thus" In his labor, can (turn to most Anntnlou' Church . . \ nIe Ala Stout
\ AVhlaklou.'Imporlod Liqtioie
any vegetable crown: and In a short, Netlorlautaud. Jaooblies..I6Otx' ( >v ,
f China Mar' A national biography, des! time ,produce crop that li alwayt In -- -- .----- and (linger Ale, J Imported and 1 Pomeitlo\ Wlnei' and

toted entirely to women, It rontalni, demand The tlitatrleal trust li having A war Mineral.Water*, J Ktc .

morn than 94,000. ...(.. namra, A rotation of crops I.I alto A glad with UJItor). Metcalfe of Life, lie waibarrrU
---- .
Anheuser-Busch and
_._ .u thing 'for the producer, for by 10 doIng > from one of their, theatres In Booro, Draught Bottled

KvlU areimrer' repairednor I. sure the market' I II IM liable to "bennls' Now York Oily at an "objectionable Tin: linn: I.AHIL: FAUsr
Siring rated by regret. Do) your but, glutted In line and In "
on* particular (permit, becaut of Mi orlllolimi of
and can't ntn\: > iisiit: : KINO\ ( op HUTTMD: IIKDIIH.:,:
,: always, ..regret.It eoniequenca the prloea will' range I Hi* lru t. If the t trusts' 0' the land
-- higher<< and what. hat teemed a mltfor would\ establish a eeuiorililpoverlhe Absolute satisfaction tllI""I"ct' money cheerfully refunded.

dots not "t'S jla borrow 'trouble tune at first glance, will In the end ,Irt', *. good bad and Indifferent artists Writ\ for price lltt.

The man or woman' who does It will, prove a benefit.. would' 'have no fear of being<< shown up 8A\'I! MONHY: IIY/ UUDKUINQ: GOODS 1'HOM JOSKI'H: ZAP,
k urely |pay> the. blggrtt kind of, Interett. Many people who" com to Floridaare lo the 'public
.. . .tnsleat M.\I1".J.v.t ft.'I'UI.IIIII'' : 1 --..
In tvareh of a home where they c-- -: _._
-- the weather, of the. u._ ____. .. !... .. __ ____ ._ __.___ _
t u, It was' recently dlicovered. that In can 1"0'1" asters The greatest store In tint, world bee
one room of a Connecticut, high eohool North' and many wonder It the coun long |'n Mutcow. In nUIIII, and( covert PARTIAL I I I IUICII I M 1ST OPWhiskiis

r liter ware hlneteen nlrle who smoked try It growing colder. l'ruIn.I.Uetlo. twenty sores, embracing a thousand,, \
r clgarnttei, ono learnt that In ITO all the lime, site dlfTeronlestablishments. each of which Winos Bur and .
: --- ,
--- --- ron and banana trees wets killed by hat Id Thli .mammoth :
own proprietor. .
_. .
---- > .,_. I
--- -
k A "man' or woman who, has given along 'fruit lit the vicinity of 8,. Augustine, "building has thre stone., besides the, --"T' I
life of upright living to hit or her at ....III. many curlout evergreens on
1, country, hat done much Inward making th" S,. John>> Hirer, tod from tint to offered'for sale It described at of fabu hi.. Qt. ......u,. < uu ItQlat "'.r 011110111
t . .
111111"114I CJII" lire t M ttio e ro> m.
lime since that lime have had
the world .better, we re
lout value, amounting lo rclllloni 0'doll. NekooaOoutir .llr I *.. .. I e0 t .. f M ,
.- -.--- .. nun that lure done temporarydamages .". Monogram. lire ? 5 10Itl ttoam a m II,..Uln.' (,.,,". Item. tine quallir

I A woman' who sent n dollar .In an. which bare proven a blessing, r .. __ .. llann'a"4t"fire. ... ..... ar M lit..UlaQornp.lhum..Ut" tni (for[ iti. money
ewer to an advertltement of' a tur In later yen, at they. hav- turned the V .00 aoetat lkoi4., ...". "... t M ana iieoAU ew I..r Hallnl!
NIP IT IN THE DUD. Malt Wbkkerllollandaia. .. .. ....... ... I ,. tot I "41" II,.. ."."1..114 Alias, l lirandrM.1I...
method of getting' rid, of' tuperlluouefat attention. of I Iho hutbindmen to leulaiardout ....011 .raDAr. .... i n anId t" e4 b/ are. .

I received a reply tolling her to evil) pursuits, rir.( Ai*..r....t .( Dandruff P.r*. AI'I'S.u" .......... ttiI ) ., Ysa Ir.. soeeual.,Ilrol.(1.110111 lire. Medloli"u t
I tf r !It to l the soap man. With ao favored a climate and thout ro..., *r future/ 11.1.! ..... .. ..'OO....... wta r 55 v na quality
...- -- -. .- -- -. _- audi of delicate 'people In our midst loenroll That such (I. the eau h.. been con. ((.noraOlnNorth . .......... .. I a I n IJt.I: ..... WIVH Ir.Rn. I'.r'
elusively proven 1 by ..>l nun ... fanillaa Corn.. ... M. f "." 1. .. .. .. .... .. 5t
I of health", the least severity In ,.. ai% 10 y M i'leer." "
i MI..Oarollll..lllnd lialtln. head . . .
I .. .. .
ITof Unna, . lire
I the ... '
of Welletley College, llaiiachntetlf.and the weather I II heralded to all qu.rto"I 'let.!lt. deel. .noted dial KuropMn kln LrMfo4" I 'Hum IIUIQ .. .. .. ::11'? imtoi t *. 'r tahd.rd l .. .. ... ..... ... 'j i
r* dandruff I. ?
lh .. .. d.k .. ..... ....... .. .. "J
i hit never attended college a ,'elngl of our country t yet at lit wont "It 1.1 urrowMlup cuUrle nf the ....|p. Nu..d 1r." 'llr MlrIUn .oo. intS eaoto (,..bur.n |ooU.cI. .. .. . .. .. ..... 4
tiM t> 1C".IIOII'boll' awUOOdl e (! .. .. ......... .....>... ...
far preferable' to the more rigid ell -r Hr'* dalroyln/. vit1lir' 'In I Aln' Unulm .
day. There le an enrollment of nine th. Mir" tultf. Tht hair. l. 'fmn lit.'...... Ai ortin.nt. Allowed o. AU 0> Mane UUI"h. Ntnut |,.|lptr.. .... .. .... ........ 1
u hundred lad In. I males, and the Invalid 'foregoes<< the owe anti .In lima, f.ll. out. TM. cou t.. ..r.. Prices-.. 141.5) t>r the but on ai">i>Ueatlon.
or two days of dltgreeabl: weather "."''M- '
:; I while the 'farmer knows there .It no K.wlrc'. llrrrlHAA"" VlHi Stile dandruff \\. AIAIMMyMT. H INE{ BROS. JA('I"'mN\1' LI.I:.
Th. girl who poses at street flirt rT.w. ant r..tnr.. the hair to Mi t'J4.',
great( calamity\ In store for him and h* orin... natural L. _
or lounge about In .publlo placet durIng and "I.rtda"f'OJ"" .. ._ .
U thft girl whose has nothing to fear-no cause lo give II.rr'lfl evening name ip In detpalr.Bunihln, ..(>opl*..!! MlUflMl that U I. ih. mo*I
tiny r""lln b* heard Idle where, congregateto & will soon omf.ltn..t. will h'wonderful preparation w. 'M man IB i CD A PJ

4 7 .. .. bloom, It will It* summer"' tint In' tbo 9'41' bv iNiainr, Jrurir1.l. fiend I0c. In Air
_-. _. .h land' of tunthluaand (lower," .'a"' .,,. for"' M "JlI. to The" 1I.'el.1.l ( Co.. Line Railway
t A quirt of' oyster" oonlalni. about 1.1 roll. Mich,

thu same ,amount.. of nutrition ae .M There It more o tart In this ..0. J, H. IMIfonl A (...., Hfeelal. Agents I O It. .

quart of milk 'hff..quarte.. of' a lion of 'Ihii country thin all other dl,*. !:.. .. _. .. .. .. .. .... .
l*>und of loan beef, two ,poundt of eases ,put together, and until lbs hit '\.VI.IITE'SCream Savannah, Columbia Camden Southern
i fresh ood or a .pound of' beef.
few year was supposed to .b* Inoura
-----wonen are isle For a great many years doctors Vermifuge Pines Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
In Prance allowed to ubotMiuced It A local' disease and. pro .
wear main attire"' but they mutt pay crlbed\ t local' rllned I..... mid by oon.stantly ington, Baltimore, Philadelphia -
for the .,.hll..,.. The amount' of the ,, 1 falling to our with local treat IKE cumimo[ Now
tax which' a woman for York '
pays wearing nent, pronounced' << It Incurable ,

male attire li about....$10., .per year. Bolenee hat proven catarrh to be a eon WORMREMEDY VVV
-..-.- -. .-..-.
ttlluilontl' disease' and therefore roe
Now, which mean at once, U tlieKm quires oonilllutlonal treatment llall't Throe Elegant Trains Dally '
to ellck.-uu your places of bmlne '. Catarrh Cum. manufaoluriKi by F. J.
i i, retldencei and streets l In orderto Cheney Co, 'Toledo UhlOh U lime &e 'i'

look your prettiest when the "people" only k.i .'. Mintiliutlonal Ill, "is taken 'Internally our In* awes mar THE CHILDREN'S fAVOIUTE TONIC.UollordSnow Seaboard Florida Limited

: arrive to attend th* lllble Conference ,rum ten drops 10 H tettpoanful. Itaoiedlrectlr ., ...
and Chauiiwiua ....'"bl,. If youLies ('it the blood HIM. mucous "M'1.Sewedl.... respeese Iw/
anything to advertise, now le the .urf acei of the tytteiu They otter one Liniment Co Seaboard Express.
hundred dollar fur any ot. It fall. lo
lime to announcement In The ,
pot your cure. Hend for ol u"t. and ictllmo T. UOOI, MO.
stun ____ nlal. l'''r Hate hr \1'. )I. Jelnien.

t d ._ .Add'.... V. J. CIIKXIV Co., Tole t __ _'_. .. Seaboard Mail.
No one cm win sues who falli toput do Ohio..
Void; I br' all druggists 'T5 ctt. MEN AND WOMEN. .
1 IMlh'dll.1Il( Into. their' work and' ---- -- -
Take fUll' family J'UU fur atll tell. Cr*H.$
who It goaded by the desire to rtnu It pallon ._ C ,. .,.,...,..+..,.. ill d4-hMe..l.sra.euwr.."........ ... 001" ..,_.. MODERN PULLMAN
through regardless of' r..ulu.uo .. e4 ...p.. ......t,.... EQUIPMENTOnly r
_. .
I .. ....,1-. .... ... .. .
how much, but 'how well," tfcould .beth The tail ed of the If I. IxMtlt fair was e0 rMhust( 'Y' [ifk .... .'pq..e.., .It.
..... ..... ...., 'LORIDA L1MITU; ,le ..Uti .
rt.All' A. .tI.eeI
motto *f every young man and. not at pleaiaat a* lie oj,<.uitig eel.brathen. train r I .
Ir ...1. .......,., f'OIttS .uti. ... ep.lpwsr0t-hating. Oar
tnoe* who. adhere to "U will betouv For l.nan. i The Tyrolean .\lre Lfa JtNh1 81..1...... t4taterusi Cud O\lt..1ot1 O.,.-....,. ,... fleskl.b.swi 1)fIwls Ik. A
cempMtent' and their I e ntiM. will boin .w. th. rxpoaltlon company IT6.1U .... .., "?.. eultlae and Jaek..nvllle to II." York. ats N'aehisgtlro, t.u'nl' &I. .\uJ"""
I 11entahl.f and" all ef, the I'ne people are detln.Qtt .. 11.10... tn. and JaehCHIt..h. l l* flatly. eucps Agoday..
-.. .. _.
.at In sums. ranging from Itf.ddO to -
f Tlio man who U 144 |>of....., of a '*).UX) ....h. The whole amount r.arht Only Line
I. Mee of UIM .ha.tH. Rtt... I.! hi* gnu the snug corn of t6MA."I* now 4 OpcmUng><

Itaodl. 1'h" ,U BO prfttlinler or elmk the rkK>,iiliui ewi| tny le trying to5c1 Dilljf Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans

+ Fumbler; wlioean J.o,.srdI.e! hit invrtimeat. M mueh money at dry can >.ui of' --

Where it le pur.haaed. with' *how men"".0 o..r"'o-.w' ;.....!Mrj.v. ....-,....., IW tllll) Isfensalhss aid skrp.t
'' judgment Iud It always' ..rth ihmeoey r .. -- .. ..... .:...h. .. y...... $ ..M 1/Y.._... .rI. A. O. )1 ulJI ELI.. rtset y.Uoa. uU 8. )O."D anl.& eat p.aboar r t
paid for U awl It it IMMIVA) to increate 1ft .1... ". I.sN" :,5 ILeou.. ..". ri swrrVi1 .. A..&. a.Don'' I'aueeg.r: Agent. J&OYUTON ra..ln Arent..1.
In 'value It taiot !tm '.' ""e40 i
: .
e d Wct* ; I MUtw .Nr
or carried away It requlr ugly I \, '- ..- ... .
ass t.aa P.M.a.I. ..d aw P...I .. -V V
make It and --
i industry( to profitable pros ItNEFE Alt tISF FAUtSa''t ,
watN.NSON a c
l duell,.. IttfotiilUuteeftefrutt' of !is.deadeuee ('mlra a4lre Tay nA.1l'

( to any rondiil' of ibeivoney ar.rwlt .. THE DAILY SI 10 %veei t;
i market and. amid all .> the mu a

tattouof, .|tf.ulatlv tutcrprftet. I ,

,- _Iu s,.I.ryq

1 1'I

.. J

4' 11

..' _1L'- w.1""ui n


w. ri I


,. _. _..._..._
ra.._ '' --- ----- ----- -.-- -----L -- :::. .;;.. -aarararar..rar


r treat .ha..i .t" .r "n', I' .del e1 I .
I MIL> .. NKVxrr r. POINTS I
f News From All Secof LEMON ELIXIRTIII : licmMll to' a kin i Miiloi I 4 (' WHITTKN POI.1OIM,

IVpunri :\... isu.l, ,i rat* I I. i '.1 her 4 w at I.IIIKRAt.ITYor1YI.IOYOONTI1AO1'S
the Slat*. t5ntl.. 11 "I \\ I i...' bland" i .1.! 11I1' o..tI=suoe "I&O"f'T I'A YWKNT or JXIMKH .
-- / TIII: Iis"u'' ulu' I I > i'II' MI'IKK. i iI\\

have a new btjih.-to ... ...nar. .teedI'. >' i-<.u., II' W.. Pony III..M* miM riatii '...1.... and p.spoolfullp.uhelt

I KI rCUty: HTOHAL'II. '.'11'"ii' rid'I i in \ I' I lilt. al l '1 1nl ItaNddss '. a ..l..r.- of your butlne**.
!! .
I' ItIIH'lll.ll n ll'iii-, tinc'ii' a v 10'' IN'1MINa
Irji p of Live Oak am trying tt I KIII.NKVh.Tftf Inn on.- t.inu tit M ejRkv, I't' ii kliiii
vnb'itr flre.tlgrillig! taeliill0a.' i'. n IHM) k UK. itMlfc ,. ,, ,
'''Don A Go. hart optMII a ,1,1 famous "TKU It ain't > t Umiutoyninter : 61Npe"1
IIQU.tI'L' of HII ir thin. i''" '.1. tl'N
FO", In Tampa lUlU..l. A man known wl*,.
,. 'tcr ptowa art acid and used., .'"'"1''''' 11I11'"'. fly 1.1., .( N as
sale i I' for tIn
fleelt uf the rUtH In tine fltln -.Agena. -
C'*H| gnjuli, In1. h, 1 1.1.j ,1t1'I a
4.,. Kami will\ not be felt very Ctrl ... wild ii<''NN hint'' .rllMiMipiula t 1.11,1\\"e It.lJVs .
-f .4IR rae W .r II ,..>.. In Mr if 'cot" lilt! I'' .. 'aity the Victor Safe and Lock Company
N iTlrlih 11011'-1. atlta.UnRUntlou Invotia. trllr lee UM *MNM.,, .".., sat MM- pleb if lit* iifv llMl. '\ II III
ail, In the vicinity of IY Mprlcool CHS1, ... till II la Ike MMI pjetlaHit I Net Hut nln'l ull'I WhI ate C:1noln.a.a: : : O1 iJ.o.Tht .
'' l"l.t Mrdta tw4. 1& k.alau a swre rawmete. Pea I M'M| "4 !H*' .III4I .fliiii t I, .' slug ..... ""1010'"It l the beet taft made, and. partlec.. tontemplal' *
( ro* .... tn IV.* beet or apes MMI M tiun RTM' '1ilr ...r p dead 1 limo nf lint C i
safe In that
lug pan4ia*' a or anytiilujr ,
the $ lot will A bt.4NM.... Me re,.o MM.nd*4 U inNeron..s.e. ,, ,
tuoa BO up. pnudse. 'In' ("AnMlmi rt'I' 111." .thick. r from a I mi to a tank' vault" will sate money
l',4"Oka/grower has \lftn oQOrcdb perllrrlae .* sac ........lo to Mr ww with... sA*.It*.ass w toss.Na eM re.llu' tlM4r Iwdwi fjjjl 11.i' a.houk. by euniiililiin ut Call mi or address,
lot hit crop. In' out p riTir bwTWr1'voii; r rCtrsI
.l)NtJrrlstit-4- of Clay county has canted wars dare.. 14rreot IVe.,.,..sMMaeik., A'!'')(L. IMWOu II. IkTMUIMM. .'\. assist .......h. Kim.jt I ". unkl' all :MAN & I-XILJL,

.. ... .." I far N)'. >
/".:.. i-.r.a.. of Samuel Nichols, charged A' Hut I nil yon tblm. If e*, >I' .v.m hale Information 0liM.rfuly| furnlthed. UAIN1MY1LU:, KIXHUA
ling the formrr'a wife. A c4Miint In aliii-it: a klwjt ): "li'r' itun't
=- "Wlaml Merchant Allocation, ['lOZLEV'S LEMON ELIXIR tull 1)0 It. ''',,'' gil"itp'i' < I. If yonIINI'I (1.rarararwa'e.r .rara.rv.i..rara

null meeting eleotrd (.1. M f. MU-r. It lank M Iff I I'.i,h,>r JIm lV h
-- ------
iTJr tecretary and treaiurer. lie "Ulll' '"l me l.tetwivlfii'.>, him.
onove: PAMK NEWD.I and them. "h,1 had| MHll( > unly the .
cola to have a murder .
tipeolt I I"nnl and Hill lluoirM '.""" An' ..
OD her Hands bt soon at Iht A Duilneta Clung-Or.nge Treat lllll- Ml lH'rw li.ll. It 11.1, 1 ','"..... ter ,,Ne,

Imy oorpit can bt dlicovered.Lpalachleola Looking U.d1r-O&her& Notes& he1* swill I pa crnux M It 4ttt .n. r lino" FaySholcsTypewriter '

oyster men and drove Park, l>b. 1.-Orang* trees ,.I'e' .tr f'II1": as a 1'nlwss' ,

fiery have been having tome art looking tad from the recent roll,'
and this caontry was that weather. rOOD AND WBATHEIt

*) The family of J. J. (lay left a few i'f':7 M'Orree I 1''
\Vhr l'.. l.. In, WinterMtw .
t tewi tayt flu Fort 1'0'; baud days ago: fur Tampa where they will 'I h... "h., Iswtn'p, ..,. I

ting a "formidable" organlta inakt. their future home. These,. It but IHMMI nlMwn ll lll'ti'' .-.itump AKM\Miu) :

i' .ft what way dOff the adjeotlv eitlruabl people. and wt regret to lot lion of fiNl Int-reeiteBliipln.'), '0"i pixipor Till: ur.NT:
them from our community. lion to the (twrtwM In r' nini' nnn.WA .
A. JerrmUh Weeks 0' listings hat ,., j xiAHUM: ON TIII: MAIIKITJlftB :
email n'u.a Ooalaou 8alur' rut inure In *""ffJI.toI" 'm' .11I111I1 ,
I BunJty did but little) dtm' R", aooeptrd a |tOt II Ion with (lay A O i. atthis nnd lh luliMbllNhU ofJIimiMrnlt, Tnbulalor)

t tlei of hay were burned at the plao, aassawyer.S. nvIoiM rwluire IlWi1'f1 Wfilmn\ lliottof UnIVRCAl[ KfTROARD I II.Iy111a1 ON
the iriHilf aoiiv, "If. ;
F. Wallt beautifying Ida retl* \ I:\'c.-. Machine.
h.dl..ate denet with a coat of ptlnt. This H limo Id e..'corn'I' '*<'. In IUDret .
+ bound to bare a The reildcnofuf W. L. Lludiey on |>int<\ air U denfr,;;ln nUivr dl-!! -
(library, and when the 1autto matte l alMl niora uiyjrr) 1 n ,.\.< N. Main ttrett ll rapidly Dealing/ com .. Hhlft! I.lfihlftt stunning I The
with ouli ".. tlinT '1"
do anything<< they' gen .Ih..o ,n i |
.pletlon under tht tuperrltlon of Coin ply Af tlwn-dC'flf""lr"'",u'"i fixt. unmMKry m"U"IIIC\) NPIHH Wrllerc of Iho World'" '
;: ii" > right triolor J. J. Unll..,. In order' thaLl. |II"' two g.*Mluty U.. the I's.y.Nhol.i. M l.angtlon who It charged J. J. (lay, who hat been oouneatrJ I>OIIIIIIH. In Ihrlr- 1i,'I..t "proimrtlon -
In lilnetvllle' than other' isseetilissi. .
murder of (Iregg Jones at with (lay A Oo. at title plact for the far limo mtlnUiinhi' of 'bwlllybent. any
fLi 1, )December 81, while attempt pail two years, hat dlipoird of IUbuilnrit Ageln tin InluihljhiK' of N ml' est the former for carrying' Interrttt here and aoorplfdluoratUf a ,'''ltn.r.* timidly b.u! til irk lmrth
For Ha10
..fa 10111, has been bound poilllon with J. K, llowell. tlmn the imtn' forlnu(tf *outlM'nii, 'r, by. .
'Judge" Clark of Bumttr couu whOtIC' wants ,1"-**'" ntiurn *..*-
manufacturer of yellow pint lumber THE SUN Oalnisvlllo. Fla
f'ftIfU" uior MtieviMHt' Tl>*> huhlrr. HM
ball.t .
lut II lets, Fla, i.K.
dally lnlHir III. itrMlrT of
1 becoming to plentiful the K. A. J'."", who camn hart sometime I".a' ......"1.1. pu..dlo.t..1Dwt I .I .. .... "' 1"

et near Leeiburg, says This ago from Indiana Harbor, 111 to C'llmate not only' ffitdn" ,Ihn Iluautl- _._ I'.I
,,t Herald, that they are to spend Hi* winter left a few days ago fr but also the iU.ll/of( 'I"' .. fi."l runeiimwl -
for room that they lake turns fur )Miami where he will snake Ills ., The l>klmo could noi live 'ij"
Ing In the water, tome of future home.Oapt. I oil I bit th I fill,.. of ualucr whteli) l...\ LAND TITLES.

ling on the tand dunes whileitwlm J. /.. llrown of Magneila( the tablr" of HIM |Hiuiv.fiii the lr for III. IHilHtlllill4 fit |ll4'ktltMM. Ii'. ..
Springs' war In town yeiterday : ,1' Y I ... _
qillr the cmiiiiiinptluti ,.r an rtwrtM,. watiiuunt
F Llla r.. llunnlcut hat com James Holder and M. Xanideld oItoehelln I TA. TM. (h* ( t *.* '
of fattluallrt .K Uut,1,1.. 'J.I- rye Iflr/f ''' /'fflU.isrM_ .w. +* I' darnigc toll for ,:. ),(U) were here yesterday looking' tier le to him a rhlef no. ..M.rr lit llf. -

t : the Tampa Hleclrlo Company after the business interests of Holder t b. Title Is you pay for whon you 1)117tlturotoro;
'death' her huihand, whose A Tope.
of know what you arc buying,
It. If. Knapp and cushy will Iravt I
aicautedCby coming In eon R. McCLELLAN r
--- -
ta.a lire wire while In tht tmpctecllvt > In tht near future fertile, where Mr., /

I 'h. eom'.u' Knapp hat aoeepted. position ilia. Titles ordinarily Invisible, correctly revealed to you by '
speetorforJ.1:. Howtll manufaolu Co.
+ Cahoon of Jackton Undertaking
rar of lumber." The Alacliua Abstract
County Company
I ifc4i wulklnjtltlong Use street, to -
II,,. )uteley of Kti will presets at ,
bruihed agtlnit a
sly negro
the Met hod<< lit church her ..... Hun. C1AINRHV1M.K, M.OUIDA.'
Joseph A. Wlillamt, who day afternoon at 4 o'clock. G'a:rLc3wilh, ;FJ.ori.d.a.
and curled him A little
toy& Drown la holding, down the
now .1

', (ro eniued.,a\\'llIllh.when detective'they clinched Jill.fIllIl petition of eprt and'freight" agent Fiineml JMrrrlors) (!( ( and '
.a this place lit ,U alto acting at a**
three .ta"... llolh were'I'v'y' Licensed KinbalinciuI'ldtrti ABSTRACT
d, tlitant |ItUflln-,,'.,. ( & REALTy COMPANY

|low who arrived at Jacktonvllle THE HCWU PROM AnOHEft.

j. lyt ago on his tint rip to Flor* ... iasssIe I 11noorJu..c11

I m hi. Northern home, was A Shooting ANrwe, Junlua Jackson I'ldtrti I'rsisiM, iubler. ', Arttphelierf E. E. VOYLE MGR.
I ling when logo from that point Discovers Uonee-Oh| r Notes,
I the A friend Umw/l. ? ( I IiulmaN N.del. AteIrsels 0f Title ant full '..',.,mIUn" furnuhe.. refardlng landt (IA thlcO
j: | country. tuggett Archer, Jin. II.-Mr. and ifarlonflinlth 1'amtrss. and 11I..t.graphrra' ......,. er manager II..II..d In this tounly thirty years aui!
kt they go to '01. Petersburg, entertained a few of their ,It Hmnrvthly. conrenaut with land llllee' ,
pfeereflledi "Not much I 7110'' frlcndt on Thursday ."lnar. Tht __'i." .. rat UfIt. -
ad family have left there, and If house was beautifully decorated with iOrrfera ,

sate'ro' Hi* Cast, what show red Japwnlettand fernt,making. every by Telegraph. er Telepbenc IE. 33. vJO-y..LEJ.

J 'Dd," thing look lovely At 6" o'clock' an will' ".. .h. preMptMAXKKAU88'I""U." .. ,
elegant dinner was served and the I - ----- --- of .
, rraudEapossd. veal.. g a nur br prjtnln-pt' Ae *H *n and KriglUh omMnle4.'
evening was very pleasantly spent' MKAl/rlrltATK>> AND 1)11 Y UMNM.
w counterfeiter. bate lately. liecng '! )J,. and Mr*. Broilh at enlerlalneri CJ, t Jn.oxrld.rt

aad trying' to tell Imltall** of, have f.pu,.,..., and on tbli oocaieMithey RepresentingVHOLESALE . _I
Ing't yew IU..very for Oon. .. with l
retained reputation
.. M. I'r..klDI llao, "' Vle-freildent
r. Uas11aN ,
Ion Coughs and Ooldt. and ethernet grace and ,thereby defiaudlng the pub- Hlprell mid 'Itoetor Jarvlt, ,, .1

hit it to warn you 'd beware ..1r dentUU, were doing Uitkieic IB Ar SHOES THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK

+ .,.1.. wh'\...' t 0 ,prnfll.thrtnigh .t.., Ale week.

I + K th* repttail4i '.....1.* )I,. muss Mr*. J... .$ .Der ruler Or All. IM.rripti.ils.. j

s : ban been evtteiifwtly. wiring lalned a pasty on KrKliy tveetlag.Junlat oar eJ..A.1.-mfiJ \7'XLL1U. .' e
I for over W ,..t.. A sun ,..- ...".... a cleared. man near I

to ,so, It Mr naejM na it* '0,... In dlggltig a well I* tht depth of Bole Agenle ferMO.IHH rinalWrtlaKIUx THE ONLY CTIAILTZItEI) IIAWK 1 IN ALAOHUA.. CO

' r ok for U, cm all '.r. Kin*'* I iw*..I'.ft'. I.... ..*. ..p*.. brd .flionei : qUALIfY .t,.*ed''E Every .
ikltissn.rn't remeJI.. .t all v1Mn of very Iu,. .1... taking. not
....,,, "1 ,t!.t>o.*. II. F. Ilwekle. I steal twenty. lira ......,a4.. pair warr'f. Capltnl . .'e . 5.I . .|59OVO'r(
( >: ': f< tle4sw. tJrn. .

.,A d'u lau. retMene Tier was.f a Bet iboetlug. Haniy affray MI fteMnityevalg at .tide 1.Mrnrsie; -i .- -Atent- t dtir$114 and l Und, '1t1s1 Profiu. .\ :. :2B000' ; oo

wUdi reewlted In a ..,.... --- .-.--- .. '-( '
........ a wa/.sa. u M eat a Is N. at.te .aa.i,
.... ..
.4.-4.- Joe slush *) by
, UAIIiENTIi.LI?$ J'j,orUttnr.'OMT. .,..... : .............
Frank f>an.'. It ie said 'M |>artfewerdrtaktg. 5t (l-sIJ woos.... It .te..1..... ". r

NORTON I sway tee .,...II'd.' '" lf.%.TA YLOU. CNh..".
n. All are sl.ned.Ohsn.b..tabs'1 I IAlachua .. .
. .- -- .
-- --
..."'.... .1&4 Liver Tab Pool Parlors

NOTIONS ..... Uf*
C. stenos rrerl.t.r.
1 .
AND Mr. A. H. Ka... a pft....,i4 4r.,. ACCUIENY1! "

4 g.tolleit.t If,..,...,., .-...... eajlUter' Talc tfLDcnr : ;", \ i :

ov J L'rl :S. .'Ctsseibekia', ............. a.... near COM ... I\'NSURANOE f ,
:IT I Tablets' ae*>. lit my Jo-4........ .,.. rant AND

sMrlet' .re"rtilfaMi.f aojifc<.g lit ...* Iueela4.U I IK. fr..rU llk..k.uetb PA:1IF: :
Ho te.Mr I* t..., l.r ...*tlfi..U*. TWy a" e.r. M.i.r.. Ibr*.. Ir.--.U... table. .
...... .. .. .. ., ,
AMMONK tad wtHi .114.. as. fknd llffcU. sad prompt .a4 nw.e
na j. A. .
.*..i. .f ."te. .MTM|. ky sit trvlv. T>* pabiU te.ordlalIg tattled ID pO"1tlt Dtocn OAINC8VILLC.
s r aa4 wetevoi.
1 1


r ,. .' ......
""l -..C'I .'. rJELVTi ," .., .1. -...--W't1 mt.f' d.' .

.r f,, tt I --
t Iit

?, -W.V''r T T p ,- ,

t :" 6 THE DAILY) SUN! ES\'IJIEltIomJA) IfKUHTJAKY+ 2,1UFr!> ._ 4-f :

.... _. \ .. _. __ ____-. ------ : u - -
'-- -- --- .. .__ -4 -
'k Pocket ana Table ,
..- I
I $' Famous DlQomlit' and Forger, 'In the L
T Hand of Ooltiam Police. rMARcus DEL I''StovosRan
t EN O
} Now York, r. !i. i J.-lxmn lloou, c
'i who it ,IN all., -'I''I i inniiirii, :yO women. '
t ,mWnlM. ,
weN' I n i i 111'101.110"1. O4H
dtlrhil, ItMn i 'iilli-M' HIM KlniMtetlein 3 aan.t: L ITeel: : .'
W..I i I'urly i fiiiii oirwl 'by Oeo. The Clothier.
tral' "fflr.. deln. t n\i I >. n' admitted .
t his IdllhUl ', allk! nigh! wlw B trot arrented .
gave th. ni4 inr iif Ilery. HanteU. t !

I i, .Al. Din I Molly" 1 ,> i'i 'iiii| IItr... MldOOiioro The Sale of : 1
*' lu wall'1 1 Il'n lie Ml "I'm )kwh! and' wiifik abused I

tnnu."How" .lliir Hl":" lie Wae *kHl. 11 I

JIll i had iioirHiiK' io II.'. He gave OVERCOATS and. SWEATERS S
)bit mmna .iniiti' .!()..0ti| ) Ad0IihHocih. |
I Hid' ho "'::111 4b" >eAW. old, A rnA, 1
clilulM' "by 11(11'1 :. 11\1'1" In ChluII. &-! I
|. l I. ntr' .led! on a char. ofmy h11o. Will Continuo This Weok
iicrii" I. Mi'' ", i 'lfth,1'l the name. i During Ammunition and
of A If .,1 Albert I II
ijoiiu liiiaeibiirf
_...... .
Pt JoRQpli WI( i h, 4aij Ouch Adolph '
Jirumm' A varied Mlfotloo/ of 0.,,, :

orriccns. KILL.....n ..._DAD__NCOHO, I f In midwintor, and in iho height of tho season, wo arooffering Dated and Solid Silver ,"

--.. I I Special l Bargains( / in Overcoats. High Grado First- I
Latter Wound Dtlh| Men Wlillo He I \ Largest Sellers In
lilting' Arrett. Glass Quality and Now Goods.( I
Wilmington N. C., .. .lI. 1.While Amrrlcan A Wire
Woven I
t '
I milting arrest at l the home of hi, i_111 I. 61ri 11 I I {rood
; mother At Outincll Billion un I Iha )j Our Famous 518,00 Long Raglan now '. $13,75 ---. .,-. .....
Hoilxiard All lau llt-niy /.kqd, a Our Fine $15,00 Lone Tibet now. . : . . . 11,35 ,1M.'!

'I + 'r i dMporaie" negro Gas aliot and klllouliy / Our Excellent( $12,50 Long Doaver now .*. . . . . . . . 0,15 Chattanooga
I'nllreman Croom of
i end Itopiily J. A. Meedor.Wilmington of lllaitrn' 19 Our Splendid $10,00 Long Heavy Weaves now. . .'. . . .e . 7.05 I It The lrii Winner at the Bt i o\ '

countlaii night. t Our Good $8,00 Long Brown Weaves now . . . . . ',' . 0,50 I
I .' The .negro. wai wanted In "'''''mllll' W
ton for ihootlng two young, while men Baird Hardware
4 4 r week ago, lie was loomed( vicar ( ,,
V 1 t Council Hi.tlon, and the odlcera went t QA1NK8YILLK, FIX) ,
1'I lu arrr't Mm, They were o..upeled) r.r.Sweaters Special t Reductions in __
to force Hi* _l dour and 'lust at they
nultr.db."' hwiao IJoyd crept from IVU Every Grade. My Big Stock MUST iiiI ) KEYSTONE
under. 'the Ved and opened fire M.* I ,
dor waa that In (the arm' and Croom ) '
In lit* leg, They\ relumed. the volley i be Closed This Season. : It. T. BCIIAt'KIt: ',.

and the negro was struck $hr.. I Corset Grove and Cr.("...
tlmoi, one 'lull penetrating the brrlu I 1"00110. !
and ciiiftlng Initant death. The omcere >
were etonorated by. a a+nn0t'sJuly. I L MARCUS ENDEL m JAIHt"VILLx'' J"LA

j I ,

t' un t: six( CONVICTS' MAK ttBCAPI.frUontr I 1 CUOICK ItRRAU. OAUr.1 .
i Outfitter to Particular People. GAINEBVILLD, FLORIDA J \
ttitsb Kf: err uar.
; Kn.wn"
F Art W ll Officers I ro '
mfjj) 1lOO B IJlTfgJBiTtOTlA
Who BRptct to Catch Them Urr4 to AU full. of Oltr.UTinron .
Atlanta. ....b. 1.-.Theie waa a hold f ______ _.__ TV V_ ____ __ _____ .__ ________ __._ __ __ ____ _u .__ ___ ___ ___ __ ___ ___ ,
,r and iiipcrimful Jill delivery at the CHART Cn FOR AtftOCIATION I 7DHTA7DLIfjIIIAD: 1000. I -
s cltf ilockailo early Monday morning ..
;, I L and "U while' man made their ('.IUI. the New C ncern will/ Hive Head- ) Uue'J:
i t In tlo dead hours of nlnht\ when quarters In New Orleans I H.F.DUTTON&CO iaUlUsllOk }
t the guards thought all the ronvlcta Now (iil Ie...., l I'.b. l.- The ,legal
t 'J nero .aileep, alit while men were at' lien.. or tile CHMIOII IMMI! formal by the -DKALKItB IN-
"t'Hiitlv( oumuiltlM ( th. HoiithernCoiton
k work removing a steel l bar which Mood u I
r L 4' between>> the man and 'liberty.: About 1 ateooUikHi M' been nod M. Sea Islao.d OottOD.: > : Mvriir.NLss: :
o'clock i at night they removed the bar "Tli v Southern i>UaTri'! < ,I and all ale quietly Jumped through the and holding coinpan." (
t 'window' to the ground a dlitanee olI The charter has l''n drafted by the Scn'Ifllaud Cotton Scod hugging and TS'ina.Vnirtl e ,
or 4 feel and slipped oft Into the ablest lawyoca of this oily and the Loathur in Strips::; or Sides ----
WlKitll, I iomlell. will be In New Orleans) '1'b"N .. li..t plioo for tbli trvlM .Um. I
The 11 ripe of (he all prisoner wnreH ;....II". a+niniltlee of the Southern tuo. loci.r linn oibtn .
| >rir-4 to the pllere A'II'' efforts an Uailon Heeoclatlon "Will" finally endorse Manufacturers of tho J nines Dog! Improved) Kngllsb bell"trlll".aDd most. 1
-S' J bring made U rapture Ihe m.Immlgratlen Uiv completed'dolallt of Ibo mood! at IUloMMltiR Boa Island( Cotton Gin, and Supplies for Same. rk..Wp Up totiii a"".ten'.
1I In AllinU' on the ?lh of lob. detrll.l end UB
I Very Heavy. It has been agreed that \V. 1', llrown GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, USA .gYaled.

q Valilngon.( 1'eb. 1.-Er the ell the not Ml radon bull. uiieralor member l- _. ._._.. .___h __ ___ d __ h_ __ __.__.._ _._ .. Bold ty ne ol1t1nuoul1
months en4ej. Dec. II tail, IOO.OGIt vf the local' roltun exchange. will be
immlgrattti' wera adnilltrd' to the United : the itreeMenl, ', and I'iraldent Airs* THE EVERETT HOTEL OVER THIRTY TWO
Htitee agalnii' au.0t1 fur the rorrupondlng <: him lirtltln."' of the local lotion! IU ,
period of U02 and uueo: change, and 8. I'. Walmiley and 2351 r } fit JAOISONVILLE without a ltRU" failure.
for the forretpoodlnN ,>erkx| of |1101! Frank" IU Iliyne, Members of tUli eic4 73I1y J h1OJrI1)A. service want a piano for a
; uF During the flrit' all months tit the ug.. will be vle iirealdenla., with buy the
hr..rntl.csl" y (-"h'.UIM'attd. thtr""lltI repaired' and renetstedent, turntsbtd.1urul'caa : .
from Huiila wea the heavlMt Iu the lary. The ......111'III' I be .he4d Inv : I'lan.
Mitorr of the ImmlgraUon bureau, .ry township of the cutton tell on 11/... a low MCMb I/I .

