d't 1116I. aged 14 >.*.. rk4 to tot sat Jose M-Tae eftTrtat /
; i *k Yaat* river, aad Ik* ae* Urga rwd gathered Ixrcia t* Oraaard Illtl. ibis cooaly. kresu aUwm
Lffcat lk*> Bal k Martha atrOl .t a fast trafca eta tot K rtftwttf* ,t.t sad 1.Iin'It. the ..,.c7. j4diaVvltf .! aad *af. fleeced msnpaay *f tta4y, This I* sac IklrtylkifdUna .K

proceed a fret Hal road ..e,y.Xlsd.. J-fer-.
bsasi prarUo off Bkaatwat TSfMrs* ,la* bVlru..** Co 1 Stourp,aartb. taut here t'. Clln'1t baA fcaa pee taco Ih* batch ., a tear i Isla wh4 are atl4 -1ft ........

care ... ,lay frt tonal 4tkiteodusd grow-_ ......a.d tbrest.aig.titer pasty re*.te e* A aotlro was a s4d ad oa stead. .* fail .r .ar........

T'ba ,resanct'wos. : dw. ,.* tab. o cor .IN t+amteSited to drew' "." 4I 4..*.4 hy AL.. riot. ac1JeC redetrel '...Lad .,.. *r* In a "J .,.,...

-i part et t*>.r **. & a. she wag ""-I."rfin.' .. b..1 1M sotsoNt staling Oi I** trwi Oswgwn,r loaf ...."... BMMT,aa4' k*,:.t"4 B.','kn'bs sodd.

t ;?twt?>tt tsorrt phi a. stn, pasta. ......1I.! IINf.L..f... .atAh.oarrttat'.t;' .a rpS4,,tt'.. ..,....... ber. ...i.essd by aides .f'to;..baeltisg. . 1M eatd'. teal" fee bvtbott r1hsaAo -
a .... ..... ..... ..,.... ':: ., I/aelfa.' , ..':' ., '
.. .. . ..7-,.,...., ..... ........ .... dee.rtaemaa r "
n'' ia6's -" ",tJ.'r.&O; :">.,""',,, '. J,', .,.'J", ,-,,-,, "'\<''..,<". "c," -., ..,, ". .\,.' ; ll ,". ," qr\t\ '..,,'J" j L.P I 'MfJ .r ,...1Ma.aMe+ 0l !4 y ;, )g
or'f! . .. \ '4. ;,' ,' ,. -. '.>. \.\ fi " .1;" .,jrJ; > R .''.. i.:' '.I . :::;:i.X :,' '" "'-0-; : ..'
.. ." < :... ', '. 0 ,,',' .:': : .,'

,.,. ,. \ ,,' WBHI ,, ., ...."' "? 1:
\ J .. "" ': , ., 'I tS r >, J ""Wfff' ,\0,' ,w ww?
r ; *S """"t( ', ;' '
: / U'v; /r' 'I i-! '

"f i : E' DAILY SUN: GAINESV : BDA, JUNE 23, 1905

i .

WHILE ESCAPING I(I The Seaboard of Air B. Line P. O.Railway E. has

)5 I Btelp tor Women' Passing ThrongsCbaoge' been designated by the Florida Elks' Pvpr : I" !tPP9,
'A :White Convict Killed $
:, ", ; at Mc of'Life Association as their official route from : ,

;," r ', Donald's, Turpentine Camp.Vir..mii.jiu.il' Providence allotted Florida to the Grand Lodge Session at :
: has each at
'\ Buffalo. It is the desire td operate a
least eeventjryearaT which to fnlflll'oar .. ,
: "
REFUSED jo HALT' WHEN TO '' Florida Elks' special train to leave ;- -
mission in life, and.St is generally '
'. our own, fault 11 wedin,? prematurely. Tampa at 8 p. m. July 8th, and Jacksonville Were' Cast. Burins First Weak, ofMerchants'

", Only,Sent, ,to Convict Camp,Last. Morv' at 9 a. m'. July) 9ih. The train
i to consist of dining, baggage ear and
: : /
day-ffelgned Sickness to Foil theOuardfBullet
.1 4 : Struck' V'ltai\"SJCt drawing room Pullman sleepers
a Buffalo without change.
through to
and' -He, -bled Instantly.. The route of travel will" be via Seaboard Ljbrar

4'' f ..... Because.,Andrew Booth a white con to Richmond paiiing through \ '

clot; at the,, 'McDonald, naval .,ort'. Savannah, Columbia, Camden and
Raleigh R. F. & P. to Washington
"; 'camp Iu:.eoteoce, Fairbanks which,tried bad to been escape Imposed from and Penn.; R. R. Washington to Buffalo. ., Clip out Coupon printed beloVr .and .1 j

y open him be w\s Thursday shot and Only lIueotJ. ye.pallengen are

', Instantly killed by a guard In the dU. required to secure this special train vote for contestant of your ,choice. _See *

.,'.; charge of duty. service.
" t' Booth wss arraigned In Justice lie..4enoo''ooa n- Round-trip rates to Buffalo and return SUNDAY'S DAILY SUN for 'particulars.
from Gainesville $34.95.
,' at Newbcrry'Mondar
,, ,1 from Miami and .. "
Passengers Key
? simple
fftf 'uPon a charge of assault" and ? :'
sientenoed'to West will repurchase at Jacksonville. ..1
i, ? was spend: 'a term of .q
Pullman for Buffalo -: \ j ,
Through sleepers
three months !In prison.. Rather than
will positively leave Tampa at 8 LIBRARY VOTING( COUPON.i.
y ; work oat.this short time he Hiked hi. i AfrtAfaryNoehneNervous .:
i life and lost, It. p. m. July 6th and Jacksonville 8 a. ". ', J

Tbl.oocarred. late Thursday even II exhaustion Invites d1ae..... m.,July 9th for the Elks and their This coupon entitles the holder to two votes that can be" cast fog,* ,

Ing. Prom the best Information obtainable ! Thin statement la the positive truth.* friends. Secure your Pullman) 'sleep- any institution competing for the beautiful library, when I

It appears that Booth claimedhe When everything becomes a burden Ing ear space now. filled, out, signed and returned to the ballot boxes in either :
and cannot walk. few
yon blocks without Tickets OP sale at rates named for
was l.eUDlleII:, and asked permis excessive and stores.
fatigue you breakout all trains 8ih 9th and 10th but
I July ,
Ion of the guard to lay down in the into perspiration easily, and properlJ''li'j'

sap grass for i few minutes. This request :. face flashes, and you grow excited and I In order to reach Buffalo for the open- Name of Institution. . , , . , . . . . . .- ....,. . t" j
u ahaky at the least provocation and log session ask for sleeping car reservation ,
was granted, but the attention of thei.
you cannot bear to be crossed In .1
any- the Florida Elks' .
guard was called In some other direction : t.hlal''ou are In danger t your nerves' on Special.A ameofY.ter. . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . .... .N . .. i. ... ,
when Booth jumped and start have out need day in Washington eightseeingand /
up given t you building' tip THE DAILY bUN
ed. to run. The guard commanded at once I To build up woman's sere I visiting the government buildingshas '-- .
i him three times to halt warning him one system and during the period of been arranged. ": 'j
change of life we know of no better I Stop-overs of ten days, within final i ,
that he would fire The man failed to medicine than Lydia E. :
Plllkham'.1 limit on all extended tickets, has been
stop however and after due warningthe Vegetable Compound. an,.
guard fired, the shot taking .effect. illustration. Mrs. Mary. L. Xoehne,$71 arranged on the return trip at Philadelphia ,{
w" # and Booth died Instantly. Garfield Avenue Chicago, 111., writes: Baltimore and Washington. THE EVERETT HOTEL
'V ) "I b&Y4H lined LydlaB.Pi nkham's Vegetable I A trip to New York can be taken inconveniently ,
Compound for Jean In my family and it
ARNOW WANTS BIDS. never disappoints( so when I felt that I was on aide-trip rates of M. 235 TV" St. JAOKSOKTILIE FLOItIDA. l'
nearinff'tbe-change Hfe commenced treat' Philadelphia to :New York and return Bay : ;
tent with It. 1 took in all about six bottles
4 Mailing aiz( dl ..
Has Ten New Boxes Which He and it did me a great deal of goal 11 good ,
Desires to Install. stopped my dlssy spoils, palM In my back The Florida delegation will be personally Ct"ntra1Jlocated, thoroughly repaired and reaevated. Newly lunal8bt'd.
and the headaches with which I bad Buffered conducted James F. Plan.
by Taylor European
sl Postmaster Arnow wants to ..Ive.om.bodJ for month before taking the Compound.. I I ,
He has feel that If It bad not been for this great med traveling passenger agent of the Seaboard "
job. just
icine for women that I should not Eave been Tamps, Fla. :8:. IVT. A SOUS! .. Pro'"Pri. 1CJr.lJ;
ten new milling boise, with posts, alive to-day. It is.pkndldforwanenoldor
: and he wants them act In stated poll. Jounlf. and will surely cure all female disor For: sleeper reservations or other Information
write 8. O. Boylston, Jr., .
tlons about the w
city. .
>Ct'JTd8LI8HS3D: "
Mrs. PInlcbam. of Lynn. Mass., invites
or A. O. MacDonell
passenger agent
In speaking of the free mall delivery
all sick and ailing' women to write
;;' system yesterday, Postmaster Arnow her for advice. Her great experienceIs assistant general passenger agent, H.F.DUTTON' i'

L stated that the system was growing at their .service free of cost. Jacksonville, Fla.

more popular every day, that there
----DEALERS IN----
was a demand for more mailing bezel, .
that he had made a requisition for ten
Sea Islan.d
and had secured ..m.. The Commodore Is Spending a Few Infants and Children. : .

The person who sets these home Months at That Favorite Resort. The Kind Yea Have
must get the job by bid. The bids will Always Bought Sea Island Cotton Seed, Bagging and Twine. Walrus

be submitted to the department a' Commodore Besll who spends about Bean theSignature Leather in Strips or Sides. ... -
Washington, and the fellow who make half his time In this city and fuels that oft

' the best bid Is the, fellow who will g<. he Is "one of u.," is new sojourning

the contract. for a few weeks at Battle Greek. Mich., - Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved English

The posts are steel and are to be set and sends his friend the city editor o IN MAYOR'S COURT Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplies for Same.

i three feet In the ground. To these I The Sun, a souvenir postal of that favorite '

posts the boies are to be securely ( retort, which Is one of the mos t Champion Roberson Fined $5 and GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, USA

1, fastened all material for such purpose famous In the world for various com Costs for Beating His Wife.

' being furnished by the government plications of diseases While Commodore Champion Roberson, who was ar- CLYDE LINE

1# ,, Bids are asked and the postmaster Beall loon an average very healthy, rested Wednesday by Marshal Pinkoon -

will b. glad to give particulars upon and a* Jolly as h.. I. healthy, he hss upon a complaint of neighbors ,\i ji

: :" application been affected for the past few months who alledged that Roberson was cruel

The combination letter and package with a slight stomach trouble and, to his WI'p. was arraigned before Mayor

z' . r boxes recently established her. are being very proud and sensitive about Thontst Thursday morning.The .

proving of great advantage to the pub this specie! party of his anatomy,deal'* defendant pleaded not guilty, i1I

,, lie, and l'O.tD.t.rnoW' declare tleii to try the sanitarium for a few, but witnesses testified that he was -I It

?;n that he will make requisition for others we..k.. cruel to the woman he had sworn tolov

; as soon .. they are required by the Commodore Hull Is a native of and protect and the mayor ..-

}e service.PROP.. Unlontowu, 1'a., where is a prominentcapitalist. ."**<.d a tine of $5 aDd Oasis with the
.. _. t r
- -
Notwithstanding that he admonition not to be guilty of such
POUND'S DEPARTURE. haslnfporUnt nu tu<"*s Interests there. tnradoctsgsinithedidnotearetolaeb .' .'>

he spends the majority of the time wit a more stringent sentence of the municipal - TBJ.I.1.1: : m:E. TAY' $AI]:r "c3 B. ___. ...

4.r+ Has Accepted Position aa Head o f hi. frl...ods In other places, and hI.. law. BETWEEN '

a Department Georgia College. friends here feel complimented that he Tne floe was paid. Jacksonville and. New York \ ':. S

Prof. Jere M, Pound and family lef Is here half the time and calls himself Calling at CHARLESTON O., both says /
Wednesday for Harueevtlle. Oa. Prof, a "(i.ln."UII'D'" Cures Old Sores. The Finest Steamship ia the Coastwise Service .\

A ro. Pound who was fur the past year superintendent It I. hoped that Commodore Keall .*
"...monlaDd ::
rose, May 8, 1902. New
of the East Florida Seminary Clyde England and Southern
wlllil. greatly. benefited by his sojourn Ballard Snow Liniment Cot Your
) has accepted a position as head at Battle 0.11.Thl. Service Between LlneSJ'1'Dtr.e'
Snuw Liniment eured an old sore othe n BOSTON & )
of the normal department of the State PROVIDENCE and All Eastern
side of my Chin that was supposed Points.
Normal and Industrial College of Mil Girl Is Mi..I"C. Calling at Charleston both ways
to be a cancer. The sore was stubborn
ledgevllle, Us., and proposes to assume The Hun I. in receipt of a letter from and would not yield to treatment on SIDTWl T- vv RKLY S A TT.TNGB '
his duties at the opening of the term
U. W. Thomas, Hague, which stales til I tried Snow Liniment, which did &a\bboODCl... . ......... .... ........From Lewie' Wharf .,:
f He Is one of the finest and moat thorough that his daughter, a girl between fifteen the work la short order My sister, Northbound..... ............ From Foot of Catherine.. Jacksonville Buster '
educators in the South and while
} add .Iu.." years of ago, left her al n. Sophia J. Carson Aliens vllle, .
. the people of Gainesville
regret v.rfP y home a few days sao and furnishes Vkefollowing lIma, Co., Pa., has a sore and mistrusts
mach to lose hint and his Interestingfamily Clvde St. Johns River Line
' description: t that U ls a cancer. Please send
they will nevertheless wish
; "I hare one lost child that left my her a 60o bottle Sold by W. M. John B.t..n jA.ctcc.oNvii.Lic: and SA.NJPOftD .
them much success and happiness t In H
t their new home. place on the 8th day of the above said son. --.-.-.--- Stopping at Palatka Astor Si. Francis. Bereaford (DeLand.and IntermedU) **"',

month (referring to June 4L) at about summer Tourist Rates Via Atlantic Landing on Bt. Johns Ri ve r. ".

Tax en Babies.Cxtresne 7:30 a. m. ia the .,oral.) .. Coast Line. Steamer "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE" '

hoi weather Is a great lax "She taken oa her journey and her If JOG contemplate visiting summare.artss..tlek.tag.atsAtlasti.Oau r Is appointed to sell as i follows Leave JACKSONVILLE Baaday. Ttseada
t opoa toe digestive pawer of babies person one basket with a wire handle I and Thorsdays.1 iX> p. m Betoraing. lea.. AKrORD Mondays ,

b When pay and feeble they should be full of stall containing about a. half a L'ae sad get all taformatloa with reference Wednesdays aad Fridays 1:80.. m. .'j
... ...
11..& a few doeee. of While's Cream bushel) and oat whiteeaak' and one as* to rates, fOCIt... schedotee aad .....-..... SCHEDULE Xena.saaa,

V..U...., tae children's tonic. It eordloa for to play. whb, and she leftbearaeaded Pullman ..n.... Summer tourist rates I..eoa. a:10 pea.... ."............l..k..TUS...... ...... ....Amy....21OQ.. .
will stimulate awl facilitate the dig wlthaa) hat oa her" bed are now la effect well the principal resorts " g:4Tipm..... ......... . '.'..hlalb... ... "............Leanet00pmt. 'f":'
weight JOt-ft rate dark iooam.- . ... ., Astor .... .......... .... .
slot of their food so that they ab a eompleekthtoetand tHroagboet t*a aoaatry with retora .:ao ........... .. . SUFranclsOKHKRAL gl0pit:.
- ....,.... .
become atroag, healthy and ..I''... bight' 4.% fth.r.. ...beaw....U A- U limit October... Rate have .... ........ .&,...,CM'd' (DeLaad) ....,.... ...' ..... 2:00 PIa' ,.!

, Sold by" W. M.J.ueoa. year old been asBoueeed to all priags.. moo'- Arrive dpam........ ..... 8&nlord ..-... ............. 1100,.."
.'"J..*. finding. this girl will please! aia and seashore>rorte. Fortbeflreltime 10 .... .. ....... .. rt aI,,"',............ .. ...... lOODad'1..1'., ':

Ready fof CqwalUera.Tax :; .. If) (iV.. Thomas' Hague, who offers rouad.trip tickets are BOW oa sale TAgg. AI'tD' T1CXET OFnCg.?? W.Advertise BAY 8?..J..CItBOXVILUI a.

