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., .... .. ..... .,. :
... ..oar ., : .- M wa raaen raaw y.. t' .
r.-a .... .
Lsaws.s..an Hac. _
'f" '
..ssat..Sc' w . 1. Iii -" Ti Tias
,..rr4 -- ,.... tlttelgle -... I
of ..soilsarrb ..... wws a et
; tsae.t sML q.w W .....t.. of ne.se ll/aa I a( Y. ..........u.. .
f7 r..N M
as..oats 4 WOa. \ 1 sb(1J
es4 IN /tw 0... s..a
ti..e.s. .... weirsf -I-dr4 1.6 .
I erae.ts. .4 r. t w .
''a.- Itaased.t W.....i M ........ .4 slob sAsif A t1a..I *i fy 111whaNa. itN_ .. ,

f r,.:.:' tl..at...vi.....-oitr.art bas -- ... -. ......... AwW&. ....... ..,..4.1i1 to. 1M iaMwar.1Ir4Idi .. '... L/. ... 1 a
, ./ seeb awe w aa.a .,.,....... 00AI rcoy
Clad ........ ANA 10 _
eels .....
t .. ....... -- .. ..1.9 A I/jL.rtL./ tit
........ -.r n4'. ass rig '--: ti1.1 .... rUt r' r" lAl i Uhr r.I )

-=- ., '- :.A' ..... '-- iS.
... _
.\ .;. ... ., "r" -" ... Ie 11.; ........ ",-" m v,,. 'l "" ." .4.$. ...... ,,-,:, ..f,:.:t".J.. tf'.MJ'"n
.... .,....
!. ,.. \ .0. .
., J.. .. .jf f. ..I o, .,.. ,. .J lit.' _. .J ,.; ;- .. T "'lldi,_

J I'



.f --- -------- -
Lost -White and liver-colored pointer


Return to Fred Hampton, Gainesville


C. M. Dell and family of Hague ONE CARLOAD of GRADED CATTLE -
(Flat corner ftv>ih or Posloffloe),
have removed. to this city and are now coniting mostly Jersey
PLUMBING from 6 to 18 month old
Hilton of General Interest Gathered pleasantly. located" on Alaehua aveasie, .
Will sell) at nubile ootcry to the highest I. '
East Gainesville. They will be gladly
y., by Our Exporters. cash bidder saje commencing at NOTICE.
welcomed,by the people. of Gaines 10 o'clock a. m., October 10th, 1906 at
secured the services
ville. .k the lot of O. A William. Having

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS .e.and.eaSEWERAGE two experienced restaurant and
in the
Mlrs Claudia Ambrose was
eity'for a few hour. Monday. Miss ILI IUI, FLORIDA.The hotel people we are in a position

What Has Happened What Is Goingto Ambrose was en route to her home atWaldo above.. cattle' are guaranteed to now-to give you ..or.lceeoDd to

Happen Told In Short Paragraphsso from Alaehua on a sad mission come up to the grade under which they] no place ia the city, and a trial willconvince'you

That "H. Who Runs May R.ad"Ct having been'aammoned to attend the are sold, immune from tick fryer. and
.. free ,from any disease. Why raise a of it. Stay-at-homes
funeral Oliver M. F'U.eh. which was
Ct In The Sun. f 10 cow when yon can rate one just a- taken,the best'care of.
held near Alachoa Sunday. easy worth from $50 to 975 .
; Old papers for .ale at this office.
Active man wanted to advertise
I Fewer Gallons Weare Longer; Devoe.A. .
( : al! lass this the exhibit goods and manage branch of C. A. WILLIAMS Open Early,and Late. Dtlp Coffee
II.: Harper has gone to Ocala on large mail order house. Salary $18 !
business. >Yr tern Meat
I per week expenses: paid. Permanent .
o Ladle.' aUIDK card in latest styles old pricas position with advancement. AT THE OPERA HOUSE.

assail office. Honesty more essential than experience

Kp *. National Co. 72O ChestnutSt. Entertained Miss 'obeau'sBparding
Bread that tastes like cake. Peruchl-Oypzene Company

atone Bakery. for poor works .. Phila.. Pa. Another Good House Tuesday.

Girl'. bicycle for sale at a bargain ; Among the prominent visitors tn Another big crowd saw the PeruchiGypzene -

apply at Th. San office. this city yesterday was Hon. W. M. Company's performance at

Compositor wanted on piece work ; Bliteh of Santa Fe, one of the oldest the opera house last night, and nearly a flay School

call atxor write this office. and moat widely knowo.; residents of .II appeared to agree that it was even..

Comfortable room with bath to rent. We are now prepared to pat in First! the county. Mr. Bliteh states that his better than the first night.

4 200 East Mechanic street. I Class Plumbing and connect to sewerage section was never in a more prosperous The play last night was "Eagle's

it condition and everybody i I. happy Nest" and It is a wonderfully thrillingand \ West
Large unfurnished room for rent toe in front of your house, and have 300 Main Street s.
and contentedMrs. absorbing story" of the early days
lady or ladies only. .Royal Cook. all ready to connect to the city sewer *-
W. A. McGriff and sister Miss in the California hills. The play was GAINESVILLE FLORID
For the best printed stationery' at when it I. aeeepted by the city. Come
excellently acted, and the performance
Colaoo. arrived in the city Monday
lowest prices call at The Sun'olfiee.R. early and ad void.. the rush that will surpassed that have been hereat
from Green Harbor Mass., where_they many
M. Martin of Hawthorn spent take place when! the new sewers 'are have; been with their parent, Mr. and much higher prices. The specialties The Thirty-third Year opens September

,t jesterday In Gainesville on basinets. accepted by the city. *. Mrs. P. M. C.o'.on.' for the past few were all clever and enthusiastically 17. 1006.Treinont.

Nine-room house for rent-furnlthed weeks. Mra. Mcriff states that thig applauded.The .

or unrur l.hed. Apply J. W. McCollom All work put In. by regular plumbers family have had a moat delightful outIng play for tonight, the last of the

A Co.v under a sanitary engineer and guaran ,and will return home in a coupleof .series la "An American Correspondent

Forty dollar Hscyale Bicycle for talecheap teed. Beware of accepting any work weeks greatly improved lo health. ," a military comedy-drama. HouseF.

used little ; apply at The Manager Will J. Irvin of the company
| very that will not'pass Jacksonville inspection. !. Captain. M Budd. stock claim "
::1 Hun office. ageut of the Atlantic Coast Line says that in-all the thirty-five

I M. D. Bryan a progressive farmer of passed through the city Monday en playa In their repertoire- there Is not C. Reinhardt. Manager

the Alaohua section, was trading in Estimates cheerfully given and plant route from Jacksonville, where be Had one that appears to pleas audiencesas

the city yesterday. and specifications drawn up In accord been on official business. Captain w.na. "The American Correspondent.
." He also states that the company 200 West Orange Street
Budd In Gaines.yule ,
r For Kent-Five-room cottage. Applyto anoe with New York and 'Jacksonville madehia headquarter

11. I:. Huffman at The H. Thomas Sanitary Requirements. <. for. a long time but was enticedto expects to play a return engage GAINKSV-ILIJE.: : FLA.
ment- here later in the season, and
Hardware Company' 8t. Petersburg by the refreshinglull .

,, :Mrs. Geo. 8. Merchant and daughter Country work specialty. Expert: ( breezes and the floe fishing he they are.anxious to make the last play. Commercial rates $1 a day ; special
1 being a very enthusiastic angler. the best.The rate. by the week. Table .upplled with
Miss Saflie, are on a brief visit to oa sewerage for country homes. I prices are 25. 35 and b0 cents, the best the market affords. Patronage
friends In Jacksonville. Mrs. J. E. Butch expects to leave to aeeording to location of ...te. Reserved of public solicited.JEFF .
day for Macon, Ga the will be ..0.oompa..l.d -
If your wife has left you for thauminer : seats at CO cents each are on -
her daughter Miss Marion .
by -
the I'earoe House will take
sale at Vldal's.A .
and her niece. Miss Ethel Jqllj
The S. J. Thomas Co.UalaeMlllr. SIMONS
z rare of ye u. Meals o. -
01.Ido.. These young ladies willenter
Kurman Smith, a prominent young Female Wedding Party. IIKALKR; IX
Wesleyaa College, oneof
, attorney of Alaehua was among the Flerlds.J. the best female institutions in the T. B. Kill. Jr.,*accompanied by his

visitors to this city yesterday. I -- United States Before returning, to sister Miss. Dora Ellis and his uncles, Fresh Saltwater Fishand

Have your stationer printed at The It. Hmlth of Trenton is In the city. her home here M.. Futch will visit W B. and Geo. R. Ellis, left Tuesday

r Bun oflle.. FlrM-cUs work promptly Mr. Smith states that the! people! r.f Lithia' Springs Atlanta and other for Jacksonville, where, on Tuesday

delivered at reasonable prices Is our its section are In a prosperous coi.dl- points. afternoon at 6 o'clock they witnessedthe

motto. ion, _. marriage of T. B. Kill. Jr.. and
---- -- -
'? ; (ten Smith of Khnapaha. the efficient J. R. Merchant bookkeeper of The Miss Lucille Ifennlngton.Itfr. .
for T. Sun ufHae left for Jacksonville Ellis la'one of the most widely .
bookkeeper J. Hwearlngen yesterday : .
was among the YI.Jtn) to this city yet on a brief visit Co friends. It will I known young men In this city having .
I fin MOT(
t iuda,. be pleasant, however.Mr been born and reared here. Miss Hrnnington
is also well known here, have
Marena Endel' of Jacksonville Is In and Mrs. T. J. Ulalock of Mad-
toe; been employed at one time! asstenographer
the city, having. pome to attend the son, who have been her oo a visit to. OYSTERSIn
in the office of Thomasfc
district meeting of the Knights of heir daughter: .. T. J. Nixon left
Pythias. Iobday fur Ocala, where they will CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH Ellis, attorneys. Mr. Ellis first met ( rear of Furniture. Company)
Mice Hennington in this office which GAINESVILLE .
1 Quit urtlflcUl) eitrnet end .... Mine spend a, few days with relatives.. ;culmlpa'.1110- the marriage. Friends -. _

Ttlbbnn' Lemon and Vanilla, the n",. Friends of N. 1V. Malabar, who has wish them moon happiness in their i am now prepaid to cnmmodate

ural' fruit ''''''"re. Absolutely pure- been III with typhoid fever at Ms The First Shipment of married tile. I the trade with the! tst>> the market
'BO wise a* far. home In East Gainesville will be affords Iu this linp. Phone 8-s. -
Cloy %*I'nn.v.of, KK>h..lle I It In the pleased to learn that he Is touch betmr. Notice./
and that he will be enabled HEW
oily. Mr / trntier Is an rnthu.lastinrnemberof All aub-commissiouera of Alschua WILLIaM ANDERSON
his duties In few
same as contractor a
the KnlaMsnf Prthiasandram. county, appointed by the Commissioners
d. .. County
In attend the district' meeting.t.n.t'Vance I
as well aa all others who
J. N. Marsh left yesterday for Tampa F A LLaOODS
Koman sold dumhbelleuff desire to correspond with the general' BICYCLES and
and other points In Hough Florida'
button with mall diamond, srt.tine. commissioner of the county for the
May have l+**n |loss on Park, lot. ire the Interest of a large safe concern State .Fair will please address their

Finder return to Hun office and receive ie la representing. He expects to letter as followsi N. A. Callison, Electrical Supplies.
ring his family here In a'.. day,
reward. Gen Com'r.. Alachoa County Fair
and will make Gainesville
Friend of Dr. J. I.. KelleyW b. Association, care J.... E. Burti.
for the winter have arrived and more are
glad tn learn that his 'father. Captain coining 'in every day. Gainesville Fla? wbUih will receive. Agvary fer I 1..I.jf I Bicyrle. Repair!eg
U, Ti+.MeLeod.. E. T. Henderson '
u <1. W Kelley who has been 111\ In '.'1. i proper attention. deee preasplly. :
------ --- Electrical
and Mr Smith are In the etty. having : wurk
I Yours
ray H. (1,1.I Improving, and chance.are respectfully.
come tn represent the "' ..wberrrIud. I .f all klad.
Ana for h.. recovery, 1> A. CA 1.101,
.r K of P.. In the district meeting We> are now showing an elegant
T K U<'wliey of Waldft was In the line t>f General Commiasioaer.
last sight They are enthnslastio ,
113 I i :
---- w.
; ,, liewaa UNION ST.
few h"
city for a ystertly %
'In their lodge, which they claim Is thesecond
Attention Is called to the advertisement
en ante hC'.nfmm Alaehna, t..." In Alaehua eoua'". ShirtingPercales:
.; where he had been.. attend I". fu. oL C A. Williams of Alaehua. THEE
y neral. of his .on.lmlae O M .KutehMr. who will||| offer at 10 o'clock a. m. OB >TKAL CITY

and )1,.. IV q<.tnt.ee! Ca.on nfllsgne READ THIS. .I .the morning. of October 10. at Alaehoa BARBER SHOP
a carload of graded oJ..J' See the

were.' with armteg a 'ha.visit who yes favneedlielne.vlll. ..rtlay.Prof HprintfUld.Tenn,.. Jun llth, Ivui I Fine, nice goods, suitable fur ad. If you are I.It-d. and b*- sure Cha. F. Dorman. Prop.
I have been troobl4 with kidney I and attend this ..1..
Shirt\ ..nd.1., and
i Cason U on. of the most effirlenta 111 East
bladder troubles Union
and for a number of 3t. Sooth Side
teaehereof. tee Alaetniaeounty sehools. goat only Square
year and severely so, and having
'' Major W H. Thomas made his departure notierd the W.\......, of l',. K.W .1 titt iasviLLB. FLOUR.

Monday for Wayn..viUe.. N Hall Great t.......*',. A TexasVVoealer. ,!..10c thy d. FOR BARGAINS Most -

O. where hi* wife and children. have eoaeltKled to give It a trial -- op-to-date shop in the eity.
"MtJCHI"J ,'.g for the past few from which I found great. relief, a ad !t : J rate courteous treatment.HOT .

I ....... After a few mar da,. they would recommend It to l*>w*. .'_Uarl Another lot of dark
.T aspect to return lo their horn here. afflicted II. U, Klac. I PKKUAL.E8.: owe yard wide-, IN and COLD BATH;*. ELItCT&t. !

'1. Aaaoag the prtMmlnent traveling meat and Ikey go at CAL MA83AGE ...dKara 8HAMPt>DIJIG. 1
at the Hrown Hoe.* ..I. -- '
raglaiered ; -- -

4 day ... ".. II. Jo... ,*..r..U.giajntnhelsaer ..... Wile of Ua Te... Was.d.r 1 Oc the yd.e1th' Real Estate or .
< tto.a.\ Co.. dry t o ls- Hall Oreat Dieeovery, aarea all : Miss

f a> tloa., Lyaehbarg. Va. Mr Joe>e. U W.., tad bladder troable. rajcMrreagravel I....*

also a ...ber of la. 8ran of Joeaa.Mayaard ..... .&aM.... aeaalaal air

11 A .I..... .Ala4'b.! .sad ia well story weak and ..... baaks. raeaamaUesa Business Chances

sad> favorably known la tate. aeetloa, aid all UveoalafiUea af Ihs kMaeya -

a' tA.... Hyatt ...."'. of $airland' sad MasMar ta bAa. aaa i art List ..i....."
y'' ...... ......
k 1.a,.,.. Hulhetlaod.' 'left Monday ... alaJwar traaUaa laaakirea. See

for that poles' war. ... will ...... If asM cold wy your drts.Rfst. New sat t'-laxlai *.. them In tad

w b., .soU.. M.... Wyatt .... ta... for will be aeat b. aaall aei ....,.. a/ N. truss afe ...,.... Faucy .
.. ..
,, ...bo".f year reekleat of tkl.I tat.est 1IIIIELill.

.ity, sad ,ri..... a... are always glad .
..... 1k. ...... w. Neill.tMri .
T4 %o ........ ...... A alte ..... .... .*. ....... ,.<_'. ... *ewo.Ibtr4 :rtt PHIFCR BROS
a g... ail tae .... of Mr*.. M.. A. fair t a WATCH x1I WUE s>W. ft +

lRNtstMAb;. :--. <. \;, .> A .. _aa iaUew H Has Th 1y/ 1'0. '
I'rl' : u'x '
: a+ ti ***a.tfa.afttlill'lTtlal f*H 1 N. 1 >


Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Running title: Daily sun
Alternate Title: Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville Fla
Creation Date: September 19, 1906
Publication Date: -1938
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[ -1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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.. '





.rai.nelu'il.ie: llIail1 nn

.. --- -- _. -_


_. -" --
_- --
-- --- -
-- -- - -

over 11.0041 weil-armed hUll (''get '* Ir I MURDER CASES ON TRIAL. !


was more than tlfere were In the la. Fred Hawkins and J... Reed Are Defendants '

war with Spain. In Hall.. Count r
: tlnlnestitlf. <5u )"I't. is--Judge. ;

:. Havana Sept. IV-A violent expn! j I Klny Mon,l.i>. mourning c"uvfiie
slon occurred here Mon.lav. moruln >; Hall\ nupTlnr: ourt lu called l tend fur

Back of Every Reason In Fight and wrecked two brick buTMlim! Sit Sobs Shook Exile When the purpoH. of trying .'r,-"t lli, akttea, I Prophet Elijah Ill nUtIn\ +y yI

person were killed and ninny wor and Janu-H U,-,',!. s> !Inc art I..rtt..11!

I Being Made wounded Xo" details of the cause Caught. with lutirder j I Dt1funt w

are jet at hand. An lnntlKit.loti: it Heed 'IM cl..irno.lltti: killing. /: .lit :1 1 .

