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VOLUME (4, NO. S3 QUINCY, )I1OKIDA 12351, THURSDAY DlXl: llhll SI, 111114 ___ PKR CWV TKN_CENTS
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Quincy Merchants Declare First State Inauguration


Holiday Business "Super" In 1845 Was. Impressive.

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around The the majority square of In Quincy merchants report I --- - '!Construction I Auto Accident W. D. Moseley

an outstanding holiday trade City Reports
Beginning: at Beth iludion Bits And 1 I Kills Young Took Oath As
Dempsey Cain drclarrd bummtt 1 Begins On US 90
was the 'brat In history ot the Few Accidents
store spite ot the rain, thunder Pieces First Governor
hail,nl lightning: and floods." West Oi QuincyI

Mary llolman In Cnm-rly'l laid BY NUTCII During HolidayThe Fiincral icnlcet wrr conducted 1
sales Just before<< Christmas were for Joel Leo Alfonl 38, 4 Qulm-y Quincy Lancen
ahead of last year 1 j I a two-mile segment al :2 o'rli. ..k v tc-rdHy afternoon In Marched In Parade
'Better than it's ever been" Vic City of Quincy chalked up .! .. .. ., (if U 8. UO In Uttilmk; Couiilyl the Antluch llnirtlsl liurt'h with
Bunk a young golf professional an excellent safety record' during -- -....- tM-- ..., yeslenlHy, the Slat Koud .
Cantey of lelihei-Cantey grinned also lie Rev \\( ilmw Mi-ssex offllallng Sine the Inaiiguratkm of Go.
'It was all right" commentedTom and well U a native known of In Tallahassee this the Safety Christmas Director holiday J. period.W. llalre' RECOGNITION Mr. Audrey Hancock (right) dlitctotoi UrpurtiiM'nl annxmced duly, Interment wu In the AnUoch rnxiwkvt N1 lluma \la Tow

Cumhi of May's as he area, will assume the duties of reported' three minor traffic accidents public health nurses In Gadidon County. U shown presenting OUIrid Three Riwd Shard Cemetery day, Mi backtrack 120 years
walked byWalter pro at the Sawano Club beginning hiring this time. a gift certificate to Mrs, Leola Rarick In recognition member r. M Turner said the Mr Alford died at I o'Hix-k atal: take a glimpse at th* Inaugural | -
Jones ot Western Auto snun projiHl on U. 8 DO extend Mutday night In Ito Talliilmssee as of William I). Muarley;, fait
around the
of January. Bunk 20 Mr.
In the first iccidcnt which service a* a public health nurie.
happened yean tram Ih* Stale Rnml It In- elected
stated two weeks before Christmas tram luwmur o( the State u|
business was "really tremendous is employed during the regular on Christmas Eve after.noon Rarick retired ci of December 31) The stall of the Cads. tcnNVlkin east ajijiroxliiialely two III"nlll'lllI..pltal In autixtioUle InjuHroreeelvrrl si1dent. KloriiU.'
at club in -
season a In Philadelphia<< .
," He went on to laY that Pa, and will be at the Sawano driven, a by It58 John Ford William station wagon den County Health Department honored Mri. Rarick witha mil" tu Sit S-274. In the bank, "Florida llnromca

the Saturday right after Christmas until about the middle of March. Quincy and a 1957 Ford Ray sedan of tea and the Quincy P.T.A. presented her silver In Work Incluiki converting the Ho Is survived by hi. whine A State" by W T Cash, harmer

was one of the best Saturdays Bob Wind who has been the operated by 1 lay ford McGee, recognition oi her service to the ichooL existing Iwo-lannl roadway Into a Mrs Claude Alford, Qiilm-y. his State Librarian, It suit* that tour
In the year. Fastest telling pro and club manager line\ last Quincy Negro, were traveling I'hoiii _br U.rlln'-. > 'mliol fuuMnned facility with a (4 (..>( parents.: Mr. oral Mn. J, T. Alurd > miiilhi lirfont the lint Florida
Items were radios! small portable March has resigned and will be I west on Crawford Street. The nn-dlan arHiratlng| nntKWing traffic Quincy, S bnrtlwn, James Inauguration, Prvsukmt John/ Tyler
stereos and small household appliances .leaving around January 20 for driver d the second vehicle I larai. Tin Slut dinners W. anti Coy T. ot Quinn and signed' UM act of admission lot

CaIro. Ga., where he will enter Mopped to make a left rum and Stork Winner Market parking area went tilQiilix Alma Usti-r Alford, Tampa, and Florida March I, 1141. Th pee
J, Q. Kelly of the Jitney-Jungle the newspaper business with his the driver of the tint) vehicle Darby 'y will be resurfaced a* part I 4 tinier, hits llutllc hearty, |>lit and the newspaper, expressed

ind Jitney Jr.'I described the holiday father. falling to Hop, struck the first ol this project.O Mn. O|"'l llurko, Mn. tunic a general latlsfactkm. One new.

business is "fair. Bunk specialize In the art of I cur in the .....1'. Ttln and Deermnnt Inc., of CarutlMTi and Mn. Frarxt-s Wise, m!|:: th* Kant: ilurfcU Whig
In McOrory's Marvin Lewis teaching omen to play golf and Oiiplry has been swinl.il the all of Wulm-y however;, iwlly I stated:
Safety Officer Cecil\ Bill
laid the holiday trade broke allrecords It to hoped by officials of the local and re contract and will hays 200 working Thai Huller Morgan Funeral 'Tli* day ol IrUI has nan, amillw

in the store. "Right now club that he will be able to stimulate 'to ported both no can Injuries totaled $200.damages Be Announced Jan. 7 days to complete the projctt. torn* wu In charge I" arrangnmenla. |IaoMtle| will Masi fuel"'the ben*.
(Mi (
u lire Ux ails irt111'
1'm trying to fill up empty ipact, a lot of Interest in the game, .
he added. not only for those who haveformtl'ly Ray was charged with falling Gone Jenkins Is As soon M the official nottBra*
to have vehicle under control and ---- tie nt llnrkla'a ilitrhood' .
"This was an above average played, but for those causing an accident Many Gifts From \ WM r*
Christmas," Larry Byrd of Chris- who are new at the gam He C Wagner of Cr r'nalom' June irlved un March II, Territorial
to'. commented. was In Quincy Tuesday and madea On Oirtotmu Night at S:49.I Quincy Merchants was bum January 2 I, 1957 atS I Guest Minister (iiivrrmir John Branch art Ut*
In tour of the course and had high Let Faiths, a Quincy Negro, ran Pledged To NewbornSeveral 26 a m. whet spinning Inward A speedy
has been
"About like It yeanpast.
stated Bill Bents at firestone's. praise for the excellent condition his IBM Pontiac convertible Into The ruin of the content are Of Presbyterians orginlulkm of 1/11I Hat govern
a parked car on 4th Street near ment II* directed the county
of the nine greens and fairways, local business firms have follows .,
"It was slow starting. Key Street. Th Rev. Cm Jenkins wilt beth ..1'nJ official hold elertkn. fut
despite the heavy rains of recent : pledged l gifts to the first baby 1, Winning baby must be .I to an
"Way best ever! said Bob weeks that have left a hew spotsa Safety Officers Sidney Johnson' born In Cadsdcn County after In CI..IM It'n guest minister Sunday morning tit ell officer on May H. Tale
< County.
Camel of Camei Playthings. "No.1 little soggy. and A. J. Pkketo reported damages midnight December 11. at the First lYesbytnrlai group d elected" officials was
vember was slow l.Jl Mr. Berry to married and the to both can amounted to The newcomer will be declared 2. Parents niunt be reskknts Church in Quirtcy, January I. rollsll.. General Assembly anti
'way up. Our best selling Items father of an eleven month old 379.: Farlin WM charged with this winner ot the eighth\ annual i( UaiUxlm Cuunly I II. II! hna irrvwl ai chaplain at wu dlvklml. Into two part tin
were bicycles, guitars, race sets baby. He and his family will falling to have vehlc le under on- Stork 1>>1'1)). Th deadline I Ewrt lime of birth must! the Aiwlaiihp* Oarrertkmal Imlt Renal Stab UM Legislature. Tb
and records,' he added. move least 11 be can locale trot, having aa aoukient SUM leaving Sptrf, January 4, 1960. ""* *.-pcttM Cy attending plu/si.' in ChttlkhoiKHe fur titer General Assembly Included IT
The holiday trade wu deatnbeJ :furnished apartment. Il""", .. clan. I lyears. senators and 41 hmm member -

u "pretty good" by Katl Ricbirds -I Mr. Wind whoa leaving stated The third accident involvingtwo nude Official In the announcement January 7 Issu wiQ h olDie 4. All appllcalki nasal .its received A graduate of Western. Maryland rnmxiwlInK the to counties In

of Cohen Tuesday that he had quite a lot- vehicle happened Tuesday Ciaiktirn Tlnu,. \ in hat Times Offlo by College, which h* attended exialens.Branch.
Jake Wynne of The Famous of golf clubs, both woods and \Irons, afternoon on Jefferson Street near Last year's County winner baby I S pm, January 4, 1905.B lttP-.I: : Mr directed that mil only a
was a
Store and Quality Shop said two I balls, golf shoes, caps, shins and; the Adams Street Intersection. girt born at 4,3D am., January In the event d a tie, awards, knkf I i Utdver-: governor "b* elected: la irrv for
days before Christmas were the other necessary equipment that A 1964 Ford sedan driven by I, to Mr and Mn It. G. Thunthy, Mill be distribute at the discretion lly: ii( Pennsylvania for ant year: MIT yean beginning I May 20, .but
best he hud ever seen The rest he will sacrifice since h* to getting Randall Donaldson of BalnbrldKe, of Quincy at the Gadndcn CountyHospital. of the: committee. |lie completed a fiiur-yeir Mraler'd aim a representative' tat elected
errs 'just fair" completely out ot the busnesa. !- Ga., and a 1804 Chevrolet truck The A welcum with at Uallai HetnUiary to DM Twenty-Ninth Qmgrrsa
attending pliysl- royal many '
before So it you need any ol the owned' by Stewart 0UIIIf and In After a healed 1IaIIIIM..lllnlRlII'II"11tII
"We started wrapping gilts dan was Dr. George Moasey gifts awaits the new arrival, aocurding
Thanksgiving," Marcus Shelter .I above mentioned items It teems driven by Walter Lanier, Quincy The IMJ winner was a baby to Din Conan, the 1 Mr. Jetiklna has been a ru" IM aarWr for the office at llnrl .
at SlicKer-Blilch Haled. "Holi to me that now would be a real Negro, were traveling east on gtrl born at 10.20: a.m., January Tula,' advrrUstiiK mannger tnruker at nvinv lilac.... In OiilncvLouU rLvee,4t l lie'. tint Hal' invrmnr, MOM*
day business was better than last good time to stock up. Jefferson Street The truck stopped I to Willie and Geneva M.Cray and Cad;k ," be said. i for another vehicle which was I (colored) ot Urelna.I Tinattifvl- known In Die area. planter and voter of the IIWIH*
year Wu lorry to learn this week backing Into a parking spore Hinson Receives Th members ul the First Pisa erallo I'mty: (lri>ili and Buoney Cox ofMary.8oorII'Y" Ing physician wu Dr T. W Griffin Heads :
Since Betty friend Mrs W. 5.Bell. Morrow
In that my good Donaldson who was following the byterlan Church Invite )'JU0 Call nt TilUhuMM. a member ut
i were at market has been In the hospital fur truck failed to and struck
stop time Whig I'arty
unavailable Tb 1983 wlrmrr wu a baby Woodrow Wilson worship with liens at 11 e'ckrk
Atlanta they were the past 'few days. My outerb'law the second vehicle, CC Publicity BnrauM uf the recent" drill (4Aivlmr
that born 12' IS January bunday niomliig.
It to said boy at am.
but ,
for comment .
M.. W. N. (Leona) Fairdoth. Safety Officers\ Ellis and Robert .- -- JaiHMin, cinvaN ul UMtlmtkin
the 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Mark -
they were well satisfied with also a good friend has been down Hatcher lob Fellowship
reported Cleger a returns wu pmtnuniKtunlll
holiday trade. ther line the day after Chrtotmu. passenger In the truck _wd. Sadler (tout* 2, Havana The Negro Is Caught Committoo Jun 30 out at iwpwt 1 la UMmrnniry
Kate Stewart tending physlrfan wu Dr J. Alex Illness of Mr. and
Very good laid sold I hope that both will be out, minor Injuries, and both vetade M.... John C arm 1 Event Morrow has been named at I'kirlita. t tint AnwiV
Butch of Wilson's. "AU Items Uoyd Massey Illness nf Quincy,
and around of
loan.Mr to die extent ,
were damaged Moonshine
up With can gnvrtnir
"ell. We were wrapping I gifts a 1300. The 1961 winner was a seven lace hem aw,mini a Woiilniw WU- bI'a"11 the publicity and Infumiaeommltt HUM lutturjf buAi. are buy'

month before Chrtitmas. Business *. Charlie Roberto who lives Donaldson was charged: with pound baby boy burn to a Negro sin FtrUowahlp tor 1884-OJ Jiihnnl Hewn Qulnry NI"I'OI' titlll ** ft the GafMvn nlxurt Miwlryi actual kiaugura*

was even good the day alter on North 14th Street railed the falling to have vehicle under control couple, James and Mary LreBrown Th* WoiKlrow Wilson NalliinalFellimnhlp forfeited a $3UO b"c1ln, city courtMimilny County Oumlirr: of Cuninwrii*, II lobe data, but It hod plats nmuMllm

Christmas Department of Public Safety early of Rout 2, Qiilnry, The Founlutixt, inniiiirtrd after he had been arrested was annnunvd Inlay by Mitchell between June 2) and July 1<
Leonard Ilarrell of Munford'iMid I'Wednesday mormng and reported I winner WM bum on ) nday, January sins 18U by Kurd FuumlalKn I for pimrulun ol mnivshin N. Urew, Uuml..r prwioVnt.klnrrnw 1>. InautfuralluA wu qull ,m*
the holiday trade was much ((lmntlnaed ea rage _.) Bob Is 6, at J.44 o'(' rlc. l>r. grand totaling SM million, annually *. pmldetit ti MumiwVanrn owing CMMhlprlnii! tin Umiii'dmram
hrttpr. than_. last year. Young George Money wu the attend
awards armled hut Ttiuri- I ,
1,000 Urmi wu uf
- Mlowshlp a ynung ii nmunlly At
; ( will b* aiMlsiixl i In the
month. Very
"Very good Funeral ServicesSet physician. Thia wu the third I fur tint year graduate study 1 1 day alternmn by Safety (MiltStorah nurunlllM work hy Jitnmi Campbell nor a canmn was prod and a
commented Jerry Wynneat Installed As child born to the bmwns. The I
pleased Thn gti to men ant women ad- [ WiWi after II galliins d ol HlKd N ynne'.. newcomer and Derby winner wu lodged to have the potential to mminshln were bound buhol 1/11{IU Mort Bate at lieu & Bates Today For Kiwanis Prexy named Jifany Ire Brown. taverns eulbm, Icii-hprs, Alta chicken yard near the Negro] This n.nmltli. .. will work to lu the M4 HdK U UM ODwIy-lln-
said the holiday trade was "uHalACtory. The IIMO winner wu a arvenpound. ( rite 174 Wulrow Wllwin .'el-\I. .. keep the public aware it the many UhKinl Ckplliil. 'I',*
." Bullet Victim Bob Young. Quincy business thr' *-ounc* girl delivered low appulntid to filkiwihlui' In flafity Director J. W, Hair 4-uvttir in which the chamber I in the pest:.
coming :1:2: rylnc'tt:
"With the exchange man and civic leader wu In- to Mrs. Inn Moore of Quincy, I th* yaan 1 5I thm*h IW4 wtretraikiatH aid U wu the third Urn ins U dtrwtly Involved, plua the On Quincy Utfr
in. It must have been good.. was Funeral services far Johnnie stalled u IMS president at the it .. 40 njn. on January' I, al ot H"rtd s .' krysrh 1 had been arrested t* puHesaimut many other actlvtttr taking plus I .n a guy ld penny llutl rr.l
the comment at Merrills.Fred of Clyde Kumegiy, 38, of Tallahassee Qulnry Klwanls Club Monday at the GIIII< '11 County lluipluU. The 1 u.. This ranks rVrkla IJlhi.mmtf inowihln, I In the rally whll' the duunlwr fruin each lane the TaUatuw
Jones at the Chamber 1 see be held at S pm. today the Jefferson llnuse. Tom Knt' birth annual winner wu named. all states in the prwkKlInnnt I la mak Ores sea biiMila, lie CwilravUJ llu.>
Commerce said. "Most merchants at the Oiuirh of Christ at MlIVasant. ,derail, d Tallahassee, wu In Obra Marie.Tb grm/hiHlrt who later mm Wand-I Pentecostal Sots changes Itt"t.:: a am*. sari and DM (carat Artillery kd UMTh
en the iquar report a very good the, Mr. Kornegay. a taxi :oharg of the Impressive .......- 1VM winner wu hum' rm|'row Wilson Fellowstiti lantly ImprrMmi boa',.... cUnial -' pnwsel.r"
December. Only a few felt driver, au found dead at the mony. January I, al I.IS p.m. Th ",,,,,". a grxkial at Rmiry *. livmtd Ctogy wu scat
warm utneamniibl weather was wheel of his cab at 4 02 a-m Other officers Installed were winner was a bny bran to Sarah fnivenuty. .U working toward a Rovival MeetingA In the purail fulluwwi ky M NDavtd 1
a Kthack 10 the record breakir Tuesday with a bullet wound In Russell Wallace vice president: and Charles Riftn*t, Negro 1 nn-trr's degree In history atC Mrr and Uvy, nwly-fc
month." the back of his head The alleged Frank linger, treasurer, and Bill, farmers, living on the Old Bain-! shed University In bash Alta revival nwvtlr' I* scheduledM Lt. Anderson fd U. I. Burnt KrpnamlaOv )
murder took place near the intersection Jones, secretary. Guy Wade John bilge R Services Slated ol Brevard and Woodward Herring. Cart Fowler, Dm Brown I six pounds, five oumrt, delivered cwillmi thmuyh Bunrtay January Spends Holidays nsenibers d to cummlltM! on arrn >
Stints n TaOahaue. It wu Albert [)I_. Francis M.Call and by Dr. (barge Massey al U.i itiwhn DEAN'S' LIST 10 at the Qulnry IvntxmstalIMlnn mnMi and 011.\ .* dl nlUirir

an apparent robbery attempt.Mr. J. Love llutchlnsun were aim Inducted >il C/unly IbispiuJ. Church. Th Invitedwangellst d dieItrrI1,1I"' an) the Mil.
New Year's Eve KorneRiy wu born In Car- Into offic and wW serve' Th W3 winner wu little'\' Gary Bryant at GrM-nstnre hasbnn la Ih* Rev.. v. w Cat- With ParentsNavy Next vl line were 2* nDuul girl
Mimi Parka Antlmtn, dnugMrr'nl ': named to the dean'l M tar (aha* of Jatka-ftvtU
nbrile and moved to Tallahassee the IMS board of director' proteMy fPP"WnllnI the 21iiatu
At First BaptistThe 10 yean sgo. lie... a IIW'I'/lbPrI I. Outgnmg offtrrn were lien |I: the '\\7: r.t. J. W. AnIderaon. -: the, rail' Quarter at Uvlng"1 KvcUJ musk la pUiwd earh Urutmant UGI lla/ry nIiI and the ww Main <,(
of dill Ml. Fleaaint Church d D'xasr, president; lirA Young wu '; al I 04 ..t* (olkf*. UvmpHiin, AltvTa. evening with tilt StWTS brglivntn W, AnVmn, Jr., sea ol Mr. and Hurtd* and luau A/l..r a c".jp,
Rev. ThomiW CutUnn, per ,Christ I|vk.. prettdmt' Russell Wallace, ..m. on January 2. \Kt : Gary la a n/r ms>irlng < at 1:10. Mr. IL W. Anlrn. of Qutncy. <4 rlwsd buys and these t*..1irmrtnlvn .
tor'of First BDMt Qiurrh an- : The services win be conducted treasurer, and R. 1. Massey, arc The tint winner d Aw Stork a P. E and oIIlO. Th It.-.. Jibe Till. ..* tnr, es.Mends arrived her OirMmu tv tuti II1IIn1lPd iX ih* Grand
rounced today that apreial Nw by the Rev. Preston C Brown and{retary.Mr. j|Derby In 1IS7 wu Jan Wagner,1 lit I* Use MI d Mr. and MrlI I' everyone' I *|i 1'11aItIVIt.Io Leslie M fUll ,...aria."AI .
Year' Eve SerWei would beheld the body will be interred In ML 1 1I I Youn hM lit been acthr<''dlfIt.l11", 01 Mr. and Mrs. RiaVrt K Ik Broach of Greenslnro. toe to attend flaws srrv1r. visit with hi* pMnrti, ether the (HI. of Ih* caMlnlqi

at the First Baptist Church. Pleasant Ormetery with the J. R In the rtvtc-attain of Quincy and, rtattvei and frle sla I"II I. .f.." Cash .rul*. ",I>> p '
For many years U has been the Adam Funeral Hum to chant Cadxtc CwaI,. lie to a past, ras. (leave ** hU bu al RMIIM bleW buy ballad laud km,. ,
custom of the church to hove a''I Survtvors mchid !his widow president d th* Qutncy Chamber! JIi11I 131sC.c, c' .. tar Ian Iv n t.. Jan. II. red 0i* pro =i pr. thrwenIrate

brief worship aervfcv concluding Mrs. UlU Mae Knmegay, of Tal- of Comnvrrr, a member ol the U. ArtlrrsKi arrived hi Sea the ....!A..*. TIle utti-uU poo rmn >
at midnight on New Years Eve lahasw: two daughter Linda Ma Quincy Toutmaiteri and a Royal' as .1II aboard Ih* anttsutmwniM 11 tea talk IhHr pLIo1ll on
Tmi year bo veer ol Increasedinterest and CordeUia Kornetay. md sow Arch Uasrvv tie to aim wire president the pKrtro ol .btofinr >
In the Hew Years Eveeeeke will!''nm, Johmy C Jr, John Doug at Southern EJrctrortes I i 1 rwr t.* lUarHnr wart.f wtilto airrrafl rvtng cab U ttMl bukkngtwhirl wee

the special worship i tae Robert and Dale Komegajr, Carp d Oprlika. Ala. He to man 'with llrllmimT" Ant $> VnarlMTh appropriated' k> the kiln, was
Inttud the showing of a religxw an d Tinahaupc. hi. nattier fled to the bore Mis* Gf'r1".III: yf .1(, lhraiM trllll ills and beau.

