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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 15, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID01919
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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*~U*.9VVU ~ *1
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pqqwO m-31


.5, 1903




. M~ph m-mm- p*

mediate Climax Fear-

od, HOwever.



mentary Hallucination, Bollev.
IAt a Shadow Flitted Through
.Room--Faithful .. Atteondai.ts

His Fears.

. Jy 14.-The pope's condi-
k a turn slightly for the wfroao
|Ori ig, but the change does
Ito &pprehension of an Imime
1tima L
night was rather a sleepless
fticularly In the early morning
STheo official bulletin frankly
. of agitated periods during the
and cotif azes that the general
n of the patient is somewhat
expressed. It developed soon at-
b luuance of the bulletin that
Fpreston was quite marked aa
inued to manifest Itself through-
e forenoon, at one time assum-


r N

alarming aspect. This,-was
the pope seemed to lose his
on tangiblle surroundings. For
.t time since his Illness began
.as a momtuntary halluvlfatlon,
tient believing that a shadow
through the room. The doce
cd the attendant succeeded In
g; his feat's. Outside of these
g period of depression the gen-
ndltlon of mental alortoess con.

Peonage Trial Elicits Sharp Words by
Alabama Jurist.
Montgomery, Ala., July 14.---Judge
Thomas G. Jones, of the United .States
court here. has delivered a sensatloa-
al charge to the Jury that has In hand
the case of the United States v-. Fletch-
er Turner, charged with holding ope
Glennie Helms, a negro, In a condi-
tion of peonage.
Although there were only a few pef
Sons in the courtroom pt the tilae.
surprise wai heard on every sldg. The
Jury came ilnto the courtroom and

chance o
a verdict
i lectured
SIf they
by the

,the judge thi
r prospect ot
in the ease.
Jones then v
them. He
believed tho-

at there was no
f their reaching

ery vehemently
told thon that
evidence offered
the defendant

was guilty; that if theta believed the
evidence offered by the defendant the
defendant wan guilty, and that If they
believed the undisputed fact tn the
case the dofentlant was guilty.
Ho Raid he had "no jiowor to put
the Jury in Jail for contempt of court,
but that If they did not return a ver-
dict of guilty they would perjure them-
selves tn the sight of God and diA-
honor themselves In the eyes
" Congremaman A. 0. Wiley, counsel
for the defendant, excepted to the re-i
marks of the Judge. The case Is now
exciting more attention than .ver be-
fore. The Jury was disc(harge.d until


Terrible Tragedy Occurs Near Bir-
mingham, Ala.
Biriningham, Ala., July 14.---Thred
in-'n were instantly killed and another
fatally injureit by an explosion In
the cdInlng mill o thie Birmlngham
powder mills near flroyios, 5 miles
from thle city Saturdlay afternoon
about S o'clock.
The building was totally wrecked
by the explosion, although It did not

efteoet any ,of the
of tho plant, )ef0n5
Tre dead arc:
A. Norris, white
T. Couk, white1
Trh*trrUk i .i 4th. l tbi w-

other 1
too far

1 bulldiegu

, employee.
yard !oss.
e ei t Z l, hI l-~ ...... U L~ +.= S



40 .- -. -. ,rU- ... t .U *. DI *... .. .- .- .- .- *-U -- '-



He Breakfasts With Admiral

Cotton on Kearsarga.
---tl obb umwml


All Ships


In Harbor

Rainbow Fashion and




Royal Salute

Was Fired as Prince Boarded the

American Flaguhip.

Portsmouth, England, July 14,-
Prlnct of Wales visited the U
t bruaktfastod with RoHeir Ailuiral
tj"Lv% .-% I n fjht 1 _j L _^ _

i I .

iuon uu tui 11fl6U&p Xnuararuge. AJI
the ships In the harbor and the chaaw
neol fleet at Splthead drssaed ship
rainbow fashion, manned sides, and
flred a royal salute as the Orince board-
ed the American flagship.
Thu prince was received on the
quarter deck of the Kearearge by Ads
mnIal Cotton and his offlbrsI aid the
party descendod to the adai'ral's cab.
in for breaklftst. at whiet President
Roosevelt and King Edward wore
toasLed Admiral Co:ton xubsuquent-
ly escorted the prince of Wal-a around
the .hlp after which the priti-o landed,
with tthe warhippa firing aniothtr royal

salute, and took a train for
Thuo dipck of the KeaT&argo
ed a aitriking scene at (tl,
tkit pblinee of WaXtltv & Arrithlll
mon In whltt o uniforms ainl ni
ed. lnlntg thV turrets, 'ri
I rails. The British Hag \v:s
i tt rnintinmaat and the wholt,-i
I ruftslqd In raint)w tfashhio

Ea r, .i raped gangway the
was accompI)aniod by

? lord of

, Hem1ph
at thet

time of
wtt .the
rifs link-
dges and
flying at
thtp was
( 'ros tifig

A rlnasa wdtr
A m IiflBador

tf(cl earl o( Sltorno, first
the admiralty, allo othf.or
through the tine tif natlors.
Admiral CrA.tln n id Captalui
ill standing with their hands
r chapeaus, thr rdrumss a(I
soundedI founir ll :e to the signal from the flag-

ship all the
the royal li
n -- -. I .

aI(Idard rt
.. .0 -b

o"t ts4 I lhoisti.t
the main and

i0 on tkh dock rfaci-n the battlehlip
! Kearaarge. Obeying a sharp order,
I the detnermoent prt'sltted arms. while
tho tRrIt'sh iind ;%truggle4,. with rath-
er poor su'cess, thorough "The Star
, Spangled ,annor"' As the ecort
lmar Lrendcertl "'Cood Sieve the KIng."


a- .. -- -~

Fifth and Lost Day of Twenty-FIrt
; Biennial Meeting.
Denver, July 14.-SuuTtrise convon-
tUou twrvkets In tive chtur'chex markod
the opLntIfA itf thu nfth aznd lat dnay
of the twentyJIrst I'nt'ilal iutornatohm-
? l Ch(aruittlau Eidoavor conveitlon.
Large audlenesmv at t tnd& 14 OBt
early mottings and thomwaandta ut IiE-
deavorers pldgedtt tli'iat lvyes anew
to carry oin tho ework whlIrb th organ.

t.q 9:30

ilon by

has tindertaken. Prom i8: 30
t()ifc study 'lasiaus woreo In
at six etlur('ch f .
a" wah the* itmnitJw.t tbo forlIgn i3LtMII)1 t4tUily

I elmaea. of voitich Rov. Iurlan P
Beach, of New Yu k. WIAM litadcr.
; 1ev iN E. Chlvurm. lD.Pf, of Now
i York, lCed( the diseltisort t' Y ")Our
Brother In llack," at ttli ttvslt)In of
the home lUaIion att1ldy clAS. A
oouforetctco of "fltoatglt so atctety work.
ere" was hotlJ st tioe F'irst Unilvortail-
Ist church1 at which th3e H1i)t Jt "How
C(a1i iria(Iiig Christin a Iduhilnv4re!bI
Be P.xtendod.' wis (Itecitsuod by 1) ha.v
laltu It K. Strelo,. of Newport Newu,
I Va,, atol itherx.
bj Trtt itrrer W\Vijlliji $Zhiaw gr)IhM)tIl at
a plR'I WoI'kfirs 4<)nflterenK, Lu l t1tL
Pty~ncu Lh t 'otggKejiit lunal i'Iwrcti, at
I w!lt-i add(ISmM woreo mad )u hy) Mrs
OC: (uerg !. \I ll|itits, uf Nnhl vllto,
'EtII.1 LInd tittii't'a,
S"lhtiw to S:Lv,,I l3WyS" \t 11 th) Ktib-
j0, t OF ,1ld. l~lthay'H reunirlca rtt miuch 'utrhrlbxt wa. ah gaktt 1 h;ri ,itiltii witi yi btrou fl f l't'Id.rt b,'&: i, lit l)0oftiri1 miti a ciuat l ty
q J2tl ,', 9 r Trviiv,.r
\ "Thie FIeltis I q the WXnrld wsi tlto
topjit1 o'f the fort,'tooI flss 1mnti 1itfK ix
Tent E'lndtv() tr T n er- the g ewlm
hrtal "Outr lHrin eo Pr hm ad.dreouwti
Swe4ret'r , w rrI'|IrI'. + v
Dr. HMIerinnAI Dyl', of PhItlalibhit
nrMi4sn It itl uniua jrni itof i I Iv flih*ta-k i 4


I nn


I wt





I fq4
I I(2

l- t~i]


I nl

' '. '
' I

9 .



. .I. -- i si-Ii

- 1 '


[I r --



L '.

* ^
* *

.1 .




r I


i LP fhI. I;.k,e "M
Jt It4 I i1I4W o
Ji.(PSI +-Y. s '* ,t, I I IIII e 41 Ir

, -.-.

