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I mend it very for, cut, hums, .
sufferings caused
by In. the Wat tea lVunl l :.ut"'. uim'III 1 'al'i 'n. t.. 1. &part'iii''nr ( Rw
Ties resultant from the explosion strtuM Mini lame hack, snit have sererkrllwit
under which
:North' Cnrolln.i uirnl" dl* '
ny of the people" In humbler clr- trlrtn under it i.l iliitppoitit. "h ''r( eel le by
are prohibition und a
atanct' have lost practically 1 every- number of the" cities have .11"1"-11"/1' all ilrukK'-t: Joseph Zaph & Co. ,

lag they 1II..pII.d.! Some will never -
rl..oM. |1.l11': spring\ H petition to ord r Body of Bishop Hoar Recovered.HOIIK .

able to re-establish them-wlrca In an elefil4in fill prohibition "II'< pureeent..1 KOIIB Spt. 25! S. i 1" 610 to 640 West Bay St. Jacksonville, Florida.
mess or otherwise if uublll.nll l l ,
I to the Raleigh board of aldermen from Mttiin* thnt the h.,." ..t( Hilloure ;i rv
not extended them. A few hundred, 1
: but wens n'fiiH.nl up|I">II I the Kround w'in' H" .lft''AII. -I' It' f .
liars here and there" will greatly nl.l
that there was nit provlni. In the law recent ttihootl.| has .u-------i I j. I I

mediate fllMrew and prevent menand for 'lIh"lftln,, the ipieiitlon "f proMbillon :. 'I'ht tu- 'rn.v tif ('iint"u has ronirli.iii.|

1 phjHlcal suffering In the fu- \\ hrr.'bv. A prevloiu vote t',. pracllcalU. (.t .MH\ to the .% PIIIMKI ri.tl-f limn or THE m. or nmu 1

re" It wilt put food I .In the mouth dl"J..n"a has hu'n eatah'Uhed! Thcity ." futiri tend t.lt. also .illaji.H. t httl l twogiinlio.i's
d clothe" the
on hack! of the *uf- ailornef notice
rave Appealfrom to gather ui| 1N.i I IN I.. I
rers as well as rebuilding the town JII.IJ<;p "'.'hh's decUlon -
here total destruction has been mif- );
---- ----
erect and In the
pairing very rxtendamage Men Past Sixty In Danger. :New. V..tK., ".J.r. :i:* ---4'nrlu.tl"f! n. M

lye that Is done" In other seeone. ;anus' .. known the A Institution for Young Men Literary Scientific and a
Few hoiifwn In the town es.ped More than half of mankind tire r nn ktuftM for Jt\ High-Grade ,
years aNell JJruv In dead l at hi
sixty year of age suffer from kidney *
Injury; In "<>me form If the STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE. i
home In Ilro.Iklln. lining I his Engineering courses.
and bladder disorder, iitnalljr e>ilarite.nieitt 4aierne
awes are made to depend on their
hud ..ift..1| with. \\ likes U..th +P
wn ro.ourcea for relief, they willYecover. of pruaia'e itlar'(1. I hi* M iMtih c
Hart:ir I f.*. l It I'r. Charlotte <'u..j-,
and "
ever The tuihMtnnJ.il: burle.e painful daiiKerou,
men while heavy lowers, are not Kidney. per 'i 'tn>-.,, ".. H' "tte,,,,," ...rInformatiofi ..., ,h J.., i*, .l.1.l .".,. suet

D need of assistance l to the f'xtr-.f first ign of danger' as it current Ir- ad"... tMllll.M: ,*>|.|:|ii.| "',..1.1..1. lisls.us.lh.'la.. .
right. Stopped by the Polies.I. .
at those I letw fortunate shnollP I h.i\ .' r"( rularille and has cured many old .
.." "it... Katie K- |pi l ?:. 1'heo.rutin.l
fact that a ryu.|' >Mlon( has been men of this dl....*... Mr. Uo : It.I.1 flit Iii .
*<.I".r".I1' ;
alllt",1 as to the liability for the ..u'eIeat Hock Purl, )In., write j "I .uf.1 ..ctiamp'oii-i M he.lil| > d '<> aU. pkNi., CI.YD : : LINE

cantos grate doubts an to why'h h.ret| with enlarged. pro.lat. ) Acre Kiin-fay af,ern.wn >e''we. n i iV I.I,. I

,. the sufferer will be able t.> re and kidney trouble for and after '
year _
\ ->lc- 't flue n"5ru ch i -i- ,n. ct .1 Inprrventril
Ter any flnnnrl! dnrnaRe ..n Ro'unt taking two bottlea of Kole| '. Kidney | Ithodrs w" j' the JW.It..)

of the de*' ruction arf'ol11'1'i i! Cure I feel better than I have for

Contrii' nt'nn! ninlie serf to II twenty years, although I am nnw 81

Scott rtcordcr of the rltof Jt'l! year old" J. W. )McColliim Co |

11 CO. Tenn or Frank Snyder. rlt! rk of t

the town of lelllco.. KyKlfrncd Bullets Flew at Mullet Supper. 't

Nt ) *tii" rtriia S.."t :l; v t...!rromu l
-R. B Ilnrd. la'it of Jelllc Tenn
ar |
Band !Stewart. :''t1.1)&lr .l. Hk-o. Ky / 1 I
: = : Amerlois had: the usual! DunThe* I tlI

---- I llfrhtf: were erect not by iniet" uc:*,enegrni :Irou: ( Sd. LLINCi-t3: : :ID.A.C.r'v.r.1UD.K. .:
WAS A VERY SICK BOY : with w revolver. wb.rrupu the 'ai WIINJtnt.kKUrtvIll.

-- hooting became general Ono w"m. I fusel 1 aSTo-vv V /. rU.

But Cured by Chamberlain's Colic. ''an caught a stray bullet In the neck .. 1
Calling at t II .' KI. IO.N ,M I., -i-) as
ChoUra. and Diarrhoea Remedy. and was killed Instantly wall aft-

.When tny boy was 1"0'..'" old head ether wa abot through the arm. :Noarrest I- The rin..t Steamthlf In the Cui..lw. o Harvlc

hate been mad a* yet. Such

plaint. a very but by..the ere u attack... of Chamb of bowel.,rUin'com-* killing are common Juring the cotton i GJyile Xe'.,v l1glal1d: alai l :Suit; thHI'U I.noai

Colic Cholera and PUrrhoe Kemrtlyw0 1 pfcktng season here '''' ljht rl.rvlee N.t..eo f 1( IS'4IN1 at i 11': i.i/; ..'r".N and

brought him oat all right." say.$54g1e The atl.art of old ruulI't:;<'' (.'K: sail .Ill l! Ka; .t.... "'..,... i'.,

Illekox of M.dUnd. Mtch." A Clear Compl..tOft and Bright f r... a o ii ex. Use ':allsasf.l /srt..t..n t.st..y.,.

This remedy pan t>- d.JK"nd..d upon in I In most ca... a sallow blotchedromrl '' BALLARDSHOREHOUND: I: fJ.JC:1\tl.r--v.r: : WK L'Y 23j .1.l-J. t 4C.) MI YI.

the mat .*.er.. tm".. Krrn choirs jtaUntom j << -i.on and dell heavy *>) e. are ..f:itlhtnntt Irrt I...WM' VVharf, ri>>Ml..

it cared by it Follow th
>'ala| printed direettoo and a cure i. |,| liver. ",h,,, Laiative Krait syrup

.rt4in For .1.! by all droagiat> I|' aM d ire.t ton eel stimulate' the .liv.r SYRUP : !: : St. Jhss P.ivcr! Line

and bowels and mak.. the completion
| ... **AI'aiafka M.INII
I I.K t Vt- > t JAt IMUlll I.aa n1.
8t.el' Redueat From. S."d. smooth and clear. trice. Least ... And you will he's hr.Uta.U .. ,. '. ... .
.. Iti.uld. t.11"1'" fit ,J i.t.Ii set A't. J*.r..f<< tl *< t. I Inu .t.e- h.e I.aMlkie.I. I
:. Port1- (J, '" *"'....f :* -'\. ;--1 I 1 rein ?<" r..p d"** sot .."..ale .*ri gape ..,.,.... rwfe l.ealtts ar .1 .# 's1t.tehnl.wd *. / ."... /It eAtl.tll&H' '

.nit pf cx...r:1'Lea'. ,. ant; tried br 1'3- ; and I 1. mild sad (........t to take ft 1. srrwp w \\I eCOLcnlli. I.

gentsm. :: ac: .r t"e ..
Oar* trveF. t J-. .. c't' .,- e *. Hnl. COLO A (I C &totV."W ALL: <. ; : rr-x oar J A.O.JCSON"VILLm"; : : :

.. .T fe .'" < & r< fee. 1 f "oKm ?? ? PtLtOrSAkY\ I111i1 At1 ., ...oJ ... ...a.' r-.i ,.. .....- ,......,.. .,1 .. fee.haa '.
'T. '-4.-..* Was (j..... .. ... .. 4Mgdete./s .se4,. .
t-P-k ..ft.!. faasd s s i f, ......... .. Of. G .'s .. -. a, .
.'th.or I .... I......... 'J T_ --r'"+ Mii. aa ),,.. J If. )g- ,, time .L._ uiii,s.4e/t ...,J i y t., ,, s s
r- \ .
ri"r'! . w' : "fens -. .., -
.r. 1 'ax I.al. ( '7.'fA' ,' r ?
..r 'I.j 'U' :4 r II .... '" ,.- r ,If. 7 Tewes .ad I .. ... H...1r41 P.1r. .
,. ... k 1I..t....,.. I 'vp fns .
8ft. 'd .1. feet J- R veer. .. .. 4. ha9Ir.II A' eure l tn,. 'O, s.""MjMTtn.w .... .... .. a.
re.ts iM' tiaNRV .. ,tsV
0&41.AAd U... I ) I .
Qtti'T C'o .'". .. ..
IS C.-. s '.to"" w... w ... Ta'4 J..... .u.c ...fc' ..wLt10.. r ,_'- ,4.1 r.. sect : ,.

r ,. -. ., ..t.
!a.,. i1a !t...:a4.H.: af P'Ik :.,..t. .11 W H Irr..\. .*. ;.,, *r ,t + ... ..

> .".., .1 ... wI.. ta ,f. ry '"' riit.i*.. Vt. ..,. '" st. Ballard Sacs Uaimenl Ce. .wa u I .
: w'S I Ill
.e tax tt..t t.ka>*r .-. ...' art. / 4 P ,, f 4 tt
.. .
'at, .1.
..-i ebe a '
ea 'O. -
!. A r ST. LOCt )
R .. I.r h. 1;..... :c.Lof.. "" '1. ** H. ri.ey e \If ._ ....:;.:.. I. ._" __ etC' <1 .. ...... J... rise Iisr .. ,
(l'tak..t w an ... ......
;.. u.. pert v o'yI aat. I', ........ u- n P UJ" It! f. -
... w. d.. wr w'. p.IIH. ...1: },..1 .... my fat Ily tw .p,ee..1 Il.eltl' : w..e !.. .. H-r.rJ .
baU..ct. a- : :: '
r Ia..Yps.
t.wtl.'.. --
..r ..... ..-.. e Na..tr1TY *.e. "
( cc'
..... salt rl.em. rtseI.-d .. .... Mold and Recotn...Ceded b1A' .1 furl o. c.r ,. ,.._r'........ sect (;...,.. Naaad.s
.s..1 aaf l.lll. .. 7t5t
..: Nn 1' ..4"" .,.. 0.1, s ''ssssatip..Iks5 ... r,.. Itsw 1..t. a.ev .._S.::- .-.... .... ,... 'I.,...
I b.learyU2. Oes.
.. ).''' .
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::_ ... ...: ...t,
;:... N4

l' II ,1.,,:. "




Q Crop Exceeding Expectation In Cen Officials, FNred Violence Sunday H.F.DUTTON&CO.Sea

tral States After Deterioration. Night In Macon.

Memphis. Tenr.. :Sept.: 25.-Th .
Macon Ga.. Sept. 25.: -Although the
,}.weather the DEALERS IN
during past week was -
r management of the street rail- f
generally warm and! In some part
way system has constantly increased
s. (very hot. Showers had fallen nearly the force of new men started after Is1.a:: dCottcr.
everywhere at time the -
Mime during the strike of Saturday afternoon In .
A !Week. The conJitlons/ were favorable

'to the opening of ('unoo. though the posts which of all duty the the union real men crisis left In their the Sea Inland\ Cotton Seed Bagging and Twine. V ..,

t tieat and the ralnn retarded picking situation has not been reached. More Leather in Strips or Side.
With favorable weather a heavy picking '
cars were operated Sunday than were

Cotton Is generally on the uplands anticipated has opened thU week very. running Saturday night but there are Manufacturers of the James Doi r Improved} Fi -. .t

+ rapidly many correspondents reporting to evidences justify of the such statement strong that feeling there aa Spa: Island] Cotton Gin and Supplies for Snii ..

that a large per cent will be gathered .
8 will very probably be trouble. GAINESVILLE FLORIDA. r s
at the first picking. The lowlands
The difficulty will be In maintain. .
-- --
r. ) are still Vhowing a rather rank -
log the schedules with the new force
growth and the picking" I b late on Baby
of men In the
face of the sympathy

them. Tvonl cry: ifyou which Is being stirred up In behalf of '3 ANU'ACTUa13 Ay0 DIST/1IdUTOtrS I'I
At a few of the umatlor points more
: give Him the ,strikers.It I
cotton has been received than up to COMMON AND MIC33D
t U evident that when the
the same date )last; year, but this lathe BACLARD'SJIOREIIOUND placesare
well filled with SAND LIME
men. I
exception. The heavy movement SYRUP. WHITE
there will be efforts to get them dawn
Is plainly' In the future
There U
Pleasant to take rapid re ulta. from the can and Interference is
9' ftonie .HiMppolntrijent! over :the) yield Contain nothing Injurious. looked for.Everywhere. PRESSED BRICK I
though ome correspondent) re-port
that the outturn IH exceeding CURES COUGHS COLDS quiet prevailed Sunday O..CES:
? and as fast
as new men came for
formed nfter the recent dele WHOOPING COUGH AND
et rioration. On most of the uplands ALL PULMONARY DISEASES. employment they were put out with l3LD(3..JACKSONVILLE .

ticarcely more than an average crop Mm. J. C. Jenkins, Denver cars. The union men "have remained FLA. COMPANYwe

Is eXlwch'd now. Colo., writes: "1 can't say away and few of them were seen In

A general disposition to market the enough for llallard'a. Horehound the streets Strike sympathizers have [!: SELL OUR OWN PRODUCTSQIITHERN

Syrup, It haa cured been less frequently. seen than on
Cotton Is Indicated
and reports state
my baby of the croup and my the former
that cotton old early In the )....a.ruroun.1 children of severe Coughs. occasion when there seemed ---. -- --- .
't.' lu< cents U being brought/ rap- 1 know no better tnedlclne.*' no 'way of handling the crowds

.k Idly t'o market. those having tiold at 25c, SOC and SLOP who thronged the street.* and besieged RAILWAY
the new mf>n.
that figure being satlslled. '

Condition have been mostly unl Ballard Snow Liniment Co. Unless there Is strong Interference,

Manager Nythan will continue to __ 'H __ u __
form and there are no Important ex ST. LoUIH >da put

r ('ntlnnw to Unto to thelia -2'opral-- r-'nut -- on cient the number new, men to until. maintain he has rea-uhu a sum N._ II.-Th* r<>Ili.>wliiff:.....be.lultf lltfureii are i,ublUb.'d only HM. Information sad are! not II
vlltlonx. t! *e> l
schedules on' all the -- .- -
Sold and Recommended by
ti The Breath of Life. TWU..TIBCLBTItAIMI &A+T :lio.U: No.k': lliORTH .AND WJfIT:

II It's A .1 l niflcpnt fact that the IIhu.. W. M. JOHNSON. laluf, ; Tllth. t ; Jaek.onUle- '.r ; 1t'ID' -7b5u; Lr Jacknuovle......... .....i. .Su. R':

1t .. .. .. .. Lv JeaauY. . .. .!> :.:.. ..) Lv JeeuY. .. ..... .. ... .. .... ... '
eel animal of Its .I.e. the gorilla, also ..- -- -- .. Lv N".anD.b. ... .. .:.o.lhl.I.121.( :! ta Ar M..co.. . ....... .. . o.r' .
has the largest Fell AI' Columbia _. ..... .. $o. K.' liMp tHAlli' AI'' At1an'.. ... .... .. ...u.R
r' long. I'owerful lung to Ground From Window. For ArCharlotte. . So.Kyllosp'! I,55u ArHuoe.. ... ., ... .. ... .. .:io.lb:
mean powerful orcjBtures. How to Valdoftfn.ia.) ; j'l t>flt. %..--A tftJ,.. Infant* and Children. Ar Ureen.boru.Arhanvllle .. So Ity 13\t\.tllIlI! : !' A" l"'lton. ... .. .... ... ....... .1'10. (! ..

of keep the breathing organ right should phones i >MinRirrrrlvtd In this city The Kind Yon Have Always BoughtBears ArlUebmoDd_ !oItrI aKy .e5ta 3tRalYb1'_ : .;; : ::: ... :::::::::::::: : :.t,o. t..:! }:t
tHp neliautl.
4 .. .
. .. .
tt'innny .
l e man' chiefest st dy. Like thousand annonntrrt, tho atiddoii and Ar-I I.ynuhburg.... .. .. : .Vin. Ity I .lie '-1.0C M
of traal death of Mrs. the Ar'barlottsevlU.. .Sty ttru .tl'/I Lr IIIat; :. :.:;.::::::C..a .h
o'hlln. Mr. Ore A, I Mitch I-nndnlf, .., ( /
Hlephensf Ar Ws.hlueton. .:: :;:::: lty', Y/nut: : :.::: ArCblcato_ ___ I+tr_)our
Port William, O.. has learned haw at :\fllltoM-n.. While lttiiiK In or near Signature U AI' nal more_., .. .....1' n It ''II :11'" II rol': 1.v t.1l1oll>naU...... .. .1... Un..,
#' hub this. She writes : 'Three hot- a second story window In her home ''AI'AI' New We.tPtdlsJetpbis., .i'. n. H. I1't..: 2 ::1:... er Cblcaru: : .. _' ._1'a.IJne. ''II
she fell to .the RtTiuhd I I < -- Yore-. n.K.1, 011'1. gait: ,Lv Clnelnnntf .. .. ....n.. C..H.'JJ. .. ,.
ties of Dr. King's Mew Iieovery stop below and, =: .\I' Chlco.llto .. .. .. ..Mono,I' ..
r' d l taj cough of two fears. and cured when .mnmhera of her family reached Koosavelt Contributes $140.Ojrtit T"KUt7U-H-; :'Ii-;;;'; TItIT" n911 I.v- t'lncinnati.;. :-. : -._. (:..H.AIt! 1
of her they found her dead.' 1\lrl4. IwiriJalp .T flay Sept 2-I'rfotllrtt'nt -- --- -. ---- -.- .I_. .\1' 'oledo. ... ....... ... .. .. .....Ulw..ur! I..
in* what ... .
my frleaxl thought Jaeksonvllle So .. .
con t: TWie fir ih trolt. .. .
wan AKIM! anti bin I 1:001"\.lt has ct>ntrllni. $svaonah : : : : : : .Rig.: ; '
In f,-(>- -il Jloo to beu"Pri So ; : :
omptlou.. O. It'* grand for . :
throat Ar Columb'' .. . . .. /.v lncmnutl .RIr Four
and lung troubles." Guaranteed t bl* health for some tlm. I'hyMlclanNwho l by Rear Admiral Tliotnasou |In Ar Asheville .'." .,. .Su.n.K)16"1a Ri seep' .\rCIf'v.lamt .. . .. .Jllar..uu' i a
>y were.cat led gave It un their o'jiln- .< }I.ul l stilt Jtistliiitfil recently at NewMirt ArJlo\Sprlufl..N.C. .. !ooo.Hy : r. 1.- .. .-. .-.-. ..-.-. aoR'Arlnoxvllle I
MfirugKUt*. PrionfiOo and $1.00. Trial .. ... .. ... 2r.I'I'. ul.Ule. . . .. ... .. .". .
Inn .0.ltr
u bottle free. that she inifrero: l fit,,,, a sudden 12. I.. t4i ti'tormlfio. urliMtl.ui-. ..- ..).. .* ....w. Ar Lout.yIUe. .. . !too.H"IIOo'1'! : N' 1..0111. .. ... .tiult) ,

attack of heart failure and was! prob- unt a limn ran \,.. exrlinlml. from a Ar. 1'1\ Louis .t o.H,! C\ 'fl'1', Armllton. .. . Solt,
Martnee aid ly dead btfotf she fell! mbllr plarA. of -rtalniu'Ht f'tn.tnnn.1 IJ A.t. .. I'\a' '. Ar 1'Irtnlnrhetn.. .. ..... ... .._. So H'r
Desert Oarrack. from the because ..
\ MelDl.hl" . ..... ..1'tt uu
\Vanhltiuton! H..pt": :ft I ll1rln... window. __ tin wear the nulforni of the United Ixeellrtt Iii, ibg Car t-er"u'" fill All I ,'I' Ii"n.". e'I',. . . .6tl I"r., .