!1m. Mn. Mary Komegay ITemmino "Jurnson and the lather at twill Kiua/lrofi haa DM>a operatInff I wtiU the rested at tile muntliMfmlrr
At 10: IS pnk the tNnnftctI he n( Qutncjr; *tt brothers. Andrew, err, Sandy 10, and Tommy I with Ih KmrMUl M the i without, was w'precr1t'
ftm. -Martin tmher will G. W and AuoV*. of Qulnry.1 They ar> memhwi of the (iretna|
Far too wlill seining as a Will dTh
shown in the church aanrtnaryThis Lloyd, of Cretna. Bobby ol Jackmwllle. !Baptist Ourrh. n \at the fcVMMh FtotM 1 nnnwni< ** 70 minute film baa received and WaOc Korntay.of Mr. Hmderm to a put prod 1ng tare dill deck at the Ih pUym< ol 1UU Gilumbw'

ortdnJe acclaim and poruayaponma1 Coil RaMgk. M. C; a cMrr PauUne ,'drat of the Tallahassee Kiwans) I KMTM/I> *. wMch sewed I* the land an invurtlriM by the Kv.
coovtctka Komegay. ot Quincy. and a aid and lie WM at'mnipuHd teiQumry .hub it aMHutximrtn* Cole, grand mats of the
cuJda- .kt a brUvWs U*. {halt sister, Lrona HaU of Doha,' by aster .asl preaklrntlt Hw arrjadro*) ira14 vprralkM with aanflWmarlM !Grand lush(.. lawtt Archer
At the mndusmn' '' of rite Dim.Ala. "* Oat Ch:In. Paul ok7r art. wte warfare ''in>aktr '7MaAhese.sslu Luther tttt prior Will rare Males hM Inn ki Port Cha imdrnlUI ul .him hctlai to
K"1.r at tartar -
t ; wo pwt.pJI1IItf H C. MILLS WINS I Ion*: and Paul Skeflr* A. IMSIpmadmt .c:4'ether air timrriMr M-lry and JUTM UWntrott
.M and condudmg at .
at I SPEECH CONTEST af the TaIw-. elm designed k* find and dnrtraysnmiy en behalf of DM *on*
KHS Markham had M la* goesl) suboMTlim.Forwtry mltlw at the cmatudonil *mvtniiui >
"For a spiritual emphaus trth 1 R. C MSB wu derlartd wtawrat ;lor the nxrttng Us lamer, A. & and prMwod *. kirn the
test aisht of the year, kvtadeMi tie cpraheri eositad at tie rig\Markham fill D iatIte Ala cmlMutlni at the iul*.
procram .to your plan laid also bMnontKy mnttng of tee, l R.port I Th ffftmnt Sea delivered KMMiMtural

Mr. Cotton. Qulnry Tsastmaslrn Ouh Mss'I NEW YEAR'S EVE Th CwMni Canny fflmtryWrW a<..,... 1M...* the
day aight Oihrr ipeakm we>* rrpnrt' m erode fin InOv ratUutlunil sank bats Jane K.Urw .
Garden Club BoardTo R. U Massey and John SERVICES SLATED p.a1 sews days N nht* t* .., judge III m* Lnn Cum
Meet Tuesday .8IideII.1 BY PENTECOSTAL awl On>* sea. Janmry I tt ty Court who WM to be the third
ad>s to W, baralntUl MOWN
AT THE Vad* Nods yea lIP I Mrwimr *l to Mai* Alter
A apxlal Xghf sere
rmHv bard of ft* Qukvff '
of wants
The arm Numhrf by had clad the arab o( the
Garden OUb wig meet TuewliyMM. ',I! A! the Leaf Theatre Fridayi H easy he Wd at m* QtoMrylPtmrmstal : INSMiA.W. 01 Doooat ( M iris ,
!) t4uao..t aUWAMb OffKO )0wJ Pr..ws.a *K- urea rrpnrtod Sam urn* tmttary tonn Oowrm* Bram-h,
HohnMi Own .
and tenjrday wfl r nToanc
Aw. January torn of I Mrs at eight Law Kcrdaon. **-i''Rhnl Hawbi Ate tato4 .>JfVrmm al Vtrgusw Sorrel r oed from WO turn fh. 904 4 Over to IKS Pr*.kUnt Job>, Young at th. Monday .-.. a t" a >. kat4 N. burning, OiuMl Min fl. Bruonw. cWninha

at t+5 Brilainy prtv Mrs Murday. wolf be Thr fcrrtt U ,_ Tramday, D.'wrer >' Iraq ot th* civic dub. 19W ..a.tary, K& Ions to at the .sUtiB. left;; Torn ,I* xlt' arna.lUitfal ] ol Ihi day, proclalnwd
MS and ortantta
Ih *
Crwham MrKewa eng bewruibrrs atolh'"Die.. : rwtwvd ....,. lour A* thr ore year' gar cat ant, tea oi Tu Mff-iie who ln.k $.d c. sew :_:.. to (Ld i from It. rtqbl; Russell r-ul to week* Qulnry ever fed area j.1O; Uon at tabllhnMI the KUl d llnrkia. .*!

.... fir, Twwtey and Vednmiiy. 1ir aw year ram .ltIwN. Wczc*. 13C1 vfeeamrer :. pee ld.c' to a*<3=4 from CM it-;ht, GAd fwak Hly,as, 196} .lnCJa I !', Ibvana. ',;.S; and that WlBUm
Dm e im.'s arrant
art tad' to atI t TUmiahout. star yhs a r--no I o.'r"J"f'r
<* 'freaky. I,ft* ahar. EMTTOM M Lvtsed. 1 to oa the lob.p. rgbL: rbcio tf Dan MarU" to unity MY., t." i (Ci .la <


7 }}



I { 's
i /


1. Wlnnlnq Baby must be born In this county.

2. Parents of Baby must be residents of this county. '
/ "
7I 9' E A
3. Exact time of birth must be Terifled by the attending


4. All applications must be received In the Gadsden County

Times Office by 5:00 p.m. Monday. January 4. 1965.

5. In case of a tie prizes will b.awarded at the discretion
of the committee.



t; and COVER SET .
.. I
FOR For Mom's Choice I

o _

rmL hL
up em o

QUINCY FLORIDA North Side Square Quincy. Florida

Rexall Stork Nurser Seti" AN

FOR r p4ea
yk NP ,1

BABY'S 7 Baby's Nursery .

GIVEN BY consisting of

BY 10- 8 Or. Nursing Bottles FOR BABY'S NURSERYGIVEN

CAR NESPLAYTHINGS 2- 4 Ox. Nursing Bottles

Will Be Presented by BY

Suit and Shirt 3 Piece Year's1:1i
for Dad Baby Silver Set PRESENTEDWITH
Dress CleanedFor Will BePresented :


W oi. Wood/ rfewctcr
, DRIVE Ctanel'J THE
morrow 107 East Jefferson Street WALL'S KING COLESUPERMARKET

FIOH1DA QuIncy. Florida

1 I

j i

't i


would like' f. fake thil
opportunity to thank forhopping
with, ?. over th. p.r yr. W. hop. that .vtrythtn you; KM b.an SWIFT PREMIUM CANNED LOOKING

.... i1r S E Y S fj to your comp.t, latiitactioft. Wi will> .lw'yi skive to bring you i N AHEAD a.Gooote.utA I....
e variatx of quality, foods .f the low.it postibl. Our a.srltl.-tw/to.r

friendly' Kilpful Mrvic* n always .t your diipoial.i M<::. have -. ..._.,. _

(hi p!..iur. of continuing f, ".rv. you in 1965. HAM

C i
i, II. is pt-rtwpa only matter nt
''I' mil Kpiwan now Uui slit
"jni'. 1 *'ii'nli n w turned\)nl
HAPPY "n"' .'|," nona, until report will bo
( 3 Lb. $239 commit in o( rioting ind oilier rxIIIMKUIM '

::4 ; Can uiithtirlly of xngtm-enxl tout against around lawful the

world by OunuiuinlM grout. Pub"
lie Intcrmt. 'In Him i-oimtry afmnisnl '
only a nhiirf tlmr ico on
tin "innnv rh.. of ilu, Summer In
"in utlra. In which Nccnxnmil
\an,.,. malt'Olkmtx nun) pnrtkipated >
ALL FLAVORS I iilmiK will, in owns Casaba
NEill Y'r AR 'OWLSARIJUICE UH inminul rlrnuittt and &'1111*

JELL O 3 Pigs 30z.. 29, AVAILABLE ATCASEY'S qiiroK\ l>1II ihly n( the thnl. ixuniininiUrf Inii w'ptenllw'rreport In,01,1 -

IGA PINEAPPLE o( Mi J, AIJ,1l HooverpiMthiivd
460z. FOODLINER mino piililii uumimli'r'
33 MwKlinK, 'I9s. Kill iiinMiir roportal -
Can thin In- had nut 'iimnd ,hat
WILL i loin' in w\vml iH'itix 'n i *
BE OPEN woninstigated bv llw t\mmun
flit nirty II UMI w '. uu ,
L NEW YEARS! and w<" haw no immm 1 to' i
/ : A I BIT IIlIh Mr. lk.n<- md,11! 5,
9 9 C ii liiri not ulliiw i hill I i ,
Cooking 0 It No. 10 /:.f f GRADE "A"r niuilsli arc Ihcrrfon' n 1I11f' n Dilli
I ,
Jar 'ci'llx'r "law nhiiliiit. I"\al I. pc'n"
FLA. GA. 'n. IIhll are "I IUIin* i"t t.l i >i ill
1.111': ai Cant ho..I1I1 i i
VAN CAMP'S } ,111..1) AilUHlly, tic, i"mimit >ti
tf F' f >rd (I' infill'rulii" iu,i t.
"on ,rnuuiih 'lo mark iu 'I'll;ly
c Air luxpli Ion anytime n i rtes< i>n t.a:
Pork & Beans 2\ 23 f, ,, ,Hit an>ivlirr Tlx-n' in 'UI)..
: Who!. ,1 III dlllHH'W hot vMIIHKK I. C'rimiiMtl
Can ..s: : 1 okntlly' of Iht' 1'1111) ,111'I..II.II1iI.I .

; : : Alluikilon.
MAXWELL HOUSE > : 'I I n' iif Mr HKIMa' il.ilr.nim .
1nM11 nut havi' i m ullod that
':'or acvrnil. years bt Inn, ilx' rtua:
25 't' .Ft'; W 4 MM) t Summer, AIIMTUHII miKK.II '
Inst.COFFEE SOL -> Moro 1lIlI'k"d l all ""I'
b : .tt tir solid Newel of OkinmunKtit
Jar i, 'linn lluiniult rkil was tiNinnonn
: : iH'ulru! iMuniilra Ti'sMiumiy'
f"j' i) I (1\ roproM'nliillvd htnr
f" ..
ii Sitvilr (1111I111111. In I huh 1all..1 \
sty ( OunniunM |plot nuulii
Lb. ., HM irw .11'1.1 (xillii) In WMI nu>'
11BI" ......
"J. lIt the '
I'"I minlry' world watt
CATSUP 2 14 01. 29c ,.,. ..n xifllrnt hliiliNy ol low nrnvnii'tit <

t tiara wllliiml raiiir imlltknl a Ihol'lllohh..khwn kltti"Irtrnlr

aa ....>n .. Uuiiiiiiun.
y ml pulllltlnna "luiimi tu rrral
In''lh'' ,
Tht Gunmunlm iix-mliii| in

; llila Inward InitiUM dim waa'milling dimtisl the prlinmlly p,eke
j SULKED In tint eyes of tilt |NHII>. to"l1
FRYERADEpAR BACON ik' 4 39c nuinliit, trmihl nuikrra would
J TA H Unit NuM'' In pulillc |>Uit* uiunlir
In Involve" ptk.L, 1: n I
I whin DID pollit Walt Inlo an 1
TABLERITE Din loxilil nrnkrit wmild i. k
ants ami return lo ninvw, In ncftlai ,

: q V CABBAGE-V G A CRANKS 12. 39c oilirr I' to wire nmiitry milk' 'I,:It IIIII inn|firutiil'i|n>nr('\1111111111'.1 Uuupdir. In >

i lima Itt"i .dtbrrllwvl; l I1' pin) ,
BREASTS LEG 5 up nsllllnu pom'*
TABLERITE FRESH LEAN linn aKHlrwl rliMprn, ulrlkitr uuln
.l., Cunimunliilii torn Indllralml
p"II'II. (u anp tln
GROUND BEEF 3 Ibs. 98c 11w HnitiilMy <*.rllila ..

b. 5' (1A rrpnwntullv pniplkil
straw l that the "..1111I11111. In any
YOUNG TENDER i-ouiilry would rates every .,lh riIn
49c 39c prrvrnl" tea. ihvi-lnpiiirnt ollri a
r 1 lb. lb. I'' 'ig |.Jli. Innllo al iiitrraml
BEEF LIVER lb. 39c that ttw piilli'* nNMt hax
lint auppurt .uami
lire pfnptn a lust thaI
plain why It.. Comiwmlsla w :4IrnnJ
) tar Dili kind ol ut 4.. .
STANFORD PEAS '"191. 'task I It n* nmilx ......., >V
nf timny rrn/inllnii inr 0.11I"/1.
I BLACKEYE FISH mt ttirnil. 11m INM 'II th.. r'' >tlatka
la dm"iu.i It vt t'a
PIES BLACKEYES 'wild' to llw pnipk, almit tic'
STICKS diiniirn of (Onmiuinl l h. till
59cPEAS Ihr crsllntlll.Tls..xlrnl...
10 Ibs. I In whIHi Oninuni i
in prrpunM lu ic> I a IIh.lralt,1in

u MEDIUM YELLOW 240z.39C 8 Pin. 49c 16 Oz. 59 C Z4 .L 19 c .lit nrXlivt U-tiilwr,:'.. IVIliv In I till, An NnHmwl brutality airvHIwim 11.,11.,1 1111'/tut.talr.f 'I

'orpl" Till auwmncrnwltt wise
ONIONS 3 Ibs.19c pimnntlnif llw ttncmmi* m>v y'li Civil) q.eacrdby (lJIrtlOnunJIti ..

/lvoi'al. "dv .
to a
""a" ,rwlaw. l. inj' fir N.... Yak l
(sty. ThIs/ I iNi urtMi .IIl1rnllll.
dial w.. Html by Ih* llmtM (Com
WHEN YOU MAKE IT tONE :\ mlltr un IVvAinrrltun AillvUta "e
FOR THE ROAD a front ofr"nn. pmturdiin and
( .|pi nM to Unununmt U w1ir uki .
MAKE ITHOUSE : >r*, An artlrto. In TIM Wwrturif
(hliilwr 4 Anlhrr, prmnMw the

MAXW E LL KRAFT nww'htt.rnannrla. the' Ilnehdnws
9 it Vy ir J .+ It qiMilr* It* nil r"p"rt ofrslr'
5 .. taking Ira with H, Ihulwhrra "
rii .. HOT I II an autUmli tIt
I Lb. Cheese ( Hun iwlrw" bane the rntral 4of
Can : I. tlw puke" WM_ t.a (ml that
'native .1kll *M ln.l IhofVUr:*
r apimrMl to bn Im,._/,,,.
In* nilbw Mtn ruMul it
; .
1 SLICED .. nl) ai > iifcNt '$ knprvllwl
8 Ot that thry wrr vtrnwlly j :
:: 35 alywd Ruth om/IMt a* ,:*
IGA FRUIT SWISS C ......","'" fcy hot HU. mil hrtlrfmwil.
Pk q. y awl nsse f'fIN1lw. law ...,..,t',,.

ft SLICED "rot ; r j munlit. Ira"''utivunwly I'|. *r* .what....1"1.Ihm Thryaru <
COCKTAIL 303 20c atmply opp*"! 10 >law .ni>

: Can PIMENTO 'p 5 5OR L39c ,a'br With. our mutt di. tikes tamtb -,
l ol ,111".1""Lt.
to *"nol In* Piftit "
(I I ..., .
J'II't pi Nee rftkert. art
( AMERICAN) TJM' (.IOVHI-OT dim.'.11', M. Wit<.
I a* huHiUt MiununM am /.1.1' .
LUNCHEON MEAT ws my llMy in JIIIVtI funht/
vat!** -ih, 'tf riutlriff, Ia"-,
&6& and MnkhHr.

SWIFTPREM 12 Ox, 39c
Can a U ) IHT r( *ni I.Q1'.arina.lcr

(:-.1 Jullll A.
(0..1& .h.4 .JoonNf pwtu4 t.l.w'wll' "
utarrvatfJit .tester
PHILADELPHIA ,j,1JIrnp' In "'*) Iran. waxhnnrirf e
PINK BEAUTY TABLERITE b Gal.SALMON Kinw 1,000 UMtmi Main pint

CREAM CHEESE pkL 29c ICE nffkv rhuik Uw UmnMMM|i.iaiiii> aiaiKM Mitt a*In dhln trw I

w'XtMat's vt>4 Mit anymwirmtHj.
Tall 53c tart h* thrik-M the wale
c rum InAuuU M knaalMt. of art*

Can ORANGE JUICE 9Bt 29c MILK 39 .M"). ...- -

; (.."'IC.,. .Ph/rl, ;,wI

r.uttwr IL II.NI.. .hrt mugnnl
I ls.1 fwcratery irf (',mimrra1 amiixkitit
,i'- J'Aown lull naninl4n
>( nonfat Ji T Cw
C4 to irw p..l- Orawf to thoMt
1 nrw at Work t/anpany
: CASEY'S DISCOUNT FOODLINER 'rC Th* PnmMlffll tttpmanl.
tiro narrt' al Hmhcn" aVpatri.It.
.r!' 'n" I't'tlrlfttl .r Mary wwi
aakn.. bad plle.1IIWI n
..** Dw Ciihoirt at Uw ml o(

: Art ipr> miay rfrtvtnf tip front

QU :lliiiffHrS CASH SAVINGS AS YOU GO"T 1s ,lltw.IcIMe PnimUa M.you. urmpn-iMilv iwvrr Motor eruumt Club, Whra AAA..u1lf.u you..

you *J ahid to anudtff MUM, II,,'
13331S, NOSCTUlf 1S3M: Iwi tuur kiumeuo.
v i it.