J 1q

- ~ I .-rz-:----7--,-- nv~ m n*r"~~rr' ,

i ;1 '* *,f'' 2 ,*,.3.. ...*. :"* rr ., :, 'I .. "
I r

r^^ '.' /.^nn .nmv 1 *. n '* n n a mn woul4. It cute: SOr
S**j.'-. '-'.. I I .'* l^ J .* .. j j. ._/*.*.*-_____._________-_________________________________1____________-_______
Lim m im'I mmCmm mmm m 'm mm .. .m m 4P im-r -- r i m d i ml
.. *mmmmmm m q. mm.*m : *m *NN m.l m a l l S km. V

I PI, ** : *. .

: q---u- o A general Wave of Repairing Has .
NTb 81,00 TO HSH UP Struck the Town. 8.63.,, hl-a S

"; :..", l" ,'-- .. ,"dson, July 14 .1--W. D. Lynn buried 01 J I l6 .A

SI.r.I -f o ctParty Who"Wanted hid youngest boy a the Pine Grove m m ["
v:,::, eV for Sick Daughter, and Af ,eemeterY Sanday and last Monday W .11 .. tt ...... -
Glven Same Free of Cost H. Gay also buried his wife. She dRed ,, ,.
.k. Stuc4th"Twn

^^.t^ .i '*fc. r .of consumption. .* m SilCafVW
,T*. b FT10tlm-Flam DonatorH. S U 8 t* R t i
"""ZIm RI Weekshwfe ,resentedhim tol y W. cCollnm

lll is town., of seneaa ioiin,s, with a nine-,pou --boy Frida. y night.. 1 .
iia..oW ne has developed tha Mother and ehild doing well. II I IN I f T

r'I. U S1ppropriately be termed the twsout 1- 3 Lynn nuie fl| | a SU
r 1 %" I. i 4 Ac O P t Bartram and hCooper Sink. Pirof. R, A. *
of them all, asm it .invoves the
":""" '""Sickbaughe. ad Af eThomae of Gainesvtlle, asted by Miss
-0ia0eter and reputation of a very Pinnell of Brono, runs the CooperRAILROAD

M.!m lnent ehureh and temperanee Sink school, and Prof. DeLand and fre I P I
4 i~ h t '..

Oker, who has resorted to a blak- Mi8s Oateen runs the Bartram ismchool. olb i. Ko
:);..t:tI*.j riIei atw ofsemnnrs wit a ne..pnro ria ih. aooit -ikt .o Ca*1na

".g6 ppropiatel b8"1tee it tb na We wish they would e consolidate and Nevaia. Now Mxco Arin
,, .. scheme wi.i a .O radio, Oregon. Witshlnrtoln M,
rh 70^ttm, SIn order to extort from this build a large school in Judaon, then Idaho. Wyomn on s un
," ,, e. they night run ton months instead of b
indtv Idunal 4$100 as "h us h money. [...- /., ,
the presence ofe witness thio "fve montu o n the ear. Bn o-ns ath
d tormentt ohureli worker wao n oddeae r-pSlling has commenced, buta Oer Veryiw RSates nFlo.
'"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~i =i"i mt .~ l n hhk 11r.i18 so'-6ueh nI ow we fear we will
ifk.r. ladyw finally realizing that issa(heenrunh e ilar schooll o 1 t Cfr
n sck. heme wia h aloosti adnaithn not save muh. San Francisos Los AnS

ftheiiptiminordor toigxtortfront this biCharlie Markin, u son of Tom Juartd th
.luivdAl $1 as hush money. they ightruntenmontof Wade, is here visiting relatives.
h Inn th ptesqnce o witness t Od fe m~onths inihoyr.WONE.1rownAasgneto.E

