clock. he pr10e of admission has
Lten^lSa o ents.
I'. Saved From'"Tqrrible Death.

SThe ftamilyof Mrs. M. L. Bobbitt or
I.argertoa, Tenn., saw ter dying g a8Id
Cere powerleesp to save her. The most
illf ul phylielans and every remedy
'ied, failed, while consumption was
ovwly but' ttirely taking her life. In
Is terribleohour Dr. King's New Die-


wure (?actit(Is(titIly13 united there "wLAJ
the utitost jprivitcy. decency and re.
ul.irlty" tt the ixoifnaI'4'xiHnse of one
gluin Iit1lusiv. mli'e old ways have
boi 11i- reorit'tl by net of parliament,
In1t thi ful iouns t'im ipel Is stil) a favorite
'wit ttIo 1liii frll icy a quiet wedding.
You tan drop In .issutIlly and unoste-i
ttiatously mitd nfter the ceremony ad-
Jotirn to ai neighboring restaurant, in
a('-ordaflce wvitli tle latest custom oft
the best soci ty.

Thomas Jeffrsonm, iraret.r,
SLiko N 'ashiligtogi, JCfrerson delighted
lH firalamiug. "l'ie Ihopth of a fltUonp
he wrote in lhis yotilth, "Hies In the til-
er-s of tite SOl." 1 It i flntal retirement
at Monticel!to a gite t addressed himl


Form of .
ila Inter0
at f( tlhe


t ,
20;,ini .


Done Properly, Hardly the Most VI.
cloUt Will Resent It.
"Tlerr e is hardly a living creature."
said a tlaturallst. "that will not permit
a huitan leinig to toucllh t If it Ia tdonlt
In tlie right wnvy. it is necessary to
it. gtiitle anti patient and at the taine
tileN wVithoiflt fpar. 1 have seen natives
Pratcth the hel-its Qf tigers and lions
\Wit:ij a few (days afU ttey were
tnrtLpl)cd. Iunters ofat w1l eephants
tOfteri rtaivl v a:tuong a Ittrdt and rnb r
their legs. Thie girat brutes, althoAgh
tlOy ire ()on tithe ilert, m 1I. permit the
c:lress anti stand still utittl the plpcky I
liunter is Itle to Mlij it mrop around
t le log of tkie &ninimtl he wishes to caP-

l ouFr o\vurb thotitry I have Iove
uttiiiy imetn wlito e< creep to a trout
RtIih;1IU aiil Ih4iltty place thlir hands
tiiitlcr i trtout. \ery softly they rub
Its belly, :sud the trout will lie ql1te
still tLiitil \\ ithi stla ttleii Jerk it Is land-
et0 on tit' lb;iIk.
"I have also seen professional rat
(tmchers juit th'ir lmziads, pit1) upward.
before a rat liole wl'ten the ferrets were
divting t t(I'tIt., As t rut ran out It
wouldi sit Htill on the rat cathler'sa
hand. 1't1 witi IIs isother band he
woou111 strukj it ELcIlcttely, nti 1nd t three
tix ixs out of four he 1wotld manage to
lift tlie rxt without ultiarwiug It and
drop it lieo his blug.
,I I ltv h(ofnl known nIL mati n who could
littid 111kl t1iQ stlt water bilue cnib. the
most hIellIgi'rt'iit andL vindictive erea|
lire 1hi tlio F.ea. P

Gretun (ireen In L oLoao
There is oie "cltaiPul roya which 11
really tinot -a royal c'ltutpel at fl, siyut
Unht Lo.iOhtlo!in)I Tiitler. 'This is the one
k ion' itas Saivoy chapel, whtch pertainSi
not to tIl crownI, lbut to the duehy ofI
Luxtcaster. Properly speaking, It Is the
'lilpoJ] oU tio llosslital of St. John the
Cajtlrst, If one must give It thio only
title th:tt Is 1ilstorlcally correct. A cour
ple of centuries ago It wns a kind ot mo.
vli'slaistljcftlj (retvl l <'een In london,
;i'Eth "tlrt' )1ivttt WU to It by laud
ZLT1(1l two bry waterr,* rw time toutingf ad-
vertlstciuct J)flt It, tind runiawvay lovers

For Sale by Johrnson Bros., Gkinoaville



A ~

.a ~ 4.. ~ .,Lpa. ~ 4.

R a Eo f 1 I W1 r *ll I WEl- ----- -"m S M %- r i

_- -. 1 - ..

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tet~nK 'h

:ft on-th


..-.. .



.>,.F I t ,
i . 9 ,.

L ,. ,, ' '. : .

- .i a i : i aI : *'IF., 'L I *. i i i " : I *, i i i
* i I .. l i. I : :i I i + i I'. I . . . . _' _

~~1' .1

Umn, z'uibfl, *pubbbtftd
t'."': .iph w :.'l. j : '. ";.. ',-",. ^ '. i ,^ ,' *^ "-" '-

--. A: i~-*= 1,rzj'I; wirL-

I 4

. .. .. ." ," :')'rea
*aQme *.lire
'I *0 !gol1 'r

MOthq er*7m mr iotize ina..iM

the #6phtOr Ipj plenurel ben%.
O W.+ I .-h P 1a o r, e ,

beQ a .*,.,. reat delthbt tiu
ShoCurs. at a tIme wl& ing dfo
bRtI to' take their tempting
' Oat.I uoh", people,.l ., well ,aI

h o-lo*ing oeoubt ftwom the
*- ^ u ^. h ; '. *a *. *

kl '. J . . . I .. , r l I I'' . f..
of.4 3'oa torpoton .
oo toattOW `sdlng, epecla)IW'
A Zd,0tor.4 J0rasn at oue time. remldedt'
I ei-^l. M0i:0nMr!i .'.and our people can'
i~~~i. r, Uh yb hl s) ral "!4e r

r~~~~r1~tl OnL* T e.H rtd 'a

0alf l wr ,, ,. f -,?u.6, .. .. ,
.' .. . .'.';. : '.." .. .'..*'. " ,, . ,
-",a.1 a. printed on.
'1 tbyirtssy evening of Wfet week, MeO*Sfbh
"4I b 4r'* 'aoi4 oton, M)El Booth a ni^
'# ' ltak~Wm Arme~Ia, of the stelzien tdI&.

n,^1iQok;o .a^ zy.I~on to sntob a ta toa,*
4 Ao Mugy, bbheyp0t out APne f ii
r ttohqntondf Uio rTfroa4 4Dok. Theo
44J ^ 4t4Wi ae atf Uniitf ttp000e, b60d&uUo tbey
*' ' 'wOuld t ke all three of th em
: tqwah :gt.etaOhsHbttt, Harbor -tarpon,
A' a -n I "-- a t ka i L Off Dt._ ... CO.

wer .,,
'timezaxdiat heau
w103ne0 tO the#
wag fult ate big
W a i Ii4 *:''J i' 'i i I i ^ ?:
Wa ref0r t tip9
Qptue 6041! Pt k



i 1
* ' :

' .,l ;

T 'r , . -: W ...*L-- '- h
V .tQ-- P .F. -'.'- H A.. .A .-B-- -I- "G --- -- ----- .:: .T.ME ..* -- ... h ...