I Miwitlug.. KO.II7 amlnit. 11,11snd th. 11th. of uent month to i rfett. theorgsnlestiou :13:. :NI.A.SO: : Jro-prte"tnr trial.or OB W...MT)Urmt.., rrelabl,Heat.
of tbe fatrnera
for the '
t In U&I and Ip.ol.correepondlni Tie| I"HI) number periods The wamhtMeliii ftimniluee' of the r .. ____. __ _._ __ .. _ .. __ .__ for ,i-flo t TUUAV.u .
ef Immlgrinti' termed admlttanre dun Southern' ditto .......1.110" mitts
Ing tho |INU' all' monlhi was. 4.84V here. wi) the 4th. of next month Jo Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company Ludden &
Fur lilt correepondlng' i erlodi In IhI I i complete iu iei" to the viecutlverviuutlilee u
t Vt two .prelou. ,..... thoie debarred eggrecatisl of ,thtfaieoelallon.Statue THE-FRUIT fit VEGETABLE ROUTE ,
i a 1. 8.SI8 and 4.011. Southern
!n OF FLORIDA. Music
---- of Woman Phy'e" I Unveiled
Dividend thew a. Decreaie.Y New Yoik, >Vb. 1.-\\Tiil li said Tine' Table I" efteo' Of' :!S. 15103. SAVANNAH, -
Now <*.k.. V>b. 1. ln 1 pi)'able. 'In rVbniary show I of a woman phytlclan In the UnitedMtatet JOHN 0, MURPHY,
a run..Wed de.ti<.... arrordlug to The i has been unveiled la Fullerton Nn, o. No KHTAIlLlMlir.l: .
I& the time 'NUr a year eon with The I Memorial) hall. at the Art institute' ', Dally JUal No.Dally'4. lhotlr HTAT10NH. Daily.. l11,. vizorBunday 1)l GAITHER ft BRYAN, ,
S I wfcen 'h. hit"t the late Uf. XlarHarHa > .
4otil atanda about "1(.8 1 1.000 a.aln't1I.M4.000 ... ,.. HunAr.I'MArAafArT TAMI'i. FMdUIU.AUCHUA
I TlkumiMon tl
nt >
J 1'' |tr a pur 1.-- --. .- .. _. ..
--- -- -
There number of -- --
are a
I trait butt of her to the Initltute.Or. -
Important ehanaee IhU )'ou. Tharere 'VIO-WBOO. was the rounder In1IW ',y It M Iy 1')1 ;. U u
.I.hl..h. t 41 . .. .... ...,_....I"alrft.ltt...... COUNTY
some tuber to roue not of lie Mary I.e. .... .......... .. ... I flU
7H declaim" wklph wits twell the total i ( ThnwnwfHi hospital. 165 .......... ........ . .. .. .1"1._...... ... _.... ..,... 160 ,,,,
,' far wowed sad ehil4r.e.' an4 Mae tb MOO. .. ........ .".. .. ..1)unrarnta ... .. ........ ...... es"
.possibly .to the.*ite t of ".f\O.tle- !I pba..r" .wrens |kh>>>tlrlan' ftf the. north M t J6 .. ... ."..... .... .. .' hide... ... ........ ...6.0 Alichua eounly I I. K ,. '
Uome of these h. uftr. nail be c.r> w" TN NIt 8J0.. sad H 10 .... ,'0 ,1........ w....... Illtkm... .......... ...... ...... IU area, has :u miles i imiles
S J tiN 'Into the following tuoilh.Caataln it the. work' .f l'mtel, C. Krnrh.AUbam $18 .. .,. ...._ ._...IAke 81Ibo.toa... ... _.. ... ... a 80 123 wagon' road M
JI, -.-- ---- U- ..... h ao .. : .. ........ .1.. .. NIa.norJ' ...... ... ....... ... ....... 6J': pobllo cahoots, 27 ,
/' I ,. Hob..,,', Father Dead.Illtmtnghain .. I 8 84 . ..' ....... ._ .. ... .T..cet..a". ...._ ..... ... ... ... .611 rIsnui:0saw. mill.. | '
Man Kllle Wife. II $ .... ....... . ... hooe flv. b'wipart,
I AU ivi tA eperial > 4 Ie h k..ooa..... ..., ... ... .. 6 0S.
.; from flit nok4t') 1 .... that, JudgeJamei J..,*,. .\1.. }W. J ,- .vN4irkm n-rw H 60 I. . ... .,1...... .. .... (...)'att. .. ....., .. ..... ....."... 600 oats uoce corn, eotton rl ,,
S u..l. a ..ll, Vnowa" white Inca. shot. "r.\ .._ ... .... .. . ....'1.w..l.a........... ...... .. ......' 66 rye, potatoes,
M. llubdla.snrnr uC Copula and ktlM .hU ,.lfe nw Qrt" a. It* Vas ,.1...... ... ........ . .. ..rabnata. .. . . ... .t.5 ange. peaches, par. 1
lUratuond' 1'.are.a. tlol>i..a that pure) this' worntog of pitruMHiala' "UAI'!,. . .. ........ . t ... ... . 4(10
". deed WM eaalltled. n., ewepe4 Gil. Ws .11 1 i 'uatnearltle.. . .
II N a 1&1. a Gainesville
Ju4 lloW '
aced it. | a Mal prttateuf t r :y1)>> A 940A, .. d) (lie County
V ladle Hal ..uty for tt teen. a"", IM Vinhif. nil has not" be.eapM'e4trRLd II A.\ 140 a M .... . .I..l1aIl1' .. A r.a II S. tat) ..
in CIO e a.\ T (le .., ....... 54Q P Oq I s
ft Mate after hit. eWe, MertlMae f..t. II :111 'I N' 71! ......... ? .tlrahanl..M I If 181 llai fourteen ehurehei, J
S --- ,
'S Judge IIoheoa. atthuMgh A 1).oue.t. eeboola the last Florida
lIW'IIIArT.t/ .. .Namp.oa- (71y.. .. .. N :90 ltO
ryas pol'H by .IMe.l4, ..tat McKlaley AIOIIII"1 Durna 1 ........ r.. sa .ak. Sutter U. H. T 62 .110 private 'Choolltbf'H\ ,
( as Ott..t Ur**..h. +. .whi.h, Are (flitantly reUevetl. u"t"Ili ... . ..... ... II 00 .Jaek.oaetlle' J. a 8. 'v.' 8011 _1"I... ... .: ::: : .United water firs Hlatee alarm land cm.
1 I t'cne. he held until'" 4"'''. Ills wife' heeled l, t<7 Ituctl.n's Arnica Fatte.. O.HitonUrk 140 II .. .. Lake arty. 0 8. V. 1 ,4 li t .. .. and Ra lights two" Ice
.. . . II' '
I .t died Hit roa,._ ., Jr.of Notfwll( ,VaH;",rlten ... . it 10 lI.n .T.n.b. ., u. N.H.A.1..1 It ,. .., 448 1 U r! 111 I N .: :::. machine itot, three,
... .......... I "1 burnt my knee dr.ailfally-thalltWUlorttl ... ....... a ell a 4 10 I a4..Va.14o.Ia, O. K. er.. .: 2W 0 !a U" ........ riei..e,l .., gin. two mo' *'
0.1'111"' *iHilthut yon .i.s. tojran all over Du......'. Arnleaalte .. ... .! T 16. T45 _p ._....Atlanta. C. of tlo._.ILa. I Ito ..1"1' 00I'M ihrr a"mad I. '.0/.. .t"rat'alot
(1ftr a "UHtel talkrr UItvtomnt generW7' $ stopped the |"lo, and I>e.le4 It Ar AI' AM Ar1_ tI r.AMIL.p ::::: manufactory eompanl, one '"IU. 1
|*..MtVlf.- WflL rro without a ecar.** ,Alto belle all wounds I IC.1IARKER. General rIDt.ndf'nt. r tlne plant two bank
needn't talk ... I thing la the NntaereUI'

< ,,,:crs t r !

t It

.f 'i. ." ..\' .. .. -.- -.. S

r. .

-- -- -- - --
.-r. .i(1 j- j"- II'
'' .1.1f
""ii -
"? yJ if;' f' .. .' I I .j "I.,,. .' .
"" ""f'h.'J ','''''''' ." .1 V1 Wt" I :. ..... k
< .
''. .. .... .. ..,..-. l. ..
J I ,.1

k 4'


---- ----- -- --
-- -
---' -- -- p -- --- -- u ._ _-._. _-_--_._ -__-_. ._ _

IN MEXICO. t "'.........4t.;;, I'.":." rCLYDE LXNE- iILTMINAtlll .oA.RXMw

Tbt WMIIMI Mlr abet n-ery loan -
r:............. sad "....1.. kltowa nil about poker, but only a tort UVKHR n. MUUKII,
eater Ar. i>|*brle raeo du II" innbun'''tft tlini naur Da

n i....'I'I'| non boftplubl I ly eV'M I i IInil |1".eH'-' IIU'llTxtlltnltbf \ '

)s a l II> IIllIh'lI OH'lr friend itiidui ll ? ..HighlyVliin' llir-," r I. M .I'KNTlbT. .

lln\ IIIIMIKlt ,'"uugla It poker )uk<- MI n HHNI Ilrt| nil Hi, Inset'

J 11'tu .\ ud 'hr)' n'li1k'NIiy Mil I Hi! mill look Ml' lln
'Ick' IlIdlldlliU n..... N1'uU with a .">rt lit idly. taut' the fellows who 0-.. ..., Mm..u, ah.trlt, All workATTOUNM4' eesr.Math
gtuue ductile, Tbey are alto .small Ii It.\\' v rv, (Mtiii alHuit lit* vain .
a. ''iT& public HIM Ins) fmtctfcw*. tier nit nfi-nlil! u |1,1"| )- ll. for In almtMtmnv \ .. -- .-. -.. ..--

ififJ"h1". un.IA ..f iBtertaluweiitnr nul distil nf*::' J'\"tlfCl..I with J A. OAI"LJ.II.IoC.
J" dRIII' '1'hr hli4 nml pairs ben- IUn Iwrntttmbltr .
) fond of u u' I
.,tbou.h not pmnrlent lu tbe art ofIrt.k1llit litdaalrloualy' miffotvd .in werlllag > i..r .. AT LAW

probnbly InurgPTrom lack oft 4iumw< The tfIW alter vrbo really 'rI1U-"W": : : "' : xt.X.eY B.AII..INO.S> And loll.iter In !equllt

+pportunlty than from lark, of ceiaaMf. "1"1.$ ......"" pees have a habit of '"lutU -
tnrviJnclcHonvlllo o. 1 Ilol I
+ Witiil. C .,no violin and guitar tbo usual n'1' moony tl tlw loaf who press ,
arc soil! hu.. .. All' tMi'ln.>.a (iromnily
"'" .'nnu na''. of inuklc. the repertory oflocal Iftael to iiiiiiMYtatwl It, M the Urg n''a* n rid New Yorlc .Mendell to. Ofltafl neat door to Hun

..M,1 iniiiirlmi, being>> twnftlly IlitvHeU'jaTTfew j rHf of roper know iiollilim abut, tlivaino C.llln't' Ht I'llAULKBTON. 8. 0., otli wsys. uIllse. OAIa/CYII.La,1 lsaluAS..f .. .

,, tunt" which ant In equal flintier than. lust K gw,,1\ tunwl labaid :------
'. demaufllfor tbo dance and for Ibo futeraljjBi to "" ".-A''I,"n ClIo'*. The rinoBt Qtoimililp in tbo CoaitwUo Bet>Ilco ) llAYllll

abIlta ()] rc1o Now Knglaiul) and Southern Linos pJ'.UDlNANI ,

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mef T>iO asks' for "et glil of bit tbokni'frfj1 for wrltMi yuu'rs only" plum flublngf Calling at Cbarlciton. Ruth ways, Gait tell ,'

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i o..!.. ., iiibrred In by abootlnga dear," Ixi iti'tle 1, "It nnj-tblnu should Northbound.. It. ... From Foot ot Catherine '1.. JaekiurtfUfa a Hit of what you offer for .I.! IU3i&

(. >eiuonitratloiia' of Joy. "h<<, brtdoMrtlfefldegrooiii bi|>{irii to the U..t." F--..... .,. --- .--------- .._.,.-- .-
Pro publicly' Ill'f'tC'tll"I1 'Ob. I..**. WHI. be eareful lien
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*t of the coupK carp ono drup* I ; at .'Ilathllu,, Ht Vraneli, llereiford, \OI..cuU.(l ), and 1nt.rmsdlhtl
V _JpIt'rof! money luto I Ibo baud 11. 11..1.... ..........1... l.kndliiRi un HI. Johns liver .I bUlIOHXll IN OIIANOKIIY. ,

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n. Till public" ) betrolbal ,la con -"rl..r' of tb.. cu\ii trffllfr.r Steamtra OF UCKSONVILLE'I aDd "FRED'K D DD1RY"SSr. OAINUAVII.I.U, Alaobua Co., JlIA. '
r "Mond'" M-atM ,tho ronnterfeller."W "CITY
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." p. m. )| dally rtitept Sundays al a m
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compart waa not kept
1Ittt&I\lt-o"M. NUlllilU1.11LrAVe' HN''''''''''', D11J.11. ,
t bridegroom III( that Pine ItelngwHli 'It"'", .
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I. fly I followM 'marrlagn' Jut a* cntin* two iiratlre niKko nnftt lens . .. .i. . Talatka. . . . . I-eam 1114JO.'ma | ,
Iho M-nlci of the ruin. I"'.." ) aln..l . Astor . . . . li&Opit (/w..wr '.'."1.,A A'klerosal 1
1 print con "lint when tbert U I a woman. In IIICIN' 4lbaaln.e!. .Ht. Kraneli. . . . . ViiO> |>iii' .
.I.I 'fho innrrlngo, ceremony laby la aufflf at." New less. Ie 1 'a .S .,.. llereaftirU ,,1)el.snd) .f . . IrOOpiuu r Over fhifoe A 00" 1t..1I. U.I..t1l
a fenkt iiidro notabla for o ono.. A nh. ..00' am." . ., . .Hanford . Plellaln i ",...,UI, fcti.Btb ft to Cra.a aM Iitidts warfe.
dance of tbing to dilitk thin I're.'a. T __--I .rfhtn. : I'fti. . itnterpllt..t'y!! . IrtKOainI'AHHrAHlKTlC'KKT Plat/0 a, .
ga to IVII alit by t 110 imiial1ndee I ill NR/tAL/ OKKJOK. IW> W. MAY HT., JAOKW'iNN'lfU) MIIKNTIIT. -
: ,
l tlio fratltltlea I mo often Tbcro la no knowledro that I. led TJW. UOHHON It TIMON. .
for aeveral nlgbta after, tbo Innerflniornan.I } 1" It,1N"N11UNIIrt.JfL. A..... u... ...... A..., I" w.., II." a1 Jsep.nalhl. n.
.._.-<,.._ _._ .?_ W U. bw1'i''n.lh.leialt / ,.. O. l'I I.U\'IGLL' nY.rlq.aJ/al .
'.- ,Houlliem Woikinan, ,,,,,,,
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Orava Trouble" Poratttn, Anr.ITY ( ....,'sleet tt.t+'.' ;:v'r," I"% Api.. '
/ -- It .needs but little 'orflallt to tell A.J'J;ill..U. U. I. lfl1r.I'. t OT7tr\s! III A t)0.. 0'....." tI.I\I.. ,...,. Oun... I>watsl Iviecop.
IE AQEOF FTAfia.I Ibneral Mananer' (len.ral Agrnt. flee lear. la Nsw York CU|.
--- that .. hn Jour stomach and liver are Ukr...kro.., f1YIldl.i.l" ",.,. II...*'. New York Urowa.lirU a work aMIAM. 1'Illtag. ap.elalli/. ..

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r star contract from lie .urtiebulona for your dliaaie, ai MM.f John A. COAST RAIL WAY. ............_<-f.''' MVIM.vnnr --- ... ri.-. -
matter from wlildi \n<< o' m.,. N. \ ., dial. fll.o. urn I FLORIDA EAST
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i both tlili lu augmented tau alar'a ft beat|>ertnini oerrtm and A itoinifth ronld' not, my.n.heart I was WM weakened vary bid ,for andI N Local Time Card No 58 In Effect Jan. 10. 1005, FINK WINKH, UiJUOIlN. A OffJAIlB

i Ittedbot Iron In tint nearly ao hot long lime, but In Klaoirin; Hllteri I JOHN ....HaJIM.I..I....'...
j__ I i dot 'Iron, sly observing the yei found Just what I nnded, tar they 'O\IIM.aoutlD-IIAI DQMN.ivnt. IIO"M.ltu..a lua u,. .....1 W. bbl, 1". JNInug111is,11. ..
i liange* In tint width lire inrtal quloklt relieved and cured in* Iteit -
medloino for weak Hold on- .... ., .... II. .... .. '
woman. ..
flu fouiiiUrinfth |I.- able toviuldrnibU .. I. N.1 NelS .TATIONtI. Fault .moo, >tllft emrddraugbl.Uon'I' "
g I ( ncnirnry IU 1- der guarantee by all druffgliu at hoe a Pill, Pill, PelII, 11.11, l.n, 1"11'. I..u, I"rIr.I .- Fall to rail on me when In JIIC1 l ntlll. ,

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I Kaueliift ..I.. ). t"IIIII4'tIIIllr| IMp ..11. ..a. ...'''A .. e. .I''i' /e.p iMe.a 11.'ft. HAL: aN '
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I i, I ljr beitlnnlnr to chat a Hurten sI" r ,.. \ I;, _"._,. the rat .. .. A' ..... ... ........ .. li AIre p ', 1miarlydwiry
where llgbt I I. fail fmllnjr.blnf ....It..,. nf ri M .. a, Y q....-. "''"''r. Sp to illp ... .. ,..,. ....,,...11.-; ., .. MF IMa 'RM | |)orn.illa Mquora
I tat I letter* l>i*.i. r..r Ik* tyn..rt ..,...,., - and U'lneiln 'h. .
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P. I.... I 114 ,... -I. .. III. !
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bbiltli white ui,nib Ilk. tintHerlrlo J. r. 'IUHO ll.9IIANTEU I. I. II "" aP .... ... Nr .. $, .. f. 8 NASHR"
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tbmi the U.L Ui to the yellow .err. rhlttd. I..t. .... .. Ie. ....1 I Jj It. I.. .aI
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and botfrr. TlINI a gradual coolkkea I..MMY, i yVia ,. .IIUn .. .. .. '
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I' and Finest
placer. AtwiiUMHiylui. tb' ua'' ..,\81,1., .. had ...1It.....,..;/. ..,. ".. /Ma fMp I. .. .. l' ... .. .
a.r MI..I.. '''''.10, .... ..? It. .. ... :... I to All Points
lu color<< an < baiiK' '" In them TM......, of lbe.a.Ja1.ap.Y ,w ... ., .....1. ... . .. .t ,
of tbn alarbance, tint lu- ofArtMelll.-.,..... ....11 "- ..... I .f .... H rt .., YM.I I .tI'
.IIals UIJI, M ;;e'.nt. .... 'dol.l k:."....l 1a.
i iiiiHtlflratton in (ibykleal atructb'"'' ....,..._ I'tI I / ,{ . .... at a I North West I
; In "bl''I.b I Hbll0 |>erla ._... ..... III .MaiM/ '......
M.W .. l WII I* .4 'Ant t f. 4 I It. 1.
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tll'f"ctnllli. ( l ..... y ,..., ''I.I. .. a .. Pullman Drawing' llonift,
tf'Iu4 101 "
Htoea of m Mil in. matnealumapj and. Anlelr V",.* ........ .. rile !".1-,.. 1. .tI .... .... .. .' ..1r:u let, .. ....., .. /.1.I1. I I N Nli' ,'lng Jars daily from J*.k*nvlll
ear. the 1"d..1 lliw. iO4MM red" .b.M M e..r.w.d k, q M........ e t......." IL. i + li: ....1 I.r. .I. 11 'n ,",I".h.m. N" bvllle. JiranifllU.
I'-"O'Dlhl and tbuM ofi IveK.rol.1r .....,.. ..... bNM II N p I I' .. .. ChUigo! .". {.'lUll. r."*..oli, Mobil
JIlt wfr* 4iMV of... I..... ___ __ _,,,,,t,,,,,- -
n I 1.r., Iklttklonn )I.p. ...l.. r)! tktll k.i i r | a' ..... s M ..'HJ ,......"". ....... MN1M e'/. ...01 ir..... ........1r1.. 41. At.ea.t. ..*t Ilinlnii Oar .K*"l4. In tbC .. s
.. -_.- i.N/p.l.ftMlTft'" u.I .....'N i/5.. biM er sew=,,... .. --- -. "tho ltiriisnt tre. "....."$.. U.I,
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HI grafting. .''I.'f'f..aiU shleh. :i! ... %!. at J: r. ...+p CONOEHBEO i, s'HEOUlE DETWEEU JA..tJNYlllE AND 8T AUGUSTINE and KWirMa. Umluxl ale sun yourtl.k.tse55
".0.1 II! .. via I. A N,
"ii 'i a ao N, ,<-e'ful of pa"t ,M"I .w.. ....pea.vl I .d J r ........, I,.J'i- N'- *. '" ... jji', a. ... ... ire ., .
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.1 I : ." II n* w '..nn ofU IItflN....'. fMHMr. .f. ......HtwtI'.p ,slit. telly b .1. >, iV: ,"Ai.I "*'" .WJo.I I.. ,vaiK'iia ra< apply in sle.l| lntarrMe

I i- rnirly rrtnnla'Inllre.. $...... ..A...*..... .. k, n(..ii..A t N1.e.wer11 Ir 'R..q lulN.,....:|H--lk>.ii if.-" *;l I I'" ...I al I' ''' ,.1$ .F rr '1.1.A' Ya'a OKO.' << K tlKHUINU, .'1.. Pole, A....
le I 'ixtnu, ii...,r n.l.i i tiara onnv"i lk.ltr t& Mift*Mailwia..t] .saoAr1M .N,llSn, r r '' r.l, ru/r' .
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a i *Hi |M'tt.u. of tt.*.. nil It 1'-.lM" n.l ...K .. :1. .=y.l: I I".."! ,: M. I s.R Iasi (ally !. j I T4

i I. .i-vr U..' "" ,rMl1arl.r... Mad ,. ,. n"J.C.: =, I.ye1a: .: ...Mew t .... .J.rl..rr/nr. A \IN. a kj O.r.)In**ft|, .per i UIJI,"'i ."' ,, .... .r. r 1'1.ix 1.1. oleo I i .rnt '1 1'.1'. /.WantAr .!. I chicAGo AnD
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sf't' '" I I. .) M. '>1..> n..4r fai ... .....I' a_. --I" ..r:.!' b M ;" "i I M; / r1oDiDALIM1TD
: a.i 'I i 'i i *M ...,.."'"'WItr1W S S i 1IIe, .u... J'1i' ...-.T$1:_ CAl. r MIl.. -.. ,....,}! .;., I.. I..., 'it";; M t 111oK. ..It) ...., I d

r4u1" .ell'.I,1.a( u* Mtu i UaU, J = M iaI'i'': .. P r ;'-7, iii, ... .
... ---- .a.= : KKIIb P. ... ... .' 1.j' ... .. .. ..... .. ft"II. I y-

Tl f t..>.lol I .._. eeI1I .= ::-.. ..,nd ..,... .e es tYa l4Ib "Ii .'I .... .. "!,. ." ..,. .1: -. .. '-"I..,J., ill .1' Via loulnlllo & Nuhvlllo R. 1t. ,

h e i. I nrt tl,,, ferwallt i.., .. I..,..,. A .. ..:.:.:..' .. .t; ; ._ .. ---. ,
l.h I. I. 11II4 u CXII.M..I. ..,..... : ".... II iaw.o toasa rld .1
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>I ....1"..... TbtaVMHV The Florida? ( Kcilltwtft wlUby I .,.....,. .,......r lam.IM. .
r ii 1 i- t, t.-n twnntylwatI T r n,. w1, ..fAll Mag tA..., u...
I tl,.' Iu.1 .,., ,la.ItI1t1.Ra Fruit: nntl Truck Grower KNINIUUH Mill OCClDtNTAL ItrAM.r., COXNtCTKONI; ,. AT MIAMI, ,..|. In dl.'"" vs-Nary.' M IIIrile.
.. __.. .. .. .
a I. < % ft*' tYI1M -.M.-- r'1a11 dtntug air "",. I" lAs.
2 .. I' I'. h T*. ..... 1eN flea east,... MANtl M.*.| wK' ......... at IW f 10. i. f. C+.H"r rH t .

fcc ,, .- I" .... end Its rA. LJ.IIUWIDV. But. ..41',., ", Rut! 'A"-fl.. .$'. i ..JlI.+ '" +
I'. ....tarelt...... HAVANA AND KEY WEST.I 4... Jesk..."..IeDaily. II 'Us /n
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-- ,. ..... \ .... .0A L 5,4' P. m rain I./ Ilk.t.Ia1UNl. -
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Yal. 40,50.4 aplwlsWy to ... ....,.... st If bass ..r.... 1. ".GrUaaa.aik tar
1 > frail aa4 i.,.uM. (r..tra *>f J. D. KAI1HCK. Aal. O.n'W r.*.. A J). ST. AUGUSTINE:. rLA. IkkkaratU I. '. .

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Alfelarl ?n o tIAi A a4 *?Ul trUI ,.t..rlr4kMi. of alt. "' .all on ., writ* ..." 17. ll..rrr,-..
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llttk.11 to 't. w Rettds4T S. f." ekes I Send Us Your Next Order for Job Work .91 VX ... Uay ,,,.., ,



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- -

: Insure nllU rnthmaa Hill Insure filth ", ..1.iliAD .; 11I11. PROMINENT VISITORS t EtR,
--- -
y NEWS OF CITY AND Mr*. Vlniant of' Archer favored Mesdames Iflbten and Duran of Preildent Crwln and Party of Atltr.<:t ,
Galneivllle wilts visit yesterday.I. Archer were .shopping the oily ,t.. Coast Xlne Were .Here, "
: ... -, --
: COUNTY CONDENSED A. rorrle'haineaad, treakU+i t ba .erda)'. """ A ip' +oJal' ) train arrived in r t : '
con Just arrlred. aondr A 1.alo.: J. L. )1.rtdllhln.m..rol. ,
.- --- Metllln of latl night from 1, rvtmitur; .,
Mr. and Mr*. W. L. Illll are e$ end. the firm of J. 1.. )(wield A Oo.iiaa* This rain comprised Hire prUato. ( s. eta
a MatUn of General Interest Gi t11. 'tog a I..". deer with rttltlvt at Ilo Ue" naval atoree operator, wee Irani Woe1A baggage oar, and brought tint :

prod by Our Reporters. ehello.. acting business this oily yelerday.' Krwln, Third YlM-1'rMMeuii. er,

The friend of Mr*. )t. I'. York will Our labor. contract saves possible' 'loe 1"0uIhlo..l'r..h1.0" and i;JC< :1t.

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL' ITEMS regret to learn (bet. .ho slightly In. from advanoei mad to employe SALE Manager Kenley and other onMiiic:
_L. 9 dUpoietl.V. Prices ft) or let I by mill'', 8W cents GREAT the Atlantic Coast Mne.. w
What .Mai. Heppenedand What la doing I). Holland of Atlanta. .!p+olal (ease I U .per' hundred. t IOU" with or (II'.... seoreI tree, from \\' .iir.._.;iv-
der. 'ruM 8.It lslneetllle, Ft dew N. 0The.
I to Happen Told In Short Paragraph agent for the (jue n Iniuran Go ,
# liln. the city on "butlbfM.Tn The' large short. window at the drugstore peril came from 81 1'etri'" ire
So That, "H. Who' nuns May Head"It llrenlcer residence uplrd "by of W M. Johnson are "being re. ; REMNANTS. They are on a tour of Intpection. T_tl

.In The Bun. Commandant Hughes and family, It plastered. and! otherwlto) Improved. Dr.Jol.ninn eipeei to make 'their ilf pariuro it i

Inline with t'uihman ft Illll receiving. nnwcoal of paint. says he proposes to have two -- .- o'clock lists morning for the Nortv

r aI nl .'ulllolu.d. In .latent alylei( W. I., Mllleer a' prominent oltlien of the, mulL attractive window. 'In 'the 1..4Itl, this nlll be great' (eppurton, Daughters of Ribekah Suppir
at oflleo.I1 of Iawtey, IlradforJ was. city .
county lly for you 'to perk and Hum among a
whloh the
K Baunder of Albion was ai HitHrown .butlnri vlillor to this city yrilerday. H. 11. (Oodwlnof' High Spring was lei. of real genuine,( bargalna In Wool" The supper Daughters c''
') Rebekah. .. will the
terre at h
the opera : tlFriday
business visitors
\ to thli
Home yetterday.BlmoniAii'a 0.11. l.ovo of Trenton, manufacturer among + (ieodVc( "hair gene OUT our aleck Feb. D
1 Wonderful flair' for isle city ""dA". Mr. lodwln' was a evening proinltci) li i
t lumber was among those who)+ rartfully and arlMrd every short litre
It 3. W. )loOollum h tin.I member. of the firm of U. W. Kaitcrllit a most enjoyable event. The'" lil!:<
todtlneiv lie ,
came on business yes. ef goods and plied I Ihfm en
will be front until 10
fit' Mluea Tucker of Rochelle were lerday.Vounp. A Co., who recently had the" mil* set & p. tn", and t
(' 1 shopping In the city yetterday.Can fortune to lose their. store by fire.They CENTER TA11LE, moil' cordial Invitation la extended ti
'lettnof'' ,
spinach turnips,
r'UIUI business all to come and partake. or their TS.
leed-HMKrt for eale, J, N, rootnbaxai eabbage, carrot, parsley, ihort expect time.Afttr to In a Mhrrr .they. will be sold triranlltM of, Ing repatt with the ladle, The! supper '
Done, Oalnevlll, lie 7w>dawMr.i. milliard etc.. at MO''' ,'. today former. prim, The\ llrmnan( will be will be sorted a la carlo at fc.
TarhevllU or"I,. Oak .la 'In the Phone 188. pleaianl vltlt of several day large rnongh for ''''hi., lj .ill
+. oily. a uuet of' Mr*. T. J. Nlion Mil Met,x Armlitt-ad of high to her parents, )lr. and Mr, l.!. J. and ChUJren'r' ; .Hrt. ....... Now I I. jour i iMKKti+Hotton baked Lenin '
I 1 1. ;
Attorney T. U Kill made a profess HprlnRi |passed through the city yet Halrd laird returned Kail (Illnesv lle, Mlti toJaokion(.aura. lime yesterday
lonaltrlp to Alaohua ,..lord.,. home HAM- rinti':. :
lerday en rout from 1'alatka vllle, where the U receiving' Initruc* oysters, 2fta j rlw oysters, rj:
} Wo have New Orleana ."sup at 40 where she ,his,, been visiting relative, tloni 'In t fl.1 J.uke'e Hoipltal for a chicken iliad, 2be \ ham, per slice, lit!
1 cent reF Ration BauniUri A liarle. 0. M. Bmlth and daughter )Iba Hai trained nurse, The numerous friend :MRS. R WILSON. Ice creaml0o', cake, ftoi I coffee' >,

HurnUhed room for rent. Mn L tie, were In 'the city from their how of this lady welcome : teat, 5o4 bread butter ahd. orackcn
young were glad to -y -- -
Thrasher, 'Ml Kail l Main$ ",. N. 61
s 1 ; at Wacaboota' yesterday, and while her home again ANOTHCfl FREEZE PREDICTED free with oysters.III ,
J:uo. Hall his returned from, a her were guests of Air and Mr, 0. I I
With ---- ----
vlilt to hi* eounlry home, Kanapaha 0.1'edrlck. a desire to keep up with thelimes Department
Chief O'Neill of Fire Asks
and supply their cutlomert with I
i Attorney J. )I. lllver his returned Mlu Trial Illvti and hiss Salll the latest "beverage, the (lalneivllle That Faucet be Cloaed F. THOMAS

from I, ot..tlohal .l.1 lt to Hi. Augui Iludilni, two of Alaohu,'. most fat* hoofing Work' hav added several Another freeie I II predicted for '0.

tin*, clnatlng and opnlar| young ladle I new creation 'In the edit drink line, night and Chief O'Neill of Ih*'(Jalnra* I
W M. Jlarco of Albion wa among were 'In the city Tuesday on a iliop. which, are destined to become popular Till Fire Department requests .U Undertang COI

the business vltllori& to (lalneivllle ye*. ping eipedlllon. That firm, competed of Davit) A Drooki, uteri of water to clot their fan I

terday.WJ.. II. II, Mack of New York, of the I Is one of the oldest and most reliable oet". aa In clue of fire It would be dim

; )Kpperion: eilentlve naval compiling dei' atlsnent. Holenllflo In this lection.<< The service' has al. cult to secure proper prnture .
stores operator of Hronion, was IIItIe American, I la In the city In the Intereit way been prompt, the product all Chief O'Kelllatatea that there It a

oily ,,,'",11', of that great {paper, The 8uo acknowledges that could.b. deilred.'and I"e..rol'I.. municipal law prohibiting the running LINE OF

For Hale-Drug elore and I practice& a fraternal call, etor courteous and obliging, Thli or faucets, and this law will be enforced FULL .
ettahlUhed eighteen' "" year, Address T. J. Caper, the clever rrpreienta account tor the success the concern In this 'Instance upon all patties'
{ Hun chess, Pi live of Htearna Co, ihoei, lioitonji has been enjoying, and will continue delected In violation This lidon for NEW GOODS

J. II. Ohamlilln of Archer returned' at the Drown Ilnui )tr. Capers r.. to enjoy. the safety. of property In event of fire. --
to lila home yesterday, after a couple sided In Ibis oily many year, and Me
; of dayiepent" here friends )her* are always glad to ie* Mill Knight Will Dulld, lYratnal atlrtillou .te all. matters la

{ Dr. H. I1, (Uelten and I 1) ):. Martin 'him, It I I. rumored that Ml** Haul thli line, Mall and telegraph erdrrt

of Tort Whit were registered al the, 1"h'/' bananas, orangci, '1'. NEW YORK Knight, for severs) year engaged i In |l'f1Implll.Utlulf'd| le.Qalnoavillu .
l Drown Home\ '''',rdl', ( /fruit, Malaga grape and the hotel business at High springs --
I rvrrfililnglhal'a, nlcnat' )loKln,',,',. will .begin at one the erection of a
Mri. fleorge Taylor and eon and .Mite/ W* Ilk* to the Florida
answer 'phon and she hostelry at Homouiia. It will be ,
(lota of .Palmer favorod friend IIl'ahl. I remembered
t E number la 1K8. that the lIomo..... Inn, -r _.______ __ _u. __ ___ _. _
city with a vl-lt yesterday,
Tim entire front of the WMIIami RAPT. one of the best hotel 'Id that *eotlonwai ,
Ml* Fannie, Moor._ a .charming. n block West Main street N.. .hai. been destroyed by fire recently. It wa
1 I) young lady of Hawthorn, *, lilted materially Improved In appearance by a favorite retort for sportsmen and S SMj\n\ MOUNTS

friend In title oily yeiterday.Mr the liberal application{ of |>alnt. The during the season. enjoyed a line bush
JefTerton' MoJver/ of Jeokion- color I I. white, which make
i_ very CHEAPEST STORE ON ''EARTH. ness, This left the place without i a
Tlllel II In the oily, a guest of hrr pretty effect.Henry &. hotel and Mlta Kuliht has. taken"' advantage .
daughter<< Mr. Henry Fewell. Hunch of Hparlauburg H. 0.. 1 of the iltoallon to build at a AH ?New and Artistic

; H. It. Chilly of Mleanopy spent yn. hag. arrived In the city, and I I. vlilllng& point where luooett.It aiiured. A .'111! ---- -- ''.
i + terday In title city ai the guest of hit, his. brother J. P. Hunch, homes Arredondo .* -- every doien CAI.r.MlAH oablneti.' 1'IIU1Iiven All I the old wit
brothers, 0. 0. and H. )I l. Chilly .1'..." This young man I II well PocketCutlery Attention, Kirby Smith, etandard styles and many

Wanted-To rent a Rood tiprlght )'II.! pleated' with,, (Clalnetvlll and may de. The' regulfcr business meeting of new one '
sun. for leveral month. Addrr, with, old* to snake his, home hera, lie la a Klrby Bmlih Chapter, United Paugh
lormi, I I'. U. Hot N., llalneivllle Ha stenographer by iroft-nlon.| teraof the Confederacy, will be held, SPECIAL MOUNTS for( E. F. S.,

', f Miss Haiti (letien' a charming I"o your real estate business through at the home of Mr I J. 1*. )(oK'nur' ,. School Children and liable,
young. lady of fore While',' le 'In the the member uf the Florida. Heal' Ki: Jr., J l.. Main street N... at JtOO, o'clock ---
rely, the guru, of her sister, Mrs, J. I" Mate' and. Immigration Atioclitlon, today. A full attendance' I I. desired Fine. Fadeless Fotografs
Wi.oi; are reliable business
Hunoli.He men !'or complete llu call .Tulit received a* this will be thJ.last meeting at
on or n guuran From Locket, to Li/e(" Bite,
me niber the mld.week "prayer ..,. write Uha, liavle) secretary :Sit& which the present ofllcer will pretldc.Mna .
vice at the "1'reiliyterlan church this Weil Hay Hi$, JackionvllU' ...1.. bt.Mr. : tcod lulu of POCKETKNIVES 11. II. MtCNAar Pus. I SMITH'S STUDIO.

ovenlng at .T o'clock. A cordial Invl" and Mf.'llarrlnl'tsiferatlera' which Mk. J. N. 8raoniiM. Heerctary. 1 --.- -.-.-.---- .. -- --- .. --,-- -
brief visit to relatives. wo will --- ----
tatlon Iteilended to all In this oily| have

A. Korman, of Alachua has. acceptedM gone In High Springs, which place soil at from COo up) to Funeral of Mr*. Ormand THE CONTINENTAL
t IKMlllon& with the (lalnriTllle (Ui they.. will'make'" their future horn. Mr.rhlfer t The funeral Mr*. Nancy Ormand,
'' and Klfottlo lower Oompbny. and In '' married MliaNlll, Corpew at 120. A line assortment who died at the home of her daughter CAI'E.1t1HTAVtLA1T: .

future will make thl city hug, home.Che Melrofo' a few days ago, and the happy and every ono fully Mra. W. I U). Mcklnion In this oily,
couple are just concluding their wwl. Tuesday afternoon, will .be held, at
Hnilih. who lies a been In Outia
ding trip. autocd. 1'rovldenc"
for So 001110 and) buy Church. Wlndtor at noon
I the pail few week In the capaolly, Miss l.uolU' Hennloglon of Tampa today, It,,. M. T. Hell of Iteddlckofficiating.
t of traveling" Mlriman fur a elio houie, (something that is
hat arrived In the oily and has accept Friend of the family ateInvited
lag returned ao his family ,in thli oily. 'Inro.
rd a position, \& ai alehographer 'In tin guaranteed l or money __.__._ __. .
I U. J. Russell& & wise' lies been In this' otlloe of Thomas. A r.lll: Mlu Hen
city rut tine |pal 1.d.eye, where lie. nlngton visited frlendi' her two yearaago. baek. Attention U. D, O. ;
wa pleatantly. .located' at the'" home of bh* I Is a harming, 'lady The regular butlnt-t' meeting of the
I Mr, ll. It. Tlniley, departed jrreier and mad many. friend who art de J. J. Flnley" Chapter, U. I>. 0.. will.beheld
+ day for Tampa lighted to know that the will be among A Heatilirnt. Mae ef Thursday afternoon at 8 o'clock

s J. O. Andrew them permanently." 1&1111', residence of Mr, W. U. Taylor' ,
\ Hon, the broker New
_. .. Ginghams
- -- -- -- -- )h.. W. U.TATMII.
liave removed their quarter' from, the I'm, z
} Sill.. of the Alachua County" AbitraetOompany EAD THIS. and Madras MM J. I.. KaiLKT. flee Mec. y

to the olllce of K: It. Outh> ,
men,11'llllans.Oour Mobile" & Ala.. Deo. 24! 190.Dr. \'III be .plarrd *N sale kit( wrtl.IM / 'oor..: Baulk or !IVMioffl' .*.>

+ )II.. Myrtle IletlouR, who lies Lean i:. W. Hall.., Hi. l-ouli. )10.-"." \ >.. 1 at >H 18 rrati. I..| \., aat \ J. R. EmersonCompany ore tail. alhl i -.I.irii.,. a.e... i>fIPKoducod ( ..,'"'
Nits tried
Having different
doctor ..
t. seals
Jar" The .la
are short'

I.attending at home eollfg fur a In short)lllt visit dgnllle toln>.r tieI. )patent -, and for. bark their and remvdlee kidney troubles for several" I. foundnolhta year It agtkt and aro .|x..lal tat...... \ ,_ ;' \ b --

r *, Mr. and Mil, V. J. UftlotiR.Krleude .
; ,,' uolll taking The \\CO Prices
are delghl.d, to see her. Tessa Fonder\h Hall'. llreat Dlecuvery, > Another AmaH :Mono) Savers

Among the rrt city yralerday -.r.. IN>U A. l lllumphrlra I... \ men ta "Uod b''". (ti. lot of tljasoDeautlful \ -rou- -
mau who Invented the Pullman .1..1' *
spit W J Kryion% of l.Uej ,lug car," but I ear "(tad bless' th* Inventor 'Whlto _
y Oak. These Reullrntvn, etine. c* bu*|. of hall's T.... Wonder." Spreads IOu Printod Slaiioncry
iiiennntcrU' wlh( the UaliM Hiatt Your* truly, W. H. CIAHIC.M. t
at PS t.'Cl1t.a.j
laud ofttc. &. .\ U) HU JD*? Mobtl*. Ala. OoodJ Sold .
Ourooultaot with 1'4t"0'| in whom A TEXAS WONDER. A Few on I.h'e I i .lib. ffIW ..../." .... surN Nu. j..V .

adrabfve are mad to assist. thi.m 'IB : 0i small (tiottle of the Teiaa Woa \ few more sucks and Let JNr.NN9 tlllffHu ._ nevi will ii '

,,+ growing' Drops I Ironclad. hit the der. IIIU'. Uft'" 1)i.eotery) au,.. all i Staples: v.J LIve ..... osaar. 'M bendM ftI N. U/W","
thing' for inerohauli who aJvanc ID ktdnev of that. Rico : ':
and bladder trouble. good ItWI r.
/ ; i'ncceSMS. IIVJjliO
crop|"re. If fur 60& 13 |> r hwndr4. earls diabetes. seminal enle. I .. p.tI T.Ib. Note Head 'J.> -'
oa n with order Nol Jeei. tha. to.old. ., a.. a i.dO . u
ton weak and 'lame bubo rheum ni 2,75 sack. ttaretope :a
Tile Si llalaeiTtll" Ma.
dew .
Is Wi 55.
and l.OiUKtatnneiiU
I ism all IrregalariUe of th* kid ... .I7
I .*I'b"t4h"ltr J. i 11. Uranker r.1 I be). and 1I1.dbolh. men and lOlI 1t*) irviu Utter Heede . 31U .'
turned ,..ti>rday from UUh Ppr' with' John Hmall, a negro whom hi> ar- rbsidrrc. If nol sold& by your druggist (y.a. L rn ernac. AU older printed stationery at propottootitlr
will beset by mall oa reeelpl oft.. ... 5'....I. hew prlee
I i ailed In that plea upon 'InitruetkMii One email bottle u two month' treat PUlfffi D OmrU5 "to CM T..........
from Sheriff H.nneit of Itradford meat aad ldom fall to perfectcare. a OeM .. -
county The otter from Uradfonl Dr Ernest. W. B.ll.sot.asesi'teotorer e ,.... ,...... w. U.h lied ...n.....y Tear Or4er
arrived the train T O. boiM: *. fll. I on noon returning'' Head for teitlmoalaU' Sold by all Phifew Horner
with his prltontr' ,in the. aftrrnoos.v dru"Ui*. Tile: OAlNIISVILLn SUN.
..,," .. r. ....'::'&.