Assessor VT,W. Out.oe will hare a reward toe her ".pto..," to resorts ia New Englaad territory. ...it,ifenNtaDtvCfr i JL Aasa. ties..... ass, t.wca
1 hia first. book ready for the Beard of w.Q.COOI'1fa.h tnwss awe tsar ea i m.. .
<' ==_.-,- ..--- -.....'---- raw rx B.- Co r.Ivirrtu.: .a '
County OoonaiaskMiera at taelr u .*i- A.C. I.UaarrT. ...., hwe steers wr.laetewtst.TWL C1."DK., na.. 'It'

lag on the fleet. Uo day (la Jaly. wheel vetttablc. Act di. 1I11U.:o..nJ O. EOE&Maaac-r. WII. P.a'a CLYD J"n. ..'' .t. 1\

r they will hold a esaiaa.. for the purpose lucre They cure ( .rMw.a .. a..rat Apo. t' y .
Md9fla..11 .........Kh tMi. .
of equalising' the taxes as asessssd.Anyoae AversAlt biliousness, tlc><- ------._ _--_ -'JI- { <<'//l,
t who may have traaiaeea with
Dart faraUy Isxa-
the assessor should call teat week sad : >

have adjusted before tba first book aD pam..01 the 11 iiTHE SUN k

U handed la U 1M ooa&C1u..n. world tnf O'ftf'Mus. ;

1 '
:dt.rtr.M ' H" '. ... .
e rn 1: 'H" ,..,.,.Ji.:"' t.t,

'Ji"' "
I;. .
0,"',,,ij.t', 1..; -.: ,\' ,;.;. fl : ,

# ' ... JUNE 23, 1905 .3
':t!, t//!,,' i,: I. .
-" r' r
: 4
.. <::J:
', 'f' PIS OS.; CU.R'B7'FO: R? ;
.:''1 Ex Lieut. Governor Tillmtn Spendinga
\:;, jJl" ... ...,.1 ,
\ :' ._1.01'" CURES WHERE All ELSE FAILS Short Tim Her.. \' : a Jacksonville: la r
,. Best Couth Syrup Tastes Good Among the prominent visitors to
"".. S' <1..A" 1.--' la tupo. Cold by
"",' ', drucrtu. city I Is Hon.James n.TUlman! of thi.1 Men U

; F. t k claim agent of t. flpld.cx-lientenant governor of S- |
"c, fkF! ... s, Line with brad Caroline and pne of the tmwt w"l..l| '

1J1 / Petersburg, I, greeting known and\ most succtMful. attorneys I
., &this city all of whom elegant
In his usual manner while W. of the Palmetto State. Women
,,I sen,him. H. Thou and S J. Burnett looked after Cut l. Tillraan came hr on prnfcu. !

ipson of. Rochelle. one ofbstsatitl 'preparing the fried fish. The dinnerwas sional business, having been employedto 1

colored men of that I elegant and was highly enjoyed by defend Jim Henry a negro who was :

"1 tan old subscriber of The Sun. the select crowd who had the privilegeto : arrested In South Carolina and brought.

.ja"be city. yesterday and renewed be present. As a ehowder'maker here a few weeks. ago upon a charge of and Children

'.,,,(.'h.6torlP'IOO.. to this paper. Judge Carlisle holds the record of the murder committed in Grove Park In 2

I< w?,:?.'.k Y :T. J. Nixon of the antahntoh' State and no occasion of this kind Is December the past year. Col. Till-

:. ,, will fill the regular weekly ap- successful without him. Messrs,Thou man slates that he has known of the

W"" )Qi intment at ,North Gainesville Hall and Burnett also showed that they negro for many years,that he knew his Who wish to dress well should ",
family, and that the man had always
th1A eveatng at 7:45 o'clock. The know a "thin or two" when it comesto
I frying fl.h.Rev.W. been In Sooth Carolina, kis home, a
Jilp.WO. departed JeI'r'i .J. Carpenter returned to his good character fact; the best of order their goods by mail from ,
colored man in the station in which
|;#l-ita7.lor'Yade.; after spending a coople home In Tampa yesterday, after a couple any .
h resided.
Henry's people
I'!'.*$:\"D1 day with his family here. Mr. RlebMson or three days spent with his old are prosperous
baa about decided to reside here"suture Friends here., Mr. Carpenter has been law-abiding eltliens and for
that reason he has decided to defend. BROI & C01
He will be gladly welcomed very active In the wet and dry campalgn -
him i ,1
t i,**:i a oltlien. i la Bradford county and feels ,
Col. Tillman states that this Is his
twentieth gratified. at jthe result. He was also .
. ; Tho Century Club would
.1 first visit to Gainesville and that he is
eordialIi thank the publics who fa offer actively engaged in the campaign in GEORGIA.
!Itr well pleased with the city and its people ;
thla'County and declares he
4 ,i t. such generous support to the Pab- wherever proposestokee as far as he has met them. He was
11e Library its the |") up the good work his
by votes in Library
services the center of attraction at the Brown
fi' I "e't. 'and would] ask their contln led'tbe are'Yequired. Mr., Carpenter House yesterday afternoon and last
prayer meeting Kavanaugh
: of same

ii.oce. : :8.. A<.Lamb the merchant 4 ..or'lIea.. Methodist Church Wednesday night night a number during of which our prominent he was introducedto citizens
and was greeted by an exceptionallylarge JPRInO lInrs now RrADT.
.'-copy transacting business in this orowc He good-naturedly declared and members of the bar. He expectsto
sly( yesterday. Mr. Lamb also owns a that he remain here for two or three dl,.. ,
felt "real good" to be
I aloe )i truck farm on Paine', Prairie
In his own church again. For four
1'1. which pays handsomely: and altogether Mid-Winter Fair at Tampa.
years he was the pastor of this church
h* U prospering. The Mid-Winter Fair' which i Is beheld
1: to
and was popular here all Write
very among for Our
Jt -" -l.'E..En I* "and AVE. Wittstoak left denominations. at Tampa November ISih to :25th! Spring Catalogue

.-t tt.J" rdar'.for Alatfbna. Mr. EnU will Inclusive, is in reality a State fair and

'1J t amain lit that town a few days In the JUDUE MASON'S COURT. undoubtedly will hare exhibits from

\ Capaoity, of ,engineer'for the new Icej nearly] every county in the State Ihe

ipltuik) ,'iMr, .Wittstock is the temporary Two Important Cases Were Disposedof products of the counties of Florida -- -- -- -- ..--- .. -- ----- ._- '-
i: .:'iiyerMtendent- of the plant. Thursday Whiskey Case. will be an attraction worth seeing: and -

. j 1 ',:W J.. :Epperson of Bronson was Robert Emerson, colored was arraigned by this means many people who are

'|.transacting business In this city yesjirdayr in the court of Judge; Mason seeking a location may Had what they

'I' : Mr. Epperson Is an extensive: Thursday: upon a charge of selling most desire (In the various Industries YOU MONEY BACK

yJMVfcl.stores.: operator of that place liquor in a dry county, aDd was placed and products of the soil.

: >*nd"has been quite successful In hi.btttifoe.s nnder a bond of $200 for his appearance Alachna county should b", represented
,'' by an exhibit, as there I la no -If the Goods Don't Suit.
m" ': affairs. He was engaged Inr before the grand jury at the fall term
x. the,me roan tile business 'at Bronson for of the coun.Eai..on denying the fact that we have .s good
'p'l"f.eral; 'J years. was arrested by Marsha) an agricultural county aa there is In the THAT IS OUR MOTTO AND WE LIVE UP TO IT.

'Jt'. ( & Q. Roland) of Newberry, member Chat Pinkoson in May by instructionof State ___ .

...n.of;! :the firm of Tucker A,Roland, genLf the United States marshal at Ooala, No Secret About It. Ryo Whiskeys. Corn Whiskey:

!; ; ral 'mer b. t..and one'of. the most who stated that he was selling 'wiis* It Is no seer.l'that f>r cuts, burns, I'KR UAL. i'
.1'i widely] known resident of that key on a train of the Seaboard AirLine I'KHUAU.N.
t section; aloe..leye' boils
sores,sore eyes, ,etc., () Distilled.
>*1 H 5
r\ in the yesterday. Marshal Pinkoson had telegraphic opper ; '
; : waa city Mr. Roland I nothing I Is so effective aa Buckleu's Arnica C. Vllite.$1 65
1, ** fa an old friend and subscriber of The : instruction, and when the S.he.uh didn't take long to Queen City . . 2 00

t .Son,;: and. while here handed in the train for Cedar Key reached Gainesville core a bad sore I had, and It I I. all O. K. Sunny South. . . 2 !Ran,}() N. C. Better. . . 2 00
i; pHo of a renewal. the man was arrested, and for sore' eyes" write D,. L. Gregory: of "'

,: Since[ the recent. rains which were Marshal Pinkosoo alleges that thirty- Hope. Tex._25c at all drug stores Gilt Edge. . . ., 8 00 N. C. Fine . . . 2! BO
Ptxligre i . . . . 4 00
badly I needed, the ..rloullawn. about' five bottles of whiskey were found In =

.th* city.are looking, well, which fact: his grip. The man was taken to Oeala. Gainesville Cltiisn( ( Honored.At Overholt. . . . . 4 00 Laurel Va ly. . . 3 00
Attracts those wbo have occasion to' convicted, and served four months,and the meeting of the Supreme Lodgeof

to pass them, There are probably more'handsome .. soon as his sentence expired In the Knights of Honor of the United

s lawns In Gainesville than United States court be was turned into States, held at Atlanta, Ga.during the

:. any other city of Its size to the State, the custody of the authorities here. past week Mr.I L. J. Iturkhlm of this DIPlOMA m===..pm[ GUIOII uoo$

which' are always objects of admiratton. Another case before Judge Mason city who was a delegate, was elected

was that of T. R. Pickett A Son vs. W. a "\ember of the Committee on Goodof
M. Davidson petition for removal of the Order.. This U one of the most 3
Spends while at White Spring, the
"., : 'eA.Dt..wblch resulted In a mistrial a Important committees iu the supreme 1
leading health resort of the State. 'On WE HAVE OTHERS. WRITE US.
le.'da.go and which.waa ealied for body.. The next meeting will bo held
w the far-famed Sowannee river. The
,-;..Oalnesvllle and Golf offers: the folio. another hearing Thursday.The jn Atlantic City N. J., In June, 1907. yly,

[ rates es,was tried by Jury.. follow. iGeo. o
\ i-X1..c: !low roo&d-trlp from Galnes- If the Baby I la Cutting T.*thB
;/ ticket'good X.: Dolg, foreman; J., B. Dll. R. :r. -w-ILLI..A..MS
\ !; ; Sunday only, $1; .
.iii .
B. Paler O. V* lfaICID" ". If. Pinko lure and use that old and wsll-. ,
'... .i. Saturday and returning Monday,
son and Ai L.:yidal. tried remedy, Mrs. Window's SoothIng 4 r
: ytig50t\ ticket good for fifteen days. After hearing the testimony. and argument Syrup, for children teething. It P. 0. Box 401. JACKSONVILLE FLA. 211 W. Bay St.
t .. Double dally service. For further
soothes the child softvns the
In the, verdict gams
r>,artioalars! Inquire of ticket agent ifA ease a was allays all pain cures wind colic and lethe

brought la for the plaintiffs. Attorney beet remedy diarrhoea. Twn- .. .. .. ------d
lfA ,number of gentlemen of this oily. "- ------- ---'- - - --
,4 3.1.1. Rivera appeared for the plaintiffs, .,.a.. cnt a bottl.
r'f! "* In fish chowder and ash
t participated a while Attorney Thrasher represented
sh f try at the Sink yesterday. The chowder the defendant. Bumper Crop In lloumanla. Gainesville & ,Gulf Railway CompanyTHE

.if i j jj;;; wa*"prepared by 'Jodg. J.A. Carlisl -- ---- Bucharest Roumaola June 23Tt
Dying of Famine wheat crop of Roumajtla promises to

if' 1' F. 1HO.ISkv6nDfRTAKIno Is, In Its torments. like dying of eon be the largest on record despite the FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTE

sumption.& The progress of consumption fact that some rust has appeared Tb. OF FLORIDA.
from the beginning to the very maize crop la In splendid coodlUon. ffIto.

end, la a long torture both to .victim. -- ----,-_.. Tim Table In .ffct April ..IIO ?

((0. and flen4i.TbeD I had consumption THE REAL TEaT -

la Ita first tags,'*.ri,..Win.My- I. : r 6.DaUy .
wI era of.Cearfoee, Md.. "after trying dif. Of ...*..... U tm Gtrtatr U TIIeew Mo. 4. !fo. I. No' a '
4 tfi' FULL OFt ferent medicine and a good cI e&Or. In ..... TrtoLI ....... Daily IWI..I HTATIUNH. J>.U,. Dali.lzeSet

I : DINE vain I at last took Dr. King's Hew Discovery ?beta -ly .... u tr wtikrh to aDda,,
lads of tb* ffletoncy of any article
t t'gi NEW GOODS which quickly and perfectly and that .. by H. abilitr t* cIo that
cured me." Prompt relief and whte It 1* >lnun ..
jlI'! sore sad 'L. A P K C. A Ii AI. P PMArPlf y
'''q tort core for eoagfaa, colds* sore throat but"Igorj the may.lo.k point l--.4o nu ihr .f4>mats.t* 1 etc.>AJ-' 418 2 16 ........ ...___.1'.1'1.,41., ,........ NN...... 1:1): I1UI
;.tt..IoAKCnu bronchitis, .to. Positively prevents drag and stop falling hurt I 7 66 216: .. . ... ... ...... .lr.I.._........ .......... 1 CY7 100I
( Monuments: Tombstones Guaranteed all No. they do not, but 1terp4d4e 4 t Iron Fences. pneumonia. at draft .m. H fees la Ilk* root *f the .vU ,, CI6 2 56 ... .... ...... ..lI4oach.lcI...... ... ....... J2 66 laG
i, ,and stores. Price We and $1 a boil!.. Trial zed kllU the g rm that atta. ba the S 10 1 00 ........ __u. JJlcsll..a....._... ... ..... 1210 0.&
i ''i See Our Samples bottle fre .tAIA fron when,. ib* hair. .eta it. 1 l' 1 10 ....._... .__. '.-11. atmostoa.N... ...12 I 46 I
'M: _. &/*. It ao 1 ::11) ........ .... ... Ml .isopy ......... ....... I' ao 4)i i
atUaUa WUon'e Big Sale. where Letters from deity sw-.t pro"I.C' twat-01.Newbrdayt.rdd. ev..y II .. 14U ........ .. .... ..I.Ta.etaa.111WW.N.... 12:10: 120 '
yt reneuI t* all atatter laUae. are . .... .. XI"nroo4. .. .. .. .. '2 16 1111
.t.n4. th. "IHt et Ya..N 6 41 116 .. ... ... .. .r.
L Y"' Kali sad tctfcraaa .ra npnarpUy Attention is directed to the b/g/ sale It .to n c.nbtf..l 4r..*..r. Ur. pare .10 1 16 ........ ..........01".. ..... ...... ...,... I 12 10 110 fk
; attended. U.Jainesrille at Mrs. R. Wilton's .talch will b.gta zed free from sit w _. 1 01 4 J6 .. .... .... ....Waeabooa.... .... ......12 W 165
",../I; today 4 coatlau for fir. days. Talc. SteM br ..*. ur 4ru**>*t* Seed I'". to 1 16 4 to ....... .. ......Ieee_' Point..1... . ... ,11 .a 4 40546A7
t. Tb* HorHeKU Co.Dtrttvlt .. .. ... .... I' au 41 JII
Florida sal will b* on* of th* best bargain- .tap..for Mien.t. M.npU CllJL9 S 100 ULY S- II') I ...........----lt-.,..... I 1 >) III lOA 1011 y(

givers' vr offered &0Ia.* pwpl of ... >....r.r.I A c... ftpeeial 1<*.U 11 M tl to 1 U .............hMJ''.... I,... 1 M 1 .. I.:
OalaccvOl, a* will b* ***n by refr _.. . .. IS 00 S M T ob ....._.CJJrrU..#........ 140 0 JI) 1 its
; E. M. WATERS Boa lo the prie.. It will pay pro> ----- - --- 112) 700 713 ._.....(JnbaDl..... .... Ili? I n I IeIS
; MAX KftAUSS. tIJ 7 Lb T7ti ... ..$.paoa city: ...,. 5 7r) 1 ID 1101O x
peels to
eotons Investigate talc ......... .10 .C ....h...... .. a'. .60 P .00 s ......
FUCTKAl sdverts.n.nt. a.,,.o..1&.g ... ... -..... ..., ....J .... ...:.... -.. ..... ... ...... m
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.Ji1 | S4t..rvCattoft WiDtoutla ."........ E. A.wEiL&co.r, ........ ;.... .. 1 10 _'I'aJla'.,,. ..A..t.L..r I" .v..... ....* to
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...._ 1 lot a! 470 .....itaesp.0. .. ,. ..... .111 10 IS to ......
I lb.'prp.t. instant to tocUaioUi. WHOLESALE SHIES -.. T U .I' -.......... O.eft .'- T 10 .00 ......
J'1" .the** ,organ* vlUtoct, 'bratatiag Deus Lr PMt LAr AM 1'7" t LvAM L9PM ......
;', House Pffetlfif Or All PearrlaUeaa,
.Orisvo laucatlvo Fruit Byran aide.,....

sad Decor UIf. Ik* SUM.!....Ja&M ta*Jrver and bow. I : Teals S ad 4 do... n.b.lweea O".9i1J4 u4 P.alrtiettd oa 84 d.- '.

... wUaoat Irritating ta**..fgmn. Uk* 0oW AgnU fc*JfOSAKOI> sad$OTay.. L. L B4.aB. O.setsl Sop.viateed.et.