nh,e :wB a; morcfE~ge on her home .ir .- ,.,, .- .r onal En,,iuminjeni G. A. R.
Ilwhfoh :was about to be eloied, and gho | rr has com e nO. Jab- euon Jy31. Au 3.
pe.....e-vhcl w wJn'7 dtruut to rll Ju
~~~~~~~i~~~pr vRSldfnly lzn ht itsnizssotinchMr. nownw elfariweswil

e4ed the hutindred dollars to hel per vitng Ma Brown o relatives Rtr
...',ontJof"he hole "Joob Lightsey Of South Florida was Denver, C., and Rel
.16 om4 of "the hole!"" D
.. ~here a (ew days ago visiting relaie.,
The scheme was in substance as fol a tW day ago viiing relatives On sule June : to July th. Goc
Siow, ,Mrs. A.fB. Sanchez has gone to Dabner turn until AUg uM ;lst.

Tb!. Ch ohuroh and" temperance leader to visit John B. Sanehez and other ac- Through Puliittnn Mieepini crar dali
:;:'..'. ,^,,^h.. la~m ;- .;= e..., Bot. qu~ntaces Wewis~ he anenJo-ck&,snvh~lu, Macn,)n Aldanta, Oh
WP to amothv lady it1 this Olty stat- qulr es. We wish her an enjoy- Nbhvile and St [os. Free reel
.ngthat her daughter was quite ill, iable time. car between Nashville and St.
-II ^t ^-i- "T_ -" J It rains wo much znow thax- the gras through Pullman HloeIdlng ear dafli
P 6td that the physioiana had p-e! ,'' oa Nnshvtie and Ohieuto. This in the <
sotlbmt. whiskey_ She asked^ the. lady, l about to take some cotton patches, track line between C(flalc.ixo and
w ti.:M o r~ ue a~t w n r um e y m san a mK e a u m e u 3 | _y m-.. -- -- 4 R iv e rc F mo r fu nl p a rtiic u lars tic k e ts z
to uti. her husband and ask him if he dwe Olyati has had his drug store lets add res
.oobd not Induce this certain saloon and dwelling house painted and it has FRED MILLER, T. I
Sflftn to nil1 her a half pint of whiskey, improved the looks of the place won- N 1 Brow Bldg.,
uigAtJng the urgent need. The lady derrully. i ..

~4 A' I

;~?4 r')'

14j p'1

'it) '~'
t i
A' II ~
J~l I)
~ }l 4 r
h~ I
J,) r~,
T ~ ,q
T4 k
S .4 1.
~j4~: A

I ~
PT 4
, I

I ~l I
d ll~ t II
I ,
**j4! if
~ 4I ', .7
,. I
' I
~'~I i II
~3% A
.4 I. 4L.IL
l*l I
~l' ~ I I
Q *~~w
4 I'. L I

II ~l .
I. ~ I I
I~ I

, I
. I L

. *1
. 1.*

A.' I 31.'tf. ...
3 ;I iA JU L Y 1' ,' '1 903 "' '^ 1 -"W'I

'; .' "- ____________ ._ .. .
~ ~ ~~~~. p :P' .
.' ','' .' "" "' 45.4



t, Cutm,


?tl7 atf

. Colo-


Ine 25th
iles and

. Tic It-
'( 0ood
I'ke 1-G

me to re

[ly t)C twCefl
itt taln wgn.
lning" chair
roies, ,and
y between
)nly dourTe
tle Ohio
tnd pILipl)-




rille and
Hi 1 miles
-ea Rlieu-
)k. Free

I/ fl '1 'tflfl* __ .._


P 01 N T S

" Worthy of






Victor Safe an

The "Victori" s the best sa
ing the purchase of a s
from a box to- a bar
by consultilig

Information cheerfully furnish







h d

31 1 N9i _l I SOUTH
9 l a 9 00 p1 2 lo p L .... .... .-.... ...
1015 4 P 250 p .... ..........
11 403 11 1 p3 4 2 Pj .. w 4
12 i ..2. i 4 50 p Ar.... .
.. ..... 4 ISO p Lv .. .4 .. JGaIh
. .J. ... 6. A 4 7* 45 p. A r .. 9 C
I $2< p .. .. h .. .. Lv .... .. L .. .I1
I 5f lt I i .. ..... .. .. .d d ]p11
2 p ... o i. *. .t+. k .... .. I
5 10 p' 7 4 a .a .. .. .. ... 4. .4 .
4 14. Pk 4 42 a ... .. I .- ... .-. I
5 11 p. 5 4 ai .. ... ....... ..... qI
7 08 p 11 20 .. .... .. .......
7 28 I)''] 46 l ..... p .. P.. 4 P....
7 45f 12 0 p I j .. .... .. ..... .
t_ 00 p 1$ 46 a_ *..-. 'Ar ........ ....,.


Lv Jacksonville.........
+ArFernandina ....... ...
Ar Bruriawlck.,..........-
Ar Mavannah........4...
A r Falrfax.9., .4, *......... &a*..
Ar Denm ark.,I .I..a..-..*....
Ar Columbia. .,...........
A r Camden-.p...... h... ..
Ar H am let.., .,, ..... ... .
Ar WIlrilngffton...... ...
Ar Southern Pinens.0.....'
Ar rItaleigh... .,.* ....
Ar Portsmouth,,.... ......
Ar RlQhlmond, Vai........
Ar Washingirton. ..,......,.
Ar Baltimore ............ .P
Ar Phliadelphl an. ....*9Ub*.
Ar New Vork.............


i 05
I 10
5 30

11ii 53
tsII 53-
10 I)

1 I1

* a




for Palmetto,



P ,,

a1 ,.,
a% *
a' I k

p1 .
1t l .
P; .


Saturday, from Gainesville.
Train No. 84, Seaboard Express,
Tampa, Jacksonville and Ncw York
buled day coaches between Jacktomn
dining car service from Jaeksnnrivillp

i oiO-nted, and the husband did ap- ira uarter is now having his store
':"p!Qh the saloon man, explaining to Yrepaired and enlarged and will have it Wll/ lfl
,, sow th .aalonn,-e paiindt,
i-s taatthe liquor was needed for a painted. l l 0 1 T IO
1p1lk ron.. rTho saloon man, as a Rev. 8. N. Sheffield is getting his VlIl1
mtter f charity, gave t whiskey name up as a painer. He has been at
Water of charity, gave th~e whiskey !.- ., ~ nao
Witioutt cost, remarking, that If he work hwre all this year repairing and
otdbeothatservice it woul a- painting up the old houses, and he is WI
od mpeftatserve iimproving the place wonderfully. I I
for4 him pleasure.
The unfortunate wire of the party to Ir we had a railroad Judson would FOR HEALTH AND ]ECll
The unfortunate wire of thze partytob athrnkIntinteltd

whom the saloon nan gave the whis- be Itherankfnotintheled. Situated on the ackon
key:took Qt to the olhuroh and temper- Very Remarkable Cure of Diarrhoea. Southwestern railroad, elev&
anoe worker, who paid her for the "About six years ago for the first north of the town of Alaua.
pseka2age2o2nts Feeling that there timo in my life I had a sadden and eat sulphur in Florida. Cur
iWk o wg gI toraecto
wtaui othl wrong, nu the transaction, severe attack of diarrhoea," any Mrs. rmaism., Kldnoy and Stomncl
lIfltb' flpjted -eno money unhel tatligly. Alice Miller, of Morgan, Texas. "1 Fine fishing and hunting. F
The husbanril of the lady neglected got temporary relief, but it camine back table fare. Rates $5 jwr WeC
to Inform hi W itfe that the whiskey again and again, and for six long years baths.



- ---- ---- Ellfim


I I _1



We cover these impo:
solicit a shai

Life: Aceidenil



rr~~ I
4L*4~ : ,.*
. .: ;*i** '


~r j~ ~ ~ ~
Q~ 'fr
q P-%p I~*'*.'~ :;r -.
qir4h'A* ~*
..~.-. .. r
I *~* ~ *
*q*, .,, ~ n
~ *

i .*,'" ::
E1 l *

*1 *i ~IL
v~ ~4q4 ~ *- 1~ ahllt; ~9'I~h
I ~
.. t b
j I~ ~ ~ *
;. -YE ~ &
I ~U- V.I~
q'I..r I *
q *~ -I

R- .qRb

, x's.** I
.t I.. *
. *1;

1 I "
** 1,1 -'


OF 1"1'- .I. i" 0 .- -v ---. -.m- CM-C -.-- -

. Ii K' a -- .1 ~ ~ n ~ 4 ~ -.~- -. ~.-I ~ ~ *
I a A

'* j U *
l on Will Probabi
ioded This Wok.
i h i

ly BS

tftvy 4l. 4it i s'probable
EBe of representatives will
- .week wbat la to be done
Georgta conyvlots. This is
I, In fact, the most pressing
,fore the legislature at its
ter wIJI not come up, how
1 Thursday,,. when the bill
1der, of Bibb, whose object
tire convicts 'of the state,
1 misdemeanor, at work on
v wIll be considered as the
der. The consideration of
are will precipitate -Ae whole
S-Of the convict question re-

rbhlc there
before the
ier special
7cday thore
by Messrs.

are thrae
house now


orders have been
in the bouse this
wITfl be consider.
Pielda, of Dooly,

irry, of Hart, proposklg an
amendment to the alterna-
law. At )present this law
ble all over the state except
rated cities and towns which
r own road ordinances. The
considered Tuesd-V proposes
nent under which the people
Dunty shall be givon the priv.
oting whether they want the
itve in their county or not
W, as is waI known, r e
Lt each male cfflzen between
S16 and 50 years shall work
i a certain number of daya
Sor in lieu thereof shall lmay
lnty a specfled road tax,
octal order for Wednesday,
Is a bill by MT. George, ol
proposing to make It unlaw'
none to employ a laborer,
cropper wno is iinder con.
L another. There is already
this subject, but the present
Ore specific an4 In stronger
t Is designed to protect Tfarm.
make advan tract, as such employes are
SIni the habit of dlsapl)poariTng
1 'thoae adlvaIAcos are madie.

Before the Senate.

Late will have1 to contendq
Sbills this weuOc which were