-- -- -

GADSDEN COUNTY TIMES OUTWEIGHED rated the foreign governments everybody to make this ,in, !1vo

:end business campus with which YOUTH ASKS 1TrR? boat trip cuts WOT-pijs 011>
and continuing Britain deal The surcharge' :, for bait. and tackle Th
THE aiATTAHOOCHEE TRIBUNE seems, In any cane, to have been for a Failh and a Challenge TrlE Is only *
To (juirement time and
Published each Thursday at 15 S. Madinon StreetA ineffective and the firgvrei for Good Examples and Good Explsnatlons TI I trIP l'nH11J t
John H, Perry Ntm iixtpirESTABUSHET November showed a continuing Knowa Llmiti get there
) 1901Qldngr large trade deficit and Conslsltncy And WOREditor I will not guarantee you a cav+
Florida The rise In the bank rate was "Lot Ins; URll'Glnl.- .* huge u mine but will .\,

s-4 CIaJo ........ hid ae QalIotf "",,Ida delayed and so poorly timed M BT Dorothy B. Alexander you full assurance of a wonfc"'l,!
to suggest that It was an act ofItrllpl'rallon. Gadaden County Times experience.Your .
One Year $3.00 Two Years ".50 Sis Months $1.7 It failed to draw Into Publications Specialist First I with to Hate that I am friend, and neighbor;
J. L. Hutchlnson Puhluhtr /ear reTMAl Britain the flood of funds thai Florida Division ol not attempting to qualify for the Rex Tunuici'
Mr, Either Sober .._....................?... Editor was' once considered the aulomafl Training Schools Burlington liars club But I'vegot
lion Carman _....___._ Advtrtiing and Nell" fleet of a high bank rate. The I Perhaps I am childish about' a good one on my chest that SEVERED FINGER A CLI E
reason Will simple It la not I Imuxtt share with you all. "I
the Cfcrislmas Campus Display at Hopkins, Mlim When
very attractive In deep balances German submarine onChrMnas p. c"
In liritain. no matter how high the the Florida School (or Boys at caught a Investigated the robbery ''J d i a
Merest rate may be anticipate I Marlanna but I find there are day. safe, they found) a severed t .
NATIONAL' EDITORIAL : the t'yIll': devaluation many others In that class with me.' This might call for a lot of explaining ger. Print taken from the I. .
It Is of the most beautiful, \ even proof. If so, I have led to the
IAS" 1 at the pound. one gee arm of iin >
I C' o to The assemblage of a $3 billion eights I have ever scent One xma-fide reference I quote, Call Miraoo who had police mVhrson GA F o pool of foreign hinds did give reassurances night this week we were riding I or write to Captain Lange,'Wind"of d the gave himself up In a i .
lea] PUSL/t Olt ,4 l F, of Immediate protection through the 2Vi miles ol beauty party fi-hlng cruiser "Gulf fomla police station and aad
grtoN r for the pound. But liNt very with an air force officer who hasten Key West, Florida. lor medical help.
magnitude of the sum revealed about over this world quite Vague to my knowledge, I am
how serious the problem waa. Now, a bit. "I have never seen anything now socking with our navy department New license tape for 1965 ''0
the British have had to defer a'' like HI" hexclaimed. Laterhe the following information. not go on sale until Feb 1. i 1..
Revolt In Congress Needed oheduXI: SI 40 million loan repay I said, willfully, "We've just got Identity of the particular der the new system, tall art. good
ment to the U. S., adding that to figure some way tolet the sun sank oil Key West during or_a_13-month_period.SEPTIC !. _
much to our balance of payments word la EVERYBODY! His wife WW2.
Star performer at the recent Philadelphia conventionof deficit.I Is MC on a television program Due proof was established, we
the The Bank of England has had earn weekday and the next day were fishing over her sunken hull TANK
American Farm Bureau Federation the
was venerable he really tried to "got the word
beautiful warm
thin unny
10 step In to support the price at on SERVICEVACUUM
white-haired, senior senator from Vermont Farmer Ill. own Rovrmmcnt'l securities' 10 everytt dy" all right by telling Christmas day. One of my fel-
about it In as glowing terms as made a proof
low fishermen
George David Aiken, who begin his 25th at his The government U of course supporting :
year the value of the pound in one could use. catch. A shell casing not bred,
Senate desk.Branding. QUINCY foreign exchange market Buorward : By an odd coincidence I rode I but exploded In the casing, as of
sterling 1* at a sizable' through the next night with the fire detonation It bore the Identity
the Supreme Court' "one.man, one-vole' discount, reflecting the fear ol' MC on a weekday program on another of the German munition, and "

decision on reapportionment of State legislature an CALENDAR OF EVENTSA future devaluation.We network and her fine Jamty. calibre on its rim.
still don't know how It will II Her ten-year old when we[ Minute later, I hung a big one, 5
"Infringement of democratic right, the Senator demanded III turn out. One moral of the had gone through the first time I pulled, and tugged earnestly until

that his heaters "rise up on (your) hind leg and Community Service the story, as It appears so far Is this: ,with "eyes right" and were startIng I was pooped out I sought the
by balance deficit and through the second time with
light. And the speaker assured them that he was a a rifle in domestic payments cost can be "eyes left," said, "What Is the I old of the Iklpper.| He immediately
the door of Congress Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce, 627.8518 LITTLEST THING you can do admitted I was hung on the
prepared to start fighting as soon a* tolerated for an extended period hull, of the CLEANED
or superstructure
t to get sent to this school? We
without provoking a crlsl But
German submarine REPAIRED
I open. Fishing at a
Thursday, December Center 8 5 when the crisis\ dors break, eventsare laughed but suggested that he depth of 65 fathoms
for 31Canning ; Florida think In Into"the
The Senator will fight he said a likely to move very fast not terms "getting
State Employment Service 9 3 S. Robert St School After returning to the docks In
amendment the Court's and establish I
t to overturn ruling I Key West I was chatting with an 627-8403

l' the right of each State to decide for itself wheher seats in Friday, January 1NEW YEAR'S DAY. Too Late I hope many of you saw the elderly citizen that told me our _

t' both houses shall be apportioned by population such as chorus from the Florida School Captain knew. precisely! the spot. Nights 627-6866
Monday, January 4- Klwcmls Club 1 Jefferson for Girls at Ocala on TV either whl'reltla
but killed the
was passed by the House last session in This was the Christmas presenthe
House American To Classify .t Tallahassee or at Orlando, This
Senate. ; Legion John W. Shaw Post 84, was a fine Incentive project fur promised us for the day. A QUINCYVAULT
8 p.m., American Legion Home; Masonic Lodge icm. Mrs. Moi'herson, the sup- i ierinll'nd'nt huge calch perched atop of this
Allowed stand the decision could r.lwtln
to only a
ItuMcd 'sunken U-boat And a red-letter
Gadsden Chapter No. 30 R.A.M., Tal-Mar.Quln By Kay said that the 19 girls CO.
Congress controlled by city members and the loss to day In my life H proved to be.
practiced long and hard for It.
Council 23, 8 p.m., Masonic Building; Social Security We have had a lot of fun sneerng ;
Our catch was huge, and I further VAULTS MONUMENTS
agriculture of "much of the protection and services It Vy certainly showed It in their
Representative, 9:30: a.m., Courtroom Courthouse; at old movies television bu petior mance. Hate, It to be the only time In my
receives under Federal law. "An urban-controlled now and then we are blessed with I
now life, I caught more ish In pounds MAINLINE DRIVE
Boy Troop 203 7:30 Scout Hut Girl
p.m., ; he re-run of a movie that Is so
Congress, he declared with unassailable logic "wouldbe Another good--rormll/1'e than I ftelgh. I QUINCY
Scout Troop 148 4 First Presbyterian Church. Jar above all others that we must was
p.m. In cost, it I Is within, reach of
interested in food and fiber of the highest quality at atop and count our blciklngs for given by .one colored group of .. _

the cheapest price, regardless of how or where produced Tuesday January SCanning Center, 8 S; Rotary he actors, writers and (technician for inters Boys from at Marianna the Florida who School penarmed

." Club 1 p.m., Jefferson House; Garden Club Board who created. such outstanding presentations. ( on TV at Panama City

Legislature representing both area and population Meeting 8 p.m., Club House; Lions Club 7 p.m., After listening to the news on 'on the 17th. Their rich voices

have constituted he said, "one of the most cogent reasons KittreU's; Saddle Club 8 p.m., Auction Market my favorite station last Sunday call were I begin good to In the see Chrintmai more and songs more
I prepared to II
for the rapid growth and development of the U. S." And, Wednesday, January 6- Jaycees 12 noon Kittrell's; Exchange a evening day when was it was announced that,the value of these group projects .

he asked If th. Court's decision stands, "is there any Club 1 p.m.. Kittrell's; Army Recruiter Post the late show "was "The Miracle ell' the choruses, the bands, Make a
34th Street. Vaguely remembering -
reason to doubt that a move to reorganize the U. S. Office; Marine Recruiter. 9-12, Post Office on the pleasure I had caperlenced Just developing In them die G Resolutionto
Senate on a population-only basis is not far oil? In viewing the picture willingness to work toward a goal

when it was first released, I decided deferring some pleasure, perhaps, -
Evidently the Senators did not think of that why keep
to forego sleep and see It 10 put in this Ume at practice. rI
not we wouldn't know when they voted down the The National Outlook! I a jain. Practice today, practice tomorrow, '".- in touch

corrective amendment that would undoubtedly take a In my book It should have a next week, next month, to control

lot of steam out of the inevitable drive to reform the By George noon lace along with Dickens' Christmas any desire to outshine others, to "+ all year
ficiency of their economy at the classic for It reveal the real irtpllne oneself so as to be a
"most exclusive club in the world. Senator Aiken would RITA' SI.\ HA\KltS same rate as the other leading Industrial spirit of Christmas and reminds part of a harmonious whole. This longDIKI.G19H
take care of this menace and many more yet undreamed nations. u. that In our mad scramble for kind of self-imposed discipline develops .
of however by having Congress "settle, once and for It I II sun-ly platitudinous to But the British working people material gain we have lost the the Inner ('UIIrotJ1P)' need '
J point out that an Impairment ol want the Kood things! of life just lings that are far more important. to work painstakingly over a
all, the question of the powers and limitations of the confidence can have damaging ct- as much as their counterpart In certain period to secure, finally, a
U. S. Supreme Court.We're frets! on the performance of anatlcm' other countries. Their wage rates It brings us to the realization certain result Is one of the finest
economy. Current events have been trending upward and that then really Is a Santa Claus, things we can teach a child.
'j all for the Green Mountain Statesman along In IMtaln however, give\ some politician In power haven't dared Just a* Virginia learned there was "Keeping in touch" by long distance

with the Farm Bureau people who endorse Constitutional nxllilil Into how the process to take economic action that would A Santa Claus who lives on the 0V RESCKtEClT telephone this is
the sidewalks over the works. slow down the rise. All a result, belief and love and faith of a year one of the most
protection against spreading A deterioration of confidence Import have risen faster than the multitude/ of children, and adults The Pentagon Is aiming to com- appreciated resolutions
i whole State.Their does not ordinarily come about exports that Britain must sell to as well, who refuse to listen to the pll'le the revolutionary recreant- you can make.
Yo1ltiout cause. Usually It reflectso \ pay for them. demands of so called sense and catch of the Army reserve tore Long distance station-to-station
1968. The
rermtnlllon of underlying econnlc The present crisis Is due as' reason and who cling to the symbol II by April Army are
Survival At Stake difficulties, which have pertated much to the Ineptitude of tlie of a make believe world that staff, aided by Guard and reserve the especially low after 9 PM. Call often
for some time. When the Labor Government as to it* idC'OI'l would materialize and really exist officials, have already begun
Impression becomes widespread oey. At U,. very Mart It announced 11 we all willed it so. difficult Job of working out the this \ear. It means so much
Foreign! Minister Thanat Khoraan of Thailand has hat the political authorities willnet Its Intention of Lust fur the dollar: the font problems shifting 150.000 Army
take action to solve thrill Uing the steel and lIIt1onaJ.l buck. has commercialized Cbrmtman I reservists and their units to
called for an international force to help Vietnam in its problems, and that thry will probibly du tri,.*. It also proposed higher to a point where we have I National Guard. ,.... '

Communist war. His country, he said, is willing to take a course that will make taxes on business, and a new tax almost lost the real purpose and I '
turtle like
lie problems worse, the crisis on capital gains, to pay for expanded pint of the occasion, The huckster When swimming, a ,
send troop, and so are many others. In Korea, 8,000 In confidence Is likely to bunt welfare programs. These have turned It into a grand those at the Miami Senquarium, .
veterans have volunteered. forth suddenly and develop quick.I.sg proposal could hardly be inter.prcted and glorious field day to the point must surface to breathe about
!y. a* likely to Improve efficiency list many of us find the thought every five minutes or so. .
In response Ku Cheng kong chairman oi the Asian u ErneUnr I or reduce the cost of pro 01 (Christmas repelling as we find :* ;ki 1871
Peoples' Anti-Communist League, declared in Taipei In fairness to the Labor Govmment -, duction. ourselves financially unable to such to the Kingdom of Heaven/ Quincy Telephone Co
.. it should be pointed out Im-ffdrtlv Mmm cope with It.Youthful I The love and peace that He
that the Republic of China could provide from 50,000 to Ihllt the basic cause ot Britain's The Labor Government at first belief in Santa Claus promised Is our if we will Just
,i I 100,000 battl.tested veterans to fight the Viet Cong in flrultln lies In conditions anteiillnK -I Tied to meet the immediate prub- I. as normal and natural a* beIh'f ." ft go and let God. =
Vietnam. Ku said further that organization of an anti. Labor's assumption of prey tern of the balance of payments in Christ himself since Santa ------ -- -
The British simply I haven't deficit through a 15 percent surcliarge Claus to the young mind Is a
! Communist Asian force is the and unanimous
common r
I xvn Improving the I productive ef 1 on Import It thereby Irri- symbol of all that Christ stood
desire oi the more than 20 countries that are members I I or, all that Is good and cteanand

ol the League since they realize that the whole of Alia blessed
Miracle of 34th Street"
1s under the threat of Communist aggression.Both I reveal"The what could happen If

the Thai foreign minister and Chairman Ku mankind of every race and creed
however the that such force I would reject worldly cUim and Before save or invest
were emphatic, on point any 'accept faith and love In II* stead.In you
must be formed outside of the UN. the hearts of men the world

over whether they be white, black,
In urging such an International Asian force togother
i 'red or yellow is the sincere desire
with US air strikes against Viet Cong supply routes, the for peace and love. Only the

i Central Daily News of Taipei declared on December 4: sadistic desire for power on the
"From the military and strategic point of view, the I',' part!the reall7 of national t lIon of then'Utopia prevent we FEDERAL

anti-Communist war in Vietnam can scarcely be won all seek

unless outside assistance to the Viet Cong Is cut oIL We I The Santa Claus In the hearts I TALLAHASSEE

believe that If the US strikes at the routes and ol children Is the hope of the
; supply
work! for It alone te real! and III j
bases of the Viet Cong rebels! Hanoi will be tamed and allowed to reflect Itself In lite (It will pay to read every word of his statement)

. Moscow and Pelplng will not go beyond verbal outcries. would change the world and bring

Vietnam and the US are now shouldering happiness and love where hate, ,
tear and distrust now prevails.
the war burden. II the responsibility 1s shared by others, i As we celebrate ChriMmat let YOUR SAVINGS OR INVESTMENT GOOD EARNINGS nUS

the anticommunist position in Vietnam would be greatly.tr.ngth.ned. KILLS us bow to Santa Claus as a symbol j i INSURED AGAINST LOSS
." of He who said "Suffer the little, r,11 COMPOUND DMDENOJr

children to_come_unto .me for_o 1r" "" '. ti 11r w knftwimitelitf At InHtJ '<# Y... ...,, u-hd"., .r...,r
This certainly is the understatement of the year! 1I'1n] 1141. IiowIfMMllt ... .1ft'I/o w peal.e"e

Nor can we see logical reason for being still.necked I II a' ._ D_ N..p..da, M
any / .
g as' f. ... \lii'm: ./ N* war L..ss wr .MwAccw.w ra.. _.. ..
about accepting the aid of seasoned Asian troop infighting .ILS'"',d' rw.... --It .rw .r w |IO.000 by .... .e.red r.n bldg.
.r; : 0 tt5 It..F M 5.w M
Asian Communists in Asia and who can be Nematodes r.lU''m heed s..rp 004 r- ......-, ...._ __wd.rM1..1.
Rootknot .. ....
_.> w. D.C. t..w
stopped more easily now than later. 'I I II .: I'"i'J .MM* IwW .... ..**.. mttnm.

t I r NO Q
Liberals And LoyaltyLiberals I I INow's II I .r MEMBER Of FEDERAL .. NO COMMISSIONS


Including organizations rating Senators and the time to use D-D* ., w .a. weA..... ............. ...........er
Congressmen place great stress upon loyalty loyaltyto e G. l.e wr.ww d ed.d .yew. -. w..aw tit e
f .k.4 r..M.r b..w I. el
awd. .. .
ee ,. ,.
w Lw tI war w
the party platform to liberal programs loyalty in for better tobacco yields trEED A CAREER a.H. M re.. rdrd re"--. e.p

voting records, etc. I.OII'A_" .....edlaa.
w __ 1M ee a
They champion a liberal who rebels against his I ewa.w er.aa YOUR '
the candidate and I
party and its platform although plat '

form were chosen by a majority oi the party's convention. Get D-D fromESCAMBIA ,,.:.:. __. .r.e..a.... -. g INVESTMENT KEYIR IIG lEND AREA

Neither Senate nor House leader, the While House, nor "" 1*.. _.k hnnid h UK_
t. ---eo. f" FlUCTUATES IN VAlUf r..w MIr (, reuse H
others In authority in an Administration rebuke or challenge w .w1 :M. Tk:M .. .::.

the party man who 1s "too liberal. CHEMICAL CORP. aa..wr.w.- -a 515w rwtieq == aw r ....... w.iw tI Mme I.J.III ; w sew Ya .... Lew ...-
i ... awa e II 51,45.
rr '
H. Measly 'I" "Vw.e r _011" .wa
I The liberal then who rebels! against party disciplineor w. wwI "'a \ ..... Mlle epee 4 P.
i party loyalty is a hero. But the conservative who rebel rw piss ae www 10"

against party discipline or loyalty is a bad man. (Formerly Gadxden Fertilizer Co.) ..-w wa.ww0a
... 1 ww4 a -
That is, and has been. a political bias in the United w -, SOUND, LOCAl MANAGEMENT
Lila w .....erAi.rss of D. 4
States for a long time. ssa aauws.W ........ .
'ty : ,
.. by I .d p..L.Mwd I ___ ....
Come In Call M
or !\!
la the Republican Party sign oi change are setting M r wed S. Lit.rww.ll. I rs .........U.hL O.--"' ..+.rr Mir
.. .w a 1.. eV.rr -" ..... .
in. Many of the liberal, who had been running the party Cecil Trlppe w err.. 'v ri=: r C nee aw W .-+ ..
A.a w y ea.rr.we
lor decade until 1964. are tailing to sense the change. e.ed -
PHONE MM w rrhw tl.M.r..
I They still think liberals are certain to win. They still -1.-
-, WI'- 1 w.ow w w.i.g w he ass SllIIOIIIIWi MS1
think they must read conservative views out of the i ... w ... be. r..r.rwALICE'S II I AMte OVtt f24.J00.OM


the other hand, conservative feel conservatism

must be the attraction of the GOP that they will rally i IlAun LEON FEDERAL SAVINGS

, enough support to their banner o win an elecion, eventu FOR D-D CUSTOM APPLICATION SEE ii i ab e.COLLEGE Rwr.areawvss..as iS9C

\ ally. The 'liberals who are sometimes not loyal when p, .. W c2lTI. Stfiassrs:2. -

their "own" isn't nominated and do little In the resulting Sylvester Woodward T. W. Touchton '

campaign, can scarcely expect to take over the party in I' J1I "a I : ..
627.7371 QuIncy 533-6730 -. ..
the defeat which follow This! U why the CUP split i* Horona NEXT CLASS tert sea ILUQIItICIE

likely to remain. BEGINS IAN. 5TH

t a



'Are You Aware .

Your o f Of "Quiet CriSiS"1

!JnJu.an One of the .
as books that should It "The be Quiet read as Crisis"by soon\I *

Stewart U Udall, Secretary of, ,
Question: Could you tell im Interior. In the foreword he makes
what will happen to the balance 01 this statement: History tells us
my husband'i life Insurance 11 ]I that earlier civilisations have declined i
should die before It baa all beer because they did not learnto 4z
paid to me? Would It go to mj live in harmony with the land.I .eds ))8
children or do I have to do any Our successes in space and our I
thing to make certain this ii deed triumphs in technology hold a icC
A sizeable amount would be in hidden danger: as modern man
volved in the next few yean. increasingly arrogates to J himself '
Answer: It it dittivult to an dominion over the physical
ewer this with the lack of detail environment there U Uie risk a(
given. II your We insurance wan that his false pride will cause himto d c7'p1
on a straight Ue income basis, take the resources of the earth '
there would be nothing left al for granted and to lose all reverence
your death to go to anyone. I for the land."
it bade period of guaranteed payment "America today stands on I
10 or 15 or 20 years, thet pinnacle of wealth and power, yet t
you would possibly have a balance we live In a land of vanishing RLINSTAN
which would go on after you] I beauty, of increasing upliness, of
death In practically! all life in shrinking open space, and of an
urance companies, any such overall environment that is diminished
ance Is automatically paid to :1 dally by pollution noise,
beneficiary's estate unless otherwise and blight."
specified. You should cited' "Tim In brief 1* the quiet
with your company and see If you conservation crisis of the l 60's.", ,
husband had set up any arrange' "It is not too late to repair ij
menu tor such a contingency. Net' some of the mistakes of the past' :
haps he named your children ai and to make America a green and
and productive: -
secondary beneficiaries so that pleasant -
they will automatically receive land." !
any remaining proceeds Then'OU Thanks to the Florida Federation ,
should make certain you leave swill of Garden Clubs and the
with specific arrangement Boautification Committee of the
for use at any remainder in any Florida State Chamber of Commerce
case, Including guardianship provisions. Florida Is doing something
.. See your lawyer at once,,, about conservation at beauty, says
If you haven't done these things. President R. E. "Ed" Brown of 1
All of this should be cleared up the Florida Nurserymen and
quickly, to make certain the full Growers Association. The Garden
dubs alone, in the period of "
Income and the care of your children :
is adequately arranged May 1963 374,883 to May trees 1884 planted have reported In .

InrKltM fUnS Florida. Many of those trees are' Y .+..axh I FL
native trees and will replace'those '
prevent corrosion and slick taken out because of the
IniTo of valves in brass musical: expansion of housing, road building -!
Instruments, the bran pistons arc and other development This
plated with a thin coating of tin program will continue for another
and nickel. year, and It Is hoped to exceed i" i
I this number next year.
Because of Die Florida State I, '
SAVE! SAVE! ,Chamber 01 Commerce's Interest.
over 300,000 Sabal Palma Flor
ida's Slate Tree have been planted _
ON along roadways, In parks, In'
median strips and other location.
INSTALLATIONCOSTSI This, too, will continue.We .
I are fortunate in Florida to
have about two hundred varietiesof
I 3
trees growing In our state -
and of these about one hundred
species are native In no other
,state, and a few in no other place
'in the world. Certainly these
should be used In abundance In

AND 0 Florida Unpianted tract houses of today I
" become the slums of .
SAVE people have more pride in their ;
homes when they are more at.1$
:tractive, and certainly there I*
nothing that will add to the beauty
I,of a home than a well planned
ELi planting and it add to the
I value of the home, also. Are you
contributing to the "Quiet Crisis," ,
or are you fighting It? I II
The natural yellow color of

EIUCAN.tattefa.r4AUTOMATIC I gold jewelry can, by be changed:additions, for of use other In I II There's magic in these sands of time, and as a child you were bewitched with endTHR: CHURCH FOR ALL.

I metals. Alloying with sliver gives less fascination as you watched the grains sift from one glass sphere Into another. ALL. FOR THE: CHURCHThe
gold a greenish' tone, copper givesit
HINTER a reddish color, while nickel Church I I. the freatMt actor
i and effectRESEARCH palladium have a whitening But as you grow older, the hourglass begins to have a different significance. Now on t.randoudcILJwnshlp.tIl..Ior.earth for the! building of chars.

> ( ifitt-utlni' Hinges I you see the grains of sand as pasting time-almost as if it were being snatched away hous of spiritual/ Values. Without

.. (qui".. silk ,...rful,iiilit/ slow I The world's ON largest NICKEL and: most' from you And there is a kind of desperation watching it go. strong ChurJt, wither democracy
JnjIfiMfd hi lighttl/ fuel whip modem laboratory dedicated to nor civilisation/ can survive. There
i truly, quickly" httfolM research on nickel and Its alloyswas .r. four sound reason why every
Why' ? Because ,'I n can we recapture these minutes hours dayil I
I recently opened at Sterling |'''rsc>n should attend services refu
mE UTiMATt-WY TtRIISBoma I I Forest New York, by The Inter I Urly and support the Church. They

,national International Nick Nickel .k.
hi* (3)
Horton .
Phone MAin 7-8617 ; begin again. God has revealed this important fact of life to us again and again throughout For the ask of tU Church Its*!"
I Getting an early Mart Is Just u which moral snd materl.j,
1428 W. Jefferson Important in life u It is In racing.: Ilia teachings. Discover it for yourself by going church aUf"a"'"stunt.anlib t to to church rrfUUrly -

and) raid Bible dAily
QUINCY. FLORIDA Nature Is grand to UVM who yaw
understand her rule and obey her

law.. .