hate licrfi tlet."rtliiK I: > & State array or navy. :\.n.I'uL.' . . ... .. I
barnicUM ouJVIare The Original.F'ulry Through TrlUI'. Jlo' Suring., .......... .... ._. . .
|1.la\1.I. ('uMliiiiilu. ut u rat --
which l has\ hlarle t It .\ Cr,., Chicago originatedIlonvy General Robert E. Lee No. :34-"New. Turk 11M .1url'11! 1."I.r... ; -
iM-c' ">i''ry fur llrluiidlt ) fort T....'.. and J.CI"'ODUI tailI'ullunao irswing )tuom Rrel, Ir"
to New
'r ioncrnl; Klllott. foutiiiitnillUK the anJ T.r.* a throat and lung Wai the greatest general the world 1>10. :,,1- '$\\'a..binrton. and I'IorMue 1.I".lt'd.urk. "
holly .
'' Ii.irliii r iri>K.' to ilctnll<< a :oIf'r'd iul I ..c11l11 1 remedy, and on account' of the great l h.. *...r known. Uallard'. Snow L nl- Jao.ostaO-Dssuiv: 1witllwuo Uratwln.t Rnoa' l'uUru.n I.Jr..ln" Room '1""I.iI

.; of fiitUtfil nicu whom ....1.! .luty 'It I Hto merit and popularity. of )0"0>1..,.'. Honey lOell' I I.. the greatest liniment. Quick7 'oD.tue. A"c'iU..llo\' : ..rlnlf". Knoutlil' ..and tiurr1""lnll iiovinnatt.: Car between JucknoovUlc Hr

-II re-h> San KratirMro l from tliti and Tar many Imitation* are offered I eurcH all pain it ,'. within the nr.winer No.ta-loridsLirntted' Room Mleel.lner) (..-..iJully.. Ja S.5"..,* \'r.tinuted''rain. Trirouub)' ("n..r',1''
marine, for the .,..nul.... Tb-.. wnrthlea I'niini.n r 4iV"Ti taw tar i" >nv"leAtlanta.. Chattaiot'ira sad "Im'lranti
rorpw.' Ho grout bas b,-.-ii this Imitation each of all T. n. Pointer Hemp- ,City: JPM.UII' to 01'11\10: St-rliK.. Col.U. lUin.lrirhiini, l\Ieml'hl.| l., UJAS.

f vliMiiatnl for laborcm In Hun .Pnu.ci ithai have similar otiudlnK name.. .lead, Te saawriters "Thi U 1 to c.r-

't4 / of lubnrnrU llxwar of th.. The .'olf" KKKF..UAN.II1-trlcl fa>......... .
reprt'senlutltrs| -t m. genuine city that Itallard' Snow Liniment lUll -r A. t-nt. H* West. liny. .IIItk"ulI\lUe." n.
''r have IMTII vUltlnn' Muro Uland tenth l lttridnR Honey and Tar !I. In : S. H. IIARtWICK.I'.T.Ai. W. H.T
M yellow paokaRe. 'M "?O u..il! 'In my hot..huld for jrrars VUOK.C.: A. HIUlOKS Hl)KOAN. A. U. I' A
the arltuii to desert the tier- Ak for It and refuse any .h.lIuh. -- -
Ann ni tern iunu to De an .excellent
vlt' sod engage In work at San "'ran.rh.'u. It i I.. the be.t remedy for rotiijha and ulment for rheumatic LOW ROUND TRIP
\, gaits. I.m RATES trip ummer tuurivt ticket
whirr| utitebtMe% || uiett are paid cold. J. \\ MoColluoi ,t ('.0. w
without .
na high ... $.1 ,n day for wlteHltiK never It. Sold by W. M.ohniioa. VIA be on wale to various report*. F
l>rlrk and uwrtar and doing other information nchedulen. tints table,

r >work, '1\'<:.vary to clear tln city oflebrU. Bryan Acknowledged Leader i etc will be furnished promptly'
Sept. 26.-The Democratic
R. R. ; on application! to
<< territorial convention In Its :1 (J. E. HKRRINO.

YES Starving to Death. platform declare that \\". J. Hryanla Hold All Your Orders i Fla. l 1'a... Agent L. A N. R K.No. *

the. acknowledged leader of the The l.oui.III.\| W. IhlJ St.Jackson.flte.l''Ir.
1- 1h. .u.* her stomach wa weak *'hvile| Kailroad
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party. After "I.r.lnl approval of for New Work for will rill
rued 'IIT u..ie.. | drii0K!
c'lulls'nn' ..a. Mr. II. \ValieraHt. nilnilnUlrutlon, the onvllle to point shown on date indisated. ,,
It home ruler f'lhlnr.d l .
UN'rJt" It. 'at.ter
t, fit Clair.. 81., (?oluntlio.. O wa the prt'krnt Incumbent for governor. We Are other.point 1'oJurelt/flat.. low rate from COAST LINE
11..11 1 starving In death she w rite t *

"My .toniacli was "" weak from urn. $32s-Uall.'frx: : : I and

A !.... driiw that I could not rat, and I 1 I: nlQ"" (lASS TAILORS its Hold Oc."h"r return.tilts ni.it Tick-7t|,. ROUND TRIP EXCURSION

lily Hrftl'. fit .wrecked. flat I .cotild'J Women as Well as Men Are made = .Mnat, return limit VI days from I RATES

m, l .Ieei. ; aiiil not before I w a. Riveniil date uf *.1.t *. --
< Indic' I Miserable by Kidney and I If I l'
wa Induced t' try Khetriollilt and do nothing but 332 ieF-Ilu'Jaiu. X FROM JACKSONVILLE
..r.. with lie! wctkderful result that' Bladder Trouble. up- Y. ItIlJ '.''Hn.

'%+ I'lipruvritirnt l>eiaii '"t ore, stilt NI f 1 to date I Ticket.. ralti I Otol.. r 10th, IlUtai fgh '-Hot : inK.. .lrk.tinsale! .
Kl.it. t- ...' Cutting l J 1
N T" > "i" : ,.t:""'l.! lili 1'.1 1 return limit Ijr ; limit
coittplel elite followed llect health ninty dajr.
4l ,.
"0.lM ,. dId .
:iiUl U"l.HH' \ heaTlnt. f 17 8ft
Initla. oh .srth. ft br' .. '*. '" I .1.. "'.'" I strictly up to r date. ;
Ml druKitl, *. .. -K= l It, ...., ,oj.r.' lk"t t3lg \i 1 16. Ie,1 l 17. I.*. ; limit Otis 31. i

r\f f "I.) .! '" k l-llll: k ."fct I Work unsurpassed. r-x. U.I..n.. 1." and t'avion to Xov. 3t). *
4 U.....ul Trial Mgu" tr===- \1' .,01. ,1_ I /I T'ok! .... tstuR 'IU M-'l.ata.
:1 n"
.1.! .
: on
.Noe' r
| IKtuber lth: tin 0.);
lea lu.. .... .. to
M.pl| : .\. npn'''' I ''
J V\r (Ii4ie a line line of l to ,...!.II'f'tfrv. 15th. t.eluive. '. 11)> ; \Uinii Ojt. 2O'
wRlplr finwi
tMtn>iirtlt\' ) ( "I.1 war h-riiw' ..... T". ... ,''''. ,I.Wh. | "" r.iur. ; exientciat.
j. \' |..., ..., .... .. t liwilt' Otc.be 30- W).
"MTit.,-' ,:.\. .. i.'u terntv.d t. 'w .' t, / r -v"'l-U .... teeN.. h M> depo I II
1 / # t1 1"1 II '- .1 l >".. "'11.I Itlal: lldLfl ..ilb ion r+b Atlanta, ti.. .
...t.. :-, :elal + ; on rtl]*! 0.
rr i "' .IIC r r hn:. Ia t" It'll', 71 J t I e-'I'. ;
... .
f' I I. I..t !ii'. | toO |.. .' wrr.. IT: I ism<
ref r yl: 11 1' 'slpl( I net l.. the:' pt'i :', I l.J l 1rwtS: ,sTil, I. ,I w'thMe'ak t. pari" fee of : t O)| M
I 110. .
"f I n. t : .4! ItT I'.. .'..-I.i., 'A .t' !h". It.lhet1111.'A' I : AO eagle -iii ektea. t>f return : V- .,...."... n.. ; .,1.. Oc'

,, : ,1't' ..-. WM. SCOTT COMPANY Tailors limit ta 'r ur hie '''1.. t ii I''. .t'' 1 H.4 t'l ,11"1t .1.1. : eurd unto !(o)1" : I.iMU I..y.oirt|

....."....... ,III.-iiai.-. I--:: .....,. ,. ..,' ( isle 11. ..It t.rltrn lS..' {I. ',11.a\ .. .,oa h.'t: West Ma'' ', M X I; ........, IRull. t* r)et ,Its.D : ""Tten.iof, i. ".
I will .h""II.\\ S I., .d" ...
e n too. .t.j; lllc
e-.n, r.rt. Um 3.at'sry to ''tw "t '. P'k Ill t"J6-1i..pfc*.. T. U
tH .
i --It" 1I. t it "t" leaf tit tit 1..1 ., sari retort '
of t''r lt af. ipy1. cut s'... ... I .. III"tt .,.,.. ...t vl..1 H1... ...... ..r 11.. .1,. .1.1I I I liett... spilt! *eu>ber IbA. .7 :. --V-.{>o. (it oa ..1.. Nov J.

r t'a'.. :IMA'. e jtnr'>. of ottrut>- .if ... '* '.. It'4tt\1 I kUh/r. L..n'.I. ,., ell.!o ,.t..: I I ar." an4 i'sA 1'lasl .b. lartu.tve ; limit' Xo.. :ji)

Il II.IT... V .1 total U- 'It ."cJ..1. 1- ..... .' !. tI'-, u..tt i--u ." T. F. THOMAS i ...$ rerun I11 >''6--''a........,.
.... f"1". .*
Uh..h'. .n. tll..1. .,. By d.po.. ; i-tt
Y 1ilte""etl. In the water" which nir<,ttb "t' tud. net
Y tr"t/lie.. .hllL"oO .1... .- ". ; ../ : beg I'Lehlll1" < ..h'.111"I. h..ll. T&M ..ll *+ lni: .. ., ... .. UNDERTAKING CO. Me. O.K 79LAbimi
U.. 1..ft, .. ..I : tai-W r ti M .. >uii..a.d p.fins f ,
toted hv the l: t.(uh trw df TtaoOttU -I e of 8O I,. .. ..
., ,.., ... .",- .. .. w| j l' t traf s. as t....... oft .. 1..1.. )1,') ; on ..1_ .
l' r
1.tsp.r ,11& 11'utisrn .,. WC'I U: nrt .- <- tt \ .- to. T- t11ra
.<02"] with k..ln., alit l....". .. r trw i'lc.n : lirnlr ea A ...rttnd astil\ Ira &....tucl :h. Lout* 'j.-
... _... .. PULL UINU OH I ..11't.r aJ I.. I Ad J11; .' "non C
Chamber'.n'' l l l% wt,.1| II. r IIC..I r..-I I \.INTh to >ct. 3D
Cough Red, Act on Hold un,l tl v ioM,..-.L.t\ tv .... and
Nature's Plan. ... rf1s....
!t.mrno' Is oft v1 1 It itn : I hk.l. I 11 1:? limit
b.. Aft _._ .d. Jily leaving; B.Jff*
The nit s.tee..ful tne.lrcltt..r. "wlIJI'otI'" -- 'u-elf-! : iket i iII' IB
.. ; ftl "' "', I.:1.: '- .mb r "*1,1., ....
In I :
thu that aid .
pstut. hamr rlala'OoucU fe
..... tot)(U.... ..." Atll. (T'to.I. "HI tars eeIu111ytc b ,. : I I U--Ulilt-.n. 3l.IN. ; Oft ..I.i ,
Remedy at ,w s ihi ran) Tale. trove s" ,,.ruptr I.. \I. M1)tt MEAT': Tfllh'tlu\Li W: a1-D' "t. rs. .. U. Ut. l>mit NOT. 33.

< t when you have a rot sad. it will It. tn.aU frr.. .!... .. ._ Wt1.w .III..r. Ctiter.4.- ___.,..sa. ter 11l 61--taw :
ltay U,. eoosh. relieve the luocv. a4ip r-.tbl.c ,..11"/1.!| :: .J.' .... Swrarp It..d ...4 HUM KEM'!'. Pu.btue.eoi.tr4retter tom. '' : rt..ar. La. on al. 0("'

r ... .-c'I".htl.: orea the #ecr<< .i"i-i r an i 'trttttalilsg ntanyttltlsl'.. ". .w.t.\1lrttl. t I'. ...-uostr'.a. .. --...-. ; et. en t a'e: 02".1, ".u, ........... -. r.. 'oNot.' Uoiit Oai. 30; .*tetJ
u.w fetter f W. 1').
e t ef.\ .Yo' I stt r1 --- -- r y1tA I .
s>4 nature In restoring the system to a. :i iin r.t.u, a .
..rtt( ..y f'e'DdU.o. Thoe.awls tan ."",."or,.. I.: "". .. .. ...- t' .n""':'',.. ..t.u.*.>>+% W.Waac .. ....,....,. .. f ...,....." ... I ill""" le'is let '.f rate to other OiDU.
ttaa ea5 Adur; .
twwrvsec are n + palloaa '
I..It\"J to ll* .u(>eri..r ....n... '. It .' rtl\elt.1. NMeae/ M. /1 4> .11. S: i. .t'a a t r. sat seeoer.s

C ''o..a.ao. spy ..."le..y t..f a t*..i4 t<. .._ t T..1. .. all other detailed '.a.
recall rll.u"C'a.i. rNe.rages. :-.i "' ..... ..to. r i. a-. ,ve sad other pots
.' fk'.a'. .. (nallM..III. Florida. l-m.t < > .!,,. fr.n, r ""* *
1. Fop .U. iya s : '.,. ...- "- a\<<7 ..r.. .- r-.In >shed. ro sppllestt:':'
dtnggYftsr '
'- (1 t T l "r. or hy .
0. Utter. M f..
S J > .. J.r .. P,.nit
.. At.8
II \ &.> *i irtt. Jstscpgtfll.. s


olio +t+ r

r ,S' f i a J ; i-i i: I- -
--- ---
'-'S ------ -


1 t


-- -_- .-.. _. _-- ----- -- -- .-- -. - -- -_. -- .
-.- .__ -- --------
--- --- -- ---- --
.. .
I cf- -- -- -- .
iFELECTION tbe ...-. original Juria.1i.li" all BU'BxrqEBEJ O.ARDE''i
E I other a.ea and. .matter .. t'ic car.; i
Cult C'OUI'and circuit judge of sail county '
I and the same power to issue writs jt Jwadi imus. 'I SE..A.E3C::> .A.RI:: )
injunction. quo warranto. certiorate prohibition >-I]I DR. net: ERE B. MORRIS::
habeas corpus .n peLtt! 'Inecevtary
The Legislature of 190$. tinder the I
the' I .
to complete exercise f their
j of I8SJ. of tbe Slate of 1 lori.la.five I I
1 ..
jiu-i- liclRin a* the circuit court anti circuit I DENTISTOtttor
Resolutions .
to the Joint Constitution of the proposingats Mate: judge of xaid county, except the IH ace and I! . Air Line Railway
authority. to UIUIIK>II and empanel a grand
and the same were agreed to by ,
I Ixction .
three-fifth,* of all the members jury
4J. There shall be six terms of said i 1
each House: that the vote on sai were entered upon theaI'Jour..l court Section; in 41- year There shall be *..r aid murtj i over Marou KnOeric. ''bor.9 Plrtr" FOR .

with yeas and nay there' a pro""cxutmn attorney who .hall Se ..,.,,,.,,,ted -- -. '--' .. .-
they did determine and direct that b the and conhrmed t *
>\ernor by the >
) rnate
Joint Resolutions. be submitted to J. A. UVKI. LKTTURNKY,
find 'also shall bold his other for f 'tireir'''
rs of the State at the (ncr.1 Elec. Hi. ... be tined' -
v 'ni| ii 4Hioo shall by :au. IButton Savannah Columbia Southern t
I' Camden
November, 1906'TIIEREFORE.
\ AT
44 Ml offense triable in oat I. II. Cl..W CRAW. shall)I be pnxxvitted upon iiiiormaiuti inul.rionth >
Secretary of Mate of the Stat. of to W tiled b |do hereby give notice that a but the! grand jury of the cursor ,'.urt I.'r i Pines Raleigh Richmond Wash-
I aid indict for o'tcti.
county rise any e triable Iin I
.. GENERAL ELECTION' the <..+urt <+t recordl'|.>n the t n,+'linit ofsuch Rei KutKtt*, eon"J.nciii>:: apt Urn
held in each County in Florida on invlKtment the cSrcuit judge luilt com I Irnit -rml i'ractlcr. All buinr. tiromptijBtt I Baltimore Philadelphia
next succeeding the first; Monday in or hail! the rtcused for trial in ti t h' i url' .>nd H) to. Otttc next 1'. A. I).. 19t>6. the aul t Tiic.tUy '
.incti4.n UAlS."VIIIIC. Ft hall,*
.. New York.
--- -- -- ---
-- -

ratification or rejection, of the! said be and elected klult. hotel by I ttu office elector for'of f..r rwamtv)curand i unty hi. FtJnlx.o\: u HVYKR.TTORNKY : .