,___. e
f fa1.
-" ..... .... o-.odoo..r ............- I .... '. 46- 4 .r .

.. 9 iL r ..-. !* -



1 ra .T 71 + c= = 4i'r'T ,--.g ( arr11' .t4 V T!

I ;



r 1 it t

t ntnt uitt


Published Twice a Week--Monday and Thursday

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-- -------- -. -- .-..--"- -- .--.. -;;::;..;--=... m..U..:: --. ': .. ..- ._ rr....... -,....._ __.- ..h" "__ -.M.iI

foundatlMi. nun !hit frltnd declare VAnDAMAN COMMCND8 Tcn''lLL' I ''t

that ht will to rlc .*
weeks During .n Ntflfo Troop, THE FAR EAST

POLAND RUSSIA lit wes Oiembtr or the Jrtjmtatlon. i Jack eon, Ml** ? J>b. 1.-(1"yHft ,

ot editors "sgt1111orsrr teen who Mllmt Yardanian tent the following telegram. t

on M. Will, president of th. ewwmlite .to Governor Terrell of (Irorglas

[Vanaw and Other Citl H Still of inlnl,tfra, Jan. SI all of whom 1 Loavo Work Entirely In Ikntlg "Permit tee lo congratulai ,the Jopantne} Asa UcpnUod lyKuropntUIn' ) aen.

were arrtt<*i|, but .ev ral of -whom PrcsldenU whit purple ,/ Clorgl upon the character oral
Having Labor Klots, bar already been released the only or of their chief. executive( and to } Army .. '.

-. charim aMlnit Gorky .. that /lit wa "'" commend you, tnydear sir meet bean..

[COHKY WILL NOT OH 'HANGED A m"mbr of the fonunlllo of .three. OTtulR NATIONAL CAPITAL NKWtBtnattr lly for\ your conduct In refuting to JAP8 CAPTUnC ORITItM VKtlBL

which waa appolnlvd collect funda -+.. "II 1 i.\L f allow th* blare of ONtrgU' to bo din

Iwmort that 0 fat Ruttlan AuThor for th* fttrlktrt.Th Dale, of Ttnntttet, ", I. 'worn honored by being represented at the Mlk.d,', Men Art Dlttrlbwtlno

AatoclatH lies. la Informed,, ;';Ottf Inauguration of the president by a nee '
Will 0* Punished for High Treeson on excwsllngly' high. authority that In for Hit Fourth Ttrm Trusts| fro military company. Among Huiilana Ttlllng Them of the \ \

Unfounded It BiUmtttd the chane. of the go ernmlnt meH Mutt .teed Supreme Court |njuno "Tbl an I will bring down upon your Pilots' In II Petersburg and Other

that 100 Hue been Killed Ing th* i rm.hl alluatlun br".ranlln. tln. I devoted head thn ..treat condtmna Cltlti-Othtr Can News,

ft aorf of tniikyiahor (o4! Ituadan lion of the negrophllea of lift( north,
Wft hlngton, I..b'. r ilrfhe bout Mukd' Jan $0.-lelayed In Tntnt-
HL I Ptttribug, Jan. 81.-It48 p.rn.- Und paillamend li growlug hourly and the office-bribed referees of the south
commute' on Int.rststq foreign .lulo"-TI111 morning the JtpanMtadvanced
and bioad'inlnded and
a Iltrlctll'omt..ho1
N a.1 laitit reports from Wartaw dt- br1ghUr.
eommwic today ftiilhorUesI ft favor'able .r. and political creature ot on 'the Russian left dror*
lct the tltuatlon throughout Poland In the nplnlon i>f many IJbprala the bill, abollih1 In
report| ou th* Mann: both aecllnni, but nlnMenlh of th* th* cavalry screen and bombard
Increailogly ttrlou Minor coliont creation of mioh a liody road up of' Ing the Panama canal eoiultilon, and decent llbtrty-loving, palt- pecllng .d the outlying' hllla, The Ituialantinov

between the Iroopa and polle repre.c-iitathfsi. .ot all classes. which placing the government 'of the canal I whit purple ot tilt south commend ,4' up nlnfoI11t'ItI..U.. Iepule.J<< '
iuld. Ilk. the old atatra( general nfFr ton and the work of cooitructtng th. act the Japanese, and drove tVm out ul -
nd the your
populac continue to swell the
"ne<<'ft. vole the niMsIa and grle.vanc canal entirely. la the hands of Ib* prf "I thank pod that ft few of the faithful Ik* tlllag They had occuplvd.Oonalant ..
lumber of'dead.ftallroadt of the |IH'OIlo( without InlermfUlarlM" ( Ident. tirvaioa. of ound4 men
old guard with
arc ut illlli southern
and Induitrle are rom directly with the orort1n, would rally It can I* said by authority that un gentlemen In authority who cannot art arriving from the right, flank /Including

i letely at a atanditlll and the. pr..' I to the' Jn'"UlIl'nl' support all theQunserrellve Seas the corporation constituting tile b bribed with federal 'IJtutenant" tlentral Mlilchra
l patronage or
nce: ot tnoujandi of Idle woikmenrlio and liberal element. ,llegdbetf trukt" shall heed the debauched with presidential flattery. ko, who I la In *ic lltnt tpltlta and Ulectlvlng

have beta out. ot employmentmontbt _...---__ I Injunction mad permanent by Ih.. decision (Hlgned) Jamea: K. Vftrdaman vullori, Acordlng to the

or nod art etarvlng and d."- ON TMAIL or MunueitittttPtllct of the supreme court of the. official army organ the wounded num.

>frat, add A factor of the gieaiMt -- United Hiata )etterday,..&h. government her 1,100.'he cold' It Intent anil
IDler which la not present 'to the Omalala Dtlltv Th.)'' Will wilt\ Institute proctedlngt again. -..- the condition of tb* wounded. cautM

i*in* itent In 81. I'tl.r.blr.'btl'he Clear Up Clrdt Myattryi the Individual members of the corporatlone Ntw the greatest aniltly, 'Wcau*. of the
In Yrk with
| government order for war pur- Ooluradu Hprlni.l Colo., t.'". 1- to enforce th* decision:: ol City anAogro vipotur of their woundt. (n nut frost

>sea bar kept thv tectonic./. Chief of 1'vllc Reynolds) of Kill city, the eourt.> '? .t* Membership. *f 70,000. induces. gangrn I'revenllv pro
Nw York I'eb| l.-Tlit largeilcenlral
Tht American vice consul at WarWilold who hu ben uu th. trail of (fMllloarranklln The proceeding will b* \mder the of cautions mare. l been .taken, but lb.wOllnd. .
body building\
ew Pouch. telegraphs. that au pcte4 of having" murdered criminal' law If such can bt Initltuted Asssoolsted ... are suffering t'ha guiles!
organised this city, tb*
any stories. chiefly Huttlan, hart hectic Denton baa rclunied. lie The tulndt of the roaldnt and mttn llulldlng Trad.., bat effected perm, ,* pain

un plllaitd by I\\obla.) and that theactorles announces that Im, ,la convinced of two bert of bit cabinet are mad up fullyon nnt organliatlon\ It contain" II The Japan**. art lakl Nod care

without irption.. are now thIn,.. Oral that fbi body found' on Hit Quettlon. They hav dftr union, dltectly. rngageil l In th. Ittlild' to itt that the IliiMlanar I d Ole
;loie Ing ttadM with an axirtiit. m.mb
"Ullft are not wlUog to wall ale Ikiuton of 14) racuae. N. Y., 1''j the law and that the ..'-I..1Il court and t.trbanc"" In Smash, ..5'fsn" sr.
hip of 71,000 la a much ttrougr
bur art compelled to Jftjij .ti.* strike second that Milton' .franklin In the land liai upheld |'b. hands ollo tha lying on a regular lIIIILI:
the ol
body noun old board
\>r Irate Mr. rourhaa taw no Imroretaent of Hartford Conn.. la the Mlltoorrauklln adiulnlflrallon, It U said they will tradrw spread itdltlon and rtlncouiajatnopi
building of which IRI'ar .
> In the ituatlou up to tail alias Ueorg bouton alias permit no further "dillydallying1\ with wa president. the troupe I..tteve ate ..Try

Ilbt and reported tho receipt& of bad ((eorgo liarnett. oho baa bn roi| onalbl the tttbject. Atbltrvllon. dimeuUltt ore providedfor tlirovstt within tho .nu.lan hors dh

ew-i from lads and Hadom. for her death. The chief *.yata (\>n.ul Uun4rsl' Hunger nit Vanaroa: daring' that. alt llu.*ia li aflame with
ly Ib lltnU wlileh,
i .U, la enlinalfld that the numberof will' f.A'. t wafrAiit. lt ud at once cabled the nary department& today. ai i that nrlkM 'wn-1U1ut. ltd
(lied or woundect at Wartaw laMA1IM nanoM for IVankllu'a arrtti. II. ache thai: follow iJ) l I,I diets are shedding their bv! lit a week ft ooniinlll' wlll he ap.
;, I'ranklln li lu hiding In New York "Kacvtlt: (payma'tMrJproving bettJ r. IAh.1Ilcutsnshi t I 1 and calling on surrender or
pointed to wait on the building iradMmploycrf solders
city, and thai .It.* has I boett traveling ( ) conlalHlst Otherd. fm' desert The eagerly r4
r ftt*....I.lIun and demand a
s with ft wowan who tails .IttiaHf his ." and dlM-ma |ha. (eonlmunlratloat 0
conference to end the |'.**...,, l Hik-
littr. especially arcoMBla of the event a at
out and. ester (Into a Joint eonfercte,
While In Byrftetu*. ('.....1 Itvynold In the Mow*. .Hi l, P'M.r.h :rjr Jaft. tf The alftttr.
which !he he4d. or roprramtatlvtMof
aubmlud ft staple of the hair of th* llefor tttttiulng ronald" +'rstlon of thetostoffiee nay hope la ..Br**.*4l OR sit ride tt.t the
onto. ** and to irwulal
body of th* de's11. t! ,woman to iho Kemp- ) apprnprtaiion& Mil the house j Itucelsa.. | ashen will forriu 'Internal
new arbitrary' *.>Htnt.LAO'ft .
tan iarnta of lleal llouton, and II today ftdnpid a r.* offered by r J ar .... --. d''<<.,*..** l..clIIOI play taco the basic

r was 'Idenilflfrd a* lilvlng Ulonge. to >lr. Klingtrald (N. Y.l I calling on tkaecriMtry <> of th* J. u..*.
the inlolug" Jaughlet. of the navy tot Info rnlltlCln .

The deripllon of the. dental work regarding the iHcquaHty lu till t mount' J,p* Capture OrltUh Steamer,
Little rtllew tmtlltd,, tmtWl andGive. '
i tr 4p I ".. l"*fttint>d ales and ttx height. of' armor plat dllvrfl f
weight and general. 4Hf"'PtluA of the tJulaiMtltut ana I/oiiI.. lana. lerOy eaptHtvd off llukbaldu Uland,
York ."b. -41og.11'sip
body tattled nacily with t..t of Dtsw r. northern Japan, till llrltuk tlnaroerWlbtfleld ,
''ltIlR .I"t..I1II.. | has "iro*.d hint
't i with ewtlraband f rVladlMMtotk
ale I ikwtenTCNNCIfaCAIL In the Btnttt. > *
calf a worthy nametak. of 'Ik* iVtber
I In Ih,* senate iod.y Mr.rj; irmaek ,
D of lib (luuntry.(1.ulge .
: OLD. presented eke *rtlllcat of re-el"clUm I The .t earner. WytfltM"" 0'11'.t.>
I of hit eollaftu, Mr IUI' ,: -Id>> bit I. I year* old and wag twit ton, tailed trout tun .ahH.IQ. |>.4,
in franc. Tavern .hlttorlo.
a building '
: Cincinnati' sad New Yerk Brokers At fourth term A bill wa passed pro- Hioad 10 for CbiuMf. rth. arrlfed |hertz( .e

quirt Valuable Pr p rty.KbOktllle hlblllng( *ipr.. rompanii .;.ngag<.-i In had hit shed, whf. .Washington Jan. f, sad left hat putt Jan f lOt

Tenu.. l>t.. I.-A .lffOCIl.1 In IntM-alat" and forHgu commeirtarrying oUt b.sduuarter.While Molt

GO"., from JobUMin City, Tnn., aaa: oUtcen lIa.r.llu'f.i' ,,lt .t. at play on the ... the little fellow amelled amok' and
.- utla.It'Tht "It la leaned' through suureNdeernrd tend trt other carrier. Ib* provUlonn{ l4wt.ou tII'. IUIUI Ou., llmllej,
100 which (rs ft on.iDative I tb* alarm. A hurried etaniloai
r4lal' "I.l thai th. Ollofhrtfld regulating the Iran* .*loufof( suds gav .f Vlt.rl., II. 0 '
rioUng In Poland, win largely i lion by men whom [..m,. auiumoaed,
C'UrporaUoD and the fkrath and We.t mailer by that mall. Tilt 'bill had -
,' tiiiiaiion The falltd lo d>.cloi* the tense of the
affect!: the e iioniiti+
hire actually been "Willa" Wrht Occupied.hbk .
.Railroad company passed the house. tod'
factorfa at 1t'stsaw. lxwi tr. $peirokolf inch anmk and I Ib* flrm..u were ealltd.
told lo IStigen' Mmmwuiaft, of CI** --------- ,. Jan 11 -11 a.m.-It It B >
and other /induttrlal cenlert lo Poland cinnati. and II. II iMIIna company ul KILLED III ft FATMCn.fYung They tot. tip part of the floor Bad tiered that. the Iou ef .Ile4koulaal. will

bate been compelled to gradually r- Now' Votk. owners td Ih* caNlnn.U.HamllloQ found ttfveral heavy oak base amoulderlBg V* klionfly defended by Ik* Jap4.

due their output and d.cre-u. and Dayton railroad sand Man rVltctt MttbtV at an ready to .burt loin rlamti.ID 'f', wko. art now' oMnipylna\ / ; the HUJtlan -

working 'ones aloe* the outbreak of that the $llruatloft, between Oeorg U Awful Ctt.luinbrldg ;.. lad't In-will..,.e. saved the oil. workt. At the grtwnd. I. fro*....

the war. which baa ftlm*t mtlrely/ Carter and ""uro. of the etttekhnldrn *. (la.. Nell. l.4n. order bout from .being. badly damaged, and It la practically Impossible. to coax:

closed the BlbeMan and HBChurt of the Clloehneld rorporatloo and the t* protect hi* mother front lbs attack.. be was balled by tk. entire neighbor itmel sew fiord. .

market Tb retult hat bn that South snd'1Ve.t. railroad'' la tool orer of hU father who while In{!Ip InUu- kood at ft hero"

tkoutaoda of workmen kav !..** the' property Itself. but over the, pro 'Scaled .condition was attempting lo rpaOPan/ten MOO Dead left by RuMlna,

thrown out of entp\") ascot for manytootthK. tdt of' tl* .ale take her life with n knife Julian l sru. PHn tt Unds |'J) doa, Jan lt.-.4l: p.m.-A 41..

fumUhing s 'bo-.imil! ,. hungry. It that Mr Carter bought heft shot and killed his father... John tendon I'tU.. I Pr1nr*.i Vfflnrla. t Uk. l. tk* Jap/uesa" legalhin' d..... 1

dlssaUi/el. d.sMrnt: "" rr n stnueg the*. .piiprrtu. for IH Cllac n... cor.poratKiA IL Umbut. In Ibis city daughter of King IVlward, underwentan today tart KleM. Marshal. OyaMft r*.

whom when ttM, n.r. Irani"*' .'rt.rr> tat whwh ftoM. 6 tl w MlilMid! Young Ijtmbert Lao. t...n Lire only op.ratln for appeadNlla at HuekiBgkam port Ibis- (.bet ll.aala.. ta... ,left

burg produced an HIUMH+, '. of'ftot* aid director) for th* *UB> of "..00.. ft few .....k.. being empWiyed In the palate this morning Tk* 1,1" dud oft Ib* geld. tlfr*. Jan. ,I.
unit InrrndUrj<< tPV'1' .". '* test.d operation was performed fc> Mr t'red-
MO, and 1ndiai: *,.M lo ZCrsbmer office of the Oeorgl, nohdft..and Alftbama Je- --
that B large protKMUOM of Ik. *** tko. rtrk Tf*,*., surgeon In eNlnkry to
.4. .
mat 4 Monica) computy 11.100.000.. ". II. was a quiet, wtlt-b-. Alleged. Murderer Captured
Moda mar bet miMxtd try ih* ",n iutlonary baud. and mid the king A b..lleti I. an analleg Bl prwHt f |.M))00. Now young man a good .. litrmlagkam. Ala .... I -p1
organhlat.una In ."01.... whhhIt other ** II.I"'r' are aoeklag to gets impression upon tk* people of. this | rare! ". * Jeinee.,. ft..*ni, all. *.*4 m..r4frfrlmlfttl nil 1

the bot.... of gorlalUM ftd tb. fart: ftf tkto.. |H'>.iV>0. whit. Mr. Catr ... cIkr. of the oprlkn. wef fav,raM.*. The **..IUnt of Idiom llelftnioo4arorth.

movement nay d.vrlup ft arty char. laliM a It at.... tarntat la lkTb Tk* roroBrft Jury brmtghMin. a va. prln **t her* It very ...u. and ItprogrMtlag *f fleecier, Ala, f. IU("

sr 'h..ngk ,It... I. Iedteatke of aco4tperaUnu deal. diet' ef Justifiable homlet4, aa4' very """."' 0,11,." Tk. Sirday sight A w..k ago, bee bet* tap

of the lNtlilf*"t ./asses a If. A I) (nI."... It ,It MI4. f.ftmbert warn discharged TkJrbody print**, who. baa bees III fir K>WI* tMt4 atVarrt.r and pla.<4 la tU "

of the l'otto" pinMtaiNia' wblr* ar. bee ar.-4f taken ...,.. ef Ik* prop of l...mbert ran tki*'4 to j fCI"al' tin, setae to fsMtdwn Jan If lo pie' J'tT.roA *"M ftiy Jail. II. 4e. .... fcA
[ ,r* iftitrtntnt.
.nIN. 'lag h.... !. l_at.r al all sad. at iy
The a >1Ik-n1 l .........' ... tcwltftrna4 IB suf. .. -..- Merit kla laao*...*. Dude pa,.

[of ft I'rt.r. ttrg. w kith ha* rev..<.Mlwaralnc .. C.nNtln *f c.,,,,rN,,ee. .ttwpt*. 'a t >tviiIke Ship 1.,...Aa it, A&t,... Die *f turnt, tl tee mil k* a..t .her .M Mll/y lkr ,
frmn Q0vr 0r <}
arced Trfwlt ta ........... sue." f..... r44+ M, r*%. t The ...,........ tempi III ....U.... Italoee __i III t.pP niwiNtiii. Yob. I IAi tk>. pitygetrt ..... .im__ _
the It-a., pdal >Ie ('G8.tIC't..... with SMatlag heard u.t..fto. tat lHttttl Mil day aMHle. n bold MIC. I"'" of ....... ...,..... ft sat Masse, IN., r.. t ..'". .,. I* eo

..t ran J: ,.bat the .law regeltes. .......... "IhiHat the- fir.4 self of bedew t$* wai+r iii.r. as I.t k7..;;4 a c.rt sager 4e f*.kj.d ... mt tiff Jo.&., tk* *Hgke| .tM deubt toll, '1i.

tae 1'0:1.: 10. .th, i.t all oi aa* I* pr..etre the ftlffct tk* prl K* wa. r*...... MI 4"trl.r I* ......-, 1...... .hUt .r.**"*. ,.... a llvtvg ....... a4 tea .nr HN t ig fe* .,...... .. .?neat olf ,

old. r tehKa. rinser. tM ....ftt of tie pets a4 dimrwlty Mk **... tM>wr*>4 *t a 'rrriKe' n jJ. 'I'k. akrlklftg. ,.....(*j In* t.*.**. He. ral the new a*4..k rt ust I'e t.emetr. tk*

tmop' .t.i \.t.iRire. .tal. thai r.*tkl.K. II* aloes at'. bases af<.raiHvfgkt .U.... ... .......Mrtf4 tit tb a. ....,., .** ikr. i beer f.,.,. u .,*r |.t sad -..n.e ",f the eonr.i.irMtfftlr > .ill k* abas4we.e
tI..a *,.. ...< dose fc- :"n (M MUMary Tft. f* ...Lt!'"
Temporal /11 IKII" ... b...'. tie te.eet I. f fU 1'1.- : chi' a..H'H.' &a.1I1) p.ttlsg eel

MU e Irr1St TO Tk. IftBawakttkNi of tk* rl.k iteac test., and. h. pure. ..1.. "rre'| vf tea iky *..*.. Mot. ,.. .....,. bwet. he.p tiaaa are ..NBl.f I I. from .U Chen"
foot and ..,.." Krrlkhr4yt .h Lions cad Ik* ..u.*.. ar* the e
U AHnJaUkUf. Tk* :.fl I. Mtt flt-Mf ceiJw.ew TIM* i4t' WMkiMlftg k* 4 to ,
Prt.rbtst$. r.. 1.-n.Of" ckaaced.. Co.fkif cad trrf J i4fc *4*. ulogdfiy ef the g In a kot 4tal *e4y Only tk* 11,904 hue sea we*.*4 uy April

{.bet N.... Gorky. ash, .,. '&sgN twDgb << tarsus Mil thr.a.'est. M ..... vtarf fto4 ice ..ger .*..4 lit bwrlnftkt tow** WHoa ky airs in >k* tketltfprevent M wk..H :it ..III f1'J> ar tkn ii**' t

CI..... Ie wtthwt 1b.. ..11.1..1 after the coegklsg epeia M 1W.P k.,> .-wafffnad. "n .'U. led ",,'ll

ill J

C I+:.:1a d1. a _" _., 1'. -h ,. ..........l.i. ti** i', WatiF ,1_ k: ; iLi ,. lH1. d

'I / !r \ p jv1 e'e'n .

4 ti r


I Ulnt. ; jun. .

t Published Twice Week-Monday and Thursday

. .
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.:--. ,: : : : ::..::: : :.=::. ; ==:: ; : : :::::":-: -


._ __ ,___________ _
.. .. .u
:=.-..-. -- -.------- -- --...--.-- .... ..-..-...-------.--- -- --- -- '. -M- -----=:--"- -.--,- --------;;;;;;;;;.: -- .--. ;

unhU04)_ n..n. hit triM" d+olar. VAnO MAN COMMCNOSTCnnCLU I)
$ITOATION SERIOUSIN tk* rumor kbturd, The ......Uo-u t --

'la tbat b, wli) U.. rl....d In a few Llkta Altitude tf Ottrgia't' Oovirnor

...k.. CANAL + Dewing an Negro Troops THE FAR EAST
POLAND RUSSIA Ile! was a member or the .1tt'Ut.Uon COHHISSIONjLoaro Jackeon, )11..., l>..,. I.--OovtrnorVardaatan

of HUn and literary men who alled. sent the following' telegram t
I -- on )I. WII10, provident of the fOllllnh .to Governor Terrell'', of leorglai. '

."arla" and Other Ciiicn Still tea or mlnUt rp, Jan. II. all of whom Work Knttroly In 1Iandrt "Permit me, to congralulaia, tht Japanano Arc juiUod Ilj Gu i.

wr arral d., Nt ..,..,.I of whom PrenldcuU while people / Georgia upon the chin eral l
Of Tho ( '
Having Labor UloU, hat already ttn rakated. The only actor .f f their chief execuiha and lo Kuropntkln'd Army. .
.. .5
-- charge atalnit tiorky I. hat lit wan commend you mjrdearilr, mast heart'

[OIWY WILL NOT OB HANOttD Am."mb.r vf tttaAimiut* of three. OTHER NATIONAL CAPITAL NGWI1 lly for your conduct In refining in JAPE CAPTURE DrllTltH.. VEIIBL

r which was appoint] to col" left funds .: f allow tka 'Mate of Georgia to ba dl.

tumor* that the Ortat Rutiltn AuThor for the alrllitri.Th Senator Date, tf Ttnnttatt-, la $w.rn1 honored by being represented at Ibo Mlkadt'a Man Art Dlilrlbutlng Latttrt*

I A..ocUtM 1' la Informedon ; Oatf Inauguration\ of the, prealdtut, a n*
Will$ Ot Punished for High Trtt- In for Hit fourth Ttrm'"; Trusts Among Huiilant Ttlllna them of thtnittt r
I cxr. id Must Maid Supreme Court Injun Till act will bring down In $I. Petersburg. and Other
sell Unftund -It It KttlmattdIhM the chances of the gotfrntoont meet'lag upon your
I IWashington dtvolfd head' the atmvit eondemna Cltltt "far Nawa
100 Have Otin Kllltd, the pwvht situation by granting tltn. .a -Olhtr Catt .
a orf of a.m.kuhor old HunUn. 'A. lion of the ntgrophllet of the, north
'" ''.b. 1- Thft Louse Mukden. Jam I0,--1>tlaytd In Trans
brlbed .r.,... of
offlca ,
1 HL I'etarftbug, Jan. 81.-It49 p.rn.- land patllamtnt ) la growing hourlybrlthtcr. the < the eotttk
coinntlllca on Interatate .ahd 1 foreign inlinlon.-Thlt morning the Japtntttadvanced
flit laitit report from Warsaw dt-. and a few broad-minded' and patriotic
commerce today auUiurUeJ, a tares officeholders and on the Human" "left, drove
let the altiiatlun! throughout Poland In the opinion of many Ubtrala.. tb.ttto.tluo able report on the )lanD' ltl, abollih' lK>th sections, but political nlnMentha creatures of Ikedecent of I In the cavalry acrttn and bombard'

Increasingly serious. Mluor tx l- Ct'I,1body l made up of| Ing 'Ibo Panama canal comltilon and liberty-loving, "alfreipecllngvrhlla td Ibo outlying blllt, The lluialantmoved

stone between the 'troopa and police"a alt claiafa, which placing the government rC'1 the canal people ot the mouth commandyour up rtlnforceintntti fppuUtd
rould. llk. the old. talr a general' offranco tone and the "work of coaitructlng the act."I tha Japanese) & sod drove llpm" out ol
id the continue swell tlilumber ,
populace to
volra the nJ and grievances In the hands of Ibo preaIdtnt. thank\lod 'that. few of the faith- the tillage"' they hid occupied.Oonilant .
of'dtad.IlallrOadt .
of the IH'O.IQ| without lnlrm<>dlarcaUr | '
( atreama' ot wounded menart
fut .
old guard are with ui ttllli aouih-
and Induitrlet are nom tl)' with the .0\.In. would rally that flank
It can bt said by authority wn era gentlemen In authority who cannotbe arriving from (tilt right Including
lately, 1I atandillll and the pr... I to the r.o.rnmcont' support all thi less the corporations conathutlog Ihel! bribed with federal' Lleultnant. tlentral Mltlcbonko -
palronaga or
ice of tnciijind of Idlo workmen Ouas.rratIt'. and !1.111..1| elements, alleged "beet lruatM shall heed the debauched' with ptetldentlal) flatter)'. who la 'In exctlltnt aplrilt and U

ho have been out of employmentr __ .. I Injunction made permanent the dacltlon Hlgoed) Jamet Vardaman," receiving vltllon. Acordlng to thtoWolal
monthi, and art tlarvlng and del ON TIIAlL Of MUnDIU.ft. ot tba supreme court. of the ................ army organ .Iht wounded num.
prate, adds factor of the gicaiMt -- United Mimics yetttrday4he govern- bet '.100. The coM It intense and
anger which U, not present lo the Pallet Offltlala Dalltv They Will moat wll| institute proceed Inn tgilnattha the, condition of ,tba wounded causes

imo extent In 81. l'elersburg'wbere Clear Up Colorado Mystery Individual members ot the cur In New Y k with the grealeat anilely. '"''''11'. of tba
government ordera for war pur Colorado BiiHugi. (Jol lu. .'t'''. 1- poratlona to enforce tba declalou ol an eipotura of their wuunda (n lha frost
af ",.000.ll.w ,
:>sea bare kept Iii, I.ttorla.lln1.) Chief of i'ollca Reynolds, of Ibis city, the court. '!' Aog"0U induces gangrene Preventive. greed
York Peb I--Tht Until
The American tlco consul at War who bat been uu the) trail of ,Illtou The proceedlnga will ba under the central body, ot building. tradti en'( cautloni have l I..en .taken, but tile

iwVlUUd rouchai, telegraphs that rranklln autptclrd of having inur- criminal law If such can "b insulated, AaiWatt4llulldlng wounded are aufftHng the ." .t..C
organliM In this city, tbt .
any stories, chiefly Ituialan, have doted limit Denton has rHurntd. .Ito. The minds ot the president' and inembtrt Trades, tau effected pain. i

ftn pillaged by mot, and that the announce that lit, la convinced vf two of hit cabinet. ara snide up fullyon urganliailon. .It conlalnt,perms'nent II The Jajianeta are ,taking gtMid care

ethnics, without' exception art now things, flrat. that. (the body found on tht oueatlon. They have determined In to let that the llnaalun tank and file ; ,
unions, dliectly engaged tka bull4lleg
lo.od, A general tlrlke ,U In eff.eot Cutler mountain .la that of Xlra, ltoa that the "t..., trust" shall obey art not left uninformed regarding the
trade with an aggregate memberablp
hiota who arc nut wlUog, to walk sin llutiton of Hiacuap, N. V., and the law. and .that the highest court disturbance .In UUllli| Theara car
tlr n.oo". and la a much tlrong
but are compelled to Jtyji'- .the elrllieby toond.) hat Milton franklin Andrews, In I the land bat upheld Iba, hands olla .r IxHiy Ibm neven\ the old board ol rylng on I regular campaign Uitpread
hream Mr. IVnicbai taw DO Improvement of Hail ford, Cunn., la the Milton administration, It It call they will aeditlun and illcouiagtin nt
tradM of which Bam ('arksMae
building ,
la the "ltu pr..tdent.Arbltr.tlun l
night and reported the receipt of bad Ueorge llarurtt et ho ban ton tC"tllOn' the lubject. .'? OIRIcultlet thrown within Mm elluilan lines ....
"'.. from LtHSand Madam. albl for her dtath. Th' chief' aayaha Omtul Ueneral' ludgcr at P.anamt: for bv the' i-oniilhithm., are wlikh Maitii I Hanoi| that all lluaalk Ik altaraf with
| '11) I.l animated' thai the tMiraWr of wilt hiVa a warrant l*.ued at ouca cabled the navy dvpartincnt 'today at riot and revolt' arguing that the toll*.
i that. atrlkot will be a last l retort With '
Mlld or wounded at \ 'are.,,' la about for fraukllu'a art"11)1. thai follow at. I I I I dltrt are aheddlng their blood In vein,
twill be
In a oomhillle
a ai
I Pianklln la In hiding In New York "...(let"{ (pamatter) better, LeheyIlctiienlttt I I 1 1" and calling on thtni to turrender. .. <)r
1.lnl. | to Mall on (ha building IradeiampUoera'
city, and thai ha has l..ft1 traveling ( ) cotituUf Other |tnprying. < desert Tka aotdlera eagerly reed,
e with a woman who MilS hfratlf his. ." 11ftCH'1'I" and demand aoonfeteoca and dieciiia 'theaa pontnuinlealloat1, e

stator lo end the pretent lark.' especially afvonala of the ...,,1. at f
Hut and enter Into Joint Mnf.r... ..
t'M While' In Hyrarun.. Chief IU>i>(*l4.* In the Houie. HI. reti.t tiiirg. Jan II The sheets

aubmlUeU a of tb. hair of Hit ""or. ramming rnnetdrratlon< of the whlob may be held, of r.pre..Stsuvee'it hope la eaprttaed on all sides (hat ,b.U".I. .

body of ikt deep woman to tko )Kn>t|>< povtofflce appropriation. bill .the.. house unloita. anl Oft1I)14.,.,.. tu tunaulatt ." nation will fuse'i) ''' aldlffereaeea

ttra, |iar.nta of .Heaala llautoa, and ti today adopted a rvmluiiun offered by 1 saw arbitrary Mfum. and not pity liHu t Ike kaadt. .

: wan IdMiiirwl aa htvlni b .nPd to )1,. nmgeraM (N. "'.1 calling on tbaecrwtary .. I L of the Jtpantte.
rf the ml..lng daughter.", Itr the navy lui lofuriiiUlonlegardlng : r

) The dencrlpllon. of tba dental, wetk .. the Inequality in Hit tuoum,Little renew mellid BmtWI. ana I Jape Capture DrHlsh fil im.r, '

4 t.y was ta.ntifl/ l aUo, and the tiright.wttgbt fif armor plate d.'h..4' tar the .bailleiblpt .1 Gives Pine. Alarm. Toklo I>b. I *..Hie Japanese yeeItrday >

and general dMtrlptlon of th Uonaertlotit' and /luTalana.' I etplurtd, << off llukkaldo" Itlaad,
... bIngtiMi
New York, l-Htom) W..
body talllM exactly will that vf lie* II 'r northern' Japan" tilt llrltlak aleaiuefWlneHeld '
ale. llouton.TCNNCttEB. In the ttnatt. ;;%; t'HiitenkaMp baa proved Mm- loaded with contraband fur
self a worthy namaeaka. of the I'ather
t lOr In lha to4ay Mr. earmarkpretriiied VladlvtMlwak ,
nAlL 0 of lilt Ouuhtry.Oeoige fi
iOLD, the cfrtincate of reflection The stammer WytOeld. Captain Walt<

I L r of hit CMjIUguo) Mr, IUte16 till' I It a )eura old and wat born ana aalted frwm Haa IVanMicu l I.. .la .. Tavern., a historic building '
Cincinnati aaa New York Drtktra At I fourth term. A bill wan. patted pro 10 for Oiuun. tote' arrived' Iktraf I
quirt Valuablt Prtptrty I hlblllng exproat ronipihl..e-engagx., In Rigid street., where. Wathlngtononce Jan. f, gad left& thai' port Jan. I far \
had hit
Knoxflllo Ttitn.. .-.". i.-A a,I<<'Iai 'In inter.state and foreign oomniei- I II I' beadquarltraWhile Moll

WillW aOKKT from JohUMiu. City Tvnn., aa: I tarrying obactna liieraiurtf It .. at play on the sermAloot) T1.'Ithl' It owned by J. P*
tba Hide fellow'' smelled'' finftke and
"It Uarned '11'111111IOUI'C'H teoda to other carrier. Iba provision* UWMIU. (IL I' Illtbrl A ('*,., limited)1af )
[ 100 which >I. a i-uu-ie \ ,1. a tettmateThe gate the alarm. A hurried eyamlna
defined reliable thai the Cllnrhfleldrorporailoa regulating" the IranmiMion ur Such Victoria, U. 0rluttlen ,
rlotlug in Totatxt wiii I 1aigir" I tlon by men whom lleorge summoned. ,
and the floulh and \V .tItallroad --
tuition by the malli. The bill hadpaaiedtbe
[ affect the oii ."mir aiiuation, Th. l... failed la dUclote the cause of IbrtMAka Wtrhi Oituplee.
company have aeiually n bu,"'. iV-
( ficlotlea at 11'atuw. l/nu. l'. irokolfi I old to IJugree SUmmrrinaa. of ClnclnnaU ... and Iba firemen' were salted Tbblu| Jan II-U am.-It It .believed
i and other 'Induitrlal. center lu Pound and II. II. ll illlna company. uf KILLED HIS, fATHCH.r. They lore on part of the floor and that the lUll of (llelkoulaat' will t'
have. been (' mp.lle40 gradually re- -"-r % found avrral heavy oak beams tmoiil Ik Jape "U-
New York, owners t f the Clnelnnall, be alrongly dtftndtd by *
1 and d....... their doting, ready |u bunt |lake ".m...
due their output llamlltoo and tfcyton railroad. 'and Young Man Protects Mtlhtr "at an uttt wko. are now octupylng! the ltutalan <
working force* tlnet the ilbrrk of :i The ,ad'. lu4.lngnfe f sated tbakouia old .
i that the lltuatlon between flNirge I. Awful' Cut "i, works At the ground/ frotent
: the war. which him alnwtt entirely Carter and sums of the aUMkholdtraof lialabrldge. ()... V.... I."44 order / hum being badly damaged. and It la practically liapotalbla to con

C'J('M tb. Siberian and Matebuilan the UHncbflo rorporatlon and the to protect hit mother from tbti'a1Iacltof ... wan hailed by the entire neighborhood ilruct Sew wor l..

marktta The reault hat been thai "'.)utb ".'\\'..i ralUead la not over lilt father who while 'In an Into- at a heed.Prinecu ."_-.--

tbouaanda or workmen kaie b... the property Itaelf. but over the prootth. kited cotidlllon was attempting to MOO Deed. Left by nuaalant.l .

thrown out of ipo! )it..tit far ran, r_. ails lake. her Ufa with a knife Julian Unfiroett Optrttltn. Jan JllJll w.-A din< Ct' bunr). fxn I'tb 1 ,.,ID,... V1 lorla />atoe
: moatha furnJtnlng. a It a.ewa that )'r. Carter benight that and killed his father., John Vm.' ( pitch. I* tkt .I......... 'legation d...) .
i dUaatlafleti. d.......". mm anxHigi tatae Hopfrtie* for the Cliaehrnd tmt.pofalkm It Lambert, In this city daugkltr of King IM.'ar4, underwentaa t.4ay eats fleW Minhtl i Oyaaia rpunt. ..

i whom wrhew lb. h.. (rum Ht 1'e1.ra* tat ..klh kevia a atuekboideraad Young Lambert bad bees bare only '''1''.''.. fur tependlHtlt, at lluekIngktm lk tl the ftOMlaaa have le/t

burg produced. an mulnu.t of Hot director for tba .... of II.4W,' a few weeks. being. employed In the palace this moinlag TheoperaikiB 1.0 deed oa tbe Hell! alae Jan. ll. ,
and Incendiary' 'r'rH .U i., 'M'" 040. and' 1ai4lAely lION to 7 iabaier. office of tka Georgia, llorlda and Alabama was perfertned by INr" .',14. -...-

i that k 1"16 pro*wttoi> <>f tl*... tlxit- mot d floHlna) aoiaaaay for M.S09.0OO. rad.. it f, waa a quiet, well-be erlrk T,...., surgeon .In ordiaarytke to Alleged Murderer Capture

., Moda mar >.* u I'Ira4' by the rruluf miking' a set prutl ef | $fl.MO Now bUM young was and ...ade a goodImarettton klag, A tHtltHta Mb e4utfktly Illrmlagkam. Ala. Yeft. 1 -tMJokatoa.

f ttoaarr oiraHtraitora' ItoUM. whlckla otter rkheldtra. are ...alag to kl upon the people of tall Utue4. apes "The elrmtmtlaneetof ne.f.. alltge4 murderer ..4

[ ,r.:& botbd of fr. uelalem. aril tkmovrmmt a part of this |*eo.$oo, whore Mr. Car.1.t
nay 4...Iop a Mirljr shatacre I. lala\a II aa his .aral.... .la the The roroatr't fur kro..xkt,.In a v'r- beta ft very ..... and U lilt;')"worth, af Iiecataf, Alt., aa .I-| {

though there ,. Ivdlratto of a drat, diet *f fttitlflable. { .......1...... tad ftntg1amUrt prvgrenlag very atUifartarllf" Tfcprla Wday algat" a week ,tn kit .beta tap

ed-oH>ration uf ta.'&leet' dii*... 'ne tt H. I) ..".,." H M .14-- wtt dlataargH The bfHl, .,.., who hat been ill far sometime lore at Wtrrtatr aa4 plated la tktJtfftrwia r

of ik" )'ol.ti xHMrtatkm" wield are baa area4f &llath ..h.... of tie prep' ot Umbert ... tkipe* lo At.u.u etato ti fxtod,.n Jan 17 to prepare euuftty jail. He denies baA ;

a"t'r.. tu s reretattoerttel" nwt.a...tTb. ... for iitets eel.wltest .. : for tie eperatftHi .".. was twrala 'lag ..... la star at all and atmitlytnent

N..hl' a 11..1 .........' .. --- 1141. .... kl. .Inao tnce.. Decatur per '
t II .........'$ .llIrlt ka. rw..... +pl te ecvttfel'eaaae /hlp_ ... Iktaiat.
tie will eat t to IdealUy
.,.. hates (IGoN..., U. .1' Ctn a .004 wirniig r&k.alb. ....... r.... I .-.The af.MI. .etla 105114 le .....". ta tt H."" .itfk
rat T'1IIf'01t' Le Mu4Pet sued. .t," H aaa bit frta*' Hlt.l lrtrh bt.4. tar wtt .a4e .. aa ..'I, ln"tr MM- 8Of".1 llM ir ..a.... the c..J'e rie theft. fee .