GwriKI Jell K.Mss ........,.* hrvli. ...,.......,V*. *

Place Your Order NowAT I *'

Sunday Monday Tuesday hurlda, Friday/ Saturday
Psalm Jonah Luke 3M7'I Roman Ephealan* I John
37:23-29 3:1.10: 15:11-24: : 8:1-11 6:15-20 2:12-17: _




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I and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Bill cently with her sister. Mn. W. IDMS.

Episcopal lull and two ion of Montgomeryand .
their son and daughter in, Mrs. E. M. Dyal had a* her

WOMEN'S PAGE law, Dr. and Mr*. T. W. Griffin guest, son and daughter In law
.l Church Notes Jr. and daughter. They also vll-I Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dyal and

ited her parents Mr. and daughter of Tampa.

Joe UiUe Mr. and Mn. Toby Bulllnglon

Persons having item ot lodal nature art urged to call from St. Paul'sGoehl Mrs. Allene Cantey pent the of Chamblee, Ga. spent the holidays .

Mr*. May S. Richardson at MAiD 7-8503 What a Christmas! Busy holidays In Montgomery with her with her parents, Mr. and
and blessed a* I imagine Crist- son In law and daughter, Mr. and Mn. C. B. Redmon.
nuts ought to be. Because it Mrs. Warren Marshall and chil Mn. 0. J. Clayton spent the
---- would be almost impossible to acknowledge dren. weekend in Perry with her son

Coffee Given For by direct personal mall Judge and Mr*. Hugh Taylor in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
,, all the kindnesses and generosity had u weekend guests their son ,Herman Davis.

NKq of churchpeople and friends, let in law and daughter Mr. and Mn. Miss Elizabeth Weatherly of
Miss Alexander me. on behalf of my family and Bob Olive and their son and St Augustine spent tilt weekend

myself take this opportunity to daughter In law, Mr. and Mn with Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Lester,
Mn W. a McNeil, Mr. Ernest .
Jell Tallahassee.Mr.
thank all those whom we may not Taylor Sr.
IdJcoat and Mri. Durwood Owen t yet have had the opportunity to and Mn. Ben Duncan and
urn.lined with a beautiful cof I Douglas Dowung has returned
v for
Ben left Sunday
behalf son by plane
thank in
person. Secondly, on '
Icf Wednesday morning In honor of the Parish, may I thank Miami where Ben Jr. will playIn from a visit with relative and
of MJS Beverly Alexander whose !intends in Panama City
all those who did to much to a1011 tournament.Col.
marriage to James K. Meredith make the Church's worship rich and Mn. A. A. Rich of Mr. and Mn. R. B. Lester, Sr.

.y..i1 wa an event of Monday Decent and beautiful beyond the norm Arlington, Va. are visiting her spent a few day In Jacksonvillethis
bei 2UUi. v.eek visiting relative
the chotn, the Altar Guild, the mother Mrs J. H. Davis.
I The Jefferson House wan the staff and children of our Sunday Mr. and Mn. Bill Hall of Jacksonville Clyde Brodonan and ion John
scene of the party. A silver Chrislmm the holiday week have returned to their home fob|
Church School. Thirdly, may I sprat
tree, brilliantly decorated, : Mn. Berlha lowing a visit with relative here.
otter my thank to and gratitudefor end wit! her mother
was at one point of Interest in Mr. and Mn. C T. Straughn
:: those who have by the testimony Hough.
the dining room. Candles decorated of their lives In these trying Major and Mr*. Sterling Pin- daughters Sherry and ion In law
with holly were spared alUTvali. "w ", "f v days given abundant and abldlni son of Tallahassee spent the weekend and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Bill
n Mrs. Jeflcoat and Mrs 4 Mr. and( Thompson of Albany pent Christ
testimony to the fact that God la with his parent*
Sonny McNeil poured. : love, and In Him is no darkness Mn. Clarence Pliwon.! man day with Mn. Straughn:
The refreshment table was centered mother, Mn. G. T. Curry.Mr. .
Mrs. Hugh Taylor
I I at alL And so. lastly let ua Dray Judge and
by a branched silver epergne!' e,1 that others-may be illumined and and r.iiand: Mrs. Frank Tsylor and Mn. W. E. Lalng

raiding tapers and white camel Pz ennobled by their example had as guests Com and M 1'1. R. H.,have recurred from Greenville,
line and clusters of wedding bells S. C when they spent Christmaswith
And now to business: The bal Kuffer of Franklin, N. C.
led poinsettias! were aim on the ance of the Annual Parish MeetIng Mr*. Bascom Mahatfey of Pan their son in law and daugh
able, which was covered by a 1 II scheduled for the evening ama Dty and son Ernest who at. ter Mr. and Mr*. C W. Pattenon.
1. I t ta handsome cloth. On one end was of the Feast of the Epiphany, tends Florida Presbyterian College -I Mr. and Mn. Ball Munroe have
< the silver coffee service and silver January 8th (of which date notice in St. Petersburg spent the u guests Mr and Mn. Oliver

.. trays of sandwiches cookies and las now been given for twoweeks holiday with Mr. and Mn. Bas Steel of Rocky Fort, Colorado
1 ... compotes of nuts and mints on the + ). Epiphany being a major com Mahaffey Jr. and family.C Dr. and Mn. Calvin H. Curry

&. otbrr.( Mrs. Jeffcoat and Mrs 'r' feast of the Church, there will be R. Shaw and on Dick left and children are here visiting
Sonny McNeil poured. two celebrations of the Holy Monday for Atlanta on business. their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Mr. and Mr, George W. Johnston Jr. twelve o'clock\ and Mr. and Mn. Frank
From ten to approximately Eucharist to mark it, at 10 a.m Mr. and Mrs Otho Edwards Curry
(Pholo by I'Hoto Studio ft ) fifty guests called. and 9:30: p.m. The covered dish and ton and I daughter In law, Mr. Smith. .
will begin at 7 p.m. and and Mn. Winton Edwards spent Miss Sara May Love visited in
Mi;;; supper
I Yelverlon-Johnsion TeaShowerFor the business portion of the meetIng the holidays In Williston with their Gainesville during F.the holldH>*
ge with Dr. and Mn. May.
last to no later than 8:30: p.m. son in law and daughter Mr and
:o'y at which time all will go into the Mrs. Elliott Whltehunt Jr. and Mrs. A. E. Harp of Gainesville
Solemnized On Christmas DayThe Bride-elect church and close the day with family. was a recent visitor here with

Mina Beverly Alexander whom t the Feast of Lights, a brief but Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Fortnon and Miss Laura Love and Mr. and
---- meaningful devotion children of Marietta will arrive Mn. C. H. Curry.
marriage of Miss Sandra marriage! to James E. Meredith _.. -,_,_'.'_"_' __" .. "__'_T' We entered Epiphany into Christ' Holy for visit with her Mrs. Thomas lines and bliss
full tomorrow a
collar ttnched to the bateau event ot Monday, was the
Yolvrrlon Mr. and was an Palm
daughter of Annie Sowed visited In West
Ms Tillie Smith the Saoament and MI'Io E. H.
neck line and Ml into beautiful miscellaneous Cynthia Catholic Church through parents Mr.
M... John V. Yelverlon, and Mr. a flowing honoree at a Beach with Miss Hazel Sowell i
chapel train from the shoulder Mrs. ot Holy Baptism admin- Routon.
Oeorro W. Johnston Jr., win olMrs. tea-shower given by Mr. and Mr. Thomas W Smith of recently. I
Quincy announce stered on the morning of the Mr. and MI'Io James Hlghtowerand
The Mrs. Marvin Bar-
Beatrice Blondl, of Wa hlnlt. bride carried a snow bAil Jimmy Taylor, Rev. and Mn. Virgil Bryant of I
ten, D. C was solemnized In the of pale blue carnations tied with neau, Mrs J. L. Bartncau, Mrs the engagement and approaching marriage of their Feast of St. Stephen, December son In law and daughter, BaInbridge were here Sunday and I
Prit Chapel at Redstone Arsenal, pirated double-faced satin ribbon. Alvah WilBon, Mrs. Jerry Powell, daughter, TUlie Cynthia, to James Richard flee, ion of 28th: Infant Stacey daughter Elizabeth of Mr.Hitchcock and of and Bainbridge Mn. Wayne and Bell another and son In he preached at the Flat Presbyterian -

Alabama, at 4:00: p.m., Chrimmasr Die maid of honor, Miss Janice Urs. Joe Laslle and Mrs. J. T. Mr. and Mr. James P. Tlce, of Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr ., Joe Hitchcock (Beth Han- law and Mr. and Mn. Church.
> Lt. Col. Donald Carter officiated Osborne, of Athens, Alabama Laslle at the home of the former = tei left
ey. was Christmas decorations Miss Smith 1* a graduate of Quincy High School and ney); and Joseph Eugene Hitch- Kenneth Atlanta visited Bill Malon Sunday to
dressed In
at tile douhle-ring ceremony red velvet dress with Outstanding will from Converse cock The Qui tmal Offering: Mrs. Hlghtower' brother in law spend a few days In Miami.
bell at points of interest graduate College Spartanburg
I -8haprl skirt and carried: a were The W. E. Woodwards ot Tal-
snow ball of the house. South Carolina in May. She will receive a Bachelor cC set a new record this year with and liter Mr. and Mn. Pierce
MIR Yelvcrton was given In white carnations Interspersed throughout to in. It will make William during the hoIlda'l.M'I'I. law_ were guests of Mr. and
marriage by her father tiergown with red lace and red Mrs. Taylor greeted the guests Music degree In Piano Performance.Mr. more yet come Increase In the Clayton Fred Kibllka and granddaughter Mn J. W. Woodward during the
was a sheath ot Alencon I 1 ribbon. Mr. Richard O'Breln and presented them to the honoree a significant weekend.
Tlce wa graduated from Duke University Durham Hanney Memorial ScholarshipFund Miss Barbara Wynn of
served Mr. and Mrs. Manning Taylor.
Ian with a detachable chapel as Johnston' best The dining table, which was North Carolina majoring In Mathematics, and wa for Theological Education, Tallahassee! left Tuesday for Miami ,

train-- -of_.satin which.--began: 11.I a man.The bride1 young brother, John, covered by a white artwork linen a member of Phi Kappa Pal fraternity. He is vice-president a special fund reserved by the where they will visit the form. WATCH

and Suzanne O'Brien were Junior clout, wu centered by a handsome of W. H. Gaither & Company, Inc., Consultant and Inc Parish to the assistance of young the er'* brother in law Brooks.and inter, for
men from this church studying Mr. and Mrs J. R. They
Floor Covering 'Suzanne woomsnian also and Junior bridesmaid. and arrangement Frenchod; at carnations.white pam On pons one wane Broker, of Charlotte, North Carolina. ministry It Is a pleasure to will be away a week or ten days. DANLEY'SJANUARY

dress and carried wore a a red miniature velvet' end was the silver service. J. P. The wedding will take place In July. be able to report that Sarah Robinson Mn. Howard: Boylan: and .f fours I
of the Laslle and Mrs. Joe Lassie poured. (Mr*. Wm M.), having been children of Orangeburg, S. Care
Including Formic copy maid of honor' bou
quet. liver trays ot sandwiches cake Should all the weight of life through an exceedingly rough bout visiting her mother Mn. C D.I i

Inlaid Unoltum, rubber. Mr*. Johnston I II a Junior at squares teed In bridal design Visitor Honored I Be laid screws our shoulder, with hepatitis, is now doing much Johnson who spent the holidays CLEARANCEIn
better while a patient at Emory with them. Mr. Boyland will join
vinyl corkCounter Gallaudet College. Mr. Johnston cheese straws and compotes ot And the future life
received his Bachelor of Art de- null and mints were aim on thetable. At Open House With woe and struggle University Hospital In Atlanta, his family her Thursday and they
Top gees from Gatlaudet College his Meet us face to face Georgia Cribbed: "Don'tever will return to South Carolina to- Next Week' I f
Waster of Art Twin arrangements of camellias At just one place. fettle tor the assumption thatyour gether.Mr. TIMES
degree from The t
Mr* J. C. Davis entertained
without love the trust and Mn. Ed Blake had for
buffet We could are
the not ,
Catholic University, where he is highlighted with Open House Sunday afternoon go tie I that love i 1* not with holiday guests their children Mr. I BARGAINS
Work presently working toward his Doc- Mrs. W. R. Thomas and Miss in honor of her daughter Our feet would stop; and so "* your I
and Mn. Joe and of
the bride's book God lays a little us nut Cantey son GALOREI I
orate, and serves as full-time rudy Taylor kept on
professor Miss Lara France Davis ot Texas.Outstanding
Madison, Mr. and Mn. Norman
ot Gallaudet College. whim was placed on a table cov- Christmas decorations Every day, and never !
AH TTP- The bride's parent entertainedwith ered by a white linen and lace were effectively used throughout I believe, will burden bear *o Clifton Jr. and son and Bill Blake
who has completed his training !
a reception at The Albert cloth and held a nosegay of dainty the house. deep,
Expert Installation Pick Azalea Room. owers. Our pathway, be to steep, pe.jona th at Camp Le Jeune, N. CMr.
The dining table was covered
and Mrs Joe and
75 called But If God's Duy READY MIX !
I Out of town guest were the maternal Approximately guest by a handsome outwork linen cloth we can go, by power
three We bear the burdens of the family spent the holiday In
grandparents, Mr and Mr*. during the appointed hours only
and centered by a Christmas ar-
SHEfER.BU1C"1.,1.{ !John A. Crolev of Quincy; the thirty until five thirty. angement attacwd to branched HOUR. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Boyle and ennsytvanla Charles! Blume with relatives.of Jacksonville CONCRETECONCRETE J a

paternal grandparents, Mr, and silver candelabra. On one end "Those Hour*" will come to ui two sons of Enterprise, Ala. spent the with his mother
., ,t at.eGf Mr* Lois Yelvertan, of Laurel, Mrs. Graves WilhoitIs all during 1965.: The that her Mr. spent holidays
'/ (I I was the saver service and on way the holidays with parents, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. T. W.Canley. .+ ai
f QVI/jC'f ILOtIO Mtwlssippl.I Other out of town Luncheon HostessMrs. the other, silver trays of dainty we "meet them" will be Import and Mrs. Hiram Brinkley.Dr. I
guests were Mrs. Willis Page Robert sandwiches, couldes and comloirs ant. Remember, LIKE IS A and Mrs. R. R. Kincald had T. C Arnold of Jacksonvillewas i
\ of Quincy and Mot and Mrs. I Graves Wilhoit, guest of of nuts and mints. GRINDSTONE: WHETHER IT a* holiday guests their family,
his In
M. n. Dlnckmon of Atlanta, GII. I her sinter In law, Mr*. Douglass Many friends called during the GRINDS YOU DOWN OR POI Mr. and Mr*. Randall Kincald, law and a recent daughter guest Mr.of and son Mn.
rooks entertained with a
appointed time to greet the hon. IS11ES YOU UP DEPENDS ON Bristol, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. WiVHam len Duncan and five children.He .
!luncheon at the Jefffll'lOOHUUKO
WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF and children Fort
ores, a former Quincy resident. Padgett
also visited In Port St. Joe
DR. CHARLES I Monday at one p.m. Pierce, and Mr. and Mrs. Forest with another Mrs Eileen BLOCK
C. TURNER daughter w
An attractive arrangement centered -
Sawano Christmas McCintey and children, Tltton, Ga. !
cards Wright and son Tom.
the table and place Dinner
were of floral design. Birthday Dance Held Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Grave Wilhoit Mr. and Mr*. Charles Munroe
OPTOMETRIST have returned to their home In and family of Atlanta are visiting !
At For Mrs. Snell Members of the Sawano Coun- Vero Beach after visiting his siser his mother, Mn. Pat Munroe.

Examination of the Eye Cantey Family I try Club entertained with a O1r1 ist- Mrs. Douglass Brook and Randolph Thrower and ton Oakland Concrete 1

Reunion In HavanaThe Mr. and Mr C B. Redmon en-, mas dance Saturday night. Yuletide family. I Randy spent several day here

New Hours Canley family entertainedwith ertaiiwd with a dinner SundayIn decorations were at focal Mr. and Mr*. C. S. Daniel of huntin,. They were guests of his Products CompanyAllen
a reunion at Havana Coun- honor of her mother, Mrs. J. A.' points In the ball room and lounge. 'avarrs, have been visiting her mother In law Mn. Pat Munroe.Mr. Bosttck
9.1 2.5 14 E. Washington St. try dub Sunday. Seasonal decorations SneU who was eighty years old.I Harry Shepard'i orcheitr play- sister Mrs. Joseph Saber and and Mn. K. W. Kittle spent and

Closed Thurs. P.M. QuIncy Florida were at focal points. Christmas decorations were in the ed. Huband. I the holiday weekend in Augusta, Job Thomson
Relatives from Mnntlcello, Qirin- party rooms I There were many out of town Mr. and Mr*. Don desser and Ga. with relatives. M.. MAta MOM

Telephone MAIn 7-6153 ry, Madison and Havana were, All of the honoree's children guest present on this occasion. son have returned to Atlanta fol Mrs. W. R. Melton of Cuth-

from the tiniest tots ta die oldest grand children and great grand- parents' tart.,_Ca. spent several_days re_
members of the family, present... children were present. Family Dinner At -------
Mrs. Snell was the recipient of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Oliver
many beautiful and useful gift*. Williams HomeMr. visited his brother In law and sinter
::::=: Mr. and Mn. Earle Gragg In MERRILL'SSALE
I I and Mrs. Gene Williams Bainbridge Sunday.
LIVING j entertained with a beautiful family Second Lt. James Craig Dunlap
dinner at their country home. Out of Mlnol. N. D. spent the holidays

i Ii standing Yuletide decorations were with Mr*. Sarah Spooner and the

iorsheim = PEARLS at Interest point throughout: the Clinton Baasett family. Before
spacious moms.Approximately. returning to his station he willis
Guy R. Wad. tony relative a few day In Miami with

BOW TO UVE: THIS YEAR enjoyed this delightful party. parent, Mr. and Mr*. EugeneN.

There I* a beautiful poem whose Dunlap. Lt. Dunlap' wife, who
author I* unknown but I share this Wedding GuestsAt II her with her mother will Join ALL DRESSES

c earance = with you In hopes that It will sustain Luncheon him in North Dakota in a few I
you In some of the "hours"that weeks.
may come your way duringthis Mrs. John L. Taylor entertained I Mr. and Mn. Larry Watts and Vz PRICE
year. with a luncheon Monday at her !son Paul of Gainesville spent the
--- :: c-: -- Cod I broke hours home In with his parents Mr. and
our years to and Attapulims for the men holm
==:=-= ---f[ __ Watt
:: _= : days I of the Alexander-Meredith wedding
E:: -.: -=- -::-._-:::..- -=- _=..:====== --. == That hour by hour, and day by party and out of town guest here Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Watt and SPORTSWEARREDUCED
-- -- ---- -- and Tommy of Perry
-- .
----- sons Jimmy
day, for the wedding.
= Just going on little way, I Beautiful decorations were at spent the holidays with their parrots
;f i We might be able all along points of Interest A three course Mr. and Mrs. James Watt. 25% io 40%
L luncheon and Mr. and Mrs. C W. Thomas.Dr.
To keep quite strong.Insurance was served.
-: __ __ On this occaskn the groom to and Mrs. J. & Brinson and
be presented his attendants &JttI.Buffet son Dr. and Mr*. Jack Brtnsoa of I
-- -- (U118i1M
visited their son
= Monttrello
:::= ===: = Center I .
law and daughter Mr. and Mr*

__I-f _- _- __ __ 1121 West Jefferson I Williams Supper Home At Fount Irt.n May during Whittle the holiday spent the 19 c

week at Panacea. )
= PATTHOMASINSURANCE Mr. and Mr*. Fisher Williamsentertained Mrs. George Palmer of Florence, In wishing you
; '- : =; : with a delightful but- S. C, who la tolung Dr. and Mrs
= 3 = -: -- I let supper WettacfcUy nightBeautiful J. a Brliuon In Monticello, wu
< ___
,- = :=; INC.o Yuk lde decorations guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fount Mayhrttmas. a happy New Year,
=='- - -=- ==--= - May' brother \
were at Interest points.Thirtyrive ; Mrs
I of the couples' Ind sister in law. Mr. and Mr,

friends were guest on this act*. Bailey Brimon visited them and
rion. parents, Mr. and Mr*.Joe fir we'd like to thank
r:during the holidays. i

$168.0 $188.0 I Card of Thanks I Dr. and Mr*. T. W. Griffin had
holiday Nest their MI la law '
We wish to extend our thank ,a*_ you for making 64a

One Stop Means I to all the wonderful people for a

their comforting sympathy and Positive Protection
t;;:::=: Complete Service
I help, for the beautiful service, happy one for usl
-- : ._--=;;- ; floral offering, food prayer and Against TERMITES!
-:..._- ==; :_ = DIAL 627.7151 other Undneme during our recent '
bereavement. No word can: 6J,
::--= =- QUINCY I II express our gratitude.The '
Values to 24.95.SoWtmlr1onihelmtyU' E --_ I' I Homer Allen Family I'
from our regular stock are rotund for a limited 5= =:: :--

time only. Good svlrrtion but not all aim SS WE WILL BE CLOSED

in all sty U.Two pairs.. a good rove tmntf ===-. -
: ----: =- AVAILABLE -
-- -

;; = -- =- : I We have an opening In our oraanlzatlon fora ALL DAY FRIDAY

---- --' --=--:.=:-..=:.-: man with the following qualifications: Age
-- rtmwt.YII mm
-_ __ __-==- 2140. at least high school education military ToI'" ta MS***** IMWT ....
- ..._....-.ow -
__ -- =o- obligations completed honest. sober and ... n..es _I .w _,
--- ..n w.4 a..w.es. w .