Resolution tropo.nlCme..lment. to cuntlwnwtiuihall be fixed bv law. The .
ARTICLE XXVIII. .utitr utnrer nf vial court. iiiU h'.> .1 met '
anal fees! shall be fixed bv law. i i ( : :, .t-iOHUVlc
the folio*ipR amendment torticle x-v-tioti 40 The same ru'e"t- t'i.w..lure Two Elt' ant Train Daily
f the Constitution of theIate; of and practice which obtain. in the tirimt .'..tirt -- ;;
be and it i* hereby agreed: t,. and
.t tlte.u..nty shall obtain in the court of
the elector of the Can aril you Jity property (iui-
submitted to !' tate .. .
record and all laws relative riiminal r uil
Jteneral election to be tle"1In the. .>f record exirpt as otkerwi: provide.I herein rro"anJ! umrtipru d ) | ho.rh.h' Seaboard Express.
.jiesday after the first Monday. in Nor. ; hall apple to and control the court ."f m.>rJ. trucking and farming 1.lItJ&I.I."a:: hina
A. I>.. 1906 for ratification or re I l hinge of venue may be had truth the ,...nrti lint of what you offer for ....I.! .. Jl4n
.t rrn-rd to the circuit court of anc.th..r c+"unty
Ion Governor, the Comptroller..ate for the same cause, and under Ih. '.iw* "pr''' -
-ir..urer. the Attorneytienerat; andommiMioner tiding for changing the venue" from circuit IIAKKR.ATTOHNKYATLAW: Seaboard Mail.
of agriculture of the State one the circuit court ofI
rkla. and their successors in office are I f.C'f.... "uTte governor tray, in 'his: .
constituted and designated as a board I discretion ..rl..r: the circuit fudge ..f r:... ,
ainage commi..ioners. and are hereby i Ma county or "f any other county to h,'Id .a".I'"
rued and empowered to establish!' a more terms or part of terms of the i.>.irt ,
: : ,
of canals drains. levees, dikes and record .\ny civil cause in the court of
>ira of ouch dimension and depths, ate may be tried before a referee. "r tit j MODERN
Judgment of said board of dramaticDissioncr 1,1'.r uf the di-Mualificatiun| f>f the ludle) of !I. EQUIPMENT

i* deemed advisable, to drain court of: record may be tried by a ;ud lore .*>YILI.K.: Alachua e.... F1.a,
reclaim the swamp anti overflowed land I litem or may be transferred to the i.r-.
the State of Mortda. or such parts or cut court of Eacambia County or of tiny other other in KniK-1: I ",,,..k. Sc
i* thereof as i* deemed; brst W tatdof county, in the same way and according to the --- I
drainage commissioners from time ts same provisions. as govern .such |.iceedingslu I
and to provide for the urination of : the circuit court of Escambta, county I i iI Jano h
ands reclaimed and to maintain such I Court of the Only Opft-atinj( ;
Section The Supreme
.. drainer levees. dikes and reservoirs | state! shall 47 ha..eal'f'Ctlaie jurttduluri! in all JRJ II. Al.nl.''DI IAVt oft

C ch manner sc as+ drained will be roost the State advantaueouserritoty if Ftor-1 cases. al. law arid in and equity originalnid at cunvsctt.snof .in the Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans
j court i f recur" in cases
its inhabitants and the eommer thereofClion .
jr felony in the court of record. The circuit '
That the board "i drainage ;1
33. court of Kscumhia county shall have hiialap 1
ni'..toiier are hereby authorised and em- >ellate Jurisdiction of all mtadentcanc trirdIn (
\ |
red to establish drainage districts ami I the court of record. All ap|. als air '" nts Fur full tllrvru""un,f and *lrr| .r rravrtatiot.* call on any agent" &nal; >s>arilur
the J>o>tndatie i thereof in the vttr: ofidJa. Isrnaecutrd from the court of re- Or.r Ihitton & Co c Han.. clams assi ,
t error
Tat: the hoard ft drainage com' :-i.nd.l whether to the Supreme Court ur Circult ante y l' )HOYI.ooTO-. .., V..iiant Cte>its>ral rarii|{"r AK<>nt.KMN .
'_ner* be!' and it is autlio, ied and I em- th- W
list luts of all thei.ial Court. shall be pruoeruted in samewary -- -- - -- J ."t' VII.I.K.: 'I.t)Jot I H.o\. .
red t< prepare a or and according to the same rulf as govern
or swamp and wertlowed tinab lan.l. such prncredanir from the Circuit Court. to ,
kin such drainage district or districts. and the supreme Court. i 1.OHIKJN It TISON!
: thereon an acreage tax n..t exceeding .\ppruted June 6. t9oS..IRTICLE I i DK Take The
rents per acre per annum' to be fitted; I I DENTIST. : Atlantic Coast LineFOR
ally by said board of drainage: c..mni. XX\It.
.r*. and the various tax accessor* of the That the following amendment to .\rlicle |i
out counties embraced in part r'r in whole \\'II of the! Constitution vf the :State of''
un suck drums district ..r districts shall Florida rx*. and the same is hereby agreed EacbargeiUathaavltLs. ALL EARTHLY POINTS .
Ole.D Miller Law
:lye such list or lint and enter the same I to and shall be submitted to the elecwrs of the }
n the tax r,'I. of the county or countieshicb Mate at the general election in lyufe\ fur ranhcation -I PLa.
lands lie and tie amount

_levied in such by\leh the tnanl1e-r hoard may ant of Jrsma.e f"rm a. c nay.,>mmi"c.- section or, rejection i. hither cession: branch thereof of the Legislature. I ""VI.'." U\I''D'Va: a'"Ia ail I + lJ.po Yle.1orair
era at a regular may propose North h E East S Sooth h Vest t
board -,f draiiume c"mmuer ... .
cribe V by the < amendments to this Constitution; and if the e1- ". .t..1> Ja.a'.tte.o4:
from time to time, which.! at n>"nts same be agreed to by three'filtUt of all the '' : J..htlrU., J.s,.,to.l.i.. lice ...,.'Cu.e
\I\ he c 'Vcted by the varto.is ax c..llectof member elected to each house curb proposed ATLANTIC COAST LINE
.unties, wherein such levees h..ema.le I
the c. amendments shall be entered upon their re
a. "tlicr taxrs are collected! in seance spectite Journal with the yeas and .ar. Rai i
with law.. :d.j"faJn over said amonnlalected aid hall be J published in one newspaper in ___
.. itiage comut.si maid .
t0 the each county where a newspaper- is published | V
rim Tabor: In moot :w Ike.
t'' e mll..i011r. slia'l he} a lienperior f..r one month immediately preceding, the next. July :; .
t. all ther I hens uicn tue taxaMe' general Representatives, at which
d. in any, such drairmcr distr. 'cts t.. I.forced e election the tlm:1 shall lie submitte-l: to the 1)1'{ ." For OAlNl-sVII.I.h Arriv Prom
le\' 1.,1' the c".t t f any w.ntk" ..
r. tax y rlt-cti rs of the Sate for approval or rejection. Excursion Rates =
un r t'"e "rovlsi"ns ':ereof or< direr If a majority of the elector votlnaij..n --
to the acjption of this amendment un- the amendment at such election shall a.l.t) |> III IIlerh N{ring and 111'*'. 7 .26 amfall

the p: '''.1 .n* cf an act of tie Legisla- adopt the amendments the same shall become U..IJ I t ui! nledlate l'wau i Boo
Fe T..*ed in 'o"j. a part of the Constitution. The proposedamendments ..:.. .__ .' ._ ___ __ )
Section 34 That the hard "f drainacenmissi shall be so submitted aa to enable FUOM JAkS! l\\ ||.l.l\: .
Opals l.. and Tam and l lIntoruirdlatt
ne be aid it is authrrired to ex.i. the- electors to .votf on each amendment separately. i to |II tu -s liurK | a, a ftft p m
.'11 "f eminent domain in thedcmn" at the election "'..Int.
ite the .Ml amendment adopted TO I>aily Dally8.lupm
T <.f hint fothe location of ittoats which this i. submitted or heretofore adopteel == QUICKEST: == .. .
at --- -- -- ----
di .in', lett'ea. a'i'j reservoirsr by the electors are hereby declared!' apart Jaok..usv ll., !
tine i rpse aresaid may enter. of the (:Constitution from the date of the JUpm
on. take .n.I 'i'e itch land a. it may. pendeonde adoption, of the same. I and all Points East Iailt 1 North Ea: .t and \Vt., Daily
S cat n proceedings. deem necessary Approved June 6. 1905. I r Washington ... .-
neb 'urT1",..e.be. and paid in for ascerta'nm such! !land' the or The vote east In compliance with said II OU .a m Hah! bi>rlnB< Uay('ro.-, bavannah, Jtruu.wtak( )ii1U w ; ,

ht r-er..tI"cf .....,... bnet a t" be derived' from .uchinaee proposed amendments and returns, and thereof the shall canvass be, subjected declarations ,I, Dally I All>any. Atlanta all Insist. North. t.1: \V-.i I 1).ally' x
ted the! uryFfetk _._
: .1 l b ci'n iJ\' by pr..Me to the same regulations and restrictionsa

: the n .3..<.*...ment The legislature..f benefits tray derived by, are provider by law for general election ftll.HO 4U Kr tir!i.r o. ('.1.! un galedaily a lb |> rn 10 (OaruDally

nds/ !>y e... "i t.f itch drai'Js therefrom..ace. and sha thrteeth ..Ir !I in In the testimony State of Florida.......rf. I have hare-unite < ; limit (let -31.IIl.7c : IitNh.lle, Miranwiy. aid Ultra I k
n t'IC'.f. t errcee< I the _aof! the Itatly
paid ti, t'1. herd t>!.drainav'' commissioners 1 I set state my. of haavi Hon.ia and, amse-l at Tallahassee.great the capital. AtUniie City. S J., un gale! I ,

tie used *v' !gent for rub. drainage: turposevAprrovsa Ibis tint; day .f Augtait. A. I)., 1906li i daily ; limit (tel. 31..I".nt I )
:>lay .?. t9otARTICLE ..1) II. Clay Crawford. I I I I 17W: : p ill -. 2 AAnmDaily
'- XXIX. Secretary el State # ", : Niagara Fall. N Y. on sole l I'.IIJ i'alatka. )
I'(0); Article 1 1f ) SberiB of Alad b.a eovnty.
That !"ecti I: n of Florid To L. \Y. FennelU I
the C nstitjti.m r f the state .f ._-- -- daily limit tot. :at i
I .
ted as+
and tb.me is hereby amen sa *:.t?. Mt WaaliinKtoii, I), <*.. on .I..I.I ---
read a. f I"was: tit : i.tire efSupretre Int.rehaiieabl. Mileage Thlll", jfimd u.., II.i**) rail. of among In. |>riu.
each T BREAD
of I
i I
1 h salary GOOD limit Oot. 31.
:Jecti. n 4. C +irt* .t! 1 be f tir '' +i-anl:l daily ; nips! railway 'In th. Huuthrn Ht't**. are on sal by the |>rtn lal) a.*ul..

t4.Nr. s o> d ...art a fear. The salary,....usandhundred <+l f *.*.T.5H| len..rCulo.. on ..1.! dally Through I'ullman lr-| "r Port Tampa to N.. York .la AtJantlCuaH.

:It Circuit liia* 'halldMkr.ra, year tl I limit O:t. 31 1.lo..J al*.> via Atlantl Coal I.in anti "OU'h.'b Hallway
}. !
v "S.'o. DIGESTION 1'nr.sompl.t. Inftwmai1usalt
Tba' the fore*.>in.:r ta.o lni"nt tn ,, t'na. 4ll.7a: Bar HartMir... "n ..1.! > dally ;
o' Attt.e; V of the l'ult.lt!'utb.et ,to h.-. J. A. OOODWIN. Ticket Agent [reed t<, and the tote.11 be suVr ,itrelthe t I limit Oet 81
electors. cf (he m for approval or A..., "e..S..si on* '*"..- J lertwn at the nevt genera! e'erti I n f re+ feeUfuf which. fc.ttvrmtt\ bread. flfl.lt4 Chlr>' ro, III., on sale dally ; rKANK 'J. BOYLKTON. Difa*. A... W H, STARK Trio .... g,3)

resentatives us. rejuiret hf ectroa i. "\rti e (Ml to crestIT'S *- limit Otft 81Ji. law U*. Hay .t". A.tor HntMlac, J..It..IU.. Via, .

VII of the t unstitutiifiApproved : t tIt W J. CKAK P*.snr.r Tram )1.....*... H "....eto.I. O.
May 31%!. 190*.. ...:.iVrl ht.tlll. > 0. .al.
ARTICLE XXX. YOUR OWN FAULT T f' WilliE, U.n.ral P_....., AK-nt
daily limit Oet. 31.
amenstment. to s.r'ir" ')''
the f IW>wif>

falbt C;; >9\.Ut"ttMI of the*at a ef Florida. be. you ttu not h...>l> sTOud. WW>|..>SD. lu.*4ob sV4.lO Saratoga! Hprlo.., N. Y. on
ambered tWtlve to ac-.tWft the Judiciary 3 t :>t s.Ivparttertt.4 Attic''e VV. lathe your takM. rur''It !. a>a4.. fr... every 4.e .al* dally i limit (Je' 31f II
& Gulf
,is h | Railway CompanyTHE

'11..4 taro t<> tix elect >rs of the :tat. st thenersl .. ....... Hot Hprinr. .' ,a. on ur.>

after I electirn the first to M be"nclay Kelt la(WI"e S..bcr.not V r.l>s.ly .. KEY ThNB BAKERY. (! dally, ninety day

Is* ratioeation or r.icct". t .it 1'h..CO it. T. M'11.& rtu.: I're.. !
too Section J9. 1ht .n,,'aal l salary of the 'I.t,e No trouble) toan*.*r c|nt. FRUIT VEGETABLE ROUTE

ach hereafter cf. the Crtaatnal Is be. ..Coarts...->.i.bsl'f& sda Rerrd: bed t t Kieurvlon rat** tnothrr (M>'lntf. OF FLORIDA.

.grartet?r : y bv the f-;.'n17 where foiosis rush < wrt la Stanton It Foundry & Machine : 1 imit..eh.tlele.. ful 'man aerotn
haii Ke 's t
e.ublisbed..rid tb.>....n4 r..r... mod a I Ion. sad all detailed. Inform*
t.1 ..12. than Tim Tab J : lb .
tic. .a cued t oft ,lid.I .
*n* tw"...*Bd douars; tn emsrt..* f 1 dOD to ato.. or thr, point eb..f fatly
ftasiMM Co. .
IJic. .
-isand tK>tsta>atiiMs. ox --- --- -- --------- -- --
ni as Ahem" tit r.{ lr'-ra *fi e-i :tloae 4t f "n..h". -r|. .|ikr
||da*tlar rw..tity-nv: :hi c. tssiss tnties! n4 p<"v" .Ut.... *fte._ hatreddolar. -.. 'I PALATKA. -:- FLORIDA 1 I or by mall.. t.> I '

i In j t'ar.t <'t f-t %*.*.s t.iav4 : tuAa11 c.. iwn.", 70f. s. I. No. rt 0. I. t .. I. 4o." ta. 41 .
ta..' t* thrrty-eW tk*_: .upratrn: .....f aetsre rs nt t Dally ). a'i aU7. KTAT1l1N +. t !>.!!/. o.U, 1).11y,. .
,....1101 4.r.: ....1 _- of aaor.dirtf' e f I)letri.t' .....n... .. 1M Neat Hay8tteet. f I 1.1 ItoaI
ih ''-.Y- Yg: M'.. ,
.a.coat na.
died d. .... ..s..lrne' .11. .RKRRTICLF Iron led Bras Cutli&s tid Xacbiierr .J..III.. rt*. ; : I f
...... .1 the s"bc(-e........''''.. .. .. ----' -- --- ----
Gate Bin PiojptiUHillroid Castings I
,....... J... .. II 1.. r It I.. A M I.. f II';;' Ar A so Arl'M Ar A Vf
XXXI' ; : and Mill( CUUrt I&I llUIU i i tit 0 lit ft 71 .. .AIUI'1. ., 7 cu 7I& .1J .,)

..... afr* sJJ*> itt. ,. Vrv>rif :. i 17) n 43 l......... illahauss. 4 4A 7 Ui 17 Ul
That eel tk*te C..atdstre4 f< ..< tt. Mate .f !scat<.ylr, tad Repairs.C.A.f3T ('JICALtTncrtnrn 1 : 14'1 > yf $4'> .. .__ fjrrll. 4 M 4 "> 17 <*>

tr*. t. IN '..'.-"PT fjetnuipn!. .. Doe I ? II' r t' W .. ...u*.** r 7* .11.1
ti r4 S.ertore s. si, 4*. a.1' :. at.a1 .. I : X: ..Er D.A.-.z. 7 311 10 UI i t JIll t:11..M'JI'"II: i 1 It /I It It ViIt
I,. *f MM Ait t. 'be sm- W ,.... _tw. aeei..... Sm : .*>4 i a Ut C fZ .La
_< ehall >. .*....vn J *. t Son .., .Ie) i 3 M 10 in r 13 1., A c; r rw..i.g
r M.ee1.I.ceas a.a4 r-.I the* .\e'. at n.riW .'- i Ia eta... .'-.J'' YUt. rMttalttaThe 2 40.\ 10 I* Ar Y, :J) Ar J 4 (.lJ 1..1 41 ('h; IIi U....
aUr'.KLt If .. ,
1M 5 .. Ia I f '
S. M aeid tM brit TSar I 101. fia f. ., '-.-. 10 f1). '
Ma.41.T S. N.**a....r. A. 1s.. If**, f.v 4 . tI.. L '"r._i 1.fl .. Y 11 4

.e ..541lcet.ee 120.t.wstfb .1 M _W....... rs I Florida .1-r'TE: 4 :Try -j' .t{ _s.e r *.-1t.*. f. f.I $4It.ay

4 f R4WbMa ..bev.eee te.=:::: soul (t% ==" :v <,*...*'. t''r..I.. i 0 40

-1.: 1 .J ;:; : Yelbt I I' >0
.. i .
.f ..... eet.s .a...,...-n N .roe. ... ... ,,,-y-- Fruit and Truck GrowerL. a..a r Lft tTT.NN 1 M .1"f' ." W"a.. t.- t' : lt 1iA

S.e ,..s ii a.a1. .r t.ds+ w.. be. 10aW ,. :; ; 4)17. { M ,
... .a4 t.wlrae.4 Ntfl. ;..rl -.t t $10it
.44.1i4 h .w'f J. tur. EAI'-r.... rr.y'r. t 1.1 Ii
...-... .Se ..1-J ..... -- G..to.the n..a. 1 A Zamc..., _. I f.l r Ml
_' s.a:3: M tw9
ee aM .1e.. .rp .. o'A LA. r1.A. 4 IJ, WIeso.rpy I. tr

bjew soyv'. L m.all.. ueet..c.1 WE MM KIP YII II7 r.-..sIIss I. t/.
.. _. 11.ac.
..er.4 ..s.l....4 r Lr ..rr.eIalaset I).. Lear i #- Ni.b/satnb. Ito .
wan .a.n.. .... tM .......- .f .b..rw.a. .. ,...<>

-.. ...- w 4Mtlhb.__ of .... .-....-s. lurAaz.JU'.cc.1l; __, .............,. 7 M

... _.J ....... .. -. -' I .\ t>.nts.w.A 7 V>
4.JS he.d .U.-.yj. 1'1II&' ..'. .
...illR1aOT ,
..0e:& Ii.-I ry P
+ ... m4 ; 7
Wis. 4 .. daaa. P ... .. UJ' 3t
u. 1.a.-- t.
..b ..N IN s. d.-.04.-4 7 10 .Mils.
ttr .n.t..eea' of I I'M A on ? .. 7t*
.f ...arear ltd ...caf'V'W..'". Re -
., e..111euS....I 4WS .. .... J..... .... ..trot; 4 t _.-11...lfl...... N1" WAI
ee.. ........- .4 .a J I ........ r M r U' 1-1 i- r .I e" t.. A i 111&1 ..tamrf ti.s ...
.' ..-. .-- .4.4 JLMaltlM.i&1 J
sow 5
-.. .- .... .... r K-I,' wrtU I- .**S 4MiM. .....,. f/II :a ?|

'. ... diW .-A,..emra.. ..... .c....... ... ..-.. tflis AI( I.e TIlE, .' ..""t' ,. r. .. CVTSJC, &*..-. *.?%. L. t, ta111tETS, Tfais1 t:
I "'.I f: .
I" '
... ... 'If' :.e". "'" ...., :#" '.,1f.' !11.; ;tt ,'t J.. i'r e7.. ."... -"';.

,., .r. 111



i _
------- ---
-- -- ---- --
---- -

CintREDUCTION for Rug Art. I 'For Faculty and Student. THE CONTINENTAL
NEWS OF'CITY AND 10 I Per Why pay more S 1
8<|uarea, =Mutde, :Sheet, !Mll SPECIAL'
Cases Ele.. wuen you can I on Rugs, .Artqnare!' Blankets: CtFE-KESTAURAM .
COUNTY buy for lees money: Shade and All Ileu| -FuniMiliig
(First corner South or PO"t'

Mitten of General Interest Oath .