;: Cevaer, fiala.svla.4of fla rrUsVor'ovoUatary:' cmiaartlc Xi tfooanot )fIG$ qCAUTT, a.... Envy J. r. 'ULL. ...... I. D. WATJC1X .,o..rsJ j.a" /?

accuc or grip and U rill and pair warranted .. ... .
Filets and Wall Pajwv4or .Wca.t ta take." J.W. tftO rhraiACanrpacy '

** prime M tie. trad. .., J. Hiamt. Ageitr Send, Us Your Neat Order for ''Job 'Work

.. "., ,.,. ....,,..

t 'A' ,Tc I


4 jU:. :lB. !90

p .
.. .. ,, : J "
,O \,...,. r :LOCATION ot*; UNIVERSITY-'' less than 10 per thousand of the popnlation. .

! . :avatar.-_ I only with, to show that the
i :rt-
._ : : ,"fi'.lolJowlogJattet.JIrble appeared basis far the statements made by the
,, '
], I rr (fo'-' The Jacksonville TlmY-lqnlon of gentleman with .o much fulsomenesv,

7'' .... ai the Pat OffltoefaVaaft 0tf..v1fI-JTIa'. .W d ne.
.aofid- la.amlltaatt! -r. .th .minds'of r any* In :regard to the I mosphere." and that "Lake City has

rt . : er"" beattlot Gaibesrftlet the lowest death rate of any place In Well Mel
H. H. MCCBKARY, : l ubJ '
y ,.;*', :. Editor:: Tln e.,UgtOJH In ''8onda,'. the United State, save one-a small

W W.'-"sfiBL 1 iY.AHWxHat.; Editor..-----, 'TlmtS'tTnion "the entire apace for placer/ somewhere in California" is of ...,.11..E t C
.,Q JESSE: R"BftmiCClfiftMltof.LOUIS : the :'dfsaossion of the questionof the stuff that dreams are made of-

i the location of the State Universitywas'occupied flimsy

4 .J BRTJMHTr- Oenl'TrateUtur A Bent, ; by.? i an?. article tinned f by J. HARRISON HOO.EI.:! D. ,

F. B. :Moodle.of Lake City in which Gainesville, Fla., June 19, 1905.
c 1 1'.)(.PREWITT, St t\>\. ComP 8lIl'Boon
\ J some statements are made that are sre
"' rather startling and'which lam afraid the first wek" of the Lewis
+ ,,'i,. '.'; .* OFFJCRj I.J+OR i Re..etACrGN << During
.'. .. 1.Idre: ,&tre.ct.;... 1'BUlPHOJf1 Q4 would.gin' the, gentlercaa some diicomfiture and Clark Ex portion at Portland,Ore.,
.' .J L J. If 1w Were Called on to prove there was a daily attendance averaging:; : .... .... -
;{iTBi DAILY$OW,published every morning? es' .
them. Borne orheio statements than 10.000 peopte. This'averRIt'! nCUABU'COKPOmm.anel
cepi?i mailed to any part 01 th.United State,pontanfrcti only wild-other* ''might be termed does not Include the attendance of 89,- FECT LIVER MKDIC1NX KNOWN. Do not flU your system '

for|5.years $ .50._,ix month;? .'1.'$three hysterical.. :In'tbe latter class I place 677 on the opening day. The attendance with Calomel Araenlo or.Quinine. REDID 1 t. a, gtiaraja-' \
ii ewM Ui.j or:50c, aU for>fire wcektrlcty hie' statements In reference to the during the second week was considerably teed cur for all diseases produced b y a TORPID LlVKet "t
advanced and IMPURE' BLOOD. It will cur MALARIA: without lea-" "*
,I, : "m.JarfalatmOtlpbere" of' Gainesville larger than that of the first tog any of the deadly effects of many drug used for tfcsfc ,
CmI t.r- ... ]tladinatwtlcasnlocatcotomeroc.ntaollaeY and 'tba amazing low death rate'of ...ek. the adnvissions( on one day fallIng purpose. One bottle purchased today,may save you nasA "

. Jot first inartbd;seal S tent for each additional Lake City, "the lowest of any place In but B few short of 20.000. This is a sIck spell tomorrow. Quickly; cure IIWo......, Ctt.fr*

1 . I ..nloa. the United States, save one, a small considered a very gratifying attend .tip*tloB, Dyspepala Malaria. Chills,' and all ,User
*. fordl.pIay'.dveitlaing! Used and recommended by the medical profession
Katea made known OBapplication. Complaint ; ,
1 5 ; place somewhere In California I" If ance. Ai time goes; on the admissions generally.A .
1 gentleman will kindly give to the Increase from day to day which shows i

31i The Twice>a>W *k Dun .bas eigkHMgforty' public health officials' throughout' the that the people of the Pacific Northwest i. PROMINENT PHYSICIAN'SENDORSEMENT (

: ooluma paper .nnbliahc4 every Monday and] country bis ponderous volumes of vital I are taking a patriotic interest 10. :

f Thursday,. and contalna all the 'new.'of the statistics, by which he makes accurate their big show. But there are many Dr. A. J. Hannah, a leading phyaiaiau of Umatffla
week, local, state, and general, and will ba Fla.. I&JI1 ban bean using HUb\De\ In my ptaa
comparison of the death rate of Lake visitors from far Eastern States, and
nailed' poUg free, to any,part of tb. United lice and am well pleased with the results..1 always
r Btate or Canada,for f i.ooa year-la advance. City with that of every other rural even from Europe, while the hotel I keep' some on baud, and think it a grand medicinefor

community in the forty-odd States of bookings show that in the weeks to Biliouanee.and Liver Complainta."
r All ..4"41'1'1'1.1111'becoa.. doc after brat the Union, they will thank him. Such come the attendance from far distant
appearance of ad-ertUement, tinle* otherwi* Bottle. hoc Avoid All SubstituteaBallard
r atlpulated 10 contract.- fartUa Dot known to ua information I Is not obtainable 'throughany points will be very much larger than isis Large

',4 will be required to' pay for advertising In advance. other known source. at present Snow Liniment Co.
7 A4draeas DAILY SUN, As to the ''malarial atmosphere" of

O"wa.vlUa.i Pu..- Gainesville, I will let the thousands The Washington cotton report of St. Z otai 17. 9. A. ,

,,1 / who,have breathed It, and still live to Tuesday says that "further improve S

The Tampa Fair dates have been tell the tale answer. I was born In it ment- of qotton" generally indicated

IM( fixed for November 13th to 2 tb. and have breathed it for a good many throughout the cotton belt. The crop

years, and never had a chill or any is In a good state of cultivation) although SOLD AND RECOMMENDED BY -

m The end of the Chicago strike U laid other malarial symptom In my life. some fields continue- foal! in -w- JM:. JOHNSON, ,G 1ixy.ee ,' 1ie.

to be In sight. Bat the telegraph<< does Perhaps I am a little biased. We'll portion of the central and western .

jRc not state which end. i let that pass:-the statement like districts and In Florida. As a rule '
4'''''' ''
other in the article Is not r.4"l
many susceptible good growth is reported but the plan

'' Minister hale been flred of proof. The gentleman continues small. Lice are still prevalent .

a by President Roosevelt. Bowen has goes on to dwell upon the statement In North Carolina. Considerable "t
C been a heap'of trouble. that "Lake City hat' the lowest death damage by web worms is reported from You Are Insured.- -
rate of any place In the United States, Oklahoma and Indian Territory. Boll

Pistol toteri are doing considerable save one-a small place SOMEWHEREIn weevil is spreading In NorthwesternTexas 0 .

damage In this and other States The California.'!, I challenge this statement but generally the damag is Dot Have
In a Company that is Responsible :
a Policy Correctly
: law should be enforced.. and respectfully -aik the gentle' ,.,..at." ,. Written With Liberality of Policy Contract and the Company .
man by, what authority h. makes? Pays Losses Promptly "

The talk draining the lakes around The only I statistics obtainable on the Hon. J. N. C. Stockton of Jackson (

Enstls 'li causing oon.ld."blelndlaD'. subject are those In the office of the vllle, who is on the board of com mi..

# Lion among the residents. Btate Board 'of Health, the State sloners to erect the governor's man You Are AssuredThat

.f health officer being the registrar of stop, Is anxious to commence the work, t

vital statistics' of the State of Florida, and wants Tallahassee'. to donate the serious loss
Mayor Nolan was reelected as chief no can overcome you without yon have some
and all physicians, nurses, coroners, site. refuse. +
executive of Jacksonville for a second _
little etc., are required by law to report all c ___ __
ha term on Tuesday with or no op.
deaths to that office. Tb* records r

position . of deaths In towns the site of Lake LflZY a Fire Life Accident and Health Insurance.
President Boosevelt delivered the City which do hOe, maintain a city ,
''' board of health, are not kept .ep.r.te.I 1
A principal address at Clarke College
I but are compiled with those of the None but Reliable Companies Represeuted.d C
Worcester, M...., Wednesday, and was "X art Caeearete .. |eo4 tb.t I would "not M
made LL. I) county In which such towns are located. ..,,,.... tb... I .M tm abt.4 a .".. d.*l with ,
an ......... .. "
Therefore, I do not see how torpid Uu .d li Now .1.! akln.
Cu.Mrct e..dr: n.1Y..a.l 1 f..l/.ry murk toMrI
the gentleman made his comparisonsand .".u (.r .I.l, fMoBiM..d %b.u to m* <>!_" A. :M: CUSHNtAN
College students from the State of u the....,..dl..I.. I k... .T......." ,
Hew found that "Lake City has the .....e.st..t,Otkor M.WC0... Fail River,Vaaa.
1 York will go to Kansas lo assist Information cheerfully: furnished. GAINESVILLE
lowest death rate of any place in the ; J
In the wheat
harvesting crop, owing to
United States, save one-a small place Dear For
poor demand for ball players somewhere In California Th. Dowels I"" "" ' '

--- For the fie December .
years ending or- '- -----
The Russian commander Oen. Line
a ; 31,1898 the average yearly death rate PARTIAL PRIC.E LIST 0 F. ,
% vltcb, baa sent a message to the Cur, I
thousand of InColnm
per population *
begging that dignitary to not hold him c+wifr c.Tiutlvlo '
his county was 7.52; In Alaohua county > Whiskies Wines Beer and Malt
back, as he, wants to whip Oyama. "
\; for the same period It was 0.86. Hlnce ;
I5' Guess thnt Nick would be willing. r
this period, while the rate has varied -

-- from the. lower PI_..'. PaI..I.. 'Iu..0..4.Us 0cwMI. EXPRESS rilEFAID. Bulk
to relatively '-t. ;
year year fld--Jopi Fne-i.t
With the advent. of the M.**, 110I"V_....or Urlp.. ....tte.:..,.N.... Prepaid
new countyof rate of Alaehua county seems to have ., The ....!.. .." .. >>..tnplMllacR S,. Loci oomes the announcementthat been maintained. For instance ne..a.MW 10.....rat ao.q a..... Club toe ........, 68, N 00 17 00 Kye.: Oln.fl.SO!Corn.Per\2alli Uood>o:
in ... rrade
*-Ca.CJUcaco'rN.T. tot
The Ml. Luole County Tribune NelHon County Rye... .. I BO IMonoarata 15 T 80 St.00 Per Gallonnl -
1008 the death rat In Alaehua county ANNUAL SALE, TEN MILLION BOXES Rye ....... ... I to ro pop *>.uln. Corn. Kura. Fine Quality
;4 will make Its bow to the people at.Kort was only 1.03, while In Columbia county H.o.'."1/" R'.........ITS too a BOIS R7e.Cln. Corn.at-MiferUalloa Rulli. Neat : .
Pierce on or about July Hlh. A. K. it was 8 66. During the same period ----, .. --------.- Hoc la! Drop*..,............ 4 50 std 00BO at no Per Gallon for: the money
Wilson will be the proprietor. Malt W...*..e.............ITS .CO a "M" Rye Peauh and Apple BraDd,. Metro
.. there were reported to the State Boardof I..MbBra....y.t,.........ITS .00.10 od by age '
Health' from Columbia county (population : FOLEY'SHONEYANDTAR Apple Brandy .,........ 378 I 00 t KO VtetorU 1 se. "Social.OOPe-rO.Uon Drops : ,/
Georgia and Florida saw mill men 17O.&) 87 deaths from malarial HoUaadUI" ........,. ... t W 4 1& T 15T quality. Rye. Medle

have begun a fight before Judge 8peer fever t Alaehua county for the same ....".Gill .. ...... ..... .711 s 00 s LEliP ST. LOUIS BEER Per I'U.
In Macon to restrain the railroads from time (population 33,349) had 81 deaths Mountain North Carolina.Con 175 1 M e 100.110 uo r v.lwe, Beer....... ........... '.."......
KxtraPatoBtaadanl. ... ... ..... ...... . . -
.patting on an extra two cents per hun I' malarial In Columbia ".malc.Rum..11OO et as .. ...... .. . .. " ,
bk' from fever. 1903 : Uwdlord Rum ... .. a 7. I .) esoSBO .. ......., ......
dred pounds on lumber to Ohio river county bad 9 deaths from malarial ()r*|>. Brand*. ...." ....... Ire BOO({ Malt extra: dark .... ... .... ... ...r'"
Ooburrer.. ImporvaA..... .. .. .. .
4 points and beyond, The railroads claim fever Alaehua county had J. Daring ktinaof K.fy. Bourbon>> I 74 ooAM BO Ha.. "AU .......'.-...........'.". ......
that the high of lumber received ) Thi erlglfiri >orin).B% ADowed AU Good ot Sam. UulB.. aa(pios..1>laU....'\..._ ........'..
v the same year, Columbia county bad I Prtoe. ltto a by the bbL oo appUeaUoo.HANME ., .
by manufacturers should entitle themto 78 deaths from all causes, or ".12 per UXATiYE cough remedy.

an Inarease.ln freight rat... thousand of lb. population, while w. ADA.ii;" T. BROS., JICYFLir
Tba uln.Pozs .
-_._- ,,-- Alaehoa county had 71 deaths from all g. '

ak" The bonding question for good roadsIs :e......, or 2." per thousand of the HONET and TAR. tpa .
the topic for discussion In many population. a Y.Uew aaf.. Retue aabettsasse. JA*. M. 0...".. President U. E. TATLOA, Cashier

portions of the Slate at the present I...... und"tandhat I do not mean M.per.r.vsty byrr QBO. W. Un>a. Viee.Prrld.n lata OaAHAM, AI.&. Cashier,

time. Borne of our best business men to say that Lake City I is not a healthy .P..., Qowieanr. 0".....

k realise the fact that good roads are : town. I have'every reason to b lieveIlls. ogle l by J. TT. Jlee..... A C*. THE FIRST NATIONAL BAN

neeeecary to settle the farming lands. I All Florida is healthy;tb. a1- .. .. .. ..
-'-- -------- -
' There are many hundred' acres of land nual death rate for the entire State laBTATB -

near Gainesville that would be oteu* I ai SM WOMIL w.uswt OB1 C3--AJU1SI: : cr 13'0"II::,$.

pled If they were aeeesalble, Good .btl.mYw..ar
roads are all thai the country needs' to or Onto LrrAa CITT GOCMTT.or T\.oo.l.J j .. f..M.M.atwnU... THE ONLY 'NATIONAL BANK IN ALACHUA CO .\
3; ... ee..l. .
Induce farmers to come here. W. hav Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he GIN o+ ... .

the good 'lands. ls senior partner of the Urn of F. J. s..ean.. Capital. .. . . . . . . . . . .150,00000

0......' % Co., doing business la the L.W....w.r.w. Surplus and Undivided
Tb. lawyer who tries to have his eity of Toledo, eoaaty and Slat afore .. ..iuie...I. . 30,000 00 ;

brother of the bar restrained from the aid Bad that old firm will th* 00M .........0 ...--. .....urW1Q raeG....
pay _.... .. 'env to a.r Mat lit 1M .
...... ta..s
/f' .....
- practice of his. profession because he om tal ONE UUHDBED DOLLA8J .........-...-., ..u.'.-._- "toss' -.eM ..............
i% may be a trifle more prevering.ln a for eaeh and every .*..*f eatarrh thai R.It.TA TLOR._

case than his opponent deeervee almost cannel b>e em***! by Lb. ... of Hall's PATENTSGASNOW ..--- .- - -. -"- o..t ..,.

a Ilk* punishment it he falls to show CurrhCjr FRAKK J.: CHK.NKT.8ort .

up a ol_r .as*. If seek. proceeding 'a twfor .* Bad .ab>* rib .iIB

should happen to come before an In. by preB, this 6th l day of D.oe.tb.r *. era..aa.AAA. FIRB, D7B1KDtCCIBCHT B. JORDAN
w.e. p..q
competent Judge-a d what U meant A. D. -. I Dl :!
1. w
by 1 ineompetent U a Jodge not entirely (&BAL|. A. W. OL1U80IC. 4..i wMe a..

free from prejudice-Ikeert>er of aohaa Carl."...y.muo. r+re.phut taat. .lr YO OLHE3l4mncc .. 1''
Hall's Oat :4
as uks law
attorney would b* at an end. The Bally, a.4.... sllnmtly NB the blood nr m... we mlrl are..rune.waelet..rol. INSURANCEA.
..*.., U.baraa"I" eaMoe la this Baste, and raowott *.rfM. .f th. trtt*... t a.
both. of whloh have bw toe BUnay toW &.4 for "*etlm*>s>I lBlrrs..

rHl oalsd IB any court, have shows F. J. OH CMJEY A CO.,Toledo, O. 'AID3.

pour taste oa th. part ef tfc... whoMve Bold by 4rajr4rUte. TV.Hall's 'l
Take Fatally Fill tot comatt- 'OZTTZZ f {
teen the Instigator of cheat. r-Uoa. PORTSR et.oca '
+,.-r.r.r.Y A-.r..., ..wr,.ti.r.r... {
A .... ... _
.-- '

..., "IfV

., ',. t'fIt! ''j -./, ,''4 ''fu
"'- "" .>CJ! : .
rC tTlak j t1' i' .y. f ;" ..." l'" ." . '


( !

ir c *

,- t j liii
JLl -
*_ I y L

, "" 11'j ,, .'; '.' ..,.

