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USING DOLLS TO TELL A STORYPage B1 August 23-24, 2014 Vol. 69 No. 34 An Edition of the Sun WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY WWW.VENICEGONDOLIERSUN.COM FOR HOME DELIVERY, CALL 9412071300Good morning, Gondolier Sun subscriber Debbie Huset FRONT SECTION OUR TOWN SECTION IN THIS EDITION COUPONS DEATHSLEGALS .......................................... 5A LET EM HAVE IT .......................... 6A LOTTERY ........................................ 2A OBITUARIES .................................. 4A OPINION ........................................ 6A POLICE BEAT ................................ 5A SPORTS .................................... 8AA WEATHER ...................................... 2A CROSSWORD ............................. 6B RELIGION ................................... 4B SOUTH TRAIL ............................ 4B VENUE ......................................... 3B CLASSIFIEDS COMICS TV BOOK USA WEEKEND Fantastic Sams .......................11A David K. Boeskool Jeanine Boussion-Soulie Taylor MacPherson Gayle C. Mattox Barbara E. Rees All of Florida is in a ood zone. Get over it. The growing anxiety is over how much it will cost residents to purchase ood insurance in Special Flood Hazard Areas the new lexicon for oodprone areas in a ood-prone state identied on Flood Insurance Rate Maps currently being revised. Proposed FIRM maps and uctuating ood insurance costs are making it hard for city of Venice ofcials to get its message out, said City Engineer Kathleen Weeden. The message out there is You dont need coverage, Weeden said, and that needs to change. Granted, there was some reprieve in January when the government stepped in, allowing sellers to sign over their less expensive ood insurance policies to new homebuyers. But that only extends existing coverage until the original policy ends. New owners will eventually need to purchase a new policy, and what that will cost is still anyones guess. All the more reason, Weeden said, for proper ty owners who currently dont have ood insur ance to purchase it now, before certain grandfathering rules expire, and new ood plain maps are formally adopted. That holds true even for those who dont live in a ood zone. Remember, Weeden said, one in four ood claims is on property that isnt in a ood zone. Dont expect your homeowners insurance to cover anything where ood waters enter into your home, for any reason. They dont. Homeowners insurance policies typically exclude coverage for anything from the waterline down, and that could cover all the ooring repairs, and likely most appliances. Current ood insurance rates are considered cheap, from $400-$1,000 annually, for Flood Maps Are ComingBy GREG GILESNEWS EDITORVenice wants people to be flood smartWhere is your home? PHOTOS PROVIDED BY SWFWMDThis ood plain map viewer contains preliminary ood plain information developed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. It is not the ocial FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map, but is closest to what FEMA is anticipated to adopt. The dark blue area shows homes coming into the ood zone. The light blue shows homes already in the ood zone. Areas in yellow show homes and property coming out of the ood zone. This ood plain map viewer contains preliminary ood plain information developed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District showing mostly homes (in yellow) coming out of the ood zone.The dark blue area shows homes and property coming into the ood zone. The light blue shows homes already in the ood zone.FLOOD | 10 Sarasota County School Board member Frank Kovach thinks not enough is being done about elementary school security. The topic was discussed briey last month but, during a workshop this week, Kovach said he also was responding to a Manatee County School District decision to solicit companies to provide armed security on elementary campuses. I dont disagree with (Sarasota County School District superintendent Lori White) on a lot of things, but I do on this, he said. If we cant afford (school resource ofcers), and I know it would be very difcult, but I just feel because of the times we live in, we should be doing more at elementary schools. Board member Bridget Ziegler agreed the issue was worth exploring, while member Shirley Brown said having automatically locking doors, single entry points and added fencing has helped a lot. Are you talking about armed security guards? Brown asked Kovach. Im proposing that we at least look at it, he replied. Im talking about SRO-type of people. Something between what we have now and an SRO. White said it could be investigated. I understand totally wanting our schools to be very secure. I feel that. Im worried about whether thats appropriate for an elementary school, she said. When there are security issues at an elementary school, its rarely from the outside. Typically, White said, situations at the elementary level happen in a classroom where a student with a behavioral issue becomes violent. It takes different types of training not involving a gun to de-escalate a student, say, if the student is threatening a teacher with scissors. I feel behavior specialists are better trained for that. They know the history of that child, she said. Kovach said he wasnt talking about those type of situations.Guards possible at county elementariesBy ANNE KLOCKENKEMPERSTAFF WRITERGUARDS | 7 Taylor MacPherson, a well-known local businessman and leader of the Venice Yacht Club, passed away Aug. 19 after a long battle with cancer. He was 71. Of Scottish descent, Mr. MacPherson was born and raised in New Hampshire and his career involved boating and golng. It was where he met his wife, Ann Thompson. An entrepreneur and always in sales in some capacity, his career involved owning a trucking company hauling hazardous materials, then working in the restaurant, photographic and marine canvas businesses. His enthusiasm for boats and boating was born up north, but really ourished in Venice. Coming to this area in 2000, he became involved in the Christmas Boat Parade of Lights, which he chaired for several years. Handing out iers MacPhersonLocal businessman succumbs to cancer MACPHERSONMACPHERSON | 11If the organizers of the Sarasota Chalk Festival being held in Venice get their way, they will have a chalk drawing the size of three football fields. The drawing will be so large that its set for a decommissioned airport runway. They are hoping the Guiness Book of World Records will take notice. We will definitely create the largest street painting in the U.S., and we are going for the Guinness World Record, said Denise Kowal, the Chalk Festival founder. It will be an underwater scene featuring a megalodon shark and other underwater endangered species. She is hoping to use the artists who created the last worlds largest street painting in 2012. The German artist will work with a crew of American artists using a semi-permanent paint to create a huge interactive pavement image. According to the Guinness World Record website, the largest anamorphic pavement art was 16,899 feet, Worlds largest drawing a goal at Venices Chalk FestivalBy ROGER BUTTONBUSINEWS COLUMNIST PHOTO PROVIDEDChalk Festival founder Denise Kowal and Chalk Festival manager Jody Jorgensen surf on a 3-D Shark by Kumpa Tawornprom. Many similar 3-D pieces of art will be featured at the upcoming Sarasota Chalk Festival in Venice, where artists will attempt to draw the largest piece of chalk art in world history.FESTIVAL | 7 IGdildoIierro LOCAL NEWS COVER TO COVER FLORIDA'S NO.1 WEEKLY NEWSPAPER_ t t J..1 5.4l7rF r 1 f -` A .., J '^yty' (; r r /',-w i yr r M ,/IS t -Y' --; 1 .* 1i 7 I jC .1''' 11` i 1r 1i I r1 f y'}-1..;ice -!-a/.... ^ t + r F r : j r+r.-rC fir' 1 /l y7/^+ ij "_ !' C l.!..SK'a J '~.1'i.+1r'f.'r.t' < rti '.'r 1r nr r .{ LY r. Y. j t 1' .t ,r r r ~ f 7,:J. S/ x i 1 1ft.1lJ3.1'J ` o i!,. ,,, .rt,.,1 r'y,/ fJi ir` rr.r.^rI rt liL l11'" 'fA, AMr%-jj r !j,,,v 1,A. :j-y ate,' V(1 br ..w r fr 3J' ;Jy .`. fj1 r'te' %.T -7 ,, '}sue r. /,a'r ` ...1 i`f f r A 'y .I r i L 1; v.-'rl Ir Fr\ / i, `' -y ,,, r'1 -.. Ja%' ^tirim' ~ _i Iwti (.r CfI '. YS.m'W-05252 10075 0


ABC 7 WEATHER VENICE OUTLOOK SUNRISE, SUNSET VENICE TIDES Sunrise/setTonights sunset 8:00 p.m. Tomorrows sunrise 7:06 a.m.Moonrise/setMoonrise 6:15 a.m. Moonset 6:42 p.m. EASTERN STANDARD TIMEDATE HIGH HIGH LOW LOW P.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. SAT 23 12:36 6:51 5:23 SUN 24 12:54 7:18 6:03 MON 25 12:32 1:07 7:42 6:40 TUE 26 1:06 1:20 8:04 7:16 WED 27 1:41 1:35 8:27 7:52 *STRONG TIDE a A.M. p P.M. Florida Lottery www.flalottery.comOne evening while I was kicked back watching the Rays take on the Texas Rangers, I happened to notice a cycling ad during a between-inning advertising break. The ad, extolling the advantages of owning an iPad tablet, was tied into a cycling program called Slow Roll. It caught my attention so I Googled it to nd out more about the program. It seems as though a gentleman by the name of Jason Hall helped establish a weekly bike ride in Detroit as a way of introducing riders to different areas of the city and establish a casual evening ride for everyone of all ages and skill levels. In its fourth season, the ride seems to have caught on as it is the largest weekly ride in Michigan and attracts about a thousand riders a week. To assist in maintaining the rides code of conduct, volunteer riders outtted in bright yellow shirts are spread out among the group to assist as needed. The rides code of conduct lists a number of common sense rules such as share the road, never litter, stay right, pay attention to volunteer leaders, make friends and have fun, etc. The format for the ride seems to be catching on as new slow roll rides are popping up all over the globe. Im sure various cities are creating their own format for the ride, but essentially the purpose is to maintain the same goal, and that is to create a positive energy and community-driven atmosphere and share the experience with family and friends. Would the same or similar ride attract bicyclists in the Venice area to create such a program? I would hope we could. Lets see what we can do. Ride safe, ride smart.Slow Roll bike outing catches onBy MONTY ANDREWSGUEST COLUMNISTALMANAC 2A SUN NEWSPAPERS AUGUST 23, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION CASH 3Aug. 21N ....................................9-5-0 Aug. 21D ....................................9-7-6 Aug. 20N ....................................7-3-9 Aug. 20D ....................................7-0-1 Aug. 19N ....................................4-9-8 Aug. 19D ....................................4-8-4 D-Day, N-Night PLAY 4Aug. 21N .................................8-7-4-2 Aug. 21D .................................1-4-6-2 Aug. 20N .................................3-2-1-0 Aug. 20D .................................5-4-6-6 Aug. 19N .................................9-7-0-8 Aug. 19D .................................4-6-5-4 D-Day, N-Night FANTASY 5Aug. 21 .....................10-12-17-23-25 Aug. 20 .........................2-6-14-24-27 Aug. 19 ...........................2-5-9-12-30PAYOFF FOR AUG. 203 5-digit winners ............$71,760.86 322 4-digit winners .............$107.50 9,835 3-digit winners ..............$9.50 LUCKY MONEYAug. 19 ...........................19-27-31-35 Lucky Ball ........................................11 Aug. 15 ...........................13-23-31-45 Lucky Ball ..........................................5PAYOFF FOR AUG. 191 4-of-4 LB ..........................$500,000 7 4-of-4 ...................................$1,002 52 3-of-4 LB ..........................$295.50 766 3-of-4 ....................................$59 LOTTOAug. 20 ..................9-18-21-39-40-51 Aug. 16 ....................6-8-14-18-29-37PAYOFF FOR AUG. 20 6-digit winners ...................$16M 13 5-digit winners .............$6,155.50 1,138 4-digit winners .............$77.50 23,904 3-digit winners ..................$5ESTIMATED JACKPOT $17 million POWERBALLAug. 20 .........................4-8-21-38-40 Powerball ..........................................3 Aug. 16 .........................7-8-17-48-59 Powerball ..........................................9PAYOFF FOR AUG. 20 5 of 5 + PB ..........................$60M 5 of 5 ..........................$1,000,000 1 4 of 5 + PB ..........................$10,000 44 4 of 5 ....................................$100ESTIMATED JACKPOT $70 million MEGA MILLIONSAug. 19 .....................22-39-56-67-71 MegaBall .........................................15 Aug. 15 .....................16-19-28-29-68 MegaBall ...........................................9PAYOFF FOR AUG. 19 5 of 5 + MB .......................$160M 5 of 5 ..........................$1,000,000 5 4 of 5 + MB ..........................$5,000 18 4 of 5 ....................................$500ESTIMATED JACKPOT $180 million 30 percent chance of rain94 80 High LowSATURDAY 40 percent chance of rain93 79 High LowSUNDAY 50 percent chance of rain92 77 High LowMONDAY 50 percent chance of rain91 76 High LowTUESDAYThe Venice Museum and Archives (VMA) has received a grant to participate in a program that could lead to accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums. Only two museums in Sarasota County are currently accredited: Historic Spanish Point and The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Participation in the Museum Assessment Program involves a confidential process of self-study, peer review and implementation. Museums use the assessment process to strengthen operations, build capacity and enhance communication throughout the organization, and in response t o community needs. Participant museums choose one of three categories for its assessment: collections stewardship, organizational and community engagement. The VMA will take part in the organizational assessment process. The VMAs mission is to collect and preserve historical and archaeological material relating to Venice and the communities of Nokomis, Laurel and Osprey. The Venice Museum and Archives, 351 S. Nassau St., is free and open to the public on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To learn more or view some of the VMAs collection, visit www. archives.Venice Museum takes step toward accreditationFROM THE CITY OF VENICE 475635 Find your Florida dream home in this great BUYERS market! For a FREE Welcome Home magazine call (866) 357-6204 ext. 1222 or visit rfntb rfntbttt rffrrrfnntbb rfntbnnnfrrntftrfrfrrntbb nnrnttrrnntnf fttnftnnrrnrf nfttrnnnfrftntftfnn trntttfrrnrrntnnrr ntnntfrnrftfnfr fnntrnrnnt ntftftnfrntftbbf 484458 -411Irvy 'Ra; Slr ti s;, yN ,_.s+... r'I ff// C -S ,<. (L jy-i ri'= >.1:.J!w' a..ft7 ].-f .iSO7J a iI'i.r J . r 1 !'_ .,,.:.. S.:t 3)iY'4i11.k-'dt r. ..NlllilJ ..F i F.d;-ten1MfGRAND PALMClose to everything. Far from ordinary.1 111 COMMUN ITI ES


WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 3A The nal $13,000 needed to complete exterior work on the restoration of the LordHigel House is in the bank. Julia Cousins Laning, who contributed $1 million to the Venice Museum and Archives for its planned museum expansion, donated $10,000 that will fund completion of the wraparound porch on the house. A donation of $1,000 for completion of the exterior siding on the rst oor was given by the VeniceNokomis Womans Club and the local chapter of Questers. The Womans club also will match donations up to an additional $1,000. This is big news for the house, city archivist James Hagler said. As soon as the exterior is completed, we will be able to use the porch for educational and other events. The oldest house remaining in Venice was built by its rst owner, Joseph H. Lord and served as home to George Higel, who managed Lords 90-acre citrus farm, Stone Grove, located south of Roberts Bay, the area today is known as Bayshore Estates. Known as the Stone Grove House for many years, the house was moved twice, nally to Laguna Drive where most of the original wraparound porch was removed and the house converted to a duplex. The house was built of heart of pine, which is so lled with pitch it is impervious to insects. On the negative side, it becomes more difcult to saw, nail and shape as it ages. In addition to being moved twice, the house underwent a variety of what some restoration people call Remuddlings, or changes inappropriate to the style of the house. The removal of most of the wraparound porch during the conversion from single house to duplex was one of those remuddlings. In 2005, the city accepted the house as a donation from its last owner and paid for the move to Granada Road, behind Venice City Hall. Many individuals and organizations have had a hand in the project, which is today overseen by Venice Heritage Inc. for proposed use as a place to educate resi dents and visitors about the citys early settlers and pioneer days, The house will be an adjunct educational facility for the inn, mu seum and archives. Its focus will be the pioneer days prior to the Fred Albee/John Nolen era of Venice, which dates to the mid 1920s. We are anxious to see the restoration completed so the house can help educate the public about our areas unique past, Womans Club President Carolyn Redlin said. Exterior restoration work is expected to be completed by years end. Fundrasing continues for the homes interior. To make a donation, send a check to Venice Heritage, Inc., P.O. Box 1190, Venice, FL 34284-1190. For information, call 941-237-0478 or visit www.VeniceHeritage.Org.Lord-Higel House reaches fundraising milestoneBy KIM COOLFEATURES EDITOR PHOTO COURTESY OF VENICE MUSEUM & ARCHIVESLord-Higel House circa 1935 when it had the wraparound porch that had to be removed in 2005. Several decisions made by Sarasota County commissioners during a Wednesday budget workshop will have impacts on South County and the Venice area. They unanimously approved earmarking $3.8 million of sales-tax funding for renovations to the courts at the Robert L. Anderson Administration Center in South Venice, essentially upgrading courtrooms that are beginning to show their age. The upgrades also mean security will be improved. Its unclear when the work will begin, but Commissioner Christine Robinson said the lack of court space in South County is an issue that needed to be addressed for some time. Its been an incredible disservice to the residents of South County, Robinson added. This is going to make a whole lot of people feel better. Commissioners also unanimously approved outsourcing paratransit services for the Sarasota County Area Transit bus system, and county staff plans to put the service out to bid. The county could save as much as $7 million annually by doing so, and fall in line with other counties that also turned over the paratransit services to private companies. Paratransit service is aimed at individuals who, due to a disability, are not capable of using the local xed-route bus services.Email: dwinchester@sun-herald.comSouth Sarasota County projects get green lightBy DREW WINCHESTERSTAFF WRITER 2014TIMELESSLIFECAREFAMILYOFCOMPANIESALFLICENSE#11794-DESIGNBYCHRISSNIDER 100BaseAvenueEastVenice|Florida34285 Ph:941.822.3420|Fax941.412.4749| LUNCHLEARN N N Co-SponsoredbyOPENTOTHEPUBLICANDCOMPLIMENTARYLUNCHPROVIDED OPEN T O THEPUBLIC ANDCOMPLI MEN T AR YL UNCHPRO VIDED PleaseCall941-412-4748toReserveYOURSPOT!PresentedBy: 2 Ph:941.8 2 BASEAVENUEEAST AIRPORTAVE CHUCK REITER STADIUMTHERIALTO VENICEMUNICIPALAIRPORT HARBORDRIVE 41 41 N S E WVENICE FLORIDAVENICE REGIONAL HOSPITALGULFOFMEXICO 41 PamPolowski,CertifiedDementiaPractitionerThursdayAugust28thatNoonStage sofAlzhe ime rs 486339 485497 Jim Bath Formerly From CA 716-0051 Ed Myslivecek Formerly From NY 485-0197 Bernie Yerich Formerly From NJ 223-5608 Tom Roberts Formerly From OH 400-5361 Brigitte Divito From Germany 426-3663 Myrna Nelson Formerly From IL 451-0151 Martha Smith Formerly From MI 504-9588 Pam Cameron Formerly From MI 716-3838 Ruth Samietz 941-488-2911 Formerly from Germany Bob Fair From Philadelphia 441-8030 Dick Stickney Formerly from Sarasota 941-416-0443 WE ARE SELLING VENICE Call us for courteous effective service to help plan your Home sales strategy. FOR RENT Some Sel ect ed Homes & Condos for the 2015 Season fr om $1,800 p/ mo. Some Annual Rental s Avai l abl e! Call (941)488-6202 for details! Real ty of Veni ce, Inc 206 Harbor Dri ve S. On t he Island Emai l: paradi sereal ty@comcast. net www. Veni ce I s P aradi se com HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to li ve on the I sl and of Veni ce across from Robert s Bay. Great l ot wi th ol der 2/1 home ready for your touch. Ei ther update thi s bungal ow or rebui l d your dream home. MLS#N5900182 $350,000 UPSCALE 3 BD, 2BA Bel l agi o home. Spl i t pl an w/screened l anai gated i sl and of Veni ce communi ty w/ cl ubhouse, tenni s, heated pool & more, easy access to waterway trai l and mi l es of bi ki ng opportuni ti es. MLS# N5900207 $374,900 PENDING PENDING OPEN SAT 1-3 PM REDUCED OPEN SUN 1-3 PM 120 L PAVIA BLVD U12 Lake Front Condo! Absol utel y I mmacul ate 3BD, 2BA ground fl oor condo. Cerami c ti l e throughout. Vol ume cei li ngs. Master bath features dual sinks and hi s & her cl osets. Mai ntenance free lI vi ng. MLS# N5900073 $203,000 700 MORGAN CIRCLE, NOKOMIS Mi ssi on Val l ey Pool Home On over an acre. 3BD 2 1/2 BA, addi ti onal detached 2 car garage. Sol ar heated sal t water pool w/waterfal l. Master Bath w/doubl e si nks, Jacuzzi & roman shower Many custom features. MLS# N5781277 $520,000 486573 C 4 4. ..g Co mpares!_FffiJrc nELr; rCd.;rri -.11 1,. y4,yy.ria Yeei F r941-488-1111 IA1_ ryri &.it K Et--VENICE ISWORLD CLASS DENTISTRrADVANCED CAREAl LOCATIONCosmetics ImplantsGeneral Dentistry Laser Periodontics. r .Dr. Jill Morris Dr. Burr BakkeVeneers and LumineersiM Affordable ImplantsSmile Makeovers Implant SurgeryHeadaches and TMJ Pain 24 Hour Teeth Implant SystemSix Month BracesTM Extractions and Bone GraftsFacial Rejuvenation with Implant RestorationsBotox, Dermal Fillers, Lasers Cat Scan in OfficeLaser Treatment of Gum Facelift DenturesDisease Zirconia Ceramic ImplantsHolistic/Biologic DentistrySEMINAR: September 18, 2014Learn more about the newest techniques in general dentistry,smile makeovers and implants. Call to reserve 914-9344World CIDentistryCosmetic & Irnplant Scgcy e.Restorative Dentistry Restor,:::3951 Swift Road :'.Sarasota Florida 34231 941.914.9344http/, Use your smart phone to scanhereto visit our website` tAveA BANYAN RESIDENCEASSISTED LIVING RESORTO. w r2


4A SUN NEWSPAPERS AUGUST 23, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION David K. BoeskoolDavid Keith Boeskool, 67, of Venice, Fla., passed from this life to his Lord and Savior Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014, at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, Mich. David was born Dec. 2, 1946, in Muskegon, Mich., the son of Ralph and Elsie (Manseld) Boeskool. On Feb. 7, 1970, in Muskegon, Mich., he married his loving wife of 44 years, Victoria (Lind) Boeskool, who survives. As a young man, David served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps and saw service in Vietnam, receiving the Purple Heart for wounds occurring in combat. David was passionate about his family and friends. He was an avid photographer and bicyclist. He worked for 20 years for Spartan Stores in Grand Rapids, Mich., in computer operations. David also served as a deputy sheriff in Florida for Sarasota County for 13 years. He was a ve-year survivor of leukemia. David was a devoted Christian and extraordinarily loving husband and father. David is survived by his wife, Victoria; a son, Ryan (Breighan) Boeskool; his siblings, Millie Folk and Alice (Art) Sikkenga; a sister-in-law, Sharon Boeskool; and many loving nieces and nephews. Services: A Memorial Mass will be held Saturday, Aug. 23, at 11 a.m., at St. Michaels Church of Suttons Bay, Mich. Burial will follow in St. Michaels Cemetery. Father Leonard Paul will serve as celebrant. A memorial service in Venice, Fla., will be announced at a later date. Arrangements are with Martinson Funeral Home of Suttons Bay, Mich. Share memories with Davids family online at: Contributions: In lieu of owers, memorial donations may be directed to All Faiths Food Bank, 8171 Blaikie Court, Sarasota, FL 34240.Jeanine Boussion-Soulie Jeanine Boussion-Soulie, 92, of Venice, Fla., passed away Monday, Aug. 18, 2014. Jeanine was born May 7, 1922, in SaintJean-de-Luz, France, to Leonie Antoinette (Soulie) and Charles Georges Boussion. As a war bride, she came to this country Nov. 3, 1945. She became a proud U.S. citizen in 1955. She established a teaching career out of her love for young children. She taught French at Orchard Country Day School and Park School, now Park/ Tudor. Survivors include her cat, Marquis; her son, Martin (Tina) Sebastian of Venice, Fla.; daughters: Lauren (David) Harvey of Chicago, Ill., Linda Sebastian of Venice, Fla., and Jeanine (Nini) Sebastian of Venice, Fla.; eight grandchildren; and ve great-grandchildren. Farley Funeral Home, Venice Chapel, is handling arrangements. Contributions: Memorial donations may be made to Suncoast Humane Society and Parkinsons Research Foundation.Taylor MacPherson Taylor MacPherson passed away Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. Born of Scottish descent 71 years ago, he was the toughest of men and the gentlest of men. With his wife, Ann Thompson, he migrated nearly 20 years ago from New Hampshire, the state of his birth, to Venice, Fla. His drives were down the middle, his swing silky smooth and effortless, but boating trumped golf in the Venice years, and his lifelong love of the water became a vocation. Years of entrepreneurial ventures in varied worlds culminated in a long career as yacht broker with MarineMax, a role he dearly loved. In 2006, redoubling his yacht world calling, he served as Commodore of the Venice Yacht Club; a primary goal, fullled, was an unparalleled uptick in youthful members. Taylors word was ever his bond. He walked among princes and paupers with the same gait. To know him was to love him. He fought the good ght against aggressive cancer until the end. Only the good die young. Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince. And ights of angels sing thee to thy rest. He leaves his wife, Ann Thompson; son, Jim MacPherson; daughterin-law, Jen MacPherson; and grandsons, Nolan and Dylan MacPherson, all the loves of his life. Services: A farewell gathering will be on Saturday, Oct. 11, at 1:30 p.m. at the Venice Yacht Club, 1330 Tarpon Center Drive, Venice, Fla. Please join us. Contributions: No owers, please. Memorial donations may be made to the Captain Mac Fund, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, 601 Tamiami Trail South, Venice, FL 34285, a fund to benet youth with perceived potential and lack of access to paths of achievement in the marine, yachting and marine sciences realms.Gayle C. MattoxGayle (Gail) C. Mattox, 72, of Venice, Fla., passed away Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. She was born July 18, 1942. Gayle was predeceased by her husband, Robert Mattox. She is survived by her sons, Jeff Mattox and Jon Mattox (Dorian) of Venice, Fla.; daughter, Jennifer Deans (Stephen) of Venice, Fla.; stepdaughter, Susan Mattox of Chatham, N.J.; three grandchildren, Christopher Mattox, Savanna Frank and Stephen Deans IV; and two great-grandchildren. Services: A celebration of her life will be held at a later date.Barbara E. ReesBarbara Ellen Rees, 84, of Venice, Fla., passed away Thursday, August 21, 2014. Barbara was born Dec. 24, 1929, in Peoria, Ill., to Eunice (Shrigley) and Guy Rees. Barbara received a B.S. in mathematics from Illinois State University and an M.A. in math education from Central Michigan University. She was a teacher for 22 years at East Peoria Community High School. Survivors include her friend, Alma Collins; nephews, Dean and Steven Rees; niece, Carrie Reeder; four great-nieces, Erika, Rachel, Brynn and Lily Rees; and great-nephew, Grant Reeder. She was preceded in death by her brother, Dale. To share a memory visit www.FarleyFuneralHome. comNorma Lee Stapleton Norma Lee Stapleton, of Venice, Fla., passed from this life Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014. Norma was born Jan. 11, 1935, in East St. Louis, Ill., to Norman Bert Feezor and Anna Lee McMillan. Norma grew up in Ysleta, Texas, and graduated from Greenville High School in Greenville, Texas, in 1953. She married James M. Stapleton Jr. of Greenville, Texas, July 9, 1954. She was preceded in death by her husband; brother, Elbert Hubbard Feezor, of Greenville, Texas; and sister, Loraine Osborne, of Los Angeles, Calif. She is survived by her two sons, Dr. James Mark Stapleton, Ph.D., of Athens, Ala., and Norman Randall Stapleton of Birmingham, Ala.; her sister-in-law, Billy Feezor, of Greenville, Texas; her daughter-in-law, Pamela Clark Stapleton of Athens, Ala.; and one grandson, Jackson MacMillan Stapleton of Athens, Ala. In 1973, Norma and James moved to Annapolis, Md., where they raised their family in the community of Bay Ridge. Norma was passionate about education and encouraged her sons to achieve advanced degrees in engineering, business and liberal arts. Her grandson, Jackson, is an honors student, band member and member of the Boy Scouts of America. Norma touched many lives, as evidenced by her many pursuits and interests. Norma became involved in politics as a fundraiser and campaign adviser to various political campaigns that supported family, child and anti-drug issues, including the Honorable Congresswoman Marjorie Holt of Marylands 4th Congressional District. In 1983, Norma was a member of the city of Annapolis Anti-Drug Task Force that created legislation banning the sale and distribution of drug paraphernalia. Norma also supported various causes against child abuse, and helped to establish an early education program for Cambodian children who escaped the Killing Fields and immigrated to the Annapolis area. In 1999, Norma retired from the Ofce of Planning and Zoning for the city of Annapolis. At her retirement ceremony, the mayor pronounced her Ms. Annapolis for her many contributions to the goodwill and spirit of the city. In 2005, she received a special one-year appointment as Administrator for Elections for the city of Annapolis to oversee the 2006 election cycle. A longtime resident of Annapolis, Md., Norma considered Venice, Fla., her home after moving to the city in 2001. She will most be remembered for her energy spirit and sense of humor. She never met a stranger, and was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. A great lover of animals and wildlife, Norma consid ered her sons pit bull, Lilly, her granddaughter. Norma will be deeply missed by her family and many friends. Services: A private memorial service will be held for friends and family at a future date. Contributions: The family requests that in lieu of owers, memorial donations be sent to the Suncoast Humane Society, 6781 San Casa Drive, Englewood, FL 34224. | OBITUARIES Direct Phone Numbers: General Office 207-1000 Newsroom 207-1000 Circulation 207-1300 Advertising 207-1220 Classified 429-3110 Editorial/Welcome Home/Newsroom Fax 484-8460 Classified Fax 866-949-1426 /Advertising Fax 485-3036 Toll Free 1-866-357-6204 Sunline Internet Services 888-512-6100 Community Web Site Publisher: Tim Smolarick Editor: Ron Dupont Jr. President: Derek Dunn-Rankin Printed on recycled paper. USPS (221-700) ISSN (1536-1063) The Venice Gondolier Sun is published every Wednesday and Weekend by The Sun. 200 East Venice Avenue, Venice, Florida 34285. Periodicals Postage paid at Venice, Florida and additional mailing centers. Home Delivery Wed. & Weekend Rate Newspaper designated market Venice, Laurel, Nokomis, Englewood (Sarasota Co.) 13 wks. $16.26 26 wks. $27.57 52 wks. $50.44 EZ PAY $3.50/month TV Times is optional $.10 a Wk Waterline is optional $.10 a Wk Mail Delivery 13 wks. $21.84 26 wks. $41.34 52 wks. $73.32 Single Copy Wed. 75 Weekend 75 CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY: If you do not receive your newspaper by 6 a.m., please call the Circulation Dept. at 207-1300 and a newspaper will be brought to you. CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS: Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 8 a.m. 5 p.m. Wed. 6 a.m. 5 p.m. Sat. 6 a.m.-11 a.m. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Venice Gondolier Sun, Circulation Department, 200 E. Venice Ave., Venice FL 34285. 7% Tax Included Foreign rates upon request Name Address City State Zip Phone Mastercard ( ) Visa ( ) Expiration Date Charge card number Signature SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Enclosed is a check for______and mail to the address below, attn. Circulation. 475634 Gondolier SunVENICELOCAL NEWS COVER TO COVER FLORIDAS NO.1 WEEKLY NEWSPAPER BEST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun 486586 Venice 300 W.Venice Ave. Venice, FL 34286 941-488-0649 Siesta Key 5250 Ocean Blvd Sarasota, FL 34242 941-349-8697 St. Armands 325 John Ringling Blvd Sarasota, FL 34236 941-388-3325 Carpet Ceramic Laminate Carpet Ceramic Laminate Hardwood Vinyl Area Rugs Hardwood Vinyl Area Rugs All You Need To Know About Floors 825 E. Venice Ave. Venice Best Of Venice 2003-2011 941-488-1810 HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8-5 SATURDAY 8-3 485722 Financing Available For Qualified Customers NEW Truck Mounted Cleaning Division Carpet Tile Furniture Restoration WE SELL IT INSTALL IT MAINTAIN IT SP49223 B E ST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun rfntbn r rfntb btnf nbbn tfn tbtbf tn fftb rbb bt bbnn tbbtt 485554 -------------------------------------------------------Ao91"AiQUIR' MOCK pRA MAR OpenAll11 am tam,. o EverydayD ii uiriue om)4iII fLdIARA l ,,. F .j , ,, r '!.' 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WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 5A rrrrf r fnrr tn rfntbrr bn rr rfn t bbnf nr rrt rfrt rrf f frfnnr r tt rnt rrrr tt tn fntb r t nr r t f f rf rbt r trbf tn nnn tntn nrn n nnnr nn br tb n n rr rtr t nr rt rt rnrr r r r n r nnn n rnr t r r f rr nn f nn rrrn tnrr nrb rrnr rrr tr nrn f n bf r trn fr rffr frf rff f rfntbrnrr tnrf n n rrr rr n f rftr tr ntr tf f frrfr tr n rf trr ntrrn rff A Venice man was arrested after he took his fathers girlfriend out to a deserted area and tried to have sex with her, then abandoned her, driving off from Interstate 75 in her car. According to the victim, it all started when she was driving her boyfriends son, Brett Michael Miller, to a friends house and following the driving instructions he was providing. But he brought her to an overgrown, unlit, abandoned piece of property that used to belong to Play N Stay vacation rentals. Shortly after arriving there, Miller instructed the woman to park and proceeded to try and get her to remove her clothes, suggested having sexual intercourse, and quickly began to use force. She was in fear of being raped or killed nearly the entire time, states the Venice Police Department report. Miller placed a hand over her mouth and nose, preventing her from breathing, then allegedly forced her into a barbed wire fence leaving cuts all along her back and wrists. Miller allegedly forcibly removed the womans shirt. When she tried to escape, he chased her and shoved her down from behind, causing her to fall on the pavement and leaving abrasions on her stomach, knee, and breast. Miller, 23, was arrested and charged with sexual assault, battery, and grand theft. Bond was not available. He was arrested in March for domestic battery by strangulation.Help sought to identify thiefThe Sarasota County Sheriffs Ofce is asking the public to help identify a man captured on surveillance video for stealing a womans purse at a local dessert shop. On Friday, Aug. 8, around 9:40 p.m. the subject entered Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt on South Tamiami Trail in Osprey and paced through the shop for a few minutes before stealing the victims purse, placing it behind his back and exiting in an unknown direction. The suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s, approximately 5 tall with brown hair and a short brown beard. He wore a black shirt, dark shorts and sandals and appeared to have a tattoo on his left arm. The surveillance video can be viewed on the Sarasota County Sheriffs Ofce YouTube channel: user/SarasotaSheriff. Anyone with informa tion is encouraged to call Criminal Investigations at 941-861-4952 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling 941-366-TIPS (8477), or online at www.sarasota arrested after stealing lottery ticketsThe Sarasota County Sheriffs Ofce arrested a Nokomis man this week for breaking into a Hess Gas Station and stealing Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets. Someone broke into the store on Roberts Road around 1 a.m., Tuesday, and stole several strips of $20 Gold Rush and x The Cash games. That afternoon, a man tried to cash in three winning tickets at another gas station. The clerk scanned the tickets but they came back invalid, which means they werent legitimately purchased. The man left when she asked for identication, but the clerk obtained a partial license tag on his vehicle. A crime analyst developed information on a beige Toyota registered to a woman in Osprey. Detectives went to the home and spoke with the womans 35-year-old son, who claimed he found the tickets on the side of the road. Detectives arrested Scott McCormack, 200 block of Hibiscus Street, for burglary. Because of additional evidence recovered from his home, the investigation is ongoing. McCormack has multiple prior arrests for grand theft, passing forged checks and dealing in stolen property. Worker KilledA lawn maintenance worker is dead after being struck by a vehicle while he mowed along McIntosh Road in Sarasota on Monday morning. The crash happened shortly after 8 a.m. just north of the entrance to the Stoneybrook subdivision. According to Florida Highway Patrol, a Ford Ranger pickup truck driven by 51-year-old Edward J. Pantera, of Osprey, was headed eastbound on McIntosh when the collision occurred. Pantera said his vision was impaired by the suns glare as the road curved left, causing his truck to veer into the left curb and hit John Patrick McMahon, 45, of Sarasota, in the median. Pantera was charged with careless driving. Sex offender registration: Frank Szakacs, 53, 677 Tamiami Trail, Nokomis. The Venice Police Department reported the following arrests: Richard Hampson, 32, 100 block of Orange Grove St., Nokomis. Charge: battery. Bond: $1,500. The Sarasota County Sheriffs Office reported the following arrests: Jeremy Brown, 33, 200 block of Sago Lane, Nokomis. Charge: petit larceny, smuggling contraband into a detention facility. Bond: $3,000. Ian Crimi, 38, 100 block of Ruby Ave., Nokomis. Charge: burglary of an unoccupied dwelling. Bond: $5,000. Joshua Darnell, 25, 200 block of Havana Road, Venice. Charge: DUI. Bond: $500. Dennis Lindower, 46, 100 block of Portia St., Nokomis. Charge: DUI. Bond: $500. William Ryun, 31, 200 block of Portia Road, Nokomis. Charge: marijuana and narcotic equipment possession. Bond: $1,000. Darik Shippy, 40, 4800 block of Jacaranda Heights Drive, Venice. Charge: probation violation (original charge: possession of a controlled substance). Bond: none. Gary Bracken, 48, 200 block of Eider Road, Venice. Charge: probation violation (original charge: possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while license suspended). Bond: none. Janeen Eddings, 42, 200 block of Harbor Drive, Venice. Charge: possession of a controlled substance (Dilaudid) without a prescription, narcotic equipment possession, driving while license suspended. Bond: $3,500. James Hamilton, 32, 100 block of Glenwood Ave., Osprey. Charge: burglary of an unoccupied residence, property damage. Bond: $2,000. Bridget Stanton, 28, 2000 block of Calusa Lakes Blvd., Nokomis. Charge: violation of county open container law. Bond: $120. Samantha Boone, 28, 1400 block of The Realto, Venice. Charge: violation of probation or parole (original charge: driving while license suspended or revoked). Bond: none. Randy Brinson, 31, 4900 block of Bonita Road, Venice. Charge: probation violation (original charge: cocaine possession). Bond: none. Christina Moran, 33, 100 block of Pine Ave., Osprey. Charge: probation violation (original charge: possession of marijuana). Bond: $1,500. Patrick Anderson, 22, 100 block of Jessica St., Nokomis. Charge: probation violation (original charge: possession and sale or manufacture of marijuana). Bond: none. Efrain Garcia, 60, 3100 block of Shamrock Drive, Venice. Charge: probation violation (original charge: battery). Bond: $25,000. Michelle Holland, 34, 300 block of Sunset Road, Osprey. Charge: DUI, marijuana possession, narcotic equipment possession. Bond: $1,500. Jason Naethe, 33, 300 block of Southland Road, Venice. Charge: larceny less than $5,000. Bond: $1,500. Jorge Rosario, 33, 3000 block of Tigers Eye Drive, Venice. Charge: Desoto County warrant for contempt (nonpayment of child support). Bond: $1,163. Robert Holder, 29, 300 block of Jackson Road, Venice. Charge: violation of probation or parole (original charge: battery), contempt. Bond: $10,000. Adam Jacques, 24, 1600 block of Pine St., Nokomis. Charge: probation violation (original charge: grand theft). Bond: none. Cira Nelson, 38, Bayview Drive, Osprey. Charge: probation violation (original charge: burglary). Bond: none. Criminal registration: William Badolato, 20, 3100 block of Casey Key Road, Nokomis. Frank Naple, 64, 300 block of Ravina Ave., Nokomis. Compiled by Greg GilesMan charged with battery on dads girlfriend | POLICE BEATThe information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriffs office, Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. MILLER SZAKACS MCCORMACK PHOTO PROVIDEDHELP NEEDED. On Friday, Aug. 8, around 9:40 p.m. the subject at the bottom of this photo entered Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt on South Tamiami Trail in Osprey, and paced through the shop for a few minutes before stealing a purse. Anyone who knows the identify of the subject should call 941-366-TIPS (8477). rfntbfft rffnttb rfr rftbfft rffnttb rfr rftt rff nttbr fr r rfntffttnt r rftfftrfrf r rfbtfftrffntt brfr rfntnfftnrfr rrft bfft rff nttb rfr n rfrrr rr rf ntb rfrrr rr 486576 r rff fnftbb frr rffr rfffff rfffr rrnrffrff f ntbnrrb trbr 486565 Sarasota County Government "*2Samoti C=4 ComWulon mwdnp = bb" by Ai:ii:iiiii;ii; hwabon C MandVahm IL SAta 92mityftCOUNTY CALENDARADVISORY BOARD VACANCIESVisit www.scgov.neVadvisoryboards orcontact the Sarasota County Call Center at861.5000 for latest vacancies and informationabout Sarasota County Advisory Boards.Sarasota County prohibits discrimination in all services, programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability,sex, marital status, familial status, religion, or genetic information. Persons with disabilities who require assistance or alternative means forcommunication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.), or who wish to file a complaint, should contact: Sarasota CountyADN Civil Rights Coordinator, 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, Florida 34236, Phone: 941-861-5000, TTY: 7-1-1 or 1-800-955-8771. Email:adacoordinator@scgov.neL Persons needing assistance are asked to provide notice as soon as practicable in advance of the event to allowtime to accommodate their request.,ichiard sRenew Life' New Chapter Natural Factors'Ultimate Flora RTS Every Man"s One Daily Multi ch-OSA BioSilWomen's Probiotic A once-dairy probiotic Hair, Skin, NailsPromotes heathy yeast multi-vitamin for Thickens & strcnglhcnsOF OA7E heart nails. Promotes 1 !balance 8 supports FORA xactive menheathy tones & jants,vaginal healthunder 40'8a7 -----.._99 .".., ""'u:,S'< 8retlucesfiAneAlines.' `-` -IL7 18 149 30 vcaps, SRP $2199 24 tabs.. MSRP $24.95W 30 caps., MSRP $1999


