moving .':..tttt b* rlrr b..r.. nar tb* nsnijl eleven million toga of rata .I II. 4ld not w..r 'be e lntb.. .h.n la el*.".g .y the fr** i
bill mill r( ;b. Wilson Cypr... mm- 1 CAM, which prut of caught tat Mrs. Ktr' > '.*! *.M br a..- r.rtra' typl.rh ..U..__. forts I ..4. M1 ,... ...r.tlet. .... .e4RsnOls"ewde
ft raw sugar. abtnit oa..t*.th of the rn :I .r. .lag, tn.. to. r.rvt.r ,t.. 1.....
surface of .. .
the h .
'Tsar brought:: to,," wor*. but *I 'e n*.r < -
the rmp of Cubs etsvb, ..r* ImiAg srrt*1t oft IM *.,' ''It f
b ; r.s.e4
*.ater the tINt *>f a win man : Jaet rYtdar mwralng ()!'n' r Wright fonn-f '
--. -. ---- I Mate aaa*.A."r. are l*.|aw .
name rot.J t iHvla a "etranger )e*,. a ,atilt,.* ...lf< VM post end heir r,f >M 1./r' Hh Arta. JI.-'I U % Neft
Jews .ee.erS a<. l*.JvftC t;*... r. ._at* ..r t>>t>. lr,IW. .'.i cb eel.lag IHf It ash
){- baJ .ea af wiirk fr a r.cI'1- tklee ovrsll.. Tb* *ltet mtghl. .sat |.. ArK -li.pstth sr}
Ok.t.Doma City.c Otf ....,. 2- re<... 'he p *tr|>t r.a. lik. l.orqtiieaa Mesh ..I.....sdsf. i
.r r>.. Cprees. mills and -% -.a fttI ly bate .>... ml. .It.* for army fn." II. i hoes 4.elat-/ p-w
toad. a.c.t **rt a''ln ang*d rea.arka N.....f.r, who wee. ... .,...... LoonIn Mtks....a'''. Arhaa a
31owtay I' n. m tbs" taim o-> eec err by Mrs Klw*> ()tfr r''nsbtaloe _
th ertbod'. H..r." r.Uglon. I. ,.be seth ... rop.p'I ar.dvie. Mq'U t
It.t.d r0 11 fe.. was usafvet...llr, lag on I.assert a WV_I, "a.r" I .... i le e tel,< r where e** tote p invleo
loom In the wale of lb..tram.n IS tk.. Orthodox Juts- ro gr"r- r.jt le mm Ik. newt PLa .." that I II ... U a ..*.,..'.1 earl ..a.* ...i.t."*.. ..f a .nleattr <.

t. tt..< know bust IV* itrovalags upt time III..,.' seear*<4 aa f.JitW.a) to re- ('lavtoa -.m asst r, ..r T1r..,....,. I -. --- ,?,.runs ..t. 4_"'." .!*<. hr t

-.... > r 1* It mows _h.r. b. !. strap Ham.*l f t4stt, a pawaWe I fat r +.,,,... .burn II detvwk fa 1.II ,..... Ks/t.4 by t.ei......a.WtaaIyg. Note .........." .. "..r. ..'. |ff'Hin
ft.M her from all.wItagh. ryaaoRwTf. ....... sad ebasr! f .... rlnf"' ., I It.sat.,1... ....... :2 I..11.4.. tVt !... ..,_. f wf
psp rs wets ..n'" bY' fJJIer1, ''an.I lla>.......>, a angn .ItHaa a.., N.._.t ... bye--s ,M'.....l b-se at 4, e New lfnrh sepsrt ws'te
4.......r4c.. Ua.:stfy M.n, hf (1o14.telatuw.4 tbers ... ati. by,. el4 TH.r...4r that .. b.4 se-tt i ","rasib o .sf.i-...... wSieA -.....,... ... ..,._...... 1d ..... trade A ........aJ
k useo r.. "' #pt. :y -r_ "." taA the vrrvtev. Xo. wa* I I ... ...
t to .
.teal T1ssa t peen
,1 a ta*gt's that pM.r. ta. aar tt.. r.. eo-: rt&at .. way W ifc c **ip ey g.sia
Are a .tl's> visas. an "f'fNP t' tt s4* to *>*ct kisci frfke tb* rse.utLaa4 atM bail.e wV sar4 tk* .I vip ta.rr tw, .',...,. .la etalr* ate part iaWill. Ac44

..t t:S" c, btsV.ta1.Uf Dstt. .... base.D411 a ll *s. tunes vTt4 the t P tVm n< !%". aMafaa" 1|. w.. rI. J ,..,__ ..r' Itt'-C ..... .1. taPs w
...'f'ia'.... U. Aa4 tqsr I ,I'l I pesjteg.Ma _tit r* -s*.< ta. *rr ia vof r.te4 sa4 *..t ta .b. h/J9e..ew." t''. ,rr... .... b.... t t'.___.. C. II riiM .."" ..., .*.tf M..r.UH
> rrb'i. r "-k..t ... ..-..... at ,'. I t t&. tote of he* Yerh. -v< II --fs George ft K* ** -I tl'.n .. a wit Wn"' &... ... asa.wa sits t,V
r: /ew .4fa, I. e. t iI i. It l4it'MtL.a .N.4 tJ< ,
y.. ( .s ral! ., ewtt a_.. A taeab. sat a-I,1rae..r..s. .
Ma.11 Kafrbb-I. .... ..".. f.. r- suu :w a. 1tltr 5o vii
? air 1 ..& p r. aaf s. ... . ......... te.eMvMI.. -
: .aa.coy aa.11 !!..ttur3rata. o.-r.r Nitl. c........... 0..... I I tkal lies : v..U.*. .. U..tT..<. _., 3bes bsr Ii;.
'I. a W' t tseta2Jsar. peat 0'........, to. .'a r,1! It fray. tttatsiair .' $ :J A. .g.vl J
.. Sl''. ... II/.C1.ZLaa.
IIrpe. t rtf fast
g" .. ..... I* : a ftZtaroos4i a. lot. 'w .i .. eertwro
..... ... ..,e s a
tl asi a... f.4 as s.qs. 1a 4 (' 1101. a dl.Uatdss.l .... .. 4- .: ..a ILL t1mM wrt_ <;.} tai If4..d.1 u> !...! t&m n."t
tti-- ... ; 3fbf..
H. seal IA lw petfg4 .t. a e.
T"It. tR." rr 'esc sa'.tef ... tie bra! r1.r.attersat ..a uet; r -* r r W',.>.r a*>t Wl.
*#>yu'V. tcJP 1IIIOatt.' 1.1-ara 4-1 tot ...,.......... r c.alt. -w..a t ... t. /4 ..a hi.n+el br' as
atyta '
Sit '!rgI alas feJ af .e< Od.(rte1001
.. ..e .ut s.Jt ....toa-f' ba t ieee r.
: '1"- b sl.d" b4.r- tae a a ilia) aswl was tabs iet1 Js. t ..... w1t..R NI ....... lilt 1.n )"i s S..., QCfee." .,a .
:. hon.. h $.aeUsvW. , AJiLw..., J
."l14ar' ra;: w7yA. J I pew Clap tlr.. .t .Iitwt ..u... 1's4.. ..
.. ., 2slby} t b ,vie r..w 1R .a. wr ;: ....a.t1"-. .. -: .
-''.+.* .,'* ,' it V f,;
; F P 't

J R5)t) is 11 r


.",\;...:,..,..;::'it v. 'iEiN6 OF HOSfr 'WINCUEJTR
';.;. "", Short SprlngWheat Crop !. One of
'* SeseUs
?* tt:6 Causes
; PITAL ASSOCIATION St. Petersburg Sept. 22-The official

report Just issued, !gives but lit

) Officers.Elected For Ensuing Year. for tle famine ground which for a1.6JP ..4. CK. '
-- -
Other Business Transacted. many provinces .

__ '- this winter; Powder Shells!
; wheat harvest Black!
He average, .

disappointment. Strong and Evenly
Association Is Now Occupying the National crops also were
Odd Fellows'' Horn. But Will JAP- cially the latter. Arc Sure: Fire,

p Soon Erect Upon Us Own Premises In The Russia Volga was 1"t> ; Stand :"Reloading.

a Magnificent Structure. in both harvest T .

The Gainesville and Alachna' County Incrs and (he : Gel The Game.

Hospital Association l held a meeting in showing, all the

*' the City Council chamber on Friday age. The "" .

night for the purpose of electing oftl- All Size PackagesAll generally above<< l 1: ; ,. Sale Everywhere. .

ears for the ensuing year, and fur the poor In the Vo;;': !

transsetloo of regular buaiiiee. averag In the!

Meeting was called to order by Col. Colors. belt.* Rye was !
:;'- .,*. F. Dutton president. Minutes of abo\ > the aTf'ra : : ::. 1.869.
six southwestern!
the last meeting read and approved. I .

The report of W. B Hludon and L. J out wheat Russia.waa below &COa

Clyattthe committee appointed to
Oats alxo :
audit the accounts of the late treas.

nrer. Dr. B. P. Richard (deceased ), reported Phone 7. only laces In came nine up of IN---- .

that they had examined the .

p' books and accounts and found total rceipis -.. ley In all was(the Polish/ ; :' :: l .

to be 91,831.02.: Disbursed asp 'ly good in the I

.r touchers, $ iO10. Balance in bank coffer are and Twine. Walrus]

i 1821.02. of the peasants
Nest In order of busiuesn wail the the work of ,. or Sides.

nomination of odJc,,". President upon the central ::

Datton appointed Rev. Mr. Hay Col. Doig Improved English

I R. E. Davis and Ferdinand Bayer in BAIRDHardware WAS A and Supplies for 8 me.

make nominations. This committee
retired and in a short time' returned But Cured by .

with their report naming for nomination Cholera and

at the following; Chas. W. Chase, Co: 'When

presidentV.. W. Hampton first vice- had a very noy severe boy : & CO.
-- -- -- -- ------------ -
.. president; Dr. Andrew t Medd' second but the ) ,
II. E. for It at this, hot season, and at the Jobber In'l; Taylor treasurer I Colic Cholera .
noon hour they separated.Ida .
; Ferdinand Bayer secretary. ere brought him .
Board of Trustee*-B. F, Hampton fIl.d'up.with good fat mullet, Hiekoz
chairman Col. Ii. F. Dutton while William proceeded to his home to Maggie Groceries
r-- ; Phillip This remedy can b .
Miller Chas. A. Colelough, Rev Thos.P. cook his own dinner. After her meal the most
Hal F. .'. Bullock. Ueo. \\". Hyde the good lady went by to see how herhusband
Infantum I. &! and. Fertilizers.
w. was coming on. She' expectedto
C. O. Pedrlok Sam J. Barnett J." plain '

Robt. E. Davis, A. E. Taylor. be greeted with an affectionate kis.. certain printed For sale t GAINESVILLE. FLO)>>)....
Executive Committee. F. Hampton but witnesses declare that he me', his
wife with a frying pan with which he kpn.. Eggs and other
Rev. Thos P. Hay, H. E. Taylor Killed In
Ferdinand Bayer J. B. Bodlford proceeded to "bat" her over the head
Cincinnati. .-
4 Christopher Malheion. until she hollerej. of Charles Flour, Bran, Meal, Cotton Seed Mea

The old building; committee was discharged Bell and the wife' were arrested tin do frnlx. .' BEST good at the LOW.

and a new committee consisting and In the mayor's court Friday mornIng lapp. president cf satisfaction always

of %V. B. Taylor, W. B. Higdou were arraigned upon A charge of and Trust '

and Rev Thoe. P. Hay were' appointed flahtlng. Injure.I 'and his

and directed to examine the plans After hearing the evidence' In the killed according RAILWAY

suggested by the County Medical Society ease, Bell was fined $2.60 and costs, called here by )

; and to report. at the next regular and his wife, who got the frying pan. Is widely known
meeting. was let off with the costs. throughout the beod unly Information and are notcaarsa- .
--------.- touring France
There being no further business, ---- -
Mr. and Mr. Leo ---- ---
meeting adjourned to meet on Friday, RAMSEY WILL DO WORK. lapp'a automobile. : 1IUNTn AND WJtooIT "0.13

October 6th. 16u6. Will Show the World What Alachua :Mr. SohmMlapp'i; : ;;;; L. .IackIOOD"ane.---. .. ... .-". -. .s.-. arSp
: P.1A'N Ly ,. .. .
As Is well known thlt association is J.up ..
bOo RI
t e Has In daughter'were-,.I 11 I Ar lacoD ... . 108Pp
now operating the National- Odd Fellows' County Hard Woods. cident In tills Ar AUanla". .. .. .. Ry &lOa
Ar Itomo.... .. .
/e Sanitarium in this elty (better ; P. U. of Waoahonta '" .o R1' 710.
Ramsey was Ar 1)allon. .". .. .. ..
known as the Odd Fellows' Home) aa i trading In the city: Saturday, Mr.RaWey Ar tb."aaoo6lot. ... . ..So.Iy So.Ity! a.alas...
The Ar Lesln"Iou. .. .. .. .. ,
Q a .
a hospital and have several "f the who Is one of the most pro.greeei.e r Canclnna". '- 51up
.sl. A C.
'": best graduate nurses employed under Foley ." Co.. t Lv (lnclanai,: "7-tOp
residents In his section. hasbeen C.;u.-a >. "ii-\P
Honey and Tar a. / Chloato .....
the direction of Mr. Uroughton, who appointed by theBoard of Ooon- t.'anelorw. .... -- Muur 110.
Is I themalron or head nurse In charge remedy and on ." /Dlrao. .
ty Commissioner*, of whleh he Is an .:.:--: __ 1. IJne. ...710._
The physicians of this city\ ire members erstwhile member to secure. the exhibit merit and : "r CIDclnnaU.Chlc.go '.. C..H. R D. fl4Ap
pf this aso3latlon, and are In fullsympathy and Tar many ; ; ; ; ; ; 1\I"DOO 75e
of hard wood for the State Fair. (' nnaU----:: C..Hn: g ,
with the same, and Osinelvllle Never. shrinking from his for the genuine Toledo.. .... ... .sluts Four 61\Ja
I a duty, ; I"'fro", .. .
tations have "
and Alaohua feels 111' rout L
county proud ,
I neighbor and countrymen, he has assured -'uclnn. 9,10
k .Uhr Four
of this Institution.The Beware of them. .
Commissioner Pedrlek that he / r-Cleo".I.nd HI" Feur a,...
association owns one of the most Honey and Tar Is I Vp ;' Ko. 5500
will use endeavor to .
every eoore an Luuh.Ue. .
: .
r desirable building lots In this city, exhibit. that will be credit: to himself A-k for It and I ::: ;; :: :: : ::: : SI. I..ouloo. '".. S0.Mo.. R7 Ny N 71)lA lop
It !I. the best .
/ opoa which It Is proposed at an early and his county. [ Ann/swn. .Co. Rr I0Ola
r C1rtrln.rbam.. ....
r" cold. J. W. ) So. R7 IIOIP
day tonot one of the moat modern : .
Let a few more cltlsens come to the r \I..lIIt-bl.. .Fr1ttoo amp
hospital' buildings In the State front !I lien.- ('1fY .?__oto'i
help the Alaehua county exhibit : .. .
Professor of a:1'1. ... .. .
r IN THE MAYOR'S COURT. out In other branches. New York. & I Sprlnrf* . ,i 1'7. 50a d
-- -- --- --
-- -
from IJverpooi I .
WHAT FREE LIFE INSURANCE. 11..1., nf ). ) Drawlr: Room S1..piwr'Ca..
,William Bell and Wife Arraigned For '
An DOES FOR CLUBMEMOCRS. on the steaner tJaUI'\a1 lT.. rrf Room AI]**I.III. ('.,
Fluhtlng- Interesting Case.
Comes tn :New Sl*epiag! Car between Ja
It's a mighty hard proposition for koavlUe. Uecder*
a tic* as flf.t ..
-- -- Tr
lady to go out and boy her. : own dinner I'mf..oublp In : { : :: : Atlanta.Ja. ChattktMwn 4Drousb tmr Coaehe and PuUmac
: and ClDeianati. .
Maeon, Oa.. Sept 1 I". 1000. .., 4 time., when she Is working for the t'ltttm 'r..ololCl Coi si. Iniatrfcfcsu, MeintbU.. Jd'c a>
Lodden ,..' .
\ U. S. M II,.
the Interest and partial' support of her city This chair --- -- -

husband then some in a hurry to give Savannah Ua.U..U.m.nO" Morris K. .... & U. West liar Se., Jaekcn.We. 11.

the old man a pleasant and affectionate being Informed of New Yu4. (: ", "'. A. IW)1i5 tif'nGAN.A.Q.P.A.
Y,> the, death of my husband on the 14lh
+ before returning to work to get a ,
r frying pan dented all over her h.all- met your manager here today handedme Dr. Finn's ..
receipt for 11&>. ,.
_J bat each seems to have been the fate 'an being amount l>r. Thomas Finn
Ida wife nf unpaid balance on the I.udden .\ '
of B.II. of William Bell. who has practiced '
Hales Clob piano No. 91UI. bought or
Thursday at noon, when Ida came: year, says he has Fay-Sholes
3 table you August ?:'8. 1W*. .
from her d'hote lunch at *''n- of than known tn the .
We had psfd'
118 on this piano
the hlgh'tooed colored restaurant, meat of kidney '''
"" not which with the strove receipt. com sal .. .. .. _
whfre ypu are permitted to sit h has n '
down unless your pocket is gout lorfth..n pl.... the purchase price I of |:2* ?. mod so.effrelive In both Typewriter

a.S' cents, I our celledI Indebtedness to you is now can. kidney and bladder .