:, THE DApf.. SUN, : GAINESVILLE FLORIDA, JUNE .X$,- li U5l .. 4 5Fi

1: I, t' 1 .:- -= : . :. .-. r rDR. d4

IOM ALL 1 the Food That Does 'GooamIfmm SEEKING INFORMATION.A MOFFETT'S f Cares Cholera f n .

Ol4itfM a. I DytsnUry.'and,
Teacher Desires' to Know a Few 'C-.l
> Bowel Treobls ol y'.Rny
& '
0F'' FLORIDA Things. '. Ater AIda Dlgallett.f f.. ,
] Editor Sun : At the April meetingof . Itcsulstca 1M BwsteStrsMth[ >> i
the Alachaa County Board of Pub- ens the Child ,aad MAKES s t
ga From Varioustionsl'of'State. lic Instruction a resolution was psssed ETh ING WDERS) TEETHING! STAQV.,I "

; The Cod LlTtr Oil Lou: sIon"p.,..KweOMee"for to the effect that'no teacher who had Costs; Only"25c at Drug ist r mail 25c to C. J. MOFFETI, L D.., St buss,Doi "
C..(hJ.,Cold. taftD." BrMChlUa. La drip, titight outside \>t the county during Mother 1 Hesitate no longer, but saw the health and !//. of
Sore Throat M4 a...f., Catarrh. PaMmonla.C the winter term should b<> aniRlfd to your child, .c thousands have done, by giving_pointer*..
L' MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS ...unptl4w tad all Pulmonary PUmuc All a summer school in the county, unless TE CTHINA Is vastly glvon and quickly counteract and or.r.
a Druggists,two tin.boo and 1. "Comes tho effects of summer's hoatufton t..thlll601tNt, ,
he should sign a contract to teach the ,
Transpiring (lit "The Land of Flowers." TRIAL BOTTLE FREE BY MAIL winter term of that school as well it '1

Things ''Boiled Down" to Suit the to all sending nun and address to being given. out that the board withed '

OZOMUISION CO.' 98 PM Strut New Yak to favor those teachers who are faithful
Busy Reader-Items of Interest to ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY
All! Classes... ,I to teach in this county and would
was killed by lightning. In one hour give them the preference in the a..I iRUment -

,. The Odd Fellows of Peniacola will and thirty minutes 3 16 Inches of water of summer work. tInoorporatec11:: :

L celebrate July 4th, : Since only those schools which pay ;
'' The firemen of Palatka will do the fell.No time! should be lost In preparationfor small salaries and run for only E. E. VOYLE MGR.
l r eagle screaming act on July 4th. t exbibltlngat. the Florida State Mid- five months have summer terms, no Abstracts of Title and full information furnished regarding lands in this

Tomatoes are being hauled to the winter Fair, to, be held In Tampa do- ; teacher able to eommt..d a good sat county. Our manager has lived in this county thirty yean and
"factory at Reddick at a lively rate. ring the coming fall upon dates that ary who has taught outside the ooun is thoroughly conversant with land 'AU...

' will be most convenient to all countiesof It, could afford to accept summer ;
: Miami Rifles are patting In good
Florida participating. The fair' will work in this county on those terms,
time preparing for the State shoot. E. E. V 3.TXj.HS.
beyond a doubt be the largest ever and hence the ruling, as it was intended .,
r '"Tom Rountree for selling flsh caught held by a Southern State and the great* I Lobe, a sufficient barrier to pre FIRE, ACCIDENT, BURGLARY AND INDEMNITY INSURANCE. Representing #

in Lake Miccoaukfe. was fined 100.' est amount of premium money will be : vent those who taught outside the a cumber of prominent American and English companies... r +,"

Ellis Knowles of ,Pensaeola student paid out to. county and individual exhibitors :county from receiving any favors in REAL ESTATE AND CITY LOANS.
x at Yale College,.'won the golf champi : theway of summer work in this coun- Q ai a-v-LJ..J..e : Florida

.. _. .
This of --- -
onship. '.A -quad of about seventy Italian ty. by way explanation.In -- --- -" -- JE

w Ocala] invites the people of Gainesville arrived in Tampa Tuesday to join the a recent issue of The Hun we noticed etabliehed X87tEC.

r ht "". to come over and help them celebrate 'colony of that nation at Ybor City that a certain teacher who

the Fourth. *, They came to New York and were conveyed taught in the county lat term has

Mayor E.: O. Bryce of St. Augustine direct from Ellis Island to Tam- been assigned to one of the bust paying :. IEDo \ :0-u TTON' & 00,

"rR was reelectedr by a very good majority pa via the Seaboard Air Line Railwayand summer schools in the county, who
f t' election. There only has, to our knowledge, accepted a
at Tuesday's, its connections. were
school.in another county for the winter :B.A.rsI-mEEs: : : O
w The midway attractions of the Tame twenty-five men in the party, the baU >
which school he secured
; pa Fair to be held this winter will furnish ante being: women and children. In term upon
"' le..oD.oO the past, twelve month over.700 additions the recommendation of the superln
: probably'. "' tendent of this atereralbanking: builn*.. bur and ..Foreign. and D no.-U. CisfeaaceTbe
".iff. & .' have been made to the Ybor City county. MieooBti of b...., btaktn.ooriw-alton- nn.r-.tn.reb.nl.slut others
Italians.AN Now will some one, upon whom rests received' on favorable trm tlr>fIol.! .oal".o a.a.lag eoil. Uon oa all !'
& After drilling down 800 feet at Fort I colony of the responsibility for the making of aoee lt>l. POtDUlO 'be United StatesCAINES'yt'JLAb .

,:? McCoy.after water, the firm of Hodges : ATTEMPTED BURGLARY. the ruling above cited, please rite and

,:'Ift. & Ohara' will try another location asno I explain how the fact of the attign : FLOETT.1 A f=

It,. : water was' .e red. I. Negro Tried to Ent.r. Home of L. A. ment mentioned Is reconciled with it _u _____ .... ._._ .... .._ .. __ _--_
1 t/II.. 1>>Pensacola people are talking of Jsrnlgan' and Was Chased. seeing that the teacher in question is

d t. building anew, hotel. There is nor .A bold burglary was attempted almost given summer work In this county in G. S. NERGHANT & GO.

l' better location 1or up-to-date hotel i in the heart of the city just before : the same school year, the winter term

L than at the Deep Water City., o'clock Tuesday night.. of which as the board knows, he iu. Retailers and Jobbers la

Robert Davis, the negro who ter. L. A. Jernlgan: and family have a tends to teach In another county? In !

,rorised Dnrbin last Saturday, was custom to retire early, because they .. the name of all that is reasonable and
and Groceries
'I' .... fined $I5O'.for carrying revolver. lie are early risers. Tuesday night was consistent why is the discrimination Staple Fancy
will work: out that sum on the county. rather warm aqd Mr. Jernigan could !made in the one case and not In the ,

roads. not sleep. A few minutes before midnight other, or why do the circumstances of Brain Garden Seed and Fertlllierc.

A. dog at East!. was bitten by a rat- he heard a racket In the kitchen, I the one justify. the action more than ,
.y4 tlesoake and lived'only a few'minutes. and, believing that It was a cat, 'carelessly I do those of' the other? SOUTH SIDE SQUARE. i i i GAINESVILLE FLOUIDA

Send ,us' m 'dosen or more snakes at approached the room. Imaginehis If there is a reason for this let It be Highest market price paid for Chickens. Egg and other Prod nee.

'\.: "I. once, as* we have more dogs. than are surprise to see the form of. a man given. If not let t.hose.rnpon.lble remain -
.;( aeeded. rapidly exit from window. Mr. Jer- in the light In which they are
A Complete stock of Hay, Corn Oats Flour, Bran Meal Cotton Seed Meat
f nlgan rushed back to his own room and now placed in the eyes of all people ofaaDPon
Sapp, a former business man and R'.. W. handle only the VERY BEST foods at th* LOW
.';,. of New River has been arrested at in a jiffy secured his faithful Run, sense. J "FAIR. I'I.AY. EST PRICES and guarantee satisfaction always,
-- -' -- ---"* -
New Orleans, La.,. charged with for makfngehs.e. When he got outsidethe A'Thousand: Doll y rt',.yVorth of Good. r- -.. ,u _, _ -. .- ... ._ __ .__ __. .uo...F-
ger,., He was known as L. O. Henryat moon was shining brightly and be
New Orleans. eoold see the fleefog figure; a hundred "I have been afflicted with kidney "-b.ez. -1-n Need of bid

yards tn front of him, but notwithstanding and bladder trouble for years, pns-ing
During the absence of the proprietor
that exercised every effort gravel or. stones with excruciating: .t
of the Hotel Granada, 8t. Augustine,
the} would-be burglar was too fleet and pain" says A. II. Thames, a well JOB PRINTING
from the city, burglars ransacked the
made his escape In the vicinity of the known coal operator of Buffalo, O. "I'1 '
bo .e. The safe was tried but it contained .
SeaboardJAIr Line depot after"an exciting tot no relief from medicine: until I began
no money. race of several blocks. taking Fol.,'. Kidney Cure ; then : '

,M Y Mosquitoes' are sq numerous at Miami Mr. Jernfgan states that be hot at the result was surprising.. A few dotes I Soio-cL 5Toia.a Oxbo
that they take possession of residences started the
the fleeing burglar several times, but brlck-dustllk substance
when the doors are not locked.A was unable to stop him. He does not and now I have no pain across my kid. .
A ue from the oeeaa is prayed for believe'that the man secured anything, Deli and I '"lUke. new man. It has THE SUN JOB OFFICE. ; :

to drive' the pests to the Everglades. owing to the fact that hU plans were done me $1.000 worth of good." Fuley's .

\ Nassau Camp No. 104, U. O. V..., at I Int.rru He was positive that II Kidney Care will core every form of .. .. '-' -.

i Fsrnandlna, will celebrate the 4th of was a cored roan, however as he kidney or bladder disease. J. W. MoOollum -

I July at that place with a reunion of the was isufflelently near two or three A Co.

Second Brigade and besides all the officers times during the chase to distinguishthe -

and delegates being invited, all eolor No Jurisdiction Over ..

bid comrades have a most cordial invitation E. C. MeMahan, who has a reputation Topeka. Kann.. June 22.-The boardof

to attend.. for being toll of jokes' etc, declares railroad commissioners has declared .
The hardest rain storm In the historyof good-naturedly that "there was that It has not Jurisdiction over 1 Ml STUnT JOURNAL

Tampa occurred .Tuesday afternoon. nothing doing at Louis Jernlgan's the Pullman Car roupany so far as

The telephone' exchange roof fell In, house," and that Mr. Jcrnlgao was rates are concerned rriey declare the

doing considerable' damage. Beatrice cba.IDllhe burglar with a view of Pullman company Is,.! not a common THE NATIONAL FINANCIAL --i
'."'"" Collins, a sevea-year old colored girl making him divide up If be found any carrier sad that the board baa no

thing. _ power to regulate the .various overcharges DAILY NEWSPAPER. . .
such as It la alleged 'are be-
Hue Task. lag made In Kansas.A .0 .
t It was a hog task to undertake the
the News and Facto
cur of such a bad ease of kidney dls- Bad Sear.. governing
ease as that of C. F. Collier of Cherokee Value
Bows day you wilt i.kef scar.
la. but Eleetrla Bitten did I..
Studies of Market
when you feel a pa In In your beetle. underlying Causal ,
H. writesi "My kidneys far r
were so
nd fear appeudUiltU., Safety 'JUs .In Movements
I t'oukfnol all chair
a without
gone, on
Dr. King's' New Life Pills, a sure *urfor .
a cushion i and offered from dreadful Reviews, analyzes and criticine Railroad ,
all bowel and stomach diseases.
backache, htadach. and depression.In and Industrial report[ ;
.ueb.. headache bllionsae
44 Electric Bitters, however. I found a ..jjs
care, aw by them was restored toper. nees, 'Ie. Gaarant*d at all drag- Has complete table of Earnings of
feet health. I "recommend this great .....'. only =--0. Try them. Properties. >

tool medteia to all with weak kidney .. .__ _
*. liver or .stomach. Oaaraated '''-0-- Quotes active and inactive 8tocktt and
by all d druggist pri COe.Specte Bonds. .

Meeting School D *rd. Miss N. lorton. Records the J lat Hale of Bondn and the

The County Board of Pobll' laatroa* yield on Investments at the price.

''art lion held a sp..Ial ....".g Thursday .
for the ,.,paM of ,....laalOaM .xaroteatfoa Gainesville ClrculatinjOaly Answers, without charge, inquiries con

and other ,..pen.n. caning Investment
.,. were ,r.*..., wily two Members. Oa. who 4aify '.....1f. THE WALL MTUECTJOUKJUL ;.;

:& Chalrmaa Week and Secretary. .. better aIJA4 U. Uvret .***y
bus the boeia*** lot whlen the ... Lat. t P
K.II.y *mar Hrtisu
called safely' awl preflUJsiy aa4 \. ..,... sheet lavs zL. ateetleg was wee traaaacud. .
? aegis tka* ... wiry 4e..* .*.c.POJU.J.lIIJV .

Irtnee.1Cerri.a.. That Tired F..... .PSCJAL areswr* TKM. ..*.
safes a4 m..teeo: tee westl anetaf WN"gaaNe 4-
: Absolutely ta* *
If you are iaegeld.dtpree.dineap. ._ .. ... DAILY BY-
BOW r' tfc*atartat. AUssI lav tb > Book*MM s k *t
J nowM.al pnwet to 90 lk n* wr. WrlU' for able lot work. It ladlcat .....your ...""- ...* .lt.>.l..t .........
>< }{ p | I '
llvr to.at of order. erlet..11 a..1 I I DOW, JONES & "CO.1 .,

This eagla. I* not a "J ek at all siet aatar .. throw *tf ............ II .. a.1 t7t11'.i ,.,. ,.,..
... wit* dyaaaio or ....*,... adtrigiren rb.essS.m and alia**!*thin to.*,. I THE OLDEST)girls AOOCT Or WALL KTBECT.lf .
'V t.keep f w"paaa***." ,0..1._ sad ........ tit.*ea..s.e... ii. itiiii I
l. 18.a "Cra e k.er Jaek .. do year vttaHtf of eased aad; pert** ftJUi. : :AT | a Tesrll a X atfe.
.aad .oatetsk.o 8oM .*..r foil J.Hattard. Ts.TocMirrU4Wt. -
tee or jor "O.*T ba Ju Km- -I bar .*.Hetbtft.. for aka a.*t two I Lane.*o* f en&s. ydexns as 0.... INVESTORS READ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
itself.E9. 7Wa" 'It bas. ..*. aaaM.rgQdtaaaIt ,View H...l, ..,.. b.. koou- !4 ,
aU sMt doe to the btMM .....j. 'k..pl.t prtvtkgsL >...t11bs p,.,
j.,.'.:. W. MOVERS ...,-..... ** frby .IIM-.. f-.tlNt .'I.......salt ...... Ie..... had . ,
-. ." 11m4da +6.. .i...,a4. W. M.Jeitacm. -....xttfomr. .. w. .. L"'";:lilt;r...,. I r

$1 Iii' '5 ..lf.'t'C: .. ., .... .. .
*!* .- ,.... ' : . . . .' :. : l' ..;;p, .-, /'"" "
; ; ,
; "!"." : : . .' . .: '. '...,, .. '''!'1', .' -.:.:!7j jIi j- ..'",.J" Y Ian Y 1k *: ? rtk

7' .

+ 4 nJ

. '
/, '\. ; .
r , J.'I:.
\: \ "



!" LOOMIS Ift.sv :EXONI61A7s D. W.- .f seroggt... '
RooaevetT M
. ....,r.' ",',. ,I. I I om of Scroggins, millionaire Lloyd's I it: :B': 0 A.. .
wn's Aoalnat Him Prove driver from John Url .
.Charge Where He Go** to tau

a Bo.m.rani': To Clark. | make:" so difference, Mrs Air Line RailwayFOR
Washington, June Z2/> -Tb,* sUmlsal Worcester, Mass., U :
of Herbert W. Bow*, for some president's trs. how rich and Ign'rant a man gtti tsk,
g be* sense 'nougti ter keep on
.years'' United States minister: to' Yens I committee of 'cftizens after gHtln rich. But ef be . . . .
sttla and the' exoneration: of Assist tenant Governor work an* enj'y himself
,r ant Secretary,. "of1' Stat rraabls K. W. H. an'
Mayor at things with his eyes
+ Loomis, of 'the, allegation |>rougb4 boarded the with his no 'count brain an' Savannah, Columbia, Camden Southe

against him' )by>> : ;''Mr. 'DO.....' are 'the welcome to the state i his one stomach like et war a

nitoom* ,of 'the:.Bowen-Loomls, a eotro* That the city of be air a' fool. I've got my Pines RaleighRichmond. Wash-

versy which hat; ,attracted wide attention pared for an and I'm coin back tee the .
h for many teen:s' past. This dls- day to the president : .