ON THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT being made. The explosion In, though'to BROKEN IN HEALTH AND SPIRITSHe I )'(carol l steel of Or A \\ Hunt at It'l WILL DC TAKEN TO MEXICO. r

be the work of Incendiaries. Th t church near Klnwr UruuchIM) 1 _

buildings at once caught nre. Deal monthit .drfo A i>ro\ iou.. ht.irltiit fI"l

Has Been Traveling Ever Since "mt..uht"nn hint I He Advised. Pets' Loyal' Followers to ;
.Many People Are Killed and Wounded and wounded are still being taket salted In g I'

In Terrible Explosion in Havana. from them wreckage. T&e bulldlngi Ha Left Augusta, and Says Strain ed "t*> "Tal days l tint was utter able to I' Remain Away from the Polls at the

were Insured. make. "U> la.cnu-nt. Tie ii LlftutIn ,
I Was Driving Him Cr.uy-H. Will Election for a New General' Over ,
To Be Work of
Explosion Thought wholly utiii'tMntlHl i ml a mini

I Return Without Requisition. been uttuncvila1 I ..
Incendiaries. her of thtNirlcs have .r.
Washington Sept. 18-Preparation! I

are being made *y the navy fur an) l'Ittaburg 1'a.. Sept. lx lln>K >ii in tn the Havana Sept IS-The Insurgents'leaders. llawklus IN churK,'dlth kllllliit
emergency in Cuba but no additional health anti spirtts by th terrible l ipertenceit -\. i IKtw !I" who" urt-orilliiK, ti> genrral hi f
:: Compos Marqutttl and Cur it henry t*..gl..'. near '.IIIA. .. few weeks.
orders have been Issued dpatchi! of the past three inoutlm. ,iU-f: In /Ion Cli y. U lu an 'h.I" l ly
lo, have withdrawn theIr forces from ai:n, Mr. (1I.1o.| wn shut at his lioiuowhile
warships to Cuban waters The Min Thomas \\'. Alexander forint'rl a critical roititltlon' tit health lmuu"ltately ',
Ouanajay and have agreed to the sua- li,> and his If.. wereBrrh.
neapolls and New York, are undei wealthy broker and ptomliu-ut' lIud I after tl,. sutler urxt \\\\\\,l.i)' s
pension of hostilities pending peace Ing for suIiuood| | chicken' thle'trs! atth
rush orders. to prepare for sea. bu- ety I leader of Augusta It.; war urrested I hu will' leave l fur Mi" >salute If Ills ,'h.1|
negotiations. Otner Insurgent lead hors tioiiKi Mar the resldenr.. Inlilt
have not yet been sent away. Th In a downtown hotel\ citurgel t cat totmitlon will p..rintt. Mitd It U u it \1 tutu
eds. so far as they have been heardfrom. II It mortem .. situation has not yet developed-" to f with the forgery of .i 'cutnunta ou .Mnl ht> will user ","t' /I,," ('11)
also are agreeing to the su_pen said .n tll\\stated' that Kr-l l HMWkln
point where it Is believed that battleships ,, which lu Is said to hate raIU a>:.aiii Ina torn:'nuniontlitti from lies t
tun of hostilities. shut htmllottt .
will be necessary, though the $::ouutlu' before his sail". it dfpurturcfrom i>,M h.at.h'r whlth. seas' riMd at the Tttt-
Word baa just been received h Virginia New Jersey and ',nutafanlare l .\II*U..UI two mom 19 "K\". .\1.-". .tlt.h: I ,. Sllllilt. tit' HIV,| !..,,1| lets lo> .I l tee,
of the first fighting! In Santiago pro 1\1t\1""" In this sect'!tun Tin llfv.ln.llnntM ..
undergoing the shaking down process seeder and his brother ae < uitiivrn i lu htCetu.rc: ,. to 11-nuiln away from lli'
{nce. Four hundred rebels under Colonel Haw kliiiM-n and) (.lIk.! lirluit
and can easily be picked up by a brokerage bu .ln.-.*. an I Ills .1.."" IIf..1I \ |1..1.> til the .1",1.111 uf tin* Ut'w *tnt .
Dubois met the rural guards at' that they tour, of t.it' moil .protulitt-nt fHitilllt In
If it should happen ,
wireless Is attributed to upectilai, (. In co.ton lul tue eraserWilliam
LaMa The result of the tht It.\ i.1 (oifIninl' on
) "" cuguge needed In Cuban emergency.Boston ruuttly | .
are a '
The prlKont was IU': iiilttftl to remain - -
jnent is not yet known. t Siiiiila nl.ltt ut' tiu "first ItaitMM'
lu hU roonat the hotel iiu church lIut... pt-rl.il i>urm>*t Ira)ut
New York. Sept. IS.-The retolu Sept. IS.-A private cablegram guard of two" drtiTtlvctt, II*' hat ..>unintil N. t' Htl| l la WIIII."I.tUr"n
fur .the eflcors Mini 1 jtnora, of tin.ill
l J-:. K. I
received here Monday >> I his lllliiKiiesit to rftnrii io Ail hit lee.l In It.ei.lgteluuday. e
tlonary junta of New York hat i'-a.ieil; .
fil tent )f cours whlfli rttuvt-nt'il. lo
p. program giving the Insurgents' reu- Atkins, from Cuba says that the Kn |\ gii!'ti* without r.vltllsltlutt| I'.iin-rn. ,:11.1 l try tan" murilrr "jU'1I IleetldtyGermans Pint will' conks i,10\,," ..pi.ft.lit-* la ,A A.uth

e ons for taking up arms agulnst the eral conditions tn the South Santa will 111..1)bp. .....rh." on hU J.niui. ,-) \. | t'ttrol'.n.i: wlti
alma ;goteruuienu The pioclam-i Clara province arc desperate, but that within the next day or MI. S.-ek Prot.etlon. ..''.Ir.I ..* til 1 ,'linr!''tit< l'u.>.Uy night

tlon : the Atkins factory or sugar rctlurry "I 1 would face my ac< "i-*.'ra a thousand Haiti had dreg" fiilltiiK 11I1"'IIIII.,1Iy
says St I'fifrniinra. Ht-pt 1"Tlu InKIMIIM
_ "In the first place this movement buildings on the Soledad ta.ate haw bY'' tlmoK rather than it\ the. i'nitwo tif liftanil l 1.1.| ..itv In HitMil'.lr iliirlnit it>luoriitiiK whloh upset| .rrniiitfiiifiitit -

confounded been-" raved from the Insurgents months over again .<.'.1..1 the' 1I..n'r..lI) an.I l threw a + ,
must not be with the 10I' iilttilniitfitlat
I l'n, >\ tinwhich < y
t.ernt"ChuIItrlfe that so often disturbs the presence. of marine from 'the "KUU-!: pM,ont-r, us he sat In 11'' r KMIIUSlnc Saturday In the- iiinnltr of 110., r ilMinH| on the .phlts. | of huh*.> KutliyrM t'

i. the quite of the Central and South boat Marietta. About :;'nut 1""ll'If I ,> Ms hllrrJ.t1.) i>.irtur.- from' slush ureFt ticriiuin III.U.llf."r.'r. sinlItmltr In KaltlK.li. to nrrrt tlu rltt. hilt'

i" .American republics.llh It U nut are employed on the Soledad, rotate Augusta. after MM ImittulAl rrnli. of the U..tll'tlltlll": )' Mt Itlttii, fil KMt>.| The llnilttd fsiailly| of a

I; a. fight alone for the control of thtpresidency. which Is oru.> of the largest: In Cuba Alexander! has bran a fn..:UUr. rots- i bin Ird H"flU"! : lulinkity ln-ro tiKallltn the hall wad ta,id. U.n.'I1I..nn

t' I controlled by an Ameilrsn. and up till( ellng almost fonntantl lie Tens !h... .u I I .ntru.hterelIr. lieu sic hilctly, amt thenuniiouiu
mnkfn.Tnt tle felts AoiiiMitoim' in I
now IL wait believed that the building.on .' lie .'.1| that II ti tivt-rltnw Hirelingwoulil t
' ** In hourly ilrcn.l of urr. -t tautaged
\W have been careful
not to overdraw the forflKii. ttflii' ronrtprnlim lh*> siluptli .
the property were lu danger from : to elude th.l.II".r.. lu :Nw i lt.. held in h. r.ipltol .fl"01'
the seriousness of the politicalUiattou >> n fir 111..1.. .. for th. prtVrctlon "I i
.- ,.I in Cuba and have made not retolulkonUta. fork.. I'htlMdelpbln. HI l.ouU. ftilr-' """fIllltll 4Ub|.ti. hush w.* killed' biHW -
It was partly bcrattae of representations go and other rltlcgt. until with hi. Doll Weevil' Mlgrsllng EselwrdN : s
cbarf.es thai caoot be fully mibntantia'e > ni. of ''li.* ro..I'I.r' orAitiiUntlon '
of danger made by :Mr. Atktn nerves almot f.II..I{ wri-i-k.*.1!, hetlnall = -w l.rh'.a. Hwtil" IM'" The. ..s.|t.rnlillMr.ilU'li
b unbiased .
I investigatorsf trlliutt*
> I ('iiKnk'Ml In Ifvtlng
"\ ialmt to the state department Warning )' arrived lu IMitMburg tat Krl ..r n* rv.uun l lull| wr. ..' |"l
charge that President<< :
Ion. that a warship was .II".C'h..I. to' I la .. ft d theMl.sl.al.pl
day. In wtolch It t e yfi to cross
obtained his election to office through 14 P4*."na rs Injured

fraud and Intliuldatlon and by the, by the southern side of the Ulrnd to near'Cleuftiegos. protest t' Colng: { 1u. a hotel he rcgNter .. 'J'ul'| .''Ks. rats Stpt It \\onl hnrcticritil | user IHU year. I Is now pru- e 1'

the denial to the liberal their right American interests at and Thorn. \\ Iliirtou, Me hal I not been ) iH t .. Voiit.MIII. l.<>|nKM anti rt rtllitx ralll.lh."C'urltlllll| | .lo the stain

of iuflruye.H I In the rl"y mute than a trw hour Manus rV 'lullroN I tirHf h.-re >>f the I.,''C, |best tnmUUiii' Ul'tiln. the ,

*' Mr AtKlns said that all trannporta until the Aiigtiftt.t om lals knew of hi. pn_i lutMilh.. tti* .'....1 has flown a dl.lance | .
\\ charge That the go,t>rnmrnt tlrrallmt of I utMUnourl' ItUrr fly
Uon had bean ..u.p"n.IIn the slap' h I wt\er< alxtutn_ A private dvtetMvrugency es.Isar. of l'rertseut 1'aliua was directly re Interior { cs :No In. rsatbtnssel| early yloo.lattuurnlna |
era country and that tlio had l lonUlasii diillm the past
LJc.t.slrlc: : fur the killing of Colonel! I In that city, which > ni J rtiHt-m wrat. of )Hln.l*>, A IVlilml'
towns were practically wltliont step| i ., ll. .>rtei et.!
leading In the hunt. seat wont lit the w-rrk.. tiilutalluu' wr* are r l
Iul'hIUllIut'n&l; (',:, a member of Hit b4irKMK" < ar w usarh. tint a t "lIr car
plies and dally becoming more hells IVrktns' detective; agency In this rlty i lit hatti.,*lnt ab.mt lu I lullThe
liitute of representatives. at Cuefue-! I left the ,..u. un 1 wets turni-t 'etcI rr'ourifi

.tot Sept. ::. 1905. le.s. I I Informing them that Alexander waa in I .n ..r fit- I'.r.. rHmort -..h..1 l n.sre.t |..>lnt from .Ihf atpta uf 1tlssie l

1'ittsburg. .: slq.l,| l wltlrli ih. scccll!) has rvsrhrd, UVVItkltiMiu
\\v eha jK'- M'realdrnt Palms Coal Miners Called Out. | < sr )I.*.. s rlouit InjiirUs. l but uoitvw
I of illA'siic' of J.'J
| rrlptlon rounly 5
has usurped be powers and ftinctlout Terre lIauttH..pt. I*.-Orders were After securing a good ...r.' killed ..ulrtahl.Pamou..ddls.
the two elrtrctlvre:" started tulles hoot MI".I..II'J.I
fuxltlve. ,
, .
'- 01 the governing bodies of lllnllll..1I | issued. Sunday railing out all the men -- "
I, 1t_. and has annulled arbitrarily anJ' employed by the Vandalia Coat' ('om' on a hunt for AIt'IU.I..r.l and h. was H.". Dead.i.aslnstun .
| it>d In this city The. Auausfa. au Placed In "Cen. len .e Fwnd.MN4
without of the t-Ivctlost K 1.
warrant law. pany The action was taken by the ) "I.t. -IIIgtdan'ifN'nneafk
IlKirltle were n-itlfled, and ordered hUarrest : .auill.: Hpi I I" Tweet years :,
of liberal official. displacing th-m district officials of the 1'nlted! Mint prottsbl Hiworld's K.r\\
stole. rll. frtai a9i.ll4iMM*
I with members of his ln .. sire. found pan u tests
own political Workers of America and was the et sadillv r was
'i When the detn-Mtrs. walKed up loAlexander tit :N..t lllf Oil N4.t|.|/ll*. t'hsl
the moderate. In bU ,talltun.I... lieu the
,party, result of the failure to adJust differences deal we
lu the lubly i of the hotel l I I..rw..sN suit .Hi ....,11. ,.11./ ay freight x
fj i \Ve charge that he has In like man growing out of the dltchage ol ; sire of netire aioney *lru..r> than anyother
he was n.yu.ul pacing hack and ,r.'" Mt>n>ii t iniiw "'nl". general.
r t: nor removed from the bench: judge two men .Vandalia No. C. near Jn. bor.. In the hUt'jiry of the
t .. forth his chin sunk upon bit br.s.,. klm.. ..lf IVssr..scr gent' (1..1. trt.''lse.l a
Mho refused to act In their judicial ton The VanJalla employs about American show, and **. e
.. "You under Mr, AUaader. > .,|lar hunt the, sates titan. who
F are srrest. I 'n*> tt
capacity according to tats dictation one-nfth of the miners In this district puss winner I.fur.lnC- retired to
J.tf'rldt'.I.'t"I..lrua ." said one of the ..m..,.. now h"... .t ti,.ee.t Vrtw,n. HU for
(r also has Imprisonedwithout i the stud, ___
_> I I I -My (:o-1. caught af last Hurry. 'I .0 wietrh the ,.."Iltt., ....h.. 4 n be.steel
j judicial proceedings
bits of the liberal party because: they Option ... Howlaml/ Estate. take mm out of this (crowd was llat Oenerel' D..h."...., Weult". i la th. ".........1....,.. f..I.. hit

I, New York. Sept. 1*.-A Newberc reply \Vgrsaw. H e at. -.U..I ia.rosheesky lassies Is.s. stiller the tHSte thank ,
t tl"l"N their protests agvinst his die
_. tatorUI conduct. N. Y.. dispatch to the World state The dte Ue e.r ,rt..l aim to his prrsteleet eat I'.. r.nsrtnur Ina bias ceeel -JI.t the, debt .... bean

( that Harry K. Thaw's mother Is reported room Tb r.r be broke down rom list wklcb. on Map y : rt"<|.inii.t| two I .etrelse Act tir eke. petrrhase eel a tI.t
. The liberals have made continued
fr to have secured an option oo pUtely. At first h.. was sot -1111.. rr.olutl. ptsceful apprals that IhU Injustlc (
b+ righted but to all these the goyerta.e.t the llowland estate Bear Matteawaa to return to Aucusta without a least. was steel .f' SBI| ....*..d.,1 in the thigh' ............ __ 0 ,i..'

t r The property Is about a Dill from the Hght II* seemed to dread kls r. wblt. driIng k.r. this moral a Tb. I 4
twrn*d a deaf ear Dented AIressethaw 0..4
Matteawaa atat hospital sad the aKOtlatloas turf la disgrace' to t1e city wk.re weptl4 tMo ......Ia .sc.a-t
the ron_iltutJon I rights for which! I \ew T'bi M..pt U .t special table

.tk. Cubans fought bled and died fo are taken to mean that Mrs. only two .oatb. ago b_ was 08o.. I 'n th' .. II..,.!.... f..n t./4'/tl.s. ..fe'sear
Thaw anticipates that her aGO will l_ sod club
the 4la' kala* meat
for half a century we decljed that T..."......n .. Kit..... ,.. ,..... .f .Ibrved. e"I.. I. vii .

our oaly r..nMI.wa.. again to tak. be committed to that Institution I flashy. a.. ro.s.strd tw v. wllboet s W.... M.. T... (t.i,U U.-la sa al I ..,tAg there ..... made ...............,
,....tat...... '
up arras.V trcatU between V\IIUm| lie !house ha5 t..... ..f t'.a sweet ".I1".t" ariassite.

"\\ now ask only on* t"IDIt-"f .eat Time Maele. ,I AI.saa4.r.t th. I nee of Ms
; th-t Is that the Illegal 'a." frsu4u Nw Yore *.ot. It,-WUlAm K. Niras>e* was a .nan of rmsrkabjrstriking .*r .a. stet sad alM.tr la.t.s11kilt. I, pter..t.as 'la tea 'Is,.they .,. Atftee. .
lent etrrilon' of last Decent Urr b>* annulled ,'a.4. bllt. Jf-> weal over tM Vas>4.r afu** *raa.. all a.4 weft k..ut ... er1..I'. .. e.eb..gswll/ I ... elIer.at.ry. ,1 a ,h., serer

and a nw eleetlia held, al bUt cup rettsrsw: oa 1n.g leJaad aovr** with a cl..r eye as>4 _r.r. of staid| ..<'d ."4 eUlMsif lea ...,. .rtad '.j Nh.ta ............1 .la asr asc.raphya

.. Loeg island $a4ay la S* _Ia.t.. Tk. sax wko will a<* ka >k lo aa.w.f I I ..,. ,_ .......,...
>o a tale. ckai.r*> to vole Aa ice cote.t ast.a.re4 U..T sllaa to the ".T rrlavlasl cH.r._ Isko sloop ? t I ". tu/rsts. spit .... e

la conctudlag. tJi. prortsmatlocU ale *p.... was better. flax a rue s .Mer d, aerrow., .... but a shsd A. C. L. Hallway ..re....". D..4. : .

: _!..... It Is lbs ke. >st Uas yet .a. rw at kle 'terser .*U! Whlsur.. Md. $.pt. le.W.rlea C ._,.... Ln.f';' .... Ur.Chauasewee. .