OPINION 6A WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS GONDOLIER SUN EDITOR RONALD DUPONT JR. PHONE: 941-207-1218 PUBLISHER TIM SMOLARICK PHONE: 941-207-1010 FAX: 941-484-8460 LETTERS WELCOMELetters to the editor are welcome on virtually any subject. They must be signed and give the writers address and telephone number for verifica tion. Letters of more than 250 words may be edited for length. We do not publish letters that condemn or praise business service. We do not publish poetry, open letters or letters to third parties. Letters from the same person will not be published more than once a month. Send or bring your letter to the Venice Gondolier Sun, 200 E. Venice Ave., Venice FL 34285. You can also fax signed letters to 941-484-8460 or email them to rdupont@ For more information, call 941-207-1000. OUR VIEWGet deal done at Warm Mineral SpringsIf all goes smoothly, we expect to find out Tuesday whether Warm Mineral Springs will remain open beyond next weekend. A big if, considering the fouryear history of joint ownership of the Springs property by Sarasota County and the city of North Port. Also considering the difficulties inherent in real estate transactions. But we are optimistic. And we expect the two commissions involved will do what it takes to make sure a tentative contract will be approved without undue fuss. Late last week, city officials were working on a draft contract for the sale of the countys share of the Springs to the city. The target price tag is $2.75 million which was the amount Sarasota County paid in 2010 plus assorted costs. According to a memo from City Administrator Jonathan Lewis, recent appraisals have come back at or exceeding the purchase price. Lewis also said a basic term sheet had been written up and there werent many significant points of disagreement, so the draft contract was being prepared. The current deal with contractor National and State Park Concessions ends on Sunday, Aug. 31. State law does not allow co-owner Sarasota County to extend the contract. So, if nothing can be worked out, the place would be shut down immediately thereafter. However, the city has proposed an alternate scenario. According to County Attorney Steve DeMarsh, Sarasota could legally lease the Springs to North Port for a nominal price $1 pending the final sale. The North Port City Commission would then waive its own procurement code and keep National and State Park in place. The City Commission might extend the concessionaires contract for another year, Lewis said. All the legal maneuvering means the Springs would continue to oper ate without interruption, which is far preferable to the alternative: shutting down after the weekend, laying off the staff temporarily, securing the site, waiting for a closing date and then having the Springs open again, presumably run by the same operator. County commissioners, meeting in a workshop last Wednesday, were wary the City Commission might feel empowered to string out the process if a tentative contract and lease were improved. Given recent history, thats not particularly surprising. But it shouldnt happen and we dont believe it will. At this point, its in everyones best interest to move beyond this failed, four-year partnership. So lets move beyond the gamesmanship and rancor. Act in good faith. Avoid any tendency to nickeland-dime the other party. Get the deal done. Anyone whos sold a house knows how difficult real estate closings can be strange things happen. But DeMarsh thought the closing could be completed within a month. We certainly hope so. Keep the Springs open and move on to the next chapter as painlessly as possible. Newspapers still vibrant, still making moneyThe sky is always falling and newspapers are always dying. For more than a decade, that has been a common and constant refrain. While working at washing, the Guardian US, and now, the Newspaper Association of America, I have been asked frequently about the state of the industry as people search for the worst. Though newspaper media is enjoying the largest audiences ever as well as continuing to play a unique and critical role in our communities, there is one fact that always tends to be obscured or outright ignored newspapers are still making money and newspapers remain a good investment. A year ago at this time, John Henry and Jeff Bezos made high-prole acquisitions of The Boston Globe and The Washington Post, respectively, which conrmed that newspapers are viable investment options with the ability to grow. Earlier this month, The Washington Post announced record Web trafc for July as well as hiring more than 60 people in the rst seven months of the year. A company hiring 60 people in seven months sounds like a healthy one to me. (Editors Note: Sun Coast Media Group, which owns the Venice Gondolier Sun and many other newspapers, recently purchased the News-Sun in Sebring.) This summer, the newspaper industry has seen a wave of spinoffs, with Tribune and Gannett both forming publishing-only companies. E.W. Scripps and Journal Communications spun their combined publications off into a new company, Journal Media Group. This is an exciting time for the newspaper industry as these companies will now devote their undivided attention to their publications. However, as with the investments last year, these spin-offs have been spun into more gloom and doom for the industry. It is simply not accurate. In fact, buried in the depths of one particular article that signaled the death of newspapers is this gem of a sentence: Newspapers continue to generate cash and solid earnings. Think about that for a moment an industry that generates cash and solid earnings is on its death bed? I refuse to accept that. What is true is our industrys business model has changed dramatically in the past halfdozen years. In 2007, 80 percent of newspaper media revenue was generated from advertising. In 2013, less than half of total revenue (46 percent) was from advertising in the daily and Sunday print newspaper. Revenue from readers paying for print and digital news and information accounted for nearly three out of 10 revenue dollars, up from less than two in 10 in 2007. Income from new, nontraditional sources is now rising rapidly. What is also true is that the publics thirst for news keeps rising. Data from the digital measurement rm comScore show that 161 million people visited newspaper websites in the month of March. We are witnessing audience increases across the country, from the aforementioned Washington Post to The TimesPicayune, which announced 5.6 million unique visitors to this July. There is more demand than ever for news and journalism. There are also more competitors. There was no BuzzFeed or Facebook or Hufngton Post 15 years ago. New digital channels offer consumers a dazzling array of options, all of which compete for time and attention. And adver tisers face challenges in trying to catch up to these fragmenting audiences. In my three years as CEO of NAA, I have witnessed an amazing transformation. Newspaper companies look drastically different in 2014 compared to 2011. There has been an increased focus on digital properties. Newspaper reporters and columnists have taken advantage of Twitter to build brands and large readerships. Innovation on the design side has led to beautiful works of long-form journalism, which include The Unforgotten by The Boston Globe and Breaking Ball from The Wall Street Journal that ran in July. Newspaper companies are using the power of their brands to create new, nontraditional streams of revenues from event hosting to digital marketing. The evolution of the newspaper industry continues every day. The explosion of mobile readership thanks to smartphones and tablets has caused newspapers to create new mobile strategies. There is increasing demand from readers for more targeted content, which has given rise to niche sites and blogs developed by newspapers devoted to special areas of interest, such as food, high school sports and fashion. For me and many in the newspaper industry, it is a fascinating and exhilarating time. We are in the midst of a dramatic, historic shift for an industry that has been around as long as the United States of America. The world has changed and newspapers have changed. The notion of what a newspaper company is should change for the general public. It is no longer simply about print. It is about all platforms. People dont think, Im reading the newspaper when scrolling through but they should. Despite all the changes, one thing remains the same newspapers still make money. Caroline Little is the president and CEO of the Newspaper Association of America.SHOULD VENICE ENTRANCE SIGN BE AN LED SIGN? CALL US AT 941-207-1111.Leaning. Again, Gov. Scott is leaning to the left with his concern of the environment. Too late, fella. Artwork Fairness. This is about the aquarium man just over the Venice Avenue bridge. If he has to change the art work on his building because the name of his business is included, then I feel Barclay Pharmacy here on the island should do the same. They have art work and their business name is included in that art work. Fair is fair. Mascot Standing. I am not Native American by lineage or involvement. Theres no chief, princess or elder in my family background. I have no standings when a Native American tells me that the Venice Indian mascot is offensive to them. Neither do you. Keep Illegals Out. Honor and integrity? I dont think so. When are we going to stop supporting running around the world playing golf and raising money for more corrupt politicians? Theyre more concerned about their party than the wonderful country they are running into the ground. My gosh! Close the borders. We do not need amnesty. We need border security. Many of these so-called children are gang members who have killed before they became teens. Close the borders and send the illegals back. Mascot is OK. Im calling about the Indians mascot. Its been that way forever. It needs to stay that way. That guy thats trying to be an activist, he needs to stay in Sarasota. Theres nothing derogatory or anything else about the Indians mascot. Gay Bashing. In Let em Have Its Gay rights comment; it should have been titled Gay bashing. Very surprised you would print such a narrow-minded comment. Exactly what do heterosexual married couples, or what did they do, to earn earn? any rights? And, are rights only given to the majority of people, so no minority rights exist? So homosexuality has to become a majority? The fact that homosexuality is a crime in Shariah law is this somehow supposed to make homophobic behavior and gay bashing OK? I cannot believe someone so narrow-minded and uninformed and homophobic could get this printed in your paper. Just shocking; unbelievably shocking. Unemployment Woes. Just read about unemployment being the lowest. Just want you to know that I still have friends who have not received their unemployment from last June. Theyve been waiting months. So many have quit calling in because they cant get the money. It looks like people arent calling in for unemploy ment because they just gave up. Theyre waiting to get a new governor who can maybe change some of the rules here. The Letem Have It line allows readers to sound off on issues of local interest. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the callers. Personal attacks on private individuals; attacks on or commercials for specic businesses; local candidate endorsements or attacks during election season; or opinions or comments otherwise unt for publication will not be printed. If you would like to participate, call the line at 941-207-1111. Call no more than once a week. Please keep your comments brief. The line is available all hours. Caller identication is not required. MISSION STATEMENTTo be the superior quality, low-cost provider of information and adver tising in the local communities we serve. We will continuously improve: the value of information provided to our customers; the value and results for our advertisers; the quality of life in our communities; the return on our stockholders investment while providing a fair, challenging and rewarding workplace for productive employees.Let em Have It Caroline Little THAT'S IT FOR ME! FROMcc NOW ON IT'S BOTTLED WATERUNTIL THEY IMPLEMENTTHE HIGHER BEACH CLOSING STANDARDS.,, I-. `1 G I4l vEfE,l ry1


WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 7A 69 inches, created by Wilhelmshaven Touristik and Freizeit gmbH (Germany) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on Aug. 4, 2012. It was an anamorphic artwork at the Wilhelmshaven International Street Art Festival by four artists: Gregor Wosik, Melanie Siegel, Vanessa Hitzfeld and Lydia Hitzfeld. The painting depicted Noahs Ark, a theme chosen in response to the Ancient Mayan prediction of the Apocalypse in 2012. We will work with Denise Kowal to assist in this project and have agreed to fast track the application, said Lynn Hobeck Bates, spokesperson for Visit Sarasota County. Because it is a great event appealing to visitors and residents and it has good experience, if Guinness accepts the application, we will be helping to fund it. Kowal has artists coming in October to prepare for interactive four-dimensional pieces that feature this years theme, Extinct & Endangered Species. Although chalk artists, they are ofcially street painters working with chalks. However, for this world record bid, they will work with special inks at the Airport Festival Grounds where it is hoped the design will remain for several weeks. On Monday, Nov. 10, the artists will start drawing the image at the airport, and it is planned to be completed by mid-week. If one company wanted to sponsor for $50,000, they would have their name completely with this bid for the Guinness World Record, Kowal said. That is the expense of bringing the international artists together early; providing supplies of paint, which is incredibly expensive; renting the space at the airport, lodging, food and transportation. We are creating parking at the airport festival grounds where visitors can enjoy the largest street painting in the world, have their pictures taken with it, and then tour the festival on the bus to the downtown locations. Kowal is expecting 100,000 people to come to the event, which spans several days. There is no admission or tour bus ride charge around the festival, which begins on Thursday, Nov. 13 and runs to Monday, Nov. 17. Denise Kowal can be contacted at 941-954-5800.FESTIVALFROM PAGE 1Im talking about the Sandy Hooks and Columbines, he said. We, as a state and a district, have gun-free zones. Yeah, theyre gun-free except for someone that comes in with a gun. We kind of have this attitude that if we cant have an SRO, we wont do anything to improve security, he said, adding the measures Brown mentioned still werent of the scale he would like. Board Chairwoman Jane Goodwin said she also had concerns, but understood where White was coming from as well. I would love to see SROs in elementary schools, but that would cost us, she said. White said the amount would be hard to predict, but she assumed cities and counties could not afford the contribution, as municipalities with SROs pay a portion of ofcers salaries, and the district the rest. When we did have SRO coverage at elementary schools, it was not one (ofcer)-to-one (campus), it was one-tove, which is certainly something we can explore. We could look at expanding our SROs, but part of my responsibility is to tell you what my concerns are. If you want to build it into next years budget, there will be a cost, she said. Kovach stressed, I dont want to give the sense that our schools arent safe thats not the case at all. But when you look at the world we live in and what people are capable of doing Email: annek@sun-herald.comGUARDSFROM PAGE 1 City leaders will convene next week in a private attorney-client shade meeting that will likely consider a settlement offer between residents and the city over its 2009 short-term rental law. The rentals drew attention after getting a reputation for being party houses, with late night noise, too many occupants and cars, and overowing trash. A group of residents seven in all, led by Joseph Altier sued the city after they were excluded from a lawsuit settlement that grandfathered in Jacksonville property Short term rental settlement to be discussedBy GREG GILESNEWS EDITOR RENTAL | 11 Miss an ad in the newspaper? Log onto Enjoy A No Obligation AT-Home Shopping Experience 341-0143 EXT. 823 *NOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS. ANY OF THE 6 OFFERS WITH PURCHASE OF ANY KIRKPLAN KITCHENS REFACING OR CABINET SYSTEM. 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HIGH SCHOOL VOLLEYBALLIf their performance in this weeks North vs. South Preseason Classic serves as any indication, the Venice Lady Indians volleyball team looks like theyre already in midseason form after dominating wins over a pair of teams that figure to have deep postseason runs themselves. Venice knocked off Tampa Plant, a team that has won eight state championships since 2000, 3-0, in straight sets Tuesday. The Lady Indians then faced off against Steinbrenner (Lutz), a 7A state semifinalist last year, on Thursday night in the Teepee. The opening set was a back-andforth battle between two evenly matched teams with Venice finally grabbing the lead for the first time at 11-10 on Hannah Richards fourth kill of the first set. The Lady Indians led 17-15 before Steinbrenner fought back to tie the match at 19-19. A kill by Lauren Mattmuller gave the Lady Indians the lead for the final time and Richards finished off the set with her sixth kill, giving Venice a 25-19 win. Venice jumped out to a 7-3 lead in the second set before some miscues at the net eventually allowed Steinbrenner to tie the match at 10-10. The Lady Indians then took control of the set, with kills by Richards, Gen Bueamier, Mattmuller and Tanner Gauthier pushing Venices lead to eight points. The domination up front continued and Koree Reams kill put an exclamation point on a 25-14 set win. Volleyball is always a chess match and you have to see how things roll for awhile, said Venice head coach Brian Wheatley. Usually around the 14 or 15 point mark, we start putting things together and figuring out the matchups we need. The third set proved to be nearly identical to the second set with the Lady Indians dominating the net. They led by as many as nine points after a kill by Beaumier and went on to clinch the match with a 25-18 win. Were definitely farther ahead than weve been in awhile compared to some of our other teams in the past, Wheatley said. On Tuesday we had a great offensive attack and tonight we added a lot of great defense. The ball never really hit the floor and the one thing about our team is that its unacceptable to allow the ball to hit the floor. That doesnt come from me it comes from the team. This is a really fun team to coach and I keep trying to challenge them because they need to be challenged. Theyve got a high volleyball IQ and weve got a lot of weapons. Richards finished with a team high of 16 kills and an ace, followed by Mattmuller with nine kills and Beaumier with eight kills. Senior setter Jaclyn Dinenberg finished with 42 assists. Venice opens the regular season on Tuesday at Lakewood Ranch. Wheatley said that despite beating a pair of 7A powers in the preseason, there are teams that are just as good in the smaller classes around the state and the Lady Indians will be ready when they appear on the schedule. We want to play to be the best, and you have to beat the best along the way, Wheatley said. Weve added some teams this year that we wouldnt normally see during the regular season and make the schedule as tough as we can.Email: slockwood@venicegondolier.comLady Indians pass preseason testsBy SCOTT LOCKWOODSPORTS EDITOR SUN PHOTO BY JUSTIN FENNELLVenice senior Lauren Mattmuller (right) sends a shot over the net for a point during Thursday nights preseason match against Steinbrenner. Mattmuller nished the night with nine kills. HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALLBryce Carpenter looked more like a seasoned veteran instead of a freshman quarterback in helping lead the Venice Indians to a 49-7 win over Southeast in Friday nights Kickoff Classic at Powell-Davis Stadium. Venices first drive showed a lot of promise, eating nearly seven minutes while going 55 yards. Freshman quarterback Bryce Carpenter connected twice with Noah Montgomery, including a 20-yard completion that gave Venice the ball at the Southeast 18. The Seminoles stopped Malik Bryant twice for no gain and the drive eventually ended when Zach Carrs 35-yard field goal attempt sailed wide right. The Indians held Southeast to minus seven yards on their first possession. Venice took over at the Southeast 45 and quickly moved down the field, taking a 7-0 lead when Langston Provitt scored on a 4-yard run from the wildcat quarterback slot on the first play of the second quarter. On the Seminoles next drive, Venices Sage Lee picked off a pass from Southeasts James Thomas and returned it 20 yards to the Southeast 34. After a 15-yard penalty for roughness on the return, Venice only needed a pair of plays on their next drive and scored on an 8-yard run by Bryant. The Indians couldnt capitalize on another turnover that gave them the ball at the Southeast 20, but forced yet another turnover when Beau Perkins picked off a tipped pass at the Southeast 45. Long runs by Carpenter and Bryant put the ball at the Southeast 19, and Carpenter finished off the drive with a 19-yard scoring run. Weve been talking about all this pressure of him playing as a freshman and getting an offer from Jacksonville State before ever taking his first snap from center, Venice head coach John Peacock said. He came out cool as a cat and played well. Weve had some good quarterbacks around here and its nice to know that hes going to be around another four years. Southeast got on the board with a 40-yard touchdown pass from James Thomas to Qion Birch less than three minutes into the second half. Venice responded with a 12-play, 58-yard drive that ate up nearly eight minutes and ended with a 9-yard scoring run by Provitt. Turnovers led to a pair of Venice touchdowns in the final 90 seconds of the third quarter. A fumble on the ensuing kickoff was recovered by Anthony Loukas at Southeast 17 yard-line. Brandon Davis accounted for all the yards on the two-play drive and scored from four yards out. Loukas created another turnover on the final play of the third quarter, returning an interception 40 yards for another touchdown to complete the scoring bonanza for the Indians. I think we just kind of wore them down a little bit, Peacock said. They played well but just made some mistakes, and we took advantage of it. Those mistakes just started snowballing there at the end. Carpenter had 68 yards on the ground and added another 80 yards in the air. Davis added 70 yards on the ground while Bryant nished with 50. Noah Montgomery had four catches for 51 yards Theres a lot of good things that came out of tonight, Peacock said. Our offensive line and fullbacks did a good job of blocking, and Malik and Brandon Davis did a great job of running the ball. Theres denitely some things that we need to work on but Im very impressed.Email: slockwood@venicegondolier.comVenice cruises to Kickoff Classic winBy SCOTT LOCKWOODSPORTS EDITORSPORTSCONTACT US SCOTT LOCKWOOD SPORTS EDITOR 941-207-1107 SUN NEWSPAPERS 8A WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 Southeast 0 0 7 0 7 Venice 0 21 21 7 49 Second Quarter V Langston Provitt 4 run (Zach Carr kick) 11:54 V Malik Bryant 8 run (Carr kick) 6:56 V Bryce Carpenter 19 run (Carr kick) 1:52 Third Quarter S Qion Burch 40 pass from James Thomas (Ricardo Rodriguez kick) 9:34 V Provitt 9 run (Carr kick) 2:04 V Brandon Davis 4 run (Carr kick) 1:33 V Anthony Loukas 40 interception return :06 Fourth Quarter V Davis 27 run (Carr kick) 2:15 PHOTOS BY JUSTIN FENNELLVenices Langston Provitt evades Southeast defender Daniel Billy. Southeast senior Derrick Young gets a hand on Venice running back Malik Bryant during the rst quarter of Friday nights Fall Classic Scrimmage held at Venice High School. Venice receiver Noah Montgomery gets taken out of play by a host of Seminoles during last nights game in Venice. Venice QB Bryce Carpenter throws a pass out of reach of South easts Marquis Houston. Southeast High quarterback James Thomas completes a pass through the Venice defense in the rst half of Fridays game against Venice High School. Venices Langston Provitt and Joe Chesmond celebrate a TD by Provitt in the second quarter.


WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 9A For the last quarter century, the Venice Indians boys golf team has not suffered a single losing season. Theyve got their sights set on extending that record to 26 straight winning seasons this fall. I know well be competitive and we wont back down from any one, said Venice head coach Marty Tarala, who has been at the helm for all 25 winning seasons. Weve got a pretty strong team and weve got everybody back from last year. If everyone lives up to their potential, well do well. We should go far into the season, well do well in the postseason and well do well in our tournaments. It should be an exciting year for boys golf. This years squad fea tures a balance of three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores and a freshman. Senior Ben Miller is likely the teams No. 1 player and said the team is already motivated to top last years third place showing in districts. A lot of guys have been practicing over the summer and I think with a little more drive and motivation, well be ready to get to states. Were going to be better than we were last year and I think we realized in practice that weve got a real chance this year. Miller said his main goal this year is to play better and contribute more than he did last year. He set his sights on shooting just below par and knows that senior teammate and No. 2 player Ron Johnson is right there with him. Ron Johnson is a strong hitter thats played in a lot of off-season tournaments, so hes prepared for the season, Tarala said. These guys look forward to the season because a lot of the guys theyve played with in some of these tournaments are on other teams on our schedule. Junior Dylan Roach transferred to Venice from Texas and gures to be in a battle for the teams No. 3 spot. Hes a strong scorer and he played a lot of golf in Texas, Tarala said. Other players include senior Devin Hill and junior Kyle Trodgen, who were both top ve players for the team last year. Tarala said that Trodgen has dropped at least seven strokes from his scores since last year. Thats a lot for any player, Tarala said. Hes really worked on his swing and hes had some instruction up in Sarasota to go along with that. The team also has sophomores Eli Martin and Jimmy Messina; and freshman Lou Fiumara. Theyre all good golfers in their own right and theyre all capable of shooting in the 70s, Tarala said. Were pretty well spread out with three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores and a freshman, Tarala said. Its a nice spread because that tells me for the next couple of years, well be solid as well. Venices 3A-District 14 schedule includes defending state champion Lakewood Ranch and district champion Riverview both teams that gure to be right at the top of the district chase this season. The Indians only play four home matches this year, which Tarala said is by design and helps his team play better on the road in both the regular and postseason. Venice tees off its season on Wednesday against Riverview at Jacaranda West. Theres no doubt well be one of the top three teams in our district, Tarala said. Its tough to get out of regional play because were in such a strong region and its only an 18-hole day. If we do our best like I think we should, we should advance to state. Is that realistic? Yes, but the guys have to play to their potential.Email: slockwood@venicegondolier.comIndians golf team shoots for stateBy SCOTT LOCKWOODSPORTS EDITOR SUN PHOTOS BY SCOTT LOCKWOODVenice Indians senior golfer Ron Johnson takes a swing at a recent practice at Jacaranda West Country Club. Venice golf newcomer Dylan Roach, who transferred in from Texas over the summer, works on his short game at a recent practice. rfntttrffntbnf rf r rr f ntbn n rrrfntn rfnf tbfnftf rrfnftbb rfntbfbf ffbfbffbfnf bbfbfbfnfbbfb rbbf f rfnf tbfnftf #3LER831014 #2LEBL19239 #14150 #A4698 #15007 #14400 #14432 487007 -2D + (: 2DLekZM2)rm 51 1 91,s 3T2) 91)


10A SUN NEWSPAPERS AUGUST 23, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION a typical home. Weeden acknowledged that can spell nancial hardship for those on xed incomes, but the alternative could be total devastation and being driven from ones home.ForewarnedThe FEMA website says the new draft ood zone maps are due out Oct. 1, but city ofcials say it could be next spring before nalized maps are available to the public. Many new homes will come into the ood plain, especially in areas like East Gate in Venice. Those that do, have only a few months to shop around to get lower rates, or to challenge FEMAs ood zone rating. There are also properties that will be coming out of the ood zone, Weeden said. Its important homeowners know that so they dont over-insure their property, which is limited to $250,000 for residential and $500,000 for commercial buildings. Challenges to being deemed in a SFHA, Weeden noted, will require scientic evidence, likely provided by an engineer. Its not like youre going to be able to say to FEMA, Ive never had a ood on the property, and convince them to change the ood zone designation, she said. Remember, even if a tiny portion of the edge of your property is deemed in a ood zone, you will likely have to purchase ood insur ance, a requirement by the government for any lending institution they insure or are involved with nancially. You can seek an exemption by the bank, but it takes yards of paperwork, say ofcials, and you need to start the process now. The law specically states if any part of a building is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area, the federal agency or lender is required by law to provide written notication to the borrower that ood insurance is mandatory as a condition of the loan. If a building is not in the SFHA, and just on a small portion of the property, lenders, by their own initiative, may require the purchase of ood insurance. Most will in order to protect themselves from the possibility they may sell off the loan to another entity down the road, which may be to an entity insured by the federal government. It gets more complicated. The city of Venice intends to develop a oodplain management plan for consideration by city council in September. It also plans to develop a guide for residents on ood insur ance requirements in the coming months. In the meantime, keep an eye out for a postcard from FEMA informing property owners of their ofcial ood zone designation. Weeden said when those postcards begin to appear, it will be time for the city to kick into high gear its outreach efforts.Email: ggiles@venicegondolier.comFLOODFROM PAGE 1A Sarasota County School District psy chologist was charged Wednesday with molesting a young girl who was previously under his foster care, according to the Sarasota County Sheriffs Ofce. Harvey Dorey, 44, of the 500 block of Alligator Drive, Venice, faces one count each of lewd and lascivious molestation and lewd and lascivious conduct after being accused of molesting the girl, who was 14 when the alleged abuse started. According to a report, the girl disclosed the abuse in July 2013 to a caseworker, calling Dorey a pedophile who does sick things to children. The abuse allegedly occurred at a home Dorey shared with his wife in Nokomis, and during a cross-country camping trip. The girl reported that Dorey repeatedly touched her genitals and also molested her in a camper while visiting Michigan. Dorey was taken into custody Wednesday morning when he reported for work at North Port High School. According to school district spokesman Scott Ferguson, Dorey has been employed with the district since 2002, and has served as a psy chologist at Venice and Taylor Ranch elementary schools, and North Port High. Dorey was a oating employee, Ferguson said, going where he was needed. He had both private and group sessions with students, performed psychological evaluations, and served both male and female students. No complaints have been lodged against Dorey during his 12 years with the district. Weve never had any complaints or any reports of issues along the lines of what its being alleged hes done off duty, Ferguson said. Doreys current salary is $66,189, and if hes able to make bond, then he can return to work and would be assigned duties away from students, Ferguson said. His future employment wont be decided until the criminal proceedings are concluded, Ferguson added. NPHS principal David Jones said Dorey served the high school Wednesdays and another half-day, depending on where he was needed in the district. Dorey worked with teachers and guidance counselors as part of North Port Highs CARE meetings, which deal with emotional situations that might arise with students. CARE stands for Children At Risk in Education, according to Jones. Its an opportunity to have a weekly meeting where we have the school psychologist work with guidance counselors who bring up any kids they believe are at risk, Jones said. (Doreys) not a therapeutic counselor (who works one-on-one with students). What he does is help guide those meetings, and brings advice on questions that might happen with a kid. Despite Dorey having limited contact with students, Jones added that his work at the school will be very well-vetted to make sure nothing untoward ever happened with an NPHS student. Dorey was charged in December 2013 with two counts each of hit-andrun involving injury, and hit-and-run involving property damage after allegedly crashing his Cadillac Escalade into two vehicles on the Laurel Road exit ramp of Interstate 75. An arrest report states that Dorey next got out of his Escalade and asked the driver of one of the vehicles he hit for a ride home, claiming that his son needed help. The driver refused and Dorey ed the scene, catching a ride from an unknown person and leaving his Escalade behind. Authorities tracked Dorey through his license plate but, at rst, could not locate him at his Alligator Drive home. They eventually located him in the 800 block of Pinto Circle, Nokomis, where he answered the door of the home, along with his son. Dorey told authorities he was driving 105 mph when he took the Laurel Road exit and that he was in a hurry to see his son, who has cancer. Dorey also told authorities he was going through a divorce. After his arrest, Dorey was held under the states Baker Act, which allows authorities and medical doctors to hold individuals who are deemed a danger to themselves or others. Sarasota County Clerk of Court records show that Dorey led for divorce in October of last year, and also led a domestic violence injunction against his wife, which was later denied by the court. A jury trial for the hit-and-run charge is scheduled for Nov. 17, according to the court docket. An arraignment date for the molestation charges has not yet been assigned. Sheriffs Ofce spokeswoman Wendy Rose said the investigation into the molestation charges is ongoing.Email: dwinchester@sun-herald.comMolestation charge for school psychologistBy DREW WINCHESTER and ANNE KLOCKENKEMPERSTAFF WRITERS DOREY rfrrfn tnrb rfntbbtff fffffrff ffffft t nn tfn b n nn rt n n tt 487004 485945 Thousands of Plants to Choose From Red Mulch $1.99 Just South of Jacaranda Blvd. on SR 776. Next to Dome. 5175 SR 776 Venice MON-SAT 9:00-5:00 SUN 10:00 4:00 COMPLETE LANDSCAPE PACKAGES FROM $1,999 UGLY YARDS WANTED! 481166 Voted #1 Garden Center in Venice 941-493-1293 SP49223 B E ST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun $ 20. 00 OFF $20.00 Off your next purchase Expires 8/28/14. Excludes Mulch, Annuals, a nd Sale Items. Not redeemable for cash C oupons must be presented at time of purchase. 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WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 11A to marinas, he got his foothold in the industry when offered a job by Gulf Wind Marina in Nokomis. Then came MarineMax, where he excelled, becoming the go-to expert for boaters throughout this area. Initially selling new boats, he moved into marine brokerage. In this role, he trained new sales associates in his unique style. Early this year, he developed cancer and fought it while continuing to work by telephone through a colleague he had mentored. This woman, whose name was not available to the Venice Gondolier Sun as of press time Friday, had become a broker and continued using Mr. MacPhersons skills as he held the torch up until those nal days. Capt. Kevin Deiter, owner of Feeding Frenzy Sport Fishing Academy, said Mr. MacPherson was working right up to the end. Even when he was sick, I visited him in the hospital where he was on the phone to that special colleague who was brokering for him a boat sale, Deiter said. Wherever the company exhibited or participated in shows and events, Mr. MacPherson was there nding new customers and retaining his many old ones. His MarineMax and Yacht Club getaways were not only a lesson in managing but also how to enjoy this new hobby. Known as the top nautical team with his wife, an expert navigator, they introduced the skills and fun in boating to so many people. In 2006, he became Commodore of the Venice Yacht Club and with his wife he excelled in every challenge. Deiter said it was through MacPherson that he joined the club, and with their wives had become lifelong friends. On the Fourth of July weekend, Deiter arranged for his sick colleague to par ticipate in what would be MacPhersons nal captaining role. Although frail, he proudly docked the large 60-foot boat at the Yacht Club, watched by his wife with their two grandsons. He leaves his wife, Ann Thompson; son, Jim MacPherson; daughter-in-law, Jen MacPherson; and grandsons, Nolan and Dylan MacPherson. Well-known in the golng community, he had played many a challenge at courses throughout the area, but his passion remained boating. He will be remembered for his familiar expression, I dont sell boats, I sell boating. His family has set up the Captain Mac Fund, whose mission is to benet youth with perceived potential and lack of access to paths of achievement in the marine, yachting and marine sciences realms. A Celebration of Life will take place Saturday, Oct. 11, at 1:30 p.m. at the Venice Yacht Club, 1330 Tarpon Center Drive. The family request no owers but memorial donations to the Captain Mac Fund, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, 601 South Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34285.MACPHERSONFROM PAGE 1 owner Stephen Milo and others, allowing those named in the settlement a waiver to continue short term rentals for the next 15 years. The plaintiffs are seeking unspecied damages. Its been out there for a long time, said Mayor John Holic, on Friday. Either were going to be told there is some kind of offer or this is when its going to court. Its something thats been sitting around too long, and needs to come to a climax. In recent weeks, City Attorney Dave Persson indicated to the Venice City Council that a settlement was in the ofng. The city adopted a short-term rental ordinance in 2009, but it hasnt been enforced since 2011. Instead the city opted to enforce existing nuisance laws to handle 911 calls over short term rentals. The suit could cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time a judge rules. But if the city wins and the ordinance is found not to violate property owners rights, its a big payoff. Venice would be perhaps the only city with such an ordinance that has been found defensible. Challenges to the citys ordinance banning short-term rentals would presumably disappear, giving residents some assurance that beach neighborhoods will not be overrun with vacation rentals, like those on Anna Maria Island. If the city loses, its a clear sign the ordinance will face unending litigation and should be scrapped, said Council Member Bob Daniels two years ago in an interview with the Gondolier Sun. Twelfth Circuit Court Judge Charles Williams spurred action by issuing an order that would dismiss the suit for failure to prosecute. Then on Aug. 19, Williams agreed to grant both sides more time to come up with a settlement. The shade meeting takes place Tuesday, Aug. 26. Shade meetings are exempt from rules that allow the public to attend, but the city must have a court reporter present and the transcript from the meeting must be made available once the subject in dispute is settled.Email: ggiles@venicegondolier.comRENTALFROM PAGE 7 KEEPINFORMED!Log onto f or breaking news. SP40013 MUSTRSVP Seati ngi sLi mi t ed!CALL727466-4333806Ki ngsHwy. 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VENUE 3B RELIGION 4B PHOTO ALBUM 8BWEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 CONTACT US KIM COOL FEATURES EDITOR 941-207-1000 SUN NEWSPAPERSOUR TOWN Historical novels can be boring tomes or charming, educational and entertaining for children of all ages. The latter describes The Yomy Tales, An American Experience, written and illustrated by Nokomis resident Carol Marie Davis. Written specically for younger children, The Yomy Tales recounts the adventures of two biracial rag dolls born into slavery on a Maryland plantation in 1850. Lovingly made for twins, Gracie and Goodie, their name of Yomy derives from the twins nearly incessant arguments over which was yours or mine. Those words were eventually shortened to Yomy, the name given to both of the rag dolls. Made of stuffed cotton, with shoe-button eyes, embroidered smiles and strands of yarn for hair, the two dolls had lives as difcult as those of the slave children who owned them. They were dragged through the mud on rainy days on the plantation and, like their owners, nally escaped to Philadelphia where an abolitionist offered freedom and a new life. A $300 reward was offered for the return of the dolls owners and their mother. Instead, there was an exciting escape via the under ground railway. Inspiration for this and previous books written by Davis came from her own life experiences, especially her interest in her family background and grandparents arrival in America from Belarus (Belorussia). She spent time at local libraries but also in Vernont. I wanted to tell children to find out about history before it is too late, she said. I wanted to go into American history and the Civil War was so horrific on both sides. I used dolls to tell the story. Inspiration to use the dolls came from Davis daughter, a book store Rag dolls relate African-American experience in new book by Nokomis writerBy KIM COOLFEATURES EDITORFrom rags to historical riches PHOTO PROVIDEDAuthor Carol Daivs, with the YOMY dolls she made to go with her latest book, The YOMY Tales. COVER PROVIDEDCover of Carol Davis recent historical novel for young people, The Yomy Tales. PROVIDED BY CAROL DAVISThe cover of The Adventures of Moon Spirit, a book by Venice resident Carol Davis who was inspired by her work as a docent at HIstoric Spanish Point.BOOK | 5Barbara Pillsbury is an effervescent person all bubbly and sparkly when she chirps about her little store on the South Trail. As soon as I entered her shop Tiki Tyme Island Shop at 1831 South Tamiami Trail, Venice, I heard a warm hello from behind the counter, followed by a How can I help you, request. She was ready, willing and eager to talk about the business and the products she offers customers. Her mother helps out most days and enjoys talking with customers, too. Shes quite a talker, which made interviewing her easy. Do I talk too much? she asked. Just tell me and Ill cut it down, she said with a laugh. She explained: I hate to go in somewhere and not know someone ... not know the owners or employees that greet you. So I talk to people as soon as they walk in the store and get to know them. Sometimes I call them hun or honey (she called me honey a couple of times, which made me chuckle).Shop for the TropicsThe shop is lled with tropical-themed clothing for adults and kids, including T-shirts and sundresses, as well as souvenirs, sun tan Getting tropical at Tiki Tyme Island ShopAUDREY BLACKWELL Riding the South Trail SUN PHOTO BY AUDREY BLACKWELLBarbara Pillsbury, owner of Tiki Tyme Island Shop, wears one of the sundresses she sells and holds a coconut postcard she ships for customers.TROPICAL | 5 Singer Kathy Hallendas love affair with Florida Studio Theatre audiences continues with Somewhere Over the Rose through Aug. 31. In true show must go on fashion, she managed yet again to regale her Court Cabaret audience last Friday night despite dealing with a cold or allergies. Sipping water between each song, she didnt skip a beat as she performed songs associated with Bette Midler and the late Judy Garland. Hallenda, who can belt out a song with the best of them, has been compared to both of these singers as well as to Ethel Merman and others with really big voices and personalities. Slimmer than she was her last time at FST, she Hallenda triumphant in return to Florida Studio TheatreBy KIM COOLFEATURES EDITOR PHOTO COURTESY OF FLORIDA STUDIO THEATERKathy Hallenda in Somewhere Over the Rose in the Court Cabaret through the end of the month.STUDIO | 5 485879 We ALWAYS return phone calls the SAME DAY!!! HOME AUTO BUSINESS CONDO MOBILE 2017 B. South Tamiami Trl. Venice, FL 34293 (941) 244-2760 rfn tb tttrfntbbtfff ffffrffffffft b r tr 487005 Did you know NISSAN ALTIMA is on the way to being the best selling car in the U.S.?


2B SUN NEWSPAPERS AUGUST 23, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION Bicycles are stolen all the time and nothing makes the news. But theres something different about Kristen Aubin. Shes a Special Olympian with gold and silver medals in bicycling and powerlifting. And after someone swiped her bike from the familys driveway in Port Charlotte a couple of Fridays ago, she and her aunt did something about it. Thats why we received a letter to the editor that began: To the bicycle thief of Peachland Boulevard, I just wanted to let you know that because you stole my bicycle the other day, I can no longer participate in the Special Olympics cycling competition. Yes, I am disabled. I saved up my own money to purchase that bike and you come along and take it. You should be ashamed of yourself. In fact, Kristen did not pen the letter. It was the work of her aunt and longtime caregiver, Arlene Poole. But the sentiments are Kristens, Arlene told me. She was really sad, Arlene said, She is still sad and still looking for it. Kristen is the daughter of Arlenes sister, who was developmentally disabled herself. When Kristen was 3 months old and facing placement in the foster care system, Arlene began caring for her. I stepped in to raise her for six weeks, Arlene said, and its been 28 years now. Arlene and Kristen moved from Massachusetts to Southwest Florida in 1989. Arlene worked in the Charlotte County Sheriffs Ofce but took early retirement to become a foster parent to medically needy children. Last November, she and her partner, Lisa Velez, a former CCSO detective, also adopted a foster child whose mother was addicted to drugs. Khloey Velez is now 2. The couple has taken in 16 foster babies in the past few years, in addition to Kristen and her brother, Larry, 33. They were like my children; they are my children, Arlene said. Kristen and Larry attend the Loveland Center in Venice, a phenomenal facility for adults with developmental disabilities. On weekends, they participate in the Special Olympics. Both have won national medals in powerlifting Larry, who weighs 130 pounds, can deadlift 275 and track cycling. But Kristen wont get very far without a bike. To buy her purple Schwinn, Kristen saved money from her allowance and piecework and crafts at Loveland. The Friday before last, Arlene was cleaning the garage, so she and Larry left their bikes piled at the top of the driveway. I stepped into the house, it couldnt have been ve minutes, Arlene said. When (the thief) came by, they just grabbed the rst bike and off they went. Kristen has difculty grasping the whole thing. When you teach them somethings wrong and then someone steals something from them Wow, Arlene said. They are also hoping someone will notice a new bike in the neighbor hood and report it. Or, as Kristens letter said: Just put it back where you took it from. My front door. I will forgive you. Please, I need my bicycle. To contact Arlene Poole, call 941-916-5817. Stephen Baumann is a member of the Suns editorial board. Contact him at sbaumann@sun-herald. com, or call 941-681-3003.Olympian left without wheels Steve Baumann PHOTO PROVIDEDKristen Aubin with a Special Olympics medal. Entering its 65th season, Venice Theatre, with support from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, is expanding its internship program. Summer stock per formers Kaitlyn Terpstra and Patrick Mounce, who starred in the theaters stock production of Cabaret, were the theaters first two acting interns. In other years, the theater has had paid interns serving in stage management, costume design and the like. That summer internship program began in 2012 in collaboration with Berea College in Berea, Ky. The new 2014-2015 Acting Internship Program builds on that base and is being expanded to potentially include students from all over the country. Applicants should be recent college graduates and emerging theater professionals who are actively pursuing a career in professional theater. There are limited internship openings for September through March. The program is being designed to help those actors bridge the gap from academic theater to professional work. Those accepted as acting interns will be encouraged to explore beyond the stage to learn about all aspects of theater including sound, lighting, set design, costume design, marketing and more. As the third community theater in the U. S. to offer a Technical Theatre Apprentice Program (TTAP), Venice Theatre is well-equipped to offer such additional experience to its acting interns. The interns will have numerous performance opportunities given the heavy schedule of main stage and black box shows in the smaller Pinkerton Theatre. They also will help build and spread the theaters outreach programs that regularly perform in area schools and senior communities. Those accepted into the six-month program will receive housing and a stipend. For information and/or an application, contact Allan Kollar, producing director, at: AllanKollar@ VeniceTheatre.Net. Note the new email address for Venice Theatre staff is now the persons fullname@ expands actor training with internshipsBy KIM COOLFEATURES EDITOR The Diva Angels are at it again ... fundraising for a good cause. On Sunday, Oct. 5, the Divas will ride for the charity they voted on in February First Steps Mothers and Infants program, residential. Several area nonprot charities were invited to make presentations in February, and First Steps was chosen. First Steps is a substance abuse treatment program in Sarasota County. The Mothers and Infants program offers safety and support services with counseling and parenting, nutrition and life management classes with a strong focus on the health of the mother and her infant. The ultimate goal of the program is for women to gain the skills necessary for ongoing recovery, self-sufciency and possibly family reunication. According to, the length of stay in this program is based on an individual assessment. Women must be 18 years of age and pregnant to enter the program, which is provided at no cost to the clients. Infants remain with the mother in treatment after birth. Members of Diva Angels and nonmembers are welcome to join the poker run fundraiser. Evies Tavern, 5897 Whiteld Ave., Sarasota,, is hosting the registration from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Oct. 5. Entry costs are $15 per hand or three hands for $25. Poker run stops will be at other Evie locations with the last bike in at 2 p.m. and an ending party is planned at Evies Tavern & Grill; 3561 53rd Ave. (S.R. 70) W., Bradenton, according to a news release. There will be cash prizes for best and worst hands and the huge Chinese Auction the Diva Angels are famous for. There will be food and drink specials and mystery games. This is a rain or shine event with all proceeds going to the charity. Diva Angels Inc. is a nonprot organization of female motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy riding together, camaraderie, doing good in the community and building strong friendships along the way. All makes and models of bikes along with all shapes, sizes and ages of women are welcome. Since January 2005, this group of lady motorcycle riders has grown into a national womens biker organization with ve chapters, according to Donna DeFant, president of National Diva Angels. There are currently 25 very active members of the Southwest chapter four in the Venice area, DeFant said. The Diva Angels have supported the Mothers & Infants program in the past. We rst met with Mother & Infants program in 2005 when we had a Baby Shower for the girls that were expecting or just had a baby, DeFant said. We repeated this event in 2006, 2007 and 2008. We also purchased gliders and rocking chairs for the facility as part of our baby shower gifts. At that time there were Diva Angels who went there a couple of times a week to rock the babies while the moms were in life-skill sessions to assist them when they re-entered the outside world. For more details about Diva Angels, attend a meeting any third Tuesday of the month. Check online for meeting locations at DivaAngels. org or call Diane Chrzanowski, director of the Gulf Coast Chapter at 941-737-4131, or DeFant at 941-720-5955.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comDiva Angels plan charity poker runBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR Dr. Ryan S. Jawitz Dr. Anne McBride Dr. Charles Rodriguez Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser Denise West, PA-C Joseph Santini, PA-C Rebecca Thompson, ARNP-C Chasie Haupt, PA-C Partricia Ceravolo, PA-C Kristin Yunis, NP-CMultiple locations for convenient care.Medicare and most insurances accepted.941-955-0360 | www.RiverchaseDermatology.comFormerly West Coast Dermatology 50475246 486502 s_cUr ivirfnr rr fir i : : i t c r T orA-Sign up early andSAVE$100 per playerUntil August 31r, h?ARIVERCHASE DERMATOLOGYAND COSMETIC SURGERY


VENUE 3B WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS CROSSFROM PAGE 6 SUDOKUFROM CLASSIFIED RELIGION SUNDAYVNUMC Praise Service, Venice Nokomis UMC Coffee Caf Praise Service, 8:30-9:30am, 208 Palm Ave. Families welcome. 941-488-4137 Fellowship Sun Servises, Worship 9 & 10:30am, LBHS, 2201 Placida Road. Come hear Pastor Garry & FC Band & Praise Team in both services. 941-475-7447 VNUMC Worship Hour, Traditional Worship Sunday 10am on Is There A Good Time? 208 Palm Ave. Nokomis. Worship Service, 10am, Worship Service, Our Savior Lutheran, 2705 Tamiami Trail N., Nokomis, 941-966-4442 Sunday AM Worship, 10:30am-noon, Angel Ministries, 2269 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, 941-4924995, Love Offering Welcomed Pray for our Nation, Join together in prayer for our nation, 6pm, at the Gazebo in Centennial Park. 941-408-0013 Sunday PM Worship, 6:30-8pm, Angel Ministries, 2269 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, 941-492-4995, Love Offering Welcomed THURSDAYHealing & Messages, 6:30-8pm, Angel Ministries, 2269 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, 941-492-4995, Love Offering Welcomed GOVERMENT TUESDAYVenice 9/12 Group, Discussion of Constitutional Issues, 6:30pm, Venice City Hall, 401 Venice Ave. W. Park in West lot. 941-408-0013 EVENTS TODAYGentle Yoga, 9am Sat, 11:30am & 5:30pm Mon, 5pm Thu, 417 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice. Contact Mary Lynn 941-685-8445 Psychic Fair, 10am-3pm, Angel Ministries, 2269 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, 941-492-4995 Train Depot Tour, free tours of 1927 Train Depot. 303 E. Venice Ave., Venice. Sat. 10am-1pm. More info 941-412-0151 Summer Body Yumi, 10:30am Sat, zumba, yoga, body sculpt & nia, 417 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice. Mary Lynn 941-685-8445 DAVA Spaghetti Dinner, 5-7pm, $5. 600 E. Colonia Road, Nokomis. Raffles, door prizes, games of chance. 239-410-5713 SUNDAYZumba Toning Ricki, 10:30am Sun, Zumba 10am Mon-Fri, 6:15pm Tue, Wed, Thu 8:45am, Tue & Thu, 417 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice. Mary Lynn 941-685-8445 Audition-Venice, 8/24-8/25, 7:30pm, auditions for The Full Monty (Venice Theatre Main Stage Musical) Perf. dates: 11/4-11/30 MONDAYWild Frontier Exhibit, Explore southwest Florida frontier life from 1867-1921; Venice Museum and Archives, 351 Nassau St. S., 941-486-2487; 10am-4pm Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Family support/education every Monday, 6 pm, Christ United Methodist Church, 1475 Center Road, Venice, 941-493-7504 Venetian Harmony, 6:30pm. Ladies harmonize with us at United Church of Christ, 620 E. Shamrock Blvd., Venice. 941-480-1480 TUESDAYGentle Yoga, for all levels. Ongoing Tue 8:30am, AuthenticFusion 101 W. Veince Ave., #17, 6 sessions: $75 Bingo, dinner 5pm, Bingo 6pm, Elks Lodge, 941-486-1854 | COMMUNITY CALENDAR In order to provide one-stop shopping for area event listings, the Venice Gondolier Sun is consol idating calendar items into a single location. The Venue calendar includes library, senior, Well-Being and religion events as well as community events. We have moved to a reader-submission model for all of these items. To get your events printed in the newspaper, they must be submitted via our website, www.venice On the left, click on Community Calendar, then click on Submit Event and fill in the appropriate fields. You must enter the location, address and phone number in the Print Edition Text box for it to print. Deadlines: For events to run in Wednesdays paper, the deadline is 1 p.m. Monday. For events to run in Saturdays paper, the deadline is 1 p.m. Thursday. In order to print as many events as possible, we will print a maximum of four lines per event at no cost. You may purchase additional space for $10 per day, per event, per edition. Simply choose Paid Listing on the Submit Event page on the website. All paid listings will run in the location designated for the event type. We will only allow one submission per event, per day. If your event runs for more than one day, you will need to submit a separate form for each day. Multiple submissions of the same event for the same date may result in all the related events being removed. HOW TO GET YOUR EVENTS LISTED A local lmmaker is looking for businesses and investors to help get his latest project across the nish line and hopefully highlight the region and all it has to offer along the way. Dave Lepage, a 20-year North Port resident, is gearing up to shoot his 12-part Web series, Necessary Evil, which he describes as a cross between two popular series, Dexter and The Sopranos. The plot involves a former mob enforcer who spends his free time killing the scum of the Earth, Lepage said, as biker gangs and the mob also try to hunt down the lone enforcer. Its based on a completed short lm called Ten Minutes, which will act as the rst two parts of the 12-part series. Each section is estimated to run 10 minutes long, Lepage said. For Necessary Evil, Lepage says hes bagged veteran performer Robert Lasardo, a character actor who has more than 100 lm and television credits dating back to 1987. TV shows that Lasardo has appeared in include CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds and Nip/Tuck, and hes appeared in such lms as Waterworld, Death Race and King of New York. Lepage said Lasardo and his brother knew each other while serving in the Navy, so he decided to take a chance and reach out to Lasardo on Facebook. The two spent hours discussing the project, and Lasardo got on board. Lepage plans to shoot in Englewood and North Port, and he thinks its a great chance for both communities to show the world what they have to offer. Our goal is not to be famous, Lepage said. Our goal is to put out a good production and tell a great story that entertains. Lepage is looking for local businesses for location shoots, maybe provide some food for the crew, or kick in a few bucks to help the production. As a trade, hes willing to shoot commercials for free, as long as the businesses pay for airtime. Lepage is also ramping up a Kickstarter effort, which is a crowd-sourcing option that allows those who want to donate money to do so easily and hassle-free. Hes hoping to hit the $15,000 mark. As a veteran of independent lm, Lepage said he knows how to stretch a dollar, and although Necessary Evil wont have the multimillion-dollar budget of some of Hollywoods biggest blockbusters, Lepage said it will look like the real deal. All of the money raised will get pumped back into the production. Now all Lepage needs is for the community to step up and believe in his vision of bringing professional lmmaking to North Port and Englewood. We want to get the most bang for our buck, Lepage said. When we come out on the other side, well have something the community will be proud of and it will open up the door for more. We plan on continuing this story. For more information on Lepages project, or to learn how to contribute via Kickstarter or other options, visit the Necessary Evil Facebook page at NecessaryEviltheseries.Email: Filmmaker hopes for community supportBy DREW WINCHESTERSTAFF WRITER PHOTO PROVIDEDLocal lmmaker Dave Lepage, far right, on the set of his 2014 short lm Ten Minutes. Lepage is looking to raise funds for his new series, Necessary Evil, which he plans to shoot in Engle wood and North Port. SP17638 SHOPLOCALTOD AY!SAV EGAS, SUPPORTOURLOCALLYOWNEDBUSINESSES Were you in Venice March 17, 1985?The most devastating tornado in the history of Venice arrived about 5 a.m. on St. Patricks Day in 1985. Several people heard the sound of a train, supposedly a tell-tale sign of a tornado (especially for those close to but not necessarily in the direct path of the storm). If you remember that morning or if you have photos of any of the aftermath of the storm, please, contact kcool@ or call 941-207-1105 if you would be willing to be interviewed.By KIM COOLFEATURES EDITOR HAVE YOU ENTERED INTO A COMMITMENT?More and more people are entering into formalized commitments as a way of uniting with a loved one, rather than in marriage. We would like to write about Commitment ceremonies. If you have entered into such a Commitment and would be willing to be interviewed, please contact Audrey Blackwell, assistant features editor, 941-207-1102, FL ST#37304Wir Sprechen Deutsch Prices per person plus cruise taxes & fees. Subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Cash/Check Pricing. Canal & South America Dec. 2014!Sail from Ft. Lauderdale to Valparaiso via Cartagena, Colombia, the Panama Canal, Manta, Lima & Arica.16-Night Cruise... fr.$1,029 Trade Winds TransatlanticNEW!Sail from Miami to London (Southampton) via Bermuda (overnight), Ponta Delgada, Bilbao & Paris (Le Havre), plus spend 2 nts in London.19-Day Cruise$1,179 Brilliant England & The AtlanticNEW!Sail from Tampa to London (Harwich) via Norfolk, Cork (Cobh), Cherbourg & Bruges (Zeebrugge), plus spend 4 nts in London.19-Day Cruise$1,469 50475129 Sept 21 st & Oct 12 th since 1995 M i n i V a c a t i o n Mini Vacation G e t A w a y Get-Away B I L O X I B I L O X I BILOXI 1 8 0 0 2 8 4 1 0 1 5 1-800-284-1015 ( 9 4 1 ) 4 7 3 1 4 8 1 (941) 473-1481 Escorted Motorcoach Groups Welcome! Convenient Pick Ups 485086 O n T h e R o a d O n T h e R o a d On The Road A g a i n T o u r s A g a i n T o u r s Again Tours Includes 4 Days/ 3 Nights at the NEW GOLDEN NUGGET Casino, 3 meals, $75 Free Play $219 ppdo rfntbnbtrfntbrfntfbfb rr fr rfn tb nnr tb fnr b n 486505 ,ffiftrK RA VTOO-SUNC(UIST COUNTRYVENIC_the Gondolier SunSJ EOM YEWS COVU TO COFEOOS MO.I WFFI{lT M[WEMPEE -