1..1 pr1.t i I. ,"+rwuserfkrh. with tM. te a.4 the fallow' tag ........ tklaaMralaf. day tb.f.ift& a a.l. b.1 ltg bfej |.., .,,..,.... ef tlaml.. ffafwwta, mss I Mat, **, fla. t.j. -dPbefe !. aa 1,
nrtog <>f lan JJ that ik law swish. ... looser the MI."... l..iki tail f't,.
"fhtrfag ike bar halt or beer tM calmstae aa feeli sad a cert dater. aae .. ai sot .f betMMa. <
the iioitco'\ to rijbaa... an .....* .tourJ ,.....! the alibi ... 'prtare ..t ,....... aai 4.af1f la aUaateu* tkrwagtl which. dnMsas .. a IHr*.g t'''*'. mac rat uteaMet tsp 6* .,.*<.4 ar.5s .'

alt,. .r i r .r. ralltagand S th ..f the pia a ad iittrwBy to water PAt'd at a i.rna ral,, Ta .,r1...... tkrewxh ,.. ta ....'.l Ike mew afttHRwteM la ...." ef the f

trnop. ,,,. \art. ) thsa ... ... < > t. ter4 the ftttMarftrlaj. M cottrtVi-! _
t 5 tae
ewtttlttht Teat,* 101. pvia, >.,/*. the veH M4 .He414laaiy ex' a bucket af ."H. ftaaMy vwtlhtg Mil affiu

uges 79 Tae taflaamatleii af the slabs teat, sad k-e C'a,>>_4 ikr ane*) Mf fkl .ke a.! .*.. bet the tiager, trawt treat 4.. are eooilag' I. frame all'dlr.aUS

fen; U mlaUklag. Te wit tang thief c-arpaier TV ,....! w,jk B..4 to foot sad ayffetitg "lfn,.,. It4ytag ; +.s, and te * are list s t42.540 }

ift J..Mtt- Tear I --no e.prft ft tattaage Co gkieg aa4 IrrtUitoa a4Iag, pHrlt pfaa .k acM. of the la a fcotptta! o4iy Oily the I / aa.. can N .*..c.. W. April

Naat MatUa taeelty mar V* ,af" teat ao*.ai. Vt tilt *'I..t! It ss.til wharf ..C the ...." treed lath lwtlog prompt action .., ata la tke Iktttira I M. which. !. .....".tJ 4.7 thha oie'Olb.

high t1eaJ.a 1* rtllMMt tte I"'h': after the cmtgkiag ....tu.. >a loop ..U 11\0' 'It' the ,." ...""te : penal"d (Itagtrirai past; a,w I
-- "


a ai .. ,' ".' ,, '', I ." ,. ,
"_. .-- -1----2-1 ""-'-' .- Aft. .L"--4'.- ,.,_ -ll i'. ," ",','. '. I -, .-- ."-

, t 3
IrS ltl

3't {


1 I i i '3 3I1

r ,
,' 2 Till GAINESVILLE: SUN: FEBRUARY. :", 100r,

,. ., -- "'- -
.. ----- -
-. :- __._. __.P --.-- _- -- -- ------- -- -- -' --.-- -- -_- ---. .---.--:-= '-:.' -- : :: ; ------ -

I 4 everything Has Arrived, and Fountain' / ,

j L: NOW GET READY ,is not nhvnyR nccoemry \VIII8oon be In Petition. i I : /Live* and iSloodlLURES

The basement of the fountain to be ..
to tine a whole bottle of .."....U'l1'JI' n'o .
4 .
-- erected by the Woman'* Christian a-

;+ List of Text Books for Coming ScyttB ICmulKion What In Temperan&o Union .hiss arrived. BY PEMOVIHQ THE
have and Tuesday O. I). $cl af."r, th. CAUSE
Examination Announced left wi1lluep.Vo wen marble cutter was engaged,, In properly 14' Ilc..mto tnlManr Ie'.11", .,,,. es hr.n
.... .. .
11I" L
/ a..IA.L/tw.edgMat.y
n bottle of( our Hmul ion ihaplng up the huge pleoe of lion' ,
n AtlE THE SAME AS LABT YCARf.t which :
weigh nearly ft thousand r urlfles tha Blood.Thulaan. .
three old that Is still
your pound,
Information' Prepabr Courtly' Superintendent .'" 1iiu I.rrd. l this tvllntl reineily with p-ife t coiiful.. .",, ?'
V1 : k.xd.Vhat other preparation : The foundation li a flat slab of lied ettrv'.. fur f)" \ >'.!'h, ,IKH-HUM they know jtmt what it oottlitlii, .
{' Kelley for Uenefll, of ford alone, which wa shipped''' from Tlt fur mu'iti' < .>ii.thta of Uut-liM''' Il>'dr'iig'*, M.nlh.kt''tItu_ r>'
; Thou Deilrlng 'to Acquaint, Them* of cod liver oil will keep Indiana. It lift almplelooklng,, little Iaudellurt ttrn' |>Miill,1 i. Ocilllsii damns Mini, Iodide of 1'tta.t *\IIhI.
lab and the ordinary would' Any doctor or Inificlit; : will tell that title Un scientific and rest..'
,; alas' In Ample" Tim. sweet and permanent (for half person romUnatlon of great nirrlt 'for nil di.e.a.,( having' their 1'1ltl" in thKMiwya In, '
think that he could turn It with
J. J,. Kelle tuptrlnlend. over or 11I0<<111. After ye r. uf wtpcrltnc sail, pMtltnt eijxrlmciThachtr i
Dr. f, eouoly that of time Scott'sIttntilalon little effort. It I I. however .
length very eo norfvctvd the t>r KvM.>f m'flul"chU'f'', that It never fulli tu 1'1
i enl of public Initruotlon. for Alechua and would, require the effort' of the.Kt>ecte county' has. f''OOlffd Iniiruotlou from, Is nUvnyn reliable three or four ordinary men to budgeIt. Thousands' of .|rk OHM to whom life >has tteen a burden hnvo wtjticn g;,
r Biatc' Superintendent, W. Holloway fun lettersof think urimri MiMiMirriort. n, nIs. .
becntuw It's always absolutely "J .". .uWNed pN/11r. .11" '"4.IINI., f'C'' ''.'',..I(Oil. fI'.o' a wwH thl", 41, "
Which frill prove of valuable' Informa .,,,, .. oatdnote.lwrll.tallthIltnhrlh.Anot.etaro.w..k. ,
The been
fountain or trough bias ''CJlt Of ", I
: tJon .lo those Intending' lo enter' the walk ero..nd.' -\1\\ III. I ... nrklax.' IUtIe, seal. ... taalny..h.u.l.. d. 'I'' .
here for time the ,.... whltll ,
1 pure.OESOrilPTION some awaiting ar look l>i, 'f hu'I"i '* Mwr and I' ( ,sup, h | *l Iran lh a. n
k June examination for positions' ..1tnoht rival of the foundation This I I. of "h.a l>*(t UV... < ii'.n Will"Noe ,..S iiH.mUWNRtYulf.a .It. *>*.J..l"U'ff'l' l< ..ii .er.tlclse. I uard In aU '*' }o.n4. l ln n
broiiM. and of very handiotne effect.It sf.eny.ue.i t' AI Ih3. ilmr MIX' .,.."llIe I la f Buperlntendeot llolloway dates that I '(r''T"' N.w t''h. l.,'''h"' na atislan' 'Is.. Ii'.' tni.Is.II see T. I,. urMini
will .be. monument 'lo the W. O.
ft ..HfI nr.t/Her 'N/r ,.r w i,e..twpt. 5..vand I. ,.
i there will be no change In the books' I --- T. U. and I credit' 'In the city. Thmif..H,.'*x II...",.n,.....It." 11I't.'."n. .,...../tf'".If" "".. It/NM."dtrwa/.y.w/Atry, 'q.
-; used In the lit examination, The fol.r WAD WHONQ )1,. Bcliafer I working the w/.wrr.rprnM. S.. .40.fI tlr..""/.... "ID .nwnd "ile.
lowing It A complete ll.t of books 'lo bt foundation which will be laid upon a* coon Thnohtir Modlolno Co, Chnttonoo"it, Tenn
-- died together with the price. and Hon Ohai Hodge Bays Somebody completed II U estimated that

place where they may btu. obtained i Took Undue Liberties In Ml( 0.... the fountain will .be. completed within ___ ._ _._ h. ___ __ _
OrUlo"'. Word I.e..oni lion Obae )lodge of Ala.'hna. can tie' nest two week, It will be locatcd .
((20 centi), 'by alsynatd,111rr111 A Co,, dldale for the LegUUturv In 'the last on the eait side of the iquare.
Hew York campaign, who had the misfortune' to --------
f-- Heading-Any ilaudard Author will become ft victim of a recent robberynear Tax Aiienor'a Notice

( t aniwer.Oompoiltlon. Alaohua, when a colored man a** I shall meet tho taxpayer of the
-. -Ilotler'i Bcliool ling laulttnl him, and took from 'M* person following places on the date setoplrosit.

lisp ((7ft ceutO, by American, (Hook Co, M.OO. and a rubber stamp, was In the 's1StlnstAnThursday. .8Iwfif O.fI. YOUII s. .. .Ja\l)! \! n..a 1W, MATL.... .,:
', New York or Atlanta. oily. Moqday. The Bun contained an February 2.

Arithmetic-Milne'. Standard (05( account of thli' and a few day 'later I blind Grove-Friday, February 0.
centi), by\ American ]Hook Go description said to hare .been. fnr Lake' View-Baturday, February 4, lo B. H. LEVY BRO. & COMPANY
English (Irammar-Metcatf'a ((00 nUhed by >lr Hodgoof the ,man who forenoon ,

{' entii) by Amerlnan ]hook 00. performed the rash lot Kooky I'olnl-Thur.dl", February 0, NA1'AaAll( mollou.:

United Hates Illitory-Fleld'' Mr, Hodgej states that this doiorlp- Archer Baturday, February 11
Grammar Bohool (UU|l), b; American tlon was 'Incorrect/ at ho never had Falrbinki-Krlday, February 17. Tho largest Mall Order House

Hook 00.JfJorlda. time to iniko the minute obiervjitloni, Waldo-Saturday, February 18 For I.n'., Womf" and! Chl1dton'
/ HUlory-Oreen' or Fair The j party' giving" decrlpllon was It It of ',I.ola1."terfIL. to every tax In AU\.TO.\.JMn 0 A It 111NT1;
Unki' $1.2fl)$ ), |11'> II, A Vf. 11, Drtw entirely wrong, and was not author payer to make uareful returns of their '
00., JAobon,""' Fli" 'lied to do to, The accurate de_crlp. properly' aoh year, and I nqucit that IN THE ENTIRE SOUTH.
} '' Geography-lledway'a Natural' Ad. &lion, a* far a* )Ir. Hodge could get It. every one avail themselves of Iheieappointment
tanoed ((11.20). ), by American nook Co under lh*> olrcutmtanoot' wan Nc. *, -0-
l l'h.lottIZl-Ool.tnln Hlement: pro t/cry black I about fir* and one. I Very reopeotfully' 1'01t )SIX.OIothlo": .

1 -S
r7 Ua pound| had on striped overall, .. 1'01t womN: I

x' Clrll Government In Florida-Yo- slightly worn In ''b. .U, at was ob Minister Swallow else) Drill Tailored Hulls, Hklrli. Jackets, Pot, 11'sl.ts. 'lfunt"I."
cum'i (Wcentiby) 15, (). 1'alnter \ erred while hej was running The l/ulrllle, Jan St.-A prominent& Ings. .
h Co. 1).i.snd Via, man wore cuff button ehai> l/uliYlllo minister while In a dentltt'i full. 110TH.Clothing.
'lron, which appeared to .be
', ", Algebra-Il'bite'.l3ohool I ( ), by gold chair recently awallowed a Heel drill lists. Underwear and J'urullhltlal.rolt .
Hook Co ------ ..
American IVi Inches long which became loot ,
rhytloal, U'llrlrll-Tarn (SI 1)), HONon. TO MRS PHILLIPS. ened from tbo holder Tbo reverend (UlIllJi and (1111.1)IIEX.

by McMillan Co., Atlanta Oa, gentleman hai been lubJ) led three Iressos. l1eol.n, Cloaks. Underwear Etc .
Theory and 1'raetlce-MoMurry'., Was Clecled to Office Instate Ped time un.tieceiifulljr &lo the X.,.,.
t', eratlon of Womtn'a Clubs, k-we send goods by txpross O. 0. 1). with privilege 10IIAllline
the Method of the Mediation ((00 Toe name of the minister U withheld
l eonti), by MoMlllan Oo, Atlanta' ; Ua. At tho meeting of the State' :Feder at his roquett upon the ground that "before accepting. .
Three books may be.. 'had of snort atlon of Woman' Club held at Ml publicity! would' bring him Into un 6.\\'. cheerfully scud two or thuo styles 01 any RAr.
book dealer In the plate. or front the ami, the following oflloer were elect pleasant! notoriety and operate to his meat for selection.a. .
l publliheri on receipt of price ed for the ensuing yean 1'ieildenl, disadvantage In n.. pulpit' by dlitrlct .. -- .. _.-t' __. -_-."... "
,, 3 ,, I),. Kelley requests 1'h. Huu to pub Hn, It. I' Adam of Talalka| lit vice. 'Inc the attention of his hearer from
+ Ilih the above for general Informa president, Mr*, J. H. Frederick of what he was ..,11\110\ thoughts. of the Write (for our complete Fell end WInter, Catalogue,

lion, eo that all who desire may bo In* )Miami 12nd vloepreildent' )h.. IVIoe accident. .I,
fprmcd of the booki that will form the of Ormond | recording secretary MU
; lasts of eiamlnatloni Calhryn Thorp of Daytona | troaiurer Street Car 0 rvU* Imptded.
F. The nequlrementi' Mr( llraih. of Tampa i corresponding New York, Jan 31.-Borvlce on
secretary Mdi Mary Crosby of Ban many street cara operated by under
Th. law require that third-grade, Mateo i auditor, Mr*. N. 1) 1'hlillpi of round 1 trolley suspended became ol
fiertlfloatee shall be 'issued to any el. ., .
( .
lalneivlllei corresponding secretary last week great 'storm have not yet -
Iglble applicant who lit the uniform u. to general federation Mr r W. W. I been reopened although 'thousands
amlnatlon' In orthography, reading, ........
Cummer Jaekionvllle. of men have been at work clearingthe
t arithmetic Kagllili grammar, United track Tho thief trouble has
Hlatea history, geography, phys'' olol1. There I I. moro catarrh In this ..0.1 been found In cleaning' out the con
theory, and practice of teaching and I lion of Ilia country than all other dl*. dulls One of the most Important Gainesville Foundry and Machine Works.
t _.. .. '0111 11011&&Ion dull 'hare made a grade eases put' tog.thort\ and until the last I line still blocked I I. that on Dlghthfttenuo
i i fn no branch below 40 per cent, and an few year was tuppoied to be Incura I .pacing along tho western border ---- -
mage grade of 00 per cent In all the tile, For a great many yean' doctor of oniral park, No car are Iron and Ilrass
above branehei A third grade Castings, Locomotive and Machinery repair, We) guaranto'
certificate pronounced It ft local disease and pre running north of llfiy-elauth Street,
ihall be valid for two jean erlbed 'local remedies and by con and It 'U expected the line will 'tx good work and prompt delivery at reasonable price. Located 'In
front date of Issue staidly falling to cure with 'local treat out of service for some days to come
A second grade certificate li Issued meat, pronounced It Incurable.Boleitr ) Booth lalrietvllle on 8. A. L. and 0. A 0, Railroads
; to all applicant who comply! with the haa proven catarrh to be a con Qrtnn Cruiser Leivee Charl*.ton.
requirement lor" third;;grade rer itllutloualdlieaie, and therefore re* Charlekion. It. 0., Jan. SI.-The liar I II --.,.-- _& _

Ullolte and In civil fiorernment, alge quire oonitltutlonal) treatment Haifa man rrui, rr )1 nit kfl. which has been ..
-'i '' bra, and rtl'elul''Ollra.lIuS. '' who Catarrh Curt ,manufactured, "by ... J. In port o< ally two weeks' tatlim Run .- -- ---- --- _.--- --
shall hard made grade In no branch Chancy' Oo, Toledo, Ohio, I II the day morning and the utnccre. railed _8
.. tlowQt) |per cent, and an average': only eonitltutlonal/ on the mar and tailor on board>> will nest set root

'_ :; aid graleof hranoho lopercentln I A first all grade the certtn afore ket.act from directly ten It'I I.drops taken on the to Internally a blood teaspoonful and' In mucous dusts, It upon er'a men
;' rate li good; for he yean from the urfacei ol the eyitem Thvy offer one tuned while here and all tbe boat
,. date of Inue.Dr hundred dollars fur any case It fall tu In the harbor. Mluled with whistles
+ Kelley will be pleated to furnish cure,, Nand' for circular and tettlmonlaU and flag aa the vowel steamed out ol' -If tho goods Don't Suit
a any further_deilred Information.. AdJreii J.CIIKNBY A Co.. Tole the harborAIACIIUA, THAT IS OUR MOTTO AND WE LIVE UP TO IT.
S -" -- '- do Ohio. L .. .
-- -- -------- ---
OenUrNotei.Center Hold ball druggists, TA cis."

January 81,-MM, Ola Heck Take llall'e Faintly !fill for conill COUNT Rye Whiskeys. Cern
ham' of Ruehelle U here on a visit to put"Ion. .. .. .. "'n Whiskey:
4 *, .. Their" 1'1.UAL.. 1TH l I A*
Mr. Heekham'i parent, )fir and\ M... Enjoyed Stay
Allctlut Connor Dlstl1h.'t1.
county ftt9,400aere.ela' $1 05;
I.. It. JOlnt'r.I A letter to The Run from Mr B. ".
area, bias 748 mile f'Uro.,0\( 0. \Vhito. . Si o ;
r Mn John Townsend returned Hun. Duke While& Bprlng. Instructs' the inllei,, wagon road M ,ItultlftClf.! Qucon Olty 2 00

day from vliltotiiveraldeyiat' Mo changing of her addreti to Lake Oily 123 lanta' i iMlo., '. chool, 97 phosphate{ Sunny South. 2 no N. 0. Better . 2 00
Intoth.M, Mr. and Mr*. Duke and Mlia I, Ilrowu 4" :' mill. fTB.OU court
.' N. baker of OaU'l \'lIIe"n have been Moue' pre new_|>ap rt, and pro Gilt Edge . ,a 00
moved ftt the
g Spring for several due N 0 sine 250
*! Born, cotton rice sugar, Pedlgreo! . II'
i f. tothliptaoii.. da}*. Mr. Duke write that they nags, rye potato pineapple, or- 4& 00
A majority' of the farmer of thle. have "been hating a nlee time, and that angel |leaches, pear, plum, r*. OvernoH . 4 00 Laurol Vnlly. . 0 (''t'I
_yt' section expeot to plant heavily In the vlllago 1* crowded with strange r* f au", and all kind of veg"tableaGainesfille ,

: ,, vegetable' the coining t|>ilr>g. J. F..I who ate there for the etielUrt bathing
Townsend .U preparing( for a Urge.rol'| In the sulphur| spring, which contain' the County Seal
of Irish potato A few d*,Ure they. wonderful' medical virtue| .. } ,,, DIPlOMA nt m GAllOn $uoo
era going! lo lUck\ to the *ti|>le cropcottonand -- JIlt I
;t' corn. Ir the O by I la Outline Teeth .. fourteen' ehurche. iwo public
-A whoo ia. the East Florida
Q .1 1 V turn and use thai old and well- rrlraie' Mhooli. 'h.... new*papri, r
I t, poisons In I Food. tried remedy MM. Wlnilow'. Booth Ualu Htatei \land otlke. the b,ii WE
,' r.b'rOQ don:' ,..11.. thai many tog Myrup, for children teething, It water .flr. alarm system. .1 etrlandni HAVE OTHERS. WRITE US.

pain' poltoua o'lclh layourroali butomtdky muthei lh. "''kI. eoftvni the gums, micbiB. lights shops,, lh tw,..&lee wand faMone Ueto.
t you may feel a twinge' ut alleys all pain' cure wind oollo and I I. rte,, eottoo gin' two mow Uetorte*.
1 dypplaihat will convince' you n,. the beet rem.dy far diarrhoea. Twen. thrve railroad, two f.riiht' .r manufacturing J -w-ILLI..A.MS:
{. King& It.; Liu 1'ilU are guaranteed '.p ave eut a UHtle .* companies one fiber ,
v to ear all Ukntee' doe 'to tmUoncofundlcviied _. manufactory, one rettlfylng' tur
food-xir money Uek. 960 \Vomm find qukk relies e fin Dr.TUMiwr'a .1'41\11".took"0 plant two banks and well P. 0. Bolt 401. JACKSONVILLE FLA. 211 W Bay SI,
embracing ,
M 4 t aU drug stores Try Iheni.r$4 I.1.., nod Ulowd 81"p. thing ,la the commercial! line.tcrJ"

$ .

in .J : : _a. .ti ____________ .. 1 ., ..' "" -- ; I. ,'.1, .,," ., .,' ". ,,-" ," ,.'.'' ( -",, .,". r 1' ,
,' 't'j' .;>: 11. / "
tt .. "" ", ;o;. I. ;, ,,'




: "'- -..- ::.- .::', .. -- .-. _.. -- .. _--.. _. .. .-.4.<."...- --.:::..:...": ---::;:.--.--; .----:-.::.:::...::::__..::::;::.:. .-;;;------. .--'. :'_-


Has Mad Seventeen Trlr lo Florida
BIG VICTORY I Ayers and I la Lowd H. .Its. Pfli ';

Among Tlorlda'a' .beet a. must ln- L
ere tstei/ds "U OuloD" J. II. Lloyd of
1 8. Court of Appeals. Sustains Indiana, who I I. her 'n I he ataeen

f' Judgment of U. 8. Court Tor coughs, colds, bronchitis, with his. MilmaVI wire, beingfortably ..... ,
: I I..hma.. weak .throats weak b eat.d at the bftiite of Mre. .
lungs consumption rake "lit''''. eo"r 1Y1'at, )1..llJd hhurohelrerle
Ayer I Cherry Pectoral. ,
I "I hare been omlBff to Florida'
tt Was Drought Afalnit' United a a.t
U CherryPectoral aloes late," rttaarUwl Ortonul I.lojd -- (.
hates Fidelity' and Guaranty' Com toagroupof frleiMl ** U''*y ux>d 'InIh :
>any'. Uondimen for Non Fuiniment open luullght and, 'triad t
>f Contract on Qalnvtvlll school warm a few frosty mornlfig ago "and
Always keep n bottle of It In laklnu (U for granted thai U dues get a A NOTI1 Ol' UXCIH.LUNCU
rho United Hta.... Circuit Court otppealiofXew the house. Wo have been little cool' one In a ''while I think .- .. .

Orleans l h. recently saying this for 00 yean, and Florida I I. the grratrot Plat in Ih. lleinonda thronch. the air whenever otirVliUler li ipnkeu" of.
/ ndff..d a drclilon whloh ineani a : so have the doctors. Union. Just think of th*'poor 'fllo i None know It but to lore li, none drink It but tu praUe (Its age mel)
[ deal, forth* (UalniivlH' Iradrd .1 Aak M." .......... t....j up 'In my horn thli morning II""U lowness and purlij. Unouxh far you lU t..I.I to know It'good lquor.
.. .
High Bchool, enriching the Irrai- (fth.lli. 'I' '''''lr lU IM">.-I... ..1.. I.H true w. are a little chilly )lI..r". but I
F'to the .'tent of tnoro than fh
: dollar. In other word, the .... *.C *T,,,MV. four full q".rt1"'t"*! secured F.>,. $3 40 I nor l'IM
fellow hates
A to
..... thorn
.. .11. facing now.\ puss.. l'rtl'fihl I ' .
*ourl at New Orleani hai afllrmed the ...-vu. Cor poke hli head out of Foots\ while*
',ol.Ion of the United State. Court for her this I
Northern Dlilrlet>> 'In Florida, s eta all around enjoying' NORTH
ktfco atkekionvlll TheLun bracing, atann'r"""." Headquarters for CAROLINA CORN.
*, which wn rendered In
Col. IJojd U DOW on lifjaveittnlh
vurof' W. W.. Hampton ()oorge W. Dally action of the how_l. !. n_f".. I
(yd* and Jai, II. Vidal, ai t rut ten ary. Aid nature) with Ayr' "Pill" .. vlilt to lalnrivlll. II* bit not mlii
.. rd a season fur twentyelght% '" yean Ocala Houso Wino/ Rooms Ocala Fla. ..
tho Ualnnvlll tub ohool dlilrlct.
>r -- -- --- ,
him ,
to ,
when It WM' posslWo I for come
; Th. judgment wai agalnit the OHUDD AT THC CAPITAL. and lay h* proposes' lo make Florida r r tt I f-J a

tolled Slates' Fidelity) and Guaranty Correspondent isle winter' borne. for the'' balance ot hli -- '_."'---" -" --' -. .. .
Wa -
"ompany bontliwiu for the ooutrao hlogton Dwells\ -
life. Ho hassnany' ftlend.Intats' ..0.
jr, for Iho non>fullllinnt wt con Upon HI* Visit to That' Oily lion who' are glad to .bear. him aiythli.

raoL 'In the construction, of' the The Washington correipondcnt of .. L"_ AtRKtf4 REALTY C COMPANY 0 P
lalneiTlll (Iradrd and High Hohool Th. Tlm.s.Unlon, under+ date of' January -
pudding, The amount Involted wai dO, says i ROAD HAH DUN: LOC TIIO.
4I1G..1O:. being a ilillell In the con. "Hon. H. 8. Chubb, chairman of' Ih' Decided (Iuoos'por: ftt.<11,
aoL 0' It. I', William A Co of !>*. Republican Btate Committee, wai 'In Commissioners lo Construct. E. E. VOYLE MGR.
lure Oa The osss wai brought In \Vaihliigton aom day last week and Barns on the Niwberry Road
Hi II circuit court of' Alaohua' county, II wai lurmUrd that fifhapa h. had Itappeanthat the reporter of The AUtraeli" of Till. and full Information' furitkhed regarding,, land In this
county Oar manager hat lived 'In tits eountr thirty and
)ut upon mollou of attorney for the twen luinmonrd by the Itcpublloao Bun has, been misinformed' lu regard thoroughly, oonvcriant with land tltlei,yean
Defendant' was traniferred lu the leaden defense of Judge !Hwayn to the location! of th* proposed object
lotted Btatei Court for th* Northern and to instantiate th* charge of Ml lesson road which will b* constructed

Mitrlcl of Florida where a verdict fort tlefleld that lie (iroceodlngi, grew Out by the United Hlatia. government her E. J..e. "V"O"STIjEI .
t principal and costs, aggregating of the Inteniily of |artltan |ItOUtloa. at an early date t In a wrlle.upof th* .
M W.2ft, wai returned The defend Hut there wes nothing In this rumor. inattir 'In III issue of Baturday, the re* rlJn, A0lll)141VT,11U11IbAIIY. a number of prominent AND!American 1XDKMN1TV and ICnillih 1NHUHANOK.etutlug companlfi) .n.rr.
I nt thin mad appeal to the United "The fact about the matter I J. that pert wee mad thai no dallnlt route UKAL IHTATK: AND CITY ixANk.Cl .
tales> Oourt at New Orltaui, with th* I Itepublloan organliatlon In Florida' had \been leolcd, but reference to .nix: .onvillo: I s J1'1ortdn.I .

cult itatrd, has not been appealed' In to com to the minutes of the Hoard of County .I.-- .-- ... -...- -.- .. '. -. .. .- ". .'- _-- ._.- .. .... .- t'
t Thft original) contract 10 the board'truitrriltal tie rescue of Judge Bwyni and U OommUtloneri for". that\. _._ .r
1' ., was 116,81850. Th. would scorn strange, too that It haa the roul.deslgualedwasthe. N.,,".,* -- -- -- ----- --- ----

boll wai Ih* money advanced by th* not bUbo ry road. Till ollloial: record In Ibis .GAINESVILLE BOTTLING WOIIKS.n.arAttretaM
men to complete th. building "Th Henito Invrillgatlon ot the matter "'I'"Urdert'd. t .
-Chi lull wai brought Septemberi.JWL matter will of course, b* far more That $1,000 b* approprlatrd '. --- or-.

;:J and I hai line* been .h.ndlnp.tY searching than that uMh llouie an ".. for Ih* use of Ibis government ei. fan l SOda Wiper, ill FUrors, Ginger Ale, Root and Birch Bur, Cider, Etc
Hampton of thli oily lUll I). U. iio doubt many Florida wllnrmi "lIrl I'rllin building one mllo of hard road
lAtNKHVlU.K' .
( FLOniDA.Write
Mchir of Jackionvlll repreiented b* called before th* cat* I. ejoied. 1 from Hog Town Creek west t out ol ,

plaintiff, "Jlut to rerert to the tint ot ')Ir. inch malarial' end In suet, manner ai lot rH,r., 0....and bemuse era not toU., t bet e.u.t tot ',,,.f4.
__ _
I ,I Chubb. lie may Mare coin to prepare the eiperti may dumbest, ," --

A FINE SERMON the way for the entry of lilt faithful The road machinery, which has been .T. J. .
-------r follower lutn the good things sealed f from ..
en rout Draw Dam, Va., li et- -
Preached'to qor [ 1 11 _
Btrouie Large
r. Into' ,tll parly by the balloting In Ih. peeled dally, when' work will begin at
t' on Sunday Evening Idea of Norember, but )It. Chubb OUC.
In compliance with the "lhOUMfi.tnfnL didu4 tay *u. T r- .j. CHARLES BLUM & CO.
ot Hunday, th* rreibyt.rlan. "What h. said was that h* runt In Mlia DaOoila GntirlalneJ, ,
[Melhodlit and DaptUtehurohei Joined behalf th* Hoard of Tradoftlalneivllle files DaOoila tntertalntd &Iho I..h.
01 grand union and welcome .*rtlce lo tea )h* Florida niemberi for i vritiflhe. lalneavltlit flraded and Illgl z -- : : .

[to llr Olarenee D fitroui. Sundry an lnorea'rd appropriation for th. School Haturday evening ""I. at the mM"msami\ ; :
irenlng, upon the occailon of till re. Ualneivlllibllo) building. ll.. call home of her parent' on East Mali z
[turn from Denver where h* has been cd with Beualo furls upon the I... ttrvet N. Flinch...* played until alet. vr\NmNADe\ \
iMilitlnff In on. of the grealvit and Utanl Secretary of thn Trcaiury, hour whendellcloui ,"(/.,'.I\1.nt. Liquors
roost inecfMful revival ..,,10" err whirelh* rieedi tit Jalueivill were : conidtlng ot tevcral 0i" urie* were JJ Ncs 517511)DAY )
i.ta.hll" the Writ.Tb strongly preienttd. and where they '. atrvod, i\ I ,
..,mon upon| thli oeeailon wai were promltcd a favorabl rtooiumrn.datlooforan prannuncMl Mil DaCoiiaahlghIveulertaliilMghoitva rtJn1 rI
[delivered \by Ur. Btrouie. who used sihis .lnorea from f8AJJY- '' *. ; STREET,
text Peter') of the Havlour. the orlAlntl $appropriation lJ OlO. I .r .______, '7' WHI5KtYB'JACKSONVILLE 0

f"'Th* Cock Crew." The big rhurch If there I II. public building. bill I at Alonlhl Durna, ,
was crowded! to overflowing early In Ihli se..Ion. lalneivlll will be In 'It." Ar* Initantly. relieved, andj'erfeclly N G
the evening, and tho* who tenured I Col. Chubb who returned lo Midutlri healed, ly Ilucklen'' Arnica Halve., 0JtlrrnUtk FLORIDA

[.rail were fortunate Indeed.Dr her leveral days ago, i $ttous., who li oat of Ih. most er been liiduerd by The Bun to stale" "I burnt my knee drradfully-thatlt Agonic Milwaukee Beer
; eloquent ipeakera In Ih* South, held ineily, the nature of Isle vlilt to \\'..h.Ingloa blistered all over Jluoklen' Arnloa lilu.llibbun: per I'M l ttlOdoi, lili rxrdoi.. II M
the attention of' hli congregation for I i but .being one of the lte|>ubll. I Halt sopped! the. pain and .healed II per. bbl, lOiloi, 361'"r dot ...&0JURg'
nearly an hour, and his earn*! man* can leaden of Florida, rnakei tripe, to without& a ....,." Ado head, all wounds '
Cincinnati Red Heart
and aorta. ,7. at all dr ulUI. Beer.
The was
ner had .III effect argument Waihlngtou at frequent, Intervali.eipeolally .
moit "Impreiilv*. and those who attended at this ,..tug. Col. Chubb --- I'", bbl, 10 do., (0i I dna. II

felt that Ihn evening had been with other distinguished. Ilepubllran T. F. THOMASUndertaking ,

well 'rtnl. .._. of Florida will no doubt W.! |.herM Wo PHV freight or oxproen chargea
at th. Inauguration of the l'riideut.A I
Funeral of Mri Waller. .-- -. on Uiu fnlli wlt.g liquor: ,

The funeral of )Ira. toss Waller Cftra -Bentallon.Inforraallon .
Co "
who died at the horn. of her brother hit reached this city, lo i:::: LEWIS 1 IBOO(the, AWl Above Everything In "
Clinton Crown-eee held at 10 o'clock the effect that a sensation wa furnlih Whisky Line: .

Monday morning. There was a large .d for Outs Saturday bight.' .1 full quart . A oo '
crowd ot frlendi uf Ih. deceaud and I A big Krly negro entered the 1 oln. -- ; I ll! full quarts . . 197ftBLUM'S )
the family present lo show their lat I of a willow lady near that place and
mark of esteem sad. respect and the concealed himself! under the bed. l/p. FULL LINE OFNEW rL MONOGRAM, 10 Vein Old:

eervleei which were eooiiuelrd by tin retiring Lb. lady dlteovered the* 4. full quart . 4 20

Her 8 II. lloger of th. llapllil ,! brut and mad Ib* alum Her GdODSIrnaal ) 19 full qunrtH . .1U 00() '

church In this.. ell,. were very longue.sit. daughter quickly' responded and ailined ': EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Whisky:
., : th. mother In
In Kvergrren rapturing She -- .1.111la. .head l'a1.r u...,...... sapertf.t., ..
The Interment was negro, who endeavored to make his, ei* 'j
cemetery! where deceased ".llaI4 be cap and fought' vlgorouilla th, allmlieH l I. aU]jina1/err/ la 4 full quart, dcl . -I 00

eWe her belated mother and father meantime the brother appeared' std .... Ibis' llae. Mall sal leleiraph, .,. .r. 0 full quartM . . ft fro

the mother having. paunl away only three boutid th. man took him to Cit .r.-rtl, altralyd ... "." B full 'lunrtls . 10 :n t'
a few days 11:0.: The psll." were ra ao4 turned. him over to th* sloes _..
M 8. Merchant. I. L..1(111( O. W. )!le.Uouald The mm was taken. to Outs for iaf* -- 'i';... BLUM'S SYLVAN GLEN 7
D. W. .L Marlon Ales Daogtf! keeplag. __ a
tr>y and O. I*. Cannon. (OnlnoHvillo. .'Florida 800 Years Old:
Fraud .
E.pos.d.A .
th *
Krlenda family eipret lympa-
.. .
Ihy in Ibis hour of bereavement. few(IOGo.r"."." hint lately. "been -- - -- 4 full qunriH 8 90
.- -.- -- lIIa\11II4' .,,1'.10 ill Inltatloai of G1iA1t1.1:5 ('.5111'1'11', 0 full (quart 4 fiOrj ) i
Or..* Troubl '0,***.". ,
Dr. King' N." thteevery far Co** I'alatla. Eta. full '11UU.tJJ. f u 00
U need but little ftfreelfht. totelt' iutnpM, Cougha sad Cetdi. and other
: when your .tomaeb aad liver ar*' medktaeslLerebyd.freudIeg the rubIt -' 1.trUL r.un: I.Ir.. SHErUDAN' CLUD:

i badly aflMled. grave trevbl le ahead, .. This I. .. warn yew lo beware of Ilastae 1&,. XXX .. t,....... II) 4 full quarto . PI' 2 70A ; .
ooleei you ..akaha proper medlrioe saps. ....p .,wh4 *ek; to|>roHl.teallag .'b'"llt 1 Jlxxx.. .... . too
for SOOT ...leea.*. ai 'Ire. ".... A. tk. ret.iait... .f r..." .., ()old )"....1. f f'.l., s to full quarto . II 4 00
Youncef cta". N. Y.. H4. She pap I.hlt..k have boa e ere ,fallydl ..rI.. std Iiaket.. .. . I.... a W 12 fill! flu -rttl . . BOO ; i
I had "..,.trla of I he liter and ..... fit over U year A sire pro.teetlso. Ilojai. h el. .. .,.'.... t 1A
I..M .
... (0
.1 tt eoakl mi.h ooteai My bean I wee wa weakened very bede, and, s la yo le .O r ...... o. lb.I (Jur. Wbthq, 1i 10 11 fS) Wo nu dealTf] in in'orythhiK' in tho '

long tine, bet In KteetrM Hitter I I wrapper. Look for is. .. an I., Klag'e. pIn.. J UBo Ht Liquor lino WhlMklw, OlnH,
: 'DUM Just what t needed, for they o, ItMkka' retoedle. ae all oiheriar CAN gouda AI teasel .... 'Yo.", '
qaktlymnHelii. relieved and cored me flat sae,. (cnIU&l a.. If. K IS...... "al' for Jots U.,.... 2Orf J.,.... Uiiin nnd Wince from
I far weak women-" Hold ... A Cbk..1JI..1I4( WIrd..r.411! !&. Jr r l.,3S* U. will allow price 140 to 0.00 por gal
t der cnaraAte* ty all drugfiita' i itwllf al Kue a arK.4 cloned tOoedc II.
., ads Alldregglet.. I Lout( drilr' d. ...1&J -..a

n ,3
_. u" "'

,' ?r rM

t. :


______ ___._ .. _
._--- -------_._.. __. .. .. _-- -n--- _
i '
-- ---- -- -- -
-- .

-I- ci1u, While the -oeld imp reached Although& i there, may be time! when .'Women in Ouz Hospitals

I : generally throughout the ?hate aiireiultrd Id U would item to those who are the ,

"t, tiO t t LeN/.4 el; Ii.11 ass.f 'In some damage; the M'*et least. 1I1"'lnoIlD,4 to ponlmlim that t j I 'j. I

; ae -.u.r..tad* A" set, Gout peninsula enlisted IM than any; Icy way seems burdensome to those Inctoaso fa thou imbor' of Operations
: ?
received' who for tho
far are struggling
other section. 10 at &:
.. .'.'--
I .- -" : Women
;: : ;:- : -f'r. Each Yoar-Hfcw
from, that section Indicate. Tbi re and progress of the fair 8ial of Performod May

I g )rubUb4r.'tr\ Menday and 'lbundayg pore ar* not "merely I on paper, but are Florida, our reeoure.tare to Ineshau.tIbl Avoid Them. .(JalnMtlllet, Florida In evidence In the lubitaao. that there ar* hardly any' obtactei .
-- -- ----, ..
_._ __
___., u_ -__ DlvUlon) Buptrlntendrnt H. A. Ford -at least none liar yet appearedthat -
It. II. )rcOnl:AJ&Y. Kdltornhdl'ubrr., AlUntla Coast Line ha received' are 'Inturmountable by time sturdy
.. .. . of the
-- -- -.-- _. -. 5pI
___ _
O' esmnplre' of oranges from 'lid rarlouireilon soneof the I'enlniular) that or onr

Ttawe or 8".I""I"'ON I south of' Tr.lbl.'ar a* Bt adopted' cltlieni who Into com hers

'', T2.t.f.\.k l Him II a )'earl alt .Petersburg. ':, And Inveiilgitlon demonirntd to make thclr'liome'' being driven from '

? r iaonlii| ''J 1A1. i tingle ('OJlaf. &o. & the trot that thus fruit was 'their Northern home, 1 by the clomnti

AUtaarllU () HAMee not *t all Injured.' Tilt fruit wn per that rot them of .health. which, .taken :

Looal\ advertlicmcntii )6 t'Clnt. a line 'feotly round toil 1 juloy, poitvnlng, an from the human fimlly, also memos ti'i i:1i

for the tint and 10 cunt for raoh "ddl.t rxeell int flavor.II unhapplncM.Within .