.,.. .. U tcxtay tkev4tcau.r of over the asp ....,.... Mr. Taa44 rei.1 j i !!. U>44 tk. oA.-r. tkal after M.k- Ct&Mstt. .rwi4.al ut tk. AU....l. CM.| ... T...,. i...... It IlsrlySt "

Oika, ln.l.s
| !<. a.M tkat _IkI ... .f.vasl. rlttlsse.wkkb e Y' Me 4ay., A.dispatch. l. this ..., ."tI- at '
2res tSst Ib* man wk*> swrr_n4 kits 'ca.w. I PI > Si'Iwds, m..., .. a {
....re. Mitt/.ess its I k. .... Ie k* tke *.<. pf fr*. .
.. ..... .
4s.4 te4 It.
ar > t** .avi. wko .pportr4 ,.a* spas reset bees r MB week I. .. 1sr4s to4 Ike &..l-- sI
? i.osd... ..pt. U.-TM V.itatdBtal. < d.att had .klw cwt s ky.lrlr. sad .
Jth tvetok wklle tke (. ...... p.trirrs wwta ta. .o.ws.ay .. ,III. city 1'tereeshewn aq n. ....... hrws .
... ....re4 tiS.a gA.r la geld .. ...tally a.4)) *r ,.... reaw .. was '
".r. Ie Ik* ..U lUktiar. ..ese ,-ei..d ....... ..... fats laj'u
this ......., b.ta4.aril. ailti. .. .. fr kfe -
The T1.... folly ata... that aeesed Mq.dal. tart awry. .rm. raa /4aNM C..tt4.. C'.. $ 't.Meeskn .... Tbs.. slab'. .'M- 'le.. e4.Mr ...
...... oa 1M tltatl.C tass. N .. ......... teat W wl4 kate .
he (.. .'*rr wklrk:! l. ....< :0.14 h (:U,. dept 1sTb.. cr_.... glee ran ..... s 5'4 s'uses fatally .,
had the ..... .....,.....
: 1 a.e& Li citrfe ..,.. 'k resi em. rosy etas et tM t+ss.t.tr' e'lS I. .U pte.ir.halt fajerlag ..,...u....... W.,
Sews'Kttlsd M MwtJ.y.rr. aeda le.g.r A1.ss.dcr ......4 thsikr
.. .....
tat I,. aCflo1a: .r PrsUewt ltrs..te"1s Se. I. fit 1 c e.54 Isgeastltj
.+t Nai4 dept. IL-feretsi rsr M ......... eM ...... M apea4laa .
N.aM 10 t.seas w4..t.ot tltw. ........ ,... tha. ..... .. O.e'.fe.e ... C.vwt wills,
fc-m kin 4 la a aUay ... t** s algtt I. pets'.. It was tIMe .......1
c.L ........ avatar ptsat.t' .Sr t .era 1'I ...-- ,.. ......C..... vi .1454 &a lb.tires. fl..ita, M.p( 1. A d14auyb ty tbuh.l ,,
Tarklaa trot p ship Aaslr t. Tewak. aa4' cue eN .' e.t. weid twain ..tttIItB .
". ...... kt a .pLet.t aM f'rr.pyft dl.sd.t, ... tea'.. wtfl Mse / A.4..14 r lease if..ser.r
kae uw ha.s re tee.& I ta ... ktreC.
'" err irh eiabts sr a\\ KultsgtacK s sl 1wr ... -are last /'swat w r es peswMr a. list

':,ia.r"t1 n_ t2/e daatazs des a >tel at.. wes. ee.tarr4 .s Ji.1d.s1 tc Rftflb
( Tna slr ..s.flMmM. .....
&m fw ia.M+1.4fw ........
p 7rp.-tt.(1e V.wfeni rtt7t't La ed.s Jlgtr tL.-U f4 t.t. aa. ..11 .!...r .M M.eatan l. ..... Maxie by'r.strser.. Mpl., r/o4 t rr
: rh Ptt1lsll rspkta. ........ att't oral::. This-Tgtt.c Dept.1fslMrr r 1ti a..w..e.d 1es>fenty.: .. -", .. ...... .--- .I4ht. .... IIfI........ ..... 111.-......SI ....' tstttivl/f.{ .{ wN i, 54.i4** (,',tttrl 1rtti'

I'< .O'ts Gt...wktta I P J..f4.. ( .. .,.... "- tilt'..... ..,. .""'" '--ll1' l lNtfty itMdt4W
Ilse .. '
\ ',. ___ "' _.. f.... ]'I', __ 1 .
's : I.".. J ". ...."" I,",, t ....

: .

f a n. r. ( r



r .

."i! ,- -' -- - -- ''I DUDES OF OTHER TIMES. THE -m7 :rTE HOUSE.s.

j HOLIDAY 0... of s Khtaar .' <.a Kmrlf Ht.__.
T. WHITE, rreprlfter.
t NO MATTER IlV WHOM TilE t.w.tli C*.t.rr. '

Will BEGIN TODAYBosh PAITIS31A1)E. ITIt4AIJCL- A cure far the confirmed raller Cedar: :Ke-y-: ; FJ..orLda-:
MUAK- against modern dress might a coureeof
TEKATKIN: Vales" a
A! TEE like. ThNeau be given. Inspection through a Ale of old 'Situated on the Bluff. Cool and airy rooms. Fine boating and fiahfng.. Rates

: Cabana Will be Observed by fashion magazine or the perusal of LOO per day.
such account as are given by tbe
f Israelites of This City. author of "Sketcbea of Lynn" The

---J description la that of a suit worn lathe
Paint G. & CO.
A VERY IMPRESSIVE OCCASION Purest first part of tbe nineteenth century. S. MERCHANT ,
Tbe boots were an Important articleof
-- dresa. The toes were made as broad Retailer and Jobber In

,yry Th Rosh Oshana !Is Obser'ved Ten Made .. aa tbe ball of tbe foot, wltb the cor-

Day Before the Approach of Yom flare wVII' rounded giving tbe shoe the

Klppar, and Lasts For TwentyFour 100. PER CENT PURE resemblance to the snout of a shovel Staple and Fancy Groceries

nosed ftbarlc.' They were very snug and
A Hours-Probable Services. Thl Paint Free of Coat If required strong atrnps. In order to get

Beginning at 6 o'clock this eveningthe Found to C iitiiln Other Into a fashionable pair tbe heel of the ,Brain; garden Seed and Fertilizers.

+ Jewish population of Oiin. ....ville Thnu Following. Unaran- stocking waa well soaped and some

f' will begin the observance of one of the lee pulverized soap sprinkled Into the boot. SOUTH HIDE SQUARE. i f s GAINESVILLE. FLOKH3A
The length of time It took to get one
In Jewish history, befog This< J''Ck''jtA (-f I U 1 VIS BESTI'IUP.UU'U
greatest day
: ; PAINT contains no on depended on the strength of the highest market price paid for Chickens. Eggs and other Product
New Year's Day.
Rosh Oshana, or
adut'eratiun, ia arty form Whatever owner and the str"p.
Up to the oomlng of Royal Cook to and? when analyzed' our The styllah! overcoat displayed flv"*!
Complete stock of Hay, Corn Oats, Flour Bran >Meal Cotton Heed Men
this city abxit ten years alto this Outside While and All Tims will cape, one above the other. Tbe trousers and W, handle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW

'n event had not been observed by the how, : were expected to lit as tight aa tbe EST PRFOK8. and guarantee satisfaction always

Jew In Gainesville ; but Mr. Cook ins Old I'rrcevs Llneeed' Oil, 100 akin. Just bow they were' nut on la a

angaratej the custom, which has been Per Cent Pure. mystery. The coat was especially snug

kept up annually ever .Inc... O d Process White Lead (basic under tbe IfIf>ev..... and l the velvet collar

Sir Cook who ia n learned Jew on rbonte), 100 Per Cent Pure.Hrlrcted acrnped up the back of tbe head. The umrr or w mi Of FLORIDA
camlet overcoats after a little wear,
Biblical history gives: this explanation ) White Zino (oxide),
became" an stir as birch bark.
100 Per Cent Pure.
occasioni The thing worn about the neck wa.
first day of Tiahl. Including the necessary pure called a stock. This! name waa appropriate OAINESVI LLE. FLORIDA.A .

meaning the first day of the beginning: timing color and best tor'pfntln In Ha snggrctttion of an Instrument

of the world and the beginning of a .' dryer.To of punishment. The stock was

new year after the rebuilding of the this guarantee we affix oar from three to six: Inches blgb. and was i High-Grade Institution for Young Men. Literary, Scientific and",

temple by Ezra ; at the tame time It la signature.THE made stiff. A man was forced to look

Intended to prepare onea-aelf for Yom II. II. DAVIS' COMPANY.: straight abend. Only by careful management Engineering courses. STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE. .

Klppar or the day of atonement, could Jje see a little on either

which la observed ten da afterward. aide. About halfway between his eyes
SOLD BY and earn two little points/ of collar FALL TERM ul' n. in Gainesville, September 26th. For catalogue an
"Four hundred and
seventy years laird Hardware. C. stuck up Ilk.* toothpicks.Ruffled information address ANDREW SLEDU, 1'rettldent Gainesville, Fla.
before the tempi, the Ten Command .|, bosoms. and wristbands finished .
I -- -- -- -
mept. were delivered to Motes on UAINKHVILLB.. VLOIKBA. the continue' with tbe addition ofa
Mount Hlnlal In commemoration of :mS"r.A2LXSEImD: 1869.
tall Bilk bat."h..n Inclosed In this

which the Israelites blow the ahofar, manner, with a dash of attar of roses"
----- ---- ---- -- ------ ---- ----- --- -
or ram' hon."A'alorloll'. on bill handkerchief, tbe man of the H.F.DUTTON&CO.DEALERS

4 : time this ia 'In Jewish ELECTRIC LINE FOR WAYCRO38 period wan roni?lfler,*.il Irrcftlntlble. .

r: religion, and they are supposed to
Provided a Franchise la Secured, tM ---- IN- ---
atone for all the sin committed and
Road WII( be Built.:
ri, become friendly with another.
one" Waycross, tia., Sept. 1H.-At a regular ..0.1.... or Prlmr. Allkvrt ...,..iCo..or. Sea Island:: Oo-t1o3ci
should any differences exist. : .
of VIo orllt.
meeting ur the city council the llu* a
. 1 In observance of this day beginning
question of granting a street car franchise A woman looked up wltb a laugh
0 o'clock the of the Sea Island Cotton Seed Bagging and Twine. Walrus
t tonight stores was UUcuBriod. and while the from n heavy volume she was reading. &

I! .Jews will be closed for twenty-four council and Messrs. O..ur.c6V.. IH-ou "Now I know" abe eald. "why Queen Leather in Strips or Sides.

hours, and Mr. Cook states that If ten and W M. Toomer. the perltlnu, Victoria/ wall eo fond of the prince con

u: male Jews can be gotten together did not unite a rt'tII l I.+ llltely that sort. This husband did not merely regard Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved English) .
his wife ns bin equal be regarded"
there will be service. No female I. ;
an agreement will be rt-arhetl In a few
cfflolate service and her HI ImmeiiKuraJily' his superior ..,.- I Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for Same.
permitted to at a days. There were four article In the
hug that It was. bN. duty to alnk bla
Mr. Cook says If th.re were a millionwomeo petition which could nut he shaped up GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA. USA
own Individual existence" In her. Listen
and only nine men, there will no as to l bt satlufsctnry but It In bllevcil *"-
to this letter that Prince Albert
,be "nothing doing." b!;>yon.| doubt that the franchise !
the Duke
wrote to of Wellington. HereIn
'' The coming year wlU be 667. will be granted' th<' next m 'ttlux : a champion of woman's rights Intoed. SOUTHERN RAILWAYN.

-- of the council.
( on't you think though It I I-
K. of P. District' Meeting. The proposed electric! car line tube going tno far for tmAn to humblelilniftclf

cumtinicU'il :Messrs.. l lie.,, and "
by no low NS title,
The quarterly district meeting of the start( It.-.Tbe following ..ehedule figure are publUfced only ..Information! and are not
Knfghta of Pythias. Fifth District, was roomer will coat at the about tb ) then rend front tier brook In a ,..... suararr
1300.000.: Whtlw of the Me voice .
every part so mi n : -- .
- -- -
held with Mount Vernon Lodge No. 2O, -- --. ----. --- .-- --
-- -- --
city will b" eventually traversed l by My Dear ukIn the ueotlon whetherIt .
Tuesday night. A large number of ywuvrMu.ezsissues 5A"IT I'r I'IO' ,34'IIu.' 30 lOMTH Aep WDoT ..0.13Lr
the car' Jln.... It Is the company'a InImtlon l I- lvlubl4..| that I houl -visitors were present representing command or the army I have com to the JrekwnrUle So. CMs 7bhp 1.. Jacksonville. .. .
tio. Hy
to In but Hr'' '
10 miles of
eleven from three counties.. put the cvnc."lu.lrtn l thAt my ilrl.lon ought entirely I:. JE.wup.. .. : : IlyarIOMt'!I : Le Jc..up. ::: :::: : ._ o.H, I IC =.
lodges track ... ... .' ... .. .
t un noon NN It Is posnlhlo be I to t>* irulitml by the ..on.'d' r"tlonwh.th..r Lw I.acrmnrh. Ihr( I Si 'It Ilia .t' I&coa. so. liy Shia
There was plenty of work ta demonstrate Ar t'ofuwbla _...... .a III". SMI..ue At' Allao'.... ..-. ... .. o. liy
done after the franchise Is. It would Intrrfrrtt with .,,'e' aSna
granUM.CciniiiiencInK or A' Charlotte.. NyIIU'" VMs At' Uow.... ... raps
tn the visitors' how the degrees at a point near tin- electric my portion. ">f consort ta the ovvretcn.' A' r..o..ooru.. 1'00. lyiitMts\ ltbip At' 11LI\OD. ... .. .... ..so.ltf.ntlw
', should b. performed and altogether Till i....iti light the line will ilowuPlant
plant, run onVtUI I.. it femtle "uvrr.'lKn hasn ArWebmond._.: _..: = :.: .o. Hyy! eta .54'p. Ar Ltrlartuo.. . :::::::.. '.1 : g
bill -- : =
the of Interest .. Ar ( n \
meeting was one avenue let Itiiller atrrct. then great" munv van t''''< In rnTnimrlon Ar .JDohbwtW... o.lbl .I.a 4V ---- ---- _- ; _r __
and pleasure, out llutl"-r street to *.ne fair.. Kruuml.. with a kink.' let .If she !I. married and Ar ('b..rl..' e..We. .!.o Ih I 6(12uI a IOi' Li 1. 1I1..IDD.. .. ..., .. .. C.. K. .t: D. 45p
her hviBlMiiu umlrrMuml and ducal his Ar WbIDrtUft. ,.... Ih I ti 110" ACtilca.o H..roar TIM
Chancellor Commander U. '1. Tnm- ami' a circle will" t then b.> made abttutKlwralde duty lirr |Iusillun, <>n the ether h&r..l. has Ar lealllmnre..I' H ILIII ..illtf>.. L l..tnolo..tl....... ,.,---- .asp
kles turned the meeting over to Dies Park und across to IKnwitoil many ,'om|*..n..ttorv sJtantatee and In Ar Weal 1'blladetrhta. .J' N. K. I 4'.i'. 2 Ma AS..fhlc..o.; .. -.IiD..I: ) T lOa
the hung will tm found IM .. A r New :Yora t'. H. _It 41.4; eJaa:' Lw Cioclansti ..... H.& ..
,.l. trlst Deputy Brand Chancellor OliverJ. 'h"lIrehark to the center of the run to tronc rrrn -- - < -_ _- -- C., iiy .. .
Ar hJcaoro .
than thai vt the mate vnvrrclsTn.Hut n tlonoo TUaTaaovuti'vita
Farmer when the regular meeting city un Albany avenue and T'.*MII this rr.iulrrn that thus husband should '''I'or. tuasay". ,.0.31) Lv Clncinnall- .. .. :--t.H: _L-1i 'Z ,

& of Mount Vernon was at an end, and; ..U..ta.'utll..r circle will K<> out vntlrrly sink. hula. ..sow" Individual.. .., rxlt.,nr. -Lv JskronUle.-.. .-. -- -. -"0. ity- m;;. Ar Ar Toledo tetrnlt.! .ti. ... . .par I Four your: ; ere
lit that l.l tbs
c'f : wife l h ahoulil
thai 1mat
llrunel street lo Marluu tbe'u in< \ Lv .
', Mr.' Farmer carried' the work.to street .rv.nssa o. H, Iha .
per ue p..mrr by himself or for himself' Arl.'dumMr. .. ..u tir : L. CInclnnatl ..nrMour YrrpAr : )
feet Ion, across to l I.N" avenue, thence to Plant l...ln. Content to !_ the huaband of the A..au". .. 'oo. Fly I huh Ar. Cierelsnd.y _':.:.:: _' .-'II&I'_}Cur ,j 4.a
avenue queen the |>rlral. secretary of the soy. Ar Hot Ri'rtns..N. C. o, 111 tr7p L. r..ln&/'Iol1 ... vo. RF chop
At the conclusion' there was a flue A' Kno..W.... .. .. ArLori.vuie.. .. ..... .
cretin Mnd the tutor of the al children. .o. ICy e" p ,0. Hr II 1P)
The rt )
I.Utlune'r.III be requlrtvl to AI I.I. IU_.... .. _. t. .
spread whleh'was enjoyed lay all prea> .u Hr "!rht A.r .LDul .s Ry 132
** I give a bond that work will be com -.- A' a. I........ ,.o. He a Irp Ar Anaistoa. .. .So. Ry Ionia
ens.rw .r ('Isetnnset. t.I It'o to ihs .. . .
nurtured l within .U months ( the Ar to'rmln.rba.' .... ... o.: Rylltelp.A "
A roller\ tlsserlptlrn will "lie given In tutu The Breath of Life. r tC'tltl>h.la .. ... ... .. ..t'l1aeol a O.p) .
granting uf the franchUe.. ao.II"II': leaning/ Car tNervlee. ou AU Ar K..n... City ..,......oi.fhrouah ...a.t ,
The Han later. --- It'. a algniflcent& fact that the. Mrong Thl.. ... . sac-
llt, ':' II._ : ::::::.: : ?
She Found Relief. eel animal' of Its site! the gorilla also _. i 9t0.No. .
v - u
Bcllefa of Middle Ages.Iterlln. las the largest lunge .'ow.rl..llun H "New .
,* 1'nrk end .lurtda rrtre ,
If troubled with liver se patty: Pulliun ()
you are com raw.r. lioc
Sleeptet c.
Bept. 17.-Count Von lloenebroech FbrsT.mt reel .J a.k.uati W to N.w 1 t+.x.
plaint ant' have not received help read mean powerful creatures." Mow toheap Nn tN'r.ai.rua ..vt F1.xti. L nlled." .
a member of a Catholic family Jar ttrae:rcr Room hieeptns (:a;.
written 'letter to the this :\1.. Mary K. HammonJ th.br.athingorgane& right shouldbe .navTlb S' 1wunYiu.n'[ awryilnCr koora
has a Uepalg
v' ''Nueale, Narhrlrhten-: concerning Father ;MiMidy. Texaai "I! ..aln poor health man's ehiefest study. Like thou- .uselUe."iDe'.tleNlda" ...r.M': ; Ilut t rI'.r ;::. SSfASS:::: ,: ffC i: 'ar r.'WUII JacIlOlOD.UltUn"'" ''

..nde of others )1,.. Ora A. Stephens t .. unitedlat..uid \.UI'ouIe-d nlU. lrougtitray C'o.C'be .ccj Paiim.ePutt
..Ver 4. the newly elected general of -with liver trouble-for over a year. -.1- .1e. 4utciel'ar: tJ. '0 (
4 of Port William O, has learned -.D : Jeup'n rse'o' vTatiar pip <
hew "
"Jorwo 1-rt Jentahl 'K.'D:
I did : .
tbe Jesuits. The count rays he was toe tors tit* no Kryxl and I tried l tltr *. aH
'n flu this. She writes i "Threo t>.,|. _
m pupil of Verve In the early vlih- lI.rb.n(1/ three bottles cured ru. -- ---

ties and that the ,conviction and beliefs I ean't say too mueh for llerbine. a* it I &les of n,. Klng'a New liseovery. UOJ>. JA S. YRtE.MANL1.trlea .....erurAeere, he \\' eat Pay to... Je ._lnW.. 1'&.