"; '2 t ugjlmas,' Or: h' i '@'' I' '
'4zr 4 U*PLh
A.. i. Q..=.i 1 '0
V~4~i ~~t #1 nw#^%pgfr~ptap Mni a^*, we-r a
ti10. h ih 4who

^ae at ~f3ip )Jftgh :Sprngua
ad' nio, dhelfuI tirn., .dqofrrikug that

rn Iftb.othe lodge dlii tlnuaeln proud Iitr-
XPrwt bl and tMi ngthen; Im n I ''.*
oa1iLx ttbf. theb n etn arrived. AHPgh SpringO at-
t .O' .,4 the..Italrd lat ;,hour in the tsterpoon, wherto
pi ds-. tJ tbe maoronights from all urroqnd-
*J fg Jo(dg& and 1igh pkfnge .lodgd I4fll San .xpert and treatned them to1 a rnmgntficer4 Supper'.
n i / Ic Uwcty were conduotd tI;
*~4:a KacUS;rAtia

Og r| ,.i g ...grem .I: l room, where wor Ain the
* 'i m :* 'U0 lk-.0`OfPage and Xniht was con-
^qrort a1 ftrect upu three cfwdLdft Cea, the I
*fihih 6 '... I gentleman tbamn .rom Mt. Vern06 doingl the work
-niJlpg"took him u'tp toia t o--impressive mannexi At
d4 thl,. 6o ta, 1ive $$b- midnight an elegantly spread wmaeOerved,
0T00 b Tbt' ieveo citien whiob f Asneedles to add was greatly
iiftl".&.QO poutds. o(.njloyedbt those present.
i"' day, the.' Those compriing the working team
p" wA' placed it on o( Mt. Veanon Lodgq are. R. T. Scha-
Ltit, "h&frilgK 10t eents.. ter,.J.APhirfer Geoj M. Lynch, A. M;
L1. oWk.IWi760.. There Oi 3 tnJ. HOoff0y, W. M' sohn-
&Kj04i MtMIa at til pop, wn Ate Kinstry, J. B4 Douglass,
t006of p *il b.t. L. O.Lyc, Marous Endel W .Ho
4o w 0ho Jetw fisdh dersnd l. .W.Diokerson. .
frObs.the EHw*1d *se iL The .iepObern of High Springs todge
" "'",." "" : "apd bthei vliting brethren compit-
it flpdita people. beo men.e<&the work of Mt. Vernon Lodge
#" lei* 'di,.Ilngal rlno. very highly.
".." *.

I *

,. I.
r *1b

, / I,


if ~ .2

staol.that~k ruwt UQo 4 peIpOe, are .tn- '*- Ho^W sThis?
oetoexsq sbtee e &biity er .One R.undredi Do, liAe- I
sf11 fl**tt Q $10 fiO:sh oaoi~Ws here.
doo etN"th .a he' ward r any case of Oartarrh th can- .a
HeobtA1 dooetYh 0ou want ured by H&I n Oatarrh 0ure.
t - 'F, .1 :-;*' .'* ".;-*--- F.J. h~hT. iney for the last 16 yeat, and
1 Andr ;diw th.i eteeI r1 himnn unees t him eec, hoipetee a1I
,thB it wIlkpt;up a W#bPtint at Port buslnes transaetio'n and finanoIalIly
Vuo1borne, -.0 a ,, A16tnn o teuorItse
Ool..."P C.anada, .antd' anbfacture it .able to carry olt any obligatlonW made '
*ood* tzer tor export trade By this b9y I
expedient!t wilt gnt rid of ourtariff W T & TVAX, Wholesale Druggilsts,
ontall It materials, while Itholds the Toledo. 0.
benefits of the tariff on its produota in tWTNTNGo, KINNAN <4 MARVIN, Whole-
.htB 0oouhtry, and shuts out foreign ealeoDrggtia taloledo, 0..
oampetltrs. Its wage pa)'ments and ttarrhl Cureis takea inter-
oothpetpnd, ires wage pStoCadl.metan a1y, athig directly upon the blood
[ei t Oan. ad-nd mucous surfaces of the ytem.
sn,.+' We hall b& engaged In building Teosnimonials sont rree. Price 0 per
up. a.nad&n/ilnidustleoft' thebenefit bottle. Sold4 by aildrtiggstt.,
f th Anerlean t.t mandate. Hal a mly rPills are the best.
an rt_____________...t... A flmsc
, ; ... .'* "Y -. i --- .^ ..... .. .. .., ...... *..-.... ... ................................ A ..I C r *a ".'-
I d% z D "' w e v ,, . -'
Soni: ot 'the erstwhile imud- Mrs. Rangle-1'te ndvertised for i
:uas"n-lst of Alsohua ooufEny are olami servant f1or a whole week with no rV-
drJlng for a "clean oampaigmp' in toe sultl. il adverttaed for a
next p0ary 2 no have to od ing lady, felp and had thirty-
fear. Respectable people do not, care tour to select from the first day.-Balta-
to Noil their hands by wa'lhlng the dirty more Sun. "
linen o(tpoItteal bushwhacker., such Domeastic Troubles.
as they are.- .
,..___ ._ __________ .I It is oxaeption. '.to find a-. family
S- -- --- .. where there are no domnestio ruptures
It 4s a mnstaken idea, under which oocasionly ,butti can be legend
.01 aseeecan be ]esained

Jo Fe





tilans (;-a
NOt 'a
,, Malt eirti
J OPp_.. AU dr;


-, order, p
El) WA ROS, IV holesath

-g~ ~ -

Florida Eu









Ito* 89

No. 23
Da '. -y.7.