? position of the:'cs fi. )s .toad* by Prs>I the extensive my good man, ;you are old. ingtonl Baltimore,; Philadelphia : I f
,,..... other man.
.' t..w: 1 and dwellings In all U filled by some "
municipality,and by you cannot get It back. New ..
.4., -' rx the public streets of '." said Bcroggtns, "there Y.ark-
question 'bout my glttln' that
residents and Mr. Mayor I owns the line. .
r Roosevelt .was not I pick op them ribbons thar Three Elegant Trains Daily.

:> t dd until ,:SC) o'clock be no agent to say 'Put 'em
that hoar the streets .' "
poop!. who hoped Seaboard Florida Limited. "

to hear President Acute Rheumatism.

.\ nection with his tearing or wrenching paint, oc- Seaboard Express.Seaboard
y a M' Clark .Qal enlt,.
by getting wet through, worse
The weather early
rest, or on first moving the i
agreeable a heavy I
in eold or damp weather, is i Mail.
the air being very i i .
Elaborate ,.by Bsllard's Snow Llnl- "I-
made for guarding I Oscar Oieson, Gibson, City, III.,
S'drily within the precincts Feb. 18, lG02: "A year ago: I MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENTThe I
all times It was with a pain In my back.
dent would be [ got so bad I could not bend SEABOARD FLORIDA LIMITED it a solid vesttbaled trait!, 'a m..
One bottle of Ballard' Snow posed exclusively of new Pullman equipment-Dining Oar. Doable Drawing-
cordon of mounted
eared me." Bold by W. M. Room Sleeper, Stateroom .Dd.O erv.&iou G"r*-operating between St. .Augoftine
service agents, and Jacksonville to New York, via Waahlngtoa, leaving St. Augustine
FRANCIS R. LOOMIS. In citizens' clothes 12:10 p. m. and Jacksonville : daily except Sundays '

dent Rosevelt In a letter addressed I tlonai protection.

:to Secretary Taft made public approv- RATESFOR Only Line Operating
lug Mr. Tan's report on lass findings: Cured of ,. ; t

ties and conclusions In the cue. Qeo. .A. Sherman Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans

Th. president scathingly arraigns Lawrence. county N. _________ .

8 Minister Bowen declaring that his had kidney disease : Occasions For fall Information and sleeper reservation call on any agent Seaboard or

i ,conduct "is especially reprehensible;" had been treated VIA write A.. O. :MACDONELL, 8. O. BOYLSTON, Ja., "
'y that Mr. Bowen asked one of hi* witnesses twelve had Astt. General Passenger Agent Passenger Agent ,
years ;
enter the 'employ of a certain '.
to kidney medicine RY. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA

g"w plain company words, of for stealing the purpose documents'In that were TRAINS DAILY EAST. "
lief until I began .
which he hoped might Incriminate Mr.Iwoomls aTlIle9:10a. m. 7:55: m SOUTHERN '
Cure. The first p. RAILWAY.
t and that Mr. Bowen baa evidently
,.bottles -
me and four
_ 1' for many month., Indeed, forth this terrible disease. & Baltimore. Md., and return. Effective May :28: 1905. I
last two years devoted kls time Fole '. on sale July 2,3.4, limited
*t to hunting up scandal and gossip un taking Can be extended to August
make water about 2 Vestibule Trains East No. 84 No. 20 North and West. No. 18
til It became a momonanla and cau.edblm Stop-overs at Washington. ,
i to show complete disloyalty to utes, day and & Asbury Park N. J.. and re- .Lw k.onwllJe. .So. Ry 9 10" j Mp I Lv Jack.oo"ille. !'1.. . .80. RJ. 7 45p,
tb. country be ...,,...ent.d." brlok.d un substance New York with stopover at I Lw Je.op . . . .So. Ry 1140. 1040p L. Jesup Ga . . . . .So. R7. 10 80p
slimy substance. I Baltimore Philadelphia Lw Saranaah. . .80. R7 l20p 1215a Ar Macon n... . . . . Sot Ry. 8 00a
fi" have died if I had York. ', Tickets on sale Jane Columbia. . .So. fly 8Mp 60011. Ar.AU.Dt..Oa..So.R7. 5208
EQUITABLE OFFICIALS RESIGN. }"dne,0ur..." J, July 1,2. either via New York Ar Charlotte . .So. Ry 102 p 96511. Ar Rome. Ga . . . . .80. R,.,, .7808
_ .. .- ", limited July 10th. Can be Ar Oreeosboro lo. fly 11311. l2Mp: Ar Dalton. G., . . . .80. R,.. 1124&'
Alexander and Hyde Leave Companyby to August 31, 1806. ArDsneIll.S..Ry 221" 210p ArChattanoogaTenoSo.R'; 945*

.Request. CZAR FAVORS Buffalo, N. Y., and return. .Ar RI hmond. . .80. R1 II 5Aa IS 42p Ar Lexington: Ky . . .Q. IS O. 15 top r rI
New York, June %.-Following on ,sale July 8. 9, 10, limlud Ar-nag . .80. RJ 4 348 4 :!Op A. Cinclnnnti. O..Q .t O. 74QpAr I
gt u. quickly I the Institution of a new and Nichols Delivers. a .. Extension by deposit to OharlouenUle SI). R7 e IS. 6 lOp Lv CinCinnatI, 0.. . .HII Jo'our 8 pAr
l independent investigation; ot the affairs gates ... ,... 4, 1006 Stop-overs at Wash Wshington.Bo. Ry 950a 960p ..!:'icSIlo.I!,. . 'Hilt Four .710&
of the Equitable Life Assurance St. Petersburg : Baltimore sod PLlladelphla go Ar naUmore.: P. Ie R. 11801 1125p Ly CmelllnaI, 0. . . .Pa Lines 8 Mp
? .Tbe impression, Ca.'n. returning. Ar W. Ph'd.l'ia! P. R R. 14Gp 2 asa: Ar Chica n. 1It. . . ._Pa Lln. 710.
: fiociety. by direction of Paul Morton
Ar New York . P. R. R. 418p 630&
chairman of the board of -directors ror Nicholas speech : Ly Cincinnati 0. . .0. H..t D. 8 45p
off to the delegation J3S6SS Daily West. ArChtea n. Ill . . . . .Monon 123a'
!, cam th. announcement by Mr. Morton No. Sf-"New York and Florida Es-
r that he had accepted the reslg ail-Itusslan congress .., 7 45 p. .., 7:&. p. m p,....." Dally Pullman Drawing Room J.y Cnanuatt 0. . o. n. IS:: D. 9 48p
nation of James W. Alexander M and mayors which Loulsvlll, Ky.. and return. Sleeping Car Port Tampa and Jack.onAr Toledo. 0: 0. H.t D. 15 208 .
t president cow, is reflected on sale July 29, 30, limited .lI1e to New York. Ar Detroit Mich . . . . P. M. 7 25a
and James II. Hyde as vice
10 19t. Lw Cineinnatl,0. . .
of the with which It has No. So-\\.hlnRton and Florida Pa Linea 830p.Limited.
I: president company ." ArPiu.butll.P..t..PaLlne.: 6M.
> Kaoullle.T'Da.. and return. Daily I"cllm.n Drawing
the Russian
These resignations with those olffoeond pren.Tbe on sale July 1. 8, U. U5. 1906, Room Sleeping Car Jacksonville to Ly Cincinnati 0. . .Big/Four U 30p
4' Vic President Gage E. Tar question of 16 days. Extension by deposit New York.. Ar Cleveland 0. Bill Four .043.

I :, bell Third Vice President George T. ports that another '. 80, 1006. Lw Lexington, KJ .80. Rr. IS 80p
4 Wilson. Fourth Vice President Me- begun In Manchuria !& NasbvllU.Tenn., and return. Threugh. "The LaIHI.r the tUi1" 4o. ao Ar Louisville, K7 . .80. R7. S lop
Tyre and Secretary II. R. Wiathrop. secondary on sale July 2. S. .. 1906. lim Ar St. uml. Mo . . . .So. Ry. T 82a
da,.. Kitension: by deposit un L. Jacksonville, Fla. . .80. Rf 1 bhp .
In the hand that the '
were placed of Mr. Morten ; fact Ar Anma'o. AI..80.u.,. 9lOa
1906.I Lv Savannah. Ga. . . .80.R71215.
at the ''meting of the hoard of directors pledged himself to 80. Ar Columbia. K. O. . . ,8o. R7 IS 00a Ar Birmingham AI. .80. R7. 1146.
at which be was elected chairman tatlon. The Russ Car*. Service a la carte. ArA.hnlUe.N.O. . . .So, Ry 160p Ar MemphisTenn . . ,Frisco IO pAr
. ; of the board with plenary power history of ' ear reservations and da- 110' Bpringe. N. O. .80. Ry 211p Ar Kansas City Mo. .. . Frl.eo 840aAr

t over all the affairs of the society. In Russia dates Information cheerfully famish KDo ni1le. TenD, . ,So. R, 600p Memphis. Teno .r. 8 SOp
application.! Passenger office ArLoolsvllle? ,So. Itf 8&0& Hot Sprina.Ark. .. ... . .:. . gap.Ar = .
A hundred ... Bay Street. Telephone St. Louis.. . . . ,80. Rl ..asp No.
18-"The "
Dead Man Guilty of Fwoery. schemes for reform LUrtK. District Passenger Agt., Ar 0llaclauatl. . . :Q. h O. 8 i5a Dall Solid Florida Llmlled.
_t' Phlladslphla. June JJ.-On* of the tinues, "could not Fla. vestibule ra1a. through
day coaches and Pullman
most sensational case ot forgery that with as much hop -- N o. 80-Dally Pullman Drawing C.,., Ja boDiUe to CI el Bleeping tl
baa vr heea brought to light In, Russia a* the Room and Buff., Sleeping Car between No 19-PaUmaa Drawing 'Room'Sleeptog '

i financial circle. of this city was disclosed delegation, whose Florida Jacksonville and CIDclnn.I. "- Car .v..._.tty een J acksoavill..

whu It was announced thate.rtlft"atfll .ct..rla.d.. by the .. I----r---tham Memphis Kansas City
Excellent DI.l. Car Service.
calling for small numbersof 9 9'i
shares of stock bad been fraudu-1 The flRht Is not yet ARRIVALS AT JACKSONVILLE.
raised hundred of shares, .
leatly to .
Tracy will not nRUMHT. Editor aad .* 'r From New
, York Washington, etc -No. 29, "Washington and Florida Un
caoslng a, loss tn certain bank and further struggle, Ited." viUOsVm.
trust companies of this city of from OCAIJTi, FLA
tent step for From *wTork.WMhlnKton'c--N. -83'"w"hinKo aDd Florida BE8 -
"'0.0to Sl.ooo.ooo. Tb. forgery I I been taken. Year ..... ...... ....tl.OO pre. 9Q p. HI ,
t Involves the nt Unjamtn II. From <5.-Xo-28"Waihln
; name r*| ie.. 10 JlMloBUfAihTin''l tOB aDd Florida Lira.
3i Oasklil. who dl*>J four w...eH! alf I lied. s9IXJsein_
f I Want Greek From Chtesgo, Cincinnati Atlanta,14
"Fla. "
a Oasklll was th* sole member of the Limited, .:8$ a. m.

banking' and brokers eunc.rn ksewnaa 1 Ran Francisco. .. .,,. illustrated magazine J. C. LUSH District I"aanr'pat. 101 W. Bay Ml, JaektMTllle Fla.
+> signed by 675 "' ,
lunjamla tc, fUsklll Co. IN l *spe! ially to the latret of 8. H.lUapwica-.P.T.M. W. ii.TA noa.O. P. A. :
ana.Greek. business and vegetable growers of Baooc.MoaaanA.G.P.A't
kw had offices la the financial district and '
has been --
his credit was considered Int..t. .
of Greece asking "" trial subscription of six
will two seal oa receipt of a wu ,

'y Premin.nt TnnAnstla. f ....'y..d. John the present Ka lma11l.Greek. ( Stamps tale..

. .. ..
Hk June ::. Rx' < -- --- --
T*z : lorernor tractor with Itay,
Frank Lubbock one of the room prom. certain railroad
iF meat men 'la 1>**.. at the advanced' ploy such Greek COUNTY

ac. of IM year. wa stricken today paid the consul fee i
.with .sr.lys!*. It may t.. |N>*,Ibl.l .. ., ..* county I. HM.4OO acre* In I.ILLtOLED6ED
: .., ha. :1H8 mile railroad 900
U Is said thai h* will !linger fur a day I Women Keep .
or two. but the attending physicians Freeport lit. Ir.*"bile wacon schools..-d. M 27 pot phosphat ffi
assert that his advaoc ago gives no be separate from ', :2() saw. mills. 7ftOOO *era

apt Itop ot recovery.Missouri pyle. a ItVy ear-old ..*., fiv. newspapers. and pro ; ,
.. .' corn, cottoM rice. sagar.
I. John Young 3* ,.. & '
rye. potato, pineapple, or- MARKET:
. v
Sank Cl * It* Doers.Kansas die together. 1" .*.. peach, ....re. s>1.... pa
at,. Jua M.-A special to cleanse compact. .., and all kinds "f vegetable Has Tabulator
1 th. Star from CUton. Mo.. says that bedte. were found KfTUOAKD I -N'-

ti * ta* Salmon bank. U*.oldt sad :lame "...r.an.. YOQII iIIel the County} Seal, -- Every
Cat wane!'! tastltuUoa la Iary! rob*. strange costrol afiiin&x

t,. did not opera Its doors fur bust- age tired her .. t ur1.*. eaarah. two pabll Lightest Saiftl tightest
:' .**. today Ta. ** r tary of *tt. apt her cottataaUy 'oola, the- Cast Florida s saviaary, Raanlagt TheCVampton
w was aottO4 last *v.alsg.Lab1 rin.t. seho l. they nenpapen. Speed Write of ta. World
. States \and J3....,. the beat I
- Will Cure ...,. flr. alarat .J..*.. tltiri* tj*. taw Fa-8holft1.. Mot Fsy.gfcol la

F ) Un.**. AN C ma Ift.! *. A, A. He,r.a, gas lights, iwo .*. fsMtori,! ... la Gls7itl than any oih.r machine. +
'' r
..ala. shop. three wood tan**
"FoUy't lloaey
"* '*. J.a* M.--Th* Massachusettssuprem marl ebMee
*.MUOQ gin two ,
ti. coait today sasv4e4 slow adecision preparation for ,.* railroads, two frUtltriaas. "
holatsu that the 'a ..P' uif ,,".otll.. I know '." ,eotsipaaTr, one flbtsaaafsetory. For Sale by . .

rt* all laborers to coasMa U ..... sorapUoa la the .*+e r* tlfytag tar.*
heard of .U.. beaks, and .*.U.toe" THE SON
Is acalast thf policy of the law. b never plans, two I GainesYille Fla..I
liosk.7 aced Tar and "" .t.M'M smbevdwg. 55111- ,
taus* U alms at ., moaopoly cX las" .
W. MeCoUam A & la use c...reial line,
....., marfctu

.... . r:... . 1.01 .. .. ".-','
t ..'I....;;. "! 'fi I e, -5. t1iiJ: !f"'.'' ,, .. ''I:,'"' ." ., ',fj.. ", ''''''Ioi .
si "" "!. ''' ., '. ,
i { ti4,7"t ', .. .t;: I,1: .I,;r... .' .I' .' .. ."'" (" '.f, .'.. :.. ." .f(q.. .' .
j,1 '. ,
j j"i"i :. "

Y' :.

,, ,1 ---' L'

Dr. : n eminent London "'- .. V'JO .
: .h+esta 1:1.: *. IB Prl.** f Test br Which.. to Tell the G...!.. physician tn the latter half of the *?venteeuth : ',r ,! ; .'

',.the F.......... Fr >m the 'nrluMB. century had a brother; West Via Louisville & Nashville DR. DVEUE B. MORRIS ; ;,

able that so, practical a Once npou a time there was a man India captain who brought over in his

+ r" rmans should continue who spent eight of the best years of whip some logs of this' wood ns ballast. Railroad. . DENTIST . .
gf pt blind black letter/* says his life coloring a meerschaum pipe, As the ductor was then building: a

",.,' "+" ..!.R....'' "The German text Is only to find at the end of that period house in King street. Covent Garden. Tho following low round-trip rates
i: .f d when printed from 'smell Hat be bad been nursing a piece of London.his brother thought they w'htbe from Jacksonville to variou points
r" D dingy paper with high speed of service to him but the .
.It Koassakoi.fe' Instead of the genuine carpeu- North and Writ will be in effect on Office over Menus Cndel'i. Phone 7V8 HnT .
,,.J'I as U the cape with most dally ''et-ume de mer." The "niassakopfe" tem, finding the wood too hard for I dates how ,. .t.tJ
n. Proportionately rates
....papetll. It la difficult to decipher. is a composition made of the paring ofgcnuiiie their tools laid the logs aside as usa from other -i I

+ er since the days of.Cadmus alphabets meerschaum and a mineral !, less* point : A. CARLISLE.ATTOUNEY.