'. yt the new general are those of .1. a wonderful liver medicine I aU p d my Bough of twn years and curedme I. it AKlrtff tCK. P. T. ... W. H. TA VLOE.Q. P. A. 1IHOOKS MOHOAN. A.O.P.A.

yr the middle ages. He quote largely ways have It In the house. Publish of what my friends thought eon ..
from Father Verve's Ux.V published In where you wl.h.e :Sold: by W M. Johnson amptlon.. n. lt'. grand for throat .--- -

1S'2. In which the author aver that .rid lung troubl.." Guaranteed byall

tbe state should rut under the Jur- druggist l'rie.,5lesodtlAal:' Trial

-u; Ilwlc1lon of the church Our Distinguished Visitor.. I bottle free.

r HUhop I,, 1\. 8ootl. D, I), I.. I. I).. I Fay-Sholes

,,$ 1e Jap fth';;.. Comrade. to Death. the only color4 bishop of the Meth> a f..eit.le .... ...-....

at Portland Or. Sept l>, --Merrlsmand 0.11. Kplaeopal Church !I. baft front llir ll.tii'-r t wfxiltby ..,..I! .t-t.
II Moya, tu J.I.."".... who h vVeen .1 I Liberia Africa, eel will<|l address ttto I utitvU- lanW-r who "l vit In *|lie ri rut> .

ttamntatee t*e4ne Involved In I people) of Oalneevllle .t M ,,'.loek nextItosday b.an" dear* ass. frequently. bad sdte-b a Typewriter
f I, I'.' koi In.... t, s |Mi-ivi At rir.r tbad .
a dispute, and during the quarrel Mor* J night. tl.pt. :94ik. on the subsjar' .
4.4 .. ... .
M- !- i. >l"| k.iu.t of safety
shot MrrrUm to death but Vfi'te aoIng ] of missions and hi* spacial, ) work la
rtuiiua. tlwsi tra> warning I" tuo>k
7 so was atabb tar Sr by Merrlam. Africa.IlUhop. -'CIi N011 LJnt.1:1J: :
.... l'w.-' uii'''ii wt-never sued .,"...H" r.loweul .
Tbe taws of the .iinrttlt ) I. un fieott' will, l.etdr.J In the Ml.Pl THE IIL.ST
hln>.tr t, i I. .totI l At n'.ht.
& .
Meb Hll .
known sass>' < 't t rl-'J'el l Churehat
the eoraee of North 1'1......, and uu rrtnrniMi fr-.n< t>.._"l i_., ti. ttx a., up ",&('IIIE OX TilE JIARKET
J \' l".b'a streets .b.. r..!i ,< iwi..>' whew. b. Mttrfvd an

Knife Thrown Strikes Heart. UniamMi ..< t.; <<.... .\ watch bad Has Tabulator
Our (
( auditorium a large and well
8t Augustine 'a, Sept. 1'-liotta.u. KfTDOAftD
seated sad the rnbtte. e. eordially la. erpsse.t la a M.ua balld. Tb. h..t.of larvafty I ox
\, cal Lout lluach. w.:U| tone* ted vlted to come sad hear 11..bop&.ott. the v'rru, '.,." -1 ant i"4. Every: Machine

jruuBg ..,*... eti c."d IB a quarrel j I! The while r opie. if tf .y well attend left ..J. ....... l' r t.*ak.*r bad f

here over' an alleged debt (>f 7> rnta | this meetleg. wl'i, r+e ".riably plied the wt, n .a> wish ti)">alt t..

_-, "hite threw a pockrt knife .with great'I eared for as to eata, ..e.I wbteb, etp .*le.1 .r &I '.a the .lwtatlw ..tI..tl& Ltght.et bhiff Lightest KoBBlng '1'h.Chalnploa .

,r f.t rr.. The Made penetrating U1& cb'. I J s'*, T<">rr Pastor w I &. SrJ Writers .
of the
Lwrt sad hU U_ -- World
fit causing IA.Mr .
a.. the Fay hoU. )10,..
F.hol4>. la I
----- --- -
''. .w v l rer... "0& Pert your rents are ..Ht.. ...Ib.. you ta a. te '.aia*vtte! than say other ms hiD',

:/:r l+po.as..!. l.llhtly r.lats'.11r a lr- S. k .n ease y t.r.J. .Ma yoep tees t all rvadewwtkea I

ftt'lek4k1 )tlsraalc"eet' IK klt4lW''afie us toe c-e yes lived a good
you ... For SnIt.-
.., : by. .
., GL I t..L.v. I ..a..Ur pt .eClOft.c A.t' Sanap.nls. y.., .
Sji ttrft1we the elm set bOtlsta thatlltMit 4.ctef'.W..U yes why. .M ass. stack. rc..r watt weal ne .... ray il rsa1et

K ';\ l Chef en-Tfcvira what. mm" toe bleed rica, sad why .it gives ..r.ce ....* acrta,tb. A.' hits. it It is sve< THE SON GaiiMTilk
w .
|.at ta* smedxisvs Tw a...... w.p..ww..f..wrrr'* f e LAr ti..
liens t-crtantB a
to ......-. ... ro
'" *
: "

u i 4c. 1: ,ll '",k", ...... ,!:-c.. .".,.1- ''... .. .,, '......,... .'" .. "- ,jj., r.: 't F
.aA '' l'.3 "
+ i !U .. s { : 'h..J\ j b'it:' ..h /.".l'

..' "..r.'Wi- .:"..I4'.t! iii ;;II ...

;. Y Strig q Ii EsvffiiiFI. RtD :/)sEPT'tBElt ll j?'i ti :' ;' i .. I.'. { .

-- ---

of Board-Some
Interesting Meeting!
Opening of Public School-Death of a
Commissioners Appointed.In I HUSBAND'S BEST HELPER Lsdv-Othsr Interesting Notes

compliant with the call!, theBoard.of r;;
Vlroroua Health la tb.Great Source! Ncwbcrrr. :Sept. IS Mr.* |I'" rte i
Count' Commissioner H-M Power to: Inspire antI KnoouraAU .." Smith. d..d. Kridwy' mort > >.c. afire nnHl
their session her Tuesday. for the j ur- Woojor-Sboulrt K...lt ItOneofthetnoetnot.1..r I "e,.. or ,. rrt-ral' week.. "t l tit t-hoi', 1

pose of talM'i" over the planof rk. !' -(lIl. "I\ "W-v.-' .*. "Ph. I-">i)..in. w.. .. ..'....i.,1, i iHo
lag of the ext-.ibis. for tt La &I ..to >' .
richest of this ..
lr,1 i men v. utun. u r' n: a2i < ;uriiay.. where t.( y wt-rr
The meeting was called to order, article ha aa'ul.VhaU>Vfi t mu tal,.' laid to rem A large number, of r..l.|
and It was ascertained that there were '| whatever success I hats atlaiiusi, -i.,
this world I owe all to toe .\ re. 1'>..> .. Mive unit friends from this placeaecontpsnlyd ,
only three. of the five member* present -. the day I Bra knew her KHha! !. h..u the remnitxMi 4 4lrDiPJ.

-Hon. John G. Dam pier, chair an Inspiration. and the. en-ute.t heir .. I.Iaie'nosh< h.* nteredh l man ; C. O. Pedricb: of Gainesville die- i mate of my life." nt Abbeville. lh.I .

tract and F. F. Faulting of Han thoro. :Mrs ltteroti, wl;.> nnn,ed Mrs
'' However it was a quorum. and it was I Iuncerstood .
I Smith' daring. her '11ne! returned, to
at the last meeting that it > Jak, .tnrille Saturday. A handsome new style in

might be impossible for Commission j \ C? R..hl.net> family ate spending I our Diamond Special Grade tf* (

ere Osteen and Townsend tb. prr- I ...I".. tune in North O.Y/V/
the finishing
that will
eat, owing to the eooditioa of their' .1. C Bi.h >i. t>f Alachu ea, m the
and the time they were com- I touch costume.
crops 'oily title <>rk.The to any

petted to lose ID coming and Ruing. i lailie gart' an .ic.' errant stipt; >erat
A communication' was read from N. I ..h.lsjI..ic: Hall 1 I ,ir.ity night This is only one of our new patterns.

A. Callison who was appointed general j I'' th..* proceeds he used u> buying n' Ask your dealer to show you his styles ot :
commissioner to the State Fair ) organ fur the church.H .

Association from Alaehua county awetfk :M Look of Alaehiin wsn. '"" "acot. Diamond Brand Shoes. He should have

sso. Mr. Callison stated that., business here this wnkSchixnl -
mil them in all grade *, at all prices, for men
however interested he might ba In the
.4tiY. Beady. Al i.r/ej' opened Momlny with lruf.W .
Alaehua county exhibit he had him, H. Hicks and !'Ii.. :'Umie. K. l.ee in as well as for women and children. t"

bands full in the individual exhibit of To be ouch a anocr 8ful wife to retain charge A ,goodly:: numt.,
the Spring Park Stock Farm Company, the love and admiration of her were |>-sent at the. Oft"'"i>g and tote
of which he is the manager and asked husband to inspire hint to make the are coming in. They hire an etcelUnt .I.tloul 8401 a.JmEMANRVWE Oil!
the board to appoint some' other per'son : moat constant of himself atudy.K should be a woman's ..... l building th .* year. and tu

; but the board Insisted' upon Mr.Calliaon's I ... woman flnda that her enerFtiri! doubt. this will b* the .......t sno<*es>fu. .4IAKEAOR( PINE sffoes THAN ANY

appointment and he decided I are flagging, that ah \ gets en!ily tired t.m.r all.Report OT/i R House //v THE WEST
to accept rame. Mr. Callison is dark shadows appear under her eve*,

really the roost energetic man who I I she haa backache, headaches, bearintrdovrn Required by CommissionNew
pains. nervousness. irrv.:iilwritionor York Sopt. I IN III" r'I".t( I
could be secured for Alaehua
eoun'Y.1 the blues' she should start at o.rrto
I .
to the I InU'ra'iiU- II i i I"( cnnr.1-,: Ilon. .
and it I is fortunate. f"r the people thathe build up her system by a tunic t. Illt! JCMt.bl .n. ca 'H"JU
will be Insisted upon as the proper ] tpeciSo powers such an Lydia k:. 1'iuU- I! (rhr IVnur> Ivanln .,IIr..I\'n\\> v
I hams Vegetable Compound. I that 1111 Its II nra ra"t sit 'l'ltt->.ui ,: It
man. : EI: IDTTTTOIsr: & OO
Following- we publish by request a own* .''>:> III frvlKht"' cur ;aii'i that I'O. : .
After a general' discussion as to thebest letter from young wife : ill., or >*. per real ur r'i.>*.>. an- I-iu'.t< '\ >
method of securing good exhibit Dear Mrs Plnkluun:

to the State! Pair A. 'U. Hilleary was feted..liver as I niace hope: my few child women w_rer hnrn have.with I h.v<.nuf I n- pedl h from air brakes.nil the 'allmtil.\ report tlf WHrrqtilroil n III. :s A :::ES.EE.Slu. :

.. ... e
elected as commissioner from DistrictNo. flamiaation female w aknwe.. h..rtn1t..loJ..npain count 1 h v the c<'n"\lh..I"n to l I. :itwhrthrr -,
-, backache anti wretch he*.ljtli_< I 11
and lion W. M. Blitch from
4. .
Itr not the I. nulrlnu' 7'I
affected my stomach so I mold not enlor my .. ".....r..b..at' "...,.._. but .tA ..urtW..tcra. sad. 1)0>>....". sadnaa4.ks : .
District No. I. The othercomrnissioiiers meals, and half mr time was spent tn liml. >.T riot of frrli it C'I': to In- r.l.|iu'ipod .. _
;' rnru.mr.4 b........ b......"..ert.ins/lasts. .t.nuerss.m.r.k .%. sat nsn nr.rrl.ht
will b* selected' at puce, and General Lydia E. Inkbam'VetcetHble('umlln.1 << slut' air I UruKoM .i... !.< IHK I onti ua r.ruts0.i.. terms Vp.rl.t. t.nillttl.fo; .Ii..olteetloss' ..e sit r
mado m s a well woman and I fed*>grateful ..,..._...1.. ....11\'. In ,... \t! !ttrt...
Commissioner Callison will proceed that I am glad to write ant tell you of mymarvelous plied MIip'
work exhibit to rwm It brought ins hraltu.n .
to on getting an yrry. --------
w life and rltaluy."-Mrs. Kw t. Xln.ley. (+ .A. 1 1' 1n V \-,' r .:H1 F'T ..C J"? I "A
gether. en Houth 10th Htreet. Tttn>ma. Wxh.What The Great Headache Cure .
Lydia K. IMnUhana'a Vegetable.

Night Blooming Cereus.Mr Compound did for Mrs. Aln.ley It will i 1.. .M OHAIIA. 'I'resideiil M t: '["Y t on. (*..htet
:: *. A. H Tailor, who re.idt>, on4ontb do for every sick and alllnir wo'mwnIf Bromo-Pepsin .
ilott't ti.u t\ |lives Vtne-l'resiilent, 'IKK O""tI".t t.'itshkerTHE
TIIP you have symptoms you undenttand <
()rk avenue, sent to Sun
write to Mm. 'I'inUhnm,
office Monday n'ght a pair of nl ht- daughter-In.1av.of. Ijriiia. t: 1'lnUltu.ui' ... **
Vote <.he> W rd' .Pr| ln.
blooming creo._which were among at Lynn M..*.. llsr advice it- (roe and FIRST NATIONAL BANK t

the handsomest. ever seen in thin ."C"- always helpfuL C U R C 9 U&id&che. Indigestion

tion The bloom wa us large as the Li, insomnia Kenonsness(
t.::h' G-.4IN ::1Di3-v.IT..LiJ: : .
-ordinary teacup, with a flange a* Death of Mrs. Daugherty.
large as a saucer. I On the 5pot.Mo TIIK OXL.Y NATIONAL( UANK I 1 IN ALAUHUA' ( C)
Mr. Mary Paugherty
Mr. Taylor' who brought the flower\ I ( OpIHes. Absolutely Harmless. '
Old Fellows Sanilnriuiit at :2! o'clockTn..d" .*54 o.<'MMMio
to this office, stated that the plant afternoon rtf after ..11 Irutst.ta'. I td.', m.., ..,.., ,M r Capital. . . .
from which they were 'plucked bore drop, .n tint HALE .MT. SIlrpllltl:; ) and' Undlvulfd I'rotit :Ut.Clun (oi .ti :
illness' of several! weeUs.The .

twenty-one" and that the tight was agrand funeral' will be held tM morn J. ". Mr't11J.1'lt X < u.. lirinrvUt I Ii.._ ... h..l It a0sa.h... ,."".,,_. nts ia.nltt.......... sat b.eiB l 0 taw Music *<.. ci1La
one.Thi t..rra.a'a.i..I..eiI.e .* Ia..Iwae. i
.s.at.ufarn..r. %
Ine: at 1O o'clock from the home nfV Cor. t- Main .hli Union Pi. t..I..m.. K... .., .._I..r'.a. At.bu.la.rte. ._.... ..........'11. l
plant' is quite a rarity and isappreciated
C \ McIUnald.Kast Church Hi. Kev.Mr. .I K T.'I.'U\ U.n.-, ..
by lorers of flower, many
Niiiin of the Methodist church
of whom hate been to tee' the name. ED'lV.A..RDS.
will nflldiste. at the funeral.

The News From Bell. Iep ased -a. well kn
city, and had many friends.. all of
Bell Sept. 18 -Oar summer school -TAI.I.AtlASM.'l! --
whom are very regretful over her OPERA HOUSE
:aloses today but will, start again in six iteath. II' I'tl" :"' .::
II I INltltll'fw: :
'weeks. Our teacher Miss Mabel Hall .
Ideal b..u n.
The pull.hearer will he K: n alIt,
leaves Monday for her home at "'nil.. .K;.iclleiit. ril|<,U..II' l%,lleie nf i.ih.rd Art.. \ I
Ueo H: Merchant. J. hunch (i. M. '
"HMi.-Uft l ..14..1.>iri "HelkiMil f.'reseh.f.
)1). Bo..,.. M. 1 H. S sunder.. ti. W.Hyde. Well crUcted f.miltv .
There was a pretty wedding, on Ang. .,.a1..e,1 o flu..e. vi.asl tud Iasi'. .
__ __ f |'.clllenlr.... g,"u...../ni ., .,,
23rd. when Willie Perkins and Miss h NIGHTS .I .wiliiililiiK" : 1..1| mental. inclintluK. : pips| t '. ,

Hej* Jones ware united in the holy Attention Golfs Rebskari. THREE 1 wen"* bonds of matrimony. The groom i h IIlllt ".neei enrlrunin.t? 14rhuul Iniln.irlvl( 'I.. |tiiUiil-
nne of the most popular and proficient All members nf this order are re.quested Adn.Irsbl.n.els.se.p.re, irtr Ihnn..tie. t4.tt.n. sod. Art. 1vinyls

business men of Curtis. The bride is to meet at the humor A M., Beginning lest. .1."Hie. lIar"l h..IIJ' Ki; (>re...U>tt c
the oharming and aceomplished.t.ngh. Cushman at 9:3): o' IOCk this morning
terof Mr. and Mrs. Fred June* of Bell \.......r ..li,.. .,......"a'.....d .a.wrla4 .It. f'," .._ ...1. Ya .1 ..1't .... ... '...... ,.... ,.If Q
for the purpose of attending the funeral ..... "._..M begin. Wsisstar. .........._. !", ....t ...-.Ia..i4..t. ......"..
.-- - -- of nut sister Mrs M 1";. I'snah.rty. MONDAY A lure..r.... ... .Ie...... ...... ......._t ............... ..... I.. I ..lit......... ,.,...MleatMa..elGvuatws

Visits His. Old Horns. September JL I

N. A. Callison ma..s..er nf its ne+n O tfw..etowe

Spring Park farm 'left yesterday for I
his old home (lalesburc, .Illinois. sAN1LIML

wh. h. will Mr. Csl-
rs> aperate.
lison has been .e3"ring for the past WHITE
pKUCn[ I Q T P PflMT n f
few weeks with fever and hopes thai = PRESSED Rlcrc t
of weeks
a chance a couple!

: MORE BEDS prove of benefit to him. II. eiperist" COMPANY On'K' :." BRICK

return to Usinvsvill In plenty of Ot.oo.JACKSONVIt.LC -
DrAt..Ut. +c HU"C" .
time to take tip the work of srvnersl.
".LA. COMPANY a ar
e'mmissloner from Alsehua ro tsty. >
1 I'ramsite Compsny in the tWt
.. whieh he to push with Ms -svdlfifC a
proposes .MitU. .11 s> ItrperIelr.. of K, .lleni, Ills Ouw Ow. w .oouc:r +,
:: To Go At COST usual energy which means sate.... I'lays. spr-I.UJ< adapted t.. ih. T t

Mr. Callison' aothnrisss ever* (>ersoa.Invludlni talent *.f ti,is ., \ the .b-eo..IIIJI.o.. toaddrwe
i r all avail relatlv. to $...,. :..rmatters -
to J'* A Calliso. gm r\

at .57.90i. eommlesiosterv, "\a'. fair' A.**,.,.iatioa.rar Aggregation of Professional .
$12.00 Je.*. 1':. Dens, Oale....lll.... Fla,. .

$10.00 Beds at S6.4O when same will aa*- pritmpl sad proper Artists Ever Seen
i... .. .u....... darta kte abs....

a "S8.00 Beds .t . $5.90 -- In Gaineaville..