, e 00 1,
01 6 I3L

2 20 &~
.4 o_9 i

f) 0 i,
S '1 1%

9 6 U!,i

w_-' -_--<_,
ap4 ^ *
t a i
i ?ih'~


Sl 1S O0h


1 9 43n
slO 5 Wa
-11 IS u
sit 414 A



S Up
4 8ip
I Up

p Wp
S 1

f tIp

[4y p ~ q'

S p 0 il t 0 9*

A r m.. .m J v *mI
IJT v h q U j *' *9 C I* *04
Lr.V..... ,.... .S
LT.. ..,,......,..,.,s,

LT OE.. ... ..
t e4a m C S U$ m -e b a4
N a- 0.0*0 4 1 m a l*SW1 Be 4 Sa
, U U U U U U U S * *' I F
9 P 0 Sw v 99 S ue",, m 'e0e
a" v -m 4% a ib 0 m & a
t e m 0m4 0 m ~.6 0 t 4ki 6 a+
* Sl 4 ES i I *lkiS O *pS
F C I 9b 1 *S9 9 CE l U 'SPO

Sa *a i* .0 a p & m qp
It 0m 0 4 0i lb I 0 6 41
d .m .q4 1- 1. a D 0 0 D 0 a 4 1mW 0 I, 4b
p A S i hi *w es se 0*4SUC1

4 U 1 U .m w/su e S J
A a I ., amat '& eh .,. .
a p 0 0 C w i 4b '1 0 lb a dl U 0

0-4h 0 44049M. w$L 4 a a 4 a I
. ID 4i*9S S *eemb U eeW i
4 p. w i a 0m 6 m 'ra a a 0 0 a 1# 1q
. 0bR. *9eeP4eS.q 41g45
. ,eeee..,atba~ me .,,t, w


niniaalr K p i


,_. Ali".--


*4 1.

..... i -- +

I -

. . .m,


m ---- i --] --

-- ___

i ..:




~MA'k ~J i&J,
.- t~ I
I ** III
I I.

>14, HAYDN.
-Im Thowafl,


I *.irK t~l' to POaty
.J^ ;t~ were grent
4-4-y.^id COMPosed a
, mast~wt*& ^*t1r was invitetI to
the cOm.poser to enjoy the
*rst Qit& chiancet to Ne
zydn'9'. a.a Io trt el catie fuil of
jxpj Ot4a o I I ayd n
Invited W| $Ive his tuterprLta.
ttn a. ..heIM. std of playing it
over hmt4ltMIhb pleasedd at thl CoIUn-
plimcnt. MitpIa.e brillip ntly. for
the worklWaS'i, tlfuI and his ntitlf,
plan's BOUt( W B Otre&*
SSuddeutlyi*1p baltedo and looked tcroea
the piano. ati s friend.
*There'ai 1. wltafte here," h aIl, sai.
passage wtteta for three lintis v'ould
be ImpossiblE. foi soloist. tOf (tIrstIM
those notet fnmet come out."
"O"h,. lu : Haydn quietly, "I can
play lt ," ..
Utoza rt Iaugbeit
"My tre d, rou have not tlire,
luinds. . m/1"
Ier apa xkt,'; anBwPr41d IIyI(dn!
"Neverthel6it I( contend that I (hin
play the paqpange. I woulil not tiave
written It othl rWIe."
'A cheallengeV'. cried. Mozart. "Prove
your.w9r1,'" Arid he yielded lis plt"o'
at tihe pnto..,
His ektctpent rose as iitydn reach.
ed the d(ppitEdb pBssage. whbni, to his
ainttzxemwent, the d opposer I)rougit I1is
nose to the keyboard, and tit1, iotes
rang out cleati and true.

ThIe OrtdnAl of Ihollingr Oil.
In "Ceylon the, system of "witch fintd-
D ng" Is both unique and(i terrleie,. 8t) V
oil from newly gathered king b ( emamutst
in inanufaotflred by one of thle rfrinidtl
of the coupwainant. This is jiurtdi intoi
a primitive stone vessel nilt hliILttId to
the bolfng point. Eacn of tn'e sUs1IC.t-
ed witches Is then brounigt uponh lif
aeone and.iasthen and thierv ctnii~l-d
.to dip ttitee fingers of the righIt itntii
Into the seething calldron, eacli I.:LVllg
18 right uP1,0r hter ldoi'tM of jtLbiC(' ti
,throw the oil remaining tipoln lhr fin
gers into the face op the ecuvnp)lalrtit,
whvo stanad'i near by.
,lhile this ordeal isf Iwltig tiu lra'goimp
S single exclawatlon of pain on tilE, I;art

of the Sumpected person Is e(nusmrn)ttil
to 1)e an a'ffmsslon of guilt. If nto Mtuch
exclamation i made the ln Iocettef( of
the ncciited 16 supposed to l)' estubl
)Ish6ed. It is Sald that every tenllth per-
sou qa..4e Island of Ceylon Itas mpi iimedn
%.irrgers aS Nresult of ikavinlg tnet the
.ordeal of boeng oil."

Swimmitng: dS allor Fasalon." l
It was a redheaded boy froui itcromH
the tracks on his good lbelxt vior iti t he
SSwirImlJig hole above tli <1iiit thtt I
first saw swim hand overt li:iil, zor
sailoror faihian." itsn wr illedtl It. r'hrit-

q J.
3". V 6.** I


I. I '
, I .j

* , r!
., II


.Mrs. Anderson, a prominent
society vWoman of Jacksonville,
Fla., daupifr ot Recorder of
Deeds. Wct, says:
"I rjj art- ij( ft"%v w'ivWes and
i"m'1 11'S" 'hqi h1n' not, at timftqq en-
iiiiit' I ;*- >.mlgs ;kfld s1A&') .p il 3)1s1 01
Trhl k)'V, ot) I ish %'lw i
I( III..IV'" t .' V ,'lt of rqluny lt l I PItI)lk-
It~ilu :'t'(l() i t<\^ii[^kin ,t I'Ift'-ii u t :ii y .,tif I cvcr Intow attd
tIkIL I V'k L I -
.t, V; I."- 1., u ..' ,i
I. 1.:v 'A 1t1'^ r itass \v1ierc tvomen
i., wiih b I.,t ,, : x ..+ rit 1uh t fiit r, ltmO xlnt
',.t.l 6 V w,1,'xt curt. ikn iuss tha:n
th \ itilitlis ifli, ttchicrir y(ir V)eII
t bl', ('. vJ 1:1(1. w f ilit- vK r)tIat'rMP I wlw
\%irthtc ttiiioCtI iL'IIUL i1Iiu2rIbb1^ (3lIktc out
^InlIthd1 lt;Lpyr ntidi in l.-rtIwtct hIk4Ilth
+ftfl !' +i tli,,i','+zi+'l trfiit, nitt t tt w itt t tkins
I.lit1C.I I 1iv,, nev1r-' lis I n it mn setlf
fI l41tsb %ie. lthxe mny streithmtll"andf
npt t ,,'It, k.d l, up thie entire
Sy.stci. Y11.ur I14U6Clei0 hImL14 Imen tlred
.ItLnd titditl tr lit.'neo I it.l -I Miti. ]. AN.\MAnrn, 225 WttVai
ivigtiir St.. .htI(S)fVI11&i Flit.- $500
forfeit if arijJna/ of iboae teaffmtjmp moving genu.
fnensa Wfannot tbe produced.