William ant Us. It appear, are I Kidney (.u... It $
working' the Dutton gin William wish to express my dee, appreeis- and builds up the j _1Coyt 1.1lttiEU

r* Is a bard worker, and si I It Ida t but lion of your action In this matter and W McCollom A (' THE
Id am glad 'we d...ided to purchase a Lud- f
happens to be po.......J of a better
sits keener ct.n.\ Bate Club "'1.110. farticntarty yAIIIME u> THE MARKET
or appetite{ than William'' Money 11I1"' "..
tad She haJ" aeeertaioed the 1 location on aeeouat of the Kree Life leturanee Sedan Kaas? t' Has

r of a restaurant where she eculd bujr feature. dard cashier of [ I Tabulator

a large portion of mullet and breed! Wishing JOG every *u"ee... I remain Sedan, with .",,* EverMachine.ox

Very truly le .. .
for IB rents, which wpuM appease her your disappeared,
-1 appetite and get tier off to work quiet (t\iCb.-d.- NR! ,. CiLIa Oa'wsa, was a J.Mau*'.r ,

er by several tnlnatee than it would Sold by .\. It hatter Oaia.I11e. safe t is. ,. .awe .... RooolBg The _
ru. of t i>o u .
I :
rvqeJre to pt.p.t.dian.r at home to .,. of the World
I _
say nothing of being compelled- to ,. Fay.!*bolee ta
to ewes over the hot stove. .
I Ida told her husband that It *.. Hard Coughs you ef f r*" | any other rnarhiDe,, :

.cheaper to go to the re.tai.rail sod eat William did mul act sauce tor has I e

1. by all that was geod sad holy that ... H. 'Ul' tell yea the sr t" lured hi. family meal at home J4a bHst _bsc be to. iis aW t f*.r taking" Ay.,''. CArrre '
Is a foo4 medicine' ,war .etuke it? 2fJJtrTJS.** *' Giinesillle HL
d .were likewise. that she wo.!dn't etaad _TT TJ : I ,

.I "

lA l '

'r : .. .. ... ..., ..
,.., >I .'\.j f',.'...... "':00 '.1_ ,... .. .,. ',," .,' :: .J.. ,', ; :.... .. :<


4.J : 1 .

I *



--- -- --- rf
-- .
-_. :_ :

., : : : ;
ENING. OF UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA P tl 1 tglAll II, ( i 11 + +illt 1fAl! I


,I !f" II : Pj' i T
- ------ -- -
'Gainesville and Alachna
County |I
.t .. i tent" i h.a -. he-" g'.al' ..r t' .' ..ft. f"S
Will Show Great Supremacy. Let u. ail wor" tOKttllt. to I illd tip :

here in Gainesville under the hdnw 1'1 ;\ : ;

FINE EDUCATIONAL ADVANTAGES : of the University a high school that in I .
---- time shall grow to h* the preparatory; I I / 4 r mil I; '., Y
'T.h. Univeraity'of Florida the Slate's school for our two State college* t t /

1 I t ,'.._, , Institution, Will Throw Op I ;
The program. of ettrrti.e. upon r>pen. i : i
I IInR .
en Its Doors in Gainesville for First I 1 1i1) 1t
of the, University uf Klor da. >
< twill : \
Time-The High School. 1 ...
occur! on the 28: 'h int *i::1 I "P I'

\Vljh the ppenini' of the University rear r Tuesdaj's i.*ue of Hiun .:

next Wednesday nervill.. a;ain b.. "' t 1Pff/1/ T

>comes the educational center of the THOMAS-MILLIARD V II iiII,
ti&ate"a proud position the had for .. }i 11
nearly. half a century maintained till Marriage of W.II Known Cai".tlvi'l. 4 e
the act of the Legislature atnlishr-d the Young; Man to Charming Lady. I

East Florida Seminary. Certainly this A very pretty wedding wa" cele.brated .

month ought to be ared-letter date in at Rt.. ltanh..w' .\< the calendar of our city's hUiory. For Church at & o' loek lat evening when

I not'only does it mark the beginning of Dr. R. Y. 1f. Thom. an.1tr.*. Selma

oar existence' as the University City of O. Hllliard were united in marring, 'Fwgt

Florida, but It inaugurates a new era n.... Edward F. Ley, pastor. of the, ,

In the history of our high school. The ehuC'h.officla&lna.'! Effort .\".."tI 'ut hair plu+'"all.r...'...... plus| a fen -.-i.r... eipiaN lMltln>-<.. ,.

trustees are to be complimented upon Dr. Thomas I* one of the rimg

their wisdom and our people congrat* young physicians of the' city and already Baldness
ulated upon their good fortune in securing enjoys a large and Incentive! Begins Early

Tom F. McBeath a. principal of practice. Mr. Thomas is a sister. to

the University High Sjhool. Mr. Mo Mr Edward T. Johnston president of "lUldne.* lieu. if. th.. >.''!.'M ,,".1 liter-*. find i...rmanrMt. Uxltt'-tnviit' In. the, .elisoeixi. gla5ds l ,
:Heath la recognised throughout the the Peninsula Industrial IpsuranceCompany whether *.alId'I i or <*ii... lT. m> to \\\v\ fiftieth ,..ooar"u ami tin i I. onef it>e r"aonwhy t."hi'..... .....rl".
.. of her educators r5yi 1),. " IIf "",i.. the tIIohl'. greatest a .id i. iiiit'n ontine t>* the lap of the brad.
South one leading and is a young lady very authority upon d.*..".... nf tli. half and .tali,. It ufiett ink. yea r* to |>r,.Minc it.mlriilT. l but nf
and in reputation and popularity handsome and accomplished. and i ill 1)r.Sahnurandcontirnuhr} L'nna'Iacovrrv.thath ter it is well e.inl"lishe stands second to no o'oe in Florida. esteemed and loved by a large circle *.l'1nes s .a a eontatkion, .li.*>i>*e I'niivfil \II jt microbe t bccitiitf* mire Mini more rapid. Ihe hair. hrrue.
Since notice of his selection has been of friend. She. wore a gown of pearl .\.L your family ph).iriitn atuMit there. t wu"nt>>oriiir" .. lull....., hr.lit. lc and..l lust reins, tiul iHoakoiiallr<< there, i I. h
e *.1' oilim- Itching the .oaip' and falliiit
given to the public the press of the Dr. Satiouraud further >hnw.ver and
gray oeolian silk, trimmed with I b pe r.: .ay. hair usually follow eteve' | dandruff and
State has been unstintedly showering thaw "Hsldnes I I. a o'lrunic' iiial Iadt. i I. N ilirae. not
and velvet and carried a shower bojqnet i* dune to check the ill. ..e. baldness. will
tlf old rite hilt nf youth ; in Itnlii old met) we' simply
Congratulations upon our people. His of bride's' roses in her hand. are the result of a iiie. *... that ha trt.n lomly, doing surely' followNKWItKO'S,
position at the head of our school will II.H: 1'1(11)1'utUUIS) : At. rem- ;,
The church dfOOnr.d.lth work .
was tastily it fur many ) ''' e
| that "kills the danilrufT Mriii"wjll
rely MTrrcoineany
give it throughout the State a fame palm. and ferns and cut flowers, The ii and nift tiu" rnhe. i. an invisible. growth: of stake of itii iiinlit ly, .......,. erirttulc tialilne. It
aod a prestige' that no other influence and presented an attractive appear vegetable ahnr eter ; itnnUe fragn'elts of It are en..i.I iI i- art. Ity .tr.irojrIiiif the. growth:: that causes the ili** "*e. }D
could givHe was for eight years I ranee.. Mendelssohn's. Wedding March I-I passed from one brad tit the other. through I liemeilium and when tlii. I.I tlnue. the hair i I. hound ti> grow asuat.Ire
of public hair. liriMhe, towel, rlt. Itul.nde.lSlur. *
principal of the Central Grammar : was happily rendered by Mrs O.. USolser
School of Jacksonville. and saw the In the hair three fragment are inert until thyeonie .. men ami' witiiirn gel pi.ltive re.uli* from
a personal friend of the bride, In contact wit,h the nniiiral .hair oil I from ll. *> the ".. under
school grow his administrationfrom while. the happy eonple marched to the ...h.... ull. iiland <>f the .0..11'l when. they begin; to from all other hair rerneilivo'i liintt!.
an enrollment of four hundred to where united in grow aid fiirin one iMlnnjr' aftermiiilier ; in N -liiiiUrmanner a
chancel they were It I I. itrlivliitill, r.fre.hiog to i.e. and It *tii|<*
over eight hundred His work there holy matrimony. dry fragm> til. ol yeast cnke. air Inert' until. ) itehtnu. of lie *"..11'| almt.* ,lnt *nlly KeiMemtier that
was. eminently successful work the front they find' the prop r inetliuiii. when they promptlybeiifn T-xi must destroy the. eau e In remove the efteet l Un
Among prominent guest w
la "work" t-wltln. .. for ,It t tncuraliie.
which he reluatantly resigned to ae not watt for chronic *
nut of the city were and Mrs. On the beck ut tin head mn.t of thee fragment TMH: "111'ru: HAVK: YOlfll IIAIU IS Wlllt.r
cept a position tendered him here In Floyd and Mrs. Mary Thomas, motherof of microbia growth. hll out of the hair ttefore' they' Yntl H .\VK 1: n\iu, '10NEWBRO'S ( "'i1V1'. .
E.., Florida three
minary year the' groom, Gainesville, Kla. The r
presents were'numerous and valuableand Ra
agoThe trouble with herein from various of the HERPICIDE
were parts 4:

fore has been.. No the school frequent can prosper change tin Inlirinclpal. t city.Stale. as well at from friends in the Il it brute Str*>4-N4-a 4 1/k'he I Herplrlile Iwmpsay. Hepjrlment I., Urlrwll. Mlrb., fur a a.i|>lr. J 'I.

der such condition. To have power I after the beautifulcerrxnony n'n'In '\
and influence a school must have (in* t Immediately that made them man and J. S. BODIFORD & COMPANY SPECIAL laE_ TS.

dividuality., This no school can hare wife Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, with other .t
that changes its principal and consequently Y
m..mb..r" of the bridal party. were
ft* policy every year or two.A driven to 343<< Fast: First street, where! The bun. ... a great vurprise .n.I''
Mr. McBeath, I is a citizen of Ciainra.villennd I II I PERRY M. COLSOH Pres. J. W. BLASDIRC, Ylce-Pres. B. R. COLSON, Sec.-Treas. ,
I they will reside In the future and beat hock to the low |It lr was cine if
fully Identified with the city home tn the}r friend*.-Times* I Alachua'. mol sub.tasitlal.ud( l useful i
and I'. interests, we feel lint in him :
Union, Friday. C'.tI..n.-o"lOh a t"1'&rn .. no town" can ALACHUA COUNTY
we have prom!It.* of a permanent principal aril, sT.( >ril t., !I.>.->. Me was a .,....H.I!
) who can and will remain with THE ALACHUA SCHOOL. ....
type (if the *sober in"u.trt.u. .ojChl.t.n
the school and make it in a few years -- -.-- young man He had a beau.tifui ABSTRACT COMPANY ,
the 6r..& high school of the Stale Opened Monday With Flattering Pros _
I lIul.l home an I live.t an lilral 1 _
The entlre faciltv of the school. this pects-A Marriage-Notes. home I life, faithful. and loving h, hi. letuaroset.s. .

yew I I-'h.. best to lie had-a full list Alachua, Sept. 21.-The Alaehua wife and children.. Through his. In. I

with alignments. to grsdes has been High Hehool opened it* doors on the du.. r, and liulne tact h.. l I.ft h.. lit. Ga.La.oB-v-iJ.. FJ.a.

promised us for publication later in I7>h. The enrollment was the largest tie fsnillv well',Iel, fur. He ... 1 .
a faithful and r..cul.r alt.nds'I t 51yumtay.etaaot -- -- -- .
the week.Toe of
in the history
for any opening day
r t anl church' and ... Interested I .
Run bespeaks for the principal the school A goodly number nf pa* In every ac-mi esuse 'fhI..... Il e Title I Is the First, (.'"".i and faculty the hearty co-operation o. Irons were present among whom were In Alaehua I.I only .eeond lo that nf \V, ilo an esclusitw A !,.tract b-ilne with f.rlkll rs fur (liiia'lla' 111.'.
the patrons. In matters of discipline two members of the board of trustees his '.mu.o whom the entir .oni. I EIiltM.tTlue.urerning: the, Tll'e' Ki any and all l leads in Alachua Ouutily'
the home and the school must work and one member nf the county school munity ..lend Iheir deepest, *vntiSlhy| ALL HfMl.M.NS; .. 1IU.N4tTit,, :" fUUMrri.i. i iI

together. Their purposes and Inter Ml* board. The devotional exercises were

-. ._. conducted by Revs. Foster and Tr.. ., Well Worth Trylrg.V I
-- -- -
.r after which the priacipal mad. short \ II. Brown tie popular .. D.lon 4
address, setting forth the needs of the attorney of I'lttsflfM, Vt.. says 'N.ilIn ; ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY

school, announcing the plan. of thepresent a pension the r-t thing lo gets !
facolly and appealing to the I)r King's' ft.w Ufe IMIs." II. write.
"T* .* keep my family lu spletxlid, .I U.tcx.rt..7cwt5..11
A FEWMORE patrons fof their hearty co-operation health Qtilek' ew" for h.. aerieeoosllpstUrci
in making this by,far the most successful and bUliou...*>.s Tae E. E. VOYLE. MOB.
) session ia the history of th.I.last* ....r.n..ct at all drag storss, I Abstracts Till afcU full 'urr".c.. ...r....bed rwiartfiag (laaas I I. late ti
tutlnn. Following this several patrons I "'enty. Our iaeaag ha lite.1 in thw tfoonlt thing year salt >, wlih leal title,
hly' e Miv-
made short talks: wbUh were very t I
much to the point and very .DeOU,... House i .--

BEDSTo lag ts the faculty. Tfce students, as a Pearce ;I
body .. ,...Md themselve .. beityc E. ..
. delighted thateefeool has opened again. o.a'I_'.... ......vtala. r1. I11t Jt. .'CO'UItT. MUKOI.AHt AU' U"IUIU'ITY" l"..I1H.CCJ H..,..
and they catered into their studies ....,.. II aas b*>r of prominent ....r.... sad Knilis. .. ..,..1... '
wltb .. ..,h..I..m seldom s*.a in, a Thoroichly Ueaovale-t and Under XewMaasaert KKAI. jon-iTr .4CI' ;irr U'A.V- ,

Go It COST school of this elass. >..l. GB erv tJj." t JTXo.c-l.claa. t

Miss Ethel l God boy of Waldo Is* -

log with' her .161"?. Mr. O, 11. rq.b'l,51, to $1.50 Per D.,. Meals Z5c :

sad altendlag the Alacbwa High .......... ..... h tee >Vv.It *r M-.a '

S12.0O Beds at .$790, tsrthoolMaster. I ATLANTIC COAST LINE
Isaae B
c $10.00 Beds at $6.40 Jim Bibop. has ey sa.' ever from AIlia .- .
...... school.MU I
to or
: $8.0O Beds at .$5.90
Daisy Dell sad Mr, Willies* I trI

$7.00 Beds at. .; .$4.90 MUUr Jertias t* Birnla' .a a* were I THROUGHSERVICE. ,
.n'Wd at lie. .-....* of lie. btf'. I. tfe.sasr t.'a.. Nisae r t
$6.00 Beds at. $4.00 away TratUr.. tb. s isftt of ....... r..-..