passed by te houso. O
by Messrs. Steed anrid Hlxo,
1, provides for the election
school c()mmitsionerK by the
SThere La mtu-h opposition
Peasure in lie senate, and
th mnembeA( of that hotly
r pre!icting 'that It will be
'of by the upper houso ad
a Ktort order..
, measuatr itassed by the

One-Way Settlers' and Round-Trip
.Home Seekers' Rates'.
The Seaboard Air Line railway bav9
arranged thie following attractive rates
to Mantee, Braiderfitownii, Ellenton and
Sarasota, Fla :
From Ohio River Gateways.
One-way settlers' tickets endorsed
second class, not good in parlor or
Bleeping cars, to be sold to all points
on the U. S. & W. I. R. It. and S. S,
Co. lineiat ral I babed oitn-htalf tor Lite
flrst-class limited fare, plus i$2.00.
Tickets will be sold ou the first and
third Tuesdays of each month,_to and
including November 17th, 1903.
Honie seekers' excursion tickets to
Parrish, Ellenton, Palmetto, Braiden.
town, Manatee, O*, and Sarasota
(agency stations), at otie fare, plus
$2.00, for the round trip. Tickets will
be sold ont tL hie first and third Tuesdays
of each month, to and including No-
vemnber 17th, 1903, with final limit
twenty-oite days from date of ealh.
.Tickets will be good to stop-over on
Seaboard Air Line railway en route oit
going journey withiin fifteetn-day
transit limit.
"'lie Seaooard Air Line railway
have issued soine very attractive ad-
vertising matter, covering these rates,
which is being distributed extensively
through the North, East and North-

The Perfect Liver Medicine.
Mrs. AT A. Jol'ey, Noble, 0. rj,
writes: a "I have used Hcrbine for a
number of years, aind caii chlieerftlly
recoamnend it as the most perfect
liver medicine, and the greatest blood
purifier. It is a medicine of pjJsitive
merit, and fully accomplishes all that
[is claifled for it.." Malaria cannot
find a lodgement in the systeiui while
the liver is in perfect order, for ofle of
its functions jt to prevent thit absorpl
tion of fever-prodticing poisolIA. Her-
biuti j a most, eflicient liver regulator.
'50c at Johnsoni Bros.

Large Rolling Stock Contract.
Chattanmoga. July 14.-T-he South.
Srn Hallway company today filed a
topy of a erntraet In the office of the
('outy registrar hiere for-147 now en.
glncts an!i 700 now freight cara to
cost $3.236,170 O.( this amount $700..
000 Is to bt) paid(I for In cash. The
contract Is maiedo with Blair & Co., of
New York.




New York, writes: "After fifteen
days of excruciating pain from sciatic
W11ltdtimfartrua* : 1,, ann m 0 1iudIAb1 TIII a Fl d Iehot Ita IF&S inalkfl kB1

vt.9iP7S '~ 4J
hr .*44

- "_ J t. L _. .. .

-a- .W

% 0

'I *
I' .
..J %




D17-511) w1. AH AI ''ITEE''t,.

n ':i'tI I4



a t 'C'

Fi t'y




n1 S IfIp ln iP a i ft l. atew!


I~ I' ~
p 4"
h I t.S4 h ~i


CHfAS. LJ3DVT & 0c.,

n Af WWsa -s l~k aM ~db af

I /

IiF'. ,.7.












U- 'I: ,-

ran, I ,

. I

It e V.

, -.....






JA ( IN M)N. V 1141 All'.' 9 14 1140 It I DA

." Ir A"
.-- I r- I *~7~ : i I

S J .. .I j. .J


'9K^Y1i *;' '^ 'A ^4 % rt ,1'^, "1
..f~ ,c .- ...t -,flo o i u n .,
pn., t' I *,, .I

I L.Ij .I % ,. :..{-, ,/;..:' "" '

,I i

"~K':"'W W = w m t r '
U 're, .Smm +

I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A 'A V 1t
,~ II 1' *1

R41 tot

i1,7 777; j.
19 ,10 -., I.. **** .
"d*P~6t~~ 15 5 = 1*
I. ,.: r Tt ,Sowtmum, %
L~ri i
t,' :,qqflLpOT devpr. p ever yin the city,
2A"n*er t' a e u' M t ".. .

-. Jany P,." ot atbe to aedt wee Po
-it", -ye ar 4 '. $ -i
'"'. '', '. .- .I:'" '" _._"
S,...: :- .i.. ... '.*,* .--_ .. .,,/ :. -_ -_ -. ,,.- .. _
('.".",!'.m t" ... o r .

L,. ,n :,nq uOll A o COum 10. cents a
^i *lrsr vn.rc aon s 6, 5 ostuM tor 606bh, GA
1.:.0.:.' '-,to~*a.-fi pY .advertUknfr made knowp.
'I .'I" I .'II~ -' ; ld d lt~1q, .,'.I,, :
.N;.: -,_.' -- -,---. ,- --. .. .... ,-,,- ---- .
b'"4;.-fqW-W 601 Sun Is Bni eithbt-Ipmeo,
..'. .ilty oolumn papVer, ublt shed every Mon-
!., 4i" e..Od Thursday, and contains all the
.^iriv 4. .*. E j tae week, locate, state nG 0
t *lr, aSd wfllbemaoiAe&, postage free, to any
r f.. o the utted States or GOua4o, for 1.0OO
.,' i : .Ij' i : L '. --
!,. "- ; .. ". .. .
:i'' 'T AU aM evortls:aKt btU become due afterr Srst
r wppeut anoe of &Gverttaoment, unless otherwise
S* pUtbed in s ontroot, jParties not known to
5I J Wlg be required tO pty fpr advertising hina d-
V:two,. Addris, 1 HflAItY SUNS
,.,' 4 GA4IfsYZLLU FLA-
..I vi
VII .' Frank L..Mayescontlnues $o tnahe
:,", the Pensacola Journal one of the best
o. all8 the State paperte. .
'. I. ',:' *** ." **:_ -_ --_ *-... -
I. If you don't believe there are as
,,, pretty girls in. Florida ast are to be

IL-oon :. nIn.'the universe, just keep your
. ,eye on the porftratts of -the Times.
; es can4Idattus for World's Fair
",I, ,,. "I t
ftI.* ** *I- %boo m- -ON'4
l; I 'Last.. Sunday's ISSUQ ofr rlorida's
J,, great State paper wtil oueP of TheO beet
^/ $1i*t has reached this office, "Editor.
S, Geobge? An his able staff are certain-
""kL..i ,tO e ofngtatUlRCed upon that lasue
I. I .: bte Tiwen-U~n 10n,1.
'i .. t

Senator WIlicinson Call, on9. t11e
! l'*"boaStf'"ed leader, of the f'anti-corporaa
SL (tIQPILS!' of Florida, Is now somewttatI
" ot."* ,a himself, leaving
A boow elected president~ or 1a $1l600O000
. oorpbratlon organized to mine coal
%in Ponnsylvania and do various other

things., in different sections of the
i,', '... united 8tAiea..s
qpmm I 1 1 mUio o
. 'I I *,: I'_ .. -- -
I 4"4^I %- ^ L t*. II f l ,V I" *,, *i^
qi true thIa Senator Talia-
AI?' .tro does not pose as an orator, lint,
i ke all praotlcal busiiwess men, he
I states plainly what ho wishes and pro-

== = I -. = _

Shieep-raisaing, says the Tampa Tinmes,
im becoming a very Important Industry
in South Florida. Sheep thrive hero
and they are subject to very few
diseases.. Recently lthe clip of tho
Sheep in the Plant iCit y section was
sold to a Jacksonville dealer for a largo
sum, The Kissimmnnee VallNy-Ga(&tte
notes a srle of wool in that town t l is
week aw follows: "lThe wool clipp of
this section Is becoming to be a factor
o1 nto mean proportions in this com-
mnniity, firing the current week the
Waters & Caron Company has pur-
'chased 2A0,000 pounds, for which they
paid $(4,000. Messrs. RuLl Bass, Joe
Stratton, Sam Storey, A. J. Whidden
and Dan Stokes were L e sellers, When
it Is remembered that the industry has
been engaged in here but a few years
It will b seen -that it bears a possibil-
ity that beaches out almost beyond
comprehension. We learn that repe
resentatives of both a Jacksonvillo
and a Baltimnore firm were here for the
purpose of buying this wool and the
biddini for it was very enirited for A

A Surgical Operation
Is always dangerous-do not submit to
the surgeon's knife until you have tried
DeWitt'iia Witch Hazel Salve. It will
jtcur when everything elsc fails-it has
done this in thousands of cases. iHere
is one of them: I suffered from
bleedingand prot.rudingpiles for twen-

ty years. Was
specialists and
but obtained nit)
Witt'sWfhtch .lha
of this salve
morithl ago and
of th0 piles si
Quir nt'1rton n- r r

"~ U A L S AA -r a w %/J A I rw'P m
I'ng, itching anR
remedy equals D
Salve. Sold by t

treated by different
used many remedies,
relief until I used 1)eo-
sil Salve. Two boxes
cured me eighteen
I have not had a toueh
nee.-H. A. Tisdale,
C. For blind, bleed-
I protrudiflg piles no
)'eWiVLtt's Witch Hazel
. S liodiford & Co.

. ., |I

r1~~* I~U5

P ., ., L 1. -'. : ., I '- .


^. .. .. ,^i : .. ....^;a ;,:..^ ..i;,, '..'
4 ,.. : o~frk.= mfl, j~ torI.:

o zVsd e 01 d
p nrI. u thu14z44 Ail7 )o. I

fQoIP tipJf tbO umtwze) sie S(M ms, itj

to take flreo ..l I I i
. . u

.d' Ohlr.e Fdes' .'d'I.V.r;y'" that the