_. .
-- -
- XOTICE.Having .
-- -- -
ered by Our Reporter We will sell SCHOOLBOOKS W. Small of Hague wa, among N. \,'. Hall of Orange; Heights

at 10 per cent off those who pent Tuesday night In .this wa a vifiiior th4" county capital yeateriiay. secured the ten' >.

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS list below] Youic MoNEY city, having come' to hear GovernorBroward Prof Hall, who if a competent two experienced!' retauran aj:

teacher in the employ of the hotel in
on the drainage quetion. people we are a J'

'' What Has Happened What I I. Going GOKS FARTHER WITH UsSPELLERS We have a few nice driving: horses county, hat been aligned to the now to give[ you service sect ,
In.hft 1V.st. End and
to Happen Told In Short Paragraphs8o : from Kentucky and anyone wishing a 1 homes school Mon no place in the city and a inn w
That "H. Who Runt May Read' Sander' Union Printer . 16c nice driving horse would do well tosee day.will open that institution convince you of it. Stay-at t Mt
"l In The Sun. Swinton' Word Primer 163 ua. We must sell to make room taken the best care of.Oprn .
Kevd'a Word Leasons! . 26eDICTIONARIES for oar new oar. Crawfor 1& Davis.E. Want to Sell pr?ups

? Old papers for ale at tht office : S. Gaolden;John H. Oainey. I. L.Copeland .

Fewer Gal Ion.: Wears' Longer; Devoe \V.b.lflr' Handy I6a( I IV..h.ter' and Mr*. M. D. Edward. aTl I erty? I can sell your farm mercantile timberland Early and Late. lii II'| (IortK

Ladle'calling card. in latent. tyles \ Primary . ftOnWebster's ( I of pld Town. LaFayette! county were town property or
I business for cash no matter Western lpat"
Academic $1 6O .
at Ban office.Bread In the city Tuesday on business con.nected '
pales I only deal directlywith
t that taste like cake. K.,. REAPERS: with the United State lit d of.floe. Quick Write to E. J.
at once
nltld win'. First Header . 25e .. owner.
.tone Bakery. Baldwin' Second Reader. . 3-VJ l\IcCro..io. 3O3: Woodward Building,
Hor4 N and M"lea-. rar a month. Kaldwln'. Third Reader .4Qo O. Y. Crawford of the firm of Craw Birmingham. Ala.

Crawford: X Davit.' Baldwin' fourth Reader. ..WISnaldwln' ford & Davis I I. in 8t. Louis I purchasinga O. O. Husband formerly of Melrose. Trem.ont HOllS
Fifth Header. .4Oi car of horse and mule. and will return 1
y F. B. Atwater wee In the city on Baldwin's Hixth Reader. .453\ in a few days with aa fine a lot of but now a progressive merchant of

oines yeaterday. Baldwin'. Seventh. Reader 45e Grandin, Putnam county, wa a visitorto
live stock aa was ever brought to the
1 \Vint.d-A few private boarder. Italdwin'.Eighth Header .46s\ Gainesville yeterday.. Mr. Hu F. C. Relnhardt Manager

Apply 804 Weat Court .tree. &. UEOURAPIIIESHwinton'a : city.The band Isis been located at Grand forsome

Sam Leonard ha.. returned. from a Primary .. . bile! laxative effect of Chamberlain' time., and ha gained a large
Swinton'. Grammar School .$1.25Maury'a Stomach and Liver Tablet I I.* .o agree number of friend and established a 20fl( Wet Orange Street
4j buslnesi trip to Booth Florida.
Physical Geography .91.35 I able and BO natural you can hardly re.
'j For the ..-..& printed stationery. at Red way'. Natural Advanced Geography I slice that it i I. produced t>j a medicine.Thee fine trade He wa a guest of .Dr. J. GAINESVILLE FLA.

lowest price call at The Hun office. . . . .$1.26 I H. Alderman while here.Mrs. .
tablet also indigestion.For
For R.nt-Comtortable room with Houston'. Physical . .$120 ale by all druggUt'cure. ( O. B. Bailey i ill spending a short Commercial rates $1 a day ; .n; t'lal(
MATHEMATICS while at Trailer a guest of relative rate by the week Table supplied, with
bath near qnare. 2OO E. :Mechanic St. The regular weekly. meeting. of the beat the market afford I'Hiro .
Mitne'mElements of Arithmetic. .303 and friend. She ha Just returned from
Friend of Edward Clark are glad to Mllne'a Standard A'lthmetlc..6 e Gainesville Lodge: .. No. 990.U. I'. O. };., age: of public aolioited.Miss .
extended and delightful visitto a
)', pee him op again after an (line.. of a binon'! New Elementary Algebra will be held In Masonic hall this very ---

: few day*. ... . . $1.10 evening, beginning: at 8 o'clock. There point. in Ohio Illinois, Mlehhr.n.Nflw ,
Milne.. High School Algebra .$1.00 York and Canada returning via foboau's
will be work. A full attendance desired
Nine-room home for rent-furnished -
Mlln,, Plane Geometry .$1.25 Asheville, N. C. She ia expected home
or unfurnlahed. Apply J. W. McCol- and visiting brother will receive ---- --
URAMMARS in a day or two, and friends here will
lum A Co. a cordial welcome.
: Vfetcalf'a Elementary. Grammar 4Oo be glad to welcome her again:

W.nt..d-AII.rol1nd. printer.. Steady MVtcalt'. English Grammar . .6OrtPHYSIOLOGIES A* a dresalng for core, bruises and W. Trueheart nod i ford, who went Boarding Si Say School

position to good man. Come quick burn Chamberlain'. Salve I i. all that to Denver. Colorado several weeks

Alaehua Post can be delred. It i I. soothing and -
Johonnat'a How We Live"4Oo ago, has ODe to Aspen in the! same
healing In It. effect. It allay*the pain
K. O Chilly of Mlaanopy visited his II HISTORIES: State where he proposes to make his

sons. H M. and O. O. Chltty, In this Field' Grammar School ,$1.00 of a burn almost inctantly. This valve home for some time Mr. Itodiford
I* also certain euro for chapped hand 300 West Main Street S.
city yeaterday.Mr. Oolb,'. General History $I.5O says Aspen ia an up-to-date. little city
and diseases of the akin. For tale by
and Mr. Joseph Chamberlln of WRITIMH BOOKS all druggists.Tom and he Is well. pler.sed there Friends GAINESVILLE, FLORID

Tacoma were la the city on a visit oisene.rian.ItoS. . .lOa will be glad to J learn that he in doing / .
to friend yesterday Vertlaal. to 7. . 10o Blair of the construction department well and enjoying flue health.

For Kent-Five.room cottage. Apply MIHCELLANEOL'H: : Southern Bell. Telephone The Graham house, which ha been The Thirty-third Year opened) .';l',.
Company, has returned from Micas
w; to R. E. Huffman, at The H. J. Thomas Hteel' Papular Physics, .. ,$1 COGray' under course of erection on the cornerof ember 17. 19O6.JEFF.
"How Plant Grow" .8OeIII flop, where his company I J. engaged In .
Hardware,;' Company''.. I Weat Church and North Arredondo, -- -- ------
)'. .Foundation or Rhetoric $L.OO I installing an exchange. Nearly fifty
If wife has left for the streets for the pat few week., i I" nearIng -
your you 1'nwnseod'Civil (Jo".rrlna..nl-.horl. abaoriber have been secured, and SIMOTsSDKALKR

rummer the J'.arOfl Mouse will take. course' . __ 76 painters are now finishing; their work IN
rare of you. Meal 2Ao. flees within the next threw months

'' Have your stationery printed at The I See UsI.- Save Money . and the building;, which will he occupied .
- -- ------- -
by C. W, Parham and will!
d Hun om.,.. Flrst-elaa work promptly Fresh Saltwater Fishand
delivered reasonable be ready for CX"rup"hcJ.&If. the latter
at price Is our

} motto Tin S. J. Thomas Co.UaJneavllle. I part of the week.
I nrw TOBK OACnn(
8. J. Jr.
Mr. Julia Pinnell and live children. Kennard and daughter,
+t, FUrld. Miss Oveida. spent the. day in this eitj
of Palatka are pending a few d.,. In'
the. city gusts, of J. M. .nd'J.' A. yesterday a* guest of Mr. and Mr.
k Manning Monday, (let. hat, we will have a oar M. 8. Cheves.. For several. ]ears. Mr.

of mule and horses fresh from the CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH Kennard has held the responsible position
i J. A. Manning eipect to mike his market.. I>on't buy until you see of agent of the Southern Kxpres .
departure today for St. Augustine them Or.wlord.n".I.... Company in Fernardlna, whichhe
where he has accepted. ( a position, andexpect.
'"Just a* go d" i i. .an old one, retaina. His employer regard him OYSTERSIn
to make. hi. future home.Howard I
There'. none Just a* good as Blue Ribbon II I very highly for his honesty and integrity .
Wood! of Archer sun of f*. extract. Ak for rftue Ribbon Tlie First" Shipment i ofNEW a* ia evidenced by his long *er.vi (( rear of Furniture Company

It Wood, arrived (in the city yesterday Vanilla and *ay It plain. Absolutely" .,.., !Mr. Kennard wa accompaniedby (IAINKSVILLE. FLOKIt

and wa intone the list of students. hi. nwth..,. Mr. S J.
pure-goe* twice a* I.,. Kennard 8r.,
who enrolled the first day at the Un I. of Waldo, who also I am now prepared to accommodate!
"rer.lty. of Florida Mr 1 M. A. Kaaterlin. who has been here. spent day the trade with, he beat the mart.taffords
,..hlln at 2O7 West Orange street for pleasantly in this line. Phone 2Uv.
& : JudgM.and :Mr J. A. J. Strlnkland
the past two years, has moved into the. fn my customer and friend I de.

aid sun, Frank, and Joseph Kite of Thrasher cottage Fast Main street, ire to announce my return from Baltimore .

Hague, were among the visitor tu the where she and her eon. Charlie, are ., L"hborllOorlolk; and Rich. WILLIAM ANDERSON

county capital Tuesday, The. formermade now pleasantly located. FALLGoos mend the four leading, market. for

The Hun an pgrerab's.'all. Alaehua Camp No. b. Woodmen. of millinery My I sister Mra. J. :M
Tho Twiee-a.Week. Hun and New Hunt who ha.* just arrived
from Paris,
the World will meet in their lodge BICYCLES and
Idea Magazine, the l hest fashion and room. 113 Kast Union street, slits evening where she attended for me the millinery -

literary 1 publication one for II| Ail display, .
year at H o'clock. Work. All Wood accompanied me, h..

-ea.h In advance Every: housekeeper men. in good. atnndltitf are Invited, and ing a full knowledge of th. Iciest Electrical Supplies.Agency
s. hould have these twit publication, styles, and we selected the largest .
visitor. are requested to be present have arrived aol more are assortment -

;N C,.niiuen(>liiK on October 4 h, MU.. Mrs, J n, Padgett has returned. coming in every day. of the newest creation in -

Barr a ,graduate the musical derarlmrnt from five iitonths'-tour of the Kat: -.. fall and winter millinery which arenn for leading Blcjrlr Rrpalri
nf Converse (ollege of : -- --- -- the road and upon arrival I will an- .
tl lone
I ern Slate and a short stay at severalOf promptly. Electrical: work,
H will .1... lit flounce an opening day. Mn.,
ipartanlxirv, O. "I'"'' a the leading summer resorts of North F. T.

Instrumental. music Call or phone Carolina. rth* report' a ini>.l pleasant ,,'.. are now showing an dice lCCtiawick 11111 BlockSPECIAL of all kind

"the <>..ks," trip and her friend. will be pleased to .;ant line of poI ---

L A Vi.Ulof Inatia, brother of J learn that she return home greatly : IMCICEsTo :" L I !I ; \'" UNION 81.TilE .

?I II Viilal' nf this city, is ..I.t.d to arrive benefited. ShirtingPercales

today sn route home. front Ashe. The. .
villa amt othrr iviints in N rth (?.*". Faalty and Student I ('J: TR.\L CITV

a ,.. READ THIS. lOr the. I
line Mr Vidal .1.1..1! in Oalne.vllle
t' 11ERl1.1'al I BARBER SHOPChas
and has friend
many ,Cars ago, many
. NpriagtleldTenn, June llth, 1\J1H
, Fine. nice goods. suitable for
> among the fitter set niL.su*> .slum-. I F. Gorman
1 have been troubled with kidneyand i Shirt and Waist, and theygo Prop.
O. W Tarn an extensive naval bladder. trouble for a number of J I I at only" i Last

lore". np" .rator nf Yaldota, tla was year and *ev.r.ly s.>, and havlagj I I fnion St Sooth Side Squs

iu the city Tuesday ten business eon. tolk.rd the ......'U..m..n". of I'r, 1'.1: j jW. Oc the t;,I II".ILLII. FLO,..A,

tie >ie,t .with. the United !State land of. Hall'* Ureat P>. 'ovvry. A Texas yd.Another -

flee Mr, Tarn ales operate largely Wonder. eooeludril to give it a trial. j I . FOR BARGAINS i iI, :\I.u up-to-date .hop in the eit

In South .Florida uvining' four large from which 1 found great relief, and lve..onable rate.courteo treatra.r.'

place* It i the vieil-lly '>f Ih <''',,'UI.. would .uun.,4J It t 0 those similarly t I -
lot of dark.colorJ
\\ K Dttw has returned from Mont, .nl..t, II II' Kiu.: IN i HOT .n4 COLI
I'KKCALES. o.. yard wide,
gomery. Ala where h. wa. eall"'"l several MASSAGK
A TEXAS WONDER. and taey. ftro at and tUI..L"POOI
days sass ou account of the .eriou .

Illness of hi'. brother, John lV>w. On anaall.. bottle of the TexM Woe. the I ----- -
1 Oc
1 Friend of the patient. a* well a* of II.,. Hall' Great Di*.vv*>ry. ....... aU yd Real Estate or

Mr., l+aw, will be glad la learn thai I kidney and bU44er
ronditioa a,. a great deal more favor I' *tar*. diab.t.., ....*.111&1.k' .aiaaion -, .

able now ...-. "4 laja back, ."ma.1 Business Chances

roam aDd aU lrreculaHti of tao kite
Kl 4s-AlI 4ars fro ...n..., ...... B1thN.
..,. and bladder &la bolts men at dwoma.re '
,' *aatLACE. I. largest ..a..... [uUte. bladder trouble. ia I I lalll.. ..,......
See I II
-'NT.tit'AttE% Si. .1x10 .d, ...Ud,..., If Dot soil by roar; driouiat.will .i: .. sal ar-tav-dai. S*. tkea iaPHIFCR ea/

Ilatl .... Itat1 fart"" +.1 t. 'so b* *... by Mail oat ***&p' cf 91.IOa tenet .1HtW...ra...

reh.t'UKTLI. small bon- two IDCNa&U' treat HARMELING Fancy seers.nATCU .
meat a.4 ..U :KE I ...:.4 Ie 110 y.r ....r.
Dr. rvt..t W. l1 alt .tOle
fa.t ar+*..f. .boa 't.:51. .
..(.. .. 1"IIL+Gyf. tw.a ..., ...., o..u. .u4 :ae: aaa"'l l He Has Them. fy WLXp9W..t >!< 'I1ay
'O'U..A Ce4' ... rit ra
!.... ..r .. f,., -v;. '., ... ,(,\" t.....

., -
.'/ ";

Gainesville daily sun

Material Information

Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title:
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Running title:
Daily sun
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Gainesville Fla
H.H. McCreary
Creation Date:
September 27, 1906
Publication Date:
Daily (except Saturday)[ -1938]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER <1903>-]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
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The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.
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-58th year (July 24, 1938).
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Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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negroes In that I locality .&11.1 tllt' t\\c> j/HU',' ot ii<*' nu t> wn- 'i. \i;" itidn ) i b. :1110 ii,.' ;, i \, .11' 'i.. ,II.',' :od' ,
GHIBROUGHT number: cannot be R"ct'ai: ; ..t! IltUl:i ,. it a.'wt I! "mi i M 1,1 ,i.' .:.ut' tUt. ".., DULLARD SLAYS |
the police make a full lninaUon ('iii 'enail ulmirf Cr. > -::1..t, bad, from! i !'it-. a .i- ->
What Happened Monday. retired for the night. ''!.ql": !'i m..II> :.-.... rio.ng' U i XfMCteil further tin tl .- }t I
Killed: Were teKtttiir iiiieaniU 1\- a ,uli of 1-44-101 the white ""I. ... the U"I&I"\<'"
Count Policeman Jim llo.ud I fie: uttaik on toe ("tu,' '.\ tk>)itni, n eaue i Inuh'e.: _'".1 the .Ittttttton iltpeitiU I
LOOD IN THE Mm. Robert (.. Thomp"'.in. killed by eJse>> bSome time nf i 1i) clock\ ."tlr"h 1 upon. them from now on

frlsht artist: Naa heard and c,ot".c i: tsi" ir.i O\er .:'s> llthtiit' ilepultrn aire I Report to Livt Bi "'u In
Four unknown mgroesKa the 'elt\' ,.ItU"t'.1| the g 1. .i "I l alarm .''torn lots the aerils'e of .l-'tth.n '''55'Ut '
r tally wounded. *itty; ..I\B ruhed tti theli t f' .inr .I..H.| <. (i'" IlieH.lat tuornlriK: 'tn SheiitT ",'hn'' D'hclt.CHHhtiuu.. u'
SUBURBS Twu nr Rn>**! Sam Mulrud.T; and not knowing< whether i tnsers. w" 'repurniiinK \\" :NtlniM.; lit mated tint,, : he 11.1 n..t : fSUHKCNDCHED
\\le! > Brooks crtmine ... or "h. Ib'r a negro hate "11 IUd,,"I Nritln wtth whlih ".1 I TO THE SHERIFF
Wounded: nmli N *H Mttacking i 1:1.: ro+td...ut" etulp his new" ut.l'a. but u n,1.1",1| l t'.i' :, .
< County 1'olloeman Odom of the street he would. ,t.. no *" M.MIII 1\. ''I4re I t
; I John tluilard Whit' farmer of Pow
County Policeman Kiib.inks. The c IU' on which" the negr.iee W.T" 'h.1| Itlppll.e.| | wlllttl Is,. Hill, liar;
INTIL( NEGROES BEGAN Count). Policeman Jordan bring:: brou'it to the <' t\ hat I ii.l ...nHt4 .Tiuir Terrell. had| oidtred tit w !Ir.. I I tier' Spring. Charged With Serious