$3.90 the 111th. TIM fc-exa-e wa* t-.e.ll.llyd .
" Beds at. .
.. $5.00 .
..... Bowrrs
x>rat -4 with pot cot iAYES'I.wuII >
$..QO Beds at.$3.00 sad *even>e,.. Ttv. br4 ..... a .. ti

....., 4r.*M .f wait. ...lae s4lk sad ALLEY ... -
1 $3.50 Beds at. .$2.10 rartw-1 a te .*i"t.f I-.....'. r..e..

,. Tae a..", ..a aw

Springs- [rom $U65 Up. ......, tft. Htg Spdap )t.s.Mdbs (.... .).. ,.u ...... plpc.... J.UJ.e4 i (Y1LLI.. OC.4'.4 sad eh."L. F.|.l...s g tkis rf,s.....>., ...... ,.. Ia tee .eetws r.l. .y a.... .
ta..Mtiage4 f"1'-. .ak.. cad .'*...1 4........ frws 2 .... ......... ... .... -
.. ..ervwlAe ....,.. cts.r wkM -........,.,. sad YrMs'-
? r..i.... .t......... ........&eeof.. "o h w?
Ijl"I.Y dew. HIJPpraf. .ttWl..J IcqA
to ,
cad idS J.I.&Moe
I-'J Dock antsy
r. Ike ..
...,....,. holes.r s.p.s Nis
'- .ers n., boarded t': Ira.a1aest ...... ............ 'Rasrad.esl
Us.UUUUXJUC. .c.J 1.' ta4t1lr ,.,,,,. ...4 bas 8.r.u. ate/ .....'Kg ttsi,., .N.........,.
I ....... ,-M saew +sT Ie+flr.. q w4y ., A. C 0 (T Ji) W.I N Ticket 1 4 'eiiL ; .

: : ;, 'Ts. !death q4'; O, ,1i[?,..ttr{ j I 4. C.' f. RJ .... *** A / *

........'-. '...... si+w.Mll,. ';0._ ''', ''11',' '. .'.
.. :

!'-- ''4 ''''. l... .- ,.tI ,.
', ; fatervv""F
; (It 1"t .
: ,
.. ,
s re .f"""' l'
r7J pr' w V e ,, .. 4" t, r ( .,. .

h (W x 4.. FLORIDA..SEPTJt. 23 1906IT ; '

o ,._ -
__ ... - -
-- -
OF FLORIDA. Agriculturists are watching with ins ,,

1 tense interest {he development of the

h ( of th_UnlTerity I, process claimed to have been diseov

which will Bred In Norway, of extracting nitrogen II' You Are Insured.
:aT"U. the Mih mechanics '
11:1I.: ..... from the atmosphere by .
j" in new era In the and chemical' means and utilizing: 1 I'

of Gainesville' and for the manufacture, of nitrate fertlizers '- 1 Correctly. '
Have Folksy
if that Responsible, a
U._H. )...f<' an era which I I i., -since ir will mean nnlimltequantities d Iu Written a Company\\iih Liberality is of Policy Contra and.tb CompanyPayt tf

a aignitfcan nf fertilizing material slow Losses Promptly
r the United States. cost. The next important scvitnce .

V M. of n system will be the devUing of a m.thod.hleh e \

the new Buckman a Massachusetts man is working C You Are AssuredThat

tY : .... session of the '
on, of using water for fuel-that I.. ofe"ursedecomposing
W, I
eg I I and which ws it and applying no serious loss can overcome you without :you have tome /

THK ').... { of re.oleulon.I I the oxygen, which forms. eight-ninth. refuge.

apt M '{ State nt4lorida of ita weight to assist in the process %
>tailed: to. ; ,
I{ on a more: thor of combustion.Did ,

month tree, for;Jj or ; : I. systematic basis --._. and Health Insurance.

dvance. years been recov. you ever--stop- -to-- think- that when ) Fire, Life, Accident :

; the Htate as the a business.. man looks for a clerk th.the -.
Reading of Flotilla, This None but Reliable Companies Represented. '
hunt for the who
for Ara' III. :: ices not youth
Inaertlon. in a ,great ma. talks "" uses. slanp. smokes 01.! I

E Rate for if the East Flor girdles or taps beer kegs? They look S

- application.Th Institution which the I is .A.Nt.: CUS.H1.VI.A.N ,
for boy who n..tD appearance! ,

Twl I more pool: gentlemanly: in his actions, clean In s 1B

' column I.. it was intended his talk and courteous to those whom Information cheerfully furnished GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA

A; Thutxlay, schools combined h. meets. Although you may thinkno i
reek, always conducted ", ,
.... one watches you or knows ,.ourch..ct.
mailed, j
Statraor, and educa .., it Is safe to ay that there i I.

a soceesaful not a business man in town but who .

!, AU .. man and knows the character of every boy in It.If :F_ JORDANINSURANCE
Sp|>earanc. owes hi* distinc
useful i It
+ you wish become a man.
a _!tipulatrd
Seminary. I. and alone that must ac-
will be you you
_ace. has furnished to complith it.The .
probably more --- '-
---- -- --
:- __ than other
family is the oldest and mos
f 1 the ,
country and valuable institution on earth. It begins -
properly with first ..offeringn.reality PORTER
For .. m.Dt to feel .
there is no family until the
: discipline' or effl.
husband and wife say to each other I ..
leading and most
Two times one are two, and one to In the oldest and best
For ton and other Fire Life I and Accident
curry makes three." And the little companies r t : :
CHAS. well as merchants ,
third party often brings the husband
ql : .." line of bust- ,
and wife' closer together: than any

1C:" ,of. feel this| proud dear old to : thing The else one could hundredth possibly anniversary do. of LIVE m. PEW J (If RAilROAD ((0.

.. law
For Bnotkman
% : the discovery of Pike's, Peak la about
institutions: of Schedule Effective April 20. l O6.No. .
to be celebrated.
combined virtue

For : of Florida. I ,. No" : .No. 2 No. e No. 12 I No. 4D.it7

\' '. College for There I U nothing either good: or bad jSunOnly' f'I STATIONS Dally es Sun Only I SunONyDally ex

', For ) .. but thinking makes It.IIO.-8bake peft.... "!i-- ______ --:Sun _,__ __, S.D
-A-; : I'b1 PM I' Jd I'.f A.f AMLeave
--- ---
were blow. -- I Leave Leave Arrive I Arrlva I Arrive Arrive
., a- fair* and hon- A rich PeobSjlTunian has hired a to (0 I 1 30 I 2 40 !.... ... .. Live 08k.... 1 :wJ S0 1000 I g 10Ae
"' M 39 ,,Ar '9 Arao t L. a aK I Lv IU I Ly 9 II L. a 10LraaR
d. towling Park
.." of Flor- rained nurse fur his' ick bulldog. ,'LvS Lra to i Ar7aN : Ar910 AraliM
&7' 467 Ar r. ... Mayo Junction ..... 326 t 43 !Ii.v 9 1'0 L. ft tlOAI'
;'t f ... ., and to. t M AI' 6 M AI' S 40 I..... .. J.err,..... ..... ..... .. ILV' 3.0 ... MOO L.. 840
completion, are It's hard for the Cubans to get over !,rlOaJ: .Ar IOAe. __ : 36.I! ..!I: Hampton Sprlr>.,.... Lv t 11ft 3 2') IL" 1 31l, 1..r. be:
.' and'mo.t.. mod the revolution habit. Connection made at Dowltntt Park for all trains to and from the Oak and Terry sod at

in the Sonth, sit .. _. _. Altou and Mayo Junction for Ma)o. Alien and all Inletnceclate rolnt, .
----- -- -- For Information .. to connrctlonn with" other lines. '|bone or ayill on General' Pessen/.r
"::. plat a eonvei>lent A trPllt' 't hOlle 147. Levin Util'dlixr.' Life Oak.
I of THOMAS UOWLINU. frekident. R H. HOP1.INSCenerall'sa.engerAgent.
\" the city. Live: OAK. FLOKJD4.

I ... buildings is PILES --
of our people

J s' ...,3'"T of our coun Florida East Coast R
1" be a great while "1 bays .egRr..t AprIR: tor $a't ,. ilway. :
of Florida will One year arc laai 1 bean ..: .t..I.r-
... In ib.
a. aeru ItIoil..4'
from .h .11.s b.: (an .. and r. ills .s4 or .It .

men every :::.t..*.as ih.r woad.dl .oi. t pew.aruabl.. I :''::.'.alt.ry.:r.d. .' Local Time Card No. 16'l9M.
66 In
country. I.1 IU..a N_..... Usurp ".," Effect April
to note the deep


'ft! In of any other TM Dowels

j( than half ,. exist, stand in* Nu.caw f9 N.o .nr2a nTATI()Sa. ..o.uf.. 7t I .o.lly..\ats

of the It to the
., ests conies 1 ( 1pm S loam Lv... -..,... Jaek.env0l. 1 l5pm Iea.u
nf I'ogst \ problem. sdrsav e.aluavta a Ostm S Ream _' joutOJaekonUl.: ._--=t: 1 lTpm : 47s.
7 t"pm 10 auam at. Aneusun.-_" t ISpm 7Sam':
trees \ _... 7 b.tpni it lucia _.___ _,,.,...U..un.- II'pIII 1.9am
have been a e. m 11 Liam .- ....__. Get ) larte.... _.__....._.. I sopm ....
of the
"Ie news proT Ar___ r.I.I..L'. TOnsm
height. Juan Fernaitdea 7 ai.! a Il Mar lH...._....." r.I.'''......_. ..._. ..Ar lbbpm 1 63emi53pm

i felling." ,. during the recent N.pi4a Pl.aaanl.P.1.ahl..PansT..s.heed..., 101.both..... TII.w...." "P .lrlp.. ,. lee aw...[.nee.l..N. r .,I L.AT.._ ......"-8 Mato' ........__........At' I iap__ ....1Iaa. ...
pl. C Ca U.
y' .. a sense of per' @.**.._| to ....Vt'yoa* umZr ttlli.1"1 _"'per i pr Lf'..' Bun __ m m
sawed. was made fa <.rltn. R.m.dy C.., N.Y. 943 t e lip. Il sop, Dupont.-r, .. 1 ISpm I Ipam

?t the hug the author, aa ANNUAL SALE TEN MILLION Ions so opal t2pm 1 1 2ipm I1pm :.: N_.-.... -._.-., Onaoa4 b ytona. _--- a 4pm 4 I aeum O/ar
tons mo,. to Ilpm 1 alpm ---r-__ Port Or nes : -.._. ._ : : ISpm 1 t7m i
.'J story of 10 al m /loam Ar._... ... Aar IIm'ro..._......._...._... 1 Upm 4 lsamit
,w fool such : I dear to all -- ..... "4P" .. __.._ L Tttlr.lea -__.... Oopm I'peaani
.. and ::- a Mp. Oranlf. \: .
y9t the I and old. The -11 .dam. S IW'I'{'r .. -... ..._ Orange l'lly .:117."J". u 12 ab SApm m 161.IMp..

I work of fiction, as i.nJ m -----"ttm.iDL.'r
i DRINDLaxative 11 II'''. 3 sotm _.._. .O.k _..__.__ 1 C6pm b Ofoaaa
More .. of an 11611m t "P" .lor.. ..-..--......... ....Tatu.vltl.--. .._ .. 1 lOI'apm SOpra'dam 1 01..111

went a." named Alex HTrmck' ".. A ._... ...... 'iT. : 1i G4m t"lpm
"' be C a.2 :t- II bs- I.. .-..,.....?... -"tord ......_.....-... '." 3tt a II lam ,
last whoDefoe' nom
year 1T'tpa -0'1' Le..._.. ., -
uutl1..... : Y
reeled .. (! he had been res Fruil'Syrup .2 clam .lelpm .. .___ ._...,_ .. Co......__._..._.. 1.y"'I.' :u'.m.IID 12aaI:
12 lam a trpm _. .._.
n.I _.. ..... ... "
decipher residence on the lam r ..... .__. 1 :WJplft I lvm ,
:)t 1 i xTrr y. .EiAmirt._. .. ....._... Il7pm 1 a'am
p t Millions ( first appeared In, sl..a.ant to toks 1 loaf la.: a IOJ'fa _-_-- .__.._ IJ rpm t hens

the dead silo as a serial The new laxative. Doe t -- e ol'r _._. _. _.. 1&L Hbeata"L.I/.._.,__.,,_-,....._._... -- 11)It Seem 6::.... 13 It 00u'63..
t ta.r t I'P" ___ ,.,_ .
--.pC f' .
: .. .... t
t was .. -. s .... S .. -_.._T'.1a .. 10 Seam I' 5itxa
not gripe i1p 10 Iam II !
or nauseate. .left
__ .
r.I. ...
writers .. I .. 10) tram II lope,
Maine Loam 0 M JrnM
birthday "ow .
Cures stomach and liver a her t 11"... _"I..a". .. I" cam II
to chew. 10 nl.m JO .
's many .... must h.." troubles and chronic con- :roar lOa. 7, Ppm : ._--__-. MrtJ lint.. eoa.t,..n., ...-.... ._ 9 f I.R.m.. 10 lIa Mp5a ...
: never I Atipation restoring tbe v.r lees. : 130r : ::: .==:=Wast Y.1. asses .,,.. 1 ai.r eases
a tendency to by .. pr. li yutea. ... ;; : == i iI
.. .. 5M
a ..
"dead" _
j naturul action of the atom wri t a'pr := '=-.i'ort : .t_.. ..... t.-.
'/'r w the J> ,. > m .s't'n 19i.ri ..... .
ach liver and bowel I. I
t _. .. Lp
; : .. % te .
1 { a covered..ral .( ,In this section Fur Gale n, oJ, ". )1,(..l>.M .t IV.I I s:,.ar I 10 I 1Sr-1>- i I fAr "'-,,.,.'=-'=.-...L. L MMtel u .'tr,r : :: 1 7 OMIT ei.m J :::
all other diseasesi I----' --.1. T I 1 Isar t d1e ...
lb. habit i!' the last few I=: All : :::'-.. u...:. 4_=-..::-.. i L:I -: ":,::= 17tu'NPattweCsrunafrane7tand'1 :::

dresses on i to l.e ineurahle ,r PJttA OWDMn..
I I .... _!* .....araJ : nEw "
he o4f' l5.ptntcsr.esnaia.t.a4
I .r. doctor i-rv. ..." ,. .. ..-.. t D.ul.te.i s reader. ,
. _. .- -- .
.II hands, w to IkM .- -- = -- .--
I <*e..' And L : .
[ rr'-- i ..l' ..... .. ." .
.. \ .: = ..'., "stl bIt' t.
a} : I .. and by issue .et f'I4C.t .. t D..,1 1 : rseNi 'O.dr,2t.11 tuT..k2aN..
In U.n r /u-d .... I [ as aste.
..s .. .._.... D S.rh Lot ....
with local treat .,.a wii tv -- .... t. .
l lea and () 1.-. w.a . .... 0'1.c.::: tau. tD.L\ ,: D.'., are, .... .
f I t. .hr. .. .. tee --h I _. ___ __t Ia"t
nation is ,, .. ,' IatN4 1r'1'" ( iN1r s 1stt. ':s.. La-- ,__ 1
+e J. .I
y sk rrr *. be a c 1a'.. ..,, r.: ...... st.,., as s ur ,wr ;: t ti se'r'a' l.r.ra.1L.": : _. .n. .- ... sL' I "; 1.....,." .t'
the fntare .: ; ..1- ..
: : h ..:... : 1.1 .
therefore req.' .
of the i"Y ".t"a .. a. .....
\1 .. .. llsir ., J4 !, +.a : tSprl
t'a !.!J. t.. 't. ..V slga.EN
-h" ,
i for their -- :::.::_ : .:' : t p
: '" ire.1 l by' I' t -= ,

'tnflaeoees tries "' \ l... VM"".>. is. ..e PATENTSGASNOW r I srL'R n OCCIDENTAL SIr OIS lr CO' Ecrll\S)! .1T J:11JU.c :! .