= ilonal t Interllon. K, Dlekrn.. agent nf the Atlantic Ute put few days the peopleof
t DI.r1A7.IdfCIrtl.mtlflt.* for Hire, Coast Lin at Hi. reiArtburg, ,.1.- Florida have teen put to the test,
tux and 12 tnonih at ,eo111 raU.
| griph *d Superintendent Ford (lust and by the destructive' elements of
) ,\.*, furnlihHl( upon application'
Marriage; And lath notltta ln'f rtrjfree. a careful luipecllon, { ot r ,nine ,grove: re- wind and cold our very cilitenco
I IItl
Obltunrlp*. I o cent I' line veiled 'Hi* 'feel that the fruit In that seemed threatened.t* despaired *

'. r -....- _...-- .-. 1 --.. section was unlnJurtd. while olheri "c4*r. Iniplrcd by the Injunction .

0Hie \
Hun and the ThrIec.a.Week trout the btU Information obtalnablocouilderabl \ who Push, themielvvii" and went to

I I- (N.Y.) World% mss'rat./l 88 fruit north, of' Trilby wa work to dO, aul. 'with the element

The Bun and use Atlanta (Oa.) damaged& but \tha\\ trees art uphurt. While the prospect( was gloomy, the l
y -Weekly Ooniiltulldn on year 1 70 Rhhy MuahruSi' MrsF'red Se d'
The younger; treei, howeror, may surd remit has shown that the men who
t The Bun sod Iho Atlanta (da.)
Beml-Wcekly Journal' one year t 160 their leave' but lisle will be lilt only Ire determined In their effort! are not

The Hun end )Ibe 1 Homl-Wfrkly+ result heavy loieri, and there will only bo a Oolnff, through the )"io plta1'. In our 11....., atotoplctuncM' melancholy "'a\\|.
''Tlme*Unlon me '''Mr._. ._. 160jBiVWe Till will be gratifying, 'Information' smeller lupnly many crops having, )lerflo< ultlrA ono ,U aurprlird& to find elicit I gone"alle\ "want-to-bo-lctl'alono".;
==:- .:_.!.L.-.c: : ---. to those Mho felt \ho been eared ft "hergeprtprtlonof' (teepattntt.lying Inira they ahould rmcmbcr! there one
sure orange crop
'' will not of cm tho' ** uoy.hlltl"d.* women tr oil{ nil true remedyTho \ .
itampi a
accept. Hut the toll of Florida li varied
throughout that icptlon waitlcitroyedOne 10
and girls, who are either awaiting fol.owlnir letters cannot fall to
denomination than 3 cent. ..
larger<< .. -Of y r that. other crops" than those that are *o or recovering1& from serious opera I bring liopo to do p lrlnir women,
!: .1.
-T of the plea antett. eplfodot. ot generally grown cut be planted and I tlona, ),..... l"red Heydel', 419 N. A4tli Hired,
The Chlneio!! qorernmfnt promlfei! tu tie, put week was the meeting of Mr. the trucker although checked for .a, Why ahould tUt U the ease? Him* W st h Phlladelpbl( Ita., '\"fltntp.

+ remain neutral The lloicr are yet. William J'llnl".1Jr.n. Iud Mr. The.. .. : time In Isle labor, can turn to roost pr becaui* they bar neglected' them- .*r Mr. *. lloVhawK-. .
Ml ve>. Ovarian and womb troublesare : ..
to !110 'heard 'from. vegetable and In short I WM/In a .erlona. oondlUon when IwrotetArdUfAnufrlc
I dnre llooievU' (lit the Whllo) house, as any grown a rertalnly on the increase amour 'lhiulaM>rlouwouib.
L .__.___ I ltd another Indication of cordial, In. I time .produce a crop tint I I. always )'n the women of this oountrr--they ercrf' ant orarUn tmul>l* and 1 ought lu4 rrrr artilld
Tli. Weather )Hureau announce lent and the subsidence of that" bitterfeeling demand. upon them. unawares' but every one of let tiMturity( sod WM iKirtwut' tUt anoMrstlon .
beds had WM' W of r ourf>ry, I Io
thoto the my |
'""l patient )
,thai foor.flflliiof. Hi weather prediction rhlcltholltlcaengenaors.. Hucl A rotation of crops I. also a good plenty of warning In that .bearing k are corrrot. meeting of leader of opposing polite thing. for ties producer for by 10 doIng down feeling pain a. left or right of Ul, M wrote yon tr.drlo.' I (tl 1.1 M you t.( .
and took 19, Hntbani'i,
,, truotoit m J.Ua
4- $
------- I leal) 'force Ire rare ''n history lilt{ can the market U less liable to become the womb, nprvouaexhauitlon, pain In \', ,.Lle Ornniwiuiwti Kivl 1 am notonlra
x The question.. at pr cnt. li who con riot aloe.hen) be soon In modern time, glutted In one (particular line, and In the) email of the book, lencorrhiea\ "llalntM 1"1 w.ll WimMn tWikf,but I....liMiitlful' lhyItlrl
flatulency dltplaoemenfi of tho sits l : IIKM>UM oH. I *|TM aU lck" and.
toll the Our, his mother or wife H icpl |.t'.hal"| In'ftngland, and even confluence the prices will range womb or Irregularltlra. AU of theM tufTortnff wand to writ you for aavlce, u
; U fjulle ovldtnt. he 'hat lost all itlf.eon* there It "li not at ooniplouou a* In ibis higher and what has teemed a mlifor* symptoms are Indication of an unhealthy you bv done eo mucb for HM."

trol', eonn'r,. The writer welt remember tune at tint glance, will In ,the.. end .. condition of the ovaries or MU Ruby Miikhnikh, of East
--- ---- and .heeded. tho '
If nut
the astonishment pf .a group of for prove a benefit. " tin paid\ baeJlugtrou10IM'r.Uon.penalty Chicago, lud., wrlU<*l *

Tha.. Qpnneotloui fanner may '10', signers when It was explained" 'lo then'' Many" (people who como to Florida When thrfto eymptom Iu.nltr."h"a'. UM'1I.... Ilnkbwni
duee wooden nutmegs( but they can'traise that Mr. Ilarrltou the defeated' I'm. ar* In search h, of a home where. they solves, do not draff along until you are It I IMV.lwna IMK!J1'N'ovBrino su fforr'tumble with t Mid ImruUrinMutruaUon stint l'

Sumatra tobiofo for wrappvn fort 1d.1I'.lIld air Cleveland thus elected can' escape the ..vere weather& of' the obliged fo to the hoapitsl l and nub IhrM, montli' ago the doctor, after wrfnf.
s cigar, I'reildent would ride In the. seine oaf North, and many wonder If ,the count suit to an operation.-but remember X-IUy on an-. Mkl I lust an .taws on Ik*
that, Lydia 13. rinkham'a Vegetable | would Ituve hire
-- -. -.._- -- li nritrlo KIK to al1 t
nags down 1"fln"h"nl.I avenue to the try growing<< colder From itatlitlol Compound( )IM .hared thousand of My nioU* wnnto.1 in* to try kdlal4'17eJ\( ,
1 There I computation for )Frank S. Inauguration stand east of the capitol one learnt that In )1700 all ties slues, ell\* women from urir>cal (tJ'f'raUon.Wh..n h.m'. A'i..."Ubl UnmiKMiml. M a JaM ne.41.
lllack\ In having failed 'lo reach the ron and banana trees were killed by women are troubled' with Irregular .but.nd".1Ot.made Inc onl,1 enUrvly t ine writ.turn" .OS.eft'n r-.

t If he hid fuooetdtd ho would form frost In th* vicinity of' Bt. Auguitlne, nelgiroi.Mlorpain 1 rul mentruatlou ,,-
1 Two rerki tariff In
ago wenkncM. leitrorriKM ilUplac\ '( Lydia 1 13, 1 l' 1I1I1un'\<< VfffftaMo,
not 'litve "un called to defnd' Hannah the air, oioludlug every other national a* well II many curious evergreens bent or ulevratlon of the womb that pound atones irtinoTra auoh trouble,

I r.llai, _____ quntlon Now.It U almost ai com the Bt, John Inter and from time to larliir-down( feeling, Innanlln.lion( of ItcfuM to buy any other medicines, for
( --- -. .. .. lately" folded a* 'fro coinage of time since that' Urn wo "liavo" .had. to.V. tho ovaries. backache. \bloatlnir (or flat you need the l>c"t.
LaKolIvtte, the new Betiitor from [ away *,..* 'that have done temporarydimigei uirnoy) ) general debility lndljr<<.tlorianil Mr. )rinkhani Invitee alUIck women
.ner. and th* regulation of railway \ nervou proatratlon. or are ,In-net. to write.licr for ad,Ice. lleradvleo
Wliooniln, nyi be I I. a man of the. rateili the Imminent question. almost !. which have proven a blessing with euch aymptoma a* dluln..I..I.hule. tninllcino\ liars restor.d, > thousands to
"i i people, Hut tie will bo to .. In later, ai they have turned &the
ore help a Intricate ai the 'tariff itself years Vtii'ltabluty, Irritability nervou" health Address, Linn Maw
',' along any lohemo 'to strike a blow. at The Indication are that the 1'retldent attention of the ligibiudmen. &lo has Lydia C. PlnVhara'i YefcUMe Compound Succeeds Where Others Fall I
the railroad. luiarjoui pursuits,
r -;:';;':::;:. .-" ::.:.... .:.: has and.a that powerful some Weitern backing on Henaton thl question owolection With to favored a cllmite and thoui .. .. -. . .- -- ---..- .. .. .

ti The' newtpaper ar. prcdletlng; peace to their advanced position on and of delicate people' our mldit In RELIGIOUS GROWTH. It U elated that Jluiila'i war bill uGi,

In Industrial circlet front the diminIshed this question alone Moreover. tho search health the lent severity In -- -- &to date la a* follow Lost, human' :

number of ttrlkM. Let them' lUyanwjngot' the Deinooratl (party, the weather' U heralded to all quarters The common Idea that religion| U on Ii"., 100,0001; lust, one lieu IftQ.OOC.. .

f wait until the weather U warmer and, or li "It not both wjngi) are In favor of of our country i yet at It. wont It U the decadence and that the carious"sects" 0001. host one. (crtrfli, |200,0()
,jr, leo If tho It trlkr>. do not flourish once the measure and at. a recent caueui ol far {preferable to the more J rigid' ell are not holding; &their own In general caucuses, (900,0(0,000)( ( Total)

4 t ,; more the. Democratic! members of tho'lloui* .male, and 'Invalid foregoes the one proportion to the (Increase of popula eipcndlturei, WO,000,000 and lOO.Ct
.- .r.w. the measure hid almost unanimous or two day of dligreeable weather, lion shown not to hold good by utfientlo lire..

: 1, Air )Rockefeller, sere wo live loo fait approval and If It U defeated the onus while the firmer know there U no statistics just made public In --..--. .- .-

: and cat too much. With the Idea of will not b* on tine Democratic party, great calamity' In store for him, and .lie ,rrribylorlan& )Hand nook for 1003( The Uuulln bled .that they .had. detested
reforming the latter theinuUI-Jnllllon.& has nothing to fear-no oau'io ,id give They show by the ofllolal figure a the Mukden
Jape 'at only proved
'i ==.rWtn. : :::: ::=
alro milk and oraeker.. eater 'has eitab* Ult In d"I"I" larger: percentage: of !Increase by near a Ux inerang. When It was learned

tithed Mi flfty.0enl> hotel In J. Ilryan recently addressed the Sunshine will loon come, flower* will ly nil .the virlou tect In proportion that the Cm' u('op* were repulsed,,
Y. M. C. A. of Washington... I). 0 at
New York.noatli bloom $It will b to population than In any previous
1 ; summer time In the the rioter proci"'"dcd 'to blow open lice
----.---.---- III Sunday meeting& after which a col "land of' eunthlneand flower," year. Buoli It notably the eau 'In the political prisons and turn loose the ln

the Chicago! millionaire, 'use leotlort was taken and when' 'the witty Episcopal church ,,'which tut year mate
...... .
t started' the distribution 'to lid rola' secretary remarked that *ny kind of lloili )Democrat and Republican gained 'three percent on lit member -. ---.--- -

; tires of hit second million dollar, dollar would& b* acoeptedMr.hryan teem to b* 'falling over eacli other In hip of the previous' year, while. Ibo Senator )Morgan of' Alabama Helots

!r J There lino danger that It* Hill fancy reached In till (pocket and. drew out a their )caste '19 gt there on the rail population growth& I II eitlmated& at (he Nlcaraugan' Canal would have beta

the country menaced by race suicide bright sliver ors and with his famous way rate regulation mraiur )Ir. about two per ovnl."" In the 1'reiby completed In a I few yuan If the cpun

by the time .ho. lies.. flolihed. magnetic smile walked over and placed llryau'. "presence In Waihlngloa) and titian church the Inoreaio In mem try had followed his advice and taken
:_ (ton the table. )It li needless 'tour berihlp wa at I the ratio of 98 that
i edict tide While llotue my have done per route, Instead of buying a 9..1.1oo.

General Bloeiiel., the hero of fort I that ,lr Ilryan-- ... -lugged--the. .house. something' to &promote the groat and rent.' The Methodlit. gain was 18 percent < .<* t' ---- -- It I I. further 'I.tellill the I'rcibyterlin .
Atlhur, wa reported to have a smell larmonloui itimptd ------
army, but about all wicks ago It west The !<.wli and Clark lipo! ltlon, '.- \ .- & Hand Hook t for HOft that the The estimate, U mad that In the Jut

=' : laid to number 17,000. Tbe Jap and whloh... li to be held 'In Portland& Ore An adveriiicurent In an y.nall"IIa.1 I religion of the world barn 1,430.000.. twenty yean 829,000( ) divorce I Tboen >

4 sonar reduced It 10 .lie. only turren gob &the coming summer, 'U very gen per iiyn 1 ''''nl.dR.I".1 work (no adherent, divided. ai folfoa i granted: In this country. "ono

y Oerrd 84,000: cud another ,hero, bubble erpuily lending out column of ..oh,. .nan. One that can do any thing." Unfortunately ChrUtlanhy . . 477,080.158 would! Imagine.: ) from newspaper r
ConfuelauUni . .
afrO.uw.ut+ )
llflplndcd.Ttio .. sire hulls for the papers of the ooun. & the advertiser. dot'",', h Illndtidui l . .. . IPn.UX.tx ports that the number. would bo a mIlan
: "'"' .
f S. ... try lot the cub U not yet forlhcom&
r. mention the wage he I I. willing to ply, Mohammedanlitn 1111,1)31.3'12) or more.'
; latest' prediction- from Wa.h. Ing Cream puff art very toothsome, but wo. guy take "It fur granted. that he lloddhlim\ 147,9(11(1U( ) ( -.. .
h' a; .i Ington I II 'that railroad IrgUlatlou ao but wo fall todlncover the cr alu In the would yield up at least f ft or 10 a week. Taol.mand milhiolim., .s 6T.ceqtlq The Itepubllcaua In Congress ar
far 'the paokage received at The Hun table. . 7UVJ.U
a* present Congress I I.
ron the '
CO right Jot
.t Icis parly.Thero \ arlou* heathen falthi ,11 trying to mako trouble between : i
$ I1iU/7D
erned, U " Hut the )1'rrtldent ..---- I The adherent nf Uhristlanli. a.. Sharp William and the Democrat,

may call a eeolal iciilon ncit fall for TLt election Inveitlgallon In Colo I I. come came for alarm ,In re. divided Into the following br.oeh.1" i.v minority which he .ha* lead with, t

I he o.r&aln1y will 'have to rake some redo developed the fact that mule sere gird: to Prriident Rooievelt. In 1 pral'** "Roman rrolrtiani Catholic. .80.f4e.618 mioh IbUII,. John "gharp"
action If ho wall until the nut reg actually voted.. If this' plan U adopted 'lug .the work of Mistral, the French ( .. . .143US76 MXMO.000. tn their side

user session-------------- ID MlMoarl there 'It no telltair what poet, h. says hit effuilctti' teach the ( CohfuAtoblrt.shots' 11UU,11<10 --
r 1 the Democratic majority will t ii.. active buiinoM men of the Writ hit Coptlo Church ,1 1300UO When ton "own the Iait, '

Tti( coldtoragoof ftult has grown: _.. -.. -_._ -- besides the> nation1& body there h i alto I Neitorlan Armenlon Churth . . 1.W0.050( S'a\'lhe people1 will' at )heist kn ox
to and Jaoebltee.13ol ,
large proportionpearly OAO.OOO ( uz.
Mme. he soul" Uokadililcil, Theodore. Where to place tho rrpontlbiliiyare ,
HutnUrt celebrated fans
barrels of applet having been torc4 In ........,,..._-- :-=: :.:_ I : things not iitltfaetory.
; the United& titaleadnrlng the' last win. ; financier of, has been very lick line Fletcher' the nlomoblllel. An English court lust decided. that I II .
reading the achievement of who
our .
her a I result of 'Inveitlgitlon' man who
; earns his living
tog this rut It I I. found that dur-I Mm*. Chadwlck. fibs feed that she made ono hundred mile In one hour f fesslon by a pro A* thcroare only three editor <
year. trade
or other
condition hit. been outelaned.Korea eighteen", inlnote, and twenlyfour i.c. occupation U for the gubernatorial: nomination
tn wuich tho fruit I II nola "
e grown __ code. mull "lealleman. According to that Georgia the be wait t
I J r dare felt a similar senss* other mutt ;
and Ihenuanuer .
of handling It u.tert & ---- dt find ton any number
knlne to Ion to Wing blown' up. with dynamite. "gtotUmtn"can ontll the lint time.Kngland .
a Urge
n ; extent III keeping libuiy trying to ttgut* I. out be found in .
., .- quality& and ulUmn_. nil.... where she will stand when the thing' 'It U would mate' a person crot-oed to lake the trouW. America' If oae will ----.----- ----

---- -.-.----- over Kite will probably find that watch such flying very long.A barrel to hum them op In Uormany, Franco and I''

4v; Couuty'Tax Colleotor W l>. iMekln* there won't b* any "00,.." ----.--..--. -. .. houses-, hayitaeU-. -.- ... -lad \baa etrt United& Htate hate formed a eombic

.1 loa elates that eollr tiou* aro very new cement Industry' I I. the mak- Teen U-- ---- Ion for the purpose of keeping: ROM i

'y Rood, and that property ownr from The annual "Carttr Harriion, rvtlro, log of ibingle' out of cerueat. II I II about euld one redeeming feature from Invtdlog China.
weather In
.. every eeutton& of thus. county are paying menu," which. wee* sent nut I M rrga aid' they ever about a* much a* ilato I may have a few dl.agr.eabl.KiorKU.& W > t'
1 their' lazes cheerfully and promptly laxly' are tbwigbt lo ttavo prepared I roofing tat are superior tn that they I It never ha* day, but Thi country 'latt yeti had few 1
I developed Into
A* a result' lie li keeping well oeeupi) him' tore literary f'''''. ". made with' tldgv and grates wbi." or whaler| and the other nine' mouths ynehlnx than In any provlooi. r",'
I' at his oQle liiulng reeelpu. The fact It U together and prevent w atet "ba.ktag n.igkty' Ute In the fall. three months Inco 1P4.I That It something wor:
of these I I. .10 between iketa. .boaUba about.
.prompt iarrnnU one of the .
M.'tlt.'t : .vld ,
+ Drprw "aty believe .. ,
of .
most eontlnelnq.tldenees I the ," 0- -
pro --
l y -
I la v 11'1' B HAD tn the 8caai toot for Tow Uwton that
Parity of the people, who a* a rule a..erlf'd|
The tenountry. Oklahoma understood that
new of want It
t ;' were never In be"., condition from a what ,:,'? are worth but for 'which tore (U a* litre crop a* enr.Pntted but ftlate very*few 6a of. John l//h tcMJn own Itl. .taol. ho pin orern herself a great deal

4f : i financial standpoint! they h't" "0.', thins could stand an X-lUy laspectton 1 who be> other J&oohr.Uer nine are want to. te.* to know I bett4r ItI.btantehtt.I'' IhlD the. old butt are 10'.";

i. ..

It ..... .. 'J ...._.....Fw ........,..... 4 ,: .. .. .'4'... -11I -. ,'. 3lb'i& ...,.....,,,.. ....11., 1"1'<1_. ,,",-. .. .,'.,'l, ,w ... .." \' ', .f.... /<: 'j f1'c '. ., _'. \ f fir I.. '
id Li "J
.. ,.' \
.'! ly :.J.. y..r t\; >: t.l'. ''""I.II. '.!::nJ' hj' 1.r.. ." "". "\ J j ,. .I. I d, I. ', \"I
I .
'I. j : I : ,

t i ti p/k'; t :: ,

f// t


.r T "_!!I -_..-.- ..,- R __._._ ____..H _. ___ .. .._.. ..- -_ -..___. ___ _
1 -. '-- ----. .- --- ---. -.. .-- -.- -;; .. ---


IMMENSE BUSINESS Undertaking CO. Bit of N owFrom All 600.

_ _.. done of iho State. CURED. BY P13- RUaNA.

, It Will Ag-tfr;aU More Than UA1HKUVIU.K, rUMUOA.Funoml .no..,w .,,... -

$100,000 I. bare a bank-to l
Annually. T"ra'4"| "lt Sew

-- located' at YtorOUf.Tht Old People Arc Especially ,jrJ I I III
THE FORCE IS KEPT DUlY Dlrcctoi-s) eopln of I.l..{)'k are trying tt. Liable to Catarrh.PcMiMin _

Licensed( ElulJt\hnors. luiprov' their IIh.iiJIg1tst. taelllt'e.IL : i.

Attending/ pranchea or the f O. Dun A 0bav0." opened a 1

t Department Which' Dlthtt Out Qov.trnmtnl branch 04H mrl'lst s ?coy In T...",'*. Is a Tonic especially it>l :: I'1'

.Uand to Horn S..ktn- NttIak.t".ae a M4 fps a Tttt tU..,. of theIM.. In the vloln* I '

January n1p01L1j! I'Itlurr ,'famelIubbfr ",lampi._ Art Ity u.| Miami will uo'J' | fpU very IIrl-' Adapted to Tltcso Cases. ; 1r1.. .

pniliaLTt (iood.p'ph.titcry.' 1 1a.tmais= It.. uu.l,. ..1
It will b* ftturprltt to 11,* ,
The h.I'n. (raiitraotlng much ,....tI
i majority of people to learn at t the !lmmrnit > links. Cunirnu, and 1'hrtogita Fort
atlrfitluivIn' Iltetf7;7 lnlty of
builneu .
traniMled annually In l 1.llftt' I'\UIIIU"I.' ) Mervo. *
the United Slate land vflh In thlicity. \4
Tht builneu will tartly 'Thepnlenofloltuall' ,wlll i tid'up, A
trucegatt OnUra by Trlfgraph rrmhc Telephone .
I'altUa .bat. ''been ousted( 15 per
on an ftveragt of mor than, .11I slhallon.EfJTEI1TAINMGNT wwer I t I hc
|piwmpt crate for Mi crop," ''UIM ,
4 1100,000, *t the bock*el Ih* c.HIc wjll <_- ___ ._ I Ii
how, Wright ofOUffP'Tt'T' ha cauirtl

There I II probably nowhere In the, i TONIGHT. |the arrest tJI f Hamu*| iohol, charged.. L&11//

employ of Iht covernment unite amore with stealing the rot net'* wife,.
Twentieth. Century Club Will RenderInteresting lw. '
competent' or more obliging The Miami ')("roh.a'ol.u nl \ ,
force than, Ihott who liavo' the deill Program at. It* annual mecttnf?} eleotctt' 0, M.. I t I 1
The entertainment to l bn < nletof the public land of Florida, llrown, Jr, lecretary and treasurer ; A l '
the Twentieth Century. Ulub at r
The entire force I I. O<',,,Iou. and 1'onesoola.xpecIs, to .hart ft inurtltrinyirery
opera home this ..enlnn for the beno
obliging, and '1".,. pleated to Impart .fit. of tht library fuifd promises to beone '" on her hand a* icon a* tlie,

m1' Information concerning th. public of the inuit ilcllgltful function cold, slimy corpse can be discovered,
land, the mode of procedure m.Inl .".
nf tht eaion. The prolrsnl will vomprlift Tint ApaUchleoU' oyilrr anon and
. homestead' entrlfi' final)
roost' and 'Instrumental inuilo by thn cannery have. .been having' tome"
etc. Ilegliter Robinson and. llecclvcr
the belt local ',I.n"d those who trouble and the cannery was shut""
. Chubb have directed the affair of the
attend are promlied a fritclai] inuil' down.
land ofllct 'In a mo t tjilematIQ -
cat entertainment. The Nets aye the Fort Pleroe. ImudI 11ev..1..1'sknr,1'ttra. N.Y.,Write i
with the result that rM
manner, they"
t ,u.ln such condition that deilred The "Program I becoming' A ""formidable" orgaolii 'In' June, IlKil. l".t my *eiiM< of betr $ .,
any Ing enilrvly Mj I hearing but '...n
tlon In what way'doeitho sJ jeotireapply .
record or paper can bt found without l-"Tho' two i.atka". .., .J..ohella"1tI. I fur aeveral
..."n.1I. t .. enmewhal Iatpalr.vl' yearn, ,
a monltnl .:d.l.,. Ii"it tint . 2-1'opular .,h, Three email flre at (Ocala An Hatur IIZ 11'f
Tlitofllot'" force oonilil, of Louis 0. ixmtil litiUI convene with my frlentUi' ,
Lynch chief elf rk, anJ a oUrloal force Malt Quarltttt, day and Sunday did but little damage, but In June, ll1l l I. my eetun uf .hearing

of L. J, Olyatt, J. L. Wftlimilght<<' andUaroldArnold. lleoUatlon' Aloe'.\\4mb"I) :.Selected4"H Thirty bale of hay. were bunted at the l left .". *" that I could bear no *
Thli forot sr.lard lau out ',' \vhalever. I wa also tr iul>li'd with !
Wa A Dream". .lloby n
I and competent walkers, whloh It beat ill lr. J. A. loodwln, flaunt ladies are bound to have ft rheumallQ pain In my llmtit
evidenced by the great volume of bull* 6-Ullop Mllllalre". public library, and. when the |I.> "1 < ink beat'Inn I I.'fltlu.uud at II wa "
hell traniaotrd through the 6fllot bliss NVImborly.' die set out to do anything they gtn* vrtoriaJimaAt 7

yearly 0-8.)ecllon* . . Original crallydoltflght. $IIron and 11goroua, 1001. Myrheu" .
Chief. Clerk Lynch flu furnlihed )Ir. Van 1u, r.angitnn MOicar Who I I. charged the Alt Of ensile' pains' audab:
Old fiwcetbeart of' )lIn.", . tlthtyeIghtYears. .
7"An .
Tht Bon wth| tin following report of .lUley& with the murder ail tlrcgg Jones at are all pone, .
business for tht month of January i December >llrthllvsltcmpl.' raitnut e|"ealc too lilyliljr uf IVruna A Pleaturc, to rnd u. re rn .
Ml* U"," Hoaratt. 'Jluihuell, | II,,. .,'1' )I.&or& )1'1 lr.I
110 homestead enlrje) *, 18901.80 8-"For All Kternllf" MaioheronlMr (jug to arrest the 'former for carrying anti now when .Ighty.elght 1 years whulesy.l.tat old unit' Hoelely of salt ]'''" +l.oo, "t'lt.'
aere i 40 final liomritead entrlci, lUlalymkl' concealed weapons| has. been bound can say It Invigorated my from Bit Turk itreei, Nan J'1'rtnoUoo

'' M13.77 acres s 18' military II, land war 0-"Tho" Message uf the Violet". over by JudgtClarit Of Sumter tOUr ('al'.,a* follow
"lo ulintlhliifc ter l I'MI4\rlh'I
rand 2274.00 acres 0 agricultural . .1. dtlf.10"Unlh81 without ball nn< ,< "/f/4M/'A pleasure that I gf nIT
wl thankful tn ilia All- .
Mln I college orlp, 0.57.7aorc.s! 73 eneaa of JfeCollouRU". Flih are becoming plentiful. In the loving' Father ihal you bav l..*.n i",-rmilleil l'tH..hIIl been \9ty uUdscloryrune
cash entrlri, 007.81 .or,. i i toldlert' U. The |o live, and dy your .11 tit l IIf iuiht .ItIt
)Ir. Wheeler. small, lakes near I 8., 100 sorts 1 timber and stone iiift.ini ae haw lieon l.i ."ntl"na for .f.rrft
II-"Lo?. IVotlng": IxihrMr TAT*re* Herald that they are to you f/icnfitAnnwit' rented) i
entry, 100 acres *, J.T. l'ttol"l. crowded for room that they take" turn hnanU-J., N. Ttrker. In fit lit ailftrint lor1ns..Chas.Ltander .
In old the imitfuui nieinhrtne
ape .
12- "The! Fatal hose of lied11. In swimming 'In th. .water, lomu of to.. ihelrfunelfun. Nu 'In .th. world h.
;, A GAUD TO PATftONB Uardiitr come thickened and parity other phydoltn *
. ..
l.,11'lUlimt:& them retting on the und dune while 1'eruna" cttrrctH* all still by rcrelved such a ""Iurn.r enlhittlttll'

;f Principal' KellumAnaloue That They II-U.ollaUon. .Selected the other *ftlni' II.Ipeelan "..rllonnn all th* tuuoou ,aIt.rraf.. thank a* Vt llarimtit for

Should Watch' Children, Item Wlmberly.14l'Dpular Ju. Llla 1) lltinnlcut' has. coin niembranea uf Iht bud)'. rerun

Attention 1'atroni i The first halt, Aln . menerd A damage suit for ItfO.d .. --- ---- --- _. .. .

of the present school term cloied last Malt, CJoartettt, against I1.. Tampa Kleotrlo Companyfor DROVE: PARK NEWO. me ,the. itubVIt for surd In many 'In.

i Friday, January 27th. and I deem ibis the death of her husband whore ilaniei. Farmer In this iccllon arc
an opportune time lo have a word THE NEWS FROM AHCMCR. death, was mused 'by coming 'In con A Dutlntia Chang Orange Tree Cleaning up their lahdi preparatory lupUiitfng.

with' each patron O"lnllo the. lack A Shooting AfTraf Junlui' Jackson tact ..ilia. line wire while In this ....n. Looking D.dlt-Ol" Noln, .

of time, III I. Impoiilblt/ to see each Discovers OoneOthr Not ploy of the company.City \ drove l'uk.1.\ l.-0rang* tree* The many friend of Mr, and )h.,
ont perionally I 11 therefor takes idle Detectlv Cahoon of Jaeki* all 'looking bad front the recent cold 0. W. Agin' of Clucinnatl art glad lu

method of hating a word with each.F.very Archer, Jan. ;81.-Mr.' and Marlon ,Ill., lit walking along ili. attest to weather,.. hive them her with u* for ft few

teacher has and I I. laboringearneilly Smith entertained' a few of their eldentally brushed agalnit a negro,, The family itf' J. J. (lay left a few week They own a beautiful 'home

for advancement of your friend on Thursday evening, Thwiiooi named. Joseph A. ,William, who day ago fur Tampa where they. will her and art l looking after their' In*

children. W. need your Militant was beautifully decorated with turned and cursed him, A little mak their. future hum. Tine are lereiti, They one owned a forty'

conitantly, and urge It now, ae the re. red Japonic** and Inns, makingevery trouble ensued when they " estimable (topi and w. regret lo lose aer* orange grains her "talon* lit. fa.

port of tht elimination of the fourth. thing look lona,. At 0 o'clock an .* airRrnprabbing iho'Uetectlv*'* pi-** them from our community. '11 it.... of 'W After an absence of
ook thtcard served and lh tail. and thing three hoi' .I', llith wrr A. Jeremiah Week nf' ha
month reach you. J< over elegant dinner was wounded llMtlnpi' several' jer they derided tn com ,
carefully and ceo If the narks evening wa vary pleasantly. ipent.Mr. v-. accepted ft (KMltlort with dy A Co. at l bark and deli their' FlorMa home, ,

r art what yoo think' your child capable" Aba Mr*. Smith a* .entertainer A fellow who arrived(a\.Ja.hontlll. this place a* lwr. and. enjoy our total, climate.
of-If hOe. 'h'h pleai .Invetllgllt.. hn. a reputation and on Ibis oocailonthey n few day ago on .bit. flf. trip Florida H. F. Walla I beautifying his ul.|
)"nl. lInloih ram born*
Tht teacher can only' Instruct Hit retained 'thl reputation, with from his Norlhernjjbome: was dene with, a coat nf p pilot.Th .
'last "Frlwy brought her couiln,
poplin 1 .It II Impossible to study for (raet and dignity. meditating' where to go from that point' reildetie f.fV. I.. Mndney un
plea Myrtle I'cnitell, for ft UII for n
them. Insist on teal books being Doctor Hlprtll and Doctor urns' tote* th. country. A friend sugg.el.d .* N. Main itreet. rapidly& netting com '
day or iw. Their friend. were glad. luMe
that they In Bl. Teteriburg! ,
brought home for private 'tt'nlill dentists, were doing l l business In Archer go pl.tienunder, lupertlilon, uf Con.
when. li.. replied : "Not much t The them.Iadrlpp.
study a* tht hort ipiot between reel' this week. tractor J. J. klodiey.
Our and family have lft there, and If ..
tattoos It Iniufllelent for study, tee Mr. and Mrs, Ja*. Bklnner entr It lin'i safe for use Our, what show J, J. Uiy, who ha* been Mnnecled I It raging In, "little con

peelally tht higher grade wh' twined a party on Ffldiy tvenlng.Junlu would 1 stand?" .: with' Gay A 00., at this. ,plae. for the munlly i however II"I Is a lighter"' form

work demands' outside study audreiearch. Jackson colored man near ** -**
Not the mark 'In attend townln digging a ...lIlu the depth of HYDC'S PnUIT'.SAFg..' .business (Inlereit her and accepted ft 'O..L.. I* arfectlng the school aver A

Ih4' Iud p punctuality sod .If. below one ,wClDt-n( ,. feet, came upon, abed of 4il. lutrailv .position with J, K'., unwell, I.I.,
Of Prtvranet and firing' Crop of )tr.. tUenfil. of' Center ll vliltlng her
hundred endeavor to >.. that your hones( of very large ilie, taking out manufacturer of yellow pin 'lumberat I i
N..Hr40OUoiea' Was Hived i brother J. l.. Tuwneand Her friend.
child I I. present every day and on time. about twenty'flr pound. bets, Fla.K. .
The Oasis lrntn rilarol ire glad, lo .here her with u*. Hh. I. ft
rieaittlgn, the card and return In There) was a hooting affray at Ihtreildeoce Monday, A. Terry, who eime her acme
three days.Ifalp of R.r, Nancy on Saturdayevening January 00, lay of lh* grove owned time ago from Indiana Harbor, III, to moss nllinabl" lady

a* and wt promise good whleh recultod In serious tJ, UIO'IC' W llyd of this' city i intftd" th* winter, 'left a few cia,. age Mr*. Dandle and ales Ullle Teeter

work Heipectfully., wound Inflicted on "Jot Hamilton by "Tom I'rltchett eamt'op from ('sn. fur Miami where b.. will matte hi.Mare ,sad. a tdlt tnOrang I.u.ed..".

J. ct. K.....,.... Frank nu.,. It ,U said the parties dler today, and bad wlib him a twig IMHM. -- -----.. .

,. .... ,- '-' w.r.drinhing. 1),.., wa ."....d. on whfeh wer orange from 'h tleo Capi" J. l,. llrown *>f MILL MIN TO MRCT

TURNER A DAD COON. All art colored W. Hyde grove which paned through 0prlng4 MM tn lawn ye.l.r4tf. .
the 'lttl. all right. but ft,was don by James 111" amid M' M*(.,.,... of Cttn ManufMlwrere ef Se4n Ongfa

( Due WV Under Mlcanopy Jail and License ;Nolle*. bard work for threw ..igl/i. .la firing Ih. ll chIHw.' bare yeeterdajr I Oaths ,In. /.h.a.ary,

Made Escape. Out Arr. td Her. I wa sot applied with license < of fruit on ft. Mr 1'iltebett employed l Ur* CMUTI. n>ui ..... eft .- mi ((.or
Deputy 'lb.rUt 0. II. Cftitenwn 0'lIeanoJ" blacks nntll the day court convened A ru.>.,
I ,ll men to ass lit bun and during th* gla k4. *.._ eaital' iu II"." r a* Tfcoma -
) Tuesday took S.I..a. Turner list Oitbr. Th gtact'e Attorney U. II. Knapp arid lamer will tea,*
vlll\. Oa, W.ln.... in" i, Kt u
.. "
told II!
ware tU. wer* not allowedto
shod 'u at that eeetlonbf .
hiSa br
a negro1 arieiteU her u p me report IM Oi wear future for dAla Mr '
*..... *..... Tk-' lie I .III ..11111o
traction, to Mteanopy. Turner wa. I court but 'lnvl I.wo( lb. fact that go down. If. said the m-regrfranged Knapp KM a.e*|>4f.l a |..*itl. ..n .. ,In* ,
from 28 to 90 degree, If* .ft / 4l cn*. rn .ltnr* in .1..11"11 I. ti./ '
,b. Ifieanapy aalhcrUJe tht blank bad toot been furnished ma .peeler fcr J. K. Unwell, ,"uuf...** .
wanted by very prood of hi* .oe. ... and sold hill i will lM.ln. upon a charge of Jail breaking. 8v time for licensee to W iud.. h* l>oi.. lo o..l* dralerewhteh. rner rernf lumber, llepn.aeauv.. hate Se MII.II., .

oral. week ago he was arriid by Of I ooitMnted tomy tnakleg no>> report at tban easily Luis (It. freight., Th. lt.,. Medley, or its will pr'A.. at an I* pe...t States n. 1.1IteflMrtMi I rI'-"',

fleer ChrUman for gamnttftg and : .)... hate( bat .trD.lld me lo liar swig U..'."with| He I I..ft 7M" Miar of- I''b. MMkfdhttfaireltUft nail ...... Oa.) 'f"" ',,n < r"" ti,: '. '

placed 'la the tow jail. I..,... the I report ready for priaf term of court, _. _. day afufMwii at 4 e/","k. TlfU*. t1.- s Ilwltr 141 .,11..
night" bt dog hie. way wader she grv.nd : wbteh conven/1 ana."., and to flllaformttlon Norricn r mM. rtrlA.lAATItw Jl Ie y flretrn (f. new h.fII....Ht <*.". the M.u., Oft, ; l'*'h,", ",".

and gained his' freed... else wbkb ( with blrn agafott all who ,.... .tsw ai.......pi.. PM 1fAt1l.... nf eKpree. end "MIII'< agent ..,.....,. """- _, o. "'0"
urn h* ba bn at large op la M..- did aol comply with IM ,..,..o.rf. M..I ...." #.'ra. at ..... |...... u. I I. also ..*l..g a. a.- ...... I'rstisa' lie' r/lah. '

day. when b* was arreited her,. of tU law by Ibis co' rt. =-. ......Mr.o. .......rt.....o..MrO iS.I+. ; .s. ..., ".c |..*ia ater stfllI .If, I I I. rl"a,
Temar I. a ""0' prepotlllon" lure I There are q.ll. a number of .11.. = ..., ...., ... 04 bI. r : fM.. l oe, I IUs
..... -. ..... .tit ... M .._ s. a.. The New frtm her. ,
ftnoogb Sic*. LIe e-t.... from lb. pee sad profelo. .i who have not t.. N 4.1... / en *1r.eJuu alitour" I "an
Hltanopy Jail b* wa arrested ...,. by a* yet compiled with skis .law. I am : It,,, .'.b. I. -U.., ...<... has 4if. ' or. tr a At

Deputy Bh'*o taught now getting up Ibis 111. sad tboe who MM r'w'.T..... ...... 4...aof'w.Iff ,trip,..rig. ..... I"' fired eom front the r....t .old spell, calk an4 Ciu. 111.1.... f.ttH.'ol.. .. .. Ca.

ism with Ate other. t. 4 trap tame bar Dot taken oat sash) llt+n***. If it taw let w* arc glad to report Skit _{'atttrete -

1ft was arraigned" before Joule Col. they* ott be ,*.I.dtcl M Ibis tI U_. ..Ue........,.,...., ... eaM/a. ....+.I....e arc not killed In tU .....10..111 .- A f r..l u tllruf" '". ThMlMr'e tIt amiirbml j

..** Bad 'flaed 10 sad taste list mu.ahead ,. alb matter very a.H1.... tMi. oa'ly late tbelr" coat of grass llyrup wU U tn! ia sat r."', of
-. ,...,...... ...... ...... ..,... ThcUfCv.t
III lh
which be protnptly paid and WM r*. eooa. ]Up* tfetl/. tree. psew I. u 7aeaw wM Ww.u*.., r*. "leave Can. .ed I* 'Injured In sense this },,| InM'ro..utt04,. I 61.1 W UIdrttzlKo i W.U IMJHIJfJU" a.elsar. |ocaUli/ sad the farmer will late to tcJJdae QmMfiwts ,vas>


f '' '' '.. '. ., .. -... .,, .,.. '
y 4.faU' 1 _. ,tt J. .: ;f sakdti< r .Ja. sF Al1W Y+ fr % ''4 .P--

1 ,I '-' ., l"'U ".",,",'I.Jff. rnRs a f"" .'t' rj! F .:: / IJ' fr"W :1'1r 1 r-/' T;r a ( 1 1F i { r h t ,r

p ,

r 4' fe*
?, .