HeO. -Frafk.Olark s ."outlawed' 1 so far
Hi.- rak lr I...
as running for CongressB I oooeewued,
doesn't ueem to, have cauis-d that gen-
..tleman to lose any' Seep.p The Hon.
Frank -i somnewhat of a conutltutioalt
lawyer himself and isperfeetly willi g
Loasrgue the case with the a.sUae
Oharles. ",I _/

ASpeaking of taxetC property owner
in Gainea vilie have about as uch of
the burden as they wish 'to boar. The
oityltaxl8 20 mills, State and county
17, and $ub-dlstrict 8 mills,r making
40h mills, or 4.05 per cent 1.05 moro
than either of the banks |li the -town
pay upon savtng depoQuti. Yet those
who pay no taxee would have the bur-
den still further increased.

There are rumors and rumor of
rumors f moves upon the political[
chesaboard, but ye editor has so far
failed to observe any worthy of repro-
duettion in these colum.ns. It is' 'low
very clearly settled as to who will cono
test for tho various offices in the pri-
Smaries of -1904, and with the exception
of Governor Jennings, future an-
iouncements will cause little more
thanr a rIpJ1,e upon tLhe poliical watere-.
41 S .

.I#: i i I i I
se.A0i61t Clay of I S waS 4in.
ah treufitly and talked nter-
eiftlynIy .O4f Democratic affairs, Hle.
uaIdT n'W lam06es mo0t mentioned for
f Penwto4tl? cfttdi4attin my, State are
Gbr itni'd arita r At one tu, Ie
[thought Parker would be sure of' the
nomination but GormaW appears to be
gaining round.. I do not believe
01eveland-- will be a -candidate,-- and -I
think that; if it becomes necessary, h0
W ll nmake:an announcements t that
effect. 0do not thin); any man can ae-
cure the uambination by attempting to
swerve '.Pemocratio sentiment. The
candidate will bethat,man whoin tht,
0011 nventioal regards as most available
at the. time it meets. With regard to
isaues, I believe we should present a
conservative platform. I would not
exclude the tariff issue, but would not
faI7vor sweeping changes that wolId dis-
turb business. Silver should be omnit-
ted entLirely... It belongs to the past.
I was an advocate of silver and be-
lieve in it now, hut I realize that the
time is at hand for us to make a con-
servative platform on which all can
stand, dealing only with isaues of the
present day."


Charged with Perjury In St. Louis
B oodle Deals.
h. tI.ouis, Juily 14.--Jullus ebmaw,
a lornmeir member of the house of del&
gate, went to lhis second trial today
on the charge of perjury In connection
with the city lighting boodle deal In
which $47,500 Is alleged to have been
divided among members of the houso
cofllbin a tion,
Lehmanni was convicted on the first
trial and sentenced to the penitentiary.
but the supreme court reversed ^i
y*rdict tnind remanded the case on a
theIhnlcaity. Judge Ryan is hearing
the caqe. '





Florida Ea



- -_ _--t-_ ---.- _--. ---- .. p...r-r- -.



No, 99

No. 29

Sm"k-ro I i'"b....




i 80 Sp

010 554
13 10 pR a
al 28a
;lla tol
1 01)6
- p i s ~

Id v 's

it mu
4~ 4 9 U I S 4 4 4 6

S0 4*k a J t
i I 4 = i "* 1So
a.* **...a* .St*
4 4 0 G *IC
m P .b A

SLv .. b
, r ..0 E ..a

E u S4 I 1 m *
.2 ,4 Ike 4, 1114


~9 N,. .1 ~11~r~

1 E -


I =

. S



4 0 0*



w L





Orders ip
i. Frt AWARDS, Wholesal


19on t FaA
bowels, but regular action cannot be
secretes enough bile to make the
execute their natural functions. ,
ural agitation caused by cat hartics,
continual and Increasing doses to
atta-an the results.




m 4
b mitti
trouble, woi


-, -Z -, -.-" -, .

A r '



,Ih- ,Il
?' "." ; .r'^ ,' l =='
** *

q" 0

d a.J i-,

_______________________________________________________________ ~ -.a ~ ..-

, .^ ;: .*-*'.^ a .^^ ^
4 CA 4 r'':
ti "

I-- I -, ':- r .
rz ha, 1903 ," ,
w '=,f; *i* ? ,

S '': .:. r
I. i. t i' r. i

I I .. i-f. _- _-_-1A1
U. ynL1 UU --
SI/ Ti A 'VSC DnEr Owting to Misunderstanding as to Date.
A S $PO RE rEtc, Would Nottb on Stage.,
Ili : .' -- / *,s to be regretted that Mr. Adwin,
'I '. Southers. who war to have presented I
i ol6me Was Ualed on Sec- the Freneli playlet, "twixt Axe aind
Inning on Account Rain. Crown, at the opera house last night.
II ni oil A tmI 0+ rw ,h.o+ oe ,,
II/B __ _;_____ decided on account of misandentandb
BVILLE PLAY.ED STRONG ing as regards the date and the fact I
I _____._ that the attraction was not properly
advertised, nu4 to make his appeared
a Just in the Humor to Give "d to mke appear-
s... I atee. .
onvtle Whalt the Jays tve 'The advance agent of Mr. Southern
I the Day Before-Two Games arrived in the city saturday, two days
Iy, Morning and Afternoon. late, and for sonie reason failed- to
S, or-e _-Ipresent the attraction properly before
eme that boraulie suiiles upon l
kstonvilla bLeball ar htine public. Lthe result was naturally I
govle bo laggre gation. i
that the advance sales were not suffi-
$tOve played ball in -thy rain for. and the
.t ten days, and have become so clemlt Lo opef the opera huler tl tw s '
/'_ .'.,,;.. ..,. ,"Inckrnezicy, of die o ,t.'atier,+ was too,
^f ed to playiliK under thetolse ln"- h wte a o
med to py ta..d.r thebe -nituchi to adJniti of taking imy chatees I
ione that it .comes perfectly I o ae
Rto them and does not seeui to door sale s. ,
Lthemi the leat. The game Mr. Southern is well known througli-
d may wa played in a nasty, driz out tht South, where lie baa delighted
o of pky-juice and, inas, ricl auditntces for nearly twenty yearH. It 0
oulr of[ PKy-juilce, andt, tittsznu~cl 4 .4 "
"waS wit a great deal of pleasure that .
.Ok Halls had not become ac-
ed to this kind of work, the vie- I the people or Gaitnesville who ktiew of I
Ii.s coyizig anticipated the evelling's
as an easy thing. I
_1Ptasutrs, and it is to be hoped Lahat he
.same conditions prevailed yes- raf. isvit again at an ear ly
wi- "- + lll favor Giaie I t'.V|O g ll t l a l
h'bu te Gaeteaville boys, hard- q rt
-roim the experience of the day M S'te ,, .. a. .. fu
*., -. -i I Mr. Sonth+ersa Btid Ins estnlnable fain- 1
I went prepared to do sonme- .
It. i .' ly' arle now residents f[ thiALI-ilta~tel
-and they would have dutne it I arc now redn o tk. Stt
.pot been for the fact that th having two years ago Ptrlased a ,
camee de i th e. haf bottitiftl hotne nearStarke, which they
1csamse so dense in thne frst nal I I
,,iv ., av appropriately namnied Mnrtidnita
third that it was impossible to V.-, posse ,
^R -- ._ ^ ... \ ilia+ lieitifi possessed u( a muost,
ue the game with the score on i l
ou ig .. t. r a o ;aniiable and generous disoIosition, Mr, ,
BOll( llioilg two tO onxe iln [avor P,

Suitors, t Southerk (exitertains inany friends at I
&Bv s t r."1 411 & L-R maw 11 0
GBainesville' half of U..& t,.ird, tis Iione, and it, s always a i 'Ietere
^B to visit |liut there.
.was the first half, dhere was ouc q.. .......
Iored1 two men ox bases antd UGo- ,LAKE VIEW DOTS. ,
I put, with \Vhite dt th tIc the game was called. Th Crops in Fine Shape-Picnic on Loch- e
evihle boys were warming up to loosa Lake-Other Notes, ,
In themselves fpooIr work Luke View, July It-A jolly )ittlt
day before, and it it confidently crowd of sixteen met at Littie lela -, n
red that had the game been flit- i,,ock, on tlu beaugiftil ILako or Uto)li- d

. they would have administered to ttsa, on the glorious Fou rLh of July to
itors as bad a drubbing as they enjoy themselves t at fish fry. VWhile i
elvesreccived Monday. the ladies fried the fish, soinT 'W i, iL
another evidence that fortune lay -and melodicws music was given by
auksonville, it maybe mentioned Messrs. S. F. Johnson, E. L. P'aullitig
ia the flrst inning with two Jack- and A. J. Johnsaon, three of Ilake ,
Ile men out and one maui on sec- \View's handtomie yoknig men.
Tancey tapped a high fly which Th(e farmers of Lake View welcome ,