Beds .t. . $4." I I' A FACT /..OV.M. --- i we '.,..,..... t.. far/. tl.rI1.. .u..... of s bask ,,..,.. b4I Ji
57.00 rawl4 ....ll. ue ,.. ..............., .I ... ....$4Hfl..1 ,...... ",. ......
Beds It. .$4.00 C'-- Ee.ea.. t/.N ...... 3UI'UI.AU I'KICRH.may und seat. ,iH,age .i i/epwdnr. ...1 wsretnlwrw.ee. .. .1..,. spe.
16.00 ilws ..fs.. TMs.It !>. sees red, ai .\. I. v 1 U,11i$. J.,....,... .41. enpi..w. .,...'MM.. ,.....u, asses./. cwt

led .t. .13.90 the?. .. .... ,.. 4..b4 M Irv ,. ... i 5 due r._., of I......'. be->>
.. 15.00' rasiid.t ... .... r-.n.. ssewa 4a set ....... !*>. ..... fc>l ire ..*.*4MS .... f i f I I ,
Bed .t. . $3.00 ..s,.., raM? a ..r Ie c+'mMlr t .... -.- .- .e.
" '. .
, fir11eI a n1/ yie.reI.te .tea. tae 'I
._ ....._ ..w Ic ate e.a .- Pearce ,House
$3.50 Beds .t.$2.10 I' ..... toe ....r_. a. saw LMwIa OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW
.rtr..... tasl t.. esirr.srapes sef
..,....- M ,be 4ea4P ..... -.t'' I" .--- c-.w.a. tw+..t.lrjetwse sasa. ltd.Ttweoii11y .

.,. Springs from 11.65 Up.. i,w.1t's r .......t...is..'.......r.sfen..e.s..rwtierM per .ea. .f __ ., -- Oa Time Deposits we pay 4 per cent and compute" the

.. : ,.... ....""..etr ., ".-W"- ..-....... a.-.... sad Ua4erN :1"....
? : : : : :
r........."!' ,. -..... W ti..a..- Interest, quarterly. .
.t'-f raw k.al4aeec. ..4 eeec M e.M as Nt........ -
.., .I..... -.r.tJa .... N_ wet1.f.wMlt1'.n. :
lit. UUULLEwriteIMIT .- 'aA' ,

i E ,I -.'-- 1 a......-seMfeet.. ,... .---.imser'i. ttMI $1 to $1,50 Per ..,. Meals 23cI '

ever.ts.. $.e44 ..rg4ttees Ise.rt tea .M. I aw. .at _.yes C' v IV..a M lash bi The Bank of Alaelma t L 1t1f1t _
....._ V.. __ //oe ... TIoe n.tot.. Vt1.p I
LU-J ,NPIYmr +tt tn..... t ( ( r tare It t net wi.

J. ?*. R.....,..d c... ......... 1r1L11t ''P. T. tn/TnliUFOftO. Malta> &.r


;- ', i .r
: .J. :;,-'l.rr { i. e s.., .M ..,' >

..1It ...., .,.-1''

.,.,.......p...,..., < 't: : ,,
__ __
.......... .r. .. .. -
If,\ '-:".t.-' ) i. DA'Ly'ti A CASE- ;;oinr.: STATE FAIR NOTES. ",..... ...I""_ ... "'

"' :,;;J'.h 1t't' >> The British Empire. Ifls said !Ii the Building to Be Dedicated Solely to F

: .' Educational Resources Ilf
One of Fr.De. *
4 result of accident. You Are Insured.

11-4' .za..re4 a.the POT Offl at Oia_vuie.Fla. greatest historians' has said that a The ambition of the: progressive educators ,

"'f as seooe4UM: nail c.uer. l large part of the earth's surface wa of Florida to have at the'! StateFair

acquired' by England In mom..nt.or. a building dedicated solely to the -- that Responsible Hare a Policy Correctly O
Ina Company ta
,. -H. HMcCK :ARY... .. ..EdltorandNrbll.eer. absct.co of mind, but a more accurate( display. of the educational' resourcesof Written With Liberality of Policy Contract and the Company -..

tt ;aSSI .13URTZ....-_ = .-.:.CHr Editor. authority claims that the empire, grew, the State will' be gratifled. Owing 1 Pays Losses Promptly '
't, like! a treat fortune because it coold in the greatly increased demand for I P4
V ... PREW ITT.. .-. Supt.! ConoiHMfDir Room not help It. After the '.p.e, of time exhibit space since the Fair of last i 4

I the frontier had to be rounded out year the directors have foond it C You Are AssuredThat C

OKHICKs IOKTKK BLOCK.IW. here, and made safe there!, until each ary to erect a number of add"n..e.-1 .

ere M.la street t+. TKi.mrHO.tMoTMB new ,aco'iititton Involved the'! taking of j building' Absolutely no no terioas Iou van overcome you without you have some ,

.fl OAILT Sctc.published cvcrjr iuorninex- something: more to protect it. Like a er than educational in character will '%" refuge.. __

'jf .-pt MnnUy,Ucllrcrrd by carrier. Ihe city or I railroad magnate': prho buy ..,took and be allowed in the building, and for thefirst I
nailed of the United State., I
to any pert portage bond, In another road for 'investment. time in the history! of the State nf
Y tree fort]a yrar; |a..v ...0& tnonl!..: {1.15 threek
: snoatha;of v> ants f>. five werk-.trlctty in a recfl"er.hlp 'Involves him in control i Florida: the educational advantages of j Fire Life Accident and Health Insurance.

ulra ce. and administration' of the new road I the State'! will be shown to ad."nalr..1 ,

Itself to the thousands: of visitors. Every >
Readlag notice. M..I.lumn: 10 train n Hat Represented.
None Reliable Companies
This Is the penalty of Empire, expansion I school and college, either public or but
tot first in* rtion. and cent breach additional
Iaaertioa.L being'very larger! A habit. private, owes to !Itself ai d to the State : .. .'" 0Am
L Kate for display adrcrtlitiK made known on J&[ is a dangerous habit&, and difficult to lof Florida the duty of being represented. .

y ,.p 1lation.'I' I core and It (I. to b" hoped that the ________ / :M: CUSH: : 1VI.A.N 1

United Slates will not 1-t the habitex N
The Twlcc- 'Week Hun In an eight-page: forty-j 1' teachers GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA
and famished.
For the'beneflt of the Information cheerfully
eol..... paper published every Monday and end to Cuba. Of course / ,
{ Tnuraday, and ronUln. all Ihe new. of the ,(p'mperty fn'Cuba must be protected pupils a special day will he designated ..

f reek, local. State and general, and will be i as Educational Day, and the county ... -
mailed portage free to any r-'.rt of the United 're-sponsible r boards of education and superintendents
r ."IC'IIClr C.nada for 'I..... yrar-In advance.
x I I Europe will holJ a.. responsible for should grant holidays In honor of

All advcrlinlng bill become due after 6r.t I II peace there. '' the occasion.. Several of the most IB. :F_ J"ORIDINSURANCE:: ; -AN

f appearance 01 adverli ementf unl M olhcrwla i But let us hope that here will be no noted educators of the country will

.1' stipulated in contract. Fartic. not known to ua ', "acaident." no "absence of mind" visit the Fair on Educational Day and
will be required lo pay for advertising In ad.wnee. *
AddrcM, TIIK DAILY NUN hading': to annexation as WAS. the
GAllrkaVlLLI. "u. I I with the Philippines and Porto Rico. conference will, be held that

Let not further acquire the Empire will be of greater consequence than I
--- -------- --- as

DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES. habit I I any conference of the kind ever heldin
,Orto.. every teacher nouia atones PORTER BLOCK GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA

for Member of Conirre 2d Conrrefalona In a reeerit English' paper. I I- given a : apply for a premium list, and discus .

DUtrlct: .hortac mint or the municipal b'ul. with their pupil. the different -.-
KHANK Ct.ARtf.of Columbia.
h*.* I."aur.,1. the city of S<*arf or- subjects for whicj). prizes are offered.A '

,, For Justice of the Supreme Court: ough, a watering place In the north postal card addressed to the Fair at Fire Life, and Accident cutups\ :i.i".m"d; = beet-

OUA 8. II. I"A RKIIJLI.. of Emmmbl The will .t't. lit.
ern portion of the country. city Tampa
JAMES It WUITK1ELU. of l. on.
own. a good many public utilities and

For KaLlro-d Commissioner. : makes money on them and It will Premium lists of the coming Florida

+ NEWTON. HUDSON A. HUTCH HURK. of of Ihlde.s Levy.It. come. as. a surprise to people fh Tampato State Fair are now being distributedby UYF m. MM 8 GUlf- nHltROJlD ((0.
hundreds the
l learn that the theatre-open daringthe the going to prospective '

For State Attorney.. Circuit: few week of the season-returna a exhibitors In the different

r J. M. IUVKHS. profit of three thousand dollar A year, {parts of the State. The lists are this !Schedule Effective April 20. 16O6.

For State Senator. 93d IM.trl: while ground rents on property owned year contained In a handsome book ofninetysix

;1. H. If.MrCRBAUY. by the corporation bring In eightto I pages, which 'can be kept No. I No. a No. 21 I No. 2 No. 6 No. 12 No. 4
Dally (Sun Unly Daily eJl STATIONS Vall eJl Sun Only Sun Only Dally cxI
ten thousand more. There Is a good and referred to in years to come by !I
For Msmbera bun Sun f
house of Rrive.entatlTCn: I : !>UDA1IjpI'p
i those interested In the Fair. President ..------ -
f HYDC. CAKTKK. I deal of ground adjacent to the Tampa" : pf'PM ldr

T. A. IOKHFor Hay Hotel that might possibly' l>-> T. J. L. Drown has given an ..n. ." I Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive
,.... ... ... .... .
I rented for business and It tire year to the preparation of thisb 40 .Lh'e Oall. 430 640 JOUO 9 40Ar
County Tax AKoeiMnr: purpose a a9 IAr 2 G9 Ar 3 40 . 1.v345 Lv A to Lv 9 IS Lv r 40LvC4
W. W. COf.HON. : would seem that there would he noth. tok. and it is the most complete ever ?. :ILv443 Lv4to d.f .Dowl1Jal: Park IAr. 3 30 Ar4ba Ar910 Ara12I.
fI1 4 1\7 Ar 4 U Mayo Junction ..... 3 U 43 Ly 8 (JO L" II OU
; ing ami* In the city pocketing the. .usiied by a Southern State Fair. Every Ar 8 1\0 AI' 110 Ar 140 j.4... .. P.rr'... ... ... ... .. Ly 3.0 J.y" 00 L" 6 /0ArlO
t .. For W.County U. DICKINSON.Tas Culler tort I profits of the <.".!no after the present citizen and every producer of at Ar 6tO: .Ar. 6 86_ I Hampton _bprn.. .. .Lv26 LY 3 :aJ LY r.30_ Lv 'a L

Si' : eat. expires Tampa Time Florida should read the list carefully, Connection made at Dow'.lcir Park for all trains. to and from the Oak and Perry: sod atAlton
, For County Treatursri _::.. and be represented at the Fair by an I and Mayo June lion for loll)o. Alton unrt all inteioeolute. lultitK.
K H. 1'v.I.En.: / ------ For Information an ronoectlona. wltb other Unei. 'phone or call on General PsKecKeiKent -
exhibit of some kind Lists will be ','boh. 147. Lewln UutMtnir. Live Oak.
Lewis Emery, the reform candidate TIJOMAS LU1VLJNU. JTei-KJeni. R P. HOI KINS. General .
: : those who write President PaMkeoer A vent.Florida .
I' For Member Hebool Hoard: for' gnvernorof Penn.ylvaniadeolare4that < gladly sent to LIv.OAK. FLORIDA.
!f. H.. IinOOKKH.J. T. J. L.,. Brown at Tampa. .
John P. Rockefeller control eor. ------------ ---- --
:.; M. It. WEEKS. oration* which have a total capital -- --- --

; fixation of $5,200.000.000.:! and he gave Nineteen more young soldiers from '

For County J. O. UAMP1KK Commlaalonerv. : i the Item too. As Mr. Emery ha beenAghtlt the Philippines were admitted to the East Coast Railway.

I F. K. PAUI4JNU. ,g the Standen 011 monopoly fur'went.e .st. Elisabeth.. government hospital. for .

J. F. TOWNMKNU. years, and has kept posted the insane on August 3Oth. This continual ,
W. J. MATTiIICWN.C. on Standard 011 tnvettmsnte hi. rig drain is a high price to pay lorgoverning Local Time Card No. 66 in Effect April 16, 1906.

C. fKDHICK._ regarded and taxing people without
__h__ ores are as approximatelycorrect. SOUTf1.BOUND-READ DOWN: NORTU-BOUND-.READ UP.
This vast concentration of representation. and what must the

r Alabama has honored Johnston and the wealth of the country ID the control condition be that bring such sad reresults. ... .. N52. N5 7t -
Bankhsad with the position/ of alter I BTATtoN0. I N..llyat.sui
1 of one than or 'h.f.few, can only o.ur o.ur

vale Senators but the trouble Is no I have been at th. expense of the m.ny. e rpm s loam L.-. Jackmnvltl. 7 fpm a Oa.aaC
salary attaches. The O, O. P U no longer the grand( oepm a 9sam .... ., ii.t: 7 I.pm s 47am
and the that has
-- -- .- .- : Republican system 7 ipm 10 4uam : -..._. Mt. uau.tln.-_. : lapm 7 lS.m
... i fostered It maul he change I beforethere old party, but since 'it has cast off It. 7 f.ts.m 11 Lam __ liastlnes.: .__.-__ e Stpm t 49ama
{ Sullivan the member of the National: be GreatOdtopu c.. .m 11 Sam .. .. .... ........Fast .J&&k.........'-.........._. $ 20pm I WamY
I I. a fair division for those who disguise proven to the
._ _
I.m m
4 e oG.m
a L" 66pm
John L. but he seem to have Inherited :;';.pm _._......_ '__.. -ganltat.oL. bam
.-...... a tb.m L".... ... ........ran. Slat.o .. ...... ._..._A' s mpax .r
the fighting proclivities or the Lumber. steel l and other hnl'd' I rill : 12 12pmLr.. .... _hunn.lis-Zv pm
latter. 1-----11pm 434opm _Iwpont-_ .. 4 S Sam
__ w SSpm
material high at San
are 4epm 11pm Ormond t a INlant
Francisco, to much so that it I.I *erl. m I t tlpm: :_. .,_ __-: lhytona-===== : a 4Spm 4 41t.m
Never judge by appearances. A'' 1 I 10 him e 1Spm "___ Port Oraaar' ___ s SSpm 4 slam
U&or.1 I outly retarding the rebuilding of that 10 Spm 2 to' III r''m..'_,_New 8111'ra..._...._............. : a ISpm 4 Dam
shabby cost may contain an ., city The Republicans at the |last session :I hrar seer.1- Caere I ....rd with tktoala e0s. Ii foam H"m Ju ........ __ IAti1 I.I.D ._.. Twps rpm
r' while the man wearing a plug .hat and Ilse4.a: an..".ft.. .iI," u.. I Sad. a .... as j 112.m S2'pm _h_... itraneeCivy! ......_ _.'lL. 124opm af4pm
of Congress refused 'allow" building i.11.a.5e.rmeat.reae.V. eM J asN ..., .......HI ...,orr n ....m a l1nLro ... _._. Orenea City JUI1t"UOD _.-._-...._ 12 IS m a Sr. mi

t; aubsorlbsr.yellow kid gloves may be a delinquent. material ti come In free of duty I. t 1n. rI latas.... .':,..'.:..aNw..r 1'.roe sad ".f.' ..iJ..1 I e.w"ar a.4d:-c--t.IP"''' j -it lupm:: 2 e;pm L.: ===::=..auill:::===:::=Lv 2 40ppm i ttramvm

____-_ _--. -. for a limited time, and thus preventthe .eo.cr.1.....I. am s..44 1 -1..P7-H..no.a..I.lro-... .11: tl. 551. ........ T.1'.. T.' ... I II tlLm -a iSIm Ar..._._....__..._.. ....T1tu.vtll......._.................. .. 3O. ID a0am
trusts that control lumber Meet '' ear aM Isla I. ....., ., .n.1..nss..maa..,._ i iI IJ f'"f 1..r. 3 sal: Im- Art..__..._ nor'_ T6Iam tnnm
Th. Census lloreau ha. discovered : B. ......... ......... ilL C ail' n 'l.em' 1.._........_......_..__ ranfnrd_.._..._.........._'_''iL. a MplD 1t SG.m
that the ci>*t of living has decreased. etc.. from raising prices" to the unfor* 'n'ij i ;e pm L".. .. .-._.._._...Thu..U.. __ _._Ar 'l ev.,1D o
but the bills all ,..II. tunate .',I.e.n.. No doubt the. trusts ,I Opf for 12 Siam ..6IplD. ._. .Cocoa. ......_..L". e& Plrm 2 Zam
we ..
;I pay aSltr..r.n'l 1:715:2:: M. _.__...__._.._. Rnctl..,_ I2opm 2Dam
.Ior,. Republican made statistics and combines are reciprocating by liberal Th. DarlaeAlsov I ass 4 Vpm:. .. ... r1, Ost11..___ .. 12 41$1" 1 4s m ;
II 1 U.III 4 C ___ _
pt Yettrmro.__
t+, always. make a showing to "help the snbs0rptona! In the Republican 1 i.m a I .. .. ..Ht..Ua"_,. .. 11 6 Sipm am 12 1 MamS L'am
Congressional campaign fund If I 1 : lien; : et. L .ete _.. ,. _, :; 1o beam 12 075.1
party' __ ._ .. atom .. .-.Jost i't.re.___ to Nam ii 4S'rm
-- --- -- -
a era I .._..
.. 10 l7am 11
eatttatari01..5..1 S S Epm. _Tyr o- lbpm
R President Roosevelt, like Diogenes It (I. said that many of the vacation" i35,. ...p. ........._.-Jcn.rs __ 10 IIJ team JIaDI I1 it bepm tspm

4 with his lantern I. seeking an honest lets are returning home front the a s 2.atom...m 7 s Et Stem' .m "- __ liON_.Ctaart.-wood __, .". 10 ('Mm 10 Wpm

man lo lead the Republican party In mountain and seashore only to dls* ''I f a4..la l rtm __ \\_ .... -- s slam 34.m 10oppm 10 wpm

Kaw York. It Is to be feared his cots that the gas meter hs been tfe..ro1.a./ hl".a.r.a1Na./CIF........... T..I.W..n-.a...,..n.) .ed 14.115. : I :i P: I :N :===--=W'..,11.I'al.m., son Be.ea,. --".. : : == .Sops
.01 t
.. ... ( & '.. It 11< ..... .. pea
quasi will be as unsutcvssful .. that working right along during their absence u_.141asuTb.t........ M Nra et 1. ..f LoadL.a.wln".r. 4 I ....&8 14 pm .. _-__- Fort_ t'A.lray.,4.rdal._.____ ... -- a I:&. a Wpm i
t ala0:
of the Athenian. I I .'HU"4I Remedy C... Chte.[ or N.Y.I e am : ipm 4Tpm j I :== ._.RatasA I'ax ta. -._..-: 7 !het 7 7 sops U pm 15ae ,
--- --- --- --- AUUAL SALE TEN MtLLMH JOIES 7 ."... 10'p. .-....-+..: e.....m (Ity.- _. .. .7 Oea. 7 Sete ti ,
U.m 7
i There I Is mote catarrh lit this sectionof am 10 ""'11II I "'-.____..____ )llalll'+ .. L. .Saw T Oapm 1.pm .
abl. bodi.d who 5
Every roan cannot tat
ahow satisfactory means of earning a the country! than all other tit.rars J: b..m --.l l.---..=..:..._::_II&.i:: : :I:_._ 12 Wpm ,

livelihood should be arrested and I put together, and until the last few 'i ...", f : n t;'Eft i a,!3:: WOMtM.w .,.,
put ar. range ,. .
years was supposed, to b* 'insurah'eFor II 01' "r i ....."D U.ln. n sat 7t !r ,:n-, .'_,.a.. Car. oa trains M ana M. \
to work. The Sun again calls the at.tattoo .. .arc .1.'
I a great many yeare doctor. I'r.te ;gr.hX.. \I. .. ......... -- .
of the oiticers to the nutn.touae.gira '
noil need" it a local disease and prescribed .. ., : / : *.
loafer in lh*> neighborhood of !1; ., ..*. .7.s I .
$ Ita Seaboard depot They are a men local remedies aDd by eonsiantly ?.* *""** *"* t..I.... ) j : i, i '
; :9atty 05th Oagy J,.J
falling to cure with local treat .. .. :t-H 6 .!..: ., I I
a" 'n the best Interests of both races, .... it 1'J, !
meat pronounced it Incurable S ., II.'r! 14'r 'I :OY". L._ _
t. : .
should be ,'" .. Ja '_.UI. _Ar etc, ..
and they put to work. ., too. .. .. C' al'p : np .Q--, 1hi 11 ftp 1'1\; : ..
ea>e*> has proven calartr- to ba a on.tUtrillonal :. t ,. .' .... --.k.YtAlaeesa.lia.L._ ., s '..... ai.aI3sjp a. :. sta.
--,.---- -' -. --- .. .t't t.. 't. t" _. .. bh. ..... .. _._" a ::- "r... 122"" ,a .
: p r4C7.
disease and therefore require + 4't'.N: --.Ails .. bwcit -
1.:..., .Lp lyylt ..A __ .. C :'>4 .ib'. '' '.:'- 1 !Ato. .5.I.
uniform W. .
t c Oeorgia has a school book>> constitutions treatment Hall'. -L. .11I. ...U. "..... .-.f'

law says The Tsme.-Uaton, under tarrh Cur, tnanufaelwreit by F fLMNSTUK AXP OCCIDENTAL' STEAilSaiP COS: ECTIO S AT 3.f J.I.! .'

wfeloh s hoo. books are sold from *M to Cheney Co.. Tuled. U....... Is C'.1'' PATENTS

CO per vent "hea|.er than they are is . H.s si ...,.t.tUti Stea*saiy..t I tie P. A 0. S. S. C.o.r ferHa".nna :.