,. .. _. ._._. __.. __. u __ ==:un:=-':.' ::-;--'::::_:=::':" -: .=__-=_'-__=_-______' ___ ='--:- _.__ r L I __ :h'_
----- -- -'-'- -


_- Horrible In l. Mbnl. ).+sr1. HUktfc /.Abu) OIIBUMMHMV. ,
:...r..a:4.:: : .':'. Ale a (* 6rtdk-lBahk.VoV,
h Brief Bits of News From All Sec- Ie>*' anil Ji.liB v. .. ion II..
; ''the 1M lnuetfol "k >. II ,Ienh.n (till to ".".
a :
F.-F.I r l + r dour of tile StaU. ..gMtUyYt/ b.l! f.r'riNsljar .: Misatu.

It *><..**tIM b, fNUvli .Peeuned t<> the vi i
... Title is what yon pay for whoa you buy land ; therefore IM atom. allied II."'"> hit f u
It Is horrible to think of limo i. |k4.1....'" IbfrrliiimuMKt.U. ii noi
Dad oity' li to have. a flritla ho know what yon two buying. lila t At* HMt* of Motfok .1IIt It.. yew .
MnMi.U*<>r'lk No IIOU.1 l l tli Mii,
tel.A) rAIN antI mifTorlng irhlch no ., ... Aress", W*.t.aM Ie are ir the are of t" rnll \
lanllarlom, li. to l h* opened, ll". Ik *,,,fur .nd'i'd, 11)11 ..."iaarriddi
,' t lab region near Areadin. many people cuilaro, oil "hccauio Titles ordinarily Invisible correctly revealed to you by '0 nlnl sllasr."'I'. and hI' Uum.lsltl, .

N The Miami city,, directory give that they don't know: of, or full to ir"M of y.."""... on af' UPfiint m*' otber5lwe, llm the
of 8,500. The Alachaa County Abstract Company QI .. [ M lkh. .ti .. ova
town ft population .
try HAMLINH 1VIXAIU OIL.SnO'erlu" 1,0.04 lit .i.14 dettsl qt.
It U 'urtb.r ortforMl IMI tltl* order l>. |>uOIMKI >?
kl hara $.
UfO Oak U
10 A l/XXopera ..k ...... ...
iii and out I t M wr ( house, to bo built by Hook company.MUil'rankle pain weAn C GmLn.eaV"l: : : U'larlcLEb. II O ,ln...lli*) Itwit, M 1HI..rI..bll.."....

) Hrowu of Of Undo wu tbf\ brain, mid norroiiH nyntoin, l __ 1 ......... ___ ___. ... .... This'M1hNqf.Uyae.', U lJ r." '('tatds'.l.iJ tI"tIL am'11fuurl'

oily crowned, queen of the carnival Ihat aull soon wrockn\ your phyalcal! t_ J..a'w. ,.... i'\J ... .N,iilue copy or / I1.I.-L It, It. II WI.nks. U. C'

Ja\e Oily Knlghti of I'ylhlai 'arc and men I nl pontm., t'., R.\J"N'I'ON.|>. V.)
II. A. TIIIIA III IUIsui't.burvwi.IsNor1cll ..
/Iilannlpg. for a big annlnnary "eclobra No need\
tlon. 0V AlM'l.lOATJON roll l TAXDfxn

,, quill) hootlnff& at Wllllitoii li Mid top only! UNO (Ibis Rroftt, modern euro f.AWN UNIIBII UK HiwnoN4Mv mmiiuN a or (JII AI'ftiJ'

!b. eiotllint Non>reild,nt lloenie for pain) absolutely safe, Mooth-
/>iloe l, liervbr v'f en lil' IS rrri N. Cnl'-n.
I0.8A. Typewriter 'urfli' ...*r uf Tm O.rilOo.i. No. ... "Uf'c't)
lug, enrAtivo AUtl boaUurf. lit* lih day of July r\, U. ''PIIII. h"i Plod ....
t The free mill dallrtry' Orlando be- r> tUllc'et'd mr otno*. kM hM inml .ppU| '".
lit with' three Used Internally externally: fur tit rt.M la |MU. (in .caordiiniia with
glut business. 1'ebrury r ACllriOwuumuTill : : {110ft Hkbl""tll'1''' the. following
'v carrion. ) flOAt r desOdlW" '>I.M.rur i etlul/e4&' in Alsolus vows'
ItgooMlIke, HghJnlng to lily : IULSTMACIIIM : Iy 1J't'rlcS.. 1 '
I' _' Ulley Jolin... one' of ll'O\' oldest let- i" 1 I.f 0' IvW h 4.0. 10. T''p. 10. H.1h 1111

tleriof llainlltoii county, U dead al of trouble, and, by allaying the : UTILE: *UIIKITI : 40'III.?, rn..141.11I1 bolnp ........4 ."h.dsl.n/.

,till '_"i'o. tlr Stoh "."ldo.'. II U.. nsweefl
Whllo It drlrcv out limo
- .1 8.rlallt., Inflammation, II as Tabulator Klrr i

1. A Maionlo ,IIM. bn.. luitl UntYm Al '.leMhialOefInAleahsn' ,.* redeemed M
+ new lode; nnDOA D I -ON
rl real cause ofall painful sickness eoMln" to Inw. tit deed will) ,UMI* |i>,r oiint usU
1 tuted! at ferry by Hon. J. M. Oald. Every Mnohtno.l.lphtcrt ''" 1r ur f lh'brosry, A, li. IMWltnr \ .
p & >.. iifnoUl/ "n"I1'' sod sesl1NsIt
well, U.I) H.! 0.) M. and quickly! makes you perfectlywell. ".l\Itb\ d I.y my or .,an".t,. A' ,/LM.

New SrnuII.llke mOil I'lorldllo"n. Trice 60) cents. and $1.00 Clerk Circuit Court N,11'1KNNAId ,1.C1"UII llu? tea,,

-i: j t: at the ,preient time, eomplaloi ft Itnuf bhlftf' JJghteit' Jtunnlngl I Tho ... ... -

_____ flolent ,hotel. faollltlci, Fully guaranteed Champion Speed Writers of I tho World NOTICK OK A1TLICATION roll TAX

: A firmer*' and fruit l'O"lU' oon. For Hale and recommended( by Use the .'" .81&011'1.' Mora FayBholei In UKKII f.....|, I.AW0 UNIHUt OK"IC rf.uuluA.Notloe <.rJ'IOK t. OK (III AITMt

vcntlon I. soheduled loba held In Or. ute In Oalnrirllle (ban. any" other InlOhltll.r U hereb l r dren thai T T. WM.
t I ALL DRUGGISTS.CONfBMBft limn. B'tiTi'iiievT'i of Tut l-:'nrlmo.le.ln' ail, *V
: Undo on February 91 to S3 are, >. dkiod the Mb dkr. t>l July A. ... I'Iwt1t .

he' Reporter\ i .._____ ______. ) .sbl eefslnes1.1. In hi' omo.. sn4" .
I' Orange County now oo For Salo inu1 kit>ll0kll''n fur IK dedk, to 'IMHI 'In 'o<
_ (lul"o.lI. own building' at Orlando. It TO nODDINO' MAIL. : by. lU,1I1H' wltli ,.w. Ns$4 oertlnosla pmbrsc.s
lh, fiitlowlim d.lI'relN'd |>rot>*"". kllukte4 In
i li ono of. the but "..II lit. In the. Blatu I THE AUohua COJ""". 'ortt1"( loUlNHof
I Charlie' Gilbert SUN Gainesville Fla. MwMof Nwk. Ukilkor. **, .".. H of
Me Can
Tim'' Ooala Danner .li publishing. an HH of Net. of' NwU. see, II. Tt. ". II. tl.
entitled' Neither Head Nor Write, 1W "*l<) ,Ulld loins' kkMOWMHl. kl the lists. Of
orl"'nll'flrlll "Camilla
by I .......
--T. thfl "iMUkho of kuch f rtllloutt''* In the n'lo.
:: Ooala'a eminent, autliorcii DtatrlcoMaroan. )ItalHih N. 0.. Jan 91.-Charlei Oil- JI ut>.Irs A. n.Nm .hct Wit J.. I'oibeti..

f bert, the mall carrier between' the _-. .L._.___.____ ____ ., nle.seskl. oriinoktf>.i bkorordlnir s rM1oa1M4.
---------- "t"
lolkw I !.. (t.<>dk l I..u.. thereon
5 mountain towns of liurnivllle and Ivy, Hnaaclat "Matt-incut" of Ibo Hoard of I].tnbll.hcd In 1881., on .Ihn mil day\ of' K.'liruktr. A. ... in*.
Tim' people or Manatfio t'ounl.111 who li In fur Wit...... IIIr orrtoUl, nitrnMur oral seal tbU
jail robbing
pouchca Public Innlrncllon Alarbua V .
( nnfr the f flbdkr It' ".nllar,. A. It li"'>,
ti rote on the question of bonding' for
bas made a full confection lo 1'oit- I'lerlda fur (hoof Iuuth M. II. WIKNOICM,
good road* February Hlli, In the tutu offlce Inspector. !Heddy. January, 1006111un. Tiio Oldest Whiskey M Clerk drcull Court AUobun (,0.. n*.

1 /l0owf>, lie flnt auccecded' In getting some M, II. Wltnukk. nrk Circuit' Court Ala NOTICU OK AWUOAT1ON) I'UII TAX

I 'A negro named. Will Hunter liln jail reftliteied, letters through a'hole with obuk OOUII',. tlortdki House in Georgia DIUCIl UNDKU HKOT10N I OK CIIAITCn

at lUrtow charged with killing a com, a tlonn In A pouch this time gelling Kin ln ..otnt>llktM .lthleA. 1. rhv| 4MS, 4M*. I.AWM OK HXrtllA./ '

1' who refined to a ft.MO.: all 'In cht>cke.' II. 1.55. tI' .' rWU. %r* tiKtrliy III* Mllh rII' Ib'tI Noil** beF.btlsen. Ihkt IVrry M OolMn,
Vanlon gambling clcept0o '
-I pay follow,tuf "".IICII.I .t.l.nifml of kll kohoul. lnirfllikf uf TK* C'nl/l' ki" Ma ei,
debtof" 40 cents did not know that (ho check were morsels ree.lrrd kiMtr>ti| iidM, und wtr Ailed the lit day 0' July, A, U.
( ,"<<1 lurln Jknu.'". 'lAQiOounir Iw'l. bk. fllc l held' rtrilnckl* In myumde.
i The ladles 01 (Julnoy' hare organised, << "..If... ao far at bo was concerned aobe H *..It'II'! m.<1k kit>Uokl1on ft.jki .r
L "burled Item and the registered ,. .1.M to ,lw i* In .CtCOClf't1.I' wild ,Inwmillflokl
an Improvement ,...o ''aUon. and will Trek f IM to rube a rei vri.WAHNAHTt h14. .'11"'."" U>* foki) ,,'liitf A.,
beautify the court house tquaro, 'leltofi, iKtckeloil the money and realn t M"Ht ilr t kltukteU in Ai.ohucouiitr
streets, and tldewalke.Anegrobaok from He4' around that aectlun 'looking at varlottafarina \ He 1-4 10. ll 1.11 ... i7tt0ere..,
..11'. .."". /Itlal.. | wrr* l.*u.<. *. IwiioMkt' ; Nte11,1'11
<< driver In Jacksonville 111, e n, swrrt.I DM dole of
Intaiidlng to buy ono with the J, II, yid'l. nuit-tr" for IMXH' >| No." M..t 40* tti* ....ulln"* of kuoh ...."uo" In the.. n.tnof .
teas lined $13 for liiiiiUluR policeman., I cliecU.. (UNhert U young, pare he J. II.I Jkr*|". Miitttry wink. .. .un N". III k ..iJ. W. H, Jokok. ,
H, r1r..1Tarr( wuik "talon$ A,,', 4 '
tu I'ulM kkkl cierildflkl' chili" ti
It ilioiild liavo been' too, for of all cannot read" or wrlto and, that Ito does XV, W. Hkn>i>ton I'. ... Court ..|*h%* "ourdl to law, Ism OCtM Kill, IMU* red",01fl1, lbereolt'

hinge the Jaokionvllle colored hack not know a ft from a flO bill lie U "'., ..".t.,J urn r.1/,. an Nor..ktxt ,IH-O reinirli.. III 4 in 01IlainesrtU 1m. -- on\viin ih. Mrrt dkr of Kelirukfr, A. !.. Its....
Mior klviikiur slid this!
drlrer li the worst on record. now In Jail at liurnivllle., J. O; Helium Inltre . ,It M lli0uibdky. of Jkiiukrr.. A. l>. I 11I11'I.' sesl)
.,.. .
161 I K. llroom thl.ri>*. t IU 'IH ,
'i II. 1\ ]Mount .has. let out eighteen<< ....-......- .11 I, A MruiHii ""....., .? .* (1\ l ClerkCIr'oullOourlAlscbusikl.III."' H. II. WIKNdRM.I'd !

-c : _ t acre of orange and,, grapefruit" tree. Norfolk Haa Conflagration, if(i j.Urik K IkittonACu KU'lmnlwm. IrsQY.kobool.. Mlill.. IKM I AIM --- -

near Kagle, Iake Another IB.acre Norfolk ".., Jan. :31.-Almoit a asappsue540t'umh'1'reuhtnwPMN.1wlieellat' | NOTICE LUll I'UIIUOATION.f .
(t..hcho. "" ikliiiMiHMl| ,thll' *. M (.
tract' was ..1 out for Hon. J. N. llookter. acore ell bulldlnga were destroyed or {I r.' .erlou lr damaged' by Ihe fire which t'kilvlon. "AolUH-likeliuul" whll *' ttiJ CM) "HIIAltl'i" : UII.MAMHGuaranteed JkDHkrr a, ,IK' .*,.
t .-Uartow CourierInformant.Bulirer'e a H atarttnl' in 0. .It. Nath'a 'tee warehouse JI..n.W.II..IW.ldo..t.elO'.whil.' 41 iMkHiT 8 years old. lly the klll.r ,liklll ---i jewelry lore at 1 1'eniindlna on Queen street t, 1'ortamouth. parlyHunday ".,,.. .WkMo ...'howl. ,. while. IMI I.. gallon $3.00. 4 full quarts |S.M.JXI'UIHH lo tiikk' fltifl, Pro : was robbed of a (tray containing' ,twelve 1.\141.\ Asti.,.... Wskla.clu>ol. wlill' II\ lflUk |>roo ) l(*.'
morning., The IOMB li placedIn |' .lull,. IIIOOHiMliil while W; t*. : : 11111:1'.U": .i.r km) JU*. ersibUilnr.sIUef I".. OHrlrukrr
I1 Hold watchf\ In broad daylight. Two the. nelRhborhood. of 150,000.() Hut [M>"h., 1I\I.d\ ,. fh.rtr sink' IIObl O''. W 41 md: J. ('OI.lUX: un: '. l ltd tU:
'XI, Kwittk.. IrfiulMi kottool, white I JW w
did mho. \ while the hieS'I'I'jt'd I. OAH4WAV of Horde. .,...
negroei Job clerk for the licrolo. work of *&0 United .r I. Undwr IU kdli.'M kolHHil.' whit I M tn Ouaranteotl) 0. (old lly the 114.
t'' th. of the itoro \.111. );tln.tonsohad.whit. In", .If'1r1 IHror the BH of N'14> tif<< Heo. 10. Tp
I &to rear 8t.t .ti mm-lnc-a aent by Admiral,' liar II. II. b'.n'.uml"!' Ilsttrrry10oho.d.NIJl.. M ..iHl gallon 2.75, quarts 13.00. ION.I411E

I t/milllla, like county, ,,1II1.old. a rlngton //rum tho navy ) Ard with a /Mm, "rao. MlOolWbll| PI ft" ixriusHANVIL : : l'mI'JIJ: _lie ".11..... ,". ,,., 1M to arose
S.l Me.. tiroysP.rk.h.! I whit. M In ht "nnClIIIIDu. rr.ldeiiouiM. >n and ",,1"0.1
"proiperlty"" celebration Jo'rltll.l"l'L. yard fire omlno, together with aaaltianco tutor 1 lUwkink.Tkoomnkobool.wkli. ftl. tai. uvi!: of MM ,led tU:

has been rendered Vitrl CMern lh ll .kcbool. w bit* 11'11I' J. O. hutch K. 1""I.oa.! J. I*. White J.
Ipih A'program{ arranr.rd by Norfolk Knglne elll.lorl' |>*w. .IlensehwJNeu.' UCA .. Guaranteed 4 yean" old lly the (t, t'Mrrjr. *.ll l of IIi lhnnl.. .11. .
and ft barbecue dinner will b. tarred company, the rd ftOlt.1OI| |. tit gallon U. O. 4 full quarts a.7o:: '4 W.U. ItOlilNBON. I( lrter

ArtMiigcinrnli to I feed<< 1,000 /people. tit tho city would its. ,. been swept .4k.n.\VllllkUM. ('01.m sldooukue.1seIuol10M." t'ol,1'C"IV. |1 l W I rmA ixrjusH: : l'IUl'\: _."___h __... __. .

away, Tho nr. atartod at half past I. ArlMtn. 1".lIna'r"' ] *nlat.4.uhw.l.) ,10 CI11'111lstoNwdlalnJ (,'.inxdtii uvi: NOTICK XU I'UniJOATION.
t Ool.J II. Ooobran of Noo.itnt' who "' ..."" 'u.4 >l. Mliool, % wi
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1 was appointed probate f judg o'clock. J'1."III" .,. Ut |? k I tit t./5(1.( lXHliSM: : I'KKI'A. ')aft.b., yt, ltl...
,' Nnluruuulyby. (loTornor llnjward, .U .. *, th..u.eeolur.4.ehu..I' 1 .II/U ; Notion, 'U "..,eb, ,l Intl (but Ih* followingkniiHt
.>n. Mflia. *. M.1ute4a1.oo1 . k ItH. oil" roiMiiiiOIIN/ : ci.uii settler" hsflh.dnutk.4' hit ,Inlvntlo
aald to ln> nnnilnently UlleodjrUf the.. H hlmnxnm. $' ukblik coloftxt tu tasks' .l
I u wharf" | 'Itf IWIt (luardntewl On ( iiroof In kuM irt of his >Ulniindlbktkkld
alga at af 111 4 old.
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jx>.Mlon. He I. to till the tineiplred II WI: :"". Ctuk IWl. I"boln. 'ears lly iirtxif. wlUlM* nikd t for" )
Atlanta Jan JLAftar lAlle gallon |2.60. 4 full quarts f 2.76ixijtiHH .tr knd li... flrrr kl tlklu..tUl.. its ken
I term of the Ute Judge Hurranee living .li J..1. KKI.U: Y. MM. lilt **wi-t., : i'ebrustf." ,in, vUHIUMUX .
years, (farotta \\Ql1\&I\.nt.' \ A negro : 1'1LEl'AIIIUI.I1 : FAAaa ,
Of lH>Wun., Itsitd
The l Khl'muet. Oaittte says that : I )\\1: 1t'J'OUS: "
woman whom home was on Magnolia 11II\I' r" 11. 5th of Lot II (ore,laf
Arthur. and. I Lewie Shiver of' heir Oa. tlltt'et. ,lH bar.. old their ranch of' gallon ns.tes the follow liitf. witnesses, lo ''''' I
I.a teal Creek big sheet. .. diet] ably Saturday morning 4....., LAWS OK fl/>IUUA. t3.00. 4 full quarts (3.26 II''UvontinupuirekldiH>* upon slid< eul"1c1.|''

-k !' lire 'thousand' sorts with l 11I(0"(< > .11t'fl'| Up to stout alu. mouth ago Caroline None k> \iv.m that IVrrr M 0ul..Ie. r.xniiiHs: : ritr.i'Ain: uf kkld I..... flu' .

t Ou3 (cattle SO (lead of hones, and. ft (1101 or Tki 0'illOOkl N,v .
wa able> to mot around' In quite th. ttti of "1&". A. 11ts4. .... WUllktQ WltUkliik, kUol' Ilkloll )...d, t 1..
... ,. H.o and JlourbonVbltklra
utgoati.toO A. Carson and Frank .t i< riio"kl* l Ie ii nft'1' In the market -
ft 11".1| r"'bk'n. and here a romplaini. ,04 1U.I. IIOIUNHON. .
tdk s1 as Cur tkR dmNt. 1 IMI* Inwllb'Uw. tll'.01'd. and will tare from llefUter
you 39 .
O'Uerry. T"4II" wee upward, of ass .beard. fmoi her lips but paralyattk4 MkM <.ryIAesle *.,.....>..I.e foi', to 60 cent Iter cent ---- .-.---
''Otl'liWrtM rliHxl' per on your purchatce: Bend
|n.iriir| kliuklrd In AU Uukemikir. '
NOTICK 1'Ullt.ldATlON.Lkftd
fI0.03.$ : loll .
-- -- lii, and clue was forest, In take. IT.irt"t' luw .a: for price Hit and ratalogae. Mailed
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New flange lli. Mid .Ikhdi ... .. .
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ab. wa enable in en.r. ient la to "t.bU.b cMso1log ire >* .0..11.) Seat, |wo 'In .. ..
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sir H IWn, .
and adjm-fin'' to (alit l ," B|"rliia.. Vu
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at last yielded to the Mil of " "
1 "hlrh t I. u".owned by (I.. r.1 Itald ... II. XVIHNUHg. (JliOIUJlA.W. : I/uliik N. "' '.1'''' of Ikinnl, Hkj ,
... Id' Wfrk t'lrft. i (.urt Als.bee DO. ".. -- .. -- .. Ite'flW1 for the' Nwi4 or "to. 4. Tli '"K
WI1'1 Tlv hale', IeaN.tIke/ minds ha -- ,,.-j ma :
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lrnwltlg tu Mr.1 Kminle ll.rrl*. W. XI AUMIN."tAT"'X: NOTICE :II. SIIJLICY] U. II W Irns
(rourws".* Mkt% "I ..ppMrlatcthe his. ...U...... ..,LI.ftt'. "...,. .04 oultlssiL,
Pain. end U. r lurrla. atUi. wilt lai.*>froav. Tv t4h. U....... L,. i..... lH-trtb.ieet 554 Of ..t4 ,..... \''It
i inotlrr that _th'*ii" you In your miuth ul r .tie t>..... .4 AMtJhs4 I' II : SI 01.\ N K. U "'. J. It )1", ...... *ndf r
t + it "ooriiiHniit 1'bta. Hie UKMIIM. rrfurta to get along, without ft girl. tlkfti.. N,., ,mid ,iu A III......... Wfcaw. TbU OoIeI'IIIo. of linnet*. n.., .nd T. J. T' rmr uj(
will rn'iiiy "i>ii| i.' t'&rt of tnt tuna- I Hoil4M. Mk. t'''r '.'-: ....aI.. .,.,
Von wlU .tkk* ....,lee |..., kl*. MMMitkk. kfl. .r -
try "x **>H .iuc slow elecnnio hut'.he. edit' Inquiringly' as be IM.t'it' .*......i>'" or tbitnoU,.l, kkkdmtnUtrktrlj 114- \Y. u. noiuxhox.' Ilerb'teI
tric Mhteti, ) u now (.l44nl eurrnmi wl tb* viral. of Ar.lM. "w M ",.._ lit: Kelt: Main' fit., !NorthPATENTS ---- ---- .
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p.Usl hr.' will, i>r.M r veed n uf WU.. mr kr<- .s5 ......11..'.......'N"h '1:11'?
park tu Itlnjtaold' and on (0 Cft ." be wrttt on. '1st It true ewnoinyf' ..,.1. II. tbess. .1IfI ,...... ... ( I '111.,..., gt\r toll. kit months k"
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k'. -- .- --- "\\ I hanlly' frrt ,timt( rtent 'e Att.dsl. ."."" .I .'u'n.Y.,ltetkt. "t ... '......1'\4\ c\.r.lnf'4.. ". ,). ..III., HV>ro.srstdiss..t M. Ok 4 V>f MfmikU sod lot kiwi v,,?riT.til ...

? \.000 Atr.. of Tlmbee ...ld.Vaf l I'" jihlKtHHit on tb" iUwtton.M) be rt- Ilstre Nr I {lw" I| 11. to the Horn. II. tl N.MMi.c.MBir j I"a. '
l'U t. "1 fare lust rr.,.r4t ly "Jn4*. (tt>b.Jmi ::1ft.. lift I wi, then Iwo hero. SNIP for raw dl.dbstf"
{ Ihrof pbysliuu'| Mil for lbs treatment DR. P. iwd <(4t ..."'1..."
If nillllui lnt.TMla 01 ti m>e UuRato Yellow ,.h... thr.. f\tIltH of .nil,t.. I""I.-r.11 D. HICKS j I '.'>", __ eC >Cl 'N .(". ofM MM !!.*tort l Nmltb .II
1 | .. >.. MCTUNNID. I'" ....l II.,,, ....... ,. .. '
; Tint tfiitll**** al lUOow Ua. MI SNIP i| c*, urn_t-.. *.. |>k lM*' k.itkl *>d "-
.1 ttMt t1eTtml' In tli..t' r"RIturtnl' the DENTIST I ,.t i..tT,, k>..w +1 N.... .. ..._, f &. 0' 'w i>.tr--elM r ea'..
bare gala> WW to 1) I' AI..t, l t. nl last tiMtnlte S'''''. |IIf'fIUlI1".1 |-*w- .,-- w.. ... .... I5e.4 M ...........-w* 1 TWa ........l>*/ It..... A. U Mv .
I ........ ........ AHTHUH.
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who oaon -
t t New York, will, ex-i a saran mill$ she| w... ]lust aa mail a. It behailnt "'I' 11.0.,1: -- ,r_. ......... /a..rl ty"'...". .. 11111/ A.U..r4I. fir I........" .....tll
1 on : a year ago. ti>* tleaV' .M wad. the Yort* 1't.+..**, I ...... ..4 pror?. ...*4oa :. ._....... I' KOT1CK:
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1arluAMtabnul I U l...(or. *mf.o. to hare work I h.rN *MiMl.:. .d ......vtf.n.r. I.Isw! ,.. '
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1 arl.. of inilH-t This 1.I'h.4 tbe a1mienanv 1 bloat\ By will be sent tu'ftny reader of u, M._ <......., )...... *. AI.-- _1\"
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I Information' uf Iho.ewho(3, < .
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and Divorw Publlahtxl, HHIMAtll. ,...M>fi '" III.iMlUtht-ml .ii I I".. ,. I .. ...".10.1
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DECISIONS OP lUPRBMC COURT 11I11I" limn Ili...'....MIL Uuu tin.i,.... iiiito .,,,.. ,,.ot'n.1''.'
_. Live ? III 1 ) .t. .,IH>..l.r aM > <. i .1\ p./'s" i
of the famoua "T1CU Do You Eat to 1"r. 'h \t HIMIMl. ( 11 I .., .
1ita@r I ( |l m*"> .h" I ? HM
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I They Dt lde that There Inlets' If MKI.L ..,..\ ,&." a man known a&rtcr UI.,., Mt"uM"N lHii I "nii"' >iiin n.. i.,.1\i"."111. .
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This Country a Des Trul-Col. .. .
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Washington, Jan. II.-Tin preetdeat' eat j-.4 l I.M :No which properly) I. III' 1. II' A "
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tent a inveeeie to pQAfrfw' .ot.y call fw'r r.k ''n IM b..k or"lf the for the ooil oi "">lt,tfc*Ml ,....,, %,t,| will I.I.M II"
Ini attention to the tact that uo eta. t.iUff.. I bftte r.o ....Hrt d44 It tnMHit is nn important thing # yoiirotoniaeh ."... ...., M(MM b* ."..1 l I..r.d. Ulllll !lu.k/a .r
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been collected: alfere ISIS, and retou sires per..'i..u.e........ 11. I",stSN. Nutt tit ",t4.1.I1 i .1..1 1,. .iv|I..r HI..I'It el"IW'I i"
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The following the toil, of the met ., ..AU."M. .. 1bOZL .....m/* for IVtu.l.itM y Irr.1aht.,5I.. I'..."," pr iar' I..u.l.""iI"I .1\11 iii..
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age: in ells h..r.'Itr"""' "
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"To the ..".10 tad and IIUUM of rep- ; Y'S L lION ELIXIR. WI,. ,.,,"'vslru0115.."........*tit.I'rl.114 IH'II ieel ,,.", .."... re fa. \
{ rcaontatlvee: I rail tn. attention olcunircM t.".,... '' ....,..i .......... I.1,. (.I.hp1.r
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._ .. 'of aue M s
to the tact that no atatlttlea -- -- --
Lave beeu ooHeeiwl l.y the federal WAGON umvnnu' STRIKR ,
government on the subject t of martlan. P:1-: U II MvlnRtnnlRr.tlalnMlller"la"' ,
and divorce: elnee U o. and that, bul Nine Hundred ';Aek; for 0tir' : I r '

Jew of the slates have provide foi Wages In Windy City. .'/ Pocket
these atallallM. The Inatlluliuu. ol) Chicago. Jan 91,-Nino hundred ond Table' Cutlery ,

t marriage/ la, of .ur.., at. the very lumber, wagon driver Mruck hero today
foundation of our aoolal organisation. O eraUun. of Arms comprla-

''i and alt Influenera that fleet that Inttltui tag the I.Mmbi>rmen'e Association con
that control the aupply of lumbar Sfovosllanges
Ion art of vital eoneern to the pro tern
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\ law* are dangerously t lax and Indifferently lore of the Mty. were affected. u.nd: :I 1on,1ior": .
adinluUiered' In tome of the One hundred firm are affected and

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Bard for the sanctity of flu' manlaae cr In opp.(.*iiiR the demand of tho
relation drlvera. The dilma affected belongto .
"Die hop la entertained that coop the lumber llox and Hhavlnga _- aii .

I eratlon aruongtl tho Mveral slates ran ToamMert'' !local| of the International

". altered to the'end that there Ilrothcrhood of Teamalere.
ho K
Therefore' 0 t
te enacted, upon 'the aubject of marrlage "''n('. 'lait December they have been Hiiro you UBO nn .

and divorce. I deem the mallet teeklna *n lncr a.o of Nears fur driver
Then will be
,i of ufflrlent general Importance tu recommend of twohorne wagon from if 11 to. Stovo or Range everything I a

that the director of the cenftia -I I 114 a week No mercies la asked .
]{ Sold and '
I I 0. guaranteed by
tie authorised' by appropriate leg for alngle drivers who have been net

I I Illation to collect and publlah aUtla- ting |II. The employer* would con .

tlca pertaining to that auhject lecur* cede .no advance

Ing tbe etMlatle from IUd to the
present time. Three Hurt In Wreck GAINESVILLE FURNITURE CO Ammunition, and Guns.

y1 TheoOare HooaeveU rortamouth.'' CU Jan. II-WCOtlbnuad .-
paktenter. train No. It on the Norfolk
i ----- andVeiern "aide wiped" a A varied eolecllon of Oarv,r>,Triple&
Decision AgalnitWatblnftun. Packers. freight train .at a aiding }uat outside rial" and Mltl Hllver Tleeei,

f Jan. Il.-Ttie eiipremi the city Sunday nlgfet I, anp l: iglnrerlienjantla Cash or Ore cut. ---- -

court of the t'nited Blair today decided Anion. of the passenger .. .
-- -
<< the case or tbe Unjted Slates' train, wti probably fatally Injured and I I", _}I pWt....__ l ..,rr. : Largest Sollors In Florida of
versus 8,,'lfl A Co. known a* the l"cel Arthur Rid...I U r. fireman trust charging mnapiraey among the train end Conductor Calla I Anlerltaa kh Woven Win Fences

picker to IU prices on trash raeata, hen of the freight train were aetcrely : 11 w e.d
.4 etc ne opinion& "aa handed down',I hurt The paaaenger" engine We Are Not Building ,

ty Justice Holmes and affirmed the "" bagcaga ear were ovrnurnad and
t decision' of tbs roust<< .below, wblcb waiacalnit I. .. wa oiugkt beneath the engine. Chattanooga PlowsThe

tbe puke,.. of Hie passenger ears were overturned .*,... Will.."ai tii. a, /yuh. r..tI. cI
In bla opinion Jttttko Ilnlmee die but the oeeupaflta here *e- _. _
cussed at lenith tbe nth,,,. eofittm- verily shaken up.oh The W. R. T. Buggy -- -

Lions of .tbe paeker and dliKMed| ol Baird Hardware Go
them 'Individually lie admitted that Killed Way Prem Wedding ,
come of tbe cliargM were I I... epeetfle {"''m.... 4aa. Jl.-After bring etab
I UAINJ):$V 11.1.1:. KIXlllA|
tban devlrable but slid .tbla was oeonarlly I bed to d'tth early today the body of But \vo liuvo'Uio lurtfOHl bu gy niunufnoltirurfl .

true, on account of the vans !Join Ie lit...", ti yeara old, was \ ill tbo \vorhMiulldlng. ( It for tm. Bunt for Ihlrt 1 --
tent of the field overel.. lie added. placed on a IKK,I table.. in a billiard QMSallACKBR&SONOf
that sufficient eaueo feed been. shown' hall. Aeoortlnf to the tmllce Hchran country ht, \\' \ll 1)1n(10,11ntout lw ly! odors; ]

to prove continued offne! and an I, nan wan attacked by two men wiiile long (liHtnnc.u uxl,,,, 'lunt-jiroof( HplndloH) (jnickHlmtarH NANVrAt'TI''II''

offense of such a nature to JuatJfy the I be wa on hi* way to his home froma Itutl.rtttlJ' nlmft oouplora) (JUilly loop I
The. opinion t\OftUDU<! weddTag. Ills ...,1111I" then ear
>proceeding.> brncod lIJl1l
hmiKorrt; any Iclnd of iylring1vu11; tl:
tbe Injunction' trailed again tbe sled his body into the. billiard ball and Cd
packer under the Kbetman 1.1It there. full lo.lnoh Hfth wJ1l'ob"A) :

law by the lower eourte. The opinion 1 ,____ .. __. .._. __ I .__ 1lll''I'r'' V u f
was concurred In by all tbe wemben

of the court. I .
Tbe tupreme! court of the United. How Is A

Ctatea today denied ,the awlteatlou of'
llarni'n, borenea am host for a writ BIT 61 HIE" (MM DUitomS Y

of certiorari In the C'.... agatnat them YourHeart? b..w.... .4
charging' eoMpltnry 10 defraud the '*M
government. In connMUlim wlta the.

poctomMi >,arttii"ai irrefvlarttlee.Tbe la your pulse weak, too slow in Tut WO OLD.BOUHT and Hiilldln( Material
effect U IU leave eluding the too fait or does It aklp A beat ,

declflftQ ot I tin' mint of appeal of tbeDutrlct Do you have aliortnran of <'II\IIMIHTONM.. v.

of ('oll, ,%lJl. flntfiag tbMa hrcalh' weak or hungry apelli,

guilty aa < riam' ,i Uarh... IxKeeaoa'd (fainUnf.amolhcrin or choking' Sash Y/elglils Cord HardwareTT

y'. I. I I"* |r "..n. and 1 to pay Oae el, pain around aha heart In aide DT nt" CARLOAD DT THE"

llO.l'Oe i .iri. anti shoulder ; or hurt when GLASS.
.' li>et)<*n fraaxlCT
Thei'<'4t Hrnr' i lying on left aide
.. f .:\r I tt.clr' a '"' "> th* ,** If have of these .
1 '"'.J i fui a today you any E. M. HACI Ef, FroorictorRoducod
f.emt- ''t! or ite < ttrart I U weakor
In 10," > tfti|'. ul a II' 1111" tot a aymptom your : --
tUseaaed and cannot
writ at I. I I-'A+ corps ',1"' true K without anUtancc.
,. patsI Prices
",.. i I.; t'nlir, $t1 rl 'r..nor Dr. Mile*' Heart Cure
1 I. aOll 10 c nitre c. i \ lh B-
of f t MI"IT+" aid rm:1hf'n.fuk$ hcarta, and 1 I H)l<--
> : ion It'lL.; "" < '.i -
rarcljr ever falls to cure heart'
I' '.ml' dLrqcr.ui.: diirate. Try It, and He how
'- -- I qukkly you will find relief. $52.50On Prinlod Stationary FIIll.
In Inc oteUeda
$5b.... ",. I
"" h. a.neM 4. ...._ 1 .. -
.Ia. f
c. ? 'N
Mali w..... .irwerrs .,..MtJJiJtrI 1M addeNn/ ./fob
aired. Ic"o'toct s mM tae II
J iii
la 'MI"' : iii* lai' --..".1.'f Moor, ')I i ,.- J"tI r/art.g 1M. a M .
Ma .
.i ... .. M rt ene//la'. r. ir Iiii If! A' .
oa Ml .. Feb 1!. *cx* ; / .
l I. v1'1 a Wr.t..: :: Plan 11" .+N,
T%. '.1' r j. 11* ref 1 I oo 1M 0* .. ., the Installment Ta ,
.4I. f : d I IJ
/111./l '
1.1 IY.. \.-" sad m ...'* ,t. ; v. raved) up .by Mr Ut rte., e. 1" rr .1 r AA I ,a1r
In ,*. .'''.1'. .1.1 1./al.I.ft Iha.r........n" t a 1ra&J. ,... W ".1'.. dui, //.... I t!

TV>4>. Ik*. ... rrmrrtHJ today .v.__lli.a.4:Y otn_...., '.':'',eyM ".fo r ,tille. "I elalloau/l J rtip1.

Mr riau (X i'r' .. ass'
.f etooir lily. ......&... I ....".1.... 1.T.. ..q.IN. I ..U't". : -
l 1.. T fll,.f. w..... 1(, (ash Jfwt ,Ilcewpaal Ywr Oriler.TIIU I
Iii, Dt-rw. Dt' ....... ....... Cere /. 1mM. 1ypw.
A bin *ate 4it i. the r."a.. .....C4 pb" is... NNInb' ....1 VILLU
tie pfttvtoVM* of '11.- rsrl/e4:, .j tatnt. *. ,......MM a..1,.M/y..... >.l1*.r. ....nmy..""t.. lh ,uN They ride' good They look good They are 10041
v. ,f lag Ue es itid''rrnt! ot fq) I EJUhart Xnd o..t 'I".I., r..o"'P4TTT
Mike Medial Cor
f )tree from vise p.ijit l1f h.... l 'fn IT __.:I ll''

'.' \ u' ...
'I" d .I. .=.l:. ''''OIX, ; Ylr Y ., .1

-- ---

_ .
-w'-- -
;' ': -yjT- iir *'
-- i-- -i 1 ;! f7 (fT'

% mv

Pi; ...


