unusual' effort '" of Tuthiee. Mm to I0itinge<< acconi- and Itv*. W. hsndtie. \ only' the VKIIY DF.HT There li a point whir oompolltlon to non Injorlng panted hr IIro",,'* who No. I. with EHT riUOCf, and guarantee ntlifaotlon al Ha/i,
It. The prlot U fitly cents *
etitei to b. a blenlngand becomes an two of her children. She lib* alx chlluivu ,. ". .. ._u_... ..... __ .____.. < ._-.__ ---- --------.--,
,u r. ......... u..... _.11'
erll, where It ceatri lo b* right andbioometa \ ----- -- nnv win |prosecute bar hue'

:' ) rice, thtrft U .un lo In The Orlando -Driving; 1'atk Atiooll. I bind for blUnt, the commitment Iris. ) THE EVERETT HOTEL
lo be held before JuJu I'ltta 'today ,
the life of' trade, promoting ntrprUiand I
host will Rite a race meeting March) : ,, The will No, II. also In' jail .,,'alllll'1t1al
t and fixing valu upon the economic bill I 285$ W St. FLORIDA.Centrally ]
of supply and demandand beoomei 49, 23 and 24, 1 lttc6, and two raoei a day ,
win h. given' taeh day except' the last,, I
1 a strife for eitermlnatlon and hut( which will Inolud. polo and a running J locatedCI.tll..ptln t
"a lurrlril of the fittest, b .
through 1'laa
I race, It I. Intended &to tusks lists a ,

Journal comet monopoly, tIl The Wall Street Derby oeoaildn, )bat' there will bo no I DYSPEPSIA :1I.: M.A.SON', Jro-pri.e"tnr

poolillnR) on the groondi, The
There li' ft dividing' line/ an one elde Oioeola Hook farm traokwbro the

of whloh competition ippeart at tin races will b* "tld,11) 'Ih* bit hiD.Inlle I b 10"n', I.r...'.t.l.ap.r.. ..4..1..1/' ......II.rhrl ",'. "'.''" t.a' " " "
N 1- a..A !'' ''ilt..rr
highlit good of mankind. and on the .' .. ..
I i court In Florida and good sport| may ,.N r....r.t': r.t......t'.n.1." .q4. .\.r..'r: <;t..
other' side of which It appear aiodl .... 5.k.a rr.., ..It.p ...t. I.1 ,.. 'M
b* utreeted.There< .. ..'l .... ,. .
1 oui ai war nod ',unll'. U li this fuel' -,,0.- .- .,..__ :-:1.(\\.J r: ', aa 1 Spa be ..\C.,.'. .M'...".."bjw..lrUas.INM.u "..

that maILu It 10 dinioult) for aotna tqrealli I II tome worry among the nenipipert .set.Js''ou"/ ,N.I. If You Are Insured

that oompitltlou may b* Rood *. to what will become of 'the

or bad, according to the. stage at whichIt colored man If w* Import foreigner to beat for 1

lust> renehed and the, otijioti' which, ) It work In the eotton field There need tM Dowels, In 1 Company that II ltesronsible Hav a Policy Correctly

...h. For Instance, (lUb,,' 11 Mon 1 be) no unneoeitary alarm along this WrittenMI.' .i Llbenlliyof l'olloOonuAU and the Company
In The AtUntlo Monthly. I ry Losses 1'romptly.
tigue argun line, better ay what will the poor
y that thr growth' of 'trusts has not II. cotton Kroner do If th) *. 1'retldent CAMOY MTIMIItnO

tired th* economlo principle' and etli. don't stop putting the'> colored' In.uln You Are Assured
'Jail code of business cotnpitltlon. So 1
ofllo, .____.. ._.. .
long at fraud, dlipirngimtnt' or ooerclon -. -"-_ -
..... .. .'..,.
U not practiced, b* iayi, free J. (1. lUiklnof lunnlon) has. been tf"n 1'1, .V.pis.,i'..kl.....Pe1..a" hl..1 IN onM.rt.OM4.toi |W.U*. K..;< That no serious' Ion can overcome you without you have' torn
w ,.. ....,.. .
both. .
: .14 Is t'b. nol (*4 UUU. refuge.'
competition by underletting, factor nominated for But Benator, roth dlt. U w.ral ..sr.., l..f 1r.r..r L.uY.. }I
agreementi and by the other utual ltiol to till tho raeancy.sld' to cxltl I *i.rllM Km.4y C.,, CM., .t.or N.Y ...

,tide tnethodi' Uiinotloned bathe. law by the removal of Senator! Drown lo ANNUAL SALE, TEN MILLION BOXES I

of the land and by *lhloi. hide oounl,. 1!. 1'. Thaggard was aoandldat II:) Fire Life Accident and Health Insurance.

This raises very Interesting' well '*. The election will beheld I ,

ai a very ,practical question, for on the on Tuoday, "Marah 28th '1)) None but llelUble Companies Ilepretented

answer to It depend, the ,','u..lonl .-... IT rI

and moral, of the Rrrat corporatloni The reach erop, of f (leorgla li beligwatched
which' w* oall "truttp." flaw melhodi with great interest' and a. r1[ [} >nL( (p>W I ) CXJSH3MAN & HILL (

of oomS'ollllo"th'ch' between many urge yield' It t'ipected. Florida will CURED TO STAY OUHBD I I ,

hooves of equal ."tn.'" are binefl alto liavo a good: crop of thli fruit ):.inlnnt' Jmltf" ..Mlnlilf toltklltrewnrnnn, Information cheerfully furnlthed.. QAINE8VILL13.; FLOIIIDA

cent and right' '" may broom Tl",IOus and. anil the pear trees aro now' tending kni 1..lhlln..II'Hi* iiuxlfcil. I fui|I".re*
Immoral When Cued by one great cor-! forth ft wealth of blossoms( that ladle ,MIMI llC'fl'I"II. BlktUr w..ut IH l'W''"-'''fln'ht I.N.I'rwir,I tal " i iI

s portion ai aitalntt' many tmall cot \|n t.Iton oil abundance of .thU fruit.IOO will retain...114 tukll'CItOtl"I'Knti.Vlfl.) ". ; H.wl. to-d' WtofW"r, wf I .. _. __ __ 0_ __ __. 'n' __ __ _0___ __'0_ !
Thatcompitltlon which by eoon ---- ---
-- --- 11... W. T..".. rend du Las Wit
omlriln' admlnlttratloiby. | the', Introdoetlon $ Reward .'00. iSEAEOAED

of new machinery or prooettet The readers of lists paper will bopUa -- - < -- ._ -. -' I

of production' li Mile tu cheapen the ,c
post dlowcrttprloototh'! consumer cue dreaded dlteat, that science hut Air Line Railway

Ilk healthy" Inellt'ltlllm'uom".UUon. been able\ tn cur In nil Its stages and Vermifuge .
A ootnptltlonbowever that U catarrh. Hall' Catarrh' Our
a war of gneiss' producer demorallia* .FOIL.
li the only" poiltlv our now known 'tu .
+ lion alike to cotnumer and producers, THE CUiRWUEBORM
the medical. fraternity. Catarrh being
t. ,
There ran IKJ no quettlon of the right .
pontlltuUonaltl) .eaterequlreiBOonilltutlonal >
a Savannah
of one producer to undersell another treatment. tulle Catarrh ; Columbia, Camden Southern

provided' ho can do iob| 10 rod'icing' Cure taken' Internally' acting<< tllrrol- .. Pines Raleigh Richmond Washington
the owl of (production ai 'toenablohlm billIOn th* blood and niuoouiturfiort. ,

r' to earn a profit at Ibo lowered' price" i wftliw. eyitem, thereby REMEDY Baltimore Philadelphia
but that kind of competition"' U very foundation f Iho disease, and gating' &.
different from th* competition whichI tli* patient itrength by building up the eTIIC New
ludo. TONIC' York
conttlliillan and .ll&lbl& stature : CHIlOrtCK'S FAVOItlTC ,
I carried on by torn of the great' Ing 'In work. The proprietor hate 10 "ewaus. ., 5v1"....... ,
'' trusts 'In order to drive out of batlneti, ntuott faith In curative power* that. '..* .*wwif. eaeranse 1 .''''T Hf I '
,; tilt Hill) concern! which, are Mill In they otTer One Hundred Dollar. for any IJnllord-Snow Liniment Co. I I II *

1 r the. agalntt them U I It one thing of catmhatlt I""noulal.ddr..u.fall Incur*. Hind lot list toT. I.ou.NO.. Ii i Tlirco Elegant Trains Dally.SeabOal.d .

for ft competitor lo reduce the prle' by .'. J. CIIKXKV .% ()(,., Toledo O. FIr Hale br >V. )I. Johnson.a'.a .

reducing Iho cost or production I (tit I Hold bIt urulUtl.u I Tfcj. --. .- --
quit another thing for ft concern of Tike '.U'* lumlly Tltli forcobill.patlou Florida Limited.

.large capital{ to ut\, It. luperlortrengih w _. _-- .._. __-- J Jr'1.L MINhtDWOMtU.. .'.. U""....'..,.. ,
lo' cstermlntto' competition' to '. "'...I e;. "" al.lr''''
A man. who would tuorved mutt blow ... .. ; tt'.'''.'' .r .s. .,,- Seaboard Express.
by reducing the'" price of Its product b*. hit ami horn I but when h* blow other ."...i.."...... ,. ... ?r..tI.fttIWI.\ .......,r'4....ad..-. t ;t
low the NU of production'' In the 'territory propte's Ions h' .U performing a lalar .. 'MHellr, I' ti eMleleliaPrt. ....... tt
R.,# "J'' .rtlnl.
covered\ by Its competitor." That of lore that U often don without e. ... .. .... ..... Seaboard Mail. 1
li competition U It limply warm ....
i thanki. Very few r people In this world l' ..rJ, ,
""If to the knlle," war of cxiermluMtlon. but! consider thimtelvi something of Ii....., -- ha ...... -- t

It It competition beeauto Italint
at monopoly., Ktpeclally' odious bugler. --.---:- _L11 '? .t MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT 1 i iTb.

,. I I. It when a trust I U tbiit enabled to If you have, Rot ."J'hIIIAtau it pine.ntsbl.
$& .'Lonll)! LlMITHU
undersell In tvimprtltor' '' and drlrtf him ., hand U !In to your' pr.-ipuia- posed ... rfoiltoomfile new J'unman .qall'm.nl-Hlllln I. a solid neut.alf' trade, efOlD- ;

"' out of the li.ltl, ugt merely by the. tin to be can Illlk it in his suit oat rre. .") \ end t Ot'.nallollnpa..rallnl< Oil Double between I)u?"III*.
of .lu. capittl., but alto 1)an't get and Juhanm.- ,few Vorkvla\Va" : Au.
power tuptrlgr lu tale 10 the L"al.la"uco .. ,pl""I1. hlnizlen., |* .
by iti In bUeiuull she' tailrotdt )sr .' bias! In the I Uundldl .r.: OU, A.Ct..wrrl, =. ntw : af 10 p. in. end fc*\&MM.. Bllfc. I .ttA dent. 1"11& IStll.daJ' mK QV.Only Aegeittae
power tiny arty &: 1'.... ..r.., !.: ...... ... I
into |u'> lnR (It tpetlat' rites t which ore _...! .....,"' 'U, L 00 1'11""t. .
/tH. .. ... -
dei" i mitatUt rlult.r ..
it* \ .. "'. I Lino '
.<. toinfthtMK .liftth vtliieally), Z17 ', .11' 1 ....('Ite t,cL1 y, Operating \

i aDd r. -, ,,'I), wrong In thlt mot of: a ..311,.\.. ." .w ......Pt I t.N.u 01111 Thfough Pullman Sleepers ._from. Jacksonville) to New Orleans .
trr4rsocr] -> list codd ,below con CURES VfHtK UL USE fAllS W..1'ON.. n. 0. -----

8uou ,OJ> i *t "i. '11 11'(1"( nrllher bu-iiu-n Mel cal,), Staue T.M,. oU For information! eirrll ;'' pror reservations. eaU nil any i 'h' @f>11IAardOr:
*tft N ut> < tI., fl), tut long ten \be conBUtntri w Dells by dtvtarau., A O HcP iN I I. 8. C. JtOYLlTON Ja.
i ,
"..* (lencrv: r et AReut. )
lite. "<'Ins\ ml+r,5ee a tempo, I .. h..D&er lcnl, i
j Tit, benefit at the irpens. or all uhf JACK.NVttL*. FLORIDA.


.. .,. .,. ..... .. ......'tlZt' : .. .' "" ......'I.'J. ........ ,,"' ''' 'e fl.r't tI" .. I'. ,.. ,.i... ,,, .
1i .M''J \_ : ;\< ';\\n.a1/J'/ '" : Jj ." J" \ \\ .
; .. 1" -
.. .. \4t '
.. .. ,
,.. oio.-.,. ..'.", JjIII.NUj I""'" .. "" ".- _"!'rt'rr "', ,.N ,I,I.,\ I 1 'j 'I\ \ \ ', ..t .
'I I "
IfAi ., '" ,'..." ,. /.' '. .' I .. .." '"I I '.' ..<,)., I I,' \:.,' I."'" I ". ," ._. I .' .. <

I r. I F ''ts it 'r l+ {H tttl ,l,4- ( 'i"' t p 4 s't 1r YrII


I 'R+


-- ---. .
---- -- -- .
--- -- --" --
::-: _. -- -. '-- -- --- ,
T ------ : : :- : ; :.z:2 ;

IN IT ? Two Murderers. fax th* Penalty 01 -. OYOU1 tfQullioe- F1l'

TEACHERS'JSTITUTE their| Crime' .t nw%. Oel .
Scott'i rnuiKion j> ,i <(< .uc. l n.( UK' flu March. |. flP4Kiwoi b".
do U
111 (0 yon you analudm
ful blend or f the ii\ i I''h." i I".urn of l| C4MI I ,,'I'\u.\ '" Pi I mglai IIa. '
Fine Program lUndcred at School )pun-M .,,,
(11111"\1"" \ flu her and ... .. ii 'tlNnd'
Auditorium Thursday Night. liver oil h'lul'hu"phih") | | ,,1 will ,PW.V' ii t 10.. ponaJty tor |boar ,II"" ." Dan't Do It. he. U.n'a..
W.'I 1)) alh'I" "it will
lime All Unrinn ..MS Isj ----- nnd odgglycviiiH- ah..r .tlfada.
a Inn h..\'"- bca. ...... hoa'Ul ,
A UIQ CROWD WAS PRC8ENTTher da..h of flavoring. Tho cum- The ogi'.MMi, exAMSfH-fd tale "IIIU', ",

Many T there bi before |V'|iuty MCftlT WSSehrlnnd .. $uik T BERDINE 1 ..5I.
Wr Repre tint ion of these valuable Ales. Into ft .tlwMI art iK-grf

ienllng; Every Section of the County ingmlicnti omuUified 1 nK in 4 daneera did ktll4 S'Wkil. tnd "."III"" I. ''luhlll vtyretaWo end nl'...thllrlrrlldranfnal
J Vlilton and Dater kllltkl Me "ft.| Bii Oiite Kpt| lug to oil nUsells. .Ick bf'ACI"t.l&... bIUn.- ,
.nd Many Cltlunt At- Scott's Ktmilftlon> representsthe The negroes say tMflaii t"'hI.' i Il 41 au ak.\l1u'b 1 k'u"1' and IInouwll&1u.... (

Undid Flret Nlfcht'a Stilton t reined meet tbrlr' tqt tfifgt111 "''''t'll 'rRY IT 1'OA v.
grcatwt discovered
ot"ItII'Ilhl1ln" Ihs! Inclemency of ) yet ) baa .been plae 4 ovtfjnpp an.1 nil .f .0 C.nt.n Dottl.. AU Drul/lrta' "

the "l'Itber.tll' opening night, '" of the for weak lungs, poor, CPrt. to save ,..*tr Rfw.',1;*Ditto M. r.Idroved i

"llleh Alaehua\ organ County In Teachm this city ThutiJiy Initltule, blood low vitality, child ....rUrn fiitll,...... will Hpff| u>- ItAr For fcVV by W. :At. Jolinpon GntnoItvlllum.

even, ."..'Ii.. was well .Allknilxl............. Rrflmany <. \-\.'l'nk.neaA1,1_ __ n n __ ...''. nil \.\.'.....'..""..... that will vend_she_inclt+.1- WUtelr. -... .hmm.Dreak .'41 -- 41

hating faced (he dluRrl'"Llean1e' (ilicnPtu.! O.n.toflatIOlut, -11 U I.A.t-. 1': :"""'r.Zt
In order to lend their l'ro."OIlo t In ;
the o>>Qo.loul W eIt t"eJ 1.r. a tlawpir.teas JedtraiMi City, ).... )Marih N ..Thtffl4 <-
"noM'a ltbl'14li. 4*. IWO al11.l. Neer N...I. .break o n the Ifpfalorim' load Fay-Sholes
The mietlnjii are being held In Iht
luck oam* today when tho JIII,1 .o.
auditorium of tho jUlneivlllo( Ur.dtdand
Oitity-nlnth I' ball<>1 i. nv<
shun look 11 Is
Mph School nod the opening pee. .... of Ii. tNniUr chiMgliiR flung N It.a]
Ion wee attended not only 1 by teftoher. rtnghaw tu Congreneman.lllchnrit. liar m.m.I Typewriter [
President| Heonvilt 6 ndt ImpotlntNOJ'Uon.
y from aloud eohooliof the county,but to that Dod)'. 'f thedlt of HI, l.uutn. iw/ tu Mari' W.r
by many townspeople and rliltori' 11'uhU Mon, )tal'fhTh... avnaliIn OK, of limes. my, and two ft'I' It ('
will, The following program IrAS tendered was ctfM enwloii only eve minuet )(crone. Th. t..UolI" d: kirk KNU\Miiii: )() : '

Thuriday nlghtiB today A* M>on ae ibo journal vat yet),TKi rH I M Aln1er 61; liarihodl<< ), Di AVain.. r. 9Der :
.nlon wm opened dy 'Invocation bjHer.
applor0d t Mr. Illackburn imolullon MAdllMl$ I: OX TH H: (MAIIKKTHUH :
& Thoi 1'. Hay, whloh wit followedbyanaddrtii aeKIn' the .ttrf>tar, ul.tat. II I.. II. I.cwls,1.: Another ballot

of welcome from llli. to reopen the claim of A. II wsa ordered TabulatorON (

Honor, Mayor W. 11. Thomas Th Amos cultist the ItvpuMlo( of Chile. I U"IVFRCAl[ KFynOARD I -.
)",or'* remark were received with i It was referred to (the. cominllte' uiforeign Indian Diet at AD* of 110.Bhawno \ \ \ Every! Muohlno.Mghleit .

great deal of lotereit', aide tide. the rtlilloni. 11.0 icnito at UiO! Okla., March a.. -mlable

teaoheri and vliltori welcome to the went Into executive lenlnn.Tho llerjn, a Hcmlnole, known at "Oh
city The response wee nude LI'rof., prtkldent today rent to the a nato Flab" said to here been tho oldest, In I Bhlftl Mghteit llunnlngl The

(1. W. Uonner In behalf of the teaoheri. the following numlnatloniiWni dlan In Aincilca' U dead al the" ago ell Champlnn HpeedVrltrt" of the World

1'rofenor Uonner spoke briefly .. aMlitant postmaster general,. one hundred. and 'len llw was bon U.. the I'ay.BtioUi.. Mor lfi.BIioln In

lot with great deal of feeling, Frank II. Hitchcock, blae.eehu.elta, In the I ..rltact.. of Florida sad< ui. In (lalneivlll than any other, machine.. .
John In the of lit against thli.
Third secretary of embassy, fought war
conolud .
The oyeDln wai
W. narrett Maryland, at Ht. petire country, aa walk aa In tho tkMulnohware.
ed with a most Interfiling<< addren by Ha tntlited ft* ft volunteer rut
burg.Hecrelarr For Sulo by, .
Molleaeh of Kail Florida
Prof Tom
i of the legation Itocet dlcr of the United Slates In thn olvl
Bemlniry, who commanded the closest Sherman Oitm Iiouttlle, of Illlnoli, al war and aervrd with dlillnctton, TilE SUN Gainesville Fla .;
attention, 1'rof.lfohesthloneofthe
The III,,,,.
sLIest aoholars and oral6r 'In 1'lorlJa, Cumuli, Jerome A. Quay, Penni/l I Incredible UrutalltftIt

and what lie. had to pay upon this oo> rants at Florence Italy. would hue been incredible' brut . -- .. .\'
eailon enlightened the 'leioheri and I.
tallty If Charlra P. tambargerof Hyra

those present on many subjects, pouch Rldere' ...,,nlon Pe.tponid, Duie, N, Y., had not don the Lest" hi 1tMTAI3LINI3)0I 1000.