Florida. The lieorgla' law require the k.,. It I I. taker laternally in d,_.. .
price of school 1 book sold in that n BWSICO a I e.crtw< ...ax r.. rt and Key West
every front 10 Un.. lo a teasponafol It "* >i -
": :1. .. ;: ;::::.. -= =
"State to be Imprinted upon ll Some* acts .3lr.etly roe the blood and mucous: ---a. Ili all. ...,... Two !
Sailings Each
mid ....... .... co"v Week.
.3 times mistakes are anJ book ( 1 4 c ear -.
surfaces ol' the system. Tt: cff rl ;
--.I -. II... ,........ Tral-a
J Inusnled forOeorgla ct 'Into a *hlr..* oae tI.....red dollar foe aay case It ...... 5..e Mh.aw.. M1IIIee l..4.a.dy.sea ' Tranafer.

eS tueot seat to acme, dealer la Florida, '.1.. to .'1'.. Real for eirettlars ant ----..-.. T14w Tt-.TSbi... . .. .. .. '
.. .
larva ...... .... ..... al. '
ar..A we rsa M ._ .... .... a tr. ae s.r s..Iy.eud... .,. .
w _, .
tells s. I st
\r The Plant. City Courier of a cave lieu nto.las. .........yo. c. .. 11" a.a N dr..cr.at .....c:.._..... .. ..r .....
lat.r..m/tte5.a. ,_....
F Cuaxa-.t Co -. -'.:.. ,. ... -.tr-
A44r Tea ,
J. that hspp.n.d tker, ....'1'. Really *>ai a'a +' --U1oNac .r..ca-. .
the book people OAitnl to W careful leUo.4M.lo.. Fee Cory .f tt.. LOCAL TIMU ,1\
CARD *r CUter "" :
Sold bv .", "\\eta. TM. CASNOW "or-.tle..
?.afosh I revelatloas are apt to make Floriscuttteotvd "
Take Mali's ...U, P.I.a far e**.t.- "SEE THE TICKET AGENT"
t/dlaaa; sad rebellious patlcsi.

J D HAIINC3. As.t. Oral,. Pus. ,I=:., ST AUGUSTINE. t=''LA.F1. .,



f"s .
4 i..AA ( .... "" ,; ..I... "'' ., 1 C'" <.
.. .
.I ":' L\ ,,".'M t :.l.:1\1 f; ;.."""to.Z"".":-'" .1'f; x ..t..d.. .d,

i vpSP '


---- -- - -- -- -
----- :;: =. -
'CROP 'CONDITIONS IMPROVING. Carload of Matches Ignite

K Houston Tex.. Sept IS--international r
Cotton- Report In Tennessee More WHY TAKECALOPJEL and Great Northern extra THE ALACBUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO., Inc

Hopeful Than 10 Day Ago. freight: train from St. Lout and point KSTAIUJSHKD III'III.!' % yS

Memphis., Term.. Sept. IS.-The ? east with, hlpm.ms for tlnu.tun San --- ----- i
Commerotal-ADpea1's weekly I summaryof % Antunlu and 'I.!'raJo was ,derailed at The question R..ntl.r. reliable service of every. sort along the line of
crop conditions covering the central When Mozley's Lemon Prices switch., 16 miles north of Pal of Title the lAnd Title in the State of Florida, particularly

states of :the, cotton belt. is as foe: Elixir, a purely vegetable estine. One of the cuts carried, a Alschua rnuniy.SPKCIALTIKSt ,
lows: compound, with a plea half cur of matches aDd t \,'
Deterioration in the cotton crop's >ant taste will relieve you ; and the dames" -T"'ail iu 14 :: :: Abstract of Title; Tin Sale .Searrhe c
condition since the middle of August of Biliousness, and nil other cars of the :3 derai.i'.l A special rstfoa! for Agents fsre.Heriderst Ijtml Ownrn Plain of Caustics,

Is a fact well certified to. yet though kindred diseases without train carryl!*> the -ui. ruency ap the .investor. Town, Etc.References.

the loss has been considerable from a griping or nausea, and paratx, < uf the Internntlo-.i.ii an'l tire at -- -- -- K I

promise which was then exceptional leave 110 bad effects. Northern" shops at Pal"I"I1:1" sent t First National. lUnk of tiainesville. II. .... riM
many correspondents are still hopeful out. followed by a spec'.tl: rain with Dutton .\ Co., Hanker.
L of a good yield. Exceptions for a 5Oc. and $1OO per bottle ot1. cl.tls of the roads. 1 Train .1 and }
return less than last year, while they 1 at all Drug Stores 7 have been annulled tu .1 no trains
appear are the exception but becauseof will pass the putnt'untlt' '.<,< two pas -- *F i
the recent heavy loss which the 1aIOZf.EI"SLEMON stinger trains are over th. 1 n""Ihl|, which lyl

plant has sustained many correspondents ELIXIR. will bo *puutime during *he! day The ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY
attach some Importance to the "ftxm Dos CoirvutcBS. cargo: nf merchandise w:>- \t>ry valuable.
date of frost and the weather preceding a..o1 l the ions will be avy.

frost. The past week .has been I 1Inoozya aterctl 1i

favorable to the opening of cotton arid -- ._ An Ounce of PreventionI + E. E. VOYLE. MQR.Abatraijla
in hill lands the field are Inviting to WttJrr'
the pickers. Excessive heat haJJ retarde.t Negro Killed by a Street Car. worth a pound of curt-, There are. of Title. and full iutormattou' furnished regarding land IB this
gathering however in Houston. Tex.. Sept. 1"-, .OIU' ue> many. poor sufferer,' e..n.un.ptive.' e"'inty. Our manager ban live lu this aountv- thirty year and
mcny gro wus klllrd by a treft car. a man who are hopeless of getting wvll-who. I I. thoroughly conversant with lanA titles.
sections. Only in a few localities' i
and woman shot and a woman cat 1 I. if they had taken e.reIf th.m..I..
have the rains been of sufficient consequence
to do the record of blond-letting .intiing the would now be well.. A c.ntgh' is. the _
any damage or retarded
the gathering. negro population ht"rt'nln'v Dickfiisoii. : foundation of consumption Hatlsrti'. E. EvTOY"ZE,
an aged negro was" kllU-il: by astreet Horehound will
The general disposition seems to In the: Syrup ourthut counh. FIRS ACUIDK, HUKU1.AUY AND INDKMNITY: 1NSOKANUK.aentlng Renre.
be to market the early cotton. car early evening, being Mrs S- Great Fall., Moniana. .. number of prominent American and Knglish: onit>anie*.
The cotton plant continues to shed cat In woVllitam Humphrey useiia writes: "I have used BallnrU', Ho re-. REAL KSTATK ANI OITY I.OANH.
shot on his wife. C'. Tnlbot 2
Its new forms and some rotting In jinn hound Syrup in my family for year.- Claj.xl.etwille: t t F"1..0rt.d.E: ,
!.; years of age shot a hack driver In ,
the rank and overgrown bottoms Is nif r.versufferwuhe->UKh,"
--- -
I the stomach and Hannah Donlwm cut .
complained of. The brilliancy former Hold by W. M.Johnson.Boilermakers( .
Mary Powell with a hatchet. Thrstreet
ly attaching to has '"
crop prospects t car accident l 11'1' the only death I I8prlunt'II.
worn off. and conditions have become and Machln'sts' Strike. "
i >o far. but the others will die of the
more normal for the a4ea ()n. The wounds received.Starving. HI.. Sept. 1!* The bobll- GHAS. BLUM & CO. r
tone of reports is more hopeful than ermakero and machinist at the \Va- ,
was the case ten days a ;o. bash railroad shops here, at IVcntur
; to Death. and FtVaynoa.. .....rickIun.II: \'" Tin --inAi.KKH: : IN-

Atlanta Men Robbed. Because her stomach wa to weakened men demand an Increase ni "im'., Y S Whiskies Winos

New York. Sept. 18.-The Americas by useless drugging that she. 'Kt. .1 ,

liner New York'reached her pier Sun. could not eat, Mrs. Mary H. Walter. "To Cure a Felon" \\-\rJID lw1A/E' \ and .

day with many of her passenger, unclously. of St. Olair St., Columbus. O, wa Say Sim Kendall of Philip.burg Liquors

under suspicion. On the literally starving tofdeath./ She write : Kan., "Juit cover it over with BIICk.on' .'''' '....-.
over' James D. Thompson, of At. -- f. I Nos. 511.519
way "
"My stomach was so weak from unless '. I I I Arnica Salve and the calve will .. / .
lanta reported that he had been robbed \.. J .
drugs that I could not eat, and do the rest Quickest cure for hum, \ ; :
of a Swiss gold watch valued at J'-- l..J.. .r BAY STREET
my nerves. so wrecked that I could boll, sores, vcsld, woundl'i'I.> .., ec- ;
1000. and a day later J. Carroll I"a"oe
not sleep ; and not before I wa givenop arms. salt rheum ehsrped hands, -1 ISr.:!;: B'JACKSONVILLE I
oe! the same place, reported to the cap.talD.the -
fo die I Induced to Electric feet and ... 25o
was try sore sore *, Only at ,
loss!! of $35n. As noon as the J
Bitter with the wonderful result that SON G ...
all drug store, Oosrantenl "
New York could reach the wirelessslctlon. FLORIDA
local detective Improvement. began at once, aDd a .s.
a agency was -- -----
Informed and It ha.l several' complete cure followed." llrtt health a
men on Agents far Pabst Milwaakaa leer
touiu on earth 6Oe. Guaranteed by f fEsl.urt
the pier when the vessel arrived. They BREED Tojonn
consulted the officers and examined: all druggists. s : per Mil, In stns Ill 5 per dos 11 1 :'Jo
----- nine ItlhlMin |"er bhl, In dn.. 912: ; per do, ".h) ,
several of the employe, but no arrests

were made. Sandrmvllle.Ran Mower) Over Ja.. Sept His Little IS.-Son.WhileGeorjje A T"OMP50n"" Jung's Cincinnati Red Heart Baar. ty

;.e Men Past Sixty In Danger. N. Ivry wan runtiluK:: his mower T.r I.bUlO d.! >., to per Ins, |
cutting grass near his hou.o. his __ a_ fl.'n. I'I
::::;;;; :; .- -
More than half. of mankind over little boy hid himself fr mi his father J"
sixty years of age suffer from kidneyand directly In the! track of the mower, We pay freight or fxprenH charge! :...::_ 4

bladder disorder, usually enlargement and both the litle "-110\\''* leg were The Best-Bred Trotting Horse on thu following liquors: :;t 3

of prostate gland. This ,la both almost sr\t'rt."cI from the body the Ever Brought to Alachua Co.
painful and dangerous, and Foley's Le...... being broken and only the mu.. a LEWIS 1866 Away Above Everything In

Kidney Cure should be taken at the clou holding them together. He was the Whisky Line:

first sign of danger, as It corrects Ir- brought Into Sandcrftvllle. about four I' Two crosses to Electioneer. John 4 full quart . . 5 oo1'J )()
regularities and'has cured old mile, ..".1 Jtls wounds dressed. It Is
men of this ditesce. Mr. Rodney many Bur thought the doctors will be able to Thompson I. a.bar Colt a years old. 10 ii full quartH . .1 r. 75)
hand high weighs I.t\.l pound t very
nett nook Port, Mo., write : "I suffered I rave. his limbs. handsome, fine carriage, good gaited BLUM'S MONOGRAM 10 Years Old: '

with enlarged prostate. 'gland ---- and s cure foal.gst.r-only| II6CO In 4 full (quart . 4 jo

and kidney trouble for year, and sf- I If It's a R.putation insure.. IS NOW LOCATKI Tin 12' full quart . . 1'J OO)
ter taking two bottles of Foley's Kidney '
You are after White's Cream Ver STAULK OF.
Core I feel better than I have for mifuge has a .world.wld.. reputation .: EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Whisky: 4 4R

twenty year, although I am now 91J'eare as the bet of sll'worm destroyers and D. G- EDWARDS.OAIJlKU"ULK. .....IMI I. I Iead! fader Ileterarest Msperri.lee.

old" J. 1V. McColIum A. Co. j for Its ton to (Influence on weak and FLOHIDA, -4 full qtlurtH, (lol 1 . 4 OO() R

;c: unthrifty children. It Improves their. (H full quarts . . 5 ftii

'Paris.Philip Sept.Wales 17.-Dies Philip of Cancer.S.Vale.., digestion food, strengthens and imitation their nervoo of system their' ,. n ; I. !12 full quartH . lo ;r>

formerly medical director In the and restores. them to health and vigor '.:J :y. (P4 '
American navy, died here Saturday of .
natural to a child. If yon want shesllhy a
cancer. They body will be taken to Years Old'
happy child get a bottle of 5.r'5 5.

-Annapolis-- -- - White's Cream Vermifuge. Sold ty sJ f'j i 4 full' 'luartH :f :Jet iSHERIDAN 1 '5.F

W. M. Johnson. i 'S* u" flunrtl'4.l 4 fio
----- i
I Judge and So'IcU-' NanMontirrHo. *.*. uQWevJI !tJ' 12 full <|iittrtH/ II oo ,

fla., H.p4. 10 The primary ;
held here fur the nomination of CLUB: /(

officers for the) city court of 'onll. 4 full quartH . '? 7fti Il
cello resulted a-follow' for Jude"l fI i full 4 oo \
quurtM . ;..
A. H. Tnurman. 11G. H.' T UHfl, 214 ,
r Thurman was the nominee For *ollrltor. 12 full quurtri ,, . H oo() l* t I' ,;

rt rl l)u,le Campbell, r.:**, Mr. IIH 4 y J JVa

,. 1 Baa been judge of the county court \ nro clealifrn< In .!vurytliinif in tho 'd

iic for a number 0' yeara. Tb. county Liquor *;Jn \VhiMJci H. (Jinn, 'X- ,---:
court has been aJ> olUhe' sod new' ON YOUR f' '...
Rum and VVincH from "
\ Colonel A. K. Thurman !I. tc be Judas HUNTINO TRIP '-t'..
of the city court.A .._.. :' -'.: ..-e ".. .1.Y.A .50 to n 1l O) r'or ""I. .qji.f7 rf

careful I mrt-r, A."a t7 'S --$35. '55
A11 Clear. Coenpl*..oe and Bright Eves. .it::
.. .
s omen, use In mot eae*.. a tallow, blotched I _A... ..' '.. ...rw. ... ... .- ..... -
: -- eompieilon sod doll heavy eye are : "
.... ==- J:1: : :
.f -'tY, N ,. 1. due to poor 41..tloo> sod so laaesle., ,., '.w..w.M.S.. .. I ..-..._

; ; .: : ljman liver. Once' Laiatlv Fruit fyrsp 0.--. ,.. t_ .,.re a'..''-i.A A .a..4. 14 ATLANTIC COAST LINE
-- -
r.w j, aide direction sad stimulate' the liver ,
j. r'rrslra .a" AJ O root COL,
r "-", wt-,) ...it! r \ .. sad bowels sad make the romptexlos) ,a.._
vereli..eiIj "t e..OJ t ;- r / smooth end clear. Orlao LstsilveKm 011.,.. frk&U.MM..? ...A.

<<-dcJ..tSt..r.! f Iv.. '., etwtnllth it fyrop does s>ot ......ate or grip* f
,Ir" ... '. .. sl', .. .. ._ _____..._. ., .___ __ _..I I
w omslantio' .. r .' -, sad I* mild as d pl..DI to tea THROUGHSERVICE. tz

'tIERUItU: QLJIL r'I1zrce.sa.a :; I lose eabetitat. J \\". MrColIant lIIAr It }

Co. .. __
.. _
". t: vrrtMp. -"., ,. r I GRINDLiialiviFriitSytif
and reser&evr.r a .... .railc Soewet.r k.BCwrso( Rate Via As>e4<
v aa.l all uvtr e... Coast LJe..
I f .
lommer e.*orWos> rst* to ell vat-
i .' ._ --
Fn b -N' ar vwlia
ht 1.t!. ti'i.i. ''mer l..r ........n JI'Of-' ." sow sso sal-el. '
..- tlnt I : vie the ..aU.a... Coael U.., 7>o irobt ...
'P.:.. it to tok. )(o Ctr-'JlOE (.sc.pt -h.. I.."u l.e. .. > IM A....) Bssw...
.a to a.ewer ,....u7.., rates).
I.bE.MI i : c.. ...,..t..... .. say Isfovseat.... ep+as TIle -w Jasatlve.: Deee ; .ICJC"J'I ., .\ -\, sail /ZAIJIYJIVILLX.r :.
InlaUar-' -4'. aa.nleat. with r.ak a hoyL..... Die.erlet I i 1 1IIOC' :

r .: :-=..:.:, !:-:4 r.....s.r A..... J.etsosvtib. giiBn or nu and.r at.., -' .
Racists c.- Moe ads Met

c c:* 1..:-;.... s_ Past.p c..... ite.ria, and cb/oei..'__ .11 lal... .t ma' i. .ttslav.
j sr c. .: on. $e bSS..d Al, u.. ...,.... "f.fe' rlir drag I by l ptotiat ...