RELIGION 4B WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 CONTACT US 941-207-1110 SUN NEWSPAPERS America is full of religious people, but Americans know surprisingly little about religion. In fact, many atheists and agnostics know more about world faiths than do believers. So concluded a Pew Research Center survey on religious knowledge in America. For instance, Pews quiz revealed that only about half of Americans know that Martin Luther inspired the Reformation, that the Koran is the Islamic holy book or that the Jewish Sabbath starts on Friday. Atheists and agnostics scored highest on Pews Religious Knowledge Survey, followed by Jews and Mormons. Atheists were quick to comment. American Atheists president Dave Silverman banner car rier for founder Madalyn Murray OHairs legacy believes religious knowledge helps advance atheism. I gave a Bible to my daughter, he told the New York Times. Thats how you make atheists. However, Mormons and Evangelicals scored highest on Pews questions about Christianity and the Bible. Pew said nearly 60 percent of Americans claim religion is very important to them and about 40 percent say they attend worship services weekly. But the survey found that large numbers of Americans are uninformed about the tenets, practices, his tory and leading gures of major faith traditions including their own. Forty-ve percent of Catholics were unaware their church teaches that the Communion bread and wine become the actual body and blood of Christ. Forty-three per cent of Jews did not know that Maimonides, a revered rabbi, was Jewish. Only about a quarter of Americans know that most Indonesians are Muslim. Less than half know the Dalai Lama is Buddhist. On the positive side, 82 percent know Mother Teresa was Catholic; 85 percent realize an atheist is someone who doesnt believe in God; and 71 percent know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Whew. I guess lots of Americans still follow news, listen in class or pay attention to Christmas carols. I unked, too. I can identify with folks who ub questions about their own faith. I joined a Christian church as a youth, drifted away in secondary school, but still thought I knew a lot. As a university student, I found I unked a basic biblical question: How does someone become a Christian? Oops. Like many of my compatriots, I thought it was by believing in God, attending church, living a good life, helping other people, trying my best. God was like Santa Claus: rewarding the good, punishing the bad. I hadnt committed murder. I was born in America. I wasnt Jewish. I must be Christian. Some friends explained that going to church didnt make me a Christian any more than sitting in a garage made me a car. Establishing a personal relationship with God, through Jesus, was what would make me a Christian. Somehow Id missed that. They said if I recognized my aws and accepted Gods offer of forgiveness through Jesus death, then he would totally accept me. It wasnt something to work for but a free gift to receive. It almost sounded too easy, but there it was in the Bible: God [rescued] you by his grace when you believed. And you cant take credit for this; it is a gift from God not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. Guess I should have listened more closely as a kid. Or maybe I just wasnt ready. Anyway, I can appreciate the religious confusion or unwitting ignorance that many Americans display. And Im glad I got that big question cleared up. Rusty Wright is an author and lecturer who has spoken on six continents. To learn more about him, visit www.RustyWright. com.Americans flunk Religion 101By RUSTY WRIGHTGUEST COLUMNIST Vacation Bible School was held at Auburn Road Presbyterian Church (ARPC) Aug. 11-15. It was a collaborative effort between ARPC in Venice and Saving Grace Bible Church in Osprey. The title of the weeklong event was Genesis 1: Space Probe! Kids participating in the VBS raised money for Pregnancy Solutions throughout the week. The funds were presented to Sharon Woodward, director of client ser vices for the North Port location, during the closing ceremony. The kids brought in spare change from their families and from having done some extra chores around the house, Woodward said. They were learning about giving and helping others. They really wanted to help the mommies and babies, she said. Pregnancy Solutions provides caring, confidential help to women who are facing unplanned pregnancies. It offers hospital-grade pregnancy testing, accurate information and education on parenting and abortion risks and procedures, and refer rals for adoption and community resources. All services are free and confidential. Since opening in Venice in 2001, thousands of women have received assistance. The Venice office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The North Port office opened in October 2013 and is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Callie Cowan, executive director of Pregnancy Solutions Venice and North Port, wrote about her experiences at a previous years Vacation Bible School and the leaders interactions with the children. She explained that the organization helps mommies and daddies who dont know how to be parents get ready to take care of a baby, and that the money they brought in would help buy diapers, wipes and other things that babies need.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comGenesis 1: Space Probe!By AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR COURTESY PHOTOAdult and youth worship leaders help children ages 4-12 from Auburn Road Presbyterian Church in Venice and Saving Grace Bible Church in Osprey during Vacation Bible School this summer. Judy Kurinsky, president of United Methodist Women of Christ United Methodist Church, in Venice, welcomed many members and friends at a Summer Meet and Greet Fellowship Luncheon at Jacaranda West County Club. The mission of the United Methodist Women of CUMC is to expand the concepts of Mission Through Participation. These active ladies contribute their time, talent and love to many missions, including Center of Hope, The Obregon Mission, Habitat for Humanity, Cornerstone Mission in Tampa, Youth Scholarships, Quilting for Missions, Love Offerings and UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) for relief projects. UMCOR provides relief in disaster areas, aids refugees and confronts the challenge of world hunger and poverty. In addition, this unit is a member of the Church Women United, of Venice. Founded in 1941, Church Women United (CWU) is a national volunteer Christian ecumenical womens movement initiated and carried out by women in the United States and Puerto Rico, according to the website It is a movement that brings together women of diverse races, cultures and traditions in closer Christian fellowship, prayer, advocacy and action for peace with justice in the world. CWU engages millions of women representing 26 supporting denominations and participating Christian women. To continue the womens unifying work, the Southwest District United Methodist Womens Mission Sampler Studies will be held Saturday, Sept. 6, in Punta Gorda. This is another example of women learning together toward world transformation.CUMC Women hold Meet & GreetBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRIST UNITED METHODIST CHURCHMembers and friends of United Methodist Women meet at Christ United Methodist Church, Venice, and include Lynne Smith, seated left; Rita Belden; Joyce Clark; Carole Saul; CUMC Pres ident Judy Kurinsky; Jan Grant; Beatrice Wildauer; Peggy Mitrushi; and Avis Wilson, standing left; Bert Eichert; Jeri Haas; Carole Halliburton; Irene Kocher; Lisa Reintsema; Jean Anderson; Naomi Weekly; Susan Wonnell; Alice Gaites; Mary Geekie and Sally Sandilands. Stephen King to Speak at FundraiserAuthor and seasonal Sarasota resident Stephen King will speak at An Evening with Stephen King Jan. 29 at the Manatee Performing Arts Center. The event is hosted by the Manatee Library Foundation to benet the Manatee County Public Library System by modernizing the way local patrons use library resources. The Foundation also is holding a Page Turner contest challenging amateur writers to submit the rst paragraph no more than 250 words of an unpublished mystery. Visit manatee | COMMUNITY | NEWS BRIEF PRINCE OF PEACE (WELS) EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Worship Service: 10:00am Pastor Paul J Werner 2222 Englewood Road, Englewood 474-0776 484032 Fishermans Net Church Non-denominational, Spirit-filled 941-223-1180 Sunday Service 10 AM & 6 PM 1101 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice Island 484026 484027 CHRIST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Youre Invited Michael T. Hudson, Pastor Larry Potts, Assistant Pastor Bob Haley, Assistant Pastor Sunday Traditional Worship Services 8:00 and 10:45 am Contemporary Service 9:15 am Sunday School 9:15 am and 10:30 am Nursery Provided for All Services Parking shuttle provided 493-7504 1475 Center Road, Venice 484031 941.493.0775 5800 Tamiami Trail South, Venice 34293 Sunday Worship: 8:45 am and 10:45 am Wednesday Family Night: 7:00 pm Drop by and discover our warm family environment, exciting worship and a message that makes a difference! Healing School: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 7:00 pm Celebrate Recovery: Thursdays 6:00 pm Worship with us: Sat. 5 pm Sun. 9:30 am Counseling Appointments 926-2959 790 Tamiami Trl. S., Venice On the Island! 941-488-4942 484028 ELCA Senior Pastor, Glenda J. Brayman Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church 484033 Growing, Loving and Serving God 208 Palm Ave., Nokomis 941-488-4137 Coffee Caf Praise Service 8:30am Childrens Sunday School 8:50am Traditional Worship 10:00am Childrens Church 10:15am Youth Fellowship 4:00 and 5:30pm SUNDAY 484029 St. Marks Episcopal Church Visit us on the web at: Office: 941.488.7714 508 Riviera Street, Venice (2 blocks west of Venice Regional Bayfront Health) Saturday 5:00 p.m. Holy Communion ( contemporary music) Sunday 8:00 a.m. Holy Communion 10:00 a.m. Holy Communion ( with nursery) Wednesday 9:30 a.m. Holy Communion & Healing Prayers The Rev. James H. Puryear, Rector L AKESIDE L UTHERAN C HURCH web: email: LLC 484030 2401 S. Tamiami Trail (Across from So. Cty. Admin. Bldg.) Traditional Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship 9:15 a.m. r f nt b f b tttfbnbfbf f b f b b b f Taste & see that the Lord is good 484035 Don't forget to recycle Ayour newspapers!I II In ew li'fec h u r c hI IDI IFirst Bap 1st Church727 Shore Road, 941-4655074Worship with us at 11:00 am SundayIu


WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 5B owner, who told her about Rachel Fields story of Hitty and also from Davis knowledge of Memoirs of a London Doll by Richard Henry Horne. As the dolls and their owners moved to Boston, the American Civil War began. The dolls were put away because the girls were too old to play with them. Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation, the presidents assassination, the discovery of the dolls original owners true father, new owners and then delighted squeals of joy as they were reunited with their rst owners, then grown. As a century of American history unfolded, the dolls somehow survived although sometimes neglected and sometimes with different owners. Reunions became a part of their destiny just as the Tuskegee Airmen, antisemitism, world wars and Freedom riders changed the face of America and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech. Some will refer to this book as history light, despite such heavy happenings during a century of political change in the United States. Davis did her research at the Bennington Free Library in Vermont, at the Bennington Museum which has its own collection of vintage dolls, and at the Toy and Dollhouse Museum in Bennington. The Yomy Tales, An American Experience, by Carol Marie Davis, illustrated by the author, was published by Peppertree Press. ISBN 978-1-61493260-4, $12.95. Other books by DavisEarlier books written and illustrated by Davis include The Adventures of Moon Spirit, a Girl from Floridas Past (2008) and Anna, Heart of a Peasant (2011). Those two also were published by Peppertree Press. The Florida book derived from Davis experiences as a docent at Historic Spanish Point. I fantasized about Moon Spirit (the books heroine) making pottery, she said. She was 8. She found clay by a stream and had to add some other ingredients. She used the coil method. She knew how to do it because of a dream she had of her mother who had died. In the dream, her mother inspired her to make pottery for the rst Thanksgiving. (This was thousands of years before the Pilgrims arrived in the New World.) In her research she learned about the Marco Island cat, one of the rst perfectly preserved artifacts, now at the Smithsonian, and also mentioned in her story. She visited a museum in Gainesville for additional information. As the book progresses, she builds a canoe and nally deals with her fathers illness. Her second book was inspired by her ancestor, Anna Anisovich Olchick, who was born in 1886 in a small peasant village in Belarus. Davis and her mother lived with her grandparents during the war while her father was stationed in New Guinea. The second book was going to be more of a memoir of growing up in the little town of Hastings on Hudson in New York, she said. I had to do a lot of research at Ellis Island. My grandmother came over to be a domestic worker I saw the ship manifest. We did not know the town she came from. It was probably more like a little hamlet. They never told us the story and I wanted to nd out the history. The Library of Congress sent me maps. I tell children to nd our their family history before it is too late. Interview the oldest person. All three books are available online at, barnesand and some local book stores. The rst book also is available from the Marco Island Historical Society.Secret to successDavis is a lifelong student with a thirst to learn more whatever the topics. She attended the Parson School of Design in New York City, received her degree in art ther apy from Empire State College, was married, had three children, got a job at a mental health center and eventually a masters in communications at Iona College in New Rochelle. She and her husband Alex came to Venice 19 years ago and continue to have a cottage in Bennington, Vt. When she rst arrived, she wrote a travel article for the Venice Gondolier Sun comparing this Venice with the other Venice the one in Italy. Always a crafter, she often had things on display at the Francis T. Bourne Jacaranda Library. As a docent at Historic Spanish Point, her interest in history was piqued.Email: kcool@venicegondolier.comBOOKFROM PAGE 1 PROVIDED BY CAROL DAVISAnna, Heart of a Peasant is a memoir written in honor of the writers grandmother, an immigrant from Belarus. products, tiki style home decorating products and jewelry. Barbara has built her career around craft items. She started out by making corn bags covered in a colorful tropical material that can be warmed up in the microwave and used to soothe an aching back or aching feet. She started that in New Jersey, she said, and continued it when she, her husband and two boys moved to Phoenix and other parts of the country. Her husband, Dennis, was a professional bowler then, something he doesnt do anymore, which had them moving around a lot. Dennis now manages the Dome on S.R. 776, which is where Barbara had her rst shop for eight years. She has been at her present location three years. I love what Im doing and where Im at, she said. Everything was brand new and very clean when I moved in here.SandalsWhile Barbara offers a variety of tropical items, her big focus is on sundresses, sarongs and sandals. She sells two popular brands of ip-ops and sandals: Pali Hawaii, which started in Hawaii in the 1960s, and Grandco. She sells the Pali soft sandals for $10 each, and the Grandco beaded sandals for $22.90. She said she works with some foot doctors who send in their patients to buy these sandals because they are excellent and inexpensive. She offers loyalty cards buy 10 sandals and get one pair free. The shoes make your feet feel comfortable, she said. They are good quality and reasonably priced. And the dresses are $25, not $80 like youd pay at some other places. The sizes range from XS to 3X. I do not sell what I dont believe in, she said. Another item Barbara is somewhat famous for is the coconut postcard. You can surprise a friend or family member with it, she said. The customer picks one out; then Barbara weighs it and mails it to anywhere in the continental U.S. She will mail it out of the country, but has to box it up and it will cost more, also to Alaska. Its fun for people to get. They dont expect it, she said. Shes right. I would denitely be surprised to get a coconut postcard in the mail. She has customized them for babies and holidays. And she has sent them to nursing homes and hospitals for someones 85th or 90th birthday. If you want to shop tropical, you may want to consider a visit to Tiki Tyme. It is open every day, 364 days a year (closed Christmas) between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekends. On Thanksgiving, if you need something we have, just come on in, she said with a smile. Before I left the store, customer Naomi Rizei came in. She said she sent one of the smooth-coated coconut postcards to her 8-yearold grandson in New Jersey and he loved it. She said he told her: Grandma, I thought all coconuts were hairy. Naomi said she just loves Tiki Tyme. There are so many unique and different items here. Audrey Blackwell writes about the people, places and businesses along the South Trail in Venice. Your suggestions are welcome. Call 941-207-1000 or send an email.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comTROPICALFROM PAGE 1 still commands the stage even as each person in the audience knows she is singing only for them. Informative as well as entertaining, Hallenda relates a lot of background information on the two singers on whom she based this show. Some may be known to audience members but most of what she shares is likely to be fresh. Jim Prosser backs her up with his terric skills on the piano. It seems that Garlands mother had her addicted to drugs even as a child. It would be child abuse today, Hallenda commented. Several times in her show, she talks about things that connected the two stars such as Bette Midlers sister Judy who was named for Judy Garland. According to Hallenda, Judy Midler was hit by a taxi and killed in New York while on her way to see Bette perform in Fiddler on the Roof, her rst big break. Midler went on to perform in a gay mens bath house, accompanied by Barry Manilow. Judy Garland is why we call gay men, Friends of Dorothy, Hallenda said. Garland was sued by Martha Raye when Rayes husband left her for Garland. Tidbits such as these pepper the show as Hallenda moves back and forth to sing songs associated with the two perform ers. Where the two differed was in the marriage department. Garland had several husbands while Midler has been married to the same person for 30 years. Among the songs she performed were Big Noise From Winnetka, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Im Always Chasing Rainbows. In addition to capturing the spirit of Garland and Midlers style, she shared many things that connect ed those two singers from two different eras. On Jan. 22, 1969, drowning in debt and 47 years old, Judy died of a drug overdose, Hallenda said near the end of her show. A tornado hit Kansas that day. (The day Garland died.) Hallenda said putting the two stars together in one show was like a conversation. Thanks to Hallenda, it also was an entertaining and educational conversation. And Hallenda looked especially good in the red and gold sparkly Midler-inspired dress. The John C. Court Cabaret is in the same building as the Gompertz Theatre, on First Street. Single tickets are $32. Call the box ofce at 941-366-9000 or visit kcool@venicegondolier.comSTUDIOFROM PAGE 1 | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFSVTs Summer CabaretVenice Theatres Summer Cabaret Festival in the Pinkerton Theatre will feature Vocal Vixens Saturday, Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 24 at 2 p.m. Lyn Purmort, Kathryn Parks and Hannah Jae celebrate songs made popular by the most sensational singers of all time. Wouldnt it Be Nice? is Sunday August 24 at 8 p.m. Caitlyn Longstreet (Oklahoma) and Jason Ellis (Oklahoma) share their comic and vocal talents. Single tickets for each show are $15 and are available online at, by calling 941-488-1115, or in person at the box office at 140 W. Tampa Ave. on the island in Venice. Summer box office hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and one hour before show time.VHS Reunion FundraiserThe Venice High School All-Class Reunion committee will hold a fundraiser for the 2015 All-Class Reunion Saturday, Sept. 27, 5-10 p.m. (This is not the 40-year VHS reunion planned for a separate date.) The party will be held at the Ramada Inn on the Venice Bypass. Your $10 donation will entitle you to discounted food and drinks and will be used to fund the start-up costs for the 2015 AllClass Reunion scheduled for Oct. 15-17, 2015. Call Mickey Lawrence at 941-3560996 or Joe Dunn at 941-416-7001.One Night RodeoLocal country music sensation One Night Rodeo brings its full-throttle sounds back to the Venice Community Center, 326 S. Nokomis Ave., Venice, Saturday, Aug. 23, at 7:30 p.m. The event includes a large dance floor, cash bar and barbecue. Tickets, $5 per person. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. The band, which started in Bradenton, recently won the Great American Country and Music Nations Next GAC Star Competition. For more information about the show and to purchase tickets, call 941-861-1380. W. GRADY HUIE 143 East Miami Ave. Venice, FL 34285 Hiring an attorney is an important decision that should not be based upon advertisements alone. Befo re you decide, our free information package, including attorney qualification experience & fees is avai lable upon request. Attorney At Law Living Trusts Joint..................... $600 Single................... $500 (Avoid Probate) 488-8551 .......... $75 each Will, Power of Attorney Ladybird Deeds Update HIPAA Requirements 486014 486334 IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT *THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAYMENT FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT THAT IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT. Lic# 14016 MM14015 Once the potential life-threatening effects of an accident have been properly dealt with, it may also make sense to schedule a visit with a chiropractor. Doing so recognizes the fact that physical trauma can radiate force through the skeletal system, which can give rise to vertebral subluxations. These misalignments of the bones of the spinal column can compromise healing by impeding the flow of nerve energy. Left untreated, spinal subluxations can also be the source of lingering pain, reduced strength, and even disability. So, instead of learning to live with painand ill health, those who are involved in accidents are urged to seek the help of a chiropractor, who may help with the healing process. P.S. Whiplash is a soft-tissue injury that may include the intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerve roots TWIN PALMS CHIROPRACTIC 808 Venice Ave. East 412-3800 JEWEL CHIROPRACTIC 579 S Indiana Ave. #C 474-4944 Dan Busch, DC Mark Carrano, DC Bobbi-Jo Donner, DC Erene Romanski, DC Erene Romanski, DC MASSAGE $ 10 OFF 1 HOUR $ 39 EXAM INCLUDES: Chiropractic Exam 2 X Rays If Necessary Reg. Price $145.00 Expires 9/30/14 Reg. Price $70.00 First massage only. Expires 9/30/14 THE SPINAL COLUMN ----------------r_ ,


6B SUN NEWSPAPERS AUGUST 23, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION CROSS | 3 LOOKING FOR SOMETHING?Saturdays Sudoku, horoscopes, movie listings and Dear Abby are in the real estate classified section along with a bonus crossword puzzle and a host of other features. The Sudoku solution still appears in Our Town.SOLUTION TO AUGUST 16 CLASSIFIED CROSSWORD SOLUTION TO TODAYS CLASSIFIED CROSSWORD ?OneBlood needs all types of blood donations. Donating blood takes about an hour. Every donor receives a mini-physical and a screening with each donation, and all donors receive a thankyou gift. Donations are taken at 4155 South Tamiami Trail, Venice Village Shops, between Ross and Publix, Venice. Call 941-492-9202 or go to for Big Red Bus bloodmobile dates and time and for more information. Suncoast Communities Blood Bank will be in the local area Sunday, Aug. 24, First Baptist Church of Venice, 312 W. Miami Ave., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Venice; Sunday, Aug. 24, Emmanuel Lutheran, 800 Tamiami Trail, 8 a.m. to noon, Venice; Tuesday, Aug. 26, PGT Industries, 3419 Technology Drive, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Nokomis; Wednesday, Aug. 27, Tervis, 201 Triple Diamond Blvd., 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Nokomis; and Thursday, Aug. 28, Tervis, 201 Triple Diamond Blvd., 5-11 a.m., Nokomis. For more dates and times, call 941-735-4223 or visit From Suncoast Communities Blood Bank | THE BIG RED BUS SCHEDULE | BLOOD BANK SCHEDULE SOLUTION TO TODAYS 7 LITTLE WORDS G A R A G E S A L E 1 B L O C K B N 2 1 5 I B R A K E F O R G A R A G E S A L E S GONESHOPPINGI2 SHOPSHOP LOCALLY SAVE GASMY FAVORITE STORELOCAL SHOPSHOMERESTAURANT FOR LUNCHFINE DININGGROCERIES Free foodFree food distribution for any South County resident is available every Friday at The Salvation Army, 1051 Albee Farm Road, Venice. Bring a form of photo ID or a bill showing you live in Venice, North Port, Englewood or Nokomis. The rear doors of the gym open at noon, when a number is issued, and individuals can wait in air conditioning until distribution begins at 1 p.m. Bring a box or bag to carry items home in. Volunteers are appreciated for setup, distribution and breakdown. Call 941-484-6227.Venice Craft FestThe sixth annual downtown Venice Craft Festival, produced by American Craft Endeavors and Howard Alan Events, will be Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 6 and 7, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., West Miami Ave. Its free and open to the public to support the arts, Venice MainStreet and the local economy. Exhibits support all budgets, from $3 to $3,000. Items include Green Market offerings of quality plants, handmade soaps, dips and gourmet items; folk art, pottery, clothing, woven baskets, beaded utensils, candles, fabric design, ber quilts, fused wax and glass, hair accessories, handbags, handmade cards, leather, mosaic, wood, plaster craft and stained glass. Visit or call 561-746-6615.Rona Glasser exhibitionThe Womens Resource Center of Sarasota County and the Glasser-Saucier family are holding a memorial exhibition for the late Rona Lee Glasser, an educator, activist and artist, through Sept. 30. Glassers To Be Free show, at 340 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, celebrates her illustrious and prolic career.Perlman Music ProgramThe Perlman Music Program-Suncoast has an expanded schedule of events for the 2014-2015 season. The PMP Sarasota Winter Residency will be Dec. 18 to Jan. 3 featuring 20 free musical events. It will present the Hear & Now Concert Series featuring students and graduates of The Perlman Music Program who have embarked on professional careers. Also, The Art of the Violin, in which local and international artists change violins into extraordinary works of art, will be displayed at local art galleries before being auctioned off. For details, visit PerlmanMusic Tutors for Adults NeededLiteracy Volunteers provides free one-to-one tutoring plus small group classes for South Sarasota County adults who need to improve their reading and writing skills and adults learning English as a second language. Theres a waiting list of students who need tutors in North Port. For volunteers who want to enroll in the tutor training, the next workshop is on two succeeding Saturdays: Aug. 23, 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Aug. 30, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Frances T. Bourne Jacaranda Library, 4143 Woodmere Park Blvd., Venice. For more infor mation or to sign up, call Literacy Volunteers at 941-488-8994.Habitat Fashion ShowA Southern Living Habitat Style fashion show will be held Thursday, Oct. 23, 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., at Jacaranda West Country Club, 1901 Jacaranda Blvd., Venice, featuring fashions from Fis of Venice. Individual tickets are $35; Southern Belle tickets are $50. Contact Veronica Meurs, 941-493-6606, ext. 225; email or visit HabitatSouthSarasota. org. | COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS r fnt bfffr 941-445-4126 EXCELLENTSERVICE&PRICING!CALLFORANAPPOINTMENTTODAY!rrfntb WWW.VENICECARCARE.COM WESERVICEALLLIFTBRANDSANDWHEELCHAIRACCESSIBLEVANS! SENIORCITIZENDISCOUNT15%offMUSTPRESENTCOUPON.MOSTCARSANDLIGHTTRUCKS. NOTVALIDWITHANYOTHEROFFERORPRIORPURCHASES.$10offanyserviceperformedover$75$20offanyserviceperformedover$150$30offanyserviceperformedover$225 ONECOUPONPERORDER. DOESNOTAPPLYTOOTHERDISCOUNTS,TAX&SHOPSUPPLIES.CHECKENGINELIGHTON?FREEONECOUPONPERORDER. DOESNOTAPPLYTOOTHERDISCOUNTS,TAX&SHOPSUPPLIES.A/CPERFORMANCETESTFREEONECOUPONPERORDER. DOESNOTAPPLYTOOTHERDISCOUNTS,TAX&SHOPSUPPLIES.completeenginediagnosis &writtenestimatewith 27-pointinspection Partsandlabor onyourvehiclemustbe55yearsofageorolder. proofofagerequired.inspectvehiclehosetting, compressor&runaleak &performancetest 487008 485842 THURSDAY IS FREE APPRAISAL DAY If You Are Interested In Selling Your Unused Or Unwanted Gold Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches Or Objects D A rt, Sell It To Us. We Offer A Free Consultation Service To Help You Determine Which Items Are Of Value. Perhaps Several Hundreds Of Dollars. 347 W. VENICE AVE ISLAND OF VENICE 488-2720 We also provide written appraisals for insurance at reasonable prices. DIGNIFIED PRIVATE CONSULTATION LOCAL PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST HIGHEST PRICES PAID IMMEDIATELY WE BUY OLD FAMILY JEWELRY DIAMOND PINS GOLD WATCHES PLATINUM JEWELRY OLD CUT DIAMONDS DINNER RINGS POCKET WATCHES SILVER OR GOLD BOXES ANTIQUE JEWELRY GOLD COINS CARTIER & TIFFANY JEWELRY ROLEX WATCHES ROLEX WATCHES HIGHEST PRICES PAID nJ` fir r4 I016fI0irOr1-o 'f;;;,+Jy (v0 1 *162-70Lw F-e,v.r youn.,xx.. ca.r-


WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 7B r fntbr 50474734 PORT CHARLOTTE 1655 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL 33948 941-623-4918 Across US 41 from Taco Bell VENICE 4238 S. Tamiami Trail Venice, FL 34293 941-451-5070 Behind Outback Steakhouse tnnn n bb bnt DigitalSCA r rfn r r rf tbrr bn ntt b n n r n tnn bff rfnrt bf r bf r r n tt rf rffntbf f ff r r OAR** ,,ZIZIW 1" yy,4rncriZ4e EL9r 1 I4238 S. Tamiami Trailal 1649 Tamlami Traile 0^' Kbicai i x a wnm -y MEDICAL PARKcc i i o\\


PHOTO ALBUM 8B WEEKEND EDITION AUGUST 23, 2014 CONTACT US 941-207-1102 SUN NEWSPAPERS PHOTO COURTESY OF CHARLOTTE KUROPATWAAston Gardens holds an end-of-summer Health and Wellness Fair in its ballroom in early August.PHOTO COURTESY OF LYN WEIGELCarolyn Redlin, left, Venice-Nokomis Womans Club president, sells 50/50 tickets to Pat Granholm, accompanied by her granddaughter Jennifer, recently when the club took over Applebees Restaurant for a fundraiser bene ting the InStride Therapy program.COURTESY PHOTOBarb Bornhauser, left, Dottie Pfa, Pam Miller and Katie Oppegard of the Pelican Pointe Cyclers helped Dottie fulll one of her bucket list items by cycling the Ringling Bridge in early August. The group also cycled to Lido Beach exploring neighborhoods and parks. After a fun run around the beautiful homes on Bird Key, they crossed the bridge again and cycled the Southside Village area. A 20-mile-ride culminated by celebrating Dotties achievement with brunch at The Serving Spoon on Osprey Avenue.COURTESY PHOTOJudy Lemm, right, presents Julia Grith an award of recognition and appreciation, which is a cut-glass inscribed vase. Grith was honored for her outstanding leadership as Womens Auxiliary President for 2010-2014 with American Legion NOVEL Unit 159. PHOTO BY JOHN KERSTEN PHOTOGRAPHYTaylor Ranch Elementary School rst-grader Melanie Rose Kersten, 6, participates as a Sunshine Princess June 19 during the 2014 Miss Florida Pageant at The Mahaey Theater in St. Petersburg, Fla. She is contestant Miss Baker County Tiany Jockers Sunshine Princess for the weekend.COURTESY PHOTODr. Jim (former school superintendent, teacher and coach in Indiana) and Linda Renz (former educator in Indiana) celebrate their 50th anniversary early during a June Caribbean cruise with their two children and spouses, and their three granddaughters. They were married Aug. 22, 1964, in Columbus, Ohio. Pictured are, from left: Dr. Jim Renz (Jr.), back, and wife Carol; Allison Sperring; Julie Sperring and Je Sperring; and Megan Renz, front; Dr. Jim Renz Sr.; Linda Renz and Madison Renz. PHOTO COURTESY OF LYN WEIGELDonna Vodraska pours coee during the pancake breakfast fundraiser for InStride Therapy at Applebees Restaurant.PHOTO COURTESY OF CHARLOTTE KUROPATWAThe public is reminded to get out and vote at the end of August by this little gure seen at the Sarasota County Anderson Building in Venice. COURTESY PHOTOThe Eggheads team was named rst-place winners at trivia July 30 at the home of Cathy Zelaskowski. PHOTO COURTESY OF LYN WEIGELRose Bridges, left, and Audrey Riggs, right, members of the Venice-Nokomis Womans Club Civic Awards Committee, present checks for $2,000 each to Benny Weaver, vice president of community development for Loveland Centers Building Fund, and to Joyce Scott, program director for Our Mothers House, which enables young women in our community to become self-sucient. SHARE YOUR PHOTOSTo share your photo with us, email a JPG at least 4 by 6 inches with a list of who or what is in the photograph to, or mail photos to: Venice Gondolier Sun, Attn: Photo Album, 200 E. Venice Ave., Venice FL 34285. 486326 Venices Only Not-For-Profit, Faith Based Continuing Care Retirement Community Offering: (941) 486-5484 920 Tamiami Trail South Venice, FL 34285 Independent Living Assisted Living Skilled Nursing Care Outpatient Rehab VILLAGEON THE ISLEAif EVERYDAY 'S A NEW DAY0