Ernest Smith >ppet' ht' the mob at 1 the! corner u'"r.'w M.u. i 'u t"'r.. 111'110 u. who IHthonn i Crime Against His Si.ten.YrjrOUI '
Marshal Buchanan. ant leffermm .tt..T, In the it! to hate bet.n hUI.n..1| !| .I In the I I
'TROUBLE QUIET RULED Fourteen white people' "Hlllprhhac melee| the ru-KtiM's" Vsriiind i from tlieortnci ii-x:fsln itloM 1 Moml.n, nln'if: of Count I
four families who lived at 1G0: ) \1 I- ". and ran up ('i.-N "I.h| the ) Mttleer Heard. an. rMpliireil M tit" .r.. ,'.1. i HiKltmh. I.I: .. 14..t| J.; -
DnnouKh road wore drt\in I out of tnoli in full t pursuit tNirlhiuir 'I.'in,*.la, nioiitltiK "li>' 1"1"| :N.WK. :.ia, ii.'t but' h'ii'l\d Ii....., .it\
'their home. at about 10 o'clock Mon .\1' til*' rt'iilileiire. of I 'iiTiitiilxHlniifiMantet ntles .'r>.'r. Cribiite. 'tcinbr.and Sine tit' iht. mar it\,+tttiiK, erimt a itii
Jounty Policeman Heard Killed da)')' night by a mob of nexrtx"/ and I MU' reitV>>.>d trIUK>*".. rUII'' Count" ISilUeintu "*,"al"'rhth'l and Mine t'tet iMturittl, Ilk tills Ket'llttn\ n'
were. forced to come to the police Into he ant for refnu.' ,. .vlileutl. ) tUtr He ban (burn tttttireit 1 lu the the .t.HiV '. 1
w By Negroes station for protection The arty ha lingl h"'n up hope of oiitrunniiiKthe Towtr and will" h.. het\\| peiitlin tht.MiMnn wlilte farmer naoir.l lohn Hullaril
spent' the night there. .outraged:: : men In tti-. 'I i wake .lathe of tif Mrllll.1: I Jur) I (Ulng I : ttltotit u litlU toms ISiwtlfiS.rlntl },
EVERAL BLACKS KILLED All of the all people lived III one two blMck torn rea,"',. the front .\ hall" of ItltNMl leading from th. | ". shot and klllel hU l 1.-
house and the black mob gained entrance steps both r.II. and Inm.u.1': the nioh/ IM't.ne of 11ud'la. ItlKhl ha Hie led i| tiitli t.l.l .1..11 h'r. lust h. Mtiiida I He bred 4
to this through the front. rua- Wits over them pouring hut after .' rapture of ",''''r... The ottUtr. .lttUols Into tier u.h. tbrtt nf the
TATS TROOPS RAIDED BROWNS log Into the house and firing on taoaaaaenibled -- shot 'h.to their' pr.*."trat<. INSit't.| followed' the l.lt..>.t "tnlu anti 1..h..1 UilllrtM tillering tit r Issn. i Mill l the otlir
VILLE A NEGRO SETTLEMENTOF thor*. It was a miracle Thinking' tin work, umpl., t..I.l the .'...1) r' 'In a hut nut n gre.it .11|li.tn..'.. ." three lat.liiM. efferl In her b.Kl)
almost that no one wul" h KHUtl Cur tomb i-g1. re 1.5OO INHABITANTS. IN many ahotn at close range were sire| gathered K). the time (ComnilMnloiM' !. \\litn. plnred under arrest. the nekm the crime wiut to his Mother
SOUTH ATLANTA. RESULTINGIN by the negroes, and not one took Manlov reache.t his porch every Klunof unit....It..1( bin Inn...-.>n..>. nnd. tiitl Inforiiirtl bins ..f what Push.et" eh
THE DEATH OF ONE BLACK effect J. K \WllM had a bullet togo the mob bad vanish The uegr intuit usher thing. chili. ,.><| h.hl..I'| d<>n>' I here ware" no t.>ew, HiteiMie* ufIn. I
through hU trouserx' UK. : ....M were, thoualitwin disiil but lit.itht'r nriiij. nor Mininiiulilou, .' oHootlnu. Ito d,.ehsrs-a that ,h<.
t AND THE ARREST OF 257 OTH- All of the whites lied through the Mr: Maul*.). n...ke. .l for the h.'IIKI| || | amriulaiice. The ,nfMrcr sears hail rhr| |h"..... Mn I Ifoiiiul win( iimtr in.ike kuowri his i.,,i-.in ;
ERs-300 PEPUTIES SWORN IN rear of the house, and 'H.I.I l In and the b'ackw' r.ttk.-" .l two Hhotguij, 'lite. 'h", with lini, fur tt.iHtHltllHK. lie, ttee I Ili..irnra| .
BY SHERIFF NELMS-SALOONS I making their escape and reaching the to the Crady tiotpltal, where. It was" round of iiininiinl l'IOn Phew are suit to t.an., where" he "Mrr*ntli.rx| in the
i t city In safety The negro remained found that both were 'lll alive., lifted 1 that .1'. toss WAS '. | | .Ut HIT HI* salt' dM) s ar, n/aih.-nd. '
STILL CLOSED-FEDERAL SOLDIERS in the lclnlty.. held bj a largiuuni. The slate, ntllttla In in lonitiiitid of Mondti: iiliiht. affair at Ilrownsrltl..l, I do lie U ..\ to ,IM. d) liiK with' toss
READY TO AID. I, bar of white men who wire" laU rlae l'"fl l lfci the suburbs, the tit)" .U l being' |.troll. all.at |I.i their tmrpw" prtwrrut .uinptlntiHiillaul
the confusion d toan Incnaiutl. fmit, of |M,1"]| 'e lillll to J ih.' exit.in of the Uw I has I.. t u .. wlitt" *. r fur r
Atlanta Stllt. :G.--Cuunt Offlct t I Mayor J. \Vrxidwarti" Kin ,-.I that and The too uildltlonal il.<.imtltM\ shuns \t th,> In..t..III' of .' { "*>t> ial ) r JIm. Heard waif shot and In*.untl)' all KaUxiiiB will be kept t.1u..I. If tU'C' In I'J Sheriff Nelins has tit gust tli.dttnriiianietit .. lane Ne. .!known! iMMHro"hn..lI1'1 .if I..he... two' Iliny. tu"nlh llvt-.l .'
.llUIed Monday i.ight un the Jont>>bore> rimary. for the entire w.tk If o.cn III mgroewhti thnattnpulilir shirt of |M.;lle.. Ti-| ..la| .. |s' I.aueti \iiwti-ll U. Irons 'which i it are i\-", ,,
load b) A mob of negroes, w" hu am- .-cl at all till* week. Mayor NVoolwnril, af,'tv. an n.-r el...ltg e1rr) nrgnr !i, went t.1..:..ta.ttt.>.l. and fn.... theretii
ttushed the part of oaicer with state that the hour woiil.l, !b. restricted I Hurt was the .situation l luexda) afler Pointer shop unit l linlaurMiit In I this awrttitti It >t| pr.ir. that. Mbit'
(whom Officer Beard was rid 1:1""K.; Ofll- the. closing: burr fur such I it night of >dreg Uubai/ka.: Huran. Odom and Jordan pluceit being: not! later than '. or .> the count). dlKtilct In '" hit-it" p..!lrt| <- ate ltktltn. rolh..t :Member* lit the I rtp ti.'it and) ,."......1 in jail 'IM Marietta, nup.
were -wounded. Kubank rect.lvIngx o'cinek In. the evening Thin was" kllltil fioiu .unliu..li. many pollee! .mrtniiMit; were 'lU'III..1| | | byiirdt ..... tsar suspicion. that hl r.I..IIn"
thigh full of buckshot while Huran '. The present erlalr. l In Atlanta wUl,, r.e.;:;riM M reported dead. eteral otTl Ih. rh1.Io, 1"1) ..n/rrr the "ilia Itl. daughter ... .. Ian (.rup.r
had his forehead nraze.1 by a bullet. end when te n..acruf'A; !gt: >- to their errs (rounded and a nuiuher of n?- 'r ami "wl", hln a foot mint; e* after lit. w' .. IM'< Citizen Ernest Smith was also wounded bites and. th"lrurk. and cens.. < attacks en.... what.Fotmwlna. II w "i.. |..iiml 1 the ft.... h...'...... who I*ft the at ate
on the whit....." acid, ('olnn111' the .buttle In llro. n..vlll4l .. wire' In the Center' .if fliti'It)' we.*. It tteWtofka that the iUB-hler wet
About 9 o'clock OUlcer Kubanks: tlernon Tue..dav "Monda. the while trl<-t. 2 mile Miuth! of .\t,,,..t., ttii'Mite "t t1'I:" hiime in a iteltc'$ .'.> roii'HII"f. when ...e wtttllltt
and Huran came over from the direction people were. perfectly iult and every, Monday night the elate militia intlrely ..14a me*.ling' of .UI'.II In the I-IMOI i .t ..... was. not ...."t.... bass hat\.
of I''ut Point and joined a posse bit of the trouble wu* cau. ....d ''nt lip urriMindxl thai' ......Clnn. and by 1-11 'ihaniber. hlrh" ass alttu.lt.| by a.. far a. was' publlt-l known" 11..1| *
of .even count). officer, and three attack' flf fie.n.ei. un whiten. daylight TUCJMM| ) tuornfnic ha I raptaroj Itn'tlntc! < negro Poem who" belle*** In liw'ltn prrftHll) rrapeelslle llf.I'll .'
citizens under the command of 1.If'u'etnKut I I, "If the f'aroC's111. stop thntr sit :S1 M'w.r fio were disarm and ureter. hell' a la iieka. .. teaobi. rtiniinunity ham t**>rii .,."th
Poole. at Henderson's cionslng. tack no at.acka will" be nude' on tfS and l sent to the tower As fast. ., hut rirturwtl| br II 1 MtCor<4'lln stirred. b) tl crime. and taunt a
The purse then rode duwn, th,> Jones- them l' 'ac" able negroes; are M.. rnfi, aa reports are recelv from nnttIng! <'>>' for the, rk.*.lng nf ,tow tsar first rrfaa...1 i 'n bailsIi..;. relinrs'rhr I
burn road to what i* known as the In .Atlanta an they ever were. iinNn. district, the mllllU will; be litiitit.il neo. iMiniiKh'ttil the tlly. was' unau bolt kf the Mill' was f>.tn>l on Iht.*
Jonesboro crossing about M half mile the 'lawlfn element of the raic con ah'l ly i|:.(", tC'h"41".t1.1 I tiiKrowho are ItllOkKl) .....'1..1 .a'.,' in I.... h..'.... III a tesul .,1 bMr..lrhr
toeyood>> HetiJernon's ero..h'K.t this tlnues Its mlsdeedii. creating dlmifltr .1"' be surrounded father hat tt-mptletl, his revolver. t?

point a large number of negroes; had I,I "lt la to .the Interest nf the n 'KriM>. arrt-,te1 anl jailed Negro.. Attack Marl"a Policeman Into the ot..t..r.) hers.
gathered and were holding an open even more than to the Inter* .t uf the In Atlanta a riu-i.IK| was bt'. in )1.1"1'' .,a H".t :b \\' T. llltiargls last .m..1. a sir,
air meeting at which. man) Incendiary +I white. to stop the present eonllct: ttt against (l.- 1e_ OK: ,.... earl I) Tue )l SWIII a |..till.fill Ull ,>f |fU city. was htlght man Itnllnl's _nlh .his Is.r
speeches were. being made,. Once It I I. hoped that they wl. | .e" day morning when rthrtlff Nlm. hi, In Iftt track. of the he.. 1 Mondsynlcbt .r ...'rn .|i...'Jirfi-l, end It U IPlOJIIII'' '
Several of the negroea in the crowd the iltua.lon and act accordingly _wore In :3*.'. addltloital. ) deputies. wh< on l<...ier Hprlng street within 11141. bC IIU..t lure I hrrn terribly ., '
mere armed with guns and these, : P)' a furred march the vente-nth will visit. every neico section and IIMJ yardof the public square riled' io harp ,...mltsed.. '''Ie ertn.
.some eight In all. were dlfturmed and '' Infantry 1'nlted Htate* army. which : arrest negroes found armed anl will Iii t was met t Ity tht.... nt.',_. sbout I a'.' ,..t.ute are 1n the "tr1 ,ha,
Iban.icu ff ed. I' has been sending the summer at : end them to: the Tn..r.'hlt... refry 1 ..'('In,'" rwr (he... railway rrt.*.lng.On I h.. Ia.. .Islet sisal idle .h..sttng. am.the L
With their prlaunera under guard 'amp Chlckamauga. reached Fort Me.Pherunn : aosurance of pnt.ctt.ra t Is offered. tt. _pok_ to him alMMit the Ittesbl.I. t reelt ..t It" an'IdeasI.
.tie officers started for the Ueetric carline Monday night and l_ nowready I Innocent Df.ru-s, aur elin ul stir In. Atlan'a. th* ..eft.,. went In a .H_
to bring their prisoner to the to give aid to the stale, VriMfps. I order among (lawv| rasa will n lty They had proceeded but a short should' that ever become necessary I be lulerated for an instant and tfH *t hall They reload In tU. s Pittance .when from the dark without whar<. dl-co.er.J inciting/ trouble abut ihr- tliiM-s. 'trt'piitMji tie>| eluU! I P lsrt.e .. tedanre at ,,,. rnetlfKI.
the leait warning, a deadly' fu-i i Colonel Van Ordale. commanding. I wilt b- IDNtsatlyw.b: -ndrd and when be drew hU. gut wall"; r blaehassas ...I ..,......1.. or ,heir ;
.llade was poured Into the posse. ''the recntsrs. Monday night c ,mn unl removed loading he was slrurh. fees tM>hla Ian aslakatretat ......1....... .Ipt_1 ... iI
killed and rated with Colonel Clifford I. .An.!.,- I ,.......... .hat the \I.h', .. '
Officer Heard was Instantly The crlsla now rewith| the n- .re.1 /ryr nr4 sarun.rhw. for Mel : ir.e." ,
fell Jead from bis horse, riddled with son of the Fifth Georgia Infantry at grtn-s. tnem el!r.. I'bf HM who will .hour H. Is sow. in a 'l.Mgs,i*>,. ', .... rr..It1, h. *.., ....,... .r .than
Dullfts. Officer Eubank. was struck military headquarters. corner reach.Ira give up their _...",..n* a4 reruslnpeacefitl ruftitltlon '" .nd .WieIi. tar/wlge........ In 1111.
in the thigh by several buckshot and and Marietta streets! and report,. will nK<< 'bo mole, l-d However The three, D.< m bullet. grazed the forehead of Offlrer : ed the arrival of his regiment offer chow wb. p*' .*-( In maklnctrn re'ilrty .IaU. harlot bwu atr..l..l .byMb.rlff r .of .t Miltsiaiew. "4 C. ti IN
< Huran. Tb. officer returned the lag their .service for the protection l tff the clttr, *... p .llr. and 1'r.y avid. .lep..slre (U.. .....1 '... tt.dtly sed '.....'.r.'. "".. I".
fire of the negro: *.. killing: several I lot the. city .h but just bow many Is not known I The pen have been aopplled with Officer fiuran used a gun he ba1 ]0*> rounds of aminanltlon, and C..]o- Toe. s.thorltle.4. +,_, .*,--| that .:u.CC.c !. pretty high. bat It Ubil -lea .., ...rr.o. ...,.
net Van (Orial. .__ that tlaeIU
taken from on... of the negro prison r. they- na.. th. situs'n w.n|| In hand, .*..| the ,Is. will be sfl.n..1 M -- ---
.. tie ready to respond at the first call ant they will V. a. (M**.|*>U t<* i.r* ta*. a Lie ...,..,_. .UI..alp G....".. L.........dhr
Colonel Aad.,.. r.ntno.1
rsOaicer Hoard's body was takes to CI t..1a-.t vent amy r..-urrwtK. .f the trwnbl uf ...... I/... $.pe. aa --Wi'b. ..Impl.
Van U"IaJf..w fels offer bat It !-
the Lalr..yl.coar line, ant broughtta sot thought at .11 ..bat l. that felfa the last 12 hotr, .< ling. T.......' .' T_ A"..ls ?.r .*...tspTwltapwsie egewwa. the. I rust ...... 4.'
the city and Offleer Duran accompanied .sa"u.ak. \ m: ho ed..l
/l n*
OfAcer Kubanka to tk. iiralybnspltai. T>. different reof 11e.. bxwaaw4 result! of a.lc."laa' affray vatr o- > bi Cedar .1 Ise C.IIt.,....... Car, y
; where.. bla wo trod* were t TWO n sroa. Ham Mc<:ru4er an I tae aathnrf It a ".( b4twee _".... .t a J/f/ .*.l e.*.|. ..+. ,tt th1.I 4.p'. Hollar* It I M xi.....!..
.dr.w.... OScer Jordan was not ae- "'11.,. Iinioks. both ahodt III years stringent 'retg'. sUuos Ta .., p',_" .. .Z's. ., tt II Sib avre..s. / t...a .a..swrn4 fIt .". .'H6I'. w'Ir" I
Ttonaly. entMigli 1 lal\tred to cane him t .f. age. w*r. shot trt pi.e_ at lit: J* ftMJr.'... A. 4-s as tl.. 4..lb ff .n..t4 for .-....... t.. 4.athir. '. ........... .11 sat) In.I s f.. .
to k e brought to the hospttal. om..r.sIlonan ..Ionrr1a an-t., sight es the ',...1 rolle.esaa 11..(4 w a reported a ensfspeal _. J ea..s sad rails Joek.... ...aafeesl.d I _I.......' ,.. flwrlle wiii tin a +sus
bail hit woin4 4res...d at O.. s..rrh of Hark (CommUius 1C..r1 of tallUla waa la.aatlf dUtna.'h' ant .heest/ag. 1111,: user who .....,. ..._
and .tnme4 TJV the *c...e of II Msnley. 41 Crew .U.... Bavlag .. _. ... after "-'-
b./MNaL r i ifla. i *1 'It t* ... 1ti> their *r t. as. in the hospital. .1 |H's lac.aJH I'D i
Sg9t.AR iI I!, ba.w taken fr.... asj ls>ru olavc I... rival) la., fad car* .r.4 227 .,.f tae a. 'hflle eu.dPNmr Ii's.s part/.. .. !on Peace 0.-.. C._ lIt, w aa
..' .r the oen ,. ",..-.! the 8.. wnrxt car nu wtei rrxtaty Ocm rv>(era. bad ktt!.4 w.. ... ate-'.o| sir s... la, the oe.a'y ;.!. ., IMs..aas. I iluer..w step. 74. ., Tt.asrh h.,'al4.
1 1f
../ tae nll"s. they bad fle4. a.. p. **4a ......, wW a I* .. "*..U......l au-... r'. praM1.bl. ...ae AJ. Wh.. TVlbs.. _, Ae
f went Into what l. e.Il *4 the "hoDow.a ." j:, chare* of a1ac b.esi t.*ts>J*te of wM U> .... S4fW4 ,... SMVgrwwtt and ..., .u-.._.,_ s.. psaMSi.hi.rr .. .,a.4 oM.e4. ... ..... l-.a.tIs
...ara. ..... by Fmst of tll. ..."' I 1 I the .eRO !)aft whle_ l4esday eight aaa .sattn .. 1 Invited Ih.s *. w wbt.M.e I IAIN..4 kt' 4 fl...... ....f p m W.......,.
,. praoeersape' t. sal tnmr werej i i _..te.t.d sweaty /'dtcwsae JirIlatd Ufteir a a-l.ia. a.a.*.. tV white 1-- p. r. I.rp.ey. !' ....n4. I/H'4' ........ 41,.. a ,....__ btlsi
:'. broweat" to the city aJ 4 lodged r. tk* ': .. u. ....' 14o: Vwst. b.t. 'Y" 'we .1-o. ......f IAs
Tower T1Hoff' aallM"tl ar. Raps WU. i I Bath ssr+ru were ,take In the 1r.Thw os/lylag s.f'n .....,.... at. l.eatag .. -.t.. "e 51 .. ft'-.. Maul ..tMelt. --.. .t ... parse. .'.,.s ,.#,e,4r: 'i, tf_
..... r..s t..x..n. Jtat lisps. a.4 Da..Ir i: Rrs4y brwe.Hal..bet. tt wanr rep.AtPI rfr My watched la" .pefat 'froa. a 'bat ., r.-r... .rata (4. .
Otalwocth. .4'tn Dies-Lay .r.lsg list l4e bht 1s ,....1...' ... In tarry 'heIrsr.p. ... ..yis'sta ..,.- .f ,.r .ry' hiMmIM -- -"
M-, *. weapoa wtt wlleb omNt' I Ina. i u,...,., ws. _r. to di.. .U\.e Hr'-5. La the ...... ..r air w.finsa.arrtat. a $ ." .'.'. .fU .:(#'al .... f.".... I wwM..r a' w. 1041.I .
l.f"," JI..s. (warn UIs..J .... a tirti. aryi' asd A -t.r'. .. Use I rag a---61 tfw-.as4 ...z.e, ...., < a. .......... 4 .I 4.11.Yt'.s"( rs
r. .d .IM)(.... losJ.d. with tr.tiaSat It Ai' g r.r'h C.afrjeia" t As se.a a ass k.t'. t .L ,.. .... Nablhl ... Y....... .. (ho .... w. a ". ,- -at S. All
war ... brssgbt .. uae cur aw4 target )faalor'n:" t3. tnsadltI J I n.4is AUaata Sherd xells. oaf 1.4 N'si.. CJINa.a.. .,,.,.1 4ee. h.. ..,. Mews a, "5 era I4-
.O"t 11w Ibtfe asaw i arHrt/.rrt. w1Kt1 oC U. ita'ab ari tw It.-&I 4epi.el.1.\r. da.I ttid' ,kia .r.MMNy hldtlag sa4 -..j ...... AA4.'veoa wta..l'.3 I/ w 'rea j
.J 't''! balfq of two d.a t .. isw .' ...,., acrd .wtl' TM'U'4ft tIIIIt. btY ..... .' .. ''a4.pr. IirM." .he44 .4-w-lm rw cJ.r.; .... .,. .....,. < .r4 p.S. Wf.w .o. ...w 11t1N f.. fi
);: ... .... ,.. ... .. .a'b. Ilaof4i .-. w .Yak. 1'.. : :
.sa2..M.)1a Ih'eILg .. Jf. ., i -' # f.J? (.
..: it. "+ + Rtrra tit. s tur :th.A t. .. --- .. .. :, : .
itf. _. ., .. Hei.v,4 ;.. 1 .,..'''' ...,.,,;. : ,""" *' '. -,. ...:1"1";; ) 0"-
., ... t d ... x
..:' .., 'Del11sMllabtala lsafsr.. < r"! ; ". ,._ ...a-y :. ,I

4f".ol 1'
<: !t{'
-. :
I ,


", __
-- .
I ;


: OPENED WEDNESDAY I See Us for 8.J'. Thom. Company are offering iw.n.MwxwximlM Mxx xNxxMn xnM xnxxw.x '

all school books at cost. See advertisement OAST RIA

Yesterday Was Spent in Enrollment in this (issue.