Todiy'i Program Washington March 9/-U has been could for hi..urfuln. 'on. "My I boy,"

Tada,'. program will beaifollown8iOO innotmced that the reunion of the he ian"cut a fearful iiih over his H.FDUTTON&CO.IN: .

Invocation-llev, 8,U. JlO"',., Rough Rhl.,.., Preitdent Itnuievelt'i valve o, which I applied I nulekly Huoklen'a healed Arnlea.It and ,

9 Music, old regiment which hid been ached laved his eye,' HOOd fur burnt and : IN-
8il5. Roll Call, tiled to lalte' place' at Ban Antonio uleeritoo, Only Sftoat Mil drug itorei,.

OtOO.. "How to Mak a Country T..., on the Slat Instant, had beenxMtponej ...---- ..,, ... .- -- -.. .'- ..-- Sea Islac.d Oottoc..
Bohool Attractive.."-Mlii Ruby Haw. ( until April upon the r.. WAVOIl'HtiwtUr "IWCIAMA t'IQC.: in i tfrfr -
aim quest of Ih* president To attend tbreuokin < I
Bon Ihlnntl Cotton Sooil( Bmrglng and Xwitio. ] /
DUouulon 12 )Iolnllill."IO. the. president l had Intended" to Under u4 by Nrire of lb. I.n.ar1nth su' ?

:! "What the Klementary' leave Waihlngtun,. on the 17lh Inllant.b"l ,. 'If e.l.d lit* (fn lit W.ol l>r(I.I.a.rtlla" ... mt YlorMft.ii>4rlMiw <. I.. in Strips or. Bidos.Mamifaotiirorfl .
Schools Should Aocompllih,"-M. K.DeLand .h.. found that h.* probably might W. It. TbomM>> .' B>..ror or .. rltr.,dn l.>*rl .< -.---.S
at eo early alite. fI l r ...u> .n rli',llono l>. lifU In ..M fit*. vIveMiikr of llifj" Jatnoa Dog\ Improved) EI1g1lah
lot be. able lo aft away tit. litkakror( AI,>HI,, A liilwAttiiilit ..
JIoulllon-MI. Annie lldwardi, In acordanc with 'the arrann- P"0 l9Un.. the (ttUawlntf rnirTtnor !Bon Island Cotton Gin, and BuppllcH for Bnniu.
will '( ......, i4ie.rve fur the J rMl'i": V ou'
I Teach Oeocraphy and lent tentatively made now ale W'.I" 'net t' -
BiDO. "How leave Washington on the 4th or Clh th. M.,..... ' Illstory,"- .. W.Denhim. Tar AMi.M. >r'f one MMh.l .MOM to "/'. ,n.
VI.ou..lolI-.l II. Kulai.lOiSO. of April. e l<*, net ol one pea, f'.... u.. &I..,. vi Ilwlfp1 h _..__I,
...q .... '
"How tho Schools May Train L Mbar AMrrMin.. ...ta to w' y. 'nr' a. |<*H In Tennessee.r'aslVIUi or two teen Irma the dale of th, lr .I.l .ilon
for OI&IIIII.IIII1.-J. U. Kellum. Negro Lynched ,11. |K>illkf. I4.r.l.ra.lA.lu"Ilonih.lllwIon i
) I west ..54i or lit* Br.N"il" ..H >)..t Mala ABSTRACT & REALTYCOMPANY
1)ipeupeton-MlMary Dudley." "'n.. )lll'thnonC' .,...", ....1.....,........ It" tb. nr ...."r..W.
10i50. "Pinioultkiof IMielplIn In Iwynn, a negro wan hanged at TulUftwni ."..I.MIlnbloah..glhof. I' 1tale.1''sIMbflPIh.UOranaIlataartMW. 1

the Country Sohoole. and How to M.t"TholnJII.0llftlll. Tnn... at an early hour thud l .114 C'lolMf ..-..du.u. linclovparect. dl :i
nothing by unknown partlea. He warlake 'ntlowl" .mtod it.un', beral.ties'i.Wt.aIneiOIAr.nf
Pliouiilon-W. J:. Hell .: from the ..mllabiNMe whrr he )ll.r a.k.k', t J?'I.I"",.f ...\.. te.. TSe E VOYLE, MGR.
of laratny, about ,..tia.) 'ln.T...21 r..f..... '.s "I i .ak MINIrlW1in &...
Ili90. "The Work of the 1'rlmary **' held on a nharf A""" lrasld. of Till and full Information furnhhed lands. In this
Teaeheri."-Mlii Mah l Hanchei ifiy yard, and hinged to a tro. Jw uri111kkkent aM IM. e'..,, .r, I'eld' ".. county, Our manager has lived In this ounty thirty years u4U ,
LIarMN:11A' : "
'' ""' '''' tbl.rtln.
dlw' ivercd It ,..
land U'
ntou..lon-J. 0 ,\ had no elohleg on it. eave a shirt ; N. Ij&f., ou" t'l 1. ,' L r. .. ,

11l iM. query by the superintendent, md a pair of ottk... Iwynn had been .- '- ..-.--- -- _. '
'What' I.'ol1r (Ireateit Trouble Sohooly"Each In .tervtnc out a ..nl.UN for lartncy.tod tl. 'V. P.A'l'TON E. E.I QDFt1hIE ..
Conducting a Successful' short time.! ,
bad been out but ft ACCIDENT, nunul.AUY( AND INDKMN1TY 1N0U1UNCK. Kepreeentlng -
\ teacher U eipected to aniwer.. Ho was ftbM 'pN'I..s of "'.OQ. The iYIL: ENGINEER AKD SURVEYOR a number' uf' prominent American' nd Kniillih: con)|>anlii,
and not talk longer than one minute.13i20. ,1'04111! of Tutlahom. are ri orted 10be rr URAL WfATK AND 01TV IOANH,

Dinner.3i80 'fHlt ".rk*l UII veer th* Inr.b.lie. Dealer In Real FJtde; 4n.tLoavi11ta: : a J1'l.orldo.:

"Bilenc Work In the Common and more trouble may result ." ---
Bchooli.F.. Ollphant '
r.I t). Hot IM, l t.i.'itLkFta.;
Ii80.',DO. \ddU'II-.J.Addreii-Slat. M*. Pound.Boperlntendnt 01_.. Health, Vigor and Tone, ",y LAND Y n LES.

Uebl".I. a boon for lufleren from "'rompAttention to All Ituilneii. ,

5:00.W. M.Qudtlon Holloway.Ho' *, neamla.. Py (lu use th. blood liolckly .r.-- -- .....- ... ..-." "" --.. ._ '_'...... t ,).. '. j\i.'r.... ..,.' -
and the color bee ;
A High Complimentlov.rnarhlrowird ames normal.regenerated Th* drooping strength .J. JBleMfiUr- ., r \ 1 I.,,;. :. .'I..A.. '1"2l.! !'life "I /r.1 rr.ulrJmlfNns. -f k.!fAe Mlta/_t' t. \

,i revived.' The languor lidlmlnlihftd.lealth 'ltlo Ifl what for whon Imy land thcroforo I'
hai made<< appoint vigor' and] lone predominate, PracUcaJ ) ao4 Hicblclti. you pay yon ;

menus ao the tubereuloili ooofentlon. N.", life and happy activity results, ......... 'f know what you uro buying S
which! at thi hate house In Atlanta ,
meets I
(la., on April IT 18 and Florida 19, of,' )ll.wrlten In lellf.( | Hhlrel."I have Mlddleiborough ben troubled, All Work UuarantMxl_. haiufaetory, t Titles ordinarily Invisible correctly revealed to you by .

many delegates whom w* notloe throughout' Dr. N. O.I'bll- ilth liver complaint and poor blood, ffl 8. Oak Are., (taiM,, iritli J j. % Fls.UJtCHUA .
among to benefit Abstract
nd liar found nothing rn ftio[ Alachna County Company
Dpi and Dr. J. Harrison !lodges of lib lletblo" *. I hop never to tilt .t
bit city. This It quite an honor to .rlthout U. 1 hav withed, thai 1 had \ "
these gentlemen. elne the convention flown of It In my huit'iad'a lifetime." l i--COUNTYuli GaLc.esv-J..l.0" :Q11ox"id.tb.

will be comprised of the flneet practl. Occnta." Bold by W.. M. Johnion.. ., .- .._.; .
of the Aa( ..hua county I. *.4 fOO&ere* In -
Ing phyitelani and eurgeom Attorney Cenclude In Cftttt.r .,.., .has 7it mil railroexl.J. "'jrjrnllee 1... M. a....... freildent. H U TTu, .ihUr ,;

country. !).."" Mcrrk. a Ilf1Itft..c III y at.to wagon rued, Jt rasts.fers! lao. Vf. llrnft V e-rr.iidefit Lasla'nar, AMI Cashier f ,"
.. IK .hool.. :" phn.ph.leplant.aJ.w
1--. -- publi '
--- ( l *
Ik gnb.rn.ltnlal eo
t CLEANLY WOMAN. .,vac ur7c vmt4iMHtvtw \ '" today .......'.. In house' flf. new mill..p.iH. t'r ft.>/and**),Mart|iro> ME FIRST NATIONAL BANK I IOIr'

M M.intMr* of the crowns. duets porn, eotlon. ri *.iiogar.oete .

TLI.1S .r .,....,.. ,tae .......blJ' Will dl.rar 'hr rnnt.et tee rye, ro'I'OH. i "tlJII.I, ..r-
I rrr..r..ir kr the rvJe t/mn/n1/ t',If ...'h... ta 1111ulaliee once., |i*..h.f, p.a. rlofni p.ess. .. G.A.XNIDBVXLL'1D.THE .
.. aDd all 1 kiodi ..f regelablve.anesYille .
.\ w.. flee .... of Ibr' "7 ru. ilMraN .

the b.... ttblcM .... rte .....Wy. yrbeh.r .. II but faY 1 ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ALACHUA CO .
; that tocnirhHr tb. 4.IId..cr epl.e..st. U mt""+a te oa lk*> as i.st u.t1i II.. ",.." (toe County Se4 tl'' '
MCW" ... .. C . . $6QOtn 00
the dandruM 1bo i..V ..h .air"err .... sp....at.. M law*if*i. Y ncl/rr PI1ftl. -
.. .
eSa,. end vet het. Mat.rr her "nt.ft'. tr'b, r, r"ar! '- I r Ifm ,..,i; e4.nt'. p .. ItAk. .' pin. .."f1 Pi>dividf l ProfttH
\ Ifs lour.t sg1et'..rtra IY 'am. "Jr... ) .. .". *./..->'*,tk.lib*1 1 e.bneety. t 80,00o 00 ; .
**. T'he ..,,',. .:.', .' w .r''i,:-to "co."'", fT.."'" 7Motl.tasltl i I r'!''.'. Ie Nla. ' .... ........, .,.,,..... .r eelJ \e dep fA.. I.of I.- t/. aka ..".. '
"D41"11" t' .r lit. t. I Untied MM** ,H'' .j"inatf. ,1 ., ,". erw "r. ."eta.. ...,.... .' S
and /belt hit t n '"" twill .- :I AM ahifoiMl 'ne. rat weeem.4.u.aa......... twels ...,.u.1,. S
e* thai tot r.. f.. '.. H.- The Out Cough s/t', I' 1 ,.. I luhi*. r .. ,....ttH. t.KTAYU n..,...,. ,. ?(
-4.' tip kill: ',dtn-. ". ....a.).%. ....h... r.. .. 'j" .... '1 _........ rL'I'
levee <|N> h*. I I- I 8 t. Apple. KiPrefcaiU' sloe. tan .,... I. ,.. """.... '
:fete,. heir 0' 1.r 1-- ,I ". sos C*., Kr>.... wrltre/ ft: > II tyiKftlkav Ihi...: 1i." .. a., t. Pi ,Al..nW1.tltilsg' ,
?. r..yr "" ....,. Rr < .KM ...". t'i .'.. .. seal Uillard". >lyr" : .. "p Ilb+tptosao1 r

<1 t".tci" .. Co .n... Mrnml xit htneti J r rap to for roeommead year, seat that ii a.I she'do.. ..pram....for, U.n I'..."."tl/-.btb4,1.. Mal IMrteNIIM .)". THE DAILY SUN iOn if a )cet, ,

; trolt. Mick. &> ttMurn,| Irep.I hat ..ertW peed Ipn.Ae4 Iwrse rrt. reeta'J a,1Altt.'I rry ,
I' MdlfW. W Fii I' Haas.f. tilt* .M the.arvn' t
J. 0.II'Cr.rt I; lA.. A. '
.. I '+
'1 J ( j) ,r,(, 111

1 .
.f. p : : ," I I
'., .1' '1,
\ :

ut.r. ilk'(

g DAILY SUN: UALNE8VILLE, },FLORIDA HAJU'H 10,1905 _. .._. .
-- '
. ... .. _m_ __ __ __.___.__ _.__ u '- _.t-= : :' : :
------ -- --- --- -- ---- -- -- -
MampMa Street Railway Held.Mempliia .

RUSSIAN GENERAL Woundsand Teni? March IAn '
nouneetaent "'.. made of the talc. of

. A RETREA'Bt. the Uennnla RI.....! runway t+lutpan; The East Florida SeminaryTho

ORDERS iorci of any kind cawed bj (o the firm or rill it. Damn and 0.,'1. ,

kind of accident cuts burn engineers. ul Now York city. Tin
V : V ... any ,
scalds, bruises, sprains, eta, are nUne stork mid holding or the com NORMAL
_ Fonrj pint have olmniKMl. band. It I II Mid
Petersburg Kuropal beat treated by the immediate
application ... .. .
.. -- -
of but \ronnlderetlon Involved |I. withheld ... .' -
,, klu Will Be Defoalod Th iiurrhaen price la plaoby .<
March 13
HAMLINS otiUlrtcin' MI approximately foul Normal Class Opons

A TCMMIDLC bATTLe 15 RAQINl and a half million dollars n"lr.-<
----. II, Davla. of the purehaalna; firm auc Continuing for Eight Weeks

p Reports My that the Ruaalan Army I Itt WIZARDOIL coeds ('. K. O IMIlluie, of Chicago ai ,.
president of the company.Young for Alsohus county and isendoreed
Completely Burruundad, and a R<. TI1ts le 'III Tfloh.ra' Normlllnltl&ute& ss one of the Normals r under
treat la Impotalblt-The Art III er,) Man Shot Prom Ambuah by the Hlale teacher. can be boarded ,In the Young I.dlu'
This curatlri 111s control Lady ._ reduced rates ''a the 1
great ,
V' i < Plr 1 la flatting Vary Haavy.Toklo Charlotte, N. 0.. March '.--Alondajnla.lt UormHor", aud wlrd can also

March 7.-Noon.-It lad report remedy' relieves and inflammation pain, reOuoeirwelllng and at Bessemer City, Charles ")"!ft.,II..... In the BtralMrj. both In the, Literary enter and I' business 1m.,
fimlth, a prominent young eoolety mat those desiring l 0 any
that the Hunlao are projiarlm t<< all wound sad ll.r.tlni.nli) will l be open to \
up open
herd of that was flied and paiafully Normal work .
I place, upon bt.ldeab.. regular
abandon Mukden. and to tutus id Tl It li the on. perfect, mod. Injured' II be was returning' train For further information address "I' Bup.11ntendent. :
r.M sir. era dreetnff, or treatment, for a I
a Hall to a young lady who waa atop
111. ireateat concanlratlon of thyuualana vround. nick uie will posl l ltlrely plug a' (Ibe home of Mr. Jenkins ODe JERE M POUND,
> defending the fuabun" eeem prevent blood poUoaln,.
of the balls entered Mr. Btnlth'e right FLA.
;; to Ve along tbe Hue troy llela to Mao. Alwayi keep it at hand. leg above 4he knee, paaaed entlrelj GAINESVILLE,

tutan, General I Kuropatkln tonlln Sad Mr Jeeele Fanif, of J:11J.! through that leg end lodged la the

tie* to rfaohitaly" defend tbe lluiilai abetb* Xy.i' "M11 little boy WM bone of the Uft. An Invalidation

positions at MlaharThe. ot f ration badly btAfttt4 oa both 14**, wfalofevre was hold (bit afternoon to aecertaln IIroul" e'
,a that vicinity' do not lodloate<< whathr _
*. to drawn tilt ofha' '. who Mr. Htnlth'a eesallantAAiNKNYILLIN -
KuropatVIn Intends to ngtil ur ratire he ettl4 Mt e.Ten &.wl.) I tried wee. -CL YDE: LINE
,. but be mutt bold Kunhun to pro
taaqr rein. without&. relief, but I _.__ __
eject. tbe army ott the Hbakbe rirer.Majof i
finally X4UM ,WUard Oil made
/ Oaneral MabArlbur{ or lbs : FA'.OJUTEI1EHOnT. :
a peneet! ewe' sled he GAD now
United Mtatea army aocoropanled bj, .
j fall eldM, Captain Charts W. W'llor walk and ran. We '''0.,111
the lOlcbleeath cavalry and Oaptali aheuld bar to aamuUte l*>th hU.