willing to work. Duties varied: Store ::::.: snsl. k.wye..r..w.ai w....... .. nen.MNsN =

Mill Office Grain purchasing. Apply -- Kw..w...
.- -
---=-- by Letter only (no phone calls) giving full yen..I.. -sun 4.Me..N..o t4 n< MMC ti.sns. vMso.

r- ;-h resume for past lire years with qualifications .1% M M MM .! ..A .....& nfl/i DRIVE /?

and at least 3 references. WrtH w eve*OOUTSM Mi* tarme /
-=== Cleaner
.-- .* sail y..r. Lest hsalMir orroojjj


.. rr-n.. Cen.PaU.Pa. .
--- --
::: : = =
Lc:::==; P. O. Box 511 Qulncy. Florida ... (2T-MTI =




on Tuesday and Thursday through rI I The flower form 111Ifrom the aside a certain percentage ot IIM Jr Sneads Mrs. were reserved' all the riicht*.
RECREATION "' Income for "advertising" is not : Maggie Baxtir.: R.1IotJl'k. Mr. and Mrs. James Au- J !SHOUT MRni4KIndianaiolis
and .
Mark 16th.RegislratJon powers privileges not expressly
simple single to tie irregular Husford,
planning Such arbitrary budgets I man, Mr. and Mrs. Allan B.- ,
theel1Qtanmc) be obtained -'double or peony form. In between are not deeigned to meet anticipated BIRTHSMr. and Mrs. Franklin tick Jr. and Mr and Mrs Norman I ceded by them" through it | When Mrs. MateR

NEWS from Recreation -are the aena-double, incompletedouble demand. They establish no Charles Ruse, girl Dec 24; MtMlllan spiMit ChhsOiias day written constitution. U-'irren obtained I divorce, M>c
Department at City Hall sec- imbrioaled double, tiered Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Mcagher! The General Assembly at reprcsenlativrs ended '.
goals for expansion; they do not with Mr snd Mrs. R K. Shaw a marriage that may 111.1
ond floor. Registration slips must I land the regular imbricated. Dec. 36 Mr. and Mrs. James of the people, continued
By Dona JamesMIDGET take Into account the increasing girl ; In Tallaluuuee. the record as being the shorte,
be signed by parents and returned | If \ou are unable to recognisethe I nerd for new about an Influx ol Alvin Banks, boy, Dec !6; Mr.! LI Col and Mrs Nixon Lester'Governor task of Moseley was the entrustedthe ,she testified that her raarrlagt i iii
to above Teams developing resources
FOOTBALL same plaoe. various flower forms from the products and Mrs II. A. Black boy IXv and family of Wsmer Rnhhinc Richard Warren lasted throuu
will be coached adult First I of Florida and Riving character(
IMTOKMSPlease abnve names then it is a good I Ton often retail budgets are 27 and Mr. and Mrs. B. Scott spent the holidays here with his only part of the iwpHon. II,'
turn in your Midge! Hawks game is January 12th, 4:30- Idea to get a copy of Extention not allocated to times ot peak dark, boy. Dec, 28. parents Mr. and M.... A. D. Lrs- to her Institutions and by liberal public, enlightened became Jealous of her, hit hei

Football uniform that we must S vs. Lakers; second game,' Service Bulletin 161A, Gnm% demand. Too often merchants do ten patriotic polIcy left time rtoeptxm and she had nut t
have for Inventory purposes. : Celtics vs. Warnora.V0MEN'5 CamHIInt. In Florida. It Is available I not separate good will promotionfrom i M...... stressed a sound currency -'seen him In four year
Launder and place uniform In from county and home demonstration advertising.An Card of Thank 'y -
BASKETBALL I i pretervathsi of
a paper bag Identified with adhesive agents.If advertising budget U It Is IhIIIblll'l
JLEACilKi credit, a wri) regulated Good grammar, as asget Ii,
tape or your name on the you have an ample supply of expected to sell goods, cannot be We wish to express" our sincere
All women Interested In pU/mg AROUNDThe common schools, the finances ol ii understandable language.Cimne .
I i
outside, and bring by the Quincy,this 1064-45 season please contact :camellias' then consider a grapevine I capped by gifts to worthy causes. thanks and appreciation to our i the state and the pronxxiun of
Recreation Department located on The grape vine Is the answer Contributions however unselfish many friends and neighbors fir wience and know
the Recreation Department ,' I "virtue hedge"were
second floor at City Hall. Quincy for gardeners who haa are not advertising.Listings their gifts, beautiful .>' Is 111 I'Ilf'IIp that I attic
so Interest will be' prayers of vital Importance to the
take interest ,
for adding another fruit In pciiile no in It.
yen on organisation
JII'O'1'11IIOI flowers cards phone calls and
I known. I ultimate tuccest of the new m--
MEN'S BASKETBALL the back yard. An arbor constructed substitute SQUARE

grams serve aa a visits during the recent linens eminent and to the happy condition 1
Our Men Recreational Basketball If I'nou Interest Is shown one I of notched roam-rich poles sot de .l'hest Is
product selling and recovery ot our soul Jimmy of the' everv a nauii -
League will open their season team will be organized& and entered -and docked with split rails will. Business cards do not sell dress sy :sib.. We also with to thank Dr T. W peopleLOST ___ (N -- mime of I hem are. well to
the first Thursday in January, In the Tallahassee Women'sBasketball add a homestead look to your' dolls bacon breed.Premiums dll
il'l' nd Griffin and Dr J. M. Urrffm and "'II LET IN !NFW ORDallm
which ii the 7th. League. 'arres. 1 contests cannot all me nurses who were so kind.
The League will have tour I All games will be played In If the' oM-fanhioned arbor toes''describe KuJter hats or garden Mr and Mrs. Walter Baulks -- W B Tliompkins 1mlhl

trams playing a twelve' atone Tallahassee "Palmer" Munroe not stilt yaw fancy, the there area tools. sit Jimmy wallet while working in anmilflnxibile
schedule! on Thursday nights at Community Center comer ofLlpona number of modem trellis nll'llI.1 Gifts for band uniforms do not -- i assembly plant sat LEAF
the National Guard Armory. Road and Jackson Bluff. ads for hoMinc! up the fruiting explain the services of a bank oran Omstmas. Aftermath tired N was three. months before he

will be limited 12 ,. Games will be played once a vine insurance agency.The feet. hutterflyee slom ch. moun- Bits & Pieces knew where he lost It. Renting
Squads to taln-high laundry THEATRE
week on Wednesday evenings be.1 Toy with the Mea of growing' merchant as a public-spir mixed-up house he( front seat for leaning, Mrs
players. All men Interested in ginning 7'30 pm. IIIU II I'. |your own "beverage Take a month ited citizen may derive satisfaction But H was worth It -- wannl. it' K G Mailers found a wallet In

playing basketball please contact There will be practice session';'or sn to make up your mind became and friends from his aid to We spent a wonderful ChrM.ma (timdnmxl town I'age One) her newly purchmeil car An
the Recreation Di.art ant at DI, .
: I As usual the
the 1lI'IPplal1hl1lll' is But he damageshis '
on January to acquaint everyone the community Identification card bore the nameand
City Hall (627-7681)) Uan gatliered al mat 17 of her chickens were missing ThuriM Fit, SatM
.from now until March business when he classifies Betty
with the rules of address of Thnmpkini(
The first will be January7th play.l and The dlRpstcher at the desk
game I Since 1880 grope growing has as advertising. Dicks this year .U. RUlh"1
Scheduled 1 league play will beginon generosity --- --
7 p m.Hydro Baa vs. Craig off'year -- there were promptly gut on the radio and lames Franclscui
run the gauntlet of failure la me -- '
20 and will continuelor t'OMP4r lkfl<< ('1"rO'liJl'linThI' :
8 30- Imlrui'ted of lite to
Co. second paltxilmen
Oil We had one
; game :cons Now success in on your' side oyster dressing with and Suzanne Ploshttte
Shell Oilers vs. Manning TaylorJVMOR shout eight weeks.A because University of Florida Agricultural I Elton MaxwellIs wlthnul., anions cornbread drem- investigate that he was of tIne electronic systems of reek.

I I team shall consist of six ployiem I Kxpenment Station researchers big with and without' turkey 'npinion. that Snuffy Smith of fun- els are packaged In compact plan- Eva Gabon

BOYS' RAJKETBU There shall be no more than have developed two Death Victim ham apple salad peas nyPIIl"r| fame, was In townChickens I tie bloiks ench little more than Mary AstorIn

Our Junior Boys Basketball two college students on anyone,sure-growing grapes. They are spiced peaches five kinds ot till two is'hen square and wntatnlng
Program for boys In the seventh I learn. A college student is defined Lake Emerald and Blue Lake tyke and ambrosia. And ycu can cults a lot some 140 rompitienta welded\ to.gether .

and eighth ltI'.dt'I111 have try. as anyone carrying one or gra|>e. The Emerald is a crow James Elton Maxwell, S5, a know what there ""ltUt't11IIIft' Imuhk anywaA Qinitcy Negro hv pore nickel wires.
outs on Tuesday, 5th more semester hours. former .resident of C.retiia who left had quite quantity of nwnnshine "YoungbloodHawk"
aJ of a native grape, known a* Putola ---- -
t pm. In the Nation I and the cultivated lioldenMuscat. has lived in Tallahassee for many Safely Rirechc J W Halre buried In his chicken house. the MPIKHOMC KI\KTfl
Armory. They will play an 18 PEE 1EEIKETIIUL I )"years died at 10-ti Tuesdn and lus officers should be commended other day and when polIce wrreinoi .

game schedule beginning on Tuesday This basketball program tor 5th I There ire a number of othergrapes I morning al Tallahassee MemorialItuspnal for lisle ""'1'111'11'(11'II lng amund In search of the Rivets used to Join the .'ingsurfaces

,_January 12th and continuingDROOPY and 6th graders will be organized mat grow well In Unrlds. alter a kill Illness. during the Imslmaa hrfldavs 'Illicit beverage one of tie sharp 1siii"'en''mi' Jot air-
.Saturday, January 9 at 10 ..m. I For example, many of tax Mirnnon Mr Maxwell a retired employeeof Chief Haire. said there was mote eved officer saw a cap (like a maR arr mule of a special, entnnrtnrg -

In the National Guard Armory. h bridn In combmatkin with Klor-I tux Home Administration, was traffic those. few days hefts oft drink hustle rap) shining. lHlnlewi skirl 1 ntitaln- KIDDIE SHOW
Games will be played Saturday kia> wild species have made long horn al Amsterdam, da the aim Christmas than ever Impose mid Ijmklng rioter he found severalgulkns ing 24 per cent nlifcrlJOHVSON ,

I mornings throughout January and lived acrlimated rootslmHt Some uf the late Mr and Mrs W. II. he sincerely. Indies tux gmd reenrd ot 'shine The chickenshs' SATURDAY"The
February.GARDENING. Maxwell He altemled, chtnentart' will scratched the dirt covering OX KMF.KMmililem
? combinntiuns you may like to try tv rot tna through New
sctMKil at Grelna and was a Years.hXeryone. '* ,., -- causing their owner a
stock with mien.
an native grapes I '
l.ynU. Jolurati said Secret
e I graduate of Gordon MilitaryAcademy to he barrel( ol trouble and $300.
as RuIns Mcrcldcl I, Mimnrti, ea,- and seems getting that the plan to alioHxh the
rum, I-Vrn Munmm, Margueriteand uend': sick Nntil'l'Ih.. hmpital report '' Anny
; Rewrvrs Is stint wise,
; of atGainenvilie. 'pnnVnt
I the University was uniiKiuilly lung Speaking ot III health, that bug
IN FLORIDABy Armliiga that has heen going sound jumped The Reserve Offlcers AiwoclaHiindlnaitrees Door"Sun.
Annmdstsuit It was nkeseeing
Grape, like any other plant, i
l" will beheld and has ricmnikled 1
( A short funeral service Jake Redmnn the after all over me Monday sialhi a
naive bent with reasonable carelean
Hervey Sharps, EdllnrKlorldn I cultivation three appllcitI In TallaluiSM-e al. 10:30.: m. day and tins "nllf'Y and Richard s rouRh I haven given up thumiKh In\.tillHliull HI lfi>i ie'Vcretury
ThurMlawllh the services being Wynne lIav".I..n JuanltaLVns yet and (nipsI d<..'I get to ferl- Ruliert Mi Namarn'iplsn Mon
"crt'ulluralEIII'IIolon I of fertilizer per year, some list ..
to with
i in awav the R.'I'\'t'II
iiiuwmalcd Hie graveside
al and have to I
In hue worse
home anv
8en'n.. and over a year She's
pixMcdion against insects a
tine Lake Mystic Cemetery near started on thispaper by merging sum unto Inks theNatlcnnl Tue.. W.d.SWING .
to work ntmlsrly
exchanging now eliding her parents tied a
Gardening Is like place to cling to ls all a grapevine
2.30 tills afternoon with liuard and OIIHTS Bristol and haveIII'Yt'r
at In IIM.1,
little wiille. May,
gifts Some folks do It before expects from a gHrdcncrNewly II
I Christmas wldle store owners say I II I planted grape vines the CUllry Funeral Home In Did you notice the humkmiiie missed a day fr n work on statusRows. IN' DEALS
-- --
charge: Christmas wreathes on the doorsof account of being sl"k. Grow I ELVIS
that individuals rxdiungo thrive well when fed VI pound PRESLEY"Rouslahoul"
many Maxwell Is survived bv his ( UK II n:....
I. gifts after Qirkdmas.1f ,"..f a "balanced" fertilizer In Mr the CourthouneT The Quincy; have been pretty luckyor
| are In the "after class," 'March May and July. A two -kViw. the former Miss Chnitine Garden Club was respirolble.It's pretty heaithy I have seen a few A nickel 1 stainless steel .replica
you I Rankin, of Bristol now a residentt wtx-n 1 would have stayed In
ten consider exchanging the unwanted 1 year-old vine will need a full "rlll1j'f'1IIW there's another days of IVIncess Margaret ilimmimlstudiled l-
I gift for plants. A checklist xmnd| of plant food element at I Tallahswre.;; a brother' Kenneth call. Profile call here all bed if II had bun mort Users' crown U feel wide ami In Technicolor
Grelna and two '
e.ee.l '. of plants to barter for Includes each feeding Maxwell. of the time salting fur the correct lenl Oh well, you ran I win hem weighing I.MIO puimls, Is on dls-

NII rose, azalea or camellia. Kor additional Information on nephew time all, play on the cud of a inlet in Hermiida ALSO
grape production, contact your -- Well, thl. Is the Sawdust Flash -- llund nmde. In Canada of
adapted to many
Doctor, Camellias are
You SM Your .
Bring After Your Prescription To\.s. !landscape uses, says Dr. E. W. county agricultural agent. Mack L. Smith saying hye-bvel 1 PS. 1'1.".., A printing office ran he a ice the gleaming sM( at a cimt iifmm BIGMidnight
have a very llapiy New Yearlsonau Sass $20,000. the crown look
with the
McKlwee. horticulturist rihlv dismal ptaiv, late al night :
Agricultural Extension Service Mrs. EdwardsSuccumbs i Buried TuesdayFuneral -- ...11"011 are here all ftlnneThoiie ,eight omen one_month to lulld ShowNEW
I Camellias can be wed as foundation thermostats dial ('1"1'0111" -

F. P. May plants, mass screen and Here l services for Mack L / tauter on me llnotviwHi, tlieIjidlnw It Is often tireiKSiH. In work
and background I EVEBESTjMSHES
accent plantings, lawn 1 and strln canters are
for ttie but that KM
%mth. 87, of Gretna were conducteea pay you get
and unclipped
Drug Co. groupings, dipped ; at 2 o'lloi-k Twolay aft- ellcklnt and ducking and making way H Is
hedges and tubbed Mm .1 A. Edward, 83, of i In humming noises every few seconds
Phon. 627.7601 I specimens In the in tlie Quincy died suddenly Mondaynoon enKKfl Grelna' with In the the Baptist Rev, L.Church B. Thorn- Mr and Mn. J. II C. Thomas and each one l tae Its own

Flo. I Honda room. In the Uadndcn County Hin- officiating Interment was to of llatliritlxirg, Miss wert .recinlvisitors tune. Klnda like fmgs. around .1
Quincy sin
I The sasanua call1f'l1Iaa'Sn be pltal I. Dell Cemetery. with their sister, Mrs NF. pond at night !
for creating foliage A native Alabama Mrs Edwards Sunny .
used as enpallers of Fain Sr and family I
of Georgia Mr. Smith
I A native ,
patterns on otherwise uninteresting moved to Quincy/ 60 years moved to Cretna 14 years ago. Miss Elliabelh Thomas, formerly This l I. m-; last column for L
fances and wall nfnitt. ago She was a member of the and a reader In Gadwlcn. \Jlllley 1B64 sn I'll he wishing all threeof .
WATCHDANLEY'S He retired carpenter al1I.mIM.r ; w. the New
was a hop YMT brings
Slow growing camellia Centenary Methodist Oiurchluncral I ot the Methudmt Church *'IKXSS, but now priivnpal of P K.Yong. mv renders a most prosperous
best for bane, accent and services were conducted Ga. Elementary !Rt hn4 In IVnsniula -i end hIPPNI'W Year Same for
hedge plantings, while varieties 'at 130 Tueadav flrmuon In In Mr 4nith, died at 10 o'clock\ was a holiday visitor In (hone who diet 1'1'4I1111. trail glad tldlngt to yog and your

with spreading growth habits are !Shelter Mf'I11ori"I'OI Pt'1 with tin-: night In the Cadsden the hiine of her slslw. Mrs. N, K \
recommended for mass group and Rev E, Naah Saturday
Hulpot oiciatinR ham Sr. and family. "alll1I. I
JANUARY undipped hedge plantings. Vane- Burial was in Hillcrent Cemetery County Hnspilal.Survivors Include his \\1dtJw.MI'I. IA and Mm. Urn R Armatnmg' Inaugurationrmitmit
I pyramidal or upright Mrs. Edwards is survived
ties having a by slat son Richard of Schilling Air
M. L. Smith of Gretna; onedaugliter. 1
CLEARANCEIn habit are best suited for acs her daughter Mrs. F. K. Taylor, Mrs H. 0 Foy Pres- Fun. Base, Satins, Kansas, were,
and for ( >4 town rip fuel
formal plantings brother,
cent, Quincy; one Bradley Toledo (Ado I eaten Mm. Chrutmas week vlsUurs/ with here,
cott. ;
Next Week's clipped hedges.Flowerwine. Smith Santa Anna, Calif.; and one T. M. Radish. Dmmaneus: (;a., parents, Mr and Mrs. N. f. Fats' qualified as Guvemnr and CommanderlnOilef -
I camellias are
me grandson Eddie Taylor of Quincy BruimwU*. 4r. and family They went to nf the Army soul
TIMESBARGAINS I divided Into seven groups.recognise It is Serving as active pallbenrerswere Ga Mm.: and Fine Mr Drewery.. Fl. wie Wilson, IHI kMdville un Saturday to visa Navy of the Slat'*," B. Adams Funeral Home
essential to learn to Johnny Taylor Keith Dnugh- J..t Armstrong parents Mr. and that
I gramklmigliler anti Csuli went on Id ssy
these flower forms If you are to try, Jack Munrue. Flunk tinker Mrs J. It. Amutnuit and will
flag <* the United Stales In \\ n"'l
4 grandwna.Serving
GALORE I IIJII'IIktie Jargon of a Jumpy Banneau and diarltt Lancer -
pallbearers were Jars alms visit I* and Mrs N. f Pats Murida lad added HM

; fancier -- -- ---- LwterThe Humphrey: am, C K Larrainiire' Jiim; Jr. at Fists: ialhe Iwf,.. returning seventh star, and the niliirs lit the I

Ilutler Morgan Funeral. !Howell Waller Watson Jr, W. U 10 Quincy fur a visit" and OIMI state wise then hnlnled.. The latterdelgiwd
TIME TO WE HAVE. lima was In charge of arrangements return to Kansas, the
Mary and Jerry Baker.Tlie ant presented' by
Devoe PslntaPlumbing II J B. Adams Funeral Hitne Mrs N K halt Sr. went to committee. im arrangements displayed ittCHRISTO'S
Fixtures -- was. in charge: of arrsngemenls.ChaiiT Atlanta (;ieorgia: for a chert-tip as their unhm( ""'" glnrtmiitrtpm @ Oily
wilt her dull Monday and Tuesday I "
: vom.rj
Complete l.lne of --- and slsrs and cmiM leuf .1
MsterlslsAleos of Christmas week. leis was five hnrtxuntal stripe. blue.
Building Stores'Sales accompanied by U. Dim R. Ann red white and (htie
Aluminum Roofing i .nlll' green
I R(
strung and her daughter Miss Viegtnts
OilTinlted Roofing k Siding rlocalIJUJ'n'JJ snt nl stripe WHS Inscrlln-c)
Houstwsre k Gift Climb r'aln. Mrs. Pain underwentmajor !two motto, "\ft us 1"_." As the
surgery at Oorgla B*|>
Carey Asphalt Roofing mrtomil stud state emMemt wereomhlried
I 1st llmpiisl, Atlanta In November
Gold Bond bbeetrwk (75.231 sale Irvresne In them Artillery fIred
A $20. While In Atlanta they wee .
REMODEL Sporting Goods Farm I the 642 WInn-Ulxie supermarketsInrated gusts, II SuppliesBUILD here and throutfvurt Hie W W. dvlant.Mr plsyed "Vankee Dmtt"

Plus Hundreds of Other Item !South was rrgtatered dining the and Mrs, Eugene MrC.n kiverniir Mnneley's Inaugura Mr
24 week ended tier 12 comimredwith sail Mrs Tnnlle Ixrjnurd a BELL & BATES HARDWARE CO. By Hut..hRetailers the corresprXKling. period lust I Jirlnlmiu: In Cairo with spent thrtralher wl relstlitwhlp .between the .
I .
stale and the Intent government"The
IS NORTH MADISON STREET QUINn are planning for Die year J. J Ilnvls **
The volume taled 5412,251,555 I "Utter he said, "W'I a
Mr. sort Mrs llerce I*. had
Urgent volume of sales ever recorded
compared with $:J I,2HO,154 last 1ft hulktay guests Mr. and Mrs.Fad overnment nf strklly Smiled
19811.l1nfortunall'ly. .
during a rn>lure of the Indelendrnl -
5 38
nf powers
Increase percent
year, an Ixughmlller and two' chtlren t SI
few small cityretailers
Kor the 4-week period ended O.c. of Jackwnvllle anvfrctgn stales III whin
consider a carefully prepared 12 sales wore $70, OSlSil. a rise Joe Hurl was a rvrvnt vlalbirin
advertising burltlH U rr
: / JJollJC nf 4 07 penml over the $45,133-
Je// Miami.
shah ot n.
rJon entisl to keeping a
( panting retail trade. TH recorded year. Miss Lan Frances Davta o( 170/0\1)5 I

The merchant who simply... San Anhmlo, Texas .la vtaUns her
mother, Mrs. J. C OavM.tittrt .
Hospital Report "' Butn-fc. slam UK k-sl-
RESTAURANTWILL days to Perweoia wlui r'..."'.. 666 Z

RUSTOLEUMSTOPS Adm......: Dec 22 through. Mr. and Mrs J
Gadsden County times
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Coordinates: 30.585278 x -84.584722 ( Place of Publication )
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General Note: "Consolidated with the Quincy moon" <1909>.
General Note: Publishers: R.E.L. McFarlin, <1913-1917>; R.L. Swerger, <1918-1926>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 6, no. 10 (Mar. 8, 1907).
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Hoick all al Havens; JIT W. TUES. & WED. JAN 4, S, I
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Week and Master Area dm*.