The experience and testimony
of some of the most noted women
of A tmIrlical ,(o to I)rove 1beyotnd
a pttiMtlonI, that Lyl1t 3i. Ptnk-
li in s VvetstIable ( o1k13m4l(d will
eforrvet all tintlh tit)hilOl at once
bty removigtIc t c autit s, anhel th
st orbur 11m orffiiiHtkm (4) beafthy

MuIu niL 4 fir fiit Jlliawnral m Gypmlea
itihl d 14 avIIIqm Ilaluideumm
In ilii.gilid 1e:iip y3'ri I supposed to
('r il r f iiij i t I ttit flr stM X tine privilege
ot)1l hL;i,,ur lilti h ub l 1ineh r for better
, ir C' tT 'Vt 'sM, (t i I il m( stole ISfl mor
l+ uedt in4 tl4 lt< t.11 thanl 11n 4 li e ob-
K1 'rvik 111h T .ypsl'n, E:;;)p cI)lly in
] [ u];rr'. *tijiy itia i ntt e atvi vrl'ly extetn.-
Iii<' liii i t' jqq rlzht at'tall tittioe ili tc-
I& ;.Cid iiiin' t it ii m ;ti I tit t(.I'toJ., Th ius
i 1ir ri;r i;.;:,e:iito') Ig m PyR y girl liti the
l;iiii (It 111 ih Al ij.yi H nyI' f MOOW E n 110r
i d ... i ... ft . l ..A .. ... I 1

* f . ,
.., ^:



* I .
1 I*
'* .d


- I, t
-Jr. I I




In i, (" ,inrl
I Ptblr i n'


<'., Iii of MARCUI,
kvlattt, g tioo 'c it' o n] g

\1krd let, far

4 ) t I t ,fI

I j t rit r [P-ifoR < f i


r t) 1-iutit'unlar it'!

hli (C!e ir-I.
- ti Irtmett who wia
wLlt aill wi tgin Ult$S

.. -, r r ,. ,..,..q

I ITHE.' D:A..r.s\7Y:I*SU.! 7* L*
r 1 *.1 1*.*1*.
.. I
Irr ,.1I.,p, .'. .i": "
"I"I" "III '."
4. I ~ i. ~t"2 -n n I I. n'*IL It'.-A L''aI
"".n..IhA" .i" .L" ".
"' .' . '. i r "1 '.E 4 ] : l iI I II I I'd I 1I*11, ' 1L
THlE DAILY sUIt &jGINSi ...E4.O.f

, 1~~~. .- ,. : r . .. -.
_ . ,. .' ,.. .... ..+ ."1'l ... "
m* -. :., ,. ." I.' ,
I IJ I dI II: P I ', : II Ii 'I I I 'I . A iI : p' i III

8 .[') 1;. vi ni n( *

it, (jlai i y viIzvt F a.

1It en* dross
tatingly to.)


. 1a

.l:. :. .. , ... ..:".' :,, ...i ..' ..^ ^ ." .\:"', :^ .. .., .^ ,
, '..' . ... ,' ' -. -' : i^. ,-".', ;; ". "."J .'. 1 1' < ',. ,-.

T '"' ," * J *. "' .-* "i T," '.., ,,:.i.. .'im' ', : i .i .. ,ci ,',
..i .1 ' ."' '

r- *- '=' i ^ ^ "^ ^ ^ ^ "^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ." "=
Fi ,

LIA, JULY '22 1908 L
I ., .' "
, ,_A
"". "" *r [ m~

,'; J i g
i .,.. ..., -
.i I. II . ~ p p
i I im tmIm I
I V :1: nn V *"".



lF h --'' -I 'j. ** l' '4.a .q. **v .; *. *.. '-": ",
C*. ". J.
I/.+ "* *-, .Fi ' .p'- L *.'tiI''S. >':-' "IS-" I'" "r'-, . .- "' '1 '" :
i - ,' h h- I .. . '.* -* ' ,. g, ' -
':+:o" :.903.1.


F W ~fq
I, 2

k h,-
it, .

M. I .Tj.h I .. $1M. siaan , ,,
BI ir,,:....: ,:' 1 *" *- w. p i9Ze.. i tbls 61fl ze"$Ih e
ph.,-> I'.'.J~ F' +f .' l .-I:t m e, ;0.- ulei ooudw.sec.ibb .
L ,-o
.'o ra'bo
J t*-( VW^B -RJ l%%^ 0, 0. rFe4ik, 7tho twqoU s'*i4 bugg~y'
mouts^^ure,. 't aweMr t4V6 b. o
BEilB.^R9fl :u aktag hl owmn wagonrs ever sInne he
.t'^^'^ a;^^: **-' LftBle th 4~ne a4y yes
71 L_1'r- '
tI4. Nh Jl Man -Y4ile
zvT:.. OR r DAY *,*,*ld bsu established. tiW ,'.'
4. ff1 j ,. I. ...'","."' :. .: .tflba oi bMh product. Afdw aontht.

jjt 0 "1As' ..for ,:'th* -g he d4elde.6 that he 0o0ul4$ ,*; aj
-' IWk V. 1wit I01"v a1 buggy good arid ap cheap as fpsf
R t:';v:n' r.zgrt.e 4 o1' '.gino#..rien. from wI4oh .he bad bee semi-s
Ii,,; ^.-v ':f:"":,:' s"w 4 J10 ed to. purchasing, ..heeo ..e fitlted
SA-,n*pt ts. m~,I -w q am tO s.,,, ,. ..... h."
d4 pd 06: -11
C-; ... .. .. -. ., ,.. hliaotoryn for this 5,5S
v, it "s", 4ugcst '1tt, shd tae"h. Onu n 1th Mr Pri ."ja the .
Lii j#L.sZie*i02Rh o6o8.t tO West nmanufaoture of his oWn buaS, asdt,
V igloe t Je&nt skt lot notwithstanding hat be trIr tf novIp,
P Of, hddi~.~g. a 6 Intnx. what he t "erms 6 ieA3n le h&e Ia
-pben.,to! S gVera ye'4 the .QU- tnu out fiteqn o* the p- ? ttettes4
.Qo. X. 1t t;ffi':eo terms I:" .