) tr.. ow tL. ma*. .
.. C-.uua: Ita40e .t Wo.l ctrl Streelhr;; :; : :;
ue P. ..
"rn,tif ir ,'. ..+. 0. 1. S. C.'M7 (..
tb. ... .
politician' < I..r-ef.! 't r.!'oeua' aweeaKws_ == Havana and Key WestKachVeek
I >l o>t and mr is ;;;.;-r.: V.. N.Yra/e .- MW a.e..rtaasws.a

tend with at. .... Te.y :3.r Lew ... >ew atiCOuwYait. ..........- rM... w.A 1' Two sailing). % ..;.

for aar .... it .. arr,. gases Trml.. tN... .,.. y
ti .ri.. '" circular se 4 ;::.;.t'tMllna..ny: F.I ui.w psa .I chip's 5W.. Vo Tnm.te,.. .
> .
another t ff-Ttm*TaM*. -. .
Iti ew .feces a.. trades alrsr I ..a .... _. y sutra a. ..
**( -<- r a'f-"'4 tearr .
: 'v
*at sad A
the .. .. ., a .f A "
..,. A ('c. To. sr m Yin tbsri.a! .. W. I.'v.L'v.u.m..str.: s?7lL.4./ the t n wows k.N 4 trW aSg
":. places .o r = ; gya < aaa >.aarwiai |im.ftisfc
J 'I .
t 7 w IIN CUi.\L
,felt Congress ?J.e. TIII'\U' CAIlP a Ot... ttalee....... ....,i..p

."'t 'that ', IMls far eo.eti SEE THE TICKET: AGENT"

f'' ....II.U. I r 0.RAtty tm. Aaat o.nuk Pau. ,
:\t Act.. .ST.a A ,
<;. ....
\o wk rt Z .
r .. ; f. '
'tat { .. 6 .w .<;':
'l ', .., r.; ..; ",," -:, e I/o, "'h .I!' ..
;f' .Ld+ ,L s +,a CmruMt .rT

: 1 .... .

","'.,:.... "' ,."' ,.... '.' /. \' ",.: ". JI. y "! .... ........ .......... .".".. """ '., .".' .- '''' ; ,, ...ti t .'. .t'... :.'>II. .( "


-- ----- ---- --- _. .
--- -- -- -- -' -- -
-- -- = -= :.:. !


The council of army rtini/atton ONTAGIOUS BLOOD POISON
IVWlu has .akru over "!'!h' manage!
m,>nt of alt the arsenals' ut teas: empire

hitherto contntlled: by tlt- tilvt>
ill Talk on Several Important Eccentric Millionaire Visiting: provincialloero. Tn* 'r..1 dj* THE WORST DISEASE IN THE WORLD

Issues Including Drainage.TALK St. Louis. Unct >..* 11 tn the direction ..f Contagious! Illootl Poison is the worst diae.tse in the world : not only

con ruli/ntlon. those who contract it sutler, lint the nwful/ taint IH often tl'I1Hlhtn innocent

The ro>al I'.avarlnu ini'it h.ix been ofTspriujj whose lives are 1H.htC'tMn,\ IH'diva tliM-i'' : ...rd l h.1\1 the
ON PRACTICAL LINES GIVES FREELY TO CHARITYHas n>bl>,-.i of a omit equal t I.' s .;.'.:.\I\I. in viru.H of Ctmtagious! IJUHxl Poison h.ts Ix-vn: allowed to remain in the family J

---- newly" I'tllI..1 l ten-ntarlt l.i.! ,.- ThothUeM blood. The Crt sign of thi disease I eontr.cted Cot..,rtou Blood Poison u
ill Endeavor to Prove to Voters of Proved a Sensation in Eastern sot. into the mlut > rtfptnKtlirmiKh t:* usually a little pimple or lilintrr. bvumm: towel ti...ii hp HOWIM mrct*
.: ALachua County that Everglades Canb Cities and Was the Subject of Much a dry uruU-rp: .> it".1\ t-:11I. 1. then, tcl\ r.i..h break out the mouth t"r.on."U..U. ...iir h.. 1 .v. .'..rot.r'-'U*'era''tr ihr<..tb.ttr.ea. ...<.t a
watch had bye" .lt ulcerate, the hair come of nut the dl.... .e"..t w..r*.until i harts z
n npeuej \ : ,
'. Drained and that Millions of Acres Newspaper Notoriety' -Alleged He Tlu :... of IM- .1MD.;. out. colore.1. I &pot appear on ofB.R nVa "unrVwinV{ it"r"t' t
.1) '
will be Secured. Mad Deaf Hear hga n. a man \.i i" >1' the linit>!>, hack and htt".,. t ; "'nlthe ..u. This was ..."!>.. t tune sac anti tdisease b
tu-! M.SMOP of Sail 1.1.; t .<(' 1 ivno i-: ha.en.r.a.utt.h..1 ".trnartA.

Dr. J. F. MeKinMry, Jr.. chairmanof St. Louis. Sept. .-U. T. Cooper.the \ [1 \VIH lo-t with: the to".1 ,i. i S. o I bUxvil, sore mote and thoioiihty l ulcrrs form ptillutrn an.if l the dl..r..lncr.HOI Mint Aw.,,IOV nt t.'+<>l'IIl.O1dlL'li.,,,.. M..:. 1 t itel

[ the Alaehua County DemocraticlEieeative man who ha created a *.en.aIm' till lloriiiiKn.i. Uliiiul. Spall v t 1 I. I the trouble is i not checked' the finger, nails tltop oil, ;..n.It.- ->.ft !tancaof

Committee and one of the throughout the East, and who in rapidly ;.rte! .ihfd: upon the c*.'.. >: ..timrtoa. 1. :. the nose and head arc ilc\ '''tro\c\l. S. S. S. goes .!"\\ti into the ltLt

[most widely known politician in the acquiring a national rerulnlion. .tt l blond! | anti force tmtt retry }".\fth t.. ofIHUSOM the I

arrived. in S,. Louis .\ -i' ..- ,,? .., ami makcH aril, l.
[county, baa ls.ned the following order, yesterday \:oxrthqti.tKe > s ,"i- try'at n compute -.tI"1 tcut.
which he reqoest to be published : Cooper is prevident of the Cooper l Kt>!iiltr,' ..:a t. .Franca. I I I t&: i I. S S S .. A* sari as the <>\ .hua KrtH "n.lrr the!

Governor If B. Browanl hap cnn Medicine Company of D.ijton Ohio.>> '.altt',1 ....\. rat 1"' 1\ n. intlumce of the tvnu* and has made a fortune within thepast r.oi'-uilitt! .s. mid only sl: ,.au a, to pa:>* away, ami whru the tire is complete t ;
Vented deliver addre to the'
[ to an
i the i u urt in hc.u
was done.Klevtn PURELY VEGETABLE 1..tlC"1t l iH-fUet St1thnruughlv.ltica
few estimated' HI several
people of Gainesville and Alachna years I S. S. S titt l the HVHlriii t.r the
[county upon the drainage question. and million.., by the sale of two preparations bill ll'tiis wore 'i.m: .1... virus that tm !signs of the disease arc c\er Tern" in .aft.r v ar. an.l jw'>tfntv ro

[other public 'questions.. Thi. addre ., which are claimed to l 10. very a tornu.lo wlitch: \\rjit s.i.Ktl. I is! lxir\i\ truth :\ rich, pure UloiM\ nupplv.! Hook; \\ tilt 'nq'i. I. >n .tttuticn-t, for ,

will be delivered at the court house in unu of $1untt i =x,, 11\t'* _'.'r. !lr. I THC SWIFT
the city of Gainesville. on Tneadayevening m rkitble result. SPCCirtC CO. AnAflTA, GA. .
I The Turkish oniinandri, ; r'. .. f .
September 25. at fi oInrk.Every Cooper spend his time travelingfrom / 'tt i n
:ouKl. I'I' reliably I"Cl.rn'.f| .. liii',
to introducing theseremediesand
elector ia urged to lie pity city
[ presentfapon i this .:aria IM iun .tnK a larjjo. ten in l Hiedlricdoit :,
manner he hits
this O'JCKB'OP' laud the
public ( ,if t'alanka.The unlvrDSITT of int mi or FLODIDA"UAINUSVll.l.ti
[generally it invited." acquired the fortune he now --,
Cooper i is said to b" a.r, remark.
Thereare many pubMn question in Breath of Lite.h' .
(which the people of Gainesville.- able character and a man with eccentric ?. TLOKIDA.
(choa county and the Stale in general ideas One of his beliefs i I. that a signirlcent fact that the. .
animal of its site, the tcurilla::' aisn
.. certain part of his ihconie should be -
[are interested and .it I I. aid that Gov.Jernor
has the 'largest/: lung. 1'0'-"rfIlIIIlIl1:4
Broward ha*. the key several devoted to charitable work, and he 'is

I=- principally to the door which tins said to Rive. thousands of dollars to the mean. powerful creature' llonr tokeep A High-Grado Institution (for Young Men. Literary Scientific and
in each city that he visits.His the breathing organs tight. should
locks the principle of drainage of the poor
[[E..eralad.Vhal.: .. nobody has aid charitable work is original a. be man'. Chi..rellt study.. Like thou. Engineering courses. STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE. .
*snd of others Mrs. Ora A :' .
Stephen -
he is continually devising new nieth { t
to, it Is Inferred that hi* remarks on
of Port Williams. 0. has 1.'nrnril haw
ale of give the
making mo tpleasure
[Tuesday evening will be. in connection money to do thus, She writesfr "Three hot .'.'' 1.1. TK.UM: open in O,tne..ille, Septemtwr. '.''''h .For .>4lal>iirii<* amiinforinntioti )
and relief possible.The .
[ principally with the drainageque.tlon, most remarkable feature. of tie. of l H,. King's New Disonvery .toppvd address .I..UW1.tUU.: !' : l're.'ldeiit. H.lh."I., Kit.J ;
(which ha. since It. introduction been
[ topic of comment on both sides.. Cooper' work is what is known as hill my cough/: of two years and a Broward to "three-minute removal of 'deafness." me of what my friend. thought' (con .**. OHAHAH. I're.i lt>ntUao. II. K:, "r4"'''''. Cashier
: Governor speakIn
expects the In cities visited by him within the past gumption O. it's grand for throat W. llvna lots ()h. \" 411II. A..,, Cashier? !
Bronson on Monday night .
and lung/ trouble Guaranteed by
24th. At 11 o'clock on Toesdav, the year he has appeared nightly before
[ and offered alldruggit*. Price.Vc) and 'Un! > Trial
audiences to makeanyone
120th, he will favor the people of Starkeand large THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK
[ Bradford county with a talk, com. hear within lets than threeminute bottle free.Ssaboard. __

InK from Starke to Gainesville. lie *, if they would come.up on the Parlor Cars.
*. Report from Pittfburg Cin O3TTHE C+G.A.IN"EB 5x ni. ,
will speak at 10 o'clock a. m. on the26th The Seaboard Air Line operates buf.

: and at High Springs in the evening cinnati. Detroit Cleveland and Loui. fet parlor car ttetw..u .Vsldo and ONLY NATIONAL HANK ALACHUA CO

of the same. date. ville and other cities seem to indicate Tampa on train leaving U'aldo that

that Cooper actually dll as he connects with the morning train from Cupiuil . . ; () no

Men Past Sixty In Danger. claimed. Gainesville Surplus cult Undivuhxl Protlt :IO.MHI) ( ) onDo
Each night he I.i said ti have re.

More than half of mankind over moved before thousand of people, .. .... A.ea..I! a baektb .>U.1.._. .". r..lllll.. ..|it.l Hear beak Is 'II. Miss AulUI
sixty years of age suffer from kidney It* .oo.>Mi>l.of r........... Mvr.t>......<..xi. >rtl 1.>B.. .%... ln%.,..,%IU w4D
causes of deafness in about three min Hold All Your Ordersfor .(...(.I.rr.Arf.v>.n' Allbu.lBM* ".__t.4 I>T...."%IV'
end bladder disorder, usually enlargement
utes' time with one of his preparation M K: TAY!1)1\ Cashier..XTTTTO3Sr itIxntestttt..Itsett
of prostate gland. This I I. tooth
Tbe accounts of bit work appeared in New Work for '
painful and dangerous.. and Foley's'Kidney
.II of the leading "daille*" of the 111.51
Core should be taken at thefirst .
East: and people have.flocked .to him US. We Are
sign of danger a. k -correct. Irregularities I
from all parts of the country.
and hIt. cured many old :FF. : & 00-
The sale of his preparation is sid .
men of this di.ea.... Mr Uodney Bur
to reach enormous proportion: withina
Rock Po'rt. Io.. write "I sotsfered
nett. mum TAilORS
week after Cooper arrive in a city
with enlarged pro.tate gland Whether he will b. as successful In St. :s A :ISrKEBS.
and kidney trouble for year.. and after .
Louis a* elsewhere remain to be seen,
taking two bottles of Koley's Kid- and do nothing but
I -.- upsto U, ....'.1 bedlam ..".,..... bar .... .u rur.ya. asd t__...... Iy
pay Cure I feel better than I hart for Tk. _eousMor !>..... n.....f............."I._.f.,...rr ............. ...4 ails. ,.
twenty year., although I am now 91 Not Yet Received by Sultan. -date work. Cutting ..eltrd. on r.*wrM. .>._. MM>e)I.I l"** '. ..111.. euil.ellubs .. .u
t-OtU !Is %.>. I?.!"-d !a1.I...
years old." J. \\'. ..1lcCollum'Co.. Constantinople.! fact
that the 4ttltau Friday received three strictly up to date.
Cranberry Crop Ptantjful. other ambassadors, to whom audiences G-.AI :mS-V'1--Im: : FLOE: :: :') n bCLYDE

New York Sept. ::.-Cranberries" wore pro "ed before the recrntIllness Work unsurpassed.

of which there> was a short rrop Ian. of his majesty. I I. the reason i
We hate a One line tit .wnnple !I. select LINE
year, prom ea to be plentiful thin aria given for the postponement: of the

, on. Wholesale. companies are nov, promised audience with John O. I..h.. free.. Hee' M'. I

paring SI to ,$1 SO for loo quarts men the American ambassador It --

" against $2S in April for the last ol' Is explained that It would be Inadvisable I

'be nos crop. to espose the Sultan to over WM. SCOTT COMPANY Tailors

fatigue. 103 \\**. Main Ht X. nIrQ.D

Mv Grants Extradition Papers.. j .. ..

r TrenUm. N J.. Sept" : -:-<;o..ernor

tx '\toU(-". on ." 1aT. on the sppHratlon:

of (;vernor Iwneeo of HIIool. ,rant I I Get Good Seeds

ej papers for the. evtradlfloa of PaulO '

Htesaland.' stun I* wanted in Chi; from : :r B.A..IL1N'GB: : :m.A.CT-r. "VV.JJ IDle.
raico oo the rharx of looting the )1'I.j l I Iwaiikee I MKTWKS.HJoolctton ,

Is Avenue Htate his bank. W. S. McDOWALL. I II vlllc? I. r uJ: XONN..' VorU ,
land now on way to
from Tangier Am.Ic.1 I, (...U?": U'11.1..1:. Iz A C.Iling. at CIIAHI,>:KTOS M. t t-an caps

I 1..r arasgraa Tb. FUMl 8t.*ai.,hlrB Im| the Co.tlwl 0Clyde tierylce
600 Fishing. Junks Loe,. e (Olekrat. Trariers' ,te...IA ...

lion** KOftc. Rapt :1.-Tb. entire t. .' -- .. New Knglaml aiul( Soiithnrn LIIIUBH ;
I fleet of COO n hlojc Junks were lost la I.f
Yrelhe' -r.w. .t...o J 4.a.: HS.II"I'S: endPkiVIiIV.C
f the typhoon This I Increases t&* more .
> >
.. .
': anal' All Lees.'. .h' i,
I titr' to lo ttxMiMCd. p. rsoea. I Ceiling el ('h.fl I..l,.,, I...." ..,.
--- -
L.Uer to J. P. BawknlKht, > t3ILartI-WJ3IC3Ct: : .Y f:4.A 1 'I.I 7\J 14art.iAtwNJA4

Baby ...,.... J...."nNil.
I).... !"*lr : Hersa tale with three :gurtbte.ot4 Prows irai "f I+ Is
won" cry II'YOU1 or fror ,...f. to II, ---.

ve. filloREHOuNO m Professor Irvine as. so A esdetwyM !Clyde: St. Jchss River Line
.reer.6or*;. Peon. lie><. thfWwx .