Sthroughl a crack in the left hield the pleasant rain for the last three or
p two feet below the fence line, four days, especially on their corn,
Ihng hini to inake a home run amit sugar cane and sweet potato crops,
core the other mant. They are also smiling over their fine
lkaonville was not ,wielding the cotton crops, of which they have flue
iw with the effectiveness that they prospects.
led it the day before. Their Miss Jessie Turner, at charming
g was inferior, as well as their young lady of Rochelle, is visiting hier
Ing, and both batting aRd flelding cousins, Misses Zora and Annie Ttur-
rt %.a. I I .... &S 1 I S .fl. b a % 4U % Y n .1. a % u a ot 1 A % .I d.' a .P emI__l_

-. 4

I' 1 ". .* .,
)R -qm J-pm -qp low P, 111 '% -%W ^ -qw -mew -= IM TRW --1W ~ T ^ ~ r X
l",r-T i~iWH'ITE, sCREAM''

vI.- U
r I osttz Quanib,. Bnt IaQ

Fe0r 2OYeTars Led mIl Worm
3f" CA Msot-=,..
S -" .t%- JAMRS, u BALLARDMCOsL.vLoub

For Sak' b\ Joliisrn Beosq. (9-inesvilleA

i I7. 4_ s

, .. .

GJ I' resvill ,

[Nt IEY, E)

lIz t I(,* i
Publi,' a I;., 1^,

Fl rida



p,*. 'I t I .

A t',rdict C ir nm|











S, .-


T Ohl



* %

. .


_ .-p

i~p;~~ ~

i~~ 1k~ fl~'r *1 4



hi +W :^ I
It~. iII~~pfapis o Tose
YI; ho th L~lwill Instruct: Pupils.

II + '' ^ ---- .I }.
NA .*4II N Y t~ e
n 4sfjr MNomity of Oases ,roucheni E-
Id Last Ye-ar -Wre. Retaine4.
r tl..Nat-. ntComplete. but Other
i /LI0 Sc isra WOIbe' Named6
-- ; 1;. .4^ ,. J .': ; .* ..- *. -
: .,.e afwowiag l a ofit of the white
y/r 3o f AlAehus county with. the ap-
pIxf--taea of teachers thereto as far as
r^ ., : ,- -'- *,o. ",..'. .-. ', ....j
t ,, ,hsppolintents have been made.
?7W.i era re yet rlnaftnflifg a number of
V.q,,51a1icIe8 to' be filled, consequently DO
tr eu140nt teacher worthy of an appoInt-
,..ment need feel left out These ap-
.u poitatmeanta wili be completed by the
4 btSor of Public Instruotion at the
asf ti^hll6t0 practicable moment :
Ji Arredonoo-slla Fuqua.
.t, Lake .Viow-EIls Sharman.
I, Rotoha I e-Ao.f Boll, Eva Fildes.
P; Palrmer-To be filled.
'..Arb!knt-1-anhIe Mizelle
_4 r Oow4trek---To be filled.
V I ::Iran.k!fl.-To be filled.
.. La3saoso-G. M, Patterson., Mary

,. $rqa~vlIie-"Beseio Baker.
S. Arche r-M 0. Me I n to h, Ethel I Wat-

L-.' :. ." *. ":_i .. .
LI Ih:'. II i I I II.
I'L J t*, L ,*

Sra cy- loi tiIIe Dftinsgai.
,f ^ .':' ,'*' "*' .
$l;.en 'f lighi' La k +--uP bi filled
:.. 'Melroaet-8. ,J1o Ellis, Belle ()orliew,
^5 Edith flaird.
>..;4" ..icaIiopy-Almena" Ieitner, Alice
-Leiitner, Sophia Merry. ,
1-.".Tro,1ton-1to be filled.
+\c0poo1 sprin-S, M..Mathews.
l:X J',islind, Grove--J. A. Ormand, Ialiaza
'l^: '~~ i *,~ -+ / .

tF'"r".. 8"owklneeW-" A, LinrdsOy.
C I, G.odwin--(. M. Tilinan, Willie Mc-
B '*.1' ; *' 't
*,rL J.' ""." to
I ,i....,.{awvthbrn-.-IP~dith 11 tixiter, .* Susie

V( lWiutetr, AIeronMoon.
., .., Arktiooh-Zoe Bell Proctor, LeioIr
.^ "...." '

.I 'M; Alachua-J. (G. Koltluin, Edna (
. svpencer, Oylla KCniedya
S' Waldo-S CIoue, Ellen Wallace,
i;.i'Oltudis Willtianst, Claudia Amtnbrose4.

;.-". Sai.ta FA-U'. A. lyle s, Jeaossifo Ol.
pfi' ^1i1nuvi le--O,. WV. VaughQ, Olem
!.t ,'lorerite Balls, Kate Tom-
IB Serena Shanon, Mabl Sanohoz,
v Yaiei< Stroickland, Mrs. W P. P.C Ooffey,
I &.VlHnnio Moliitosh, Ethel Mollvalne,
r,'.'..Mrs. J i. Jonston, Annie DaCosta,

. -" .I *: ', .. .-' 5 ,'.' '. :. IE & 'L .~ :~ rj '" ..I
.: .i" dl .,'.' ;' I. ^ W" ". '..' ... ." *- ^ ..'
r.o. e it 1o MMUT T.*,enr io WOW ,
f ; d we ap Thoea UVsUo 3*.
.'Brides are probably Jiist a beautiful
now as nover they were,. bt they are
,ot P4 nearly so record their
postnuptial loveilneme by mean# of plbo-
Stographs. Most photographers ay they
are gladof It. .
I1 never did enjoy taking the .plctures
of bridges" said a photographer. "Like
all the rest of the world, I lovetbe dear
creatures, but when It comes a pWn,,-to
$4 a dozen, commertiallsm they do not
satisfy my artlstljnsftlnets. Few brides
take a good picture. Somehow their
togs 'are not becoming.' A bride Is sup-
posed to look Superlatively lovely on
her Weddingf day, but. if anybody dared
to tell the truth on the subject that su--
petrtitlon soon would be exploded and
the sweet things would realize 'that, in-I
stead of looking their best on that oe-
caslon, most of them are apt to look
their worst. It Is. the same way when
they coine to be photographed In their
wedding finery. They are either too
pale or too red, and they have a perv-
oU8s, anxious expression. that robs the
face of all good llns for photographic
"The time wa* when no bride eonsld-
ered herself rertilly ta-rorried until she
had arrayed herself In spotless white|
and had htier picture taken.. Generally
'he' care with her, and 'he' looked just
about as foolish gs site did. Goodness,
t ie trouble I haVe lid poeftigO brides
and brldegrooms before the camera!
instead of telling them to look pleas.-
ant I always Celt like saying, 'Don't
look Idiotic If you can possibly help It,'/
and then I would .ave to think up
Mome device to keep her from ecrouging
down too elose i gt4Inst his shoulder and
to keep him from responding with an
equally Inappropriate embrace. But
with all my pr'cautfrnS I never fully
succeeded In pthvtntlng their acting
like lunatlcs. Tt-o other daty when look-
Ing ovoC a lot of old nogat'tvos I came
fc1ros9q several htllired of those sentl-
mental ttotC1intfttloIW&, antl I thnkleid
my lucky star' thiat nwatnays few

newly mntt( d ccUlples have the carnern
crut.'y-Cli irntgO Ioeord- Ilerald.

Stale 1)retd rocked jn n ik and
squzee.d dry Is ,od food Cor oun,
Only zmcdlumn sizedd cggs should be
6et. Extra, Iarg: or tuniH ones icr, i al)t
to prd9tll1'v dPv(lfoArmil(I(. cI itIckIC4.
TuxrLc'3v.4s 1r t(bot R1r BHot8 .r to como
homne nmt other fliwl; It Is a good
*pliai to iirir thIein hi soin1e% wiy.
F'(tl tlt' young '11i<'cs often if yi u
woldh.ltld bvLtp teo t grom- wIng ratpidly, ult
do not f'td more ut ii tim( thin thte.y
will oatt U1 ch'.an In ii fow inilutem.
.)st'troy thie o4 ntsts a s Rioon as the
htls conio ol T with the clitcks. The
a fat i11" ns11d lt-h t nhIm ri hN ti li r'n Ii II nf


rt r II Jl.. r, I, 1 J EI ,Lv... ,U' ; "I, : "II II I '' I t I
*S ^i^ ^*- *: I **- '. Ir*
'"I I* I dI'I 1 .' l 'I I I : I' I I I",. ** I *. *' "*I ; ,
ll) Jpr.,.b.,
SIII~b:LORA. ULY i~;1903: .I
1 -

A VtiAlsion In Slu'nur rba't Wa Tmurn-
ed Int' a faflCyly
i i. 1 it,-n.,,
tuart tolmQqn used to tell ai strange
stort of LIaura Keeni., b1MvIh whom he
played in the sixties in the Last eentu-
nty. "The sight of a I of rLd- ink
was ebotiglk to uijit Iii" t r a week."
he Bald: "Op oni ocmt.iisiI iwe were
playing faizree (a11('*d1 "''le11 fndy and
the DfvQl.'. An Iiup)orttt!It slke of it
was wh ui R)ela lls; sittnIg Iti a taLbIc
.,proparatory to wrtittng a letter. I, as
her servant, stooJl tit the ftack of a
chair., "rake'yonr righlit hln(l off that
ehair,' she whlsper(.d. The -stiAge dia-
l ipue proceeded. 'You are sure you
can find Don tafael at h1 jodgings?'
,'.eBs, madam; his servtant tells .me his
*wounids will confine him to hlls bed for
a week.* 'Is this the only paper that
we havel Where Is the inc?' 'Here,
1madamft.' And I bent forwittud to place
the Ink within her rctcli, when, In my
eonfusolnt at her reproof, thie vessel
was upset and its c(nrt(nts trickledi
on to the lap of her satinz dress. The
Ink wins l)1oM red. I sia ll never for-
get ,.t.te glinxtly lo(,k tlth t oversIrendi
her fit(i, nid I Mas so frighten.l that
I nevert knew oxw tte H('a (tendeild.
"Tle next morning at rleheofirsal site
told me I was doomixed to III luck for the
reminderr ot ty dtliys. She killedd the
company together und gtuve then a do-