:.7i ___ ..i} ....... care lNoia'iNwass Maetas. Wel4.Bad. Baas had =ilJ"I8Ct1e, n of nut au A J. A. '0 0 0 D W J X Ticket AgeuL i
Taps M
sMt4 toowala.K
liver '
sMBV <
wR. s.w..ltr W .assts te+w ,...
s..I 3Nf ? firM ss*. sa r. .e.
_. we.tr. Bf7 VS7 7 JB S SBBB \
.. ..Mftil.3. irisavta.b' I _



.. )


.. -


...o. tm tk).
0.. Whirlwind of 9peool
I Discoverer of Northwest PassagThinks e Sllnlnff Itewlona.In HEM

fi Hs Found Magnetic Point. lVi.1: u littliparty of gold seekers B. n-

Seattle. Wash.. Sept. 18.-Captai t a with a mentor outfit of bor,..'s and

Ronald Amundsen discoverer of the wagons. ,. ""u'I..1 for Ciilfforulu from the The Loalsville .fc Ns.h ille Rsilro t
southwest paafe.! reached Seattle on village of Ku<'Inc. "'b.. In command ",111.<.'11 round-trlp rates from Jack
the steamer Saratoga from Nome. He fSiMtlitlou was a."OUIIK' .
of this" O.h..ltUI.OII .
onville to points shown oo dates tad
was met by a cotnwf.teo of the chamber man \\IM took with! him bin wife
+" of commerce! uud the I localorwe. and Infant iLniKtiliT HK!' tame was. .sated. Proportionately low rates fro

glen societies. Owing to his .It-air K. J. It
to reach the government! oJ:4pr"atury! : choke III slinking/ from his restless feet $3l; 2O--Dall.*.TeE., an return Tic-

at Sltku. In order to complete! his mag the dint of u tower civilization. lien its sold October 6th and ?' ;>

J He-tic observations, Captain AnmndseiMailed <-.ilo
., fur rtltka; ou I the sti-amer J>ff,'r, pent-up and surging activities. .While date of sale
son. a short times utter hi* arrival trullliiK through the mountains. of Utah ARE WEARING CLOTHES
"My observation extend user a perlotl the'iiloneern!' wero attacked by Indiana $S2 SO-Buffalo. NY., and return'

unit It will lake who, were beaten off during a six boar Ticket sold Otober 10th. 11th
e of t three )'t.a rK.
three jours G) calculate them out," light In which young Baldwin killed<< BEAR and 1">>lb. Fius'l{ return limb

aald he."Pntll. thtlr thief. After six mouths of bardithlp THAT leaving Buffalo October 19th
the rt'RcbedlIanJto'WD later
) that time It I H utterly Impo: party ( 1906.$19110Tew.
callc l IMncervllle), In California.
Ible to fay positively whut I have Here Baldwin tarried and began Orleans, La and return
b accomplished It) my uIJ'Cf'r\'UUUIIK. I Ir I THIS October 12th
placer mining. lie appears, to have Tickets on sale to15th
believe, however that I hate located been no more than a'a ordinary red Inclusive. Final' return

+' the north magnetic pole. I cannot Kay abided argonaut meets. the upa and limit October 30ih By drpo.

as yet whether It lot l a HhlftluK point, clowns of inluiuAf luckuntil the discovery i Icing ticket with Special Agent
or extend t over a law u I.a.'e of the Comstock lode at Virginia
N.w Orleans, and paying fee of
't also touk careful olnertntlorn of thu
City. Thither lie drifted and discovered
hore.illx and I believe) my observations 6O cents, an extension of return
aurora that his natural bent was gam- LABEL
Mill nliow that this phenomena ..:,lIng with the mines that other men limit can be secured until November <

has a marked effect on the compans. bud opened. Amid a whirlwind of 30th. 19C6.

Our zoological and thnnlo l I. speculation be fought his way with $17.65-MemphU, T -un.. and return

cal collection IH fairly complete." such success that be loomed from the THEY COST NO 1'IORE&ARE'THEfINEST MADE Ticket sold October 16th. 16th

Valuable nrlentlllo instruments used moke In a few months as "Lucky" 17th and 18th. Final return

by Captain \Jlllllllh..n lu taking magnetic Baldwin the man who bad cleaned up .
WRITE FOR SAMPLES AND PRICES limit October 30th. By depo
observations were not to be $7, ooOOO In the gigantic deals In the
itlnj ticket with" Special Agent
found when he left the .tam.hlp Baratogo. stock of the Opulr mines.
{ Memphis, and paying fee of 50
: Their lows may "tierlouiily Interfere Han Francisco. was the Mecca of
with his magnetic observations. those: lucky sons of fortune who were cent, an extension of return

rearing a great city by the Golden limit can be secured until :November .

_____ ___ 3ate. As a stock and mining speculator VJ 30th. 1906.

,A General Robert E. Lee "Lucky" Baldwin shone re pen- $46 O5-Chicago, III., And. return.
dent but he was also a loyal son of
Was the greatest general. the world Ticket on sale daily\ to Sep.
Jan Krunclsco. He built hotels and
i )has ever known Itsllard' Snow Liniment THESOUTH'S LEADING CLOTHIERSWaterman's tember 30th and limited to return -
theaters and business blocks even
Is the greatest: liniment. Qoick! while he was amazing that far fromconservative until October 31t. 19C6.

.:! > ly I cures all pains It !I. within the community by madly'reaklsb ___. ._ ___ _____ _.__ ___ ._u_ _______ ___- $57.0O' -Denver. Colorado Spring/: orPuebloCol.and
reach of all. T. II. Pointer. Hempstead extravagances.In return. Tickets -

", Texa. writet "Thi I I. to certify a very luclduterval,! be bought all on-ale daily until September -

! that nsllard's Snow Liniment has the Hpanlah grants he could find near 30th. Kiual return limit to

a been oed In my household. for year rAIl ..\n"pltnn<<.there spent a millionIn 1906.
October Slut.
t: mod has been found to be an excellent making thH ranch of his not only a
" liniment for rheumatic pains I am splendidly productive property but also Ideal Fountain $38.40..Hot Sp'rlnJArk./: ., and return

ouo of the roust beautiful estatesever Tickets on ,tale daily. Final
i never without It. Hold bV.. 61.
laid out In till or any other couii- return limit 90 days from date
1. Johnson __________ try. It wu liln hubby his pet niul lie of sale.$1263Iencer! .
r. tlantod miler <>f aveuuoit with noble : Pen and Ink.
With Hot Iron Robber Burn Woman. Colorado Spring: or
shade trtn aunt ,piade wonderful troj '
1.lht'rI1..lu.l.. Hept. 18.-\1n.: Ora Pueblo Cnlo and return.
( ) cnl gnrtleiiM. iirr.>iiu Miller Is l lying \\n a critical conditionat a paradise of vernal ta.auly.-UuJpb LJ. Ticket on .AH! September 19th
her home ht're. tho result of a brutal lu inclusive. Final
l'I.t'II' Outing Mngnr.lno. to 22ud.: 19.6. -
attack made on ber by two masked .
Y return limit leaving destination -
14 robbers. lied.hot Irons were applied Parker
The Original. Lucky Curve October 15th. 19O6.
( to the woman's toe In an effort
,3 to compel her to reveal the place Foley Ac. Co., Chloigo ollrl"at..d1I0ne Daily to September SOih round1?

'where money was accreted The rob and Tar a* a. throat and lung' trip summer tourist ticket will

born did not obtain any money bow. remedy, and on account of the great i Fountain PenH. be on pale to vsriou re.ort*. Full

ever. merit and popularity of Foley's Honey information vchednle. time! table,
-- -- .i.d Tar many imitation are offered etc will b., furnished promptlyon

Well Worth Trying. for the genuine The.* worth linlatlun application to

h '\\.. II. Brown, the popular proton have similar sounding name, (I. E. H&RRUIO.

;, attorney ut1'IttsfeldVtsay. t "N..., iewarn nf them.' The genuine! "'01,,)"'* Fla Pa. *.. Agent L. & N:. K K.. "". 113V

+ to a pension, the .best thing to gel I.nr. I. loney and Tar i is In a yellow 1..0kaaft'l C. STEVENS e \ Bay Jacksonville._. Hr.

;; King's N.w Life 1MIU.' H. rltell" Ask for It and refuse any -

"They keep my family lit splendid 1& I.! the tMt remedy for cough and .3ezreler"

health" Quick cure lor headache, duh1J.. W. MoCnllum A. Co. GOOD BREAD

constipation and billioum.**. 280.
all Illllee JerrnlU.Aiuoiitf .,
.guaranteed at drug store.
the "ui>'!iittriliiitiMl to Iotig I AIDS DIGESTIONAnd

Millionaire I his Jorrolil !IM It _.ry lilttt-r. i>ii.- h.* np - .
1 Manufacturer Dead. --
.;: Chicano Hcpt, IH I'hllllp Hchulter, ethyl! tu Mink Irf-iuoii. then iHor| i>f keepeone relieved of "'b.' tired
*UIM.li. I...Hum sons >li"*ply nttin.li. ...l tn. LINE feelt"" which heavy, laoirvr bread..
millionaire wagon manufacturer of bound to create.IT'S .
1)1..1.; !)!. niiil Mltovkiil It In a very OJH-U
+ Chicago, died Humkty In Germany nt
I 'nvliltiii.lilrli -rlu nron-Msl time
i la i'M
the summer renldrnco. of his. brother- .. YOUR OWN FAULT
!milt Mitlrlnt'N JciiliMii .\.11 tents.UN .
lu-law" Atlolpluu I lunch, of Ht. 1"11., .1.1'.1.1 I soda Bulking out use tiny ,I -

-' A cablegram briefly Vtnouncliiic hh with I..'iiKui HIM! iiuoilior metal nu death rt-acbr.l his Chtca home last itlckfiio. "..lthI'rl,1 l immure l-litiid on.!your delivered table, for It U made fre b every, dots
at your door by
ulaht. them liuoii l MinliliMily ilr.>t>|H>.l Nay

------- IUltl tttrnMt' ,last'I.Mall, liar 'iMHOllief KEYSTONE BAKERY
I'IIIM'lit'- n>.U.il Jrrrolil'1, ioiuimulonl I'liene 16.). It. T..C1IAFER.. I'ro..
: "* >l.l you bear I IHtkfiix MhUtleu<

3a' lhe cyul.-nl reply "IH kua ias limo t<

dog! tax fur Hiuuit" Stanton FoundryMa- \

FOU&lS..A.JLIN"GS: : : EACH: w-m.:

,',;:orW.Io.SJacksonville chine CO. Inc.PALATKA. .

CASTOR arid NV' York
-:- FLORIDA.ianuraeturers .
For Infants and Children. Calling at AKLESTON.. S. C,? (both ways. %

Thi Kind You Have Always Bought Tile Flnett* Steamship. In _the Coastwise Service Iron aid Buss Castings aDd Michlnery,

Hear the ../ .. (Clyde New England and Southern Line* Grate Bin, Phosphate Castings,
8aQ.r.of ritlst'I.tl..r
Freight S rrl".,e lie t ween JACKSONVILLE. BOSTON: anti Railroad and 111! Castingsand
rkO\ nl''liCK and All Eastern Points.

Calling at Charleston both "ways.From Repairs.
p. t. |M..IIIy. .r.Irrallr
w '11..- I t.e t ti ->', ... M>*?.r \t\ I... H.",. SB3I'fl: .I-WEEKLY 5311.IIIc33authtatuatl. : : : : ClABT IC'VER"Y' DA."X.

...."UI."I." ..e Ih.: III..". lOt ,ho ...t... + . . . i...w" ,' Wharf Kwon .. .,aehlae.boi.Istati..e'os.t to none
hit"'... '.|..1.> _-* I.ptaitty NIH! l'rtl.-rUlt.l f\.Ihtlnund.\; . . . Fn.m Kuut of Catherine at.. Jacksonville U tee -tat s '..NI L'H! *'Of K lttDsJoi.ItitTILt : .

,l,...lun-l that lh>. real I illiTerr'tic. -- ----.
|i..tw.--i. lie KI.".u. fa Mtxl the ItrltUli lay
Why \SufCor will* III Ihefal't that tlt<* ri-inli MenrtiMiu. Clvde St. Johns River Linei..t'n

,>T''| lOt tiMHi.v/' emit tir.-\l little for .
. pam vlicii MU-rt.t w title the ilrllt.hb.t.tr.t| out .- J ACKUONV..I.K sand AN"'O"h
BAlXARdSSNOWLINIMENT 11t-tt, an.l, nrsrs taste n .....uct'l toe )18toyptng at l"Dla.ka.It..r U..ford IUCT1CALLYUEPAUED
<( 1".rmNle'.aodiDP
""lla'"y' .\ clod "le, t, sense one .pl..tv.l, oo si, Johns River. aa4KOPCKLY
n.l. <. U., iiar.t. K-iilttiic' !>.. lu.tsntlj

.1.1..1 ",. QM It UMM-llt la tUthat .n..a tHF.lEK.CIT"2'
WILL CURE what the ,1t.rfh.u realty |'rrferrr "' OF :

* .t was frats.rutty **lle. > l. M at\..VIfellow JgCgSONV'ILLE"Is .E6E. TED
c IUIIL\\A1'! IS.'" 'r... <<'I.nIioOWliJIo. appnlta&ed Mil M 'UUI ..I l...f# J_k.o.filUj ". I
.. ,. .
Ulitt 1 tr. slat he rsvt *( i
al'RAt NOt Nh.. sad raur..la,.. SX> r m K.tur.Ujt. lea.. t..nlunt MooJ.I.T RODCCEMROSPCKITT.
fllrvJwrrra, AttRcl.llrt.Ir : be va.- Wedne.dsy.ad F'ri fay.. 9.3: } a. en

5tALli>. tnv.. .
s n. V t't'. ,1 I I. 11 tI \ .. ,trt Or Ftrtn's T..tlrr o* ln|.r.*.."c.Dr ...rs'.a:: MNItU, LIP % -...

rut... 1 I., .. I+sl. 'n't ttuwl.Intl n"", .. .'IDa.r llooacboro. Mo.ha !1..SILJplll..H. Jaekwnvifl. . a..1 :lta. NN
'' 't'.r' I.. \ has |>rs>etlee4. ta*' ii' 4a. for S3: $4.s S'I1Ii. .. . to .. . .L wave : .
I.t't 1.-t t'r'h a1. I itor "JC10pa
$ dvt.. ,
... '. yeah says b. has o.*d .v.ry rr.. rtpliost . 1.31) WE CAN
It rvltes s 'r. .w" .U"& . . tt..font i.Laad . pia Inp YM
z j :5t' att .t shl known tn she trof...l.A for tr.atnival Arrive a 80 aea . . ysaford I rfiOpm10oOa

of "kiD..QoI bladder dl Ie..e...I 10"alii.:" . . E.t.rVt... fi :!) all RETAKE:
> ..
'nuw l-tni.swnt. cu. sad say b. ha n...r ouc.4 aaytttlacla n.: .:R.'L PA" *. AX| TICKET OFFICK. IS W
LUArd r IAII 101. -.. ,t1. .:!..th. Lath 14rente aceS so at. 'Yt0rlita : Kt ONyIL13 P RODCCE ...
r. ._
I I a Ja "' ti.a r.. > .<; or w..i k...,. .. l Mtw.Tiw
btsdd.t "bJ. W u. c.at-ult. rtw
.4 'ol.y'
& ... Ramey ? JrtiR.ram sent I II DDT IT.
t 1t.. .1 t ...t M.e a s ar.a J.-.yt. : :.W\&L& rewna.wsw
ICida.y CII.. 11 ..r, :.,; .. A I' HA ....TTo..s.-: Ps.s .... .
::. .' ,..nd ...strut: ,. .N y' 1..4 tt\4ihh lip eke stole sysl.tst J THiro- U. F.OIR. '.....r"e..Y.ra..hCI tat.D
to 11. .. JOR '".T. lial.esllk.. t \\ MrColIusa A to I ti..a r1ty." .. ,,.rtalLnw. ao.-. ..M' I I
MJw.r a.. tw.M THE SUN. Gaintsffilte FI,.