)55(t\006\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( r\005 SunsetDodgeChryslerJeep SunsetDodgeChryslerJeep *Allpricesincluderebates.Financingwith approvedcredit.Residencyrulesmayapply. Vehiclesmaynotbeaspictured.SERVICEHOURS: MON-FRI7:30AM-5:00PM SAT.7:30AM-NOON SALESHOURS: MON-FRI8:30AM-7:00PM SAT9:00AM-6:00PMCLOSEDSUNDAY7745S.TAMIAMITRAILSARASOTA941.922.2400ST06610123 SAT 9:00AM-6:00PM NEW 2014 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SE 3.6L V-6, SIX SPEED AUTOMATIC, POWER WINDOWS/LOCKS/MIRRORS, REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY, CRUISE CONTROL, SEVEN PASSENGER SEATING, SUPPLEMENTAL SIDE AIR BAGS FOR ALL ROWS, TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING COLUMN, A/C WITH DUAL ZONE TEMPERATURE CONTROL, TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM, ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL, AM/FM/CD MEDIA CENTER, AND MUCH MORE. #D14418 3.6L V-6, LEATHER, POWER WINDOWS/LOCKS/SEAT/MIRRORS/DOORS/ LIFTGATE, REAR DVD ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM WITH WIRELESS HEADPHONES, TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING, REAR BACK-UP CAMERA, VOICE COMMAND WITH BLUETOOTH, SPEED CONTROL, KEYLESS ENTRY, SUNSCREEN GLASS, ALUMINUM WHEELS AND MUCH MORE. MSRP $31,860 #C14174 NEW 2014 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY ALL NEW 2014 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB NEW 2014 JEEP PATRIOT SPORT SPEED CONTROL, AM/FM/CD/MP3, FOG LAMPS, TILT STEERING, THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM, AM/FM/CD/MP3, SUNSCREEN GLASS & MUCH MORE. S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 4 4 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 24,999 #D14533 #D14481 S S A A L L E E $ $ 1 1 7 7 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 S S A A L L E E $ $ 1 1 7 7 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 17,999 $ 15,999 S S A A L L E E SALE S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 6 6 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 26,999 *Vehicle prices listed are plus tax, tag, and title. Prices include rebates. Dealer also charges a p re-delivery service fee of $599 which represents cost and profit to the dealer for items such as cleaning, inspecting and adjusting new vehicles and preparing documents related to the sale or lease. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. Vehicles may not be as pictured and are subj ect to prior sale. Financing is with approval credit. Residency rules may apply. See dealer for details. PRICE INCLUDES FINANCE BONUS. MUST FINANCE WITH CHRYSLER POWER/WINDOWS/LOCKS/MIRRORS, TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING WHEELSPEED CONTROL, KEYLESS ENTRY, CD/MP3 WITH 4.3 TOUCH SCREEN AND SIX SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM, SOLAR CONTROL GLASS AND MUCH MORE. 5.7L HEMI V-8, AUTOMATIC, POWER WINDOWS/LOCKS/MIRRORS, TRAILER TOW WITH CLASS IV HITCH, SPEED CONTROL, SIX SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM, THEFT DETERRENT, TILT STEERING AND MORE. 8535072 Americas Best Value S S A A L L E E $ $ 1 1 8 8 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 18,999 #J14627 S unset FIAT OF Sarasota 7 641 S. Tami ami Trl, Sarasota, FL 34231 ( 941) 924-8822 www. fi atusaof s arasota. c om S unset FIAT of Sarasota Beautiful styling is standard NEW 2014 FIATs from $14,995 *Vehicle prices listed are plus tax, tag, and title. Prices include rebates. Dealer also charges a p re-delivery service fee of $599 which represents cost and profit to the dealer for items such as cleaning, inspecting and adjusting new and used vehi cles and preparing documents related to the sale or lease. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. Vehicles may not be as pictured and are subject to prior sale. Financing is with approval credit. Residency rules may apply. See dealer for details. S ubcompact C ars f or 2014, 2013, 2012 Model s NEW 2014 FIAT 4DR BETTER PRICES BIGGER SELECTION SUNSET SUBARU 7611 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231 (941) 925-1234 *Vehicle prices listed are plus tax, tag, and title. Prices include rebates. Dealer also charges a p re-delivery service fee of $599 which represents cost and profit to the dealer for items such as cleaning, inspecting and adjusting new and used vehi cles and preparing documents related to the sale or lease. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. Vehicles may not be as pictured and are subject to prior sale. Financing is with approval credit. Residency rules may apply. See dealer for details. The Subaru Forester. Motor Trends 2014 Sport/Utility of the Year. 12-31-2014 SUNSET BLUE & ME TM Hands-Free C ommuni cati on ( 2) 40 hwy. mpg 7 Ai r Bags NEW 2014 DODGE JOURNEY Buy For ALL NEW 2015 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5 i has arrived FORESTER 2015 SUBARU 2.5i Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Seven airbags standard 1 32 mpg hwy 2 170-hp SUBARU BOXER engine Buy For $ 23,254 U14474 IMPREZA 5-DOOR 2014 SUBARU 2.0i PREMIUM Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 36 mpg hwy 2.0-liter SUBARU BOXER 4-Cylinder e ngine Buy For $ 20,575 0% F inancing FFB-02 ELD-01 XV CROSSTREK 2014 SUBARU 2.0i PREMIUM Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 33 mpg hwy 6 Partial Zero Emmisions Vehicle 7 Build in our zero landfill plant $ 21,999 AUTO TRANS., ALUMINUM W HEELS & ROOF RAILS AUTOMATIC, A/C, COMMAND-TRAC SHIFT ON THE FLY 4X4, THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM, FOG LAMPS, SPEED CONTROL, SIX SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM, SATELLITE RADIO, FULL CONVERTIBLE TOP AND MORE. NEW 2014 JEEP WRANGLER SPORT Americas Most Capable Vehicle #J141082 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 5 5 , 7 7 9 9 9 9 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 5 5 , 7 7 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 25,799 A/C, COMMAND-TRAC SHIFT ON THE FLY 4X4, THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM, SPEED CONTROL, SIX SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM, FOG LAMPS, FULL CONVERTIBLE TOP AND MORE. NEW 2014 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED #D14478 4DR SPORT S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 6 6 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 6 6 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 26,999 ERA-01 U14373 U15119 HATCHBACK, AUTOMATIC, PREMIUM PACKAGE. SUMMER CLEARANCE EVENTel l'ATJr rell,an a 0,:; Q 1111111 A tlurrri ._.AAA ;/I


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)55(n\006\006b fr\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( \t SP39225 HES WAITING FOR A NEW HOME HES WAITING FOR YOU. VISIT YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER TODAY Suncoast Humane Society 6781 San Casa Dr., Englewood 941-474-7884 De Soto County Animal Control 2048 N E McKay St., Arcadia 863-993-4855 Animal Welfare League 3519 Drance St., Port Charlotte 941-625-6720 E ARS Animal Rescue Society 145 W. Dearborn St., Englewood 941-475-0636 Parrot Outreach Society 1205 Elizabeth St., Unit 1, Punta Gorda 941-347-8876 MEDICAL2030 l COOK l PREP COOK l DIETARY AIDE l SNF l HOSTESS l SERVER l DISHWASHER FT / PT *********************HARBORCHASEOFFERS COMPETITIVEWAGESANDAN EXCELLENTBENEFITSPACK-AGESUCHASMEDICAL, DENTAL, VISION& 401K ***************** PART-TIMETEAMMEMBERS RECEIVEBENEFITS AT20+ HOURS. ***************** FORCONSIDERATIONPLEASE APPLYINPERSONTO: HARBORCHASE OF VENICE ASSISTEDLIVINGANDSKILLEDNURSING950 PINEBROOKROADVENICE, FL 34285 (941) 484-8801 PH(941) 484-3450 FAXEOE M/F/D/V %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( MEDICAL2030 CNAS, HHASand CaregiversFind new clients by advertising your services in the Senior Directory ev ery Wednesday in The Sun Newspapers This feature publishesin Charlotte, Sarasota, and Desoto Counties Mar ket yourself reach 150,000 readers! Call 941-429-3110 for more information EXP CAREGIVERS NEEDED Must be Able to Work Various Shifts. Fax Resume: 941-423-2663 Interview in Person Will Be At: 4950 Pocatello Ave., North Port, FL 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( CLERICAL/OFFICE2020 OFFICE ASSISTANT, P/T,Could be F/T for Accounts Receivable. Must have Word & Excel Experience. Nursing Home Experience Preferred. Email Resume to MEDICAL2030 WWW.LCCA.COM Were Life Care Centers of America, the nations largest privately-owned skilled care provider. If you share our heartfelt approach to caring for the elderly, consider joining our family at Life Care Center of Punta Gorda. We offer competitive pay and benefits in a mission-driven environment.FLOOR TECH/ HOUSEKEEPER FULL TIME COMBINED POSITIONCome visit with us at 450 Shreve St. Punta Gorda EOE $,,-.0!)% )'�*'('"# !'/#+ CLERICAL/OFFICE2020 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H HMEDICAL SCRIBE for Busy Orthopedic Practice. Orthopedic Terminology a Plus! Fax Resume to: 941-637-6872 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+2000EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONAL2010 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H CHARLOTTE SUN Typesetter/Designer Full-TimePerson to design and make corrections to ads. Knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and or Quark. Day and late afternoon hours. Must be willing to learn new skills. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Now accepting resumes: We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre employment drug and nicotine testing Required H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H LICENSED CSR/AGENT FOR BUSY ESTABLISHED INSURANCE OFFICE FULL BENEFITS. Send Resume to: resume99999@ CLERICAL/OFFICE2020 BOOKKEEPER ST. CHARLESBORROMEOCHURCHINPORTCHARLOTTEIS CURRENTLYSEEKINGA PART-TIME(20-24 HRS.) BOOKKEEPERTOJOINITS TEAM. POSITIONMAY TRANSITIONINTOA FULL-TIMEROLE. THE IDEALCANDIDATEWILLBE ATEAMPLAYER, ABLETO WORKINDEPENDENTLY, BEDETAILORIENTED, ANDHAVEATLEAST3YEARSOFFULLCHARGE BOOKKEEPINGEXPERIENCE INCL. INTERMEDIATEQUICKBOOKS, EXCEL,ANDOTHERMS OFFICE SKILLS. RESPONSIBILITIES FOCUSONGENERAL LEDGERMAINTENANCE ANDACCOUNT RECONCILIATIONS, A/P, A/R, ANDOTHER ADDITIONALTASKSAS REQUIRED. QUALIFIED CANDIDATESAREINVITED TOSUBMITACOVERLETTER OUTLININGTHEIR QUALIFICATIONS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS,SALARYREQUIREMENTS ANDTHENAMEOFTHEIR PARISH, ALONGWITHAN ATTACHEDRESUMETO:KEVINK@STCBC.ORG ($-'$!.$"&)$" +-!.,)&""-#-$%* 2000EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT 2005Services 2010Professional 2015Banking 2020Clerical 2025Computer 2030Medical 2035Musical 2040 Restaurant/Hotel2050SkilledTrades 2060Management 2070Sales 2090Child/Adult Care Needed 2100General 2110Part-time/ Temp 2115Home Based Business 2120Seeking Employment 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", rp, lI *'j'1 4:.I 1'\L !rI, ,; \\M`-L


\t t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fr )55(n\006\006b SALES2070 RAINSOFT seeking Sales Rep Venice to Naples. 9/2 start $50-$100K compensation Call Mike G. 941-625-1000 TELEMARKETING Local co., over 30 yrs in business, looking for expd telemarketers. Hourly + commission. Need someone to promote to management. Must have computer skills. Call Mr. Holmes 9a4pm, Mon-Fri. 941-206-3889 CHILD/ADULT CARE NEEDED2090 CHILD CARE/ PRESCHOOL TEACHER Redeemer Lutheran Child Care In Englewood Now Hiring A F/T And P/T Teacher. CDA and 40 hrs preferred. 941-475-2631 Ask for Wendy. LIVE-IN POSITION 24/7 At Group Home For (8) Developmentally Disabled Adults. Must Have Valid Dr, Lic. & HS Dipl. P/T Also Avail. 941-505-0575 GENERAL2100 DETAILER, Full time position. Must have valid drivers license GREATpay! Leave msg. 941764-7928 FOOT ORTHOTIC LAB is looking to train a highly motivated, enthusiastic team player with an eye for detail. Great opportunity to learn a new trade! Job includes working with small machinery, computers (cad/cam), and with application of shoe inserts. Send resumes to: GOLF COURSE MAINT., Rotonda West Golf Course Looking for Responsible Part Time and Full Time Employees to Work on Course. Training is Available for the Right Persons. Landscaping Background Helpful but Not Required. CALL941-697-2505 TOFINDOUTDETAILS& APPLY %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( OBITUARY/ CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE FULL TIME 9:00AM-5:30PMThe Charlotte Sun Newspaper is seeking a reliable, flexible, pleasant person with good phone skills and personality with the ability to handle customer relations and billing. Computer experience mandatory, must be able to work in a fast-paced work environment. We are a drug and nicotine free workplace. Pre-employment drug/nicotine testing required. Apply at: Charlotte Sun Newspaper 23170 Harborview Rd. Port Charlotte, FL or email resume to We will contact you for an interview. EOE Non Smoking Office Please, no phone calls PART TIME AMBASSADORS Needed, to solicit Free Subscriptions for the Smart Shopper A 20 year old weekly shopper. Contact Jim DeFalle 941-786-7676 SALES2070 H SALES REP H for Venice Gulfcoast Living. Send resume to RV SALES PRO.80KPLUS, BESTNAMEBRANDSIN THEINDUSTRY. EXP. PRE-FERREDBUTWILLTRAINRIGHT PERSON. DFW NON-SMOKER. CALLSTEVEERDMANAT(941) 966-2182 ORFAX(941) 966-7421. OR JOBS@RVWORLDINC.COM SALES & MARKETING ASSISTANT Entry Level Marketing/ Entry Level Advertising We are America's Best Community Daily newspaper, with the largest classified section in Florida. We are located in North Port Florida. Duties Include, but are not limited to:l Executing sales and marketing functions to company standards l Assists customers with any questions they may have in regards to our products l Gains knowledge on all new clients the company acquires l Ensure highest level of customer service resulting in increased productivity and achieving sales goals l Knowledge of our systems follow through of advertising copyGrowth opportunities may be available for those who qualify.This position is entry level, previous experience in sales and marketing helpful. We look for candidates with the following:l Some college or degree preferred l Outstanding interpersonal skills l Student Mentality l Leadership Experience l Experience in retail, sales, advertising & marketing l Ability to work in a high energy environment Please email resume to: Sun Classifieds attention: Geri Kotz EOE, DFWP Pre-employment drug & nicotine testing required. SALESCome work with the Sun NewspapersTelephone Sales, New Business Developmentteam located in North Port Fl. We are looking for a highly motivated, Full-Time person, with computer skills and with a positive, energetic, can-do approach to join our telephone sales, new business development team. We offer: l Training l Stable company that is very Community minded and involved. l Opportunity to expand your business skills. Please Email your Resume to: Jobs@sunletter .com Equal Opportunity Employer/Drug & Nicotine Free Diversified Workplace. Pre-Employment Drug & Nicotine Testing Required. ,$))!$ ,$))!$ 2.+%.()# 2.+%.()# 3%&$+)4*$ 3%&$+)4*$ 4/)!$ 4/)!$ 01'**4"4$%*01'**4"4$%*SALES2070 Advertising Sales ExecutiveThe Charlotte Sun is looking for "Winners" to join our team of professional Advertising Sales Executives. If you are never satisfied with average successes, are self-motivated, goal oriented, confident, enthusiastic and believe that the customer is all important, we would like to talk to you. The successful candidates must possess good oral and written communication skills, be organized and a team player. Sales experience a plus but we will train the right persons. We offer:lCompetitive salary plus commissionl Vacationl Health insurancel Sick and short term disability l Trainingl Stable company that is very Community minded and involved. Please send resume to: Advertising Director, Leslee Peth Charlotte Sun 23170 Harborview RoadCharlotte Harbor, FL 33980 Email: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drugand nicotine Free Diversified Workplace. INTERIOR DESIGNERPORTCHARLOTTE, FL STOREJoin Baers Furniture, The Leading Premier Retail Furniture Store In Florida! Interior Designer Must Be Experienced In Retail Furniture, Window Treatments & Flooring. Nights & Weekends Will Be Required. We Offer Competitive Compensation, Generous Benefits. A Great Place To Work! APPLY IN PERSON: Baers Furniture, 4200 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952, E-mail: EOE/DFWP Palm Auto Mall is in need of SERVICE TELEPHONE RECEPTIONIST Some Exp. A Plus But Not Req.. Candidates Should Have Strong Communication Skills, High Energy & Love To Achieve. 5 Day Work Week, Sundays Off & Benefits Avail. Must Have Valid Florida Drivers License. DFWP Background & Drug Screening Req. Place Call Or Stop In For Application Or Email Resume. 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", SKILLED TRADES2050 POOL PREP, w/Some Plumbing, FT/PT. Must Be Hard Working. Willing To Train. 941-423-9696 EXP. UNDERGROUND UTIL. SUP. Apply @ DM Construction 3801 E Henry St. P.G. MANAGEMENT2060 H H ASSIST MANAGER H H H H MANAGER H H ONL Y EXP NEED APPL Y C-store Pt.Char 941-882-4015 SALES2070 A A D D V V E E R R T TI I S S I I N N G G A A C C C C O O U U N N T T E E X X E E C C U U T TI I V V E ESUNNEWSPAPERSISLOOKING FORMOTIVATEDSALESPROFES-SIONALSWITHACOMMUNITY SPIRITWHOAREREADYTO COMMITTOALONG-TERM CAREERWITHANESTABLISHED SUCCESSFULMEDIACOMPANY. DOES THIS DESCRIBE YOU? H AGGRESSIVEH COLDCALLINGPROH DEALCLOSERH STRONGWORKETHICSH MONEYMOTIVATEDH EXCELLENTCOMMUNICATION SKILLSH PEOPLEPERSONH COMPUTERLITERATEHEXCEPTIONALCUSTOMER SERVICESKILLSHMARKETINGFLAREHABILITYTOWORK INDEPENDENTLYWE OFFER:HCOMPETITIVESALARYPLUS COMMISSIONSHVACATIONHHEALTHINSURANCEHSICKANDSHORTTERM DISABILITYH401(K) HTRAININGH ADVANCEMENTOPPORTUNI TIESWEAREANEQUALOPPORTUNITYEMPLOYER& ADRUGANDNICOTINEFREEDIVERSIFIEDWORKPLACE. PRE-EMPLOYMENTDRUGAND NICOTINETESTINGREQUIRED. IFWEDESCRIBEDYOU, SEND OREMAILYOURRESUMETO: ENGLEWOODSUNATTENTION: CAROLMOORE120 W DEARBORNENGLEWOOD, FLORIDA34223 FAX: 941-681-3008 EMAIL: CYMOORE@SUN-HERALD.COM ADVERTISING OUTSIDE SALES The North Port Sun is looking for a Self-starter who is efficient, experienced, well organized and effective in developing strong business relationships. The position will be Part Time, up to 25 hrs per week. Must have some Sales experience. Email Resume to:ssachkar@sun-herald.comor Call Steve Sachkar at 941-429-3000We are an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drug & Nicotine Free Diversified Workplace. Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required. SKILLED TRADES2050 CDL DRIVER/LABORER, Needed For Roofing Company. 941-625-3434, Port Charlotte EPS FOAMCUTTERCoatings, CADComputer Skills, Mold Making, Precast. 941-743-8556 EXPERIENCED TIEBEAM Man, Block Mason, Laborers, & Concrete Finishers. Top Pay for the the right People. Call 941-626-4104 EXPERIENCED TIRE TECH.941-639-5681 GARAGE DOORSERVICE TECH MusthaveExp in door and opener service. Pay Rate Open. Apply Active Door & Window 26521 Mallard Way PG. Email Resume to activedoorandwindow@gmail. com Fax to 941-575-0574 IMMEDIA TE OPENINGS HEXP FUEL TRUCK DRIVERClass A CDL, Hazmat Cert H 2 OFF ROAD DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS/ROLLER OPERATORS for dirt/clearing crew H FINISH DOZER OPER. exp in finishing slopes H BACKHOE OPERATOR for storm, water, sewer install. For well-established construction company. Excellent pay and benefits. Apply in person 3801 N. Orange Ave Sarasota, FL 34234. Or send resume to EOE DFWP !""#$'&(% IMMEDIA TE OPENINGS H FINISH DOZER OPER. for dirt crew H BACKHOE OPERATOR expd in lake excavation H CONCRETE FINISHERS Expd in flat work/curbs/gutters and able to finish behind curb machine. For well-established construction company. Excellent pay and benefits. Apply in person 3801 N. Orange Ave Sarasota, FL 34234. Or send resume to EOE DFWP Looking For Good QualitifedMECHANIC, Exp. Only Please Call 941-637-4694 or Apply In Person @ 4322 Duncan Rd. P.G. M M A AI I N N T T E E N N A AN N C C E E P P E E R R S S O O N N I need an honest, drug free hard worker for the maintenance dept. at Charlotte Memorial Funeral Home and Cemetery. Need references. 639-1171 (Rick) MOVING DRIVERS (INSTATE) Professional Moving Drivers Needed. Must Have 5 Years Experience, Drivers Lic. & Transportation Required. Some Heavy Lifting Required. Please Call (941)-474-2934 POOL MECHANIC, Busy pool repair & waranty co. is looking for an exp. pool repair tech, must be skilled in all aspects of pool & spa repairs and gas heaters. Applicant will be required to do the following: give estimates, fill out work orders, have a clean driving license, must have 2 years experience.941-467-6049 or Fax resume 941-391-5021 TECHNICIANS NEEDED Palm Auto Mall is Hiring Service Technicians for their Palm Chrysler Store. Line Technician Manufacturer & ASE Experience a Plus. Excellent Work Environment, Health Benefits & 401K Plan. EOE, Drug Free Work Place Call Or Stop In For Application Or Email Resume. MEDICAL2030 HYGIENIST Wanted PT Venice. Email Resume To: REGISTERED NURSE CLINICAL MANAGER POSITION CLINICALMANAGERFORENGLEWOODOFFICEMUSTHAVEHOMEHEALTH EXPERIENCE. FULLTIME POSITIONWITHBENEFITS. Doctors Choice Home Health Care 941-474-5911 Fax resume: Attn Mary Lou 941-474-5900 RN/LPN/MA, Needed For Busy Dermatology Office. Full Time w/Benefits. Derm & EHR Experience a Plus Fax Resume to: 941-627-4389 www.HorizonTechInstitute.ComADVANCEYOURCAREER Licensed & Accredited School Murdock Town Center on 411032 Tamiami Tr Unit 3YOUcan become a LPN within 11 months. Enrollment ongoing.Start Working In 2-5 wks! Classes Start Each Month Call For Class Dates l Nursing Assistant (120hrs) l Home Health Aide (75hrs) l Phlebotomy Tech (165hrs) l EKG Tech (165hrs) l Patient Care Tech (600hrs) l Job Assist. & Pymt. Plans Call Now to Register! 941-889-7506 PHLEBOTOMY,EKG, CNA, Classes Start Aug 25 14 LPN-Days & Weekends Class starts Jan 15 RESTAURANT/ HOTEL2040 PIZZA COOK EXPERIENCEDONLY PT. CHARLOTTECONV. STORE941-882-4015 LINE COOK, Experienced, Apply in Person between 7:3010AM or 2-3:30PM. Port Charlotte Moose Lodge, 3462 Loveland Blvd. 33980 SKILLED TRADES2050 CDL DRIVER FOR LOADER & OTR Positions For The High Springs Area. Must Be Willing To Obtain A Loaders Card. Must Have Tanker Endorsement Prior To Employment, 2 Yrs Driving Experience, At Least 25 Yrs Old With A Current DOT Physical & Good Motor Vehicle Record; Call Bullseye Transport 1-800-701-7919 or email: recruiting DELIVERY DRIVER CDL-A LOCALDELIVERIESOF LUMBER& REBARAPPLY IN PERSON BRINGCLEAN, CURRENTMVR RAYMONDBUILDINGSUPPLY2233 MURPHYCOURTNORTHPORTDFWP, EOE It w, IooooooooW. vuantIV-----,i i ;k.lify FVr r( Into Oesg------------ao'aocoac'


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r\005 t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fn )55(t\006\006b CONCRETE5057 RICH LANDERS STUCCO, INC. Honest, Reliable work! LIC/INS New Const & Remodels. Rusted bands & wire lathe repair. spraycrete & dry-wall repair (941)-497-4553 CLEANING SERVICES5060 RELIABLE CLEANING Service, Husband/Wife team. Homes, Condos, Mobiles, 941-286-5920Lic./Ins. HOME / COMM. IMPROVEMENT5100 SLIDING GLASS DOORAndWindow Repair Lowest PricesGUARANTEED !!!941-628-8579 Lic#CRC1130733 CARPENTER, INC. Handyman Rotten wood, doors, soffit, facia, etc. Phil 941-626-9021lic. & ins. TILE remodel, baths, floors. your tile or mine. (941)-6255186,628-0442Lic.#AAA006387 LAWN/GARDEN & TREE5110 AN OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE may be required by the City and/or County. Please call the appropriate occupational licensing bureau to verify A JAMISON TREE SERVICE Complete & Professional 15% Sr Discount! FREEEST. LIC. & INSUREDENGL941-475-6611ORN. PORT941-423-0020 SERVINGCHARLOTTEANDSARASOTAFOROVER20 YEARS.JAMISON-TREESERVICEINC.COM &0!)5-569<6!7 <6#0!&.!)5-0 !*35.-0!' &%%+8/4=:1$4:$1(%%4$22 18+8/4(%"84(;=11;$$,14(' BOBS LAWN SERVICENOLOTTOOSMALLORBIG. NEWDIXIECHOPPER. CALLFORQUOTE. NOCONTRACTS. BOB(941)-240-8608 OR275-0919 FAMILY TREE SERVICE Tree Trimming, Free Estimates. Call Today 941-237-8122. Lic/Ins. FRESHCUTLAWN N MORE FRESH CUT LAWNS STARTING AT $25! 941-661-1850Free Estimates Call Frank ISLAND BREEZE LAWN SERVICE Residential & Commer cial 14 years experience Owner operated. Lic& Ins.Venice & surrounding areas. For free estimate call Keith 941-445-2982 J RIZTREESERVICES Complete Tree Services Servicing Charlotte & Sarasota FREEESTIMATES 941-306-7532 Lic & Ins LBS TOTALLAWN& LANDSCAPING SVCS Lawn Care Mulching Pruning Hedges & Trees Pressure Washing & More! **I will beat your current lawn svc by 10%!!** Serving Nokomis, Osprey, Venice & Englewood 941-302-2244 Lic/Ins Tommys Tree & Property Service *Trim & remove *Complete lawn care. Lic/ins. (941)-809-9035 5000 BUSINESS SERVICES AN OCCUPATIONAL LIC. may be required by the City and/or County. Please call the appropriate occupational licensing bureau to verify. ALUMINUM5006 THE HEIGHTS ALUMINUM, INC. l Screen Rooms l l Lanais lPool Cages lRescreens lSeamless Gutters l Soffit l Fascia l l Pavers l Concrete l941-613-1414 OR941-492-6064 Lic./Ins. AAA0010565 & R6ALCL-5AC-33 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", ADULTCARE5050 I AMA PRIVATEDUTYCNA/HHA/COMPANIONT AKING NEW CLIENTS LIC& INS. 941-716-4974 CHILD CARE5051 ALL CHILDCARE FACILITIES MUST INCLUDE, WITH ADVERTISEMENT, STATE OR LOCAL AGENCY LICENSE NUMBER. FLORIDA STATE LAW requires all child care centers and day care businesses to register with the State of Florida. The Sun Newspapers will not knowingly accept advertising which is in violation of the law COMPUTERSERVICE5053 COMPUTER TUTOR (Your home or mine) ONLY $25.00 an hour! Please call Steve at: 941-445-4285 1A+ COMPUTER REPAIR, TUTOR IN YOUR HOME Reasonable & Prompt! Sr. Disc. Ask for Stacy 941-451-3186 CONTRACTORS5054 Edward Ross Construction Services, Inc. 941-408-8500 pool cages, Scr lanais, etc... CONCRETE5057 PRO PATH CONCRETEl l Driveways l l Patios l l Sidewalks l l PadsResurfacing Options AvailableFree Estimates 941-286-6415 Lic #AAA-11-00081 LOST& FOUND3090 Bicycle, Small kids. Looks new. Call 628-6478 for info. LOST CAT: Male Siamese mix. Near Foxglove and Poppy in South Venice. 814-598-3954 ARTS CLASSES3091 WATERCOLOR PAINTING On yupo, Classes start Sept. Mondays, 1:30-4:30pm. Some supplies provided Creative classes in Venice. Call Barb Raymond @ 941-961-9723. EDUCATION3094 MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Become a Medical Office Assistant! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Online training can get you job ready. HS Diploma/GED & PC/Internet needed. (888)528-5547. EXERCISE CLASSES3095 GULF COAST ACUPUNCTURE 151 Center Rd. Wednesdays 5:30pm Thursdays 9:00 am Saturdays 8:30am YOGAFOR BEGINNERS Proceeds to Venice Wildlife Center Call Rick or Mary 941-488-1769 RELIGION CLASSES3096 BEGINYOURDAYIN BIBLE STUDY Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. Wednesdays 10AM-11AM. For more info 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte F AITH LUTHERAN CHURCH 4005 Palm Drive, Punta GordaVarious Days & Times CONFIRMATION/BIBLE STUDY Adult Infomational Class 941-639-6309 NEW LIFE FAMILY WORSHIP has Discipleship Develpoment Class, Building a Solid Foundation 7PM Every 2nd Friday of the Month. (941)639-1700. OTHER CLASSES3097 CONCENTRATIVE MEDITATION with Linda Weser, 4 p.m. every Monday at Unity Church of Peace, 1250 Rutledge Street, off Veterans Boulevard between Orlando Boulevard and Torrington Street, Port Charlotte/North Port line. Free; open to the public. 941-276-0124 4000FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES4010 JANITORIAL BUSINESS FOR SALE, Grossing $48K/Year, $16,750. Equipment and Supplies Included. Will Train. 239-826-2779 PERSONALS3020 SINGLE MAN looking for single woman. 941-284-7939 SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION3060 DEBRA D. SOULA, ABCAT TUTORING,MASTERS DEGREE IN EDUCATIONAvailable for Tutoring & Confidence Building, Grades 1-6. Specializing in Literacy, Math, & Social Studies. V isit for More Details or Call 941-486-8314 ED KLOPFERSCHOOLS OF CNA TRAINING 1 Week class $250 Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers. 1-800-370-1570 TRADITIONAL SHAOLIN KUNG FU CLASSES for Adults & children. FREE classes available. All areas. Call for more info. 941-204-2826 UNEMPLOYED? Earn Your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in Just 3 Wks. & Join the Ranks of Employed Truck Drivers Nationwide. Located Punta Gorda FL. SunCoast Trucking Academy. 941-8550193 or 941-347-7445 BIBLE STUDY & CHURCHES3065 CAL VAR Y BIBLE CHURCH 1936 E. Venice Ave. Venice Friday at 9am. Study features video teachings of noted Bible Scholars on various subjects. For more info. Call Rev. Jones at: 941-485-7070 or visit COMMUNITY CENTER 4PM 7PM each Wednesday. Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. PC, Open to All Ages. For more info 941-766-9357 COMMUNITY HU SONG Saturday, August 23, 11AM Mid-County Regional Library, Meeting Room B, 2050 Forrest Nelson Blvd. Port Charlotte. Singing HU Can Help You Experience Divine Love, Expand Your Awareness, Bring Peace & Calm, & Heal A Broken Heart. Fellowship, Light Refreshments, & Free CD. Presented By Eckankar In Port Charlotte For People Of All Faiths. 764-1797. EDGAR CAYCE A.R.E. Search for God Study Group 6 PM 7 PM each Tuesday at Venice Public Library More Info call 941-966-1964. FAITH BUILDERS A Basic Study to Build your Christian Faith. Call Pastor Martin at Christ the King Lutheran Church for times. 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 278 S. Mango St. Englewood Mondays & Thursdays at 9am. Offering chair exercise classes For more info. Call 941-474-2473 GULF COAST HEALING ROOMS If you need healing, we want to pray with you! Our prayer teams are available to minister to you by appointment. Thursdays 10 am-12:30 pm For apt. call p.863.558.7455 1538 Rio de Janeiro Blvd. Punta Gorda, Fl 33983 Jesus Still Heals Today! BURIALLOTS/ CRYPTS3070 GULF PINES MEMORIAL GDNS, COMPLETE, FORTWO$9500 /OBO ASKFORM. GONZALEZ941-493-4900 3000 NOTICES ANNOUNCEMENTS3010 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week HAPPYADS3015 Place your Happy Ad for only $16.25 3 lines 7 day. Add a photo for only $13.00! Please call (866)-463-1638 PERSONALS3020 ELDERLY GENTLEMAN SEEKING friendship and companionship for dinners,dances and fun. Please send POBOX 631 Venice, FL 34284-631 ENGLEWOOD MAN needs someone who can find hidden camera lens in his apartment. Ken 941-321-0365 , 2 2 . % % $ $ ' * 1 1 # # ) ) ( ( ,* *2 2# #. .% % 2 2. ( (! !# # / /0 0& &) )) )2 2" "2 2# #% %) )+ + H D-STRESS FOR LESSH 941-467-9931 ORIENTAL MASSAGE in Venice. 617 US 41 Bus. 10% off. 941-786-3803 mm31172 OUTGOING SINGLE W M 52, Looking for Single W F 38-52 Yrs Old, for Friendship/Relationship. 941-451-1826 RELAXATION Located in Englewood Call Stormy 941-549-5520 GENERAL2100 PERSON needed to clean telephones in Venice area. 941-485-6327 TECHNICIAN, Swimming Pool. If you are an upstanding person with excellent work ethics applications accepted between 9 12noon. $12.00/HR TO START.Must have Florida drivers license. MUST HA VE 5 yrs of driv ing with absolutely clean driving r ecor d Howards Pool World, 12419 Kings Hwy. Lake Suzy. NO PHONE CALLS THEVENICEGONDOLIERSUN ISNOWTAKINGAPPLICATIONS FORCARRIERSINVENICEAND SURROUNDINGAREAS. MUST HAVEDEPENDABLEVEHICLE, A VALIDFLORIDADRIVERSLICENSEANDPROOFOFINSUR-ANCE. APPLYINPERSON: 200 E. VENICEAVE. VENICE, FL 34285 NO PHONECALLSPLEASE. CARRIERSNEEDED PARTTIME/ TEMPORARY2110 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H CHARLOTTE SUN Typesetter/Designer Part TimePerson to design and make corrections to ads. Knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and or Quark. Day and late afternoon hours. Must be willing to learn new skills. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Now accepting resumes: We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre employment drug and nicotine testing Required H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H HHHHHHHHH Local Daily Newspaper P/T Position Uploading E-Edition Computer knowledge a must. Candidate must know FTP and Networking. Other duties include light lifting. This is a late night and weekend schedule. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Please contact:stoner@suncoastpress.comWe are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required HHHHHHHHH SELL AVON: BE AN INDEPENDANT REP (941)-575-1635 a Da a aaa aDaa 0aa0Loll,Daa