S:.f4Wr4b"$'"het.O bod *"lsi 'tyle. ever seek tl '' h u y
49i4.i Jeaitoip.:La.L Is -entrally Mr. .Pedrk ?hau become cp*Vinced
d4' h.t ,bee004', !bhoi^ uthep ,... lap..e that wxnaki4 i( own buge Is the

rteetlng, Tfl, 1a ,pileoa- proper thint, an4 will now enisrge hi*
fer.,-Wh! ,all ewIafltdd to attend, plnt/ He at. *Pee urQ4 material 4nd
tlg O&K.E welf1411) bpqkesu. The.ea- wiA dit4de hi .oommodloui building
4 J 1 ." k " " . i 'iI. . : -
t Io.- I *oftbebooalonjs il as sured s0o- Ijfo departrne nfor thil purpqn, 4u

a<..M ,h9 ).dlriesof Jenngn .: Like befAoe he. pimens year Is. at In end,
SI .n!. ythasn .. whom ..the. State. of 0a6105vl1e. will -hlavne -probably their
ripa 46itoi inone better, are noted largest buggy ta toy .in the &tate.-and
Sir.perfooton l the culinary PoSIfbiy the onl; c-0nCrR .:which builds
.JV h .*fl ,1 *. I. '' * ^ ^T ^ . .. ". . ". "" = "-' v. .'. "' .' ikj t

S oer fta to respond on *a ,te.vesoloes f.rom.b hq ..Vu
,: "^.^"s -
-1' i W . ,. -aF- ,
Jre~fpgr'r sit, getebt~eepr axaneed C ifrt. 4' wtaoy promises tQ w On -is . getot*0da.' 0Pubmit to
-rtto 'bem earned .. tow1 to kf opl you h've ried
I rptDeWttrso WI w 11iq1Pve. IwTt Will
^as~atieAm0 iterosttng eve;n t-iarIe4 out nhagadIhaentha o
,9 OOty 44 T he:. rnger l o f t h ., -. ....e.
-.4... a f.ortu.--te Inp iomo- rwhe4n eeranhrt4g elsie : fal-1 has
-..+I-". , :. -, .iO ,ll .lll IV '.i O lI I{I O O I I; JL
t ",the so~rvloes ot Oapt,.- 0eo,, M..irin,...b thW In r thousands *cases.. ev.
Fi 6 *a**':,.em of '. 4 ftill.
orah,. .._e 01 ;.I suffered t ron
% Ii 0 ifSV emzsry ~bloe4Iflgazvdprotr ALog Piles. for twen-p
4 O 4ttj O9! tO. an thQeday, Those wI to .
,l hear. tI tkls gentlem~n before 'need itnto byIifrn
$~ ,,t64uo-i-. an boso Wh -, hcv-e p.polqilsts intl. ted a".mny remedies,!
oso!,mwill noW h~ve thea Ip .b .. obtained-+. ,o reie .-ati usedbe.
AI d I a . ...

S4 ,.,. _.,-,wide an4 as. a talker. be,.. I. un- otI 3fon~*this a anlvSl .Ihayve eundotm had no egee4toueh.l
4 ;tl ': _", He is a. sbuc fren f of. the piles, mInoe,-H. AX Tiadasle,I
p 400n!and never musses an oppp~'r S uwmovtop, .Sb QG. E or blind, bleed-I
'+:"'6i IO thi f~~th ropg .i. itohing. snd rotrUding piles no'
-'"c '"-" SRI moe bin fourth. pro -. M4$.equas] 1k .st' .Witch Haze l
L, ; + '5' aI oll S :sv. old by J,8 'foalford A Co. !
.. . .1,.$i ,.. n , .. ..:.. ..,. I 4 .

.'.. tb pb-.4..t*.,- .... ...The GaTflenvIle Band..
,L, a I VS, J v6.Warr b oljopi, Tet
'E;4 J W0eoo -? H, td anemylle O 'ornet Rsnd, under the
Vkisp"pe,'Prot4' M. U. P .ad 'Balr Ieadeathip oftProf. Chas. Dorman, is
N'-$:e"" ",:'-* ". -ad.anoing radl and the ohanoes are
,. yUh ta SgIob-MtsiThb"y W w ,,hat hetOganmix.atJi will give a pub-
-B IIaR^L&''; AlmA O~stet, $a o oeceit. *ItiItee-,n the neo' throe
^^ g .;/";. *. .,wee*ke.,
"M 0 ral.gIn h:R
portaedt Oradlg inthRuA b and is one of the best advertise-
Sooli-flo--- w. tfn- op mon-s-acity ou ld have, besides afford
,Y" ", 6" .: n. iattg entertainment'for the residents.
i. WXmatloi n SI ool Work-Prof Let encourage the boys all we can,
$&.Ot. &4Trenton. t~rtt It [a the duty of every citizen.
A:. >teauch 'ng -the L-ttle Oies to Read-"-- -
^^I*4 a* aitA am --r A mmlana n flLeues' 0Omde a flmannL4ta Cats raa...t Waa a



p. *~ **
r .1

. It*I?
I. ~ ~ I~
I. r ~EI
.- *III

: II~h
I ~
J -I


- i-
.V .

., !. . ... :., -- r J'
_i,:, .-. j r :r *
'i^ tvA ? .. *. *"" A ~r ** ;

I *.,



> < ' -.;* * -..; .* * 1* r * \
ir '. -' c" -' .. ." .
t '.L ." '.'. h . : I "a I
. n a __ . .. .. -
.-J irm Duwmps, at Buffalo, wentthrougli
;,,.. tag VpltlMtI and4nce delighted grew
.I .:". Atrofl step. "How oleafl I" saId
" u* nf. w" -" n
* m He aw them mingle skilfully
* 0 Malt, Wheaet and sunshine'-strength for
,. And that m lakes Force,'" nods "Suhny
,. I.!
* '- "* . ". " : /
.,' * .t ,. .' "
E. .* *. -

h-a-. *. *
' -
--I .
,. 1UI.*I
r *a~
I~ -
. I.
k r *.
a* P-
i~ i .. a



:* I.. ..