{ e.. : I

$2.88 $3.88 $4.88 $5.88




r ,


7965 March of Dimes LaunchedTo Chicken depend on the distance the chickens I golden brown color, begin\ to check
will be above the fire. If the to tee how well they are cooked.
THE grill Mia 16 to 18 inches above
This can be done by lifting the
Barbecue the coals, then you can have a
FARM Score Birth bigger fire than when the distance might. If the flesh under the
Defects Knockout I i By Alma Marreai is only 8 to 12 inches. thigh li done and the drumstick:
will separate easily from the
FRONTBY A "one-two" punch will be aimed at the Anyone can barbecue chickens You may have to experimentwith thigh, the birds are well" done.
problem of All you need is a barbecue grill grill to determine the
this your Rare steak II fine, chickens are)
I birth defect January during the annual March of or pit, charcoal fuel!, properly correct distance and the amountof not
DOYLE CONNERCOMMISSIONER Dimes campaigh across the nation. dressed broilers weighing 2 to fuel necessary. When the heat e

"The objective of the drive Is 2Vi poundi, a barbecue sauce, is correct, place the chickens on Even a good thing has a tendency
twofold," explained Dr. Daniel ,and patience and can In cookIng the grill with the flesh aide down. to come to an end.
FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Bergsma, director of the medi-- ten and the national oranlza-I the chicken says J. S. Moore, The flesh side will tear quicklyand
cal deoartment of The National tion. poultry husbandman with the Florida this will tend to hold In the '
Ont of these days we're going Foundation-March of Dimes. These volunteers devote a I Agricultural Extension Seiv Juices." Once the chickens have
"More than 250,000 seriously great deal of energy to the im Ice. been placed on the grill, watch ELECTRICALSERVICE
to be reading about "animal ludon. defective: children are born taotd task tf.I informing par If you don't care to purchase a carefully and turn often to prevent II'
meat" to differentiate the kind It li noted, also that Japan tn each year in this country-one children about I commercial barbecue grill, you burning. A long handle fork will
we're familiar with now (whichIs been using algae\ for human food every other minute Given the the March of Dimes birth de can build your own out of four flinch make for easier turning.

produced on a farm) from (hat for some time, producing It by a fact, the American public will fects families centers to seek and in encouraging I by 16-inch concrete blocks Generally It will require from
recognize the problem of birth medical Kelp
Retail Set the blocks on ends a piece of hour to hour and
which Is developed In a laboratory hydroponic method. cart of defects for what for the afflicted child one an fifteen
and produced la a factory. the product there it 20 to 80 cents emergency that it it requires-a I national from the center or from; whether private V4-inch or Vi-lndi hardware cloth minutes to barbecue a 2 to 2V4 i Anything from wiring
When that time comet, you'll per pound immediate action. We invite physicians. _? placed on the block will serve at pound broiler. The object to cook- ; a house to replacing
be able to do your hopping for tl.. public to help ui meet this jl About one In 10 American '- v I the racks. Such a grill will handle Ing is to bring the chicken to a
"meat" at two places in the food Crusty old President Charles emergency. families experiences the heartbreak I 3 or 4 chickens or t to 8 half golden brown without burning or a light bulb
tore: the packaged product de Gaulle of France built a bonfire "The second goal it caused by the birth of a I chickens. An old wash tub with scorching There' no strict ruleto
shelves in the grocery section, or under hit associated memo With public contribution money.to seriously defective child. By no I holes cut for ventilation near the follow u to how often to turn
it you want "the real thing," at: hers of the European Common the January March of Dimes, meant are all of these children i bottom and hardware doth usedon the chlckeni during cooking. Ike Shepardat
the conventional meat counter.A Market to get agreement on uniform we expect to establish the additional receiving\ medical attention the top makes an excellent But turn often to prevent burn
report In Supermarket Newt I grain prices. : March of Dimes-sup which might make such a dif grill Of course, permanent backyard ing. Each time the chickens are
indicate fond manufacturer are, He had given an ultimatum and ported birth defects centers ference in their lives. fireplaces or backyard pits turned, apply the barbecue sauce
overlooking no beti. They're getting -a deadline: Get together on the, desperately needed for the fast Some GIn Up Hops can be constructed. with an ordinary dishwashing
ready today for what tomorrow deal or France pulls out. They er diagnosis evaluation and And the most popular fuel Is mop. Cover the chickens thoroughly SHELFERBLITCHFURNITURE j
may brtig. got together at the very last improved treatment of these "Too often families are Overwhelmed (charcoal. with the sauce each time CO.
For Instance at General Mills In moment defects which cripple or disfigure by helplessness and Broilers weighing :2 to 2Vi they are turned. The sauce adds
Minneapolis, you'll hear talk about Maybe Market officials thought a child before it'! born. despair. Dr. Bergsma said pounds can be purchased at your the flavor you want and at the MAIn T-8S41
"iham: ham, take steak and phoney they could have a spell Funds are also needed to enable "They trequentJr give up hope favorite food market. Halve the same time helps] to keep the R... ISI-S432 .
baloney," the nicknames tome now that they had satisfied De- scientists to continue their bilities for their child.ill But possi with chickens so that they will be ready chicken moist. Warehouse Ph. MAIn .1100I
of the personnel have given to Gaulle with sweeping concessions search for the causes and pot- the continued of medicine for the grill. One broiler split will Once the chlckeni have Dial
the firm'i reaearch accompUsh- to France on grain prices. fects.sibie"ways to prevent birth de in this progress field conditions serve two adults or four young-
manta In DM o< chemical technology Not so. In lest than 24 hours which were once beyond treat. iten.
to build new foods tor the fu-he had Imued demand with four To support medical and scientific ment can often be helped SQUARING Off for s knockout There are a number of good I
new deadlines uniform prices workers in the front newly-developed methods. 1.1 barbecue sauce that can
lure.The firm admits It hat developed on meat and dairy products by lines of the battle against birth the individual's condition may blew .1 birth defects Is Mlehot- made. The Ingredients In r:1:

"vegetable protein products February 19; fruit and vegetable defects The National Founda change and make help a possi line ("Mlclcty" Ua Habitue, 4, favorite sauce are: giblet broth,,I a o
that would have difficulty In 28 tion-March of Dimes has a be- bllit '." lemon vinegar or a combination .
you regulator by February ; policy hlnd-the-llnes ) Denver, Ike !96S National March Juice, or Jntiw
distinguishing from chicken, ham regulations by May 1; and sugar strong. These army are two volunteers million Her parents' persistence paid cf Dimes Child. of lemon Juice and vine' *//
hamburger bacon and teafood." by June 1. from the more than 3,000 off for 4-year-old I Mickey Heinfeke gar, butter, salt and pepper.To .
The meat-Uke products an said He also warned be wanted negotiations March of Dimes county chap- the 196J National Marchof damage to the Infant' cook the chickens, tart the I
to be potentially lower In cost speeded up to settle i ten throughout the 60 statesmen Dimes child. Mickey was mind. body or fire and allow the charcoal to
than real meat )and require no the Market's policies on oil, tats women and teenagers, born with a spinal deformity "The burn for 30-45 minutes before!1
In their itate. that paralyzed her from the progress made thus far the chickens. The
refrigeration dry and rice. too, who dedicate their efforts It significant and putting on t
In spite of critical comments to the success of the January waist down. At one time it Dr. Bergsma noted promising, amount of fuel you will need will
While the food Industry It buoy made from time to time that De- campaign and the year-round seemed unlikely that she could have taken Just the, first we
with plant to meet the future Gaulle I. too high-handed is stubborn program of The National Foun ever walk on long road. When the Amer.step
iteedi of humans, agricultural retearchen too independent, unpredictable dation. t'eoala: artthe spunky youngster Iran people recognize the magnitudd
an seeking new sourcesof and an obstructionist, it appears Visit IS Million Homes i around with of the problem, they
feed for anlmalt. he's determined to get action pint-sized crutches and braces will demand and support an
One d the moat unusual reports on Common Market affairs To acquaint families with the Not perfect-but certainly an efficient and effective attack
I've noted recently alma of The National Founda Improvement over crawling, the
concern against
and knows how to do It.Getting The many birth defect
the possibilities of utilizing lagoons the agricultural policies tion-March of Dimes, these volunteers increased mobility meansan that cripple or disfigure 700 In
will join the Motherl'March expanded world to
for animal waste to fonts each With
day. their
produce the
settled should speed up
at the end of the month Mickey and her family.
algae. National Hog Farmer, generous help we can build
negotiation for international tariff up
during which some 15 million In
research within the past our chapter center
issue carries
In Itt December a reductions. program
homes are visited. Other vol. few
yean, scientists tupoorted and birth
comprehensive article on the sub Our U. S. farmers have a big unteers will address about 30 by March of Dimes funds produced throughout the defect and centers
ject. stake In the outcome, and our million Informative mailers. new or improved teals country we
continue to
Thlt article lays ttreat on the national policy has been to deal March of Dimes volunteer also tn detect inborn errors of metabolism scientist support in the individual

following Laboratory points analysis: thowt dried only on a package products basis and Industrial with agricultural organize.fund-raising.events to to that prompt treat- for knowledge in this critical quest 4.

algae to contain 485 per cent Items on the table at the same e -
crude protein and 25 per cent I loti. IL I
time. Miss Nicholson
erode fat. ""' 1ItJ-4.f" _'" \-.. ,. _

to A BOO IM-acre hogs: would lagoon yield serving from 480 400' Services Held Dies In Havana i

to 1,750 poundt dry weight of
algae per day under average condition For S. S. Carter Mist Mary Elizabeth Nicholson, "
at coat of one to 10 cent 79, of Havana died Saturday
pound. I I
per In Graveside services were conducted morning after a lengthy illnessat
Rate of protein production a I
lagoon ranges from 10 to 100 for Samuel S. Carter, 80, the home of her sister Mrs. '
of Hosford 3 o'clock Monday ,
limN that of conventional agri Eleanor Freeman In Havana.
culture. afternoon In Hosford Cemetery She was a native of Gadsden
the Rev. A. T. Hooten and
Experiments have shown that County and a member of the
hogt will utilize up to 10 per cent the Rev. Malone Peddle officiating. Salem Methodist Church In Ha

\ their and sheep' vana. Mist Nicholson was an active u
I Wi gat up to rations cent algae I Born In Georgia, Mr. Carter member of her" Sunday
pelleted with alfalfa. I moved to Hosford about 40 years School class, the W.SCS. and the
reduces' the nat ago He was a member of theOnll'dl Extension Homemakers dub.
urlr.J=' of Jesus Christ of Latter
water and In addition Funeral services were conductedat
return pure parking waterto Day Saints. 2.30: Sunday afternoon In the I
nature Instead of a_polluted so- Mr. Carter died Sunday morning Salem Method Church with the
at his home In llo Ioro. Rev. Jamea Powell officiating.
Survivors include his I widow,
j Burial was In the NicholsonFreeman
A122BIG Mrs Sam & Carter of Hosford; t Cemetery with the Butler-
sons, Lnnnle Carter of Havana, Morgan Funeral Home In chargeof
Sammy Carter Hosford and Kenneth arrangements.She .
Carter of St. Petersburg; 0 it survived by 4 sisters,
Ai daughters, Mrs. Lenla Page, Apa- Mn. Eleanor Freeman and Miss
lachlcola Mrs. Eldlt !Eubanks Annie B. Nicholson, both of Havana
Jacksonville, Mn. Frances Jones Mrs. A. V. Southard, Jacksonville Start the NewYe right' 1 :
WEEKENDAHEAD / and Mn. Waldeen Holley, both of and Mrs. W. A. Whittle
Tallahassee Mrs. Julia Kintey, of Brunswick Barlow, and Mn. Janle Dice, Archlboki Nicholson Havana.
and number" of grandchildren with Genuine i
Step to Way Perry: and a great rrand
et year JfiflitVwf The Butler-Morgan Funeral" **

fay Mali t nlfmnrt Home ment.wu in charge d arrange perjona [ fttg 5C F*

I sl aln Charlie Clark Mr. and Mn. R. D. Woodward = t A v

Ii III and children of Ocala spent %
i Succumbs the weekend with hit parents, Mr.
and Mrs R. D. Woodward Jr.
l'uneralllrvICft wen" conducted Mr and Mrs. Larry McNeffl SPEEOe
for C. A. (Charlie) Clark 81 dOne and daughter Julia spent theweekend 2 C WpgNER
Hat Creek Community at 11 with her parents, Mr. MltoAPt
o'clock Monday morning In the and Mrs. R. D. Woodward. C c, 44 a
Mat Creek Baptist Church with Captain and Mrs. Harvey Brad- SBas
ans ar
the Rev. Jack Yelvlngton _lilted shaw and 2 tons of Alexandria ==== to

BROWNIE SIp,27 by Dr. W. R. Lambert" officiating Va. sprit the holidays with her
Interment wu to the Flat Creek parents Mr. and Mn Guy Race. ; Ii
Cemetery.A Mrs. L D.: Moire I had at holiday s.eYCle i CHESTS
OUTFIT native of Gadsden County, guests her" son In law and daughter C oRyER yMA.'o
I Mr. Clark was a member of the Mr. and Mrs. Chariot Letter of
Ullr modern fl
I Lisa complete out fit He passed' away at 11:30: Saturday Sergeant" and Mn. Fred Smith FREEZER
' r morning the Cadsden County of Savannah spent the weekend' i:0: :
tVerythina yet Ned to take Hospital. with Mrt. T. M. Islet.Mist ELM Iha

I' snapshots, Indoors or outl "New Ms widow Louise Quarterman" spent W It.just US' having* supettnarket In your kitchen!
, took" Brownie 27 Mrevrci.ntldl"na: ; Savannah with her
Super Camera Creek; r the holidays Enables you to "shop" at home from to 6461b.
I hot 'U"-or11lIhapt for blur-fre Flat brother" In law and sister, Mr. up .
daughters, Mrs E. J. Cowen orY' i of rvwt. Also features a "Mreew
plctu.... Open the Rash rem Creek, Mrs. Al Llcata, New Orleans and Mrs. George Dutton. Vy 1t d > 9 compartment .
portm.nl end the ". ..-sutt" Lt. Mrs. Hyde Dean Ran- Mrs Kathleen Quids of Panacea -
anoner sail for flash, dote M, toad m, Mrs. Leroy Smith, Tallahassee pent Christmas with Mr.
sad y i're ready for outdoor and Mrs. Albert" Rood and Mrs. r. B. Whittle T.r
tfc.lt. Mil-Ill flash", fart '/| Pnuacola; I sitters, Mrs. B. A. Mrs. Bill Love of St. Petersburg O <'
and MrLlamlll'
of Mr.
lees, takes slides ond irnoi. Tolar and Mrs. Lee" Baker, Greensboro daughter to ails. L1
U McCall has
brother" Mr. Horace
All for $21.50 ; Germany where the will trudy
Greensboro 8 grandchildren -
Clark ;
at Dulshurj University !-
mat language
and I great grandchildren.
several mtmths.
CROUCH'SREXALL The Butler Morgan Funeral for
Home was In charge d arrange
DRUGS ments. ylli 1 1j

QUINCY. FLORIDA when Loafing the doctor becomes tells respectableIs ,, UR. 1 V

I necessary." __ l iRF. j kS 'A EPh.

The of ..rterrfro \
Employees by R. U Mary e.i.p.e Ake bear.a.peea..p, Varstesk \ / -

Professor Fleming, the discoverer Mealtime Luau oven < door wit rse. k Mtt-
of penicillin, published on and off. nu.. att.rten, a its.
SUBER & JOHNSON CO. the first rIt on his germ- eDalaneed-Iintoven. ri.we MOw.a.pes aCA w aunt x000 portable
killer to 1M is Interestingto ( i ,,, dstestaklaaol.eyy dishwasher,
little Is known 30 ELECTRIC ,miRICHARD{ a"mLlb,
note that more Infinite-heat controls .Cats do an entire day.
about pentdlltn today so thoroughly let you dial any heat dishes
RANGE at one a Wasbes i..s
was that paper peeps- want, ,
WISH YOU A VERY ed. REFRIGERATOR twice, litya four lioness

Fleming, however was not a

HAPPY NEW YEAR! one-thai before he wonder.Introduced Several penicillin years,

he had described a natural antiseptic $7$8S
occurring In all the 2$8

body's ...... Thai antttrptic, I
STORE SHOP and notably evident to saliva and
tears, be called ryemyme.. This
substance ks Important In pea
venting Infections In our mouths
" any eyes from the gems to

WAREHOUSECLOSED which exposed.they are to regularly T. MORRIS

.,...... .( Importu*. -
tuy- s (Pi's. .. the

..... tar a** II""","", .. !It II-
era .....*.


6 HINT: Lighter fluid i Is fond
cur reioovsn adhesive tape. 1109 WEST HOWARD STREET LIVE OAK. noRIDA1S1GIST
The skin Will likely absorb
JANUARY 1. 1965 .... of It than other fluUsuse.

\ y a IDiItIt "InT&L
L e : g '

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'_..... __.. __.._- ._....... __- '0-

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Old\ ashioned Country Cured

a e a "V ...1r
HOG JOWlS1 ,, "

., J, .'.\ 'I'
", I 'I"" 'J /
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o 27 t8. 11

Special! SMOKED



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H APP' p S : _

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r SPEC/At' Alt VAPinift KRAFT Special! ION&6ARTIETT

) : lrif61( L t11EL SItN {9' PEAR"2J'

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18DPlf"E 8 ox tilr,, t "J t DRINKS 3 f4:3'I k .STAMPS PLAID '
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....J a.D. I 11 Owpon gmi4 Ihni l *i t
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w : Fs ;1ijWTAN"ERINES

fi: doz. $1 OO n..H

.J Chunk.. Tuna $1.00Ml. ..
11. ( |MI gM4 IkmPIAID J. L
POLE :7Stl l l4113S1 3lt SS>Ft j

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BEANS lb ISc I. ; '
i i l rt STAMPS |:
,..,....... ..r.jj
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BANANAS lb. 10c !i!H!" ,.Egg.;..Noodl.... ... ON'35c_ .)i iL :

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$av. Only PMfStmp! : : % : t> axsxxstt :uts -
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+ .Get flat GilttFuttr
Z5 tya l'1.llID iti; "I! PIAIDSTAMPS 1' i iftS ;
f. STAMPS I' 'IiJ .
; ... ...... ..' ,. ..
!= MIA ) tips... M4.r,.. M:; .?mm ) r. Mi Mil MrrluwIt 'i;
4/1 n. ..,..... I
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i f1Drtnk,.. ..5e": 3|: :ta T Oll w 43c.. i
1 J. 1-1. t- | i4 Him JM> I*JJ'! !'M J. II. CMMMM |wi4 AA < 1iitntntr'tsizKcntitit I
Prices In this Ad Arc Good
\ ,
>tt! ;
Through Saturday. January 2. ; [u- tnsiBBtuunRj.j



31eOz.49c 214 $100 ';ss.49c iscom Count 100 80 C 22 Troy Ox. 39C


.. -



News.Views of Gadsdens Colored People

-- ----- __ ___e_ ___ ___.__-- .