I JXROfS In summer vaeat. >os> It od to lt.tW__f, JA. K .M'M,. VII.I.M' 1111.1 aSAl/M1f./rr 1

SYRUP. !.,. fIO .Bees* of t a,.0t Tt!...,. were. 6""tIt&, at l.tatbe..tsior as.,..f .'"l l..,...,.J .,-! l.t.ra *!..*. l..t..JU/ .e i
'hr. sad fc *J to
I I 1 two i- lnt 5141.* s. .
J' h.ref
fit *
witttotakerspkir llta. .. ... of the
J I. tM n ,.a..f 5.55 y ee
CVmttn DOtblnc mjurtoa I ICI.1R15 Io/b.r' i.) ..|!__ year sfier y.*rI e K wr.te
COl1IMS. COLDS I I how t>*> f> lBts I>*.o* 40 .I.nD' .-
...*. soRtS TMWOAT. .aswl tlvedi.Ter'Os! ..lasT of t..M cCITYOF J..A.C.L-CSO
>O COCOM: ANt a ,ps' t. ..po-. "C-S I..e.I, *' '. ..1 .......1.-'Ifie 7I'.Mi"' .p.. T'4....'.
ALL FirLMONAsTY DISEASES. ( II C Fatls ws. sac nf !!>-.. de* .&4 Ib..,....,. 1 ." p m MOl .ra.t. I.... s.efneJ ) .._I..,..
.oklrta. IMn'eet.Coka. .'.. reoMS bat h.. w..kfs>', tss* 'w.......s,. .s4 Irilsy. P Jf a r.1. rw .J C. J ( t ..,. w. sen..d. .... ca.. usher
.. ,.r1.for..1\a11atd.. .I ".D'. say J e.A. 1i...yd 8..Iw.. ... f...4 ..ta +a'. .......w+.sss e yaw 1krfu -. ........_...__.. ,4, g i 1 I s IJ 1.i ar......-.--4"wt
.onuch It b_ lines ........., '0..t s .rod pates to I- ..,. I 1lutt. J.I..a .rti. A.1 dae,4j ."
hound i7ftlp.01.h- ertvep.aal hI'1' *,.t. w 'e. Iw..- H. got ... :>f IK* ..... rsiatsa ........ .. .11pws.
WT ba.b y ( .. rig II: k*e..t palate. \ II* .ss a tg .tss.. 1 JUS NSArrtv
of **.r- a >ts.r
ID..Uc-i....'I Isedwee. st4r. 554s feast .. ..*...' u s.T.U 'lser r .fv.d l D Lsa4l III P1r.
know2k." b-tt r J iI, ,as Ii.a'd.,.. bo.+.- tat .f i s jr ft fwc I t ..JD aa.IA .
XX ...l .
rpm Co. ..i..taedwsre d.-. hs en.w .. a.&lM ov W. e 1 Ur.Jr1LR IL tAJM. A gI ar'RxT oF/GCft, l1 W M_ A dT J.1( KaOSYILI._ *

tort.Wf11s IrriQl.of sash ....f h. warts good pales, .... I.e r-M r-Aaf pns taw.I r'sa .n, r.1 N' lase / ..Ms.A. .Pie .
... .. r WVaJ ., r rs.tts j
.tls. a.of eoe M u. p Ca.OfiA.N. P bs A :
y..n. Ire!,. 5 ww as. +Ilttls tom, ... ':' ...
I .
ra... Ca.r. .
F .
10 w pI I1.i w.
tw wtn ,
s v nitaltas. t'aw >,
x r W
Jtr.etlaie' w ,
.L. TM ..J. -n.--C. 'lfr.rI

I ...""" ,:. <..:. .i" ...
.. .. ,.,.1 .
*.*#' ...( ,.....c.: .. .., f;!. :;.. t 1 .. ; : ....",. .

.. ,, ', '






G _.. I &
Matrimonial Fever Struck the Town. : MOZLEY.S Young Collecting Clerk Disappear
when H. la Sent to Express Office.
Note of General Interest. .. VILLE R. R.
Columbia S. 'C. Sept. 22-Robert C.DrocklnKha .
High Spring. Srpt.22.-A: very pretty ; LEMON
n. aged 19, who has been
wedding was solemnized fn High : for about two years collec'lnic clerk The Louisville A Nashville., Fat Spring on Wednesday, the 19th int ELIXIR for the bark has rate from .
"r. State disappearedwith will cell round-trip j ..,
The contracting partlee were Mr. L. OHwaua I2.00O belonging to the bank. onville to point shown, on dates

y a machlnUt lu the A. O. I... The Ideal Laxative. Shortly after the bank was openedfor rated. Proportionately low rate
and MI.. daughter There are unpleasant effects "I
hop Margeret Day eq biuJaeha. young nrocklngham was ).
other points.
of Mr. SI. Day of IhU place. The from l\lo.u.ay' La.o..1tuKJ., but given a sealed package can\alning ,... "I'-
Its .c-tOIl; .s eIkcU"e, $32: 20-Dalla.. THx., and return
ceremony wan performed 10:3Ta.: m. It gu1ate. the Liver tomacla, $%.000, with Ina. ructions to ship It by "
sold October 6th and
p1 in St. Bartholomew's Kpiroop! Church newels and Kldney, Clean__ the express to one of the bank custo t eta .
by R.-.. Fr..,nci.. Cra'ghlll' of Gainesville. .yatem of .n tmpurl&i. bOil doct mers. Since the moment that he '. Final return limit! 21 dq.

"t There were preent, only the Sot gripe or pro
immediate family of the bride and a pleneantne.AiOSL6v'a laa.tiv Lp.Mnot. the package in his pocket he baa not $:-t2: KO-Buffalo. N. Y., and ret
JL'JUa. unlike other '
elect com pan, of friend After they has a anl"t pieastn taste.children been seen by any of the bank people.nor age Health UseBALLARDS Tickets sold Otober 10th.

., oevemony the gueta ,and party were even beg' for it. 50 cents and have "the officers, who were In : and 11 h. Final' return i

'1 entertained a 12 o'clock luncheon SI.OO per bnlle.AT formed of the matter Interval, leaving Buffalo. October- i

:!' at the home of the Uriel'* mother.! ALL DRUB STQRV. of been to ascertain what came HOREHOUND 1906. '

The happy,couple J left at 2 o'clock for Urtrrklnghnm here $19 60-New Orleans, La.. and ret rQ.Ticket

1t 8t. Augustine where they will make year ago from came Wlnnsboro.nbqtit He two belongs SYRUP on sale Oolober12tli15tb. '
f their home The bet wishes of
% many
to an excellent family and has And you will have health. inclusive. Final ret n 1
+ friends accompanied them. International Wireless Conference. prominent connection la this city. Great care should be taken of limit October.3Oih By deg >,.

N The marriage of Mr. A. J, AylwarJ Berlin. Sept. 22.-Marconi will be --- ones health and Ballard cling ticket with Special .AK. ,t

and Ml. .. Allein Davidson wa quietly preoeut at the sessions of the Jnterratlonul Wife' Skull Was Crushed. Horehound Syrup will cure New Orleaneand paying fee ,..f

t r eolemnizd at the Mathndint pronageon wireless conference which Is Danville Va., SepL 22.-A special COUGHS COLDS. CROUP 50 cents, an extension of re tun

,.r the evening of the 20th iu.t. U.,.. to open here Oct. 3, as a delegate from Chatham statea that William BRONCHITIS DISEASES.AND ALL limit. can"be secured uqtil :N >.

M. II. Outland performed the ceremony from Montenegro. As the operation Nance a prominent farmer of Pittaylvanla PULMONARY vember SOth. 1906.

In the pretence of the relative of his company will be one main aubJtcts county, has been arrested and 1* Mra. J. II. McNeil, Salt
nf the bride and a small circle of of controversy, his participationIn In Jail at that place charged with the Lake City Ut"h. writes: 17.65-l'oI..mphl.? Teun., and return.
eighty old and I sold October IBtb 16th
friend.. The groom U an expert machinist the ceeainga la likely to make murder of his wife. The details of am thank Horehound years Hvrup for Tickets ,

Inline A. O. L *hop., and !I. them liitercnUnK. Another delegatewill the crime are brutal and shockID having cured me of coughs 17th and 18th. Final return

very. popular in society. The bride I I. bo Suifkwlcli Klnura. who Is accused Nance went lo ill home In 'an Intoxicated colds and other like disease" limit October 30th. By depo.

+ the daughter of Mr. J. Davidtou. and bj- the Slaby-Arca company condition beat his Wife with his Three Sizes 25c. JOe and 1.00. iting ticket with Special Aeent

U a young lady of many aharm The with having, appropriated the general I flats stamped her in the face and Memphis and paying fee of .V

many friend wish them much happUnea. Slabq-Arco Ideas: for the Japanese government !I finally ended by striking her a blow Ballard Snow Liniment Co. cents, an extension of return
the same thing that the Alar- with aa Iron rod wdlch crushed her limit can be secured until November .

., Mrs, W. N. Oramling and children coal I company says the BlabyxArco skull. This occured at night but ST. LOUIS MO.. c fc SOth. 1906.
company did with the Marconi Invention It wee not known until tbe next day
: who bare been upending the summer 11605-Chicago. III., and return
*. Thlrt)'-one out of 33 government about 11 o'clock when the woman was ,
:1 in Georgia have returned, and'are Tickets on sale daily to September
Invited to be represented'ceptf'd. discovered In a dying condition at her Sold and Recommended by
warmly welcomed I' SOth. and limited to return -
home. She IIv ed, but a few minutes
W1. The I'eruohl-Gypcene Theatrical after being| found. The coroner' }I. JOII.Uhairruvlllc.' until October Slst. 196.'

Company are here this week, and are Chambarlaln'a Cough Remedy Act onNalur. Denver Colorado Spring
jury verdict places tbe blame for her --- ----- -- ---- --- $ 7.90- ur

drawing full houses. .'. Plan. death upon her husband. lie claims Railroad Contractor la Indicted. Pueblq.Col..and return. Tick

The Kebekah lodge celebrated their The mot successful medicine are that he was so drunk that he did not Knoxville Tenn.. $t-pt. :2t!tt.-ItobLI eta on sale daily until Septem

flfly-evepth anniversary on the 20th those that aid nature. Chamberlain'. know what be was doing. I I Oliver a railroad contractor of thU ber 3Otb.O ibal return limit to I

4 int. by an entertainment consisting Cough Remedy acts on this plan. Take I city has been Indicted<< by the federal) October Slst. 1906.
of a varied program of recitation .
l mash it when you have a, cold and it will POINTED PARAGRAPHS. grand jury here on he( charge ol $38.40*..-Hot Springs, Ark., and return.
and select reading, and also re. allay the cough, relieve the long, aid -- peonage The indictment contained Tickets on sale daily. Final

rethment nf lee cream and cake. expectoration, open the secretion and Keep* away from i eopl' you d"lallke 25 counts. The d.> ft*::.Uant U a broth return limit 90day from date
and<< lon't talk nl*.>ut them.I'ut er of \\'. .7. Oliver also aa extensive
aid nature, In restoring the system to a of ale.
Starving to Death ti hog In a parlor Intul he would<< railroad contractor.
healthy condition. Thousand have
+ ""CAU.. her stomach wa *o weakened break out and on how lit n lu'ulholo. U2 &i-Uen"er. Colorado Spring or
testified| to It. superior excellence. It
by usel*.* drugging that she It be"UII'\I Ilea'a.sell ry iMH"lonally fur Pueblo, Colo and return
could not eat. Mr.. Mary II. Walter counteract any tendency of a cold to every man I.> take |iiuiU: .>.it. Whvu Holiday Passed Quietly. Ticket on ale September Itnh
result In pneumonia. Price 25 cent. "Warsaw dept 22 -In spite of the
tlnjf** tlou't other
of 8&. Clair St., Columbus O. your uuuoy to 2Jod.: 19J6 In IIJ.lve. Fi
wa of an attack<< ho Jewish
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druggist. .. .
It a fa t that tI. mu t suc.x'eeut -
"My stomach wa to weak from o... there id October! 15th 1906.
city Is calm and no fear of!
( I men }oti t.ti.,\%- air. i.i>llh> m'u? ,
Ira drug that I coo Id not eat. and $1 sO.oeo Fir. Los*. Ibfii.
In, netves *o wrecked that I could Taconui.: Wash, '8 *pt. ::.-Fire to HIU,.!,,' not ,,1..1 and nut before I which burned with ti-rrlllc rRpt.llty de"troYt'11 be sale various Full
' r' wa givenup When )'t>u bear u Iran ,.1.u..1 l lt' Killed by Live Wire. on to resort
to die wa I induced to try Kteetrlo property lat night valued lihxt h!" I..iikvo 'I"> nit think. .IIv Kl Paso: Sept. :2i.: -In a fire at the !information fcliedules. time tables,

Hitter, with .wonderful result that npprrtxlinatcly' at $15o.o|>nliir o"'fr:!: |1'4u1'l.' :: itrvT: Lift "Howw Juarez' custom house early Friday. Cap etc, will b<* furnished promptlyon

r t Improvement began at once, and a milt one woman I I. b.'lleveil to have nil "U h hit\\'llt'n we urt not lain Martin, of the gendarmerie application to

complete cur followed." It"*t health beet her life| while tw
, tonlo on earth fiOo. Guaranteed. byall for. The propr i rey burred. l ou'tvnrrr. If you tin not c KK! -.- --- -- -- Fla I..... Agent I,. A N. It It.. No. USW.
druggists. Include the Taromit l.aat.'tt t rnllrtMidu i.e.LW Von l I >ok nil rl-iJit tu your General Robert E. LeeWas Bay th..Jllek.oD.il1_. Mr.
--- >|x.t and freight; warehouse' unit four (penile.! *1 III' IMMI I lu 1 ke mi fii'rth" ..n uM:, .
-- the
greatest general the world -- ------
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a livery table building, alia. hues. aiitl 'h.oCt" oho turn iut Inh'l'1""t..1 GOOD BREAD
York H"pt. :::: --The announcement loon rentaiirant and l throe dwelling I"nu .Ie"1 l know lwv you';.- mnnt i* the> greatest liniment. Quick.

that Senator llruckett. of Saratoga ho....... In the> livery stahle were over .\Idll..11. ..I...e'. ly cure all pain It i i. within the
.oiiM l M content, of the will ISO borne, many of them blootle.Iate..1 reach of all T. II. Pointer llemp-
of Un. .. Ml S-T" Mi attracted wide eL..d. Texas. writet "TliU U AIDS DIGESTION
-. Less than half a Josen to ossify -
e- Trade .:.wbt.e._ eve T..b.......
a.1.-nllu"( BmUlntrrfut, Tho opinion caped. The woman believed to hav. Iii S...>tlnii 1* '."I.u.-d among lawyers, that the been used. In horsehold : A ml keep*one relieved of "that tired
'lost her life la Mr. Peterson wife of n unl I to pl.uo on n'. t<>uit..t< iitho < my for year .
case wilt br M It'r ,nn.l lung and has been eeU.blOb beavy.l.ocry bread\
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to excellent
the restaurant keeper. oyuilftl. of bit. lrnl.*. Kjn-<-liUy' bound lo create.IT'S .
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tone ill!* Hit .*neat Iunblan.l whertIn "
a never without it, Sold by W. M.
only un brim of Rdon:
"To Cure a Felon" tbo luirliil croumt <>C live abbey It Johnson.; YOUR OWN FilLY
N. Cuncrrr.t the *.litlt.ur1tft! great bi" |NH>II finiiul Unit of tbow tomb-

.;rand nephew of n".u< l| Kn ce. It ha Hay !hlD. .nd.lI. ofN Phlllp.hur. atone. ,hli-li are fratii list ti>* '-rat yran It you do not keep rood.
wholesome Bread
h,,coine' knnnsn" that ntany of I ih<. othetIielra K...., jut cover It n..rlLh Uu k. old ntxtut om. .-fourth art U.... markeil. -I on your table' for U U made fresh every day
,;; hate<< rug.'d trtinerl l to watcb 1....'. Arnica Salve and the salve will U..> aymtMiN. bilnir' lu low relief. A T. F. THOMASUNDERTAKING I and delivered .t your dour by

the pniceedlnga.If' to the "t" Qnlek..tour. lurburns. miipir listen may W n-ou aa nboTrlns:
II til*. ofe*. ccald' *. wound, pile, eolema. I the grave of a ifruf.r; all *x dial ."W.I BAKERY
Iran Heputallon salt. rheum chapped hand. I with hemmer and nail, ornir ou the CO. ,.Ia..... ll :i. |J. T. SCIIAFCU. In..