George II all" of Lake City i Ii In the

and Classifications. city. Mr. Halle. I. a brother of Evans :F"ur:Infants and dren.

Halle and formerly resided .here, -

,}I THE PROORMM FOR TODAY where Miss he Laura has many Strickland. friends a, popularyoong'Tadj : The Ji( 1d -You Have

Exercises Will st-3 O'clock and
of Waldo was In the city = r
Wilt be Participated In by Several' of yesterday.. Mia Strickland was just Always Bought

Most Eloquent Speaker in Florida. ALUMINUMCOOKING from Inverness, where she Das been AhegetalePreparatiOnforAs-

Reception to Follow. employed la some stennarnphio work slmdating iteToodandRctf ulataniadss { -
and copying In( the office of- the Baker andEowels of Bears theSignature
Trxlur begins the .rA'of new edo- Abstract Company.
-- -- -- -
ration in r wrlue. Th.1I1..U J '\1 1I
Florida really. craned yesterday. butthedaywaa WARE Mrs. O. Conway of Arredondo aceompanlrd .

spent In enrolling students by her clever and InterestIng _e_

and examination, after which I 0 little two-year-old! son, Master ;. PromotesU t tion.ChrerruJ. '

''t thoee.tudentc who ha.e. so f.r arrived' I Phlppe, were In the, city yesterday and t1CSs alld st.C0111atfS neither of

3 were classified and placed 'la the vari.ous i. favored The Sun with a friendly call OpiuimMorpbJne nor Minual.NOTNAHCOTJC. .

a w1'p grades. renewing the subscription of Mrs. E. .

A. Perry" mother Mrs. Conwajr.. '"
1'p Dr. Andrew Slrdd. president' of the,

r. ;' Ualvrrsitl' with his able' corpe of as Among.the"visitors to this city yesterday AY.rp.rGrl a-t fMl71pr1tT1RA
was H. Frie of Archer, who
sistants were buy during the entire riw
r dart in fact they have been bury for came to enterhis.on, Fred J. File, In

the past three day. In getting thlnginreadiness Our Prices Are RightBAIRD the University of Florida. Mr., Frie is -In I
f .and at the hour nr opening the proprietor and manager of the Let. .r-JJ.

( the elegant' new buildings of the) UnUverslrv hotel In Archer: and is creditetl' with ".,.. .1..6/ '
rnnning one ot the best country hotels
or Florida, nmonic the finest of UseFor
In the State lie excellent .
sets an .
their kind In the Soath were In first.
table, and has A Remedy for Constipa
no-one ever conlplainedof
elas condition' to receive thfl.tudI'nt..
1 I the beds! or the service generally. l on.SourSloD\acb.DialTh ea.
It .is a gratifying fact that the attendance Worms jConvubtons.Feverish-
To the contrary, they always speak in Over
I. the coming! year' notwithstanding ness and Los&OF SLEEP.
Mr. Frie
that it I I. the first year of the praise. anticipates a pros* .
porous season the comlnft wioier.Mrs. T&c Simile Signature
University In Gainesville, will be by

far the largest' In the history of the U. E. Taylor and .oo. Earle ? Years
t Thirty
S great 10ultIJ tlon. President Sledd are at home again after a delightfulvisit NEW -YORK
' stated. to The Sun representative last -------------------- to the former's mother Mra..3. J.Hiaglns.Newark .

night that he expected fully. one hundred A HAPPY. MARRIAGE. : N. J., where they

s' and fifty young men of this and have been for the past six ",..11..
other States within the next few days M,. DsLand and Miss Johnson Wedded While 'in the North :Mrs. Taylor visited. CASTORIATVfIVCHESTER
In Gainesville
and the. dormitory, which. wm at first Wednesday.At her.nn, Roy a student of-Weat Point
cxacT coor wR ance.
''t tbonftht to be ample, will not be sof- four u'eIock.dn..da, after. apnointe'S I from Florida who Is noir on

patens- to accommodate- me crnwa.( ASa I noon at the home of the room's. par. his second year. with the rank of core ___ __..___ .

result It will become necessary for a, .nt,. Mr and :\Ir.. O. E.' DeLand M. poril. He will complete his course in

number of students to secure accom tl. LeLand *nd Miss Edna HJohnsdd two year. more,and will. then be ae.

' modttlons In private homes as far as of Pecatur,111.! were unitedIn signed on commission' to the army

r room. are concerned, but all may be the holy state of matrimony.The Roy has many friend here who will ---- --- -

t ra accommodated at the dormitory' din house was tastefully decorated( be glad to learn that he has made an

" loft-room. the prevailing colors being green and excellent record at,West 'Point, and,

;i Tod.,'. Program white. like other Gainesville boys who have
The bridal couple marched In to the tried for
The/program .. arranged for today military honors they f.ell
strains of MendeUsohn'a! 'wedding sore he will "come through" with
v Is a most Interesting one, and will a
broad march by hires N. Willis, on the credit to his parents. and his town.
cover a literary ft..ld. and i Is
st violin accompanied' by Miss Rah,. De. I"NUBLACIt"
bound to prove of Interest. This pro.
gram la as follows t Land., and took their place in front of An Ounce of Prevention

Jnyo..aUnn-U.y.. Thos. P. Ih,. an embankment of ferns, palm. and Is worth a pound of core. There. are

(, Addresses of Welcom --Hon. W W,' ro.... many poor sufferers, consumptives, Loaded Blacls Powder Shells I
The" ceremony i
was performed
Hampton lion Frank Clark M, O. by who are hopeless of getting<< well-who,
Rev T P Hay of the First Pre.
"Education and Citizenship"-Oov.ernor by- if they' had taken care of themselves, r
t terlan Church, only the Shoot Strong and
N. B. Broward. family b..JnfCpr.a would now be well. A cough la the Evenly,

'lu.lc-Oruntbal1' Orchestra'The t.Ah.r. foundation of eonaamption. Ballard'a Are .Sure Fire
Unity of the Fute School the ceremeny they were usher* llorehound Hyrap will cure that cough. ,

System"-President A. A. Murp hree ed Into the dlnln>groom, which warbeautlfoliy Mre. 8-.. Great Falls, Montana, :) 'j 4 ; \Vill Stand Reloading.

I' of Florida Feuiale College. Tallahas. decorated with Mexican "writes "I hav used It A!lard's II ore-

..... moss and white roses, where a fife- hound Syrup in my family for years They Always Get The Game.
The coarse dinner was .rerved.Immediately my children -ever suffer' with coughs."
University of the State ofFlorida"
after the dinner Mr.( bold bv "-. M. Johnson. R. ,.
-lion. N. lBryan, Chair. :
b man Board of Control.Benediction. and Mrs peLand left for their honey For Sale Everywhere.
,. moon trip Aflvr October pith l they Preacher KIIU Wife end Self
v .
w.. will, he at home. to their friends at Selma Ala.. Sept.' :C--Jnformi*"
After the .ddreaea
an Impromptu
Wllllstou. tiou hue rr.u ht.r1 here from a enuillset -.-- -
reception will be held In the buildings - -
I lenient
Th- .room Is one of th. best known earns> the line In IVr
to .hloh"h. public generally *. In. ry county 4o the -fTrcr'
vlted. and most popular young men In this .. that an IIlterntw -
tui. ,
section. In fiat, he Is a coming float lonnrr prencher named ABSTRACT REALTY
\ The tnrcs are requested' tn close I'hrUttii-i took COMPANY
I ol.r. having. been recognized by eons.peteol.nd : N single' l >nrr.'le.l .hot" J
from 2iSO to 0 o'clock thU afternoon, Kim and pli\caK? It axa'nst! his wife's

In order that all may have) an oppor.tnnlty :I experienced bankers as a rljcht cid..Tlscharged It. killing her 1I1oorpOratedl:
ynnng man of extra shrewdness In financial .
to attend the exercises.. Itifttnnily' He then 'wont Into nn ad'
Hacks will' be op.rated between the matteri. He was for some Joining n om and dellberntely' rrlcni E. E. VOYLE. MG-R.

band stand on llie square and the UnUversify tim connected with the Bank of' loa 1 the run placed' the miizsloKnlnst ,Abstracts j of Title and fall information furnished

buildings. The fare will h.ar.n AlacKna In the capacity of head his own heal and blew' WitIt. eo-.nty. Our manager has lived In this regarding; lands La ibiC
keeper and assistant cashier. ., ? hrnlna, is thoroughly county thirty J'.an and
cents for going ten cent for \Mot.i net Is attribute to conversant with land titles.
the return trip.M.etlnK. now eathler of the Bank of insanity. Christian iiiod from i
Inn_ Ceorxla: to IVrrV
-- county three "
F ) >uranro
l ; Board Control. Th. bride 4s a young lady of rare ate He had a large family of .('hU..If..n. 333. IE. "VO :x: LE.
talnmeats. Hhe is
: a graduate of the .
s The regular monthly meeting ol FIR ACCIDENT BURGLARY AND
the Decatur'Coll. ., the school of her. .s.nting& number or INDEMNITY t:04MUR.4.NCZ. Bellre.
Board of Control was b eld at the native town* and young lady of ex. Negro Attempted Assault.rial REAL prominent ESTATE American and English eon.pani.a
Brown. House last night there iltrniti.hain..tla." AND CITY LOArH
being ceptldnally bright qualities. "A"pt.; :G.-A ape. '
; present lion N. I'. ttryan of Jackson PrlstKis of the. yunng caaple extend% tit the :New; from Mobile says G elisZeavi 11ta : I .F1or:1.da.:

vllle, chairman t lions. P K, Yoajre of best wishes for a long and happy 'that f'1Ior&u'm.'f11& runs hlch at Oakdate.suburb .

Pensaeola. King of Arcadia and .,. L I married life, II of MoMlo, as a result of A

Brown of Kustli: and Secretary J OKellunt devi.erate. attempt at criminal a....ult

') of T.II.h.+.. t She Found Relief. by a n.'icn. upiui .Mr' J. Touchstone.

ThU being' a regular meeting, there | If you are trnnbled, with liver corn A well.known rt'.d.IW'Dt l of that pUc, Fay-Sholes

'A", was no business of Importance outside I plaint and have not received help' read 'ur two hour the woman fought! >l< t.

the regular routine, but the members this. Mr I Mary K: Hammond. pra'iU "<*ithhe:! negro brute, prrntlnrf .-

were glad at an opportunity to bepresent finial, Texas. "( w.a In poor' healthliver h i. etli\ ie>!icn* after flgh laIC
Mm aft\ o\ .r "i.'
at the opening of the Unir.r< ,:-with trouble-for over a year, T'nIII.n. tie Rr I 'in.
-t itir\>ttle t her Typewriter
< It thea'IH"
sly, They will visit the University In Doctor did m- no good and I triedllerbiike it ..
I cmii.rtN h.III prnbabty.be
a body tnlsy and three bottles cured
me. Iyectd Tn>iihle It feared.If .
____ i
j I X can't say too muck for (.lerMne. a. It AI.E'tot11.IUtEb: :
"' ChurCh Meeting [is wonderful liver' medicine' I a!.
. To the ministers of the Central Da.s .i i I| ways have it in the boos., lubllih It's a Reputation I TIIE IIEbTJIIi'lliti: .
'wh.reyo', wish *:old by W, )I. John.I You a,. after. White's Cream : : UTilE:
trial The eight annual ... I, JIARKET
.Ion of the j
:;: son _._ __ mlfu<<. has a .....rU.wide '''" .\.r.j
Primitive Ortb.dot
Baptist Z on As. at the beat of all. UnlVfltSAl Has Tabulator
A eoclatlon will ('ou,.... on ThatsJay: |j 8urmee" t.scueaiOw Rstss Via AtU. "tlcCoast worm destroyer and nnnOAnD I
i for Its toai in3aene: on weak and !I ON-
before the thinl lord's. Day In j Lee.
bar. (being October 18)) with' 0./j/I Sumoirt Atfurskfn rates to all same unthrifty' cfetlJreo. It Improves theirilijrrstton EverjMachine..
and ... their'
lmila lon
, Olive Primitive mar excursKt oc ints are now en sale git '
t Baptist Church b the tr I|I via the Atlantle Coat Llae. No lro foo-!. atr*-lIlrtlt. their' nea. system !: Lightest :tbt" Ltcht..t:
elty of Gainesville Fla. T.4u.. ble PoaGe'1t' The
i to inew.r questions For rates, .ad .
r* torvs them health aDd Ch.mpiou
and nolle I .. ........ to vigor :Sth 1.-% W.t.ra}
timely sad J"
eelvee j manitai* with' Fr..k (,' .. r.. Fay..hr're
aerordiagly Lisa M, K Ew Bo"'OD.I\/ \ Si*lthy.. happy .1)1..KJ. get a rxttil* of Mot.I F.f h lr.
p WAaoe, ),Io.J......". S.n>f.i>B City i Ei i i| stet Fkitida I'aee.eg.r C.IU. J. ..on.UHo. While's Cream Vvroitface, :J4\ b7'f IOU'b.. :' ........ 'i -n ia
t. M Jvheeoe. fey 'h.r m..h.o.
s.sa M.,CAKTMB. Chief Rvaereliet, O14
.. ..
Tawa W M. Cta\-r, Clerk. Hell -- -- -. .
-- --- -- I Fort ::
S.aboard Parlor C..... Auk your t'' hast 0

The heaboerJ. Air' Line operate* btf Your Doctor A."es blt It A'T'S r ?-. 'u". 1\1\ i THE SON GainesYille. ;
fet p.tor: ears .e iw.*. W ldo sad | hs, care'! : ., be !

Tampa IM train l_viM4 Waido tt.t'swaaeats can 'Otft".ft4 aaything hetrer far tbtuit s -.I I.t... t.. ,i, 1ei.eth.s hard I

..tb 'tM ardlsuc' Irate. fie.aJ..tI" youths sad col.&e. eusaaesi.. trectitl.'e-rat. .R bear: sasat any
"w. w. are wilUnR. a..C. "" I
', t. .: ::..:i -
,. ... Send Us Your Next
Order it,1.
"t;, for Job yt

.... "
r. '- ..... ,.....'. :Nf-'. .' : ,. .
.. i;
':,.,' fr ....,

s1. ir

Ct x- j
r -

; v' w ., .
,. ,.1 w- ,+ + hS. ?


-- --- --- -sFIEY- - ,
------ ---

;.'From Richmond Encouragingly Interesting Play "L-ttls Bucksho*," to SKiN DISEASES

On Florida State Fair. IN THREE MINUTES ;: be Presented Friday

E, --Hurt, vice-president' of the EJitctV SunWill you plea e give

la $'"te Fir Avsociatinn fr.rnia : i aaO'I"p my entertainment. to l,,, held .l: CIDS I THE BLOOD

COlli'!'. h.. rev.iveJ l front l r.irti Astonishing1 Demonstration Given S e pt. ::" tidal nt Kochel This in a

.. <* .. Alt *:. in iliscrt.cs. ai 'ue to the ante <* ,\h citesi of Reid in the
d a'tt-nge" H ,ght- wh U b7 Coop :-. p" >% 'ir stir e net, and it.' *.ti." ""If" \n v
Riebniijud, Maine, a very eutng M( tie vrf. > best talent nt I U >,'h..U.: to a*.,.. r (M vol u> : .on ; this it
act the different u-ry acrivl matter it (. .. d to the NurLuv throuji: the |Pour ant glaiuU'
letter In parts.
to the ,
regard com- ST. LOUIS SEEMS EXCITED ,; ., l'u1'>tnJes arc fortuctl u.. -li.iruing a sticky tlnul whuh drier ..n.lmake's ftcrxi.it.
.ate Fair and the Aluehua county The proaeeds: will go t the piano :ausinjintense itchingVhen the crusts or ......-.h." are scratchctl off the

bit. Young Man Gives a Sample of Work I' fund. After the play we will" hate sViu in!' left TOW and bUx-vlinn. D.mr Mtr Mv body broke ..twill* a.
Curt! In part. says : "I am in. other amusements for tve! jo.inc' and SotuctimcH sUin Uxcasvs! arc in the rash or era' o'"n which m spite or w

; RId to know that the Florida Wh'ch' Aroused Eastern Cities During hope everybody will have !n r.,yv' good dry fon anal bran.1 likr i *e.\t lc"conic on tf:rtt\\co\t.r.-\: ..: V.'H: .:" "'V..Vh.T;; :..,wV, n '

Fair to flnarifhlne. sod i more the Past Year-Promise* to Do !!I time. hctlch, or Uu-sUm IKVOIIU .tbar.ltint\ \ .h..lv t......n.\<. i h*.i tn 'A m"'uy
Kcularly delighted at the generous More. I ISt. I'elow i i. it east of the t Hers..ter : dry. often "udi<. amt the j.aiuful cwt Mn.ltt, sn.l h wrint tprepttratton.with;of lt, 8. 9. dwf.r itchluj i
I l>, nnyMiiek, ; C.UISH plate MifTeiinc. It tuiuw.t tat Mti e u a fair mat. watt was
of your Board of County Com Loni I 2tJ. a govt-r-itnrnt "C""I. taaDtw.+tt+lyd.llrht..lwhet f'w !> -
Sept. -OnVne4ilMy : doer lint mailer how the trouble i* .
lle. t
known itt theVeM M eur < tow .nU..ly.
a itilf ltnekshut"R
lioners in pasting that, resolution aft..ruN..a some '''I1""k"hl.'tlun.- ,;' iu.intftHt l taccaua- iiithc..tytc-San" K. 9tt,tiito, C.l. L.. .