)55(t\006\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( r\005 FURNITURE6035 DRESSER& MIRROR old $30 941-474-8286 FUTTON FULL size bed.Black/beige. $125 941875-9519 GLIDER for Patio& 2 swivel rockers with cushions $100 269-649-5563 HEADBOARD, Twin White Wicker w/Mirror Nice $60 941-492-2146 IBUYFURNITURE Or anything of value! 941-485-4964 LAMP WITHTABLE lamp, glass table, exc cond. $85 941-627-2192 LEATHER RECLINING LOVESEAT & OversizedChair Reclining. Dk Brown, 4 yrs old. $400 941-235-5581 LOVE SEAT floral design burgundy $65 941-258-2175 LOVE SEAT Hide-a-way brown rattan trim. 5 1/2 wide. Hardly used. $150 941-697-8347 MAPLE DINING Table 2 leaves, refinished $75 941266-6718 MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 MATTRESS SETS Three Sets Like new $75 941-492-2146 METAL DINING set Completely collapsible $75 973-7279880 MIRROR BATHROOM wall mirror 36x42 $75 941-4739269 MIRROR LG wall mirror 4x6 $150 941-473-9269 MIRROR TROPICALSTYLE 48x30 beautiful $30 941-6276542 MOVINGSALEContents Of Home. Bed, Full w/Frame $50, Love Seat, Perfect Cond., Cloth, Light w/Floral Design $50, Cedar Chest (Lane) 46"x22" $50, Dining Table 58" Oval2 Add'l Leafs Dark Wood $50, Round Light Wood Kitchen Table w/Four Chairs, 1 leaf $75,Dark Antique Table, 55" $75, Coffee Table w/Wicker Top, Iron Legs & Lower Second Shelf, 40" $35, End Tables, Antique, Dark Wood Round 20" w/ Piecrust Edging, 22H 3 Legs 3 Brass Tipped Feet $50, Decorative Mirrors, Asst. Toby Jugs &Character Mugs, Hand Carved Birds, Kachina Dolls, Glassware &More.Call For Details 941-575-6006 OAK EXECUTIVEDESK LSHAPED DESK Beautiful desk with cable management,keyboard drawer, file drawer, etc. Quality construction, great condition. Sells new for $1275. $375 941-347-7216 ORIENTAL CABINET Cream w/Gold design $75 941-575-7734 ORIENTAL CABINET White w/ Green floral $75 941-575-7734 PATIO CHAIRS White resin wicker.New w/wraping $175 941-276-1881 RECLINER FULLY reclines, Microfiber $425 941-6974713 RECLINERS LAY-Z-BOY Sofa & L Seat $400 941-786-5748 ROOM/DIVIDER SCREEN blk &gold.6x7. $250 941-2352203 SECRETARY DESK Wooden, black w/drop leaf. $50 941451-8426 SEWINGCABINET, Tigeroak no machine $160 941-258-2175 SHELVING RACK Stand 76 tall 4 shelves $50 941-979-5894 SLEEPER SOFA Sofabed $250 941-629-6666 $250 941-629-6666 SOFA 2 pillow tropical print b/g/y $75 941-505-0101 FURNITURE6035 BUFFET NEW Fossil Stone Glass 20 X 68 $399 941-7660969 CHAIR &OTTOMAN Thomasville.non-smoker.ex.c. $175 941-235-2203 CHAIR Custom Upholstered set Beautiful! $450 941-5759800 CHAIR STRESSLESS Ivory w/ottoman Gd Cond $125 941-505-8124 COMPUTER DESK Rattan desk Very good condition. $90 941-451-8426 COMPUTER HUTCH Lge,2Pc,w/sidetable $10 941-286-7611 COUCH 7FT 2 tone,micro suede,recline,new $250 941769-5995 COUCH-FUTON folds into twin bed $50 941-575-9800 COUCH/ACCENT TABLE wood,46L,16D,20H $75 941286-5920 DAYBED BLACK Scroll and wooden posts $125 941-6974713 DESK 4 DRAWERS oak very good condition. $30 941-4518426 DESK CLOCK, Waterford Battery operated $75 941-575-7734 DESK, Cherry Wood, 6 Piece w/ Hutch. Excellent Condition! $400. 941-639-6548 DINETTE CHAIRS 4 sm rattan new green uphol $35 941697-0501 DINETTE SET tiger oak 36 round 4 chairs $250 941-258-2175 DINETTE table rattan w glass top & 4 chairs Call $100 941661-7132 DINING ROOM 5 pc semi hitop Leaders wicker 48 glass like new $400. 941-769-4260 DINING ROOM TABLE LIKE NEW Glass & Dolphin 6 Chairs $399 941-766-0969 DINING SET 48 4 chairs wrought iron. Exc. cond. $250 941-894-4115 DINING SET with Table, 6 chairs, & 1 leaf. Designer Quality, Thomasville 3 yrs old, $850 941-629-7264 DINING TABLE Glass/metal table,4chairs,exc cond $275 941-627-2192 DINING TABLE w/ 4 chairs & hutch 42 round $150 269649-5563 DINING TABLE w/6 Chairs hHeavy 2 Pine $100 941-474-4959 DINNIGRM TABLE ItalianCream, 6 Chairs $350 941-266-3405 EKORNES STRESSLESS Taurus Chair and Ottoman classic dark brown leather w/ walnut base, excellent condition New $2495 asking $1,200, OBO 617-823-9765. END TABLES AS NEW PAIR Glass & Dolphins $199 941766-0969 END,COFFEETable OAK w/ Carved Design $150 941-460-0912 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 3-piece white/washed $150 941-505-0809 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Lighted Solid oak $225 941-474-2426 FURNITURE SET sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman $350 941-627-2192 FURNITURE: MOVING! BEDROOM Set, Living Room Set, Dining Room Set. All for $2000, or will separate. 941-764-7497 FURNITURE:MOVING, New deep seated sofa, neutral, end tables & coffee table, chair w/ otto, Bakers Rack, Art Work! 941-228-0598 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 PINK RUG 3L,thick nubby cotton,reversible.India $5 941-276-1881 QUEEN BED wood frm $200 941-204-0209 ROLLING CART Pink Plastic,3 open shelves,versatile $9 941-276-1881 SOUP TUREEN 4pc lg cream ceramic bamboo $15 941830-0524 STEAMER, GARMET CONAIR Professional type $25 941627-6542 SWEEPER-RANBOW wth attachments $100 941-8763908 TRASHCAN PINK plastic automatic stepcan, as new $8 941-276-1881 VACUUM CLEANER Kirby Ultimate G vacuum cleaner with many attachments $200 303-437-1508 VACUUM KIRBY, stand up Excellent cond. $100 941488-3950 WAFFLEMAKER belgian used twice nonstick $20 732887-8105 WATER COOLER Whirlpool, hot/cold $50 941-876-3908 WATER SKIS Jobe Beeline combo blk 66.5 LN $25 941697-0501 WE NEEDDONATIONSDONATE YOUR UNWANTED ITEMS.TOST. FRANCSISANIMALRESCUETAXDEDUCTIBLE. 941-716-3803 WEDGE BOLSTERS (2) 9x12x36 tapers to 5x12x36 $30 941-697-4713 HOLIDAYITEMS6031 HALLOWEEN/CHRISTMAS DECORATTIONS $150 941624-6617 XMAS TREE 4 ft used once $20 941-426-7300 XMAS TREE with white lights 7 1/2 FT $125 941-979-5894 FURNITURE6035 ARMOIRE CABINET Beautiful 70Hx48Lx23D $495 941882-4545 BED MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BED SET extra long twin bed with 5 chest of draws $75 941-706-7538 BED SET sealy twin pillow top. exc cond. $75 941-697-4877 BEDROOM LOUNGE, excellent condition, $350 obo. Call 941-743-7117. BEDROOM SET 5 PC. Bedroom set great condition $350 941-488-0865 BEDROOM SET, Queen headboard, dresser w/mirror & nightstand $300 269-6495563 BEDROOM SETLEXINGTON, 2 Nightstands, Chest, Dresser w/Mirror, Headboard. Pics Avail. Through Email. $1,850 941-412-4111 BOOKCASE 2 SHELVES, oak very good condition. $20 941-451-8426 BUFFET & MATCHING TABLE Lexington-Tommy Bahama, 52 Table w/2 leaves &Pads, 4 chairs, Pics. Avail. Through Email $2,100 941-412-4111 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 3 BUFFET Hot Trays elec, 7x25/10x16/14x25 all $15 941-830-0524 A/C EVERSTAR PORT. WORKS PERFECT $175 941429-1130 BARBIE DOLL Winter Velvet, coll. new in box $20 941-8300524 BED MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BOWLING BALL ebonite 16lb bag mens 10 shoe $20 941697-0501 CAST IRON CALPHALON 8 Quart w/cover $75 941-979-5894 CERAMIC TOILET paper and towel bars $25 941-468-2752 DRAPES-TROPFABRIC lined pltd 52x92 new $50 941-7669324 DRAPES-TROP FABRIC pr gr red yel 52x92 new $50 941766-9324 ELECTRIC SKILLET 16 Rectangular was$320 LNew $85 941-525-0756 FOLDING PAPASANCHAIR Turquoise blue cushion $18 941-276-1881 GRILL George Foreman LNew was$99 Osprey,FL $20 941-525-0756 HURRICANE PANEL new for door $55 941-918-1239 JUICER BREVILLE complete, VGC $75 941-786-7071 JUICER BY CHAMPION EXCELLENTcond. $50 941488-3950 MATTRESS, QUEEN & BOX. Brand New Will Sell $175. Also Have KING. 941-629-5550 MEDICINE CABINETS w/front&interior mirrors. $50 941-468-2752 MIELE UPRIGHT S7000 Vacuum Hardly used $200 941625-2556 MIRRORS 1 sgl &1 dbl sink eyebrows $150 941-4682752 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week ORIENTAL PICS Coord vases, decos 8 pcs ea $10 941-830-0524 O R I E N T A L R U G lotus/blk.8x10. $300 941235-2203 PAINTING largesea scape beach scene $50 941-6276542 P A T I O S E T chairs,table,umbrella $75 941-266-6718 6000 MERCHANDISE GARAGE SALES 6001Arcadia 6002Englewood 6003Lake Suzy 6004Nokomis 6005North Port 6006Port Charlotte Deep Creek 6007Punta Gorda 6008Rotonda 6009Sarasota 6010South Venice 6011Venice 6012 Out Of Area 6015Flea Market 6020Auctions MERCHANDISE 6013 Moving Sales 6025Arts & Crafts 6027Dolls 6030Household Goods6035 Furniture 6038 Electronics 6040TV/Stereo/Radio6060Computer Equip6065Clothing/Jewelry/ Accessories6070Antiques & Collectibles 6075Fruits/Veges 6090Musical 6095Medical 6100Health/Beauty 6110 Trees & Plants 6120Baby Items6125Golf Accessories6128Exercise/Fitness6130Sporting Goods 6131 Firearms6132 Firearm Access. 6135Bikes/Trikes 6138Toys 6140Photography/Video 6145Pool/ Spa & Supplies6160Lawn & Garden6165Storage Sheds/ Buildings6170Building Supplies6180Heavy Constr. Equipment 6190Tools/Machinery6220Office/Business Equip & Supplies6225Restaurant Supplies 6250Appliances 6260Misc. Merchandise 6270Wanted to Buy/T rade ARTS AND CRAFTS6025 CRICUT IMAGINE with 5 cartridges and 2 mats $140 941505-1955 PICTURE LIM EDART Elegant with M. Theresa quote $70 941-882-4545 DOLLS6027 DOLL MARIE OSMOND Beautiful blonde hair $30 941627-6542 %$'&&(!("# '#&&"$$ DOLLS TWIN boy& girl nice gift $35 941-347-7497 FAYZA SPANOS Still In Box 3 for $475 941-769-2389 MOVINGSALES 6029 MOVING SALE 10AM-5PM Galleria Mall Booth #89 5260 Duncan Road. Entire Booth 40% Off! MOVING SALE, Brand NEW Furniture, Household, Everything Must GO! 941-830-4737 MOVING/HAULING5130 us DIT no. 1915800941-359-1904 P AINTING/ WALLPAPERING5140 BESTPRICES-QUALITYJOBBest Coast Painting Residential/Commercial Handyman services also! 10% Off With Ad! 941-815-8184 AAA00101254 STEVENS CUSTOMPAINTING Res/Comm. Int/Ext FREE EST. Lic. & Ins. 941-255-3834 PRESSURE CLEANING5180 BAILEYS PRESSURE CLEANINGTile roof Cleanings starting at @$150. Call 941-497-1736 $,,-.0!)% )'�*'('"# !'/#+ SCREENING5184 GULF COAST RESCREEN LIC& INSUREDFAMILYOWNED& OPERATEDSPECIALIZINGINRESCREENING,BUILDINGANDREPAIRING. SCREWCHANGEOUTS PRESSUREWASHING& PAINT-INGPOOLCAGES, LANAIS,FRONTENTRYWAYSETC... 941-536-7529 FREEESTIMATES ROOFING5185 l Roof Repairl lReplacementl lShingle l Metal lTile l l Flat Roofs (941)-505-2441Lic#CCC1327060 PAUL DEAO ROOFING PROTECTINGYOURBIGGESTINVESTMENT. 22 YRSEXP. 941-441-8943 LIC#1329187 WINDOWREPAIR5226 SLIDING GLASS DOORAndWindow Repair Lowest PricesGUARANTEED !!!941-628-8579 Lic#CRC1130733 SLIDING GLASS DOORREPAIRSWheels Tracks. Locks Free Estimates Lic/Ins. Bob @ 941-706-6445SLIDINGDOORSANDMORE COM LvoI, . .x' IXTWO MENANDTRUCKK"Movers Who Core"L oll1


r\005b t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fn )55(t\006\006b r)55(n\005b\006 f)1(\000\000b\002r\001nfftt \005t r)55(n\005b\006 f)1(\000)1()]TJ/T1_5 1 Tf4.056 0 Td[(b\002r\001nfftt \005t SP38127RATES1-3days-$24.10lines-($5.75eaaddlline)4-7days-$44.33lines-($5.75eaaddlline)Community/Multi-Family2days-$50 3days-$606lines-($5.75eaaddlline) Toplaceyour adcall: Arcadia494-2434Charlotte429-3110Englewood475-2200Venice207-12006014 GarageSale Locator6001ArcadiaArea 6002EnglewoodArea 6003LakeSuzyArea 6004Nokomis/Osprey 6005NorthPortArea 6006PortCharlotte 6007PuntaGorda 6008RotundaArea 6009SarasotaArea 6010SouthVenice 6011VeniceArea 6014GulfCoveArea 6000 MERCHANDISE ENGLEWOOD GARAGE SALES6002 FRI.-SAT. 9-4 7122 Parnell Terrace. Tools, Bikes, Kitchen Stuff, Clocks, Lamps & Jewelry. SAT. ONLY 8:30-5 730 Sesame St., Off Old Englewood rd. MOVING SALE LOTS OF GREAT STUFF. NOKOMIS/OSPREY GARAGE SALES6004 SAT 9AM-1PM 433 E. ROSETTIDRSORRENTO EAST LINENS,GLASSWARE, POTS& PANSAND SOMEFURNITURE. ( ( $ $ " * ) ) # # ' ) ) ! * ( ( % % $ $ " " & & SOLD THE HOUSE SALE! SATURDAY ONLY 8-2 1080 Hillcrest Dr. Furniture, 40 Flat Screen T.V., Tools, Household Items, Clothes. NORTH PORT GARAGE SALES6005 FRI.-SAT., 10AM-3PM 6643 Stardust Ave. Furniture, Household, Auto Related Items, Home Decor, Appliances and MUCHMORE!! SAT. ONLY8-3 1362 Hedgewood Cir. (Off Toledo Blade &Woodhaven) Household, Tools, Bookcases & MORE! SATURDAY ONLY 8-1 5646 N. Chamberlain Blvd. Nor th Por t Estates. RETIRING TEACHER SALE and household items. PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 FRI-SAT 8-12. 22203 Bahama Ave. Moving Sale Washer (heavy duty) furn, housewares, clothing FRI-SAT 9-3 18166 Garvin St. (near PCHS). DR tables & chairs, china huts, rocking chairs, dressers, couches, desks, antiques, household items, clothes, bedroom furniture, much more! FRI-SAT 9-4& Sun 10-2 349 Allworthy St. Furniture, Tools, Housewares & more. MUSTSEE! PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 FRI-SAT 9-3 22201 Olean Blvd, Entire house contents, Vintage dress form, appliances, many useful and decorative items. FRI.-SAT. 7-3 20295 Benton Ave. Something For Everyone! Cameras, Glassware, Tools, Furniture, Too much to list! FRI.-SAT. 8-2 2023 Kendis St. Assorted Furniture, Reclining Chair, Lamps, Household, & MUCH MORE!! SAT 8AM-? 3113 Conway Blvd. Clothes Books, Household, kids items, furn., Last Sale! Some items 50% off SAT 9-2 & SUN9-2 859 Conreid Dr.Furniture, Household Goods, Art, Tools, Boating, & Much More! SAT-SUN. 8-2. 285 Goya Ct. BabyItems, Furn, Patio,Lots of Kids Stuff, Jon Boat, Nice Things. %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( SAT. ONLY! 8:00AM2:00PM 1481 Kenmore St. Furniture, New Toiletry Items & MORE!! LOW PRICES! SAT., 8-4, 4382 Meager Circle TOOL SALE! (Air, Electrical & Mechanical! Ladders & Misc. Items! SAT.-SUN., 7:30-1:00 19459 Midway Blvd. Home Furn., Baby Items, Toys, Tools,SpanishRecords & MORE! PUNTAGORDA GARAGE SALES6007 FRI & SAT 8AM-2PM 1513 SAN MARINO CT PGI OFF OF AQUI-ESTAH MOVING SALE HQN. BEDROOMSET, BROYHILL6X9 ENTERTAINMENTCENTER, GLASSTOPKITCHENSET, WEIGHTLIFTINGBENCH, FISHING RODS, ANDLOTSOFMISCITEMS. MERCYS ESTATE SALE OPEN FRI-SAT 9-3 25163 MARION AVE. #22 3 flat screen TVs, 2 Craftsman red tool boxes, doll collection, LR, DR, BR furn., kitchen, misc SAT8:00 AM.? 28200 Bermont Road. Apartment Complex Annual Yard Sale! Items to include: Electronics, Comforters, Quilts, Clothes, Golf Equip., Bikes, Holiday items, Baseball Card Collectables, David Winters, DVDs, IRobot Sweeper. We will also have refreshments for sale as well. Come join us! Something for everyone. SAT.-SUN. 8-5 1324Lindsay Ave. Tools, PCs, TVs, Mountain Bike, Push Mower, Wee eaters & Misc. SATURDAY 9-? 1210 Edmund St. Sm. Vintage Armoir, NIB Comforter, Costume Jewelry &More!! ROTONDAAREA GARAGE SALES6008 FRI.-SAT. 8:30-2:00 233Rotonda Blvd. North ESTATE/MOVING SALE!! Furniture & MUCHMORE! S. VENICE AREA GARAGE SALES6010 ESTATE SALE 8:45 1:00 Sat. Aug. 23 126 Braemar Ave. Marble top bombe chest, console table, Thomasville queen bed set, mirrors, French arm chairs & end tables, love seat & matching chair, oriental screen, sofa/love seat, klismos bench, coffee & end tables, washer, dryer, refrigerator, paintings, set of dishes, office chair, bookcase, chandelier, lamps, area rugs, vacuum, ladders, garage items, linens & kitchenware. Sale by Julie McClure. Pix: #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* SAT 8-2 & SUN. 10-2 4790 Neptune Rd. EST A TE SALE ENTIRECONDOCONTENTSHAVE BEENMOVEDTOTHISADDRESS,QUALITYFURNITURE, COMPLETE DECOR, KITCHEN, HOLIDAY, JEWEL-RY, LIFTCHAIR, NODISSAPOINT-MENTS. SHEHADVERYGOODTASTE. S. VENICE AREA GARAGE SALES6010 SAT. & SUN. 8:00-? 2720 Carmine Rd. Hand & Contractor Tools, Household & MORE! SAT., 8:00 NOON, 567 Park Estates Square. Hshld,Tools,FishingRod, Desk, Patio Set, Books & MORE! ,$))!$ ,$))!$ 2.+%.()# 2.+%.()# 3%&$+)4*$ 3%&$+)4*$ 4/)!$ 4/)!$ 01'**4"4$%*01'**4"4$%*VENICE AREA GARAGE SALES6011 FRI & SAT 8-2 523 E. Seminole DrMULTI FAMILY SALE!!! Something for everyone.. SAT ONLY 7-12 (NOON) 3185 HERCULES RDMOVING SALE LOTSOFMISC. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, FURNITURE, INCLUDINGDININGTABLE, ENT. CENTER, 55GALFISHTANKANDLOTSOFFUN RANDOMSTUFF. SATURDAY ONLY 8-3 200 Base Ave Venice Circus Arts Foundation Garage Sale. 941-485-7675 ELECTRONICS6038 TV 25 Sanyo w/remote in good condition. $30 941-7632847 TV PANASONIC 50Flat Panel LED Like New $495 941-5857740 WII CONSOLE AND FIT PLUS 4 GAMES $80 941-204-7661 TV/STEREO/RADIO6040 55TV MITSUBISHI Digital Projection $125 941-2578405 ELECTRONICS6038 DEHUMIDISTAT RANCO $65 941-828-0226 DVD PLAYER Sonydvd350 $95 401-952-4380 IPAD MINI with keyboard/case $250 941916-5771 SCANNING RECVR Shinwa SR001 wide band $275 941735-1452 )&$,+#0" .*!1)"&*$, &$1'* -%/!!&)&*,!( FURNITURE6035 TWIN MATTRESS W/box sprng, very good cond. $25 941-629-7881 WICKER COFFEE table Matches other ads $100 973727-9880 -%+$#!,"$(&%')* WICKER ROCKER Waverly cushions $125 973-7279880 WICKER SOFA for 2 Waverly cushions $175 973-7279880 WOOD CREDENZA Three drawers.3ftx2-1/2ft $150 941-875-9519 FURNITURE6035 TOY CHEST CEDAR Old 1950s $100 941-627-3636 TV CABINET Whitewash w/4 shelves $125 941-451-8426 TVSTAND, 3 tier frosted glass. Best Offer! Call 941-426-5389 WATERBED QUEEN, Waveless w/ Frame &Pillowtop. $395.obo 941-268-1065 FURNITURE6035 TABLE & CHAIR W glass top new. $350 941-2352203 TABLE MIRROR Elegant from Bombay store $110 941-8824545 TABLE, 4chairs, 1 leaf, excellent condition, $400 obo. Call 941-743-7117. TEA CART mperial old cart $25 941-474-8286 FURNITURE6035 SOFA 4-PC. sectional,fabric,exc.cond. $275 941-2550691 SOFA 7FT Micro Suede recline ends, new cond $250 941-769-5995 SOFA SLEEPER BEST OFFER! Call 941-426-5389 SOFA, CHAISE and matching accent chair. Good Cond., Cherry wood trim. $600 941-979-9747 Call after 6pm SOLID CHERRYWood Desk 2 file drawers made by Copeland from Vermont, 5 yrs. old 67 X 31 New $1495 Now $800, OBO 617-823-9765. GtqRfqGE Ei Yfqmi l D StqLES60041 SARASOTA COUNTY DESOTO COUNTYprey`004 70Arcadia6001c"komi c601.l \`Center Rd. 1So. Venice 600541-609-North Port 751 1 7 Murdock Eke P03Jobean 60 6002 74Englewood Port CHARLOTTE COUNTYCult arlotte76 overove rt7 6O8 7 Punta 31Rotunda GordaWest 0075Grand Placida 41 FREE GARAGEeSALE SIGNBurnt Store WITH ANY AD


)55(n\006\006b fr\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( \005t FIREARMS6131 GUN & KNIFE SHOW LABELLECIVICCENTER481 W. HICKPOCHEEAVE(SR80) LABELLE, FL. SAT8/23 9-5PMANDSUN8/24 9-4PM. ADMISSION$5.00 UNDER12 FREE & FREE PARKING CWP CLASSES$49.95 11AM& 1PMDAILY. LEE COUNTY GUN COLLECTORSLLC. (239)-223-3370 BUY-SELL-TRADE www mm MSBG .12 ga pump, premium stk, vent rib $210; Armscor .22 carbine big scope $130; Ruger Mk III 22/45 stainless, bx pprs $380; Drngr 9mm ATF bx pprs; Ruger 10-22 SS. 235-2500 SIG 1911 45 CalAuto, NIB. Never Fired. w/ Four Clips Asking $750 941-628-2746 TAURUS JUDGE SS 2", in box, w/holster ammo. $525 b/o (941) 276-2801 FIREARMS ACCESSORIES6132 RELOADING EQUIP & supplies, Paper & Metallic. All for $300 Value $600 941-421-4439 BICYCLES/ TRICYCLES6135 ADULT TRICYCLE brand new, in the box! $275 941-5241025 BICYCLE RALEIGH CREST $200 941-697-3160 BICYCLE SCHWINN Varsity ladies $60 941-456-1221 BIKE CARRIER Thule HitchMounted 914XT N $175 941639-7834 BIKE FOR2 Crestline Dyno 2621 spd. $200 941-4268987 BIKE. BIRIA Easy Boarding 7 Cream was $400 941-6399293 COLLECTIBLE RAT Fink Bike Perfect cond. $500 941-4683488 CROSSROAD MENS BIKE Specializedhybrid new tires $125 941-544-0042 MENS SCHWINN Tanker Bike Perfect cond $400 941468-3488 SUN DRIFTER mens 7-sp 26 Perf Cond $200 941-4744254 TOYS/GAMES6138 SIMON SAYS game like new $35 941-918-1239 PHOTOGRAPHY/ VIDEO6140 TELESCOPE MEADE LXD55 $500 941-918-1239 POOL/SPA/ & SUPPLIES6145 **SPAS & MORE** ALWAYSOVER20 INSTOCKTRADEINSWELCOMEWEBUYUSED& 941-625-6600 GOLFACCESSORIES6125 GOLF CART CUSTOM MADE Awesome Custom Gas Golf Cart like new, lifted, in perfect condition. Kawasaki Motor adult owned and never abused.$ 4,800 call 941-232-5452 $4,800 941232-5452 GOLF CLUBS w bag Ladies Hippo Like new! $150 941505-5747 EXERCISE/ FITNESS6128 CARDIO GLIDE PLUS #WLCR96054-VGC-W/BOOK $180 941-613-1442 EXERCISE BIKE Pro-Form Whirlwind Dual Action. Time, distance, pulse monitor $200 941-697-0487 EXERCISE CHAIR AB Doer Twist Chair $20 941-5050101 EXERCISE GLIDER w/Data Monitor. $25 941-286-7611 FAT SHAKER Sears Strap Shaker $25 941-266-3405 INVERSION TABLE Ironman 4000 .like new.ex cond. $250 941-661-6838 NORDIC TRACK GX4.7Bike like new $225 401-952-4380 PROFORM TREADMILL SpaceSaver W/Incline $125 941-266-3405 STEPPER EXERCISER with handle bars $25 941-5050101 TREADMILL, Pro Form Space saver $200 941-786-5748 SPORTINGGOODS6130 BOAT DECKCHAIRS WORTH MUCH MORE! $175 941-3916090 CAR TOP RACK INFLATABLE for kayaks canoes etc $65 941-460-8743 CAST NET BAIT 10 FT $15 941-697-3160 CRAB TRAPS COMMERCIAL GRADE $20 941-697-3160 FIREWOOD No camping trip is complete without it! Pine, Oak, or Citrus Split, Bundled, and ready for the firepit! 941-468-4372 KAYAK,CANOE,BOAT CART LLBean gc $65 941-4608743 LANDING NETS 7 FT. HANDLES $10 941-697-3160 MILLENNIUM PT 145 with orig. gear, xlnt cond. $400 941-286-2339 POOL TABLE Light Miller MGD Ice Cube $250 941-661-1061 SCOPE KONUSPRO 10X50 Mil-Dot, 1 Tube, NIB $80 941-379-5586 WATER SKIES SlolamHO Sports fiberglass gc $100 941-460-8743 WATER SKIS Connelly 250 slalom w/tow rope $50 941697-1585 WEIGHT INTERGRATED buoyancy compensator aeris atmos sport, includes power inflator and 10lb soft weights $220 941-380-6923 FIREARMS6131 45 AUTOMATIC $350. Call for details. 239-898-2166 MEDICAL6095 3-WHEEL WALKER w/8 balloon tires $80 941-474-7387 ADULT WALKER 3/WHEEL brakes zipper pouch $65 941-493-3851 ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR HEARTWAY ALLURE $500 941-204-7661 EMERGENCY ALERT, calls 3 numbers No fees $89 941204-9415 HOSPITAL BED, power Trapeze, bedding, etc $400 941-204-9415 TENS MACHINE nerve stimulator $75 269-649-5563 WALKER WALKER-2 WHEEL ADULT-$15.-9416378921 $15 941-637-8921 TREES & PLANTS6110 CANARY DATE Palm tree in pot $30 941-493-3623 CANARY DATE Palm tree in pot. $8 941-493-3623 CEDAR BUSH Shrubs Cedar Bush $15 941-204-9100 CENTURY PLANT Century plant in pot. $5 941-4933623 DESERT ROSES BIG Large Flowering Desert Rose $35 941-204-9100 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+HIBISCUS-PEACH Double Peach Flowers $8 941-2049100 MULBERRY TREE Large 2 1/2 calipers $250 941-474-4959 ORCHIDS LARGE 3 tall Plants Purple Flowers $35 941-6989798 H SATURDAY H CLEARANCE SALEHHHHHHHHHH VIBURNUM GREATFORPRIVACYHEDGE3GAL, PALMS: FOXTAIL, SYLVESTERPIGMY& MORE.**GREAT PRICES***SUISNUSURY941-488-7291 THYRSIFLORA KALANCHOE Thyrsiflora $10 941-2049100 TI PLANT HawaiianUnique Purple Leaves $20 941-2049100 GOLFACCESSORIES6125 2011 CLUB CAR PRECEDENTS FACTORY RECONDITIONED 4 Seats, Lights. New Batteries (Aug 2014) New Condition $ 3,995 941-830-5312 PLEASE NO TEXT DRIVER EMC2 super long.500.00 new. $100 941286-2602 DRIVER GEEK illegal distance sr. shaft. $150 941-286-2602 GOLF CART 2008 EZGO Custom paint new batteries Like new $2,800 941429-8727 ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 MAGAZINES JFK 10 Assrtd $75 941-627-3636 MAGAZINESPLAYBOY 350+COLLECTOR ED $175 941-380-1157 MARILYN MONROE collectables 30 + pieces $250 941468-3488 MIRROR Becks beer vintage 14x20 $45 941-697-6592 NEEDLE RECORDS Victrola circa 1916 #VV100 $495 941-697-6592 NEWSPAPER 100 yr. old. London Times. TITANTICGreat gift. $25 941-488-8531 OX -YOKE Hand carved hardwood weathered $75 941697-6592 PEWTER TRAIN ENGINES 25 all sizes $300 941-4261686 PIN-BACKS BOYSCOUTS of America 14 pins $45 941697-6592 PLATES-LICENCED pair Maine 1935 #DA-415 $45 941-697-6592 ROOM DIVIDER Frame 2 Section Mahogany. $10 941475-1275 SIGNED PHOTO Howdy Doodie Buffalo Bob $65 941-7351452 THUNDERBIRDS AIRPLANE picture 16x20 $25 941-4232585 TINS ASSORTED DESIGNS 22 All Kinds $175 941-6273636 TONKA-TOY RUSTY road grader pressed steel $50 941-697-6592 VHS STAR TREK tapes 39 Orig Mostly sealed $40 941-423-2585 VINYL RECORDS w/ Cab., Player, Radio Reciever & 2 Spkrs. $50941-429-7930 MUSICAL6090 ALBUMS VARIOUS artists, 40s, 50s, 60s. $1 each 941698-5779 KEYBOARD, Yamaha 88 Keys DEX650B, w/Stand. 1st $675. Takes It. 941-769-2389 ORGAN LOWREY adventurer 35 L 13 w ex cond $175 941-697-7653 ORGAN lowrey adventurer fun & easy to play $75 941-6977653 PIANO MENDELSSOHN spinet W/denumidifier $495 941-697-6592 PIANO OLD WINTER MUSETTE/bench $200 941380-1157 PIANO Yamaha Clavinova elec, excel cond $499 941497-1239 PICCOLO VITO piccolo. Like new, fitted hard case. $500 941-474-2454 REEL TOREEL TAPES NEW QUANTEGY 456 $150 941391-6090 MEDICAL6095 BATHTUB & SHOWER GRAB BARS INSTALLED Dont W ait to F all to Call! Free In-Home Evaluation 22 Years ExperienceCALL JIMS BATHROOM GRAB BARS,LLC 941-626-4296 CLOTHING/ JEWELRY/ ACCESSORIES 6065 MENSWATCH Seiko, silver. Needs battery $60 941-4261686 MOTORCYCLE JACKET Mens Med Harley Kevlar $100 941-460-0912 MOTORCYCLE JACKET Womens XXL Blk leather $100 941-460-0912 SHORTS men size 42/44 $2/pr. $2 941-876-3908 WATCH-LADIES TAG Totally refurbished $400 941-6273636 WEDDING DRESS designer lg s/s train Pd450 $35 941830-0524 ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 1962 PROGRAM Steelers at NY Giants $55 941-735-1452 ALWAYS BUYING ANTIQUES, ART, SILVER NEW ENGLAND ANTIQUES (941) 639-9338 AMER FLAG 5x9 in great shape $30 941-445-5619 ANTIQUE JENNY Lind Trunk Restored likenew $275 585301-8401 ANTIQUE STEAMER Chest Restored like new $225 585301-8401 BASKETS LONGBERGER Collection 10 Baskets $100 941-575-9800 BEER SIGNS METAL COORS LIGHT AN GUINNESS $30 941-391-6090 BELT BUCKLE Tiffany&Co. Brass illustrated $100 941474-2454 Buying Pre-1965 Silver Coins T op Prices P aid! Call 941-626-7785 CASH PAID **any old military items, swords, medals, uniforms, old guns. Dom (941)-416-3280 CHAISE LOUNGE Antique steel needs restoring $80 585-301-8401 CIVIL WAR NEWSPAPERS, 85 issues. Great Gift Your choice $20/ea 941-488-8531 All war NewsVenice*** COCA COLACOOLER BY PAUL FLUM $125 941-3916090 COINS WHEATPENNIES 1909 & more $5 941-6976592 COUCHANTIQUE refurbishing needed, upholstery available $125 941-624-6116 DALE SRPLATES lmtd ed. 10. each 75.00 all. $75 941286-2602 DESERT STORM cards full binder great shape $15 941426-1686 ELVIS & James Dean lots of stuff $100 941-468-3488 FABERGE EGGS ceramic small/with holders $40 941426-1686 GAS RADIATOR 100 yrs old $90 941-475-1275 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE WW2 aircraft book exc $175 941735-1452 KITCHEN CHAIRS 6 Antique Oak (1890s) $130 941-2867611 LAMP CERAMIC ANTIQUE LAMP Very stylish $89 773322-8383 LIONEL DIESEL NYC A only, more stuff $275 941-7351452 TV/STEREO/RADIO6040 AM/FM RADIO JC Penne Y PHONO 45,33,78 $45 941697-8359 B &W center speaker Excellent cond. $100 941-6985779 BLUE RAY DISC Never used player $60 941-426-1686 KLIPSCH SUBWOOFER Excellent cond. $125 941698-5779 TV PROJECTION 55 Mitsubishi HD digital $75 941697-7364 TV, SAMSUNG 19 CRT W/ A/V inputs & remote $30 941379-5586 VCR TAPES over 800 movies, most commercial free. $200 941-575-7528 YAHAMA AV receiver Excellent cond. $250 941-6985779 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT6060 COMPUTER IBM, XP, mouse & KB, adl. software $45 941637-9979 COMPUTER KEYBOARD New $15 941-575-7734 MONITOR 16MONITOR w/keyboard $15.00 941-6276023 $15 941-627-6023 MONITOR 17 Perfect cond, not a flat panel $10 941-7432656 MONITOR 19 SONY LCD SDM-X95F This ite $89 773322-8383 MONITOR Dell 15 $30 941488-2267 MONITOR Dell 21 full hd,wd,scrn/sound bar spk $135 941-426-7430 POWER SUPPLY Antec 400 Watts, Tested $20 941-3795586 PRINTER CANON pixma mx330 new in box $20 941426-7300 PRINTER EPSON STYLUS C84 all in one ink jet $25 941426-7300 PRINTER PRINTER HP 3845 w/ink cartridges $15 941627-6023 PRINTERS (2) HP new ink $25 941-276-0029 CLOTHING/ JEWELRY/ ACCESSORIES 6065 CAPRISPANTS women size 10 petite, 15 pair, VGC $50 941-426-2187 CAPRIS SIZE LARGE $2/pair. 5 pr pastels $2 941-8763908 COAT, KANUK WINTER Coat Woman navy blue $100 941-979-5894 DRESS RED SEQUINED Size 12 $150 941-627-3636 HARLEY BOOTS 9H LN 7.5 mens $158orig, sell $20 941697-0501 JACKET,LEATHER GreySuade/cotton large $10 941445-5619 KANUK WINTER Coat Mens, navy blue $100 941-9795894 LADIES BRIDALSUIT ivory/size 16/new $150 941743-7050 MENS SHORTS SIZE 42/44 $2/pr. $2 941-876-3908 MINKS:BLOND MINK CAPE LARGE SIZE& DARK MINK COATLARGESIZEGREATCOND. $250/EA 941-204-3734 f ,--I II ILOOM" I IL.-.-.-.-.JLWIWOl r