John I'erahlni of the Plftern cavalry legs, and teal that K aal11 s WUard Alachua Pool Parlors

will leave Toktu for the front Marcl Oil wed hU life." Price GOo and

I aa rnllllarr obaervers with tbe lap '100. c. Burta, I'reprteter.
an... arm lea, United Btatra Mlolatei. gold and recommended by

Lloyd C. OrUootub I.| making ariaoie

mania for their departure, ;which be li -

I etptdltlng In every iKtaalble) way. -- ... 'rru-W'JDJD'K"r: : : SAXLXNGS

CITV CROWDED WITH VIIITOHa. Located In the Porter IMock, south UI.'TWW4Jclolceorilvillo :
;, News from it. Pataraburg.HI. _. tide aouare. Three f flrat.elaaa tablet and Now York,

Petersburg, !March T.-Ijftl p. mAil New Orleans Congested with tight Good( lights, and prompt. and eoarieouainrvloe. Oalllcg at CHAULKHTON, 8, 0., both naji.,
la Invited
publlo cordially
y ', hope that General Kuropatklc seers for Mardi Or... and always welcome. The Finest Steamship In the Cotitwlie Bertlco
will be able to turn defeat Into vlotorjla New Orleans, March Carnival '
!r rapidly vanUblng, The poaltloi ,'day opened with the akloa overcaat and J 1 Olydo) Mow England and Southorn Linos

of tbe Iluaalan army till been grow rain tbrealeaed, but this condition had Pocket and Table Cntlery Dlraot Bervlee between \ and
'lag Incraailngly deaparate during tbt no appreciable effect! In the street, rilOVlDKNOH. JAOK80NVILJEi1\OSTON

;: .last 14 hc"".. The fraveat dangeila which were congealed with algbtieera, Calling al Charleston' both ways,

::, from the Japanese )left which liai many having come from aurroundlngatatea SDM.: -UJJDaLT: : f\J.A.JL: : N"GS

E I been tniahed northward on the Hlomln on the morning trains Stoves"Rangesa.nd. ou\hbouD4--; ,..... . .. ..1f..1''romUiVj.rf..lJMtoG I
; tin road to a point I tulles| northweal iterate the Ila.rd.tartod the sun Northbound!,. From.Foot of Catherine at., Jaekaontllle :\

"; of Mukdan where It baa joined e broke through the. clouds and there ,, .I
ala'nklog column from the weal around was promise of an Ideal' day. Thrr* Clvdo St. Johns River LinoIJ.tw..nl

the village of TaUhe Klao which liJocated were 'the tiaual' promlaciioua maakera :I3esiter: JACI at ibis point. and many quaint and jilclurcuquo coaiiimea Stopping at Talatka, Astor, Bt. Vranela. liereafortl (IaLaDdand IntermeUUtiI

!' The battle raged l with\ terrible bit. entertained the throngs. .andlnga on bt. Johns hirer
Commencing Turaday, November IB. l 1&01',
Yt-rneia thro'ighoiii yesterday with al, Thd pageant of Ilex appeared on Ht. '
the ifaerrra )turned to the. seen to Chitin avruua In tho forenoon arfdrou'ivd Steamers "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE" and "FRED'K DeBBAHY"ire

!. Meek the atroUe al the U"III&IIha' oi four hoots In traversing Id appointed to sail as followat I eave Jaokaonvllle"' dally eioept Haturdayiat'
8.ido p, in, Returning leave Hanford dally except' Bundaya at OtOO a. tn.outhboobd. .
comrnunlcatlona.Icneral: ton to. Ills 'inajcaty% ) cliono for (bit aub- ttnrthbo.al
( llaron Haulbara. who la de ject IdoalUtlo queen" and treated II ".K> lo.n. WUIII.IIUM3 | i
feeding Ibis wtug. leanly' aide to hold In twenty' highly deforatrd cars Mlai Leave B.iW |>in.Jackaonvllle! . . .. .. .Arrl rolsOUar:
{ hla own. On account of t the deape'rali May I'arKi'jion. the Queen' of rroieui 8 US |I'n\ .. ,. .. .. . . . 1'alatka' . ..'. .Ix ave 8 KX pta
8 00am.Astor 8i80r. >n
ultuailon! tbrro (leneral) .Kuropatkln has and 'r'malda and' the Queens of lice i80am. ....... .. . . .NL.1'rancle. . ... .. . aiOOpn:
not attempted to drlvo home him couuer and ( niroUft at the Japatuwo center and I the display from the Iko' lon and Tick\ Arrive R,i80 Han one 9,iDO am

I liU dffenalva which was abortive bee wick clubs on Canal .1 ir >ei. al which 10,00.!. arn .. Unterprlie! $ ." _____oaOO, smIN1C11AL
+ been abandoned. At 'the same time Ilex atopi>cd l nionunlarlly to pity hla r* ( l'AB9.__ .ANl") TICKET. OKFjbKJ2J, : W...HAY. BT.. .t J AOKHC N\.IU.I '

vncouragod .by the progreaa. tlf the main apccta. Tb. king of the, Carnival" wailinperoiiaie Ammunition and Guns It.t iIIONONOt11JIL! Art 0tlL Pons. All.. IM West ""a, J.eksoot111e 1CIa.'Y.
turning.. anovlmlnL.1.. (Jrneral Kurokl d by 'Mr. David llmnrnMorronl. .O. vvva'J"aru ttioi.bt. : Aunt o. 1'.IJJvlrJ.t. bvi.rlot.ade561Rot
of 1101'.Ir..i. ..'a.nnvln..
\ again treated forwaid from th of New York and New Orleans ._ ( { Ea.,'. I..... A".N... Vortu t.yltaU"JJiNE"O't "n. A.N..T.
t'Jll'I'ACUCnTyOtPj '
;' cart yesterday ...aluJennl1 Une The carnival will culminate ; : &. \\ I. I'. uJYJl1 .\ 00"
't atteI., forflng' 'the Iluaalana to Bile tonight' with the annual pageant of Co, A varied selection ot Carvera, Triple general lltansr.\er. nen"ll Agents,

around mua and the balls of Cnimia. and, hisat hated and Solid Bllver 'leee.. -._._ ...._ ._ _. _. "U e.ebrouektlutldtsgleaisle.treesNewYorkFIRE _._._ __0' ____ ___ .._ ._ ____ _____ _.____ ..-
h It la rumored that Kuropatkln bAl the French opera house and lie Impcrla.1 J '"
inl rowdy the order to retreat end .
.that be linn la gradually wlibdrawlntkorrea palace.The Largest Sellers In Florida of LIFE AND B. F J 0 R DAN
WaterIoo .
from the center' but riperla art Oolonal'a ,
1, Inclined to>> believe that he baa, walled (jol. John M I. Fuller of Honey drove :mnV.: 1; I Woven Wife I Fences ACCIDENT IN i '

loo long that bo mutt fight It out' on "aiaa, nearly met his Waterloo from THE' OLDEST
tola prownl |H>aUk>n, and that It la. Im liver and kidney 'trouble. In a recent ,-- -- I INSURANCEPORTEH
I>oialt>Ut to vitrlrate' more 'than |thc "I dead of AND BEST COM i
{ letter h. aayai was nearly Plows
remnant of his aimy." beie. complaints, and although I tried Chattanooga.
At the war office it la eald' that' (htaap.noee \
alege' gun from Port Artbui my lal1.H,duoLor lie did lit, no good ) Itie lrU. Wt ".,. at the SI IXHIU Efo: .n 1 got a fiOo bottle of your grist lao ------- -
with' a range of I mUM an causing. trio Hitter, which cured u>.. 1 eon : : PORTEH BLOCK GAINESVILLE !
I ;; errlb1! ininliliuiMU. Nothing rat _
them. thin them. the belt medicine\ on earth, Baird Hardware Co. I
eland' up agalnat
who the ----
slId thank Otvl' rite you
Tile only newe rccelvivt at the waiofnce
make" tbem." Hold' and 8"IL1.1: FLORIDA. :
knowledge to OAlN1 GainesY"illaGulf 1
till tbla hour la that the bM.nwaa Company
; rMtintPd at daylight. thla rnoiulni' guaranteed to cure dyspepsia' tllloua Railway
at Tatrhe Klan. Durlnfi the nUhtMitb' nest" and kidney disease by all drug

el.U>a brought up additional, ytina and al gltti, at bow a bottle. KEYSTONE BAKERY Time Table In effect Oct. 28. 908 '

daybreak a pvrfeci (ball
Jectllea flllM the air. It the J_'pane.t It. T. KCIUnilt, l'rep.Ooratr ;

) crush (leneral Kaulbara today, the' Itua ("'(AGO AnD .Il7 e. No /. thAo I. No. J. No, Its Non.Daily' .
elan retreat wlil be cut off anti KuropatJ Orore tat CrpreM .'r...., Rlo'l '' Dally. TATIONH: D..1I1 Daly.l Jt&O I'c1: I
ln'a army will be ahnU'1 i surrounded! l Sunday bunT
t t0.1105111OANlcltYIWr,111A.
There la the ftrrateat frar that telegraphic l-booa IM

comnnlcallon may bo cut at t M1LrrNLTAv,
moment. .,, t' At. l' 111 Ar AM ArPM ;
stray ., .. .. ....,... ............F.lrft.ld."..... .. .......... .. ... eau
The tmUUc" '' .la peaalmUlle ai usual TM 1........... ,..,.,.. ?. ..,....Irrlne.I ... ......,.. ... .. e6o
The Liberals look forward to the com OUOIOX lIRKADft OAKKS n4 Pigs A (,,) .. ... .....,.. ... ... .. n.. '. ... .... .. _"
rlete defeat of KuropatVln'a army will Via & Nashville R. R ,a, UA ...."... .... .,.. .. ..4outlslde.. . .... .,11.1.., . ... -610-
equanimity on 'the theory that a itu. Fresh JlCur P r.ot 8 10 ...1 ,.. .....,.. ........... 11lokman.. .......... ... .. ... ..... glib
A ........ .......... ......,..
.Ian would atlRcn tbe --- 1. I.ak.Ititnoatoa ...... ,.. . a.
victory back .. "
U.U.rt4 to AU lazes air.riio A .0 ... ...... .. .. .11'
ob ... .. ... ....... a 7D
j of the reactionaries, aolltl\ ,aUt". train
'? lOne Arcordlni Only Florida astwsUoe.& au,..'.'" 1 815 ....s.. ,....,. .... .. .T ID'.. .......... ... .. . ... 61'
,, ? 't' 1o the Uberal' view, the more the got serration and library cara from 8 4S ......... ........ .. . 1Clrkwood. ... ... . a0S
t t+rntncnt la embarraMed (tbe more II tu tit. hauls, Chicago thai Writ timeplan and .- ..-. --- -- -'--' 8 ........ ....... .. ..... .... . .. (J1'..II... ..... ....... .... 000 I'
Northwest with quicker aM ...... ... ... ...... .. ....... .
A: '" mill bt obliged\ % << to )'ield.I the of other line, Florida .Ilewellsn. ...... .. ..... /6S I
by war any .,........ .. .. . .\,
r AU inrala In ulnlng o..r-trnlc.. a la a Os to. .1. aeahoottt. ... .. .... . .,. 44S

." & Unfavorable Turn for Ruaatana. carte Finest dining ear aerrloe In the fruit and 'ruoGro'cr) 9 D 46 I.Ar ..4s..Rocky.... .... I'oln. .. .. ... ... 4ti "
:C"t Oener (llrnuwVamjira lltadquarteraOubeneputa. KG"U, S1ooL., ao I . ..U&tn..m... . .1'I .9. . am
l Ht')1 4 tubs a :n A o ioAr
: a
1/faveHt. Augustine dally a m.
'{;' 4 M h''M". stated 6'-Midulghl lA'u Jaokaonavllle. dally, P i30 a. ro.Atrlve 11. J. ItUUMHV, Editor and I'rop'r, It M 61 . . .JkU.m'.. '.. .' 8 L& a 1o :3: ao
..., ':Vt'fttll t Chicago day a p.m. OCALA,1'1.1. 111.0 109 711 _.. .... .. .
{. J turn fo th nil i'tans thla Louts. It8& ? A as 8&2 IBC
pveaUuR A( tn next day, p.m. I
1140 T ISAI r :R .. i
.;tcr a day ot rust k.-.t hii x r' crmlnM attack I iho .immn altering, Clatt daily from Jaekaonvlllem "' . . . ....
onlrlwthe ,, IHrtnltiRham ) r teplee 10 ... .. -.. .. It (1) i.Jaek.onvlll.. J. 8. 'V'j a 00 .. .
Ilui.-lan* fit'n, M" In"InU.c. sN..t A. O. I. Rtoa p in. train in + ........ 140 a M . iwke Olty, U 8. A F. 1 2'i'ce .." .
NaihvtUe, Louie Chicago .
lion on the left reel..T or the ra.u".ra Hi Ten ........ ... .. au pu i .....Tal/aha/ ..." H. A. L. : I u 1 f. ... .. .
I. H5 train to
andH. A. a in. A handaomely' I Illuatrated macaalae ....,. 11 10 11 10 ......
.tnt y. The' ,it5pa.' ",' .... ."" ar.ulnl aaeola' Mobile anl New Qrltani. d.rotidyp.oIally to the IntereaUofh ai; "a'40f11., (I. He It r. 'u 'I .... .
1.1) 10
.. ..
(I h\t: I ,ri.., tr tHoU arrvlee la dttlrtd' ask for al. pAlaeonO.tI.AF..1t :w a114ti a .. ..
the rll ftfGt"r !\I\I and vegetable growers ot
... 25 4t :
Icleta via I.. A :N. ... u 1 !_Atlanta O'oIU&......: T 60 a .00 .
I tlavebii 'IrsN4 I "'talo Iii.I )
I 1'" Ii. For rates, I'ullman reiarvatlona.ete.. Florida. .r P II A t Ar P111 A \I I,. PM.:::: j

eo 1 I'ioU",.6\lL.wh, bravF Into,,.,, f h' t.." oIy call}.lorldll..nRtIf on or write Oeorre Aa.tit.JaokionvlUt 1:. Herring, mouths A apeolal.m t trial* eent aobeorlrtlon on rlpt. of of all>0eents ..w I., HAnKER R, General 8up rln *ndant. t tJ

Iff .'. ..... lorlda, 9V0 Nest ,pay itr* i. V ", Btampe takes .. HILL, Agent JAB, M. OIIAUAM. Prealdent.'rJIE .

t. It

.' ., I)
+ i '. ,, .. tt .' ,

;. V ,. :t T U \ 't '''';'\:; ,.J, ,'f '\1,.. f'. } .\" I" 'I ", .1,,.'. ."...' A.1I \ l .', '. ,
ter' avs' 4. "
I 1t. \ '

I .. t 1 1 y


- 'r

I'4." 1


----+ :


DsMsvexl that Ono of Mra, Stanford'''!, i,000 of Government R.s,rv. funtf .
HewMtold" Po s.nid HIP In Olnelnnatl Oink t llslnQ,
; COACH OVERTURNED hit Xmnelsco, Maroh I-Charlei' ClMlnnaU.! "archtM "' <'manKatlonal of
" >>. """1'1)'. formerly butler, and Ides. bank In hit ajlte I. 1',', Ilr* Return Engagement
to -- M. IV Nli'hmond. foraneMy maul In th<, Abort' In Us .overnitte t W.er< fund

! Thoro Wt.ro Eighty PAttenger it an ford imuaeboM, hat bHn rloeol;], Aoeordlnv to A story .puMMhaxl. )h.t.> < I la '.t'
onAmliH-j by O N.ln of DHCOIIV. ' Aboard tho Oar.", )turneltD1.trlet. much more' notoy ( ftl' tlltlonal .

Attorney Bernard and All or! bAnklM lame prooffils' ), t 111111I"1\1 .-
ronrv PEOPLE ARC INJURE: nay ttoyniun A..4 Attorney Jtlo\lnctoN baa apparvnily U I M Q ll_, rl1I1 U.
) \Vtlaon won alto .......t. the Jail' A|oelAl' vluI".. MQ... .> In tOn >+I'. 1111'

'! While No Ont Wu Seriously Yet All tvpiwavnilns" th* i+nfoM estate. ,1,000 ha ...t4. :
MIM draco OIlBivwe, A ward of tin l>>>.e. It UN ci' fu11i' rent Week Only! :
' \ 0' Thorn Narrowly Ciciptd D.It'D lair Mm HURtard Mid that eke boll rottntod and found i. W:'f\!*(1' l1.ulwinks One .

to Dashed to Death on the ravtm.n'b.low. -v .<| a murder. )b.d bean comia1tt< ato the slo aW Wa1dtvnrrny' ..
And thi murdotw war now In this. city in4 the most thorough, .tn,.."Hnnonboon :
' I She rc.rllelt,1 to .n Mo whom she cue U. carried un et1hitne" with, I

Chicago, )-Onrturnhlla.lab I pee|.d or deabfiiato ho grounds of hei wit result The German Nan,.nal I*

: lo the Air on the LnKo atren 4mte lusplclou, OM of he ..ttn..an1itJ'' this< alb. .
railroad \today, A pnasenRer coach wit Mlna. nature Mid just befor airs lion with A capital or HWhWwv A .ur
SO pvrmms Aboard ,*e p tJ4 to tho granite pavement telow In conversation, MM abe was posltlv of 'UT.1*O'aIH1 total Vf ouioea, oflcatly Gainesville Florida

. Ono woman "'al pinioned oil cho I Rune one in her household had endeavored '"vtn "millions.ViWdent .
trade' within a tow Inches of the lea<. to |>ol on her. but that shiiu Itohrer said Jhf! lo.. Wit .,.
lr electric" third rail and' then finallrMrlCAttd )' pected no particular DDO eontparatlvely small, an!l1)iM) U inlh' ,, .
alive, It. fatally Injured, Jerome II Stanford nephew of th< b.L found later to bo rohtUr uf built

Forty oihrra pa.*iMiera wero InJurrdi 'ate Henator Stanford, denies the state tocplug.Nepra.
L but not eerloiuly flint that ho Intended to contest Mra + I Beginning 13 :
White, Youth, MARCH
The upset WAS caiuixl by the C'AI Btanford'a will. Olrl) Stabs
missing a witch\ The car was par _. Atlanta, March '.-A hnlfe In the Monday
----- ------ --------- ,
of an Accommodation: train which nun binds of an l-yrarxtld negro lira cam
from i ho OAIIRI trret III.tlon'or thol near ending tho lite of A while. ytnilb
grated road to Madison street and tin JOB PRINTING list evening and tho. l tar may yet tilt '
maiket At Market" and Lake' alree-li' from tho wound. A remarkable featuro Sam Grounds : :,' 'k
the train consisting of two coaches DEPARTMENT of the story la thai tho would-bt at "

wad turning south, And the first rai young murderess made her escape,

bad passed over the switch eaffly., lakes A Specialty of All Kinds Ixitlek rusher the j-ouih who was .. { t,:
The trucVa of the second car mined. tabbed, llve at No II Central avenue ,:
And kept" going forward In lake street of Plain and Fancy and Oorrlo llynda, the girl) who ,
The 1'O"'C'f'U on the firit car. Sol used the Knife lira At 101 Central
until the screams of the psiiengeri. Ateuue, In A baaement, Tuber says
and the crash of gists vrrro heard did UommereialJob ho was cursed by the girl and ho Asked Canvas Opera House.