Forty 4-H'ers Jackson Heights Barber v.. Tpxax Shop Ga ulllle.vs. Moreland Anderson: Here And There. Antioch Church Palace AME Graveside Rites I Christmas Party

Get Recognition Recreation Cleaners. Mr. K 0 Ranger and a friend. Mrs. Fannie Roby Brown had a
Mar. 6. Moreland Cleaners v,.. Mini Betty J. Dee, of Columbia, Lists Calendar Church News Held For Infant Christmai party Several friends
Casey toodjlncr Anderson
Forty 4II Club Gina received and members of the Sisters
Barber S.C. spent the Christma holiday The Sunshine Auxiliary will Stewardess Board No.
Shop vs. Texaco *i 2 and Infant Sharon Brown died Thursday Club called between 4
and (
recognition and awards during KO>B BA4KPTBAU: fleet Thursday at 6 In the the Gladiolus
Gasoline Garden
with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Range p.m. Circle presented December .4 at the Gads- p.m. Her ipecial
guest her
Die Annual Achievement Day Program The Junior Boys Recreational March U. and 20 ,Single Ell over the weekend They motored I home of Mn Ethel Stokes All : program and baby con den County Hospital She Is the sister Rachel and her were brother
December 21, at the Edu Basketball ,Season U scheduled to I mlnaliin Tournament. to Orlando. along with Mn member are urged to attend test 13 at Palace AME daughter of Mr and Mrs. David in.law, Sammucl Smith of Sara-
rational Building, Elizabeth Mis- opened! Tuesday Afternoon January -FNH KASKETBTIl Range will'i'll1I1'Y visited Mn Watch night services will be Church Brown, Siilo Community. Graveside iota
lonary Baptist Church, Quincy Parramore I, 4:30: p.m.School at the Carter The Men Recreational Bask Barbara Bell and Miss Paulette held Thursday evening and will Devotion was led by Mn. Carrie rites was held 10 am December Christmas decoration were at
\ High Gymnasium Range Mr. Range listen Mr. Include a testimonial and Robinson and Mrs Johnnie 25. The survivors Mr. local
The program included the folioing Game will be el ball League I II scheduled open preach. are: points throughtout the home
played every December :30 Range and Miss Dee return to S. trig service The public 1* invited Willis followed by selection by and Mrs David Brown parents, On the table of the dinning room
: SeIt'CtionSilent Night; In. Tul'lIdayand .'rIdaY"'Il'moon.' C swell the choir welcome. M....
reporting a trip. : Edith Cynthia Muse. sinter Mra Mettle was an antique l
The )league will have four team crystal punch
'OCationMary Lee Jones: Schedule: (First game at Mr. and Waller Lewis; solo, Mrs. Shirley MeCill Brown, grandmother Willie Brown filled bowl
CbrlBtmai Scripture 1:30: second at 5:30i playing a twelve game scheduled Mn Forehand, The pastor, Rev. Nehemlah ; with holiday greenery
Halo: National' 411 Shirley Jan. 5, Randy i roods Store on Ucdneaduy night at the Carter and family had a* their guest, Bowen announces that the final reading, Miss Vonclle Gibson; grandfather and Mrs. Mary Mil with a cluster of Santa Claus faces
treetingsRoaalyn West/Hymn introduction ; .Massey Drug. Double Cola Co vs Parramore High School Gymnasium -Mr. Ruby Jackson of Plalnfteld conference lor the year will be guest apeaker, Mrs Bettye Bry cueS grandmother Betsey Funeral at its base flanked by five candleson
of -'VI. Morrow Cleanen N. J. Mrs. Hazel Pine, of New held Friday at 7 p.m. It Is urgent ant; selection, choir: financial home In charge each side formed the centerpiece
ipeakcp Diana Wll
report of babies: No. I 1- Cervaise
York and that all officers attend .
City Mr Gene Fore-
ion Mm Jan 8, Jewels Season Schedule: First gameSt
; Speaker Ellen Bry. Rnndyi Store v*. Picnic Lockett, $42.80 No.
ant. Alumni 4II member and In Double Cola Co Morrow Clean 100; p.m l hand of Bradenton, Florida They Superintendent Parthell Galne; 2- Flandls Lot'ken- $10 00; No. Rites Held For
motor I vt Stevens Elementary era vs Miuuey Drugs. Dec 30, Vampire vi Warriors also visited with their mother and announce that Sunday School will *- Mary ?McOriB 23.54. ; Card of Thanks
School, City; Her a Mres* entitled Jan 12, Massey Drugs ".. Double Rams v*. Hawks. I family, Mrs. Mamie Anderson, commence at 9:45: a.m. All teachers Cervaise Renie Mrs. WilliamsFuneral I would like to thank all my fri.
"If,>w to Get Along With PeopleS Cola Co Morrow Cleaners vs Jan. $ Rums vi. Vampire Ifavk city and pupil are urged to at of the first Lotkett winner ends and relatives for the kindness
:'i' and Take a Look at Yourif Randy Food Slora VI. Warriors Soloman Sanders, a student of tendThe crowned Rev. prize and was, they showed during my illness in
by B. W
( ." Lxpresslons followed I by Jan 15: Double Cola Co. VI. Jan. 12 Rams vs Hawk Warriors Tukkeegce Institute, Tuskeecee morning worship services A consolation( Roberts service for Mr. Virginia the hospital
Adult Loader, Mrs. Gertrude Morrow Cleaner Maguey Drugs, vs Vampire Alabama visited his parent, Mr. will commence at II am. ChoW; Mary McCrllf prize was givento 1 Williams was conducted I thank each one of you very
Moody, Greensboro Ikmie Demon Vi. Randy Food. Store I Jan X, Rams vs \Varrlori Vam. and Mr. Tylcar Sanders, Jr., and one and under board one wll Lockett Presentation and of Llandis from Bethel Baptist Church, Wednesday much for the lovely cards flowers
stratton Club Presentation 01 Jan 19, Morrow Cleaner v*. plrcs vi Hawk other relative during the nolidayi .' serve at both service The pastor was made by Rev J. W. awards 2 p.m. In Tallahassee!. and gifts. May God Bless each of
ward* were made by Mn Urula Massey Drugs Double Cola Co. Jan. 27., llauks v*. Warrior will bring the message, Holy The of the Young. 'Mrs Williams wai an instructorat \ you.
II Williams, Anliitant Home Vs. Rmdyi roods Store. I Vampliti vi Rams Mr. John Will Sanford of Jack Communion will be given after, was to give purpose Christmas fruit program and the ,It. John Elementery School Thanks again: Jean Thomas.
Demonstration Special Prom-am'Jan reb 4. Warriors v* Vampire both sen :. Quincy for the past several yean
22, Randy rood Store v*. sonvllle, spent several dav* here 1 candy to children in the city and I
and Mr Robert Bryant, Awilstan' Morrow (Cleaner Macsey Drugs Hawk vi Hams 'visiting with Mn Gussie Sanford, The YWA will be entertained by community.
Principal, Carter.Parramore lllh| v*. Double Cola Co. Feb 10, Vampirci vi tflks his wife and family Mr. Luis Stoke at home CM Shrubbery was given to Palace Card of ThanksThe Hospital Report
School. Recipient were Junior Jan. 28, Warrior vi Rami Sunday al i 5 .m. Mrs. Katie M.I .
t Mniwcy Drugs vs Randy i Mr. Louli Thigpcn li vlslllnij p AMi Church Remarks were Admissions: Willie Mae Wtl-
and Senior Leadership: Irene roods' Store. Morrow Cleanersvs. Feb. 17, Vampire vi Ram. ill parents Mr. and Mrs Alonzo I Thomas in charge made by Rev. J W. Young Mra members of the Friendly lams. Arthur Martin Soloman
Jackson, Vivian Jatksem, Von. Double Cola Co. 1 Warriors v*. Hawks Thlupcn/ city He li studying toward I Evening worship I II at 8 pm. Virginia Me-dnud and Mn VM1 Sister Club wish to thank Mr. Framer. Catherine Hayes, Jean-
Wood, Mary Brewlngton; Food 'i Foods Store Maguey Drugs I pines vi Warriors blank Lee Hill, a member of the society will meet Monday with I Mrs. Fannie Roby Brown for entertaining :UcNcal, Hattie Turner, Quincy,
Science! Diana Wilson, Brenda vi Morrow Chancre. Mar, 3 Warriors vi Ram. Hawki Kansas City Chiefs football team Mn Elate Palmer entertaining Card of ThanksThe so royally at their home Gussie Black, Levon Madison, Havana
jardner, Jacqueline Montgomery, Feb 3, Double Cola Co VI Maey vi Vampliti and I one of the leading around The City Wide Mission will hold 741 South ,Stewart Street city, on : Catherine Perry, Sneada:
Annette Holmes, Deborah Mo Drugs, Handy roods Store vi. Mar. 10. Warrior v*. lIallk.. diners[ in the American Fool ball its annual post Christmas party family" of the late Mr. E. December 26. We are very appre-I Beatrice Dicks, Gretna; Ola
Gain; Home Improvement; Can- Morrow Cleaners, e Rams v.. Vampirei League Is spending the holidays Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. A B. Daler House acknowledge !alive for their thoughfulnessSigned I jalnes, Midway: Deborah Ann
sandra Emma Butler Dunont, ;Personal Spurtxmanahtpi Grooming : Feb 5, Morrow Cleaner V*. Mar. 17, Hiwk v*, Vampll.Rltms with hli parent, Mr. and Mr*. M covered dish and exchange of gifu and preelalton long remember the with deep ap- : The Fricndlly Sisters I Murray, Tolly L. Walker and Joel
Double Cola Co. Randy i Foods vi Warriors' L. Hill will highlight the affair many and varied 'Club I Dempsey, Chattahooehee
: Lonwr Carter; Garden: Joy Store v*. Massey Drug. Marth 23 and 27. Single Ell -''xpre_slons of sympathy May
I rdand Paul; TeenAve Nutrition: Toul'l1am'nl.Sunday' Charles Stokes, a member of the God Bleu each of -
mlnullon We
Fl'h. 9. MusHcy are always little bit
Drue vs Morrow a (usileloui BIRTHS: William and Gather-
Dorothy Smith; Dread Di'monitra. Cleaner. Randy'* foods- More Florida A and M University Choir UnionAt I Signed: Mr ind Mrs. Johnny/I of those who assure us I Ithat ne hayes, boy Dec 25; Alplranse
I lion: Charlean Bales; Clothing: vs. Double Cola Co. Rites Marching Band spent/ some time House and mother I they want nothing. and Beatrice Dicks boy, Dec 28.
Matherlyn Norwood: Civil DC Feb. 12, Morrow Cleaner VI.Randy'l with his mother, Mrs Ethel Stokes Song Festival
fense; Barbara Well, Anita roods Store and family, He returned Tuesday
Juries; Food Preservation: Martha Co. vi Massey Drugs DoubleCola For Mr. Kelly from Cleveland. Ohio, where hey St. Hebron A.M.E. Church play'

Nutrition Davenport: ; Roberta Advanced Lee rood and rl'b. 16, Randy'* Foods Store v. Sunday lervlce fw Mr. Will preformed at the Cleveland Brown ed host to the long festival, of
; Dairy Massey Drugs. Morrow Cleanen Baltimore Colt pro football cham Choir Union One, Sunday
food: Alice D adore Moyc, Lltfle Washington, V*. Double Cola Co Baptist Chunh at 3:311: Ixfoie a capacity crowd Chaplin :
Olivia Scott, Viola Bank: Public Fl'b. 19, Rundyi roods Store V*. p.nt., Dete-mlxr 27 He died at Rev. Arthur Stokes spent a few R. T. Jackson conducted the oepn-! byirltdsff
Speaking: Rasalyn West: Electricity Double Cola Co. Morrow Clean. lie GadMl County Memorial day here with his mother Mn Ing service, followed by an appro-
: Mary Jones; Demonstra-' era vi Massey Drug ImpiUil Memelay, December' 21, Ethel Stoke, and family He plansto plate prayer of Thanksgiving Welcome ---- -
lion: Virginia Brady; Recreation: Vb. 23. Massey Drugs vi Double following an extended Him'si. I return lo the Veteran Hospital was extended by a representative The 88th Congress adjourned A close look at vhat's been dollars from other couur.ciu4
Barbara Bryant; Achievement: Cola Co. Morrow Cleaners vi A native of Georgia he movedto at Lake City of the entertaining choir, (la October after 21 month happening In Great Britain to stave oft bankruptcy.

Shirley Bryant, Valencia Cause, Randy. Food Store Qulney several yean ago, and Silt and Mr*. Willie Lee MeElvy, followed by words of acceptance In tension, roundly applauded ince World War Jr, It is an open secret the
Jae-quline Batiton, Lunle-e Moody; Mar. 2. Double Cola Co. vi Moe.row lived In Ihe Friendship Coiiunun and children visited his sister, and Introduction of Prcsl lent Emory Itself as the longest and bu l- Britain taxes are among Labor Government will
Health: Marion I Saucier: ll(>rne Cleaners Massey Drugs vi,. Ity south of Quincy. I brother-In,law, Mr. and Mrs Eve- Oooms. He gave a brief statement est Congress history.Witha the highest in the world; her Miortlv ask the United Statesto
Management: Pinky Gllllam; Randy foods Store The Rev D' A Be'Iford' pastor 1 turtle Palmer They also visited his of appreciation: fro the support few exceptions members welfare state one of the moat pa, for British bases
Home Improvement: Betsy t 111>mai rlar. 5, Morrow Cleaners vs Maa'soy of iricnuiliip I Primitive UupiUt parents Mr and Mr, King Me- given by choirs of the unionand [how to Ignore the fact that far-reaching; her Industry throughout the ",orld
; Chill Care: Miry Duller; Drug. frond. Double StoreMar Cola. Co, vs.Randy' Church Will in charge, A short Uvy Sgt. McbJvy recently returned ask continue that each in the choir work and of member the-I I It was also the spendIngeatCongress among the most restricted by Blithely disregarding ail
Junior Clothing: Sidney June; iroKram pre-ccdd the eulogy. from over-sea duty He will 1 in history, and that government controls. thin, Prime Minister Wilson
Exhibit were displayed by Adult 9, Randy Fond Store V*. The survlvon are Mr*. Maude be stationed at Ft church
Jackson S. CMr ; It extended the Federal bureaucracy > a a. right ahead with his!
and 4-H Clubs latingi were ai Morrow Cleaners Maasey Drugs ,Thompkins Mn Mat lie M Cunn, and Mrs Powell E. Wood Each choir wa presented and further than goes nationalize Britain
ever to
follows vi Double Cola CoMureh and Mrs Viola Hamilton, (laughers rendered a selection before the plan
: Urecnshade 181), TeenAge berry had as their guest, Mr. and
before it
into the affairs of the steel hobbling
12 10, and 19 Double Annie lifted The total industry,
Nutrition; Sawdual2nd, all of Qulncy; Mn Mrs. BHICO Morris and their collection was
Home Management; St. Hebron Fllmlnatlon Tournament Davis and M... r;UK'I Kelly, both Pone-ell Barnes They nephew reported money received was J30776 states citizen and, Items the live of their with further red tape, regulation
3rd, Electricity; lllghbrlelge 4th, I'Y-I' thEE lt.tttTETRIILThe of Thomasville, Ga. sinters In. having spent and The next business and musical and bureaucracy.
Wattr Safely; River Junction bIb Pee Wee Recretlonal Banket erment was IK-Id In the Friendship vlfcil here. Mrs Motile also visited program will be held the fourth It authorized total expenditure We'd do yell to keep a glees
Dental J Care; Grecm>boroOth ball Team will play a ten game Cemetery with the Smmsackaon her father, Mr. Robert Barnes Sunday In January, at Greenshade of 200 billion dollars, eye on thin British boondog
Health and Sanitation; Qilncv schedule. Game i will be played on .'UIII'ra1l1ume In charge and family The visitors along with A.M.E. Church the highest la history, even glee for there no shortage
-. ProDor. 7thCivil. Defense. Saturday morning from 9-U amt -- Mr. Woodberry and son, Powell In wartime of Washington economists
Ex| xiilons were given by all the Caller'nil'ramore lllgnSchool 'Saint James Jr., left for south Florida here Last Rites Held It raised the limit on the who consider Great Uritam
Adult Leaders preaenl Christmas Gymnasium Our season Is they will visit relative In Tampaand national debt three times in welfare state model to copy
Carol., Gamei and Retrrah scheduled, to open January 2. Hallendalc, Fl,. a single year,to a staggering .
mend were enjoyed during the Scanrmnhedule: First game Church News I Mr. Robert Ford from New For Mrs. Bellamy t-321 billion. Every. once in.a.while some:
I Social Hour The National 411 at 9:30: a.m., second at 10:30: a. It approved plans for an body dares state tne lace mat
Watch night service and love York City, visited Mr and Mr. Funeral services for me late
Club Pledge closed the day, aoUvllles m.) anti-poverty program, a Domestic the United States is losing
It'/illt/ mot-ling will be held combl Cleveland Ford, hi* 'parents t in Mr*. Jimmie Ponder Bellamy
Jan. I Peace Youth Yet when Harold time i 16
Casey IGA Fooilllm vi ; Corps, a Wilson prestige abroad every
ed Thunietny" evening, coenmenc'ins Midway during the holidaysMiss I were conducted front Beulah lull
Moreland Cleanen Anderson at V All members are Missionary Baptist Church on Employment Corps, a food took over as Laborite Prime fails to stand up for its prin.cipies.
Barber Shop vs. Texaco Goao pm Agnes I'ttIllllapent several stamp give away pregrantand :Minister, what were the first He usually gets hootectdown
unfed lu "llend The public I* Invlteel Sunday, December 27 at 2 pm
days here, a* guest of her mother
Mrs. Johnson line. !. Rev O I.. Lewis, minister, was in a mass transit plan steps he took? Haloed taxes by those who believe
Suit 9, Caaey* IGA Foodl r VI Superintcnelent Sam Love Jr anti family before returning to: charge The deceased died at Yet It cut taxes |11' bll. even higher, extended wel. we can win friends "by trying

Passes Away Anderson Barber Shop. Texaco announce that Sunday SdixM Penn toward Stale her Doctor where degree she I Is studying Friends! home at 4:30 i.m. Sunday, December ; 1I0n-dl regardlnll' a $7 billion fare even further, restricted to get along1 with our enemies -
Gasoline vs Moreland Cleaners.an will commence at 8.4S am wish her much 20 In Gretna deficit for fiscal 19C4 business even more Some ex.ampl. handing out foreignaid
10 Moreland Cleaners v*. Teachers and pupil are requested IUCI'II.Mra. A native of Georgia she moved It established a "Poverty .*: and giving in to every
FrIends of Mrs Lola B. J >hn. Anderson Barber SJiop Texaco to report on time. Maggie Akin Jackson Gad drn County and lived for Czar" with* $1 billion kitty, Britain's income tax rates country that disagrees with
lIOn regret, to Karn of her Gasoline funnily of this city
pushing VI. Casey IGA Foodliner .
The morning wonihlp serviceswill several Shortly after movng over and above some $12 bit- were raised another 2% percent u.
which occurred Friday" bet-em. Isiledw lIb her family, Mr. and yean Ions[ for 4existIng from 38.75 this connection I found
commence at U am Rev to Florida she Joined Beulah now budgeted per cent to41.2i In
her 18 at 11:30 p.m. alter an Jan 23, Anderson Barber Shop Mra. Eddie L. Aklns, and friend;
A. R. McGlexkton, pastor in mil Missionary Baptist Church tate and federal : per cent on middle and the following editorial highly
extended Illnesi The end I Mr. Noel Ford vtslcd with his
ciune Gasoline v*. Casey charge where she bal served on several programs engaged in the upper income worker, You'd inteiestlng It ran in the)
at the (.ads It'
County Memorial wile Mrs. Ford and
n IGA Fooilllm Quein family
The lolln\l'l'Ing auxiliaries will of ncthities have to 000 C hlna News in
Hospital where boards same sort earn $26, a :year published>
she hud ban lIe returned
for several da'l..un'ral confined Jan. 30 li, CaHl'y'IIGA Foodlincr viAn serve, Sliwnrelem Board 3 and recently FlaMm to DaytonaMtach A short program preceded the I It pawed a Civil Rights Act in the U.S. for Uncle Sam to Taipei, Formosa, and wax reprinted
services 'rson Barber Shop Texaco' Usher Kourd 2 will serve at both eulogy so full of obscurities and hid bite )'ou that hard. by the New York
wire ronduct asollne v*. irelund Cleaners. Margaret Brown of New
11'1'\'kt'* den booby traps that neitherthe Gasoline taxes went It Daily News.
M from Pentecostal II Mrs Carrie up ,
illness 'eb. 6, Texaco Gasoline v*. Casey Communion will be given at both York City and her sinter. Miss The survivors are
courts nor the Congress no that, allowing for the dif The United States, itronir
Church, Filler: G. T Boston incharge IGA .'oodlln Barkley, daughter, Newark, ConnMm ,
lent ot Florida
I s r. AndersonAibrr morning and evening servicesFvrnlng Mary Brown, a stu
itself fully understands whatit ference between the U.S. and and concernedabout
Tuesday Dcccmlwr 22 R Ruth Hurt, St. PetersburgWillie prospeious,
Shop vs. Monland Clean will at 6 formal College. St. AugurtlneFlorida ,
: wonhlp begin
A short program preceded' tile 1,,'r.. visiting their II and Bin J. Bellamy of means. Imperial gallon,Britons now various economic probe
are parentsMr
eulogy. ;.'ret 13, Texaco Caroline vi And oclmk OfriHal Board meets Monday and Mr*. Rudolph Brown Sr. Miami and St Petersburg, ions; It invaded the field of local must pay 68< for a gallon of lems, tries to take care of the)
The survivors tendon Atlanta, CaMr ., urban affairn-city buses and petrol Communist in offhand.
are George1 J.'n. Barber Mrs Ella an
crton Shop Moreland 4 at 7 oclx-k iThI'Y report a most enjoyable
lon, husband; Mrt Betty Ik'lion, Cleaners v*. Casey IGA hood evening, January their *. Mattie Grae-e, Lakeland and lubways-dsfepite the fact Deductions for pensionsand sort of 'I can do it with one
Missis hmnia L., Willie U. and liner Leaelirs'mbrra are. Me"txpeetcd'mlien see urged to stay' 1 Mrs Princess INwes, Newark that the Constitution empow.en the National Health hand tied behind my back
Mary N Johnsuii, daughters. nu are J sinters and henry Ponder, Congress to regulate ServIce went 28< week Combined with this
F'h.0: Moreland Clranpra1.. fill thlr nnuiU pledge sheet and Delta Air Line has signed an N. only up a approach.
Interment Will conducted\ thr Texaco Gasoline Cawy s IGA return It a* early as pewilble agreement with the Dim-in dub brother St Petersburg interstate commerce for the average worker, who is a wishful thought that the
Sunny Vale Cemetery with IhI'81mm.JlldllOll Foodlimr v*. AiHlerson Barber The Trainee-Steward Board met to permit the use of credit cards Interment wu In the St Paul And the end is not in sight now has $1.91 taken out of Communists will go away, or
Mineral HonM |incharge. SlHpeb 'Monday at 7:30 p m Chairman, 10 purchase air transportation and I Cemetery with the SimmsJackon The 89th Congress appears each week's paycheck to finance change their minds and settle
--- ft, Casey IGA Mmdllncr Willie Lnnier was In charge lated service t Funeral llemie In _charge_ ready to pick up where the them down to a peaceful anti
-- -- -. ... .- .. : ____ : _____ 88th left off-with a yen. Meanwhile,benefits for old rood life."With.

r treance The new Congress: age pensions, widows' pen. all that the United
shapes up as even more reckless sions and unemployment States is doing-and it is
; some leaders have benefits went up even further enough that the free world Is
openly rejoiced that they will than the new taxes' ability losing only slowly-there is
IS FOR be able to ram their bills to pay for them. no dedication to total victory
through without even the The Laborites had already or even awareness that victory -
Jloce alt, of coalition bar announced a 15 per cent tarIff Is the only way to end
training. Outlook: greater on Imports and a rebate to danger, understanding that
Federal upending, and more British exporters Why Simply in the end it ii a question oC:
P Federal power because :Britain economy either Communism or free-
PRINTING" C C e is so enmeshed in red dom that as Lincoln said
For thoae who persist lit ice- tape and regulation that its freedom and slavery cannot
lug government spending as industry finds it difficult to coexist""
the cure-all for poverty, unemployment compote in world market. Maybe ve should take a
,medical care and Already Britain has had to look at ourselves ai our
wbit-have-jou, I recommend Mcure a pledge of S billion friends see) ira
--- --- -

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lI COUNTY TIMES is R.,. George J. Taylor, First Methodist Church,
Main and Sandusky. BeDefontalne. Ohio.