"i r --. .. -:- .'.--,-, -" '- : ':.' .-: :.. ., ,-----. ,-, --, -----.. -.--.-. -R.--- -_-.--_-..--- -.. .-_-'----'----"----,-------.-.-. ---:.. '.:-:: --- ,

a n LawiiofCamiivlll' *. OUt of Tlu Taken Up-About December 1, a 0'',... Smith who has been In Cubs TO BEAUTIFY
; NEWS OF CITY t ', valued subscribers, wai ''n 'Ule mall bay mar eame to my place for the past few weeks In the capacity ; .
wlljapply ;
about three old. Owner
) yesterday and midf this' om. an to J." I,.teats Matthew, llland, l II. of traveling salesman for a shoe 1101,. YOUR COMPLEXION r

L COUNTY *eablr'Cll. \1$,. L,'.Is i ilaiei that hat returned to his family In this"' oily. IN 10
1' (1. lUm y df M'aoahooti r.-
I firmer of his teeilon had planted mrmberof tho Hoard of Oounty Oomrululoncri Miss Mote Armliltad of High IIAYH, mmSatLc..ola:
k L .. oats, and Ills crop, wllh the
many and one of the leading cltl Iprlngi, passed Ihrough city yti
!_ Mitten of General young plant was destroyed by leas of hli iMtlon, was visitor to limo lerday en route homo from 1'alatki" ,

r t ered by Our reei'tit f".... county eapltalyesterday. where she till been vlilllng relailrei. : -1- _
f ) 's W. W Ooleon .Im. r*. 1
Aimeor J. L, Medlln of Meredith memberof
,. -- )II.. Jessie Hod I ford Ii at homo : Till: l'SIjll'.U.J.1U' : : IIJAV1'1I'1t: ,
yak from point In the East Undo the /firm of J. J.. Mrdlld A Oo .leA.
,, ;r PERSONAL. AND few again, after a plranut, visit to friends .
he hai been for the pail sire aural norm opvralon was tram.
at Tallahaiieo, gulnoy, Lire Oak aud
I r -
on ofilolal butlnwi. Mr, Oolion acting huilntii en( this oily yesterday,
What' Has Happenadand Ih.larmeh''I.. and other points In Weit Florida. The
that 1
frlendi' of this young lady are do 0. M. fimllli anddaughler Mlnltai*
I to Happen Told In of that section are prosperous lighted to welcome her, home again ado l wore In th* city from their homo ,
r Do Trill "Ha.. Who happy, and tint everyone who at. Wicahoota& jeilvrday, and while
T. W. Hrown has returned from Lake'
to work li cmployrd.
I dlllOud, hero uf Mr. and Mn 0. '
It In Th. Sun were guriii
1 H of the Oily, where for the put ten d.,. h*
B Hoceri, pMlor 0. 1'cd rick.
I'M" 2'a1fo1tlav'. lxII/II h" has been builnrii Mr. Drown
Church returned I 'r'
Hipllit has
i y, Miss Hobbi of f Itrddlek Curs wiser on,, Sunday ho or.. ilalri that the orange trees ai far i Mill Trlil lures and bills 'Balll; ..
Hudglni two of. Alaobua'i most f..
'lo the c117 yeaiorday.Monroa north ai Like Oily iiiderrd no mile '
Hrv. 1C. 1', Alton of DC Land at
Tenable of of thfl Cllra church. The rial damage from the r"o", cold' n.ap.' clnatlng and. popular young<< ladlii,
'' j Only the yuui.g tree, If any, ,,1II.h.d war In flu oily Tuesday on M ihop
rliltor to this oily was well filled and Hev. llogrri .
their Iftirri, and ai N result limo plngeipedlllon.
F )1,., W. L l Mill and ion thu ceremony 'In a moil Im grow:
I era aro happy.Information. J. O. Amlritwi A Bon, Ibo tJrlbn.Iina ,
belle on Monday for a .. n.nn.r.
remuvod, .theirquarleri' from tho
I Flnt' >eUM biiBRy J.. Walieilngham and family of reached thl. oily yci ofUoe the Alichua AbstractCompany
of County '
bray to the efret( .that Furman K.
painting U. 1'eUrlck.. / ., (Oi having' become affected
Wllllami, to the ollleo of 1C. I,. Cuili
li III
with fever
ifs Mri., W. 0. Oolion of the Florida fever, have arrived' Jn very Wllllami Court NAT1NOLA ti k new al.'or<<',. .uaru'H4
? mau,
I 'In the the of icollou and are now located a few at his home'In Alaohua hdr.11'IlliemsIs and room refund, If H fall to r*"ov* it>e
If city guilt where ono of the leading oltlccni' and bull' Mlu Myrtle' Herlong, who has been worst OM.. .r ""' 0111... limit' )t.e. Ta. tUUow
Mr*. OarrHt 1'. ',. '. writ of Galneivllle, they non mOil of tile oounty, and It" I.ho&e4 li altandlng college In Mllltdgevllle Ca.? new. Liter Hrxit H!,okh.,d.. or ear .*Ueruption
wai ihopplng 'In 'the, maka 'their future homo.'Mr. In M days. IAOlln' iba .IIla ole.>l rtkoll
by all who know him that there Ii at 'home for a short visit to her pa
li on* of lit* practical li"''U,,. and reatorrr. ibis bt.<*.itr of
day of modern times, and will no will/ loon ba n change for the bolter, rents, )Ir. and )1r1I., J, Herlong, rfMlh.. TlM\UMhrt' leMltr' K Ul. Bierttt Of

Deputy Slierltf F. B. snake' a (tine success of his loci Jilts, II M I. J'.ah of 'Bl, Tcleribiirg<<, Friends are delighted! "' to tee her ftkllnoU. I'rtoe K..* *t>d 'l.0)br l'tfl dln. .drum
was among the vliltori In his new 'home wife of the popular conductor of the Our labor contract saves possible Ion ..or milL IV*'.rf<4 onljr by

? ytilerday High BprlngfOltra/ ran, Atlantic from advance! mad to employee NATIONAL) T01LF.T: (U, Parse, Triii.

N''.. Ix>u Holder a I L, Ohoner, formerly of this Coast Line was In the city for a 'ihortlima I'rioes CO or less by mall 8)4 cents Bold' In Oalnrivlllo by J. B, Hodlford
but now giving lessons throughout( .\ Jo., J. W. MeOolltim A Co.V.. M.
lady of Jtoohellr, .' Mondiy. Jilts, 1'ciko was en luh | U per hundred I cash with or.
Bnio 'In the) new prooen of oil Johnson and nil leading druggists, ,
'; toil oily ,....rda,. l <<, has returned to Tampa,whets rout home from Cure' where she Im der. Time Bi'K, Oalnrivllla, Fla daw : a
------- --'-'-- -
A. DeHoie, colornl, a / now working' Mr." Chrner stales been on a pleasant visit to her hui. )''r. and Jilts Marvin' limiter,, alters DEATH OF MilL. pRMAND.
I Mrlberof/ The Sun (' t dill business baati the flih )Jndui band, Captain, Teak li seriously' brief visit to ,,relatives ibis city, have .

and renewed hit t In which h* was formerly engaged, considering the) removal ot bits 'inlur gone to High Spring, which place Aged'and Hlfthlf t Rsjsctedl.sdy Patl

Warrinty' Dr Kli rOf ....1. pleooi and Ii* proposes to itlck estingfamilytoUslnesrIhhe' they will make' their future homo, )fr, od Away Tuesday Afternoon,

'+ floe i frO per dozen', ai Ihero. are any "prospects& his Homember On lupper 'IP b* given by Thlfer married Mill Nellie Corpse at Mrti Nancy Ormand, mother of Mri
drill, (ash mull Colfax Itebekah I, O. Matron, few days and limo "
F enjoyed fine success In Tampa Lodge, O.K., at ago happy W. U. Dickinson died at the home of
r Y. B, Oiteen and A U. 1I'i'I""tlajl'lltJUJ/.r. the opera louse Friday' evening for couple are just concluding ,their wrd her daughter 600 thut"1nlurllt
# Mloanopy were among the binellt' of the Orall4 Lodge. Odd ding trip, ,
hand mad. liuiglei Ih Florida street, MI :9 I ifolock Tuesday afternoon& ,
iodilneivllla on bmlneii I'edrlok..1111 Fallowi, which will oonveno here 'In l:. H, (lodwlnof High Springs was In the elglity.ircond, year of her age
Mlu Mary' Btrobhar April. There will bo all kinds' of good among the business rialtos lo tubs
Death resulted frOnt paralysis, Mr.
II ChrUmin
manual l of Mloa
day for Jackionrllle, things' to , come
was vliltor to this
ba that ueit of 'friends/ tor a city yeller* prepared and //Is'" priori will ba vary member of time firm of O, W. Kail lime, and, while not uneipeotrd her

T. M., Vr-nabla of A,,, reasonable. Lei L everybody come and .erllit ft Co, who recently had the mil* demise was reeelved with sorrow by !her
tho leading altlieni\ of Maggie' Vaughn, a chinning enjoy a fine supper\ well 'prepared' ate fortune to lose their store by fire, num.roualrlude and relailvri,
( lady of Orange Lake, was In th a reasonable price. They expect to return business In manyof
was among the vlilton& to a whom weroabput ties bedside at 'the
terday, yesterday Harry Thomas and Mahala" Jones short lime. fatal hour

Mm, Devllle Lynn of orRo styles, the .merchant ii t colored, war mirrled In tho oflloo of Deputy Sheriff J. 11. Granger re. Dccciied wee born In Mroklnburg<<

<' ,k, ; ford county, who has ... lor. wai.a business vlillor. to thli Judge Mason yesterday, the genial' turned yesterday from High Bprlusi county North Carolina but bias been

J. Durton, Norlli ( ,,, ,."erd",. Judge being oa lcd upon to perform with John Bmall a negro whom 'ha ar ft' rOlhlon' 01 the vicinity of Windior'

11, turned to her homo ,.-) 'In operate' veneer tho ceremony, which ho did 'In his rested In (thai ,place upon Inst motions since .1M4, where iho reared an. Indul,
and, taw at one. Wllllitott Man t"ual.raoflulallcl dignified mannerThaoeremnbg from Sheriff Hennett,, of Hradfonl
{ Mri. O J cor Re ((1, Young( ,," Co., Wlllliton, Fla, trloui' family. this was a member of
H.. V., h. arrived In the \ I teas performed In thftII"U"ott county. Tho ollloer' from liradfonl the Methodist ohurch.'and' ., carnritand
t be the gurit of her Maultib/( tho'Lrlo1c. manufao 6f a great many friends and arrived' on tho noon train, returning consistent Christian' f Hhe la iur
Dowel), for a few dayi, of Camprlll, was traniaoilug<< other who h Id ,>ren attracted to the wills his prisoner In Clio atlernoon, vlvcd by daughter"' )lrl. \%'. 1) Dick
.. In title .,Itrda .
; V'T" oily scene, at Ihocoiioluilort ot which Ilil
After Inion and .
J, W W lllsme of Wade a pleaiant visit of several days a "n. M II. Ormitid of
and one of the trading Btrlokland', a progressive" farm Judge oaiiird the usual salute to her parents, )Ir. and Mr. K. J. Tampa, and several Kran>t.ohldren.!

s I men of 'that section << of Hague, was among thus who) Col. Fred Cubberly of Cedar I Key, Halrd hiss (Oalneivllla Mlii Laura Friend of the family vslcnd ywpi

vlillor to this city' ', to the oily trading, ,colltrd.,. collector_ of cuiiumi for iho port of (laird returned yesterday to Jackeonm. thy In this hour of borcnvemenl.

) '. L. Hill made a brief ,lilt to Ho Cedar J Key and Tort Ingl'W t wa. In ., where the li receiving h..lruo.i.
r Dr J. I1, BatiRtter, ,,,,ttrd.,, whore his friends the city yesterday. Cal OiiuUerly, ro. lions In Bt. Luko'i hospital for I.i. Funeral of Mn. Onnand.

Ended Inn was at ( f h* bought up M quantity of ejrg. porn the usual number n| vrneliloid* tralurd nurie TIe, numerous friends Th. funeral Jilts' Nancy Ormand,

9'' days last week tu 1\"lIIel.lIn\ of Oneoa after a tug ]phosphate at Putt fnglli. A large of this young lady wero, glad to wrl- who died at the home of her. daughter,
,. II t ,
w Tao returix-d, .. roil to r litlrri 'In North steamer' li expected dally with a large coin her home again'' Mrs, W. n. DIeklnion) In title city,

James Ithodei ot f I 11I0, has returned to her' home' cargo of opal' Tho American Fettle 1 With a desire to keep up wills. the Tuesday afternoon Hill be held at

'I )lrl. Julia Uliodci, I .. -On* R, 10 or 13hon: >power liter Company' iro now erecting<< Ira times and supply their ouitomon with Providence Church, Windsor, at noon
ti a U 'In the. oily fora few holier In oomlltlon that oats be menu. acid ohayiberi\ and will ship the latest beverage, the (lalneivllleHoilllng today, its,. )[. T. Jlnll of lleddlok
'guess of lili), grandfather << ,.. Apply" "M" car lalnti-- abroad the lupeNphoiphalo instead of Works bare added several officiating Friends' of the family are

ti j. Arnow. SUtl. "6l. ,the crude rock. new crealloni In the soft' drink line, Invited. ,

1). T. Kugllih of Taooma .. Chrlitln lllahardi and Ma J4rul 7'1IIr,,'(,..,', IJuUII1"" which Ire destined to broom popular ANOTHER FREEZE PREDICTED,

llrnjimln of Mlcunopjr" "' I Wlleot hire returned from Hal The Misses Tuokor 01 Rochelle wr Thli firm composed! of Davli Brooks"" -

and progmtlvo. oltlieni" '<< N, C, where they have .been at. shopping In the ally yesterday li OHM of th* oldest and moil reliably!, Chief O'Neill of Plra Department Asks
those who favomi, ( ibis Bt Mary College
In lisle section The That
service Faucela
has at be
Cane ,
Cld-:ft.OOO) for ..t.. J, N.
tlilt ,
a yritcnliiy.Mri. Kdwardiof Irtlne, tha olever lion, (lIlnl'nlll..l""'.. Vw.diwMri ways" bern prompt the products all Another frene It predicted, for '0.

Ii Hugh Wllllima .., "' cfllclent manager of the oral Vlnunt of Aroher favored that could b* desired and the proprietor night and Chief O'Nlll of tho Galnei

Mr' W. A. )MeLenna wt< at that plioe, was transacting Oalnrtvlll with a visit yeiterday.Mefdamri courteous and obliging Thli, Till. Fire' I Department" requests all
a from Waldo yriterday. '' In( this oily ,...tord.,. accounts for the luoceii the, concern uteri of water tu close their fau

j f : tooooiuU their ,family "' U. J Hyeiaof. Cadlllio.irnlorinem, Archer lltion and Duran of hat been enjoying, and will continue nets, at In case of fire It would ba dlflN

for ihopplng purposes, or the firm of 1 U. I). Hyere A Co.. I trrday.W. were shopping Iq the oily yet to e Jol. vPROMINENT- ""- cult to secure proper pressure

i Captain C. II. Brawell ., was In the city yesterday VISITORS HERE. Chief OIN'III' states. that, there li a
'i Ala,? father of IM 11(. $.. mad The Bun an agreeable call, M. Marco of Albion was among ..-. -- municipal' law prohibiting thl running<<

J, M. Flawellen, has D.. loodnow of Now llampihlro his business. vlilton'' lodalnrirllle yet I President| Erwin and Party of Atlantic or faucets. and lisle law will fee an*

a. I lade City& where h* h. purohaird. a lot of A. tVelnikl 'In tlrd.)' Coin Line War Here. forced 'In this 'Initanca. upon all parllei

brief tlill to relitlre,. I (UlnriTllle, the deed being mad J. H. Chambllu of Aroher returnedto A special. train arrived In the oily detected In Tlolallon. Ibis lidont for

Mri.. J. Rasher Hill) and TUf.d.,. Ha will./ erect ahouto 'his (homo yesterday, after a coupleof last night' '" from Bt. 1'eteriburg. The the lately of property 'In event of fire.

returned yesterday' properly and nuke (lalnrivlllA) dayi spent here, train-oomprlied three private can anda .

I where they' hire been on j ., horn' In the fuluro. Dr. ,8. I1. irlieii and h). I:. Martinof baffeise oar_ and brought_ President. ... Daughters of Ribekatt Supper.

,. pleasant vlilt to tho '_ __ __ ___ _____.. ___.. FortVhlt, were registered at the Krwln: 'I'hlrdI'rt''dent' Kmerton- --- The supper, which the Daughter of

former, Mr, and Mrs. U. V. READ lirown lloule' yriterday.Mn. Fourth Vloe*l'resideni and General"II/ serve at the opera. House
Dr M f, 1.. llarnett"' of George Taylor and ion aDd Mica Manager Kenley and other ofiiefals of Friday evening<<, Feb 8, promises to bea

K. J., and J. I' sulk Mobile, Ala., Dro. (4, I 1(90. UOIlol Palmer fivorod friends In this the Atlanllo) Coast Due. with their moil enjoyable aveut Time tablet

;1' tills Flora, of Kulou, i:. W. llall.Bt. 'louts, Me.-Dear city with vlilt yesterday private secretaries from Wilmington, will be tea from 4 until 10 1'. m., and a

their homes Hunday, : I Having trlr.l dllferenl doolon Miss Fannie Moore, a charming N.O, moil cordial' Invitation taexleudrd, to

y eojourn 'in this city, I their remedies for, several, years young lady of Hawthorn, vlilled The party e.molrom 8t. Petersburg.<< all to come and partake of their even

Kndel Inn.AmonRthe. ''' and kidney trouble. I found friends' this easy yeilerdiy.B They are on a tour of Inirwtlon.. They tot repast with time ladloi. Tim' cup

vlillon to the |uo!eiiful' until taking Hie H. Chilly nf M(canopy pent yet expect to make their departure at 8 |per will ba served a la cart at fol

day was It. H Dlnklni ,ar ( Wonder. liall'.Uteal1)lsoorery, terday In this city II the guest of his o'clock this morning for the North 'lows ,
being rapidly' qurrd, Ih* old ulna -- MKMU. llotton
lUMerded Wllllamion l railroad tnen .U "U, d biers the brothera. C and Ii. M., Chilly. Will Extend baked beans, 10j &
yl manufacture' of naval' who 'Invented th* Pullman aleep' Mlu Balll. t Railroad brown bread bop| fried, oysters, ?Soa .
Mnklni callrd\ at Tho ," but 1 lay "(lo.J bleu the 'in- ehtcn, a charming A. W. Taylor tho turrryor. left stewed oyiten, :A'w| oysters" .' .
had hit, name eurollrd on of llall'i' IVin Wonder." young lady of Fort White U In the Sunday for the West End:. "I..,. he chicken salad., 'fl3l ham per ellce. Ge,
,. truly. W. M.CIAKK. city, th* guru of idler, )f,.. J. F. has been .loecrftm'
; tlou Hit, M. A 0 11 It. CV, '.JobU.. Ala. Coneh heft; emplurd to tasks survey loran lOoj oak ftaj i ootTeo, 6 ;f John Welli of .\ eittnilonof lour miles of railroad teas, Go, broad, butler and eraeker
I Chain of Old Tuwnll'nt, A TEXAS WONDER O. H. lore of Trenton, manufaclur for the Dutton 1'hoiphato,. Company, free with oyilert.Mln .
olluna\M-r. .
J. Ca on and Win. ) small bottle of the' Tetai Won* % was among those who Tha business of this company I hai Inca -
earn to Ualnm 11. business Knight Will Dulld.
on cascaded t 1
'JtI- cauie of the
0rsse, J. 1. (irlflln ot Hall'i Qrrat DlicoTery. cures all opening of
s ) K. Ihd J, A. Jones, LIl; and bladder hoa )ff. '"da,. new mines which aro laid. to b* rtry It I I. romortd that MUi Haiti
t "Happ of Jennings lake curve diabetes. lemlnal) mti* A. Forman of Alachti has aeoeptrd rich 'in dipcwlu. U will prune of Knight for several year engaged in
? t: 'ho'hllo" tq Ibis oily > weak and lam t4eks theuma* a position with) th. lalavitlll Un gnat financial and commercial) bene the (hotel business at High Spring,
yi and all lrr*>gularltl.. of th* kid and Klectrlo 1'uwer Company and 'to fit to that ctioo. will t begin< at ones the erection of a
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tarday was F. U. 110.' ( ..., "'flliat.. bladder trouble.a this city his home. --- It will to remember -
who called at "'>n. cold by your drutglit, Our contract with" pr oi.Ho .whom. Nolle *'*! that the, llomota.a lea
1 Pprlnii, be sent by mall on receipt of fl. advance are made la islet them 'in Tha Winston Compaay of Itiiledel. one of the a beet hotels fa that eeetioo,
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small bo".. I. two tuonlii' irrat' growing. .. cropi I is Ironclad. Just the r-hla failed to comply l with contract .a. destroyed by fin "-cnU". It was
Howard recently' had the and **/Matti tails to p.rf*>.t a furnish to a favorit retort for 'aoonm.a. aid
to lose all lili' f furnltur, Dr. Krnnt W. mintj. ; thing for merchant who advance tocropper. *.. I'l book subscribed for through during It,. season enjoyed flo. bot&>
trUndi here lie r yrct> \ ", .'. O. box 679,81.: U>aU, M I.. II for 601 IS pr hundrvd, {babes them can, .will.Had a' company who pub a...,. This left th. ItJ],r* wlihoat a
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him in this ) : by orders lot leis than to chance a hotel and )JI.. Knight has take a4-
o i. .... yet to get them R U.| Ibw.
,,' oKl. Twa 8\',. U11DHrille'- Fla. daw r.... w".11' Tantajr. of tb*> eltuatlon to build at a
I L, .' point wbere/iocct. *. (is enred.
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; "I. '
\ ,,
.... j
/ i' '' I. ., ... I -, j 1\ .

Gainesville daily sun

Material Information

Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title:
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Running title:
Daily sun
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Gainesville Fla
H.H. McCreary
Creation Date:
February 2, 1905
Publication Date:
Daily (except Saturday)[ -1938]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER <1903>-]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
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University of Florida
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sn 95026977 ( LCCN )

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foundation. Itvon htl fileb4a de lar&'I VARDAMAN COMMEND! TCRHCLLLIKta CONTINUESIN

SERIOUS tko rumor 1"'t4.n.. e p
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lie was a member uf the deputation Ml**. IVIi.. I.-(KtvornorVar4

of editor and literary men who ailed ";'nan seal tb* following t"I..rani
-- -
on M. Wltt.. president of the rwnwlt I to 0 vfner Twnvli of flenrglai
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here already been rolra>t>d. The only of |their chief M*
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ICY WILL' NOT QC HANDED a member of the Kommltte* of tbf4 NATIONAL. CAPITAL NKWIB II, for your conduct In refining Iii JAPCAPTURE DRITItM' VKItKL

.... which' was appointed to collect fund allow th* stile of O" (o bo "t.!!

*era that the Groat Riuilan AU- for CN atrlkoit, .nat.tBate, .f TennoiMi, U Sworn honored" by liHn' < r.pi **nt...| al tb* Mlkado'a Man Arr. DUtrlbutlftg Letter/. g

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on Mtetdlngty high authority. that grt nllliary rompany.
Unfoundtd-It 'la Cillmatfd the chlncc nf the. government meeting .Mu N tt..d 'Supremojceuft Injunction. "TVU, act Min\ "tll'll10,,"" upon your filets In tl Petersburg and Other

Jit 100 Have Deon Killed the preoeat alluallnn. by granting devoted head tIe "rNt rond mna- Cltloa-Other far Bait Newts

a Purl of aama4ial old Hiitilan. 1101tllO nrgmphllr of (41.l north
Wa.hlnl\OD, K.b', 1 Tb. houto Mukdn' Jan. ...-l .layd 'lu Tmaoinl .
"" I'eterlUuif' Jan. I1.-IH) piu.reprti .- ;
land parliamentIs growing hourly \ thofrifbrlbfi1' .I.r... of th* south
committee on ItiuratauT" ana rur lan ,..lou..-Tbla, mot n lug lye JapaoM
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priJo |ea Ik* ourpoialloni ronttltutlng the, eluding.. lieutenant' leo. ral MlBUboaKo <
( thotiiand of .Idle workmen Cona.rrath' and IJbcral l<>menta, .1j4 bribed with federal, patronage or .
Urged lib..., trust .ball l heed tU. who la )In ictllnt aplrlla' and la
|bare Won out of employment --. Injunction mad permanent by tilt d* debauched t with |pr.ald.nllal( flatteryMlgnd .....hln. ../alton. A cord Ing lo tbo
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ulent lo lit. Petersburg where Clear Up Colorado Myatory.Ooloiado Individual m.mb.1'of the cort ---- frealtat mild ) liocaiu of Ih*

vernmcnt orders for war pur tfprlngs, Colo. IVb.' 1Cblof >orallon> la vnforc tbt il(>cliloa, ol ''I Oroa".J, In New York City with an riituini.. of their wounds lu Ih. frost
bay. kept the factorloi buoy.American of Ibis Ao0rBt M.rrb'rhln .f( 10.000.I ,
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of Pollc the coutt. Induct' gatigion. l'r".ntlr, pea-
vie* Consul al War- who has boon on lh trail of Milton 1 Tb. proc..dlnga will, 11. IIn.h'r the I Nw York rVli. I -Tin lar..1 I cautions bare IMKHI lakrn but Ibo

"'lIohi roachaa. telegraphs that Franklin, impeded or hating wurdered criminal law If such ran J'1. 4n"tliut ". central body' nf bulldlnl' trades ere? I wounded! are aufforlng the gfcal..lpain.

stories chiefly Ituaalan. liar Ue..,lo llonton bit leturned.. II* The mind of lb. proaldfidt and, m iuttr > vlganlMd In this city, Chi Aas4.clsledlluil41ng .
Trades baa .rr".d" ..,.....
pillaged by mule, ant) that for announce that b* la convinced of 1.0' of bit. ablnt ar* aa'Is> up fully i I'I TI'. J.ptnNe| ate taking I4Mtd l e rto t
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|.s, without& *kc+Dll'',ra. are nuw thing. Aral I. that the bod/ found nn on tb. qu..Ut\Q. Tbff i adeter t roc (hat tba IttiMlan rank and fll.
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who *r* not WUto wallcompelled ate Itouutu\ of H fa*..*e, N. Y.. and.Behind Ibo law, and thai Itt| .VI HH-.I, court 'lag ""1with an aiartkai nii> I dl.lurb' .nc4Ni lu IlUMln. Thy art car

I a to join tl that Milton Franklin Andrew, In the land baa uiihrfdUfclianda, uf hhlii uf t0,0utt(. and la a mmh Mtrtint1nr rjrlimMi n itular$ campaign" 14at

_- ors, Mr. IVtuebaa saw no lir of Hartford, (,",,,., lah. MlllosTranklin $ ; ta admtnUiratloD. It TWJM>ti, they will body lha u*.*n law old board ot >r.>ad aedlllon and. dl.<-ourag.mnt ,

ant In the eltnatlon up lo teat atlas (letirg lteuten allaileorg : |>rmU ru f rl"r 'tdlltTO a tiHur' with building trade, ot which Bam I'arH lining th. tr
tud Um"ritatl: iAnrlfrt! of b4e ( lUUtftit.lbjBJW JMNi ijNWutkIW ..J LMltJH,4. was 1..1.. I ItatiW1aUoa i' IbwwH wllHln. Ute oltHBlMi. lines dcfiAiai *-
roltr1' i1ftr'1 r11'itJnr."J" ,' *"tar WP'dWWP11 .IrtTWtf WTTIt r tl 1 0 M'*ttrftt3i+a at I'anaoia A 44Aleahlwe act .p.a.Ur4 that all HUMU ta nflaiu wlU
for by lie MutniHnikHi which .,.te.
r '1 .mattl hat the number ofwounded will hire a wart Qt lau4 al one tabled) 'hi nary dfi-aiinimi today atUi ,, riot sad rrolf, argHlng' that the sold"
Qr \Varaaw. la about for IVauklln'a arrt. .II* *.,. that I foll wft that atrlkM wtlW a 'last ,,,11. \Vlthla i 41''.... at* adding their bad. 'in, talu

INanklln la In hiding In Nw York I 8uk.U C..n! IHyOihvra a week a Hmtmltl cell& "t a&l'l anti Hllhll 1 1 un ihvtii lu omrwador ori

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with a wowan rIn and dl. ". ih.. *.iununtMtloa l
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submitted a of Ihe hair .f for fMMHlnffa' lion of lb.pMloffle which' may h* li4l., wf .r*.>i."" <>iitMhof ft, hntw la .i6r..."l oa nil sides that It"

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t.u. pir.*.it. uf |Vm.. IHrainn. and ll I today a4tof>iea offered byMr bw arbitrary agr"ot.>nl I ILAD" i I iHff''ii>..'... ami not play' Into the bade

was ld Mtiae.i 11II lta\ lng (longed to MtHHKild (N. Y i < oiling. HI tbiettfoftrjr <.f Ibo Japan**.
t WIT' LAVED tto&1DC.
{r 1 IrY ''ti the tnlMtng ..taugfct. ./ He tier)' inform a u..n I -

The.d.*frlpilan of the denial work ,...r4UH. the lllegiial"' 'u tfc* a mown; Jape Capture orlllih' ttamor
waa ....."0,..l al0 sod tho h.I...., .f nu.r ik ia dlivifw I tk. bi, Lllllf f.ll.w |mtllHl ....*... and '1\1..... haii, C. Tit J...paH..M yes

weight and general de..crlption or .im tleaklpa. CfenAowtlent II Lou tat'an a.In QU' a FIN. Alarm. i iKw I, tarday uI.,... off lakkM| Uland. ,
body tailed vkBttly WHU Utai uf lies', Y.rk. Nib. -icon.a WahIHtM ortbtii Japan, iko ItHIUh ol.atifWln .)
ninla>* ha. unitrd heats
all 1lMIua. .nhi loaded( with Mtiaban4 fur
.. *.r a wtmhy ......... of ih* Wihvri Vfatllrmsttnilt.
Iiilt sate titdi. "t rarmaakff I '
TCNNEO EC flAltnOAd IOLD. plewlud the e1tlllrs... .e.tCIott II i> lilt Jfcoatrf.. I 1 Th* M.iM"r Wyfll4, (Oaalalu Wat.
CM* I. I old. aid waa Iwstn '
.bk. 11I1........ Mr idle( to ... g ynr & Yorh .. .... .i'rl' ,
la 1'- N hi '' hflidlai
Cincinnati and growers Ac- fuwlb iota. A bill ple.of pro'MW'M. 90' tar Ch ajM.a. Maw airl.d thr
In i/road LAM .. ,
quirt Valtiahlo Pr**.rty. .."". .nIJ' ........"I. Jan f, and Itft list f..,. Jan 0 M
Knoielllr Tess., |Vb.. I.-A .yc.ial. III telWwstele ee4 'u. "It teLla0rreirtphlz oboe bad bet beedltartare1Cille I WJ1.TIN. '

MAIIM oosarht from Jabnanti City T..nn.. eaya: eb.... iu r.utf"' It ..' at ylay an the mite fWow .III| HtrM114
+'h .
alarm. .
tU A.hurrtH. > |
1 reliable. Hat I MM ninM ... t,..,,,. 0.- uf ouch gate na : .f \-Wlvrlo' I/t4).
ttnl ng in Poland wntIt lugriy tier) 1/1 men wham tMmr.. *ttwmon.d, ,
corporation add l lb. .uuib and Writ matter It y Ik* mn ilti WU "hadpaaea4 --
; "I"IIIlIlblrlIIUII". The .
\ ..
failed 1ft tffe4. Ik* MM ot lb.estl.kti .
Ilaliroad have actnalty k.*s ftwln' Winks ,
company tbs. ... .
lea atVarnaw, lxli.In4au Pe4I.oawn .
sold to Uvimo fclmmwwon. 9f Otfrclnnatl ..........--- 1 >d ll). flr >M >* were Ma.41tb TtV". Jan II.-II .......ll U be>
iI b.r .,' Cfftiora loooMpeUett Poland<< |.f. an af IB* floor .....
wp | .
sad II. II IMllna NIa"*'. fI'I ll.,*4 skit Ih* hi.* of IMktMlaal, willatmiigly
KILLED Hit rATfIln, .
been to gradually. te ,,,...... ....,.. hary uk ".... emnsal
Nt..tM1t., owner of tk* ('IIMhettth' be dl4i4fii| .by the. Ji/l( '
tblr uut'.m1: and de re. .* HI4fis << d.,rlag tH" boat dan ...
troi.eie IM |laid. *
sad V. Man Mother at .
llamlHcfl sad 1UnuM. .. ... who ale saw t.u.pprlslha Hit*' ..
furs..turi the _break efrar that Ib* lltuatla we.... <>*org* I. Awful Cit a"1 I Th ,lad'a .Ialeuleew.. sated IU ,44 also **,.... A a the. gMNtnd I.I fro...|

M h1eb baa almost *ntlrly Carter aid ...... of tk* stoebb.ldereof ,I .1.\.11. ,... Oa.. I'to -' tw.4s. or4. belle fraw awing iNklljr tfaa>a...4, aid. I It t* praHkallImpiMHMM'* lit oua.ill' .

the Siberian and MatwtkurlaiiU tU Olle> ."... eorp>>rtte aid th* ......*.* lit. m 4loe "n .|b. atlafkf ( h* was ballad by IM .sun ft
Th. "*oul| baa biwe that. tools led W4 railroad I I. a4 *,.,, his father, wk. wi' bJ.| .. ......,. hood. a btKa JttOO x
of k ,. t fcen.
n,1a workmen th. property II."'. bet .i.*r Ik. prw'I...,.. e*>.4lt.a WB> alt ae4s5 Iii J ppariU.n. Dead L..ft by ftwMlanl4m4 */ '
oui CJt ''Mip'oxuent fnr manyun .... ker IIr. with bas"" toss IA.. rrinaa< U,4"I"'
ee*4a of tb* ..)) dpaKi ..
Jan f.llt
<(< >ia)< ><* t "rd..t "..a'r). .. .. .. II : p.s9..iumim
.IMAM, l> I. '... Y1eUrMi.
ken k.t and killed t. fattII ( Juba.
U ae...ia that Mr Carter 'Uifklibe > tb. Japiaot. I...4fi. \ dal.d.
iflOtl. tl* -ial, .en ftOMMgrn .
of King rUwaM .
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sad<< for ik of H...... a few ...**, t4g m ,.kH In the galas MMftiM
dlrtetori M Itq ..... .. .". ..... Mlarttlsa. t$.
odiir'' II.. ,.... I
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kiwi nHy
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inalMng fret ,'*At f yon moo < a g 'r.lfI.llua.' t... Yals J .-DI.I.
on* ,IHt Ib41M, wblNlm other ..*.....i4er. are ...ktag t. f4 f epsa ,.. ....."" of Ibis'city. ; It...... Maya ""flu* rtrraMitaaee.Ct ......... ....rq, ahriM maf.rtrr and
ti 4 uf tt.eiailra BB| eMC'p -
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pan tkl ee bal sauhtam vf ill'! U.ll.
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Ib"b I\"f! / ".. ..4sirs ...ItIa. .It .. his ......,. eft4e4. 1M 1114 twes.t'se,4 101.'rat II a ter I pt/iasi 't 5U5 aril. sad' .ap.Ygre..Ieg Itkm4. .rtft, .t' I",.1..,. Ala, on ... ,
.Jei ., JeUlaW. bas. ...% $ .Pry .bfa.m TNtr. ....... .
r.e.g.talent Situa a .ttt\ baa. bile .
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fl. .. .a
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.t Ta* O. If. A II II.'*..*... H .a ,. ... .II ....'...4 : .,.",. ....... who la. bsa lit' r. u,.. at Warrior NH<. 'aed Inli 161

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of 'a* ,:.' .Tel '*. tw f...,,... .eea1 t.. .......... 'amit"to ibtIk l laeM h ,' ...,$...... a b.l r w'n' gact ......,.... t/If *..... lie I I..rA at.sI )ta.... < .... I ..-Thj I I'M '

h.. ,,.. tit,a-tit alt !*).*** to .. .g. Me. i,.. mamr HI I below tH ..,.., Ila.. U ssd "u"r ftfc* (....,..
I .. cal; ,,. Alt Ir (b* alit tWo pe|*#. wet .... ..... _. .,..,... Is .."......., M rswj .-.Ytlt 41.aat.. ,..+ m. ''It '.. ."reel altd' $fsi.iP.rbtr0 : t. MI *t*.i...ff IM efr

', '1< ''a au. t' ... e4 *4T IM kM *.4 ......... \ wale 5.aaewl ar a ....1 .tR y?. ,I' tsntr/i ir' n.n-r, ti m ltd' U. sew t. ...... *f ih*

aol ,' t Ih. '". : rat< 6latblsg lie Meet h. ban t. alurtta/t .'.. 'hi... a" ..... ......, 51. enaa I.. iget. "'"y' '" e. __ A.. ..". .. St (I", ..ohd.raey w M b. a '

Mdtbsgb4. ............,.... top1... .....I"tf C.. ...... -4 ..., a. a...Par' rr was., 5.,.. eem_ 1151Ibe iu4v. ..i* off.'' Tii. ,fl oontrtkathv
t*. Tk. (Mie.aMlMHi. *r fh. rtelrt .a.4. sala .. ........- si.... .", ib.At1,1ef d....... uv! !.. since burs,... tpllme .* art etnuiNf .in |to, nil .U,.. !

I, teat I. ..aal taiE' TIM :.fl..tare ..,....... T.... rlr+4a .wNledSa1' .... tt forM ... ,.. .rmsg IIrM.M is : iota, a4 lie chaises ar. that a
.. ,. ...... r... J -. TM ,..". .,. U nMkaage4. (..+t/b,e. .U urIa1M ptt.b pta a flfde at ....I Iwbarr 4111 f" ies/p4tt ....t.i oily the I U.t40 baa. eta h* y...44 b7 Arr"M .

( (f,'., CkWkt say *... !..ararstw 1Ntf1UI. burl t". 1'# +., .f Pro ., Isla a." ,,,. .., 4. mr.r/ag I .*.***" *< "'>It >*t ma. r, Hft* lk.).alf I w, k M ".tMfl.r',., tarouafeovlih

'. Mt. ........, Lila I/f after 'I''k* toatglstetf t,. s I the ba'e t&. i'" r., rr q.. I If.... .' "' ."a... ." .oi4ll'.Ir .
"" .- fit.......

.. .