You are .f...,. Whit*'* Cream Vertiilfnge 'or" feel and sore eye*. Only 25j at tinivc sit n cnrpnter .au awl end n
has a world-wide reputation all drug store*, Guaranteed. hammer on that of a .I..n\l'k.r. There
M urw ninny other grave. almliarlyinorkol FULL LINK OF Stanton Foundry & Machine -
.. the bl of all warm drstr.iyrrs and Loudon'n.\ .>r..
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.")lg.ilon and almllatlon tif their The first r 4''')I..iiini front n"I.h..a Mss ..rt..1. 1"bu".J. If you are troubled with 'liver"com AUKNTMlt -:- FLORIDA.
'0..1. strengthens nerroi yteni
k. and restore them tu health and vlftor for J JIM*n Thecunehnn. > lurttiile I 1 plaint,. and have not received help read .U I'lIEJT: ".. TItIINfTU\IY Manufacturers of- *

.U.. and l will t thU. Mr, Mary .:, Hammond.Mo4xly.Teiat .
Stars t> > b. tlellvrn! a .
natural' to N eMM If you want a and IUt)' I'E>( Luur :'.. Iron and BlISS Castings ud licUiery
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healthy. happy child, net a battle t>f C.. .. _.....-. i
"'...* bur have' hn In Okla -with liver trouble-for over a year ._- _.._... r Grate Bars, PHosphate Ctstiifts
White'. Cream Veruiifu. t4 >ld by ,
I..n, tier senor time aet>hut rtinlgn. lo:tor did n>. no good and I tried I .,: ; : ---1
P e lieUoa RailroAd and
W. M. Johnan. to alt '.I U I MIll Castio< fir their home mUs.: "..rbln... and three bottle cured me. ,.M* U... Mall .114 1..eraCL: order I
-- -- --- --- -. 1 can't say too much fnr tlerMae. .. II '_MoI. .U........ to and Repairs.
Minh' I. Portetly\,: \"o.'nd-'f. i I. a _uftd.r'tllllv., m-deems. I a). t
Va1.l i. r i,.. I... Jet t I: KMertanV Peasants Rfu.* To Pay Ta>... wy have It In the ho,i--. "'..blt." I .! CAST 1C'V"nR"r: D. yy .
>* ('U' q '.i.. a "",nil lttl'"t% l' Ifnittrr CtI.**.,.. H ept S3 lo cein.gepenc.of << whrrc, you wi.h ** Suld It] W M Johaon Jalnea"Ilie. Florida. I.... -W.hnc> fatUttie.. s..uad to _.
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another report says he ass .*u t accl" ...,,,,rno" th..t (It !. lii>p.'...'-.1.l 10 niatn- -s Q
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t a. > a any a.o.l Wtal* whichCASTOR : /'reprleler.
while hU
dentally putting up *un. II.
wa a bruther-ln-law of \V |II| Mme. cuesqura Iy must be elos.,.!. I Cedar XeyFLori.da.: : ILWTICALLTRE.AKLB

who wa ..* ner there two .

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Great Headache Cure.BromoPapsin

Till Ktyd You Have Always BCUibt i RODCCE34ROHPEHtTT.

ts.rarlee.trs.a. wwo as.w.uro.llo i
= / 1 .
; / & FLORIDA.VVHITE. l..w wave .sassed

"%... tfcC >. "...' I'rpdw"I" : S AN O-1.1 ME o4t'tIN

t: S"*mmer a.acuralo', Rate Via Atlantic

.. C U R E 1..11.lIt.idithe, luroww laiUtsdoa ;I I Coast'L* I PRESSED eRlc>c WE CAM IELI Tti

COn Iesmm.r .C'.koa rat<*> !. all ID. ""s'' .
Fire the swot. nter.seun..el points are tx*>woa aJe< BRICK RETAKE.

10 O+ItteL lbH1klJ! Hiriitess.v I la the, Atlantis Coast L tae No trvu* Dvwl- alt.aoPACICSOMViLLE.ILA.? I P "Itf 1s ...,1
b. to .*..., qj -.tlot For ra'.., .
Aa lwci.. ..'s .... aka. kttal teed COMPANY
.$ ,..."..Uoe., >>1a.1cNa.eOtQ. rr.V'
fi Sus 551. 5 V ... .lul.tu. YlrtfkO. .
l 1I.yleroa I 1)4.
.. J. W. 1re4.LLCal a ca.: li eng \..taL I sew r..... .. ".. ......U",, Owes MaMesMj _- 't ,.

r:; i Baia Mt ,- ..,;.- 1\\ A .I'f-:', ,
n '>.... '. J
; .. I aa
"'t'... ...

i } v ;

s + i

., .. '.. rrl:,, ..
"W :+**V.w VMM'***&"HP***


-- ---- .
-- -

sad ...tmt. t*> Ai.n..-.-el* Maw Amend Section 10 of t". Charter I: S :Ea..A.E3 C> .A. :R :::0 \1, Ir

y'a. D..I._.t Prorioion of he City flf rill.> DR. Dal ERE B. MORRIS ,

me In and see. cue Monday niurn- Florida the Same tiring Cantaiiiett.

and well talk It over." sail Uusa- in or an Act of the . DENTIST Air Line t
I.enUUluro Railway
nf the Stare or Fl.indu.
7. bat Blnka replied:
entitled t "An Act Kxtrndmc "n.i ,
ildu't you make.It Tuesday. morn. Enl.rjl.g the T..rrhorl.II.lmiU and

or Monday afternoon the Powers of llie City of ()mnrTilr.H! over :Marcum Endel Pfcore teNara FOR r
> It waa arranged for Tuesday morn- Municipal' Corporation. or. .
and exi tine In Aluchua C'tmnry. -- .
Blnka turned from the
telephone "Florida and Providing/ for the t:z.erei J. A. CARLISLE, \
imewith: a smile, saying: ,.. of 'tJ""e Power." apt'rrtveilMsy Savannah Columbia Camden
*lm clad be didn't make It Monday 9th. 19OQ; and tn Prnrid. for ATTORNEY- : AT LAWArd Southern

Inz.Ye would never" come to a the' Calling of a Special. | E'e-"iion fnr Solicitor in Equity ,
elusion then. You see." hecontlu* the Purpose of ubmfttini aid Pines: Raleigh Richmond Wash-

1, noting iny surprise at such a stateit. Orrlinaneo to the Klrclor t{..I"1ilh.dI Ret Etate. Conveyancing and General
"Monday moniing lit the morning I D: \" ... Therm I PracticeAll business vromptlj ington Baltimore Philadelphia

ter Sunday. Ne>'er' a wan nIt Ortlainut by th! ./ rir nntl (";1.1 attended to. Office next door to :Ou.I. ,
business on Monday morning Om1lOO of the (.lily r/ (;ni"M ni'r.. other (3amuavtttt. Fm 05105FERI)1NAN1)
New York.
JI can't xplaln why It is.. but c\ery JlonttitiHectii --- ---

in goes to his office on Monday tuoru- .n 1-1'hat Section ten ((10)\ ..f I. BAYER \ tr
I the charter provisions' nf the City of .
with groutli. l Its
a : be-
supple -- --- -- -----
U,me.ville, Florid, a. eonMin-l inChsp'er ATTORNEY-; AT I. \ W. .
ate he's been renting tip r %4ay l Snnly -
M97 nf an Ant' nf the I.-R "U.
and sort of bates to UHr lilnisijfray O.'U'"ILL8, Ftanun.. a
cure 0" the Stale uf"Florida, nutted : Two
from It. anyway. I l Ltuvx It Is ''.\n Act Elteitdlnff: and Enlarging, the Ell.' nnt Trains Daily

Territorial Limi's and the I'otver "f : Can sell :you icy property ((1m-
-rake your own eo*'". I'ro known the City nf Gainesville, n MinncualCorporation : proved and unimproved). ihoi>haie. Seaboard
a many years, and whenever you Orgsnlsed and .enntint In'' trucking and farming laud. end hirea Express. '

et. me Monday morning I notice that AUchua County Florida, and PntTid list of what you offer for vale 214ln.
are 'yawning, taciturn und imilinc. ing for the Exreienf' those Posers" -- -- -
approved May 9ih.. 190:). b<*. and thesame Seaboard Mail. .
| Yon bad a ROTH I Sunday no is hereby amended to read all W. E. BAKER i
bt. Either rented beat
jwt to the
follows, tits
Del 0... played golf or did something.! ATTOIINEY-AT-I..\\\',
"Sec IO-All ordinances adopted hf }
that took mind off r
way, your jour the City Council<< and approved by the SOLICITOR IN Gil\NCKUYGAINESVILLE : : .
linens care Then you went to bed Mayor or passed over his veto shall

ither ear)" prepare to get up ear. boo printed for distribution or pnhlih, MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT .

Monday; When" tjie clock went off ed one time in n newspaper printed in Alachca Co. r-LOffice >
on were nlAernble about rising, tuul the city, a. the City Council shall dr.Itermtne .
> .
in Ended Bl>x k -- -
n you did get up you were ugly tobocJr. and, ..t forth in the ordinance.
---- - --- --
'Jt'a the same way with nil such publication or printing I trine, '

ua. We rest too harm Suiidnjs In- t. made immediately" upon such adoption Only Laiio Operating.

end of Just relaxing a little we lit and approval. JR J, II. ALDLKM,

rerythlng; of the week" go and full at IIpieces I Section 2-The Mayor .of the. City Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to Now Orleans \
of Gainesville is hereby dir *ite'1 toiuo J
: In doing what we call mwoupit's his proclummtion calling n >p... DENTIST -- v
Co the great A merlon 11 hiblt. held ..'
vial> Election to he in d city, '
"That's the reason we halve 't luelondaja. on ,the 9th day nf O.1tnbeI9OtJ.) to ,ire : For full Information. and! .lee|.r r trtrrtatiou call on any agent' eatM>ardofwrite

.' Some day I stipixMf. we'll termine whether or not the ordinitnc Over Dutton a Co a Haok.OflRDON Uat.euat s C ilOYLislON- JN.. .\..>*taut General I'a**.ng..r Ag..ut, ,,
tarn now to rest up over Muiidiiy with.t to amend S cilop Ten of tie charter .. JACKsoNVIILE.- "'I.ORI1)A) .
completely disorganizing our work provisions of said city as proposed| I liy :
---- -- --- :
Monday. If we don't I think It this ordinance nhsll btt approve ty

Jd be a good Idea to cut Monday I the slttrmstive. vote or" m.J."hnf Take The
all the elector qualified to vote B TIM3N.DKNT18T.. Atlantic CoaSt LineFOR
[-of the business week and begin uu at said election or if a majority nf all DR- x
Jay.**-Ne'v Ynrk'oltJ..
the qualified elector shall not have .

I I I voted at said. election then by a nijority ALL EARTHLY POINTS Y
aln From a Burn Promptly Relieved of the rotes osst upon aid .
proposition Said proclamation shall Ofttt'.ID Mll'er! Law EATLANTIC "." ",
by Chambarlaln'a Pain Balm. t>e published for the length of time \1. Via T via

A little child of' Michael Sin nf I'I and in the manner in which proclamations : U..ILL.. PL.. j Northr"N East E t DIlVo'.' S ULU 1- a. 0 {t lhttw.t. or .

ernon. Coon., was recently In greatlin calling the general( city elections : i ur nt..o.oly es .I..U. ....,
of aid city are published ... .Iac.o.'uL... I I .._", ...,.. "
from a burn on the hand and MS

old application only Increased the I 8-eliou published- 3-That in a this newspaper ordinance printedin .hallhe : COAST LINE Rapid Transit anti! Unmr|> **t.(1 l Svrvirurim ;tl,

flammalion. Stran. cam' to Mr
laid city once eaek week for eight ,
Table: in eldest! July :%>, lto&. '
amen N. NteheU, a local merchant, .k. next preceding said special *lectinn.

lor something to stop the pain). Mriehol That at said special election i iI ) Fur OAlNlsVll.LKiliich : '1
n"Ian From
I aid ordinance hall be submitted l to' .
? says : 'I advised him to u." -
.z :
the electors qualified t) vote at said
>hamberlain'k Pain Balm. and the first" election for their approval that earth : Excursion Rates J ."A' t> m Mitring. and lnl.r. 1'20.:111).1

ipplleation drewout thnlnnammtionind qualified elector shall have an opportunity I \ s t Uh m lal..I'uihi. |Dally II Bun j
gave Immediate relief. I have to vote for or against the approval -! : -- -----
of said ordinance, and ..ach I 1It) p m ( : .>*.bur it and Tampa, andIntermrdiate :J &6 p i ID ,,
aced this liniment and
myself recom-: elector shall. out a paper ballot. Each FROM JAC'KSO>\'II.I.F.: 1)aily Paints I l ailyDailt
Intend fit" ( very often for eat, burn. elector de.irinit to vote for or against I -' .- ---- w
; -MJack.unvill.; i
Mtra'lnt and lame back and have never the approval uf aid ordinance hall = QUICKEST TO == 3.tatpm \J: idptn

known it to dappoint{ For sale by vote a pap..r ballot containing the' ) JSorih. Tra4t: ami \\'.., Daily

[all druggUti. propofed words : "FOR amending approval Section of ordinance IO of the' Washington and all Points East -11 Warn- IIghtipriag.Wayena.havannahltrunswlek! ; ; :-- -- BilUpn
-- --- -- --- I
I A'a..U' I North East U'eiKoatielle.
charter provisions of aid city requir.Ina Dally Albany. mt Dally
A ll >r* > Story. of nrdlnane .
printing or publishing/ -
Our Dumb .Animal. tells a rvmark- .. .
s *. may tx rlet rmined by City 16pm IO Uiau*
table story cilioiit the Intelligent! of a Council," or. "AGAINST approval of MICIU>| ) aid Ultra
[mare who taxed her colt from death ordinance as proposed amending Mention flM.SO San Francisco Cal., on saledally Daily I I Dally

j by stopping u train ou a railroad In lOof the charter provision"of aid ; limit Oct 31.

I Texas. The colt land fallen with its city requiring printing or pobHhtnt, ( '1...a Atlantic City N. J.. on ale.I.d.IIlIntltO.t 1 12 '0.. tu I .
I legs through n railroad bridge. und the of ordinances as may be d..c..rminoodh SI I Daily I'alatka 2laly' a
I City (:oonell." and each of said ballot ;
[mother stnrttnl down) the trail? to meet I
hall be counted .. a ballot ap 4H.U*. Niagara Fall. X, Y., tin sale! I
|the coming tmlu. As the train calve ; .; .I
proving disapproving, as cuemay limit Oct. 31.
I up she stood on the truck whinnying. I b-. the adoption of said ordinance dally lnirehan(.at>l. Mileage Ticket.. good over 1S.U.I1 mll. of among the prln ;
I The train atoppeil. and then t the mure a* proposed The said special election .:tr.O() Washington I>. C on sale eipal railway In& lb. Hoathvrn Htate.. are on .al. by the t>rln' .(r
[trotted ahead of It u* It motttl Manly hall he h..d, conducted! and the r... dally ; limit Oft. 31 Through Pullman *U>*t.r Tort Tampa to Now York, tla AtUnttLln 006" ]
[to the bridge. Here! the colt wits< milecovered torn thereof canvassed In all other i ali via Atlantic Coast Lin' and $u'h.rQ Railway.
[ and extrlcnte l from tin I'rl'|. a* nearly as may be practicable 137.uo IenverCole.. on sale, daily )'compUUi 'Information wall on

oaa position The story was \"uudl4"tl la with the rules. limit Oat. 81 J. A. UOOUWIN. Ticket Agent (Uln..vlll..

|for by tie! engineer railroad men cud regulation and ordinances governing I M4..:; liar ".rbor.t.., unul..d.I"1" Address : i

(passengers In the train. and controlling the general city rice. I limit ()(!t. SI. rKA.NK 3, BOY Lt4TON. nl.. fat.. Agt. W. D. BTAHIC. Tray Ta... Agi J
lions r>f said elt,. | ,
lilt W. Hay *t Ator Unlldlng. Jae.Ia4ny/11.. KU.
Mention 4-The City Council "h.II' '4a.o* Chicago III., on aU dally ; W. J CRAIG P..*.vr Traffic) Manaa... Mllmlagtou.N" O. 1

An Ounce of Prevention, prepare and famish all necessary I Iblanks I I limit let 81. T C WJIITK. O..n.ral I..*.*....r Agent, .

b worth pound of ear._ There .rel| and preparation ballots,'and for hall ald make special allnecessary .it.Ki WrlghUvlll. N. C, on aU.1.I

many poof sufferer. consumptive. election and shall ray for the same I|I dally I limit O e'. 31

Iwhp are hopeleae of getting ...II-WhO'1 out of the proper fond In. the city a 9?4.IO Saratoga Hprlnc N Y. onaU Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company 'i