For alrUnlnf Catholics A number of alrBnee hare
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Bald Katatai' CVntlnuoualy anllflng the o o'Fdt.'r.ttrsAR. Y d
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Will Alter to Suit SERVICE rant any glalmi and dmandi ilgnal turn on ventiUaUng fan r oecoNieaTANT ttu.I1TS
Shirk you, or alihar of you Bin ind take whatever other action ad II ASG2.C0W
Your Needs l>ava .."In.t tho eatate nlLHARLKS lia* bran pwRramcd llcmopnUlHC I ,
DR. d..a.." lass of laid Coon *, "Mredt-n" a* they are
APPLY WILSON'SIf Stewart Vounq'p [j, to tha County Judaa .( Uadn- known are tutay leading nearly
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'Iti 'hi ''''IIM 0.... Of a.Id about this affliction I )
Florida, withIn
Count it Qulnry
alx '-altndat month from the for Imtam-e. u IK now known that
>'OR RENT 1 bedroom houM, Uma or the rim publication oithl it li-asl 11 ai-ton are involved In
.ft.r January 1 OH MAin 1 not Ir*, Two topln of sort clotting ot 1111(01nl Hint ab- I EY
Do. II, Jag t .t plaint or demand .hall b. Ir
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,,11t t'ia. '1J ,Ira.. of lha claimant, and ahall atudie slaw that tt factor AdNrt.'r u iJM41NPritWe /'
by tha claimant, bli
'h. awora to nil U adnummerrd at birth the 49taaooceolo {

loll 1C1UPP "BOFA full Of' per MOBILE HOMES8ala 1..1. br nf a attorney filing foe and nf an arennv* do.. duld may never become a blewr / aoot d/ ; 700 times n day.aerativeci114Atmor.l

.Im. Turn 'U 10 4140 a ....k 0" a Such claim or fl.mand no) . Alrtwugh wlthmt" any
high .omml..lons poor round and bualnaKqulpmtnt bony.ltte.dy ... SorTie 10' MARUARKT fill chall b ANN* roil.THOMAMCIIAKLK8 aunodlal mexllral al'lUl"8Uun. to bitter, ppointinent and i woman1 tears

furnished tr... Wm N.. Moon. Vtrlaita. WAUTKIt TI1UMAI the recent niivcu ot biochnniRli
to Wm. K Plarra, U K 8II, Gardner, Concor. Si.wafL JR. in grttuig vtru to reproikire its On. in entry ten Aiuerk famiUet expericncci the iufferin j
Orlando. Fla. I> ,. II, Jan. 1 YRALESNAN ... aiorutora of tha lost Will dlneaxe-t-aUKlnK element t.llaltlr l
lOIre elate. Uiod Trsll.nS' ..
I and T'ltamant ot Chart AVal-
WANTED Art poi and 10' WidaW tar Ttiftma. era d......d. a living cell may lead to eventual caused hy the birth of l defective child iWoikinj
14 and control LA .-.A DAY
looking for a good part-tun 01 Drat publication I\.m..r bettor undrntandlng *
full-Urn Incom In \,'hallahnn.th. ttado for furnirara 01W I 1114. U... 14 II, Jin. t. II 411AKDNIR of viral JllII'a_. 1
the March of Dimei doM
AND UNKHlttorn together through se can
.. County
W. Oadxlcn
or scything .f talus I Thing TV Com A new utility
,. for Ri.cutorajulwr
Olin, Rawlsljh Untie *anIf y cut "almost anythinR" much to stop this hcinbreak and anjuUh You cn helpg
II and up pr hour. Dr* I>. C I riorldaM saw that
1411 N. Hind, Tallinn HaT KOOL SEAL THB CIHCt'lT COURT OF Including null, bola' aunt metnl,
Thraah Give lo the March ot Dimes for tetrarch and ]
CIRCUIT treatment
.*. or writ. R..I.hlh! FA L IIIt I OApaDKNfWNTT pipe and tube. angle Iron, pliurtto
Tnn. 0. 8. 10 U mU. wi olTalquln IN ANTI FOR MI33
Mtmphla Itawrbold
I rUmiDA. IN CIANrialntltl > and even wood
Dae. I? Ftb. I Ii Inn.T KIDDII
CRRT, I IIt. cleaning mitt ot trrry cloth and pANC/N4
lUhau... Florid IUNALD HICK'. : ipimge rubber ttmt comMnp the 1 SCHOOL PtFEcTlV+d''+p t DIItIfS;

WANTEDSECRETARY.ROOKKEEPKR .., beat feature* ot a iputig and a
1211 Watt T._ QT A. HICKi brush Rubber hrntprootdrainer -
: 1t' fni1aM. for dlllaa and gUiow..... WATCH
With Some EiprrlriK .
: with an aluminum top tray
"'rlllI Rot "B" 8latln|| TOl Petty A. *Hick New dry lion itorage cxmlainer to for
c/o IU rhatnut Aranua he atinplled( by manutacturi and
Exported Salary Jtwranorbun, T.nn..ss DANLEY'SJANUARY
GADSOEN COl'NTY TIMKSlORSAl.i You ar. .....h' notified, that diDlnhtiton vl dry Ire to their
Plumbing ruturaa.. Clactrical Complaint for Ihvore baa hn nmtnmert. llcl 72: 151"tmd

. --- Suppliaa. P.pe and Fitting, ll.d ...In.t you ieh.. above.. rake* for plttili*, oiinplng
and Ire r
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Watar Koalari. Tile Roan and cummer cottage without t
iulr.rt to errs a copy of pour trip
Cat tad Oil Haatara newer or other pUailln ta the electricity: new butane-pow r' CLEARANCEIn
"omplalnt to th. plalmirf'a attnrn. red, twin-mantel lamp that gives Ir
HOUSES .", Trai-y U Rlddlo, III Rat light equivalent to 75-wntt bullx Tl Next W.ek'i
Vaahlncton Ittr..t, gulncy, Flor.'
ROCCOPIPE la. and rug the original of Mid Lila O' Bunlnee Toy ashy
FOR BALE I bedroom hour .newer or pltadlnir In th* oft!,. In 1064 are expected to allOW a TIMESBARGAINS
and lot with bathroom, kllch.n,, .if Ibo Clerk of tha ah..... Courtn 4 cent Nor, to $1,18.1.000,010
lining room and dining room ., b.for the llnd d.r oflanuary per .
combined. MOO 00 and tabs up, & SUPPLY CO. A. D. I Ml< or a drra from .1.141.000,000 in un GALORE
imymanta &1 fort yiara. pro oonfanio will b* ntard The New Year to I'xl"1' >o bra
|2 bray tIV': 1'hone 427.7705Afton 44 YEARS OP SERVICE .ifllnat you. Rood one for appliance ..I.. h east

1 M.mit, Jan 7, 14. It 41 Ta This AralPHONE Julnrr ONE, O.d.d.n AVD rounty.C'lIITlJlR1I: rinrlda: at with a predicted 3.1 per tent gam .oinf, but
|) __ -
--- :I 222-I5J7 t hi,. find da y of Doombar, A. U. to $1,840,000,000 A leading I atrllt...'." HOMEOWNERS
1 .IUf. nduitry executive ha* f( WHat an William A. 1--\\
FOR SALE I 1110 I. Hionroo Straol (KICAUrdwln: Kan anraiiU auto alt's volume in the Mt*..t for POLICY ,

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDAHOMES Court nflgtiborhood of 10 million/ can ,
rLrk of rireult 1// querr.l fall 01,1(1 Rllllnonoise ,
2 Bedroom Home I 054540. County Flnrlh the 1070' With "t ,
.... llaihcocfc by CK1oFrw..a.ohis/' .- L liauai. A r l111.1111 at' 137.7/11
421 Kowwood. Krammbl) lly Oma U Rldill M U himltiir demnixl dradlly/ riling parional f prol.n4. I II

I'ricrd. MUH Sell l\N'allll4l olTrwiifrr. I Attorn? tor PlalntlfllOulnry UBJ narn a record Mlc "Mty I have this itruretoro WIstunnlnl"r :fafr*.r.t I Cnwrty, Csep r.
CU alt,r 1:30 p.m. 1 tlnrlda rtaa'ns of $8 billlnn.comiwred .
or twtrod- 127-7471. II i I I ire o. tl, II, Jan T, II 4.tI In 1064. with about $J_.71 billion 11;

-- --- I


1 Bxdroom Air CVmdUtowdiliww. I

Low Down Payiwnt Eingsberry WEED KILLERS
Low Monthly Paymcnla. Ftnandn by Rl.7seIi.Bnlght r".r
ArranrrdNortnaa i
( McMUUut Already, 1011 Mar I New York Drc. 21 Everyday 1111I

noun Dims. tl Greenwoodand right to ten ttxuaand new SOUTHERNCHEMICAL
I American amwrr ttw call to the
dining taMt. And dory .-d have
FOR IALB .. Brick Vnr, I- Unit frar, genrrally about arc- '
I' boons I ptdroomt, I oodII. Even with only eight PIT
baths: Sort. (l ItchesDiningRoom ; Sunset Acres ; I
Combined ratio, Utility emit ol the oat.ist'S people manning
Room Carport. Paved Drlv.wey. *- its farm. thm U little TH* Sales & ServiceInc.
Hu oulral h..t (ls.175 ... CLARE PLEMMONS I Hon ot Amrrtca's aMllty to toed
N. Stewart Quine. Toil'phons I
MAIs -,; t. Phone M.U. 74SI1 ItoeX .

I I By oontraat ball the popuJationat rF 1r1t Rut

I.'.' J:1a4: IF.': I t-llJ.1 Russia Ami til halt th! soil raise and tnouxh yt th to ecountry coop hua Box 3, Ph. MA 7-6101

1 1I Iced Itwlf. While thiT* la rat cncamwrr ass, them
the rauum for AmericanRiprrWidly 5.. Faller QUINCY. FLORIDA

T V SEAVICC in toning. farm Inrlul UPI rf +i' MO :: : I

.... praNidaed'an4 Impwtanl _._ _.
lorries "-...... All alt CITY OOIWUM0. .
at fcrttlpIZoT. -'.
'- ol all the growing ua*

ban Europe
TV SERVICE Th drat arrlvali Had IlpM award, which wuEM
"'TT. taught by the Indian tofrrtliw to is TV star In thai CARS
.., u.ss 1.IVIIIBLJI .".- by dropping a Sib In .-<* of compoaar iUchtrd
hill d seed corn. Toda l y the her who! I U a mamhar of thai USED PARTS lor all make

ttlipf lndu try here produw AaorlUoil af Aithorf. Corn oi Cart and Trucks
rim* 10 million km of plant aown and PiMlthari, Bow eala.praUnc .
i (nod a year and ha* M annual iu MU Asaborary.N 24.HOUR WRECKER SERVICEWE

t iravth at round nine prr tab" BUY JUNItD CARS
"A dollafi worth of
RBW1ATINO. Bur**, the Irdualry wntrnta. "will bringUnual .. n lU2 W. JeUenoD MAin 7.7115
C.to, Tot Bring your lar- worth ol tarn wnp*.
maaia en Ml.a Audr.r Rear.*, an
101 W, Kin* Bt, m. *IT>T4il. tl Wvtdmrt Afimn -
When dlrrrtori at ACT InrkartHeg.Incorporatfd .
FOR BALM Ham.rafter. I XII rmnUy' <*&'** I ENTERPRISES Inc
(4-kand akortwa rol..n the rtrilar quartI'I11' dMdmd rf42Vt KINARD ,
mr.l radlamanaala.
Plus ad-
Uk sow voted as
Writ. Row -P"a w oral, thry
0.'....* Count Tinea II 1 loU rao I*mM A raw dtOonal 10-cent payment draowad CHARLES KINARD. Owner
,I MWmal.,......drMd. u a "quarterly extra," Rtnodetlnq Addltteni
William\ T. Taylor, baud chaw-
"J.I.L: DRILLING man said quarterly t extra diW NEW CONSTRUCTION

PI MF HALES broils will be paid while m. Oran. Garage* Carport Porch**
tmm thP f
BATH ROOMS, ROOHNO pany cnMinuea to profit drmand forlsihto.d e -. Bidlnq Cabinet '
be ,.Malty husk wt\If4a 111 ..............ty Tom' I Rooflivi
AD Typo 51 ItJIIInc atock. Florida Room Cnclocur

lONE LMIiOt'sNEYT8le .t. tile wt'It put oC ACT.Ire boon burtrtraFour a qdIaca&* tI' I I /. Job Too Large ot Too Small"

$ b $1YA.nOIf. prevtou* dirwend Increaar Havana Highway Phone 627.7511
1 I that served to *JbIIhi!

Mortgage ...,.... rat. paid prior to May. 1987:iaibl." >hi' ffldaj Cudt tap*evib KZPO17 World-IH EiklU.i drat
mad p
FOB race: I.T11t.1TRrao : aid, proaoWled a tW mtoe ennvp.ay1 Bon U UMJ WatUra llmijphrIt

z: qtcvcT tnttitt MO AND UTTUK: OMTfTb byk- Ttotal ..--. The ,...a.! .. It Wrlnnlajf to rla M a maIRvl *-
worfcff larfpct pure nickel 1 raw UUn4 .oBiplftaxI In Ui. ItLrmc FOR -
.. 0!, I... T. 14. II <* Reins, *w* wetKhuic\ nearly ale IIIC S2-w f**" tht> b-rtfi an-: RI0 r. Starting April

ounce: the the tMpan 20tranepk amaU- iiIdredci 21. IH7. mart than 14 natl ml 1tT71: FUEL OIL
1M1. The .r:1
+e* mined In
I ktmd to etms. will r.MII "Mn I Hid
U yon want to Bv* a tent Km.,.rut NetnrrUndt.are the formed each kfont WItIcttI-piece 11II&I Ii I r.a*. eMe tutor period Wesrl ."
tile phlloanprry Out enable ot d -
yaj IW't to avoid worry. I twmorth of .. oonr.. twpy O:=is :drr.Itnenr In QulncyCALL
J I boats g
.....11." JOB SAFETY '

I It,. 1'1'- sold lot the flat'lertr .
HOMESCOMPLETELY ...'lv'd Irma a.. 6274889
ward r.vtalo at NI'I1IIIP' Won 1 /
f eurraN fianlAra { ,. HOME DELIVERY
r the
I Di
FINISHED ., ardrc N. !MS. aDd .1 KOTtCTACJUlOJ OtWXtS r'i .
$4W9 per Month 23 Years i I.*-troai** .c. boanf* n n thai at5 f TI[A17C1 kT C1IeR MLLS WI ft Lt G A qt
Trad ....... 1"---1 1P m 32 fiff T nnCttQbi /
Accept Old Home in ,IIII Irt cJd+I part .. tMIm.l I Ii DISTRIBUTOR In Chottahoochw

Dtcbtns. Bathrooms. bn/m's5 0. a wm 4 Traf
ALSO- i -
d Vddaixl
:raiVetedH r m .
be" ,..
Additions Repairs oa .1.1I i.
bade an 4 paid DEPENDABLE.
FLOOR COVERING ..,. ..... .... PI.' T. wuk >**r it j .. UM sale
Iw .... ...... w., ..*, aafetf aro... A sew !...
FULL LINE: I Ikea I C'fPII1r' wen arlrnkba -4 fibber bond. ...... br U .. -

CERAMIC TILE SOFT TILES rnlea.h atra....rail"aSK 1Ioa atr.dT Rebut k.. a blb..l.a-iity yol.Mw .

CARPET '. ..... ynatMaV. lie nf af .... TV bare 1 wa owl
and Materials FloSSahe ale 11 s 5.: wUata4 ,re.<>** *p to
Workmanship .
All I" ...,.. I Ii ION pass,.. SERVICEOIL
Folly Guaranteed i ,..,... ,.. .
..... at "..
pm. .....,.. th =

HATCHER COMPANY, Inc. ,,.I 4...147.......ctttwe....... inti r7. eew Tk....a.). .Sal. .I oruraa lar iAarrc ua sresrmnMAm Words of the W!*. i iBMM S'It CO.South .AMPe

a* o0CTalsOCCNSUfD
riled .Mieptaire MQO4ANTS Mm
.. MIl
... a. a wet *
( Mar a* -111 n ccQic .$ Ti1C4tT3..4wacontasiePti .
< TNC MDt UnrURY U* vlalM. ke wcJ4 toots
100% FINANCING malorTh. Mtc06 It3Mw! Robert Str*.t
.Lrrs Ptwertmoaa bare 0.r rs ItsoMa ON AU

80S West Washington SL l I..died. "Ia aaJar aftldl ... ..... AND .(YLHTEO raw IT, )01111/1011 wmuIT ....atfr.ak2fal QUINCYL PURCHA tFf"CAD
So Modtl Horn 0MM tram Malt aaal Matinn*. Tel PIS'MICft WSMtff A PP$ ATE I

cr Phone S27-8SS2. Qoiocy. Flo. a,mare .*.... HAKA and mm, ** j

..\ amt, Ste ) W fcWarwf M IV.

-- - -


.. ......... ... ...
r'1 I "J t if fjfj .J .. 1l J fjlljj J. ii "J'f!! I"MM
t--:: : '::'w 1.M 1" +'.h l61 a.YY.


Hog Jowl ],
',t f 11
: It lfif f illil'' I IIiIEEr.il, IjIIf


II :; '-- /.. .1" PKG.u. 39" 24-01,19" 3 tANS 300 25J 5 10-01 PKGS., sijI

QUANTITY iiiI! !PRICES{:1 {iRlfif34illllilili/{ I(RIGHTS GOOD i OD THRU RESERVED::-STDa- ,.11Y".1 S E.if:.ii'1:7IIIU1Ua:'{ff ,RN'' .r FLORIDA U.'oroa S. NO VINE I isL,491. YELLOWOnions ; Bologna'S PREi 'CREAM; u 39xPHILADELPHIA :aID JR'II Fl SJD] !

1 "DECEMBER":o: :' 31ST;:::" 5.lAG La 39 CheeseTARNOW Pkz.: 29; W-D.BRAND BONELESS FULL CUT ROUND

Bob White Sticks i 3 "'. Pkg.si.. Scrapple L1. 491 Steak, Lb. 88p

I 8ArktbIMargarjneb27? Ham .: .4s2"- Roast Lb. 881E.


Eggs Sour Cream Roast Lb. 48,


t 2 891 PINT 391 Beef 5 PKG.LS. ;;195


Corn . 6 Com 303 $1. C. If 1-LB. 69,
0 ee. CAN
-r P.Oz.t&GE& . |.
0' REGULAR6/.9.CHEKC,4.NNEDSOFT Coffee 1'LB. 59
JUII Drinks '. 15'1.

t Tronic: }i** Mr.Q* Detergent GIANT 48,

Rye Breads 19*

: Greens 3 300 25p
Chips Twin P Ck 591 c s


pFRESH Drink 4 46-oz. $1

Jl.. CANS .
BE .

Beans 8 300 $1.
'1 29 p1.KA ,
'I s 1 E\t

s96 .v..MS*. ....._....
\ CUM. 1V **
Corny DoglIM Ground BttfCJtttN U Chunk Tr..
yVt M.nr.t1111Y.+..K.1.1 i 1 .N....1..Y..wrnr.M."L.. 1 '-:-'Tuny'....Me... .*.*.

Col lard Greens 6 U 89'4. tw_.p. DIXIANA FROZEN JiG. 7V4 49 ? t..T f 3"fiarttnCtttN f W'gM cootJU'Snob..... ': .1 .UStrawberry.'.<."Nf.....
Turnip rivw"j'Greens 6 10 Pkg-01!. QA< d0'().Ct.1.t I -..----- ... -..---.... .,.
Mustard Greens ,6 Pkc' 89 STAMPS -7 1 J1.(.HO GREEN Pr STAMIS.-. hi reoc.!..;.._STAMPS_. _
1 Fits Fw <}VB CAJI5CO G ..s
DIXIANA Yellow FROZEN Squash a 6 1 Pkgs().oz. 89' ""w "" "".. "" -" -:",' !:,..-,-"-- "."..
IIIItW\ :IIIIiPrhe'lmart

Place To Go... Tor Good Thing91hEat r


315 Wesl Jefferson f Street PRICES GOOD THRU THURSDAY 0n XPACE
.... t I 1I.