. nave been designed to convey Menu. clay. The parings are triturated to a Soon after Mrs. Gibbons wanted n I';nnI.\r>,ORlGOhtt: 80.8O.; l
and those box account'! Lewi.t Clink C..na..onnlal.'alr. LAW"
alphabets which trauRfvrthought tine powder, boiled in water and molded candle ? and the doctor called on Ticket "
< with the most quickness, clear. luto blocks' with or without the addition > his cabinetmaker, Wollaston. in Long,. ?8,sold with n Htiftl*rtain limit date PO n d"JI.l May 23 toSept. And Solicitor in Equity -
cess and precision are the Intst. Con of clay. Each block is then cut Acre, and asked him to make one of

a,' sidered from these standpoints the German I liito a bowl bilt as It contracts considerably some wood lying In his garden. \Vol- !SAX FRANCISCO and l.OS ANGE Real Estate, Conveyancing and Qen+\
alphabet la cue of the worst. That It must be left some time to laston also: complained that it was too Lisa, OAI. -Rate tSl 3D.+ T ek..tllold eral Practice. All business promptly
certain date .
It is a failure Is shown! iuu-on.clous1y dry. These bawls are distinguish hard. The doctor said he must fret ; final return-\prillO limit to August\+udayefrom"U. Inclusive attended to. Office next door to Baa, pfi.otloe .
: In many ways. Advertises for stronger tools. The candle box was jUiMcsvn.tr:, FLoaroA.e .
exam. from the genuine uieerscbaUni: by their date' of 1".1"| not tn iced Nov. 30.
: .._.,.
pIe, have no sentiment about them. but there Iii ua however, made and approved. Insomuch -- 1FEItDINAND ,
greater specific gravity
want that the doctor then' Insisted i IH::n'R.: COLO.-Unte! H2.65, account -
They to reach the reader and absolutely certain test by which the uu I International Kpworth: LencueCouvcniion. BAYER, r;
reach him quickly. Therefore having n bureau of the same wood, 1
nearly real meerschaum can be told from the Ticket nil) June 'M:! to ATTORNEY AT LAW. ,
1 aU the display advertisements in German which was also completed and was so
composition. July 30, inclusive' '! ; Ii lilt I return limit
newspapers are printed In Latin In forming a pipe from "ecuinc de much 8(1mlred'eapeclany by the Duchess August 6.BUFFALO. GAINESVILLE FLORID...
characters. of Buckingham that the tame of a
nier" the silicate of magnesia is prepared N. Y.-lUte' t3:! 80, account
80; too with the commercial and mahogany rapidly rose, and It soon
for.the operation: by soaking In Annual MeetlrR!; Grand Lodge Can tell your oily property (Improved
., financial pages. Stockbrokers and merchants a composition of wax oil and fats. came Into general use. H 1'. O. )0;. Tickets sold<<) July 8 to 10, and unimproved)! phosphate, .,
have no time to waste In deciphering The wax and oil absorbed by the meerschaum inclusive ; final return limit July :25. trucking and farming lands. Bead him "
badly printed German text. are the cause of the color Teed tie Mark. a list of what you offer for sale. 2142m''t ,
produced TORONTO C.\NAUA-Uate $3 >.au:! ),
Did he actually ask old Roxley for
Therefore the commercial :Sn the
page ------ ------
by smoking. The beat of the account International Epworth League
German dallies la now nearly alway burning tobacco causes the wax and his daughter's band? Convention. Tickets sold June 12 to W. E. 11AKEK.ATTOUN t "
set up In Roman type. Circus advertisements fatty substances to pass through the "Yes, and be claims he"compelled" the i :28, Inclutive ; final I return limit August
old to toe the murk.
theater -advertising man
placards and 25. KY-AT-LAW
of bee
stages a dry distillation and. 4
posters generally, the names of NASHVILLE TJoSN.-Uate !
associated $16 :5,
with the
: productsof
streets on the corner signs the letterIng "Yes, but he was the mark"-Philadelphia account! Peabody College Mummer! . SOLICITOR: IN CHANCERY. . ,
the distillation of the tobacco, they
on cars and omnibuses, even temporary Press. :School, Vanderbilt Biblical Institute.' -
are diffused through the substances of
signs, such as 'No Thorougn Tickets sold certain dates June H to OAINES'ILLIAlachua: Co., FL.I.r
the bowl producing those gradations
July 4 ; final limit September 80.
fare or 'Street Closed. you nearly always JIIIpl..tlo.:
of tint which are so much prized. In Office in Eel: l lllock.
see In Latin characters. "Oh no, she Isn't going to accept KNOXVILLE TENN.: ;Rate $18.85, _- --. ___
the bowls
some cases are artificially
"Another proof of the Inferiority of him." account Hummer: School of the South.
the German text. the fact that nearlyall colored by dipping them before being "Then, why does she encourage Tickets sold certain dates Jane 18 to J, II. ALDKKMAN
soaked In wax. In a solution of sulphate DR. ,
German scientific works are printed hJmr Jnly 15, inclusive ; final return limit
has of Iron either alone or mixed because there Isn't September 80.
.In Koman. This been the case for "Why any one
years, but it baa bad little effect on with dragon's blood. else to eucour. ."-New York Press. For full information, schedules and DENTIST ,
the printing of booka.of a general na Good meerschaum Is soft enough to rates to any point North and<<1 Wett call
be Indented by the thumb nail It on or write OKO. E. HERRING, Florida :
ture. Bismarck: did much to retard this When a man seeks your advice he
yields readily to the knife, especially' l'a..tanater"tint, I.., A N. R. R., :
needed Improvement, for be clung stub generally .wants your ,j>ralse.-Chester Over Dutton O's flask, Galo..ntleDR. r
after having been wetted. There are :208 West Kay St., Jacksonville') "'J..

free. various densities. Some kinds sink in field. .... .- -. .- .- . -
quently which were .
-- --- - -
printed. In Roman, refusing to read water; others float on the surface
Those of medium GORDON H. TlbON.DENTIST..
them.-New Orleans Times-Democrat. density are preferredby
the pipe maker for the light varieties MathusllCk PianosOTEB

FLOUR IN CHINA. are porous and even cavernous. DaytonaBeach 1.
Many Judges assume that the heavier
-- -
Tits. It !. Mad .f.AIo., Bvrrtfcln kinds are spurious, but there Is no absolute -
K*.*pVh..l. proof that such U the'cue. A \ FOR HWEETNESS AM) 1'LKI OfCee In UUlcr LAW bobaDC',

The Chinese cook stack the end of an negative test may'be mentioned. The TY OF TONE, POWER AM =4H
Ivory chopstIck Into a small brown biscuit. composition bowls never exhibit those OAIHBSV1LI.S. FXi.
little blemishes which result from the s : IICIIAIi1LITY. I

"Taste sir" he said. presence of foreign bodies in the nat - ........--- --...-- WEST END, x r
: TilE
The biscuit was warm cris;., rich; It ural meerschaum.* Therefore If a -t.'

was light well salted nutritious blemish occur In a meerschaum: bowl Ben pUno for this trying climate, stand..le FINE WINKS LIQUORS A CIGARS d'
biscuit in a word of peculiar excel which Is very frequently the case the "Kennice" tvioe looser 'baa others,constructed of
lence. genuineness of the bowl Is rendered The best nsitrlkki, .tnl mat ...seorkmaastilp JOHN M NZdtta. i'reprletoe.

"This biscuit, sir, la made of floor of most probable. But as blemishes do obtarasb1e.Up 11..11 W. list .t.. J.oh o.vllle, n. ',
lentils," said the Chinaman. You not show until after the bowl has been Will acconmedatc' parties for lighthoaitekeeplng to CIa" assert -

know lentils Little green pellets used for some time the test Is not of er board with room. detr and Vas Fsnit beer,bottle and draught. Don't

slightly flattened like split peas. Lentils much value-New York 1'1'.... For rates apply to equaled.Bold fail to call( on mt when In Jacksonville

considered the nutritious eontlntionsly for .
are by ns
C. A. KENNEY. doodall Fla.
of ell the foods of the earth. This oue
lentil biscuit sir', Is equal In nourishing '-' -- OVER THIRTY TWO YEARS YOU

power to a pound and a baIt of ud Waye .r ewe.rl.g t. the Tr.th (UCIESVILLE'H FAVORITERENORT.
roast beet" .f 0..'. .....M...... without a single failure. If von WIFE DON'T'
want a piano for a lifelime'ssenior
Be took from a tin a little cake. When a CbJnatnan swears to tell the buy theNIathu.shek
"Again taste," he said. truth be kneels l down and a china
The little cake was rich and good. saucer is given to him. The followingoath : : I ROAST HER P

"It Is made, sir of the flour'of aim la then administered "You shall
ends," said the cook-fresh, sweet tell the truth and the whole truth. Tho Alachua Pool Parlors Price ss tow M U eonlieot with. qntlltr. Ily compelling her to bake the family
almonds ground Into a white powder saucer Is cracked and if you do not eMit or oa easy \er_ Seat oa It dutsl. .,.' bread during the ,hot summer months.

between two millstones. Such a flour tell the truth your soul will be cracked c. Hare, Proprietor. .' for We prtecs pat frelsbt.TODAY.WrlW Hay your Iread) from
Is a finer thing than your flour of like the saucer," when he break. the

:iwtoeatehr* saucer. Other symbolic variations of'' .Keystone Bakery. f
.. ..
Then he lifted a great lid and revealed the Chinese oath are the extinguishingof '

Rome thirty or forty compart a candle or cutting off of a cock's Ludden & Bates It's a saving of time, work and money, rr
Located In the Porter Block sooth
meats one filled with a pink flour another ' bead the light of the candle representing Ida sonar*. Three flnt-olsnt tables. Fresh h IIread Dellvrrrd Dally ;i"i*
with a yellow one, a third with a the witness soul and the fate of 3
Good lights, and prompt and courteous To all parts of the eU,. Also Cakes,
'brown one, a fourth with a white, a the cock symbolizing the fate of a leryl .. The public Is cordially Invited Southern Music House flee and every other production of
fifth with a pale green a sixth with. a perjurer. and alway welcome. the modern, up-to-dale

blue and so on. In certain parts of India tigers' and _. ... SAVANNAH GA. bake shop s
-- -- '
"All these are Chinese tours" be lizards' skins take the place of the It. T. hCIIAPEB I'rsprleUrRaker Relst.. "
i. JOHN 0. MURPHY Mgr.
aid. "In China sir we make over Bible of Christian countries and the THE SUN /. lfe... IttS. 4
: fifty kinds of flour. We make flour out penalty of breaking the oath It that EMTAULIMHED 1870
f .. . .... .... .... ,_..
' -- -- -- - ---
* Of potatoes out of sweet potatoes, out In one case the witness will State
a : of peas out of cocoanuts out of millet, the prey of a tiger and In t Advertise in Tho Sun.
, out of pulse, out of oats, out of bananas that his body will be cove: "It, TAMl'A, FLOIUIU.

. -the fact ... alr.... make flour In scales like a llxard. DEPARTMENT : ._ . .. .._. .... ___. __ .r. _._....."_.. .M.. . .. ._..o.-' lN
,..i. i; China oat of everything bat wheat, for In Norwegian courts of law the ". TTake The. .

: ..1.. In China, air we. eat DO bread and lode to the oath proper Is a long Makes a Specialty of All Kindsof I Atlantic Coast Line 4
, \ therefore the coarse .dry tasteless floor homily on tbe sanctity of the oath and ,
;::, .' of wbeat Is useless to on."-Philadelphia the terrible consequence of not keeping Plain and Fancy FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS
'Jrf Bulletin. It. When the witness U duly
.'IF"; cnndwd by the sense of lite fearful r.vrsponslbUltjr VU Vie

'.. ....I. aid DeaW.rh1a. .. the oath .. administered CommercialJob North 0:: fast i Sonth W est wJMke
*. ." said the man who was abow- while he holds aloft bis thumb and .. n
tog the stranger around the city aa be tore and middle fingers as an esnbteta

;' pointed to a broad stretch of beach, of the trinity. .. Rapid Transit and UromrpaflBed BorvlceTime
i "belong told Blgsptut. It's all mad In an Italian court the witness, with Printing
,. his right baud rotting Table) la affect April 1.. 1W0. t
; toad. Theta bis boos beck there oo on aa 'open

thlff* Blbi.. declare. "I will swear.to tel tbe Depart For . OAIKEBVILLje: : .. Arrive From ,y01U0
---- -- -. -- -
... -
i'h' **Ia that on .toad land toot asked truth, the whole truth sad nothing bat . For. . --- Bleb $Hpriafs aadTaUrmedial --- r 1110. w
tM stranger. the truth." The &laosmn. >.daa, take p sa !
:.1;;; 4o. That's; oa married land. He the oath with bile fmtbead reverently Daily t / Palate Dally

' got It with his wife.--Chicago Trtb->> resting on the,oven Koran., n* take Business Men, 1311'pm' O ala, L .burg aad Taapa, sad SpOOnt i

. sA. ...... Uir.bl*" lo blJ.aad sad stooping Dally IoMrm.dlat. Potato Dally j'
'c. "'t low as If tn the presence' of a folglver

.- .1.i s... pppelt Dsee.et..a, power. slowly bow late bead oattt It Professional MenManufactories 2U>psa 1'61&.1..boayUJ., I l.fib pmDally ,
F. TsteOtaa dtdart take yer Bsedl loocbe 1b* book wbttb to him la faIB Daily North East*. West !

diet doctor. Dr. Does -And why I-.
r Doff P. UcCana direction 'avid.Waa rvrtata' parts of fftpata!! the witness- ? Etc J2 psa IIIghl3priapWayerossN.y.....,., Broaswisk, '>Llp. 4

' pm free totmea a day." rre when taking aa oath cru.' %..* waitta- ask Ta whtcfa plUY Ta7an en. bawd ver the forefingirr' of the -

Ink alike, stir*. Aa boWsa I t* ett..r ant kissing this symbol, It Legal Blanks oo Short Notice StUpcs i i BoaasIU, MIcuon sad Cilra Ir68s1r ;

take at free totoie**-ttrvelaa. LaVAn primitive cruu. .*y "lly. this cross 1swear I Dally | Daily

', -. t<* W1.tbrsJnth." I ._--._ w. __--. __ ._ ___ 1S -. _______S r

r...... .. t... IItr-. .... ...dM Clea.w.liar The folkrr'ag Uler from ce. of oor IJOan i roOO.- + ,
eye ca.0 threaten Mr* a taadad XY'TSJt Ilsmsay. the great S.allsh mall i.sder to.tom t.,U s.U*.xf>lu* PJ1 I lilgb 0prtag PUI" ..

I and leveled *.. or rs. Sawt Hk* fcasatag srVc'Ut, .*M) "All ear prggre. t rrtTUnlrvlIk".KJ... Feb. 77. IK$. .jWo.4al. .. -- ... Uaidsg

lr *c ktdaL r. la its altered awed slues t** time of bur f*." Xwti has B. H. MeC.l' Iat.rsh.cl;MII; ..g.Ti au, COM wver lljooo aaUa *i smog taIpal .Ddns
by beams a* ktnds.ea K fM IM.h... tent faWfl.-1 tb* -.Ift.r of that mat.. Oa........... ...-_. rallvays la Ut* CMwOttni ttuua . sal. try Poe ertaaJpaJ sWMittTaroogi '
Mart dance with y4y.Emsroa'a"gss.dart aaa tilt wv are txn children p4rk- Dear Klrt R.M4r.4 the ,Hala. Pnlloaaa sl.*pr Port T'smp. to New ".,.. .via AliaatULla OoaH
Of Uf-" lag SIB brr. std there a pebble. tear mailer to ... ttas*..jki will say lisasU i als via Atlantis Coast Uaa sod fiowtbsra aaJm,. ;
; the strcf of ktiwkil. .... wttlla wfc.J* II wrrfMtlr ssuteta.(ary. 1 lie* aM For ..."..$ Uf.,...l.a.fall om d I"
HI* .**. .. ... .okiMnra vrr+a trruiMW., |i f.r. ,e.JI'> oan ss .. ....... ,Many: thanks foeyear J. A. GOODWIN. TIcket Aged' 0aJ......... .
Avatl.-Tou aB+o' ask I* t*. rretl .. prsee'"t aau sj 1. ftlllac erder.Jtfaa. '
; U .
>MMJJ g tm .rtts AM.....
..'. ,b wlim TOOl **.'. t!. tatt*. UtthIt rt. ts T.O.5.....JI. aorurro Dt PS ,. .. w. D. TAiuc.TiOT..rM .&. l
: : that ar lest WdaaJsw 't* M. O.rdtrs .QoraysiT.r.end nUJlJC o. A. *. '1.
.f:' 1trlhrw-lfpsuII 11hnPt.....+ it4 learn saaa tUL; .f tt r wodn *f the ua W. 8ay.t. Astor 3alldl c. ......tlll..JTli, '''f.l. ,
k,* f"'t t ,... attaa. abnot Oat chid $.. wtM la Oi4n w* Ate ad beef sal' "i. THE $UX.tflk. If. M. EXZaIJOJI.Tral.li.; ,.. W'.J CRAIO.Oen,..iis, .(... fl181108.1 ..
'" C'f, in*. a..1) fc* gt 4 t*....D*g*. I**1T. 4'Cr'' rw _.. 71s.Mt ""- <<.a WII I la wn ,W. O., }t.;
.1,,(,'.,..' .,:, '_ : ......., --o'1f' '. ... .. ,R" "uX

'\\J!' lv"'
;" I"'> .
,0' -Vjl-'.... f :;!"!"I.' -, ... "". .'
',y, ,: }r d Y :HJI'ii: t'. ih.,," ., ," .' :"' ) ,' '" '. of. t" l th '.",.
.",:. <, T ... .;... '.. '. ; ,"": ..r. --" ,' '1 4 ,la t ". 'J'. \,

:.,',X1' :::.'t>, ,
I. 'rt: "

4 ,II"'/. ":'I'; ,It , ..,' :' TIE. 'DAIlY .8TO(: "CfAJQfESVIlIiE" FKEibjCarUHK[ . 2$; '1905' \ 4'"+0I

American Girl fS.&O sheet '1.0$ at
WSOf 'cn1ID: 1 '. Big" .Sale.I .' -

I :New 'Wbveler A Wilson sewingIna-<< YES I ESI' fE
COUNTYESEDtl' I ehln for ale at a bargain. Apply at :,

: this..otllc.Ml'el., ._ tF ty t ,,,
\u.,' Y
Jolly and
; II" brother Fred, '

) .MfttUrso" .. "' I:G.e4, ""- e.\,4ath- o( Orange Heights, were In the city. THE LAST IS THE ,BEST.: : .,

..0'.t I ;;"' : ,. .;.\\'IIJ _. I yesterday on' a shopping trip. :. ., ,.- "I !I.!. '.,
.e "'!' .
JI'ibt. W h
,., ... !i-. Attorney SydVL,. Carter left yestel. "
">-rr" ;?; day for Tampa; and other points in N; y ...