Alachua county pnrticipt' in Stration were given in public tor l T I. :I linyetrouer exts'svof a.],,1 in tlichUtv*!., S"tV\c" .. j jvdcra.. co olin ; \%.t-Jicn. ct.' \\hiK they ,

Fair. Alachua is conceded to bend Cooper or the .'Ur..". Ooop-r." IU he t I Mr Itrown, from Net ..t". in realityone tlicvo the it>'.hiiiv) ; ami give tlie ituilrrvr t"npnfU t"I.it1t: cum .t nr- the*

> to no county. in the State in (i. culled who U introduoiiiK. 1tr the "Jona I.er" ham I'tnh, a :ruul
kith and diversity, and. with ther Morman "saint"-I:. K. / >iroiiMrMM.on >r aU silo Hi eHH in S. S. S., ., tvniolv th.tt
first time in St. Louis the .
effort", there should be no rea preI.sr.tinn.twhsrh I I Slade, nil hac",niMtk. one of !iv purely \esct.ible: tent one \\ hi1 u,'tltnvtlv,
why we should not capture that created a enatu in K,,->tt rucities. the infamou "I tftrojiiK .\II..I--J.l S S S OM the' ul
I I 1:. 1rtuerJr. ;** **' S. neutTMlncH the arils. '''I.' ,jmrtfio-:* the
it prise. At any rate we will goer The demonstration Ink place at : Ira 0 0 0 blond nit that tlir nkin tn!.t"\l "f twin I i >; l litrrc-U ,
Barton w.* Uonton
a nlthy
it, aruLIf it don't come our way I Mr I t ,,l t the ticrv thti.N.
Cooper's headquarter and werewitnessed PURELY VEGETABLE" l ttitu >\ \\ n-)\tri:41.1"hy
Ian-O. U. Thigpiii. -
sure it will not he the. fanlt of the by several hundred people I! a Slrv, c"( ranting> it'..Uhy\ bio.nl.\ tilttt-itt

iterprisiog people of old Alachna"I A* nearly all could be learned the fctswere1 Young Mr. Weed' called Juniper{ book on t:U-ii! 1 Disvascs and ar',- itu-,h.-il. u.lvico .1 lrsm-.\ will Lr fun'II\1cJ! \ v

have been away from Florida these : (hi" nephewinventor) ofV...,I'* Pat without oharK: 77; SWIFT SFCCIFlC CO.. ATLANTA.PERRY CA.
lent IVnacea-Andrew /etrouer.
ice July 23. but expect to.return by I At three o'clock in the afternoon
I .shall be | Patrick 1'helan. Hartixi'* hmidvinttn
tuber 10. when pleased tosslst ;
the how
milo agreed it
and young :, -J. II. O", .ns. M. COLSON. Pres. J. W. BUN
you ynur commissioners all one of his remedies would da for deaf DING, Ylce-Prcs B. R. COLSON, Sec.-Treas. n
," I| ;'..fTucker\ a \\.II-I-'In tu.| _. -
ness, and agreed to makx anyone pres.
Hen Tillman.
>r. Curti owns' Orange Heightsne eat who wait afflicted with deafness ALACHUA COUNTY
{ lllsie llarton. a pluckym -rir.n
> of the Qnest pecan groves and nur- hear again in le:.s than three minute .,
rl-\Iu: Lola % .
eri.s In the State. and will no' doubt & etrourr.nit
There deaf .
were many people "/- .. .
her .I".r.uTou old for doll. ABSTRACT COMPANY
idd considerably to the nut exhibit of ent and about a down of thee Merejiiven
too f.'r" b..au"Ii. bailielVater
Llachua county nt the Fair the demonstration ron.istng! of .young.

a single application of one of the i I Nora, a maid .etvant-Vu., Annie. 1s111arial1Pi.! .

A GREAT CURIOSITY.W Cooper preparations.The : Martin. GE tin.of3v-illo.: : 1x'lci.

[ A. Morton Unearthed a Large Elephant hearing of these people wa then |:\ Wild J-'lower, a halftired l Inlian'girl
interval of between .
tested after
Tusk in Eve Mines.W. an -Mis" 1'attie X troi>er, "Tlio.. Title I.| the first" ('an.iderahuu' *

two and three minute. The test con 3 II. O* KKl>. \\',. do an rs..ln.i\ M .trart h..II.l with f.cilltt ,s for imparting. ll'l.l.

A. Morton, superintendent of the I sided of questions put. to them in an [I Roehelle, 8ept 2-Mh, 1 INKOKMT1ON:: ) ounovriiiiiK ill".. Title to any and all land tit AUohua '''.UIIIY "
Dutton Phosphate Company's mines atEwe
ordinary- ------. conversational- tone at di.> AM. IIIMMSS! : 1I\\S4TKI: IKO .ITI.HOTJSE.\ .

was In the city Wednesday tsnce. varying. from five to thirty fef't'i+ Date is Deferred.Owing .

Mr..Morton recently otiearthed! an The results were remarkable In the I' :
tu some further re* THE WHITE:
immense piece of bone or ivory in one'of extreme Some of three people who necessary
pairs to Union Ae.d.D1J.c.ultu.. (Prof, .
the mines which resembles
: very were treated had been deaf for a num. ,
,greatly an elephsni's task and which T. E. DeUoe, the principal, requests ,. 1'. 11111T.:. t'reprlrlnr.MitiiMid .
ber of years. When the first question
The Sun tu that the dale of
has probably been imbedded for centuries. was .asked a look of amazement would Ced.a.r :Koyloric: Lci._
has been from Mun-
The piece was brought to. this opening ehanicd
spread over their. face and they would *
city and turned over.' to Attorney. forget to. answer the question. A. the ;I day. October I, to MUL.I.,. Odtobrr *, : on the IliutT (* .a'i and *try riMim Kin busting mid t'thlittf. u.ies,
at which time the institution wilt bet St...) ,
J Robt. E. Davis with request to prea.nt questions> were repeated the surprisedlook per day
Kin it. fall term The principal' also S
to the .
sims Etk'cluh. would give( way to one of deslight.
__ request The Hun tu eilri.d an tnvita* N..t.shitMhsY 1..7
Many were no affected thatthey :
Fall is tint to all parents and fiiend uf the
burst into tear and were scsrrelyable
school to tie prevent at the opt nit'Ktiert '
reminded one of the ar to answer the question. :8: F :OLTTTO & 00
>i.***. The pro.|H LM. for the term _
proach of the fall ...."0", after a long In no single: instance, "o far a* couldbe .
were never heller
tedious and sultry summer. The learned would an individual fail to

I. morning was. cool and delightful, and hear. )'any were able to hear a finger : A Fine Cow. B..A ..::.B..N-E:: : : :

those whn could afford the luxury of snap at a distance of thirty feet. At :

time to lie III bed enjoyed the cool and the request of Air. Cooper yur.tion.were | \\'. II. I'hifrr has crived hy ,'a. .
.* a tine Jerry eisa which. lie < Uu..u.t.Ibarricrhi., ,,,._.ass sa4 .wurwsI a sad b..s11 r.........
refreshing mn-ph.HR. Those who put to them by their friend or pre purchased "". ...uu.ta ul !>...... t>*.Bk.t.. .Mri.......rtv.. f....'......,....... .... ..n.11.1 ..". ( ,
were tip and stirring were sirs greatlyrevived by various.prctatnrs in an ordinarytone from Chief Ju.ue.lt F 'laylor V .ee'v.ii u.. >aiwaM. %.>ni. >' iawItli.s' to ..sass. ..11.0. O. ailee
._. ,. .
uf'rallha..ee. "1'tie animal i h of tineregistered h n.M.t.tais "st.dMtairt. t
by the. exhilarating l lrerseswhich of vote* and the question were
birth and U, said tu !>.. site
were not of the untnter kind, readily answered.In I *
the finest In this ection. n-.AJ..N'"ES"V 1.: :5.731 JrLOTI'LI1 A-
of ever seen
of these dent-
bat cool and refreshing giving' an amount

hammer has teen> with* u. a longtime oiictratlnn. Mr. Cooper aid t I

and no one .*.t'm10 regret that hT).. preparation used i I. not the one ANOTHER: WONDER: OF SCiCNCC.l ; : ;; .. 1.)1. (>.*M 4... President II K: TA Vlua. (,'..\ ..

t aoV IIr..a. Vle..I'r_.li'.ent I.( .. his Lack is broken
New Discovery a* It i i. called, ami In
dl.lu., ha. 1'ri.ird than .nn L'niwersitx Coors Displayed.A which I owe my" sis-".-.., i* fur .hOOj. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANKCD1T
( .w.r.1 I.t' w tirr.t.:
an .videne of their loyalty and treatment of all form of stomachtrouble I
and the general breaking down ",-Un' .. l I. clo l ,.if w i i l bra 'h.".- .1'! *''. !J.
.nltHul.m.lh majority of the mer
Rtt ilU me AJIa .1- i m.4 II..IIK+ f .. O-A-UNTJCS: -VITl.-!!: .
nf the system that follows Ifi the. wakeof .
had their
>hantVedne d storefront.
4 "y .\<1"tn lived the hue lot r... It.i. I.. .11
and winrlow' decorated with disease of this character lro< t." h.-.. THE SLY NATIONAL I I HANK I I IN ALACHUA CO s'

the color of the University of }Florida, "The stomach is the seat of a great I''I'-.Ik'n has i.er.r..'w., M .ur ,
und "lInw. The University many trouble ; for lntanc, my remedy > ...rul rure umil N;> .a tai. it t s' is Capital ::duOtt) )( Hf)
purj'l" ,
pert on HIM m>u>.b... It .* .ri. : '. tMv,>
-color will b.. one of the etablished will relieve thousands of people of rjIbMi. thai kl;..j It KOTfM Ih..' ...fc.. :riurpIuH:; "11.1 l UntlividiHl F'rotit :.MO.OOO no

displays of oor nterchant and eitiseosis rheumatism In this Bit) simply by gets l4..1niT or. 11.'.ri. 5..., iltxxf*>. '. 'Oo. u.- ear&...?.>. C Dkl_ k M4..4M. .ll. I.....",.. ..,..l .o s55 *>... I.! ... .%... *./01.)'
future, ting the stomach In working orcJ..r" I 'o''P. tu rt t 'H rt t.f tM t wfwr.It %*. __.%.of .._...f*.,. U.r._.... C..i-u *.'-.... l.M>r**..iM>.*4kr
I who were >.r. 'hvlt.U't! ri. <.!,.. HrhJn a. ills!| .(.....!.rr.*I.OT... At, V...._ .>._..4 t.._*>UfH
Many people seen presentat T.' insr hour: a-.! ft,... l..bta<.. '. >.en K TAYMIK U......
this d..mofl.u.tion a.s.rl positivelythat I .. . .
t>''i l n t'uff rt;r r i .rmw }-... .r i < t rvIt
Cooper undoubtedly made I"... h II... .mtr'ii.. .. .y.r .r .i.n.tf .rrH I I .
.. I >... |''.>tinr' .1r'>in\\\ .. .4.....| |0..
deaf people hear ",lnMicanopr !. ..i ,tf.. t... .-.i a la Tt.. IUrr G. S. MERCHANTS CO. ;

PRIG tide ('u.. 1.Ir.It.. )tt b ,
= Happenings, j jMitanopy.Sepl ,J: H. |It...4irr A..c-.. MM-rlal. Are.&. !, tt.t.lirt., and.J"hb.r. in t

7: -Mr, and Mr

J II, Hiroonton returned from (tenrgia i!

Monday after ....r.1) month sl. ; Staple and Fancy Groceries, |j
sencp Pearce House

... .. returned "
inoti mlia !D SAlt Mls Nellie nco. h

from Galnr.vtllr. where she hs. teen Ora hit Garden Seed and Fartillzort. v
.tvyii, fw.aisr assassin. a r. .
vesting her auut. Mrs liavir HOUTII Uh fKjUAHK.Ifi I II A IN KM VI'LLK rt.tIUA

The Hell Telephone eon.trueuoa he.' market priee 1'.1 '", '>>."."., Eggs sad .>tK.r f r.4o..,

alnnc with their : f-n..f. d awl. UrderMaosg ...
moving' right Tb"ullabl
been a remsrkabiree.e. gang: are /7omp4t..se...)k r.r Pay I .-r "...* er 8raa. M.sl. Out tun ,teed M.. +
we hate dl.po .i ot n..r'y! wukwlt work Ws will soon t>* able tu say j! lent and Kr. w. > ...11''. n v the ..1. )t y UK.T:
C.- --jn I h.T. only/ a few ".110"' over the I.-d'.'....... :' 1:N1'' fKM'KM ant g ..rnl_ ."tUfs*tioit always.

f 'phone SI to S1.50 Per Day Meals 25c :
v I t: h Mrlioa left M..w lay fur A,l- trs..alr.
.. '. .. :.lt : to' "..1.< HM>- W_B U fI" i,
I* y.tti -.. -<* 10 .rt. I.. share tr will bt.,. e r" a4 2

r..r1"' now ". ta.t ni" I .17; ; m.d..
..,...pl, it' it l\.at.bttt\ rrt.JHt04 ur,<2.J. F. T. klfTttlJI'! O Mt). Manager80wLZNG

.J i..tH-d..t '1'-t' fr>MD Tr on...-. wb.r. .. hs* Area ..

$ .Jj "*> h.d. *t *4.1"Vty lv<..tif>g( rJ-*e. M>*.

\ Luis' ttobtltf b*.* with him .
\ psyIS far a b..l when '
I )1,*. C.ets' lIe"_. U la town' .*..lu ,
iW. *... ld for
y > eau C. ,lea ilr. J V. Tfcaats*. N .......,. Fae r i* trt.l.i.

11 t aI r. A sroUIWI..s.1... a..*.. eta. I law Cask re'._ 1

MrtfcrvlUl .bu-- "Hasxlay. H.. .:
After we c4o* out the few A Uray ,Is a..>.tat by li.v. Mr*.ham I
Lava tsft bd w.n r..UQlt- so.r of Noflh Oo.*I. HsTES SER V ICE.

.t6Al.. 1"1".. ,..... K bykak4 Thrasher h.. r.lero.d .
> sates a few wwatke' Swat.Dr I OWLING ALLEY ,

Ftest.. T...-. ....,....... tali Ja..a: I 1-10 "tr.*..
.. .
y .f.. "'). i.ss..e ".' yr est. wi' a> 111 Aleut'e.-

MONEY In T1wta... Yaa sit -.boro Mawh I .. .., .. ....
r A' .CkfItJ" 1 :ILLXf (14 ,l L' ..... 'sL'(1 \'f..1: d+
., .as pestlied .....U.... foe J11year. ...wre fes iNj.N ..........1' ...... .
k .. ays k. ..... .e.4 ...., ...w.1 delved, r.-. ..I.... M_

kao .... 'rol...... ,., .,....c.- lays, w.......,.,. ..... ,rt4., .
jt illHESflLLE I NI aq Y..... .u..t__ ...,......., S,
1--1 asst .t ..14..80S bl..s4. .. .-..... .refsasy. kd.terwe ...1M.si a. i I,'..'..,..,.. anal b. sbtstsu.j front, m

C Write eau ..,. k. bs. ..... --.4. a.j to t.g ...a4.o. s.ewf t ltd. '..Ile d wke,4
f : .SeKty. is boat... ....... a.4 ...,. .... erltrlsLN
Us. k4 :.7 ant.asa.4.rer'eebt. aasrs4 ,.,...... t.. ... .( 1.44.. .1 A. GOO D M" [ >+ 'J 1 ftbt.1t..Ut.( t.
'C".I'....... >1 ., i' c II.tiKrr.g ..t.,... ,
..4 0' z '. e s .aisle ey.sesa J t. L NllYZ#. 11'v.Ie.. ; t

w oXc......as! .A (:air

... I ,.
$ .u. 1 }
.ir ,
.M r w yfy. r .t;
it' M
i ,, '"
t > ., .t '. ?_

+ .
-- ,.
/, ', .0.1,, ", ;,.\ ", t :-- -- ', '" ..... '.....,... ,' ,.... ""
't .I
':OI>. :" :::: ation along 't 1io given fine If Oresya y' ,.

a thftijJoften enough the on-- .
r :heat : I
the thinking majority will come to believe '

\ .have' you DO* matter slow absurd the If You Are Insured .
JCa eed thing. .
rt MI_ have long to Nlu
Each one of us must offer

phe himself before be can learn that'he la 1 that is Rf'ilPODlibl.Ua1't a Policy Correctly I I
U. H. m Company
-.- en- I but In great community of wretched Written With Liberality of Policy Contract, aud''the'Company ,

Ty, JESSE B. the n-s which has beet; piteously repeat- Pay Lutses Promptly 0

log itself from the foundation, of the k .
F. M. PREWITT. life L ...

work" ...world.' .This 'is an. age when men pile op tabs C You Are Assured : ,I''j

8qS W. Main olous fortune ID a day and our women *

spend them ir.anely.' To witness That no serious loss can o'. rcome you without you have some t y
*-t>t M,ada)'. > the princely'! lavishness In many quarter % refufe.

tidied to any I Lake reminds one of the dace of Greece I

frc.. forfja year; and Rome.

+ .months d ranee. so only' 'You ask who Ia a real friend? To Fire Life Accident'and d Health tarance.

..*,. I that friend whose life has taught you. ,

Reading .. .,. II many beautiful truth. ; whose wordshave None but Reliable Companies Kepre.euted.
for Brit insertion,
tnaertlon.Kalea trrintheiied, anJ encouraged: I

for display few I you to live more true to your God \ \

t, application. your fellows, and
the for you when o'h..ln.t hope ; who be ,
The Twice-*- '* I 1
sieved in you when other! could not
column paper, they ; Information cheerfully famished. GAINESVILLE.-FLORIDA
Thumday; and : .. who saw good when others looked for l/ ,

week local state pro evil-to that friend whoever h.. i i. or I I I I I I'"''"''''
nailed, portage wherever he b.
Ktate or Canada may affectionately . ... --
-- -
+: ob- dedicate the story* of your life.

-- ----
: All advertising. l. ---
r .pt.ear.nceof of Vote against each and every one of

Stipulate'! in the amendments to the Constitution.!
will be required! to
.....". Address The document has already been
1' the mended. to such an extent that it 1.1 I

--- .- .. tinfusing to even the best legal mind.
t in the Statet'liuaner

(.ornlneta' bulcide.:
; Cairo. 111*.. Septa 2C.-When =
a FRANK arrested ----- ---

on a charge of forgery preferred -

; For Justice of by the Memphis, Tenn., police Fire Life and Accident In the oldettand be tcompanies
CUAH. II. A. Wtirrendorf. alias Charles W. : : :
lilntzen. killed himself by drinking .
ry -
ti For : I I carbolic acid. Warrendorf registered .

+;4.l.fi,' NEWTON.R.'or: U State UD .A "' : I .*' at a local' hotel DAY a. from CURE"PILES' New York.- M! M. PE11 2 (illlf[ ftAnROAD ((0.

Schedule'Effective .4pril 20. 1606.Connection .
For $tate : : '
# 4
'a II. H. / esia. AMIruruwc ea.we
AYACIC. No." I I No. a No. 3 I I I Nu.2: So. 6 No. 12 No. 4
For Member fIg* _MO a.._ r....a wrl.w flatly ,SunOnl,Dailyex TAT10SS$ Dad:, CX SunOnl I SUDOnJs Dally eox
-----.aY. Nun I Sun
HYD un.
4-0>Awa>a MM _
-- -
T. M-1-pM-.1..I--------- pM : :
M Aal
-- ------ -- -----
I Leave Leave Leave I .Arrive
For C In n (0 111' 240.I .. . .Llve Oak... 4 :i1 Arrive 6 40 Arrive IOU) Arrive 9 tO

+JJr i W. \V. t: A4a: : It: 1 ise 6 t: : 1:(: I.I / Do-limoi'' !'.rk. I IAv1 g 99 At : MS O) Ar Ly : 10 Ar :4 i'g
C U 1 Sr Ar 4 t\: .. Mayo .Jullcllvn .3 I 2\:
For 4 43 L" 9 I>> ro Lv
the I' (
: Ar" M) Ar 6110. Ar 6411 .I.. .. .. Prrr,. .. ... .... Lv 3.0 IL" 1& 00 I LY 6 40 o I
) W. t>. led 'ANO 3U Are. :na. Ar II 31I.I. Ullmt.ton bprice.! .1.v,2 (P. .Lv IO. : ILv T. 30 '.. F r",
-- -
: =:
3: --
For .
made at Dow If n., Pork for nil tiulr. to Iud frcm Live Oak and Perry. and at
It. II. : .AltoLl.nd Mayo June tlon fur 1011.)0. Alien! Mild AU! Irlrrur..htte: l lolni.
t''! For ..... For Information a.* to' 1 nnneetlona w Itb utter ,Urea 'a t1cfc.r call CD General Pa(,t '
e :: Agentbone H7. Lewln IfulUllrir. L4>eOak.
II. II. ; 11IOMAM IjOVVlJNO- l-TFMrtent. R R 1-10. KINS, Ger.erall'.ell.cer) Airect.