tbo motorman know) of the. accident. her to retract her wimls, Insteadof
Instantly tho power was turned t>8 doing ao alto Jerked out A )Vnlfo And

and the rcaulla were too IInC'd to the Printing came toward hint, lie tried to gel OnlOno of UH Kind in America.lay.
overturning of Ibo second ear which out of her. reach, and while turning to E
the tracki walk tntu his houte, she\ stalled him" ,
aldo across
fell on,It*
MUa JudllU Strom of Austin, Infcll F o r.tJustness In the back, .. .. ..... -
out of A window And rolled under +
North Carolina Mill ..,bb.d.
the heavy 'trucka of the second car Men WOo
1 Tho
track Ch a i Voile, N. C. March I '
to the
which,held her shoulders HcAdentllle, A
Adensvlllo mills, at
oafrbealdo) the fully charged tlrd rail. professional Men mall station It mllM from this city '
To streams of lb. unfortunate woman and between Parks' Famous
wit burglarlied' test night C.C W.
could crowd bo beard of hundred for moro of than people" A went Manufactories, Etc 116,000 and taken ItO.odO from In the money aafo and Tb car +

(5 the fescue of Miss Blrout and the Legal Blanks on Short Notice tincatea comuinaiion a .. ui. .1.mv sate wed worked, E C

oiler past ngeri, and tho Inner' doora broke open, with r
Ono paMengtr named J, f< henry Tho following Utter from ono of our war wrench, There Is no clew lo tbrollers I
lad A particularly narrow taupe from Isself.eiplana. .
mall order customers Brass
the Co.
death. .Henry. was standing on Theatre
front platform of Ibo second coach, tor' Loulnlllet Kf? Feb, J7, 1006, Montana Ooverner Won't' Don' Bill .,
\Vt>en the car was turned over Lo wapitched II, 11 )100,.." ,
out. tits body atrllck< tho elo {lltn."II1., Fla Helena Mont., ) .
and ho waa rolling oft Dear Hln Heoolvod Its printingmatter Toolo has deposited with the secretaryof r.
rated structure In doe time, And will say thatIt stale, tbo railway romiulislon bill

Into. rail the and street clung below desperately when ho above grasped the Is perfectly ao much.satlifaoiory.Many thanks I like thoenvelopes for with out his approval.' Tilt governor I Orchestra M
name :
street until him A fireman down to raised aafety.VomenfindfiulckrtHeflttnr.TiucWi A. UddciAnd your I'roml'1".Dt10Q YourMrulT In lining, order.Mn. objects the C'nmnlLuSo\l"U tee the Mil,)holding because that twatIs Band

clrru-d |. .. M. O. VOUIT"' ''. todiM wlUt the executive iI i\"

\ j Hand orders 1o TJII BUS.lalnesrtlle l_._. -- .. .-._-._.".. -- --.. 1 t4'lIf.I /
Llm and Wood rytup. IKLATUIIM ron IIKMKT.. Presenting tho QonHRtloiml Comtwly Drama
----- .
------ ,t"eil..'1111 1M..tt/
Kotio t h"r l"r
2Dntob11Mnnd. IOn of tie t*.Mftrf.i, II* HiU of >1 Ulitl Acte and Ton Soonna, ontltlod"ESMERELDA", '
>.|>..li.nlUw of Alilmn J.1i><-i r.II.'H.a"l..11I11,01 .. in Four
f l rMHIO '
in it> e.bLluf. i''i r
| (h'jft.iibBt .!>. .nII'u' .nd 41\1'i iufl .
DTTTT0: & 00. .iiu''f u. r...W.yo' i..>.l. tie... .wAlrtwJ hllf .
:a: F 71wr.rwar.b.n..tnl w" i rol |M" 1
at IM
..In. f Mml.*.\.d ina f id* willM 'gt
..... lI.a"".Mtliotillo* Ih..r/'awlln lh
input of
..'" "111-J,11/. to ION
I IIIuI,1rtN
JSr]< ERS.Do. 1'0.Hateb alb, N IIAJtTtN..I .
:aA Attant 7tad.i.d/er.iwse.Malliusliok Ih.ltetls. .1.J4 tI' MU.on ,

__ .__. __.__ p_ _._ _1
.. .... Do",."" I&.. ....r..
baaleeu.bur and .., ,...
If'tt.a eeaeral'".Manias o. .....11.. "...11.,..'Ofl.. Itr0.e.f/1t1.to "SN t .oIl..UO.. oai all ) ,
lI.ftO" .1.'ecUitln Pill
,.....1..,uluip stile"II, UaL"" $"a'P ". u uMTEL ,, A play of roil llfo In tho Big City of Now York,

FLOaIJ:1: : : A. 4 bristling refill NovoltioH. .
i G... .JN'"ESVLT"LJD: ) FOR HUIIKTM.: : AM rum Mechanical Kt
: I'OI&I, : w A Btronjr Acting Canto,
; '
Coast LineFOR Boautiiul Bconory.A I
fake"tTTe fcct
Atlantic 1 UUA1IH.ITV.. .
!Is ., :
.'yttty-thnt ow"AMl
that nmnmto to UV(
ALL EARTHLY -- ont llfo rw It uxlftts In tho Olty
; '.i: with Honfiatlou. -that, l1rCl

Via iMIWftt VII i*Via.A a \\T t VU U..',.Niwo......ferBold .,Ibas tab oltm an\l.ri ..frsiept/.4e.'.......... I, of Now York.Every .

:, \1 1,01'tl Lt:.,.I as t or iJtekfeMttUsrv OlltI!l.tSMUUse o \ S =. 1 bee/..,..,.'..Wp..aD4 oot&uib a. .''ot'attbtleeatbab ..... .--. J

.u......" a.H/r raeNu i

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service ....aM.....ti. II' Mother Father Sweetheart

Time Tab o In eOwt Jan, 8, 1O5.Derart ':. ,1 ,
ArrlvoFrotiBiMAM aseontinuooslr for I'
OAlNRSVlLMiBpri by "

For 11Igb! K .nd r.Inter-. 1 > IYER TNIATY.TV1OiYEAM, / and Child Should Sao It,

8 i J>pmPMly : mediate. _folnta Dally k

12t.0pra Oc la, L...sburK And Tampa And ICO DsllylOxOpD()phi without A single filiI,,.. If f CM '
Intermedtsl.I'oint. Rant A piano for A iltstlm.'pcenle.iny o'clock l
PAlly2iC6pm tborrt Monday Night tho curtain will rlws at 8:15

I 1''a"I, jAeasontUe, Daily r, noautifulMuAIo\ will IK prorKintetl by tho Orchewtra.Olovor .
East And .
Dally North, ItlSptnPally 1VIa.thuahek, Y BixiclaltloH will l i/o introduced Ixstwcon acUu .
B&nn.nab. ,
WayoroM. .
ha \
I 17r10am AtUAtA all rolnl yurthtKasl WestUoehelle __ m .. WUA .skMtrWe EACH NIOIIT. 1' !
Albany, .. tow .. t* o.id" > OP PItOQnAM ,
: Dally_ __ .11615a o.-........, ,... ,.....teafdare'IriM A
E .*' tI*<*..I Rol.fa .
)Jlea And CltrA '' ,' V
1.1&l'm uP1 ptt..s '1:' .j..v V
\ I .......,,,.

j Dally. _.__ __----- J -'- t,,tan p y.. 40 Ptopit on IK m 4QAI ::1

I Daily atIQ a III I Jlllb 8printcs _I. Mlttlt'- .;.:..;''Ludden Si Bates
_. .
; :: .
.r:31onday_ ., )iIi,. 41' a' I.rR 1A. phto.elPlt I ..... .-
tor 11Ai
Jo'korebal1.1.1": agr 7rU.lt. .,. .' .al. by ,II. vr'Mlr ai7hrrWRh Knife flout
yat1tnJI'a the !+o,I\hm, ,:"ta''"rt .p 1...... ... 1M_ Y.... Na ,At1i.'" taw.Linn I SOuthern '
1'olleasn A'IA.J6IU'al.-el" r LAM' aM ....'".,. HaIIw. SAVANNAH. OA Psoples Popular Prices:.'
via ,
clan ) 011J ; i-
Tot complete tifotrnaaIInaal OOOD\VIN. Ticket A jrnt. Ualnearhlc.Addrrec JOHN D. MURPHY Mgr t A. I EYAVLDIUZD + JnGGAITHER' A. alts, 'J' < n ft", .itl 1.1 l :Nlrl' ? Itttnfl'Vri: '
\ n..u.Jt o. nOYI.ft1'f'IS' pis Pita" Act kaiidla',.'W".t)...81ARK...m.+. lit Tne.. .., Act BRYAN, Stte Arb,,, !.fntb'.:\ k; litt IV I" Fxduilve'y in th \ rrlt' trt'i \
1Mf hay it Aatnr J c:t1AIO.0<<1I 'a Tl.rlt. ,w14auA..
H"" j1h.1f>a.soc Traf fdpr : 'Yt\naJucwa.1f., O. H U... ? r V
'. WUttltgtrn II 0 { r l. __
.i .
h .
f \ ,: 1/ .

i __ ;M; _
___ -
... "


_. _,_._.. ._ ..H.'h. .. _. ., ..- --. -": --- '

I.of..u.d. .'r.. J. A. Ortnand of Jen TO BEAUTIFY OFF TO DBLAND.
IiEwi OF CITY AND ern ar > In' the ally, the guettt of Captain Wi iLSON'SThe
anJ Mr. \V. b. tUckinson.' YOUR COMPLEXION Bait Florida Seminary Team Will Met,

COUNTY CONDENSED J C notion of HI I mid and W. 11.Trul. IN 10DAYN Station University Team Todar.J

I.'r of Trailer, wire In ilm cityyetKirday 3 tiMES : The Ba.t Florida H.-n.inary bliebal
having eonin for the. pur I team departed yesterday af moon Busy

_I Mattcn of General Inured Oath. poor "f paying their ....... a i':: 0 la for DeLand where they will meet the Store.
..U. ..... ..... team of Matson Unlvrsi'.y! on the dlainotid .
erect by Our Reporter. II Sweat nt Stm'i) rip a businessvisitor -- -- -----"" .. -- .."-- -""'- ----7-' ; --:
... !? t1.tr> oily jvtMirdty. MrMncat Tin; : : iuArTirnit.HAHMOLA : : The boys are thoroughly r.e.
.Is. 1'.Nalft.in.. agent foe O. K. VKMjt'ii.U'.u! tied, and their" success recently In Dross Fabrlos and No '

PERSONAL AND. .. ., SOCIAL.. ITEMS hatter A (Jet. lumber and crosslli... winning a victory or..r the University
Jackson illc. of Florida team niikrt" them confident lions for Women's \
i What Mat Htppenedand What Going I that they will show the HtiUou boys a '
ladles rlsltlng' the l*.elirk' lii tltuto I 'Y'
to Happen Totd 'In Short Paragraph. irr thing two. Wear.
& or
are cordially, Invited to visit. the musl ,
80 That "He Who Hunt May Rtad The Seminary team li competed' or ---
oil .parlors of Harper A Chafe, ::110
The fun, 1 yyyyyyI the, following' i 11101n.., 0 f Harmon, ((11 t
It In Writ Main .1'1,8. They are aiiurix Now
Carpenter Ibi, Usique, :Jbj Taylor. Ginghams
of wtlcome
Ladles'sllingacrd.In' latest styles a captain,8bi. Uraham is Jacoble, IfCoombscf
.t Hun oflloe.Slntenenn'e. I1. 1'. )10)'lUll, for the put two year ; ) That Wash,
\\' ., ,, Hair for ale employed( In the'dliptlchtr'anfllot/ art tillute.! Kennedy i oo.oband Bailey, New PorcalosThat
by 3, W. MeOollum & Co the Atlantic Coast Line In 'this oily,
1'arkt Dramatla Company nmlcrcau.vai departed yeitenlay for Tampa, where manager, accompanied' the team Waih,
On their' home the team will
for out week, beginning' Monday. he hat accepted. a similar pttltlon will stopover lo way Palatka long enough to New 'Spring Dress Goods
IlI t
)in. 8. 11. Oliapln his returned to the Weitern. Union Telegraph Com Itlik III give the boys of the Gem City a round
Tallahassee, attar a delightful toll to pany. ..w i, and show them how the great National 'In all the latest weaves,
I frlendi here, Ilemember tdo grand' Parka pramatId game should be played 'They eipec "- -

I,. N. Iloberli of lien KM In the city Company will open" a wrek'tenciige &henewdt..orerr.lrusr.nleod! lo return lo (lalneivllle Saturday Drive.

yesterday and renewed Mi .tuhserlp' I men In this city, beginning Monday. aid inoatr t rsNn4 I 4 If U hUe to remove its nliiht.( ,. I Special
March 13th. Title, which ap, .- .,...- .. ---- -- -- -
tlon loTht Sun.He i company """ or 1'rekt.s,11mite T anNMUOw.ne.
I'u"| In a auras opera house Is a rep .., Llrer Hi>ui > Ipsekhesda, or ant s_loemi'ilon PRISONERS C80APE Our entire stork of itngt frer
fore buying a nlte driving' )tone, la M dl'" Gesvea Ida shin el'.sr.litslUir. the amallrit Ue up to lila h. else
incite best
wall and tee what Crawford Davit" company, carrying, peopleand wr6 and lestores tie besuir or Oot Away From Guard at McDonald't ...11I1" eOTrrrd (till, week at 25 per
can offer, dawtf preionllng. belt plajriRflgltlratlon rout" TtiouMiids ie.iir M Ui* merlu of CAmp Thursday Morning. rent discount
_ The Infant of )Ir. and )trs. A. Jt. Notice.-Notice li here /taJaela tries Wo and Stud' br t..4ln.i drum .. .--
Jones dl.d early Thursday. morning. by given that the regbtratlon.books' or aisle. Or "slL heisted ooljr) lit Alfred Wilson, colored, twentyoneyear.
the oily of Utlnesvlllo. are now npn at .NATIONAL TOILET: tXM 1'arli, Trnh, of age serving' time 'by commit
Nrlends.xtad tympathy. my ofllce In the UnltM Htatea" laid of. ment from Justice court at Ktwberryneaped MRS. R. WILSON
V V, Jolmiton floe and all desiring In do SoldlnCJalneivlllebyJ' 8, llodlford
Captain dtparledyesterday "psrsnns so
A fromtIe McDonald
(io.J.1V. MeOollum W. turpentine
Co, M.Johueun
for Dsytonshero !b. will can register' on or before March IVthIWA : and all ,leading druftglilt. camp Thursday morning, and ootwltli* ------ -
J. M. Unl.
spend a new deyt with lilt wife* ..T ..T7TS! rT5 landing that the guard fired at the T. F. THOMAS
Mr and Mrt Kuteh l hive
For Rtnl-Oflloet formers!r'unow Henry ar Division> Superintendent I'ord of the fleeing convict' It was 'Impossible to

pled oflloe.'by Apply Dr, Dell Themes, Store V Porter ondt-r Hun ate rived on In their the city bridal from trip Alabama having ,,foeut.I They. Atlantic Coast Line,, accompanied by check )hit progrest It li laid, however,

I ly been married and will b. till AiL. Hoyiter departed yesterday. for that a piece of the negro'a luspendtr Co1
Mlit Annie Flldei, formerly of this was shot off, and "U ,U believed Undertaking
Bouth Florida' on official business' 'he was
of the former't mother, )Ir., J. K,
city but now of Jacksonville' arrivedIn wounded .
the city yttterday on A vlilt. to hutch, while here, )h. Futon U busy Our labor contract sates possible' Ion Wilton It of glngtrcake
receiving, congratulation of hit From advances made to employee, completion

Mr and Jibe, II Kndtl; left jailer mends, Pricei__ 'L. ....boor. .lest..by. mall. 8>.t*..ceotieaonfoi and hslfftii' weight,I. ,flv..about feel ten_ 150.lnA_pounds.'.>>...._.. _knit__ Ills.!... --- -- -- --
-- -- -- H'
day for their home In (Irccnvllla 8.0., "Jolly Joe," the fat man who eimelitre >er nunarea | oxen wen or teveral scare on right hip )Ir. Mo.w. FULL LINE OF
der. Tun Bi'x FJa. dais
after a brief but pleaiant vlilt to rtl with' the carnival three wttki Donld offers a reward for hit capture,
.U"'. htre, ago and who hat been In the oily ever 0. D. Bohaferhat secured the contract --.-.-- NEW: GOODS.Ttrteaat

.1 lou.... nab, Hawklnt of Taooma and ilnoe, hat gone to hit home 'In Virginia, for the.. erection of handsome. Ool and )1,., J. II, Lloyd of Indian .
Ethel where )he propoiet to take a rest for monuments over the gravel of F. II. apollt, led, afttr spending the tetioopltaiantly I
Watklnt of Oampvllle, two of
Alaohua eoant,'. efficient teacher, the Inon. He was one of the great Wllllamt and C. A, Btephent, New here, departed for their w..r I

are attending tht Institute.r est attractions of tbe carnival, and It I. b&nnllJ.o.tn.lft", The monument home yttterday, Ool Lloyd and till alteollta te all' wattm U I
said he tipped the beam at 6(0 poundt, will be of Italian marble, and at hand estimable wife have many friends here this line. Mall
ttlegrapn erd rt
James Holder of Iloohelle Dr. W 0
r Dr. J. Smith colored who tome at any In' the State, who are always pleated to 1
Harvey tee them promptly attended te.
Johnson of Mloanopy and J, A Ilradt
-t.- -- \
IhlW of Archer were among the vial, recently College graduated Walden from the University MthtnyMtdloal Mrt. Smith Married. The eighteenth, season visit just to closed rjalnetvllla make within their r _

tort to Qalnetvllle yeittrday. Nashville, Tenn., It arranging a neat, It will probably be a surprise to the past quarter of century,and they

Mrs, J> Alttnyer of Montgomery, ofilce. and will begin practice In a few many people of Galnetvllle to learn of eipeot to return again' In the early Gulnoavillo, Florida

_ Ala, who hat been visiting, relatives d.,., At a school teacher Dr. Smith the marriage" of Mrt, W. Lee Smith, winter Cot Lloyd, who ,li a conterva* --. .
In this city for the pail few date, d.* formerly a milliner of lisle city, which live business man he
was considered competent and lie will nyi firmly be* EE
parted for her brine '{''Ilterd.,. no doubt enjoy a lucrative practice occurred recently! In Jacksonville Mrt. Metes Otlneivlllt to bt the beet town
Tilt teaohtrt vliltlng, the Inttttute among hit race He war president of Smith wa|"wedded to Wm, L, llllet, a of lit rise 'In the South He feels al. s MITH'SWELL' MOUNTS !

are cordially 'Invited to call at the mu. the graduating clan cf eighty-two' prominent jeweler of llradentown, most at If tide was lilt home, and dt

tlo hou. of Harper A OhlUI and try H. Heriog, flrs:, of Unlontown 1..., Her numerous frlondi In title city extend tights In the great Improvements 'In -- j

rte eioetlentp.w pianos, Juit arrived who ,U enjoying )life In Gulf Hammock congratulation, every,ear..way He within behaves the that past two real or estate three All tho old Btundniils and '

_ i On Saturday Maroh Olli wt will have ai the guest of Captain' Wlngate, was values are now fixed, and that the tho ohoicoat of tho
at oar stables. a oar of mulea and ''A the ..Uud. Dr. It 'growth It a steady and substantial' now ones
city Htriog a
'I horses, the beet vcr seen In Florida' an issued.
Gall and Inspect' them, CRAWKOXII A1)rttla jolly fellow and an enthoilaitla' '' iporlt one
d21 i nan, and li having' all the fun he la New York Racket Political Meeting .Ask to tee them at they cannot be
displayed to
advantage In a case.
W. It. Coulter, la prominent eltlivn looking for. Commodore lush des There will be a municipal. meetingat --

of llronion and ohalrman of the U.mo.onUo ,. claret that he made a record In fishing Johnson's Hall Friday night Mardi SPECIAL MOUNTS (Ior E. F.
_ a Executive Committee of Levy 'iii that locality, catching a fifteen 10,1000. at. 7UM. 'J'h'.flue,., public li ,
county, U, In the city on a visit, to hit pound bait recently.. He thinks Dolling Store to attend. School Children and llablet,
Cheapest .
tI 11, Wltl.li.
of jiulling 'In a nine or ten-pounder, ,
iltttr, Mrs, J. O. Bale A. 1), Scaivan,14cc,
Earth Fine Fadeless
and four and flre-pounden are too Folografs
Mts.0. 15. Miller of Madiera, Wit., ..
---------- --------- --
small command his notice. That'swhat -
and Garnet From Locket lo Life
Mrs Ituekntll of Waverly, .. _____ Site
Commodore Head ..
Iowa, have arrived" In the oily, and are Before You SMITH'S STUDIO.
guests of their aunt Mrs J. W. Hud Ilobert MoOlellan hat received a
ton, IdO( 1'almetto avenue, telegram from Tallahassee where the Now line of Ginghams and -- -- .