. I I -
I *~

-. I U


. I *


.. m u n r - .-

$350Q Reward for Rinplst.
SAtlanta, July 2 G.--overnor Terrell
has offered a reward of $150 tb the ap.
preliehslon of E d Claus, &jllas aD osMs,
charged lWith having committed crim-
inal assfault In Mclntosh county on
Jily 9 last. The county official of
-aMclntoshb have offered a reward, of
6200 .BtBt as the man has not been
.caught, they wrote the -governor sug,
gestlug that he suppleamewL their "
(eled a reward of $200. fut$ as the
man has not been caupjlt, they wrote
the goveonot suggesting that he sup-
plemnent their offer. Thld lie did by
adding another $150.


The Bosi Worm Medicine.
HM P. Kumpe, druggist, Leighton,
Alawrite :.. 0n19 of my customers
had a child whioh was sick, and threw
up all food, could retain nothing on its
mibmaoh l He bOuuht one ipottle of
White's O3ream Vermifuge, and it
butight up 119 worms from. the child.
It'..- the boss torm medicine in the
world" WY ite'a Cream Vermifuge
Is also the children's tonic, tt if-'




Rapid Transit dnd

Time Table in e

Depart For

5--- Wv ~ ~ana



High Spri
" .medi

12: 87 p m Ocala, Leesbu
Daily Intermn

2:25 p m


Palatka, Dayi
North, I

High Springs, Waycrn
Albany, Atlanta, all

Rochelle, M


3 :5(6 I in


Ezs?- rooPCfljfO


I J.


*Take The. Atlan
Tak Th A.t IT



-- i d

. .: A' I

I or I I

3 : p m
Da ly

I I "

'i L ."
L: ,

~1 - 4 -
. ). -. ,'

I- ,, o tt 4,II ;J-i*-I *
.''T^fitt utf^ A 'L '^ *~--' vH I *S~ ~ DJ -
19_L_ _ 14

AtIa t !LnpOers One Way '
i ,Homeseekers./
Th-, ^ .bMir&t Line Railroadt f
Coipi IkZjrctaibpate in otio wfy JB
sBettlefl4t Ohio and 1Iis-.,
epigKieiays^."-Oinoinuati, 0.,
Loui6yV4Z,Z!^ 1Vanavill Id,, 11,-(1rli i '
dueihT 4W It. S*Louits, Mo. J

and pof li.N 4; also in basing rates
fromXibl, T.nnl (tickets nt to
be sold3.:t ..emphis proper), f)r
pointtbkozV""4nortbhof the lue Of t it 1(
FrisoO .9*4ria (Memphis to Kaiis L ,as Cur4
City),t following l)iIts ix, Flor-
ida, GeoPl"gis North and Southl C1tr- If yot Rri
olina W tnd Alabama locattld oii th ist bllIs i r trot
sytemi. or to which the corn apty friis Jrigli t' ,i
part of a' R.uthorized ticketing route, ithlir, alb
at follpwiaig rates under tonditiotlm !'ilthlty d(.I,'Y
named: tifarge or i0i
Ratei-Oneah&Iflof the staiid;tird oe-a( t.t bladdiLr,
way 4Wre, plus $2.00.
Dates of saIe -March3 anid 1, .()3 that l) "iV
April 7 anid 21, 1903; May 5 iaid 1 f j ,'(,rfp
1l08;. Jutine 2 and 16, 1903; July 7 anid l ri'rw. 't .i
2L 1900; 4augut4 and 18, 19013; S,>- 2miINUSON llti
temberta4.dl5, 1903; (etnlx'r 6 and "- =
-20, 1908; November 3 and 17, 1903. J It. :-1
Limnkt-Oontinuous passage.. J "hit
06uditions-Contract and vaeh e-o
pon of tiakets to be faced S 'v)I (i- tI Th
;* fi wll \ 'i '
class, notgood in parlor or sltupjing I;It:i I- .
car- '" 9 i t iKtI i bat
HeO are Borne of tlut stap)le crops of 'ItL1 lin'tixir
the different' sections of thiis territory : 1 wii m't thtI
All vegetables and sinal fruits, j" ol t'i'invk
peaches pears, grapes, figs, ornges.. b" Iv tilt +
pineapple., RrApefruit, wt rt ieotI,('i :
Ill'' 9, i
citrus and other fruits, wheat, cyr't, "t..^ *
oats and other Rrains, tobacco, cotton), m ,... 1
'.Oti1. v'! n i
peanuts, hay, rice. j S
The polQiy of the Atlaitiic Coast I.lne nursi' Nil,-,,t^
is to foBter all developtieiits along iLs 3Iitii\"s iuti
line- she "liul tenig
It clalms' that it is the greatstit i' T iiw ti"' .Iu

trucking road in America, arid it gpro- i
' .. 1any I~lhICt ( Ci,
vides every facility for gettingfr tirln, "
garden and orchard products to the -IIIyIn ha
northern markets in the best jpssitl, -Youti's ('n1
condition, in shortest time, and at low- -
ept rates. .I tItr
Innopartof the country is tlwre a A .'orss.,)i
greater abundance or game and lisl trn<''In tith I?'l
than o this ine. ;iin eds r
Northern farmers are invitti to ..], .
write for information in detail about ii t ()ii!fi
the territory of thu Atlautic Coas stvI, i
Liner 1 /

Cholera Infantum.
Thishas long been regarded as oni
of the most dangerous and fatal dis-
enwe"w4sahich infants are subject It
rcan be' rd, however, wlte'g properly
I treated. All that is necessary is to
j give Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Ikemedy and cator oil, as
directed with each bottle, anid a ctire
in certain. J'or sale by ali'druggists
K &t A -Aakt Jeal r; : b : I J A 1 S a S

^(OW ol'
"iul I)

tx f
"E h ,rtc

mu \ *'nr i
ir +t'1t" t
I r'i i 1'' *ssi i
"t .1i w.
' I) il'l [
ryea r iI '
Nv li'

-, ,"*; '" ,,,,.,
d ; ...p .
. ..-. .