H. II. .
- --
-- --- -- -- -
--- ---

r For County r.J.F.O. : : In,. Florida East Coast Railway.

.,, J. F. v'c. .

W. J. )I : .' -

it O. C. : Local Time Card No. 66 in Effect April 161996.NORTHBOUNDREAD .

;;- ... I. 4"

Ring There the.Is.a law : I ,.. -- J//, --.t-" SOIJTfl-BODND-READ DOWN UP.

i no dl_." .... ..... ...., .. .
loJ.'". and It -'- .1.. !II _I.' ...s, N.;
; fllasa of labor a* :: =:. ...;::::. ..I. ':-,,. .:':i D.U. D IIyto STATIONS! NOatll.y/e I a.0-;My.Ones to
; :::J rue r ..--- .... .14 .r/ '..," sad
who enters the 12nam Lv... .___ Jack, .....__.Ar 7 :rpm Ia.w
lurL.:... J"1aTSlfA. HtlfJTnUNS eMpm I 9>> Sam! _.._,,1bnt0 Jsek.onrnl.___.-.Lv : 11.mu
fare Inducement T "' 10 .....ta __. .. : f'pm
At .UII T.leseo _. .:.... 1.11I .et. AuRutln.--...__. !! r 45.mpm

t gull your employ ..,....,....-...,._arse,..........IN....." .,..-r.r....rHa. ....'.r..__.....a........... : onpm;: : n :: : ::- ":::-.-_.: ::., Pal.lt.a._ :==::= : : .SUpm .. Iola 41Iam

l; goes to your ...__,..,+.....d..j' I..-....." ....,_ -i'L:!.:;;. 11ii1ll A...__.__.__ at a._____. .. 66:1pm 6 atl.m
nadet your --.y..w._ r"':::: :: Iel. V4apm- Ii 1c L...... ....._... P.Iat1a_. ...__.._......_.At IISpm 6&.m23pm
-.N. ........,....... .'Aw ....,._. .... -.-...- Ar___ ._ fl.. Mateo
.. .
.. .
levee JIIU. ._ _... I.seu.' aw.ea.sr Ai...._.. II s..... .III tetan ....-;......-.. a it.m L.... .... ........Aan at 1.leo -L"..._. ........_._...e.A r .21._. .u.
; ;
-- .--a.. .. taw .U nawr.. : U i 1; _jlunnelt.Zi om
The hooking of J. saved AJtMS .AMD' TOOL CO. Iepm IOpm ====..::=. pupool_._.._. == : 4 2Jpm m a loam
14yw 1 lapin ., .,.. ,
...... : .e- Ormood
bf the ( ." \ -.. -- 100.pm lllpm ..___.- ,-.1.ymna.: -=,.==== : : IApm : ==
'wKYre_i PALL.M....,U,"a.A. .0.11' l alpm ___..__ Pora Oranr. .._ .. LSpm
F tlon for the (' : *! .0 asps 2 u0_p m AI'............ ......_..:\... t'lmYt.' .._...._.........._..._.. .. 1 1 I\pm .1 /1m Item t
Tfl? 4 44pr A, :r'L.te -'r
4. 10th. will I .
'- ----- -- 11 laaw .= :: f t pr 614pm
4 Mym .:.:. : .Lr.netv. : =--:7=
,; latest In 'ontl..,, 114uam .?. i'7f 17 adym 1 b.pm
;; ._. swtLm e.- prantsCity; Junction _.......... .I 1245: !! 01 its III
tlon. The *treet l lf .! -- N:eimtro.. .. ..........Al
in t.pn 2 4upm == :..:::=: (yak 1101.....'- = Otpm: : ==
ti produced In this its GRINDLaxative It alpm! a lapin Ar._.._ .. ... ., Tltnsllla ".-L.__ ..._.... .. .. .. 2 40pm 1 Ooam
e"tom! uf the li-ioan. a-'III .__._.. ..-. ._.....(;".1..'..-.. ._""- I OC\pm
A\\ l-vam '
I 1.uler 11 s43m ._........... ... S..font' .........._.. .. ... i.r.ir a 'T'a'pm It lOam
thsjlr and l ; 'nT"IDnIl'" Ly.. .. ...._ 6I'.1.1D
--- _tltu.ttle __..._ ....
12 Ilan .J 611'r... .... .. ... "r ) 0"01 lei
the Florida vUitor I ---- "" ..... ._ .._ .. .'
e I.
the Far Ka: ..." Fruit Syrup a 1: OI.ajar: ,. : Ylpr Mpr : -_ _.=___...: ,ftn..,;Iriw ,,' ,' ... '.. e 1 lupin 1J1m 2 i5am 1 am
-.. ... 1 Siam lope .. ----.- -.11elt..urna _" ':' :':::.:..':.::.:. ::.:..' I 3 41pr : 47.m t
-- 1 .tam iZ:
t When the sun I I .eI tl.a.ant to taksv a..w. I.lopm mpw .. --_-_._.L$.batlan.-l.ret ___._....._...... 1& tsm 12 I Slam Pam:
I IOA.a 10 seam
q't' The lapin --_.Jdrt here._........ 12 ma't I
{ become dusty, new laxative. Doe / :11.'III.. tlpw -- .._..__.TIt-t'.Ua_ .... 10 barn 11 Npm
.... ..._ "
t I 1lpm 10 17am II
When It rain and not gripe or nauseate |t /.oar' 6 wI ---- k,1n -M_.... .. In 1.4m ii Upm '
alp .. --.h. __....._. .
muddy you with ( I 01 Cures stomach and liver 'I 1 I :slam'f'a. 1 ,IIQ" ..-. ..t..U_..._...__ .. 10 10000.Uxm. II o9pm
j .
; After you are fete TMVw .. Rote eoond. __......... 9 team i30blpm
i troubles *nd chronic con- I, a 1\ar .. ----t..U.. .__.._ _..._.. 9ltas aoc.aU.DI : -
sl..t ..
wa Ingle and If B..cb
.'. .. _.. .
r. / a .
sips ... .UI
tipatioi by rrstorinjj, the 1 :.law s .. .-. -. --- \'fo. ... '-.,. .. I el'pu
< Mpr A xUm
you with you had _. .... i'.lrat. .___ .... .. j .. a .
.a.m a
'f It. If it I II a toy i ,* natural tactic.not the stom- a A'.r 14lpm lope :: -.--.}ylut I la',"I.rJal.._._ ....__. .. .. 7. :12a...DIiI' a 1 bot3lm Mfs f
%" .
girl and If It l I. a tech 'iS. .-. ; t' hryr.. I r 1 filar i...... to i fApm tpla =.. ==..... =....:: ., ,:,I'i.i.":..._ .=:::= :: f i Case 19am. J wpm sOFr
.Le' ..
boy Wa human I .. T awra 10 $4ua Ap -. .-. ..... 'tnn (lt ___.... ....ID 14Fa10IL.w
? ..rI. by J N. )ttl'.lla. AMEftANDWOMUU('w.J .. I ;--..- -- .lfteml! __. _._ I.y L.ID
fledT tuet.. not .* : _..:=.=..! Art: ..:.._... ... .1lua.e.: ". 'O&paa
'p then there would I If 1-:.:: :.._..: ...i : :::: :='. .: :::

t ... .. hrl_ ... ....
c. .. .
about. .. I .hl. &Dd :" .?..., !il_, 1_. ".,.,
f 5. l a a r_ a.e .* r-.. ....>.rj t belly .arerewtrJ.., ( l>!I UI:>a a:14l..
#.._.. ...-....-.. .--x- --- .
...r."r,1.Ia.w.. f .1_....... .. tJl ; : -- --- -
The manner in ) ) ( .-wrrer 1st : : -
r M. o.u.a.l755,1
w .e. ..
-s l 1
Me.b 1.. .... ...."._ ..... at..Ir1.'wl.ei ... ,s.e1t t '. 'etY.: .. .22I.f t.
tt .
tli>n. were .4. : ( ': ,. wivicet. .NMii0s054 lea O..,.", L. I h.., Deers / vtT rei11 MlI'\C"' h l .to .
( .
rarviun to# Lair : : I -id. ... ......-.. oat! !i s. t ea lour Oil, Dally ..
'" t a a, e ..al, 15 ...'a .a'e t, -- -+ '- -..-_ ____ : f..
the roethtKJ* the ; a. sae-w.. p.e_'.. ru as r ,' t aN ..10.ana ._ -_..-L-_ .!.
, .1 __ s .. ..._ .. ;. I.' ,) .. -- _It'r, ...,
'Io. w .
ape:: ill resort tu a .rcts f MOCurtoAwootrtweto l MINK Ilan' t.' '- .aaatal.e.e.a.. .. ::._. ... ". t .. "If1r- ci.'sits.
r 'i e : |u : to ; .p
|tur|><>.e N,"t -ij. ..' .e t l p : .... ::.. a. a.-= :. : : :. :' a 4r
a ,
f _I _.'_'A" 'a11r ,, 7 : t(
> saapri'ts5L1R
niea w t.o art. 'n : "" f ':' 'I'' It_ .1. .. .. : I "
: 'T''P" '
.11.6:eat Ii.. .q & 1 L D :3icymsmw>
c"! iFlaS.7
drainage of the j PATENTSGASNOW >s ;
'r..... I : ,,... W..dlo. .Ka,. at 'ticl ...ra fpaw5Strg .,

... -luti
'* 'i 4 IHI .I'-o"' "r Havana and Key West
4 ) 1 L war -w rMt't'
.e1 t \u.! i r h ( Two
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:APP LLING Is Disease a Crime ?

Keep Cool When Four Are Killed .."dFlfte.n
Not very ions. ago, a popular magarlnotmbllshed -Women's Pains"I
Hurt. -
editorial' article in which I
"HAN ANTICIPATED the writer ::" -rted. In sutMtauce. that all Minneapolis.: Sept. ."rl? rr It<-e

I disease should be regarded a* criminal. d...I.I and I:. are Injured a" .' -".'rut''
Certain It Is. that much of the U-kne; > :sand
Buffering of mankind Is due" to the of a rt'al"'f'o.1 collision of a i I., --.n IC.'

of Situation JellicoIs violation of certain of 3tur"04 laws train anj u swl.ch! vr-glne t-i .' .. :NI\' nIt
at Hut to say that all sickness' should 1 was total: wreckwrites Mrs. BouKihRowjey. )
be ..:"'U! and St. l.outa rat'n11: "i a :

Serious. every regarded reasonable as criminal Individual!, must as appeal radically to. at X. w I'r-i-riio.; Mian.:' 4" :.' i of Chanipoog: Oregon, "trom pains I hadsuffcrdl.

WTOI& of :\1 it'keapniis.The .
t -- It would b3 harsh unsympathetic .lend., for 4 years, every month. Sometimes I

DE AID IS NECESSARY Cruel, yes criminal to condemn the poor. would be unconscious-for"l2 hl'urs\t a stretch. I
weak, over-worketl housewife who rinksunder !It l> l-H-marai{!' Mltintapo" .. 'eat
the heavy load of household cured i ant: ".a4 i nian did not know that anything could stop the pain

ecllnlng Offer of Outside As.ce and nesses burden, various, and displacements suffer! from of weak|*'l\ic; I 1-: tic uni. i t Paul .::' '" entirely" but Wine of Qirdui: did. I :advice all'ot11l"n

organs and other derangements peculiar tootle; I is KltukerfuJ. taut' ) \\ suif.rin.ith painful periods to Car- i
the Mayor. of Jellico. Tenn., to her 5eLFnlQuI'n& -t -nt.ini' "
bearing of children with Its exacting dui and be relieved.
a An Urgent Appeal. For Aid demands, upon the smiem. ov>uplod .111 M Ur.itwcli. :New" P-.i__ i.l. i. :
with the the People of the Town.,: large family Is often the ecus, of weak- ) t n. It does this by regulating) the function..;. .uul
pea.es. derangements" and debility whlc areawravated I .its ,. Ir.'. "tlk1f'' 'w4rp

YI11E'. Tenn.. Sept. 23.Majors I I and the hard by;and the never-eodln many household work cam whlth' : ::-t. ,I t... ..JK. t<,nmII' all the Internal female\ organs t to lie.ilth.\

and Stewart of Jellico: have xi\en; the mother Is called upoo to perform I'r. S L ttkii' .\IIMI, t Lr.t In iii'I Ire +tP
I IMen-e. the maker of that wurl4-anwd rvtn- I I It t is reliable female
a specific rein'tiv.1'ith
SBOClaled Press an urgent ups edy for woman's peculiar waAn..>.,<.s anti f "1\', II, pure, :

tor aid for the* people of the Ills-Dr. Pierre Favorite Pn-uTtptton. _arn I ," <1"t: IStahl., \JIIII\: I ", ,' tl a record of 70 of
that one of th.gteet.etobaia.tc.s t.. the i-uro years
:which wav. practically ruined by; of this clajtsof maladies In the fart that tho'' iui'-vr; : on -" ltoh "u.ltl4' FREE ADVICE

smite explosion' last Friday needed over-wtirked rest from her i"ouaewlfeesn many hou.not'h.>M gut cars the I t' I., Epee. MtimMH| >.l-: ,t t :\t1 success.: :: I It has benefited \\', '.,. u* ,.. \I.<1... 01..1..<.'........'iI. 1
totir "< f.M a.J. a I k Y
1oC' The appeal reads: and labor. to vnahl her" to ture from the 1a> l'\ ''MM Intt'rnan)! 11.. \.It ., in' pi,Inate.. l.1 ..,..'.r.
Tenn. ueof hi refwrlptlon. .. its full t..n..tlt. I It \1'I:. < \! \ I It.'In'nu uf M a million others. AJoI,.,a. l... .,' erasers Ivp.'w.r.,'.
"Jellico. Sept ::I.jhe Is a matter of ,re ....' .apertenee. he rats, ", n. )p. 1l.t'..... ..
Public: I' In meet his with extensive tboMfl In practice which. his lu treatment thooe ..a...-.fall. to .'n,1! \li,, iio'itUt; .:'''ri'll \1! ... \ not you? Try it. ........ : ....,naa t.Ji.lr.tu.llat'i'hy

e gravity of the situation In .11.1 by; 'reaoaof the patient's Inability. toatntaln tnwn l.i tld hettiio w "ii 11 I, n ::
fn>m hard work lust enough to If .
vured.Vlih t.ir the .
la more appalling than we at first \ t tee suffering from prolapou sntev inJnr tl. Thu'y NV.I. 1 t..i i
Ipated. Saturday It us' thoughtwe r>kon and retroverslon of the uterus or "::ej! on the' tialn. but .1! oj\ ,i._ Sold by Every Druggist: In $1.00 Bottles.
other displacement of the .
: ortrana. I their n.'r\ .- "ht'u' the ,
would be able to cope: with It net-eMtary that. In atlditlon to take > rItuu.t
:"b" : :
in "Favorite PreocrlptIon I they atv tain \ .t once they hegtu'-. r
conditions that have arisen heieresult i iwork I
from heingvery much or for long p rl..l*. on t
of thett'rrlhlt" natnlte their feeu All heavy llftine or ntrsliiltitr of The). tore skirts> I li, WINE
I any kind should aka' he avi>lde iM to
oslon of last Friday morning. I-a- out-door air as ponslhla with n"alcratr. liirtit ; N CARDlil
developments however exerrlMj Is also very Important. It the i is funtho' nl.l was neeiltd Y
te't'I\1 patient ohnerve thene ruleo and the .'avurj I j ,
It will be necessary for I lie. Prescription" will do the rest, I Their rfortM met with i''I., t.t tl : Irt.ru. I OF

to be extended: in order to nuet I Dr. 1'1'" r'eo's Medical Adviser l I' !'ent/r ron ', l praise l on the part of of,. 'n 1
for receipt of stamps to pay r.tw| -n'e i.f work! x w
demand Immediate
relief that 1 I mailing t,nli/. Send to Dr. l:. V. fierce, I
ow apparentVe at first decide 1 I I HufTalo.) N. V.. SI one-cent ..tlml'oiI| fur J pa I -

t'C.llne offers of outside assistance: per-enveredor31 stamp. for cloth-tsulsl. Pain From a Burn Promptly" Relieved ,-

t have come to us from all parts i If I letter.sick consult All! ouch the Doctor communications, free of chargeby are I by Chamberlain's Pain't3atm IT? IS FREE? :: 1 1We I I'Y

.t country, but now. after further held sacredly. confidential.Dr. !. I .\ little rbild of Michael Siru' nf

soL'er thought, we are appalled Pierce Pleasant!' Pellets invigorate
i Vernou Conn was recently In street
the dent ruction that has been and regulate! stomach liver and bowel I ? Have Made a New Departure in Our Business I
pain from a burn' on the hand and use

st'd and the suffering!: that has ful| cold application only in.'res.ed the The t''cres..hu: Ir. tta111l fur If:1' : ,.kre. \\ II .. I .&,11""." Ite.: t

ed In Its wake. Therefore In the Dispensary to Run Gauntlet. ttillitmmitlion Mr. i trims* IMIHto "| rJames thnvi, t',.. ii5IM 111.I In'en .o s:rest that 1% .' I h, err .Irelrlri. It.. add NM
e of the people of Jellicoe d.-. Ml. "ltI"t-( | Pr. t'\UTMKN: r t .MII. trv.itin*. the 6.1.1.. 1,.
UnlrlKh, :N I H"lt? ;:.; T'u!, N. :NiohcU, a tonal merchant,
e' that contribution of money ur thin wIt i I t..> taken .n M.:11 tig : '>" uric a 11.1 I a I ;> nI.! ill hate our per-
Kalefxh dlnpeniarv wh.eh; '";'oluri- fur something. : It* stop IhrlpauI | Mr I "ollal 1
er material assistance' will be
an Jinnnnl net pioflt'of yell;( .oim. t... f.,It Nichol ..says I advised l Hum to '.... gelaranteDROP
tefully received ,
run the Kminttet: of a |I"'Ittllar| '. .i. hnmlierlaiu'. Pain. Halm.Hnd the tlrat1Ilr".lnn
"The principal distress exists! a a Hon,, In .1 decision in fie! ni)"'ili.r drew the IntU'itmitinn And. we Will 111"11'1 free <.or lutlid, 'I.Inu. |>ro.pe's i.. tvhli. .h I. fully |II.III.tI.t",1 |. ,l

It of damage!: to property and court. Judge, WVbfi ,.'.l ..tl. out .I'h Iuehlreaof' the Huilduitf t 'ttlie., the I'.niliiirf I: l eart*
ks of Roods an.I household effects Kran .1 |p and gave immediate reli.-f I hose alert..tore KIMIIII/ stay!.., eo "h >i'h fu ijf demiLtr 1... the fa,,li.t | try

residents" of the" town In additionphysical flout fur mandnmu to oidtr an .'l.c-! tied tile. liniment myself and recom* ir" fi>r I,ami lltut. II ir intrmous tuiotte. .. Ne w di! ki.llr: ......1 you ourPrice .k
tlon The dtci-tliui i I- !uii
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