\005t t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fr )55(n\006\006b CADILLAC7030 2006 CADILLAC DTS Full size, Gray, Loaded, New Tires, exc cond. 111K, $9,490 OBO 941-928-4591 2007 CADILLAC Escalade black, $14,000. Call after 7pm 239-225-3198. 2014 CADILLAC CTS NAVI 1,910 MILES $46,911 855-280-4707 DLR 91 Cadillac Brougham 45kmi exc orig needs brakes $4000 after 7pm 239-225-3198. CHEVY7040 2001 CHEVY S10 BLAZER Auto, 4x4, 4 Door, CD, New Tires/Battery, Full Power, 1 Owner! Good Condition! $3,995. obo 941-815-7453 2010 CHEVY CAMARO SS 65K MILES $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 CHEVY HHR LS 98,590 mi, $6,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 CHEVY IMPALA, Like New! Save THOUSANDS!! $12,488. 941-639-1601, Dlr 2012 CHEVY MALIBU Like New! Save THOUSANDS!! $13,988. 941-639-1601, Dlr CHRYSLER7050 2010 CHRYSLER 300C 70,942 mi, $13,987 855-481-2060 Dlr DODGE7060 2004 DODGE DURANGO ST $7995 941-916-9222 Mattas Motors Dlr. 2004 DODGE RAM1500 93,427 mi, $6,898 855-481-2060 Dlr 2004 DODGE STRATUS 68,427 mi, $6,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2005 DODGE NEON Black, $6495 $5995 941-916-9222 Dlr. FORD7070 *FACTORY WARRANTY* 12 Fiat Sport 500 $11488 11 Ford Fiesta $9988 DELUXEWARRANTYORDRIVETRAINPLUSWARRANTYINCL. WITHEVERYPURCHASE10 Land Rover HSE$12888 08 Honda Fit Sport $7488 08 Kia Rondo $8588 08 Toyota Prius $11888 07 Mini Cooper $7788 07 Dodge Caliber $7488 06 Honda Element $9888 06 Kia Sedona $6488 05 Hyundai Elantra$3488 04 Mini Cooper S$8488 04 Toyota Prius $7988 03 Chrysler Cruiser$3488 T RUCKS 05 Ford Sport Trac $10888 CALLFORDETAILSORCOMEONBYTOSEEUS! FINANCINGAVAIL. FORMOSTBUYERS* *TRADESALWAYSWELCOME* 6640 TAYLORROADPUNTAGORDAFLORIDA33950 (941) 347-7500 MISCELLANEOUS6260 FRENCH OIL painting Nice Frame.4ftx3ft. $400 941875-9519 HARD HATS construction workers $5 941-445-5619 INDOOR CEILING fan White hardly used $20 732-887-8105 KAYAKS 9 ft Keowee & 14 ft Prism w paddles. $350 941475-6146 KEGERATOR 1/2 barrel good condition $250 941-8898891 LIQUOR CABINET black 5x410 $125 941-4969252 LUGGAGE 5 piec E luggage Only used once $20 941-2350799 LUGGAGE 5 PIECE orange and black only used once $18 941-235-0799 MODEL SAIL Boat Vintage Soling-m r/c $500 941-9181239 MOVADO MENSWATCH Movado mens watch $300 941-375-8926 PATIO CHAIRS 4 Brown 3 Position Nice $40 941-575-7734 PORTABLE POTTY For boatcamping $50 941-445-5619 PROPANE TANK grt for exchange $6 941-496-9252 RIMS/TIRES MINI CPR 4 GOOD RUN FLATS $300 941429-1130 SENTRY FIRESAFE 17x14x17 great cond. $80 941-258-0472 TABLESAW atlas 230 amp w/dust collector $275 941697-1585 TECHNICS STEREO SYSTEM $75 941-375-8926 WATER FILTER SYSTEM, NEW, IN THE BOX $100 941524-1025 WANTED TO BUY/TRADE6270 Cash paid FOR WWI WWII Korean Vietnam,German, Japanese, etc Military items (941)-416-3280 7000TRANSPORTATION AUTOMOTIVE7005 WE BUY CARS Top Dollar for your car or truck Call us today BUICK7020 1998 BUICK CENTURY 4 door sedan, $2,495 941-916-9222 dlr 2003 BUICK PARK AVENUE Ultra, Black w/Gray Leather Int., 138K, loaded $4900. Englewood 660-341-5786 APPLIANCES6250 MICROWAVE 12 functions, turntablewhite $50 941-6980321 RANGE MAYTAG, GLASS top, like new cond. white $275 941-661-2667 REFRIGERATOR 17.6 cuft icemaker +warranty $250 863-491-0047 REFRIGERATOR Apartment size, white, good condition $100 941-255-3454 REFRIGERATOR side by side GE. Black w/ ice maker. Less than 2 yrs old. $1,200 new. Asking $500. STOVE GE Black. Electric. Self-cleaning oven. Less than 2 yrs old. $300. 941-237-9582 REFRIGERATOR SMALL dorm size, 18 x18 x34 tall $35 941-257-8405 ROTISSERIEOVEN ronco Like new $40 941-639-3809 STOVEGE self cleaning, coil. Bisque $90 941-244-8138 TURBO OVEN flavor wave with extras $50 941-3477497 WASHER & DRYER Maytag Legacy series, good cond. $250 352-615-5313 MISCELLANEOUS6260 3 LADIES watches GucciGucciMovado $90 941-375-8926 AFFORDABLE SMOKES$1.30/PACK$13./CARTON ROLLYOUROWNATHOME! TOPBRANDTOBACCOS, TUBES, CASES, RYO MACHINES& PARTSVAPOR E-CIGS E-LIQUIDMADEINUSA LOW PRICES! ROLL A PACK TOBACCO 2739 Taylor Rd. P.G. 941-505-2233 ANCHOR CQR 35lb anchor $75 863-993-5036 BAR STOOLS 2 chrome w/black cushions 28 $45 941-258-0472 BOOKS by mark twain auto bio 2 sold separately each $20 941-426-7430 BOOKS complete 16 volumes tom sawyer/mark twain $225 941-426-7430 CANNNON GUNSAFE 30 x 60 great cond $475 941-889-8891 CEILING FAN 34 stainless, reversible blades $25 941258-0472 CLARITY LOWVISION VIDEOmagnifier Low vision video magnifier $400 941-375-8926 DEHUMIDISTAT AND THERMASTAT RANCO $65 941828-0226 FAN outdoor ceiling fan White. used $25 732-887-8105 FARBERWARE COFFEEPOT 8 or 12 cup $29 941-4969252 FIREWOOD SEASONED split oak 1/2 facecord FREE DELY $120 941-526-7589 FIREWOOD Split, Bundled, and ready for the firepit! Perfect for these cooler nights! Pine, Oak, Citrus 941-468-4372 FLAG. AM EMBOSSED Aluminum NEW 12x18 $29.95 941-496-9252 FOUNTAIN, 3tiki heads fiberglass LED lights $225 941-585-8149 ICE MACHINES2, Scotsman SCE 275 $500/ea 941-628-2429 OFFICE/BUSINESS EQUIP./SUPLIES6220 BRINKS HOMESAFE MODEL ESD-104 $75 941-697-8359 OFFICE OUTFITTERSPre-owned & new office furniture. VENICE 941-485-7015 SAFE-VANGUARD VS-200-1 HOUR-2CUFT$150 941-6378921 CATS6232 NOTICE: Statute 585.195 states that all dogs and cats sold in Florida must be at least eight weeks old, have an official health certificate and proper shots, and be free of intestinal and external parasites. KITTEN, Male B&W Manx 6 Wks. $50 941-697-4414 KITTENS (2) 4MTHS old female loving Grey & white, short hair, need loving home. (863)-494-1950 DOGS6233 NOTICE: Statute 585.195 states that all dogs and cats sold in Florida must be at least eight weeks old, have an official health certificate and proper shots, and be free of intestinal and external parasites. AKC YORKI PUPPIESMales/ Female. Beautiful parti colors. Call/text: 941-204-9043 CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES Long & short hair, Cute & Adorable $600/ea (941)-650-5359 LAB PUPS, AKC, Guaranteed, Parents on site. Ready 9/13. 239-839-8828 MALE DOG TOY, buff/apricot,14 wks,very sweet $350. 941-276-6646 SHIH TZU PUPPIES Now Taking Deposits! 1st Shots and Health Certificate 276-9498 PETSUPPLIES & SERVICES6236 BIRD CAGE unused, 18X18X24 H $30 941-4747387 PET CARRIER cage metal kennel,large $50 786-3066335 PET KENNEL/CARRIER 23 x 14 x 11 $25 941-697-4713 APPLIANCES6250 DRYER AFFINITY dry aeq6000 front load.wht.stand $75 732-887-8105 GE RANGE 2 1/2 yr old white,self cleaning $250 941698-0321 GE REFRIG New, 18cf, apartment or condo size $400 941-204-9415 BUILDING SUPPLIES6170 5 LITECHANDELIER brown almost new gc $50 941-4608743 FENCE POSTS 3-4 PT $2 863-993-5036 HURRICANE PANELS w frames 3-50x15 $35 941391-5243 HURRICANE PANELS w frames 556 x 16 $50 941391-5243 WOOD BEAMS 10 8x12x24 $500 863-9935036 TOOLS/ MACHINERY6190 BENCH PLANES (2) 9.5 +14 Stanley Gr.Cnd. $50 941-575-1393 BENCH SANDINGMACHINE SEARS 1/4 HP $50 941-3801157 BIT (RATCHET)BRACE Ex Cnd + 5 bits & holder $35 941-575-1393 BLOCK/TRIM PLANES 7 Block + 3.5 Trim $20 941575-1393 CHAIN SAW Electric2.5 hp. 14 chain. $25 541-9998998 CHAINSAW MAC Pro10-10 w/chain brake 16 $105 941697-6592 COMEALONG LUGALL 1500# winch gc $115 941460-8743 FLOOR JACK 3 ton w/jack stands H.D. $60 941-5858149 HAMMERS ball pein Craftsman 32 + 12 oz. $15 941585-8149 LEVEL LASER Robo Vector self leveling $100 401-9524380 ,$))!$ ,$))!$ 2.+%.()# 2.+%.()# 3%&$+)4*$ 3%&$+)4*$ 4/)!$ 4/)!$ 01'**4"4$%*01'**4"4$%*POWER NAILER Ex Cnd concrete/metal/wood. $50 941575-1393 RADIAL ARM Saw, Craftsman 10 with cabinet base $80. Air compressor, Craftsman, 3.5 hp, 15 gallon $80 941255-3454 ROUTER AND table router and table $50 941-483-1956 SEWING MACHINE blind hemmer us Blindstitch $275 941-661-2950 SEWING MACHINE Brother INDUSTRIAL DB2-B755-3 $475 941-661-2950 TABLE SAW bosch saw and router-for the lot $45 941697-1585 TOOL BOX CRAFTSMAN dual TOOL BOX WITH TOOLS $300 941-624-6617 WIRE CART Electricans Wire Cart, Like New $100 941286-2339 WORKLIGHT HALOGEN Husky 700 watt doub. bulb $15 941-474-4254 FARM EQUIPMENT6195 SEMI-TRASH PUMP New 2.5hp 4-cycle 1.5 $110 941426-8954 OFFICE/BUSINESS EQUIP./SUPLIES6220 4-DRAW FILING cabinet metal,gray $100 941-2865920 POOL/SPA/ & SUPPLIES6145 HOT TUB MANUFACTURERSELLING@ WHOLESALE PRICING TOPUBLIC. $AVE $$ 941-421-0395 ABOVE GROUNDPool 12x24 with equipment $500 941-716-5108 ABOVE GROUNDPOOL complete you remove $160 941-830-3438 EXTENDED POLE AlumFor pool, painting, etc. $15 941882-4545 FILTER CARTRIDGE NEW Hayward 900 $35 941-3915243 LAWN & GARDEN6160 2008 DIXIECHOPPERZERO-TURNMOWER900 HRS, 25HP$4000. CALLTONY941-628-8975 BLOWER SOMETIME RUN SOMTIME NOT $10 941-6973160 BLOWER STIHL BR350RET LIKE NEW $250 941-6978359 BROOM large puch, bristles heavy duty $5 941-585-8149 Cuddle up by the fire! Firewood Split, Bundled and ready for the firepit! Pine, Oak, or Citrus, 941-468-4372 EDGER ARIENS SP170RET LIKE NEW $325 941-6978359 GAS WATER PUMP, New, 4cycle 2.5 HP 1.5 $110 941426-8954 LAWN MOWER Husqvarna AWD like new. $260 828-4973138 LIFT 4 MOWER EZ LIKE NEW RET $200 $125 941-6978359 LINE TRIMMER Toro Expandit/Stick Edger $140 941-485-0681 LINE TRIMMER/POLE PRUNER Ryobi Expandit $140 941-485-0681 NEUTON BATTERY mower Needs batt, ex cond. $50 941-743-7834 PRESSURE WASHER Karcher Elec. 1650psi $50 941-485-0681 PRESSURE WASHER Troy 6.75hp 2550psi $220 941485-0681 RIDER MOWER parts eng,wheels,etc $80 786-3066335 RIDING MOWER 42, Runs Great! $250 941-743-0019 RYOBI STICK Blower + Edger Attachment $75 941-6282311 SHARPENER FORRotary Blade On stand/wheels $50 941-266-4731 TOP SOIL For Sale! Please call: 941-468-4372 STORAGE SHEDS/ BUILDINGS6165 WEATHER KINGPORTABLE BUILDINGS Purchase or Rent To Own!Free Delivery & Set Up. Ask Your Dealer, Mattas Motors About Options 941-916-9222 Loom LWI"IIIIII1-AilsI1 11 11 11 1


)55(n\006\006b fr\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( \005t 7333 S. Tamiami Tr.gowildehonda.com855-481-2060 *36 month/36K mile leases and security deposit waived to approved credit, 710+ beacons score. Plus tax, title license and AHFC acquisition, FL fees and $689 dealer predelivery service fee (charges represents costs & prot to the dealer for items such inspecting, cleaning & adjusting vehicles and preparing documents related to the sale) and destination charges. Buyers must qualify. Includes all applicable incentives. MPG based on 2014 EPA mileage estimates and for comparison purposes only. Do not compare to models before 2008. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle. Dealer not responsible for typos or ommissions. See dlr for complete details. Offers end 08/25/14. 0 BU 0 9 A v a s ele c B 0 BUY! 0 9 % A PR* Available on select models BUY! 0 9 % A P R Available on select models BU Y! t ,7 1 e a c o n ss c o r e .P l u st a x ,t i t l el i c e c q u i s 9 % A a ilable on c t models B UY! $1294-DOOR AUTOMATIC NEW2014 Civic LX 39Hwy MPG**$199 DOWN PAYMENT $1594-DOOR AUTOMATIC NEW2014 Accord LX 36Hwy MPG**$199 DOWN PAYMENT $1994-DOOR AUTOMATIC NEW2014 CR-V LX 2WD 31Hwy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y%A!A); HONDA7160 2007 HONDA FIT 79,471 mi, $9,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ACCORD 80,459 mi, $13,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA CIVIC 4D EXL 82,350 mi, $11,958 855-481-2060 Dlr 2009 HONDA ACCORD 4DR EXL 70,583 mi, $14,452 855-481-2060 Dlr 2009 HONDA ACCORD EXL NAV V6 55K $16,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2009 HONDA ACCORD LXP 35,171 mi, $15,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CIVIC 77,925 mi, $13,257 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA ACCORD 41,424 mi, $14,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA ACCORD 80,065 mi, $16,754 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA INSIGHT 4DR LX 52,008 mi, $13,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 33,433 mi, $16,879 855-481-2060 Dlr AUDI7147 2011 AUDI S5 CONVERTIBLE 36K, $41,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 AUDI Q7 NAV 17K, $54,990 855-280-4707 DLR BMW7148 2009 BMW 328IC CONV., 32K $25,990 855-280-4707 DLR HONDA7160 2003 HONDA ODYSSEY 130,262 mi, $5,784 855-481-2060 Dlr 2006 HONDA ODYSSEY 116,481 mi, $9,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2006 HONDA PILOT 77,665 mi, $15,874 855-481-2060 Dlr ( ( , & & % % , ! , & & ! $ $ + + ) ) ' " " , # # , $ $ % % " * SATURN7135 2008 SATURN AURA 4 Cyl., Auto, Extra Clean! $8295 941-916-9222 Dlr. USED CAR DEALERS7137 Mattas Motors 941-916-9222Buy Here Pay Here WE FINANCE EVERYONE MUSTHAVEINCOME& DOWNPAYMENT941-473-2277www ACURA7145 2012 ACURA TSX WAGON 34K $22,911 855-280-4707 DLR MERCURY7100 2000 GRAND MARQUIS 1 Owner, 71k, $5495 941-916-9222 Dlr. PONTIAC7130 1995 PONTIAC FIREBIRD 83,000 mi, 5 speed,v6, $500 786-306-6335 2009 PONTIAC G6 48k, One Local Owner $11,295 941-916-9222 Dlr. )(&""*#*$%!'&($" SATURN7135 2007 SATURN VUE 6 cyl, Very Good Condition. $7,500 941-769-5298 PROPOWERAUTOSALES4140 Whidden Blvd Port Charlotte, 33980 98 SW2 Wagon $2,400 00 SL2 Sedan $2,750 98 SL2 Sedan $2,995 03 Vue SUV $3,899 04 Vue SUV $4,200 04 Vue SUV, AWD $4,599 06 Vue 4 cyl $4,799 06 Vue 4cyl $5,899 06 Vue 4 cyl $6,995 09 Vue XR leather $10,800 Used Saturn Parts & Service941-627-8822 FORD7070 2010 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE 55K $15,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 FORD FUSION SE 51K $11,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2014 FORD ESCAPE SE ECOBOOST 15K $22,911 855-280-4707 DLR GMC7075 2005 GMC X-long Work Van 227k mi., Exc. Cond. $3800 941-629-9141 2008 HUMMER H3 101,544 mi, $15,745 855-481-2060 Dlr JEEP7080 2001 JEEP GRAND 135,614 mi, $6,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2014 JEEP GR.CHEROKEE LIMITED 4WD, NAVI 9,675 MI, $39,990 855-280-4707 DLR LINCOLN7090 1998 LINCOLN TOWN CAR Signature, 117,758 mi, Red, White leather, BEAUTIFUL! $2,990 941-505-7355 2011 LINCOLN MKZ 35K MILES $17,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 LINCOLN MKS NAV 17K $27,911 855-280-4707 DLR FORD7070 2003 FORD EXPLORER 81,273 mi, $6,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 FORD FUSION SE $10,695 Mattas Motors 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2010 FORD MUSTANG 64,058 mi, $15,875 855-481-2060 Dlr FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week +!-%%$&$)* #,("%' SUN-4sun-classifiedscom 1-866-463-1638l7,. idrt\ I.rr' 1l7r. dh, rf ti,rrm S. ag A,..dia er,y<.woe -,h rwr ro.r cna.n,v<-vl,ro eo.e.-v<,altA9a PLACE AN AD JAZARLMINIT ion "mm CA4SMOATaCreate your ad In 2 easy steps vwse nw iowcea [o;a rStop 1: Select a Category or ClassificationSl.y on. InstraionPI..IM a cnegoy on lne tell aM a alDtalegO y On tae ABMI/yoe an pannlnB an oe.n hart., Cad U446344M [rPIJ"'ri Ei.T. trll:al. CIALOARM.E SALESR LAJ. L UIGISENCTCESk[ht ESTAiETR,'Nh P RTATICNRWtnWB eaenIcy n t" c.yy\NJSUNSNEWSPAPERSWILDEHonda SarasotaPRE SALE$ 9412159rIl fir` -_y ,994


\005t t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fr )55(n\006\006b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iles. New Top, Trpl Blue. $11,500 609-744-1084 TOYOTA7210 2004 TOYOTA AVALON XLS 71K MILES $10,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA 108,257 mi, $6,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA 82,503 mi, $8,995 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY 4DR EXL 82,350 mi, $11,897 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY Hybrid 69K $12,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2009 TOYOTA COROLLA LE, Silver Good Cond. 19k mi., $11,500 941-525-3955 2010 TOYOTA COROLLA 4DR LE 30K MI, $13,987 855-481-2060 Dlr1-0260 2011 TOYOTA CAMRY 4DR LE 85,363 mi, $13,477 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 TOYOTA COROLLA S Red, Low Miles! $14,988. 941-639-1601, Dlr 2011 TOYOTA VENZA 35K $19,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 TOYOTA AVALON 29K MILES $25,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 TOYOTA COROLLA S MODEL 28K $16,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER22K $28,990 855-280-4707 DLR VOLKSWAGEN7220 2012 VOLKSAGEN PASSAT 31,686 mi, $16,487 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT2.5L SE 19K $17,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 VOLKSWGEN JETTA 4DR SE 37,609 mi, $13,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2013 VOLKSWAGEN CC NAV 15K $26,990 855-280-4707 DLR ANTIQUES/ COLLECTIBLES7250 1960 STUDEBAKER Lark Hardtop, V8 3 Spd. w/OD. Oasis Green, Restored in the `90`s. As New! A Must See. $9,900 obo 941-474-2844 1981 PONTIAC TRANS AM Blk, AC, Runs & drives good. Too much new to list $7500. 941-270-6348 or 270-6349 BUDGETBUYS7252 #1 TOPCASHPAID UP TO $5,000 CARS, TRUCKS,ANYCOND. 941-650-5785 2002 JEEP LIBERTY Very Nice! Cold Air. Needs a Head. $1,400. (941)-763-9021 KIA7177 2011 KIA RIO LX 4 Door Sedan, Auto, Power Windows $10,695 941-916-9222 Dlr. LEXUS7178 2000 LEXUS GS 300 100,500 mi, 100k miles loaded new tires and battery good cond., $6,395 941-2232097 2001 LEXUS ES300 91,520 mi, $6,984 855-481-2060 Dlr MAZDA7180 1984 MAZDA RX-7 GSL-SE Chocolate Brown, 109k, $2500 941-480-1097 2007 MAZDA 6, 94k mi., Extra Sharp!! $7495 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2008 MAZDA CX7 57,616 mi, $13,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 MAZDA MX5 2DRCNVRTBL25,444 mi, $16,654855-481-2060 Dlr MERCEDES7190 1995 MERCEDES-BENZ SL-CLASS 87k mi, SL500 Convertible. Excellent Cond. 87,000 miles., $9,400 941-697-0487 2003 MERCEDES SLK 230, black on black, hardtop conv. $7500 OBO 941-626-7700 2004 MERCEDES SL500 28k New Tires & Svc. Current Body Style, Wrnty, New Over $100k, Sell $29,995 941-249-1664 2005 MERCEDES CLK-320 convertible, 38,285 miles, exc. cond. garage kept, fully loaded, only dealer serviced. $17,000 610-389-3043 2011 MERCEDES C300 16K MILES $25,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 MERCEDES C250 9,479 MILES $29,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 MERCEDES ML350 NAVI, 33K MILES $43,990 855-280-4707 DLR NISSAN7200 2001 NISSAN MAXIMA GLE 88k, White $6795 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2004 NISSAN 350Z 65,000 mi, Auto w/Nav, one owner/garaged. Nice & fun!, $12,000 239-470-2865 2009 NISSAN QUEST 68,475 mi, $7,845 855-481-2060 Dlr 2009 NISSAN VERSA 6SPD HATCHBACK 49K mi, $9,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 NISSAN ALTIMA 4DR SL 45,095 mi, $14,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 NISSAN MURANO 47K mi, $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 NISSAN SENTRA SER, Red, Navi, Loaded! $14,988. 941-639-1601, Dlr 2013 NISSAN SENTRA 4DR SR 8,935 mi, $15,984 855-481-2060 Dlr INFINITI7165 2008 INFINITI G37 87,894 mi, $16,750 855-481-2060 Dlr 2009 INFINITI FX35 60K MILES $22,911 855-280-4707 DLR %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( 2013 INFINITI JX35 10K MILES $39,990 855-280-4707 DLR KIA7177 2010 KIA SOUL White, 51K $13,990 855-280-4707 DLR HYUNDAI7163 2007 HYUNDAI SANTAFE 98,845 mi, $9,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 44,975 mi, $12,478 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HYUNDAI SONATA GLS 28,275 mi, $14,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2013 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT, LIFTBACK 3,552 MILES $16,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2014 HYUNDAI SONATA 6,890 MILES $21,990 855-280-4707 DLR #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* HONDA7160 2012 HONDA CIVIC 27,778 mi, $15,474 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC 4DR CERT LX 27,323 mi, $14,421 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC 60,088 mi, $12,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA FIT SPORT CERT,.39,309 mi, $14,987 855-481-2060 Dlr '$#"(%)&"! 2012 HONDA PILOT EXL NAVI 40K $27,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 HONDA CIVIC LX 20,190 mi, $16,587 855-481-2060 Dlr HONDA7160 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR LX 22,351 mi, $15,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR LXP 29,068 mi, $15,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR SE 25,312 mi, $16,887 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD EXL 2 DR 22K $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 HONDA CIVIC 17,125 mi, $16,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC 19,201 mi, $15,478 855-481-2060 Dlr '$#"(%)&"! er4 $III VENICE ; ii' Truck Center61,up-rr Y F------------3xTruck Center