[if they bad taken eare of ....m..I..1 I treasury. Th. ballots to b. ned at ,I ) dally ; limit I would DOW be well A rough I. the ,aM special' election hall b* subtsntlally > ,
In the following form, vist |
foundation of consumption. Ballird'. SPECIAL OCCASIONS.
Official Ballot Special City Else '' THE FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTE j
Horehound will that .
[ Syrup cure eoogh.Mrs. lion City' of Gainesville, Florida. Dth .:
Great F.lle. Montana.rriteai day of Oetob.r,19(1d. daily ninety da}*. OF FLORIDA. tj 7r'c
"I bar ned Bat lard'. IIore Make a 4'nN.! (XI mark b f.r. the .
I '''..a.\ Atlanta. (Is., on .1.! J .pt. 1 17.
aDd syrup In family for yrar*- word "FOR" or lb. cord 'l1A'oIST" :
my Tim Table l la ell..1 July" I'. lia'4.Ym .
.. accordlrtcly a. or H(.. 13. 1'. 17. 1M ; limit =.... '
if children ...r .offer! with.-, yogi approve -.. 'W'_ .. _.
O.h..j I prove of the adoption of the ordinance I tension t4 Cacti. JOD 'f
ld by W U. Johnson. providing for lh. am..ndaaeBi of .... 'j : : :;TJ:
,.!.&-; .nv.r, Coin ow ..I.! ta.Jt. 19 : r.ef
j lion 10 of the charter provision of said a.Nft.. >L 10. 1. 11I1) 7 '
sleet cad rl..III. I city a* therein. propnoed,, to 23la.lolv* { limit O.t. 15 Usily : D.'J, 0.117. MTATlt.M' :"< I belly. LMl! Uelly: 'I IEt "y r,

-All met are created free." derlare.1. Vot for one i I :'(It tro"bl. 10 answer
flamboyant citizen. Ete.r.eoa lu Other jeinle. I .
of ordinate
approval as pros I ----
TTbat'a r1bt.- a". tile.| tb. sour cite 10 of .. .. I II
posed amestdlag section the Limit. e 4 ol *. Penman a m-
0. Marriage ain't freed CMI to tau charter. provilo nf said city requiring t I.. 1' )1 r.. A11 ... I' II' Ar..1 S"( Arrf A' A 14 s
modatlo and all dt iled oform
Jy. 1t heu a feller cr.. plkl u* printing or pohlishlng. of I IfJ t (rJ a :250 . Maml..en. <'1.1. . 1 fa) f le 12.,) _'
.. It 0" tUa own rr.p*'lbll1U -- I ordlnanc as may be determined sloe to abov or other |M>4..t. k..rfttlr) 17 II U a. n _.._. . ." .,....... . tA 1,8, 111$ 1>:

ttvbarg I-o.t. b? Ctlv Co..ns lAOAINHT form.b or by mall to I 2 'II I .1 s t6 . .4eilawy I J4I It at1 II.J ,

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n < Try a Knozall bat $'.ro. at L. 3.Bartblm' .

'NEWS OF CITY AND .. Get the habit try L. J. Beautify the Complexion THE CONTINENTALCAFERESTAURANT.

Burkhim. m TOt DAY'!. ,

t.. COUNTY CONDENSED .FRESH. Strayed or Stolen-One solid bay NadinolaThe .

. mare, weight about 1.10O pounds. la (Flncomer South-or Postoffioe
traveling will indicate a windbrokenhorse. UNEQUALEDBCAUTIFIER.

Matters of General Interest Oath I willpay <2S reward for the ._
of this animal. Isaac Lee dorecd Jy tl.oussad.t OTICE.
f ared by Our IUporters. recovery r "...... teed to remove
Alacbua. Fla. freckles, pimple, all Having secured the services
Aueotioo'i.I called to the change of -. 3 facial ..di.oolosstioese
PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS advertisement & of The S. J. ThomasCompany ..:=es and restore the two experienced r..t.or.n& a

beauty of youth. hotel people we are in. a posit
who advertising gardenseeds
; and What I I. Going Tk wo.ft wee la twenty day. 50c. sad
What Has Happened Just arrived and which are HJX at ell mdimg dreg vtorc. or .by mail. now to give you service secondno

to Happen Told in Short Paragraph GARDEN guaranteed This la oneof the largest Pi..ri11t' 1LtT10r1AI.TOILET CO. .......,_ place in the city, and a trial tv
l 80 That "H. Who Runs May Read" and oldest seed house in the county.
J. Itoaiford & Co. of
Sold I.Gasses,We bJ' convince' you it. Siajrathomthe fJ.keo
't 'In Th. Sun. Allen Italic a progressive and successful W.M.Johnson and J. W. McCoUum* Co. beat careof.
Alachua who
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Old papers for sale at this office. '
owns one of the mot prolific plantations THE_, CHURCHES. .
Fewer O.lIon..n; Longer: Devoe. in the county. I I. in the city on a Open Early and Late. Drip (",>n....

Fresh Magic ,...t. Saondere AKarle. visit to hi. wife and baby, who are Services at Kavanjogb Methodist and Western Meat .

here for the winter with Mr. Hula'smother Presbyterian Churches Today.

,' r.adlea'callingcard* in latent styles Mr. Bell. First Presbyterian! Church llev.Tho .

at San omee."Bread As a dressing, for sores, broines and *. P. Ha)-Morning service at
that tastes like cake." Keystone barns Chamberlain' Salve*!is alt that lOiSO o'clock. Sabbath school at 4

Bakery, SEED can be .,..Irpd. It i I. soothing and o'clock this afternoon. Evening service Tremoilt House

e Furnished house or room for rent. healing in Ita e ffeet. It allay the pain a} 6:15 o'clock. The union service

405 Orange atreet. of a burn almost ioatantly. This salve which was to have been held at this

I ia also a certain cure for chapped hand church this evening ham been postponed
; Girl'. bicycle! for tale at a bargain; F. C.
and diseases of the akin.. For sale by until next Monday when Dr.'Aodrew Reinhardt Manager
apply at The San office.
all druggist< 3ledd will conduct the service.Kavanaogh ,
4 TCew codfish In one and two-pound
brick Saunders Earle. Among the prominent visitors 'p this Methodist Church Rev. 20QV.u Orange Street
city yesterday was Hon. \ 8. Jen. T. :J. Nizon-The Sunday school will '.
New Fay8holea typewriter for tale GAIXESYIU.K. FLA.
ninga ez.Oovernor of Florida, who meet at 9:80 a. m. in charge of MajorW.
,, at this office, cheap for ca,h.
was en route to Citra, where he has L. Flojd. Preaching' at 10:30 a.

; 'V.nt..d-A few private boarder Now the management of the Seminole m. ; subject, Honor the Lord With rat Commercial by the week rates table$1 a supplied day ; ap-eU wit .,

Apply 8O4 West Court atreet. orange grove, comprising sixty acre Thy Substance." Junior League' 8 the beet the market afford Patronage :

Robert I.. Ford of Mlcanopy was This grove promises a yield the com' p. m ; Senior League at 4 p. m. ; leaders of public aolicited.Miss .

trading In the city yeaterday. Ing season of about 10.00O boxes, and Miss Nannie Dickinson and Miss

For Rent-Comfortable room with In. ex.Qovernor Jennings is naturally Mamie Hill. Evening service at 7:30

bath, nears 200 E Mechanic St. proud. o'clock ; subject of sermon "Faithfulneaa Foboau'sBoarding
in Little Duties." In the afternoon '
i' Nine-room house for rent-furnUhed f \V A. McCormack and Sons, Harvey j --
or unfurnlahed. Apply J. W. McCol- and Bent left yesterday for the for at 8 o'clock the pastor will preachat

lam A. Co: mer' home at Port lOR II.. Mr. Ma Rocky Point. [
The Sun would like ? Jay
very much to
Forty dollar Racyel Bicycle for..alecshe.p Cortna and Ben are returning home
report other services. but pastors do
from vial to relative and friend
used little at The ..
: very ; apply -
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not apparently manifest sufficient In. -------
Hun office.Rest here. Harvey who la a graduate of
line of neckwear ever seen InGainesville. See Us Save Money Anapoli; has received instructionfrom threat tl) send their- reports- -in.

the navy department that he ha. 30O Weat slain S.
S Street
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good.Early Augustine diamond a spore
Tile S. J. Thomas Co. Point were among those who favored
timber 17 1906.JEFF.
i In October Mlaa Mab 'l Voyle of 8 to 1 in favor of the Oak Halls. .
Gainesville with a visit, yeaterday. Mr.
Up to the ninth inning It was a ---
will open a kindergarten In the Aoad. Ualneatlllr, Florid Crown purchased enough supplies J.IKMt --
'* as the Ancient City boys
my building. _. ... ... . (from O. H. Merchant Co. and other game SIMONS
had made one run to a big
For U..nt-F'.room' cotiaae. Apply in the mercantile goose-egg
grocers to engage
ri Competitor wanted on piece work ; for the Oak H.lla. The Oak Halls
.+. to R. E. Huffman at The H. J. Thomas writeIhls business-but he good-naturedly declared I'5:ALER IN
call office.
at or however managed to run in three in
Hardware C mpaI1J'i.It with the appetites that went
Dr. J. Harrison Hodge made a pro- the ninth which made a victory.
1 your wife has left you for the with the truck farmer and his family Fresh Saltwater Fish
? I esslonal visit to Fairbanks yeaterday The game Saturday resulted In.. victory
d'1 summer the Pearc tlous will take the supply would not last long. Mr.
If you want a Rood cult get the habit for the Ancient City boys of 4 to
+ rare of you. MealaSSo. Crown I I. on* of the most successful
and try a Stienblock suit from L. J.Jurkhlm. trucker In the county. 2. _. __ _
P. II. linker, the naval atoroa opera s
.. ._ __ ____ .__
,. tor of Campvtlle, la spending a day or n For the Kt" printed stationery at
two with his family here.R Wanted by a.n'l.m.o-I..rae room, lowest prices call at The Sun office.

M. Chamberlain good-natured with privilege of light housekeeping Mrs. O. L. Smith and children leave I
Address H. II.. e.r. Uun. /
old 'UolJ\h-w. In the city from Tacoma > want I nr, TORH RACKET( I today for Hcrnando. where they will
If the b..t. ak
;; with his laugh yesterday. you very your be the guests of the former parent

Something new and very Important utlla. They will be absent for about six:
__ and OYSTERSIn
44. -a line nf 24.inch school umbrellas weeks. They expect to visit Mrs.

for children at K9j .each I.. C Smith. ,I.* far CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH Smith's sister, )Ir.. 'S. B. Collins, .t'' ( rear of Furniture Company)
Our special value men's hose at loc Hague before they return
-. Grlflo's unbreakable fronts. Get GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA
a pair, or seven pair fur 11. cannot be Active wanted to advertise _
man ,
the habit and try on. of these snits at .
"rll..d. Try and be convinced L. exhibit goods and branch I *m now prepared
: of to
1. J. Hurkhtm's and smile afterwards. manage ocrommodate
O Smith. Tlic) First Shipment of large mail order house. Salary $18per the trade with the IM the market
,s, Rev. It M. McKsnsleof' Tallahassee, affords in this line. Phone 84o.
Wanted-Installment collector for week, expenses: paid. Permanent .
.pastor of the C. M.. K. Church Is In .
merahandUe account; Rood salary position with advancement.

the. city attending the convention of and ..p....... Address Glob Company HEW Honesty more essential than ezpe.rlence. WILLIAM ANDERSONBICYCLES
hI church.
723 Chestnut 8t.. Phlla.. 1'.. National Co.. 72O ChestnutSt. .

Gotham h..t $3 h.t' Attention la called to the grand free .. Phlla. Pa.
b* bought Inlet
II'. ..It,. ( the habit. L J. Burk. life insurance offer uf the Ludden &\. FALL David Ferguson, an Industrious and
Hale* Southern Music House, which colored
him e'ls. this hat young man of Alaehua' was In
appear. el....h.'" In this issue. A. R. the city trading yesterday. He calledat

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liet nn lo the nw |I.t.t for children handled bf this house, will be pta*.d GOODS to his father's paper. Ills

"( fown In the l..nnni line and Wood toesplain more about th. proposition. father .is F. Ferguson, a good man

.ho .-\ept b) L. C. HntltbW. !Mrs O. A. Parker of Rocky Point hftv arrived and more are who has been a regular subscriber to Ageary fur leading Bicycle.. Repalria

.\, !Morton and son, lUnJaniln, who haa been on a visit to relative eitming! in every day. this paper for several ,.ar.. ;

{ of true, were visitor to lairtesvllle and friend Washington, arrived. in .... -- --...-- ... "::, Mr. and Mrs. W. D Graham passed ne Promptly. Electrical ..,Iii

Friday, Mr. Morton la connected with the city<< yesterday, and after a few through the eity Friday en rout to .f all kind.

the l>ull
Kvt.: home Friends will be glad to learn line of they have been for the past few 13 1 : W. UNION ST.

Master ll.rry NlfhnU. formerly ol I that ahe enjoyed her trip, and feels a mouths )It. Graham was for a longtime

.a this eltt but now of lj ke Butler, great deal better ShirtingPercales route agent of the Southern Kz:
where bl. f father O A. Niehol. Is press Company with headquarter laOalca. CITE

Kent of the Xtlaniic (V*.t Line, was READ THIS.I"lnnld. but was transferred to the A.he. BARBER
's in the pity yesterday' on a tnfrl.nd. vllle district, He has resigned ails po. SHOP

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with his
Mr I Thomas and Major and! I have been troubled with kidney brother J
Shirts and Waist, and theygo M Unh.Ift..1t Ocala III ta.t
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MrV L.. Floyd have returned, from and bladder trouble for a number ul at only si South Side squire

Jacksonville, where they went t* attend year and severely so, and having (isr.artfLLg' FLoawA.31o.i .

the marriage' of .,,.. Thomason. iiotleeU the advertlsenaent uf l'r.l K.XV 1 Oc the -

Its R. Y. II. Thomas, to Mr. Hall Ureat Ihe.-ut.ry. A Texas yd. FOR BARGAINSIN r Ur-Io-d... .hlp In the city.
Hlillar"' Friday. WoHlev. concluded to give It a trial, :-- .. rateecoarteoo. .
from stitch I sound great ,relief aDd ntwnttELKCTRI.
The latatlv effect of Chamberlain'. 1 -
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II II Malt.
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able' and eti natural you can hcnlly re. ); sad :3HAMPOOIMG
.Use this It .ia produced by medicine. A TEXAS WONDER. and they go at

'1 The* tablet .1!* *cure 'indigestion, 0.. small botUe ol the T.... Won.Uer. 1 Oc the

For eels by all drugit, Hall's Great Diovry. cure* ail yd Real Estate or Miss Nora
k \\'. A. Mrieklaod was Intbecity ye*, kidney sad bladder trouble*. remors>4 --- -- -- -- ,

tenlay from Paralls. Mr Htrlcklaad gravel ...... .I.a..,... ....haal emi,*.

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will be seat by mall on r...t >' of II.O siwwvs.e.PHIFER .
lo tb. city" for a few mo<....ta ,..,.,. Fancy Beers.I
) ,. ,,,.' a .
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tt will& b* remembered filed ta. oaftpirvd : ... t'. bus cr*. }It.. Loa... Mo BROS.. '
w '.'In of C A Brown : t.s4 sac ..."i oa ftU acid b* J. W. He Has tytM U "L' O". 1& avay
of )Jul"n4'o e.'J'. tae beets.. McCeUem A O., ....''f.,.. Caner '-Mh....'" .,, FU Them 1wy J...

0 r.i..r. .-.
r -- -<
.r ,.