,3- .' P ;;. .
''' '-l':; .
: ; J. j:2': ,


p_ ; ;

t x,. r wear -r, y 4 ,Y t.,




--- .
-- ---- - -- ----
-- -- :... -- : : 1
i the same original jnrudKti ,.1 all B-UEU:2'rEBS: C.A.RX>B
.- OF ELECTION. other cases and matter a* t',e cttcult : "
NOTICE court 'anJ circuit judge of '3..1 t "ourty.
and tbe came power to issue writ ,.j nun,lamu SE-A.Bc.A.:: E :ID:J:::

...uianjunetiiM. quo. warranto. ..rh.II.. pre DR. DgVKRE H, )MORI. .. dal
hibrt corpus .n i all writ, props r
WbereiS Tb. Legislature eOtr:5, ;nl.tri t6Consntutiud !necessary to the complete ..,ern..., ,>< theirjuriadtctton t
of tea of .
dad paaa five Joint) Resolution* pr.>iio..in. of aid a* county the circuit, except court the .an.1 power i .ir.andautbwrity ..mtjudge . DENTIST. Air Line Railway

Amendment* to the Con tlt''lOn of the state w ainniuom and en'l&u&.r.{ .....!
I Florida and the same were agreed to by"Vote .
: of three-fifth of all the member* J urr."-ection 4>. There shall be six term of said +

elected: to each House; that entered the vote on trmir MI court in each, '_1'. om.,. over Marcus 1nOelJB '*< "t rte. a1 rh.n FOR 'J
Joint Reolntion were upon Section 43 there shill be !"r .n.1 I >" respective Journal, with yea and nays there a prosecuting attorney who slul \I.e ap\ ..mtrd ---- -. -
on. and they did determine: anil, direct that by the l oernor and counrmcd. by the ?c.tale. u
the said Joist Resolution be ubmitted to and who shall hold his orhie f..r toO"r( ><.irs.HM A. CARLlsiLK.TTORNEY. .
the elector* of the State at the encral: Election compmattun shall be hxr.l by law Savannah Columbia Camden Southern v
1906. .\ < Al LAW ;..
in November. Sevtion 44. All orienne triable n' .ti.1 I c n'rt
Now TIItREFORF. I, II CtY CRAW hall ..be prosecuted upon mfornuiti.n .n.ler
FORO.' ""secretary of Mate of the State. of oath to be filed. bv the I'rolI.ntr uii 'r'.irv. \i>d Solicitor: in t-iinity: Pines. Raleigh Richmond Washington t
Florida do hereby fire notice that a but the grand jury of the ciriuit ..sure tor ,

GENERAL ELECTION:' aid in the county court tits of y revurd.indict for I'p any. n tie ortrme' tin,ling irial. ufstHh I Rat Estate, Convfjmnmux and! Urn ti.:.

will be held in each County in Mort.l en indictment the circuit judue ,,,..Ii v..min t".1 J Pr''('cticf' All bualnm ,'rornrUS! i Baltimore i Philadelphia :
Tuesday next uccee.lm" the first :Mondry" in it or hail the accused for trial it' t" r ,'".irt attended to. Ottiee next dour toJTKR1MNAM tutnttlcr. ,
November A. L>.. 1906. the said 'furJay .01 record which, trial shall. be UH..,. I"t,"T na. I tiaRgsvn ... FI.oRlnA
the New York.
being IIM.Section - -- -- -- -- \
nAY OP :NOXEMRIU.: : 45 The clerk of scot I 0\\.1 ahalbe 1.
elected\ by the elector. of r:"'...mb'allIt.tjand t : n HVYKU lye
rejection of the sat.I .. ,
for the ratification shall hold other tur.f..r jcart i .J hrc.mitrncatiun I _
Joint Revolution prt (>oinlmflutm..nt.* to hall be fined I.> t..*" 1 he I
the Constitution of the Mate of Florida via: ohrririf of scambia county slut,: lie .:'le eveadore ATTORNEY AT I IW.. .1
orhcer of nail court an"1 h.. .1.1t.e.!
ARTICLE X\\I1I. anti fee shall be fixed by IMWcti t O M!<' ltn>'ILLS, t-IOHIDA p-
.Xrttcle! rule .j Two Elturant. Tiains Daily
That the following amendment to 'n 46 The tame i ivrdun -- ,
XVI of the Constitution of the State ufFlorida and practice which obtain in the ir.. ,itt ...urtf
be and it is hrrrbv agreed to ami the ctuntv shall I l obtain in the >...\in of fi Can sell you jity i Pr'|p.-rty (Improved -
hall be ubmitted to the rlritor: of the Stat.. record and all taw relative to rrunmi! c..urttof and unimproved) phoaphat, Seaboard
election, to hih 'l general
at the .. .. irtioking and farming laud. end: him
Tncwtay after the first :Mon.Uv m \ shall apply to and control the court f h..f"1 'r
.lust.ember. A. D.. 1906. fur ratification or re Chan.of venue may he hat I Ir..... the a Iit of what you offer for ...*..1.! .. :J142n.
ot mord to the circuit, court i,f an"the : untyfor
jection. Governor, the Comptroller, the same causes. and ender the :I..as ir Seaboard Mail.
Section Treasurer, :the .lttornryroeral; : and tiling for changing, the venue front circuit W. K. HA K Kit.
1 the State of Agriculture uf the state I court of one county to the circuu cuutt :d f
the' Commissioner orhce are another county. The Governor mav. rot hi* If ,
and their sucorseors in i ATTOHNKY-AT-LANV '
of Florida Manof l ditcretion: order the circuit judge; of; Kx.: iu- ,
and tie iicnatrd a* a
constituted I .
hereby t ht !Id one
commissioners. and are hereby Inv county or of any other county ..
drainage I more.term or part of terms of the c"titt bOLlCI FOR IN CilAM"KRY: .
and empowered to establish a or .. .
authorized canal. :drains !le\ew. dike ait I of record.ny civil cause in the court frecord .
system of and depth*, at may. be tried before a rrterre. or ratra. MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT j jI
of ... .
reservoirs ot''id..ib of draiiiauecommissioners ,. of the diqualilicatu>n .f the ,juliie of
in the. ;iKlgment is deemed alvtoable., tn drain the court of record may be trie.I by a tutu. UVINKSVIM.K. Alaehua Cu.. FL> ,
l..n.l. .i Ii.1" ". or may be transferred to the circuit
overrtiwed a
and reclaim. the wamp court of Entambia county or rf oiiy othercuunty. Office in Ended lM...-k.
within the State of Florida derme; or such hest part bv aid ooytprtiona in the same way and act.>r lime to the -- .-- I ,
thereof a* la such I'r.di", ,
proisisons a* govern
from time t'> tame
board of drainage commissioner fr the imt&tion of : in the circuit court of Escambia county Only Lino Operating j

time lands and reclaimed to provide and to maintain uchcanal I section 47. The Supreme {'.,u" ,.f the J. II I. A1.IERMA 4.

the *. drain. levee dike* and rer..ir... ; state shall have appellate' Jurisdiction; in in the all DR Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleansfor
a* will be Ift..t adantieouto 1 a.eo at law and in equity originating
in such manner so drained the State of I 1'1.l .r. I court; 0' ..record and in ease. .f convic4unf 1 --
the territory -
inhabitant and the commerce thereof felon in the court of record. The Circuit DENTId1' .
ida it*
Section That the board of drainage tort Escambia county shall hate ntaltprllate
33. authorised and empowered of all misdemeanors tr.eItn I ,, Heaboardor j
commissioners are hereby { june.clion writs Information and el""I'l'r rrsertetiuna call on any agent
district4 and the court of rKord.II appeals "I'
to establish thereof. in the. tate of it prosecuted from the court of re Over button A Cu a Hank. Oaloe-svtl trite $ C lIo\"l.toTUS. Ja.. \aitant U..n..rall..hlt.r Agent
fat the boundaries r.trrh"t\\: .. Circuit
: Court f
drainage C'om.Iftl..ion.r. the Supreme
Florida. That the board of to JACKMINVII: I .LK.: II WIAR11)A
and be prosecuted in the same
ed empowered shall
be and it i' auth>ri Court I
a list or lull.. of all the way and according to the same rule a* .govern ,1-- -- -- -
to prepare and overflowed. taxable land such proceeding from the Circuit Court to ;
alluvial such or swamp drainage district or districts and the Supreme Court. 'I The

levy within thereon an acreage annum tax. not tn eree be hard
ten cent per acre per commia. X\\II.
annually by aid bnard of drainage assessor. of the That the following amendment to Article DENTIST
various tax
.fnoner. counties and !the embraced in. part, or in* whole XII of the Constitution of the State r>fMorida ALL EARTHLY POINTS
various district or district* .shall be, and the same I* hereby agreedto
within such drainage; list and. enter the same and shall be submitted to the elector' of the
receive such list or or countic :Mate at the general election ..n10.. for ratification Office In Miller Law Eactar.te1
the county

In upon which the arch tax roll land of may lie and the commi amount. : or rejections,,..ther branch of the Legislature OAu..tLLa. Fl... Duuwal o: ::,,' I.v t(t 1 T IN": iaoevie
drainage section i.
board of Sou th l t

.iOfter.w levied In 1 by by arch the the runner board and of drainage form as com laity", beprescribed i.- amendment, at a regular to this session Constitution three-hftha thereof may and of prupo-o all if' theme the.embers N 1 octh Jara..vL.. .E as s t Ja'UOMI It r :e ,.,.1..1.. ...hI" I es .Muetfow.ry.e'v1Y.sad" .

to time, which amount be agreed to
ioner from time collector elected to each house such proposed
tax :
hall be collected by wherein the various. such levee have amendment* shall be entered upon their re.spective Rapid 'frnnt'\it nnd Ullt-lUrlu't'\t-It't SCrr1COrim. s.
of the counties other t".... are collected in aceordance Journal with the yea'' and rata ATLANTIC COAST LINE
made a*
been in one newspaper In
amount be
with law board, and of pay dr over inage aid comtmsionert : and each shall county where a newspaper i* publishe Tab:. III .Iles! July .::V. Ie..
collected to the preceding' the next
.hall have a lienrapenor for one month immediately
said commissioner other lien upon the taxable general election I of Representatives: at which For (UAlS"'II.I.: An"/ Yrnac
to all .. t\P the shall be submitted trt the I/rpart .
rlraimatc li tr ct* election same -- -- -
such -
-- .
land in anv : 'work S.ale. for approval or rejection '
of of the
enforced by tax levy. for the cost hereof any or H..ne elector. If. majority of (he elector voting S Gii. ;I HlachI1.rll'tle and lots. 7.26ca1
done under the provision amendment. under the amendment at such election shall. Excursion Rates t
this upon n..dlal.l.olnt. NooI
of s
prior the to pro\iion the adoption of an act of the Legislature adopt the amendment onstitutinn.. the. same Th.shall proposed become 1)aily, s t Uti: yM .._ __ ____ ._ __ __ lUalll I f.
of the
passed in ionsSection a part submitted to enable. Oeela. L..Iau'ti ahd Ternpa. cud 2.11D: pili
That the V ar.l of drainagetnamnniniii amendment. shall be so a* .(U pen t
34 authorised >oercise es. .the elector to vote on etch amendment Mparately t llt.'nu.tlla'. ('olnt. Ielly ii
.._ n be "and f eminent it I* domain in the .. All amendment adopted at the election. FUOMWashington J t( KSU\nl.I.11. Ieily __ ___._____

condemnation the right of land for the .location of it* at which. thl-submitted._..,., _...._ or herch heretofore.,. declared adopth ae ..-- -3.tpm- ) Jaehu .m.. IJ: 4Upnt
reservrnrsfor the rs TO
levee, dike" and! oy ei<"n> QUICKEST __
-anal.drains- aforeaid and may ente.. part of the Constitution from the date of tdadoption H.II North. rat: and Wet Dally
the purrmne pendIng of th. same. _
lanl a may. --
upon take and me arch deem neeexary Ar >roved June 6. 1905. -- ---- tll'rln&W'a 'toi.-ln.h; Hrunwl I 3ilyOppmm li.A
condemnation proceedmt in ascertaining lbcentpentation cast' In compliance with said and all Points East U .,Uam H'gh! u. t
The vote
for such pur".n"to be paid for such Ian.1 or proposed amendment, and the canvas, declarations Daily Albany Attests, all I'olut. North. Kat: West Daily
benefit to be derived from sac and return" thereof. hall be subjected +
right of way. the jury.Section : and restriction I
shall ho considered' by to the same regulation IU 0J \ ..
drainage provide general' election*
may law I
The I I"'Ci.1Itur. are provided by ilbpm
a .
> cost Cure
:35. derived by aw-.U. Micanuty' .
benefit of Florida. '
for the assessment of of such drainage and the lis In the testimony State ..her.-..'. I have hereunto ftM.ftO Man ,Francisco Ccl.,. ,, silt. Daily J I :t Dally&1
land by reason tberefrnm that and afruted the great teal of tbestate .
the set hand limit Oet 31. -
thereof; my daily -
collection rrncHd. rommtssmner* of Honda, at Tallahassee, the capital; ; --- --

be to be paid used to the fcv them hoard for such drainage purposeApproval tbs. first day of August. If A. I Clay>.. 1906.s. Crawford.. #14.;& Atlantla CI',. N J.. on ale 12 .40 pmDaily : I I :3 AA nn 4te
May a7. ,oos.ARTICLE ( *.I J I t Patataft I Daily
XXIX. Secretary of daily ; limit ICs 31.
> To L. \V. V..noel!. Sheriff of Alacaua _ntp. I !

That Section nine (9)the of State Article of five r' ort-<, .....D. Niagara Fall. N V. on tale ':___ __ ... _u
of be the and Corntitiilion the .same i.. erebjr* amended so a* dally ; limit Oct. :11. Intereheng..b1. ..U.... Tlck.ta& ((xid 0..' taut| milea of among th. prln 4

to read a* follow, vt*". of each JUSTIce salary
"Section 9The thoun.tc Hold All Your Orders Port to New York via AtlantU CoaH
Court shall be four dally limit Oct. :41.f Through I'ullman .l".i- r Tampa
the Supreme dollara year. The salary nt' ; Line al.o via Atlantic Coat Llo an,t houthern KaU..,.
_. t
,.. -> !
each Circuit Juice. .hall. d..llar.,He thrrr'a starscn for New Work for :: :'7.1H) Denver. Colo., on .1.) daily; For complete infonnatfon.ell oa

flee hundred ($3.1 "' > U.ln..vlll..
.eu.tmett lo t Heellnn' limit Oat 81 J. A. CKXJOWIN.' Ticket A|.nt.
"" I 3rrl
Tbat the tnrrrfoimr. t Ito..h.. !
e of Article \ tar Ute ot'tifntion shall lie submitte Ilo US. We AreMIMmLAS5 ..... Har ".rbor. )'. unaU "lally ; Add r....

agreed to and the >ame date for rrroval or limit Oct. 31. tHAHO"'Lt4Tf. M., fa... Agt< ? W D MTAHK.Trar, fa*.. Agtt}

the elector nf> the .e..etal election uf 1'I' I Ills W. Hay *t Actor ItntUllag, Ja.k nillle. KlaW .
the neat II. ?
t-reaentative rejection at* a' required by Xsttua I. .\rin l l.' mons .8.C" Chicago. III., on al. daily ;; J CftAH PaMenver Traffic )'lna.er, llmlacton, tt O.

XVI of the May ConMituttonApproved jist i toot.. 'I \\ ( limit Oat 81. T C WIIITK (Unrl l'a...n..' A-r.t

.\RTKLr: XXX.: ; ,**l.vi WrUhtatille. N. C.. on *ale r
Adieu e

V Tbat of the the. Cemtitutmn f.llo-in.* ..amendnsenl< the Mate of to and do nothing but up. I I dally ; limit Oet 31

the Judiciary |Irep.rtsttent N Y on Gainesville & Gulf Railway CompanyTHE
relative to of satdrt cl" 101'.1: .*.. II. Saratoga Hprinv.

t.4 taosbervd th. rime section r* berets j v" 't of.';l t'"to. State and .. to-date work. Cutting i .$I. dally ; limit O.,. 31.I .

ukmitted to IB* eledur\

aiasial oay abet M16mittea1NM 7.tt: \I''b*. held ut on'the" to-nrt rlt:V. Ir., strictly up to date. I SPECIAL OCCASIONS. FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTEOF t

,...6. for <" .I relf-t10w..lary of toe. Jtsdeof fSv.4O Hot Mpring.. A ,11.. on ...1.I l-
Secliec ]'" That of IeI'd FLORIDA.THE .
of the. LIt..1! C.ta Work unsurpassed. da**..
-cia dull ber dally, ninety
sew. or .." ,.".... to ..... nt.bl..1wd.lwr..eh toed I

r-' gs.U.rtv be asd"abut'r.sntr: be a. follows la. I n. bat.. a II.. u.. ., _.,at.. ...In'I lO.Si AtlantaUs.n .t.! ept. I:. Tlra. Table tb elect. J". r 1&. 11.4.'

.etablbbed& fifteen t......... p.yw.tines. I I 13. l 11. 17. MI llm-t K.pl. ?S.g- .. ,
_1dWa .f lets tN" sw .... .t... rr.l.. % at. ,... .. -- .-.----- .. -- -- ---- -
: ; -
one. t..4 eII..I.,; i safro. : I IWII. I '.D.e... \4 f let. I''.' : -- -
Mte.w 4..rT"o: ;;';= :=:4N I r
., ... D...., Colo .1.! t.i.t. lit I l j d
.t.ilaes: in ee.aaes ..18t...a. 6"_ *41.ft "n Yo. to. I. '-In. 7. Mn. 4 :.:Siasfly
>< (
u.-unoS 1 q.5
twewtravs e.wta./n ref from ,._,,...,. SCOTT COMPANY. Tailors to 171b.lwte. limit' Oot. 1No $ : Dally Dstly. "7AT1INN." I hilly.I1Da11.M I U.IIy'
dred .o &r%. In ,t..satia.: I Yg hta
tbii.ad '
tb.taawd to tKtrty-ave .f 10S Wet MaU **. N. I i I trouble 1ft ...w.r rj'..tlo i. .1:1: F1Yn ,
__ tbs* .teal Its.utaad Pa, s. tall ..... I Kxe.rU>a rat.. too,h.r polat -

fie%aarts.ware.f .tbe..:J.ara.u>d\I oPft"c asttt rteaad"
T. F. TVMIASUNDERTAKING ,modalloa **d all d.tatled. toform tar a (It a ?:: n. .. reral.ean (ily 1 u, 7 II

A.......... J- a sea : f 1(04 to .bo.. or other r-i.ai. _b.erf.tlyf I I ::JJ, a 12 512 ._... .. .r.t...... 444 T AI Lilo J.
XXX: .
"RTICLE ta ,.vital.'v :. ..r.&....<]. either om app" .atl.*, .fa p*rata 14') ft :! a 6-, . f ','11. 4 W "It f6)

; net the (.u..ia..r.dsriwes 04 tM 1a'. .f ,1 ft4a. CO. or by ..lt to i ? u, r 41 Il .G I. $.ll.o.y 4 l' 4 lit) :' II M,
.. c---- .. 4 It U II 311W
aM rwV.'t ar. w U, i (.114' rl J uh.'Je
rolatl.. .. tN ,e4oc-rr... a. .a a,. ... at.K rA1I.'. IMITI "to,.. ;_1' SO t. .4 I A f' 1 ('rwaasg 4 U\ 1.6 I II A

.:. ltatiab.rtd.... .,.S.ets..t.f sail. A,.wte..',.'...-..to.,.......w.,..tar... Mw Nstrl.t .*..***..er A...'. IM W.el Bay > %2 :..r10 114 ,; b jAr t. ... ..-.IU..I UH.., 4Wee. U b>1r &

__ berebl ....... M _3 d .w ..-..* .- FULL wile OP I N..4. Jaoren.(11.. WJ. I .. . / .... . l0 u.I, }
.___. .f tla. !Scar. 'M&Iwt 131 9 . AJ4y
Sett S.r.e.y .ter M A Z. f-o..I. ....... ..
ts.w .. IN bald.. the 1._ .. lee NEW- <100D5nrnx..._ 4 1t.1
)I..y. a :(..ewber I ; .1--- . 1.( Lure/. ...... .I,

,.taataoM .l- r. CttiM t1.tr siw The foridaF : .. . .J. f. .......'. Ce.....leg 1., .. . It tlJ
byes w e. tl..+. .4r.N.aabr'i.s.dsw. ; ., III...." ".101. . ..... I If If
_ty car :. .steai .q t -.no. .WEIFT rcptKuL'NC1Tit. i elA ,.. .j.. w__....... . ... .... I 8 Ie"III
.l t as.tr' .....- St acy Fruit F and Truck GrowerL. s 4I .
t- IF ame_ i ... elf Lote4 ...1 TOasTOa> iI ) a .. .r. Cly.I, . '.
.tswI f e..e+ .ao
K1yk.oi.d, .
ttat sun .- i.a1 tr I IS . t t. 'e.
.-.a Ma .edit e..e..M ss/ ,.4toar4 h ... 1110. J. BBtTHBT. JUJt-r .... ,,... ,. T...... ._ 4 tIC
......... b ... Li4. ... ..... ... rata..sr. a 7J M' Ni.e1w4F7 . I 4 at.an

t ... ..5.4...... ._.._. _.h.7_r ass to .... .