-- -


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4 -----
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.. -
----. -- -. -::::::.:::---= -_: =--=- "- .
-------- -
.I.IN.unq 0 ---- ------ -" -- ---_ ...._... __ .. .- -- c. -- .. ...., -
k9 -- NCWfl TtnjBLY TOLD. r _"0 -.. ..., .._ ." .. _
? flREADuHAN The president' I has dNlclt4 1 10 appoint ell .
M .F Tttottft .1 Woodford pMlrnat

. trymbrIL IMMENSE BUSINESS .1 I New OrlcaiiH' Waller I J. Cohen, *

ITt UftlrfO. will'" I b. t nppotntAd. ft* r."o''.'
4 G. Wm HYDE
m It Will AffffregaU Moro Than of What HIP land the oilier rather II( New bureau Orleftnn says Hill

bus r"", $100,000, Annually. b. the haul xiroint, cold WMttlior. fur .. .
tu --r. a.r..r.Ur. -+
>; a ant compelled 111 A sense of gr.tltndtto the, winter prrtalla at LaCroumand
tat >> tell you the' great ', //I THE FOHOC 18 KEPT DUlY Imdone. iiien. a caw of Co ,,.,, remedy<: Wlaoonaln |*im" today. At I o'rlork' "'!']I1D ]DIG ST011E."
R't t 1'uiwHi. Among Ui.r eyniHome| 1 HMCverrly (li. Ihermom-! r neutered, fd d. irr >oi

lea, of Lt A Attending Varloua Ur.nthea of the' ft1tm..t.ftffllrlmt|put"' Kolng.WUIIIU..Uhl.llIIu.: The dl.! .*....1:01.: Putt. |futu got below. aero John .u.l l \\a. atlll) fftlllng.Hv. freebylerlan ., ..___.._ r .rows-l..._.._ -. .... ..... -
Outit.y, prominent *
Department Which DUliei Oul Oov..rn"ln huM upon| '''1'ytrtiii; IU"MOO!) wMlhotsoiiitily I "
feet" puli cd l with tin vlrtii I lost In and pnator' of the Warren Ar- ...
ltd t k ,; ,I a mil to Horn ..k"l- w tiKbt( wee run down, |had i ore throat, COh". l're.byl '.Ian ohorh, la draG at
Januaryfeport. eruptions' eplotrhee and oilier evidence Ma |"o.e In Huglnaw, )lkh Ito was weather
strut of the tllwaM1. I pus truly in ft l bad shapewhet 07 years old. In tlM he reprinted Tho cool has inafjo\ a demand -
Alan> II will probably,, t* itirprlifl' In the. I (began the DM. of' 8. H. 8., but the ,
in I b t ) peon"11.lIt ass.. of U& bo"ah1111 mil of Mlc-hlgan .. n member of In* ran
majority of people>> to learn of the( 'lnmemo '''' my
slam (rouble eife and Bound ami. I )uve the i Aroerloan council at fllaagow, Scot- '
builnrki irainictrd ftnnually
u to hly I n0.llr. for warm priced and ourt' \
runHell ?, r courage': publicly tit to the vlrtiir of I ,
t the United States land! cfllco In I 1',1'1'
Kru\1.1001'' Hi H. 8. and.
yoiir remedy 'to 'la ,
the of
olt,. The business will eailly) ftftgi' tcannuend l it to alt tloodiwlnoiitre < sufrcr.. plant ih Vlctord TalkIng ; :
0k. r Rate op an arerig of morn \tjian I lncerey) btllevlnir If it li taken ac- Macblo' company at Camden,, N
1100,000 M Ihe books of the oflle will ronllni[ to dlr.ctloa, and tlrcn: ft Air J., today ettiifd! a boar eiilmattd, atCo.000I
tiUI. It will thoroughly eliminate every ( fbtto were 10 girls 'in lift Goods
*. show, particle/ of Ihe vf rue.AUK* CUMRAN, building when'' the flames broke out. .
There, li' probably nonhcr 'In (lie ,task) Hotel, OrtniGurg, J'.. "
They bccnjiie paolo it/ickcn' and many
H employ of lhft goveinnteiil) \ imloe amore fainted, but, all wero rfrieued L
la I It competent or more obliging. r.lnr,1.wllInltln Ihe IrfOln., red emp 1I.d. Sales of seasonable things for the
earsob| fore than those who liar tin drill Hone upon' tlm akin aorta In 'the mouth
and !to. of Itilr. and of Tito United State mint .t( 8i h Kr -
i eyebrows, are some nclioo .Ladies .
; nloiof the public\ Un<]. of' 1')ortds. into attracting bargain
Lbe of till vile dbw-
symptoms" sae. H. H. 8 will deliver Ml boxes of I'hlllpploe -
: psi 1 Tb. entire 'fore li oourlroui and 'la an antidote for the awful vlrua that coins on board tbfl tranijwrtSherman hunters "
cticilU obliging, and) always pleated to Impart attack and ilotroya wren the tone, '"
wntrh salla!! tomorrow for
'Information concerning' the public' \ D. H H contains no Mercury' I'ota.h or
other '",lIe.llnK"In'. W'* off erf r.oooI )rann Tho* are old Spanish coins
$ lands, the mode of proorOur In Inlk- I for proof tint It U not abioliitely vegv-t. reclaimed' by tlm government and ro< .

'Ing homestead entries, find] 1"00"jeto. ,aide (Home I treat coined, mnounn.ig\ to l. U.OOO pesos,

Iteglfter )Koblnipn and !lleeelw tntnt' book irlvlng und also. OO.ouo pesos 'la SO centavos Our Shoes I II
r Chubb' have directed the affalri of the, th* eytnplomiandether piece .

e k ; Jand onioe In a mott iitfinal- and 1"ah'a.tjllln'ore Interfiling' X discharge ffdm bankniptcy' baa I

I til 1 I1 'la wanner' with the mull, tint they S S S tuition about. lull been grunted to H. I" U. Mono on* ''For. Ladies Gentlemen and Ohildren' -

"" 1 are In such condition Iha'! Any drilrtd Uit'M our mailed' of Ih* pattner of, tho failed firm of ,

record or piper( can bo found without free riana, advise. pbvil fre* Daniel) J. Sully A ,'o., cotton broke comprise tho best makes)

S'a' a moment' delay. thoae who write u*, of Now York, \by Judge Holt In lilt
a The ofllo fore consuls of I.ouli 0. fha aIn Spiolflo Company, Allaala, en.. United nifttM district' court. )Ir. School Echoes for tho children

Lrnoh, chief' 01.,., and olwleil fore )bona la" rellovcd, of partnership debts
that indestructible.
of L. J. Clyftlt, I. Ii.: WftlnwrlAU, pull - -- ----- --.-- of lUVO.SCt: and Individual debts of aro

t lUrold Arnold 'fhl. 'force are hard ENTERTAINMENT TONIOHT. 111,600. .
...., ...... ..
sod competent' worked, which le! belt Tha UrltUh steamer Alb., from
evidenced by the great volume bull Twentieth Oentury Chub Will (tender Newport Now. ,.... Jan. 11. for Anvalerdnn .

M n... 'Irinnolfd through the oflloeye Interesting Program la aihoro it Handvoort. She

J .A rlf. The cnlerlalnment lo b. glvrn by la In an extremely' critical position, Call' and Get Prices.

Chief Olerk I.ynoh has 'furnished this Twentieth,, Century,, Club at th. Hess arc sweeping over her. Aailit

The' Hun wltii the following' report of nperft home title evening. << 'for the be no* anca bit hwn sent to Alba but tugs

business, the mouth of Jluuaryi' fit of' the library fund promliritote cannot approach her owing to a w.s'tonly ..__ _._ _c. ___. _... ._ _
y 110 liomeilrftd entries'' 18M1.OTftlren >> one of th most delightful" 'functions gal. Kndeavora are being
of Ihe The will mad lo save the crew by lit. boats, ,
1 40 final l 'lininutead enlace, season program com
4)) 6243,77 norm .JH mllltftry Hi land war prim" vocftl And Initruuieniftl. muil,bylh Kt'llp Jallcli.. f1tn.ulaC'nt.1 at flanFranclico FIA

rants" "'1.110) sores| 0 agricultural& licit, local' talent", und those who for Guatemala. has' notified. 6. i m." Z OAmrSVlllt[
the customs pollertor at 'this i port that
oolleg strip O 7.T. 10'f'l i 71 ofociicih Attend are promised ft |lr.tclaii muil .
b'* baa been warned" of plot to ship
'ntrlei' ,007.84 solos |II aoldlr'"' 1) oat' enlerlftlnment. and mimltloni of
arm war from her
; ., 8, 100 sorer l 1 timber and lion The .Program to Tonala and Han llenlto, Mcilco,

,, entry, 100 .0'.... I-"Th Two L rka" ? I.viohetlikl from which point It was Inltdcd lo reship -
Mill r.nnell.. across the Mexican boarder fur !
i FLAQ8. :?3-1'Ppular A I". . . . the use of revnlutlonUia lu Uiraio'
Male (IuiU,,,.. wala, I

Park Theatre Company Enttrlalnad 8-ltecllatlofl) , ,Beleolrd ; -
Another' Die House Last t NlfchtTli ; Mlei Wlmbeily. Group

popularity 'the 1'ftrk Theatre .-"H W'ss Mr.J.A Dreftin11.) A. Uoou"ln."Oallo ,. .Robyn, lU'glni: with the symptoms of a com Do You Live to1Eat ?

Company, who opened a "..k'. en cold ,Ihare.. li ehlllln..nculnlr..ore ,
t' &- ,. Mllltllro". . . . i
gageunsntunderoanras tier Monday Miss Wlmberly' throat, hot ikln quick (pulse, .

4 t4- evening, li belt atteited 'by the great Seleotlone . . .Original' .hoartenefi. and Impeded retplratlon.llr .
Ihroogi who) oongregata' under tho big Mr I Yen K.s.7"An ( I frequent imal| doeieiof Hallard'a

tent at each performance.. The orowdi Old Sweetheart of' Mine11. I llorrhound), tffrop, (the child) will'" cry Or .

)have, grown nightly, wltloh menu .... . . . ..lllley for It) and, at the first sign of a croupy
t nothing' but ftpprotftl of the produo Mill Until", BMnlt. cough apply' frequently Ilallmd'etinow
lions fi-'Tor All Klernlty"' .)(ssoheronl.Mt. '

At the' ...aUn.* ,.".rd., ftflernoou'' % 1t.lalllnl.o"th. Meiug.. of the.01.. .'", .. Eat to Live ?
the audience eomprlicd 'itrgely idles . .Lud,,, Willis, March 10th, 10011 1031s "I thlok
and children) lly apeolal' requut Mr. )r''j. u*, I'allard'a llorehouod. Syrup, a wonder"
fill remedy" and o :9tk,
Park repealed, "TLe (fatal' Wedding,11which 10-"llftvlngiof' John )roO lIo0Ah"? : ro" and II. Hold. by W.\\.I.L.>,l. Johnion.
had 'Men preiented fti the open Mr. Wheeler.

f.I f.. log "bill. The audience was llfhled ll-(1Uv' l'rovlna' . l 140br Trmd.asr5.-

with Ihe play ai well ai th* iprclal )1 fl. J. T. I'eroltal.17"The .
Tim iirncthti, ( of employing a mark to
I lei between I th* aeli : 1 fatal! Ruse of litd". denote! the RdfMla 1 << of a .particular, 'trader, No matter- which 1 properly-cooked> foodis
. . Helf .\ Gardner ,
I t : In the evening the company j">reientisl <> Mr. WlllUmi, grew out of tlif,, UM of algni, whichwero ''

that thrilling drama, "Under Ileclutloni . Selected of great t antiquity, but It la din) an impol'tnuthing
t -4 for tho of
.Y Two Xligi.V This production full tin,!! Whnbul,. cult In assign a date in the orttn' of. bread yourstomach.

of tenement' and' 'thrilling'' eiperlenoei 14-ropule.r Alre . . trudemaraa In 1'n I'I"fIwr.,' the, They lime, wr of'th ap.
_ It was well HHged ft&d well Hal quartette. .
: .. ._ ___.-...... t but the. first rwmlcd ttieo U In
{played.Thli I 1780. when It vae deoldwl that Ih, pate
i What Ar* They tChamberlain'
Afternoon 'lha will
of a certain nmlldtiA tinier the mark .
vff e preeent', ftt mat lute, "Tli' Oontlol'i\ Stomach and UverTableta. of another trader' was' fruudulrnt.
\ .Daughter. comedy drama la four A new remedy, for stomach Nd MtUfnrtory 'law was pamnl..

sets Th* idmlulou* tiiv i, rarmano trouble, blHouiofU and. conillpatlnn however' mill. 1 Ifeti, when U first
t It will ba H cent far adult, 1ft and a a:1kkS| fill... l'ric.2 Qtnti. For Itrttlau trademark. registry w.. rvtatfIlitied.

cents for children, to any part of' the ftle liy ill.diugglite. .. Title law was reeled." l>y the
patent .tHIII" nn 1 'trademark art of
houe This.venslag
+ FnUlf
{ S Sr MYDB'8 BAFE.Oy 1KS.1, lb. prlofjpel rlauae of lit. okl'
will I Inv presented that laaehlng
set 'liHng liKwri ooral"' '".l Into this* lfw
s, drama whldn will never grow old' Pnvrnc *nd Firing Crop of one and all preen 'llnr. for the re..ttmtlnn *. -

"1 ''u' Lynn." Nearly 400 holes Was Saved. of tmiiemarki' are now mralate4 t .

; ; U hal been noted that mauy. do reel flue Cha1. livenlag: gar of Mood f sy., Ly l the entente sets H .f'N\6Il\ ) bntnrii

t tome until after tau curtain. l>.i risen January eaye of the grot owned of Ills |tat.nt oRlc br4ttg' d." Tot..i1 .ta : : I
on the first fttt. The nagriuent d.. \V ,Wet IItk.
byUe rK lljde of thIs fU" ...
,It.. to stale that the "peiformane.s "Twn rrllchelt ,
Mm Ir'I1Oab 1t1'horef'oro
ap *
s sf Poisons In Food.
-I : egtn. promptly' ftt 8 n' 4oek ,la the dler today, ftnd hid with' him a twlmi t<<
evening. iVrkapa. you. don't aHae. that many
whleu .
irere, orange from the Ueo.W.
Tlitnftaftgmeut' ah.dNlres to .,tit. )Hyde which puN4. Palo pt'iw. as orlglelta inyourte.dtwtSomeday -
grays through
F' t, that the tent I. r.rHU .....ifarUbl the f reel. ftll right, but It wai don by yna "may 'feel a twa>g. of .
d ppVixia that wilt! *onfltt. *. Ir.l .
111 and absolutely waurpiMof, a. ** there hard work for tnrv nlglila" In firing the. yxi.
) ".', New U(. !Mile .ued
will bt no risk'In tending I .. Tb 1 has r g -arai
t ar ,. .. .ro' ere; nearly' 400 boUt
ci ciI .- ,. aura all alrfbeee, due to a>..le..aefat
of fruit m it. )Ct. ,neta." I'mJ'I.J
President HelurrM 1..U..s. 'ood- back lie
t v. .ahs"st.n.1Valhligt. mosey
:it t y 1 ...," .,. i l'reUat' flUW alt$ men wav ta the ft.ttt flrM him were, sad hOI during allowed th. alldrag Korea.. Try, ll...

)Jt41lJM"'roll'' ..d patty ter.u.'d! t s.,,. Wa.2.j to down. H aM the : ) bo euro UKO 0. ]K
go you an
I .R taglon fnnw |*litU4flatla t nmrnirg. from W t. :W d.lfNl. mere.ryrsaged lie I U The .,..t ......... .a ..week

'j' \', oa a epclal trala' ). .....alma the is>uneylvaala I very prowl of his '''''OH'i, alai eokl" lt what tuo.r.t >fatt Mare In your. packetae Stove or Then
... Range. 1 1"
t \ f'. at at Ion at < :M a. M It ... U w* todiala", heh( more, what j "II w* buy with II -.. ovorything will '
/ iltan *...,ilr. i aW ih. freight' TI.wts -
1:40: a m. tk-e praatdevi len
the I i ( wilts "its fruit, I. In Tfc* Kiar of.' (rtrem.nd greet,. fehl.. .tins saturate K. Sold and
14-: 1"t t r train and after greylag the. akeaaaerif ties" tMttl 004trfli guaranteed by
bta party e 'terd hU ..'11..* ud I
.. -
= ... -- -- -.-. ----.--
--- -
f .' war !H
where b. brfkfeate4 with.... bps bated
,1-A& 1- 4 -_. Have you a friend who has n Itnrd cold! ? GAINESVILLE FURNITURE CO

If.'' To Our* I Cold 'In On* bay Then tell him about Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral Tell) him how ,

t r< :. k ake I.."u,. promo Quit'toe Tab- 'It 1 cured your hard rough, Tell) him why you alvays keep It
I.,.. Alldrufgiite refund.. ib. money ID the house. Tell him ask hU
to doctor about It. Doctors
If .U falls to (ou,.. K.V.: Uru,,'. Hgufttur -
; : U Ofe tCh' box. .e have known the formula for over sixty vetrs. f Cash or Credit.
;,4J ._ .0 "r't a .

ds v t

A/WY-/ ,.+. 1 11 1/el yc y.3 I tloJ.n" '. -
.. 1d1' ,,,_ \ ( J- "" ,
'tr; :...t.i. ..J.1 .. ,ll. i -i* j. 4 J t.,. )r

: _

.\ -


.....:....-------..-----. ------ ... _. .. .. ._...... _u.:_ -' T_ -- ---__._ __ ______ -I
---- -- -- -- ---- --- --- -- -


_. ..
-- --
Hum Anxlova Ti| .t Thy f. ; Oottn Manufj olurr ..t South ..",>

,I uld Watch CMMrn.ralroni lungache pi. ,laths 'In 1'ebruary. CHARLES BLUM & Cop ,

I : The flrl' half 'lull"..n, 'Ia., I'ub.. I.' v mating' ,
of lh. roiiuii mill .** of min, Oor
i nl Mhool term oloted last .-1" iu.Kits: ix-
ala h.i been called M .HI i ., ThornMviii .
;nry :flit' and I tS", ililiilia pains in chest, bronchitis, and ;Y'fj' '
<. (u WvUrtMdar. I' i I. al U Whiskies Winesand
nine lo hair word
a similar signs of a cold on the o-olock II.MXI' The gttet' H., i. callvtl. ,
eel itron Offing' to mho lark
lungs, can be quickly relieved and to tfUniM/ matter* la 1MI'"tlm |tt (h* itVINQ l\
I JIlt a Irnpoiilbli to ere yeah Mill''' tMi.iu?.. in this pert. ..j ,ic- stale, Liquors
wully I therefor take this cured by
t: : H.i>rPatntm111er' k/tV I l-i "i 'lnvl(1
kts.thodif' hUln a word with taeh. Nos 517-519
to btr| n nt from MMi. ; land' ,mill. :
i\ fW.Ln h"r"" and .la laboring HAMLINS Mrmnon. da; Tllte I K t I.." mllli. /

I : J :! or liar adtftnoMnent' or jour Tlfton, li. Nuuilg'4c' ". i.'II, .11I.. DAY STREET

,.'I't" W. nerd four assistance Moullrli. tla.: 1Whjflf. t.nnl.elurl0g' 4 Wl / 'I

\ '. snll "'I.IL now, at the rw WIZARD OILNo Himpftii)'. ''''4hlrl, (' .... JACKSONVILLE

'; f"H Ihetuulnmuonrottineluurth_ lullU. I....'''''. (I*.I ||W*' std 00&18. S'9 gyp. ,
lMoot f rt"th jrou. Look owr the milia. niwrahl. ,: O44': lilt."rklnvtll. FLORIDA,
I..*>!lBrfully/ and tee If the marks cotton mill, HanMftill: )1.' ON ; jUi.. ,

aw ,ehi! you thick' your ehlld eapabl time should be lost, bccuuio tin coiion milt, OUkjj&o/ (V>ehmncotton $ Agents' for Pabst [a Milwaukee Beer

of-lfjio ;theii. pleat 'Inveillgtl mill. Cockragrfja.. nod., the Atlantic
lung troublo maT cailly develop ,., IhllOI! per bbl 10mb., III do*. fl 9ft
Tilt .eherein only instruct the> and Uulf ..1Ia.JII; ) m.n. U.. 'IIr bbl I. 10 dos, f lql i per doa, ft 00
l! *1. iniH| > ilblei, lo study for into pneumonia or ooniumption.Hamlini '

t1sn IfiSlit nn teal book.. )being Whonl Oil, applied to Itth.I nl-nggwe na. Jung's Cincinnati Rod Heart Beer 1

'if'urn.[ for prlvaM. trrVnliiB the cheat, relieves the pain and in J:. T. 1.110. WfnuJft J\r. ""writes l'"r bbl 10 dot. to I |*rdo.. iL -

... the abort ipaee bet"l\n reol nomination loosens up the cough April Mih.lfHW.( .*KofOio| 1) year. r

t7.{, liTlntufllfUnt for study, .i'M I bad bfeit afllloltd tweed.. a malady,, Wo .
and loon cures the dUeue pay freight or oxproAMon ; ohf\rg :. +
\ the higher grades where 'known .* ti e'Ibis.! The, itching'' was
..J .emend. outside study and "MT little girl, writes Rich most unWarablo. 1 'hat I bled for tho following llqnora;

I jSSWff Not the mark .In allendIL W. Thornton of Qumy Oolo., 'tArt to 'find illi f. having, UIM all

"punctuality, and U below one 'suffered more or leu with a cold rom..tI..1Mlt! hear <,r. besides, a LEWIS 1800. Away Above Everything In

|endeavor to ere that your on tho lungs since her birth and number' doctor. I with. ltsilart'eMuuw lo slate tho Whisky Line:
thai single| | application
r..n' every day and on time finally the trouble became serioui one Uiilmml' cured tap pprnianvntly.Hlno 4. full gnnrtl'I. ft oo

) in the card and return 'In No remedies gave relief, until we two* then' separate I hate opradon rimed th* for linimenton ring* j 18 full quarto 0 . 12 11BLUM'S \ '

rS and w* promU good tried Uamllns WUard Oil, one bottle worm and It cured eoinplo|,lr ?ri, MONOGRAM, 10 Yoon Old:

lleipectfully, WV and II bolt I., bold hyV.. M.1.Jubnln. 4 . 4 20
J. (1 I. KKIIVM.Health of which permanently cured quarto .
her.!' Price DOo and $1.00. "' 18 fall quarto . . 18 00 .
...'....1..1 IN a 1.1*. ttlrt,
r Sold and recommended by It. IHTHOH U tanifml,, in a the chic EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Whisky:
tli* ability lo do good d. (
a trio wire and you want lortlrkHilvlilin 1I.ltIcoc1 In lUnd ruder: (UterniueM. Naprrtlslea..t .
bout undo fatigue and to ALL DRUGGISTS. therefrom! do not tile hold of the tic.
worth. ,lltlug You cannot tint. hand, a. la often ilmi In N ease ; 4. fall quarto, del 4 00

IIlon or constipation' with* of this kind You will |tie hHkM If ....--4 .0. full quarto(\ . n t1U1t

setting lire. Km and pol-, TURNBII A DAD COON you do. Ito anr to grab Iho tlolhi full (IUnl'ta 0. 10 1n
I blood' Hueli a condition' snopr alone, and thm you ate rare, '"cI I the
''I f -I and qulekeit obtained bho / Due War Under I JaiI and nirrent cannot teach you. Ito not let ti sUu' BLUM'S SYLVAN GLEN 7
,t beet liter regulator that Mad Cican Uul Arrested teett. anything com In rontatt with your

ulr has ever known bin, U. I).l>ulr Sheriff O II. ClirUmin of bar hands but lit. roat and Irouier. Yurt Old:
lI ,writes, April a. IKMi "1 Tuesday took Nelson Turner Of coupe It you bar thick iMthrrclorr dl full a.
e, and find It the Wit medl Mlcanopf 4. quarto 80
on you ran 'liandlu with Impunity
onttlpatlon' and regulating: a negro arrested htr.l11f'I" lilt In* (1 full
Ih* Individual, 'In .U.t,"aAnolhar ( quarto 4. tot
vr uard" trice 60 cents ilruQllon, to Mleanopjr. Turner was .
4 .'.i M., Johnion. I wanted \>y the )lleano|>7 autliorlilct' Oat of Ilheumsllrm Ourd byOhambarlaln'a U full quarto. U 00

ot jail!) l >ftVliiR. 0eforal -
upon ft charge >rt SHEftiDAN CLUB
License Nolle. ftn' Ualm :
l kirks un It* WM arrested by ONI1rr
iot lupplled with lleeni Clirlimiin for gambling and Tli". fllaaoy of OhambcrUlnV. lain' 4 full quarto . II 8 7fto

til the day court convened |iUrr -
lir The $late'a Attorneyto I ulRhl'" h* dug hit war under the ground l lngilemonitrated sly I'arktrTrlp- full
# letl of (lrtltbl..Vsn)' that Cham U I"urtl\ 0 . 800NVo
report at that cession sod galn...I his ffffJoin, .In.... wlileh ',,,,Iun'* 1,.Inll I"in pate him' t>"rinanent >
bit l I. flew, of the fact that time Im lies. been ci large "I'| to Monday relief from rhruinmum. In th*
i had not been furnUhml mer when h* wa arrotrd h.,.. bank when everything'' eln ,Jall...1 l, and ii' o di'alTB In ovorythlnir In tho)

> licenses to .his .Issued, h* Turner Ilrt "hot |>rojK>ililon" turn h. would noi |h., without .H I'ortal. Liquor' & lino Whlnklox, Ulna,

10 they making no report at enough. Hlnc his ..tll,.. from the', by alldrtigitUU_.. ,. .. l Hum and \Vincn from 1
i, but Inttruetrd in* to hate Jllcanoj'jr Jail li* WM arrrilnt hers lijl ..,... 1 .5o to o.oti()( yw un).
tot spring' term' of Aee.pI.
idy court
),potjr tthrrirT Granger who eauglil'
.. .. .
I'nr 4gner'. W1pat U th..lgnlflanee
uenei this month, and lo file him with fir* othr, 'In a crap gam*. .
Ion with him against all who II* was arraigned Ix-fur Jiuilo' Cob of IN .ngk. lUat U. '" ". *! on Amneeh .* --L ...! .. ._._.. __ __ __ __________._ __. __ __.._ .__... ___ ___, .__..
\ ran lHMtrT IfftH l H< !MI "rillMHi-"
>haply with this requirement man and. Rnvd IM and rusts l I. ".. "" ,WNn 1ft u. swltt, "IM.-H. ;
'I 'W by thli (IOU,'. .h'tll' h* promptly" |>ald and was r*> troll Ir.. I',.... G. S. MERCHANT & GO.
are quite a number of bush leased! from cuittxljr.Prfct 1. _ .
ad professions who Iue not -..-- hems.sera and JCJMIt" In

"1 a Hipllrd vllhlhli law, I am Connd.nae.'Vi III

: ling up this list, and tines who, ..f, Ihor, used to b* a feeling of and Groceries
,>t taken out such" 1I0tll.... If unailnr awl worry |In th,. household Convulsion Staple Fancy ,

lr* not tffb li>elu<}ed on this win M child showed symptoms of ,

lit attend lo title" mailer tvryItei croup, there I.I now |>..r"e. tonflJenffThli .. Fits Qraln, Gordon Seed and Ferllllzirt

|> I is owing to the uniform euoee.. ofOliamberl.OoUI" ihcnEpilepsy.
W, U. U..MI.. Htmwly\ In the 90UTII HID1) bgUAHK. i t i OA1NK"VIMK, VIXjUIDAIllgheit

.. lrattn.nt of that dluaic. Mr. yL I 1. market |I'tl''* |paid, for Ohlekrni. Cats and other 1'nxiui.
t th. Oaby U Cutting Teeth .. ._
llaifnrd of 1'.w.te.ehhle, Md in iiuakIng ---S.A -
rim and ui. that. old and well l of hernptrlene li. the, MM of that
of Corn (tall. Klour ( Meal Cotton had last.
OompUl iltMli lInt
mtod,. Mn Wlnlow' Sooth rrmtdf ssy.l i sntrrleln'a!1 have, a world of ll eon.. ; Dr. MilrV ll. M alive Nervine and Jlf*. U'M haNl1. imlr the VKHY 1IKMT gmul at th.1.0W.'

sup, for ehlldren teething It tiJeuc.In. fur 1 h."u'tltl Cf U with, Ubiuih|>..rrfl .uoer mrd. has been, *o iiecdfttfttl! In t KNT I'llfUKM and guarantor latlifftetlon .1...,.,

th* child * the Rome, ... My rhlld. larland.' U atJIIJfI.t loT curing theae l)< .> Lall pain oiirei wind eollo/ and Uit .. .r* mtaf k. of rrmiii ".Ibe! sleeps! that thrro (r.. every ....alma 1 J ..
rm Jf fordUrrhoa. Twn glees him t'lompt rllf." sale, b; reason to believe 'UU even the

0.015 a bottle.. ._. .". .., .- ..- moat Jiopelena t.1 KM can bebenefited.
;* h < .. If not flilly tNIO'ft!l.We Gainesville Foundry and Machine Works.
Ct Life S lnt.ns.
: The Kidney. Are will be pl> ."*e I )(01111"." All ,. rb.. t .--llf.ry n..<<. any one thus a HI ., te t to ma"y'who .- "
(her-Work. flU, thf'''''.'1 ..."iiMf In the U..u.M .
Weakened by Dial.** court or r.......g tk* slim health now after enjoy the. of hWtelees Iron and UraiiOMiiMi. fx>.ti,iioilr* and Mahlnr/' Mpalri' W. guaranle
ilthj KUocyi Make ImpvreI BlooJ.uw4 and JropartfialAg the lit. of Ik* toll mtfTerlng( ...,.. wash, and prompt delivery|| at ,....*o.tU. |>rltt*. t.o II'| "| In
tn rotiU.lernl that only rarrltr. ear UUflr*.i.. AlaH r.. .
rT 001 li 41rr tro bl<.. w.t. to IM Lees MulMcvd lo the Alum |>.*lt." MiNA**| lair iw. >a..n r.n w4 thtt, f,4l KM..wMi t>tln Sir ani f'.., .slth Oalneitltl on H. A. 'I.. and n. A (I. )lallroad. "n
t traced 1 lo the kMn. *)'*. it. -fI!'" tl J'". 111 I .
tlarfor life hy J..4'4 TeNI"' ... 4ed1 ,1
but hoW u..*UfiiiM .. s..r.u, ., 54 d' 'I.K .
t k'' .' |I'rut'" Ibetne.ri -- .blab "t wct .h.,". r AtIM. r J
I > all tt|.*.....* Wit*,, You have a Gold.Tli clam ...ran... li "' ..1...'t'rt, "M......}wf lid Url 1.Nwa.tiM' . 4wb.0x2.
I lure their tw< :1.:0.
, in tin .U..ltfIH &>f should U toreli.r. Ih. t tang' .. This let ] *(./> v'.!'.. all .1. M J : : :I'Tocmc14 of!
.. : : 1
r1a41M .
the** tii'"t .1..1.Ran. > r 't In
.. ,#*. ft twain|.llthrd by I hi. free m. of ... J jwIfJ.J.Hi.'-.. ...'r MotTtfHlr kIdura Alter ChaMbrlftln'* Cough' Iteraedy. This ,.. 1..w4. lie_U.......*l
curt iiilf th. hla.1ibat lwork. 'llemrdy llQuefle th. tough MHOUIn4 ... ...., .'w.. .'. ...4'.... ,II. JOB
.,. W. Nt
.. to..W.Ibr4r.. .... "MIa ecos.. Its *.rul..lon from Ih* air 1.... Htof1.:1 I ..,.... t'. 505"
riot .twn .r ..t1'r! .. .., 14 .
calls of th. lusts {irodoeei a w "
Of.II" ti tip a.t,... i .... ....a 1:
ty I roan' N. a..w.imwl e""wl {toitilofl sod opn* Ih. ir'WJI''. 'N ..s leaner, a.. t4i P..4.
,. .... fill 'W tU A eompl i. vr* 'uon 101lea.. irliromedy + ."N' ... Your Oardoz 120
10 .
.. :
over u ,", not. ...
", au..,. a *.vf r. old In I*** .. .... !Iif :
tlm than say ether lr atM.".. aiw) I It ... ,: : .tr:: .. .
feel :
jroa A .k'k Of lM.Uy .ft. .. M ftiluril. and :..:;: .: : ,
the a
? system
.t rr H l/ :
f tit' gtt. ejr .. llo.mer.fii t 'i, ..J: 1a4.eDr. THE SUN JOB OFFICE
1..IUI1..4111o. yleftd
II ......R..... *** ... a1 kt 1T A
bur k .!""." sn welt \hfoto wW Ma .i>.y .u..atel pstteu'.ela. lorial ...,.... N. vhr f. same ny p.... .
byalldrugitUu. ",, .. ..... !
lb. stltf' *f..... W bMHII. A trUl ..'. .a.'iri't4I1
Ar.I i... as. .
.. ---
tVNVMt e., .. tr.. . t -,. 1.... 1t1..edN.r ......l' m..b1i.heK1. 1O7U
y.a *Ir'tt i. Mck. y.a H... r.sakrkN's I. t'wss %iaeke, \1 i ate arry ... Mile Medial Co. Ulkhart Ind ,

>1nt.t ISIS 1 hr rrllri*,w tli..r, effert M ae ........ a.,e r a .......akr In .. .
.' ... ...* '...., KY'.' MsYffid ..,.. ......r ? ryaewk .ke -' H.F.DUTTO:1'r&OO.Br :
fcitT I'
WI ;?tM.lY. t. area '"11.1'.1, II ;. wed t.x.MlM. ale ,has...II., tot htr...... ye ..... h .., _., .
ft-t" tit ILJ; tb.w tax ic.atertet art'Lk. l'-.. Nos. I ...L.t ..... sI .
hole M. IMI I HI IM > .... ...j
nit d..t'...... +.o. rim I n lull I "... <.**.%H ... Ira .n ...'......IIW r.....*.rt A I* NHk..... .,,. 'i"........

,M. et ,+I- t... ....... I....... ).. 'IIMIW I tea .Hto te". /1r/........... N she"'-o ..-. '- --. A

If:.=:.t ,J"I\.a',1.11' .allla i-l ...,....... ft. |..rV* vHhMH. l..H.g. .4tiOo'........t= wi Ie t .JSfK: .,ERS w.lp

_tk 1p .. teI4 111et ri. as..t.K diet'. cep'' yr. ...... 4 A._
.. S tr )"fr 'dtlc ................. Spelt rr*. ......... :::=..;, ;;
,,. ... M '
scud re a rowpMet Irli eR rt ... .
4 I .wet. .f rum a..... krmnr, 'If Ar. YIN ....'....N'1M rhA .' :5 .1M.e............. ........... mad s4_h..1.. cal n........ il..sare. I
llirat..l thus ,..,.., M : .. A ... ............ .....,.. ..MwrA........a.rt..N,
satetry..idt AIM b.rsr..d Hr ft k4 neath7 U.s '" "N .;;r10;; l.rN..1 M ........1.5..""., C1.4 Isi .. f. N.1lI1isN. ........ Msea. twt
W' .. ..n;to 1r. lobar JcinItnn1 tactwt ...44...... / ....dat. .....sewws.e.. VMIN NQ&a .... 6
N V p11kk say .M..*k*. J1aU.) ,.'* Il.tlia.*4 if me t M .4M M* ..... 5.14 .. r;:.. _II .- .. -
< ........her ......_ .......Rs ne.Ilscet'eA ., *.r* 'M wend el.! .. mad .,.... .,......-..c.,.,_...... ...... 4'hrG .............:.;..;;\ .. ..
....pR'-A. cat ,.. w r'*oft aIMS r acU.. .l sere 3t*. 10* a4 ,....... .... I
.. ...,........," Y..a.rtsv 6oWe. fit KoI4"" i. )C. "....... ,.:a.:.:. .r1\ r :mBVJr..L.DI; FLORTD.A

V. ,


-l"r -. ,-, ......:. -.' try.., e JIi... ...=-'...... ,.''l J......' -.*I'0 i -- 1.. .



_i I

.. .
-- .. ..... .....

t i TILE DAILY SUN: GAINESVILLE':! FLORIDA.., IfUljlJUARY-.->'!.- M05! .._.____ _
'- '
.. -
I, _.- .__ .. -;: .;.;-- ..- ----- V : :

i f"t, tHUltlv" NOTHING TO FEAR ncuoioua onowiH. I ;.

; ): (!tlt\t: Although there-. .-may ba times when !. Tin., ....fJ101l.ld thai reunion It on DoYouTaIeQuiDiD I

\.. -- ---. It would '.'PII.O Ihote who are the tho doeadenee<) and HIM the various
L.tered "u.1' INt 1 tm, ''. at (nar/ae.Ns.. lent hit Inclined) lo p.ea lml.m that "MIIM are not holding' UiHr own in It'. 10 to 1 Too do U yv* ftro YioUal mm,
w Megan "I'. pall mane'. the way .e.inibirdenioin( to I'oso) proportion, M the! InereaiH, of popula of malaria, .*.
_. .. .. -.- who struggling far the. advancement lion U ibonn\ not lo hold good I'T' othvntlo Don'l Do It. It'. Danef'Ou"We' t sr:

_. 1n/ w' CRY AI V "i,11 or .r.ft J'..",....,. and. ,progress of the fair Stow. of tlalleilot. )just mad piibiia 'in I II) admit H will eur malaria' but IL loa"N"two.

dI.NNR K. 1'111.ielt.t., Florida' our reeo ro.ia"*) '0 Inoz haul 1. limo I'retbiurlin' hand Hook fur K. .> ... Uwwlly utter ecu. .
ibis that there are hardly' any obit. *. I They show bj lit. oJfltlal, flguri'. a

0"1011: ivnrrji HU Chi. olft-at .least none bar yet aj 1II|w tU'eS- larger pere iittja; of .Inerea** BERDINEII
.'. W. N.AI" .""..... M. "'&I.."" Jf.1 that aro Insurmountable by tin sturdy I ly all Ik* varluuete In pr pn1111/ I1
.... .. ---......... ..- -.---
tontofth* 1'enlniultr' Hiate or our u ,population than" In any prml LIU> ,
y'pe run.r Moo .bIIttIM ..." ....N... the'" tttirelr veffolAbla find alrsohltnlrmlareutood
adopted clilwnt whohav* eom her |..,. fineri U Notably the ae in wafarla Uu, li
I Nopd'r,. 0.aIUft4 tr e.irirtntfttfr 'b.Mtr.of tick b(IA( > <*,
s.aupd a say ,.i"of n,.Untied 'U.,... OI< to make their, 'home, being driven from ,. ltplsenpal'church' which lau l fur err:ail! auJmaoWkldnoy" aiwl liver uonpltalntti.
..,101"'. iHsr11ti0 oil tnontbti. lit their Northern hornet, the elementi gad.rd three,, percent on lip rnenibd-, TUY IT Tip PAY. I
three otii.n 4 r M eeeu for Ore "..tll..I .- that rob them of health wbleh itkei ship of the previous 'Jur. while, the

,.trtetlr..'... III a4UIIO'.s.-, .....--. from, the human faintly, alto mean population growths: I I. eeti haled '.t 30 Cent w" Dolll. Alt Drubleto. a

4 \..4IM.etu.sls, ioosi.eluTI<< 10 ...,. a unheppinaa.! I about two per e""'. In the rwjj-
A 'sine 10' "t.$ IfIt"Ubll, sad s eaaII lor...".4' Within Ihtr pt'it ,few day the. 1 people>> ur an oluiioli lime increase In tnc5)6b.reliip For Bale by \\'. M, J"lIn Uf). UILIIII,:..Pil1. .
1\lo""hNrll" or Plorkla have been mil to hue test. was at the rallo of 20 per
1\'Of dnanst; sdi. ttMcr 11)'". ksowae5 _.. .. ..
a and, by the drilrucilvo" elements of I neat TIlt )1.1110111.1. gain was. 18 .per -- "

; _a""lInUn._ _. __._ ____. ...._ A wind and cold our very eiltleno. rent. It U further slated. In tho Fret- ."' ''' 4J.Idk.'a&In R thn.JOS ..('- -., _
n. Ts Inca t/eek flul U ent ..lrbH't... ff.ulf.llhr..ltn.d. Borne dcipalrediKhllvolheri ,. bjl tlan (Hand Hook for 1000( Hut the
t 'or" M+II"'n ......,. tiUUt>'4 "flr Wont 'I were lo.'lrod( by the In. religions, the.,,'orIJ have 1I8J,000 Jr I
4 sad 111"".'". sod eonulM til toe
junction that "the Lord 'help thou 000 aJlierentt' divided at follow i
..we of It.. ...k. local. sties tdtee. aaa'
1 ertl,, end nlUbe' s..11., loitua ( to Inv'I.lp themtelv," and went to OhrlitlanMr . /T7OMIMCoufuolanltin
etor Ike" U"U..1 guess. 0' C..I1I.'or'I.O* work, !to du "battle, with, the element. . UO.OOUJ
S ,.,,-,. .donee\ \\V'hll.lhe l protpeot was. gloomy, the IlltiJulim' ,. ? 100,000,000) w
Moliaimntdaiiiiin. ITNh3,8TalluddliUni
AUk4rrrtUln ',11"tHtfOrD. due after Cr*, remit, hiss shown that the m men who 147KXUUO(( (
t'pearsUMuf Idn.I..m.",.".S... ,,,,,,,a.. are determined' In their tfTurti are not ; TaolMii and HlilnloUm 67X.',())00
1Upnetedlaetntrset: r.rtMriot,) known te heavy loter. and there will' ''' only Lit a Judaism . . . . .7OMiXK( ,
.. wlU' be ro\ilr\ Vo"If for .dt i-riUir.lo. .a' mailer supply 'having Parlous heathen, faith l)8.1SO) ,n8
i .5.05, A<4rrM, TIIBHAH.Y: RUH.JUlfMY..n.. many crop 't'he adiivrenli of Clirlnlanily I are
( ... been tired.Jlut divided' Into thin following brnnehMi. .

L-________.. tho toll of Florida It to used Human Cailiollei. .'. .1lufnn,899!
that other grope than. those that are tn rrntettanit' . . . .HSV3fl:
.It will, h41 l noted that Mr. Ohadwlck' It planted and Ireek C'Iju roll . . ,1+0,010,1x10UhurohnAlareslnle '
generally can ,
knew, better than to allfmpt to bam- grown . . fiouor ZAPF Jacksonville FlalYholoi
hoods Nelly Jrern., she trucker, although checked f
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