8. L, Chapman of Jacksonville, Win, (now band In Judge teuton of, bringing Knlghtt the of glad 1'ythlai news U yard-wide Percales, 12 1 1.20 val. Insure Your LifeTalk R. McCLELLAlT"Undertaking
A ) rilrlleld W. ,
Murphy II I'tltr* which
1' hat L. O. Lynch of this oily wa.elect.ed ties, are now on display,
ton of Trilby and O II. llreedlova of lOc
Waldo Grand' 1'relato of the Domain of price yard.
were among the vltllort to Co.
_ Florida' also that. the Fifth dlitrlot, Over the
the llatncivllle llrown llouie yesterday, registering, at composed of the lodget In Alaohua, _- .. ---- .-. .. -. ,
I r ad ford and Levy counties, was do. New 10-YEAR POLICY OAINJ 8\'Ir.t.Y., FLORIDA.
More people. than ever are givingthelrdesierii elated the banner district of the State, Short lengths of Dimities and -

the famoin"lllut lllbbon W. K Dow, the dlitrlot deputy" grand White Lawns at 10c the yard; .. .t (Ita" Punoral[
Flavor.1'' The' high water mark reached chancellor, It entitled to th. credit value. Directors and
{ In February sates of flue lllbbon rot'hI' distinguished honor. He won special Mutual Lif.e'ITII. Licensed
lemon and vaullla shows they arc and ,'o".taa.ork., Einlmlmers,
-... -' .
_ making,frlendo .. :::=:::: : : ::: -: :
,. everyday.Mr ---- --- -- ------- -
\\ .
and Mn T. J. Cone and tout READ THIS. Beautiful line of Ladies Bolts S. riflore al.nufsoturerso Primes and IIfo.I.,.I.
A. J. J,. and Rubber
0loero came to the oily Klamp. Ali
from llati'lgh yesterday, "The two for Lexington Teiln., JUDO, loot and Combs just in; newest and | special (I..."., I'pbelalrrj.' Eastman: Ketlaka .

iner returned on the ,evening train Title li to certify that about Maroh nobbiest, and at Racket prices. .,111t. Caturrai' and 1"IC'torra.
while the children will remain hero a Ian I tulTtrrd 'Intensely with my back W. L. HILL' Agents. ""tr.' hal'lilltfl,

few dayt ai guests of their grand amid kldueyi Just prior to this I had aAlNUSVILtU I-LA. -

::' parent, Judge and Mrs, A. J. Cone. trouble: >>nl and was treatment. relieved for sleeps bladder the largo line of Matting, Cocva -- -- -- _.--- -- - ..:::' ,.11I Ordert ir(' h.I.; Telegraph orprompt Tflfrb..tt
Mlit Dertle sltealloa
Wiggins, a charming treatment "was followed by the abovetrouble. and 27x54
Door Mats _
Rugs FIVE f "' __ ._. ___
Young lady of Wayoroii, (la., li In the U was recommended that I MILLION BRICK __ '
oily, the guest wf )Ir. and Mrt. J. 11. try "Texas Wonder. Hall's West Dlf Moquotto Rugs on salo at 225.

_ { Jarvli MUt Wlgglni hat vlilltOllalnnvllle oovery.night" and I look to my one agreeable dote on) retiringat ,UOLl'ttb..nl Fine value; pretty patterns I now have the finest and best build. THE CONTINENTAL

many tlme before, and I found myself, relieved Ono \ last brick made In (llor.I't wire' at my ('
_- .. '" n.tuST: :
many frlendi and ad ml ten here dose did the work. There It no bosh -- -- expense for 'lowest )? (Ie' deliver '" VlU T.
who are delighted; to greet her again, about this, It I It wonderful.. *d at any point In )lorlda. }:. N.
Uespeetfulljr.O. nr: 8. .eoa. 0..
)Ir. cud Mrt.
Myron dray of Roam U. S oke, Ya., Mr. Odum of llalelgh, N. 0., rroprietor Bcott House, formerlycounty

Tina Mr Nelklrk of Italllmore) and Miss chief clerk-postmaster- etc

trip to Wlth.tflool"Jo AUcl.ua like Wednesday,"" a fishing and A TEXAS WONDER. Men's, Women's. and ClillIran's t's
Oxfords now on tulle
caught nlt.teunQunlt (fish l. )!Ir. I Otis small boUle of the Teiat Won < MISS n. nOnTOn 3mnener
and Mrs. Uray left for Bt. Auguitlno der italic Great Discovery ourct all in great variety. Elegant ,

Frliay' m their nay home. kidney and bladder troubles, removes. inc, newest styles. lowest

The larks Dramatic. Company'whocreated : slons.gravel weak ourvt and dlabetet.lame bloke seminal, rheuma emit irlces.lifers'. NOTIONS I

10>> much interest In this city.hiye tlsnt and all Irregularities ut the kid* .
decided to make a return engagement nets ami bladder In both men and AKD
and'wlll open a week's show' un.I women. regulates' bladder troubles In .
der c.n" opposite. the City llall beBinning children if not Mid by jour druggist, NOVELTIES.MRS .
"will be tent t>y mall on receipt of fl. anti., ib..ontetl)
Monday, Thli company Isoonv One small bottle ,U ''utonthe' treat PI-liFER ROS .".. r.tll ....1.... ..
rle c. ...
posed of excellent arlliti, and. |>re'cut I mint and teldom falls to perfect a Sactwer I. w..l' ".. )iota
BOlhlog but th4best. ahowi. They are eare. Dr. Ernest W. Hall,tale mana.ffcclnrer .

Clever people, and will no doubt enjoy send far, P.testimonials.O. boa 620. Bt.Bold Louie by Mo.all J. A AiDIONS .

a&othtr...+ successful stet here. I/ drutQiate. Corner: Gainesville, Fla. Advertise In Tho Sun.1'A 1 1l

-' .. a ;fl. ... . .,. l
'' .. 'i1f1t'r".'...''\\" ._....1j-.,\.!,"to' ,... .,I\........ .. j'L'-" "" ', '.f,,,: t .," ./, .' I ': iIL2\ .> "',' 1 ," ,. J ",

.f ', ..' .. '. '
., .. ) \
,(, \' ... \ I .

Gainesville daily sun

Material Information

Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title:
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Running title:
Daily sun
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Gainesville Fla
H.H. McCreary
Creation Date:
March 10, 1905
Publication Date:
Daily (except Saturday)[ -1938]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER <1903>-]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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Succeeded by:
Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news


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; ;

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iiflEUI1tt it Ufl

'>,' .t. : .:.:: ..__. __---- .' .- .-- .._. --. _- _... '- .... ...... ,,- ---' -..
-- : .; _. .. ._ .. ,__" .:...:.-.-....:....-..; \ __ .; : := : : : ,

'/ .... VOL. XXII:! NO..;:7 QAINKSVILLK, FIOJIWA JUIIDAY t I MA110H! 10, 1005 '['J4 N E ;llY !

.= _. : _. __ : __ __I ,
-- n -- -
-- -' -- -

) St. Petersburg thla Morning the alt bN'r lew HUM' mivertd. ball .bl h .a.
uatloa at 'tlje' fnmt found MI a northbound lnoi arenvi CROWDS FLOCK TO

Tile As4claied It..... U bow In subway train today to detrratn

position to positively deny the cnrrcnrunjor hethtr or not' It routalna eiitutvrnOOICVCLT '
BY JAPANESE that general Kuropatkln'a Unof THROESJF: STRIKE -,. CHADWICK TRIAL

-, communication Imvc- been'ml. _NAME DEMOCRAT I ....---
Within an hour a cipher dltpalcl
fighting Now Roactubloa Slog. from l Kuropatkln" to Kmperor Nlchola' Street Oar Trouble Is Gaualni; President Tender lien. Cartor Tat Doaplto Snow ants Sleet Court

containing a r*| ort of the da,'. OJKIatlona ... Omct of District Attorney,
Moro Than A Battle Great\ Xnconvoiiituoo.NEITHER noom In CroTfdoJ,
. haa arrived and It now beln Wanhlniion, March' -Allom*,

transmitted to Ttartkoe-B. Ha con' L general. Moody ste1e4| on Tuetda, 1

nu..tAN' DEf'UAT INBVITABLI lenla are unknown accept that 1"1"- SIDSl101Y0 WCAKNCS that he had on behalf of the. t'r..t, EXAMINING THB DANK OPPIOIAta

patkla at nightfall still( held 'u"d.n' 111 VJ! I dent tendered. to lion r.iris's lain thomc ---

Dispatch from the Front Indicate tha, With th. Isle of the ajgantlo strut Railway OWfolalt .i/'that Thy Ar tif dutrlet I attorney' of the uottl United atatii District, Attorney U
tin 4l'"trlct of OHtfRla how hold l II
Dig' Dattl la Vary favorable to Ml, gas between General KuropatHn" amHeld Dttttr Prepared Now to Handl, Working' Hard to Pray ContplraAoslnst */
Marshal Oyama probably a'' stun, IXiar' Antler The plae tone. '' f
kado'a Army-Cur'a Man Giving Traffic-Itrlkt I.iadera Claim Th#" to him entirely untollclted.ComiiiK / National Dank Laws-Trial +
ready decided and U It now f o'chkl ;:
Way to Kurokl. at night In Mukden, and with the HIPetersburg Will Out Their Demands a. It days. Mr. Tato'a friend Crssttt Unusual' Interest
here kio no reason why |h' should\ bu)'
Oeneral Kumkra Headquarter litho walling breathlessly" tor N..w'or ilarth >, The aeconUr accept It. It Himea solely' a* I tint re. Cleveland' O., March >.-tv"'.pU* a

.""Id'Ia iiihun, March f.- new, oppressive" silence rei In.. Niptlvat of Iii trl0 on Ilia subway 1,4 atilt. ,, ur She ,personal) admliallun taf roost dleagrHibl snow and slat ,

: .MornlnIC-Tb. Huanlana lit night under of tod.*,or'*press battle dltpatchea have yet arrived giving aw her electric Km began with, little chang Prroldent IttMtMVvIl for Mm, and of i iMa storm the 'If ttal roust<< room was
condltiona.. Train .
I cover of the darkueia evacuate* front yeterday'si dole iK-raonal' rh'hI.hl& with AItointy
and tha mere fact that the curtain I It crowded to tho limit when th* trial olMr
th* whole line along the ahakb rut were running' la tho subway and 'they tleneral' Moody and K.e-r.Iar'l
run down taking a leaf out of pat ., I'hudwlek renamed thd
shown .in theenlc wat
.r and art now In full treat northward Wit torn improtpnitflt I of Ciniimeifl Metralf both. of wbotaerved ,
The Japanea Infantry It pren eiperlences, It pessimistically, Inter on th* elevated, but the train In coitRVeit with him, I mottling.llcceher, I

SIDe them closely, prctcd There are ugly" rumor clrcu carried tumparnlliel" j* row passenger I Mr. Taie took the mailer under al.t.' I,) "' \.. of the Oberlln bankj

He fora retreating the Runlana sere I Sated In the streets. that the day U los and the greater. pats of th* down lu"'n vliement.' Ilia close friends tsar who was on the stand at adjournment)

to great heaps of supplies, whlcl: and that the Husslan army It In ful. traffic was handled by flu ,"rtaulint trougly urged t him' lo aroept lie plan' yesterday waa 'the first witness, U*

and disorderly retreat with only th< ,, The MHrotollian, street. rat I to him onllrtly will dub"
turned throughout the night. The faltff coming ao It sloes was shown by' DUIilct Attorney
t Mukden appear Imminent Tb< gallant rear guard fighting off the war l lUll Clul verytrolley car avallabl out any auRgeatlon( of aollollatlon 011 titan a number of check drawn by,
Jahaues.TANPOIID .
"spsn.se are puthlng the Ituaalam torlout ... Into service and. tried haid to htudlth hit part, and without Involrlnc In th, (sire. Chad wick on the Oberlla bank,

lard on lb. esL
, $ INQUEST PINIIHRO Tlier* eeiued . nut hint for Iht It U believed Mr. Tale will arcepiTli U.l testified' I that I Ih* hunks of Ibo +

Qeneral Kurokl'a Keadquartera U Oenerahan public to do but to *e| about ai hot 1 1 appointment la regarded her. Lank did not chow that on any of tha
; Vttornsy Ides ahiCtmmltttd durlug I tll. day and the nigh with (the preildont'a deloimlnatlun ..
the Kiel4. March, 7, via l-tan-O haiardljr : : aa In line dales wb.n lha checka were draw $
I Buloldt' they did yesterday All dtirln In tub. dUlrlct at. fa
tn Traniml.ilon.-Tb* last da at to place any money ur credit of any kia4 *
I of loyal the Japanese allacka Onda the batIle Honolulu, March *.-Tb* t..llmoll'of ) Ibo night' the Becond'aact' Ninth aver toruplshlpo' throughout !&. oountr longing lo thf lfndant. Ttir else

the chemists In the Inquest on Mr! u. branches of the elevated were lI.eI men who public carver have demos' tiothlug In Ih. bank ha dsolited
progritlng duration and Silo lord'. death practically complete' up almost completely., The Stalk itnu ..' circled their ability to b* of podllvaatlilane against which the check' could be lay
Ila cted.
/ long was
Ib* case for the jury and tonight wit ,* line, however, made a good re< In earning' out his (Killc ally) honored b)' this bank '
It will probably continue aiveral days
nranet wilt sign the transcrlpla u'' ord! and the ubway tan trains will of making eirectlr the .laws agalnatmala Hulllran tande.lth
before It It concluded. The Japanei DUlrlct Attorney
nor their testimony la the presence of thl considerable tegularlly Theta wano .I and monopolies, $It la isle pal. the
tutees have nearly retched: Muk- wllneM two drafts made on
and fury : alga' of giving War by either aid, pee lo see that omclala' nf (th* department Tiadsr National' bank
rallea of tIe) and
den within S railway Importeia
Attorney general Andrew la sold U whrn tile day pnei1 l. 1'11. Inrcrhoiruifth uf ju.llcw. especially district It.lutllt'a 114.
OUerllrt bank aggregating
la bombarding alrona\ly. hate been directing/ hi* actions wilt ) nraciaU, Mid' they were In a better l.. aw. aggrcailv' In using Ilipower lay' Iho Pin. (""'wletr.
Tko 1\\I..I.nl everyalsere are making OftO >iadn In fator of
lbs Idea of bringing out the piobabllIty : pcmlilnn than j-e..l< desperate retUUnte. frequently tilanfortl and asked him" If on
of Mr.
of Ibo suicide
would run ihor; tralna' today and the -- --r -
trying offcnilv operation and arranging Issue, any mosey was In tho bank to
defensive using at lb. hails of such theory lh. the situation (Is growing tiMler/ lo, THnlATINItD WITH ncvouuTior "
known to bar rledit
\ every 4cvlc Fact that Mr. Stanford In Had Ktan the company hid dune its b est >alei ___4
modern w..tllO. Tilt fighting rcaem- Noun became acquainted with the ex. Mwrfflte The lefena oUje' *'M to tb. draft
day and trots now onIt |rcreaslitgly Several Ceritrll Amerloan Rtpubflt
bias a .1.... more than a battle' The I..moblll.rn.... of airychnlne. )'.1 because they had not been nientloadIn 1
I two night. (there liaa been liard District Attorney
past mado no remark on the tiliul' of liei lh* Indictment.
,, operate the aubwal alit elevated HAM 9 in franeUcu, March B.-Ar ordlnila .
fighting In front and east of Wlto..n vehemently that the
Hulllvan |
, testis that aba had.. ekperlenccd' No a.tmpt teas mad to mafataliachedul a report brought from Centra .1'.11.
, The Infantry were clonely engaged .isms taste In the m *dlcln which 'H liljfctr witness 1 bs allowed lo aaawarTb*
** on lit* e'I.ra/1Id o' American liy the alotmer Aeapule4iJIMI .
"bile Ibe IliiMlan. .batlerleatbHIcd. the said to have caused the end uf btu' drafts war dated Au,. II&, 1KH), sod
subway !lt\f during tit* night but' ai urilved I at thla port reKdutloni
trenches and star shells were "Nd i to b declsied Ib. books' of Iho Obeflln
If., earlp af.jj; o'rti.' I I. bin mornlniprepuhilfonj are threatened In liiatemala.. and alx.. *
Illuminate tile battlefield. Hand areaade .. bank showed on ruenlloii. CJt tb* dratutinlll

aro used frequently at dote Trite Police Deny Rumr. >,I! for an nirtUng to bandli In Ktearagna, Hept, M, "00. It waa vital t<,
Ito dells hirer cnmm Ware begun. .n< I'rethlmi. t ebrera? t <>t (Jiuimiaja/ am
range Han Krsuclitxi, March U.-Tb. pulli Ibis charge of conapitcay, h* argued
the swuwayjhei"" w ,'It jtixiui Hi* MIDI ..1,.*", ", X.elaya of NlcaiNffiia anadl
Japan.. lulhorltle* bare deemed It nvcessary M jMiefdsft and i in, Ik* down lows 'to l,t rear iiiiiwmular with' UKinai ., thai the gov rumenl be alloweHl tn
Pursuing Cn. Ibe persistent humors afloat how that )Ir.. t.'hadwtk.| whilent
my. 10 deny
lldu "'.. a taway 1111..r.l! : Ifalna' ware use' .>a.. In their r..p">thv suespIrl.s(5ahr.n .
Toklo March l-t p. m.-Tho follow'ng hat Its -r found airychnlne' In Mr. front b'nt4 ntl.ulteri' nrery] la trying lo airold inmble' hlopening ) hiring a dollar in the Obetlln bank '
/ dlapatch baa Just bet I 'Q received 31 an ford's residence here. Acting: hail drawn' from It 110,000 and (hat
Hghtlr rnlnt1t A I out ItL (Iwolnl 'Ibl.rtrlre'tfli up' ihp' new railroad In lh<
of the bas given out lists amount wat for oil month sat
from flu ticadqtiartera DhUf of Hpragu ,
nIhil ahowrbuiiitifth slim
III' Thj bed 'il" coast: dots) *. "'|M>cled to
armlet In ManchurU& : a alatement that, no ryclinln "'ufound firs day rarrM on the btMik of luOberlln ,
>B hi4d*)!rt.e III'' romps islets. trade In Naeamgua thi altua