Gainesville daily sun

Material Information

Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title:
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Running title:
Daily sun
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Gainesville Fla
H.H. McCreary
Creation Date:
September 23, 1906
Publication Date:
Daily (except Saturday)[ -1938]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER <1903>-]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The Daily Sun was based in Gainesville, the seat of Alachua County and shipping center for Florida’s citrus region. The newspaper was formed through the merger in 1890 of the Gainesville Advocate and the Daily Morning Record. The Daily Sun described itself as a “democratic” paper. It was published daily, except Mondays, by Henry Hamilton McCreary, the scion of a prominent southern family. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky, McCreary established himself as a newspaper editor at the age of twenty. McCreary also rose to prominence as a politician in the Democratic Party, first as a city councilman and later as a member of the state assembly, to which he was re-elected several times. McCreary considered himself a staunch patriot and fervently supported industrialization as a means of strengthening Florida and the nation. McCreary’s wife, born Irene Richardson, was well connected in the civic networks of Gainesville and northeast Florida and served both as vice-president of the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daily Sun was continued, in 1903, by the Gainesville Daily Sun which briefly carried the title of the Gainesville Sun.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services ( with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002027051 ( ALEPH )
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AKL4641 ( NOTIS )
sn 95026977 ( LCCN )

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Succeeded by:
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tall of the American schooutr 'rw 1'.1' : Intont 011 :ilia& OrrUllrnu.. n
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and Nashville Railroad Yards. man at sea floating on a plank! Two Another Negro Saw Him ThursdayNear on MU: ItKun<< S'io' inn Into ,1 olo> and Virginia and the Cruiser.Cleveland rIs
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the Sentinel trop Jvuico, Ttnu.. says : ner T>*'lllsht which had c.plxd at C Atliviitu. Sept. :22: .Ch.u > ",'1.,) tut,. Iltr h."qllntrr" The stung tadv 1"1IUh .. ill.pult'b, it'tsus t'lint..neis. ,.
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Friday o'clock on the morning of S>pt 17 and her r"'her truth l nl'I".rt l In o(nrt ')1.1.;
,loaded with djnamlto exploded in the There were seven In the rrewr."o other" brought> into lu" u rhllr..u a) I 'rhl"y mornlnc and .fudge llrtivlen "IIIt'I..I", KUlllMMt '...r"'I&'hll. sent M '. rt

Louisville and NatthvlUe railroad iard remained In the vicinity using *earc1illehts nigh Iroui I t. 1C'I.h"r.I\ itu-r ,>oeruui wait ot>Iy a fees iiiliiuts In MndliiK thtrogro <, I .ar"'tI Hi. :\.II..t..I ... ite. h.":'
about 'ItW) ) yard north uf the depot! until dajrllRht. but saw, no shin 'lerrell. at the .h, .It" rtiiit" *t.j orJllilcw been Itl..., nil U> 1",1., 'Its. r......

Asa result almost the entire buslncas of the wreck or any 8ur\lors Sl h uodlske hud .>rtl<>red out the nil, .:w. i. bfltf\ \ .1. 1. ",ISndieion.. "u> >U.*rl- ttfd Mtii-r tb*' .Viii' itt.ti, >,, t. tiiin*.i tlie
section Ojf the town la totally wrecked ell to &b.> the man also rllu.rI.>I l.iv ulterniMiu tire
> commander. or t-ourt. Frldu) morning::: lM>ued a call
thought to be uttfiiiptfd. 1'1"11..1' 1 u->. iult up l'lIlh'L $hlh' b.luh..hIL'. I..'".". {
at least 15 people are The Twilight Captain F -.M.'rn.. fur the Kullou count) Kmn.l Jill v tier.Mllrne Th.
.' % oulr 1 .' l KiuiwU &Klliok-I Kiiiuiu-l. ut 1 I."ul.. mid tn. '.r"....r. Y
dead and from fifty to aeventyflviare was of 3S7: tonnajjo nod her homo port M.nlday irornliiK to r ianst t illul
more or less seriously l Injured Wilmington.. 1)**1. :She: *all.-d, from her lnniic tin DAKlau.l ut rt.u-. Oitk&,. tier cases. fie the n.<.croes rouUwd Lathe t'Itt. 6utsl IIu.1 l T.H'UIUI&I jrrl\ ...l t>,'leFitdt

'Some of the Bounded will i probabl} Charleston S. C.. Sept 11. for Phll.i laud t"UAt 1) 'ru \t.r. > ntoruoitt *
die. Tbo boJle of many of the dod d>lphla. She was built at I i.i't Ill. the farm of Frank lluuM-. .\ ,'It.l- ,lu, ti.,. Hltrmpt of th* .\tiiirI -
are burled in the debris and at tilt* Yen. Conn., In 1874. Oakland ('it) .wln-ro (1.sst t",w was ,'npla > Left the .Mill and Were Fired. I Iron. ei.-.l'u' ors to ..4tU> tli.. Culianuairi
bour IS, JO u. w.) It Is linposkTole toestimate >.ul 1. Count) I'olicem:i X.itsihi .'rl :Moultttr' .\ llu tis.ptThe, :: Sum >. 1 >l. 1&6'il. vra i to li* 1.I'O."llIaI..
the extent of the fatalities! Crowd Failed to See .Alexander.AnRti il.t} ftxiuiU.. u fHtlKUt< iirtn <-...," .. pair I n,T JL I'ltMlnls. \,, 1.11 in IK"r entliteiti| lit.MTMoilllrlf
their\ of l blue ovt-rulU and a 111110.1) "."" mllln of :.".* 'The na tl .Jpertinent ..
to give names of all those lotlng ..ta. Oa. Sept. ::::Thomas W I : one of t'i largtwt \\'u.hlntltou.i" |
lives. One of the known de-ad! li. Alexander 1 the alleged! dc-fatilter unJer k,>rt*nlef moil)K tier it' ';Itt.. ,.rr.\.,.1'1 I Ibis areti..n. w.t.. .-.f.ri* j down an M rt l-' iit.UtuI. a .|\'| ti
Thomas Atkins lined" :Ho, a telephone guard of I.hmtpnant11111111 Collins Th..o clothes. rxce-pi In minor .1.*tall. i suit of rotit" tMlHtt tti.uht.-s The Inns i ...mni".I1.I..r I uli tti. of tb. M..

'lineman employed by the lust Tou- reached Jngust.Thll,. ,l 1',>i" wars. thll1U.'lr.. 1,111'1' ail. h'I' 114' I!( turn went, on. .rrlK. .-. rloolti. the mill rls-eta. .'1,-utp.*'. sssy tun SX!% tmirinw' ,
lessee Telephone company. isle, who awaited Alexander' arrivalat Kiillant Yourl' Annihvt 1..Iu, ld..*ntt. I i I for the slat lli. .t1II.. ,. .. rr.utnK) | from hot l >b...-ti i INUJ'-1 I th.-i.' firoiii\ the cml.

Every warvmiuae: along the l L.adetitle the deprtt were disappointed 1>>' the tit Mm us th* tnnu h. 'd'" ...-...r thus I the',>.ir>>>it,'rlor
and Xaslitlllu, rallruad Is tut.&U tact that the officer" left the train Ktmnifl. 1 house Thtirwdu inoinliill ft n< KI-O in hi* plies.I while b* sl.gspelutt | leer ortglnal. ntmtoti ut Moat t'hiU.
''de.tro'e. Every store In the town at a point alx ut 2 miles from the .ta !t IKIW rfiiiMliiK only u., i!r Mrs Klin. of th.' "net ii rur n i sbori tlm 'I the It. Haii'o I iKMtilltito' The ,'1.'silo n.l.

la either! blown to places or damagedi ) tlon. and drove to the o(1U-( of Sheriff nit.I to are til* 'Kro. milt U ojn rnto.| T>r white" nun wiiu-u. iiriUil tit Katun ,,,.. nisi. "lnlL.
>- siich an extent that It is n ruin ("lark here Alexander was' taken Ir Tinrapture of 4'111' in roc..Um In I and th'n'! lino torts a MIU* (....:4lng It* h.. born ur.1..1 to 'Ull..t( at ours. t's t'w
The site of the explosion is mark. by the hack door. Ills. rouuifl! wrrtawultlnK lIIit.:) r'-''''|M-cl. that of ti!" uu) tf r. n....ntl- tavern thewltltr* and tb> ,ViUicho *.' I rUin thai |itw>... lo I'lrnfilwtfiM.' ti* lake

.mmiv.. was tilHcbiirivi' I and l tli* this peas. uf the little1'hro
deep and about 20 feet in diameter. wan fixed In th enum of Si.oon" Alex Illookwood. vrliom a molt .hll..t 1)u.I 'bId l! irtt.ti r..turll.1 in .woik. but the .IHWHAKTi she arrlte llmr"' (*tiuman
The entire Moor of the CarmarthenIn nnder. was driven to his r\.I'n\ In l IIt'Cu' HlierlfT tulles .11.1'| .',."'d with I HH'Mt WA" ilJ.l>.lr...,-d and the fii' Ilk dc r :Newton" "r( lh. (,1..1.l by r."- .

a. a large brick hotel structure was the fiohlonabte\ nectlon of the shy and his lvj'inl's..1t ,I TH .\.ro'' .. ,,14'.1 with Sisal .!!*..hra.*>lDryj sun uC .uM-rtor| lank. will ioirrrd Fullam t
I blown off. It Is belUed that an hat remained there In urclim'on\ all day mldwltiht I'hurs'ntlmrrnu, '' I I of the MMricttji. In U. rK,,; lit the

prominent persons are Included in the declining all callers, A hearing will rrrrll Ma 1IIIIIIUlnllN! nom th40 llry '. ."'. Train O..I."f'rf l \ natal t for ." ,
list of the dead he had It Is understood In a few an hftitqurt at V h.- I'I.i i uont hotel l.hberlft Itlrnllr.Ntam, .\ 1.1 4"Jlt Z.: .A .... r...pUl' AltM-rf U < ,,11.l' .., toitiinantIng .
A special\ train has been sent north wce6r! I Ntlni. Th "*,"...rlfr fcal.l Hut rial 'o th<' N.>w rrtitw .\ni.l.iou >*.. a tar b.iltl>>atli| I l..Milalana, which
otvr the Louisville. aud ;N.mhvlllw to --- a mot at Kt Mcl'lirxMin wan. about that H fr< tah' wi' ,H-U. at ho ('It) sir! al.w> Hrrt vil 14. lla,nni thl morning.Iw n
Ullarasburg. Ky. for pb>'slclana. Law Is of WlcV-. Scope. In l> nrh a negro i'ho j&n""nur I Im (need the train owe "welch. \\. J llrv, now In itiinnian I of all the navalfucrt g
An "Irl)' moruliiK::; train or th.. Wa'thliiKion, Wept. :: When ,Prenldont m.-1.1..1), or,l lr,.r nits' tlirt. i<..'11'>.tiles an see>ng Ir...\tlnnta fo |tlrmlngliMNt .. al that l..dut .by rrnMHt of hbimlurlty .
Snu.'hern railroad from Knr-xvlllo !tll!! HiH>*(>vi>lt |1..u"S I his order .< mt" nf mtlirla lml..uI l '" 1 K. jl i mt I.ttserlff I. | two hours, antIr llr...." It l I. r'p.,-t.d) that lh* ,hal u.
time ago regardlnK: tier ut bs*>rntlon .NVImn thin JUIIIIM' I Info the crowd wMchgiitorrit lr. will.. striver vryMIII
also bring phslcsans to attend the ; fund. a BJ***" li lo the tl.whii| Nw *>
wound?*!. nf the eight hour law" th* orders. came automobile nf lien fror JurW.<.n and S'M"III hi* rr II* ..I.n.'u..-... .. wt llA aiialajor ll..iu>ri,,l l..-onar ,o-

The ca\inilt). Is the! mot terrific\ to tho war aid navy d'partnuents, hut with \fr "rk..un m ,1 l otht-r dro>.- a kiin. t uprrrh nnttUf. '.u. w-h-rt. 'h.- known In this: section, save tho Ira. were nut fllrctd to the other, ,departments at a lilutt spud tn I'1, Mrl'hernon .\' large crnwd. .wtilrli. had ur.,wii t rest his,. tlir military M-4-r"i<,rv loilay that
tenllle mine dUanter In Hm:. It in iin.lmUM that the order Oakland ('Ity. nm-ral nicn who Its.I of waiting tier hi41 heel I ii dwindle ton the !r"t l..*".." with. tit. Twrnly.
I"mi'f1 Wodnejwlay Is meant tri gathered baltctl b<* machln and al.! few luindrrl Mr Itrvan "ft. fhitar .. nr."llIr.'r.h! hun.lre't| *nd tblrttn -

meet condition that have Mri*n In nu, to know Its errand'. Hat tlUi1. '' *f chat. h* ......1.1 l M-tttr.-l If* .-i IUlvd m*>tt. callrd from ManilaIM .
Texas Woman Candidate for Congress.ChloMBo. other departments, nntablv the lnf.. th*) allowed the an* to pf'1M'.1 I 1 I heard l II* was met AntiUlitn/ th Han FraiirM-| t >*.trrd.y Th..*
Sept. %%.-A dlspntch to. a rlor department which has charge of The Wean wa fh,'n. tousle |h.. fort a _p rlul .."tr.'n- rmiimltt.* from III'flaln.1 troo 11"| t wr* itrdrfwd$ IKIIIIM Mini., timeaao +
morning paper from Fort Worth. T. rcclaaiatlnn work In the srIJ !land r*> as h* .had h..n l ur*t earlier In th- III who _.-..n.M, him to lint tit rvptar. the tro..|>. at t western
says that "Laura II. 1'ayne. of KurtAVortn. glnns of the went C mp1lnt was night by an urm-d piny of mn n...' city pr>.ta. shirts. had bvrn "r.t..1 l *
In accepting yesterday" th' mad tha* tbe-lght: hour law was not the Htandard Oil 11111"t. lull' had b rn j I I i an-l I turallr ....ill b* flr.l ralU M{>- '
'nomination: on the socialist ticket for being observed on their work The slipped from them l I.' ('.".nlr! I'oTIc D lieved H* Mad a Right Te Kill. nn for .'ue n antler In.- ..t nnptHriritdler 6
.con Kress! In this district, comes out public building erected under the I man Wright and Marshal': Ryan of Mrl strong! for government ownershipof treasury depart men t air ells> ) public Oakland City, who r ,ok him Into the negro fli.luber. ttt Hi.- \\...Kli''it-n of irtbr oinfrrrnr tiHUv. with| railroads and goes a step furtherthan : work where" the eight hour law crust fort for r..k-J plng Th. mob lire I America bl!..*.d. tbr> Mad .M right' ,le lullhl of r..p.-.ling| the situailon .
Mr Hryan. In advocating governmnl be enforced seven" abo< .. but hurt no one muriir any iw.rtitutt with Inipunl. In ,*II'M.
of all packing hoti.*sJulias .
ownership Tb* ngru ws r*<. ,lily siirr*ndr'l ty as br HiUt 'ut at, the Jasper roiitr .-
Pa>nr> Is the first woman to run Sugar Companies Combine. .I b, ulnnet Van 0, .dal 1 to HbnlT grsad' jury l I..ilr.rioa set eharg..s !. Olv.n Hawrlilne.f ',

for congress In Texas, and sjyn shewill dew" York, 8p 2Th. forms ?elms, and h* was rud In lie down : ...In.! ...,.li..*..lll.. Ito Hpt. 33Judge
p t-h her campaign vigorouslyVh : loa of the Cuban-Aln.rican $uaar'I' In tb. marhln Although a mol a._.slnailnK l/star Kl't.r. a ytniag Klni-t, ._**1*! s .*nlt>r* nf llf. Intprl ,
\\ ako l what she woul.l dn If company which was lnrorporat4 In .rM.utt" to tb. sh.-r1rr at Oakland Cltr.' : white bury, .'now lint1 ago. lUrnettl *... > ..n ..,.11 llawhlfi/ .nrlet
,eHecte. .&* repliedTh: first. Trenton N J? yesterday Ave of thlargtrxt the machine did nut top It brought said t IU hat In. J.. HH..irnti.. fbr*.l la .... ftf kiltie .ll,..nrr (*<> .1.l 'Tbla we*
thing. *l would <|<> would b* tou.. sugar\*. In tb* Cuban Clayton on _t&. grafter. In congress. of tttelrwn nl> bare bn ronsoll
>n, doings: anal arou. the public one bead. Th* concern which tea tla was seat to the T wr alwx ta. aw _-t_t orderCi..a'y fur ... trial ,. a.. Mia-l*. this r*.. wilt ti
.4.f tb. entire country to ou-t the stJrut the aw company ate the Cbsp-' The nrro *...* hi* name a. Chat' t __ __ ee m* ..p .45"11. al lb_ regular|.
-- -
rogues from the national legislature para. the Tlnguar. the Nnva ins I.y ("f."aas. .." droo ,-4 b. was sot- air veto N."C'n.' long Mm* Puss e k
I... tile ITnldad and the ).....aou. with 'I. pki,*d n+ the farm of PrsaW 1I..h..j) Aw..y trial t." It'. .b... .t..h-t ..l.h eve
Body. F ud by Tug en River. oflrat! 111 Wall street TIle rap' a*+r OsaUutd ('try He. .. .., long Koac. M-pt 22 -- Tragicallyall 11ea I...'... i'- pl. r.up ...'1
Hal .'.,..k f' ,..I.... of 11 l:oft.>.f-M>. lynx ib' irivtM* sail Tern .. .. tit
Palitka na. <*.'|"f :: Tb* propelJr 'I i built sad .*ry blur .....rtng the4.artiptina .setMs ..f the rcintrro I I ."
whet r f the tug "lfun *r." whil lag tb. per th*** Are) covnpsal t glees by Mr Klmt .L of Ib_ w..t dlfl.l_. are rup
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