- -

ed Thousands, Will
Cure You. -

troublledt wit1 kidny or
lI.A, such as dropsy
is. catarri, gravel of ttJ Q
1Inn13t in urinea 1 nd uif-
sits, t,,+ i00 frt,(tient diy-

Ziriut'. )aP111 irin tlit' back
tinjpsi-cal swelling or 1il1
, tht, tte., ,We giinranttee
11g Siti iti's Sure Kidney
Wkte cure will be effTemted.
its aiind $1). For sali by

~- ~- Em I
.. . ~ -V

i t i -- r'!:
I ii h P.

t i,' I

'1 ftnir

I |lklI Iq* Y: h'tb fl(lI'IV

bItt Lt'ItU'lioh'jj timi iin.;

11';,,i-jt' \\ hhit-! !ItlI
tin' lt\'r r '::tieut

,'lt. 'l i \'v .;%j;.
bluehn 1>owl oil
ick I I- ,s. thi.4
I Iltltt1nhlttLc l.
ild l (lie nurse
VI' tI1 ItIMI S?
a n s vorv tldI,
' i0.-lt'ii ,|iy of

rv, "'IMairy, ;lii
,1my. we+ tt tlie
tIi1, wVe Sy.VS 'Aw
I'.tb, it Itooks ,
1-(f r)11 ltges setl
i i pa rI'iJni.


a IIftr tni-
-tid thtart=

oIne day

t ltr.
tlIIM'se," thn*

"Ohl. inIss."
h e't a half,
Other half,
e wbn't eat
so nice an'
tinl' round."

lty t lDrunkard4.,
r 4t' ,6ii) u1 1 diversityy in
ist'i'it ty of huliltual drunk-
I S'," I r1!.cMt'1Iz,-1It9t from n
iforI3' Sill'sq WflS ,,al
kNird 1t(id it tirimpI' an(
.10c lirt' ttoT to L en i ltinI
or tlhi eiglito4i1th century.
r hus tlit'td tlhe lives of
I01,1:i1| I bs d( b Id it nt a froln|
n\1'. 1 ritl of 1U10o1 142 witre
i'nl iI()N IIv(d on charity.,
1iiii r ntIif13i 70( convicts.

Iiii'hillnitg 7 1i1iZ'terera. The professor
'Ns ith1'it.'Wt tIihit t Ii seventy-flve years
this rfitily It s cost the (krnan aft,-
t1 lritis-s illn liislaouseO laiWV courts
prisons a'im tl otlier institutions about
$1,250jN.X I I v'latgo.o Journal.


and Mde Iv.
We tAy or ell furnikaure. or can contraot
%tth you on the Onmtoiton btsi* lPttwflaf
Solelited nd a tllarsotlfloa i .t 3ys.

O0NK. U. wAnLu,

8AMU Vl, T. *UllAYWlOR






WMF. SCHt.L.Pft. irol'lerotr.

132 W. Forsyth t., Jittksiznville, Flat
OVpPOI k-L PaM Him- ie


cdifli ;iIace i', city. Fin@
Litquqr amid Cigars. S

THE w,.sr END,
JOHN MI NZSt. t'rtoitrlevor,
gIg-nl %\" lHtby 'tMt, Jackiiouvll.e

Faust bt'pr. bottleanli dlraulght. Don't
fail to call oil 1>4% w)1w1 in.Jaoxl nville

-- Viati tlue--
&IaUbIN. "
* The b,*i. .i.tiviriq In thie city. DLnter-
tninmen' ,-yvry night at it oof (Garden
__''____"--_.l.n_1_2 1 . . _ J __ -- n,- .I ..= --- -,

_V" it fa, a r411r WMnSfituR
dttikeh Is .eet.ltilP. I hitaitiona
irrivtionu tiC l'erailtonai
ofl m %i j u n inmrsbr^nnii.
Plt ilvnr, (iidi tiol &sIt'tIii
h *tDrt itr pwlwfol I ,oi fy S~rmtnwImfs.
ar 801: In plain wrMppr,
by i-xprrp-M. ptepld for
boH r .nftl.etl 3,7b.
Ctrcsul4r *ou4 oa rftlU
"'-~~~ ~ ~~~ .,L.. -, 4

5- ..--.J

'..Ltc~~ '21 ~ L %ii
,I~* .-S ~p ~ 3t&
~ Ilk
4p~~ ~ -.fALW.T L

*~r~ .M ..
- J .
a -*
yr ..' **
.. I

"' ..... I' r' 1 f~t^ ~ B i~^ Ba .-u

f l. ". H ..- . .J..
-*- V '-' "- ', ,, j'^' 3

. L]. N 19T I B 'r,

,Su~I snoattw to Aw .A Mot)4e z

IB ~ t T I I. '
Over hltWn b Qos 3A im QPtoiSp4l
Bptoial tfltipcm *o 0wn~ snd 8rido #ork.
tbon. lORbO a.^TO

Oraduate UlaOtmSre Colleg Dental Surgery
SFive year" expeniotsu tI New York Cli,.
SCrown. tMridgo work4 mF, lL$naP SpllttiocL
I wosz~ l.
Orrn ics nM OInwMa. tiAlXMU6Vi )PYA


. ap% r




For 6




I I. ~



To It i %~
and the EAST.
The NORTH and EST...
pf lU, Del a
Nw O wt l ir/=~
On Akltrr'ata.*
10 wt BSy Sitt, J.
W. A. Tare. p. T. 14.0WW. n~n. Do C. S.
9. .". Tawvia &O A



i~q x POWd., va :S S % 3m JM I U

Jacksonvi le,




I '*






r I ;


7,.. !P. I.. J ,. viij 4 .* 1

,,-". ,". -C, -.'":c, : -,..": "" .g. ',".*-& tA I"- i" '"- i l o ,,: o e

F Y. .. ..-. .. .
41: ., .. . : . . ...
i. %I

t,' .,,'%4 <*~e..<.~, -.. i I e.. ~*/ ~r~, ?. .r t lo I
< .,. i- ,. ..:f./-,.t .. .. ... ., .r,
N' I I i IN :"or

S S! , ,wp.ihitbtr i .eJ.ofJ..w @d.m

Ap. L, +. PY - ,+ ..
71.... . ,0. . , . :1 .-F . . .
3,, .,. .I1A ~ AW Poi
To W- 1JDL# I
.'I.W ,*I %+ q"' J. '.! n .qsz- .q9..
b Aq
I$%.Pter --A). 8*pwot, Pri. uc i ..

,qrn;,. .:
49 4asP. unmrl

;: .4tt( *. 'i :I,' ) __<' b %JI"''l V 4I ' Ji il# Ft!! leoti .!a .8qh,. o) Zxponenbl
q., +. .,: <, +. -.+ , .
+ttr.''.h4V w.: r 2 ',; .....-t41or a to ftobooI arid Mstjeditr
Iwo .L.. w o4L,

... ,. .
., : ., .. ..-,t.'!c,.b1 -.,... .- .rvJ L h ti ./l ...-..r ., *. ., . A.