"Our fore, which baa been engaging In Mr. Blanfotd' residence. bt'..l.f;;Vji '"l d' null, avenue ale,i lion bald In b. greatly atratnel o,ei, hank aa being In New York
In Ih. hands" ofMr
a auptrlor torso of the enemy In when II actually was
ntH n LathieVfE i the new law compelling prleal. to appear
the neighborhood of Mtrhuntlauaoutheact FOUR MlNCRa DAHDTO DEATH ( JI 1'; Reps', I dllW.tui. of itsAmelunthld ; In clttien'a clothe Instead nf Itllaaeoeiie *. (n a..llrk, 3

( i ( Mukden) dUlodged the A* h' WU of IMeetik' i The church party I-I teriattong > Mr. IXwIey pint -Mm, agatnot the ln-

enemy from his potlllon at S o'clock' War. Oolng Down Incline Whtn Car and Nltl it' Mallei"( I rtfiflloj, **. said Ie. thnnhu"t, the ." Mii iry, and trod a lkns of the drills nergeiicaliy. .

this morning and It now pursuing him Opt 0ynd Control, day: the law dlelallng
northward, Cbarieston. W. '.a., )I.daA' I I from thmat ol'Jettlofl' In' sining fashion
\\. W, uul\ it' lag f.'Icr for he church l* <1'r baa <

Jbrewsbury. a mlnnlg t\ll.\ 10 mile day.4sy, W. al'e gulrs, "'1 IIRfH (100 loot with otrenuooa op| oaUlon, Judge TIktr ruled that Inasmuch as

Ntwt from Japanese CaplUI. share here, a twine car loaded with) ...wff" will mak fly'( fur Pun E tue two d'.". w,r. dated un Aug. 14.1O3 '1

Toklo March '.Noon Imperial xtal+ and carrying. ten workmen' win) lla a torygnne. C'U'"'1---1'e' CONTC6T OUCKtT SHOP DILL. th.. eanio day a* a certified cheek I.

army licadquartera<< nukes the following yen coming from the mine dathod .*'] ant dj*.til n. .1' ( tb. worktnioftb ... fur ,..,IOG woo given to Mrs Chad*

announcement today: GOO() feet down ati I Incline Idling four pelletand i will make a pmei| Measure Will Oo fowaht Olverse Lau wick la* thrrxt papers were part or

In the direction of 8lng/ King on the or the miner and Injuring' four other,' to t'onitnlaklon". ',1. \GtHtV. lureNvssuullej of North ".1. Please Many the tarn transaction and inquMiUiu'

piornlng of March 0, our Core* ad' Hi* dead art 1 (' |l 'pesf. c <>ttt during tin llalelgh. N c' March"TI... (nil, waa permlttlbl, j ';

",,"<<,toward llualjen. U first ONU Andrew Hunt. gd >B, tuarrtd1lllsm ) .Utl... and If on>- of tka .atrlkera "It !' bucket shut hill |*...,..l by the ,ItgUlalure ltee.lr r l"n a* tttlH, that. no entry

pled<< rinablhhata. and then llualjcn. \\ )lttfuI.,. aged 1'. foully of ,101,*)('- lie ,lii/tild.... bet pun 1' allow cwli'.n hlUllntn to deal InfutnrM. of he draft appearMl wn ,she booka.of
alluatlon In the dlrcettoo of Tie John MeBurUy' aged 17.U1 -* beenMmred the bank until' Hpt. It 1WJ. brit
The I liked b/ the i.r.4ii '.t ll,< end eni' U3thrt tbla amendmeut haying"

ta and Malchuntun I.I unchanged. Mcdlothlsn. 1>. alas| |>HM nso I\D"' ., olpnrv done, by H."nalnr' laitr In tb* .Intere that between th. Inn lases. :Hoe, Cliai

In the direction of the Bhtkb rty.ttr. > The men wer tiding down to their. far has b**.. .111n It eyrnpathle.nI''. .l of the mill mn. with had neither ittnnr> nee ..t<>dU 't

east of the railway at I o'clock In somas when th* top pulled out of the and not by Ibo m<""''e 4..r th. sinks The burke ahoy people" a* they are the Oterlln lwab" '

rooming of March t. the uflm,'* lad eye tad of the drawtioad and known' lb. new 'law !I- -.........--
the The we*** or t tat rat... tba strike iKiputarty say I
Infantry aUatL.be height north ofTunchlalun. t b* car .lscB
but were puld.. Tilt lbe l ttom of the loeUn J.ooo feet puIM 4tftf.1kJa[ "It' "1Id. 'ft1 I bold" u." lion and hence unctmitliuilnnAI and New York Marc f.- JurfffTUfnt: << for,

nemy left 90 dead on the field At rsll.-trl Job ft Mrtfsttur r sou "rllleIy..: ay they will continue bu.l..e.a and ,let | 'Mfttti U
Ito.,?. wa* euiere.1 afalas
March T Jumped at loon
of ten men
1'we.r la*
3 o'clock on theluontlg m.>tsju. e f a train .Lm ttgIh1Ni rl: a Ie54 Mae 'be made. .. U Duke
Webb' now krw n a* AI4I .
the enemy'a arttlJeff .ourrnlratwl lit .L 4 tits. ear .U reload, and wets uoiurb a trwaf litwa T" 'r4 m4 IUer I".1ahbl The dlrorco law which. .bas b..u e. ash of Itrudte t. iNk. Infavor. tf th*
fin on the line between Ta tnouatain Other Jss aped later and were 1.b for scud br tb. eglalalur( gltea' more
held r in rl.jond CLimlllaitgstl
Mtlioaal bank of |>UI HIMJC.
sad IM .", ,,,. V.'IfIlt'tcI (Herman
and Wan Pao mounv"etn' a njufM mor or utltfaetlon (ban aayialag la that Km '
'S W1tft r+ rnlgeed 'D sours
.lark, for the aoHiuiH tww dna on twn
attacked us, antil' tbe. er t issh. lavto ik* J'L"i
,''ft.( body of Infantry watch' ha* .beta does la a aeor..1mare
large tstn Marls. edr7.Ile. ."]: ......., Tb." merle seat b, Mr. .**
4:3/ it
tt : 4.eaollbleg and g .f
rotlrelf. rvpuae4 Ipple! riMfoee Matt U aaauU a long urtag
bat was au
4. ibaras. .t t asrewli AM*. U W...bfc>. sad by Oaarla. KTrkr .
o'clock. I INIRr7ed' Iq lb.u. '' ,'., .. e g la .It. .....1.1 U .a, incited t. messy' p.irtltr > .
In Calr Mu OW< rb f, 1JKI, f W*$i of the railway we' oe*pld a olH'f.u gt the ".. Sag e.... 'In |IL. Interest of people. wbDulelHhl .
Actress a.rlutly" red 'Ilofl.are. bayNk}. Awe and eta l
at II s. m. oa takes aaotMr Mantf nr
out llancheapao nI Cfcfeag. )(a*.fc -.ACtQetl.C to a ........ Nsnh's'I I as JJ nlanoe.trs to 1I10M. slier date( to ib.* order of tbeNtg '

7, sad later' reould the sa attempt tafth tlspaica to th. (..... *). frMn HAvanlsfUl '7 oanee4 Ibe (og,+ "'J'1r .m.w I .. rrlt..ftS >*.., unbet. mpanr
the enemy to retak *. m.'tf'tor, 1"cn&G.1M onto 1st the It. .glp4 Iaaatrdlse I of Chicago Tbejr w.rw A.H paid A tuaiwfKf
Una rirr.Ther Anth.f Vktlm' *f Mine ." *.,1.,.
of th rep V.OWKires wa. a.. aH srMef ofw 1r.' 1ra floe I II. Tal1'"lfHHt. was >. 's
tad"Ua* of tfc> e.emr.gradesl Htrmlft AaM, Ala.. ffJWepb .-TeMode
are I. ". .
l1elMd. I'
aid ot 'a gilleecas > T* the public Ir.'iM'ailly It. WN. 1e e ( 1.,1 a pot bet o.. !>**. ff ail tti: t' "J: A'e'ras
rMall.rsol. St of" l MM>y, aegr.. wee
belts t tae, 0.. ad t I tll
M* .NIoeet7
.. .
.. of Meek c'u.-pa') .t.&
of teiwiM' I* la* tIeNNY .f Y*.. ,' M' a b. .4 la a b,Kei, I'. tbffoai'he roar. .. .. ...,.,... '. ,', Iwae.lhI (real HMI Vlr.tl'. illy ..I... -"

sbltu. T mites .-I..t of M. '.., rw ,14llyI r I.b'rtr ...",4., .....' tlM> I10bn& brueegblru I .

, .... dlsiacb glees noMwrtftr Lta1w.Gillespie .uaapsar erlpYM.P. *3 to ""IIIHI u.l .....hs ..... tb. ,.,...,..,....'. Ilghj O.y lt'" 9say it i
, New* at it. Pattrt&wfl.>> Cat Poau.".". f.r chary he e.ib. I5 .. .110 rnier' were ** N&tle-k. It I. bier. \

fit. petrratNrr t Merrb I -! :" e. m lad M.r, i.. w 1 hI' tnlf -. .,.rrrK a PI Ida Ye th...'" .. ,"tribal an4 at tit,,' lite. 11 a doiTV Ioootbvld, *..IOf e-t .\ C1 h

..Tfrftlo dk. f. '-hn aao it rl.. 1".11.. .. I Illstag Dwt laftcCJUf'r o a I. s n.1 Mrs. We 1M ski. lbw .....o".n I I" ,p'.akia.. water, fee Nta r. sattrn l. WH., ..c VighIpearbld

C..ral Knit" I' 11..1.1. Vr la yvea a l "+meil j .M. Mli I.<, rsenl ,"e.4 **J *MMAI the ,..atafsg. bodies ''b' I w
.'' sp'rJub5rl r "Man' ten. Ilew111. f I a r b.. hWJM tobe s0e f'ate Its Ih. rae playing ". '' a i ".t t I '
and b.I aira4> k: '.1. h eNll.e' hit .......... rh c'E. ..r..i. .1'
14 rapes I*OU'" lfowlag t s'...tun rrrt..i'} t:y in the Hrrdnr .? a t'aced I' ,.... .._...SW T" "e' a;'d day of tax Tfe botr of 1-oeelac van dlapj>.*t "4 aft 11'.1. '* t
'.)! that U* '. f.l L.r" tVy h. I"a. + H 1.+....e ...., .." Sot appsroet/7 .....1.4. t..... rae ftM.i| IK salU. where h' aHI4fag i

ltch.' commander of t ifcriaa .. Ara r45.eDY aittt tipo .. aepe.ar-**. OIIIIryrNl 'TI or "'fJ Aar .rt twfnrlee+NlbS.e a ..I, IU .... 4e Ie "l1Hk frets gar 1 It. wt r..en 1-' It!)"". "IT* ode .1 "inf
\ /a*
army >. .pla giving' war 'I- tho the ..team,,. a .... irllrhsag a ... ..of I.ttt4 .a smut. Ibo..- baby

Itt4gl aU want word wL r" ftJ..J t9f r a. pt" t.lIt -..... .. J .... ..-......rrM : w -.t


i tJi' .. '. ( I P ,1, ,e't., 'I," '1 p _
.... 'l\\ ':" l-' I -I, ,. q'I. / ; \ .,.' j ,> "
''' '

i I


I 1

' .

_. .
y- -' --" -- .--------L
= ----


rt RICHARD B MAUGHSIN OLD AGE .. backache "The Blues"

Wr. .., Chadwlek'a illness Ciutia a Tenv, ,

porary 'stop In Her' Trial. .
TOILS OF LAW Not Time of Life, or Length of --
a Clsutand'March ,.-)1.... Ckadwlc
Both Symptoms of Organic Derangement In
Year, but a Condition of came Into the court this morning anpartntly -

Oodllf Tissues, robe the worse for her III Women Thousands of Sufferers Find Relief.

Former Gainesville Man Charged --- nee, wbtnh oe sod ihf adjournment ol'

' With Murder in California. ald ft etlebrated London phyiltlan, court wterday afternoon Mho won

-.. and Just 10 long at the! bodily tloutaem the same gown of black and white, anon .,

b, KILLED RANCHMAN EMPLOYEH i be kept from wasting and built her first appparaiicn, but bad added" i Ir ,w f r -,1
a long gray Pets M yl j
_L up, Just 10 long can old ap* be kept at

J F' Sheriff of Merced County CaliforniaWrllea ," bay, and people will be alert alive, Andrew Ont-neKle wan not In court .
19 II. lloMer of Obnrlln who was no 1
lnforma' aiilreand. young r
to l'artlis Hire i
the third ywterday when the adjuuru
Our well known drnftgltt, Mr. W. M. 1 1t
(Ion 'lUfcardlft*; Man Who It Now Johnson, layn "Our cod llfir oil went was liken, was railed again. II' 4.

Confined In Prison, was" a director of (Ih. Cltltena' National .
preparation, Vlool, I It the grealeit til ,''
Hank of lib";,rlln. Hi was naked
Hlohard )H.I, )laugh' many jean ago sue 'builder and Invlgorutor' ; Iatho .
what knowledge' tii> hid of liana
I any '
M.rfilJent of ihli oily, and who mar world for old |Iitorl. There, li nothing !' 1 i
actloni carried on by )1,.. Chadwlek'c
? rl.d a young lady here 'It 'In trouble' clio known to medicine that can equal
nltorneya' WAr Allowed<< to anawer. ito(
B cell Int' 1& hteiuifl Vlnol contains In a oonocn
California, and 'now vcoupln ,
,+ aid lin knew nuilitng of my on On'10:
the jail of Mrroed county upon the rated' form all of the body.bnUJIng' until No2f.. IPO I. ,

serious oliar', eof killing his nlplol.r, Ifi.glvlnd principle of cod liver oil \
J. I'I nand lph, of Oberlln, also a dl.
ranchman actually taken from fresh 004. Jlvori,
a wealthy rector of the Oherlln hank gave ovl

Maufthi' '" sots wall known In bobs oily and 'Is not a stimulant whloh produce deuce Mmllir to that ot Mr. Holler./ lie

and section In his time, which was bad after' cffecti, We hire letter was n,'ld If ho woe a member of the < .

h along In the tlnetlei Jill wn a lule upon letter from grateful old people) flnanco commlllev of tho bank and L c4lQ c'e < Emma Cotrety

whom Vlnol hat itrenthencd and .. L. "r"-
fellow well met t, but never made muoh answered:

of a luootii of life, probably\ owing' to blessed<< with robust health Vlnol) In* "I 1 do not know that I am except by

hi* Rinirotlty when he hid money He vlgorates the itomioh first of all, enabling beam," How often da w.hear women ey i "I taecma )uf Mr. hlni smi- )ell mITering WOIUM

would think nothing of entering a .a. 'It to separate from the food C. 1 I'. ))Ki1lttc) an Instructor In Ober aa though my back J would aiu all brisk out of," of tlwrlWIbavt'*.lIt"" duty. ) found, 'In .ydle 1C. link. \

loon and Inviting the crowd to "Join the elements needed for rich, rid lln college, and also a director of the or"1)on'I aorta)?" TheMblgnlfloantrcmerkaprovothat speak 'to me, Unit niMtoMl Vet.Ub Uklntf> Use qooijKmnd.Compound When I anffamlevenrlJiJnc I ram' I
him" when In wee llnanolallr In a petition blood, healthy body material and bank testified that at alt mecllnga.ol the"f.tcoln require! attention. with bacliarti, .h..IIMMUNM mantru -

to do io, sound, steady nirve In thl. way Itepaln director the mlnutca of the last pro llackache and" the blurt" are dlN'C"lnlwna. !\ .landovarUntr0ul'>U stOXleelUiandI I |
1 s of an Inward trouble which' ly I enrol and'>*y u.. ""
months after lilt worn tissues, oheoki the nat ceding meeting were read by Cashier all "
About two marrligaMiugln 'will tooner or later declare Hatlf II vwe It to you. 4
1 deserted<< his young wife, and ural decline and replaooi weakness Bpcar li well. the discount" book. )Hinovrr may I I.* canted' by CUHt.4o'dnf1' or When women are troubled with Irrer

Afterwards a child was born to them, with, strength," knew of any dealing between (hi some uterine derangement Nature tiler suppressed or painful nenatrualion *
)Ir, A J. Darker of Kvanivllle: In bank and Mri Chadwlck Until the Utanc and at end dUple
..: lie went to Texas, where all trace of day requires a ones weakness, Jeucorrhosa, *
before the bank closed Lydia 13. rinkhain'a Vegetable Com.I'OUDt ulceration of the womb that
dl.naII,1 there 'U no other medicine None of the mint or
A Mm wee Jot until a few day ago, Chadwlck deals Instantly eaterU its curativelawera bearing" down feeling, lnflanimatlou of
In the world equal to Vlnol for oldpeoptQ. was ever reported by
when II, V. Dutton received the follow la all thoe peculiar allmenU of the ovaries b.ckachII10aUnr; (or
Ing litter from Bhirlft John 8. Swan of He would not tike a thoniand )''r. Bpeir to I the director. women It hiss been the standby of flatulence), ventral debility\ Ind..'....