"I\.', "iRS( NAl.i i ,$;r;*OCIAL' 'ITEMS I' South Florid on professional business
I fpf 1' 4' rr Jr.,/ Ward of. '
j Mlcaoopyi one of the Another IL E.
#,.i., :'4' What.. rt Hw d,and'vybat, /; /la Coin* leading citizens: of that progressive : :

l '.fl,".:; 'to Hi'apyrmn. >< .'lot.t' "-to..(.> ..ori"p..c.ph.:. town, was r among the visitors to this ,"-- 'I. ...' ... .

:?|! '# )\Ilar'i e,:;' utN ,i+!Hs"Wtio :Rune May Rdr* city yesterdays ", \. :'

ST 'X :J- 'iJ'WlJ.v'i'iA'I' .:Miss Lena Pommy, who contemplated II .. .
., "
,1.. .!Id a trip Nonb,, has' decided to WILSON'S. '. II.
I .
j .. '
ear tlBord"':U atlas Ilyle's Biff .i .. a.t ; .,'l'.;" ,
. remain In Gainesville for s time, andcontemplates : .1t.
fl tfr. it't; 'il' .. .
/ffil .J. OM Mw' .( p rt for sale) at. The Ban entering upon the dutiesof : : : .
f. 'A oiie '&fl. the trained nurse. : t '; ,, :
1 . .k4.i 1 dla11ngaard.'In'Iatesi' L. d.Orley of High Springs was In yr

_ .., "r.: "'A, "'ij.a 8000&; ' styles tit*elty. yesterday;; r Mr Oracyhas recently .. 5 :0 A.; y S OJSrL 5j : '

,. 4dart'Al Packard $4 ahees,, $&. *t. parehasedvaluable. property on ,
i y Hy4*'.111* Sale., East Church .street and proposes to '

:.Voting'.'will ,be fast and furious atHyde's erect thereon, a fine home. : ', \

J If:' Big Sale today. aon.B..B. Weeks Hawthorn was :No VOTES to give, BUT we will give you the best

'Sh' onion's Wonderful Salve for sale among the visitors, to this city yetterdsy. -
__ j.& 'f by J. W.. MeCollam A Co... .. Hs "Is chairman 'of,the Board of goods for the money you .ever had a chance to buy. ,

T 1,>i The biff sale at Hr'''' ,will net epen Public Instruction,sad earns to attend :

," vY! rntil9.Ickthisat.rafage e a called meeting of the board.

';jxJ 'If J.'.T,Feroiral departed yesterday for W.nted-Aroo.e, 5 convict guards,

t" 11; ,Tampa' and other points, .,on business.Oba. good ones, for State prisoners( also ;
: on. good man cook; to cook for thirty
,; ; .. Eddy of Orange 'Heights waareglitered men. Address B. captain, SaleBegins Friday June 2&rd/

,'t//1('l- ',' at the Brown House Jesterdq. Oltra ager., Fla. B. F W.'HOlld''J: r., man /

_ .', f".proi.. ,A. J. Foskett te In Jacksonvillefor Mrs. J. 0. Byars and son, Carthel, '.'

a few days He will return Sat will go, to Jackson Tenn., for an extended and Will Continue FIVE Days .Only
urday.'Laiilter. "visit. They have resided at
the Odd Fellows' Home for the past .
-i4 Hill has gone to Alaehoa,
where he has accepted a position with several months, Mr. Byars being a Few '
MUST 00--1018 Prices .
commercial trsveler.Mrs. a :
the: new I fee plant., ,
Willi. Frrnclt H. Oraigbill and children .
Mill MeOarmll left yetterday
for a brief visit to her sister, ?>Irs. W. departed yesterday for Sewanee, 10 yards 'Figured Lawns for. .,. . 35e 21 Ladies' 'WoQl Skirts 1:50: to 7 50 :t

_ .:A.: ,Adam, at Boekeiie.EliWaiker Tenn.weeks, with where the they.former's will spend parents a, few Dr. 10 yards FIgured Challies fot" . ., 35c each, at half pric -';::'. : -

of }Branson Levy eoanty'i and Mrs F, F. Ite.... Dr.'Reese I Is a 50 pieces bests 12 and 15e Lawns 33 LadIe.13' White WalStst.50C to 1.50..; ; "

sk '.moiee&.h.rUr, was In the city yester prominent minister of that town and Orgardiesj; per yard only. . 7e will go at half price. .. : 1

t+ ,day on official ba.I".... L. A. 25 anti White at about half "
Jernlgan and family, who have pieces Voiles Skirtings .30 pieces Gooqs '_ :
i 'Ai J. DaOoata has returned from a been residing on East Magnolia street Suitlngs worth 18 and 20e, yard lOc prIce ;' '
business trip to Alachua. He reporti'that for the past few years, removed yesterday 32 pieces Novelty Summer Goods Prices cut deep on everything. Come
town on a genuine boom.
to their elegant< home Just completed -
worth, 25 to'35c at yard only 15e and sea how much '
per money' you can save.
I.T. Qulnn was In the oily from Ala on Booth Roper avenue E.
;,> hua yesterday, and while here sailed I They are now entoonsed In one of the 15 pieces Silk Ginghams and other You know the WILSON way of cutting

_..4' to renew his subscription to The Ban. handsomest and most comfortable of Novelty Dress Goods, values 30 to prices l If not, come and sea how we

(Special Agent Stanford of the United homes In the city and are naturally 50c, only. . . . . . . . . . . . 20e do it.
BlttM land offlce has returned from an proud of their"new pot stlon. ,

official trip to point. In South Florida. Miss CI0m Hampton, the proficient]

r Q. F.. Peacock of The Wllllston Ad. assistant. In the office of lion W. M, Terms, Spot Cash---No Goods Charged to Anyone

'vootte, Wlllltton, was In the city yes Hollo-ray, State Superintendent of .

# terday and made The Sou- a fraternal' Public Instruction, of Tallahassee, :MRS. R.N ILSON
/ ealL It_visiting. her many friends In Oalne
ville for a few days. She hat a host of -
To Rent Nicely furnished with .
room -- ---'- -
_ .board ta gentleman and wife, or twogentlemen. friend In this city, where the held the : c-R AT: Mrs W. II,1liok.on of ";Kh-'I;; ;]----- ------- ---- --- -

.Apply at 007 Alaehua avenue. position( of aitlttant principal In the .. . -1 In the She -1)
I Galnetrllle Graded and High School. was city yetterday. was THE CONTINENTAL
en route to Jacksonville, where she'.
poi ------
8. Ohobb
Henry departed -
for his home at Winter Park yesterday MERCHANT'S_ LOW PRICES. BARGAIN SALE will friend spend a few days a* the guest of CAFE.IIESTACIUJIT.ff1 .

where he will spend a day or two with'
his We offer to the tradlnc nuhllo for the Albert 1't Eddla..arrled in the city
e family. next four days, June 23, 24, 2G and 87, FOB THREE DAYS last evening from New York City on
J.'F. Bunch of the Standard Fertil tome very attractive price, vise
.iser Company left yesterday for Plant 16>*'' I Ib* bet granulated sugar . .$1 00 Friday Saturday and Monday a visit to his parent, Mr. and Mrt. J.
: . . . . . R. Eddlnt. Hit arrival was a surprise
rot" City and other points In the intent of :VO its good>> rice . . . 100
T9 firm. 2Mb medium rice .. . .100 JunL3f 24 and 26. to his parents and many friends,as he
his He to be absent .
expects S3 Ibs rice not I'fO good but cheap 1 00 Is out on a badness vacation.
eral diyi. In bars Ark oap . . , . . . . :2A .
Oli.rJ. Farmer of Uronton, pub lIS ban Ooeoanutaoap .... . 25H trading A moneymaking pablio. We.opportunity... offering for&h.prices Joel Tocker, formerly of this city
packs*** of 60 pkg Oold Dust 25I but now residing In Live Oak, departed .
Usher The Let y Times*Democrat and that cannot be met, and which oughtto
4-lb Gold Dut' . . .
package 18
,on* of the best writers In the State, Schnapps tobaeoo In a.Ib..dd I... 84 make you anticipate, your want and yesterday for points in South Flor
'lay In a eopply for future v.... Try a after
ida, having spent a couple
a day
the Our
waatn elty yesterday and made Advertiser la 90-lb boat M little of that. U..t Granulated Sugar
6 The Son an agreeable calU Duke's Mixture tobapco;In alb her on business. Mr. Tucker is now
carton. ... . ... . . 38 and that Good Rlo -It will. make you engaged In the eroestle and wood contracting
fat. Remember datee. Tbleale
Yon toe eream will be flsvo"r grow
d'"per'fsotly .D.'lon-tobaeoo.
6.lboar n.. et 88
business.TO .
only' lasts three days Friday Baburday
If you, use Blue Ribbon lemon Skinner tobacco, In 10 and 2O-lb ... corner South of Ponomee).
boxes at, . . 2* and Monday... 23. :94 and 3d. 0,.. larl,
or vanilla ..,,.e'. Ask your grocer ----- u1 UU. Drip Csfs.wilt. : .
Good. smoked bacon 10 13lOfUb
for Blue Ribbon lemon RE&OYE ." r..b.Some .
O or vanilla saeks best bran.-.. 1 2A
A Few Convincing Prices.
Takes._.... Flavors perfectly. )tx).Ib sacks U. 8. meal. 1 00 ,, FRECKLES AMI PIMPLES - -
z T, R. FUkett and son, (Orort Pick. 100 Ib seek ravel shorts, 1 M .. -- -
Itt pound beet Granulated i Sugar,.
l<0-lb& .ao.'url.. feed . . . 1 40 In
.eft, war 'In the city from Newberryyesterday loo.Ib sacks Delta fd.lUVlb . . 1 40 (Not over $3 worth to a customer). I to days use Men LeaveAn
az; Th..* gentlemen are man. asks Royal Molasses feed 1 40 16 bare Ark Soap :JII41 7 bar O .affoji '
.Ib . Soap, SSo. (Only oneqoarter'e irortrf e.SAT.NOLA.n.Tha Estate for the
ufantarers of lumber at Half )Moon V2 tacks ntal .1.3 Widow
of Octagon Soap to eattomor)
and ar. regarded as floe business men."Wanted Lemon crackers by the int, at. 6Boda I
:tie 7
Cir ort hump, paekaxee '
'' erackere. by the bos, at .. ft 7ldhere 260. CeMFlexiee. Beantlfler. To invest and loe. or as a temptaHow .
-Four workingtnenit .
The very best Elgin' butter at. 30 tlOD
_. to
Il0ar*"nib Ahraftlve, meal and It you call at stor will make you S3 pounds good Rice II.ORSCTS. Bk better to H'CuIUon.leave! maoh
'aL" I.. ...k.. Meals time from 5In her i
,, any very low proe( on oth.r goods which
< the morning until 7 a' nlghl Mr*. we ....,*. to meet customers In person ': CORSETS. CORSETS.
John,Dennett, propr., 400 Pits* st. 8t Polite attention and prompt d.. ODe lot best Wo Coreet this ea).S9a.l $500 or $1,000 a Year Income :
'' livery No eontetlav coupons to oOr. >4r t W. B. Corsets.. the regular |1 for Life ,
Rollins OolUg* at Winter Perk la or for 20 30 \ ,
no.TOWELS.. or Years? ;
'; but will make up difference 'In quality ______
attractive ad.
out eora
'J. very and quantity, U. 8. MMCH.NV A: Co,
1' TOWELS. TOWELS. S We will tend
vtrtUIng matter making the people you eone interesting
.fj.t.' I''' ------ ------------------- No t Ur information
;:aware of Its See 1oo' OD. Tb. map of cheap trash bat beet linen good ; showing how small a"
(,. ;' 'th.larroondlapl.t.rya.staodshowstb'wu.ge READ THIS.DOVMB Ooe will linen Towel, worth 3ttj =; ., .. annual outlay will yield a penna. '
neat -
.; to gee. offend at J7e yearly income for anyone for ;;
.- located laftdellghtful spot.tk4' Oow lot fla. linen Tow.U. larg. and n'"ftR whom you care La pro Id..
ALA. July tl, ...
When you make a. pur' ha*. where pretty at 22yte. (Not over elx to acustomer !
Dr. K, \V. nail Bt. Louis.) .- >.., '
L '
they 'Issue vote for the beautiful MOO R.. & W. IltlNlkt ,.
Bin We have bees selling your Texas One lot linen Towele>> great values, r I
: library exhibited In the show window Wonder, Hall's Great Discovery, for at 1S Ii i PfUl AwaU The' -tDTUAL '
trtO.W.. Hyde, don't forgot to vote two years and recommend It to anyone a Fsi7AYIXOLk. I Life Ia-.ran e Ce.*T Sew 1'.,.., ,
j '!: for Institution of ekoiee. It. I MISCELLANEOUS BARGAINS.
ij.: your G.u
suffering with any kidney trouble as ttoHewa cenolae eUutle& seam Draw* ESYlLLE. ?WZIDASMITH'S
r need them store the contest I Is
may .
/ Wing, the bet remedy we ever sold. ere, perpeJr. Me. ----- -
i' over. Yours truly J. R, Yocno. Good Oottua Flannel Drill D,... .
'Ool W, Hampton departed yesterday i erxie.rreabtent. ..a sew dbsesrt,...........
sag esf If .
8apeader. 3s.
", for 8+wne, Te..., where he A TEXAS WONDER.One Great redwetloa OA tow eat Sboea. emu..u.of r..Ir.............Tea a.n.w.e. S MOUNTS '
..., to attend the meeting of the Every pair fully guaranteed. ... Ii., a..... ___..... .r w .-t. ::
r board of trustees aad the oosnmeac* small bottle of Ue Tessa Wonder ere.i4.. .. m ...,.. t...... tore IIda.Je...
Hall's Oreat Discovery ....... all MrL ......,.. .... ....
x/ ...t *isr les of the V.,.*....,of the w. tav a good Urt of bargain If /e.i.rM sus or ir
Booth,of waloh..'001 a. Is. a trustee. kidney and bladder 'rocabM
,' II. expiate to .b* absent "......,days. ,tune dlabetea. seminal era ih get O paces.weak and lame many taiga you e4 that ycm ceuab
baaka rhe a&atiern Oct "
A sailed'ms.Uag .at the TweatleOiOsatory : y tor maeli W.e shaft. tralo*. .u.., .a--raw for Ts.re set bee ... as issued.
and all Irregularitie* of th. 1.14.reys = &,ss..si wham fats aM.........
Coen this whtea wilt ins
''p Club will b*held at the rssl. and bladder la bU .e.. sad l M Aaf.a.s.. Hie I n.M Ise ........ Ask to see them
ehaa daye. Friday, and as they
only Mtasday
+q dtaoe of N... B. P.BUhards Batar-' . ., ..t"'. ... ewe ...."tI.. ..._.... ,
. '. women,"I. .... bladder trooblea tatchildren. kl.oday. We ..** "...,... ... ,.. Iw cannot be displayed
.ys. x. mNastes ... to ad.
day aftertKM at 6 o'eloak for the pttpore *, If not eold by roar dranrlet, a good eked la eir bash tot tor ywarKre Ml'MeL.. ...."W1' gamy ...... ,,a........ :vantage in a
.. sad Jel... case.
role v
of fore giatleg foria. gov. will ant by snail o* reeetpt e-T II. e -........uar7 aateait'1 Rtes
{ ..n"' '' of th. Ubrary Uasoslattoa.Mas.i ; 0. small bo Ue Is toe taontka' taw.* ILA hf ...................er sw1LItLTI0l1AL Ice W -
meat tad .."'1 fall *. pnrteot a :
O. A. OobOLovoaPresldealt: ear*. Dr. traces. W. Hall, oU ..... NEW YORK JACKET TOILKT CO., l"arfc_ T.... Fine Fadeless Fotografs .
Mas.tfvD. Pniixtrs Secretary. fMa." P. 0. box aI,8.. Louie 1C*. .W'a. ,. J, S. .....1.0... From
.. ftaod for tc>tUao lala. &"1'" al PHIFER BR03L.PmlfsrV A c..J.W. M veOouaam A Co.. W, .... I Loeba to w. SiSMITH's -. t,
OTHER NEW ITEMS ON PACE 8 dNUteta. Comer. OaUeavlUe, FloriU. Jeilaaest sad ala MsdGsgdrlytgA .
r. '" .{ (} " ,tt'; t -){fl"\t _.'1\!<(.i-"..t. I ;"'''-.t'fw: '\\-." ,.
\ ,, j ,
"I-tt. di1
l '
''l.( '" 'J.\. t< !.: . z'. ,
I' "' "'" '.,. .';' ." "' "If'. ', "' .) 'J' -\" ,-',. '; .\ '\ ',, S 1 "ti

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: June 23, 1905
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00635
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
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lccn - sn 95026977
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text
\ ". :

:. ;. .:.. .. .,..'j.,. '" :>.r." .' . :, ttk. _
.... ; ,I/It.: ,! ,, t.t}. 0' ,Jo.>:,
: .t"' ," .. 'r' :.. \' :


nn ..10""

4 Y,{

_. ,. .. .
-- - - - -- "III


, TILE apparently'.moving on Poaaiei bar; CO ; the''
Vladivostok ac ,c. Holding Their Annual Meeting at
mile southeast of :,,
THE'FAR cording to a rim..' dispatch from St.I IN SAN FRANCISCO Portland Exposition FOR AN ARMISTICE
"t IN EAST Petersburg. A. tam fleet rot transports : Portland. Ore.. June :52.-The an.

nave sailed from G.aaaa. : for _; ;:>#' aunt convention of the National Good
::;t '-< Vladivostok loads association the first of the

Japanese! Continue To? Force .. - .'' With Pistol Held a: Thousand gathering of national Irnpoitance to Negotiations Are Now In Progress 1 z
l ", 1 meet In Porttant this year, at 2 p. m. '
;.f ?( Russians Northward. BIO MORTGAGE FORECLOSED. People At, Bay' today, began its Brat session In festival !. Says Report.