tatled description of the avawful scene'
the nlght hetorc occasioned by the
yotng lunan who would never marke an
actor. RShe tol) of a terrible dream she
had Iid In which some great person
had b[)en foully murdered before her
eyes; how she had attempted rescue
without avail; how he had fallen dead
at her feet. and how his bWood slowly
oozed Into her lap. It was two years
after this that MIss4 Keene was play-
ing ut ford's theater, Washington, on
rthe occasion when Abratihm Lincoln
was Ahot. Miss Keeno was the only
person who seemed to realize the sit-
uation. She ran to the box, and in a
moment the head of the dying man
was in her lap, while the scene of her
dream was being pitifully enacted."--
I Argonaut.

A fSoeiAl Nulmane Flor Vfiom There
1. INo'fItxase.
The too early birds are a source of
Trouble andi Inconvenietce to the entire
I ngIghborhood.,
SIn1vite the too early birds to a dinner,
and they arrive an hliour before the
time. -
Your last little touches have to be
delegated to the first amiaihble soul who
appreciates the misery of entertaining
the too early btnis. You had Intendted
to' replace a vas oof .carnations with
one ofi roses or possibly you liad at the
last moment intended to shift the plate
ScardB, ltavtng udldeuly retemtnerled
that Mibs Jones had a quiet fancy for
Mr. Smith: that-. l r. +Hmith riclnro-



Depart For

3:40 p m
12:37 p in
2 :25 p m
11 :40- in
3:25 p m


At lan


vllt T, J
J,,cksntllie ,1,a-st


Rapid Transit and

Time Table in et


f ___
[-. ...High Sprin
I media
Ocala, Leesburl
I IPalatka, Daytc
p Norti, Ea
SHigh Springs, \Vaycros
Albany3, A tlaiita, all 1

Rothelle, MR

3:50 a III H .i.h
Daily g
ex. Sunday
Interchangeable Mileage rTickets,-I
cipal railways in tiu( 8ot)tilerI States,
'1'hroiigh P.ulilmaz sl'ei er Port Ta
LiIn ; also via Atlantic Coast Line am
For complete information, call on
Address: i
138 IV. Bay st., Astor B
I1i. M. EMERSON, Traf. Mgr,,
Wilmington, i ., 0


Underneath the Aragon I
Julia and Hogar


Headquarters foi 66, Ech
Canadian Club, guaran
( .( .* . ..
Echo Springs... ...41 ... 1
W ilson ..... ..
Mail orders a special
other goods and call on me


1 U U




0-- .. C -1 .


r-. N. ..'I L
NIr 5 'J1,6 -i

Ir'r N I FW N Is

"Ioamr 1Herriard at" Raleigh,| V YT TR4 .H A]DRA..^J^?i'% ~t
IIntg theI dees I nee b fIj~ ~ IIj----'-------.L

I^I& Vptlunc tHE DAIL 'SUN:-X MX/A/ )1 GAIDNE Vfl FL RIA ______s^. /

'N'C.. .y te h Li&1i903S Olean
^t'. i -ae iyus.Alcn taln re ___ f^f^ ^*9L

flint Heyward, achalgedgKDE n
N.~ d Wo* July Inl4.--Wior the IVu DSnyadBckceOr u iv N TIS r^~ltUJIhP
0 atl Heyward, charged Over Dutton ak Corm nkGatnesvISe C
t111ing Of- ]Ldlow :SkinnzerI
loKt February, was caljctlj S..I.1, and Mrde work. *.
Phone 7tO-
.. In .g- the defense entered a B8Ck6ChC
continuoanJce of the case, a!- R. dORDO M
I*z he abaenaO ot two mated All disease of Kidneys, DSTDT
sea p e th e htob1r-ln herI Madder, Urinary' Or nuI __
prevntedthe ~azxs of Also flnumatts m~a CU RE
Atpresent. II~acheHsextrnsease~brave Grsduate H3aiceColg crtt Srrr
tlon tfbr the cotfloxaice will 4rl Tve roAns' exriene lXwYOk City
L a it Is Don't become discouraged. There Is a ALEwn. B Vodg GUA$
will be bitterly fought by cure for you. if ucussy r'tc r. FeInu k 1\1
e I i I just suet% Soli ias spotuit a 11it timi curig Est tUi Ornow iw. EuuL B AL FLA
4, w ho was 1 nctart I as yf t)ur. AI C co a stItit')II R roe. I___ ______
Wbo as Imet(I fr. he 'Yo.Ur Kidney and FBaekacbe Cuuo time
i as releoasedjj)ln'Q tille( atro mureiI 'r t V bai cases flltlt~flg rcs }JJD P .
-0 bail., 112 I. Foar fit.. J.- d-nvtll I Rtwii nup, 3.?.SI &Ct
g Celebratilon O ra ngernean. ~ ~ ~ 'kfrhd ~-Fe.LXKN LSE 1 IC'IE
rIreland July Ior.4.- CUrte eircular. We buy or sell rro
are engaged by In thir enuer1 Frodonta..N Beit Onic placnkin ity~%I. tFlage yveon J 1 uo s
lebratton of July 12) ith Nsollcited and satidactlon aiw
Y WvYe Abeouzt liH) 000 men ft Ga:,. U' U. KE SAUVK It RIIAYLOH
ted tn the lceabratlrn ahyof, DESI FOR TH E WL E p1
F IrTe police ro andle fraesh on duty BEST OR T HE' AL I
A":roteoi wero toritlne.1 to bar-
as to be rtady in ease of an BOWafRN(\' L SoA
eretlo ar e d 1,00Iinhlce aynd If yon h1aveiot a gre..1..r. braithy rairrtont or o Jacksonville.nF In rids IrXT -.
^Bere oare 1,00 tj1(,eand silll. btC)e rTHE k)I.C 11HE I il oAOSr will i wuA. "*^T1-" yOUA.S1
Ieus eary W t. i ny eW01.Foc. yI rF i t Iaheal w-111 b1tio K Vi -- -
the tomp andi vicinity, whichi mitt can wow li tit' sifteht. ofE v t ho 4-8 -02 S
**k amiL'wme tsprjiaiA fhtiMhlb 1"1 (nI ang trupo Tay riintil 4-8)-AJ2i(i't- i li ~t. t.itr
lace the apgeelarance of ue) -t"t tiie**At :not't ;mem'tret Way OV keepinor t bowt W 4%it
0crttar l0-1L andki A t ou b h
State, of siege. 'rhoe Nax- IIND AFET2VE'rI)EE
mostly rained pivj free !'OUJ GATNARTIO OAFo S O U T H E R N
I &SJITSU.I tIIr4'tr
^ano elnd n..aeta h ef'aajeeGAHT L8|**(* RI LW A'
S1323 \V. Forsytl iJtkti~1e 'u~
July 14 or-41 the rrelght Beet dtaini la s Fins. WASHINGTONAlA NEW* YORK A

Triansfer compleany a0 t i~rlui lAnes Liq:or applie Cigr and the EAST.

PWh refused tod hadl freigh EAT 'EMali LIKE CANOY ,..,..;i | ~
P^!&an. I'~the PUoft TatA (Joot Dotino .JN: 1L11 A (31(I^ul AntcRS a T| NOT an WES..
0K elloggt Swichhar afer nda chr biz Vrlyo forn free Saaari nimdrepalt on p1I NINIJ5 I'z 'jretr
tnpany. Pickoetseturnu( a any ETHLM UNKDY wliONPit CJNaOI oroNeW TORE .,__. 291' li bt1^ q Ja"olVILlC1-- -c an^
H^tansterwh sought ton deiveroa Ontv AiUed trains... ^-/

Hp. stike prsiciBusiness at the Th Naioa Tarn T.. W. Wuhtutn D.- C. 8 ft 14 ^
B^rtemoa rily at a stnlatill rI9()a rieeij jio IU S BLI. TF^JHEN^ IN qIACS() llI4 W1n8 ~om .0
ISP. -a -undersigned, hereby,- agree- ; tlit' 'I-ii^/*tf T W G (^ rj2 H hd/ t !
1 I I~ i ~UJ2'?1
will participate in one way The National Paint and Varnish Co., ~ w~ ~ ~ *~ ~ *1
I~ 4'
rates from Oh[o nut! Missie- Cleveland. Ohio, U. S. A. F
__ Un
ama a a nn m W a t wt s~ fl w A U U U U F S~ U n a n a -. a a a Y a S I.. a V ~ ;.

i 1. .j 4- r '
IT. Jb4 I*4I 6 h A I

flr.. ^'.. .+V..

-I' ~RI~ I~?

sufiX 51UI~t-1d
-. -: i' : .- ""
'["~ r r '" K' 1" "A "^ ''*'*
J'^Iy 1too-H
Aft __ ** ** ^ -', .*.*'

rtM i f I

. .' .



r I .*+ '. .
'.atr of rnm nw t th
.' ." ".-11'. -- _.''' "N -- --.'"" -

,+. .* ,* .. ** .. .. .am .- ,. ,
ji ,.'' p h I .*. ^ .:^
,;W t H Hpped and What Gong

. A r". r'"-.-er.tO:"HrPbyurT0l in Short earasraph$
i.';":. .:-j"5 "-Tithrt.."M+e.Who Runs May Reiad',

IS ,, ,
I '*'t, In Thw Sun. -
.P' IVe oorlothing D leaned at OwenMS
S I.i". .l.y De W or if..
.?i,: ,."lltot riffhlt lway qoick, leeft ye Itrier.
', A-. Hnooeryppend and What Is Going
II_ 4
:"It it. tHppenTold in Short Paragraphses. L. .
hGo Th Hs May Read"
i+ /:0ete~a atthe# rectory this afternoon, from
I.- IL
In? h Sui
Ifi N. I
.;fn ns* UE6 to's10,a pn H.
S W T. Waur thing cleaneKikwood spent Owes-
Sterday with his wife, Mrs. RosaU
.;I Wlters, in this city. abot those con'
.- v. t. Oarpp nter departedlet ye s- forget
SOrocky:fod glassware-allheLkinde he wtol
suit ''all people at all prloes. L. C.
V erong, the mill man of

.. Bllamy, was among attend the abuses vin-
Siltrsto thi city yesterdafternoon fromy
; t- o 10 P. .. iolletor of us

Stosfor the portn of Krkwooedar pKey, was
( t'enay' with him wife, Mrs. -Ros

Waters, in this ityo this ity yeter-
I Mx Kfor Daytona, wSavnnah, the Weill
T1 eoperste for'a fewv days.

S. nwnad lone og, the mill man ofpuar
Traveling mn in amol .the busTiess vithe.
Si't to this city yeterday-
SOo. Fred gubberly, collector of cus-
i oraws for the port of brookedar were among
io:mong the visited to this city on businesster
." yesterday. .
Krau of Savannah, thefeet etquar, 6-