Merced California dollar. for the good "It has' done him Intelligent American women for twenty lion and n.noUI"I'O"ratlcm, or are be
county i"I
Th. gtand.nieo. of Alexander Ham New TnoAtuncn APPOINTED, rears, An,1.he ablest apealelUta agree set with auoh symptoms aedlttlncka, I
herewith enoloie photographand that. It U the moat I, euoceM .. I
yon unlTrrJly faintness. lassitude, .clt.bSUt.Y.lrrlt.
lion Mn Barau J
description of one whocill* him. says; President Roosevelt Names New Man ful remedy for woman a I1U known to nervousness alrenleMueaa., me).
Vlnol U a godsend to old ).,"
poop medicine aneho'ly "allgurte" and "want-to-be*
edit niohard 11 MOM who i
Maugln.or She U ""Dt.11 yean old, and li T. Handle the Pundi.. The foil on In jr Utter from )1,... left-alune"'fell ar',\\1ut. and hopelea

we have now confined In our county active and well, thanks to the vitdll.Jng .. Washington Mirch /.t.Jn..ie appoint Holmea' and Mra. Ootr ly are among o.... tkeyshouldremewbertberelaoae I

Jil! on A ehirj of murder! PcoU of Ylnoli wont of Chitin II Trcatt" to be the the maay thousands 'which Mrs I'lnU tried and true remedy, Lydia<< K. 1'ink

treasurer of the Unltfd tttatc. vice' ham has from buss ham'a Vtretlb1eOomround.t. re j
"Maugtn soli. working for a J6uog W. with every man or woman In whom noreeauoh troubles its t tKo I
);Ills lloltrli, resIgn will be sent te
Main by the name of Kandm, who re. Oalneivllle who ",..I. old/ whether I the 'tcnile today, Hurely such testimony U convincing, other. medicine In the, 'world haa I

sided, on his ranch In the coait range, hey are 10 'In years or not, would try Along with It will go the appoint NreJU I l lolwee) ,D' Lerlroore, North reoelvedauch wldetnrrad and unqual* jAM j

i la remote part of this country, their) Dakota, writer; medicine
a very Vlool on our guarantee to return I rnent of Charles W. Anderson, A negro entloraemenU No other
In the OIraol' of cook On Sunday, money If tiny are not satisfied after 1f.... rinU..ml t- lies auoh a revord of cure of female'
of Now York to be collector" oInter Deaf
bavn tunVr.!everything&' with" backache troubles lief to aubatltut..
UM buy any
January 10. It nimi from no provoca* using U, W.. M. Johnson druggltt pal revenue In New York city vice Mr, snit wmnb koubtM) truubl run ontiuUt

lion to speak of, Maughi' ihot young .. Tr...t. my .t.t.",-M 'In twh a condition& that niKH ADVJOI5 TO AVOMKK
Kandiri with 44.Jolti( pistol killing 1 WM uui,U to .b* almut, end I...... II **.I
The appointment, of HepretentatlveAlalon nunlwl .. l.vdla K. I1nkhra' */. .
QrlAND RAPID HAD DIQ Ping t: to ti .* Remember, vrery woman iaoordlallrInrlted
him Instantly, U H.,ton, to be United States tattle Ootnnouixl 11 1 Lad only known bow to write to Mra. rinkham ff
tnurti I would tints..red, 1 should
e a r a e e Judge for the northern district of weal't tern ""rr.lnl there It about her ayroptoma
e. ? One Man Trown from tUth glory el htt taken If months ***.*-for a f.w enythlnr
"The reason X write you regarding and la Kilted Virginia will alto go to the senate .* *k*' treatment "mad in* wall. and *tron(, the dote not understand Mra. I'lnk
1 Dulltflng My iMtrbartMW. end Mwls.tt..are all. ion*and hetu'a address' la Lynu M...., her
this man, I find that be has In till pos. Cedar Tlapldi, Iowa, March I,-One today.leor I surfer no twin at nr. siMtutniMpftrloiU.whi advice la free and cheerfully given to

t ....,,08 a bank dipoill book with your thrown from the math story of a ( ie II, Cortelrouvloday' look theoeth >r.M twfore I took 7."dl. K. Ilnkb.m'j every ailing woman who asks, for It

beak In the name of Mn. B. )(. lllgg, building man to the pavement was the only of once aa povlmaittr general Vef t.U* (OampoutMl<<...4lnt iM|..ln>" Her advice and medicine have restored

and data of last entry was May J. 1003. fatality In the 11,600.000 fire which cxv) At the condition. of the ceremony he )r.... Emma Ootrely, log Kaat nlhtt't'et. to health more than one hundred thou.
announced that In a few day)" he will retire New York City write) and wouen.Mrs. r rAak
"Maoghi claim he has been among purred' In this city during\( 'last night from the chairmanship of the lto I iMakham'a -Ad-lca-A Neman aut t '!Understands' a Weaun't W*. I
the Indiana a great deal, and the gun In the American Cereal ''ant.

ihot wound described were caused John Safely, the night watchman, publican national, committee, Ho win 1 L ..
he luccceded Vice Chairman' liar-
from fighting Indian., If. his a fair had gtme to the sixth story of nit Negro Charged with Double Murd.r.I round $11,000 on Corpit J
of Indlanapolli who will
B. New ,
', education, and has been around a great bull house to rxatnlne the condition ry become the acting chairman' of I the; I Atlanta, March I Krank Strong, wht Wall luilte, Ind., M"rchTh" bodyof

deal He U a great boaiter." of the floor when an ri>lnaion occurred committee truck hit wife and her mother with an A well dressed man was found a

Tilt description acoompanlei' this let h Htfely warn olthvr thrown out IVulmailer General Corlelyou\ an.! ax about two mocks ago ti now held mile woat of town In a field. T7>o man

of the building or rise jumped to the on two chirgei of murder. Ilia carried a shotgun and bag and
set, and I le at follow i "No fftft Merced nouneed after the cabinet' meeting today wife game

county jail, Itlehird H, Maughi, pavement below. He was crushed bo that Krank I1. Hitchcock, of Mss died at Orally hospital, Sunday mornIng there wai nu evidence of either' acct.
Lund rcroAnltlon! That fire woe atlllurnliig and Monday tho held dent or toil play' coroner Townsend .
all** Itlohare& II. Mom I nativity Ml*, cachuietti hid been itelectcd for nut coroner an Inquest

south eomplesloii medium ruddy this morning! and was et- aialitaut. p and ins I Ida way through the now mill 1(0 the jury was that\ the killing wee willful 'posit cHlflcate on the mon'a ,enon.Theee .
h.lr.o".tnut gray s eye, light' 'mat ion will probably go to tho agnatetoday
feet of which had already born' d 1fratruyrd. murder. The, mother In law dW .. were made In tho name of different
4+, blue | eyebrow, light | rnuitaohe, light i or tomorrow. On lira ea.umplion )
) Mr. Illtchenckwill the day after the assault and the vr 'people, and It was not till) a
M height Inches of ill
age feel,1OJs{; os. now
The wholA itructurA la doomed The diet In the Inquest over her body great mystery had developed over the
oupatlon, all-round man ; habit\ mod retire front tho entire Ion will reach $1,600.009) white willful .murder ra* kit ibe man was Identined at UA.
drinker" and .mokei of the Hepubllcan national
rate i die of foot the, official, Hit of 'Inaurnnco Inounlato .. pawl\ of Deoleon.
-- -- -
O)"i high forehead, allghtly bald In noo.ocvo. l'oniniltteo.i For .
an Impaired Appetite,
front, dim seat of two Inches center of Tho fire, dvpitrtmcnti fury Hello Kentucky Mlnera In ....10",

forc-head,.",.,, dim loar. on forehead.. Plain, Vlnlon anal) neighboring polnta.are Cured Conaumpllon, Ixii of appetite" always reiultifrom IxiuVarllle KyM March Ir-The Unit

between ryci i mole outside right eye i here' assisting the local force to Mr, 1J. W. loans: Charwater. Kau.. faulty digestion' All that I II needed 04 Mine Worker of the wottern OUtrlct -

deep gunshot wound right side under confine the flamei to tha tcieal plant. writes "My husband' lay lick for I.I a few dotei of Chamberlain1' 8tomaeh & of )Kentucky met hero today for

Jawj" gunshot wound right leg J about three months The doctor laid' lie and Liver Tablet\ *. They will In' hilt anmml convention' Oflleera will

ono foot above knee | lfi leg shorter -. Strike. Hidden Hock. had quick coniumptlon. We procured ">,rlgoratc the stomach, strengthen the be elected and a wage .ea0 for the

a,' than tight I short (chin tattle' llalUrd'i' Horehound Syrup, dlgcttion; and give you an appetite like enaulDg year arranged! The opwe

The photograph; aoeompinled this, When your ihlp of "heaUh strikes the and U cured him. That was UK year wolf.. These tablet alto act ai a gen ton will join
decrlptlonand notwithstanding" that hidden rooks ot consumption, pneumo. ago and alnoe then vr. hUll always' Ito laxative For ute by all druggist, at the end of the week.

t the prtsuueraleg.4% tube Vlr. Maughili his, etc, you are lost If you du not get kept a bottle In the hnu,". We and cannot colds h -_ __ __. __. h- --,-- _'_ ____u_ __ ____..___
hole front Dr. King' New Dlioovery dn without It. For cough
now lUly.flvo year* ot age, and has for Oaniumpllou., J. W MoKlnnou of It hiss nn et)ual." Soo, oOo and $1
grown: a muitaoh, old acquatnlanooi Bold by \V. )I. John.on.
'*UJr-ia Npring.11s.. ., write i "I had ....- JBIOE LIST
- _
here ue a familiarity ot feature which' -- .
been" 111 with pneumonia, under
ti promptsthelntodcolst.IheCalifornia,' very doctor New Trial for Wjfe" Murfirir.Newnan .. OP.EUREKA .
the care of two ,butwwasgutting
authorlllea hero, the right man when I to take U,. 0... lArth11)1' white
no better began
..t __.
L K tnK' New DUoovory. The lint difia men and f'IRht ntgrota nrc await lot
court CO
of superior
gave: relief and 'no bottle' cured me." trial .t this term
WII among the former'U M. Hall, who waconvtHM >
Diamond 'Ice Comp ) Soon Have Jure euro for bronchltli coughs' and ,
cold. Ouarantncd hl drug stores. at' ihO.SepJember; ") terns an Tin: tniiiT11XPUUSS ; I t\O\1TIIJUS\ : )im uitiuu
1 New Plant at Ai'tlius. iiorsi:
a 'iloflt.0oand $1. Trial bottle .free. given n 1lf,- *entinc4 for the murd -- .. .- -- .

Ground bits been broken for the new --.-. .-- .. of Stephen McCullofh lair April. anV. PWHPAII). Pull Quart Mcniurc.Trent .

to. factory, whtah will be erected by Leaped from Fourth Story. M. Atlamt. who had been confined In' "

Mareh $. Vnder the Inprvaalon the KUIUMI the Diamond toe Company at Alichui, Chicago / .. Q\lIr\.e .
for killing his wife. This wilebe 1I.'."."'. t.I.a t1ts1 ... ... ... tie
and the building will be puttied' rap. that t he was bHng h1'pnollssd. tflat U as his attorney ".\4'NI11tw. .. .. .. .?... ... . ... .. .. siw rtdo. "M er.ro
Idly to completion The contract for James McK. Gordon! >b year oM, hal llall'a .rated .hl.\ Ilrl.... ... . ..... r, eu*, a .1, 'I"
,..... ... ... e 1" Pw
i ttcured a new onl'jaat fell Nt.. n .sde .,.. .. .
t "
the wood work hn, been lit to A. 12.IVUtitock. leaptsl from the fourth floor of NoCor" N.o. .....IoIIt.. .. .... .. .. ......, .,.. .1 a" ran. It toKursk
holed( .. landing on the trldcwalk.. -- 'WM1: I *'*'***'"*' loB'.1\ .... . ....... .. IV III Ii aNo
and the brlek work will be et1 (00 .
fey .YN/" 4: IMNk. lw, lsrnr. ... ........ ... .. /
lecuUnl by K.: 0. McMahan. Ii U and rcMlvlog tnjurlea that caused his Women 'ndlctid Pol.onlnplonoaMin. a". N'.eb lksa.ir" . .. ........... ... 1 1 N rl fOIl. .Ir1ktr.k.
.. .. .. .. 1
rtkfeh "' 1'1.' .
hour later I5rler| In the iy1 I Mre. 6al ..
proposed to commute the building byApril dOftlb an Vaj )If l'E.. '-r X . ..... e "
'M. day Gordon eat hlru*.ir la the hoed lie.. M llanu. edk5t.ll with potaoulnith 1/1II..11./ N. x K It ... i. lit 110 tt. aewl .,
. I
"'fM. """ ""XXX
The plant, for which Manager 1.1 vIngitou and rheet while silting at a table In family or llawtUtta hsulkuer here ( sties th.rrba. .".. .. . ........ .. //.J M .:I ,. .71/1,
1 ...
.... ,, .. .,. .. . t1
il shown sar.t.oe nearl u. .. gp .. . .
had .
the botri Jlelng SOON Pi* U. by wJifftWX. ; lib .
the order hi . n 'I .to
aye already been M.orr nuwtd111re . . ... .. ... .. tml
bt fifteen-ton algne of |n,anlty while on a train with lost ta.lr I l'v' ,'.s. Vaa lndhMu br ik, auoN iw.ok Gorr 11..A. . ..... ... ... N 1 Ira" 1 CO' II a'
r "lloNltHI a machine, uaJ.r thr.s vh.e.. .. .... ... ... ................. t .. "II.
... Our h..4 .
modern lucwry rrcoi. He wife ewnlng from CAlll r. grand >ery im.I. ., .. .. .. ... .. .................. tea tit.. fl ra
.r Wi I r. A-.- dan weal what to Inveet in .Wind lit wparato; rhAigw! e93 will) be gtr.e e .... ... .. .. .............. ......, ft ass S t4 e t.tin si nnIlia w

..let terM* sad worry from' ttikta .. trial bf>foir a iy/y TMt r daVlar. > 1.1111.

White Min Crushed to Death .an tn have brou.M, on 'lo* n- hrr eeconipMee. ear .Ir1' MO to J.40 I'crsll.s* llelirerrd..r.te.ir .
5 >lnnt.omer. :Alf, )tU't'h. i\\ntn\ ; cause n-gro FrIJ' ......" .sett.. -..,..."......'"'. "...- ... ....... ..,... ...... "...
'. trial .
.. be ) .
H and will
.e Tl I .. .
) 1r.1.) ( 55' :ii II. .. ...,. ..'- If.. ,. I........ ..
aa Ulo.. a )young tftan \,111'n l \ I M..*.>H.U 'i 1' i to f." h.tr. tiM I... era U. ... ..r. ...,...
--' N. i t''I.H'i, i .. .... __ ,. ...... ., .
ta hI''i" -Ml I Pkrtt, wa I I.- \ i I' .. .. !II a....
'' 1 t""lf r r t.'tls )....... ai ....... ,
.. . ., . Msi r.r .
tit1'hl't- r\OU .. 'I. I .. .
or !i i \ M egit \ .t *fl a .H. .1I\r.. .
iyl ,,. . .. fs5. rsMi
., My are growing old fast! t .M u Ata. .. .r
ar ''I1t h11 I' Montgt mil. 1ri..way + i ,..14., ., . .n.
"r. II ......
.. .... (ram tola .. +t...A .e ,_._ ....the.:! We sou .f4
hft w 1.1\ "
a..K .
Ana! know |it's those hairs I Don't . ...... ... earn ""a, r
you why, too. tray: you 1. w. tieM M w .. ,r I. /I.' I. .r.. '.."1111' P.. Ltpe. scl ...,..
atid, had both <"->.n nrutffeed off .brio .. '1..art '. ".t t.a".'n4 .0. "tr
know that Aycr't Hair Vigor' restores color to hair well
.. I gray ,
*ll Ie
a kntxta. was taken at on '.
It does And It fails either It hair atso ) 'tt a \\ 5C: Jt I.IOIOK ,'.rA't,
1t'I'' Msrgart't 1\OItpttal. wtH r. alt. never stops 'filllnu{ 'C' "' ...
Lie antrutatioQ *** vrtormcd. and keeps the seal clean. Sold for sixty year. (..:.r& ,0 J... It \" :i': "t r I. .
A ,//B. J I : I r: lAB l r Ii "\II.I .
4. .
,,ryty i n'
wi .i .
I rti A. e
!! 1 'l i I 'Jr9 ''L '} salglg lt# f a

'0 ,

'.," .n, ,I -,,
1** ..' -
"; '
iIfI( ', J,

,' '"'" 't
10 IDOl 8
_: '-- ... .
-- : ::: : -- =:... -. _. ... .. ... __ .u ._ _____ ..
--- :- ...--= .... -


THROAT Tn the> Vnuraof
--- N I ITb. 1 hereby aun. """.. myself 'i a -an. 1 .DENTIST. ? ,
L: Urlef) dUste for '...l-tU0n' to the .(tu\> '1'r rBiiriiil
Hfcppenlngt From Various Lola Cambtll and Laura SturkiFctVOut sabl] 'sl to the iinu ,r t\i. I -- -
Sections of 01 ... eliltentoHUiiioirllU" at the coming
State Uf'OtOIlIlllubM:
M miinllpal I Unilon.' I leave oetoe M. Hotel. .* Au ,
C.uahsC.tJ.<< ,. mv vaie over r w* worn 'Ut'
-- nr.ncaitb. a..Quip, In their bande., If It have, dlichargvd ..,....
sass ,.., ... ,,
Tit and .
1.enre, Curth, Pn.ums.t., a'- ...
THE MOST my duly a. marshal In the I sick -- --- -
IMPORTANT .. ,. pan,
ami ,,
EVENTS au+) IM i" .
,> ? lu.- All
\; OVIR OAMBtUU WOMAN'S MAN their> indulgence and thtlr, votti In fit.tiire. .
j I 'iiMIM*,*nil...... 60. .n they not think I have dli t
Transpiring "The Land of Flow.,.," TRIAL BOTTLU fREU DV MAILOIOMUISIONCO. Out Slurkt Worn''*, Jugular Vein, arid hargrd my duly, then It mil with ATTO1INKY AT IAW

;.1.:t 1 t Thing/ Dolled Down" to Suit the to all".IIlhl.....11IoI........,.. them I will ai>|>rr Ute support, how. And Solicitor In Equity
t. She PIdlo Dealhln| Twenty Mlnulea. ever, and "rou,',. aa long .M hi. the. of. .
.p iFl/;I) i, Duty Header-llemi of Interett to ... 91 pine sliest N.w."N". Laura Was Arrested and Will be Meld lice lu shun partiality to no sine 11,* Heal Estate: Conveyancing- and flea
epeotfully, ,
All Ctaiiea.Daylona -- Uuae.lhtaosow
I i .rlll'rat''o.' All business promptly
Ir.f HOIPITAL. Nunll' ITAIKI for Trill attended' to, Ofllce heat' door to Hun
I F ) I It to hart. a new library -. ." 1 Newberry March Wedneiday atone I For Marshal onto lhl".n, 'W.ID1.
i', building To the Voters .. ,
or Ualneivlllei' I
With 91 Patients en Hand QradHe. of Dutton'a mines LuU Cambell
Mayo I U said to be awakening from pull has Only rive Nurses I I hereby announce myself at a can FKUDINAND: IIAYKR:
killed Laura, Storks by cutting her dldale for the ofllce of' marshal aub
( l her 'lethargy and ,
will Atlanta' March .
'i' now get a bull Tliero are only ATTOIINKY LAW
jugular vein' and by other ugly g&l".1 leot to the action of th* voters" of ,
""" pees mot on flr Muses at Murk In time Undy bn (lalnfivllle at the coming
I rnunlolpal& QAIMIIVIUI "&.OI'' ..
4- The rreibyterlana date effected' anorganisation pltil today and an elfin, U being made over her body, T1 woman died from election Have always' been. .
at ferry and will build lo adjust tke dlirereocea that c UIbetween 'Ion of blood la about twenty minutes, Democrat, am always ready to Can tell
a oily (Iw k
my aid and Influence In eupporlof your property, *
house of worship, tbe nurses and who have re- The cause of' tilt killing was over the : right and justice and If elected prom. proved and unimproved), phosphate,

Dr 0.o, K, Welch of I'alatU ha stifled and Mln Mrtlroaiitj, ..ba U Intimacy of the Sturki woman with lie a fair and honest ,lervlce without truoklag. and farming lands, Bend him
tbe auperlolendcnl of numea. I fear or favor, Iteipectfully, a Hit of "hi' you oner for tale, 912Ir.'si' .
purchased A large tract of valuable tl. Just whit the twilit li to be cannot Lula'i man. I 1), At HOBINTIOM -- ,

press timber land nn Lake"' George. be told, but (be situation It a .. The Cambell woman was arrested : K 11AKKK

WlllletonL* y county, li baring rloua cue. and placed' In Jail .her. Wedoviday I For Marshal ATTOHNKY.ATLA.W.
healthy growth, several bulldlogi are The hospital' 'la ntlcd "ltb pal'lentr I I hereby announce myself a candle
being creeled and old ones painted audrepaired who arc fonatinlly In need of atten night, and will hav a preliminary dale for the onice of Marshal' of the 80L101TOH IN OHANOKUYi. .

lion and the ]loss of the nurses U a hearing Ihla afternoon City of Ualll.m"lnclaolloU the iup. -
port of all the voter of said city' at the .
Madame Elisabeth rierion, a native problem that will have lo be solved WAt HANOIOPON, A1IAULT. coming election of city onu-eri, UAINKBVlLLi:, Alaohua Co., FIJI,

of Franc, who tau been a resident of8tAogustln.fot4Oyear.dl.d at once. If elected 1 promise to glee to all Offloe In Endel. lllock.JJH.J. .
Hiss Mrtlroirlty baa offered to realgn the people and V
ally a vigorous( Impartial
March ( Crime
Man "'' *
j dub, aged 03 yeari, It U said, .ofTlclaU, of the boa Whit. Pays Arksnsas. eieroUenf the duties pertaining to IL. AU>JtRMAN.hKNTI ,
pltal, bare lold her not lo co an that ofllce Itetpectfully,
Oeprg U, Stuart Morilllou, Alk, Marsh ..-Charleillantntoni JlIt'Iun.U.nu.
the vaoglit| hat There are today (I patients la the A'1',
been laboring at Tampa for several a whit roan was binged ..
hospital and ---
only nurses to rare -
assault& tasos( *oe leboiflor' Alderaaslover |
Tuesday for a
weeks, but 'hat com to the eooelailoa for I them, here
his ll-jeir-old stepdaughter. last t MAX ]KIIAUSS: ashes* nor tuak, OrJootrlde
that It'i unite
a hopeless cat and closed hittDMtlngl The strike for It seems to be that,

rI's precipitated by a meeting of the October llamrnnna, at Plumervllle enlisted In, the army durIng AepreientlngWHOLESALE P p....,ice. ..".." ..ae Croe aN Ihuae weft,

lUr, U),. OoB of nuraei held Tuesday nlbt at which .
Kentucky has been and later '
Amerlcan war '
elected president, of the rrcibyterlan they put the question atraliht to tbe the went 8panlih to the rtilllpplBM llpoa E. A. 'VEIL & CO., ::;:: D' OORDON II. TItwN. .