,'<." . hall at the Lewis aDd Clarke exposition
,t International Packing
of the
;c., on the hour President W.
.Chicago, June St. Tb* property of
;!" Reo.lv.s Nine People Wr Wounded ,By Ball U.[ Moore of the association\ ascendedthe Conference Between American Ambaaaader -
'f lapnss. Nw From the International Packing company his '
and took
baa been (ordered sold under fo/ecloa- from His Glln-lnaaft"\ Wa speaker's platform at St. Petersburg and Russian T
:,the Manchurian Army: .lIeved that place with important personages In rv.Tm
ure proceedings .to satisfy. claims of Barricaded In Hla Room and Defied Officlala-The Text of Which Is Not
Llnvitcha ha good roads movement Oregon'sprincipal
jjr Oyama Intend t. Strife At,
S3.'7T.OOO, ,
.1" the Crowd. officers and Portland's prommlaent Rsvald.Vsnhltidton..
Blow. formed dozen
: ,Crushing 'The company was a business men surrounded him.Vti..a .
throkO. T"nco to take over the business of San Francisco June U.--After bolo!. \ June 2J.-It Is InHmal.
( June 81.-4 p. m.-Th* fol- \ the opening selection of the ad.
i lowing official dispatch was receded several of the smaller concerns at the log otto thousand persona at bay bur ministration band had concluded. Colonel ed In official circle here that oejotlatlons [ ,

f today from the .headquarters of the stock yards. It la the original corpora. two hour in Uddy street early today. Moore formally called the organteatlon are pioceeillug looking to aaarmUtlc
: tlon in the packing: industry, but has and defying the
nine people
AJp.nese Manchuria hooting to order. This act wa hardlyaccomplished I
la :
1. army I Icompany's between Japan and Kus4la "
as the holder In trust of most of the
:a\\p ,In th* direction of ,Wet Yuan Paojnetuour pollee Thomas Lebb a maniac killed when the proceeding '
; bonds, the -Illinois Ttu t ;
T : detachment occupied; Yeng klmllelt. were Interrupted by the arrival of U. }
; and Savings bank represented that Conference In St. '
The dead are: n. lluss, dust-begrlmmRI from travel Ptsrsburg.
"''' no Interest had been paid on the Thomas Lebb. who had Just reached th<* Lewis and St. l'eler.burg, June U1.: -1:30 p. m. + 1 11'rt'idrnt
$2,500,000 bond Issue since. 1896. and The wounded: Uoosvvelt uvldeutly baa
...;, Clark grounds in an automobile from
'J1:):''', sought to have the .mortgage fore W. S. Kofltuan. shot throe times. New York, bearing letter from Mel. i taken anew and Important step<< lathe
JP.\t\. closed. Minority Interests made bvtwovu the bvltlger' '
negotiations !
4i C. T. CbevallU. shot In the eye. *iille K. Stone, general manager ut
Y' s ctarges of fraud_ and sought by an W. Jones. wound in the check. the Associated Press to the prvsldcul.of ents. While there are coti4tc ral ro- yr

,.:' Injunction to prevent the sale. The until: Robert a, boy, shot In the leg. the Lewis and ('llItk exposition, suns for believing that It ruUles\ to
i..' !IN stockholders also entered the light. Quong\ Do, Chine, rlnV bullet in I an armistice which will, prevent the
se hand. Impending buttta in Manchuria thU
lorJr I
_Husband Shot; Wif. Arrested. George A. Delaughton.I nine wounds. SWEEDISH RIKSDAO IN SESSION. cannot b.. 'poultIvely afTlrmetl.' AU that

New York; June 22.Edward W Vicente! ilomante. shot la cheek sad I With the can be .tult> If.i< Crane., of Bast New York- Is dying King, Oscar Opens Muting radar Meyer went suddenly I tit tin f<>r.

. In a Brooklyn hospital, from a bullet ear.Joseph J- rrlbce, two shots in chin. Usual| Ceremony. Un ofllro late lust night ", n<1' Iad> an
J . wound In the back of his head. one in Up. others in 'ahoulder.. face Stockholm Sweden, June 22.The Interview with Foreign Minister" Lams- '
: : ... His wife taken in extraordinary ..c..Iou of the riksUug Q
.. .. young was, chargeby and arm. /; dots, at which It Is believed. amb4
,, 'to" ,;.\i'1t the police. Crane is 67 year old and Policeman: Patrick Kasiio, shot In summoned by King near to deal with .Ka lor romtinloated t>u Important {

.: ;> < has lived for some time In the modest the cheek while firing from adjoinIng the inumrntcu question raised by mU.I&I&t from President" It4x>s.v,,U, but v,

'. -- .. cotJige: where .he was shot lie re- room. Seven, shots ps0Vl through Norway's declaration dissolving the at neither the foreign'omce nor that
'.\ 'K -lu1Ied'to make any statement when bU helmet union, met for business today, As American otnbu'.., Is the slightest
.L told that his end was" near. Mrs. forecasted by the Associated Press .
3ry Thensane/ man: was, barricade. la light thrown on/ what" transpired.F'runt
': Crane was taken to the station where yesterday, tho government Imme-dlste- the observed
J bls room on the fourth tour of the extrvute secrecy ;
the police say she declared that her!'l United 1 State hotel. 123'Ed.!)' street. ly Introduces! aUI\ asking for authorization the mstlfr beyond doubt, I I. of the

f. husband came home late started "i I Lebb went to the hotel Ufct night. ( to cuter Into uenmUllont greatest delicacy, but as the nUtenivnt pf+'

1 i ,quarrel sad .threatened to kJHJher. In This morning he began. thrbli2x fornltore with- the Ktirwrntau torlhug| and vouchsafed nt the foreUu of '

.. a scuffle over a revolver which beheld I I from the vrlntlowa'tv the;.h.t draw up a cnndHlonal settlement ofthe Ice that the negotiation are pro
she said ha was shot. How the oue"tlons tmolvlne the separation
t GENERAL: OMAYA.FfjSWulrnt Several persons narrowly escaped b*- reedlnsii without a hitch the InfereucQ
(u. :0 miles northwest of \CPI l- bullet happened to strike Crane In the tug struck. Theo be began flrlnja c>f the htr..tufore dual kingdom follows that It relates to a new phaseIn
back 'of the bead the young woman, The s tton was opened by Kins which the president has again taken
\ ',Traanpopmen and drove the enemy shotgun. He placed ISO and }tOO> .
f 1>&ck' oq his positions on the Kirin ,refused t?. tell. bills in the muzzle of the weapon and Oscar !In person with the usual cere the Initiative. This I I..* the moro '
." Til* king made a speech from
'S:toad.a fragments of the paper were Mattered certain since the communications of
;Fnrther north, another force. the To Psrpetuat* G. A. R. over the street. The big crowd the throne In which be protestedagainst the .lecilou of place. Hm and the a {

::aa'm* day dislodged tb* enemy fro/'! : Denver, Qui 0., June 22.-For the quickly gathered, and hundreds of men the chnrgis that by violation! number of the plenipotentiaries whlcjj"

:''Yangtsu pasa and the vicinities.19 purpose of pepnetuatlng the name of. were prevented from passing the. place of the cunatltullon ho fend. provok are conducts naturally through Am- "

.'fnlle north of Welyuanpaomen .and the Grand Army of tbe Republic a by fear of being killed. the step taken by Norway.In basssdors C* 'ml and MlnUter Taka.

i ;occupied a line of hill northwest! of society called the Eons of the Grand Street car traffic was entirely suspended. the council of state which sane hlra through the Intermediary of thWaihlngtuK .: 1
of the bill In
;tbs same place. Army of the Republic has been called after one car had been Bred l tlooed. ,the introduction government whreas. ac.
th.. rlslsIxith ,
In the Changtn'''direction our fore la this city.' One hundred names upon and Its windows broken. the rlkmU dealing with| curbing! to diplomatic procevdur

,fiavdvaaced along tbe railroad and dls- have ,been! placed oa the charter 'roll. Police Lieutenant Green rushed a the klDic nod the pri-mU-r wereon only roiiimunlctiilons front tbs WashIngton -
a' and In. The charter will be extended to all the side of a pscllic al.iutul1.! reach Foreign Minister .
,lodged; the enemy's cavalry strong aquad to the scene, among the .... government
,;'utr holding an eminence 3 milesrAOrth cities and towns la the country aa rapIdly -I officers being five members, of th* !.anisd.)rfT, through Ambassador a
of the Sbahotzu\railroad station aa possible. The requirement for: crack rifle team of the department. SAVE VERMONT PROM DISGRACE. Tbe stumbling block In lbs way of

"$.::..4'took possession of a line of hill membership is that a man must be a They were unable to accomplish any- an armistice appear to be

Soutk\ of Suimatsa and 18 mile nrth- direct descendant to one who baa thing, however as the maalae was 92.000 Offend' te Officials If They Give neither b..lllK..reat is I wilting tu take

eaM of Ohangtu June. \%. The station fought>> la the civil war. w Leo W. strongly. Intrenched la his room and Mr*. Regsra Potion.WnldsorVt.JunellrA the initiative The present negotiation

.; >'wound,' to b*' demolished. Ourn&1U. Kennedy, of Denver has been chosen appeared to have an unlimited amount itfttcr cue consist of au effort to sound one

*. were four men wounded. president and William C. FerrilL. of ajnaaltlon. tamping poison sad making au Baer I c.r bulb governments .. to 'belr will.

fr.. ;*;'I.Ths'enetbyjeft 10 corpse*, including tat* curator, secretary. of f2.000 If the substance were<< glees In.n..n agree to an arinlstlc.

th* body of an officer and tare horses SHOOTS HIS SON. to Mr*. Mary A. Rogers, who U w be There will b. no official' annouaoemonth

.,'kI11e4. Athalet Mat In IndUnapoll banged here Friday for the murder 01 regarding the probabllltlea of

R,1\'"ilOorJtorc> *'--cm ptnr dpajnaehlngunon Ladlaaapo1la..Juli._ .23O r. Jour Bar Was_ _Defeitdlrif Hl!._SlsUf When, her husband was received Jt y Huperla aa ..rml.tlaGIure the president rlurnr *-
"".... horse. The enemy's lo'-.maat hundred athlete. were within ...arta.dl.ta.ce He Was Wewntfed. '''nd ,Uovell.i ;of ihe- state prlnsoatcdsy nur Is'1C'certain' 'tiIC",.,,' then

k Iiava been heavy. when the national salute. that Roberta. Ga-, June M.-.\. O. Bplllers. there will b. anything to make pub

tOUr fore advancing oa the Fengjtiwa narked the beginning of the first day a farmer living about ,,1 miles The letter was turned our to the lic. Tile feeling In official. clrciea here

;' road after a vigorous tIght wtta of the festival of tIM North American from towa. |late yesterday afternoon federal authAritlws. The Urtttr bore I. strongly la favor of a cessation ntbositllilM.

,:faJBtry and artillery from three ii'homorntg Oymaastlc nabs was Bred by tie German shot and painfully wounded bla son. no signature but was nailed at Itoalan as It Is believed a clash

; of'Jnn4 dislodged the V.teraaa' association. Schedules William Splllera. yesterday, according to the postmark before convening a pac. conference

:|"f aarfrom Pettangeheogkoal0 miles call for '14 special trains to arrive Miss Bpillera. a grown daughter, of oa tb. enreiope. U say the write would hamper' the work of toe plenipotentiaries .

!::.:KWtbeaat of Htltlenchiaa sad occupied hen today bunging 12 carloads of 'A, a. pDlers, was assisting h.rr fataer wished to save the state of Vermont and might prove a serious

aa4':IO,o'clock the same morotag Ueu1 Gnaaa-Anrl4usa athlete to participate la packing peaches and naked tfrat sad. all womankind from this /Impend. menace to their efforts for peace.

, laokoa. melee north.. of Changtuttyf to the festival th* opening veat she be allowed CO ....ta. Her fathr tag disgrace and requested ).". J.onll

\ of which will tabs place tkls *vaiag.Tk . beeame angry aad threatened to t. arrange for Mr*. Rogers 10 take : Laber ,...hn' /Mahn.

.. CONTINua ADVANCE. atkletes will be booed .to teats slap ,the, face of, the y*.sawo maawsereapoa the. powder which' was .oclo! *+ft, proavIslag Atlanta Jua* W..-Th. aaaual sow
*s\&t ::.'- ...'..... .. at tk* state fair grounds. ,. tralaad to her brother told Mr Bplltr that If the gallows' l I. cheated vewtloa of the Georgia skate rdra- +

'vTh. ftirsalane' Hav Bn Camp' .lets lyLondon. tk. boar for tk. physical contest, he could not do a* wall k. was on Friday, to mall bin two fl, )oo bills. thou of lobos will toafena this m ra> a(

;I. Outftenked.. which. will take place tocaorrow. Friday present. Th* writsr says if further detailsare lag ta tbs hall '0'.la. Attaala Fdera- 'bLion.

Jan tt.--Tb* correspoa- and Balnrday This ao angered the father that be desired' to ,,,,..re. a proaal la a of TYade. Hit North Foray Iketreel.
'#:,dent of the Daily Telegraph at Tokto knocked the son down with aa emptyerst certain Oostoa paper -J".Oce" Th. pfegraai wale' BM bees

4i! Ute following: Pf.ue.r N'angted Slf t* Death.Oraad .. get hit pa and Pot bias For snag fr Oi. *p alg ....411... Is
Japanese are ,coat1A JJa th.irmoaB f..I,. the shot were assail sad the
y w"10e Foots very elaborvt sad It Include. asaxmdtk
H. D. J... tLD.r11tJAsa. Mare Dead ,... F.end.Ot11a .
advance Maaekrtav ThoiMsUa load ..tered, tk* roast ....'. left arm teat at speaker S... of the most. 4
have I ben ccmpletHy out. .. afd M. bJll d kJawlf taaly'jall' : tk* One-or two ,.0-.. ......... tk. ,***.c.AINt Ca., Jua n -fMnlee co.Jag .. artatoa. t'BM. lo tk* seat. Si
balk! wings, and e.ws ofvtctorle eo doting: the .aaormlaa to | from aaar Uoteca I* Oflfla report .
led oa J. BV JJew< 'may b* * !
Is a toll** room arvwad+ Ma a>acklaad > ...... omit et Ik. ..n.....* ma Waifs7
It."Tb. .. Jose *&-/Tfc f *doe .4d..e., tk. aa..tU<, The Bra
hav eoatd.ral>l* forward anti straagld to .*.t" atria dIm....... to ssaii tiat* .c*.rre4 hen Warm .r1ags 'ta Atlaata. TV .... .? t. lie ,aU... ..- wtll B* Ocr,..
wtwJI..7 ...." ..Tvrmer k* wa. .. .. of henry amatr a.doisga UoDie. .
halt a aalnon men la tk* Sld.prellBilaary today wk* 99 wagons hkl.c to ....t Joseph M. Terrell. FI1.waxhiss
taadlag .:..o.c ayrigkt. aad tk. have ban very aette sad am.4fa .
tk Jt. .
op.r.ttona Wgaa Americas pree eempsa/f wenhl ,wlil coma la s e-sloa MayaJaatsa.
' ;hack a* Mar 20. ckala gv war at tk*. Brat tafcowsd efcad.d kr the waster a4 Yaa saor rrets T **daf, Abort H O. Woodward ul.r ,f*... !F,
magalSceat a* acaiatsnad Asae aigaa of I laeaaJtLfttt / a year Dare'sad Clinton. ..,...e.. A eVawtjrahwrtff base ben arrettad sow mad tM JaIl seat Oa<*gtas.aV4 x '
a.... at MDo..gB l. felt Bapertor worn .. ..
"cam *. tk* oral clot tk* o. oe..t tM .stone. Uott,t2a
,pn.e1 geaeral ka taf r *d _.a aad rV d t* 'f1.. aoesd tu dose art meet ta.r. satO o.e.'.. &JM Ttt.T..,,,. T.....
..... .
'1 ::tr4teoy of Uaag Klaag that AsV Clrt Baky.d .bUtl.dl.m. Hit to th* *.44**;awerve .oesIesva o.t... a... J.... U-"..... Dln.r, ti
C ;UHa'a s|uJi
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