..)nowxia4 one' of the moat popu la r
; rvelingoo m dwein fruit trees and owerte, is the

ci-y. "Univer ,ty. Bargai, e fty terms:
Ueo. :M"8ogee rsf yerad tefand .

e;sd.,y. _. -
j/".1'.* .- .. *-*- r f J G ila se r t r e

if. rnm a visit to Aehville,. N..0 .O, and
J. Boston, where lh e h as been spending
-.. thl Islat few weeks pltanantly.
S Capt. W. A. Jonsi and Harry Dozier
. of Jacksonville are in the city, hftvinIg
= 1IXoi)e to witness the gnmes between
i.; jacksozvilJe and Gainesville.
S'SM; S74vgsier of Hague was in the
i"ty ..yesterday. H-e states that the
rains throughout his section are ma-
tertarllyldainaging the cotton crop. .
SMrti, M. E. Iobihnbon of Tampa is
TVqr t ^iIn t el talt In f* t :1 W I f0 my trtn4

II; I~ -I I -- (~1 It"7i.'
____ ___ __ ____12,___E,


I I*r I I' > I I ." .A "A

Anutbor Jot..i ibd 8-rootdwe1ing on
Pleasant tremet See Itoyer:
0. 0; Thomas hMtas'turaed tram a
Brief profelwgo- vpi00 8t64i* -i
vc T. Ja on -of Waoblrg "4Lke
was apaong tho regfslered at. tho
[ Browa House yneatrdat.
" "" --B e + a '- "
SWilliam Richardson of Tacoma made
Sa brief viait to relatives In this city*
yesterdayJ r I
fIl* Florida syrup, put up in new
barrels. Extra choice quality. O'Don-
ald & Saunden.
I Deliciout lee cream and herber for
Sale at the rectory this afternoon and
evening, etc., etc., etc..
Lucius Montgomery, a prominent
Young man of Mie4anopy, was among
thevisitors to this city yesterday.
Mrs.V. P M. Prewitt departed Mon-
day for Morven, Ga.. where she will
spend a few weeks with relatives.
Pleasant, neatly furnished rooms for
single young men $1 per week and up.
iUse of bath free. Apply Brown House.
B. H. Powel C one of the leading
merchants of High Springi,, was a
business visitor to this city yesterday.
George LynD, representing the In-
ternational Correspondenet School,
went yesterday to Ocala on a brief bus-,
iness trip.
SDr. and Mrs. Harry L. Jarvis are re-
joicing over the birth of a bouncing
baby girl, and friends are extending
Sound kidneys are safeguards of
life. Make the kidneys healthy with
Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by J. W.J
MeCollum A CoASo.
T.E. Rose of Evinston was in the
city yesterday. He came on business
connected with the office of the clerk
of the circuit court.
I Misses4 Ethel Rickett of Brunswick
[ and Julia LaRiche of Savannah are in
I the city, the guests of Miss Maggie
i Brooks, Jast Qainesville.

J. F. Bunch ad daughter, Miss
Julia, have returned from Edgefteld,
Ss.0., where they have been ou a ten
days' visit to relatives and friends.
Correspondents are once more re-
quested to write upon only one side of
the naper if they expect1 their coan-
nlhlieafttions to evade the waste basket,
T. J. Cone, the mill man of Raleigh,
was in the city for a few hours yester-
day. He was en route to Jacksonville,
where he lias been ummonnoed on busi-
Foley's Kidney Cure purifies the
blood by strainin out impurities and
tones up the %hole system. Cures
kidney and bladder troubles. Sold by
I. Ix Fiue a I k


Popfla.. V

Xwere pade to be
afternoon or last
dencer nf the b
djRevF.'E. Stein
marriage cerem
Ramsey und His.
The bride art
places -pear the
Smainder of the '
Sthen,'elves in a
Altar, As the stn
March were renc
MLrtin, sitk4r of
After Lhe cerei
served with deli
Tfe bride wa
French batiste, i
while the groom
Mits Mlartini
of Mr. and Mrs.
many friends in
The groom is a
tie Coast Line R
ergetic young bi
of Boston, Ga., i
by all who kn
friends are cong
prize hbe has w
were presented
some presents fr
Mr. and Mrs.
departed for Cit
to make theirI
evening they. we
ception given th
ris of C tra,
Catarrh c
When the eto
when food is tal
to digest, it dee
mucous memb
nerves, and eat
create mein, ir
juices of diges
catarrh of tlhe at
suffered with eat
caused by indig
medicines failed

ut ed JjodoA Dj
R hea, Coppell,
Botnirord & Co.

Applicants Are Ir
-arship in
SBeginning at 8
a competitive ex
iln the office of
public inctructi<
filling a vacancy
to the State I
Springs, Fla. Th
1 1irWt n 1" A kitndb s h

LAOn. TiSt IS caLiea the High Scdixopigiris and ate am fr
,o m ac h F o r y ea rs II tgse gy m n a si g anl a gi t h r"
marrh of the stomach, Passe gymnasium. Will give the 8e
Festjotn. Doctors and i nary girls oine pointers next sessi
to bene-fitt me until I that I gathered from that.
Fpepjpsaa (Cire.-5-J. R.
."'i. The days here are (luti ewarm, t
Tex. Sold. by 3.8. "
t. nights very cool and peasantP
-" i -i-----' /
fE EXAMINATION. Saved From Tbrrible Death.
The family of Mrs... L L. Babbitt
invited to Take Scholk Bargerton, Tenn., saw her dying a
State Normal, were powerless to save her. The n(
So' clock on Auigust 7th, skillful physicians and every reme
anhinationl will be h1eld( used, failed, while consumption v
the superintendent of slowly but surely taking her life.
iu for the purpose of tthis terrible hour Dr. King's New D
in the free scholarsBhip cover for consUmnption turned deep1
Normal at 1)eFuniak into Joy. The first bottle brought i
is secliolarshipi is worth i mediate relief and its continued i
S.I.t. ._ r,&L'I :__.. completely cured her. It's the ni

, -7,- "It .1 1 4




young People Happily P C
11y .4-T-w heartsl ._
at as one here on the --
. the resi- Writes Interestingly of His Vu
ride'i parents, whe, in Boston.
meyer performed Ihe
s Faniiie Martin.
d aronin tQok their
Alrmr tok their ncludingeWhich are the Old Noi
-alior, while the re- "
reddiing party arranged Church. Paul Revere's House, Bur
semi-ciree around the er Hill Monument and Scene of t
rink of the wedding Bostor Massacre.
|ered by Miss (+:urgia .^ ^^ ^ ^ i
IeMred by Miss (urgia Major +.L. Floyd of East Flori
the bride.
&the brgde.s w Seminary, wh6 is taking special w(
mony the guests were[ .
& i at Harvard College, Cambridge, Ma.
cious refre~sheriwts.
S attifrd ii a white writes interestingly to The Sun, a p(
18 aitired in a White -i ii*,^
ith satin t rimmings, tion of lis letter which follows:
ot- suti .ir n lc,"I am very pleasantly located he
wore a suit of black., .
d am busily at work in the Jenffere
iH the. elden daughter
M. M-artin, and hase Laboratory of Harvard from 9 to 1 a
It. M. Martin, and has da. ,y .^-/ n^
.. S. from 2 to4 every day. I have attend
.i ae on the Ay.lan- the evening meetings of the Natio:
railroad. He is an en. Educational Association this we0
asirdess He ifrmern Liked the address of Dr. Bailey of C<
ud i. highly estee med nelL best of those I heard, perhaps i
nida in highly es~eemedl, .
owv him. His. many cause I use his text-book in botany
rattilating him on the 11y classes in the Semininary, and 1i
on. The happy pair him so well as an author.
'oil. The happy pair _1 En. ,,,,o
I with many hand. "I have seen the old North chur(
Ion friends and rela-.. where the lanterns hung on the nie
of Paul Revere's ride, Paul IRever
Ransey immediately house, route of the Boston Tea Par
ra, where they expe scene of the Jostois massacre, the I
future home. In the lition of the British during battle
ire honored with a re- IBunker Hill, and Longfellow's hou
ea ib-s. S.S. H-r-/tncluding the arm chair given him,
em byMrs. S. ar-rm
the children and made from t
',"spreading chestnut tree."9 The B1
)f the Stomach. ( on teachers have taken pleasure
>mach is overloaded ; showing these and many other histo
ke!1 into it that fails spots to visiting teachers this we
ays and inflames tdie and many places not usually open hE
rane, exposing the been thrown open to us.
ises the glands to ne- "J witnessed a match game of basic
stead of thie natural ball Wednesday afternoon betwe
n. il .. It |baUee e w

I i I [ i i = I -- i .

17771-- 7 7'.


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