)55(n\006\006b fr\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( \005t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y%A#;(% BOATS-POWERED7330 30 MAXUM 3000 SCR 2000 TWINI/O, AC, RADAR, GPS, FRESHWATERBOAT. L OADED GREATCOND. $32K 601-842-3098 PGI MISC. BOATS7333 14 FLAT BOTTOM JON BOAT Has Slight Leaks, No Motor. FREE!! 941-764-1367 BOATS-POWERED7330 08/23/14 29 6 REGAL COMMODORE2002 TWINIO, AC, RADAR, GPS, CANVASCAMPERCOVERS. ELECTRICTOLIET, TV, VCR, WIND-LESS, GENERATOR. LOADED. $35,000 OBO 508-942-4600 REDUCED , 2 2 . % % $ $ ' * 1 1 # # ) ) ( ( , *2 2# #. .% % 2 2. ( (! !# # / /0 0& &) )) )2 2" "2 2# #% %) )+ + BOATS-POWERED7330 2007 SEA HUNT 202 CC 115 Yamaha 4 stroke 175 hrs Ship To Shore, New Stereo, Garmin 340C New Content. Twin Trailer NEWCONDITION $19995 Rick 215-863-1070 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+BOATS-POWERED7330 20 TEAM SAILFISH 1996 w/ trailer. Ctr console, Yamaha 130 2 stroke w/SS prop, EC $6,900 941-626-4571 or 941-627-5777 REDUCED 2005 17 TROPHY center console, 90hp, with trailer $7,500 941-979-9194 VANS7290 2010 DODGE Grand Caravan WHEELCHAIR van, 10 lowered floor & ramp. 941-870-4325 TRUCKS/ PICK-UPS7300 1996 FORD F150 117,000 MILES. RUNSGREAT, GOODCONDITIONCOLDA/C5 SPEEDMANUAL TRANSMISSION. ASKING$3,500 CALL941-979-6896. 2001 CHEVY S-10 ext cab, cap, & bedliner. 67,250 mi, very good cond. Asking $7,800 941-743-4471 2002 CHEVY SILVERADO 2500 HD, crew cab, 1 owner, very good cond. $10,900 618-967-3483 2011 FORD F-250Diesel XLT67k mi Crew Cab 4x4 Orig owner. Shwrm Cond. Many Extras! $33,750 204-0445 2012 FORD F150 LARIAT NAVI 4X4 38K $33,911 855-280-4707 DLR A A P P P P L L Y Y N N O O W WDONTWAIT. DRIVETODAYGUARANTEEDCREDIT SPORTUTILITY/ VEHICLES7305 2001 CHEVY S10 BLAZER Auto, 4x4, 4 Door, CD, New Tires/Battery, Full Power, 1 Owner! Good Condition! $3,995. obo 941-815-7453 2010 GMC TERRAIN SLE 31K MILES $18,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER Evoque Prestige Sport, 18K mi, $43,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2014 GMC ACADIA SLT Navi, 5,753 mi, $36,990 855-280-4707 DLR BOATS-POWERED7330 15 EAGLE Tunnel Hull Flats Boat. 60hp Mercury Eng., Tilt & Trim, Poling Platform, Fish Finder, Trolling Motor, 2 new Batteries, Alum. Trailer $3500 941-575-8505 201988 SUNBIRD, Great Ski Boat. Swim Ladder, New Floor! Good Condition! $4,000. obo 347-743-5522 or 347-678-8257 AUTOS WANTED7260 I BUY SCRAP CARS,TRUCKS AND WRECKS 941-456-1342 CASHFOR JUNKERS Available 24/7 941-286-3122, 623-5550 WE BUY CARS RUNNINGORNOT! $400 CASH + UP Frank 941-276-0204 ALL AUTOS WANTEDwith or without title, any condition, year, make or model. We pay up to $20,000 and offer free towing. Call Cindy at 813-505-6939 WE NEEDDONATIONSDONATE YOUR UNWANTED VEHICLE TOST. FRANCSISANIMALRESCUETAXDEDUCTIBLE. 941-716-3803 WE BUY & PICK UP JUNK CARS 941-661-1928 ALL VEHICLES WantedDead or Alive, Top $$ Paid Starting at $250-$5000 Free pick up 941-623-2428 AUTO PARTS/ ACCESSORIES7270 327 ENG.BLOCK $395 786-306-6335 ALLOY WHEELS $350 941286-2602 CYLINDERHEADS 454 $350 941-629-6429 DOORS for mercedes& REAR BUMPER $275 941629-6429 DRAW TITEhitch fits gm $50 863-993-5036 FLYWHEEL $120941-3795586 GM A/C LONG COMP. $100 786-306-6335 HITCH CLASS 3 RECIEVERFITS CHRYS. DODGEMINIVANFROM2000-2014 $75 586-9076578 HUB CAPS $25 941-4747387 INTAKE ALUMinum SBC $90 941-629-6429 TIRES $75 941-379-5586 TIRES & WHEELS 58 Chevy wide wht wall $400 941-2049415 TIRES (4), Uniroyal Tiger paw size 205/60 R-16 $125 obo 941-875-5297 TIRES, 4, for Heavy Duty truck. LT295/70 R18. Mitto Terra Grappler. Brand new. $600Cash Only!941-979-0932 TOYOTA CAMRY Radiator $25 941-276-2019 TRANSMISSION 4 speed muncie $500 941-629-6429 TRUCK CAP 8ft. sliding windows, $150 941-380-1093 WHEELS & TIRES forMuscle car $100 941-204-9415 Vll''S THE BIESY MHE TO SAME 006999AnnualTWIN ClearanceeventAl /' /f1J201-110Y01AMflZO1-110Y0TAllp t0lQNflJ101-1 TOYOTAllL'201-1 TOYOTAllp t0 Q


r\006 t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fn )55(t\006\006b ,'T,2+!#+!#2R+#"W5OVP+AUR)+/B132ET;?:12C3B48;ICV%"(MUU)H:URP$5URPHF+S(FUR+"HLR*+)#+HBURP;G(RQ -(,%+.",)$/'&-#$*!927.0/&*$/&<$/:/7!&5"(',,"!&7!1=!!4"!&7!11!/&:50&770!/=&#/31)1!%&/!0&5":5#!5/:-!04-!;:#7!00;3+5=31 "!6350/1&/:352.1230!0357)463"!7$32/:350&5"&22!&1&5#!2&7? +';;; ?JJ ET,&F@C048:F%!8?@)BB:!A)F@F@H/;=#*8F@87?%D, y%A#;(" MOTOR HOMES/ R Vs7380 2015 WINNEBAGOS2014 Model CLEARANCE!NO .1 SELLING R V RV World Inc.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41,Nokomis I-75 Exit 195 2 20 0 1 1 5 5 R R O O A A D D T TR R E E K K# # 1 1 S SE E L L L L I I N N G GC CA A M M P P E E R RV VA A N NRV WORLDINCOFNOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41 34 1994 GULFSTREAM runs good has cummins diesel with Allison trans. needs tires and chassie batteries. Coach batteries are good, this unit needs work would make good redo or for hunting? $5,000 734-771-2246 I BUY TRAVEL TRAILERS, 5THWHEELSMOTORHOMES& TRUCKSI C OME TO YOU CALLDAVEANYTIME. (813)-713-3217 I WANT YOUR RV. Well Sell It FREE! SKIP EPPERS RVs941-639-6969 Punta Gorda Closed Sun. & Mon. NEWHOLIDAYRAMBLERSA MUSTSEEMOTORHOMEMANYMODELSRV WORLD INC OF NOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41 NOKOMIS941-966-2182 RV Collision RepairsCustomer and Insurance Modern shop, quality work! FREE ESTIMA TES .RV WORLDInc.of NokomisFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41Nokomis 941-966-2182 RV SERVICE $PECIAL$l l Lg. Parts Showroom l l Factory Warranty All models l l Wash & Hand Wax l l Brake Flush l l Roof Reseal l l RV Propane & Bottles l l Water Leak Test l l Dog Port-a-potties l l RV Wash l l New Tires & BalanceRV WORLD INC.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41 Nokomis, 941-966-2182 RVSWANTEDCASH/CONSIGN/TRADECALL: MARKRV WORLD INC OF NOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR36 YRS2110 US 41 NOKOMIS941-966-2182 SATURN TOW-CARS Starting at $2,500. Blue-Ox Tow hitches sold & installed. THE SATURN GUYS PRO-POWER AUTO SALES 4140 Whidden Blvd PC 33980 (941) 627-8822. WANTED All Motor Homes, TTs, 5th whls, PopUps, Vans conversion & passenger, cars & trucks. CASH paidon the spot for quick sale. 941-347-7171 CYCLES/MOPEDS/ SCOOTERS7360 02 KAWASAKIDRIFTER 1500cc, 2400mi, New Condition! $5,000 941-473-7770 1996 HD HERITAGE, 35K mi, MUST SEE! $6,000 561-252-0866 Port Charlotte 1999 SUZIINTRUDER, less than 6K mi, needs battery carb work $1,000. 941-627-5339. 200 H.D. SPORTSTER 1200, w/ Sceamin Eagle Kit! $2,988. 941-639-1601, Dlr 2004 DYNA Low Rider 1450 CC, very good cond. 25K orig mi, $6,700 941-661-6701 2004 SUZUKI GSXR-1000 Run Great, Lots of Upgrades. Stage 3 Power Commander 16K miles. $4,200/OBO Call 941-623-7411 2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON Sportster 883 low miles, extra chrome, W/s, saddle bags, GREA T CONDITION Hardly used. 941-662-7266 2006 HARLEY FATBOY 29K Mi. Special Price $8995 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2006 HONDASHADOW ACE 750cc, 2790 miles, exc. cond. $4,000. 941-743-7117 2007 BMW 1200LT, 12K Mi! Elect. Cruise, Reverse, GPS, Hydro Center Stand, Adj. Windshield. Intergrated Antilock Brakes, Trickle Charger, Cover, 4 Helmets & MORE! Garage Kept! Immaculate Cond! ALLFact. Maint. Records. $12,500. 941-587-9977 '99 KAWASAKI DRIFTER, 1500cc, 14k mi, Exc. Cond., Recent Service & tires $3500. 941-473-7770 CAMPERS/ TRAVELTRAILERS7370 2005 GULFSTREAM TT, 27' Sleeps 8. VGC. $6500 OBO 941-276-6646 MOTOR HOMES/ RVs7380 1997 ROADTREK Model 170 Motorhome. Only 53K! Garaged, non-smokers. Exc. Condition. $15,000 FIRM. Call: 941-575-0607 2002 34 RV Gas Windsport with Banks system and many extras. $41,000 941-6261332 TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 LARK V-NOSE Enclosed 8.5X18 Tandem Axle Special Price $4200 941-916-9222 Dlr. ROYS TRAILER COUNTRY NewPre-Owned CargoUtility Trailers Parts Repairs-Tires Welding. We BUY Trailers! Trades Welcome. Ask For Shawn. 941-575-2214 4760 Taylor Rd P.G. TRAILER TIRE & RIM ST205/75D14 XLNT cond. $55 941-258-0472 '$#"(%)&"! WINCH HANDLE For sail boat 11 sailboat winch handle. $25 941-830-1116 TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 BOAT FENDER white boat fender $15 941-830-1116 BOAT PUMP built-in float switch. $35 941-830-1116 GOOSE NECK Hitch Came off Ford F-350 $75 941-4002418 -%+$#!,"$(&%')* LARK V-NOSE ENCLOSED 2014 6X10, 3 To Choose From JULY SPECIAL $2095 941-916-9222 Dlr. CANOES/ KAYAKS7339 11OCEAN KAYAK 11.5 & paddle.ex.cond. $425 941-235-2203 TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 2014 TRIPLECROWN TRAILER 6x16 $1900 941-916-9222 Dlr. !""#$'&(% 2014 TRIPLECROWN TRAILER 7x16 Car Hauler 941-916-9222 Dlr. BOATSTORAGE/ DOCKING7336 NEEDDOCKSPACE for 44 Sailboat w/6 draft. DOCK SPACE FOR RENT on waterway, Ohara Dr. Port Charlotte $200/mo 941-421-4439 MARINE SUPPLY & EQUIP.7338 DOWN RIGGER PENN electric Model 820 $250. Call 941 474 2454. )$%(!,%(*".' !/%-*("".#.%&"+ WillE D WW YY Y oa 24YM ONVNION DffiMIIDIIIOWTWWR 1 911m%mmu=mu w o RAN Opp w mm _40 ' oa ms_md6m


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EQUAL HOUSINGOPPORTUNITY REAL EST A TE 1010 16501010Open House 1015 Real Estate Auctions 1020Homes/General For Sale 1030Waterfront Homes For Sale 1031 Foreclosures For Sale 1035 Golf Course Community For Sale 1040Condos/Villas For Sale 1060Townhouses For Sale 1070Duplexes For Sale 1075Tri-Plex For Sale 1080Apartments For Sale 1090Mobile Homes For Sale 1100Interval Ownership 1100 Out of Area Homes For Sale 1115Trade/Exchange 1120Wanted To Buy RENT 1205 Lease Option 1210 Homes 1240Condos/Villas 1280 Townhouses 1300Duplexes 1320Apartments 1330Hotel/Motel 1340Mobile Homes 1345Misc. Rentals 1350Efficiencies 1360Room ToRent 1370Rentals To Share 1390Vacation/Seasonal 1420Wanted To Rent LOTS 1500Lots & Acreage 1515Waterfront 1520Out Of Area Lots 1530Commercial Lots 1540Trade/Exchange BUSINESS 1600Business For Sale 1610Business Rentals 1615Income Property 1620 Commercial/ Industrial Prop. 1640Warehouse & Storage 1650Farm/Ranches OPEN HOUSE1010 08/23/14 PORT CHARLOTTE SAT., 8/23, 1PM -3PM 530 Fairview Ave. NW 3/2/2 Charming single family home. Perfect house for entertaining. New flooring in Master and Guest bedroom Move in Ready!! Diana Hayes 941-637-1090 SUN., 8/24, 1PM PM 524 Lindley Ter. Very nice three bedroom home on salt water canal. Large lanai with great view of the canal. Linda Curran 941-496-2757 1-0+#3)"+ ), 3!%./'((2$2%&(* QUICK CASH! ANY PRICE OR CONDITION! HOUSE OR MOBILE. 941-356-5308 OPEN HOUSE1010 SATURDAY, AUGUST23 FROM: 12:00PM3:00PM114 GRAHAMST. SW, PORTCHARLOTTEED BARRY REALTOR 941-979-7838AREALSHOWSTOPPER!COMESEETHISUNIQUE CUSTOMBUILTWATERFRONT HOME, LOCATEDONTHE HIGHLYDESIRABLEBUENAVISTACOMMUNITY, JUSTA FEWBLOCKSFROMTHEBEACHCOMPLEX; OFFERING MANYACTIVITIES. THIS PROPERTYRESTSONEXTRA WIDEANDDEEPSAILBOAT WATERCANALWITHA40FT DOCKMADEOFTREX. THIS3/3/2 HASBEENVERYWELL MAINTAINED, ANDTRULYONE OFAKINDWITHMANYWOW FACTORS. 1 YEARHOMEWAR-RANTYINCLUDED! $484,900 OFFEREDBYTHEGOFFTEAMCENTURY21 AZTEC& ASSOC. 941-916-6055 SATURDAY, AUGUST23 FROM: 12:00PM3:00PM121 CREEKDRSE, PORTCHARLOTTEJUDY, CRS, GRI BROKER/ASSOCIATE 941-916-6055 YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS PORT CHARLOTTE WATER FRONT!!! FANTASYISREALITY! LIVE WHEREYOUWILLLOVETO PLAYINTHISONEOWNER,ENCHANTINGHOMEWITH3BD+ DEN, TWOFULLBATHS& TWO BATHS, HUGE SHIMMERINGSUNSPARKLING POOL/SPAANDOVERSIZED2 CARGARAGEWITHCOM-MANDINGVIEWSOFBEAUTI-FULCHARLOTTEHARBOR. $1,150,000 OFFEREDBYTHEGOFFTEAMCENTURY21 AZTEC& ASSOC. 941-916-6055 '$#"(%)&"! 26336 Nadir Rd Deep Creek OPEN SUNDA YS 12-4 GORGEOUS2/2 TURNKEY FURNISHEDGOLFCONDO. ENDUNITW/ SKYLIGHTS PANORAMICGOLFCOURSE VIEWS. $95,000.00 FLORIDAGOLFPROP. 941-698-4653 VENICE OPEN SUN. 1-4 5050 Florida Rd. 34293 2Br/1Ba with modern updates New roof & windows, kitchen & bath! $114,900. Michael Giterman Obendorf & Co.440-343-2691 OPEN HOUSE1010 FIVE STAR REALTY OPEN HOUSESSATURDAY08/23/2014 12PM 3PM2292 BROADRANCHRD, PORTCHARLOTTE, FL 33948 2701 WISTERIAPLACE, PUNTAGORDA, FL 33950 2714 WISTERIAPLACE, PUNTAGORDA, FL 33950 PLEASEVISITOURFACEBOOKPAGEAT:HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ FIVESTARRLTY MODELS/OPEN HOUSEMon-Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-4H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H HNEW! TURNBERRY MODEL by Arthur Rutenberg Homes/SandStar Homes. Beautifully Furnished! 3456 Bal Harbor Blvd Punta Gorda, FL 33950 941-505-1800CGC055986-CGC013881 OPEN HOUSE SAT. 8/23 12PM-4PM 2880 Coral Way, PGI 33950 Sailboat Waterfront 3/3/3 190 Ft. Seawall w/150 Ft. Lighted Dock & Lift. $825k Just Minutes to Harbor! Hyrette Guenther RE/MAX Anchor Marina Park 941-661-2101 OPENHOUSE SATURDAY1PM 3PM 18215 Steele Ave PC $84,900 Perfect 2/2/1 Large Screened Lanai, Partially Fenced Yard. (41 S, R onto Collingswood, L onto Wintergarden, L Baird, R onto Steele) OPEN SUNDAY 1-4PM 240 Antis, Rotonda Lakes 3/2/2 1847sf Beauty! Tile Roof, Pavers, Huge Kitchen Marcia Cullinan 941-662-5878 Michael Saunders & Co. )&$,+#0" .*!1)"&*$, &$1'* -%/!!&)&*,!( PORTCHARLOTTE Open Sunday 1PM-3PM 22263 Morris Ave 3/2/2 POOL Home on Lake! Lush Landscaping! Renee Schmidt, Re/Max Palm 941-391-7817 OPEN HOUSE1010 OPEN MODEL SAT.-SUN. 11AM-3PM NEWLAKESUZYVILLAS$148,900 $189,900 1.277 SQFT1,777 SQFTELLENMCCARTHY,REALTOR941-628-6954 SAT. 8/23 10AM-2PM 2338 FULLERTONAVEP.C. 3/2/2 POOLHOMEW/SEP. SPA, 18" TILEINLR, DR, KIT. &BATH. PUBLICWATER/SEWERDENNISTUCK, REALTOR 941-539-0977 SAT. 8/23 12PM-3PM 26049 OLLACT. DEEPCREEK2/2/2 UPDATED, LARGESCREENEDLANAIJIMMYG & SHELLEEGUINTAREALTORS/AUCTIONEER 941-539-8694 SAT. 08/23 11AM-3PM 392 ORINOCOST P.G. LARGEUPDATEDPOOLHOME. CIRCULARDRIVEWAY, LARGELANAIGREENWAYINREAR. RICHGIERULSKI, REALTOR 941-875-5967 %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( PUNTA GORDA Lazy Lagoon Waterview OPEN DAILY! 55+, 2005 Fleetwood, Furnished, 1200 sq.ft., 2/2 With Sunroom &Carport Call For Appt. 941-505-0758 OPEN HOUSE1010 Two Incredibly Upgraded Homes! Sun 8-24 12PM 3PM 22491 Tennyson Ave., PC 4/3/2 Over 2800SF Of Living Area, Built in 2005. Amazing Home! Double Lot! Possible Inlaw Suite! $260,000. Hosted By Vicky McPhee 941-815-8064 395 Blarney St. PC 3/2/2 Nearly 2200 SF Living Area Built in 2008. Gourmet Kitchen Open Floor Plan Loaded with Details! Just Reduced to $228,000. Hosted By Kirk DeVries 941-380-8156 +!-%%$&$)* #,("%' HOMES FOR SALE1020 2 ACRES,Venice 3br/2ba home.County water possible owner financing or best offer.Cash Offers Pay Less! 941-488-2418 or 496-9252 PORT CHARLOTTE 281 Duxbury Ave off Conway FSBO 3/2/1 Pool, SW canal Dock, davits, No RE Agents. $169,000 941-766-0240 HOMES FOR SALE1020 S S E EL L L L I I N N G G Y Y O O U U R R H H O O M M E E, C C O O N N D D O O , O O R R L L O O T T ? ? W W e e c c a a n n h he e l l p p y y o o u u. .A A d d v v e e r r t t i i s s e e y y o o u u r r h h o o m m e e , c c o o n n d d o o , o o r r l l o o t t w w i i t t h h u u s s a a n n d d r r e e a a c c h h o o v v e e r r 1 1 5 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 r r e e a a d d e e r r s s i i n n C C h h a a r r l l o o t t t t e e , S Sa a r r a a s s o o t t a a , & & D D e e S So o t t o o C C o o u u n n t t i i e e s s a a n n d d o o n n l l i i n n e e e e v v e e r r y y d d a a y y .A A s s k k a a b bo o u ut t o o u ur r 9 90 0 d d a a y y s s p pe e c c i i a a l l .C C a a l l l l o o n n e e o o f f o o u u r r c c l l a a s s s s i i f f i i e e d d e e x x p p e e r r t t s s f f o o r r a a l l l l t t h h e e d d e e t t a a i i l l s s a a t t 8 8 6 6 6 6 4 4 6 6 3 3 1 1 6 6 3 3 8 8 R R e e a a l l t t o or r s s W W e e l l c c o om m e e ! ,$))!$ ,$))!$ 2.+%.()# 2.+%.()# 3%&$+)4*$ 3%&$+)4*$ 4/)!$ 4/)!$ 01'**4"4$%*01'**4"4$%*FREE GOVERNMENT HOME Listiug vonrIn me classdsish


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To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", PORT CHARLOTTE 3/2/2 w/ Lg. pool, fenced yard on oversized lot. approx 1600sf, $135,000. 941-661-5043 HOMES FOR SALE1020 PRESENTSHome Buyers SeminarPlease Join Us at Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port Board of Realtors 3320 Loveland Blvd. Port CharlotteTuesday August 26th6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. To Reserve Your Seat Call(941)-255-7200or Via 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 GULF COVE 2BR, 2Bath, Furnished Family, Florida Rooms Shed, Dock, Lift, 80 Seawall, Short Canall $239,900 Marianne Lilly, RE/MAX Harbor WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 NORTH PORT Large 3500 SF. U/A, 4/3.5/3, 2 Offices, 2nd Floor Bonus Rm., Gas Fireplace, SS Appliances, Hardwood Floors. Situated on a Beautiful Lake! $369,000. FSBO 941-429-0772 #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* W W i i n n d d m m i i l l l l V V i i l l l l a a g g e ew w/ / P P r r i i v v a a t t e e M M a a r r i i n n a aA Waterfront Community of 454 Homes & Building Sites 55+ Resident Owned Sailboat Access-Gated Large New Clubhouse w/Lots of Social Activities 215 Rio Villa Drive Punta Gorda FORECLOSURES1031 VENICE 3/3/1 400 Flamingo Drive lGULFVIEW lWATERFRONT lDEEDED BEACH ACCESS 2 Unit Rental or GREAT INVESTMENT LOT AUCTION-Aug 22nd 9am $360,000 877-361-7325 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 To Advertise in The Showcase of Homes Please Call 866-463-1638 or Email; CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 O O N N L L Y Y 6 6 4 4 3 3( ( M M L L S S S S T T A A T T I I S S T T I I C C S S A A S S O O F F0 0 8 8 / / 8 8 / / 1 1 4 4 ) )H H O O U U S S E E S S , V V I I L L L L A A S S , C C O O N N D D O O S S A A R R E E A A V V A A I I L L A A B B L L E E A A S S O O F F T T O O D D A A Y Y I I N N B B E E A A U U T T I I F F U U L L V V E E N N I I C C E E , F F L L O O R R I I D D A A C C A A L L L L U U S S F F O O R R S S H H O O W W I I N N G G S S O O R R T T O O L L I I S S T TW W e e d d o o a a l l l l o o f f V V e e n n i i c c e e & & A A r r e e a a 9 9 4 4 1 1 4 4 8 8 5 5 4 4 8 8 0 0 4 4 S S a a l l e e s s 9 9 4 4 1 1 4 4 8 8 4 4 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 R R e e n n t t a a l l s s 1 1 8 8 0 0 0 0 4 4 6 6 4 4 8 8 4 4 9 9 7 7 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", HERIT AGE OAK P ARK BRIGHT, SPACIOUS 2/2 CONDO, 2NDFLOOR, OPENFLOORPLAN, CATH.CEILINGS, EAT-INKITCHEN, W/D, TILEDLANAI, HURRI-CANESHUTTERS. COVERED PARKING. ALSOINCLUDES1.5 CARGARAGE. $115,000. 941-830-1818 PORT CHARLOTTE MARIAMANORCONDO2/2/ CARPORT,FULLYFURNISHED, LIKENEW$48,000. ELLENMCCARTHYCENTURY21 ALMAR941-235-5648 '$#"(%)&"! CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 VENICEUnique 1st Floor End Unit. 3/3 Tiled on Golf Course. Features In-Law-Suite! Eat-In Kitchen, Cath. Ceilings, & 2 Patios. 1,770 sf. w/ $30K in Renovations..1st Kitchen SS Appl. & LOTS of Cabs & Storage! 2 Masters & 3rd Bedroom Multi Purpose w/ Murphy Bed, 3 Walk-Ins & 2 Regular Closets! Bird Bay Village Offers a VERY Active Community w/ Amentities ie: NEW Clubhouse, Pools, Tennis, Gym, & Boardwalk Over Robert`s Bay! $199,900. 941-485-0466 )//350"#/4%'$0+*-$& .50%5+ 50+!$ 12(,,5#5$%, MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1090 PALM HARBOR HOMES LIMITED TIME OFFER!!$5 towards any exterior package. We have 24 wide, 26, 28 & 30 wide homes. 3 stock units reduced 26k, Homes from the $60s or 800-622-2832*Se habla espanol VENICE RANCH M.H.E.Community is being Renovated! Lot rental community 12x46 2BR/1BA,furnished, asking $3,500 24x32 2BR/1BA,unfurnished, new appliances, asking $5,300. Others to choose from. WALKING DISTANCE TO PUBLIX & CVS 55+ comm.No pets Call Jane 941-488-5672 MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE1095 NEW 3/2 Delivered & SetUp on Your Lot w/ Skirting, Steps & Air! Only $49,995. + Tax. Financing For ALL Credit Scores Available! Prestige Homes, Punta Gorda 941-637-1122 PUNTA GORDA 2014 CHAMPION MODELS End of Season Blow Out Special! Make Reasonable Offer! Call Greg 941-626-7829 PUNTA GORDA Newer Home on Quiet Lot! 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Double Carport. Furnished! Florida Room,Utility Shed! $29,900. Call Greg 941-626-7829 ,$))!$ ,$))!$ 2.+%.()# 2.+%.()# 3%&$+)4*$ 3%&$+)4*$ 4/)!$ 4/)!$ 01'**4"4$%*01'**4"4$%*OUTOFAREA HOMES1110 NC MOUNTAINSNEARLAKELURE. NEWLOG CABINON1.59 ACRES, HUGE COVEREDPORCHES, VAULTED CEILINGS, EZ TOFINISH, $74,900, ADD'LACREAGE AVAILABLE. 828-286-1666 slNSrAR REALTY, INC.MORRIS REALTY, INC_41LOOMSJ am lid'-NoWL4,MWI


'""2A"')FA"-'/?@96.+EG&9 HF)=$A:F3'/'9J+B+B(I9&#.+EG&9 H)I)52H"H:55F'A"'/%!9J7'9@1B& 2H".F,)5$:KF$'/'9+B68+9G&9+B(D@!BB/H+96 '<%<'/?+769@J+BBJ*H+96 ?:2H"5I::3")=$I5F??'/?JG&8&6&97 8F%CA"3'/'9J+B%9+B& ?)5?)$0C"'/'9+()B(&97@B %9/>6@;4J>4(#$$*&-32"1%+.,0%/!&2'3)+.% %!+EE&B#&9 $'#!'%(*+&# ./*,,')"'% 0)#-'%# )55(n\006\006b fr\000\000)Tj/T1_4 1 Tf(t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 \t SPRINKLERS BRINGDIRECTIONS: O WHEE! OUT THE INNERfill each square with a number, one through nine N t "'J I CHILD IN HI.Horizontal squares should add to totals on right. AW*YAY!ttlon bottom 8-23Vertical squares should add tILDiagonal squares througadd to 1 7total in upper and lower v 1 r,THERE MAY BE MORE c r t t+THAN ONE SOLUTION. 6 20 Today's Challenge 19Time 5 Minutes ?o 1, , 1, 8 T348 Seconds18 HA Your Working HA! Time Minutes Seconds 23 33 202014 by King Features Syndicate. Inc. World rights reserved LOOKS LIKE WE HAD SARGE JUSTo a_z s AN EARTHQUAKE! FELL DOWNz 3 s sWHY DIDN'T I HEAR IT?! THE STAIRS 5 5Q77 e ME g HALe HALL J6 98-238-23 t1B Y H B OQLXMPOO FA BYOASA UiLIZEOMEMBEROF MAYS TELL YES... IM ALWAYS C11R10l15QOBHX QFXX UOOZR RBHWFAD T,4E9uMA& RACE,IMPEEPLY Y00 W14T WHATANOIJT$/PERDISAPPO/NTEP AT THE ME55 I Till NK ? Teal NK5 !!WE MAKE OF 6415 WORLD!HB ZOMZXO VAAOWGFADXP.FB'R H GOWP RBOOXP XMMU.Yesterday's Cryptoquip: ITHINK ONE DAY WHENTHE COPS CATCH TINKER BELL, SHE PROBABLYWILL BE FINED FOR GLITTERING.8z3 ..Today's Cryptoquip Clue: Z equals P+ 2,010 EXPERIENCE POINTS 0 610W,.. n nn +1 LEVEL UP IAAAA --1---T-ll' \ P I 1Y, IZARnOrinAoM S Z7JKIP[IF'cj oil MM UN-MIS METAL. COO;' NOW TRq SOMEDETECTOR I FOUND FOUR PLACE OTHER TNAN ;!iP = VOLLARS IN COINS AN M4 PURSE.1. pf THIS BRACELET.kccp(fir; vz itic S?"I forgot to tell you ... the Snydersgot a cat,"WORD 0DUAL "f23SLEUTHR .1 G D A X V N S Q N C K P I YOUR GENERATION BUT MY GENERATION 6U1 NOU CAWT PO WELL,,,MO. NO-cIS PRETTY NANDY CAN 90 TNIIJG5 YOURev ANY OF7NOSE ME PEkKONALLY,F D A X F. C N A I I. I. A E V T wITK MODERN CAN'T, LIKE COOKIMG TNIMG;, VAR BUT YOUR MOM CAM.Q 0 M J 11 F C T A Y W R U R P TECNNOL.OGYFROM SCRA-MR, SEW -LNG CLOTVAES, ANPF N I, S J H F I D M S F 1, B Z CANNWG FRUITSAND VEGETABLES.X X V T F. R Q 0 0 0 I. F F. G 0 H P M K I N H N N O O R N N 1 ;r\ `JA D U B 7 Y A A R W R 0 N I VU T R K Q R L L O T T C A C NS B R A C I I' I L E N S H I I SEE 'A AROUND, E JUST SOME IaLJDE FRGtiMT L K I I T A I T I I E O F C R D SAL E GOl-LEGE. THE-BOOKS 60 (S&"FACICL, 1 T (. NAWHO WAS 8 AAT ? DOES H E H VE ATC' A Y Y Z X B Y W M C V Ll P S Tt{A A OGA2ETrEI'riday"s unlisted clue: RlGlSl FRFind the listed words in the diagram. They run in all directions TAPaD TO HIStorword, hackward. up. down an(] diasonally. r BAGK ?Saturdays unlisted clue hinC TWO TAILPIPESAlliance Channel Lanes PersonalityBackup Citizenship Meet PricingCarbs Controls Monarchy RoleCareer Core Nationality;%2014 King I catures, ]tic. 8123 2014JOhnLHartFLP JohnHar1Studos cow $,Z




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