1* ', a + K U ,, ... a 0 e i
j, 4 p-t~ n~ au

., ::.,N .., il .....I ,~ r' onOv'i ': the *tpmao i
Vu Ii ,

inmbrane,, -0
4I.. fJ4 to, bIr:Yc w V1'om.)1 tj- ?k K
-4r RIPtY: ~: ~ *
i'717 '-. iiii i;i/ ie.4tn ,? h ,te <. ,o~~! .!

1K.* I L b *,ibn toFse6te1
r 9n w E-aa*410f
rr Ar t I5VU IIA

'Jri .ill:.. *y+ ,$ ," $~,~ v ~ i~ Y*t k .... ."* *ne-ve
w Vt .st..nq

I, ab .,..., ..+ ,..,..-,.+..., it ;?t,.r fld lo g.. re: 0 rt oiain i. tsrrhof :t.. .so.
*Y rT",,! '1 01,' used by, ,,'1:.44,
-'.I.."I me.." "" tetnes'" ";, + "' "'7'" N~M~ l: i 0 t lll ll i
CR3. Koolspt
C~~~~t'~~ jh o e u irs th .
M;L. 4 r I biped m pp- L -
01 'V., "IiprhQOtonL u. A!m~ en

!;!lll -, II C-v!~l., L. 4ii!~li ll I~l,." .: '. 0 4 by oai ak Iettlsnstiithl'' ll en far
y..AI l*sV 1 t

A I.. A ; wIL M i eo
tol f . t .' %d &l i o n p l ie Ld. I IJ "-
,,, .+ '.r ,tw--o

W. Ir A off'
^^^*^JPOT*^t'tds forabtfw~um ihl^trip to Sackmon- anI.el ar74l'T.

AljW, hetmbr^ ns S ulnetdycEwhichnaigijf
ItJLk L~ 0. (L 0T

.D.,"i .1tlh **S4I4St.. 6h.o&y $wt.ri..I row thewe Were number
7 ka la^ ^KA4i is not Qhtya c~ucops chl~ren whot h^ uevew u
eafl-i t t ,.' a a a a a a a. .., a .
<.. .< .;.:-'.:.....,i:,,i-../,. :.00-,'b -. n,A-_op',. _+. _.I=+ ,,r.ute04..!-
v' ~~~~~~~~~~~4 .'f gr"i-.n:.... ,. .: L:"Ill;;!kl!ll P-, lUli m~ lll ii, l,'m',,,i
d.'- an] A iI: : :...,+, ,. .. .% '- ''+"'. ""II llllll',- ,--iv i l ..
'."~~~~ ~ ~ ~ to!" 'Yr.' I ~llt .loi,.mll, .tiwkuonis.,

%,.:%.7,:: i -'- .. i06iu a le, m.lio u. iooui,,i/ i^.. ..i ,
",..+ i.-,.. "i ,.i i !.i_._ '"' :ll" 'IL' i~' ',~i'''I~/I' "i i~il~ i iIlili~ iIll!Vli!li~ll ,ll~lPl- !l



. I.'


^fa~~~d"5 cnNb~ao ~ afrge PruuT'.
61.X*flme se I, .

aiP ..I'M mi ., I M
t^50 bta^ W*s~! *fgbbprhoo4h and the ti
h flta 4lW S 6ontiMgenoy fEr4
"'" ,' .." ; lb.t t lo n .. .-
0W.oh .4op) i 4"terbrarig the evidence' in 1
eoe "-pmoedin4 Rl, JoQlot rendered a deoisioun
4,4daqoa'. t fair of'the df.eOdant, when the c
r:,uHollos iWai diMw..040.
Ui. .t 'ifluq.Uioe of thlI city, appet
S defendant. The plaintiff I
imttee Is. L nO.lpreiflenitioi. _____
0 .e. . 4., -a "p. .... -".*" TI.t& i.
sitOwio Co.- I" / .The- FoundatIon of Health.
lipA .N6.. tfmhment is the foundation
sfrna t8. o hetth'"i4ie--lrength. Kodol I
et, _f. rpepaiaOure i. the one great .medhc
r4tYR ,arie-a, ttqenables the .ptemach and dig,
ftFiorda; we qit*kiSe to, digest, assimilate
n. ..oIor-, traRsform All foods into the kind
SL. Hpi,.yei. ood h.atf nouirllhes the nerves
t Qlleje ; u4", the tiues. Kodol lays
jpal- of Sis- fondatlon for health.. Nature d
iets Matide the treoit. -IndigestlUon, dyspepsia,
SIa...etiIte,; ill- disorder o f the stomach and
dinof" the gutlve otgamas are cured by the us:8E
d i .vof. ..i ot,, BoIld by 1. S. Bodiford4 0
. & m.t ', ,.. . . .

k in ..the. Oap Addition to'Crawford & Davis' Es
tioni he 28th Ilahrnent Began Tueasday.
~I t
li6n several Oig to sthe coountantlj inocreia
S, bulneInii of tht firm' Crawb ord & Di
,. p the liery men, dec Ided some time
\verlooded'; toeei.;tb their saables, ana yestel
SU fhIW tlfc*tjto tudaatlon was begun for this
bews., the tiulos which will IncTease the fa
:oling t t te -ies more than double.
664R0 to "A- The'W ate al to be used in the'
the l ruotion o0 this addition will be Os
lia i 5all O dI villhe I)okI. The walls wiJbe oI
For 7yearl 'I regulation. twelre-inch thickness,
jieo Ro aohe, On story in height. Wh-en compi
Itpe untlI Will be one of theinoet modern
Jure.-4, R.. commodious stables in the State.
d by . repulsive .Fetures
--. BlIDflkhGods, ptimples, gren#y
Vnt o 'Isrd ael uddy complexion, which a:
tlt-of israel c m nor amonj wmnep
com n a. g wrnOII c. espee
tabl~ed at his iitulsat a certainatee.destrm vnmu be+

ddiaftru rfg andI making repuleive,
turea..whoh would otherwit eappe
'ndauie was traMilve and refined, indicate that
ye liver Is qu% otf order. ,AD ocCa8
e. thirteen of diose of Herl4ne will cleanse the bo
,r regulate the liver and so establi
attend. olear, earthyy complexio., 60
reunion style, Johnuon Wro.
of the s4a11. Forfeifed Hi Bond. "
let before, AS Thera should have been a iessic

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