College at Kuitli, He hit accepted bond of trustees that aometblog .hay hit' return. he married Mrs Alice SHOESor UKNTIIT F

lad steps are being taken to open tbe to be done, and that at once. ThotrtM/ and abortlr afterward the -

college for the spring term. They refuted to continue. at the boa assault en the child was committed AU teaeriplless.Sol. Orsi.ate lUUIioare Ootloeo Dooul.,.errVlroye
fI I Mr, and Mrs, M 8, Beck of Dromon pltal, unless. change were roafle. The court refined to recessthe n'eirorl i oolaNew YefiCltr, '
auprem .. .. .
,. .
They claim that Mlia Oroirltr bat U ""| work MUIM a.el.ltte.'
have len married 50 yean, and 'hive verdict of a loner court lid Oovrrnor A.... Nora Uoaaaet.sa,
j resided In Levy ooonty 41 years of that been entirely' too acre,. on tbera and Davla iwaltlvelr refused to, Interfere Agents forMONAlU'll! and $OYElte Clue la Mules IAW04inooviu.a > thai there mint be a cbinge, .
I time, and reared a family of nine chit with the eioculloo of the sea lION QUALITY Shoes, Every rt*.

drcn-all married and hippy, -- tnc, warranted
The following new notaries' public
Revue Iv Chirlesten
:' have been appolutodi Miss Jeannette Young People Dealing and Deal ai Ig for J. Manitse Afent' FINK VVINKH, LlQUOnB A OIC1AR9JO

8toyJaekionvlllei' 0, K, Mackey, 8t.I C.p.llte-Iodl.0e ,Recovered. Charlftilon, H, P. I'rf".A. ...-. -- --- '" -- MM WEKtJrlsPrsptleloe, i

1+I Auguillo| 0, Soitloni, Dulleri W.Allpl.al.l'nucole. Bfttiford. 1"11., hutch ..-MUa Margaret movement la Ministerial on foot\ ,under the auspices E. J. KIRK linn. w. lice n.. ..*.k.o.'iiio.ri.<
of the union tu have
M. O, llrown Ixwnejr, of Tbontatvllle. Ua. -
a large revival tiy the Protestant Tauit l I..*r,bottle and) dranght( Don't
Lake City i T. 0 IJryan Warned, while boat riding on lake Monroe, lust' Real Estate Loins, Rents
ehnrchfi, on thin llnei of Ihe meeting fall tu call on me when In JaokionvllleI.
The paperof II... Slat are throwing her life anSI( with her Otto MclClropar + recently held' at lianas Oily and! llootii, I'J, llainell. llultillng, "" !. .J
The 1'lorlda Han l Ilccio bOld, of Banford wrrdruwncd. .
bouquets at Dally Ixiultvllle. Her. J. H t'alhmm of the Jarkkenilllr, norMa NOTION or AHM4CATIOH rem MtTOIAU: $

Jaokionvlllfwhich .r.ln..rt.d'n' that Circular Congregational' church, partlcluated FOR HALK-Dalryamlilnck farms, l.nilHI.ATION, ;
piper with& due credit. Th.8un''It theiiandiomrit Tli* )sung |people>> If It the dock at 'In both inn'tlttM and lie t tadtorailng it Leon county i tarsus In Alaohua, 1'awio Noiloo I I. h....if tit eatiitiai'riii'''*Mi<'* with|
10:30:: p, rn. In a email row boat. aid Lake'" counties t line potato land |>o ",>Mio 10 ibo f", uutuio' or titoauieofti
'In Florida and has ..
.. .
a .
piper thp ftronoied(; rotlval" In ....IIIIIe.. Elm, olioine 1lurhts' lu !10" U A U l I or mow
'Versant were laud the laki\aM' ; city I.. ooifitOod. oboiior. the i" of
field U.at t needs, ouch a oil NUI''t'1 r it>r llr
just ,
newipaperto the City of Clr l1etnn. Correspondence solicited I ,.aiiltls' 3
nil after but their fHondo on the Hlauppeaed ,
'tlin voting In..r..* almptytrrlttg -
Tug GHAUTAUQUA, Will Not D* a Mayoralty Candidate, -
to frighten the young lady and
-- Ml. I4HY) May U.-Tt.OfI. It. N -i never dreamed. of tbe true. condition I
I Mill LaDell and lite Trl.Century Con I Alarmed liy the long ........'. of the the HrixiiOlfaa..". nonil'

cert Company. Furnish Program part) a boat was secured and acarcb' nee fur United l t:nosh .", ..h.r. ov<',

Ther.ltielhdiy of the Chautauqua ere .at <...,. but found nulbtng. At whose euleettkam l UK legislature' baal SPRINGisHERE
t been il",>. jiock."i line Jan 17 la Infit.
was made up of two program of liter d yllj.Ui Monday morning th* bust ( ,
.r, and muiloal' number, and the au was ruiiud upturned not a hundred I/Jii1, tftdux and. declared. f\fJlIII\'

dlenere were highly entertained.At yard from shallow. water and tM I ly lhat. .hi. MIn .i"i, IM a caiiiiiiai fma With KM Summor liens, and "'0 uro

the afternoon' entertainment flue Hire i -ad lx>U'*. worn dragged from, )or of t3l I."+"+: uola-llhotandlng I at!
he Lad stocked t with (ho rlohoBt fabrlcH for
Marrletta LaDell the brilliant young bent-aih the lx.at. was recently i I' ".r'84 < .

lady reader, gave a varied program ""... IXKinoy+ II a aormwint 'At'clil. would. ruu, .

that war highly pirating, Che bas won family In Tl>om,,vlllo. -

the admiration of the mnit critical Young MtIJ", ,'. 'toofl.l fire In Illrnilngbiw.

with her careful Interpretation of her .. Ala. ll<><>...> Ikiyd .leaven a CASTOR Ladies'SummerGowns.

eelestloni. In the rendering of her. luutbor ,here'. Tbe whale Irtwu U lu For Infant and Children

Hootch mastery dialect of the number dialect. she Hhe slowed wai aiilil her. gluou. -/ Iha KM! You Have Always, Bwght I

eel by )11.. Rhea Hall llehymer, who Invaluable for flheurnallim, Dear theSignature .

favored the audience with controtto II.mare been suffering for the pest of 1aOatnbler

solo, and responded an encore by few yean with' a severe attack of rheu .
singing' "My Old Kentucky Home." mallim and found that. U.UarcStlnow -_.
Liniment was the only thing/ that gave -
)U.. Cunningham ai accominnlit., me eallifaotlon and tended tC' allevl. Attack Police.
Wo quoto a. fo\v pr.con) and asiA tho
Evening Session ale my palm. March V41h lift?, John Tampa. Via Mirth ..- mllC ,.v.'rn; |
0. Iegnan, III. We, too 'I LudloH to call null tho
At the evening performance the Trl* and 11. Bold I\I..n."i. Johnson IK n..rc.. aaiu1'" "g in a IIOHHI' in rut POO good i

Century Concert Company gave: an. T 1 city two iMiiio-ni., n ,4nian
other of their musical and literary Turf,"'" te Meet. 1&l1ttt.lltlt y UK' I+"'gtieil refu' ''''.i.itlirfaifned and DouhliMvidth CuehmorcH, finest( inado, fiOo par yd
have w.n.ucr'n. tu I MI.' ,no ,.bu "ni>mi
Although they ujrj
programs, Lotilavllle. Marsh ". -)laU J. Wlaa,
from slight colds and not 'In a Tin pwllf hri.v.. ii rtoirn the 1oor am CuHhinorcH in tho latent$ pattoriiH at :Ito
prevUrnl of the Na..a, Turf aoMKla I

snood to put forth their best effort to the the. eaUenl a meetlix of that body with were a.n.,1 chair.. Iii''"10\< I,:I m./ \pegrlNM an an and, une a Pci'caloH In perfect pnttoniH at UB, :ao, nn and, noc r
quite op
entertainment was .
nutru..d. In Cfclcago to oonnrmrrcatly
for ,
standard their first night'"' appear allotted dat. and gn over the Ililnl wUh a i" i I. + latter alumnus Fancy Lfnon SnltlngH, hrand now, trio to GOO
of ai b c. ram "" rtH) ciTlc( ,<>" reiurnc-a
anoe. The program was made up rul+a and by-tawo. rfiUy adopted al. Handnoino ShadiMi) of at lOc
Ibe nut. kHMiir+ i llnl JenkiM and ( QinghaniH per yd,
popular hum tu. and the last portion the. Nw Ortean ......"DI. Mr. \\' .
aborting II nr) iiuil jIi...Iqla the g
was devoted to Hiesaie11 In some was asked If any action would t>* taka ... .

of hvrcholeeitieleciloni.Todiy'a' regarding the ouUawlag. of a nutsbcr
Womantp'ht. Off N. ,,.
Program.The of .h.r...,.n by tbe W.4iora J Draw !t.. ,
not club. 'No. we will not recotraUe |ilrmlg'aiii AI.March' *..-MreV' Don't overlook our Spring) Styled InlADlf5' ,
program for today was nulee> of that aMfoa,' H, Prnn we a..eujs'rd fn her own
or any
pleted early last evening but ll e pea ... "li \I. a impendentJoUw. yatd at lN. ...-nt>.1 Ithe bad a 'limpbntaing
said Mr. wa.
pleas rest assured that Dr. Htrouie oa IM. t t'sd 'uputrb and went
will& have the best obtainable' at Jt80 out I* get a pan .,tfwaji; [ .,. A "IrQ m" m" m 5"Or5" p

fc" and 8 p. in., and a nI"rle' at 9 o'clock. ..- "Cued' Chutth-- .,.1,1.... br Mrar'iP.Nn I. a orueg
"f .1.$ Is
.;A" woman, ..<. 1.'llIt.1' bird and ecreamd
4 k .If the Dab, I la Culling teeth alaarJou.. N. O.. March t.-'I1t. IotI4'',. fah'arlagL'tid' tright.a+'nt

'.\ lie lure and use that old and ",..n..t. young women of ibe Prftbyttrlea cot the negro off rbSisf!( ..*," reeb From tho )leading iiiannfaotnrorB of ;

.. tried' remedy )Ir., Wloilow'e' Sooth, legs were esootl.draw the Itrol vaaM to ai,- tfcelnfr. tho Ka t. Bargalnfl In Children'
+ for children teething II Treabytertan rhurtb to the totl.go k r\ log Syrup
soothes' the child softens the toms, Ibe t *tlo oa aro at of the annoyance sitar/hog. : MoralllyBtatlilUe | ShooH that) pro inado( for wear.

allan all pain cures wind' eolle and Uihe c..el by a e.tlttn. oH of young wee itow tiartllngfwm me,laltty"" t

belt remedr for diarrhoea. Twen. of ,... ...,. wb" bar* po e* lt'd fa for .",.. 4lelH. sods ,..,ho..lIl.+ To

ty.flrecentia bottle. tag their ..."....... on tke **.4leerlrta. prevent and eure Ibeee awful dl.*....
----- I Tfco ..1....."..a of tbe reee1 reliable J HYDE'SSTORE.
M. I there b just 0" remedy Dr
R. A.
Attention. ..eli .........
wee t... \ me Klog'e sew Ls 11ll; fM. Flaanerle ,
tt..iUlt Chapter No. 1. H. A. U., ,...
.at 1M ...1... au'hositl s nptyirt Outturn flnUI' l'la Chi.sru
..11111014. regular mretiag at )f.. ..1''' .....*** then mays
10 I'" They have n<' <,sal for eon.i'i>.i>on
toll" hail, ovtr DtUM', Guts this from U* to.n "if'' and btIJocau ie.* 7'.drulI&' &.&', I BIG

'?, evening at 7 J O.'''Oflt. TMre will to .. '- --.-. ---- -_.-... 1-

'i Areas degree.bretkerr Foil ways tbe FiillH .emo I .
rttendaaedeclred. VWlInf

.; ;;, cordially Invitedtt BIIw ., w r.0. a lV.12 (/J. # :,4"... 1'.og.ypT, I

, t Civ** a Coll la Oa*Day.Crf, fa 3 Dsyg +, J': j
Secretary ;
. J.O.Teaa' # \ (t.Iii. .


itL f.n ,

.,.. ,., {a' r + :4 ,'ty .d' YAY' 4 +1 ': I / Y I '(,1' I

-.4-fy ,
1 1i




--. .. .. ---. ..-. ---.- -- --.. .- ."....4.. _._ .__. -_-__--.._ .-. --.._... .-- _,- .- y -- ---. -- I Ir
e 4 -
I I- A11V I mat" dependmo) upon ont voure of The Ohautaoqua. hit l"een giving' the PARTIAL PRICK LIST OP

uppljr. The sale' of pruduei ,below,' ,people tome good ruicriilumenli" and Malt.
& \tlt and
s OHM "mrani ultimately I lb. extermination of a varied' naturr, n that If tome are Whiskies I Wines, Beer .

... -----..- of owry, produelnn agency. except not stilted at she they sissy l lJet al the 1-.A..._
.. .
};. 1, .....t'OII" ", ,tit'mu.' etuY11rt'ro. P%$., the one which All the loog tt poliet. nest At N who!* the program .hate. ._ .w. rl'C'C'-N.t I'norllc!.

1 ._M. 'loon -ij tnkll... muss bonk The tirrlvnr of sash a eontwittliiui .besnssttsfsetorsly arranged.Tlsa .. CXI'ItfSS: I'IICI'Altb Hulk (Vi laodi-Jrrt
---- hat she. whole] fUld lo hlmielf -. < .., --. Pull Q\. ........,.. ,QuMe t<)'" !t.JU.t II.W Pr 0ik> !Inunurw ......
-- ..
y U II NOCHI Any JdI\Ot..bG: "l' l..MrW ,. Of OIl "" HeWiiiSpru
and this non.um.r''li at Ida' ineroy. butter. trust Imi, been l of luuh ttr0 7r
U1 ,1'Ill "l'\ 1.1u'll1' lilllolJKHMtlt : busy ".&.1" ,'UII"Ir It'... I "i Mt .,..0111 H Y,p. no* u..*Mi. .
"It II I quit evident, therefore, that. 11 and tout tin. |"i,',iof that. com.modlty Munoaram 111. .. .. a II' > MW der Ilal0N1Hen.
i .r ..,. ..U_"fI"/, ..rut--l-nuur-- --- tin hnm,'"** chance whleh have taken up blither It I U elated Ihat' ".". ..44. Mr* /t1 taM lit 4'. UI.. 00rJ.& Bat:?' ,lie ..ener'awl.

I.'-/1"'1".1-.1tilt-/ U.tI. ,." "! ,im .. "ir A,t>ut1I iijai) In the basineeg a' the world In the.. ivr ould weather' was tlm aide .)lwv/'e .. .. .. .. 10 I eu onto """ ar.. p..ao1i...., A=.urshdr. rJslMwblsllWblab.r .
.. .. .. n M ed refs
- Asia .In. "
lh* put fwymr a ineoiur of the ad van*, alilmuffh' this .U denied.Oalneivlll HIB
., .. .. M l'tf a.IIe1t1A. i
-r..M-..,."Ut\\'I'I"I'.- ... filII".".'t,.._C 1'uu.l"Ir-' .'--'.'-t' ..<.M.....t.... .oduoftd a oorretKindlng| eft.nRIn 'ru.---. .... .. .' .. ..._'_-. I........... Ur Rr. *aMr.iy.....'..... .. I I TftM a'." (tJ V'olOrla Hye. V.GO ..1'0(4, the. MpAleln'

# Ul'HK( IMMTI H HUH'K, the moral t nip$ ..t of business. It I"i butlnett men should bite 11001......... .... ... .. t e t Ia q..UII. ,

N K'. Mal/1Mt..I I, it. Ti,..1'l1Une,1" true up aoertiln' |point, lint n now the support| of the people of f OaliiM, peep ... .. .. .. a T* A. LJlNI'I..r.$1'..WU1g. . ...IIHK.H. . ... ......"rlL..... tiSN
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l \ III"' Art. It 'ny (N5.f the lItt4Itlt. Tlorlda, a monthly publication,'( dined IA (lranie, dn.i; March I, -0. It. Ie and Groceries
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will I* ,rqlll,'" ttf |psy)r fur drlUbinj' .. ln. 4TIIK neatly printed and ably edited with Dixie! mill to Minima 1toblnnn, a folium SOUTH! SIDE HQUAltlT, i I I GAINESVILLE, FLOIIIDA.Highlit
I ,.u't. Add,..... ( AIY hUN, an Illustrated, covercontaining teviral' aUo" fren Tmi< N< ?. On $attsrdnrtfTtt'eri ,,
market paid for Chlckeni Fid and other,, J'n.doet.
OAIHMVIIX, I'UUAND In the In (thus clun telegraphed prlc

L._ __ u __.____.__h --__ Bunny colored Land Illustrations! of Floweri of Hones The (nlI1l. 'lo airfti' Drown And place. him In jail. ___ v- ......

TnUSTS COMPETITION. broad and U will certainly' bar an opportunity Baiur
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